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 I       /N -
'���'    **?
~ 1
(Lower f  ��J
WHITE, 8K'^i
McBride    Government    Responsible Says Mr. Gifford..
Conservative  Candidate Takes    Campaign Seriously at Queensborough
A pufcllc meeting was held ln the
Qu^eusi.orougn cate in tne Interest
of the Conservative candidate, Mr.
'l nomas Glfitord, at 8 P-m. last night,
the chair being taken by Mr. A.
Gpilce. The rather small audience
Incluoed Beveral ladles. The chairman in opening the proceedings said
he was highly pleased to note that
Queensborough had been selected for
two political meetings/
Mr. Thomas Gifford, cnn.'.idate for
the provincial jjartlament, waa the
speaker of the evening. He said thfit
tnis was the first opportunity he had
bad of speaking before ths coming
election, and he was rather disappointed at the size of the audience���
tome 25 only being present. People,
perhaps, thought that this election
was feoing to be an easy matter, but
he was going to light it as if the issue were doubtful. He was reminded
of the story about the hare and the
tortoise and had no intentions of
sleeping by the wayside. The speaker
was sorry to say that he was a diffident man In the presence of ladles
tnough lie was charme.t to see thai
some, wero present. He proceeded to
show hls hashfulneRs by relating another story about a shy gentleman
who was ordeied by hls spouse to go
and buy her a bloQae and was asked
when he reached lhe store���"What
bust :" to his complete confusion.
The i resent was tho eleventh time
that he had represented Westminster
In parliament, having first been elected to t.ie opposition on which side of
the house he had sat for two yearn
unUl the government was defeated.
lie would J;ist tell them of a few
thlni's that had happened in that
peiioil of lime. Dealing llrst with the
matter of education: ln 1P03 thero
ware 2S.000 pupils in thu schools of
the rrovtnco; this number had
doubled in nine yeara under the Mc-
I'.ride administration and thero were
now 60,000 pupils ln the scho.ds. ln
1903 education ha.l tost this pioflnce
(600,000, hut in 1912 it was co.-tln.;
$8,600,000. The buildings of the new
unlrorslty and also the professor! fo-
lt, he waa i leased to lay, woald be I
the best that could >re ob'.ar.d and
se:cnd to none In the Dominion.
Tuning to public woi Us the
speaker went on to point out to tin*
audience that In 1903 the total cstt I
miles for the rrovlnce amounted toi
|15C{0C0, where is ln 1912 they
Amounted to the respectable total of
$5 000.000. "That," he adfled, 'la go
ing rome for the government."
Looking at finance, the spealtor observed not without Irony that ln 1903
the country was bankrupt and had an
overdraft at the bank of $1,000,000.
The government had had to borrow
Mid had gone to financial houses to
get a loan ot "a $1,000,000 which
they had got after hard work. Compare ail this with the present time,
wlur. British Columbia could pay
every cent the province owes and
stl:l have $1,500,000 ln the bank.
These wore Just simpla facts that ho
was giving them.
"Look at the railway policy of
Richard McBride," he exclaimed. "We
want railways more than wo want
anything else. 'What U the uso of nl\
the ciops and timber and mines
without tLcr.i ?" Wt-H they v.'?nt*d
wa; railways and more of . t'.;:'.*J.
A commission on oriental Immigration, tho speaker Informed the avtlt-
,...,   wus t0 ho ajfointei,   Tint had
tcca   �� bu.ivtn'i" I)UNUm   W? luany
y:.j.    He   hoped  #deh   immigration
W0..J be made infinitesimal.
���   The next Speaker wus Mr. Teebles,
who  lead BIT by  remarking  that  he,
like Ms friend, was not given to public, awaking and shared his diffidence,
tte reminded hts hearers of the fact
Vhat Thomas Gifford had been- member  of  parliament  for  eleven   yeara
and did not yet own an automobile.
Mr. Peebles    then    dilated   on   Mr.
Glffoid's predecessors and especially
on  tbe history of Mr. J. ,C. Brown,
who, he alleged, had changed hla politics for tbe sake of a provincial sec-'
retaryshlp.    At that time Mr. George
Kennedy  owned  the  Columbian  and
that paper had supported Mr. Brown,
Canadian Lock and Novelty Company
Intends to Choose Site  in
It seems to be fairly well established that the Canadian Lock & Novelty Co., capitalised at $100,000, wltb
which the Publicity Commissioner has
lately been in communication regarding their making Westminster their
headquarters, will eventualy settle
here. This company has the patent
of the Perclvai lock and any anyone
wishing to see samples of this simple
yet exceedingly elective mechanism,
can do so at the Board of Trade
rooms. For many lar^e buildings
with upwards of a thousand locks this
factory will be the only one for their
business, with the single exceptionn
of that in Hamilton, Ontario. Patents have been fully paid for and the
incorporation of the firm as a company has taken place. Large sums
of money have been paid for machinery, including neicsaries for making
dies,   finishing,  foundry   Work,   nlckle
.   finishing,  foundry   work
and gold plating, etc.
Miners' Minimum Wage Before British  Parliament.
Labor Party Will Support Measure If
Amended to Include Safeguards,
Says  McDonald.
Opposition    Criticises  Items
of Militia Budget.
Dominion Railway and    Bridge    Sub-
sidlts   Announced���Quebec
Bridge Contract.
No Mention of This in By-Law, Says
Alderman White���To Buy Two
New  Parks.
Much    misunderstanding
cuned   with   regard   to  l life
Parks Purchase By-law.    It i
believed that In this bylaw i
has    oc-
i3 widely I
ed a proposal to sell part of the Sapperton playground, 'i hla la not eo;
as Alderman White makes clear. I!
is true, he says, that the council has
iecelve.1 one petition fiom Sappeiton
people in favor of such action and
another directly against the sale of
this property. Under these clrcurn
stances the cojncil has taken no action whatever with regard to selling
anything. The by-law now before
the council calls for a vote of $35.-
000 for the purchase cf two
parks. On? of theo? h tha e'e"C_
acres of land on the B:J.ictte river
at the city limits and the other will
be situated in Qucensl f.ro-.tgh. TUlf
bylaw will be EUbtnited ia due csuvsc
;o the people,
London, March 19. ��� The coal
mlueis' minimum wage bill, designed
to put an end to the coal strike, passed ita lntst readln,, ln the House of
commons touignt. The bhl is backed
by Pieniier Abviuith, toreign secietaryi
Uiay, Lnanceilor Lloyd ceorge and
Sydney Buxton, president of the
board of trade, it consists of six
clauses and a schedule defining 21
dlsti lets, the country being divided
lor the pui pose of tne bill. As outlined by the prime minister, tne bill
provides a "teasonable minimum)
wage" for the miners and safeguards
for the owners, tnese to be arranged
by district boards. The minimum
v. ill be paid from the data of the
local board. There ls nothing in tbo
bill to prevent a recurrence of the
strike should the miners be dissati
fled with a  district board's  ieeisloi
Andrew  Bonar Law, leader of    tbi
opposition ln    the    bouse,    said    b<
would   await   the  publication   of   thi
text of the bill before committing the
opposition for or against it.    He said!
his mistrust of the policy of the bill*
however, was strong and the lemedjf
proposed  by    the    government    waf
conceivably  far  more    serious    thai!
tbe disease.
J. Kamsay McDonald, on behalf at
the Labor party, regretted the neces-;-
sity for the bill, but said the Labor
members,would give it all their support if it were amended in regard to
safeguards. "Tha inclusion of a
workmen's schedule will be one of
the amendments," he said. "There
must be security that the district
boards should have no power to reduce the eristing rates of pay."
The government,  however, is anxt-i
ous to have Cie    miners    return    toi
work .Monday.'Therefo:e, every effort j
will be marie to eet lhe bill through.
The House of Ixirda wpll halt a'***-
Ottawa, March 19.���There was considerable variety m the proceedings
or the Commons today, but the chici
interest centred  in the '.'.iscusslon o:
Cdonel Sam Hughes' militia budget
lor the finance year beginning April
1 next.
Which  Is  Practical Solution of Delta
Transportation  Problem���Committee Wlll Meet Here.
A bridge over the Fraser at Ladner
would cost tour or live million dollara,
said Mr. jdin Oliver. It will take pei-
haps ten or tilieen years to biing tne
matter to a dennue bead at the present rate of pio^ress. can the people
of the Delta wait that many years beiore getting better transportation
facilities with the city of Vancouver '.' The alternative was a connection with Westminster, and the question was thrashed out by the repre-
George Kennedy Addresses
Small West End Audience.
liEcisTiiiBynoN is mm
Speaker Comments on Lack of Public
Interest���Clean Sweep Wrfuld be
Political  Disaster.
The need of an effective opposition
was the theme taken by Mr. George
Kennedy, the Liberal-Opposition candidate tor this citv, at a meeting,
held in St. Barnabas Hall last evening. The old guard of the Liberal party together with a few of the younger
element were present. Mr. T. A. Barnett being ln the chair.
Mr. Kennedy fiist dwelt upon tbe-.
apparent lack of interest being shown,
by the voters in the present campaign which he regarded as a protest
against the all too-frequent general
elections which have taken place in
this province during the past few-
years. The government, he. claimed,
were asking a verdict upon a railroad
eentatives from tbe municipalities of
Delta,  Richmond,  south    Vancouver,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^___        , Westminster    and    Vancouver    at n
Eaiiy ln the day George P. Graham , meeting held ln the board of trade
placed upon the recoids of the Hous# ) rooms, Vancouver, yesterday after-
a complete statement of the letting i neon to discuss tne problem of Delta
of the  Quebec  bridge contract,  with j transportation.
the ebject of showing that theie had t President J. R, Duncan and Mr. T,
been no discrimination against Brit- l s. Annandale, of the local* board of
ish contractors. He said everything | trade, were sent te look after the
done by the late government was- on i intei ests of this city in the matter,
the advice of the commission of engi- | wiiich considering the vast resources
neers named to    supervise   the   cou-  of that nch tarming country, are   of
struction of   the    bridge.    Hon.   IMr.j vital iin,poi tance.    President Erskine, -.     t  _
Itoster spoke biiefly and said th.j.of the Vancouver board ot trade, was ��ollcy a"��r the contracts had been
late government had entered upon in the chair, and the discussion was signed. The present policy ot the Mc-
this great undertaking with tao much opened by consideiing what steps Brlde ParY caJ)e<1 7" expenditure
levity. The matter, he said, should , should be taken to inte; est the gov- of something like sixteen mllUras of
bave been more seriouslv considered eminent in lending aid to the bridge dollars, which exceeds by six mH-
and more information secured before project. The Vancouver and South lion8 the !evenue of the province-
construction of the biidge was under- Vancouver delegates were natulan? M,r- Kennedy quoted 'Honest d��nn
taken. in favor of the scheme, as this would  Oliver  in   stating   that   the  railroad
When the militia estimates were j give them direct access to this mar- bllls were rushed tbrough the House
taken up there was much criticism ot j ket, cutting oil Westminster alto- without debate in the short space ot
the vote    of    $130,000    for    training  gether.   They claimed that the bridge :{ort>'  minutes.
cadets in camp, as well as of a small over the river at this city was over-' The lack of a proper re-distribution
item of $12,000 paid for automobiles , crowded and in event of a tramlino was alw) criticized by the speaker, no
recently purchased for the use of the j being built connecting with the Fraser change having been made in the con-
general stall. valley  line,  the bridge  would  be  un-   stltuencies during the past len years.
Several   Liberals   were   inclined   to  aoie to  handle    the    traffic.    Reeve   during whh'a time the population of
believe that the proposal to send boyr'john  Oliver,  who  stated  he  did  not   the province had more than double*
Jto ounip would not meet with general i care jus;,   what  route   was   taken   so^ltse,f    Victoria,    with   a   population
approval. ilong as the Delta would benefit,    e.\-.,of   -0,000,   had   five   members,   white
Colonel Hughes on several occa- ' plodegL,t!iis fallacy by Etating that at i Vancouver with nearly 110,000 hatf
sions defended the appioprlation with the present time there weie only only f,ve representative*. Even West-
customarv spirit, and declared noth- twelve uains each way over tne minster, claimed Mr. Kennedy, was
ing would do more to build uo a cap- j brla-e and that Oat uunbe, was ; entitled to^ two members compared,
able Canadian manhoc 1 than military I only one-eighth of lt3 votai carrying . wlth the Capital city. The present
training for the youth of the country, capacity.' Mr. OiUx".- tunuer dwelt | voters list was obsolete, there beinff
He said the proposed camp had the ! upon tue present h.gh cost of living, .thousands of would-be voters wha
approval of the churches. stating mat it cost moi* to transport 1 would have t0 wait un,tn May before
The new government's first budge! Ipioaute than it lid ior ti.e f.Tir.er to : being placed on Lie list. Attoriiay-
of transportation aid in  the form of  raise it. The pcOi(,W tho De ia were . General   Bowser,   whom   the   speaker
ay. and    bridse    H��>^|l|t|gjs|LJ|.'Biiiia?iill"ua *"* &et t^J ".^C-'O (II
1 HO    lt(H!..l.   Ol    l^UrUS    Will    1131 1   amP��* J  ' "���' '   ���**���   �����������        ^..^..a.       w...j^.,..,ta .... .     ...........o    a^,    c*^t.    i^,.o    ....,.<��    IJ.    til    U.OUI
rtil    sltttTie     Riturdav     to carrv     tbe \T>"Ws4it ��own tonight ��n�� amounts tu \muulcatlon   ��rtt l��t_i .\��<!oav��  toi
' described
the  legal  luminar
'through      the      neceis��ary
hallway  Had  Discriminated in  Favor
of   Foley, Welch   and   Stewart
Against Public.
Edmonton, Alta., March 19.���The
board of railway commissioners met
here today on matter before the board
on the petitions of the "��sldeiitB ot
Resplendent, B. C. F.tzHugh, A a.,
Moorelake, U. C, Prairie Creek, Alta
Edmonton, Alta., Edson A ta., and
Hinton, Alta.. for order directing that
the G T P. be compelled to open for
traffic lis line from Prairie Creek
.vest. 'Much evldene was heard, and
tho chlti commlssiowr vontured^the
what any
Cive credit to whom credit is due.
A Westminster man, one Robert
Fogue, has Invented an automatic
and collapsible street car fender
which it is claimed will eliminate all
danger of anyone beiug crushed' under the car wheels, ls more compact
and costs half the present price. The
B C B. R-, always ready to improve
on their rolling stock, has been trying out the new Invention the past
two days on one of the clty cars, and ���
Saa*27.30O.     Bubsldleu     yirovMel     tov \>i��-.lmm��v��,   tttto  *e   ��,<>U.��   not   ��u
3433  miles  ot    railway    construction, .tr.s,6ui_e    anv    t>t tl-.e    two    piolecw
which av He  maximum aid of ?649��) J"wnat 1 would   sug-eat."    sail    thu
'""   ' "    Involve governmaat aU .reeve, -is tha; we interview the B. c.
Electiic and also the  Western Canada Power company an.! see ^hethtu
! these companies would be willing; to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ taszlst In the problem.",
Burnaby    Municipal     Employees    Ex-1    Mr.   Duncan, " ln    supporting     th?
press  Dissatisfaction With   Scale.     I Westminster route, spoke of the visit
Edmonds, March 10.���Employees of'of the engineers of the B.  C.  E.  R.
the  Burnabv corporation  met  in  the j to the Delta ou Monday, a report   of
'per ii.lle~wl.~f 	
I amounting  to  $21,971,200.
old Municipal hall last evening to dis
cuss the present wage scale. Some
dissatisfaction   has recently  been  ex
which appeared  in  yesterday s- Oaily
M&ravnn M�� *peect>��
D** country, ""the
so sensitive ot the opposition mem-
ber of tive Houee--Mr. Bi<ewater-*
tbat tbey are attempting to shut out
the opposition altogether. Mr. McBride," said Mr. Kennedy, "is boasting in his speeches that a complete.
