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Westminster Daily News Sep 19, 1912

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VOLUM    ��   *' JBER 166.
Handed $100 Bill With Credentials For Change of
Left Station In Quick Time���Commissioners Suspend George Graff's
Bartenders' License.
Somewhat of a sensation was
sprung on the license commissioners
last evening when at a meeting held
in the city hall Chief of Police Bradshaw stated that an effort had been
made to bribe him lf he would assist
in the transfer of the license of the
Merchants hotel from Mr. D. S. Bray
to George Graft and Paul Root.
Graff, stated the chief, came to hii
office two weeks ago and presented
aome credentials from Vancouver
which had connection with his work
in that city, and at the same time
gave the chief an envelope which
contained a $100 bill, stating that thU
would be "for his trouble."
The bill was returned to Graff and
he was told to get out of the police
station mighty quick.
Commlasionere Act.
The commissioners listened to this
evidence wltb Interest, and granted
tbe change of license, but would n6t
entertain t\ratt being a partner In th"
deal, and the latter's bartender's
license was at the eame time cancelled. This was- agreed to by Mr.
Bray and also by Mr. Root.
The transfer of the license of th*
Fraser hotel from Mr. Alfred Swanson
to Mr. Thomas Wlthyman waa
The application of Mr. Thomas B.
Jackson for a license for thc old
Premier hotel was laid over until tne
next meeting of the comm'ssioners.
Several applications for bartenders'
licenses were granted, six being with
held owing to the absonca cf the ap
Trip Through Canada Has Been Wonderful Revelation���Great Future
for Westminster.
That Insurance of City Schools Should
Be Tendered for���Claim
The local members of the Mainland
Board of Underwriters held a meeting
in the office of the National Finance
company laat night to protest against
the suggestion presented* by Mr. A.
W. McLeod at the meeting of the
school board last week that the trustees call for tenders for the inaurance
of the various schools throughout thc
ctty as the best method of securing
the lowest possible ratea.
The local tariff Insurance men
thought that If the scbool board
adopted the suggestion of Mr. McLeod they would not be doing th?
right thing by them, as previous to
this tne Westminster schools have received the lowest rate procurable un
der the underwriters' scale. It was
stated also that they were even at a
lower rate than the Vancouver
schools. The calling for tenders
would give the non-tariff people a dls
tlnct advantage over the tariff people.
It was contended, Inasmuch as the
latter could not possibly go below
their scheduled rates.
A deputation was appointed to meet
the school board at Its regular
weekly meeting tomorrow n'ght to
Dresent arguments, together with th-?
following resolution.
"Whereas the undersigned agents
of the fire insurance companies In
New Westminster who are members
of the Be��rd of Flre Underwriters
have been given to understand that
it Is suggested by your board to call
for tenders for the flre Insurance on
the school buildings of this city, and
vhereas the tariff companies have
through their board carefully and
equitably rated the said buildings consistent and safe indemnity, and ih
view of such rating cannot deviate
from the recommendations of their
Inspectors, and if our understanding
of your board's Intention is correct as
reported we hereby respectfully petition your board that before taking
nny definite action they accord our
representatives appointed in the meet-
'ng assembled this 18th day of 8<fv
'ember. 1912, a careful bearing and
The petition Is signed by representatives of the following firms: Westminster Trust company, Clarke &
Co., Mallns & Coulthard. Dominion
Trust company. National Finance,
Diamond & Corbould, English &
Brown, Motherwell & Darling, W. H.
Keary, Sutherland & Ardagh, J. J.
Johnston, McQuarrie Bros., and J. A.
Daddi. The members of the commit-
'ee are Messrs. Hepworth, Chapman,
Hntirne. Rennie, Cairns, Russell and
Mcpherson opposes
schemes oe board
Fresh from holding their annual
convention which took place In Vancouver d.ir'ng the early part of this
week, seventy-five members of the
National Association of Railway
Agents reached New Westminster
yesterday morning and were taken In
hand by Secretary Myers, of the Progressive association, and President J.
R. Duncan, of the board of trade, and
shown all over the city and the Fraser
In the party were railway agent3
hailing from every point of the United States and also a sprinkling rrom
Canada, headed by Prealdent W. H.
Mills, who ls connected with the New
York Central railway, and Rene Tld-
mus. of Winnipeg, representing the C.
P. R. At the B. C. E. R. depot on
Columbia etreet they wore at once
taken In tow and shown over the
plants of the Columbia Cold Storage
company and the Schaake Machine
The trip of the railway men is for
the double purpose of holding the annual convention and for gaining information concerning the country,
routes nnd other material calculated
to aid in their work of dispatching
passengers and freight. The party
traveling from the United States
gathered In Chicago about two weeks
about and then made thoir way northwest via Duluth and Winnipeg to Van
At 12 o'clock an adjournment was
made to the Hotel Rurw.1I whore th.*
ladles accompanying the agents wer'
left In charge of several well known
Westminster ladles, viz.: Mesdames
Goulet, W, H. Elson. A. Cunningham,
Phillips, J. Allen, Walker. Houghton.
8. A. Fletcher, Dockrill, Webber,
Butcher, and J. McQuarrie.
The gentlemen were taken to th"
new Premier hotel where they sa*
down to a repast. Acting Mavor Grav
waa In the chair and ln hla addreas o'
welcome mentioned the faot that the
Royal City was going ahead, was taking no back seat among the cities of
the Canadian West and he hoped that
thia visit of the railway men would
be a source of Interest and of Information to them when they returned
to their uomns In the different parts
of the' continent. <
Mr. W. H. Mills, speaking for the
association, said: "New and unusual
conditions of things seem to greet ue
at every step we take tn this Canadian Weat. Thia. I may aay, la our
flrst trip through Western Canada,
and believe me gentlemen, you have
one great country. When we started
out we imagined we ahould be continually In a country which depicted
the early stages of American cities,
but while we have seen a lot of these,
there are cities on the prairies and ln
British Columbia that can make tho
(Continued on Paire Eight.)
Residents on Fourteenth atreet, between Third and Fourth avenues, had
quite a shock last evening when a
Japanese reported that a strange be
Ing had been prowling around his
house. The report spread and aided
by several cf the employeea of the B.
C. E. R. a search was begun, then the
police put In an appearance.
One person swore he had aeen the
'ndlvldual shin up a tree and the "Mr.
Woodman-spare-that-tree" saying was
totally Ignored untll*three of the trees
had been cut down with uo signs of
their much wanted man. The Jap Is
said to be an inveterate pipe smoker.
New Trunk Lines and Cablee    Being
i Installed���September Directory
la Record.
"Every effort is being bent to the
end that all may be in readiness tor
the cut-over of the board ofi Novem
ber 1," ia the definite announcement
contained ln the September ia^ue ol
"Telephone Talks," the official publl
cation of the B. C. Telephone com
pany in connection with the Installs
tlon of the new system In the loca.
central office.
The work on the new switchboard
and accessory equipment Is reported
to be making excellent progrets now
though previous to this it haa beei.
ln such a complex Btate that It waj
difficult for those who had it It
charge to aet a date for ita completion.
The new board Is of the commo;:
battery type, and following th% cut
over New Westminster, It Is declared
will have a telephone system second
to none; ln fact, it will be the equal
of anything to be found In the larges
cities of the continent.
To meet tbe demands for increased
service  the   telephone  company    la
making great extensions to its equip
ment all throughout the lower mainland.    Six  new trunk lines  betweei
this city and New Westminster, wen-
completed at the end of last month
and further improvements are mooted
The two new circuits   under   con
struction between New Westmlnstei
and Mission have been carried to   u
point beyond  Hammond.   In connec
tion   with  the   placing  of  theae  eir
cults In service it will be necessary
to throw another cable   acrosa   Pitt
river,  making  a total  of three  alto
gether.    The present   cables   acrosn
the Pitt are located at a point    between the C. P. R.. bridge and    thf
ferry crossing.
The installation of the new cjrcult;
will make for increased facilitlee al'
along the line between Weatmlnste/
and Mission, and communication be
tween Vancouver and points on th��
northern bank of the Fraser river will
be greatly Improved.
The manufacturing of the cable
-.vhich Is to be laid across the super
structure of the Fraser river bridge
ls now proceeding and It ls expected
to have It on the ground ready for Installation lns'.de two months time.
The placing of the cable on the
bridge will be done to avoid trouble
and interruptions to service caused
bv snags during the annual periods of
high water. The present cable at thif
point is entirely submarine and hat
given trouble more or less every year
from this cause.
The September directory issued :
few days ago is the largest ever pub
lished by the telephone company. 30.
000 copies being issued. The book
contains 502 pages and approximately
925 reams of paper were consumed
In the printing, or as many pages of
newspaper as would be ln the Issu.
of 36,366 copies of a, metropolitan
newspaper of 36 pages.
Suggestion that Ratepayers Be    Specially Notified of Propoeala
Voted Down.
Edmonds, Sept. 18.���Strong opposition to the proposed harbor commis
alon for the North Arm of the Fraser
and also to the Fraser valley publicity
bureau was voiced by Mr. A. V. M.<.
Pherson this evening at the monthly
meeting of the Burnaby board of
trade. Mr. McPherson did not mince
matters when speaking against the
two movements which he character-
zide as being carried on without the
consent of either the ratepayers as a
whole or the Ratepayers' associations
of the municipality.
"Burnaby can gain no advantage
from thla publicity scheme by as^o
elating herself with the rural municipalities on tbe other side of the
Fraser," he aald. He favored Independent action, or co-operation with,
the Vancouver Progress club.
Improvement of Burrard Inlet was
preferable to that of the North Arm,
thought Mr. McPherson. "Those in
favor of the scheme are spending jub
lie money without Burnaby as a whole
being represented," be said. He
thought tbat particulars of both
schemes should be sent to the ratepayers associations in Burnaby, and
moved a resolution, seconded by Mr.
McCurragh, to that effect.
President B. G. Walker explained
tbe schemes, stating that the Van
couver Progress club had gone out ol
its way to discourage settlement in
the Fraser valley and that the Richmond boundary question was being
Mr. T. D. Coldicutt, secretary of the
board, spoke strongly ln favor of the
publicity scheme, and moved an
amendment as follows: "Tbat we do
not Intend to notify the Ratepayers'
associations of Burnaby in matters re
garding the board of trade nor to ask
their approval, and that they get thetr
news through the press." This carried, several of the twelve members
who were present not voting.
The members present gave endor
sation to the prpopoaed address of
welcome to be presented to the Duke
of Connaught should arrangement-
be made to have the royal party sta;
% few minutes ln Edmonds on Satur
day morning next on the way trom
Vancouver to New Westminster.
Petition   of   Lumber   Company   tha'.
Certain Streeta oa Lulu Ialand
Be Closed.
Nelson, Sept 18.���On account of
their cheap organized labor the Doukhobors are likely to prove a menace
to the fruit Industry In this dlatrict
as they may be able to dump fruit at
cut prices on the market, declared
J.T. Bealby, a prominent Nelson rancher, at the government enquiry Into
the community yesterday.
Dr. W. O. Rose criticized the community for overcrowding and for failing to Isolate tuberculosis patients.
He expressed the opinion that lf the
existence of an order-ln-councll grant
lng the Doukhobors exemption from
mtlltarv service were made perfectly
plain the community would show little opposition to laws compelling registration Qf births, marrlargea and
deaths. Real estate men declared the
Doukhobors had enhanced land vai
Ia order to give the adjoining pro
perty owners an opportunity to suit.
their objections lf tbey have any tc
make the city will ask for an adjourn
ment ot the hearing of the petition ot
the British Canadian Lumber com
pany for tbe cancellation of thi
streets registered in tbe subdivlsloi
plana running through tbeir propert.
on Lulu Island, which ia net for tr
morrow morning before Judge Howay
This was decided at a special meet
lng of the . city council yesterda.
afternoon. The decision was mad
on a motion by Alderman Dodd, wh'
contended tbat the etreets belonged
rightfully to the citizens of Westmin
ster and that, the eity bad no right
to allow tbe roadways to paaa from
Its control without recording a pro
test. The city solicitor will aak
therefore for the adjournment.
The  by-law  hy   wbich  tbe  Heaps'
Engineering compaay will be leaaed
certain lands on Lulu Ialand as a site
for the Schaake Machine Worka again
came up for consideration.   There ar?
etlll a few details wbleh bare to be
settled between the Heaps' company
and the city yet, tbe mont Important
of  these  being  the question of th*
rental of street   ends   adjoining   the
property.     The council conld not aee
its way  clear to decide tbe matter
yesterday and it was referred to the
finance committee to confer with Mr
E. H. Heapa at a special meeting   on
Friday.    Alderman Dodd will also be
present at that time.
On recommendation of the flre
police and health committee W. Outt-
rldge was appointed as driver of the
new combination auto police patrol
���fid ambulance. HU salary will be
$90 per month.
Eleven Magnificient Arches
Erected on Route Traversed By the Duke.
Five Thouaand Children Massed���Address at Court Houae���Dinee
with Sixth Regiment.
Austro-Hungarian President of    Com
mona Knocked Down���Universal
Suffrage Slots.
��� t
Ottawa, Sept. 18,���Catlada may
shortly complete arrangements to
have a representative from the Dominion alt on the Judicial Committee
of the Privy Council whenever an Important C&nadlan case Is 'In hearing.
At present the oh'ef justice of Canadi
has the right to alt with the lords of
the Privy Council when Canadian
trtses are on the list, but the prlvl-
ledge can seldom be made uae of
because the distance Is too great and
nress of litigation tn Canada ao great
that he ls kept at home.   While   In
Budapest, Sept. 18.���Wild scene*
marked the meeting of parliament
here today, when Count Tlaza, presl
dent of the lower house, was slapped
Insulted and knocked down on accoun.
of his hostile attitude towards women
suffrage. Count Tlaza was aet upon
when he entered the chamber with
the minister of. commerce.
Members active in the suffrage
movement were In an aggressive
mood today and the debate on the
question waa marked by bltternest
and vituperation. Count Tlaza wa?
warned by letter that the suffrage advocates would press their cause today and that the building would b��
burned If he attempted to clear   It.
Bloodshed ia feared here tonight
when a monster demonstration for
universal suffrage ia to be held. The
troops aro held ln readiness and mar
tial law will be declared in the event
of rioting.
Until Visit During Exhibition Week-
In/I La tlons Include Lady Also���
Bunting Being Displayed.
Export Canadian Peachee.
Ottawa, Sept 18.���Canada haa be
come an exporter of peaches. A cat
load of aelec'ed fruit from the
Niagara district la being sent eacl
week to England. The buslnesa ia the
result of an exhibit at the Crysta'
Palace last year. It Is expected tha1
within a short time Canad'an neache
wlll be aa well known In England a-
Canadlan apples and peara are today
K. O. for Mikado.
��   ,   a.*..   -        v��, ,.      ... Tokl��-   Sept. 18.-WUh , elaborate
England this summer Minister of Jus- ceremonial today Prinoe   Arthur   of
tice Doherty d'sctmed a new arrange- Conuanght.    the    representative   of
ment with the British authorities, and K'��g George. Invested   the   empe-0'
It Is understood a aat'afantory plan
will shortly be agreed to which will
ensure the presence of a Canadian
judge in London to assist wltb all
Canadian cases.  -
with the Insignia of the Garter. Thr
empress, the numbers cf the lm
perlal family, the cabinet, the elder
statesmen and councillors were pres-
| ent.
With the Governor General arriving
n the c.ty the day after tomorrow
arrangements for hie reception are be
ing pushed to completion and man.<
of the public and business buildings
are decorated already.
invitations to be present It th3
ceremonies at the Crescent have been
jent out and will admit tbe recipients
together with a lady Inside the enclosed section on both aides of the
pavilion. It la doubtful yet wbethe.
any presentations wiU be made to His
Royal Highness during the ceremony
as the visit is so short. The hoisting
of the Royal Standard at the pavilion
is cancelled, aa that la the personal
flag of the King, and tbe Union Jack
will be used In its place.
Mrs. Bland, the expert needle
woman engaged to prepare tbe Royal
Standard, la now making the Unlou
Jack, which will take its place, af
well aa a white aatin case to contain
the loyal address from tbe olty.
The erection of the proposed arch,
on Columbia stteet haa been postponed until the second visit on October 3. This was decided yesterday,
when it waa found sufficient carpenters could not be obtained and tbat
some of the material to be used In
the make-up could not he prepared
before Saturday. When It Is Anally
completed, however, the arch will be
one of the most unique affairs cf Its
ivlnd, typifying the lumbering and
.latteries Industries.
On the arrival of Their Royal High
nesses on October > a novel and striking reception and one that will bring
them to realize the vast extent of the
fishing Industry of the Fraser river Is
being prepared. According to tentative arrangements they will come up
river by boat from Victoria. Stretching from Annacis Inland to tbe C. P.
II. <)ock, hundreds of fishermen in
ther boats wlll form a double line
through which the steamer will pass.
 ��� r \
Terrible Mistake.
Portland, ore.. Sept. 18,^-As the re-
trit of an attempt to save the life
nf William Hal|, a clerk of the Ca-
dllac hotel, Marie Smith, a chamber
maid, suffered terr'ble burns and ia
In a hospital In a critical condttton.
Hall was attempting to throw a bttc
ket-of burning gasoline and alchohol
ont of a window; when the girl saw
him and thought he was on flre.
Rushing to him she seized him with
the Intention of putting out the flame
and ln doing ao unset tbe burning
mixture over herself.
Vanoouver, Sept. 18.���His Royal
Highness the Duke of. Connaught and
Their Royal Highnesses the Duchesj
and Princess Patricia were given a
tremendous reception when they arrived here prompt on time at 3
o'clock this afternoon. A guard of
honor of tbe Du��9 of Connaught's
Own regiment stood at the salute and
the regimental canA played the national anthem as the royal party after
being received by Mayor Findlay and
the civic reception committee and
representatives of the Dominion and
provincial gover iments stepped Into
the waiting carriages and moved off'
towards the corner of Granville and
Hastings street, through cheering
crowds of peop'o.
Tremencous Crowds.
So dense was the jam at the depot
that the pollce only succeeded In-
keeping the throng from crowding in
upon the visitors by stretching ropes
on each side of the street
With an escort of the British Columbia horse the royal guests pasaed
under the magnificent arch of welcome erected by the city and Into tbe
business section, which was resplendent beyond description with bountiful
A tour was then made through the-
clty   streets,   no   less   than   eleven
arches  being  passed  Under on   the
route of the royal progress.    Everywhere the people crowded to see their
I Governor General.
Address  Presented.
At the court house the civic address-
was presented, the Duke suitably replied and a special guard of honor of
the  72nd   Seaforth  Highlanders  was
tcfipee ted
He   then   proceeded to   Aberdeen
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_     .school where 5000 children    greeted
Evidence  Against Walehe Het Suit! Itbe royal visitors.   Next an auto trip
,!.-��    wm  Nm- ttmna* Ch>M.      I round 8tanley park and ln the even-
clent���Will Now Stand Charge        ln_ the DuUe was entertalned by th.?
I officers of the Sixth regiment at dinner.
Bf again mm
in Toronto.
