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Westminster Daily News Oct 17, 1912

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of Trade Dis
lames of Har-
""""���w pouoounmro   isimifw ��bs��wbi Wiikik
Redress   of    Hardships
I by Blasting By-law
to Be Taken
October  16.���Sharp    dlf
opinion    arose    between
"i tiie Burnaby Board    of
Seeming tbe proposed  Har-
nlsslon  for tbe  North Arm
ser at the meeting beld In
Ipal hall thia evening,
cussion was caused by   the
Df a letter from the Edmonds
rs Association asking for in-
as to the spending of pub-
es towards the formation   of
nlsslon and also of the Fra-
ey Publicity Bureau.
W. Mansfield thought   that
erson or body wanted Infor
|0n  these points, they should
[themselves  with  the    board
used a motion to that effect,
^exception was taken by    Mr.
till and Mr. A. V. McPherson.
was  very emphatic   stating
the assistance Burnaby haB
at the hands of New West
they   should  reciprocate by
lng that city's harbor scheme
^included a portion of Burnaby
^e New Westminster city limits
] Burnaby's Best Friend.
Btmiuster,"  he  said "has  been
Bit friend for year3 in co-operat-
gth us in road matters.    As far
pin see into this proposed schem?
spelling the  North Arm.  Burna
ill be the last to benefit by it
rini ?*SV fl'id   Eburne    will   rr-
first consioVration.    New West-
jter  is  the  biggest asset  to  one
��� of  Burnaby  just as Vancouver
the o'.her liaif."
|T. MacPherson also
(gainst  this' motion
Much Comment In   Vancouver   Over
Remarkable Procedure In Splnard
Murder Case.
Vancouver, Oct. 16.���Deepite the
fact tbat the accused bad confessed
to killing Ernest Splnard and that
tbe charge was yesterday altered
from manslaughter to murder, Harold
A. McNaughton, son of Mrs. McNaughton, school trustee, was allowed out
on bail yesterday afternoon when an
application was made before Justice
Murphy in the supreme court.
Bail was fixed at $16,000, and Mc
Naughton will stand trial at the next
t Is believed to be the flrst case
on record where a man charged with
murder, to say nothing of confessing
to the crime, bas been let out on ball,
and sucb proceeding was the cause
ot much comment on the street today.
Repeal Laurier Act ���Emergency   Gift ��� Permanent
.   Contribution   Later.
Sourassa's Organ    Makea   Important
Announcement from Sources Said
to Be Authoritative.
Montreal, Oct. 16.���Tbe Devoir pub
llshes a special despatch from Ottawa
declaring that'll Is, learned from the
loest possible sources that the nava.
' policy of the government amounts to
Is First of Its Kind Made Under Provincial Resurvey*
<* Act
Mayor Lee Fulfils Promise-r-Haa Cost
$7000 and Took Two Years���
Absolutely Accurate.
'���a-   K.a
Big Extra Expenaea Have Been Incur
red Recently���Welcome Gift of
Women of City.
I    On account of   some   considersbl-
outlays iu Improvement? to the buna ���
wss some ppbeeru was expressed X !
*Rn  mi ..--      -   - -
Ro.enth.1', Widow on Stand
--"It's Either Herman or
the direptoat of the Hoyal Columbian I Police Lieutenant', l���    *m ..      !
nospital at the regular monthly met!        ������ '' ^on�� ���***�� *"*
*>*.-?Id. y��Bterday concerning tbe d J     . "������* ���"><*" Rose in Which ����.,.
finances   of   tht
Narrow Shave for Wall of Creamery
When Cutting Out on Front
Iihold   all   information    as to the
Inding of  public  money from  th*
Repayer-i. ��
"TUoy liave a perfect right to know
��nat Is going on around here, what
<*loney Is being spent and what la
proposed to be spent" he said.
In suite of this the motion by Mr
Mnisflcld riffjM(
u Worklhg Hardship,
.  Mr. i-,ill called attention i<) the in
justice cf the nflV,   blasting    bylaw.
"It Is working il hahtshlp on actual
settlers" he said. "If they want to
clear a small portion of their land,
want to blast out a single stump or
-rock, they must perforce apply to the
engineer for a per;��t for which a
fe<i of $2.60 Is charged. This la. one
of tho most foolish propositions 1
ever heard of. The provincial gqv-
ernmrnt is providing free powder for
settlers, and here In Burnaby we may
not use lt without going to this expense. The settlers are fined for
clearing their land without a permit
while improvements to the same land
���re not subjocted to a tax. The peo
pie who are settling on the land)
have the legitimate right to clear
tlieir land and no act or by-law
Should hinder them in any way.
"The llrst thing we know of," he
continued, "we shall be charged tor
cutting down trees, for you all know
that accidents In this work occasionally happen. I venture to state that
the people who enacted this by-law
would faint if they had to handle,
any powder."
Action was taken by the appointing
of a committee which will wait on the
council and ask for this by-law to be
Abolish the Wards.
Pres'dent B. fi. Walker brought up
once asnln the abolition of the ward
system, a theme which was prominent
���before tho larft election took place
and In favor of whloh nearly all the
councillors went on record. .
Mr. Walker snld thftt the nneple
had voted fnvorably on the plebiscite
submitted In January last, and he
thought the tlmo ripe for the councll
to* act upon It.
Mr. MacPherson took preoption to
these remarks, stating that he at
first favored the move. but. after giving the matter much thought, he was
of the opinion thnt capable persons
from each ward were to be found.
The speaker quoted Commissioner
Crehan, who Is now making an investigation In South Vsncouver, ln
tbst Mr. Crehan had aWed thst there
were not enough wards ln South Vancouver.
"If South Vancouver," asked Mr.
MacPherson, "has not enough wards,
then surely Burnabv with a larger
arra bas not enough."
The matter will he brought to the
attention of the council b��   a   letter
from the secretary ot the board.
Favor Flower Show.
The proposed annual flower show
In Burnaby was also discussed and
endorsed. A meeting will be held next
Wednesday at'the municipal hall} to
form strong committees for the project. Mr. MacPherson led the wav h"
promising anywhere from *2t)0 to $50"
towards the sohefne, and thought that
with the sunnort promised from Vancouver and New Westminster success
should be achipvd.
The action of the nnnlc'ral council
ln charging the board ot trade rental
(Continued on Page Pour.)
Mr. A. Averili, the. man who makes
the ice cream for the Westmlnstei
creamery, thought his time had com*
yesterday morning, when he was
peacefully engaged with the big
freezer and a crash just outside at
���rac.tcd his attention. The erasli
proved to he nothing more than a
set of playful G. N, R. trainmen dropping a box car part way Into the
Fraser rivfer, but lhe end of the car
came closer to the wall of the cream-
spoke strong-i e^ than Averlll thought wa.s neces-
which  would | '***~7* <>r -conrfartable.
'Hepeal of the Laurier   naval   acl?
and send the Niobe and tbe Rainbow
back to England.
"An emergency contribution of
twenty or thirty million dollars without appeal to the people.
"A declaration that the permanent
policy will be preceded by the consulting of the people aud that any
permanent contribution must be conditional upon representation in the
councils of the empire.
To Satisfy All.
"The first preparation is designed
to pacify the most determined opponents of the Laurier naval act; the second to satisfy the Jingoes; the third
ro console the Imperialists who favor
'he contribution, but without effective
"It would give the Jingoes the consolation of thinking that, the preced
ent having been made, they could al
ways, by inventing new emergencies
secure new contributions without representations and without consulting
the reople,"
A Tre
I'M ->"* j
rew *>���**�� ""dy cutting out Some
'j.m, aud in making a siding neSr the
office cf the road on Front street, one
of the cars was rammed through tht
bulkhead and projected halfway TRtt
the river. The rear truck dropped off
onto the floating dock. That no ono
nas injured is true only' because the
slip happened to be deserted. There
".re a great many small boatstied.un
here, and if there-nftd been anyone
��:'.\- ty>,9 truck'he would undoubtedly have been killed.
Jllsl how the accident happened ls
not known. Tho engineer was about
tw-��rty cars away from the end of
tbe train, and the flagman probably i
did not give him the signal quickly
enough. Too much dependence in
the bulkhead, which proved worthies..
as an obstruction, may also have had
something to do with It. The car
had nothing in lt,but a few sacks ot
Jpeedy   Recovery   Looked   for  If
Complications   Arise���Ha3
Fractured Rib.
Chicago, Ofct. lS.^-After a day of
ceaseless vigil, Colonel Boosevelt'o
physicians tonight could say no more
than that hls condition was virtually
unchanged. Indications, they aald.
favored the sr edy recovery of tbe
The official government map of the
city, for which surveys were made by
Messrs. Cleveland and Cameron about
a /ear ago, tma put on issue for thi
I first time since its completion at the
44Htr ball yesterday. The map4sspec-
clally noteworthy in several ways.
In the first place, with the excep
tlon of the one ln tbe land registry
office it Is the only accurate map in
tte city, and it is tbe only one ever
made for any city In the province
under the provincial resurveys act of
18J9 and amendments. It has been
thoroughly examined by tbe provincial
government and bas received the Attorney General's sign, seal and approval.
Begun Two Years Ago.
The work on tbe map was origin
ated two years ago by Mayor Lee
who made promises of a re-survey ol
tbe city one of the chief planks in his
platform ln a civic election preceding
In all it has cost some $7000 to pro
duce. The survey took one year to
make and another year has elasped
since then on account of the fact that
It had to be drawn up, put through
the Provincial government's hands,
printed and published.
According to the map the city covers an area of six and a quarter
square miles and has r.lnety-eighl
miles cf open streets." Twenty per
cent of uli the streets registered in
the plan are closed. The height above
sea level In the city varies from nothing to 298 feet ��t the tyghe.it point,
and* th'tf boundaries arc as of. old,
namely, Twentieth street on the we3t;
Tenth avenue ou the north; Brunette
river on the east; the Fraser river
on the south; the Dyke Road on Lulu
Island. The waterfront measures
practically five miles in all from the
Brunette river to the western boundary of the city.
Subdivisions to 1910.
Tbe map will be of almost incalculable to surveyors, real estate dealers and all owners of property alike
as lt gives the positive and true lines
of all the etreets and the location ot
all tho lota with the latest subdtvl-
The maps which
pleted state of the
institution ^^^^^^^^^^_
Tbe moving of the annex to a new
position so that tbe new building
could be begun, aud the repairs tbere
by entailed Involved the expenditure
of a sum approaching one thousand f
Which Rolls
.    of Bills Figure.
New York, Oct J��,���"When thl*
thing blows over the public will giv*-
me a pension for   *A"
_. _ .������ a^iUBuuiug one thousand   "*" * pension for   killim?    ��i.o��
dollars.   In addition the nurses' homt  ��">��* Rosenthal."     W *   tt*t
Tbose are the words attributed U��
Police Lieutenant Charles Becker by
James D.'Hallen, a fellow prisoner lis-
tbe Tombs at today's session of
Becker's trial on the charge of ���'
attsnatlnm     **���-
stigating   the
the in
 ,.Uue    me   murder   of   Hermac
Rosenthan, tbe gambler, who "squeel-
ed" against blm.
Hallen was one of fifteen witnesses
who testified today for the state. Assistant District Attorney   Moss   an-
notttteetl wl.-* '*-*'
was recently fitted with a heating sys
tem at the cost of $1162.
These large   extra   expenses  bave
left tbe treasury in a badly crippled
condition  and  fears  were  expressed
that  sufficient  funds  would not be
procurable for   upkeep   expenses.   Ii
was hoped by tbe directors   to   tide
over tbe situation for a while, but for
how long ls not known.
MIsb Scott, the superintendent, ia
her monthly report stated tbat on tho
last day of   September   63   patients
were receiving treatment in tbe hospital, as compared with 59 at tbe be- i
ginning of the month. Sixty-one was
the highest for any one day during
the period. The figures are much below the usual average, but this was
accounted for by the fact that the annex was out of commission for   the
greater part of the month. ���. ������� ��* ��� rai 	
'   The building was again put into use on the establishment:
last week.   During the shifting period      "It's either Herman or tse"*  Thla
thoroughly painted and kalso-  is 'he so-called "fake" r��M **.*.--*. .*...
nounced when adjournment was. taken
tonight tbat be had only one cr two
more witnesses to call to complete-
tbe case for the people. *..
Rosenthal's Widow.
Mrs. Herman Rosenthal, widow   ot
_ alleged partner in his
gambling house, had said to her on
the. occasion of a raid he had mado
nn   flu.  ���..a.,,.*
the gambler, tbe ffst witness of tbe
day, testified ~that Lieutenant Becker,
her husband's alleged nartnm- i.. ��-���-
It ws4l^	
rained and in other ways improved.
Miss Scott also reported that sh"
had engaged Miss Pennington, of tbe
Columbian college, to give the pupl'
nurse3_!':~7Cn3 iu domestic scienca
'aid dietetics?
On behalf of the Lccal Council of
Women Mrs. Ferguson tpteaeuieA the
directors with $259, heing the pro
ceeds of the tea rooms operated in thr
women's building ln the fair ground:,
during exhibition week. The donation
was received with much gratification
especially as the finances are at such
a low ebb. The directors felt that
the women of the city performed e
great service tor the-n. and Mrs. Ferguson was the recipient of special
called "fake" raid which the
prosecution claims was forced ou
Becker by his superior officers. Mrs.
Rosenthal testified also that when sir;
came to bury her husband ,she bad
only $100 "to her name"-ialr that hadi
boon left her by Rosenthal. This wa*
a bit of testimony elicited, by the
state with intent to spike the guns of
'Becker's defence.
Blow to Defence.
"We introduce this/' said' Assfstfchr
District Attorney Moss,' "because it
has been claimed by the defence that
gamblers gave Rosenthal $25,000 or
Bome such sum to Insure his silence."
Members of the household of Jack
Rose, Becker's alleged graft collector.
told of frequent visits of the accused
police official to "Bald Jack's" home.
Rose's    Swedish   maid    swore   thaP
I Becker was accustomed to breakfast:
lat her master's   "nearly   every   day
I since Christmas."
\    Two waiters trom the Union Squar<��
bullet which Btruck him down ln MU-1 are  copyright  have  been  printed ln
two sizes.   Tbe smallest Is three teet
It,  . i��i      """' "-ue union square
SAMSON WS^&.^ras.re -
Edmonds, Oct. 16.���An    interesting
case In  which  the  solicitor for    thr
defendant   objected   ' to     practically
every particle of evidence submitted, i ��� _--
was  tried, before Magistrate  Walker|��� *"���
this morning.    William C. Coulter, of        ���
West Burnaby, was charged under the
sanitary act    with    keeping pigs lee.i
than 100 feet from a house, well, or
public thoroughfare, the    floors    not
Doing Impervious to water   and    not
being cleaned regularly.
Mr. W. H. Ladner. of Vanoouver,
appeared for the defendant, while
Cblef of Police Parkinson prosecuted.
The bench dismissed the case on a
technicality, as it was not shown that
the hog pen in question was lesi
than 100 feet from the house. Magistrate Walker had several times to remark on the peculiar way ln which
Mr. Ladner was conducting the    de-
���John McMillan," ot- Vanfcofaer, vrtts}
charged under thc explosives act with
storing 50 cases of powder In North
Burnaby to the danger of   residents
and dwellings.
This case was heard on Saturday
last, only lt was found that the person brought up as defendant, was not
really the man wanted. McMillan
was doing stumping work In Vancouver near the boundary ot Burnaby and
had enough powder stored to plaj
deadly havoc among the thickly nopn
lated district ot Vancouver Heights,
lie was fined $25 and costs.
Two New Senators.
Ottawa, Oct. IS.���Two Ontario senate vacancies, it ls understood, have
been filled, tbe lucky men being Mr.
Harry Corby, the Belleville distiller,
and Mr. Charles Gordon, ex-M.P. . for
Nlpisslng, who ret'red a year ago In
order to provide a seat for Hon. FraAk
Cochrane, minister of railways.      '
Chsrfad With S-"'tTllng.
Seattle, Oot, 1��;���William Osborne
who said'his home was In Vanoouver,
B. C. was arrested todsy as he step
red from a train at Belllngham by ��
customs, inspector cn a charge .of
smuggling opium. Eighteen flve-ttte'
tins of the drug, valued at $400, were
found In Osborne's possession. Saturday. 100 tir 8. valued st $"A00, were
found on a trn'n running from Van-I
couver to Seattle, but no arrest was
aur.eo Monday nlgbt. I
A rise In temperature and pulse late
today, however, made Mb condition
for the time being somewhat less
The fact that a rib was fractured,
which was not disclosed until today,
added to tbe feeling of uncertainty.
Not before Friday, li all goes well,
will tbe physlciana be prepared to aay
tbat their patient is out of dancer.
Tbe Intervening period will be re
quired to determine whether blood
poisoning or otber comi'Lcatlons are
to be feared.
Impression trow today tha
Colonel Roosevelt would be able t<-
do little or nothing more In the campaign. Although the colonel expressed the hope of leaving for Oyster Bay
on Sunday, It Is probable that he will
be compelled to remain 'In the hospital at least a week longer and that
after his arrival at home he will not
be permitted to plunge Into the campaign again. Associates of Colonel
Roosevelt said he was showing nu
concern as to the possible effect of
his retirement from tho fleld of battle.
It IS Colonel Roosevelt's desire to
make at least one more speech before
election, and that lu his own state of
New York, lf he can do nothing else.
he hopes to speak in Madison Square
Bullet Cracked Rib. 4
Chicago, Oct. 16.���The first X-ray
ate which definitely shotfB tbe bullet in Colonel Roosevelt's chest wss
developed late this afternoon. The
bullet Is shown partlv Imbedded In
the fracture In the fourth rib about
four Inches from the sternum. The
bullet ls much flattened and ' spread
out of shape. It Is crushed In to tho
upper edge of the rib. Several small
splinters of bone project near lt. Tho
radloerauh shows an extraordinary
spread and arch to the uninjured ribs,
indicating the unusual sire cf the
rolonel's lutgs and development q'
his chest.
six inches by fifteen and a half inches .'
and the other, a large one, la six teet I
six  inches long by  threa feet, four!
 �����.��.-* ... a**.*   bote?
dining room when "tbey talked a long
Ome."   One of the waiters   said   ha
saw Rose pass the pollce lieutenant *
"roll ot bills.".
Inches wide.   They are on sale at the
clty treasurer's office.
Judge Bote Commissioned by Ottawa
fcr Purpose���Two Other 3-je-iei*-
teione���Dredging Repcrt.
..,..��*���'    -���������      ..,yrr
The diS.T'.isfrction vrfck*   has   rt
eently made   its   appearance   among
[several   of   the   officials   connected
I witli tbe department u public worlu.    ^       .  ,     ai-v- il
office In ATew Wsmtssttaatmr ht likely *.hu^l^*^^s^l^^!lf!^���M^rjSZZ
baclaaras ��*..*�� tkia mo��l��.]&a�� i������ VSSSSFX'fiJ '
when Hon. W. Moraaaa Bole. K.C, wbr/been interdicted except throaph patttsa'
haa  been smaamisdmmaus h��    ttam    ttt. I ittsated 1st th. tantmtm *^T-
��� i
'Have   No   Means   pt Knowfnfc Interdicted Persons.
William Bayuton was given   a saa-'
ip.nde* ��?ent>" ce by    Magistrate    Kd-'
npnds in pol ce court yesterday morning wben he was tried on> a* charge of
selling liquor to an Interdicted
Edmonds, Oct. 16.���A arand onenlns
nt the old mt'nlc'Tial ball, whloh' hn
been undergoing extensive r��n��irs dur
lng the slimmer months, will b<�� he' 1
on Thursday evening. October 81
Reeve T.,W. Weart. "r*n has been
sta'-nch Si��n����orter ot the move to pro
r'dn n mi hi'* tn'fi'm .piece for th-
riiffo-eit M'bile bod'es In the' tnnf*
ol"��lltv. will ******* ***e eh air 'on thai
eren.nst. supported by the councilor*
Of Tlnrishv.
Vm.Ii>��I tn|e��t '* h��ln* ��r""i"ed ."4
mt,tmm,uyl***a(,ttty* n��l| b�� nrovided. Tht*
Invitation e*-*ent\t ��� nipeeleUv tn the
ratepayers of Burrirby, Tb defrav th��
er.nenBes of the gathering a small ad'
mlssicn wlll be charged.
