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The Daily News Apr 3, 1912

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No Reduction But No  New
Taxes Imposed.
new Westminster; b.c, Wednesday morning, april 3, 1912.
American Presidential  Election    Only
Disturbing Feature���Not Very
Afraid  of  That.
London,   April 2.���From   the   good
trade outlook, the chancellor of   the
Unanimous Judgment Given In Their
Favor���Important Case Deab with
Coquitlam Acreage,
An important unanimous judgment
was luiiueu down in tue supreme
court in Vaucouver yesterday hy
Justices Macdonalu, li ving and Gallagher in connection with the action
ol Messrs. Mercer and Laugan against
AicQuaine Bros, and P. liowier to
torce the latter to deliver certain
acreage in Co.iultlarn to the C. P. R.
  . Tiie land in question is known as the
exchequer In his budget speech con- | jJcL,eau ranch; comprising 234 acieB,
Demanded   By   Workers In1 Flood Pours Down Between
Anthracite Region.
Weakening Levees.
Fire  Boss  Fatally   Injured   in   Figh*-
Dynutnite Exploded in Mine
Boss' House.
Rise from $300 to -MOO a Year���Mayor
Not in on thc Advance���
Amended Statutes.
Negro   Drowned���Second   Fatality
Flood���Hundreds Driven from
Bidered that lt was safe to estimate
un expansion of most of the levenue
producing tajes. He announced, therefore, that although there would he no
reduction of taxation, no new taxes
would be imposed. The revenue for
the coining year he estimated at
$935,945,000, leaving a surplus of $1,-
The chancellor acknowledged    that;
he had taken a rosy view of    trade !
prospects, saying:   "Trade throughout
the world appears to he in an exceptionally healthy condition.   Conditions '
in the United States are better than
they  have  heen  for years.    There is ���
only  one Khin& disturbing financiers,
the presidential election, but I do not
think thafls going to have a very serious effect on the trade of the   United
ihe complainants, who are supposed 'lavor ol prolonging the lay-off until
to have been acting for the C. f. R.. | the operators grant recognition to the
purchased trom Mr. \v. H. Keary two-1 union. At a meeting held today iu
uu is ot ti.e acreage, and demanded ! Nanticke, near Wilkesbarre, a thous-
ueiivery of the remainder from Mc-j and miners, mostly Poles, declared
Quarrie Hros. and Liowier, the owners, they would not accept a lt) per cent,
i he defendants, however, fought the | increase   unless  it  was  accompanied
Philadelphia, April 2.���Sentiment | Washington, April 2.���With the
among tne workers in tue anturauie i greatest volume of water in history
region seems  to  be crystallizing    ,_ '
Ballot Ended But Official Returns Not Made.
/.-��� -..
 . -r.
King and Queen   and   Queen   Mother
Make Generous Donations to
Relief Fund,
London, April 2.���The balloting - of
Committee Does Not  Meet as Scheduled���Origin Lo:t in  Hoary
Thc- HiEt iiieSlltijI of t'.ie May   !>*��
committee  was expected to  be hold
in tne i.n.ini ot tratte roum lust night*
but lor some reason or other no 0h4
tin nod up. ho.vevr-r, time is feeding
along an.i as tt is intended to make
the schemes for this jear an ambitious one some steps will probably
be taKen shoitly.
So popular doer, the May Day celebration become with each succeeding
case on the grounds that no option
had heen given the railway company,
as the latter claimed. Early last
year, Justice Clement dismissed the
case which was appealed. This was
argued in November last and has beeu
standing for judgment since then.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper and Mr
E. 8. Bodwell, K.C., assisted Messrs
Mercer and Langan for the C. P. R.,
while Mr. S. S. Taylor, K.C, argued
the case for tlie defendants, assisted
by Mr. VV. G. McQuarrie.
The railway company will now have
to institute expropriation proceedings,
permission having been granted them
by the railway '-onimissionerB to expropriate the la.nl for railway pur-
I oses.
by union recognition. Both operators
and min��rs, however, seem content to
await the result of the conference to
be held here on April 10. and none of
the large companies made any attempt
to work their breakers today.
While   quiet   prevailed     generally
throughout the coal fields today there
1 were several Instances of violence reported. A. McAdoo, in the Hazelton
region, a flre boss employed In one of
I the  collieries  near  that  place,  prob-
j ably was fatally Injured in a fight that
was     started   when   another     mine
I worker abused him lor goir.e to work.
At Cumola, in the Schuylkill region;
| dynamite was exploded at the home of
a former mine hoss whose son is a
clerk In a Reading colliery. A young
foreigner was arrested. It is believe!
the d>namite was exploded to intimidate the clerk. His home was not Injured.
While, attention was riveted on tho
raise in the firemen's wages on Monday night the fact that the city aldermen are also going to have an advance
in salaries escaped notice. But it ls
true nevertheless. Under the unassuming guise of the "Aldermen's Indemnity By-law," the change is being
put    through.    The    aldermen    have,,.       , . -.   ,--
raised their salaries to the limit, the j ['�� ""!" ��"L���tbe tQT ?2 A fl
racing down tbe Mississippi, the main J high limit of $41)0 a year.   Up to the i^���   ottifalretnrm wto 2
banks of the walerway remainei in-   K"^'"^ ^^Sa^lTS? K?"^ " 5^^^^t��SSS^.*5wS��f3r
tact  tonight   but  private  levees  are Njh the to 'W 1 nde nn t,  of $-00   a  ther<5 wl��� be a ,     a^Lt. tftte
breaking and whether the main   ie-  )ear-    l ne new n^ure is the h gnest  resumption of work. ,    ,
vetments, rain soaked, can withstand  Possible under the Municipal Clauses      ^ ^ ^ q- ^ ^^ ^
wLfwffid'Ts^&maCr ��'I The .mayor does not get in on this �������*..Vt^*" T'f1311!^
^S^sSBt^St, the advance By some oversight possibly f* * S^S^K
levees are in better shape than during  "�� provision is made in the revised  ��" jority win sSK for th^con
Rtr-iln will he ereater tlnn ever be- Westminster rewards her mayor with i "��� u ,��� ." .. , '�� "I'u whenever
strain  Will be greatei  than ever be . ^ way ,t   , dec ded. it   probably   will
have to stick until an amendment to ���e�����on *"? }*** ��* *��-
the act Is brought in. Mayors of cities j^f* "��~ ,",' h* f,?ftd5at ��n' ^
over 20,009 may be rhen as much as l"���** ���* t��*n 50,000 miners hav*
Pankhurst,   Sentenced   for  Window Smashing, Is Now Charge:!
w;th ��cn*pir.::y.
London. April 2.���Thc home secro-
tarj has directed that Mrs. Lmmeliue
i'ankhurst, leader ot the militant suf-
trageltes, who was sentenced on,
March 2 to two months' Imprisonment
or    window    smashing,    shall   be re-
year tiiai those in charge are almost l f^d on'Aprtl 4.    The remainder of
at their wlis   end to think   out tresh | hor 8enteute aas beeu ie���,itted to eu
schemes of enjoyment for the city's
wee guests, which last vear exceeded
live thousand in number. 'lhe celebration last year had io be twice postponed on account of the rain and was
held on May 10, the Mny Queen being
unfortunate enough to sprain her arm
ln the Coronation week, but it i3 hoped
that no such chapter of accidents will
mar (he celebration this year and that
fate and the weather will be more lenient to the kiddies
able her to prepare ber defence on the
charge of conspiracy.
Mrs. Pankhurst is charged jointly
with Mr. and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence
With conspiracy aud inciting to commit malicious damage to property.
This case has been remanded several
'.lmes to the Old Bailey sesricm3.
No Woman Suffrage.
Boston, April 2���Wltb the galleries
'illed with feminine   spectators,   the
"Australian   Mac"   Up   Again,   But
Remanded to Friday.
New Vork, April 2.���At the hearing
today on the extradition of John McNamara, otherwise known   as   "Aus-
tralian Mac," who is wanted in New,
Westminster, B.C., on   a   charge   of'.
bank  robbery, committed on Septem-,
ber 15 last, Charles Fox, counsel for
tbo  British  government,  called three
witnesses to contradict the alibi evi-'
dence produced by McNamara. I
T],5 defence sought to prove that
:t the time of the bank robbery in
British Columbia, McNamara was riding about Fort Lee, N. J��� in touring
cars owned by Henry F. Schilling, a
Arthur E. Kerwin, mayor of Fort
Lee. and Thomas Goodrich ani George
P. Starbel, a blacksmith and an automobile builder, testified that prior to
fore and they are less optimistic than
the government men.
In the vicinity of Cairo, 111., two out
side levees broke to:lay. These outlets have relieved to some extent the
strain at Cairo and given those lighting to hold the water within the
bounds ut that city fresh hope. Al
Bird's Point a negro was drowned, the
second fatality of the flood.
Memphis proper is facing a serious
condition. In North Memphis back
water from Wolf river, a tributary o!
the Mississippi, has overflowed Bayou
Gayoso. Several hundred families have
been driven from their homes and a
score or more industrial plants have
been forced to suspend. The city's
gas is surrounded by water. Train
service has been demoralized. The
Illinois Central is sending northbound
- trains through several feet of water ,
and all along the Louisville and Nash-1
ville water gradually Is covering   the
$1000 a year.
Calgary  Re��idents Flock    to    Fertile
Land Tributary to Westminster���
More Coming.
The  large influx of    new    settlers
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    into this section    of    the    province,
tracks. Arrangements have been��made which was predicted some months
to detour the trains about the flooded a8��> has already begun. W. J. Gibbs,
district. a prominent resident of Calgary, ar
rived in this city a few days ago, and
resumed work, and if tbe decision fs
against re-starting the mines, it Ie
certain that thousands of men Who
are desirous of working wlll disregard it.
King George. Queen Mary and th*
Queen Mother have contributed $5000-
each for the relief of the widespread
Appropriation   for   B.  C.   Might   Have
Been  Usefully  Employed.
Speaking thl3 afternoon on the subject of the highways bill wliich was
killed in the senate yesteiday evening, W. J, Kerr, president of the
Canadian Highway association, expressed his deep regret thr.t the senators had not seen fit to accept the
amended bill, and had by their action
deprived  the country    of    the   gieat
Was Out of Range of Farmer���Bloodhounds Are Main Hope, But Make
I        Little Headway.
was so pleased with the prospects that
l'he immediately made up his mind tal
farm out here and wired to his friends I    Hillsville, Va., April 2.���Sidna AIien_
.on the prattle to pack up their goods ,*-h*a chief of the outlaws who ��tiot u��
i and Join him here.   Mr. George Jone-J,   Carroll court house and -who haa been *
of Crescent Heights. Calgary, was one '.kunted  to  the   mountain  ever  stoce,
of the first to respond and he arrived j'waa seen yesterday  and shot at bv
jln  the  city  yeEterday  together  with J*totmd��r   Dlvlns, a   farmer.   Allenr
a  carload  of stock    and    household  however, was out of range, and    got
goods. away.    Detectives  Payne and  Lucts
!    Mr. Jones was one of the pioneers  returned to town tonight and reported
of  Crescent  Heights,   but   the  frigid  Allen's escape.
J winters compared    with    this   balmy I    Two bloodhoundft   from   the   state
j weather on the coast did not appeal  farm are the main hone of the man-
to him.    He has purchased a 16 acre , hunters now.    The heavy rains have
Last year's parade through the city, I House decided today ugalnst woman
in which for the flrst time appeared ' Eullrase for the legislature for the
the Boy Scouts lrom Vancouver, ' 5 cur by a vole of 127 to 85. The
Eburne and Central Park and a de- Senate had accepted an adverse repci t
taohment   of Girl   Guides,  attracted on the suffrage bill.
benefit which, he believes, would have I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
#iiw     .������������_�� ......        .���  accrued to it by the measure fathered   farm In Langley, where he will take .washed away all trails and the dogs
SeptemberTast tic tourins"car bodies   b>' the Hon. Frank Cochrane, minister j up chicken farming, a specialty which   make Uttle headway.
had heen (aken o'f the two Schilling 'of railways and canals. [he indulged in back east.    With thej	
automobiles which*had been converted I British Columbia's share, hs said, o' avowed intention of annexing several
into power wagons and were after-, tlje proposed vote of $1,000,000 was of the prizes given at the local shows
wards  usel  for    business    pnr^-opes ' $54,6(10.   This would not have accomp- j for specimens of the feathered tribe,
'' lished  very  much In the building of | Mr. Jones brought out with hlm sev-
the    B. C. section    of the   Canadian  eral prize birds which he will exhibit
highway,  but had  this  been all    ex- j this summer and fall.
The case will come up again Friday.
Aeroplanes Held a: Contraband.
Washington,  April  2.���A shipment
cf GOO rifles and 20,000 rounds of am-
much attention. The royal party rode j
ln a fally decorated coach, their majesties being escorted by a guard of
honor drawn from thc stahvans of the
Boy Scouts.
Crowning of the May Queen amid
a blaze of color, passed off with eclat
in Queen's Park, accompanied by
speeches expressing the joy of the
lesuil occasion, and the crowning of
Queen Kathleen's brow with a floral
diadem was lhe ttgbal for nn outburst of music from tho band.
Theie were five May poles round
which the lads an.l children clasping
the Btreamerg matched, passing the
royal group seated on a throne at the
foot oi one of the May poles.
