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The New Westminster News Dec 5, 1912

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 The New Weatmlnster News Ib
nlm* ? Trnlng newspaper published  In  the  City  of  New  West-
Fratrrvaa.ledy.the  "* ani  f"rt,le
Passenger and Conductor Slightly Injured When Sixth
Street Car Skidding from School Jumps Tracks at Corner
of Carnarvon���Lady and Motorman Unhurt-Car Almost
Cut in Two by Light Pole-Frost Causes Accident.
With a craBh that was heard Bevera!
blocks away, car No. 103, running on
the Sixth stret Uene of the B.C.E.R
came to grief with a light pole, having lumped the tracks at the corner
of Carnarvon and Slth streeta at 11:25
o'clock last evening. It narrowly
missed demolishing a portion of th.'
residence of Dr. Hall, the roof of th^
car being separated from the wall b:
Two passengers, Mr; and Mrs. E. H
Bedard, who reside at 42 Busby Btreet
were on the car at the time and to
gether with the motorman and con
ductor, had a miraculous escape from
death, Indeed from a glance at the
wreckage, scores of people who visit
ed the scene, are still wondering how
any escaped.
Tried to Stop Car.
The First sign of trouble occurred
opposite the high school buildlnc
when Motorman William Mortimer
found that, although the brakes were
net, tbe car bad begun to skid down
the steep incline. Being an expert
enced handler ot electric rolling stock
having worked for the B. C. E. R.
quite a time and before then for tli"
wreckage  for  several  minutes,  and.
according to eye-witnesses, did not appear to be concerned so much about
herself as for ber husband.
Got Out at Last.
Willing hands were speedily at work
and, after trying to release her
through the gap in the roof, she was
brought safely through one of the windows, the glass of which had been
Tbe services of Dr. Hall were
requisitioned and the two Injured
were taken Into his office on the corner. Bedard, hie bead dressed and
swathed tn bandages, was taken to his
home fifteen minutes after the wreck.
Davis was found to be only slightly
cut on the hand and gave little heed
to his Injury.
An examination of the wheels on
the trucks revealed places where
spots had been worn flat tbrough the
car skidding down the hll, thus
showing that the brakes had been set
properly and were in good order.
Frost Prime Cause.
According to one of the officials of
the company tha cause of the accldeni
was that mud and water had congeal
ed on the rails through tbe frost of
Provincial Government WiU
Then Amend Act to Legalise Procedure.
Hon. Dr. Young Wires Mayor Lee���
Company Has Everything Ready
to Proceed With Work.
A peculiar situation has arisen ln
connection with the proposed leasing
of the Horse Show building to the
Westminster Arena Company for Ice
skating purposes. The provincial government desires that a plebiscite be
taken at tbe coming civic election bo
tbat tbe wish ot the people may be
Mayor Lee received a wire from
Hon. Dr. H. E. Young, provincial sec
retary, last evening, to this effect ana,
if the people approve of tbe leasing
the government will amend the act so
far as to confirm the legality of the
The Arena Company have been
waiting for several days to hear the
vlewB of the government and a Westminster deputation waited upon the
premier on Tuesday morning and out
lined the situation.
With all the maohinery on the
ground and the citv council willing
to grant the lease It is extremely probable that tbe company will go ahead
with the erection of the refrigerating
plant on Arbutus street and will also
begin laying tbe pipes In the arena
necessary for freezing the ice for
seating . Thc plans for the bulldiT"-
are ready so thnt with double th'itt'
working. It would be ready for use to
wards the end ol the month.
Seattle Electric company, he tried his
beBt to resist the increasing momen
turn, using the eand contrivance. But i last evening. This accounts for the
all to no avail, for the car left tiip I Bkidding. lt was only recently tha'
rails on rounding the curve and crash | the city council gave the B.C.E.K
ed with great impact against the I permlaslon to place three derail
heavy lighting pole on the southwest switches on the Sixth street line and
corner of the street. . �� peculiar feature of last night* at
The  pole withstood the crash b-< ' fair was that one of the switches is
the rear portion of the car was nearly I now In position, but ls at the top ol
cut In two, glass and wood spllnteral the hill and therefore was of tio use I off  and  the  first    scheduled    home
being thrown quite a distance. las tbe skidding commenced after thl?   gam* in this city set tor Dec. 20. I'
Thrown Through Window. switch had been passed.
BetHrd, who waa preparing to allgh" "Had the accident occurred a fe*
wae thrown through one of the car I davs later." stated this same officla".
windows, clear of the wreck, anil "all the switches would have been in
wb*n picked up, was (ound to ��� br nrslticn and working which would i Mayor Cee last evening will probihly
gashed on the head, probably by th< ihave derailed the car either at thp'be taken ledav by the officers of th?
flying glass. I corner  of  Agnes  or  Carnarvon  and I Arena Company.
His  wife  waa  more  fortunate,  al 1 Sixth streets corner." ������ ���
though  she had a more remarkabli j Service Kept Running.
eBcape than did her husband uv it wae Trie wrecking crew of the cnmpvi IftlkjT f>f\NFFDf'Nf F
a f<".v InchoB from where she was nil vas rcoulsttloned and by working all JVJlrll Vvill Hll llvL
ting that tbe car waa nearly cut injniitht all traces cf the accident wen
Sir William Mackenzie Gives
Written Guarantees  to
English Investors.
Chief Engineer Swan to Take Charge
of Divisional Headquarter* In
Vancouver, Nov. 4.���The following
telegram, dated Winnipeg, December
3, from Mr. John F. Hansen, was received today by Mr. C. S. Meek, hl��
Vancouver representative:
"I made tlnal payment on four mil
Hon purchase Port Mann from Cana
dian Northern Ilailway. Sir William
Mackenzie gave both myself and Eng
lish associates definite written guarantee as to Port Mann development
which Is perfectly satisfactory to all
parties and accepted by financiers. 1
am absolutely satisfied as to future
of Port Mann and am prepared to
stay with Investors."
The associates referred to ��by Mr
Hansen are aald to be the LonLdon
Hansen are said to be the London
ers of the Canadian Northern Rail
Headquarter* In City.
As giving strength to the above
wire lt was made known yesterday
ln the city that the C. N. It. had decided to locate their main divisional
headquarters ln Westminster and 1
have already taken rooms in the pul-1
chon block, corner of McKenzie and
Columbia streets.
These rooms are at present occu
pied by McQuarrie, Martin and Cassady, tbe well known law firm, who
will vacate to the new Westminster
Appeal to Allies to Preserve
Present Balkan League
Turkey Not Likely to Surrender Fort
resses���Conference  In  London
I* Materializing.
London, Dec. 4.���No news has yet
been received tbat Greece has signed
the armistice, although she iu expected to do bo, as the protocol provider
that the besieged garrisons are noi
to be provisioned. Greece has strong
ly objected to their being revlctualcd
The fact that Turkey has agreed U
this clause is held to mean that there
i* no likelihood ot the surrender ot
the fortresses.
lt Is possible that two conferences
may be Bitting concurrently at London after next week. The proposal for
the ambassadorial conference reached the Austrian foreign office today
and is said to have been received
sympathetically by the Austrian cab'
not. Count von Berchthold, however,
is delaying his reply until he has consulted witU th? other members of the.
Triple Alliance.
Germany In Favor.
As Germany Is known to favor the
conference It Ib bel'p'-"-' ' lustria
will embrace the proposal and the ambassadors are likely to meet at tbt
same time as the peace delegates.
With respect to the dispute between
Business Men of Westminster Pay Merited Tribute to Work
of Progressive Association by Subscribing Liberally to
Fund for Enlarging Scope of H�� ActhriHee-Twenty Five
Hundred Dollars Quickly Offered-Campaign Launched.
With the first hockey game of the | Trust block within the next few dayB
season between the RoyalB and Vancouver at Yancouver onlv tive days?
Two thousand five hundred dollars
in ten minutes. With tbis aum actually promised a financial campaign for
tbe raising of (50o0 in one month for
the purpose of carrying on the work
cf the New Westminster Progressive
Association was launched under most
auspicious circumstances at a great
gathering of sixty business men of tho
tiity ln the city hall yesterday afternoon.
That the excellent work of the as,
sociation must be continued at all'
costs waa the predominating feeling'
to which expression was given by the
speakers. Men prominent in every
branch of the city's activities gave
inspiring addresses, following which
the subscription list was opened and
the money commenced literally to
flow In.
-Enthusiastic Scene*.
There was a scene somewhat similar to a stock exchange when Mayor
Lee, Aldermen Curtis and White, Mr.
Thomas Gifford, M.P.P., Mr. George
Kennedy and others rose and promised $100 apiece to start the ball rolling. The business men appeared
over-zealous in their giving and the
secretary was Innundated for some
ten minutes putting down the substantial offerings as they came.   All came
can be seen that no tine Is to be los
If, the  Paterson   cup  holders  are to
practice and play on their own Ice.
Action .on  the  wire    received    by
tbe allies, lt appears that the Greek
government last Saturday addressed a
dignified and touching appeal to the I forward and opened their purses ln an
governments ot the allies beseeching unstinted manner.
them to take no action calculated to      Thus was a great tribute paid tc
weaken or endanger^ the league.        '
The 0. N. R. rffices will be under I Greeks Effort Fails,
the charge of Chief Engineer W. G. At the same time, Greece offered all
Swan and the fact that work is likely her naval and military resources in
to be started on the Port Mann ter-1 case Turkey declined to accept terma
minals and also on construction worn j less damaging to what Greece regard
on Lulu Island in the very near future ed aB the allies" best Interests,
will bring New Westminster to the lt is understood that thii appeal
forefront as far aa transportation ls forui3 an important historical docu
the work done by the Progressive A3
sociation since its organization. When
the smoke and clamor died away Mr
Kenneth Myers quickly totalled thc-
offeriugs up and found that a sum ex
ceeding $2500 had been promised.
Thr equal balance will be collected
within a period of a month by a com
in the Piutresslve Association was a
mild way ot expressing himself. Notn-
ing could be accomplished by either
an Individual or organization without
capital, he affirmed, going on to elaborate In a convincing manner on tbe
work that could be done by tbe Progressive Association.
Speaking of tbe prospects cf New
Weatmlnster the mayor said: "ft
there Is any place on the top cf B.C.
that Industries can flourish lt is on
tbe Fraaer river and 1 believe honestly fn ray heart that the possibilities
awaiting here tor development are not
equalled In any other city In the province.
"What do tbe railways think of
Westminster? They say that the city
and ita environment is the best we
known of on the Pacific Coast.
"The whole trouble Is.' 'he continued, "that the people of New Westminster do not realise what will take
place here and on the Fraser during;
the next ten years."
