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Westminster Daily News Nov 1, 1912

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 Ijv ..rr-flap*
VOU' -? 4""" NUMBER 202.
__     *    '^
  />   tf  -
Victorious Bulgarians Have Constantinople at Their Mercy
��� 200,000 Disorganized Ottoman Troops in Full Retreat
��� Nazim Pasha Reported Shot or Caplured - End of Remarkable War in Sight-Porte Discussing Peace Proposals.
London, Oct. 31.���A four dayB' battle
In Thrace has ended In the triumph of
the Bulgarian commander-in-chief,
General Savoff, whose skilful strategy
has probably brought to a close ono     	
of the shortest and most remarkable  pleted the circle of the fortress
wars on record. v.ere driven bade
A great TurkiBh army, estimated at |     Despite   the   Hoods,   the   despatch
more than 200,000 men, has been   de-1 adds, n0h'.ng continues almost every
Constantin I day  in  lile meadows round the city
iu Adrianople, the correspondent of
the iteichspost telegraphB. made another sortie yesterday along the Marl-
tza river and on the east front of the
Bulgarian lines which has now com-
feated and is In retreat.
ople iB believed to be at the mercy of
the victorious Bulgarian army, and a
council, sitting at the Porte, is discussing the advisability of suing for peace.
Such Is the news which comes from
Two Weeks Ago.
It is only a fortnight since Turkey
declared war. The first week of the
campaign closed wi'.'i thc dramatic
fall of Kirk-Killsneh, fully revealing
for the flrst time the disorganization,
bad morale and inefficient commissariat of the Turkish army. Today
that army Is defeated, routed wlthi-i
50 miles from Constantinople and
possibly Its retreat within the capital's
in the meadows round the
but till now, the engagements have
ahvavs ended in the retreat of tha
Horrifying Deeds.
Lonoci), Oct. 31.--The Servian lega
tlon hai leceived a despatch from Belgrade giving accounts by returned Servian officers pt atrocities committed
by the Turkish troops before abandon
ing the counter)* conquered by the
"Wherever the Turks passed," says
the despatch, "the Servian army found
only land strewn with bodies of men,
women and children, mutilated in the
most barbarous fashion. Bodies of
men were also found bound to trees.
(They had been burned alive by means
I r.f   Ra*rat*   IrlnAlmA   ltmlor   tlieir   tool       Dnp
line of defence* is cut off. .
Only the briefest and vaguest   ac-  ot flres kindled under their feet
counts of the great battle   have   yet  boJy borR indications of having roast-
been received, for the war has been ,ed on a gridiron,"
especially remarkable in that not   a
single war correspondent has been allowed at tbe front except In tbe case
of the little Montenegrin campaign
against Scutari.
Indefinite Reports.
Thus no Independent personal narratives of the absorbing events have
Isles of Greece.
AthenB, Oct. 31. ��� Admiral Countourlotls, in command of the Greek
squadron in the Agean, announce;!
that the Islands of Thasos and Sobros
have been occupied and the Greek flag
Thasos is a dependency of Turkey
It has
been possible and the world has had' off lhe 90"U rc��     ' ��f Th^ce       ,
to depend on biased official accounts I au a��* ot ���� 8<l<��*re miles   and   a
nrovirfi-d hv tho    resoective    COvett-iMS^W <$    ^out    12,000,   mainly
I ml h'.-' Greeks.
Thrace's Battle Line.
Constantinople, Nov. 1.���The exact
nature of thc latest adviceB from the
battle  line  In Thrace  has not been
Coroner's Jury  Finds Death  Resulted
from Bullet Wound Received
in Fljht.
"We find that deceased came to his
death as a resull of a bullet wounJ
Inflicted by Guard Elson while In the
discharge of his duties."
This verdict was brought ln by a
coroner's jury yesterday morning at
the inquest held upon the body Of Convict Wilson, who died early on Wed
nesday morning following the effect
of being wounded during a desperate
attcmrt to escape from the British
Columbia penitentiary.
Tbe inquest was held in the penitentiary building. The testimony of
several medisal authorities brought
otrt the fact that the wound made by
die bullet was not necessarily fatal,
but that blood poisoning bad set in
'1 he rumors that Wilson had not received the best treatment faded away
when It was brought out tbat no less
than five doctors, Drs. McQuarrie,
Green, Walker, Wilson and DeWoll
.Smith, had been called in on the case
:n order to Bave the man's life if possible.
Some delay occurred at the open-
ng of the inquest owing to the tardiness of one of the jurors. Mr. G. E.
Martin, appearing for the Dominion
government, asked that the man ba-
fined, but Coroner McQuarrie did not
take tbis stand.
Two X-ray examinations were made
on Wilson without discovering the bul
let. Dr. DeWolf Smith, the penitentiary physician, stated in his evidenc*
that the appearance ot Wilson In
;olice court on October 10, the day
he was committed for trial, had no
effect on hastening his death as he appeared quite well on tbat day and also
'.hat blood poisoning had not then
set in.
Deputy Warden Carroll stated that
Wilson made no confession whatever,
although he had every chance to
make one before lie became delirious.
Year's Building Permits Outstrip   Million and   Half
Dollar Mark.
Thre* Hundred Per Cent. Gain at thc
Dominion  Land Office���Timber
and Mining Fees.
provided by tho    respective
ment', cr confused details supplied b
wounded soldiers.
Apparently Nazlm Pasha has been
completely outmanoeuvred by Savoff's
skilful   generalship..    The   Bulgarian i
''aSa^^XSSSa^mtm'v* hslotofe ^��w��i"* the tonewttijtTefrort
a   feint,   which   induced the Turkish""51,0 Maxim Pariia. the War minister
' ., .. ,  ...      ma. A   ���.,.��� .���.... Jr..   ...   .Vara  Tn.1,1.1,   Srammmm .
commander to throw his main army
along   tbe   Blaok 1 made known, but last evndlnft the gov-1
Substantial increases all along th*
line are noticeable ln the monthly re
turns given out in the different office.
of the city yesterday afternoon
Monthly returns are a sure baromete
of this city's growth as the following
figures will show:
Although October as a rule Is re
garded by contractors as a poo
mon(h, the building returns given ou
by Uie city building inspector sho,'
a gain of $13,575 over the correspond
lng month of 1011 with its total ol
For Ten Months.
The total during the month of Octo
ber amounts   to $103,535,   while   th
total for the ten months of 1912 ha.-
now  passed  the  million  aud  a  haif
mark, viz., $1,517,647.
It is understood that plans are In
preparation for several big structure;
both ln the business and the residen
tial section of the city which wil'
make the year of 1912 the largest Ir.
the history of the city as far as build
ing is concerned.
Lands and Timber.
The returns from the crown timbei
office show an Increase of $271.58 ovei
that of October, 1911. The receipts
during October were $5637.66, whil?
$5366.08 was collected in October,
For mining lands $135 was collected
an increase of $44.50 over the corres
ponding month cf 1911.
An increase of 345 per cent. Ib
shown at the Dominion land office,
S724.19 being collected last month,
while only $210.05 was shown on the
books ia October, 1911.
Comets at Court House���Field Pieces
in Action���Night Prowlers Grease
B. C.  E.  R. Tracks.
lo the eastward, to such effect that
the Bulgarian force on this side had
the greatest difficulty in holding the
Turks In check.
In fact this point, seems, a little In
doubt. The Bulgarians gave way ond
thus enabled Nazim Pasha to report
to Constantinople seme success in
this direction.
Crushed Left Wing. '
In ^^^^^^^
Savoff hurled his great strength
against the Turks' weakened left
wing, which lie crushed In at Lule-
Burgas. The fighting along the whole
front, which evidently has been of the
most stubborn and determined character, was carried cu day and night
without intermission and both sides
lost heavily,
Tbe capture of Nazim Pasha's headquarters at Tchorlu, to which town the
defeated Turks retreated, has not as
yet been reported, but is hourly expected at Sofia.
is ln this event- the Turks wil! be
forced within the defensive lines of
Tchatalja, the only remaining fortified position protecting' constantin
t,le. It lies 25 miles to the norii-
west.pt the capital.
Met Thoir Sedan.
Adrianople still holds oat, .but has
lost its Importance, now that the
Turks havfe met (heir Sedan at Lule-
'it is believed a peace settlement
will be arranged either by the Porte
suing for peace cr through interven
tlon of the powers and an Interesting
question involving difficult diplomatic
problems will Immediately arise as to
the division of the spoils of war���a
question concerning not only the victorious allies, but also Russia, Austria, Roumania and possibly other
Allies Continue Success.
The campaign of the other Balkan
states continues with the success
which throughout haa attended tb 'in
Scutari has not yet been captured, jut
Ipok has fallen to the Montenegi n>
The Servians have ta'ten PrlsrenJ ind
Greece Is occupying Islands In Uia
Aegean In addition to various lo/v-ii"
in Macedonia.
The powers, fearing disorders aiul
massacres ln Turkey, are hurrylnr
warships to the various ports of thai
country to protect foreign residents.
A noticeable feature of the wat  Is
the insignificant parts played by   the
Turkish and Greek fleets.  '
Nazlm Pasha Taken.
ix>ndon, Nov, 1.���Nazlm Pasha, lh-'
[Turkish minister of war and,commander-in-chief ln Thrace, has either been
[shot or taken prisoner, according to a
{despatch from Sofia to the Post.
British Cruiser Sails.
Cananea, Crete. Oct. 31.���The Brit-
lsh armored cruiser Hampshire sailed
from here today for. Salonikl.. . ,
Would Make Peaoe.
Constantinople,'' Nov. ,1,���(1 a.m.)���
3ertous news has been reoelved -from
(he front. The council of ministers
s still slttlnf?,at,the Porte. It Is be-
leved the ministers are discussing th^
luestion.of concluding peSce with tha
3alkan states..:,. ���.,' ., ,, .,
Sorties Repulsed.
Vienna, Oct. 31���The Turkish troops
pnd commander of the Turkish forces:
' ijiir eastern army has been engaged for the last four days in serious
.Igh ing with the Bulgarian forces between l.ule-Hurgas -and Visa. Our
army corps concentrated at Lule-Bur-
gas and to the north are offerfn?
vigorous resistance to tbe euemy advancing in this direction.    . ,
"The citadel at Adrianoplo Is still
holding out.   Oer forces in the neigh-
in." ?W*,uJ!*m*>  r��n��ni! borhood of Visa ar.�� making a success-
the meantime, however, lieneral | ^ a^vance ..
Still earlier official advices stated
'hut a Bulgarian force nt 30,000 men
had corMntrated in the Istrancia
mountains where "the retreat of the
Bulgarians bad been cut off."
Reopening    of    Oid    Municipal
Brings Several Hundred Residents
Together���Dance Follows.
Jury Finds Italian Laborer Guilty on
Second Count���TheH Trial
Yesterday morning Fldell Grossi, an
Italian laborer, was' iotrv^ed ot assaulting Frank Gonsalez, a Spaniard,
with intent to do grievbns bodily
harm:   Sentence was deferred.
Crown counsel intimated tbat th>3
trial of Frederick Cunliffe for nape or
attempted rape,'alternatively Indecent
assault, would begin this morning.
Accused will he defended by Mr. VV.
Norman Bole, K.C, assisted fey Mr. J.
P, Hampton Bole. The case Is expected to last all day.
Mr. J. it. Grant, crown prosecutor
states that the death of. the convict
Herman Wilson v.Ill not prevent thc
triat of Convict Smith for the murder
of J. H. Joynson, the penitentiary
,iinrd killed wliile endeavoring to
revent the escape of both convict*
Smith Is alleged to be the actual as
sassM.   '        '   '
Yesterday afternoon the trial of An
loniq Cogllerf'Mr the theft of $70 from
Lena Pesjardin Vas scheduled, but
owiiig to the Hbscnce of a material
witness the hearing' could not proceed
and the court adjourned until 11 a.m.
today. <- " ���:��"'���"
At the assise corirt yesterday morn-
Ins the trial At��� F'ldelV Grossi, charged
\vlth the atttiriipWd murder of Prank
GcHirfnloz, and" minor charges of lesi
criminal decree, was resumed. Mr. J.
��.' Gra^f.'co\ins*l for thecrown, be-
tmt\ his fcross .-.etam taction.'
In ansVer ��� to 'hlm.' GrOi?l related
that Conrtalez had previously sent a
man to 'him to' tell htm. accused, thai
he was-golng to.send him the monev
owing to,fclm. ThRt was on July 19.
On the.vfiotnlng, qt tl\n 31s( he was not
looking If of Odrtsate*. hut' Just 'saw
him by chance with witness Horn-
m,lok.f*JJ<l 4[A pot ,83k' Gonsales for
mQh<jyv.Jbut,1 merely Inquired Why his,
had'sent A^man to him and Md not
.vet, .sent ,tl��?.jnpney<. Gonsalez ' tHSn'
threw Mmelf mtb a fighting posture
(Continued on Page Bight.)
Edmonds, Oct. 31.���The opening of
the old municipal hall this evening
was a unique event for Burnaby in .so
far as every district in the municipality was represented at the gathering.
Thej; came from near and far and
many were the expressions of satlsfac
tiop pt tbe part played by the employees at the municipal hall in perfecting such an entertainment as that
which took place this evening* The
talent could not have been bettered,
and the refreshments were all that
could be expected considering the
crush. '  .
, Reeve J.. W. Weart, who ��� was the
flrst to propose the turning of the
old municipal hall Into a public hall
was in the chair supported by tht
councillors of Burnaby. At 10 o'clock
refreshments were served to tbe
gathering which was followed by
dancing.  ���,      . '   ���
lt was thought that one interurban
car would be s.ufficieut to carry thi
people of Nortli Burnaby to Kdmondd
aiid return, but two l)9carae necessary
and these were well .piled. This was
tlie ftnjt time'In'the, history of Burna
by that two carloads of people had
travelled from the northern section of
thc municipality to a celebration a'
Edmonds, and that the entertainment
will have an effect towards cementing
the good feeling of the whole ot thc
district is unquestioned.
The following took part In the program : Mrs. Fred L. Macpherson, Mrs
'I. W. Mansfield, Mrs. T. D. Coldicutt
MIks Minerva Smith, Mlss F. Hillman
Messrs. Rex Moore, W. N. McCloy.
John Graham, Arthur O. Moore, John
Witts, W. Robins, W. S. Soutar. 3.
\bbott. J. Green, J. C. lioek, W. Dickenson, H. Luster. F. Corse, O. Llddell,
P. G, Morne and A. Stives.
C*��l*Oan Gets Three Years for Re I
duced Charge���Shot Detective. 1
Lethbridge. Alta.. Oct. 31.���Richard |
Christian, charged with attempted
murder in shooting ex-T>etectlve Pat
Egan recently, was convicted on th^
reduced charge of assault and occasioning serious bodily harm, and sent
enced to three years in the penitentiary, the maximum sentence.
In this case also the judge declared
that the carrying of concealed weapons in Canada must be stamped out:
Hallowe'en to be sure comes bui
once a year, but the youthful genera
tlon of New Westminster decided laJi
evening to make the event of 1912 one
to be remembered in several quarter.-,
of the city.
Starting out just as scon as their
movements were protected by the
mantle of darkness, the small boy and
his confederates wcrked havoc on
anything that was lying loose and woe
betide those who left anything of any
value that could be carted away by
the youthful offenders.
Many of the contractors doing
municipal work in the city will
minus lanterns which protected the
pedestrian and autos from tunning
into open ditches. Lanterns were as
pie to these young apaches and these
land beacons could be seen In places
where there vas no use for them
All night long a red lantern was
visible at the top of the high flagpole
located on the provincial court house'
square, and which at tirst sight made
many persons believe that a new
comet or the planet Mars bad appeared in the sky.
Late last evening a gentleman reported that a portion of the artillery
which for years has protected the Carnegie library, had been moved to a
new position on the lawn, and, but for
his timely arrived, he stated that the
vandals would have placed the otber
gun alongside its mate.
A dangerous prank was played upon
the B. C. E. R., some irrpressible placing grease upon the car tracks on Asylum hill. This resulted in considerable
backsliding on the part of the Sapperton cars.
At the Odtf Feljpws' hall Bome sixty
couples enjoyed the festive gathering
of the Rebeccas, and dancing wus
kept up far into the small hours of All
Saints Day. .
Many private parties were given
last night, and the morning's light revealed numerous missing gates, whilj
a Btern battle was waged on the outskirts of the city between revellers
and a household wbich had been ap-
i prised of their coming.
Positively    Determines    He
Will not Run   Again for
Councillor McGregor Will   Be   Candidate���Endorses Present Policy
and Proposed Franchise,
Toronto, Oct. 31.���Arrangements have been made bv the
Canadian Northern railway
with an Eastern Canadian Car
company to establish car works
at Porf Mann,'B.C., one of the
Pacific terminals of the C. N.
R. system. The plant will have
a capacity of at least ten cars-
a dav, It Is thc company's Intention to proceed Immediately
with, the development bf Port
Colonel A. D. Davidson, land
��� commissioner     and     general
��� we��itern executive of the road.
��� stfltea that tenders will shortly
*' br livlted, for th�� construction
*** t*t the machine shops, round
���; WigW   cajK repairing   shoos,-)*
��� s+pre house!, "ytrdS. and for *>
���' material for.the railroad. The. ���
��":ipls(h4'��re'ready." *
��� *' ' *
Lloyd George Getting Names Of British
Contributors to Dominion's
London, Oct. 31.���Chancellor of .the
Exchequer,Lloyd George is.now mak-.
ing enquiries which are presumably
.designed to extort income tax from
the money of, British ^investors in Canada, dnd even wheh their' dividends
are reinvested In th* Dominion.'
f>lr Henry 'Prlmfbsb, as Chairman of
the Income' tax commissioners, having
���idmitted "Hhat rein vestments' are not
liable to British income tax, mortgage'
Insurance and other private, and public bodies have been given an incentive for making huge Investments ln
Lloyd George ls now circulating
among mortgage companies with offices a demand for a list of residents
In the United Kingdom to whom Interest or profits are paid, either ln
Great Britain or in Canada.
This is regarded as the probable pre
lude to legislation exacting taxation
on all British investments in Canada,
whether reinvested, or not ���   t
Tbe Financial News says: "Lloyd
George's action Is a menace to Canada
and is an Insidious and Insulting attempt to enforce a hazy Impracticable
right of the Imperial Government to
ma'-e Canadian resources tributary to
British taxation."
The paper adds that the Ottawa
government, owes It to the enormous
Canadian Interests Involved to protest
vigorously and Immediately.
STEAMER Af MORE *N ��iintereat��.
ST. LAWRENCE RiVER|Iflb(xrtiei>8
Quebec. Oct. ..ll.-rSteamer Belona
rrom Montreal for Leith with a goner
al cargo went ashore this morning at
% Roche Traverse,,about fifty tnllej
bploV here. The i.'.'ihlvji^e steame:
l^ord Strath ontta. With a gang ot men
bn heirA and having In tow a; number
of llsrhterft wrnt to assist "the stranded
Ve��*nJ this afterncon. <
. Wl��t .tamape the Bnionk h" ���"*
tdJnM. It a��>y!. ha/��,rot beWt ascertained. Slve la an iron vessel In. 1864 regl-
te.r *\-*-}* l��.,o,waed i-ht/L M"' Thompson
Com Dan v of Dundee, sobtlapd. Robert
Reford Company, Limited, are the agents of the line ln Canada.
Edmonds, Oct. 31.���Before ah immense concourse of people from all
parts of the municipality of Burnaby,
Reeve J. W. Weart this evening announced his decision to retire from
be! municipal politics at the end of the
' year, and devote more time to bi.t
pressing private business.
The occasion waB the opening of
the Burnaby public hall, formerly the
municipal hall, which was signalized
this evening by an entertainment unsurpassed in the annals of Burnaby.
That his decision to retire and not
seek re-election was a surprise to
the scores of ratepayers present i.i
putting it mildly, and among many lt
was thought that with pressure, tha
enief magistrate of Burnaby might b��
induced to again make the race, but
fra.o facts gleaned by a representative
of the Westminster Daily News this,
announcement is final.
Decision Is Pinal. '
When seen later In the evening
Reeve Weart stated as much.
"I have been reeve for the past two
years. I think I enjoy the confidence-
of a large majority of the people, but
my private business in Vancouver ha*
now reached a stage where it demands by undivided attention, and under no consideration whatsoever will
I allow my name to be put forward
for the reeveship."
Councillor D. C. McGregor is tht
fi pt one to enter tlie race.
Seen last evening the representative of ward one stated that he was-
out for the reeveship. "You can state
that 1 am out for the reeveship and
for a continuity cf the pollcy of Reeve
Weart," he said. "I have received a.
promise from the reeve of his support to my candidature both on the-
platform and off it.
Favors Franchise By-laW.
My work on the   council   for   th"?
past tour years Is my record and you
can figure me in the race from now
on.   1 am strongly In favor ot passing
Jthe B, C. Electric franchise which t'ie.
voters will be asked to either ratifv
or turn down within the next thirty
"The time has come when Burnaby
must wake up and be doing. We can>-
not afford to wait any loxiger and at
the public meetings to be held during
the next few weeks I shall come out
flatfooted in favor of allowing the-
transportation company to operate can
lines in Burnaby.'1
'Whitey" Lewis Comes First���Another
"Strong Arm Squad" Detective
Is Indicted.
