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The Daily News Jan 23, 1912

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PORT- MANN���WO ar ^ adjoin.
in| the townsRe of Pr g ami with
Great Northern trar- ^, Wesl sub,
division propositi'   i^dM per.aorc.
Terma to arrar ^
WHITE   <e��
.es a co.
VOLUME 6, rN  .iBER 269.
Mayor Lee on Outlook for
Cfric Year.
"At    the'* Beginning   .of   Things-
Some of the Greatest Problems j
Call for" Solution.
the new B. C. Ele<
and   up;    oi
ance C 12, 18 months. Ths
has announced   the   aariy
construction of this tine.
In an inaugural speech comprehending many developments of 11; bi
class importance, and covering the
wi.ole held of municipal activity,
Ma^or Lee addressed the new council last night The mayor said, in
"Gentlemen,���In assuming the office
of mayor, for the third time, 1 desire
to express my gratitude to the Almighty for HU many favors bestowed
upon our city during the year Just
closed. It was to some extent a
strenuous year, for many questions o(
gravity have been before the councll,
but, personally, I havo the consciousness of never having swerved from
my desire to use my best Judgment ln
the discharge of my duty."
After congratulating the electors on
having elected seven men so eminently fitted for their work as alderihen
for 11)12, he continued:
The City'e Progress.
"The past two years have been
marked with much progressive and Seattle, Jan. 22.���Six were Injured
undoubtedly prosperous city develop- three perhaps fatally, in a rear end
ments; but we nre only at the begin- collision this morning between two
ning of things as yet, and much time cars on the Seattle. Ronton & South-
and attention must necessarily be be-, ern  Interurban railway.
Mayor   Lee   Announces   that   Braes
Works and Foundry Will Be
That brass worka and foundry com
panies intend putting up 4tnd operating plants ln South Sapperton was
the announcement made by Mayo.-
Lee at last night's council meeting In
referring to a roadway tbat would
have to be put through to their property to allow of them shipping in
their machinery. These are two separate concerns, and ln the former at
least many local men are interested.
The braaa works are to be owned
by the B. C. Braaa Co., Ltd., with Mr.
John Reid aB president, tfhlle Messrs.
Young and Parker are the promoters
of the concern. Tbe company will be
capitalized at $100,000, some $26,003
of which will be sunk in the plant.
The work to be undertaken by the factory will be almost entirely of an
ornamental nature, to begin with at
least, but it is expected, that later
brass fittings will also be made a*.
the works. The exact location of the
plant lies between the C. P. R. track
and the Brunette river, between lots
6 and 7, of block 8, ln South Sapperton. The foundry will probably be
placed on the same property.
Commission Recommends Ii
and Real Estate Taxes���I
>rtant Changes i.i Income
lption of Improvements���
Poll Tax Discarded���Mr. Bowser Elucidator.
The sitting of the j i
today was devotei to an I
Victoria, Jan. 22
explanation by Hon.  Mr. Bowser of
the changes ln tbe revised statutes.
Hon. Mr. Price Ellison brought In
a synopsis ot the repoit of the com-,
mislon on taxation. The report
recommends the abolition of tbe pol:
tax,- wbich, last year, added $313,348
to the treasury. It also recommend*
tire abolition of the personal property
Some important changes are recommended regarding Income tax. It is
recommended that total exemption of
tax on incomes be raised from $1000
to $1500 and that exemption be not
granted to incomes over $11,000 and
under $50,000; also, that an addition
of a surtax of flve ner cent, be mada
on that part of the incsme which ex-
stowed by you gentlemen on not only |
the many obscure details of your various departments, but on tbe matters
of an administrative and constructive
policy ot development. The honorarium���for it cannot be considered as '
a money consideration for time ex-
pended���given to the aldermen Is far
too small, and should, I consider, be
increased this year to $400 per annum '
as authorized by tire Municipal |
Clauses act. We shall undoubtedly
have before us this year some of the
' greatest problems that the city lias
ever been called upon to discuss, the
importance of which Cannot be overestimated. The solution of these propositions will determine the coudl-
ln our ally, whether   it will be
a*i*,*-*�� m sisll ��tl]r
of comparative obscurity and- mediocre development.
The Harbor Scheme.
"Vou have alrecdy had placed before you a comprehensive harbor
scheme, and although the details are
not >et completed we have sufficient
basid to warrant our earnest thought
and statesmanlike consideration. This
project will probably have to be dealt
with by a harbor commission, but It
devolves upon this councll to be energetic In our endeavors to get it under
way. Our representative In Ottawa,
Mr. Taylor, ls ~ paving the way to
bring the subject officially before tbe
federal government, and from its evident value to the commercial and industrial Interests of. the entire
Dominion we feel confident It wlll receive very favorable consideration.
Transcontinental railways are forging their way west, and through this
district to the seaboard. It ia proposed, I understand, to present for
your consideration in the near future
propositions of some magnitude dealing with these matters, and these, ta
ken in conjunction with the Harbor
Scheme, will easily place New Weat
minster in-a very commanding position on the Pacific coast.
You will presently have placed before you plans for permanent Improvement on the streets of that section of
the city bounded by Agnes street on
the south, Sixth avenue on the north,
First street on the east, and Sixth
stieet on the west. When the plans
of this section are complete lt ls honed tire section west of Sixth street
will be dealt with in a similar manner. Our main thoroughfares into the
city from adjoining municipalities
should receive early consideration at
the hands of the council so that they
may bo In passable condition before
the fall rains set la. Plans for the
Sapt rton sewer system are almost
comileted, and the work should be
well under way thla year. The only
other section of the city tbat will not
have a sewer system will be that portion between Sixteenth and Twentieth streets in the far west end. This
will come before you In due season
Gas and Water.
Plans, specifications and other communications and detailed information
will be place 1 before you in connection with a municipal gas plant. A
proposition for the purchase of a wa"
ter power is ready for your consideration and Investigation. I need scar
��� oely point out to you the importance
ot acquiring a suitable power, and we
believe we have one in sight, near
enough to be of the greatest value tt
sary If we are to take advantage of
essary lf we are to take advantage of
thii opportunity.
The re-survey ot the city ls now
complete, and the map hns been approved by tha Attorney-General. It
will re necessary to take *ome action
to iu'ern^rd the cltv in thla connection bv Ita-lng It convrlthted and
���       lltliograrhed In sl��e�� s'dtiMe fo" get
*******. i i     ,*^***m* ***.***,
*t (Continued na oage four!
The accident occurred at Normin
station near the city limits. A heavy
fo-;. which made it Impossible to se?
h'jt a few feet ahead, Is reported to
be directly responsible for the wreck.
Those most seriously huH are Frank
Bauer, H. Black and Motorman H.
ImportiOM of
immended for farmers. An aver-
systent of assessing incomes from
ies is also recommenced.
The commissioners state tbat their
>Ject has been to reduce taxation on
tfeehs with smaller incomes, and at
le same time readjust Its incidence
possessors: of larger incomes.
-They recommend the periodical re-
isessment of property according to
tlue, the abolition of taxation    on
iprovements,    legislation   enforcing
re  registration of real    estate    on
iffldavlts setting forth true consldera-
lon for purchase, that a registration
fee of one-fifth of one per cent, on
ie value of real estate up to $5000
>e  extended  to all  real  estate  irre-
ipectfve of vali-e, and that the prrs-
>nt tax of four rer cent, on wild lands
Report from  Shanghai that  Premier
Will Be Forced to Retire from
Shanghai, Jon. 22.���Yuan Ski
Kai'a enforced resignation from the
premiership of China Is declared today to be but a matter of a few hours,
as the younger Manchu princes are
ln control, and all indications are that
the clan has decided to fight to retain
the throne for the Manchu dynasty.
It Is rumored in Pekin, according to
despatches received here, that the
former minister of war, Tu Tchang,
will succeed Yuan Shi Kai as premie .
Teh Liang, former president of the
board of war, is second choice.
The life ot Yuan  Shi Kal is be-
City Council Gets to Work
With Vigor*
Days and   Hours   of   Meetings   and.
Spending Powers of Committees
Tbe new council busted through Ka.**
flrst night's work with commendable
promptitude. The civic mactilnei y
worked liked clock-work, and th��.
many important matters that were
brought up tor consideration were
passed on to the different department*
or settled there and then without ��
hitch, and further arrangements fox'
lieved to be ln Jeopardy, and he may ; expediting business were, also made.
ceeds $50,000. An exemption of $200 i- Dealing with tbe coal tax the rep^r
for each legitimate child under tho wecommcn:1s that the tax on coke ba
age of 18 is recommended for certain 'reduced from 15 to 10 cents per ton.
classes of income of parents, nnd ex- No change 1* suggested In the mineral
emptlon of an    additional    $1500    is  lax.
Canada's   Ducal   Party   At
New York.
France   Resents   Seizure of
Merchant Vessels.
First Royal Personagrs of 8uch Rank
to Visit City  In  Fifty Years���
Whltelaw Reid Host.
French Cabinet in Meeting Considers
Situation���British Ship Africa
be charged with treason to the
throne. Republicans are clamoring
for a renewal of hostilities, and the
armistice may be broken at any hour.
Several hundred rebel troops have
already landed at Che Feo.
President of Assembly.
San Francisco, Jan. ��2��� Won?
Ching Wei has beea elected president
of the Chinese National Assembly,
according to a cable despatch received today by the Chinese Free
Press, a daily taper published here.
The assembly is now ln session at
Nanking ani representatives of all
tbe provinces are in atten lance.
A cable despatch received by thc
Chinese Free Press from Shanghai
"Wu 0,1'g'B army has captured
three c'.Mcs in Hupeh province. They
are Wong Pel, Shao Kan and Han Ho.
The Shantung army has captured
Wong Yuen and Loi Yang, cities ln
Shantung province.
"Chin Quing Ming, governor of
Canton province., is leading an army
of 20,000 north toward Peking. ThV
nrovinclal assembly elected Tsn Tal
Fu governor of Canton province, but
the latter refused to accent and has
pone  to Hong  Kong.    General  Lung
Special days and hours were aet aside ���
for the meetings of the different com
mittees   every   week   until the estimates have been brought down,   and
the committees were alao empowered
to spend in cases ot emergency any
sum up to $50 on each occasion without previously  getting the council's
authority, the same   expenditure   to<
be reported to the council afterwards..
| Royal Columbian Hospital,
|    The most important Question, perhaps, raised under the bead of new
business was that of the city taking
over the Royal   Colombian   hospital.
Speaking to the mayor's inaugural ad
dress,    Alderman    Curtis    said    he
thought that this was one of the most
important matters the cpuncil could
take up.    If no one else did so, he
himself intended at an early date to'
take steps to bring down legislation
on tbe point.   In answer to these remarks the mayor Btated thst he had
made arrangements, which the council later confirmed, for a meeting between the hospital    beard   and   tbe
council     to     consider��� ..this     ques-
ticn next Wednesday 'at"4'p.m.
General  Harbor Scheme.
A long letter   was   received   frcnt
Consulting    Civil    Engineer    A.    O.
I Powell, in answer to a request from
Kew York,   Jan.   22.���Arriving
London. Jan. 22.���Italy's naval    ac-1
Street Keenly"tm,
in��w York a auKier or an aour aheid tlvlty seems likely to lea* to rerlous ittllDNKRV HnQ VilMFR
fMbfnafcodul* time, the bu<e ot Con- International compile af.ons. arronllng lUUHNnUl llnj M HI Lil
j^ aaatifet,  governor, ^gener al  ot  Canada  to a Paris despatch to the Chronicle.
jWd   Tmcte"-^4wg|'*-<3corg%; '���**�������� Kl'nleaS Italy .repliea^Ae ��eeuta*
"Duchess  of  Connaught and Princess   toty explanation for the seizure of tue
The Agnes Street Ratepayers' association is 'still wording uuietly for the
widening of that street, and th" laying of tlte B. C. E. It. tra. ks along it.
A request was presented to the city
council laat night, that tbe city engineer be instructed to draw up plans
and profiles for Its widening from
Tenth to Dufferin, and the executive
committee express their confidence
that tbey will meet with but little
opposition to their schemes of making tbls tbe aecoribd business street in
Naw Westminster. Nearly everything,
of course, defends on the B. C. E. R.
company, nnd whether they wlll consent to lay their tracks along the
street or not No answer has been
received up to date, but hopes of a
favorable reply in a few weeks' time
are high.
It is argued by the ratepayers that
business will creep up Tenth and
Sixth streets In particular and wlll
than join hands arain along Agnes.
Real estate men report that they are
dally assailed by applications for
husiness property by men who want
to start up In business, but an prevented from doing so by the fart that
there are no business lots available.
Taking all these things into consideration, and believing that much
greater difficulty would be experienced In widening Carnarvon street than
Agnes street the residents and owners along the street mean to carrv
their work through to a finish. If
they possibly can do s"<.
Jamas Cunningham Believed to Hsvs
Plans for Two Business Blocks
on Eighth Street.
Mr. James Cunningham is reported
to have several plana under way for
Improving his property. It Is under
stood that he Is st piesent at wo k
on plsns for a three story, building to
stand on his property next to the Salvation Army citadel on Eighth atreet
The approximate cost of this block is
figured at $13,000, but any e act forecast is impossible, as Mr. Salt, tbe
architect, has not as yet quite completed the plans.
It is alto understood that Qeorge
Cunningham,   who   owns   tbe   black-
Patricia, their daughter, today avoided a huge crowd waiting to welcome
tiiem at tbe Grand Central station.
Welcomed by tt bitelaw Keid, American ambassador to Britain, tho
royal party were immediately trusted
into private automobiles, and, guard
ed by a cordon of secret service men
and police, they were rushed to tbe
Held mansion for breakfast.
When the Canadian express pulleJ
into the Grand Central station the
crowd was not aware of Its arrival, hs
lt was expected that the duke's party
would travel ln a special train.
The railroad company took extraordinary precautions against possible
mishap, and special trackwalkers wero
assigned to duty to see that the route
Into the metropolis was entirely safe.
Ambassador Reid arranged the arrival of the royal party in order that
the duke's party might evade tbe mob
that awaited them at the station. He
communicated with the railroad officials and the private cara Cornwall
and York were detached from the express outside the station and coupled
on to the rear of the Rutland express.
When the train pulled Into tne station Ambassador Reid and Mrs. Reid
were standing on the platform await-
in* their arrival.
Princess Patricia alighted first. The
party was quickly escorted t�� four
new automobiles of British make and
imported expressly for the occasion.
Tbe duke carried a small handbag,
to which he clung, despite all efforts
lo relieve him.
The Duke of Connaught and Mrs.
Reid entered an automobile llrst and
It whizzed away immediately. A second later the rest of the party were
In machines and. ware following the
first car ss it sped toward the Reid
South Vsnoouver, Jan. 22.���Reeve
Kerr and the council of Bduth Vancouver went to Victoria today to enter
upon a conference with the provincial
government to urge upon the government instant consideration ot the srl
ous effects of the Judgment of the
supreme court of Canada ln the case
of Anderson vs. Bouth Vancouver
and the passage of the remedial legislation to cure the chaotic condition
In which affairs have been plunged.
In effect, the judgment decides that
practically everything which waa done
by the municipal council during 'hs
years they held their monthly meat
lngs outside tha municipality is nui:
and void. The municipality wat cc n
stltuted ln the year 1892, and   the
Tsnl Quong is acting governor of the . the old couapil, that btt bring in hii
province." (report as soon as possible,    In this.
reply he sa'.A that his report on "the.
general harbor sebf^p*?- Y^ad been
completed on November 15,'.and submitted to the council a tew days later.
The councll had then, and he thought
nunniti   natrr   imnr'wisely' conBidered it inadvisable to
5BPPW ffl(tllN��sft&gragf?�� t*
I base estimates" had been completed
 "Some of these designs," the letter
'continued, "relate wholly to railroad-
I work, but seemed necessary in order,
that we might be able to present th*
case fully to the officers of the transportation    companies."      This    work,
was proceeding well, although conferences with the railwuy officials wera
slow work, as   each   road   tried   to
obtain advantages   over   the   ether,
while "the representatives of the city,
are Insisting tbat all  transportation-,
lines shall be treated fairly, and abovo -
all else, that there shall   be no   mon- -
opoly of entrance  Into the city, to
Be-lldlng   Is   Active   in   Neighboring
Municipality���Post Office Report
Eloquent of Rapid Growth.
