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The Daily News Jan 16, 1912

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'7 *
between twe roHreadc, with Fraaer
Mills Una running taretagh tha pre-
party. Terms fer genulna Industrial propaaah
WH ai?    SHILES a CO.
--'   r*ft
no lots ana htefc*
Cne, on open street
Ity on    the
na.   See
SHILES a CO.     '" T
VOLUME 6, NV ��,"   R 263.
Regina Man Plunges in Real
Purchaae Ameunta te Two and a Half
Millions en Fraser and In Mon
Mr. Trapp Elected Chalrman-JManage-
ment, Finance, Building and other
Mr. T. J. Trapp waa elected chalr-
of the School Board at the first
meeting of tbe new board held last
night. Tbe 'committees, were elected.
On the management committee Trustees Trapp, Peck ,Dr. Oreen, and Mra.
Cross will serve with tbe first-named
aa chairman. Trustee Thornber wlll
be chairman of the Finance Commit
Ue,W which the members are Trustees Peck, Mrs. Cjllley and Mre. t/roaa.
The whole board forma the building,
committee, but 'Trustee Peck will uke
tke <cftalr. To be members of the Hy-
Stance Committee Trustees Mrs.
Cross, Mrs. Gilley, and Reid were
���dlected, with Dr. Oreen aa chairman,
while Trustee Thornber waa given
ithe Supplies Committee with Trustee;
Reid, Mrs. Gilley and Mr. Trapp ua
After a few routine matters end correspondence had been dealt wltb, the
board resolved Itself into committee.
Toronto, Jan. 15.���Right on top of
th�� gigantic land deal of John F. Hansen a day or two ago with tbe C. N.
B. came the announcement today of
another land purchaae ln Port Mann
and Montreal, Involving an expenditure of $2,500,000. William McBaln
of Regina, is the man woo has got
control ot this enormous amount of
real estate.
An Investment of such magnitude
would seem almost too risky for- the
ordinary man to think of, but Mr. McBaln has apent a year ln Montreal
nnd on tbe Paciflc coast looking over
these properties trom every possible
standpoint. He ls enthusiastic over
his purchase and stated today that he
had made one of tbe beat investments
in his career.
"1 have Just purchased," .said he
"12,500,000 worth of town lota at Port
Mann, nn the Fraaer River tn .British
Columbia, and in the City ef Montreal
irom the Canadian Northern Land
Company, through Davidson A McRae,
general agenta. I have been purchasing landa from this firm for ihe last
lour or five years, my purchases probably aggregating ln the neighborhood
of $5,uo0,000, and In coming to Toronto from time to time to close up these
land sales my attention was called to
Xhe ts.Lt that pioperty Ib selling at
very low prices ln the eastern cities."
.Mr. .McBaln says tbat noholy who
duiing tbe past few months will have meeting of the Local Council of Wain- ] Many "towns have been looted and debt ot the pioapecta ot Port ej>.    V. '������.*   -m��__ ^_., , w^-
Mann as one of the coming big cities |lng the activity of the council In many
Local Council of Women Hell Annas]
Meeting���Men Conspicuous by
'   Their Abeenca.   '
London* Report Says Russia
is Active.   /
Confirmation of Reported Maaaacre of
Ten | Thousand Manchus by the
London, Jan. 15.���Dispatches received here today trom Odessa declare
that the partitioning of China has actually begun, coincident with the Information received at BL Petersburg
that the Manchu emperor will at once
resign.      ,
Russian troops, dispatches from
Harbin' say, have crossed into Mot-
go'lia at three points, and the proclamation of a Russian protectorate over
that province is expected at once.   4
San Francisco, Jan. 15.���Spect.il [
cables received here today from
Shanghai quote Dr. Wn Tin Fang, for.
eign minister ln tbe proclaimed Chinese republic, ns admitting without reserve that the Manchu dynasty has
practically fallen. Wu declared that
Yuan Shi Kal liafl wired Us Shanghai
representative saying: "Whilst It is
settled that the abdication shall take
place soon, 1
as to just whej
gptlations will continue with Yuan
Shi Kal to decide upon the formation
of a provisional government and to
frame a constitution."
To the question: "Will Yuan be
elected-rresident of the republic?" Wu
recited, "It is not impiobabfe. Yuan
Is a tried Und experienced statesman."
PeMng, Jan. 15.���The Kan Su imperial army, after much flghting, has
Dean and McNamara Lived
in Vancouver.
���own chairmen
Men Charged With Bank of Montreal
Robbery Rented House in Neighboring City.
Special Harbor and Transportation and
Induatrial Committees Forme*���Kellington Heado Worka.
King   Wanted   Condemned
Murderer Reprieved.
Some surprises were in store when! mv      -^
tbe chairman   of the city   council's , Alfen*o Victim of Warring Qroupe er
Vancouver, Jan. 15.���That Charles
Dean, aliaa C. W. Howard, alias Hoffman; Mrs. Vina Griffin, alias Mrs.
Charles    Dean;     John     Mc.\amara,
committees were elected by the aldei-
men themselves yesterday afternoon.
The method of appointment was un-
usaual, as the mayor left the councll
to make tbeir own choice of chairmen, while he himself appointed only
Politicians���Urges PWmibr to Resume Otlff**
Madrid, Jan. 15/���Tbe cabinet   ha*
the other members ofthe committees. ���     ,      .-.*.���   vi��jj�� i *.  _	
-y���.      ^��. *,     w. ��v       v        resigned as the repttlt of a divergence
pected to see left ln charge  of tho ,rf *���*��� .!^ JGWffflP* *��� ����� **?
Alderman Gray moat people had ex-
see left ln charge  of tho     . ,   .,���.      a'-^-mxs*.-*,.*.*.
light, but be has been moved to the *d_v!^blUtL SL'SWISLS*.
known as "Austrlallan Mack" and fliance, legislative ant building com- "mt"Jc? E^^BS^. ��*��
"Big Mack," and the two Griffin gir.s, nUttee, with Aldermen Curtis and "* Tio^en- VhfJ*��$*F*J,~��?
Goldle and Sylvle, were residents of White aa Its members. Alderman and who *?und*l^! L?i- *.*
Vancouver from a late.date in July, Lynch haa Uken hls place on the light ��"���������} ^"f^.^J^J^IS!! .��.
vm, untll early In October of the ��nd telephone committee, in associa, Valencia, laat September, duringthe
aame year, during which time the at- tlon with Aldermen Gray and Kelling- f,e^era!.8tr,ltf *Li^L-SSL ����S
tempt waa made to rOb the Union ton. Alderman Curtis aucceeds Mr. Valencia. *"* ***���-.;'J22?f J��-
Bank branch In Vancouver and the , Bryson on the water committee, with P'��"lnB to start an W***g f*^?!
Bank of Montreal ln New Westmin- Alderman Lynch and White as the ^1^!?t^^ll*I!!2SS?,i-^:
ster was looted of $271,000, has beea  other two members. tri?? of the ��trik���� Wwemed in ttn
further established by later deve.op-      One of the big surprises was   the C"Ue��� mnrd*r IfVS?'0^*   ,?���22
ments made known today by Vancou- choice of Alderman Kel'ington for the ****ntlon tot ha uetaslon .��.��>���>���*'
ver representatives of the  Plnkerton  Board ot Works.     Dodd and Henley tor ���"meUme, "��"����� JfJJS. *2��:
National Detective Agency. are the other two members   of   the ���?���??}?*���*��*�����& ��I%���T^
About July 25, 1911, Dean rented board. These two have not changed * *ed upon tte ^^M �� W��apon to
the house standing at the corner of their convenershlps, and are left with 6ttac* ��� .fcgOV*HtK!3t,to- f?,e���!f?*
Bthadway and Pine streets, known as I Aldermen Kellington and Gray on the WIjr1aatJ??l,uUU2SLri JS !5, >
1C97 Broadway, tn the Fairview d.s- ��� Health. Pollce and Bridge committee, rePrleve Francisco Falter, director of
Raised a False Issue.
Realizing that it waa sordid crime;
and that the accused men were   lot-
years," he remarked, "Rwt ^J*"1 the 0llvet Baptist Church. The meet
have a population of . <����r .^V* ing itself waa held ia the latter builJ-
.flve thousand.    It ta stated that the     a ...        ~ ..    .
���*-e. N. R. Company, will .establish shop". 1"*
yards and other railway buildings at
Mrs.  Kemp  from  Vancohver,  con-
". Jvener of the'Committee of that city
j considering the  laws  for  the  bettei
women and children were   ihe mow <*n �����** ��";eLpf SLa,n.FU,' Th? ^"If
      .. ^     . imnnrfBiTt   HinriiMiod   al   th��  annual 1 Province of Shen Sl is in a turmoil.
maKes an Investigation aa hn ha*done LggJJ*, ^cu^ ^StoJ towns have been looted andf
during tbe past few monttis will haw meeting or theJ^JJ"������ �� ^ \%mttA. The reported massacre of 10
any doubt of the I******* f^   ^g ��*M*WiTS*S!&Tin W W��� ?"��*����� bJ rehel" ln the Shen S
Mann as one of the c^1"��b/��^l  matters were alao submltl*d, and   tha
of the Paclttccoast.   Ite h��b��nout|oiiicers ^ curr��nt ^^
theie for several ������*�����*~%Z..The presence of many delegates t.om
look from every standpoint ds ��ptlm , vincJouver lent merest w the occa.
latta in theextremft ha sa ya.     ��� ��� ���_���   whleh waa endvened by a ver/
l^.k^rt:iU^SSn,''������'  s"P"e' >*IA in  the  hall  of
nmaiotadMEed officially j trict. almmediately JUra. Gilffln and  and with Aldermen Dodd and CurtU J��e,""*e��� !2^'2S^01 2^-rttt
en it will occur.   Thene-i'tha two girls moved into the   house'on the Fire committee, while Alder- ��� "   *��� ^��!2��    '       nowniau.
with Dean.    To the neigh'jors,   Mrs.  man White takea the convenership of 0I lne *^aura <��Mii��t-   .
Griffin was always known   aa   Mb.  the-Parka   and   Library   committee,'
Dean.   8hortly after, McNamara, who j Aldermen Lynch and Henley being his
had been staying at the Strand hotel,' associates. fai	
moved into the house, and the neigh-1 Two special committees were ap- "Lw-1 SSJ��"��*" 1?���^? IZ
bors all notice the inmates of the ' pointed by the mayor, namely, a har- ������& Sfe^'t^taK?7^
dwelling suyed awake late at night bor and transportation committee and fl, lc��iB J^!��� JLi !f In ^rt^ rf
and slept tate Into the day. jan Industrial committee.   On the for-   ^tur*B SHSSaS'' tolarts   thl
A Plnketton man Btated this morn-'mer will ait tbe mayor himself, with J^,..^^^'^ wtth
great rapidity and {bused grave con-
readily recognized the photographs Lynch will form the second. The "���i^r^!Jf ST&HL ^JS*.
in the roasesslon of the detective formation of thews two committees *f* ."?" ���? ���,!*���-^^rmhj^i
pgencr a8 go^d likenesses of   Dean, seems  to foreshadow  a   progressive 21^^^^ oE Et
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ing, that many, residents of the dls-  Aldermen  Curtis, Gray   and   White
Amendment to the laws relating to '���succeeded in pusnins its way ta with- [trict ln which the suspects had lived  while   Alderman   Curtis, White   and
distiirt is qonflrmed.
roliCe   and
Keel ;Plate of Great Britain's Twenty-
Eighth   Leviathan  Laid  at  Porte-
Portsmouth.    Lng.,   Jan.    16.���The
McNamara and the women.
pollcy during the current year with
to the supreme copnejl of war   anrtf.
w^CS2Si iU���UtU^���TetmYo��' ST'S1 arntl��n t0 be PaW t0 matCr- martnerrre^vtataT*d,'lthrconnctB
was arrested recently ln New York;   uu advance.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
Dean .was arrested ln Loa Angelea. and 1    The  only   business   transacted
condemned   all   seven prisoners   to-
Mn, Grldin evaded the Los Angeles the  councll was the passing on tne S?-fl5^ta ftff^"toT&
,-��ha<>    *aaA     m*aw,T.*.rr.A     ���,it>.     v.,   _->������ ,�� -u n....i-   .�� -   .-   nave   nowso   in   ever s^nce  iue   ni����
disappeared    with
���custsme   Authorities   Sea*  fRawnue
Cutters to Aid af Caaft Jmpriaonad
In Ice Flaaa.
of the C. P.
Mr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
interests, postponed to a date to be
fixed by the minister. The propose.1
route crosses the North Arm of Bnr-
rard Inlet, some distance east ot the
city of Vancouver, and preueeda westerly along tbe north shore of Burrard
inlet, along the waterfront of Nortb
Vancouver and beyond.
���that place and at this time 1 am negotiating with several llarge manufac- |com>iaenng iui ���,.���-
tnrtag concerns wbo want I to secure protection of women and children, Bursites at Port Mann. Among these:is; a ��'ltt*d th�� Proposed amendments to
car works which should .employ from ltbe meeting, and a committeei of flve
Bve hundred to one tbwusand men. I I wa�� appointed to act with the Van-
have been negotiating wtth a cold f^er women on thU matter The
storaf,a  and; ,v��fr,igerator   company,   laf* affected by these   amendments
���two.lron companies tut wiU manufac I ���*'����*-.to    minora, guardianship   <oi i--nSai=.-mSi.t;-*a*     *
ture all Iron products, andrttaoa'targe | ch,ldr*n ��nd inheritance, and it was jjuel plate of Gieat Britain's twent>-
flour mill company Consequently ;I Proposed to alter them ao as to put |.eighth ship of the Dreadnought type
regard these two purcbasea as'tltehest i wo��?en and ������ ���� ��n *l"a' fo.��,.t,nS wa�� >*ld tod��y ���** Portsmouth dock-
lnnd doala I have *wr malte" i*8 tar M P��Mlbta In M!gar<d to those jtard.   The new vessel is the first th
wuu uw �� ������� amm*��.. I matters.   The flrat caae .taken up waa  be ebgun of the flve armored   ships
that of the marriage of minors,     lh  provided for .in the British naval pto-
tbe first place, lt was proposed to ask *ram of 1911-12.      Sbe will be com
that in future the taw ahall be made pleted ln the year 1914. When she
| to read that no marriage ahall be soi- has been added to the fleet Great
|emnlBed  between persons  under   16 Britain will have 32 Dreadnoughts, or
years of age, and that the consent of super-Dreadnoughts, half of which will
the mother sball be equally as neces- .be armed with 12.5 Inch guns.     The
sary as that of the father or the guar- vessel laid   dowh .today bas not yet
dlan in such mandates.    The rights .been named.   She will be the largest
of  the  father over the  children   In  battleship hitherto constructed ln Eng-
cases of wife desertion were also the land, displacing between   25,000  and
subject of amend maat, and  measures ! 26,000   tons.      Although   tbe   Dread
were proposed to place thn wife on au nought cruisers of tbe Lion class are
lequal or special foaling with regard aOghitts' heavier, besides throwing
|.to male relations of the dead husband .heavier shells .than .her immediate pre-
in the matter of Inheritances.   In the deceaaors. Several improvements have
'.case of the husband dying   intestate  been Introduced by the constructors
Washington, Jan. m.���TAlitir Amati- without Issue, lt was the wish of tbe tn tbe arrangements of the internal
.can  flatting vessels with cargoes   of  meeting that the wltae he the sole subdivisions Intended to minimize the
ifroaen-hening valued at $50(UI00 Are ;lnherltor. :itaiger alf a torpedo attack, while her      _     __         __
lfrnpctanned in the ioe   floee   .nil ithe     A u^i amendment was added, on ana-torpedo   battery   wlll constat   of circles here by some recent speeches
.coaatnf Newfoundland and threatened tttte suggestion of the local executive, 16 alx-Jach guns, whereas her prede- delivered by Baron Fuchs, the Cterl-'    ���li���
witu destruction.   In response to _an  that It ahould be made (unlawful for censors have been   armed with  only [cal leader, who declared that Italy ta j    ��  ��� h
her motion of alderman Cui tis  of a vote ��!f "TIT J" ^dk33S-��*"ti.-"���V
,_ ...  .���      .v     i _,   . a     i ..      trial and It was ��Vwe��t tnat the na-
Instructing tlte clerk to tend a letter j    deg that-fhe  men-
alTt^^Xi       iT\ ��ray, ln  be not put to death.   PwnUeJ Canale
ZZ l\tm 8 8        at     C   ��S3 J��8 a1viBed the *lM..fo exercise his
of hls wife.        ______ prerogative ia thi^5��'��f hht of tbe
"" prisoners, but held, that tbe seventh.