A surprising move waa made In
police court yesterday morning when
the charge against Walter Walsh and
his wife, Alice Walsh, that cf entering the Westminster branch of tbe
Bank of Montreal on the morning of
September 15, 1311, and being concerned with the robbery of over |271,
000, was withdrawn by tbe crown
Magistrate Edmonds told the prla
jners that they could go as tar as hr
.vas concerned, b :t the r I'be-ty wa
abort Indeed, for no sooner bad th.
words left the magistrate's mouti.
tban Chief Bradshaw produced t
warrant for tbeir arrest, issued In
Toronto, charging tbem with having
stolen money in their possession. Detective Cronin, cf the Toronto police
force, ls In. the city, and probably
brought the warrant along with him.
Tbe solicitor for the crown, Mh E
P. Davis, K. C, - of Vancouver, in
opening the adjourned bearing stated
that there waa uot sufficient evidence
against the two for hope to be enter
talned' for securing a conviction on
the original charge, and therefore be
would not. press IL
Mr. S. S. Taylor, K.C- of Vancouver, who appeared for the prisoners
had little to aay on tbe matter and
the dismissal ot the eharges agalnat
the two was made by tbe bench.
Detective Cronin is still ta tbe cltv
and ls understood lo be waiting aa
slstanee in taking the prisoners back
to Toronto, wbere tbey were arretted
and found to be In possession of
nearly $10,000. thought to have boen
Pickles Rose Highest and Waa Second
In Bomb DroTntef.
London, Sept 11-Bxtenslve teats
of the use of the neroplane In warfare were carried oat yesterday at
Hendon. In the preseace of 15,000 Interested appointors.
The cblel Item ol Internet waa tbe
bomb dropping contest which waa
won by an aviator named Travera
who from an altitude of Mt foot, buried a missile within M foot of mark
aliped at. An Australian named Pick
lea, was second, dropping a fedmb
within SO leet of tbe point aet by the
Officials. M3M8
The blgbeat altitude obtained waa
2860 foet", Pieties being seccessful In
rising to tbat height
Jap Suicide Fact
Grand Junfctlon. Colo.. Sept lt<���
Pollce wbo raided a meeting of fiftv
Japanese bere found away of tbem
lying on tbe floor, striking their heads
on chairs and tablet and walling
mournfully. T��t> ders of the party id
mitted tbat It bad been manned to
draw lota to determine who should
commit su'clde aa aa expression of
grief tor tbe death cf OM late Mlka-
do MutsohlteL
Detective and Inspector Fired Also���
Need Officer Badly In View
cf Congress.
Lethbrldge, Alta.. Sept. IS.���^t x
meeting of the city council this .after-
noon Chief of Polics Gillespie was dismissed, hia dismissal to date from-
Inspector Sillker and -Detective*
Egan are also dismissed. A new chief
of police wlll be engaged-as soon aa
possible so that he may.be able to reorganize the force before the week.
of the Dry -Farming Congress/
A meeting of the license and police'
committees wlll be called shortly to
recommend the engagement of a new
chief. All the aldermen voted In
favor of the motion disposing of thh
case. Tbere was little discussion, It
being generally agreed that the
judge's report was sufficient reason
for the action.
Chicago Policeman Charged with- la-
competency���Waa Beaten tip.
Chicago, Sept. 18.���Because: he aP
lowed two men suspected of complicity In the robbery of the branch'
Bank of Montreal at New Westmlnater, B.C., to escape, Police* Lleiat..
Burns, lt waa announced here today,.
win be tried on charges of Incompetency.
Lieutenant Burnt, It Is charged, met
the suspects In a saloon, and Instead
of calling aid. lured them to a back
mom where he tried to arrest them-
alone. The men discovered hi*
Identity, beat him into unconsciousness and escaped.
��� xe
��� NO  HOLIDAY  SATURDAY.      ���
THURSDAY,   SEPTEMBER   19,  1912.
j Classified Advertising
One eent per word for day.
Pour cents per word per
week.     *
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices 60c per insertion.
modern. Price $2600. Will take
lot for part payment. Box 113, this
esa for two children. Apply to 48
Royal avenue.
housework. One to go home at night
Apply 516 4th Street.
neer Dye Works, Second street
Phone 430.
ished rooms; would prefer a small
furnished house. Address Box 101
Newa office.
quire two comfortable furnished
rooms: old country family pre
ferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. K
depot.   Phone 401.
ern house on Eighth avenue; Just
being completed; full basement;
panelled ceilings; pressed brick
fireplace; fine view. $3600; half
cash, balance over five years. . G.
P. Mitchell, Box 876, city.
you a fine 40 acre farm in B. C.
Only $50 cash, balance $10 to $15
per mouth. Soil two feet deep. Call
or write for our free booklet and
map. National Finance Co., Ltd.
521 Columbia street.
House; full cement block basement,
with furnace, laundry tuba and toilet. Bath and toilet separate on second flooor; large airy sleeping
rooms, with largo closet; handy to
car and school. Huilt for horn.?
but owner wishes to leave city, so
must sell. Inquire at 1032 Seventh
avenue, Phone R 847.
City steam laundry.
ers.   36 Hastings street.
Fort Kraser, B. C. wants to get In
touch with you if you are lodking
for a "live wire" town to locate or
invest in. Fort Kraser offers you
thfe greatest opportunity in Canada
���and thfct means on the continent.
By writing to the club's secretary
you can obtain complete information about Fort Eraser and its fast
multiplying industries. In your
letter give all the Information as to
your needs that you can bo that
your questions can be answered in
the most complete way. Write today and be sure and ask for tlv
latest copy of the Kort Fraser News
Fort Fraser Development Club, W.
A. Matheson, secretary, Vancouver
effice,  102   Winch  Building.
with water, 622 13th street.    Phono
R 274. I
with eight roomed house on 7th.
avenue; small fruit trees, bearing.
Apply  Box 108,   thia  office.
FOR SALE���ONE LOT, 66x122, ON
new Vaucouver-Westminster car-
lne, 5c fare. All cleared. Owner
leaving country. Apply to H. C.
Brackman, 658 Granville street,
Suite 10, Vancouver.
1V6 acres with 686 foot road frontage, splendid location, close to new
school and tram. ��� Owner, P. O.
Box 977, New Westminster.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 60x138 to 20 foot
lane; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly. Also one
lot with 20 trees and some chickens.
Apply Owner, on lot 28 Eighth
avenue, East Uurnaby, between
Second and Fourtli street, one and
one-half blocks from car.
most new.   408 Fifth stieet.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
street, city.
Millais Painted Soma Graat  Flcture*
Before Hs Was of Ago.
Ons of the b??t known pictures in
existence is' Sir David Wilkie'*
"Blind Fiddler." It is a masterpiece
in its own school of painting, and at
one time perhaps no other picture
could compete with it fo popularity
as an engraving for the sitting-room
wall. Yet this masterly picture, sn
full of detail and character and subtle touches of humor, was painted
when  Wilkie was only twenty-two.
So poor w��,s he at the time that he
had to dress him��elf up to act as his
own model for this great Cffmpositipn
���hence, doubtless, the similarity nt
feature observable in nearly all the
characters, the very masculine linen
merits of the fiddler's wife an.l the
younp-old look nf tlie hoy who is imitating the fiddler on the kitchen bellows.
But an even more amazing picture
may be seen on the staircase Ica.iina
up tn the picture gallery at Smith
Kensington. (This is a nicture ertit H
"Pizftrro Seizing the Lira of IVrUi"
which is an amazing performance fnr
i boy of sixteen, tlie age which Millais bad attained when he fainted
It and wnen it wns exhibited at tlie
academy But Miilnis was a niarvrl-
oi s boy. and some of his nin-t faimru*
"ictufs, such as his "Ophelia" in
the Tate palltry and bis "Autumn
Leaves" in the Manchester nailery,
���vera painted befnra he was twenty-
Tilt, fact is thet painters have generally been a rather rreencimn trihe.
Hie famous "Young Bull." one nf the
"orld's masterpieces, was painted by
Paul Potter at t'ie a?e nf twenty-twi..
Visitors tn St. Paul's Cathedral are
"ever tired nf looking at Ilnlman
Hunt's masterpieee which lutnjrs in
the aisle, "Behold 1 Stand at the Dnor
and Knocl;," commonly called "The
Liiht nf the World." Yet tliey would
scarcely credit the und.milled laet
that Holman Hunt was bare'y out of
llis teens when he painted the original, which linups in Kellle College.
Hopp ner, the appearance ��� f one ol
whose portraits at auction sets tlie art
world throbl ing with excitement
painted bis picture, " Sleeping Ve-
' ii-*." in bis i ireteei tli year, and
bef. re lie was t iirt/ be wns the sue
���essful ri'al df "-h gin its if Hip
bvu-.li a< Ileyro'ls. Cnin.-hor' u-h and
.Mitimey. It w.'-,.s iifely when a stil
:ii' ri preenci. u< b< y riinie i n tlie
scene that lii* prem ership in art wa-
fetched fmm bim for a time.
This i.ewC'iiicr was Lawrence, wlio
bad dra vn half tlie aii-t��� emey iu
Rnirlnnd in crayon before be wan
twelve years old.���London ('. lube.
week over Royal Bank of Canada.
654 Columbia street.
near library.   701 Agnes streeL
mon nnd chickens, 21 fruit trees
tjitt bcarns- lot 5, 50*132 feet, pardon and veietabies; Ninth avenue.
Burnabv, between Porond and
Fourth streets. Price $1330: very
easy terms.    Applv on premises.
-   ate  sate,  six   roomed  house,  block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
ranpes on easy tortus; $1.00 down.
$1.00 per w��ek.' Canada Range Co.
Market Square.
Central, corner Fife and Gloucester
Btreet, off Royal avenue.
lot and build on it to suit you. You
own your own home and pay for it
just like rent. All communications
confidential. Apply Box 105, this
rooms, 407 Royal avenue.
eight roomed modern house. Will
give lease. Apply 415 Twelfth
street between 1 and 3 p.m.
furnished housekeeping rooms, Sl
Agnes street, phono L 638.
Rooms. 828  Royal Avenue.
' keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street
lighted room, 30x30 feet, ln Hard-
man biock, suitable for office or
workroom or may easily be divided
ito make a two or three room apartment suite. For terma apply Westminster Daily Newa.
kf-cping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
hedroom. furnished. Terms reasonable.   720 Agnes street.
house.    Address Box 765 City.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
email sum of money. Apply Box 253
city, size 60>.14S, one block from
car. -Fruit trees and stable. Price
$3000 on easy terms.   C
for sale���excellent turnover. Rapidly growing agricultural centre. Including three Main street lots. Store
and dwelling. $4200.00 buys the
property and good will for the bus
ness. Stock on valuation. This is
a money maker. Terms to ault purchaser.   Good reason for selling.
OKANAGAN ORCHARD For City property���We have a five-acre orchard
tn full bearing, with house and outbuildings. Splendid place for poultry. Owner will either sell or trade
for city property.   Price $4506.
FOUR CHOICE ACRES on Lopez Island. All fenced with small house.
Finest climate. Double boat ser
vice dally between Victoria and Bel
lingham.    Price $750.00 cash.
avenue, 65x110. $3500; one-third
caBh; 6, 12 and 18 months.
from car. Lot 66x114, partly clear
ed. Dairy stable for several animals.
Price $1550. Cash $300. Easy term."
for balance.   A.
la East Burnaby.   Large lot planted ,'
in apples, plums and pears.    Price J
$1350.    $500 cash.    D.
Street, Durnaby, 47x116 to 1am.
$11200.   $300 cash, $10 per month.   .1
Ths C-.!)inet.
Technically tlie Cabinet *> a CnV
imt cin do nothing.   It cam 11 even
wr te a letter nr issue a si/ned order.
ft has n<t, indeed, tbe meais of d(."-
irg so,  for it  does  not  keep a  clerk
r a typewrit r, it has no ��� ���ffire,  hit
>ins  it any  money  whr^wtli  t>  lm
i sheet ot noternyer.   Thevtin.-t p��P
���'iful and Important committee in th*
wor'.d is without a .staff, n secretary.
^i seal, a minute book, or a fixe I 1'iCh
tion. When it assembles it has I**
depend on the hrwpitalitv of the Treas
ury or the Foreign Office, or it may
meet at the private residence of une
"f the members. Mr. Gladstone "C-
CEsionally held his Cabinets in the
suburban mansions near London lent
to him by his friends during the Parliamentary session. When a Cabinet
Council sit* it has no anemia befori
it, nor has it any record of what undone at the last meeting. No nue
keeps the minutes; and it i.s stiil
ieemed a little contrary tu etiquette
for any Minister to take a note of the
pr"ccedines. nr, indeed; to write anything at the meetings at all.
London's  Nobody's Club.
William Stevens, a wealthy city
merchant, w'. ���> published some then-
logical essays under the pseudonym oi
"Nobody," was the founder of Nobody's Club. To this day the club
keeps the memory of Stevens preen
by drinking as the first toast at es'-h
of its dinners to "the immortal memory of 'Nobody,' the founder of tins
club." Like the Atheneum, Nobody's
Clu'j has a rule that whe.i a bishop or
a judge is a candidate for election he
shall be balloted for at onco and if
elected considered an honorary member. Most of its lay menders are lawyers, and for eighty years in succession the club was presided over by a
,udge.���Londi i Chronicle.
Real  Estate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, New Westminster. B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Tenders for Painting Herse Show
The Corporation invites tenders for
fhe painting of exterior of the Horsi
"Show Building with one coat of Priming.    Plans  can  be seen at office ofj
City Engineer. <
Tenders to be delivered to the un
d<""S'f;ncd by 5 o'clock on 23rd Inst.
City Clerk.
Exclusive sale of 9 lots, 52x164,
with 20 foot lane ln the rear, oa
Newcome Road and Thirteenth Ave.,
East Burnaby. Price $556; $50 down
balance $15 per month.
Four and a half acres In Surrey,
10 miles from New Westminster and
1 mile from Sullivan station, B.C.E.R.
Price $900; $100 down and balance
$10 per month.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
and Sixth Street.
Ancient bottles of glass, stone and
metal have been found in many parts
ol Kurope. Asia and Africa. Perfume
bottles of glass have been discovered
in great numbers in the b.mhs 'it
yealthy Indies of Egypt. Many but-
Ilea, tumblers and other drinking ves.
tell have been dug from the ruins ��� f
Pompeii, The most common bottle >f
he anci.nts, however, was of leather,
ti.e skin of a calf, goat or ox beiny
aken off the caress.-, vn i aa ie>v u
is possible and made into a receptacle for holding water or wine. Thf
largest glass bottie ever blown was
made at Leith, in Scotland, in 1747-
43.    Ita capacity was two hogsheads.
A Study In Wrinkles.
When George Rignold was playing
Henry V. in London a friend visited
nim in his dressing room and remarked a large and handsome photograph
of Wordsworth hanging on the wall.
Said the friend, "I gee you are an
admirer of Wordsworth."
"Who's Wordsworth?" queried the
"Why, that's his picture ��� Wordsworth, the poet."
"Is that old file a poet? I got him
fcr a study of wrinkles."
Sir Wilfrid Continues Tour in North
cm Ontario���Reciprocity Hla
Main Theme.
Sturgeon Falls, Out. Sept. 13.--Thls
.own wis in gala attire yesterday to
greot Sir Wilfrid Laurier on tho op
enlng of his lour of Northern Ontario
Mayor John Parker of Sturgcoi.
Kails, on behalf of tho town, present
ed Sir Wilfrid with an address ol
fMi>p The address of welcome
advocated the enlargement of tin.
uiiioii iJieuience and amelioration
cf general tariff conditions. They also declared for a Canadian navy anl
the construction of the Georgian Day
With evident emotion Sir Wilfrid
bespoke his appreciation of the greeting. He professed his continued allegiance to British institutions, which
even more than those of the United
innes, insured government of, by and
,'or  the  I eople.
"1 do not say that the people never
make mistakes," he commented with
snide, "i mink they made, one In
September last, but that haa not al
.ered my convictions. The people
may make mistakes sometimes, bin
they have the power to rectify them.'
Continuing the Liberal leader de
fined the position of the Liberal par
���-. "It Is" he suid, "one of the firs
duties ln our political economy to ex
tend trade in all directions. We an
a young nation, at the threshold oi
our Career, we believe in expand'n
our trade. Hy that pcl'cy we shal.
continue tn stand. This Is the polic*
which will bring us back into power
"Hprn what Lues shall that pdlc\
be developed? By trade between pro
vlnce and province, that is the rea
ion we sought to develop and create
new lines of ronimunlcit'on. IJ>
trade with the mother country, tha
was the reason we increaaed Hrit's'
ircferenoe. And IflStlv, bv trade with
foreign nations, that is the reason wc
niight to find a niar'..et for our snr-
rlus natural products in our nearb;-
"Let my word be heard throughou'
���he world of Canada. Reciprocity is
killed, they tell us. Perhaps, but the
question is not solved. It will not
down. It iB indispensible to our young
and growing country, it is Indls^ensi
ble to the great young west that mar
kets should be provided for its pro
ductions if Canada is to attain thc-
place she is.  I  trust, destined to fill.
"In  n  vast country Tke our3 it  i��
inevitable  that  certain   sections    d-
velop divergent interests and it is th*
duty of ail  true Canadians to recog
nlze conditions and try to find mean-
of  reconciliation.    The cause  of on
must he the cause of all.    I ask yn-
Canadians nf the east to examine thf
western  grievance  and  see  th?t  *V
people of the west are given that jus
tice to  which  they  are  entitled  from
their  country."
Early  Risers.
Sir Edward Coke, the great English
lawyer, attributed much of his success to early rising. When a young
man in chambers he rose regularly at
three o'clock and studied until the
courts met at eight. Nine o'clock was
his retiring hour, as he believed a
man should have an equal portion of
ideep before aud after midnight.
This Brazilian   Hairy   Monster  Could
Even  Dodge  Revolver Shots.
If we live in a locality where mos-
tuitoea are found at all during the
summer we are pretty likely to consider them a torment. But comparing
nur own condition with that of Algot
Lange during his travels in Brazil we
may on the whole consider ourselves
"In the first place," he says in "In
;he Amazon Jungle," "there are the
snts. They are everywhere. They
build their nests under the houses,
in the tables and in the cracks of
the floors and lie in ambush waiting
the arrival of a victim, whom they attack from all sides. They fasten themselves on one. and sometimes it takea
hours of labor to extract them.
"Many are the breakfasts I have
delayed on waking and finding myself
the object of their attentions. II
proved necessary to tie wads of cotton covered with vaseline to the fastenings of the hammocks to keep tiie
intruders off. But they even got
around this plan. As soon as tbe bodies of the first arrivals covered the
vaseline the rest of the troops marched across them in safety and gained
access to the hammock, causing a
quick evacuation on my part. Articles
o! food were quickly destroyed by
these carnivorous creatures within a
few minutes after I had placed them
on the table.
"When convalescing from m/ flrst
attack of swamp fever I had occasion
to study a most remarkable species
of spider which was a fellow lodger
in the hut 1 then occupied. In size
thc specimen wns ve.-y respectable,
being able to cover a circle of nearly
six inches in diameter. This spider
subsists on large insects and at times
on smallest varieties of lirds, like
finches, etc. The natives c.-ead it for
its poisonous bite and on account of
tla great size and hairy body.