Conservative sweep will take places
on election day, a thing unprecedented In the annals of British or Colo-
nail politics. I ask you gentleman
what   would   tbe   people  of   Engdantfi
v,_.     .,,_ r<,m.rka   were    well    to-  think if the present strong oppositions
has high hopes along this line    of a,out  or  existence.
pressed with thc existing scale of pay. |"".����-'"^h^sent'trans'nmtaroii 'Moses" Cotsworth .and his draatia au>
the men claiming that the recent ad-1 solution to the_Dresent transpoi tauon , ��o��.�� ___^ ^ �� ��������������� th��� ���,�����.
them no better off than   a year ago.
���.<.�� u��/�� *!.. �����~ ~. .    Some talk   of a general   strike yjas
according to those In charge of the   made at the meeting, but the whole
other department WJ*^0���" j. Roughen and Robert Pogue.
statement at tat. that ��o���^
railroad seemed.to
ier department was
���they were all at odds and ends
added"that under the statute tbey were
prohibited from carrying on traffic on
their new lines until   tho latter u*��
car it is O. K, from start to finish.
Mr.'Pogue, whose patent on an Improved saw guard Is being used In
some of the local mills, bas worked
for about a year on this fender and
is In high hopes of the same being
accepted by the local tramway company for use on their car3. Looked
over by a Dally News representative
last evening, the new invention appeared to possess many virtue*. It
can easily be raised or lowered and
the motorman will be ln a position to
lower lt to the level of th6 rails so
that the smallest body can be picked
up in the net without-being hurt.
Mr. iP. B. Ennis has forme 1 a com.
pany of local men to manufacture
the nev Invention. The following are
the names of bis associates: J. Montgomery, J. Weller, E. J. Robert, E
ill��    well     UAlUllU^     U1HL     ,TC    ��� w.*..*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Justment   made   by   the  councll    left  difficulty, the Gieat Northern road at   diting was Inade to suggest the conrii-
�������� -- ���--.*  ����.���   _ ������. aim I present   being   the   only   means   of I tlon of things which might exist; If
transportation to the   cities   on   the  the McBride party   was returned  to.
north bank of the Kraser. | power without any opposition.
A committee to dlscbss the Ladner I    Mr. Kennedy finally elaborated ther
matter was left over for another week
when a committee, appointed by the
meeting, will present some sort of a
plan to be approved of before being
presented to the council.
Irish Gather to Hear Excellent Concert���Songs, Dances ani Orchestral  Pieces.
Old and Young Ireland turned
up in force at St. Patrick's Hall last
night to listen  to the St.  Patrick's
sa'^SS;"- ^vjt^s ������i=i.\=\i jar-aS
Mb *. evidence ttol U"*,���� ����,' SE'ki!' l's  i��3l. iS li ti�� ve-1 Ml *&**.* ��1  *'. '��������'  h"t
ried such
criminate.. _.. ,^^^^^^^^^^
of the public. Tboy had carried for
one man but not for another. The
board conld not compel the company
to open tb traffic the road west, of
Hinton, as the Btatute provided that
before any action wus taken the rajl-
bridge toute will meet ln Vancouver
on j uesday, March 26. t.ie fol.owing
bein; appointed to serve: Delta,
Reeve Oliver and Mr. T. Ladner:
Richmond, Reeve Bridge and A. B.
Dixon, South Vancouver, Reeve Kerr,
R. C. Hodgson; Vancouver, Ewlng
Buchan and a member qf the city
council to be appointed.
At a suggestion made by President
Duncan, the following committee was
appointed to meet in Westminster in
the near future to take up the proposed branch line connecting Delta
with Kennedy station: Delta, Reeve
Oliver, Councillor Biown and, R. E.
Kittson; New Westminster, Mayor
Lee, J. R. Duncan and T. 9
platform of the Liberal party of this:
province. He was given a good bearing from start to finish.
At the close of the meeting Mr..
Kennedy' explained that Mr. Giffor<T
had accepted an invitation to be present, but had later arranged for a
meeting at Queensborough. Por this-
reason he was not there, neither wa��
he himself able to attend the Conservative meeting. He was arranging
to go to Queensborough him-clf later,.
probably ca Priday night.
i\Re.oor'ter Wandarlna Amidst-Oriental
Rugs, Indulges Love of the Artistic
���Stran::  Hlsterles.
City  Fears  Renewal  of  Last Year's
Terrorlzation���Armed Guards
^'L^'ttSriTwlS^ '�����     Th. program *as exclusively Iriah, 	
awa ass - ^.-j-.r ^ 'sr^:^jt^.... .* -rs
last night to destroy the Qrlffin block
on the main business street may bo a
FeT^enew steamer  is a very hand-Und oiw ��"*�� nn���� duets   orches-
and now Mr. Kennedy was the oppoal i^	
tion candidate.   Tom Gilford was tho   �����_��!�������*."{?'        j,���   .   reasonable
only man that Mr. McBride wss able I    U might have   been   a, re��
to find   to oppose   the "redoubtable
Brbwn. but he had been able.to win
the seat and hold it ever since.
Mr. W. G. McQuarrie also addressed the meeting which broke up Ohort-
ly afterwards.
today. She goes Inttf drydpo* ��t ��nce
for purpose of being transformed Into
*n oil-burner. Sho will also be thoroughly overhauled and Captain 1 roup
expects that she will be ready to enter service In abodt �� mon,th s time.
thing for the company to have car-
rlod the men and supplies of thrtrcon-
tractors, but they had ^one further
than that, they had carried ofterpa";
engers *nd they had carrle? freight
tor the contractors that was s. bse-
quently  sold    to people    other than 	
had discriminated ln favor trt WW. |hour   lhe ronra �� ^   rM^t* ^
AttVOW who has never boen . ��fl��-
vlnced at the fatt that ru* atvd carpet wMtving is an art and one of W*
highest, would do well to pay a vlajc
to the exhibition of Oriental ruga to
the show roomB of Lee3 Ltd.. *"*'��
Mr. George Carter, who U ���� ���M���
in the aubject, ia ready to oxplali*
the various qualities and characterls--
prelude    to
Gi'iIto of \Mtou\f-r scored a dlatlnct
success with "Meeting. a\ the Water
and could not refuse an encore.   Mlaa
Alvina Munn aang as charmingly as
ever, but althougltthe audience �������
imanded lt she wouM not sing a ��ec-
She "has'been purdhasei to? the Van- ond song. Master Croll the pnwjj
^vehraNana,moP run, and   ahe.ls .*?l��g^��^3t^^}^\^^'^^1  ln   ^^���
'a^uer "aeiloa   of   >n-1 tlc"�� ot the big n��* ��hlpment of w-
maketwoTrlps" each day.   It will only
take her two hours to makethe trip.
Tho White Rock Immigration officer Is reported to hnve 'scored a
chnnce capture yesterday morning.
Last Sunday ho turne.l bach a foreigner at White Rock.    Yesterday when
crossing the Westminster bridge he ���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_,,.������-_,.
noticed the same man ln front of him carrylnr tt freltrht and pnasengers
The officer asked Mm what he was, over the Una. but they would ray
doing nnd the man replied that he , that If thev did tbey must do It unaer
was working for some one with   the I the provision!! of the statute.
Welch and Stewart as against the gen
eral publlc over tho section of line
In question. In case of anv continued
or further discrimination the comnany
wonld be ���auhject to n fln<>, ot $100 tn
each Instance. The Htntiite provides
that thero shn'J ho no discrimination.
Tho board made no order as to the
cendlary blazes similar to those which
took place almost nightly tor twenty
days last Augusl and September,
merchants and business men tonight
are placing armed watchmen on guard
over their property. \
Last year the fliebug, who was not
ssv s'w-�������?& is-*,r r���i����v��
speed   boat "of ,the B. C.   Coast   Service. ' '      c .
Wlll Join Revolution.
Chlhnahua, Mev.. March l��-���a<,n��r-
al Jose de Luz fcoto, comman Hng 600
Rurales garrisoning the city or Phrral
telegraphed to General Orozco t��dav
that he and his men would join   t"��
5SrtfSPS2S Knted"teatSlM.  Freese  and" Lam ******
Ins him. VAt awKroP0111818'
bade exultation of the sword dsnea
Mrs. C. A. Stein recited "Mrs. O'Toolf
and the Conductor" snl Mrs., Miss
and Master Cameron were a very auo-
eessful and youthful ti to. Rev. P. B-
Donely delighted the house with lu*
lecture on "Ireland's patron aalnt.
Others who took rart In the program
were Messrs. W. Morrh .1. M. Herm-
sen. A. Williams and Gllesple. Rush
ton's orchestra played nnd the Misses
work of the aame miscreant who terrorised the dty last summer, coai
oil was uaed to start the blaw>.
Hearing Again Postponed.
Loa Angeles, March 19.*���The arraignment of* Charles Dean, arrested
here for complicity In the robbery of
the Bank of Montreal, New Westmlnater, B. C. was postponed ona week
today at tho request ot the Canadian j
authorities. ~~~~~lil11
There ruga ot all lengths, designs
and colore He    In    a aozen  heaps.
brought over from different countries
ot Asia and Southern Europe, to th��-
value of about  *12.oOO;   a voritab.w
riot of color ln kaleidoscopic shade*.
Tbe exhibition la more than worth ��
visit and the visitor ls under no obligation to buy.    Mr. Carter, w��o represents the Victoria  firm of Carter
&. Sona, has travelle! etxemslvclv I��
the countries of tho Orliant amd give""
an explanation bf the nature and n��n"
ufacture of the rugs which to an ��*��--
cation In Itself.
Tha carfcets groub themselves nntti-
rally Into flve different*group* or
families, which are again subdivisible,
via: Indian, Persian. Turkish. Cai>-
caslau and Turkoman. The India*
carpets are a wealth   of   oal-1 rosw.
(Cttiaiaiiei.oniPrtge-ElBht.'Jt nuns, two
WEDNE8DAY, MARCH 20, 1912.
for housework.     Apply Mrs. F. C.
���   Cook 725 Sceond Street.
"WANTED���IN SAPPERTOy District, house on full-sized lot; deed
to good North Vancouver property
offered as part payment. Give ful1
particulars in first letter.   Don't re-
- ply unless you have something
cheap to offer. Apply Maud M. Foster, 1024 Harwood street, Vancouver.
_ IIot.voke, Mass, U.S.A
"Having taken two boxes of your
excellent GIN PILLS, they relieved ir.c
to much that I ara quite Satisfied wi.th
the results. I gave an order to my
druggist abort Cree week3 *ago to
tend nie some more. JJothing has come
yet'ted I ha4 to borrow a hox frcm a
lady  friend
cafe,   opposite C. P. R
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.    Phone 600.
River and Blue Mountain roads, two
blocks from B. C. Electric car; $350;
cash, J35; balance $10 per montli.
Can you beat this? J. H. Woolliams,
433 Homer street, Vancouver.
chicks, $18 per 100; eggs, (10 per
100. A few settings from prize pen
of White Rocks, $3 per 100. Standard Poultry ranch. J. H. Woolliams,
433 Homer street, Vancouver, agent.
Strange Fishes That Carry Their Own
Electric  Lighting  Plants.
Strange indeed are som<, nay most,
of the fishes that inhabit the mighty
deep. This much has been amply
proved by the few specimens whicli
liave been secured at varying depths
hy scientific expeditions. Among all
these the self-luininant fishes play an
important part. It is well known
that under the most favorable eir-
cuni'tances, say in mid-sea at tropical high noon, the sun's light cannot
i penetrate  before a hundred  fathom*,
mux   r have iLSWaffll"? niere s-urface 1^-where -4U's
sending 7011 jl.50 for three boxes
wliich I would ask you to send at onco
ns I a::i not q:ite so well when I am
without GIN PILLS".
Gin Pills must be frood when people
in Massachusetts send r.U the way to
Toronto to get them. There is nothing
like Gin Iills���nothing just the sacie,
or jirt C3 rport. Don',, accept substitute:? if you value yor.r health and want
to be cured of Kidney and Bladder
Trouble, or Rheumatism. Insist on
having Gin Tills. 50c. a box, 6 for
$2.50. Sample fre<> if you write National
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, Dept B u Toronto. 92
ble Range; Canada's Pride; on
easy terms. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
rooms, furnished. -'24 Seventh
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
H". P. VIDAL & CO.
of the K. of P. Building is for rent;
lease   if   desired.      Reid, Curtis ti.
Dorgan, 706  Columbia  street,  Ne>v
tween Columbia street and Clark-
eon tm McKenzie street, between
2:30 and 3 p. m. Monday, March 18.
Reward given by returning same to
Royal Pool Rooms.
er can have same by defraying expenses. Appiy G. Grady, Pound-
keeper, Edmonds, B. C.
Burnaby Homes for Sale :
:i ROOM HOUSE ON LOT 33x122;
near Royal Oak station; $iif>0, terms
525 cash and $.r> monthly.
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department is
���about to start a'campalgn for the
cleaning up of all b.ick yards and vacant lots In the city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens in general
is askel in this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ads.
we can have,' and we feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the fullest extent. The burning up of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up will go a long way
.towards giving us a city beautiful.
S.  .   PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
run  Into four or five thousand  fath-
I oras.   What light could there  be, then.
j in   those  abysmal   depths   wliich  can
riot he illuminated by the sun's rays?
This  question   puzzled  scientists  for
I many years.   They knew that in vary-
I ing  degrees  of  intensity  fr 1  surface
of the sea became luminous, so much
so,   in .fact,   tln.t   sometimes   on   u
moonless night its effulgenca [fales the
stars, makes thi heavens appear coal
black and   causes   every   wave   that
breaks to appear as a shower of light.
But how far down did this light extend?
With the advent of improved methods of deep sea soundings the question
was partly settled by the capture of
self-luminant fishes. These denizens
of-those vast depths, it was discovered, carry about their ow.i electric
light installation, so to speak, being
fible to render themselves luminous
cr the reverse at will. To what extent
this faculty prevails is unknown, because our knowledge of life in those
awful depths is very limited; but it
may be noted that the majority of
tho.-.b abssal fish have no means of
lighting themselves up, gs it were.
The extraordinary fish that do have
this faculty contain a system of- animal lighting which is, without exng-
seration, more akin to an electrical in-
sta-llation than anything else. One of
the'e oueer little fish was caught not
far from tlie coast of tha United
States in a depth of nearly 18,000
feet, or more than three miles below
the surfaca of the ocean. It has enormous eves in proportion touts size
and on the under side of its body it
;s provided with a number of tiny
lamps, littla globular points arranged
in a sequence of lohgitvdinal lines
from gills to tail, with short spurs
running up the sides. Many specimens of similar lish have b:en secured
and (ill are different, so that it would
be useless to attempt their cl
in full. The grpat question of it
all is, were th^se lowly creatures provided with such lights because the
sun light could not penetrate to their
great depths?   Who can say?
These few specimens out of a great
number will serve to give an idea of
the extraordinary system of self-illumination existing among the inhabitants of the ocean's profound depths.
But this is not all. Comparatively
few of the denizens of the mighty de?p
go about with lights.   By far the great-
British Men of Letters Give Rcplios���
rears and   Laughter Close
A writer in La Revue, M. Maurice
Del��> bia, has been inviting lepresen-
tative humorists In various countries
to define humor, and publishes the result of his inquiry in the November
number of that periodical. Many of
his correspondents declare the tasit
to be an impossible one, while others
bring much learning and ingenuity to
bear on the required definition.
Eight well-known British writers
contribute their ideas on the subject.
Mr. G. B. Shaw, whose own humor, M.
Dekobra says, Is "saturated with ferocious irony," tersely dismisses the
question in these wor.ls: "Humor cannot be defined. It Is a primary substance which makes us laugh. You
might as well try to prove a dogma."
Mr. Jerome It. Jerome writes: "I
do not think humor can be explained.
1 would define it as that which strikes
us by its drollery." This, M. Dekobra remarks, ls evidently "The Idle
Reply of an Idle Fellow."
Mr. Owen Seaman, editor of Punch,
takes the matter much more seriously, and devotes two and a half pages
of print to his conceptions of humor,
pointing out that It depcnls largely o;, (
contrast, Incongruity, and a subjective 1
sense of superiority.   In America one
of its leading characteristics is exag-
geration, while in England lt finds ex-j
pression   in  implications   isous-enten-
dus)    equivalent     to     the     reserve :
strength of an athlete.     It embraces
iiony in the largest sense, and the art |
of delicate    suggestion.      One of Its
most popular forms of expression  la
the grotesque, as exemplified by Hobert Burns:
And some are fu' o' love divine,
And Fome are fu' o' brandy.