OLD   INDIAN   CHIEF Chatto Chuqueta, should be made cn
HAS   PASSED AWAY  example of In  the Interests of    law?
        \ and order.
Sumaa Prairie, Jan. 15.-'X)ld Jim," , D,���flr-ed with KinB.
ef A.7proMSl   ef Bouts   Map
Haa Been Postponed.
Ottawa,   Jan. 15.���At   the   hearing
for  approval of  railway  route  maps
before Hon. F. Cochrane, minister of
railways, the aPP������on for approval , Mr York  t���   oW ,nalan ch,6f go ^
of a^routejnap on the Cascade hranch  k_OWB ta tU| dl3trict AM tbe other
_^_^    e^   1V��   i^iiiMUli       9     ����������"��*   au   K**m*  uiaui^v,   uivu   a-aa^j   wvu��l   i        Xtl��    ft^ltAtlOIl        Dy        *Ql8
Ii^v 'o^'mT^- s^ttSt^t.^. **y UP at Nooteak, where he was stay- reached formidable   proportions
lv.   ^Hr���Jr.- J  JlJr V- ul lng with hls son.   "Old Jim" was over Barcelona Radicals   Issuing a   c
Leader   of   Auatriaa   Cloricate   Soys
Germany Is Dissatisfied Wtth
Vienna, Jan. 15.���ConiWerable sensation has   been   caused   in political
time ha*'
ing with his son.   "Old Jim" was over Barcelona Radicals   Issuing a   decree-
100 years old, and everyone on Sumas calling for a general strike if Chu-v
prairie knew tbe old man, whose yarns queta was executed today, the    day
were famous around the neighborhood,  fixed  for    his  death.    The premier -
He used to live ln the rancbereehere, went with his colleagues to the palace.'
und was on a visit to his son when be where the king declared that hefavor-
dted.    Mr. York, whose name he had  ed a reprieve for Chuqueta.
adopted along with his own, was one |    Premier Canalejas said he deferred i
���Ot the Sumas Prairie pioneers of the to his majesty's judgment and would 1
old time, arid used to be the object prepare a decree to that effect witb^ -
of "Old  Jim's" greatest   admiration, out delay, but considering   as he dUL'
The chief himaelt   was   a prominent j that the ministry had made   a   nto
take, it was hls duty to hand in bis
resignation.  King Alfonso urged him
to reconsider hls determination, ibuA...
he remained flrm.
1s Inopportune.
The ministerial crista at   the Ger
man la his day.
Paraguayan Revels Forced Chief Ex
ecetive of Republic to Resign.
^SsT.U^^t^^ ��- *on
President Liberate Rojas and forced  ^Ji,*^^?*    *"?'*'    **��
him to realgn, according to tip-tele- Jhe king has tort no tlmelnjwnantt,
grams    received    here   today" rom , '"* ����* <*��� *��f 2 ���l��t���?- *,"*
Asuncion, the Paraguayan capital. Tbe ^^tS^*/^   r?1      ^
.nntaon ta the city remained neutral. g^^X -^J ^^
j the Liberals would remain In power'
Fishermen Driven to Saa. The king received Senor Canelejas
Astrakhan, Russia, Jan. 15.���By the'last night,,and asked him to resume
appeal so  Collector df. cuatamr tor- a man t0 will all fels jnrojiemy   and four-inch guns tan- ithe nurpoae of en
dan, of Gloucester, Maaa, tbe assist- ^hiWren away from bta wife.     All of .countering torpedo boats
aat secretary of the treasurer .today  these resolutions will be submitted to'
eidmed .revenue cutters to their .aid. Tthe government at Victoria.
It was' announced to the meeting,
that fourteen different aectattes were
affiliated with the council of waanen,
arming against Austria and when the
war in Tripoli Is over the Kins of
Italy must either light Austria or go
into exile. Baron Fuchs alao Insisted
that the intimate relations which
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ have for eo Ions etlsted between Aus-
The outstanding featturas of the re- trla   aad   Germany    are   becoming
away of an ice floe, 109 flsh-
tbe premiership, assuring him at continued confidence. Senor Canelejas
asked for time to reflect, promMnjg
to give hls reply today.   On
erhien have been driven out to sea in
the neighborhood of the village of
Ganjuscelau. rm^rml
It ta believed they have been drown- j the palace Senor Canelejas   declared
ed ln the Caaplan Sea.
.*���   . ���...   .  ���, i in. ; '  '. Iamj that 64 names were tm the master suit of the municipal voting on Satur- weaker as the result of Aurtrta's fail
For the laat time In their existence Mll, Many committees, standing and day are the large maJaUB* *t nearly ure to support her ally during the
the Old council of 1911 met at 10:80 .otherwise, made tlieir reports for the three to one that Cloteniafe raoelved Moroccan criata. He Ukewlae com-
vesterday morning. At the close nf * w< pieaaure waa expreased at the over Surrey Centre In tke contest for plained that Austria's relations with
very Abort session it adjourned sine Stura ��f Mrs. Otllay and Mrs. Cross the new ���amlclpal hall: the closeness o,. Russian empire had not been
Ule. an the school board. HatWtas Pnml- of the vote tor Dlnsmom, **��". ��*> .well handled.
.tfler tbe accounts of tha dUtorant j^nt Mrs. Umb made a very In-, -j britt as achool Truateea, and the Baron Fucha la aald to .lmve de-
departments had been passed, and the (creating aifcech, which was much an- overwhelming majority rscalwad d>y manded aa expjanatlon from the
Qcpiuiwi. uh. _-s-        ^^"JJfi toVYhe bearera. J. E. Murphy over his opponent  for .Austrian    foreit*    minister.    Count J
The foltowlBg officers were elected:  couhclllor in Ward 3. f Aloys Lexa Von Aehrenthal, ot the |
Iftaeldent.   Mrs.   S. A. nata*ar, In'   The followtag are tha oOrial. flg-
'place of tha presidential board, which ures:  ���
with.   Flre Chief Watson notified the Consisted laat year of Mrs. Laa*. Mrs. i   For new manlctpal hall, Clovardtf e,
aldermen of the peslgnatlon of A. L* HM, and Mra. Pearce; First Viae Pre- 808. -,.���,, fc.��� ��...��_.>��,
Bickoff,   and    recommended    Lewis S|d��it, Mrs. Forreator;  Seeond Vice I   For new municipal ball, Surrey cen-
Croas to be nppolated hoseman, and President, Mm. Lamb;   ��hlrd   Vlea tne. 10��.       r '.,..��� �����,����J(-��
W. Fotherlngham to be promoted to FresMent, Mra. Patohell; ^oartfe Vhte     Reeve^ T. '��� *^lv"-��c������^t
captain.   The leport was adopted.      | President, Mrs. Bent; Fifth Vice Pre-j   Councillor, Ward 1, R. S. Inglis, 61,
The council decided to leave several sMent,  Mra.  Pearce;   Corresponding. (elected).  ^, fe>mt
bylaws to the consideration of the In- flecMUffy, Mra. Levar; RecordlfgSec-1   Councillor, Wand .1, Robert Grant.
coming coundl, and before the ad- |��tory. Mrs.Dayld Walker, and Trees- 87
that If he decided to accept the office
he would retain the same ministers..
council had been officially notfiad by
Returning Officer J. Stilwell Clato���a*
the results of tlm elections, two
municatlona were received and dealt
journment waa moved Alderman srer,' Mea. Ferguaan. ^Lassssssni
Lynch ptoposed that the clerk be in-1 The meeting was raautoad at 8
structed to send a letter of condol- o'clock after supper, islth the nafr pw-
ence to Alderman A. W. Gray in hls .eldest, Mrs. Fletcher, In the chair,
bereavement. Rev.. Henderson waa tha first to ad-
There  were present at  the meet- drees the meeting, and he commented
ing Mayor Lee, and  Aldermen  Bry- on the tact that while aldermen and
son, Dodd, Henley and Lynch.
prospective laldermen turned out ln
tone for the meeting held before the
election none of them, wltb the exception of Alderman   Henlev   wh^  h"<^
Bank   Manager   Arrested.
Cralk, 8ask., Jan. 15.���W. 8. Mc Kl- r   _-**-��__'
mon. teller, and C. H. Crawford, mm-!come to supper, hai, attended that
ager of tbe Union Bank here, was ar- day. 'Only two of the clergy were pre-i
rested today, the former charged with sent, hlmeelt and Rev. Melvln, Among,
theft, and the latter with forgery. The I the suggestions he thre^ out In th?
arrests followed the rtlscqveTr of an course of a racy.rr*��eb. was,that *P
alleced shortage of several thoKftnltl "''      ~"
Of dollars. , glfgH
difficulties between Austria and Ger
many, of which he said he possessed
knowledge, but the foreign minister
maintained absolute silence on the
aubject. Baron Fucha. therefore, considered that he wah perfectly Justified
ln expressing publicly his dissatisfaction with Count Von Aehrenthal'a foreign pollcy. .
Councillor, Ward 2, J, E. Murphy, 83,
Councillor, Ward 8, F. Smith, 15.
Councillor, Ward 3, T. J. Brown, acclamation.
Councillor, Ward 4. R. D. MacKen
tla. acclamation.
Councillor. Ward 6, Jefea Kftwy, 40,
(elected). . ~
Councillor. Ward 6, Gee.-Ra1 ford I
School trustear, John Freiiar, 898,
8chool  trustees, A." Dlnattata. 223
(elected).   ' *' ���   '���    <~     .���-r . ��� -.���.-,	
School trustees, E. C. Jhhfft^,'^e;i|to;he..nIse^ amontc the dii
^ jContlsiMd on ptgs four)
**'��� (rierted).       ^^^^^^^^______
1   School trutaw, H. t. Thrifti 218,
Soldier le Suicide.
Vancouver, Wash., Jan. 16.���James
O. Sherry, CompanyF engineers, wbo
enlisted at Cambridge, Ohio, last year
committed sulcldetoday hy jumplnr
into the Columbia river. Nd reason ia
assigned for the rash act.
Macke/a  Endowment.  ���
I, Sen   Francisco. Jan, 15���Cta-enc��
[Wackey la declared today to ha" " ~
I*hi: a'lLOOft.000 endowment Wai for
fob*Unlvertlty of ..ayada-Jal
Wrecking Train Oslag to Aid ef Another Stalled by Slide, ta Itself
Revelstoke, Jan. IB.���Tha wrecking
train composed of three cars, ond of
which waa tha private car of Superin-
New C. P. R. Boat to Leave ths Clyde
for Victoria Soon.,
Montreal. Jan. 15.���It is stated *A\
Windaor station that th.e Princess So-
pbta, the Canadian Wclflc RaUway*��
i newest ship, wiU salt,, for Vlctofte-
withip th* next two or*: three wwsS*.
The boat, whloh has been building at
the yarda.of Bow, McLachlan ft Co. a*
Paisley, Scotland, ta now practlcallr .
ready for lta long trip around -Cape
Hon. The Princess 90?hla, wUtonot
as large aa some of tlte otbirFrtuosse
boats of the Canadian Pacific Rail*
way, ta of the beat construction smS)
well fitted for aervlce on.tbe Pm*fe
tendent Kllpatrlck. of Rarelatoke.' ^.L iiTs 847 teat"lOTg744 fit bS^
which was going out to tbe aU of No. Md lt tMt ^p^ R ta aanfewed wiu.
4 from VaitaOhver. wha struck by *,^u^l*^^*^!SK^
slide at Albert Canyon. All three
can, engine and cab were turned
over. One man waa killed and three
injured. Tha man killed waa a fitter
named Jaokson. One of tho Injured
waa Dr! Hamilton, of Revelstoke. the
company's physician. The names of
tha othera are not known.
Skstlng Fatalities.
Emden, GeruMtny. Jan. U.���Twenty-
seven rerasna are known to hm hean i   *-**���******** ;if *w**i$
-   waed ���anl sateral are mlaalng sa ,Ua����oada ��* *f*$V$i
era are constructed alt
on Mak^r^^^
for conl.or
Jal|.Braakora at Large.
Vanoouvsr, Jan. IK^Tbere la ktfff
no traea of the missing ptfsdnor*.
Winkler and CoUlpw, whh broke Jail
on Sunday. Both are well-known be*
,,- ������ i>    i itiijiiifi   ��i.rtii' i m'.1,
miners, who mads
aw ihi'dre* ofihajtha m^'A-��|^lte^i^1j^;��iiw'|^'i^'si> *******
thrtr millteaa t> bmllai while hundreds oi youth* W.Th^ah��l��*��
'wart akaung teds*.    , lhig 14* *T***t *h
' |horte��e of Prevltlofls.
Vsnedjwer. J^J&mm tfmr
TsS*mnr,".ia*ma-f ��" **aaa
sewing,   by   the Ahjfi *Mwk
309 Keary street, Sapperton.
light housework.   Apply morn
317   Fifth
avenue,   or pbone
jAf Westminster Private hospital,
333  Townsend   street,   near   Third
Sv Intelligent single man, not jislng
��� or tobacco. Can help with ac-
nts,  lf  required.    Address  Box
News   Office.
e  salesmen;    also    one  stocK
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stment  Co., Ltd.,  626   Columbia,
toov that I am now operating the
eely pasteurized bottled milk plant
fin tbe city and will deliver either
ajesteurlzed milk or cream to any
���art. of the city or district. Milk,
9 esnrts for $1-00; cream, 30c a
jdsj Phone your order to R873
er write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
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atreet, or in Smith's or Collister's
etores, lady Persian lamb muff, with
three white tails and head. Finder
srill bo rewarded on returning same
to room 216 Dominion Trust Block.
Finder deliver to
Mr. Wll-
a C. Cigar factory,
and   re-
ceive reward.
���  COLLIE      PUP,
���C  old.      Black    w
1th   come
and tan.   Return 527 Eighth
aSmtseL   Reward.
ausd warts permanently removed by
Mlas E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
���*a Oolltster block, Wednesday    and
"Tbursdays.    Phone 978.
H.  C.  White is no  longer In
iploy   of   the Royal City Dye
'erks and has no authority to collect
annual meeting of the members
Royal Agricultural & Industrial
of British Columbia will be
I in Council Chambers, City Hall,
Pttday, January  19th,   1912,  at 8
as: Reception of reports, elec-
' officers and directors and any
��� business members wish to bring
the meeting.
New WeStdSnster, B.C., January 13,
��� Xr* . ^-^^
A Reversion   to   Olden Times���Why
Did King Do It T
1 King.George has numerous precedents for his pollcy of changing the
capital of India trom Calcutta to
: Delhi, as Ex-Attache points out in an
! article In the Pittsburg Dispatch. In
| India itself there 7b a most notable
Instance of this, provided two centuries ago by Jey Singh II., who
abandoned Amblr for Jeypore. Ambir
still remains, but its marble palaces
| are inhabited by snakes and
i monkeys and the tropical verdure haa
invaded the streets. Some of the
temples and other public buildings
J must have cost great fortunes to rear,
but the ruler showed his people what
1 a truly great man he was by care-
��� lessly disregarding the loss of wealth
{that hla whim entailed; and even if
! similar disaster should overwhelm
i Calcutta lt is likely that the majority
\ of his majesty's Indian subjects would
j be only more deeply impressed.   As a
matter of fact the change is not likely
j to be nearly so serious a matter for
j Calcutta, which wlll always be lmport-
jant as a port of entry, though lt wlll
no doubt resent the transfer of   Its
official prestige to Delhi.