Must De Our Share.
Rr ferrhig to the. financial campaign
again he resumed: "It Westminster
is ever going to amount to ����� ^t* ttt
beana ire all bave got to do our little
share. Let'a get the spirit of opa-
mlam. the' New Westminster spirit,
patronize our own merchants, work
for Westminster and give tbe Progressive Association our hearty support."
Following the mayor's ad<lrr<>�� * _
erman Curti* formally rose and offered $i09. ! He was followed by Alderman WhUe. Mayor Lee and Mr.
Tfecmas Gifford. Declaring that It
would not be a good thin? to let ***-t
asamrfatifln lapse after it had staged.
two. ... | obliterated.
The conductor, George Dari.. wae ! The car service en the Sixth ttlreci
shot through the open door into thf j lift*, owins to the wrecked car \>elng
etreet. receiving a cut on the hands J thrown clear of both tracks, was not
The motorman escaped unhurt but diMcrpaelreii and cars were k��>pt run-
does not know how lt caine about.      nlng according to schedule until 12:30
MrB.   Bedard   was   pinned   in   thr I this morning.
���Near G. N. R. Depot at White Rock-
Much Improvement Work Being
White Rock, B.C., Bee 4.���A considerable amount ot useful development
work Is under construction and on .the
itapls for White Rock and Semiahmoo
Bay districts.
The provincial government, the Surrey municipality and tbe G.N.R. hsve
laaemlngly joined forces In the en'deav
or to provide the publlc an easy access to thla energetic young seaside
town. \
On Tuesday Mr. Keir, 'engineer In
chief of the railway commission, paid
.a .visit of Inspection te White Rock
.and In company with Mr. Hastie, tbt;
O. 'N. R- engineer, F. 3. MacKenzie
M.P. and Interested residents or
'Wtttte Rock, made arrangements lor
the subway to be built at a point near
the G. N. R. depot, as per recent order of tbe railway commission. Washington avenue, the seafront road, was
also inspected by the Joint engineers
accompanied by-the member Tor Ddlt*
rand Wtll now doubtless be put In
dbape to accord wtth the requirement'*
Pt the specifications orlghuflly dratted
Fdr some time past a gang of men
Inn been working on the Johnson
road line. This road will In the near
future become one ot the mest travelled highways of tbe coast, owing to Its
being the most direct line to New
Westminster, passing through rich;
serlcnltnrsl land and having a -magnl'
fleei* panoramic view throughout its
whole length.    Semiahmoo Bay and
the Biflt to **��e ���outh Rnd tlw ,now
clad coast range of mountains to the
The main psrtlon ot the road 1s al-
ready traded ��nd gravelled. Ther*
only remains eome three and half
miles to be constructed to open the
road direct trom New Weatmlnster *
the towR ot WWte Rock on Semiahmoo Bay. Wot* Is still progressing
on thli roa* ����� *Jth a bridge across
the Nlcoraekl wMch no doubt the
iroverttment win provide, it ls expect-
Id to be wady   fcr   next   season's
trOov��rnm��t **������� h��ve Bt*�� been
working oa the Nortb Bluff road and
though the work has temporarily
3 It 1* hoped that It will shortly
S^Juied, at It li atatefl to be the
tatentloTto open thl. rosd through
Swell 9sA W��ltt BoeV' Ooean Pa,rii
Sd MMI on to Elgin thu. Iproviding a msgnMIWnt marine drive.
j C ���dM��fc M�� ���< New Westmlnater. outtorat WWOT. and Andrew Porter*�����****��* -**��� J0""11 the
staff of the White Rock customs department, filling thc vacancies caused
by the promotion of Messrs. W. Turn-
bull and Matheson.
Tbe new depot and customs offices
Westminster, Barnaby and Coquitlam
Councils Instruct Engineers to
Arrange Plans.
Port Mann Residents Claim Big Damages���Condition of Hjorth Road
Bridge in Question.
Representatives from  Burnaby, Cn-
^.re all complete with the exception o." j qultlaiu *nd Hew Westminster met inl ley  street, Toronto",  will t>o thankful
placing tbe beating fixtures.    These  the elty hall yesterday morning aad  for news of her two Vcthers, John
arrived today and w-ork will be rashed U-.-j-.-j y_ Drollo.ed _���-_. ���, th.   and Arthur Stewart, vtm. when last
.O   ��n.l.l��  th.   mnv��   frnm   thm oM   nrA. I ',,SCl--Stm    W    P���POSed    P18US    Of   ""'���l1,eKra 0f, were employ^ hi  Victoria.
to enable the move from the old premises to be made before Christmas.
The Wblte Rock Bchodl has made
excellent progress under Its present
teacher. Miss Annie Mitchell of New-
Westminster'and it ls wtth regret that
residents here understand that she
has placed her resignation In the
hands of the school trustees. Miss
Mitchell is training a number of her
more advanced pupils lor a Christmas
concert to be held In tho present
school house Just before vacation.
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P. has several
men working on hls property here,
grading, clearing and otherwise generally improving his summer residence and 'grounds.
lt is proposed by various energetic
residents 'here to organize a White
Rock Yacht Association before next
summer, fhe waters of Semiahmoo
Bay being "especially suitable for such
an object.
The G. N. R. are bavlng trouble
wtth muddldes caused by the heavy
rains of the past tew weeks. Last
night just latter the *:40 from Nev
Westminster had passed a bad land
Great Northern railway as to a high
level bridge .over the company's track
on the North road.
Tke railmpy has purchased consid
arable land In this vicinity for freight
yards and hun applied to the railway
commissioners, wben sitting in Van
cower, tar ��n order apportioning tht
cost between the three municipalities
involved  and  the company.
New Westminster bad been let out,
ot tbe proposal to pay part of Uie cos*'
of tbe  structure,  but the  fact  tha
eventually .a car line  will be bnflri
along the North road connecting thi.-
city and Port Moody and Cuquitlan.
has no doubt been an incentive to tht,
ROyil Ctty cltelegates to watch the pro;
Alter much discuBslon lt was deelti |
ed that  the  engineers get together
and arrange a plan    of    procedure
which -will 'be submitted to tbe AS
ferent councils.
Tbe North road ta at present lc
good condition as the municipalities
,,.���., al. ���������,���.���, ���,*,**,,*,..-* *,*������*.- miUee consisting of Aldermen Curtis- Kr Geerge Kennedy also came for-.
nent JhKA wll^ show That Greece. 1���� White. Messrs. D Gilchrist Nel.. War�� wfU, an offering. Mr. C. A
far from having any intention to l1"8*"*; Henry Schaake, J. R. Duncan |WeUh r^ BWtt ^tth a 6Ubatantial
break away from the league, made the aftd &? mfmb"i! ��f the! fexecua'e. amount Following this a general
strongest efforts to maintain it In its I committee In addition assistance will scramUe took place and the secretary
Three Enquiries From Ea.t for New. I original torm. *fJSS5^d Elad y U��m &    voluntecr  " as b^leged with offers.
of Missing Relative*. ,      ������ workers        _ ..-���t.i Governing Expenditure.
Three communications from persons   . _.       ���  inougnt Essential. , ananaed  tliat  tbo
���n IV K,S. who are looking tor mis* C1IDDPV    IfnltfliT I ^gUTS ����S*Si&��: [-^V^ T**
the New Westminster Progressive As   ��' mo��0l2' n^n^f1 ��f��rt   wU|.
sociation  to  be  spent In accordance ' EJ^8-   ����� 0��*���      , . 5��ll      *a-
with the objects outlined at the meet j three gentlemen appointed from O*
jng�� subscribers, two members of the an-
Fresident Dr. F. P. Smith stated aoeistioB anila member of the.ctt��
that they had gathered there for th etwnal should It care to suppfemaw
purpose of ascertaining whether the;thf fund with a grant This is ai ae-
business men of .the city wished the vtslopmeut aWch ls confidently anU-
work of the association to continue, cipated-
W so they must put lt on a good work How *�� Spend it.
ing  basis    by    substantial monetary"      Mr^ Kenneth Myers, the secretary.
grants. [outlined several  advantageous  ways
The first day's hearing of the action J Alderman Curtis, one of the prime (by which the money raised on the
by Mrs. and Mr. John Wolte, PortSmoverB ln *he organization of th<> (fund couM be nsed. Theae were chfef-
M.nn ...I...* tsa.am.^*, n.n.i.i..n>. campaign, declared they had got to f ly for advertising purposes, getting In
Mann, against    Surrey    municipality I        g���� ^ whether g* Pf0gr%p^m\Zma,  with  tte  prospective  setUens
concluded at the assize court, before Association was going to do or die land influential financial and coinrnef-
Mr. Justice Murphy, at 5 ocSoc'k yes- One thing the city lacked, he affirmed Icial nrea aad ia publishing a b-okle*.
lng relativws. bave been received during the pait' tew days "by Chief �����*
Ptolice Bradshaw.
Mrs.; J. F. Morris, 105 Jersey avenue. Toronto, writes for Information
as to the whereabouts of her husband
Wbo has been missing for some little
F. W.. Kennedy, Lindsay. OnU is en-
tmirinc about bis brother, Man-in S
Kennedy, wbo at one time worked In
Coquitlam. His mother ls worried
about the young man.
Mre. Richard Westwr-rfl  80 Wpttas
Sugar and Glass Interests Vepresent-
Ing English snd Canadian Capital Are Coming.
Capitalists and man-afMfturers evidently look upon Ghls city as one with
excellent industrial possibilities. Information concerning lt bas been very
(earnestly sought after at late, and
���yesterday Mayor Lee announced that
tne   representatives of a  big  sug>
ampany and a glass manufacturing
have spent considerable sums Iti roek ycompany would be here hi a few days
ing and rolling It during the anmmei
slip occurred at Ocram Park, alw>s'  ��nd " ���� U*W that when the t";
r   .. _ ......       la      mama-.,'*       I ,1       1 li. i      ������illllllOV      A/im%nltt(<lnTI
at the  same  spot w<here  the  fatal
wreck happened early this spring.
Mr. Frederic T. Hill Takas Ouer Burins*, of Mr. F. J. MacKenzie���
Is Weatarfmter Aarn.
The sale wa. consummated yesterdaj of the drug More at ttie corner
ot .Sixth and Columbia street, owned
by Mr. F. J. MacKenzte, MtP.P. for
Deata, to Mr, Frederic T. HiB. a former resident of this city, and a son of
Mr. A. J. Hill, an old resident here.
