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Westminster Daily News Nov 21, 1912

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Cholera Epidemic Favors Turks Who Transform Famous
Mosque Into Hospital to Check Bulgarian Ambition-Allies
Far From Base of Supplies While Fresh Ottoman Troops
Pour in from Asia Minor���Plenipotentiaries Meet.
London, Nov. 20.���The war has
shifted for a time from the Held of
arms to that of diplomacy. It may
be that the war Is near an end. Plenipotentiaries for the belligerent powers wtll meet tomorrow at the vll-
lay" of Madeinkeul, a few miles outside the capital, for a preliminary discussion of the terms of an armistice.
In the meantime the Turkish, Bulgarian and Servian commanders hav!
ordered a cessation of hostilities, although cannonading, which Nazlm
Pasha reported as unimportant, took
place this morning.
The sweeping terms' which the
allies were said to have demanded
yesterday as a basis for the armistice
appear not to have been advanced,
but it is almost certain that they will
be on the basis of the Balkan states
holding all the conquered country until a permanent treaty of peace is
The Cholera Spectre.
How much of his former power
th'ey are prepared to concede the
Turks depends largely upon two factors���the strength and supplies of the
allied army threatening the gates of
Constantinople and the" extent to
which the cholera spectre has embarrassed their plans.
It is certain that great transport
difficulties hamper the Bulgarian
army on account of the distance from
their oase and the rough roads.
Cholera Is counted on by the Turks
to weaken the Bulgarian ambition for
a triumphal march into the Turkish
capital and the celebration ot mass
lu St, Sophia. As a further check
against entering the Mos ine. the Turk
has restored to the amazing plan of
transforming the Mcsque Into a pest
house, and has crowded 200 cholera
stricken patients within Its walla.
As In the Daya of Old.
Athens, Nov. 20.���An official report
from Trlkala, Thessaly, says thi
Turcc-Alpania chief, Beklr Aga, wi^h
a thousand irregulars, taking advantage of the advance of the Greek army
towards the Interior of Macedonia
made a sudden night attack on Gre
vena. He drove out the Inhabitants
and pillaged and burned the shops.
Peace Looms Up.
��� Constantinople. Nov. 20.���Nazim
Pasha, commander-in-chief ot th?
Turkish army; Izzet Pasha, chief of
general staff of the war office and lai<'
���commander-in-chief ln Yemen,'' anc
Chadcn Bey, councillor ot state, have
been appointed Ottoman plenipotentiaries for the negotiationa of an
armistice with the Bulgarian representatives.
The question of peace looms large!
in the foreground. The fact that the
official communications with regard
to the Bulgarian reply lasued at Con-.
stantlnople and Sofia make no mention of preliminary conditions, has
given rise to comment, aa lt was generally expected that Bulgaria would
insist upon fixing bases before consenting to begin negotiations.
Indeed, the belief was general that
Bulgaria would demand the capitulation of Adrianople and other fortified
places, and the foreign minister recently told the ambassadors that Turkey would refuse to entertain any
auch stipulations.
War Until Signed.
- Apparently Bulgaria has found good
reasons for refraining from such an
attitude, especially as the entering
upon pour purlers will not compel the
supenslon of hostilities until the
armistice actually has been signed.
Aa has been pointed out, the question of cholera complicates the Issue
at Tchatalja. and today lt la rumored
the Bulgarians are retiring to more
sanitary positions baek of Tchatalja.
A violent cannonading, audible this
afternoon ln the direction of Derkos.
would indicate that some engagement
ls progressing ln that quarter,
This morning all waa quiet fa the
neighborhood of Blyuk Chekmedyl and
Tchatalja, but Vresh troopa are arriving daily by steamer and train
from Asia Minor.
Naval Contingents.
The Porto baa applied to the embassies and legations for the withdrawal of the naval contingents landed on Monday, on the ground that
tbeir presence la not necessary, while
it Is added that ahould danger arte.
there wlll be time enough to take
measures of precaution.
The ambassadors and ministers today discussed tbe request. It la under
stood they decided to leave the matter ln abeyance for the present.
A telegram from Nazlm Pasha
"There was no aevere fighting today. A slight cannbnade and fulllaado
were exchanged at the right and left
Wings. We have collected the arraa
and other elfecta abandoned yesterday
by the enemy."
St. Sophia aa Hospital.
It ls believed generally that the object of the authorities In quartering
2000 patients In the Mosque of St.
Sophia la to deter any enemies from
setting foot within tbe building. The
talk in the Sophia papera regarding
the singing of Te Deum In that liis
torlc pile undoubtedly produced an
impression on the Turkish government which resorted to this oriental
expedient of thwarting such a design.
A letter from Drama says that long
before the Bulgarians approached tho
town the authorities were seized with
panic and besought the foreign consuls to arrange a peaceable surrender
Next day the governor, the mllltla
rommancier and the commander of tha
gendarmerie, attired in mufti, abau
doned the place, while many of th1?
soldiers and gendarmerie imitated
their example.
For   Telephones���Company  Installing
Additional Circuits���Westminster
Cutovsr by December 15.
The cut-over of the New Westminster common battery system, an event
which it was expected would have
been history by this time, has been
unavoidably delayed through the non-
receipt of material from manufacturers, states "Telephone Talks." the official organ of the B. C. Telephone company.
Lacking the material, which had
been on order for months, lt was
found impossible to complete the work
tn accordance with the schedule ot
progress laid out when the transformation of tbe service was undertaken.
If everything goes smoothly It    ls
confidently expected that the cut-over
| will take place not later than December 15.
The necessary material has been
received by the company for the con
struction, of two additional circuits between New Westminster and Ladner.
he stringing of wbich Is to be started
immediately. A Circuit will also be
���nstalled between New Westminster
and Milner, and an additional one be
tw6en this city and Cloverdale.
The rapid settlement of the lower
Fraser valley on the southern side of
the river has been responsible for a
large increase ln telephone traffic between the outlying districts and West
minster, this city being the commercial and social centre of the territory.
The .modern rancher apparently requires telephone service In common
with tbe city business man, and thn
influx of settlers to tho valley has
therefore brought about a demand for
telephones that has taxed the existing
facilities and made necessary the extension of old lines and .the construction ot new onea through the territory.
Hard  Day for Interpreter and  ��
grapher���Application for Dii
missal Refused.
The third day ot the trial of Isshni
Singh II was opened by Mr. J. A. Rub
sell, counsel for the defence, pleading
fur the dismissal of the case on the
grounds thut there was no case to
gp to the jury with, that tbe crown
had utterly failed to prove the part
of their Indictment which aet out that
between 7 p.m. on August 14 and the ^
morning of August 15, 1912, accused
had not been In Vancouver. Another
point advanced waB the alleged faulty
Interpretation. Mr. Justice Murphy repelled tbe application.
Then counsel for the defence in
formed the court that as he had
eleven witnesses to examine the trial
would last the whole day. Accordingly
the unempannelled jurors and witnesses in the remaining untried case?
were dismissed for the day and tbe
case proceeded until Mr. Wilkinson,
the Hindustani and Punjaubl interpreter, complained at 4:30 p.m. of exhaustion and the court moat sympathetically expressed that the interpre
ter and stenographer must be considered and adjourned the court untll
A sensational incident In yesterday's trial was the assertion of a wit
ness, Googur Singh, an employee of
tbe Walsh Sash and Door factory, in
answer to Mr. Russell, that he had
been prevented by Mr. Law of that
company from attending the assizes
on Tuesday. Mr. Law is an important
witness for the crown. He said Mr.
Law was the timekeeper and would
not give him leave.
This raised a question between
counsel on both sides and the court
as to whether this Googar Singh was
the man Mr. Law referred to. Ultimately it was decided to recall Mr.
Law, Mr. Grant, for the crown, in
dlgnantly repudiating the slightest
suggestion that the prosecution wat
unwilling to produce any witness call
ed for ln order to elucidate the real
tacts of the case.
Then the weary reiteration of contradictions, witnesses for the defence
swearing stoutly tbat both Isshar
Blngh and the accused and his nam<-
sake the convict were in Vancouver
on the night that witnesses for the
prosecution Just as positively took
their Sikh oaths that they were ln
New Westminster.
Mr. Grant, for the crown, subjected
them to the most rigorous cross-examination, getting generally slmilat
oriental parries as were given to Mr.
An element of humor waa Introduced by one of the defence Siughs.
Pressed by Mr. Grant as to whether
!t was a Sunday a certain occurrence
happened, he replied in English he
was not the timekeeper.
It is fairly safe to prophecy th-:
case will last most of today.
Naval Policy Announcement
Follows Debate on Address from Throne.
Recent    Triumphal    Tour���Laurler's
Birthday���Indications  Point to
Lengthy Cession.
Light and Power Rates in Burnaby���
Board of Trade Cats Date for
Edmonds, Nov. 20���The Burnabj
Board of Trade held one of the short-
eat sessions In its history this evening In the municipal hull. The heavy
downpour of rain, the enforced absence of Its president, Mr. B. O. Wai
ker, and the fact that politics permeates the Buruaby atmosphere a,
the present time, no doubt had a great
deal to do with both tne attendant,
and tho business transacted.
The constitution does not permit
the talking of politics and this faci
no doubt kept the members curbed
until the meeting of the Edmonds
Ratepayers Association whicb is to ba
held tomorrow evening In Moreton
Ottawa, Nov. 20.���The speech from
the throne which will be read by His
Hoyal Highness' the Duke of Con
naught at the formal opening of the
parliament on Thursday afternoon
will refer to the triumphal tour of the
Duke of Connaught and to the many
evidences of loyalty to tbe crown.
The sustained prosperity of the
country will be alluded to and the
new naval policy foreshadowed, but
not with any details of what It will
consist. The ratification of the West
Indian agreement, revision of the
bank act, legislation for aiding highway improvement, amendments to the
railway act and certain other propoa
ed enactments wtll be touched on and
the buoyant revenues of the country
Five New Members.
The proceedings ln the House tomorrow wlll be brief. Five new members will be introduced, Messrs. Boys
of Simcoe; Green, of Kootenay; Garland, of Carleton; Morrison, of Macdonald, and Cardin, of Richelieu. Hon.
Mr. Coderre will not be able to take
his seat for Some days, the law prescribing certain delays before thi
official return can be made and
After certain papers are asked for
the House will adjourn until Friday
and possibly until Monday. Soon after
tbe debate on the address has been
concluded there ls reason to believe
that the naval policy of the government wlll be aunounced  and lt    Is _  ... 	
hoped that tho debate will be conclud-1 to all the civic and municipal head? '
Ratepayers, Move for  Adequate Drainage and Fire
Urge Better Roada to Preserve Richmond Connection���Will Ask Council to Appoint Commission.
The residents ot Queensborougft
want a commission comprised of a.
competent engineer, a solicitor, one
or two aldermen and a few of themselves, to look Into the.requirements
of the district and advise as to ths-
I best means of solving the drainage.
sewer and subdividing questions which
are a few of the most Important that
The B. C. E. R. came In for some: confront the thriving district on Lulis
hard knocks over the exorbitant rate.)
charged for light and power in the
municipality. 11 was stated that the
residents of Abbotsford were enjoying better rates than those ln Burnaby and a special committee of Messrs
T. D. Coldicott and A. V. Macpherson
will, together wilh other committees
from the different ratepayers associations,  wait  upon  the   B.  C.  Electric
Island at the present time.
This desire was expressed last night
at a very well, attended meeting or
the QueenBborough Ratepayers anoT
Improvement Association held In the
Strand hotel. It was stated by th*
secretary that lt was an almost absolute necessity to have such a .body
for the district on account of the fact
that   conditions    in    Queensborough
officials in New Westminster and Van j were entirely different to that of any
couver to see if redress ls not possl- other part of the city and therefore
ble. j the problems to be solved must bt
The question of having a freight
agent stationed at Edmonds station
also cropped up again by the reading
of a communication from 11. H. Campbell, who complained of missing goode!
sent from Vaucouver to Edmonds Btatlon. Many of the members declared
themselves tired of watting upon the
company in this connection and Mr.
Campbell will be advised to take the
matter Into the courts as a test case.
It was decided to hold the first an
faced In an entirely different manner.
Support Harbor Scheme.
With a few exceptions those present .
had a very few complaints to make
with regard to the city council an<T
the mayor was praised for his ection
with regard to Lulu Island and West-
��� minster's harbor development.
Commenting on the condition of th'*
water service the chairman. Mr. Ed.
ed and the matter, as far as the government's temporary policy is con-1
corned, disposed of before Christmas.
This depends, of course, on ine atti
tu'Vi of the opposition, and in regard-
to tbat there ia much speculation * lu
the capital.
Liberal Policy.
Referring to the Liberal pollcy today one of tUe leading men of    the
party said:
"Our pollcy will not be determined
until the government's program Is
known. Then we will have a caucus
and talk It over. Untll that happens
no one has the right or the authority
to say what our attitude win be."
The general expectation is that the
session will be a long one and the
members don't expect U> get away
from the capital before May. Both
Mr. Borden and Sir Wilfrid Laurier go
into what promises to be a strenuous
session in splendid health.
Today the opposition leader celebrated his seventy-first birthday. He
was the recipient of many congratula
tory messages.
Mercer, stated that the main sunply-
, ing the district had been laid down
nual Board of Trade ball at EdmondJ ; In a very poor    manner.    "I    under-
on the evening of Dec;  12.    This is  stand,"  he   aaid,  "that  the  job  was-
planned to be   a   municipal   society  done by the city for $1000 less thai'
event and Invitations will be mailed, the lowest contract and the city engineer's department was given a bonus for the work."   He thought it di*
uot reflect much credit on the depart-
of the surrounding territory.
Mr. W. S. Rose held dowu the chair
in the absence of Mr. Walker.
Friends   of   Becker
damned    Gunmen    May
Revenge���Daylight Chosen.
Four   Con-
One Candidate for Ward Two Only In
Sight���Reeveship Campaign
Edmonds, Nov. 20.���Members for
the,Edmonds Ratepayers Association
wlll be out ln full force tomorrow
evening at Moreton ball to attend a
special meeting oalled for tbe naming
of candidates for the reeveship and
councillor for Ward Two.
A call haa been iaaued by the aee
retary ot the Ward Six Ratepayers
Association for a meeting of representatives from all the associations
!n Burnaby but at this waa received
after the Edmonda meeting bad been
announced, the Ward Two realdenta
will go ahead with their plana.
Mr. A. 8. Macpherson ia the only
candidate In sight for the councillor
sblp ot Ward Two but it la almos<
certain tbat opposition will develot
before the artillery bas had Its lay
and the fight comes to closer quar
The reeveship, the richest plum as
far as honor is concerned, is still agi
tatlng Edmonds and the stand ia now
being taken, that two years la enougn
for any one district to elect a man.
so that a candidate will announced
according to the programme mapped
A plethora of would-be's la skirting
around the battleground In every
ward, waiting for a change ln tbe
wind, and when once the weather sign
polhta favorably, they are almost certain to come out of the underbrush
and do the Rooseveltian act.
New York. Nov. *��,.��� It will be In
broad daylight, and not under covei
of darkness as they had anxiously
hoped, that "Bald Jack" Rose,
"Bridgie" Webber and Harry Vallon
will be set at liberty, according to
the program for the releaae of the
three informers agalnat Charles
Becker and his four gunmen tools, so
far aa could be learned tonight
Mid-afternoon tomorrow la the time
aet tentatively. The underworld has
heen awaiting with interest and intimation as to tbe time they were to
go tree, for the feeling haa prevailed
there that the friends df the four
gangsters about to* be sentenced to
death for the murder ot Herman
Rosenthal, were looking forward to
the liberation of Rose, Webber and
Vallon to take revenge upon   the trio.
The three men will be brought before Coroner Feinberg at t o'clock and
District Attorney Whitman will present to that official, lt la aaid, stipulations signed by him with counael for
the witnesses. If Mr. Whitman saya
that the three men have kept faith
wltb the state In giving testimony, the
coroner wll) release them.
Sam Schepps, fourth of tbe state's
valuable wltneasea agalnat Becker and
the gunmen, also probably will he released during daylight tomorrow. He
Is being held on a charge of vagrancy.
William Shapiro, driver of tbc
"murder car," wlll go free shortly.
Mr. Whitman will move to have th*
Indictment agalnat Sapiro quashed in
Separate Minister of Mines���Reindeer
Instead of Docs���Wireless and
Trunk Road.
Ottawa, Nov. 20��� The Yukon territory through its representative, Dr.
Alfred Thompson, will make a great
many demands upon the government
this session, iucluding a request that
During the afternoon!a mln'ster   of   mines   with separate
he had many eallera and C. R. Devlin. I portfolio be named for tbe Yukon.
M.P.. on behalf of his constituents of
Wright county, Quebec, presented hlm
with an addreas.
Saskatoon, Sask., Nov. 20.���Forty
men narrowly escaped death this
morntng when four panels out of each
of the six floors of the big new Angus
McMilan block on Third avenue crash
ed to the basement, carrying with
them nearly one million pounds of
conorete, steel and iron. The accident
took place at 6:50, just ten minutes
before forty men would have been al
work ln the very four panels which
came down. ���    ���
It ls supposed that some of the
supports were burned away aa a result of the contaot with the salamanders, which have been uaed for the
paat month to heat the building.
