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Westminster Daily News Nov 13, 1912

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 j��* 3
{a,     V
'�� 4?" JLUME 7, NUMBER 212.
Wires Are Silent upon Progress of great Battle of Tchatalja
Reported to be Asking Armistice with Lines-Turkey
Bulgaria��� Montenegrins and Greeks Checked���Albanian
InddpendenceClaims Retard Allies.
London, Nov. 12.���There Ib no news  phlet has   been bought eagerly.   The
[tonight either from Sofia or Constan-  Prlnce sayB ln substance:
tlnople as to how the great battle at     ���The ene*,��ea0rf the'^country   are
(Tchatalja is going.   The silence may ���ot the Balkan States, but we, our
imply that the Turks are making   a  selves, who have proved Incapable of
|better defence than has been expect-  governing the country.   If we take n
Bd.   On the other hand, it is rumored  lesson from past errors then there U
Ihat Turkey Is asking Bulgaria to ar-  hope of improvement."
range an armistice. .    Seventeen soldiers and  one   officer
In the other fleld of operation the  who fled before the enemy  at   Kirk-
progress of the allies Ib slow.    The  Killesseh were executed this morning
ervians and Greeks   have   not   yet  In the outskirts of the city. The death
feached Mouastir, wbere It Is report-; sentence spread a panic among most
All Plza Pasha, the former Turkish  of the troops.
Inlstcr of war. has 50,000 troops pre-1 Monteneflrln Defeat,
(red to offer a vigorous resistance.   |    London,  Nov.   13.���A   Vienna   dis-
Allies Setback I Pa'ch to the Dally Telegraph says that
,���������,, ,     .       '     _      .      'after a desperate battle,  the  Monte-
phe Montenegrins have Buffered   a,        ,     have been c0lnpelled to evac-
Itback in the r prolonged efforts   to -     te Ale8���|o   ��� fte       t   f San Glo.
Ipture Scutari, largely because of the
sfection of the Malissori tribes, who
BmandB guarantees of Albanian Inde-
Bndence. The Greek advance In the
itreet ion of Janina also appears to b;
Btarded. It is probable that weather
Dndltions huve much to do with the
Ilow progress.
| In the diplomatic fleld, no fresh de-
jslopment is reported. Important
(inferences continue at Budapest.
Ihere the former premier of Rouma
lia, P. P. Carp, arrived today wlt'.i a
etter from King Charles lo Emperor
Francis Joseph.
In most of the European capitals, a
more hopeful feeding Is displayed that
peace will not be disturbed by th?
Austrc-Servian difficulty.
Seeking Armistice.
Constantinople, Nov. 12.���The Port>
vanni dl Medua
Bulgarian Advance.
Sofia, Nov. 12.���The Bulgarian
troops reached the Tchatalja lines on
Sunday, without encountering resistance, according to a state official dispatch.
The Bulgarians, It is officially announced, have occupied the towns of
Kedosto, Erogli, Sillvlri and Mldia.
The second Bulgarian *army is drawing
closer It3 circle of investment at Adrianople.
Austrian Proposals.
Belcrade. Nov. 12.���The newspaper
Pravda says thc Austro-Hungarian
minister called today on Premier Pat-
chitch and proposed that Servla should
give guarantees tbat Austro-Hungarian industry and commerce would receive    preferential    treatment:    tbat
Assailant Shoots Prime Minister Then
Unsuccessfully Tries to Kill
will keep our
or elections
has made application directly to Bul-1 Servia should not touch Albania and
garla, seeking to arrange an armistice, > should not insist on an outlet to the
according to reports current  in   the' Adriatic, but be satisfied witb an ou*.-
An open letter written by Prince
Seba Ileddln and addressed to thn
Sultan Is published 10 the form of a
pamphlet and sold ln the streets. The
proceeds wlll go to the beneflt of the
Red Crescent  Society, and the pain-
let to the Aegean Sea.
The minister personally advised th*
premier to do his utmost to induce tli?
Servian  government  to
Madrid, Nov. 12.���Jose Canalejas
Y Mendes, the prime minister, whom
Spain has regarded as one of the
greatest of statesmen, was shot and
Instantly killed today by a young anarchist named Manuel Pardlnas.
l'ardlnaa fired four shots at Premier
Canalejas. Two of tbe shots struck
the statesman behind tbe right ear and
he fell dead on tbe spot.
The assassin attempted suicide, and
it was afterwards thought that he was
dead, but when he had been carried to
the hospital be was found to be living.
Not since the throwing of the bomb
at the carriage of King Alfonso on
May 31, 1906, while the King was re
turning from the church after his marriage, has an event created such general consternation and such public
sympathy. So far as can be learned
at present the assassination seems to
be In no way part of a widespread
Plot or revolutionary movement, but
an isolated crime for which the exact
motive remains obscure.
The assassin, who was of Spanish
birth, came recently from Buenos
Ayres by way of Paris. Consequently
nothing ls known of him.
The King has-appointed the foreign
minister. Marquis Manuel Garcta-
Prleto as premier pro tem, and tbc
Liberal government which Senor Canalejas conscientiously conducted fo.*
several years, remains In power.
Premier Canalejas was walking
alone when the assassin approached
and fired at him from behind.
A number of people rushed to the
spot and picked the premier up. He
was flrst carried to a neighboring
pharmacy, whence he was borne back
to the ministry of the interior, after a
doctor had declared that he was dead.
His body was laid on a table in one
of the offices.
King Alfonso v.-as immediately summoned and stood over the corpse with
tears in his eyes. His Majesty said a
short prayer, and then after klsslns
the minister, returned to the royal palace..
Jose Canalejas V." Mondes, pr��tn'.er
ot Span, was selected to torm tha
Spanish cabinet In February. 1910. He
Progressive Association Decides to Take no Part in
Conditions at Provincial Jail and Inadequacy of Court House Are
The congested condition of the Provincial Jail in this city, the means of
transporting prisoners from Vancouv
er to New \Ve3trnin8ter and the incap
aclty of the local court bouse were
strongly commented upon by Mr. Ot
way Wilkie aid others at the meeting
of the regular monthly gathering of
the Progressive Association.
Mr. Wilkie Btated that it was a dia
grace that four men should be cramp
ed Into one cell in the Provincial Jail
aa he knew they had been when the
(government had several millions of
dollars lying useless iii tbe treasury.
There Is absolutely no excuse wby the
Jan should be in the condition It Is,"
he stated, "aud there is every reason
why considerable additions should be
made to it. With reference to the
transportation of prisoners Mr. Wllkie
said lt was not right that they should
be brought over here ln the car���a
public conveyance.
Need More Room.
The court house was condemned as
Insufficient for the needs of the district, and as a result a number of
cases had to be dealt with over in
'it is not fair to the city," declared
Mr. Wilkie. "Vancouver 'got what she
wanted and there is no reason why
New Westminster Bhould not also."
Several speakers endorsed the statements made by Mr. Wilkie and resolutions were drawn up and will be forwarded to the Provincial Government.
Bogh Singh Convicted of Perjury���Italian Laborer Found Guilty
of Theft.
Two cases were finally disposed of
at yesterday's assize court, Bogh
Singh being convicted of perjury afte-
practically a three days' trial, while
Antonio Cogllerl was found guilty of
theft. Sentence was suspended in th.!
Slkb case, and deferred until later up
on Coglierl.
The trial of John Smith, convict, for
the wilful murder of Guard H. J. Joynson begins at 11 o'clock this morning.
There was a tremendous conflict ot
evidence ln the Bogh Singh case, and
the Jury was out deliberating 1 hour
and 10 minutes. They recoinmendea
prisoner to the leniency of the court.
Mr. J. A. Russell immediately asked
that hls Lordship would consent to a
suspension of sentence until an appeal
case was brought ln and allow prisoner out on bail.
Mr. Justice Murphy consented to
state a case for appeal and consented
to ball, which was subsequently granted in $5,000 and two sureties of
Mr. Russell also applied for a
change of venue In the retrial, but this
was dismissed without comment.
Antonio Cogllerl, an Italian laborer,
was charged with stealing on October
19th, 1912, $70 frcm one Lena Desjar-
din, of New Westminster. The woman
described how during her temporary
absence from her room, her valise
was burst open and the money abstracted. She phoned the information
to the police and Sergeant Bruce came
to the rescue and investigated the
matter. Prisoner was found in a neighboring house and arrested.
Sergeant Bruce and Nellie Boyce
gave a general corroboration.
Mr. Johnston put the prisoner Into
the box. who told that he had come
from Alberta with $150, which he had
earned tliere. He waa very drunk at
the time cf his visit to the house and
ln addition the committee appointed j did net remember anything of the oc-
to meet the ministers at Victoria oii J currence.
the Land Registry Office matter wlll The defence brought witnesses to
Uke up the complaints made regard- prove that they had seen the prisoner
ing the Jail and courthouse and re- possession of a large sum of money,
quest that something be done at once one the day before, and the other at
to remedy conditions. | a greater distance ot time.
City  Council  Decides
Immediate  Action
Protests Proposal to Share In Cost at
Bridge Over North Road,
Non-Political Stand After about two hours' consideration
accept  these   was leader of the monarchical Demo-      Qn the recommendation of the BDe-  U��e iurV returned and through   their
conditions, which he declared   wouldhratie party which came Into powerUirf^^X^MM to ��0Mm- Mr' ��ockleader. stated that
do much to   mprove future relations  on   the   resignation   of   the  Liberal,  S2&tatlo��7*mmW.V!lP^ta tteU** ��*��M not agree, but after a fur-
Tbe city council will go ahead at.
once with  the  preparation of plana
I for a new city jail to be erected la
conjunction wltb a storehouse.   At a
i meeting held  yesterday  morning Al-
j dermen White, Lynch, Kellington and
Curtis were appointed a special commutes which will at once look around
1 for a site suitable for tbe erection ol
a new jail.
I Plans also will be prepared for a
building to cost in the neighborhopd cf
$20,000, and when all tbe preliminary
steps are taken the committee will report back to tbe council.
This action follows on the stronx
criticism contained In the grand Jury's
report presented at the assize, om
Monday in which it was stated that
the present Jail was a disgrace to any
civilized community.
Protest Assessment
The councll also decided to protest
lo the Dominion board of railway
commissioners against being assessed for any portion of the cost or the
proposed bridge to be erected across
the North road, Sapperton, by th*
Great Northern railway.
A committee comprising the mayor.
Alderman Kellington, the city solicitor
and the city engineer were appointed
to make the protest. The committee
was also instructed to secure a copy
of the railway company's plans te
order to discover wliat effect the proposed bridge would bave ou .the properly within the city limits.
The civic finances were discussri
and the city treasurer was instructed
to prepare a statement for eacb committee of the council. A scheme tor
the extension of the water system waa
laid over for consideration at a later
between the two countries.
Government Surveyors Are Preparing
Estimates���Work st River Mouth
Proceeds Satisfactorily.
For Son's Recovery���Psrdons Soldier
Sentenced to Life Term.
St. Petersburg. Nov. 12.���"As an expression of my thanks for the grace of
God. to which Is due the recovery to
the heir to the throne, I pardon Private Datcliurin on his grave offence."
This is the language of an Imperial
decree granting pardon to a soldier,
wbo on October 23 was sentenced to
penal servitude for life for leaving th��
ranks at a review in order to band a
petition to the Russian Emperor. -
headed by Senor Moret   Y. Prender-
Senor Canalejas, who belonged to a
wealthy and prominent family, cam;
to the front In political life only In
l��00, when he took a leading part in
the combination against clericalism.
Ue bad. however, taken great interest
in politics as a student and public
speaker for many years .before that
At the age of 25 he became a membe
e  ��
coming civic elections.    The reasons Ither adjournment of about three quar
why   such  action   would  be  lnadvls-1 ters of anhour brought tn a verdict of
I of the Spanish parliament, attaching good and pfogr0BI>^e cltisens, to aeo
able are contended  ln the following
"That it would be against the best
interests of tbe association to enter
the coming municipal campaign, as
this body, comprising some of the best
citizens of the city, must be strictly
non-political, unless such occasion
f should arise and lt is necessary as
(f/tn/f     a 11 f 1     tinrinpncaiira     nHivana       trs
gullly and sentence was postponed until the close cf the session.
It is very probable that the work of
dredging the mouth of the Pitt River
in ordor to make It navigable from the
Praser will commence in a short time.
The government now has a large party
of surveyors on tbe ground estimating
the extent of the work and the amount
of the material to be taken out.
No figure upon the cost has been
prepared as tbe work in all probability
will be done by one of the government
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M. P., stated yesterday that   he   confidently   expected 	
that the dredging would atari beforo      y,am    New Zealand>   Nov    12_A
the end ot tne >ear. .       .     constable and a citizen were shot and
The purpose o the, dredging be ,MUntI mieA and several persons in-
stated, was to m*ks &*������� ��**��!tX Borae fatally in a strike riot
river navigable for steamers of mod-  *hara lnilnv    Maff/Jotw^ hv tha ,���������,.,
Constable   and   Citizen   Killed���Non-
Unfonists   Attack   Strikers���Revolver. Used Freely.
..v��.  ,,a��.K��u��u lu. �����-��"�� "*"*"���,,  here today.   Maddened by the taunt.
erate draught wblcb would ply to and  of ^ e^lken  a body >f non.uniop
i workers marched to the union   hall,
fro on the business of the number of
industries that are settling along the
So far two elevators, one flour mill
and several smaller industries are ex
peeled to establish on the Pitt, and
a large gang of workmen is already
constructing a shipbuilding plant.
Tho work on the Jetty at the mouth
of the river and dredging operations
on the channel at the same point,
stated Mr. Taylor, are progressing
very satisfactorily. The Jetty will be
built on three contracts of one year'j
duration apiece. The flrst has been
let and the work la to be completed by  pilot SAYS ROYAL
burst open the doors and rushed on
the occupants.
A fierce battle ensued, during which
revolvers were freely used. The police
rushed to the scene, but after th<>
riot was quelled a mob of "free workers" chased some strikers, severely
beating them.
The strike at the Walhl gold mine
has been in progress for some time.
The men ask for better pay and shorter hours.
March of next year, when the second
contract Involving the expenditure of
several hundred thousand dollars will
be let by the federal government.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 12.���With
more than two thousand Individual exhibits in place, ranging from a plat-
of four apples to a live-carload lot,
and comprising 75 varieties, the Judges
of the Fifth National Apple Show late
today completed the preliminary work
of naming and classifying a number of
varieties hitherto generally unknown
among fruit growers, and announced
that the actual work of making
awards would begin tomorrow morning.
A feature of the day was a song by
Madame Johanna Gadski at the formal
opening at tho fair grounds.
Tbe afternoon session was devoted
to the discussion of technical subjects by fruit men.    -
Quebec, Nov. 12.���The following
message was received from the pilot
of the stranded steamer Royal George
by Marconlgram today:
"S. S. Royal George, Nov. 12.���To
Chronicle, Quebec: Contradict reports
in papers. Sure ship will be ofT next
spring tide, 24 to 26 of November.
(Signed) "Sam Rioux, pilot"
Albertan Threshing Advance.
Edmonton, Alta., Nov. 12.���Probably
60 or 70 per cent, of the total crop
of the province bas been threshed, ac
cording to A. McKenney, superintendent of the seed branch of tbe department of agriculture.
himself to the Liberal section
He became a member of Premier St
Gauta's cabinet in 1902. as minister of
agriculture. He Introduced many reforms, especially In regard to th?
working classes, and eventually created a department/if labor.
When be was asked, In February,
1910. by King Alfonso to form a ministry, the request caused a great sensation, and it was tbs first time In tbe
history of Spain that an advanced
Radical bad been placed at the bead
of the ministry. His cabinet afterwards underwent many changes, but
Canaejas always retained the leading
place. He had much to do with the
signing of the agreement between
Spain and France on the question of
the future of Morocco, wblcb was recently satisfactorily settled. The plan
introduced by Seior Canalejas for the
separation of church and state In
Spain caused a rupture of relations between that country and the Vatican.
These have since been resumed and
the question of separation is being discussed with a view to a friendly settlement. The Spanish Government,
however, insists on the supremacy of
the civil power.
mm piwam
'Banner ef   St Qaorapf aa*
Number* Are  Uniformly
Well Rendered.
King of Loyalty   Islands  Fears  Invasion of Japanese.
Melbourne, Nov. 12.���Witriama. who
claims to be King of the Loyalty Islands tn the Paciflc- Ocean, ls urging
the Federal Government to secure a
transfer of tbe Islands from the
French 90 that his kingdom may come
under the control of the Australian
Government He dreads Japanese Invasion, and believes that h's islands
are overrun with Japanese spies who
will make use of the Loyalty group in
their certain invasion ot the Commonwealth.
Witriama is now in Melbourne, and
has created a sensation reviving the
old Japanese invasion scare.
The k'ng Is emphatic ln bis declaration that Japanese soldiers are migrating to the Islands," and be urges
upon the government. the fact that
llie Lovalty group is in dangerous
proximity.to Aurtralia if possessed by
a nation at enmity with the Commonwealth.
The  government  haa  promised
consider his request,
Young Prisoners' Bseaie.
Portage La Prairie, Man., Nov. 12.���
Norman Garfield and Edmund Cole,
both aged 19, who were confined at.
the prison farm, escaped last night
and are still at large.
Strike In Russian Capital,
fit. Petersburg, Nov. 12.���What ls
practically a general strike has been
declared by the factories and workshops bere In protest to the recent
sentencing to death of 17 tailors of the
Black Sea Fleet for Instigating mutinies. Demonstrations . today were
stopped by the police and many ar
I rests wfire made.
tbat the high standard set by the progressive council of this year is maintained, especially In view of the present and future developments for this
city and surrounding districts."
Thanks for Office.
The committees which rendered
valuable work or reports during the
month were made the recipients of a
special vote of thanks as were also
Messrs. Sherriff, Rose �� Co.; who had
bo generously allowed the association
the use of a part of their offlce for
several months.