Mr. Hill is an experienced pharmacist, having worked tor fifteen years
with Hegeman & Co., 200 Broadway,
New Tork. He has for several years
past been desirous of returning to
New Westminster and engaging In
buUness and ha. been in the city
���Ince July looking tor a location
which suited him. He feels that he
ls particularly fortunate In being able
to secure Mr. MaceKn.le's business
Mr. Ma.cKen.le stated last evening that he bad made no Immediate
plan, for the future, otber than thai
he certainly doe. not Intend to leave
New Westminster.
... ...
Is seift to the railway commb.itonor;,
when they meet In Regina later ln
the month, thore wlll be embodied a
request that the road be placed ia a
passable (condition when the railway
company completes Its work at tha'
Just whether the three munictp.il
ties will ask for a Bteel structure tn
place oPthe proposed wooden brldg*
remains to be seen although aevera!
ot the Barnaby councillors at their
last meeting favored a steel bridge
ThoTO pruaent at the meeting wee*
Mayor '-ee, Aldermen Kellington and
Gray, City Wnglneec Blackman. New
Westminster; Reeve Weart. Councll-
|r>ri FauVel, MacDonald. Mayne, Ma
tVll nnd Engineer Macpherson, from
Burnabv; Rtfcve Mara, Co'inclllor*
Morgan. R. J. C. Atkins and Englnee:
Kilmer froth Conultlatti.
(���ior the purpose of examining the
city's strategic position aa regard;,
The sugar refining company Is back
���ed by English capital While the glass
company Is financed by Canadians.
Both, It ts understood, are considering
the advisability of establishing
brunch fiotnMes locally.
Tils worship Intimated that negotla
fiona between the companies and the
ctty had been on for some time, but
'tis only lately thst the firms could
be Induced to have representative*
pav. a visit.
Tt-ls expected that representative!
of fhe 1 ��wli ����� Clarke Btoel company will be In the city In a tew days
to meet the city councll.
The Canada-American Securities
Company, It ls stated on tbe authority
of Mr. Frederick O'Neil, a director of
the ooncern, lately purchased the Nell
McLeod property comprising ISO
acres about three-quarters of a mile
from Langley Pralrle, and situate ln
D.L. S06.
The purchase price hns not been
disclosed but It ls understood the
turnover value marks nn advance ta
the value of property ln the neighbor
Tho property wtll be divided up Into
five acre farms and a house and barn
erected on each plot lt la understood.
AUhoagh It has been understood
In civic circles that Alderman Fred
Lynch would again make the race for
re-election, lt waa only yesterday that
the alderman announced himself tor
the office.
Hit record of work In connection
" '"' the Btreet lighting, pole construction and the building of the civic
storehouse ha. much to do with bl.
present decision.
Mall Thief Sentenced.
Toronto. Dee. 4.--John Wright, who
.toured $847 In money and about |81
In good, when he obtained a mail
.ack from a aub-po.t offlee here by
representing himself to be a driver
aome time ago, was today sentenced
to flve years in the Kingston Pent-
terday evening.
Mrs. Wolfe claims $10,090 damages
from Surrey for Injuries sustained in
a driving accident on Hjorth road
bridge, the one nearest New Westminster, on the 15th August 1910.
The plaintiff alleges that on the date
mentioned she was driving a lierse
and buggy over the bridge, tn company wltb Mr. C. T. Saunders, formerly municipal clerk of Burnaby, and
that through the defective condition
the horse put his foot In a ttdta and
tn consequence, got startled and precipitated himself, buggy and occupants over fhe bridge and down 15
feet to the bed of the creek. Th"
horse was killed and Mra. Wolfe and
Mr. Saunders sustained severe Injuries.
Mr. Wolfe claims ln addition $7?"
for the loss of the horse, hospital and
medical fees tor Mrs. Wolfe, dam
ages to the buggy and unstated damages tor the loss of hla life's society
and services.
The ���'efenc" is thnt the hridge was
in good condition and plaintiff was
guilty of contributory negligence.
Mr. Saunders bad a similar case
against the municipality before Justice Clement at a former assize court
but the action was distressed '*"
latter case was the cause of thp
charge of perjury against one of th��
principal witnesses, A. G. Stevens
farmer, at the recent criminal aBsires
Mr. Steven, was acquitted hv the Jury
after a few minutes consultation.
Yeaterday Dr. Hall gave teBtlmcnv
a. to Mr.. Wolfe's Injuries, after
-h'rh Mr*. Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe n***\ Mr
R.. A. Anderson. Mrs. Broderick and
Mr. Mitchell, Vancouver, gave evidence for tho nlaWIff as to the accident and the condition of the bridge
Tha cn^e Is expected to'last another
two daya at least Mr. Saunders'
ease occupied, four days.
Mr. J. R Rlrd, Vancouver, represented plaintiffs, and Mr. W. G. Mc-
Onarrle, assisted by Mr o. L. Cas
sady, appeared for the defendants.
was proper advertising. The coun
dl had a publicity bureau of Its own
but it was felt that its work was entirely apart from that of the associa-
flrn. He concluded with an offer of
$100 if fifty other men would come
forward in the same manner. "We
certainly ought to be able to raise
nt. least |60O0 by popular subscription," he concluded.
Must Have Funds.
relating to the district   It wonld aiao*.
ensure  Westminster's   representation
at alt conventions of note.   The minimum  astount with which this work:
conld ba carried on tor a Year waa��.
Mr. J. lit Duncan, president of the*"
Board  or Trade,  Mr.   Stuart  Wade,
publicity  commissioner   and   Mr.   A.
Sprice ef tbe Queensborough Improve
ment association were among others
Mayor Lee declared that to say he [.who offered generous suppcrt to tha
was a believer to a very full extent [RradL
Victoria, Dec. t���The Royal Cbm
mission on Labor will be announced
by Sir Rtchard V_J3ride sbmettme tomorrow. It la understood In authoritative quarter, tbat Mr. J. Hawthorn
thwaite, the former member for Nanaimo, will not be a member of thc
Mr. Hawthornthwalte has offered
his services as conciliator ln the coal
strike now ln progress at the Cumberland mines but bis offer is not meet
ing with much sympathy In government circles. ii
Eel Stops Pump Working.
An eel measuring about three feet
long waa found ln the valve of a
water pump In the Western Canada
Power Company's station on Brunette
river, Sapperton, the other day. Tbe
pump would not work properly and
the workmen took lt apart to see what
was the trouble. The dead body of
the eel wae found obstructing one ot
the main valve.. Tht. 1. understood
to be the first tlmt eell were known
to ext.t ln Brunette creek.
S. Cameron I. After Aldermanic
Honor.���Mas. Meeting Called to
Complete Nomination..
At the meeting ot the Labor campaign committee beld In the Laboi
Temple otfice last night arrangements
were completed to hold a maa. meet
Ing ot worker. In the Eagles' hall ou
Monday. December 9, to complete the
nominations for aldermen and school
trustees,   i
Mr. D. S. Cameron, who represented
the Westminster Trades and Labor
Counctl at thc aanual convention or
the Trades Congress of Canada held
ln Guelph, Ont, In September, has de
elded to enter the aldermanic race ln
the Interest, ot labor men.
Mr. Cameron wa. asked to make the
run at the meeting held last week bnt
told hts confreres that he would bavw
to consider the move. He decided
last evening.
���  ]
Brltlah Columbia  Captures   First at
Royal Horticultural Show in
Victoria. Dae 4.���British Columbia
won the-gold modal of tha Royal Her
tlcultural Society ot England for ths
best exhibit at that society's big .how
which la aaa at th* great event, el
the year tai th* Empire', capital
Tb�� ���������� aama to the Premier a>
day in a cablegram from Hon. J. a\
Turner, the Agant-General of Britt*
Colombia In London, which read:
"BriUak Columbia fruit award*
cold medal and certificate ot merit If
Royal HorUcoltnaal Society tod��r-#
The triumph In the more striUlW
becauae it waa won by a consIbrntHt
"f fruit picked merely for display It
the provincial offices In London, M*
not specially with a view to exUM*
te�� at tbe Royal Horticultural Shw;
hi fact tha officials of the depai
did not know that It wa. the
tion of the Agent-General to i
exhfblt thssm.
Canadian Cattle Wlna
Chlea** Dee. 4.���A Canadian *P
was awarded the world's ctafflpi
���"JJ'J* *���� tatamthmal Livedo****
position here today. The wtoadf*
"Glenaianwck Vletor." a two-yewM**
grade Aug,, rtMr> rmlped Md pj/^
S8* 2* Mr- *u������ D. McGn
Brandon, Man.   Second prlxe
fast year's champion. "Black I"
gfw-brsd steer exhibited by I
State Agricultural College,
nock Victor waa (ed  on
terliy, oats and hay.
J:^.1 **''���'Yi* liii'i'
An!?1'       . , ���
"i' 11 ynnmnimm PtViM TWO
THU RIDAY,   DECEMBER   t,   1912.
| Classified Advertising
*p> RATES. ���
Clauifted���One cont per word per
4t��y: 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6/06* words, to be used as re-
quired within one year from date of
contract, *tt.OO.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $l.tt.   Card of Thanks  SOc  per
wants furnished room in private
family.    C. R., P.O.  box 927, City.
ed cook, general. Apply to 217
Royal avenue. 1193)
modern, one block from Twelfth
stroet car. Very complete. $12.
Phone L 616, or call at 1321 Eighth
avenue. (199)
location. Apply S. Malcolmson,
phone 493, 333 Pine St. (170)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year tann, singly er en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
ing. experienced. Minerva Emery.
DepL 2 Mercer block, City.       (187)
bungalow, strictly modern, large
corner lot, cIobc lo car line, $500
��ash, balance arranged. Apply box
^09  News  office. (209)
keeping rooms, hot aad cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythtar
hall, corner Eighth street and Acnes
street. (202)
Information leading to discovery of
person who killed my Irish Setter
dog, December 3. J. E. Walmsley,
412 Second street. (205)
modern bungalow, almost finished,
cement basement, furnace, fire
place, attic; near school and Queens
park; $3150; $400 cash and $30 per
���month. Apply 122 Seventh Btreet.
Phone 3109. U96.
tables, several chairs, suitable for
kitchen use.   Apply at News office.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
51.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
. Notice is hereby given that we Intend to apply at the next sitting of the
licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a license to sell
liquors by retail on the premised
known aa the Liverpool Arms, Bituate
oa C62 Columbia atreet in the said City
at New Westminster.
New Westminster,  B.C.,  Nov.  27th,
1312. (179)
bia or Sixth Btreet, on December ?..
Finder please return to Gifford'2
Jewelry .tore.   Reward. (211)
Carnarvon Stret. (185)
A Statutory Meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners will be held ai
the Municipal Hall on Wednesday, Da-
cember llth, 1912, at 10 o'clock in ths
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Edmonds, B.C., December 2nd, 1912.