May Day was the name given to
the tlrst duy of May In mediaeval England, when ali ranks of the people
rose at early da'.n and went out "a
Maying" to welcome the advent of
spring. In the southern counties of
England May Day customs differ materially   from   tliose  of  the  northern
Mr. Benough gave an excellent lecture und entertainment in St- Patrick's hull last night illustrated by
cartoons. The first part of the program consisted of an explanation of
social economics in relation to land
values, and aimed to show that thestf
\ allies are created by the people and
belong to the people. The second part ! *^~. """"'V"uT���  ",'~.a7""m   1'V,'   	
of lhe entertainment contained imlta-  Jhl8   ^obably   is  the   first time  an
tlons of a singer before and after a if*���/""* ^I'lt6".^* t0 be COntra-
i band, although the Italian government
pended on the Hope mountain section
of this road, It would have enabled
the work to proceed with much
munition destined to the Madero gar- greater rapidity than now can be done,
i ison at Ojinla, was held up at Eagle . as already $75,000 of the province
Pass.   Thi3 is cited as an Indication [ funds are appropriated for this work.
| BiitiBh  Columbia was really entitled
; to more than $54,000, but as the dis-
I tribution of the money was niade on
the basis of population, we had to be
content with this.
'that this government is not inclined
to -/rant all applications which the
Mexican Government may make to
transport munitions of war across thc
the line. It was feared these arms
would fall Into Orozco's hands.
President Taft approved Colonel
Steever's action In preventing delivery to the insurgents of the French
aeroplanes In El Paso, lt ls believed
the machines    are from    New York.
Y. M. C. A. Functions.
The Y. M. C. A. public school and
High school classes are holding their
at home on Thursday afternoon. The
public school class will begin at 4 and
the High school ut 4:45. The final
basketball game of the High school
This movement, according to Mr.
Gibbs. has only just begun, the glowing prospects of the lands In the
Fraser valley having been circulate!
far and wide throughout the provinces
of the middle weet.
training in Italy, juul *ori��#J | unsuccessfully objectedTto the'landing | league is to"be played at the clo3e of
Scottish flavor which kept the
ence in roars of laughter,
Iof a French aeroplane in Trlpoii.
I the class
iMontreal, April 2.���That Canada
will soon bo ln a. position to carry on
trade with the United States, was the
peroration of George P. Graham's jk1
Chilean   Gun'boat   Rescues   Four  Officers���Rest Disappear���Fcxley Is
Totat Los:.
Punta Arenas,   Chile,   April   2.���A
May Affect Famous Aeroplane Patents
���Hugo .Mattulath  Inventor.
Washington, April 2.���A decision ;
which may affect the patents of the
Wright Brothers, Curtiss and otber
aeroplane Inventors, was made today
by tbe District of Columbia court of
appeals when it reversed the action
of the commissioner of patents and
authorized the reinstatement of aa.
application of Hugo Mattuiatli of New
York for a patent on a flying machine
flled Jan. 8, 1900.
When the application was examined '.
in 1900 the official report on lt read:
"No successful attempt has yet been
made to rise from the earth's surface
by means of an aerial vessel unprovided with a balloon," and concluded.
with the observation that "the practicability of the apparatus ls so problematical that actual demonstration or
operativenesa will be required before)-
the grant of a patent"
Mattaluth (died shortly hfterward
and tt was nol until 1909 that hi&
widow discovered the application. Sho
and western, though that of gathering ilress on "Transportation" to the Can-
branches of trees and flowers to deck 'adian Club yeslerday atternoon. With
the person ls still observed in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
P'sces. 'generally understood that there was as
The May pole was once general much difference between the con-
throughout the country und the popu- struction of different railways aa
lar assembly, marching on May morn- there was between different houses,
lng to the woods, returned In triumph The cost altogether depended upon
with the pole, round which were sus-  the  character  of construction.      He
pended      flowers     and      hawthorne  contrasted  cheap methods by  which., ., __ .   w.   _^__���. _���   _
branches, which they brought home a railway wns built any how, In order to ensure that they are properly un- councU wlsheB t0 a)ter thj8 gtate ot
about sunrlBe with accompaniments of  to provide Immediate transportation, derstood by the people at large.   The affairs^
horn and tabor and all possible signs and was developed afterwards, with \ progressive element in the city also Exhibition Building Debenture By-
of Joy and merriment. With these the method of having ��good standard means to strain every nerve In sup- law.���Twenty thousand dollars wlll be
���polls they would decorate every door  construction In the flrst Instance.   He port of thoir passing on April 10. | devoted to the extension and Improve-
  ���,                                                    Tonight, the different aldermen wlll the electric light equipment of the
many j regard to railroadi.  he  said   it was I         ,         m            _,             $      m clty.
   J.-,^(i,.((i,��    ��             maa*Lm\*.nmm tr. *h- Miv cemetery P-urchaae Debenture By
to a publlc meeting called to the city iaw._Nlueteen thougana' d0,lars wllj
hall.   These by-laws have been   pro- be Bpent on pureeing, clearing, grad-
losed lo carry out Important develop- ing and Improving a new cemetery,
ment work throughout the city   and It ls generally   considered   tbat   the
special efforts are going to be made P���<"��� cemetertea reflect no credit
.      jJ7i *..-.: ����� ���_��������,���i��� ������. on the city of Westminster and   th*
and window in the villngo. Thus they declared emphatically for the latter
gave to the hawthorne bloom the I Mr. Graham drew attention to thc
name of iMay, and tills ceremony they fact that thero are 26,000 miles of rail-
called "bringing home the May'; they !way ln Canadn, being the greatest rail-
spoke of the expedition to ihe woods'way mileage ner head of population
as "t-iing 9 Maying." The TnlreEt maid ln any country ln the world. Besides
of the village was crowned with this, there were 5000 more miles un-
flowers ns the "Queen of the May"; der construction. He went on to con-
the h>'s nnd lasses met, danced and trust Canadian railways with those of
sanp to;;ether and even the king and foreign countries, and gave his opln-
queen condescended to mingle on this Ion that the Canadhn peoplo received
occi'Plon with their subjects. fair treatment from the companies, al-
Morris dances, ufter tlie morlseo or   though there wns still   room .for lm-
Chilean gunboat wbicb wus sent to j then, through an attorney, flled an ap--
the assistance of the British steamer i plication to revive, but this was de-
Foxley, wrecked on March 18 off the nled by the patent authorities.
Chilean coast, arrived here today and I    Several years  after   Mattaluth  unreported the Foxley a total l03S. Fof   plied for his patent the Wright Brotb-
oiiicers of the Foxley were rescued a'
the time of the wreck, the rest of the
crew being left to their fate. Thn
gunboat found no trace ot them.
era perfected their biplanes. Curtiss
also invented one. Litigation between
tbe two brought to light the fact that
Mattuluth's application contained specifications tor a wlngtlp flexing devise.
Spanish fandango, came to be associated with the May games. These
were danced hv live men nnd a bov
drrspcd |n ��� frlH'i linhlt, who was
enlleil Maid Marlon,   There were nlsn
two musicians nnd sometimes one of which sounded In hnrmony.   The mor-
thr. dpnnr.-,, morn ,.,(,���   an(1    r1c]]]v  rIg dance wag abo]i8ll<!.:t  alon* with
Pressed than   the   others,   acted   as  the May games by the PurltanB.
The bydaws are as follows: ' ment of the present exhibition build
Street Improvement Debenture by- hig6. Accommodation wlll be pro-
law.-���This ls to raise $260,000 for an Vided for a horse show and varloul
extensive and systematic improvement other big developments will be carried
of the streets of the city from Queens- out calculated to make Westminster
borough to Sapperton and from Front keep her place as the premier fair
street to Tenth av��nue, I town In the province.
Water Extension. Debenture By-law. Fire Apparatus Purchaae Debenture
���By this lt Is planned to expend $40,- By-law.���A new aerial motor truck
000 on building a new reservoir at and other Are equipment is required
Queens park, enlarging the present to enable the brigade to cope wtth
high level reservoir and laying a sec- anything like a serlpus lire, and $14,-
000 are to raised for this purpose.
Bunkers Debenture By-law.���storage
for crushed rock, gravel, san:!, etc., is
a necessity in any city where there
Is much road construction or even
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ maintenance to be undertaken. Ac
Flectrlc Ught Evtenslon DehetiMre "nrdl"��-ly tt I�� nlanned to devote $6000
By-law.���To ralso $25,000 for carrying to -the building of such storare
out many necessary development*   in bunkers.
Seattle, April 2.���D. C. Klllngford,
who was arrested at New Westminster, B.C., last night, charged with
passing two bad checks for $245 in
Portland, passed through Seattle today ln custody, on his way to Portland. Kllingford was at one time In
the employ of a lumber company In
Oregon, but was alleged by the government to have acted as a dummy
Favor Munielpal Ownership���Farmers?
Dissatisfied with Present System.
Cambla, Richmond, April 2.���Dissatisfied with tbe present service of the
a C* Telephone company. It ls extremely likely that the Richmond
municipality will take over the-
Farmera' Telephone company and
operate It In opposition to the former-
millionaire lumberman. When Eccles
was tried in Portland last year Filing
ford was a witness for the govern
| ond main under the Fraser to Queensborough.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Parks Purchase Debenture By-law.
"foreman of the morris." The gar-1���Thlitv-flve thousand fbr the nir-
ments of '.be dancers were ornament-j chase of two parks, one In Sapperton
ed wilh hells, timed to different notes , tind one in Queensborough.
Telephone company waited upon the ���
connell last evening, asking that body
to buy the equipment and franchise.
In the opinion of Reeve Bridge, the
time has now come when Richmond '
should have better service and he sai f
In favor   of municipal '
Lunatic*   Increase.      ���
The number of patients ln the Pro- he would be
vlnclal Asylum increased during the ownership of thlg public utility,
last month by twelve. , Ail the addi-1   In order not to conflict   with   thv-
tlonal inmates were males, the num- Municipal   Clauses   act,   the   council1
ber of females  remaining stationary.' would have to seek permission from -
Ono    patient   escaped.      Altogether tho^provlnclal government to operate -
there   were   729 lunatics   in the hos- the same.   In the event of the deal
pital   at the end   of the   month, of going through, the Point Gre-' ccinr-
whom 535 were males and 194 females, jell would be asked to "grant permission ���
Twenty-flve more men  were out  on  to plant nolr^ through tbn�� dlntrM b*
probation and thirteen women.     Thla  allow of the estatillShhieat bian' oCtoct
bring* tho trand total up to TC7. in Vancouver. rsam-Two
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1912.     *��
without breakfast and supper, by
working man, in Sapperton. Apply
Box 9, News office.
hundred dollars to take half interest
ln lecturing tour. Big returns for
right man. Address, Secretary, 434
Main street, Vancouver.
cafe,   opposite C. P. H
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone 600.
dential property, repayable ln five
years with privilege of repayment
in three, at 8 per cent., or easy
monthly payment plan. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
DOUBLE CORNER on Seventh avenue, close to Queens park, $2200;
one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18.
No. 369.
52x150; beautiful lot on Fourth street,
all cleared. $1200; one-quarter
cash, balance 6. 12 and 18.   No. 228.
���ON FIFTH 8TREET, widest street in
city. Price $1100; one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12. This is a snap.
No. 42.
ANOTHER SNAP. On Tenth, close to
Agnes atreet; snap at $11,000; on��;
third caah, balance G, 12 -ind 18.
No. 85.
DOUBLE CORNER, Fifth street and
Eighth avenue, all cleared, good
buy. $3150; one-third cash, balance
6, 12 and 18.   No. 324.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
tween Columbia sheet and Clarkson on McKenzie street, between
2; 30 and 3 p. m. Monday, March 18.
Reward given by returning same to
Koyal Pool Rooms.
Proved of Great Value to Me"
There is only one explanation for the
numbers of enthusiastic letters that we
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that is that these tablets
certainly do cure any kind of stomach
Here is a typical letter from Hiss
Ivliza Armsworthy, Cauoo, N.S.: ���
"It is with pleasure I write to inform
you that your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have proved of great value to
me. 1 tried remedy after remedy but
without any lasting pood. Having heard
of your tablets curing such cases as
mine I decided to give them a fair trial.
They proved satisfactory in my case."
The remarkable success of N��-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success as
can only come to an honest remedy,
compounded according to an exceptionally good formula, from pure ingredients, by expert chemists. If you are
troubled with your stomach just aek
your Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug and Chemical Ce. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
the Dominion at .soc. a box. u2
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we wlll collect, free of
pare a district exhibit for New Westminster Fair.
U1II1CI CCC milV 'I"h0 dlstrict wi" be 'divided into
WlKtLtuu ullAIfll three sections and worked with a view
to collect suitable exhibits for the
Provincial Fair. This step is taken
more for publicity purposes than for
linancial value of the prize offered.
Heretofore, Chilliwack was a regular district exhibitor at New Westminster, and almost as constantly carried away the prize. It has been
dropped to give other places a chance.
Now the opportunity for displaying
the products of the valley is to be
taken advantage of.
Allied   System���Close   Communication
With Fleet At All   Places���Cheap
Montreal, April 2.���Details of the
proposed arrangements between the
Imperial Government aud the Canadian Marconi Company for an "all
red" wireless system to encircle the
British Empire, a scheme which eventually will embrace the whole world,
have been received by Mr. A. E. Reoch
secretary treasurer ot the Canadian
Marconi Company Limited, here.
The plan embraces high power stations at various strategic points within the empire by which messages can
be taken and forwarded, so that the
British Empire will eventually become
independent of cables. The importance of this plan is very great, aB it
would mean that in case of war with
any power the British authorities
would be able to go ahead with their
plans whether the cables were cut or
not, and could keep in close communication with the lleet anywhere between London and Hongkong. The
communication received by Mr. Reoch
states thAt the Imperial Postmaster-
Ueueral, acting on behalf of His Majesty's government and governments
of the dominions and colonies, has accepted the conditions proposed by the
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company
for the construction of all the long
distance wireless stations required for
the imperial wireless scheme. This is
along the lines agreed to at the conference of June of last year, when
representatives of the various colonies
and    of    the    Imperial    Government
Canadian Banks' Progress.
