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The New Westminster News Dec 12, 1912

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 .    *
*      in Industries    .
Thirteen out of r ��* * .ldred of
Westminster's po' > A are em-
iloyed In locsl ir 0�� /T   whose an
nuul output a"'
-i- '       r-jia_
In Presence of Distinguished Gathering Hdn." Dr. Young
Lays Cornerstone of New Royal Columbian Hospital,
Which Completed Will Co��t $226,000 -Half a Century
Since First Was Built-Offers to Furnish Two Wards.
"As Provincial Secretary, I declare
tbls, the corner stone of the Royal
Columbian Hospital well and truly
laid." With these words and a slight
tap with .his trowel the ceremony of
laying the foundation stone 61" New
Westminster Hospital was performed
yesterday afternoon by Hon. Henry
Bsson Young, M.D., minister of education and provincial secretary, and
coincidentally another milestone in
the progress of this flourishing city
on the banks of the majestic Prase1'
river, was marked.
Not since the visit of the Qovernor
Oeneral last September has such a
gathering of the city's leading men
and women In civic, business, philanthropic and other circles taken
place snd the occasion will go down
as one of the most memorable tbat
bas occurred since the inception of
the Royal City nearly sixty years ago.
Half Century Ago.
It Is just about fifty years ago that
the first hospital was established lu
New Westminster, on the site now
occupied by St. Patrick's hall. La tei
the present hospital at Sapperton wa?
built and lt In turn will be reduced tc
scrap to make room for the more
modern imposing edifice at present
uanr construction.  '
At the opening ceremony Presiden'
J. J. Johnston of the directors' board
after welcoming Dr. Young, the mayor
and visitors, declared tt was significant that tha ceremony was taking
place just half a century after th<
first hospital was built. He brlefb
outlined the history of the hospital
and observed that it was evident that
the institution stood high in tbe estimation ot the citizens as witness tbi
Interest taken In It. Ile described
bow the structure bad been financed
and slated lt was hard to express how
grateful the board was to the provln
clsl government and city council for
tbeir seslstanee. _flj
Jn Mr. Thomas Omtord-tte -bcapBa1
had a good and true friend, he said
and a greit deal of credit was due
Mm for the government's assistance
IT* paid a tribute to Mlsa S<"itt. tl"-
1-idv uii.ii"- intended, stating that sbe
could not be excelled.
Aid From  Presbyterians.
Following the Invocation by Dev. J.
8. Henderson and three hearty cheers
for the provincial government. It waa
announced that tho Knox Presbyter-
lan church had decided to fully equip
one private ward in the new building
Tbls declaration was received with
considerable enthusiasm and the hope
wns expressed that other bodies wonld
come forward In a similar manner.
Mayor Lee. the next speaker, de
dared that indeed the occasion war
very auspicious. Hospitals had stoo*
flrsl mnonc Institutions since the flTSI
���era of Christendom. He b''*fl-
sketrhcl t'"�� details of W>e building
outlined Hi financial standing nnfl expressed tho hnr*. that lt would be
Tiillv olesr of debt at tbe opening.
���We are here today," he continued
"tp the direct result of the orovtoci*'
government's interest and the gener
ous sunnort <*t our citizens."
He closed bv extending a rnWPal,
welcome to Dr. "Young and all ol thus*-
Dr. Young's Address.
Having laid the stone. Dr. Totm*
jocularlv aald that he believed Tie was
fullv qualified to be the tlTSt patient
of-tho hosoltal. Ho had watched wtth
Interest the progress Hot New Westminster and believed that H esmed
Interest the progress ol Wow "West
Despite the so-called materialism or
the west and New Westminster It was
���significant that ths tflOsens should
rise io tho occasion and ptfWIe tt**ti
should   devote   so   fliaUh   Onia   to
schemes   like   this.     The   efforts
Mayor Lee to secure a grant for i
institution from the government wer*
ardent  and   painstaking    while" "Mi-
Thomas Gifford had been most emphatic ln his demands.
The government, he said, had devot
ed $350,000 to hospitals during the
year and New Westminster bad been
the only city that had received money
for construction. He complimented
Mr. S. V. Birds, the architect of Unbuilding and hoped with Mayor Lee
that when lt was opened it would be
free from all debt.
At the conclusion of Dr. Young'?
sneech the party repaired to Oif
Nurses' Home where refreshment'
were served.
Excellently Planned.
To Miss Scott, lady superintendent
and secretary B. 8. Withers, a grea'
deal of credit Is due for the excellent
manner with which the proceeding.-
were carried through. Not a hlteh oc
curred In the ceremony and the offl
cials were on the move all the tlmt
looking after the guests. The yard o!
tho hospital was decorated witV.
streamers cf flngs rh'.le a large awn
>ng covered the platform on whlcl
the ceremony took place.
When tbe new institution is com
nleted it wtll compare fevorablv with
the finest hospitals on the oontincTi'.
*t* nmifnment will be tbe latest science and Invention has devised for tht
treatment of sufferers.
'.'.'here t-^nty Came Trent.
A   tew   particulars  concerning  the
building will be of Interest,    ft Is a
four storey structure and when completed wlll cost in the neighborhood
of Jiiic.ooo exclusive ot the furnish
tigs.    Of  the total  stun  practical!)
$200,000  is available at tbe present
time and it ls expected that at th>
tluio cf opening it will be entirely free
of debt. ' The city voted $180,000 for
the construction while the pjpvlne'a1
government  through    the   provincial
secretary's department, donated $70.
Mr. B. B. Withers stated after the
ceremony tbat in addltlo-i to the generous decision of the Knox Presbv-
terian church members tn furnlci'i
completely one private ward ln thf
hospital, the New Westminster Red
Cross .society has made similar repre
(Continued on Page Four.)
With  No Dissentient Voice  Progressive Association Decides to Endorse and Support Scheme.
The executive of the Progressiva
Association held a special meeting
yesterday afternoon to consider tht
proposed lease of tbe arena to the
Westminster Arena Company. The
scheme was unanimously endorqjd
and support will be given in favor ol
tbe plebiscite which will be taken ol
Tuesday next.    ..--- ...
The following resolution outlining
the advantages to the city from the
transaction was passed:
"Whereas the operations of an ice
rink in the Arena at Queen's Park
will keep money in thc city which at
present goes elsewhere and wlll pro
vide the youth of the city with a much
wanted form of healthy recreation
and whereas, it will act as a good ad
vcrtlsement for New Westminster;
therefore be It resolved that this as
sociation endorse the proposed agree.,
ment aad support it at tbe coming
Traffls   Delayed  Nearly  an   Hour  at
Central  Park by Runaway Entanglement.
Central Park, Dec. 11.���Traffic on
the B. C. B. It. was beld up this even
ing for nearly an hour owing to tin
runaway of a horae and rig which lef'.
fh* highway and got entangled In th��
ttmbers of the trestle bridge. The unruly animal raced up the tracks and
when it was caught by the tiea, had
blocked both lines
Commissioners    Renew   All
Licenses  Except   One
Held Off*.
Mayor Lee Comments dn Leasing of
Dining Rooms and Arrangements
for Workers:
Tbe lioense commissioners last evening renewed every wholesale and re
tall liquor license ln the city with
the exception of thst of tbe King'b
Hotel. This was laid .oyer until a
meeting to lie held on January 8, on
account of a number of complaints
lodged by tbe license inspector, Chief
of Police Bradshaw.
The   bartenders'   licenses  of  Geo.
Flynn of the Prettier, John Allen ot
the Colebrook' and Petor J.  Murphy
of the Central, were confirmed.
Are Transferred.
The commission transferred the license of Paul" Boot of the Merchants'
hotel to Paul Root and J. A. Malm
and the license of Thps. Widdimsn of
the Fraser hotel to Thbs. Wtddiman
and Franc's Jordan, partners.
Conditions ln the hotels in the city
with tbe exception of Pre Kings were
shown in the license Inspector's report
to be of a fairly satisfactory nature.
With reference to the King's the lu
spector stated that persons of.ques
tlonable character bad 'been allowed
to frequent it
Mayor Lee stated that from his own
information he had heard stories that
wero not entirely satisfactory about
this hotel. He thought that the 11
csnoe should be revoked.
The license ot the King's expires
Former Employees Give evidence Re
epsctlng "Tamping" Operations
on City Streets.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. ' Justice
heard, partially, the action at the ln
stance of the city of New Westmlnstei
against the New Westminster Gas Co.
tue proprietor of wnicn is Mr. Jame*
cuiiuingnam. ��
'l'he city uues for damages caused
by the excavations on a large number of specified streets in tbe city D>
the defendant b operations in laying
gas pipes and mains whicb the plain-
t.ffs were compelled to restore to a
proper condition subsequently; and
also for an Injunction restraining th*
defendant from further excavating on
any streets in the-city without receiving permission from tb6 city engineer.
Mr. W. G. McQuarrie represented
the city and Mr. Adam S. Johnston
appeared for Mr. Cunningham.
Mr. McQuarrie read a large num Der
of questions and answers put to and
answered by the defendant in an examination for discovery held last Oc
tober. From these it appeared tbat
Mr. Cunningham relied upon tbe old
Gasworks bylaw, and tbat he woe only
required to notify the city three clear
days, before proceeding to excavate
streets. He considered he did not
require special permission. He admitted opening up the streets spec!
f!ed, bnt knew nothing sfcout what It
cost the city to restore them. Hf
generally denied they were left in bail
His men hsd Instructions to do rlgh.
n regard to every street in the city.
He did not take the men oft from
"tamping" the fills of the trenches: He
told them not to spend too much time
because It could not be done properly
at the time.
John  Andrews,  sometime  foreman
Winston Churchill Answering Lord Charles Bere: fortfs Interrogations in Hbuse of Commons Faih to Give Satisfactory Reasons for Recent Retirement of First Sea L��r��t.
Vice Admiral Sir Francis Bridgeman.
London, Dec. 11.���neports havu
been rife of differences between thi
olvll lords snd lhe sea lords of th.-
British admiralty and these led today
to a close catechism in the house ot
commons by Lord Charles Beresford
of Winslon Churchill, first lord of thi
Mr. Churchill confessed that Vice
admlrft Sir Francis C. Bridgeman,
K.C.V.O., K.C.B., whose retirement
from the position of first sea lord and
the succession of Prince Louis of Battenberg were' announced on Dec. 6,
waa called upon by Mr. Churchill hlm
self to resign.
'  Had no Authority.
Mr. Churchill also admitted that be
gave ill-health as an explanation ef
Vice-admiral Bridgeman's withdraw*1
without having authority to do bo.
"1 take full responsibility for th-
statement," he added, and went on to
say that no differences of view or l
licy had led to any diaagreemeat.
Ask Better Pay.
Differences are said to have i
upon tbe subject of increasing I
of officers and men for the nnvy. i
sea lords demanding more
treatment fcr theui.
While    Vice-admiral    Brid_
health Is not too robust, tbe bet I	
he was riding to hounds in Yorkshire
yesterday, tends to confirm ths trsm
era.I Impression tbst the state of fcl*
health does not explain satisfactorily
his withdrawal from the admiralty.
Fifty Years at Sea.
Vice-admiral Bridgeman is S*
of age and has completed half :
tury  of  s��Mice  lft.. the Royal
which he entered In 1862.   He 9
ship In 1890 snd was promoted
admiral 13 years later.   He com
ed the home fleet during 1907-69
was A.D.C. to the King.
���  Edmonds,   Dec.   11.���The   first- an
nual   ball  of  the  Burnaby  board  oi
trade will be held in Gray's hall, Ed
monds tomorrow evening.
Acconding   to   Secretary   Coldicutt
the affair promises to be a huge sue
on Dec  "Sl and hehto*" that time anil i    ������?���   ���**������*������������������   ...............    ,**... ,*.ma. , ceogi  mai)y   0(  me   head officials  ct
Jan  * thl ucenwes will be unable t��  empto>r?1 ,b5r,Mr' Cunlngham. on the  ueighbor|ng municipalities having pro
J.m.      ��,e licensees will be ut ible I     ^ mftin ,    ,ng        k   gwore ^ h�� l^ t0 ��e ln attendance bes'des a
mon   sometimes   left   the   streets .hi  fttH quota of Burnabv residents,
pretty good condition, but as a yule      A ,peclal ���, has  been chartered
the men were taken off when '���tftntp-   whlch  wlH enable pcople from  Ne���.
ng.'    Some.of the streets were left  Westminster to reach their homes a'.
In poor condition wltb holes in Ihem. the close of the dancing.
retail liquor over the bar,    lt    was
Warns Licensees.
While specifying no particular case,
his worship declared that lf any li
'peaches and Songs Follow li
t 0,-eat Round-up���Widow
lt is Understood the police of South  oensecs refused to give the Inspector There was not sufficient dirt to fill ub
Vancouver were much alarmed at the *"* Information concerning their busi- Un some places, in others no tamping
proceedings, thinking it was a hold-up
similar to that on tlie C.P.R. last Sat
urday evening.
SaJrlng Crew Have Hard Going UnUl
Aid of Rustler la Forth- "
At noon yesterday the auto which
carried Mr. Matt Barr and a party of
Iriends-into the Fraser river late on
Sunday evening from which resulted
the death of Clyde Creech, was reoov
ered from tbe bed of the river. II
now rests at one of the city garages.
Although tbe auto was very close to
tbe shore all efforts to bring it to the
surface, wero unsuccessful until the
tug Rustler, owned by Gilley Bros.,
was called In.
The salving crew were on the spot
<oarly yesterday morning at low tide
but failed in their attempt and aid
was then called from the Rustier. The
oar Itself was little the won* for the
ducking nlthough It will have tv he
taken apart and cleaned.
Westminster   CMMtU
bS blZTLotoi *or
i estab-
"an*   New
SMutae.,   which
sesterdLmonths pis*
haat'6 tact yesterday	
the managers Of thi ntaa SBBBS m
cily b.iid .a meeting knd oissalssd,
Wfcen Sbe organisation wss first
talked *bont by the financial map ��f,
th. my itimr* wws ssrsn tatUSilB
sUtaifeu ifewtaa hi ths sttrvtS it
was then considered that thSOSMi ws*
not ritw tto flMln operattoas. How
ever, with ths **&'ftgjftSam
by lhe Onton Bank snd -..War���mm
Bank of mi ��m9v op*!*! **��
move was to ^~#*|iCt��o. ���
Mr. o. D. Wtyamtr, Btnfc ofJI^t
real, was ��lsetrt\<����Iii��ha,��L����
Clearing Houae, Mr. H. R *��***!*���'
Bank ot atrnm-ttss, 'IW-PSff*8**'
with Mr. J. arncey.MNnk of nmi
swretary-tressotsr snf ���WW*'
The clearing houss^Jlt dotnmeses
operations on Jan. I, sSSt*.���������'-,  ���
At the same meeting lt*M ��seMsd
that le* practice of keeping ths ������
opening Saturday s��snl����s -|hsll b��
discontlnned on Bsturdsy* Mx|��. *
similar more !�� 1*0 UWBI P>t9* ��
The followliuf t��Btal ��i�� *<�������� ��
the netf .association: Bank ot Mont
real, Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Royal Bank of Canada, Norther,
Crown Bank, Merchants Bank oi
Canada, Bank of Toronto,, Bank ot
Vancouver, Dominion Bank and Union
Bank of Canada.
This new ���rganlzatlon marks a ne*
*och in tha city and its effect will bu
ot tar reaching importance to New
Westminster: It will aid the merchants of the tMj In transacting their
htmtness and mtf also cause the name
ot Mew Westminster to he sent broad
Oast throughout tma continent when
wdSMy ahd monthly returns are made
���p.   ���
Up to the present time Vancouver
tea beat nble to hold Hs high position
In tenUs�� circles partially on account
of tke fast tbat 'Now Westminster totals were added to the Terminal City's
Although there \i little hope of this
city bei^f shls to ovsreome the big
lead of Vsufotiver In tbe near future.
It wlll tfsnn'v.thst New Westminster
will bs bmnght more and m'drt before
the Wt financial men both*of Ibis
continent and of Europe, and tbe
worth Ot this csBDot bt* estimated.
Called at Millside to Discuss Proposed
Incorporation   Measures���Election and Lights.
A meeting was held last night at
Millside, called by the Incorporation
Committee of Coituitlam to explain
tbe propoeed adjustment of the fi-
���aaoos hetween the area of what will
be Port Coquitlam city and the remaining portion of the municipality.
The proceedings were, to imt It
mUdly, warm, and at one stage dls
tlnctly torrid, when, taunted bv Coun
cllor Marmont that the lighting of
Frenchtown waa left over until elec
tion time. Councillor Langan retorted
tbat hla municipal colleague was tho
sit Incompetent man that ever sat
on a council.
Councillor Morgan opened the ball
with a sketch of the reason for se
parating the incorporating area fron
the rest of the municipality and ant
ctpated that tbe charter would b-
granted In February or March.
At present it extended to 64 square
miles, nl regard to the ftnano'ai ad
Justment It was based on the follow
lng figures: The assessment ot thr
municipality was $8,600,000; the Incorporated area contained SS.00O.00t>
nf that and the rural portion $3,000,
000. Therefore the committee pro
nosed to apportion five-eighths of the
flaVUtiea and assets to the pew clt-
and three-eighths to the district out
���.1.11\ which Mt them exactly with th'
same reponslbllity tbey assumed a'
Hn thought that a fair and equitable
arrangement. They were giving noth
Ing nor receiving anything. Any
other matters would be decided by thc
provincial government authorities.
Ex-Reeve Booth criticised adverse!;,
the formation of the Incorporation
committee and Its proceedings and
asserted that the east end had re
;eived a proportion of three to on*
expenditure of the taxation.
Councillor Langan stated thnt tiniest end hsd received over $24,0
noro than their share according tc
Tbe subject ot tbe lightirg of
Vrenohtown caused a hot passage ol
arms between Councillors Marmot and
Langan. The former stated he ba
asked for lt time after time and ther'
wns no reason why they should no'
have had it before and- the latter re
Joined tbat was about all he over did
Councillor Marmont���I was told you
would leave lt over until election time.
Councillor Langan��-"Call It anything you like." And scarcely audible
amidst an uproar, he added that Coun
clllor Marmont was m nsMess a mkn
as ever sst on a council board. Municipal matters would he discussed "when
the election came oa.
SnunolOor Marmont���"fou bet they
ness or to allow him to make an ex- j waa done and when it came on to rain
amination they would be severely the mounds, being too high up, would
dealt with. ba partially washed off
Speaking as to conditions generally
UiO mayor stated th.-J. some
keepers were, contravening the provisions of their licenses. It was apparently not understood by some, he
laid, that according to the bylaws the
dining and bedrooms must be operated under the license which was not
uierelv for a bar. Some hotels had
leased their dlnlngrooms out he eon
t'nued, while l>e knew of one operated
bv a Jap. He emphasized thn fact
that sucb things could not be allowed.
Insanitary Conditions.
Tho sanitary, conditions of some ho
tels ani^ dining rooms were not very
On Front stieet particularly there
were a number ol holes lett eight
inches to a foot deep- afio to'fir br five
feet long. On Sixth street, Mr. Cun
nlngham, witness said, called the men
off from "tamping" after he had pu;
them on. Mr. Cunningham ssld it was
wasting his money. The only time
they were tamped and left ln first
class condition, was when Mr. Cun
nlngham  was not there.
Cross-examine,),  he   had   been   four
To say that ths Moose smoker, beld
last evening in St. Patrick's hail w��*.
a success, would be putting USdWy-
Everybody present was out tor a Rood
time and following tha aertoua work,
1IDAH   I\��ltf lTEPlthttt ��*  l>��lliA��ne  �� n<���>  mamPmca.
lAuUK UtLlVinlloibrot!ie" MooiK! wt ,oosie and bv-*sl**1.-
'songsters, etc., made a noise lus* ks
big as their forest namesakes.
It was in the nature of a geneiaZ
jollification, a Christmas gutiiorias.
and a general round-up of .the herd.
The commissariat were working over
time 11: riding good tbings to eat I
drink, \ iiile tbe chairman of the j
ceWiitfi ulped tbe sweat off hls b
The mere  matter of electing  Iwj jmcre t an once, beating his
End In Two Being Appointed���Move
to Fcrm Electricians' Union in
yeara and  four months  ln  Mr.  Cun
nlngham's employment and  left him
without a  quarrel.    His  instructions | delegates to attend the convention off keep order following a stirring
from Mr. Brown, tbe manager, were tn J the B. C. Federation of Labor to be | or a rattling good song.
satisfactory.    "The  arrangements  In  leave, the streets In as good a condi-   held  In  Victoria   beginning Jan.   1.1.1    For charity's sweet sake a
the houses whose patrons are of the Ition as he found them.   He'was fired  created a veritable storm in tbe tea-I was  taken  for  Mrs.  J.  H.
working class should be Just as good j because there was no work for him   pot at a meeting of tbe Trades and I widow of Ihe penitentiary
as those .In the finest in the city," declared the mayor.