Other Capitals Changed.
In our own time there have been
similar changes. In 1867, tor Instance, the Mikado transferred the
capital of Japan from Kioto to Tokyo.
The capital of Italy haa been twice
changed, once from Turin to Florence,
and again ln 1870 to Rome. The moat
recent example is that furnished by
Australia, which Ib building a new
capital at Dalgetty, and abandoning
both Melbourne and Sydney. It is said
that Alphonse XIII. Is now considering
1 a plan to remove the capital of Spain
'from Madrid to Barcelona. Madrid is
| probably the most unhealthy of the
; large cities in Europe, while the climate of Barcelona Is salubrious. Barcelona, however, has won an International reputation as the strcnghold
of Spanish liberalism, and we may
be sure tbat this will not enhance It;
value ln the eyes of the King of Spain.
He has a precedent, however, in the
transfer of the capital from Toledo.
Peter the Great moved the capital
of bis empire from Moscow to St.
Petersburg in order, as he said', that
he might have "a window to look out
upon Europe."
Unhealthy Calcutta.
Slam's capital has been changed
from Ayuthia to Bangkok, and Wasn-
ington is the third capital of the
United StateB, both Philadelphia and
Annapolis having previously enjoyed
the honor. Canada knows what it ls
to have had alternating capitals, and
| China may yet move her seat of gov-
| ernment from Peking to Nanking. As
far as Calcutta is concerned, it is a
mere mushroom, or in view of lta
deadly climate it might be more cor-
I reet to say a mere toadstool, for it
has been called Golgotha with aome
reason. It is built on a swamp, and
| is bo unhealthy that for several
monthB each year, the government is
practically removed to Simla. What
sort of reputation Simla has, need not
be explained to anyone who is
familiar with Kipling. The city In the
hills has been described as at once
the blight and the cure of Anglo-Saxon
officialdom. Its atmosphere Is as
deadly from a moral point of view as
it Is bracing to the jade'J nerves, and
���scandal, indolence and intrigue are
as pervasive as the breezes from the
! The World's Oldest City.
I At Delhi, there wfll be no need for
a retreat on the part of the officials,
for lf the climate Is not always balmy
it is about the best to be had ln India. A thousand miles from Calcutta,
it Is high above the sea level, and a,
man might have a worse fate than
lifelong residence there. The climatic
advantage is only one of the many
that Delhi can Justly claim. The fact
that lt is the oldest city in the world
and the ancient capital of the Punjab
has been made familiar to most of ub
in the course of the discussion of th*
Durbar. It dates back to at leaBt
3000 years before the Christian era,
and there is point ln the old Baying
t that under one name or another Delhi
has always been in elxstence since the
I world began. For the first British
| ruler of India ever crowned In the
i empire   to proclaim    Delhi   for   his
��� capital was a stroke of diplomacy well
'calculated    to   strike    the   Oriental
imagination. All the auguries are now
fulfilled. The rossesslon of the Koh-
i-noor marks King George as the
rightful ruler to many of his Indian
subjects, while the ownership of the
jeweled Uma has a like significance
to others, and to them all the change
of the capital to Delhi makes a strong
It Ib a long time since such an Important state secret was better kept,
for wben the announcement was made
it plainly took Lord Lansdowne and
Ix>rd Curzon by surprise, though tho
latter Is supposed to have tlie king's
ear regarding India. The secretary enabled the agents of the government to
buy all the land required at Delhi at
prices much lower than would have
prevailed had any inkling of the
change leaked out. Now that the coup
has been made many writers are wondering why It never occurred to the
astute Lord Beaconsfleld, who foresaw the wisdom of having Queen Victoria proclaimed as Empress of India. It Is worth noting that Lord
Kitchener is credited in some quar
ters with having originated the Bug
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Learned    and    Intellectually    Nimble
Sage Hits "Toronto the Good."
Toronto, Jan.  15.���Elbert  Hubbard,
the famous long-distance  talker and
printer of rulnouBly expensive books,
kept a gathering of several  hundred
members of the Toronto trade spell-
I bound   and convulsed,   by   turns,  for
Bex 4tt the space of more than an hour last
night, at a meeting of the Graphic
Arts Board of Trade, which was held
in McConkey's. Pretty nearly the
whole range of human activity and
experience was covered by the East
Aurora sage ln the course of his remarks, but "Big Business," und the
j constitution thereof, was the topical
.thread   underlying   hls   wanderings.
��� and though he appeared to skin from
(one inconsequent subject to another,
it was apparent from the nice way
ln which each fitted into the next that
his discourse was anything but Impromptu or extemporaneous.
! To convey an idea of Mr. Hubbard'.)
address would be Impossible, short of
a verbatim transcription, and only a
few of his more striking witticisms
can be selected as examples of the
whole entertainment. "A doctor," he
said at one time, "takes from $5 to
$500 for performing a very light service for you; a lawyer takes all you v^>
got, and a preacher takes what he
'can get. The last Uvea on tips, takln,;
up a silver collection when he needs
the money." Again: "1 have written
four editorials a week for Hearst for
the last rive yearB. He pays me twice
as much when he doesn't use mv
name on them, as then he can make
people think he wrote them. When
people ask me why I write for these
rotten papers, I say they are not half
so rotten as they would be If I didn't
, write for them.' ' Of a certain railway
magnate, the speaker said: "He
travels around the road, blowing up
everybody in each place. He is the
fiort that swears    up    the    elevator
��� damning five floors at a time."
I    Fra Elbertus had a great deal    to
aay about reciprocity, the Bum of his
statements being to this effect: "Half
our time, if we lived Ideally, should
j be spent ln farming, and a nation can
| only be prosperous lf half its popula-
I tion are farmers. We have only one-
third farmers now in the United
States, while you still have one-half
Kew York City Is always within 48
hours of starvation, and that is why
we want reciprocity ��� something
you've got and we want. But I'm glad
you did turn ub down; it was coming
to ub. You did not refute the arguments of the great and good Sir Wil-
frld Laurier (I always advertise him
because he favors reciprocity, and so
do I), but your votes were cast on
sentiment, which Is something higher
than making money. Even the Scotch
voted against it! You've given us our
answer���us, the men from Missouri,
who  had    to    be  shown.    Vou  have
shouted back, '111 show you,' you'va
shown us you can do without us, and
now tne States have more lespect for
Canada than ever before. You want
reciprocity only when it comes wltn
a smile���and it will come with a
smile, for we need your No. 1 hard."
Between times Mr. Hubbard preached a sound philosophical sermon from
his text of "Business," giving farming
ns the most Important business ln the
world, with i all way transportation
and printing as second and third
Each point was backed up with illuminating argument and reference, and
by the time he was through every man
in the audience felt the value of hla
optimistic gospel lying behind the
speaker's distracting epigrams an:t
queer mannerisms of speech and gesture. "To me a smokestack is Just as
sacred as a steeple, and a deal moro
necessary," he said in one place, and
the remark came as a keynote to tlie
whole discourse.
Mr. Atwell Fleming occupied the
chair and introduced the syeiiker, and
brief speeches were a,so made by
Mayor Gear.v and Mi. Cheite,' li.
Ames, secretary of (he society,
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the woman with the scrubbing brush���
the accomplishment* of every one of us
depend absolutely on the accomplishments, of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a man can give the best
that is in him. When his stomach fails,
he becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
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Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
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Re Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 or Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlflcate of Title Number 1971F issued
In the name of Tbe Corporation of
the District of Burnaby, has been
filed ln this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the Bald Certificate, nn-
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,   New Westmlnater,  B. C, Dec.  21,  1911.
eo yu.nT
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XIII   ��l     l| !����� I|,|ll
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��� ���
poets���Herrick, Quaries, Herbert,
Carew, Lovelace, Cowley. Vaughan,
Stanley, Habington, Suckling, Daven-
ant, Marvel!, Crashaw, S.ickvllle. and
all the other important Cavalier
singers���lf you do not know these
poets, and lf you do, you should get
this fine volume.
As    usual,   the    Nealo    Publishing
company,   at   Washington and    New
YorK, present a valuable contribution  '
to the literature of the season^ They I                     HOME RULE.
do  not  aim  at popularity  and   "best 	
sellers,'' but they do give to collector* The   Problem   of   Problems   in   the
of the best literature many a chance Motherland,
to adi to their library a volume that'    Ulster's   preparations for   resisting
is valuable in itself, and probably ln- Home Rule are going briskly forward,
valuable as a reference book.    "The says the Toronta Mall and   Kmpire,
Cavalier Poets"    ls    such a volume, and indicate u temper in the   great
It is written by Carl Holllday. M. A. province of the North that Will never
Every   lover  of  English  literature submit to the measure Mr. Redmond
long has felt the want of an adequate
treatment at the "metaphysical"
movement that began soon after the
time of Spenser and Shakespeare, sur-
ls framing. Even lf Ulster were left
alone to fight Home Rule .she would
uot prove unequal to the task, but
she  will  flght shoulder  to  shoulder
vived the coldly classical day of Dry-! with the Unionist party, whose policy
den and Pope, and Anally culminated on the question waa laid down by Mr,
in the passionate outbursts of Burns, Bonar Law in a recent speech to hls
Byron  and Shelley.    But    not until constituents.   He declared that there
now could be had in a single volume a
comprehensive anthology and study of
would be no shrinking from strong action on the part of Unionist members
that famous group of poets, known  of the House of Commons to defeat
by various names, Metaphysical,
Cavalier, Rhetorical, Fantastic, and
Caroline Poets, who wrote so delicately and with so great charm durtns
Cavalier days, and whose Influence on
the roetry of our time Is so marked.
In  this anthology    and    study,    Mr.
one of the moat Ignoble conspiracies
which has ever been formed against
the liberties of free-born men. The
Unionist party will flght against
Home Rule as they have never fought
against any other measure introduced
by the present government,   ahd   in
Holllday, acting head of the de- the face of this opposition and that
partment of English literature, Van- of the loyalists in Ulster lt ls difficult
dervilt university,  not only  tells of to see how the bill can be nsasad In
the brave deeds of these Cavaliers,
their love affairs, and 'their poetic
Ideals, but he also tells of the gay
life of the day, oT the customs, and of
the scenes In rural England and In
boisterous London of the early seventeenth century, The biographical
sketches of the more Important Cnva-
Hers are delightfully entertaining, would end It,
���ympathetlc and Instructive. Such old  Unionists   to
parliament, or, If passed, how lt can
be imposed upon the North of Ireland.
Not Peace, But a 8word.
Mr. Law said    that   many people
Were ln favor of Home Rule because
they were sick of the Irish question,
and they thought that    Hone Rule
lt was the duty of the
show them   tkat   the
favorites as, "1 could not love thee,' adoption of the measure would be tho
dear, so much. Loved I not   honor beginning, not the end, of the Irish
more," and "Why so pale and wan, question.   It-Would bring   to Ireland
fond lover?" co^ne to us with renew- and to England   not 'peace, but   a
ed charm becauae of the Insight that sword.   It Is because   it would   not
this book gives Into the life of brave, settle the   Irish question that . It Is
chivalrous,   broken-hearted   Lovelace, being suppoited by men wbose pollti-
of the wild   profligate, bnt   loveable cal existence depends on Ireland being
and brilliant Suckling, and of genial kept In a state ot turmoil.   Mr. Law
Herrick, "the hearty country parson, declared the Unionist pollcy with re-
drlnklng the wine of lite deeply and
gladlv." in the glowing fields of Devonshire or ln London. Whether telling of Dr. John Donne, the founder
of the movement, or of pious, romantic George Herbert, or of Tom Carew,
gallant, gracious, Insouciant, little
knowing and caring less that hls
poems were the connecting link between Jonson and Prior or "of the
eaintly priest and enraptured singer"
gard to Ireland to be the same as
the Unionist policy with regard to
England and. Scotland. Mr. Redmond's pollcy was to give Ireland
less Industry, and more politics, while
the Unionist- pollcy war to give Ireland more industry and less politics.
Nationalists Block Reform.
Part of the Unionist policy with
regard to Ireland was to complete
tbe work It' bad begun in the Land
Purchase UU.    There   were dtfflcul
Crashaw, Mr. Holllday enters Into the
life und work of each in a way that ties in the way of carrying out   this
fascinates as well as Informs.   Eor the ' measure, but these difficulties were
author's style, although critical, ful- The Nationalists did not want Ireland
flls his purpose, as announced in hts contented and prosperous,  Mr. Law
preface;    "It is my hope   that   the cited the attitude of the "arty to  the
sweetness, the daintiness,   the chlv- Irish Agricultural    Organization   |p-
alry. the artistic temperament of this ciety, whose aim was to stimulate the
spirit may be   transmitted   in some farming industry    In   Ireland.    Yet,
degree to the readers of this volume, only a tew days ago, at the tnstlga-
'$ , * ."   If you do  not   know   these tlon of a prominent Nationalist, tbo
Irish board of agriculture passed a
resolution objecting to aay money
from the development fund beaig
given to this society.
The Ulster Loyalists.
Speaking of tho loyal minority, Mr.
Law said that it constituted, at the
\er.f lowest estimate, one-fouith of
the people of lie and. This minority
pays more than half the taxes, does
more than half the trade of the
country, and, fiom the point of view
erf character and everything ttut
makes for strength, it represents at
least the half of Ireland. To the
majority tn Ireland Home Rule would
come as a doubtful blessing; to the
lo>al minority lt would, come as an
intolerable curse. It was true that
Mr. Redmond and other Nationalist
leaders were full of benevolent
promises to the Protestant minority,
but there are no guarantees that the
promises would be carried out The
Protesttints of Ireland believed tbat
their religious liberty would not be
sate under Homo Rule, and althougu
Mr. Birrell had said the other day
that the Irish loyalists had no more
i;ellgion than billiard balls that meet
In collision on the billiard table, this
merely revealed his profound ignorance of the people of Ulster. They
do not want any supremacy, ro-
llgious or otherwise, over the Romau
Catholic population of Ireland. They
demand only equality, and . they believe that under Home Rule they
would not be given it. Certainly, lf
the majority chose to do so, lt could
Impose. disabilities of the gravest
kind oh the minority under Home
What Ulster Wants.
Mr. Law spoke with eloquence of
the men of Ulster. "They have sympathized 'with us tn good times and
bad, and tn all troubles. In their
case there were no shouts of Jubilation when tbe news came that our
armies were defeated and that our
poldiers were lying dead in the defence of the country. They sympathized in our eorrowr, they shared
In our triumphs'. They have turned
what was itself one of the most barren parts of Ireland Into one of the
most prosperous spots in the whole
of the United Kingdom. They ask
now that they should be given the
same privileges, and nothing more,
that are enjoyed by every man and
woman in Great Britain. They. ask
only that they should enjoy these,
and should be able to hand down to
their children, the heritage whicli
they have received, the privilege of
British citizenship and the protection
ot British law."
young member.' On hearing this assertion from so crafty a man, possessing so venerable a pate, the entire
house roared with laughter. Twice he
stopped, and three times he commenced with these words, but it was
useless. The house would not listen,
and he never assayed to speak again.'
���Lcndon Chronicle.
Ladies cf Culture and Refinement Use Salvia Hair
Tonic. It Makes the Hair
At last a remedy has been discovered that wlll positively destroy this
That Dandruff is caused by germs
ls accepted by every sensible person.
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days, or money back. ,
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hair,' stop Itching scalp, falling hair,
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word "SALVIA" (Latin tor sage) Is
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sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Never Bpoke Again.
Grantley Berkeley, in hla Recollections, notes one of the shortest par-
Uamentary speeches on record. "Leonard Charlton tried to make a maiden
speech, and, rising in his place with
a very bald head, known too ae he
was to everybody aa one of the oldest
stagers ln all the ways of the world,
he began wltb great affectation of Inexperience, and with an evcee.'ln^ly
mild voice, "Mr. Speaker, I am but a
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy-
film behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after genus i.
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in just the right pro*   ' V
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easily, vigorously, J^
and without harm tb
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the ov��l cake.