In a little more than six years the
total assets of the Canadian banns
have doubled, while the number of
banks making returns under the Ban!:
Act to the Department of Finance has
dropped from 34 to 21), their business
being conducted by 3000 branches between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
During the same period there have
been six failures���confined to the
smallest type of bank���while seven
have amalgamated with the largest
institutions. On the other hand, eight
new banks have been founded, and ot
these the most recent ani also the
largest ls the Banque Internationale
du Canada, iMontreal, which represents largely French capital. The outstanding feature has been the great Increase in size of tlie Individual banks,
a factor that must undoubtedly lessen any tendency towards bank failures in the future. The small bank
in Canada has undoubtedly had its
day. and the character of Canadian development, especially on the industrial
and manufacturing side, all points to
the necessity of large financial institutions. The major part of the increases effected by the banks as a
whole have resulted from the steady
development of their branch systems,
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
Tho Government of British Columbia  invite  competitive   planB  for  the
and the increasing prosperity of the
agreed that the project was practica-1 various districts and territories served
ble. It was then decided that the j by them. Competition is keen through-
plan should be undertaken, and it is | out, and the strongest bank cannot af-
now announced that the various gov-(ford to disregard this factor.���
ernments  concerned  have  agreed   to  Standard of Empire.
proceed at once with the construction ���
of  high  power  wireless    stations   at Advertising Calgary.
London, Egypt, Aden, Bangalore (In- Cal���ar A ,. o ���At a meetln* nf
dia), Pretoria (South Africa), and (h���XrH.in/Lrt'��� wi meet">S ft
ct- ,.       rm.i    ���i���i���  ���f ���,���,;���������  it   the advertising and publicity commit-
Slngapore.   This chain ot stations it        held recentl    a scheme >      f
IB announced represents only   he be-1 ulated by which>a b, ���      wi��� ))e
ginning pf a scheme which wi 1be ul t -      t in J *
matey extended throughout the Brit-
ish  Empire   so as to  render it to a |     , ^ a    ���
great   extent  independent   of  subma- j and ��M ^\e ^    J**^
"Mitt to the Plans   announced | gjR �� ^'Sti^ TLZ
general   scheme  and   design   for the  the stations will be operated for the ! j^Th^^niTrVm^v 7r������ \'!7'
proposed    new    University,    together j flr8t   Bix  mo���ths  on    account Ot the  5J??.SS^Sft? SS^iS?.^
the pannership heretofore subsisting
between the undersigned as the "NKW
WESTMINSTEK GARAGE COMPANY," Carnarvon Street, ln the City
of New Westminster, Province of
British Columbia, has thiB day been
dissolved by mutual consent. All
debts owing to the said partnership
are to be paid to John Dobson, at
Carnarvon Street, New Westminster,
British Columbia, aforesaid, and ali
claims against the said partnership
are to be presented to the said John
Dobson by whom the same will be Bet-
Dated at the City of New Westmlnater, B. C.f this 21st day of March,
A. D. 1912.
The People's Trust Co. Ltd.   G. W. N.
)<o ilton. Secretary-Treasurer. Frank
C. Cook. General Manager.    L. S.
with more detailed plans for the buildings to be erected first at an estimated cost of $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent in by July 31,
1912, addressed to
I Parliament   Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
Government by the Marconi company,
and after that will be taken over by
the Government. The company will
be paid a certain sum for each station, exclusive of sites,, foundations I Y��V2Z
and buildings. It is further provided
that tho company shall receive a cer
tain percentage of the gross receipts
of all the stations during the term of
the agreement, which is for 28 year^,
The imperial \Government, however,
has tho right to terminate the agreement at the expiration of IS years, in
which case, however, It would lose the
right to use any of the Marconi patents.
_..,,; ., ��� While this   arrangement   has   been
The Municipal Council of the Cor-, entered  tato hv  lhe  governments  as
poration of tlie City of New Westmin- j an  Im    rlal  n something similar
Bter having by Resolution determined
and  specified  that  it  is  desirable to
carry out the folowing works, that is
they came, or in which    their friends
The purpOS^Of the letters will be
to draw attention to the growth and
progress of Calgary and its desirahll-
a place of residence. The
school board will be asked to allow
the children to co-operate.
Notice ia hereby given that I shall
to say:
(a) To pave Front street from
Eighth street to the northerly end ol
the Schaake Machine Works lor a
width of 19 feet; lay water mains,
nutters, instal electric street lighting
system, and any other works contingent thereto.
lb) To construct sanitary and
storm sewers f.om Lot 1 to Lot 15.
City Block seven (7)
And that tho said works shall be
caried out in acocrdance with the
provisions of the "Local Improvement
General By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
AsBesaor having reported to the Council In acordance with the provisions
of   the   said   by-law     upon   the   said
to the All Ked Koute project, the sta
tions will, of course, be used for gen
eral commercial purposes, and it is anticipated that this wide extension of
the wireless Bystem will result in a
considerable cheap-ening of long distance communication. It is expected
that the establishment of this chain of
main long distance stations will result in the installation of a number of
smaller ones, v\hich will act as feeders, bo that every colony which has
one of these stations will be brought
Into wireless connection with a radius
of  two or three thousand  mlleB, und
Thousands of people have tested Gin
Pills iu thousands of cases of Painful or
Suppre3scdUrine,Eackachc, Aching Legs
and Shoulders, Pain through the Hi;.s,
Rheumatism and Lumbago. Here is a
case of one cure ��� out cf thousands.
"My father hr.il been troubled with
Rheumatism for a number of years. He
tried two doctors but got uo relief,
when a friend advised him to try C.in
Pills. He purchased a box an 1 if er
taking Gin Pills fnr a week, found t!:at
they were giving hiui nr.ic'.i relief.   He
, the amounts to be chargeable against
at tho expiration of thirty days from , the various portions of real property
the date of the flrat publication here- ] to   lie   benefited   by   the   said   worki
works,   giving    statements ,  showing | very  roundabout  route,  which  means
with all parts of tho pmpire through then bought threo more boxes, which
the main sending stations, incidentally it is expected that it will mean a
great reduction in rates to some of
the colonies, as some of them have
now to be reached  by cables over a
of cancel from the books of the Land
Registry Office, New Westminster,
B. C, a certain agreement for sale,
dated tho twenty-fifth day of February,
1910, existing between Chas. S. Brown
as Vendor, of Vancouver, B. C, and
Moulton Shank as Purchaser, formerly of Vancouver,  B. C., said agreo-
and other particulars, and the said
reports of the Bald City Engineer and
City AsBesBor having heen aflopted
by   the  Council.
Notice is hereby given that the Bald
retorts are open for inspection to tho
office of the City Assessor, Cltv Hall,
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster,
ment for sale covering the east half \ B.  t
that     unless a  petition
proposed   *orks   above
lo:ty to be assessed or charged In re-
| spect of such works representing at
of lot 8. and tbe west half of lot 9,
block 1, being a subdivision of east
half of lot 158, group 1, New Westminster District.
New Westminster, j least one-half in value thereof is "pre-
Dated  3t  the   Land   Registry  Office,   ������"ted  to  the  Council   wltliln   fifteen
New   Westminster,   B,   C���   this   3rd  days  from  the date of the first  pub-
day    of    April,   1H12,   to     Moulton   "'"'"on   of   this   notice,   the   Council
Shank, Esq will  proceed  with  the  proposed  lm-
! provements   under  Bitch  'terms  and
great expense. For instance the pre-
sent cable rate between Great Iirltaln
and BritlBh Guiana is $1.75 per word,
while by wireless it is expected to
bring it down \o 25 cents.
But while the scheme has big commercial possibilities it is from an Imperial point of view that the govern-1
ments have taken it up.    It i.s coiiBld-
were the means of curing him. II *. is
now a strong man���in good health���
and able to attend to his dailv work."
ALEX. M00R8.
If you suffer, get Gin Pills and bf
free cf pain this winter., 50c. a to��,
6 for Ja.50. Sample free if you wri'.e
National Drug & Chemical Co. . f
Canada, Limited, Dept. 11 C Toronto. V4
Public Meeting.
A public meeting of the ratepayers
ered that the value of such an Inter-   will be held at the City Hall on Wed-
Empire wireless chain can hardly bo
over-estimated, since by lt not only
wlll  the  Imperial Government secure
mentioned   signed   by   a   majority   of  cheaper and   quicker   communication
the owners of the land or real prop-i witl1 the colonial governments, but it
will obtain a more speedy  and reliable communication with the fleet,   All
the  vessels are   equipped   with  wireless, und in this way the Warships on
the Pacific wlll be brought wit bin almost  as close touch   with  the admiralty   as    the  Meet  ' Bailing  in    home
waters;   and   .is   tliere   messages   are
'jconditions as to payment  of the cost 'all sent by secret code they would be
of such Improvements as ths Council jof little ubo to possible hostile pow-
I may  by  By-law  in  that   behalf regu-jers, even If picked out of tho air by
nesday the 3rd Inst, to consider the
Ixian Bylaws on which a vote of the
electors will be taken on the 10th
City Clerk
Ke part  (10 acres) of lot 38, Group I'"10 nni* determine nnd also to make   other wireless systems.
1, formerly ln Yale Division of Yale
District, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the Iosb of certificate of title No. 10955F, iBHtied In
the name of Francis W. Ford, has
been  filed in this office.
Notice Ib hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
-the date or the first publication hcre-lCITY  0F  NEW  WESTMINSER, B.C.
of. In a dally newspaper published in
th" Baid assessment
Dated  thla twentieth  dav of March
A.  D,  1912.
City Cle-k.
Date of first publication twenty-first
day  of  March  A.  D.  1912.
F. G. GARDINER.        A.  L.  MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone   661. Box  772
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
���duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objoctlon bo
made to mc in writing.
District Registrar nf Titles.
Land  Registry office, New  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611  Victoria  Street.
tOvcr Dally News.)
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department Is
about to start n campaign for the
cleaning up of all back yards and vacant lots In the city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens In general
Ib asked ln this regard.
A clean city Is one of the best ads.
wo can  have, and  we  feel sure that
the citizens appreciate <his to the fullest extent.      The burning up    of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, nnd n thorough (leaning up wlll  go a long way
towards giving ns a cltv beautiful.
Health Inspector.
Chilliwack Will Have District Exhibit
at Provincial Fair This Year.
Chilliwack, April L\���At a meeting
of Ihe directors of the Agricultural
Society, held In the secretary's office,
Saturday evening, It was unaifmouslv
agreed  that Chilliwack  thl*  year pre-
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
there Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always remember tho full name.     Look
for this signature on every box.    ��5o.
Every one shows the dealer a larger profit, but
none possess the flavour of
or give the same satisfaction to the tea drinker.
Black, Mixed and Green. Sealed lead packets only.
Special Easter Excursion
VICTORIA and Return
By the big, comfortable S.S. "PRINCE GEORGE."
Leave Vancouver, midnight, April   Gth;   returning, leave  Victoria,
10 a.m., April 8th.
Special excursions to Eastern destinations  in May,    June,    July,
August and September. iH**?-.*\-     ��� |
Regular sailing for Prince Rupert   (direct service)   every  Monday
at midnight. ���HKBBtifc��vk i
City  Ticket  Office:     527  Granville Street, Vancouver,  B. C.
Dock Office:    Foot of Main Stieet.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It ls the stuff that the foun
datlons of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to spend for what ta
needed now aud to invest for what shall be needed In the fu
ture.   Money cannot be Invested until lt ls first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager O. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Mptf��-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Sp: Inn
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Kit
and Work Guaranteed.
B. C. Coast Service
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., City.
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 203 Front Street.
"Phone Tt ��19.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. 6th and Columbia
For   Victoria.
10:00 A ,M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.  M Dally
12:im  Midnight Saturday Only ;
For  Nanaimo.
j - P-ui Dally except Bunday I
For  Seattle.
J10-.UO   A.   M Dally
11:0U  P.  It Dally
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska
11 P.M March Oth, 19th, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd. 16th and 30th
For  Hardy  Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For  Upper  Fraser   River  Points.
8teamer  Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,   7:00  a.m.,  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Fer Gulf Islands Polnta.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
���gent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Spring Lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth  St. and Fifth Av.no.
PHONE  370.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.    Prices low;  flt guaranteed.
Round trip tckets for one fare and
one-tblrd will ho on Bale April <lth to
Sth.   Good to return up to Aprll 10th.
Week-end tckets, Bold on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to locul
polntB at Blngle faro for round trip.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
'1FFICR��� t CAM   OBPOr
New WestmlnBtei
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
8H  to 26  H.  P.    ,
2 and 4 Cycle
Local Agent*
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  68.
Tenth   St.,   New  Westminster.
������   Tr rsm  I., ftipiiusnupr
'' Bl
"Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not, neither
do they spin"
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\  /
I   SJgSJSj nayilWMMIHBIIB.'I'lsillWiaihlWWIWIf.l.lBM &m*e**M*0***m
i ��l -msna****************a
.WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3,   1912.
fhe fitoity News
ubllsbed by The D^'ly New* Publishing Company, Limited, at their othce-s
Werner   ot   McKenzie   and    Victoria
- on   Monday   the   city   councillors
Agreed to raise tue e
City's Uieuien.
I ln contemplation last summer the
i erection of a grain elevator to which
they would ship flfty or sixty cars ot
wheat from their land on the prairies.
This would be ground and distributed
ln the Brilliant district, thus doing
away with the necessity of importing
tlour, but eventually tliey look forward
to growing wheat in bulk on their
j lands in this province. At.Grand Forka
as wage earners they are respected
for their industry and honesty, and
iheir children make good records at
the public schools, and one of them
gained the most coveted prize at an
] examination last year. The Brilliant
community spend $25,000 annually in
I Nelson besides that spent ln Vancou-
1 ver and other cities. They are expert
iiy .wuhw* :mcnting with a pedigree herd of An-
me  salaries of    the ;
For this they are to TO"**
hold !
