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Westminster Daily News Aug 20, 1912

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Alleged   That   Leakage   In
Mains Have Been Caused
By Workmen.
Royal   Visit  Not Yet   Definitely  Settled���Only 12 Par Cant, of Taxes
Eidino  at   Scottish   Canadian    Gi^ea
Away-Present Loss About $4,000
���Restless In.
It seems as though the city's dif
ficultiea with the New Westmlnstei
Gas company are increasing, Instead
of diminishing, for at last nlght'b
meeting of the council a letter was
received from Mr. Adam S. Johnson,
solicitor for Mr. James Cunningham.
notifying that body that his client
intended to present his claim for the
leakage of gas from breakages in a
gas main on Sixth street, alleged to
have been caused during the time
workmen were laying water pipes
on  that highway.
'These breakages," stated the letter, "occurred notwithstanding the
fact that the contractors under your
employ were warned of the danger.'
The letter was not discussed by
the cily council but referred to the
city solicitor for a report
Vanishing  Linemen.
Alderman   Kellington    stated    that
he had heard that the linemen of the
D.  C.    Electric  were to    be    moved
from Westminster to Vancouver, and
Tbe Dominion Fisheries patrol
boat Restless, Capt. Charles Moore,
came up stream yesterday afternoon
from the Sound. Fishing, according
to tbe skipper, has fallen off during
the past few days, and catches bave
been small Indeed. However, the
fishermen and the canora appear
satisfied with the results of tbe sea-
soa, the former getting a good price
for the sockeye while the canners are
well protected by contracts made
early in the season.
A setions accident befell the Scottish-Canadian cannery at Garry
Point a few days ago. The structure
which is built right on the edge of
the water, became undermined by
the current,  wth  the result that the
Half  Breed    Accused  of  Robbery  is
Dismissed  but   is   Re-arrested
on Another Charge.
piling gave way precipitating part of ^^^^^^^
the  huilding into the river together i --- ����.""'��. "2����
with n large number of cases of fish. I ne.xl .l.nmg    M<   Knen
Tl.~.-    _*.*-��-
Thames, accused oif
housebreaking, came up for sentence
before His Honor Judge Howay, having pleaded guilty at the preliminary
hearing. He was caught by the Burnaby police after breaking into a
house at Vancouver Heights. Two
years in the penitentiary was meted
out to him.,
Harry Campbell a half breed, came
up for trial charged with robbery
and violence. The offense was alleged to have taken place on the
evening of July 26, William McKay
of Ladner, being the unfortunate victim. In the evidence it was pointed
out that McKay, in company with an
Indian named "Joe" visited the
shack of Campbell near the Walsh
Sash and Door factory, and that the
Capt.  Troup   Endorsee    Opinion
Westminster Board of Trade-
Writes Minister.
cfjUnappalled   by   Disappointing   Atten
dance Mr.  McKee-Rankln Com-
Pany Shines in "Madca"
Those which were partly filled were
lost altogether while some fifty full
cases disappeared also.
A grave problem Is confronting
the owners at the present time, as
the rest of the buildings show signs
of falling into the stream if precautionary measures are not taken at
once. The loss amounts to about
ns i liis he considered, was an Import-   ��Pen   Windows   on   Columbia   Street
ant    matter    ln  many    respects,  he Store���Missing  Billiard  Balls
thought it should be looked into. Act-      *  supposed  burglary case was re-
ing Mayor Gray stated that he had
also heard the report that the men's
headquarters were to be Bbifted ana
statd that he had written Mr. Connolly on the matter asking for some
information as to the reason for the
Secretary     B.   I).    Grant,   of    the
p >rted tq the police yesterday which
Is said to have taken place early Sunday  morning and yesterday.
Mr. Charles Walsh, of Columbia
street found a window in the rear of
his grocery establishment wide open
yesterday mornii)';, an entrance hav-
       _      ing been  mado probably late on Sat-
Trades and Labor councli wrote noti-1 urday   night  or early   Sunday   morn
fving  the  aldermen that Atkinson & | '"�����    At the present time, Mr. Walsh
Dill  were advertising in a locul contemporary    for    laborers   to  work a
nine-hour day on the hospital  build-
_^,_---       traa  that   hls
I valuables consisting of two watches
' and  a  bank roll  to  the  amount of
$40   were  missing.
Campbell was arrested but th? Indian has so far eluded arrest. His
Honor dismissed the case against the
man. but on stepping outside of the
court room, he waa rearrested by
Dectlve Burroughs on a charge of
being found in possession of stolen
articles, knowing them to be stolen.
His case will be held before Magistrate  Edmonds tbis morning.
lng, contrary to the agreed conditions Wtfler which they .took. Uie contract. The letter alao stated that the
laborers on the High school buildings
were being paid 2.75 rgardleBS of the
"fair wage" clause In the contract
for the work. As the council has no
jurisdiction over either of the matters tin- letter was referred lo the
hospital   board.
Payment of Grants.
With regard to the request made
by the V. M. C. A. some time ago
for a grant from the city, the finance
committee reported that the solicitor
advised the couucil that it had no
authorit) to make any such grant
untli r the provincial municipal act.
The finance committee recommended
thc paying of the following grants:
Columbian Collge, $1173,00; St. Louis
College, $347,00; St. Ann's convent,
$3 60,00.
On motion by Alderman Dodd it
was decided to place the standard
wage or $4.25 for carpenters on all
future  contracts for city  work.
Instructions were Issued to the fire
and police chiefs und city electrician
to prepare an estimate of the cost of
n fue and police signal system for
the city.
88 Per Cent. Collected. "
The finance committee reported
tliat |S per ct. of the taxes had been
collected at the end of the rebate
year this year against 85 per ct. last
Mr. CJodfrey K. Burnett wrote asking for permission to bave a blueprint made of the re-snrvey of the
city. The letter was referred to the
finance committee.
A deputation of residents from |
Thirteenth street wns present at tbe
meeting to protest against tbe
change ot grade at present being
made tn Seventh avenue, The Board
of Work* committee decided to visit
cannot state his loss, if any.
A tangible loss wns reported yesterday noon at the Duncan Cigar
store, when it wns found that two
billiard tails, were missing, . These
are' known to have been there after
(lil place was openfU tor business
n thn morning. The Duncan atore
. ijolus the business ot Mr. Walsh.
Monday's Building Permits.
The huilding permits taken out
yesterday were: A. C. Kuy, fourroom-
i il bungalow on Burnaby Street, $1.-
5()0; J. K. Qeorge, garage on Fifth
street, $1?">; J. C. Henderson, cottage on Keary street. $1,000; Joseph
Crane, ' stoi- bt.'lding with three
tc< .i.s iii rear, $1,800. Knights of Py-'
thias  Kail,  repairs.  $10ii.
Rowdy  Times Around  Police Station
���Indians,   Half   Breeds   and   a
Crl?ple Caught.
Secretary Stuart Wade, of the
Board of Trade has received a com-
muication from Capt. J. W. Troup
of Victoria, in connection with placing of lights for the guidance of mariners on certain points on the Frasei
river. Mr. Troup states that he has
written the deputy minister of marine at Ottawa recommending that the
lights be placed at the points asked
for by the Westminster Board of
The   places    mentioned    are    the
point of Annacis Island; Ewen's Can
nery;  Holly Point;  Westham Island,!
and  two lights at the mouth of the
river to be changed in character.
"I think," says Capt. Troup's letter, "this would be a very good star'
on the lighting of the Fraser river,
and should be satisfactory for some
years to come. Colonel Anderson
has been over the ground and recommends practically the same aids and
recommends St. Mungo Instead of
Annacis Island. I agree with you
that Annacis Island is the best place
for  the  light."
With respect to the lif-htship at
the mouth of the Fraser, Mr. Troup
stated In his letter that he favored
its location on the extreme entrance
the sands, as the heavy shipping
through Active Pass bas been handicapped by its other position.
A prophet is not without honor in
his own country," If one may Judge
I Says Famous M. P.Suggett-
ed Arrest Talk Is Merely
Advertising Mattes.
^^^^^^^^^^_      ���     mmm.,     judge  j ~ ���~
by the poor house that turned out to  Unionists Have Warned Government
see  Mr.  McKee-Rankln,    one  of  the      ^aa^s\^ss^sm^*^as^aa^aasa
most famous of Canadian-born actors,
at tbe opera house last night.    How
Mr.  Rankin  and  Mlss    Sally    Drew
could have played so well to the few
scattered Individuals that found their . ,   7Tia?T i?8.'*
,   ,���    .. ��� gested arrest of Bonar Law is bom-
way to the theatre is a puwling ques- Dagtic nonseuce and Mr Churchill ia
tlon to anyone who understand the tailing through hia bat," aaid the
effec f an audece aTwrpce venh et' Right Hou. Walter Hume Long, M.
effect of an audience on an actor or I *"- tor the SU and division of Lon-
r, .    , ���   ...      j.j   .   ! don aud ex-CJUief Secretary for Ire-
actress. But play well, they did. As Iand now on a v���,t wlth hIg famlI)r
Mr. Rankin, disappointed though he! to Canada, in the course of an inter-
waa,    e>:pre?3ed    lt In  his dressing- j view  this morninr
of Trouble Regarding Home
Rule  Bill.
"E^./l?**    "-"The  aug-
i pening of Big British Canadian Mill
is  Interesting  Occasion.
Amid the  whirr of the  machinery
and  in the presence   of    practically
the  plant,
over the rollers
auu in tne presence of practically
every man employed at the plant,
the first log was sent over the rollers
room after the show, he "he has never played anything but his best to a
Canadian  house."
"Madga" was the play in woich Mr.
Rankin made his abearance, and
this being tbe first time that this
masterpiece of Sudermar f has hep
presented in Canada. How sadly few
there  were  to    herald   'its  coming!
s morning.    ������_\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\W
"Mr.     Churchill,"    he   added;   "In
merely advertising himself,"
Deniea Statement.
Coutinuing Mr. Long said that the
Unionists had not eitefted the Ulster-
volt.   They had as a matter
of fact warned the government that
trouble- would come if they attempted to pass the Home Rule bill,
j���.��� -
_  .���mm ure nuuie nuie Dili.
p,��� .nn���.k mi rr,lZ7a" Thl ��Tlw      He  declared  that It was  doubtful
But enough of regrets    The few that  jf th    ��� f Conmon8 wouId paas
���vere tbere enjoyed themselves im- .*,. y,*., ������,, ������������ ,, ,t ai* �����,�� J.ZZZ
mensely- and they are sure to tell *^ ���!.��DllV.en * tt -^ -the meas'
their   friends     ,f  th���    ��� '���
it they mlss seeing
Mr. Rankin play Bill Sykes in "Oliver
Twist" this evening, they will have
missed something that they will regret for many days to come.
"Madga," like everything else from
the pen of Sudcrmann is an intensely interesting play, but like almost
every clever modern play it is tragic in its hopelessness. Virtue is
hopeless, vice is hopeless. There is
no escape, so what is man or woman
to do above all woman? It is woman
wbo is always tangled most helplessly In the weary web of life in these
days of "Modern Revolt" as old Lieu-
lll.nl     C~* ���     "     ���
at the British Canadian Lumber company on l.ulu Island yesterday morning Slowly it wended its way to- ����*���� i��voic as oi<
wards the huge saws and it was not tnant CoIoneI SchwarUe would say.
long before planks were being sent Tonigi;t this well deserving com-
along the automatic tables to be pany preseuts 0!vcr TwIst and jt ,���
trimmed into proper lengths. For t0 be b d that Westmlnster may
, the past fa* days nearly every ma- g|vR mt mecd of gupport which ^
Reacts    in    th<,  vicinRy of the   ^jS^T^gt  ��-���,"��   ����e artists in Its eomposition n.hly
u-e would most assuredly be thrown
out of the House of Lords. if in
the end it was forced through, Ulster-
would take strong steps to mar the
working of the bill.
Government Disunion.
The ex-Secretary of Ireland pointed
out that there was acute disunion
between the various sections of the
government party, the differences
between the Liberals and the Labor-
Hies were diametrically opposed on
the tariff question, the former being
for the most part pronounced protectionists.
yesterday morning by "the'vitriolic
language of one. Alfred Stanley, who
who was towed into port with a
heavy list to starboard. Stanley's incarceration did not appeal to bim,
and he extended his lung power to
the limit with the result that all windows were closed tight in the neighborhood.
Magistrate Edmonds gave him the
option of $20 and costs or a month
in  jail.    He  paid.
Three others charged with inebriation were assessed the usual amount,
two of them failing to appear.
Edward Ross, a cripple, appeared
on a charge of supplying firewater to
thruln'g" out thousands ut feet oV\
lumber dally will be carried out.
When working at full capacity, the
mill will be able to provide employment for over 250 hands and according to Mr. ,T. H. McDonald, the time
is not far distant when this will be
an  actual fact.
At the present time, some twenty
men are employed on the rough lumber and it will entail a weeks work
before enough planks are accumulated to start the smaller machines
Meanwhile a small army of men Is
engaged in erecting additions to the
plant, which will keep them busy for
--   ��� !   i i ,it��� >*. .      .
Successfully     Hal*   up  Sir    Edward.
Gray  as  He Came Out of
Novel Scheme Affecting British Boya
Favored   By Canadian   Cabinet
Indians. He pleaded rgnorance "b^|feve1rftl1m?nt;,8.K,�� C0'ne- Th!S iB.lh"
tore the magistrate and waa given |$���* P,al! of the company, the other
two hours to hobble out of the city.
Prominent   Exhibit,     of  Cheep   Says
Many Fanciers Will Have
Stock on Ha-1.
With the opening date only six
we'ika away, arrangements for the
Wild Provincial exhibition, "The
Best in the West," are rapidly assuming definite shape. Kvery day sees
the arrival of entries from all parts
of the Province, and there seems no
question but the 1912 fair will exceed
every previous event in the number
and variety of exhibits. Applications
for space In the Manufacturer's and
Industrial building are alao coming
In In large numbers, and the capa-
! city  of  these  two    structures    will
...   ...Mn-. vviiniiiiicu ueviucu iu ��ibh : doubtless be taxed  to their utmost
the  place  on   Monday  and  to  report [ n��� ������������,,�� nf *M** Unit r*r m���   ****
The Royal Visit.
A letter was received from the
Board cf School trustees asking for
information on what had been done
In connection with the visit of the
Duke of Connaught to fhe city. It
was suggested In the letter that His
Royal Highness b" iwked to lay t'is
foundation stone of tlie new high
school. Acting-mayor Gray stated
that he had received no dlflnite
word as to whether It would be possible to change the date of the Governor General's arrivals In Westminster. He announced that he was
leaving after the meeting for Victor-
la where he Intended to take the matter up with  Premier McBride.
A communication was received
from the Progressive association,
concerning better tram communication between tho north and eastern
sections of the city. The letter was
Property owners In suburban block
12 and 13 wrote drawing attention to
the unsatisfactory condition that
would result to their property from
from the grading of Fifth and Sixth
streeta. The matter was referred to
the Board of Works.
C. P, R. Branch Line.
Notification was received from the
secretary of the Hoard of Railway
Commissioners of tlie order of permission that had been given to the
C. P. R. to construct and operate a
branch line to their freight sheds on
Front street.   The mattar wan rot**.
On acount of this lack of space, the
fair management Is anxious to have
all applications for these buildings
sent in as early as* possible. In case
there should be more applications
than can be taken care of, the first
ones reoelved will 1: vc the preference.
Several exhibitors who have been
showing In Vancouver have looked
In at tlte offices of tbe fair here and
made their entries. One of these
Mr. John Richardson, who Is one of
the oldest exhibitors of aheep at the
Westminster fair, called on Mr. IV E.
MacKenzie, manager and aecretary,
He said that he wlll have a large
number of sheep entered, and ex-
nects to repeat his Vanoouver sue
cess by taking several blue ribbons
He saye also that a number of aheer
ralaera in hls neighborhood who will
not enter any of tha other shows
will come to New Westminster.
Pat Thompson, an Indian, drew a
fine of $25 for having liquor In his
Two Indians, caught with the
��oods on them, got suspended sentence while s halfbreed. named William Allard, was ordered to pay $2.50
and  costs.
Two proprietors of houses on the
west end of the city, appeared charged with selling liquor without a licence. '
"Scotty" Douglas, was fined $50
and costs, this being her first offence, while Beatrice Banker was
assessed $100 and costs. Mr. G. E.
Martin prosecuted for the city, while
the defendants were represented by
Mr. Adam Johnson.
The matter was refer-1 August 30 and ijl.
red to the city engineer and the city
A note was reoelved from Capt.
J. A. Croll of Alberni stating that he
was entitled to five per cent, commission for his part taken In the sale
of a chemical fire engine by the Ctty
of Westminster to the cltv of Alber
til, The matter will be taken up with
the flre chief.
Acting- mayor Oray tfas given power io call a meeting to discuss matters that wlll probably be brought before  the  Municipal    Commission on
Represented at Vancouver  Show ���
Match Factory's Prospects.
The Northwestern Wheel and Wagon company, which ls about to establish Its factory at New Westminster, has un Interesting exhibit at.
the Vancouver Exhibition, prominently displaying Westmlnater aa a scene
of Its operations,
The Dominion Match company, of
New Westminster, has also an exhibit at the Vancouver fair, shoeing
the machines for the manufacture of
matches  In operation.
V.-e president Tucker of this company, who hat Just returned from
Eastern Canada states In a letter to
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary of the
Board of Trade, thnt Eastern capitalists are now negotiating with the
Westminster company for establishing four subsidiary factories in Bast
ern Canada.
Should negotiations be completed
local stockholders will participate In,
the profits derived from the subsidiary ulants. In otber words, every
new i>lmt wlll mean additional dividends to the stnokholdrrs.
being in Vancouver and Cresceut valley.
At the present time there are several million feet of rough logs tied
up alongside the company's property
on the Kraser, and several more
iotms nre epxected within the next
'cw weeks. Tbe company at the
nr ent time only owns one tug boat
the Sea Uon, and it is probable that
id t'tions will be made to the small
trait operating on the river shortly.