"The flrst time I saw one in my
hut was when it was climbing the
wall in close proximity tn my hammock. I got up and tried to crush
it with my fist, but the spider made
a lightning quick move and stopped
about five or six incites from where
I hit the wall. Several times I repeated the attack without success,
the spider alws/s succeeding in moving before it could be touched. Somewhat out of temper, I procured a
hammer of large size and continued
the chase until I was exhausted.
"When my hand grew steady again
I took my automatic pistol, used for
big game, and, taking a steady aim
on the fat body of the spider, I fired.
But with another of the remarkably
qui'-k movements the spider landed
the usual safe distance from destruction. Then I gave it up. For all I
know that animal���I can scarcely call
it an insect after using a big game
Eistol  on  it�����s   still  occupying   the
" 'Lange,' asked one of my friends,
'why didn't you try for him with a
frying pan?''' '
London Truth'a Pungent Comment on
Borden's Speech.
London, Sept. IS.���Today's Truth
has some pungent comment regarding Premier Borden's assurance that
England Is not dead or dying.
"It ls strange" declares the Journal, "that the colonial jn'einler to
warn liis fellow-citizens against entertaining the contrary idea. For this
move we have to thank the press and
platform patriots who persist in pro
claiming the degeneracy or their own
nation. There has never has been
such a mania for crying 'stinking
fish' as in England during the last
ten   years."
Truth blames this on Tory scribe;
and spoolers and declares ihat whili
it produces little Impression on oui
European neighbors, lt ts otherwtsi
with the.colonists who have a nation
al tendency to engender swelled head.
Jeremiahs of the London press ar
consequently swallowed In the Over
seas Dominions with relish.
Cramming down Ill-chosen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all it means ln
Proper habits of eating,
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, restore good digestion, health and happiness.
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
50c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
Tenders are required for the erec
'ion and completion of a seven storey
"telnforcod Concrete Warehouse AH
litlon for T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd., on
Columbia and Front streets. New
Westminster. Tbe successful contractor will be required to furnish a bond
to the extent of 25 percent, on amount
>f contract, and also to guarantee to
lomplote the whole of the work in
i given time a3 specified under a pen
ilty  clause.
Plans and specifications may be obtained from the undersigned on d"-
nosit of $10, which sum will be refunded on receipt cf safe return of
Sealed tenders will be received b-
the architects up to 11 a. in. Saturday.  21st of   September,  1912.
The proprietor does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender  received.
New Westminster.
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental cf
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which tho rlghta applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by Bectious, or legal subdivisions of sectlona, and tn unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which wlll ba
refunded If the rlghta applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output uf the mine at the rate
of  five cents  per ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the. Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon, lf the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rlghtB only, but the leasee wlll be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of tbe mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent cf
Dominion Lauds.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B ��� Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement v ill not be paid
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
end Swiss
All  Work  Guaranteed.
441 Front 8treet      N'- City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne  Street,   New  Westmlnater.
Schedule 8howlng the real property Immediately benefited and the proportion in which the assessment ls made on per foot fron tag*:
���          . ��                             3e:9,ub' Ke��l Annual
Name of Owner.                   dlvlsion.Subd. Lot.     Blk.       Front Payment
A. F. ft A. Masons  NVi     N^i U         2 3       1H.98 $20 95
Pisher William   (Est.)     SH HB98 10 9*
The  Lord   Bishop of  N.   W.
Church  of  England     Spt 19 334.58 60 42
Watson, Robert    l 19&20 50 00 ��04
Col. Land ft Investment Co.. N.Pt 3 '60 70 10 96
Wade, C.  H.  Stuart    13 4 6310 9~5��
DeBeck, Clarence H  12 4 (too 1191
Cralg,  Geo.  19   S.Pt5 BL80 9 35
Padmore, F. W  N.Pt N.Pt.5 198.63 35.83
Presby, Amy B  17 6 50.00 9.04
1096.67      $198.08
Notice ia hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster intende to paaa a Local Improvement Assessment By-law assessing
the propertiea ln the schedule above mentioned the sums of money annually
for thirty yeara set opposite each lot, and a Court of Revision for the trial of
.'omplaints and appeals against the assessment ao proposed to be made will
De held on Wednesday, the Sth dav of Oct., 1912, commencing at 10 o'clock
n the forenoon, at the Council Chamber, ln the City Hall, New Westminster, British Columbia, and any notice of appeal from such Intended assesa-
nent must be served upon the Clerk of the Municipal Council at least
ight days prior to auch Court of Revision.
W. A. DUNCAN, Olty Clerk.
City "nil. Pert. 14th. 1912.
Date of flrst publication September 16th, 1912.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122.
a E. OILLEY, Phone 291
Phonea. Office 16 and 1ft.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal
Get our prices on wood: four foot slabs, dry or green; 16 Inch mill-
wood and dry planer ends.
Fraser Mills, B. C.
Telephone 890 THURSDAY,  SEPTEMBER  19,  1912.
Revolvers Belling In Large Quantities
In Belfast���Present Situation
i    Most Disquieting.
London, Sept. 18.���A "remarkable
Btory comes (rom Belfast that before
embarking on the present campaign
against Home Rule the leaders had
received the assurance that, ln thc
event of Home Rule being pressed,
to Its final stage, a certain number
of army officers representing every
branch of the aervlce would throw ln
their lot with the Ulster men.
Tbe list ls said to Include many officers of high rank, with 26 colonels
and Ueutemu^-colonels, 43 majors,
69 captains, 81 lieutenants and / 283
men holding the rank of serflfeaiit-
major or sergeant.
One of the most disquieting features of the present situation la the
lncreaae of the number of persons
who own firearms. In the National
dUtrlct of Weat Belfast, one dealer is
disposing of,revolvers at the rate of
100 a week and expects that this rate
of sale will continue for some time,
a large number of the weapons being
disposed of on tbe club system. There
ls reason to believe that what Is happening in Belfast ls also taking place
In Dublin and other districts. The
authorities are perfectly well a war'
tbat the traffic Is being carried on
and some time ago the government
actually discussed what atep could he
taken to deal with the importation
of these arms. It was then decided
to.take no action at the moment and
thus matters have been allowed to
Aacays  at  $1640  Per  Ton���Meziadin
Lake Pack Trail Opened for
Stewart, B. O, Sept. 18.���An advance party of seven men haa reached
here and proceeded to Meziadin lake.
Another party of fourteen has reached Stewart, and has proceeded int-)
the interior. A survey is to be made
of the purchase land staked around
Mexldin lake and the work will cc
cupy the party until some time ln
January. The -McM'llan Transfer Co.
have packed into Surprise creek BOmc
4.200 pounds of supplies and these
will be forwarded to the head of th<
lake shortly, and theuce transferred
on rafti to the foot of that body ol
water when a camp will be establish
ed. -   *��� -;
A rich s'riko of free milling gold
quartz lias been made on the Georgia
river group, situated nine miles down
Portland Canal, and samples brought
to town from a two foot vein at the
bottom of a It-foot prospect shaft, as
sayed by George Clothier, gave the
phenomenal return of 82 ounces in
the yellow metal or a value of I1G40
per ton.
The Stewart-Mezladln Inke rn'"''
tni| has been onened for horses, a
distance of 36 miles from Groundho-?
paek train. Application has been
made'through Mr. Wililam Manson
M. P. P.. for an additional approprla
tion to complete the trail this fall to
the coal fields, as the route is the
shortest and presents the easiest
grades and has plenty of pasturages
for pack horses.
Motor Manufacturers   Dlacuss   Situa
tion���$2,500,000 to Be Spent In
Imperial Tariff Cause.
London, Sept 17.���Twenty leading
British motor manufacturers discuss
ed the campaign to oppose the "American invasion" at a luncheon given
today by Mr. Ralph D. Blumefield.
editor of the London Daily Express,
which Is promoting a movement
against American automobiles.
The formation of a big corporation
or the combination of existing companies and the eetabllahment of a protective tariff were the plane proposed.
A letter sent bv the Duke of Westminster read at the luncheon disclosed the fact that the Imperial Prefer
ence League ia raising s fund of $2,-
600,000 to be uaed In preparing propaganda In favor of an Imperial tar-
��� Iff and an Imperlal preference scheme
whloh would glr* oope of the colonial markets   to   BrltlBh   manufac-
t llf A l'g
There was much talk of gaining the
colonial market. A difference of opinion prevailed regarding the quantity
of American low-priced cars. Mr. 8. P.
Edge a well known automobllist contended that th* British, stopped an invasion of American bicycles ahd
boots by producing,better articles but
that Americana Were in a d'.tferent
�� Lord Montague -of Beaulleu and
other. opeakera combatte.d the infer:
ence made by one or two makers that
American cars were flimsy affairs.
One manufacturer said that cheap
American .cars Initiated into motoring many persons who afterwards
bought high grade ^Ipgllah-raade machines. Another manufacturer stared that the wages received by the
American workmen were more than
* twice the compensation paid to English employees while Italians were
paid about half aa much.
C.  N.  R.    Announces Within    Month
,   Construction Starter-Vancouver
Terminals to Equal C.P.R.
Vancouver, Sept. 18.���It Is the Intention of the Canadian Northern
Railway Company, within one month,
to commence on the work of building
their machine and repair shops, and
their railway yards at Port Mann,
where they have freight sheds, but
all the same Vanoouver, as the absolute terminus of the company, both
as regards railway and shipping, will
be the unquestioned terminal for all
time of the C. N. R.,lf the agreemen)
now In process of arrangement between the company and the city ie
carried through.
This Information was part of the
assurances given to the bridges and
railway committee at their adjourned
meeting yesterday by Colonel David
son, when the company, through Colonel Davidson,- agreed to further concessions asked by the c'ty in reference to the proposed entry of the C.
N. R. into False Creek.
Mayor Findlay aald he again wish
ed to get the amplest assurance from
Colonel Davidson that there would
be no question but that Vancouver
would be the terminal for all time-
"nt nnlv as regarded the rallwavs Of
the C. N. It., but also as regarded the
company's steamships. In reply Col
''nel Davidson stated that it was the
Intention of the company to make
Vancouver Its terminus In every way
** much as the C. P. R. had done so.
The phalrman assumed that this
meant that the C. N. R. terminals
fl'ould be as complete as those of the
C. P. R. Colonel Davidson said that
his statement was as comprehensive
is he could make It. They would
have freight sheds here and a freight
distributing place at Port Mann, and
tlso a shop. Alderman White held
'hat the company's freight shed, shop
and payroll would be at Port Mann.
In reply to this Colonel Btated this
assumption was not ln accordance
with his statement.
Aid. McNeil and others of the committee failed to see any objection to
Port Mann having something, but Alderman White contended that the Alberta wheat to be brought ln by the
C. N. R. would not come ln to the
head of False Creek.
Alderman White referred to the
fact that the O. T. P. had been per
mitted to come into the union stations
it Winnipeg, which information had
boen given to the last meeting oy
Colonel Davidson, He did not consider that tho comparison was a fair
one. Whenever railway companies
came to a seaport, he said, the companies owned their own terminals, because it was an asset for a company
to owe  them.
Tl-e C N. R. WOre Ro'.ng to upend
a whole lot of money In purchasing
a terminal, rather than gpend money
n a union station. This city was to
be the end of the route of the company from the Atlantic to the Paci-
f:c. Did the committee suppose that
the C. P. R. would agree to run in
here to a union station? Certainly
not. The committee were overlook-
ng the main point. They were asking for minor concessions and over
looking the question of reserving another strip at False Creek for the use
of another company.
Colonel Davidson said they most
assuredly would do so. He further
stated that he had endeavored to answer the tirst question ns fully as
possible. The company Intended to
make Vancouver Its terminals Just as
nmch as the C. P. R- had done. He
could not answer the question nv
���"ere satisfactorily or any more fully,
Alderman Woodslde considered tha
tatement mnde bv Colonel Davidson
seemed to settle the matter very materially. _.'    ���
W'th resnect to Port Mann Colonel
Davidson wanted to make it perfectly clear that tbe C. N. R. expected to
havo varda, shops and freight yarda
at Port Mantir Thatiwas all they had
ever promlR��d. "I have made the
statement that we Intend to make
vnncouver the C.- N. R. terminals,
bo'h for railway and for steamships.
I stand to that," aaid Colonel Davidson. ���
"One more word about Port Mann
said Colonel Davidson. "We Intend to
commence building machine and re-
nn'r shops and railway  yards there
within one month."
Britain Places Her Worldwide Service
at the Disposal of Commercial
Ottawa, Sept. 18.���Arrangements
have been completed of imperial im
portance between Sir Edward Grey,
secretary of state for foreign affairs,
and Hon. George K. Foster, miniate!
of trade and commerce, by which the
whole of the British consular service
extending to every point in the world
will be placed at the disposal of Can
adian commercial interests.
Means are provided also for build
ing- up a distinct Canadian consulai
service under the auspices of the British service. The plan should prove
of the greatest value to Canadian ex
porters, as arrangements are mado
for securing Information rapidly,
while authentic Information as to
Canadian resources and development
wllf be available In'all parts of the
It is regarded as a great step In
advance towards closer political and
commercial relations with the motherland.
Mr. Foster has been working at this
plan all summer. After careful investigation Mr. Foster early ln May
passed through the Cabinet an order-
'.n-councll whicli forms the base of thc
agreement. This order-in-council, after giving digest of the Hritish consular system and noticing Its completeness and excellence,, observes that
such of the Information collected by
British consuls would be of use to
Canadian business Interests, and that
the fact that the British consulates
'scattered over the world would be
kept supplied with the latest information regarding Canada so as to be
able to answer inquiries and suggestions of Interchange.
After a review of numerous advantages which "would accrue from the
services If the consular system were
made available to Canada, the order-
in-council authorized Mr. Foster to
confer personally with the home authorities with a view to securing cooperation.
These arrangements resolve themselves into this, Canada will use the
British consular system to obtain information about foreign countries,
and that foreigners can repair to Bri
tish consular offices and can obtain
Information as to conditions and opportunities here. There is also opened the avenue to the building cf a
Canadian consular service.
They will be supplied with interpreters and will be introduced to th��?
principal officers and merchants, foreign and native, of the country they
mav be visiting. The valuable infor-
mat'on In the offices of the attaches
of the British enibass'es regarding
all forma of commercial activity will
be placed Uv Instruction at the dl��-
mnal cf auctv ��p��clal trnd�� representatives of Canada nnd His Majesty's
consuls and attaches will he enjoined to dlacuss with tliem all practical
a spec's of trade conditions and prospects.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete."
Need of Redistribution Emphasized by
Remarkable Development���Less
Members for Country.      ,
Ottawa, Sept. 18.���The need of redistribution Is emphasized in a blue
book Jast Issued by.the clerk of the
crown In dhancery,'giving the detailed results of the general election a
year ago. Ae was shown by the census there has been a strong movement ' from the rural' districts to the
cities. The result Is that some of the
urban constituene'es with a popula
tion of 100,000 hnve but one member,
while rural'counties with a 10,000 population have an equal representation
Montreal and Toronto, both wlll
h��vc more members, and thn sam a
wlll apply to Winnipeg and Vanoouver.
Itr Ontario .constituencies llkelv to
be lopped oft are one of the Simcoe's.
one of the Mlddlesexes, one of the
Hurons, North Lanark, possibly Leeds
and one or two others. The representation of New Ontario wlll be Increased by two or three.
Siiaughnesay  Wires that Concessions
Shall Be Made���Situation ie
Winnipeg, Sept. 18.���J. E. Quick.
International president of the ordei
of Railway Telegraphers Union, ia
expected to arrive in the city toda.,
from St. Louis.
The coming of the international pre
sldent to this city indicates that the
controversy between the railway telegraphers and the Canadian Pacif.c
Railway haa reached a critical point.
The representatives of the two par'
ties are still. engaged in Montreal in
the effort to reach a basis of settle
ment. The discussion was continued
last night until 10.30 o'clock, but no
final decision was reached.
On Sunday night President Qu'cH
wired from St. Louis that additional
concessions must be obtained from
the 'company. The ground has been
taken by the operators that a ten pe*
oent Increase leaves the met) worsj
off than they were five years ago,
since the marked Increase tn the cost
of living surpasses the Increase in
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy is in the
fnr West and ia said to have wired
to Montreal on Saturday and Sunda)
that concessions should be made and
a n��"v settlement arrived at.
The Canadian Pac'f'e off'dnl* s*it*
that In case of a atrike the system
voi'ld not be tied up. The comnanv ,
wonld be greatly inconvenienced, lt
Is claimed, but not paralyzed, as �����
-rent deil of despatching can be done
by telephone.
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6nd Flag Decorations here; or we
will contract the
Job for you, but
get your order in
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
English Boy Scouts.
Each year Fees new developments
in the organization of the boy scouts.
In England, where the movement was
originated and where it has a marked military aspect, wireless telegraphy
and signals corps have been formed
among youngsters who. if conditions
of a few years ago prevailed, would
probably be members of juvenile
gangs of a moi. or less mischievous
character, k* yet only one troop h��9
a wireless installation; it is the Second Klthani association, which owes
its equipment to the generosity of
Sit Harry North. Th? boys meet
twice a week f'r instructim sml jirac^
tice. have built their own "aerial*"'
and can erect their installation anywhere. They also have a heliograph
section.   ;   - \". I
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P. O. BOX 442 TELEPHONE   324
Literary Consuls.
Great Britain lias had several lit-,
crsry consuls. Charles Lever, the
Irish ni'velist. for itistsrtce. Waj
Hritish consul et Sperria end Trieste
during the last fifteen years of his
life end was succeeded at Trieste iii
1872 by Sir Richard Burton, the traveler, who wrote many of liis best
books there, including I is translating
of the "Arabian Nights." and Hied
there in 1890. And one must hot forget that most prolific hut nfearly forgotten writer., tl; i*. It. James, who
turned out his three novels a year
for about forty year*, vas British eth\
sui at Norfolk, Va. .and died u eon*\
sui general ot Venice in 1860,-Loudon
i    ii   i. _ ���   .
Real Rubles.
"Most people are ot the impressing
that the diamond is more valuable
than any other Jewel store, hut weight
tor weight the oriental ruby costs
many times what the tinest diam >nt|
of the Kimberley Held will brin*,''
said a dealer. Who has lately returned
from a trip to the Kast Indies. "For
instance, a Hne II carat rub* sold 1i|
London a few years ago fcr Mft.tOO,
An II carat diamond in tlie mat ket
wouid not bring anything like thii
aum. Tin smeller sized diamonds and
pigeon blood rubies are not r wide
apart in price, but real rubies are
steadily in the lead ini all gem: markets."
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C.
,   Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially lav��e stock of Lathy. Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.	
Now i�� the tine to build for sate or rent while prices are low
Hassam Paving Co., of Ef. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Big Apartment House.
Vancouver,  SeDt.  18,-t-Yesterday a
permit  was  Issued  (or  another    big
��nartment house, vhich will occupy
the ����ace troth. 2T91 OranVllle atreet;
to 2795.   The bulld'ng will be one oti
tho largest of thla kind In the c'ty
and will cost 1200,0(10.   The proprle-l
tors om the Cook Construction company, the head of whloh is Mr. E.
fnok.  manager of  the    OtisFensotnI
Elevator company.