 J*1^ I HI .       1,11,11 I',  'I     J U-l_Bi   &&
3600 Tone���7,000  Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte Island* and East on Q. T. P. Railway.
������   Through tickets te Eastern Destinations via the Grand Tnsaic
Double Track Route���Standard and Tourist   Sleepers,  luteals a ta
��� Carte;
H. G. SMITH, C. P. and T. A. . Telephone Seymour: 1flD<
Telephone Seynseur MS��
cmr offices: B27 Granville street.
me*   '
4,<S K^SS'v&Hlt Paysto&frertisS in the Daily ^Si.
;*��.Vft> *******
- PAaimia
CHE DMiiY NgW*r.
TUESDAY, JANUARY   16,   1112.
The Daily, News
by Tbe Dally News Publish-
C���pany. UnjUd, at their efltees,
et  MeKsasie   aad   Victoria
are more women than men of voting
age in the state. If the margin is
anything like aa largo aa that claimed;
bf the Los Angeles league, th* test
of woman's suffrage ln California wllf
be the most significant It has yet rer
ceived. The conditions operating to
cause a majority of women    voter*
Ask far Ameitaeit        [
Id Wenan's favor
A ;
(Continue** trom page one)
cause a majonu ��i  V^tsJuvTd. **����� wom��I> ���� the ����*��� irrespective of
also guarantee /or that. majority   A ^^ ^       th     n,^..^,.^
high degree ot lnteHlgenceand ��*#*>*-, to ^re a new hospital for the
^g^*St] "'""""- Suc^elfTrrif10 ^��^^^^^^^^ ��~
 ^Wfc  Claimed for woman's ^��"^.v��S tW�� i^Sffi 2
  shown to a striking manner    under We8tB,lnBter.  Bhe congratulated
such '*���'*bJ%��,reu.m��*B��* "J*** the city on the progress It to* made,
then some of the claims put forth hy       .   .' "*
��� the leaders of the movement must be
TUEStiAY, JANUARY 16, 1912.
���CANADIAN,    fOOD     INSPECTION.  ^ be proved that   ^^   ,��� Mf   %
It is very gratifying to Canadians to ! majority ot women, whether register*
But in ��*WH*Hhere were 166.Q00,   or
about 23 per c:ent. ��m >Jf^U��41        took ch of the Round Tabte
females In Ca Ifornla an* t wmaln* ^ ,n % mogt efflc,ent way_
mod also on the open spaces preserved
around public buildings.
During tbe evening Miss Munn sang
with her usual success, and Mrs. Le-
feel that all meat, fruits, vegetable*,
-condensed milk, and similar food products which are exported from this
���country are prepared under sanitary
rtraditloifttkfttd; that each article Is
<ja��fully lniW��*l by trained officers
4t the Domlhlo^pepajMnent of Agrl-
culture;  but it' would be more gratl-
ed as voters or not.
Porcupine    Reserve  ' Property
Showing for Whitney.
Porcttplne, Jan. 15.���P. B. Lyon,   of
Pleasures of New,Prison for Habitual j^^, & Co> ha8 tMkm over the w*t-
Criminals. son syndicate claims ln Whitney town-
An important step forward ln the ship, near the Three Nations property,
reform of our penal system hi marked and a report haa been made by Cap-
by the erection at Camp Hill, Park- tain H. C. Anchor, of the Dome Exten-
*  sion, which ls said to be very favor-
established a system of inspection
similar to that ln force under the Do-
Doinlon Government, hut much yet
remains to be done.       ������
The work.-.ofaiu*pecting meat and
canned foods wasjjegun by the Dominion Government in 1907.      At first
flfty-ftve fStt&-iea under close supervision.;  Some^of these, however, |
sue operated paly1 during   a part of j
each year.   The staff at the beginning
numbered forty-nine veterinary inspec- ]
tors and ten lay Inspectors. At the|priBOn hotel at Camp Hill, the first
present time there are seventy-five
veterinary and thirteen lay inspectors.
ta hls last report ,the Veterinary Dl-
rector-GenefSt, Dr.- J. G. Rutherford,
C. M. G., Says:. "Speaking generally,
the packet^ BteWkW by the operation
of the Meat and Canned Foods Act
iave taken-an-4ntelligent and reasonable view regarding iis enforcement.
.With few exceptions they have com-
��������"�� " ' , " ., hurst, Just outside the eastern end of sion, which ls said to be very favor-
fylng still, says .th? Toronto Globe, it i parkni^.gt Fore9t, of the new priaoif , able. Walter R. Hensey, of New York,
everyone could be certain that all the for the treatment of habitual crim^ who Is interested in the Bishop silver
Cood consumed-Jqcally were Inspected inals whose reform will be attempted ��}**** tf. Gowganda. Is connected
Tfrw of/ttk'taTRer cities have by means of indeterminate sentences, with Mr. Lyon in this deal. The pro-
A few of;tW�� larger ctties w< ^ & ^^    humane   treatment   of perty is said to have been sold tor a
those who show a disposition to re- cash figure of $25,000. The formation
turn to the paths of virtue, even to . Is of the best ln the camp trom a
the extent of monetary recompense' geological standpoint, and free gold
for prison duty well and . faithfully: showings are frequent and spectacu-
performed. 'lar-    Mr. Lyon has opened an   office
Band concerts and nature study lee- in South Porcupine, to supervise tho
tures  have,   under  the  home  secre-! work on the property, and a shaft will
taryship of    Mr.    Winston Churchill,  be started at once.
there wffl^WfflBWB&e establishments brightened the lot of the 700 odd prls-:    A shaft has been put down on the
ttere were xweniyn ne �� | ^^ hard  Porcupine reserve property to a depth
placed nnder inspection.     Tbfrf_ a^f j by the new penal establishment,   but of about 50^ feet. ^It is_ln the centre
,__. .._j���_ ..i....��� .....   ^jg jg a gmau concession  compared   ~"      "    """  J  ' *  ~*~
with the delights of dally social Intercourse at meals and literary and
other recreation which wlll be the
pleasant experience of the prisoners
ln what has been described as the new
part of which Is practically completed and will shortly be ready for
the first batch of flfty prisoners who
are expected to take up their quarters
there early in the new year.
Another still more humanizing fea-'
ture of the new prison will be the fact
that with their prison earnings the
well behaved convicts1 will be allowed
the use of a 'dry" canteen, where I
tbey will be able to supplement their
regulation fare with table dainties of
*���   . i���   ���h��~..<,.n., ,.,ii��. tv.,. ' various kinds, although they will not
plied more or less cheerfully with the        &nM ^ ��m�� wlth pipe and
requiretofjitft?of ,t*io department, In glass ,n true canteen Btyie. No money
spite of the tjfact that the fulfillment will change hands at the. canteen,
of these'entailed*'ln every   establish-   which   will    be   conducted    on    the
| "I. O. U." system,   and the coat   of
ment serious losses through condem-
I "purchases"   wlll   be   deducted   from
of a large dyke of quartz and sehls;
which occurs on the Blrk claim, half a
mlle eouth of the Vlpond mines, and
at a depth of 40 feet assays averaged
$8 to the ton. When the shaft In:;
reached a depth of 100 feet, cross-
cutting and drifting will be commenced. In all, tbe company controls
500 acres, of which two claims are in
Tisdale township, and the other eleven
in Deloro, eight being in a block, not
far from the Hollinger reserve. Robert
Norrlngton, who is secretary and
treasurer of the company, has re
cently been in camp, looking over
these claims.
Cross-cutting on the Porcupine Im
perlal has been carried on to the
south about 50 feet, ana indications
are tha< the 30-foot lead, which gave
assays of $10 on the surface, will be
reached In another 15 feet of cutting.
A number of quartz stringers, giving
values, have been cut, and the McKay vein, which gave an average of
$12 on   the   surface,    will.soon   be
AU W- OftUS, Manager.
Thres days, Beginning
Sensational I   Wonderful I
Presenting the
Most Marvelous Bicycle
Act Ever Attempted
Th��y  risk  their  lives every
time tbey perform this feat.
2-U1HER NEtf"70S^2
Illustrated Song.
Three  Shows  Dally.
and talented English company in
JAN. 18th.
Seat Sale starts Wednesday at Opera
House. Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75c and
25c.   Phone 900.
nation of meatfnd other products, and tne official gratuities earned by the reached on the north, where cross-
in many cases'a very considerable ex- canteen patrons. cutting has been carried on for' 25
TxmiHtiti-o in  th�� imfirnvemnnt nf the'     In addition to the Drivlleee of asso-   feet.
T��nditure in the improvement of the j    In addition to the privilege of asso-
"��nitary conditions." ?iaUon. at mealsnlal?d recreation, etc.,
_.     ;. . ... ,      ,' the prisoners will have some sugges-
The thoroughness, of the work   of  tion of nome ���fe ,��� their oeUt) which
the officers under the Veterinary Di- are finished in bright colors and are
rector-General is   largely   responsible  splendidly lighted with    quite    large
Poems of Madison Caweln.
The Macmillan Company of Canada
publish the poems of Madison Caweln,
an  American  writer with ��f"dl8tlnel
-tor the'VtiiitttCtirtrShbnc sentiment ln ! cottage sash windows of clear glass,  gift  for Interpreting    the moode*of
2 . ..     , .. . | which   can   be  thrown   up  or  pulled   Nature with a delicate and individual
rfavor of the Inauguration   of a com-  down at wJ��� by th(J 0CCJp&nt �� the  touch.   jn hla ..Forward.. to the Poems
plete system of food inspection under  ceH.    There is, however, a steel grid  William   Dean   Howell* ^ pistes   Mr.
.Provincial legislative control, so that outside to prevent escape. .Caweln "first among thope mjjdwestern
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
all  foods for   domestic   consumption
;will be subjected to expert examination as are the foods intended for export.     The animals sent to the big
'packing-houses are of far better quality  than those slaughtered by local
Jbutchers, and yet the number of car-
���casses apd  portions of  carcasses   ln
these houses '|f[ more than ample to
.-convinj^ 'the moBt skeptical that th��
need for inspection has been Imperative for many years.
The point ls this:   Why should Can-
- :ida go to so much trouble and expense
\ Through somes of ' these window
the convicts will be able to catch
glimpses of the outside world and of
the charming sylvan glades of the
forest. Much of the prisoners' time
will be occupied in the cultivation of
extensive garden and farm lands,
which are now being cleared of trees
and other forest growth in preparation
for the new establishment.
poets of whojn he Is the /^aUngest.'
and further declares that "iri a certain tenderness ot light and- coloring
the poems would recall the mellowed
masterpieces of the older literatures
rather than those of the New England Bchool, where conscience dwelM
almost rebuklngly with beauty." i
The poet's Intense sympathy   wtth
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
'and knowledge of the creatures of thc
The new prison will accommodate  woods ttay: be gathered tnySi dtij?h a
nearly   ��oo   prisoners   in   five   prison   stanza on "The Tree Toad":      -,;
halls, four of them two story build-'
,ito protect the foreign consumer of her
food prMu$jtsVwlj^ the domestic meat
nnd other f&oimnatkets are admittedly
in need ot 'greater care and supervision^ The health ot our own families
l�� a matter thnt should concern us
<iuite as much as the health of our customers.   Wby should food products be
.sold to our own people which are not
\jflt for export?
lngs and the other of one story only.
There Is a prisoners' canteen, about
the size of a cottage room, and an attractive looking bakery and cook
house, beautifully fitted with all the
latest conveniences for attaining perfection in the culinary art. No epicurean convict heed fear that his food
will not be cooked to a nicety here.
The two Btory prison blocks will each
accommodate flfty prisoners, whose
apartments" run along on either side
Slfent when
Minstrel of moisture !
high noon
Shows her tanned face among
thirsting clover
And parching meadows, thy tenebrtaus
Wakes- with the dew or when   the
rain'1b over;
Though  troubadour of wetness    and
damp lover
Of all cool things I    Admitted comrade boon
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
of the central  hall.    At the end of I Of twilight's hush and little latlmate
����� The report has been sent out of Los
'.Angeles that a quiet census Just completed by the Women's Progressive
league,, ei that, city, shows there are
nearly- 100,00(f. more women voters
than men voters In California. It ls
���unfortunate tbst not much reliance
*can be placed onithe figures the league
.Rives out. To make an accurate count
-ot the voters of ��� California would
necessitate the employment of greater
each floor Is the association hall,
where the meals will be partaken of
by the "boarders" en famllle what
time they discuss the weather and
the hardships that have to be put up
with by the criminal classes. The
association rooms have very large windows and are remarkably well ventilated as well as lighted. The furniture for the new "hotel" is not by
Maple or Waring and Gtllow, but will
be supplied from Parkhurst, and has
been made by the convicts themselves.
The prison Itself will be heated by a
hotwater apparatus, the pipes of which
run through the cells. ��� London
Weekly Dispatch.
The Waning Diplomatist.
facilities than the organization has at D1r,lomacy ls not a career which en-
Jta disposal.   The lists of the recent courage8 the growth of a strong p^.
^registration, tho first In which    the sonality.    The diplomatist is    neces-
women of the state participated, can- Barily the tool of otlwr men    Wander.
not be relied upon to settle the ques- ing frora capltal t0 cai;ita,  he is the
��km because there are certainly'many | mouthpiece ot successive mitrtstere, to
" *"   """'"���, " whose divergent   policies    he    must
men of voting age and probably even
snore women who did not register.
The last federal census, having be��a
taken nearly two years ago, affords
.nothing better than a basis for calculation.
Yet there Is one weighty cause, in
operation for a good many years, tending toward a preponderance of women
��� rotera.Jn.,California,   The state   has
Hong been the refuge   of   men   and
momm whose   health    has    become
l>roke| In thp. more rigorous climate
Of th| East/ "'Men wbose wives    nr
daughters 'did hot obtain  there the
relief expected usually have returned
So the business   interests    they left.
,Women7fom*flBe East whose husbands)
���succumbed to sickness after reaching
California  have in  many cases    remained ln the state.   The estates left
��hem have enabled them to do this,
for bhaJ^j^otouris   on   the   Pacific
coast-hre taftstly taken by people   ot
junplfe means.
'  The real question ls, whether there
0*mm*mm aywyt,
adapt himself with the good grace that
leads to swift promotion. If he develops decided views of hls own, or
allows himself to cultivate embarrassing sympathies, he is apt to be marked as a dangerous and uncomfortable
subordinate, for whom there will
presently yawn some obscure and distant bole in a South American legation. The great ambassadors lived in
the days when no telegraph had yet
been Invented to make bureaucracv
omnipresent. It wants only some further perfection of the lon* distance
telephone to abolish the diplomatist
altogether.���London Athenaeum.
Of eve's  Bret  fluttering  Btar, and
Round rim Of the rainy noon.
Ctay Pipe Still Here. '
The clay pipe has not quite departed. It Is always to be seen
lucked, stem downward, ln the strap
which the dustman and the coalman
UBe to hitch up the legs of their corduroys���Just beneath the knees. The
china cigar-holder, however, Is not
only dead, but forgotten. Lady
Dorothy Nevill can recall the monstrosity: "Lord Abergavenny," she
notes, "remembers having seen ray
father-in-law, the Hon. George Nevill,
born ln 1760, smoking a cigar through
a china holder, about the most uncomfortable method of smoking possible. Those old fashioned china
cigarholders were often elaborately
painted." Just the very thing, In fact,
for a birthday present to the husband.
���London Chronicle.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist
657  Columbia  Street,  Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Daily 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and later by appointments.
Phone 295.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phons Seymour 7678.
or Phons 324,
New Westminster.
His Accomplishment.
Settlement Worker���So this is
your small brother. What dcets he do
all day ?
Little Mother���Smoke a cigarette
for the lady, bub, and swallow de
stub !���Harper's Bazaar.
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave-for Vancouver at 5, 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every bour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cats leave for
Vancouver every bour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way points,
leaves at 4.05 p.m.
Ths B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rstes ot a fare snd a
third for week snd trips to all
points on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday snd Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
Now is the Time to Prepare
Yourself for a Better, Position
The Modern Business School
Is the place where Business Training Is made a Specialty.   If you
��� were only convinced ol hdSr they could help you, no time would.he
lost on your part in enrolling.