The next general meeting will be
held on tlie first Tuesday in December at 4 o'clock ln tbe afternoon. The
early hour of meeting was selected
because it was thought that greater
numbers would be able to attend.
Story of Progress.
Tbe president's report presented by
Mr. J, W. Cunningham, in the absencs
of Dr. F. P. Smith, outlined the activities of tbe association since the
last regular meeting held in September. He explained that no meeting
had been beld in Octcber because
plans for a financial campaign were
being organized at that time.
Action taken by the committee of
control with regard to (he grain elevator question and tne navigation of
the Fraser river was touched upon.
"One of tbe most important matters
taken up during the month." it wai
stated "was that of raising funds. Considerable discussion has taken place
on this question since tben and arrangements are In progress for enlisting the support of the business men
of the city. Just as these were coming to a head, however, a proposal
was made that this association amalgamate with the Board of Trade,
which has resulted in still further delay regarding the campaign fund.
However, efforts ara being made to
hasten events as much as possible
especially in view of tbe fact that thy
bank balance of the association is running low.
Should Pay Up.
In connection with this I would Ilk��
to say tbat members would render
great assistance by the simple meana
rf paying their subscriptions when
due. I regret '0 state that at the present moment there are about three hundred dollars owln* from members of
tbe association. The next installment
falls due on December 1st, and It is
tb be honed that every member .who
bel'eves that this association's existence Is of importance to the city? win
show his belief in a practloat way hv
navfn��! what he owes as soon as he
receives notice from the secretary.^
Reference was made to the moving
cf tbe offlces of the association Into
the New Westminster Trust block. Dc-
(Contlnued oa page eight.)
Realizing That Triple Entente Is
Earnest, Power Will Not Insist
on Former Course.
London, Nov. 12.���There Is a lull ln
the news of battle in .the theatre of
the Balkan war save one report that
landing parties from Turkish warships which had bombarded Rodosto
have driven the Bulgarians from the
town, but tbere is increasing interest
in all the capitals in Europe in Mr.
Asquith's speech In which witb the
knowledge that the British navy is
ready for a fight, he declared the Balkan allies must not be robbed of the
fruits of their victory.
The feeling now is with Austria realizing that the members of the Triple
Entente are determined that full justice must be done In the partition ot
Turkey and finally agree that Servla
have the "little window" on the Adriatic, that the danger of a general
European war will vanish.
Of course there were lmportanf
meetings between the Austrian Emperor and his generals and statesmen
yesterday and the impression is bein; spread that the dual monarchy
wlll not recede from its uncompromising attitude, but military experts here
feel certain that when Austria realizes
that Servla will not back down; that
Russia, with a million men, Is ready
to march over the border; that
Fiance, with her army In splendid
condition asd Great Britain, with her
navy all ready for any eventuality, are
determined tbat the question of the
alteration of the map of Europe must
be decided by a conference te which
air tbe powers, Including the Balkan
confederation must take part, she will
agree that the territorial readjustment must be made by the representatives of all Europe.
Canadian In English Jsll.
London, Nov. 12���Frederick John
Veal, alias Brewot, who eame from
Canada, Is In jail at Yarmouth charged
with frauds through a bogua story of
a big inheritance.
Metal Workers' Strike.
Edmonton, Alta,, Nov. 13.���The local
branch iof the Amalgamated Sheet
Metal Workers, consisting of over 100
members, is on strike. A minimum
scale of 45 cents an hoar for Improvers and 60 cents an hour for journeymen is the demand of the men which
occasioned the walkout yesterday
Bad weather has dogged the efforts
uf the Westminster Choral and Orchestral steely, but that is the only
adverse ci ..cism that can honestlf
be passed upon the excellent concert
which Mas rendered by the society
ln St. Andrew's church laat night
"The Banner of St George" aa*
the piece de resistance of some ten
hours of an artistic program which
by orchestra, soloist and chorus waa
uniformly well rendered and deserving of high praise. Tbe society baa
already done most noble work te a
most progressive cause���that of gow*
music- ip Westminster���and from iis
rendering Eigars masterpiece., tC
ls sate to predict that the Elijah
which is now ln hand will be well
worth the hearing.
There is a haun ling cadence underlying the first part of the ballad at
St. George that is reminiscent of oM
ivy clad walla in some cathedral attasa
at evensong, while the blending tC
deep religious feeling , with' the triumph song of a patriotism not to tt
expressed in words Is conveyed te Ite
mighty notes of "Land of Hope aad
Glory," and the grand final passage ot
St George's victory.
But wblle pride of place most te ss**
corded tbe distinguished English near
poser, the great national song et tt*
Dominion must not be forgotten. Tte
society's rendering of Laralee-Rlctei*-
son's "O Canada" was all that
be desired.
Mrs. Byron B. Renshaw atti
J. Knight deserved the appian*
greeted their respective runSisIi. ttt
the solo parts, while tke dsaran wu
well balanced and fairly dear In enunciation. The orchestra ata���� ********
in "Lustige Bruder" with Ito __
finale, and in the" more familiar 1
bf the immortal "SoWJesa*
Miss V. Vass accompanied an*
Herbert D. Mackness ls In te fel
ated upon the success at a
event In the musical life of Ow 1
Sutton. Que., Not. 12.���The rapest U
confirmed that the son of the lato Ber
J. J. Theakston. formerly of this Btaaa.
has fallen heir to |3,000,00S ta R���ks
as well as interests in coal ten*.
The late Mr. Theakston waa taw te
Russia and wlym ke graw Is Ma-
hood was arrested and sentenced t��
Siberia for political reasons. Vatm being liberated he eame to Caaaap. aa*
for several yeara wa* a paator ter*
His widow and son now rrsals te
Westminster, Mass. ���
ssmwrmTwrui���sTi ssei i " ��������������� r���nwm.jj.mMi
Classified Advertising |
P RATE8. ���
Classified���One cent   per word  per i
���flay; 4c per word per week;  15c per.
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-1
quired within one year from   date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
ant.   Apply 318 First street.
housekeeping rooms. Address Box
62 News office.
day.   309
Keary Street, Sapperton.
anese women; no experience. Ap-
nlv Japanese Mission, Sapperton.
dark bay trotting mare. American
and Canadian papers. Five years
old, fast, show horae, absolutely
sound. Will give reference. Owner
will sacrifice to obtain cash. Also
have show harness and buggy. If
interested write P. O. Box 40, Hammond, B.C. (45)
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. 4
seller and buyer together.
Boon   to
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
general housework] Four in family.
Good wages. Mrs. Albert, 829
Fifth avenue. (21)
Tenders addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa, and endorsed on tha
envelope "lender for Gasolene
Launches" will be received up to noon
cf the
for tlie construction of two Gasolene
Launches for the Fishery Patrol Service, in the Province of Britsh Columbia, of the following leading dimensions, namely: ���
Length overall 45 feet.
Beam 10 feet.
Draft  4 feet.
Each boat to be equipped with a
four cylnder four cycle 6 in. by 8 in.
standard engine.
Plans and specifications can be pro
cured upon application from the Chief
Inspector of Fisheries at New Westminster, Inspector of Fisheries at
Nanaimo, E. B. Schook, Vancouver,
and from the Agent of this Department at Victoria, B.C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a cnartered
Canadian Bank equal to ten per cent.
(10 p.c.) of thc whole amount of the
tender, which cheque will be forfeited
If the successful tenderer declines to
��nter into a contract or fails to com
plete the boats In accordance with the
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tenders will be returned.
Thc Department .does not bind Itself
to accept the lowest or any tender and
kitchen and bedroom: evev convenience; $18 per month. Apply to
Box 41, this office. (41)
Press office, 609 Victoria street.
Suitable for office or dressmaking.
Also largo front furnished bedroom.
house at Edmonds; modern conveniences; $15 per month. Apply Owner,
J. Bone, Colonial pool room, city.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth Btreet and Agnes
street.- (5)
fonatcr Bostock, of Kamloops, May
Head Liberal Party in Senate.
Ottawa, Nov. 12.���The Liberal leadership of the senate, consequent on
the death of Sir Richard Cartwright,
will be determined at a caucus soon
after the house openB. I
Senator Bostock of Kamloops is one
of those most prominently in line for
'lie position. Senator Power of Hall-
far, Senator Watson of Portage la
Pralrle, Senator Young of Killarney,
Man., and Senator Kerr, Toronto, are
likely choices. I
Mr. Bostock is understood to havs
a great many supporters.
"Consolidated" System a
Manitoba Children.
As n consequence of the scattered
population of Manitoba, whnt is
Known as "Consolidation of Schools"
has been brought forward. Consnlidn-
tloa simply means the merging of two
or more small, inefficient school districts into one larger and more efficient one, large rnough in numbers to
produce a scliool, graded, if possible,
with energy and spirit so strong thnt
with added life, good work can be
done and large enough in territory
that the burden of taxation may not
be too heavy and nt the same tima
may produce suflicicnt fund to carry
on the work in nn up-tn-dute and
progressive manner, says M. Hall-
Jones in the Canadian Courier,
j A necessary accompaniment of
consolidation is the conveyance to
and from the schooj each day at the
public expense, all children of school
age who live over a certain distance
from th? school house, thus eliminating the element of unfairness that
now exists in the rural schools owing
to the different distances at which the
children live from the school, and at
the same time placing the cost of
conveyance on t'ie whole district. In
Manitoba consolidated districts, all
pupils nre conveyed who live over
one mile from the school house. It
i has become customary to use covered
vans for conveyance. These nro not
always heated, but in some cases,
carbon foot warmers or sonnstone are
Just when and where consolidation
on  a small  scala   b��gan. ennnot   be
told,  but the  first  law  of  whieh  we
read was passed in Massachusetts in
the year 1869, nml to-dry it forms ii
part  of   the   rural   school   system   of
32 states.    Eight  hundred completely
consolidnttd,  and   not  less   than   two
thousand       pariia!ly       consnlidn'ed,
schools attest to the remarkable ndap-
j tnbiiity of the system to the p-cuiinr
. needs of agricultural commurr'ties.
j    In  Eastern   Canada,   consolidation
; wns introduced ns part of the "Mac-
| donahl  Scheme"  in    Nov   Scotin   Jn
1003; in New Brunswick snd  Ontario
in  1904;  in Prince  Edward  Island in
100F.    For a time it bore good  fruit.
but has not apparently taken held of
tha people with any grent fore. Some
districts continued the   consolidation,
but. others  thought  it  tx>  expensive
and dropped out.
Manitoba  may proyorly be t1 rme-.l
the "Me-'cn" of consolidation in Can-
Worth While Health and Beauty Suf
gestiont,       ���
Any digestive di-ruugemcnt should ba
put right ut once, ns dyspepsia Is tbs
commonest cause of poor complexion,
early wrinkles, red noses and pinched
expressions. Careful chewing of (be
food Is a very Important factor with
regard to this. The teeth must be put
Into good condition llrst of all. Meals
must be regular, well cooked, nourishing aud easily digested. Plenty of
fresb milk nud stewed mid fresb fruits
sre excellent for the complexion. Tea
snd coffee should be given up for a
montli, or perhaps one cup of wen is
China tea might be allowed daily.
Exercise out of doors should be regit-
lilted   and   sufficient   rest  seen red   as
| well,   as  fatigue  handicaps  digestion
[and impairs lhe whole vitality.
|    Worry must be kept ut buy and regarded ns tbe great foe of health and
beauty for womankind.    Tbe woman
who  worries nt meals is sowing the
seeds of dyspepsia and a ruined complexion ln the near future.
Cleanse the skin every night wltb
wurm water (vigorously If tbere ls nny
greaslnessi and dry briskly with a soft
towel. Apply a little good cream und
let it lie on nil night.
Take a dally bnth or a cold sponge,
which Is tlie best hygienic measure io
keep the whole skin of the , body
healthy and resistant to cold. It brings
more blood to the surface nnd Imparts
a glow and vitality which Have sucb an
important bearing ou u good complex-
Lastly go in for fresh air and deep
The result will be not only tmprovo-
ment of llie complexion put of uli recognition, but lhe whole appearance is
affected beneficially.
6 Roomed House on Hamilton St.
below value. Can be handled for
$400 Cash, balance as rent.
Quebec, Nov. 12.���It has now como
out that the carrying of a lantern on
Iho st. Laurent beach by a fisherman
led to the pilot of the Royal George's
mistake. It appears that the fisherman was visiting his fishery, and as
he walked along the beach the lantern
was swinging.   The Royal George was
reserves the right to accept a tender I then coming up the river at full speed,
f '" '""'"" ���" '   ' ' and the pilot seeing the light Bwaying
tor either one or two boats.
Newspapers copying this  advertisement without authority from this Department will not be paid for Bame.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Department of Marine nnd Fisheries,
Ottawa, October 81, 1912.
���30219. (30)
to and fro, thought it was the
light on the gas buoy at
Beaumont Shoal, which is almost immediately opposite St. Laurent light. He gave orders to port the
helm, bringing the vessel nearer the
shore. When he discovered his mistake he ordered the helm to starboard,
but before the steamer swung to the
south she struck and remained fast.
Her\ tiie people hiv' taken
hold of the plan from the first voluntarily, and aided only by irrnnta fr^m
the Department of Education: This
class of schiKi], judging from npneur-
ancs, has come to stay, in the West.
Th_> Department of Education, in
1005. realizing that it is better, both
on economical nnd on pedagogical
grounds, to unit > the many small and
weak schools, dispers"d ovr a large
e>:te. t if territory, in a few strong,
we'l-eouipped nnd well conducted
I grad'd schools located at convenient
noints, had an nmendmert to the
���Scii-xil Act pass d. to permit of this
b"ing done, and Virden was the fjrst
consolidated school formed, followed
in 1006 by Holland. Mor" consolidated
schools have been formed in the oast
year than in the three years previous-
lv. the totnl numb-r now formed bine
26, while there nrn probably over n
dozen in course of formation.
One of the strong points in the con-
Stunning Autumn Suit.
Though mature ln Its combination of
plum colored broadcloth aud braldiug.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Half an acre on Lulu Island, in the
���eity limits.    Good house, large barns
and chicken houses. All fenced and on I
plank road.   Electric light and water.
Price, $3,700;   $2,000 cash, terms fori
balance. j
Will sell N. W. half with house or'
S. E. half with barns and outbuildings
separately. (No, 32.)
We represent only strong British
Board Companies. Keep your money
in your own land.
Hritish Crown Flre Association Corporation.
Northwest Fire, guaranteed by thc
' Onion Assurance Company, of London,
Oeneral Flre Assurance Corporation.
��� of Perth, Scotland.
.   iFire, Accident, Plate Glass. Auto-
i       .mobile, Burglary,  Employer's
��� Liability Insurance.
Every Woman
; U interested Bnd thould kaow
i about the wonderful
Whirling Spray
ilidation   system   is   the   -uccessful
conveyance of the school children.   It
hes   Iren   conclusively   : * ven   that
where the children   are   c : vyed   to
nn.i    from   school   they   atl n.l   more
regularly.   Of the 50 vens ^mp'oyed In
the year 1011  by 20 schools in oj>era-
tion    in    the   various   parts   of   the
I province   repr?eenting   nil   kinds   of
'geographical conditions, only 30 trips
were  missed  during  tlie whole  year;
, hut !'"'. more than one trip for every
two vans,  and   these   vans   traveled
lover  route  \aryiug in length  from 2
j to 0  n>iles.    One  route  traveled  wns
11  mils  in length.
It. If aa cannot supply
the MARVEL, accept SO
other, bat send stump for Ulas-
tratsd book���eealed.  It elTes fall
particulars and directions Invaluable
to ladles. WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.. Windsor. On��
Genaral Arxnu for Canada.
Must sell half an acre a few yards
from Sixth Street car line, East Bur-
siaby, for $1500; $500 cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
Modern five roomed bungalow on
���Eleventh avenue, $2250. Klectric light
and city water on premises.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Phone RB72.
619 Hamilton 8t
iChirnoey   Sweeping,
.Eavctrough   Cleaning,
.Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Sept|e Tanks, Etc.
Madame Btanchamp
All kinds of plain and fancy sewing.
Room 6 Collister Block
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All  Work Guaranteed.
541 Front Street.     N'"- City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
16   Lorne  Street,  New   Westminster.
Our Marconi Stations.
The great towers at the Marconi
wireless station near Glioe Hay, Capo
Hreton, which have lie^n of so much
interest to visitors to Nova Scotia for
the past ten years, are beirg removed
ond replaced with a number of smaller
steel masts whieh will answer the
Bame purpose as the 250 foot towers.
A new sending and receiving station
Is being established at Louisburg.
Manager Woodward of the Marconi
Company says, "It wiU hardly he com
pleted within three or four months, n*
it is a great undertaking, ard when
finished will he one of tlie largest nnd
most important stations in the world.
Tliere will be at least IWenty opera*
lors employed at Lnuilbtirg continuously and tiie preiiW bulk of private
ond c< mmereial business will |.ase
through Louisburc."
Tlie erection of the new station ni
Ix>ni?l)UTg is under the pergonal su
perv'sion of Manager Woodward, the
buildings bein,' erected under contract
by Rh��.ies, Curry & Cm,
St'll  Going  Down.
Th' decHne of two poirtti in the
Drpflttment of Labor's index ntutiii-r
of wholesale prices for the month of
July, after a continuous rs ��� for
twelve months, wns foilow "d in AugUA'
by onoth.r Ston, the index number
standing at 1.13.4 as compared with
134.8 the previous month. Ln'st year,
however, nt this date, it stood nt only
Tht decline during August was due
chiefly to decreases in pries of groins
ami fodder, fruits and vegetables,
with alight increases in dairy products, fish, metals and coal. These
index numbers are percentages of the
overage prices of some 250 articles
during the decade of 1890-1809.