!���a sudden descent from the sublime
to the ridiculous,
The pun, Mr. Seaman reminds us, U
I now out of fashion   in   England, but
j humorously pedantic effoi ts are often
obtained by the employment of liter-
I ally translated French words or words
of Greek and Latin origin. An En'jiisli-
I man is even more afraid   of ridicule
seription I t,lan a Frenchman;  yet he will turn
the laugh against himself   qr against
his national institutions,  thus anticipating the ridicule be dreads.   In British literature laughter and tears are
more   closely allied than in that   of
other countries.
Mr. Anstey suggests this 'efinition:
"A delicious conception of the incongruous," hut he admits it is not cim-
plete. The particular humor appreciated by different races is, he thinks,
largely a matter of climate.
Mr. Zangwill says:    "Humor is the
sr number pass on their slimy ways   smile in the look of wlsiom."
in appalling darkness. Wonderful and       Mr. Pett  Ridge   declares   that tho
beautiful as are the light systems of I most modern tendency in  England is
A ItOO.M HOUSE ON LOT 58��lal;
near Edmonds station; $900; terms
$25 cash and Sli!> monthly. Ready
to move Into today.
class; on Armstrong road, ne.ir
New Westminster, 5 . cent fare:
$2500; $250 cash and $80 monthly.
Westminster, $3000; $30(1 cash and
$3& monthly, will exchange for Burnaby acreage.
Make appointment over long dU-
tanr.2 telcjhoiie, Sey. 8;!(ia. Open '���>
CO., 110* Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, Britisli Columbia.
The Government of British Colum
bia invite competitive plans for the
general scheme nnd design for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed plans for the buildings to be erected first at an estimated cost of $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent ln by July 31,
1012, addressed to
Parliament  Buildings.
Victoria. British Columbia.
the   few   in   comparison   to   what   111
most cases is the hideousness of the
creatures  bearing  them,  it  U  impost
sible   to   think   of   these   without   the
mir<\ dwelling tor a time upon the Invisible gliding forms that, unlit, prowl
those  mighty  depths  unseen.    A   few
of   these   have   been   brought   to   the
light of day and given  names  in  ac- 1
cordance, but it must be plain to any j
thoughtful render how few antl feeble
are   the   specimens   captured   when I
'compared  to  those   monstrous  forms I
which no trawl, however strongly Cull-
structed,   could   imprison   and   bring
to the surface for man's inspection
"NOTTCE is heieby given that the
llrst meeting of the Court of Revision
of the Assessment Roll of the City of
New Westminster will be held in the
���City Hall. New Westminster, on Wednesday, April 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be in writing, and delivered to the Assessor at least ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court ui
Dated at New Westmlnater,  B. C,!
this I2th day  of March,  1913,
W.  A.   DUNCAN,
Clly Clerk.
Construction  Engineer.
Amplication*   accompanied   by   cop- j
ies of tcclamonials arc Invited for thO ,
poHltion ol construction engineer, stat-
lag salary  required  and  expepience,
:ind  will  be receive^  up to noon  on '
Monday, March is.
���Kdmonds, B. ('., March 12, 1912.
Re part (10 acres) of lot 38, Group
1, formerly In Yale Division of Yale
District, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certltlcate of title No. 1096BP, issued l:i
the name of Francis W. Ford, has
been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shull,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of tho first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certlflcate unless
In the meantime valid objection be
made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry ofllce,  New  Westmin-
iter, lt. C, March'!). 1012.
Applications wlll be received bv the
undersigned up till noon on Saturday,
the fith day of Aprll, 1012, for the position of LIBRARIAN at the Public
Library in  this city.
Applicants must state qualifications,
Hilary required, aad give good references.
City Clerk.
ciiy Hall, Nuw Westminster, Marcli
12, 1912.
Re lots -Cl, lfl, 47, 48, 57, BS and til
12, o:v (M. 6fi of lots 8 an I 11 Siihnr-
ban Block 13, In the City of New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlfl-
���ate 01 title .\umner WobF, issued 111
'he name of Sarah Ann Douglas, has
been liled In tills office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
it the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in n daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster. Ifsuo a
duplicate of the said Certilicale. unlet! In the meantime valid objection
'ie made to me ln writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
District Registrar nf Titles
Land   Reglftrv  Office.   New  Westmiu
ster, B. C. Feb. lfi. 1912.
Se?.   Serpents.
Sea serpents date back to the days
of Aristotle, who wrote: "The ser-
nents of libya ar5 of enormous size.
Navigators along the coast report having seen a great quantity of hones
of oxen, which tliey believe without
doubt to have been devoured hy the
serpents. These serpents pursued them
(the seamen) when they left the shore
and upset one of their triremes."
Olaus Magnus wrote in the middle
ages of a sea serpent 200 feet long
mid 20 feet thick wliich haunted rocks
and caves near the Beacoast, the old
writer adding, "And he puts up his
l'.ead on high like a pillar and catch-
etli awav men, and he devours them
to laugh at our heroes of romance, in-1
stead of laughing with them. A good ;
atory, he says, should have au unex- '
peeted ending. Every country has its j
own humor anl thinks lt the best. \
Jokes whieh make an American laugh !
till he cries leave an Englishman unmoved, and some French comic papers |
do not even make him smile. The |
English have more affinity with the
Mr. R.   G. Carton,   the   playwright,
considers that humor is to our existence what   oxygen ls to the   air we
breathe.    It  is  the  best  disinfectant
that science has   not   discovered.    A
sense of humor is the   real  philosopher's stone, turning to gold all the lit*
I tie worries of life, especially those of
, others.    Mr. Carton wonders whether
I hifmor, with its first cousins, wit and
irony, will have a good place In the
next   world.    He  hopes,   lt   will,  for
without   it   eternity will  be   terribly
Mr. W. L. Courtney, like Mr, Seaman, points out the close affinity between laughter and tears. He sums
up humor as the minute observation
of Tife with its alternations of light
and shade, and the power to drive
away melancholy by an Irony now
grave, now gay, which shows the Insignificant brevity of everything that
moves the human heart.
leave your dealer
a big profit,...
But It does leave a Hasting favorable
Impression upon the palates of all giving
it a trial.
THIS EVENING at 7 o'clock at
the Old Bank of Commerce Bldg.
at Columbia and Sixtli streets, I will sell to the highest bidder a
consignment of Fuiniture, Rugs, Carpets, MattingB and Linoleums.
Remember this evening at 7 o'clock sharp.
On Friday, March 22 at 2 p. m.
I am instructed to sell at auction the household goods of Mr. A. R.
Daniels, L'KC Agnes street, consisting of Fat lor, Dining Room, Bed
Room and Kitchen Furniture. These goods to be sold on the premises, 210 Agnes street, Friday at 2 p.m.
"The Man Who Saves You Money"
49���Three lots on corner of Flrat street.   J2050.   Cash $500.
42���One lot on corner of Eighth avenue.    1600.   Cash |200.
81���Six room house (modern��, centrally located.    $3150.    Cash $600.
44���Five room house (modem), with barn, on Fifth    avenue.    $2650.
Cash $1,50.
tn.    This Is a snap.
-150 acres, :��o acrea
iltivatlon; close
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little ayatematlcally, for It la the stuff that tbe foun
datlons of wealth and happinau are built or.
Money may be uaed In two ways; to ipend for what li
needed now aud to Invest for wbat ahall ba needed In tb�� fu
ture.   Money cannot be Invested until lt la first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manngar D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Clous I   Why. it'll t.ke mo a quarter
ol an hour to tell   em \vh re I want
to  tm.���London  Mail.
, Hinpiness   Impossible.
'.'Mr. and Mr-. VVleherly seem to
i e M'."n ii happy c luple^
"1 think they merely pretend to be
"Why ilo you say thnt? Have ynn
any reason for beliovinu they don'l
gel  ul nu well togethert'
"Oh, they may get along all riuht
together, hut they certainly can't be
happy, sin-'-i getting stout, and he's
beginning tn lose his hnir."
D. V- Lewthwaite
New Westminster, F3. C.
V/orkshop  611   Victoria   Street.
(Over Dally  News.)
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtla Block City Box 482
From  His Own  Expciience.
A west end nchoolteach ir wns attempting to drill the dan in the ll---
of the word "felt." Sin' expected
some of the children to tny "Th ��� ic-
felt cold" or "The f.tove felt hot," or
something of Hint sort. She was much
discouraged when one little alien who
hail raised his hnnd to volunteer u
sentence .-nhl, "I felt down .stairs."
Profane   Philosophy.
Terwilliger���Do you think it docs
any good to swear at your tooth-
Jeroloroan- Wall, it's a littlo relief.
It Jiuls  a  part  of  the  iniseiy  on  my
A Financial Courtrhip.
'Well, Goorge, dear, did you see father?" asked Mabel,
"Yes," Bigbad Qeorge, "He won't
hour ot n merger, lie suys we are
|i   h  too young."
Bankrupt Stock
Has become to be a Big Money saving Event to the
good people of New Westminster and vicinity. Our
increasing business is proof positive that our efforts
in the way of Bargain Giving is fully appreciated by
the discriminating public.
���s   I
Cliff Block
��ixth St., near Columbia
.', ir*-       ���   ,v        ,.- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1912.
president will be Mr. Asquith, the
Prime Minister, and Lord Desborough
will be president. We have a very distinguished list of honorary vice-presidents, including past and present
ministers associated with the Colonial
Chambers   of   Commerce of   Empire   Office, Inlia Office,  Board of Trade,
Will Meet in London���Program
Roughly   Outlined.
.and other departments of the govern-
I ment whicn are more particularly con-
| nected with commercial affairs. The
I list includes the Duke of Argyll, the
j Marquess of Lansdowne, the hlarl ol
Early In June the eighth triennial  Abe,deen. and Earl Grey, all former
governors-general   of   Canada;    Lord
Tennyson,   an   ex-governor-general  of
congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire will meet
in London. What the Imperial Conference ls to the different governments of the empire this congresB is
to the Chambers of Commerce. Th��
first is an attempt at some loose form
of political federation of the imperial
family of nations; tlie second is rather
more than an attempt at a federation
of Impeiial commercial Interests.
Like Its political prototype, lt is a
consultative    and   not  a    legislative
Viscount Milner, both ex-High Com-
minBioners of South Africa; two ex-
Viceroys of India in the persons of
Lord Lansdowne and Lord Curzon;
several former State Governors in
Australia; Sir George Rei.i, High Commissioner for the Commonwealth; Sir
Richard Solomon, High Commissioner
for the Union of South Africa; Sir
William    Hall-Jones,   High     Commi3-
body, but to an even greater'extent  ,^ioner for New Zealand;  Sir Charles
than the Imperial Conference the Con-   'upper- the veteran Canadian states-
gress of Chambers of Commerce has a
moral authority based on Its thorough representation of the commercial
Interests of the empire which cannot
fail to produce an appreciable effect
on the conditions under which Inter-
Imperial trade Is transacted.
To a representative of the Standard
of Kmpire Mr. Charles E.  Musgrave
man, und many moie, so that there is
a 'most representative roll of vice-
presidents with experience of every
phase of Imperial, commercial and political activity."
It may be added that the organization of the congress is heing carried
out under direction of the British Imperial Council of Commerce forme! in
,i\ra''^i-L'tJn.'.'.y.ar^.T'7BnT  *"""<i""'e'  July last, on which the leading cham
tho secietary of the London Chamber  h���'a nf ,'���������������,.������ ���f ,u��� ^������i-��� ���,,
nl  Commerce, on  whom  the  bulk  of
tho  organizing  work   ln   connection
bers of commerce of the Empire aie
represented  an!  of which  the  chair-
with the congress falls, "sal! that 'the i 1?m lB Mr charles Charleton and the
building in which the deliberations of | "eput>' chairman Mr. Stanley Machin.
tho approaching congress woiild be
held had not yet been definitely selected though there was a possibility
that the ��� Guildhall might ��e the
"We expect that some 500 delegates
Danes Resolved   Not to Be Beaten in
the Race Across Them.
I The Danes are resolved not be
from all parts of the empire will at- j beaten In the tace across Greenland!,
tend, as was the case when the sixth j ice wastes. As told In a recent Issue
cong:ess was held in London In i the i>wit-s Dr. de Queivain will en-
1008," he continued. "The last con-j deavor tnis summer to cros3 Gretn-
fresB took place in Sydney, New land fiom west to east under the 6ith
South Wales, and for obvious reasons | parallel, and now another expedition
was not so numerously attended, is announced which will make an although lt was In no way less interest-1 tempt to cross the great island at its
ing that Its predecessors. At that ] widest ten degrees fui ther north, trom
congress there were 48 delegates from Cape Bismarck on the east coast to
the United Kingdom. 07 from Austral-! Uperqlvlk cn the west coast, a dis-
nsia, 14 fnom Canada, three from {tance of roughly 700 miles.
South Africa, a��! three from India, I The leaders of this expedition are
the total bein;; 135. ' Capt.   Koch, of   the   Danish   general
"One other'congress, that of 1003.; ut&tt, and Dr. Lundager, a botanist.
has been held out of Great Britain. In I Eoth took part ln the ill-fated Myllus
that year the delegates met in  Mon-1 Erichsen   expedition   and   they after-
'treal, and, as on the occasion of tho
Australian  congTess,  the Interest  attaching to their visit was added to by
tours through the country.   The Montreal congress was attended by a l?ttW
number of delegates from the United
Kinrdom,  and   very   special   arrangements' were, made   by   the  Canadian
Poards of Tra 'e. as the clumbers are ;
called In the Dominion.   The visiting j
de'erates  went   rieht  across  country j
to Vancouver during  Uioir tour.  One
of the most  useful  features   or these
tours   Is  that   tbey   enable   t'ie  delegates to become acquainted with the
conditions  and  needs  of other countries begideR their own.
��   "Of course,  the   idea   of  this   con- ]
Kress ls simply to focus the vis*.*- '���!
ward were with the relief party which
found the frozen hody of the missing
member Broenlund and his patheti"
'lhe Danes will go this summer to
Iceland to select tiftcen ol the hardiest Iceland ponies, which they'believe
will ser,e them better than Es.dm I
dogs. They will then begin to ship
ihe ponies, their motor sledge, ecien-
tilic appartus and 30 tens of provi-
sions to Queen LOuiee Land, whicli
j was  discovered   by   Erichsen,   where
they will go Into winter quarters.
When the sun rises above tbe hoi'i-
r.on in March next year they will map
out \hla part of the country and later
In  tbe  aprlng  tbey   win   sat  out    on
^^_^^^_________________^ their long Journey whicb ls calculated
the whole of "the Chambers oY Com-1 to last three months. No human foot
merce of the empire on milters of "ias trodden this part of Greenland
common Interest and to nl m-hM-- and in point of distance the Danish
o, inion to bring pressure to bear up-I p,��Ject   beatB   Pearj"8   and   Nan8en E
on governments in favor of various
measures und reforms which the business men of the empire consider necessary to Its material prosperity and
Th; Program.*
"By March 15 I 'expect to have notice of most or the resolutions that
will appear on the program. Among
the points suggested for discussion Is
on* pt Indian origin on the subject
of the competition of prison labor
vith private Industry. Penny postage
throughout the empire, the "all-British" cable, Improvement of telegraphic
communication with the West Indies,
double Income tax ln the Dominions
and at home on investments, and commercial .arbitration, preferential trade
*lthln the empire, national defences,
emigration and Panama Canal are
among the other subjects on which
resolutions have been received. The
time for drawing up a full program
has not yet arrived, and further notices of resolutions to be move! are
oxrected dally. We are also being
notified of tin name3 or relc-iaics
practically every day.    The honorary
Grccnlanl exploration records.
Cows   Wonder.
The packers show rrom their books
that during the years 1907, 1907, 1909
and 1910 their net profit from fresh
meat was only one-eighth of 1 per cent
a pound.
In 1907 the retail price of fresh
meat was from 11.8 to 13.3 per cent
higher than ln/19t0, while tlie puce
of cattle decline! in thnt period from
$92.4G to $81.73. And while dressed
beef was half a cent a pound dearer in
1910 than ln 1909, the price of beeves
was lower, declining from $9 per 100
pounds tn WW to 17.55 In 1910.