.Re the southwest quarter of Section
3.7, Township 10. in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 733SF, issued in
the name of George Seeley, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given tliat I ahall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, tn a dailv newspaper published in
the Ctty of Njew Westminster, isBue a
duplicate of the Baid certilicale. iihless
In the meantime valid objection be
���made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
l*nd Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 30, 1912.        (1)
Tte the northwest quarter of .Section
35, Township 13, in thc District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlfl-
�����ato of Title Number 10154F, issued
in tbe name of John Smith, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
' hn date of the first publication hereof,
n a daily newspaper published in tha
���pity of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In
th> meantime valid objection be mado
to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Iand Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (��6)
Repetition of   Bosnian   Incident   Will
Not Be  Allowed���People Will
Fight   First.
London, Dec. 4.���Russia haa retorted to the rattling of the German
sword in the Balkan war tangle. She
has declared that she will not permit
a repetition of the methods used
when Austria occupied Bosnia and
"Such Intimidation will frighten nobody," exclaims the Novoe Vremya,
commenting on the German chancellor's giving prominence to the Idol of
The war parties both ln Russia and
Austria-Hungary seem to hold the
public platform for the moment
against the peaceably disposed minla
terB of those countries. Any untoward Incident or provocative act on
the pari of Servla would, in the opinion of the diplomats here ln a moment set Austria-Hungary In motion
and this probably would loosen forces
in Russia wliich tho government of
the Russian empire would find Itself
unable to resist.
The Novoe Vremya continues: "His
tory Is repeating Itself, but It Is noi
so easy to. force Russian diplomacy
Into a faint-hearted retreat."
The Immedlte withdrawal of the
vast Russian deposits ln the German
banks is advocated by many of tht
Russian journals.
Should Greece persist In her refusal
to adhere to the armistice signed yesterday, lt would necessarily throw
Bulgaria more closely Into the em
brace of Servia and give fresh encouragement to the Servian resistance
to the European powers who are prac
tically unanlmouB in condemning the
Servian demands.
If Austria-Hungary should attempt,
as has been suggested, to employ Roumania to keep Bulgaria quiet in the
event of an AuBtria-Servian war, It is
thought that such action would only
enlarge the area of conflict and pre
cinitate a general catastrophe. Any
intervention by Roumania, it is
argued, would inevitably compel Russia to take drastic action on behalf of
the Slavs in the Balkans.
Diplomats realize that the crisis de
mands immediate treatment and efforts to bring about an ambassadorial
conference as quickly as possible will
be renewed as it is thought that this
is the only means of bringing the necessary pressure Into plav to extinguish the incendiary tendency of the
extremists in the various countries
concerned in thl dispute.
JLand Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C , November 20th, 1912.
In the matter ol a certain Agreement of Sale and purchase of Lot
PMUBberi d Forty (40). in the subdiviB-
ton of the easterly part of Section
Ifclrty-si.v (36), llhi;:k i'nur (4) North,
Range Seven (7) Win. New Westmin
attar Distiict. dated the 2nd day ot
���October. 1911, and made between
Jaoirs A. McKinney ,,f the one part
���mast Evans J. Davies of the other part:
_ Whereas satisfactory proof of
������each of covenants nnd nf re-entry
mmS recover:, i ;..:,.,, ,���n i,v tha
r, James A. McKInney, haa heen
uced In the Registrar and tiled in
Motice is hereby given that at th-i
tion of thirty days rrom the dat"
��� aervic.   ],, icor.  |  s'. .ill cancel    th"
��*lelralii f    He ...���Lenient
fSBBB the   I-' <i  ���������! i  , nffici      in
lanmaiice   l!   Se-tiie.    1    .,   ���r   ,|���,    .j,,,,,,,
B��latry Ad " and i, .n ..,���������,, ,,.
���;*:_ <BPJBI notice i r *,,.,,  *., .       l;, ., ,,.i:iv.
SPttapsvir   p  blisiud   .!���   th,.   rjty   ,'f
)����� Westminster,  lie    shall  h.   y,������\
tS auificieni   *..* ��� Vi,���������  I, . .-, .
('. S. KEITH,
Distrlcl Registrar
tvans   .1   li.--. i. i     ;.,.    i!,,.tn1K,
t West.  V mmuver.  n.l      and
6. ir \ :: jhth Avi ti :e i; ,-t
Igary,  All > (124)
Bradner  School.
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ten
der for Bradner Scliool," will be r*��
ceived by the Honorable the Ministei
of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday, the 18th day of December
1912, for the erection and completion I
of a large one room school house ai
Bradner, in the Delta Electoral District, for the I'rovincial Government
l'lans, spocificatlons, contract, anj
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day of December. 1912
at the office of S. A. Fletcher. Government Agent, N'ew Westminster; Mr
Wm. Merryfield. Secretary School
Board. Mount Lehman, B.C.; and th =
Public Works Department, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal miiBt be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certlfl j
cate of deposit on a chartered bam
of   Canada,   made    payable    to   the
Honorably    the    Minister   of    Publi'
Work.,   for   a sum    equal    to 10 pet |
cent, of the tender,  which  shall    b'
forfeited if the party tendering declin
to enter Into contract    when    called
upon to do so, or if he fall to com
plete the  work conlractcd  for.    The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful  tenderers    will    he    re
turned   to  them  upon   the   execution
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered un
less made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature ot
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
aarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December. 191?
(200) aeS
Old Age Pensions.
Ottawa. Dec. 4.���Mr. Burnham
member for West Peterboro, gives no
tice that he will again move for the
appointment of a select committee of
tlie House to make inquiry into the
question of old-aee pensions, with a
view to the establishment of such a
svstem in Canada. Mr. Verville,
Malsonncuve. gives notice that he will
again Introduce his bill calling for an
eight-hour day on public works.
Times  Correspondent   With    Turkish
Army  Has Criticism  for Artillery
of One Balkan SUte.
London. Dec. 4.���A correspondent
of the "Times," who has been with
the Turkish army since the battle of
Lille-Burgas, sends a criticism of the
Bulgarians. Among other things he
'Much has been written about the
excellence of the Bulgarian artillery
and the superiority of the Creusot
guns over the Krupp. All this is
more or less fantasy. The Crnennts
were better served, but not of better
quality than the Krupps. The Bul-
garlan gunners, however, are not extraordinarily good���in fact, thev
might be called bad. They did no'
support the Infantry advance prop
erly, and were timid in advancing
their batteries to really effective
"The Bulgarian Infantry are verv
slow, but are well trained, and made
good use of the ground In thn approaches. They are very useful with
Ihe rifle and of much the same fighting calibre as the European Turk, and
they owo their success over the latter only to the fact that thev were
better trained and more capably com
"It wlll be argued, In spile of these
criticisms, that the Bulgarian army
succeeded. But this success was only
partial. Now, we know the quality of
the army they put to flight eirlv in
the campaign, and see how they failed
to profit by the successes; how Ihey
gave the beaten Turkish army time
to reorganize and dig itself Into
Tchatalja ;how they failed hefore Ad
rianople. And we begin to realize
how indifferently the Bulgarians have
waged their successful war.
"The Turkish army, operating as a
fleld army, had to be beaten. Bul thai
It was beaten by armies really unequal to the responsibilities ensuing
has produced today's extraordinary
situation when "the strong man" of
the allies finds himself in a far lens
advantageous resition than   those   he
cpherded in the adventure.''
Two large lots, North Vancouver $900
Large lot , Point Grey.
Edmonds lots, Wise Road, $400.00
1850 ft. waterfront. joinB city New
Westminster, wltt ;o acres all under
120 acres. 2 miles from White Rock
station. $100 pep acre.
5 acre blocks near car and city,
easy terms.
3 good bouses in city, small payment, balance as rent.
Hotel, South Westminster, 18 rooms
furnished, $3200.
30 acres resldentat property half
mile from proposed docks.
Excellent dairy farm $200 per acre.
For full particulars of tbls and
otlier property apply
Phone F 507
South Wettmintter.
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
37 ACRES alder bottom land, ex-
ceptionally good quality. 1 mile
from Milne's Station. $150 per
acre, on terms.
For Excellence In  Shaving, Halrcut-
tlng and Shampooing give the
35 Eighth  St.
a trial,    Four skilled workmen.   Our
system of treating the scalp for dandruff and falling hair cannot be improved upon.   Try lt.
Face Massaging a specialty.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up...
The Bank has 850 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, lo Cuba
throughout the Island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
idad, Dominican Republic, New
York and   London,  Ec(.
Drafts iraued without delay
en all the principal towns and
cities In the world. These eis
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
N.w Wettmlntttr Branch,
Lawford  Richardton, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
BtTABUaHED 1$17.
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)....$1t,000,000.0��
����ERVe    $18,000,000.09
Branch*, throncaoot Canada sna
Newfoundland, ud In London. Bn��.
and,Uea fork, CMmm aad Spokane,
O.8.A., and Mexico City. A jjeneral
Danklnc bualnaM transacted, utters of Credit Itauad. available with
HHTMpondent. In   all   *Mtta ot   tka
Saving. Bank D^artmwt-DepoBltn
rec��i��.d in aum. of $1 u4 ��������?
sml Interest allowel at $ per oent oar
annum   (prtseat rat.).
Total  Aueti over 1116.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newt Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenile Bt.
Henry   of   Prussia   Eludes   Reporters
and Goes to Lord  Rosebery's
Country    Seat.
It't the Work.
Use Your Phone
ill Suits
Ladies and Men
Street,   New  Wettmintter.
528 Clarkton Street. Phone 4S0
He Changed.
"Groymnlr's wife brought him home
a suit of clothes, but I understand tie
mustered up the rouniKe to toll her
Ihnt be bnd mnde up his mind to
chance It."
"Did be change it?"
"Oh, yes; lit- Changed his mind."
Curtit Block, New  Wettmintter,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
We have a special bargain ts offo;
In a nine room modern liouso, almos
complete on St. George St., whicii wi
can sell at very attractive price and
Alberta street bargain��� Four room ;
��� ���A cottage and good cleared lot. Pric '
away down, buyers own terms.
Hit It.
"Yon enn't guess whnt sister sa-ld
llliout you Just before you on uie In. Mr.
Hlghcollnr," snid little Johnnie.
"I hnren't an Idea in the world. Johnnie."
"'Hint's It You guessed It the very
flrst time."