The Municipal Council of the City of New Westminster having by res-
olutlon determined and specified that it Is desirable to carry out the follow
ing works, that is to say: To lay Outfall and Trunk Sewers and workB con-
tlngent thereto in Section 2, of the Sapperton Sewerage Scheme to which
the following nrea la tributary:
District A.���
Columbia* Street from Cumberland Street to Braid Street
Keary Street from Columbia Street ;o Brunette Street
Nelson Street, All.
Spruce Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Sireet to Fader Street
Major Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street,
llraid Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street
Fader Street from Sherbrooke Street to Braid Street.
Kelly Street from Sherbrooke street io Braid Street
Brunette Street from Columbia Street to Keary Street.
District B ���
DeBeck Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street
Strand Street from Cemetery Street lo Columbia Street"
Alberta Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street
Simpson Street from Richmond Str-et to Columbia Street
Keary Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street
Hospital Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street
Sherbrooke SUeet from Columbia Stieet to 470 feet West
Knox Street, All.
Cedar Street, All.
Buchanan Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street
Blair Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
tbls new suit I* mnde youthful and gn/
by Its rut and by the tricks of trimming ou the coat
Tbe plaited skirt Is short enough to
show a smart gaiter boot wltb u buttoned gaiter top of plum colored cloth
to match tbe suit
District C���
Eighth Avenue from Richmond Streel to 400 feet North of Wlnthrop Street
Richmond Street from Eighth Avenue to Lee Street.
Winthrop Street from Richmond Street to Eighth Avenue
Elmer Street, All.
Burnaby Street, All.
Surrey Street, All.
Ladner Street*All.
Kent Street, All.
Lee Street, All.
Carnegie Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North. ,
Digby Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North.
Coutts Street from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Macdougal Street from Matsqui Street to 300 feet North,   m
Tenth Avenue from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
District D.���
Eighth Avenue from William Street to Richmond Street.
Carnegie Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Digby Street from Scott Street to Matsoui Street.
Coutts Street from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Mahoney Street, All.
McDougal Street from Mahoney Street to Mat.iqul Street.
Tenth Avenue from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street
Matsqui Street from Eighth Avonue io Tenih Avenue.
Water Street from Wililam Street to Scott Street.
I.ingley Street from William Street .c Scntt Street.
Chilliwack Street from William Strest to Scctt Street.
Scott Street, All.
William Street, All.
District E.���
Richmond Street 150 feet South of Alberta Street to Eighth Avenu
Archer Street All.
Devoy Street All.
Munday Street All.
Alberta Street from nichmond Street. 700 feet Westward.
Shiles Street from McKay Street to Richmond Street.
School Street. All.
Rhe'brooke Street from Eightb Avenue to Richmond Street.
McKay Street All.
District F ���
Richmond Street from Cumberland S'reet to 160 feet South of Alberta St.
Carroll Street, All. v
Harvey Street, All.
Dixon Street, All.
Fisher StrSeet, All.
Cumberland Street from Harvey Street to Columbia Street.
Leads All Canada.
For the first time in its history the
city of St. Catharines, Ont., holds
th* greatest percntage of increase in
building penults of all the cities in
the Domini/in. The percentage of increase in St. Catharines in August
wai 757.4 per cent.
Experimental  Farm at Frederlcton.
The    Dominion    Government     has
purchased  seventy-flve  acres of land
for on experimental farm at Frederic-
'on. N.B.
Hints to thatousy Housewife.
If you would buve llgli* dumplings
leave tbe rover off for about ten minutes after ynu hare put tbem In
Cheese salad dressing for green
salads requires shout two tablespoonfuls of soft American cheese rubbed
smooth wltb salt, paprika and n tablespoonful or two of vinegar. Tbeu add
su (Detent oil to make thin euough to
When beets are left from dinner
wiirIi tbem snd rinse In boiling wster
to free them from butter or sauce nnd
drop Into ii weak vinegar In this condition they may be kept for u long
time nnd may be used nn needed Jfor
sub-id* and garnishing.
line housekeeper Inix prevented msny
a ImriiHil must or ovcrluikod cuke by
-���eiilng Hie nlirrtu rlixek to the proper
(Imp to open tiie oven door. Then slip
noes itbotll her work In other parts of
Ibe bouse knowing Hint she will bear
the Imperative cull nl the right time.
Cauliflower snliid is Improved by the
addition of stuffed olives nnd u Spanish rod pepper or two, both chopped
Helps For Home Deoorators.
Before starting to decorate a room
It Is *rt*rjt essential to consider for what
purpose the room ts lo be used. The
Individual tastes and Imhits of the
people who nre to occupy It muat bo
llrst tnlten Into account
The fewer colors used In a room tho
more pleasing and restful the result
will lie. A multiplicity of colors produces the Rome effect ns a number of
voices talking nt the same time. Each
room should Hpenk with but one voice.
It should contain one color, which at
once and unmistakably asserts Its predominance.
Mosl rooma contain a mixture of
good, bnd and Indifferent furniture, so
It Is best to adopt the decorntlve trent-
ment to the best pieces and to discard
those wblcb are In bad taste, replacing
ihem. If neceBBary, by willow chain
and stained donl tables untll It la ppp*
t'.l l�� to buy bttter pieces.
And that the said works be carried ont In accordance with tbe provisions of the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council In accordanoe with the provisions of the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the amounts estimated to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property to be benefited by tbe said works and
other particulars and the said reports cf the City Engineer and City Assessor having been adopted by the Councll.
Notice Is hereby given that the said reports are open for Inspection at
the offices of the City Assessor, City Hall, Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C. and tbat unless a petition against the proposed works above mentioned signed by a majority of the owners of the land or real property to be
aBseased as charged In respect of auch works representing at least one-half
in value thereof is presented to the council within fifteen days from the
date of the flrat publication of this notice the Council wlll proceed with thd
proposed improvements under such teims and conditions as to the payment
of the cost of such Improvements as ihe Council may by By-law In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this Twelfth day of November, 1312.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication, NoVember ICh, 1912. (70)
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision on the Householder Voters
List will be held��on Friday, the 16th
day of November, 1912, at 10 o'clock
n the forenoon In the Council Chamber, City Hall, New Westminster.
Dated this 8th day of November,
(53) City Clerk.
Notice to Holders of Reglstarsd Agreements, of 8sle.
Holders of Registered Agreements,
who have not transferred their interest, are requested to make the Statutory Declaration, in order that their
names may be Inserted in the Annual
Voters' Lists. Such Declarators
should b�� In the hands of the Clerk
not later than the 30th day of November instant. The necessary forms
may be obtained on application at the
Municipal Hall. ^���   ��� ���    .
Edmonds, B.C., November ��, W8.   '
Under Instructions from the owner t
will offer for sale by
at Moreton Hall, Edmonds, on Saturday, Nor. 16th, at 2 p. m��� sixteen full-
sized lots ln this favorite locality, situate on Richmond atreet and Mary
avenue, and being lots 14, 16, 16, 17,
26, 27, 28, 29, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 66.
67, in Blocks 3 to 19, 36 to 63, 60 to m
76, in District lot 30, grbup 1. <jjf*
On lot 28 there ls erected a good,
modern house.
These lots are close to car, school,
churches and stores, and are very desirable for residences.
Terms: One-third cash, balance 4, 8,
12, and 16 months, with 7 per cent.
Particulars oan be obtained from
the Auctioneer,
New Westminster.
Advertise in the Daily Nc Nte
Our First Floor shows Stoves, Ranges and Heaters, Electrical
goods, Toys, Trunks, China and Glassware and all Kitchen Utensils.
Our Main Floor shows Ladles' Ready-to-Wcar Domiciles on the
mezzanine rear; Dress Goodj, Silks, Notions, Ladies' Hosiery,
Gloves, Ties and Men's Furnishings.
Our Third Floor shows Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, Parlor Furniture and Drawing Room Suites, Window Shades and Draperies.
Our Fourth Floor shows Beds and Bedding, Couches, Art Gallery Frames and Mouldings, Baby Cabs and Carts, and Madame
Taylor's Dressmaking rooms and Rest Rooms.
Our Fifth Floor shows our entire lines of Furniture, Dining
Room Suites, Bed Room Suites, China Closets, Office Furniture,
Desk Flies and Typewriters.
Take tlie elevator and lcok around. You will be surprised and
- delighted with, the great varieties  of up-to-date  merchandise   we
Plenty of splendid values awaiting you all through this big store. People are relying more and more on this store for all theiv home supplies. We keep the best grade of goods we can buy and we sell at a fair margin of profit. You can save now by. buying your Christmas
presents early.   We will hold them for your delivery instructions.
Brass Bed, Spring and Mattress, $29.50
Trunks of every
every purpose.
size for
This Bed, Spring and
Steamers, at $4.75, $5.50 to
Packing Trunks, $3.50,  $4 00
and  $5.00
Travelling     Trunks,     $5.50,
$7.50 to  $45.00
OfTers extraordinary values In our Novembe-
Homefurni3hing Sale.
Reversible Rugs, 3C x 64,
at $2.10
300 yards Brussels Carpeting, $1.50 quality; colors fawn, red and green,
at, per yard
Our bs sale has left us
with quite a bunch of linoleum remnants. Qualities
at $1.50, $1.25 and $1.10.
Take your pick by the
piece at Just balf the usual prices.
40c Wall Burlap ends; clear them out at, per yard 15s
This   5-piece   Parlor   Suite,
best velour cover.. .$29.03
Three-piece Mahogany Suites
at $37.50
Select your  Christmas   gift   chalr3
now and pay less for them.
Pantasote   covered   chairs,   $5.50 and
to $8.50.
Velour covered, $7.50, $8.50 and $15.00
Leather   covered,  $8.75, $12.50, $15.03
to $75.C0.
Tapestry and   Velour   Couches.
$4.75, $S.50, and to $17.53
Pantasote  covered  Couches at
$12.50  and $14.75
Leather covered Couches, $23.50
to .......';*.... ..'. $75.03
Don't h 2 sitate about looking through ouv great stocks.   Everything is marked in plain figures.
Whether you purchase or not, it is our pleasure to show you around.
Our   Dressmaking   Department,  under
the charge of Mies Taylor, Is on the
Fourth Floor.   Take the Elevator.
Bring the children in to see the new
Toys and Christmas Novelties on our
First Floor.
economic    and     political     evolution.
Many years may elapse before your
8. tp Take Middle West, French Republic in  Eaat, Bays Henri
political rhapsodies arc  disillusioned,
but  the hour   of destiny   is   certain,
rencti Canada will be a great repub-
lo. Including not only the two and a
half millions of its people,  but also
Hi.- two millions of co-religionists and
co-linguis'fs in the United States. Th��
middle western provinces will becoms
pistes of tbe American   Union,   and
British Columbia will evolve from a
stage    of   dependency   upon   British
naval protection to either an Asiatic
colony or a petty independent   klng-
| dom."
Mr. Bertilland will write a series of
until 2 o'clock this afternoon, when a \ SIX MEN KILLED IN
commission  to  investigate  Schrank'a ' DYNAMITE EXPLOSION
Gary, Ind., Nov. 12.���Six men were
sanity will be named.
Attorney Christian Doersler wa3 ap-,. ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
poiDted by the court to defend , ki,led b-v an explosion of 2000 pounds
Schrank. (of dynamite   in one of the    packing/
The extreme penalty
of the charge
15 years' Imprisonment.
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of tbe City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified tbat it
Local   Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New  Westminster naving by resolu-
 _^___    ��� -, ���, --, tion ueteimined and specified that it is
�� penalty on conviction J bouses at tho plant of tlie Aetna Pow-lis desirable to carry out the following I desirable to cany out   the following
laid against Schrank is (der Companv near Gary today I works, that is to say:    To lay Main I works, that is to say:    To lay Main
iennment. I     ._���_���*',_���_..mpn were renort-  ******* Laterals and Connections and ISewers, Laterals and Connections and
A number of woncmen were report A   contingent thereto in Section 2, L-or" s contingent thereto in Section 2���
injured, but officials of--the nowder r -*���- rtioim.mt   ���..)..,   a .���   �����      i~
Assailant of Theodore Roosevelt Said
He   Was  Warning  Third
Montreal, Nov. 12.���Henry Bourassa      	
and Armand Lavergne and otber Na-1 art'c.'es for Parisian papers on bis so-
tionalists who dream of and advocate i �����ed flnd'nRs 0f conditions in Can-
a French republic on the banks of the _______________
St. Lawrence, have found a new ally
In Henri Bertilland, the great Ferncli  p/^tjni 111/   ME��I\P
controversialist.    For the past montli  \l 111 K A11H   Fl rAllx
tins resilient of Old France has been ! uV|lliniIll I LL.nl/J
studying   conditions   ln   Canada, and
has come to the conclusion that the
French and tho   English  will   never
assimilate, and  that  the logical out-,
come will be the establishment of a
French republic   in   Quebec and   the
assimilation of the west of Canada by
, tbe United Statea.    M. Bertilland believes that. French  Canada is to become    ultimately     an    Independent
French republic.
"The statesmen who wrought the
fabric of your Dominion," Bald the
"Sidney Brookes of France," "arc
worthy of high praise for tbeir constructive policy, but their handiwork
was foredoomed lo destruction by warring forces far more potent than could
be endured by the artificial bulwarks
of government. I have gone into this
matter thoroughly. I have conversed
with representatives of every class In
your conglomerate population. After
all this, The only opinion I can offer
candidly is that your dreams of a
united Dominion, let alone a united
Empire, are merely folly. ' What bas
tho habitant of the SL Lawrence valley in common with the fishermen of
the Fraser?  Nothing. In fact lt would
divorce mmm
fed injured, but officials of the powder , A- District, of the   Sapperton   Sewer-
| company say this waa incorrect.   The! age Scheme,  to which the following
men who lost their lives were repair- j wea ls tributary*      -   '   '
ing a packing machine wben the ex
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 12.���John
Schrank, who shot Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt here three weeks ago as the
latter was entering an automobile to
go to tbe Auditorium tor an address.
pleaded guilty today to assault with
Intent to murder.
Colonel Roosevelt will be asked to
come to Milwaukee to testify against
his assailant, if examination shows
Schrank to be sane, acordlng to District Attorney Zabel.
Schrank was brought into the courtroom heavily manacled. He pleaded
to the charges before Municipal Judge
August Backus.
K"Dld you intend to murder Theodorw
be difficult to imagine two types more j Roosevelt, as  charged?"   asked   DIs-
Majorlty Report  Would  Increase the
Grounds for Suit and Make Them
Apply to Everyone.
plosion occurred.
The dynamite waa loose in 100-
i pound lots on the packing trays, and
| but for tbis tbe accident would bave
been mucb more severe.
London, Nov. 12.���The committer
on divorce whicii baa been investigat
ing tbis subject for several years has
made public the result of its enquiry.     ,^_^_^^___^^___^_^^_
The majority report recommends tbat I S,"P and bad' her boom torn away and
tbe two sexes be placed on an equal- j ^^Z^L*0!?���?-**:
ity before the    law with    regard
Norfolk, Va., Nov. 12.���with her
port quarter badly damaged from collision with the schooner J. Holmes
Birdsall of Philadelphia, the battleship Vermont ls ln Hampton Roads today.   Tbe schooner rammed the war-
B. D ati-k. of the Sapperton Sewerage
Sc'if ��� e to whi^h the following area is
Columbia street, Cumberland street to DeBcc'; street from Cemetery street
Braid street to Columbia street.
Keary street, Columbia street to Bru- Strand street from Cemetery street to
nette street. Columbia street.
Nelson street All. Alberta street from Richmond street
Spruce street AIL to Columbia street.
Sherbrooke street, Columbia street to Simpson street from Richmond street
Fader street.                                        |    to Columbia street.
Major street, Columbia street to Fader Keary street from Richmond street to
street     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Brafd street Columbia street to Fader
Fader street,
Braid street ^^^^^^^^^^
Kelly   street,   Sherbrooke   street
Braid street
Brunette street,  Columbia  street
Keary street
And that the said works be carried
Sherbrooke   street   to
I    Tbe Vermont anchored immed'ately
 I! after the accident and sent  lifeboats.    a^assssss^*s**a*^*a**m****a^a*^a*********m
grounds for divorce, which   shall bo to the rescue of the Blrdsall's crew. 0|�� 'n accordance with the provisions
years, Tbe latter refused assistance and the '��* ,the,"V?��    ^provement Oeneral
Vermont then took  the schooner  In |Bjr.   _' ..    _
essentially different ln creed, race and
point of view.
"Furthermore, there can be no reconciling the conflicting interests of
this great country. Vour western far*
mer clamors for reciprocal trade With
the United States, ahd he Wlll not sac-
(���*���,* rlflce permanently his material prosperity on account of a policy of selfish protection fathered by Canadian
vested Interests. British Columbla'3
imperialism is tho bugbear of Nationalistic Quebec. What In the ons
case means self-preservation,, ln tho
other signifies taxation without, repre-j
.sen tn Hon.
"This viewpoint is novel.   I admit'
trict Attorney Zabel. "Do you plead
guilty or not guilty?"
"I plead, guilty to shooting that man
If that is what you mean," answered
"Did you intend to kill Theodore
"I didn't intend to kill Roosevelt the
cltlsen," responded Schrank, "but I
d'd Intend to warn Roosevelt the third
"Did you intend' to kill or murder
Roosevelt, the Progressive oandidate
for president?" asked Zabel. "I Want
a direct answer." ���  ;
"I intended to kill Roosevelt'tbe
third termer,"" in slated Schrank.   "I
adultery,  desertion   for three
Incurable   insanity,  after   five years i
confinement   and   habitual   drunken-1
ness found to be Incurable after three
From the issuance of the first sepa^
ration order its recommends that all
divorce cases shall be beard by a
judge aloue, who is empowered to
close tbe court during the hearings
and prohibit the publication of the details.
l'he majority report also recommends that no report on matrimonial
cases shall be allowed until they are
furnished and that tne publication of
the portraits' of the parties {thereto
sball be prohibited.