Any self-respecting cow has the
right to wonder who got the extra difference between her price on the hoof
an! her price dressed.���New York
Your druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
ease of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 daya. 60c.
Interesting Home Life of
Mrs. Philander C.  Knox.
"We  Furnish Your  Home Complete"
In the "Girl From Rector's' at Opera   Ilouto,  Friday  Evening,  March  22
Copyright by American Press Association.
, By far tbe most Interesting side ot
the life of a public man o- woman Is
the domestic side, and probably there
is no woman fu Washington's official
set who could stund clutter scrutiny
from this Viewpoint than Mrs. Philander C. Kooi. wife ot the secretary ot
Mrs. Knox Is very domestic ln her
tastes, although she uhly assist* her
husband In the soclnl drtles of his position. Sbe him u spechn love of (lowers, nnd the i-barhllng fancy Is hers
ot always having her homes, both at
Valley Forge, in Pennsylvania, and her
Charming Douse nt the capital, adorned with violets arranged iu cut glass
bowls. Wbeu living at Valley Forge.
Mrs. Knox takes a special Interest In
Ihe (lower garden and bus much skill
In raising plains Many a delicacy
llnds Its way lo the White House table under her direction, for a,I the old
fashioned acconiplishiiieiits. like the
milking of pickle* and preserves uud
Jellies, are known to her.
Perhaps there are few women lo
public life who are better or more
roust nut readers than Airs. Knox.
U'here Is u conveniently arranged light
Ht lh*; ti*-u<l of hur UihI. unit oue uf bar
(nut-tun Ui tor reiidiDK attar aba rallies
The residence of Secretnry and Mrs.
Kuos Is one uf the best adapted to entertain ou a lurge scuie uf nny In
Washington. I; Is situated un K
Btreet. one ot the fashionable thoroughfares at the ni pita l. nud is of
light huff ini k. wltb white stone
IriminliiKK. lis ceuerous eutnince.
Wide Windows and lofty appearance
make If one ol lhe most Imposing resiliences In that part of the city. Kvery
detail of the furnishing bus been cure-
fully (bought out hy lt�� mistress from
lhe rich lio-e stretched plainly over
lhe great plate glass windows to the
moot minute furiilshliiKs- Kverythlug
lr- suggestive ot elegance uud goua
The Family Bulletin Beard.
in a large family where the members
to out a great deal u family bulletin
board Is a convenience. It mny tie of
(i sheet of celluloid, n small blackboard
ur n large slute wltb pencil attached
��� ml should be hung In a part uf the
bouse where nil tbe members uf the
family pass at some time of ihe day.
J he dining room ur the front nail
Would be a good place to niiiig it.
' Ou the bulletin board the ruiully post
notices of regular Interest which they
bave forgotien to Impart al. breakfast
or dinner. Oue day's substance ran
like this:
"Had a letter from Mary Smith. Shf
want* Tom to send her the address ut
that antli|iie denier where he bought
(lie blue pitcher.    Sue."
"Won't be home lu dinner tonight.
"Pont forget the church supper Friday. There'll be uo supper ut bome.
Mother "
"Has any one seen my tennis racket?   .lean "
"Mrs. Henderson phoned: wants
mother to call her up as aooti as she
Cuines In     Jean "
And so It goes. Me��wiges. callers,
telephone culls. nelghlMirhood oews. en-
irageiueiils, lost and found articles, are
I n Uu in led here for the benefit of all
'J he result Is a surprising lessening uf
household friction. Occasionally some
one panes upa sipilb or joke or bit of
verse which Ihe rest of Ihe family wlll
en>>y.- Kveii life cook and housemaid
lice the bulletin board and like tbe
convenience of It. lbe board may be
washed whenever necessary.
Mr. Carter is Here With  His TVIagnificent
Display of
and we cordially invite you to look over
the beautiful assortment
Even though you do not care
to buy now, the fund of information Mr. Carter can impart
to you about Oriental Rugs in
general is well worth your attention.
Chief among the Rugs on display are Kismanshahs, Kazaks,
Tabriz, Shirrans, Hanunadans,
Cassabas and Mirzapores.
We Furnish Your Home Complete
674-578 Columbia  Street
New  Westminster
Trartsf er Co.
Office  Phone   185.      Barn  Phone  137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceaapoola. Septic Tanks, Etc.
3600 Tons, 7000 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At Twelve o'Clock
Prince Rupert
Connecting fortnightly witli
S.S. "Prince John" for Port
Simpson. Port Nelson, Stewart,
Masset t. Skidegate, PacoS,
Lockpoit, Jed way,  etc.
Grand Trunk Paciflc passenger trains leave Prince Rnpert Wednesdays  and Saturdays for polnta east.
Through Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via Chicago.
CITY OFFICES:  527 Granville Street
Telephones:    Passenger, Sey. 7100;    Freight,    Sey.    3060;   Eipreas.
Sey. 7986. 	
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.   Prices low; flt guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel: 761.
Cor. 6th and Columbia
Women Compote Cabinet.
Rnnlu Monica, (.'nl.. la to be the Brat
elty in tin-, rnited Statea if not In tb*
world lo hare n municipal advisory
cu bluet ot women. Mayor Klect It.
ll. Dow Una appointed seven womeu,
one from eRcb of Ihe seven wnrdn.
Ilefotv election Ue promised the WO-
men   Unit  If Hiiceemtftll   he  would  Rive
tliem n voice In the city gnrtrnment.
���\nt only Wlll Ihey De consulted aa
tn appointment*." fluid tbe mayor elect,
"hut Ihey will be called on for advice
In nil matter* affactlog municipal leg-
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices.  Spring f
Goods Just   arrived.    Flrst-Classs   Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Melnnia St., City.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montreal-Quebec-Li v;rpool (Summer/,
.Portland, Me.-Halifax (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada       ��
New Triple-Screw *8.8. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw 8.S. Megantic
14,892 gross tons. 14,788 gross tons.
'Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
Last word ln shipbuilding:.   Electric elevators, electric beaters, skilled orchestra, wireless aad deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $02.50; eecoad-clasa, $53.76;    third-class,    (closed    rooms),
Comfort at modsrata rates by excellent one-claas (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw 'TEUTON IC, 8.8.  Twi.i-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long.       ��� 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-daae (11) cab n
Best accommodation given $60.00 up, thlrd-clr.ss (closed rcoms), fl tt.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry Sts.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, G., N. R.
For many things in c&okery, St. Charles Croim
is an essential.   It is as g<ixl as the best milk
or cream for any purpose.   For tuatiy
it is much better.   It gives H>
for instance, a flavor which
best of ordinary mum cannot approach, and it aids in bridging- owt
ihe delicate sroma of chocolate aad
cocoa,   I'gr c��ifection and iee ramn
it is unexcelled*   For invalids aad
infants it is indispensable, fi isesej
. curdles.   It strengthens tbe straw
If only pure water is added it widlafpc* ��5a
the most delicate stomach.
Sold by best grocers everywhere.
---..,...-.'  '���������****m..,-.^m^,,amsssi****sss***jsia ***Sk a*a*SSSMS
"������������*���-���"* ��� 11 ""���ifW^Mfc
t ������H.i'.m.lWca,".'...���..���.-���
ft ne uaay Hp��rfa
Published by Tbe Dally Newa I'uoiish-
4s# Company, Limited, at their oihcss,
ranter   of    McKenzie   and    victoria
Mayor Lee's protest at Ottawa
against the passing of the Vancouver-
'Mission tram-line's plans' until tbey
showed an entrance into Westminster seems to have had good results.
The city council was notified last
night by an official" of the company
that Westminster would be included
in the railway's scheme, and that
Air. McNeill would* write to Mayor
Ijee to this effect as soon as the latter had returned from Ottawa. Nature has destined this city to be the
��Ustributlng point for the Fraser Valley and a grievous mistake would be
made if any efforts were spared to
induce or even compel any tram-line
scheme on the banks of this river to
make Westminster a point of call.
Once the channel of the river to tho
sea is perfected and proper harbor
facilities provided there will no longer be any necessity to make special
efforts to induce railway or other industries to come here. Such enterprises will recognize the virtues of
the city at once. They will iid longer
have "to be shown."
One   of Oldest   London   Clubs���Early
Meetings   in   Well-Known   Public    Houses.
London probably possesses more
clubs in proportion to its population
than any other city In the world. Catering to the special needs of a variety
of different people they naturally offer
a wide latitude of choice to the man
in search of congenial companionship
and a comfortable pied a terre, says
the Standard of Empire. But numerous as ara the purely social clubs of
the world's greatest city, it is not
among them the most interesting institutions which are classified under
the generic name of "club" are neceB-
sarily to be found. There are others,
filling some definite purpose, and associating some one class of men
whose interests lie in a particular direction, whose origin and growth offer a fascinating field for researcn.
Prominent among t:.e Institutions of
this kind is the Canada Club. Dating
from the second half of the eighteenth
century, it .can certainly claim to be
one of the oldest clubs in London,
buch clubs as White's (1730), Boodle's
(17610, Brooke's (17(14), and Arthur's
(17(>5) are as old, but at the time of
their inception were probably more
in tho nature of forerunners of the
modem residential club. The Canada
Clttb, on the contrary, was most likely
The two political meetings held last  a development of-the   literary dining
nigiu snow that tiie election campaign in Westminster has begun in
earnest. The Liberals are to be congratulated on putting a man iaito the
jiela in tne face of what appear to be
Made from pure, grape cream oi tartar
Makes home taking easy. Nothing
can equal it for making, quickly and
perfectly, delicate hot biscuit, hoi-
breads,   muffins,   cake   and  pastry.
Protects the food from alurn.
City Property
Lot just off   Second    street, ?^00, $100 cash, balance $15 per month.
Lot on SI.\th avenue, $1150, third cash, balance C and 12 months.
Lot on Dublin street close to  Twelfth street,  looking  south;   all
cleared, $1200, $350 cash, balance fi, 12 and 18 months.
Lot on London street near Twelfth  street,   $1100,  one-third  p'ash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Two lots on Eighth avenue near Tenth
will handle the two.
Btreet, $2300,  $400    cash
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
No. 66���SURREY���Fifty acre farm, 16 cleared, 12 slashed; 100
fruit trees; also small fruits. House flve rooms; two barns; clOBe to
schools, tram line, G. N. It., telephone, etc., etc.    Price $8000;   terms
$5000 cash, balance easy. .
/ w
No. 53���SURREY���Eighty acres, one mile from Hunter's station,
t /
B. C. Electric Chilliwack line.   Price $80 per   acre;    one-third   cash,
balance in two years at 7 per cent.
No. 72���SHERBROOKE STREET, CITY���Small new house and
lot near school.    $100 or $250 cash required; balance as rent.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C.
Electric Railway Depot.
���a���wmmi n���   i   iiaannn
Phone 1105.
clubs which flourished in those days. _
The Kit Kat Club (liOO) and tne Roy- '
al Society Club (1743), where, good
fellowship and brilliant conversation
were  the  leading  features,  were  ex-
��ilmot-t   hopeless   odds,     fur  a   long  amples of this type.
time it has looked as if the Liberal |    Thp earliest records of Canada Club
i>arty iu this province were dead.
This was a bad state of affairs for
the country. The renewed signs of
lite siiown by the party at this flection are proof of a healthier condition
in the body politic. No party however excellent should remain in
jpower withou, some sort of effective
-criticism both in and out of the
House beinr; possible. It is demoralising to thai very party itself. For
that reason Conservatives and Liberals alike should welcome the present fight and even the most loyal follower of McBride may be permitted
to hope that a somewhat stronger op-
jM>sition may be ifcturned than was
to be found in the last parliament.
During   the   interval   between   this
-and   March   28   every  elector   should
appears to have been mislaid, but it
is just possible that they may have
been entrusted to the care of some
olty bank, and forgotten for the time
being. Tho minute bonks, tavern bills,
ic^istcrs of attendances, and other records dating back to 1K15, or thereabouts, are uow in the vaults of the
Cank of Montreal.
In the absence of the earlier records, it is impossible to be -cei tain of
the origin of the club, but the tradi- i
tlon is that the original members were
a coteiie of lumber merchants and fur
traders engaged in the Nortli >vest,
who used to gather periodically in a
convivial way in the City of London.
Thus the Canada Club's beginnings
date from a time when Canada and
tho Hudson's Bay Company wero syn-
subscribers' stations were added.
Equipment was changed at 2fil3 stations and 2203 stations were removed;
3861 stations were removed from one
location to another; 104 private
branch exchanges were installed and
12 removed. The Garry exchange was
cut into service on the 8th of January,
1911, with accommodation for 5006
lines, the St. John's exchange on November 5th with accommodation for
2100 lines, making a total of five exchanges in the city of Winnipeg with
an ultimate capacity of 41,000 lines.
The new stores building was completed on Henry avenue. Underground
installed In which was placed about
30 miles of conduit; and 47 manholes
were built.
Pole leads in the city were increased by 1400 poles. The cable was Increased    by  33,266    feet,  or  21.03%
miles of single wire.
The system now serves   from   the
five exchanges in the city of Winnipeg
20,168 subscribers' stations.
Lumber,   Moulding1:.   LeUis    and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
seriously  consider  the arguments  of ! onymous terms, before -the great herl-
the   opposing   candidates.     The   suf- ' tage, lately won    froirf    France, had
/rage is not only a privilege, but it is   given indication of what it was to be-
slos a dutv.   To cast an ignorant vote  come in later years.   Could those old
is to fail in a citizen's duty. Machine   merchants and traders leap the ceu-
votes aro the stultification of democ- \ tu'. ies  and see  the progress that the
lacy.    Vote tor  party  principles,  but   almost uninhabited.wilderness.of their
do not vote tor a mere party.    Thus   Aay has made, tliey would have some
and thus  atone-can  tho  people   con-   dlttlculty \i\ believing their own eyes,
trol  thc  government   of  the  Country,' Nor can they have imagined that sum;
and such popular conti ol is the very i hundred and fifty years later a noble-
essence of    the    constitution    under   man who was virtually the ambbassd-
which It is our  privilege  to  live  in  dor of tbe    gre.it    Dominion to    the
Canada.   The temptation to abuse un-  Mother Country would be one of the
limited  power  is  almost  irresistible, ! most prominent of their successors,
anil if the people desire efficient gov- j    The   early   meetings   were   held   at
eminent according to tlieir own ideas   such well-known public houses as the
they must make it plain that they are ( London and Albion taverns, and even,
electing representatives and not    ap-   occasionally, as far afield as the Old
pointing  masters.    To    do this  tliey I Ship, at Greenwich, and a  Richmond
must exercise tlieir    own    Judgment   inn.     On such occasion;, the journey
-inJ suffer no dictation.
to and lrom the meeting place was
made by liver. The records show
that lhe club was always an exclusive
one, an.l Ita charges wee never on a
'r.v basis.   The minutes also indicate
South African  Parl.amcnt Drafts Bill , that it  was the custom of tae mem-
tor   uand   SOtt,ement. I hers to entertain the Lord Mavor and
The Lexl oi the S-iuth African Land  other  high  functionaries,  as well  as
SSettletuuit    uui, Hip lntioductlon    ot': distinguished naval and military coat-
whiei,   .'.is  lu.csiiadoAed  hy  Colonel ; manners on their leturn
Xeucha.s, i.... Minister of commerce
and In just .**..*, m a speech at Pieter-
mailtzhurg, on Dec. ,w, is now to
liand, says the Standard of Empire.
.Colonel Leuchars' speech stated that
the scheme contaminated dividing the
settlers Into four classes. The flrst
included poor men with no capital,
-and would bo open to South Africans
��� only; these men would bo supervised
by a board and assisted as the hoard
felt justified. The second class would
include men of ��2011 or ��260 capital,
-and would be for South Africans and
nlso men from oversea. The third
class would be for men with more
capital -also South Africans and men
from oversea���while the fouith class
Would be for men with large capital.
Ihe draft of the Bill published ln
the Union Gazette does noi classify
the settlers for whom land will be
available On the lines of this forecast, li Is divi led Into live parts, eon-
taining 11 clauses In uli. Part cue
provides for the arolntm��nt of land
iwardt in any area of the I'nion. such
boards to consist of three members.