Ottawa, Aug. 19.���Walter Harbord,
of London, England, discussed his
immigration    schcel    system   scheme
with Colonel  Sam Hughes on  Satur- 	
day, and while no definite action was|refUH<!d   to receive _ ���
�� ,        ,.   ,         .     .    . . ,.       ,      t\ three women, whereupon one of them
taken, it ls understood both colonel I j *_*.      -..-      .
Hughes and the Hon. Geo. Foster will
support it as apparently they are ln
Emb'eraton. Northumberland, Aug.
19.���A party of enterprising suffragettes waylaid and held up Sir Edward Grey, the British secretary' of
state, while he was leaving church
yesterday, and engaged him in a
warm argument on the question or
woman suit rage.
Sir Edward at flrat aaid "I refuse-
to  d'scuss   the    question   with    you
here,"  bit  the  women declared  that
tht i-Liinity  for discussion   had
beeu denied elsewhere.     Sir Edward
a  delegation   of
Buyers   Arrive. From   England���Estimate of Total Pack.
Victoria, Aug. 19.���That the salmon canning season ia drawing to a
close ia exemplified by the fact that
the representatives of .the big salmon purchasing firms of London and
Lverpool have reached the coast.
They are headed by a dosen of the
canned salmon buyers, Mr. A. L.
Cohen of London.
Tbe buyers are naturally keeping
an eye on tbe totals of the pack and
the way they have it figured out up
to date Is- Naas. 30 000 cases:
Skeena, 86,000 cases; Rivera Inlet,,
107,000 cases; ontalde canneries, 76HclaM
000 cases, and Fraaer River (with
more to come) 80,000 cases.
Switch to Civic Buildings.
Edmonds. Aug. 19.���With thn completion of the new Btoreboui"! nnd
stables at the municipal grounds, Engineer MacPherson wns authorised
this evening to take up the matter of
a switch leading Into the grounds for
the purpose of unloading utorea, etc.
The B. C* E. R.. It ls understood,
[.has agreed to lay a switch whenever
tbe council la ready, and work Is ex-
pected to begin ln the near future.
Plan   to   Bring Young   Britons Hera
Direct From Schools.
Montreal. Ang 19.���"Catch your
farmer young," Is the Idea of s new
immigration' acheme Introduced bv
Mr. Walter Harbord to the London
County Councll, of one of whose
schools he Is headmaster.
Mr. Uarbbrd wat In Montreal yea-
tardav on his way to Ottawa to discuss hi* scheme with pplltlc'ans
there. Hla Idea Is tbat each ot the
provinces should provide centres of
education for bovs and girls who
would be transferred there from English schools. There would be two
sections, a junior and a senior, and
In the htfer'e education of the Mac
doiald College type would be arranged for.
favor of auch a movement Further
discussing this scheme Mr. Harbord
"As property bas depreciated In
value'from 36 to 50 per cent, within
the last ten years in London, parents
of moderate means find lt difficult to
send tbeir children to Canada with a
large enough amount of money to
start them in business, and therefore the best people do not come out
until they bave Increased their capital or come in reduced circumstances.
"However, under this new scheme
children are brought to the country
and ��� provided for until they have
grown up with it and are able to look
after themselves. Therefore It is
quite evident that tbe claas of immi
grants would be not only superior
but also   of   a   more   self-sustaining
demanded:      "How dr-�� you  betrar
the women's cause   b;     iTcving   the-:
reform bill to be dratteu   to inclu.f-
men only?"
Sir Edward replied tbat he bad put
down an amendment to the bill giving women also the suffrage.
"You know that amendment is of
no use," the .women shouted.
Sir Edward replied: "Tan know-
nothing about parliamentary procedure or you would not say that."
After further argument. Sir Ed war J
succeeded in gaining his motor car. .
ln which he dashed  trom the sceneu.
���   .' ��� .' ....    ,��� �����
Factory fer Huntingdon.
r*itntlntrdon, Aup. 1!*.���Huntingdon
will soen have another factory added
to the l'-f Mr. Crewe, who la at pre-
��"i>t building a lawn cigar factory In
Sumas, haa decided to put in a
branch factory here, ln order that
the customs troubles may be eliminated.
Rapid Increaaa of Trade With Island
and Vancouver Harbor.
Several Vaneouver tuga were seen,
along the waterfront yeeterday. The
C.F.P., Jessie Mac, Edna Green were
amongst the number. Tbeir captains
report a steadily increasing business,
and very little time has been lost
thla season in being tied up at the
wharves. *
The ateamer Westham arrived np��
stream from. Vancouver yesterday
afternoon loaded' with s mtxed cargo
of steel pipes and ralla. These recently arrived from England ftr way
of a Blue Funel steamer.
The tug Barl, towing the Sidney
No. 2, went down stream yesterday
for Vancouver Island. According to
the Great Northern officials, traffic
between New Westminster and the
fsland la Increasing at a rapid pace,
and tbe two car ferrys are being;
worked to capacity,.
Mlss Sal! ���  Orew whose emotional
acting waa the feature of last night's
presentation  of "Madga", antl    who
plays "Nancy"    tonight   tn "Oliver
j Twist."
Mantle Falle on Mae Donald
Edmonds, Aug. 19.���In the absence or
acting-reeve p. C. McGregor, wbo
leaves this week for Victoria, Councillor Mac Donaatd waa thia evening
appointed acting reeve. Councillor
McGregor will make a private business trip to the capital and will probably aluo make a trip op the Campbell river and Indulge in a little
Election Returns Heavy.
London. Aug. 19.���A return abfrw-
lng tbe electon expenaea paid In Ununited Kingdom In 1910 has bfcen U*~
auert   In   the   parliamentary
The expenses of tbe January
totalled $4,891,660 and ImtttJa.l
ber election $6,478,910.
******** FAOBTWO
TUESDAY, AUGUST 20,  1912.
Classified Advertising
>��� ���
<# RATES.                        ���
���   ���
������ One cent per word for day.    ���
��� Fbur   cents   per   word   per   ���
��� week. ���
��� No   advertisement   accepted   ���
��� for less than 25c. ���
��� Birth,   death   and   marriage   ���
��� notices 50c per Insertion. ���
��� ���
work for family by young lady. Apply to Box 97. Westminster Dally
from London, wants work by the
day, or at home. Apply Mias Horton, General Delivery.-
vate family; good wages. Apply 515
Fifth avenue.
and boarder with English family.
715 Fifth avenue.
for general house work. Apply 227
SL Patrick street.
.achool boy preferred.   Bring written
application  to  H. P.  Vidal  & Co.,
Market Square.
quirc two, comfortable fu;nished
rooms; old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. R.
depot.   Phono 401.
City steam laundry.
Rooma. 828 Royal Avenue.
house, splendid view, good location,
one block from Twelfth  street car-
line; reasonable terms.   Apply 1030
Seventh avenue.   Phone L847.
housekeeping rooms, all full, for exchange for house and lot in Westminster or on tram, or rooming-
house; will assume difference. Canadian Employers' Clearing House,
522 Pender street, weat, Vancouver,
B. C.
100 lbs. for $1.00; the finest of red
beets 100 lbs. for $1.50; good carrots per sack $1.25. Free delivery
daily. Apply Hatt-Cook, potato merchant, 1527 Front street.   Phone 550.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 50x138 to 20 foot
lane; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly. Also one
lot with 20 trees and some chickens.
Apply Owner, on lot 28 Eighth
avenue, East Burnaby, between
Second and Fourth street, one and
one-half blocks from car.
coop and chickens, 21 fi uit trees
full bearing: lot 5. 50x132 Teet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaby, between Second and
Fourth streets. Price $1350; very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
most new.    408 Fifth stieet.
ers.   3G Hastings stieet.
Bohemian cate, opposite C. P. R-
Every once in a while a new town
appears on the horizon of the West
that out-shines all the rest by the
brilliancy of Its future.
Such a coming city is Fort Fraser,
B. C, on the main line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific.
A saw mill is already buzzing at Fort
Fraaer,  two general  stores  are  run-
ning. a newspaper, "The Fort Fraser
Newa," has been started, and dozens
of other enterprises are about to com-J
mence business.     For Instance, a 30-1
room hotel Is being built   now. the
Bank of Vancouver ib going to open a i
lMTvoch In the tatt, a government agent I
-xind assistant have been appointed, aa- \
aurine to Fort Fraser the Government
Headquarters for the District, a large
Bang of men  are  now  clearing   lots
and grading streets.   A drug store, an
implement flrm  and probably a brickyard wlll be started soon.
A Dominion Government Post and
telegTaph office will be started this
-fall, the building for same to be started soon.
You can see that things are "up and
doing" at Fort Fraser. Write to the
Secretary of the Development Club
for more particulars about this new
town for you to locate in. A complimentary copy of the Fort Fraser News
-will alao be sent you.
Fort Eraser Development Club, W. A.
Matheson. Secretary- Vancouver office, 102 Winch Building.
cement blocks, chimneys, brick
laundry tubs, drain fle and fireproof, germproof, waterproof, sanitary plastic flooring, see J. W. McCallum, Weatmlnster Truat block.
Phones: Office 434; house L 885.
der, a  four hnrner  eas  plate, with
oven complete.    Apply    210   Agnes ]
street, city.
ranees on easy terms: $1.00 down,
$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Siimire.
Industrial School for Girls.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Industrial School for
Girls," will be received by the Hon.
the Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Monday, 9th day of
September, 1912, for the erection and
completion of an industrial school for
Plana, specifications, contract, and
forma of tender may be seen at the offices of the Government Agents, Vancouver and New Westminster, and the
Department of Public Works, Victoria.
Intending tenderers can. by apply-
'ng to the undersigned, obtain a set of.
the drawings and specifications for the
sum of twenty-five (25) dollars.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
'^anpda, made rayable to the Hon. the
Minister of Public Works, for a sum
equivalent to 10 per cent, of the
amount of the tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates cf deposit cf
uo successful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of the
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature ofthe
���^nderer. a^d enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or anv tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Deoartment    of   Public   Works.   Victoria, B. C, 15th August, 1912.
Master  of   Carpathia   Maintains   Hie
Ship Not in View of Tltanlc's
acres, all ui)d.!r cultivation. Between
Calgary and Edmonton, near sta
tion. Ninety-six acre3 in Timothy
hay: barn and stable on the property. Price ?4.j an acre, will
trade for Burnaby acreage.
119.7C for $2600; third cash; terms
fi. 12 and lSy months. This la a
ACREAGE SNAP���200 acres choice
land, on Cliilliwack car line, not far
from Sardis. Small house, large
barn. High and dry, no dyking
tax. Price $175 per acre. Terms
to arrange.
all planted and under Irrigation at
$500 an acre. Choice district. Will
consider good proposition to trade.
Fully   equipped.     Excellent    turnover.   Snap price $500.
partly cleared; $750; one-half caah,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
HERE'S ANOTHER Sapperton Bargain���Lot size 34x120; near school;
$575; one-third cash.
furnished house keeping rooma. 37 i rooms, lot 99x70; for $2750; one-
Agnes street.   Phone L 638. third cash,   balance   6, 12   and   18
 __     months.
taeping rooma at 224 Seventh St.   |
T6     RENT ��� HOUSE      AT     220
8eventh Btreet. Enquire Allenbough,'
224 Seventh streeL
lighted room, 30x30 feet, in Hard-
man block, suitable for office or
���workroom or may easily be divided
to make a two or three room apartment suite. For terms apply Westminster Dally News.
jrtvepfnK rooms, hot and cold water.
" Aftfiy room 9. Knlghta of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
bodrou..'.. furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes street.
house.   Address Box 7i;.r> City.
stieet, opposite Dominion Trust
btock.   Apply 11. P. Vidal ft Co.
unliable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
Here's a Ciiarce!
With every    modern    convenience,
���swrh as cement basement and floor,
separate toilet and bath, fire place,
��!hfctrlc lights,  etc..    Situated    near
Filth avenue and  Sixth streets. The
moBt  desirable section  of  the    city.
Will be sold cheap and on easy terms
-as owner Is leaving the city.
Apply to OWNER 527 Sixth
.street or 'Phone L841.
choice building lot on Sixth avenue,
facing on two atreets,50xl40. Fine
proposition for two houses. Can be
bought at snap price. Call and see
See Us A'jout Highland Home.
Real Estate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
irs received a despatch from the Mil-
tary Secretary to His Royal Highness
ho Duke cf Connaught, Govemor-
'Jeneral of Canada, setting forth the
irosram of the tour of His Royal
'tighness in British Columbia during
September and October next. The
following places will be visited:
Kamloops���3 p. m. to 6:15 p. m. on
the 17th September. '
Vancouver��� 3 p. m. on the 18th
September to evening of 20th.
New Westminster���On 21st September.
Prince Rupert���11 a. ra. on 23rd
September to evening of 23th (including a possible visit to Hazelton).
Nanaimo���11 a. m. to 1 p. m., on the
27th September.
Victoria���Evening of 27th September to 3rd October.
Vernon���Morning of 4th October to
11 a. m. on same day.
Penticton���4 p. m. on 4th October
to 5 p. m. on 5th.
Robson via Arrowhead���7 p. va. to
S p. m. on 6th October.
Nelson���Morning of 7th October till
noon on aame day.
Kootenay Landing���6 p. m. on 7th,
leaving early next day.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria,
Sth July, 1912.
Creditors Trust  Deeds Act.
Notice Is hereby given that Leslie'1
Edwin Hawkins, currying on business
Bl painter nt 413 Columbia street.
New Weatmlnster, B.C., hns by deed
dated Rth day or August, 1912. assigned nil his real and personal eatate,
credits and effects wliich may be
wlzcA or sold under execution to John
Graham, of the city of New Westminsters, B.C., accountant, for the purpose of satisfying rateably and proportionately and without preference
or priority all hla creditors;
And notice Is also hereby given that
a meeting of the creditors of the aald
l-eslle E. Hawkins will be held at his
place ot business at 413 Columbia
���itreet, New Westminster, B.C., on
Monday, the 26th Day of August, 1912,
at 4 o'clock In the afternoon;
And notice Is also hereby given that
all persons having claims against the
said Leslie E. Hawkins are required
to forward particulars of the same,
duly verified, to John Graham, P. O.
Box 784, New Westminster, B.C., on
or before the 9th day of September,
1912; after which date the assets of
the said Leslie E. Hawkins wlll be
distributed by the ��aid assignee
among the creditors rf whoso claims
he shall then have notice.
Dated at New Westminster, 12th
day of August, 1912,
Local  Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Weatmlnster having by Resolution determined and specified that lt
Is desirable to carry out tho following work, that ls to say:
To conatruct a lane twenty (20)
feet wide bc-'.ween Mowat street and
Eleventh street and hetween Queen's
.ivenue and Third avenue, and for that
purpose to purchase portions of Subdivision 3 of Lot 45, Subdivision 12 of
Lot 46. and Lot 26, all In Suburban
Block 5, City of New Weatminater.
And that the Bald works be carried
nut In accordance with the provisions
of the "Local Improvement General
[Jylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
In accordance with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon the aald worka
giving statements showing the
imounta estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
laid reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Council.
Notice la hereby given that the said
reports aro open for Inspection at the
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia stroet, New Westminster,
n. C��� and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of thc land or real property to
be aasesBed as charged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half In value thereof la presented to
the Council within flfteen days from
the date of tho first publication of this
notice the Council will proceed with
thc proposed improvements under
such terms and conditions aa to payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by bylaw ln
that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this Sixth day of August,
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication August 7,
London, Aug. 19.���Much interest
has been aroused by the statement
which Captain Lord, formerly master of the Californlan, has Issued in
defence of hia behavior when his ship
was close to the Titanic on that fatal
night in April. Some of the detaila
give a slightly different aspect to the
whole affair and he has explained his
action in not presenting them before,
saying that his position at the Titanic inquiry was that of a witness only,
and that a nautical man rarely
makes a good witness. Prefacing his
statement by saying that he is seeking to bring out these facte as a duty
which he owes to himself and his reputation as a British master, he goes
on to state that the deductions which
have been drawn, reflecting on his
personal character as a seaman are
entirely unfounded. After mentioning the fact that he had been on the
bridge until 10:30 and that his wireless operator had been In touch with
a number of ships and warning them
of the field of Ice, Captain Lord
"Forty minutes after midnight 1
left the deck in charge ofthe second
officer with instructions to call nn
if wanted, and retired to the chan
room, where I lay down, fully dressed
with boots on and the light   burning
"At 1:15 a. m. the second officer
informed rue. through the speaking
tube that the steamer which had
stopped in sight of us since 11:30
p.m. bearing S. S. E. was altering hei
bearings���In other words, was steam
tin- away and had fired a white
"Meanwhile, for over an hour, mj
Morse signals to this vessel had beer,
ignored. The officer reported her tr
be steaming away and I asked him If
be thought it was tlie company's
signal to Morse her again and re
"lhe evidence of my officer on the
point was so conclusive that 1 went
to sleep. The later message to the
effect that she was last seen bearing
southwest by west, proved that she
had steamed at least eight miles between 1 and 2 p. m. The Titanic did
not move after midnight. I have no
recollection of receiving further news
md I did not hear of the disaster un-
t;l daylight. The evidence is conclusive that none of the officers of
the Californian was aware of the serious calamity which had taken place.
That any seaman would willfully neglect signals of distress ts preposterous  and unthinkable.
"The absence of any reply to the
succession of Morse signals made
from the bridge of the California!! Is
further evidence which is entitled to
some consideration."
When Captain Lord asked the second officer next day why he had not
used more energy in calling him. he
replied that if the signals had been
distress signals he would have done
so, but aB the steamer was steaming
away he concluded that there was
not much wrong with her. He was
the man upon the spot, the only officer who saw the signals, so the
captain thinks he was justified In relying on his Judgment.
"Captain Rostron of the Carpathia,
Captain Lord continued, "statea that
at 5 a. m. In broad daylight he could
see all around the horizon. He then
saw two steamers north of where he
was. namely In the direction of the
Californian. He further saw a steamer, about 8 a. m., about flve or alx
milea away and steaming toward the
Carpathia. Had the Callfomran been
aeen by the Titanic before sinking,
she would have ben plainly In view
of the Carpathia at this time, as ahe
was then on the same spot where she
stopped the previous evening.