Hts worship closed wtth the observation that most hotels in the city
were run (airly well and the law was
being carefully observed particularly
regarding the closing hours. Thougi
he would not be on the board next
vear he hoped that the hotels would
ba kept up to the Same standard. I'
wa* the aim.of the oommi"1'���. '" glv��
hotelkeepers a satisfactory basis for
business, as well as to.supply the demands of the public.
An application for a license for a
new wholesale house was left for tho
1913 board to consider.
i to do.   The "only trouble he had was  Labor Council last evening.
City Health Department Takes Actio-
Against Proprietor of Eleventh
Street Building.
British Off leerKilled.
Teheran, Persia Dec. Jl.���Cl
Ackford, ot tb* British army, has
killed by tribesmen near Shires, oapi-
lal ot the province of ffcrs. "���
The Riverside spnrtments, located
on Eleventh street were In the lime
light ln polios court yesterday morn'
Ing when Mr. B. A. Earle owner df
the property, was charged with allow.-
'ng a defootlve septic tank to. ba used
there, the seepage (rom whloh tank
waa a danger to the health of the
Mr. 8. J. Pearce, olty health Inspector, gave evidence that conditions
now existing there wsre test becoming Intolerable. -
Mr. Earle appeared ln his own
defence and stated that he wns willing to romedy the trouble.
Magistrate Edmonds adjourood tin-
case until Friday SwrnlSK and ln the
-leantitae waned Mr. Earle that lf
Ije did not take steps to have 'the
matter adjusted to ths satisfaction
of the health inspector, he would be
dealt with Sy the oourt when the case
again comes up.
These apartments have bsen ths
cause of considerable oomplatat by
the medical officer of the olty. Constructed tor the oss of men only, s
peculiar feature of dis building Is that,
thera Is not a single bath Installed tor
the uss of the occupants.
 ���,���i     i.i,      y^       |   i    ,      l..
Pirn In.Quebec
Quebec, Dec. IJ.-1^ flra shortly bs-
tore midnight tonight oompletaly destroyed the oonl_ claims of Ths Nov*
Sootla Steel ft Cost fiompany on ths
Louise Bmbnhhment. Tbo toss will
be in the vicinity of $20,000. the origin of the flrs Is unknown.
that  Mr.  Cunningham  would not al
low him. witness, to be boss of his inb
Edward Blower, a former workman
In defendant's employment, stated
that on three occasions Mr. Cunningham haa stopped, blm from "tamping.'
"He said there was no nes wasting
money In tamping."
Edward Lake gave similar evidence
with retard to one occasion.
A. J. Ward overheard Mr. Cunning
ham ordering tbe foreman to stop
William Davia, laborer, said that,
on one occasion be waa told hy Mr
Cunningham that If ho persisted in
"tamping" be had better go to h's of
fiee and get his time as it was wast
ing his money.
J. Brown, 15 years manager ot the
gar "works, gave the area of the citv ii
which gas mains had been laid. Several parties had been refused gas unless they paid for the laying of the
mains and connections. He bad al
ways given strict orders to the tore
man to leave the streets In good con
���iitlon, but on several jobs Mr. Cun
nlngham took the matter out of hb
A letter trom Road Superintendent
Furness was read, addressed to th ���
gas company on 17th June. 1911. com
i lain ing of the disgraceful condition
ths roads had been left In, and an
other from the city solicitor to the
Mine effect
Mr. Brown continuing ssld tbere
wss constant trouble with the dlt>
over the matters.
Mr. T. Furness spoke to a grea'
*iany Instances where tbe streets hai'
bsen ont np and left In such a had
condition thnt lt hsd put the city to
-wnsldfintMe snme to restore them t>>
their original eonditlnti.
Mr. Furness was still In tb* witness
ho when ths proceedings adjourned
nntll today.
London, Dec. 11.���It Is reported
that ths Order of Merit the most **
elusive British decoration, will he
conferred on Mrs. Humphry ' Wart,
tha novelist, in the New Tear's honors.
The only woman  hitherto  belonging to the order was Florence Night-
hints, whose heroic work ls ths military hospitals during ths
vas constitutes a vivid page'
history ot trus philanthropy.   -
ii    ' t     - Sim
Sir Thomas Loses Valet
Bt. Louis, D**. ,11.-Myles MacKen-
MS is no Knftar Str Thomas Upton.'*
valet Ho eipbjttoed here tods? thit
Str Thomas culled him a "h^Mta'
tool" when a "bawth" was prepared
too cold tof the baronet
Some held that one delegate would
be sufficient. on account of the expense of sending two, while others desired two because tbe council was entitled to that number.
It was finally decided to send two
and Secretary Grant and Mr. D. S.
Cameron were appointed. They will
probably be Instructed to advocate the
forming ot a Labor party ln the pro
vlnce and the holding of the next convention either In Vancouver or Westminster.
Previous to the regular business be
ing taken up Hr. W. Minthorne en
tertalned with a short address on civic
conditions such ss light and water
and-thetr proper distribution.
On a motion by Delegate Clbb an
effort wltl be made to organize ar
nlectrlclsns' union. The sum of 110
was donated tr* the fund of the cam
palgn committee.
Mr. 3. Henley was thanked fn* a do
nation to the benefit concert held a
short time sgo.
The nevt meeting of the council
will bs held on Friday, Dec. SA.
met his death on Oct. S and a i
sum was realized.
Dictator Adam S. Johnson i
speech   of   welcome   which   wns
lowed  by  toast,  "Moose  Order,"
sponded    to    by    visiting
Toast "Our Own City," by Bro.
was answered by Mayor Lee.
snd dancing selections were.iuMli.iadi>.'
by the following Moose:  Messrs. Oat--
chon.   Gostick,   W.   McKay.    St..���-.Jl :L
Knight.   Watson.   Ben   Robb.   Ml���I I
meyer and D. Boyle,
A satisfactory prlcn was aptninj tap*
<he two timber limits auctioned sstT
bv the officials of the crown
office yesterday.
Number 53T was sold to tha
It. Bucklin Lumber Company Isr
$3267.25. white T. W. Clay at flUss
city secured the rights tor ���innfti
45S for the sum of $2��<>5.
There was a good attendance
bidding was keen.        7t\
Edmonds. Dec. 11���Any hopes that
have been expressed la Burnaby ot a
quiet election disappeared Into thin
air this evening when at a well attended meeting ct the Ward Six Ratepayers' Association, held ln McKay
hall, Mr. B. O. Walker flayed the record of Councillor D. C. McGregor.
"Who Is out (or the reeveship and later
to a News representative, stated hi
was lb tho field for the highest honor
that the electorate Ot Burnaby cau
confer upon any man.
For some time past, lt hss been
understood that both'-Mr. B. O. Walk
er and Mr. Hugh Fraser were In th..��
rase tor,the richest political plum but
an understanding was reached between the two gentlemen thia after
noon. Mr. Fraser now drops out- of
the race and has promised his support
to Mr. Wslksr.
" With at toast two dark horses, residents ot ths southern portion ot tha
municipality, still to be reckoned with
ths pnppeets of Burnaby again enjoying her annual spirited election., appear Tary bright at this stags at ths
Mr. Walker 414 not mince matters
last eveaisg and touched even upon
the moral record of Councillor
Qregor   besides   citing
stances, where, he stated, tka ,
lor ot Ward One had used hi
tion on the Burnaby council to t	
hts o��n bualneas ln Vancoasar.
Tbe speaker drew attention In ���
purchase of a bunker site by the ���
nicipality at Highland Park, which I
alleged waa engineered by
-Mcflregor.    ���
The site, having beon fount I
ticable tor auoh a purpose; hai*
left in the hands of two or tka <_
clllors to dispose ot at the pnaa i
by the municipality.
"Now," said the speaker. "�������� ���
the representative tor Ward Tto* wa-
lng the council to deetf tha T ^^
to the Victorian Order ot Ni	
"Btrnaby is facing a critical 1
ia Ker history and' we most mi
with the same spirit which hast I
ed the progress of the mn
durlnf the past tow years."
��.I!�� VHP*, *������ ******* a *
thanks following Klh addresa
It ts probable tkat a special i
of the Central Park ratepavw.
be called within a weev<- "1,9
candldatea fbr the reeveshtn
endorse*. ^
fl ''
-^i P*GS TWO
I Classified Advertising
*B RATES. ���
ClaaolSed���One cent per word per
tpxy; *���: per word per week; 15c per
Burnt ti, 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year from dale of
contract,  (25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Dentil Notioe SOc or with Funoral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks SOc per
BOOKKEEPER THOROUGHLY Experienced and at present engage^,
wants position. Would also travei
liaving had experience on lbe* road.
Apply to Box No. 2S5. thia office.
am All amount of capital can gel
partnership In small manufacturing;
bnainesH In city; good showing and
fine prospects. Apply to Clark
Fraaer Healty Co., Room 1, CIO Col
umbln street. C!.".8i
WANTED���BOY, 16 OR 17 Yean
ciid. Canadian. Western Lumb.pl
Co;. Fraser ff.Ua. (201)
���WANTED���YOUNG    GIRL,   TO    A3
nist at light luiusework.    Apply In
'   afternoons at 57 Elliot St.      (259)
capital can get interest in company
engaged in profitable and perma
nent business in city; splendid prospects. See Clark-FraBer Really Co.
Room 1, 610 Columbia St. (25S)
Sunbury, for 510 pur month.   Apply
Box  304,  New   Westminster,  B.  C.
near library, single or double. 70i
Agnes street. (262)
housekeeping rooms,
The Promotion of Brotherly Love
Among Msn Is th* Object of the
World Wid) Tour oi On* of l'he
Most V.'onderful Msn ol Our Day���
"Servant of God" Spent Mosl of
His Llfs In Prison. I
Famous British Scientist Says
ture's Selection Is Best.
Eugenlsta w:.i would make tho selection ol wlvej and liusban U a municipal undertaking were laughed st by
Sir James Crichton Browne recently
In his presidential address to tho
Sanitary Inspectors' Association ut
"I am a believer in the love match,''
he declared, ."not only from tlie romantic,  but Irom the eugenic point
of view.
"Much   mre   precise   information
It wna an impressive service, ci-pe-' regarding  the  transmission  of char.
UNFURNISHED  cially the closing part.   For th-rre on   nctcr is necessary beiore we can ven-
Also cne fur j the platform, to tha left of the little   ture to exercise any extensive control
12601   Unitarian minister, stood the vener- over  human mating,  but even   now
- I able, grey-hairod  Persian  Prophet of  something might be done by medical
FURNISHED ROOMS BY ! Peace, Abdul Baha, praying to the men to found moral sentiments in the
over j God ol all nations in his native community and to ensure that in con-
tongue, for greater benevolence, great- nection with marriage the welfare ol
er charity, greater tolerance, greater the next and Iuture generations shouid
love among all men; while, to the M borne in mind, Perhaps the sftme
right, almost motionless and likewise object might be schieved by tho re-
devout, stooil the cultured interpreter. (����vol of Uie powerful conventional
Mr. Mirza Ahmad Sohrah, translating restraints whicli limit the r.ngo ol
tho holy wordB of his countryman to choice. ...
the congregation. |    'In a very large proportion ol mar-
Picture   to  yourself   a   grey-'.iaireil tinges loveTplays no part, or only a
msn,   older   than    his   years,   with very  subordinate  one.    Rank,  social
day or week, 654 Columbia St.
Royal Bank. "        "   (241)
place and board; use ct bath and
telephone; hot vater at all times.
Apply 83 Sixth St. (219)
small rooms over the Nswb office.
Suitable for club or light manufno
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en blec.
Apply to fanager the News.
keeping looms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (202)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.09
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00 |
Brnnoha* throughout Canada an* !
Newfoundland, one ln London, Eng
*md, li*m Tork, Cb'tsgo and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera,
Banking business transacted. Let
ors of Credit Issued, available wltt
lorreepondnnt* In all parts of thf
Saving* Bank Dtpertmeat���Deposit*
ecel"*d In sums nf $1 and upward.
ud Interest allowal at t par oent pet
innum  (present rat*).
Total  Asset* over 1186.000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
10 acres on Main road, all cleared,  planted  in  assorted  fruits.
Splendid location; ��� roomed cottage:    electric    lights;    barns    and
���stables; one mile from Hammond Station.
$9500-1/3 Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
first class security. Principals only.
Box 2S0 NewB. (250)
weeks, liglit delivery horse. Apply
to 613 Eighth Street. (221)
Must understand cooking. Apply 4S
Royal Avenue. (220.)
owner���New seven room cottage ot
Twelfth street. For sale on tho
easiest terms or will exchange for
ggood vacant property, or other good
Kecuritv. Room 26, Westminster
Trust block. (254)
City "Voters' List" 1913.
Notico is hereby given that thr
Court of Revision on the . above
Voters' List will be held at tho Coun
cil Chamber, City Hall, on th �� 21-1
day of December, 1912, at 10 a. m.
City Clerk
City Hall, Dec. 9, 1912. (234)
gines, factory benches and ma-
chinery.   Apply Royal City Mills.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
51.00 per week. Canada Range Co..
Market Square. (201)
City of New Westminster.
Notice is hereby given that in com-
giiiaiice with the wishes of the provincial government, a plebiscite of thu
electors qualified to vote tor mayor
and aldermen will bo taken on Tues-
��l��y. the 17th day of December, 1912.
fcetween the hours of 9 n.m. and 7
P in., sm the question of leasing the
���Arena." at Queens Park to the West-
vninstf.? Arena Company for a term of
twenty years, during the months of
JOecember, January, February and
Starch, at thc following rental, viz.;
Seven    hundred   and   fifty     dollars
��� $150.00) per annum for thc flrst flve
ym*rs; .one thousand dollars ($1000.00)
pasr annum for the second flve years;
twelve   hundred   and     flfty     dollars
��� $125000) per annum   for   the   tnlrd i
���ve years; and flfteen hundred dollars
��$ISO0.00)  per annum for the fourth
Hve years; and such other conditions
���aa may he agreed upon, satisfactory to
,the City Counctl.
The voteB of the electors will be
taken at the Tollowlng places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall; No.
4 Flre Hall, Sapperton, and No. 5 Fir?
Jlall, Thirteenth street.      	
Returning OITIcer.
Itetrd this 10th day of December, 1912.
Two largo lots, North Vancouver $30.'
l-arge lot , Point Grey.
lots,  Wise Road,  $400.09
T'.r.ft rt. waterfront, joins city New
Weatmlnster, with Z3 acres all under
110 acres. 2 miles from White Rock
.station, (100 per acre.
Bradner School.
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ten
der for Bradner School," will be re
ceived by the Honorable the Minister
of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday, the 18th day of Docambei*
1912, for the erection and complctior
of a large one room school house a
Bradner, ln the Delta Electoral Dls
trlct, for the Provincial Governmenl
Plans, specifications, contract, anc'
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day of December, 1912
at the office of S. A. Fletcher, Government Agent, New Westminster; Mr.
Wm. Merryflelrt, Secretary School
Board, Mount Lehman, B,C; and th
Public Works Dapartment, Parliamen.
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certlfl
cate of deposit on a chartered bank
cf   Canada,   made    payable   to   thr
Honorable   the   Minister   of    Publl'
Works,   for   a sum   equal   to 10 pe;
cent, of the tender, which  shnll    b'
forfeited If the party tendering declin
to enter Into contract    when    calle''
upon to do so, or if he fall to com
plete  the  work contracted  for.    Thr
cheques or certificates of deposit  t ,
unsuccessful tenderers    will   be   re
turned   to .them  upon   the  executloi |
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered un
less made out en the forms supplied
signed  with  the  actual  signature  o1
the tenderer, and enclosed ln   the en
velopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarlly accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department.
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December, 191!
(200) ae3
patriarchal beard and face stamped by
much suffering and serltas thought. I c��*n. nexus nr,
a yet handsome man with a high, in- \ marriage to-dny
telligent forehead and the idealistic
eyes of a dreamer, a man of power,
determination, too, who will tread but
on i path when he knowi Uist is ths
right one, yea, though he should lose
his life for so doing. Clothe your man
in eastern garb. Put a white turban
on his head and hang a gown of grey
canvas ' over his stately p)ioulders.
T'hen you will have Abdul llaha, win
has come iimoiig us to preach his religion of peace.
Wliat ia it that strikes one most in
this remarkable'man? Is it his message, his siihple doctrine of peace and
lovi among all pcopleP  Is it his power
influence and wlmt Carlyb called llu
dominant factors in
AMlL'l.  nAIIA.
of thought, his manner of expression,
the privations he hns endured?    No;
it is none of these.   It is his great sincerity.   He is a man with a mission,
nnd he believes in it with all his soul.
Abdul Baha Abbas, otherwise known
si  Abbns   Etfendl,  and   whose  nami"
signifies  the  "Servant of God,"   hns
spent the creator part of his  life In
prison nt Arra in Syria.    He has ulso
been exiled, ostracised, and met Willi
hardships and cruelties such a, would
hsve   quelled   the   spirit   nl   tump   h
j brave man.   But he never faltereif; lie
never turned  from   the straight pntli,
I thc path tl.at to him spelled duly. Ua I
not his father trod it hefore him?   Hsd
I not   Bnha'n'l.'ah.   after   the   Bah   had
j he^n put  to death, who hnd   founded
Babi.im, which  created  much slir In
'I.1-.' Orient during thc middle of last
loentury, arisen to preach the doctrine
of universal   peace,   and  had   he   n-it
handed on  the leadership of Uie  Ba-
hnis to his son, Abdul Bshs? So, come
weal or nne, he would go forward fear
Ifsvy proclaiming the belief that >������
in hinr.   And even when in captivity
at Acrn, he went on teaching nil with
whom he came in contact, nnd these
in  turn  taught  others.    Thus  it was
that  when   ho  wns   liberated,  on  the
advent of the Young Turks to power.
he found that he had a goodly follow-
tmm t..,\,  :..   a.:.,  a,: i  i..  n i.
The matrl-fs made under them
aro not, it seeu.s to mc, those which
are most likely to produce favorable
results in theiiext generation. I feel
that I cm on firm eugenic ground in
recommending a return to nature in
relation to marriage, and a due allowance for thoso natural forces that nre
perhaps more far sighted in the future
of race improvement than we are with
our best scientific spectacles.
"I am not defending foolish hasty
marriages, of which we liave a great
deaj too many. The abolition ol Gretna Greon was a loss to tho novelist,
but n gain to the country.
"Love at firs', sight of the right
kind is a physiological epoch corr.'S-
ponding with tir installation of new
circuits in tlie brain, lt It like, the
quality of mercy, twice blessed. It
blesses lii in wlvi experienced it, and
il is charged with deferred blessings
for those who are to come after him."
Among other striking sentences in
the address were the following:
"I cannot accept the cherubic theory of nn American engei.ist Hint nil
"babies are born good," Unhappily
hosts of babies nre born radically bad,
but there are few bad babies who nre
incapable of being made better than
they were born."
"The thorough-going eugenlst, taking a survey of the large towns, would
feel obliged  to consign  to the  lethal
chamber at  once  several   millions  of j
men. women and children.
"The sinitorium mny be regarded
as tbe ambulance thnt carried tlw
wounded off the field nnd places ihem
in a position favorable to the dressing and healing 'f tl.e:r winds, if
they be lisaloble, but ,t is sanitation
that furnishes the cuns and ammunition with whicli our enemy tuberculosis may be held in check and finally
disposed of,
"Fresh air nnd dayli .bt, to say nothing of sunlight, trickle in driblet*
through urban areas where tiiey
should flow in copious streams. Picturesque cottages nre disguised
*5   acre   bll
aay terms.
'���'����  near  car  and  city,
3  good   houses  in   city,
ment,   balance   as   rent.
small  pay-
ITntel. South WestminBtcr, 18 roomB
.furnished, $3200.
30   acrea   rc.tidentat   property
roilu from proposed docks.
Excellent dairy farm $203 per acre.
Jf  -    foil    pariioulars of  tliia  and
-other property apply
r 607 South Westminster.
flglitj   Rooms, New and Modern.
The nost comfortable rooms in the
p.   Hot nnd cold water and steam
In each,   liar and first class
i in connection.
.Front and Begbie SL   Pbone 183
Curtis Block, New Weatmlnster, B.C
Telephone 205. P. 8. Box 777.
Snap For a Few Days
The best 50 acre farm In Chilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acre;
which is covered with i!0,000 feet o,'
standing timber. Largo ten roomeii
house, large stables, hams, chicken
houses, hog pens; $18,000, $6,000 cash
Terms for balance. Property is unen
cumbered and a largo lean can b:
raised on the property.
Are you Insured ? It costs but llttl-
and makes you feel safer. Insuranc-
insures sleep.
We represent only strong Ilrltis'
Board Companies, and shall be pleascr
to tell you what it wlll C03t jo^
whether you Insure or not.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
How the Great  Penguin Hatches.