New Y6rk, Oct. 31.���-The state's de-,
termination not to delay the trials of
:)ie four giuigstcrs indicted with
Charles Bocker, for the murder of
Herman,Rosenthal, was indicated today when District Attorney Whitman
moved before Supreme Court Juatice
Goff for a special panel of 200 talesman to be summoned to appear oa
���November 8. '1 ne, trial of the flrst of
the gunmen ls expected, to' begin
November 13 or IS. Mr. Whitman and
former Magistrate C. H. P. Whale.
who ls counsel for the four accused
meu..have agrped that they shall t**
tried separately. "Whltey" UMi will
be the first t.a face prosecution. . Mr.
Whale said he .would call sixteen witnesses In "Whitey'<' defence. For
the prosecution, William Shapiro,
driver of the murder ear, and Thomav
Coupe, former clerk bf the Bilks clu.i.
who fled to England after the mj.
der, will testify.
-The grand jury which Indicted
Becker and the gangsters wu dU
charged today. Its final act wss to indict apotUer member ot the "atroig
arm" squad of detectives undi'
Becker's command at the time Rosen
thai was slain. This new Indictment
Is for perjury ln connection with' a
raid by Becker's squad at a gambling
house run hy Rosenthal. The defendant is still on duty and Commissioner
Waldo has been directed to produce
him ln court leuiunuw.
Washington, Oct 31.- By direction
of tha president, the state department
has arranged to open a oonidar ar
ency at the Bay bt Island* Newfoundland with Orro Gould in charge.
President Taft's attention wna called recently to the importance of such
an agenc^ In New Kngland fishing
Interests, The case was cited of a
erew, wrecked on the west
coast of Newfoundland who suffered
great hardships aa a resuT* of being
obliged io go to St- Johns to flnd a
consular agent.
Btirv Sherman Tomorroi*.
Utlca, N. T.. 6i*t. 31.���Arrangmn,��rts
for the funeral of Vice-President
James �����. Sherman practically tn
completed todav. The service wfll be
Held Sstuwhv afternoon nt I o'dock
ln the First Presbyterian ehnttb ani
will be attended by President Tnft
snd members of hts cabinet Senators
snd Representatives, foreign dlptasMls
| and government offlasln.
Presbyterians of West   Burnaby   See
Efforts Rewarded���-Banquet and
���   Prominent'Cneakfira.
West Burnaby, Oct. 31.���The Henderson Presbyterian church, located
on the corner ot Sussex avenue and
Hazel street, will be opened for tho
first time on Sunday morning when
Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor of St.
Andrews church, New Westminster,
will- preach the sermon,   .
The new edifice has been In course
of erection during the .summer montha.
and, due to the indefatigable-efforts of
the members of the Ladles' Guild, th-?
parisboners can be proud of tho fac*'..
that the church is free from debt. -   -
Its pastor, Rev. H. N. McLean, Bav-
been working hard during the   past
year towards having a new chrrch to-
replace the mission building aud   he
Is more than plessed at the succeBj ���
On Monday evening the Ladles' AW
will give a banquet In the church parlor, when prominent men of the municipality and district will be present
and speak. Reeve Went. Mr. J. D.
Taylor, M.P.. and Mr. t. W. Mayn^,
chairman of the School board, have, all!
promised to attend.
��� ������
���  1*.
��� Toronto, Ont., Oct, Sl*���The
��� ' Ontario board of   censors   of
��� moving picture film today con-
��� flscated a film bearing an Imt-
��� tatlon of the board's pfflclal
��� stamp of approval.   The film
��� was one of   those   glorifying
��� tbe Stars and - Stripes. which
��� are not allowed to be exhibited
��� In Ontario.
��� The board   have   discovered
��� tbat dims wh^ch would never
��� be passed by them are being
��� exhibited In Montreal, bearing
��� Ontario approval   stamps cut
��� from other films.   Tbe Ontario
��� board have, of course, no con-
��� . tral of tbls   rota***   of   their
��� stamp ln another province.
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
Classified Advertising
��� HATES. ���
ranges on easy terma; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. 4
Classified���Oae cent per word  per
-day;  4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,006 aa-aa. to be used as re- <	
quired within aaa year from   date of for    SALE ��� ONE    NEW    WHITE
contract, $25.**. i    sewing machine at a ridiculously low
Birth -or Marriage Notices 50c.! price; aiso 0ne large oak rocker
Death NoUce 50e er with Funeral No- j anj one nice wilton rug, 3x3Vs
tice $1.08. Card at Thanks 50c per j yarU3. Will be sold regardless of
tnch. I    price.   527 Fifth street. Fhone L841.
keeper in hotel or private house.
Experienced Addreas "M," 331
work. 25e per hour. Mrs. Lacy.
Royal Oak room*. 854: Columbia
Btreet   Fheae 1099.
desires engagement two or three
hours a day.   Box 125 News ollice.
sale of a hieh claaa Real Estate
proposition. The property is very
���easy selling; and the remuneration
will be generous to the right party.
Apply PeaUcteot Townsite Company
-451 Columbia street New Wesunm-
ster,  B. C.
WANTED.--HOARDERS,  527  Carnarvon   street
lot on the corner of Fifth avenue
and Seventh street, 100x100 feet;
all  kinds of fruit   trees,   beautiful   ,he f04)t.   0n'e sel of drawings, called
The Planning and Constructing
of an Ocean Liner.
This Small Model I* Than Thoroughly
T**t*d, *nd th* Story It Tell* When
P*rf*ct*d Will B* th* Story ot th*
Naw Vessel  When  Launched.
Building a modem oceun liner la an
Interentlng and complicated operation.
The ship's plan la llrst prepared lu
sections from owners' specifications, on
a scale of a ijuarter or half au Inch to
view, etc., at a special bargain un
til Nov. 1 only. Apply 527 Fifth
street.   Phone L841.
seller and buyer together.
on Agnes street, flve minutes from
post otfico; fully modern, newly
papered; chicken run. Immediate
possession. Keys at W. J. Kerr, 614
Columbia street.
corner Royal avenue and Fourtli
street.   Apply 201 Agne3 street.
Moderate.   Apply  1011 5th avenue
pocketbook containing money, nava'
discharge and recommendations.
Finder rewarded at this office.
railway   pay   checks.   Owner   cau
bave aame en   application   to   tn
News office and proving ownership.
rooms, furnished, 1020 Third avenue
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
Re the soaUrwest quarter.' ef Section
33. Township 10. in the' District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of die lbs* of Certificate of Title Number 7338 F, issued in
the name of George Seeley, haa been
filed In this oDce.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
nt the expiration of one month from
the date of tbe first publication here
of, ia a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate,"unless
��n the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles
l.and Registry Otfice. New Westminster. B.C, Octolier JO, 1912.        (1)
keeplng looms, hot ami cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth street and Agnes
Three lots close ta the Court Housi,
$2150 ror the thre-.t Small cash pay
ment    Balance easy.
Modern five loomed' bungalow on
Eleventh avetrac $2250. Electric, light
and city water oa premises.
Coldicutt Black. Fourth Avenue
Phone 719l East Burnaby, B.C.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Fifty acres all cleared but 1%
acres, and all under cultivation, three
acre orchard; 21 acres of hay. Ten
roomed house, stone foundation ant)
collar; tarn 40x60 with lean-to; hog
oen 28x36; larg^e fowl house. Perpetually Cowing creek along back end
if property; considerable standing
timber; perfect drainage. Prici
521,000; one-quarter cash; terrcu.
Would consider trade for revenue
producing city property.
This can be leased. Throe year terir
it required for $25 an acre. Some machinery goes with the farm.
Insures Sleep
Vou may wake up tomorrow night
and find your home filled with smoke,
and you do not carry a dollar's worth
of insurance. A fire policy costs but
Does it pay you to take chances?
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer'*
Liability Insurance.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary,
613 Columbia St. Phone 251.
COAL MINING rigbte tri the Dominion In itammS, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tba Taken Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a vor*
tion ot tha province at British Columbia, may be teaaaS sat a tenn of tiwen-
. ty-one yeara at aa annual rental nf
" it an acre. Not mora tban 2.56n acrea
will be leaned ta ana applicant.
Application far ��� leaae must be
made by tha applicant in person tn
thc Agent or Sab Agent of the district
in which tba rights applied for ara
ln surveyed territory tbe land must
be described by suctions, or. ltigal. subdivisions of unctions, and in unsurvey-
ctd territory the tract applied for shall'
be staked out by tbe applicant himself.
Kach application mast be accompanied hy a tte at ~*i which will be
refunded if tbe rirftt* applied for are
not available, bat ant otherwise. A
royalty shall he po&Hon the merchant-
i able output of Hie mine at tho rate
<if  five cents per tun.
Tbe person operatwr; the mine shall
furnish the Ascot wttk' sworn returns
accounting for the fnffl quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
.royalty thereon, lf Uio coal mining
i rights are not being operated such returns should be tiirniulied at least
ior.ee a year.
The leave win inclndfe the coal mining rights only, bnt the leasee wlll be
permitted to pttrtiiaom whatever available surface rickta may be considered
necessary lor tke wenking of the mine
at the rate of $1�� an aero.
For I vil htfmmiation application
should be niaifle Se the Secretary of
ilhe Department ajt the Interior, Otta-
��� w��, or to any SfSPat or Hub-Agent of
Dominion LawGw.
Depart r Sfninter of the Interior.
N. ft. Uusirthrtri/.wl publication of
" '���������  adverliaesaent till not. ba. gaid
tfttt. .       .. .      m.
"What a lot of old fashioned beliefs
hare been shattered completely la
these modern days.*'
"For Instance?"
"Well, you never hear anybody advise a young couple now tbat two can
live as cheap a* one."���Detroit Free
Correcting Him.
The Husband���I was taken by sur
prise wtinti ynu nrt-epled me. Tlle Wife
-You were taken liy mistake. John.
l>on't make sny mistake about that-
8t. Louis Post Dispatch.
Up to Date.
n��wnn1-I�� itipir hotel tip io datei'
Coward - Indeed It  Is,    Tliey  furnish
���Iceplnp powder* with every bedroom.
-Philadelphia Times.
What About the Sikh?
The Canadian Courier raiwxl a very
i.ntere.-ting question. Commenting upon Mr. Borden's visit to England and
hia intention to iliaouss the naturalize
tion question, The Mail  and  Kmpire
expressed   itself  favorable  to  a  plm.
whereby   each   Dominion   "might   lie
competent to give a certificate ol em
pire citizenship to all its naturnli-/...i!
people."   This idea will be very gen-
erally  accepted  throughout  Canada;
but The  Courier  asks  how  this will
appiy to the Sikhs now in thi.-, coun
try.    Of course it may be answered,
that these are not naturalized Hritish
subjects, but derive their "empire eiti
Miwhtp,"  il  tliey  have   it,  by   birth.
But we do not see that this answer.'
our contemix.rnry's question, wbicb is
a decidedly awkward one.   As we understand the matter, a Sikh ean vote
in the United Kingdom if he has the
necessary     qualification*. ��� Victoria
tbe "sheer draft," la a plan of the
ship's skeleton or framework without
llie platen, the Internal deck, bulkhead
and bold arrangement* being Indicated
by a series of detailed drawings.
Follows then the experimental stage.
A wooden block or casting of piinitlln
wax Ih llrsi made to scale from the
���hip's plans and tested lu a large tank
nbout 3iK) feet In length nnd eight feet
deep. The model. weighted to the load
line. Is towed to and fro by au uver
head traverser at varying speeds.
Delicate Instruments register tbe exact "pull," the displacement, the stability and a host of otber Information
The chape of the model Is altered
again and again, piece* Iieing shaved
off here and others there. The tlnal results ure carefully tabulated, and from
thla ship lu embryo the builders complete their plans.
Inside the central  shed,  230 yards
long and l.'iO feet In height, tbe ship's
berth   has   meantime   beeu   prepared
Thousands of wooden piles, about thirty feet in length, lmve been driven by
pile driver* deep Into the ground.   On
these   nre   laid   huge   beams  nnd   tlie
Iloor   completed    with    stout   planks.
Then In the center the keel blocks, surmounted by oak caps In groups nf Hre.
nre assembled on a falling gradient to
the river /if about liilf an inch a font.\
All Is now ready for the reception of
lhe   ponderous   keel.     This-the   back
bone of tlie ship   Is of huge strength.
measuring four feel across, and Is three
and  a  quarter inches thick.     Parallel
with the keel, but above II aud attach
nl b.v angle bars. Is lhe centra! girder.
live teet hl^h  the space between form
lng the double bottom     On eneb side,
nt   regular  distances   running   length
wise, are seven other girders, the outer one cnlled lhe "margin plate."
The water tlnht chambers are formed
b.v vertical partitions of plates extend
lng above mul benentli tlie floors np to
tlu* margin plttte nn ench side.
After the great cast steel stern frame
nnd the stem bar for the liows hnve
been nlt:icln>il the plating begins. The
steel strips of varying sizes, but av
erasing thirty-four feet in length ami
about three tons In weight each, wbicli
form the k';Ui of the ship, are laid on
In Stratum like the bricks In n wall
Fitting these strakes to tbe shape of s
ship Is a critical business. A thin
Wooden pattern or template Is tirst
prepared for each plate and cliimpeil
In |Kisitloii on the ship's side. With
minute care every detnil Is marked on
It���tlie size and shape, the overlap and
tlle rivet holes.
It I* then transferred to Its prototype, the steel plate, which Is cut.
punched and bent by wonderful ma
chlnery that slices steel strips, punches
rivet boles and bends steel plate as
easily and cleanly as though the ma
terlnl were paper N'lmble traveling
cranes on gantries under the roof pick
up the huge plates when ready and
convey them to their appointed place,
where the hydraulic rlveter-�� nie
chnnlcnl marvel-with Irresistible force
nnd rapidity drives ench rivet home
In the building of a modern liner over
4.O0O.IXK) rivets are wu��d. Knch Joint
ls rendered water tight by calkin*.
The outer shell finished and Ihe Inside work fnf advanced, tb* builder*
turn their attention to the problem of
���ie launch, the weight of the vessel at
tbls point on the keel blocks being
something like 15.000 tons. Tbe
launching ways, sloping gently to the
wnter, nre prepared, and cradles, fore
emi aft. to guide tbe ship, are erected
with huge wooden lieniiis. tbe whole
1ml z Anally lubricated by tallow and
trnln oil.
Amid necia mutton the sblp receives
its hn prism and. whether for wenl *��
���wtr . lakes to Its element. Still help
|i��ss. though. Its motive power lacking
tt is afterward moored to lhe works
wharf under n IW ton titan crime
w bereby Its boilers-twenty-flve of
Uicm-iire lowered Into the abyss nt
the hold nnd n multitude nf fittings
connected with the engines
'Dwnrltng ��" '���"* for *l7f ���nw
next the four funnel*, towering l.*��"
feet 8 buve keel level and lnrge enongb
for two tmtuciirs to he drawn througl
abreusL These are fixed on the gl
gaiitlc "nptnkes." connecting with the
boilers by a network of flue*.
A hoist of Biixlllnry innclilnwy for
lighting, ventilating, pumping and
steering the ship, ns well as the pas
Kenger lifts. Is Iieing tnstnlled lit 'be
same time ss a swnrm of  melt woTk
day and night oil the Internal d rn
tlons. Klectriclans encircle the ship
wltb a girdle of light nnd Instnll a
telephone nnd electric call service wttb
K<��> station*.
In the chnrt room I" fitted a wonder
fnl clock, which control*, synchroui
cally. fifty other clock* in different
pnrts of the ship The lofty Xlarcnnt
mast I* linked up with the mysterious
Instruments In the wireless cabin
Then, ut Inst, nfter many month* ot
toll, come* the welcome day when the
great ship, pride of her builder*, sails
forth upon It* trial trip-Umdon An
Robert Browning's Son Dies In Town
ef Atolo.
The death of Mr. Barrett Browning,
the only son of the famous poet,
which haa occurred at the Italian
town of Asolo as tho result of asthma,
recalls the romantic love story of Robert and Elizabeth Browning. Elizabeth Barrett's father had an almost
insane objection to any of his three
daughters marrying, and Robert
Browning's addresses to her were perforce kept secret. Finally, on Sept.
12, l^B, the two were secretly married at St. Marykbone Church in
London. A week later Elizabeth, slipping out of her father's house, departed with her husband for Italy. In
April, 1847, they took up tlieir residence in Florence. OI "Casa Guidi"
the home where their only son was
born in 1849, Mrs. Browning wrote,
"W* live for nothing or next-to-noth-
ing, have six beautiful rooms and a
kitchen, three of them quite palace
rooms, and opening on a terrace opposite the grey wall of a church called
'San Felice' for good omen." The
name "Wiedemann," whicii was bestowed on their child, was the maiden
bame of Robert Browning's mother,
the daughter of a German shipmaster
who had settled in Dundee and married a Scottish wife. Robert Browning
loved his mother passionately, ana
her death, coming soon after his son's
birth, was a terrible blow to him.
Mrs. Browning's father, whose family name waa Moulton, and who had
taken that of Barrett on succeeding
to estates in Jamaica, never forgave
his daughter for her audacity in
marrying asainst his will. When shu
returned to England with her husband
and child he refused to see her, and
when she wrote pleading that he
would at least kiss the child, tli*
lptter went unanswered. On the death
of his wife at Florence in 18C1 Browning took his son to London U> be edu-
cated. The boy was brought up in
hi3 father's house at 10 Warwick
crescent, the poet having resolved t'i
train his son for the university without sending him to a public school.
The profession eventually chosen jy
Mr. Barrett Browning was that of nn
artist. The poet himself had at inter-
vals exhibited a strong artistic bent
outside literature, and occasionally
suspended his other work to devote
himself to modelling, The early successes of his son as a painter jiave him
ttmmammmamm man ***m**a**mmmm ��� ���n i     i a., * - +*^m mmwhmim^m^mm^.^^
Agreements For Sale
-^��� ���  '-   ��� '      '  "Tl ^_^MM
Listing For Farm Lands Solicited.  We Have Buyers
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
��� ���
��� ���
Weatern  Ontario.
Simpson   Rennle,   famous
curler of Toronto, Is dead.
Peter Sayers passed away suddenly
at Guelph n his 68th year.
In a runaway accident In Owen
-ound. David McClean was seriously
A man and his wife at London attempted suicide simultaneously by different means.
Three hundred Greeks and two hundred Macedonians left Toronto for the
seat of war.
A two-year-old child was fatally
burned near Stratford while his
mother was out feeding poultry.
Dr. McClenaham reported that the
typhoid epidemic in the Hamilton
Asylum was not caused by Impure
The death took place in Toronto of
i former well-known res'dent of Oxford County lu the person of Mrs.
Hatley, the 12-year-old son of Ar-
Mmr Laidlaw. of Aylmer, climbed a
ladder and fell a distance of ten feet
In the school shed at St. Thomas, frac
Hiring both arms.
At a largely-attended meeting of cit
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending in Canada from thi
Atlantic to the Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the Island; also ln
Ne* Koundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
Idad, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, En*.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklnic facility.
New Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mor.
izens held In the Penetanguishen*
greit pleasure. In October, 1837, the j town hall, ex-Mayor McGlbbon prosid-
yourgtr Browning married Miss Fan- ing, it was decided to enter upon a
nie Cod.iington, an American lady, local option campaign,
and the two eventually resided in tlu , At a congergatioual meeting of
Vii'.mj.sl Rezzonioo. at Venice, where ; Woolwich Stroet Baptist Church,
llie poet breathed his last. i Guelph, a unanimous call was exter.d-
The records of the lives of thi | ed to Rev. Dr. Parsons, M. A., Ph. O..
Brownings show the deep affection j formerly of Port Arthur, now of Tor-
they  had for their son.    When  Mrs.   onto.