Make Your Own Hats and Save
Try Por an Angle or'Curve That la Becoming and Discover the Art of
Smartly Crushing and Twisting a
Model Into Farm.
There are a number of women who
dread a vtslt to tbe milliner eacb sea
Hon aa much as they do tbe semiannual
trip to tbe dentist, and wben one
considers the hideous bats one sees on
every band one Is apt to tblnk thst,
falllnc their Ideal-ta hats ss in millinery���tbe average woman puts np wltb
her opportunity. ,
She should aet de tt If sbe bas time
to burn and strength to push a needle.
Hat making Is no great art or mystery. Anybody can learn It, eren without a teacher. Begin by taking apart
an old bat Note bow tbe covering ls
set on tbe wire frame; also bow the
wire frame Itself is tied together. Experiment after pulling the old bat apart
In putting It together. See lf you can
do It workmanly. It will coat only a
little time and eyesight Tben get
fresh covered wire for a new frame
���*m mmm
/    7S^*T*'Xx^*'*
t   %Mt*-^tt
i Ik wt. t *rPmm   ������* -.Is.' ������
San Francisco, Aug. 19.���Four
lines of agate type, burled in the
waterfront news of the day. carry
the announcement that the schooner
Casco, Immortal aa th.- ship of adventures In which twenty- four years
ago Robert Louis Stevenson sailed
over the sky Hue of romance, never
to return, shortly will be remodelled
"to enter the fishing business."
Stevenson sailed from San Fran-
"<sco In 188S. seeking health. He left
he world behind, but hiB hemorrhage ot the lungs did not leave
hirr nnd ''e died In Apia. Samot, cmr
���"tuber :'.. l.Hi. Cruising through
Ooeanta or. the Casco, he assembled
the materials tt r the grim little mas
terpiee>,"The Bbb Tide." "For the
Wrecker," and "In the Sduth Sean."
Many rf his best letters In the col-
lee Wid edition were written as he sai
nquat-legged on the Cisco's sun-
bleached decks, He delighted In telling how her trim l'ties and smart rig
made her the wonder of the Polynesian year, how Island beauties, scantily clad, slid over the red plush cushions of her white and gold cabins for
sheer Joy in the luxury of tho sensa
No more of that. The Casco wll'
wallow Into port with her waist full
of reeking fish, and when she is tor
old for hard Borvce, she will ba sold
to the wreckers and broken up foi
Pope's   Sister  Recovers.
Rome, Aug. 19.���A statement clr
dilated In the press here that t.
pope went out of the Vatican to vis:
his sister, Rosa, who was said t-
have been Btricken with parMysis. '
officially denied at the Vatican today.
The offclals declare that the stroke
of paralysis suffered by the pope's
ulster occurred as far back as June
and was of such a slight nature that
it never caused any serioiiB anxiety.
Rosa has almost   entirely recovered.
Designed by Ora Cne.
fine uncovered tie wire, a milliner's
long needle, strong flax thread und a
pair of small pliers for twlstlug wire
Decide what shape and size you
want, cut lengths of wire for tbe hend
piece, tbe crown and the brim. Cut
also lengths for Joining these circles.
Tbe old frame wlll sbow yon tbe manner of Joining, fasten witb bits of tie
wire at the crossings; then with tbe
flax thread sew the lapped ends tlrmiy.
but lightly. Cover smoothly with mil
Unet If you intend making the bat
proper of silk or sny fabric. Mllllnet
also helps ln using straw or fauc-y
braid, but makes a heavier bat tban tf
the braid were merely sewed together
over the wire shape.
Experiment aa you go along. It la
possible thua to Tary the shape almost
Indefinitely. Try for tbe angle or
curve that Is most becoming. Take
thought also as to tbe placing of your
chosen trimmings. Tbey ought to look
as though at bome ou the tost���In fact,
to hare grown wltb Its growth. And
they will Barer, never do It if they
have to hang bunched and tremulous
over empty spare ��r perched perilous
ly on tbe verge ef a birtm wbicb swears
tt them. Oe through tbe best shops
and study models tliere. Catch as
nearly aa yen may tbe professional
knack of crushing and twisting Id
place. It la tbls knack ln perfectlou
which makes the great mllllner-tbr
man or woman wboee name Inside I*
tbe hallmark of good style. Milliner*
like otber artists, are both born snd
made. Make yourself aa mucb a nihil
ner aa natural limitations permit It
tbe early result is something fenrfui
yoa can at least contribute It tu tbe
next missionary box. Msklng It wih
hsve been worth wblle. Itememiiei
Brummel and bis handkerchiefs The) *
were white and starched, ot tbe tinest
linen cambrics. Tbe proper tying *>t
them marked tbe man of fashion. A
friend once surprised blm to front or
his glass wltb a perfect neckcloth nn
der bbi chin and a suow of crumplea
lawn all over tbe floor. "Whnt art*
these?" be ssked, eying tbe clutter
Brummel answered airily, "Merely my
failure." Be bad crumpled twenty
cloths to get tbe effect be wanted
Don't fear to Imitate blm.
The charming bat pictured Is rolled
the durbar turban and Is quite within
the range of tbe amateur milliner��
province. A fancy yellow braid is sew
od over the frame, and clusters of bya
clntks an tbe fac* trimming.
Ef nt Woman
l Is IntantMd snd f hoold know
i abontthe womUrful
Wklrllag laity
Aik yonr dnuurtft for
It. If he cannot supply
tno  HARVKL, accept BO
otbtr, bat send sump f��r ...u���- ,
trrted baak���MlM,  It ��Ivei full
Ertlcnlnr* ��nrt dlr��etlon�� tnrilanble
Gontfrnl AceuU for i'lkuuaii*.
Engineering   Department ��� Amended
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed tenders endorsed "Timber
Bridge Over Still Creek" will be received by the undersigned not later
than 12 Noon, on Monday, 26th August, 1912, for erection of a timber
bridge 50 teet span, Including piling
and abutments.
Particulars and specifications may
be had at the Engineers' Office, Edmonds, B. C.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on forms supplied, and
accompanied by marked cheque for 5
per cent, of amount of tender, made
payable to the Corporation of Burnaby.
The Council wlL not be bound to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C, Aug.
15th, 1912.
Pursuant    to    the    Creditors    Trust
Deeds  Act  and  Amending   Acts.
NOTICE Is hereby given that
STARKS LIMITED, carrying on bualneas as Dealers in Boots, Shoes, etc.,
at No. 823 Granville Street and No.
156 Cordova Street West, Vancouver,
B. C, and at No. 445 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C, has by deed
dated 20th July, 1912, assigned all its
estate, real and personal credits and
effects to RALPH CLARK, of Vancouver, B. 0,i Salesman for the purpose
of satisfying rateably and proportionately and without preference or priority all Its creditors.
that a meeting of the creditors of the
said StarkB Limited will be held at
the office of Ames Holden McCready
Limited, at No. 403 Cordova Street
West, Vancouver, B. C, on the 3rd
day of August, 1912, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenon.
that all persons, firms and' corporations having claims against the said
Starks Limited are required to forward particulars of the same duly verified by statutory declaration to the
said Ralph Clark addressed to him at
Sn. 4');! Cordova Street West, Vancouver, B. C, on or before the 3rd day of
September, 1912, and thut all persona
indebted to the Bald Starks Limited,
ire required to pay the amount due
iy them to the said Ralph Clark
orthwith.       "
���hat nfter the eaid 3rd day of September, 1 v* 12. the assignee will proceed to
distribute the assets of the estate
among the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to thij claims duly
verifed of which he sliall then have
received notice, and will not be responsible for the assets or any p-,rt
thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debt or claim he
shall not then have received notice by
duly verified claim.
DATED this 22nd July. 1912.
Solid itorB  for  the  assignee.
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 86S. Room 4 Traoi Blocl'
Meat Market
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All  Work Guaranteed.
841 Front Street      N'-�� City Market
Kelvin Cafe
where PLACE, PLATE and
".orrer Lome and Columbia Streets.
For quick sale, two roomed house
on large lot 50x138, twenty bearing
fruit trees, with sheds and chicken
coops and flfty chickens. Electric
light and city water on premises.
Price $1350; $700 cash. I
Mala help skilled or otherwise sup        Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
piled free of charr��  Apply Secretary |phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
C13 Columbia St. Phons 261. and Sixth Street. TUESDAY, AUGUST 20,  1912.
"B.P's" Observations
On American Conditions
General Baden-Powell who has recently passed through the United
States on his way to Asia and Australia, makes some pertinent remarks
in the Headquarters Gazette upon
the features of American life which
eame directly under his notice, lle
testifies to the cordiality of the reception which he met with from all
classes, so that during hls tour he
v never realized that he was in a
of education in principle and deta'l
seemed to him to be excellent, broad-
minded, up to date and allowing individuality on the part of the teacher.
He found school esplrlt de corps, fos
tered, to an extent unknown in Brit-
ian outside the great public schools.
Universities he describes as splendid
institutions richly endowed by the
great public men, attended by thousands of young men and women. He
believes that their influence must tell
strongly on the nation ln the near iuture.
The Reverse Side.
But there is a reverse side to this
bright picture. Though this education appeared so gocd, both in principle and detail, the results, to an
outsider, seemed disappointing,
though they were Improving all the
time. One heard of coronation
among public officials In all d'rec-
tions; one paper had remarked when
its last municipal councillor went Into Jail for accepting bribes: "At least
it Is satisfactory to know where
every one of your public men Is and
what he is doing." Owing to want of
system in the rendering of public accounts the rates and taxes were' abnormally high and were ever mounting up. Crimes of violence and lawlessness were very frequent. The
number of murders in New York per
annum was four times that of London, although thc population is smaller, and the proportion cf murderers
apprehended and convicted wat very
small inded. Suic'des were of constant occurrence. Railwav acciden'?
���which to a considerable exten*
might be reckoned as results of bai
character-education ��� were much
mere frequent than in the Old Coflh
try. During his six weeks in {Tie
States he saw more fires and fire engines lhan he had seen in six yean
at home. \l {,'\
Character Tralnlnn.       \U vt
It  might  seem   strange  to   include
fires  and  railway  accidents  a��  attributable  to faulty  ed'icatlion,  but
Rosenthal's   Murder   Hastened    Whitman's   Investication   Into  Alleged
Police Corruntion.
here nor in tbe United States is
there any sign of amendment. On the
contrary, it is evident that good citi
zens are waking up everywhere t.
the fact that "Righteousness"���and
righteousness onl.v���"e.\alteth a na
t'on." The growth with which tht
name ef Baden-Powell is specially
identified ls a proof of this if any
were needed. The training of the
yiung In sentiments of knlghtllness
ofeadiness and true patriotism ls the
most important task that lies to out
hand and should be furthered bj
every one who has the future welfare
of his country at heart.���Montreal
aW'theh"committed suicide with the
had   some   justification,
engine  which   he saw   In   Nev-   Ynr'<
bon- a iar���e placard  which  informed i same   weapon.       II.-   is   v.ty-v-.tM-ii    tn
the public that a large proportion nf
shipped. "Insularity" is considered as
almost a virtue.   In some circles law
Is  openely   scoffed   at.    Official   corruption  is not unknown, and crimes ���������
of  violence seems   on  the   increase.      New York> Aug   13._Sanl Sehet,pii
We do not wish to imply that neither J alleged paymaster cf the    murderer:.
jof Herman Rosenthal, arrived in Ne.v
york from Albany this forenoon a'.d
was taken to the Westside pri.,o i
*here he will be placed ln a cell.
j Although Schepps is held only xi ;i
material witness, District Attornev
Whitman, who came down from Albany with hlm, said the priso-ci
would be arraigned in court as a teat
ter of form.
There was a clash between the di*
trict attorney and detectives .'rr >n
police hendquarters as soon as t'|>
trian pulled in. Detective Haggerty,
who said he had been sent up by D*
puty Commissioner Dougherty, tried
to take charge of the prisoner, bui
Mr. Whitman insisted that' the district attorney's office alone should
have charge.
When asked If he had toid all he
knew concerning the Rosenthal case
to the district attorney, Schepps
srlnned and replied: "We didn't dis
3uss anything like that. We just had
t nice chat." It is known, however,
hat Schepps suhstantally corroborated "Jack" Rose's story. Rose has
said repeatedly that if Schepps would
lell the truth his (Rose's) story
would be corroborated.
Information came from the public
prosecutor's office today that created
unusual interest at police headquarters. It was learned that for several
months prior to the shooting of Ros
^nthal, officers of the district attorney's office have been quietly working on the graft in the police depart
���nent. The big grafters it ls said
have been constantly shadowed fot
four months and the Rosenthal shooting  simply  huried  matters.
From members of the district attorney's staff it was learned that a
well-known civilian and two, possibly
four, police inspectors have been
caught in. the toils. The district attorney has obtained information that
a "collector" for one man high in police circles had accumulated no less
than $75,000 as his commission on
collections In the last several
months. The investigation into police graft started when Lieut. Becker
through Rose, it is said, attempted tc
���tei $150 from a private poker club
His    demand was turned down    and
Yancouver, Aug. 19.���Mr. Fredcr
ck Gunter, whb was stung by bees a
week ago last Frday while at hit
home In South Vancouver, d'ed thli
morning at 4:33 o'clock in the Gen
��ra! Hospital. The real cause of his
death is not known by local physicians.
Practically ever since his removal
to the hospital he had been In an un
selous condition, there being but one
dsy that he was able to speak to his
Physicians. He was able to take but
little nourishment and had to be fed
by means of a stomach tube.
"Medical men are greatly puzzled
ever the cause cf Mr. Gunter's
death," said Dr. Clement ef the hos
pM.il thi3 morning In speaking ofthe
sad incident. "Mr. Gunter's case If
one of the most peculiar that the hos
pital doctors have had to deal with
tn a U>ng time. We will have to ad-
Vit��3tfjtt we are unable to ascertain
TheTreltl cause of his death."
���d*?PEPr\T*  FATHER
fr Eastbourne,   Eng.,   Aug.    19.���Cau-
aiu��JAicks Murray, an officer attn^'n-
'eS to thfc Gordon    Highlanders,  who
had  seen  much   Indian   service,   last
ot and  killed hiB two young
severely wounded h's wife
thp fires in the citv wera^.i" totfiiwii'..
ow:; regl'gence.    In givin*ttiis''Jarw| J
ing the fire engin.e aimeSits fiBxfi*-��5
at one of the weak  poltUB in LAflFlJ ���
can character, viz. "carelessness." the
result of want of characterTauinRs.
Then again, owing to the ruA fcid |
bustle Incidental to the develpnugjiit
of new states and Industries adver-
tisement hint become a powerful
agent for public Information. In this
wnv snrfaoe-value had come to be re-
I one of  the members of the club  in-
have  heen  insane.      After the Crime  J?���*1    ^strict   Attorney   Whitman.
id    been    committed  the house    in j ���e ��fand J1"-*  wl"  meet   tomorrow
#Vi  rtiflain   Murray   resided  wai | wl]en it is expected Bobenps will   he
vlerloHly   burned  to   the   ground. [ as\��� }�� teli ,hls stor->'-
J ilsjwlfelwio  had succeeded   in  es-1     of ,th�� authorities,  only  Mr.  Whit-
n,7Ti������   ,SS   iatPr    fo���nu   wandering,'"'an knows what  part  SVlicpps  play-
(neta in her nightclothes. H lrl  the "osenthal   affair.      To   all
Tor   her   children.       five [ ��,llprs'   including    Assi-V.-it    District
Attorney    Rub'n.    who    aecm-pa-u-"!
"We Furnish Your  Home Complete."
sbsts������aaaaaim������! ��� h���aaiiiw 11 in���m���in i
Is a Good Time to Buy that
New "Range55 You Have
Planned For
Our August Furniture Sale Prices Will Save You From
$5.00 to $10.00 on Each.
The  Famous   St.  Claire   Malleable..  It satisfies the most exacting.     Sizes   14,   16,   13  20.
$65.00  to  $85.00.
Belleville Heaters are an Ornament and a delight in any
Home. Prices $10, $12.50, $15
tping.  was
nsi Tor   Iter   children.       Five
found In the ruins of the
rtrr twine, and of these, two have j h'm il,om  tm? Springs, ScbuppS Inn
net  been  ldentlfled.    Captain  Murray \ed * d^at
t,n    unlil- ****
left a letter In which he said:
'f   nm   hopelesslv  ruined
this  reason  killed    all
and have
those  de
canted ai true value.    So it had come; t<*��i
all statements had bfejpe fltWfi^} on me.    ' Bhould llke a�� ��
to pass that an Biaituucuw i��� *** ���*- ***.-*��� -
taken with a grain of salt and a want I us. Jo be buried  In one grave,
of reliability and solidity of character, forgive tue."
was begotten. tc**
Insular Press.
The press siiould be the educator
of the public, not a panderer to its
morbid tasted. The press was very
gocd and helpful to him, but it wai
an eye-opener to him to find how
many Americans were ashamed of
the general run of, their papers. One
travelled citizen of the United States
confided to him that his country were
ver" "insular'\ It sounded odd. but
could be understood when one tried
to find any European news ln the paper or tried to talk j>n foreign subjects with the average American
man-in-the-stredt. He found the American boy singularly bright, self-re-
reliaiit, nnd sharp beyond his years.
He was spelndid material if there
were onlv added to it a character for
self-control, discipline, thoroughness,
chivalry aud cipabllity for sticking
to his iob. His good qualities the
General c6uld see for himself, but his
attention was drawn to his defects
by numbers of Americans having dlf-
��� a . m *         Mm.....m ... V. Ink t /a.
Chang   Che   Wu's     Death    Compared
��� With   Due  D'Enghlen'e.
Shanghai. Aug. 19.���Dr. Sun Yat
Sen. former provisional president of
China, disregarding today the warning of friends, who fear fcr his safety
since the execution of several Hankow generals, left Shanghai for Peking. General Huang Sing, who commanded the 8outhern republican
army In the revolution that overthrew the imperial government, was
to have accompanied Dr. Sun, but
abandoned the journey.
The southern generals recently oul
to death were members of Dr. Sun
Ynt Sen's partv. the Tung Mei Hul.
and were seized at the capital by direction of President Yuan Shi Kal,
on the charge of being Implicated In
in alleged conspiracy against the Peking  government.