Goverfttr Oeneral at Port.,. .. ^w,|^ wttjMss. ���* ttg'jwgM. hn
���expresses Gratification from
Poplar Point, Man. Oct. 16.���Tbo
reception accorded to tbe Duke of
Connaught, the Ducheas and Princess
Patriola this afternoon was the closing official event of the western tour
ft Tbeir Royal Highnesses, of wbleh
the first official event was the visit
to Sault Ste. Marie, August 2.
In hls speech at Portage la Pralrle
In reply to the civic address of welcome, tha Duke referred to the knowledge of tbe western country the tour
bas given him; a tour which has extended over tbe whole west and whose
turning point was the Alaskan boundary on the Pacific coast.
Said the Governor, Oeneral, after
Mayor Garland had read the addres*
of welcome:
"From here onward my journey Haa1
only through country which 1 already
kuow. Portage la Prairie may there-
tore be ssld to be tho end of my travel
lor this yesr, and that is why 1 wish
to say at this point what a pleasure
my tour through the West has been
to me. When I return to my heme
in Ottawa I sball often look back to
the reception I have met with at
���vary point alone the route, with
feelings of gratification at having got
to know so many of your people and
at having seen so many different
places, but yet, with a thought of regret at the Immense task of keeping
pace wtth the Dominion in Its phenomenal growth.
"To do so I ean only assure you
tbat to know Canada well, to sympathise with Its disappointments, In
fact to Identify myself with It In
every possible way Is my endeavor, i
the court ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tbe bone ��f contention Is the al
leced unfair dismissal of William
John Boyd, Who until a few weeks
ago was first mate on the snagpuller
Samson, hut who waa dismissed by
Captain Young, of tbe same boat, and
Superintendent Bayfield, of the dredge
department, for alleged reasons.
Boyd apuefiled . against this summary dismissal and several prominent
gentlemen In Westminster took a
stand with htm. Two weeks following this eptsjHle, -Captain Young and
Wharfinger Philpot wera sfco suspended, tbe .Samson being placed In
the hands of Captain Carter.-tna titer
P*��t. v ' )   A    :        '
It is understood from reliable quarters that these matters will lead np
to an enquiry regarding the removal
ot fhe dredge headquarters hy Superintendent Bayfield from New Westminster to Vancouver. V
The public bodies ot fhe elty protested this move when It was Bnt undertaken and the Ottawa authorities
on receipt of tbese protests, Sent a
special commissioner to the const to
enaulre into tbe matter, �� report/ ot
which has yet to he given out
An enquiry ot this kind Is said to
be welcomed bv the employeea on the
different dredges snd boats orienting
out ol New Westminster, as there si*
certain matter* to be clesred. which
a���� said to hsve left a stigma ok the
officials themtelves,
FOllowln* his m>s7>er��'on. Captain
Yonhg lmwediatelv ttmflered his tv**p
nation With a request tbat tt he acted
nnon at once, tyit he w'll llheljr be
on* of t*�� v'^iessss called ut th��-
enquiry held this morning.
Threfe drunks also taeett tbSttm0B**r
trate and were1 qulctlr disposed at.
enriching tea treasury to tomb SttghZ-
104th Regiment   Entertainment
poned Until Wednesday.
The Joynson fund made another
handsome advance yesterday, a total
of $81.50 coming In during the day.
This brings tfe total sum up tu.
1785.05 now.
Prominent among yesterday's contributions were $20 from Mr. W. S.
Collister, $10 from the Royal. City
laundry and employees, and an additional $10 from the psniteptlary staffs -.
bringing; the total from that source ap. *
to $240.50.
The 104th regiment' entertainment'
haa been postponed until Wednesday
next by reason of counter attractions ���'
tomorrow.   At 8 p.m. on that evening
a bumper attendance is looked'for lis:
the drill hall.
Contributions may be sent* to Rev:
E. G. Thompson, 407 Columbia street-
may bs paid in to any wl tha city
banks, or will be   recefved   at   thw
offlces of the Westminster Dally New*'
or tha British Columbian.
��� ������������������������������������ ��� ���*���-
SUBSCRIPTION1 ttSf. �����*
Likes Peace River.
^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^_. Edmonton. -Oct. .14.���Wtoi. A, X
not only as a mstter of duty, but also MnLean. r"^y'nota| rieeretaw. return-
as a lnbor of love, and I pray that dur-1 m today troW a trip to tha Peac��
ing the time I baye the bonor to rep-(River. Iln was greatlv Impressed
resent the King   here   as ; governor with the co-r.*rv,   and   he   and   Dr.
| general the Dominion .may continue Leach, of Tnher. Alta..   who   aeeom-
unabated in the course ot prosperity panted lilm. cue going to secure land
jit now enjoys."    - I thera at onset
Already acknowledged1. $703.55   ���
A friend    M.OO  ���
W. 8. Collister ...     ..   SlMHV- ������
A Friend i.     SM  ���
Mr. Bowden .;,&".:     t.69-*>
Pen. additions ..:..i    HM  ***������
Staff of Penitentiary ...   lO.ftO  ���
A'Frten*      l.M  ������
R. C. Laundry and emp.   19.09   ���
W. W      SM   ���
A Friend ...  IM  tp*'
Screigbt ..., ��,���    6.00  ���
W. Taylor        .t**i-.**>*
Mr. and Mrs. M. ...-    ..ROO  ������
A Sympathizer       SM  <�����
total ;.-..��?fEjMTiW-
__���   ' _.' #��.���.
!��� > '��������� ���'������ ������ ��� �����+*+������+���* ��� ������- NSW*"-
��� - . ..j. ^-..-jj^...
j Classified Advertising |
p RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word  per
day; 4c per word per week;  15c per j
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required within one year from   date of:
contract, $25.00. j
Birth   or   Marriage    Notices    50c. 	
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral No-  FOR SALE���I AM    OFFERING   MY
tice $1.00.   Card of Thanks   SOc   per     choice corner lot on  Fifth avenue
Third street, New Westminster,
close ln on car line with modern
seven roomed house. Lawn, garden, fruit trees, etc Terms if necessary, but bargain for cash. Box 394
New Westminster.
non street, opposite courthouse.
and Seventh street at a bargain for
quick sale. Apply 527 Fifth avenue.
Phone L841.
house, five or six rooms, bath, etc.
Ip the Prairie Country Where There
Are Plenty of Room and Few Distractions and If He Cai Only Find
His "Bent" Hli Opportunity for
Development Is Great ��� Pleasures
Are Simple But Adequate.
I think that the children of the
great western farms, at least during
the summer months, when the grain
yrows high all about the homestead,
sould, with a very little imagination,
FOR SALE���SEVEN-ROOM- HOUSE rancy the open spaces about the build-
on Eighth avenue off Cumberland . ^ . , d ,n the of wavjng
Road; full basement, pressed brick;"6 ��� *, n .., wv.
fireplace, beamed ceiling; $3600.' "heat, says Emily P. Weaver in Ihe
half cash, balance over five' years. [Toronto Globe. When the wind sweeps
O. P. Mitchell, Box 876, city.            |aver it, it appears, even in the eyes
of grown-up folk, to flow in currents
for winter months^ from middle of ; pQR   SALE_F0R    ST0VB    W00D  ,ike   ^ ot go^a wat��r; and as the
November.   Good tenants.   Box 123      phoneR1149. leason advances   the   nodding heads
News office.  |rise  higher and   higher   till  a  man
work by day or hour. Apply 204
Royal avenue.
of purchase���Comfortable house in
good central locality. Apply to R.
S., News office.
NEWS    CLASSIFIED   ADS    BRING ' may stand breast-deep amongst them,
seller and. buyer together.
board without room. 815 Agnes
'dressmaker, work by day. Apply
room 15 Edmonds Development
hlock after 7 p.m.
roomed house; central location on'
car line. $40, A. W. McLeod, 657
Columbia street.
club rooms or light manufacturing,
2520 square feet of floor space. Apply to manager the News.
von street.
527  Carnar-
small family; good wages for suitable girl; must have references. Ap-
jily to Mrs. Hawkshaw, 309 Pino
watch opposite the Japanese rooming house at foot of Twelfth street
yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock.
Horse's head engraved on back of
watch. Finder will be rewarded on
leaving same at the Daily News
day or week, over Royal Bank of
Canada, 654 Columbia street.
few minutes walk from post office.
608 Victoria street.
house close to Central school. Apply to 234 Seventh street
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 0. Knights ef Pythias
hnll, coi wer Kighth street and Agnes
1X1ST���BAY HORSE,    BRAND    "K,"
seven years old, black hair on neck.
Finder return   to   Bharat   Trading  PITMAN'S
Co.,    883    Columbia    street,    New
Westminster.   Reward. f
open. Big pay. You'll have to hurry
to get it.   701 Columbia, Room 12.
by certified lady teacher. Proficiency guaranteed. Terms moderate.
Box 122 News ofiice.
five and ten dollar bills, between
Columbia and Eighth streets, or on
Sixth street car. Finder please re-1
turn to Daily News office and receive liberal reward.
Vehicular Traffic���Douglas  Road.
In consequence cf the erection of a
.IjOST���WILL PARTY WHO PICKED   new   Bridge  over   Still   Creek,  this
rip waterproof coat   with   pair   of j Road wl�� be closed for through Traffics in pocket kindlv leave at th) I fio until 'urther notice.
"Westminster Woodworking company
and get reward.
All persons liaving claims   again3t
Messrs. Poirier & Paquette on account
-of Crystal Dairy and Stable Buildings
���are requested to have some sent in to
Mr. C. H. Clow, architect, P. O. Box
105, not later than the 21st inst.
New Westminster, B.C.
October 15, 1912.
Curtis Btock, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Municipal Engineer,
Municipal Hall,   Edmonds, B. C, October 5, 1912.
October 2nd., 1912.
The Corporation invites Tenders for
the construction of about 7% miles of
combined sewers for Districts A, B.
and cutfall in Section No. 2 of Sapperton System. Laying Reinforced
Concrete Pipe, 20 to 54 inches in diameter, or construction of Monolithic
Reinforced Concrete Sewers, providing and laying Vitrified Pipes up to IS
Inches diameter. Twin 48-inch
Syphon and outfall.
Further information, Specifications
and Plans may be obtained from J.W.
R. Blackman M. Can. Soc. C. E., City
Tenders to be delivered to the undersigned, accompanied by a marked
cheque of 5 per cent, on the amount
snd a little-child may be quite lost to
view. So literally true ii this that
the prairie mother fears when the crop
is high to let her toddling, adventurous little one out of _her, sight lest he
ihould be tempted- to go exploring in
the trackless grain, that, still resembling water, would close after him,
leaving never a sign of his passage.
The houses are usually placed with
more regard to the convenience of
working the farm than to the proximity of neighbors, and even in a fairly
well-settled district may be a mile nr
two apart. In such a case, the several
members of a family are greatly dependent on each other for all the comfort and brightness of life. Happily
this often results in extremely strong
family feeling, though the circumstances favor the development of
markedly different characteristics in
the different members. Generally
speaking, each child has room to grow
with little let or hindrance from tiie
pressure of other individualities, and,
being exposed to fewer distractions
than the youngsters of large towns
nnd cities, is possibly more likely to
discover iiis own particular talent in
>od time. At ai.y rate in the tiny
community <*l a single home, it is
beneficial to ail when one member
shows some definite "b^ut," especially
in the direction of a rrartical accomplishment. The others naturally stand
aside tp let him. or her, exercise the
special talent; ar.d of course it grows
little  fellow shows an
Fifty acres all cleared but Hi
-acres, and all under cultivation/ three of the Tender, on or before Oct. 24,
acre orchard; 21 acres of hay. Ten 1912. The lowest or any Tender not
Toomed liouse, stone foundation and j necessarily accepted,
cellar; barn 40x60 with lean-to; hog Plans and Specifications can be obtained by depositing $25.08 with the
City Treasurer.
(Sfgned). W. A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
28x36; large fowl house. Per-
petnally flowing creek along back end
of property; considerable standing
timber; perfect drainage. Price
$21,000; one-quarter cash; terms.
Woold consider trade for revenue
producing city property.
This can be leased. Three year term
if required for $25 an acre. Some machinery goes with the farm.
Insures Sleep'
You may wake up   tomorrow night
��� and find your home filled with smoke.
and you do not carry a dollar's worth
��f insurance.    A fire  policy ccsts but
Does it pay you to take chances?
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile,  Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
The Corporation invites Tenders for
the supply of about 10,400 feet of reinforced Concrete Pipe of the lock or
continuous jointed type, in sizes from
20 to 54 inches, for Districts A. B and
outfall of Ssctfou No. 2 of Sapperton
Further information. Specifications
tnd 1'lana n>av be obtained from .T. W
1. BlaoVman ST. Can. Soc. C. B., Cify
Tenders to be delivered to the un
derslgned, accompanied by a marked
cheque nf o per cent, on the amount of
the Tender; on or before Oct. 24, 1012.
The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Plans and Specifications can be obtained by depositing .$25.00 with th*;
City Treasurer.
(Signed). W. A. DUNCAN.
City CTerk.
Exclusive sale of 9 lots, 52xlC4,
with 20 foot lane in the rear, on
JSewcome Hoad and Thirteenth Ave..
Kast Burnaby. Price $550; $50 down
balance, $15 per month.
Four and a half acres in Surrey.
10 miles from New Westminster and
1 mile from Sullivan station. B.C.E.R.
t*-*ee $800; *100 down and balance
Sl��* per month.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
tPhone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
The Corporation invites Tenders for
the supply of about 1660 feet of 48-
inch Steel Pipe. lilends and Specials
for outfall and Syphon of Section No.
2 of Sapperton System.
Furtlier information, Specifications
and Plans may be obtained from J. W.
B. Blackman M. Can. Soc. C. E., City
Tenders are to be delivered to the
undesigned, accompanied by a marked cheque of 5 per cent, on the
amount of the Tender, on or before
Oct. 24, 1912. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Plans and specifications can be obtained by depositing $25.00 with the
City Treasurer.
(Signed). W. A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
by use
aptitude for understands 3 tlie intricacies of machinery, it will not be
long before his powers of making a
necessary repair to the washer or the
sewing machine are tested hi preference to sending the machine at once
to a distant and expena've expert. If
a girl displays a tast? for millinery
cr dressmaking, the making of the
family hctj or blouses will soon be-
cin to come her way, and. incidental
Iv, she wiil speedily Improve in her
Alike in east and west, work on a
farm has a tendency to come on with
a rush in certain seasons, and then it
must be a very small or a very stupid
child   who   cannot   contribute   some
help iu  the  eencral  stress.    At  such
times, even if not as a rule greatly
enamored of his small routine duties,
the  normal  child  is  keenlv  alive  t"
the dignity of labor, and will valiantly and with vast enjoyment play his
little part amon��st  the  m��n.    Everyone   who   has   lived   in   the   country
knows that such seasons of sires-* are
nf   pretty   frequent  occurrence.    Thus
the  boys  and  girls  pet  their  training
earlv. by what ore might call "short
courses," in the work oi men and women; and a good thing it is that they
do,   so   long    as    the    pressure  upon
them is not too heavy and continuous
It is prettv generally conceded that
the farm, with its pure air. it* simn'e,
wholesome food. and its spaciousness,
i< a fire place for children physically.
The advantages of its mental atmosphere are probably Quite as great for
the young mind which needs to be fed.
but niicrht not to be forced.   Country
sights  and  country sounds  give  the
most intelligent child ample food for
thought, whilst the country quiet affords him a chance to assimilate this
food.   He has time to think his own
thoughts and dream his own dreams
undisturbed by the rush and change
and  distractions  of  the city.    If  he
car��s for readme, or even as a child
loves to be read to, few books may be
available, but he will get at the hearts
or three he has.   Probably he will take
longer to develop and perhaps all his
life  will   remain  a  slower man  than
his city-bred cousin���slower in movement, in speech, in the readiness to
stake  great  things  on  a  new   idea���
I but on this continent at least we are
, in much more danger from overhast'-
1 than   from   undue   deliberation';   and
the  men   and  women  trained  on  the
farm   are   our   chief   hops   nl. esca'x-
from   the   wreck    of   our  civilisation
through nervous impatience and reck-
les- speedliilg to our goals of individual
ami national fortune.
The country-bred children (I do not
say onl.v the fanners' children) of the
last generation have given many a
leader to the present generation, and
at this moment the farms of east and
west alike are raising a crop of humanity of infinitely more promise and
value than any other croo whatsoever.
The pleasures of the farmer's children are generally simple and natural. Whether tliey have few toys or
many, they are never at a loss for
playthings, and there i.s always something happening on a farm to make
life interesting. It may be the making nf the Christmas pudding or the
preparing of some marvellous surprise
'<" "Daddy's birthday"; the arrival of
a new calf in the barn or the trial of
a recently-purchased Bteam plow; the
advent of a visitor or the coming of
the thresher and his "outfit." The
life may seem monotonous to grownup folk, but to the children its variety
is endless.
Kach district in the west���the open
prairies, the northerly woods and the
regions of wild mountains and valleya
���has its own story to te 1 of prolific
life, snd the oliild who lives close tc
nature oatchea man/ of her secrets.
The Crucial Moment Comes When She
Takes the Water.
That a launch is a matter of mathematics, as well as o! great skill and
iabor, is shown by the fact that the
man of science wlio has the matter in
charge always makes a set of calculations showing the strain of the ship
and its precise condition at practically every tout of the journey down yie
If a boat should get in the way or
if it shouid tuke an unusual length
of time to knock out the keel blocks,
or if any one of half a dozen things
should cause serious delay, the scientific man knows just how long he can
wait and just how far the limit of
safety extends.
There is always one supreme mo-
ment in a launch and it is at a time
that escapes the average spectator.
It is when the vessel g^.i fairly well
in* > the water. This is when an important factor known as the "moment of buoyancy" conies into play.
If you can imagine a vessel sliding
down an inclii.e without any water
into whicii to drop you can see that
the vessel would tip down suddenly
at the end wliich has left the ways
and would rise at the end still on the
incline. But really in successful
launches the stern of the vessel is
gradually lifted up by the water, and
this throws the weight forward on that
part of the ship still resting on the
ways. The force of the water is called
the "moment of buoyancy," and the
natural tendency of the ship to drop
to the bottom of the stream is celled
the "moment of weight."
Now, the moment of buoyancy
must always ht greater than the moment of weigl.t, but it mu-t not be
very much greater, for if it were it
would throw too much weight forward
on the part of tlie ship still on the
ways and might break them down or
injur-3 the plates or keel. When the
English battleship Ramiliies was
launched this did really happen, and
so great was the strain near the bow
that parts of the cradle were actually
pushed right into the bottom of the
It is this danger of disaster thnt
causes the scientific launcher to make
the most careful calculations as to
the condition.) surrounding the ship
at every foot of her journey into tlie
When Evey Sailor Wore a Queue.
The sailors' broad collars were devised so that tlie powd-sr or tar on the
wearer's queues should  not come ofl
on the blouse.   In tlie old days every
sailor wore his hair in a qu��ue and
either   had   the   queue   powdered   or
held  together  by  tar.   This was not
good  for the blouse  or jacket underneath.   80   detachable   broa.l   collars
were added.   Sailors stopped wearing
queues a century azo.    But they stii.
wear   the   wide   collar.     When   {.Ord
Nelson died the British navy went in
to   mourning   for   him.     Sailors   pu'
broad black ribbor.j on their caps and
black ribbons on their blouses.   Anc.
the ribbons  remain  to this day. not
only on the ur.i orins of British sailors,
but on those of other navies as well
The broad "b?ll shaped" ends of sail
ors' trouser legs were thus shape.! sr
that   the   wearer   might   more  easily
turn his trousers up above liis knee-
when lie had to swab the decks. Dec!
swabbing was a  hateful  and suppofl
edly degrading task.    Hence the sail
ors calle I their enemies "swabs" as a
term  of contempt.
The  Greatest Sin-er.