Edmonton. Nov. 20��� Mayoralty cam-
palgna tonight took on a new aspBcl
when a meeting of aome of the labor
unions of tbe olty nominated for their
representative .'AtdtfriHM Joseph
Clark, the."Stormy Petrel" of the city
councll during the paat year.
The other two candidates are William Short K.C and W. J. MaGrath,
a real estate ��� dealer. MaGrath has
been dbunttng largely on the support
of these who are now aald to be
backing Clark.
A request for a grant for the placing in the Yukon of reindeer herds
will also be made in order that they
may be substituted for dogs. Reindeer
have been imported into Alaska wltb
success and tbe people of tbe Yukon
are anxious to establish self-sustaining herds in tbe Canadian territory. *
The Y'ikon will also seek wireless
communication with the outer world
and a grant for an overland trunk
road from White Horse to Dawson
Citv so that the Yukon can have automobile communication wtth the outer
world the year round.
inent and hoped that more care wouIdT
be taken in Installing the new one.
���'Whatever they AMhey have-got to-
give us water" he declared In conclusion.
Conditions and Problems.
I    Secretarv  a.  Snrlce reviewed coir-
dltlons In the district.   One of the Vg-
gest problems that faced the locality
lat the present time was that ot draln-
(age.    The city had set about to 'm-
prove the system, but after they hail
got through little improvement   was
He belittled the local Improvement
system stating that in manv cases tha
expense of going th sough the formalities wonld almost pav for anv work-
that had to be done.   The district was
in great need of sewers.   The 600 people now there might be able    for   nr
time  to get on .with  cesspools,  but;
when the industries which had secnr
pit e'��p,   t the locality were in opera-
f0" ***. -oinlatlon would be greatly
incoased and sewers would be imperative.
The need of Improved road connection with Richmond If Westminster
wanted to share in the business with'
that district was emphasized by Mri
Sprice. In view of the many inflsm-
able buildings In the- locality a ttrtm-,
hall was Instantly required. Flre protection muat be afforded the Industries.
The arrival of the engines in time*
to be of any use in any flre depended
on whether tbe bridge was open or-
not A very unsatisfactory state af'
affairs, said Mr. Sprice.
Wlll Approach Council.
A alight discussion .followed thc remarks of the secretary who waa Instructed to take up the various matters mentioned wltb the city council;,
and make application for the appointment of the commission   as   slated
above.   An effort will be made to havo
the Sapperton cars end their run nearer the foot of Eighth street than la
now tbe case.
Ottawa, Nov. 20���Mr. G. H. Barnard
M. P. for Victoria, bas been appointed
Conservative wblp for British Colum
..._ ...._���_  _ . --  ��� bia to succeed Mr. A\ 8. Ooofleve, who
return for his testimony for the state. I resigned as member for Kootenay   to
Mrs. Lillian Horrowits, wife of "Oyt-1 go on the railway commission.
the JDlood." was-brought today trom
the house of detention, where she had
been held, pending the outcome of the
gunmen's trial, and discharged iron*
custody by Justice Goff.
Death from Recent C?IH.
Swift Current, Sask., Nov. 20.���Out
of the seventeen Chinamen Injured In
the C. P. R. wreck at Rush Lake yeaterday one hns died In the hospital
here. The wrecked specia? was carrying the Chinamen ln bond from China
I to Jamaica.
Mr, W. H. Sharps, member for Lis
or. has been annotated Manitoba
whip to succeed Mr. W. H, Staples
who waa appointed to the grain com
Wlll Float Hsr Yet
Montreal. Nov; 20.���In the opinion
of Captain James Harrison, commander of the Royal George which
now Ilea on the rooky beach of Isle of
Irleans, the vassal can and *Ql be i*
leased aome time this month daring
blgb tide.
Table Gave Way Under Frank Cotter
at Royal Theatre During Feature Balancing Act
While performing his feature
"stunt" on the stage of the Royal
theatre laat evening, Frank Cotter, th*
comedy ""equilibrist, met with a nasty
accident and was forced to cancel
the portion bt his act which remained. *      -   ,
Balanced precariously on the top of
three tables and a chair perched cor-
nerwise on top of each other. Cotter
was about -to descend when the middle
table gave way and he was thrown to
th* stags with soma force.
The audience for a moment thought
the accident was part of the proceed
intfs. but whan tbe artiste appeared to
be moving witb difficulty and the attendants came forward to his assistance a hush pervaded the theatre.
The unfortunate man was removed
behind tha' scenes and examined hy
Dr. Wilson, who had been called. With
the exception of a broken flnger and
a number of painful braises it waa dia
covered that tbe Injuries sustained
were comparatively light.
Cotter la billed to appear ln Belllngham tbls afternoon and though he was
advised to'wmafct In thli city for
treatment he Intends to jnUU his encasement
Of 0. N. R. with Regard fa Hlfeh Laval
Bridge���will Be Repreaentedl
pefore Commissioners.
The next Coquitlam council meetlas '
will be held on Saturday Instead at
tha subsequent Thursday.  The reaaosa
of this is that the ordinary meetlas
clashes with the meeting of tbe tpO-
way  commission  on   November *ttk,
when thera will be taken up bagWTt-
ant railway   matters   in   amiueaW���
with the G. N. R. company's plana  tm
Coquitlam municipality aad tlm Joint
Interest of Coquitlam witli Jttw ftaatu*
minster, and Burnaby In the project or
the company  to erect an overload
hridge across tha Brunette creek at
the junction of the three araatafBaftt-
It cannot be too plainly stated ths*-
there Is no proposal by,the
to deviate the North road, aa
by a contemporary.   It Is tbe Br
road which It 1* proposed to
(Coatiaeed ak Page *ftm*rA})
Classified Advertising
�� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
-day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be need as required within one year trom date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.90. Card of Thanks SOc per
man with store experience. i31
Fourth street. {13*9)
hot water at all houra essential; coffee and rolls morning desirable.
Within seven-minute walk of post
office.   P. O. Box 401. (102)
cated, business experience, desires
position In office or store. Apply
Daily News, Box 108.
position to work tn store. Addrero
Box 105, Newa Office.-
Look aLer farm. For particulars
apply to F. Mandeville. Mandevllle
Block, corner of Sixth avenue and
Twelfth street, city. (98>
lie pup dog, wlll sacrifice for quicn
sale. Enquire Mowbray, Premier
Hotel. <M��>
room chairs, leather aeated, 10
tables, several stands, mission oak
finish. Apply at Royal cafe, Columbia street. (67)
$50 cash secures a fine 40 acre farm
three miles from railway noW build
ing. Rich deep soil with luxuriant
vegetation. Call today for our free
booklet, map. etc. National Finance
Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street. New
Westminster. (83;
ranges on easy terma; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. 4
unfurnished housekeeping rooms,
410 Ash street. (1171
Queens avenue. (100)
week, 654 Columbia Street, over
Royal bank. (115)
amall rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light I manufac
turlng purposes. Will leaae for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
ball, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (5)
seller and buyer together.
attached to collar. Owner can havs
same by paying for this ad. Apply
712 Queens avenue,    F.    Mcintosh.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 1 P . M. Wednesday,
Nov. 27, 1912, for moving bridge tender's house on Lulu Island.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Tho Schaake Machine Works, Heaps
Engineering Co. Ltd., New Westminster. B. C. (110)
Tenders will be.received by the undersigned up to 1 P. M. Wednesday,
Nov. 2 7, 1912, for clearing of site of
the proposed New Machine Works on
Lulu Island.
Lowest or pny tender not necessarily accepted.
The Schaake Machine Works, Heap3
Engineering Co. Ltd., New Westminster, B.C. (Ill)
sell that lot for you.   Try it
Notice re "Trades License By-law,
The Citv Council will meet on Wed
nesday, the 27th inst., at 8 p.m.. 10
consider the "Trades License By-law
Business people and othera intereac-
���cd are invited to attend the meeting
and offer suggestions to tho CounciL
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk
City Hall, Nov. 20th, 1912. (118)
Notice to Holders of Registered Agreements of Sale.
Holders of Registered Agreements,
who have not transferred their interest, are requested to make the Statu
tory Declaration, in order that their
names may be Inserted in the Annual
Voters' Lists. Such Declarations
should be in the hands of the Clerk
uot later than the 30lh day of November instant. The necessary forms
may be obtained on application at the
Municipal Hall.
Edmonds, B.C., November 6, 1912.
Ear / Civilization of the Twin
Continents of America.
Wanted���Teachers for all grades in
Public Schools, also one teacher Of
Domestic Science. Applicants are requested to write, stating qualifications
and salary required, and must be prepared to undergo an examination by
the School Medical Officer If required.
Applications to reach the secretary's
-office by noon of Monday, Nov. B.
Secretary, Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295.        P. O. Baa 777.
Here's a snap. $650 caah bays a
four roomed house and large lot near
Sixth street -car line.   Owner leaving
Ahe city.
Alberta street bargain���Four roomed cottage and good cleared loC Price
away down, buyers own terma
Are you Insured ?   It coata but little
-- and makes .you feel safer.   Insurance
insures sleep.
We represent only strong Britisli
Board Companies, and ahall be pleased
to tell you what It will cost you
whether you Insure or noL
Re the northwest quarter of Section
!5, Township 13, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certiil
cate of Title Number 10154F, issued
In the name of John Smith, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Ih hereby giTen that I shall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a daily newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be mado
to me fn writing. ,
C. S. KEITH,   ���
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New  Westminster, B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (95)
Flre, Accident, Piste Glass,
mobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Must sell half ah acre a few yards
from Sixth Street car line. East Bur
fiaby, for $1500; $500 cash, tulancs S,
.12 and 18 months.
Modern flve roomed bungalow en
(Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light
suid city water on premisea
Coldicutt Block. Faarth Avenue
tf��hone TIO. Ust ��u��aby. BA.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All  Work  Guaranteed.
541 Front 8treet      N'-- City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies an(VMen
46   Lorne   Street,   New   Westminster.
The most comfortable rooms In the
dty; hot and cold water and steam
adlator in each.
Finest wines and spirits dispensed
it the bar, and first class cafe run In
Phone   1116.
Carnar Front and Begbie Streets.
A Riddle Still Unsolved Is the Origin
ef the Ancient Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayas
snd Incas���The Enigma Thst Lurks
In Their Ruined Monuments.
"The Secret of the Paciflc" Is the
title of a book which den In wllb one
of (he grent mysteries of the world���
tbe origin of tbe aborigines of tbe Americas. The author-C. Ilegtnnld Enock.
F. it. O. S.���answers his own question, "Wbnt do we mean by the secret
of the Pacific?" thus:
���Set between the world's mightiest
oceans, tbe Pncillc nnd lhe Atlantic,
Ilea that greatest of uli Islands, tbe
twin continents of America. A great
mystery still shrouds these twin continents, a riddle sllll unread, for whose
solution the world may be said to bave
waited 400 years. What ls this my��
"History wlll hnve ns believe tbst
until the eud of the dftpeuib century
these grent sens had roared defiant, uncrossed by man. with the exception,
grudgingly admitted, of nome shadowy
nortliineu from Kurope, nnd that these
great continents hnve beeu unvlslted
ever since ihe world began. Yet scattered for thousands of miles throughout lhe forests and deserts of these !
twin continents are the ivmslns of civilized empires which' ouce flourished
there-lhe ruined temples, palaces,
pyramids and habitations of peoples
nud nations who rose, fell ami rose
ugnln ages before lhe caravels of the
vikings and tin* coiiipilstiidoros turned
their prows toward lhe setting sun.
"What I have ventured lo tprui the
secret nf the I'llrilh' Is the mystery surrounding Hit* ain-li'iit civilization of the
Americas, the homes of ttt* Toltecs,
Hip Aziee*. the Mayas, thp Incus and
their predecessors. What w.-is thplr
origin? What was lliplr connection
with each other? Had they nny link
with lhe old world? Did tbey in olden times draw Inspiration nnd knowledge from Asia, Kgypt, Babylon? If
not. and Ihey sprung unaided from
their own soil anil created their own
culture, whnt are or were the conditions of their Independent development?
"It hns Iippii my lot to traverse, at
lenst In part, those great regions of
North and Smith America forming the
western world which we hnve erroneously termed 'new'-lhe ancient
world of Amerlcn lipfore -Columbus.
M.v travels have takpn me ii|s>n the
trails of Cortes and Plznrro. trails
which In some ensps are almost as remote nnd difficult today ns thpy were
whpn flrst traversed hy the white man
from Kurope and the borse first ascended the Andes.
"But to these Journeying* we must
sdd other incursions through space
ind tline. both real ami conjectural,
which will take us from Mexico to
Kgypt. from IVru to Babylon, from ths
American shores to Ihp strange Islands
of Polynesia, l-'rnm those brand re-
pious where lhe Tnltec, the Aztec nnd
lhe. Incn flourished we must seek to
gather up those threads which some
bare conjectured lead to Asia.
"Whnt nre Ihe monuments left hr
these nnelent people^ nnd whnt are
lhe evidences of (heir civilizations?
For 4.000 miles or more they lle ii|ion
Ihe western American littoral and Cor-
dlllerss and seem to extend In Isolated
patches across the Paciflc ocean In a
northwest pnni to Asia, like vast stepping stones between the old world nnd
Ihe new. In the rock ratine* nnd
scorching means nf Arizons snd ('sli-
forrila. wildernesses whose trails were
flrst mapped out hy the.bones of hardy
rxplorers, nre the shnndnned habitations of the cliff dwellers.
"On the high slopes and tablelands
nf Mexico are strange pyramids and
mysterious courts snd quadrangles.
with enrved stone halls stout them, a
puzzle to the lieholder. In the dpnse
tropic forests of Yncntnn nre the sculptured facades of pnlncps nml pyramid
temples of exceeding beauty nnd Ingenuity, ruined and nhniidoneil nr mr-
rounded herp and there hv ttie wattle
buts of half snvnge Indians
"In Central Aniprlcn sculptured
Melne of grent lipaul.v and peculiar!!}
protrude strangely from Hip jungle.
while fnr mvnv lielow the equator.
Blmig Hip Scorching const line ul I'eru
snd amid the bleak taliiclauils anil
snow crowned mimes of the a mips.
are cunningly wrought temples and nil-
pregnable fortresses, which couid only
harp bppn fashioned under the mnn
dates of ruthless new worlrtjphnraorts
or devout American Solomons.
"In Hip .Mexican desserts nml bv the
watprs of the mystprloiis Lnkp Titles
rn of the Incas 1 tie sun god nnd the
moon god held swnv, snd centuries ago
unnumbered nnclpiit worshlpprs rnlsed
great temples to the 'unknown tind.
"Deepening the mystery still, there
arise strnfige and grim upon sniltnry
sen girt I'ncllic Islands In the truck of
tiie setting sun colossal Images nnd
fortresses whose origin no man can
conjecture. Here, In brief, nre the
chapters, written In stone, nf some
great nnd |ierhnps universal hlsfory-a
history which so far we have not been
able to Inscribe In the general plnn of
humnn record. This, then, ls the S��
cret of the Pnclflc."
Thi Proud and Independent, Yet Al-
ways Charming, Geisha of Japan.
The geisha arose naturally out of
ihe peculiar citiditions ol Japanese
civilization. In u country where
Confucianism so restricted women
��� hat it \\&z not considered proper (or
them to uppear ut gay or public
functions as the companions of men
the need of tlie eternul feminine was
nevertheless fell, as a waitress, if for
on other reason; and if a waitress
was necessary, why should she not
be a womnn of grace and accomplishments? Moreover, the house of the
average Japanese gentleman was on
too small a scale to become a convenient place fpr comfortably banqueting in, so thnt the host usually
had to tnke his guests to a restaurant,
where the company was naturally
waited on by the maids of the establishment.
Men and women do not dance in
real Japanese society. All dancing
is by women*, and the geisha is the
ideal exponent of the art
The dancing of the geisha is nn art
of a high order; and no one who has
witnessed it can regard it as otherwise than a lu rmless if not aesthetic
form   of   entertainment.     Then   the
?:eisha combines with her capacity
o: entertainment the further essential of waitr.'s;. Aa a waitress she
is perfection. Thus she is a person
of numerous accomplishments. She
can dance, sing, play the sumisen.
chut, tell stories, and smooth the way
for genial conversation in a manner
thnt gives a Japanese feast its most
enduring chnrm.
The Japanese geisha is, then, a pro-
/essional waitress and entertainer.
She is th�� outcome of thnt advanced
state of society which marks a careful
division vif lubor. She is a professional and really artistic medium of social
intercourse. Without her Japanese
gatherings would lose much of their
vivacity and pleasing abandon. Endowed as the geisha is with more
lhan the ordii;a-y share of personal
attractions, elegant nnd accomplished
in all the arts of society, she is popular among all classes, though not un-
naturally she is a source of nnxiety
to elders and of temptation to youth.
If she falls it is the fault of the men
who should protect her. and her imperfections are not greater or more
glaring than those of the actress ami
other professional entertainers of tlie
Just as in Europe nnd America lhe
actress and the music ha'.l singer or
dancer are fciven a lighter name than
they really deserve, so has tin- geisha
suffered in Jnpan. But her character
depends upon herself and her companions, just as the character of other
women does. True, she is more exposed than otlier women in Jnpan;
���hat is because the mothers of the
nation must he protected from public
gossip und dangerous associations;
but the gefsha is not more exposed
than the women of Kurope who attend
balls and other gayeties of the season.