Th<> L-ront  penguin  of the  southern
circle, stnnd'ng with its head as high
as n man's waist, hatches iu pgjj in
a peculiar manner.  These are not hid
upon lbe ground nnd brooded on nfter
tbe manner of most birds' eggs.    The '
femsh- lays two inrge r<jgs.    The first
she hands over to the male bird, the .
other she keeps.   The egg is beld on i
the   upper   surface   of   the   large   Hal :
feet, and is pushed up under the waist-
coat  of   thick   feathers.    It  is   there
held close to ths body, whose warmth \
gradually vitalises the young bird. So
tenacious are the parent birds of this i
grip thst if you knock one of thrni
over it will fall on its back witli its
feet  stuck   stiffly  out, still clutchin;
ths egg te its body.
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenus
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
ing both in Asia Minor ami in Persia
nml now. in Persia alone, his sdher
ents nre said to number three millions,
l.nst year he toured Europe and wa��
favorably received. In London, he
spoke (n Uie City Temple, Hev. R. I.
Cstnpbell's church, and in St. .Iniiii ��
Churcha by permission ol Canon Wil-
berforce. Then he turne.d his attention to America nnd, since April ln��l,
he hss toured the greater part ol the
l'nited Srtates. lie cnme then to Can
sdn, nnd he spoke in the Church nl
the Messiah (Unitarian) in Slierlirnno
street west, Montreal, a few Eundnys
There was wonderful breadth and
depth ol testing in that sermon, li
was not thfl ni".<sa>;e ol a Innutie or n
hermit, or u man uneoiiver-Hiit with
modem thought and modern life. I'
was Knstern, nud yet it was West'rn
It ��'��- relivrred ss only an Oriental i I
pure blor-d can convey a message, ye!
il Co: t'.ined truths nppliiali'.e I
(VCiybiMly, lt was nn embodiment u
the -iiiene.-s ol humanity, ol the one
nes- nf religion. I I llu; power of rea
ton,   r.'iility.    Invt
Dealing with Uie question of wsr
'at* and bloodshed, he snid tuat
"where there is hatred there is n>>
religion. For true religion [ill-arm love
[ellowslilp. lt is lhe drnwiny t'lgcthi-r.
in t the lushing apart, nl peoples. II
is life according to reason, science
Therefore, religion* prejudice, racial
prejudice, alien prejudice, must be destroyed if the foundations nl humanity
.ire to remain strong. All religious
must become one nnd be based mi
reality. Races iiiu-l give up their
superstitions and join hands in friendship, all being wjual before (iod, who
madi' no divisions. Prejudices are
falsehoods disliked by God."
Mihognny In Demand.
How large is tbc consumption of
mahogany in the world mny be inferred Irom the fuel that Kngland alone
imported lust yenr 101,712 Iona ol it.
valued at {4,307.402.
Wests Net, St.ep Nat.
"In moving (rom flat to fist I hsva
seon many a strange sign posted up
tor the guidance of tenants,'' a woman said, "but the queerest ot all wss
tacked above the gas range nl the Inst
apartment we moved into. It said,
'Please do not go to sleep while 1ho
gas range is lighted.' I asked tlm
agent if he considered thst warning
necessary.   He said he did.
" 'Two women in one of our bottles
were   nsphyxinted   in   that   wny.'   he |
ssld.   'They put something on lo cook,
lay down b,r a nap, ihe flames blew |
out.   aid   they   were   done   l>r.     Wi>
don'l  wnnt nny   more   such  latnlities
ai il  hnve  poste 1 up those signs as  tl
precautionary measure'."
A Test for Eyesight.
An Interesting test for eyesig'it mnv
b�� had bv observing Ursa Major���th*
Creat Bear���OM a clear stnrlit nizhl
Not every one is aware that Miter, llie
seroid star in tho constellation, Is >i
double stur. To observe thi* double!
demands uood vision. Some slurry
night hxik up to the sky and ������� I
you enn rest for,tent in the knowlnUt
thnt your rycsigiit is not defective.
Utilization  cf  College  Yells.
Fnrm r (whose slin has been at college)���Whnt wns that hnwlin' you wai
doin' out in the grove,
Sm-1 was merely showing Mis,
lir gilteyes whnt a college yell is like
Fanii'r- Waal, I swan! Cnlleg- i.
some gii'Hl nfter all. I'm gom' inti
Sown to sell some t^uek to ninrr- w
Vou kiu go along nn' do the callin'.
Will Build New "(earners.
Torontq,. Dec. 11.���A. E. Ames &
Co. stated today that In the course of
a day or two they would put out a preferred stock Issue of the Interlako
lines for the purpose of financing the
construction of several new steamers.
Different  Noise.
Mother���Frlle; I thought I Md yoi
little  while "2o not to nuke   thn
Fritz-Thi' is quite a difJCTiMil ''"is,
r.iummy. The ll.-.-t w;is with n diiini
mid this is witlt a trutfpi t.
Luck May Be Unlucky,
" 'Tain't i.llus lucky to git whut yoi
was goin' alter" said Uncle Klien
"Many a man hns missed bein' ar
rested und.'r d�� game ln��s simplj
because he were a bud shot."
Savings of Thirty Yeare Stolen.
New York, Dec. 11.���After saving
up nic.Ui.hi since 1883, Mrs. Emily
Kuhn lost tlm entire bag, containing
ten thousand coins, to a burglar last
Columbia and Fourth Sts. Cliff Block, Sixth St.
The Saie That Will Makeu Davis* ^ The
Value-Wonder Spot in New Westminster
An event that is almost sensational, "taking in a most complete
stock of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums and House Furnishings at
prices most unusual. Christmas Gift seekers should choose right
now. They can have them delivered later. What present could
be more appreciated than a bit of Furniture, such as offered below?
Writing Desks and Secretaries,
a handsome Xmas present Tbey
come at all prices.
Magazine Stands and Umbrella Standa
are very appropriate for thia eoason.
Prices trom $2.00 up.'
Smokera' Cabinets���We bave different
designs and finish. Price* from
$10.00 up.
Music Stands���Mahogany and oak tin-
lsh.   Prices from 97.90 up.
Easy   Chairs,   Smokers' Chairs   and
Lounging Chalre���We havo   a very
large   assortment   in these   lines.
Prices from $2.50 up.
Jardiniere Standa and Padcetals���
We have a beautiful array In these
lines. Who Is lt that would not be
pleased to receive one as an Xmas
gift?   Prices from $1.60 up.
Carpet Sweepers���Aa an Xmas present It is very acceptable and very
plearlng to the wife or daughter who
Is tired of uaing a broom. Prices
from $2.75 up.
Oil Paintings, Steel Engravings, Lithe-
grapha, etc., alao Fancy and Plata
Mirror*���In theae linea wo bave a
large assortment Tbe prices on all
of tbem have been greatly reduced,
for they must bo cleared br tho
New Tear.'
We are offering some very attractive bargains in
Home Furnishers will find this a great chance to make Big Savings
$10.50 Tapeetry Squares
for $7.50
We have a magnificent range of
floral and conventional designs. Cood
service assured. Size 9x9 feet 'Balmoral Bruasels, from $11.00 up. Wears
well snd gives great satisfaction.
Velvet Wilton Squares
Size ��xl0.$. regular $M.W W1.W
Slse till, regular $87.60 $1*78
All of the beat make, woven l�� one
piece; aofo luxurious pile, rich eolor
We have the largest stock of Carpet
Squares In British Columbia; all alaes,
all atyles; all prices.
At Our Sixth Street Store We Are Having an
Important Sale of Bedding
Don't wait for a cold snap.   Take advantage of this opportunity
and be prepared; also make a good saving. ���
White Wool Blankets
Regular $3.50, Rummage   Sale   Price
per pair  $3.75
Regular $6.50, Rummage Sale   Price,
per pair  $4.75
Regular $8.60, Rummage   Sale   Prlcv.,
per pair  $600
Five pairs, only slightly soiled; regular $6.60, Rummage Sale Price
Eiderdown, large site, classy deslgna;
regular  $14.50,  Rummage  Sale'
Prlco       IS.50
Eiderdown, large st;>e, rich Paisley
patterns', regular $16; Rummage
Sale Price , $10.50
Eiderdown, crib size; regular $4.76;
Rummage Sale Price    $3.75
Special sale of white,  colored  stripes
and fancy Flannelette, per yard
 10c, 12'/;.c, 15c and 20c
New goods all the time- arriving.   Fdr Christmas presents you
S    can choose many lines which will be pleasing to both giver and
receiver, and you know you always save money by buying from
Four Stores and Four Warehouses, all in New Westminster.
m *^"HBmHHI
Keep Your Eye on
Fine 60 toot orchard lot, $850,
$251) cash, balance (, 12 and 18
Improved 1-4 sore lot, with
4 room house, $900. Easy terms
but must bo sold quick lf at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$800, $10 cash and $10 monthly.
83 foot cleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phon* 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Burnaby.
Ladles' and   Cents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
Now Velvet Collar 75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St. ,   Phone ,R271
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital pa/d up 911,800,000
Reserve 112,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending In Canada from ths
Atlantic to tbe Pacific, id Cuba
throughout the Island; also In
New Poundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
Idad, Dominican Republic, New
York and Ixindon, Bog.
> Drafts Issued without delay
on ali tb* principal towns and
cities ln th* wsrid. Tbeee ea-
celent connections afford svery
banking facility.
New Weatmlnster Breach,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Miss Thiers Carter, Apostle   ef ��� ths    Toothbrush.
m. miss rasoa* osnTca.
Mlss Theora Carter Is tbs bandsomt
presideut of tbe Cood Cheer society,
��lili-li mme Into eilnteur* ncder ber
direction several yesrs ago.
The aim of thta society Is not sny
particular form of benevolence, but lo
tin l'ihhI in general. The latest furm ol
MI��k Carter'* good cheer work bu* been
iniiii* the Hues uf toothbrush dlStrlbii/4)
Hon mining llie very |ioor children lo
the tenement districts of Kew York
She hn|tes, through the distribution
of toothbrushes, tu awaken Interest foi
the combating nf an evil wblcb, she
suys. In rc��|M)iiMllile fur tb* currylug ol
ninny dlxenxes, such as typhoid, tuber'
rulosla nnd others.
Mine Curler was born in Seattle and
atteuded tbe University of Washington
President of Medical Association Says
Present Government t*  Cat of
Ixindon, Dec. 11.���Tbat England la
being governed at the present by
"mawkish sentimentality and grosj
ignorance," is the declaration or Un
James liarr. president of the British
Medical Association.     '
Sir Janjes was addressing a meeting of the Eugenic Society tonight,
his subject being "Practical Eugenics." While urging that practical
eugenics were of primary Importance
in the community. Sir James bitterly
attacked the Asiiulth government as -
set of dunderheads whose Ignoranee
was truly pitiable.
Declaring that the subject of en
panics bad never been held in high
opinion by many of the legislator.
'who," quoted Sir James, "wero *<
degenerated lot of fools' dear at any
.ir.ee, let alone their yearly salary ol
two thousand dolars per year."
Continuing, the speaker considered
'such fools as these cmnberers of thc
ground" should be removed from
power If Britain desired to maintan
her position among the nations of the
Britain, he continued, required to
raise a healthy and intelligent race.
Nevertheless at the present time th?
submerged tenth were aiding In add
lng a race of cowardly holllgans tc
the population.
The unfit, concluded the speaker,
were the best cared for by the preB
ent government, who did not give on;
assistance to the valuable man of tli-
community, the niun whn was health.
Mmoelf and who was raising a healthy
" Specifications, agreements of sale.
deeds, business letter*, etc; circulai
work specialist. All work strljtly con
fldential. M. Broten, Room ��, Mer
cham Dank Bldg.   Phona 715
L. O.'o. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
.first, second aud third Wednesday*
in eacb month ln UL of P. hail at
8 p.m. II. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H
Price, secretary.
�� O. O. Y A MITT LODGE NO. 17-
Tbe regular .meeting of Aaalty Jodar
No. 27. I. O. O. r.. Is hold svery Mon
day nlghl at 8 o'dock ta Odd Hsi
lows hall, comer Carnarvon aa
Eighth street. Visiting brethsrr
cordially Invited. <5. & Bryan*. N
Q.; R. A Menrithew. V. ��.: W. C
Coatham, P.O'..
H. W. Sangster.
CENTER & HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and em holier*.   Barters
405 Columbia street Maw Westminster.   Phone'11$.
Vt, E. FALES���Ptoaeer FoaBBrt Dtrec
tor and   Km balmer,  S1M18  Agues
.   street, opposite Car*egla Library--
  i "iiTf i , VI   r i''  '��� li < iH
���t-Law, Solicitor. Bta. ttt Oetaabls
���treet, Nsw Westmtostor, BJ1 Tak
phone 1070. Cable aaMraa* -Jkin-
aton." Code, Wanton Union. OCieoa
- Booms I and T BBJn " "
J. 4TTILWELL CLOT*, barrtater-at
law, solicitor, ats; sonar OstassMr
wat MoKeaile strata. Nav Waat
sMwter. B. C. P. O. Bac IU Tab
J. P. HAMPTONBOLg. ���^y^,, ,
selhftor and aatary. W OriB��M��
street   Over C. 9. R.
mcquawue. m*w*m��*atmun.
Barristers and gsMNW.  Hoaats <
aad t. OrtateTh* JJ*" JWJ.
���Inster.   Qsarsa ���. Martto, W:jg
McQuarrie and Oaorga UJJsssaiy
tar. and *���*���� ^Sf"^
Trust block. Colamkla streat, Nsw
Westmlastor. B.C. CaMa ���**?���*
"Whltostd*." wsstan 0������> ��� * <J
Drawer JOS. IVSUpksaa t*, W. J
Whlteslds, H.JU MbmMs.
VWaam^m m m .WWHHlfWV1^*"*"
II  J. A. BURNI** 4BD��TO��.^!P
Trapp block.
Tsli   R Ul.   Roass
mlnstar Board ol ttatU attattls tk*
hoard mom, City Hall, ��.*?***
Third Mday st'SBS* gtmm*
torly mestlng oa tM OM ftttV 01
February, May, August jNWi;
ber st 8 p.m. Anaual atoattaft ^*
the third Frlilsf of *^WrvR**L
members may ba 'ptssasu .an*
electsd at sny awbJkly ar 0M������rt��
meeting. & H, StOSKt W��*l, SSt*+
What the Chinese Think et Den Cupid's
We do not believe In love, for love Is {
not tlie greatest thing In the world. It
ts nol even a thing nor siitmuitice.
Love Is the aiititliesla of reason, for
man sees with reason nml only' feels
with luve. and It Is tbe most violent
form of brainstorm, says tbe Chinese
Alumni. Love Is tbe symptom of a dls
ordei liralh. ns a nightmare Is a syitlp
llllll of a disordered stoinarh. It Is a
deadly iiniliigliii|s disease, f��r It turns
the KiniOKest head and makes thr
wisest limit �� foul Indeed, there Is un
fix.i nice an old fool who Is affected
villi uiiu.rills When n man Kits run
(railed tbla lovedlwiiaeaudh* under l|>
liilliicin-v be hc|s in lbe nwrn IdMIr
limiinvr nud |ierfnno�� all aorta ol
antics, ail of w lilcli ae entirely rv
tiixitMi* and re|iiidlalm> when be Is
free from lis hypnotic n|>ell.
IVrhsp* thera Is no greater differ
erne vslsllng between the Chinese aim
(Im- American peofrie Umii thai between
ttieft"ld*** of love, lu fact we Chi
new \\i not believe la lev*, for we
are'wit sk-kly. sentimental crestiires.
luit raid. fiMloaopWrsl. faUllsilc la>
Inria. We erraage ear oiatrlmouUil affairs JthruHgh (he temderp*salon.
To ns marring* I* a serious business
Of the head aod not a llgbt affair ol
(lie heart ta theae matrimonial trans
actions sre apply the most rigid, keen,
ra k'ulxting tartness .principle*, and
(bat I* why we are ao at'irressful lu
the tiMirrlafie enterprise.'���� -We b��ve
never been baakeed hy Cupid at the
game af leva.
We oevrr pay baawg* at the altsr
et thl�� sttniM. taataless yellow ��ld
(be dlidariwr ��f pet*, (he tirenkrt 'ut
bi'iirt.. il*..��Ml^v*UWJIfi*-JW!*.
llie invMiinfer of JSaSSl. Jftsek com,
���fmtilt-s. We eaaaet tolenrte hi* pres
rni-c in cw��a. as <%bt%" U -imii a is ml
of lovers. 'OHmiiHfHeiiily (he cool. i|iilet
boors ��f oar mMaiuonier nights are tint
fli*lnri*d or ettnHed by hid air fmtn
(he wooing awl csetag at aewMnientsi
' S!os':holm, Dec. 11.���The Nobel
pri?e3 were presented tonight hv the
���\\n-r at a banquet over v.hlch Prlnc
William presided.
The prizes wert distributed as fol
���nws; Medicine, I'r. Alexis Carrel, nf
-ho r.i okoiV.!': r Infinite, New York:
ihvsi.i '. ��� h."m' ft.iici <y Stock-
'*<\ii. ' che ..iiitv.' il'-iceti between
*>rtli*..t*r Orlgnul-1. Nit.-V University,
ind Professor Pai;: fiabatier. Ton-
'ouse University; p-'ac;': not awarded
railway strike in
britain about oyer
Lord Mayor of Newcastle   Intervenes
and   Road   Makes  Peace
London, Dec. 11.���Great hardships
have been Imposed on thousand.! o(
working people and a wide section oi
Kii^lui.tl ls directly uffected by the
strike cf locomotive drivers on the
Northeastern Railway. Although onlj
from 6000 to 9000 railroad worker.
left their employment, tin- stoppage o; 11
the coal traffic ha* rendered idle fou
times that number of miners, and
muny factories also have been forced
to shut down. Tbe hardships are tbe
greater bcause cf the approach ol
Christmas.   The strike, began Den. 7
The announcement was made today
by the Amalgamated Sc e'ety of Rail
wav Workers that the strike ls "unauthorized and unrecognized" by thi-
unlon and the consequence absence of
strike pay has acted as a discourage
ment upon the men. A*speedy settle
ment was expected today when Hi.
Lord Mayor of Newcastle intervened
[.to bring about peace. At the same
time the railroad company holds ou1
an olive branch to the men offering
to reinstate llie locomotive engineer
who waa reduced in rank as a punishment fnr being found Intoxicated
wblle off duty, after the lapse of i)
vear. if his conduct in the meantime
ls satisfactory.
Is Argued as  Fair Thing to  Do
Return for the Vote Now
Shop Mornings if
Possible, and
Avoid the Crowd
Busy Days
These in Our
New Brass Beds
Suitable for Christmas Gifts
Have just been put in stock, and prices art
so attractive that they will prove most retractive presents. Qualities are the best
and lasting properties; fully guaranteed.
Prices range at $16.75, $18.50,
$22.50, $30.00, $40.00 and $50.00
M Vou Can Do tt You Aro'entitled ts
a Prix* sf |2S,000.
Flrs thousand ixitiuds swult tha student wbo wlll prove a certain proposition proposed by tb* French mathematician. Kernmt. aliout 290 years sga !
Tbls prize wns offered shout Bve years
since ��nd Is to remain open to all comer* for a century.
Trufessor U. A. Miller, who tells of If
In K recent address ou "Modern Mnthe-|
nintlciil  Research,    fears that such a
large Inducement may act all suits of
' mediocre   mathematicians  to  wasting
their lime.
j   Tbe prdiiosltlon to be proved Is Ibst
Ibo  sum  of   oo  two powers  eirept
' sqilares Is Itself a power of the same
| degt^o.   Siiins   of   squares   are   often
Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 10.���
A fight for the Introduction of military service fur women Is in progress
by the women bf Denmark as a sequel
to tbeir expected victory ln the strug
gle for women's suffrage.
The Danish parliament, tbey believe. Is almost' certain to pass tbe
bill giving women the vcte this winter, and many women are beginning
to ask wbat will be become ot tlje
organizations 'which formed for tht
purpose ot securing the enfranchisement of women, have provided many
f them with interesting and sorn'i
times lucrative positions.
Mrs. Kmma Gad, suffragist and author, suggests a solution of the difficulty by advising tbem to start a college for the training ot Danish girls
n pursuing commlsslarlat work.
She argues that this Is tbe only fair
thing tor women to do ln exchange
for the vote since men are compelled
:o give military service for the ad
vantages which they have long en
Mrs. Gad shows from the conditions
n the Balkans how an efficient corps
)f trained women could take core of
'he nursing and provisioning of an
iriny much botier than the work 1
lone at present.