BUT LOOK 1���You enroll and" you wlll'sSon be convinced of the
beneflt of a business training as given at the
Modern Business School
Phons 853.- *s ��10 Columbia *X
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
Double corner on Edinburgh street,  $2,000.00;   third  cash,  balance
6, 12 18 months.
Three lots on Eighth street, $3,200.00, -for tbeUhree; ow��-third cash,
balance 6, 12, 18 months.
Corner lot on Third street, $2,250.00 on easy terms. This Is an Al
Fire-roomed house on Dublin street, $2,100.00; $500.00 casb, balance
to arrange.
Seven-roomed house on Hamilton street, $3,00.00 on easy terms.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phona 1004.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
(Old Glass Works Factory.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It la tbe stuff thst the foundations of wealth and happiness sre built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to spend tor what Is
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed In the fu
turs.   Money cannot be Invested until it Is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth strsst.
A. L. DEWAR, General Managsr D. R. OON LEY. Local Manager.
B.C. Mills
limber and 1 rading Co.
MsneUotarers aad Dealers la All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 11 Nsw Westminster Box 13/
We Carry a
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
'   Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westminster, B. C.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they aire the best you have
ever had.
:-' ft*
Vi -qpmrn*jm*t^mi*m
TUESDAY.   JANUARY   16^1912.
.'. All the players of the Senior Arnn-
.teur team are. requested to turn out
ter practice tonight on Moody Square.
The team has been unable to train
��� during the snowy weather and the secretary is anxious that everybody
.should turn out.",
aSA***** - .!.
I On Saturday night at St.Patrlck's
Hall, there will be a wrestling match
between Dodan Singh, Astoria, Wash.,'
and Frank Mersereaa, the New England wrestler from Bosf&n, Mass. Tbe
yindu's weight ls 152 pounds,, while
Merserean tips the scales at 161
, The style will be catch-as-catch-can,
best two out of three falls, side bet
flOO each. ......
Dodan Singh challenges any wrestler for a bout under 162 pounds, and
is'willing to put up any amount from
$100 to $500 that he wins out.
Tbe Rovers have a practice on at *i
p. m. this evening at Queen's Park.
Every player ls desired to be on  the
fteld te work into training again now J tehta were called
that the snow ls gone.
eew3aci ^Ht
heen sent over from Vancouver, and over, they would be loud 1
lt looks as It focal   followers of tbo  presslohs of disgust **,'���
SS- [wbo wore knocked out felt nothing, at'
B all, and usually* Bid *�� rejnetntfer U��
Uow wben they recovered conscious-
bother crosslM 'the atmsJm&** W V**����***$!&> Ihereuron took
sueh Tnttl."'-^ ���      "   ^fW   1   "itkaait   their word,   and   knocked
A Boxing Custom.'   < .%
Some' of the" evtdetice' Wtea in the
thsm all out with, the decision
there should be no fight.
gafise will have to buy their tickets j which neither
in a hurry, or wait until they get to out   the   other,
Vancouver to secure their seats.
The game itself ig arousing a certain amount ef interest, as the Vlc-i
toria team are the   leaders   ln  the
league at present, and tie Royals are-' Driecoii-MOran case is interesting, ai
the .only team, so far. which >as sue-.^howing that upon the kaockoutr
ceeded in lowering tbe C^pltaW^df-'Tbiow tbe distinction between a box',
ors. With the New Westminster men ' ing match and a prize fight" Wnges,,
feeling is as good fettle as they claim ' One witness for the pqllce. a tormeij
the fcame should be a fast toid bard heavyweight champion in the cavalry I ~Z*i*"*i,__?Z~ and'thT^TurtilnV
one, and the competitor, from across brigade at Aldershot, said thst-'to-M* S^Tj^STt ?nto t^ hoS^Tas a
the strait,, shoul 1 have to go all they day" It was A common thing for tH^��2^'^ p^tS^ei whiS iS* ht
know. If they want to leave the ice boxers to knock fhe padding of the. "*"**�� t__uS^thm theywere ��
with the ����re In their favor. boxing g.ove. Into tbj Angers or back" ���\?t^  ttS? Z*   o*
of the wrUts and make the blow with changing,  and so  I see th|ngs    all
the fist more lethal.    He described .*,rn���-*. .*.- *.-��������
the condition of boxers at. the end of,th���^ ����� ^ou*f:
a stiff bout���cut   lips,   eyea   rapidly I    * *"���*��� more than ��F��WjS   ������������.
swelling so that  they  could  hardly J flnd thf   roof?* overcrowded   and
'��� _J '*-'���can be banished.
As Others See UC
Every/twO or three weeks I approach my house from the Tinusual
side and make a note of the effect ot
Manly Art Has No Connection   with
.Toronto newspaper men were amused to note a few years ago when   a
always-do these
so that  they  could  hardly' 1 flnd the   K,om��� ��
ies on tberribs and  neck;I,**"* ��* something
*,** **j ._.���.��= a .^w .*��,., biko wuuii   H ���- *> al exhaustion.   A well train-'X, cour?*\.   .^  J
certain new.p^er^me und^r more * ���n who had received no Internal MfV�� ��6f^lM*&*M&
austere editorship that one of ths injuries would usually be ln first class of thuem- ����� has worked so well for
Z!mMmL*~~ts.    J.-.,..   \L nharw. Brain t�� a fan* <Uv��    To   thrt �����? house that I am trying It for my-
headlngs  on  IU  sporting  page   was  snape again m a tew oays.   to   tnq ����.__ a.~.-~a ,JL ��k_ ..���. _.
tee, bruises
and general exhaustion.
headings on its sporting page was
changed from "The Ring" to "Boxing."
rhey failed to observe, however, any
change In the character ot the news
recorded in the department Prize
boxing contests,
and the memorable struggle between
| Jeffries and Johnson wss thus report
***************** ed. The fact is now recalled in view
* 4 of the attempt In England to make a
counsel for the promoters of the fight ��eU-   When dressed for the street or
be admitted that the more skilful the! *?*** ! **** t0 the *���*������:��� and "**,
men were the less was the chance off *T ����� Present you to Mrs.  ,
either   administering   the   knockout "nd try to  }����k   at   myself   ss   a
t,]ow .stranger, and I see many things to
' Lord Lonsdale's Evidence. ' improve.   It ls a good thing to "see
The most Important witness for the ?Sf5MS2LJ\T -"""*' B~
.t*r,r.�� .*** i ��mi  i.,n.H=i<.   ������   ����� rrom narpers Bazaar.
defence was Lord Lonsdale, one
the most famous sporting peers
The team which wlll represent this
���city at the Los Angles tournament,
bowled tbeir first practice game last
night at the  Shamrock Alleys, Van
* distinction between prize fights aad  England, and one of tbe framers ofi Nothing Liks Leather.
��� boxing matches. There is no doubt tbe National Sporting club rules, un-' For over twelve months .now a road
that there is a difference, and any-!der which most of the bouts ln tbe, made principally of leather has been
one of experience can detect lt prompt-1 old country are decided. He thought in use at Handsworth, Birmingham,
ly. To define it ls more difficult, and it would be a mistake to interfere snd shows practically no signs of
especially to define it ln a manner I with the contest since he had no rea-. wear. It is another example of the
that will defy a casuist to discredit son to suppose that it would be dlf- elimination of tbat commercial bug-
the definition.   A Birmingham magls-! ferent in any respect from the hun- bear, "the waste product," for untll
couver, defeating their opponents by! trate recently held that the proposed dreds of other matches he had seen. | some Ingenious person hit upon the
82 pins.   The members of the team are' match between   Drlscoll  and  Moran  Speaking of tbe knockout blow,   he""
hardly working   together yet, but  a  would have been a prize flght, and he eald that a great deal ot nonsense
few more  of   these  matches   should  forbade  the    boxers    to  commit    a was talked about lt. Tbere was only
bring out whatever chances they bave breach of the peace.   An appeal has  one   knockout  blow    that   he    was
of getting ln on some of the big prizes been taken from bis decision, and the familiar with, and   that   was a blow
offered at the tourney.   It ls probable fate of the sport ln the ancient homo that happened to come, and knocks
tbat one or Vancouver's best tourna- of the prize ring depends on lt.
ment teams will roll a practice match ' What Is a Prize Fight ?
here with   the locals   on   Thursday |    in England prize flghting ls Illegal.
night.   Last night's score
New Westminster���
Walsh       197   164
J. Chamberlin   ....156   140
b'Connor       167   167
W." Sloan  197   169
Willette       160   147
.  Totals     ...877   Vt
Shamrocks, Vancouver���
Grant       165   160
Lelnhart 153
Conroy     167
Jellen       183
Hodge      US
Total       801
I So  it ls ln  Canada,    and  In  most
I States of tbe American union.    Yet
190���551  there are dozens of prize fights held
168���464  in Toronto every year, says the Mall
162���186 and    Empire,    the    pretence    being
156���522   that     they     are     boxing ' matches.
176���483 | They are limited ln the   number of
832���242S  rounds they may continue, tbe    idea
I being to prevent the flght-to-a-flnish,
197���522   which was only ended by    one man
170���44:i  being rendered physically incapable of
out the man wbo is struck. It need
not necessarily be a hard blow. It is
the accidental position of the blow
and the condition of its victim that
makes lt different from the other
blows In the contest. His lordshio
admitted that lt had been administered to him on three or tour occasions, and that on several occasions
it had been bis privilege to apply it
to someone else.
No Pain in Knockout.
Eugene Corri,    the National    club
idea of the leather road practically no
use had been discovered for the leather waste from wbich it is made.
The waste leather was shredded untll
it virtually became a pulp. It was
tben treated with bitumen and tar and
laid in the usual way. The road Is
claimed to have many great advantages. It creates little or no dust,
gives considerable wear, is resilient
and silent, and gives a good grip for
motor Ures and similar objects. It is
a comfortable material for hones to
tread on, and the heaviest vehicles
that have so far passed over lt have
made no Impression on lt.���London
Notice is horoby given
that a dividend for the
half year ending December
31st, 1911, at the rate of 8
< per deat. per annum bas
been declared' upot the
capital stock of the company, payable on January
15th, 1912.
By order of'the board.
. *��ta
NoUce is fctreby given
that a dividend-lot .-the
half year ending, .December
31st, 1911, at thejrate of^ 8
I^er cent, per annum has
been declared upon the
capital stock oC the company, payable on January
15th, 1912. ... bos ,Sltm ������������
By order of the board.
CO, LTD. "���������*���'���
*' ���    (7W lilt
P :'ii: l* -..������   ���' ���
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,ltd.
I. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
23 Lorne Street New Westminster
Wrest I ins   Match
Catch-as-Catch-Can���Best two o-it of three falls.
St. Patrick's Hall, Jan. 20.
Ringside Seats 8100, other Seats SOc.   Bout commences at 8:30 p. m.
Two of a Kind.
"I flnd that my husband has been j
having the office boy call me up every
referee, argued that lt was not neces-
134���463 continuing.   That  a match  that must sary for a man to be knocked out In     ^	
141���197 be decided by one of the contestants  order that  his  opponent  might  win  diy and mumble terms of endearment
183���173 collapsing from weakness or punish-  the match. . He said that if a man  That's a nice way to fool   his   wife.
825���2404 ment ls a prize flght ls generally ad-, were knocked out for only nine sec-1 H<rs been golnf. to the ball game
  ��� mitted; and tlie consensus would be ends he might rise and knock    the
The captains of all the teams enter- that a match that is decided by one other out.    It wfl the object of the
e-1 for the billiard handicap to be play- of the boxers   punishing   the   other referee to stop anything brutal.   Dr.
ed at Fletcher's poolroom are asked to Into Insensibility Is also a prize flght. | Allport. medical adviser of   the Ama-
turn up this evening at 8:30 p. m.. to Further than that agreement does not. teur  Boxing    association,    explained
draw up the rules   and   constitution extend.   For example, those in favor,that the training of the  boxer was
How ig it tbat you didn't catch on to
the Voice V "Well, I'm busy at bridge
every day, and I've been having the
cook ahswer the telephone."���Washington Herald.
W. R. QILLEY, Phene 122.
a E. OILLEY, Phone SSI.
Phones, Office 18 end IS.
araw  up  ine  ruiea   ana   i-.onsuuuitiii   *=!***=***..    .v.  ���o����u.|/.-=, .u*r^a, ... ��..���.,���--   ---    7.,"".       , ,        uu-   I ' ' 	
governing    the    competition.      This of the sport would deny that a match  undertaken with the view ^ enabling      riuBVb6dv_whv   dofl.t   you
* gathering of dlgnita.lcs wlll be held In limited to ten rounds in which both  him to stand punlshmeht, nnd t|iat�� | ..���B"By,l���^ ���.n *ZfdT*
gathering of dlgnl
the poolroom.
I contestants were on their feet and
��� ready to continue at the end of It
New Westminster plays Victoria at would be a prize flght. although both
Ice hockey this evening. Unfortunately might have attempted on many oc-
the tickets for the game have not yei  caslons to knock out the other. More-
well trained man feR no more paw
from an ordinary blow than an untrained man felt trom a pinprick.
The knockout blow was not painful.
Other witnesses    deposed that    men
1 away from that wall, my man? You've
been leaping there all the morning.
j    Loafer���8orry. but I daren't leave
It now, mum.' I should catch a cold
In me back."���Watch Dog.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lii Coal
�� >.h<:. amotLx
;��� *>��g   ra�����'?;?��*;��
|  'i.iiL*-  ���!  ���      I ���
Pay Cash!   It Will Pay You
Public Supply Stores
. ��� -:t .  :;���*
11 mill   l.hm  ii
f.S bs liMr.."  . ,
..'���'iAa -iii a     *��� '���
-*H   71V!   I lfl
/ ������ . ^^^^ - ' gtut tv ������������   -
Now Open For Business
We extend to everybody a hearty welcome to visit our business premises.
We are positive you will find something to your individual interests.
ii t   flOHtStt'
*  it-.i V  a
o.J   \y .<,*)������
-)-y't; j.
Good Service I
:.-���;  Oil*    vi A   .
i>-\-.ii'f   mi-
Good Defiv^p!
fi       IM
*fiV, .;i:(.T:
33 8th Street     *
Phone 2
TudkDAY, JANUARY 16, 1112.
Mske the  Path ef the  Peisen-Qlve?
Thorny and Lead to His Conviction.
Most of our deadly poisons sre comparatively modern discoveries. In the
middle ages arsenic, which is still
the favorite weapon ot the commonplace poisoner, was almost the only
poison commonly known,   ^r
Tartar emetic, a tartrate of antimony and potash, which is used in
'medicine, .may be-called the, first ol
the modern poisons.
the Trepleal
Christmas Odor and Atmosphere Still
Among tbe prayers of Christmas we
Ougbt to Include "A Christmas Carol,"
that incomparable story tbat wlll be
It was discover
,ed about the middle of the seventeenth I
century, and there are many cases oi!.    _    .
people   being  dur.e   to  death   by   its ]""   ,   ue,w nr,a     ., ..   ,,
means:-  The late* was the infan.oiu ! *'���� fort>8t �� "w,vllv W*** ��'<��" tlm-
Chapman, who was hanged some sev-   l>er  that  it   has  !�����<���!.   estimated  tbut
Immense Productivity ef
Certain foresters wbo here recently
been looking Into tbe wood conditions
of the tropics hare brought back word
which should serve to cheer tbe lumbermen ni.d thp paper manufacturers.
One EurHs.' Investigator. Ur. H: 'S.
Whitford.  nays  we  have a  dim  and
hav appreciation of the wonderful for- j����^**4 *�� AnZ
ests of  tbe tropical  nnd. semltropical
couytrles. . lu our own  I'liilipplne Is-
(fs there are '.Ti.ixio.OUO acres of vlr-
blrthday. With more than halt a
hundred novels to ber credit, Mies
Braddon cannot be blamed if she prefers to take life easily, and, ln Thackeray's phrase, to "lay the weary pen
aside."   It was while performing at a
the last of Dickens' works to fall Into theatre In Hull tbat she discovered
tbey would produce no lens than 200.-
OOaooO.000 board feet of timber. The
United States forest roserves probably
much more productive the tropical for
ests are.
en years ago for poisoning three women  with  this metallic  drug.