Pr bably the most remarkable sir-gei
of ail time was Karinelli, the beaut}
of  whose soprano  voice  remains  un
equalled.     It   was  of   lanre  compass
three  and  a  half  octaves,  exceedim
the   ordinary  range   by   six  er sevei
notes.    His   debut   at   seventeen   a'
Rome in  1722  was extraordiary  fron
his competing with a trumpet plays
in sustaining and  swelling a note ������
astonishing   length   and   power.    Foi
fifteen years he traveled extensively
anl ha reached P.iain in 1737, Intend-
ing to stay a few months, but remain
ing  twenty-five  years.     Philip  V.   o.
Spain had fallen into a profound mc
Iancholy, and the queen found Farin
elli's voice the only remedy.
Punishments That Are Meted Out to
British Sailors.
For Infraction of regulations some
curious punishments are meted out in
tbe English navy. It ls an every day
occurrence, says the London Tit-Bits,
to see half a dozen sailors lined up on
deck facing tbe paint work, holding
tbeir hammocks on tbeir shoulders. At
first tbe hammock laa't heavy, but after au bour or so It drags on one's
shoulders like lend. Besides, it Is not
at all entertaining to stare fixedly at a
square foot of painted woodwork for
an bour or more at a time.
Another punishment tbat Jack despises Is balling wltb s spoon. Be is
plsced upon the deck, wltb two large
.woollen buckets, one filled wltb wnter
snd tbe otber empty. Wltb s spoon he
must Alii nil tbs water lima* oue bucket snd transfer It to the other, being
meanwhile tbe butt of tilw comrades'
Jests and Jeers.
Sometimes a delinquent I* made te
wnlk slowly backward aod forwurd
slung tbe deck, nursing lu tile arms a
alx Inch projectile, weighing a little
over 100 pounds. Once a anllor who
laughed nt tbe stammering a|ieecli of
hla commander  waa made to stand
Ask your droggiet fbr
IL  If he can Dot nujiply     .
tbe  MARVEL, accept no
otber, bat eend stamp fur Ulni     .
trated book���aealod. It slvee tall
particulars and directions lnvalnabla
lo Udlea. WINDSOR BUPPLV CO.. Windsor, Oni
General AfeuU for Canada.
Household Voters.
Applications to be placed   on   tho
Household Voters' List will be received up to November 1, 1912.
The qualification Is being a Britisli
subjeot of full age and a resident
householder for six months Immediately preceding the date of application, and as such householder having
paid a rental value of not less tban
One Hundred Dollars a year.
City Clerk.
City Hall, October 10, 1912.
it is the Intention of the Harbour City
upon tbe forvbridge In full view of the Electric Company, Limited, after one
ahlp'a vrew aud laugh for au bour and month from the 25th inst to make ap-
u half. {plication to the   Registrar   of   Joint
Hplttlng upon the deck of a mnn of-   Stock Companies for his approval of
war la ntrletly prohibited.    Cuspidors   the change of the   Company's   name
are placed at Intervals along the deck,
nnd these muat be used. .Upon mime
ships when n sailor la caught spitting
upon tbe deck a small tub bt strapped
to his cheat, nnd he Is made to wear It
Any one wbo cbooaes may use this
walking receptacle. The offender thus
puuiabed rarely repents bis offense.
It Was Convenient When Creditors Became Too Insistent.
Id tbe year IH48 or thereabout, being worried by duus In Paris, Balzac
took lodgings In l'asay. than a village
lo the environs, at a bouae Ib the Rue
Basse. There Is little remarkable
about tbe front of tbe bouse.    It Is
from the Harbour City Electric Company, Limited, to The Harbor City
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated tho 20th   day of September,
A. D., 1912.
Director. E. J. C. SHAW,
Solicitor for the Company.
Notice Concerning Tenders for Timber Supplies.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, endorsed "Tender*
for Timber" will be received up to
noon on Tuesday the 12th of Novero-
Just a plain, white, two storied French ber' m2' for tlle following descriptions of timber: Birch, Cedar, Spruce,
Pine, Oak, Fir, Teak, all being for delivery at H. M. C. Dockyards at Hall-
fax, N. S., and EBqulmalt, B. C. Forms
of tender may be had by application
to the undersigned or to the Naval
Store Officer at either Dockyard:
Unauthorized publication of this notice will not be naid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service.
Department of the Naval Service, Ottawa, Oct. 8, 1912.
Something Like It.
"Will you have some mocking bin'
A new waitress in a family hotel or
fhe fiill startled the diners one even-
ini: by asking this question.
"Ill not eat at this hotel again
I'm a member of the Audubon society.
Tiie very idea I Making soup out of
mocking birds!" indignantly remarked  a  woman.
TV. fake n chance on it just one,"
said Fr, r husband.
The waitress went to tiie kitchen
and returned.
"I made *. mi*taSs," she said. "It
Was mock  turtle s >up."
dwelling of a hundred years ago or of
today for tbat mutter.
But at the back Is s garden, and at
tbe bottom of tbe garden Is s doorway
leading Into one of tbe oldest lanes lo
tbe world, from tbe look of It Truly,
tbls ruelle, witb Its crumbling walls of
stone and plaster. Its try and Its shade
of overhanging trees. Is as happily devoid of suggestions of modern "improvements" as anything to bs found
within tbe suburbs of Paris.
By means of tbls byway Balzac,
when Insistent voices from within tbe
bouae reached bia ears aa be worked
Id bis little pavilion st tbe end of tbe
garden, conld avoid tbe unpleasantness
of an Interview wttb any bolder of tbe
overdue bills wblcb throughout bis life
were the only tangible resulta of bis
experiments as a printer and typefounder.
It needs but little Imagination to see
him hurry off down the lane, batlesa
and Id slippers, to await events, wblle
be dreams of exploiting Ibe Jewels of
tbe Oolconda or tbe silver mines of tbe
new world.
Nature's Carving*.
Tbere la a rock profile to be seen oa
Mount Wilson, California, wblcb Is
more strlklns than the fsmous forms-
Mod In tbe White mountains, although
tbe former Is sold by aome to bs the
most perfect of all of ������nature's earrings " The features sre strong snd
full of expression sod tbs contour of
tbe bend of correct proportions, ths
forehead lofty, the eyebrows Jutting,
snd tue aquiline mme Is exceedingly
rigorous. Xtta montli Is bard snd set.
but complete Id detail, and even tb*
line from ths nostril to tbs corner of
the mouth sod tae ragged modeling of
tbe cheek are dlntlactl/ marked. Tb*
cblD aod Jaw sre correctly sculptured,
und even tb* Iln* of tb* blgb collar
and old fashioned cost msy be seen on
tbla remarkabl* bowlder.
Teacher    wanted    for    the    Night
|S'; ..,0.    Applicants are requested to
j write  stating  qualifications  and  sal-
I srv  'equlred.   and   must  hold   B.  C.
ccrtlf'cates.    The schools wlll   open
on three nights per week.
I    App)!nationi< to reach the secretary
by noon cn Th'irsdav. Octcber 17.
Snr,mn1m-���    pf     Rnnrfl     ���f    $ChOOl    TniS-
tees, New Westminster, B. C.
It Is requested that all persons do*
siring to attend the Night Schools,
which will shortly be opened, send
Iheir names and addresses to the secretary's office not later than noon ou
Thursday. October 17. If sufficient
names are not enrolled, the school 1
will not be started until the required
number is obtained.
Secretary, Board cf School Trustees,
New Westminster. B. C.
The V/v-h Boiler.
A faucet on the WB��h boiler is said
lo be an exceflent thing.' Instead pi
lifting out the clothes after lioiliriL'
ihem open the faucet aniilet the L��> -i t
ing suifs drain into a tub or pail. The
clothes may be more easily removed U
the rihsing tub after tlie boiling water
has been drawn off. A plumber will
be nh'41 to fit a faucet to 11 boiler nt
small oxiien.se.
A  Deduction,
Bugby���Who was that lady who sat
beside you at the theatre the otlier
Smith���-Why, that was my wife.
Ilugby���Oh, I don't mean the one
who sat on your right. I mean the
one you talked with.
How She Took  It.
Harry���Here is a conundrum:
When is two an odd and lucky number?
OJin��� You know I never can guesc
Harry���When two are made one.
Cells���Oh, Hurry, this is so sudden!
His Money All In Stocks.
"There's money in stocks," mitl the
man who is young and enthusiastic.
"Yes." replied the seasoned friend,
"I'm sure there is. I have been putting half my salary there for the last
four years, and it's all there yet."
The Banana.
Tbe banana plant bears frnlt every
year.   It Is one of tb* moat productive
plants In tbe world and feeds mor*   Sale  made  )>etween   tbo    aforessld
* I   T���_^.     A       T*_an_     mm   T ��� r\ -r\A c\**>   nnd   ThnffllJ
people than any otner known to msn
NrvriCF is hereby tAvon tliat mir-
suant to Section US of the Land Registry ; jt, I Intend at the expiration
of 30 davs from the date hereof to
cancel the registration of a certain
Agreement of Sale dated Nov. 39th,
1910, made between WilHam F. Mon-
crleff (whose name Is sometimes
spelled "Moncrellt") e* Vendor, and
Mrs. Jane A. Vater (wife ef Albert
Vater) as Vendee, and on November
29th, 1910, a   certain   Agreement  of
Jane A. Vater, aa Vendor and Thomas
\7rns \Z: MtimkM SS'SffttS i 2} j- SSSJS theende.a��d'nv:nbdor
a third of the hnni.n rsce depend al- l^ffffi&JfiJflS
moat wholly for their existence upon flye (5) ,f| subdivision of District Lot
the banuna. That Ibe fruit Is amply Three Hundred and fifty-eight (368).
able to sustain life, and te sustain It New Westminster District, according
in a very aatlsfactory manner, la dem- J to a plan of same deposited In th*
onstrnted by the fact tbat the millions Land Registry Office st the City of
who live on prsctlcslly notblng ela* 'New Westminster, B. C. which appli-
get along very welt with It and appear.! cajUm ^^^1��S^SSS^
to be mh stronir and active as thus* ^bte adtiress was 310 Hastings St.,
to ne as strong ana *��"*" laoam Vancouver, B. C, as agent for said
who live on other klnda of food. "J", ^ Vend;e
  AND I do order publication of this
The Plan* Case.. Notice for one month   in   the   dailv
To restore pollsb on s plnno eas* newspaper published at New West-
first dust It with a dry, soft cloth, tben jtnlnster, B. C, shall be good and suf-
dip u piece of chamois skin of good ; ficient service.
size In clear, cold water and wring ss DATED at NEW WESTMINSTER
dry as possible, rub over tbe piano 'this twenty-third day of September,
wltb this and If th* skin becomes soil-   1912-
C. 8. KEITH.
District Reg'strsr
mi ���   ��� **
ed rinse well and use sgaln, always
wringing na clear of water as possible
each Ume. Wben it Is Clean polish
wltb a soft dry skis.
An lmpr*v*m*nt.
" "Mrs. Newrlcb bss put a beauttfullj
earved sundial la bar Italian garden."
"And ah* has arranged to bave It
electrically lighted at nlgbt ao ab* can
tell tbe time at all hoora."-Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
8h* Hit Baek,
fio-Women bare no real lodgment In
seriona matters.   Bhe-Yas. and msn
count on tbat wben thsf ask woman to
marry them.-Baltlmor* American.
Disgrace la Immortal and living even
when on* tblnk* It dead.-riautua.
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46 Lorne Street,  Nsw Wsstmlnstsr. ��UR��OAY,  OCTOBER   rr,   ,.,i
Attorney   Zabel   Says   Roose- j To Aid in Clearl
velt's Assailant Is Sane���Prisoner
Expresses   Regret.
sum m saw
"9 Land Department I Refus., of Turk.y t0   Reply ���   ^
Milwaukee, Wis.,   Oct.
cf Agriculture Announces  New
Makes Another Addres. Necessary
���Fortress    Falla.
am, a��rc s* *3ES -Sttii?��fisto fss
kee County, who is said to be the only   g,eneral  8ystera  of aid  to  settle���!?
Socialist State's Attorney i��� the cou/  fncf'uVX*, w" W* ta tu'aProv Itne9e "tatM to addres,
onr'm��0i0nel    Roosevelt's   assailant.   sUtutes UwugKthe lrv"   V"1   ,��� , ,��   c,lnister��   of Bulgaria, Servli
"We Furnish- Your Home Comp/st..-
one month.      ^^^^^^^^^^m
He said, first, tbat It was only rea
sonable to await the result of Colone>
Roosevelt's Injury before placing Sch
rank on trial; second, that he bad no
desire "to crowd the defendant unduly," and, third, that it "would be unwise to call the case during the final
struggle   of   the    presidential
"It is  my  desire
London, Oct. 16.���Turkey's refusal j
to reply to the note of the Balkan j
States will in all prcbabil.ty, impel J
these states to address an actual uld- '
rr.ntiiia*   *ra  *t.m   *,.
-. rp       . n     ay uli     I
, .���   ,.���    ,,;,,,.     Muppnes ol Jtantinople, although d plomatlc rela
stumping powder to bona flde settlers dons are virtually ended because   of J
free of cost    upon    cond.tlons which -he recall of the   Turkish   ministers |
shall bo equitable both to the settler irnm a"B��   **"'      J
and to the province.   The eettler wiu
. u,niOU      llllllli
I'rom Sofia, Belgrade and Athens.
The conclusion of peace between
Italy and Turkey removes much of thc
uneasiness felt in Kurope a3 to the
consequence of tbe Balkan war. Tbe
German foreign secretary referring to
this at Berlin today said that It would
facilitate ttam  I���������-������--
ment  ^^^^^^^^^^H|
The only  additional military news
reaching here today told of the cap
t re of the fortress of Houms by tbe
Premier   Venizelos,   in the   Greek
chamber, announced   tbat   the Greek
ftrnm.        *********^
....  ,.   .....im.    iue uettier wiu
Is desirous of benefitting from this
boon can obtain details of how to secure it from his provincial representative, from a secretary of hia  local  ^^^^^
agricultural society or farmers' in3'.i-  <*��������.* ****'o mat itwomu
*   -o.ire   io   trv this  ca���  tute, or, falling both these, by d'rect   facilitate the localizing of the war-a
whh to avoid having the plain crim-      The Problem of how best  to solve   ment.
inal aspects of the case In any way  ,he <f��estlon of the   clearing   of the
Involved In the national political situ-  IaD<i6 of this Province so as to mak*
atlon.   It would not be fair to any of  them available   for   agricultural   pur-
the people Involved to do so.    If   we  P��8es ls a bl& one-     The   BtiSSestiori
went to trial before election day, it is I h��8 *>��"> ^ade <*��1  �����   government
almost certain that the matter In one ' should assist settlers bv direct grant. . ���vuuobq   mat   the Oreek
wayor other"woi'^ dragged Into I That suggestion is  under   consdera-   fleet was equipped for a war lasting a
the campaign by one or another of the   ''on-     Meanwhile, the pr:or step has   year.
big political parties." I be*n taken of providing settlers with Another Fortress Falls.
Taking up a d'sciisslon of the case   t,ie material with which tbey can at-      Podgoritza, Oct. 16.���The fortres3 0f
as    viewed    by him, the   Milwaukee  *0"iPt  the  work  of stumping.    This   Houms,  the  last  betwen   Tushl   and
countv prosecutor said thnt as far as  should  be successful, in view of the   Scutari,    surrendered    today    to   the
surface indication went, Schrar.k wa3   tact thnt t,,e    explosive    material H   Montenegrins.      Among   the Turkish
sane. provided, and only the Ind v dual ef-   prisoners already captured are 62 of
"If Schrank Is insane," said Mr. Za-  fort ls required.    But if the results  ficer3, including   a   colonel and   the
bei, "it seems that there is method  of thls experiment do not gfve the r?   Commander of Tushl.
In  hls madness  when he selects for  turns expected. then   further   action      Addressing the war correspondents
the scene of his crime a state where  Irav be   considered    by the    govern-   at a reception   this   aftemo��"    *n-
there is no capital punishment. , ment. but In  the meantime  the sup    ���
"Also, I am Informed   In messages I "Iv of free powder is considered as a
from New Vork. there has been no in-  A'aiinoliv   advance   step,     it
sanifv in Schrank's family as far bi  **"* has been    taken bv rr
can be  traced.      The man    present*   Province, and is further proof of th
nono of the usual surface Indication i  (lesire ot the government   to   ev'end
of insanity." I "' co-ooerat'on to the settlers where
The state's attorney said be bellev-  " n2n be Sone to the   P'JbV.o advan
ed Schrank had no aceomrl'ce or ad-  tase.
vlsers  In   H*r* r..t���
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at a reception   this   afternoon,   King
Nicholas said that   he regretted   tbe
bloodshed, but thought It would result
is one   jn a new an<j better era of freedom
other  aad civilization.
if   lh->
visers in~thm~Z* "" acc6m"l'ce or ad-  <age.
IM Of Pnlnn   f I���'  ��T  tHat  tl,P  AoOt- , 	
mg of Colonel Roosevelt was the nut
gr?.I,.h.��Vconc_����:t��<J Plan* ��Ut" | CANADIANS   SLOW  TO
Just before  Schrank   lay  down   to |
sleep in his cell at 9 o'clock tonight]    , onuon   0ct    ]6���In   lii3
be ernreased the first words of retrret  before th; r    al ct,lnmiS3;on
that he has tittered since the shoot-  ���...-*-
London, Oct.   16.-
as n
- _    -_��� mara,.*llia.-li*UlL      VOW    C.
(juiriiiR into empire trido   cond tions
Sir Clement Kinloch-Ooke. cha'rman
"I'm  sorry  I shot." he    to'.A   ��  *t cf the Central* Emigrat'on Board, said
deputy sheriff was locking him up for  tl)at   emigrallcn     Bt)fferr(!   from   th,
the  night      Then   Behrsnk   dronped  apathv of the home government and
down on his cot and within half an also lack of contInuIty   ln pci;cv  0���
Hour was asleep. the nart of the Overscan   Dominions.
flo  hr as  the ia I attaches  knew sir clemeIlt> wl)0 fa a wfII known pilfc
Schrank    was   not   Informed   tori����M  ,icl8t anl Journai:st. havlmc for a lon,
whe^er Colonel Soowntt was dead t:R1K been MBOC.ated   with the   lats
or alive. - He had exhibited no curios- Ceci, nho<Ie4t Btronglv advocated the
ity on thl^s noint ���    fornlat|on of an (rnpfHal b-fird of emi-
Jt *    �� .    ,,V",r *"'  .       T     gratioi for the beneflt of all the over-
N��vj0rfc Oct.   16-Inspector   .To  scas domlnion8.
senh  Faurot. one of tie evpert  ld-n-      Pl.PS3ej   bv  sir  Rider' Haggard   as
tfica ion men of tbe New \ork detec-  t0 v.hPfher ,here was a >urp,���8 of aR.
five bureau, will spend the nevt fort-  r-.rrUt,r!,* loi,���_ ._ r.^,.  ���
pbt  Katherlmr   ���������  ��...������'
Will Not dene Ultimatum.
��� London, Oet. 16.���According to th��
Sofia correspondent of the Daily Mall
the allied Balkan States have decided
not to send an ultimatum to Turkey,
but to announce the rupture of diplo
matic relations in royal manifestos.
After   Aeroplanes.
Berlfn. Oct. 16.���Turkey is negotiat
ing  with  German   manufacturers  foi
*he purchase of  aeroplanes, and   haf
also   engaged    military   aviators    as
trainers.   Both Turkey and the    Bai
kan States are making endeavors t;
buy war automobiles in Germany,
here in splendid assortments.
Four gieat floors devoted to
this department. We show
the cheaper lines as well, in
every grade. We can fit out
rooms from $17.50 each to as
high as your inclination goes.