Two of the officers were tried by
drumhead court cartial and shot. The
<?ckev maile a  t��r'.e" aupoar-,
anot? coun     f $stUFttit R*-t.ri<.tis
toda:, 'ea'' -.'ie    indictment
chargi. , th- it* -it <lout��e.
At the . eouuvi, the pteid-
lr;�� was ajju^.i, j t'Ptll W.ilnasiHy.
Council for Becker .nuJo i\ nev/ motion to inspect the m'hi tea of the
grand jury.
C:heff's Evidence.
Poughkeepsie. N " , A IMT. i!*.���"I
have obtained from 3 ,;',ipi Hit corroborative evidence I '���-puc'.e-l," *:iid
District Attorney Wli.i.inn to-l-ij,
after a brief conferLT^ witli ih?
gambler who was oa,it..'.rrJ at lift
Springs us a material witness in the
Rosenthal murder cas".
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
���j  "������������"-" -- -   .       .___, ,.,��,i���i,   ��n  arumneau court, ratum mu ���"��'���  ��"=
ferent points of view from which _to , ^^  ^  returned   ,n  cha!n9   t0
These men saw a value' otners
Judge h'nt.     - ,
In scouting which he had not previously realized. It lay In the fact that
whereas the old world boy may want
pushing on and waking up, the new
world boy rather needs holding ln.
and the Inculcation of discipline and
thc Benpe of duty to others. At the
hands cf such men as the American
scoutmasters which hc met, he believes the training has its fullest
chance of success.
Sir Robert hopes that his criticism
will not be considered as ofTered ln
a hostile spirit, as the kindness
which ho has reclved In the United
Statos leads htm to believe that he
can speak of any shortcomings of our
cousins as If he were speaking of,
our own." This Is, we fear, a vuln |
hope We would not here dwell upon his criticism ot our neighbors
were It not that we ln Canada are .
given to adootlng what Is warsej
rather than what la better In their
ways. It is for us to take warning
from these notes with regard to ways
that lead to anarchy. In New York
It la pretty well established that the
officers <?f the law are In close league
with thev criminal element* In Los
Angeles wheels within wheels of bribery and violence have lately been
revealed. The most forceful of the
aspirants for the office of chief executive inscribes whnt is dangerously
like anarchy upon his banners. Ot
course, It will be said that this Is the
logical result of Institutions which
had their roots in rebellion and ln
the settling at naught of authority.
The strange thing, howecer, ls that
we Canadians who vaunt our loyalty
and our attachment to law and order,
find thu same ugly features In our
young civilization. Age Is not respected hy our youth as lt should be.
Courtesy Is too often conspicuous by
Its absence.   Material success is wor-
Hankow and there executed.
London, Aug. 19���The execution
of Chang Chen Wu by Chinese government officials is compared by thr
Peking correspondent of the Dail:-'
Telegraph to Napoleori*s shooting of
the Due d'Enghlen at Vinncennes In
1804 and what followed. It Is the
turning point, the writer aiserts, ln
tho life of the Chinese republic. The
correspondent continues:
"President Yuan Shi Kal, alarmed
at the outcry. Is publishing Vice President kl Yuan llung's telegrams In
order to fasten the blame on thst of
flclnl. and fear'": assassination surrounds himself with trdops.
"According to a Chinese newspaper, the eccutlon waB carried out In
a fiendish manner. General Yuan
Chi Kuel, who was entrusted with
the execution, actually dined with
his victim tn an European hotel and
toasted him repeatedly. When the
dinner was over he followed his victim ln another carriage to hts lodging.
"On alighting from the vehicle.
General Yuan Chi Kuel blew a whistle as a signal, whereupon a forest of
sabres and bayonets sprung up Uke
magic, about Chang Chen Wu, who
was selted. bound, filing Into a mute
cart an<Tcarried to the military court.
No evidence waB given at the trial
and the acsused officer waa condemned to immediate execution.
"The first volley not killing the
prison, repeated volioys were fired
until the general's body was completely disetnbowled. A mesaaje was
sent to vlotlm's wife for 'more
clothes, as bor husband felt cold In
the night air.'"
London. Aug. lfl.���The United
3tates embassy received today a reply from the British foreign office to
President Taft's invitation to the itti-
tlsh Government to participate In tip
Panama-Pacific Exposition. The .*��i-
eign office is disposed lo accept the
invitation on principle, but Its flvi)
decision would be Influenced partlv
by the possibility of arriving at a sat-
'sfaciorv settlement with the ����.po-.-i-
tion authorities ln regard to the Accommodation to be provided for Biitish exhib'.tors. No hint la given In
���he i-pniy ln respect to other nossiole
influences which may affect the British decision but lt Is evident that a
loophole has been left for British te-
fusal of the Invitation on account ot
possible unfavorable canal legislation.
Ben Wlllett Again Violent.
London, Aug. lfl.���Ben Tlllett, the
labor leader, who had been quiet
since the dock strike, again broke
out In violence In a speech at Abern.
von, In Glamorganshire, yesterday.
Referring to the strike, he said:
"I curse Lord Devonport, chairman ot the Port ct London Authority, nnd the thieves, murderers and
scoundrels of hla claas. I would
shoot him on sight because I hate
him and his claas."
Re a part (100 feet by 100 (eet) of a
portion (six acres more, or less) of the
fractional soethwest quarter pt Sec
tlon 29, Township 20 In the district.
Whereas proof of tbe loss of certlflcate ot Title Number 15442A, Issued
In the name of John Barker, has been
flled In thla office.
Title Number 15442A, Issued in the
name of John Barker, haa baen flled ii.
this office.
Notice is hereby given that t ahall.
at the expiration of one'month from
tha date of the flrat publication hereof, tn a daily newspaper published in
the City of N.iw Westminster, Issue a
duplicate' of tho said certilicale, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Ofllcs, New Westminster, B. C, AUg. 15, 1912.
The. City Schools wll open again'
on Monday, Aug.-26, at 9 a. m. AU
old pupils will attend at the schools
at which they were last term and
will be transferred from there If necessary.
All new pupils mu6t present themselves at the Secretary's office on
Sixth street on the opening day for
medical examination and will proceed from there to the school in the
district to which they belong. The
school districts are ::s follows:
part  of  the city  situated   nerth  aud
west of a line running east from th- j
city  limits along   Fourth   avenue   tv j
Tenth street, thence north to St. An
drews   s.treet.  eaBt   to   Ninth   street,
north to F.fth avenue, east to Eighth
street and  thence north  to the   city
limltS. mmm
that part of the city situated north
and east of a line running west
along Fourth avenue to Fifth atreet,
thence north to Fifth avnue, west to
Eighth atreet and theuce north to the
city limits.
part of the,city not included in the
above districts or in the Sapperton
and Queensborough districts.
These districts must be strictly adhered to In order to prevent any
overcrowding of any of the schools.
Any further, information can be obtained'at the secretary's office. '
Secretary, Board of School/Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
Riveted Steel Ptpe��
P.  O.  BOX  442
Bruffette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A sp: ciaJJy larpe stock of I rtha, Shingles and
Nj. 2 Combos BosrJe-      i Dimension.
Now ia the time to build for aale or rent while prices are low
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
C. L. B. Old Comrades.
The Chief Staff Offioer, W. M. Gee,
is at present in Canada to organize
ex-C. L. B. members into an Association of Old Comrades. Will all ex-
members send their, nnmes and addresses to him, at 23 Scott street, Toronto T
Take notice that my wife Annie
Bev&n has left my bed and board, and
1 will not be responsible for any debts
Incurred by her.
New Westminster.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, marked "Tenders tor Supr
piles," up to 13 o'clock noon. Wed?,
nesday, August 21, 1912, for supplying
tills hospital with milk (per gallon),
cream (per pint), buttermilk (per
pint), to March 31st, 1013. Samples
must accompany tenders.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B.C.
Large Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30 x 30 feet; is
well lighted.
Suitable for office, workroom
or \ living rooms. Available
August 1st.
���  APPLY TO ���	
Daily News
.mumni imi
maansssm TP,*mm-    tm��m��aJtt,
TUESDAY,  AUGU8T 20,  1912.    V
lea.    The lesson for Canada" is this,
that    the wiser and   more    prudent
course is to impose   regulation   and
Published    every    morning   except control    In   advance   and   Including
. 8'inday by Th�� Rational Printing and every branch of trust and public ser-
Publishing  L*^ JLtd., at their off Ice, j vice  business  where  improper deal-
43  McKenzie" "Street,  New   Westminster. B. C.
: ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office   999
.Editorial Office   991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per,, year, or 25c per
ing will add to the public burden or
Impair efficient service.��� Toronto
illadviced: jj"Boycotting."
There are two aides to every question, and at least one of the Vancouver organs of public opinion has expressed tBe vie^ that the proposed
'���boycotting," of the Panama expos-
_at San Frunclsco^-as was mooted in
iufluencial quarters in Vancouver���
would  be  more  than 'inadvisable.
President TaCt is supposed to he In
favor cf the bill iu Its present form,
but at the same time is reported to
.be anxious to obtain the opinion oi
.the Supreme* Uourt upon tha matter,
so as to avoid any breach of t'.io Hay
Pauncefole treaty. This at lea.,; uiaj
be set lo his credit. It is also to bt
noted that many other leading journals of the republic have refused to
support congress in Ub repudiation
of the nation's obligation in the mat-
.ter of Panama Canal tolls. The Naw
York Times says plainly that the nation is di.igraced. the Chicago Tribune thinks ''the spirit of the debatt
and vcte in the senate was deplor
able and should be counteracted by
intelligent opinion.' Other instances
might be quote*),-till tending to show
that there is in the United States a
great deal of. opposition to the measure.
Seeing that Great Britain has accepted the invitation to participate in
the Panama Pacific exposition, there
seems very little reason why the
cities cf British Columbia should
take hasty steps in the directloA of
-"boycotting."   \
A flying squadron of San Francisco gentlemen are'about to pay a visit
to the coast province, and we trust
that they will be able to stop off at
Westminster. We do not think that
any public body in this city has any
grudge against'the Panama exposition, rather, we feel that all are Inclined to give Vt a help along towards
achieving the best success possible,
England has led the way in connection with the provision of better
housing accommodations for the people. In the garden city, an independent community Intended to include
all branches of commercial and Industrial activity, and tn the garden
suburb, which, as its name implies, is
designed to supply an attractive residential district conveniently situated
to the business centre, England has
established what are today object
lessons tp all countries confronted
with the housing problem. They
have been visited, inspected and de
scribed by many foreign observers
whose verdict has been altogether
favorable, and these garden communities are now rapidly extending
throughout the continent of Europe
and the United States.
Their inception has been accom
plished in various ways, but the general idea has remained substantially
the same. Considerable latitude, too
has been allowed in the methods o:
building, and in the terrr.s upot
which residents may enter. Perhapt
the most striking success of all ha.-
ittcnded the application and co-oper
ation of the principles of co-partner
ihip and co-operation to the garde'
mbcrb. That cf llampstead afford
'. remarkable record of progress un
Jer the gospel of co-partnership; ani
t was recently inspected by a number of members of the imperial par
(lament. Less than flve years have
ilapsed since the lirst cottage wa.-
opened, and the movement was the;
represented b.v ouly four societies
three of them owning houses anc
land of less than $600,000 in value
Xow there are fourteen societies
with estates valued at over $5,000,
100, and when their schemes an
���cmplateil, the value will have in
iroased to upwards of $10,000,000.
Tiie  Hampstead   Tenant   Societies
'hree   in number,   allow   nontenants
is well as tenants to invest, but the
r.terest paid must not exceed B pei
lent.,   tier  can   any  individual   hold
nere than $1000 In share.s. Each ten
'.lit   investor must  obtain  lean  stock
o the    amount    of  $250    or of two
ears' rent of his house, whichever is
he  greater, but  the  amount he may
���btain in this way is   practically unlimited. Houses do not exceed Uvelvt
o the acre, every house   ha3 a gar
len and electric light, gas and watei
ire supplied.    Rents run from $1.50 a
\eek to $500 a year, and each   ten-
int has set to his credit annually an
mount,   proportionate   to  hia   rent
rom  the prollts of his society.      Be
ween  30,000 and    40,000  people are
low housed by the fourteen societies
aider     conditions     that     secure     r
italthy and attractive living environ
nent.���Toronto World.
Preserving Peaches
at 90c per Crate
Advices from the peach growing district state that owing to
heavy rains the bulk of the crop will not be ready for shipment for
ten day8 yet. For the convenience of those who wish peaches now
we have Becured a few hundred choice crates at 90 cents per crate.
City���605 Columbia atreet. Sapperton���317 Columbia atreet.
Weat End���Corner Twelfth street and Sixth avenue.
mum amount of material used in the
manufacture ot all classes of cooperage as 62,353,190 board feet, made up
as follows: Staves, 29,367,714 feet,
heading, 24,466,666 feet, and hoops,
62,353,190 feet.
Most   '.cseptable.
Dryden, who waj notoriously poor,
was "tie evening :., company with tba
Duke r;l Buckingham. Lord Dorset.
^nd -oiH other noblemen of wit and
ueniu<. :'. happened that the conversation, which was literary, turned cn
tha Hrt ol composition anil elegance ci
style; and alter s^ome debate it was
agreed thnt each party shou'rt writs
aoi.iething on whatever subject feeui-
ea to strike his imagination him! place
it under the candlestick for Mv. Dry
den's judgment.
Most of the company took unci rn-
mo., poina to outdo eali oilier, while
Lord Dorset, with much composure
wroto- two or three lines ami carelessly threw them to the place agree:) on.
The re-t having linislrtl, the arbiter
opened the leaves of their destiny.
In (toiup throuatl the whole he displayed strong marks cf pleasure mid
satisfaction; hut nt one in particular
l.o seemed in  raptures.
"1 must acknowledge,'' fhuI Dryden. "that there are abiiniUnce ol
fine things in my hands, and such as
do honor to the personage who write
them; hut 1 am under a.i indispena-
a'. '.1 necessity of giving t'ie highest
preference tu my Lord Dorset. I
must request your lordships will hear
it, and I believe all will l.e eatUikd
with my judgment: 'I promise to pny
John Dryden, or order, in demand,
the sum of live hundre 1 p..uuds.���
Dorset.' "
Recalls   His   Early   Associations    in
Nova    Scotia.
Digby, N. S��� Aug. 19.���In an ad
dress here before leaving for St.
John yesterday, His Royal Highnesf
the Duke of Connaught said:
"In bidding adieu for the presen'
to Nova Scotia, I wish to say how
much pleasure It has given me tc
visit the numerous points of interest and beauty wliich have been in
oltided in my itinerary and how glae
I have been to make the acquaiiv
'ance of many of the men who art
.imminent in promoting the interest'
land industries of your smiling prov
ince. I am glad to renew, after si
many year3, my acquaintance wltl
the Dominion and Nova Scotia
where I flrst landed to join the rifle
brigade as a young officer, and it i
a great pleasure to see how the coun
try has progressed in every wa.'
once that time."
.ere with seven roomed house
East Burnabv
Six  lots on  Twelfth  avenue,  near
Sixth street, $5400.
Room 6, Trapp Block Phone 702
Canadian public men, whether ln
the federal or provincial spheres,
who are really desirous of having
the country a.Ud its natural resources
���developed along the ltnea that will
beat promote Its prosperity, ought to
study and ream from the experience
of other nations, particularly those
whose history and circumstances indicate a more or less valuable corres-
. pondence. The United States affords
such an experience because, apart
from difference of climate, It was
faced wtth similar1 difficulties and
problems, while its methods have aet
precedents which the Dominion has
been only too prone to follow. More
particularly, 011 the side of Its dealings with' rtdtut'ai' resources and public utilities and services has the policy it adopted tended to exalt property rightij above human and public
rights and to'cAftble a few individuals, more alert and unscrupulous
than the average of their fellow-cltl-
���zens, to amass an undue proportion
���of the values that originally belonged
lo the whole people.
Bnstaucea of the amassment of
wealth by mAna that cannot now be
jiiBtlfled are among the commonplaces of American politics. Both in
the United Stat os and Canada mineral lands, ore and natural gas wells,
water powers and publlc ullllitles
have been allowed to paaa Into private control, not only without compensation of any kinrt, but without conditions safeguarding the lights of the
mass of citizens to a reasonable
share of the benefits accruing from
their operation. Prospective values
"tonvc been permitted to be used aa
���The basis for a vastly excessive cap-
'.ilalizatiun, which representa nothing
hut promoters' and speculators' profits. To corn dividends on that capitalization and' to Increase Its Investment value, profits have been piled
upon profits, competition has been
���tilled with cruel loss to smaller manufacturers and traders, artificial
prices imposed by all-powerful mon-
opllea und the people robbed and
plundered without compunction.
That this is tfue of the United
States diirlflRthe Jaat half century of
tts hlatoYy cannot, with any pretence
of honesty, be denied. Without calling np<Wi "the "numerous exposures
made ln what have ben doubled
corporation defenders the "muck-raking" magazines, it only needs to refer to Uie results of the governmental and congressional Investigations
and to the admlsalous made not only
by members of the administration
from the presldont downwards, but
Iby officials of the Indicted trusts
themselves The peoplo of the United
States are'Riding It Infinitely difficult to fln<f>i' curd for the evils and
-abuses restating from the neglect to
regulate ai>,i| control the creation of
monopolies and mergers and the
manipulation of their stock holdings j
jand those of public service compan-
fthad��a\an  Lawyer  Makes Inflammatory Statements against Union.
Capetown, Aug. 19.���A somewhat
violent speech was made by Advoc-
Ue Turner at a meeting in Salisbury
n support of the League for Pre
terviug the Independence of Rho-
lesia. Mr. Turner asserted that 500
lihodeaians were ready to shoulder
���lfles to prevent the absorption of
he territory in the South African
While the Idea of union la distinct
ly unpopular in Rhodesia, language
it the kind used by Mr. Turner is deplored by the more responsible resi-
lents aa tending to create bad feel
���ng between the Union and the Territory, especially as the Issue la not
in any sense a live one at present
Colonel Grey, a member of the Legls
ative Council, gave expression tc
this sentiment at the same meeting
laying that the waving of a red rat
before the eyea of the people of the
Union waa to be deprecated.