The men whom the geisha meets nn
not less desirable than many who
dance with the wives and daughter!
of the west during an evening hop.
The geisha does not attain unto lvr
superior nccomplislimsnts naturally
or by accid'iit. She lias to undergo
n life-long course of training. If :i
man intends Hs daughter to become
a geisha, he must send her to lbe
geisha schools as early as 7 years f
age. Then she mu<t remain uritil
womanhood, undergoing daily practice
in singing, dancing and mu/ic. She
learns to become a sort oi oners singer; for she must lie able to tell nn
interesting episode or a thrilling tnle
in song or dance, to the strains of the
samisen, often being her own accompanist. After she enters upon her
career it is very diflieult to qui!, unless by good fortune some wealthy
lover mnrries her, whieh not infrequently happens. The wives of some
quits prominent persons in Japan
were once geisha.
Looking Out fer  Number Ons.
Sydney had heen given some dis- ,
carded millinery with which to amuse j
herself. She trimmed a marvelous ,
looking hat nnd so arranged it thst a '
long red ostrich plume hung straight
down from the front of the brim, over I
her liaby face. !
"Come here, Sydney," said her
mother. "Let me tacit that feath.'r
back out of your eyes."    . j
"Oh, no, mother! I want it that .
way go I cun see it myself. Host al- i
ways only other people cun see the j
feathers on my hats."
The Turk.
The Turk practices no trade, engage*
fn no commerce. They have n proverb
which says, "The Frank has science,
V: American commerce, the Otmanli
majesty." But, ss majestv won't fill
stomachs, those who do n t serve ss
Solders . tri V2 to become functionaries,
ami t'e men <>f the Mil fll I villages,
fading In this. Hn nothing, and the
work of the fields and house falls upon lb> should rs 'd Hie women. One
chronicle Mates List occasionally the
man of the house crochets a stocking
or minds the b.hy fcr a short period.
How Tailors Sew on Buttons.
Tailors double tlieir thread used to
sew on buttons and make a knot and
hold the knot in the teetli while they
twist tiie thread. Then they wax it,
and that keeps it twisted. 'I hen thev
put a pin across the button, and after the b"tlons hi^ sewed on they
remove tic pn ard wind the thread
around several times, making a kind
of stem. This makes it more easy
to hutton the (jHfmrftt, The buttons
on Children's wnists should l>e sewed
on this wnv so more than one garment
can be buttoned on the same waist.
37 ACRES alder bottom land, exceptionally good quality. 1 mile
from Milne's Station. $150 per
acre, on terms.
A Safe Bet.
Yens��--They do say when a imp's
ears arc red that somebody is talking
about him.
Crimsonbenk ���Yes. and h.t can het
| that somebody's talking about him if
his nose  is red.
He Is not only Idle who does nothing,
but he Is Idle who might be better em-
ployed. ��� Sgerate*.
Hs Told Her.
Teacher���Willy, can you tell me the
difference between caution  and cow-
i ardicc?
Willy���Yes, ma'am.   When you are
i afraid yourself that is   caution,   but
j when the other fellow's afraid that's
Result of Plot to Cauae Downfall    of
Ottoman Cabinet���Conditions at
I^ondon, Nov. 20.���Both Ottoman
and foreign interests ln Constantinople, while awaiting the publication
there of definite news regarding tht
progress of the war are chiefly concerned In the large number of arrests
of politicians and writers belonging to
the party of union and progress.
According to a special despatch
from the Turkish capital, the Ottoman
government, ' through a local press
agency, has issued a statement that
only. forty arrests have been mado
and that the sole reason for these
was the organization of a demonstration by university students in front of
the government offices on October 7.
Diplomatic circles, however, attribute the arrests to a very different
reason. They believe they were due to
the. nomination hy the Sultan, at the
behest of the Unionists of Mahmound
Shttfket Pasha as inspector-general of
the army. This action was intended to
cause the fall of the Ottoman cabinet.
Servia has yielded to the Austrian
demand that an official from the
Austro-Hungarian ministry of foreign
aaffirs should be allowed to proceed
to Prlsrend to investigate the complaint by the Austrian consul there
that he had been hindered by the Servians in the performance bf his duties.
All the reports emanating from
Turkish sources alleging that the
Turkish troops had gained victories
over the Bulgarians along the line
of fortifications at Catalja are said
to be untrue by the Bulgarian war Office tnrt��v.
The Bulgarian troopa operating be- j
fore tbe line of fortifications defending Constantinople at Catalja havi
received orders to cease firing and
merely to hold the positions they hav-;
won, as negotiations have been begun *
for the conclusion of an arntlstice at
the request of Turkey.
Bennett Burleigh's Story.
London, Nov. 20.'���-Bennett Burleigh,
the noted war   correspondent  of  ths
Dally    Telegraph,    wiring    Monday,.
says: I
"I   witnessed  the  bombardment  of (
the Adrlanople forts to the east an.i I
north of the city. The firing was not
heavy, but accurate.    The   besiegers
are not attempting to break or destroy ,
the city, but are devoting their atten-
tlon solely to the demolition of thi.
Turkish forts. The works ln the east- j
ern and southern section of Adrlanople are easily within reach of tbo
Bulgarian     gun     position.      Prom
Hademkeul to the south, tbs artillery
might leave  Fort  Mlnarits and  the
Mosque of Sellm II., but thus far no |
corner of that or other well-known^
landmarks has been struck. -  (
"The Bulgarians are addressing
themselves to tbe Turkish works on
which many iuterlinea of trenches and
bastions have been constructed. The |
bombproofs are legion. The Turka
have artfully concealed their gun positions and most of their Ore ls delivered from batteries securely hidden'
far behind tbe front.
"They must have worked very bard
and skillfully to construct such a
honeycombing of the terrain around
Adrianople. But irresistibly tbe Bulgarians are advancing���always contracting their steel baiter. The Turks
again attempted a sortie to the eastward. Fighting desperately they
strove to harass the enemy, but this
Bulgarian gunners and Infantry
brought them back Into Adrlanople.
They left rows of dead. The Bulgarians were able to follow them up and
moved their lines of attack still closer
lo the ponderous mass of ramparts,
bastions and trenches.
Greeks snd Bulgars.
London, Nov. 20.���The Salodlkl correspondent of tho Tines says that
the relations between the Greeks and
Bulgarians are far from amicable.
"The fact," he says, "that more ser
ous developments have not occurred
is due to the pacific intervention of
the Bulgarian minister to France, Dr.
3tancoff, who Is now attached to the
staff of Crown Prince Boris. When
lhe Greeks entered the city, three col-
inins of Bulgarians had apprpaohed
within striking distance. The Bulgarians began a battle with the Turks
at Avail and pursued the enemy to
within two miles of 8alonlkl.
"An envoy sent to demand the surrender of the place found the Greeks
'n possession. The Greeks refused to
allow the Bulgarians to enter the
town, with the result that the Crown
Prince and his brother, Prince Cyril,
were compelled to Bleep under a
hridge at Avail.
"The Bulgarians then sent an ultimatum to the Greeks, threatening to
enter the town forcibly. The Greeks
abandoned their position and nfter
waiting 24 hours, fdr the entrance of
King George? the Bulgarians and Sei
vlana were permitted within the walls.
The Greeks express discontent with
the actions of the Bulgarians ln the
town after the occupation, but the
latter claim that they were on ths
spot and could have entered at the
same time.
i "The Turkish commander supports
the Bulgarian assertion, maintaining
that although the surrender papers
were drawn up November 8, they were
not signed until November 9 and that
during Friday night the Turks wero
still in the entrenchments.
"Unpleasant incidents between tho
two services have been frequent.
Their relations have been complicated
by trouble over a locomotive which
waa driven from Serres by a Bulgarian officer, and by placing of sentries by the Greeks to guard Serres
which had been captured by the Bulgarians. The Bulgarians suspect tbat
the Greeks are endeavoring to Interfere \vith the transport of their food
supply, thus giving the Greeka an excuse for their retirement from Salonikl, owing to the difficulties over the
commissariat. The allies also have
quarrelled over the occupancy of the
Mosque of St. Sofia by the Bulgarians.
On two occasions the Greeks have attempted to seize the mosque, on th-3
ground that the Bulgarians wished to
dedicate it to their church. The Bulgarians declared that they only wished to use it as a barracks.
rf Annoyance has been caused by tin
Bulgarians by the appointment cf
Prince Nicholas as a military commandant. The Bulgarians desired
only to recognize the authority of
their own general. The two occupy-
iny armies are about equal tn
Justice Goff Announces That Men Will
Come Up Next Week���Recorda
New York, Nov. 20.���Sentences of
death on the four gunmen convicted
vesterday of murdering Herman Rosenthal will be pronounced by Justic ���
'Goff on November 26, he announced
today when the prisoners were arraigned before him. After sentence is
passed, the men will be taken to
Sing Sing, where Former Police Lieutenant Charles Becker Is awaiting
death for Instlgatiug the shooting.
The pedigrees of the gunmen were
taken today at the arraignment:
"Whltey" Lewis said his real name
was Frank Sldenschue. He was bora
ln .Russia, la 2* years old and a bookbinder by trade. Both his parent
are alive. He bas served two Jail sea
ten ccs.
"Dago   Frank"   gave   his    corre
name as Frank Clroflci. 27 years oU
a native of Italy and a steamfltter
occupation.    He haa served one Jaa
term and described himself as a mod-1
erate drinker.
"Lefty Louie" aald he was chrls
tened Louts Rosenburg, was 21 years
old, a native of Austria and married.
Hla vocation was salesmanship, be
satd. He waa temperate and bad aerved one Jail sentence.
"Gyp the Blood" was recorded as
Harry Horowiti, a clerk. 24 years
old, a native of New York City, married and temperate.
The stale's informers, Rose. Vallon,
Weber and Schepps, who bave beeu
held In prison during the trial, will be
released this afternoon. The district
attorney agreed today that there was
no further need of keeping them- behind the bars. It ls thought tbey wilt
jpavG tho city.
William Shapiro, driver of the "murder car" Jointly Indicted with tbe gunmen and Backer, also will go free. In
return for his testimony for tbe state,
the district attorney's office wlll move
that thc indictment agalnat htm bi
Of the seven indicted for tbe Rosenthal murder, this leavea but om
defendant to be tried. He Is Jaok Sullivan, "King of the Newsboys."
Military Prisoners Who Escsped Wsnt
Four Daya Without Food or Water.
San Francisco, Nov. 20.���Thomas F.
Raney and Michael Mullln, the military prisoners who sawed their way
obt of cells tn the army prison on Al-
catraz Island and were supposed to
have escaped on a raft Saturday
night, were found on tile island early
today. The men had burrowed a cave
beneath a pile of driftwood on the
narrow beach where they had Uld for
four days, half covered with slime,
and without a morsel of food or a
drop of water.
Realizing that Raney was dying,
Mullln crawled out last night to get
water. A sentry saw him and gave,
lhe alann. Obeying Mullln's weak-
voiced directions, the guards soon dug
Raney from the cave. His condition
was desperate and Mullln also needed
medical attention.
The convicts came from Leavenworth penitentiary with bad records
and were confined ln the dungeon
here for refusing to work. When*
they secured the saws or files to out
their way out of the pells Satjird*p
night Is not known.
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Great  Enthusiasm   Shown at  London
'    '   -*���* I    *P ���
Meeting���Canadians Unanimous
In   Their   Opposition.
London. Nov. 20.���Great enthusiasm
attended the moetlng in the campaign
of protest against the Ne Temere Decree by the World's Evangelical Alliance this evening In the vast new
Central Hall at Westminster. Tbe
ball was taxed to its utmost capac-
-Ky; the chair waa occupied by l*rd
Klnnaird, and he was supported by
Dr. Hincks, of Toronto; Dr. Montgomery, Presbyterian moderator. In
Ireland; Rev. Chancellor' Q'Connor,
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin; Rev.
Webb Pepploe; Sir Robert PerkSi Sir
RobeK ' Andersoh and Revi�� Fuller
Dr. Hhicks, whose address was
awaited with special Interest, moved **.
���resolution which expressed sympathy
with the Protestants of the' Dominion
in their determination to resist, the
papal decree and prevent Its legal eh-,
forcement. Dr. Hincks aald the Canadian Proteatant3 were absolutely unanimous against the decree.
After citation of several Instances
where the decree's operation .caused
hardship under the marriage laws In
Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario, the
speaker went on to aay that Canada
was at the present moment < passing
through her critical period In the
unification ht racSa. creeds and people. The people ot Canada were determined to haVs ultimately one unl-
form marriage law. No government
oould refuse the united requeat and
no political party could survive, six
months which openly endorsed this
infamous decree, yet today Romanism
on the banks of the St. Lawrence was
stronger than on the banks of the
Tiber In Italy. .
Dr. Hincks afterwards showed that
the main reason of the objection of
the German Bmperor to the papal decree waa tbat he had the aame prob
lem for Germany which the Dominion
had, namely, the unification of the
different sects, and. to a certain extent, different *nces. His appeal to
the audience waa received with the
greatest enthusiasm, thekreeolutlon be-
' ing carried unanimously.
Sir Robert Parks, who followed Dr.
Hincks, proposed the following reso-
.  lution, which was adopted:
"That as His Majesty's Government
takes no action to protect the civil
and religious rlghta of HIb Majesty's
subjects who contract legal marriages.
this meeting calls'upon the Imperial
Parliament to take steps to give the
neoessary relief to those who. while
lawfully married, are subjected t<? sufferings In consequence of the terms
of the Ne Temere Decree."
> ���        -t
Druggists Also Come Under Ban for
Using  Mails to  Advertise  lllecal
Washington, Nov. 20.���Postoffice ln
spectors aud United States marshals
tn 72 leading cities of tbe country be
gan today practically simultaneoua
raids for tbe arrest of 173 persons
charged with using the mails to promote criminal medical practices or
"the aale of drugs and instruments
used for Illegal purposes. '
Chicago. Nov.   20;���Ten   more   arrests were made here today by postal.
inspectors in a nation-wide movement.
against doctors and persons advertising methods conducive   to race   sui-1
cide.   It was declared raids were being made simultaneously all over tho
country.   Tbe-SpeciBe charge against
the persons accused is using the lhall*
in connection with,a bualneas under
the ban of the government..
Seattle, Nov. 20���Df. James Gor-
don Stewart and T>r. John Dunlay, Indicted for Illegal use of the malls,
were arrested today and released on
$3000 ball. Federal officers are seeking live other "specialists" to arreat
them. One of them, a Woman, Is said
to have got a hint of her Indictment
and fled.   She cannot be found.
Spokane, Nov. 20.���Dr. Mary Sch-
arU, a graduate midwife, and W. G.
Murgltroyd, a wealthy druggist, were
arrested by federal officers today on
charges of using the malls to convey
lnflhnatlon relating to illegal practices. United States marshals are
searching for flve other pharmacists
and doctors In Spokane and vicinity
charged with similar offences.
Peoria, ill,, Nov. 20.���Albert Zimmerman, proprietor of qne of the
city's leading drug stores was arreat-
od todav-by United States Marshal
Black, in connection with the simultaneous raids being made throughout
the country. He gave bond fbr his
appearance at the April term of the
Federal Court here.
Pittsburg, Nov. 20.���Women must
give up either bridge or babies, the
two Sre Incompatible, declares John
Drew, who ls appearing here thia
week. "A woman can not devote herself to bridge playing, and at the same
time perform her maternal duties,
says Mr. Drew. Bridge certainly is a
cause of race suicide. In Bngland the
bridge erase has become so violent,
thev tell me. It Is actually hurting thu
business bf the theatres."
Mania: Who Tried to Blow Up Police
Station Waa Working for
Higher  Wages.
Los Angeles, Nov. 20.���Strapped to
a cot in the Receiving Hospital, Carl
Warr, the German pattern maker, whi*
terrorized the Central police station
yesterday by threatening to destroy
the building with an infernal machine
unless Paul Shoup, president of the
Paciflc Klectric Company waa brought
to him, told a weird tale today.
"I didn't want to hurt anyone about
the police station," declared Warr.
"All 1 was after was the head of the
Pacific Electric. I did not eren know
his name vvas Paul Shoup until after
I was arrested. 1 did not eyea want
to hnrt hipi. i merely w*s going to
Shaw hah my-machine and ttjll him i
waa going to blow him up unlea? he
raised the wages of bis workmen and
otherwise Improved tlieir condition.
"If he had given me^ hia promise to
do so as 1 wanted I wobld bave re-'
leased him. Tf he had failed rae later,
1 would have cornered him again and
either would have forced him to do as
I wanted, or would have killed him.
"I figured that the best way to get
him to promise to do what I wanted
waa to go to the polio* station and
get the officers to co-operate With mo
in order to save tbeir own Ures.
"I had intended to. blow them all
to pieces at any attempt to thwart
me. They were fools to try to capture me. If they had been killed It
would have been no fault ot miae."
Cabinet Makes Appointment and Will
Have Two  More  (eaU to Fill
When Upper Houae Meets.
Province Would Have Companies Aet
Csse Go Over for. Another Session.