Browning's "Aurora I.ehh" was near- M Toronto Judge Winchester grant-
ly flo.shed. tho Brownings left Flor- ed an extralltion order against Hans
erce for EnjlaRtL and pa the journey nooss, a young (ierman, wanted in his
the box ConUinUW tho manuscript | nat|ve land on charges of forging som-
wss lost at Marseilles. In the samejlSJ bills of exchange for a total of
box wore also packed velvet suits anl   nearly $12 500
lace collars in which the little son i w. c. Btrattoll) |napector In the In-
wnl, to have male a brave.appearance land Revenue Seryice, dled suddenly
before his English^ relatives. Hit ln Hamilton. R. D. Stratton. a Win-
mother s  distress  at the  loss  of hef   nlpeB iawyerp ,8 a Bon
��*^ *ft?Jii��'  Hon- w "��� Hearflt' Mln"ter ��'
the     hox     was     recovered.       Robert   SSf,!,,f,l,,MS w,,lrtJM
IW,,h.g.   referring  to  the  comnosl-   %   '*��� *^ of ��'s molh"atL, ^ra
tion  oi  "Aurora  Iiigh."  wrote:  "Mv   S���Jt ��. ���. M?p*fret   McFadden
��� # . , �����    -.      j i       . j Hearst was oue   or   the   pioneers   of
wife tUBd to WTttj it and lay it down   Bn]ce C(Junt "
ti  hear  our child  spe.l.       Asolo  wai       _,.      t '       ,. ...     _   '..
the s.-ene not oniy of Robert Brown. I The two-year-old son of Mr. With-1
inn'* "Alsolando." but ol his e,;ua!!v erspoon, Allsa Cralg. who was report-
famous poems. "Pippa Passes^ an5,�������� "���{���*��* injw^ when hi, father,
"Bordello." The town was In the l��th- ����������*WHIttajboy. backed his auto
-n.ury the residence of the beautiful ����"��& dr'dconv��etrydle' but ,,0W has d
Cnterina Comam, the last Qtiucn ui I cnance ot recovery-
Cyprus, after the forced resignation i Mrs. Elizabeth Orr, born tn Tor-
of her kingdom to the Venetian* III onto '" 18-2' dled thl" week- Sbe
1489. The ruins of the castle that tha I wa�� the widow of William M. Orr.
inhabited are  one  of many  old-time   Hamilton, and   was   born   In   Muddy
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)
. 116,000,000.30
Brancues throughout Canada an��
Newfoundland, anc In Loadon, Eog-
*nd, :.*w York Ch'iago and Spokane,
J.S.A.. and Mavlco Clty. A general
MiaklnR buslnoa* transacted, tatters of Credit 1**0*0 available with
-orrespundants la all parts of the
Savlnxs Hank Diptrtmeat���Deposits
ec��l"ed ln sums of fl and upward,
snd Interest allow* I at S par cent, par
��nnum  (pre*eit rut*).
Total   A*neta   over   1186.000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
son's wardrobe   far
concern for the rnanuscri; t.
relics in the towfi which is rarro8tld<
ed by a wall with mediaeval turrets.
j York in what Is now Colborne street.
Toronto, In the rebellion of 1837-8.
Th*  Only One   of   It*  Kind.
Eastern Ontario.
^ , ..,,,...      Richard Bolton, of Sidney Townahlp
O-i an avemn-r soniewh re sb��ut thl i Bel|eville, died very suddenly.
end of the sixteenth century a trave.-; ��? nk��.-�����t ��i t�����.
er from Sweden might have been ob. I    ���!^]^��*��^$t.%��l
.erved at the door of the Rosa Theatre; and Commerce has closed, its agency
^.ned^ Steele, of Canada^ i.  taking   a
harder ^follow U in the native lag W^JM g��* �����*��
gnage he bought a copy of the play.; Umdon to the Balkan, thI* week.
price twelve cents, at the theatre door. Hon. Brun Nantel wa* challenged by
When he went home to Sweden he; Jean Prevoet, M. P. P., to resign like
took the book with him to ��how hi* \ Monk or to contest his seat with him.
wife and friends what strange stuff i There were no less than four appli-
the foreijner ranted. For 300 year*, c^ttons for divorce made to parlla-
it was preserved and in 1004. bein*|ment last week. This brings the
discovered in the home of a country- j total up to 37, which Is a Canadian re-
woman, was transferred for ��W��Jo
the Lund University. Thi book �� the
only one of its kind known to exist.
A Siltnt  Lind.
In the rainless interior ol Australia
there \t a s.\ei*ce of the grave.   Thi*
���i-athlike si'en-e has a peculiarly de-
��� rfssjrir effect,   II Iwo n.en are. canip-
d in ���! oi.e of them goes to a distant
'owi'*!ii;> to t*X  '.rovisioiis while  th-}
other r niair.s belli nd t<> look alter the
am ��� tlle man who is to remain says
to his mn o In fr.r.'ib'.e ?o'.d lields lan-
gum,"-: "Now, Bill, don't you l.e long
away.     You   kii'W   what   kind   of   a
pia ������ this is to live in by yourself."
If his in ite is away for two or three
days the silenco gets upo" Hie man'*
nerves, ami tn tlie end he ihout* in
ord-r to make a noi��<>. and tlu-n He
is   aira.d   of   the   sound   of  h.s  own
voit e.
Who first found tin? There i.s a leg-
e,nd Inion J the Cornish miners that
St. Piran, an Irish hermit, was the
discoverer. His ancient church in the
iarish of Pmanzabuloe, in Cornwall,
Dear potatoes hy Christmas Is the
prediction of C. F. Bidley, Assistant
Deputy Minister of Agriculture for
Ontario. Dry soft rot is prevalent in
Wa have no bot air to peddle:
Just legitimate tailoring.
88  Btgble Street.
. C. Coast Service
Lower Province*.
A syndicate of Charlottetown business men have taken a'n option on the
Dalton Fox ranch at Tlgnish. 'ihe
price agreed upon Is $600,000.
Attached to a fast passonger trail,
which left Seattlo for the oast was ai.
express car carrying live blue liY"*.
from the Aleutian Islands, en route
to St. John, N. II., to stock a brweO
ing farm.
Tiio monument erected to perpetu-
ute the memory of Francis Xavier
Garneau, who wrote the history of
Canada that was published in 1845,
has been unveiled on the Parliament
public ground, ln Quebec.
Cruelty to Oysters.
Dr.   Wiley, the  pure  food  expert,
saya that 90 per cent of the oyster*
eaten on the half shell are alive and
Lvavas Vancouver for Victoria 1*
a. m., I p. m. and 11:45.
Leave*  Vancouver    for  Seattle    1*
a. m. ana ll p. m
.   Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo    3
Leave* Vanoouver for Prince Rupert aad Northern Point* 10 p. m.
Leaves    Vancouver   ovary Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, Naw Westminster.
O. P   A,. Vancouver
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimate* Qlven.
211 Sixth Avanua.
Phon* 9��T
Cornish' mi .vers still keep the feast Of | jjg�� %jfj&giSl SRS '
* Plran. who. -cording to the, .WUJ. *����*�� ftnd  lf they  co���,d wou.J
ruing tnat ine r . wel)   reguiate.^
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished tree. %
H. GOSSE, Manager. ���
103 Dublin Street. Phon* W.
 : ������
tlrst found tin   forgeiung inai wv ���jj Jig* ^ ta any well  regulate
forefathers had long previously sold it y?1'. nf?"_._ .___".�����   ������.i���.T  .hoi
to the Phoenician*.   Possibly the les;
end points to the fact that this Irish
man wa* a skillful metallurgist.
dining room ln protest against their
.L.UL-11. Ji
Th* Solemn Vtddah*.
The most solemn people in the world
are the Veddahs of Ceylon, among
whom laughter is unknown. Onoe a
traveler ws told in answer to an inquiry that they never saw anything
to laugh at        ��� ���
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressea Concrete (Patented)
Loss of Decisive Battle by Main Army
Foreshadows  end  of   Balkan
London, Oct. 31.���The Bulgarian
army completely defeated a Turkish
force estimated at 200,000 men, under
Nizam I'asha at Lulo Burgas, after
three days' terrific fighting, according
to a news agency despatch from Sofia.
1 he Bulgarian cavalry is pursuing the
retreating Turks.
Adrlanople is completely hemmed ln
by' the Bulgarian troops.
The battle, which Is regarded as the
most Important engagement since the
beginning of the war, lasted three entire days. It extended along the line
from Lule Burgas eastward to Serai.
The Turkish front was over 31 miles
The Ottoman troops retreated to
Tchorlu. about twenty-one miles south
of the position from which they were
driven by the Bulgarians.
Apparently Naj|m Pasha concentrated his forces on a line stretching
from   Bodosto   through   Tchorlu,   his
. vations which they now suffer.
i    After   their   immediate   danger   is
passed their present asylum gives little Bite ijvt protection from flre  and
Turkish authorities are appealing ti
publlc charity for funds to succor
these Vretclied people. Tlieir position
Is indeed miserable, but when I asked
some of them:
"Would you like to return   to your
home?"   The answer Invariably  was.
"No, our villages are destroyed, all
i we have has been taken from us.     If
| we must die, let us die here."
I    They are grateful for tbe bread and
fuel wliich ls given them.
Welcome Greek Victors.
Athens, Oct. 31.���Th e entry of the
victorious troops into Veria was accomplished,   according    to    the   despatches received by the Greek Gov
ernment, by   touching  scenes  of  re-
; ;olclng.   A proclamation Issued bv the
I Crown   Prince  reassured  the  inhabitants. Irrespective of race or religion,
1 of protection and equality before th ?
: law.   The Musselman families decids.l
[ net to abandon the   town, while   tha
��� confidence of the Moslem   community
j trok heart In the prince's assurance.
j The Crown Prince was welcomed by
virtually the entire town, headed bv
the slergy in full canonicals.   As tha
! Crown  Prince passed frantic   cheer3
| were rained for lilm as the liberator
I of Macedonia, and for the Greek army
I and the Greek navy.   A deputation of
I the most notable people asked to be
I presented to the Crown   Prince, and
headquarters, to Iseranza, a town  at I ? ***** t��h1"1 to ��ua"ntfe the 8afe-
the foot of the mountains of the sime   *��* ��" Modems in the town,
name, vhich   run parallel with   theL^&wf.   ��ro?b th^ (&".vf h*
Black Sea.   This line, which Is thirty I .lhe ��rince'       Wlth the  Gr���3  th2
miles   long was   chosen with   greal
___^��� "With ,__^^.^^
iaws are the same *ii' all. \\'*^tL anil
low. Christian and non-Christian,"
Thereupon the deputation, on bi-
half of the Musselmen of Vera prom
sed loyalty to   the new regime   and
*her\\a*m.  t" \l*0 law,
I)C8i)&tuh���� fioul various points
throw M&ht on the movements of thc
Turks and also enable one to form an
skill, lt enabled Nazlm Pasha to deal
tremdous blows at the Invalers while
he could fall back on the second line.
*.* C!:P,*",a'lja, which covers Constantinople.
The Sulgarians fought the grtat
Turkish army by turning movements
and strategy, but these, according to
eyperts. must now give way to fores
of numbers and gunpowder.
Previcus to the    announcement   of
the result of the great battle ttfathad
been ln progress between the Turkish
and Bulgarian armies in the  eastern
part of the Balkan Peninsula, it seemed probable that its conclusion probably would give occasion for the intervention of the European powers.   In ..... .,
despatches from Vienna, it is asserted j ��u8'9   Pr��cee<l!n6
that the foreign ministers of the Euro-1 Janina-   VUthiht    before
pean governments have reached a ten- j.
tatlve agreement in this matter, and i ��J ��_���-������   m.��ni   i i���.nl
In any event the entry   of Bulgarian I of Syrtana. Bizani, Liasana,
troops into Constantinople will not bo
tolerated by the powers.   Even   Russia Is disinclined to permit such an
It is also understood   in diplomatic
rircles in the   Austrian   capital   that,
the Balkan nations already have made ���
known tn an unofficial    manner  that.
they are prepared to talk intervention j
Formulating Policy on Naval Question
and Other Matters for Coming
Ottawa, Oct. 31.���The Liberals here
are worried over the naval question,
and this v/eek Sir Wilfred Laurier
summoned a meeting of his defeated
cabinet in Ottawa to discuss the skua
tion and to formulate a policy for th*
session. Hon. George P. Graham, Hon
Mackenzie King and Hon. CharlC3 G
Murphy were a:nong3t those who wen-
in attendance. Considerable differenc.
of opinion, It is said, developed and
several different policies were suggested, but nothing definite was de
elded and it Is likely that. Sir Wilfrid
Laurler's advice that a waiting garuf
be played will be followed.
Some of the Liberal leaders wanted
active opposition to auy emergency
naval contribution, and wanted to
block supplies with a view to forcing
an election on the question. This idea
was not viewed with enthusiasm by
the Ontario Libw-als. Another pro
posal was that the Liberal majority In
the senate be Instructed to throw out
tbe Emergency Naval Bill when lt
reached the Upper House.
The conference also discussed the
question of opposing Hon. Louis Go-
*;.:'re, the new Secretary of State ln
the by-election in Hochelaga on Nov.-I
19. It v.as decided, it is understood,
to fight thc election of the new minis
ter if a candidate could be found. At
present a still hunt Is being carried on
in Montreal to find a sacrifice and bo
far wlthc.'.t success, The chances are
tha; nt.r. Codtrre wlll be re turned by
idea of the Jubilation of the Greeks'acclamation. If the Liberals do put
after ten days -of unbroken victory, I up a candidate Premier Borden will
The Turks are retiring toward Mona- ] address several meetings.
stir and Seris, while Salonikl is believed to have been abandoned by tbe
Ottoman troops.
Turkish Atrocities.
The centre   of Macedonia wlll   be
completely ln the power of the allies.
On the west the Greek army of Eplr-
cautiously  toward
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ them    the
Turks, who are making their passage
inhuman atrocities.     The villages
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Stavratri,
, Neochorl   and   Rapsista   have   been
i b'irned by them.   The valley of Janina
\ is in flames.
On the east the Greeks are in possession of Katerna, on the weBt coast
of the Gulf of Salonikl, and Gida. a
coast town in the same region, also
has been captured.
The Greek forces carrying out the
operations ln that part of the   coun-
Llvad'.on |
An interesting development of the
political situation in Quebec is the
possibility of a clandestine alliance between the Nationalists and Liberals to
oppose the Conservatives on the nava'
contribution. The Liberal leaders are
said to be flirting with Mr. Henri
Bourassa at the present time and they
may combine in the support of a candidate against Mr. Coderre.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete."
25 New Stylish Ladies' Ctoaks
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Prices Are Moit Reasonable, $12.50, $15.00, $18.00
by the powers at any moment n��w.     ,   -     ..      ..       , c ���,. . ,.     _,,,
Thirty thousand TurkiBh troops ac!'^' **"> despatched from Ellasa
cording to information from TurkUh I througn the defiles of Olympus Moun
sources have effected a landing on the l "'nB'    Al    'he i Vl"����* of u.v?d or i
Black Sea coast.   They will attack the  ftg   encountered    slight   resistance .  .   ���       -
Bulgarians In the mk and rear. I -^ gt.J^JUj. ^ Turkisn _
Fear In Comi.nilnoil. I ���d   cavalry and   artillery was   met, I    London. Oct.   .,1.���Contrary to
1 ondorT Oct    ��-SlctSre8   cf to--lthere wa8 sewre Acting, tbe engage��tenons *"��* had been   current
tured Turks and of, women assaulted I ?or\ !asl';n*  *<\ V��ur3    .,.*.   the I recent   naval   relations
In the open streets are belm; circulated ,' 2���**�� speeded in carrying the po-1 recent   naval   negot.atlons.
In the native   quarters   of' Constant!-   sition at the point of the bayonet,
noplo and are   causing a bitter   anti-1     '^ s received ot the ministry
Winston Churchill in Speech .on
kan Struggle, Says Great Critain
Must Always Be Ready.
Yesterday's express brought tn swell new Near Seal Wraps; splendid types of the season's ���est up-to-
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Christian   feeling; according   to  mail
advices from that city.   .
Information reaching here by letter
from the Turkish capital is to the effect thru the feeling against foreigners having the    photographs   of   the
atrocities at the scene of the war, has
started a panic among  the.: Christian
residents.   It Is learned from the same
private source that foreign  embassies
at Constantinople are making arrange
ments to car�� for foreigners in case? j
of an attempt at massacre.   Tbey will i
be'removed promptly to barges, steamers and sailing vessels   lying in   the
Dosphorus and the Golden Horn.
The American guardship Scorpion,
now stationed at Constantinople, the
only foreign embassy guardship excepl that of Russia, which carries
guns, could sink tbe pontoons of .the
old and ue*- bridges with her six-inch
guns, thus cutting oif Pera, the foreign qtiarter from Stamboul and the
native quarters on the other side of
the Golden Hern. 'The foreign refugees on the barges, etc., wonld be protected during this operation by the
guns cf the Austrian embassy and
Turks' Side ot Story..
The s'.ormng of Kirk-Kllisseh, according to the accounts cf the wound
ed, wa3 accompanied by indescribable
slaughter. The Unitarians entered th'J
city at midnight aet flre to the ba-
Earr and cut dowu wth the sword
every human being fixey met. The
whole place was turned into a sham
bles. it Is reported by a Turkish officer. The dead lay out* id? . Ibt
trenches. N'o quarter was asked and
none was given.
At Adrlanople th* Turkish outsid:-
forts mowed down the, Bulgarians Ilk''
sheep. Notwithstanding the terrific
flre the Bul*ar!sr.s advanced to with
in a few yards of the defences, only tc
be driven back by the concentrated
rain of bullets from the Turkish maxim guns.
At last the officers ln desperation
drove their commands up at th''
sword's points to the very muzzles of
tbe Turkish guns. In this wav, and
at a great cost of human life, three of
the outer Turkish forts toward the
west were captured. Then immediately the Krupp guns of tlie other,
forts were turned on the Bulgarians,
forcing thera to retire.
David Sandler, correspondent of the
Dally Chronicle, wires from Constantinople:
"This morning I visited a number
of mosques at Stamboul, which have
: war shows that the fight
at Trlpota
.^_^^_^-^^__^_^ for
some time that Ue would rtter to the
^^^^^^^^^^ Rt.   Hon
Winston Spencer Churchill. First Lor
of the Admiralty, confined his utter
ances at the Sheffield Cutlers' Feast
io* def*!e commanding the approaoli It0 thc situation in the Balkans,
j Veria. was particularly fierce.   Th?|.  Heterr.
! impetuosity of the Greeks, however.
swept the enemy before'thera and
���>frer three hours of a hotly-contested
struggle, the ' Turks fled, routed,
abandoning tbeir guns, great quanti-
ics-of prrimunition, rifleo, provislonj
and clothing.
""^a1, the'r domorallzat'on   is   complete Is proved by the fact that they
did not attempt to rally and give bat
tie at Veria.
Spokane Syndicate .Buya Large Tract
in British Columbia for Cclonl-
. . ���_ zation. . .
Spokane, Oct. 31.���The purchase of
Glft.OC'O acres of land in -Northern Britisli Columbia has just been completed
by i.auchllii Maclean, of Spokane, ani
liis associates, for a consideration of
$2.7f.0,000. .Thetransactlon constitutes
probably the largest land purchase
ever made In, the Paciflc northwest.
The land was fcpqujred froni various
iirliish Columbia syndicates, and six
months have been re iuired to com-
-..leie the deal. The selections have
been made along the lakes and river*
ot Northern British Columb:a. Tb<)
lands are along the lines of the Orand
Trunk Pacific.
Of the holdings secured, 150,000 are
'.** tlie Nation Lakes district, 100.001
acres on Bablne Lake, 200,000 acre* on
'be north Tnrl.i lake ftnd .100,00,0,
aores on the Naas river.
"General character of the soil of
these selections ls a deep, black
loan^," said Mr. MacLean, ln discus-
ing the transaction. "Probably 2b vor
cent, of the' Iand Is open meadow. The
remainder Is covered with slight I
growths of timber and underbrush.  'Y
"In thc colonization bf the lands we
���will have the co-operation of the provincial government as well as the commercial Interests of the province, The
government has already built1 trunk
ing to the attitude of Britain,
he said:
"We In Britain sometimes have been
assured by persons who profess to
know that the danger of war has become an illusion aud that the danger
would not exist at all but for tbe machinations of statesmen and diplomats, or for the intrigue of financiers,
aided b.v the groundless suspicions of
1 generals and admirals and fomented
by the sensationalism of the press.
Well, here Is war, a war that arises
from none of these causes, in spite of
all that rulers and diplomats could do.
Face to face with such a manifestation, who was the man who was bold
enough to say that force was never a
remedy? Who was the man to say tha:
martial virtues did not play a vital
part In the health and horor of every
people ?
Who was vain enough to suppose
that the long antagonisms of hiB history and of time could, in all circumstances, be adjusted and compacted by
tbe smooth and superficial conven-
���ir-ns of the politicians and ambassadors?
"We can survey our past without a
pang; we can survey our future without a grudge; but we must be prepared. (Cheers). We must be ready for
all emergencies. It is good to be patient; good to be circumspect; lt is
good to be peace-loving, but that U
noi enough; we must be strong and
self-reliant and, ln the end, for all our
party politics, we must be united."
Send Vs Your Telephone and Mail Orders
been diverted from religious purposes j highways throughout the district and
to the needs of humanity,     1 found I as fast as tho districts are colonized
thousands of refugees from Kirk-
KiliBseh and Tchorlu. Some of them
went first to Adrlanople, but finding
that ctty gave little prospect qf safety, with the tide of war already lapping Its walls, they fled panic-striken
to the south, leaving their cattle and
eren their children' to tlie mercy of
the conqueror.
Crowds of these fugitives make' a
variegated, nondescript gathering in
the vast courts' of most of the mps-
fluoa. They complain, not without
cause, of cold, hunger and other pri-
���he government will bulld school
houses and lateral highways.