The Hon. 11. Burton, the Minister
if Railways, ln the course of a
ipeech, warned European worker?
'.hat unless they made strenuous ef
forts they would be unable to com
pete with the native and colored pop
A league of South African wpmei
haa been formed to uphold a high
standard of purity ln national, civic
ind social life.
An Amsterdam professor who la on
1 visit to South Africa is..: urging
5outh Africans to go to Holland tc
.lursue their studies.
Cynical Chaw.
Replying to an invitation Irrm the
Playgoers' Cluh to be preiel.t at the
inaugural lunch at the cibb"* new
I premises. (!. Bernard Sha .��� reu.irkeil:
I "I shall inogt certainly *.( > ixtliiim
j now or ever tn encon: ,ge plaveofis
to move into new nnd cvmfortal la
premises. The theatres depend < l�� uncomfortable clubs *ui'A 9 iiiill��i'i>��
homes, anil my income defends 1 ti llift
theatre. No sane man w ml.I spend
an evening in 'lie theatre if lie cryjlil
:lnd anywliare else to r rod without being bored 1 r henpecked. '.Vo-
mri draj men to theatr, * hecan-a
they get st tirel nf hi iiAai.cftttibg thi'.
no matter how delightful they niak^
the home, tl cy 1' *ir�� n . ling ill re
than to e^rapj fn in it n< a cock il"
Mrc�� to eso��;K> from the smad r>i r-a-t
'rirl. Hut mode ru club, pr'-viila a
refuge from lioiu.- life for Ixtfli men
tnd women, and th? m re <v iiitnrtable
ih- clu!i is tho sooner tl.j member*
Hill! cease to he playgoer*. I knew.
1 I course, that, the ineinlcM ol your
olnt have long agi settleo ikwu and
that to meet one of them in Ihe then
tre it alin.'.-t an sUill'-ig m lr, meet
an actor st Lie (iainck ('!uh, nut
���till ther) ar*.* a lew ie\, and *���* I
do not ��si't'thone few ti I* lured
away from the bm otlice I muat de
cllne to give rn, countenance t�� your
inaugural lunch. Resides. 1 have another engagem ;i t. '
Although elm still leads among the
vocds used for alack cooperage,
ipruce is rapidly Hiirplantlng it. In
he total output of barrels In the Do-
uinlon last year, there were uaed.
iccorrllng to figures compiled by the
������"oiestry llranch of the Department |
f the Interior, 80,018,000 pieces of
���lm, In atavea, headings and hoops,
is against 37,704,000 pieces of spruce.
There were, however, over 11,00,000
noro spruce staves and 9,000,000
'ower elm Btaves reported for 1911
han for 1910. In time, elm will pro-
���ably be used only for hoops, aa It Is
the best wood for the purpose, the
supply Is fast diminishing, and other
ipecies can be used to advantage for
itavea and headings. The ultimate
tubstltute for elm will probably be
birch, which ls comparatively plentiful.
Slack cooperage ls of vastly greater Importance than tight cooperage In
Canada. Thla la becauae the major-
Itly of Canadian products are of a
rough and dry nature, auch aa lime, 1
iota toes, apples ,dry fish, flour, certain, etc., and because Canadian
woods are beat suited to slack coop-
White oak. the only wood which I
ian bo used for containers of alco-
hollo li<[UidB, has boon practically exhausted lu Canadian woodland*. In
1011 only 2,788,000 oak staves were
OUt, while 7,29:1,000 wore imported.
A  rough   estimate   on the   part of
the forestry  brunch placet) the mini-
Two Bargains
66 foot lpt, cleared, on Kemp street
near corner Of Mary avenue.
50 foot lot on Fifteenth avenue ad
joining car line.
PHONE 1024.
Coldicott Blk.   East Burnab>
Motoring  In Burma.
The  Burm��?i��  Government, if they
have no Road Board, intend lo fp-nd
$10,000,000 a year for 10 year* In tin-
prnvement* of roads in the province
Burma will, then pdffte**; in addition
to the  l,67'l rtnles of metalled    rnsd^
already    existing,    which    wotlld    lie 4
brought up t<> 11 third-clH���� standard,
about   1.100   mil's   of   main   fou ter
There would also   be   hii   additional .
2,000 milea   of   leeder   road*.    When tl
completed th��" province would poiweMJ
a total   of  2.800   miles   ot   lir��t-cla��n '
road��. bridged and metalled, and B.0IKJH
miles of cart roads and bridle path*
This proposal must first be parsed by i|
the Burma   Legislative   Council   and
then approved by the Government ol
India and the Secretary ol State.   Inl
all  Burma there are at present only I
shout 100 miles of   road capable   ul -
hearing the staain of motor 1 raffle.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general bauktng business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Four Days h***   J4
Commencing Wednesday f^jj^f #  �� |
The Parker Show
6-Sensationa3 Free Acts-6
4-Bands of EVSusic-4
16-High CEasf Shows-16
���lit   o:
Moody ParMew Westminster
'^- ��� -. 1
It:' 1-! i:-.,i
$1U0 Each
Two lots itogether, close to Twelfth
street.car line; partly cleared; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18. No.
���59."    wrv
On Kennedy street; one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12.   No. 387.
Corner of Dublin and Fourteenth
streets; one-third cash, balance 6 and
12.   No. 393.
London and Tenth streets;   one-third,
balance 6 and 12.   No. 397.
On Twelfth Btreet between Fourth
and Fifth avenue; all cleared; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18. No.
On Seventh avenue, between Fourth
and Second; all cleared.   No. 407.
Two lots on First street, close to
Seventh avenue; one-third cash, balance 6, 12 aad 18.   No. 303.
451 Columbia Street
Made Sometimes.
"Poets are born and not ma(lc,"i
aaid the young mnn with the paU-,;
interesting face and the long hair.
"Are tliey?" replied his wife!}
"Well, I'll show you that they ar��f
made sometimes. I'll make you wnVlty
the baby while I go shopping tlii��;
morning or you shall never have aiiJl
other dollar thut my father send* in-
me"         I
Considerate. .&
Business  Man���You  tell me  I  am,,
hurting myself sitting so long at my
desk, But 1 oan't make any money il
I don't. ]
Doctor���Have  you enough  to
Business   Man���Y-e-s.
Doctor���Then stop.
Trouble Heiresses Havs.
"We heiresses have many rivals fori*
iur hands."
"Yes," roplierl Mias Cayenne; "yoi^
must feel  as if the pathway  ol  1 if**
tilled   with   pocketbook  Biiatcli*
Crawford Preserving' Peaches, crate 95c
Preserving Plums, crate
Apples, not cookers, box
Tomatoes, fresh, per lb.
Per 5 lb. basket
The Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAM8.
^^^|        CASH GROCERS
33 8th Street      "THE WHITE FRONT5
s. k. nmnns.
Phone 2 mttSiffSam-mmaw
r...   -~mrm,
Rough    Game     Indulged   in   by  Both
Sides at Revelstoke.
(Special to the News.)
Revelstoke, Aug. 19.���In a slow
but rough game this afternoon the
Sapperton Juniors, who are touring
the upper country, administered a defeat to the Revelstoke lacrosse team,
the final score being 7-4.
The players on both teams showed
a tendency to lay on the hickory
and kept the referee busy throughout of eighty minutes of play. The
visitors play at Salmon Arm.onWed-
nesday and will arrive in Westminster Thursday night.
Victoria, Aug. 19.���With the arrival
of Pat Scott, who Is to light Joe Bay-
ley, all is now In readiness for the
ureal mill. Scott was accompanied
by his manager, Dan Salt, who reports his protege in the best of
shape. Ernie Barrieau, the Vancouver mitt artist, who has renounced
his amateur standing, will be on deck
with Ohet Mclntyre, the V. A., C. instructor, and will challenge the winner to a bout.
A< cording to reports received from
<ast, tbe managers of the Big Four
teams are still at it, drawing up
rules and regulations, which they say
will be embodied in the constitution
i i the National Commission, the formation of which is scheduled in the
early fall.
The latest is from Percy Quinv
who doles out the following: "1 have
darwn up a clause which I think will
prove adequate. It includes the banishment from the game of every play-
i r taking part iu scraps, together
v. lh possible suspension and an added line."
That's all right, Percy Quinn, but
evidently at this stage of the pro-
i eedings the magnates of the I!lg
Pour and Mr. Conrad Jones of Vancouver, have forgotten there was
such a club as New Westminster,
who will have its little say In the
matter before a national commission
i.s formed.
The Royals are going to win the
Minto Cup from Vancouver. Everything points to It. The Royals are
stn ng enough to dispose of the Tor-
outos, , t'ornwalls, Edmontons, Reginas, or any other team that dares
fill the coffers of the Canadian Pa-
citln Railway Company in carfares bo
mat plainly speaking, the old and
battered silver wear is to be kept
within the portals cf the Carengle li
bran until the season of 1913.
Now then, does anyone suppose
that New Westminster will have no
say in this meeting to be held In
U'lniiepeg sometime in October. Does
anyone believe that a,delegate from
the Royal City will rhaVe t'ie jour
nev to the Peg and uk stilt whan thay
nominate Percy Quinn, the eastern
commissioner. Harry Cowan, repre
ser.ting the west (these names have
heen mentioned S3 possible) and per
haps some personage from the middle west to decide on a deadlock
Dees lt sound reasonable, Mr. Fan?
lienor gel busy. Manager Gray.
Vernon has been given an excellent example this week of the advertising value of the athletic prowess
of a community. Everybody ls asking "Where Is Sapperton?" ln other
words the popular mind, all along
the itinerary of the Sapperton Junior
i.acrosso Team, Is like a fleld plowed
and harrowed, made ready by curiosity for the sowing of facts, Which we
call advertising, which would bring
forth fruits of prosperity. The New
Westminster Progress Club followed
the inconsistent course of acknowledging the advertising value of the
scheme by sanding the boys the
badges which th|y wear, but neglecting to send financial support In
this connection It may be aald that
Mr. Cameron, the manager of the
team, deserves credit from the lovers
nf lacrosse for taking the boys in
tour, practically without financial
support, this year, and thus raising
the standard ot play throughout the
district cover 1.���Vernon News,
The People's Trust baseball nine
il> feated the Comets, of Vancouver,
on Saturday afternoon tb the tune ot
?-2. Hassman pitched gilt edged ball
for tho Westminster boys and had
good support. This was a lower
Mainland league fixture. Next Saturday afternoon the P.T.C. team will
plav a double-header In Vancouver
with tho Tigers.
The dlfforont athletic teams of the
Moose lodge wll organize this evening lor the winter season. These Include football, Indoor baseball, basketball and other sports. A tult attendance ls desired.
lected in four groups, knov. n as the
Corpus Juris Clvllis.
One of the cases cited In the book
and commented upon is that resulting from what was evidently a game
of some kind of baseball, ln course
of which one of the players threw his
ball, striking lt too violently against
the hand of a barber, who was Just
shaving a slave, and thus the throat
of the latter waa cut. An action under the Aqulllan law seems to be applicable, and a discussion follows in
the book as to who is to be sued
The commentator continues: "The
derision of this question depends on
further particulars, which, however
are not given. According to the facts
stated, one would think that the person who had thrown the ball is liable.
Procttli's. however, savs that the barber is liable. Th this Ulpian agrees, If
is was usual to play ln the place or
If. the place w&s .a frequented, one." .
The legal phases'herein con tal ried
will probably not interest the average fan, but it Is more than Interesting to flnd reference to baseball ln
legal cases arising almost 1500 years
ago, and probably even longer.
The   Bookie's   Wealth   Shows    How
Much the  Gambler Gets.
"It's only fools as   backs   'oases,"
Robert Ridsdale used   to   say;   "the
booki'-'s   thc   wise   man   as   pockets
their money."   And no one knew bet.
ter  what he  waa  talking about  than
the famous "pencil ler," who livpd to
mak�� ��47.00(1 over St. Giles's Derby,
and to drive behind  a pair of liiph-
Itepplng horses   past   the   Doncaster
inn in which ea a young man, he had
played   the   lowly   role   of    "boots."
Thnt he  ended   his   davs  in   a  New-
murket hay-loft with only three halfpence in his pocket was his own fault.
and not that of the "profession" that
had made a lich man of him.
Ridsdnle's partner, John Gully, wns
a  mnn of very different m ttie,  who
knew how to k<?pp the gold thnt poured  into hia  coffers.    A  butcher  and
pugilist in hi- younger days, who had
s >en the inside of prison walls,   the
"Game Cliiek"ti"  (as  he  was  known
to  fame for   his   prowess   with   his
fists)   was   the   "Leviathan"   of   the
bookmaking   world   long  before    he
reached his forth s.    Over mi" race he
netted    ��00,000,    he    cleared    ��45.000
when Margrave won   the   Leger;   he
invested  his   riches   in   broad   acres
and coal mines, found a seat at West-
minster, and  when   he   died, at   the
age of seventv-nine,   left   nearly ��1,-
000.000 behind  him.
And  the  same  story of easily  won
wealth is told of dozens of John Gully's    fellow    bookmakers,    many    of
whom climbed tlie   ladder   of   riches
Irom its loweM rungs.   Jo-' Bland was
a postboy  when   he   made   his  first
modest   book,     "for    silver    money";
P,iokham was a stableman; Fred Swindell  was.  It  :s said.   9  ontinan  when
he pocketed C100 on Chnrles XII. in
tl.,  Livcrpoe.! Cup���and so on through
the long \'..t. of tb*  "wise men" who
hav* (ound the laying ol odds such a
profitable gam". .
Oav.es.  who*- colossal bookmaking
was  the wondpr,of tlie turf world in
thf-iirsfhall tit the*last century, was
a  carpenter  when   Atilla's  Derby  put
��100 into   his   purse.    So   rapid   was
llis  success  thut   within  a  few years
he had a balance of ��133.000   at   his
bank    and    was    winning, or   losing
thousand* of   pounds   on   a   race   as
light-heartedly* as   if   the   sovereigns
w"re pence.   He dropped ��120,000  on
twe races snd cleared ��200.000 on four
others within the same   year;   while
in spite of the fact that Teddington's
Derby win cost him ��100,000. he ended the year more than this sum to the
And   such    giarts   as   Gully    and
Davies have had '���eir successors   in
more recent days, in   men   like   Mr.
Dunn and Mr  Fry. the latter of whom
died quit- recently  at Norwood.
When Mr. Fry'a attention was first
drawn   to   the   possibilities  of   book-
msking as a road to fortune, he we*
s linen-draper at Liverpool, who knew
at little of hora-'-racing as th�� mar
in the moon.   On:- day he wss asked
by a bookmaker,   who had   jot   into
difficulties, for a loan   on thc understanding that   he   ahould   receiv?   a
share in the profits of the book
These came as regularly ** clockwork, and so satisfied Mr.   Fry   thai
thera was money in the business >b*\
he  put ui his  abutters  an*  start-'d
on his own account with a capital of
��800, "which," he aays VI never :had
occasion to supplement.    .Commencing in amodtst way at Aaeot, where
he lost ��0 on the week, success e*nv
so quickly that he waa soon laying
bet�� in thousands of pounds, and was
making more money in a y>ar than
his shop would have yielded in a lifetime.   On two succeasive Cambride���-
shires he' lost ��60.000; but he could
afford to smile at such mlsfortun-
for his double loss wss mor- than recouped by a solitary Derby.
So enormous waa the scale ot lus
transactions that, when he died ther.
was owing to him consid-rahly over
��900,000, or more than 1.000 time* tlv
capital with which he open:d his first
book.      _____________
Famous Kisses.
The flrst recorded kis< was the
treacherous one given by Jacob to his
lather Isaac, when the former was
masquerading as Esau. It i�� the fits
in a aeries of deceitful kisses recorded
In history. There ia a lamoua kUs in
the "Beggar'. Opera." It was give.,
by Mecheath to Jenny Diver, and the
unpleasant effect which it VtoAussi
on him msy be judged irom the sarcastic remark. "One may bwW
���our kias that your gin Is excellent.
tetrnchlo gave his bride a kiss ol enormous calibre. We are told that he
"kist har lipa with such a clamorous
.mack that *t( the parting ah the
church eohoed." -J*        \   .
The kias given by ths Duchaaa ol
Davonahire to a butcher lor hia vote
has slmoat a Vr��rld-w,ds reputation.
, Th* Wtcher was bold and ingenious
enough to demand a kias as the price
' ol his vote.   U waj graceiu.ly given,
��> JAtt m*
Let us figure with you On
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
i Lucrnune su*. |
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster tnd  Crescent Valley,   B. C.    I
^ *. *, ���
Agreement of Sale
for Good Security, It will Pay You to get Our Rates
I    fi
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Get our prices on wood: four foot slabs, dry or green;  16 Inch mill-
wood and dry planer ends.
Fraser Mills, B. C
Telephone 890
Mr.   McKee   Rankin,   at  the  opera house thla evening in "Oliver Twiat'
The Life Was In Him.
Daniel O'Connell once unraveled a*
queer plot in a will cas.'. Witness
after witness swore that th_\v saw t'.ie
document duly executed. At last a
constantly reiterated expression
caught the lawyer's attention, "The
life was in him," over and over repeated. "By the virtue ol yolir oath,
was he alive?" he asked one witness.
"By thc virtue oi my oath, the IHa
was in him," he answerei. Then
O'Connell turned to the msn and j
very slowly and very solemnly said.
"Now I call upon you, in the presence
of your Maker, who wi'.l some day
pass sentence upon you, lor this evidence, I solemnly *ask you���snd you J
answer at your peril���wag not there af
live fly in the dead man's mouth
when his hand waa placed upon the
will?" Cornered and pale with fear,
the witness confessed that this had
actually happened.
W. R. QILLEY, Phons 122.
a E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 16 and 19,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Baseball   Game   of   Antiquity.
Baseball Is undoubtedly the great
American pastime. Kor years an argument haB been on aa to the origin
of the aport. Some olalm that It is
n development of the old game ot
"rounders," while others assert tnat
it bad Its boglnnlng otherwise.