The functions of the lund boards are
io advise tho minister in matters pertaining to the working of the act.
Pari two provides that the minister
may   purchase,  either  by   public  auction  or  prlvato  treaty, piivite    land
wbicb  he deems suitable tor settlement.   Kai ther, that tbe minister may, j
with tho approval of the government,
effect b.v pi Ivate treaty nn exchange of
-any crown land for uny private land
which he may deem suitable for settlement,   ir any person qualified under  the    provisions    of  Section     16
��� given   below) make   application    re-
questing  thai   certain   land   be   purchases for settlement purposes on behalf of the applicant, and declare his
Willingness    tO   contribute    forthwith
not  less than one-iirtb ,,r the maximum purchase price, the minister may
purchase the said  hind.    Kvery  proposal  to ,a;'i|iilre land under either of
these conditions nlmii bo referred to
the Land Hoard for consideration and
report, bs to tho fair valie or the land
to the existing owner,  iho suitability
of the in.! for settlement purposes,
tho nature of the mda^iy and possible
���OUrceg Of  water fUPPly, and  the  na-
ture nnd value of the Improvements
existing, on tho bind.
from active
Twenty years ago the membership
Of the club was about seventy, but
many of the members did not usually
attend Its dinners. Since then, however, it has made great progress. Lord
Strathcona and other prominent Canadians being inclu led in its roll cf
membership, its dinners still retain
lhe distinctive character of former
years, though naturally, nowadays,
many other interests besides lumbering and (ur trading ure represented.
Lasl dinner, held nt Prince's restaurant to signalize the conferring of a
borcnetcy on Sir Thomas Skinner, tha
flnani la] adviser of the Dominion Gov-
ernment and of the Canadian Pacific
railway tor many years piiHt, was attended by a particularly representative group. Mr, ,1. C. Colmer, C.M.C, ,
presided, and Mr, Alfred Bmlthers, the
head of the London board of the
Grand Tsunk railway, was entrusted
with the duty of proposing the toasl
ol the evening Finance waj represented by Viscount Qescben and Lord
Furness, and the Naw bv Admiral
Douglas. ��� Sir William White, glr
John Anderson, the permanent seere
tary of the Colonial Office, an I .Mr. W,
L, Griffiths, secretary to the High
Commissioner Tor Canad i, were
among the many pr.imlnent Canadians
and gentlemen with Canadian Interests who were i resent,
Modern seven room house
and lot on Agnes street, near
Third street, running back n
38-foot street. House rents for
$35 per month.. This will increase quickly in value. Price
$5,800, and reasonable terms.
1       NEAR   SIXTH   STREET.
Here's another lot on Carnarvon street, close to Sixth street.
The size is tit; feet by 132 feet
and tbe price is $f 1,500. Terms
are one-third cash and the owner will arrange balance to suit
buyer. ;
Business Sites
Large business lot, 68 feet by
132 feet, on Hoyal avenue, between Sixth and Eighth streets,
with a 33-foot street at the rear.
There are two good houses on
this lot, one rents for $'10 and
the other for $25 per month.
Prioe $10,000; terms, one-quarter cash and the balance over
four years.
for the man
who has the
The business portion of Columbia street is
no longer adequate to the city's needs. The
growing importance of this town demands
that the retail centre should expand. It is
stretching out west and north. You will
notice indications of this on Sixth street, on
Eighth street, on Carnarvon street and on
Agnes street.
A good double corner on Uoyr
al avenue, near Dufferln street,
is ofered on easy terms. The
tize of this Is 132 feet by 132
feet, and the lot ls cleared and
ready for building. Price
This Is on Carnarvon street,
n:a ��� l'.:: t... s eet Lat i i
ce.ied and oi Cie right
o. the st:cct. P. ice $100a
dorms, onc-t'.iird cash and the
balance ln six, twelve and eigli
teen months.
Lot on Sixth street, corncrin ;
on Cunningham street, li  is ih;
leet by 132 feet. The house on
this lot  rents for  fiftv  dollars
per month and this is
The annual report of the telephone
commission which was yesterday submitted to the legislature shows total
receipts of $1,250,633.18 and total expenditures of $i,072,5Hf.08. an apparent excess of $208,0311.10. Tho report,
however, takes no cognizance of the
payment of interest on telephone debentures, says ihe Winnipeg Free
Press. These payments as set forth
in the public accounts aggregate $321,-
300.19, Thia makes the telephone
showing for the years as follows:
Receipts       $1,280,633.18
General  ..  ,. 11,072,694.08
Interest      ..     821,300.19   1,398,894.27
i have two exceptionally goad
buys on Columbia hi net.    Kadi
of these is a business block and
stands on a lol 66 feel by 132
feet.    The price i.s |125,OQ0 efich
and the  terms  will  be  madu
Large lot near Eighth Street,
68 feel by 132 feet, runs back
to 33 foot street. The price for
this ls $17,1(00. The terms are
$5000 cash and the balance In
one,  two  and  three vears.
ly the best buy In business property on the market today $30,-
000 has been refused for 'he
adjoining corner. I can let you
mi - j_i ,     ��� , ii   ',    have thl8   r"r   *-i.��("'-.    *"500
loday property on these streets is not sell- cash and th, balance t0 a,-
ing at business prices. The price asked for a i JSti" yo'
lot is merely it's residential value���the value
that will easily be doubled and trebled in a
few years. Knowing this and with a view to
making a few quick turn-overs, I have picked
out some of the best buys in this city today-
buys that appeal particularly to the man who
has money to >vest.
1 can show that these are real good snaps
and that the increasing value of these properties will make any man more than satisfied
with his investment.
Study carefully what I have to offer on this
page. It is good and you know that it is
good. The question for you to decide is, are
you going to buy it now or later, when the
figure will be much higher.
This faces on Sixth strei:.
near Sixth avenue,'and is excel
lent slto for store. Loi is 66
feet by 132 teet, Pried $20110;
one-third cash and the balance
In bIx and twelve nionlhs.
PRICE   $5000.
liOt on Agnes street, between
Second und Third streets, with
largo slx-ronied modern house,
whlch^rents for $35 jor month.
Tho price ls $5000, und the
terms will be arranged to sail.
Deficit            113,261.0�� ]
In the city of Winnipeg 5363 new '
PHONES 170-173
im        ������ 1     _. jt ���������: ��� J  IV
<*a**W"--.-' r.  '. v> .J*i   I'M 1
Royals Champions
After Great Match
The PaterBon cup, emblematic ' of
;the championship of the Pacific Coast
Hockey league, comes to Westminster.
By winning one of the finest and
most interesting games of the season
.at the Arena rink yesterday evening,
Westminster captured the championship and qualified for the trip to
Quebec in quest of the Stanley cup.
Seven goals to five was the total
count last night. Vancouver held the
five end.
At tne close of the game when
they had cinched the championship
and vindicated their promise mado
early this season the members of the
Westminster team were wildly hilarious, yelling, whooping and cutting up
capers to show their delight. Lehman,
the starriest goaltender who ever
flagged a flying puck, was as happy
as a kid with his flrst pair of pants.
I Said Ernie Johnson to P. W. Luce,
secretary of the Westminster club:
*'I told you at that banquet you gave
us in, January that we would bring
the Paterson cup to Westminster.
Well, haven't we done it? And we'll
be there next year to keep lt ln that
place, too." he added. Arid the big
fellow meant every word of it. Captain Gardner was perhaps the proudest mau of the team, although Harry
Hyhnd was as full of satisfaction as
his little self could contain.
It certainly was a happy family
that whooped 'er up and proclaimed
for all the world to hear "We're the
* (that a policy of segregation  carefully
��� followed wlll In a generation or two
In the <house league series last
evtnlng, the Wanderers t'X>K two out press
of uiree games fiom tne Itubes. close;'
scores being the featuie. Ingram, tor
the winners, was in flne form, making high score with lull and tne top
aggregate of 504.    Following .ire the
si   ne:-:
McGill    184
Smith 82
Ingram    132
Dill    151
largely reduce our feeble-minded population an 1 thereby our problems of
criminals, prostitution, disease, drunkenness   and   crime."���Winnipeg   Free
A. N. Other  lit.
Pike    132
Ayerst  128
Williams llfi
2 Ttl.
780    723 2128
Currle   .
3     Ttl.
It is a game in which speed is one
of the greatest assets und it is by
this speed that the public interest is
aroused. A recent statement by a
newspaperman of British Columbia,
where the game has recently taken a
great hold, was: "Lacrosse is fatt.
but it is a funeral procession compared with hookey."
In the Province of Quebec hockey is
the popular winter sport. Tliere the
greatest interest seems to he'iti the
professional side. The reverse is the
case in Ontario, where the game has
ir.ade its most advance^ strides. Amateur hockey reigns supreme in our
own province and the sport is conducted by one oi Canada's greatest
amateur bodies, the Ontario Hockey
Twenty-flve Per Cent of Reformatory j To give some idea of the heights of
Inmates   Wea''.-Mindcd. I ��imni.ri(-.(�� -ft.u i���i���i.__" ,_
709    744    659 2112
This evening on the local alleys, a
Vancouver team under Captain Hodge
will try conclusions with a local quintette to be selected.
It  Is :iow  Canada's  Premier Winter
Hockey, properly named Canada's
greatest winter's sport, is inereusing
m wiUrest year after year. The game
is one that is easily understood���its
rules are simple,  particularly  in Ou-
Henry H. Goddard, director of the
Derarttuent of '.tesearch, ln the Train-
ing School, Vineland, N. J., writes in
the survey of the public inquiry re-
suiting; from the failure of the state to
control the feeble-minded. According
to  Mr.'Goddard   three  hundred  thou
popularity to which hockey lias reach
ed it might be mentioned that the
O. H. A. thia winter has no less than
113 teams playing in its association.'
Owing to the uncertain winters in
some parts of Canada artificial ice
rinks are being built in many of our
cities. In British Columbia no less
than  three  of  these structures  have
SSEKKl1" ^"SSSfiftS S��2�� ���*��^3?5
sand have not sufficient intelligence
t,p manage their own affairs with ordi-
narv prudence; aie unible ti compete
with their fellows on e.iual terms
rind there'iy to earn livelihooJo. Thi3
army furnishes the recruits f.ir the
raniis of the criminals, pauper?, pios
a great hold on ttie far western people. Tlie three places in question are.
Vaucouver, New Westminster and
Victoria and as the Mme is being
played by professionals no expense
has been spared to secure players from
all parts of the Dominion. British
Columbians wanl the fastest and best
titutcs.  drfmkirds.   the   neer-do-wells , hockey in Canada, if they can buy it.
and others who are social mlsltis. In Toronto there is in course of con-
��� Actual tests In our reformatories i struction a great artificial ice arena.
for girls and boys," s.ys Mr. God lard land next winter the followers of tho
���show  that at  ieast   25 per   cent of j game will  be ablo to sit in comfort
and   watch   the   game   played   under'
the most favorable'conaitions.'v
The game  itself was not played to
them are distinctly feeble-minded. Of
one hundred consecutive admissions
at the State Reform School for Boys
at Hallway, X. J-. twenty-six were
feeble-minded. Nearly as many more
were borderline cases. Fifty-six girls
who had been inm.ites of the Massachusetts Reformatory but who had
been released on probation, were examined. They were selecte.l because
of their bad conduct and Inability to
any extent in Toronto or neighboring
towns and cities until 1890 although
it had previously awakened great interest and popularity in Montreal.
Ottawa and a number of eastern
places, lt was in 1890 that the O.H.A.
was organized and from that time the
interest has increased.
Many notable public men have from
���- j  .        , ,      .. ah I     many iiumuie uuunc men n����u iiu����
remain ln homes found for them    All �� �� interest in
but four were ^"nct y feeble-mlnd-!����� * ^ ^ �� g ^ wM the
ed.   Of one hundred youths In the lie- /  .     B ^ Stratford, who
tention Home of the Newark Juvenile | ��n .^ d* wfts ^ craek player
Court, we found only one who M|The first president of the O. H. A.
average normal mentality, and sixty-1 WM the ^ LJeut..Col. A. M. Cosby,
six were beyond question feeble-mind-, who alg0 donate(i a handsome trophy
"In view of these conditions how inadequate has been our treatment of
these cases ln the past? A man, woman or youth is brought before the
couit, convicted of petty thievery, sentenced for sixty days, serves his time
and goes free. What" has been accomplished?   Nothing!   The chances were
to the sssociation.
The first Ontario championship went
to Ottawa in 1890.
���Central Press.
A Superstitious Waiter.
A man dining at a cafe observed*
,  that, though he had ordered one do*-
ono in tour at least that he was  so.���   ���        ��� h<J WM 8erved with oniy
������-"������"'��� ���>-������'--���' ���>'������' ''������ ������'- """""'-'eleven.   The next evening the.'same
thing occurred again.  Then the diner
became somevhat irritated..
"Why," he demanded of the waiter, "do you serve me only eleven
oysters when 1 order a doienr"
The waiter bowed apologetically,
"I don't think you'd be wanting to
bo sitting thirteen at table, sir.
mentally deficient that he was Incapa
ble of knowing the right from the
wrong or, knowing tt, was Incapable
of keeping himself from doing wrong,
two months ln Jail can have no pos-
tlble eitect on him. He comes out
with the same we.ik mind. His time
served he Is set free and in a few
weeks or days ls again befoie the
"The writer examinee.' eight women
In one of the best county nlmshouses
to be rounded. All had given hlrth to
feeble-minded children within ��lx
weeks of each other. The superiii-
tthdent said that of 105 children born
there within a period of flve years,
102 we:o feeble-minded."
As a remedy is ls suggested that the
State should establish stations where
flieso case have been discovered they
critically studied so that the courts
and other authorities may be able to
act. lutelllgontly upon the facts. After
there cases have ben discovered they
must be lemoved from that environment In which It h.is been proved they
aro incapable of living normal lives,
in accordance with the conventions of
society. They must be colonized In
groups where they may be perfectly
happy and somewhat useful. Only
one limitation need be placed upon
them ln these places and that ls they
must never hocome parents.
"Pome will say," writes Mr. Goddard, "that Euch a pollcy woul.l involve endless expense. It ls true that
It wlll cost money, but eo/ tlocs the
crime that we now have to endurp.
Furthermore, It must not bo forgotten
that when   there   mentally dofectlve
Deadly Germs, Not Bullets, May De-
clde Future Contests.
The warfare of the future may be a
war between chemists. The nation
with the most ingenious chemists will
be the nation to conquer. Bullets
shells and explosives will be replaced
by a series ..f the most'death-dealing
?erms and poisons known to science
jays Pearson's Weekly.
First of aH, a shell wilU.be filled
with germs of cholera, typhoid, or
smallpox. Fired into a besieged town
these' dreadful shells will do their
iesdly work far more effectively than
any melinite, lyddite, or other ex,
plosive ever Invented.
The thickest armor plate or tlie
heaviest guns in the world will he
useless against them, ln a week the
besieged city would be a mere pestilence-laden graveyard which even tho
snemy would think twice about entering.
Germ warfare is only a part of the
new system of warfare t at tin British admiralty is now considering. An-
jther idea of the inventor is a shell
filled with a material that will literally tet tlie atmosphere .on tire.
When ih^ shell bursts over a town or
���amp Hm air will be filled with bluing red-hot specks that will settle
town ond bum everything withiu
reach. The atmosphere IU*h will become :e. herfted that no living being
would ���'.(!��� in its for more tliau a few
ininute*. ;
The fog shell :has long been the
iream oi the war offices of various
nations. Such a shell is now actually
undar ooi sideration.
Whsn tho fog shell explodes the air
for hunlreds of yards around, the spot
will be filled with a thick, dense fog .
worse than any "London particular."
The biggest dreadnought in the
world would be rendered useless in a
few minutes with one of these shells,
and that without injuring her in any
way! rihs would simply be shut in or
Ihe fog, n fog so thick that no .searchlight cap penetrate it. A few torpedo-
boats, once the fog shell had been
Sred, could sink tl eir huge enemy
with practically no danger whatever
lo themselves.
Perhaps the most horrible part of
the new invention is "Blindite." As
its name implies, it is a ghastly substance, which blinds anyone within
reach. Enough "Blindite" csn be j ut
n an ordinary rifle bullet to blind a
dozen  people.