Edmonds, Jan. 22.���A serious burst
occurred in the water main of Burnaby municipality at the end of last
week, and has only just been repai.-ed.
For three days, from   Thursday    to
| French vessels, France will    send a
naval demonstration against Italy.
j     Word  has  reached  here  tbat    tha
British ship Africa, bound for Hode-
ida to Aden, was held    up    by    the
Italian   gunboat     Voituma.     Twelvo
Turkish   officers,   including   Colonel
Rlza Bey, tbe famous Yemen veteran,
were taken from the ship.
Paris, Jan. 22���War between France
and Italy Is a grim possibility today.
The French fleet at Toulon ls being
held, with full steam up, in readiness
for notice to   proceed   against   the
Italians, and all sailors   have   been
hurriedly recalled from shore leave.
Unless tlaly replies to theh demanl
of France for an apology and the re
lease of tbe Turkish Red Cross nurses
seized aboard the merchantman Man
ouba, by tonight, it is understood the
French fleet will be   ordered   to   at. ��� ,   ._._.., _
once  proceed  to  the   Mediterranean  ample, back of tfchow roai there are  ProPO"'" into effect were published t
tor a demonetisation against Italy.       j no less than fifteen houses in course  at tte B|Pe tln,e a* the plans them- ���
The cabinet ln a special session t>   of construction.   Lot?, too, are being  8elv����-   Provincial and Dominion gov-
night  will consider Italy's    proposal  steadily turned over, mott of the pur- ernment cooperation would be neceev
that all questions of dispute resulting jchases being made for building   pur-  Bai7,     a 8ch���,ne of thls magnitude?.
from tho eelsure of the steamer bs poses, as the artisan class Is flock.nr.! ����d Interviews   with   these   powera
in ever increasing numbers to    this!0001" n��t be obtained until the end
place In its search for home sites.       of this month at the earliest. <
Owing to lta Increasing husiness B , Bo,rd 8f Worka
the Edmonds general store Is plan-'. 8o"w interesting peints were raised
nlng to enlarge Its building. Tlntl^ the reP��rt of th�� b����""d of works
block it occupies ls owned by th>|���e Purchase of a steam roller by
Edmonds Development company, and i J6e ^ Wineer, recommsnded by
the storekeeper has approached this Ith* board' Wtta lat* over until next
company with a request that they pr> week \for a "Port Alderman Dodd
vide him with more accommodation.! Pointed out that the present intention
This the company will probably do ln,0,ih* board of *otk* waa that tha
the summer. engineer should purchase the best ~
Saturday last the residents were with-  ��.     .    . ���       .   .
out water hut the authoritien ta-kled . harbor- and to *Wlgkt. centres; ',
out water, out tne autnontiea tabled alB0  that ^^   facl���0w   ghaU   b
the problem promptly, and all ls now available for yards, switching tracks .
serene again, and no man ls forced and terminals." He thought that ther ���
to drink his Scotch neat today. | "harbor     Improvement     movement"
Activity is general throughout   this  *��",d Proceed more smoothly, and b3 >
hustling   municipality, and   buildings  better understood by the voters if a
are being run up everywhere. For ex-1we" <"Se��ted plan for carrying     tho
adjudicated by the tribunal st The
Hague. Members of tbe cabinet here
think that the case ls not a matter
for consideration by The Haguo
tribunal, and have urged tbe government to firmly demand the release
of tbe nurses. -
Nearly Three Thousand   Dollars   Insurance Carried an Threatened
Buildings���Chief Reports.
smith shon cn Eighth street has been  years In question are from 1893 to
told by hjs bio'her James tint he
wll have to move owt very s^O'tly
as he lilmsel( Intends to bul'd on th't
property, which Wongs t"> h*m. It
is believed that ni bua'ness block Wll
be crerted on this sl'o also, viWi
stores on tba ground floor.    , .��   ,
1897.. An appeal to the privy councll.
tbe final tribunal, will be taken, bnt
It is urned that remedial o- curative
legislation be passed aa soon as p's-
n'Ve. and wfer ��� othe- s^'lom <������
claiming property sold yeats ago fnr
i ta:;es are beg.' l. , 1
Eighty-four flres on projerty carrying insurance to tba value of $296,-
160 with a total loss of but 16830,
is tba One record.of Chief Wats:n
and the flre department tor the year
1911. Twenty-four thousand feat ot
hose and 48 chemical tanks wera
used In flghting these fires.
Looking to ths future the lira chief
asks for sn extension of the firs alarm
system. Ha alludes to the great need
of a hook and ladder truck to enable
the "brlgsde to cope wtth the tail
buildings, as It bas no equipment at
present adapted tot anything more
than two stories high. The bose
wagon at ball No. t should be' ra
placed hy a motor wagon us this hall
answers nearly all tha calls.
The by-law governing the storage of
rasoltna, etc., and the lssn'ng ot burning rermlts had a good effect, ln keep
. Another sign of prosperity in Burnaby is found in the post office returns for the past year, which were
nearly treble those for 1910. Altogether, about $1000 worth of stamps
gine possible at the lowest price tan
dered for such an engine.   The cost
would be about '$3000 and the engtaa
would be an old country one, as   the
general opinion of tha engineers or
were .sold, a large number, especially t.th* ������'"���rounding municipalities warn
whan It Is considered that most of 'w these wera the most afftetont and.
tha correspondence emanating from j��� m0,t economical ln operation. Tho
the municipality is ot a private and ,omce ��* ���npertntandent of sidewalks
not of a business nature. iwu abolished, and the duties band**
The present week is golnr to be a ."?*' *��Jm superintendent At V^rta..
..busy one tor Buinaby people.   Last;"'* Spencer's   services,   however,
night tba Bt. Alban's guild held their \"m b* >*t��lBed In tha engineer's of-
ball. in tbs Morton ball, snd on Tues- j*6^ Tenders   for   $0,000  yards  of
day a concert will be given la
Alban's ehurch. On Thursday evening
tha board of trade holds Its annual,
8alonlk. Jan. 22.���A court martial
which ts sitting with closed doors at
Istlb, about 99 miles north ot hare,
bas condemned to death eight Bulgarians, two Jews, three gypsies, and
six Turks, ht. connection with the
bomb qutrage which wu perpetrated
early   in
rock, which tha board estimated
would ba required by the ��ty during
the coming year,, will be called tar ina
mediately. The intersections of ttntrtls
street and Victoria aft* CSathaon.
strpets are to bo graded, and a tarn
poiary slfewslk Uld on twnhhtrasf
near tha tboatw, all on the %eco��
mendation of the board of worka.
Alderman" Lynch Introduced thu*
question of tba opening of the lana
between Mowat and Tenth etreets,.
and tha opening up of Eleventh.treet.
A resolution to refer It to tba board'
of works and tbe finance committoo-
with power to act wss passed.
Payment at Employ
A petition from tha   emptoreas   nV
December in tha vlllsge
mosque, causing tbe death of twelve
persons.  Another court martial Is sit-'the board of'worhaTbr a n*   cf-sto
lng down th. number ot Bra, du-^g .w^ttSS*ZTZSVE*��^T' * TW^ ^^.'i!^!^
th�� pant year. ,        'rages In tbe surrounding districts. (Continued oa Page maty
���JlllLI      " J-'"������_���^"'^^a������^���bii:'t,      -
iiiiii*'* PAGE TWO
TUESDAY, JANUARY ?3f Hit    ��
two-chair barber outfit. Apply Bar
ber. News office.
ers.   Address News office.
ply  Westminster  Private  hospital,
223   Townsend  street,  near
class salesmen; also one stocn
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster.
know that I am now operating tbe
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
S quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c s
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Mand.
Land to clear or grade. Contracts taken; estimates given
on cellars or foundations.
Phone 1074. 214 Fifth Ave.
four roomed flat; only been used
three months.   Party leaving town.
. Apply room 6, Queens Court, corner
Park and Second street.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 snd we will collect, free of
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street
without    "ke,
"the   go.deu-iiaireii
per cent, butter fat; pastuerized,
from herd of purebred cows; all recently passed government tuberculosis test. Handled in most sanitary manner. This is worth looking into. Mothers who recognize
tbe value of pure fresh milk for
their children should apply to H. T.
Hardwick.   Phone L552. 	
Chesterton In London Daily News Discourses on Fabled Monsters.
I do not remember to have read anywhere an adequate and comprehending account of the fabulous monsters
bo much written of in the Middle
Ages. Such studies as I have seen
suffered from the three or four
strange and senseless blunders which
throttle all our thought on such suo-
The primary blunder,   of course, i*
that comic one to which Mr. Frazer
and  Mr. Clodd  have  lent,   or rather
pawned, their authority.   I mean the
absurd notion that in matters of the
imagination  men   have  any   need   to
copy  from each other.      Poems and
poetic tales tend to be a little allk��,
not   because   Hebrews   were    really
Chaldeans,    nor    because    Christians
were really Pagans, but because meu
are really men.    Because there is. In
spite   ot   all   the trend   of   modern
thought, such a thing as man and th.;
brotherhood of men.   Anyone who has
really looked at the moon might have
have called the moon a virgin and a
huntress,  without ever  haying hearl
of Diana.   Anyone who has ever looked at the sun might call it the god of
oracles and of healing, of poetry and
of plague, without ever having heard
of Apollo.    A man   in love, walklns?
about in a garden, compares a worn-
unicorn is a very difficult anlm-i to
catch; and certainly it bas not been
caught yet. If nobody has yet said
that in this case "unicorn" meant
rhinoceros, somebody will soon���but
it shall not be I.
But though it is probably true that
many of these mediaeval monsters
were of pagan origin, this truth, which
ls always repeated, ls far less startling than another truth that ls always
ignored. ,
The monster of the pagan fables
ways, so far as I can see. an embl-m
of evil. That is to say, he was really
a monster; he was abnormal; or as
Kingsley put it in those flne and highly heathen hexameters:
Twi-formed,    strange,
who  o#ey    pot
Sometimes the monster, once killed,
could be used to kill other monster*:
as Perseus used the Gorgon to kill the
dragon of the sea. But this ts a mere
accident of material. I can Imagine,
in tbe same way, that if I could put
the head of a Folk Lore Professor on
the end of' a stick, it might be splendid as a heavy wooden club for bashing heads of other and less hardened
Folk Lore Professors. Or again, tbe
Hydra, who grew two heads for e\ery
one that was cut off, might have been
praised as an emblem of branching
evolution and the advantage of an In
creasing population. But, as a fact,
the Hydra was not praised. He was
killed, amid general relief. The Mino
taur might have been admired by
moderns as the meeting place of meo
and animals; the Chimaera might
have been admired by moderns as an
Instance of the principle that three
heads are better than one. I say th?
Hydra and Chimaera might have been
admired by moderns. But they were
not admired by ancients. Amen* the
pagans the grotesque fabulous aninnl
was thought of only as something vou
ought to kill. Sometimes it killed you
like tbe Sphinx; but even when <t had
done that, you did not really love it.
Now the case of the reappearance
of such  unearthly animals after  Europe became Christendom is the thin."
I have never seen properly describ'd
In one of tbe oldest of the legen's of
St. George and the Dragon, St. George
did not kill the dragon, but led lt cap
the and sprinkled it with holy water.
Something; of the same sort happened
to that whole department of tbe hu
man mind which creates violent  and
unnatural Images.   Take   the Griffin,
for example.    In our time the Griffin,
like  most other   mediaeval   symbols,
has been made a mean   and   farclcil
Humor and
air nvncA/i ft. sMtrm
ttthEN romance was my grading star
* *    In days of loos ago
I knew a very charming girl,
Wbo had ma tor her beau.
We vowed forever and a day
To keep alive the flame.
Perhaps I'd keep the promise yst.
But 1 forget her name.
Ab me. she waa a charming sprits!
Her eyes were deepest blue.
Or were they  brown T   Well,  what's the
Her heart was warm and true.
And as 1 learned to lisp my love
Her little hand I'd press.
I wish I could recall her nsme
And knew her right address.
Some other maidens with my love
Have played the game of tag.
And some have just but barely
Tbe chance ray heart to bag.
But now as I am getting gray.
Though still a splendid catch.
I think. If I could flnd that girl.
That wa could make a match.
Oh, love's young dream Is best of sill
But hold; I must go slow.
She's forty-five and maybe fat.
For that waa years ago.
Bhe may be married and may have
A grandchild at her knee.
And. oh. to make It even worse.
May have forgotten me!
Food Fer Him.
Tbey were having n family dinner
party at a restaurant and father bad
brought his grouch along so that every one might feel natural.    Notblng
pleased blm.   Particularly was be displeased at tbe report of the shopping
ln the afternoon, which he had managed to worm out of mother and the
"As usual." he said. "I am the goat."
"Waiter." called little Willie.   "Waiter, a mess of tin cuns for father."
FOR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$500 dollars under value. Apply
��26 Columbia Street.	
ed bouse with aU modem convenl
Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
business lots at a snap, on one of
the principal streets in city. Apply S.  Fader, 657 Columbia stieet.
FOR SALE���MALLEABLE STEEL j an to a flower, nad not to an earwig. I thing for fancy dress balls; In twenty
ranges, 11.00 down, $1.00 per i though an earwig also was made by pictures from Punch we see the Gif-
week.   Apply market square. God, anl has many superiorities   In   fln and the Turtle as supporters of th--
��� ��� '    I point of education and travel. To hear  civic arms of London.    For t'ie med
some people talk, one would think that [ern "citizen" the arrangement is ex-
the love of flowers had been imposed  cellent;   the Griffin,  who   ears   h'm
by some long priestly   tradition, and ( doeB not exist;   the turtle, whom   hs
the love of earwig forbidden by some   eats, does exist.    But not   only  w����
tearful tribal taboo. '       (the Griffin not always even bad.    He
The second great blunder is to sup-   was a mystical incorporation   of two
pose that such fables, even when they l animals held wholly sacred;  t'-- Hon
really   are     borrowed     from      older   of  St.   Mark,  the   Hon  of  generosity
sources,  are   use!   ln   an   old,  tired, j valor, victory:  the eag'e of St. John.
and customary spirit.   When the soul   the eagle of truth, of aspiration, o'f In-
really wakes it always deals directly   tellectual   liberty.      Thus  the  Griffin
| with  the  nearest  things.    If,  let   us \ was  often   used   as   an   emblem   of
I say, a man woke up in bed   from   a  Christ; as combining the e.ijde and the
celestial dream which told him to go,'lion in that mysterious ani complete
on painting till he was blue, he would   compound  In  which  Christ  combined
begin  by painting himself blue, then   the divine and  human.    But  even lf
his bed blue, and so on.   But he would   you   thought  of the Griffin  as  good,
HOUSE-' be using all the machinery that came  you were not less afraid of him.   Per-
and that Is exactly what al-   haps more.
Back Number.
"That dressmaker ls positively tbe limit."
������ W b s fs ths
matter witb
"W h a fs the
matter? Sbe Is
way behind tbe
times. She bas
actually made
tbls bobble skirt
so tbat 1 can
walk in lt"
I Can Cure You
To That End I Am Giving Away $10,000
Worth of Medicine
In order to show beyond all doubt
J?at _L?.m in Po^Mion of a medicine
pat will cure kidney trouble, bladder
trotlhle   la.   rh..,..,;.��  *��   _���.��   .. ��� *    *r.*^*-aa^i
money, will sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
street, Sapperton.
keeping rooms, gorund floor, front  to hand
view, bath, phone, etc.
furnished. Apply S. Facer, 657 Columbia street
isbed, hot water all the time. 543
Front street.