Ottawa, Out., Nov. 20.���The question relating ,to the Jurisdiction of the
provincial legislatures In incorporating companies to be submitted to thr
Tuesday court on Tuesjjay next havo
been defined as follows:'
1. Whether finder the terms of the
British North America set.a province
has power to incorporate companies to
carry on bualneas outside the borders
of the province. f
2. Whether a company incorporated by the Dominion must comply with
the extra provincial licensing of the
foreign companies act, which Are now
lu force In all the provinces but one,
and which require Dominion companies to submit to what ls practically
tantamount to a reincorporation nnder provincial laws,      .'
��� A postponement w the case wlll he
aaked for by the provinces tad an ap-
pllcoi'cn made to have some of thi'
questions amended. ..���
, Tbe postponement ls almost certain
to be granted.
Ottawa, Nov. 20,���It  ls  understood
j that at thia afterncona sitting of the
Cabinet aix new senators from  Nova
Scotia were created as follows:
Mr. Nathaniel Curry, of Amherst,
N. S., In place of the late Senator McKay.
air. W. B. Ross, K. C, of Middleton.
N. S., In place of the late Senator
Mr. B. L. Gerrolr, M. P. P���- of Antigonish, ln .he place of the late Senator Comeau.
Mr. Wflllam Dennis, of Halifax, tn
place of the late Senator W. Roaa.
Dr. William McKay, of Reserra
Mines, C. B., former Conservative
leader in NdVa Scotia, ln place of the
late Senator Miller.
Dr. P. C. Murphy, of. Tignlsh, P. E.
I., in place of the late Senator Ferguson. *
The six gentlemen elevated to the
Senate are all weft known in the industrial, professional or political life
Of Canada. Mr. Curry ia head of the
Canada Car ft Foundry Company, snd
one of tbe founders of the Rhodes tt
Curry Works. He was president of
the Csnadiaa Manufacturers' Association last year.
Mr. Dennla la editor and proprietor
of tbe Halifax Herald. Mr. Ross is a
prominent lawyer ot Middleton, formerly of Halifax. Mr. Gerrolr is a lawyer and local member for Antigonish.
Dr. McKay wss former leader of tbe
Opposition ln the Nova Scotia Legislature. Div- Murphy is another well-
known physician and wss the unsuccessful candidate for the Commons in
Prince at the last general election.
The vacancy caused by fhe death of
Senator Macdonald atlll remains to be
filled. There will he another vacancy
M soon ss the Senste meets ss Senator Sullivan, of Kingston, Ku not heen
tn *Hpt"tRT<*e for two yesrs tnd wfll
automatically forfeit his seat. When
all tho sonotntments have' hem made
the Liberal majority win bs reduced
to 30. ;
fl ���������     " '        i
vi    n.   vviiii.i  vv.m.1    Tenders addressed to the underslgn-
  '       ] ed at Ottawa, and   endorsed   on   tho
AnsrAlmwk        "Tondav        fn*        nn        ttO        tr\r\tt
Unwilling   to   Leave   Saloniki    Until
Ships Commander Appears���Surprises Officers.
Embsrro Only on flax.
Ottawa, Nor. 20.���It Is learned In
Ottawa that the embargo which tho
C. P. R. has placed on shipments to
the head of the lakes applies only to
flar. As soon as word of the embargo wss received Abe grain com-
ml��s'.oncr made an Investigation. It
was claimed by the C. P. R. that the
handling of the flax was preventing
the rapid movement of the wheat Mia
It was to facilitate the movement of
the wheat that the embargo tfas put
Paris, Nov. 20.���M. Lauzanne, in an
article in the Matin, gives details of
tbe difficulties encountered In inducing ex-Sultan Abdul Hamid to leave
Salonikl aboard the German guanfl
ship Lorelei. ���
At flrat he flatly refused, but svihen
the commander of the Lorelei, hi the
uniform of the German navy, was
ushered into his presence, the Italian's
tone of defiance fagged.
"I have every confidence," he said,
"In the loyalty and friendship of the
Kaiser. Under such auspices I will
follow you all over the world.'"
The- ex-Sultan provided a surprise
to those on board the ship. It was
generally supposed tbat he had fallen
Into' a condition bordering on idiocy,
but be displayed, instead a remarkably accurate knowledge ttt affairs.
More over, although Abdul Hamid, all
through life, waa never ante to speak
more than twenty worda of French, he
began to apeak French not only with
accuracy, but with sn extraordinary
accent , .
"Two bad wars In the same yesr.
That lt ls a good deal," he remarked
He was very curious to kaow Whether
Sir Conan. Doyle was sttB amusing the
world wtth the exploits of Sherlock
Holmes. These stories were tho only
ones thst erer appealed te him.
"Conan Doyle." he aald, "would
hare made s magnificent AMT of pa
He begged the commander of the
Lorelei to convey his personal remembrances and thanks to Umperor
William for the consideration and attention shown him on thn voyage aad
gsrs each officer a diamond vln or a
gold cigarette case, studded with diamonds. :- 't >
When the voyage ended aet Verier
Bay, Abdul refused to occupy fhe pal
aee itself, the palace which, tn days
cone hy, had sheltered an lhaprces of
France, but decided to be 1b#sM ln
ths small pavilion adjoining It
On losing that one of ths efteers
of the guard for whom he had a oertaln liking had been osfled away So
his sick wife, he remarked on hearing
of the man's distress:
MAh. well, the poor fellow haa oal*
one wife. Whst would he do If he lift
ten; as I have?"
envelope "Tender tor an 82 toot
Launch" will be received up to noon,
Ninth Day of December, 1912,
tor the construction of a Gasole 10-
Laaach for the Fishery Patrol Service,
ia the Province of British Colnmbia..
of tke following leading dimensions,.
LengTi overall 82 feet
Length at waterline..76 fe��t-
baata ......    U teet..
Draft 5 feet 9 In.
engines   are   to   be   each six
four cycle 8x10 inch standard
If a the Wark.
Use Your Phene.
specifications can be pro-
application from the Chief
inspector of Fisheries, New Westmlnater, ac. Inspector of Fisheries,
Nanaimo. K. B. Schook, Vancouver,,
aad fane the Agent of this Department at Victoria. B.C.
Each leader must be accompanied
by aa accepted cheque on a chartered
fsaafllan hank equal to ten per cent.
(19 px.) of the whole amount of the--
lander, which cheque will be forfeited".
if the enccessful tenderer declines to -
enter lato a contract or falls to coos- -
plete the boat in accordance "with the
Cbeqaea accompanying unsuccesafti* -
adera wfll be returned.
Tbe Department does not bind Itself '
to accept the lowest or any tender.
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from the Da>
wfll not be paid fer same.
Deputy Minister of Msrlne antt
it of Marine and Fisheries^
Ottawa. October SO, lilt
Gardiner & Mercer
MUM. a*.
M ����� Hamilton tt.
���eptlo Tanks, nse
, LAAftr work ipyn *����iAvty. v It
���21 Clarkson Strstt M*aa��ft.-'K��.
saaraatsed.   Bstlaatae
Phone 4HMflMMW0HMH
*  '
Published every morning except
Snnday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office,
<3 McKenzie Street, New Westmln-
niter R C
Business Office  999
Kditorial Office   991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
naontbs. or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per year, or 25c per
No lettera will be published in the
Mews except over the writer's signature. The editor reserves the right
to refuse tne publication of any letter.
���        ��������� .IM. m       *
Today the centre cf interest to all
Canadians shifts from Southeastern
Kurope to the parliament house upon
the banks of the Ottawa river, for al
last the day has come upon which
the elected representatives of the people meet in conclave.
Never within living memory has so
great an interest been in evidence re
.carding the opening of parliament
the reason being that Premier Borden
will today make known his proposals
���oonccrning Canada's contribution to
the naval defence of the empire.
What form those proposaVs may
take no man may now state with certainty, but we do know that today the
��ycs of thc world, as well as those of
Canada, are watching intently for
some tangible indication of the spirit
with which the greatest of tlie domin
Ions will fall in line with her sister
dominions and dspendencies in this
most vital issue.
There have been rumors of a direct
^emergency contribution and an announcement to this effect will probably be made, bul from the time whicii
has elapsed since the government assumed the reins of power, we should
think that tliere will also be outlined
some permanent naval policy to bo
pursued in future. *
lt should be clearly understood by
the hypercritical champions cf thai
much misused word "autonomy" tha'
an autonomous nation, i.e. one that
has the power or right of self government, can do as it will with its own,
and therefore by giving emergency or
any otlier aid to the motherland.
Canada is merely exercising he."
work, laying the foundation for a general campaign for the Improvement of
farming methods throughout the Dominion,
Probably none of the efforts of agricultural reformei-3 are fraught witli
greater hope than those who preach
the gospel of co-operation. Already
in Canada much has been accomplished by the banding together of farmers to market their products. They
learn how to place their wares more'
profitably on the market, and they acquire better methods of production.
The basic principle of all such organizations is tho grading of the articles for sale, and this tends to bring
the enterprising producer ap to the
level of him who is abreast of the
best methods of the day. This principle has already been of great benefit in the fruit trade and in a lesser
degree in the cheese and butter trade
in this country. It Is the foundation
of the success of Danish butter in
Great Britain, and it is w iely applied
all over Europe.
Land credit banks are widespread
and successful in countries so unlike
as Germany and Italy, and they finance farmers on easy terms and to
an extent that Is quite impossible under our system. It is the success of
this movement that had led to the report of the United States ambassador
at Paris, and it is quite possible that
both ourselves and our American cousins can learn something in this regard from the agriculturists of Europe.���Montreal Star.
��� ���
��� FROM   THE   SEVEN   SEAS.    ���
��� ���
native* in the Salisbury district,
Rhodesia. \* Is stated that the murders extend over a period from December, 1908, to July, 1911, and sensational evidence is anticipated. The
C. I. D. has been working on the casa
for some time, and has   finally sue-
Some consideration has lately been | ceeded in piecing together the details
('Continued from page one)
Granted lliat war ls the ultimate
barbarity of human relations, grant-
fid that it is a frightful waste, a saturnalia of cruelty and destructive-
ness, granted that the rule of force is
anti-Christian and vicious both in ita
existence and its effects; granted that
all this and more is true.   What then?
It is possible for us to aay we will
have no more of it? Can we beat our
spears into pruning hooks? We may
if we do not care for our liberties, if
we are not solicitous over the freedom of thought which British rule
has brought us���that very freedon
which permits us to formulate opinions on war and preach them to all.
We of British stock are not satisfied
with repressive bureaucratic government, with miscroscopic police surveillance and with a hundred other
peculiarities which can be found in
European countries other than Great
Britain. We prize our history, our
story of benevolent rule, our pages of
achievement in the world. Other nations may share the hatred for war
which is engendered in a British country such as Canada. The millenium
lags. We cannot hurry It by posing
as def�� nceless victims. The nation
in arms is still the nation which wins
thc world's respect and is enabled to
��do its work without undue Interference���Toronto News.
across Mr. Lennard's old property and
Councillor Atkin's present property.
The owners of the properties on the
Brunette road not acquired by the G.
N. R. company are in violent apposition to the deviation proposal. They
have petitioned against the proposed
divergence cf the road and will b^
represented ln opposition at the sitting of the railway commission. They
state that their interests in the
matter have been completely ignored.
In consequence of their complaint
that they have been so neglected and
that their properties would be materially depreciated by the mucn
longer distance they would have to
traverse to get to the North road and
thence to New Westminster a special
committee of the Coquitlam council
met the aggrieved proprietors on the
: ground last Monday.
I    There were present representing the
I Coquitlam council Reeve Mars, Councillors Morgan, Langan, U. J. C. Atkins, Hawthorne, ' Ith J. H. Kilmer,
engineer, P. Mclntyre, solicitor, und
J. Smith, municipal clerk.
The opposing proprietors explained
that the proposed deviation was
against their material interests and
the G. N. Tt. company had made no
effort to consult their convenience or
offered any compensation  for the al
I leged depreciation cf their holdings
The council replied that their inter
ests would not be neglected, but de
spite that assurance the deputation
lias decided to be specially represented.   They   resent   the action of   the
railway company in arbitrarily laying', the Government, will be adopted,
plans for such an Important alteration
I especially, as it is alleged, the lands
were acquired by the representations
of their purchasing the holdings for
relatives as ranches and posing as a
benevolent old gentleman in quest of
good works.
Thc deputation were Messrs. Runcorn, A. Brehaut, Coreau and Campbell brothers.
given by the Australian Federal Cabinet to th�� name which the capital
will bear. "Shakespeare," "Burns,'
and "Paciflca" have been*picked out
from a host of suggestions, among
which ia the freak name "Qualesorla,"
a combination of the names of several
states. It Is likely that ths naming
of the capital will take place at ths
foundation ceremony.
It is announced by the Minister for
Defence (Senator the Hon. G. F.
Pearce) that it has been decided to
send Colonel J. Wallace, Chief of Ordnance, to Great Britain to study the
latest developments ln regard to fortifications. He will be away from Aus
tralia for six months.
It is reported that Government
House, which has figured prominently
of late in connection with the so-
called "ejectment" of the Governor-
General, will be occupied ln future by
the State Governor.
Lord Chelmsford's resignation has
been received with universal regret
in New South Wales. The appointment
of Sir Gerald Strickland, who has
gained great popularity ln Tasmania
and Western Australia, as Lord
Chelmsford's successor, Is regarded as
an entirely suitable selection.
Mr. Sam Allen, of Melbourne, who
has just returned from a visit to the
United States, says he has succeeded
in persuading business men in the
United States that it Is a good propo
sition to breed and kill kangaroos for
the sake of their tails and skins.
Protests are being made in commercial circles ln Perth, Western Aus
tralia, with regard to the provisions
of the Navigation Bill, now before the
Federal Parliament, which exclude ex
ternal mall steamers from partlcipat
ing In the coastal trade.
At the Townsville Provincial Synod
the Bishop of North Queensland mov
ed a series of motions dealing with
the freedom of the Church of England in Australia. The first three mo
tlon were agreed to. Number one motion asserted the general principle of
the autonomy of national churches in
the wordi of the Lambeth Conference
lhe second asserted that the Austral
ian Church should be autonomous, and
able to act effectively in fnatters concerning Australia, and should remain
in full communion with the Church in
England. The third resolution ex
pressed the belief that the .dioceses
in the various States must seek relief from the'.r legal nexus with the
establishment In England through th
various State Legislatures.
The debate on the Bill providing for
the electrification of the suburban railways in the Melbourne district is proceeding. The rremler, the Hon. W. A.
Watt, in the course of the discussion,
described the Government's policy a.^
of vital importance. Some opposition
is being manifested by country mem
bers, but it Is anticipated that the Bill
aill be passed, and that the electriflca
tlon scheme formulated by Mr. Merz
the consulting electrical engineer   to
of some fearful crimes.
Agriculture appears to be coming
into hi r own. Ever since we escaped
from the nomadic age, tlie human race
lias bei n dependent on agricultirro for
its daily bread, but for all that it lias
��� SO far received comparutievly little
attention, It is true tliat wc hav-i
made BOrne progress over the methods
Ol four thousand years ago, a little
even over the methods of a century
But no one, who is at all familiar
with the recent history of tills fundamental art, would for a moment contend thnt we are yet getting anything
like an adequate return from the soil.
In fact, it was only the other day that
Professor Robertson told us that with
proper methods we could double our
annual returns from our tilled fields.
Still the goddess of Agriculture
ought to feel that she is being a little
less .peglected than she used to be.
For many years intensive methods
have been in vogue in certain parts of
the old world, and efforts have beei.
made to organise agriculture on a
fcuainoHs basis. And now Bome- of
these methods are likely to be trans
planted to this continent.
Only the other day the American
ambassador at i'aris sent horae a report on co-operation among the farm
-era of Europe, n report which Is ex-
pectefl t') r<-��nlt in the adoption of
more up-to-date methods among American farmers. For, be it noted, In
agricultural methods It Is not Europe
'but America whlph Is effete. Our own
.Minister cf Agriculture, too, ls hard at
Toronto   Carpenter    Finished    Eating
Breakfast When Arrested.
Toronto. Nov. 20.���With the arrest
of Percy Kemp, a carpenter of 270
Avenue road, by four detectives in a
Mutual street boarding house, the flve
day search for the assailant of Mrs.
CecIIie Schreck, 20 Hansford road
ended this morning.
Since Friday morning when the
womnn staggered into a neighboring
house, bleeding from terrible wounds
Inflicted by a broken axe handle, the
police have been working to locate
her brutal assailant and it was fearel
he had managed to escape from th-j
Kemp took his arrest coolly and
finished the breakfast he was eating
when the officers entered. Taken to
headquarters, he resolutely refused to
make any statement except to his
counsel. When arraigned he neither
elected nor pleaded and was remand
ed until November 27.
A report from the general hospital
states that Mrs. Schreck tt progress
Ing favorably toward recovery, but it
Is scarcely thought that she will be
well enough to give evidence next
Burned by His Whlsl'.ers,
Mlddletown, N.Y., Nov 20, A spark
from' the pipe of John E. Gel son, i
farmer, SO years of age, who was
smoking today In the yard of h's
home at (Jreenvllle, r.ear here. Ignited
hiB long whiskers. The flames spread
to his clothing and lie was burned to
New Zealand.
Parliament has decided to invite ap
plications in Great Britain for the
post of general manager of the New
Zealand Government Railways, whicn
was rendered vacant by the resigna
tion of Mr. Thomas Ronayne.