Tbe report state* that tbs evidence
taken during the investigations showed that the proposed extension of the
grounds for divorce, far from tending
to lower-the standard of morality, had
a contrary effect and that the present
stringent restrictions and costliness of
divorces are productive of immorality
and Illicit relations, particularly
among the poorer classes.      \
Tbis report is signed by nine commissioners.
Tbe minority report, which ls signed
by the Archbishop of York and two
other commissioners, opposes the extension, of the-causes toy divorce on
continued M. Bertilland, "but I look didn't want toklll.  the "PttmtmH Iht ��S���th.rt Wiia *����*��!v* to
merely at facts, tendencies and analo-1 partv.   I shot Roosfevett asTrSSffi iiv i?��"0tltJ 0f ?****** ������ *** ��*��>..
tfes.   This .great country will work' to other third termers " Wftr~rt�� ��r Vie and contrary to the principles
��>ut its destiny through a process df >   Judg* Backus adjourned the hearing maK��*M&1Ul '** ,U relwlon��' to
Until lta TMfe 6IR
Buffalo, N.V.
"I have been a Pullman conductor on
the t.i'. R. and Michigan Central (or
the last three years.
About four years ago, I was laid up
with intense pain in the groin, a very
sore back, and suffered most severely
when I tiled to urinate.
I treated with my family physician
for two mouths- for Gravel In Tha
Bla'ider but did not receive sny benefit.
About that ti ne, I met another railroad
man Who had been similarly affected
and with hsd been cured by GIN PILLS,
after having been given up bv a prominent physicians who treated him for.
Diabetes. Hit is now running oa the
rood and is perfectly cured. He strongly
advised me to try GIN PILLS which I
did���with the result that the pains left
me entirely."       .,..*,       ,
50c. a box, 6 forla.50.   Sample free
If you write NaUoualDrug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, ftnratOk      iiy
And the City Engineer and City As.
sessor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statemeu s showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against tbe various portions of real
property to be benefited by tbe said
works and other particulars aad the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Council.
Notice ls hereby given that the aaid
reports are open for inspection at the
Office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia Street Kew Weatmlnster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed Works abovo
mentioned signed by a majority of the
Lownera of the land or real property to
1 be assessed as oharged in respect ot
such worka representing at least ono-.
half in value thereof is presented to
the Council within fifteen days from
tbe date of the flrst publication of this
notice tbe Council will proceed with
the proposed improvements' under
such terms'and conditions as to the
payment cf.the cost of such Improv*
ments as the Council may by By-law
in that behalf, regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated thia 12th day of November,
A. D��� 1912.
^^^^^^^^^^^Ctty Clerk.
D^flratpubMcatiou Ko^fcrg ��� W> ^ PuMloa^K^
I  ml
Columbia street.  ^^^^^^^^^^^
Hospital    street   from    Richmond
Btreet to Columbia street.
Sherbrooke    street    from    Columbia
street to .470 feet \ve3t 1,
Knox street AH- . J
Cedar street, All. '
Buchanan avenue from Hospital street
to Sherbrooke street.
Blair avenue from HospltaVstreet to
Sherbrooke street
And that said works be carried out
in accordance with ihe provisions of
the "Local Improvement Qeneral Bylaw 1912."
And the City Ei.fciueer and City Assessor having reported to tho Councl r
ln accordance witb the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the aald works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the*
said reports of the City Engineer and!
City Assessor having been adopted br
tbe Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection st the
Office of tbe City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and thafunless .a petition
against the proposed works shove
mentioned signed by s majority of the
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as charged In respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof is presented to
the Council within flfteee daya from
tke dste of the flrst publication of this
notice the Council will proceed wltii
the proposed improvements under
suph terms and conditions aa to the*
payment of the cost of sucb improvements as the Couucil tansy by By-law
in tbat behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated thia 12th day of November.
A. D., 1912. ��
^^^^^ City Clerk-.
<��>      1912.
'****pmi>nm*i-*p*Mm pamp �� WW HSSSSS.MII
���.i��i!r>r���y   **m.mmmmm****pss*p***p****t*
Published every morning except
Sunday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their ofllce,
tt McKenzie Street, New Westminster, B�� C.
Business Office   999
Bdltorial Office   991
By carrier ft per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mail 83 per year, or 25c per
No letters will be published ln the
Hews *x��*pt over the writer's signature.- -Tlhe editor reserves the right
�� refuse the publication of any letter.
I chasers of silver for India caused a
I lot of comment, as besides Sir Stuart
| Samuel, being a supporter of the government,   Edwin   Samuel   Montague,
whose relatives   are   connected   with
the firm, ls Under Secretary of State
for India.
Only recently Sir Stuart   Samuel's
The decision of the Progressive association to take no part In the coming campaign and in all political mat
term to preserve a neutral position, is
a Wise step, arid we trust lt may bo
lived up' to' in the future, as it has
teen in the past.
The question is sometimes asked
"What doee the Progressive associa-
PaaiaoiVI.. We would refer those who
are stiH- uninformed upon the subject
lo the rcport in this issue, which contains an account of some of Its recent
activities. We would draw particular
attention to the fact that the leading
inancial journals of Canada have contented to keep their readers regularly
informed upon the progress and pros-
sects of New Westminster, while other
London's Most Romantic Spot Dates
Back to the Black Death. '
The Charterhouse is one oi the moat
fascinating "bits" of Old London that
remain to us, and it is gratifying to
brother, Mr. Herbert Samuel, the Post-   find that the task of retelling its full
master-General, came in for somt
criticism in connection with the government's wireless contract with
A woman named Jane Crawford,
charged at Belfast with attempted suicide by drinking laudanum, said she
drajik the laudanum to cure a toothache, and she had no intention of committing suicide.
At a further sitting of tbe Milk Supply Commission ln Dublin Castle, R.  Thi Charterhouse has indeed
A. Anderson, the secretary of the Irish
Agricultural Organization Society,
said he had satisfied himself that
there was a distinct scarcity of milk
all over Ireland.
Mrs. Bridget Heaney, Belmont, Mill-
town, County Galway, whose death is
recorded, attained the extraordinary
age of 116 years. She never suffered
any pain, and retained all her faculties to the last. Her great-grandchild.
Father Joyce, officiated at the graveside.
David Glbb, ironturner, Belfast, who
was found dead in bed, was stated by
his wife at the inquest to have been
308 pounds in weight. Death was attributed to Byncope, a doctor mentioning that, possibly after taking too
much liquor, the heart had been overburdened, and had   suddenly stopped.
Mr. Brownes proposed at a meeting
of Navan rural dlatrict council, that
in cases where bachelor tenants kept
the cottages in a dilapidated condition
they should get notice to clear out or
get married, but eventually it was ordered that the tenants be noticed to
put the fences in repair or give up tha
story has fallen into the uands of a
writer so capable and painstaking as
Mr. W. F. Taylor proves himself in
his recent volume. For a certain number of visitors there can be no doubt
the place is remembered and visited
because oi the fact that Tl.ackera'y was
educated at the Charterhouse school
and because he made such effective
use of it as Grcyfriars in his novels.
Dut though the oid place gained a new
glamor from its association with the
great Vict<*ian novelist, a-id though
probably as many visitors wish to
see thc rooms of "Codd" Newcome as
wish to visit the tomb of Old Thomas
Sutton, its authentic history would
suffice without the additi n of its fictional to make it a centre of irteTest.
a long
publicity work of much benefit to thu cottages.
aity has been undertaken. Some   30   yards   of   road   walls   at
Tbe financial position of the asso- Glencolumbkille. Carron county. Clare,
, .,     , .             Ta   *    ,. ..        ai.,.. W^s thrown down, and 14 head of cat-
elation is not as it should be, and It is ���e on   fte   ,and   at   the   plaee.were
Jo be hoped that the long-heralded driven off. The scene of the occur-
campaign will meet with the success rence is a division of an extensive
it deserves, and that those members  ra"ch which is retained in possession
���ho were full of enthusiasm when thn
project was launched will prove that
their Interest has not waned by giving
yrompt attention to tbe financial needs
of an institution which ha�� already
*one much for the city, and with better support, will, we feel sure, go on
io greater deeds.
of the congested  districts board and
let on the eleven months system.
The Ballyneety (County Limerick)
magistrates, dismissed a case in
wliich the National Soc'.ety for the
prevention of cruelty to animals summoned Patrick O'Brien, of Scart, for
permitting the plucking of the feathers off -10 live geese, liis property, ani
allowed the defendant 10s cost3. A
veterinary surgcen said that the
plucking was, under proper conditions
conducive to the health of the gees?
Will Be Continued Throughout Winter
by Department of Agriculture.
The Provincial Department of Agriculture has sent out a circular letter
to the various boards of trade in the
province Expressing its willingness to
partly finance classes in fruit packing
in accordance with its policy of the
past three years, if such could be organized by some responsible local
iody. I
The packing schools proved even
more popular in 1912 tban previously,
au\d It is elated it is expected from the
���umber cf applications already ln,
that tliere will be a great growth in
the work this winter. It is hoped that
this year the schools will be placed in
every frpit district of the province
where a sufficient number of pupils
eaa be secured.
The classes will be instructed by a
thoroughly efficient and experiencei
expert employed by the,government.
The schools have already demonstrated their efficiency by helping the
growers meet the competition of Oregon and Washington in fruit packing.
The experience and standing of the instructors secured is guaranteed by the
Aa in..previous   years '.,.   re    the
Welsh   News.
At the Menai bridge petty sessions
a 15-vear-old boy, who wns convicted |
of aiding and abetting two other boys I
to rob an orchard, gave evidence on
his own behalf, and spoke in Welsh.
A magistrate���Can't you give your evidence in English? No, sir. Inspector
Jones tin Welsh): Can't you speak
Kngiish after all the splendid facilities you have bad in this country7
The, defendant: No. The boy stated
afterwards that lie bad passed the
sixth standard.
history���"when the Blaek Death slew
its thousands, charitable people
bought fields just outside the walls of
mediaeval London to give consecrated
burial to the dead. One of these
plague graveyards was founded a Carthusian monastery, and many of the
wails and much of the ground plan ot
this Charterhouse beside London remain till to-day. When London was
"small and white and clear" in the
fourteenth century the site of Charterhouse was outside the walls of the
City. Now, however, those who would
visit "the haunt of ancient piece that
close neighbors the blatancy of Smith-
field," find it hidden not (ar from the
centre of the metropolis, which
stretches miles in all directions
around it; so hidden, indeed, that
many people who visit the show
places of London yet overlook the
Charterhouse, and so miss what is not
unjustly described ns the finest example of the Elizabethan nobleman'*
palace  remaining in  London.
The  Charterhouse  be/an  ns  a Carthusian monastery, and remained such
for over a century and a half,  when
it became one of the most determined   centres   of   resistance   to   Henry
VIII. and his reforming zeal.   So determined   was   the   resistance   that  it
was only finally overcome after such
repented   slauehter   that   "sixteen   of
the  convent  nre  remembered   by  the
Roman  Catholic  Church    ns   martyrs
for the faith."   Successive Tudor No*
liletnen   made  of the  Charterhouse  a
splendid   residence,   and   much   as   it
was left by the Duke of Norfolk, who
was executed by (Jueen Elisabeth  lor
participation   in   pints   on   behalf   of
Mary  Queen  of  Scots, it remains to.
dny.    In 1611 a great City merchant,
Thomas Sutton ��� whnt reader of the
"Neweomes"   will   not   remember   hu
name?  ���   bought   the  property,   and
founded  a  hospital  for old   men  and
a  scliool   for   boys.     The   school   hn��
lieen removed to country quarters, but
the  "hospital"   remains.    Mr.  Taylor
'.rives  us the  history  of this  variedly
interesting place with n w^n'.th of detail about its successive periods  and
tlie men connected with it, and illustrates   the   wliole   with  an   admirable
series of photographic studies.
Pacific Ocean Currsnts,
Reports received by the French government from its consular officers in
Hawaii throw light, it ls thought, on
certain problems of ethnography. Not
very long ago a little schooner, dismantled and wltb its-rudder gone as
tbe result of a tempest, was drifted by
winds and ocean currents from Tahiti
to Hawaii after eighty-one days. Hawaiian traditions declare that tn ancient days people came from Tahiti,
drifting wltb Ibe currents, and settled
tbe islands. The adventure of tbe dismantled schooner seems to prove tbe
possibility of sucb a migration, and It
is suggested that the currents of the
faclflc, wblcb have not yet been sufficiently studied, may throw much
dgbt on the distribution of tbe native
races among tbe island groups.���Harper's Weekly. .
Finding Pstients For Doctors.
A curious occupation has sprung up
fn Parla Several doctors have received a circular from a newly formed
agency, wbicb offers to Qnd patients
for them. Tbe fees are rather high.
Tbey vary from $20 to $100. On receipt of tbe fee tbe doctor ls assured
a list of twenty consumptives, twenty
epileptics, twenty people suffering
from cancer, and so forth. He Is tben
nt liberty to call und offer his.services.
The agency's circular declares that the
lists of patients are compiled from
absolutely certain sources nnd thnt tbe
money wlll be returned If there nre
more than three mistakes In each list
This Is rather a grim proviso.���New
York Tribune.
Kaiser's Use of English Language.
English Is said to bave been tbe Inn.
guage employed at the recent Interview between the German emperor
nnd tbe czar. The kaiser bas more
than once shown his preference for
English as a means of communication
In circumstances where German cannot be employed. At a banquet given
on the occasion of his first state visit
to The Hague the admiral nt tbe head
of the Dutch nnvy addressed the Imperial guest In French. Tbe kaiser
replied In English, observing tbat he
was a British admiral nnd that English was tbe most appropriate language for seamen to employ.���London
Only Four Days at Sea.
S.S. Canada, Sat., Nov. IC.
New S.S. Megantic, Nov. 23.
-    Portland, Maine���Halifax-
From       From
Portland. Halifax.
New "Laurentic, Dec. 7, Dec. 8.
8.8. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
S.S.  Canada, Dec.  21,  Dec.  22.
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 15,000 tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
614 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggaga
checked through to steamer In bond.   No hotel or trttnsfei expenses.
New York���Queenstown���Liverpool.
��*S.S. Cymric, Nov. 16.
S.S. Baltic, Nov. 21.
S.S. Celtic, Dec. 5.
New York���Plymouth���Cherbourg���Southampton.
8.S. Majestic, Nov. 16.
S.S. Oceanic, Nov. 28.
���S.S. St. Louis, Nov. 30.
V*S.S. Cymric carries passengers in one cabin class (II) $52.50, and
third class $31,25.   ���American Line Steamer.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher. Agent G. N. Ry.. New Westminster.
Manx   News.
Ileav  fog which   prevailed  in the
Mersey was responsible   for a serious
fie from Douglas.
Abou!- half a dozen young Manx people of bo*h sexes left the island for
Canala. Among them was Jack Cottier, son of J T. H. Cottier, draper,
boui;d 'or Montreal.
The boom in the lead market, if it
results In a permanent improvement
in cht price of the metal, must have
a beneficial influence on the Insular
whnols were established Ihe local ad-1 who  to,��?����',,/"!!    "^    f���,"
a ho   nave   sull":ea    so    severely   for
An  Irish  Bride.
Lady Augusta Gregory, the able and
anient apostle of the modern Irish
movement, is fond of telling the following real Irish st- ry :
"It was the wedding day of Tat and
Bridget, ami they were having a
church wedding, it was a L'rnnd affair. Pat was die-sed with patent-
leather shoes, white vest, and naming
tie. Bridget shone attractively in
many colors. Tin ceremony an* ov.r,
and tlie happy pair walked down the
he .-treet, where a
.1   tliem   witii   de-
discrganmitioj! of the passenger traf-   a:sle au 1 out Into
j. sat   crowd   greet
"Once seated within the cab, Bridget leaned over to Pat and suid, in a
loud whisper:
" 'Och, Pat, if we could only have
stood  on  the  pavement and  watched
This is the best
Ready Made
Cough Syrup
on the market.
We back up
this statement
with our guarantee to refund
the money in
any case when
not satisfactory
2 Room House and Lot 52 x 109 in
splendid location. Price only $950
One-third cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
The Peoples TrustCa,fc��
451 Columbia Street
ourselves pass,
Hevin?' "
wouldn't it have been
ministration of them will be placed in
the hands of a responsible local body,
inch as farmers' institute, the fruit
trowera' association or the board of
The government provides the instructor and pays its expenses, bears
1he cost of the packing paper, the fruit
and all other legitimate expenses, except that of the secretarial work
which it has been found most satin-
tactory'to leave to local arrangements
The. responsible organization In each
��ase fs required to guarantee a minimum of twelve pupils, but. not more
than fifteen, with proper qualifications at a fee of three dollars each.
Twelve lessons of two and a half
flours a lesson will be given each pupil
the school extending over   one week.
lo addition   to   the   knowledge   ac-
years past In their efforts to compete
with cheap foreign lead heartily re
joice with their Cumbrian fellow-
workers in the prospect of an early
revival of trade.
Says He Had No Diplomatic Trainlns
���Wiis Great Influence for Good.
London, Nov. 12.���The Times, in an
editorial, criticizes Mr' Ilryce's hand
ling of the reciprocity and Panama
Canal negotiations as justifying "tin
criticisms which will always be heard
against the choice of a statesman with
a political record, but no diplomatic
training for a great office,"
Tho Times adds, however, thes ���
| matters are of little account in com-
parking the pnrison with the influence for good
pupils wlll learn a good deal about! whloh Mr Ilryce's
(he I'Yuft Marks Act and packing sonality
fruits for exhibition purposes. Pupils'
��'ho gain 75 per cent for efficiency In
quired   regarding   fruit
tlie parking school and who put up a
creditable puck for the department
prW.es the following year, may secure
* diploma certifying the same trom
the department.