4 Seventh ways happens in real spiritual revolu- j But the strongest case is that of the
tions. They work by their environ-, Unicorn, whit h I set out to write upon,
ment even while they alter it. j nnd which I have wholly omitted. Per-
Tlitis, when professors tell us that | haps it is as well. He is a terrible
the Christians "borrowed" this or that creature, the Unicorn; and though he
fable or monster from the heathens, lt seems to live rather vaguely in Africa,
is as if people said that a bricklayer i'l could never be surprised if he came
Ind "borrowed" his bricks from clay, j walking up one of the four white
or a chemist had "borrowed" his ex-1 roads that lead to Beaconsfleld; the
plosions from chemicals;  or that the   monster  whiter  than  the  roads,  and
TO KENT   i"'r->'KiiKii iii)o\H   Ta !p0,hic builders of Lincoln or Beauvaig   his horn higher than the church spire.
' " i hnd "borrowed" the pointed arrh from   For all these mystical animals
Hasting street, city.
fireplace in one.   Apply 205 Carnarvon atreet
, ���--.    were
 Jthe thin lattices of the Moors.    Per-j imagined  as enormously  big  as  well
WITH B   Uley   did   horrow   lt;   l|ut   they   as  incalculably   fierce  and   free.  The
paid it back. The flve or six other j stampirr; of the awful Unicom would
similar errors need not detain us shake the endless deserts la which it
now- I dwelt; and the wlags of the vast Grit
private boarding house: all home-
cooking; use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home. Terms very reasonable. Gentlemen only need apply.    513  Agnes Btreet.
and warts permanently remove i by
Mlss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
S. Collister blocl:, Wednesdays and
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
For upon these two chiefly rest th"
error about Unicorns; which, after all.
Is our chief affair In life. The mvsti-
ral monsters talked of In the Middle!
Ages had most of them, no doubt, n
tradition older than Christianity. 1 |
no not admit this because many of
Ihe most eminent authorities would
say so. As Swinburne s.ild In bis con-
vorRiHin with Persephone. "I have
lived lone enough to have known one
thine, that, eminent men means successful men. nnd that successful men
sincerely bate Christianity, nni It Is
evident from the general tradltl n of
life "ml Intters. I think Ihat anmeons
It)   'lie  old   testament   savs    thai    the
Janitor  Wanted  for   Lord   Kelvin
Applications must reach the Secretary's office by noon of the 25th inst..
stating salary required and expert-
���ence. All applicants must have a spe-
���cial heating engineer's or similar
.grade Certificate.
. Secretary Board of School Trustees.
.A Secretary for the Board of School
Applications to' be made ln writing
to the secretary's office stating quail
fflcntions   and  sa'ary   required   before
noon of Thursday, January 25th.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
Titles    Examined,   Land Registry
Tnnrles Straightened out.
tCurtls Block City Box 482
fln went over one's head In heaven
with the thunuer of a thousand cheni
bim. And yet the fact remains that
If you had asked a mediaeval man
what the Unicorn was supposed to
"mean"���he would have answered
When we have understood that fact
we shall understand a great manv other things, but above all the civ ll/.-t-
lion out of which we come. Chri-i-
tlanlty dii "not" conceive of Christian virtues as tame, timid. ?-* re
spectable things,   it "did" conceive o'
those   virtues   as   vast,   defiant     I
even destructive things, scorning tho
yoke of this world, dwelling i'i the
desen. and seeking tbeir meat from
(.od. Till we have understood tint n-���
shall not reaHv on 'oistand
Uon and tho QniOorn
COOk'8 shop.
Net So Stow.
"I am sorry for Mrs. Jennings."
"Sbe believes all ber husband tells
"Don't you fool yourself."
"But sbe does."
"No. Sbe only makes blm believe
that sbe believes sli be tells her."
Te Make Him Peel Comfortable.
"Tbat grest brute stepped on my pet
corn." ��
"What did you do about Itr
"Wbat could I do wben he was so
nice In apologlr.lng?"
"You might buve offered to let him
step on tbe other foot."
Later Description.
"How can you tell a farmer wben
you see one?"
���That's easy."
"By the hayseed In his halrr
"No; by his automobile."
Ths sober second thought Is best;
Ths hasty ons Is worst.
How very handy It would be
Te have the second flrst!
<". en   t'ie
over a  prist ty-
So Hobby Burns tersely describes the
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics, lint their
case is uot now so desperate as when
Burns wrote. For the man who has the
food now can eat without suffering for
it, if he just follows thc meal witli a
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Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably the best formula known to
medical science, they are quick and
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toning up and strengthening the digestive organsand bringing about permanent
A man is no stronger than his stomach.
Fit yourself for your best work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
50c. at your druggist's. National Drug
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Montreal. H6
Millside, .Ian. 22.-The celebration
of Mr. and Mrs. Ilemie Boileau's silver wedding on Saturdav w, s ttie co
casion of a great merrymaking in-the
French-Canadian settlement Tb ���
happy couple were the recipients
congratulations from eveiy Bid
practically the whole French con-nv
150 strong, turned out to do honor to
the 86th anniversary of their wedding
The evening was passed with games,
and songs and dance. At mid-nlght
the happy party sat down to a substantia] supper, and manv speeches
were made. Rev. Father Wilde of the
parish delivered a fine address as also did .loc Boileau and Remia Bolleau
himself. The dancing and singing
were then continued till an early hour
next morning
At 8 a. m. Mr and Mrs. Boileau and
a  large  party  bad   attended   church.
The marriage benediction was renewed and a new ring given by the Hia-
harn)  to  bis  wife,  while  Pev   Father
*e   delivered    an   excellent
a**J ten thousand dollarsv worth of thii
medicine,  and  anyone  ���uttering  from these
AUtiS uVet ! ** of " ��*eolut��lr fr��
All^that ia necessary �� to send me your ad-
I don't mean that you are to use a Dart sf
that I win aend /ou a box of this medicine
the Une Acid sufferers of the world, so I can
���how tbem where and how they may be cured.
i�� ���"-? I!K? J��yment for this free medicine, nor would I accept It now or later if
theU��rd. "" "*' ���������"������� 3
For twenty-five years���a quarter of a een-
VEPSZi rV,_**n "#?�� ,0 "��>Wnee the pub.
lie that I have something genuine, eomcthine
better than othera hsvaTaTth. mxSTRmB
born, chronic rheumatism, for torturing kidney backache, for annoying calls to ufliiMe.
But it ia hard to convince people���thev trv ��
few thin., unsuccessfully .id givT^ &��
and refuse to listen to anyone ttereafteV.
Happily, I am in a position now to demonstrate to sufferers at my own expense that I
have a medicine that cures these diaeaaea
I don t ask them to spend any money to find
out; I don't ask them to believe ae, nor even
to take the word of reliable people, but all I
ask is that they allow me to send them the
medicine at my own cost.   That is surely fair
To this end I have set aside ten thousand
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will be enough for all sufferers, though there
be thousands of them. And anyone who
needs it can get some of it free. But in
order that I shall know that you have a disease for which this medicine is intended. I
ask you to send me aome of your leading
symptoms. If you have any of the symptoms
In the list printed here you need my medicine
and if you will write me I .-ill gladly se��d
you a box of it free with full directions for
your use. Look the symptoms over, tee
which symptoms you have, then write me
���bout as follows: "Dear Dr., I notice symptoms number"���here put down the numbers,
give your age, full address, and aend It to me.
My address is Dr. T. Frank Lynott, SSI
Franklin Building, Toronto, Can.
The ten thousand dollar* I am spending for
tbe compounding of my medicine is only a
part of the money I am devoting to ��� this
cause, for the package of medicine I send you
will be fully prepaid at my expense. From
any atandpoint you view it, YOU incur no
expense or obligation. Just tell others who
you know are suffering who (ent you the
medicine that cured you.
I ain promiaing to give away ten thousand
dollars worth of medicine, and I will do that -
I am promiaing to aend any sufferer who
writea me a box of thia medicine and full
directions free of charge, asd I will do that.
whe bgiviaaawajr SSSfiSS "--J-fflrlss.
I ��5 V. ,urther !!��* thi�� SisflllBI haa been
Vouched for according to law aa complying in
every detail with all requirementa. ltVll
���top rheumatism, it will atop pain and teck-
���che,   it   will   stop   too   frequent   desire   to
taken it There Is not an ingredient that can
injure; not ou hut will benefit All that I
ask is that you use It youraelf ao that yoa
may be personally eor.vm.ed. 7
h.iTkV? ,h�� '���'���� number of requests, I
KB *?t 'fn *�������nd more copies of my
medical book printed. This book Ye new and
up to date and contains complete descriptions.
symptoms, csuses, effects and cures of kidney!
bladder and rheumatic diaeaaea. All who writo
for the free medicine will be sent a copy
of this grsnd illustrated medical book���the
largest ever written on these diaeaaea for free
and general distribution.
If you need medicine such is I have if
you are anxious to be cured and don't want
to spend any money LOOKING fer cures.
write me. Read the symptoms over and lit
me bear from you today.
Theie Are the Symptoms:
l-Faln In the back.
t ~X���� frequent dcetiw tn niinatr.
1-Burnlng or obstruction of urine.
* -Pain or Sonne** tn taw Maddar.
S-Praetotle trouble. "JS,
S -flas or pain In tka llnnwiA.
2~�����e��'��ld��bUI ty. vraknni. dlulneea
���-f ����S,er aorness under right rib.
,��^��!2*&*aln ��nr.P��rt of the body.
!?~��X2,,*y,<mor,"��'����""ble.     '
J J���rnjQ H '����� w��* Joint.
|S-Pain li the nerk or head.
j*-g��J" or soreness In the kidneys.
15-W" ��* ���"���"�����* ��' ��be Joints.
IT-Pnln and soreness la nerves. ���
IS-Acuta ar durante rbanmaOstn.
B.C. Mills
limber and 1 rading  Co.
aWHMP *msU*B*t* s*A Dssisrs Is All Kinds ol
\ libit Vi   '-���*���'' -'"''��� FANCY CLASS.
Foval City Planing Mill* Branch
Tslsphons  IS Nsw Wsstmlnstsr Ro��
Aftsr s Sssroh.
"Thero wss s meeting of my creditors today."
"What did they flndr
"Everything but money."
"He goes s rapid pace."
"1   hear his  running expenses are
largo." '	
More About Her.
"Rhe Is clasity I tell you."
"Well, she Is *i**y �����*���"
It nny be more blessed to give than
to reeelve. but Home tiurd hearted sinners refuse to do t-lther.
Some persons nre sucb good listeners thut  they  hear s  lot that waa
never snld.
The mnn who always wants to help
yon nt his own sxpenss will besr
Learning economy msy not be pleasant, but It bests breaking stons on tbs
It Is easier to make wounds tban te
heal them.
There are persons who. eren if they
ran't come back, will talk back.
Making mistakes Is a specialty of
Dome people who know nothing about
the acknowledging of them.
Love is tfte poultice that draws out
'he sting of strife.
-   Worry Is own brother to the undertaker.
Who Said
their works sha/lye
s" know them"
On the merit of their performancei alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance bf genera*
tions, make *''
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enable*
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free <*
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the worfd. They
are not made in grades which cannot be fuPy gnaianteed. ��
si TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1912.
j The Coral j
A Story of the
Chins Ses
Copyright by Americas Presi
elation, ML
When one Is yachting in tbe China ���
sea be admittedly runs a risk ot adventure with tbe pirates that Isfest its
more solitary tracks. John Anson's
pleasure crsft tbe Linda, had been
overtaken by a typhoon shortly after
abe rode out of the Formosa strait
It bsd happened suddenly, of course. '
after a stifling Sot day. wSen the sea
lay calm and onwrlnkled, yet full of
Iridetu-ent cotsr as a polished abslone
pearl. There was a low murmur aloft
tbat bad Increased to s screaming fury
of sound by the time things were mode
snug aboard tbe yacht. Tben the
whirlwind of Inky olouds whistled
down npoa them driving them relentlessly cosstward. battling for hours
sgalnst ttie monster element.
Tbere were no women aboard, mere- <
' ly tbe hest snd bis two guests. Ellis
snd Lyman, tbe captain snd crew of
elgbt men snd tbe chance for aavlng
tbeir Uvea was perhaps one In a thouaand.
Tbe smrdy Linda bad fongbt to keep
ber course south, but the force of the
storm veered ber bend ever toward tbe
coast They bnd suffered tbe worst of
tbe typhoon and were still battling
wltb tbe tall of tt wben out of tbe
twilight mists of spruy there rocked
beside tbem a large Chinese junk, ber
rail lined with a double row of ugly
yellow faces and murder ln every
weoponed band.
Instantly tbe men on 'tbe t.lnda were
alert. It did uot .need C'ttptaln liee'M
slinut of "Pirates:" to arm tbem with
pistols. Tbey even succeeded In ri|>-
plng the canvas from tbe bruss csnuon
und swung lt about truined on the
junk. Tbe storm drove the Junk
���cnishlngly ugalnst the yut-ht. While a
score ot pirates grappled wttb bnnlts
there wns n rush aboard the Llndu. a
retreat under ihe onslaught ot tbe
���crew. Anson remembered belnc jrmsp-
ed abcitit tbe waist aud burled into
Wben he recovered consciousness be
nn ln some foul smelling place,
knocking about wltb every onward
pltinse of some vessel.
A pro;in aroiwd him to action.
Wttb everv muscle quivering In aitonr
i.aiicJiUr ��ud iMiiiwa ��� tu.* ~..i
tbu t��ii  mt  m   wntu.  umu.vji-  Hidsti-rt.
daylight and fresh air ot tha upper
deck. '
Tli�� tbree drew s de**p breath snd
looked urouoa.    The )uns  my at anchor tu a   wide creek  tbat Oetioui tied
' upon a  yellow   stream     Tbe  natural
formation ot   hm ks  mat  formed  tbe
\ snore al tbis iioitit baa been cleverly
i contrived by artihi-iui  mentis to form
I a  strong  place ot   deteuse.    A   little
party of rti-niy dressed men were en-
. terlng one ot tbe tow arcbed ent ram-es
' that appeared to pierce tbe solid ro. k.
By  kicks snd threats tbeir captors
made Ibe Americans understand  ihat
tbey were to go asbore. and soon tbey
bud  lauded  und   were  being  ushered
through tbe same low entrance tbey
bad observed.
1    As each bowed his bead and entered
| tbere was tittle doubt ln bis mind tbat
be would ever emerge from tbat mountain or ro<k.    If be did It would not
be alive. If a Chinese pirate lives op
to Mm ugly reputation.
A   series   or   winding   passages   led
1 through tbe rock and finally terminated ln a small  room hollowed out of
tbe granite.    Here were rich hangings
and a silken carpet.   Une of tbe Chinese disappeared through a curtained
doorway   and   presently   returned   to
confer wttb bis companions.
Tben tbe three Americans were
pushed tbrough the doorway to flnd
themselves In a large grotto, curtained
snd csrpeted and richly furnished
wltb bronses and porcelains, embrold-
i erles snd rare carvings.
In a large btgb backed chair, carved
into tbe rude semblance of a throne.
sat a large and very fat Chinese. Hla
little black eyes seemed to sink Into
tbe flesh of hls face and become mere
points of black jet. His cbln rolled oo
bis satin covered breast, snd his bug*
fat bands were clumsily clasped about
bis capacious waist. Un hi* big bend
tbere was perched a black velvet skullcap.
The Americans were garbed as tbey
had been seized, and tbeir stormcoats
covered tbem from neck to heel. Now
tbeir coats were stripped off. and under tbe direction of tbe leader ths
prisoners were searched tboroughlv.
Yellow claws relieved them of watches, money und Jewels and gingerly appropriated their weapon*. After thai
tbey crowded about tbe three and endeavored to make them understand
something they were trying to explain.
Ellis, wbo wns In a Shanghai banking bouse, knew some scraps of the
language, and. although this southern
dialect was strange to blm. be inau-
aged to convey ibe meaning to his
companions that tbe leader ot tbe
band was prepared to offer theiu a
chance for life.