This testimony to the Doukhobors as
^e" congratulated.    The  firemen u��m i good cUizen8 may ^ uaeful in remov-
ing any doubts as to their desirability
whloh'were caused by the wild doings
of a-few of them some years ago on
the prairies���a few who had been led
away by a few lunatics who wete repudiated by the majority of them.
Their works speak for themselves and
may be seen at Brilliant.
responsible positions, their calling is
A dangerous one and they should be
paid accordingly. It Is, however to
iie regretted mat the men had to offer
their resignation beiore. being granted
tfie increase. Later they withdrew
tiiis resignation, it is true, but this
4de of the transaction was not as
seemly as it might perhaps have been
if* a little'inoA diplomacy had been
Xed or if thft'.council had shown a
Readier appreciation of the value of
a$ flre brigade. ������.,_��, ���.������.   wltii their infant daughter, of Nelson
[This occasion affords "^^ ! vrancouver,  arrived  today   by
tknltjrol looking a.the ��tt* ���� a��otj��|molor Car. and  have  taken up their
<jy kfuMt^, tjg.of the ! t WMte Rock ,or thls gea.
*^In^���ft^ with a vearW rise !son in the house formerly owned by
Pftii $i5 a month with a yearly rise | ^ ^        Ncwb   Mr
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Macwlllie,
$5 to $90.   In Burnaby, we believe,; ��
are correct in saying that the men
MacWillie    purchased
this   property
through II. A.
.' aiit ' i .,�� ri����, in  threo vears I aome  few wee^6  ago
rt at $70, but rise ^^J^ ; Kastman. and It is his b,.en.i���n m oc
%ll* ��\ *75 and salaries rise to oupy the Paige cottage until the end
tS. From t'.Us "1 Srthattuany of the summer and then to remove
li'a big   city   like   Vancouver   or a
the present building and erect a mod
ern bungalow.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Young, together
with their children and household
goods came down, from Vancouver by
the train today. They have rented a
house for three months pending the
erection of tlieir own residence on tin-
property recently purchasd by Mr.
Spi ing, which is situated on the Sea-
front road near the Rock itself. Mr.
Youug is connected with the Provincial Land and Finacial Corporation of
Granville street, Vancouver, and
plans to bulld an up-to-date residence
before the summer ends.
Mr. U. Vashcn of Vancouver, is having extensive alterations and improvements added to his cottage, and expects Mrs. Vashon to join him here as
soon as tho work is completed.
The new residences of Mrs. Carter
Smith, II. Hutton, T. Kennedy an.1
George Beakley are all in the final
stages of completion and aa further
evidences of the healthy condition of
this young burg it might be Etated
that the Hunter Mill Company alone
has orders in hand for ten more
houses and the building contractors
say that they have still more orders
to give them as soon as theae are executed.
Among the early arrival of resident
i visitors the campers' supply store has
ts. left to him to buy hls overcoat to 10[)ened itg grocerv and provision de-
l>totect hiftisfelf against the rains and lpartmenl��� on the White Rock Town
��-.old and AumivneHRCH ot tMs climate. \ sttei an^ j^j alao arranged a good
tiuty on a cold wet nlgW. ln a leaky 1 mnk B,lppiy for the families. The
waterproof is not one of the most work on the Townsite VVater lteser-
pleasant ol occupations and It ia voh. and plpo Line ls progressing fav-
well lo remaaiber sometimes that the orablv. Plentv of pood spring water
-policeman's lot is not a happy one,'l,a ,n B,n)p,v and wi��� be , , (lo,vn
ill every respect at all events.
Policemen are responsible men.   In
this city their hours are long.   Mucn
small population like Burnaby the
1^'lice are better paid than they are
bjBre. Incidentally it is interesting to
iidte that the provincial police are
pfcid $75 a montli at the start with a
yearly rise of $1 a month, so that in
jflfteen years they reach $90, but be-
yOlid that they can not go.
'A few days ago we wrote advocating
tie institution of a pension for all
pVloe forces in the province. This 13
almost Important and urgent reform,
topt as far as concerns the local, police
a^id lhe city a readjustment of salailea
it* the llrst practicable step. Perhaps
tie pollce commissioners will be able
td.take some uction in this matter
without having their hand forced. No
o(ie wants to see the policemen threatening tokftltft-and happily there never
h(lB been tafk of any such action in
this city,���but on the other hand It
li hardly just to reward their for-
liearance by mean ingratitude.
There are other ways iu which the
city is niggardly towards its police.
Ftor instance, it provides neither boots
nor overcoats for tbe men. It is believed that the police are supposed to
lie an armed force, but it is also believed that it is left to chance how
tlje men are provi.lcd with revolvers.
Two tunics and a pair of trousers aro
the usual equipment furnished for the
vear to a policeman    in this city.   It
the hill to the various streets on the
As a mailer of f.ict White Rock is
booming and its inhabitants assert
that as there is no great Inflation of
prices the boom is a healthy cne and
will bring health and prosperity in its
of their work is night work. They run
very roal 'dangers. Por all these reasons they, deserve to be well paid.
<Jiood men are necessary. Good meu
should receive .good pay. Westminster
spays her policemen less than neighboring cities iiiid municipalities. Why?
-Oat of pnre carelessness, we believe.
4lmr!y hoea-nee the men have no'
voiced their, grievance, have raised no
l#k, thwTjrfeplve no recognition, lf
this is bo   tne   police   eommissio
sjSould  ta}:o some action and recom- j "tench  nation  could   be
mend to tharnuncil a revised schedule i Ul�� wave ot tremendous
Paris, April 2.���No greater proof of
commissioners i*'-'0 fervent patriotism permeating the
given   than
41 aalarfFfll    Surely  v.'e can afford toj which   has    spread  over    the  whole
piiy our imljUc servants nB much as   country   in   connection   with   the   na
tional movement fpr presenting aeroplanes to the army and    Bo making
.ranco  the undisputed queen  of the
_ Beginning  by   the   hastily-convened
Wh:t The*,.Aro Doing at Brilliant an-i \ meeting at the Sorbonne  a few days
afco, the movement has spread until
our smaller-iiiolghbor, Burnaby can.
Grand f-orns.
.Victoria, April 2.���Mr. W. K. Scott,
tap depuy��,uiinister ot agriculture ra-
��huiy, LJSofAipuny -witli 'Mr. Peter
I^regln, pjjeSijient of the Douiihobors,
likid a visit lo the settlement of tnat
<|jiiimunity at Brilliant, and was nn-
igenseiy;npi"'essed with the value of
dkse pwjtw' as pioneering ageuis in
lie de.elopm'ent of the country, The
<jflmaie ot' the prairies seems to have
Woveu too *ev*iie tor lhe Doukhobors
<4|d to have-been responsible for tneir
ip\ement westward to'Grand Forks
d Brilliant in this province. Thu
mmuulty at 'the .jailer place has now
f&'n two and a half years established
i owns about eight tiiousand acres
land. ot this they have already
aied ono tpeu*,*jMi acres and piant-
thete with friiit' trees' which have
n pruned nccotjding. to tile iiwst
proved me'thJeft and |li��-groiind ov
een kept In a good tilth.
���Jn adilition they have other acreage
which tliey grow market truck in
se quantities, for their own conniption. Tliey are vegetarians, by
c way, and their objection to take
ige or any kind is responsible for their
iusal to. bear arms. They hav��
lit  themselves good houses which
now it lucludes every section of the
community. A great Impetus has
been given by the prompt lesponse of
the Paris press, headed by Le Matin,
which lias opened a fund by the contribution of $10,iK)(i, followed by Le
Journal, Lo Petit Journal, and Le
Petit l'arisien, each subscribing a
si.jiHar amount,
The Paris 1'iess Association Is form
inj; a National  Executive Committee
wnich is to organize the campaign, a
pari of wliU'li is ihe arrangement ot
aviation meetings all over France, the
proceeds of which wlll be handed o.er
Iniaot  to  the   \.ar   Ministry.    KietuJi
aeroplane manufacturers aie lending
inTi>j,,i.i:ies ami i-i^ing the services o
ors iree pi all charge,
piou'iot'ers   of the   scheme   at
J p-.eijuit, .are' almost    unable  io cope
' with1- the-universal activity evoke.l  by
j their appeal, and thus It is difficult to
'��� obtain an accurate    estimate oi' nu
I sums collected.    It ls announced, how-
I ever, -th-.'.t $100,000 has been raised in
two days,  and  that    subscribers are
hourly Increasing iu volume.    Every
day    clly    councils, communes, clubs
and other organiza!inns of every kind
are  adopting  by  acclamation   reaolu-
kept spotlessly clean, as are their I tions to send grants from their funds
ildren.    This community has built jto the general subscription or to open
elf a sawmill with a  50-horBepowcr | separate branch subscriptions.
gine, a brickyard and a factory for i    It may be said that there Is not a
|nning jam;   also a  nine-million ro- \ single class, profession or trade in the
rvolr  for  irrigation  purposes.      In ' nation that Is not actively combining
j^nncctlon wltb this an American ex-' for the purpose    of presenting aero-
fag called-in to estimate put the cost' planes to their beloved army.
J $9000,. bnt   the   Doukhobors   them-!     A   Theatrical    Aviation    Leaguo,  la
Ivos built It In I'ootl shape for $3000.: now being formed, for which all the
(!Mr.  Scotl    speaks    very highly or leading thonlres will shortly give spo-
|ese people and  the result qf their  elal matinees.      lt has    Mine.  Sarah
i Bernhardt and Mounet-Sully as presidents, and will present several monoplanes bearing the names of the principal French actors and actresses.
Amoim  other  combinations  for  the
support  of  aerial    defence    may   be
immiinffl.y which be.irs out in every   mentioned the   school    children, who
isrect ^he above remark*.   They had  have opened    a one-cent    fund  with
dors   Wtfch   he   hart  se��ii   with   Ids
pn ev(*.   To quote his words: "They
tve UMrisUy   taken  the desert   and
Bde ill blf ��som Hire a roBf��."
SMr. (fi K. l'/*wWl��4e   of Kamloons, I
ts alsei written  nn decouni  of IIu'r
Made from grape Cream of Tartar �� absolutely free from alum**
For   sixty ye?trs   American   housewives have found Dr. Price's Cream
n iking Powder a guarantee of light,
pure and wholesome food.
Five Acres on the Austin Road, near the Golf Links. Price for a
few dayB only $500 per acre; one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
One Lot 50x120, near Eighth Avenue, In Sapperton, for $350.
Terms one-third cash, balance In G, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
their teachers; the insurance companies, the employees in large Paris
shops, the precious stone merchants,
who will give an aeroplane called the
Diamond, while shooting, fishing and
hunting clubs are arranging to be represented by three aeroplanes called,
respectively, The Alarksman, Tlie
Fisherman and The Huntsman.
The various boroughs or arrondlsse-
ments of Paris are opening separate
funds, and subscriptions are pouring
in at all the mayors' offices. It is
suggested to call machines thus to he
bought "The Third of Paris" or "The
Ninth of Paris," according to Ithe
number of the contributing arrondisse-
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
W. R. GILLEY, Phon* 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 1*.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal
Hi I
IF you want to be abreast of the times
wear Fashion-Craft Clothes, tailored for
the man whose good taste rebels against
frills and fancies on the one hand, and the
too conservative effects on the other.
You must see them to appreciate them,
especially the new Cinnamon Browns. Do
not make the mistake of buying your Easter
Apparel without first giving us a call, we've
got everything that's new.
Prices $18, $20, $25, $35 to $40
Made to
^**.__&*~--^, r"Its ������
A. S. Mills 8c Co.
517 Columbia Street
���RtTOI T
the concert will turn up and give an
account of what they have done In this
After Championship.
That Iblstle bunch of soccer players is certainly becoming ambitious.
It lias been decided that tbey will
mako the long jaunt to Winnipeg In
July to try .conclusions with the present holders of the People's shield, emblematic of the football championship
of Canada. Strong support to tlnance
the deal was promised at the meeting
of the Vancouver District league held
Ten to FOur Against Art Ross' Aggre-  "' l""," "L        '  WT    'i-?
" 3J       in that city on Monday eVenlng.
gation���Splendid  Individual
Before one of the largest crowds
.that has ever witnessed a hockey
.game ln the weBt, the Pacific coast
Stars laSf Evening trimmed the All-
Star team (rom the N. 11., A. to the
tuue of ten to four. It was a grand
game trom start to finish, spectacular
Sampher, the well known goalkeeper
for the Hovers, has been selected to
play for the Kngiish team ln the international match against Scotland in
Vancouver on Good Friday.
Officers were elected and everything fut in Bhape for the coming season ut a meeting of the West Bnd
display* keeping the-crowd continually' Lacrosse club held In the No. B flre
on tlieir feet wuile the loud outbursts hall laat night. The financial state-
of cheering resembled the old lime ment was presented and it was found
luorosse games between this city and that the club had broken about eveD
Vancouver.    Kach team was given a 'ast year,
great reception when It took the Ice.
Tlie game opened with a dungerous
attacK on the westerners' goal, Hugh
Lehman pulling off a remarkable save.
.Suffice It to say, the two remaining
by taking a pass from McDonald and
notching the first tally.   The play was
The officers electedSvere: Honorary
president. Alderman A. E. Kellington.
and president, George VV. Grlmstone
Leo Gregory was chosen vice-president. L. L. AdamB secretary, and J. L.
Sangster assistant secretary. The
executive consists of Messrs. Cooper,
fast and furious, Joe" Malone   taking i Burr and Gregory, and the delegates
three shots to beut Lehman, while
the crowd held their breath. The
west were leading three to nothing
in the flrst period.
Cyclone Taylor relieved Rosa at the
opening of the second and his appearance, which waB noticed by the crowd,
seemed to put new life Into the visitors. Hyland and Darragh mixed
things nt one point, both being sent
off, Lalonde and Odie Cleghorn following later for a ilmllar offence.
These were about the only rough
plays attempted, the game being about
tbe cleanest seen on the rink this season.