"of these selections 1)0,000 acres on
Babine Lake wlll be put on the mar-
i-ei. at once. This lake is 110 miles
long And five miles wide on the average and is navigable for the largest
steamers. We bave already received
a tracing of these tracts.
"We are also provided with n^oto-
granhic views of each section and reports from the government telling
just what ls the nature of the soil, tho
vegetation, ������!���
Toronto Board ef Trade Would  Make
Immigrants Good Citizens.
Toronto, Oct. 31.���Some suggestions
as to the best way to make newcomers
to Canada good Canadians were offered by Z. A. Lash, K. C, at a luncheon of the conference committee df
the Board of Trade today.
Mr. Lash urged thc need of a campaign of education. Members of parliament and public men Bhould take
every opportunity to furnish information in their speeches. The newspapers sbot'ld publish art'cle.n of interest to immigrants and at least one
journal should be published to Instruct
'tliem upon Canadian questions.
Mr. Larii euggested that the provincial governments should consider the
advisability of uniting to produce ai
text book for use In all schools tn the
Dominion. This work should present
in active manner the hlstorv of Canada and should teach the children whv
Canadians have atood Una n tlieir attendance to Oreat Britain and what Is
meant to be a citizen ot a nation within the British Empire.
House of Commons Considering Measure to Meet Osborne Judgment
London, Qct. 31.���The standing committee of the House of Commons (a
cc>ns!dering nhe Trude JJnlon Bill,
which has been framed by the govern
ment to meet the receht Osborne juds-
! ment.
While the unions may apply fundi
for specified-'poltical objects, and under certain conditions, the new bill
states, nevertheless, members of thos?
unions who are not will ins; to contribute to such political funds may claim
exemption without suffering any disability.
Mr. Ram3ay Macdonald. commencing on the bill, declared that political
action was absolutely essential for the
union movement, and if a man joined
the union he should contribute to the
political fund.
Str Rufus Isaacs then asked whether a man who had simply joined the
n"Ion for the purpose of protecting
labor, would be compelled to contribute to political propaganda to whieh
he was diametrically opposed.
Renfrew, Oct. 31.���"It Is the people
who come to us from all the nations
of the earth that we blame for a largs
part of the Increase of our annual
drink bill, In spite of our local option
victory; also far the menace of tne
slum problem In our c'ties."
This excerpt from the annual address of the provisional president of
the Women's Christian Temperance
Union. Mrs. E. A. Stevens, Toronto
wns the dominant note In the proceedings this afternoon at the convention in session here. Mrs. Stevens
dwelt at length on the Import and consumption ot spirits lu Canada, the lo
oal option victories won ln the ^rov-
lnc�� and the crnteen question,,
Colonel Sari Hughes received a considerable medium of praise In the
president's eddress for his1 action in
regard to the abolishing of the canteen system. |^|
Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quarter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lands.
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No.   41343E.   issued   in   the
name of John Travers, covering the 1/
above property, has been filed in this
cT'ib, notice Is hereby given  that ll
shall nt the rxpiraticn cf one month
Trom date of the first publication hereof issue a duplicate of sa'd Certificate
unless in the meantime valid objection be made to me in writing.
Dated at the Land   Registry   OfTice,
Vancouver, this lst day of October,
District Registrar.
Stove -Wood
Plione Rl 140
Teaming and DwreiJ Draying Con
tracting, Fi
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water',   Aera'.cd Waten
Manufactured by
Telephone R 111  Offlee: Princeaa Bt
& Mercer
ILft.iL .
-Phone Mt.
Baden-Powell Married.
London, Oct. Sl.���Following the ex-
amnlte cf Howard de Walden. Ocnera!
Baden-Powell was married Vjoletly today to Miss Soames, at Parkstone,
Dorset There were only a dozen persons ln the church. The marriage
hsd bpen aet to tnke plaoe early in
December. Sir Robert Baden-Powell
and Lady Baden-Powell left immediately after the ceremony hy automobile on their honeymoon.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, tUt-plsh
and Swiss $
All Work Guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel. HI.
Fall Suits
Ml Front Btreet     Hr-* City Market | 48 Corn*
Full Duty on Cement
Ottawa. Ont. Oct. 31.���Importers <^r
cement wtll pay full duty after tomorrow. Owing to the demand from the
West the government on June 1 reduced the duty on cement by half, or
rather agreed to return half the duty
collected. In felfoet thla reduced the
duty from 62 cents a barrel to 16
cents a barrel. There were large Importations at the reduced rate anl
protests were received from.the Canav
dian cement manufacturers.
Brunette Saw Mills Ceapaay, UA.
New Westminster, tt. C
Are well stocked up with all kindBWBigiateflf
A epeoially large stock of Laths,
No. 2 Common Boards aad
Now b the tin* to build for a��la or rtm-mka******* am km   I
M '���
Published every morning except
Sunday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their otfice,
<3 McKenzie Street, New Westmlnater, B  C.
Business Office   999
Editorial Office   991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mail fi per year, or 25c per
- No letters will be published in the
News except over the writer's signature. The-editor reserves the right
to refuse the publication of any letter.
hardly 2 per ceut. of the ties laid on
Canadian roads are preserved. Ths
railways and the government should
get together on this subject in a legislative way, as tiie preservation of tiea
seems to be a matter of mutual benefit.���Ottawa Free Press.
One of the most striking indictments of the carelessness cf automobile drivers appears in a statistical
report Just issued by a large insurance corporation on this continent.
According to its figures, from 1902
to 1906 only 2.9 rer cent, cf the claim n
for indemnity which were presented
by or in behalf of its- policy-holders
were on account of automobile accidents. In 1907 the percentage rose to
5.3, in 1908 to 6.5, In 1609 to 11.4, in
1910 to 14.1 and in 1911 to 21.8. There
is reason for supposing that the statistics of other insurance companies
would show similar results. If bo, the
conclusion is that nearly a quarter,
perhaps this year nearly one-third, of
casualties are attributable to the use
or misuse of automobile vehicles.
These figures may be misleading to
a trifling extent.     For instance users
of automobiles may be taking the pre-
______^______________ caution  of  more   generally   insuring
1    ��� -     -��� I themselves   against   casualties    than
THE FRUIT QUESTION. other people.   Yet with all due allow-
.   ,��� *t-        ��� . ..   . .7.   .   ..  ance for such conditions the   propor
It is generally agreed that the fruit  Ujm rf ca3ualties   cliargeable   t0 rao
marketing question in the Okanagan j tor vehicles, or their drivers is muc
Mr. A. E. Easton  Returns from  Leth-
bridne���Varied GatheHflt;���   "
Albertan Hospitality.
has reached a critical period. 'i nis
year hundreds ot tons of peaches ar3
reported to have been lett to rot in
the orchards of Penticton and other
too high. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
We prefer to consider the driver:
responsible rather than the machines
because in the vast majority ot cases
the   trouble   is   caused    by   reclcles.'
Okanagan points,   while   considerable speeding or other misuse of the cars
difficulty is found in marketing   tho And even wben it is said that the car
. ,, , .      .  .    ...     ,������ji,i skidded, or the  steering  gear  would
fall apples produced in this splendid ^ wofk  cr ^ ^^ f*���ed   or   a
fruit district of British Columbia.   Ap- t;re burst and ���pset the car   the fact
parently it is only the   winter   appio generally is that sur.1i failure  of tho
that  finds an easy market.    For that mechanism either was caused by mis
,   , ,, , ,    , .,,,. use or would not have been d'sastrou-.
the whole world is ready to pay   th- had not the car >t the tjme been gQ
price, Okanagan fruit being in demand   jng at an unsafe speed.
from  Australia and  New  Zealand  toj    In any event there is urgent need of
London. ^le application cf the power of public
J,, , .....     ,_���,, 'opinion in the reduction of such eas
Vancouver   buys   very   little   fruit  uaIt,eg     Thjg forefl  an(,  pven.  Qlhe]
from    the    Okanagan.      Westminster  legitimate   and    available     influence
buys ber fruit   from Vancouver.   Re-  should  be brought   to   bear   agains
tUJ'S ner  irun    num   \miuuuvc    ..a,    .,.,.,���,���   a,*.   ���**,,,^
ently   the Vancouver   fruit   dealers' practices wh'eii
.aid a visit to Vernon and explained ^"SS ihfts
with almost brutal frankness why
they could not buy from the Okanagan
growers���at least anything but winter
apples. The explanation was that the
fruit from the Wenatchee and Yakima
are becoming by far
^^^^^^^^^ source of injury to
limb and the destruction of life.���-Calgary Herald.
ILL   di:
Collapsed in Ju'r Af'.er Lcng Walk>i~
Sun and Never Recovered.
valleys cost less despite a duty on j Montreal, Oct. 31���Senator Adam
peaches for example of twenty cents a Carr Eell. cf Pictou, N. S.. passoj
box. It cost less for the following ��**y at the Royal Vicforla Hospital
_, . ,���,,��� ������������,���.. ���r shortly before 8 o'clock tonight. He
reason.     The   American   grower   of  ,..,.,  ^ jn ,nf,;|Tprert hea*h   gIncp
these valleys regards the middle wesl jujy_   Dr jc:ui ncii; 0f >je\v Glasgow,
as his best   market.   Accordingly   ho vas the onlv mpmbsr   of his .family
keeps that market in the best possible with him when the end ome.
order- he   never   overstocks   it.   i���. ^S^tor Bell, during the hot weathe,
' in Julv. walked ten ri'les in the sun
stead he ships all his surplus fruit to and after regaining   his residence   in
the commission    market    of    Seattle, Kew Glasgow suffered a collapse and
where it fetches just what the market took to his bed.   Early in October, ac-
chooses to pay for it. Ic-mpanied by his sen, Ad.uu  Bell, he
, went to a sanitarium, near Detroit and
Very often the wholesale street   in thp change secmnQ t0 benefit him con-
Seattle is ��lutl.ed with several cars too uiderably.   On his way home he vis-
many of peaches.   This is the chancu 'tpd friends  in Montreal,   and   while
for me agent of the Vancouver whole-, \���J�� %&%�� SJ&ft,
saler, who is in several cases connect-   Bon going on lo New Gla9gow
cd with American ilrins; he jumps Inl    While   weak, Senator   Bell's   condi
and picks up a carload or two at   a ' tion was not regarded as being immo
bottom figure and ships It to Vancouver, thus cutting any  fair  price    to
diately serious, and he recovered fron
a minor operation which was performed upon him in that institution.
shreds. The Vancouver dealers do not
exactly enjoy this, as they make better profits on a firm market with good
prices, but they have to meet the competition.
The result is that fruit sometimes
sells retail on the coast at almost thi
same price as the Okanagan grower
expects to receive on his ranch up
country. He is accordingly forced out
of the coast market, and ships his
produce to the Northwest instead,���
-when he does not have to leave it ou
the ground. ThiB, of course, is but a
rough outline of the position. Many
other factors enter Into the question
which we have no room to discuss at, Takea Lorg Walk���Goes to New York
.. tt,t( Rally Today,
tne moment. |    0j.sler u^ N   y ? 0ct   3i._\vith
The remedy for this state of affairs Oeorge W. Perkins and Senator Dixon,
is co-opera,tion, better warohouso his campaign leaders, Colonel Roose-
facilitles, careful study of the market,  velt discussed the political situation
tonight  for two  hours.    Mr.  Perkins
I and Senator Dixon dined with the col-
more   OIK'I
Ixmdon, Oot. 31.���Earl Grey, sneak
Ing at the church conference at Newcastle on the housing question, declared that one of the orinc'pal function?
of the church should be to see tha'
sufficient whoI��3emp houses at mod"r
ato rent be fiirl'ed to the poores'
pronle of tt-e r:*��*��"����h,
If possible ri'i-f *d Earl Grev, the sur
roundings should be refined and attractive.
and expansion into wider markets aa
well as the   establishment   of
In the afternoon Colonel Roosevelt
canneries and  jam factories.    There
might be added to these the building tobk the longest walk he has had since
" i he was hurt.    He said he felt no ill-
up of a sentiment In favor of Okanagan fruit on the coast. It this can ba
done, there might be a groat futura
befcre   the   proposal  for  New   West-
effects   from   bis  tr',)   to   New   York
last   night.
Colonel  Roosevelt   will  go  to  New
Vork late tomorrow to attend the Pro-
mmim.,,m. ,m .      .       . ,,. . ,   .'tcrosslve ralfr fit Madison Square Oar-
minster to try to establish a market  �������� for the NW y���rk stiUeqtlcket. He
hnd prepared ro sneech todav but
probably will talk for a few minutes
on several isstres.
for British Columhla fruit here in
opposition to the American produco
now flooding thn coast markets.
(.'anada I ti now using thirteen and a
half million railway ties each year.
Sftvn��ty-five per cent, of thin number
of ties goes to replace old ties on rail
ways, for some years in operation, anil
only 25 per cent, goes into new roads.
An ordinary railway tio costs 40
cents and hints ten or twelve years.
A preserved tie costs perhaps 50
cents and lasts twenty years. That is,
a raitw^y finds ii ultimately about 60
per cent, more cosily to use the ordinary ties with their brief life than
the preserved Hoh with their double
life. And more important even than
the cost to the railway -although thla
is important, too. as it helps to fix
freight rates, and therefore the cost
���of food and clothing is the economic
loss to Canadian forests, lf all tlea
-were irreserved, it would mean a saving of :;.r>0.000,000 feel In timber to
Canadian forests annually. This saving. toU, would come directly back to
the people, for the more standing
trees there aro. and tha nearer these
���are to civilization, the less is the cost
���of house-building, and the afore, of
It ls encouraging that some of the
larger raMways are preserving thoir
ties i-i all f'titre construction. But it
is rather   discouraging that, as   yet,
I'aris. Oct. 21.��� While, reconnoiter-
Ing In the nir over Adrianople. Aviator
I'npoff. h Russian, was killed by Turk
ish BoldlcrH. being the first aviator to
d'e I.i actual warfare, according to advices received here today.
The death of Phnoff shatters thp
theory of aviators that hy flying high
and swift an airman was practically
The Turks first fried rnaas firing,
and whpn litis faffed, they resorted to
shrapnel, which proved effective.
Brilliant, Oct. 111. -Mr. William
Blakemore, of Victoria, Doukhobor
commissioner, has been advised thai
the provinnaf government has agreed
to make a grant of $20,000 for the con
struction of the Doukhobor bridge at
Rrilllant, which wlll connect the settlement at that place with the transcontinental highwav.
When the road from two miles east
of the citv power plant has been built
to Glade there will he a through route
via the bridge at Brilliant along the
south side of the Kootenay River,
from Neleon to Rossland and Trail.
The British Columbia fruit exhibited
at the Lethbridge Dry Fanning congress was by tar the most attractive
exhibit shown, according to Mr. A. E.
tiaston, \>no represented New Westminster at the congress, and is now
back In the city.
This fruit in the main was gathered
at the provincial exhibition' held here
recently, and captured first honors
Alien the judges made their awards.
Mr. Easton, however, believes that it
did not get a fair showing owing to
the size and shape of the building, but
nevertheless the booth was crowded
with hundreds of persons every day
anxious to get a glimpse at the
products wllich are beginning to be
known all over the world as coming
from the best fanning district in Canada.
Mr. Easton, when Been yesterday,
stated that Mirza Ali Khan, who had
: large of affairs for the Persian government, purchased one of the prize
bo^es of apples and sent them to
friends in California. [
The hospitality shown by the citi-'
zens of Lethbridge   could   not   have
been  bettered, according to Mr.  Eas-
nn.    The different club3, Y. M. C. A. I
and the R. N. W. M. P. officers open-
ed   their   buildings   to  the   delegates,
who numbered uver one thousand per- j
Nearly every nation in    the    world '
sent   a   representative,    the   antique !
nation cf China being represented by
ling Shein.   Lung had some difficulty
in getting by the emigration author!- !
ties, but after explaining his mission i
was allowed to take part in the pro
ceediug3. I
The feature eve"t of the festivities
was a large reception held in the auditorium wliich gave all the delegates  i
Distinguished Canadian Authoress Is
oi Scottish Descent and the Blood
oi the Early Adventurers Is Strong
In Her Veins���She Has Competed
With Men In Many Capacities In
In  pioneer work  the fortitude and
adventurous  spirit of   woman   have
usually been taken for granted or included with masculine effort in such
a fashion as to obscure the feminine
element.   The women who came out
to Canada n century   ago   and   who
helped to make homes in the wilder-
neaj were made of   stern   stuff,   and j
their virtues of endurance and indus-1
try are too lightly   regarded   in   this |
age of machine-meiiu   garments   and
speeding automobiles, when "hurry"
seems to be the universal motto, says
Jean Graham in The Globe.
The world has always been ready
to admire the adventurous spirit in
men, whether it be a dashing Cavalier
Prince Rupert or a sober-minded
Puritan Miles Standish. It has not
been so ready to recognise that there
are women also for whom the untrodden on thl and far trails have an
irresistible fascination. Our pioneer
great-grandmothers may have come to
this country as the wives or daughters
ol men eau'er for toil in a new world,
rather than from nny personal desire
for a home in the western world. Vet
I believe many of tliem enjoyed the
trails and new phases of life in the
unmade Dominion with the zest of
th" true adventurer.
There an.1 women who love f>xplnra-
finii fur its own sak.\ iind who enjoy
to the full the life 61 prairie or hillside.    Ihey are nut nt all masculine
Iin lh" olijectlonnlilp s.mse  in which
that  term  in    ���nnietlltlta    applied   to
| wofllPn    wh >    have   iimli:ti<ms   a-ide
j from   lhe  doni'stie   ��phere;   Imt  they
| have a kin I "f liovish  lov of "fresh
Nice new five room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
sized cement basement, piped for furnace. This house is beautifully
situated ln the WeBt End and close to the car.
PRICE $2800; J/3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply to
Wm. McAdam
P. O. Box 874.   Phone 498* Room 1 Westminster Trust Block.
chance to become acquainted.   Such a . wrH)l|
gathering as  this, according to    Mr.   |,nivv ���,,lrj, ttII< A���nM
Easton. was of the utmost value, and i ,,���   w|���,' |���i,.|v nas-
he loo's for the best of results fren; i wii'iulerines t<"i r -t
'ie I'roceedings.
I natures   new."     Such a
was Acnes Deans Camer-
J from all earthly
fZAVT.Z ��03 c
Nome. Alaska, Cct. 31. -With tht
-ailing ef the steamship Victoria with
iS4 passengers for Seattle, travel for
he season hetween Seward peninsula
nd the ouUide world -was brought to
l close, thc- onlv me-uis cf comiruni-
"ition being over the 2000 dog tri I
���rd stn'"> 1'"" via Fairbanks to Cor
dova. The Victoria left SiSTO people
who will snei'd the winter In Nome
This is 300 irore than wintered here
last year.
The summer's gold ootint i.i given
as $3,500,000. Nearly all the dredgoi
���till are oro'-o"ng and ip the weather
^i*ir>rps mild vcrk will be continued
'ntU Decerjihcr. More men nre en>a<f
ed in mining this year than last and
many prospectors are out drilling for
dredges. A rich strike lias been made
cn Boulder Creek, wliich is m I on the
third beach line.
| "13enciitJi Hv   !c'V a'refn tent,
iMiwt. Curtail) lev r oiutwiril swings."
Ipiich   ii   nature   i<   th'   inheritance of
sTTuE i iiniitlii'r    Cmifldlan      woman      writer.
Mi-s  Agnes ('.   laut.    who   is    never
li��P|ii r I!:mii whe    pxplorlug the pre-
llistorlc  civ s  ol   Arizona  cr  the   far
reaches    ,,t    a    P.ritish    Columbia
Mi-�� I.aut. like M'��s Cameron, is of
Feetfi-h dce.'iit, which means n irrent
'I 'al In �� country whn��c rivrs. frm
Frnser fn Mackenzie, show wh'TP the
VPtlturnU* liael has liei'M Fhe hns
tin innnl" iwrsev ranee nf the race
which d light" i'i a "ilc'f'iou'ty,"
umi which iind-- relaxation in theo.
logical argument, She h���� proved
��<irk the yreate t enjoyment in the
Mi-s I.aut lr'l,inp�� to Orttsr'o hy
le'th, but went lo Winniiwr when a
chill mul i* consequently claim**' ����
a typical W'Stern woman i'i Intel'"C.
fual lir'skneM a"d atnliition. II r
maternal urnnHfstl",r was tb* lav
p.'V. Principal Oeor-'e. Dl).. cf
Oueen's    l'ii'ver-ilv.     Kin'/ t^n.     a" I
West End, close to car; levely view;
all in lawn; 5 rooms, thoroughly
modern; superior finish; fire place,
furnace, fixed-in wash tubs, built-in
buffet, electric fixtures. An ideal
cosy home for the coming fall.
$300 Cash handles this, and the
balance to arrange.
451 Columbia Street
Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.  BOX  442
Prairie Swine Ravished by Disease
Which Is Given Othar Names.