"lie's got a necklace there. See thai
string of Ivory beads? Well. It'i all
white save one. und that's a bail ot
pink coral. He says the one that ciiu
get It off tbe chain without dUturtitiifl
the other beads mny go tree. Tbe otu-
mr* twet-rtttm* *��VW
for tt  wm clad tn a ruuvns anoe with '
- a robber anle. !
"Whole It?" he asked sharply   "This I
is Anson."
T^ie voice of Ellis came ptincrunted
ty a trroan.
"Here I am. Anson.    For Gods ntike
whal  lias happened?" J
"Klest  If  I   know." gninted   Anson, j
feeling In his pockets for a uui tch dot. j
His soiri-J) was rewarded, mid present- .
I.v mere flared a light that  revealed a
etaall uod tllthy room wttb u strongly
haired door.    It was destitute ot fur-
niuire. und tbere were but three ob-
Je-cis within It. Anson. Ellis aud their
friend   Lyman,   wbo   even   uow   wus
struggling to a sitting posture.    "I believe uiy ankle Is sprained." be snld.
"I'm pevfty well bumped up. bnt my
bones seem to be whole." -remarked
Anson from bis dank corner.
"Seme her*." put in Ellis. "I move
we message Lyman's ankle Into some
shape sgsta���perhaps it Isn't a sprain
��� we sli seed to be la the best of condition If we hnve to put up a tight."
���fSood for you." sold Anson heartily.
snd tben be snd Id Us groped ibetr
way across tbe Snnr to Lyman'" cor
ner and soon were vigorously kneading
snd nibbing hls Injured ankle
"IVuurier what bap|M��ned to the Linda." remarked Kills ufter awhile, tolling tbe thoughts uf Ws slleni companions. "Doesn't seem as it sbe could |
havp ridden ont that gale, does It.
"I've given her sp." wild Anson
quietly. "I hste to think wbat has
lmp|iened to i-ee snd bis men-tbey
were n line lot of chaps "
"Perhaps tbey sre sboard the junk
a* well ae ourselves." suggested Ly
mnn "l<et's give a yell-a good
American bowl tbat wlll raise any
white nan aboard."
lint their concerted shouts conld not
rtde above the din of waves poundlug
agnlns^ ftle round sides iif the junk
The clumsy craft bobbed and rolled
like a barrel In the ses. sod It wss
only by bracing themselves sgalnst the
bulkheads tbat tbey could maintain a
stationary position.
"What keeps the blame thing frots
filling and going down?" sskeri Wll*
after awhile. "Seems as If any one uf
those waves could All her np. and we
be caught like rats In a trap.''
The three wit ap and endeavored to
fierce ibe gray gloom of lbe place.
"Oot any  weapons?" asked Anson
"My revolver, as nsnnl.'* said Kills.
"Hume herr." from Lyman.
"I've got a  knlfSw   Ah. tiere tbey
mine:" '.<       ��������
| A* by one accord tbe three Amerl-
ran* drew together'''lo a <eorn#r of the
'room and a waited the opening of the
door, tbrough which tbere now pierced
a dancing light, lu a moment there
pnsscd In ihree Chinese sailors, rough
snd.ugly looking customer*, who hustled their captives oot bf their prison
ceil into tbe hold of the Junk snd
from thence by rods ladders to ta*
anO Kilt* made known tbe request.
wtilib was Immediately granted Tbe
leader took from bin neck a large
chain of polished Ivory beads the size
of a small pea.   Tbe chain wns a rii-n
j creamy yellow save for tbe one bead
i of an exquisite rose tinted coral.    It
was strung on Hue woven copper wire,
- and the Joining ot tbe wire  was uot
"How about tbe gun*?"  whispered
��� Lyman   excitedly.     "I   believe   1   can
I split It off ttrst pop!"
i     "Then   It's  your  chance."  *ald   the
Twill Make It Much Easier te Appor-
tien Your Household Moneys.
Few American housekeepers make
tbe same practice as their foreign sisters of doing their own marketing, yet
failing this, they should make It a
rule to obtain price lists from tbe
butcher, baker, laundress and grocer
and compare these from time to time
with the price lists of other Brm* and
to insist on a daily price list being
seut by tbe fisbman and grocer, while
the various books should be made up
and paid weekly, for ln tbis way lt ls
easier to trace any mistakes.
Be tho allowance per bead wbat
It may, the following averages are
very useful for apportioning the money
required for the various tradesmen's
books: Butcher, one-third of tbe total
allowance; grocer, onu-llftb; d%)ry. one-
lifth; baker, one-nlntb; greengrocer,
one-fourteenth; tlsbman, one-fourteenth. The grocer's book is, aa u
rule, the greatest stumbling block, for
this seem* to mount up enormously
in u very short time. Of course witli
groceries, lf tbere ls a store cupboard.
' it ls better to order tbe stores ln bulk
which will keep, as this always effect* a saving. In any case tbe above
averages cannot be considered bard
and fast, as living varies greatly In
different households. For instance, In
one household more flsb may be eaten
lu proportion than meat, so that the
butchers book will be perhaps less.
the surplus belug put on one side for
the fish bill, or ugain vegetables. But
on the whole it should be possible to
work one account in with another so
that tbe total comes out to tbe desired
Indoor Plant*.
It hns bef-n known for a long time
that hyacinths wonld grow Indoors ns
well us without, but lt Is only in the
Inst few years that lhe daffodil has
come to the front as an Indoor plnnt.
All the varieties are good, particularly If oue gives the collection a Urra
background of a ioy.vn "double uo=ed"
Von Slons. This good old daffodil
makes a brave showing without any
assistance, yet If the wludow garden
lng moi her wants to make nn Interesting display, one that will unfold new
delights each day. she should choose
some of the new single varieties that
come ln either one or two shades ot
yellow, wltb all sorts of ruffles on their
The nicest things about daffodils for
tbe house ls that one can buy Just ns
many or as few ns one likes, nnd a
single pot of even the very cheapest
and commonest of daffodils will  pro
vide sunshine for au eutire household.
Moreover.   ����������   *����odH   ta   en    ld��a��
trtnnt to Mod to the alck.    Plant about \
three In a  pot for thla purposed'  Us
odor Is too delicate to offend the most
fastidious nostril nnd in gay coloring
suggests life and health rather than
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An Attractive Gift For Invalid.
Min-h  more- lusting than1 u   hox  of
flowers Is this dainty case of quilted
pink satin, which contains a pair ol
othera generously, "for ycu know(we
wouldn't stand a show anyway.'
"If It's my chance." snld l.ymnn
j coolly, "tben I'll 'figure to get the lot
| of us off. Ask blm If I can bave a
I try wltb my revolver at solving bis
', problem."
I    Tbe leader nodded wltb an amused
1 smile, and Anson and Ellis beld lbs
I necklace suspended between tbem.   In
' tbe excitement of the moment  they
j did not notice that tbey were In Hns
i wltb tbe leader of the pirates, snd It
I wss not untll Lyman's shot rang echo-
! Ing through  the rocky caverns,  followed by the Asiatic's hideous yell as
he flopped from hls cbnlr. that tbey
! reallned Lyman's bullet bsd taken et*
I feet In tbe leader's body.   For n brief
t Instant tbere was Intense silence; tben
i Lyman flushed around on the cowardly
crew wltb uplifted weapon, snd It only
needed one or two deadly shuts to send
tbem scattering out of tbe chamber.
"It's our only chance; let's lie off."
muttered Ellis, grabbing bis own
weapon from tbe floor Iind rescuing
tbeir fallen watches where thev nud
beeu drop|ied.
Tbey punted down a long and narrow passageway that st Its gn-stent
width would not have admitted ..tue
corpulence of the pirate leader. All
st once s rush of cold sir smote their
Dented tare*. They rounded aaWmder
ef jutting ruck and csme out u|mui a
Mnall natural stone Jetty that put forth
into the Yellow river. Tbey were quite
out of sight of Ihe creek and tbe June
It concealed.   ���������
Tliere it welcome elgbt met I heir
eyes, streaming np tbe stream mme
tbe Linda, a line of fresh white and
red faces against tbe rail. A sup-
tiressed cheer went up as tbe three men
were sighted and a boat waa lowered.
It was nut uutll the Linda bud put
town the river and wus emerging luto
Ibe Chlun sea once more tbut Alison
realised that be wore ubout bis neck
the white chain wltb the Mingle coral
head. He removed tbe cbatu and flung
It around Lyman's neck. The latter
looked down st the rosy bead wltb
meditative eyea.
"I'm wondering wbnt would havs
bnpnened If I hnd not chanced to nit
that old chnp." he murmured.
The eyea of Anson and  Elite met
terns* hls bent head wltb strange *|g-
nlllcaiK-e In tbe glance, and Ellis re-
piled to the .vountrer man's remark.
You wouldn't be nsra uikiug about
Re Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 of Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer-
tlflcato ot Title Number 1874E, issuej
ln the name of The Corporation of
the District of Uurnaby, has been
flled la this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at tbe expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City ot New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,  New Westminster, B. C, Dec. 21. 1911.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
quilted pink satin slippers ornamented
wltb pink ' pompons. This practical
"Upper gift really costs little more
Uiuu an expensive buncb ot roses.
A Test Per Wesl.
Tbere sre some materials that nre
marked all wool, and others are frank
ty marked cotton and wool mixture.
There is a certain feel to cotton nnd
wool cloth tbat makes one look for the
cotton even wben It Is well hidden.
Tbe test for this Is to uuntvel* t*o
threads, one In the cross width and
one on the length. A woolen thread
���ireaks wltb au Irregular, frlngy edging, while cotton makes a clean, crisp
break. In lbe mannish mixtures be
snre thnt the light and not the dark
threads are cotton or In a abort time
you will bave rusty black or dingy
brown material.
it." he satd grimly.
Ts Remove Mud Stains.
Always let tbe mud spots get perfectly dry before trying to remove
tbem. and usually a good brushing
will be nil that in required. If, however, the stain remans it Can bs easily
and quickly removed by using tbe following mixture: Two ounces of fluid
ammonia, one quart of soft water, one
teaspoonful of saltpeter and one ounce
of white soap. Let the mixture stand
overnight snd shake tt weir when it
is nsed. Rub the spots well with a
sponge saturated with thia mixture
until ths last one disappears, tfeen
wuh it off with clou water.
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and!
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a jrreasv/
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep AergermL
and impurities, and insures purity and safety/.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, ii'st
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work without your assistance, leaving you to take-
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil'
soap, to which is added other purifying materials*
in just the right pro-      \  i  /
portions to cleanse   \JsM/^^<
easily, vigorously, J^"^* '^
and without harm to JT
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
As John Gale in "The Barrier" at tho
Opera House Thursday night
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
We Carry a
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc~
T. J. Trapp & Co,
Phone 59 New Weatmin&ter, JLCL *1
mS3SB=aifl I  'lil
TheTJatly News
h iPublishad by Tha Dally News Publlsh-
' -lag Compaay. Limited, at their offlces,
-at.' McKenzie   and    Victoria
4L Lockle Brown Manager
JANUARY 23, 1912.
CMflttfcJaaBt.and growing volume of .importa-and the crowding evidences of luxury on every hand seem
dft jutflfJFWMMest word of caution
Urith regard, to Jhp current tendency
|owarti (mniiafice, says the Toron-
t0 (?ffe!}li,feoomplet* dependence
pn foreigVA^TOl YeqdUtte^n our ran-
way and oil attendant /expansions
must b^Mcatni^ed not aaan evil, hm
as a'Wln&Mr feature of our healthy
and successful, advancement. The increased production will sustain the
burden and lift ln due time. But although savings make a good record,
they nhorild Under existing conditions
Snake a much better, and we should
furnish a lg^gp^hj^re of the capital required in ��ifr own minor enterprises.
A still more Important matter is the
.necessity of avoiding large foreign Investments of non-productive speculations whlcii'tImpo8e onerous future
burdens.' For example, if a large volume of British capital ls paid for Canadian land and spent by tbe sellers
on foreign wines and other luxuries,
the resultant volume of imports
means an onerous future burden
through a speculation that ls nonproductive. It puts our productive Industries under tribute for years.
Tbere Is A ptechlevous economic delusion abroad to the effect that the
man who spends his income on luxuries  gives   employment,  while   the
man who saves does not.    The truth
ls that the man who saves gives more
-employment that the man who spends.
Every dollar diverted from the gratification of Immediate wants   to   the
savings bank means the diverting of
a proportionate amount of labor from
occupation's whteh   satisfy immediate
wants to those which produce permanent capital.   The fact that the sav-
the Jaws lias been defended upon economic grounds and also upon political
grounds. The first ls the older argument Profound patriots ot the orthodox Russian type long ago discovered
that tho simple, untutored Russian
peasant must not be left unprotected
against the Jews with, their superior
mental endowment, energy and
thrift Confronted with the problem
of two races on a different cultural
level, the typical Russian solution waa
not to raise the lower race, bnt to.
crush down tba superior one. On that
principle ls-4based the entire mass ot
restrictive'legislation by which tho
Jews have been pent up within a single cornerdTthe empire, hampered la
the pursuit pf trade and the professions, and reduced to a minute percentage hen the universities, ��� The
stupid iniquity of such a pollcy need
not be expatiated upon here. It ls
sufficient to point out that the vaat
number of Russian Jews live under
conditions ot abject poverty closely
approximating that of the Russian
peasant Given freedom of opportunity, tha Jewish workman would probable carry Into every'city of the empire that new Industrialism which
Russia's rulers are so set upon developing. This ls aside from the general
argument that the Russian government would flnd lt difficult to look
abroad and point ont a nation which
has fallen into economic ruin through
granting opportunity to its Jewish citizens.
After treating the Jew for several
generations as an economic peril, the
Russian Government disoovered that
he was a political peril.   There ts no
denying that the Jews have played an
important   rart   in   the   progressive
movement   ln   Russia.     Undoubtedly
they were prominent during the revolutionary  upheaval of half   a doz��n
years ago.   But the Jews, in throwing
themselves  ardently  Into  the liberation movement, did only what every
other oppressed nationality within the
Russian Empire did.    The Armenians
in the Caucasus, the Lettish ek^pnt
In the Baltic provinces, the Poles, the
people of Finland, joined ln the uprising  which obtained  for   Russia   the
flicker of liberty   and   constitutional
government she now possesses.   Thu3
It was demonstrated once more tbal
repression can  lead only  to   revolution. The Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
which in proportion to the total number  of  inhabitants   has   probably  as
large a Jewish popula'. loa as Russia
has never found the Jews a peril to
peace,  order   and   prosperity.      The
great question at stake le whether the
Russian  Government  really hopes tj
go on for ever sweeping back the tide
of modern  enlightenment.     Bourbon-
ism is slow to learn, else Russia would
have learned before this the hopelessness of her task. She would have rec
ognized the significance of the great
change that has come over the Russian peasant himself.    I�� that simple
son   ot   nature  has   not    been    proof
against the revolutionary Infection  a.��
toaupal Speech
(Continued rrom rage OauV
eral sale and use. The valae of thla
re-survey ls incalculable and .will safe
the city and citiiena many thousands
of dollara, also much inconvenience,
Financial Matters.
The matter of insuring city work
men against accidents should engage
your attention. Employers' liability
Insurance should save the city consldi
era ble money and prevent unfortun-,
ate lawsuits. I believe the time 'has'
now arrived when a fiscal agent ror
tbe city should be appointed. Wa
ahall be ln the London and other
markets for increasing loans fof
carrying on city vork, and the con-;
census of experience is tbat munlcl^
frailties are better sefved by thia.
method than by the system now. iiy
Vogue of throwing,our bonds on thai
market at any time. j
Lulu Island Bridge, Etc
Tbe question of the widening ot
Lulu island bridge for the tram tracks
will have to be settled this year and
provision made for the cost of. the
extension,to be collected from the B.
C. Electric railway or aome other ar
rangements entered Into for uaera of
the bridge. Our by-laws ought to be
revised to conform to the revised
statutes now before the legislation. 1
would suggest the desirability of tak'
lng a municipal census at once. It
has been the custom for the city to
do this each year and seems to me
to be specially desirable at the present time.