 .   .���c.<= ma*, a surplus of ng*
. ,,      ...   ���""" U"",;"'.V lor' rerltural labcr in Britain with which
nlghl   gathering   everv  ava lab e   de-  to surrlv the dominions   the   witness
?.1-BJ - admits <w~  -	
���a'l regardtn* John Bchra..... .������ ,,, 	
-yew York city.    The   police   declara  ?^!lt^ there was not much furthw
that   he came    from an
... ���m.**. Bc0r,c to exploit   the   home   agricul-
ancestry In  t���rnl   ���������,.,.,'.,._   .
        u..    ancestry in  :""7   '"  T'.'-0'1 Z"6   h?me,aBrlcul
which Insanity was frequent and had  "n'1   P��Pl,Ilt10"   fur  emigration   pur-
been   nresiimably slightly  unbalanced   P��^!!'.ol��� ,,���       .    , .,      /      u
mentally for several years.    The un-'  J���n''l\n ard ^f the ?l!rchLaTOy
hinging cf his mind is believed to 9L t T���* a^vanCfd b";���the ,a��-
date either, from the death of bis **ZaZ V *Ve,:,RT^ts f "'ng for
aunt in 1H07. or from the death of a tc"nadra camf 'b,aCK, Jer> Bl��Y'y but
girl friend in the Slccum disaster.      .��*���    Q^'��sland    lsdj     repa'd     the
The  Information   thus   far   In   Hie  mono> advanced to the last penny,
hands of the police shows that Sch
rank was born iu Bavaria and came   MERGER   RUMORED  OF
to this country when   nine years   old TWO    EA8TERN    BANKS
with  an   uncle. Dominick   Klammang, i _____
whose name the boy bore for many Halifax, Oct. 16.���A rumor is pub-
years. Ills father Is said to have suf- Hghed tonight that negotiations are on
fered from Insane delusions and his foot for a merger of the Banks of
grandfather, a wealthy Bavarian Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the
brewer, also exhibited unsoundness of former bank absorbing tne latter, a
mind In his declining years. leading broker   as;>ed   about  It,  saie
Mra. Flammang died In a hospital that It was well known that the Ban'
In 1907. and her husband died a few , Cf Nova Scolia for some time had it
yenri later. Schrank. who was de-1 latch strings out fcr the Bank cf Ne��
voted to hls aunt, made a scene in Brunswick. Mr. J. V. Pay: ant. prei*
the room where she died, refusing to | dent of the Bank of Nova Scotia, said
leave her body until he   was forcibly, he did   not   know   of nesotiations  oi
mleratmA ^^^^^^^^^m
'."lipped   From   Here   in   Bad
Shape at  Caska'con.
Saskatoon, Sask., Oct. 16.���Fruit In
spector Davies confiscated   a carload
of what were once nice Juicy California  rlums   when   shipped   to   Saska-
tocn, but on account of being delayed
on the road became decayed and only
flt for the refuse pile.   The car containing the fruit was standing on the
Twenty-fourth   street   railway   siding
and had not the   inspector   been appraiser of it he would have soon found
out from the odor.   The fruit Is now
being destroyed by the health depart
aient In the usual manner.     The cai
"onta'ned .12.440 pounds of plums. Th'
���ir was shipped from Br'tish Colum
Va  on   September 20. and   wag   con
ii?ned to a local firm, but was refused
-���n arrival here bv the consignee   on
'he ground that the fruit was in bad
condition and unfit for consumption.
Send Us Ycur TeIephon3 and Mail Orders
London. Oct. 16.���Lord Hvthe has
declined the Duke of Westminster'<
Invitation to the Thousand-Pound
Imperial Fund banquet, which takes
place this evening. His lordship
states that he would gladly contribute
a thousand poimds for the furtherance of Imperial Preference, but he
feels It wonld be a sheer waste of
money to do so under the conditions.
There is not the remotest prospect of
Imperlal Preference being carried so
long as the Home Rule question remains unnettled. Imperlal and domestic   questions   are   submitted    to  the
what was doing In the matter, but h*
hoped the news was true. It would b
a good thing, he said. A promlnen
official cf the Bank of Nova gr.otl>>
sa'd he had nothing to say about th
alleged negotiations, but where there
wa.a smoke there must be some flre
Mr. Basson, formerlv of the Bnnk o'
I Nova Scotia,, recentlv was appointee
general manager of tbe Bink of Nev
Brunswick. Tbe opinion here Is tha1
the merger v/11! eventually take place
Lethbrldge, Alta., Oct. 16.���The In
ability of some of the evhlbitors from
tbe States and from afar to get their
nc uni-HiiiiuH ara Huuniiuen io mo exhibits here In time to Install them
electorate In the sairssconfused Issue, for the proposed opening of the ex-
and the leaders of the Unionist partv | position has necessitated the post
continue to sacrifice the Interests of .....
their party and the country and the
emnlre to tbe racial and religious
pre.ludlces of the Ulstermen.
The Home Tlt.lo nuestloi or-ce belnrr
disposed ef, savs Lord Hvt'"\ a* ���*
ought to be on federal llnpfl, tbnn the
policy which the Imperial fn^d Is being raised to "rotrote wou'd have
some nrospect rf being parried.
Lord  Hyttie is the eldest   son
Lord Brassey.
Fire Burns 200 Years.
Newcastle, Eng., Oct. 16.���A remarkable case oaine before the North
Cumberland Revision Court during
tbe consideration of tbe lodger vote.
It seems that a voter has a cottage 15
miles from Glsland which was only
reached by horseback. The cottage is
one of four on a moorland of 8000
acres. It has beeti In the possession
of one family generation after generation for 600 years, and lt ls said that
the kitchen flre in which peat Is burned, has kept alight for two centuries.
A child living In the cottage had
not seen another ohtld for the past
two years and tbe voter Is obliged to
walk 15 miles to a polling station on
election day.
ponement of the formal opening until
Monday morning st 11 o'clock.
The exposition committee and the
executive of the board of control havo
discussed the advisability of this mov
at length and have conferred with ttii
exhibitors, and finding the sent'mont
in favor of putting off tlie opening un
til the first of the week, have done so
The exposition promises to be one
of the greatest affairs of the kind ever
lield In Canada and the management
through the board of control, have decided to charge the general publlc an
admission to the grounds.
Mlnsrs Msy Strlks.
Cnlgsry, Alta., Oct. 16.���Palling to
get their claims for yardage submitted for arbitration, the miners ln ths
employ of the Crow's Nest Coal Company, numbering two thousand, have
practically declared they wlll v continue negotiations no longer, but will
go on a strike. Notice to this effect
has been served on the company and,
the miners claim, Ignored by that
company. The president ot the union
bas issued the statutory notice to
strike, and a board on Industrial disputes bas been asked for In an application to the minister of labor.
lta Stapa the Scene of Many Fateful
and Historic Incidents.
Tbs red etalrcaes Is vary snclsnt and
rsrj memorable tn tba history of Itus-
���bu Prom tbs Cburcb of tbs Assumption, where sli tba caara ars crowned,
it led to tbo old palace of tbe Kremlin.
so now It leads to tbe new. Tbla marble atructure waa ballt on tbe alt* of
tbo former cburcb by tbe Emperor
Nicholas, bnt he left tb* bUtorlc atalr.
Mae undisturbed.
It waa oo tbe red staircase tbat Ivan
IV,  known aa  "the  Terrible."  stood
wben be received tbo celebrated letter
(Tom Korbaki. hla traitor general, wbo
from a safe place of refuge sent a mas'
riage of defiance by bis servant   Thla
baugbty csar la said  to  bare oalled
ths foot t>f ths mesaenger to tbs red
ftairense  wltb  bia  famous Iron staff
wblle too letter was being read to him.
Tbla same Iron staff tn tbe bands of
the angry rssr afterward killed  his
ton snd heir.   Urest snd Here* was
ths .sorrow of Iv'sn over tbls horrible
tragedy, and as bs stood on tbe red
itsircsHS one night mourning for bis
���on he saw ths comet which, bs bs-
ileved. foretold bis own death.
Another historic scene oo tbe red
���tali-rase began wltb Ibe ringing or the
WO bella of Moscow, relates tbe New
Vork Herald. Iteglmenta of aoldlers.
���umbering tbouaanda, followed by a
treat crowd of people dragging cannon,
were marching to the Kremlin. Tbey
bsd been roused Into fury by s fslae
report tbst s brother of Natalia, widow
if ths Csar Alesls, bad seised tbe crown
ind that Ivan, the betr of tbs Uuaslao
throne, bad boen murdered.
Reaching thc palace, they elsmorsd
(Or vengeance. Suddenly tbe tumuli
was quelled ss Natalia appeared on tbe
platform of tbs red staircase wttb ber
two children beside ber-lvao. her feo
hla, Imbecile stepson, ahd Peter, bar
��tts bright handsome boy.
Natalia trembled aa aba fared the
ingry crowd, wbo had plared ladder*
agalnat tha rails snd climbed up to tha
platform, but ths young prtnra, l'eler,
tftsrwsrd Pater tbo Oreat, stood and
looked at thsm without showing a sign
��t test.
On July 4 168?, tho aunt yoong boya,
Iras tad fttsr, appeared oa tha red
italrcase surrounded by boyars ana
aobles, but under very different circumstances. Peter looked on tbe
crowd witb the aame calm gaze aa
when be stood holding tbe trembling
band ot bui mother before a mob Insane wltb rsge. Tbe people now greet-
td him with Joy. and tbe great procession that preceded and followed the
two brothers passed slowly down tbe
red staircase on tts way to tbe Catbe-
lral of the Assumption, wbere. amid
tbe pomp, magnificence and ceremonial
)f tbe ItusHlan cburcb. Ivan aud iviet
were crowned csara by ine imtrterrn.
The steps of tbe red *tuin-n*r imv��
oeen ascended by i-onqinrni ami eon*
guered. Napoleon am-enilvd tb������ mn>��
wben he took poxiuwfilon of Mnw-uw.
tnd perhaps be felt foretxrfllugw of nt*
leetlny when he passed over tbem foi
tbo hurt time.
-    GO TO
A Similar Mistake, J
in ono building community waa a
mechanic  wbo used to addi* sranoa
tbe mall box to louk over tbc letters.
Of tbocc tbat seemed  lutcresttna fte
tpmea soma, snd after bartog mad
tbem be would write oo tbc covciop*.-
"Opeaed by mistake.'*
Tbls happened so many times tbst
tbs rest of tbc shop force got oo sod
became resentful.
Tbs offender was lo tbc habit of
bringing a Bae luocb wltb hlm, and
tbls be bad spread oot wben tbs conspiracy waa planned. A pnony call fc
tbo telephone took him away, and
whan he came back a piece of pic with
t semicircular minus bora a card road
������Bitten by mletake."-Cblcago Peat
Pros, and QonL Mgr.
Vice-P reddest
Sec aid Traabv
���  *���  Phonea No. 7 and! S77.
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"I bought some of your GIN PILLS
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temeily I find, at to years of age, to give
pericct relief from the Kidney and
bladder Troubles incident to one of my.
age. I urgently recommend GIN PILLS
to f riv nds as being the one thing that
Ao*.* me good."     K. U. WOODFORD..
By the time a man or woman is to,
tbe Kidneys and Bladder need a little
help to krep in good working order.
GIN PILLS fire what they need. GIN
PILLS keep tbe urine neutral, prevent
colds settling on the kidneys or bladder
and ward off Rheumatic attacks.
Remember, every box of GIN PILLS
is sold with a positive guarantee to give
perfect aatisfactkm or your money
promptly refunded.
Soc. a box, 6*for |��.ja   Sample free tf
Su writs National Drugand Chemical
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THUR8DAY, OCTOBER 1��cmf mfw
r*fHICTCD    mil V   UCtllC        minion and Mexico   is given   as   th"
liFilllUlLil    WW. I    UlND      /reason for tbe withdrawal.   It is stat-
,?' fed tbst the continual disturbances in
r-���Jebed/ every    morning   except I Mexico and the  additional   fact   thai
aAtty by The National Printing and J the Mexican steamship line formerly
sbliahinR  tto.,  Ltd.,  at  their offlee. /plying between Vancouver and Mexi
'   UcKt*iii.le  StrsmffN.w   Westmln-'nn ���""' **<*****irti*,raA h�� c��..i, i��aiui��i
'��Cier, f*  C. 	
Cheiro    Tells    How    He    Prcpheshd
Parnoll's Downfall.
Many people hnve heard of Chpiro,
London soci' ty'j pet Seer, whose forecasts of people lives  were  so correct
co and subsidized by Canada has been
withdrawn, have been responsible for
  the dropping off in Canadian trade.     I ns *n ,,p snm"iimes uncanny. Not only
TELEPHONES: I. Mr- Do��ley, who la a S\mcoe man i WB4 ,hl, ^th-num a canaille "reader
Rualnpx. Offi*�� 999  ha3 heW the P03*"011 aa commissioner   0j hand.."  hut his hook  of Memoirs
��di��nri��i ntttZ. ''  991 for th? paBt ten year3'   For the pres   P*����� tli��t he is a man of great men-
ma,*****.^.'��� D;',;��"" ent   the   lntere8t*   (>f   Canadians   in   tal capacity, nnd capable ulso of put-
SUBSCRIPTION RATES. | Mexico will Be looked   after by the   ting on paner in very interestina form
British Consul. the story he has .to tell,    lt may lia
| snid    at   once   that   the   volume   of
Cheiro's Memoirs Just issued in Lon-
By carrier $4 per year, |1 Ior three
the, or 4pq per month.
By ninii $3 per  year,   or   25c   per
onth.    **. i : -������'
..-��t.- r: ���:   ���
^���^HlfiWWIW; m I QBE* :%T, -1*1*
iii di.iil.nn tl  Ki
tlie,'- fe^rifaile' state of affairs at
'Che WHHliiiliialei ittvaA Registry office
aa revealed by a report made by
three prominent citizens to the Progressive Association goes to show
'that in this as in other departments
of public life Westminster haa outgrown the status of a country town.
The fact is also patent that it is higti
���taie 'fiWllitthAtik made for institutions, compatible, with its dignity ag a
.city.    ��� aT
W6 understand  that in Vancouver
a o
��� Correspondence ���
��� **��� ���
The Westminster Daily News   does
opinions expressed "Tffwffbrt?sifcn8fefflSfe;
New Westminster, Oct. iS, 1812.
To the Editor:���
Dear Sir���My earnest desire is to
bring before tbe notice of the inhabitants of the Royal ^i^tj^jdestability of allying themselves, one ahd all,
with the work of the Overseas Club,
which is celebrating .Trafalgar Day on
Monday next in StlTWlKKfiSril. At
the present time, 1 am sure, from observations whicii have reached me.
tbat there ia a great misconception as
to the nature of this Institution. Fron
some changes for   the   better   havs some cause or another, it seems to be
| inferred that the club is an institution
consisting of Englishmen resident in
Canada. Nothing can be further from
the fact The membership includes',
without distinction or preference, Canadian, French-Canadian, Australian
English, Scotch, Irish, Welsh, South
Africans,  New  Zealanders  and  New
been made at the Land Registry
office, Wjt jjiete seems to be very
urgent need for* all round improvement Ot JJlft system in vogue in the
whole prqjitjLce ,jv;Ji?n it appears that
in no other portion of the Dominion
is there the congestion and delay that ] poiindlaTnders, ail drawn  together  in
the bonds of comradeship represented
by the Union Jack. It is the largesi
Imperial association in existence.
numbering now close upon 100,000. It
is in its essence opposed to every
mark or degree of provincialism.
The Native Sons of Canada are
prominent in its membership, it is>
strictly non-parly, non-sectarian ar.d
recognizes no distinction rf class. Th-
chief object and aim held bv the mem
-exists here.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lt is t,?>v|>e hoped that this matter
will net ;end With a report and the
passine; (ffi resolutions by various pub
lie bodie^fl If |jhq report be correct ln
every dejtiil, conditions in Westminster arewi disgrace to the province
-and constitute a very real menace to
the fair-uaw? of the city. H	
The majority of the public   of Brit-  bership Is to maintain   the   heritage
ish Columbia at some time or other handed down to ns hy our forefathers
has dealings with offices of thle'na- ,whateKver   tt*Lr J*"*   ��t   ��r\E\**   maj
.    , , ,  - , , have been.   An heritage that his been
ture, and the much needed improve- won for us }n mavy strenuous battles,
ments will therefore bo welcomed by in hard-fought legislation and by mucb
all classsMUul conditions of men. The self-sacrifice and whole heartrdnes3 ol
Progressive Association    has done a PuJP��se-     *" heritage which stand
, .   .. 14_. today as the greatest   factor   in   the
very rcalfsejrv.ee to the community by work cf civ���i2at;on which the world
its actioiiMh endorsing   the   recom- has ever seen.   An heritage which de-
mendations of its painstaking sub-corn- serves, at our  hands, the   ablest  de-
mittee, smtTive trust that other public ,ence and the m03t Powerful  advoca-
�� CIG9
bodies will also take action. ,    The days in which we live are days
It is to be regretted that a general  0f comparative ea3e, indulgence   and
exodus cf the provincial executive is  pleasure in the pursuit of which, wc. ,..,..      ,
are all apt to forget, that we have a! wm* of   lie d"-:ens !n my Lord;. and
 IJ   ...:.!_      1,    ������     mramtnmma     O r. ,1     (dai    [   I" X [>l H 1 lll'd     to
don, is orip of ths hooks of the year,
and provides.more interesting; riding
to the square inch than any "story
of a life" that we have picked up this
season. We give just three or four
experience of the author, whicii will,
we feel certain, make our readers d.e-
t'ajr- to rend Hip whole work.
hjtjiWrit-ins-of-hls-meeting wiMi Paniefl,
,����e Irish |p��dcr. he says:
���./The onlj: ojthfii occupant* iof ',1ft*
Wirriaee. wa* a gentlemifi. who sat
opposite with his hack to the engine,
and had wrapppd round his shoulders
a heavy ru? that almost concealed
his face. When, however. m7 book
was finished, as 1 laid it down I
noticed that hi* sharp cye3 were fixed
intently on th�� drawing of the hand
that adorned the cover. As I put it
asidf. in a genial hut rather bantering way, hp "aid: "So yoii evidently
beli've in hand-reading. An odd kind
of study it must be. But I sunpose,"
he addod. "it can find" its follower*.
as people believ? in the shape of the
head, and othpr things of the kind."
"Yes,"'-I .answered. "I believe that
cliBrncW make* itself manifest in
every portion of the body, but naturally more speeinllv in the hands,
which are, aft;r all, the tools that
carry out the wishes of the brain; and
surely there is nothing so fnr-fetched
or illogical in such a belief."
"No," he said laughingly.' "Compared with some beliefs, that sounds
both moderate and reasonable. But
do the hands tell the future? That is
the point that would appeal to me, if
I ciuld bring myself to believe in
such a thing."
"Well," 1 replied, "as far as our
future is made nnd influenced by our
character and the tendencies we havs
inherited. I certainly bd'rve they
do. and us piipp s is really the result
of the prepond rune ��� of our strong
(ioints nV'T the ',veii!tnoss"-i, I think
one lilisht be saf' in saying that,
looking at tli" study from this standpoint nl'Mie, tli" han s will lie aide to
show which ol tli-s;- two forces will
gain lh ' mastery."
"Good." he an-wr-'d. "Your theory
has fully interested me." And,
stretching out Irs hands, h > said:
"Tell nie. if you will, which will gain
tli ��� victory in my case."
I can even row see those sl.nder.
intellectual-looking hands that tiiis
stranger laid before m\ and how tliey
interested mp, lino after line clearly
murk d, full of eharipi r. and of
events created by clmreeter. I started
I y the Lin�� of Mentili'y. 1 showed
| him   its  sup riifr  lepjj'h   tn  those of
about lo take place to the interior,
bnt the matter demands immediate
and sustained attention.
world-wide work to perform and thatI **Pl��lO���� W'him that it denofd his
the things which today we enjoy are l>nwPr of will, of orffanirjatlon. and of
only'possible through the Intrepidity, command over peopls. Then I oalled
the valour and persistence of those , ms attention to a wll-niHrked Line
whose   memories   we   honor   as   the  ���  ��e��t\oy that was sfronffv traced
  founders cf our glorious empire.  The | | ,r"u"1', h!��   l,'"1(1  ",:t:1  ", ,,itUe ,r"*'it
-    - "  'club would seek to remind the inhabi-' the f .ntre of th,- j.i.lm. and 1 ex., ain-
On rare  occasions some  unnoticed tant8 of the Roya, citv tlmt they hav���! \'f> that it Indtco   d sU-ona individual.
^^^^^^^^ ' * i Ity, a carer that must play a marked
le  in  life,  ��  destiny  in    fact,   that
Guaranteed against adulteration.