���Miners oij, Ctrlke. \
Victoria; 6. C, Sept. 18--Ttie four
collieries, operated at Cumberland,
Vancouver Island, by. the Canadian
ColUprlei T tttJ ar* shut down today
as the result of a strike declared yesterday, in which 1200 miners are participating. Officials of the company
say there Has been no demands made
upon   them yet.
Making Matters Worse.
The KngJUh paper* tell: a quaint
sto'ry or Lord Uiabton, the painter.
Two women were looking at his picture oi "Helen ot Troy/' "It ta A
horrid picture," one -remarked to the
painter. "I'm sorry, hut it'* mine,"
aaid Sir Frederick, as he then was.
"Oh." aaid tlie woman, "you don't
declared  the  woman,  "you
nund what we aay.  We an only say-
ing what everybody eii* .says."
Christmas Jt**s'.
England imports most of ita Christmas trees from Germany.   About oue*
fourth ot tbem come from iM own for*
eats io Sussex and Surrey.
un.    saiu  tne  woman, -you aou i
lean to aay you've bought ill" "No;
painted it.   was the yeply.   "tHi/f
eclsred  the  woman,  "you  mustn't
Lat ua flgure with yea "ea
your lumber requirements. Wa
carry a complete atofck ef tnta*
ber, and lumber products at ear
Skpptrton yard.
'���i '*rim*tp-T.a*s
��� TELEPHONE ��04.
Mills it'Vwcbuvw, New Westminster and Crescent Valley, B. C.
nwv, miuii
It Pays to Ad^rtise in the Bapy Neswa """*����������*_ * ���
Va...- IvA
THURSDAY,   SEPTEMBER   19,   1912.
Published every morning except
16'inday by .The National Printing and
Publishing'Xpi, Ltd., at their office,
S3 McKenzie TWtteet, New Westminister, B. C.   .,
.ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office   999
Bditorial Office  991
/    By carrier $4 per year, Jl for three
nonths, or. 40? . per month.
By malt $8 p*lr   year,   or   25c .per
month.    . 1   ��� >}��/-.      .,���
That 8onMjthing more than redistribution Is ii(B|ci��fl badly is evident from
a dispatch 1tr<$ijt Ottawa stating that
at'present* ftaft/' Urban constituencies
of 100,000 have only as much representation In the. Mouse as rural districts with .10,001) population.
The movement of people from tha
land to the crowded cities is one 0*
the most vital questions that has
been agitating the minds of the
statesmen of many countries for some
time past. it is not a new
phenomenon, In fact the "Back to thc
land" cry Ib too well known anions
our neighbors, to, the south to need
���explanation here.
But that-Canada ehould be suffering
already from the same disease���roi-
disease UBBmawiS ��� an alarming announcement. Here on the coast we
have had evidence of late that our
rural population, while not actually
diminishing���though cases i.i certain
districts h$ve been reported���is certainly not increasing In anything lika
the ratio at wtych the population of
the cities is growing. Hence the movement for a better settlement of our
own Kraser vjaHey.
As with the land so with man/
other branches of public endeavor.
There seems to be a great deal left
to individual effort which is frequently combative, while a world of room
exists for Constructive steps to be
taken by the representatives of ths
people as a whole.
There i%,jppapn, to believe that the
United Slates will soon invade Mexico.    The  Associated  Press despatch
from  Beverley, Mass.,    the    summer I
capital, announcing that an ultimatum
had beaAAatnl ipp the Madero govern-'
ment, ff&f i!W fldfcfr"flenied, and would
hardly  have been  published  without
the knowledge and consent    of   the
president.    From  Washington  cornea
the report that Congress will be convened in extra session on Oct. 7, and
that many army Officers on Btaff duty
at the capital have been ordered to
rejoin their regiments.
Mr. Taft has no doubt been urged
to intervene In Muxico by American
citizens resident In that country, by
the communities on both sides of the
international lih�� which have suffered from'the guerilla warfare and by a
number of 'American and European
firms with investments in Mexico. It
���was gerierallj^'timlerstood some time
ago that' lhe""BTltlsh government and
other foreign governments interested
would rnt*��*fi8 objection to American intervention. Why then has Mr.
Taft delayed ai\<}; hesitated?
One reason for his inactivity un
-doubtedly 3>i.l';he<jn the fear that the
Invasion of MSMico would be mis-con
strued bf 'tHfe Spanish-Amerlca.i
countries of South America. So far
as the United)States can be said tc
have any definite, diplomatic pollcy.
that policy has been In the direction
of a unified continent, under the in
fluence andicMtection of the United
States. This policy Is difficult tf
work out, principally because of the
Insuperable barrier of diverse languages. Thjero is little commun ci-
tion betweeh the United States and
South America, and the Spanish
American republics, resentful of the
Mexican and Spanish wars and the
Panama grab, havo been distrustful
cf the friendly advances trade te their
by the United states and of the Pan-
Americanism of Blaine, itoot. Knox
and other secretaries of state. An
nttael; upon Mexico would not soon
Jbe forgotten.
The war would no doubt be a long
and costly one, but it would not ho
.unpopular with the people of the Uni-
.ted States. Contiguous territory lends
Itself easily to annexation and Mexico
is one cf Uie wealthiest country.-) ln
the world ho far as natural resources
are concerned.-. She has had already
had taken from her by her powerful
neighbor the .vast area HOW comprising the states of Texas, New Mexico,
Arizona, N^vjjula and California.���
Toronto World'.
who ahip cattle which are known to
be infected witb tuberculosis, into
Quebec, eell tbem at reduced prices,
and waah their hands ot the consequences, la already well known. No
obstacles ara tin the way of the operation.
A clause Is being Inserted In the bylaw now under preparation to make
the work of tbe municipal Health
Department more effective, which will
cut down to a minimum the dangers
of the transmission of tuberculosis
through infected inflk. And it is ln the
milk, rather than in the meat tlfltfr
the greater danger lies. It specifically provides that, before any farmer
shall receive permission to ship milk
to the city of Montreal, he must
present a certificate from a recognized surgeon, stating that all the
cows In his herd have passed
tho tuberculin test. The adoption of a precautionary measure ol
this kind Is absolutely essential and
It must bo compulsory and not left
to the discretion, or good will of tho
Individual. If we cannot have tuberculous cattle destroyed, we can a'
least see to It that they are not allowed ��0 poison the babies of the city.
���Montreal Star.
Tuberculous meat is bad enough;
tuberculous milk Is deadly. Conditions at present are such that the
consumer who buys his meat at any
of the public markets Is never sure
that lt W not reeking with tuberculous infection, Only meat slaughtered
at the pub)lj .slaughter houses and
those of the great packing companies
is adequately inspected. There is
nothing in the law to prevent a farmer from killing a cow which Is dying
of tuberculous and selling Its flesh
In Montreal, add there are very few
'indications in the flesh Itself which
���would warn purchasers of the dangerous character, cl the meat they are
'buv'ng.   -. 1 AAW ���
That thla combination of circumstances is being taken advantage of
J>y Xaxvoou. ia.4M��i��hborlng provinces,
By    Lieirt^olonel    W.    A.   Johnson.
Hendquarters, New W^stg^nster
Sentember 17, 1912. ,    ,       -
Guard of Honor���Extract from Dls
trlct Order No. 136. dated at Victoria
August 31, 1912, la hereby promulgated: A guard of honor with band
will be f jniished at New Westminster
by the 104th regiment, Canadian in
fantry. at a time and place to be ar
ranged locally on His Royal Highness'
visit to New Westminster.
Officers for duty���Capta'n T. Cunningham will comma-id the guard cf
honor for His Roval Highness: Lieutenants Airth and Casky, subalterns
for duty with guard.
Detail No. 1���A oeA B companies
will parade at the drill hall at 9 a.m.
Saturday. September 21, O. Cs com
mandlng C and D companies will b?
in receipt of transportation ,and wll!
^ave their companies arrive at New
Westminster by the B. C. E. R. at 9
a.m. Saturday. September 21. The
band will proceed, with D company
frcm Chilliwack at above dnVled.
Detail No. 2���The guard of honor
with band is to be fnmifd un at th^
B. C. E. R. station half an hour before tbe arrival cf His Royal High
ness thc Duke or Connaught,
Confirmation cf Panic-The following extract from General Ord��r No.
U0 is hereby promulgated: To bo
lieutenant ard musketry instructor
(provisionally) Isaac W. Dowdirig
gentleman, to oompleti) estafcllBhm&n'
May 25. 1911
The following! extract   frcm  G.  0.
151  is hereby promulgated.    I.ieuten
int W. Dowd'ng, I(14th reg'ment. be
ng in possession of a certificate   or
ir.aI:floation     from     the   school   of
musketry, Hyffie. Kngland. IStfconBrm
"A In Ills appointment as ""taketry in
Jtructor, frcm May 21, 1912.
Bv order,
Acting Adjutant, ;J*4tUJ!$$#jfpt
Areola, Sask.. Sept. 18.���E. Shorey,
a farm hand, while driving home late
last night with two men giving their
names as Kd. Taylor and Jas. McCarthy, whom be had hired at Kisbey
that day as farm hands, was held up
by them at the point of a revolver
and robbed or all his money.
After relieving him of his money
they told him to clear out or they
would shoot his head off. They thee
took the horse and rig and drove
The horse with the rig turned uv
next morning at the owner's hou3e
without a driver.
Grain All STooked.
Edmonton,. Alta., Sept. 18.���A coritin
uation of the bright sunshiny days
and warm temperature at night, ha*
��nabled the farmers of the Edmonton
district to get all of their gra'n Inte
the stook, and with no definite fig
ures at band It Is certain that thc
yield Is a heavy one.
Prairie Pfoneer Burled.
Eimonton. Alta.. Sent. 18.���Andrev
McNichol, one of the flr3t pioneers o!
Edmonton, and a former member 0'
the Northwest Mounted Police, wa
h'Tled yeVerd'v, the pallbearers be
ing members of the Old Timers as
Farmer^ Telephone Comrany.
Prince Albert. Sask.. Se"t. IS.���Th'
farmers of Davis, near here, hav:
'nnded together and organized th
Davis Rural Telephone ojmparj
which will cover a raftttfs o* qlV'm'le
'if the towr. T'<<> l'"e wfll hnve cor
"notions with  the lon;; d'stanco sys
"Watches" en Board Ship.
On board all ships a series of
"winches" are est a 1)1 Ished. so that
work Is shared etpmlly among the sailors. To sid tills object nlso the crews
are divided Into two divisions, star
hoard and port A ship's dny rom
mences at noon, and there ure seven
wati-bes. Tbe welch wbich Is on duty
In the forenoon one day has the ufternoon next day, and tbe men who hnve
four hours' reel one night have eight
iHiurs the nest This la the reason for
having "dog watrben," which are made
by dividing the boars between 4 p. m.
and H p. ui into two watchea.
Living em Rubber.
Tbe rubber sing Is one of the many
neets of rubber plantations. It attack*
the young trees and feeds on tbe Juice
oozing from tbe rat*. Doubt having
been cast on the suggestion tbnt any
animal conld subsist on rubber, a
sftticerfiil of Jnlce wns pi need before
some rubber sings, whicb lapped It up
like a rat lapping up milk. Scientists
bnve come to tbe conclusion thnt this
slug contain* nome rubber digesting
ferment as a gaol rie juke.
Th3 Well OH Know Littl- rl the MU-
ery That Exists In London.
Thwna* Holmes ha.�� written n hocfc
entitled "London's Underworld" ��� 1
strange, enthralling and even liorribbl
tale, yet one which holds the niirrot
up so true t" nature that it is fascinating in the extreme.
"One half lhe world." it is ��ald,
"never knows Imw tlie other hall
lives." It msy linve'lieeh true befrra
the age of chesp honks snd newspapers, hut it cannot lie wholly true
to-diy. One half knows something
of the doin 1 "f the other haM
through the medium of the t rinted
word, hut at liest honks sre I ut the
reflected knowledge nf ethers.
The author ol "London's Underworld"���is perfectly frank ��W>ut it.
Most writers on sociology nre nhessed
with the great idea df reforming the
"submerged." Not so Mr. Holmes.
He faces the fact's of life. He does
mt make the mistake of supposing
thnt the flotsam and jetsnm if London society wants to lie r-foruied, nr
that mon in which are called the higher walks nf life hnve a right to as.
sume that their method,* cl living are
the hest for "all sorts and conditions
ot men."
Twenty years of personal contact In
his capacitv ns a police court 1 is-
sionnry with what nre enl led the degraded rnnks nf society hnve tnnght
Mr. Holmes thnt we cannot standard
ize men.
Across the pajres nf this fnscinnting
bonk comes n collection of the strangest life stories one enn rend. The
diameters ntnused police ci 11 rt spectators and lightened the pages nf thf
newspapers. Here is the famnus chess
player who made frequent appear-
ances in the courts, nnd wns handed
nver to Mr. Holmes with the idea cf
helping him on a better road of life.
"My dear Holmes," he would say.
"Why do ynu break your hpart h' nut
me? Let nie alone, let us lie Iriends,
you nre what you nre liecmi.-c you
can't help it; you can't he iinytliing
else if ynu tried. I am what I tn f< t
the same reason. Vou get ycur happiness. I get mine. Do ino a g'��>d
turn when vou can. hut don'l reason
with me; let 11* enjiv oclt 1 tlier'*
company aud take things a* tlie>
ure." This i-i llu> philosophy 1 I all
the trilie. 1 lie en I is ] reina'iire death
111 a garret, suicide 1 r -t irva'ii n III
the street. The end is eeitnin; it '*
only h mutter of time, an 1 tlie victim
i- perhaps the one who least regrets
liis  failure.
They come to Mr. Holmes B3 he
writes his st ries ni them, "the un-
spenkahlv degraded person smoking
cigarettes, his absence nf shirt hi 'Jen
by n rusty cassock, lolls in mv easv
chair; my lurglar Iricnd who had
done forty para and was -till asking
tor more, (hey aro all around tne
A.id my dipsomaniac friendt have
come too, I hear them talking and
arguing, when a strident vt ico call*
out No arguing No arjrililiul Argn
ment spoils everything!' and .Inm?
Stops the talk cf rthers hy occupying
the platform herself nnd recites h
chapter from the Ixxik id -loli."
But the "Song ol the Shirt" is writ
ten over again in these pages; flesh
nnd blond are apparently a* (heap n*
they were when Hood wrote his im-,
mortnl verse; the world if grinding
poverty goes round  as it did then.
Iu London, Mr. Holmes tells u*.
there nre st lenst 50.000 women whose
earnings do not exceed three hall-
pence mi Imur.
The funeral nf one child is only n
pageant fir 1 ther*. Here women w->rk
and starve ind here rliililhuorl. glorious ohildhocil, is withered and -trick
en"; hut heie. too. the wieke I, the
vile, the outcast, nnd the thief Iind
The public houses do n roaring Irad"
��� n the ready-money principle, while
the chandler supplies scraps nf food
and half ounces of tea on very long
credit. . . Undertakers thrive ex
cecdiiigly, but the butcher and baker
ftnd  it hard to live.
"If all ths girls of Kngland r ulil
see what I have seen." writes Mr
Hnlines, "if they could take, as I hnve
taken." some measure of llie Keen nn-
guish and sorrow that Come* frnm
such a step, they would never Irv the
experiment of marrying a man in the
hope of reforming him. . . And tlie
same hnlds good with  men.
The heroism of the hard-working
poor rises tar above tho sordid stnr
ies of the depraved; the marvel i-*
that such heroism exists in such sur
Spending Three Days In Saddle During  Manoeuvres���Troops Sleep
in Trees.
I Jiondoiu. Sept. 18.���King George
proposes to" take an active part lu
the military manoeuvres ln East Anglla.
i    It Is the Intention of His Majesty
j to   spend  three  days  in  the   saddle
rising with the camp at daybreak and
' returning at dusk.. : i
I    According to the    plans   arranged
1 King George will live the same livt
j as   the other officers.    Heavy  rain.
continue to make camp life most un
comfortable for the soldiers, hundred*
of tents being flooded out.    Many ol
cf the mllltla are sleeping iu the trees
like squirrels.
Edmonton,   Alta.,     Sept.     18.���Thr
teamsters' union met yesterday after
neon and adopted a set of demand
in  the form  af an  agreement to  bt
presented to the city and other em
ployers as a basis for the settlement
of the present    strike.    At    presen'
oractlcally  all   building,  street  wor
and    other    developments were    de
pending upon the use of teams tha
are tied up, except where the team
are engaged by contract and the tean
sters threaten. If their demands   ar
not met, to induce the non-union and
ither teamsters to go out with them
The teamsters ask recognition 01
the union to the agreement, six day?
of eight hours each on a flat rate o
75 cents for men and teams, the abolition of the piece-work system, the
responsibility of contractors for wa
tering places for horses and if poss'
ble, time and a half fcr overtime.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.i   A. R. C. M.
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, Clng
ing, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
and  Musical   Fcrm.
51  Dufferin  Street Phone  R411
How a  Big  Bridge  Breathe*.
A curious fnct ahout all laipe *tee
bridgr-s is tliat thev sre provided with
"breathing apparatus." in tlie -Iimim
of rollers titted under the feet where
they rest on thp land. Thi* Hermit-
of a little to nnd fro motion, whirl
occurs a* a result of chatipe* in Ulli
peratnre in winter and summer. V
movement 'f more than a foot i-1 al
lowed tor, lor iii*tance. in the great
forth Hridge. Sometimes 1 e rolh r-
are immersed in a trough ul oil (���
prevent them from rustiiifr. en timi
they will answer most sensitively I'
the slightest change cf temperature.
East Indian Magic.
A traveler tells a strry r.f Indian
magic. The juggler wns n Malav. who
stroked with Ids lingers the blade 1 f h
long knife or creese, 'lhe (bserver
saw water fall drop hy drop fn m th"
blnde. which became fiaccij, like a
strip of india rubber. Thrown ,-u thi
ground, it bounced about, but ws* 3
knife blade again when lilted by the
juggler. An examination s'mwed that
there was no water nn the mat otl
whicii tho observer saw the drops tall
75c Per Sack, 100 lbs.
Delivered Free in Burnaby, City or Sapperton
>27   Front   Street Phone  55C
$500 Cash
Buys a
Seven Room House on
Corner Lot on Edmonds
Road,   Price $37C0.
Room 6, Trapp Block Phone 702
Two Bargains
66 foot lot, cleared, on Kemp street
near corner of Mary avenue.
50 foot lot on Fifteenth avenue ad
joining car line.
PHONE 1024.
Co'dicott Blk.   East Burnaby
Killing Ship Rats.
Rats on incoming ships to a total
of 898 and 2,130 in warehouses were
destroyed recently in one month in
the port of London. During the past
eleven years 706,572 rats have been
destroyed by cfBcers cf the port.
Tea  by  Auction.
Practically   the   whole   ol   tho   tos!
grown in India is disposed cf by auction iu Calcutta. '
L,��RGEsiirjsT or;
Nice new five room Bungalow, with all modern' conveniences, full
sized cement basement, piped for furnace. This house ls beautifully
situated irf the West End and close to the car.     f
PRICE $2800; y3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply to ���-
Wm. McAdam
P. O. Box 874.   Phone 498. Room 1 Westminster Trust Block.
Threadneedle House, London, E.C.