Moose Jaw, Sask., Oct. 31.���Hog
holera would appear to have broken
int in the province, especially In this
district. Although it has been given
other names, It seems certain that ln
nany parts the "sickness" which has
"avished the herds is none other than
**n decimating cholera itself.
The authorities at IteRina have been
'otified from several places. An Inspector has been sent out. but befort
���Is arrival in affected territory It hart
been too late to do anything, It seems
that the farmers havo grudged killing
lick animals, with the result that the
vhole herds have died off.
At Keeler, in thia dlBtrict. Mr. Illll-
nan, a well-known breeder, hud a
'*evr] nt 4*v feds'' there are only 30
of these left from disease ravages.
It Is reported that some cases hare
bpen located In SasVatoon and many
other places, but that the farmers refuse to admit that the mortality Is due
'o cholera. Word has been received
here, however, that where the dlseUS
has been the most prevalent, It has
been successfully diagnosed as hog
the    ij    thus    relator!
Ftrntliy    anil    Mr.   \V.
Ternnto.     Mi**   I.aut
Iron*    *tii'lent    im  r
(������   Mr-.   R,
K.   (icor;o
was    ut   :n<
Mhoolflrt, i
Sydney. X. S. W.. Oct. 31    Thlrtvir,
volcanos are in eruption on tho island . p
V, inn <"oo|i        ������     *l*n    I   fit*   \'|r    op.in)    T'rl
many remarkable rharr-* '���* *'"��� "**-
s-'cal fc.itures of the island liave ra
A la���io IV'e in tHe o*ntrc of I****
'land has dropped two feet from lt��
nrlptrol level, according to reports re-
caved here.
it -.
^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^_._ 'ml
ni"re  llum nn" Instructor t lis  nf her
e��ilv il termination lo nuccced in
li' rary BcHlcvcmcnt, Sli" W** edu.
ruled nf Mani'nl"! I'liiversity ��"rl
|���.,.ftmn nn editor'el writer "ii The
Man.t"h,i ftp* l'r"���� in 1806 The
N-iv Verk Rveniie Poat. Th�� P-v'-w
cf It view*. The Montreal H-rahl. The
World'* Work, ari'l Onlieir have also
cl'irivl her editorial actlvltlei
Tlire   are   ��ome   natures   fnr   wh'nn
the   ��firv    nl    p'i -it     ICContpltsbtn lltt*
li"�� nn Infinite fiisclnatlnn; th��r�� are
i filer* wlm ��"cr' tn ;>n-< 4. little nf
that hisf'irie S"nS' whic'i can r"viv"
Ih'i 4cene�� nl Inntf ��i"' anil lninT Imek
tli" figures which llii��li"il nlnn8 in lh"
viivac 'iir's canne nr whloh jnurneyil
intn th" iHenl white ;i|nc,�� ,,f flte fir
nnrth       Miss l.nnf ��e i"< In unit" thf
histerfc Imagination with in Intense*
ly nrSCtlcaJ (.'ra-p t.f prC#��nf nttnir.,
tn that *I|" \i enil'illv enl|iiisja��f>
nvr fli ����� rnmance nf tli" hMfnrfe ttnij;-
rie tH'^ween two [_T'*nt trading enm-
fiani"* or the account nf n vas�� en.
gfnecrfng enterprlw of Ihs |wentl��tlj
cntnrv. HriTever, Ihls 8cnttUh>
rriiiiai|:iin nf many ambition* aditiM
that research wnrk among the nil
iluctrmeiits nl 'h ��� Hiel"n Pav Cn,
fcitfl* t* nne nf th.. ntotl engrossing
neciitiiitiiitiii  ur*  eH'fl).
i     Year*   iti.'o   Mi**   l."iit   nMslfed   nc-
Important Change in Schedule
(Winter Service Now in Effect)
Leaves Vancouver 12 (midnight). Mondays, for Prince Rupert, connecting semi-monthly with S.S. "Prince John," for Granby Bay, The
Naas, Stewart, Massett, Naden Harbor, and other Queen Charlotte
Island ports.
Leave Vancouver 12 (Midnight) Saturday for
Direct connection at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway trains for Sealey.   (Om mile stage drive to   South   Hazelton.)
Secure your reservations now for Christmas  sailing   to    the    Old
Country.   All Lines Represented. .,
H. O. SMITH. C  P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
4   tir  the   Hl!'l��in
''mei    mul   fniFt'i
������'���v i f   ' .'nr!
Hav   Iffef
mill 'ri��
..   ,,,, i �������;
Constantinople, Oct. Bl,���The new
-viblnot. under Kianiil Pasha as Grand
Vizier, includes the following ministers:
���Arifii'kn.pt rasha. Jusi ice and ad In-
or'-i President of the Council; Ite-
'���had Rev, Villi of Aid'n, Interior: Sa-
''** Pasba. Marine; 7,ia Uev, I'ubllc
vr.-i<s: nomad Sherif Pasha, Public
V I.
Deleoate to Conoress.
Qttawai Oct. 31.��� Col. W. p. Anderson, chief engineer of the Department
of Marine and Fisheries, has been appointed to represent the Canadian
"overnment at the Convention of the
River nnd Harbor Congress to be held
In Washington in December.
H  I
Elect by Acclamation.
Ottawa. Oct. 31.���Mr. W. F. Garland, of this city, choice of tho Conservatives In Carleton in succession to
the late Mr. Edward Kidd, M. P., became a member of parliament today.
The Liberal party decided that it
would be a waste of time and money
to put up a candidate, and elected Mr.
Garland by acclamation.
��� 'nre in
'   for a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     'i, ,-li.,r.
������'.��� '������ ���'*,���< i ,.*���  *���*,*   aii.. turn-
���'���.        II'M i-l��'t       ...-*������'.   J        *,,       '/.mil
���  ir t   ������,   ���'������ **.*'*   "I i.r '<   nl   th"
rt',"   -,. I     ���'���'. .-I i��    ..f     fvimr"."
'.,.v  t i.,. ���������|'i,.. m ,., ,.( ,\���, Xrati*
-Iin. ,|, .. ,.i fh"  West."  "i.i
���   ���������.,.';,. "* | ,t,;   Kip-
���.  "tV||fii"n fh ��� <"..'""i��������������� r." slie
- "r-f n �� hn t'n * firri��� ��� ��� " aei| ii )*
it in t 'fMliU ���' l,lie W ft; atei Irani �� VlincnV1 t, a Mael'"n��!" '"���
aili--i"i,     M'��"   I.'"'!   i"*   he'ti    aii
etnlti.'titly siic-'i --''iT inv'ti-t. Imt 'he
i-'V that. I'n'incialljr, her histnry.
"The f',.ni|n. |i| ,.f the Curat North-
w Ht." I'"- In rn Iter ne -I safi��facfnr>'
l��. wliich may -urnri-e runriy of U|
i hav ��� cniin irercd thi* an age u'iven
r io fiction
When -h" W'i* ii-l'''d hew ������he tnan-
as."il t" travi I -n far and write fo
touch ami vet keep gn cheerily Well,
UTiHi. Laut i"t'lieil: "l'.y di.-nppeuriiig
���nr nliniit three rimntliJ nf the year
llifo the wild-," In her use of the
la"t word Mie-* f.mit refers ejipecially
In fh" jrreat I'aii i'd Desert of the
.iniithwist. where well the Hopi, d��-
scenilente of the a iCtenl Aztecs. Here
this daiiiihter of the Dnminion revelj
in warm days, conl nights and pic-
tlfTWQUe civilization���a relief, indeed,
from the luipy life of a continent in
the making. lint she enjoys it all
immensely both work and holidays,
snd gives one the impression of
splendid vitality, without nerves nud
without tear. She declares that she
desires nothing lietter than "the glor
imi- '.'mul j{4hie uf being all alive snd
=====   GOTO
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul and Kootenay
18:20 for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperial Limited, Montreal and Okanagan -points.
For reservation and other particu-1
lars apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, Q.P.A.. Vancouvei
Fifty foot line orchard, lot,
high ground and low price, $550.
Good ternis.
Fifty foot lot on Sixth street,
fiear olty. only $860.
Three lpts, 41x177 feet each,
on Sixth street car line. Quick
sale at $2500, for tbe throe.
Ternis. :
Warner, Bangs & Co.
��� i
h FRIDAY, NOVEMBER  1, 1912.
mm busy on
Contrast for Steel Tank Awarded���No
Need to Go to Vancouver fcr
Skating Soon.
Manager Frank Patrick, of the Vancouver Arena company, who has been
placed in charge of purchasing supplies fcr the new Westminster Arena
in. the horse show building, has let j
contract with the Vulcan Iron Work's,
of tills city, to build a large steel tank
for the lcemaking plant.
This will be 65 feet long, 5.6 deep
and 20 feet wide
"Bought and Pair For" is one o*
those plays that might have excuse
for being written were thoir produc
tion limited to audiences composed
entirely of people who might therein
see themselves ahd perchance takn
heed. But the average playgoer would
be amused, and while the ridiculous
Is not wanting in the conduct of
James Gilley and his wife, the
spectacle, not only of drunkenhes3.
but of worse, conveyed in the second
act of the play can find but the scant
iest of Justification from any view
For the cast we have little criticism
Mlss Diva Marolda as Virginia Blaine
and Mr. George D. MacQuarrle as
Robert Stafford, her rlchTtushand, ful
         It wlll be built in,.,,,   , .,        .,    ,
sections at the plant on Front street I "'vr!* the author s creation with grea
and riveted together in the building I *P'!"*��� Tlie wh��le play centres around
to be erected to house the machinery  .t,lelr  marltal  relations, and  it  must-
at tbe park.
Delivery Is to be mpde within the
be conceded that they held the mirror
up to nature even though it were
next two weeks so that the officials  !>h,ase ��' nature M*t had better far be
connected  with  the   venture are not  left ""blazoned.
Mlss Josephine
letting tbe grass grow under their feet
At the   present   time   many   New
Drake   as   Fannv
Blaine relieved the tension with her
Westminster residents are enjoying Jlerf "Ptory treatment of a somewhat
the ice on the Vancouver Arena which ,ra,",ef" husband, admirably depicted
opened on Thanksgiving Day. While .1, ": J' Cavanaugh, whose never-
the hockey teams are not yet holding "jeless characteristic "'dea" brings
practices the skaterB are patronizing i about the U8ual reconciliation,
fhe rink in larger numbers than ever ���	
before. Hockey and ice skating has
come to stay on the coast, and befora
many weeks have past the citizens
will not have occasion to make the
trip to the Terminal City for the enjoyment of the winter sport.
Important to Amateurs.
Several Important matters will be
discussed at the B. C. A. A. U. meeting
scheduled to be held in the Y. M. C. A.
this evening. The topics will rang?
over a wide field and according to several of the members a decided stand
will be taken ln connection with amateur sport In this city if they have
their way. ,
Salem, Mass., Oct. 31.���That the bul
let that ended the life of Anna Lopi
zzo was of foreign make and could no.
have been fired from a revolver of
American manufacture, that Joseph
Caruso confessed to a detective whom
he thought a friend that he stabbed a
policeman during the riot, and that
officials of the industrial Workers of
the World 'advised violenee and disregard of law" in industrial disputes,
were feautres in the closing testimony
offered by the commonwealth todaj
be mighty slim that afternoon as the in the trial of Ettor, Giovannitti and
Rovers are playing out of town, the Caruso for the Lopizzo murder,
rugger players /holding a practice. Though the commonwealth did not
Kame on  Queens  park,  and  but ono  rest Its case, District Attorney Atwill
'One Soccer Match Only in City on
Saturday���Several  Practices.
Only one game In the city soccer
league is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. the,lu4th and the City clashing
on Moody park. Both teams are abou':
on an even basis, although the City
have not yet engaged in many battles
so far this season.
Athletics in New Westminster will
Disclosures in Loplzzo Murder Trial-
Caruso and "Big Fat Policeman"
Foreign Weapons.
city soccer game.
The following Saturday should bring
about all the teams out again, both in
iSDCcer, rugbv and hoekev.
The South Vancouver team who
trimmed 'be Royals in an Inter-City
league fixture last Wednesday night
will be over this evening to roll a
friendly match with them.
declared he had no mere witnesses,
and court adjourned for the day whils
thc prosecutor was reading to the jury
a pamphlet alleged to have been written by Vincent St. John of Chicago
general secretary of the Industrial
Workers ot the World. This pamphlet
which was found at the Lawrence
Btrike headquarters, was admitted In
evidence by Jed^e Quinn despite cb
jection by the defense.
It outlined the history ot the Indus
trial Workers of the World and it
alms and methods. Its nresentatio'
to the jury will be completed tomor
row, when the commonwealth wil.'
close. In the pamphlet, the common
wealth maintains, ls advice to wor1'.
ers to disregard the law.   In the pre
Ottava. Oct. 31.���Postmaster-Gener-
��1 Hitchcock, of the United States.
tind Hon. L. P. Pelletler are un'tln?
In a crusade against mail order sharks, amble to the constitution of the or-
who are using the malls of both coun i sanitation read to the Jury it was set
tries for fraudulent purposes. forth that "the basic principles makes
Get-rloh-quick men are, according to ' ��he Industrial Workers of the World a
the post office authorities, increasing , fighting organUatlon."
ct them who have been dvven out or
New York, Chicago and other Amerl
can cities having turned their attention to Canada as a particularly rich
field for their line of endeavor.
The matter has been taken up joint-
It was also declared that the oni
bargain this organization would make
with the "employers' class" was "the
complete surrender of organized labo
tp the workers.".
Captain W. N. Proctor of the Mass
achusetts district pollce and two ex
ly by the heads of the post offices of Perts on cartridges and revolvers gave
the two countries, the American au-1 testimony that the bullet found in
thorities gladly co-operating In the ef- Anna Lopplzzo's body was of forelgr
fort to protect citizens of the Domin-  manufacture and Captain Proctor sal''
lon from these fraudulent concerns.
that the only type of revolver he wa*
able to discover which fired that klni'
of bullet was a No. 9 Italian revolver
I ouls Laconrt. an lt��r*n detectlv-
testified that he worked h'm'elf lntr
the good uraces of Ctiruso ��fter tV
lioplszo killing, and declared the Ae
he   "stuck   r
Vienna,   Oct.   31.���An    Interesting
change Is Impending In the status of
Arch duke Ferdinand Charles, nephew I fendant had told him
cf Emperor Francis Joseph and cousin i knife Into �� big rat policeman   dnrlne
of the former Crown Princess  Louise the riot of January 2I>.   This was th*
���of Saxony, who, a few years ago, re- day that Policeman Benoit whs stab
nounced all his titles when he mar-1 bed and the Loplzzo woman shot,
ried Frauleln   Czuber, daughter of  a
Vienna university professor.
Friendly court actions are reported
to have succeeded In appeasing the
��� -nei ror's objections to the marriage,
and the wife will receive the title ot
Countess of Rottensteln. The couple
had heen living quietly at the cnstH
cf  Rottensteln    at  Meran, In   Tyrol
Flre Results In Desth of Children   In
Saskatchewan   Home.
Hslbrlte, Sask., Oct. 31.���The wors*
tragedy which haB evor happened  Ir
the history of  the  district occurred
,      .    . , ,   . ... .     ,, _ i this   morning when three little /chil-
Tfc"*^<��2^J2H!$& <��ren belonging to Mr. and Mrs. F&��*
to his archdukedom will soon follow.
Washington, Oct 31.���Secretary of
the Treasury MacVeagh', with one
swoop today abolished the time-honored public drinking cup from railroad
cars, vessels and . other conveyances
operating In interstate traffic, and
from depots and waiting rooms of
common.carriers. . . ,     ���
This Sweeping order against "any
drinking oup, glassy or vessel for common rae," effective immediately, Is In
the interest of the nation's health, and
vas tl'e drect result of ap Investigation . by the United States" public
ltelatii service- a branch of the treasury department���'which holds tho
rtf'vkliwLctfp to be a menace as a carrier of disease. ���
A drinking cup.lt is said, may con-
uin thousands of bacteria trom dls-
cape r.fr.cted persons. .. ��
Grain Rush End In Sight,
'"ilnry. Oot. 31���Four week* more
will sn6 the end'of tho rush to ship
ir-oin from the province of Alberta.
The railways are' handling the prob
l<'m splendidly this year. There has
heo.n no complaints from anvwbere.
1*\t*% -dither ha* been flne and has expedited the work.
Oerrlsh met death In a burning hous;
on the outskirts of Halbrlte. Mrs. Ger
rlsh had been helping her neares
neighbor during the bight, whose
child was sick.
This morning Mrs. Gerrlsh put on a
fire Ln her own house and ran across
to see how the sick child was. 'The
flre started from some unknown cause
and had gained great headway before
her attention was called to It. ��� Tho
alarm was given and ' chemical engines from town were soon ob the
scene and the flre was gotten under
control enough to enable the Bremen
to remove the bodies ��f the children,
which were badlv charred, j
Mr, and Mns. Gerrlsh are both hardworking, Industrious people, who came
from,Mew Brunswick about one year
ago and everything they possessed
was, In tho house. Tliey are destitute
and a beneflt fund baa been started.
Self Conscious Greatness.
One day Id the train���on one of Vic
tor Hugo's Jonnie.ru to or trom Bros
sels���he   happened   to  find   himself  in
tbe  company   of  two   English   iatlles
wbo spoke  Krench.    Hugo knew hut
one    word    of    Kngllsli ��� Cbrlntmns.
wblcb be always pronounced "Christ
mus."    In tbe course at conversation
these ladles observed thut It must he
Inconvenient   for   him   not   to   know
English when he was passing through
that   country.     To   which   the   prent
man's   reply   wns,   "When   England
wants to talk with nie sbe will learn
my language!"   "From their astonish
men! nt this answer." snid Hugo io re .
latlug tbe story. "It was evident they
did  not  know  who   I   was!"���"Victor
Hugo. His Life and Work." by A. K
Echoes From Horses' Skulls.
Those curloiiH twists and turns super
stltlons take are to be found In the in
troduction of horses' skulls In or about
tbe church buildings In Kngland end
Rcotlmid. tbe reason alleged helms tn
help the sound In church This halill
Ih unqnextlonubly a ivllc of heathenism
where an animal was Haerlflced. Some
yenrs ago. when nn old meeting house
In Edinburgh was pulled down, the
Hounding Iward space above the pulpit
was found to l>e filled wltb horses'
skulls, lu Home parts of England there
Mill exists the Idea thnt If u horse's
head is burled in a fleld there will be
an scho. "   .
Quite Frank About ll
������Jto yon are ipilng to marry, ToraT
"You saw the announcement, didn't
"Yes, but"- '
"It wasn't a fake,"
"But. de��rle-l never thought thst
I'oni would be your choice."
"Tom slit't my choice. He's my
chance. Have yon any otber questions
to nsk. darling?"
Darling derided she badfl't-Cleve-
mnd Plain Dealer.
Merystwtth, Wale's, Oct. 31,���A
Hv'40 ni'dlence frequently applauded
the ,Unlted States ambassador Whtt-
law Reid, during the course of his ad
d<-oss thl? evening at the opening session of the University of Wales.
The ambassador devoted hli.remark'
largely to Thomas Jefferson.
Energy of Will.
Energy of wlll Is the smil of every
great character. Where It l|i, there l��
resolute character; w>ere It la not
there la falntnesR. wtth effeminacy,
despondency, neglect of-.dtitjr and failure. 'The.ptrong nien and .the .water-
fall." hh.vh a proverb, "channel their
������'���������    i.|' ,i   ���' ,..+ -. ������' ���
���'" ' In- Training.' ���. * ;e���., -i.v
Nell-Why does she nlways dress In
Mack? Belle-She's In training. ��� Nell-
Training for what? Relit-Well, yon
see. she married nn ootogenarlmn.^
Philadelphia Record.
Opponents think tbAt tbey refute dpi
when they repeat their own optnleus
aud tak* nd notice st ounk-Ctoatb*, >-
Fanelli's Triumph, That Came After
Thirty Years of Misery.
Tbe lire story of M. Kunelli. the composer of "Tableaux S.vinpboni<|ues,"
rends like a romance. How easily It
might bnve read like a tragedy this Incident will show.
In bis youth Fanelll had been courageous and ambitious, full of dreams
of the music he was going to write for
tbe world to bear and admire. But
mlsrortnne followed misfortune. He
found It Impossible to get a hearing
for his compositions, and one Ity one
bis dreams began to fade.
Ten, twenty, thirty years went by.
Fanelll. all hope cnisbed by continued
adversity, was earning a pittance by
playing night nfter night In an orches
tra. None of bis colleagues suspected
his genius, for be kept his ambitions
locked in bis heart, as he kept the
symphony, the masterpiece of his
youth, locked in his desk.
Tben one day Fanelll, In search of
work as a copyist, called upon Gabriel
Plerne. one of the great musical celeb
titles of Parts. Asked to sbow a sam-
pie of bin writing, Fanelll produced
the symphony, which he had brought
with hlm. Plerne looked nt lt and saw
that tbe writing was clear; tben he saw
something more, for he contiuued read
lug the music eagerly.
"Wbo is tbis Fanelll?" he aaked at
".Myself." answered the composer. "1
wrote It nearly thirty years ago."
"Leave tbis witb me aud come again
In fl few days."