The* schools should be of great valu-
to fruit growers and those who intend
going in for that kind of business,
Member of Parliament for London
East End Interested In Silver.
Tendon, Nov. 12.--The question
whether Sir Stuart Hamnel, for thn
Kast End Division of London, shall
continue to hold his sent in parliament is to come before a Select committee of the I loose of Commons.
8fr Stuart Samuel is believed b.v the
members of the opposition to have forfeited hls right to sit as a member
���f parliament, owing to his firm of
hankers having become purchasers of
silver for the Indian Government. Under an old Act of Parliament, a member may not be Indirectly interested
in such a transaction.
T7ic change made by the govern-
neat from tho Bank of Kngland to
Samuel Montague & Company as pur-
reputation and per
exerted on Anglo-America.i
affairs. He has heen a dignified and
capable ambassador,"
The Chronicle, in an editorial, pays
a tribute to Mr. Bryoe's valuable services "in having notably qulckeno.l
the sense of co-operation between tho
liriliHh and American politics."
"People forget overnight"
said one of our advertisers
yesterday. Those four words
form the strongest argument in
favor of morning newspaper advertising that can be advanced.
The housewife reads the morning paper before starting down
town to do her shopping, and
there is small chance of her
forgetting the money-saving opportunities offered through the
advertising columns. They are
too fresh in her memory. Are
Mr. Husiness Man, taking
idvnntage of the opportun-
Real or Imitation.
Sir Tomas Upton was talking about
pure food laws to a reporter.
"And that reminds me," said Sir
Thomas, "of my youth, when I was
running my first shop end sleeping
under the counter.
"A rival in the next street was sell.
ing notoriously bad goods, and I
heard a story about him with delight.
"It seems that a customer entered
his shop and asked for a pound of
" 'Yes, sir.' said mv rival. 'The real
or tlie imitation, sir?'
" 'What was it you sold me yeeterday?' inquired the customer.
" 'Tliat was the real, tar.'
"'Then (the n;e the imitation,'"   .
ity given by The News to keep
your announcements fresh in
tho minds of the shoppers?
"A Shocking Bad Hit."
Harry Melton in his "Hints on
Pints" give-' the origin of a once popular saying In Kngland, "What u sIiock-
it:�� had hat!" A Mr. Franks, the
Parliamentary commissioner who iir��t
Irew attention to tlie employment nl
women nnd children in minesL went
janvftssing for his Ir.e.id Mr. Wilson,
the reform candidate for Southwark,
who was a Imt manufacturer, To ench
slector lie remarked: "Dear me, what
\ shocking bad hat you have thero I
Pray permit me to send you another."
This little ruse got talked alwut and
became a common joke at the listings and then traveled through the
metropolis uutil it was in every afreet
hoy's mouth.
Not Sentimental.
"Ah," a sentimental spinster said,
vith a sigh, "are there tpiy sweeter
words in the English language than T
love you?' "
"Well," replied her bachelor friend,
unsympathetically, "I prefer to hear
'Dinner is ready I' "
Shakespeare's Shrine.
Shakespeare's   birthplace   at Strat-
ford-on-Avon  is visited annually   by
W,000 persons.
Pogglness Dscrssslng. I
Records kept for twenty-flve years
ihow that the proverbial ioggineas ol
'."iidon is decreasing,   '' I
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L O, 71;
New    Westminster,
Res. 72.
B   C.
This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone In
every room.
Cafe and dining room In connection
second to none In the city.
The best accommodation in New
Everything Modem and Up-To-Date
Eighth Street. Mew Westminster.
mu  mlnutt   from   B.C.IS.  and  C.P.R.
��� ������
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley,  B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
solu payable in all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th nnd Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
East Burnaby
lleautful view corner, cleared, 1
block from Sixth utreot, only
$900.   Extra good torms.
8 acres, all ln garden or orchard, an ideal subdivision, on,'
block from King's Highway,
Orchard lot, 45 x 100 feet, two
blocks from car. 1750; $50
cash, $15 per month.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.      East  Burnaby.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL	
P. O. BOX 442 TELEPHONE   324        ��
' CO TO -
���-���% mmm
The Crack Hibernian Forward Should
Strengthen Westminster Line-up���
Four More Captures.
Witb the capture of Tomllnson, tbe
crack forward of the Hibernians,
Drummond, a former Scottish leaguer
wltb Queen's Park and Falkirk; McQueen, of Woolwich Arsenal; Robertson, another Scottish leaguer, wbo
made his debut with the city team on
Saturday last, and finally the return of
Phil Samphor to fill the position between the sticks, the unbroken record
of the Hovers in the senior league
should continue and culminate ln the
championship being brought to New
Westminster, together with other trophies.
Manager Grant has been on a still
hunt for the past few days and following the transfer of Tomllnson,
made tracks for the rest of the bunch
with the result that signed registration forms from all of the five are In
his possession'.
The return of Samphor is a surprise,
but his love for the game simply
would not allow him to watch the
matches from the sidelines. The old
Stoke player reports himself ln tho
best of form and should be able to fill
in his old position as goalkeeper.
Tomlinson has made a name for himself the past two seasons on the scoring line and is out and out the best
man among tbe attacking force of the
lliHrrnimis. Manager Grant obtained
the sanction of the league representa-
to players who have not yet signed
with Eastern teams.
Patrick is making good with the fans
of this province ln agreeing not to
touch players already under contract.
The lacrosse war of the past summer
demonstrated tbe fallacy of this move
and, profiting from the disastrous results of every lacrosse team last season, the hockey men are playing a
game which wlll meet the favor of all
sport-loving people. Let the Wanderer
manager return Hyland and Johnson
anji all will be well, but if not, ther.*
will be something doing.
���        STRIKES AND 8PARES.        ���
Capt. Lane's outfit disposed of the
aggregation of ten pin artists under
Capt. Knight last evening, taking two
of the three games. The House League
series Is exciting much attention
among the coming bowlers and all the
games so far have been evenly
The following ls the mortality list:
Hayden    123   123   141   287
Yeoman   140   178    126   444
Brasslth 106   157   152   415
Wintemute 101   128   141   370
Lane   135   188   144   467
605   774    704 2083
Haggman 158 158 124 441
Wallace 133 164 148 44f.
Pittendreigh ..  .. 120 147 115 382
KnfKht       99 S3 118 310
F. Knight 127 125 129 381
637    687    634 1958
Japanese Expert Has Fadeaway Shot
to Show Canucks.
Kojl Yamada, Japan's   premier  bll-
tives at a meeting held in Vancouver j liardist, is bearing down on America
on Monday evening, and Tomlinson
will take up Ills residence in the Hoyal
City forthwith.
It Is probable that he will be placed
at centre, and should be able to convert the wing shots from the feet of
Cavdzlcn and Walker.
The playing cf the Hovers so far
this season has been the best on record, and tliey have yet to lose two
points in a league game.
The Thistles appear to be the'r most
dangerous competitors for tbo championship and their coming game with
the Royals should be a picnic for soccer fur.s in the district.
Sapperton Park Needs Clipping���Medals Co to Winners of League���
Cup Later.
Two games will be played by city
league teams on Saturday afternoon
the Moose vs. Burnaby, at Sapperton
Park, while the 104th and Sapperton
will mix at Moody Square. These fixtures were decided upon at a league
meeting beld last evening. Tim Mahoney will handle the Sapperton game,
while W. Newsome ls the official appointed for Moody Park. All games
from now on will start at 2.30 Instead
of three o'cloek.
Several, of the teams voiced a protest at the present condition of Sapperton Park, the grass being so long
as to make football nearly impossible.
The parks committee of the city council will be approached tbls week to see
if tbere Is a remedy.
Another Important matter handled
last evening was tbe decision to award
medals to tbe winners of the league,
while the City League Cup will be
played for later In the season when
the regular schedule has been finished.
This Is an innovation and is sure to
edd to the Interest being shown among
the six teams In the league as well as
among the many followers of the soccer game in the clty.
with the intention of gaining for himself a prominent place among the
knights of the cue in New York during the winter.
Yamada is bringing with him a shot
he has perfected, the name of which
when translated, sounds something
like the Nippoufadeaway. At least
Yamada makes it fade away. He originated the shot in Japan, but ha.->
added a German accent to it during
his two years' stay in Berlin, and so
the shot may be described now as being something of a mongrel.
Whether the fadeaway will havs an..-
bearing cn Yamada's showing ln America remains to be seen, but the Jao-
nnese cue expert will at least be an interesting, figure-in the-world's;cham-
oionship 18.2 balk line tournament, to
be played at the Hotel Astor November 14, In which he is entered against
3iich players as Willie Hoppe. George
Slosson, Harry Kline, Orlando Morning star, George Sutton and Calvin
This will be Yamada's first visit to
America, and also his first entrance
into a world's championship billiard
Your attention is drawn to the fact that we have  the largest variety of shooting accessories in the city.
Sterllngworth   Dble.   Bbl.   Hammerless Shotguns, each $35.00
L.   C.  Smith   Shotguns,   each $32.50
Parker Shotguns, each j   .,,,.,' $so!oO
Pump Guns, all  makes, each  '.'."'.'.'.. $2s!oO
DOMINION, U.M.C. and WINCHESTER Loaded  Shells in all loads
from 75c to $1.25 per box.
COME UP Sixth Street and see our display.    It will   Interest you.
M. J. KNIGHT&CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
fore, with the bracelets on his wrists, I
be had to plead guilty and kick in'
with the coin. Thus the $500 plus
the letter and the sticker came to
Zimmerman. Murphy, the wise Aleck,
though, saw a chance for a little publicity. He thought he could stick
that one across and get away wtth it.
But the newspapers were wise to
the scheme. They hunted -Zimmerman and he ripped through with the
tale. It made C. Webb look like 30
centimes and also gave the fans of
Chicago the merry ha ha on his im-
lerial tightness, Charles Webb Murphy.
Sporting Yarns.
The story of a 4000-mile trip after
moose is told by a German hunter li
the opening number of the Novembe
issue of Rod and Gun in Canada, pub
lished by W. J. Taylor, Woodstock
Ont. Frank Houghton contributes ar.
amusing tale of Western life entitled
"Two Is Not Always Company," while
the seventh article on the series, "Thq
Culture of Black and Silver Foxes,"
under the heading, "Food and Feeding," appears In this issue. A trip to
the Coast, Game Protection ln British
Columbia, A Wolf Hunt in Saskatche
wan and other stories and article^
constitute a typically Canadian bill o'
fare for sportsmen and lovers of out
door life.
JLa���b b    i
It Will Pay You  To Get Our Rates
J. J. JONES, Managing Director. 4,.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street,  New Westminster.
Royal Theatre.
The Australian Newmans who claim
to have the only act of Its kind on
earth, will be the big feature at th-.-
Royal Theatre on Thursday. They are
trick cyclists and the world's champion unicycle riders. The Newmans
mounted on single wheels, perform a
three-round boxing bout, which is said
to be scientific in every detail. Another act is that of the Gladstone Sis-j
ters, who present a singing, dancing
and acrobatic turn. They are but fifteen years old, and have one of the
most refined acts in vaudeville.
I have a few lots ln the Subdivision of Block 13, D. U- 92* facing
on Kingsway, one block from Highland Park station, on the B. C,
Electric Tram line.   Lots 66 x 141.25 feet to lane.
Prices from $600 up.
Terms, % cash, balance ln 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 per cent" interest.
���*���'*,   - i'i
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B.C.
i '.i In
Patrick Brothers Planning Invasion of
Eastern Circles���N. H. A. Ignores
Settlement Terms.
Ignoring all offers of peaceful settlement with tho Coast League in the
matter Of forming a commission and
the returning of Hyland and Johnson,
to the coast, the magnates of the N.
H. A. are liable to regret their actions
before many days have passed, for the
Patrteli brothers are preparing a cam-
pafiw M entering the enemy's territory, the effeot of which is liable to be
1e.lt In every blub of the Eastern Association.
iM though they made a half-hearted
.attempt to agree to a national commission, the moguls of the old organisation haiee yet tq reach the halt way
line set by the Paciflc League, and unless they rtiake a move this week to
do ib, th* telegraphy wires will be kept
red hot by Tr*uk Patrick with offers
Pittsburg, Nov. 12.���Charles Wad-
elutcher Murphy was handed a ntci
juicy lemon by the Chicago scribes
when he tried to put over an Andrew
Carengle the other day. Murphy
wouldn't pay a nickel a foot for a corner lot In Paradise. He's so close
with the coin that wben he gets a silver dollar in his mitt he starts tha
Goddess of Liberty dancing the Salome. If Christopher Columbus came
back to pitch the opening game of the
world's series Murphy wouldn't pay a
two-dollar bill to throw out the flrst
Anyway, the story about Murphy
that the scribes pulled off is a peach-
nrette. Murphy came out with a neat,
typewritten missive which he dealt to
'he members of ihe press, Stating thai,
he had made Heln'o Zimmerman a
present of a nin* teen-stone stickpin,
the Ice in the pick weighing a couple
of karats. Also in tbe latter was the
information that C. Webb had John-
hancocked a neat Utile cheque for 500
-> *%, whloh lie cme as a donation to
the Bronx battering ram."
tr ,ed "s If Murphy was ready tor
a 1-cuper when he started to hurl away
oi..a In that prodigal' manner. But���
now get (his: The scribes hustled
around and discovered' that the 500
kopecks was nothing more or less
than paying back 500 plunks that Murphy had sldeswlped from Zlmmle's
salary in the shape of a flne during
the season.
It seems Heinle was cultivating an
ilcoholic acquaintance with milkmen,
and was turning into the feathers
when the cock was having Its matutinal symphony well under way. This
^00 simoleons were nothing more or
'ess than reduotion via Murphy
'-leinle's scads tor the season's labors.
And tbe lad from the Bronx would
lever have manhandled the cash
������ealn if It hadn't been for the shoe
dealer of Troy. Johnny Overs, who
will manage the Cubs, was the fellow
who gave the anasthetic to C. JVebb
Murphy and made him shell out the
���nney. Bvpiy time Murphy separates
his handcuffs from %2 his heart loses
�� couple of beats. He has to be revived bv smelling salts when he handa
out a five-spot.
Evers, when he took the club, put
the commercial thing right straight up
��o the spendthrift. Ho Informed Mur-
ihy that unless he peeled Off the fines
he bad tacked on Heinle, Lou Riche
and Schulte he could go to gehenna
before the tidbit of Troy would manage his ball team.
Now, Murphy needed a manager and
he needed him like  blazes.     There-
Habit Is on Increase in London, Both
Among Upper and Lower Classes.
London, Nov. 12.���Cigarettes smok
ing among English women of the middle classes is on the increase.
Not only does the woman of social
standing smoke in public and in her
own home, but her example is followed by a large proportion of tbe business class of women.
A correspondent gives an Instance
of this fact, showing that women now
smoke In public with the utmost unconcern.
"1 was recently travelling North,"
he writes, "and dined in the third-
class restaurant car. Facing me at
the table was a woman obviously ot
some refinement, and 1 hestitated to
light my cigar after the meal.
"To my great surprise, however, she
shortly afterwards produced a cigar
etie caae end began to smoke. I then
noticed that out of twelve women din
:ng in this third-class restaurant car
seven were also smoking cigarettes.'
From enquiries it was found recent
ly that middle-aged women who a fe.\
years ago would be horrified at th.
light of a woman with a cigarette no*
cheerfully condone the smoking habit
among women.
Many railway officials said that they
observed a considerable Increase ir
the number of women who smoke���
and that a great many smoke ln the
ordinary third-class railway carriages.
Another example of the increase in
the smoking habit is the fact that
women after taking luncheon in a
railway buffffet adjourn to a lounge to
smoke a cigarette and drink a cup of
Other instances were of women who
smoke in the street and outside theatres in a pit queue���though this Is at
present somewhat rare.
Seme Quaint Hotels.
The hotel that stands out tho moat
prominently ln my recollection la one
In Iquique, where, even while you art
alttlng at tha dining tablet, venders
come ln from tht streets to tell yon
food. At this tame hotel they have two
chargea for boths-S shillings lf yoa
Insist upon clean water and about 4
shillings If yon are willing to take a
scjond tarn at tbt tab.
Another Instance of a quaint hotel It
In tbe town of Africa, ln Pern. Bert
<bey nre using at the present time tht
bull of sn old American man-of-war,
which was Uken ialand by a great
tidal wore many yeara ago and haa
since been fitted op as a hotel and It
In great demand.���London Answers.
Everlasting Yeast ���
A yeast tbat ls alwaya ready, In hot
weather or cold, ln town or on tht
farm, may be bad If at eacb baking lt
saved a small quantity of the bread
sponge before any salt has been used.
To tbla must be added about ono-balf
tbe same amount of sugar for a preservative. I have used tht same yeast
In thla way for two and oBt-bnlf yeara
now. and lt to at good at tver. Frees-
Ing doea It no harm. No ealt ahonld be
used. If In warm weather It seems to
bt without lift, try It with a Uttlt
flour and water, tnd lt will be all
right Thto makes tht finest posslblt
broad��� National Magaslna.
A Problem He Hadn* Solved,
la 186S (here went to Paris a young
Belgian ntmtd W Orobf. who was
fully convinced tbst bt had solved the
problem of serial flight. Ht did not
succeed ln Interesting Krench experts.
bnt later In England niet with somt
tnconragtmtnt Finally, in the presage* of a large crowd Da Groot madt
hUMtttmpt Hla machlnt waa attach-
tdte s balloon, and after reaching t.
htlgbt of 4.000 feet ht cut hlmtelt
loose. Tht aachlnf tsW'VBts a atone
and crtalied dew* npoo tht rough
pavement of Robert *%*%&**.
with a tlektnlnt thud. Dt Qroot wat
dea<L-Ktw X��(t Mbun*
Boise, Idaho, ' Nov. 12.���Governor
Hawley is today facing a dilemma in
regard to tbe selection of a fitting
Democrat to fill the place vacated In
the United States senate by the death
of Senator Heyburn.