A Bill permitting persons occupying
State lands as leaseholders to beconv-
the owners of the freehold of thei -
properties has been passed by Parlia
Women relatives of the strikers a'.
the Waihi mine have   been   behaving
��� riotously, and  the strike cannot yet
be said to have   ended,   though   the
workers are gradually returning.
By sixty votes to five the House of
Representatives has thrown out a motion to reduce an Item of the Defence
Estimates of ��456,388, as "an indlca
tlon that anyone may put forward a
conscientious objection to the military
training provided he was willing to
render some equivalent non-military
The scarcity of womeii-workerB ls
bewailed once again in the reports of
the Labor Bureau. The Christ church
branch, for instance, states that no
fewer than two hundred and flfty employers applied for domestic servants
but that there Is no prospect cf suit- \
ing anything like tills number.
It is pointed out In the "New Zog
land Herald" that the father of the
present Earl of Liverpool, the Governor-Elect of New Zealand, saw servlci
in tlie Dominion in the war between
Maori and Bottlers In the '60s as a
Five   People   Killed   In    French
Break and Three Wounded.
Rochefort, France, Nov. 20.���-Five
persons were killed and three wounded in a revolt whicli took place in the
prison here today. Prisoners overpowered their guards and shot to
death the warden and his wife. An
official and sailor who went to the assistance of the officers were danger
ously wounded. The revolt occurred
at the noon hour, when several prisoners suddenly Jumped on their officer, wrenched his revolver from him
and shot him through the head.
Troops were hurriedly summoned
ind after surrounding the building
drove the mutinous prisoners to the
top of the building and killed one of
them. The two ringleaders barricaded themselves In a cell, which they
defended deperately with a hatchet.
They finally committed suicide with
tlie warden's revolver. Several of the
prisoners succeeded ln making their
escape during the affray.
South  Africa.
Strong feeling has been nroused In
Durban hy the continued purchases of
land in the most desirable portions ol
llie town by wealthy Asiatics, wh.'
have already secured a flrm foothold
The. while residents consider that action should be taken to prevent further transactions of this characler.
but it Is difficult to see how this cm
be done without further embittering
tlie. relations between South Africi
and India, whence most of the Asiatic population of the Union Is drawn.
Discontent in the Civil Sorvice is
becoming more apparent, particularly
in Natal, where applications for pensions arc being sent In by large num
bers of those whose length of service
entitles them to superannuation. Allegations of favorltlBtn shown to Government proteges are being freely
The Cape Diocesan Synod has passed a resolution favoring the granting
of permission to marry to the 'optem
segregated on Robbin Island.
A curious epidemic 13 raging in
Johannesburg. The complaint has
been described as "glorified Influenza."
The preliminary examination Im
been opened In connection with the
trial of fifteen natives who are charged with the murder  of eleven   otlier
The first two ostriches to arrive tn
Ceylon , are now enclosed ln a run ln
a field behind Mr. John Hagenbeck's
bungalow, The Dawn, Colpetty. They
arrived in the Island recently from
Bombay. They are African birds,
just ln their prime. Mr. Hagenbeck is
keeping close observation on them to
see how the Colombo climate affects
them. If they do well his Intention ls
to start a syndicate to run an ostrich
farm, or else to get the Government,
to take up the Industry.
Choice of Railroad and Ocean Steamship Lines.
Let us tell you about the Tourist Sleeping
Cars and other facilities for your Accommodation and Pleasure.
H. G. SMITH, C P. & T. A; W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. U.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Grsnvllle Street.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
last evening when Margaret Jane,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burr,
became the bride of Mr. Irving Wintemute. The ceremony took place at
the bride's parents home on Roya'
avenue, the knot being tied by Rev. J.
S. Henderson.
Miss Burr was supported by her
sister, Misa Jessie Burr, and Misi
Grace Wintemute, sister of the groom
The duties of best man were ably per
formed by Mr. Wililam Johnson Burr.
Mr. Wintemute holds a government
position in the city, but ls better
known as a member of the world's
champion lacrosse team and sports
men throughout the district will wish
him and his wife every aucces3 in
their venture on the seas of matrimony.
The presents received by both were
of a beautiful and costly nature show
ing the esteem in which they are rp*
garded In the citv and district. Tlte
happy couple left on the evening
train for a honeymoon trip through
'he Sound cities, and on their return
will take up their residence In thi
Royal Cltv.
Toronto. Nov. 20.���Detective Twlgg
this morning discovered tliat the boy
who gave poisoned tablets to young
Archie Duncan. 57 Melville avenue
which resulted in the latter's death
yesterday was seven year old Wilfrid
Maclntyre. 572 Ossingtcn avenue. He
questioned tlie little fellow, wbo said
he had obtained the tablets from hl<
home and had proffered them to young
They belonged tOkhlS mother, wh i
was not aw-iire that he had removed
them. It is stated that the tablets
contained a percentage of BellaSona
and the directions regarding their use
stipulated that not mere than two
should be taken at a time. Young
Diincan swalliwed five and died ten
hours later in agon v. In sh'-re and
color lhe pills resembled small choco
late drops.
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley,  B. C.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable In all parte of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WIL80N, Manager.
Portland. Ore., Nov. 20.���A potato
contest between members of the great
Smith family ls by all odds attracting
the greatest attention at the North
western Land Products show in this
city. One of the contending exhibits
is that of Asahel Smith, of Canadn
and the other Ib entered bv C. L.
Smith, a well-known Northwestern agriculturist, with tubers for the mosl
part grown in Spokane county, Wash
Both exhibitors express every confidence that his exhibit will be given
the flrst prize bv the judges, one of
whom Is a Canadian agriculturist and
the otlier a member of the staff of tha
Oregon Agricultural college.
The feature of the day's entertainment was the visit of the local Transportation Club tonight. The club attended In a body and had charge of
the evening's program.
Liberal Association
of   the   Liberal AsBoclatlon   of New
Westminster  will  be  held  In
8 p.m.
for the purposes of electing officers
Mr. M. A. MacDonald, chairman oi
the Provincial Liberal organization,
will address Ihe meeting. All Liberals
cordially Invited.
President.       (112)       Secretary.
E. H. BUCKUN. N. BBARDBLM. #&&&��**���
Pros and GsnL Mgr.        Vlce-Prsddsnt Oss. and Trsss.
Pir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonss No. 7 and 877.
East Burnaby
Bcautful view corner, cleared, 1
block Irom Sixth Btreet, only
$900.   Extra good torms.
8 acres, all in garden or orchard, an ideal subdivision, ona
block from King's Highway.
Orchard lot. 43 x 100 feet, two
blocks from car, $750; ISO
cash, {15 per month.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East Burnaby.
2 Room House and Lot 52 x 109 in
splendid location. Price only $950
One-third cash, .balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
451 Columbia Street
PHONE 669 "*���*���***���*���������
Australians Lose Flrat Match In British Columbia���Downpour Spoils
Good Open Gems.    ,
The touring Australian rugby foot
bailers who came up from California
with the fine record of ten games
won and only two lost, the defeats be
lng both by the margin of just one
point by teams they had previously
comfortably beaten, sustained f.ieir
third and heaviest defeat yesterdav
at Vancouver. The victory for British
Columbia was gained by two tries to
one and lt waa only ln tbe closing
stages of the match that the Wara-
tahs, so-called from their national
flower, were.able to register their
The Vancouver forwards were great
In footwork and their brilliant dribbling rushes paved the way for the
���defeat of their formidable opponents.
The Australians were evidently out of
their element In the drenching, chill
1ug rain, but gave glimpses of the
form they might be expected to show
on a dry day by fast sprinting and
well conceived passing bouts.
Three times passing nearly broughl
them to the line, but the moments in
two cases were rendered abortive
wben the Vancouver defence was
practically beaten by Inability to further handle the wet ball.
Vnncouver wisely accustomed them-
-selves to the conditions and the forwards kept the ball at thetr feet and
showed great speed, determination
and accuracy at it. They were up
against heavier men, but they stayed
on their game to the finish and deserv-
*d their success. The Vancouver
lacks were sonnd, sure in their catching and good at touch finding.
In the Intercity league match a<
the local drives last night the Royals
managed to squeeze out a couple or
wins from the Penders, the latter
team taking the last string with 89!
pins. Walsh turned ln a 604 total for
high average, while his 235 count in
the laat game was high single. The
Royals now hold down third place lu
the league.   The score:
Royals��� 1       2       3   Ttl
Walsh 192   177   235   604
Steele  172   147   146   465
Mills 170    171    167   508
DUI   162    163   197   522
Sloan   149   183   122   454
845 841 867 255'1
Penders���               12 3 Ttl
Williams   165 159 186 Bill
Woods   159 157 170 48C
Grant   165 176 189 53'
Hager 154 170 168 492
Jordan   190 168 178 536
833    830   891 2551
Next game���Royals vs. Shamrocks
at the Shamrock alleys.
Tonight���Lane vs. Ayerst.
Sscond Round of Westminster Cup st
Moody Park on Saturday���Westminster's -Record.
The second round of the Westminster cup will be played on Moody pari;
next Saturday afternoon between tho
Rovers and Westham Island. This is
the first visit of the Westham Islanl
���eleven this season, but their pertc.^.i-
.ances on their own ground loads one
to believe that the Rovers will hav*
their work cut out to gain the neces-
nary two points to keep in the race.
So far this season the Rovers have
a. clean sheet both in the senior league
and in the cup tte matches, constituting a recoid unbeaten by any Westminster eleven for many years. With
several flrst league players recently
signed up, Including Tomllnson, of the
Hibernians, a victory la looked for by
Royal City tans who are expected to
turn out ln good force at the park.
Samphor wlll probably be back once
more between the atlcks and If   the
Wbo It Ibb, from der tap of der
Goes Into der game like a six-
Inch shell?
Und round der big fellers blays
a ring?
Dot game leedle blayer,
Ghrumpy Spring.
Who It Iss, ven der game gets
Brings der big   fans'  Interest
Mid   dwo  or  dre*   goals   dot
make der net sing,
Dol game leedle blayer,
Ghrumpy Spring.
Who it Iss, when he makes der
big run,
Makes   der   beoplea   tink   der
game vas won?
For he Is most sure to come
mlt a bing,
Dot game leedle blayer,
Ghrumpy Spring.
Who  It   Lbs,  ven   he   gets   a
crack mlt der head
Dot vould kill most any udder
man dead,
Comes   mlt  er  goal, puts  der
game in a sling,
Dot game leedle blayer,
Ghrumpv Spring.
-MmM ��� ��� ���
Irving (Punk) Wintemute, the well
known home player of the Salmon
Hellies, who Joined the ranks of the
benedicts last evening. Chorus of lacrosse fans: "Well played, Punk."
Forty-two Killed in Recent Hurricane
���Troops Hurry with Supplies
for Homeless.
Versatility is the secret of the Rex
Vaudeville company which hist night
opened a two nights' engagement at
the opera house. There was a fair
crowd for each performance last evening, the unusual bad weather keeping
away many. They will all be back this
evening, however, together with many
more, for an entirely new bill Ib promised. Tbe company has three'distinct
bills, two of which | will be put on
Nine high class artists make up the
company, and there ia enough variety
to make the production well worth
seeing. Harry Lancaster,' A native of
Edinburgh, is probably the best of the
bunch with his Scotch songs and
humor. The others all made distinct
hits, however, last evening, the sketch
"Confusion," ln which the entire company appears, even to the dog and
baby, getting a good reception.
Harry C. Willis, ln hla ventriloquist
act, made a distinct hit, as did alsi
the Mackay sisters In their singing
and dancing specialty. Dave Canton
eccentric comedian, is an addition to
any bill, his scarecrow dance being
particularly good.
Miss Edith WUma sings several old
songs whicii were popular a generation or more ago, but which are not
by any means forgotten ndw. They
were well received. Miss Marion Yale,
dramatic soprano, has an ^excellent
voice, and gave delightful renditions
of difficult pieces.
Two shows will be given this even
lng, at 7:30 and 9 o'clock, and ac
cording to the manager of the company the bill will be even better than
last night.
bathroom, all modern conveniences.   Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
^TftRF on Be��b>e Street, near Columbia Street, size
?       u/-?m ft by 66 fL   PoMCMion ab**1 December
"*���     "ill lease.       For full particulars apply to* -
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Otfice: 28 Lorn. Street, New Weetmlneter.
Pioneer Renovatory
English Libersl Paper Says Idea of
Contribution to Navy Is Repugnant.
London, Nov. 2'��.���The Manchester
Guardian, the most Influential Liberal
paper tn all England, ln discussing tbo
probability of Premier Borden's offering of ��6.000,000 for naval purposes,
says that since It involves a principle
which many Canadians will certainly
dislike lt wlll provo to be Premier
Borden's own Idea and not the result
or suggestions from the home authorities.
"We ought to make it clear." saya
the Guardian, "that the idea of benevolence la as repugnant to na as It
csn be to them."
Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 20.���A
great tidal wave ls reported to have
practically wiped out the town of Savanna la Mar.on the southeast coast,
and Lucea on the northwest coast of
Forty-two persons were killed b\
the hurlcane in Montego Bay, accord
lng to a report brought by a fruit vessel which arrived at Port Antonio today.
Confirmation has now come to hand
of the great destruction caused by the
recent hurricane in the western   end
of the Island; floods which accompanied the storm caused immense   damage, a hundred houses being   blown
down.     Telegraphic    communication
Btill ls suspended.    The   governor   of
Jamaica has left on a special train, accompanied by a detachment of artillerymen who huve   taken with them
300 tents and foodstuffs, as in certain
sections the people are homeless and
p destitute.   The gale begafi on"Nov. 10
p\and continued in increasing fury for
several days.   Vessels arriving in porl
reported that the wind was   blowing
over 100 miles an hour.   Lucea   Ib a
town of 2000 In "habitants on an inlet
on the northwest coast   of   Jamaica,
while Savana la Mar Is a seaport with
about the same    population   on th��
southwest     coast,     almost     directly
across the Island.
Gent's or Ladies' plain Suits cleaned
and pressed    $1.50
Gent's or Ladles' plain Suits pressed
only  SOc
All other prices reduced accordingly. We pay no driver's commis
slons. Orders called for and delivered promptly.
M. GISSCHEN, Proprietor.
Phone 430. Works Now 920 Second St.
House For Rent
New, Modem, Six Rooms, Bath and Toilet,
Cement Basement and Hot Air Furnace.
One minute to car. $25 per month. Apply to
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Weetmlneter B. C.
HARRY TIDY. Manager.
Wed. and Thurs.
NOV. 20,21
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock
641 Front Street
Just in, several cases of LADIES' JULIETS
Regular $2.00 winter comforters for Cl OC
the feet, our price, per pair   -   -   - $ I *l* J
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boota.   Depot for
Leckie's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
I   A $20,000 Stock to Select From
old Potteries player hae lost none ��J'CHAMp CLARK FAVO��S
-hi. onnntti* th�� forward division of CH*"r u ..�����Tu .a.
Tils cunning the forward division
the Islanders
will flnd things   hard
Washington, Nov. 20.���Speaker
Champ Clark favors the Independence
of the Philippines. In yesterday's
number of the Filipino   People. pub-
Have Thlnge All in Shape for Amateur ���Rhed u an   independent  organ  bv
Hockey League. Senor Quezon, delegate from the Phil-
Apparently the amateur puck , jppines, Mr. Clv'c declares:
-chasers who have Uken up their real- ..^e phtll-^lnea should be given
���dence In New Westminster are losing thelr inderenderoe, guaranteed by
no time In organising In order to be tha y^ted Stn lei and snob other
ready for the opening of the skating p0Wers ni are willing to oln us In the
and hockey rink. [ IneutraV .atlon of the Ir'ands.   'think
The Beavera are the first club   to our Pwn gimranlo wc- Id be sufficient,
���elect officers and at a well attended  b���, i fft,nr f-eelng then', regardless
meeting laat evening, a slate was pre- fcr w),,. the other powers do.
pared and carried through with    en-      **i fle8ire to set the Islands free and
thuslasm.   From their line-up of offl-  ,���*,?", use every endeavor   to    brine
ccrs. In which are tnen'Who have ml*
ed In tbe game back in the eastern
Trovlnces, the fieavejra will be one of
the sure teams to enter the league
Seventeen playere have been signed
nnd Beven of these will be wearing
the colors of the club-��W gold   and
dark blue. ,       .'
The following officers were eleoted.
Honorary president. A. B. Rand; presl
.dent, A. Mallns; vice-president, J. H
Diamond; aecretary-treasurei;, B
Robb: manager, IB. N. 8��the'la**'
��*eoutlve. J. A. Motherwell, Gowan
Macgowan, O. Haatle and H. William
eon. '"
Preliminary arrangements haw been
7-ade for the ejjtertatataS ot the
T.'srataha rugby team, which win
vx.it   New Weetmlneter   on   Friday
"TSiw car will leave Vancouver
P. ioV-Ioi* for the Fraaer MUto
^here the-boys lrom ����� Southern
co.* wlll have an opportunity of tss-
1*�� 'he lar-rcst lumber mill in ft*
m-m\d In full operation. The party
-HM then return to Oil citj where an
Inf^rmdl luncheon wlll take SW- .
rt is expected that Mayor Leeian��
other. msTSitm to amateur eoorta
it about for",their good and our own.''