Henry J. Humm, Esq. (Chairman)
Clr Edward  Paulet Stracey, Bart,
Henry   Pearce,   Esq.
THE above Corporation, owning
the bulk of ANNACIS ISLAND,
is prepared to assist with finance any
sound commercial industries requiring waterfrontage on the harbor or
main channel of the Fraser river.
Communicate with: ���
Pdarce, Carlin ft Cp.. 509 UaywErt Builillrg, Victoria, B.C.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
Bold payable in all parts of the world. Savings bank, department at
all branches.
���������**������^���^���������������.^,,w.^^^��������wm i       **a**a**********maa*s*m
Nev Weatmuster Franch, Cer. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
17 Large Lots; 62 x 132; Edmonds District;
over-looking Burnaby Lake; high and dry;
Price $550, $75 Cash, Balance $15 a month.
Come in and let us shovr you this property.
451 Columbia Street MM
4 .
������"���' ���   '*���- -
hi . wia
THURSDAY,   SEPTEMBER   19,  1912.
-+   page nv��
���������,������ ..ft ������������������������*
American League.
At Chicago��� R. H. E.
Philadelphia     1   g   2
Chicago   9 13   i
. Batteries: Covaleskl and Egan;
Lange and  Easterly. \
At Detroit��� R. H. E.
New York 4 14   3
Detrp't    ...*...   ..... 7 12   2
Batteries: McConnell and Sweeney;
Jensen and Stanage.
At St. Louis��� R. H. E.
Washington ,.... 2   6   1
St. Louis   0   7   2
Batteries: Groonie and Williams;
Allison and Alexander.
Boston-Cleveland game postponed;
National League.
At Philadelphia������ R.H.E.
St. Louis 5 10   2
Philadelphia 3   9   3
Batteries: Grlner and Wlngo; Fin-
neran, Mayer and Leoan, Moran.
At BoBlon��� R. H. E
Pittsburg 9 12   0
Boston        1 12   2
Batteries: Camnitz and Gibson,
Donnelly and Raridan.
Other games postponed; rain.
r.evelE'.oke Expects to Meet Sapperton, Not Senior Amateurs.
No little comment has been made-
in Sapperton during the past few day.i
regarding the coming game with tlie
Revelstoke team, which will take
place during fair week. It all arose
from a report in a Vancouver paper
which stated that the boys from thf
Interior would meet the Senior Amateur lacrosse team.
According to Mr. Johnston, the
home player who waa captain of the
Sapperton team when the Darnstorm-
ing trip through the upper country
was undertaken a few weeks ago. the
Revelstoke team will refuse to make
the trip unless they are assured that
the? will meet the Sapperton juniors
only, ub their team Ib but an Intermediate one.
It is thought that thiB was merely
an error on the part of the paper in
which lt appeared and that the exhibition officials will see that the
llevt lstoke boys will make the trip
and^clasb with the champion Sapperton aggregation.
Constitution Adopted���Await Definite
Report frcm  Moose.
Owing to the uncertainty of the
ultimate action of the Moose Athletic
club ln regard to the securing of
suitable playing facilities for home
gamcB. but little progress In the
launching of the Westminster City
Basketball league could be made at
last nlglit'e meeting held In the Y.
M. C. A. The delegates adopted a
It was decided finally to lay over
the indoor basebal lorganlzatloa until
after the basketball schedule could
be played off, as the Columbian college representatives stated that they
would be unable to enter an indoor
baseball team, and the prospects of
their putting in even a basketball
team would be dampened If the indoor
baseball teama were organized flrat
At the next meeting aet for Friday
evening, September 27. at 7:30 o'clock.
In the Y. IC C. Al, the MooBe will
make a definite report aa to their an
time "the Bchedule.ylll be drawn up
and other details Incidental to tho
formation of a league wlll be decided
finally. Lack of suitable, floor space
is handicapping the Mooae, who have
plenty of likely material. Their manager confidently expects to secure a
gym before the next meeting.
H. A. clubs adopt that flgure aa a
wage limit, but the Coast leagues, and
Maritime body Tyill, also put up bonds
to abide by their agreement.
Negotiation* awtrnw underway tt
have every professional cluh in Can
ada give bonds for $5000, a New York
corporation being willing *o Uke over
these bonds. The latter company now
holds the bonds of the major league
baseball clubs. The return of the
"even man team is assured, and a
double schedule with six clubs, Is proposed by the N. H. A. magnates.
A meeting will be held in the
course of a few weeks to draw up
the schedule and make arrangements
for the coming season.
Montreal, Sept. 18,���While Quebec
has signed up all Ub old hockey team
for re>t season, Messrs Kennedy and
Llchtenhein have not been Idle.
Mr. Llchtenhein says that he has
signed up the bulk of his team, and
Mr.  Kennedy states the same thing.
"Skinner" Poulin, Mr. Kennedy
iavs, is liable to be back with his
team this coming winter, as he has
notified him that he Intends to come
east  shortly  and  stay east.
And as to "Newsy" Lalonde, Mr.
Kennedy says, he will be back here
at the beginning of next month, and
he is liable to stay back here. From
what I have heard he ts through with
iacrosBe on the coast, and he proposes to come and settle east again."
The Inter-City Bowling leagie
which takei in Vancouver, North Van
fouver and New Westminster, was
ushered ln on the Front street alleys
'ast evening when the Corbett team
��f th'i c"v. 'cut down to defeat be
fore the Shamrock quintette, of Vancouver.
Three straight games the local boys
'out. a total of 3C1 pins altogether to
the bad. The visitors, however, were
not in the best of form and with the
-."fppt'on of Marsh Hod?e none
them hit the two hundrpJ mark.
FOR   MOOSEJAW   Y.   M.   C.
Moose Jav. Sask.. 8ept. IH���Tha'
this city will have a new Y. M. C. A
billdlng at a cost of 55250,000 was thc
resolution unanimously passed by th
d'rectors at an enthusastlc meetin*
yesterday, and instruct ons vere gl"
en to look out for a suitable sTte. Th
present large building will be dispose
j of.
j The new institution will combln
technical education among its objec
i Ives nnder the direction of its seer'
tary, E. J.. Chegwln, whose servic
the Victoria. B. C. Y. M. C. A. mad
a determined bid for recentlv in vain
So They Ceuldnt Watte Powtfor en ���
Man-Eating Creeedlie.
Id "Animal Life in Africa" la tbe
tollowlng curious narrative, which
ahowa the Indifference ot the naUvee
ot Baal Africa to thp eacriOce et Hasan life:
One morning 1 wm standing on tbe
banks of the Lojeoda river. In Porto-
gueee But Africa, watching, with my
Hm a'baaiwtbiirieam^ and at that  (Hoad. Mr. Maugham, our atom crow-.
K tag.   We b*A Joat come to the conclu
alon tbat what we bad fancied waa
tbe protruding noee ot a cwodlie waa,
in facL only a piece ot rock wben a
local native, wbo waa standing near,
aald. "If yon will come wltb me to
tbe Tillage 1 can abow yoo a big croco
dlle." Mr. Maugham electing to stay
and aupertntend the port*rs across tb*
rlrer. I went along wltb tbe "boy"
Tbe village In question lay out some
800 yarda distant aud proved to be ot
considerable alae aud full ot people,
wbo at tbe moment were tn a state ot
Quebec. Sept. 18.���With all its team
of last year signed up the    Quebec
them on easy _
informal but interesting meeting held
this evening, when all ' the players
new In Quebec present, and the members of the executive .came together
to dlscuas the prospects for the com-
iiiK sc&son.
M J. Quinn, the hard working and
popular manager of the local club, pre-
H^dod.  and  explained  the objecta of
th"ThrJ'ro!pects for the coming aea- j bia month wide openj�� a
fon are exceedingly bright" aaid Mr. more tban twentf yard* away. He
Qulnp "We have all of our last years wss not tn tbe leant disturbed by tne
r'-ivers signed up, and we have some  chattering ot tbe women and children,
���**..  ^ the(w w>i no qn^t,,,,, 0f stalking
blm.    It  waa only  nereasary to alt
leisurely down on tbe bank aod put a
the arrival of our large caravan. "But
aur��ly tbere can he no crocodile bere
wltb all tbla nol** going onY' I re
marked.   "Ob. yea." nonchalantly ra
I plied the guide    ?He Uvee here and
1 does oot mind the people."
I Sure enough, on reaching tbe bank
tbe Bret thing I aaw waa a onge ciwo
.dlle banking at mil length and wltb
rock not
other good players ln eight. The
Stanlev Cup Is now In Quebec, and 1
tMnk thst u la here to atay for another year."
Mr. Qutan touched upon the ques-
t'on of the new arena. Even If the
r--*v arena Is not built, the Skating
ri"h rink will be "^tended to auch an
p-tent that It wlll till all purposee
fnr the coming season. But the new
arena la bound to go through, and
there can be no doubt that Quebec
*"tl\ hn"e one ot the moat up-to-date
arenas tn Canada.
A Splendid Aeeldent Averted and an
Aeter Whe Dined Too Well.
Bere la an Incident that was related
by the late Bram Stoker, for many
yeara manager to Irving of the produc*
Uon of "Hamlet" at the Lyceum in
On tbe second night of tbe performance the Chinese ambassador and Sir
Halllday Macartney came to see Irving
in hla dressing room, and presently tbe
anibas8ador,"wbo waa wearing magnificent robes of mandarin yellow, wandered off ln the direction of the stage.
The ambassador was close to the edge
ot tbe arch at tbe back- of the scene,
where Ophelia bad made ber entrance
and would make her exit Mr. Stoker
"Jumped for blm and just succeeded In
catching bim before be bad passed into
tbe blaze of the llmellgbL 1 could
fancy tbe sudden amazement of the
andlence and the wild roar of laughter
thnt would follow wben In the midst
oAthls most sad and pathetic of scenes
would enter unheralded this gorgeous
Mr. Stoker confessed that be was
tempted to let tbe splendid accident occur. "Ita unique grotesqneness would
bave Insured a widespread publicity
not to be acquired by ordinary forms
of advertisement"
Ou another occasion a very different
and very painful contretemps did. occur. Tbe actor who ttfuk tbe part of
Polonlus on entering gave bia first line
Wltb so strange an Intonation tbat Irving at once signed to tbe prompter to
let fall the act drop, came forward and
apologized to tbe audience and restarted tbe play with a new Polonlus!���
London Graphic
Galilei   and   the  Swinging  Lamp.
The boy Galilei, sitting with hundreds of others in the Cathedral of
Pisa on a Sunday morning, saw an attendant draw -side the heavy hanging lamp to light it and then let it
swing. Many other eyes saw the same
thing, but thera was only that pair in
Galilei's head which really observed
what happened, and only his brain
beean to reason utfon it. He alone
noticed that as the swings ��� I the
h :e lamp became smaller and smaller tliey always took the same time. He
proved it by counting them with his
pulse. He had made a great discovery, out of which grew the pendulum
clock and the accurate measurement
���if time.
����-itr��al. Sept, 18.���A aalarv limit
rf rooo wlll again be adhered to by | quire all we, have to kill game,
bullet throogb ble ahonider. when,
after abutting and opening hla mouth
��� few tlmee. be fell off tbo rock and
sank like a stone.
Tbe headman waa quite pleaaed. aay-
Ing tbat tbe animal took aome ono,
usually 0 woman or child, at leaat
once a month. "Why, then," I ssM lo
astonishment, having noticed that
about every aeconrt man seemed to be
provided wltb a nrearw of some aort
"did yo�� not ahoot Itr "Ah, woll. wa
bave very little powder, and It la very
expensive, and  we are poor and tp
Arctic Mosquitoes.
The presence of mosquitoe" in myriads within the bare, uninhabited aro-
tic circle is surely in 'ouk degree a,
mystery. The mosquito is a blood-
-Ui'ktT. but in these unvisited plains
he is for the most part and of strict
necessity a vegetarian. A lev- bird3
excepted (and the birds are furnished
with impervious feathers), there is
no local life whatever. The Lapp in
summer drives his reindeer to the sea.
and no native cronsen .the field it lie
can help, it- Yet In. this eefcion,
"seemingly the most Unsuitable tor
its effect've working." the mosquito
flourishes, "a primeval and enduring
curse, inexplicably developed to its
utmost."���London Chronicle.
JL*���i������ a_J
As fresh, as bright and aa new ae
on the day of its birth is "In Old
Kentucky," the favorite drama of
Kentucky life, which is announced
for presentation here In a few days
The merry little pickaninnies, th<
winsome mountain lass, the amusint
Kentucky Colonel, dear delightfu'
Aunt Alathea, faithful old Uncle Neb
sturdy Joe Lorey, the moonshiner-
how easily remembered are aU th"
distinct character types of this ex
tremely popular play.
What a wonderful record It has
achieved and consistently uphell
through so many theatrical seasons
Each year it is presented in the
United States and Canada and then-
are companies playing it in Kngland
in Australia and wherever the Eng
lish tongue is spoken. The manage
ment of "In Old Kentucky" haa never
allowed the performance to deterlor
ate in the slightest degree. Thus has
a reputation for a meritorious play
when once attained, been maintained
year in and year out.
"In Old Kentucky" means honest
wholesome entertainment.
Pollards May Return.
If arrangements can be made by
Manager Tidy, of the Westminste/
opera house, the Pollard Opera company will again grace the footlights
at the local house on Monday even
lng next on their way to Seattle.
Mr. Tidy is confident tbat the peo
pie of New Westminster appreciate
good plays, as was demonstrated on
Monday and Tuesday evenings of this
week and should this popular Australian company see their way tr
make another appearance here before
starting their American tour which
takes tbem as far aB Boston, on thc
Atlantic seaboard, a bumper house is
practically assured them. The "Toy
maker," well known In every English
speaking clime, will be the attraction,
if arrangements go through.
We art as A6EWT ONLY for lhe purchase and sale of jjjWHji
For Sale or Exchange:
160 acrea near the B. C. Electric in Langley, subdivided Into approximately ten acre blocks, some which are wholly or partly' cleared. There is a house with out-buildings on the property, wliich is
well situated and especially suitable for fruit and chicken ranching
The owner will consider a propositioii to exchange this property,
either en bloc or subdivided for good city property. ;���, .
For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome 8treet, New Westminster.
Panama In Picture.
The Panama canal looms very larg��
in the eyes of New Westminster peo
pie and the films showing the work on
the canal In 1912 which are being
produced at the Edison theatre toda:
are sure to create a lot of Interest.
The film was taken under the auspices of the United States govern
ment and shows in complete detail
rhe methods by wh'c.h this gigantic
engineering feat is being accomplished. A visit to the Edison to ��ee thi3
film will enable one to form a thorough idea of the territory through
which the canal passes and the difficulties that have to be faced.
Blue and Gresn Sta Water.
The biueness of sea water is in constant ratio to its salt ness. In the
tropics the tremendous evaporation induced by the blazing sun causes the
water to be much saltier than it is in
higher latitudes. For about tl-irty decrees north and south of the equator
the waters are of an exquisite azure,
leyond these latitudes the blue
ehanges to green..and in the Arctic
ti Antarctic oceans the greens are
ilmost as vivid as the tropical blu-s.
Norway's Long Day.
Summer time brings m< -9 than two
nonths of continuous daylight at
Wardburg, Norway, in the 'Land of
he Midnight Sun." That little vil-
age near the north cat* has ;fhe,
(ingest day of any civilised cuiuniun-
ty in the world, ���extenditffc frottf May
I to July 82. during Which period
he sun is at all times visible except
v hen obscured by clouds. ��
F. L. KERR, Manager.
Program for Thursday erly.
'"A Child's Remorse"
The mother's frettlsh nature re
lected in the child. A good lesson for
.hildren.   Don't tall to see lt.
" Winnipeg,     Sept.      18.���Continued
magnificent harvesting and threshing I
weather wtth no frosts sums up thej
weather conditions all over the westl
during the laat twenty-four hours. Not
a drop of rain has fallen anywhere.
Threshing returns in a number of
districts are turning out better than
farmers expected   and   there    la no
doubt about    the    exceptional    high
grade of the yield.   Most of the spring
wheat threshed and inspected la going
Nos. 1 and 2 Northern.
D. BRAT, Manager.   -���
A great two-reel   Imp   Drama,   wtth
.   King Buggot ln Leading Role.
Direct from tour of London.
Nestor���Western Drama.
thi? National Hockey association, ac-
citing to one of the c,lhb owners m
that association.   Not only will the N.
the   aurprlslng   tbougb
SELIG���Special Feature.
"Across the Isthmus of
Panama In 1912?
Showing Uncle Sam at work on an
/engineering feat of tar greater magnitude than ever before attempted,    .
What The Driver Saw
Come and see and have a laugh.
"The Man Inside"
A victim of circumstances.
AL. V. GILLIS. manager.
4-Big Acts-4
Laughs! Nothing but Laugh 1
Thos. Lyall and
Roma Laori
Australian Sketch Artists.
The Gypsy Serenader.
Moat daring and aenatlona!
hand balancing. and obalr
diving performers.
 - i in i i 'i
Novelty Singing Aot
i ' i i il   lilm i       l
1 ,      '       ' I ,' l     ���     ���   !
Matinee���10c and tOe.
Children Half PrkM ;
Evening���1Se and 25c
Children 10c and 1Se
Lindsay Bottling Works
Manufacturers  of CIDER8, MINERAL    WATER,    Etc.   Special
Sole Agents for Westminster    Territory    of    GRAPINE,    "The
Health Drink.
"Tke Best In Ttie West"
New Westminster, B, C.
OCT. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1912
Largest and Best Agricultural, Horticultural and
Floricultural Exhibition in Western Canada.
��� i lil   .        (
' i   i. _���
Box 311 New Westminster, B. C.
Tbe Popular Shoe tee
Open Evenings JiQ 9 O'clock
641 Front Street
;   a. ��� :
Week End Bargains
At Any Hour.
. ���
' tip}* apentt for Westmlnater fer the famous K Boots.   Depot for
Leokle's Boots and Ahren's 8choOI Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock ta Select from
SEPT. 18, 19, 20, 1912.
; h    ttoh ������
jltlm tfifoi
, ite in
.*��� i     ir.' V
Special Reduced Rate from New
Westminster and Intermediate
Points to Chilliwack
' | '     ���������i        "   '  UiUlbi  ���
������'.* I.
Tlckete available for Return paaaago until September Slat,
Tralna leave Depot, Columbia Street, at 840, 1.20, US.     ,'
i     in ********** *
��� ****��**'
r     PAQS SIX
fHURSDAY,   SEPTEMBER   19,   1312.
Ihs Chreilnl Idlit Has Many Crimes
to His Credit.
A sen?e oi fhe htimornti* fide of
thing* ia frequently a valnnh'e asset;
and the msn who tet* nut to mnke
humor nowadays ought to be looked
upon at a philanthropist.
But some folk have queer nations.
The practical joker, for instance, the
roan who In a boarding-house devotes
his energies to organizing some freak
or other, from an apple-pie bed to a
collapsible chair, "for fun"; a humorist who ia a perpetual nuisance to
everyone but himself. ���
lt was surely a weird idea of a j~>ke
���which a short time ago led the friend
of a well-known Hritish M.I*. t> chase
after him. crying "Stop thief!" and
"He's got my gold watch!"