The attack by the visitors resulted
in two tallies being recorded, the
crowd givin; encouragement, not wishing the game to be too onesided. The
��nd of the second period allowed the
score five'to two for the west.
The finest individual effort ?een on
the coast this winter was pulled off
by Frank Patrick early in the last
twenty. Eluding four of the visitors
r.nd  working the puck  from end
to the city league ure Messrs. Adams
and Gregory with Cooper and Sangs'er
as alternatives.
All    Star
Jimmy Hewitt at Home to
Lacrosse Players.
Recent  reports from  the  East    indicate  the  fact that   Bobby  Fleming
1 and the other lacrosse magnates are
a much scared lot owing to the pres-
Read These and Speak Quick
One acre, all cleared and in mixed fruit; six roomed house; fruit
trees; chicken houses.    $1200;  $1200 cash.   Terma.
Keep your eye on NtfRTH VANCOUVER���Here's a barg-in- Sixty-
six-foot lot, double corner, North Vancouver, near car line.   $2000.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777.
plements and made his way to the
slag.e in his own pi oper person. Rosen
is an excellent comedian, not only giving to the atage its funniest baby in
the person of little Napoleon Newly-
wed, but also making a side-splitting
flgure of the troublesome and maliciously mischievous Major Knott Much,
the sideshow prodigy, who makes
hopeless love to a full-grown woman
from the top of a ladder braved
against  her own    shoulder, anil  who
ence ln their camping ground of one
James Hewitt.   The latter is ostensi- ; do^g his ,ltm0st "to bewilder the dotin
bly paying a visit to his home, but Jn |jjr_ and  Mrs.  Newlywed during their
reality carrying several unsigned con
end, he swung around the net with a
I v
lighting shot �� which    no" goalkeeper i"ed-v- ^f1"*���
could   save.    He  deserved  the    pro-il    '"""'  ''''"" "
longed cheering he received from the
Both teams were well fagged to-
wards the close, Big Moose Johnson
being about the only man who had
the stamina to go the pace. Ernie was
put in the shade by Taylor for a time,
but when lie ligured out Ills opponent's
play it developed into a battle royaJL.
With every man playing at his best
it would be a difficult task to pick
out the star players of the evening.
Suffice It to say, the two remaining
games   Bhould  be  equally  as Rood  tut
tracts in his jeans to hand out to
several of the star players in that
section of the country who are wanted
by Con Jones to defend the Minto cup
this coming season. It is altogether
likely that Hewitt is also ln the employ of the Westminster executive to
land any men who could deliver the
goods for the Salmon Bellies.
A Toronto dispatch says: "By the
to | way the players are Hocking to    his
frantic  search for the missing Napoleon.
Fleming,  Querrie,  Ken-
with the whole N. L.
to their interests if they
care to prevent the best players    in
the east being signed  by Jones and
the Westminster team."
Allot'et  fact that adds light to the
present situation is that none of the .    'ihe local Improvement by-law   pr#-
New By-law Necessitated by Amended
Statutes���Few Changes.
The passing of the local Improve
ment by-law, 1912, on AJonday was
made necessary by the amendment to
the Municipal Clauses act embodied Id
the revised statutes. Fundamentally
it. is the same as the old by-law of
1909, but a few of the original clauses
have been struck out. For instance,
according to the new by-law it is unnecessary to insert a second notice
of proposed improvements in the
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
One of the brightest and most tuneful
plays of the year.    Smart and fast.
601/-; People, 75 Per Cent. Girls.
the ono last evening. Placing on
artificial ice on a Btrange rink, the
easterners put up a fine game and
should he in better shape for the
rest of the scrjes.
Westminster was well represented
at the game, no less than four hundred  local residents making the trip.
The goal getters were as follows:
Lalonde. 2; Dunderdale, 4; Hyland, 2;
McDonald and Patrick; Ronan, 2,
Ross and Darragh.
Penalties: Hyland twice, Lalonde
twice. Cleghorn, Dundedale, Darragh
and Taylor.
atut.ien team ls included in the
���lali'JiS hockey stars who lined up
a.-'airibt the western aggregation in
Vancouver last evening. It was originally Intended that Pltre ami Laviolette would be selected, but ln view
of the lacrosse war. press-ire was
brought to bear by Kennedy to keep
the French star*, out ot the teanv Vt
Pitr^'and Laviolette had once got to
the coast suffice it to say that Con
Jones and Manager Gray would have
been hot on their trail and the probability is they would never have gone
vules for the making, altering or pav
ing of streets and also for the assess
ment of real property    benefited    by
local   Improvements.    It  enacts
the  cost of certain  works  and
Coming to tickle you with the same
splendid company that has delighted
every "Grouch" in the East.
To the public���We guarantee this
attraction to be one of the finest
traveling and will gladly refun.l your
money, at the box office, in the event
of you finding it otherwise. This guarantee is offered so that you will nol
put this excellent attraction in Uk.
same class with other slap stick car
that I toon shows,
provements shall be defrayed from u 1     Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
special rate.    Where the city benefits   47 Sixth street, Saturday jnornino.
by the work currtod out only a nronor- 1
tlon of  tha cost  Is  paid by uK| pro-,
perty, the right of eaying to what extent it benefits lying always with the
city itself.
Beaten and Mahoney in Soccer League
���May Not Accept.
Two local men were chosen to
bi��h office in the Vancouver and District Association Football league on
Monday ln Vancouver. Mr. A. G. Beaton, so long connected with sports
around the Royal City, and until his
recent journey to the  prairies seere
Nearly $3,000,000 Will Be Expended on
Athletic Meet at Stockholm.
New York April 2.���It is estimated
that between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000
will be spent by about fifteen nations
on the Olympic games to be held in
Stockholm ln June and July. This,
of course, includes the expenses incurred in the training period for the
tryouts and for other Incidentals. It
iB expected that the $3,000,008 mark
will be easily reached before the last
flag ls hoisted. Sweden, naturally,
wlll open Its coffers more generously
than the other nations this year, because the Swedes have the honor of
supervising the games this year.
A sum in excess of $500,000 in Swed-
Roiecrans Refloated.
Santa Barbara, Cal. April 2.���The
oil steamer Rosecrans, which went
ashore near Gaviota, March 21, was
safely floated by tugs tonight and will
start tomorrow for San Francisco in
tow, for repairs.
Porto Rico, Although in Furore, Polite
to Secretary   Knox.
San Juan, Porto Rico, April 2.���
Secretary Knox reached American
soil again yesterday, for the first tlmo
in a month. All the streets of San
Juan were decorated elaborately with
the Stars and Stripes.
Gov. Colton went aboard to visit
Secretary Knox and the party went
ashore an hour later. Mr. Knox was
welcomed by the mayor, members of
the executive council and many prom
,.,,,. r ,, ,,,,., , , ,,.��� ( ...���, ,��� ��� ,lsh money will change hands. Of this ment persons, and was escorted by tbe
iiZ% VrJ w ITtI M-^nnl a">��un' *30��.000 w'�� be ��*��* for ** crack Porto Rico regiment to tHe gov-
1��r��X^ r��f��;cB vil^^^��nt �� construction of stands. $100,000 will be jernor's residence.
MM mX!.! squandered on the nation's guests and The secretary reviewed the troops
��� a!l?��� f. ,wL ��� :nra, tli ' ������� th��� IWO.000 will be expended'thia afternoon and attended a dinner
S��H,K^r^!'�� tbe development of an athletic! and reception given tonight by the
SS! bm0ris%florehd%Ph0atU,0hne!team    that wl�� "^   a presentable | governor and Mlss Colton.
will see his way to do so.
Thursday night Is the nlcht of the
Senior Amateurs' smoker, This ls go
lng to he a most enjoyable function
and will be held ln the Colonial hotel.
All the true sports will be there and
n fisn program has been drawn up.
Singers and players and Scotch dancers, too, wlll be present to keep
things merrj and with the right bunch
ln nt tendance the whole should be a
roiiElng success and a fine wind-up to
3 good senson. The entertainment begins at 8 p.m.
Senior Amateurs Play Fraser
"Champs" at Mission.
The Senior Amateurs' game on
Good Friday promises to be a good
one. Tliey are Journeying tip the valley to Mission, where they will meet
the chnmrlons of the Fr.iser Valley.
The Mlssloh team carried off the
Hnddad cu? last Saturday by defeating Langley team hv 3 to 0. and with
���this enn poes the championship. What
is nor* iMlBSlon h.is' an unbeaten re-'
COM this season and nlthou^h the secretary of thnt team is roltte enough
to nt**- that, be Is nfr��M the Westmln
The Washington will sail for Port
au  Prince tomorrow.
Secretary Knox found Porto Rico ln
a furore over the possible passage by
the American congress of the free
sugar bill.
the performers to the scene of actlvl-1    At a mass meeting this afternoon a"
ties. resolution of protest was adopted and
America wlll not spend any consid- a committee presented a copy to the
| showing.
Kngland will be touched for the next
largest amount, probablv $200,000-. The
United Kingdom expects to be represented by 300 rthletes   and a special
! steamer has been chartered to convey
erable sum before the games. The
money spending will come on the
team's successful return from abroad.
From present Indications, Uncle Sam
will "get by" with about $75,000. It
will cost Denmark $100,000, and the
other and -entailer countries smaller
countries amounts ln proportion to
their representation.
At the Opera House tonight one of
the season's special events will be
presented, tho attraction being "The
Newlyweds ' and Their Baby" which
may b<- briefly described as one of the
highest class and most brilliantly
wilt ten and arranged musical plays
touring. The stage version of George
McManus' famous cartoons makes a
hit well worthy of the newspaper success already scored by the Newlyweds,
the most popular of all cartoon creations*
Diminutive James Rosen, the midget comedian  who pluys the diverted- hovs wlll be ft little ton pond for  l��8 role of little Napoleon Newlywed
secretary privately. The subject was
not mentioned to Mr. Knox publicly
lest it should embarrass . a friendly
Mr it-pi yet be lets it be seen that he
"has n few til-en ���"* h'n ��le��"<�� o' *n***
pin- ono nvpr nn *1l����.MIv t>P">,n"'ntloiV
T-fnwpvpr, fhi* porilo- A-*">o'<r<. firn
rr'rj- tc Ip' r* rr P ��� -'��'���( l-pt tf.p-^
arj  wp.nr. to ier>--" ""Mi'iie t-\ oh-nco.
TV,-, C-,.,,1-,., ,'..,.,' ,,1!T��<7 h,>!-1 Jl,(,|*
-rfrr'-ln*. *r,*f,ralt]** mpptlno* fr��Tl|9'.M. T* Js
r~.l* ...*r,..,..      aara*. *.(."* r* **      * \* ** *      -,1}      IL,***.!,
who   ha"o  been   selling   tl<jkets  for
and also that of Major Knott Much
who Is substituted for little Napoleon
at a cortain critical moment In the
play's story, ts the leader ln assuring
success for "The Newlyweds and
Their Baby." Ko S3 completely realizes the renowned and beloved Napo
Icon lo the eye tbat it Is ;ih it tbis en
Winnipeg, April 2.���Tljr��* hundred
and seventy-four building permits
were issued in the past month for the
erection of 498 buildings at a cost of
$1,779,750. The total ln 1911 for the
month of March was $1,070,550.
For the first three months of the
present year the total was $2,923,810,
as compared with $1,751,400 for the
like period last year an increase of
The total increase of duties shown
on the hookg at the Winnipeg Custom
House for the yeai- ending March 31,
Is over a million dollars and tbe exact figures being $1,&?5.660.17. This
Increase is on duty alone and with
everything taken Into consideration
the Increase for the whole year ls
nearly 25 per cent. "
He   Knows.
"Wanted���A   lady   experienced   In
confectionery."   A,ny bank   c.lerk can
supply a few name*,���-Toronto News.
Friday, April S
Mort H. Sinters
Presents Chicago'* Big
Musical  Revue
The all-star cast and the famous
beauty chorus exactly as presented
360 times at the Princess theatre, Chicago. An Actual Dress Rehearsal
Scene. The audience gets a peep behind the scenes.
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth Street.
Your drnceist w|i| refund money,lf
PAZO OINTMENT (alia be* eu.-e any
tertalnlng Infrnt h��4 menillv'crawled  esse of Itching, Blind   Bleeding    or i Seattle Tlmea.   and TH<5 Past-lnte.H-
out, from bia pages o^the comic sup-  Protruding P)le�� Invito 14 days.. 69c^Eencer.
Death   of   Newspaperman.
The death occurred ln Vancouver on
Monday of Mr. Dents Christian Lamp-
son, a well-known newspaperman on
the Paciflc Coast, and untll recently
news editor of the Westminster Daily
News. Death was due to heart disease and occurred at his late residence, 852 Granville street. Sincere
sympathy Is extended to his widow by
the many friends of the deceased.
The lato Mr. Hampson waa. 41 years
of age, born at Piatt Cottage, llosham
Manchester, the slpn of Mt- Frrncls
Hampson, a well known Manchester
solicitor, who survives his son. One
of hls brothers Is a Chicago newspaperman and another brother ls In the
Argentine, while his sister Is living
In Egypt. Deceased was educated at
Durham University, where he was a
most successful rowing man, and after
serving his articles ln London ultimately came to Western Canada ten
years ago. Previous to returning 'to
Vancouver two years since he 'was a
member of,tho editorial-,Bt.i��:of Thrt
A Cheap Home
Un Easy Terms
House and lot in Sapperton for sale. House lg-small but well-
built and comfortable. Lot is large size and well situated. Pilce
$1800, with only $400 cash and balnce as rent.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES. Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
E. H. BUCKLIN, ,      N. BEARDSLEE,        W. F. H. BUCKLIN,
Pres. and Geni. Mgr. Vice-President. Sec. bid Treaa.
==   LUMBER CO., LTD.     a
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 a id 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
White  Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montreal-Quebec-Liv:rpool (Sum mer).