Beautiful New
I ������������������tm
Representing the newest effects in
Wilton, Axminster and Velvet qualities that will grace the home of any
city resident:
Priced at $22.50, $25, $30,
$35 and $50.
si|iiiires-for Instance, tha square of S
Is S sod tbat of * Is 10. Add stxleea
snd 0 and you have 23. which Is the
Sniisre of 5. Biit this has never been
found to be true for cubes or fourth
powers or any powers above 2. aad
Ferniat asserted that ao such eases
would or could ever be found.
tie proved It. too-at least be aald P*
had dope so-btit hla proof Is loot, aud
oo one baa ever recovered It or discovered another, although'partial proofs
bave been fouad for definite powers���
ffor Instance, for tbeee (bat are mul
tlpleo of 3, 4, ft and of certain prime
numbers. Borne of Ihe world's greatest
tnn I hems t Mans have been working eu
tbla problem for aisay yean.-Uwd��a
Bpber* ..... 'l
. Ex-Oevamer fUpm thpm pt tWemsa
Former Goremur tt tt <JVnn ol
Kurth Carolina, addwaulir; ��M��l Web
em of the Alias*���'ay <******$ (racher*
'.ii'tltnte rvNTUtty. wade a tdea to
them to ww thetr *sS*m*r**> *a ��eoiirlus
reform In the ���air ait Ureanlng- oj
(lie women uf (he wianlxy. lle sttrlb
sited Ihe spread at (uramraMty tu Ibr
fin Kent style*.
"My dear ladfea," he mM. "If yeu
want lo wear pkato, wear tdetn." imp
���nv��e women w**at them and lo.*
Iiri'ily gowl In Ihem. Il��( ��r pou liwlsl
���turn wmirlng thein west trnttt* witn
���md legs In tbem and air* with only
mm*, aa some of you art smmv trying tu
du."  .        v.
The Newest Cellar.
A rartntlon of the llobeeplere eollar
winch m precisely suited to a rether
low cut afternoon fmrk haa tlte double
front reef ra of familiar- tjfie. hut
aiKini the nerk ��o*a a collar coaianaed
ot iwo fiat wide afrtpa of- lar* all over
ami plaited net or of band einhmMery
frilled wttk lar*. Only tb*
edges of these atrip* JoUi at
ol fran I spd bark. Fran tbeee the;
do|�� awnptly Inform sharp *'*. and
the etmpa Ciwaelng each abotiMer
���inonthtf fir* the afreet of a sailor col-
Mr and at* t*tf dacoradv*.
i        i i.i�� n
InsUllatlon of Arohblahop.
Toronto, Deo. 11���irchblahop Me-
Nail will- he Installed Iif offlee at 8t.
Michael'* Cathedral on 8b.nday. Dec.
22.   lie has concluded  hts   arrange-
rts In Vancouver and will arrive on
IT�� of hla installation.
������ Ths Shadiw on th* Eiffel Tower.
Professor "Chevesu of Paris ha?
given to the Academy of Sciences nn
aciornt, ol a curious phenomenon
which has '��een under his observation
(as well as under the obs rvstion nf
m .tvorulngists) for some time. Ap-
proximstely at midday he saw one
day on the Eiffel tower n' shadow
which projected itself nesrlv horizontally from north to south. The
pnrt which he cUsignaled ss "the
head" of this shadow was st tirst
(..inr'.el toward the lower, then it
touched it in ouch a manner thai the
outline wat a kind of rectangle. Seen
from another rininl the shsdow ��wm-
"d tn lie tipped bn tnd and to follow
the length of the towrr. producing the
llhu'on ol a second-tower' inverted.
Bcieptist* have classed this phrn-
���ftmeuon with tii* Well known sposri-
Uon designated a* "the ejecter of the
Bsi|(d Mm WM^tMMk:���*'*-������������
The sdvrrtisinf genius of one of Ui��
8wi��'�� mountain hotels near Lucerne
reccntlv devised the scheme of sending out a balloon attached to which
were tickets for ft** trips ��nd; tree
���sea'n. This Sppirently harmless nd-
yertisement. -howevtt, had ��� su- slm��i4
l*a^ic sequel. A numbsr ol peasant!
to the Wolfenschiessen vallev. seeing
a balloon hovering above their ffsad*,
fetched their military etrvlco riHel
and opened flrs ou it in order to britn)
do#n. the sfopoaM free tickets, tin-
tcirtunately the balloon w��s a passenger one whieh had ascended Iroui I.u-
oerne. Th* aeronaut* luckily eame ������
earth unharmed,- but th* marksmen
wei* taken into custody. ''.
A Wonderful Vole*.
Lsbloche had the most magnificent
bass vole* ever known lo the lyrie
stage. It had a compatf of two
octaves, from B flat belcr to E flat
���hove the bas* staff. Re was a man
at prodigious \irfs* and strength, and
his voice was proportioned to hls
phrsicsl dimensions. Nothing wm
sbl* la overcomv *r drown it, and
through the tone* of the largest
ohoru j Jt 'Mociud �����! . a*.. luptily m.
though alone. More tban once he
broke a window pans by th* strength
of ths vibrations canted hy his mon-
slroui mice.
7:85 (or Toronto and Nicola branch
UOO for St. Paul a*d Kootena..
IS: 2* for Agaaals Local
l��:Sfi for Imperial Mulled, Mont
eai and Okanagaa polnta.
One and one-third fane for the round
Ticket* on aale Dee, 21 to Jan. 1.
Good to return up to Jan. 8.
For reservation and other particu
ars apply to
��� BD. OOULET, Agent
Naw Weetmlnst*
3r H. W. Brodie, O.P.A. Vancouvei
Phon* R624. ��1�� Hamilton St
3blmn*y 8v��**plnfc .
Cavatrough Cleaning,
Sowar Connecting,
Ceaapoola. SepO* Tasrtt*. Etc;
D. McAulay
toL *��L Ca*: Mk Md Oolnmbk
Kill's H^el Pool RmhuI
*>oot fabta* la th* elty. "Kin*
lln> of ipttira" aitfTobawn  Spixjing
A. a BEATON; ,Pr��prl*tor.
if* th* Work.   ,.i..-.., Us* Your Phon*.
hew mm mm
428 Clarkado StreeL _. 71      Phone 4��0
 ������     ������*�����*������
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
����� Urn* 8tr**t, N*v�� Westmlnater.
Re ihe northwest quarter ot Section
SS. Township 13. in the District of
Now Westminster.
WhereaB proof of the loss ot Certlfl
:ato of Title Number 101D4K. issued
n the name of .lohn Smith, has been
lied in this office. ���
Notice Is bereby given that I shall.
*�� the expiration ��� of one month from
be date of the first publication hereof
n a dally newspaper published in thc
City of New Westminster, Issue a dup
tlcata or tlie said Certificate, unless in
(he meantime valid objection be made
���d me In writing.
Dlatrict Registrar of Title*.
'ant Registry Offlee,
New Weatminater, B.C., November
15. H12. (til
i Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, limited
L��yerti of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Pre*, and OenL ifgr.
8*c. atd Tree*.
B. C. Coast Service
Leave*  Vancouver (or  Victoria  1(
��. m*m 1 p. m. aad 11:16.
Leave* Vanoouver    for Bealtl*
v m. ana 11 p. as
Lenve* Vaucouver fer Nanaimo
RUPERT.    . -
Vaneouver every Wednesday 10 p.m..
als* Deo. 14, 2S. Jan. 11 and t&.
CbWiwack Service
L*av*s Wnstndnstar I a.m. Monday,
WSa*aday aad Mday. .
Lmv** Chilliwack 7 a.a. Tu**d��,
TUwr��d*y nad Satasday.
��� bd. uocurr.
N*w WaaOriMM
a. W* BROUB.
O. P  A.. VMceuvar
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 877.
W. R. OILLEY, Ph*n* 122. > Q. E. QILLEY, Phene SB*.
Phonea, Offlc* 16 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
wi            Tiii" ii =
Second.Hand Store
j. 6. SMITH.
Bay and-eell new aad   ascend   hand
f*cd* ot ell kinds.   Tools especially.
t�� Meteece StreeL ��� PhoM ISS*
PJO. Ben S4 Dally Newa Bldg.
of all kind*.
Prioe* rtsbt  Satisfaction guaraatwd.
M McK*iwl* BL
Billiards and Pool
Blgg**t nnd best line of Pip**,
LClfara and Brooking reqnifltt*-
^rholeMl* and reuii.
J. L. Duncan* Ltd*
���09 Columbia BL
m*�� ���ONE 890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
(Vta Central Park) at 5 and 5:(B
a.m. and ev*ry 11 minitt** thereafter
until �� p.sa., with hall hourly service
until 11 ��.��, tact ear at 12 midnight
Sunday*���at f, T, T:IU, I and 8:30
am., regular sarvlco thereafter.
(Via Buraakr) at i:��. ��:4S and 8
a.ra., wttk ktwtr *er\rioe nntll io p m.
andtat* c*ir��t 11:80 p.m. Sunday*���
Ftr*^ car at $ a.m.    /
(Via BJorth Arm and Eburan) at 7
a-av, wtu haariy ������rvlc* unUl 11 p.m.
Sundaya���Wiat tat at I *.��., regular
aervlce tk*niaB*r.
Redared ratea arw tsttar-sS
0"*r Ik* lrr*����r VaHey Wm
tor w��ak and tr>p��
all polnta on t*!^^^^���
Tkketn tor lhk*e apodal aa-
cnmlana ana on aala 8aBNP>
dat and Bnndny, good tei*-
tnn�� on Monday. H
Far Chllllwnek and way paint* nt
!:!��� (un. Its Md 4)10 p.m. Fer
Huttatdan and wny polnta 4:05 p.m. *PA*3E FOUR
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by Tbe National Printing and
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Co refuse the publication <    any letter.
Coincident with the official cere
natty at the Royal Columbian hospital
yesterday, in Itself a sign of the on
ward march of the city towards a
t&roadtr and fuller destiny, we are
glad ot chronicle a decision reached
(tsj the heads of the nine banking institutions in the city that, from tlie
Nrv Tear, the New Westminster bank
clearings will be tabulated separately
in thc clearing house which is then tc
tie established.
Viewed from all standpoints this
decisicn will he welcomed by the citl
seas while to mention one only of Its
immediato results, there will henceforth accrue to Westminster a very
important measure of publicity which
hitherto bas been denied ber.
Thia fleeting year will go down to
history ns Ihe year of the Royal City's
reawakening. Solid progress is today
still our clarion cry and that this is
no mere booster's dream ls further
borne out by the fact that the men
who supply the sinews of war or cf
jmogress have now gone on record
Chat the time has come for them to
beep pace with that progress.
over as a free gift to private corpora
Mr. Whltlock is serving his fourth
term as mayor of Toledo. After a consultation with Mayor naker, of Cleveland he went abroad for the purpose
of gathering information that" might
be of service to Toledo, Cleveland and
other Ohio cities In meeting the new
conditions created hv the new constitution of Ohio which confers home
rule on cities. For the benefit of
Ohio cities he will make an elaborate
report on the subject matter under
Needless to ssy our civic authorities
will secure a copy of Mayor Whit-
lock's report at the earliest possible
moment.���Winnipeg Tribune.
The whole history of municipal
and government ownership ln Europe
and Great Britain " is calculated to
encourage those who believe in the
possibilities of corporate action and
public ownership.
The experience of Great Britain
seems to demonstrate that the greatei
the number of things done by the city,
the better they wlll be done. The ef
feet of the movement toward municipal ownership has been to stimulate
The opening of a municipal tramway Is an occasion for public rejolc
Ing. The sense of responsibility ls
awakened bv ownership and In a shor
time an affectionate regard for the
agencies wliich serve them ls aroused.
The people feel that the cars ar��
��� heir cars, and thst ln supporting
them they are using their own. This
feature of public ownership does not
appear In figures on the balance-
sheet, but its effect and influence is
The cure for bad city government It
not lo give the city less to do, hut to
v\e It moro to do. At pr mt we
have not too much for our cities; to
do, but too little. An enlarged public spirit will como with enlarged
public activity, just as the flowering
of public enthusiasm for municipal
rule in England came with the increase In the activities pf the city.
It has been well said that. "The cure
for democracy is more democracy.''
The democratic ideal is bein? worked
out through municipalities. Men are
awakening to the Immense nosslbill
ties of nubile ownership and corporate action, and striving to direct resources os tliat tlie lives of all the peo-
nie may he mado more tolerable.���St.
John's Telegraph.
statesmen and men of principle should
make such an ill-Judged ami illiberal
proposal-art to disendow the church
in Wales.'
No   Country   In   World  Handles   Its
Wool  in Worse  Manner Thin
Does   Canada.
��� ���
��                    IRISH   NEWS. ���
��� ���
Tbe law's delays are all too familiar,
and while the ;<;gotiations between
the Westminster Arena Company and
the cily council have been unduly and
unnecessarily protracted, we are glad
��� tn aee that the plebiscite reqeusted by
the provincial government will b?
taken earlier than at the civic elet
Oa Tueaday next.all who are qnali ,
tied tn vote in those elections will hi
aaked  to register  their opinion,  and :
while   there   can   be    absolutely     no
���ioi,lit as lo the result, we would re
enind the voters that here tliey havo
an (lpjortiinlty of showing to tiio powers that liave held up the matter an
��HBphatic declaration of their opinion.
We  wonld  like  to   se   tho
��� arriii,' neill con.
The citizens will bo asked whethe:
they are in favor of leasing the arena
for a period of four months during
the next twenty winters to a company
ttt Westminster men.    Particulars of
Prosecution for drunkenness in Ire
land during ml 1 showed I decree-
of 1503, as compared vith 1910.
A laborer named John Foley died
in Kunturk Workhouse Hospital a-
the remarkable age of 111. Hu was .1
well-built, hardy man. who enjoyed
his pipe to the last, and was up and
about within a few days of his death
In the course of an agrarian dis
pute, two men named M'Kittcrlck,
father and son, savagely attacked
Alexander White, a County Monaghan
auctioneer, and his condition is con,
sidered hopeless. Both a -sailants arc
in custody.
Mrs. Heid, an old age pensioner,
aged S4, tf Shanroe, Riialea, Count}
Fermanagh, was marrh 1 at ('log!
Parisli Church a few days ago to Ja.i
Quinn, a laborer, who is close on 70.
After the ceremony tlie couple drovr
[into Roslea, where they wore received
plebiscite j with cheering and waving of flags.
To a deputation , from the Irish
Teachers' Association whicb waited
him at the House cf Commons, Mr.
Birrell announced that he had doe'd
cd to appoint a commission of Inquiry
into the working of the Beard of Na
tional   Education   In   Ireland,  with
In their rcport on the sheep industry the commissioners who investigated lt on behalf of the Dominion
government state, among other things
that sheep in this country are, aa a
rule, poorly housed and poorly fed.
that severe losses are sustained
through lack ot proper care during
the winter .season and thut from shear
ing to marketing no country ln the
world handles its wool ln a worse
Besides pointing out these weaknesses of many Canadian sheep raisers the commissioners report fully upon the state of the Industry In Oreai
Britain and describe how Old Country ihepherds handle their flocks.
Evidences of a definite object in
breeding operations, they state, are to
be found on every hand, a certain de
maud being kept ln view and every
ef'jrt made to build up a reputation,
and afterwards to hold it.
A farmer'there may keep sheep ot
the breed popular lu the district and
although they, may not be eligible for
record ln an Association Flock Book
they are -very highly bred and young
ewes Are sold at very remunerative
prices to neighboring farmers for
crc csing purposes. Kor producing
early lambs the ewes are bred to
lamb soon nfter New Years. Male
lambs not intended for the early trade
are always wethored.
Besides grass pastures such crops
a3 kale, vetches, rape, cabbages and
turnips-are- grown for the sheep
These are often sown in succeeding
periods in season so that when on=
is consumed another is readv, thus
providing fre3h feed a great part of
the summer. The sheep are not allowed to forage over large areas but
are often kept within portable fences
which are moved periodically to take
In new patches.
The same thoroughness is exercised
In the treatment of the flock throughout the winter with the result that
sheep kpenlng is a highly profitable
branch of Ensl'sh agriculture.
The report of the sheen commission
is rich in Information of the greatest
"il'ie tn 'Terpen* interested in any
hranviU'nf tho oheeo Industry. Copies
ire still available for dlstr'b-t'p" tr
these who apply for <l">m *o th" Pub
Pcnt'on's Branch rt lhe Departmenl
of Agriculture at Ottawa.
They   Pawn   Graves.
In times of financial difficulties the
Lm>?hooans, residents of the south-
wester*.! islands ol Japan, sometimes
pawn the graves of tlieir relatives
They ure always redeemed, however,
as failure tn do so means family disgrace. Tiie turtle back shaped tomb;,
MWffly*Wflftld mi a hillside lacing
.the water, are elaborate affairs of stone
and cement, and their cost and upkeep often bankrupt the family.
Answer a letter the day it is receiv- ',
ed nnd you will experience a sense ofi
duty weH done. Delay it, and after '
loo long a time has elapsed shame ;
will put a stop to its acknowledgment i
Your Attention Please!
WE would like to show you one of our New Modern
Homes on the Twelfth Street car line before they
are all sold.   During the last four weeks we have built 10
of these handsome homes and they have all been sold to*
men who are tired paying rent.
Why are you not among them ?
The same opportunity has been open to you.
We are not going to tell you all about these houses in
this advertisement but just ask you to come in and see
them for yourself, "Seeing is believing" and we want to
show you that our houses are being built in a manner that
will please you. Plenty attention is being given to closets
���which is always important to the housewife���the windows are properly placed so as to give the best light in
each room, bathroom opens off a hall, not off kitchen or
public room, large basement in every house. In short we
are giving good attention to the "little things about the
house" that make it a "homer* Have your wife come to
the office and we will take her in our auto to see these
houses and we can show you the -one she likes best on
Sunday afternoon when you are riot at work. Do not delay in coming to see them as they are selling faster than
we can build them. Remember oar terms are easy, $25
H. D. Smith, Exclusive Sales Agent.
750 Columbia Street ' Telephone 433
view of remedying the teachers' griev
the exact  terms   will   be   f.nind   else
'Where in this Issue.
This comptny is doing and will, we j    During the   progress   cf  a Gaelic
understand, continue to do its best for \ match at Kreshford, County Kilkenny
the furtherance, of placing the city on   between tama representing Johnstowi
,����.-   _.���   ..   .   i._!3 . ,    'ani1 Ballyragget, a player rf thc lal
'the   map   as   a   hockey   centre.     An   ,rr  c,,.b   ,m,nPd   jj,^,   Mahpr   ��,
.amateur   league   has   already    been   lapsed and died shortly after receiv
formed   of   six   teams,   and  as   man; | i"K the last Sacrament.    Medical evi
Mrs.      Dashaway���Your     husband
a j complains that you never allow him
lo exercise his own judgment.
Mr��.   Henpeekie���Nonsense!    I
him sew on all Lis own buttons I
more would come in could they be ac- j
It   is  understood that  tho  charge. ',
to be made  wlll  be  much  less  than I
those in vogue In Vancouver so thai
*be jouiy; people of the city will have !
<**ery opportunity   if  indulging   iu   a
hutlthy pastime and sport.
���Tbere slicmM be nothing to stand In i
the way nf Westminster becoming a., j
rimed throughout the land as a breed !
ing place for chasers of the puck an i
she is today for her wleldera of the '
lai.Tosse  net
dence showed that death was due tr
hc.rt failure probably brought on by
excitement. Deceased sustained nc
hurt cf any kind during the play.
 (Continued from page oae)
��� ���
�� MANX   NEWS. ��
��� ��
sen tations to the directors' board, of
fenng to ri�� out the children's ward
The society has already subscribec
sain*. tHUlt* towards thin philanthropn
Icoiivej    in
',   "i'l {Those   Invited.
I.lst cf those  invit'd   to the   cere
,u,ooy of Jsymg the cornerstone ef (he
Steps  will  be taken   to induce   th* !��":'"'-��d^al -Columbian Hospital:
King and Queen who visit l���-irirash!r�� i , "' >Bd Mra. J. J. Johnston. Mr. and
In  Julv,  to  ertend   their  journey    tt.'!,;i   '''-"���  Small,  Mr. and  Mrs. J.  A
the Isle of Man. M nTgbtriery, Mr aid Mrs. J. S. Clute
i Mr.  and   Mr*.   T    II    fl-nith    Mr   ����,'
Rev.  F. W. Btnbbe.  Vicar   ol   ��rl  ���  R |ml]i, lir. and M^ R?b
Douglas, has been ap ' cr,   l.an-. Aider
and Miss Smith. Mr. snd Mra. Cowan
McGowan, Prof, and Mrs. Heathering-
lon. Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. McMillan, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Stilwell Clute. Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Cambridge, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Goulet, Mr. and Mr8. C. G. Major, Mr.
and Mra. W. S. Collister, Mr. and Mrs.
Nels Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Turn-
Doll, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Duncan, Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. MacKay, Mr. ond Mrs.