"Publicity is a feature of a (rowing
and ambitious city that cannot be
overlooked. I can congratulate the
city in having as one of Its citizens a
man so eminently fitted for this work
as our publicity commissioner, Mr.
The Annual Exhibition.
"I would like to commend to the
most favorable consideration of our
council and citizens the annual exhibition held under the auspices of
the It. A. & I. society. We hate not
always agreed with the modus operandi of the management, but tbey
have shown a disposition to meet the
wishes of the people, and we fully believe that its officers are all actuated
by the desire to make the annual ex
hibitlon a success, and improve conditions in our city.
"Efforts ought to be continued to
get direct tram communication; between New Westminster and the'section north of the Fraser river, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Delta.
"I trust the estimates for the year
will be brought down at an early date
so that the work of the year may get
under way without unnecessary de-
fay." "���  \t\   ,
The mayor concluded by expressing
appreciation of the work of his colleagues during tbe past year, and
voicing agreeable ���antlclnation* fo.-
the present year.
Alderman Curtis rose to reply to
the "speech from the throne," as he
called lt,  and  aBBured  the  mayor  of
bJS_ Support  on   every   question     mm
lngs  are  ln  demand   and bear  Inter-
est  shows tbat   somebody    ls   u"Vn8\BO"j��tl t^rev^tl -	
tbem  to augment tbe Immediate    or\^�� wmtor? ITttae list "tew 'years" hti\"��n,B*-    H? W���"Si5 *��V^��t��*"j'V'
future productiveness ot labor.    Can- Uown. bow absurd It t. to pic* out WSS^&TbSthS waTmSSK.
\ single e'.eraent In  the population and \ rangemenU   wilh  regard  t0  bls  j,^.
^a*********************************\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^B ss^^^H ^^^^B^H
If you are needing Furniture, you are lucky to be living in New
Westminster because nowhere in British Columbia can you buy
Furniture as cheaply as here. We will back this statement by refunding you money on any article bought from us that you see
marked cheaper anywhere else on the coast. Of course we can sell
cheaper. We get car lots right here; do not pay one-third the rent
of the large city stores; have not one-third the running expenses to
meet; have no big bugs to support; and we are satisfied with small
profits and quick returns. ; >
Extension Table
Round top, heavy turned legs; table extends te 6 ft.
With leaded glass doors, British bevel plate mlrrsr;
two lined silver drawers snd one linen drawer. .
Set Dining Chairs
Comprising five small and one arm chair, solid oak.
The whole outfit for $59.00.   No need to pay more.
Is all brass; posts two Inches In diameter; with
heavy filling; strongly made and fitted with ball
bearing castors.
Restmore Mattress
The namo speake for the quality.
Is double crll wire throughout, hae heavy cable supports and wire rope edge; s thoroughly reliable
spring.    Outfit complete $29.00
Twelve-foot   wde, per square yard  48c
Just one roll left; nice floral design; suitable for
dining room; will fit most rooms in one piece without a seam.    While it laats, per square yard       48c
White Enamel Bath Room Cabinets, $5
With bevel  plate mirror In   door;
towel mil, shelves for brushes, etc.
complete   with
Child's Rockers $1,29
Mission    Jardlnler Stands $1.60
Child's High Chairs, extra strong  $1.75
ada wHJf(f^nd Itptitys part ot wisdom to
put more In the savings bank and less
In the gratifying of current fancies.
J. J. Hill was the flrst prominent
American to iofii*"a warning against
extravapance a3 a national weakness.
That warning is quite as necessary In
Canada aa in t^e United States. In
France, Belgium and Holland we hare
Instances showing how the saving nations attain a standing and Influence
out of proportion to their numerclal
strength. Extravagance, whether
governmental' ftr ' Individual, create?
proportionate dependence on lenders.
The London Financial News has read
Sir William Mar;l:enenzie a lecture on
moderation on the occasion of his re-
���cent loan of $.15,000,000. There ls in
'this a reminder that though securities
ibe ever so sound It Is possible to appear with them too often In the market. Both the capacity and the willingness to Invest are limited. Tbere
ls also a suggestion ot the dependence from which the borrower is
i never entirely exempt. Canadian expansion will continue to support the
vast amount of foreign investments
requisite ln the development of the
northern half cf this fortunate conti-
.nent. But on personal and public
grounds lt is urgently desirable for
'Canadians to avoid courses and tendencies that threaten to mako extravagance a national falling and heap
up onerous burdens for the future.
Writer  in  New  York   Evening   Post
Discusses    Problem.
��� We have pointed out cn several occasions how the Russian Government,
in arguing that the recognition of foreign iiassports in the hands of Jewish
travelers is an internal question that
conce. ns itself alone, has given away
its own case. Common sense demands: How can a subject so plainly
���of international Import as the right o:
passing from one country to another
be made a matter of internal policy
only? If the State Department cannot take up with the Russian Foreign Ofiice the refusal to honor nn
American passport, what is there tha;
international diplomacy Is at liberty
to discuss? To this Russia's reply
has been that her own Jewish problem ls such a peculiarly difficult one
that any dealings affecting people o'
the Jewish faith must become a mat
ter to her of seriou�� domestic concern.
The futility of such an argument as ?
rejoinder to the just c'aims of anotV������
-nation dees not need to be r>oiT>��e1
out. It onlv remains to bo shown how
���senseless is the policy of Jewish exclusion wben viewe.l from the stand-
j'oint of Rt.:- iia'9 <".,vn be<=t Itiferrs's.
Russia's repressive   p~licy   towards
bear down upon that as tbe sole ca\we
and Instrument of danger to the autoo
The hallmark of Russia's repressive
policies towards other nationalities as
well as the Jews is stupidity snd fu
tility. Despotism has only one excuse
���success. But, as a matter of fact,
the Russian autocratic system Is a
creaky, blundering machine. As ap
plied to the question in hand, for in
stance, what is there the Russian Gov
ernment has to fear from the pres
ence of foreign Jews within its boundaries? Would the American passport be utilized by Jewish revolutionists for their own purposes ? Revolutionist agitators and emissaries have
never found much difficulty in entering the country. It is precisely against
travelers engaged ln legitimate business that the passport system most
operates. American citizens of the
Jewish faith whose interests demanded their presence in Russia have
been compelled to secure a "vise" for
their passoprts under false pretences,
or have entered on other people's
passports, or have made use of that
omnipotent argument in Russian officialdom���bribery. It ls only against
those who would not condescend to
such subterfuges that the rule of discrimination has operated. It is quite
like the Russia of fifty years ago,
when Alexander Herzen waB compelled to publish his liberal journal, The
Bell, in Paris or London, and The Bell
was read everywhere in Russia and
found Its way unfailingly to the
czar's table.
So It is quite ln accordance with the
good old Russian tradition that, instead of holding the door open to thc
traveler from abroad, and recoj.nI/.ins
in the forelgneer's passport a guarantee of good behavior as well as a card
of admission, the czar's government
prefers to let the undesirable eleven;
enter by the usual subterranean
means, antl excludes those whose mission is unobjectionable and above-
hoard. Revolutionary literature from
abroad finds no difficulty in ent;ritiK
the country, but a foreign newspaper
man, prepared to study the Russian
question fairly, is excluded, lf he hap
pens to be of the proscribed faith.
This is not only intolerable, il is
ridiculous. It is quite ln line with tha
attitude of the conservative Russian
newspapers on the passport question.
Tp hear them talk one would imagine
that the very life of the empire depended upon the non-admission of
Jews, and that ages must pass befor
such a thing Is conceivable. Ang. ve'
it is certain that in the course of e
very few years there will not on'v be
a change in Russ'a's pisr.no-1 resrul.i-
tlons, but a Chan re in ber entire Jewish policy. Jewish emnncipa'ion bas
already been broight on In the TVu
ma, and has been defeated bv n vV****
majority. Why then, this drendful
row? Why declare passionatelv that
vou never, never will consent to wha'
vou have almost made up ycur m'**l
to accent? The nnsv.'er Is still thc
Bame:    Russian stupidity.
ness that would leave him free to devote all the time necessary to his
duties. I
Alderman Gray then ipoved that
copies of the ad tress be given to each
of the aldermen and the whole Incorporated in the minutes.
$28.75���Bedroom Furnished Complete���$28.7*5
$10.00 deposit,  balance as the rent of your room comes in.   Furniture comprises:   Bed, Spring, Mattress, Dresser,  Chair, 9x9 CHI
1  ciath, Fair Lace Curtains, Window Shade, Curtain Pole, one pair
*   Sheets, 'One Bedspread, two Feather Pillows,   two Pillow Slips,   two
Towels. ��� ���' "  "
Auction Sale
Preliminary Announcement
of an auction sale to be held in Big-
gar's Hall, South Westminster, about
the middle of February next. 1 am
instructed by the owners to sell by
publlc auction:
Over two miles of valuable watei-
front, ln 35 blocks, situated on tho
main channel of the Fraser river;
suitable for small holders, factories
and mill sites.
Also city property In Vancouver,
North Vancouver, South Vancouver,
Mew Westminster, Sapperton, Port
Mann, White Rock and Mission City.
Over 2000 acres of valuable dairy,
fruit and chicken ranches, in the lower Fraser Valley, in convenient blocks
in the following districts:. Agassiz,
Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack
Langley, Mission, Matsqui, Lulu Island, Sumas Surrey, Richmond. Whon
nock, Burquitlam, South Westminster,
Mt. Lehman, Delta.
Any person   wishing   to   list   their (
property   in   the   above   auction   sal ���
must do so by the Hist January, go as
to give time to list ln the catalogue,
The auctioneer's terms are r> per
cent, straight. No charge unless a
sale ls made.
South Westminster, B.C.
Phono F507.
Successfully Treated
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist
657  Columbia   Street,   Upstairs,
Over Curtis* Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and   late- by anointments.
Phone 295.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phene Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
I have just received a
ment of
All kinds of Watches Repaired. WorK
Andrew Clausen
Do Not Waste Money
Savs a little systematical!/, for It Is ths stuff tbat th* foun
datlons of wealth ud happiness are built of.
Money stay be used in two ways; to spend for what Is
needed bow aid to Invest for what shall be needed In tha fu
ture.   Money cannot ba Invested until It is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 62,008,000.    Columbia, cornsr Eighth atreet.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager O. R. OONLEY, Local Managsr,
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE 904.
(Old Glass Works Factory.
541  Front St.
���i .   ' '.'""
Nea- the Market M
I have money to loan on approved
I am in a position to discount agreements of sale.
614 Columbia Street Phones 170 and 173
lii! f
i\ ��� m*&t
Further Interest hu been added to
tiie billiard tournament at Fletcher's
by the presentation ot two more
prizes. Mr. Molt, ot the asylum, has
ottered a cue tor the highest break tn
���the series, while Mr. Franklin, of the
same piace, has given another cue
tor the highest score made by the reserve player of each team, who by the
rules of tbe competition must get at
least one game in the series.
> ���
���' Rovers are all asked to be down
*t Qbe.ens park tonight at 7 o'clock
-to tr&fn'for tlie match against Sham
rocks next Saturday in the flrst round
fjbr tbe Imperial cup. It was not the
Rovers' fault that the game last Saturday fell through. A letter has been
received from the Shamrocks saying
ihat only eight of tlieir players turn
Sup at the tram and therefore they
ought it useless to come. The miss-
lng three, as a matter of fact,' were
-ovter In New Westminster on thu
ground. News ot thla bitch did nol
Arrive tlU after 2 p.m., so that it wa*
Impossible to notify the public that
.the game was off.
.a ������
Burnaby played their match with
ihe Nabobs in the billiard tournament
last night, and went down to defeat
by the odd game In flve. The following were the scores: Burnaby���Doug
las, 197; Andrews, 191; Mansfield,
tOO; Johnston, 142; Sutherland, 200.
Nabobs���Linquest, 200; Stewart, 200.
feenedett, 179; Bath, 200; Robertson,
147. Tonight the asylum team will
play the Rovers.
Alderman Fred Lynch haa received
a letter from Vancouver In which it
is proposed that the New Westmlnater ice hockey team pay a visit to
tbis city very shortly, and be shown
over by some of the local sports.
Wednesday week, after the team haa
played Its match against Victoria on
the Tuesday, is mentioned as a convenient date for the visit.
Criminal Court Methods There Utterly
Deferent Frem Owe. .
Criminal court trials la Italy are contacted older a tr*tj Maple system,
though utterly different fram tbe aye-
tern which governs procedure in American or English courts, says aa *S*
Th* trial takes place before three
star mat   nun   piace   oeiorw  twee     . ...   . ^ . ..,.�����. ��� ���->*...'���
Judges ani'a Jury, to which are added ^wfld ** ��P*������<�� * ����� <^^
*U   1IBI/. ������
ropeJM mat
witness to
Down To-teiieo
u    (Continued fronl page one)
cussion. Alderman Kellington spoke
in favor of the bi-monthly pay-day. He
bad, he said, tbe assurance of tha.
city treasurer that by the use of pay
envelopes instead of Lbe present
checks system no very great difficult/
In    Bull
With "The  Barrier'; Falls
,, Ring.
, Eleanor Haber, who plays the heroine, Necia, and Lee Miller, who plays
the hero in Rex Beach's "The Bar-
tier," had a narrow escape, while witnessing a bull flght at Juarez, Mexico,
Just acrosa the bolder line from E.
Paso, Texas. Mlss Haber several
years back had played a special stock
engagement at El Paso, Texas, and
- npon her return In "The Barrier" waB
the guest of honor of the mayor ol
El Paso, and tbe prefect of Juarez,
Mexico. The courtesies ot the city
of Juarez were extended lo Mlss
��Iaber, Mr. Miller and the mavor   cf
the bull
n tht
great Toreador Roberta and the bull
Miss Haber became so excited, that
In leaning on the railing too heavily,
she lost ber balance and fell from
the box into the outer rlag, jus? a.i
the bull cleared the rail. L#e Miller,
who ls playing the hero, Captain Bur
rill ln "The Barrier," lea I ed the
perilous situation in a moment and
.came to her rescue Jutt as she fainted
*n:l carried her to a pod tlon of
aafety, while Toreador Roberts engaged the bull's attention. Mlss Haber
and. Mr. Miller, although aomew at
excited, played tbeir roles of hero aid
heroine that night better tban ever.
Mlss Haber says: "Mr. Miller ts a
hero when tbe emergency demand 4.
real hero when the emergency demands. As for me I shall watch bull
flght by Iona distance hereafter."
Mlas Haber and Mr. Miller will be
at t'ie opera l)ou*e in "The Barrier"
on Thursday night.
a certain number of epMaiJurora, wbo
are sworn and are present In couij to
hear tbe testimony and are held ready
to take the place tn the Jury box ef
any Juror who may In the course ot
tbe trial be Incapacitated from further
service. Tbe depositions of all the
witnesses bava been taken in writing
and signed before the trial begins.
Bach of the Judges haa a copy of theie
before Mm. Tbe prosecutor and tbe
counsel for the accused furnish te tha
court a Ust dlf the witnesses tbey desire called, and tbeee ara all snmmeo-
ed by the court, which haa power ta
punish neuattendanca
, The- flrst thtag that happen* when
tba trial bfetna Is the qoastloalog of
tha accuse*, by tba presiding Justice.
In Italy, aa tn meet of continental En-
man accused of a crime Is ooa-
tbe taw to ba the Terr beet
bia own guilt or Inaocenc*
lh England and America tbo accused
need not testify nnteas he .chooses. Ia
Italy he Is tbe flrst and moat Important witness.
The accused Is allowed the widest
scope In defending himself. He baa
a right to tell bis own story In hla
own way, to offer anything be can ta
tbe way of Justification or palliation.
Even hearsay evidence Is admissible.