New South Walea Will Issue Publication for Beneflt of Convicts.
Sydney, N. S. W.. Nov. 20���A newspaper Is about to be started for the
beneflt of prisoners. It will be called
the Compendium, and will be under
the supervision of the comptroller-
general of prisons, Mr. MeFarlane.
who saya:
"The abeet should not be in the na
ture of a tract, but should contain the
news of tbo day, culled from the leading newapapers. There wlll be no
leading articles, no reference to political or aectartan matters and notblng j
of a controversial nature. Article*
written by those competent to write
them might be accepted, aa well as
suitable standard poetry."
The proposed contents of the flrst
issue are: A summary of notable
eventa from 1900 to 1910; a review of
the year 1911; news of the day from
Australasia and the United Kingdom;
general articles' on the republics of
China and Portugal; rulers of the
principal countries of the world and
service notes; poetry, extracts from
national and other recognised poets.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
and One Musical Sketch.
Two Shows a Night, Commencing at
7:30 and S o'clock.
Prleee 25 and SO Cents.
London Manager  of   *. ��mlnlon   Bank
Will Locate In Vancouver.
Loudon, Nov 20.���Eric W. Camber
I,ordon mananer of tbe Dominion
Bank of Canada, ia reslgntng trom hU
losltlon. He has been ln the aervlce
it the bnnk for fifteen year* and was
ippotnted to I-ondon two yeara ago.
He was one of the youngest men who
jver held such a responsible position.
His control of the metropolitan
branch has been conspicuously sue-
lessful and tbe newa of his departure
iss been received in financial' clrclaa
.ere with considerable regret, . Mr.
Hamber, however, Ib Andlng grower
scope In Vancouver, where he wlll be
associated in many business Interests
of John Vondry. He leave* London
��fter Chrlstmaa.    '
���DM yon ever tell tbat vonttg mas
-tkat tote boots were bstl for onel"
uked the father at the breakfaat tabla,
. -wall, father." Implied the wtee
daughter, "tote hours may be bad fbr
one. hot they're all right for tw*"-.
he   jpeaent   an*  addreaa  the w^ t*��� under Its
mat rat tain nomi). check Impulse,      A performer with the Rex Vaude
PPPt V*�� ****** l"""��*   _.__���     r,       I-nig, Miaunv at ths* ��iu>m k/mu t^
Mare* AereUua.
own contwL��� I vllle company ai the opera houae to-
"��� nlgbt. '���'
Burnaby Street lighting System
Owing to the large extent of territory covered tr tha Barnaby
atreet lighting ayatem, It ls impracticable to thoroughly maintain a
night patrol to observe the condition of the .lamps.
Resident* in this municipality are requested to cooperate with
tbla company ln providing the beat possible public aervlce from tke
atreet lighting system. Whenever lamps are noticed to be not lighted
prompt special action will be taken to remedy the conditions upon report being aent to the Light and Power Department of tlm Company's
office ln New Westminster, Phone 401, or tbe Light and Power Department, Vancouver, Phone Seymour 6000.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pip
      BURN OIL
P. O. BOX 442
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Fraaer Mills, B. C Telephone 880
D. ��RAY. Manager.
Program fer Today.
"*��  Two Reels, Drama, Blaon.
Drama, Reliance.
....   Comedy.
Crystal, Comedy.
MixWith the Bunch
********* mmapjpij***,
Finest Pm) TaMts la the City
All the tate* asms ih the sport line.
English football result   and   league
John tiotdhkte*
King1* BotaL Cel#aUla atzPpt*
*t    ' '"���>
PAGE   61X
Superstitions Exist In All Lands Rs
garding Little One's  Future.
Mothers  snd  their   babies  are  the
same  all  the world  over.      Whether
black,  yellow  or brown,  the  mother
has certain superstitions, and carries
tout certain ceremonies in connection
iwith the newly arrived and treasured
A very largj number of people believe that Mny is an unlucky month
in which to marry. In Cornwall "May
cheats, ill-luck begets," that is, a May
child is i.n unlucky one.
Mother and nurse have to face many
pitfalls of superstitions before the ba-.
by is safely started upon its span of
life. The most dreadful consequences
will follow if the baby is not dressed
correctly nt the beginning.
Never put its little clothes on over
its head for the first time. If you do,
its chances of success in life will he
hopeless. The youngster's first clothes
must lie pulled over its Let in order
to avoid ill-omens.
Everyone knows the superstition
that baby must go upstairs before it
goes down, in order that its career
shall be one of continual and increasing sucee:s. If bHby is born in the
highest room then tlie wise nurse steps
up on a chair before taking the youngster downstairs to be admired.
In many ports of England mothers
will not cut their baby's linger nails
until it is a year old. if they do, the
child will grow up to be a thief. Mothers are aHowed to bite tha nails into
shape however, and so avoid ail evil
Another widespread belief in the
North is that if the first cuttings of
babies' nails are buried under an ash
tree the child will sure to become a
first-class singer!
When the young lord of the house
begins to cut his teeth, then his fond
parents look out for squalls! In Rutlandshire, mothprs watch the cutting
very carefully, for should tlie upper
teeth appear before the lower, it is
considered to be very unlucky.
In Scotland shouid such a thing
happen, it is quite certain that ths
baby will be a bachelor all his life c.r
an old maid! It is an extraordinary
thine that an exactly similar belief as
the Scottish one is held aiming many
of the black tribes f South Africa.
Nor does the baby that cuts his uppeT
teeth first marry, for it is promptly
There are, perhaps, more superstl-.
tions held about christening the baby
than about any other ctremorty connected with it. Should two babies appear to be christened together, then
ths little boy baby has the precedent.
This superstition is current in most
places in Kngland. Siiould the little
lady lie christened first, then her baby
brother will grow up beardless ancl
effeminate, while she will be forced
to study patent moustache removors.
Babies should always cry at tho
font, that is, if yc:u want them to grow
up good men and women. A Shropshire mother wiil say, if the baby lias
been silent during the ceremony: "I
don't believe the parson will drive the
devil out of it, for he never cried!"
In Ireland thev made quite sure hy
pinching the "little darlint," and. bejabers, tliey make it ery for all its
Naming the hope of the family is
always a t/rrible task. Among tiie
Mohammedans tlie various names
about whicli there are any disputes
are written on slips of paper and placed in the Koran. A slip is then drawn
at random and the name drawn is the
one given to the child.
There is an excellent system in
China. Tlie Chinese baby is given a
name when it is a montli old. When
it grows up and gets married its father
gives him a new name. How many
little Majubas, Coronations, and Lady-
smiths would be glad if such a system held over here?
Why Coughing Weakens You.
A patient Germun scientist of h statistical turn of mind caleu'ateg that
the amount of energy expended b.v a
person vh-i coughs once awry quarter
nf an hour 'or 'cil hour- :- equivalent
to 250 units of heat, or the nourishment yielded Ly three vm? or two
glasses of milk Cou.' im is thus
seen to be in expensive IvMiry, Tlie
reason for the waste in force entailed
by it, or one reason at least, lies in
the fact that, wliile in norms! respirn
tion the air is expelled from the chest
at the rate ��� f four (eet a 'econd, ::i
violent coughing it may attain a velocity of 800 feet.
Tongs were said to hnve hpen invented in China B.C. 11-2 hut representations of them hnve been found
on the Egyptians monuments B C.
22C0. Iii India tliey arc claimed as in
um since B.C. 000, nnd their principal
employment In that country, where
fires during the most of the vefir are
superfluous, was to faeili a'e the handling of dead bodies in the funeral
pyres. Seventy pairs of tentts, some
bronze, some iron, live been taken
frcm the ruins of TPompeii.
Just Worn Out.
The teacher of a Sunday sclvvol
class tells of tlie excuse for being law
offered by one of her pupils, a boy of
ten yenrs.
"1 nsked him. Mam's, why were
you so Inte to-day?' '1 couldn't help
it,' he explained. 'And why not?' I
.' nsked. 'Well,' he said. 'I dreamed
that I was running and running and
running, and when my brother woke
m; up I was so tired thst I went back
to sleep again, 'cause I'd been running such a long  ways.' "
Ths Hottest  Place.
. The hottest place on earth is Bah-
.rein, in the Persian Gulf, the mean
temperature for the year being 99
degrees. July, August and September
are unendurable except by the natives. Night after night, as midnight
comes, the thermometer stands at 100.
By 7 in the morning it is 107 or lOtt
snd by 3 in the afternoon U0.
Ths Easy  Mark.
Friend���Why do you wear those
fearfully old fashioned collarsP
Winkers (a man of affairs)���Because;
���when the washerwoman rends them
lo anybody else they send them' back.
At Her Fast. y* 11| .
It wae a beautiful act-o-ress        '    ���   4
Wbo wrote to a distant friend.
With only a minute, as you might sues\
In writing a note to spend.
Bhe took ths city directory
As a perch for her little shoes
And wrote In her scrambled chirograph?
Her budget ot breathless news.
"I'm making a hit," she told her friend���
"A hit that cannot be beat
The run of the show wlll never end.
The whole town ta at my feet."
-Wilbur D. Nesblt ln Judge's Library.
But He Didn't Car*.
Bacon-For each person In tbe United States a dozen paper napkins and
a third of a pound of tea are Imported
from Japan every year.-
Egbert���If that Is ao somebody's get.
ting my napkins and I'm getting somebody's tea.���Yonkers Statesman.
-Too Smooth.
"I won't piny poker with that fellow
any more.    He's entirely too smooth.
He  bobbed  up  Inst  night  with
"What's wrong nbout that?"
"1 had dentt him four queens."-
Isvllle Courier-Journal.
A Limerick.
Sweet Alice of olden Vlflrennes
Was courtKl by all th�� youns mennee.
But she put them aside
' With a high air of pride.
Baying.   "Walt   UU   von   hear   ms
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
For Economy's Sake.
"What made Mr. Chugglns buy an
automobile V"
"Hls wife persuaded him by calling
his attention to tbe economy of bavlng gasoline on hnnd to clenn gloves
wlth."-Wash!ngton Star.
street to 470 feet west
Knox street. All.
Cedar street. All.
Buchanan avenue trom Hospital atreet
to Sherbrooke street.
Blair avenue trom Hoapltal street to
Sherbrooke etreet.
And that said works be carried out
in accordance with the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City As-
sesaor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the said works
gtying statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to he benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection at the
Office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. Cm and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as ch rged in respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof is presented to
the Council within fifteen days from
the date of the first publication of this
notice the Council will proceed with
the proposed improvements under
such terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by By-law
In that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 12th day of November.
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk.
Date   of   flrst   publication,   Nov.   13.
1912. (68)
"Tou bave a tremendously faithful
dog. sir. As you turned to speak Just
now a strange dog tried to tnke your
ment. nnd Just ns be wns going to
snatch lt yonr own dog ate It up himself."-Fllegende Blstter.
Far Rougher.
If Dolly Madison took snuff,
'   We naturally feel regrets.
And yet It Isn't quite so much
As lf she had used cigarettes,
-Washington Star.
Obedient to ths Limit.
Salesman ��� Shirt, sir? Yes, sir.
Wlll you have a soft fronted or a stiff
Customer���Soft fronted. The doctor
says 1 must avoid starchy things.���
London Tlt-Blts.
"Don'l you believe the level of human Intelligence Is gradually rising?"
"N'o. On the contrary. Never before
were there ns mnny writers of popular
songs an there are todny."-Chlcago
Women In Politics.
As long aso as ISTH women were
among the-speakers nt lioth Republican
nnd Democratic national conventions,
nnd In 1000 Mr. Bryan's nomination
was seconded by a woman delegate
from Utah. The tlrst woman's suffrage
convention was held at Seneca Kails,
N. Y.. In 184H. Rut the movement was
by no menus new even then. Abigail
Adams nnd Mnry Warren tried to Secure recognition of women when tbe
federnl constitution was made, nnd lu
colonial dnys Mnrgnret Brent, as executrix of 1/irA Baltimore, demanded
a sent In the assembly of Maryland.���
Chicago News.
Nice For ths Guest.
Subbubs hnd taken Chuinleigh horns
to dine.     Everything  went  well   until
they  were seated at tbe dinner table.
when Willie Sllbbuhs remarked. "Why,
pa. this Is ronst beef!"
"Well." snld hls fnlher. "whnt of Itr
"Why, I heard you tell mn at breakfast  that yon were going to bring n
mutton hend bome for dinner tbls evening,'���Boston Transcript.
High Finance.
"Chnrley. denr." snld young Mrs.
Torklns, "did you fifty those blue chips
were worth a dollar apiece?"
"Well, here Is a whole boxful that I
pot for IW cents, with some otber colors thrown in "���Washington Star.
No Offense.
"Your wife referred to you as It'did
she not?" Baked the lawyer.
"Yes. But I don't believe sbe meant
anything unkind liy that She frequently referred to Her pet dogs In tbs
same way."- Wnshington Star.
Undertaker on ths Horizon.
Nell-Why does she always dress tn
blH����k? Belle She's In trnlnlng. Nell-
Trslnlng for what? Belle-Well, you
see, she married sn octogenarian.���
Philadelphia Ket-ord.
Local   Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolu-
I tlon determined and specified tbat it ta
1 desirable to carry out the following
works, that is to say: Te lay Main
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto in Section 2,
B, District of the Sapperton Sewerage
Scheme, to which the following area is
DeBeck street from  Cemetery  street
to Columbia street.
Strand street from Cemetery street to
Columbia street.
Alberta street from   Richmond   street
to Columbia street.
Simpson street from Richmond street
to Columbia street.
Keary street from Richmond street to
Columbia street.
Hospital     street   from     Richmond
Btreet to Columbia street.     _      '
Sherbrooke    street    from    Columbia
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it
is desirable to carry out the following
works, that Is to say: To lay Main-)
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto in Section 2,
A. District, of the   Sapperton   Sewer
age Scheme, to wliich the following
area is tributary:
Columbia street, Cumberland street to
Braid Btreet.
Keary street, Columbia Btreet to Brunette street.
Nelson street All.
Spruce street All.
Sherbrooke Btreet, Columbia street to
Fader street.
Major street, Columbia street to Fader
Braid street, Columbia Btreet to Fader
Fader  street,   Sherbrooke   street   to
Braid street
Kelly   street,   Sherbrooke   street   to
Braid street.
Brunette street,   Columbitl   street   to
Keary street.
And that the said works be carried
out in accordance with the provisions
of the "Local Improvement General
Bylaw, 1912."
And the City Engineer and City As
sessor having reported to the Council
ih accordance with the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor liaving been adopted by
the Council,
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for Inspection at thi
Office of the City Assesaor, City Hall,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. Cm and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as charged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof Is presented to
the Council within flfteen days from
the date of the first publication of tbls
notice the Council will proceed with
the proposed improvements under
Buch terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such improve
ments as the Council may by By-law
in tliat behalf regulate and determine
and also to make tbe said assessment.
Dated this 12th day of November,
A. D��� 1912.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication November 13,
1912. (69)
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist All work strijtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Innk Bldg.   Phone 716
L. O. O. M��� NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesdays
In eacb month ln K. ot P. hall at
8 p.m.   H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. II.
Price, secretary
The Municipal Council of the City of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it is desirable to carry out the following works, that is to say: To lay Outfall and Trunk Sewers and works contingent thereto in Section 2, of the Sapperton Sewerage Scheme, to which
the following area is tributary:
District A.���
Columbia, Street from Cumberland Street to Braid Street.
Keary Street from Columbia Street :o Brunette Street.
Nelson Street, All.
Spruce Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Major Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Hraid Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Fader Street from Sherbrooke Street to Braid Street
Kelly Street from Sherbrooke street to Braid Street,
llrunette Street from Columbia Street to Keary Street
District B.���
DeBeck Sireet from Cemetery Street io Columbia Street
Strand Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Simpson  Street from   Richmond  Str-et to Columbia Street.
Keary Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street,
hospital Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to 470 feet West.
Knox Street, All.
Cedar Street, All.
Buchanan Avenue from Hospital Str?et to Sherbrooke Street.
Blair Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrcoke Street
Disv-ict C.���
Eighth .venue from Richmond Street to*400 feet North of Wlnthrop Street
Richmond Street from Eighth Avenue to Lee Street.
Winthrop Street from Richmond Street to Eighth Avenue.
Elmer Street, All.
Burnaby Street, All.
Surrey Street, All.
Ladner Street, All.
Kent Street, All.
I ee Street, All.
Carnegie Street from Matsqui to 300 'eet North.
Digby Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North.
Coutts Street from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Macdougal Street from Matsqui Street to 300 feet North.
Tenth Avenue from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
District D.���
Eighth Avenue from William Street to Richmond Street.
Carnegie Street from Scott Street to MatBqut Street.
Digbv Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Coutts Street from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street
Mahoney Street, All.
McDougal Street from Mahoney Street to Matsqui Street.
Tenth Avenue from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Matsqui' Street from Eighth Avenue to Tenth Averiue.
Water Street from William Street to Scott Street.
Langley Street from William Street to Scott Street ,
Cliilliwack Street from Wililam Street to Scott Street.
Scott Street All.
William Street, All. ������
District E.���
Richmond Street 130 feet South of Alberta Street to Eighth Avenue.
Archer Street All.
Devoy Street All. ���
Monday Street All.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street. 70S feet Westward.