No one has erer tried to trace rery
fir back, every student apparently
ascumlng that lt li modern tn ���t��JT
detail. However, an expert has Jutt
come across a book which contains
references to the game and leads OM
to the belief that some sort of base*
ball may Have beet! pwy��il even be*
fore the Christian *)*��� ?���������
in thn Allegheny law library there
ti a volume entitled "The Roman 0i m�� ��"����� , �� "-T-.m- knnin aa
law of Damage to Property." being ,���d ^rtlTS t
a commentary on the Aqulllan law. the butcher Steele wlio kissed tno
with an Introduction to the itudy of duchesa. He \th�� Incwaisedhl s trade
th- cormi. Juris Clvllis. snd gained-'Witorto fame- ��'���^ *�����
Tho Aqulllan law was one of those like to know then��P*"'��� "'Mu���?"
alined by order of the Bmperor Jt��s-, as to the d ��"��n" !" ^,fl,vor " '
tinlan as early at B33 A. D? nnd col- duke'i klsa ind a butchers.
An Indian Maharaja Has Solved *M
Oreat Problem.
After long year* ef training and sn
infinite amount of car* besiflwed upon f
thsir education, the riling prince* ct
India may justly, be called eivilired.
Bnt snriie atiil hate very curious ideas
as ��r> -port.    In Th* World's W. rk
there is a delightful article ou "Tlie
Playground ol India." meaning Kashmir.   The rule' cf this state is held
up as an amiable geiiUemsn of about
CO. who ii very keen on playing crlc- 1
ket���so keen, in (act. that in or Jer I
to increase the strength of hi* team
hj   gave th* office  cf   Head of th*
Polio* in Kashmir to a Parses whi
Lad formerly played aa ��� professional
lor  Lancashire.
The  cricket  match  described   was j
ordinary enough until th* Maharaja's I
i min**  cam*.    This had  ti h* ar-
ranged   (with  some   littlj   difficulty!
for 4.30 p in. in tha cool rf .tli* e��eu.
ing.    Hi*  hhihuess'  idea <>l   hatting
(hi doe* net run. rr howl, tt Held*:
out) are <>l*uieiitarr. to say Die least.
It ha* been customary t > alio* him -
to make double H*ur��' lielor* netting
him cut.   On this ceci-inn, Imwever,
lie had expressed an ambition to nuke
80.   'Jha pr<cedurq eoiiMst. rt   owling >
him alom long Imp*, v Inch hs pull*.,
somewhat leebly.  round  tt  leg.  the I
hall   Iieing   luniliM   ly   lb*   HeMai
whlla   the  ether   h*t��uian   and   his'
highness' runner run ���* many ���< possible.    It th*  fielder pets a chance,
he klcka th* ball on to th* boundarv. j
and it the out-aide consider run* art
not coming laat Miougli tli*y h-<t*n*
up matter* by  loud cries of "Hard'
in,"   and consequent  overthrow*   to,
tha other boundary. ,
Should by any chance his hit hn***
mias a straight hall, th* contretemps
is  at o.ice adjusted by th* t-mpl ��
calling "No ball.4   W* hail been wait-
ing anxiously lot th* scor* o" W to
be reached,-and wer* ralierrd when*
its completion wa* announced amid;;
much   applause   from   th*   pavilion.''1
But w* had    reckoned   with'-ttt   our.
host,   whn  untlituly   tuned'ti  our*
captain and said that be hail t|r**m*il
th*   night  h*t< re   making   a*   many t
run* as hla ag*.   So ����� *>"U<I  by ���
playing on till dark ami Irtting hiiu
carry nut hi* bat.    II is difficult Iur
th* western inltwl U *ppr��ciste this i,
In '   nf  mentality,   but  apart  lr ml
such little vault!** Sir Pratab Singii
seems to lie s wish, conscientious, si i
sympathetic  ruler,   and  a charming
and bmipHabl* b*��dol ths -.tate  ,
Mr. McKee Rankin
Presents   the  young   American
Supported by a competent com
pany presenting
charl^j   o!Ck:ns
. -m* ****
Seats on Sale at Tidy the Florist'*,   Phone  L184.
PRICES 25c  TO  $1.00.
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
am., with hourly service until 10 p.m.
and lat* car at 11:30 p.m. Sunday*���
First ear at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., wltb hourly serrice until 11 p.m.
Sunday*���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilllwaok and way point* at
0:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:OS p.m.
Reduced rate* are offered
over the Fraaer Valley line
for week end trip* covering
all polnta on thp division.
Tickets tor these special excursions are *����� satp Saturday and Sunday, gbOd to to-
turn on Monday.
':   ���.:',,.-,   .*���
��� , ...
r**Vrt',    ���:!���,   , u   ���
���   ..;    ,f0V
���-'.!;!'���     Id.      i
.1101':', ���������
...     .
���uio  ���
All Roads Lead To
in-1 .um     ���.
.i   ����rlw     it'   ���
���������' -h   if,(?���:���;������
till ,'���-. -,.l.i ������
, in,   ��� ���'���
lm /"^  \*->, L>
���mliams.   * . ������'������.I
llimr* ��� in 111* "���"""
'.      f AGS SIX.
TUESDAY,  AUGUST 23, 1912.
10:60���Vancouver via
N.  R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:16
18:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 18:0C
18:00��� Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .2v:3C
10:00���Port Mann  (daily except
Sunday)  9:45
10:S'J��� uarnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday    14:00
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11.IE
10:60���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)    16:00
tl: 16���Crescent, Whlti Hock and
Blaine ��� daily exceut
Sunday)     ��:4f
18:10���Abbotsfofd Coper Sumas.
Matsqui. Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  28:00
16:16���Hall's Pralrle. Fern '(Idee
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
16:15���United States vis G. N. R.
idaily excepi Sunday)..16:01
9:26���All points east and Europe  (dally)    7:46
S2:in���All points east nnd Europe (daily)    14:lf
0:20���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dully except
Sunday)    7:46
19:30���Sapperton    nnd    Fraser
Mills     i daily      except
Sunday)    14:16
9:20���Coquitlam   (daily    except
Suuday)   7:4;
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)        UM
10:00���Ladner. Port Gulchon,
Westham Island. Burt
Villa   14:30
13:00��� East Buinaby (dally except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    18:31
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .14:30
16:������S���Vancouver,   Piper's    Siding     via     O.     N.     R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2(
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  O.   N.   IL   (dally  except  Sunday) 14:0!
7:30��� United Suites via O. N. H.
(dally axcept Sunday)     9.4!
11:20���Clayton   (Tuesday, Thursday,    b-rlday    aud    ttta-
day ti-.Oi
W-.tO���CMlUwack.    Mttner,    Mt.
1 iehmam, A lder^rove, Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Pralrle, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Weatmlnster,       Clover
Valley,    Coghlan,    Sar-       .
dia,    Sperling    Station,
Dennison Station, Ural-
ner,    Bellerose, via  B.
C.  E.  R.   Idaily except
Sunday)    9:0(1
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. K. (dally
except Sunday) 17:3'
20:40���Cloverdale    via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:3i
2:00���Fraser    Arm     an^     Alta
Vista and Oakalla  23:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:40- -Cliilliwack vla U. C. E. R.
idaily except Sunday) .17:80
The Way to Put on Protessiona!
Looking Hat Facings.
OW^ER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,   Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address:
S^le agent fpr
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,    Aera'cd Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone  R   IU   Office   Prlncaai  8'
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn Phona 137
Begbie 8traet.
Bagaage Delivered Promptly to  '
any part of thc city.
Dgk aud Heavy Hauling
or"'r.l-T^AM OCPOT
Velvet Should Be Cut Right Way ot
Nap From Back to Front. Silk on tha
Straight ot Goods���A Masculine Domestic Hint.
Dear Kltta���Yes. dear; I can well Iro
Iglue wnai a sail ilute you nnd radon
"tbe nat with a tii^ii rolling brim" you
tu feelingly wrote me ubout tu your
last letter. These fuel tigs to look welt
must Ut on ttie nat brtru wilbout tbe
CllgbteMt flense ur wrinkle.
I'Vw women. However, who trim
tlieir own lints seem to have tbe least
notion uf Uuw tu put on a toeing, so
dim"! be discounted, for wben oue
knows bow nils millinery iicctunpltsh
ment Is quite eiisy. Here's tbe way it
mould tie done:
Klrst ctilch your bare, or hat It Is tu
tins liiMuiice. Ibell tuke a piece uf Os-
Hie paper lurge enough tu cover tbe en
tire brim. I.uy tbis Hat on a table and
put the nut ou top of It.
Have ut hum! plenty of pins and
dmw tbe puper up over tbe brim, pin
liiiig It securely tu the edge ut intervals ot naif an mcb ali round the
ibis doue. cut tbe puper outside tbe
edge lo a point one tm if inch uliove tbe
brim's edge, then turn tbe lint over
uud slush the puper tn lbe center ol j
the crown to u point one-quarter ot uu
liu-b Inside uf tbe brim Hue. Muke
eigbt or leu slushes across; the dtuuie
tet uf tlie crown so the paper wlll bt
well up into it without wrinkling.
llel ween   the  slushes   Ihe  paper   will !
be pointed.   Cm oil une Inch from euch
poi>! l.
With great cure yon must remove
the ;inper from tbe but Now. Klsa,
you wlll huve a correct pattern from
which to cut your material for facing
Wltb u pencil murk tbe center ol the
front nud buck of your pattern so thnt
when yuu cut out tbe material the
grain wlll ruu all right As your rii^
lug is ot velvet you must cut the uup
to ruu rrom tmck to front
Cut the velvet exactly like the pattern nud luy It on the hat's liriin. but
be careful not to stretch It while so
(tiling i'in it securely to the prim's
ige. us you did the pattern, then
smooth it Into the crown and pin ut
frequent intervals ut the crown line
Ite sure the facing lies smoothly be
fore you begin to sew. Beginning at
the center nark, turn In the edge ot Ihe
facing to meet the edge of the lint's
brim uud sew It fust with u sintill slip
stltcb that Is, running the thread un
der ihe edge of the velvet nod catch
tug it to the straw.
Sow. wtth the lm ml smooth the fniv
lim from the eiiuc of the brtm (nWtirdj
the erowu mul, tf uecesMwy. readjust
the piece to make it tit without a
single wrinkle. Thle done, sew the
fnciiig at the crown line, using a long
und short hack stitch and strong cotton thread The hat's lining is also
newed hround nt this |mlni, concealing
the line of tlie stitching on the fnclug
Then the hut is rendy foi the trimming
It does uot sound so terribly dilti-
Cult. does It. Klsa'; And I um quite
sure thnt anv one wbo trims lints us
charmingly us you do win buve m>
trouble facing them If you follow
these directions
A Masculine Domestic Hint
Ih k�� old college cliiim. Tom D..
was shipping m town over the week
end. so we asked him to buve ten Witb
n�� last Suuday night Of course the
day hefore my maid's cousin or grand
mother or some kind of relative died
���o I wns minus n domestic- to help get
the meal Hut I never even missed
Martini, for Tom Instated upon being
assistant rook.
When I proposed scrambled eggs a*
a piece de resistance my bachelor na
aistant asked permission to ndd some
puffed rice to tiie scrambled mixture
I Joyfully consented, and after th*
butter had beeo melted In the sauce
pan be threw In a cupful of the
puffed rice and let It get brown, being
very cnreful not to let It scorch. He
then stirred In the eggs nud milk The
browned rice gave a deliriously upiie-
tlzlug Mavor to the scrambled eggs and
aisu made It unnecessary io use as
many eggs us would hnve been needed
without It.
Kill wblle lbe egg process was prov
lng ��o interesting we forgot the toast.
and tt burned a hit The man Who
seemed to know ao ninny helpful
tilings asked for tbe nutmeg grater
and easily and evenly gmted off llie
burned parts Thes* are hlnis worth
passing on, aren t they) Hoping to se*
you soon In town weiirlnu the velvet
finiil nut. I aui. aa ever, yours Ap
Toted!). MAKKL
.New  \ ork.
A Quaint Accessary That Is In tha
Height ot Style.
Wear a Japanese sash, oi obi. with
vour simple lime evening Irnck If you
happen to be slender uud willowy und
girlish. It ts tile quaintest accessory
tiuugiunble. unit you mny fashion It
for yourself tn a very short time
First you catch your hare, l'liut is to
say. you buy three yards ot thirty iucb
wide silk of ns expensive a sort us
you cun afford, and you stay both
edges with bnby ribbon of a matching
shade. That will prevent the silk
length from sagging al either side
while you are making n bund b.v pluit-
lng In one end. drawing it about your
waist in soft, deep folds uud, having
measured tbe exact length required,
plaited it across at that end. After
tlint-witbout cutting tbe silk���you divide tbe remainder uf the length Iuto
three even strips und muke them into
as many loug loops. Two of these |
loops mnst extend oppositely from
eacb other, running from ii common
knot, and from beneath thut knot
must fall the third loop. When the
sash ha* been adjusted to the ttgnre
tbe twu loops Horizontally crossing '
tbe (voter of the back and the single !
long loop fulling over the tups will i
form a silk butterfly, and (bat le whut |
the obi ia supposed to represent
Sash    and    Bow    Effects   Are   tha   Thing.
< Narrow Belta Smart
The fashionable belt of ihe moment
1�� aboul au Inch uud u half In width
nuii is made ol black patent leather
decorated with a buckle to muten ur
Willi an antique silver one A per
ten. plain belt haa Irs votaries. Inn
In -nine enses nn Introduction is nmde
oi nny white bllftoll trimming*, wbH i>
[iiuM v���ry smart indeed wuen ibe but
tons uie clustered nt tbe buck in n
Ij.-.ihiiiiilnl form designed to give grace
_n ine hgure.
.Narrow satin belt! are being Issued
ino mid eome of tbe dressmakers uv-
tiiiouce by tbeir means a contrast in
rim.r- to lbe rest of tbe costume, using
Stit>A<** (il pink, blue and tnutne ninat
ij..\icn.iisiy folded Into the muit<��
��uu.pua�� at their command.
Fruit* and Flowers Melded In Gelatin.
Knills. flowers, raisins nnd citron can
be molded in gelatin wltb a little experimenting. To do this put a layer of
gelatin In tbe mold tlrst and let It
burden. Then arrange the fruits, rose
petals or other decoration. Tour a layer of gelatin carefully over this, not
disturbing Ibe fruits. When this layer
Is set lill the mold. Angelica, wbicb
comes in long green sticks, ls used for
leaves of flowers. Candied cherries,
almonds uud other nuts ure also used
In making designs. Tbe Italians cut
gelatin Into stars nnd different shapes.
molding it In another gelatin. If plain
gelatin Is molded wltb a tube in tbe
center ll gives a clearer nud more
transparent look. The center may he
tilled with Whipped cream or fruits.
The list of flavors to be given gelatin U
almost endless-fruits, chocolate, cof
fee. wine, lemon, orange, und so on.
Famous Recipe For Asparagus Sauce.
A famous cook gives the following
recipe for an asparagus sauce In which
ti variety of seasonings are used: 1'ut
(wn talilespoonluls of butter iu a
saucepan, stir lu two tnhlespoonfuls
or flour nnd gradually add u pint of
white stock Stir the sauce thoroughly while adding the stock lo prevent
lumps from forming. Then ndd u
sensoning of salt nnd pepper, n slice of
onion, n little slice of carrot, n bay
leaf, a liny bit of mure nnd a sprig of
parsley. t.et ihe sauce simmer for
twenty minutes, then strain It and add
enough tl|is to give n nice color uud
flavor to Ibe sauce. Sometimes the
lips tire mashed mul strained, hut Hie
hits ot green nre nttrnctlve. nml the
mushing und straining make extra
One of the quaintest effects of summer fashion is the revival ot the familiar bow und sssb Idea, a mode tbut
has come into being it the same time
us the pannier. As a mutter ot fact,
not always oue sash how, but two ure
to be seen tu some ot tbe best sash
A curious modification of the flash Is
the "ladder'1 treatment, wbicb is particularly modish just now and correspondingly bard io make.
Sucb a sasb Is seen tn the cut It la
fashioned trom very broad, soft, satin
rib hon run wtth little pin tucks Its
entire length uud edged with a quilling
of chlffou
The new pannier sash books snugly
around the waist, three pink roses
concealing the fastening. The sash
ends are attached to ench side of the
| belt at the buck in almost the full
I width of ihe ribbon, but at the knee
these wide ends are caught together
witu u stiff little rosette of pink roses
The Guest Room Slate.
One ot llie greatest conveniences
which n hostess cun devise for her
Clients Is u clearly written curd set on
tlie bedroom writing table detailing
the hours of meals, the times of in
coming uud outgoing posts, the principal trains uud oilier useful infur
mat Ion
11 wus some ones clever Idea to provide a small china slate In each room
on which might he written instructions for the housemaid It W often
dlltlclltt to flnd tier during the duy In
order to usk for the hot bottle, the
glass nf warm milk, the necessary help
when dressing for dinner or otlier
Deeds that may be required und lo ring
tm- ber of teu Is not deslrnbie
Bathing Suit For the Tot.
The mile uue  who is coiisluutly  in
and mil of tlie water will he less IIUim
toculib cold In a bathing suit tti.it has
a lair percentage of wool lu tts Weave
Tug ont the wee taaa or laddie in a
wish iiutlilug siill when tbe bench l��
rem bed and keep the dainty frock
fresh for the homeward (rip.
Th* Finger Bowl.
The linger bowl usually terminate*
a dinner. It should be half filled with
wurer nnd set upon a plate holding a
���until dolly, A dainty touch la given to
lhe howl by placing upon the surface
Of Hi* water the leaf of suine fragrant
phi III or n dellcnie flower The linger
lw>vn should he used only to wet the
tir* of the flnj:;.s arid not for tbe pur
pnoeof inking a hand huth After the
soil of f'��it hns lieen rinsed from the
{ui��*i'�� wipe litem upon the utipklu.