Tbe Judge bas absolute discretion aa
to wbat testimony may be received
snd what excluded, and any Judge
who exercised this discretion unfairly
would bean object of execration. Blaa
oa tbe part of one Judge Is possible,
but there are always the otber two
Judges on the bench wltb him. nnd
tbey are a perfect check against na-
'When the accused has given hts testimony be ts confronted personally
with his accuser. The accuser ls necessarily tbe prlnotpal witness against
Uo- Strictly speaking, tbe prisoner
bas no right to Interrupt bis accuser
while tb* latter Is telling bis story,
but in practice tbe Judges permit It,
and tbe confrontation sometimes be-
comee a three cornered debate between
accuser, accused and Judge, tbe latter
giving the accused the widest leewny
to demonstrate bis Innocenca-Case
and Comment
in pay-day, and dn his motion the
whole matter was refeired to tha
finance committee.
A letter from the Burnaby council
asking for the appointment of dele*
gates from New Westminster to 3
Joint transportation committee to
consider transportation, fares, rates,
and service for the' whole peninsula
waa referred to the transportation
Matters referred to the board of
works include! a request from tb?
Agnes street ratepayers, tbat the
city engineer be Instructed to draw
up plana and profiles ot tba proposed
widening of Agnes street; the consideration of the policy to be adopted
by tbe council towarda fences affected,
by the new city survey, and the con*
dition ot Columbia street at the eor-'
ner of Mclnnes street. 'In ccmbina*
Uon with the parks committee the
board was instructed to act with regard to the dirt coming from Merri-
vale street on, to Columbia. '.Accord'
ing to Alderman Lynch he means to
have i a bowling 'green near the foot
of the Crescent (ery shortly.
G. N. R. Depot.
The proposed C. N. R. depot next
"Wher*  Everybody
AL. W. Q1LL1B. Maaa����a.
Bulger's Goats
A meeting of tbe Liberal Association will be held In the
Eagles'Hall, Friday fve'g.
came In 'toi attention at thi' suggest |Mxt, at g o'clock, to elect ten deletion of the mayor.   The city, he eaid,lgaUs, to repre-ent New Weetmlnater
1.1 ,y.9n;.n.
tlrVtlf-     -I 1
The Westmiiister Trust and Safe DepositCo���Ud.
Xj. JONES, Mftr.-Dlr.       " ���?  iinn   i
28 Lorne Street New Westointiter
::: UJ
City in tbe convention of provincial
Liberals to be held at Vancouver on
Thursday, February 29,   commencing
at 2 p.m.
All Liberals Invited to attend.
Hew Watches Vsry.
Theoretically,   says  a  Jeweler,   tbe
beat watchea of today are perfect, but
actually tbey both gain and lose time
every day.    Even if tbe good watcb Coining the ��r*mmtt%..
not vary ��m e^oe*. e^i��^ti��^<t��-.>tM����tar'n��>t
Opposed te Mounting Clothes.
"A southern physician of recognised
-skill and eminence urges tbat all on*
ward symbols of mourning should ba
abandoned." says Muasey'a Tor many
years be has expressed his vlewa   Bs
: has won over a large number of people wbo sea na reason wby tba heart
should advertise Its sorrow  by  tbe
1 conspicuous Insignia of gloom.  There
are or  bave been  peoples wiser la
tbeir generation.   Tbe Romans of the
days of tbe republic wore blue as s
sign of mourning.    It Is tbe proper
! thing In Asls Minor now.   The Turk
mourns In violet and tbe Persian la
pale brown.    Until a  French queen
aet tbe present fashion In tbe latter
hair of tbe fifteenth century white wss
tbe color of grtsf ia Europe, ss It Is
��ow In China."	
A Generous Acton .
I remember when Toole wag playing
*n exceptionally fine engagement with
us that be said laughingly: "Ob, hy
the way.' Cfclrert-lf *T *��*��� <����������
-down next week don* say anything
about the big receipts. *�� ** rte
�� lot of nspbawnnod ntaess. andI thsr
40 expect tUM from Xtotl* Johnnia.
UstyeaTthay fedorsr M00ttomm*.
ST toywil* thinta I rs*�� ��***
It---gixtr-eigbt fears on Um toft"
tf IDs. Charlss Calvert
Som ax* v*r�� *-**-***. at t��* '****-*'t*s*-^t**7'***!r'*   two<*MUTint
���x3& raras -aa ocpw^raar-srsffLr*
that Ume.   If tt la wound In tbe morn- 	
Ing It runs fastlnnd toward tbe next
morning runs slow, thus equalling
tbe time. He saya tbe bent watches
should be wound twice a day and then
at only two-thirds- of the rapacity Of
tbe mainspring, thus preventing either
binding or extreme* of strong or weakened spring. Tbe balance wheel ws*
expected to equalize differences of
mainspring tension, but really this is
not the caae to what Is called perfection-New Tork Press.
had a 99 year lease of the lots at the
end of tbe bridge. The railway was
anxious to build a decent station,
and the city wished to secure
the same. Tbe oid finance committee
had let the matter drop, ani the new
committee wai instructed to take lt
up again and get it under way as
soon as possible.
A request for fore-shore rights run
ning 500 feet out from the shore pre-'
sented by the Crown Timber and
Land company was referred to the
harbor committee, and the condition
of the cattle corral at the market,
which Alderman Curtis characterized
as a "disgrace to any civilized com
munity," was left In the hands of the
market committee.
Changes and Recommendations.
Before the adjournment was moved
the mayor informed tbe council that
Alderman Dodd did not wish to act
op the police committee, and this department he therefore Incorporated
with those of the parks snd library
under the chairmanship of Alierman
As police commissioner the council
recommended Alderman White, ani
as license commissioner Aldermajj
Kellington. 1 ���
Offers of about 12% ares of .lan^lONC  NIGHT ONLY
being lot 4, of suburban block' 4. a* I
m*** .the^res^^e^jfjfjr^^eJV
Now is the Time to. Prepare
Yourself fdr a Better Position
Tke Modern Business St
Is tha place where Business Training ia asade a Specialty. It yoa
wore only convinced of how they could help you, no tlnte w<Wld ba
lost on your part ln enrolling.
i a-*   t.-<-.;.
BUT LOOK I���Tm enroll and you will soon be convinced ef the
beneflt of a business training aa given at the >���,..���  ���
Modern Business School
Phone 853. .       .     ��tO Columbia SL
A. L* BOUCK, Principal
A Great Play of the
Great White North-
Strong and Fascinating.
Thursday, Jan. 25.
W. R. OILLEY, Phona 112.
O. E. OILLEY, Phena Ml.
Phones, Office 18 and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Beaton's Winter end Summer.
Nearly all visitor* to Boston. If tbey
do not aee IL are told of the place
wbere one-may "step from Winter Into
Sohrtner or from Summer into Winter
at sny time of tbe year without giving
a thought to his clothing." Tbls mny
be done st tbe point wbere Washington street internecta tbe street wbicb(
Is -Winter on one side and "Summer"
on tbe otber. A guide was enlarging
on tbls bit of humor to a visitor from
New Tork a few dnya ago. but was
oot rewarded by the smile which tbe
Winter and Summer Joke usually calls
forth. "That's nothing." said,the New
Yorker, "but what is really funny bere
la to see tbe entrance to tbe underground railway marked 'The Elevator.' "-New Vork Tribune.
could di
liver it at $2000 an acre, -while M
P. Peebles quoted $2500 as the prici
Both   offers   weye-- referred   to   thl
finance committee to report. 7
.       _ _-_, a . g
An English Chemist Haa;;
Discovered How to
Grow Hair
Prtpe. 8it��, Tie, Ms, 2Sc   Stat SalsV
ls the place
Hot Water Bottles
Double corner on Edinburgh street,  $2,000.00;   third  cash, balance
6, 12 18 months.
Three lots on Eighth street, $3,200.00, for the three; one-third cash,
balance 6, 12, 18 months.        - fe f UK Kit fc; I <k>. I > >. I   i ::. >    "
Corner lot on Third street, $2,260.00 on easy terms. This it an Al
,  ' -f.r-i.ili   al   *i
Vtvo-roomed house on Dublin street, $2,100.00; $500.00 caah, balance
to arrange.
gevfch-rootned house oh Hamilton atreet, $3,00.00 on ^asy* ferine.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building,
Phone 1004,
1 Suppose bis wife Is ths
Irfh housekeeper ln town."
���poor IWtowr _���   _ , ,
MAad sha bss half a ajfiBop In sm
{*%��?��*&  nam*oV-Oiml**A
cnaia Dealer.	
I Oesslav
-I wonder why gossip .twWto 8��
"Becausa tht tongass which cany ��
are always ** J��*^"W"*"
Ths.Churoh Cough.
Of nil cough* the I'liurc-h cough I*
tbe most dlltlcnlt to check, and It In
olmoHi as cotiUiftloiiH'np yawnlint.. The
late Mr Ilavrln iirm-rleally nirtHi lil"
Mnrylebono i-onjjreKittloii ���>' coughing
during the service He used to nn
nounce tin Interval for <-oiighlug with
�� polite re<imwt in thone who found
thlH InHiifflclent to g�� outside' 'Iher*
In n somewhat similar practice In the
Russian army���the nose blowing drill
-which Is performed by llie whole
regiment, at, ii nlgnal from ihe colonel.
And' no soldier dares mn��e*�� at auy
otbM- tlm*-l-ondini SiHKfntdr."
The Old Order Passeth.
Whst Iihh Iw-oiiie of the old fssh-
loaed sian whouwns' nlmut to wive
the iirohlert of |ierpt>liinr motion^
And wliere is the old fashioned w��
ir.an nri���� wore gloves thm reached
tmlr halfway. t�� tlie ������ml of her iln genii
fan .anybody ftirnl>* lu formation
.-onrernlng the wliervnlsiut* of tlie olS
fashlnncd IViy wlm Wort* mittens n-hlrb
were fnsiciiefl tit �� long strlngH-Cbl-
i-ago Iterord lli-niirt.
Con�� deret*.
"Why dn yon uriiue with yonr wlfel"
iskeil tln> Ifc-u'-hi-lui- "ttun't ymi know
he fn��itli\ (if it'r
���tit i'-jhmW." replied the married man,
-Imt I Iimvh io nllnw Iter it little,pleas-
���n* iiiii-h lu iiw'ili" " - I'uck.
him i . i:>��.\�� nil, \* the mothet
( ������   ��� ..    Sanniel Siiille*.
In England the ladies have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which J��
due entirely to this new discovery- .
Jt haa been proven, that- Henna
leaves contain the Ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That the;
contain this' long-lobkef-for at tide ls
proven evei^ day. , * jjj '������������������ '���, .
The Americans are now placing On
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna lea vas, which
la having a phenomenal aale.'
Tbls preparation Is oalled 6ALVIA.
and Is being sold with ��� a guarantee
to cure Dandruff and to grow, hair III
abundance. Being daintily perfumed,
SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
dressing. Ryall. your druggist, ls the
lirst to import this preparation into
New Westminster, and a large, generous bottle can be purchased for BOS. | Phone 40.
Fully gue^anf<
Cough Syrups
The effective kind.
Der moi Cream
The best application for winter chafe-
C. S. Davies
Cliff Block.
Fresh Seaishipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best... you have
ever had.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 No. 2 Common. Boards and Dimension.	
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while frit,** are low
Who -nlll dance the Seann Trlubhas at the Barns' concert oh Friday night.
3500 Tone���7000  Horsepower
Queen Charlotte Islands and East on <L T. P. Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern Destinations via ths Grand .Trunk
Double Traek Route���Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Meals a la
H. G. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. ' Telephone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCB, C. A. Telephone Seymour 8Mo
.    I       '. CITY 0W1CES: 587 GrahvIRe 8>reeL
���tf "V
tAOB *Ot
TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1912.    (
Book   of   Famous   French   Detective
Bristles With Good Stories.
Nearly all the sovereigns of Europe.
Mograph. or a
came first-rate friends. "On the other j would a piano, a ci
hand, once he was out ot doors. I- cut \*jfc3*jtf��gii Indeed, that the shah
all bis acquaintances. Whether on by no means grasped the true posl-
the beach at Biarritz or in the Rue de' tion, for some t'me later at the opera
la Palx in Paris, he waa always seen1 he again fell a victim to the charms
and one or two of the Orient beside, I oroudlv disDlavine' ��* ��� tad* in the audience, and the em
are depicted ln the reminiscences of ���* the king's heels, proudly displaying (barra8sed paoU WM informed by the
vi   vavio,. Pnnii ontitled   "Mv Roval a obllar that bore the legend,     I am  ��� . ���,_.,.���..
M. Xavier PaoU, entitled   "My Royal a obllar that bore the legend
Clients," which wlll be Issued shortly
by   Messrs. Hodder   and   Stougbtcp,
says the London Chronicle.
Court Minister:
Caesar, the King's Dog." ��Hig Majesty feels a profound  ad
Referring to King Edward's deser- miration for a lady up theie.   .   .   .
tlon of the Riviera in favor of   the \ Do   you   see.   ....   The   fourth
For 25 years M. PaoU was attached pvrenees. If, PaoU quotes the king's I seat from the right. ... His Mate the Paris detective service, and | 0^,n exp]anation: "I no longer go to ! jesty would be obliged lf you wouli
was entrusted by the French Govern- Canne3 and Nice, because you meet j enable him to make her ac luaintance
ment with all the arrangements for (00 raany prince,, there. I should be . . . You can tell her, lf you Uke
the safety of royal visitors to France, obllged t'0 Bnena all my time In p*v|n��- as an Inducement, that my Sovor
more particularly when they were and ieceiVing visits, whereas I come ereign will Invite her to go bade with
traveling incognito.   He was naturally t0 the Continent to rest." him to Teheran.'
brought into very Intimate touch with | Klng Bdwafl'f opinion of tbe great PaoU rashly sent a French detec-
them, and his book is full of good Frenc_a statesman Gambetta is Inter- tive to inform the lady of the havoc
stories, some of whictk.we have been  e8(ins: her charms had wrought;  the unfoi -
permltted by the publishers to quote. ���Tf,e flrgt tjme ttiat j 8nW him he'tunate Ambassador cot his ears bsx-
from the advance sheets. struck me as so vulgar In his manner ed by the irate beauty; and the shah.
Of King   Edward   the   writer   has  and so careless of his appearance that  on  hearing of this indubitable snub,
many charming things to tell.    It is  , &&(,$ myself lf th's was rea'Iv tbe  retired from the theatre In dudgeon,
clear that his heart .was won when ho man ^^ j,aj discovered tbe means of |    An even more remarkable royal vis
was flrst presented to the  king, then  exercisin!!; an  Irresistible  fascination  Itor was Slsowath King of Cambodia.
Prince of Wales. | over the minds of crowds.   Then  we  who came attended by a huge suite or
"The flrst remark Jje made to me talked. Gambetta expounded bis id^s sons, daughters, mlnHters. favorite*,
was: 'We have the tomb of General and Ws pianB; and the captivating chamberlains, and a troop of 20 danc-
PaoU, the celebrated outlaw, in West- ct,arra 0f j,is eloquence mad- i���� f��r. ing girls. His baggage Included 200
minster Abbey, among ,our famous j ^ the physjeal repulsion wilh which flacks of coal, which the Cambodians
dead. He fought against England long, ne |nBpire(i me: I wns 'cVrled Insisted on. landing, fearing they
before Corsica belonged to France, away" in my turn. Like the others I
Are you a relation?" ' wanted to see him again:   I   invlfd
"tie v,'r.s one of my ances'p-c^ sir."  him to come t0 -p-npland for   Ascot,
i, "At you see, we have honored  hli Events preve������d h'.m fren doing W
gieat memory.   I am very glad   fr) and he dled the y���ar  affp
ireet one of his dnsc'iddats. - '-orrv.   He was a r.reat po'it'Man ani
,   Of Y'nz Edward's favotlte do- he (a wonderful master of words."