The M.P. was promptly, stopped by
a policeman, and when the friend
came up. he explained: "It's only a
joke!" said he. Hut the constable
failed to see the point, and st the
police court next morning the humorist was bound over to be of good behavior for six months.
It was a similar ides rf the funny
fi'Ij of things whicli let) one jovial
humorist to hoodwink a whole crowd
Sto y of an Old Smoke Dimmed Painting of St. Jerome.
In "The Bargain Hook." hy C. E. W.
Jerninghain and Lewis Hettany. many
instances are given where priceless
heirlooms, especially paintings, have
been found, neglected, stowed away ia
some dusty cupboard or adorning the
walls of some miserable hut. Usually
the owner wa9 the victim of his own
ignorance and was happy to sell the
treasure for a few cents to some unscrupulous dealer. But here is a story
with a happier termination.
A poor retailer of fruit could hardly
earn enough even in good times to buy
herself and her three small children
bread. Her earnings were quite toe
small to pay the rent of the damp
hole that tier landlord called a room.
The landlord at last distrained for
his rent. He took her bed and her
wretched furniture and 'ttlered them
sold at auction. The wuftiw and her
children were present at the sale.
Even the best things went for a trifle.
It seemed as if not enough wonld be
realized even to pay the rent.
. Among her. belongings was a very
small,  smoke-dimmed  picture  of  St.
from   her
  . Jerome,    an    inheritance
at a Southern watering-place a year grandmother,   whicii   hung  tver   her
or two ago. I bed and to which she and her chil-
Towards dusk  the  people gathered dren  ofTered  up their pious  prayers.
t:.i tlie sand* were startled to r'iserve As they were accustomed to do, the
two men struggling violently on  the children mechanically raised their lit-
edge of the cliff above  tliem.    Sud- tie hands when the picture of St. Je-
1 was feelln' kind t>' happy till Zeb Sptcar
��� cam* along
A-glvIn hia opinion out ao eloquent an'
1 sort o' likr.1 to llatrn to the bird up tn
the tree
An' watch the flowers blossom In the sunshine ralr an' free.
] liked to hitch the hoss up an' go loggln'
on my way.
My Sunday clothes seemed good enough
for any holiday.
But Zeb he come along an' showed that
we waa much distressed
Because 1 couldn't see how 1 was down-
trod an' oppressed.
An' then I cot to thlnkln'. with some help
from Steb, of course.
Why should  I  listen  to the birds?   Tha
tunea from such a source
Don't cost a cent.   Why shouldn't I go up
an' hear
Grand opera,  no matter tf th* seata  la
rather dear?
1 y*arn for hothouse rosea, an' 1 want a
My Sunday clothes protect me. but they're
out of atyl* too far.
I'm  brondln    'bout   Injustices;  th*  world
���reins icoln' wrong.
An' yel I waa right happy till Zeb Spicer
com* aliing.
��� Washington Star.
Re Lot 5, City   Block   13, City of
New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the. above property wlll be Issued to
Edward B. Wetenhall, on the 16th day
of October, 1912, unless ln the meantime   a   valid   objection   thereto    be
made to me in writing by a person or
persons claiming an  estate or interest therein, or tn any part thereof.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.   C, 12th   September, 1912.
He Didn't Feel Very Proud of Papa.
denly one of the men appeared to
gain the upper hand. He kwuiiu his
opponent clean ofl i .s tept. mid with
apparently super human -tromrth. lifted him high shove his head.   Then in
rome was put up, and the tears of the
mother flowed abundantly.
A painter who was present examined the picture for a considerable
time and at last bid 2 guilders.   An-
a  moment  he  had  burled  him  over j other connoisseur immediately doubl-
the cliff side on to the rocks and sand ! ed  the   bid.    The   painter,   to  alarm
be|���w. I his rival, st once rose to 10, but the
Several women, who had witnessed I connoisseur  said, without hesitation.
the wbelo scenr. tainted, v."-ile a
email hody of men rushed to t' e spot
where the bodv hid fallen.
And there, in.-tead til tlie mangled
corpse tli''y pgpepteil to fin I, wis a
dummy fi.'tire. die-.-ed in aii old and
dilanimited suit.
The joker hsd finite it f> r a bet.
He Iih(I undertaken t . presto a sensation���and he sticppeilwl I
There wns tt pleasant -ei|uel attend;
ing life efforts i.| the wsg wlio tried
to joke with Mr. tieorge Cook, a
wealthy Australian, when the latter
was on a visit to this country. The
humorist issued broadcast invitations
to tea to welcome the man ol money.
When Mr. Pook arrived at his hotel
he found an enthusiastic crowd awaiting him. He protested very strongly
against being held as the founder of
the feast, but eventually decided to
fall in with the idea, and these who
had gathered there had no reason to
regret the humor of the man who hail
played the trick. Whether the funny
fellow himself was there or net never
came to light.
j Let the Cat Out of the Bag.
A certain''EngIish  innkeeper's fsm-
ffy conducted a weekly rattle.   In this
raffle the prizes were turkeys, ducks,
young pig��. baskets of eggs and-sueh
like   rural   commodities.     A   quantity
ol   steel disks, numbered   Irom 1 to  25.
were put in a black haa. and the li'.Ue
daughter ol  the  innkeeper  put   her
hand in the baft and drew a di.-k  lor
each  si>ecii!ator in turn.   The person
whose number was the highest got the
Well, it hnd been noticed tli nt the
innkeeper's wife hnd got 'he prize
pretty frequently, hut nothing was
thought nf this hy the simple, honest
rural  folk.
One eveninir. Ihmnh. the li't'e girl,
with her Imnd in the bag-, paused. It
was her mother's turn, and i'ie did
not draw forth her mother's disk in
her usual quick and careless whv.
She rummaged ahout. The Qjjjfir raf
tiers l���,ke.l at me another *tM!y
The innkeeper said ���
'Tome. I'i'ine. child, hurry  up."
"Hut.   father."  said  the  little  girl",
"I can't tind tlie hot one."
Westminster  ASSry.
All visitors to London make it a
point to visit Ihe Inmrix \V$Vlliiitifder
Abbey. Hut in reality there is uo such
pla.-e m Westminster \hhay, beranse
the aLhey disappeared many, many
years iil'o. Whnt th,,y .,.,. I10w j, ,||(,
church flint used to belopg <o the
ahhev. and llm proper nnme for this
building Is tlie Collegiate 'hur.''i ol
fit. Pvtsr. They keep np th" old name
WestminMer Ahl> y because people
Ilk ' it, rust as thev keep V ��� \,\p* 1
stains i-, the T ^wer fie.-henej
With   paiiit  now  and  then.
Twenty-five guilders."
"Fifty,"  answered the painter.
"A  hundred,"  replied the connoi*
The astonishment and joy of the
poor woman may he conceived, for I
she not only saw all her debts paid
by the little Jerome, but a considerable surplus left over. She conld
hardly bslieve her ears wnen she
heard the two collectors still bidding
against each other. The painter was
silent at an offer of 600 guilders. I
"You are fortunate." Baid he after ,
the painting hnd lieen knocked down
Ui liis rival. "You are fortunate, sir.
in being richer than I am; otherwise
you would not have had it under a
thousand." It was an original by
Johnny-^ay, pop, wbat are ancestor*}
Kiilber-Kr���well���er���your grandfn
ther. for Instance. Is your ancestor, and
I'm your ancestor. Now you under-
atand? s
Johnny-Yea. But whnt do people
want to bniK about their ancestor* for.
theu?-St Louis I'ost Dispatch.
Among the Cannibals.
News has reaehed Great Britain
tint Mr. David Jenness, the leader of
the Oxford University anthropological
I expedition, has reached liis destination in Ferguson Island, where he
intends to study the natives. Tho
members of the party are makin.-
journeys     from     their    hea hjtiart. rs
alojjg the coast, gaining knowledge in I ever since he wns ii three year old
this  way of tlie people and the lan* I
guage.  and  the  inhabitants are pri,v.
the  traveler.
The Cool Stranger.
Business   wns  brisk   In   the   Tillage
store when the stranger entered.
"Any of you drive up In a trap'/" he
asked ciiHiinlly.
"Yen. I did." snld  Fnrraer Turmtipa
disinterestedly.    "Why/"
"Oray horse and nn old lndy Inside?"
"Yes. that's right    Hut"-
"Can  she   manage   him   all   right?"
snld the stranger.
v|  ahould  think  so."  replied  Turm
nps.   "Why. my wife's druv ihnt horse
ing  very  hospitable  t
Cannibalism is not practiced so much
as was expected.
Very little is known ol the FefgOSi ll
Islanders, and Mr. Jenness intends t >
���remain on the island for another year.
during which time he will endeavor to
throw some liglit on the origin "i tho
various tribes, about whom tliere lias
heen su much controversy. Some authorities helie\e that the Ferguson
Islanders are h:i intermixture of the
Melanesia^ and Polynesian races,
while others hold they are Papuan,
and the expedition hopes to settle
these points beyond doubt. When
Ferguson Island lias been exhausted
the expedition will move on to Ruaj
sel Island, ahout 150 miles eastward,
and continue explorations there.
Worsh Wfdding Ct.sto. .
In the toll,wing hod,, t;v h mini
'���r the parent- if Wel-h I,rides
sum. time- bid Iheir Itknds attend
the wedding and hid Ihem als.i nut
to come empty hauled "Whatever
dnnati��n vou mav lie pleased to le-
Stow will le thatikfullv received and
cheerlully tepaiI wh'ejtsyer called for
Otl a similar occn-ion. The parents ol
the hnd- and bridegroom elect de-ire
that all gilts due to them will |,j re.
turned to tliem < n the abo\e date
end will he thankful for all favor*
Same BiiM Epit?phs.
The following are among the brief
and curiow epitaphs seen in I'uro-
penn cemeteries: At Worce.-tet Km-,
land, the slab erected < ver a departed auctioneer is inscribed with a sin-
gle word "(lone." In Sussex the ini
tia.s and date ul the death of the deceased   are   followed   hy   two   words
Ho  wa-."   o,,  Uie  monument ol
Charles the Ureal cf Germany tho
briet inscription i- "Caralo Magno "
The most remarkable is at Cane Hill
Cemetery, Hellast. where the i.iscri-)-
tiou says, "Left till called for."      '
Lamb's Quaint  Humor.
(Charles   Lam I.   nice  said   that   he
hated  a  certain   man.
"Do  you   know  him?"   Lamb   was
"No," he answered.
"Let  me   introduce   jou   to  him,"
���aid LaiinV* irJesKl.
"No," toapmidetl Lamb humorously.
, **frr if I shall k��o|r h>m 1 am sure
.J shall stop bating hiiu."   tt
An Ancient Canoe.
While making alterations in connection with a new curling rink at
Kirk Loch, Lochuiaben, a workman
unearthed an ancient canoe of the prehistoric type. It was found 111 ahoot.
three feet of soil, about twelve feet
from the water's edge. The cam*'
measured eight feet in length, and at,
the broadeSt point is two leet one
inch. It is not pointed at either end.
and appears as if it had been hollowed out of a tree trunk. Ou the outside it seems as if blunt I tuple 01 Mlt*
had been used in taking off the bark
and making it into the canoe shape.
The canoe was found a few days ago.
but wus at first not taken notice of,
aud in fact was to have been made
firewood of by the workman who excavated it.
Only   Single   Faced.
This story is told cd Sir Ceorge
Reid in connection with a I'arlianiea
tary e'ection in Australia. He wa*
addressing a meeting of electors, and
one of them, a pasty faced man. repeatedly accused the speaker of being   "two   faced."
Sir George turned on him at last.
"Well, it's pretty clear," he saiJ.
"that you are not two faced."
The man. rather staggered, blurted
out, 'Why?"
"Because if you were two faced,'"
retorted Sir George, "you'd have Iclt
that one at home and brought the
Drenching  the   Doorstep.
In many parts of Kngland there exists even to-day a very curious cik*-
totn which makes it imperative lor the
ifirl friends of a bride to drench the
doorstep of her home witb boiling
water if they wish other marriages tt*
follow very quickly. At the wedding,
therefore, great kettles ol but water
stand ready for this strange ceromony.
and long after the rest of the guests
have dispersed the young girls ol tlie
party may be seen keeping the threshold warn as long as the water supply will last.
Milton's Works.
Milton regarded the "Paradise Regained" as infinitely superior to the
"Paradise Lost" and once expressed
great surprise that any one ihould
entertain a contrary opinion. "On
the Morning of Christ's Nativity" was
his best. It was his earliest, being
written In 1639, when he wa* tvetity-
/ o...  years of  age.
"That's all right, then." snld the
atnnper, "1 merely asked because
the errny hns Jttst gone down the street
like a mad bull, and the eld lndy'*
hanging on to the back or lbe trap
screaming murder. Wlll. If she cun
uanngo him there's nothing to get excited about. How's the price of inters
down your way?"���Ixmdoo Answers.
His First Move.
it was a ehy young curate who was
once asked lo take a class of glrln
about fifteen or sixteen which had for-
mertyMUyp iMken by ;i woman The
voung clereymiw consented, hut Insisted ii|K)ii lining properly Introduced to
the class. The Hiiperllilendent accord
tngly took him to the class for this pur
pose nnd mtld:
"Voting ladles, I Introduce to you .Mr
Cblra. who will lu fuiure he yonr
leiirlier I would like you lo tell him
whnt yonr former teacher did so thui
he can go on In the K.-ime wav "
A mlss of sixteen rose aud said:
"The Hrxt thing teuchei did wus to
klHH us all around "���Tit Kits.
Family Spats.
'1 might have married a millionaire.''
declared Kvery woman "One ot iny
old schoolmate!* Is now one."
"And several of your settnhluistpf
are working right In this town tor $lo
ii week." retorted Kver.vimin. "while
one cf tbem la In Jail. I guess In mnr
r.vlng a ehap getting *l.fttKi a year
yonr nrerage Is fairly good "
And then Kverylmhy set up a howl,
and Ihey bad to atop quarreling to at
tend tn blm -Pittsburgh Post.
Good Newa Unbroken.
"I ��np|ioe* your wife was more ihan
delighted at your raise ot salary, wasn't
she?" asked Jone�� of Brown
"I listen t told her yet. but she wlll
lie when she knows It." answered
"flow la II that you haven't told
"Well, I thought I would enjoy myself h couple of weeks tirst"���Judge.
Casual Chat.
"Father." snld Gladys (Jwendolln
"Huron Piicnsb hits proposed for my
band ugain.'*
"You mean he still wants to marry
"Oh. no. I think I must have look en
rather hored. and he was trying fe
make conversation."��� Washington Star
The person or persons having in
their custody or possesion the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to dellvsr tha
same to the undersigned.
See list annexed.
District Registrar.
New Westminster, B. C.
1. 27th July, 1860, the Crown to
William Driseoll Gossett, Grant ln fee
of Lot 5.
2. lat March, 1878, William Drla
coll Gossett to Ella Lowe, Conveyar.oe
in fee of said Lot.
3. 2nd August, 1882, Ella Lowe, b.<
her Attorney-in-fact, William Moresb>
to John Hendry and David McNair
Conveyance in fee of aaid Lot.
4. lst November, 1887, John Hen
dry and David McNalr to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance in fee of said Lot.
G. Hth September, 1888, Frank L.
kin to Frank L. Rankin, Conveyance
In fee, (inter ajla), of said Lot.
6. 14th September, 188, Frank I.
Rankin, by bis Attorney-in-fact, Ezr>
Rankin, to Edwin Rand, Conveyance
in fee (inter alia), of said Lot.
7. 23rd October, 1888. Edwin Rand
to Wesley Peck, Conveyance In fee of
Southwest half of said Lot.
5. 27th October, 188, Wesley Peck
to William Kent, mortgage ln fee of
Southwest half of satd Lot.
9. llth March, 1896, Wesley Peck
to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance In fee of
said Southwest half of sa!d Lot.
10. 15th April, 1896, Ezra Rankin
Frank L. Rankin, Conveyance In fee
of said Southwest half of said Lot.
.ubject to Mortgage registered in
Charge Book, Vol. 8, Fol. 518, No.
11. 27th May. 1893. William Kent
to Frank L. Rankin, conveyance in fee
ment and transfer of Mortgage debt
and premises secured.
12. 15th April, 1896, Frank L. Rankin, by his Attorney-in-fact Ezra Rankin, to Noah E. Rankin, Conveyance
in fee of said Southwest half of said
13. 24th December, 1896, Noah E.
Rankin to Martha Elizabeth Turnbull.
Conveyance in fee of said Southwest
half of said Lot.
14. 29th October, 1888, Edwin
Rand to William C. Coatham, Conveyance in fee of the Easterly quarter of
sa;d Lot.
15. 4th June, 1889. Wlll'am C.
Coatham to Thoma3 Crosbv, Conveyance in fee cf said Easterly quarter
of said Lot.
lii. 2Mh May, 1S91. Thomas Crosby, by his Attorney-in-fact. Alexander
Peers, to Arthur K. Rand, Conveyance In fee of said Easterly quarter
of saidM.ot.
17. 12th February. 1892, Arthur K.
Rand to John Andrew Forin and Aulay Morrison, Conveyance in fee of
said Easterlv quarter of said Lot.
18. 21st March, 1892, Aulay Morri
son to John Andrew Forin, after reciting as therein recited, grant and
release in fee of an undivided one-
half cf said Easterly quarter of said
19. 26th August. 1895. John Andrew Fofin to Fred W. Howay and
Robie Li. Reid, Conveyance In fee of
said Easterlv quarter of said Lot.
20. 31st July. 1904, Fred W. Howay
and'Robie L, Reid to Joseph Hetherington Bowes, Conveyance in fee of
said Easterly quarter of said Lot.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strlHly confidential. M. Broten, Room ��, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eightb
and Agnes streets, second aud
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia street. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; E. A. Bremin, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
L O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fet
Iowa hall, corner Carnarvon anc
Eighth atreet. Visiting brether"
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
- Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangeter, financial aecretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
Btreet, New Weatmlnster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlsler-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii,
and McKenzie atreeta. New v\eet
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up.
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc.
ln Cuba throughout the island;
alao In Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Iaaued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
citlea In the world. These ex-
oelent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Weetmlneter Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Bam Phone  137
Segbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
OPPICI���T������SS  Ol,".
solicitor and notary. 610 Columbii
street.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New West
minster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Sollcltora, Westminste:
Trust block, Columbia Btreet, Nen
Westminster, B.C. Cable addrest
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
countant. P. O. Box 784. Phone 1066.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Tranp block.
minster Hoard of Trade meets lu the
board toom, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on the tlilrd Friday ol
Februury, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetlngs'oii
tbe third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  6S1.
Box  772.
D. McAulay
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$18,000,000.00-
RESERVE    *16,000,000.09
Branches tbrougooui Canada - ea��
Newfeuadlaad, anc In London, Bug.
uud, Law York, Ch'tago aad Spokane,
U.S.A., aad Mexico City. A general
oaaklag business transacted. Lst-
ters ef Credit Issued, available wltb'
correspondents In all parte of tke
Savings Bank Dtpartmenc���Deposits
recel-ed la sums ot $1 and upward,
sud Interest allowel st I per ceni. per
tnnum  ipreseit rate).