Something  Which  Counts  Fo>-  a  Good
Deal In Eurooe In * Social Way
Ves.     the     American     woman     hns
"bloom."  which  means she has charm
j nnd something  uesides-the tulent for
being   interesting,   the   gift   of   being
l coujpiiiilolintile.    not   only    with   other
i women,   lint   witli   men.     Tbls   Is   the
mote retiitti-knhie  liectiuse the couipni.-
lotishtp   between   women   unit   men   In
America ls nol neiiriy so constant tmu
consistent ns It should be     An American man hustles away to his; ollice Ht S
0ctock in tlie morning aud ouiy comes
hack at S o'clock tu (be evening or int
er.     During  all   those hours  liis   wife
hus to occupy herself us hest stie ciln.
and often she has not even tlie noiise-
noid duties whicb give uu Knglishwu
Ulan something to do. because she lives
In  an  apartment   house or In a  hotel
where every  domestic service ts ren
llered  to tier as  part  of the  machine,
says the  London (iraplilc.
When he does come nome the Amen
can liusiinna is probably dead tired
and only aide to go to bed. and. mere
fore, as nice Amencau women often
any whPti tliey visit here, it Is h de
liglit to meet leisurely men such as
tbey meel in Kngland and tu talk over
lh a leisurely way. lhe tilings wlncD
Interest both teen and Women After
Bll. rruVKIelice so ordained tlllugs Ihat
men and women ure tieeded to muke
Up n complete world, alio it is pretty
(ilivlotis thai Ihe sort ol segregation
lie!ween thein domestically which ex
Ists In America is nut a gooU ttllhg
Tlie tired husband, the unoccupied
wit*-It is not. sureiy. the bes| -ori ui
nrrilliueinent. Less labor. less weuitn
and more companionship aie better.
Th* Widening Skirt.
One of tlie ugliest tueus ever exploit
ed is certainly llllll ol 11 skirt coimld
ern bly shorter nt ihe front than HI the
back, n reversion ul the true ordei that
makes (be figure absolutely grotesque
in appearance.
Kvmi tne scnrfi thnt arp now draped
round ihe figure do no: impede tin-
motion in any way. lor the ptes
em these are qnl'e meaningless and lo
he avoided though an exception mlghl
possibly be imide In furor nl one ol the
new draperies. Ibe luck up or ttsliwlfe
folds, which nre not altogether unattractive. These are accompanied ifti
ally b.v u limited underskirt, bui plaits
are not yet showing tu i'aris thoiigl',
American dressmaker* seemingly have
determined Ihnt plaits wll! be u feature
ot spring novelty costumes.
A Useful Furnltur* Hint.
This Is un excellent and inexpensive
remedy for removing white marks
caused hy standing cr.ytbtlig hot or
wet upon [toltshed furniture. Wash the
marks with soap and water, then np
nly emery powder nnd ruh well In
ivlth h piece of wet flannel and leave
it to dry. Next wash off Ihe powder
.vlth soup and water, dry thoroughly
md polish wtth ii good furnlitire polish.
The Fa*hion*bl* Color.
Sho   The   fashionable  coloi   for   fhe
-iiuiilier   will   be called  messenger  ls>y
He   Whr ttini nnme?
she   itecuuse it's guaranteed uoi lo
i    Specifications,  agreements  of   sale,'
deeds,  business  letters, etc,   circular
I work specialist.   All work strlHly con- j
Ifidentlal.      M.  Broten,  Room 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
834���Meets In K. of P. Hall, Eighth
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stteet. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. F. C. Cook, Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator; H. L. Christie, Secietary.
L O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. 0. O. F., Is beld every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bretherr
cordially Invited.' C. B. Bryson, N.
G;; R. A. Merrlthew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westm inster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
and McKenzie streets. New Weat
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary. 611 Columbia
atreet.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
WhiteBlde. H. L, Edmonds.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reaerve  7.200,000
Tbe Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic.
ln Cuba throughout the Island;
alao ln Porto Rico, Bahamas
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
citlea In tbe world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada ana
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, Lew York, Chicago and Spokane,
O.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking ^ualneas transacted. Let*
ters of Credit issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of tke
Savings Baak Dsrsrtment��� Deposits
eclved tn sums of fl and upward,
vud Interest allows 1 at I por cent, por
innuin  (pressat r��ts).
Total   Assets over  1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Managsr.
eg | =
JOHN GRAHAM, AUDITOR AND Accountant, p. O. Hox 784, l'hone L066.
Accountant. Tel. H 128. Room
frapp block.
We have no bot air to peddle.
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street
minster Hoard of Trade meets in tht
board  room,  City  Hall, as  follows
Third Friday of each montir;   quar
terly meeting on the IJiid Friday of
February, May, August and  Novem
ber at S p.m.    Annual  meetings on
the third  Kiiduy  of February.     Now
members    may     be    proposed    and
elected at any monthly or quartern
meeting.    S. H. Stuurt Wade, secretary.
All  work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished Iree.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903  Dublin  Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. llth and ColumbL
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimate* Qlv*n.
2". I  Sixth   Avenue. Phone 567
Three through daily trains. Reduced
rates on round trip tickets to Eastern
points, on sale during July and August.   Good to return Oct. 31st.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phon*  661. .Box 77!
vho do not receive   The New* before
** a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
On sale every Friday, Saturday and
Sunday. Single fare for the rojnd
New Westminster
Or H. W, Rrodle, O.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
no Mclimcs Street Pbone 1009
of Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect tit und workmanship guaranteed. ,      ��� ,     ., , ,,     I  .   ,,     I,    '. _;     '
Leavea Vancouver for Victoria 1*
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle 10s
a. m. an'd 11 P. m
Leavea Vancouver for Nanaimo 10*
a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leavea Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. in.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
��� sa OOULET,
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavatrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, 8eptic T inks, Etc.
!5?dwsMd Signs
'PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Block TUESDAY, AUGUST 20,  1912.
t     *
iH-1-1 11-H-l-M'Ml-M*M I M-l-M-H
Gypsy Jaa
Her Prophecy and Wha!
Came ef It
t-l-l'I 1 I 1 1"!���!'l-l-l-l���! HI 1 1 1 I-l-l-M
Clayton struck off from lhe woof
path be bad been following to tbe. main
road. He bad chosen tbe end of September for bis vucation. Already summer was mellowing into autumn, tbi
maples were tipped wli-h yellow, and to
Ihe dark recesses of tbe woods sumac
flowed wltb a color tbat whs already
Sauieiike. Aa be walked on either Hand
(.'retched fields ot alternate *tuhhl��
<:nd preen crass, starred bere and then
by patches of goldenrod or sleuder pur
! pie asters, full sounds were In the nir.
Late crickets chirped. Crown cawed
across the fences Rita ot thistledown
floated lazily in the morning nun llj;In
Except for occasional farmhouses
standing by tbe way or h pusslug lean.
the road was deserted, and Clayton
was musing pleasantly un Its solltudt
wben an unexpected turn past h clump
of trees brought biro upon u camp ol
gypsies, lle wenl forward with quick'
ened interest
They bad pitched tbeir tents In a lit
tie bollow tbruugb wbicb a stream run
In tbe background stood a cunvas cor
ered wagou aud a balf dozen lean leib
ered horses. In the foreground smold
ered tbe ashes of a flre. Round tbi!
clustered a few balf naked children
and some wrinkled crones wltb hUftl
gilt ("irrinss In their eurs.
The men of the camp had evideutlj
S'uie foruging. nor were the women
n!o\v to turn u penny, for one of them
called out to Clayton that she wonld
tell his fortune. Clayton shook his
head Impatiently nnd went on. If he
hud it told nt nl' it must he hy some
young, lllttck eyed clrl. such u one'as
l.e saw approaching half u mlle he-
yiftd the camp, n tall, lithe creature.
who walked wiih tbe grace of tliose
r.o uslomed to the open. She wore a
red skirt, a white blouse railing sway
from tier tli rout mil cuughl with u hit
of dun yciiow ihai matched her girdle,
One sleeve was torn, and hei will show,
cd lii rough, dusky nnd rounded tier
dark hall was MrWtcd wilh what look
ed to lie si-HI'lel bends, hill Wbich U|miii
nearer lifi-c tlon proved lo He rose
fruit strung on trass.
"Th* prin.-es* ot ber irllie," itimight
She was playing wtth a I'lirtoift <| ic
|Ht   HIS'   she   Ileal   ami   (Ild   ntll   -ee   llllll
till lie iiiVosted her. Then >.he locked
op. startled
"Will yiill tell my fortune7" If -Ve
riiil   smllii.t. and Held out Ills bund
' When ll tins heen it:)sm-(I Willi sli
ver'" she iin��\vered. ber til.nk **yt*s
"Ttie life line Is deep." she wenl on
quickly     "Vou havs made your way
sn far, tor you are iillltiitloiis Hint hard
working,    tun do mil come triini Uriel
ley village nor from the country round
here     fOU are from Ihe city.    Vou iirv
nearly   thirty  nnd   unmarried.    'Iin   I
rend true?" nhe usked, with :; xwirt up
ward glance,
"(julle true," said Clayton amusedly
"Nn woman has touched your heart
tint there In one who mion wlll."
���Dark or fair';"
"Dark-end very wealthy. Vnu will
nee her Hila afternoon al 4 o'clock."
���Well.  Cm glad  I'm warned." .wild
Clayton,  wtth a  laugh.    "How  nunc
have you been  here If" ooddillg In the
���direction of ihe camp.
She shrugged het *boulder*.
���How  can   I  tell?    A  few  days-a
week mu y be.   Wt gjpslee do ui��t mean
ore time."
"And wbat Is your Miner
".lan." abe answered, turning no her
���leel wtth tbe Indifference of a nowii
Now that nhe had told bin fortune. *h-
keemed iinxliioa to DO gone.
"A mercenary young wretch, like the
rest of tbem." murmured Clayton, look
...g after her.
That sfternnon be Strolled toward
��� he village. The oessou whs over, and
���mint of the lnrge IKrtela were cloned
So were lhe handsome private ittt
<iigen, nave a few whnne owners pre
'erred ihe luxury of solitude.
Arden. llie summer home of Al.vard
���he copper king, was still open, Ml��>
AI yard, it wan aald. earing more Fiji
���let stables and kennels than for so
An Clayton passed It. admiring  Its
creep in un nud well kept flower lied*
n niniirt trap intne down the driveway
In it sat il girt dressed III white.   l.'lUT
Ihji could not nee her fsce. for nhe held
a ince parasol fo screen ner eyen. lint
he   liked   ihe   patrician   poise  of   her
head     As they rattled iw*f bim wtth
a  gar  clanging of silver nsmenn the
loin tuna ti  turned In snswer to nnme
"It's exactly t o'clock. Mlss Alysrd."
i*le said ilcterentlally. _
ctiivioii started snd then laughed at
himself ror being foollsO enongb to
���iiind n gypsy's pmnbecy. And vet-
he prospect was alluring s rich wife
tnd money tn pursue bis studies In
.t'urin iintriimiueled. for. tbougb Clay-
on s name wan iieglniilng to lie known
Hn the world nf architecture., It bad
lieen hard tichtluB evert stepot ths
way Kveii now he ws* rfot free from
flnaiicliii diiliciiitien, and Instead of
���imtting up at the ImurtotiM country
flub whicb was still open to visitor*
tie wns housed In ��� fsnn St tbs village outskirts.
Hut. whether the gypsy had read his
late truly nr not, tbere wss something
amtuiUing sud insurious about iter
oropheey. snd next dsy he went again
ro tbe camp. Jan wns nowhere in
siglir. In vuln be i)iiestioned tbe old
hag who'bad offered to tell bin fortune tne day before. Sbe declared
there wan uo nueb pernou and culled
on a swarthy devil-may cure young fellow wbo lounged close by to coudrm
her In what she said.
"No." be reiterated. "No Jan Is
It was useless tn argue, nnd Clayton
turned homeward wltb a feeling of defeat, wbeu. perilled on a fence near
wbere be bad tlrst seen ber, be espied
"I've been to find yon at the ramp,"
be said, "and tbey told me tbere was
no sucb person."
���Tbey told you tbatr Rhe threw
aack ber bead, nnd her brown throat
ehnoli wltb laughter.
"And there was a young fellow tbere
who looked as If be would like to mur-
���i��.T me."
"You mean Zlngare? He Is terribly
Jealou*. Tbe least thing puts him tn *
pnssii��� That is wby be pretended
.>ol,���> know wbere I was."
"And wbere were yon?"
"Out In tbe woods at tbe edge sf tbs
hill to see tbe sunrise. It was like a
cumphre burning behind tbe trees."
*be wan as voluble as nbe had been
reticent hefore. and. vaulting up on tbe
ft ice beside ber. Clayton sat anil talked till noon.
It was only when he reached hls
farmhouse tbat he rememliered tbut be
bad meant to ask her about bis future,
and sbe bad bewitched him so that be
had forgotten It. The nest two days
It rained, und on the third lie found the
gypsy camp deserted. A charred s|��ot
marked tbe place wbere their tires bad
been, and tbat was all. They had vanished as slleutlv as they had come
And no one seemed lo know whnt
trail bad heen taken. Clayton was disappointed to the rerge of moodiness.
Try as he would, he could uot drive
Inu from his thoughts. Now he pictured her walking down the rood, erect
and jrt'.cefuJ; oow he fancied her
crouching by the flre at night and
probably with Zingtire opposite, a
thought which made him grind his
teeth. Again and again Mlss Al.vard
pnssed hlm In her high red enrt, but he
would not so much us turn to look.
What were all the heiresses in tbe
world Compared to what lie had lost?
In a crisp twilight ns he wandered
down the road sotne one stole up lie-
bind hlm and touched his arm
".lanr" he cried Joyfully "Ifs von!
Where hnve yon lieen? I've searched
and searched. I'erhups"-he frowned
-"perhaps yon and fcingnre"���
"Zlngare!"     Her  voice   was  full   of
"Vou do not love hltn?"
"No:" contemptuously.
"Then, .tan, will vou inarrv me?"
"I. n gypsy?    But your people- ynilf
������Confound mv friends!  1 love yon!"
"Kven It v��'ii hnd thnt I've deceived
yon as only nome gypsies know how lo
deceive?    At   lirst,  when  voo  mlstiwig
me   In   my    llnninirlan   walking   H��
fume, It  was a  |oke- telling vour  fortune and then driving past yon afterward   and  then  I  meant to tell  yoo  I
was Clorlnda   Alyanl  and   I   couldn't
I couhln'i because I wanted to sec IT
you'd   care   for  nie  and   not   for  anv-
llllll;; else     And  vou do love ma*':"     It
>vas ihe girl and not Uie heiress who
"More thnn m.v  life." sold Clnvtnn.
They sre called the eccentric �� lav-
tnus  be-ause  people  sometimes   meet
them In the woods, whlklng together,
hand In hnnd. laughing like children,
nhe In s curious red snd yellow ���*���*.*
hi me sod he In s blue flannel suit decidedly the worse for wear.
H* Took No Chances When th* Presided! Cam* te Town.
It was on uu occasion wbeu a pres!
lent of tlie United State* was making,
i swing around the country. A man
who was currying mull on a weekly
������oute between u Missouri county seat
'.own and little postolllce out st f
���ountry store came dashing mnill)
1owii tbe road In tlie direction ot ihr
town. A farmer wbo saw blm couilni
nnd wondered ui bis great haste bailee
bim and suid:
"What's the matter, Jlmson? Wbat'i
your great hurry tbls morning?"
"Hurry?" Jlmsou repealed. "Why,
don't you know tbe presideut Is to bt
in lowti today?" '
"Oh. I nee." the farmer replied "You
want lo get there iu time to see htm.'
"It's not ibat thut muke* me hurry'
"It uln't?"
"No sir! Yon may oot know lt, bu'
illta working for tbe government l��
mighty ticklish business, aud a mai
has got to tie awful careful or he'll ton*
tils Job. Now, suppose tbe president
L-etn off tbe train down tbere and asks
about me, and I .uln't tbere. and he
tinds out I'm late. Dou't you seel bere'd
be trouble right off, and I might be
usked to resign?"
���i see."
���'Yes. sir. So I ain't taking no
.-hniices. Wbeu ihe presideut steps ofl
the train and iisks the crowd. "Where lr
���linson?' I'm going to lie there so I can
Men right oui and suy, 'Here 1 am,
sir.' "- Kaunas City Star.
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Here is a case which seemed a* bad
snd ss hopeless as yours can possibly be.
Thisistbeezperienceof Mr. H. J. Brown,
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from your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
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help you, you get your money back. 50c
a box at your druggist's. Compounded
by tbe National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Montreal. 141
Answering s Question.
A sclentihc lecturer at the conclusion
of a lecture of the most abstruse description took a sip of water and said:
"Question time. If auy one uow has
any question of a scientific nature to
ask I sliall in- glad to answer it to tbe
liest of my ability."
An old lady tn a plaid shawl rone
and said:
"Will yon please tell me why It Is.
Sir, tliat wet tea leaves kill roaches?"
The lecturer knew uo more than
Adam why wet tea leaves killed
roaches; but. not to be nonplused, he
answered glibly:
"When a roach, madam, sees a wet
tea leaf be exclaims, ���Hello���here's a
blanket!' and then wraps himself up
In It. falls asleep and naturally catches
a severe cold, which, developing into
pneumonia In a few days, kills the un
fortunate insect.'- Washington Star.
And  I* Cam* True.
"Hove you ever had s dream that
came true?"
"Yes.   I had one only a l'cw nights
ago that came true. . I dreamed that
; I   was  going  to  receive  s  telegram
1 which I would be afraid to show tu
1 my wife."
"And you got it?   Was it from soother woman?"
"Say, old man, I am surprised"���
"Wait!    It was  from  my  mother,
who notified me that she was coming
to visit us for two or three weeks."
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \
portions to cleanse ^^^y
easily, vigorously, J^>
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
:.:: i:j'j.'i:*_*ii_smtxt^B
Whin H* Was Barn,.
Hill Kopsrty was one of the
popular men in New|iort News,
evening he Introduced to a small crowd
of his friends * big. brawny airuuxcr
"lieutletnen. this Is my friend. Tlm
.Murphy of l tilcam>. Re Is s aood let-
iow. oue uf the finest, lull llm le S
��|*irt I hurt het wltb hlm 011 anything
or he'll rob you "
"Bill's Night That's me." snld Tim
"I'll bet 011 Hiinvthlne at still) lime
Kor example. I'll het iln dollar* will
iiiinv man or wtd Ivrs man that there
slut 110 man 111 this crowd mat kiu
itness within a t'ousan' mul les mr
wuere I was iHirn "
Inside of ten minutes there wen- ten
nets up. and Hilt neld lbe uioiiey as
Seven men miessed Ireland Two
iritcsscd Kllitlaiul Une tfueni>ed Scut-
Mind.   Then Murphy snld;
"Hill, eive Hie iruys information aa'
mln ittmme lbe money "
"I warned you not tu bet," suia Po*
ttarty "My friend Murphy was istrn
111 New York, but when be was only
two years old nls parents took mm
,��.i U in Ireland and reared Mm tilers.''