A shell filled with "Blindite" would
blind everyone within 100 yards' radius. Such a shell, exploding over at
warship, would leave it ub helpless
ks a mouse in a cat's home. The inventor himself discovered this clwiti-
ical quite accidentally, and was nearly blinded at the time.
No*   that  such   ideas  ar>  actually
oeing seriously considered it is to be
---"    "���*    *u~ ;"    h.*'  carried
Every man has time enough
to do his whole duty. When
he leaves a duty undone or
discharges it in the consciousness that it is not as well
done as it should be his lack
of time is never the real reason for , his failure or his
Here ls a gilt-edged investment that produces 25 per cent Income
on purchase price.
It ls a business block in a live Fraser Valley town,
and $1500 cash required.
Price J3500,
Owner must eell quick, and consequently Is ottering considerably
below the market.
The Westminster Ti ust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ud.
J. I. JONES, Mgr. Dir.
28 Lorne Sireet New Westminster
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
hoped    that   they    will
throuvrh  and  approved
The very
LUMMIUII       IHI*,       np,H",vi.        ra* ...-        . -*-���
possibilities of th'e horrors that  war
will bring in its -ra.l  then will keep
will  bring
nations at peace
person,    are trained    to do   things I *'* Joi. had a million c.o.,ar��r
rather than to read from books, mux  d���^d g��g inUt nil  ba
of them become self-supporting under1"���n���. j'" '   ,���_. ,.��� k���-r
dl: ection.    Wo may reasonably hope ��">.�� m u *1k8   3 h?T
Poor Perklnsl
"There's Perkins ��� you know Per-
kinti  ���   entered  into   an   agreemen.
with his wile soon after their marriage twenty years ago that whenever
either lost temper or stormed the otner was to keep silence."
"And the  scheme  worked.'
"Admirably.   Perkins has kept silent Ior twenty years. ' ^    .
Equal to ths Occasbn. ���
"You're no judge of literature or
rhetoric, Sam. Why, you couldn t
do it to save your life il 1 asked you
to give mo a good illustration of a
flat contradiction in tern". '
"Couldn't 1? All right. The next
time vou ask me to lend you $5 yon
wiU flud my>( decided negative u
quite positive."
Wrons Place.
Par��on (to youn<?*ter indulging   in
Sunday morning l':shine)-I nm sur-
prisrdsto flnd you   fishing   here, my
Boy���Whv? Dye know nny placo
where they' bite better, guv'nor?
Tatterdon Torn -Wot would you d')
i had a million dollars?
t t'ing I'd
d-> would hi�� to invest nT  hat   $009.
Thi Gender of Stamps.
Never had there been such a commotion in the little .flat. And the
most excited person present was the
sister of a young mother who had just
presented her husband with twins.
Auntie wa3 wildly delighted at being
auntie in a double sense, and off she
ru hei to the postpffloe for stamps to
spread the great tidings.
"Stamps!" she jerked as sbe reached the counter and flung down her
money. ....
"How many, miss?" politely inquired the clerk.
"Two!" she cried joyously.
"What kind?"
"A boy ind a girl," she returned
rapturously as she bade him hurry.
Where Latin Is Still Spoken.
In the central part of the Balkans,
far up in the mountains between Bulgaria, Servia and Turkey, there is a
community of mountaineers amon*
whom strangers seldom go. During
the ascendancy of the Roman empirs
s Roman colony was founded here
and then forgotten on account of its
remoteness. For the reason that the
descendants of those ancient colonists have never mixed with the people Bbout them they retain their
original characteristics, even to the
langifage. In several villages the
Latin that the peasants speak is so
plain that students ol classic authora
can understand them.
3���DAYS ONLY���3
Presenting a European novelty,
**A Study in Rags," making
statues out of rags.
A Hit on Every Program.
Kellned Singing,   Dancing   and
iiavid-Fire   Comedians.
Slnglne "Meet Me Tonight in
Dreamland." Beautifully Illustrated.
FIFTH AVENUE ��� Near car line:
eight rooms, bath, toilet upstairs
and ln basement; hot water heating; modern everyway. Price $5000;
$1500 cash, balance one and two
years.   No. 164.
BELMONT STREET���Near car line;
eight roomed house; stone foundation; modern; hot air heating. Price
$4000; $1000 cash, balance over
three years.   No. 163.
DUBLIN STREET ��� Seven roomed
house; furnace, laundry tubs, bath,
separate toilet; chicken house and
runs; lot 50x132 to lane. Price
$4000; good terms.   No. IT.
street car line; nfodern in every
way; cement walks; beautiful view
from balconies; both back and
front. Price $3700; good terms.   19.
Peoples Trust Co!
Head Office New Westminster.
Phones 646 ahd 669.
i Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treaa.
Manufacturers  and   Wholesale Dealers In
| Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea' No. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
Get the utmost care if handed ln to
our dispensers. Our checking system
makes it practically Impossible to
make a mistake.
We put in exactly what Ib ordered,
and charge a fair price for these Ingredients.
You know lt Is absolutely safe.ll dis
pensed at
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cl" Block.
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
A French farcical comedy. A laugh
In every line and the lines are', close
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth street, Xne8day mortdrig.
Mail orders now. Prices: Lower floor
$1.00, balcony $1.00 to 25c.
Brunette Saw Mills Compaay, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C
Are well stocked up with all kindsand grades pf
Ji specially large stock of Laths, Shingles'and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build forfrale or rent while prices are low
j* ��      ��� ,.' ��� "' ' '
Thursday Evening, Mar* 21
���':. i * *..-���**  ,  ..'���;-���      . ���
Hon. Richard McBride. Mr, H. H. Watson;/ Conservative candidate for Vancouver; TJhomas Gifford, Conservative candidate fpr
New Westminster; Mr. W.' G. McQuarrie and Mr. Adam S. Johnston will address the meeting.
Ladies Especially invited.
Mr. George Kennedy, Liberal candidate, is invited.
fr ��� ���.^������w'W1' a"!' i nniiiiuintjMm,.mnii,i!��is'nniW"wii  a-xasaai. PAGE SIX.
ii. i   I !
Oil Bath For Baby.
This story begins like n fairy tale. It
Is not a fairy story at all. but u plain
statement of a very Important subject
-the oil bath for a delicate child.
Ouce upon a lime tbere wus horn a
tiny baby.
At birth this .little mite of humanity
weighed less than tive pounds, and the
physician, nurse and parents all despaired of her life.
Tlie child's plot her was a frail, delicate Utile woman, who. after u few
weeks, wns forced to stop nursing be<
Infant daughter.
II was only by tbe most Inllnlte care
thut baby's life was saved when thla
calamity  befell her.
1'iire fresh cow's milk was modi tied
nml pnstfiii'i-/.i-d nnd hy a direful >tinl.v
ol proportions ;i fond ut Inst found Hint
agreed niiA |h<" Hi11��* one.
Even I lien iNiiib illtliinltv was eu-
countered trying m get ihe I hi by lo
feci trom n uuislug hut Up, ill id the
troubles of iiioiin-r and nurse were
Biihy lost weight, not much. Imt a
gradual decrease was noticed until one
week showed a loss of one and a ttlilf
It was while the mother was bathing
her liny baby one morning Hint an old
colored woman who hall nursed the
mother and grandmother before her
came in to see tlie new arrival In tbe
lt only look a minute for old "Mammy Harriet" to see the condition of lhe
child. Raising both hands to her head,
Klic said: "Land, honey, you must mo
dat chile wlf goose grease if you wants
ber to live! Ves. ma'am, rub her all
over wlf nice warm goose grease an'
git some fat ou her pore little bones."
Old Mammy Harriet then wenl on to
tell bow oue of her little charges had
been very neiir the borderland of henv-
eu   wbeu  she had started to nib the
child with goose fat or mutton tallow
every day. and how It had waxed fat
und strong ns a result of the treatment.
The little mother thought it uo harm to
try. but Instead of uslug animal fat she
warmed   u   tablespoonful  of  olive, oil
nnd  bathed  the baby's  body all  over (
with It Just before the little one was
put fo bed. �����/���
I    A few days showed a marked change,
land at the end of tlie week she nad
I regained the lost ounce and a half.
\    musicians agree thnt \Ue-oVt ��v..U�� lm
\exceUem tor delU-m* utatldreu.
\    When ttae cMV<V\�� very puny tt \s a
~ rmGSiSW��'tb~6a(he the body every  a.\y
\n\X\x worm water, using sonp.    h, intli-
lev  ut  aonp  removes  the   .iiunnii  oh*
I from the skin, thus decreasing tlie tats
jof the body. ,
Cleanse  nil   soiled   portions  of  lhe
baby's body with warm  water and a
Jltlle pure soap, bill give n sponge bntli
of clear tepid water over the test of
the  body.     At   bedtime  give  baby  a
thorough   rubbing   with   pure   warm
olive oil. ���
Tills Is a good rule to follow when
older children are recovering from an
Illness, are suffering from pulmonary
troubles or nre anaemic.
An oil bath tnken dally wlll pul flesh
ou a person as nothing else will do
���i'ry it tor your delicate :lilld.
A Question of Much Interest to Many
Young Mother*.
For tbo young mother who does nol
ft-jrae her Infant the most vital que*
tion Is. What food will be best fot
The selection of food depends largely upon the Infant's physical condition. What will agree perfectly wUh
a normal child wlll act as poison i<��
the baby with weak digestive organs.
Always consult your physician regarding the proper food for baby and
do uot allow yourself to be guided by
the advice of neighbors and sympathetic friends.
Baby'M life Is too precious to dinner
What Is a Luxury to One Race Is an
Abhorrence   to   Another.
In the turmoil about the cost rd
tood there is one forgotten factor,
and this is the fond itself. There is
quite enough food in the workl ii you
will kindly sit down ahd eat it���having caught it, cooked it, reaped it.
gathered it, or in any yirj conveyed
it from hand to mouth. In a word, we
are all wasting food through silly prejudices that prevent uj from acquiring
a taste for the provender that is at
hand, and separating us at table--!
three times a day���front our brother
man,   says  a  London  paper.
Take the rabbit as an  illustration.
It is a rrolifi" breeder, and even here !
we  try to  "keep* down  the  rabbits"
But   we  e^t,   him
as  ground  ganu.
.   .- , , I..,-,,i i i  nni.twhen shot, or trapped and marketed,
n chanire of (let I 11 ess nl (lei Ml n,>  out ,    ,      . , vr      ,, *    *
'though he is not usually accepted as
ii dinner dish in the most expensive
restaurants.    Now in France the rah-
who Is thoroughly fumillur with the |
physical condition, rnsteurir.ed milk j
modified witli Itmewnter or hurley wn- i
ter is considered the safest lood tor j
nn Infant. j
Use  only  the very  best  quality  of
milk that'can  be bought, lljat  whlcn }
has already been pasteurized lr possible.
If you nre unable to obtain this prepare enough milk for a day's feeding
In clean bottles. Mix It tlrst with
one-third barley water, fill the bottles
and stand them in a lii.rge vessel witli
enough hot wnter to cover tlle bottles
halfway. Let the water come gradually to the boiling point nnd boll fot
ten minutes. Cool rapidly and keep
on lee untll needed. Hurley wiit^r is
prepared by boiling slowly two ten-
spoonfuls of pearl barley in one quart
of water for one bour. Strain and mix
with milk. I.lmewater can be bought
at the druggist's. If you make It
yourself dissolve a lump of unslaked
lime ns big as a walnut ln two quarts
of water. Let it settle und use only
the wuter poured carefully from the
Illcc water ls sometimes recommended. For (his soak two nnd n half teu-
spooufuls of rice for three hours In a
quart of water, then boll It slowly for
an hour, adding a little sugar and a
pinch of salt.
The quantity nnd number of feedings per day depend upon tbe age and
general condition of the bnby.
Feeding after one year of age. unless
otherwise ordered by a physician,
should consist principally of pure, fresh
A little solid food, including soft
boiled eggs, mutton, chicken or beef
broth, stale bread or buttered toast,
well cooked cornstarch, oatrwal or fa
rinn.-run supplement and vary the
milk diet. Do not give bnby nny raw
food, fruit, coffee, tea, beer or liquor
of nny kind whatever.
Train the child to "eat nt regular Intervals, then see that Its meals are
properly prepared and on time.        *
bit is received and eaten with a gen-
erous' welcome. He is in bis glory
there as the making of a tlish of ex-
[���ellence. But cross the frontier into
bought, that whlcn ; (ierniany, and you will not find a
rabbit "on the table. The Germans regard the animal as vermin and won't
aat it.
Again, there was a time when an
accident.I pair of rabbits emigrated
to Australia, and (with the family Instinct) devastate I the country. Tlie
Australian wouldn't eat rabbits���hut
oaught them, and .sent them back to
Europe. At the present m mient Australia is sacrificing rabliU which it
won't eat. In Paris rabbit is "lupin."'
In Berlin it is vermin. And the last
oonftular rejort from Munich announces that the Bavarians will not
breed   rabbits   for   food.
Alter that one can scarcely wondei
that tlie silver streak separates the
people who live 11 eat frogs and
���inai'.s, and the people who cast ridicule and epithets on tin B who seek
to enjoy them. A Frenchman is still
a "Froggy'' to the Kngiish country-
mi n who is quite ignorant of the excellence of th:? le.v of a fro? as a table
companion,though hs may find it by
his door. And the snail (a cleaii
feeder and an animal less addicted to
roaming thin the pheasant, tor c.v
omple) is regiected by the countryman who -could pick it from his
meadows and gardens. Wd waste cur
frogs and snails in Canad  .
In India the natives wil not cat
potatoes; in Ceylon they eat b?es. In
China rats are used as iood and ths
hindquarters of a (log are worth more
to the Chinaman than as mucb mutton or lamb. The question oi food is
'���'his  not so much  one of cost as oi
Animal Longevity. ,
Eome curious statistics have been
published upon what an insurance
actuary would describe as the "expectation . of life" in animals.
Among the larger species of cattl*
there is some approach to uniformity.
IT us for the horse and the ass the
extrem* limit is about thirty-five years
and for horned cattle about thirty.
, For  the  dog% it  is   given   as  twenty -
To Cook Rioo, \ft\e, while sheep, goats, pips and cat-*
nice boiled tender tn milk, sensoned I BT3 grouped at fifteen.   But there Bta
with sugar and lemon Juice, und when l&transer     disparities     nnvti!     Viird-
The Baby's Pen.
In such a device n mother mav place
ber little one, with lis toys, anil lhe
child will be quite content for hours at
a lime, while the mother is saved worry and anxiety by knowing Unit her
baby ls safe.
Have you ever noticed an older person walking on the street pulling a
child along by the arm'.' Have vou
���topped to remark on the way in wbicb
tbe little arm is held, so high Hint the
child's whole weight Is resting oil llie
���boulder muscle wliich connects the
arm to itV Or perhaps you are one of
tbe groups who help children along In
that way. If you nre Just stop to Hunk
of what yon nre doing.
The strain put cm that yomic muscle,
much more tender than Is your own
arm, for Instance. Is enough 10 t'jliwV
the muscle to give way. .No child
Should be hurried along. He knows
just bow fast be etui walfc. and li is
only harmful lo force or to drug Ulm.
Lifting hlm by the arm or arms In such
a way might result In permanent Injury.
Here ls another suggestion to save
thi* young muscles trom overdoing: A
child should never be allowed to lift oi
to enrrv anything wtilch be cannot rtilw
with ihe greatest ense. Such straining
bus been known In result In injury that
undermined tbe health for a lifetime.
"Baby Bunting" Sleeping Garment.
Now lliut tbe heuitbt'iil liubll ot sleeping out of doors has become so general
tbat even the tiniest bnbles lake lheir
Vlaytlme naps as well as all night sleeps
In the open many devices for keeping
their little bodies properly protected
nre suggested In the shops. One of the
most attractive Ht����i IS a sliplike garment called a "bnby bunting," fashioned of white eiderdown, Willi edges
bound in ribbon, pink or blue. The garment Is closed below the feet, ami tne
|k-:ii| Is covered with a red riding hood
������no. snog nm) close. Opening Ibe llr-
tte wrapper In front, bnby is slipped lu
it'i! kepi ihere with only the wee face
|-iii bl' the garment Is sleeveless, thus
Divveiiiiiiu the possibility of cold bauds.
fiold ��<-���"*��� Into piece*, rolled tn egg aud
cvticker crumbs und fried makes n
tnsty dessert tor luncheon.