London, Dec. 4.���The only momentous diplomatic question now agitating Europe Is the visit o f Prince
Henry of Prussia, to London on a secret mission just after the arrival of
the new German ambassador, and following upon the optimistic official utterances ln the Reichstag on Anglo-
German cordiality created the ln:|ir"s
aion that something at lust was to be
done on the subject of the futile and
ruinouB naval rivalries.
Prince Henry, who Is here   strictly
incognito, succeeded in chiding the reporters, but Is believed  to have gon ���
lo  Mentmore.   Lord   Rosebery's coun
try seat, about thirty milee from London, to meet  Foreign Secretary Grey
and Winston Churchill   In conference
i    The Improved relations  of England
land Germany show a reflex action In
France, where the semi-official Temps
has Just published a hostile story of
England intriguing with Germany for
compensation  In Syria In   connection
with the recasting   of Near   Eastern
territorial conditions. The present situation  seems  more    absorbing    and
more critical than any since the out-
break of the Balkan war.
Turkey  is   playing   her   diplomatic j
cards with  her usual  skill  and   cun- j
ning.    She has brought about a spilt
In the ranks of the Balkan   alliance.
and is trying to induce Bulgaria. Ser- j
via  and   Montenegro  to   cut   Greece,
irtrift. and  leave her   to Turkey   to j
deal with.
There  is  profund  distrust  of Car
while   in    Bel-
y   slspenrn   In ] KradR  it   is  reallred   that,   he   hn*   so'
could not  be- [ managed affairs that he has all nlong J
,1)'":! fighting his i nn hand  with the!
iid of the loyal allies.
The armistice ithis are pointed to
here a;i t"-nof enongh that there ts a |
I seeret  understanding between  Ferdi-
I nand  and  the   S ilnn   nrovldlng   that I
' Bulgaria Bball profit at Hie expense ofj
ithe allies, or Ihat Ihe Bulgarian mill-
i tary situation is fur worse than Eu
[rone has been allowed to suspect.
This new development eauses mis-1
givlngs   In   European   c-ipltals.   for   if
Turkey succeeds in brngitiE about a
oleavage among the allies, she   may..
'th the help of unsatisfied Roumania
ind the ii-iiHion between Austria   and
''"������via regain most of what she has i
A Grand Scheme.
Mr. Rlggins bad a scheme for protecting hls bouse nsnlnst burglars during   his   absence   from   home,   but   In
I spite of tlmt  his  friend  Mr.  Fllgpins
! met him recently looking very down-
! cast.
"What's  wt'ungV" queried  Mr.   nig-
"Oh, everything!"  groaned   Mr.   Rlggins.    "You remember m.v scheme for
keeping off burglars?   Well. Ihe secret
of It was to leave a g:is Jet turned on.
so that nny burglar who entered would
be Asphyxiated by the fumes."
"Didn't It work, then?"
"Oh, yes, It worked well enongh-too
well.   The   burghir   cnme   In   with   a
lighted   match,   and   we  hnven't   been
able to flnd hlm or the house since."
The Privilege of Peers.
There Is a curious case in Fortes-
cue's "reports" relating to the privilege
of pwrs. In which tbe baillfr who mnny
years ago arrested a lord was forced
by the court to kneel down and ask
his pnrdon, tbougb he alleged that he
hnd   si-ted   by   mistake,  for  that   tils
lordship hnd n dirty shirt, s wornei.fi | Fprdlnan(1   ,n   Athpn9
suit nf clothe*  and  o-'-   -���
his pocket,  so  ih.it   h'
lleve Hint hi- was n  peer and arrested
him through Inndvertence.-Ureen Bag.
Domestic Bliss.
Mr. Wyborn���Ever since I married
you I've drunk tlie cup of bitterness to
tbe dregs. Mrs Wyboru- Yes; Imagine
you leaving u drain of anything iu an/
Long Courtships.
In no country In the world are court"
<hlps so abnormally long ns In Ho-
tieiiiln. where engagements commonly
last lrom lifteen to twenty years in
fact, tliere recently died there, nt I bilge ot ninety-nine, an old uuiii who lltld
lieen courting lor seventy live yenrs
nud who wan married on nis Ueuttibi<
Are you insured ?    It costs but liltl"
md makes you feel safer.   Insurance
insures sleep,
We represent   only strong   Britisli
Board Companies, and shall be pleased | mouth of the whale by which the animals nro enabled to entrap .small lish
for food.
The whalebone Is not bone, strictly
speaking,   but   bristles   found   In   the
to tell yen what it
whether you Insure <
��� not.
cost    you
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile. Burglary,   Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Holland's Flag.
Holland's flag Is also the emblem 0.
liberty, but nobody knows how during
��� be long centuries tbe orange became
changed to red.
Angered at  Bei.'g  Disinherited   Parlt
Maiden   VVcjIcI   Have   Relatives
Paris, Dec. 4. A cold-blooded mur
der, planned by a pretty ��;rl named
Suzanne and aged 19, was revealed
today by an ex-convict.
She hired him, he says, ror $40 tc
murder two of her aged relatives
whose heiress sin- was This man
brought Ihe money, less $4 whieh he
kept, to Ihe police, Baying he was d
'hicf but not a murderi r,
He eyplaini d 11 ni (j, ..i..i i,:, - :.,
"���"���''���"'"' him to I ibat he wish
il to buy a cow rr m u���> old pe ill
and then murd r i eld i. an in thi
field. Upcti his n I in ho wiu to kill
the old lady and servant, making ll
appear to have beet the work of some
automobile bandits The girl was arrested and confessed, Haying that she
earned $40 monthly in a borker's office and that her relatives had disinherited her and she sought vengeance.
The magistrate admonished the girl
hut he could not punish her, as, ac-
lording to the French law, the crime
had not been committed. The police
are withholding all thc names. It Is
alleged that some other disinherited
relatives advanced the blood money to
Does Your Rent Money
Help Pay For Your Home?
If Not- Why Not ?
The money you now pay out every month for rent
will buy you a nice, new, modern home right on
the city car line, just 2 blocks above the Orphanage
on 12th Street. The streets are graded, sidewalks
laid and all lots are cleared and graded. Electric
light, telephone and city water. 15 Houses are
already built and sold and 10 more under construction. Will one of these now building be yours?
If so, you must not delay in picking it out as they
will be snapped up by men eager to own their own
home. Remember these houses are modern and
very cosy and comfortable. Five minutes ride in
city car from Columbia Street.
If you are "from Missouri" let us snow you.
HAROLD D. SMITH, with the
Royal City Realty Company
750 Columbia street.
'Phone 433.
Open till 9 p.m- .     ^,,n�� ���..    .i.n,.
Changed Into "Santa Claus" Headquarters
^Ve are told ty customers that "nowhere in Vancouver or Westminster   can  you   find
tke magnificent assortment of Holiday Merchandise as at
Toyland U Joyland on
our First Floor.
it a Most Satisfactory
Gift for Christmas.
Five Great Floors Filled With the
most up-to-date Merckandise obtainable and marked at prices much   less  than  heretofore   in New   West-
Our First or Basement Floor
Carries All Our Splendid Array of Toys, Dolls, Teddy Bears, Cats, Horses, Elephants and Dogs
New Electrical  (riR8T floor >
Reading Lamps
New arrivals daily by fast express. Beautiful
specimems of the artists' work in Old Copper and
Tiffany Glasses.
Reading Lamps, $5.00, $7.50, $10.00.
Piano Lamps at $7.50, $12.50, $15, $20.
Let Us Illuminate Your Christmas Tree
with our new Tree Decorations, and eliminate all
danger of accidents.
The Popular
"St Clair" Range
is also on this floor. We can think of no more
satisfactory a gift than a "St. Clair Malleable."
Always your faithful servant, it does all required
of it, never balks, never breaks down and saves its
price in fuel every second year.
Mechanical Toys
��� "things that move" for the restless boys. ' Steam Engines,
Electric Machines, Velocipedes, Wagons and Rocking Horses
in wonderful array for the "wee girlies". Prize Beauties,
with wardrobe3 as elaborate as any baby's, Speaking Dolls,
Walking Dolls, and the humble Rag Baby Dolls, all priced to
suit purses. 15c, 25c 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $3.00, $5.00,
$10.00 and $15.03. Already we have sold dolls to be shipped thousands of miles away to England, Australia, Eistern
Canada and the United States. Our buyers claim that our
prices cannot be approached, quality for quality.
This Great Toy Stock Includes:
DOLL HOUSES at $1.00, 51.50, $2.00, $3.00 to $7.50.
TOY SETS OF DISHES 25c, 50s., 75c��� $1.00 and to $5.00.
BATH  TUB OUTFITS FOR  DOLLY  from  50c,  75c, $1.00 to  $5.00
SEWING MACHINES at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and $7.50.
DOLL  CRADLES  at $1.50,  $2.00.
DOLL CAPS at $1.00. $1.50, $2.50, $3.00, $5.00.
*.  .   TRUMPETS,  10c, 15c, 25c, and 50c
BLOCKS, 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
GAMES,  50c,  75c,  $1.00.
MAGIC  LANTERNS,  $2.00,  $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 and $10.00.
We could fill this entire page with items we have on display���but we cordially invite a personal inspection. You
will find charm and satisfaction with this wide assortment.
Oar Main Floor
BeaUtiful China (First Floor)
Makes Very Acceptable Gifts
Out on general display is our splendid
stock of Dinner Setts at $12.50, $15.00,
$20.00, $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00.
Hand Painted China
Choice pieces at 50c, 75c, $1.00 and to
$2.50 each.
Cut Glass
in popular styles at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
and $4.00 each.
Hand Hammered Brasses
in the ancient East Indian designs. Excellent articles for Christmas or Wedding Gifts.
Is Filled With the Richness of Holiday Wares
At the rear on the Mezzamine Floor is located our magnificent stock of Evening and Dancing Gowns, Street Suits,
Cloaks, Dress Skirts, Ladies' and Children's Underwear, and
Corsets. Also our large stock of Superb Table Linens, Dry
Goods, Domestics and Blankets.
On the Main Floor Front is our stock of choice Dress Goods
���Priestley's famous makes, Dress Silks and Linings, Fancy
Notions, Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Col-
iars, Ladies' Neckwear and General Novelties.
Our Third Floor
Carries specimens of the best Canadian manufactures of
Parlor and Drawing Room Furniture, Leather Settees, Easy
Chairs and Den Outfits.
9 J
Numerous varieties of RUGS in Oriental and Modern designs. Small Rugs at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and $5.00. Room
Rugs at $6.50, $9, $12.50, 15 and to $40. Wilton and Axminster Rugs in the new choice designs, representing the
best of English and Canadian makes. Office, library, parlor
and dining room designs.   Qualities at $25, $35 and $50.