The   Shah and the Ladles.    """
would flnd none in France. The kin:;
was extremely polite, and shook
hands with everyone, Including all the
flunkeys, who lined the staircase ol
T va1:1 the Marseilles Prefecture on his arrival. " Even to this eccentric sovereign, as to all others, M. PaoU  made
v. rltefl
""'esar was
a person of lm?o t-
'���nnce. , ���i . .., <*9wy ^.uu-V.uni. w��
�����>cD'V;-;ea call la beaute du d'.able;
b* i-x-d a stroiis fereoaality and a
ouick intel)le��nce.    He Was very In
I .....,oS)f ?^oeabie. ana u. .wI1^b;
|.  "W*%h at length the hour of nan-
lng had struck, pood King  Slsowath,
The  ghah   of Persia,  Muzaffer-ed-
'Din, was something of an ans^'v to i greatly"moved.'called me to his side
M. PaoU during his vlsi*- t0 Paris at  'Here,' he said. 'Present for you.' And
the time Ol thft great exhibition   of he handed me a parcel done up in a
de'-ehdent In hls ways, a little "tnis-' 1900.   H�� had sudden amatory fancies,  pink handkerchief.   As soon as I *****
chlevbus and playful, and deepl^ at.-  natural to an Oriental   Monarch, but on shore. I hastened to open lt; to my
\t*r*\.r*i to his royal master, who nam-' embarrassing to Western officials. On  great confusion It contained a 'ty***vt.
rt*-ei\ Hm    as   one  would   a   child, j one occasion in the Bols de Boulogne,  did Sampot made of cloth of gold. The
Wen th" Una: was traveling. Oesar  having obtained permlss'on  to snap-  King of Cambodia had presented tne
v-c"t with him ��verywhere. and   (I'd  shot a group of ladies, he remarked    with hiR State breeches."
nit leave him dav or night, for   he  "PaoU,  they   are   very   pretty,   very i    The whole boo1* abounds with aneo-
p'ent. in an easv chair to^the rl"ht of  nice; go ask them if they would likj  flotes of Interest, for PaoU was at dlf
Hr hed.    He was present at all   the  to come back with rae to Teheran."      ferent time? in immediit" attendant >
'''tie's meals,  and willingly accepted J    "I had to employ nil the resources  on Queen victoria, on the Kin? and
an.- hits of meat or sugar which the  of my eloquence to mai'e the King of  Queen  of Italy,  the Kin? rf Pnaln.
p-uests offered   blm.    I succeeded   In   Kings  understand   that,   you   cannot and the Tsar *nd To-rR" tf Russia.
v-innlne hia good graces, and we be-   take a woman   to Teheran   as   you  and thp late Klne nf the B"liriatis.
Try the Taste Test
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment that
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are
made in the finest sunlit sanitary
factory in the country. Forget,
a\��o, tor a moment tnat a little
finer flour ��� a little richer
butter���a Uttle better
fruit���a little
more care in
ing are all important details of
the Mooney Method of biscuit
NOW base your opinion
of Mooney a Sugar  Wafers
solely   on    tlieir
are   confident
the outcome
this test.
tost*.    "We
as   to   tbe
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cars
That's the way   the  delicious flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers is preserved from the ovens
to your table.    It's expensive for us
���but better for the Sugar Wafers.
The cars are especially constructed, so when traveling from Province to
Province, the temperature is always
uniform.   We  are  the  only biscuit
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Co., Ltd.t
keep flaky and   fresh ���crisp
and whole.    Their enticing flavor
is retained to the last crumb.
Try a package today.    10 and 25
cents in dainty, dust and damp-proof
Your grocer has them.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
Trade-Mar lc
The New  Mills ftt Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience cf the
Canadian trade wo have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
r.M-��-:c.��lfh,..r..-.-.   -   ' ****��� ���.���s^.-tsv.r*.     r>.-��� .7 .������,  ....      ���*.���
mASss*u**m*mmssamtSS ���������mmi
Is a necessary attribute to
the most successful kind of
advertising. The effect of
an advertisement is sustained by one'following it.
Can never be overdone as
long as you can deliver the
goods, and it means as
much to your business as
fire in a locomotive. Steam
will geTierate so long as the
fire is stoked and water
kept in the boiler.
The Daily News
Is a proven medium that
will bring your advertisements in it the most satis-
satisfactory results.
.J    .
The Readers of The Daily
News are a class worthy of
your most persistent efforts
to secure and retain their
patronage and esteem.
nm\ w UsH'w-tttLZ
���smnrttam t>xi��tu->a*xuxz:
..,     -.fV TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1611
Wrong Carriage of the Head Responsible For Ungraceful Gait
Exit the Kimono Sleeve���Earmarks el
j the Smart Blouse and Freek���A ten-
. con Tulle Ueed Alike by Dressmakers
*,  and Milliners.
< Dear Elsa���It's a mighty good thing
tbat most of us don't see ourselves as
others see ns wben we are walking.
Tbla uncomfortable fact wu brought
very persistently to my attention yes-
terday afternoon while In tha shopping parade on Fifth avenue. It ls so
long, dear, since you hsve been bere
In New York that I am sure yon
would hardly recognize the present
shopping district Tbe old stamping
ground as you knew it centered about
Twenty-third street but we've changed
���11 tbst Now tbe big stores bave Invaded tbe arlstocrstlc precinct of "tbs
avenne." ond as fsr up as Fifty-ninth
atreet the old residential section is
given over to trade. Well, as I sauntered slong looking at tbe shop windows snd tbs splendidly groomed
women in tbeir good looking fall suits
1 suddenly became aware of tbe very
indifferent slmost slouchy, gait of
these passersby.   There was tbe girl
or will know just wbat flower to use,
but tbe wrong selection would mar tte
smartest   costume.   Tte   shops   an
stewing a delightful assortment ot
: French flowers arranged In small nose-
gays for tbe street salt Small buncoes of natural looking pennies are tte
] thing to wear with a purple bat or
one wltb purple wings, while a snug
cluster of moss roses Is always suitable wltb a blue, black or gray suit
A single Amerk-an Beauty rose, wltb
Its natural looking long stem, though
Inconvenient to wear, is always smart,
provided no other bright shade appears
in tbe costume.   Tucked in among tbe .
fllmy laces and frills of a semidressy      Present Mackenzie, as will be ob-
afternoon gown orchids, with a bit of   �����"��*   tr��� Bh" . PO*���'1-   in   long-
... - .    . ...   .. Zl - headed   and   8cotch    in    appearance.
feathery  fern; gardenias, with their , bS he WM not born wiftjn gmell
natural foliage, or a bunch of gause | o{ the heather.  He arose in the most
sweet  peas  are tbe  proper   flowers, j Scotch province in Canada, the son of
Scottish-Canadian Who Taught For
Years In Big Educational Institutions Across ths Line Always
Df tamed of Rsturninj to His Beloved Nova Scotia, and New Hs Is
Back Ajain  at  Last.
These artificial posies range In price
according to their quality, but coarse
ones are utterly out of tbe question.
Elsa, don't you find It convenient every now and tben to know some amusing and easy game with which to entertain a few people wben tbey bap-
pen to drop ln In tbe evening���tbe
people, 1 mean, wbo don't play bridge
or card games of any aort? Here ls a
very humorous pencil and paper gama
tbat I have found useful as a means
of smusement
A number of slips of psper snd sevt
eral pencils are provided, as many as
tbere sre persons present Now escb
person Is asked to write tbe name of
a book, real or imaginary, and' tben
fold tbe paper over so tbat hls neighbor cannot see wbat Is written. Tbis
Is done in every case. When the book
title is written the slip ls banded, still
folded, to tbe person sitting at the
right, and be Is asked to write a subtitle; tben tbe nest one tbe name of
an author, tbe slips being again folded and passed on; nest tbe publisher's
name is added; then an advertisement by tbe publisher; Anally three
or four "reviews" of the book, each
by a different person. As each one
does not know what the otber bas
written, the result is generally very
Before saying goodby let me ask
you wbat you think of tbis dusting set
I am making for a Christmas gift to
be given to a friend of mine wbo ls
an unusually cureful housewife. Devotedly. MABEL.
New York.
a lawyer of Pictou, Nova Scotia. At
twenty, he was a Bachelor oi Dal-
housie, and immediately became a
pedagogue. In his professional work
he has had a varied and rather un-
usual training. For instance, during
fourteen years, Prof. Mackenzie taught
*=smm=nM* s
a rssnjL ahd nwm dustiwo sr.
who came along swinging ber arms
like a windmill In full action, and
even wben one arm was engaged wttb
a bag or umbrella tbe other member
swung at a lively pace.
Then tbere were the people wbo
ked from side to side snd wandered
over tbe pavement In on aimless
Inner, blissfully unconscious of tbe
noyance caused to tbeir busy fellow
Mtures or tbe absurd contretemps
running  Into   a   stranger's  arms.
i#m5��^ iMtelka     MlIili'Iuji
steps, wltb shoulders up to the ears
and carefully rounded, chesting herself with the delusion tbst tbls sttt-
tude conduced to rapid walking.
Some turned I heir toes In like pigeons, snd an equal number preferred
to walk like ducks. Now, dear, both
birds are charming tn tbeir way, but
scarcely models of graceful deportment.
I bare come to the conclusion that
tbe carriage of one'a bead Is responsible for most of the bad walking one
sees. Instesd of being beld gracefully
erect It Is either poked forward or
thrown back In sucb an exaggerated
attitude tbat It forces the waist forward
: Tbe next time that army cousin of
jours comes to visit you Just notice
III* straight bark nnd well carried bead
and the swing from tbe hips and try
to copy it In a nie* as mother says,
"ladylike" fashion and see how much
>etter satisfied you will be wltb your
rsonal appearance.    The nest time
ou see me I will be as graceful as a
iwood nymph.
Such perfectly stunning blouses are
to be seen In Ibe autumn display of
new tilings! And I am sure tbe question has arisen in your mind, as It bas
Jn mine, what Ih Io be done wltji'the
kimono sleeve? Shall we leave It In
our frocks and blouses or cut It out
nud pnt ln new ones? The truth ls
that If tbe klmouo sleeve Is In tbe
ablrt walat It wlll date that garment
a year back. Still, the shops are full
ot these models, but tbe Parts edict
hus gone forth that tbey are passe.
And the discouraging part of this
news Is thnt the kimono sleeve In your
jthlrt waist does not make lt a bit
more old fashioned tbat tbe peasant
cut. The round nock, tbe fastening in
the hack nud ths fiat shoulder and
*leeve in one are gradually sinking
Into the shades of another day,
Tour smart shirt waist for morning
os well an for afternoon should be fastened up tbe front and bave long
Hleeves gathered Into a perfectly visible armhole. and It will bare a blgb
stock. And. speaking of stocks, tbe
smart wrinkle la to use nl��ncon tulle
ior gulmpes. sailor collars. Debus, re-a
vers and hot trimmings tbla autumn.
,The best dressmakers consider It better style than lace on blouses and simple frocks, and the milliners have lost
tbetr hearts to lt Tbls tulle washes'
beautifully,and does not shrink.
The big blsck velvet bst yon bad Isst
jwlntcr would be brought rlrlit Into
fashion by trimming It with Irregular
loops of this alencon tulle wired and
drawn back from front to back.
Tbe pretty custom of pinning a single artificial flower or a small bunch of
blossoms to the lapel of one's tailored
coat to give a bit of color to tbe street
toilet Is to be much ln vogue this win*
ter. as it was last season.
lbe woman wbo tea an eye tor col-
When Clostt Room Is at a Premium
Try This Method.
Closet room Is always at a premium.
Tbere can never lie enough space to
hold all that a household contains with
perfect ease and comfort. Particularly does the problem of beta need solving.' Closet shelves are generally capable of holding but one of tbe size
that fashion now decrees. Each bat
should bave an entire bos ot Its own,
roomy enough to allow it to lie flat
upon a bat rest for the least cramp-
hia la liable to erweb tt or alter tte
A very novel and practical idea bas
been evolved to meet tbe needs of tbe
woman who possesses half a dozen hats
and doesn't know wbere to put tbem.
A light stand made of four slender
posts, wltb a shelf or two. containing
prettily decorated hoses, is a gay addition to a room and does not mar its
beauty. Tbe stand contains no sides,
so tbat the box may easily slip ln and
out A better arrangement Is to bave
one side of tbe bos attached on binges,
so tbat one need not go to tbe trouble
of lifting off the Ild each tinia one
wishes to remove tbe hat *
Sometimes these Stands are stained
to match tbe furniture of the room, or
tbey look fresh and pretty wben enameled tn white paint, or, again, tbey
may be draped In chintz to match the
hangings of the boudoir. Tbey may
alao be made of crude materials and
placed ln the storeroom If space allows. But tbe woman who possesses
sucb s one will find lt of great com
fort. Hat rests to place within the
boxes of light wire covered wltb either ribbon or silk or chintz, of course,
.but  who  shall  weed   ��� --
are made to carry out the prevailing   ^at have lost their pristine value?
mathematics at Bryn Mawr, where, it
is said, the Nova Scotian was very
popular. This was not his only ex
perience in educational institution-,
across the line. He also lectured at
Johns Hopkins and the Stevens In
stitute of Technology. All the time
Prof. Mackenzie was absent from
Canada improving the culture of our
neighbors, he cast back languishing
glances at his Alma Mater. Nothing
could cause to swerve his set purpose of packing up and returning t>:
Dalhousie for ��ood sometime. Twice
he shook tha dust of the republic
from his soles, and arrived at Dalhousie to fill lectureships for short
periods Now he is back at the head
of affairs. Having studied Dalhousie
r.ll his life. Prof. Mackenzie is quite
capable of guiding the strongest university in the Maritime Provinces.
Pigs Frorrt All Quarters.
Old prints, old books, old anything,
postcards or paintings, are all fit suh,
fects to torm a, collection. But one
ot the most curious, and, as he ot ���-
covered on inspection, one ot t.ie
most Interesting collection th* newspaper man has known ia a museum*
of pigs.
Not live pigs, mind you, but model
ones.   For some years now the wife o!
mine host of the Green Man Hotel,
at BiP.ckheath, h'as been gathering to
gether a wondrous assortment of model pigs.   There are pigs in pewter,
china, and ivory, earthenware, silver,
and gun-metal; pigs that stand a foot
high and pigs that measure less th��n
half on inch over all; pigs in fancy-
dress, and pigs in clover; aB paper-
knives,  inkstands, or ash-trays.    In
every form and shape there are pigs.
They have come from all over the
work}, and practically every country
is represented. People have stayed
at the hotel, admired the collection
and later lrom some far-away spot
has come a pig.
Shall  Books Be Burned?
Quite recently Lord Rosebery declaimed against the system of hoarding up thousands upon thousands o'
books in public and private libraries.
It is probably a tact that many of
the bulky tomes so carefully guarded
and stored will never be of use again;
shall  weed   out  the   works
lrrlT��l ���'
18 :10-Unlted States via C. P. R.
(dally escept Sunday).23:90
f:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday). 11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Bunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. CER.
(daily axcept Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except 8unday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally axcept Sunday). 11:15
7:80���United States via O. N. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).. 9.46
.6:16��� United States via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���AU points east and Europe   (dally)   8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)  13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and   Fraaer
Mills     (dally     axcept
Bunday)       8:30
18:10���Sapperton   and   Fraser
mills     (dally     axoapt
Bunday)     14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except Sunday)    8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Bunday)      11.11
1400���Bast Burnaby (dally ax-
Sunday)  11:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)  13:30
10:80���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday    14:00
0:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Burt
Villa 13:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally except  Sunday). 13:30
0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).. 14:2<
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  O.  N.   R.   (daily  except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day 14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday) 14:0C
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday   16:0"
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
.6:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (dally    except
Sunday) 9:4f
5:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  , 9:4f
11:20���Chilli waek,    Milner,    Mt.