The scientific poisoner is careful to
avoid arsenic   of   antimony,   or   any
other  metallic poisons,   because  they
remain  in  the  body   for almost  any
length of time, and are ea.y to detect
by simple chemical  tests.
As a  proof of the astonishing way
in which metallic poisons cling in the
human body,   the   following   case   is
Aorth quoting.
In the year 1883 a wealthy country
farmer who had lived in Yorkshire
died and was buried in the same tomb
in which his father had been interred
thirty-five years earlier. The old coffin was accidentally brokm, and it
was n"tic"d thnt certain small jarti- .
des of bright metallic suhstance were !scarcely seem* time to despair utterly
oblivion, says the Mail and Empire.
Dickens was the greatest Interpreter
of the hCristmas spirit that our literature bas produced, and In "A Christmas Carol" he Ht a flre tbat has not
We must remember that .the Christmas of Dickens' day was somewhat different from
the Christmas that most of us are
familiar with. Many reforms have
been traced to the Influence of hls
novels, but perhaps none of them ib
so far reaching as the transfiguration of Christmas tbat he brought
About.    He has made    Scrooge   and
that neither acting nor poetry was
ber forte, and wrote her first novel,
"Three. Times Dead." Before It was
published the publisher. Involved ln
difficulty, had passed cn the sheets
to another man. There was talk of
destroying the "rubbish," as it was
called, and "tills was one. One . ean
imagine the chagrin of the second
publisher when Mlss Braddon sprang
Into popularity and he found that he
had foolishly destroyed her first effort, that might have been a gold
mine to him.���Pall Mall Gazette.
amount  to 2<X).(Kio.ono ecres of land, /Tiny Tlm household words, almost as
snd vet these would not produce at the   familiar as Santa Claus himself.   The
blffhest  estimate  more  than  400.000.-   ��torx  was    dashed    off  hastily,    the
000.000 board feet, which shows bow   author *��vtai n0 lde* "g* *hat he
was engaged on was to be the very
gem of all he had written or was to
- ......    . . . write, and yet practically alone of his
Au acre of Philippine forest. In other igreat workg ,t hag mmipti the ho8.
words, will produce four times ns
much wood as an acre In tbe tcmrier-
ate climate of the Nortb American
continent. Wben one thinks bow many
thousands of square miles of virgin
tropical woodland there ore In the Interior of Africa and South America It
! He Didn't Know.
"See here, Kast us." sal 1 the new arrival at the hotel, "do you mean to
tell me tbat this egg Is fresh !"
"It was when hit was laid, suh," replied the waiter.
"And when  was that,  pray ?"
tilg ciltlcs.   We do not recall anyone manded the guest.
clinging to the bone? which it eon-
talned. These w*r�� collected, and
analysis showed them to h* oxide of
mercury. The deceased had taken tht1
pQl*on during hU life time a:- a medicine.
S'ryelwiln" wns the poison t*n\p.',oy*
td bv the infamous Dr. Palmer, of
Rugeley. in tli" terrible series of murders which he perpetrated in lttfO. yet
although BtTChnlne ia not a miivrnl
but vegetable poison th?re are now
tests hieh will betray its presence
in the body ol a victim.
li'fore modern teat* were discovered, the alkaloid poisons could be u;pil
almost without fear of detection.
Acnnitine, for instance, which is a
terribly deadly drug, was without a
test until comparatively recent times.
It was the poison employed by Dr
Lamson, who was executed in April.
1882, for the murder ol Percy M.
Poisoner.; who are ignorant of the
effects of poisons are apt to make
the most ghastly bunders in the <io-e?
which they administer to their victims. Fraulein von Haussler. Lady
Superior of the Royal Maximilian
Chapter, who was tried at Munich in
1903 for the attempt to murder a
young nurse girl. Minna Magner by
n;:me. was said to have put muriatic
acid |n the girl's coffee cup. The
burning qualities of this poison would
leave effects pluin to the eye of
In another and more recent case a
French girl was arrested in London
for sending to another young woman
sweet* which were s:n.ply saturated
with peroliloride of mercury,. better
"W.'.'.ra as corrosive sublimate. But
this poison gives itself away by its
horrible teste, and no croatur? in iti
senses   woukL ^rnm   Q<   swallowing"
/3*. fi.fixture. ~   *  ���	
*7Kxe commofiest of eastern   poisons
ia powdered glass, though  not in  it-
*?JfjJ poison, sets up irritations in the
"stomach ending in death.
-. In   Burmah the  powdered  hairs of
ton .I.^iuboo nr,> pmpioy<<l in similar
A curious superstition prevails in
Morocco. If a man has a grudge
agaiiut another he procures some hu-
XP.'v.i bones and grinds tie m into fine
flour, which he mixes wi'h liis enemy's bread or other forw! It is universally believed that the man who
J^Tj jthia horrible compoun I Will begin to fadeaway, ^r.d evgntua. y die.
It "a doctor wishes to' .commit suicide he almost invariably ha* rei curse
to pru.-s-c acid, which kill* jtiitantly
and quite painlessly. S.ime, howevef,
prefer to use ono of those ntuaeroftd
drugs such as vV'ro:i..l Ar chloral which
irduce a sle p ending in death.
Lumbermen will soon exhaust all tbe
available timber In this country If tbere
is no provision made for renewing the
supply, but when I hey learn to draw
upon the tropics for Ihelr supply there
will still Ite enough wood left In tbe
world to supply kindling end timber
until our forests cuu be regrown.
Japanese   Method  of   Resuscitation   In
Case* of Drowning.
An English scientist. Professor A.
Abrauw. has recently been making n
special study of the seinl-mlrurulous
restoration to life practiced by the Japanese, and. While he dues not fully explain why the men come back to life
after being to all Intents dead, he docs
tell how it Is done, und this In Itself
is Interesting. In jujutsu If a nutu Is
knocked out, beaten senseless, killed or
otherwise mauled and lf u man hus
beeu killed by a sunstroke or by drowning the-restorer rolls the patient on his
face and extends tils arms side wine.
Then lie strikes the piitlenl ou the seventh cervical vertebra with his wrist
severely and regularly until the patient
recovers consciousness. Immediately
he is placed In a Kitting posture, his
arms rotated, mid he is aided In walk
lug, for otherwise he relapses lulo uu
consciousness immediately and insrnio
cases dies nt c.nee.
This system of pounding the seventh
vertebra hos been fouud peculiarly
beueflelul In some acute heart di.-ica.ics,
and the eCfftctn of the treatment under
J/lppUBSJ   manipulation   seem   almost
miraculous nl  timed.    As yet there
*.:laa~3 iu Ij lj ..'...tr medical osplann
.lit ru."f- itn(! resu��vlt"f!""s frcjuMif
V ('eii:iibid  by  travelers  Is  now Rei
eiititieally    established    by     Professor
Abrams  investigations.-Chicago Trlb
I undertaking   to   show   what canons
j of art Dickens violated ln "A Christ-
��� mas Carol."    Lovers    of    tbe story
would be   Inclined   to lynch   anyone
who laid Impious hands upon it.
Thackeray's Tribute.
Posterity has endorsed the generous criticism of Thackeray in tbe
Kraser's Magazine: "Who can listen
to objections regarding such a book
as this ?" he wrote. . "lt seems to me
a national beneflt, and to every man
or woman who reads it a personal
kindness. The last two people I
heard speak of It were women:
neither knew the other, or the author, and both said, by way of criticism, 'Gol bless him!'
Many men were known to sit down,
after perusing tt, and write oft let
ters to their friends, not about business, but out of the fulness of heait,
and to wish old acquaintances a
happy Christmas. Had the book appeared a fortnight earlier, all the
prize cattle would have been gobbled
up in pure love and friendship, Ep-
ping denuded of sausages, and not a
turkey left ln Norfolk. His Hoyal
Highness' fat stock would have fetched unheard-of prices, and Alderman
Bannister would have been tired of
slaying. As for Tiny Tim, there ls a
certain passage In the hook regarding
that young gentleman about which
| a man should hardly venture to
| speak ln print or In public, any more
than he would of any other affections
of hls private heart. There is not a
leader in England but that little
creature will be a bond of union be
tween the author and him ;and he
will say of Charles Dickens, as tne
I women said just now. 'God bless
him 1' What a feeling is this for a
writer to be able to inspire, and what
a re war dto reap !"
The Ghost of Mariey.
| The only feature of the book to be
, regretted is thc death of Mariey, but
] Mariey had to perish as a mftrtj".
. Dickens slew him to the glory of
I Christmas, for if he had not died it
tion of the effects of poinding tliO see- j would have been difficult to melt the
enth vetebra.  but  the genuineness  ot    icy lieait of Scrooge.    The    ghost Of
anyone  but Mariey would have earned no weight with Scrooge, and, if
you remember, even when the ghost
' did  appear  Scrooge  was  Inclined  to
' d mbt his message, and to ascribe tiie
j vision to "an undigested bit of beef,
| a blot of mustard, a crumb of chteso,
a fragment of an  underdone potato."
But presently  Mariey  convinced  him
'*. jnicipal   Enterprise.
Many British holiday resort= havs
gone extensively into the entertainment business for the purpose of attracting visitors. Among them is Margate, which twenty years ago had no
municipal enterprises in the shape o!
concerts, shelters, band stands nr
pavilions or bathing facilities. All
these were later provided and the total revenue for last season from all
sources totalled up to $75,000. as
against $55,000 in 1910. Pome of the
revenues are remarkable. The new
Forth Pavilion opened in August.
drew on the average $1,500 a week,
while two concert parties attracted
$2,500 a week and were paid by a percentage on the profits. The municipal orchestra produced $1,750 a week
on the average at its open-air concerts. An older pavilion, the Wectoh-
ville, has already been paid for oni
of the profits. Margate's record has
been surpassed in extent and results
in other watering places in England,
but it is an excellent example of thp
way in which a municipality can both
boost itself and improve its revenues.
Why Build.rt-j Stons Grumbles.
The (rumbling of building siones Is
another f6nu of decay that we are lo
attribute to the action of microscopic
organisms. At a recent museum cou
feicnee al Yoik. England. Dr. T. Au
dcr.sviu showed that stone decay Is not
due to wind action and expressed the
belief that It Is not surface action ot
all, but a kind of rot produced by some
iuw form of life like th? niAl? and
tanffl that rot jtwhJ. ciiiVas *\*.*1 uH.��.
....���!..'..'.. L-u'.enulS. Treatment based
on abrasion or chemical theories hav-
il'3 fulled, he sought n cure of (ho
holies by tbe use of various germicides. The result has been as uuttel
pated. and in the two years since the
experiments began the stones that have
best resisted decay have beeu those
that have been treated witli sulphate of
copper, bichloride of mercury and creosote. For a test of this kind, however, the time Is loo short tu justify
any definite conclusion.
Prescriptions In Latin.
The following ludicrously illustrates
the necessity of a reform in medical
Dr. Doane was very much confounded, a few years since, by a remark
of one of his patients. The day previous tlie doctor had prescribed that
safe and palatable remedy, syrup of
buckthorn, and left his prescription
duly written in the usual cabalistic
j characters���"Syr. Rham. Cath." On
|inquiring if the patient had taken the
medicine, a thundercloud darkened
her face, lightning darted from her
eye. and she roand out: ���
?No! I can read your doctor-writing.
Arid- I ain't a-going to take Syrup of
Rain Cats for anybody."
,��  ���
it fc A Military Hospital.
Jfcrlby Hall, n-ar Retford, Fng.. the
ftiteiy home of Viscount and Viscounts* Galway, possesses the distinction
of- b'ittg Jhe <mto ...military ��� hospital
<'4abli3b'eJ��fph|Iand by authority of
���the Waf Office for the reception of
wound' ; In fhe event of th>. invasion
oi'.iaaf..couMflf, ^��w>im��. > ���*" *
Electricity and Plants.
The simplest of all methods of applying tlie supposed stimulus of electric-
Ity to- growing plants appears to be j
that of M. Busty of Antwerp. Itelgluui   ;
lie sets upright in the ground metallic
rods furnished with unoxtdtsable points
and  penetrating to  the depth  ef the I
roots of the plants to be treated,  These ;
miniature lightning rods are supitoscd
to  collect  atmospheric   electricity  and
conduct it Into the soil.    The area of '
action. M. Pasty calculates, ls a circle
of radius equal  to  tho height of the
rod.    As many rods as needed may be
employed at proper distances upart. As
applied  in  u  garden  at   Antwerp  for
several yearn past this method ls credited  with   having  Increased the yield
of   lettuce,   strawberries   and   similar
garden products from twofold to fourfold.
Dreadnoughts of Small Size.
In these days of 32.01X1 ton Dreadnoughts it is interesting to uote how
much cun be done ou a limited displacement, as shown in tho case of the
three small ships of this type whicb
are being built for Spain, says the Scientific American. Though these vessels nro of but 14.700 tons displacement, which ls les�� than that of the
Connecticut, they wlll mount eight
twelve-Inch 50 caliber guns of the
most powerful type nnd twenty fonr-
inch guns nnd will carry an eight Inch
belt, tapering to four Inches at the
ends, and ttie.v wlll hnve eight Inches
and ten Inches of armor on the turrets
and barbettes. Wltb 1.S0O tons of coal
they will have a radius of 5,000 miles
at  10 knots.
that   he   was  In  reality  the  wandering, unhappy spirit of the man who
had   been  his   business   partner,   and
as Scrooge had always entertained a
profound respect for Mariey, he listened to  his recital,  to hls.moanings
j and the clanking of his chains wltii
I growing horror. .. Then  followed  the
three other visions, and as on a scroll
'Scrooge's past life of heartless   selfishness was spread before him.
I    '    ���   Every Day a Christmas.
'    Dickens has written nothing moro
j affecting tban the account of the fol-
, lowing Chrlatmas, and where ls ths
j heart that has not leaped when th<t
new, old man, after scowling at the
unfortunate clerk who was a minute
I or two late, suddenly announces that
j hiB   salary  ls   raised ?     Tiny    Tim's
j Christmas      prayer    epitomises    the
whole thing���"God    bless    u*    eve^f
one 1"    Dickens' Chrlstmaa Is oi* 'of
overflowing generosity and kttt4Hnes8,
iand like   the   quality   of   HtHcy   "lt
j blesses hlm that gives and Wm that
takes."    But the lesson  he    teaches,
after all. Is that every day ought to
I be a Christmas, and that  peace and
good   will  ought  to  be  our  message
to our neighbors  for    three hundred
and sixty-five days of    the year.    "A
| Christmas  Carol"   was  not  a  revelation as to the  lessons that Dickens
loved to teach, for we may find hlntJ
of It in all his books, and Indeed In
"Pickwick Paners," the sexton's Btory
partly   anticipated    the     "Christmas
Mr. Pickwick's Christmas.
Every   time    Dickens describes    a
dinner or an Inn he gives us .a hint
j of  his conception  of  Christmas, and
! most of us wlll recall the Christmas
! dinner at  Wardle's where  Mr.  Pick-
j wick     and    his     faithful     followers
1 passed  such a merry    evening,  with
, Mr. Winkle kissing   the   young lady
j with the black eyes,  Mr.  Snodgrass
| kissing  Emily,  and  Mr.   Weller,  not
being  particular about    the  form of
being  under    the  mistletoe,    kissing
Kmma and the other female servants
i just as he caught them.    There was
a great deal of .eating and drinking
and  kissing mixed  up    in    Dickens'
| Idea of   Christmas,   and lf   another
I generation has learned to be wisely
I moderate in these indulgences,    it is
to be hoped that it will never "acquire
; the wisdom that will  teach  it to be
moderate in the expressions, and thc
proofs of    the    affection    and    good
fellowship that the genius of Charle3
Dickens 50 years ago declared to be
of the very essence of Christmas.