Total  Assets over 1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We hnve no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
88 Begbie Street
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangera
and Decorators
Estimates Ulven.
211  Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
TSI. 761.
Cor. 6th and Columbia
Sole apent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Water,    Aerated Water.-
Manufactured by
Telephone R  IIS  Office:  Princess 8'
The British Hebe.
Tbe fJidrrPo you're really one of
Hip striking miners?
Tl���� l*afer-Yus. Ildv. I'm wot they
call one a1 the pioneers o" the mov����-
ment. I went on strike twenty three
yenr* ago. Ildy. aud 1 ain't never give
tn yet-Kketch.
Deserves the Title.
"lie's one of our most successful
6 mt riders.'*
"Thnt so? 1 didn't know be was
"He Isn't, but he's supporting a faml
ly of flre on *12 a week."���Detroit
Free Preset
Meat Market
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
good* of all kinds.   Toolg especially.
'tO McliiflCH Street. l'hone 1000
All   work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOS8E, Manager.
903 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
who do not receive   The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In thla way
may an efficient delivery be main
Stampede at Calgary
Only a few more dates in September to make your visit euut at a reduced fare.
Three trains dally, Tourist. Dining.
Toronto Express g,22 a.m.
Imperial Limited 8.10 p.m.
Soo Express -'A*, p.m.
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Hrodle, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868. Room 4 Trapo Block
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 1*
a. in., 2 p. ni. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seatt e 10
a. in. antl 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10
a. m. and 6:30 p. ni.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wedneaday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Priday.
Leavea Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thuraday and Saturday.
Agent, New Weatminater.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Phene R672. tig Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanke, Etc
'PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Block THURSDAY,   8EPTEMBER  19, 1812.
PAGE SBVEJf.    <���
These Fiends Terrorized the Sea just
For Five -Centuries.
They Held at One Time Forty Thousand Captives as Slaves, Among
Whom Was Cervantes���The Cannon's Meuth Fer a French Envoy.
Tbose pests of tbe sea, tbe Barbery
pirates, wbo defied the civilized world
lor MO years, bnd at one time 40.1x10
Christian slaves In bondage In Algeria.
The methods hy wblcb they were obtained und how treated ure. described
b.v Sir Henry Norman In Svrthtier'e
���Mm.ii/.lne: .
"NIiI|ih were seized In all European
���waters, even eff the roast of Ireland,
nnd tlieir crews taken into slavery,
tto were the crews of vessels which
came to trude. Wben any state attempted punishment the consul of thut
country was acnt lo tbe galleys, aud
Mr Lambert I'la.tfulr. Hritish consul
general nnd erudite author of Murray's 'Handbook, tells ua that lu one
liiKisiiee on tbe approach of a Kreuch
fleet Iheir representative was blown
toward them from a mnrtnr. Cer-
vaiitcM  hiuiseir  wns a  shire there In
"In the seventeenth century tbe
'Algerine pirates held prizes worth "JO.-
<VNI.ihh> francs Ariiiii and again the
-Christian powers ot that and the nest
century fulled to Inflict a lasting detent upon this 'scourge of Christendom.' The ttrttlsh piirllnment pnssed
an set to 'undertake the Christian
work of the redemption ot the captives rrmn the cruel ibralldom tbey
lay under.' but Its intention eiceeded
its power, for not long afterward :V*0
Kngiish ships were captured and U.UOU
Kngiish slaves hrnugbt Into Algiers In
the npuce of seven years, and when
after live years' war lietween Kngland
and tlie plrnte state a peace was signed the dev refused to surrender a sin-
pie Kngiish slave, nnd the treaty bnd
a clause to the effect that tbe king ot
Crest Hrltaln shnll not tie obliged by
\lrtue ot this treaty to redeem any of
his subjects now lu slnvery. probably
the most degrading treaty, as Sir Lambert 1'lnvlai.r remarks, ever signed between Kngland an'l n foreign power.
"At one time 40.IHM1 Christian slaves
were in bondage in Algeria, ur sli the
tuitions of Kurope. niniiv of them men
<if rank, learning and piety nml all ol
tliem suffering d;illy tbe most cruel
hardships, starvation nnd 1 ort ure ��>ne
would have expected the Christian nations to Join forces for one object al
lensi and wipe this puny plrute male
-off tlie earth, yet lor ****) yeurs Ilar
bury held ihem ut buy.
lust as theoldsallorVrhsntrt about
���the const of llie wild Buiburee' look
tie origin In the terrors ut thai coast,
eu the reilctous ordoi ul the Fathers ol
tlie Redemption wus orlglmillr founded
tu collect nlins toi the ransom of ih*
Aigerlun slaves, ami ninny of Its mem
tiers, with |ierhaps tlie noblest flirts
tian chur'.ty 011 rword. voluntarily
enured the lot of the ������apilves for the
comfort ihey couid Kfe and the serv
ties they could rendei lu uegoiIation*
��t ransom
"i'ne ghost of all theee unbsppr thou
���Hints takes literally concreU" shape
An Arab Cbrlstlati nainefl Uero'iu
dio. mken as a twby by lipanlab soldiers and educated by the vicar gen
���rau wan raptured by the pirates during a raid As a renegade be waa. ot
ct.unw. tlie subject of Um otnuwl per
eccuiiou. and when no inducement or
euff*riiiE could make him apostatize
he wna at length offered W the dey
Ue choice of being thrown alive Into
a mold of concrete which formed part
ot tb* foundation ot a new bastion 01
of embracing Islam. He cbuee the
martyrdom aud was Bung Into the
mold with Ma band*. ��?��> ���>'^��IM, d,,u
and the concrete poowdoeerWiito. fm
WHS  III   Ifllttl-
���In HII2 a Ppanlah Bwwdlrflne fa
tber wrote a history of Algiers lu th*
counw of which b* narrated at length
tbe martyrdom of (leronlmo and d<*
acrlbed particularly th* altuaflou of the
bastion In which bis body lay. In IS��
a trHiisiatlou or thl* passage waa pub
lished to on Aigertau nawspaper. and
In into, wbeu th* old fortress was de
���tn.iefi. seurrb was mad*. Exactly as
tiad been descrllied lb* skeleton was
discovered, and 00 plaster of nnrls
being punned into the lint>r��(fwn in
the cement lb* flgor* ol lh* martyr
emerged. ��h* bands tied behind It,
lunch as he bad *���*�� tbna centuries
tietore. Tbla pla��*r *ra*t *s toda* b��
the itibiiotheqtw museo.w
British   Expedition   Will   Piohs
Earth's Greatest  Mystery.
The Mnnn. a motoj auxiliary vs^ht
Bunched at Whltstable. 1- tn curry  an expedition  to the  S' utb  ^<a
to investigate the origin of the ulgnp.
tic    prehistoric    remains    ol    '.'.asier
This island, the most en-terly nf
the Polynesian group, is a lonely d >t
of land forty-five mile* in area. 2 000
miles from the South American coast.
Faomg the sea on the island are sn-
ormous platforms made of u ncement-
ed stones, some of which weigh five
tons. Some of the sea walls are tbir-
ty feet high and 200 feet long. ,
! On the land side are broad ter.
races, also of stone, bearing pedestals
on wllich lormerly stood huge figures
carved from lava. Most of these
images have been thrown down, but
there are 565 of them on the inland
One is 68 feet high, with a nose 11
I feet long. The figures all exWnd
.rom head to hips, with receding fore-
j heads,   broad   hoses,   thin   lips, "and
I powerful chins.
\    There  is no  metal on  the island.
I anl tlw only tool found was a pre-
! historic chisel, with which  it would
I seem impossible to execute sueh col-
ossal works. Moreover. Jhe island,
with  its scanty   water supply, could
1 not have supported enough people to
drag  the   figures    lrom
where  they   were   made
of  the  statues   weigh
forms.    Some
250 tons.
There    U   every    evid'tice    that    a'
grent   calamity   overtook   the   island
and ita inhabitants, for most of the
figures  are   unfinished,   some   never j
even having  been  removed  from the I
quaTry.    A   popular  theory    b   that
Easter Island ia the sole remnant ol
a continent  whicli  was overwhelmed
by the sea nfter a great seismic disturbance.   The  designs of the ftone-
I work  bear out this theory,  for they
��� are strikingly   like  some  on  the  an-
I eient Peruvian ring.
I    The Mana   expedition,   led   by   W.
i Scoresby Koutledge and accompanied
by   geologists    nnd   other   scientists
I from the Hritish Museum, will make
: excavations in au effort to solve the
Hers Are Some   of   tbe TW��"��*   That
Ihe World  1% Waiting For.
IVhv not try pat-nting a< a hobby?
It i�� n very Interesting occupation,
nnd there i�� a lot of money in it.
Sometimes the inventive faculty runs
in the fnmilv. as in mv ca��e. but
more oiten thnn not the would-be
I invent ir is short of the necessary
i ideas fo work up.
I     lf T  hnd  before *n* representatives
1 cf  thn   various   well-known   trades,   I
would nsk the plumber to make me a
portable  machine  for  making  joints
I in l^nd pipes, such   ns nre   used   in
i onlinnrv hruse-plnmbine. The -older-
| ed joint as usually produced is verv
iixpensive aiid unsiuhtly.    He would.
I cf course, tnke advantage rf tlie fnct
! that- l*n,l will  weld cold, and thst n
! water-light joint   can   lie   marie   bv
1 pressure alone if proper!v applied.   A
j noi��pl?m w.r.  flush Is nisi   in   great
demand, nnd a wire mesh nt eack ot
lhe water pipe should lessen the noise
I grenily.
Street-fweoping. ss sl  present conducted, is don- very bndly.
When it is done lit all. ther" Is n
diagonal rotating brudi whicli throws
some of thr dirt in s windrow alongside tbe track of the machine, nnd
some fif tt in the eyes of those who
hnnpea fo be passing. If ��om-one
will produce a machine which will
clean the street thoroughly snd well
the quarry I in regular strips as wide as tlie die-
to  the  plat. I tance between t'ie wheels nf sn ordin-
The   Eel-Spearer.
From time immemorial in England
thnt strip of land nlong tlie edRe of
the sea which is covered nt high tide,
hut left bare at the ebb, has l*en
cimnmn land. There is nearly always
one figure to lie seen upon it, working
hla way tn nnd fro along the windings
of the smal'er creeks snd over the
mud, walking witli careful, measured
tread   and   never   resting   long   upon    ''nM ��' brute lore
arv enrt. ami whicii shnll deposit the
dirt in a box rr lank on lh" appsra-
tus it;<<!f. h* will deserve the thanks
ntv! ".-ilb'r" of the community.
'The post dlicv requires something
in the shape of a 'tamp cancellor. As
things ar> now. the transmission of
our mails is largely retard.-d by the
necessity of cancelling each stamp by
hand. To do t'.is and st the same
tini' get a legible postmark is not so
ensy ns cne might imagine, when
great ��n<��pd i* demanded. There is
one patent out now lor this work, but
it is too crstly nnd complicated fjr
gepi ral illriptintl,
Th> chemist will find his trouble
emply repaid if he succeeds in producing pnlitrs which will stand the
application of nitric acid and bleach
ing. We lmve several colors that are
supposed to stand bleaching, but the
shades are muddy-looking nnd rath"r
dnrk. (live u�� something brilliant
and rece:ve the reward.
Someone has been demanding a
midline lor prossing scrap tin int}
tubes cr pigs. As it Is, such materinl
is verv difficult to hnndle cheaply
t'slinHy there are no two pieces ot
the same size mil shape, and they
become    so   interlaced   among   each
oth r tint   it  should  lie  ni ire a  qiles-
Ihan < I  anything
pursuant to Section 150 of the Land
Registry Act I Intend at the expiration of Thirty (30) days from the
date hereof to cancel the registration
of a certain agreement dated the 28th
day of November, 1910, made between Harry J. Morrison, of Vaneouver, B. C, as Vendor and William P.
Moncrlefr as Vendee, ln which said
agreement the said Vendor agreed to
sell to the said Vendee I<ot Five (51
In the Subdivision of Dlatrict Lot
Three hundred and fifty-eight (358),
New Westminster District, according
to a plan deposited in the Land Registry Office at New Westminster, B.
And I do order that publication of
this notice as number 1729, for one
month ln the dally newB-paper published in New Westminster ahall be
good  and  sufficient service.
Dated at  New  Westminster, B. C.
this 7th day of September, A. D. 1912.
Dlatrict Registrar.
Re the North half of subdivision
10 of Lot 93, Group 1, ln the Dlatrict
of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the lose of Title
Number 8468A, Issued In the name of
Catherine Frances Wise has been til
ed ln this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I ahallv
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
of, in a dally newspaper publiabed in
r.he city of New Westmlnater, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar ot Titles.
I>and Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, September 9th, 1912.
10:50���Vancouver via O.
either foot. This is tlie ce'-spearer,
who. wilh mud patten? firmly laced
to his feet, tows behind him & h. g
about two feet six inches long and
sliirht'y rounded at the bottom.
This man knows every -"iimre inch
of the mud lor miles and has earned
a living upon it for vears. his si ie
stock in trade being his mud-pattetis,
his spear and the box that slips alter
him. VTIieii his tide is ever be slings
this box, with 20 ..r CO pounds of eels
in it, upon his spear across his sh. ul-
der���his pattens hanging in fr nil���
ami an trudges to market.
Bonar  Law's  Fun.
The author 1 f an interesting charie-
I ter sketch of Mr. Ilonar l.nw, pub-
I lished by Tbe Irish Times, nieiili ns
thst the (Vppostjnn lender is a dev>-
t-e nf golf, and. during his life in
Helensburgh, was constantiy tu ������<!
seen on the golf course there
As a croquet player. b>o. the scientific, difficult croquet ol today, he is
considered   an   adept,  but  it  is.  per* 1
hap;, as a chess player that he shines I
8ome wise man once snid: "No fool
can play chess." and nothing is more
Hsd that wise msn been a trsveler
by the daily six o'clock from Glasgow
to Helensburgh in the eighties, he
might have seen the leader of tlie up-
position with a friend playing rifess
every evening on a traveling board,
and ss strenuous over that *a over
greater things. The contests were- ae
keen as tbey were amicable.
to get.   Ihem   oompre"-��d   into   a
nin��s may be carried tn a cart,  han
! died  by laborers, and dunged int.i n
' niet-il  furnace
Anti mngnetiring  watch   movements
! have   not   vt   been   produced   lo   *uit
I the  pocket   (in   both   ?rn-��-)    (.f   the
I avernL'c consumer.    As it is.  wifh  the
j inlr'Kliicfion of electrical currents ot
high   voltage   in    every    other    ..treet
j building.  Ihers  is  always  the  danger
\ Ihnt one's wntc'.i gets magnetised,
The engineer would be doing us'n
great   favor il  be  were to invent   an
odorless   nnd   noiseless   motor-car  en-
i gin.'. He siiould turn his attention
to   something   iu   the   electrical   line.
I an accumulator with very large storage capacity. The nir-meti w.iuld ols.>
thank them tor an ngine if this description. Hi re is plenty ol room
lor improvement in cycle tyres.    We
I wnnt something absolutely ptiiieture-
proof, snd although there nre nnm-r-
1 ous patents oit IliMt sre guaranteed
to minimize the number of punctures
I there is nothing which does its work
! ren lly  well.
One ingenious gentleman invented
it tyre with springs between th* rim
and a solid -trip of rubber, the whole
covered with b thin cover, but the
tiling proved unworkable owing bt lb
Hew Caviar Is Cured.
The tinest ravisr is the bielugi prepared from the r�� ot the whit* stur
genu. Little less tine is tbe sevriitia
prepared from tlie steriated sturgeui
Both are. put up at Astrakhan. Rim
sia. According t��> our consul at O-
dessa  the  ro*  is  rubbed  tbrough  a
break   the
..      . .���   .  m ..���* sieve   with  care   not  bt
Vins Heard  Nlnety-Seven  tr '***.       "    *     j��  ^  .^ ^.^   ^^   .%
My house is on s lilih hi!! neer ��� re0���jM for three or four hours, after
Ctodalming, and as I sat reading os whidi It is packed in sacks Mid al-
a'teruooii I heard, or rathfer felt, a |owe(j to dtatn. this is tbe only pre
long vibrating b. om several tine. r��. ptratj()n given to tbe best caviar. The
peated.   1 thought it must be a m ���** [ 0heaper varieties  ere  more stnnglj
salted.   Caviar is digested witlv *acb
The Pele iter.
Home curious restiiU' follow frum the
fuecesslou Of the ef|IIIIH>X*H      I ����� P��'*
atar   varies from age to age. tot th*
%..���e ol   the equami  In IU revolution
r d the imle ni lh* ���.���llpllf musl pane
diili'ieiii ��tnr�� In ���miffi'slon Where*
��m 11 points Hie etai neafeet ts the !��������������
etar w hen the Urn! eaiahnwe of *tiim
was made lhe preneill !�������� ��������� *���"
tweue rtegre*s rrwiMlnrfiol* JJamma
I iriicim* whi. thr poi*' Ms*),*4Sf*. f*ata,
���mm, The iirilllnni Vem. will �����* th*
liuie slur 1'AWM.yeanitimv** llariirra.
���lamlni the Deetee.
-Mv doctoi ��*y�� ��� ���?�����"�� to. thta ���
tur,.:.   snid ihe mdoirnt man
1   -\\ tint forT
"i lout Know Mavl��* h*'" Hred o��
tr.i-.ii_- me for rtvsiieiisla and want*
* ,.i-'<en count hone ****,���* <�����������������;'-
WiKiiington Star.
111 ������
tor van inaii.eiivenng behind tiie
house, but found nothing there. Then
I guessed what it might le and n.r'li.
will wrote to the chief gunnery Ulcer til II. M. S. llrion ���> make -ure.
Through tbe veiy kind ciurle-v f
this gentleman I am able to > ale h.t
certain that the discharge ct lbe
Orion's guns was distinctly su 1(1)1*
ninety seven statute tides ,n.m tiie
ship. Ihi sound taking scmewlfr*
about eleven minutes to travel tne
distance .���Letter in London special r.
It Hmn tin-d a loitering servant s*nd
tun. ��i thy errand jwat toeteiro Wa dio-
bvi    i'ai.n.
One ef the "��C0."
The    recent    anniversary    cf    the
charge  of tHd   Light Brigade  reoa:is
the (act that there is still  . tie unto
in   Kngland   who  tnok   part   111   tlut-
glurious ride.    Lord-Tredegar, thou,4l!
an   octogenarian,   is   still   bale   and!
hearty, and takes a very keen iuteie-t |
in military matters. 1
Lord Tredegar is the possessor id
an   estate   in   Newport   (Kng ).   and
��� owns what is known In Wales as the i
i "golden   mile."      A   railway   tutmei j
goes through a rock situated on the {
estate,  and   hls   lordship  exact*  tri- j
Lute on  every   passenger  and  every 1
ton' of material borne through    the
tuilnfcl. 'Kroni thi* wmroe alone Ills
income is several thousands a year.
I        Trees 400 te 600 Feet High.