Nairn's Famous Linoleum in Inlaid and Printed qualities,
ranging from 22c per yd. to $1.50.
GENTS' FURNISHINGS on Main, to Right as you enter. A
representative stock of Men's Fine Shirts, Flannel Shirts,
Working Shirts, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Underwear and all the
THIS IS ALSO A TRUNK STORE-selling two or three
carloads each year. Trunks at $3.50, $5.00; |7.00, $10.00
and to $40.00.
Our Fourth Floor
Embraces full lines of popular styles in Enameled Iron, Brass
and the popular new Wood Beds, every grade of the most
Sanitary and Up-to-date Mattresses, Pillows and Springs.
Magnificent qualities of hand-buffed Leather Couches and
Divans, Davenports and Cedar Clothes Boxes.
OUR ART ROOM on this floor is hung with splendid examples of Modern Pictures done in Pastel, Crayons, Oils and
Etchings.   Our framing department is working overtime to
get out Christmas orders.
OUR NEW DRESSMAKING ROOMS are on this floor under the management of Miss Taylor. Consult her for your
New Evening Gowns.
Every popular style of Hand Bags in qualities at $4.50, $5.00
$6.00, $7.50 and $10.00.
Fitted Valises at $20.00, $25.00 and $30.00.
MEN'S and WOMEN'S UMBRELLAS. Best of Covers and
Fancy Handles at $1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 3.00, 5.00, 6.50, 7.50
and 10.00.
Our Fifth Floor
Easily readied by our up-to-date Otis Elevators, is covered
with choice specimens of Cabinet Work done in Oaks, Mahogany, Circassion Walnut and the new popular Green Wood.
Dressers, Chiffonieres, Drawing Tables, Buffets, Sideboards,
Dining Tables, Chairs, China Cabinets, etc., etc.
On this floor is our great stock of OFFICE FURNITURE.
Desks, Book Cases, Filing Cabinets, Office Chairs, Typewriters and Office Supplies.
We cordially invite your inspection of these many floors. We
feel that there are many] in; New Westminster that are yet
unaware of the excellent facilities we have for supplying
their every need in household economies. No order too
snail, rone too large, for us to give you our best attention.
ATTD TiVl IVEDV {JYQTFM ls now i!i much *)etter l^aPe t0 &*e y��u ^^ service- Our immense "two ton" Auto Car
UU R l/LLl V LIVI u I O I Ufl is supplemented by twc extra wagons, giving us abundant service for any part of the city.
From now on, however, until after Christmas, we shall ask our friends to kindly take with them all small parcels. To para-phrase a
famous railway's sayining, we quote, "See New Westminster's Big Store before you go elsewhere."
"We Fnrnish Your
Home Complete"
"We Furaisli Your
Home Complete"
, Pktut reua
ieubib mn m
Published    every    morning   exoept
Bday by Tbe National Printing aod
bltsbing  Co.,  Ltd.,  at their offlee,
McKenzie  Street,   New  Wettmta-
D     p
_slni>Rs Office  9W
���Mitorlal Office 9*1
By carrier $4 pv year, |1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mall $3 per   year,   or   Mc   per
No letters will be published In the
Newa except over the wrlter'a slgpa
Mare. The editor reserves the right
to refuse the publication of any letter.
defence���compulsory education that
must be of a high and emancipating
order.���Montreal Witness.
\ Correspond
The Westminster Daily News does
not hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
THURSDAY,   DECEMBER   5.   1912
No better proof of the faith thnt
representative   citizens   have   in  the
future  of  Westminster  need  be ad
���anced than that provided yesterday, j
when, at the call of the Progressiva
Association,  offers    of    service and
binds were immediately forthcoming.
This display of public spirit devoted
fa a most worthy cause is in itself another of t'.iosc signs that we are gra
dually pulling on the whole attributes
of a clly Indeed,   it marks a very important stage in our development
tTho cily owes a very real debt to
, those rt her sons, adopted or native
��� born, who are interesting thenfscJTe.s
I  ln her greater upbuilding, and it can-
'    not but convey a hopeful feeling for
that future when aldermen and mer-
hants, employers and employed, men
ot all faiths and all political creeds,
band themselves together to work for
Editor, Westminster Dally News:
Sir���I see that a proposal has been
made to form locks at the Second
Narrows with the view of surmounting the difficulties connected with the
different tide levels on the Pitt river
and Burrard Inlet, and the danger of
I the rapid current at the narrows.
The scheme of blocking the Inlet by
locks would result in the sea fish be
Ing excluded from tbe upper parts oi
the Inlet. This again would result lu
the sea birds being deprived of their
food. The healthful tidal flow or the
salt water would be destroyed and a
huge stagnant lake of fresh water,
poisoned with the leakage of oil
works and sewage would be the re
The remedy for the narrows is to
widen and deepen them and promote
a stronger tide in the upper parts.
Tho canal problem may be solved
by connecting the tidal waters of the
Inlet and those of the Coquitlam
river instead of the Pitt river. By sel
ecting the Coquitlam route, the distance to the tidal waters ls reduced
to about two and one-quarter miles
It has the further advantage of connecting with the Fraser river at r.
point where the tide level must be
Svery near that on the inlet, so all inconvenience through difference in
level ls avoided.
Tt would also dispose of the dlffl
culty In the Pitt river scheme of thr
flooding of the Coquitlam river. By
this plan the canal would join the Co
quitlam stream at Its high water Vdf
level near the Intersection of the
river by the Western Canada role
Yours, etc..
Said te B. the Moat Ordsrly Community la the World.
In all this wide, wide world tbe most
orderly community Is tbat of tbe Panama canal tone. Dere Is tbe least
crime; bere are the fewest misdemeanors, tbe least exercise of the functions
of tlie courts, the most Industrious, tbe
fewest Idlers, absolutely no poor, equally conspicuous the absence of tbe rich.
With Its steam shovels working like
sentient beluga, Its locomotives rushing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
about like screaming busybodles. It* prejudice against "Hi? foreigner."
cement buckets skimming over tbe
earth and riding tbe air to perform
tbeir varied tasks, with the long dirt
trains weaving und turning on their
tortuous tracks like pythons, still ths
most persistent impression Is of beauty,
orderliness and propriety. .
Tbe greatest public work the world
has ever seen is carried on not only
wltb unremitting diligence, enthusiasm
and honesty, but with elegance, a high
standard ot living and a morale to
which tbe oldest and most opulent
cities hare never attained. These are
the words of truth and soberness. The
problems of the engineer are greater
than man bas ever before encountered
but In kind. Tbe cubic yards of dirt
and cement transcend experience, but
only in bulk. It Is tbe organization
tbat is without precedent ln tbe whole
history of public works���It Is tbls thnt
Is the eighth wonder of tbe world, in
this organization there Is no detail so
minute not to bare received attention
From tl.e most puzzling problems in
Tht Fine Tribute Caitelar Paid to
Amadous of Savoy.
The numerous experiments tried
and rejected by the Spanish nation
dt'ing thc last century included the
short lived government of 1871-3, when
a very worthy prince, Amadeua of
Savoy, second son of Victor Emmanuel, understook the difficult business
of being king of Spain. Amadeus had
to contend not only with the Republicans and with those who desired
the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty, but also with the country's rooted
In a boo'.- entitled "The Secret His
tory -f the Court of Spain" Hre given
instances of that bravery that won
for thc young Italian king the admiration, at least, of his Spanish subjects.
On a hot evening the king arid
queen were returning to the palace
after listening to some music in the
gardens of the Bucn Retiro. Suddenly a vehicle opposed Uie passage of
their carriage l>v crossing just in
front. The coachman checked the
horses nnd prevented a collision, hut
just then a shot was directed toward
the roysl party.
At this the king spranj boldly to
his feet and exclaimed:
"Here is the king! Fire at him,
not at the others!"
But no further attempts were made
at assassination, and the retinue
reached the pnlnce in safety.
To the king the late hours of the
court were particularly disagreeable.
At work at 6 in thc morning, he rang
for his breakfast at 8. Astonishment
was on the lackey's face; it had never
been customary for their ex-majesties
Britain   Sends  Warship  In   Reply   to
Similar   Move   by   France,   the
London, Dec. 4.���According to the
Dally Mall, the dispute between
France and Great Britain over gun-
running at Muscat or Oman, has
reached a troublesome stage. It has
embarrassed Franco-British harmony
for a decade, and a settlement ls reported to be blocked because no
French Ministry seems to be strong
enough to overcome the interested opposition of a handful of deputies.
France bas taken a significant step
In sending a large cruiser to Muscat,
which is now on the way. Great Britain has responded by ordering a ship
of similar power from the China
Great Britain has arranged with the
Sultan of Oman to stop the gun-running, whereby the border tribes of the
northwestern part of India get arms.
France Is squeezing the Sultan to cancel the arrangement because certain
French subjects at Muscat ply a lucrative trade ln gun-running.
���and pay for���an organization that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
has so meritorious a record as bas'jDunpenderhame, Dec. 2. 1912
the Progressive Association.
engineering  to  the  American  youth's| to be served   before_ 11 o'clock!    8o
love of Ice  cream   nothing seems  to
have   been   left   unconsidered.    Thli<
elaboration of detail hns doubtless been
gradual, but to tbe vlslt'r coming upon
Its completeness today tbe impression
Is staggering and  not  unmixed  witb
envy.���Wary Gay Humphreys In Scrlb-
We have begun well, half the money [VALUABLE  INFORMATION ON
has now been subscribed, and we fee!
confident that the spirit exhibited t>5
those at the gathering in the City
Hall yesterday wlll be found just as
strongly in evidence among thorn who
were  not  there.    That being so 0��!*^* ��S??5SJ,J!i?,Sl*i6^5 ���
By direction of the Hon. Martin
Burrell. Minister of Agriculture, a
timely bulletin on the care of market
eggs has been Issued from Ottawa. It
Ths Tale of tho Tub That Is Told "Out
Loud In England.
It has long been whispered that the
alleged devotion of the Briton  to his
morning tub  Is n   myth.    Dr.  It.   II
Qulne ha.s had Ihe temerity to proclaim
tbe fatal truth from Ihe housetops.   In
qulry   among   hotel   keepers   has.   It
seems, disclosed the fact thnt n proportion varying from one to ten per cent
of their  visitors alone  use Ihe lint li
room.   "Commercial gents" ure notice
able for their alisentinlndedness In this
respect, and the average of clergymen
Amadeus. to avoid friction, adopted
thc habit of going to a cafe for his
early meal.