For Spanish rice brown half a cup
ful of rice In but fat. add an onion.
chopped tine, a totnnto nnd u mashed
clove of garlic, (.'over with hot wnter. season with salt nnd pepper and
cook the rice till tender, adding water
as it is needed, but not stirring.
For rice tortillas mix a cupful of
flour, il cupful of ground rice, half a
cupful of milk, a tablespoonful of bitter uud a little salt. Knead the mixture thoroughly, break off pieces and
put into calces until each cake is large
uud very thin Bake on a griddle until
A rice omelet makes the ordinary
omelet more substantial. Add to tbe
well beaten yolks of three eggs a third
of ii cupful of milk nnd half a cupful
of boiled rice with two tablespooufuls
of batter, salt nud pepper. Fold iu tbe
stiffly beaten whites of the eggs at the
last.   Cook the omelet slowly.
Delicious stuffed eggs have the hard
boiled and mushed yolks mixed with
an equal part of hot boiled rice nnd
the whole seasoned with minced ham
or tongue, pepper, salt, made mustard
and a little lemon Juice. Fill the paste
Into the hollow whites.
Minced hum and boiled rice mixed
together and tilled into Individual bak
lug dishes with an egg on the top
niuUe uu excellent luncheon dish. Kill
the little dishes ubout balf full of the
lice and the bam mixture mid put
ibein Into the oven until they are
heated through. Then remove, drop
nu egg on to each, with bits of butter, \
While a goose may live thirty year-;.
a sparrow twenty-live ond a crow a-<
many as 100. ducks, poultry and'tur-
kt ys die ol Did age at twelve year-.
The palm fnr longevity is divided
li tween the elephant and parrot. Both
pcaa the century.
A Mean Husband.
"I think old Kreezus h-i the queerest way of teasirg his wife 1 ever
....-aid of."
"I thought he vvas fond ol Iter."
"He is, but he likes to get a joke
on her. You know she is sensitive
about iiej- age. Well, he has let everybody know that when tbey were married he gave her a magnificent neck'-
!a"e of diamonds, each diamond representing a year of her age, and he
adds one to the string every time she
has a birthday. Imagine how the
poor woman is torn between her de-
si le to display the necklace anil tlie
fear that when she wears it everybody
will be counting the diamonds."
trrival: C16alag
10:50���Vancouver via G.  N. B-
f: 40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:16
12:00���Vancouver via. B. 13. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. .C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via 0. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).lt: 15
7:30���United States via Q. N. It.
(daily except Sunday).. 9.46
16:16���Unltet} States via G. N. R.
idaily exceut Sunday)..16:0(
11:40���All points east and Europe    (daily)    8:16
22:43���All points east and Europe (daily)   13:15
11:40��� Sapperton    and    FraBer
Mills      (daily      except
Sunday)    +   8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
units       (daily      except
. Sunday)     -   ..?.. 14:0*
11:40���Coquitlam       (dally    except  Sunday)     8:16
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Kdmonds (dally except
Sunday) 11.16
1-1:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
K00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:3i
0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Mondav, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
i:00���Ladner,     Port     Gulchon,
, Westham    Island.   Bun
^ Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   a:id   Sunbury
(daily   except   Sunday). 13:3'
i :00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Satur*
day)    13:311
.6:45���Vancouver, Piper's Sid-
tug vm U. N. lt.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2
.5:50���Cloverdale and Fort Kellj
via  U,   N.   It.   idaily   except   Sunday) 14:00
1:20���Clayton (Tuesday, "Dhurs-
uuy. Friday aud Sat-
day        14:0t
1:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:0(
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday   16:0'
18:10���Abbotsford Upi er Sumas,
Matsqui. Huntingdon,
etc. (daily exeept Sunday)   _ ...,23:0c
6:15���Crescent, White Itock and
Blaine i daily except
Sunday)   9:4:
i: 15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Ha/.Iemere i Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:4i
l-20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
l ehmaa, * ldergTOve, Otter Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Marrayville, ���
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster. Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. SpeWing Station,
Bradner, Bellefose, via
B. C. B. It. (daily except Sunday)    9:00
���1:20���Rand, Majuba Bill via
B. C. B. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9^)0
!0:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except  Sunday) .17:30
11:20���Abbotsford.    Huntingdon,
' via B. C. E. R.  (daily    ���
except Sunday)  17:30
'6:50���Cloverdale    via   B.C.E.R.
(dally evcept Sunday) .17:30
'2:00���Fraser Arm    23:00
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F., ls held every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon anJ
Eighth Btreet. Visiting brethern
cordially invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording seere
tary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
tISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce, Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON' & JACKSON', barristers
at-law, so Icilo.s, etc..Offices, Rooms
(! and 7 Kdls block, Columbia straet
Cable AdJress' "Stonack." Code:
Western I'nbn. Teleplun3, 107J.
Adam Smith Johnston unl Frank
Alexander Jackson.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Paciao.
ln Cuba throughout the island;
also In- Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
.New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Water Laziness.
Even water gets lazy sometime-'.
The experiment-i of science have
shown that, with an increasing temperature, there is an expansion of the
particles of which water is composed,
aid this, while diminishing their density, lessens the weight and driving
force of a stream. At noon on a sunny day or during the course of a
sultry afternoon water wheels become
sluggish, and weirs require opening
more often when the sun is high than
in the early morning or after nightfall.      .
nm ����� i
palmer: up
gasoline engines
i%  to 26 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle,
"In don't understand this banking
milt nml pepper over the top, und bake
until the white is set.
business at all," fad Mrs. Hieks. "Th
Tsity Lsntsn Dish.
Boll  four eggs till  very   bard. fh��n
place tliem ln cold wnter aud remove
tbe shells.   Cut each egg In halves and
spread the cut side with anchovy paste.
Rtltter a fireproof dish nnd arrange tbe
eggs on Ihe dish cut side down on
thick slices of tomato. Pour over
enough nicely seasoned tomato sauce
to cover the eggs completely and sprinkle over with fine breadcrumbs. Cook
In n hot oven for eight minutes and
serve hot. .
s at all,"
would n*
cashier wouldn't give me any money
on my check this morning'because
he sBid it was overdrawn."
"Well, wasn't it?" asked Hicks.
"Not that 1 know of," sighed Mrs.
Hieks. "I filled it in just as you
told me to, the date, amount, the
person to whom paid and my signature.    I didn't add a thing."
He was a very earnest young suitor, and she sent him her photograph.
lt was a good but not a flattering likeness, Shortly after this ha met with
somo reverses in business and write
her oi his ^worries, but ended thus.
"But, dearest, when I look nt your
photograph i feel that I could meet a
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phont   63.
Tsnth   St.,   New  Westminster.
U&VUW. ���   -*-*"~-TtiTZZUii.-*.
An  Ungrateful Teacher.
Little Boy���They won't ever get me
to   give   another   10   cents   toward   a
present of n book  for tl' I  teacher.
Mother���What  went wrong't
Little Boy���Wo got tbe principal tn
sel ;ct one for ber, and he picked out
on.i tbat was jus' crowded full of information, and she's been teacbin' it
to us ever silica.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat, Markel
Cornsr  Eighth  8t. and Fifth  Avtnu*
PHONE  370.
Tommie's Guess.
Teacher���Tommie, is there any (inference between a fort and a forties*,
Tommie���Yes'm. A .fort is manned
by men und a fortrusa by women.
Phona 105.     P. O. Box 845.
Office, Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
WH1TB8IDB   &   EDMONDS���Barrln
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside,'' Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Kdmonds.
solicitor and notary, 010 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offices, Itooms 7 and t
Gulchon block, corner Columbia ani
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
flees, Williams building, 41 Qran
vllle stieet. F. C Wade. K. C.
A. Whealler, W. G. McQi^irrle, G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
f. STILWKLI. CLUTE, barristcr-at-
law, solicitor,' etc; corner Columbl-.
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
mintter Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows-
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on the third Friday of
February, -May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or (iiiartcrlv
meeting, S. H. Stuart Wade, sccfo-
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,OOO.oa��
RESERVE    $15,000,P00.0'V
Branches throughout Canada iMid
Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng-
and, Nsw Tork, ChUsgo and Spokane,
0.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
.making business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
Bavlnga Bank I) sr art ment��� Deposit*
received ln sums ot fl and upward,
md Interest allowel at 8 par cent, par
innum  (present ratt).
Total   Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.   ;
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Talsohona R  113   Office:   Princess 8t.
Phons 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
A.  l_.   MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone   661. Box  772
B. C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A ,M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.  M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00  A.  M Daily
11:00  P.  M Dally
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska
11 P.M March Oth, l'Jth, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte  Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd, ICth and 30th
For  Hardy  Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For  Upper   Fraser   River   Points.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster. 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,  7:00  a.m.,   Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, call-
Ins at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
I'ort Washington, (lances Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
11.  W.  BRODIE,
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Toronto Express leaves at  f:B0
Chicago Express leaves at    13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at 19140
Through Pullman Tourist and
Diners. For Reservations and rates
apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
We  have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons.
Painters, Paperhangert
and Decorators
Eatlmatss Given.
214 8lxth  Avenue. Phone 567*
The Continuous!! _
Growth of a Bank
p l^he:
CAPITAL $4,600,000
REST   $5,600,000
Always  include tbe Popular Bits and the latest classics.
Here nre aome recent issues :���
io im li Double sided records 90 cents ior tha two.
j Thai Uaunllntf Mcludy Al. Jolson
. Ram Tain Tlddle Al. Jolson
[ Bad Pepper Banio Solo Van Epa
I Tha Lobsters Promenade Banio Solo Van Epa
I Moonlight Bar Quartet
I The Harbor oi Lore Van Brunt
Edith Hei. na. lh* Populsr Soprano with the Marvellous
range sings I���
12 inch Boubls Faced Reeord S 1.50 for the 2 sslectlona
I Trovaltfra���Peaceful wai I he night     Edith Uelena
35214 1 Lucia-Had Scene Edith Helena
Sing Faure'a r-oblo Crucifix
80054 Crucifix       .......      Pa nre
Thc famous Victrola is the Marvelous Musical instrument
tli.-it IL. pruclunslhi '. "i- '""'I the World'e (irealeal SinSere
tosmh a liirlikedegicc, Ihat you actually imagine tne perior-
mer Lifjre you
Hear the above Rconls Tlnyed on lhe Famous Victrola at
oar neareet dealers's to dsy.
All These Goods Can Be
Purchased At
of Rur;:i ,Tn Terror
Prophecy of Fajal 1912.
Over the royal household of the
(.real White Czar of all the Russia*
dark terror cast* its threatening shadow aa the result of a dread prophecy
oejlvered to Czar Nicholas seven years
age  hy Gregory Rasputin,-a reputed
!\!'l;u",a" and "My8tlc."' who read in
the horoscope of his credulous master
this -fateful message: '���Beware the
year 1912.   After that all is dark."
Rasputin, whose antecedents are
obscure and whose origin was most
humble, is installed in private apartments in the Winter Palace, where
he spends his time in consulting oracles, the stars, summoning spirit*
and gazing into crystals, pretending
to seek to learn what this year of
fate holds fnr his Imperial Majesty.
So gr;'at is Rasputin's influence that
the Czar consults him whenever he is
in doubt even on the highest questions
of state and the Douma has made his
control an affair of national importance. He receives an ample salary
ar.d costly gifts when the Czar is
pleased with his necromancy.
This mystic is the last of a succession of more or less holy men who
h ve played on the Czar's weakness
and dread of the occult. In his youth
Nicholas was fonder of gazing into
passionate eyes than of attempting to
peer through the veil of the Jutur-.
Hut when he ascended the throne he
fought the help of a church nf which
he became the titular head and ol
certain  of  its  theatric  exponents.
First oamg Father John, the miracle
working priest of Cronsta .:, and Nich-
olas began his reign under the inllu-
enco of this village priest. Father
John was regarded abroad as an ig.
ncrant charlatan and a fanatic, but
the Russian faithful looked upon him
as a saint. Next 1'obredonostzeth. the
famous procurt'.r-geperal ol the Holy
Synod, twisted the Czar around hi*
linger and diverted him from the lib-
eralism he had imbibed in his,youth.
Philippe Sur.dard, son of a shepherd
and born in the French Alps, succeeded; then* others divinely inspired
���Ii;sh<p Henc-genes, Heliodorus, Abbot ot Isar'.tsyp, and the rest of them.
To-day ���"Hasputin is rajgnlng over
him who reigns over Russia. Small
wonder that the Duuma is anxious,
nervous and the people unea-y, since
the fate of Russia may han^ on the
worl of this my.tx steeped in supei-
stitious lore.
419 Columbia St.     New Westminster
Amung the meny reepl and soesle-
teez hu are aulwaiz tu be found theezo
modern d'aiz ajijtatlng for reform, the
Simplified Speling Soeeiety standz In
the foremost plaice Oepinyunz ar
dlvleded as to the valyu of eny aui-
teraishon in our prezent sistem (or
lac of sistem, as the Spe.ing.itejormess
| WOOd    bail,   01    O. L.Ori.aly ,     til ill     I 111 lie
I'.uy ihaiuj lyusc Le a uraubac to tne
tn<jrni ot the kngiish lan^vvaij, while
auni.tlng tnat us inconsistent.tez are
nyumerus; uiherz ar laatner luulienu
io auopt a moiliilcashon 0/ tne prevailing method ot speling, but tier tnat
eny cnainj wil leev the gait oepen, .oi
tu Jar] a croud ov tnovuisnouz.
After aul, whi not lee tne langwai]
az it Is?   Whi tortyur it in this ataui-
j ing,    egzaasperating,   feendisii    wai'.'
I Can we imajin  whot our boo^s  wood
1 be liec ritten in sucn a aUeiY   We se
| in the volyum betoer us a 'acuuii/oi z
Story" and "John Gilpin," translaited.
j so tu speec.let us cwoet a vurs or tu.
ov the later:
John Gilpin cist his luving wlef;
O'erjoid woz he tu fiend
That, tho on    plezher    sne  woz
She huu a fruujal miend.
So thre dorz of the shalz woz
Whair thai did aul get in;
Sics presus soelz, and aul agog
lu dash thru thic and thin.
If Couper, whi not utherz, felo pilgrims in the "plesant lainz ov nolej?"
Cood we reed Swinburne or Meredith
In such a travesty of English? Ov
corse the answer wil be that thalr iz
no neceslty to reed them thus; but
we sai that wuns ttie nyu speling becalm jeneraly acsepted���mal lt be
meny a long d.ai yet!���our byutiful lan-
wa^e wood be entierly spoild, myuti-
lalte.i, unrtconizabl as the grait,
grand English tung. And If it be
afermd that the speling ov the tiema
ov Chaucer and Shakespeare waz
oweer, we retort that that Iz no ec-
scyuez at all. It woz the mother-tuns
and it woz not neerly so cveer as
"Bjfefhe/rwprks s/)d//j/e
^know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined wilh a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to cany.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.   They
��� are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed. *
Pensions For Horses.
Th^> highly original will of an eccentric bachelor. Emil vo-i Bizony, is
reported from Vienna, "h? deceased,
the brother of a well k '.Ama Hungarian deputy, was sixty-five years
old, detested women and lived on a
war footing with all his relatives.
In his will he bequeathed all his real
and personal estat', vorth about
$100,000. to his twelve draft horses.
As executors of the will he named
the Society For the Protection cf
Animals at Budapest, stimulating that
th.' interest on his proper y should he
idevoted to the care of th~se twelve
animals and that upon (' e death of
one of them another aged horae was
to t>" taken In and caret toT. so thnt
the nufnber of twelve might always
be maintained. The relatives are
India Cotton Weaving.
The dty of Colicut, on the Malaba
coast, which, with Snrat, was an ancient cotton mait, gave Ita name to
the variety of fabric known as "calico." Some qualities of this wore so
line. It Is said,'that one could hardly
feel them In the hand, and" the thread
when spun, waa scircelj discernible.