��� Huston I'ost.
Always Jones.
J. Opden Armour, apropos of leap
year, snld at a luncheon at the Audi
torium iu Chicago:
"A clrl can lake advantage of leap
rear without betux at all itiimaldenly.
There are subtle ami delicate ways o(
dolus; tblniCS. and such nays are just
as efficacious as inula I. knock me
down ones.
���''there's a frlrt named Jones, who.
hnviusj lieen encaged altogether t<m
Iona. took advantage of leap year to
hurry on her wedding. Hut she ac
compllslied tills delicately. She Just
signed a letter to her fiance. 'As �����
ways. Kdith Jones.' nod she under
���cored 'always' and 'Jones' very beav
"The marriage in consequence was
celehrated tbe next month."��� Wush
ingtoii Star.
A young Cleveiander who Is always
generous with his louring car tells us
Ihat he offered lo take the old colored
Janitor of the apartment In wbich hs
resides downtown tbe otbei duy.
"Nu, suh. Imihm-uo. sub. thank yon.
sub." grinned tbe sneleut functionary.
"I reckon I'll wait snd go un de
streel cyab."
"Whnfs tbe matter, ancle? Ars you
"No sub-me afraid* No. suh. I got
to wait."
"tin le. bave you sver heen In an
automobile f"
"Nevab but encet, nn" den I didn't
let nil mn weight duwn!"-Cleve!und
I'liiln lleiiler.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&��jK&       flavor and food value.
The New   Mills ek Montreal sure now  in operation and for the convenience o( dws
Canadian trade vre have established Distributing Points aX
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
The Pannier $klrt.     ���
The pannier akirt, stiiirdins to tbs
.pinion ot a  raabmushie drvaaiuaKer.
*lll become |Mi|.nlHr de��|ilte Ibe o|i|a��-
��� ttlon nu ibe |iurt nt the women  wbo
���ay  tbat th>\v  cannot  be  won  swsy
froni ihe tictit tlttnm Karuient.     "I hs
i-ffort* to  liiiuic  bach- the crinoline.'
die aald. "bud to eud in disorder, no-
'���unae we sre living In a time  when
"liuce |a too  valuable tor tbat  at.vis.
rhibway ami barualii. counter eruxbes.
tiuall  apartiticnta  and  crowds  uiuks
be  bis  Mlttrt   uu|K>a*fblc.    Hut   It  is
lime to net away rrom the other et*
'rente, and the pannier Is the thiUK.
VII this talk about ���npimaltlon' tn cer-
ain rsMhiotiH on the pnrt of some wo*
nen   la  titinaenae     Tbey   only   tblnk
tier are op|ioaed to th��u. and they nil
nine In line, and the moat courageous
"ar   to   wear   rtrcxap*  thst   are   not
.'jimn.'   .New  WU  tribune.
Nhe-Are you HuiWed witb my mou
He  Oh.  It's Improving    Today, In
rnd. I left ths cotton out of no earn
Hettere Welt
His Revenge.
"Tea; ab* quarreled wilh Jack and
returned all bia preatSita."
"And hs heraV
"Kvery uns ��t them. Why. he even
wenl ao far ss tu aend hsr halt a dm
eu bo*ea ot fsi* jwwder wilh a ��h>i��
expiuinitiK ibat nines be Ural hiei bei
be muat bars taken that much Oome
su bis coaf'-Koatoo Trsnacript
Cautious Policy.
"Do yon slwsya keep a smiling sboul
yonr dally diitlesr
"Naw. I took grouchy all tbs Hros
Then I ntu*t- naked tu do no Mtrs
work."-I^ulartlle Courtsr-JourosU
.H>s Ossttnstisn.
Motoric ��� Hsy. luy good man. mbar*
*o these ronda lead to?
tsrmer-To Jell, mister. It ye ain't
���mart enough to fit by ths consUbls.-
Maitittx������ Antrtcaa.
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am* Vi
News Classified Ads P^y PlOfc RIGHT     *��S-***
TUESDAY,   AUGUST   20,   1912.
am'     '���    ''  '
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in Design and Work-
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Anderson &
Sale Now On
During July large reductions in ladies' and men's suits, of best goods
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This is a chance not had every day.
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City News
Lorne   Street,
!".    '��� '\    ���*."
New   Westminster.
si    n0
Alfred W. McLeod
I'. ',*���   '.I ,  ���
657  Columbia St.,
Phons  62. New   Westminster.
Start That
V ���     ��� ���
The telephones of the Westminster
Daily News now are:
Editorial Office 891
Business Office   999
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
Miss Albert Kelly, of Mr. A.W.Mc-
Leod's office, left on Saturday to
spend two weeks' holiday on Valdez Island.
Rye bread���like your mother usr*.'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Telephone R 281. *"
Miss Isabel Tormey. of Seattle,
who has been spending the past week
with Mrs. Alfred W. McLeod, returned yesterday to her home.
Ben Gunn, K. Gunn and A. Cour-
tenay returned home on Saturday
from a three week's holiday in California and report having had a moat
enjoyable  trip.
The Columbia Piano and Music
House, 522 Columbia street, Is headquarters Ior Victor Giamaphones antl
Records. **
The three-story rooming house and
stores being erected at Queensborough. Lulu Island, by Mr. Nlshamura.
a Japanese, are now nearing completion.
The second crop of hay upon Albert Crescent was cut yesterday. The
engineers have apparently completed
the survey of the grounds in prepara
tion for the coming improvements.
High grade, medium price   and al
grades  of pianos  and  player pianos,
low prices, easy payments at the Columbia Piano and Music House,   622
Columbia street. **
The steam delivery wagon which
arrived some three months ago, is
doing excellent work for the city. It
has a rear tip, and on the other
wagon which is expected here shortly, the tip will be at the side.
The Hev. O. B. Anderson who ha?
been spending the past few days with
Mr. Duark at Clayton, convalescing
after his illness of a short time ago.
is now getting along nicely and expects to be able to resume his duties
about Sept. 1.
The    aecretary    of   the   Board  of
Trade   has   extended     invitations   to
Earl Stanhope and the Earl of Win-;
terton  to  visit    Westminster during]
their  coming  tour of Canada.    They |
are coming here with a party of capitalists and  journalists.
A lawn social under the auspices of
'.he Women's Association of St. And
rew's church will be held at the summer home of Mrs. W. C. Curtis, on
the Port Moody road. Tuesday, Augusl
10. Autos will meet the Sapperton
tram car between 3 and 4 and 7 and 8
o'otocVc. ������
\ Mr. J. Kerr, the man who was so
severely burned In an accident at
Chilliwack about a month ago that
his life was despaired of lor a while.
lias now practically recovered and
has left the Royal Columbian hospital. So serious was Mr, Kerr's condition at one time that the doctors
found it necessary to amputate one
of his legs ln order to Bave his life.
Not how cheap, but how good. Hear
the great ('bickering Bros.' player-
pianos at the Columbia Piano House,
opposite City Hall. Made and guaranteed by the only living Chicketings
making pianos, truly the wonder of
the age. W'e have other piano players
as low as $450 in price. ������
Mr. J. 13. Harvey, who recently resigned the position of assistant city
clerk steps out of office today, hl's
place being taken by Mr. T. J. Thomas, of the city engineer's office. Mr.
Harvey is preparing for his trip to
England, wliich lie will make in September.
Mr. Will Andersion, the popular
secretary of the V. M. C. A., and Mrs.
Anderson have returned from Delano
Beach, near Tacoma. where Mr. Anderson attended a convention of the
North West Y. M. C. A.'s employed :
officers. Mr. Anderson will resume ,
his duties today.
The.R., A, & I. has been given permission to use the Board of Trade
rooms on Tuesday evening during
the fak tldie.    .
The case of Charle3 Dean, charged
with Complicity in the Bank of Montreal robbery, will again corne np in
police court this morning.
It Is uot expected that    anytime;
startling will happen as it ls understood that a remand will again
asked for. ..
Acordng to advices received in the
city yesterday, Mr. John A. McDonald, the prominent British capitalist,
and D^r.. William Greenwood, who
paid tne city a visit a few days ago
will be back in Westminster again
on Thursday.
building as far aB the atreet level,
and what has served as the cooling
place for thousands of hot heads, ia
a matter of memory. The history of
this old building haa been a matter
of prominence for a long time, the
objections to its various drawbacks
having been periodically aired ln the
council chamber at the city hall.
Meanwhile the architect for the
new city jail, Mr. W. A. Doctor, I3
busily engaged in prefecting the
be plans for the building, and hopes to
have them ready within the next 30
days. The plans accepted by the
board cf works, show a building of
very handsome design, and which, if
built along the original plans, will be
one of the best public buildings cf Its
kind in the Dominion.
Rose of Columbia No. 115
Brethren are requested to meet at
the   Lodge  Room   at  1:30, p.  m.  on
Wednesday, August 21st, for the purpose of attending the funeral of the
late Brother A. Stanbridge.
By order
W.   RAMSAY,   Act   Pres.
R.   G.   DINGLE,   Secretary.
Acting Mayor Gray has received a Former Cabinet   Minister   Claims   to
cable from Mayor Lee stating that he Be  speaking  Imperially,
finds  it   necessary   to   postpone   his      ottwa, Aug. 19.���"I hope not," was
sailing from England tomorrow. The the repiy of Hon.  II. R. Emmerson,
present state of the financial market M   P   a former member of the Lau-
is understood to be the reason of the r)er    cabinet,    when     asked    if    he 1
mayor's detention.
A score of Chinese Boy Scouts, under Scoutmaster S. B. Tong. returned
to Westminster last night. Thsy have
been playing in the Chinese theatres
n   Vauco..v<r  and   Victoria   together
with their fellow scout9 of those c't-
es   in   aid   of   the  Chinese   Famjne  g^d't'o "the navafalTa'rs'and a'dprn
fund     Some  $2,000  has  been  raised  onatratlon 8���ch as would necessarily
In  this  way.    The  play  may  be -re- *
pea ted  litre.
thought Right Hon. Winston Spencer I
Churchill.   Kirst  I ord   ot  tbe  /vonur |
altv. weold come to Canada to confer I
with the government   with   reference f
to a naval policy.    "Thla country ls
In   a  position   now," continued   Hoti
Emmerson, who is visiting In the city
to formulate its o.vn policy with re-
The B,.,. C, E. R. has Issued   a Sec-
be occasioned by the visit of a British cabinet minister might do Incalculable harm.
I am speaking   Imperially In say-
ond foldei- giving information' no In thlg and not politically. The-
tourlsts 'The flat folder dealt with | Btrailds ot the empire are so lntan-
the various peints of interest In the Kib,B that the leagt Btraln lnlght
city and immediate vicinity.   The lat-   break them."
est ope is cf artistic design and deals _
with the various trips a person can
take on the company's interurban
lines'. The Illustrations in this s:v-
teen-page folder are particularly
��� trl'fini?, while the centre pages are
������ ' r���''*! �� large map which will
be a handy thing for a tourist t.i
..... i���.' liicrtnce.
Annandale Supply
If you are shopping ln the morning,
pay our delicatessen department a
visit. W'e have a nice selection of
fancy cheese, tongues and other lines,
all kept under glass, which ensures
perfect cleanliness in handling.
SA,NDS-rThe funeral of Eileen Sand;
the' Infant daughter cf Mr. and
Mrs.' Edgar II. Sands, will tal:e
place this morning at Vancouver.
Internierit w ill be made in Mountain View Cemetery. .
SHAFER-iThe remains of Mrs. Mary
A. Schafer, who died in the city on
Saturday, will be removed to Armstrong f9r burial.    The husband of
the  deceased  arrived  in  Westmin-,
ster yesterday and will look after
the    transportation    of   the   body, j
Mrs.   Schafer   v.as  well   known  at'
Armstrong and   Lumby  in  both of
which places she lived.   She ls sur-1
vived     by      her      husband,     four j
daughters    and   three  sons,  all  cf:
whom' reside In Armstrong.
N'ORUM-pThe death occurred yester- j
Aay .pfdrning   of   Paul   Noruni.   in-| r��  ���    1 ft. j d      e      ae    IL.
fant fron of Mr. and Mrs.  Ed. Nor- | LTied Chipped Beet - 45c lb.
um,   who  came   from   Sweden   and | ,	
reside at Anieville Cannery. South
Westminster. The- funeral will
take;j>t��*^M on WwUne&day afternoon' s.y 3   o'clock   from   tho   Od'J
Fell&^s. cemeterv.    Rev. Mr. Sand-' 1 p__-._ ,_ ni 1,  n~  c     .
thl llulhrraii   church   minister    of | UreElHjBljC PIlHIlS $1.35 Me
Among other lines   we may   quote
the following:
Ripe Gorgonzola Cheese 50c
per pound.
English Cream Stilton 60c lb.
Canadian and Cheddar 2 lbs.
for 45c.
Jellied Ox-Tongue, sliced, per
pound 60c.
Dill  Pickles, Olives and Sweet Mixed
Pickles  Always In   Stock.
on the Banjo, Zither Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandola, Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
Leave instruments for tuning or repairing at J. H. Todd's Music House,
419 Columbia Street.   Tel. 694.
from getting a foothold In the
house by putting a good Insect
Powder tn places where they're
apt to thrive.
We can supply you with an
excellent Insect Powder that is
non-poisonous to you, but deadly to Bugs and Insects ot all
Get your supply today at
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Blopk
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Prss. snd Geni. Mgr. Vice-PissldsU. Bac. sid Treal.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Vancouver,   will  officiate.
CADKN���The  death  occurred   in  the |
Royal Columbian  Hospital  on  Sat- i
'irday  of    S'dney    Oaden,   a   well |
Uup*-tf 'resident   of  the   Sapperton '
district.    The deceased who was a j
cripple end unable tn do any work
waa for/a thee employed as watch- j
man oil'the north road crossing of
the O.  N.  R..   b  !   previous  to  his!
death  bh occupied  a   similar  posi-,
tion with the paper factory on the
BrunCtte   River.    .As   he   was   reti-
cent   while   nl've   about   wlipre   he |
came from and "here, his relatives
resided   very     little     was   known
aboiff hiB  history.      The    funeral
took place yesterday.
We have a small shipment of these
in nice condition for making preserve.
Ripe Eating Pears 3 lbs. 25c
Quaker Tomatoes 2 tins 25c
Fresh Tomatoes - 2 lbs. 25c
Locol Cucumbers   - 2 for 5c
W..���  Qr..   Writrr.lnr'-r Put  0"9?
Vancouver, Aug. 19.���Contractors
in charge of the demolition of the
old city jail building on Cordova
street, have succeeded in  rnzin;?   the
PHONES  1   AND 67.
Government Lots
August 28th and 29th
S.S.  "PRJNCE   RUPERT,"   and"PRINCE GEORGE," will  leave Vancouver August  22  and   August 25 at  Midnight.
$36.00   ROUND   TRIP,   including meals and berth.
Full  Information at Cit/ Ticket Office.
527 Granville Street Phone Ssy. 7100.
U    a\
New Westminster, B.C.
On account of the overcrowded ,
conditions the church wardens of St. j
Alban's church, Kdmonds, are considering tho advisability of having
the edifice enlarged. Such a large
number of people havo joined the
church recently that it Is taxed to
capacity on Sundays, even though a
tood many of the adherents are at
present absent on their holidays.
The members of Olivet Iluptist
Church Voung People's Union held a
most enpoyable grand rally with tin
young people of the Sapperton Haptist Church at Sapperton last night.
Short discourses on the theme "Loyalty to Christ." were given by Misses
I. Martin and It. Gregg and Mr. P. K.
Sangster. A most enjoyable musical
program added to the success of the
We run a general store and sell at clty prices.   A new four-story
hotel Just completed.
LOTS from $350 up, ?50 CASH, $50 every 6 months
Or smaller terma to thoee building this season.   Our Mr. Sands has an
oil ice on the properly.
dence lots in good locations, and
good Investments at the prices they
can be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
NO. 900���FOURTH STREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
cash.  ,
�������� at it
��������� ' i?~
25c to $1.25.
uJ, ���
Four doors Rast ot Bank of
Montreal.    ;
New Westm Instsr, 8. Ct
Lawn Social���A social will be
given on Airs. Vairw earner's lawn,
corner of Eleventh and Fifth avenue,
on Tuesday evening next, Aug. 2'J.
by the Ladies' Aid on the Sixth Avenue Methodist Church. Ice cream
and tea will be served. An orchestra
will be In attendance. An enjoyuble
evening may be looked forward to, .
and a good program haa been arrang-1 NO,
NO. 1327���SEVENTH AVENUE, 50x
120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
$1,050; one-third casb.
lots, r,0xl.'12 each to lane.
$1050 each; one-third cash.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-
third cash.   '
The publicity agent for the provincial fair to be held In this city In
October, was appointed yesterday In
the person of Mr. H. P.. McDonald.
During the past three months l.e hai
been on the Staff of the British Columbian, resigning thai position on
Saturday. Ills work In a publlc'ty
capacity in Seattle and several cities
iu the states will no doubt bold him
ln good stead In tiiti uev,' position.
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared; $1,275.00 each; one-third
Twelfth street, ou upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 50x120 to lane.
Price $Ufi0.; one-third caah.
Sixth avenue, 50x132; cleared and
graded; $2,000; one-third cash.
street, 50x110; cheapest good lots in
the city. I'rice $500 each; one-fifth
Kdinburg street; cleared and ready I
to build on. Price $3200; one-third I
NO. 957���DOUBLE      CORNER      ON
Fourth avenue, stroet on three sides.
$5,300; one-third cash.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
In orchard. Price for a few days
only, $1,100; one-third cash.
We have now in stock the largest assortment of Watch Fobs ever exhibited in New
Westminster.   Examination invited.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,   Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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