Friends of the governor are urging
him to resign and allow Lieutenant-
Governor Sweetzer, who would succeed him, tbe chance to appoint him
to the ]ob.
Hawley is said to be seriously considering tbis proposition, and it is
generally stated he will appoint himself by proxy. The action may be finally forced on acount of the apparent
lack of senatorial timber among the
Idaho Bourbons.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock
641 Front Street
Have you seen our Kiddies City Gum Boots?
Sizes to 101-2, for   -   -   -   -   --$1.95
All Sizes of Misses' and Ladies' Gum Boots in Stock
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckie's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes. ' ���
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
���Vi.   I
Rn.fl   ''��� ���  - .
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Fraser Mills, B. C Telephbne 890
*at I, ���'���;
-saim.it ���   -
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
,  41 Hours to Hazelton
MONDAYS (12 Midnight) tor PRINCE RUPl'hf
_    . ....._ jjj;?
Connecting with O. T. P. Railway for points Bast; also with S.3.
Prince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett aad Queen Charlotte
Island polnta���bi-weekly. ' '.'��� ?'r,in.''
S.8. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ;i>drt*,'  3rd.
13th and 23rd of each month. '   " Oo55j..���
>,��** ���ji ���*���'���''
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.        >   >    ���>
11 I ll      ||l     Hi,
H. a. SMITH. C   P. t T. A. W. E. DUPEROW.' O. A;.'P. D.
Phon* Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     627 Granville Street
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Educational Lecture
Thursday, Noy. 14
MO p. tn.
Romance of
Students. Members of   Educational
Societies, Half Rate.
Beit Sfclo at TWy the Florlat'a after
Monday.' ���". .,'"   , ,**
Pros, and Oral Mgr.       Vlce-Preeldsot Sao. aM,*rsps.
i!      -���      .
Fir* Cedar and
moitrtfl   . "* '
1 ���','>������ na'J
��� ������ ���.->:
Phones No. 7 and 877.
'i' si,,;
Mix With the Bunch HOTEL FRASER
Finest Pool Tables in tlie City
AU the latest newa ln the sport line.
English football results   and   league
John Hotchkles
i PROPRIETOR.    .   ***
' King's Hotel. Columbia Stmt
!      . !'���    'I-I | |
The moat comfortable rooms in th*
elty; hot and cold water and steam
radiator ln each.,v   i ������*������,*.
Finest winer and'SptMti dispensed
at the bar, and Urst Class cafe run la.
connection. ' -' w?!fir
.""   '        ���    ri'::  r;i; *,**l,
FMM'' tiSS.   '
Corner Front aG ��.ible gtr^^s. \
'*, **-���*$*  l'.**(��*nfe ^aatpBPt
Affairs of One of Britain's Richest
Peers Are a Matter of Common
Discussion Across the Water and
It Is Said That Reconciliation Is
Far-off���His Grace May Plunge
Into  Politics.
The Duke of Marlborough's active
fiarticipat.on in tlie political game
ateiy is tlie precursor, say the pro-
pheU, of a growing absorption in public affairs.
Meanwhile, tlie duke and hi\ wife
hava been drifting further and further
apart. Instead uf the rpconciliution
whicii friend.", as well as lawyers,
were endeavoring to bring Lbout at the
tiue of Kin.,' (ieorge's coronation,
there is now a feeling in English society circles that the breach is to be
a lasting one.
Hitherto the duke hns had access to
the children, under conditions, but as
they grow older tliey appear to care
less for ilis society. There is no suggestion that the Duchess of Marlborough has any intention cf breaking
. through or evading the tern.s of the
agreement, but the duke feels some
irritation that the children should prefer to see tlieir mother than to visit
On the other hand, it is known that
tl.e duchess was opposed to tlie holding of a huge Conservative feast at
Blenheim at h moment when tliere
was much very serious privation in
dockland owing to the recent strike.
Although she does not now visit or
use the.historic mansion in any way,
as some of her money was sr.nk in
maintaining it she would like still to
liave a voice as tn the uses to wliich
the place is put.
Unique Profession Found Amor.gst ihe
A peculiar profession that hns been
in existence for a great number of
years in some of the influential synagogues of the metropolis is that oi a
"minyan man."
The word "minynn," which is ol
Hebrew origin, denotes a quorum of
. ten aduit males above the age of thirteen necessary to attend a place of
worship to ei able a service to be fully and properly conducted���in other
words, the minimum number of worshippers for a complete congregational service. Unless ten or more are
present, most iinportnnt parts of a
service have to bu omitted.
The reason for this universal custom, whieh is an essential in Hebrew
congregations, and strictly adhered to
by orthodox Jewry, derives its significance from .-the words nf the Psalmist which says. "God standeth in the
congregation of Gol." thus signifying
that the Divine glory rests in the
midst of the congregation when this
number is present. Now the Kast London synagogues and other minor congregations situated in populated Jewish quarters do not. as n rule, employ
"minyan men," or professional worshippers. There are sufficient voluntary attendants at all the services at
these places without them- It is only
the magnificent synagogues comprising the "United Synagogue," one of
thc most powerful bodies governing
the religious affairs of the community,
whicii nre situated in some of the mast
aristocratic quarters of London, who
employ "minyan men." This is owing to the laxity of members and others in attending.
These men, who are drawn from
the foreign element of the community
resident in the ghettoes of London,
possess all the features of their race.
the typical beard, a symbol of orthodoxy, and, above all, simplicity' of
dres3, which is in accord with their
humble calling. Tho>y are always
punctual in their attendance, and seldom stay away from their respective
synagogue. Any day they may be
seen entering or waiting outside any
of the West Knd synagogues in readiness to play their important part in
the daily services, which are held
morning and evening. Some ore middle-aged, but the majority are elderly
men, who have already surpassed
their usefulness in other spheres of
The remuneration of the "minyan
men" varies according to the position
and status of their congregation, but
usually ranges from four to seven
shillings per week, exclusive of extras. The extras to which the men
look forward to are these: (1) Tlie anniversary of the death of a member's
parents, when that particular member
has to recite a special prayer, wliich
cannot be said without tlie quorum of
worshippers, and in commemoration of
the event it is customary to distribute
charity, and nearly always a benevolent person will leave a sum for distribution amongst the humble "minyan men"; (2) an important confirmation, viz., when a male attains the
age of thirteen; (3) a wealthy wedding;
(4) a memorial strvi?e.
Ostrich Farming.
One of the most important branches
ol South  African  fanning is tlie production   of  ostrich   feathers.    Indeed,
an ostrich farm is one of lhe best of
investments, provided, of course, that
the Investor has a sound knowledge of
the husiness.    There are many methods   of  farming   ostriches,   says   The
Field, hut tliat adopted in the eastern
jprovince of Cape Colony is the most
interesting and profitable.    The birds
themselves vary  very  much  in  price,
p. wild bird, with poor feathers, bein.;
practically unsaleable at .f5, whilst S*
much  as  $5,000 has  been  paid  for a
oock-hird of a good strain aiid produj-
ing excepionally  fine  feather--.    This
latter sum is most probably paid  lor
the advertisement that tlie ownership
of such a bird affords, nnd it-is quite
possible   to  get   a   first-class   pair   of
birds for anything between  JoOJ and
a* 1,250.
As the ostrich has sueh a voracious
appetite���a pair ot birds requiring m
much as fifty acres of veldt���it is usual nowadays to grow lucerne for fodder where possible. This greatly lessens tlie amount of land required for
an ostrich form, for it is estimated
that one acre of lucerne, especially il
the birds are not actually kept on it,
will support at least three birds the
wliole year round. Therefore, 11 a man
had 350 acres of ground under lucerne.
lie should he able to keep I.OCO os-
triclie.-. and derive an income Varying
from $-_>5,ooo to $I50,o��kj per annum
iroui tin in.
An Advocate oi Peace.
Arthur Ponsonby i.i a li
Dog Saved His Life.
Robert Macdougall, one of the me-
teorologists at Ben Nevis observatory,
had once a most exciting experience
when  climbing   that  mountain,     His
only  companion  in  tl.e  ascent  was  a
col.ie dog, to whom, he says, he owes
liis   life.     When   manoeuvring   on   a
snowslide  about 1.000 feet above the
halfway station   Mr.  IWiiCdougall  lost
liis footing, and as the surface of tlie
snniv   was  glazed   and   hard   he   was
soon  being  whirled  dowu  a gully at
an   alarming   pace,   sometimes   head
foremost,  at   others   the   reverse.     It
was  at  this  juncture  that  the  dog's
sagacity   came   in.    As   soon   as   Mr
Macdougall   began  to  slide  it caught
his  (jotd  yith   itr   teeth   mid   greatly
impeded tiie downward progress   The
dog u'timately guided him to a place
of safety after the twain had slid down
on   the   snow   for   nearly   1.000   feet.
Ctrange to say, neither observer nor
dot was much hurt, and tlie former.
breaking open the door of the halfway
hut,   lighted   a'fire.       Here   he   was
found by a search  party  hlH  Bileep.
with the dog watclun.; jver niir.
Mr. Arthur Ponsonby i.; a *.!���:' ad-
Vocate of peaev and retrenchment, nnd I tion
u.s tbe successor of Sir Henry Csrup-
liell-liannerman in the Stirling Burghs
lie exhibits much ol the cautious judgment ol Ids old chi '. When Mr.
Churchill brought forward his naval
program Mr. Ponsonby re.used to enthuse, and wanted to know when a
peace book would take tlie place tt
tlie war book.
Mr. Ponsonby is a s n of the late
Ge". Sir H. Ponsonby. who was secretary to the late tjueen Victoria for
many years.
From the time when Sir Henry
Campbell-Bannerman formed his Min-
istry until his dealji he was faithfully
served by Mr. Ponsonby, who acted
as principal private secretary, and
who still remains true to Uie principles which bis departed chief laid
The Fatal Niches.
Canterbury Cathedral, like most
grtat cut icdrals, is decorated witli innumerable r.ichcs for statues, /t Canterbury a series of these niches is occupied with statues of Kind's and
QuiM'ns of England, and there nre only
four niches left unoccupied. An old
tradition has it tbat when all lhe
niches are tilled the throne ol F.ngljlid
will come to an end. yueen Victoria
was approached with a view to a
statue of herself being placed in oie
of the four remaining niches, but le r
late maje ty was aware of the trsoi-
and refused. One wonder' whether in the fu'ure there will ! e lour
nionnrchs of Kngland sufflcieri'.lj indifferent Ui superstition to ti--fy the
tradition and allow their efli ,ie�� to
fill the unoccupied spaces.
Octogenarian Tree Climber.
Ongar (Kng.) Guardians were informed that their relieving oflicer bad
given medical relief to an old-nge pen-
sioner, aged B0, of Moreton, who had
been climbing up a plum tree and
had fallen down, injuring himself. It
was agreed to sanction the relief and
to inform the pensioner that lie is too
old to climb trees.
Londons Famous Bow Bella.
Bow bells, tlie i>eal of bells belonging to the Church of St   Mary-ie-Bow.
Cheinpside,   London,   ntimlicr   twelve,
not ten, as refe.rer.ee works stats, and
J are rung officially liy tiie A-ncier.t Society    of    College    Youths,    founded
! about l&'i", who are probably the old-
est   gui d   of   be!lrin;-ers   in   Kurope.
| The College Youths, some oi whom art
promising lads of fourscore, have never rung a complete p**1' on Bow bells.
because with twelve bells thero ar*
179,001,000 possible changes and to
rin? these would take nearly thirty-
eight years. Their peal on twelve belis
������technically called a "maximus"���is
thus never more than a fraction ol
what it might, be.���London Family
Famous English Military Order May
Be .Reduced In Number.
There is a proposal on foot to reduce tl.e number of the Military
Knights ot Windsor and to do away
with the lower foundation. At present
the hody consists of a governor and
twelve knights on the upper, or royal,
foundation and live on the lower. It
is an ancient institution, having been
founded by Edward III. ns an adjunct
to his famous Order of the Garter.
The Military Knights, or Poor
Knights as they were known in those
days, were first selected by tlie original Knights of the Garter from
amongst tlie number of impoverished
soldiers, who, after lighting their country's battles abroad, found themselves
in the autumn of life fallen into necessity and decay. The number was
fixed at twenty-four, hut was shortly
afterwards raisod to twenty-six.
Provision for their mninteiiui.ee was
included to the rich lands granted to
the newly-established College of St.
George, where they were incorporated
under thc control of the Custos, or
Dean. At their foundation houses were
built for thein to reside in, and they
were allowed one shilling a duy tor
their sustenance, the precise sum
granted to the canons of St.
George's Chapel, and derived from thu
same source. King James 1., commiserating their poverty, gave them su
additional shilling per day. By command of King William IV. they wear
a handsome uniform, similar to that
of unattached officers of the army, and
they used formerly to be compelled,
under a penalty, to attend Divine service daily in the chapel. In fact, Ihey
formed part of the ecclesiastical and
military foundation.
The history of this partnership between priest and soldier has not proved wholly uneventful. Shortly after
the death of Edward III. arose the
first of a long series oi disputes tliat
have only subsided in quite recent
years. The Knights accused the dean
of sequestrating the fines ��� Is. per
diem���for non-.ttendance in chapel, instead of dividing the money among
the remainder of tiie Knights, as directed by the statute. The dean retaliated with a uot unfounded charge
of immorality against certain of tlie
veterans, while one was declared guilty of continual!/ appearing late, sleeping during the progress of Divine service, and retiring before its conclusion The Chancellor of England in-
st.tuttd a thorough investigation, with
the result that the dean and canons
were ordered in future to share their
revenues with the knights in sueii
manner as had been directed by the
Some half a c��i:tury later further
trouble cropp-.'d Up between the parties, owing to nonpayment on the pait
of the eiergy, and again the latter were
cynipeiled to disgorge. Matters came
to a crisis in the reiirn of Edward
IV., when, ths differences seeming
irreparable, the dean und canons
contrived to obtain a new statute
permitting them to absolve themselves
for ever from all responsibilities of the
Knights. Tliere does not appear t"
hav_' l een any division ui revenue, and
,t is not certain what means were
forthcoming for the support of the old
soldiers, but that the foundation preserved its existence is clear from the
(act that continual pet.tions were
made to t'.ie crown for repeal of the
statute oi Edward IV.
During the reign oi Henry VIT. the
Knights enieri'd a charge a_"nm-t tlie
canons cf withholding a share of a
la.-t of herrings, an annual presentation to the College by the Corporation
of Yarmouth, a custom dating back to
the time of Edward III. The Knights
per.-evered in their appeals Without
success, until King Henry VIII. pitying their forlorn conditions, gave orders for the erection of the pre.Jfcnt
buildings, which were afterwards completed by Qu.>eri Mary.
Owns a Lonely Isl. nd.
Sir George Bulloilgh is '.lie proprietor id one of the loneliest islands in
Europe. This is tiie island of Llmm,
in tlie Inner Hebrides, wl ich Sir Walter Scott made famous under the name
ol Rona. Excellent deer-stalking is to
he obtained, and KinliJch Cu-tle, Sir
Qecrgo's residence on the island, is a
most imposing lardniark.
Sir (jeorge Bullough ia Immensely
wealthy, for his fatner was one ( f the
founders of the famous engineering
firm ort whicli the prosperity of Ac-
bring ton mainly depends. When released from business cares Sir George
speiils a deal of his timo yachting.
During the South Africa:', war he look
his yacht Rhounia to the Cane, and
fitted it out at his own expense as a
hospital ship.
Sir George Bullough married the eldest daughter of the fourth Marquis de
la Pasture, and Miss Lily Klsie is hu
sist* r-in-law. In addition to his resi-
denoe on the island of Rhum he maintain.* establishments in Hereford ���hire,
sod Gloucester, and alao a house iu
London's Gardeners.
,   This year 2.500 persons have grown
'Vegetables on vacant lots in London,
This Was In 1806.
Says Ths   London   Times   of May.
I80C: 'A decently dressed woman wai
last night brought out into Smithfield
��� for sale, but the brutal conduct of the
1 bidders induced the man wlv, was or
' protended to be her husband to refuse
lo sell her, on which a seen-' of Tint
and . confusion   highly   disgraceful   t>
our police took place."
Kissing Ladles Only.
When a female member of the British royal family holds a ievee it U
customary for her to kiss the Indie*
of the nobilily uud no others. It hap*
poned tnat t.,e lady of the Lord Justice Clerk was, on one occasion, among
:he number ol th' se presented to the
Princess Amelio. who was very denf.
".-;ta.(id by for my Lady Justice
Clerk," naid the man in waiting.
Meanwhile some muddling person
whispered to him that his announcement was incorrect, the l.idy being a
commoner. By this time the kiss preliminary was about to be performed,
whan out bawled the man of office
ih rough a speaking trumpet:
"Don't kiss her, madam���she's not a
Grouse In London.
Grouse are not allowed to be on sale
in London before Aug. 12, the opening
d trie shooting season, yet on that
very day. even before the birds can
Ik shot on the wild moors, they are on
���ti.e And when these birds sre sold
it is found that they ure two years
old. When the magic words "cold
���iti'iivze" are uttered the mystery ii
vl r I. Ihey have been for many
mouths hurging in long neat rows in
sjUI ituva^e awaiting the "new birth."
Native Africans Believe They Ars a
Pmt oi Thsmselveu.
Tbe shadow In (lie recognized porl ion
of man among modern African peoples.
lu West Africa the natives told Dr.
Nassuu (bat It was possible for a human belug; tu have Ills shadow stolen
or otherwise lost mul for him to exist
In u diseased or dying state, lu (hls
cast' Ills body would cast no shadow.