Thus the maids, who sally forth in
Madrid witli baskets on their arms,'
would often return to tell their mistresses how they had brushed against
his majesty ns they did they business
in the market plnce. ^^^^^^^^^^
In one of thes- early perigrinations j oneof the German" steamer Walkure
Amadeus noticed that Caitelar, the which arrived at Barry docks from
turnout leader of t.ie repubheun party, tlle Wo3t Cpa8t of Afrlca. w(,re at.
| raised lus hat to Inm. Surprised at tacked by malaria during the voyage,
this sign of respect from the onemy, 0ne man dipd and follr ot|,crs werc
the young man stopped and suid that taken to Cardiff Ho'-'tal
he wonder. J that one of Castelar's Thomas H. Llewellyn was remand-
opt nions should salute roya ty. ed at Tenby. charged with shooting
My salute was not to royalty, sire, _ i Dr Charles Mathlas.   It Is stated that
��� ���
��� .WELSH   NEWS. ���
��� ���
��� �������������������������������������������
Ernest W. Painter, who took the
leading part In work connected wfth
the miners' rescue station at Swansea, lost his life through falling Into
a pool of water at the Col Duke Pit,
Loughor, while wearing a life-saving
All   the   crow,   numbering   twenty-
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings TiU 9 O'clock 641 Frant Street
Ladles Felt Leggings, regular $1.00  value  for   2Se.
Men's Leather Lined Work Boota . ,,l    $1.95
Weston's Oil Grain Work Boots  for mon, Viscolized Solos for. .$2.95
Men's Gum Boots, all sizes ". S2.IS
Sola agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren'i School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley,  B. C.
replied Hie orator, with the grace of
th-- Castilian, "hut to the bravest
man in Christendom."
the previous evening after a conver
satlon with Dr. Mathlas on the latter's doorstep. Llewellyn took out a
revolver and fired, the doctor falling I
wounded in the leg. At the police sta
tion  Llewellyn  sa'd  it  was a private
success of the ������in .��� .���.���M I n,re nf the enormous losses" that re-1 '�� ?��* M^- "> their case, we WPPMA I ������� &"&, JtutU in:tht CMo"of
success ot tne campaign so auspici-j s���,t from lnadequata and unsatlsfac : (-'"'Illness Is regarded ns a substitute our own breath, the more marked the
ously launched is assured. | tory methods In the handling of mar I for cleanliness, though Dr. Qulne char
A  Whale's  Spouting.
Thc whale does not discharge water, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
but only its breath.   This, however, in i matter between himself and the doc
rushing up into tlie air hot from the i tor.
animal's body has tho moisture con-      William    Thompson,   alias   William
tensed to form a sort ol rain, ami the | Lynch,     3d.    hairdresser,   was    sen-
���   tenced  at  Carmarthen   Assizes   to  20
months'lmprisonment for breaking in-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    I tory methods in the handling of mar
l ;  j ket eggs,  and    suggests    means    by
uc  TcDonr,  m*...m.     which    permanent    and   needed    lm
?22RnIo��T,.-t!,DES   iN ' Provemcnt  may  bo brought  about   I..
int   UARKNES3. I the Canadian egg trade, to the corres
���Wp **���>*��� ������. .-.. 1 ..  ... (ponding  advantage  of  both   producer
Wf h"n not >Pt learned the men ] avul consumer.
*ee or the uneducated   in a   covru-y J    This bulletin which is No. 16 of the
���i-Mmeruvti hy its   people.     11   eik-bis. I Uta Stock Branch, constitutes a pam
'���i-*o*cviT. that not many years are i..'t>h,el of 24 P"Kes ln wWch are S,10W1
"������latta a��� 1   r       ., .        . * number of clear   photo   engraving-'
U'w btforp thla coun,ry ��U'"K ��M*l*Mob are very helpful to a clear un
Others will he greatly disturbed H antl tierstandlngf>f the text.    Copies ma>
Sastlscd  by  iliose whom   we are to 'hi* had free by  applying to the  Pub
y allowing to grow up in Ignorant |licatlcns  Branrh  of  the   Departmenl
���Miron^i,,,,,.      .*.���        ���*. ,      ��     ,   ,    'of Agriculture. Ottawa,
iorirt^ nl .hi? .       ^""'""J    After describing the usual methods
^'      ���', the Ignorant are banding   of  han(llln,  ,.eRS " ,,������   thp   ���.������,,   ,,,
f'SS���Li        ," ,OB.,I.1��� W'oae:la<* of car? of various kinds, the bul
r2^rl���,��n..r Bn\W,h' acliTI,yih*ln offers specific suggestions .0 thf
*     LVaZTrZ,        a?J.aZLnR' .     'fanner, the merchant, the egg buyer.
For a short six months have wt- had ; the ralhvav an(1 expre"BB conlp,'an|PB,th.
result.   When the spout is mnde with
Itallly attributes the failure to poverty    the blowhole clear above the surface
In point of fnct. the Briton's morning t of thc water it appears like 1 sudden
tub is a Comparatively recent nnd 'err   jet of steam fr>:n a boiler.   When effected, as it sometimes is, beiore the
blowhole   reaches   the   surface   a   low
fountain a-i from a street tire plug is
formed, -nd when the hole is close to
the   surface   at   thc   moment   a   little
wnter i.< sent up with the tall jet of
steam.    The cloud blown up does not
disappear at once,  hut hangs a litt.e
wliile   and   is   often   seen   to   drill   a
^Inar^voc^n'r ""TV* 7'i *���*�� ��"d Pikers, the retailer and
!!�� r'"!^J.0C.!lbuI��7,��Dd.a.,ra"d'' �� ll1 ithe consumer
~EflcPro,a���Tar<,H t^3MSd..��11 ���Ul,e!" things to remove the
K����L,,Ci?tt��ffJ!,J?��l mediately after the   hre, ding   seaso,
' Pdlnary vocabulary and already ala-IJCT
'        MP organization which claims a mem-'    Sn.    ��� 1        ,  .    j .1.
harchi,, r.r - h..���.i ��� .1. j       V^       TTie farmer Is enjoined among oth
aasraillp of a hundred thousand cm the        .*.-        * ., ,    ,-, ���
ftpelf- r,   ,   _    .    .**���""2 ..     . .   er things to remove   he male bird   tn
I partial Institution.  Elizabeth's English
j men   were  great,   but   dirty,   nnd   we
j doubt If the bucks of the regency were
j much   better.     I'ubllc  opinion   In   the
I schools nnd the messes enjoins ablution
under penalty of "sheep washing." hut
thnt we do not ourselves believe thnt
the hnblt bus gone very dee*i Is shown ___ 	
by the fnct that we sometimes permit ] short distance with  the
ourselves to speak of the mass of our j 	
fellow countrymen  an "lhe grent un Curious   Facts   About  the  Eys.
washed." |     A  very curious fact is the Impossi-
Sir  Almroth   Wright,   who considers   h!lity o( moving your eye while exam- ;
:i hint Ion pernicious, mny rejolrei but to   it,ing the reflection of thai organ 111 a
tbose who hnve advocated public baths ; mirror.   It is really the most movable
nnd wnshhnuses. or striven to make Ihe   P��rt of the fnce.   Yet if you hold your i
bathroom n  necessary adjunct nf the   h("a;' Ited and try to move your eye I
workman's   tenement.   Hie  oxporifinop i whiie ��atchin�� it you cannot do tt
has heen disheartening.    Fle mny use
to R'. Mary's Church. Cardigan, and
stealing the sum of 5s. lHd. The
Judge   referred    to   tbe  fact    that   a
three-penny   bit was   found   on   the
prisoner when arrested, and added:
"It is a common coin to put on the
*B,o ,���Pte   "^I1.!! .ft8:1 nesting material;   to collect the egg. j J"0.^" ���* ^S^HlH^SHH
ie to do all they can to make their j^'ariv'"^" ica's't raoeTtatto7"twice
l-.nvwa    hiialnooa   a   f.tlrim   ,n   ,-,,   fn** I        m J    m    _ m
vuip'.oyPTS' business a failure in so far
a day in moderate weather, and mor'
"-> ��� -my can do It secretly enough not'- - j
*>    -their jobs.    All Utis lh^ are   f"T       f, '?', Warm    ?*$    ���2
planning and practicing with the ulU-1 COld *'eat ,Fr' a"(1 S.T"' ^,a'
mate   object   of   preventing   anyone f "���" m, cWn ,,,e^',s "! a CP?';.ir*
���*       '       , cellar:  to cover with a clean cloth to
even the one-thousandth of an  inch.
,    ...       , ...      ..       .     .    Of course if you look nt the reflection
the hath to keep ducks In: otherwise ll ; 0, (he ���ose nr Bny otht,r part ���, ���   m
Is  probably  "the driest spot  In  I.on    j^ your ef9  must  nUlVe  to see  it.
don "   ne Is content with tbe "good old ; But the strange thing is thst the di*
even j ment you  endeavor   to   perceive   the
this by proxy,  like the cockney  who ! pstlcn ;tie eye is r.rci.    j BU is one
wns henrd to eielnlm to the friend h. \ of the reasons why s pew's rxpr'.a-
from working more"than eight hours n
prevent dust from settling upon their
iSLlv* ���i." I !h���r0fi ��5   BoUtaVna al��o to prevent   evaporation   and
Hilars a day for that.
Howivrr plain It may appear to uf|
ifading;   to  market  them   In   suitable
, cases na frequently and as directly as
01 work.      sIW(v
j The suggestions offered to merchants, buyers, transportation comna-
nles and others are equally spe.c.ific
and practical.
that their theory of hatred
work   is a   wrong   one,   however
It may appear, that Bhould thev
come masters of the situation and I
threaten   to  resort   to   force   lf
jtltey    caniiM    carry   their   object  hv 1
(peaceflfl mef.it,,i3, the result would b��j	
reversion to a state   bordering   on  NEW FOREST   INDUSTRY
their    ,','m 7r ClTar ,nay ,���**    t0,                   F0R   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
their    unbalanced    mentality   we' 	
R��temeorf'cnt',1,,,an,eUri1,^haTe      A    npw    i"""81^    ^at   of   daval
y��rTorri,i?",p",sorl -Gallon of stores,   may   yet   take   a   prominent
These    enorintlnt.   q    ai    v , *hee 1" "ri,iHh Columbia,    The   bull
ftataritrial Work rf.f ,1"*��-*,��U "r:,,i"fi "f 0l"  "iU'"or has beon   fount!
=S-2?bu.lnr s ',";:���'   'V'r  7"     A  bulletin    recently    Issued    show.