D. E. MacKenzie. Reeve and Mrs. 3.
T. Weart, Reeve and Mrs. J. A. Kerr,
Reeve and Mrs. W. Bridge, Reeve and
Mrs. H. I*. Benson, Reeve and Mrs. T. J.
Sullivan, Reeve and Mra. D. W. Pop
py, Reeve and Mrs. W. Merryfield
Reeve and Mrs. R. W. Dick, Heeve
and Mrs. Augus Campbell, Reeve and
Sheriff and Mrs. Thos. J. Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Stoney, Mr. and
Mrs. B. D. Grant, Sister Superior Roderick (St. Mary's), Miss M. Filmore
(Asylum), Mlss Kilgannon (Private
Hospital), Rt. Rev. A. U. and Mrs.
De Pencier, Rev. Canon and Mrs. G.
C. d'Easum, Rev. and Mrs. E. R. Bartlett, Rev. and Mrs. Geo. A. Ray, Rev.
and Mrs. Anderson, Rev. and Mrs. G
W. Brown, Rev. and Mrs. M. D. Braden, Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Henderson.
Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Melvln, Rev. and
Mrs. E. O. Thompson, Rev. Father
Wm. P. O'Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. B. B.
Birds, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Adkison.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dill, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex. Charleson.   Mr.  and Mrs.  Allan
Mayor Prand Whltlock, of Toledo
has juat completed an eight-week
��� our in Bnglai I, G ��� nl,nd. Ireland.
I'YajH-e, Belgium and Oerman) tor tbe
a "������.'���-��� of a pi i ion il investigation oi
municipal governmeif. Lie Had ere
���"feiuiais thai obta ned tor hlm everj
daaffad facility lm obtaining the lii
formation of which h" was m search.
A�� a resull of liis observations and
��rni|u rir-M Mayor Whltlock says thai
he i�� more than ever convinced of thi
vast rnoiu for Improvement In Amerl
��au municipal conditions.    He  ta'.e.
his hat off to Hern,any where, lie
thinks, are the 1�� si governed cltlee
la the world, lie regards Berlin, Dres
Psm. Frankfurt and Cologne us mode,
���WBtcipallties. Ke says he was be
���wBdrred by the thoroughness o!
Kv��ryv,iwre he found burgomaster!
and town me'll rs with whom th.
tmmjasa.x: :A ...,mi'.''|.,il government I
not a political oppi run,ity or a pas<
hag occupaton, 1ml a profession whic'i
*tPaj have prac! ceil for years and ii
tend lo practice all iheir lives, ahd
������verywhrre he found a vigorous puh
i-ls Imtercat lu civic afiairs and a feel
toe tt personal pride in cleanliness
���spmsi order und efficient government;
lhe attributes the efficient govern
at largely to lhe trained profes- out
men In charge and to Hie facl  also
Isle of Man Dog and Poultry Society
have arranged to hold their annual
show on  New  Year's Day, ot   Derby I
fhe cities keep  what they  have
. tastead of giving   It away   -that
! keep possession of their streets.
wharves and other public utili-
:SI'. """abas'.  ui��,Fi;. ..���    .   , ,,  ....     ,       ....     ,.,,,,.,������   v    .A   ,;     .   M
pointed to succeed Arc.ideacon Kew    anrt M���,   ,    ,   ,������   %, '���        .
ley as Vicar of Arbory. T   Ic��i,l. ,\!r.  and   Mrs   A.   H     Kergu i
I.ady   Raglan   waa   prevented   leav ytbn, Hfci a. B   W'r ght.  I)r. nnd  Mrs
inn Island owing to a bad  attack   of   "   Bden   Walker,   lir.  und  Mra.  E. J
rheumatism.       Her    medical    sdvlsei | ft'-thwell,  lir   and Mrs   (Jen. K   Drew i
had ordered her complefe rest fcr thi    "r   *Od  Mrs,  (i.  ll   Manchester,   Dr
present ! "",   M^,   &���  '-���   McQuarrie..   Dr.   and
The Committee of the Douglas h��d|Jl^��f^d   Mre^OeSVwn
if.n.   lir   and   Mrs. T    He, nett  Orpen
Dr. iind Mm. Robt. M. Seott, Dr. D. F
f'arswill.  Dr.  W.  F.  Lambert, Dr. II
B. Hill.  Dr. T. R   Hall   Dr. and   Mrs
Al the annual meeting of the sub���   C, Iv Doherty. Dr. and Mrs. .lames Q
scribers to the Ramsey Cottage Hos- j McKay.. Pr. and Mrs. Fran'i P, Smith
pital  it   was  stated  that  the   endow . Mr   '   D. Kennedy, lir. and Mra. p. J
ment fund now amounts to ��22X8 17*1 Buller. Dr. and Mrs   Geo. B, Watson
'Jd.   The sum of ��581 li* Hd. part of i Dr. and Mrs.   \. A. K'ng. Dr. and Mr-
i legacy  from  the late  Major Bunas   0��0.   A.   Sutherland.  Dr. and   Mrs.   R,
ter, had heen received. I 1.   Ma-r.   Mayor  ard    Mrs.   John    A
ce, Alderman   and  Mrs.  A.   B.   Kei
ngton,    Alderman   aid    Mrs.   D.   S
I (.tir'is,,, Alderman   n'id    Mrs.   Walter
| lodd. Alderman and Mrs..A. E. Whit"
Mdrrman  nnd   Mrs.   F. J.   Lvnch,  Al
der-'an s^d Mrs. Joseph Henle��. Mr
mil Mr'. S. A. FVteh< r. Mr. and M"
WlUla-n  Patrhell.  Mr. n��d Mrs. S.   E
.r^Vo*'; M'��s S   F. Ar'"strf,f;:. Mr. f""'
Mrs. David Walke-. Mr ri   |lent��v. Mr
i Tid MrivV7, *l, L\"-'ry. Mr. ar,l Mr4
At  the annual conference cf Sodor I Marshal  Rlnciiir.  Mr. end  Mrs. J. J
and Man. Bishop Thompson Bpoke on I Jones.  Mr. and  Mrs.  p,  Peebles,   Mr.
tho duties and responsibilities of the   'ind   Mn.   H;   T.  Kirk.   Mr.   and   Mrs.
churchmansblp,    In   referring   to  the | Frank Broad. Mr. James Cunningham,
movement   tot  disestablishment   andj Mr. find Mrs. J. D. Taylor, M. P.; Mr.
dlsendowment,   hls   lordship   pointed iand Mrs. Thos. Gifford. M. I*. P.; Mr.
that the Nonconformist churches |nnd'"M*v  F.   J.   MacKenzie,   M.P.P.;
had their endowments, and If It i Mi*, 'and Mrs. J. I). Brymner, Mr. and
Mrs. John J. McRae. Reeve and Mrs. I Purvis,  Mr. and  Mrs. O. R. O. Con-
I I.  C.   MeFarlane. Reeve  ond   Mrs.  J. j woy, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Beck, Mr. and
! Mar*   Prove a* *\  Mrs.  Percy  II. Wll-   Mrs. R. II. Sperling, Sir Richard and
I son, Mayor ard Mrs. R.  F. Wadding- j Lady   McBride.  The  Hon.  W. J. and
n    ( i-   -f  -,r,(\   Mrs   J.   H.    Watson,
Chief and  Mra. G. T.  Bradshaw,  Mr
���d M's   I   W. U. niaclnnan, Mr. and
Mrs.   G.   K.   Corbould.   Mr.   and    Mrs
'.."v   l.-  ITdmondl;    Mr.    li,    Avory
White.   Colonel  nnd   Mrs.   A.   D,    Me
Rae.   Mr.  and   Mrs.   H.  SoHaaVe.    M*
���nd  lllr*   "'. E   Wnlih, Mr. and Mrs.
E. L. Buckley (I)  O. Lumber Co.), Mr
and Mrs. W. H. Glllev. Mr. *.*���*   M'S
'V    .1    Mit!ii--i   iBraekman-Kerl,  Mr.
nnd  Mrs. C.alhr.ilth.  Mr. and  Mrs.  E.
i   nneVn.  Mr   ai'd  Mrs. O. f'assad'
(Columbian   (VH Storage).    Mr    and
Mrs.  K.   J.   Fader,   Hit   Honor   Judge
and   Mrs.   I'ownv.   His   Honor    Judge
and   Mrs    W.   Norman   Bole  K.   C;
Mra. Bowser, The Hon. Wm. R. and
Mrs. Ross, The Hon. Mr. and Mm.
Price Ellison, The Hon. Mr. end Mrs.
Thos. Taylor, The Hon. Mr. and Mrs.
Dr. H. n. Young. Mr. J. W. and Mrs.
Cunningham (British Columbian). Mr.
and Mrs. D. S.Saunders (New��Adver
'Iser). Mr. It. H. Best I Province!. Mr
nnd Mrs. Robb Sutherland (Dally
i News) H. Hanson (World), Mr. Her-
h"rt Boothmnn (Sun). Sidney Malcolmson, Capt. McLean (Salvation
Army), Mrs. Wm. JohnBton, Mlss
Daisy Dawe, Mlss Annie Tldv. Mr.
and Mra. Fred Hill. Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Welsh. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rogerw
fFraser Mills.).
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, draft* ud letters^if credit
sold payable I* all part* of tbe world. Bavlng* tank department at
all branch**.
New Weatnuter Branch, Cor. 8th and Cul���*i* Street*
D. D. WILSON, Manager. '���
Hall Caine iB at work on   a etagc
version   of  his   latest   book,  "The
Woman  Thou   Caveat   Me"   (now  np
peering In Nash's Magazine), and he
has already  entered   Into  an   agree I,
nmnt  with  the  well-known  American'
I hfitr'cal    mana;erj,    Messrs.    Klaw
land   Erlanger,   for  Its  production   lr
Now   Yor'.i  in   tiio   autumn   of  next
was right to deprive the one it was
right to deprive the other. He suggested that It was not for the advant
Bge  n! Christian   work   and   progress
operate  them   on   business to cripple any part of tho church, and
Instead   of  handing   them  expressed    Biirprlse    that    Christian
Mrs. I.. A. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
McQiiarrle. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Pea��ce
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Duncan, Mr. and
Mrs. J. CuBnlnghnm Hrown, Mr. and
Mrs. James G. Hrvmner. Mr. and Mrs.
T. J. Trapp, Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith
The White House
No. 488-Elght roomed house, modern, on First *tr*et, close to
Hoyal avenue and Queans park; site ot lot tStltt. Price
ITM0.00; one-third ca.th, balance 6, 12, It and U months.
No. 485-New six roomed house on Oak etreet, modern. Price $3400;
$275 cash, balance $45 per month, Including Interact on loan.
No. 4S4���New live roomed Bungalow on Sixth street, hetween Dighth
and Tenth avenues; size of lot 50x150; all cleared, Cherry
trees.   Price $3800;  $700 cash, balance over 80 months,
Three roomed house cn Dublin Btreet; large lot, all cleared,
and all kinds of small fruits, chleken house and yard. Price
$1850; one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 montha.
No. 472���Six roomed house on Hamilton street, close to Sixth street
car line; large lot. Price $2860; $250 oaah, balance by the
No. 470���New six roomed house; flre place, furnace; lot Is aU cleared; cement floor In basement; olose to car. Price $3700;
$1000 cash, balance to arrange.
451 Columbia Street
PHONE 669 ���I WLWBaaa
. , ,���- \
* ,-"���
Will   Play   Burnaby  at  Week-End���
Mllltla Team Drops Out of City
The City Soccer league ls now composed of five teams only. At a meeting beld ln Ryall's store, the delegates
decided to drop the 104th Regiment
team from the rolls owing to the uncertainty of tbe mllltla men fielding
an eleven at schedule matches.
The protest of tbe Bankers agalnsl
Saturday's game being given to tne
City was held over for one week.
One game wlll be played Saturday
afternoon, the Bankers meeting Bur
naby at Sapperton Park.
Tbe financial students are by no
means disheartened at tlieir defeat Oy
the City and state that they are still
in tbe championship race.
tal City bunch are   likely   to inflict
another defeat on the champs.
However,'surprises occur In hockey
as ln other sport and the Royals,
with one game played, might slip one
over at that.
Basketball enthusiasts of the clt;
wlll be able to se tbe 135 pound chani
plons of B. C. In action on Friday evening tf this week at Cne Y.M.C.A
building. The Vancouver boys have
accepted a challenge from the West
minster Y's and will be over here In
full force.
A preliminary betwen the Senlo'
Kmployed Boys and the second Y.M
CA. quintette will be staged at r
An Indoor baseball game will be
played at the gym Saturday evening
between teams from the Seniors and
Sapperton Lacrosse Social.
Members and friends of the Sapperton Junior Lacrosse team held an enjoyable box social at Nelson hall on
Tuesday evening. Rev. Mr. Braden
acted as chairman while the auctioneer was Mr. John Digby.
P a
P        STRIKES  AND SPARES.        ���
������ ���
The ambitions of the Royal bowling
team  received a severe setback las>
evening when the Oram dies of Vancouver took two out of three games
. from them on the Front street alleys.
Steele featured for Westminster tak
ing bigh score with 209 and high to
tal for the Royals with 556.
" -Kirk, however, cafne through with
the goods, recording high score witb
216 and also high total with 664. Tli-
following are the scores:
Oranvilles:���       12       3     Ttl.
Milling   169    189    166���511
Grant    145   187   176���607
Kirk    159    189    216���661
���Chlsbolm   169   155   188���612
Meek    ��� 198    176   186���660
841 896 921���26S
Royals                    1 2 3     Ttl
Walsh ..'........ .180 15J 185��� 617
DUI    173 182 174��� 629
Mills     163 138 198���489
Sloan    136 149 170���454
.Steele    169 178 209���566
810 799 936���2545
In the House league series Lefty
Peterson's outfit made a clean sweep
with Ayrest's bunch, the latter not
having a ghost of a show nntll the
laBrtara��*Vhen dhly ten-nine separated-the scores.   The results:
Peterson:��� '1       2       3     Ttl.
Folherlngham    ...111    144    123���378
CORlan     165*151     154���470
Collings    114    154     99-867
Wegley  125    109    115���349
Lefty     186    138    104��� 42S
Hockey has become an exceptionally popular form of sport In Cleveland, thanks to the efforts of Manager Harry Shannon, tho enterprising
manager of the Elysium Rink. When
he first undertook to promote the
game here things looked discouraging, but he stuck to it, and through
his persistency and good judgment
he developed tbc -sport here until lt
became a money-maker last season.
It mny surprise some persons to
know that for some of the games last
winter tbere were aa many as 3700
paid admissions. This was going at
quite a clip, considering that a few
years ago a corporal's guard oould
not be got to attend a hockey match
ln Cleveland.���Cleveland Leader.
Something More Than Actual Muscle
Is Requirsd.
An Englishman who has been investigating the subject-��! boomerangs
in Australia and who has reported his
results and made exhibition throws
for King Oeorge says that by selecting a boomerang of suitable shape
and by knowing the knack of giving
it just the right twist the natives of
Queensland and New South Wales can
make them do things so startling that
they seem bewitched.
The boomerangs are usually made
from a limb or root of a tree that has
the proper crook, or sometimes they
arc made by heating a green stick in
the fire and then bending it. They
are worked to the desired shape by
scraping with flint instruments and
smoothing with bits of gloss. They
ore usually made rounding on one
side and flattish on the other. One
form of boomerang used iif war has a
hook at one end.
When this instrument is thrown at
an enemy he puts up his own boomerang to ward off the blow. This action causes the hook to catch on his
own boomerang and brings the
hooked weapon sideways in suoh a
way that it deals him a hard blow on
the side of tbe head almost in spite ol
anything he can do to parry it.
Making the boomerang perform a
figure eight in the air is comparatively a common feat and all sorts of
complicated figures ere produced, including a double eight. The test of a
sure thrower is to make the stick
come back obediently to his feet after
engaging in these, flights, so he will
only have to stoop to pick it up.
One very useful throw which is
often used by the natives in hunting
wild fowl and other small animals
consists in standing behind some barrier which cuts oil the view and then
hurling the instrument in a direction
away from the game so that it then
turns in its flight and goes straight
among them, wli>re it performs a
number of gy rat'ons and is pretty
sure to cause considerable carnace.
The boomerani is a rather ticklish
instrument to fool with, for unless s
person is acquainted with their ways
they are liable to turn in the air and
give someone a rap when least expected.  .
In throwing the instrument mon
knack than actual muicle is required,
though the movement must b�� raptf
and straight. It is thrown nt an angle
usually oif about 45 degrees in the air.
and just as it leaves the hand it is
given a slight upward jerk which im
parts to it a spinning motion. It ii
this spinning motion, like the curve
of a thrown baseball, that produce;
the eccentric resulta.     '
penny piece shouid be struck by the
mints aa a solution of the copper famine cauoed bj^ the act.
Take for instance, the weekly wage
of 30 shillings, which le a good average wage, for the British workman.
He formerly received a.gold sovereign
and a gold half-sovereign. Now ho
gets 29 shillings and 8 pence. This
has caused a great Increase in the
demand for copper, and now that the
Christmas trade is beginning, when
thousands of small articles are purchased, the trouble has become more
One objection raised is thst the suggested new coin wlll be very similar
in size to the six-penny piece and will
lead to confusion and mistakes but
the mint officials advocate the use ot
a coin with a lower percentage of silver than the ordinary silver coin. The
question will be raised in Parliament
���lumber Dramas Rafleet Symbolically \
Our Paat Experiences.
701 69�� eiin���J19-
Ayerst:���             1 2 3     Ttl.
Minnahan    162 104 129���39.'.
A.N. Other Ill 138 99- ������
Macleod  .......... 91 IM 157���369
���Sullivan    161 149 96���337
A. N. Other ..... .114 109 104- 327
639 621 683���1845
A Skilful Airman.
During t'..e last two y:ars Gusta\
Hsnrcl has built up a great reputatioi
as a daring   airman, and   he is ex
tremely popular with the public.
j    Mr. Oustav Hamel is part Erg'iis!
_.     . ,. ���   ,,   ,. .   �� I.and nart French.   It wi'.l b3 remem-
The dreoro ae It unrolls Itself before bere(i ^ ,���,     ��� he ������ debarrctv
tbe sleeper's consciousness ls an alio- Urom the circuit- r,f Britain's race it
sortcal or symbolic!!! expression of the, consequence of his having flown ovet
Ideas   wblcb   belong   to   his   thought j the spectators st Henley Regatta in r
Cupholdtrs Meet Victoria Tomorrow-*-
Improved Combination Will Bring
Royals Victory.
Por being the faiUst game In the
sporting world tow, the ethlotically
incline^ of Briti-.i Columbia bave to
take orr their hats to lee hockey. One
hears In thle city of the great plays
of lacrosse, acrosa the border ot a triple play in baaeball, but of the thous
ends of people who thronged tho Vanoouver Arena on Tuesday evening,
there are very few who did not go
homo exoept with the thought thai
the stars playing tbe Ice hockey garni,
out here on tbe coast furnish the bdsl
thrills tbat any person wlehea to see.
The few hundreds wbo journeyed to
the Tormina) -elty, who cheered tho
champions of 1911-12, were disappointed but not discouraged. Their
'team hu the making of a championship one and during the next two
weeks, they are liable ta aaa a complete change In the combination worn
of the Peterson cup holders.
That wm lacking Tuesday���combination. -:���'������'.���
Time and time again, the Vanoouver forwards would move down ths
rink In a body Md lt was only the
superhuman efforts of either one of
the WMtmlneter defence players or
Hugh Lehman, that aaved the net
from being tested. _,    .. ,���
The preaent team that Frank Patrick lead* le a fMt one Md no man
can deny that fwt It le far In the
lead of that otlaat season wr.-a they
gavo the Royals a olbse race at that.
However, wtth five of the champ^
ions back on the te��ra Md Charlie
Tobln and Eddie OatmM ehowtng the
speed, to be followed by *�������, *w*'
many hard fought games WUJ 'he
played before the Paterwm ��up disappears from the Fraeer river elty.
Winning the championship ��'��������*
eon nuii a trip to the east In we*t
of the Stanley cup and the player*
know what thet mea^i.   V    mmmmM
New Weetmlneter opens the m����
In Victoria tomorrow eyeutng with
the chance* favoring Vletons.	
Lester Patrick, like h��^�� **�����*���
Is  almuttwoweetartert^Ojrdw
ln the matter of prrtjle* aaStpaOst*'
world, wrltee tbe Rev. Samuel McComb, D. D.. In tbe Century. Why
sbould dream* take on an allegorical
drew} Why are tbjj not. Bj.a rul*
literal transference of event* and er
perlences from a waking state to
sleeping state?
Tb�� answer Is becnuse the normal
waking consciousness wblcb acta as a
kind of check upon painful or disagreeable thoughts and feelings relaxes
Ite activities during sleep and allows
tbeee thought* and feelings to pas* Into
consciousness, only, however, wben
their motives have been disguised under a hidden mass of symbolism.