Thn snme authority suys there is a
widespread belief among the natives
In a dual soul, which consists of a spirit wbicli, us fnr us Is known, lives forever tu the world of spirits, nud a
shadow, which ror an uncertain length
of time hovers around tbe mortal renin Ins. *
Here we seem to have confusion between the spirit body und tbe shadow
ot u mnn.
The shadow, according to Mlss Kings-
ley, ts one ut the four suuls ot man.
Sbe noticed tbut men would march happily enough tbrough the forest or grass
land oo o blazing morning, but. when
they come to a piece of opeu ground
(hey would gu nround It, nut ncross It.
because tliey were afraid of losing
their shadow. 'J'bey ouly du this at
Ou asking some Bakwlrl wby they
were not anxious about losing their
souls nt night time, sbe wns tuld tbut
at nlgbt all shadows Iny duwu ln the
sbnduw of (he great God and so became stronger. Hnd she not noticed
buw long nnd strung the shadows uf
meu, trees and uiuiiutnlos were In the
morning? Murders nre sumetlmes committed secretly by driving a null or a
knife Into a man's sbnduw.���Frum Dr.
Wallis Budge's "Osiris und tbe Egyp-
tluu Resurrection."
And Why, After Awhile, He Had the
Car All to Himself.
A doctor, according tu the story, saw
lute une nlgbt u due automobile baited
outside a cemetery. He bid behind a
tree, for be suspected that body snatch-
ers were st work, and. sure enough, ln
s few minutes be saw twu ugly characters stagger frum tbe cemetery carrying a body. They placed It upright tn
the automobile as (bough it were alive,
propping It securely In- tbe back sent
ami tben tbey hurried back to the
cemetery tu Oil tbe violated grave
again. The doctor in tbeir absence lifted the body out of (he automobile, hid
It under a hedge und took Its place
Soou tbe scoundrels returned. One
sented himself ut tbe wheel, nnd the
older fixed himself In the back sent beside (he body, so as to bupport It. Then.
In the darkness, tbey gilded off. After
awhile the mnn In Ihe rear seat said in
a rnther awed tone. "This body seems
mighty wnrui fur n corpse." Theclutuf*
feur reached back bis baud and touched It. "Don't It. tbuugb!" be muttered,
between perplexity und fear. Tbeu the
corpse. In deep, sepulchral tones, exclaimed; "Warm) Of course I'm warm!
Aud it yon hud beeu wbere I've been
for tbe last two days you'd be warm
With loud yells of horror tbe body
snatch) rs leaped from tbe automobile
uud tied. Tbe doctor seized tbe wheel
and drove It bome. lie has it, tbey
say, stoi ��� Exchange.
Hslf Mourning.
There are drawbacks even to being
tbe wife of a wealthy man, ns Mra
Mlllyuns found out Although tliey
have been married only a few weeks,
sbe hardly ever bus a quiet buur with
ber husband. It's busluess frum morning till night, and iu tbe evening be
unly begs for penes nnd rest Ho the
other day sbe cnme down to dinner lu
a somber black frock.
"Why on earth, dear, are you wearing tbut frockV" ssked Mr. Mlllyims.
eying ber puro wllb distaste. "Wby,
it's almost half mourning."
"Of course R's Half mourning," replied the lady, wllb much mourning.
"Don't you alwuys say when yuu come
buuie from tbt- otlice tbut you are hnir
The Position of ths Poiss.
ttoth Peary nnd Anundseu mnde al
lowames lu delerinluing (be sites of
the poles. Their position Is not perfectly constnut. there being a countur
cluck elliptical movement of some thirty feet nnd �� counter clock circular
movement of some twenl^sU fe*"t in
diameter in a |terlnd of 428 day* at
tho extreme nils of the earth. Tbls
chance, however. Is so slight as not
to be reckoned In practical calcula
tlons. I'eary and Anmndseu made no
guesses. Hut took serernl olmervatlons
from various standpoints to determine
conclusively thnt they bsd readied the
IMiles.-i.'brlstlau Herald.
Raising His Bluff.
Phe (rending s list of names In a national subscription* - Anonymous, 6
rrancs: we'll mnke people bellere (hat's
tv,., He-Ob, oo: let's choose tbls om��.
"Anonymous, 100 frnws." She-Tlm ts
too nimb. Hi�����NolhliiR Is tno much,
inndnme. lo a national causf.-1'elv
"Experience Is a grent teacher." snld
ths old fogy.
"Tben why do some men pef married
four (Iraesr asked the cheerful Idiot.
-C'liiciunntl Enquirer.
The Resemblance.
"Don't you think my husband looks
like Nnpolenn?" nsked the bride.
"Well, yes. a little," ber former chum
replied. "He's short and stoat"���Chicago Hicord Herald.
V*e yonr own discretion; that's what
It Is for.-Chlcaso News.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business, letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work itrijtly confidential. M. Broten, Koom 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 716
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesdays
ln each month in K. ol P. hall at
8 p.m. 11. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary..
, O. O. F AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F.. is beld every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows- ball, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visaing bretheri
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
The Bank has 250 branches
extending in Canada from tba
Atlantic to the Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Pork* Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
ldad, Dominican Republic, Ne.v
York and London, Eng.
Drafts lasued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
colent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Uulon. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J.    STILWELL, CLUTE,    barrlster-nt |
taw, solicitor, etc;  corner Columbie
and   McKenzie etreets, New  West j
minster, B. C.   P. O. Box 112.   Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610  Columbia I
street.   Over C. P. H. Telegraph.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL (Paid-lJp) ....$16,000,000.0
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00-
Branches throughout Canada amy
Newfoundland, and In London England, Dsw York, Cn<tago and Bpokane
U.S.A.. and Mexico Olty. A general
banking business transacted Let
ters ot Credit Issued, available wltb
norrespondanta In all parts of tho
Savings Bank D��partmenr.���Dsposlta
recel-ed In sums of fl and upward,,
sud Interest allow* 1 at S par cent par
annum  (prsseat ruts).
Total  Assets  over 1186.000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster ]
Truat block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address !
"WhlteBlde," Western Union. P.O. I
Drawer 200. Telephone fi��. W. J.
Whiteside. II. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp block.
K 12S.    Room
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, Clty Hull, aa follows-
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the IJird Friday of
February, May, AuRust and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. 11. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Wo bave no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street        *
Meat JHarket
Re the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 7338F, Issued in
the name of George Seeley, has beeu
filed In this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of ODe month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
DlBtrict Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C.. October 30, 1912.       (1)
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
i. ni., 2 p. m. and 11:46.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle It
s. m. and 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3
Leav��* Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednes
day at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Weatmlnster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesdsy and Friday.
Loaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, Now Westmlnater.,
O. P. A., Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water',   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Telephone A 111. Offlee i Princess it
who do not receive   The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In tbls way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Winter Schedule
7:65 for Toronto and Nicola branch..
14:00 for St. Paul   and    Kootenay
18:20 for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperlal   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancouver
Lulu Js land
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phona 868. Room 4 Traot Block-
TWEED,   IRISH   8ERQE, etc.,   Just.
Arrived.   Perfect Fit and Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
..<.-*! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1912.
Comes From the Bench of the
German Cobbler.
In Praise of Industry���Observations
si to the Relation of Honeity to Politics���On the Foolishneee of Trying to
Plests Everybody.
By  M.  QUAD.
fCopyrlght,   1912,   by   Associated   Literary
II.IK 10 to cobble nnd  I  like to
think.    Vbcn I don't cobble I All
my pipe und vbnlk oop uud dowu
und sny to myself:
"1 Mias grateful If I find n dime on
���der sldevbnlk. but nt der same time I
can't   belp  but   wish  It   bud   been  a
"Every mans should hnve an object
Jn life, und I guess most of lis have.
I know about thirty different ones dot
huve tried to pick my pocket
"luilustry should be praised nnd en-
-couruKcd. but I don'l Hud myself feel-
Ing good  toward der  man dot spent
three hours cutting avliny der door of
my shop to stent my leather.
"I like to help my fellow man vhen 1
can, but der trouble vbns li) knowing
Mien to give blm your hand or your
"No man knows rbere he shall go to
vhen he dies, und yet dere vims no
dny In der week dot we don't hope to
benl der ntrvvt cur conductor out of a
The Use of the Dog.
"It hns alvha.vs lieen a consolation
to me dot der only men 1 vhnnted to
lick, and knew I couldn't lick, hud
dogs dot 1 could throw brickbats at
Maybe dot Is vhy .Nature gave us der
"Vben a mnn tells It vhas all wool
I know he vhas a llnr. Vben I tell blm
dot s cement patch vblil lust six
mouths he knows I vhas s liar. It
vhas even oop und nopody ahead.
"Der man wbo beliefs too mucb may
make mistakes, but vben yon come
across der sign nf, "l.ook Out Kor Der
Hull.' don't shump over. In der lot mlt
bim to see tf he vhas dere.
"lf 1 wake oop at midnight und hear
a burglar downstairs I vhas not alarm-
ed. If be can Iind anything dere worth
taking avay be can do better asb me.
I simply wonder how be came to get
into der wrong bouse.
"We like to go by election nnd vote
for an honest man for ofllce, bnt we
don't get back bome before we begin
to wonder bow long before be becomes
a thief. You ara alvhays sure of on
tons, bnt vben It comes to human nature you are slvhnys tangled oop I
knew a man one* wbo had ueffer
wronged hts fellow mans. Vben der
doctors eiamtned Ills bead It vhas
found to be empty.
"I like you to understand dat I vhas
an honest mana If my cement pstches
fieel ofl or my half soles vbns poor
leather, dot vhas only der 10 |ier cent
tirotlt In der peenm*ea.
"Out of adwerslty may come good
luck. Dot time I fell off a shed und
��iroke my leg I didn't baf to run for
alderman of my ward nud lose uiy
"Efery mans should stsrt ont to life
mlt der Idea ho vims born to be great
if he fulls to get dere. he enn slvhnys
In v der blame on somebody else. If he
wins, he can take all der glory to blm
"It vhas shnst as well to haf some
lawm Its nnd get posted. Tou sue a
mnn to get square, und der lawyer
takes all der money to get even.
"If der mnns who plants der seeds
vhlll figure dot hair der ��"���'��>"��� rMU
he siolen. nobody vblll be disappoint
ed. lt vlius vhen yon lea���� jrour fel-
lowmorts out of It dot jou tusks a
mints ke.
"Nupody should try to pl��sst efery
hody. If you wish It would rain you
may please der mao wlrtf has der rubber boots und umbrellas to Hell, but you
make an enemy of der mnns wbose
cublmges und oucUmbem need sun-
Mil tie Shust tnke a middle course und
tii Ik politics.
"We know und nutt* dot df world
vims nil wrong, bul If any changes
vims made we like 'em to begin mlt
��miu body elee.
"t belief sbe vfcns der best for efery-
\stslv to begin ou der ground floor. Aft-
*r a mnns i*lH��r��W *'*��-*' ont "* iXv*
tpirden through bar asms hole be come
In at It vhas (ime for der people to see
smartness lu lilm.
Circumstances Alter Case.
"If you vhas mlt a mans and Hud a
cent, be vhlll quarrel mlt you oitfer der
principle of der iblug. If tie finds *K>*1
ly himself, be euu't see no principle in
It at all.
"If It vlins sooch a bad world hsIi
plenty or people would make out. we
all ought to be glad lo leave It for a
better, but 1 notice dot all der old folks
are taking spiing tonics dis year, same
as usual."
I spunk like dls lo der old muns Snyder, und lie nods his bead uud smokes
uvbny uud says notlings for n long
time, lieu be looks at some knotholes
in der fence und suys:
"It vbns curious how many people belief dot thirteen vims an unlucky uuin-
ber, und yet 1 never found a man
who'd knock a dollar off der bill und
coll It $12.
"It vhas no use to wlHb you could
talk wllb a mnns who bad been bung
und Iind out If It hurts much. It vbns
easy to try her for yourself.
"Nobody can kuow everything, but 1
vbns ueffer more surprised In my life
vben 1 complain of my neighbor's
plnno as a nuisance to luif hlm prove
lu court dot 1 kept a dog w'blcb barks
nil night
"It vhas a world In which things
come out even. Der grocer mny give
you fifteen ounces for n pound of
sugar, but vben you vbns hll by a po-
llcemaiis It vbnM seventeen ounces or
more, If you want lt
Futile Argument.
"Sometimes a mnns vbas mad at me
becnuse I don't tulk about Noah and
bis nrlc, but If 1 vhas to go around
trying to tind out whether It really
rained for forty dnys nnd nights or
iVhus twenty-four hours abort 1 vhas
'in der poorboiiBe In one year.
"I wns puffed up mlt pride vben a
newspaper says dot my word vhas
ash good asb my bond, but dot pride
went avbay vben I like to borrow $10
at der bank. Eferybody may be all
right, but a note mlt a good lndorser
makea yon sure.
"We safely trust to human nature.
If a dog dies don't gif somebody SO
cents to cart der body avbay. Put lt
lu a box und leave der box at der gate
und it vhlll be gone In der morning.
"If der mule didn't kick back now
and den It wouldn't be long before
folks would size bim up for a borse
und put blm ln a raise position.
"Der cost of llliri may have Increased 40 per cent, as der papers haf It. but
on Inquiry of doctors and undertakers
I find dat de cost of dying haf Increased 50 per cent If you like to
make 10 per cent on your capital den
Hf on.
"1 bnln't saying dot money bns any
Influences on religion, but 1 bnv nl-
vbnys took some notice dat all preachers seem to preach de hardest vbeu der
collection" vims der biggest
"Vben I like to know how grent a
man vhns during bis lifetime I don't
go by der books. I sbust tnke a vbnlk
oop to der cemetery und read vhat bns
been enrved on hls tombstone. All de
headstone* I can find cover grent men.
Der common folks must bave got lost
Id some shuffles."
He Wasn't Fsr Wrong.
Ellsba Dyer. New York's cotillion
lender, returned from Kurope recently,
and a reporter asked If the duty he
wus paying on a large st^'k of London
cloMie* would not make ihem cosi more
tban be would lmve paid tn New York
"Well, even no." Mr. Dyer replied,
"we need bnve uo regret ubout tbe cost
uf our wardrobes. Look at the unfortu
nste ladles!
"1 bave Just left Purl", where all tbe
smart women sre wearing delicate lit
tie white straw bowler hats mounted
In front wltb bunches of white aigrets
as thick .as your wrist To be wltb
out one of these bet" Is to be shabby.
and yet. simple as tbey sre, they coxt
as much as fino each.
"Lest month un American girl embed her husband Iuto a "hop on the Une
Itoyale and tried a bowler bat with a
bnge algret.
- 'How do you think thle looks. Johof
sbe nsked.
*"U'm! It loot:- to me like n monlhV
salary,' be said "~Wn��htngion star
PPPPPPat^Ppat^^V*^***^ <��**>#���*���*
For Lovers ef Paradox-
Life w:i�� once a rer) ,emiipll��
euted   busbies",   i,ml   I lieu   men
were nappy,   .N��w tt hii�� beewtne
1' at'opllfW. and it l" net trau more
',', aud Mmre "tiiiplltlcil. nud we sre   < >
'    boreu to dttitu In eouneuneuce.���  ', \
'��� '��� George iloore.
< PPP+s-aS^S4>P**M*&ttQQSrS*S<S+<i
A Rapid Counter.
Willie wns wakeful, sud his mother
told blm to count und keep on counting until he weut to sleep. All was*
quiet lor about an bour, ��� wben be
"Welt. dear, whnt Is Itr
"What comes after trllllonsr-H��*
ton Transcript
"Hav* you purchased your new car
yet, Mrs. NoorldiV" nsked tbe visitor.
"No. Ur. Sniit bens. I ain't    I cant
make- np my mind whether to get a
gasoline car or a limousine car. Maybe
j you can tell me���does limousine smell
as bad aa gasoline*" Inquired thp lady.
���Harper's Recur.
The Reason.
���The most difficult thing In tbe worM
to photograph ts a small boy," remarked tba photographer.
"Why la thatr asked the assistant
"Because be  never looks cheerful
and dressed up. too." explained tte
pbotographer.-Willadeiphla Record.
Humor and
T VVONURH who wlll win the race
*    And who will IHI tiie chair
And wlio, wIimi Ihe returns are lu.
Wlll have Ch* voles io spars.
Which ot Ihe cuixIkIuich ut mru*
L'p to the trout will so?
J wonder, out I wouliln t give
A huir a cent lo Know.
It doesn't matter much tn ine.
11 does to some. II seems.
The wny they worry as Ihey go
About consulting dieuiiis,
And asklnit this one'who wlll win.
And asking ihat tne same,
And neeuig If they can ny card!
Ur (at* spell out the nuine.
1 think Til get three meal* a day.
Should they not oe In view
1 guess that I cun get along.
As others do, on two.
No matter wbo on ballot day
Should win the little prize
And nnd th* cbslr in  Washington
Exactly of his sue.
For when lh* present I* forgot
And people strain their eyes
To read nbout these candidate*
They'll Iind thai ill were wise.
And so I iihi to all and try
Un argument* io tnrive.
Because I know, whoever win*.
The country wlll survive.
Making Discoveries.
"Did you know tbat Frank and Nellie bave broken?"
"No; not really T
'Tbey have."
"Wbat was the matter?"
"tie found she was going to cooking
school nnd she found out that be took
physical culture exercises every morn
The Way to Do It
"Tou can't muke a woman talk If sbe
doeMi't want to."
"That may be true, but there's a way
around It."
���What ts Itr
'You can make her want to talk."
Poor Pompey.
'Ah nm sure grief stricken, lady."
"Too bad. poor uuiii:   In wbat sbnpe
did grief eome?"
"Iu (he shape of Mr  (Jus Jobnstng,
lady.   Ue sure do nave a powerful
Couldn't Get Them Interested.
"Tom ought to get married."
���Van't nfford tt"
"Then pick some rich girl."
"Thou* 1 have talked to have otber
Jutt So.