Mlss Braddon's First Novel.
Mrs. John Maxwell, so much bet'er
known to readers of fiction as Miss
Braddon, h^s .recently celebrated her
"Ah dunno, Boss," replied Ilastus.
"Diss yere ls mah first season at diss
yere hotel, suh."���Harper'e Weekly.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&&E& '    flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Madam���This Delicious
Dessert Saves Time
Instead of spending hours over a hot stove preparing dessert, try Mooney's
Sugar Wafers,   Their delicious flavor will surprise and please the whole family.
It cost us thousands of dollars and took years to perfect this dainty. Taste
it once and you will say that both time and money were well spent
Here are just threeofmoiy reasons why you should at least try Mooney'sSugar
Wafers. Hr*t���thet delicious spicy and appetizing taste. Second��� it takesno time
to serve them���they are always ready���always good.    7ftirrf-they cost but little.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
CariEfdaV^lost   Popular .Dessert
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are made in the finest bakery in the country. We use
nothing but the best ingredients. Our flour is a special blend. Our butter and cream
are fron the finest dairies in Western Ontario. We get the best because we pay
top prices. Then there is the incomparable Mooney Method���the Method that
gave to the Dominion, Perfection Cream Sodas���the standard soda cracker.
The same high quality standard that has made ours the fastest growing business
in Canada goes into our greatest creation���Mooney's Sugar Wafers.
At your grocer's, in delnty, dust and damp-proof tba.   10 attd 23 centt.   Tiy them today.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd. "*
n �����
e e
Your Advertisement in the
Daily News is a Salesman-
Reliable, Indispensible, Eifective TUESDY, JANUARY II, 1912,
The Mste LH the Captain Demi Easy   Hew ths  Grand Night   Is Observed
<v        About His Mistake. by   Benchers.
T�� shipper was a maa who had s | Mr. Winston Churchill, the new
[good opinion of -Massif sod his no- First Lord of the Admiralty, was. on
dona Be bsd polled through sblp- Nov. IS, the guest of the evening when
wreck, mutiny end otber perils of the   !!"'   treasurer   and   masters   ot   the
deep, but be came a cropper once. For   2enc? "?eilfor *f*�� GrUid NiKht ���*
one of hla royagee be had shipped s   ���*7* *��"*���.,���� .then had sn oppor-
"   . ..���.��    *," _K��� h^'r~..Sn.r1L_   'unity of witnessing a quaint custom
boatswains mste wbo bar* ��ta��tMHj_ which has been ohierved on such oc-
ot a reputation.
One day  the skipper ordered
aloft to examine a sail on tbe royal
���"Taln't safe, csp'ni" protested the
boatswain's msta "The foot ropes has
got to be Used flrst"
"Do as I tell your thundered the
^^.'ions from time irtraieoerial. Grand
blm night at Cray's Inn is one of the most
distinguished and exclusive legal
gatheWngs. and the invitation card
always hears the pleasant announcement, "No. speeches," an announcement made in accordant? with the an
eient   -^^^^^^^���
Ntw Zealand's Curious Sta Volcano
and Its Sulphur Vapors.
Among the, most curious phenomena ol New Zealand is its ."en volcano.
This te a great mountain of black
scoria 630 feet high, from the top of
which, tlrkh much force, rise white
clouds of vapor to a height of fully
2.000 feet. It is not easy traveling
on the island, for iq place* the black
pebbles of the beach are all astir with
water boiling up through them, water
so hot that a misstep might scald the
foot seriously.
At this point the crater wall ha*
been broken down almost to the sea
lovelandvjne may look into the great
hollow itlanjkvThe crater is circulai
Tbe   sailors,   thinking   blm
crowded about him In a circle.
To tbeir smacement be s��t up.
Els eyes wandered vscantly about
until tbey rested on tbe leathery face
of tbe skipper, when tbey lighted np
wltb intelligence.
"Cnp'n." be said slowly, "yon wss
mistaken about tbem foot ropsa"���
London Ttt-Blta
.   ,    , _  . .:���- ���.   | nonow itiamfet.The crater is circular.J
eient custom of tht Inn.   But tho wh | , full mile ^diameter and hemmed 1
there are no speeches on Grand nights j in by wa]ls many hundre<J feet high
j and   very    precipitous.    The   crater
1 floor is an uneven plain of volcanic
I ash and scoria, with many little fu-
maroles or blow holes, through which
���:-.;-*���- *m***jtatm* ga me neaa laoie,   hot  sulphur  vapors  come   wheezing
and the voice of the treasurer, who   oul> wkfia every few mjnnte, there is
presides at the feast, is heard ssytng.   a ���mtrt trembling beneath the feet
Mr. Junior, I give you a toast to the   tnd a low  du��� ^j^ ro,r
Km,!     Prom th. -ft n -�� ���� I    The ^ to thicken ai the
traveler proceeds, and he very soon ���
finds the cause. He is stopped short\j
hv a great lake ot steaming water.
Glimpse ef an Imposing end Romantic
Spot In Walot.
Those wbo travel through strange
places wltb their eyes sod tbeir ear*
open are likely to make strange discoveries, but there ure plenty of otber
finds wbicb, simply as a delight to tht
senses and without any wonder or curiosity attending tbem. are well wortb
tbe trouble of trying to forget oue't
preoccupation In wbat be sees sod
Both these pleasure* of travel rom��
to those who will fare slowly and ob-
xervlngly through the Vale of tbe Wye
tn Wales. It seems almost like a chapter from some mugnlfleent Anornlypxc
to travel on to Older and I'lynlimon
and glimpse tbe Imposing grandeur ol
tbe visions tbat nwult tbe appreciative
eye. Half of Wnles seems to lie l.efort
tbe traveler. The mountains of the
Cader range loom loftily, snd Snow
don. of the lakes, seems to beckon him
on. The long headland of Carnarvon
��, hugs half a aea ln tbe crook of Its arm
Pembroke's ragged capes gleam t��*
yond the lovely mountainous heights
No eound breaks the vast silence. Yoc
are shut off from the bustling world
Tbe hawk circles In n noiseless void
above tbe slopes whitened wltb grazing sheep. Por a moment tbere mny
be tbe feeble pipe of the wbentesr. and
for another brief space e lark may lilt
praise to heaven. But that ht all.���
Philadelphia North American.
captain. "Tbe foot ropes are all right at Gray's, the're are three toa��ts."the
I know they sre" ! submission and acceptance ol which
The man went op. ] are exceedingly quaint.
Five minutes Ister becsme tumbling i ..��n the withdrawal of the cloth.
4own through tbs rigging from ths ! i^.^���"���*.* the head table,
top of tba mast, a distance of over I
100 feet ' i  ,""��� Junior, i give you a toast to the
Wltb a bang he landed on tbe bsllj King!" From the other end of the
of tbe mainsail and bounded Into ono table Mr. Junior repeats, in a sonor-
of tbe canvss covered bosta ous voice. "The King!" whereat all
^���"^ the company stand and drink His Ma
jesty's health.
After a short pause there are three
more knocks on the table. "Mr. Junior," says the treasurer, "I give you
the Prince ef Wales and the Rest of
the Royal Family!" r"The Prince of
Wales and the Rest of the Royal
Family!" echoes Mr. Junior from the
other end of the table.
Another interval, three more knocks,
and then again the voice of the treasurer, "Mr, Junior, Domus!" "Dom-
us!" repeats Mr. Junior. "Domus!
Domus! Domus!" is cried from every
table; and so the last toast is drunk.
Thirty  Miles  of Sods.
Forty million tons of the best washing material, supplied and manufactured by nature, are waiting to be
carried from Central Africa to the
Europ��an markets, and an extension
of the Uganda Railway is to be built
from Uiu to Lake Mr.gadi in order to
effect this. Lake Magadi is not really
a lake, but an area of thirty square
miles of soda deposit situated in the
heart of Africa.
Two expeditions have gon�� rut into
this soda lake region, which though
hot in the middle of the day, is declared to be quite healthy. It is in the
midst of one of the finest big game
shooting areas in the Rritish South
African Protectorate. In ordinary
times the lake has a perfectly level,
hard, and dry surface, like that of ��
gigantic mass of Fen ice, if a thirty-
square-mile area can be imagined.
It appears that in the past it hns
been left to the Indians to remove
soda from the lake. They cut out
blocks, and what is called "Mother
Liquid" spurts up and re-forma into
solid soda, which they cut away next
season. This It evidence that the soda
in the lake is being continually augmented.
In addition to ths many surface-
springs discharging considerablf
quantities of soda into the lake, there
are indications ol large springs in the
lake itself. On the removal of the
soda already crystallized the "Mother
Liquid," which takes its place at
once, starts to '"-form the crust.
It looks as if washerwomen can
sleep comfortably in their heds for
some years to come. So long as washing is provided for them, their soda
shall  be sure.
H_^^^^^^���r ���   ���_��=..
quite Ailing this end of the crster and
being, as can be seen when the clouds
lift, nearly half a mile from either
side. The water is too hot comfortably
to apply the hand to it and is insupportable either to touch or to taste
because of a strong infusion of alum
and sulphuric acid. On the farther
border of the lake is a row of violent
salfatsrat (chimneys). They have
built for themselves little pillar-like
cones from ten to thirty feet high and
a yard or two in diameter at the base,
and through these open chimney*
they trumpet steam and roaring sulphuric gases with a violence frightful
to contemplate. A demoniacal screeching and din afflict the traveler's ears,
even at a considerable distance.
The water of the lake is of a milky,
opaque cast, not more than ten feet
de��p.   Lines upon the shore t-how that
Vrrival. Closing
18:10���United States via C. P. R-
<dally except Sunday). 23:0c
7:40���Vancouver vta B. C. tl. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11:18
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via Q. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11 >1&
7:30���United States via O. N. R. .-'
(dally except Sunday)��� ��� 9.46
15:15���United States vUQ.N.R.
Idaily except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east   and   Eu-
�� rope   (daJArT 8:15
2Y.43*��AJfc��0lnts   east   and Europe (daily)   13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and    Fraser
Mills      (dally     except
Sundsy) 8:90
18:10���Sapperton   and    Fraser
mills     (daily     except
Sunday) 14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally., except Sunday)   ....' 8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily exce
'1400���East Burnaby   (daily   ex
Sunday) 1*30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)        18:10
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
V        Tuesday, Thuraday and
'���      Saturday,   and   leaves
Monday;      Wednesday
.and Friday    14:00
(0:00���Ladner.     Port     Oulchon,,
Westham   Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally except  Sunday). 13:30
0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).14:20
Varden No. 19, sons ot Norway,
meet in Eagles hall tbe first. and
third Wednesdsys of each month st
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to sttend.
-i--��� **'-'.       J. 3* AUNE,
���** **V       Financial Secretary.
-Ths regular meetings of thla lodge
are held In Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
���very Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis. NO.; W.
C. Coatham, P. O. recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary'
1188 M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business 1st
ters, etc.; circular work tiken
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce, Colnmbia Bt
Accountant     Tsl.   R 118.   Room
k Trapp block. ���
, j	
WHITESIDE ft EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors', Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Our process of Dry Cleaning
snd Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We cah reelalm many garments yon might decide to cast
Phone R278 for ths, Best Work.
Gent's Suit* Pressed   ���   75c
GtBt'tAuts Cleaned J 1.50 up
Cleaners & Dyew
346 ColumtRa Street
Chints* Queer Ways.
Difficulties of I'foxus work among
C'uiuese ere amusingly Illustrated by
the I'.ritisli c-ommisHlouer at Welbalwel
in his re|K>rt "A Chinese child at
blrtb Is snld to be one year old." be
i writes, "nnd after It has passed one
|iiew year It ts said to be two yeara old.
Thua a child tf boru tn the Inm mouth
of the year may be mid to be two
years of age before It Is thirty days old
according to European rerkonlng. A
child of eighteen months' time of life
since blrtb ls reckoned by Chinese to
be either two years or three years old.
this depending on whether lt was boru
tn the tlmt or second half of the yesr
It ls common for a Chinese mother to
give a son the nsme of a girl, preeum
ably to deceive tbe fates, lt being con
eldered eusler to bring tip n girl. There
are mtiny dirge undivided families In
Welbulwel. Tbe largest Is tbat of a
widow named Menu Tu fiblh. whose
family conslHt* of sixty six. which,
wltb one servant makes slxty-eeven
mouths to the common menl."
it daily rise* "and falls slightly With f l*:60-Clow<UJ�� and Port Kells
the tide ol the sea outside.   In many
spots the  water boils  furiously   with
much froth and foam, while still its
heat is much below the boiling point
of 212 Fahrenheit.   These are dangerous  places  for  boats;  the  abundant
air in the water diminishes materially   itl   buoyancy,   and   a  boat   sink*
alarmingly low in crossing them,
One   expedition   landed  across   the
lake at one of the salfataras nearest
the beach and proceeded to demolish
it with oars.   It was a chimney about
1 two  feet  in  diameter,  clay   without.
while  within  it  was lined  with  crystals of  sulphur of a b��-<n��ful  straw
I yellow splashed with vermilion spots.
Pushing in the top of th ii chimney.
the fragments wouid first Ini I down Itl
throat   and    then    com"    Hying   out
into the air with explosiorg that were
startlingly like a prolonged stentorian
Knowing the Orest Men.
Mr. Browning himmtlf once told me
bow liniMTtanl snd Intereetlng he
thought ll that the young should bave.
as It were, landmarks In tbeir lives by
at leiiHi Neeing great men wbo belong
ed to nn earlier generation.
"Once." be said. "I was walking In
tbe streets of Parts wltb my son, who
was then a little boy. We ��iw no old
mnn approm lilng us In n ���*%'��* '����*
ratber xhnbl.y cost nnd with i�� stwi'
lng. shuffling attitude snd gslt Towh
that mnn as you pass him.' I whisper
ed to mv little son. '1 will tell .von
why Bfterward.' Tbe child touched
Dim as he i assed. snd 1 ssld to mm.
���Now. mv boy, yon will elwnye be able
to remember to later years tbst yon
once saw nud touchsdthe greet Bereo-
*er."-Dean Fsrrsr to "Men I Have
Known." .
An Even Thing:
The lets Sydney Mudd of MwrJsMj
was on n trsln going from WssWnSton
to bis bome wben a msn who had nna
too mu.b to drink sst down bsslde W,m.
The passenger blinked st Mudd for s
moment; tben be lurched over ana
esked. "Shay, wanh your usmsr
-My nnmels Mudd." he replied.
Said the other: "Too got oolbln' on
'me. My nsms's Dsnnla" - Bstnrdsy
Evening Post
Thick. , ;
"How did yoo and the weather in
London r asked tbe Mend of ths re-
mrned traveler.
"Yon don't hsve to find the w��w
in London." replied tb* *���T*'"\\U
bumps Into you st every corner. -
Should   First   Cousins   Marry?
The seriousness of the risk run by
first cousins who marry ii emphasized by Miss Ethel Klderton, a co-worker with Prof. Karl PearRon at the
Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics, London University. Marriages
between near kin. such as uncle and
niece, aunt and nephew, or grandparent and grandchild, nre forbidden
mainly on the principle of resemblance. Miss Elderton therefore determined to see whether cousins are as
much alike as any of these pairs of
relatives. She studied the cases of
no fewer than C.000 pairs of cousins,
with s view to endeavoring to measure the derree of resemblance in
health, intelligence, success, temper,
and temperament.
The conclusion she csme to waa this
���that the general resemblance between cousina is about half that hetween brother and sister, and practi- .
cally the same as that shown by sta- i
tistirs of uncles and nieces and of '
aunts snd nephews.
"If the Undes'.rabiiity of marriage
withim certain degrees is foanded on
the closeness of resemblance," say?
Miss Elderton, "the law which forbids the marriage of uncle and aunt
with niece and nephew should aleo
restrict the marriage of first cousins."
Superstitions  Up-to-Date.