' ehman. * Idererove. Otter,   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayville,
strawberry  Hill, South
Westminster,       Clover
Valley,   Coghlan.   Bardie,    Sperling   Station,
.-���       Bradner, via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 9
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B.   C.   E.   R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday        9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except. Sunday).17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday) 17:30
16:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   23:00
Tbe regular meetings of tbla lodge
araabeld in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon aad Eighth streeta,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvla, N.G.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. O.   recording   secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
Varden No. 19, Sons ot Norway,
meet ln Eagles ball the flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business let-
tars, ��tc.; circular work taken
Pbone 411. Raar of Major aa*
Bavaga'a offlce. Columbia Bt
Accountant Tel. R ISS. Room
Trapp block.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and ��
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of.
flees, Williams building. 41 Gran
villa street F. C. Wsde, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Toronto Express leaves at 8:50
Chicago Express leaves at  13:60
Imperial Limited Leaves at 19:40
Through   Pullman     Tourist     and
Diners.    For Reservations and- ratea
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
SH to 36 H. P.
S and 4 Cycle.
Leeal Agent*
Westminster Iron Works
Phone SS.
Tenth St, New Weatmlnster.
\ /
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrieter-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, Naw Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
Barristers-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc
Adam S. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building; New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia atreet.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
2163; New Westminster, 1070.
Cable    Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western Union.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estlmstea Olven.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 667
Choice Beef, Motion,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
B.C. Coast Service
color scheme.
A Vlrot Fur Toque.
Tbe name or Vlrot. tbe great Parisian milliner, always commands respect where bendgear is concerned.
Tbls fall be bas turned out many
charming models In fur, wbicb pelt,
by tbe way, is going to figure largely
MffW MODEL m SSAXAKd.    '
ln  smsrt  millinery.    The delightful
toque Illustrated is from tbs atelier of
tbis artist
Tbe hot Is of sealskin, with a little
' brim of tbe fur rolling raklshly away
��� from the face In front Under tbls
I upturned brim ts tucked s cluster nf
pomegranate blossoms ln a deep tone
of red.
Libraries are as old as our civilization. Aristotle possessed a collection
of books centuries beforj the Christian era, and Plutarch owned 200,000
01 the curious volumes of his day.
As proof ol the enormous number
of books that have been shepherded
into public keeping, it may be mentioned that tKfe Bod>eian Library, at
Oxford, contains no fewer than 600,-
000 volumes, and the Advocates' Library,  in  Edinburgh,  430,000.
Tobacco and Literature.
The recent publication ol "Peter
and Wendy" in book form remind!
one of the characteristic reply which
Mr. J. M. Barrie once sent to the
editor of a London magazine, who
had asked the famous novelist to in-
en prizes for his agricultural ex-
how he wrote. Here is Barrio's re.
ply, scribbled on a scrap of D*per:
"Journalism: 2 pipes���1 hour; 2.hour*
-1 idea; 1 id**-1-* parajrrafehlt; 3
paragraphs���1 -leader. v Fiction: 8
pipes���1 ounce; % ounces-r-1 week; 9
weeks���1 chapterf 20 chapters���1 nib;
2 nibs-l nov*l."
Gardiner & Mercer
Me    Oe    A.
Phona 661. Box 772
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
aegbie Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.  ���
light and Heavy Hauling
OPPICE���TPAM D����0��
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manjfactured by
-..**. ���
Telephone R 113  Offl*:  Princeaa S>
Nsvsr Saw a Train.'
Mirs.  Mary  Carter, of  Shouldham
Thorpe, near King's Lynn, England,
who recently    celebrated    her  101st
birthday, has never seen a railway
train.   The venerable lady has never
left Shouldham Thorpe since her mar-!
riage, except on one occasion, when I
she had to go to Norwich Assizes as ,
a witness.   That was nearly seventy i
years ago, aud the Journey of about i
fifty miles was accomplished by road.
Nettle Cloth.
Experiments with a proces tor obtaining a textile flber, with merits
between those of cotton and linen;
from the nettle are being fostered by
the  Australian Government.
Phone 106.    P. 0. Box 348.
Offlce, Front St. Foot of Sixth
tOARD   OP    TRADE��� NKW  Wh.tt'1
minster Board of Trade meets ia tn��
board room. City Hall, aa follows
Third Thursday   of   each    montn,
quarterly    meeting    on  the    tnirs
Thursday of February, May, August
aad November, at v p.m.     Annua1
meetings on th�� third Thursday ol
February.    New  members  may  bt
proposed sad elected st any month
ly or    quarterly    meetine.     c. H
Stuart-Wade, secretary
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank bas over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc,
ln Cuba throughout tbe Island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities ln the world. Theee ex-
oelent connections afford every
banklnc facility.
New Wsstmlnstsr Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,090.00
Branches throughout Canada 'and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng-
and, Naw Tork, Chicago and Spokane,
D.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
leaking buslnsss transacted. Lat
(era of Credit Issued, available wltb
wrrespondents In all parte of ths
Savings Bank Dsc sit meat���Deposits
received tn sums nf $1 aad upward
Mid Interest allowed st $ par cent par
tnnum (present rata).
Total Aaseta over 31M.000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
For   Victoria.
10.00 A .M Dally axcept Tuesday
1:00 P. M r. Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Daily
11:00 P. M Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alasks
7 P.M Jan. 13th, 27th
For Hsrdy Bsy.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For Upper Fraser  River Points.
Steamer Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves  Chilliwack,  7:00 a.m.,  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf lalands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Qaliano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent New Weatminater.
G. P  A.. Vancouver
��� IN ���
Phone 38$.
P. O. Box 687.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - -Butter .
Wrappers a Specialtyj
Market Square, New Westminster.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now.be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
>        *jj 1
latere* �� laid ea Saviafs
Balances IwK-yearly.   ::
Banactt JActomU   opcatd
���a favsraUe
ASSETS  $48,000,000
' '��� iV ������
ill $'$��$**!***���'";
$1�� CelMnMa
i<i  rn   i'r   iii   tu* .^tn if muimpyt"   �����
City News
TOeaOAY, JANUARY 2S, 1*12.
Largo eight-room house: Fireplace, bath and toilet; large bam
ln rear.   Corner lot 44x132
$1,200 CASH
Majf1 Savage
YOU    ARE'"'llil     THE      BEST    OF
health. dont wait till you
are in ill health or injured
through Accident, come in
now and let us write a policy for you. it means freeDOM   from? Financial   worry
Alfred W. McLeod
Hiss Cavc-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musiclana (England).
(Successor lo Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
The receipts of the city market for ���        ** ���        -* ...
the month of December were $232.45. Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.   I. A. Reid.   ���
...   :. G
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62..
New  Westminster.
Sale Of
We overbought for Christmas
and want to turn the balance
into cash. They are all marked
down while in the window.
Big stock to chose from.
$1.10 Up To $15
Delhi Durbar pictures at ths Crystal
today only.   Admission 10c. ������
Mr. anl Mrs. J. Jardine and Mrs.
and Miss Ewan leave for California
on Saturday for a sl< wesks' trip.
For a h*arty laugh hear Chailie
Good at Bums conceit, opera house,
Friday night.   . "*
At the Opera House Thursday night
"The Barrier," a play of the north.
Prices $1.00. 75c, SOc, 25c. ������
The Christian Endeavor rally held
at tbe Sixth avenue Methodist church
last night proved a great success. Ths
program was in the hand's of- the Y.
M. C. A., and this body acquitted itself
with great success, the efforts o" the
boys being greatly appreciate! by the
people present.
The Reel of Tulloch and the Sailor'j
Hornpipe at the Burns concert Friday
night. **
The "diamonds" by which the Lulu
island branch of the B. C. E. R.
crosses the C. P. R. tacks, here [U'_
in yesterday. It now only remains
for the wires to be strung bsfore
traffic can be run over tills line.
Don't forget to see the great Delhi
Durbar pictures at the Crystal today
only. "
The following by-laws were finally
passed by the council last night: High
school building by-law, loan by-law
publlc school by-law, and cemetery bylaw. The west end seven localL
law. The west end sewer Iocol im
provement debenture assessment bylaw was read for the first time.
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Giffords jewelry store.   ������
An unusual scene was presen'ed on
Columbia etreet yesterday afternoon
just in front of the Royal theat e.
where a small herd of goats waa
standing peacefully tetl.ered. Theso
were the famous Bulger's goats,
-which are now pet (arming at thla
theatre, and they -were the centre ot
an   admiring   crowd   ot  nmall   boys   aa |
they   etood   In   tbe   atreet  waiting     to
muUe  their  debut  on  the  New   West
r1 .lister stage.
I    '"ihe Carrie." at tao Opera   House
Thursday night.   Phcad '.dC ."or eoati
'after Wednesday morning, ���*
Gn Friday e .enlng ne:-.t the Liberal
association of -N'ew Westminster will
meet in the Eagles hall to elect ten
delegates to reinesent New Westmin
ster city at the convention of provincial Liberals which is to be held at
Vancouver on Thursday, February 29.
All Liberals of the city are invited to
attend Friday night's meeting.
Stngfrg, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares candidates for Teachers'
Diploid. Ubentlate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of ths
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes in liast years. Lessons by
correspondence in any of the above
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Pbone L638.
'    . ������*��������
y      You Can Refinish
I6S��a Piece of Your
Furniture at Our Expense *t
Wc wantto prove to you how easjljr.
you can make an old piece of furniture new.
Here is what wc give: A bottle of
Johnson's Electric Solvo to instantly
remove thfc old finish. A bottle of
Johnson's Wood Dye to bcautifulty
^^ color the wood. A palace of Johnson's Preparei
Wax to imput thst rich,
dim lustre���to protect thc
finish against heel jnarb
Wood Dye
is not a mere stain���not simply
a surface dressing. It is a real,
deep-seated dye, that goes to
the very heart of the wood-
end stays there���fixing a rich
aad permanent color.
Johnson's Wood Dye is made
in 14 standard shades, every one
of which you may have in the
free samples.
Let them demonstrate what
Johnson's Materials will do ia
your home.
* Fro. Sample* and
Literature at oar Stor*
Anderson & Lusby
All Striking Bargains Todav
.     . ��� ���-*-���'���
An offering pf.tremendous sigmificence to many are these dainty
Evening Gowns. They represent incredibly good values at Stocktaking Sale prices. Such charming models are not often reduced in
price, but we decided on giving our customers the benefit of Sale
Prices on a selection of these Dresses. All distinct models, displaying such a series of style variations as latest fashions only can
account for.
634 Columbia Street
.D ess of Cream Ninon, Kimona sleeve ruffled;
trimmed with Irish Laoe around yoke. Skirt with
deep fold. Cream Silk Slip; belt effect of self ruffled
Regular  values $30.00.    Price today  $25.00
Gown ' Fuit e Satin, in shade of pink; round neck;
sleeves and >oke trimmed with wide insertion;
kimona sleev s; loose panel at back; deep fold of
silk trimmed insert at foot; pipings of black full.
Regular  valu. $32.50.   Price today   ..$27.5C
Cha-mine: Dress of Eeaded Silk Chiffon, wlti pattern Cesig.i in hello, green. Belt and 'top fold at
foot of beliosllk; tunic Bklrt edged with fancy
tinseled braid Trimmed with braid and buttons on
waist.    P <?uk.r value $.15.00.  Price today  $27.50
Sky Satin Mauve Dress, trimmed waist and skii.t
with Guipure lace, in shade of ivory; low neck and
kimona sleev-, tucked V ianel fTont. Regular $27.50.
Price today $2250
Dress of Whi e Net, fine tucks round shoulders,
neck trimmed with deep insertion; waist with inserted applique front; belt effect of blaok; buttons
also on sleeves and fold of skirt; looce fold and
trimmed with band of applique. Regular value
$25.00.   Price today     .....$20.03
Marquisette Tress, a charming model ln white;
waist All-over effect of elaborate lace; flne Insertion
over sliouldes and round neck; skirt with deep
tunic of All-over nnd Insertion; deep fold and foot.
regular valuo $32.50.    Price today   $27.50
Gown of White Marquisette, round neck and Kimona
sleeve; heavy inset tlon bands ln front; knife tucks
over shoulder, panel effect, In high waist line; skirt
with gold of .-lack satin at foot; deep insertion on
skirl.     Regulir value $35.00.   Pi Ices today ��� ..$27.50
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L. D. 71: Res. 72.
New   Westminster,   B. C.
Phone R672. 619 Hnmllton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeplno,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
We   Have   Successfully
Filled 80,000
Since  coming  to this city,  besides all the repeats.    Thla naturally means experience.^
Bring your Pr ascriptions . to
"*��� "-.-ar
���    ���**
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Denne Block.   441 Columbia St
Nsw Westminster  B.C
"The Barrier," which wlll bo produced at the Opera House next
Thursday night, ls a play of real
stiength and power. It depicts life in
the golden north as it really is. It
is better than reading any bock. It is
next to living the life. ������
Navigation on the Fiaser Is not
yet normal. The Beaver, which tiled
to get through to Chilliwack at the
end of last week, on'y succeeded ln
getting as far as Hatzic. The boat
did not sail today, but on Wcdnesdiy
she will try again, and it Is expected
that after that she will resume he.
regular run. The Paystreak haa been
lying up ever since the liver froze.
Frank Patrick, manager of tha
Vancouver Arena rink; Jimmle Gard
ner, manager of the Westminster
hockey team, and P. W. Luce, sec.e
tary-treasurer of the Westminster
Hockey club, will leave tomoirow
evening for Seattle, where they meet
Mr. L. H. Griffiths, a real estate man
of the Sound City, who is promoting
the building of an ice rink In Seattle
Last chance to see the great Delhi
Durbar pictures at the Crystal today
only. ������
Two offices and a barber's shop ara
to take the place of the old butche:-
shop, which used to stand on the
soutb side of Columbia street vesl
of Mackenzie. This building belong)
fo Mr. Collister, but he has rented It
to Mr. J> A. Dadds on a short leare
and it Is the latter who li making
the above improvements. The office-,
will be on the ground floor, and th?
barber shop will be in the basement,
and will be commodious'y fi'ted up.
it is believed, by Mr. Fife, who W!-,
late'v working for Richardson ami
Take the steamer TrnnRfer for a
ronntT trip Patur^ny ofte-noon. Lwves
niacl;man*-'Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ������
Take   LAX \TIVR . BROMO     Qui:.:.:
Tablets.     Druggists   refund   monev   fl
it fnilu to o'>r<\    K. W   MOVE'S signature ia cn each box. 25c.
B. & Nl.
537 Front St  -  Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Fresh Cod  (half or whole), Jb....8c
Fresh Herring   4 lbs. for 25c
Halibut (half or whole), per lb. ...8n
Fresh Shrimps, per lb  20o
Salmon (half or whole), per lb. ...8c
Fresh Shrimps, per lb 20c
Salt Salmon, rer lb 10c
Salt Hercitog, pet* dozen SOc
B.A M. Bratod Flllited Cod, lb 15c
Smoked Salmon, per pound  20c
Kippers and Blasters, per lb 10 3
Prime,, Rabbits, ,each   ��Rc
Eastern Oysters^ per pint  50c
Dill Pickles, per dozen 25c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Rought and Sold.
Highest Pi Ice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
(999) We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. The owner is In need of money and
bas put tbe price low in order tb make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, has basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material has been used.
The location is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be paid monthly if desired.
Established  1891,   Incorporated  1909.
Call and  get   a
Free Cook Book
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.C. R��y
I     tmc:
New VVesr.riiinster
Head Office, New Westminster      Branches st Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'derprove. B.C.
Pros, and OfcnL Mgr.
See. snd Treas.
Manufactur** ani Wholssals Dsalsrs In
Plr, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonos Ns. 7 and STf. ���Mn��1**t Sash, Doers, Mouldings, Etc
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. B. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:46 and
6:45 a.m. and every; IP minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cafe leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00.
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter. '"<
Freight 8er*loe.���Cars lescve
New Westminster .for Vanoom
ver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch.���Can lenvo
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45. 6:45 and 8:00.
a.m., with hourly service ther*
after until 10 p. m. and late car ���
after and late car *t 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vanoouver   at
8:20. ..        _
Lulu Ialand Bransh^wfTa
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. snd hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Bunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week dav service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch��� cars
leave B< C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
at 11:30 p. m
" ���
. I .-. -.v. ������������   ��� i
��� ;V..A->.
I--" ���
.__,   .y.,��"


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