Sage, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Allspice, Mustard, Ginger, Pepper,
Cloves and Mace. Try our
Vanilla for flavoring ��� you'll
like It. .
,   .- . -. .TrrATfmi
��� ii(>
Druggist and Optician
PHONf 87
Weatmlnster Trust Block
(Continued'from Page One.)
for the use of the hall during Its meet
ing nights was resented, and a committee will wait upon the council asking for the free use of the building.
There remains some doubt as to
whether Burnaby wdll be represented
at the meeting to be held in Vernon
on October 23 and 24 for the purpose
of forming a provincial union of public bodies. The board of trade was
wholly in favor of the scheme.
No action was taken on the transportation question, and five new men.
bers were admitted this evening,
there being piesent one of the largesi
gatherings seen in several months.
fact concerning   the   mysterious   age-  the prjviieg0   0f banding   themselves' ''���
old Empire of China comes Into prom- together in maintaining  usullied  and   ���
,    .    ,  ^_^:, together 	
ineiiee   almost   by haphazard, and we  lmtarnished.    the    traditions    of   the
I would  cnusi
1 ader  ab.jv
""!ut, the ppr
i:m   to   stand  out   ns   a
the   common herd   of
lie aaid, Hlmngt
are left wondering if there is indeed pa8t    Above all, we are united   ln <
anythirfkUJJtf   the   Chinese    do   not determination that the patriotism o   ���.-...���   ���,.,..,   ���.-,
Mff no   know,1���   Such ����� the young and rising generation shall | vmwh.     l.^      n��� ,,,���,   ������,' ,,,������
���^�� ��� :        t , a^,.    the CUr,?'?t be enthused and inculated in our pub-1 ,,v fH,n      nUt_what ,,,���., ;, IM,.,mv
Publishers  Journal of Germany.   It is llc schoo,Sp throughout the whole em-     'j  ,ftu ��.,,,  ���   ,   Clli,,  it  f,,r  ,  couI(
Canadian Militiamen Ask to Be Sent
East to Watch Operations.
Ottawa, Oct. 16.���Hon. Sam Hughe3
has favorably considered the application of Armand Lavergne, captain and
adjutant of the 61st Montlgnay regiment, to be sent as a Canadian military attache watching the military op
erations of tho Balkan States in the
war against Turkey. The young Nationalist leader, despite his anti-imperialism, is a good soldier and a personal friend of the Minister of Militia.
Captain lavergne will probnbly be ordered to the Balkans within a few
days. Ccl. Hughes wlll also probably
despatch an English-speaking officer
of the Canadian militia to accompany
Captain Lavergne and collect pointers
in the war game for the information
of the Canadian defence department.
Colonel Hughes left for Ltnd3ay tonight to attend the marriage of hls
daughter. Miss Ruby, there on Satur
div neNt to Mr. Douglas M. Green"*, of
the New York branch ot the Bank of
The Bank of Vancouver
A general bunking business transacted, drafta and letters ot credit
sold payable iu all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
Only Four Daya at Sea.
New 8.S. Megantic, Sat., Oct. 26,
Nov. 28.
S.S. Teutonic, Sat., Nov. 2.
New 8.S. Laurentic, Sat., Nov. 9.
S.S. Canada, Sat., Nov. 16.
-    Portland, Maine���Halifax���
From    . From
Portland. Halifax.
New S.S. Laurentic, Dec. 7,
Dec. 8.
S.S. Canada, Dec. 21. Dec. 22.
8.S. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
New S.S. Laurentic and Megantic, 15,000 tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
514 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggags
checked through to steamer in bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
Company's Office, G19 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doort from
Cherry Street, or H. E. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, G.  N.  Ry., New Westminster.
to the effect that  recently the   Presl   p,re  and that our children shall have; ,|im���v  ,,���,, ,v(,
dent \uan-thi-kai has suppressed the  mstiHe,d  Into  them    a  like  love   and \
newspaper   King-Dao  forever.     King-  venoralion for the British ting that is
Ilao is without doubt the oldest news-  B0     successfully     and    aggressively
paper tn the  world,    lu Chinese his-  taught by our neighbors in the United
lory and literature It has played   an   statea of America for their Star��i and
��nviabl��r,and supreme part.    For 1500   stripeg      Manv   of rs   have   felt   at
years this Journal has informed China t|])ie3 a 8C���8e'(f humiliation   at   the
of the ijaftmrtant events In the known   fact that    the    love of empi-e    is so
world; and exercised a profound influ- 8trangP|y deficient In the sv     bus of
ence unon; the  growth of the Chinese our nat|onal schools.
community. |    Thpn aK���in. the club would seek to
,At $L$l.m* ln which Kllr��l)e waa eill attention of every loyal British
plunged Tttjf darkness, without the imb<ect tn the'lmortnnce of e-ereis
faintest'illmmering of the future de- j' CATe{ui selection of the material
velopmttStS 'of book and newspapor, wh|ch i8 t0 bufid up tlie future of this
printing- a Chinese discovered that pro8Perous and glorious dominion.
type cd��ld be made out of an alloy of Wo ma��� nof bo aiiowed to forget tha'
lead aiid silver, and accordingly I the present age Is witnessing the
fonnded, Itf the reign of the Emperor b|rt,, of a groat n3t*on in Canada anr>
FlntscMtag-Tsang    (too A.   D..)   thn 1 that tho IItn,���st carP Bhould be taker
King-Boo. which has appeared without
interruption until today. Originally
the paper was printed upon ten yellow
Bilk pages, which were bound together
like a book and sent to the highest,
dignitaries in the kingdom. In time
this news sheet became famous
throughput China. In the Oreat Library ot the Emperor of China are
preserved interesting documents
which relate to the history of the oldest newspaper in the world. Two of
ihe outstanding events are well
Worthy 6] record, for the edltors-ln-
. .chief or the paper often displayed ex-
tfh>j'lary COU rags and great patriotism.
T,'t\f.- in lhr> eighth century it v.as
the editor of King-Bao who denounced
thu treachery of the Royal Prince,
Kin-TVio-Llng; and received as reward
that the nationalities and peopJes ad
mitted to citizenship in our m'.ditare
such as will assimilate themselvc?
with Canadian Instincts and are cani
ble of being bonded togathe" tinder
the emblem of our empire, permeated
with loyalty a.-.d ready to light forth'1,
maintenance of our sovereign power.
We Bland for purity In political and
uncial life and �����=��� believe that those
who should fesl Justified in seeking
the soffragss of orcr poopla should be
men above r^prgaich. entirely devoted
to the good of the grea.t and widespread empire of v hieh we form a
The memberutyp of the Westmln
ster branch, al the present time, consists of soitiethlng tike two hundred
In which nun,Iur is Included   a lurg;
tor ibis devotion sentence io the mostr"  v,���   . ,
iv*rrtble tortures and finally to death I oontlngen    of res dents   o.ii.s,,,.   the
at Lhe divl-ob.   Fln-Mo-Ling's treachery I' ,nit�� "f   "" T,\      Sj'iKS!       ���
viu, rroved mo late to save the editor tt8   ,"���,,,,)1,,, %l }'"  *,Z "a'lf, '"il!\l
But undoubtedly most fascinating and oompmhended the work wo  have in
���      ���      hand,   the    uicuibei-ship   would    soon
B'^ntUJnant of nil the Incidents In the
liiatory. of the newspaper is lhe action
tiTidthii'tate of a twelfth-century editor, who wrote an article demanding
thai the government Bhould turn to
I'l'irofe. to learn there, to see and to
hear.' For this advice���which sounds
ho strangely modern���the editor, the
tniOv.i Chinese poet, Gur-Nu-Tsc-
hRTig, was boheided, and his head,
with rr.v.t lorn off nnd the tongue
) lucked out, was exhibited a3 a warn-
\r*v, lo '"oflernlsts In every town of
North China,���Westminster Gazette.
j I fe't f'lr- lie
would not, in -:-iv ol M* irtereM.
"(111. 1 fsitl, "the Jt"poiii'-' of that
si'.m <;m;>ly nrnns rest for ynu; an-
oth r Nn;io!i'nn sent to St. H.ieiui. I
BUpnr, >e."
"But why?" he said, rather excit 'd-
ly.   "What  *hail  ll"  my  watenloo?"
"A won.mil without ih'iilit."' I r -
pliej. "Y.nt fee vuurseH how th"
I.i.ie <d He>irt lir"iiks tli" Lire nf
Destiny ju^i b"low Ilia) point where
il fades i,lit." Tiikin'-' his hnnd away,
the s'r.iir.'i'r lirtiu'luetl���d I"\v, quiet
lotlgh���ths l��"��;h ol a innn who was
iur- of him-elf.
Shortly afterwards the train rushed
int" Eu'ton. ai:d us we gnt our val-
i.scs and sti"!:s rea -y he said:
"It's strange, but that ��cfenca ol
yours has t> -m cr.rifnis'y (iceuri't ���
about som tll.'niT"���exc ;'t iiliout tlie
woman ;iait, Tfipre I* niy can); you
will sit now how in iionif tliirgs it
tallies���hift th ��� woman, ni����� ma'i
witli my life has no tint" for womsn."
Ami with a cheery "OivKlliye" h"
jiiuip "' out, hatted a 'natisoin, arid
was off.
r,OuUing flown  nt  tli < eaT'Ii  I   ren!.
"C'liiir!"-   Stewsrt   1'iirii' II."
II wun ��omu yean I��t��� ��� r. n't r   th ���
O'Phett divorce en-* nod  hi- JownI.il'.
tlmt I got ovr my -iir.'i:^ ��� and wa*
slide to und'Tsrniid the ru 'iiiiina of
the 11 -tirr I.n- touching I'.n- destiny
o( Mich si man.
V/ir.rtiPClfr   rnd   lh'��   B'.tl   G;irn��r.
Winchester lii tii" | n-1 -Iiowm.i
scsintv re - iot for royalty. I'.veii the
gr Ht '.!fr ll, to w11 ���:ir tin- e':\ owed
.-i hueh, tan ri iii at tlie lismU 11 the
tewnnlotlt. When thr "Newnn Myn-
Btre," wherein lie wn* huneii, whs
destroyed at the reformation, \i:r. d'-
tonib was allowed to remain hut im
���ffort wns made ta lire* <rve it, snil,
in  the  eighteenth   century   Ilia  < ity
Express Clerk Arretted.
Edntcnto, Oct. 16.���Edgar Aldrvd. a
clerk in the employ of the Dominion
Express company, has been arres'ert
and charsed with the then of $500
from the company.
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutea thereafter
until 9 p.m., with balf hourly service
until 11 p.m., laet car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at e. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:3*>
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and S
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p m.
and late cur at 11:30 p.m. Sundaj s���
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburnr) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fit at car at 8 a.m., legular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
e-'er the Fraser Valley Une
for week end trips covering
al) points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.i  A. R. C. M.
Teacher of Fianoforte. Violin, Sing
Ing, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
and  Musical   Form.
���APPLY ���
51  Dufferin   Street Phone  R4T1
Nine roomed house on two lota, Sfl.<
1Z0 each; all under cultivation; 160
feet from car.
$5000; Easy Terms
and Get Choice Accommodation
A small deposit secures best accommodation available.
11. O. SMITH. C P. ft T. A. W.'E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phone  Sevmour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
S :	
Five I'' i  under cttltlvatten adjoin
lng oar Iln '.,   DOxlSO.
Only $SC0
PHONE  1021.
Crlt'icoH Blk.   IsLLt Turnrbv
leap to two thousand patriotic Hritish
subjects, main and female. The membership in the club   Is entirely   free    ^	
but to meet the expenses of the local i conned ruth'.euily demolished it to
branch a dollar per yenr for males or | provide a site for a new jail. The
50 cents por year for ladies Is payatd? I lx,nes ol the "Father nl the English
In order to defray expenses. Our Nation" were .���.(���altered t., thu v u:d*.
Trafalgar Pay cplebratlon should re- and what was supposed to he a por
suit in an extensive Increase In our
Thanking   you   'n   anticipation   for
the insertion of this api enl, I am, air
Voilrs  ohed'entlv.
B. fl. W.M.KF.R.
Preside nt
Ottawa, Oct. It!.���The Department
-��>f Trsife iand Commerce haa decided
to withdraw Mr. A. W, Donley, its
trade cbliirnlsBloner in Mexico, and for
tion of his coffin was broken tip tu
mend  a  L'np   in   a   fence.    Ten   years
ago,   however,   Winchester   relented
nnd put up a statue of Allied.
An Odd hlouse.
One of the hest known hnu-'en in
Northamptonshire, England, was its*
signed ti represent tne days, weeks
and quarters of the year. It. hai four
wings, facing the four quarters of the
heavens,  to represent  the  lour quar-
Cir Thorras Llpton Comin".
Toronto, (tet. 16.    Sir Thomas lip-
ton will arrive in Toronto on Monday
for a three-day visit.      lie will then
  KO to the Pacific coast, stopping off at I tors of the year; 305 windows, oni! for
tbe nrcFimt at least no Buccesaor wlll, Winnipeg and   other   important   een-1 each day; lifty-tvo chimneys, une for
*e mtipointed. |treu.   This will be Ulti flrst visit to th-   each  week,  and  scvwi  entrance*,  to
L*ck of business  between   the Do- Canadian WesL represent the seven days ol thu week.
Qoeensk rough
The "plums" of life are for the people who know how to pick
them and where to pick them. You have heard cf Penticton. Richard MoBridS knows it, and this is what he says of It: "Penticton ever
to the fOra,"   Whore do the "plums" come In?
Penticton In the literal sense c.v.mot help growing them becauso
of its sunny dry clime and fartlle soil. It is rich In Its orchards and
""richer In-'lts possibilities. Probilly you were at the Exhibition last
week tnd saw exactly what can he grown in this Penticton. Such apples. Have a look In the window of the Peoples Trust Co. and see
the display, lt wlll tr II you at a Blanca better than we can In writing. But it Is to the possibilities of the town we want to draw your
attention. It ii tho centra cf the Okanagon fruit growing district, It
Is prosperous even now with thi water transportation on Lake Okan.
agon but wdth the railway now being built the city will grow by leaps
and bounds.
Your plums can be picked now by securing somo of the cheap
buys In city lots which are to be had today. Prices are low today.
Isn't this the time to buy. City lots right In the heart of lt are7 to be
had today fror.i $200 to ?500 p��r lot.   Terms easy.
451 Columbia Street
New Westminster
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news. H|
WES-ranrewtt daily mewa
The Sheehan English Opera Company will come to the New Westminster Opera Houae on Priday, Oct. 18
and will present "II Trovatore."
So much has beeu said of the great
artists that comprise this company,
and so well known is the opera of "II
i Trovatore," that lt seems almost use
less to go into details. However, as
there are many who have a mistaken
��� tiAivuv.o   X*s*a*lL*-~.im.\    The late9t addition to the sporting j idea'n reg&rA to grand opera, it may
- WORLDS CHAMPIONS ^^^v^^li^^rdiim^^u8y^notbea,ni8S ,0 H!,y n few won*3 on
f-.EA. Ytrkea Notches Winning Run In
Tenth Inning���Snodgrass
Drops Fly.
��� ���
��� Boston, Oct. 16.���Total paid ���
��� attendauce for the aeries    of ���
��� eight games, 252.037. ���
��� Total receipts, $490,833. ���
��� Each   club's     share,     $147, ���
��� 028.85. ���
��� The   national   commission's ���
��� share, $49,083.30. ���
��� Total players' share, derived ���
��� from the first four games only, ���
��� was $147,471.69. ���
4 Of  tbis the  Boston  players, ���
��� as winners, shared 60 per cent., ���
��� or $8f,543.01.   The   New York ���
��� players, as losers, shared $59,- ���
��� 028.69. ���
��� Each    Red    Sox   player   of ���
��� whom    22    were   eligible,   re- ���
��� ceived $4024.68. ���
��� Each Giant player, of whom ���
��� 28   were     eligible,     received ���
��� J2566.46. ���
��� The figures in every case are ���
��� greater than for any previous ���
��� world series.
wh<fthaf takqit ��wer, the
.01. lii, KlngljlfcteM Mr.
ies only arrived hr the'city ;a
few months ago from Scotland, whef*
he made a name for himself on thj
full back division of the Falkirk soccer team in the Scottish league.
Since coming here he has affiliated
himself with the Rovers team and
has strengthened the team considerably. He ls planning numerous improvements to the place, Including a
complete list of the standings of
teams ln British football which wdll
be revised weekly. Still a young man
he has become embued with th-
western spirit and Is for New West
minster flrst and all the time.
Boston, Oct. 16.���The Boston Red
Sox, pennant wdnners of the American league, are the world's champion:1
of 1312. Defeating the New York-
Nationals tcday 3 to 2 in the ten Innings they captured their fourth victory of tne world's series and carried
off the premier honors in baseball.
Thc Giants won three games of the
series that were played before more
than a quarter of a million people|
and one contest was a tie.
Today's was a game of excitement
and changing emotions for the 17,00k*
spectators who went to Fenway park
to see the teams meet in the deciding
contest. Not until twilight had fallen
on the tenth Inning did red stockinged Ed. Yerkes flash over the plate
with the winning run.
Nine Innings of a pitching duel be-
twi cn the master box in an cf the
Giar.t3, Christy Mathewson. and th2
stripling Bedlent and "Smoky" Joe
NVbcd fcr the Hed Sox. found thc two
ccntendtrs for championship honor.)
with  a tally each.
Into the tentli inning the contest
vent, and the Giants chilled th'-
hopes cf the Boston crowd bv scoring
a run on a double into the bleacher.!
by Murray and a hit by Merkle which
Speaker  juggled.
The muff made bv S-icdsruis ln
dropping a towering fly from Engle'a
bat lost the game. Speaker popped
a high fly which Mathewson, Merkle
and Meyers all missed. The next ball
Speaker smashed one over Doyle's
head scoring Engle with Yerkes on
third, Lewis was passed to fill the
bases so tliat the runner would be
forced out at the plate. Gardner,
however, sent a long fly to Devore
and before the Ifttle left fielder could
throw home, Yerkes had slid across
In a cloud of dust with the run that
won the world's championship for the
Red Sox.
New York.
Devore, rf 1 1
Doyle, 2b 0 0
Snodgrass, cf 0 1
Murray, If 1 2
Merkle, lb 0 1
Herzog, 3b 0 2
Meyers,  c JJ ��
Fletcher , ss.   ......0 1
Mathewson, p 0 *
��� McCormick  g "
Shafer,  bs 9 "
Sarpphor Will    Stand    by    the
Not being allowed by the constitu
Hon to hold tbe dual position of secretary of the Rovers Football club and
vice-president of the Vancouver and
District league, Mr. Philip Samphor.
of East Burnaby, has resigned the
former position.
Although not having any official
capacity with the Rovers, Mr. Sam
phor still remains an ardent supporter
of the club, and will work with the
boys towards securing some of the
silver cups whicli are to be competed
for this winter by the teams in thf
Club Managers Meet.
The heads of the various footba'*
clubs and other field sporting organl
zatlons gathered at the city hall las'
pvening to arrange an allotment of
the various parks In the city wjt*-
Aldarntao Lynch for the season 1912
1913. The alderman, however, wa
unavoidably detained ird the meeting
was postponed until this evening at 7
o'clock.  '
the subject. Of all the world's operas
"II Trovatore" is the most popular,
picturesque and tuneful. Many it
the Jiest airs hi tbe leading comic
opera are t��ketf*froih ItY ttinefuii-iielb
died. Almost eveiy street organ depends upon "II Trovatore" for it/
The "Anvil Chorus" is one of thf
most beautiful numbers ever put on
any stage. This setting represents a
gypsy camp in the mountains, sur
rounded by rocks and ruins on all
sides; in tbe clearing are numerous
anvils, with their electric effects
used in making the armor for the sol
dlers before going to the wars.
The famous "Miserere" in the tower
'cene.ls beyond description. It mus'
be Been and heird to be appreciated.
The tower of the prison, overlooking
the rocky coast of Spain, is a most
impressive sight. As for music, when
one recalls the great trio at the end
of the first aci. th" world-renowned
"di Qnella Plra," said to be the greatest tenor solo ever written, the flne
baritone solo "II Balen," the great
duet between the soprano and baritone, and dozens of others, it is easy
lo realize why "II Trovatore" has
been for 50 years the most popular
opera the world has ever known.