All of us are superstitious, more
or less, but it is doubtful if there are
many who would regard a piece of a
suicide's rope as a luck-bringer. Yet
it was only the other day, at an inquest, that a man asked to be allowed
to keep a portion of the rope with
which a fellow-worker had hanged
himself, "tor good luck." It reminds
one of the curious belief which exists
among many people that to wear any
article of clothiny, or to carry a piece
nf au article ot wearing apparel,
which belonged to a dead relative is
sure to bring good luck.
In the west of England the superstition that green clothes bring trouble is still believed in, and one often
hears the saying quoted, "Wear green,
wear black."
And how many people th?re are who
still consider that to walk under a
ladder brings bad luck; that seven
years' misfortune will follow the
breaking of a mirror; and that disaster is sure to follow the spilling of
talt, unless three pinches are immediately cast over the left shoulder.
In the east end of London particularly it is a popular belief that
misfortune is bound to befall a baby
who gaxes into a mirror before it is
twelve months old, while it is very
lew people, however mueh they may
laugh at superstitions beliefs, who will
sit down at a table wher* there are
thirteen guests.
via  G.   N.   R,   idaily  ex
cept  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���-Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day 14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday  16:0'
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
5:15���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine Idaily except
Sunday)  9:4F
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  9:41
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehmai, A Idergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
Centre.Cloverdale,Langley Prairie. Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 3:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:30���ChilllT'ack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
16:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm    23:00
MARTIN���Barristers snd Solicitors
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Guichon block, corner Colnmbia an*
McKenzie streets; Vancouver ot
flees, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C Wade, K. C,
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie. G. E
IM to IS H. P.
4 Cyele.      ���
I and
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 68.
Tenth  St,  New Westminster.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 867
 ���       ���    s
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barristor-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
mlnstdr, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710. I
Barristers-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc
Adam S. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building; New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
2163;  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable   Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western  Union.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
To give op of jwir own' win whst
would cost too ranch In dine mm
strength Is not fsUttf-lt IsMflW*
An African Concert.
Mme. Ads Cros#ley. the well-known
contralto dinger, has just returned to
England from a visit to South Africa,
una has been narrating some of her
experiences, which included, among
others, the shooting of crocodiles. Referring to her glimpses of native life,
she remarks that among < the Rhode-
sian mines "we wefe treated to a.
thrilling war-dance and a concert with
a native orchestra of forty musicians.
Their instruments were chiefly drums
and a strtnge contrivance much like
a xylophone, only a great deal larger.
Weird but real harmonies were somehow beaten out of these crude instruments, and at times the effects were
quite dramatic. Their favorite tune
was 'Tarara-boom-de-ay.' which they
played eternally, but so differently
that it never grew monfttonous."
Cansries Cross Ocesn.
A remarkable scene was witnessed
at the Hslifax (Eng.) railway station
recently, when 2.000 canaries of various breeds, comprising Yorkshire.
Norw.frh. Border, Fancy, Lizard and
Lancashire-were despatched to America.
j    At Liverpool the canaries were shipped oil the White Slar liner Baltic,
which sailed on a Thursdoy.   Special
'arrangements were made to feed the
i many mouths on the ocean trip.   All
, the birds were bred in the west tiding
sf Yorkshire, and the exportation it
by tar the biggest ou record irom the
To the Manner Born.
Max Muller, the famous Sanskrit
scholar, was fond ol recalling that
he had once eeen Queen Victoria and
the Empress Eugenie enter a Paris
theatre together. The audience cheered itself hoarse, but what interested
Prof. Muller was the contrast in the
conduct of the two royalties.
Both bowed in answer to the plaudits, and then sat down, but whereas
Eugenie glanced behind her, much
as vou or I would do, to make sure
of the chair being there to receive her.
Victoria kept her eyes to th i front snd
took the chair for granted.
That wes the difference between
being born into the purple and marrying into it.
.)������ .-'Ii, ���
. Dickens st the. Sea Shore.
For fourteen years Dickens made
Bror.dstairs his principsl summer
home in England. London alone
held a superior place in his affections. He ielt his powers at their
amplest wben he was at the little
ehannel coast town. Dickens has given the best picture of himself at his
summer routine at Broadftairs: "In s
bay window in a one pair tits from 9
i'clock tn 1 a gentleman with rather
long hair and no neckcloth, who
writes and grins as if he thought he
jvere very funny indeed. At I he
disappears, presently emerges from s
bathing macbihe and may he seen, a
kind of sslmon colored porpoise,
splashing ubout in the ocesn.
If Hs Wss Careful.
A quaint paragraph appeared in ths
will oi Mrs. Julie Hall of Brighton.
England. At tbe reading of the will
the other dny it wa? found that she
hsd bequeathed $500 to her coachman,
provided he is in her service at her
death and "it I do not die through
or from the effects of a carriags accident when he is the driver."
Gardiner & Mercer
Me   9*   A*
Phono 661. Box 772
Transfer Co.
'Pbone ISS-      Barn   PSoii*  -
Begbie Street
Sagges*   ae>i����-i��>.    ynimp'.H
aay part nt tfte ettr
tight and Heavy Hauling
ornci-TP��s oa����o*
minster Board of Trade meets ln tn.
board room. City Hall, aa follows:
Third Thursday of esch month,
quarterly meeting on tbe tnira
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at * p.m. annual
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February. New members may bt
proposed sad elected at any month
ly or quarterly meeting C- M
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capltsl   psld  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the PacUic,
In Cuba throughout the Island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delsy
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford everr
banklns facility.
Naw Wsstmlnstsr Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Central Meat Market
Cornsr Eighth St. and Fifth
PHONE 370.
B.C. Coast Service
For  Victoria
10:00 A .M Daily except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
Fjir Nanaimo.
2 p.m Daily except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M... Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
7 P.M Jan. 13th, :7th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington. Ganges Hr.. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, Now Westminster
Gi P  A*. Vancouver
���:ii i Yd   i ,   .'  	
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by   '
retentions R 11��  Office: Princess^Si
Phono 106.     P. O. Box SM.
Offies, Front St. Poet of Sixth.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Psld-Up)   .. .$15,413,000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, snd in London, Eng-
sad. Nsw Tork. Chicago and Spokane,
O.S.A.. 'and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted.. Lat
iers or Credit Issusd. available wtth
correspondents In all parts *t ths
Savings.Bank Dsrsrtmeat���Deposits
���ecelved In sums of $1 sad upward,
utd interest allowal at S par esnt per
annum (present rate).
Total assets over SMC.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Phono 3S8.
p. O. Six $57.
Fine Office Stationery,
Job Printing of Every
Description - - ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Markat Square, Now Wsstmlnstsr,
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
oners to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
laterest is pu4 ee Savags
Balances kalf-yearly.
BbiHssi |Acceeets
������ favorable term.   v.   ::
ASSETS $48,000,000
���i        ee
���19 &lwnhta i
���> C
10%;���ff All
t,'��/v.ei. {-
634 |j��uml||��tf..    Phone 22-23
City News
hundred dollara to Uke lntereet In
a local bualneaa concern; experience
not esaential, but muet be honest
and reliable. Fine opening for right
man.   Apply Box 11. Newa office.
Alfred W. McLeod
'-,    667, Columbia St.,
Phone 62. New  Westmlnater.
We have Imported teom England a
large !*t*^H at. Stone Water Bottles,
which we are selling cheap.
We have also Rubber Battles
from $1.50 up t j $3.00. We
guarantee all our bottles to
be satisfactory.
i' ���   hi
Curtis Drug Store
i j i iif
por iffifeaurn
x       PHCtTO. .OOODS
���? y*L.
Phona 43; L. D. 71:   Rea. 72
New   W����tmln��t#j-.    B   C.
Mra. By nor 3arker of Abbotaford.
waa aUylng at the Windsor Hotel yesterday.
Ice cream, all fruit flavora, promptly
delivered.   Pbone 310.   I. A. Reid.   ���
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary of the
Board of Trade, was at La.ner yesterday.
A euchre party will be held ln St.
Patrick's Hall on Wednesday evening,
under the direction of St; Peter's
Church Social Assembly.
Thursday night at the Opera house
"The Private Secretary." All seats reserved. Price* 26c to $1-50. Hook
early.    Phone 900. ������
Grand Mask Carnival at Pythian
Rink, Wednesday night, January 17th.
Good prizes. Admission 10c; Skates
Mr. W. F. Northcote Johnson Is a
patient Jn St. Mary's Hospital, havlns
recently undergone an operation there.
Mr. Johnson la progressing nicely.
'The Private Secretary," at the
Opera house Thursday night. Limited
number of best seats at $1.50, balance
ll.M, 76c and 26c. Phone 900 for
seats. **
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Ttew of Portland, Oregon, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Dorgan In thla city. Mr.
Trew ls a well-known oil man with
large interests of this nature.
"The Private Secretary," said to be
the greatest farce comedy ever written, will be plaved at the Opera house
Thursday night. Phone 900 for
seat. **
Mrs. F. R. Pearson, Third street
will receive tomorrow afternoon for
the first time since the new year, and
will be at home on the second Tuesday of the month during the remain
der of the season.
After playing before royalty in England and before Earl and Countess
Grey in Toronto last year, Mr. C.
James Bancroft and his talented company of English players, will produce
that great English comely, "The Private Secretary," at the Opera house
on Thursday next, Jan.  18. **
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and h^ve you.'
glasses made to suit, satisfactian
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's jewelry store.   **
Mr. Otway Wilkie, senior Provincial
Police Constable for'Westminster, haa
resigned his position. His resignation will come into force at the end
of the month. All those who have
come Into contact with Mr. Wllkie
during hls tenure of his present position will learn with regret of his lei.'-
.'ng the fo:ce,
All the woik at presen'. in ths haiuls
of the engineer's department wns actively resumed today. Duiing the past
we*K or moie worn has been practically at a Etandstill out of doors, although with the Sapperton sewer and
the other schemes on foot, the indoor
staff has been busy as heretofore.
Mr. David Trew of Lindsay, Ontario,
was in thii city >esterday. Mr. Trew
has Just been Judging the .Nanaimo
poultry show, which has been a greut
success. The judge says that the exhibition waB one of the finest he has
ever seen in Canada, the stock being
very good, all round. There was a
large number of game and fancy birds
shown, but the more useful varieties
were also numerously represented.
The half yearly meeting for the election and installation of officer-bearers
of the Amity Lodge, A. O. O. F., waa
held last night. District Deputy G. N.
G. E. 9!'.!?y; T. A. Muir; G. 8. E. J.
Bunghan; G. T. W. Smith, G. C, G. T.
Paine; G. H., Herbert Lee. The following officers of the lodge were installed: N. C, H. W. Harrison; vice
G., C. It. Bryson; recording secretary,
James Ferguson: financial secretary,
R. B. Purdy; treasurer, Alex. Adams;
warden, U, A., Men knew; conductor,
James Robertson; outside guardian,
George Glllard: inside guardinn, W.E.
Ferguson: R. S. N. O.. G. A. Johnson:
L. S.. George Burr; R. S. vice. G. E.
Harrison; L. S., W. W. Sobey; R. S.
supporter, C. McKillop; L. S. supporter, W. Sangster; chaplain, A. M.
Campbell; organist, W. Ward; team
captain, J. D. Mellis.
otherwise^ Mrs. Lowe, Queensborough P. O.
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afteinoon..Leaved
Blackman Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ������
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.  .
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mre. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepare! candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of tbe Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College ot Music. .Has had numerous
successes in past years. Lessons by
correspondence In any of the above
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone. L638.
A full sized lot and large house;
Agnes Street
An exceptional investment as
Agnos street is the logical place
for the next business district.
$4000 cash, easy terms.
Major & Savage
��� i   a   "v.' ���
. ...
B. & M.
/   jfcJL
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
p. Mcelroy
Chtinhey Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb', .lie
Halibut (half or whole) ... .per l*. 8c
Fresh Cod  (half or wholel, IbltilJc
Fresh Herring   4 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Shrimps, per lb 20c
Smoked Salmon, per pound   20c
Smoked Halibut, per !b 15c
Smoked Cod, per lb 10c
Finnan Haddle   2 lbs. for 25o
B. & M. Brand Kippers, per lb.  ..10e
Prime  Rabbits, each    35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
Anyone who has been to ,this- store during the past
two weeks could't help but notice the stir and activity
caused by the Sale values. And anyone who has seen
the goods and the prices at which they're offered
would understand why this Sale would cause such big
buying; for on every side the Stocktaking Sale tickets
are to be seen, and where those tickets are you're
sure to find an offer that's worth investigating, for
certainly in the history of the store such opportunities
for saving as this great Sale offers and the few examples on this list prove that.
Come Today* Come Early.
Come Often.
Boys' and Girls' Coats in Excellent Qualities, Priced One-Third Less
Tuesday we put on Sale the entire Stock of Children's Coats at Ju?t two third- their usual price;' the coit
sells regular at $3.00. Tuesday price will be $2.00, and cones; ondln^ reduction. In better grades, this
means in many cases selling under cost, but as the store method is o make prices that will ensure speedy
clearance, hence the savings inlhese little Coats; the styles and clotlis are so numerous that space won't
permit of more than mere.mention. Come in Coating Serges, Tweeds, etc. Best tailoring and linings; sizes
fitting from 5 to 16 years.    In shades of Cardinal, Gieen, Black an 1 White, Grey, Fawn.
See These Wonderful Values
Delivery 10 ft. m. and 4 p. m.
Black Voile Skirts Marked
for Record Selling
Values to $14. Sale Price $5.00 Each.
Beautiful   Bla.k Voile Skirts;  finest quality In fine
and medium grades; only nine in the lot.  Styles are
all good, so git here early for choice.
Towel Bargains
Heavy grade White Turkish Towels; size 21x42
Inches. Extraordinary valuer Regular worth GOc.
Sale Price  40c P��lr
Dressing Jackets, Very
Special Values
$2.00  Each.
The balance of our stock of Eiderdown   and   Crepe
Dressing  Jackets is included ln this clearance, values ln many c&ses more   than   double   this   price.
Great choice of shades and  styles.
Wrapperette Bargain.
300 yards Fa-.ey Wraperettea, ln stripes and fancy
Paisley effects; good selection of shades. Regular
values 25c. Saie Price 15e yd.
We   Have   Successfully
Filled 80,000
' ��Hite icorning to this city, besides ail the repeats.    This naturally means experience.
<-������ Bring ^our Prescriptions   to
^Dispensing Cherolttt, Etc
Deane Bloc*.   441 Colambla St.
* ^<yJ#5KtrnWster   ft<> ���
t '"r r   ���'" ""���** -  �����  ������-��� ��� - ���
bVOffi  WQfiW .    ,
What Drives Clerk. Crazy.
'i want to buy a shirt for my husband. I don't know what size the neckband ls, but he wears a six and one-
eighth hat."
"My wife wants me to get her some
ribbon to trim a diess. What shade
do you think she would like ?"
"My wife has Just got back from
the East and doesn't like the overcoat
I bought here two months ago. Will
you take it back ?"
; "What kind of a necktie would my
husband like for his birthday ?"
"Are those $1.29 cuff links solid
gold! If not. 1 don't want them."���
Brooklyn Eagle.
New Zealand has 24,000,000 sheep.
The enormous growth of the sheep
industry there Is due to the equable
clirrate and the fine soil for all kindj
of grass.
The funeral of the late Mrs. A.
Wells Gray, will take place from the
f3mi!y residence^ 22(1 gecond street,
on Tuesday at 2 o'clock, to St. Andrew's church, and frim there to the
Odd Fellows' burial ground. Fiiend;
arc invi.ted to attend.
(999)   We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow     '
that will be sold below value.   The owner ls In need of money and
bas put the price low in order to make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, has basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material hai been used.
Price $2,750
The location ls pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be paid monthly if desired.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster      Branches at Vancouver    Victoria.
Chilliwack end A'derhrove, B.C.
raw .-.. *.���� *.*   *   .        .,  ,
��� ���'���.. . ... - -
��� ...... mHM, .... ....,_-_���,
Call and get   a
Free Cook Book
Chamberlin     ��5��*
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. Wy
Pres and Gent Ifgr.        Vice-President Sac. and Treat.
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealera Jn
.  Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea N��. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.


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