Portland, Me.-Halifax  (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw S.S. Megantic.
14,892 gross tons. 14,788 gross tons.
���Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
iLast word in shipbuilding.    E.ectrlc elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, wi,elesB and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $1)2.50; se-oad-class, $53.75;    third-class,    (closed   rooms),
Comfort at moderat: rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw 'TEUTONIC, S.S. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long. 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool 1 one-class (II) cabin
Rest accommodation given JRn.no up. third-class (closed rcoms), $^1 23.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry Sts.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and  W.  F. Butcher, G. N. R.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large, stock of Laths, Shingles, and
"No. 2. Common Boards 6,nd T)Vmenste>Ti.
Now is the time to build for aale or rent while prices are low
=====   GOTO    ========
i I
Having just received a fresh supply
of Cameras, Films, f'aperi, and all
accessories, we are. in a position to
supply all your needs In this line with
trie best goods obtainable.
Also, if you need ^ little advice we
are sufficiently familiar with all
branches of the Amateur Photography
to intelligently advise.
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40.
Cliff Block,
Kelvin Cafe
Trapp Block >
��� li.H>'��!
Entrance Lome and CUrkeon Street*.
for an enjoyadile
refreshing AFTEfmOp^ TEA.
Heme Cooking. , r     >AGE SIX
Loan    By-Law
By-Law   No.���
A By-law to  enable  the   Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars  ($20,000.00)  for the
purpose of etxending and improving   the Exhibition Buildings    ut
Queens Park in the City oi New
WHEREAS lt Is   necessary to   extend   and    improve    the    Exhibition
buildings at Queens Park in the City
of New Westminster, and the cost of
Bitch   extension    and    improvements
will     he   Twenty   Thousand    Dollars
AND WHEREAS it appears that lf
the said sum of $30,000.00 be appropriated from the general revenue of
the City for the current year the rate
oi taxation will he excessive, and it
is expedient that such excessive taxation siioul.i be avoided, and the said
bum be raised on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
shouid be issued for that amount.
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on the debentures proposed to be issued under this By-law,
aim lor creating a sinking fund for
the payment o. the Mild debentures
wbeu uue it will be i.eceasaiy to raiss
by bpeclal rate in addition to all oth-
each yeac dining the    cur
ity will be taken on the 10th day
April 1912, between the hours ot Nine
o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p.m.,
u the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Flrehall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Flrehall, 13th Street.
And   Crane's    Building. QueenBbor-
City Clerk.
City  Hall,  New  Westminster,  March
27th, 1912.
. , '' ooM P(fv  follows und not otherwise:    Towards  bentures shall have attached to .them
sent of the Electors of the said City  ioiiows ana^. ^ ^ ^^ j *       eoupons for the payment qt Interest.
ln the manner required by law. | paying
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec    "" "~~
tors on the ��� day of ���, 1912
DONE AND PASSED in open Coun
cil the ��� day of , 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the ��� day of -       , 1912.
City Clerk.
tiuy ot the san! debentures the sum
it   bi.Mccn   liunareu   uu.i   ro.ij-iuur
er rates
ot   &i     ^	
and 1HS-1.00 Dollais ($1844.82).
A.\u WHEREAS In or .ler to raise
the. tuid yearly sum of $1044.32 an
equa: special rate on tlie dollar wl.l
be required to be levied on the wholu
rateable pioperty of tlle City of New
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
property of the said City according to
the last revised Asbessment Roll
thereof is Nine Million Five Hundied
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundied and Thirty-two Do.lars ($9,592,-
A.ND  WHEREAS the total   amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
said  City is Two  Million Four Hua-
dred   and   Fifty-two   Thousand     Nine
Hundred   Dollars   ($2,452,900.00)   irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raised     under  this   by-law  and     the
"Street   Improvement   Debenture   By-1
law   1912"   Electric   Light   Extension j
Dehenture  By-law  1912," "Water Extension     Debenture     By-Law    1912." j
"Parks  Purchase  Debenture    By-Law
1912,"   "Cemetery    Purchase    Deben-1
ture     By-law    1912,"   "Fire   Appartus
Purchase Debenture By-law 1912" ami I
the "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1912,"
of which none of the principal or in-1
t( r< sl  :s In arrears.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
'Bunkers    Debenture    By-law,    1912."
By-law No.���.
A By-law to   enable    the   Municipal
Council   Df The Corporation of tho
City of New Westminister to raise
by Loan the Ruin of Six Thousand
Dollars ($(i000.00) to erect Bunkers
for the Storage of Crushed   Rock.
Sand  and other   materials   in  the
City of New Westminster:
WHEREAS it is necessary to erect
hunkers for the storage    of crushed
rock, Band and other materials in the
City  of  New    Westminster, and  tlie
cost of such bunkers will be s?x thousand dollars  ($(>000.00).
AND WHEREAS it appears that if
the said sum oi $UU0u.t>u Ue appio
..iiateu from the general revenue o
.ue city lor the current year the rati
j. taxation win be excessive, and .i
,t> expedient tliat sucn excessive taxa-
,iou should be avoided, and ihe said
situl sliould be raised oa tue creuu
-i ihe Corporation and th.it debenture^
oiiouid be issued lor that amount.
AND WHEREAS loi tile payment ot
interest on tlle debentuies proposed
io ue Issued under this By-law, and
!or creating a sinking fund for the
payment oi the said debentures wheu
due it wlll be necessary to raise by
special rate in addition to a,i othe;
��� ates each year during the currenc>
ot the said debentures the sum of Four
nundred and Mnetj-inree and ou-100
Doiars  ($493.20).
AND WHEREAS in order to raise
the said yearly turn of $498.3i| an
equal Bpeclal rate on the doiiar will
be'required to be levied on the wliole
rateable property of the City of New
AND WHEREAS the whote rateable property of the said City according to tne last revisej Assessment
Roll thereof is Nine Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundied and Thirty-two Dollars
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of tbe
said City is '1 wo Million Four Hundred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
hundred Dollars ($2,452,900.00) irrespective of the sums proposed to be
laised under this By-law aud the
"Street   linpiovement   Debentuie   By-
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of April,
1912, between the horns of Nine
o'clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. m.,
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fireball, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireball, 13th Street.
And Crane's Building, Queensborough.
,   City Clerk.
City   Hall, New Westminster, March
27th, 1912.
which said coupons shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A Bpeclal rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised in eacli
year, in addition to all other rates, ou
all the rateable property of the City,
sufficient to pay the inteiest upon the debentures and    to create a
By-law and the Issue and saie of int>
aebentures inerein reterreu io uiw
all expenses connected with the issuance of the said loan, and the balance
snail be paid over irom time to time
as required, by the City Treasurer to
the several persons to whom moneys
_\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\_______________m^__________m________________________________a*^^^^^^^       .   . v.
7 This By-law shall take effect on | sinking fund for the payment of the
the' 1st day of May, 1912, and may be j principal thereof wnen due, suojeci
cited as the "CEMETERY PUR to any Act or enactment respecting
CHASE     DEBENTURE       BY-LAW, | the same.
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent of the Electors of the said CiW
in the manner required by law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� day of , 1912.
Council the ��� day of , 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the ��� day of -     ���> . 1912.
"Cemetery   Purchase    Debenture   By-
Law 1912."
City  Clerk.
Council of The Corporation of the City   .,,.....,������ ,
of  New   Westminster  enacts  as   fob jaw Wg  g^,^����!^
�� 1."' It ehall be lawful for the Mayo: tension Debenture By-law 1912,"
of the said Citv to raise bv way ol l."JP��*�� Purchase Debenture By-law
"o, trom anv pefVon or persons, body j 1912." "Cemeteiy Purchase Debenture
. uouTe* corporate who may be will- By"mw 191 ." the "Fire Apparatus
u..> t    ���. tvUr.i-.. itif* Rum* nn thp credit  1'urciiaso Debenture By-law l'Jl-    aiu.
By-law No. ���.
A By-law to enable the Municipal
Council of Tiie Corporation of tho
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the Bum of Nineteen Thousand Dollars ($19,000.00) to purchase Site for a Cemetery within
the City of New Westminster, and
to Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey the same:
WHEREAS it is desirable to purchase site for a Cemetery within the
City ot New Westminster and to
clear, grade, improve and survey the
same, und the cost of such Site and
improvement.-, will be tho sum of $19,-
AND WHEREAS it appears that lt
the fcai.l sum of $19,UuuiuO be appio-
priated irom tue teuera: revenue oi
the cuy ior tne current year the rate
oi taxation will be excessive, and it
is expedient that sucn excessive taxation siiouiu be avoided und tne sai,:
sum shouid be raised on the cieur
oi the Corporation and thai deuen
tures skould be issued for that
A.Su WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on the debent ures proposed to be issued under this By-law,
and for creating a sinking fund for
tue payment ot the said debentures
when due it will be necessary to raise
by special rate in addition to ail otne.
rates each year during the currency of
the said debentuies the sum ot roil.
Thousand l<our Hundred and Thirty -
three and 05-imi Do.lars iJ44^o.D3)
AND WHEREAS in older to raise
the said yearly sum of $44:!.i.tio an
equal Epecial rate on the dollar Will
be required to be levied on the whole
rateable property j>f the City of New
Westminster. \'
AND   WHEREAS   the  whole
TAKE NOTICE that the above is li
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of Anril
1912, between the hours of Nine
o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. m.
at the following places, viz.:
Tho Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Flrehall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireball. 13th Street.
Crane's Building, Queenaboroush.   "
City Clerk.
Citv Hall, New    Westminster, Mitrcn
27th, 1912.
���Water Extensron   Debenture   By-Lav
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said debntures the sum of $l��OO.oo
for the payment of interest thereon,
and the sum of $354.62 to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as
follows and not otherwise: Towards
paying the cost of the passing of this
By-law and the Issue and sale of the
debentures therein referred to and
all expenses connected with the Issuance of the said loan, and the balance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the several perBons to whom
moneys are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the first dav of May, 1912, nnd may
be cited as the "WATER EXTENSION   DEBENTURE   BY-LAW   1912."
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the as-
Bent of the Electors of the said City
in  the manner required by  law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� day of , 1912.
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun
cil the ��� day of 1912.
RECONSIDERED an.l finally passed the ��� day of , 1912.
City Clerk. 'Mayor
Royal Bank of Canada
Capita!   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   ...7.200,000
The Bank has over . 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
ln Cuba throughout the island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados,, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    115,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, Nsw York, Chicago and Spokane,
D.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
basking business transacted. Letters of Credit issued, available with
correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspertmest���Deposits
received in sums of tl and upward,
and Interest allowel at 8 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total  Assets  over  1186,000,000.00
Q. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
^^^^^^ NOTICE! ���;
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law up
on which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of
April, -1912. between the bours ot
Nine o'Clock a. m. and Seven e'Clocl:
p.'m. at the following places viz.:
The Council Chamber, Cltv Hall.
No.  4  Firehall,  Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireha'l. 12th Street.
Crane's  Building,  Queensborough.
City  Cle-k
City Hall. New   Westminster,  March
27th. 1912.
By-law No. ���.
A By-law to    enable    the    Municipal
Council of  The  Corporation of  the
City of  New   Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Forty Thousand
Dollars ($40,000.00)  tor the purpose
of    extending    the    Water    Works
System in    the City of New Westminster:
WHEREAS applications are mado
from tiuie to time to lhe Corporation
of the city of .\ew Westminster tor
the extension of the Water Works
System in the City and tne laying oi
new water mains along strte.s wnere j.
rtsldents are being erected, and it is I
impossible to pay the cost of such e\- j LOCAL ^^^^^^^^^^
tension out of the general revenue oi I 	
the City for the current year, and It i The Municipal Council of the Cor-
is expedient to raise by loan the sum j poration ot the Ciiy ot -New Westmin
of Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000.-[ster having oy Resolution determined
U0)   fcr the    extension  of  the    said i aud specilieo tnat lt is
Sole agent for]
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters.
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113   Office:   Prlncass St
Water Works System.
AND WHEREAS it appears thai it
t{ie said sum ot .}4i.i,iuju.uo be appropriated fiom the general revenue o.
ihe City for the current year the rate
of taxation will be excessive, and lt
is expedient that such excessive taxa-
rat:'- j tion should  be avoided, and the saiu
oesirauie  W
worivs, t.iat l-
not exceeding In the whole the sum of; or interest is in arrears.
', .verity  Thousand  Dollars   ($20.00.00)       NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
and to cause the same to be paid in-1 Council of The Corporation of the City
to  the Treasury  of the sai.1 City for
the purposes mentioned herein.
2. lt shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding iu the whole
the sum of $20,000.00 .lor such sum
oi   money   as   may   be   required,   not
of   New   Westminster   enacts .as   follows:
1. lt shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said City to raise by way of
loan from any person or person's, body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the credit
less than $100.00 each or an equiva- J of the debentuies hereinafter mention-
lent expresed in pounds Sterling of | ��d- ��n.v sum o.- sums o, money not ex-
the United Kingdom of Great Britain needing in the Whole the sum of six
and Ireland, at a value of 4.846 to the Thousani Dollars ($18000.00) and t>
pound Sterling; and all such deben- cause the same to be paid into the
tures shall be sealed with the Seal. Treasury of the said City for the pur-
of the Corporation, signed by the ' I oses mentioned heiein.