"Is be a courageous man7"
"He is. but"-
"But whuff
"Ills courage Is so easily discouraged"
Mere Celerity Required.
"Tbey go the puce that kills."
"Ive only one objection to it"
"What Is thstf
"It doesn't ktll thera fast enough."
Only a Start.
The girl of forty lummere
At Ihem need not tt. sore:
They're not 1*1 her be thankful,
Bome forty summers mor*.
Some folks are sn bmy reefing tbnt
they never have time to get tired.
Tbe telephone Is a great Invention.
It enable)* s womnn living in the"country to flnd nut whst her eteter twenty miles aWay bad tor breakfast
Wben a man whn owns sn antnmn
bile doesn't tnke his friend* rld|ng
they think he's menu. When he does
they think ne'e trying tn show off.
The ortW should seek the man, but
It sever gets ttie chance.
This Is the yesr thnt the wis* political prophet goes tlshing.
Somehow the man wbo hi always
willing to learn and the man who
knows It nil seldom Bet on well together.
If yon want to he popular leant tn
listen tn other people's trouble*, hut
never��� ho, never���come within a thousand miles of hinting that you may
have troubles of your own.
Rome people are kept miserable all
their lives by thinking shout tbe good
times tbey didn't have.
Nothing makes a woman madder
than to have her telephone get nut of
irder tte afternoon that there are
some Interesting happenings In tbe
Tte woman who lent afraid ttt a
snake, a mont* nr a thunderstorm
needs all tte characteristics tbat ahe
possesses, for nobody wlll pay any attention to ter. and ate to In for a go
It alone Journey.    . ���
ixrlvalr Closing
10:60���Vancouver via Q. N. R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. IC. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
': 40���Vaneouver via B. C. B. R.    ��
(dally except Bunday).11:IE
(2:00���Vanoouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).2v:30
10:00���Port Mann  cdaily except
,        Sunday)  9:45
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
i and Friday 13:13
1:40���Victoria vta B. C. B. R.
(dally oxcept Sunday) .11.1E
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)   ...16:00
.6:16���Crescent, Whlto Ror* aad
Blaine tdally except
Sunday)  0:46
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas.
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   7:li
11:16���Ball's Pralrto, Fans Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 9:45
16:16���United Staton vta G. N. R.
(dally excesi Sunday)..16:00
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)   7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (daily) 7:13
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe  (dally)    (13:15
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)      7:15
12:00���Central Park, Me Kay and
Edmonds .(daily oxcept
Sunday)       u.ll
0;0(hr-Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Burr
Villa :13:15
13:00���East Burnaby (daily except Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)   13:30
10:00���Annieville  and   8unbury
(dally except Sunday) .13:15
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill vta
B. C. B. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday       8:00'
16:46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally axcapt Sunday)..14:10
7:80���United States via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday), . 9.45
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G. . N.   R.   (dally  except  Sundavi 14:0(��
i.l:20���Chilli wack, Milner, Mt.
Lehama, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvlllo,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clovor '
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Belierose, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton lTuesday, Thursday. Friday aad Sat-
day       14:0c
20:40--Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
vta B. C. E. R. (daily
���xcent Sunday) 17:80
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease wtll include the coal min-
i lng rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered,
necessary for the working of the mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full information application
should, be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B��� Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement v, Ul not be paid
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone 861.
Box 772.
COAL MINING rights of tbe Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a per-
i tion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be
made by tbe applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district
In wbich tbe rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for sball
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchant-'
able output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. G088E, Manager.
803 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columbia
Second Hand Store
i. G. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
��0 Mclnnes Street. Phone loot
Transfer Co.
Office Phona 189.     Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
When a Man Marries
When a man marries he quickly discovers
his need of innumerable things he had
never thought of before.
And the butcher, the baker and the cabinet maker have a new home to supply.
The new husband and wife must buy
things to which they had previously given
little thought.
A thousand marriages mean a thousand
new homes.
Right here is a fact overlooked by many
They say, "How could it pay us to
keep on repeating the story of our
goods or service."?
If they could reach every possible
customer with  one  advertisement���
and if   people   didn't   forget���there
might be no object ln keeping ever i
lastingly ait IL
But because every possible customer does not read every advertisement,
you most repeat
And becauae theae thousands of new
homes are every day coming into existence, continuous advertising brings
Increased results.
Perhaps some people,, knew your
goods or your atore five or ten years
ago. Since then new generations hare,
come into existence.
. The boy of today ls the man who
will sign tbe cheques tomorrow. Today
your advertisements are of small interest to him. Tombrrow he Is yonr
customer, if you solicit his trade
through advertising.
Every day thousands of people dii-'
cover for the first time their need of
your kind of goods.
Will you be there every day with
yodr bid for their business? .
Oivwill yon leave the field to yonr
Advertising is the key that opens, the
door of these new homes to your goods.
Is Advertising on your key-ring?
You cannot find a better medium than
The News if you want to reach the buying
M ��� II.
We �� HaVe just received a
shipment of Helnt' delicious
mincemeat. It Is in bulk, and
we pu�� it up for you ln packages and'are selling It at an extremely low price, per lb., 20c.
Coirie In and let us tell you it3
Cooking   Apples,  No. 1 quality,
per box.., $1-00
Table  Apples,   Jonathans,   per
box   $1.65
Raising a saeded,   16 oz.   packages, 3 for  25c
Remember, we deliver to East
nurnaby and Edmonds on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Shelled Almonds   and   Walnuts
have advanced in price, but today we, tor the last time, offer
at, per lb 45c
Mixed Peel, Orange, Lemon and
Citron, per lb 20e
Tomatoes, In reputed 3 lb. cans,
today, only 2 for 25c
Evaporated   Milk,   St.   George
brand,   gocd   quality,   3 cana
for, 25c
Local Fresh Eggs, per doz., 60:
Fresh EggB, per doz 55;
Extra Fancy Selecte Eggs, two
doz 75s
Sauer Kraut, per Ib 10:
Dill Pickles, per doz 25:
Sweet Mixed Pickles, per pt.,20:
Bulk Olives, large, per pt., 35c
These goods arrived fresh on
After Aiuapr Mints, 30c size for
 ' 33:
Cadbury Chocolates, U lb3., 20:
Cadbury Chocolates, >�� lbs., 40:
Clover Leaf Butter at 3 lbs. for
$1.00 cannot be equalled.
Victoria, Nov. 12.���The weather
forecast for the next twenty-four
hours on the lower mainland Is aa follows: Wind mostly easterly and
southerly, unsettled and mild, with
when he raps for attention and an-1
nounces the first item of a lengthy
Local artists ln the musical line
i have promised their aid, and th-a
| Fourth Estate Quartette have been
marked down for a warbling turn.
Just so that everybody can get In on
the deal, the committee has arranged
matters so that all wlll have a chanc?
of attacking the eatableB, which ara
know to be varlod and plentiful.
One man forfeited five dollars bail
and three Hindoos were fined for
drunkenness in police court yesterday
morning.   No other cases were heard.
Public Supply Stores
\. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
1. It does not die.
2. It does not become ill or take
3. lt dot>3 not take part in family disputes.
4. It h��3 ft Bond with the Government for the faithful performance of its duties.
5. Its large capital and surplus
of 12,006,000.00 is a further
guarantee of reliability.
6. The handling of estates is its
business, not a side issue as
with the private executor.
7. An estate in the hands of
this company has the best
judgment and experience of
many successful men (.directors and officers).
8. Its capital is often used to aid
an estate over times of difficulty when otherwise much
of the estate's assets might
have to be sacrificed.
9. The company's business is
the handling of estates, and
goe3 to the work in a practical manner, and dors not
waste time and money learning what to do.
10. The company understands
Interest-bearing securities���it
handles tliem daiiy.
11. The company is at a:iy time
able to supply clear understandable statements of the
condition of affairs,
We would be glad to discus:-,
matters further with you as ro-
gavds your particular estate.
Our officers will be glad lo meet
you at any time.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Edmonds    wood    and    coal
Phone Rllll, W. A. McDonald.
Some miscreants, presumably young
boys, have been recklessly throwing
I stone'* at the valuable colored glass
i windows of the Olivet Baptist Church
with the result that considerable dam
age has been done. An effort is being
made to locate them.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (9)
A�� branch post office has been
opened In Mr. C. A. Walsh's West
End store for the convenience of the
residents of that portion of the city.
The office has been fully authorized
to Issue money orders and postal
Why does John Illndal. the tailor,
sell a first class $40.01) suit for $30.00'
Because the location of his business Is
out of the high rent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (65)
At a meeting cf the executive of
the Christian Endeavor Union held
last night in the Y. M. C. A., It was
decided to change the hour of th"
Sunday meetings for men being held
,in the Edison Theatre, from 8.15 in
the evening to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
In order to cope- with its ever-increasing business the Dominion Trust
Co. has leased a portion of the premises of the Royal Cafe and will exten.i
the ofTices of the company to the rear
of the Dominion Trust Building facing
on Front street, lt is understood that
the Improvements will be placed under way immediately.
Small lot and house for sale, Douglas Road; nice location, only $950.
Peoples Trust  Co.,  Ltd.,  Phone  669.
During the past year there has been
a great extension of the rural free do-
livery of mall system throughout the
Fraser Valley district, due to the efforts of the federal parliament and Its
local member, Mr. J. D. Taylor, M. P.
Now, practically any resident can
get mail delivered free If he live3 ln
a district where there are sufficient
settlers to warrant the establishment
of a route. Advantage of this has
been taken throughout the entire valley and the system Is spreading by
leaps and bounds.
The municipality of Chilliwack has
one of tbe finest services of all, vast
extensions having been made this
In order to cope with the ever-grow
ing demands for service the city
health department has just let a con
tract for a new four-wheeled garbage
wagon, which will cost $425, and will
be ready for use in about a month's
time. The linn of T. Ovens ot this
city Is constructing It.
The work of the garbage collecting I
department of the health department'
has grown at an enormous rate of late
and a great deal of difficulty has been
experienced in handling the work with
the equipment already in use. It is
very probable that two more addition
al wagons will be ordered at an early
(Continued from page one)
the handst of a joint committee of the
City Council, Board of Trade and this
association. Thta committee haa Interviewed Mr. Conway of the B. C. E.
R., who replied by Immediately putting surveyors Into the field to report
on the proposition with which he said,
his company was heartily tn accord.
"The Heaps Engineering bylaw
which retained for the city a most valuable Industry was endorsed by this
association und passed by a very large
Dominion Wide Publicity.
The publicity has   been   somewhat
curtailed owing to the lack of funds
and the condition of the office,    but
nevertheless  much has  been  accomplished.    The  Monetary  Times    haa
been Induced to take a regular fortnightly  correspondence  on  this  city
and  district  and the  Financial Post
has   agreed   to accept articles   from
time to time. Special articles have be��Mi
provded for the annual edition of the
Monetary Times, Saturday Sunset, and
for the centenlal edition of the British .
Columbian.     Canadian   Finance   has j
printed     a     column     on     the    In- (
dustries     of     this    city     and     tho'
Saturday   Sunset   continues   to   publish    its   weekly account of the city
and valley.   Development stories wero
js-nt out regularly for some time to
Ubout two hundred papers of the West
land EaBt.
Will Not Amalgamate.
I have already mentioned the proposed amalgamation of the Board of
Trade and (his association. A joint
committee of each association has met
and discussed this matter but has
found that for the present at least
the scheme ls Impracticable. Thli
leaves the field open for raising the
required funds at once.
In the absence of President F. P,
Smith Alderman Grey occupied the
chair. Owing to the inclement weather the attendance was not very larg?
but satisfactory progress with the
work of the meeting was made.
NEXT YEAR���1913
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, Is by installing
a "YALE" Gasoline Engine in your fishing boat. This Engine has
proved to be the best Engine on the Pacific coast for the fishing trade.
Ask any oue of the many owners of a "YALE" his opinion of the
We build these Engines In two different styles, the Medium and .
Heavy Duty sizes. I
The Medium Duty Engines are built in four sises from 5 h.p. to
20 h.p.
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h.p. up.
Get your orders in early.   Write for Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
Your Credit
is Good
Your Credit
is Good
A small payment down and balance paid monthly wlll furnish
your house complete from top to bottom.
Rooming houses, boarding houses and restaurants. We can save
you money.   Let us show you.
Everything wanted ln the home is carried here.
Corner of   12th  Street and  Sixth  Avenue
Mayor Lee was in Vancouver all
vesterday afternoon attending a meet
Ing of the executive of the Union o'
B. C. Municipalities of whicii he is th��-
president. With the other members
of the executive he will meet the Pro
vinclal Municipal Commission today
to discuss the several matters brought
up at the recent convention at Revelstoke.
Another meeting of the Merchants'
Protective Association will be held in
the Conservative club rooms this evening, when it is    expected   permanen'
organization    will    be    effected.    Tha[
president of the Provincial Protective
Association    togther    with    presideni
and secretary of the Vancouver organization will be present at the gathering and address the members on tho
aims of the association.   The meeting
will open at 8 o'clock.
All the merchants of the city are
requested to attend a ineeting in
the Conservative Club rooms on
Wednesday, November 13, at 8 p. m���
for the purpose of forming a Merchants' Protective Association. Applications for the position of secretary-
treasurer should be sent to the acting
secretary. T. F. Phillips. P. O. box
472, before the night of the meeting. (64)
Lots in Burnaby, Douglas Road, $50
cash, balance $10 per month. Peoples
Trust Co., Phone 669 (71)
At a regular meeting of the local
council of the Knights of Columbus
held last night at St. Patrick's Hall,
officers were installed by District Deputy Peter Byrne for the ensuing year
as follows: J. 1. Keary, G. K.; II. Steffens, D. G. K.; J. Fitzgerald, C; Leo'
Gregory, It. S.; Frederick Cairns, F.
E.; T. J. O'Callahan, T,; L, Reid, A,,
Bert Henrie. warden: Alphonse Grel-
sie, inside guard; Robert Fitzgerald,
outside guard;  P. J. Jordan, trustee.
spite the fact that the new office was
not in a state for occupaton, the work
of the month was carried through successfully.
Three Vital Matters.
"Three Important matters have been
taken up during the month." continued
the report. "Those are the congestion
of the local Land Registry Office, the
Port Moody car line, and the lightship at the Sandheads.
"Messrs. W. Cl. McQuarrie,    J.    C.
Blair and J. Agar proved themselves
a very efficient special committee to
deal  with  the  Land  Registry  Office,
and brought in a most exhaustive ac-.
count showing the conditions preval-,
ing there and suggesting a practical
remedy.   This report was adopted and :
the matter taken up with the Premier |
and Attorney-General and with all th;:
j Organizations of the district likely tui
be interested in the matter.   The New
I Westminster Trades and Labor Council has unanimously endorsed the association's stand and asked us when
we send a   delegate    to    Victoria   to
speak on their behalf as well as our
own.   The Board of Trade has also ap
pointed their president to act on the
same delegation, which will go to Victoria as soon as Sir It. McBride and
Mr. Bowser return from Ottawa.
Lightship is Back.
"The matter of  the  lightship  was I
taken up energetically and a wire waa
sent to Mr. Taylor, our member, who
immediately interviewed the authorities, who gave   a   promise   that   the |
lightship would be returned as soon I
as possible In Its old position, repairs
and the establishment of a diaphone
having caused the. delay.   The ship ia
now back in ita old position.
"The Port Moody car line has been
advanced a stage during the last
month. Largely signed petitions from
the North Road residents and Port
Moody -have been received and put in
Y ��� ��� ��� v SU1TS
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
 > *1-50
New Velvet Collar 75:
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27S
��� OF OUR���
Chocolates and Bon Bons
Today ? As a toothsome confection there's nothing sweeter
or purer.
They are always fresh, beautifully boxed and come in half
and one pound boxes.
Try them today.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
,    Forman���The death   occurred   yes-
\ terday  of  Miss  Margaret  Forman,  at
i the home of her sister. Mrs, A. Hard
| man,   corner   of    Fifth   avenue   and
I Eighth street. The deceased has three
brothers,   Mr.   T.   ('.   Forman.     Price
Allien. Ont.; Mr. William Forman, of
Roseburg,  Ore.,  and   Mr,  David   Forman, of Colllngwood East. The funeral
arrangeim nts will be made later.
���ARM LANrf
Fraser Hotel tAft
Meals at all hours.  We serve
the  best tl��e market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
Mr. James R. Duncan delivered ii
very interesting talk at the regular
���uild meeting of St. Aiden's Church,
Seventh avenue, last night on "Life
n Tea Land.' As Mr. Duncan spent a
considerable number of years on a
three thousand acre tea farm in Duars
Seal, India, he was able to speak
with some authority on his topic.
He gave a short sketch of tl'e daily
routine of the tea planters life and
traced the evolution of the tea from
the time the seed was planted in the
lields till the moment it reached the
familiar teapot. The meeting was well
attended despite the inclement weather and Mr. Duncan was given a very
appreciative hearing.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
The entertainment committee of the
I Trades and Labor Council has about
completed all the arrangements fo--
the fun fest which is to take placo
at the Labor Temple on Thursday
1 evening for the benefit of one of its
The labor men and Iheir sympathizer^ have rallied  strongly to the sup-1
port of the smoker, and a full house
will   greet   President   R. A.   Stoney
1359���FIFTH 8TREET near Eighth
avenue; 60x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
W�� write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,    Automobile
and Marina Insurance.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for sals or rent while price* are low
(Via Central park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every TB minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., laat car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���a*. 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m.. with hourly service untll 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. Por
Huntingdon and way polnta 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
cer the Fraser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
W. R. OILLEY, Phon* 122. O. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonos, Office 16 ani IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal
FIRE ^^^^^^^^^^^
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street;
Modern Conveniences.
628 and 74* dumb.. 8tr*.t, Phone 85., New Westminster, B./C.
Shades. Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 6S6 63 Sixth Street


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