If It were not ao. It dream* literally
reflected the conflict* and yearning* of
tbe. workaday world, tbey would eet up
sucb emotional excitement as would
arouae the weklng consciousness and
M make an Md of eleep; hence the
valuable reflection I* forced upon u*
that dream* fulfill tb�� Important function of preserving Sleep. Tbey are
, tbns mm to bMr vitally upon our
health and bapploesa.
Another Interesting question which
modern Inveattgatlou ha* been able t*
aasweiv h. Out of what materia)* are
drsenu constructed? Notblng can come
Into Mr dream* tbat ba* not entered
lato our past experiences. The thoughts
���f Ihe mental stole Immediately preceding sleep ar* hard to recover ef ter
ward, but wben tbey'are recovered
tbey are found to persist In our
dreetns. But we may go further lhan
tbt*. Tbet* I* nothing Incredible In tbe
Mppoeltloo tbat written, a* it were,
wtth Invisible Ink on our nervou* ey*
tome ere character* Inherited from out
meat dlstaut ant-eaten.
al ! MM
vpry daring manner. The case wa-
tuk n to law. but Mr. Hamel lost
and hnd to content himself with th'
role of spectator, whilst hia Jiangai
"" us decorated  wifl^crene to'^tgnnj'
e  disappointment ol   himself   am'
friends. *
Since that time Mr. Ham-'l hiu
aceomplishej many splendid cms?
oount'r'y flights, and carried off s��� v
er��l prizes. Borne of hi* fights accom
plisheii in a hieh wind have beer
sensati'jiiii! in the extreme. Quit)
r:cently, at Soutltport, he ascender
to a height of fi.000 feet wilh th^wifv'
blowing at thirty milea on hour. Hit
control of ibe monoplane is astonishing, and unlike some other aviators
he shows no signs of poss ssing r
swollen head, hut bears himself wit;
becoming modesty. Also, unlike th"
majority of aviators, he aeems able
to fly without th? aid of a cigarette.
Who Declares She Would Rather Plow
Than Qo to the Opers.
"The happiest girl in all the World I"
That is the distinction claim.-d by
Miss Jack May, a slender bit of femininity, who owns and operates a
farm in thc wilds of Canada. Not
many years ago Miss Msy, who is
the daughter of Admiral Msy, of the
British rovy, was a frilly, frothy
society belle, to whom tho theatre,
balls and card parties represented all
tha'. was worth living for. When the
Boer war broke out and, along with
scoras of other aristocratic young English women, she went io the ffont as
nurse, hsr eyes wero opened to the
smallness of the butterfly existence
she had been leading. Upon hers return home, she at once :en|ered the
Swanley Agricultural College at Kent,
and at ihe conclusion of lier' course
amazed her forni'-r fashionable friends
by becoming manager of a dairy farm.
After a time slid became wbrking
manager of another farm in Kent,
where she took active charge of aU.
the work, grain growing, vegetable
gardening, and live stock. She went'
di-cct from that farm to the Canadian
west, to a ranch of 320 acres near the
Canadian Pacific Railway, and now
all English society is interested in
watching her career. Not a man is
employed on Miss May's entire farm.
Her only companion and helper is a
Canadian girl of 18.
"Go back to society again? Not for
worlds," dedar:s this former London
favorite. "I would rather plow than
go to the opera. I would rather plant
corn than attend a pink tea and I
much pre'e.' currying my horses to
arraying myself in an evening gown.
What's a butterfly society life in damp
and foggy England compared to Teal
life in brig'it sunshine and bracing
cold?" Mis* May's success had made
her views bn agriculture much sought
after, especially among the English
Although this little English Woman
has   sacrificed conventional feminine
garb and has given   up   social   life
completely, she has lost none of the
charm that made   her   a   leader   in
British society circles.   Mer everyday
CQstume.consislAof stoutlesther boots.
and wKluSf" puHfcc��|tri��|g   brteches
of heavy blue  sctee,',.a'Shan's shirt,
and a short kMgki coat.' When ahe
desires to really "dress up" lor special
occasions, she wears a soft collar snd
tie, and a peasant smock of navy blue
denim, which comes to hrr knees and
is loosely belted   around   her   waist.
She is   delightfully   picturesque   and
her happy cureOjrc   laugh   is. a sure
enr* for the blue*:
"I love the freedom of the life and
the bigness of things here pn the
western prsirjes,'' she ssid, recently.
"In England one is bound hy conventions, as otle's lields are girt with
hedgi s. Here I can do ae I choose.
t would not go back to stay und.r any
"THE    ROSE    OF    PANAMA."
"The Rose of Panama," a Viennese
operetta by Helnrlch Berte, one of the
most prominent of European compos
ers, will be the offering at .the Opera
House next Wednesday, with Chap
lne, the dainty little French prima
donna, at the head of the large cast
of singers, the majority of whom
were members of the original company wben the opera received Its American premiere at Daly's Theatre.
New York, last season under tho
management of John Cort. . Mall orders are being received now., .
������mmarnm , 1 . , I |
Montreal, Dec. 11.���That the Montreal Herald, hitherto Liberal In Its
politics, has been purchased by Hon.
Robert Rogers is a rumor In circulation here and finds credence In usually well Informed circles. It is stated
further that the minister . of public
works Is backed by Sir Max Aitken
and D. Lorne McGlbbon.
If this story is correct and there
appears to be considerable ground
for believing it to be an explanation
of the Herald's attitude, on tbe Borden naval policy is afforded. The
Herald Is plaintively appealing for
the unanimous support of the measure by both parties in parliament.
Jewels Not Returned.
Dublin, Ireland. Dec. 11.���The Lord
Lieutenant of Ireland authorized today a denial of the report that tbe
Irish crown Jewels mysteriously
stolen from Dublin Castle in 1907 had
been replaced.
Shetland Wool.
A curious historical legend ie concerted with Shi Hand wood. Over SOO
years ago a man of war belonging to
the Spanish armada was wrecked on
one of tho island*. The siilors whi
escaped taught the nr.tives to ��nk*
brir ��� nt dyes .from rooti which they
found.-resembling those* us-.d "for like
purpose* in Spain. Those persons who
now wear bright Shetland knit comforters are unconsciously wearing m>-
inente* of the "invincible" armada.
���London Standard.
Are Money Gatherers Lunatic*?""'
There can be no doubt -hoi that *
majority of lunatics would lock up
sane persons. Sanity and insanity
Imply a point of *t\*a. For instance,
if a msn accumulated a million
sovereigns (without any ultimate object) people would say his wes thrifty,
but rathor "close-a��t*d." If, how-
ever, he bought tWehty thousand jugs
of cream <��!��o without Object), he
muM bs certified :SS a lunatic.���
T. P.'s Weakljf.
 mmi- "'a ������ ;, ���	
London, Deo. 11.���Bl��le Howey,
militant suffragette, wa* sentenced today to two months' Imprisonment for
turning In false alarms of flre lasl
Counsel representing the government descrlbd theTJelendant a* "one
present trying to terrorise London.'
Bid* Howey toi* the police magi*
trau the only wnr to whloh the gor
ornmMt aaaU *to�� the women was
to give them roton.
Itching Palm Oil.
"Palm oil." a synonym for "graft/
is n.t at all a novelty in this sense
IB 163 Middleton wrotjjh t/'palni
oil wiU make a puriiuya. t Frlent. ���'
Itoc slxt"en'.h ard sevfnteenthcentur-
its reveled in varieties" bl^c'my.jr
ptior. Greene speilts of rubbing palm*
with the "oile of- angels," e humorou-
allusion to the ccin named after th
angelic flgure stamped upon it, and
"oil of angels" seems to have been
quit* a common joke in England. Another writer hos a reference t-
"anointing" an ecclesiastic in the fist
"with Indian oyle." Both "MotnT
ing" and "greasing" were frequently
used to mean bribing, even without
special mention of the hand ae the
part greased.
Te Ours Snoring.
"At a banquet," said r.n editor, ���'l
���ince heard Jerome K. Jerome mike
v speech on snorir.g. I remember fiat
t ended with theee words: 'To cure
snoring it is advised thst a piece pi
ioa.p be dropped into the month of
he enorer. Tlie oil in the soap wil:
ubricato the pharynx end other Latin
arte of the throat. Thle remedy mu t
be applied with caution; otherwise
he snorer wi'.l srise and lubrica e (he
loor with the person who dropped in
theApaR'.,",,  .....    ',..,,
���Goes Either Way.
A machine operable from either
-nd. Uke a street okr, h"�� *eM evol*
Pi* England, end it fs probable that
���he first ear will taake its appearance
n London Streets in a short time.
The 'bu* is steerable from either end,
nnd when it is {���esircd to prooeed in
the reverse dinfetimi. it is tniy necessary for the driver Md eondueurf
to change places.
Cwxlng the Molsrmen.
. OHerinj ptises to It* motormen for
the most effective operation of care
by m English compMy has result*!
in a Miring of 85 per oent. of the cue-
rent.   . . ��� ;   . ���
Oould They'���***It Th*t��
A dummy village wm recently emi*
ed to England as a target tor markt-
men of lhe English wmy.
Special���The Greatest Event of
the day.
ln Two Reels.
Vitagraph. *
O.  Melies
A Comedy of Errant Affection.
Pathe Special Comedy
Come Early and Have a Good
ft janarnt w
AL. W. OILLIB.jnaaager.
Canada'a Governor-General Made Col-
^ oneMn-Chlef of Indian Corps.
London, Dec., 11.���The Duke of
Connaught bas been appointed Col-
onel-ln-chlef of the supply transport
corps or the Indian army.
Possibly some significance regard-
ng the future movements or his Royal
Highness attache* to this appointment, which has always been regarded a* one of the moat onerous as,well
is the most valued position* In con-
-lection with, the Ind'an establish
New InMrance Act Creatoe Need fer
fight-Penny Piece.
London, Deo. 11���One of th* direct
result* or the iMuraime Art I*  tho
MMMthm w*h��**d s$mt Vr ism
employer* of tohor, amt an sight*
... ���
II   lliTii l���
3 Never Sen lef Mre r\
-PHOTO ��� fljBjJtf
,    .'      ,**������-
*  *     .    '*���
i]f. pu* ' :
i; X    ������
*l   it ������>,
���*:iu   -iH    ���"���
.'.is...nMSBT KND BRANCH, 65a
*^.*ri*um ��fc'.
v W$ age offering you a splendid fejj?{t>f
Malt Vinegar
direct from ENGLAND in pini |op?
At the Nominal Price of lOe
. ��� i '..''���         .'.'   .  *   ',"      .     -' ,.'i i oi'."''..
Don't forget that ^ also carry a complete
PEEL, SPIGES, as well as BOHjSi^ftd
SPARKMN& CIDER for your Cfefefrnas
rURNISHED HfiUSf assess -ia
bathroom, all' modem conveniences.   Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
CTADF on Begbie Street, near Columbia Street, size
JlUIlL 20 ft by 66 ft   Possession about December
lst    Will leaae.       For ruU particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street, New Westminster.
House Wanted
I bate a clu.nl who will buy a new modern flve or six roomed bungalow, situated went of Eighth atreet, that a small cash payment will
liaLole, and balance arranged on month.y payments. WHAT HAVE
Phone 927.    Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Weetmlneter B. C.
Only twelve more buying
days before Christmas,
Christmas shopping has
started in earnest. If you
cannot make up your miirid
what to give come to us
and let us offer some suggestions.   A few are:
Christmas Special Suit $25
House Coat $4.50 up to $15
Knitted Vests $3.75 up to $6    -
Umbrellas $1.5o up*to $5
Sox and Tie to match $150, $2
Collar .Bags $1 to $250
And many other useful articles, which we co1^^11"
invite you to inspect.
AS MillsStCoi
ihe \aunfjt-r Vin   16 to 60: A'
Extra Special for Friday and Saturday on Fit-Rite Suits
Our regular $20.00, $22.50 and $25.00  tf* 1 Q C/\
Suits.   Extra Special for Friday and Saturday   *P X OiuU
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Our regular $37.50 Suit.   Extra Special
for Friday and Saturday
We offer tkese Special Values to introduce our Fit-Rite Clotking, knowing that if  you   once   wear  a Fite-Rite suit you will always d
customer.    Clothing fcought kere will le kept pressed ty a competent tailor FREE OF CHARGE.
e a
What are you going to give your Father, Son or Brother for a Christmas Gift ?  Be practical this year,
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American Neckwear, Viking and Robin Hood Underwear.
lh,m,ckEv1R1cHARDSoN Richardson Sl Humphries
Methodists,   Presbyterians   snd   Con-
Cregatlonall'sts  Represented at
Meeting  m  Toronto
Toronto, Dec. 11.��� Church union
took a great step forward today when
a joint committee of the Methodists,
l'resbyterian and Congregatlonallsts
met jl Uo Wesley BcilCing, Rev. J.
A Abkm, pTcrtoitg Mnong thos?.
proyii. v.tM   [{tv   'ir. Somtnervllla,
Ui'V.   I'i    Hn;li.J    rev.    Mr.   Day   and
11.>T. .' um i I' ti'oy,
The committee decided to proceed
in the direction of church union by
taking over as requested hy tht'in, the
oversight of the uniting churches.
These will form tbe nucleus ol the
united church In the .Methodist. Presbyterian and Oongregational denominations in Canada. TL�� committee received a requesl from the loeal union
churches of the Western Province
whicli has held a representative meeting nt Keglna. Tha action there and
at the committee meeting today Is regarded  as  portending   the   early  or-
. ganlc union of the three churches in
the Western Provinces.
Tomorrow will he a ctitical day in
the. history of the Canadian Presbyterian Church. Reports from all part-)
of the Dominion forming the general
assembly's committee on church union
will spend the uay endeavoring to so
amend the "basis of union" that th =
one-third, opposed to organic union
will waive their opposition.and send
union representatives to the next general assembly.
London. Dec. 11.���Tho Fabian society, an organization whose aim is to
propa"gMc socialist Ideas among th ���
middle and upper classes, has added
to its membership roll the name of
Earl Russell, tlte first member of the
Mouse of Ixirds to become a Socialist.
George Uernard Shaw is a prominent
Fabian and H. O. Wells, the novelist,
did much to extend the society's' operations, but haa now withdrawn from
tt.'- ���
Earl Russell explains thc step he
has taken by saying he ls In general
agreement with the Socialist Idea of
placing the control of industry and
the means of production ln the hand i
of the community, and he attaches
special Importance to the nationaliza
tlon of land.
Ixird Russell is the great grandson
of the Duke of lietlftird and grandson
of Ixird John Russell, who was prime
minister for several yeara.
Three   Woodchoppers    Under   Arrest
In  Newark for Attempting Black-
hand   Tactics,  '
Newark, N. J��� Dec. 11���With the
ains' it three woodchuppu.s ������*:���
C.t|��d uf writ.ng a letter to Preside i-
elect Woodrow Wilson threatening
him with death unless he paid them
$51101), tlie authorities hero tcday expect the trio to confess the ile.iails of
their plot before being araigned Monday.
The men under arrest are Jacob
Dunn, 86, known as "Nig;" Warren
Dunn, 32, brother of Jacob, known aa
"Pete," and Seeley Davenport, 28,
known as "Snake." They were all living in huts at Ford Mine, an Iron ore
milling settlement.   ��
Attorneys declare that the principal
evidence against the men cannot be
used. Thla evidence consists of letters written hy the men since their
arrest, containing the same mistakes
In spelling, and the same character
istlcs aa the threatening letters. The
federal law bars such writing frcm
being Introduced aa evidence.
lt la reported that one of the Dunn
brothers made incriminating state
menta, but thia is not confirmed.
It la developed today that PreBident-
leet Wilson started for Bermuda
earlier than he had planned owing to
tfase letters. Ills family urged him to
go, it Is aaid, while the aecret aervlce
agents were probing tlie matter.
Thje prisoners inslBt that they are
good Democrats and that they are innocent. Jacob Dunn also denies thai
ho.tried to strike one of the secr?i
service men with an axe.
j electioneering  manoeuvre   which   bats {J
left a diaagreeuble stigma on Amerl    |
l can good faith." /
The paper addr that It feela certain ;
that    the   administration    will    now i
j hurry lo remove the stigma.    ,
Message cf Sir  Edward-.Crey to   the
United   States.
-Loudon,      Dec.    11.���The      llndon
morning  papers  pral3e   the   lucid.ty
and firmness with which Sir Edward
Grey preaenta the- Panama Canal ca9e
and express the hope that the United
States will recognize the reasonableness of the demand that the case will
be submitted to arbitration.
The Dally NewB says:
"The celebration   of a century   of
\ peace by such   a solution will   be a
pleasant incident."
|    The Morning Post   cannot   under-
' stand the delay In presenting the Brit
j lsh protest, but admits that the For-
, eign Ofiice has done Its work In very
. effective    fashion.     It     adds:   "Thi
Washington gbvernment will make a
grave mistake if it Imagines that 111
i auch a matter (froat llritaln will suf
fer hei-Belf to bo overridden.'
I'   The     Dally     Graphic     remarks:
' "President  Tail's case  Is clearly  an
��� ���
��� OUR    FOET'S   CORNER.        ���
��� . ���
��� ��������������������������������������������
When the fog hangs on the river, cutting bff the pilot's view;
When the trees are all a quiver with
the heavy, dripping dew;
When the lights arc blurred and misty
all along'-the North Arm shore.
And the channel vasuc and twisty as
lt never seemed before,
All the pilots on the river climb upon
their vessel's prow
So that they may sniff the cdor ot
the city garbage scow.
The friendly shore may vanish   ln a
bank of chilly mist;
The pilot may talk Spanish and the
�����      captain shake his fist;    *
The lights may fade and flicker and
the  foghorn's  hoot  may  fail���
Tho fog grow thick and thicker and
the compass chase Its tall.
But cne unfailing sign   of port   will
cross the vessel'a prow���
And tho pilots bless the Oder  of tho
city garbage scow.
���BILL MAIDEN, Canada.
33 Hoars to Prince Rupert
41 Hoars ta Hazelton
Connecting with Q. T. P. Railway  for points East;  also with  S.S.
"Prince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bl-woekly.
8ATUR0AY (12 Midnight) for VICTORIA AND 8BATTLE.
S.S. "I'RINCE ALBERT' for Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
Hth and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations 'and to Europe.
. H. O. SMITH, C  P. A T. A. V. B. DUPPROW, O. A. P. U.
Phono Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     827 Granville Street.
The New Royal Columbian Hospital ths Corner Stone of Which Wai Laid by Hon. Dr. H. F. Ytvnj, M. D., Yesterday.
he hospital is being corotruc.cd In two lHkUohb.   That on tho left half of the above e levation is being built at present nnd contains the corner  stone  laid yesterday.    The  frum��
chetl the two storey level.    The ground to bs occupied by the section on the right is the site whe.-e Ue present hospital Btands.   The whole front when  completed will  present  tho
the letter "E" being arranged ln a series of projections In order to secure as much liglit its possible. The projections occur boneath the third veuuiator shown ou die roof trom
nd and at the main cntranc?.
Do It Today
Send in your order for
YOUR Christmas advertising
in THE NEWS today; you
may be losing a lot of
good business by delaying.
Those who are .using
THE NEWS are well satisfied with the results secured; you will be, too.
Call 999 and our ad. man will call on you.
iUtor* THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1912.
| An Ingenious f
Who Laid a Pretty Plan j
Edward Dingier returned from tbe
icily to bis born* much distressed.
Throwing himself into a chair, ba covered bis face wltb bis bands aod
"Wby, Edward." aiclalmed bia wife,
"what's tbe matterr
"Tbe rascals bare got me In a hole.
I am liable at auy moment to bo arrested and tried. I shall certainly be
convicted, fbr theso men who har*
been using ma as a catspaw havo arranged to throw tbe whole blame upon
"And yet they bovs made money
through you."
"Ves. I am tba only hcuest ons In
-the lot, the only ono who has gslned
nothing by tba transaction, aud yet 1
. bi oavk ins clibr a r*r%k0* mibsbd
TO COKTAtx lsou.
must serve n term In prison for a crime
they bnve committed and by wblcb
tbey have lm-onie rich."
"You must oot go to prison. It would
kill you and mo too."
"Whut can 1 doT"
"How much tlmo have your
"I um liable to bo arrested suy lime
after a warrant can ba provured-per.
hapb tomorrow."
"Well, we must lay a plan and do It
at once.   Yon must disappear."
"What would Ibat avail? I shall be
tracked aod tnktsi. And until I am
takeu I shall ilva under a suspense
] more dreadful tbaa prison."
"Yon must die."
"Wbat do you meeaf
"You must be murdered"
"Kor besveu's saie! la tbla a tlmo to
'talk nonsenseI" <
"Tbey will not follow a dead man."