Shiles Street from McKay Street to Richmond Street.
School Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Eighth Avenue te Richmond Street.
McKay Street All.
District F.���
Richmond Street from Cumberland Street ts 15$ feet South of Alberta St
CaTroll Street, All.
Harvey Street, All.
Dixon Street All.
Fisher StrSeet, All.
Cumberland Street from Harvey Street te Columbia Street
And that the said works be carried ent la accordance with the provl
slons of the "Local Improvement Oeneral Bylaw 1*12."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council In accordance with the provisions of the said Bylaw upon the said work-*
giving statements showing the amounts estimated to be chargeable agalns*
the various portions'of real property to be benefited by ths satd works and
other particulars and the said reports of the City Engineer and City Asses
sor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said reports are open for Inspection at
the offices of the City Assessor, City Hall, Columbia Street,.New Westminster, B. C. and that unless a petition ngalnst the proposed works above mentioned signed by a majority of the owners of the land or real property to be
assessed as charged In respect of auch works representing at least one-half
in value thereof Is presented to the council within fifteen days from the
date of the first publication of this notice thn Council will proceed with the
proposed Improvements upder such terms and conditions as to the payment
of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by By-law in that behalf regulate arid determine and also to make the said assessment
Dated this Twelfth day of November, 1012. ��
City Clerk.
Date of first publication, November 13h, 1912. (70)
Th* regular meeting ot Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� ls held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fel
Iowa hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethero
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Cspltal psld up $11,800,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
The Bank haa 350 branches,
extending ln Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout the Island; alao In
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
ldad, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, Eng.
Drafte Issued without delsy
on all the principal towns snd
cities in the world. Tbose ei-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westmlnstsr Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Tele
pbone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE. barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
snd McKensle streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor snd notary. MO Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Oulchon block, New Weatminater. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L, Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant Tel. R 118. Room
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets In tbe
board room,' City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; qua%
terly meeting on the t Jlid Friday oi
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings ot.
the third Friday of February. New
members may be .proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 7338F, issued in
the name of George Seeley, has been
flled ln this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at ttie expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of tbe said certificate, unless
lu ths meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District.Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster, B.C., October 30,1912.       (1)
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria Id
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle lt
a. m. and 11 p. m
Leaves Vaucouver for Nanaimo 2
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m
Wednesdays. .
Leaves Vancouver every Wednes
dsy st 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Westminster 8 a.m. Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwsck 7 s.m. Tuesday
Thuraday and Saturday.
Agent New Westminster.
O. P  A.. Vsncoavor
Bank of Montrea!
Branches throughout Canada ana
Newfoundland, aad In London, Eng-
and, ! ;sw York, ChVago and Spokane,
U.S.A., snd Mexico City. A general
aaa king buatness transacted. Let'
iers ot Credit Issued, available wltb
correspondents In sli psrts ot tke
Savings Bank D��p��*tment���Deposits
ecel"cd In sums of $1 snd upward,
.nd Interest sllowel st I par cent, par
tnnum  (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000 no
O. D. BRYMNER. Msnagsr.
We have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
88 Begbie Street.
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul    and    Kootenay
IS:CO for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperial*   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
.  New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phono 13?
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of ths city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Msnufacturad by
r*lcnhone R 11$. Office:  Prlnesm St
Lulu Island
Rising Snn Really Co'y
|> Phons 868. Room 4 Traoo Block.
TWEED, IRISH 8ERGE, etc., Just
Arrived. Perfect Fit snd Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
who do not receive
8 a.m. ahould
Tho News before'
and make complaint. Only in tbls way
msy an efficient delivery be maintained.
iW tm
taaaaa^^maa THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1912.
First Pri
Success Follows a
' Tbe crowd pushed through tbe entrance gates of tbe big county fair In
a continuous stream. Outside tbe
great fenced In area was a maze of
vehicles of every description, from the
humblest bos wagon to tbe highly varnished and luxuriously equipped motorcar.
Inside tbe grounds, there was as
great a dissimilitude among tbe people
wandering from one exhibit to another, streaming In and out ot ths sideshows or gathered lo tbs retresbtneut
Phoebe Sweet bad arrived that morning In ber fathers comfortable two
seated carriage, all the available space
about ber piled wilh daintily wrapped
boxes, for I'hoebe always exhibited at
tbe Corinth county fair, and ber bread
and cake and canned fruit alwuys carried away tbe flrst prizes.
Today bad been an exception, however, tor one by one the coveted
prizes bnd been awarded to another exhibitor, wbo ln yeara past bad been
among tbe vanquished, and. although
I'hoebe bad smiled bravely aa she saw
ber products passed by. sbe was bitterly disappointed at tbe outcome.
Her father, arriving nt tbe building
too Inte, found ber at the door, flushed
(nd rather dejected. "Snme old story,
I'hoebe, bird?" he asked affectionately.
Sbe shook ber bead dolefully. "Wbat
ts the* matter wllb me. father? 1
didn't take a prize���not one!"
"Whyeece!" exploded Mr. Sweet,
aghast. "What lu thunder are tbose
fellows thinking shout anyway? Wbat
do tbey know about bread or cake or
pies, eh?   Let me have a look."
He was about to pass ber when
Phoebe caught his shoulder and shook
bim laughingly.
"It's no use. father, dear. Mrs. Sco-
fllle's products renlly nr* superior td
mine. Let us go buck and look at
tbem. aod please don't let any one
know we are very much disappointed."
"I'll look as glnd ns I can thnt Mrs.
Whsts her name hns enrrted off all the
honors." smiled Mr. Sweet as be led
bis daughter down the building to tbe
exhibit of domestic productlomi.
A few people were gathered about S
table on wblcb were set forth several
loaves of beautifully baked bread,
lorne toothsome froni ed enkes and a
WW of varl tinted canned fruits. A
tall, sunburned young mnn wns speaking to n short, plump, motherly look-
lim woman.
"Yoifve cnrrlwl off honors for the
family. Aunt Snbrlna." be wns saying
| "(iiHid land, lleorge'. I'm almost
ashamed to have taken It. Thnt pretty girl almost cried when tbey pnssed
over her thine* with Just 'honorable
mention.' There's so few girls who
run cook nownilnvs that they ought to
be encouraged Instead of nn old woman like me stepping In. 1 declare, tbere
ihe Is nowl"
| Phoebe had heard the frankly spoken words noil hnd flushed warmly.
Mr Sweet smiled good nnturedly. and
tbe woman, who wns Mrs. Scoville.
atep|ied forwsrd wltb.s pleasant, winning smile.
"Ton heard what I ssld," sbe remsrk-
ed. holding out n plump hand to Phoebe. "And I meant It too. Tour things
look beautiful, arid I'm sure tbey taste
ss good ss tbey look*        -
"Thank you, Mrs. Scoville. yon are
too kind." ssld I'hoebe gratefully.
"Tbls -Is my fslher; dad. IJ��I* Is \lrs-
Scoville. who carried off the prises Ibis
year.   We roust congratulate ber."
Mrs. Scoville warmly Insisted thst
Phoebe's dainties were ss good ss her
own If not much better, snd much time
wss spent In comparing the two exhibits.
"I nsed to see you carrylpg off tbs
prise every yesr," aald Mrs Hcovllle
st Inst "snd I told Oeorge. my nepb-
ew. tbst ll wss too bnd s girl shot Id
carry off highest honors every year;
so 1 pitched In snd tried for the prises,
snd ngw Ibst I've Rot them sit I don't
feel n mile belter. I feel just ss yon
overheard me telling tlcoriw. And. by
the wny. where is OeorKeT* She looked around fur tbe sqnhurned young
man who had beeu talking to her.
������If he wss tbs tall young chap wbo
was talking' to you when wn csme
up I snw blm goto*.over toward tbe
race track," remsrtred Sir. Sweet
. -oh. dear met Of course he would
L going there ���&*<*]*.** time. ttlStlttte
Lure Prinreiw will lie In the thre#-yeirr-
bid tn.itlnrt class Would you cars to
kro ovi-f nnd se* the racer
[ "We expectrt to. 'fee got s horse
Iln It inysWf^wM Mr.. Sweet. "My
tired man ls**���� ���� M***"
f "��i<We wWTdrtte blWWelf.-fobeei*-
U Hr** faille n* Ihey walked WW*
Ithe grnss toW"IPl the.,trotJlng course.
h ������� tioiw.Prtw-wsW"' wih. He* ho
\tona of her anil has set" hla Heart hn
jwinnlna thle nice." ,
I rtioehe. watklnji ��llently beride i*e
twi. older jtenphC SS^-M dike a preity
Howmi m her sheer whtVe dtvss. tr��m
win.-h tier pin* tMf, under a lacy
��� ((What. inMiiltled like a wind blown
t,..��*.uli. ChlhUese and widowed Mrs
eWvtllr tro.k*i ���� the girl more tbu.i
��i,.m ,1*. Mr SwM MM of how rleverly
w, ***** <Mt<* frntm^m HWlherless
"I don't know what I sliall do If
Phoebe ever gets married." be ended,
wltb a nlgh.
"And that does not seem unlikely."
smiled Mrs. Scoville over Phoebe's em
bumiKscd bend.
"I dislike every eligible young mnn."
laughed Mr  Sweet gooif nuturedly.
In tbe grand atand i'hoebe felt a glow
of Interest iu Mrs. Scovllle's tiaiiUtfuiiie
npphew, tieorge Itelden, who appeared
In ii suinll sulky driving a dainty bluck
maru. lie scanned the faces In the
grnnd stand and waved bia cap toward
hls aunt.
"Ah, there conies Snm. driving Dewey!" exclaimed Mr. sweet as a straw
whiskered innn came Into view on the
course. The borse Dewey, which hud
won many a bent for Its owner, was a
long, ruwfioned specimen of equine
tiesb, but wllb an enormous power ot
reserve strength tbat broughl Its borne-
ly nose under tbe line every time.
Rum saluted bis employer, and Mr.
Sweet waved bis bat. aud I'hoebe fluttered a handkerchief. But ber father
noticed a singular lack of eulbuslusm
In her manner. Her eyes were nol on
ber father's horse, but were following
tbe course taken by Oeorge Beldeu's
black mare.
"If you go back on Dewey, daughter,
I shull feel thut you buve found nnoth
er sweetheart than your old dud," he
said lu a low tone, und Phoebe's quick
caress und blUbhlng protest seemed tu
sniisfy hint.
Presently they were away, and Ihe
crowd on the grand stand beld Its
breath wblle there sounded the sharp
trot-trot-(rot uround the course.
Prom the very beginning Dewey took
the lead, and the other racers stretched
out obliquely on his left. Tbe bluck
mare Princess held ber white nose close
to tbe left wheel ot Sam's sulky, and
Phoebe discovered herself harboring
traitorous thoughts.
Sbe wanted Dewey to win. and sbe
wanted Oeorge Belden to win. Sbe
didn't even know hlm to speak to. and
yet she didn't want to see ihe look of
disappointment come Into bis eyes.
Yet she blushed at ber own forwardness tn harboring sucb thoughts.
As for ber father. Mr. Sweet had
taken tbe purse ut lbe trotting course
for mnny years, aud wuuld he not be
disappointed if Dewey should fail blm
tbls lust year that be would enter htm?
So Phoebe turned ber blue eyes away
from tbe black mare und fastened tbem
loyally on Dewey's lank form and exerted all her mental powers to desire
tbst bis homely old nose should once
more come under lbe wire In lead of
bis fellows.
"Princess Is gnlnlng-gainlng!" cried
Mrs. Scoville Jubilantly, nud tben s
quick frown (-reused ber forehead.
Dear uie. Mr. Sweet. 1 do wish
Ororge's mnre was uoi running against
your Dewey! It makes It bard to be
'Much obliged. Mrs. Scoville. I shan't
tnke It hnrd If tbe yopngster wins ont
We old folks must retire some day.
It's got dowu to a race between Princess and Dewey ufter all."
"I know (leorge's heurt will be broken." lamented Mrs. Scoville as Dewey
flew under ihe wire to a loud demonstration from the crowd. "He'd set
1:1s benrl on Prim-ess winning tbls race,
and he wns so conlldeut that he planned to lake me on a trip to tbe mountains with the purse."
"I'm sorry, niu'sm." and Mr. Sweet's
eyes twlukled with pleasure In spite of
himself. "But I'll promise to put
Dewey Out to grass after ibis and give
the jounger ones a chance."
"Xo. nol Thnt wouldn't bo wbat
tieorge cslls ���sportsmanlike'" protested Mrs. Scoville os Ihey emerged from
the stand and wultvd near tbe gate for
Qeorge Helden's u|,|>e:inuice.
When be came disappointment waa
plainly written on bis frank face, but
he swallowed II when be discovered
tbnt Mr. Hwert whs Dewey's owner,
and. wttk guud grace be eongratulsied
tbe wluner snd was presented io
I'hoebe. whose few* words of regret st
the defeat of I'rlnccn�� seemed to compensate Ului for tbe loss of the race,
tot be regained his spirits immediately
snd proved lo lie s ,very geiilui. com-
panluusble young num.
They paired off limn. Mrs, twills
snd Mr. Sweel imidlttg the wsy. wblle
Pboebe and (iimrgf lingered along. Incoming better ami'mimled n* thev view
ed tbe different i-xblhi:* ami enjoyed
lbe simple pleasures ol tlie fair
Oeorge Meldeli iii��i-tvti*d Phnelie's
esket and bread sn��i grave > asserted
Hei I be could see ���'<��� dlffereie * between
those tooth-Mime viitud* sud His sum's
products thai fad curried off lhe hoa
nr< And I'hoelM- Mushed uud dimpled
uud thanked blm and cnuftded to umi
tbat ��be unit lieen almost sorry 10 see
Dewey win ihe rai-�����liecuu��e-because
sho bad inkeu aw-h a fancy tu tbe
dainty little Princess.
Of course Oeorge Invited her to take
a ride behind the black mure, nud as
Ibe Sweets lived tell miles dlstaoi from
Oeorge Beldeu's term It became some
thing ol a custom for tbe young mnn
lo drive over sjul spend a Sunday wltb
the Sweets and tuke Iflwrtie ont drir
lng sud. Inter ou. Sleighing
Wben J nny eame around Phoebe
Sweet sought her faiber one evening
and wound bei arms about his neck
"Oh. faiber." sin* whispered mil tie.
-Oeorge gays he-did win first wise st
tbe Corinth fair last fsNMMr* met
And I Ihluk �� won tl<sl prjfc to getting
him! Von, don'l mind, do youT?
"���Mr threw kissed hen nwlnglv snd
looked Into her soft blue eyes wltb bis
twinkling one.
"ll takes the old folka ta win oul.
after nil. biiuefr." be said. "Yon see.
Mmi Scovi:ie end I both took llrst
prises sl Cnrinih fair, aud we're inking 'em ngaln now, because she'll hsve
me.,and I'll hsve hef. snd Dewey's
prise money w��i pay for wedding trips
I nil around!"
Whleb fwyved to be a most sstlsfse-
tory arrangement "       ._���..;>-;	
The Stout and Husky Juryman Who Is
Afraid af His Wife. *
It wns after 10 o'clock ut nlgbt and
tbe Jury Und Just been discharged.
A stout Jury man came over to the reporter's table.   He hud a worried look.
"You're an Evening Xews mun, aren't
"Are you going lo report this cose?"
"Por tomorrow's poper?"
"Would you mind putting In a line
saying tbut tbe Jury was out until 10
o'clock?" '.
"I'll mention It If you wish."
"I certainly hope you wlll. You.hnve
no Idea bow much I want you to. You
nre a young man and probably you're
not married yet, but some day you'll
have a wife and tben you'll understand."
"Your wife jealous. Is she?"
".Not exactly tbut, but she's very particular, and If I don't account for every
minute of my time away from ber she
chides me."
"That's too bad."
"You bei It Is." Tbe stout man mop-
lied his brow wlt.h bis handkerchief.
"Wbeu I was druwn on tbe Jury sbe
had her doubts, and notblng would convince her thut I wasn't putting up some
game untll she hud come to tbe courthouse and seen iue uctuully sitting In
inn Jury tiox." '
"She did thnt. eh?"
"Yes; I snw ber standing Inside the
big doors there, and it gnve me sucb s
shock that I clear lost track of tbe case.
The others buve been explaining to me
about the part or tbe testimony tbat I
missed, and that is what has kept us
from bringing In our verdict sooner.
She's u woman, so sbe won't know
about the law's delays, and that wilt
mean more trouble wben I sbow up at
home tonight But maybe I can avert lt
If I tell ber that tbe pnper tomorrow
will verify my statement."
"Cheer ud. old chap; we'll belp you
"You'll not forget?"
"Tben I'll never forget yonr kindness,
Buttoning bis overcoat and bracing
hack his shoulders as If for an ordeal,
tbe belated Juryman started for bome.
���Newark News.
Cramming down Ill-chosen
(ood, snd rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all it means In
Proper habits of eating,
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, restore good digestion, health and happiness.
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
SOc. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
Worse Than s Fish Story.
A Cblcugoun returned from a vacation lu the Adlrondacks and appeared
at hls offlce, his fnce beautifully browned. For a month before lenvtug be bad
been inspired spasmodically to tell of
bis prospective flshlog trips. Tbe return was murked by silence.
"Well," he wns asked, "wbnt did tbe
biggest one weigh?"