For this engagement Mr. Sheehan
has secured the services of Mrs. Em-
iv Grev. famous harpist, direct from
Covent Garden, London. England, and
Mlss Sibley Remus, violinist virtuoso.
Paris Onera Comlque. and a grand
opera orchestra under the direction of
William Glover, one of England's fori*
most conductors.
P'anford Defeats Wiratahs.
Stanford University. C*U Oct. 18;���
Stanford defeated the Waratah Aus
tralian rugby team today. 1?. to 12
The game vas bv fir a better ano
more scientific exhibition cf rugby
than tho two teams pit up on Saturday. The tackling tactics used by
Stanford to stop the clever passing
rushes of the visitors was a feature.
"Sell Fruft on Prairies.
Nelson, Oct. 16.���Seven carloads cf
apples are In s'ght for d;sposa;
through the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Union, and Ravmond T. Hickes, mana
gor, left on Monday morning fcr th:
prairies with the object cf marketing
the fruit.
"This ls the tlrst occasion non-
which the union has hnd such a largr
amount to ship out and the fact marks
an Important step in the progress of
this as a fruit-growing centre," said
Mr, Hickes.
He expects thnt In all the union will
have 10 cars of fruit for export to the
pralrle markets in addition to that
which will be sold ln this district.
"The Great Galeoto," the .play
chosen for presentation In the form
of a dramatic interpretation by Mme.
Harriet Labadie, on Oct. il at th?
New Westminster Opera House, In aid
of the Women's Auxiliary of the
Royal Columbian Hospital, is a beautifully written play, lofty in charac
er. chaste and pure in its treatment
and singularly strong and direct in lta
progress. The characters are universal and distinctive, the plot is simple
and clear, not deeply involved but intensely interesting and beautifully de
veloped. It tells how the idle gossip
of busy tongues ruined a true friendship and a great love, ar.d how it
brought tragedy Into a home where
'���applness had reigned supreme. In
the earlier scenes a vein of humor
sparkles in the lines, wh'ch carry
many home thrusts to scandal-lov'nsr
ears, but as the rlay proceeds cne dra
matic situation fellows close upon the
other until, in the final climax one is
brought face to face with the startling truth of the lightly-uttered warn-
'ng in the llrst act, "It isn't what you
do. nor what people think you do; it'u
whit thev sav you do."
The play demands great versatility
on the part of the dramatic Inter-
nreter. the varying mord3 of Its rap-
idly-chnuglnc scenes calling for a capacity for light comedy, as well as re-
-���iir|n~ great emotional -power, yet
this wdde range of expression is handled hv Madame Labid'e with auch
skill that every requirement Is me*,
every difficulty vanaulshed with per-
I feet pane, and without the least
��� straining after eftect.
Ofiva Trio
'''   "ii     iim. '.'to i ��� "n ii n'l'.-
Sam Rowley
"The   Little   Man   With  the
Big Voice and Funny'
Kartello Bros.
80 ACRES FOR $5,000.00
We have Just had Hated wtth ub lor immediate WfleYWacrea In
L���?8h&10' wltWn 1% ���He8 of the ��r��at Northerrf Railway, at
��5000. There la a timber agreement on the property whloh: exolret In
Juno, 1915. Similar land ln thjs vicinity has been sold te* over a
Hundred Dollars an Acre.   Terms arranged
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne Street,   New Westminster.' '
New Photo Flays
BUILDERS AND CONTRACT��RS-OeT^U��=f��������E*-ON-������; ~-
Lumber Lathi and Shingles
I I  ' ' ' "i    IIJIIIIWIU'.J.    ���
baa ��� -���   ��� ��� ��
PraserMills, B. C. Telephone 890
Riveted Steel Pipes      .JANKS
���     BURN OIL    ���'" ���"���""'-.	
F. L. KERR, Manarer.
Program fcr Wednesday and Thursday
Beaming and brilliant, a young glr!
proves faithful to her trust, and puts
to shame her revilers; a night of terror in a lighthouse; wreckers of sea
and life vanquished.
The baleful result cf cslentatlon and
P. O. BOX 442
D.  BRAY,  Manager.
Program fcr Today.
Colored Film by Pathe Freres
in Three Heels. ',
"A Court Intrigue"
Trtal3      2     I
��� McCormick   batted
���Two men out when
v,��i3 made.
. .0
. .0
. .1
���29    14
Clsvsr Tactics of a Plucky and Ingenl
ous African.
Tht llttl* bushmsn of Sooth Africa I Whits  Slave Laws
i. ���,.. m. i- .����������� in .i.. ***** h.hu in i llndon, Oct. 16.���Following the re
la not ouly small In size, but feeblt ln | nor, of ,he commlttee t0 a mass meet- [
mind. Yet there ls on record ao sn- j in(? rieolin^r with the white slave traf-
counter between a busbmau and a Hon fle In England, a deputation todav
whltb shows the man aa cool ln danger ; awaited   upon   Home   Secretary   Mc-
j Kenna.  urging that  strong  measures
��� betaken  by  the government   to wine
j out ��he denradina white alave traffic
I In the United K!pe���1',''���,.
!     Replying.    Mr.   McKenna   declared
that the   government   wa�� (Irmly determined  to  pass a  bill  this  session
which would give the police unlimited
power to cope with the arn-vlng evil,
and to make wholesale arrests.
Three Other Items on Program.
Mix With the Bunch
winning   run
Hooper, rf. ..
Yerkes. 2b. ..
Speaker, cf. .
J.e.uu, lf	
(rardntr. Cb. .
mill. lb. ...
Wagn< r. ss- ���
f'stl".   e	
Bedlent, p. i.
'Heidi ic-iBon
Word   p.   ��� ��� ���
������Enjle   ���������
and fertile lu resource.
Tbls bUHliinan, whll* a long way
from bis home, waa met bp a liou. Tb*
iiiiliiml. assured that he bad hla victim
completely In his |a>wer, began to snort
and daily wltb blm wltb a feline Jocoe-
liy which the |>oor little bunhninn failed to appreciate. Tbe Hon would ��p-
penr nt a point lo the rond and leap
buck npiln imo (be Juugl*. to reappear ii little further on.
The bush num. however, did oot los*
hlH presence of mind und presently bit
, upon a device whereby he might ojilwlt
K i hls foe.   This pinp wns suggested by
��   the lion's own conduct.
?!    Aware Hint the lienut was nhend of
0 him. the Imshimin dodged to ibe right.
1 ! mid, feeling pretty sure of the llon'a
Finest Poof Mes lathe Cify
AU the latest new* In the aport line.
0 1 whereabouts, resorted to the eourse of
English football results
John   Hotchkies
King's Hotel. '    Columbia Street.
8   30   IB
��� Keiidrlckson'batied for Bedlent In
^.jgftih   ^r Wood   in  th.
te-lh Inelng. j
N^CYorkylnn,n8S:..0.1000 000 1--2
I iti           "'          .011 130 110*-9
tJ',0^    '"      000 000 100 2-1
vu" ���;:::::...noi"2o1 *--%
o',r^ai-y���Innings  pitched, by Be-
tl'ent 7, by Wood   3,   bv   Mathewson
r?"    lilts, off Hed'ent 6, off Wood 3,
Mathewson 8: two base h ts. Mur-
Herzog, Gardner. Hendrlcltson,'
sacrlllce  hit,' Meyers;   stolen
Snodgrass.   Devore;   left   on
,. ,  New York 18. Boston G; bases
c n hi'��s. off Bertlend 3, off Mathewson
5 off Wood 1; stipclt out, by Mathewson 4, by Bedlent 2, by Wood 1.    ..
Umpires���O'LonRhllh. behind the
hat' TllRler. on the bases; Klem, to
left field; Evans, In rlfrht Held.
ray 2,
quietly watching hi* movements.
Wben the Hun'discovered tbnt th*
mnn bud suddenly disappeared from
the pnlb he was a good deal perplexed.
He ronred with nmrtitlcntlon. Tben
be espied the bnslimnn peeping st him
over the grnss.
The biishmaii nt once ehnnged his position, while the Hun stood Irresolut*
In lhe path, following with hi* eye th*
shifting blnck man. In another moment the little man rustled the reeds,
vanished and showed himself at an
other point
The great brut* was llrst eonfnsed
nml then alarmed It evidently began
todnwn upon bl.n Hint be bad mistaken tbe position nf inatteni and that'b*
wns the hunted pnrty.
The .iiusliiiiiiii. wbo elesrly recognised (he situation, did unl pause to permit tbe llotu to recover his startled
wits, lie heirsn lo steal gradually to-
wi>nl the foe. ��li�� new. In a complete
state of doubt ttr-'.f ter.r, turned tall
nml deciimiiert, 1euvli>g the plucky and
Ingenious llltl* bushiusn master of th*
altuatla*.-Uarpw*.* ���
vfe?*,   l*'.p *^*ri
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
English Opera Company
AU Star Double Cast in Verdi's Beautiful Opera
60--TrAtiiea Chorus Voices-60
20���Special Grand Opera Orchestra���20
$2.50, $2.00, 11.50. tIM and 50*
UPPER FLAT in Hardimm
Block, well lighted, suitable
for club rooms, light manufacturing or living rooms.
Westminster Daily News
h   W
tl  : ���
irXTttpsra house Friday, OcfcMHl ::.-.*-
Mlss Ruth West, sw*i* with ��#r
������">���" ' >'���
msaTMrnaTEB *>'-**>* KEWS
THURSDAY, 0CT03E." IJ, :V,2.
pmias. six.
fm**r*-*B  thtBB
(laat and
*******aa*n,   roa pro****** m  "%&��� .  tpot an
SM ��^"Hski vars
Pestiferous Flv-
it la to get sum* lazy cnrpen-
Isfafing   and ter up Uere Bt *4 a da' BM* malte
those screens cost Rie $10 apiece by
the time they are finished.   Yon can't
_____ work that scheme on  me.    Let me
��� alone, and tf 1 don't turu ont two a*
AT LEAST HE TRIES TO DO SO. pretty window screens as any parpen-
_____ ! ter In this town can make I'll chew
my bnt"
But He Encounter* a Few Difficultle*     Mre# Bow*er aald no more.   It would
incidental to the Conatruct ion et Hi*  have been a waste of words. Mr. Bow-
Specifications, agreements ot sale,
deeds, buslaea* letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work atrhtly confidential. M. Broten, Room ��, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715
Window Frames, and th* Job Is a
{Copyright, mt  by  Associated Literary
WHEN Mr. Bowser came down
to breakfast the other morn-
Ins   with   an   old   ault  of
ser would bnve perished on tbe scaffold rather then (Ive up bia plana.
j   The lumber arrived.  lie had orderei
stnff two Inches wide by one In thick- j
LeBB. heavy enough for a bull pen.        I
1 "You don't menu tbal you are going
to*��� bepun Mrs. Bowser when Mr.
Bowser waved her away wltb: j
Run along now.   I tblnk I sball be '���
clothes   on . Mra.    Bowser  abIe t0 lMJ8S (ll|H j���b.��
Jumped to the conclusion that he waa 8em# Thing< LtMn9
A anw waa needed, and be went to
Solus to take n day off.   What fort
,'.'     ��       .      .    ���.��'        _  ������ ������    driver and aerewa.  rie must have wlr*
Waatte golnjr to put up a fir. .a-   V  ^ ^^ ^ ^. ww ���,���������.
Wa* he (tolns to try ex|ierlmetita on
tbe eoek nineties ?
All tbew�� (Bluff* were poaalhle. and
sha was tryttik t<�� trues* wbleh one It
would be wben be snld:
"Mrs. Bowser, fly time bas arrived."
"Yes, there are plenty of them
snniiid. nnd we might tr> have bud lu
tbe screens some time nm>."
"Toil hnve seen Ibe housefly ever
Since tbe first one bit your nose ns a
bnby. but 1 doubt If you hnve ever
posted yourself ns to bis habits and
tbe Mansers be brings to tbe tin mmi
"I know he-* n pest and a nuisance"
'Mrs. Uu'wser." continued Mr. How-
sei wiih nil the irrnvltv of a professor
before hls class, "lr Is estimated that
one   hundred   billion   trillion   quadrillion Hies nre born lu the world every
"I don't doubt It."
"DurlUK the months of June, July.
'August and September they cause tbe
death ol (HM.TDTi human beings.    They
are ten times as destructive as war."
"I see "
Scientific Information.
"The common housefly carries on his
feet, between bis teeth nml under his
vttigs the germs of typhoid, scarlet
fever, yellow fever, the black denth.
epliuil meningitis, smallpox, cholera
end eleven otlier fatal diseases. Hid
you know that';"
"1  never eveu suspected  It."  replied
Mrs. Bowser.
"Of course not. Instead of reading
Dp bll tiles you have spent your time
In gadding about In search of bargains
The biles Inflicted by one single fly
may cause tlie deaths of father, moth
er nud seven children. Any Any this
summer a  fly  may   bite  rhe  king of
ed. but bed make a second trip. He
would also need a can of blnek pnlnt
snd a brush.
The llrst thing was to get the length
and width of tbe window frame*, ao
as tu saw his strips tos length. Mr.
Bowser found that he hnd no carpenter'* rule nnd tbat Mra. Bowser bsd
no tape line.
"l.et's see. Let's see." he mused ss
he squinted around. "Thnt window Is
about fire Teet eight lu height by-
"Yott enn't dojt thnt wny." snld Mra.
Bowser ns she cnme slylng around.
"That window Is nt least sis feet high,
and I guess two Inches more."
-"by-b.v." mnttuued Mr. Bowser���
"by two feet ten."
"By three feet two. you menn."
"Woman, wlll you oblige me by entering your domain and staying tbere
until requested to come out and give
"Yes. I wlll. but If you snw the stnff
to your measure you wlll waste It."
Mr. Bowser went nhend nnd snwed.
He could have measured with the tlrst
strip off and found whether It wns too
long or too short, but Mrs. Bowser had
mixed In. you see. nml sbe must lie
shown that she dldu't know It all.
Making the Frame*.
Presently tliere were four strips ready
to be fastened together. The ends must
lie morticed. Mr. Bowser had no chisel,
but he bnd plenty of confidence In the
family ax. lle sawed and he split, nnd I
Mrs. Bowser pee|ied out of n buck window umi grinned. Things were work
Ing round to produce n situation.
Instances huve been known where the
four corners of a window screen objected to coming together fot the general good. Here was such a case. The
custom Is to haul nnd pull nnd twist
nnd butter them together. If sufficient
strength Is used any objection can be
overcome. B.v the use of nails nnd
screws nnd muscles nnd swear words
Mr. Bowser got Ills frame together an.l
stood It up against the fence.
"Not long enough or wide enough!"
called Mrs. Bowser from a window.
"So you still persistV" be answered
ns be looked up.
"Hold It up io Hie window nnd see If
I am not right."
Mr Bowser started ofT for the tacks
and wire, lle would have tried the ttt.
only Mrs Bowser bud mixed In again
lle Would run Unit Job or pcri.-li
"Sine you haven't made any nils
take':" queried lhe hardware man when
the figures were given nun
"1 think my eyesight Is good yet,"
was the reply,
"Oh. then, you measured your frame
with youi eye. eh7 Well, you shall
have what you call for."
Winding Up th* Job.
When Mr. Bowser got home with the
wire he proceeded to cut (be length in
two b.v bis eve and then tu tack one
length on.    There were six Inches too
I'VE thought about a lot ot thlnaa.
lt they were thu* and so.
The more I try lo work them out
The lesa 1 seem to know.
1 almost travel In a ring
And circle round about.
And so 1 get back to the place
Prom which I started out
The mor* I come to think about
Tbe mystery of life.
To study It In books or to
Discuss It with my wife.
The leas I come to think I know
About the how and why
Of man's existence on th* earth
And In the by and by. ',
And often when I sit me down
And try my best to see
Just why my neighbor does a thing
Thst backward Is to me
I cannot set the ins and outa
That actuate hts mind.
Because unto my feeble sight
He seenis to go It blind.
Aa to the wiles of politics.
The wherefore and th* why.
I cannot solve It tn my mind.
No odd* how hard I try.
And ao I have to give It up
And of the case dlapo**
Dy taring sweetly to myaelf.
"Perhapt somebody know*."
��     It
Tim*. Net Money,
In It
"Yon 8ay Law.
yer Jenka bas his
first case?"
"Thnt'a right"
"Whnt kind of
cas* Is Itr
"A watch case."
st     R
Giving Notice.
"Those fellows who were at the stag
the other night all stayed nt a hotel Instead of going bome."
"They couldn't get bome."
"How did they square It with their
"They didn't have to square IL Their
wives rounded thera up the next day
uud polished tbem off to u tine liuLsb."
Just Like Matti*.
"Mattle has a new position."
"Better pay?"   ���
"No. I think not quite ns good ns the
dher wns."
"Was tbe work too bard at the old
"Busier tbnn the new."
Then wby did she quit?"
"Sbe didn't like the way her employer combed bis hair."
Kngland.  the emperor of (Jermany or
the presldenl pf the United States and! much of It. but  lie calmly cut off (he
upset a country." I surplus.     Then   be   was  called   in   lo
"But  why hnsn't It already  happen- I lunch.    When lie was ready to tackle
"That's the rich Miss Hlnks."
"Mighty thin. Isn't she?"
"Yes. Jim Is camping on her trail
Means to marry her uud get a fortune."
"Well, she's what I'd call a pretty
slim chance for him"
Gauged by Necessity.
"I hnve to lie very regular In my
"Always nt the same hour?"
"That Is tbe Idea When do you
"Whenever I hnve the price."
"Because the flies weren't ready to
bite. They haven't got around to those
men yet "
"But ihey haven't even bitten Mor
piili. I'ik kefeller or <'n rneL'ie "   ���
"for the same reason, my dear. The
persons you name, with'Senator Bailey
flnd others added, wlll get their biles
In time."
"Well,   what   nbout   sli   tills?"   was
'The moral l��:   Kill off the flies"
"But can It be ibuieV"
"No    The best we enn do Is to pro
teet ourselves ns far ns po-slble.   Keep
lhe tiles out of  the  house,  nut   of  the
butter, (he sugar nnd all other food "
"Oh. but we've got screens for Hint
very purpose."
"Just about half ehnilgh, my denr.
snd Hint leads to the mystery of m.v
Iieing here nt this moment. Instead of
Od my win- to the olliee."
He Set* Himielt a Task.
"You are going to���to"���
"Going to mnke three full slw.1
screens for ihe back windows In the
kitchen. That's where more than n
lullllon flies entered the house lust sum
mer, und the wonder Is thnt the whole
Bowser family was not wiped off the
���orlh. Those hnlf screens are a frnnd
1 hnve bought the lumber to mnke
screens thnt wlll be screens, nnd sm
expecting It here every minute."
"Mr. Bowser," said Mrs. Bowser ns
���bey srose from the table, "you enn't
mnke a window screen. You nre not
wtrpenter enough. Two or three yenrn
ago you tried to mnke n screen door
and how did you come out with It?"
"Made the nltvKt. nentest screen door
fl house ever hnrt "
"You did nothing of the kind After
sweating uud swearing over lt oil day
his Job uguui .Mrs. Bowser went into a
neighbor's to see il sick child and was
absent uu hour. Al the gai* when she
returned she fou ml a policeman, who
"I have to tell you. ma'am, that I've
gol your husbaml III llie bouse and tele
phoned tor your family doctor!"
"Why, What's the mutter wlib Mr
"I wus col'ig up the Alley, mu'uiii. as
he was trying In ill n screen lo a win
duw It was too short nud too mirrovc
ll was sqiieegaweli ll was DIpHup.
ped and llniitlauiuifil. It was u daisy
for sure.''
"And your husband suddenly feh
n t'UMslllu und a W|luo|)lllg and il slluul
lng Anil lie Hung Ihai screen down
nml Jumped on ii Aud he grubbed up
lbe ax and hammered It Aud ami
"And lie went Into n fit ol some kind
and fell down and rolled over nud roll,
ed up bis e>e- almost lo bis ears, ami
I've not n Pel wilb tbe cook Ibat be
cashes In beiore" ���
Hut Mrs. Bowser was Inside tbe
house. She n I ways overlooked Mr
Howser's crimes when the grim won
sier gels after blm.