Mavor and countersigned by the | 2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
Treasurer thereof, or by Buch other Ito cause uny number of debentures to
person or persons as may be thereua- J be made not exceeding in the whole
to lawfully authorized. Ill,e sum of $600u.00 lor such sum of
3. The' said debentures shall b3 ' "luney as may be required, not less
pavable on the first dav of Mav, 1932 illlan $100.00 each or an equivu.ent ex-
at such place or places as the Council pressed in pounds Sterling of the
of the said Corporation may from United Kingdom of Great Britain and
time to time appoint with the approv- Ireland, at a value of 4.8(10 io the
al of the holders thereof, and shall j Pound Sterling; an.l al! such deben-
bear interest at the rate of four and ] ulr��s sllilll be sealed with the Seal of
one-half per centum per annum, pay-1'he Corporation, signed by the Major
able half-yeariv on the first day uf|au,> countersigned by the T.easurer
January and the first dav of Julv inl thereof, or by such other person or
each and every year, and the de'beu- \ persons as may be thereunto lawfully
tures shall have attached to them cou-  authorized.
pons    for  the  payment    of  interest,
3.   Tiie  said  debentuies    shall   be
which said coupons shall be signed by J Payable on the first day of May, 1932,
the said Mayor. al sut'h place or places as the Coun-
4. A special rate on the dollar Oil of the said Corporation may from
sliall be levied and raised in each!'1"'* to time apoint with the approval
year in addition to all other rates on ,oi the holders thereof, and shall bear
all the rateable property, of the City interest nt the rate of four and one-
sufficient to pav the Inteiest upon the I half per centum per annum, payable
debentures and' to create a sinking h^lf-yearly on the first day of .iann-
fund for the payment of the principal ary and the first day of July in each
thereof when due, Bubject to any Act !and evej7 Ve&r, and tlle debentures
or enactment respecting the same.       \xha\\ have attached  to them coupons
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall ;'��r the payment of interest, whicn
be raised annually by special rate as i 8a4l-l coupons shall be Blgned by the
aforesaid during  the currency of the sail'  Mayor.
said debentures the sum of $900.00 for j *��� A special rate on the dollar
the payment of Interest thereon, and Bha" be levied and raised in each
the sum of $744.32 to provide for the|.vear ln addition to all other rates on
repayment of the principal. all  the rateable  porperty  or the City
6. The proceeds of the Bale of the sufficient to pay the interest upon the
Baid debentures shall be applied as fol- debentures and to create a sinking
lows and not otherwise: "Towards f,ind for the payment of the principal
paying the cost of the passlng^of this thereof when due, subject to any Act
By-law and the IsBue and sale of 'the or enactment respecting the same,
debentures therein referred to and all ���'��� Subject as aforesaid, there shall
expenses connected with the issuance :io raised annually by special rate as
of the said loan, and the balance shall aforsesald during the currency of the
be paid over from time to time as re- sa'd debentures the sum of Two Hun-
quired by the City Treasurer to the dred and Seventy Dollars ($270.00) for
several persons to whom moneys aro the payment of interest thereon, and
payable. ithe sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-
7. This By-law Bhall take effect on  three and 30-100 I$223.30) to provide
the first day of May, 1912, and mav be  for the repayment of the principal.
cited ns the EXHIBITION BUILDING      n-    Tbe proceeds of the sale of the
LOAN BY-LAW 1912." isaid debentures shall be applied as fol-
8. This By-law before the final pass- ^ovvs and not otherwise: Towards paying thereof shall receive the assent lng the cost of the passing of this By-
of the Electors ot the said City in tho law and the issue and sale of the de-
manner required by law ' ""     "      '"  ""'       '  '"  """"  ""
cil the���day of , 1912.
' RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the��� day of  . 1912.
RECONSIDERED   nnd   finally passed the ��� day of  , 1912
City Clerk. Mayor.
T\VV. NOTICE that the iibove Is a
True Conv of the propbsed By-law up-
which the Vote Of the Municipal-  ,>asel.if' thereof shall receive tl.e as
bentures therein referred to and all
expenses connected with the issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
he paid over from time to time as required by the City Treasurer to tho
��evbrsl persons to whom moneys are
;    .ib'e.
7.    This   By-law   sliall   Ink*   effect
i n tiio 1st dav of May, 1912, and may
he dted as the "BUNKERS DEBEN-
tTTRE  BY-I.wv.  3012.*'
\;ift.    This     llv-i-v   befo-e  'he    final
able property of the said City accord
I^Fig  lo  the   last    revised   Assessment
-    -.ml   Roll thereof is Ni���� iUHion Five Hun-
\Wlaw   dred   an��l.N��net.>-vwo ���Ttioueanil   Nln j I
plnr.liial   Hundred and Thirty- two Dollars  l$0.-
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
said City is Two Million Four Hun
dred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,-102.900.00). irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raided under this By-law and tlie
"Street Improvement Dehenture Bylaw 1912," "Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912." "Water Extension Debenture By-law 1912,"
"Parks Purchase Debentuie By-law
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Debenture By-law 1912." "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1912," and "Exhibition
Building Loan By-law 1912," of which
none of the principal or interest is in
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation ot the
City of New Westminster enacts as
1. It shall be lawful for .the Mayor
of the Bald City to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate who may be
willing to advance the same on the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, any Bum or sums of money
'not exceeding in the whole the sum of
Nineteen Thousand Dpilars ($19,000.-
00) and to cause the same to be paid
Into the Treasury' of the said City lor
ihe  purposes   mentioned  herein.
2. lt shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made not exceeding in tue whuie
the sum ot Nineteen Thousand Dollars <$l9,ooo.oo) for such sums of
money as may be required, not less
than $100.0(1 each or an equivalent expressed in pounds Sterling of iha
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, ai a value or 4,siiii to me
pound Sterling and aii such debentures shall' he sealed with the Seal of
Corporation, tinned by ttie Mayor and
countersigned by the Treasurer .h.-roof, or by such other person or person's
as may thereunto lawfully authotlzed,
.",. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of May, 1917
at such place or places as the Council
of the said Corporation may trom
time to time appoint with the approval of the holders thereof and shall
bear interest at the rate of four and
one-half per centum per annum paya
ble half-yearly on the first day of January and the first day of July In each
and every year and the debentures
Bhall have attached to them coupons
for the payment of Interest which
said coupons shall be signed hy the
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised in each
year in addition to all other rates on
all tho rateable property of the City
sufficient to pay the interest upon the
debentures and to create a sinking
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due. subject to any Act
or enactment  respecting the same.
6. Subject as aforesaid there shall
he raised annually by sjiecial rate as
���fcrcsaid durlne the currency of lhe
���"11 debentures thn Bum of $��1)5.00 fo"
'he rayment of interest thereon, and
the sum of 93578.05 to provide for the
repayment of th" prlncloal.
t*. The proceeds of the ea'.c ot the
sai J   uebentures   Shall   ue   ap; lied   a
sum should be raised on the cteui
of the Corporation and that debentures Should bo issued (or tliat
amount. *���
anl> WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on the debentures proposed to he issued uader this By-lftw, and
tor creating .a sinking fund tor the
payment of the said debentures when
due, it will be necessary to raise by
special rate in audition to all other
rates each year during the currency
of the said debentures the sum of
Two Thousand One Hundred ani
Fifty-four and 62-100  ($2154.02).
AND WHEREAS in order to raise
the said yearly   sum of |V164.(i2    an
cany out tne toiiuwin:
to say:
io pave Alexander Street from Col
unibia Sireet lo Carnarvon atrobt
with stone setts, and that said works
shall be carried out in accordance
with the provisions of the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 19ti9."
And tho City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the coun
cli iu accordance  with  the  provisions
l,ot-the said bylaw upon tho Bald woi ks.
giving statements ' showing the
umounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portion's or reul
pioperty to be benefited by the sail
works and other particulars, an.l the
said repoits of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having heen adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given thut the saii
reports are open for Inspection at the
| office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
I Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
| B. C, and    that    unless    a    petition
| against    the proposed  works    above
equal special  rate on  the dollar  Willi   - a*'.-'*. , -<��      > ,*.
be required to be levied on the wliole I mentioned, signed by a majority of the
rateable property of tiie City of Ne*
VV estminster.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable property of the said City accord
ing to the last revise.l Assessmenl
Roll thereof, is Nine Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thlry-two Dollais
I $9,692,932.00).
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing deucnture debt of the
said City is Two Million Four Hun
dred an.l Flfty-iwo Tnousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,452,900.00) Irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raised under this By-law and mo
"Strebt Improvement Debenture By-
iaw 1912," "Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," "Parks Purchase Debenture By-law 1912," 'Cemetery Purchase Debenture By-lav
1.912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Debenture By-law 1912," "Hunkers Debenture By-law 1912," and "Exhibition Building Loan By-law.1912,
of which none of the principal or interest is in arrears,
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of thr-
Clty of New Westminster enacts in
1. lt shall be lawful lor the Muyo'
of the Eaid city to raise by way o'
loan from any person or persons body
or ho'llcs corporate who may be willing to advance the same on tlle ci edit of the debentures hereinafter men
tlone.l   any   sum  or   Bums   of   monev
not etieedlnc In the whole tho sum
of $40,000.00 and to cause the aame
to be paid Into the Tresury of the
said City for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to lie made not exceeding In the whole
the sum of $40,000.00 for such sutnu
of money as may be required, not
less than $100.00 each or nn equivalent expressed in pounds Sterling of
the United Kingdom of Great Bl Itain
and Ireland at a value of 4.8GG to
the pound Bterllng; and all such debentures Bhall be sealed wiih the Seal
of (he Corporation Blgned by the
Mayor and countersigned by thf��
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
persons as may he thereunto lawfully
3. The aald debentures b1i:<11 be
payable on the first day of May, 19H2
at such place or places as the Council of Ihe said Corporation may from
time to time appoint with the approval of the holders thereof, and slriH
bear Interest at the rate of four and
one-half rer centum ner nnnum, pav.
able half-yearly on the first day of
January nnd tho firpt drv of July In
cach   and   every  year,  and    the   do-
owners of the land or real property
to he assessed or charged In respect
of such works representing at least
one-half in value thereof ls presented
to thc Councll within flfteen days
from the date of the flrst publication
of this notice the Council will proceed witli the proposed Improvement?
under such terms and conditions as to
the payment of the cost of such improvements as the Council may by by
law in that hehalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 27th day of March A. D.
City Clork.
Date of fiist publication March 28th,
NOTICE Is hereby given that the
first meeting of the Court of Revision
of the Assessment Roll of the City of
New Westminster will be held ln the
City Hall, New Westminster, on Wed
nesday, April 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment muBt be ln writing, and deliver
ed to the Assessor at least ten day-
previous to the sitting of the Court gi
Dated at New Westminster, B. C.
this 12th day  of March.  1912.
City Clerk.
For a Licence to Take and Use Water.
Notice Is hereby given ihat W. R-
Eastman, of New Westminster, will
apply for a licence to take and use
two cubic feet per second of watei
out of an unnamed creek, which flows
in a southwesterly direction througn
D. L. 8, ti, 4, 14, Burnaby, and empties
into Brunette river, near Cariboo
road. The water will be diverted ui
Block 11, D. L. 6, Burnaby, and jvl"
be used for log pond and lumbei
Hume purposes on the land des".rlbea
as District Lots 6 and 4, Burnaby.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 2(ith day of March,
1912. The application will he tiled In
the office of the Water Recorder at
New Westminster.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with tho
Comptroller of Water Rights, Par-lla
ment Buildings. Victoria. B.C.
�� Applicant.
Phone 388.
P. 0. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market  Square,  New Westminster.
We have no hot air to peddle:
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone  587
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL $4,600,000
REST $5,600,000
^ "'   -      ���"   ���
PAGE flRVl!!#r.
The Store of Quality and Low Prices
Thirty Day House Cleaning
Furniture Sale
During the month of April we offer the people of New Westminster and district an
opportunity of buying Quality Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Window Shades
and Furnishings at a very low price. Housecleaning is now in full swing, and you can
buy any odd piece of Furniture or new Rug at a fraction of the regular price. These
are all new goods and the prices are extremely low as the following list will show:
Extension Tables
Forty-four inch Bquare top table, extends to fi feet; golden finish,
has five turned legs. This ls the best cheap table on the market;
112.50 value.   April Sale Price      $9-90
The Eame style as above, but extending to eight feet. April Sale
Price             $11.00
Solid Oak Table with 44-inch round extending to fi feet; golden finish;  regular $16.50.    Aprll Sale     $12.90
Quarter-cut Oak Tahle, with -18-inch square top, extends to 8 feet;
golden finish.   This is a regular $S0.00 table.   April Sale Price. .$23.00
Thc same style table with round ton.   April Sale Price  $23.75
Early English Quarter-oak Table, with 44-Inch round top, extending
to 8 feet; has 5 square legs; regular price, $28.75. April Sale
Price           $22.00
Early English Table with square top, made of quarter-cut oak; 44-
inch top extends to 8 feet; regular $28.75.   April Sale Price.. .$22.00
All our better pedestal tables are cut away down ln prlc<t. They
come ln fumed, golden and early English finish.
Brass Beds
A new stock of Brass Beds in bright, satin and pollette finishes;
all these beds are marked very low. They are the best values we
have ever offered, and are made by a reliable factory. Don't fail to
se�� these.   Prices range from
$20.00 to $55.00
White Enamel Iron Beds, with  brass caps  on  posts;   ell  elsttj
April Sale Price     $2.50
White Enamel Iron Bed, in all  sizes;   brass  vases    on each  post,
with heavy brass top rail, 5 heavy Iron fillers.   April Sale Price. .$5.25
$5.00 Iron Beds.    April Sale Frice      $4.23
$8.50 Iron Beds.    April Sale Price      $7.50
$11.50 Iron Beds.   April Sale Price      W-75
$15.00 iron Beds.   April Sale Price        $12.25
in golden oak, mahogany and white enamel  finishes;   regular values
to $21.50.    April Sale Price     $14.75
of surface oak, golden quarter-cut oak and mahogany finishes; large
five-drawer cases with British bevel plate mirrors.   The prices are as
$13.50 values.
$15.00 values.
$18.00 values.
$21.00 values.
$27.00 values.
$44.00 values.