Tbe ex-vacntlonlst blushed.
"1 was only out a little," be confessed. "I went lo my brother's farm, and
he mnde me work In the bnyflelds."
The entire staff, knowing Its man.
gazed at him In amazement
"De mnde you work?" repented the
ofllce boy. "Say. Mark, you're a worse
liar now than yuu ever were before."���
Chicago Tribune.
Arrival: Closing:
tfl:60���Vancouver  via  Q.. N.  R.
11:45��� Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
: 40���Vancouver vla.B, C. E. R.
(dally except Bnnday). 11:16
2:00��� Vaneouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
(8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).2v:30
10:00���Port Mann (daily exoept
Sunday) 9:45
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday 13:13
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).11.15
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds     and     Central
Park (dally except Sun-
. day)   16:00
.6:16���Crescent, Whit* Rock and
Blaine i dally except
Snnday)  9:46
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesdsy   snd
Fridav)        14:00
18:10���Abbotstord, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  7:13
16:16���United State* via O. N. R.
Idaily. exceot Sunday)..16:00
IS:IS���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
exceot Sunda vt 9:45
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (daily) 7:15
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All   points east and   Europe (dally)   |13:13
11:50���Coquitlam   (daily   except
Sunday) 7:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)      11.16
10:00���Ladner, Port Qulcbon,
Westham Island, Ban
Villa 13:15
13:00���Eaat Burnaby (dally exoept Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   18:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday).13:15
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesdsy snd Friday        9:00
16:46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding vis Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).-14:2(
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehmaa, Aldergrova, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:0f
7:80���United States via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.48
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday). 17:SO
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
vis O. N. R.   (dally except Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
exceot Sundav)  17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:01
D. McAulay
Tsl. 761. Cor. 6th snd Columbia
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
60 Mclnnes Street. Pbone 1009
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and In a portion ot tlie province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
31 an acre. Not more than 2,669 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by tbe applicant ln person to
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the distiict
in which the rlghta applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and tn unsurvey-
ed territory thq tract applied tor shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ef the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The leaae will Include the coal mining rlghta only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of tke mine
at the rate Of $10 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
Paying Their Way In.
Tht young couple hnd taken a bonse
In tbe suburbs of Huston for tbe sommer. antl tbey were besieged witb company.
The -men were enjoying tbe cool ot
the evening on the piazza when one of
tbe party remarked to hla host:
"Du yon kuow. KTed. there's something th* matter wltb yonr front gate?
ll look all my strength to open it. It
needs oiling or shaving or something."
"Nellber one. old man. It's all right
Every ono who comes tbrough that
gate pumps two buckets of wster Into
tbe tsnk up tbere on the hill."-Youth's
Trus Enauah.
Tslman-Couid you tuan ms S&, Hill?
Snuirosn-Surry, old msn. bnt yoa
csn *>*** for yourself I'm pretty short
just now.��� Wssblngtou Ster.
Ths Oun Might Hot p.
Footpad (wltb revolvon-Ulve na
your money, quick!  . (    -
Married Vlctlui-Certafnly. iny good'
man.. Come wttb me snd we'll ask my
wife for It-Boston Transcript
What She Old.
"Wbat did your wife say wben sha
esw you dsnee three times wltb thst
pratty young woman?"
"Nothing. Sbe last bolted tbe par��
ty."-Detroit Pre* I'rass.
A Juvotillo Adept.
"When he owned his picture show
Shlveiy pnld turn for a machine that
makes fifty-nine different noises."
"Too bsdl lis might hsve borrowed
our baby ."-Judge.
PrMd Ms-Tbere isn't soother net-
soo In the dty csn plsy Ilka Alfonso.
Uncle Uustsve-ls tbere any otber
person wm�� would wit at tor-lttc?wn����.
WHAT would make the greatest impression on a
man who had been shut away from human inW-
course and denied the use of newspapers for five
years���what would most forcibly attract his attention
���on regaining the society of his fellowmen ?
"Well," you say, "he is fairly certain to be interested
in learning whether there's been a change of Government."
Trae, and probably he will -sbow
mild excitement if you can tell him
there bag been a big.war In Europe.
But It won't be until you get down to
a recital ef things that come closer to
him, personally, that you'll bring him
to hla feet with eager questioning.
Tell him a mighty empire has fallen,
and���sp long as it Isn't HIS empire���
a drop curtain of highly embroidered
indifference will mssk his face.
Bnt tall him the automobile has been
so simplified that he can now buy one
for the price of a horse and buggy,
and he'll promptly bombard you with
questions. ^1
A revolution In Chins msy be s
world event but lt wouldn't mean as
much to him as the perfecting of a
shsving apparatus that would do swsy
with the necessity ot purchasing new
blades or honing old ones.
If YOU had been a hermit fbr the
paat five years, the news of an earthquake in Saa Francisco wouldn't really
mesn so much to you as the information that you can now hear any famous
opera ringer in yonr own home st a
cost of s few cents per hour.
Which Is only another way ot saying
that the phonograph is of more
PERSONAL Interest than an earthquake. ,
You see how it is: vNevftspapiers carry a "news of
merchandise", that is just as interesting, just as, vital,
as the "news of events" which the editors gather for
:us.-.'~     ^'"'
And,|Jnce this "news of merchandise" finds its only
expression in the form of Advertising, must we not
admit that the Advertising columns are quite as worthy of our serious attention as the scariest "scare
head" or the most ponderous editorial ?
Shut your eyes to Advertising���and yoft^^t &$ the
news of commercial progress.and devel(^>iiient---the
news of things thiat make life worth the living.v       $
Advles rsgsrdlng your advertising problems Is available through any    *
recognised Canadian advertising agency, ir the Secretary of the C*n-
adltn Press Association, Room SOI Lumsden Building. Toronto
�����<��n  rrsss  nssvstsuwn!  nwvm  ��w   **a-m9wam*a**.w   �����������<������.��������    .-.-<r,.-���-
qulry involves no obllgstleo en your psrt-ae write, If Interested.
J XMflJLJMtfi -tr**,-.
At last we have just received
a large lot of Jap Oranges.
These are the largo boxes of
eitra select fruit. We are sac-
rlfilng today at, per box 75c
We have decided to Bell, for a
short time only, Hunt's Preserves at the" bargain price of,
per tin 35c
Extra select goods at a very
reasonable price.
B. C. Cream is on the jump, and
we would advise our customers
and friends to buy at once at.
Per tin  10s
Per dozen $1.15
Per caae $450
Stephen's Strawberry Jam,
large jars; regular 35c seller today 25;
Ginger Snaps,. Lemon Creams
and Fig Bars, ln packages, today only  3 for 25c
No. 1 Salmon ln lb. tins; regular 25c, today  2 for 25c
We have only fifty boxes of
Jonathons left to sell at, per
box 11.65
Heinz Mince Meat, per lb. 20c
German Dills, per doz. 30c
Two dozen for 55c
Edam Cheese, each  90;
New Plum   Puddings,   Raisens.
Fig3, just in.
Maple Creamery Butter, No. 1
Butter 3 lbs. for $1.10
Christmas Chocolates, Bon
Bona, Crackers and Stockings
just in.
Public Supply Stores
COMMON prudence demands
that you choose an
executor, and make
your-will,        m
An executor is
your agent, carefully chosen to carry
out the desires you
expressly stipulate.
This Company,
with its ample capital, wide experience
and trained officers,
is an ideal executor.
Come in and con-
fer with us in confidence.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
Weather Today.
Victoria, Nov. 20.���The weather foro
cast for the lower mainland for tho
next twenty four hours is as follows.
Easterly and southerly winds, unsettled and mild, with rain.
One hundred and eighteen patients
were admitted to the Royal Columbian
hospital duiing October and 93 discharged, according to the regular report of the superintendent, MIbs Scott,
at a meeting of the board of directors
yeBterday afternoon. There were 55
patients lu the hospital on October 1
and 79 on October 31, the latter num
ber being the greatest treated In oiib
day. There was a total of 199G hos
pital days during the month.
hls greatest works, and among other
numbers to be rendered on the piano
are pieces designed to show all the
marvellous variety and style of
Chopin as well as to test the conception and technique of the artist. Tho
phantaala for tho left hand alone la
worthy of note.
Mlss Malaher will assist Misa Cave-
Browne-Cave In a well selected group
of violin Bolos and duets, and her
clear soprano should excell in "Caria-
Fraser Hotel (j\| [
Meals at all hours. We serve
tbe best tlte market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
Alderman F. J. Lynch is confined to
his home for a few days. He is suffer
ing from an attack of the grippe.
Hear the sacred cantata "Daniel" at
' Olivet Baptist church Monday evening
| at 8 o'clock.   Collection. (120)
Rev. O. B. Anderson, Messra.
George, Fred and Roy Shaw and H.
B. Baker, all of Sapperton, are away
on a few days' hunting trip to Pitt
Mr. J. R. Barr, who was for some
time connected with the firm of Sloan
and Harrison, has gone Into partnership with his son iu the contracting
We have a limited stock of Comox
coal which we can recommend for
steam and furnace use and which wp
will  sell for cash only. Gilley Broa
Owing to the soft condition of the
road, due to the recent cut, Twelfth
street, below Fifth avenue, is being
macadamized. With a few dry days
the paving of the upper section of
Twelfth street will be finished in a
short time.
Miss Carrie Hourston, of Ayr, Scotland, who is visiting her cousin, Mrs.
L. B. Lusby, will sing at Olivet Baptist church next Monday evening at S
o'clock. Miss Hourston's splendid
Mezzo-soprano voice will be heard to
advantage In Gounod's "Callia." (120j
Mr. Winton Harvey, of the Bank of
Montreal, Vernon, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Harvey, the Glen, Sapperton, is
at home with his parents on three
months sick leave. Young Mr. Harvey
is recuperating satisfactorily after u
rather serious attack of pneumonia.
For a square deal In Furniture and
Carpets go to W. E. Fales, corner ot
McKenzie and Agnes streets        (113)
The Lanarkshire association, which
was organized two weeks ago, and
takes in Vancouver, New Westmin
ster, South Vancouver and North Van
couver, will hold a social'and dance
in the agricultural hall. Central Park,
this evening. Several N'ew Westmin
ster people have made arrangemeuU
to attend.
"Death from pneumonia following
chronic tuberculosis." was the verdic:
rendered by the coroner's jury investigating the death of.I. A. Knight which
occurred at Port Moody on Monday
The inquest was held at Port Moody,
Dr. A. L. McQuarrie presiding. Th:
remains of tlie deceased were shipped
from Fales' undertaking parlors to
Vancouver yesterday for interment.
Yesterday Mr. Walter Oldbury, Sapperton, left for the old country via the
States and New York. Previous to his
departure lie was entertained by his
many friends in Brunette house and
presented with a number of souvenirs
as tokens of friendship and esteem
Mr. Oldbury is a native of Wednes
bury, Staffordshire, Kngland. He will
sail by the Mauretanla.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (9)
The laying of the sidewalk alonp
Brunette street to the city limits is
progressing rapidly despite the ad
verse weather. One thing pedestrian.'
along that route are congratulating
themselves upon Is the excellent con
dition of the roadway which is abso
lately mudless and aa comfortable to
walk upon as a paved way.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor,
sell a first class $40.00 suit for $30.00''
Because the location of his business is
out of the high rent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (65)
A social "at home" will be given by
the Epworth League of Queen's Avenue Methodist Church to all the
young people's societies in New Wes'
minster, on Friday evening. Professor A. E. Hetherington will preside,
and is expected to deliver a short ad
dress on the work of the Christian
Endeavor leagues, A musical program has been arranged.
Miss Carrie Hourston and Mr. J. T.
Baker wlll sing Mendelssohn's "I
Waited for the Lord" on Monday evening next, November 25, ul Olivet Hap
tlst church.   Collection. (120)
As Monday evening will be devoted
to a special concert, the Young People's Society of the Olivet Baptist
Church will hold tlieir regular ser
vices on the evening following. An
elaborate program has been prepared
for tho concert on Monday, the feature item being the rendition of the
cantata "Daniel" by a choir of 45
voices and an orchestra.
As the result of a little too much
celebration E. Sampson mistook the
direction from home on Tuesday
evening and Inadvertently stepped lii
to the Fraser river from which he
was subsequent!} fished by the city
police. The Incident occurred some
where along Front street. Sampson
was haled Into the police court yesterday morning aud was mulcted the
usual $2.50.
Drunk to a state of Insensibility and
indifferent to the pelting rain and tho
fact that a drain pipe was emptying
down his back an unknown man was
discovered apparently comfortably
asleep on a dark section of Victoria
street near MacKenzie by a passerby
early last evening. AH evidence of i
lonely carousal waa contained in u
full sized bottle of whisky that, lay
b.v the sleeper's side, while a sack full
of groceries and a few carpenter's
tools lay scattered on the sidewalk
about twenty feet off. marking tho
dizzy course taken. The police wer?
informed soi the Inebriate was wafted
to the lockup.
SABOURIN���The death occurred at
Millside on November 12 of Charles
Sabourin, a French Canadian, aged 68
years. The funeral took place yesterday morning from the family residence to the Roman Catholic cemetery in this city.
LASSETTBR���The death occurred
at Ladner yesterday morning ot
George Lassetter, aged 50 yeara. Tho
funeral arrangements have not been
BAKER���The death took place yeaterday morning of William Baker,
aged 61, a resident of this city for
a considerable number of yeara. The
funeral will be announced later. The
remains are at Murchle'a parlora..
Mra. W. A.
the Ladies of
residence this
���   ��   ��
Duncan will entertain
the Maccabees at   her
Mrs. E. Saunders (formerly Mlss Iln
Marshall) wlll receive with her
mother, Mrs. H. M. Marshall, 313
Fourth streec, on Friday, November
Alderman Henley Still Quiescent-
Alderman Dodd and Labor.
Confirming the report which ap
peared ln the Westminster ' Daily
News of October 10, Alderman Kell
ington haa decided to make the run
for re-election. The same announcement also stated that Alderman White
would not make the run and this was
confirmed later.
Alderman Dodd has yet to come out
with an announcement, but it is well
known In labor circles that he will
again be nominated for the position
of labor representative on the city
Alderman Henley Is still Bitting on
the fence, but is expected to come out
with a definite statement during the
next few days.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent.-wlll be
given on all orders.   This discount Is
for ten days only.
Room 6
Collister Block
As a result of an examination made
yesterday  morning,  the  city council |
will recommend at the regular meet-
Ing on Monday that Carnarvon atreet
hear the corner of Sixth be partially j
bench graded to provide for a build-j
ing which is to be erected on the cor-1
ner at an early date. |
The southwestern part will be
raised slightly, while the upper corner
will be lowered. No change will be
made to the grade on Sixth atreet.      i
It was also decided to recommend
that Aah atreet and a section of Tenth
street be improved in order to
straighten the grades.
&4 nr LAD,ES'
Y " ��� ��� ���    SUITS
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R278
The Native Sons of B. C. Post No.
4. held their regular meeting In the
Odd Fellows' hall last evening. A
committee was appointed to make all
the necessary arrangements fer the
next annual ball which will be held in
the Masonic hall on the last Monday
in January. The committee will elect
its own officers.
A motion of congratulation to Irving Wintemute on the occasion of hls
marriage was passed. "Punk" has
been a member of the post ever sine?
it was formed. Previously the meetings Were held in the K. of P., building, but in future the Odd Fellows'
hall will be the regular gathering
place. The annual election of officers
will be held at the next meeting.
Within the past ten days there ha-s
twice been accorded to lovers of good
music in Westminster an opportunity
of enjoyment and it is safe to predic:
that tomorrow evening's musical recital in SL Patrick's hall wiil set an
equally high'standard.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave will open
with Beethoven's "Sonata Appas
sfonata," certainly the greatest sonata of the master, as  it is ono    of
���OF OUR���
Chocolates andjBon Bons
Today ? As a toothsome confection there's nothing sweeter
or purer.
They are always fresh, beautifully boxed and come in half
and one pound boxes.
Try them today.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1359���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; ��0x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,090; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; 60x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���86 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Aah Btreet; price $4000
on easy terma.
86 foot lot in,good location; just ott
Columbia atreet; price $1200 on
eaay terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,   Automobile
���nd Marine Insurances
The Queen's Meat Market
Formerly on Columbia Street, haa been
Re-Opened in the Mandeville Block
With a full line of
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats
Our driver will call for your order.
1113 Sixth Avenue. (78) Phone RS09
NEXT YEAR���1913
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, Ib by installing
a "YALE" Gasoline Engine in your fiBhlng boat. Thla Engine has
proved to be the best Engine on the Paciflc coast for the Ashing trade.
Ask any one of the many owners of a "YALE" hia opinion of the
We build these Engines ln two different styles, the Medium and
Heavy Duty sizes. ,
The Medium Duty Engines are built In four sizes from 6 h.p. to
20 h.p.
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h.p. up.
Get your orders In early.   Write for Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves. Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils ln
iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, FurnfsaUngs
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your bouse for a amall
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street and Sixth  Avenue
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for gate or rent while prices are low
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
W. R. GILMEY, Phone 128. a C. QILLEY, Phone 291;
Phones, Office IB and 19.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street;
Modern Conveniences.
623 and 749 Columbia Street, Phene 85., New Weatminater, B. C.


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