%���!���.!, .TmImTwIlTmI ..T���t..t��f mt,.).,
iii   I   l   I   I' l   I1 i" i   I   *   i   J-^
��� ��� Th* Regular Patrons.
',',     The Imoze bazaars are always
������ tilled with men who can drink or   4-
'.', let   It   nlone. ��� Cincinnati    Kn
��� ��� qnlrer.
"Hnve you ever had typhoid *ev��r?"
"No: but  I worked all summer ��u a
farm once."���New York Trlbuiu*.
He Wondered.
"What hnre yon done?"
"Just killed a politician."
"Whnt do you expect to get for It?"
"I diinno.    Is there uny reward?"
Rome persons hnve such grent faith
lu what tbe morrow wlll bring Ihem
that they are perfectly satlstled to let
their debtors wait until thut happy
The fellow ihnt always looks on tbe
bright side ll occasionally found to be
en'or blind.
A fortune hunter Is more likely to be
enamorell of the figure a womnn ha*
ul the bank tbnn the one that her cor
setlere Is ucqiialnled  with.
Nothing seems to ngree with ��� con
trnry man except his own egotism.
Wben nil's snld nnd done even your
hest friends go home nud say your
case Isn't half so bod as It might be
nml yon should have more backbone
TIip forethought thnt snves the dny
Is more often tbnn not the afterthought
of the day before.
The renson why a mnn who la down
nnd out tins no friends Is because tbey
wotildu't kuow how to use him.
Wben a man confesses freely to error the shrewd fellow look* for the
irreiiler une he la concealing.
If the public could be tnught that
bathing suits are mnde for swimming
purposes ond not for exhibition It
might help.
We have renched thnt state where
'being progressive" seems to be s
uiere matter of culling youraelf so.
854���Meets ia K. of P. Hall, Eighth
and Agnes streets, Becond and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooma over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia street Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; E. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
Th* regular meetlag of Amity ledge
No. 27,1. O. O. F.. is held every Men
day night at S *'cl*ok la Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarren and
Eighth street Visiting brother*
oordially Invited. C. B. Bryson. N.
O.; R. A. Merritbew. V. O.; W. C.
Coatham. P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, SollelUr, Etc. 6S2 Columbia
atreet, New Weatmlnster, B.C. Telephone 107*. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Wester* Ualon. Office*.
Rooms 6 and 7 Bills black.
Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quar
ter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lands.
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 41343E, Issued in thc
name of John Travers, covering the
above property, has been filed in this
office, notice ls hereby given that 1
shall at the expiration of ono month
from date of the first publication here
of issue a duplicate of said Certificate
unless ln the meantime valid objection be made to me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, this lst day of October,
District Registrar
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, Engllal
���nd 8wl����
All  Work  Guaranteed.
541 Front Street      N'-�� City Market
J. STILWELL CLUTE. barrlster-at
law, aolicltor, etc; oorner Columbl
and McKensl* street*. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Boi 112. Tale
phon* TIO.
solicitor ahd netary. (10 Columbii
Btreet.   Over C. P. II. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, I New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westminste)
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable addreaf
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. II. L. Edmonds.
Accountant.      Tel.    H 128.    Room
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of Trade meets In the
board loom, L Ity Hall, as follows
Third Friday uf each month; quar
terly meeting on the t Jlrd Friday oi
February, May, August and Novetn
bei ai 8 pm. Annual meetings oi.
the filrd Friday of February. New
meml . rs may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. II. Stuart Wade, secro
COAL MINING rlgbt3 of the Domin
ion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan antl
Alberta, the Yukou Territory, tbe
Northwest Territories and in a por
tion of the province ol British Colum
bia, may be leased lor a term of twen
ty-one years at an annual rental of
*<1 au acre. Not more than ".560 acres
will by leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease muat be
made by the applicant in person to
the A^ent or Sub-Agent of the districi
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant him
Each application must be accom
panled b.v a fee of $.", which wlll bt
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of  five cents  per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights arri not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
one; a year.
The lease will include the coal mining right;! only, but the leasee will be
lermitted to purchase whatever avail-
ible surface rights may be considered
lecessary for the working of the mine
it the rate of $]i> an acre.
For full information application
ihould be made to '.ht? Secretary of
'iin Department or tbc Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion  I ands.
Depoty Min'stor of the Interior.
N. F).���Unauthorized publication oi
this  advertisement   �� ill  not  be  paid
who do not receive   The Newa before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In thl* wa>
may aa ettlctent delivery be maintained.
'Phone Rl 140
Teaming and GeneVal Draylng Contracting, Furniture Moving,
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  661. Box 772.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital psld up $11,500,000
Reserve   $12,500,000
The Bank has S50 branches,
extending In Canada from tha
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas. Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
ldad, Dominican Republic, Ne/v
York and London, En?.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
oelent connections afford every
banking facility.
New W**tmln*t*r Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. Hth and Columbia
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton 8t
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceaapool*. Septic Tank*. Etc.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods or all kinds.   Tools (-specially.
no Mclnaes Street. Phone lOOQ
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
o����*iC*��� rpsai* rttrtrt
Meat Market
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868.
Room 4 Train Block
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Witerr,   Aci ated Wafer*
Manufactured by
Telephone R 111   Office:  Prlnc*** Bt
Arrived. Perfect Flfand Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.0*
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada an*
Newfoundland, and In Leadon, Eng-
aad, r,*w Tork. Ch'eage and Spokane,
J.8.A., aad Mexico City. A general
>a*ktng busln*** transacted. Letter* of Credit luu**. avallabl* wltb
correspondent! In all parte ot th*
Barings Baak Dspartmsat���Dapoalt*
���eeel-ed In sum* of tl and upward,
��hd Interest allow* 1 at I per cent, per
tnnum  (preseit r��ts).
Total   Assets over  1186.000,000 00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We bare no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators
Eatlmat** Given.
211  Sixth  Avenue. Phone  567
Three Through
Trains Daily
With Tourist, Pulman, Dining ami
Observation Cara.
Toronto Express ..,
Imperial Limited . .
Soo Express	
8.22 a.m.
8.10 p.m.
2.45 p.m.
New Westminster
Or H.  W.  Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 16
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10
a. m. and 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo i
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Polnta 10 p. rn.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday ut 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday und Friday.
Leaves Cliilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Managsr.
903 Dublin Street. Phone 98��i
Male help skilled or otherwise sub-
piled free of charge. Apply Secretary.
613 Columbia St. Phone 26 V.
.  ,-,m*a,ia:.m*.*'**naiV ��� THURSO^, OCTOBER 17, 1��C.
For the Children
Young New Yorker Taking
a  Drink  at  th*   Fountain.
Photo by American Press Association.
July 1 the children of New Turk city
were afforded great Joy by the opening of vacation playgrounds In vurl-
iua parka. Tbeae grounds are plared
In the most populous sections of lh*
city and are a source of continual
pleasure to both boys and girls. Baseball la the most popular game with
the boys.
Another game which Is very popular
Is basketball. Rope quoits and band-
ball are also liked, and some of th*
playgrounds have a sbuflleboard. Relay races and otber athletic sports vary
the proceedings. Many of tbe playgrounds are arranged for girls exclusively, and tbey run potato races,
do gymnastic exercises and bare as
good a time as tbe boys. Many of
the playgrounds bare shower baths
and a few maintain swimming pools.
Tbe picture shows a young athlete la
summer costume refreshing himself at
a fountain In one of the parks.
How th* Catcher Wa* Caught
How can you catch two flsh on one
single book at tbe same time? A man
down in Texaa did lt the otber day.
though be had not had any expectation
or Intention of doing It. Tbe man
had cone fishing by setting a line over
night That ls. he put a live frog on
tbe book and put the frog In tbe
water and tied tbe otber end of the
���line to a tree on tbe shore of the rlrer.
The next morning be came back and
found that tbere was a flsh on tbe line.
He looked closely and saw thnt It waa
an enormous catfish. The line It was
.hooked on was small and would ordl-
marily have been broken by sucb a
bis fisb, but It was still entire. Th*
man Investigated. He pulled the flsb
���up on shore, and then be found that
Hnslde It was a smaller cntflsh that bod
swallowed tbe frog before tbe big fellow had come nlong. The little flsh
was In the big Ash's stomach, nnd the
struggles of the latter against the line
hnd pierced tbe stomach with one of
the little fish's sharp flna.
Th* Gam* ef Letters.
Empty the contents of a box of "an.v
pram letters" on a table ao all tbe letters nre In a pile, face downward. Tbe
players sit around the table.
Tbe leader begins by turning up on*
of tbe letters nnd saying "Bird." Th*
letter is laid wher* all can see It. aud
tbe first one wbo responds by giving
the uame of a bird beginning wltb that
letter ls given tbe letter, and It ls then
bis placo to turn up another card and
<nll out "Bird," "Animal." "Flab" or
"Famous man." or nny other class of
objects he.wishes.
Suppose the drat letter turned wns
"E," and a player answered It with
"Eagle;" the next might be "G." and
-"Famous man" celled. Some on* would
be sure to *ay "Grant"
Tb* one wbo answer* tbe most and
lias acquired the greatest number of
letters Is the winner and should receive
n prls* If It has bsen decided to give
prizes. __	
The M*nth*-A 0*m*.
Tbe lender need b* th* only on* who
understands this gsme. H* asks.
���Wbnt month are you going awayJn i
One Player might *�����'H��W% j
i,or" The leader then aska. "What w ll
vou wenrr "What wlll you take wltb
vour uud "What will you do?
Al   the answers must be given with
,the inliln. letter of tb. monthL chOMO,
For instnnce. the answers to the abor.
questions may  ta. tat. ���*&!JgS
Ingaf tpeoafi. "^rdlne *aud*rUhe*.
third. "Ree the sights."
The answers wlll probably * ����� ��J
as the player* do not know Umtrick.
Each one who misses pays is hJJ
und �����e leader Q����t������ ,b*��5 ��*
er.    Wben one or two do "��*��"��;
U,0 more ridiculous they  msk. theli
unsworn, the funnier tbe game.
A Chap Who Lik.d te  Eat  Hla Cake
���nd Still Have It
Wben Giuseppe Verdi'* opera "Alda**
was flrst being presented to Italian uu- I
dlencea the composer received ibe fol- i
lowing letter, dated .May. 1872, from a
man residing lu Ilegglo. a town near
I'urma, and about 100 miles from Milan:
"Much   Honored  Signor   Verdl-Tbe
2d of this month I  went to I'urma, j
drawn tbere by the sensation made by !
your opera 'Alda.'   So great waa my '
curiosity that one-half bour before the
commencement of tbe piece I wus already ln my place. No. 120    I admired
the mis* en scene. I beard with pleasure tbe excellent singers, and I did sli
In my [lower to let notblng escape me.
At tbe end of tbe opera 1 aaked myself
If 1 was satisfied, and the answer was
pao* �����***.
Care of th* Teeth.
Considering the liii|>urtuuce played
by lhe leeth In the Hearth for beauty,
tou much importance cannot be paid
to these flrst aids to pulchritude. The
tee^li s|>ell success or failure to tbe
women wbo would appear always fresh
snd attractive.
Not only Is It necessary to strive con-
... ���   , . stantly to preserve tbe natural beauty
���anil     n,t?h!ed ^ t0 *ee?��' ^ t     0t   ����   tW"h'   ����*  lt   ����  "I"""/   "��POr-
tened in tb* railway carriage to tb*l ��������* ���,���. ���    , ^   .    . ' ..,.
opinion, given upon 'AtAtx.'   Ne.rljr alii ��*�� ***** �� ^^^ **"
agreed lu considering it a work of tbs I wb,teneM ��nd *">enl ��PPeorance by
flrat order. I trerJ remedy or aid science and stu
"I waa then seised with the Idea of,' dent" of dentistry arc able to discover.
hearing It again, and on the 4tb I returned to Parma. I mad* unheard of
efforts to get a reserved seut. A. tbs
crowd was enormous I was obliged to
throw away flve lire In order io witness
tbe performance wltb any comfort'
"I arrived at tbls rum-ljixlon about It:
It Is sn opera In wblcb there la absolutely nothing which causes any enthusiasm or excitement, and without the
pomp of tbe spectacle the public would
not stand lt to the end. When It bss
filled tbe bouse two or three limes it
will be banished to tbe dust of tbe
"You can now, dear Signor Verdi, picture to yourself my regret at having
spent���on two occasions���32 lire. Add
to tbls tbe aggravating circumstances
that I depend on my family, and tbls
money troubles my rest like a frightful specter! I therefore frankly address myself to you In order that you
may send me tbe amount The account
Is ss follows:
Railroad-going     IM
Railroad���returning    8.30
Opera tlcketa  *.    (.00
Detestable supper at tbe statloo   too
"Hoping tbat yon wlll deliver me
from tbls embarrassment, 1 salute you
from my heart.   Ilertanl.
"P. 8.���Sly address: Prospero Rerra-
nl, via San Domenico, No. .1."
Verdi happened to be more amused
than offended at the cool Impertinence
of this amateur critic, and be Instructed hla publisher to forward Signor Rer-
tant tbe sum demanded minus 4 lire.
By way of Justifying this deduction he
wrote. "The sum Is not quit* so mucb
** the gentleman demands, but I think
he might bare taken bis supper at
How It Affected Him.
A young lawyer asked a veteran at
the bar If a lawyer ever got used to
losing cases.
"I cau't say, Rlr." responded tbe veteran. "I really can't say; but as for
myself, I am very much tn tbe same
Ox us Ibe man from Osceola wbo bad
been defeated for otlice. He wss tell
lng me about It and. in order to acquit
himself of tbe charge of being n bad
loser, kept Interjecting tbe remark thnt
be wa* not complulnlng. "It doesn't
pay to complain.' I said, agreeing wltb
"���No. air. It doesn't' he esciamed.
���and I won't complain. Imt at the same
tint* I want you to understand, sir.
tbat It makes me durned sick.' "��� Kau-
���as City Journal.
For keeping the teeth In good condi
tlon chewing dry toast, hnrd bread or
crackers I* recommended. Coarse
foods tend to give a stability to the
"grinders" wblcb keep* tbem from early decay, For the purpose of dislodging particles of food, removing deposits
nnd other substances a good toothbrush Is Indbqiensable. The brush
with medium soft bristles Is best for
the reason Ibut unyielding bristles Injure and luflame rbe gums, causing
them to shrink and recede. No particular shape of brush I. recommended,
tbe principal point to remember being
tbat the beck and under Varts of tbs
teeth require a* mucb or eren more
attention than tbe front In stroking
do not make the mistake of drawing
rhe brush across tbe teeth without alternating this action with a careful up
and down stroke. Drawing the brush
up nnd down removes particles of food
thnt lodge tightly In crevices between
the teeth.
Cover the gums as well as tbe teeth
during tbls cleaning process. Gentle
stroking Is best for tbe gums. If they
bleed rinse tbem thoroughly with n
healing mouth waah ao tbey will gradually become Invigorated and hardened, thus aiding In tbe flght against
decaying teeth. Exercise extreme caution in selecting tooth pastes, powders
or other dentifrices on tbe market
One of tho most universally popular Ingredients In dentifrices Is powdered
chalk. It la Inexpensive, harmless uud
effective, tts chief value being tbe neu-
unitizing of acids In tbe mouth.
Among tbe simple remedies nlways
st hnnd none can be recommended
more highly than common snlt. A
strong solution of salt wnter Is a beneficial month wash, and dry salt placed
on tbc toothbrush cleanses the teeth.
Borux Is useful in thut tt tends to remove unpleasant odors from the brenth.
Dissolve I wo tn four ounces of l>orux
In ii pint of hot wnler tind add a half
leaspoonful or tincture of tuyrr1 or
spirits of camphor.
Just a Jolt
"What** tbe mallerr"
-Oh. uothlUK."
"No. no; dou'i lell me that Home
thing dl*ngr*��at<l�� or discouraging lias
happened.   Your look shows It"
"Well. If you Insist on knowing. I
started out this morning feeling as gay
���nd chipper as u boy of twenty, but a
little wblle ago I mei a former sweetheart of mine, and sbe told me tbat Uer
second daughter bad lust graduated
from high school. Say. are ibe wrln
kle* around my eyes very notlceuble?"
���Chicago lleeord-lleruld.
A Rl*"*
A blind beggar had s ****
brother died; deceased bad M.brother
What relation was tta Mln* begga' "
the one tbat died?
Answer.���A sister^
The Soldier Laddie.
And musket tnhs hand.
Oh. th. way he helj htorhnsket
Ws. Indeed ***�� ��2��K**
Such firmness. ��uoh prteiaon,
Buch a military alrl
Wat his mu.krt a rjal M������"T
waa his eouatSh*Umad*l
w��* th. frown UP��n l**������**
On. to make a tea ���*���*"���.
No.  Hi. J.ok*t and hls nm*"
And tb. cap upon his f���^
In fact, this ��**l��l
Wa. S�� ��**������&&,
Th. D��wntredd.n P.rm.r.
A city mun beard that a farmer
wanted to sell a motorcar He s\ in
pntblwsl with the poor runner snd ms
family becnuse they were forced lo
part with tbe inuchlue for timiin'tni
reasons, he believed, and went Wt to
the farm In buy It. The farmer was
not at bome, but' his daughter was
there "1 cume out lo buy your motor
car," he said "Which one?" asked
the girl.-Kaunas City Star.
Two of ��� Kind.
Pecunlons   Futber-So you  dare to
any y��u nre an Ideal match ror my I
daughter?   Impecunious Youth-1 do. |
Indeed, alrl    Pecunlons Father-Why.
run hnve never earned n dollar In your
life,   imperiiiiloiw Youth-Nelther has
she.-Philadelphia Ledger.
Estsbllshed a R.eord.
������What dkl mother .ay when you proponed to her. daddy?"
"She hung her head and was silent
for several minutes. And that Is th*
only time I hnve ever known her to bs
silent for several mlnut**."-l>��troU
Free Vrtm*.
Th* Tinted Head.
Tbere Is a revival of the red hend
A genuine carrot shade is the favorite
->r tbe moment, and women hnve It re-
riirdless ot their eyes nnd complexion.
If tbey hut knew how they looked'.
Most tinted balr is artificial looking.
Snt there Is something about the vivid
red hue that makes the most refined
womnn look like un adventure**, c-iuirn-
���ii* ber features and ia generally unlte-
This truth hn* not the leust effect on
'hose It most iimivn s. but tbey might
refrain from tampering wltb their hair
If tbey knew bow much the artificiality added tn their years. It burdens
the reiitnnes and gives n strained look
to most fares. It dulls tbe complexion
ind makes all but tbe extreme blond
kH.k sallow.
Health anS Beauty.
Hare plenty of ventilation in jour
steeping upertmenta. lower Ibe up|ier
��ssb several Inches and also raise tbe
lower wish This give* free circulation
af the air aatt wlll not rrente a draft
A.simple "flrst aid" remedy for nose
>>lwd is round In a cloth wrung out of
���old water snd placed at tbe nape of
die mvk. A large, cold door key may
answer ihe same puriwse. So muy *
ple<-e of brown pui��er dipped In vine
""��� P \    A
Babv's mouth should be washed
..very dnv wilh tepid water In which a
iiiiii il plu'ch of bonis Is dissolved. Tbls
simple lotion keeiw the mouth fresb
nnd sweet and prevents thut um-oin-
fortuble affliction, sore mouth, from
whicli table* so often suffer. -
Brittl* Nail*.
Brlttleness ot the nn'ls Is quite often
(ue to the condition or tbe general
icaith Then, again, ir you do yonr
,wn housework the Strong soup which
,-ou probably use tor cleaning purposes
will make your naU* brittle. Twice a
dav hold the Up* of your lingers tor
tive minute* In a vessel cuntulnlng
i ���notigh olive oil to cover lhe nulls. At
light before retiring dip the lingers
nto cold cream snd let the tips take
ip Just as mncb a* th*y will retain.
After this dip tbem Into.talcum pew*
���    Miss*d th. Story.
-Say. what  was thst story
Elvlraf   '
������Well..can you keep a secret"
-So ean I."-Oik.