So Fanelll went out. while Plerne. too
enrapt to say good by. stood by the
window, poring over the music. A
few days later be announced to the delighted but dazed Fanelll tbat be was
going to produce the symphony at one
of tbe Concerts Colonue.
On the eventful night Fanelll himself tool; a scat witb tbe musicians.
Tears came into bis eyes as be beard
the first strains of his work, neglected
for so many years. He was not nlone
In bis emotion, however, for as tbe
music proceeded tears came Into tbe
eyes of tbe other musicians, tbe dl
rector, the audience. The music took
tbem by storm. Wben It was over a
burst of applause broke out. rose and
swelled and wonld not die awny. Tbe
composer alone sat quiet, as if in deep
thought. Finally he got up, walked
over to Plerne. and with a full heart
expressed his gratitude.
"Again I thank you. M. Plerne." he
snld. taking his leave. "Good ulght.
and n good appetite to you."
Plerne wondered nt this strange fare
well, but at last the mennfng dawned
on hlm. The applause that was still
ringing through the hall had brought
to Fanelll not only fame, but what for
tbe moment was of even more Importance to him. the promise of easier living. Tbe ootniioser of "Tableaux Sym
pbonlqueH'" had left tlie scene ot-. his
triumph to enjoy �� much needed and
mre treat���a good dinner.���Vonth's
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
3���DAYS ONLY���3
'Battling Bob'
The Boxing Kangaroo
The Animal that Has Pjr
Champion Wolgast to the
Floor Twice.
MISS    DEVEIWfl.     Va.ide-
ville's most powei ful female
F. L. KERR, Manager.
Entirely New
Program for
Today and
[��., NOV. 7
s  i ���
Seats on sale at Tidy, the florist's,
739 Columbia street.   Phone L184.
Prices 26c to $1.00.
Mix With tke Bunch
Fiaest Pool Tables In the City
All the latest news In the sport line.
English football results   ard   league
standings., .
John  Hotchkles
King's Hotel. Columbta Street.
Thla New Residential. Hotel,
Heated by steam throughput. Hp
and cold ���water and ' 'Tefepfrone li
erery room, f'.'-i     ������  if.i ,���'���*,<       :\*.
Cafe and dining room in eonneetloi;
second to none tn the city..
The beat aooonimodatWit Rr Net
Westminster. '   .'     p y!
..' ���'' ���������:-..���       ��� ; i    *i ���   ..'-'/������ifV
Everything Modern ant Vp-ttiMf
, OR MONTHJ,;   <
SPROULE BRoi>rop..
Eighth Stree* j. ;w4w ^.t^W
)ne mlnuhl from B:C.B. and C.P.R. I
 '    a^oEK.-i., ���'���'���: �����>'������
Page mi'
- ���
II f) IT Q p    ��n Carnarvon 8twet- close to Sixtli street, from
November  15, 1912.   All modern conveniences.
on Front street, near McKenzie street; immediate
possession. .       ,
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 Lorne 8treet,   New Westminster.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Fnuer Mill., B. C Telephone 890
Let us flgure with you on
your lumber requirement*. We
carry a complete Btock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent  Valley,  B.  C.
W. R. OILLEY. Phona 122. q. E. QILLEY, Phone 2��).
Phones, Office 15 and II.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Company's Office, 611 Second Avenue, Seattle, three door, from
Cherry Street, or H. E. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, G. N. Ry., Nsw Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general hanking business transacted, drafts and letters ot credit
told payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
���I    'mm
Naw Westminster Bunch, Cor. Sth and Columbia Street!
O. 0, WILSON, Manager.
I ���I���ILL! ."���
The Popular Shoe Store
Opeii Evenings Till 9 O'clock
641 Frwrt Street
Montreal���Quebec���Liverpool.      I    -   Portland, Maine���Halifax-
Only Four Daya at Sea. f Liverpool.
New S.S. Megantie, Sat., Oct. 26.    / From       ^r0"1
Nov. 23. J Portland. Halifax.
S.S. Teutonic, Sat., Not. 2. |     New 8,s- Leurentic, Dec. 7,
New S.S. Laurentic. Sat.. Nov. 9. 8S.  Canad,( ^   2,   ^c'2f
S.S. Canada, Sat., Nov. 16. J     S.S. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
New S.S. Laurentic and Megar-tic, 15,000 tona, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
514 feet, 10,004 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggage
checked through to steamer in bond.   No hotel or transfei expenses.
���Market Day Bargains
���:in All Lines foe EARLY SH0PPER& Comi
mfo thfe store iaftd walk around; iuf fcressute
to buy, but see what we've got; v: *   ,    ,  ,
������W agents lar Westminster for the famous K loot*.    Depot Mr
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's 8chool Shoes. i.TTY  ,
A $20,000 Stock to Select fYottf r    PAOU, BOU
A  By-law to  Enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to Raise
by Way of Loan the Sum of
$250,000.00 for Street Pur-        /
WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Dollars (J25O.00O.00) to
provide for improving certain roads
within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upou the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will he necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty dollars and E ghty-
aeven cents <*2,6S0.S7) principal and
the sum of Eleven Thousand, Two
Hundred and Fifty ($11150.00) dollars interest making together a total
amount annually of Thirteen Thousand, Eight Hundred and B.ghty Dollars and Eighty-Beven cents ($13,880.-
87) for the term of forty years for the
repayment of the said loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned
AND WHEREAS the net value ct
the whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised asaeaament roll amounts to
Twenty Million, Five Hundred and
Seventy-six Thousand. Two Hundred
and Five Dollars ($20,576,205.00) dol-
"aND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debts of the Mtratclpallfftls
One Million, Five Hundred and Thirty-three Thousand, Five Hundred ($1,-
533,500.00) dollars exclusive of Loca
Improvement debt secured by specia
rates or assessments of whicii none of I
the principal or interest is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for ths
payment of interest and the creation
Of n Sinking Fund for the payment oi
the aald principal sum of $230,000.00
it will be necessary'to.levy a special
annual rate sufficient to raise the sum
cf Thirteen Thousand. I^ght Hundred
and Eighty dollara and Eighty-seven
cents ($13,880.87)  the'  amount   to be
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. Q. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors with the usual powers
in that behalf.
J. W. WEAHT, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct. 19, 1912.
By-Law No. 121 A.
A By-law to enable the Corporatioa
of the District of Burnaby to raise by
way of loan the sum of $50,000.00 for
the purpose of providing and building
additional sidewalks within the Limits
of the Municipality:
WHEREAS, it is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks within the limit3 of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it Is necessary, p
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars ad Five
cents ($2,497,05) principal and the
sum of Two Thousand, Two Hundred
and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars interest
making together a total amount annually of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747.05) for the term of fifteen years for the repayment of th*;
said loan, and interest thereon as
hereinafter mentioned.
AND, WHEREAS, the net value ot
the whole rateable land in the Munici
pallty according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to Twenty
Million, Five Hundred and Seventy-
six Thousand, Two Hundred and Fivs
dollars ($20,576,205.00).
AND, WHEREAS, the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Five Hundred and Thirty-three Thousand Five Hundred ($1,
533,500.00)  dollars, exclusive of local
Mr. Coldicutt's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, Ncrth Burnaby.
Mr. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that
the voto of the Electors of the Dis
trlct of Burnaby will be taken on thc
above-mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed* Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powera
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct. 19th, 1912.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work stt'J:tly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715
854���Meets iu K. of P. Hall, Eightb
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stieot. Visiting P
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; E. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
,,,...,  .,.  improvement  debts secured   by  spe-
calculated annually on  the  whole  of  cjai rates or   asssessments   of whicli
the   rateable   land   comprised   within   none of the principal or interest is in
the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1    It sliall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the    same upon  ths
credit of the debentures  hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $250,-
000.00 and  to cause the  same  to  be
placed in the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to the credit of the sa:<l
Corporation, for the purposes and witli
the objects above set forth and to is
sue any number of debentures of tho
said Corporation-to the    sum of Tw.)
Hundred and   Fifty Thousand   ($250,-
000.00) dollars in tbe whole in accord
ance    wltb    the    "Municipal      Act
And    the    said     debentures     shall
be issued to consist of 513 debenture.;
each   of the    denomination    of One-
Hundred    Pounds    Sterling    (��100)
and one debenture of the amount of
��G(i 17s 3d b?ing the Sterling equivalent of $250,000.00 at the rate of $4.86
2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each debenture being  also    expressed to bfl
payable  in Canadian    Currency com
pti'tcd at such  rate, and  such  debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed  both in  Sterling and
Currency for the interest thereon at
the rale cf four and    one half  (4Vi��
per centum per annum payable half
yearly on  the 3Uth day of June and
the   31st day or December in    each
year.    And  such Sterling debentures
shall  be delivered to the  purchasers
of the said debentures.    And both as
to principal and interest shall be. payable at the Office of the Rank of Montreal in London, England, or in Toronto, Montreal cr Var.'coiUTr,"Canada,
or in New York, at    holder's option.
And'the principal   of the said debentures shall be payable on the Thirty-
first day of December A. D. 1952.
2. There shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all rateable land within
the limits of the said Municipality the
sum of Two Thousand] Six Hundred
and Thirty Dollars and Eighty-seven
cents ($2,630.87) for the purpose of
forming a .Sinking Fund for the payment of the said debentures, and the
sum of Eleven Thousand. Two Hundred nv.d Fifty ($11,250.01)) dollars for
the payment of thc interest at tlie
rate  aforesaid,  the said  special  rate
AND, WHEREAS, to provide for
the payment of interest and the crea
tion of a sinking fund for the payment of the said principal sum of
$50,000.00 it will be necessary to levy
a special annual rate sufficient to
raise the sum of Four Thousand.
Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dol
lars and Five cents ($4,747.05) the
amount to be calculated annually or
the whole of the rateable land comprised within the Municipality.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municpa'
Council of the Corporation of the Dis
trict of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the pur,
poses aforesaid to borrow or raise bv
way of loan from any person or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,
OOO.Oil. and to cause the same to be
placed in the Royal Bank of Canada a
the City of New Westminster. British
Columbia, to the credit of the said
Corporation for tha purposes and with
the objects above sot forth and to issue any number of debentures of the
said corporation to the sum of $50.-
000.00 in the whole in acordanee with
the "Municipal Act." And th?
said Debentures shall be issued to
consist of 102 dehentures each of the
denomination of One Hundred pounds
Sterling (��100) and one debenture of
the amount cf ��73-19-6d. being the
Sterling equivalent of S50.000.00 al
the rale, of $4.86 2-3 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also
expressed to be payable in Canadian
currency computed at such rate and
such debentures shall have annexed
thereto coupons expressed both In
Sterling and Currency for the interes'
thereon at the rate of four and ono
half U'.i) per cenh'.nv per anr.urn pay
abla half-yearly on the. 30th day of
June and the 31st day of December ln
each year. And such Sterling debap
tures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debenturea, and
both as to principal and interest shall
be payable at the Office of the Bank
of Montreal in London, England, or in
Toronto, Montreal cr in Vancouver,
Canada, or in New York at holder's
option. And the principal of tho said
debentures sliall be payable on the
Thirty-first day of December, A. D���
2. Tliere shall be raised and levied annually  by  a special  rate  suffi
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27. I. O. O. F��� is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bretherr
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merrithew, V.(G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westir inster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
^yHEX a woman hu* plenty of monej
alio Is worried because whe doesn't
kuow anything that she wants that uiie
can't have.
There"* this nlimit a lazy persoi-
yon always kuow what he Isn't going
to do.
The man who Is ln love with himself
generally ba* a clear Held.
Wisdom Ik a pervasive thing, slights
no one entirely and abides exclusively
wltb none.
There are people who would rather
be autocratic than successful.
The price of living Is high, but you
������nu't beat it by dying. The undertakers huve seen to thut
The country really seems to be settled and fixed In the convention habit
We enn't avoid the suspicion that tho
weuther man Id n person of tempera'
ment nnd run* to extremes.
If you wnnt to see a project boomed
select a strong contrary person to Iny
It before and then proceed to give perfectly good reasons why It shouldn't
be favored.
A womnn can alwn.vs tell whether
It I* the tirst or Hie fourth baby by tbe
amount of needlework on Its clothes.
Politician* Are Notorious For Mannerism* Whll* Speaking. |
I Perhaps one of tho mosl' curious
characteristics of human nature is
that everyone, when, the mind is engrossed, unconsciously performs Bome
little trick with his hands, feet, leg*.
or head. There is the rustic who
scratches his head, the horseman who
whips his riding-boot, the thinker who
finds inspiration in fingering his |
beard, stroking his nose, or tearing!
paper to pieces, the .soldier who tugs
Cold Dishes For Hot Day*.
Jellied  Dishes.���During hot  wenther
at his moustache, the bored listener one-may use to greut ad vant nge many
who draws sketches on blottin?-paper, meats or parts of the animal that enn
the   swaggerer  who,   in  Castlereigh's onl.v be made Iuto attractive form and
immortal phrase, "comes down to the given savor aud palatableness by belug
House like a crocodile with his hand made  |nt0 ��� Jeuy  0r loaf or salad,
in  his breeches-pocket ' Even  lf these dishes do not po*ses��
T���,���.Ti,-".a^vJ��� th?^��� of* &21 mu^ nutrIttve val��e th*y conta��n suf-
Journal, has given the name of   ma- ��� .    , ,        .  .   .   ...   .     ...       .   .
nias" to these unconsious tricks, and Orient to sustain bodily health and vlg-
among Parliamentary manias might or. and they are far more palatable and
be mentioned that of the late Lord appetizing than a roast, hot or cold.
Salisbury, whose intention of taking Then they do not necessitate the high
part in a debate was manifested by a temperature required to roust or boil,
peculiar jerking of one foot as he sat, for even u meat loaf, though baked lu
with ons knee over the other, listen- tbe oven, If you are not the happy posing to the speech to which he was to gessor of a tireless cooker, does not ro-
reP'y- ��� quire a hot oven or long loaves, while-
Innumerable 'manias which re- tl)e ment8 intended for Jellied loaves-
mam unc.assified may be seen in Par-
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl:
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C.   P. O. Box 112.   Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 611 Columbir
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block. New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
to be in addition to all other rates to clOttt therefor on  all    rateable    land
be levied and collected In the sail
Municipality during the currency of
the said  debentures or any of them.
3. This Bylaw shall take effect ou
and after the Sixteenth day of November A. 1). 1912,
4. This lly-law may be cited for
all purposes as the "Hnrnaby Road
Improvement Debenture By-law,
Council this Nineteenth dav of October, A. D. 1912.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors a' an Election for the purpose
on the day of A.D.
Vi'i.-t   1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt
ed    by  the    Council, signed    by  the
..Reeve and Cleric and Sealed with thp
"Corporate Seal all on the
day of A. D, 1912,
CMC. Keeve.
','.  Take notice that    the    above    Is a
lie copy of the proposed bylaw up
which the vote of the Municipality
rJH  be  taken  on   Saturday  the  2nd
of   November, 1912, between    9
lock .a. tn. until 7 o'clock p. m. at
polling places:
lunlclpal Hall, Edmonds.
���icultural  Hall, Central Park.
Coldicutt's    Office, East    Bur-
iamllton Road School, Burquitlam
Jas. Herds Office, North Burn-
i * -r* I.. ���
tt. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lake,
altemere School. Lakemere.-'
bbllc Notice is hereby given that
within the limits of the Baid Miinic!
pallty the sum of Two Thousand, Four
Hundred aid Ninety-seven dollars and
Five Cents ($2,497.05) for the purpose of forming a sinking fund for the
payment of the said debentures and
the sum of Two Ttfusand, Two Hundred and Fifty dollars (f2.250.00) for
the payment of the interest at the rate
aforsesaid, the said special rate to bo
in addition to all other rates to be
levied and collected in the said Municipality during the currency of the
said debentures or any of them.
3. This By-law shall take effect on
nnd after the Sixteenth d.iy ol November, A. D., 1912.
4. This By-law mav be cited for al'
purposes as the "BURNABY SIDE
DON ii AND PASSED In Open Conn-
ill the Nineteenth day cf October.
A. D., 1S12.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec
tors at an election for the purpose on
the ��� day of A. D., 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt
ed by the Council. Signed bv the
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed wtth the
Corporate Seal all on the ��� day   of
 , A. D. 1912.
C. M. C. Reev".
Take Notice that the above Is a
true conv of the proposed bv-law noon whicli the vote of the Municipality
j will be taken on Saturday, the 2nil
dav of November. 1912, between ;���
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p. m. nl
the polling places:
t    Municipal Hall. Edmonds.
Ap Icultural Hall, Central Park.
ters and Soilcltois, Westm. n.sie
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable addrest
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone (19. VV. J
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. H 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster board of Trade meets in thi
board  room, City   Hall,  as  follows
Third Friday of each month;  quar
terly meeting on the tJiid Friday o
February, May, August and  Novem
ber at 8 p.m.    Annual  meetings o
the third Friday of February.    Ner
members   may    be    proposed   au���
elected ai any monthly or qjiftflor'
meeting.   S. H. fcfiiari Undo  sectary.
The Exception.
The world in full of rascal*.
Who lie um! uteal snd cheat
And who, us slang describes them,
Are strictly on the beat
To win dishonest dollars,
Who scheme und strive and plan.
So you may well be thankful
That you're an honest man.
To forward a transaction
They double cross a friend.
Make ��ny sly maneuver
If they may gain their end.
Their very hair Is crooked
And was since time began.
And all may see b.v contrast
That you're an honest man.
They haven't any conscience;
They haven't any fear
Of man or saint or devil
Throughout llie livelong year.
With subterfuge anil lying
An ocean they would span.
And so. you st-e. you're different
Kor you're an honest man.
One little lump may leven
A heaping pHn of dough.
Hm In this world of meannne
It  has but  Utile show.
Anit so you uli.ml.I be careful
To walk lbe narrow way
Anil from (he path of duty
To never go astray.
Meat Jarket
who do not receive   The New* befon
8 a.m. should
und make complaint. Only la this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, etc..   Just
Arrived.    Perfect  Fit and Workman-
���blip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Ain't None.
"I beard a perfectly fresli Joke the
other day."
"Oh. come nflT'
"Fact: Aud I told It to my grandfather."
"Did he have a good laugh over It?"
"Did be! I should sny su, but not
over It���on tne."
"On .vou?"
"Sure: lle said It wn* one that he
used to hear Ills father tpll to every
oue be could get cornered."
Didn't Like Results.
"Thai thunderstorm certuliily was a
Joke "
"I didn't nee the hike."
"IHdn t you?"
"N<> I think the weather man Is
taking himself entirely ton seriously."
Modern Kind. *'"*��� ���
"tie innrrled her liy coiitract"
"How  wan thntV"
"Hart uu agreement tn separate
in'iiri'lijlly If tliey couldn't ugree."
"Tbat Ih whnt you might call a safe
ty mutch."
What Th*y Thrive On.
"Wlml it* giHKl for potato bugs?"
"Cood for potato hugs?"
"That Is what I said."
"Potato planta,  I  guess."
Important Point,
'Tier ftither guv* her a beantlfni
gold wntch for u wedding present."
"Flow much t* It worth?"
"One hundred dollar*."
"Rut how much could It be pawned
Coming Back te Her.
"We were going for a ride thl* after
"Why didn't you go?"
"Car broke down."
"These street cur* nre *o unreliable.'
Th*y N*v*r Forget.
'Tis sweel to to* remembered.
In truth, m.v child, you will
Bv Miy one, ynu may he sure.
To w bum you owe a bill.
liament. Mr. Balfour, in speaking,
seems to be striving to pull himself
up by the lap-sis of his coat. The only
sign of emotion shown by Disrae'.i was
a rapid look at the clock when the
attack  of  his  opponent  wn��   hottest.
or molds should- be very slowly and
jently simmered to bave satisfactory
results. Tbe tougher and rougher parts
it tbe animal and old*fowl are the best
material* for makiug meat Jellies that
taste like tliose "mother used to make."
Others make much play with an eye-1 Spiced Beef.���Wipe the beef thor-
glass, with a bundle of papers, with aughly with a damp cloth, put In a
their hands, and with various parts of jtewlug kettle, cover with boiling wu-
their attire. j p,r anj |et it come to boiling point.
It is stated that at a recent congress   Then skim and sot where the heat will
a paper on neurology was read in
which the movement by which the
prowins lad caresses the first shoots
of "valour's excrement" on his upper
lip was labelled "moustachio-strepso-
keep the water at a steady, gentle simmer until tbe meat Isf very tender.
During tbe Inst hour of cooking or
when tbe meat begins to get tender
mania"; the habit of twirling the cane udd n CUP ea("u of chopped onion nnd
seen   in   old   drum-majors,   "sterpsor- carrot, u bouquet of sweet h$rbs tied
habd- mania"; that of putting the Iit- In cheesecloth, a dozen peppercorns, a
tie   finger   in   the   ear,   "otodactylo- bay  leaf, three or four whole cloves
mania."   Then we have "stomatodac- and a level tablespoonful of salt
tylomaniacs," who puts the finger in |    When meat I.s done remove from the
the   mouth;    "onychophagomaniacs,"
whn bite their nails; "harnionioma-
niacs," who drum with their finger.'
on window-panes or tables: and "tre-
rodomahiacs," who' nervously ��� move
their legs.