I    None too soon,a popular movement
ha* been set on loot in Australia to
pieserve the gigantic stringybark*
(various species of eucalyptus) of tliat
country, which far exceed in height
the famuu* "big trees" of Calilorm*
aiid are tlie tallest trees in the ��� crUi.
These trees sometimes suaiti height*
ranging from 400 to 500 feet. Their
timber Is exceedingly valuable, and i
for this reason thay have beea ruth- .
lesiiJy destroyed by- lumbermen. I
and   is  oiie  ot  the  Hues*   forms  hi
nourishment, especially for the sick.
A Good  Bluff.
An (englishman and an Irishman
made a tiet wliich could swim the
longest. On the day of the rade the
Irishman came to the shore in a
bathing suit and a large satchel on
his nnck. The Knglishnian asked bim
what he hail iu the,bag.
"Provisions (or three days, coolly
answered Pat.
""l'he bet's oil." said the Englishman as he handed Pat the money.
A lew day* later he heard that
Paddy ouidti t swim a stroke.-Un-
d.m Tit Bit*.
Time Limit en Virtue.
"What kind of a fellow i* that Mr.
Holloweyh" asked the traveling salesman of the corner groceryman.
"Honest a* the day i* long." a*.
aeverated the village merchant.
"How do you know that he let"
"He saya so himself. But. speakin'
personal, I advise interested parties
to keen on eye on hi iu alter sun
19:30���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills     (daily      except
Sunday)    14:16
9:2*���Coquitlam (dally ��� except
Sunday)    7:45
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.11
.0:00���Ladner. Port Oulchon,
Weatham Ialand. Bun
Villa  14:30
13.00���Eaat Burnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Timberland (Tueaday and
Friday)    18:80
10:00���Aoadevllle  and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday). 14:30
l<:*6���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G- N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:21
U:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) 14:00
7:80���United Statea via O. N. R.
(dally erceot Sunday).    9.40
11:00���Read,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:80
II :00���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Letaau, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle, MurrayvlUe,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Bardie, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
11:W���Clayton (Tueaday, Thuraday, Friday and Sat-
day         14-.0C
11:00���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday) 17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista aad Oakalla   23:00
Hia Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
haa received a despatch from the Military Secretary to Hls Royal Highness
the Duke of Connaught, Governor-
General of Canada, setting forth the
program of the tour of Hia Royal
Highness ln British Columbia during
September and October next. Tho
following places yill be visited:
Kamloops���6 p. m. to 6:15 p. m. on
the 17th September.
Vancouver��� 3 p. m. on the 18th
September to evening of 20th.
New Westmlnater���On 21st September.
Prince Rupert���11 a. m. on 23rd
September to evening of 25th (including a possible visit to Hazelton).
Nanaimo���11 a. m. to 1 p. m��� on tho
27th September.
Victoria���Evening of 17th September to 3rd October.
Vernon���Morning of 4th October to
11 a. m. on aame day.
Penticton���4 p. m. on 4th October
to 6 p. m. on 5th.
Robson via Arrowhead���7 p.m. to
9 p. m. on 6th October.
Nelson���Morning of 7th October Uli
noon on aame day.
Kootenay Landing���6 p. m. on 7th,
leaving early next day.
Provincial Secretary^ Office, Victoria,
6th July, 1912.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary,
013 Columbia 8t. ' Phone 2S1.
N. R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake   and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .14:20
':40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R
(dally except Sunday). 11:IE
;2:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally except Sunday) .l��:0i
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) ��v:3<
10:00���Port Mann  (daily exeept
Sunday) 9:45
0:30���darnston lalanda arrives
Tuesday, Thuraday aad
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wedneaday
and Friday    14:00
1:40��� Victoria via B. C.  E.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .11.lf
10:60���Victoria via O. N   R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Friday)           14:0c
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)   10
5:15���Crescent, White Rotk aa*
Blaine idaily oxcopt
Sunday) 0:46
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Mataqul, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Son-
day) ����:00
6:16���Hall's Pralrle, 9am RMssa
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 0:46
6:16���United State* vim O. N. R.
(dally exceot Snnday)..16:00
9:36���All   points oast and   Ea-
rope (dally)    7:46
22:10���All   points   oaat mad �����
rope (dally) ..-..������.>.J.14:46
0:26���Sapperton    and     Fraaer
Mills     dally      exoept
Sunday)    7:46
Large Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30 x 30 feet; is
well lighted.
Suitable for office, workroom
or living rooms.
Westminster Daily News
Service Men Attention!
y.iify-:*--    ���
Pellte Assurance.
"Mr. Conductor, do yon think tli.l,��
tunnel is perfectly sabs lor oil*
"Don't he afraid, madam. Our
company uot you in this hole, and
w/re bound to see you through."    1
if J ick knows 1  bars
"I   wender
"Has he proposed'"
"De knows."
All men in the city and district who
have served in any capacity in ariy
of His Majesty's forces, are invited
by the Royal Reception Committee
to parade and welcome H. R. H. the
Duke of Connaught.
Saturday, Sept. 21st, at 10 a.nr.
'��� ^��w<
ran bight
Westminster Modern
Business School
���j B*' *
gaining!-a' KNOWLEDGE OF
Modern Business Scbool
Principal and Manager.
610 Columbia St. Phone 853
FraserHotel tAlt
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best the market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
fates,  j Vour    live    stock
Alfred W. McLeodi
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster
Start That
��� (   '
New Westminster, B.C.
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
The telephones of the Westminster
Daily News now are:
Editorial Office 991
Business Office  999
Mr. Judson Welsh, or Eburne, was
in the city yesterday on business.
A meeting of the Fraser valley
municipal co-operative publicity bureau wlll be held at Huntingdon tomor
Rye bread���like yeur mother naa**
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Tele-
phone R 281. *���
A meeting of the royal reception
committee will be held at 4 o'clock
this afternoon ln the board of trade
Mr. E. Gammon, of the provincial
police, has returned from a two
weeks' vacation spent on Vaacouver
Miss Minerva A. Smith, Gtaduate
if Music, has opened her studio at
!Sth avenue and 6th street Telephone R735. **
Football at Moody Square on Saturday  next.    Vancouver Thistles  vs.
overs, for the league championship.
Kick-off at 3.30. ������
Mr. F. J. MacKenzie, M.P.P., will
���pen the flr.it annual exhibition of the
>ldprerove    Agricultural    association
at Aldergrove at 11 o'clock this morn
The students of the High school
.vere out rehearsing ln front of the
Central school last night for the visit
it t*e Dukr of CnnnaiiRlit. They ren
dered "O Canada" and "God Save tin
King" to an audience of passerby.
Agnes Street���The surprise b'ly o
he city: 66\122 feet backing on Cun
itngliam. with house, near Fourtl
itreet; $6300; one-tliird cas'i. Exclusively. Curtis & Dorgan, 706 Columbia street. **
The usual monthly meeting of th?
Political Equality League will be held
���his evening at 8 p. m. at the Roya!
studio, Columbia street. The attend-
ince of all members of the Leagut
a urgently requested as matters of
mportance will come up for d.scus
This evening at 8:30 the Woman's
Auxiliary of Holy Trinity cathedral fs
. ving an entertainment in St.
George's hall.    Miss    Lucy Webbing
he original "Little Lord Fauntleroy, '
.vill present several playlets, while
ithor musical Items should make up
in enjoyable evening.
Messrs. Hunter & Fo.r. principal
stockholders in the Campbell River
'.umber company, whose mill waa
turned dowu at Hazelmere on Tues
lay afternoon, were in t'.ie city yes
erday and stated their intention of
"i building at once. A larger ami
nere modern mill will be erected on
���iractically the same site as the old
The exhibition luncheon of the
Progressive association at whicn
Oenuty Minister of Agriculture Scott
will be the speaker, will be held in
'lie dining room rf the new Premier
hotel on Fiiday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Members can secure tickets from the
iffice of the association or from tht
executive committee. Seating arrangement lias been made for 125 peo
Prompt measures on the part of the
(Ire department prevented a blaze get-
'ing much headway yesterday morn-
'ne at the plant of the Westminster
Mills company. The apparatus owned
bv the mill people also came into good
use before the flre laddies arrived on
'he scene and the flames were ex-
Uptriilshr-d after about $200 damag?
had been done. It Btarted near the
engine room and was caused. It Is
thought, by a spark from the furnace.
The large vacant piece of ground
made up from sawdust and lumber
refuse rn Twelfth street, opposite the
interurban despatching office of the
B. C. Electric, caught fire In some unaccountable manner vesterdav and
spread over a large area under the
Influenc" of a brisk wind that, was
blowing. The flre department was
called and if it had not been for th:
expeditious action on Its rart it la
very probable that buildings surrounding the spot would have caught lire.
(Continued from pat;e one)
Eastern populated centres sit up ana
take notice.
"I believe I voice the sentiments ol
the entire party when I state that the
crip through Canada has been a revelation. New Westminster, from what
we have seen of it this morning, is
bound to go ahead, and we are mighty
glad we accepted the inlvtatlon to
come here.
"Railway agents are not the Heads
ot railways, but are closer In touch
wtth the traveling public than anyone else. Folders tell the tale only In
a sense, but .we have seen for ourselves and we shall have one vast report to give out to the people of the
East regarding the Canadian  West.'' i
Others who spoke were Mr. J. R.
Duncan, of this city, and Messrs.
Gobs and J. E. VanDeuaen. The latter la ot the Erie staff at Gowanda,
N. Y., and made the humorous speech
of the day.
After luncheon the agents wer;
taken out to the Fraser Mills by special B. C. E. R. car and In charge
of Mr. W. S. Rogers, superintendent,
were shown through the plant of the
largest lumber mill in the world.
A description of the mill Is unnecessary, but the sight of the kings of the
forest being torn up into planks opened the eyes of the visitors. Mr.
Rogers took occasion to mention that
the, railways are all right at times,
but he would have a better word to
say if they would only supply the
mill with an adequate quantity o:
cars for loading lumber.
At the present time the mill ls
working double shift, twenty hourc
day of the week, and while an aver
age of twenty cars is sent ln to the
switch, forty are needed.
At 3:30 p.m. the party boarded tht
cars tor Vancouver. A well known
Vancouver railway man, Mr. H. S
Smith, of the Grand Trunk system
*-as with the party, as also was Mr.
Ed. Goulet, of the C. P. R., and Mr.
W. P. Butcher, of the Great Northern
local agents.
A wedding which excited much in-.
terest took place in Knox church,
Sapperton, at 2 p.m. yesterday when
Miss Bessie Lawrenson became the
bride of Mr. James Mackie, Rev. E. J.
Thompson performing the ceremony.
Mr. Mackie is a millwright at the
Brunette mills, anad his wife is a sister-in-law of Mr. Wilson, the mill fore
man. The church was nicely decorated
by the Young People's society, of
which tlie bride was a prominent
member, and some forty friends were
present. After the honeymoon whicii
ls being spent at Seattle, Mr. and
Mrs. Mackie will live on Alberto
atreet, Sapperton.
The shipping committee of the
Progressive association yesterday sent
a wire to Mr. .1. D. Taylor, member
of the Dominion legislature for New
Westminster and district, who is at
present at Ottawa, calling attention
to the fact that the Sandheads liglit
ship is still In Victoria and that the
government shows no signs of placing
'ier in her usual position guarding
the approaches of the Fraser.
lt Is thought that Mr. Taylor will
it once take this matter up with
either the marine authorities or the
department of public works.
An exceedingly pretty wedding too\
place at the home ct the bride's
mother, 406 Third avenue, last evening, Miss Josephine Watson and Mr.
J. Allan Ritchie, of the flrm of Ritchie
t\ Co., builders' supplies, Vancouver
being the contracting parties. MI-.\
Laurie Wilson and Mlss J. Drew sup
ported the bride, and Mr. Reggie
Ritchie acted as best man. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. W. W.
Abbott. About seventy guests were
ln attendance, and many beautiful
presents were received by the young
couple, who left lost night on a
honeymoon trip. On their return Mr
and Mrs. Ritchie will ma.." theit
home In Vancouver.
The most comfortable rooms ln the
city; hot and cold water and steam
radiator In each.
Finest wines and spirits dispensed
at the bar, and first class cafe run ln
Phone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
on the Banjo, Zither Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandola, Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
Dick" J. Lawrence
Leave instruments for tuning or repairing at J. H. Todd'a Music House,
419 Columbia StreeL    Tel. 694.
MURPHY���The deatli took plac1
af.e.r a long Illness at the Hoyal Columbian hospital yesterday of Daviil
���iurphy, aged 37 years, and a native
if Ireland. Previous to becoming il1
the deceased was a tallyman at the
raser Mills, which post he held for
two and a half years. He was mar-
ied and leaves a widow living in th?
United States to mourn his loss. Ar
runginienta for the funeral will be
made as soon as Mrs. Murphy is heard
from. The remains are at Murchie &
Son's parlors.
Cures all stomach
troubles, headaches,
sleeplessness, etc.
Try a glass free of charge at
Kast of Bank of
New Westmlnater, B. C.
Nurses' Ho-ie Contract Awarded���
Nsw D'ractors Present.
At the regular monthly meeting of
��� he directors of the Roval Columb'an
hospital yesterday afternoon the heat
Ing Cora mittee reported that Mr. J.
P. McMurphy had been awarded the
contract for the heating of the nurses
home, his llgure being $1102. It wa?
alio found neeessary to erect a new
chimney nnd flue, and Messrs. Adkl
son & Dill were given the contract
for this Job at $120.
Two  deaths ocerrred  in  the medical 'lepartment of the hoBTifM during
the month of August, according to il
report  presented   by    Superintendent
Mlss Scott.   There was 74 patients In
the   hospital    at    the    beginning   of
August, and 137    on    the    31st.    The
i greatest number of patients ln the fn-
I stitution during the month was 75.
|     Mr.   T.   H.   Smith   and  Mr.   Robert
Lane, the two new directors recently
j appointed   by  the   provincial   govern-
] ment, sat on the board for the   flrst
I time.
JONES���The funeral of the lat^
Noble Johnston Jones took place yesterday afternoon, Rev. E. R. Bartlett
"nductiiig the church services. Mr.
W. PcRler, president of Lodge Rose
of Columbia./ S, O. E., took the lodge
service, assisted by Acting Ohapla'r
W. Ramsay, at the graveside. The
pallbearers were as follows: Messrs
T. M. Spencer, T. Thornton. H. Ward
and S. Sanda, of^the S. O. E.. and
Messrs. Otwav Wllkie and Charlea
'esmy, who served with deceased in
South Africa. Captain Pearce. of Vancouver, waa alao present at the funeral.
The wedding took place on Tuesday
at the home of the bride's parents
606 Third avenue, when Mlss Wilhel
mlna McAllister, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert II. McAllister, was united
in marriage to Mr. John B. Gray, the
well known local jeweler. Rev. Mr.
Glllam, of North Vancouver, conducted the ceremony. After luncheon had
been served at which flfty guests sat
down the happy couple left tor Portland and San Francisco, where they
will spend their honeymoon.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. McAllister, 815
Fourth avenue, received notification
by wire on Tuesday of the marriage
of their son at Montreal to Miss Lulu
White, of that city.
Miss Mary E. Storror and Mr. John
B. Beltinck were married Tuesday by
the Rev. W. S. A. Crux at the parsonage, 727 Twelfth street. The ceremony was a quiet affair. Mr. and Mrs.
Beltinck will take up their residence
In East Vancouver.
On Tuesday morning at St
Stephen's manse Miss Ethel Barrett
was united in marriage to Mr. Bert
Bice by Rev. M. G. Melvln. Both then
returned to their home in Blaine.
The marriage of Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald Gueft. of Westminster, to Miss
Rosa ButhoLz. also of this city, took
place on Tuesday morning at St.
Stephen's manse, the ceremony being
performed by Rev. M. G. Melvln. The
happy oounle are spending the honeymoon In Winnipeg.
This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone in
every  room.
Cafe and dining room In connection
second to none in the c'ty.
The best accommodation in New
Everything Modem and Up-To-Date
8th  S'.reet New Westminster
One  minute  from   B.C.E.  and  C.P.R.
dence lota In good locations, and
good investments at the prices they
can be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
NO. 000���FOURTH 8TREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
NO. 1327���SEVENTH AVENUE, 50x
120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
|1,050; one-third cash.
lota, 50il22 each to lane. Price
$1050 each; one-third caah.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-  Fourth avenue, atreet on three sides.
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 50x120 to lane.
Price $1550.; ono-thlrd caah.
Sixth avenue, 50x132; cleared and
graded;  $2,000; one-third cash.
street, 50x110; cheapest good lots in
the city. Price $300 each; one-fifth
Edinburg street; cleared and readv |
to build on.   Price $3200; one-third
Sheep for B. C.
Toronto. Sept. 18.���For the extension of the sheep ranching Industry
to ail parts of the Dominion, a whol9
trainload of pure bred rams and or
grade ewes, nil raised In Ontario, and
something like 20(tn bend, is being assembled at the Union Stock varda In
West Toronto this week ana w'll bi
shipped to Hritish Coll'tnblfl nnd ti">
meritlme proviucea on Friday or Saturday.
third caah.
NO. 1195 ��� 8EVENTH AVENUE,
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared; $1,275 00 each; ono-third
cash. '
$5,300; one-third cash.
NO.    1143���WISE    ROAD,    FACING
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and'
In  orchard.  Price  for  a  few   days
only, $1,100; onethlrd cash.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident,  Employers' Liability,    Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
[The Daily Use of our|
���no other habit will render
the skin so smooth, allay Irritation, remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn as
quickly. It Is purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use it dally, it's a
good habit.
Price 25c and SOc.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
. R. J. EY VELL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Pres and Oenl. Mgr. Vice-President. Sec. ltd Treaa.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
1 sy**'^
There are Several Reasons
Improved tourist cars in service between Chicago, Montreal, Hoston
and Chicago, Niagara Falls, Buffalo. They ure apholstered iu
Black Leather, with comfortable cushions. Small detachable tables
for writing and luncheons. Isles thickly carpeted. Electric lighted and
electric fans. Enclosed smoking room for gentlemen and two s^parat';
rooms for ladies, all liaving wash basins, plate glass mirrors. Iced
drinking water, soap, towels, combs, brushes, etc. The bedding consists of linen, blankets, pillows and hair mattresses. These cars are
thoroughly cleaned by compressed air.
Through tickets supplied with choice of routes and liberal stopovers. Wlll be glad to call at your house or office and arrange
All Trans-Atlantic Lines  Represented.
H. O. SMITH. C. P. & T. A, W. E. DUPEROW. G. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
Houses To Rent
SIXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartco Street,    Modern    convenienses.
$25.00 per month.
FOUR  ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue,  Burnaby,  Modern  conveniences.   $20.00 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOU3E on Hamilton   street,    Modern   conveniences.
*3C00 per month.
FIVE ROOM  HOUSE on Tenth avenue.   $18.00 per month.
THREE  ROOM  HOUSE on 13th. street.    $10.00 per month.
628 and 74S Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Westminster, B. C.
We have now in stock the largest assortment of Watch Fobs ever exhibited in New
Westminster.   Examination invited.
Official Tlm* Inspector for C, P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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