'   Th* .ton* sharpens knit**, tool
.hill Itoelf.-Piutarcb.	
B**uty Hint
Orangeade Is the Parlslenne's fsvor
te summer beverage tor her complex-
ton's uke, und sbe believe* strongly
siao In lemonade to clear the skin aim
brighten tbe *ye*.   is neither doss sh*
.ake much sngar. and *b�� dilute* th*
lemon Julct well with water, taking
I :he orange wltb lesa.
1;   When tbe skin l>*com*s ov��rh*oted
i  try putting s Uttlt bakln* toda Into
1  :he water In which you wub.   Thto
*.   #111 produce s coolln�� t*n|atton which
,  || Ttry ptouant
"Well, major,  I  notice that you're
mnuin. tor office again?"
tmsLS?   M��P   ����"lt."_AtUn*
"To be candW, my dear, 1 aon't think
It hung quite right ln the back.--
Loulsville Courier-Journal
10:60���Vancou var  via  O.
points   **** and Ea-
..** iBaaSXy)    ,1*.1��
9:28���Co<iulti.m   (dally    mxoapt
Sunday)  7:45
Grandma wore a Mother Hubbard.
Mercy, how the neighbor, rubberedl
Now a hobble grandma wearetb���
No on. notice, nor careth.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A bite of thu and a taste of ihat all day
long, dulls lhe appetite and weaken, the
Restore your stomach to healthy rigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepda Tablet
after ..ch meal���andcut out the "piecing1.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet*
are the beat friends for sufferer* frem
indigestion aud dyspepsia. 50c. * Box
���I your Druggist's. Made by th.
National Drug and Chemical Ce. ���(
Canada, Limited.
11'.**���Burnaby  Lake   and   Vancouver via B. C. B;R;.. 7:46
18:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. Vi.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
C4U���Vancouver via B. C. E. B.'
(dally except Sunday). 11 :lt
'.2:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:W
(8:00���Vancouver Tla B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).2��/:3(
10:00���Port Mann  fdally except
Sunday)  9:45
0:SO���aarnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leave*
Monday,      Wednesday
tad Friday    14:00
7:40���Victoria via 0. c. B. R.
(daily exeept Sunday). 11.16
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:SO
18:00���Edmonds \ and     Central
Park (dally except Sunday.)  ....' 18:00
11:20���Tynehead  ( Tuesday   and
Fridav)       .14:00
.��:�����Crescent, Whtot Roek Md   ,
Blaine     tdally    except
Sunday)  ��;��(
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas.
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Sunday)  28:00
6:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
-    and   Hazlemere   (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
16:16���United Statea via O. N. R.
(dally exceot 8unday)..16:0i
9:20���All   points east and   Europe (daily)    7:4f
9:28���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    i*.*t
19:30���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (daily except
Sunday)    14:lt
N. R.
, 2V.M  !*��� SS���Central Park, M*Kay an*
Edmonds  (dally except
Sunday!        n.ll
10.00���Ladner.     Port     Oulchon,
Weatham   Ialand,  Bun
Villa  i4M
13:00���East Burnaby   (dally except Sunday)   u:od
(0:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday*  ...;..   ....  ..X3:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday).14:30
18:46���Vancouver,  Piper's    sid-
"Ing    via    o.    N.    B..
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
11:20���CloverdWg. and Port Kells
via O.  N.  R.   (dally except Sunday) 14:00
7:80���United States via O. N. R.
(dally exoeot Sunday)     9 45
11:10���Raad,   Majuba   Hfli   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday aod Friday      ..;  9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday' and Sat-
day.     ,...14:00
20:40--Chilliwack via B. C. B. R.
(dally exeept 8unday).17:80
n:SO-Chllllwack,   Milner.    Mt
Uhaai, Aldergrora, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
key Pralrle, MurrayrlUe.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Bar-
dls. Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Belierose, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except   -'
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Abbotsford,   Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally    -
exceot Sundav) 17: so
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta %
Vista and Oakalla 23:00
Important to Grocers and Consumers ,y
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&��$&       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of die
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Milb at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Try the Taste Test
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment thmt
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are
mado in the finest sunlit sanitary
factory in the country. Forget,
also, for a moment that a little
finer flour���a little richer
butter���a little better
fruit���a little
more care in
ing-are all Important details of
the Mooney Method of tutscnit
NOW base yoar-
of Mooney's Sugar Wafers
solely on  their teste.   We
are confident as  to tiie
the outcome ot
this test
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cars
That's the way the delicious flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers Is preserved from the ovens
to your table.   It's espensive for us
-but better for the Sugar Wafers.
The cars are especially construct-   	
ed, so when traveling from Province to   ^
Province, the temperature^ always Y<iur grocer has them.
uniform.   We are the only biscuit *our grocer ����� ��.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Co, U&*i
In Canada
shipping its
oods in its own cars.
Sugar Wafers
y and  fresh ���crisp
andjrbole.    Their <&tidag flavor
is retained to the last crumb.
Try a package today.   10 add 25
cents in dainty, dust and damp-proof
News Classified Ads
..��*"" m
^ug    Ay
The yonng men-wad
who ha>#.flb4*';',|t����plete   mastery   ot]
shorthand, bookkeeping, and the coni-
���I i '��� v,  �� ' ..
mercial brancheaJmve no difficulty
whatever iaTsecuring good positions,
and the.-��� ^fsof $Vfrftle3   fcr   advance
ment ai
Modern Business School
Principal and.Maaager.
Hr. Otway Wllkie Is absent lrom
the city on a business visit to Victoria.
Tbe Educational club will hold a
meeting at the home of.Mrs. Cloverdale Watson, on Thttd avenue, at 2
o'clock on Saturday afternoon.
Mrs.   H.   W.   Jackman,   B30 Pine
I street, will receive on Frldai&ot   this
week, and the third Thursday of next
The regular monthly meeting of
the members of the Political Equality
league will be held tn the Royal
studio, Columbia street, tbls evening
at 8 o'clock.
Drop In and see   our, display   of
610 Columbii St.
Phons I
Fraser Hotel tAff
\*ri  ������   Mb
is Nbkv OPEN
Meals at all hours. We serve
tweed and fur hats, aliio WiMt shapes I the limb resets
in silk rainproof.   Just the' thing for      ^^^^^^���
rtilny days.   At Mlss Darby's Private
Millinery Parlors, 204 Agnes'tt^eet ������
���������-���     iD:ri|tp.:;i,, ii. .
Bdmonds    wood    snd    coal    yard.
Phone R1X11. W. A. McDonald.     ������
The Meredith residence at the cor
ner ot Sixth street and Seventh
avenue, which was recently badly
damaged by flre, la now being remodelled and repaired. It is proposed
to make additions to the house to the
value of $7000., plaas for which are
being prepared by Messrs. Gardner &
Mercer.,'^ present another room Is
With the exception   of   Motorman
Green all the men who sustained in
juries ta \\\*e car smash on the Bur
naby lln^\ of the1 B.''C, B. R. on Monday,  Ootober 7, bave now  left   the
Royal Columbian   hospital,   to which
tbey were removed after tbe accident.
Motonsan Herrjlns and Mr, J, W. Hal-
lett left yestetday convalescent,   thc
others departed some time ago.   As,
Motorman Green suffered a compound
fracture to one of bis legs his stay in
tbe hospital will be prolonged until
ie market supplies
11 BfeGBIE Street
The n.oat etnufortabte rooms in th - j
c'ty;  hot'Iind cold v. ater and steam
radiator in each.
Finest tfliri&s and .spirits dispensed
at the bat,,a.i<l llrst claas cafe run in
. ffhone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
T;iis New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone In
every rooln. '
Cafe ��nd dining room in connection
second to .pope, in ths* city.
The best.,BCCoioTa��oda-tion ta New
EverjlMng Morfera and t!p-To-D8te
.    ,OR. MONTH.
8th Street Nsw Westminster.
One  ujiqmto   from   B.C.E.  and   C.P.R.
*-.  *
Sta tions.
��� ���..
Start That
. 1<   iV
,.      FOR RENT
New Westminster, B.C.
' Among the most Important matter?
that wlll come up for consideration
at the meeting of the board of trade
tomorrow night will tbe complaints
made re the land registry office ln
ihla city.
A start was made yesterday on tho
exoavatlons for the basement of tbe
new two storey Storme building on
eighth street, between Fifth aud
Sixth avenues. The structure, which
will coBt $10,000, will be for apart-
ments and stores.
Until further aetlce we caanot re
ceive orders for coal.���Gilley Bros. ���*
The ctty publicity commissioner is
packing and preserving in jars Bome
verv flne samples of British Columbia
trait which he secured during fair
��-eek. Thev will be put on shOwlnK
1n the board of trade rooms for exhibition purposes when finished.
The resignation of Rev. A. F. Baker,
of the Olivet Baptist cnurch, takes
effect on Friday, November 1. No
successor has as yet been chosen for
the post which he will vacate. Rev.
D. J. McDonald, of Dewdnev, w'll oc
cupy the church pulpit on Sunday.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
?ocd bread. Eighth street Baltery
Telephone  2S1. ��� *���
"I have just sold a bouse and lot
to���ay through a classified ad. in th?
Westminster Daily News." sa'iid a wei
'atisfied customer yesterday. Try one
and see if it won't'do as much for
you. **
Eight more applications for tuition
U the public school nii��ht classes
wllich it is proposed to 'hold shortly
were received bv Mr. L. Avory "Whit?
secrete ry of tiie schorl hoard, vester
dav. An additional five is necessary
before noon today to Rrraraiitee tli;
Inauguration of the classes.
The patrol wason bad a bim' trim
last nisht. Whether it was flre wea
'.ber tliat aconnted for it all is not
known, but several of the Hindu com
mnriity appeared to have in-fliHged In
drink and quarreling In excess. Four
of them .together wilh a white man
had been gathered in before lfl o'clec'.;
Miss Minerva A. ISinifli, 'Graduate
of ilusic, has opened ber studio a!
13th avenue and Cth street. T"le
phone  R 735. **
Work is now well under -way 'on the
new sash and door factory tor tbe
Western Canada Lumber company at
"-"raser'Mills, and tic new jflant will
he rushed to completion. This will
be a bis addition to tbe already large
plant of the company and wfll give
employment to ao addjiiwiml lurce of
The erosicn of   the   Fraaer banks,
particularly  in  the neighborhood    of
Nicomen island. Is causing concern in
the districts affected.    The boards of
trade cf Mission and Port Hwney are
both taking: the matter up, and it is
the intention of these bodies to have
Hon." F.  f).  Monk,  minister of public
w<tKs. visit the scene of the trouble
I when he makes his expected Tlsit to
' the coast.
Chief Watson, of the flre department, expects to receive word at any
minute with regard to the arrival of
the new Se.agraves aerial flre truck.
The machine was manufactured a'
Walkerville, Out..'amrife'-efetyficfed to
reach the c'ty at any time now. The
three new firemen who'were recentlv
encaged to man tlle friii'kf ar^-bein,?
fast drilled into form and will be In
position to take charge when lt arrives.
Preparations have been complete'',
for the holding of the grand Christian
Endeavor rally at the Y. M. C. A. on
Monday evening. Hev. C. R. Bluiiden.
of Ladner, will be the special speaker
for the occasion, and Mr. and Mrs.
Byron Renshaw will prov de the music
of the evening. Officers for the C.
B. Union fpr the ensuing year wtll
be elected and various reports and
other matters will be attended to. The
proceedings will come to a close with
a general social time during which
refreshments will be provided.
What have you found?     A News'
classified; will flnd the owner.
Mrs. GecTge DeBeck, of Eburne.
who lacks one year of being a cbn-
tenarian. has received an order frjpi
the Vlotorty flrm of Weiler Broth r-
for a rockhrg chair, which ls the prize
for the best work done by a lady over
61 vears old at the recent provincial
Mrs. DeBeck is well known i'i N*e\.-
Westminster, where she has si'eral
sons and daughters. She is pow living with her Hon. Mr. War.l DeBeck,
at Eburne. Weiler Brother;, writing
Mr. D. E. MacKenzie, manage,  i' tho
A wedding that has created widespread Interest in New Westminster
took place in St. Barnabas church,
Tenth street, at 7:30 last evening.
The contracting parties were Mr.
Harry Tidy, the young manager of
the opera house and son of Mr. S. G.
Tidy, the florist, and Mlss Alice Mas
ters, daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I
Masters. j
Long before the hour set for   the'
ceremony to Uke place the    church I
was crowded to the door, conspicuous)
among those  present being a large
number   of young   friends   of   both
jartles.   The church was very prottily
decorated with   flowers   and   mapl?
leaves.   A beautiful arch made from
entwined carnations of several colorj
-ahd'green maple leavea graced "th*^
,mt ot th,e chancel, while a variety of ,
boms forming a huge wedding bell N
hung above.    The three front pews
were reserved for relatives   and   Invited guests who filed into thetr seats
a  few minutes before the arrival of
the bride and groom:  Mr. Harry Tidjr,
dressed in a .neat Prince Albert coat,
accompanied by his best man,    Mr.
Sydney  Herring,  entered  by  a  side
door and took his position ln front
of   the   chancel.   Shortly   afterwards
Mlss Masters, looking most winsome
In a pretty dress of white, wearing a
picture  bat of the  same  color and
carrying a bouquet of white lilies, supported by bar brother, Mr. Frank Masters, advanced down the aisle from
the rear of the church and took her
place beside Mr. Tidy.
She was preceded by the bridesmaids, Miss Annie Tidy, sister of the
groom, and Mlss Dolly Mawdsley, ths
one dressed in mauve and the other
in pink and both carrying flowers.
Meanwhile the organist played Lohengrin's bridal march. Rev. E. R. Bartlett then performed the nuptial ceremony, and after the benediction ths
happy couple repaired to an adjoining room where the register was
signed. Following this Mr. Tidy with
the bride on hls art., proceeded down
the aisle to the rear door of the edifice, while the organist played Mendelssohn's wedding march. The cotiplc
The Canbricol Corporation, ltd.
Threadneedle House, London, E. C.
Henry J. Humm, Esq. (Chairman).
Sir Edward Pautst Stracey, Bart.
Henry Pearce, Esq.
fp'r. stated that they were must sur- j were here greeted with a shower   of
prised that a lady of Buch- advanced
age  should  capture first homv'j.  bit
siid there was even more pleasure in
giving the prize foT this reaso l.
Is teekinn Redfess.
\ case in vhich the immigratior
officials ot Vancouver are Interesting
themselves is reported .vesterdav in
the city. The facts are somewhat
meagre owing lo the reticence of the
officials, but it is stated that a woman
with several children arrived in Jlv
-Hv vesterdav from a city on th��
\meriean side of t'ie border. S'le al
'e?��s ber husband is In Vancouve ���
with another woman and she is seek
ing redress. The man h->s been located and a court case will pr"b?bly
result before the matter is settled.
rice and confetti. Carriages awaited
and with the invited guests and relatives tbey then departed to the
home of the bride's parents, where
suffer was partaken cf. After the
function Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tidy left
for Victoria.
They will return on Friday before
"II Trovatore" Is nut on at the opera
house by the Sheehan Opera company
At the conclusion of the performance
they will become the guests of Mr
Joseph F. Sheehan and wlll make a
tenr of thc Sor.nd cities in his private
ra'Iway c?.r.
Those v. ho attended the dinner ln
���>ddition to Mr. and Mr3. Thomas
Masters and Mr. and Mrs. S. G Tldv
were Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Allan. Mr.
and Mrs. (leor��e Crawford, and Mrs.
A. D. King, sisters of the bride and
fieir husbands, all of whom are from
Vancouver. Mr. Harry Tidy Is a native son of Westminster and bas ;.
liosU of friends In the cltv who will
b'd him best wishes for his wedded
life. liia c'larm'ng bride Is also a
native of the Roval CHv and both are
eytrenielv nopular with the younger
people of thp city.
Annacis Island Waterfrontage
Ideally situated"factory and industrial
sites can be bonght for $75 a foot on
easy terms. v ._
Annacis Avenue will be 250 feet wide
with adequate trackage.
The above Company will also assist
with finance any sound contemplated
commercial industries.
Communicate with-
Pearce, Carlin and Co., 509 Sayward Bid., Victoria
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
London, Oct. lfi.���Mr.  Birch   Crisp,
head    of fhe  stock    erchange    firm
which floated the $50,000^)00 independent Chinese loan, said   in a   speech
yesterday    irlternoon,    that     judgin:
from the ���overtures they had received j    Tbe marriage took place vesterdav
't   wfciymtta likely  that  aa  soon   as   a,  thc )lnrT,p cf thp br|dfi on  SePonrt
the quotation ef the loan on the mar | street, of Miss Clara B. Lord, daughter of Mr .Tames Lord, to Mr. Herbert
Bnrlneate.    The ceremony    was    con
ducted bv   Rev.   M.   G.   Meivin.    Fol
1"" ine  the   wedding  supper  Mr.  nn<i
, . .   . .  .   , .     ,  . ... ..   i Mrs.  Sp'-'ngate left on a honevmooi.
1 TllS^L���������   .1��. C?"B_.ftut^! trip to Winnipeg and the  West.
ket was iili or 97 they would be able
'o dispose of the remaining   half   of
tbe loan, which    might be issued   at
about 96%.
Mr. Crisp then    outlined a schem"
Modern  Saw  Mill  Machinery
Johnson  Shingle   Machines
and- Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
a bank'*> be called the Bank of
China, with a canital of SIOOOO.OOO
half to 'be; subscribed by the Chinese
Government and the other half by
possibly five nations.
The functions rf the bank he said
would be to de^l, among other questions, wlfb Chinese currency.
Shot His Wife.
Edmonton. Oct. 16.���Martin Sura
was given a sentence of flve years In
the Alberta penitentiary today for
shooting his wife on the streets of
Edmonton last July.
Let us figure wltb you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock ot lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
TELEPHONE 904.     -
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and Crescent  Valley,  B. C.
^���fMfS iff name f��r Jtself.
Never failing to give quick relief itfien the throat and lungs
ore troubled.
Reeemmended, guaranteed and
sold bjf   -v
Four doors East of Bank of
New Westmlnater, B. C
Doii't forget to pay a visit to Misn
Davey's Private Millinery Parlcrs.
One of the largest stocks in town.
Correct style at moderate prices. Note
the address, 204 Agnes street, nearly
opposite St. Mary's hospital. **
Mr. and Mrs. ICaston left last nlghl
| to attend the Lethbridge !>v Fannin*
I congress.    They carry  with  them  In
add'tion to a    variety    of    literature
concerning New Westminster district.
. a new map of the city issued for the
first   time  veaterday  and  a publicity
calendar.    Mr. J. A. Dadds, who was
also selected to go, will not be able
tn  le**.*e  before  Friday  and  perhaps
not then, on account of the pressure
of important business.
On account of the fact that Mr. C.
H. Stuart Wade is going to attend the
convention    of    hoards   of trade and
publicity bureaus of the province in
Vernon on  Tuesday and  Wednesday,
October 23 and 24, he will be unable
to be present at the Lethbridge Dry
Farming congress.   Alderman Gray Is I
also going to Vernon, wbrfe with Mr. I
Wade he  will  represent  I ie city    of
New Westminster, the board of trade I
and Progressive association.   The ob- j
ject of the gathering Is for the pur-1
pose of bringing  about  closer    com-1
munlcn  between  the boards of trad >
and publicity bodies of the provinc-j
for tbe mutual advantage of all.
Bracelet Watches
  ....,,., -,    ���  i    ���
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
CHAMBERLItt  ������*
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
Houses To Rent
f��mH R00M JL0TTAGe ����� Hartco Street,    Modern   conveniences.
���"5.00 per month.
1359���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195��� SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 60x134
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���05 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terras.
66 foot lot in good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terms.
^^^    per month.   	
ees.   120.00 per month.
f^FJ ROOM H��U8E on Hamilton
���30.00 per month.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE on Tenth avenue.
THREE ROOM HOU8E on 13th. etreet
avenue, Burnaby, Modern conven len-
atreet,   Modern   conveniences.
$1840 pat month.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     $10.00 per montj^^l
W and 74�� Columbia Street, Phone 88., New Weetmlneter, B. C.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
j*��.r",r.r' *""'���'"��� '"-'���'������ "���""�������������.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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