From -an Actor'* Postbac.
Fir Herbert Tree receives many cur-
ii-us epistles in the course of tlie year,
and he has selected the following thrc
as being more tlmn usually entertain-
The first runs: "Dear Sir Herbert.���
I don't know you, but 1 have four girh
lrom Switzerland home for the holidays. It would be a great treat rf
they oould see your play. But tliat
would be ratiier expensive, \\iil you
please set.d us five sta.is? I hope
y u won't think this is verv barefaced."
The second lady writ": "Although I
am a Strang, r. to you it would he so
hf-lnfu! il yuu would senJ nie ��2 '.2*.
The_ third laJy asked for a couple ol
.italls,' ar.<l on being inv.ted to say why
she made tli3 claim sent what she evidently beiieveJ to be an all-sufficient
reason. "My father," she wrote,
"knew Charles Dickens." ,
Ancient Town Hall.
The little town hall of Totnes, in
Devonshire, is probably the most ancient in England. It is tacked away
i:. a corner behind the parish church,
and all its furniture and fittings are
almost exactly as they were 500 yean
ago. We do not know whether the
councillors bring tlieir own cushions
with them, but they will probably
need to do so, for the oaken chairs, of
^iv.r ancestors were not built (or com-
iort. ��� |
Quite  a  number of  Erglish   town*
liquor aud let the latter simmer down.
until reduced to a cup and a half.
Then cut the meat Into neat smnll
pieces und ndd to the-llquor. Taste t��
see lf more seasoning Is required. Tut
Into u bread pan or plain mold, press-
lug down firmly, and set ut once in a
very cold pluce. The quicker It stiffens
the firmer Jelly you will have.
Jellied Tongue.���Parboil one beef
tongue and two calf's feet until you
cati skin nnd clean them well when removed from the water. Take the bonea
out of the feet. Mince two white onions very fine and fry in a tablespoonful uf butter, letting them turu brown.
Luy on these the calf's feet and tongue,
well seasoned. Simmer ten minutes
aud tben add n pint of consomme und
simmer live minutes longer. Then add
b glass of white wine. Cover closely
and let smother well for oue and a half
hours. Remove the tongue and let tbe
calf's feet cool and reduce for half an
hour longer. Tben put ln tbe tongue
aud cook for two minutes. Put Into n
pluiu mold and set In tbe refrigerator
to form and you have n delicious morsel. Whole spices, sucb a* bay leaf,
whole cloves, whole pepper and celery
seed, tied ln cheesecloth, greatly Im-
orove this Jelly.
Veal Loaf.���Chop very flue two
pounds of lean veal nnd a quarter of a
pound of salt pork, using the old fashioned chopper uud wooden bowl If you
wish t|ie loaf to taste Just right. Add
d cup of breadcrumbs, three beaten
eggs, u teaspoonful of suit, pinch of
cayenne or paprika, a tenspoouful of
onion Juice and enough lemon juice to
give n zest. ��Molsten with veil seasoned beef alf'rea I stock if you have
any on hand (enough may be made
from a few bones and trimmings* or
Pack Into a
one, a magnificent building, is used
. r municipal work.���Tit-Bits.
English Money Slang.
Elan.? name* for money offer a bewildering variety. Henley and Farmer
in their slang dictionary give twenty
terms for money in general, most of
them, such as "coliander seed"," "oil
' ar.ge a" crd "king's picture*." be-
ng pretty well obsolete. Tlie slanj; of
..kciIIc sums is interstinpr. A sovcre.g.'i
has been known as a gl.stener, a gold-
:i: ch, a mouse tra i, a reniely, a >tran-
irir and a new hat. The name*'lor a
sMilllng inolit-ie blow, generalize,
nor lie ister, Manchester sovereign and
!<c-g. A s.xp^iice, now cailed in sialic
tittle else than a tanner, has been a
tenter, a tizzy, a lord of the manor, a
bender and a cripple.���London Standard.
have two town halls, the old one and
the new.   Scarborough is one of these1 moisten with beaten egg.
; laces.   The old hall, iu 6t. Nicholas   buttered bread pan, cover and bake an
street, if used for entertainments and   bour, moistening occasionally.   Cut ln
ther social  pur-osas. while the new [ ��||t.e(, when cold aud serve with cold
ketchup or  horseradish and  whipped
(ream sauce.
Chicken Mousse ���Soak a tablespoonful of gelutln lu one-third of a cupful
of cold water until soft nnd then
dissolve It In bulf a pint of good
c-bickeu broth, well seasoned. When,
the gelntln 1* well dissolved ndd a
cupful of cold cooked chicken, tnluced
One end pounded to a smooth paste.
Bent well nnd then cut and fold In
the whites of two eggs. Season with
salt, iiepper and celery snlt. Add n
tablespoonful nf chopped olives and.
lust of nil. a cupful of whipped cream.
Pour Into buttered molds and chill
for several hours, tbeu serve on crisp,
lettuce leave* wilh mayonnaise dressing. Ixibster mousse Is delicious If
you mnke It of stenmed lobster meat,
fresh fram the shell. It Is mnde In the
snme way as tbe chicken mousse.
Tomnto Jelly.���There 1* something-'
very refreshing about tomatoes, whether cooked or raw, hot or cold, and
tomato Jelly delights tbe eye as well
as satisfies a fickle taste. It mny bo
served wltb cold meats or flsh, cut In
slice* or cubes, or molded around
chicken or flsh or even vegetable -
salads and served with mayonnaise
and whipped cream. A few chopped
olives, gheriton* or capers sprinkled ���
Indian Ocean Serpent*.
* Among the most venomous serpent*
in the world sre th* marine snakes of
the Irxllnn Ocean. They are the dread
of fishermen, and it sometime* hap-
eis that vessels are obliged to thread
their cables through barrel* to prevent the reptiles lrom swarming on
bvard. Great numbers of them mny
often be seen floating on the surface
of tiie water as if asleep. They are
exceedingly fierce and will commonly
attack human beings without provocation.
Ready For th* General.
Sir O'Moore Creagh, V.C., who succeeded Lord Kitchener as Commander-
in-Chief in India, tell* a good story of
an orderly whom he thought particularly stupid.
On one occasion the general got angry with the man, and- shouted, "Why,
you noodle, I don't believe you know
what w o-m-a-n spells!"
Promptly the man replied, "Troubla
as a rule, sir," and left the general
wondering whether he waa not wiaor
than he appeared.
A Summer Retort.
The Tasmania summers are much
cooler than those of Australia, and
therefore the island is visited by thousands of tourists irom the mainland
Sitios, ���   _L_  '
over tbe molds or mixed with the mayonnaise give you a most inviting salad.
Cucumber Ice.-Cut s large tender
cucumber Ipto pieces an Inch long.
After removing tba eeeda boll the eu-
enmber In salted water for live minutes, drain It on a cloth and let'lt
flnlsh cooking Id �� covered sttwpan
with an ounce of butter, aalt,���pepper
and a gill of whlta atock. Reduce tbe
moisture and rub tha cucamber through
a balr slera. Wben the puree Is quite
cold mix it wltb two tablffpoonful* of
mavonnalse sauce, half ��� gi�� of cold
liquid aspic Jelly, two Ublbspoonfoli
of whipped cream and aenaonlng to
tasted Wbisk It untll It ta thoroughly
amalgamated and then freeae It In the
Ice freezing mschlne. PHI the cucumber molds and set tbem ln Ice and
���alt for an boor. Sarra garnished with
sections of tomato ��nd watertfiwa. H '�����..^.w    , 1^.1.. M
paob swrnn.   �����
They Saved  Her
From Herself
In Aprll Mlss Alberta Ely looked ut
tbe snowy blorfm of her big cherry tree
and sighed nnxiously.
"It looks ns if there wan going to be
a light of frull this year if the pesky
birds don't cut "em nil up," sbe snid to
herself. Then aloud she suddenly
shrieked, "Here. you. boy; don't you
dare touch tbem blossoms."
"I wns only picking a few Bowers,
uiu'iiui." be apologized. "I wanted
them for my miiiiiuin."
"Tbose ure not flowers." returned
.Mlss Albertu severely. "Those would
have been cherries In July if you bud
left them alone. One. two, three-um-
nlne cherries you've picked off my tree,
young man."
Tbe boy looked froth her lined and
careworn face to the fnigrum suow of
blooms over bis bend. "There's plenty
more Bowers, nm a ni," be said wistfully, extending tbe crushed twigs he
beld. "but I suppose you better take
these.   They're yours."
Mlss Alberta snatched the blossoms
from hls hnnd and tossed tbem toward
a little nioiinil or wilted dandelion
roots she hud been digging out of the
turf "Hasn't vour mother taught you
it's wicked to stcnlV" she demanded.
The boy winced, but he Bquared Ills
shoulders anil answered sturdily: "Of
course she's lold me thut, ma'am, it's
me���myself���flint did it Rhe wouldn't
'prove of me doing it."
"Well. I should hope not." ejaculated
Alberta, wltb a Heeling glance toward,
tbe roof of tbe little brown house next
door   "When did .von move In. boyV"
"Yeslerday," be auswered. "und my
mamma's dreQle tired today."
"What Is your name'/"
"Duncan Pearly Hart lett. That's my
.papa's nnme too"
April passed Into Mny ��� Mny Intt)
June���nnd then cume July, sultry and
bot. with the rich od"r of overrate
fruits In Alberta's shrubby garden
Paster than she conld convert the berries Into cans of amber and ruby tinted preserve* they ripened on the
bushes, anil pirate robins swooped to
snatch titbits for tlie gaping montli*
that urowded the nest,s.
"Sent!" Albertu would cry. wnvlnj:
her gingham apron nt the feathered
"Ol-. twee���wee- weeeeee!" Hie robins
would answer snnclly as they dashed
sway, only to return later and repeat
the foruy.
"Drnt >m!" nnd All>erta wonld
whisk Indoors to rescue the scorching
sugar from tbe Hre.
"If the cherries hnd onl.v wnlted a
little longer!" she groaned one hot dn.v
ns she looked from tbe kitchen win
<low Into ihe brunches <>f the cherry-
tree, where tbe rich red fruit bung
lo thick clusters. "If I can only get
ihis currant jell oir my hand*"-
"Pn you tvant a boy to pick eher
Ties?" nsked ..Duncan Bartlett from thr
doorway, where ho alood hat In bund
"My mamma says I can pick on shares
1f you wnnt me tu and I'm careful nol
to fnll."
Alliertn looked at him sus|>h'loHsly
He wus seven years old and small fnr
hls sge. but be was strong and wiry,
nnd luid nti open, chubby countenance
that mnde bim look still younger, lle
wore a clean suit of overalls, nnd bis
brown feet were bare.
"I don't like to hnve my fruit picked
on shares." sbe said sharply, "hut I'll
-tell you what you can try. You can
pick 'em on quarter shares. Out uf
-every four quarts you can bare one for
"All right, ma'am," be said, wltb
���ome disappointment Id ble tone. "If
you'll give me a pull and a rope I'll be
gin now."
Alberta provided a pall and a rope
aod a long Udder and watched the
small cherry picker carefully climb Ihe
rounds nntll he disappeared Httioug the
.green brai. lies.     '
Just before noon Duncan appeared al
the door staggering under a |mtl of
luscious chei rlej. I'ersplrutlon streuni
���ed down his sunburned nose nnd eher
ries stained- Ills lips,
"How many you got there���eight
quarts? Well, you get two quarts out
���of that." 'Albertu measured a scant
two .piaris from the brimming pnll
and dumped (hem tn a pn|ier bug
"You coming hack nfter dinner)"
"If you want me to."
"Come along. Homebody's got to pick
'em. Well, I declare, you're been eating some!" She pointed an accusing
tl tiger nl his reddened lips.
Duticun Hushed proudly. "I only ate
!��ouie Ihe birds had pecked." be confessed.
I "He's grllty." "he murmured as she
emptied the cherries Into a basket knd
net the pall outside ity* door.
| liy il o'clock Duncan bad picked flfty
Oiutris of cherries, nud Alberta reluc-
tajitly. imrtvHj from .twelve, quarts.
I It wns ufter suptier that Ellen Hnlve-
ly's fnce appeared at Alberts'* kltch-
en door.   "You i\II through your sup-
That Bartlett hoy's making a good
thing out 'of you." remarked Ellen
complacently "l bought twelve quarts
of cherries from him. ami the little
rascal charged me 15 cents a qusrt for
"Fifteen cents a quart!" echoed Alberta In dismay. "They told me down
to the store they'd tuke all I could
spare for 8 cents. That boy must
have made $1.80 off my tree. That's
man's wages." Alberta wus becoming
"Mlss Oreen only paid 2 cents a
quart lo have hers picked." suid Mrs.
Snlvely slgulHcnntly, "nnd she sold
'em for 15. making 13 cents u quart.
I thought It wns too bad he should be
making all the money off ynu, and no
1 ran In to tell you. 1 got to run
along and get ready for prayer meeting now.   You coming?"
"By and by," groaned Alberta wearily.   "1 got to tblnk tbls cherry business out flrst   I feel's If that boy bad
cheated me.   I've a good mind to go
over there and  make him give  me
some of tbat money back."   I didn't i
know that cherrioji was selling so blgb i
or I wouldn't bare let blm pick on i
"Even shares?" demanded Ellen
Snlvely. '
"Quarter shares. And that's enough." i
"I'lenty enough," agreed Ellen. '
- "I don't kuow ns I can get down to
meeting, Ellen, bur you tnlgbt as well
take along  ray  contribution to that
mlssljftiary vacation fund.   1 promised
$5," said Alberta wltb conscious gen- j
eroslty.   She brought the money and '
placed It ln a small envelope.   "1 ex- |
pect It's hard work for tbem missionaries to convert the  heathen to tbe
Golden Rule." sbe sighed.
"Hiram says be should think tbe
heathen would wnnt n mention Instead of the missionaries," giggled Ellen Snlvely frivolously as she pocketed tbe money.
"I'm sorry Hiram ain't a professing
Christian���it's a great comfort." observed Miss Ely primly an Ellen dls-
appeared around tbe corner of tbo
Half an hour Inter sbe returned from
s trip to Ibe little brown bouse. She
hnd recovered 80 cents nf Duncan's
money and bad amended ber bargain
by paying blm 2 cents a quart for the
cherries be hnd picked and thus reduced his earnings to $1. She felt very
uncomfortable over the mutter also,
for once Inside the modest brown cot?
taj;e she found herself in refined surroundings. Mrs. Bartlett wns a charming womnn and hud Introduced her
husband. Dr. Bartlett. a wliole smiled,
genial mnn. who Inwardly chuckled nt
his little son's business venture, but
outwnrdly treated It with grent seriousness nnd consideration, much to
Duncan's comfort.
Albertu Ely surmised that her new
neighbors were far from being In
straitened circumstances nnd bad merely sought the little cottage for a
summer's recreation In tbe valley.
Tbeir simple courtesy put Alberta's
niggardly errand to shame, and her
cheeks Hushed hotly ns she tossed the
money down on her kitchen table. "I
wish 'Ellen Snlvely hud stiiyed nt
home." she said Impatiently. "I've
got to get all that fruit down cellar,
and it's dark now."
She lighted u lamp and set It down
In the cellar; then wblle tbe darkness
closed In uud the nir grew more hot
aud sultry every moment sbe tolled up
and dowu the stairs, currying basket
after basket of the canned fruit sbe
had worked so hard to preserve. At
last she curried the basket of cherries,
and hnlf way down the steep stairs she
stepis'd on ber skirt, tottered and tbeu,
overbalanced by tbe basket of fruit,
sbe fell down the remaining steps,
twisting bei*nukle haAif ns sbe did so.
Kor many dreadful moments Albcria
Ely lay there ou her cellar floor unable
to more her foot Pangs of exquisite
pain stabbed her nnkle to be succeeded
by bot burnings. Sbe felt II swelling
within ber shoe, and at last she extricated herself from the muss of crushed
cherries uud assumed a sitting posture,
hm It was Imitoeslhle to move farther.
Thunder roared und shook the house
to Its foundations. The fermenting
jars of 11)07 cherries yielded to ihe
heal and exploded with astounding reports. At lust there came a hissing,
slMilug flash of white light outside ihe
cellar windows, followed by m Atat-n*
fng crash, succeeded by another crush
of splintering glass Albertu Ely fainted from pnln nud fright.
When she regained consciousness she
was lu her own sitting room, surrounded Ity tbe entire Bartlett family.
The doctor had skillfully bound her
Injured ankle, and hls wife was holding wet cloths to Alberta's brow, while
Duncan pressed strong smelling suits
to her thin nose.
"You preserve shelves cnme di wn
last nlgut and It looks as though you'd
lost all your fruit." explained Mrs.
Bartlett after awhile. Tin ttfrtthl
tbal's not the worst of It Mlss Bly.
'llie lightning struck your cherry tree
nnd split II lu two bill ves We saw it
ami came over. We were afraid lb*
bolt might huve entered tlle bouse."
Alberta Ely looked through tear Hlled
eyes ui ihe ibree who were so cheerfully mlnlsierlng l�� her In spile of her
meanness regarding the cherries Du limn hnd picked- Something hard loosened from about ber heart, and It must
lmve been lb/co.erlng of stinginess,
fur II uewr sppeawt* . again. Kite
reached out and ciiitght Duncan's chubby hilnd ami kissed It with trembling
lips, iitjd the Burtletts understood tbey
WH used io run a cow ran.h.
In all thai old term meant
But nil our ancli-nl glories
In recent years huve weet.
We're takln' summer bouidera.
And, putlin' It quite rude.
It's now the cowboy's provlncs
To herd the festive dude.
We used to run an outfit,
The creates! In the west.
Our cowboys were the wonders;
Our roupdups were the best.
The punchers still are with ua.
Hut now they merely guide
The tenderfoot from Boston
VVho'a learning how to rids,
We used to brand our cattta
And ship 'em wide and far.
But now we hnport human*
From off the Pullman car.
The dudes have gut us captured
And tied and branded too.
And the cowboy's readln' Ibsen
When his dally toll la through.
���Denver Republican.
Physicians Oo Not Advertise.
When tbe advertising man called
upon Dr. Smith to solicit business for
tlje paper which he represented he wa*
told, rather loftily, thut lt wa* ngulnst
���professional ethics" to advertise. But
when the cub reporter stopjied at tb*
doctor's otlice two hours later fot
news Items he received the following:
Dr. H. Johnson Smith Is moving bis
jfflce from 1 Bradley block to Utl^Maln
street, wbere he will have an entire
���tilt of rooms. This change was Imperative on account of hts rapidly Increasing prnctlce,
Mrs. Alice Jones of North Tenth
itreet fell upon the puvement near bet
home tbls morning, sustaining a broken wrist. t)r. H. Johnson Smith reduced tbe fracture.
Dr. H. Johnson Smith has returned
from a professional visit to Snyder
Wellesly West, tbe well known manufacturer, wbo hns been 111 for several
weeks, shows marked improvement today. His physician. Dr. H. Johnson
Smith, believes she will soon be convalescent.
Dr. II. Johnson Smith wilt address
the members of the City Medical asso.
elation tbls evening.
Mrsr A. J. Peterson of Elm street underwent n delicate operation at the city
hospital this morning. Sbe Is resting
easily tbis afternoon, nnd according to
her medical ndvtser, Dr. II. Johnson
Smith, unless Unforeseen complication*
develop should be on the road to recovery soon. The operation- was very
successful.���Brooklyn Life.
The Ideally Happy Fan. *
Tho only way some men could
be happy would lie to keep moving to whatever town is standing ut thc top of the baseball
list���Washington Star.
.   a
PPPPPPPP-tritPap-f trttttictrtrtrtrtrttttti
��� ���
��� IRISH  NEWS. ���
��� ���
Alderman Kelly, city high sheriff,
was fined ��3 or six weeks' imprisonment, at Dublin, for attacking his
Miss Gladys Hazel, an English suffragist, was charged in Dublin with
obstructing traffic in. Grafton street,
and dismissed with a caution.
By a large majority the Lismore
Guardians have appointed Mrs. Nano
Mansfield master of the union, at a
salary of ��50 a year and apartments.
There were four male candidates.
R. Widger, Waterford, has just
'shipped nearly 400 horses of the
trooper class, to Milan fpr service In
the Italian army. They were selected
by Signor Corbella, and another big
shipment is expected. ���>
While on a holiday at Portrush the
Rev. Dr. William Nicholas, president
of the Methodist College, Belfast, and
twice vice-president of the Irish Methodist Conference, died suddenly. He
was a senator of the Old Royal University and a distinguished theologian.
The death has taken place at Black-
water, County Wexford, of Felix
O'Leary, who had attained his 100th
year. The deceased, who was in full
possession ot his faculties almost to
the last, was personally acquainted
with many of those who took part In
the rising of '98.