April Sale Price ...,. $11.00
April Sale Price  $13.00
April Sale price.  $15.50
April Sale Price  $18.00
April Sale Price. *': ;...... $21.00
April Sale Price  $28.75
Dining Chairs at Reduced Prices in All Finishes.
Our stock of Buffets is very large, and the popular styles and finishes are here���leaded glass panels and wood panels, fumed oak, golden oak, early English finishes in a variety of styles, seldom seen in
a city of this size.   The prices follow:
Golden Oak Buffet with large cupboard, two cutlery drawers, one
larje linen drawer, large case, with British bevel mirror; regular
$37.00.   April Sale Price  ��� .O     $28.50
$40.00  values. , April  Sale  Price      $31.75
$42.00  values.     April  Sal.  Price          $33.50
$44.00 values.    April Sale Price     $35.00
$48.00 values.    April Sale Price      $38.75
$55.00 values.    Aprll Sale Price ,       $43.75
China Cabinets
We hare cabinets to match buffets. In all finishes; some have mirrors on the top, others are plain,   with   mirrors   at   the   back   of
shelves.    Prices as follows:
$23.00 Cabinets.    April Sale Price $18.00
$24.00 Cabinets.   April Sale Prlc*     $19M
$27.00 Cabinets.    April Sale Price   j - $21.50
$39.09 Cabinets.   April Sale Price     ��� .131.00
Dressers and Stands ln surface oak finish; large case with 3 drawers
and large square British bevel plate mirror, stand to match. April
Sale Price, the pair *   W-90
Other Dressers
$11.09 Dresser.   April Sale Price  W.90
$16.50 Dresser and Stand.   April Sal^ Prtegjj '��� ������H.25
$16.50 Princess Dresser.   April Sale Price* .'$14.25
$19.50 Princess  Dresser.    Aprll Sale Price    $15.75
A lar���o stock of Oolden Oak  and Mahogany Dressers tn a large variety of styles are marked at greatly reduced prlce^
Springs and Mattresses at the Lowest Prices Ever Offered In New Westminster
Kitchen Chairs; double rungs all round.    Ea. 50c
$1.75 values for *1-35
$1.60 values for  ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� *1-M
$1.25 values for      95��
95c values for    30c
Turkish Towels; per pair ....' 25c
Large Bath Towels; per pair  37i/ao
White Cotton Sheets; per pair V.2S
Table Oilcloth ; 45 Inches wide; yard 25c
Cottage Rods; 4 feet long, with trimmings; each 10c,
lV6-lnch Wood Poles; 5 feet long, with rings, ends
an.l brackets; each 25o
Window Shades, In cream or green cloth, mo.unted on
Hartshorn rollers    3 for $1.00
Linoleum; 2 yards wide- square yard    40c
Oilcloth; 2 yards wide; square yard  24c
Kitchen Tables; each $1.90
Kitchen Cabinets (base and top)  $12.00
Scrim Curtains; 2%x3 yards long; pair $1-00
Rocking Chairs   in   all finishes   and styles; $2.50,
$3.00, $4.50 to $-15.00
Carpet Squares in Wilton, Brussels,. Velvet and
Tapestry, In new designs. The prices are the lowest
on the coast.   Remember these are All new goods.
Quality Furniture
C. O. D.
Irrr-! I ����������������������������
alloway & Lewis
401-403 Columbia street, New Westminster, B. C.
Telephone 829.
C. O. D;.
Hi V
See Our Stock of
'���' Mi
and Garden Tools
City News
" "LiWiv Mower
All Sizes and Prices
$5.00 to $18.50
Every One
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone   62. New   Westminster.
Mrs. T. S. Annandale will not receive until further notice.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crumpets daii^'.   A. Hardman. Phone L159.
The Central Livery Stable, it is undei stood, is about to be sold, and the
premises turned into stores.
Order your hot cross buns at the
Eighth street baltery.   l'hone L19&, *���
Mrs. W. L, Dat ling, 129 Third avenue, will not receive again this season.
Thousands of daffodils and tulips at
Tidv the florist, l'hone L184, 47 Sixth
Order your nowers for Easter now.
We carry a full line of lilies, cut or
potted, carnations, spirea, daffodils,
roses, narcissus, violets and a full line
of potted plants, 'li.ly, the florist.
Phone L184.   47 Sixth street.     �����
The British Columbia Electric Railway Company is giving a special Easter late of a tare and one-third tor the
round trip from New Westminster to
all points on the Kraser Valley division of the company's lines. These reduced rate tickets will he on saie
from Good Friday until Easter Monday pood to return on Tuesday.
"The Newlyweds and Their Baby"
is tlie first class musical comedy that
is billed at the opera house tonight.
This is one of the best pia; s visiting
the coast this season. ""*
Robert M. Harris, of London, Ont..
the father of the late K. R. Harris,
who was in the lunk of Monireal and
died last weei from enteric fever,
has heen in the olty looking over the
affnirs of his gn l.
v ���   -* r*
D. McWlMans, an olu tlinei of New
Westminster, ts here on a visit from
the sunny soi.th, or California, where
his home Ie -He h.is come hack tQ
look up his friends antl revive the recollections of early da/.s,
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
FSr terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R411.
' ^ ' *W T^r^5i=r\
B. &. M.  FISH
Fresh Halibut (half or whole), lb...8c
I White Spring Salmon 2 lbs. for 25_'
I Red Spring Salmon, per lb 203
i Fresh Cod (half or whole), per lb...8c
i Fresh Mackerel  2 lbs. for 35c
j Large RabbltB, each  85c
i 537 Front St.   -   Phone 30J
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted ou Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columula St.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. -Eye Specialist, can be consulted daitf from 9:30
to 12 and 1 to (1 (or later by oppolnt-
ment), at room 2, OdJdster Block.
Phone 1121, **
Fresh cut flowers and Easter plants
for sale, corner Sixth nnd Agnes
streets, Davles and Son. l'hone
Suburban Ufa or inter-city life, call
it what you may, ls not at all pleasant
when it takes two hours and a half
to traverse twelve miles. This was the
fate experienced by the four hundred
hockey enthusiasts last, evening returning from the game in Vancouver.
A car off the track on the Vancouver
city lines tied up the whole service
between the two cities for a time, una
Those memhers of the City Councll   it B1]re was a weary crowd that   ar-
who have not already been, are going
this week on an expedition to Portland to examine the different makes
of street pavings,    it is believed Ihat
rived in this city at 1:30 o'clock this
morning. They nil seemed in good
spirits, however, hlvi&g witnessed a
great hockey game, and criticism of
In   The Smith Store
Over every department of this store is an air of
preparedness for Easter.- Everything that is
new for the coming Spring in Neckwear, Hosiery,
Gloves and Ready-to-Wear Garments you'll find
here in profusion. Visit the store today, it may
prove profitable. In the many Easter Specials you
may find some one of interest.
e aldermen will be leaving to.lay.       the service was, of course, a thing un
*r. . i      ��� .:...-���*" ���*" ., heard.
Photo Supplies
Toronto Parks
The Best
-���   n
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New    Wetfmlntter.    B    C.
We  Have  Everything  In
Shaving Necessities
.Brushes, Razors, Strops, After.
thave  Ci��ams, powders, eet.
See oor window display.
..... -
Miirslifi store
* Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Ilesne Block     HI  Columbia fit
\a*v vv/����t��nln*i"ir   P r
P. Paul, agent of the Fraser Valley
Nurseries,  of Aldergrove,  B. C, will
be on the market next Thursday
demonstiaie the <tuality of their trees,
and t.i.-.i to tahe orders. *���
The V. M. C. A. Intermediates hold
their iir.st open night thU evening.
They will go through their regular
gymnastic course and visitors will be
welcome to attend tind watch them.
After this is over a rather special
swimming exhibition will be given lu
the tank.
Work on the concrete foundation
for the new addition of the Fraser
hotel is expected to he completed
within a few days. A large gang of
men is now employed on the work
wnich Is to be expedited with all pos-
siule speed.
Davles and Son, the well-known
Florists, have opened a store at the
comer of Agnes and Sixth streets.
Phone LS07. *���
Colonel anil Mrs. Gaskin were the
chief preachers at the special service
held last night in the Salvation Army
citadel to celebrate the colonel's first
visit to Westminster since his appointment to the assistant secretaryship of the western division. Others
present were Major and Mrs. Green.
Major and Mrs. Phillips. Staff Captain
and Mrs. Crichton :>nd Adjutant and
Mrs. Blackburn, of Vancouver. A
most successful service was held.
Vou can reserve seats for tbe sparkling comedy "The Newlyweds and
Their Baby," bt Tidy, the florist's, up
to 7:110 tiiis evening. Get them at thfl
hox office after that. This is the
show really worth seeing. **
.Ninety-five thousand dollars cash is
reported to have heen paid hy Mr. VV.
J. Kerr for ninety acres sitiiaic! on
the Pitt river eaat of the Kraser River
mills.   Mr. Brehaut was the vendor,
In future, the cily council his decided, the slip nt tho foot of Begbie
Etreet sliall he iiboJ for gasoline boats
only. Steam tugs wlll tie up at the
Eighth street slip as Boon us it ib
That there is little danger of the
Fraser river belie ruined as a salmon
hunting ground was demonstrated yeB-
t*$ri':iy, when the department of marine aDd fisheries released half a million cohoe fry Into the river In the
vicinity of Co<|ultlam. Another batch
will be turned loose near Lillooet today, while a shipment of Atlantic salmon and spreckled trout has been re
reived and r.lnced In the hatcheries at
Cowlchan lake.
M-. D. 8. Bray, of the Merchants
bank, is hack again In the city after
a visjl to California. Mr. Brav wc.=
unfortunate to be taken 'in with
pneumonia on his way south'iind he
liar-- hardly yet wholly rrto'creit from
the weakening effects of thst ll'nnss.
Mr'tlBtrate Kdmonds held that the-*
"���-s Insufficient e'ldence to eon'lct l��
the. case bronchi n""lnsi CHHor
Schwann, of llm ''r''*ni-i hotel ���*' hi".
i-" sold a bottle of whb:<v on Gun-
You owe it to youiBelf to take nd-
to j vantages of the present opportunity of
making money in Port Mann. See th.-
Biitish Canadian Securities, Ltd., for
lots in the official townsite. Hemem
ber this is backed up by the Canadian
Northern Railway company. *��
Enough and  Not Enouah.
A very pretty but extremely s'endcr
girl entered a street eir and managed
to seat herself in a very narrow space
between two men. Presently a portly
colored mammy entered the car, and
the pretty miss, thinking to humiliate
the men for tbeir lack of gallantry
"Aunty," she said, with a wave of
her hand toward the place she had
just vacated, "take my seat."
"Thank yon. missy," Teplied tho colored woman, smiling broadly; "but
which gen'man's lap was you sittin'
Easter Hosieiy, Many
Women's Fine Cotton Hose; plain or lace ankle;
double sole and heels; in shades of grey, pink, hello.
sky, rose, saxe, champagne, tan, white and black; in
all sizes.   Easter Special, per pair 25c
Women's Black Cotton Hose; with natural wool
split soles; spiiced faeels and toes; sizes 8% to 10.
Easter Special...,, 35c
women's Hand Emuroidered Black Gauze LisU!
Hose; doable sole and heels; extra deep garter top.
Special, per p. ir      ���.. 59?
Women's Black Silk Hose, with lisle feet ana bVS.
Extra special, rer piir $1.25
Real Irish Crochet
We handle the genuine Irish Laces, bought direct for
ua from the Irish home producers; among our exclusive importations are round collars, stock collars
with jabots, coat collars and fichus. Prices r.t $1-50
wp to  $15.00
Tourist Ruching
In boxes of six Frills.    Special, per box
Suits for Easter Wear
Attractive New Styles
Smartly tailored suits are shown in the season's
most approved models. This is a collection in
quantity and values this store has never equalled.
New suits ln English Serges and Worsteds, Imported
Tweeds and Homespuns; also you will find shown
the new whipcords; the shades embrace all that ia
new for spring wear; all Blzes. Smith's have no
equal in suit valu*:.
Gloves to Wear Wiih
the New Suit
Women's fine K1d Gloves; In shades of tan, grey an.!
black; with two spring fasteners. Extra Special, per
pair , "5:
"Trefousse," fine French Kid Gloves; perfect fitting;
extra soft skins; in all the wanted shades and sizes.
Our special, per pair $1-59
New Straw Hats
Women's Fancy Slraw Sailors and Children's Bonnets; In many new and stylish ,models. See these
The pile driving work on the new
C. P. It. wharf is expected to be completed in two weeks time, The company which tare the contract for building the wharf has heen held up somewhat for lack of material. Tlie work
on the shed will be starlet! this week i
on the east end of the wharf.
On The Market
We have for Bale in Langley one and a half miles from thc electric
tram depot, postofflce Hn.! sore, 10 acres of excellent clay loam fruit
noil, high nnd dry ,wlth gentle slope, "3Verlooking Langley Prairie,
for $100 ner acre.
In order to close up nn estate we nre enabled (o offer this land at
the above price in n locnllty where land is selling at $150 per aero
nnd up. This il nn unusual opportunity, and is a good speculation,
though we prefer to sell to an actual settler. Very reasonable term.i
can be arranged.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
���PHONC 67
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster       (tranches at Vancouver
Chilliwack snd A'derprove. B.C.
New Westminster
to Chilliwack
Return Trip
To provide a cheap and enjoyable
excursion for residents of the Royal
City over thc Easter holidays a special rate of a fare and a third for tbe
round trip is offered from New Westminster to all points on the Fraser
Valley division of the company's lines.
This reduction lowers the round
trip rate from New Westminster to
Chilliwack to *2.4B.
Reduced rate tickets may be secured from. Friday until Monday, good
to return on Tuesday.
Trains leave B. C. E. R.*Co. depot at
0:30 a. m., 1:20 and 6:10 p. m. for
Chilliwack;   4:05 for Huntingdon.


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