Dingley looked at bia wlf* Inquiring
-iy. Bbo seemed to bo thinking ana
-thinking bard, ludesd. abo was nm
heeding what ho said, ao absorbed was
abe lu ber own iheugbla. I'reoeutly sbt
-turued to blm and said:
-Leave ine. I moat think ont a way
*y whicb you eaa evade tbeoo men whe
have ruined you. Usvs yoa any money
In tha bosser
"Yea. Thinking tbat I might ������
away. I brought boon 91.000 In bllla"
"Oood. I didn't think yoo could be sol
thought ral Edward, yoo. are a greet
fool, tbtktod of foot to believe thai
all pernios at* aa boneat aa yoamelt
But turfe fool* aro Tory lovable, and
1 love you. Mow pa, and when I am
ready for yoo I wtll rail you."
She kissed blm and bit bin lo lh* tuat
at tbt stairs. He went nn to bts room,
and sbe began ta well; tba doer, es
en-Mug her luvriulvr facilities to tb*
fullest extent. Two hours later sh*
called hlm aod unfolded a plan eh*
bad formed by wblcb be might esrtpt
from tbe lolts lu which .he bad boon
Tbe Bret snow of winter was falling
when ono evening a man wtlbost hag
Cage alighted (rum a Rain not far from
the village of I* and walked to a hotoi
Tho clerk turned tbo register toward
blm aod handed him ��� pm. with which
he wrote his nam*. Kdwanl P. IHnglpy
Then he was shown ��� room. II* ro
turned to object lo It nt wae shown
Mtersl oilier* before bt wae sstMtol.
nl list chawing ont on lh* third Door
liefnre retiring bt gave lb* clerk a
purksgt marked to contain WMMI, wblcb
ha dvelred blm lo place lu hla taft.
"Po yoo wt that young man sitting
over there smoking a clgarefter ht
asked tb* dtrk.
"Tht OM Ib tht checkerboard snltr
"Well, what of blmT *
"When dht he i*ih* Ih*^T
"Aboul an hum attst yon dhl."
Dingley eyed IIh* msn In th* check
erhonrd suit susirtelflnsl.tr.
"What's the njnltar with blmr ask
ed the elcrk. ������ '.
"I'll ti'l yon." replied Dingley tn ��
low voice, "TJils iiftenioou I -drew II.-
<**> from the -th Rank In a thHt
young fellow wan In tbt Un* before the
fitytug tellert window and presehted
n check Just hefort I presented mint.
Then ht stood atMt from the lint,
'minting the Mils ht had drawn, bat 1
noticed bt ktpi oot at* on mo and
J. P. Morgan's Christmas Olft
New York, Doc. 11.���A booklet ot
photos In colon of tbo art treasures
in J. Pierpont Morgan's library WIU
be the financier's Chrlstmaa gift to
his personal friends tills year.
tbt money I drew. After leaving tbt
t>��nk I looked back and aaw him not
far behind me. I saw blm again on
tbt tnttn coming here. 1 wonder what
interest be can have to me."
"His appearing to follow you Is probably tbe result of coincidence. Bo Is
a traveling msn from a well known
bouse���nt least be lold me so-atid bus
wltb him a large truok made especially
for samples."
"Well, I've given you all the money
I bave wltb me. I think It Is always
best when stopping at a hotel to deposit valuables In the safe. Then It can't
bt stolen." ,
With tbat Hr. Dingley bade tbe clerk
good nlgbt and went upstairs to bed.
The next morning about 10 o'clock
the chambermaid announced at tbe office that, bavlng knocked at tbo door
ef one of tbt rooms. No. 821, sbe had
received no reply and, opening the door
'with a pass key, had entered It, found
It empty and blood on the bedclothes,
which were much tumbled. Tbe clerk
remembered tbst No. 821 bad been assigned to Itr. Dingley. Ue went at
once to tbe room and found tbe condition as stated by tbe maid. '
Remembering bis conversation with
Dingley oo Ibe previous evening concerning lbe commercial traveler In the
checkerboard suit bo also recollected
thst the man bad paid his bill at tt
o'clock In the morning and tsken a
train leaving at 7. Referring to the
register, tbe clerk -found the drummer's name to be Rut-ton end at once
telegraphed tbe firm be claimed to represent inquiring concerning' him. A
reply was received that no sucb man
was In their employ.
Meanwhile tbe clerk questioned tbt
hotel porter, wbo lold blm tbst wben
be carried In Ibe supposed drummer's
trunk he bnd remarked on accepting s
tip that' It was very light, whereupon
be hnd lieen told by the owner tbnt It
contained samples nf laces. But be
noticed Ihnt on ��irrylng the trunk'out
In the morning its weight bad been
considerably Increased. Tbe clerk naked how much It hnd been Increased,
but Ihe porter could form no Idea of
tbe additional weight
The proprietor of the hotel, having
received enough Information concerning the ense to warrant a grave suspicion thnt a murder bad been com
mitted In his house, reported tbe mntter to the pollce.
An Inspector came at once nnd was
shown to No. 321. Taking tiwny tt
sheet tbst bad blood stnlos on It. he
submitted tt to a test wbleh Indl
rated tbst It hnd been shed liy a human being. With the other facta In
the can* It was plain to tbe police that
Dingley hnd been observed to draw a
goodly sum front the bank, had lieen
followed ,and murdered, tbe murder
bavlng been committed possibly In
self defense while tbe thief was trying to steal the money. Tbe murderer bnd brought the trunk In order to
pass htmmelf off for a commercial traveler and bad used It for the purpose
of removing the body.
Meanwhile before the murder was
published a warrant was sworn out
for Dingley** arreat, and an officer
went to bb) housa to aerve IL II*
found ther* Mrs. Dingley. wbo told
hlm that ber husband hnd not returned to his home as usual the evening
before and sh* did not know wbere
It* bud gone. Ho was to bav* brought
bom* cposlderabl* money, whicb be
told ber be waa to us* In making oer
tain payments. Hbe feareu that he
bad met wltb foul play.
When tbt murder at L. wna pub
lished II was' snppum-d that In order tn
avoid  arjvwt  Dingley  bad absconded
sad Ihat tb* murder story waa a fake
to sav.* bis flight   Hut gradually th*
fact of Ms having drawn a sum ��r
money from tbt bank, which he had
left Ib tbt possession of tbt landlord
���f tb* bottt, and tbt other rlrcura
states*  attending  (he   murder  fame
tut  and  tbt opinion  gained  ground
Ibat he had rsally been murdered and
bis kndy carried out In Hie kiipim*-*
���tmmerrlal   traveler'*  Ssiupl*  trunk
aud tbt *plnl*�� tf tban* wbo held thai
ht  bsd   taken  so  mucb  trouble  to
-fnk��*   his  demist  was   pronounced
rtdkalmis.    Al  any   rat*,  lh* police
sptnl  mucb Mm* In endeavoring !������
Hnd bia murderer. Snd no effort wa*
mads t* Bnd Dingley hliiinelf.    Mra
Dingley put on mounting for tor but
bond, wblcb wa* tvhtomv thai she Im>
Htvtd hint dead.
Tb* wblow took np tb* charge*
���gainst bor husband snd *|wnl much
Hm* In unraveling Ihe coimplmcj |
tbrough which be had suffered IHng
tor's removal rendered this easier than
K wonld hav* been bad bt been pre*
not Little by little th* energetic lsd��
laid hart tbt rascality of tbe conspire
tors till st lest thty wtro obliged lo
raturn tbeir III gotten gains, snd ll
torhtonlslly csme out tbst Dingley
was an Innocent man. Tben ont dny
br diwv* np to hbi own hou** In s rub.
and bt and hla, wlfo wero soon lorktd
m ��� loving emlimce.
Then tbt method by which It wa*
asd* to app*or that Dingley bnd been
murdered was ciplalord.
Mra. Dlngttf bad prrsohntod tbt
young man. In the rbarkerhnard snlt
wearing slso a false brown heard.
Rhe hnd ntvrr hern seen at tbt hotel
without s hsi tinder which sbt bsd
lucked her hslr. The trunk hsd hern
nesrly empty when Is ken tn brr mom
at the hotel. Sh* bnd herself carried
s snlt esse. In whlj-b were a number of
heavy articles, which had been Iran*
ferred to tbt'trunk before ft wss carried Ant. Dingley bnd with him a
sharp knife, with which he nisdr ���
gush In Ills *t-ta ��hnt bnd produced a
plentiful supply of blood and smeared
tbo sheets. Ho bsd refused tht mom*
offered him till bt found one from
which esctpt would sppenr difficult
but from which, by tbt aid of a short
rope ht carried In his pocket, ht could
swing himself oa to on "V of tho
NEWPORT, no anlmwlty S
Shsll touch my pen wtth tir*.
Though some with brut* ferocity
Hsv* slandered yeu for hlr*.
No gslttng word I'll rale*, wlthsl.
To roime your duke* or flunkie*. ,
Tour dinners I will praise, wlthaL
And never mention m���I <
Though yellow iournsls rail at yoa
And damn you a* exclusive.
Why should I wield the Hall at yoa
Midst epigrams abusive?
Leet gossip's tooth embarrass you      i
Like some root gnawing gopher,
I won't bring up your heireaa who
Preferred to wed a ch���.
Tour folke lead lives bucollcal.
Each In his humble cottsge.
Where Esau (term symbolical)
Dines on his mess of pottage.
They drlnkT Oh, well, perhaps a bit
To brace them for life's scramble
They "brldger  No doubt they play a bit
But I'm sure they never s���.
In fact, the pen of libel writes
Too oft ln mean aspersion. ,
LH Newport have bor tribal rights
And Innocent diversion.
Let threadbare nobles tarry ther*      .
Uk* dronea among the honey. '
I don't |tnow why they marry there.
But I'm sur* H's not for m���.
Behind th* Footlights.
A local stock actor wbo Is thoroughly convinced of the vludlctlveness of
women tells this tule In supiwrt of bis
"1 bad a woman enemy once. She
was leading womau In the company
when I was lending mnn. Oo tbe stage
we were always lovers, but off the
stage we didn't speak. I bsd s scene
wllb her where I was obliged to fold
ber In a food embrace. 1 wore a frock
coat and a lovely light satin cravat In
tbls scene. Aud what did she do? She
rubbed her grease paint makeup
against that He every lime. I had ta
buy a new tie for every performance.
"After a week of this another womnn In the company told me wbnt to
do. Tlie next time my lndy rubbed ber
damask cheek ngniust my manly pud
sbe got a joyous surprise, tier fnce
looked like a road map."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
SS.     a.     .............     .....a.     a
A Poor Way to Shew It *
Many a man wbo claims that  *
he bas horse sense puts In most  a
of his time kicking like a steer.   *
���Chicago llecord-Hernld. *
Tasmanlan Apples.
Fruit growing iu Tanmania is said
n be steadily expanding. It will not
be loin; before wm* are 30,000 apple
'.rchurds in the island and if this ares
���m!y averages a yield of 100 bushels
to the acre the result will be 3,000,000
bushels annually. The total acreage
producing in the season just ended
was 20.412, and the yield wus 1,348,000
bushels of apples. This year has been
i record. Twenty-one great mail
steaVticra have made the "apple trip"
before starting home tor London. The
total oversea export was over M5.0C0
mwM of apples.
A Slight Mistake.
She was a little woman, and the bad
entered a department store In a suburban town, itbe walked up to a big,
Important looking man near ths door
and said:
"I want to see torn* of yonr hangings."
"Sorry, ma'am," said tbe big fellow,
wltb a Smile, "but we ars not going to
hnve any today."
"None today} Why, what do yon
meant   Aren't you Ihe floorwalker?"
"No, ma'sm; I'm tbo sheriff, snd
I'm glad to say there's nobody to b*
banged today."-Yookers Statesman.
Tennyson Embarrassed.
Crest crises affect people differently
With some the hnir. turns wblle, with
other* emotion expresses Itself In In
consequent speech. Tennyson when be
Ural met Frederick Robertson, whom
he much admired snd who be knew
admired bb poems, was so nervous
thai he could talk lo the "mucb beloved
priest" of nothing but beer.
Maternal Pride.
First Young Wife���The photognrtihef
said my baby teh* Hie prettiest bnby
he'd ever seen. Second Young Wife���
That's strange! He ssld tbe sam*
thing nlioiit mine. FlrHt'Yuiiiig Wife-
Well, I suppose he saw your baby before he ssw mine.
The Wsy to Win.
A houi ihe onlj- way to get things
coming  your   way  Is  t   long  bsttlt
sirslnst their going ths otber way.���
Atchison Globe.
A bite of this snd a taite of that all day
Ion;, dulls Ihe appetite sad weakens th*
Restore your stomach lo healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
alter each meal���and cut out the 'piecing'.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends fer sufferers irom
Indigestion aad dyspepsia. SOo. * Bex
at yeur Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. ef
Canada, Limited.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waten
Manufactured by
telephone R IIS. Offlee: Princess St
Accorded Full Title,
One of tbe Kew York representatives
In congress tells of a social function in
an assembly district pollllcnl club on
tbe oust side whereat the chairman ol
the entertainment committee acted ai
master of ceremonies.
Tbo chairman was very, busy Introducing the newly arrived menUiers ol
the club to the guests, whn included a
number of municipal o*ft'-ers. Tbe rep.
rettentatlve mentioned was presented
In a way to halve hls official honors
with Ills wife. Its "the linn, and
Mrs. Congreeamnn lllank." Nest eame
a couple who were not known to tbt
master of ceremonies, but nfter receiv
lng the correct name in a whisper bt
announced: ^^^^~
"Sir. nml Mrs. Inspector of Hydrants
fatu-ets nnd Shop Works Casey.*��� Lip-
plncult's Magaxlue.
To live long 11 la necessary to Ut*
The fellow Who really expects to get
tbe worst of It Is generally so well
prepared that be doesn't
Some men are so grouchy that tbey
really seem to hate to see anyone draw
bis breath.
A first class pessimist takes It as a
personal Injury It sny ont has any
good humor on tap.
The smaller a girl's foot Is tbe mors
Interest sbe takes in stylish footwear.
It often costs a lot of money to learn
sum* things you don't wnnt to know.
Moss* men sre always contrary, he-
cam* It 1s tbt only way they know
to call attention to themselves.
Transfer Co.
Office Phono 186.      Barn Phone 137
Btgblt Strttt
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
tight and Heavy Hauling
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, tte,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect- Pit and Workman-
ahllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
A Thoughtful Son-In-law.
Collsgs Msn Sentenced.
Baldwin, Mich, Doo. 11.���O. M.Auer-
back of Chicago, 1909 Princeton graduate, sentenced to life Imprisonment
for Ow murdar ol his employer, Harry
Fisher, today Is confident ol securing
a ne* trial. l^^T
Arrival? Closing
W: 50���Vancouver vta Q. N. R.
11:45���Burnaby LakO  aad  Van*
couver via B. C. E. R.... 7:41
1��: 45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ,14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday).11:16
11:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. B. R.
(dally except Snnday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).2v: 10
10:00���Port Mann (dally except
Bunday) ��:45
1:40���Victoria via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11 Jt
10:80���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday aad
Saturday, and leaves
Moaday, Wednesday
and Priday  .13:13
10:50���Victoria ria O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:11
18:00���Bdmends and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)  MlM
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   aad
Priday)  14:0*
18:10���Abbotatord. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally oxoept Son-
day)   7:11
i5:15���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine (dally oxcopt
Sunday) 1:45
It: 11���United States via Q. N. R.
(dally exeaox Suaday)..11:00
it:lt���Hall's Pralrle, Van Ridge
ahd Hhslemere (daily
except Sunday) 1:45
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
MlUs dally except
Sunday)  7:15
11:50���All points east and Kurope (dally) 1-.ll
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills    (dally     except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe (dally)   ..|13:ld
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally  except
Sunday) 7:15
12:00���Centra) Park, MeKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
tO: 00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Weetham Island, Ban-
Villa  11:15
13:00���East burnaby   (dally ex- .
cept Sunday)  11:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueeday and
Priday)  11:10
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill ria
B. 0. K. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Priday       9:00
11:20-CMlllwnek,   Milner.   Mt
LetaM. Aldergrove. OV
tot,  Bhortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle.
Strawberry Hill, Booth
Westminster,       Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   sardis,   Sperling   Station,
Dennison Station, Bradner,   Belierose, ria B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:90
10. oo���Anal* vill*
naierillo and gsabnry
(daily exoept Seaiy).11:15
14:�����Vanoouver. Piper's Siding via 0. N. B.
(dally oxoept Suaday)..14:29
7:10-Unlted State* via O. N. B.
(dally ��ceei* Sudor).. t.4t
20:40-ChUllwack ria B. 07>. R.
(dally oxoept fluaiay). 17:10
11:10���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday aad flat-
day  14:9*
11:20���Cloverdale and Fort Kells
ria O. N. R. (dally oxcopt Suaday) 14:00
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon.
ria B. C. B. R. (dally
exceot Sunday) 17:10
10:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally exoept Sanday).17:10
8:00���Praser   Arm    aad    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....21:99
COAL MINING rights of tho Dominion lo Maattoba. Saskatchewan aad
Alberta, the Tukoa Territory, tho
Northwest Territories sad la a portion ot the province of British Colombia, may be leaaed tor a term of twenty-one yeara at aa annual rental ot
11 aa acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be loosed to one applicant
Application for a lease must bo
made by the applicant ta person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for aro
In surveyed territory the land most
be described by sections, er legal subdivisions of sections, arid ln unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application most be accompanied by a fee of 15 which wlll be
refunded if the rights applied for ara
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of tive oenta per ten.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Ageat with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the cool mining
righto are not being operated sucb returns sbould be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will bo
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may he considered
necessary tor the working ot the mine
at the rate et 110 an acre.
For tall Information application
should be made to the Secretary ut
the Department of th* laterio*, Ottawa: or to any Agent or Bub-Agent of
Dominion Landa.
Deputy Minister* ot the Interior.
N. B���Unauthorised publication of
this adverUoemeat a Ul aot be paid
For Excellence In  Shaving,  Haircut
ting and Shampooing give the
31  Eighth  St.    David  Boyle,  Prop,
i trial.    Feur skilled workmen.    Our |
system of treating the aealp for dandruff and falling hair cannot be im
proved upon.   Try It
Pace Massaging a specialty.
"Aren't you afraid I'll be drowned V
"Oit, yon see, I have s buoy to put
nrouud you In case of dangcrl"���1'els
Uele. - _^
A Wrecked Romance.
"I wns vsry happy," said tb* pro
tensor, "when, after yesrs of wooing,
she finally sold 'Yes.'"     .
"Hut why dltl you break the engagement so soon after?" asked his friend.
"Man, It was she that dissolved ll."
"Ileslly)" said the friend. "Uow did
thst baiMieut"
"It wss duo to my accursed aliseut-
iiilinlednesa. When s few 'days lutes
I railed st her home I again asked but
lo marry me."���Youth's Companion.
..........   .............   j.   .
! "We Walk." - 3
Every time a uew dance Is In-
: vented plain pedestrlanlem
! seems more dlgnlhed sod ile-
;. slrabto-Wsshlngton Star.
Too Espenslvs.
Two little sisters who were taken ta
see "Othello" wore much toipttsssed bp
-the death scene: "I wonder If tbef
kill a lady every ulgfatr gakl Cue*.
"Why, of course not, Licy," ssld her
sister. "They Just pretend ta It wnnM
ho altogether too ex pensive to reolij
kill a lady every night"-Wasp.
Net St Perileh.
"Ton giro all yonr money to
wlfel Bah! Tea haven't modi
"Oh. 1 don't know. I think Pm to
proving. 1 gave lt to tno bookmakers
for yeais."-tonUrille OonrierJooraal
Railway Magnate's Wife Dead.
St Catharines, Ont, Dec. 11.���Mrs.
IL P. Setxas, wife of the jeneral manager of the Niagara, St. Catharines ft
Toronto Railway died Monday night
while visiting her parents In CMosgO.
Perry, Feasor River.
la accordance with chapter 86, R. &
S. O. MIL "Perries Aot" the Govern ���
stent of British Columbia Invite ap-
���Uutiona for s charter lor a terry to
sly oa the Praser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis 10
land, and Coquitlam.
Applies tions will he received by, tht
Hen. Minister ot Public Works ap tc
12 o'clock noon of Monday, the 9tb
Qeaes.ber. 1912.
The oharter will cover a period os
.irini en list March, 1914.
Au;>Ucant* shall give a description
>f the'vessel It Is propossd to use, tht'
neibod of operation, and the vests!
|. si.st conform fn sli respects to the re
lulremsots ot tha "Canada Shlpptaf
tet" and amending Aet
Appllosnts shsll stata the tolls the;
propose to ask for���
Foot passengers (adults), eaoh.
. Foot   passengers,   children
thirteen years.
Passenger with, saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse aad boggy.
Driver wltb two horses and
taded or unloaded.