During the revision of the voters'
I'sts for Ballaghy, South Derry,
Henry Smyth, Killy Berry Boyd, was)
objected to by the Nationalists on the
ground that he was out of occupation and it was stated that he had refused to live In his house because of
the fairies. Tbe objection was ruled
At Kilkenny, when Patrick Bryne.
a tramp, was charged with burglary,
it was stated that he entered the Cor-
luddy post office through the chimney, awakening the postmaster, wbo
grappled with the intruder while hi:,
wife assailed him wtth a poker. He
was sentenced to three years' penal
Private George Russell, of the
Boypi West Kent Regiment, stationed
at Richmond Barracks, Dublin, was
found dead with a bullet through hu
head In his bedroom ou a recent
morning. His rifle was lying besid?
him. He had been ordered to Ind'a
nnd It Is thought that this preyed on
his mind.
ml vai: Closing
10: BO*���Vancouver  via 0.   N.  R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).14:20
':40���Vancouver via B. C. E. E.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
tl: 00���Vanoouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
(8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).2<j:30
10:09���Port Mann tdally except
Sunday) 9:45
10:30���Barpston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday t3:lo
l: 40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)  16:00
11:20���Tynehead  ( Tuesday   as.?
Friday)        14:00
)E: 15���Crescent, Whlto Rock and
Blaine idaily except
Sunday) 9:46
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matstjul, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily exoept Sunday)    7:15
IB:IB���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
15:15���United Statea via G. N. R.
(dally exceot Sunday)..16:01
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally) 7:13
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe (daily)    !13:15
11:50���Coquitlam   (daily   except
Sunday)   7:15
12:00���Central Park, MsKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.16
10:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa 13:15
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sundayl   13:00
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday aud
Friday!   13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .13:15
16 :*B���Vancouver,  Piper's    Siding     via    Q.    N.    R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9 4B
il:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
vta G. N.  R.   (dally except Sunday) 140a
tl:20���Rand,   Malqba   Hill   vta   '
B. C. E:,\R. (Monday
Wednesday and Fri-
4*7        9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day      ......'. H:oa
20:40--Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily ezbept Sunday). 17:30
U: 20���Chilli wacS, Milner, Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrove, Ot-
' ter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R.  (dally except
���   Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Abbotsford,    Huntingdon,
vta B. C. E. R.  (dally
exceot Sundav)  17:30
20:40���Clo verdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm , and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:00
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
M Mclnnes Street Phone 1068
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phon* 137
Begbie Street
Baggage Delivered! Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Lulu Island
Rising Son Realty Co'y
Phone 888.
Room 4 Traoo Block.
Waking th* Evangelists.
An English clergyman visiting this
country tell* of a bishop tn England
who when u new church in lil* diocese
wax to Ik> cousccriitiHl received many
letters complaining tbnt tlie architect
iind dlsligured the Interior with useless ilocoriitliin.
Tbe bishop deckled to make an Inspection of the new building, and accordingly summoned ihe architect to
meet bim there.
Tbe bishop could Ond nothing wrong
until Just as be reached the chancel
be chanced to catch night of four wood-
eu Imnges apparently guarding tbe pulpit
"Wbat do those figures represent I"
be asked.
Tbe four evangelists."
"Tbey appear to l��e asleep."
"Do you tblnk soir���
'I certainly do."
Whereupon the architect called out
to a man wbo was at work on one of
tbe pew*:
"Henry, bring your chlsc^ and open
the eye* of tbe evangelists."���LipplD-
"ott's Magazine.
"My husband nnd I are very Incompatible."
"On what subject do ymi disagree!"
"Well, he doesn't lielleve In debt"���
St Louis Post-Dispatch
A 8sd Cat*.
Old Lady-How long doc* thl* train
wulf here, porter?
Porter���Two to two to two txrtt,
Old Lady-Poor fellow! He fancies
he's tbe whistle.���Penny Pictorial.
Dp   You   Sliop m   a   Brisk,   Active
s   Store, or ma Dull Store ?
Advertising makes bright stores. Failure
to advertise goes hand in hand with dullness and stagnation.
Advertising brushes away cobwebs
and dust smartens shop window*
quickens the Intelligence of salesmen,
and lets In the sunlight
Advertising makes the merchant
think of you���of your wants and
needs; makes him anxious to aerve
you to your liking and advantage.
Advertising keeps stock from har-
lng birthdays.
Advertising acquaints you with new
things, and so brightens your home,
your life, your person.        ��
Advertising keeps a business from
growing lazy and stupid. Advert1*-
lng injects good red bl"od into the
arteries of a business, and keeps It
healthful and active.
Shop where your wants and needs
are uppermost In the mind of the
merchant Shop in the store which
reflects you, which you dominate.
Shop where your money returns to
you In better foods, hetter values,
better service.
Shun the shop that ts dumb and
dark' and dreary; keep away from
the shop that never speaks to you,
never smiles at you. never bothers
about you.
Reward by your custom the merchant who lives to serve you, and
who ls doing his utmost to build up
this community; who takes you Into
his confidence by means of advertisements In your local newspapers.
Th* Limit ef Feallthn***.   ,
There Im no fool like nn old fool
'who I* trying to net Ilk* n yiuing
fool-Chicago Itecord-Hernld
PtrtttttHrtrPPttttPP PPPPPIrirPlrtfPPP
|ier'f she asked 11s she stepped within , |,���d made h uew .friend and smiled at
nnd pushed Ibe ��unb��yinet back from
her sharp face
���Ves   Sit down.'' Alberta pushed the
each other
Nwne of  them  heard   Alberta   Kly
whispering to Hernelf.   "No missionary
Bost.on rocker forward and hung ber ought to'take n vacation so long as
dish lowel on the line nt the back door. uilen Hnlvely and me ran act so un-
"I'm dead beat.   Keen canning frnlt all christian." sbe thought bitterly.  "Why,
dny ami got my cherries to do tomor* n���\ just had to send a bolt of lightning
row"    She sunk breathlessly Into a to that cherry tree te man* 0>* ~~'~
stand some things.
IThe Leve That Dyes.
She - Wonld yon  love  me  better,
lea rent, if my  hair wer* a different
I   lie-Welt.   I   don't   know,   darling.
What other color* have youY-Hketcb.
tlnrslde-Why   do   yon   think   the
1 Pletchem nre vegetarian* t
Woodslde-Thelr little do*.alwaya
crime* over to our house at mealtime
- Newkrit Newa.
Smile back at the shop which smiles at
you. \ Shake hands with it���keep company
with it���your favor will be returned to you
Reading $e advertisements in Th^ Morning News will h# ycu materially !m planning the shopping for the day.
Advice regarding yew advertising problems Is available through any
cood advertising agency, er th* Secretary of the Canadian Press A*-
*o��iatloil. Room 608 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry involves ne
obligation en your part���ee writ*, If Interested. r
-  A)
' imaSird*,'.. ��� frAQfc E��GHT
Guaranteed against adulteration.
Sage, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Allspice, Mustard, Singer, Pepper,
Cloves and ' Mhce. Try our
Vanilla for flavoring ��� you'll
like it.
Druggist and Optician
Westmlnstei1 Trust Block
,      YOU'
In case of yenr death what
would happen to your business7
Maybe it would- sell today at a
splendid price, hut after your
death would it trot become disorganized and be much reduced
in value ln a Tew months even?
Are your trvestments outside
your business in such shape as
to cause your wife the mrinirrumn
of Inconvenience?
Your wife and children in the
event ot your -death wltl -renuVre
advisor*. Are you ttulte satisfied
they will select the best advisor* ? The selection of such
advisor* is a matter you ahould
attend to now.
Call in    and    talk   over this
matterv-rlt.ls Jfijt'he regular roa*
tine' of our business.
���". it :������ .        ��� ,���
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
Only one drunk faced Magistrate
Edmonds in police court yesterday
morning, and upon his making fervent
promises to reform he was allowed to
go on a suspended sentence.
Edmonds woed and coal yard.
Phone R 1111, W. A. McDonald.     *���
An illustrated section of.the Toronto
Globe which caine to hand yesterday
includes a flfle picture of the decorations on Columbia street during the
visit of the Governor General.
Foresters' hall, East Burnaby, will
be the scene of a dance and social on
the evening of November 7 to be held
under the auspices of Court East
liurnaby, A. O. F.
The parishioners of St. Albans
Anglican church, Edmonds, will give
a concert in Moreton hall bn Wednesday evening next, the proceeds going
towards the parish room fund.
I A. Hardman, ths cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth street Bakery.
Telephone 281. ' ������
. A feature of the banquet to be given
Dr. Chown at Columbian college on
the .evening.of November 14 will be
the singing of the College Choral
society. Rehearsals are being held
in order to prepare for the event
The Junior Auxiliary of Holy Trinity
Gathedral will hold its annual pre-
Olirietmas sale in St. George's hall on
the afternoon and evening of November 21. This is always a looked for
event In connection with the different
parochial societies connected with the
The marine engine works owned hy
R. Cormack on Front atreet have been
purcrhased by Messrs. Wehh mid G'f
ford, two well known business men
of tire city. Thc new owners plan to
enlarge the plant and have Bectrred
the services of a motor engine expert
hading from Winnipeg.
Miss  Minerva  A.   Smith.  Graduate1
of  Music,   has  epened  her  studio  at
13th avenue and    6th    street.    Tole
ptone R 735. ���*
The steel rails of the Highland Park
cut-off were linked with those of the
city system yesterday morning at the
rear of Twelfth street car shops. The
line car is following the construct'on
gangs and the necessity of hauling
freight to Highland Parle and from
tlience to the scene of operations will
be eliminated within the next two
Charles  Snazel,   a  cement  worker, I
was severely burned yesterday morn-}
ning in South Westminster in attempt- j
ing to recover his effects which were
in a shack on    the Yale   and    Scolt
roads, and wbich wore beins; destroyed by fire.   Three cases of shells and
a tin of powder were stored In-   the
building together with   one   hundred
dollars,    bidden    av.ay.    Snazel    lost
everything he possessed.
A small army    ot workmen    1*    at
present employed-hs putting the Ihildtv
Ing. touches to the new Westminster
Trust block. Several of the firms who
have already moved their equipment
Into tho building are experiencing
some annoyance on account of the
elevator service not beting fn operation, but the electrical workers are
rushing things to completion tn the
best of time.  .
No. 1 Salmtyj in 1 lb. tins; regular 15c.   Today  2 for 25s
Paragon FiQkJes, large bottle3
of pickles' Just in; regular 35c.
Today' .��.,. 25:
Catsup, Champion brand, a guaranteed article; per bottle ..25s
Kippered Herring in tomato
sauce; regular 2 for 25c. Today eath 10;
Our Special Te& at 50c per lb.
cannot be excelled.
Raisins; regular 2 for 25c. Today, each  10;
Royal'Household Flow, todav.
per sac^t  ..$1.85
Stephen's Strawberry Jam, in
this of 5 lbs. of jspn. Special
today at, per tin , 80-:
Fard Date3. new goods just ln.
Today only, per Vb 15c
Fresh Ayrshire Bacon in today;
also fresh Sausage and Headcheese, new cakes. Fruit
Chcrv. Seed and Sultana, just
The largest 'Olives in town on
sale today at, per pint 35;
i-,iniberger Cheese, McLarens, in
one pound "bricks, each 35s
Remember all our Peels, shelled
and unsbelled Nuts, Raisins and
Currants are FRESH.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
(Continued from page one)
and witness drew his gun.
,lr. I
laws of thiB oountry.
I "If this revolver carrying is not
frowned upon, it will be unsafe to go
aboot. It is against the spirit cf Brit
ish law and absolutely rnnecessairy in
a community like New Westminster
for anybody to go about with a revol-
' ver In his pocket. It may be necessary in the wilds cf the country  but.
He told Gonsalez   that if he spoke! certainly not in the streets of a city.'
between this clas3 and the grammar
grades for the possession of this
trophy, which is a- arded each month
to the class having the highest num
ber of polnts.ln tbe averages. The
Academic class secured a percentage
of 82 during the month of October, but
this figure will undoubtedly he over-
nicely everything would be all right,
but if he acted dirtily he would use
his revolver upon htm.   When he drew
his gun Gonsalez did not catch him
by the wrist at any time.   Walsh and
Law's storie9 were   untrue regarding
the fight.   He never made  a striking
motion with the revolver, but held It
muzile downwards.   He drew the gun
because   he saw a   big   man with a {
moustache  coining  towards  him  and
he conceived the idea that he was going to help Gonsalez.     He and Gonsalez never touched each other until
witness fell off the sidewalk about 175
j feet away from Hammink's house.
|    Mr. Grant���You said yesterday that
Gonsalez was calling for help during
the scuffle.   That does not look as if
' he were pressing you very hard.
i    Witness did not know,
i    Mr. Grant���A'ou   came   back   after
(wards wth a club.threatenng aM sorU
of things.
I    Accused���I came back for satlsfac
, tion.   I was not mad when I drew the
! gun.    I am 25 years of age   and was
| never ln trouble before.     Grossi further stated that he bought the gun 15
! days previous to the occurrence, for
his own protection, as he lived In th"
j bush.   The flrst time he over carried
a revolver was the day when this row
1 happened.    He had never fired   a re-
��� volver and was merely going to try it
! that day.
By   the  court���You  said   yesterday
that a Greek told you  that  Gonsalez
had gone away.
Accused���Yes, air.
When d'd the Greek tell you that?
On the 20th July.
The defence then closed and Mr. J.
P. Hampton Bole for Grossi, addressed
the jury, contending that the revolver
was drawn in Belf-defence, that the
whole thing was a brawl over money,
and that there was no serious intention to commit murder or bodily harm
The cartridges in the revolver were
shot-loaded, not ball. He charac
terzed the weapon as a toy one. and
he questioned whether It could go off
at all. He endeavored to make light
of the whole matter, in the aspect of
| the temperaments of Italian and Spaniard.
Mr. Grant, for the crown, declared
that they must maintain their own
way of carrying out the laws of this
country and they would not tolerate
guns. He la'd stress upon the evid
ence of Mr. Law who saw the flashing
motions of Grossi's weapon ant!
thought it was a knife he held in hi>
hand.   It was exacftly the motion that
The jury after half an hour's deliberation returned with a verdict of
guilty on the second count, assault
with intent to do grievous bodily
Sentence was defied until tbe
close of the criminal session.
tal. Tucson, Arizona, on October 29.
Charles D. Baillie, aged 29, late of
Blair avenue, Sapperton.
October 30, to the wife of the late
Charles D. Baillie, a son, still born.
The most comfortable rooms In the
city; hot and cold water and steam
radiator in each.
Finest wines and spirits dispensed
at the bar, and first class cafe r.un in
THOS. WITHYMAN, Prop.     i".
Phone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
Fraser Hotel
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best t!ie market supplies-
11 BEGBIE Street
come thiB month, as the emulation of
this art is constantly being stimulated ' w����id he made if Grossi were attempt
by thiB rivalry I inK t0 lower his hand to shoot   Gon-
The following is the program rend-'zaW- and t,le la,,pr b61*fa* on t0 h,s
ered during the afternoon-.
' Piano duet���"Polonaise" Chopin
Miss A. Lamothe and Miss \v. Bennett
Organization of Circle.    Rull Call.
Hymn to St. Thomas Aquinas.
Paper���Lowell, poet and critic.
Mlaa O.  Watson, f
Recitation���"Vision ot Sir lAurfal."
Prelude to Pt. f���Misa G. McDonald
Part I���Miss E. Verchere.
Prelude to Pt. U���Mlss G. Gaynor.
Part II���Miss F. Fowler.
Piano solo���"Fantasia".. Mendelssohn
Miss Loretto Dupont.
Miss L. McDonnell.
Recitation���"The Changeling"
MVo ' r~ht
That the Canadian Lumber company  Song���"Our Motto"
appreciated the work of Chief Watson | Paner-'Thoughls'suggcsted   after   a
and a party of firemen during the Te- ireful reading of "The Vision of Sir
cent fire at the Fraser JIUls, was
demonstrated yesterday when the
| chief received a cheque for $100 to be
divided among those who assisted in
the flrefighting from the local departments. A letter accompanied th��
cheque commending the valuable work
performed by the Westminster flre
laddies rn the evening'of October 21.
The services rendered' oh that occasion would always be remembered, Tr
stated. ,   .
This is the best
Ready Made
Cough Syrup
on the market.
We back up
this statement
with our guarantee to refund
the money in
any case when
not satisfactory
Miss 0. McDonald.
Card of Thanks.
Piano duet���"Minuet" .'.  Mozart
Miss E. .Orr and Miss M. Keary.
Tlie next entertainment will be held
on November 21, the eve of the Feasor St. Cecelia, the patron saint of
music, nud a special musical prognn-
,wjll be prepared on tills during the
mon fit.'
wriEt to prevent him doing so. As to
the toy weapon theory, if that were
the reason the gun did not go ofT, it
was really a matter of congratulation
for the prisoner that he wai not in
court on a charge of actual murder.
Instead of attempt. He pointed out as
evidence of intent that Grossi, according to Hammink. had threatened to fl.;
Gonsalez If he did not pay him the
Justice Murphy summed up strongly
against prisoner. Defining the three
counts of the indictment at the outset
what constituted attempted murder
attempt to do grievous bodily harm.
He demonstrated .clearly that the mere
drawing of tlje gun. was testimony ol
the attempt, but the jury must go further and determine whether prisoner
intended to commit either of the firs'
two crimes and to do so they muat
jud"�� by his nnt'ons.*
"This matter of carrying revolver/
is a verv serious one and has to bn
d��alt with very cjr��fn!lv bv hirle'i ir
this country," sa'd his Lordshlo. "Nc
matter what nationality a man belonged to. he was the same before the law
of this country. Every man, English
man. Scat^man, Irishr"nn'or any other
"v>;ipt"vrrtfin. "ore absolutely on air
equality in this matter.   He must con-
Curtis Drug Store
Of Lits.-ary and Artistic Naiure���First
of Series of Monthly Events'
is Tjoccsb.
A pleasing mualoal and literary entertainment was given in the assembly
com of St, Ann's convent yesterday
afternoon, this being the first of a
series of monthly events which hav^
bften planned during the coming winter. The program, which was a
lengthy one, consuming over one houi
tnd thirty minutes, was g'ven hy the
senior pupils known as the Aqufnaj
Literary Circle. .   . .   , t
It is the Intention of tho S'sters to
have the class study one particular
literary, or musical critic ev^ry month
nnd <?lve an entertainment such as
yesterday's following the completion
of iheir studies.
The assembly room was well filled
���vith the pupils of the si-bool and   a
few Invited guests who frequently ap
plauded the' efforts of those participate   I ;
ing in the program.    The senior glrla
were dresBed^In, white,., wearing-their
class colors, while and gold, ahd also
wore a bunch of violets.   Tlje results,
of tuition given them tb?'flibli* teach
ers,  especially   MIS3  Fowler! of  Vancouver, who spends one day each week
aU.be college In elocution, tys* notice
.able and stage fright was an.itnknaivn,
factor amqng tho pupils'. .',       '",'  ,    .
n,.i������    .���  .*..    .-a. .'     'ii'��U.'...ri   1.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1359���FlFTk 8TREET near Eiflhth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
��� J '-'   '
lf�����SEVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lots; upper Bide; 50x130
all bleated and graded; price $1275
each.    , ��� (,
O^'lng   to the-   absence   of Father,
O Boyle, who is Indlsposeowltn   aii
atlack of grippe, Rev. Father Lnrd"M
represented the parish of St   Peter3
i Professor McKenna  was also present
i        from St. Louis college.
���      j -jj       One of the events of thn afternoon !
Hm. ���������     - ���^a.a.^txarassiii.^aasu'jvi^'9 the  presentation  of a  s'lver can '  '  '
ftione ��r 1. D. ntllM. ft.        tftnaten"tfy'thfo SfsW'Mff^i'fflii^^��^*-**��W(|.i��rtta-.��ra,.LIita,rAccldant, Employed Liability,
Maw   Westminster,   B   C. Academic class.   Groat rivalry exist*       and Marine Insurance.
1397���55 FOOT LOT. corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms. -���"
".:  ���- l\.:
68 foot lot in good location; Just of;'
Columbia Btreet; price $1200 on
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 50x153
each; some are cleared; street is
graded;  price fiOOO on good terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
NEXT YEAR���1913
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, Is by Installing
a "YALE" Gasoline .Engine ln your fishing boat. This Engine has
proved io be the best Engine on the Pacific coast for the fishing trade.
Ask any one of the many owners of a "YALE" his opinion of the
We build these Engines in two different styles, the Medium and
Heavy Duty sizes. 1
The Medium Duty Engines are built In four sizes from 5 h.p. to
20 h.p.
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h.p. up.
Get your orders in early.   Write for'Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
First c-'ai- at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at ?
a.m.. with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack und wuy points at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are ofTered
O'er the Fraser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and'Sunday, good to return on Monday.
Pros, and Geni.
Sao. t.*\A Treas.
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street;
Modern Conveniences.
628 and 748 Columbia Street, Phene 89., New Westmlnater, B. C.
������������ ******* i   ��� 11. *t       i     .1     i . i ������ i ���
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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