Dacca, once a most Important city lying northeast or .Calcutta, sent out
from Its looms in the early centuries
those wonderful tissues of flne muslins made Trom a staple too short to
be woven by any machinery.
Even after the advent of the British in India there is recorded an ln-
i lance of a piece of muBlIn 20 yards
long and one and a quarter yards wide
weighing only 14 ounces. With the
rudest Implements the Hindoo women
spun those almost Impalpable threads
and wove fabrics that for fineness of
quality have never been successfully
imitated elsewhere. With the decay
of the native Hindoo court3���the chief
customers���the demand , ceased and
the manufacture waB for the most part
stopped. Dacca today is little more
than a ruin, but the art survives to a
certain extent, states Harper's weekly.
Weaving In India divides Itself Into
two branches���hand loom and power-
loom weaving. The proportion of
handloom-made cloth to power loom-
made cloth Is fully two to one.
The native hand loom Is a most
primitive affair. It is now the same
as It was three centuries ago. The
old fly shuttle looms are ln successful
use In certain localities, but these are
not favored by the natives.
The manufacture of cotton ln India
dales back to the earliest times, tn
the Sanskrit record mention Is made
of It 8900 years ago.
therm In Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That Is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Not Fast Horses.
"My dear old father came to visit
me last week," says a friend whose
nanis we omit. "He's one great oil
scout, my clad, but of course he's a
villager, and he can't see this easy-
come-easy-go method of getting rid of
money. He had to be there with a
little advice.   Says he:
" 'Son, I hear you've been losing
a U't of money on fast horses.' '
"'Father," I came back, 'that just
shows how news will get twisted by
the time it arrives at the old town.
It is true that I have risked some
coin at tlie track, but it wasn't un
fast horses. What lost nie my mon-,,
ey was quite the opposite, dad���quite
the opposite.'
Fortune Spent en Buttons.
Forty thousand pountls wa* raid by
Louis XIV. for one set of buttons for
a waistcoat. This monarch had a
positive passion for buttons, and in
the yesr 1635 he spent a very largo
amount on this hobby. Among tbe
items of his expenditure two are
worthy of not*���August. 1635, two diamond buttons, 67,866 francs; seventy-
five diamond button, 536,703 francs.
It is estimated that during his lifetime he spent $5,000,000 on buttons
alone, and that at a time when ttie
empire of France was in a state of
Nothing To Do But Live.
The Friendly Islands of the south
seas are described aa an earthly
Eden. TM natives-have nothirg to do
but catch fish, gather fruit, sing songs
and grow fat. Tho women are very
beautiful, but a tr.llo heavy, weighing
between C51) and 400 pounds. Wbeu
a ,Miite man goes there to live, he
has to deposit JD3 with the Government. If he lives a decent life this
ni'iiiey is returned to him at the end
of two years. I! he makes trouble the
money is confiscated and he is du��
ported. ,
How   It   Happened.
Aunt Maria���Don't deny it, Martha.
I saw you. Your lips and his met as
I eamo into the, rooni.v
Martha���Yes, auntie, but it was all
an accident. 1 started to whisper
something into Charley's tar at the
same moment that he tried to whisper something into my eir, and that
is how it happened. Charley felt as
bad about it as 1 did, I'm sure.
Always renicmbor tho full name,    Look
for this signature on every box.    25c.
Working an Adage.
'Doctor," saioVthe medical student,
"is a blind tnan apt to be an idiot?'"
"Why nol What makes you ask
"The adage says, 40ut of sight, out
of mind'."
"TheSe." said.the. author of a vol-
ome of poems, "are the children of
my brain."
"Yes," replied Miss O.yenn?, "but
suoh a laiye number t i them am
adopted children!"
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro-       \      /
portions to cleanse    \J|5 \li/,y
easily, vigorously,, *"'"'
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST  Twins   do     T~    <fe     u
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.; Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled ior delicacy oi
flavor and food value.
The New  Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Madam���This Delicious
Dessert Saves Time
M .
Instead of spending hours over a hot stove preparing dessert,"try Mooney's
Sugar Wafers.   Their dejpous flavor will surprise and please the wh&le family.
It cost us thbusandsof dollars and took years to perfect this dainty. Taste
it once and you will say that both time and money were well spent
Here are just threeof many reasons why you should at least try Mooney's Sugar
Wafers. fW���their delicious spicy and appetizing taste. Seconrf���it takes no time
to serve them���they are always ready���always good.    Third���they cost but little.
Mooney's Sugar Wafer:
Canada's  Most  Popular  Dessert
Mooney's Sugar Wafer? are made in the finest bakety in thecountry. Weuse
nothing but the best ingredients. Our flour is a special blend. Our butter and cream
are from the finest dairies in Western Ontario. We get the best because we pay
top prices. Then there is the incomparable Mooney Method���the Method that
gave to the Dominion, Perfection Cream Sodas���the standard soda cracker.
The same high quality standard that has made ours the fastest growing business
in Canada goes into our greatest creation���Mooney's Sugar Wafers.
At your grocer's, in dainty, dust and damp-proof tint.   10 and 25 cents.   Try them today.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd.
llliiWMMIIJ r   i��AOft m&t -��^Pfwnn
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1912. f-
See Our Stock of
Lawn Mowers
and Garden Tools
Wealth of Beauty
ln Flie Carpets
 ���! (Continued from page one)
1CTw "Colonial"
l.a.wi\ Mower
I5��M BoUrlAg
All Sizes and Prices
$5.00 to $18.50
Every On 3
The steamer Truns:er has resumed
her regular run.
I The Y. M. C. A. Intermediates will
not meet tonight as the hall will De
o( upied  hy the'Mock Parliament.
Eighth Etreet Bakery, fresh crump
ets daily.   A. Hardman, Phone L159.
Mrs. J. E. P&ilfips and M;'s..Man-
ehestsr are the Royal Columbian Hos-
piial visiting committee tor the
We have sale for reasonably priced
lots north of Eighth avenue, in Sapperton. Reid, Curtis & Dorgan, 7<W
Columbia street.
The fifteen Burnaby &?��������
charged with Intimidation, about
whose case so much interest was
aroused lately, will come up for trial
this morning in the County Court, At
the same time Baden Singh will appear for re-election.
You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the present opportunity of
making money In Port Mann. See the
Biitish Canadian Securities, Ltd., for
>ots in the official townsite. Remember this is backed up by the Canadian
Northern Railway company. **
Mr James Grysdale, a former inspector of the Bank of Vancouver and
with considerable financial experience, both in London and New York
entered yesterday on the duties of
assistant manager of the People's
Trust Chmpany here. ,
Premier McBride and Attorney-
General Bowser wil speak at the B.
C. E. R. Hall at Milner tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. In the evenine
thev will speak at McXeeleys hall.
Laiiner. These speeches constitute
part of the campaign of the Conservative candidate Mr. F. J. MacKenzie.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, has removed his offices from 057
Columbia street, to the Collister
Block, corner Columbia street and entrance on McKenzie street. . Hours
daily 9:30 a. m.-to 5 p. m., or later by
appointment.   Telephone 1121.     **
The Y. M. C. A. will hold its first
Mock Parliament this evening at 8
o'clock in the association's building.
The public are invited to atten:1, and
they' may feel assured tlut a good
evening's entertainment will be afforded them. The debate is likely to
^e of higli quality and considerable interest.
| cream, pale blue and dark red, and
I made ot pure wool from the flocks of
! the Himalayan, Cashmere and Thibet
i valleys. ,
The Persian gives    in    tue higher
grate Kirmanshah,  Tabifc, Hammer-
idan and Chlraz, rues and cai pets Vt
Isol't subdued greens, yellows and sap-
' phires.   They are all stitehed by han;l
land many change    their,   colors iue
chameleons   in   different   lights   ani
! positions.     Many   choice   P^ces   ar--
i being    displayed,    ranging-  in  pilce
' from $25 to J500. A rug amonst the. c
! with   very   powe.ful   interest   is   tno
; Hammerdan, made of camel hair, the
; characteristics of which are the same
' today as ln the days of Estb.er when
the   Queen  knelt  before Ahashuc. M
! on such a rus and the body of Hainan
; was  shrouded  in  one   similar.    One
j carpet from Kirmanshah is most be-
Iwlldering. changing  its    color    with
every fresh change of position and as
magical in its own  way as the carpet on which the Arabian used to fly.
The Turkish, as everyone knows, is
ja large carpet family, and comprises
Anatolian,    Smyrnan      and   Ghorde*
I looms.    Turkish rugs being made by
! Mohammedans, so states Mr.  Carter j
in his very interesting discourse, are
invariably  of  seometric  order,  their
religion prohibiting the use of birds,
animals,   etc.    The  old   dark   tinted
Turkey  carpet ia becoming commercialised and has Uken on shades such
as the market demands.   The wonderful   dyes  are    obtained  from    roots,
herbs, berries and minerals.   On�� pe-
culiar feature about the genuine Tur-
key carpet is that    two distinct co'.- \
ors are often found in the salhe'ruK !
The   Cossasck   or     Caucasian    tribes
never  cease to  weave,  even  in   tint
wildest state, carpets of such wonderful blend of colof as are on exhibition now at Lees Ltd., a true Cossack
I being   among  the   choicest   of   rugs.
jRugs  made in the  Caucasus can  a.l-
I ways be told -hy their invariable use
of the latch-hook In their designs, the
{Bokhara can be told by its color and
design, while   the    Shilte Mohammedan   sect  uses  animals  and   men  in
the figurations.
The Turkoman carpet i3 represented bv the Bokhara in two makes, the
Royal and the Tekki or Dervish. Tho
, colors are always of dark red, cream
! and   lighter red.    The  Tekki  is  thn
| praying mat of the Dervish and  he
1 uses identically the same as is being
exhibited  in  these  showrooms.
I  JU. i l>^t I T~ EDl
The Smith Store Values
New Spring Suits
��� *
In our collection of ntw models are many exclusive importations and a mosi satisfying variety. We invite you
to see the trend of the new styles as portrayed in our
Suits of Whipcords, Tweeds, Homespjns, Worsteds,
Serges and Broadcloths
Individual  treatment  is  shown in tho new Ions revers, be'.ted effects across back and pide trimmings on
skirts.    It's an acknowledge.! fact that Our prices are tho lowest on T.eady-toWear Garments for Women
and   Children.
No  charge  for  alterations.
Alfred W. McLeod
Your druegist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to'cu.e any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in C to 14 days.   50c.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
657 Colombia  St.,
Phona   62. New   Westminster.
Photo Supplies
Toronto Parks
, The Best
Lccal  Knights of Colum&us Assist
Cuccesful  Ceremony.
After aSBistinv ���* tbe opening ot
new council nt Kamloors the members ol the Westminster council of
the Knights of Columbus retained to
this city on Tuesday. The trip w is
a mast sucessful one, sixty ne-.v candidates fiom the Kamloops district
being entered into the order. Besides
these there were 200 knignts present
of wiiopi 126 came f.oin the coast,
the remainder hailins from Bevel"
stoke and Nelson. Three special cars
curled the coast members from Vancouver, the three cities of Vancouver, Victoria and Westminster all be-
iug well represented.
The following officers went
fiom this city: Pete O'Brien, state
warden-. Jas. I. Keary, grand knight,
F. J. Roache, deputy grand knight; J.
K. Fitzgerald, chancellor; Bert Henry,
warden; F. Cairns, financial secretary; D. Sullivan, recording aecretary:
I. Fraser, inside guard; A. K. Warner, outside guaid.
L.  R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
[Member  of  the   Incorporated   Society
A range of all. that is new and best in plain anl fancy Silks carefully selected from the world's best
nukers. .New French Foulards i.i beautiful all-over designs, and in dainty Polka Dot efects, also a Wide
assortment of'nc* figure piUern3 in nsw greys, tans, mauve und'bine grounds. In both Foulard and
Dresden finished Silk, 21 an.l 42 inches wide, from', per yard 75c to $2.00
New Charmeuse Silks
In all Vie ncr^est colon,-, also tn black,
as fa-.x>:ilej an   ths  market;   il\ inches
Thc soft
wiie,  per
,  'ich,
subdued finish of these Dress Silks place
Curtis Drug Store
; ffl ttiJUX
Phone 43: L. D. 71;  Rea. 72.'
New    Westminster,    B    C.
There are many kinds.
Also the latest.   Try
Exquisite Odor.
I Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.*
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, 'FURNITURE
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,
Counterpoint    and    Musical
BtfJujsbt -and Sold.
Hiishest Prloe Given.
For terms, etc.. app'y   51    Dufferifi
Street, i^ew Westminster. Phone R411.
B. &. M.  FISH
Fresh Halibut, per lb lfle
Fiegh Cod (half or whole), per Ib...8e
Fresh Oolichans   3 lbs   for 2De
Fresh Eed Salmon  2 lbs. forl^c
Kippered Sturgeon, per lb 20c
LoggIe"s Finnan Had ile 2 lbs. f3r 25c
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Auction Sages
Conducted on Commission.
{Joseph Travers
Auctioneer und  Real  Estate Agent.
431 Odium Dia Bt.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window  Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Hlock.    441 Columbia St.
New Westminster. V C.
Lieut.-Gov.     Will     Ooen     Vancouver
Horse   Show.
The Vancouver Horse Show, to be
held in Vancouver April 22-21 inclusive, is expected to eclipse every pre-
\ious exhibition of the kind on tne Pacific toast. The opening w.ii oe a
\ery brilliant aiinir. Tnu chief officiating liguie wiil be the Lieut.-Gov.
Hon. T. W. Paterson, and theie will
be present also piemier McHrlde;
Hon. VV. K. Bowser, attorney-general;
Hon. Price Ellison, minister ot ttnance
ind agriculture, and most of the other
ministers, The wives ot tnese honorable gentlemen will be the gjesLs of
the association also during the sho.v.
This year's exhibition, the fifth to be
given by the Vancouver Horse Show
Association, Ib attracting a great de.il
or attention, not only because of pas*>
excellence and accomplishments, but
also bee.uise of the handsome trophies
which will be hung up for competition
this year. There will be championship trophies ln every clasB, In addition to the usual prizes, but the great
feature for exhibitors will be the cup
offered by the Duke cf ConnBJUght,
Governor-Genera] of Canada, 'ihls is
the Hist time that a governor-genem!
has donated a cup to a horse show ln
Canada, and British Columbia's big
event should flatter itself that It has ;
attained such fame in thc east that
such an offer should have been made
unsolicited. A cup will b�� offered by
the Duke of Connaught to the Vancouver Horse Show Association each year
he is In off he. This tiophy him arous-
ed much enthusiast), nnd as li ,vin be
coveted by horsemen there will be
keen competition for it.
The ;rlze list contains fu! entry
for all elates and some ���fine displays
Of horses will be seen. The Jiidcs !
will be Dr. Webster, Ottawa! Dr. Bin
clalr, Simcoe. Ont.; Dr. Orrerr-frl- ���<
the Onlirio An;(cultural Colleve staff, I
Guelph, and Mr, Robert Graham, Ren-
frew, (int.. mon with reputations it"
Impartial horseman and who are
much sought after to art as jtidr.es of
horses in a:i large c!t>s. *""   '
Forty-five acres of splendid rich land of the very best quality tor
gardening and nursery purposes. This place has been well farmed
for a number of years and Is In a high state of cultivation, and has
liecn subdivided into three blocks. Ilulldings comprise large and
comfortable seven room modern house with fully equipped bathroom
���nd running water. Ham IMxSG, and several useful outbuildings.
Never falling stream supplies water for stock.   All fenced.   Churches,
school, post office and stores within a few minutes' walk.
The property lies within the area that will be affected by the
building of Port Mann.    For price, terms and location,apply
Eitabliihed   1891,   Incorporated   1909.      '
F J. fert & Co., Ltd.
INew Westminster
Head Ofti-e, New Westmlnater       llranches at Vancouver     Vlotor.i
Chilliwack and A'clerprove. B.C.       i
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 2��1.
Phonle, Office 19 and IC.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Wectminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave D. C. E. H. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 6:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver nt 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 3:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cara leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
D .C. E. R, Co. station for Vnncouver at 5:45. fiM5 and 8:00
a.m,, witli hourly aervlce thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
��� after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leuves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu     Island     Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Care
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.ni.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Von. at 10:00.
Praser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at. 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m,


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