Dxlvor with lour horeee and
loaded o; unloaded.
Qattle and horses, por hqgd.
Hogs, per hood.
Calvss ahd dolts under o.
ser head. ^^^^^^H^^^l
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.    ra
Freight uuperls tble. per 100 Ib.
The Government of British Colum
Ma is not necessarily bound ta aooept
my application submittal
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Publlc Works,
Victoria, B.C.,81st November, Wt
Lowering the Cost
Reduced to its simplest terms, the price of an article
is the cost of material, labor of manufacture, transportation, distribution, sale, and delivery���plus a profit on
each of these.
Let us take the case of a fountain pen tq show what
price is.
Phot the materials must he produced���th* rubber ia "Para���the gold
la Booth Africa or the Yukon���lrl-
diess ia Siberia.
Then all theee must be transported
te the factory. There the rubber is
vulcanised Into holders; the gold re-
. fined aad stamped Into points; the
Iridium tipped.onto the gold; and so
Tb* labor operations on a fountain
pen nm well over tbo hundred mark,
aad expensive machinery Is required
for almost every one of them.
Maaufactnrlng completed, the pens
���ro sold to Jobbers and retailers���
transported hundreds and thousands
of miles. Asd profits are taken at
���very step, remember that
Alter the whole sale distribution, tho
retail  eslo   ls   made���delivery
pleted, aad the pea at last put to Hs
destined ase.
Bnppoao yoo have paid 12.69 for
one of the standard well-known fountain pena Do yoa begin to realise
what an imposing number of things
that 12.60 has paid for! Haven't yoa
a pretty clear Idea that U theta
operations were applied to tbe ihaking
of ono single pon. It would break aa
PS magnate to buy It?
' Ie It not perfectly plain that Quan- .
tlty  controls   price  br one  of tho
simplest ot natural laws?
Para rubber by the shipload���goM
aad Iridium by pounds Instead of
milligrammes���labor of thouaaada organised aad directed���tranportatlon la
car lota���and sales by the million���to
every schoolboy, stenographer,
aa���to o��0ry one who writ**.
The time tor receiving applications
tor oharter for a ferry to ply on the
PTasor River between New Westmi* I
ster, Port Mann, Annacis Mast and]
Coquitlam,   is ' extended   ap ./to. i��f
o'clock of Saturday, the 21st dap ot
December, 1912.
The charter will cover h peitod of
five years, expiring oa list Hank,
1918. , 	
3. B. GBIffTTH,
Publlo Works Baglaeer.
Bepartment   of Pnbllc  Works, Vto
toria, B. On il*\ DSQSMbff. IMI.
' It is all this gigantic expenditure, DIVIDED by the
countless units of mijl|pns of sales, that makes it possible to buy a fountaiii pwi for $2.50. The more sales,
the smaller becomes tiie cost of the unit.
We know that Advertising has raised Quality.       :
We know that it has standardized prices.
And now we see that Advertising increases .sales,
shortens the road between producer and consumer-^-
and lowers prices. -       ���
Advise regarding year advertising problem* ie available through any
rsoogwlesd Canadian adysHWag agency, e> the Secretary of the Canadian Frees Aeaoohrttoa, Room 80S tnmsden Building, Toronto, enquiry IftvMves ao oaBgatloa on your partm ee write. If Interested.
mM**afS*rt***ss*M*.l I iM! i'***}^. im***-
"." n'lswy* f" titfplllM III Hll mitP'   -        -a****    ���-*^- "-">-'""       "'   ���*���"���*   *******
- -..���.���.-.. \ii^..���.
. ippa*, ���������es.*;w(ii
"PAY   CASH   IT   WltL   PAY
Yes! We really have those
Stockings, Crackers and Chocolates everyone ia talking about.
Come in and have yours put
Tomatoes, 3 lb. cans, 2 for.25c.
Strawberries  In   heavy   syrup.
special 18c. per tto.
Picnic Hams, extra quality, per
lb 1��e-
14    lb.    boxes    No.    1    butter
each  $4.70
Quaker   Tork   and   Beans,   two
cans for   25c
Regular 15c. straight.
Head Lettuce, per head .. 10e
Mixed Nuts, per lb 20c
6 lbs. for  S1-00
Pancake   Klotir,   "Puro,"   extra
special, each  10c
Maple Syrup, pure, per tit. 45c
Swiss Cheese, per lb 35c
Oregon    Cream    Cheese,    per
lb 40e.
English Stilton Cheese, lb...50c
Roquefort Cheese, per lb...50c.
Camembert Cheese, per lb..50c.
Edam Cheese (soft) lb 35c.
Edam Cheese (hard) each.$1.00
Dills, Olives and Sauerkraut.
Public Supply Stores
In your will, we
shall say, youi have
appointed a trusted
friend your Executor.
Should he be taken
in the midst of administering your estate, who will .then
complete his work ?
Had you named
this Company as
your Executor you
would have made
sure of faithful, responsible and continuous service until
the completion of
the trust.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Mrs. J.. Dorgan will be at home on
the second Thursday of the month ln
Btead of .the Becond Friday as form
J. II. Todd's music house is open
every evening until Christmas     (263)
See Gifford's selection of boys'
wntches from  !51 up. (245;
Order your Christmas Show Cards
now.   .Brown, Trapp  block.        (253)
Owing to a cave-In of the brickwork
of the mill'burner'the Brunette Mills
Company has suspended a portion of
its operations ifor 'a couple of days.
Skates sharpened and set at Oeo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.       (216)
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Eighth Btreet Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
The breakdown , of a motor on a
13. C. E. It. freight. car opposite the
Brunette mills yesterday afternoon
caused a slight disruption of the pas
seuger servloe on 'the Sapperton line.
Don't forget the .box social tonight
at Mr. Wallace's. T2tKt Nanaimo St. A
jolly evening ls promised    to    all.
Everybody welcome (238)
Brown, "the Show Card Man," for
Christmas  Show Cards. (253)
From now until Christmas Glfford'-
store wtll be open evenings.       (245!
The regular monthly meeting of th<
New Westminster Graduate Nurses
Association will be held on Frlda
afternoon at 3 o'olock in the Nurses'
Home at tbe Royal Colombian Hos
Football at Moody Square Saturday
December 14th, "Rovers���this is West
ham Island laat league mate*.. Kick
off at 2:30. Come and see tbe champions..  Admission free. (256)
The annual moating of the members
and adherent* qf the Olivet Baptist
church wtll take place on Tueaday,
December 17.
Ladies' gold umbrellas worth $7.50.
for $5 at Gifford'*. (246)
The Illness of ltaevo Mars, Coquitlam, has developed so Seriously that
he haB been ordered to St. Paul'*
hospital, Vancouver. It Is not likolv
according to his physician, that he
will appear In public before another
ten days.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor,
sell a llrst class $40.00 suit for $30.00'
Because the location of his business is
out of the high rent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (204)
Mr. J. It. PearBe and Mr. Stanley
Reeves of the Canlricol Corporation,
were in the city yesterday. They expressed great interest in the work of
the Progressive Association and tin
corporation has subscribed to the cam
palgn fund.
Just arrived at Miss navy's private-
I millinery pnrlors, a large consignment
of   artificial   flowers   for   Christina |
decorations, and evening wear. Prices
I very moderate. 204 Agnes St.      (264)
Rev. E. G. Thompson announced
yesterday that the trustees of the
Joynson fund had a house on Alberta
street in courBe of construction for
Mrs. Joynson and family. The home
will be tastefully and comfortably
constructed with five rooms snd every
modern convenience, ft is hoped tr
have it ready In a short time.
If you intend purchasing a diamond
ring it will be to your interest to sec
Gifford's selection, he will save you
money. (245)
Typewriter Agents���The Fox Type
writer Company have appointed the
Rutledge-Saunders Brokerage Company, Westminster Trust block, as
their local agents. Mlss Barry has
opened a public stenographer's office
In these quarters, where she is demonstrating thc new No. 24 Fox Machine,
wllich has among the new Improve
ments several unique features.     (248)
It has been annbtinced from Victoria
that thc plans of Messrs. Sharpe and
Thomson, architects of Vanoouver, for
the British Columbia University at
Point Grey have been accepted and
the firm has been awarded the $4000
prize for the best design. The archl
tet'ts are well known In Westmlnstei
inti were the successful designers or
the Ixird Kelvin Bchool In this citj
which was erected five years ago,
Dolls, dolls, dolls fit Miss Davy's
millinery parlors. Two dozen only,
beautifully dressed dolls; clothes tha'
come off and on; dressed In our,work
room, Prices ranging from 75c. to
$5.00.    These will he on show Friday
.mil Saturday,   Don't miss this oppor
tiinlty of getting a doll that the Uttlt
ones will he proud to he the possessor
cf . 204 Agnes street, nearly opposite
St. Mary's Hospital. (2641
Has Already Been Taken Baek Once
to Victoria to Havo  Leaks
Another leak is reported to hava
sprung in the SandheadB lightship,
which guards the mouth of tho Fraser
although 1t-la ouly a few weeks ago
she was taken back to Victoria because of seveial leaks having been located in the hull.
The lightship was taken to the Esquimau shipyards early in tho summer for a general overhauling and
also to have a diaphone installed ot,
bor deck.
Shu was placed ln iur old position
by tbo government steamer Quadra
but after a few days' servlee was taken back to Esquimalt so that this lb
the second time leaks have been dls
A pausing..host yesterday reported
having bee,n .told,by the keepers of
the lightship that she was taking ln
four inches ��.,{ water per hour and that
If a storm was to,spring up their lives
would be iu danger.
On School Board���Unfairness Alleged
In  Appointment of Teachers���
' Three Candidates.
At a meeting of representatives of
labor and a number of city lodges last
night dissatisfaction was expressed at
the system, of appointing teachers to
the schools in the city.
It was alleged that the school board
had unfairly treated local applicants
for vacant positions by favoring out
aiders who, It was further stated, received higher wages than those aBked
by Westminster candidates.
As a remedy to'existing conditions
it was suggested tliat the meeting appoint three candidates to contest the
positions vacant on the trustees board
ln January and this was accordingly
done. ' T f
Mr. R. A. Sidney, president of the
New Westminster Trades and Labor
Council received official notification
of his appointment as a member ot
the Labor. Commission yesterday
morning from tlte provincial secretary
Hon. II. B. Young.
Mr. Stoney only nrrhed back from
Merritt lato on Tuesday evening. He
reports a balding boom in Merritt
where he was unable to find hotel ac
commcdalinn last Saturday. He states
that the town was filled with Vancou
ver and Victoria people who are brooming Interested in the surrounding
^discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
I on all orders.   This discount Is
i days only.
6 Collister Block
*t all the news.
Undesirable Takes Avenue of Escape
and Departs.
Classed by the magistrate as an un
���loslrable antl with the suspicion rest
ing upon him of earning a living In a
most contemptible manner, Andrew
McDonald, who by Ills actions and figure, goes under the sobriquet of "Society Red," wav given two hours to
shake the mud of New Westmlnater
off hiB feet or else be taken to the
provincial bastile for a period of Blx
McDonald's movements during the
past three weeks liave been Rhadowed
by the local police and as there ap-
nr.ared no intention of the man getting out and looking /or a job, he
v.'n<i hauled before the "beak."
Tlie  accused   was  on   the  point  of
entering   tlie   witness   box  yesterday
morning   but   decided   lie   had   heard
iiough of liis record from the pollce
without (iddiiic anything more to It.
He vamoosed.
��� P
��� Do your shopping early and    ���
��� do it In New Westminster. ���
��� ���
Rumor   Connects    Minister   Without
Portfolio With New Job on Imperial Defense Committee.
Ottawa, Dec. 11.���Who wlll be the
Canadian minister representing the
Dominion on tbe Imperial Defence
This question lias been asked re
peatedly since Mr. Borden made his
announcement in the House last
Thursday, and gossip has been bus;
with the names of various ministers.
Ther is every reason to believe that
the selection., when the time comes,
will fall upon Hon. G. H. Perley, of
Ottawa, the member for Argr-nteuii
and minister without portfolio In the
JWrlen Cabinet.
The responsibility Involved in accepting the Important duties attaching to this new-"portfolio" Ib likely to
be very heavy, but Mr. Perley ha.,
never turned- aside from big tasks
and has.never been a failure In hit
undertakings. Ills work during tin-
summer when he discharged the dui
ieB of actlug-prcniier and minister ol
mt re than one department, marked
him as a man of unusual admlnlstr;>
tive capacity und excellent Judgment
lie has been Mr. Borden's right hand
in many notable Instances, both be
fore and Bince the change of government.
Mr. Perley has practically freed
himself from active participation In
Ills largo business affairs, and has,
lhe leisure necessary for a position
which it Is proposed that he shall oc
oupy In LpndOll, as the Canad'nn min
ister In London wlll be necessarily
absent from Canada for the greater
part of the year.
Ignored the Hint.
The midnight stillness of tbe darkened psrlor was punctuated by a crash
Just overheod.
"Wbnwbawbst wns that, dutl-diid-
darllng?" eiclnlined the young mnn.
"Merely father dropping a hint." sho
replied as sbe snuggled a little close.-.���
Philadelphia Record.
Man Hurt In Accident Awarded $3000
Damages by Jury Which Censures
The case bt Sands vs. Royal City
Mills finished yeaterday and resulted
In the jury finding Uie defendants
guilty ot negligence in not safeguarding the rip saw which caused
plalutiff's Injuries and assessed the
damages at $3000. The verdict carne=
costs.      . . '
Plaintiff's Buit was for unstated
damages. Mr. D. Armour gave notice that he would apply for non-suit
on the ground that the saw in question was- not "machinery" in the
sense of the. Factory Act. and quoted an analogous case decided In the
Ontario Court of App>.J
Mr. McQuarrie said if tliat contention was upheld there was no machinery In a mill need be protected.
Mr. Justice Murphy in charging the
Jury first defined tie law of negligence uhdr tbo Factory Act. It was
not an action tinder tlie Employers
Liability Act, but one at common
law. Under the Factory Apt all dangerous parts of machinery in a mill
had to be safeguarded, so far as prac
The burden of proof luy upon tht
plaintiff. Assuming thut they found
that this machine was dangerous and
that it was practicable to safeguard lt
there was a breach of the Factory Acl
on the part of defendants and prima
ficiq they were liable for damages,
but pol necessarily so, if there wat'
contributory negligence on the part
of plaintiff.
Mr. Justice Murphy then said In-
would ask several questions to tht
Inrv whloh embodied tbe law undei
which he had charged them. Tbey
need not answer them unless thej
liked, but might bring in a genera
verdict for plaintiff or defendants. I
was, however, desirable that the-
should answer them, because it tnigli
save both parties a great deal of expense and litigation in future and
orevent discussion In other courts
They were as follows:
1. What was the causa cf the accident! ( j
2. Wm- Buch cnuse *o<?cas!oned by
the negligence of defendants rcmem
berlng that this action was based on
a breach cf a statutory duty. They
might find In answer to the first
-tuestton the -proximate cause of the
accident that It was the absence of
a guard on tbe machine, and that the
placing of that guard was practicable.
3. If so what did the negligence
consist ln?
4. Whether lt was practicable tr
security guard the machine in respect
to the work being done, remembering
this was a combination saw.
5. Was plaintiff guilty of contributory negligence in not using ordinary
care and carrying on his work in a
reasonable way?
6. In what did the contributory
negligence, if, any. consent.
7. The amount of diynages.
The Jury specified that their answers were as follows:
1. The absence of any safeguard
on the machine.
2. Negligence of the defendant.
3. Not providing a proper safeguard.
4. It was practicable.
5. No contributory negligence on
part of plaintiff.
6. No answer.
7. $3000.
The News Is in receipt of a letter
from Capt. E. H. Todd, master of tbe
8. S. Strathspey, dated Nov. 12, Syd
"ney, N.S.W., which states that the
British admiralty has acknowledged tc
him the receipt of a communication
giving information upon the Fraser
Capt. Todd further states that the
British authorities have taken the
matter up and particulars of navlg.t
tlon In tbe Fraser "river will be forth
with brought up to date.
The Strathspey left Port Mann lu
September for one of the . .Pac'Kt
American ports whera she loaded !���
cargo of Itimbor.for Sydney. She ha:
loaded coal at Newcastle, N.8.W. nine.
then and is now once more crossing
to this side bound for Valparaiso
The marriage was solemnized In St.
Barnabas church on Tuesday afternoon of Mr. James G. McRae, eldest
sou of Mr. and Mra. Daniel McRae of
Dublin,, Ireland, and Mrs. Blanche M.
Malins, eldest daughter of the late
Mr. H. O. Brown of this city. Rev.
E.  R.  Bsrtlott officiated.
London's Musical Training.
.Inrli London when on h recent vlsll
to New York whs Introduced tO a mil
skin ti in one of the |Ki|iulur Hroiidwuj
"i nm n musician In a small way."
snld IjmiiIiiii. "My musical talent wns
once lhe menus uf saving tny life."
The iiniMleliiti wns st once very much
"Ilow wns. tbnt?" be naked.
"Tbere whs ii grent tlootl In the town
of luy boyhood," explained London
"When thi) waier struck our house Uiy
father got un n bed nnd (United with the
stream until lie wns rescued."
"And you?" queried the musician.
"Well." smiled London. "I iiccutnpa
nled him on the plnuo."���Judge.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evening* Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Men's Rubbers, all sites  $ .76
Men's Gum Boots, all sizes  93
Men's Football, regular $5:00    3.95
$6.50 Walkover Boota for men, wftlle they last   3.95
Sols agents for Westminster for the famous K Boota.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's Bchool 8hoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select Trom |
Pearls and Diamonds In a Carpet.
A carpel which took three yenrs In
die making Is one of tho treasures of
Ihe much talked of gnekwnr of Hiiro
dn. The carpet Is only ten feet by sli
feet In sire, but It Is woven from
strings of pure pearls, wllb n center
���ml corner circle* of diamonds. The
mngtilllcelit fsbrle cost (800,000 nnd If
guarded In tbo iiinhnrajnb's treason
A College For Firsmsn.
Tbere bas been eitiibllsbetl In Nel
/ork n college fur firemen, where llu
Clty lirrnien ure tra I mil In the !�������'
met hnd of lighting flume* nnd I" meet
the emergencies which nmr arise t
feature of the curriculum  l�� t'�� b.ivi
the Bremen drop from ti ite nt t
Ml story building lulu n net Ih-I'-w
Our prices on Toys, Dolls and
all other Christmas Goods are
far lower than anywhere else.
We carry the largest and most
varied stock of the kind, and
our Hand Painted China cannot
be excelled.
643 Columbia  Street Phone 455
la a Necessity���Not a Luxury.
It you require constant power you must have a thoroughly reliable engine. Tou cannot afford to havo your boat out ot commission If you expect to lead���or even keep up with your competitors.
The "VALE" is trustworthy. It ls always ready to do your work
���honestly and efficiently. 1
If you Intend purchasing an engine, let us send you specifications of any size that you are Interested In. A careful study of the
'YALE" will well repay you
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges. Heaters, Kitchen Utensils In
Iron, tin' and enanelware. Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture. \
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner ef  12th  Street and Sixth  Avenue
Riveted Steel Pipes
P. O. BOX 442
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We Will Show You How!
If you have Ideas���If you can think���we will show you the aecrets of thia fascinating new profession.
Positively no experience or literary  excellence necessary.    No  flowery language" la wahtod. ��.
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited, the big film manufacturers are jjmovlnt ******
and earth" ln their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They art ol-.
fcrring $100' and more, for single scenarios, or written idea*; ���
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, auch as VITAGRAPH. EDISON, B88A-
photoplays to them.    We want moree writers ahd we'll gladly tcacbh you tho aecrets Of success..
We are selling photoplays wrlten by people who "never before wrote a lino for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can. think of only one good ldoa every week, and will
write It out as directed by us, and it sells for only $25, a low figure,
Don't heBltate.   Don't argue. Write now and learn Just'what this new  profession may mean for yoa
I     and your future,
J NATIONAL AUTHORS' 1*543 Broadway
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
AU kinds ef One Talcum Powders here   too���Let
as supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Opten
701  Columbia  Street Phone 57
Too Much Seasoning.
"What ls this thing?" asked tbe man
st tbe luuch counter.
"A sandwich, of coarse. What did
you think lt was?" said the girl behind tbe counter.
"I thought It was a mustard plaster."
-New Tork Mall.
A man sbonld never be ashamed to
own he bis been In the wrong. It la
hut saying In other words that he la
wiser todnf thftfi yesterday.
These are all in good looations and  are  good   Investments  at  the   prices
they can be bought fer now.
1359��� FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue; 60x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���3EVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lota; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of 8lxth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
6$ foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 ou
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
.     ESTABLISHED 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers' Liability, Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Residential Site
$2000 Each      S200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
' NP. 162.
628 and 748 Columbia itreet, Phone 8��- Now Waetmlnator, S. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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