Si   �� they ,1     J     :.'l'n-ss.nn   .hat. even taking into acount Ihe   un
was seeing off to the senslde: "Shall
y'nve n bnwth when yer gets there,
Alf? 'Ave one fer me, will yer?"���Pall
Mall Cuxelte.
sion ns seen by himself in a ;.��>)
ia 'juite different from wh��t it:. Mea
.r*e*i hv otb����^.
Keep Your Eye on
Fine r,n foot orchard lot, $860.
$2ii0 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot, with
4 room house, $900. Easy terms
but must be sold quick if at this
High BO foot lot 10th Ave,
58'>0. $10 cash and $10 monthly.
33 foot cleared lot. Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      Eaat Burnaby.
Choice of Railroad and Ocean Steamship Lines
Let Us Tell You About the Tourist Sleeping
Cars and Other Facilities for Yoyr
Accommodation and Pleasure.
H. G. SMITH. C  P. ft T. A. '   W. B. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
You can rent that room through the medium of
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
Wandering Wireless Waves.
A curious phenomenon In connection
with wireless telegraphy hns-been observed   In   the   neighborhood   of   the
Cllch.vl.evnllois  railway station,  nenr
Paris,    ln   proilmlty   to  the  railway
line some telegraph lines were recent-
| ly erected on columns fitted with ordi-
I nnry Insulators.    The  workmen occu
I pled <m the section experienced severe
| shocks when 1hey touched the wires
Experiments  were  made  to discover
! the cause of this phcuomcmvi, nnd ns
I a result It wns found thnt the currents
j were   produced   by   Hertzian   waves
originating from the wireless telegraph
���tutlon i��t tbo 'OIITel tower.���Telegraph
Clivol.iml's Street Car Transfers.
Cleveland,   home  of  the' time  cent
atreet  ear  fan*.   Ii.is  added   In  Its  un
ztur^-m jrn,.,  ...   .  ,.,., "ia.   California    and    other   weste..., ^^^^^_^^^^^^^^
UB&ed from  lh,        |.��� ar,. ,������  ,.,., ,   teteg| ftB Rmount ^ rw)n ()1)talnab|r    n,.������| ���lr|IT of rates a transfer scheme
t���t,w!���   .V"",.     from the ,,j,1"s jrowins tbere is about I ttblch is probably unique in the bu
..1   otner itwo-thMs of that which can ho bad I tory of the trolley ayatem nf the com,
i of boldinc
��tcd      repre
I tbat they le, , .��� ,,.. il;,, ������ t!l,    ,1'''r'',lr'' ",,":!1�� ,s ""<������ 01 the mair
tive cons, m;,i,v,    ,���e���::.l n   ,:      ,   *    '.    .,      ,-���,    ,
rTnllng class '���' h"r ,s ""' dlHIoulty most promi
*    there   not ,,,,,:���-e    . ���n�����i,   i���-  ^Uer^  m'"S-��[ "��� S: Bet?! ih"
Jtoback country  re���r. sentaliv.v  v��� ���,     7 , ?',""'.   '"^"-niation.   but   h' .
JlOglslature to  nv.li-,,.  ,1,.  ���������,    ��  ,"'v,f�� 'haf'   w" '   the  diminution   ol
Itllt   Single   e;<���ressi,n.   11,     , ,i ","'>.   "0m    Ul1'   B"Ilh.   ��"'   WCSt
^���tSBr:*--.  ........ v���       A era hull  pine may  yet  engender nev,
benefits to the country.
that these iwnplr whom rail
���torn has left uneducated nn
jrlng to all who have Viad tin
��B of good schonlini;T
pt  expression   thoy   senarnti
^^Loff an a claas apart and n
so pities itself    Ihat    it   is
go    to   eTlrein<vs    f,,r    ven
''Are  wo safe   froni   all   fa's'
Suggested    to   :>m    I    \Y.   W
|t   the'r  (T'.-iiii/ntHiii   weuid
lie to tret a fi-ntii -ii in t^,:���'
iof the bair, ,1 , I 1' ������ '' i '
TCh   to    S""i'"'    ������:.��� il"', ai , ,,
o<i��ra3:    "V ���., it,,-i'i ���
jjp'    .     .    .    "V��.a    V"H    *���' ,u
,part  of  tie   map a    I   '
you    of    our    orEanimtmn
try. Iii.'isiniiih ns mt additional penn,.
Is rbitrged for the slip of pnper whicli
enables one to take another ear    Thai
In itself Is peculiar euonith, bul  the
J most ItintlnlllK fenture Is that upon
1 presentation of the transfer tn the new
conductor the |uisKt>HRt>r receives Imck
bis penny, the company thus nctlnit In
the dual cnpaelly of auleahtnil and pur
chaser ���Bxebunge,
|.jn fact, no province more j ���
"', thing at the prim-nl mn-'*
Quebec, where it  will work j a
without   ontentalinn   Ior|4
but   when   it dnen   break
re an uncommonly ripe
ated men    to    prey on.
Vtarror that faces France
States for tlmir ne.Kli-
_ at, and which has Hus-
today, wc have but out;'
Today The News discards
the old six column page and
hereafter wlll appear In the
standard seven column Blue.
The change has heen mads no-
co isary by the increr.ae In ad-
vi rtising patroaa te, and tha
di Bire on the ptrl of the management to publ'sb an i ven
moro newsy papur and one
more representative of ths
growing city of New Westminster, Further improvements
will bo made as soon as new
machinery, now on the vay, is
We have now room for moro
regular advertising, but the
choicest positions are being
taken up rapidly. Have you arranged for u regular space yel?
Toughest Kind of Wood.
The strongest, toughest, must dura
hie wood In the world uud the kind
best nhle to resist the dreaded teredo
Which destroys everything hill metal
und stone iu tropical waters Is the
famous grechenrt of Hritish ilulana
Oecoi'dlnK to the I'anaina canal hIirI
neers After eoinpnrllu: It With ij"
best American timbers ned lhe noted
Iron ImrkWood from Austrailn  lhe en
��� i glncers have aeleeted greci'licnrl for
������ I the construction of the miter sills In
4 I the grent lock gates of the canal.   No
��� | less than 140.000 feet or tbe wood will
O   ''e required.
��� | i',,"vr, c'olo,, Dec. 4.���A storm
���, swept down  from  Canada and   Idaho
��� I into Colorado today and tonight most
��� Iof the stale Is covered with snow and
��� deep drifts. Trains on almost all tbs
^^^^__^^ ��� railroads coming Into Denver have
��� ���������������������������������������������j been delayed,
A Solid Quartered Oak Table, 5
leg, massive and good looking. 50
Inchea wide, 8 ft. oxtenslon	
Massive Pedestal Quartered Oak
Table, plain and pretty in design,
a table easily worth  $35.00	
A nico 6 ft, Entenslon Table, 5
leg, 'n Gl Men Oak finish. Well
worth   $12	
Dining Chaira, great vul.ie. Pull
set of five straight chair.) and ono
The Big Furniture Store
Cor. 6th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 088
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable In all parts of ths world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Managsr.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
No. 488���Eight roomed house, modern, on First street, close to
Hoyal avnnre and Queens park; size of lot 60x132. Price
$7000.00; one-third cajh. balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 montha.
No. 483���New Blx roomed house on Oak Btreet, modern. Prlco $3400;
$275 cash, balance $45 per month, Including Interest on loan.
No. 4S4���New live roomed bungalow on Sixth street, between Eighth
and Tenth avenues; size of lot 50x150; all cleo.red, Cherry
trees.    Price $3300;   $700 cash, balance ��� ver 30 months.
Three roomed house on Dublin street; large lot, all cleared,
and all kinds of amall fruits, chicken house and yard. Price
$1850; oiif iiuiirtcr cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 472���Six roomed house on Hamilton street, close to Sixth street
oar line; largo lot. .Price $2859; $250 cash, balance by the
month. i
No. 470���Now six roomed house; flre place, furnace; lot ls all cleared; cement floor In busement; close to car. Price $3700;
$1000 cash, balance lo urrnngc.
The Peoples Trust Co.L?
451 Columbia Street
PHONE 669 *<#������,-,/..*���- *
-+++-*���   +*Bp     **��� -rt-r* W -���*  .^   ����� - +#���*%���'��  "*>��*''*
THURSDAY.   DECEMBER   6,   1913.
Legal Proceedings by N. H. A. Will
Be Followed by Similar Action
From P. C. H. L.
rate  chieftainship  In  Kerry,  he   intends to use the title of "The  o'Ha
���.-i���mat   bo��y ot Kerry.'
The threat of the eastern hockey
magnates to take the canes of Oatman
and Prodgers to the courts on accounl
of the two players jumping their contract!! with tbe Quebec club, Is received with little awe by the moguls
���on the Coaat.
Much publicity waa given to Mr. It.
J. Fleming of the Toronto lacrosse
club wben he tried to hale Doughy
Spring and Len Turnbull before the
law courts but his attempt failed bIk- '
nally. j
The cases of Oatman and Prodgers
arc identical and little fear la being
expressed by the I'atricka Bhould the
N. II. A. try to make good their
���'Let them start proceedings against
either n( the two players and I will
immediately begin action against
Harry Hyland, now with the Wanderers, but who signed a contract with
New Westminster which we have in
our possession," stated one of the
leading lights of the Coast league yesterday when speaking about the
N.H.A. threat.
"The Eastern men were the first to
start the trouble and If they only
know where they are at, they will
mend their fences the best way they
can with Eastern players for they will
get little If any support from us.
"We asked for a hockey commission
nnd It was turned down flat but by
the time spring comes around Messrs.
Llchtenhein, Kennedy and others will
perhaps see light.
A watch and chain and some rings
which have/been Indentlfled aa having
belonged to Mary Phelan, a returned
American, who was drowned In the
River Nore at Four-Mile-Water, near
Waterford, were discovered In the
crevice of a rock near the scene of
the tragedy a few daya ago.
James Toft, Dublin, the well-known
"hobby-horse'' entertainer, met wltb
a fatal accident at the Midland Oreat
WeBtorn Railway Station at Clara.
While unloading some trucks from
the train with his company Toft was
caught between a wagon and a gate,
and so badly crushed that he expired
soon afterwards.
On the ground that "the atmosphere
of Belfast was surcharged with electricity," the Belfast Recorder wa��
aaked by the Irish Attorney-General
to return all riot cases for trial to the
Londonderry Assizes. The Recorder
granted the application In the case of
the riots at Celtic Park Football
Ground, but refused It In the case of
the shipyard trouble.
William P.rndley, a grocer, was at
Londonderry fined ��1 and sent to jail
for a month or disorderly conduct. It
was stated that during service at thc
Catholic Church Bradley strodo In
noisily with two dogs, one of which
began to bark when the sexton tried
to eject the Intruder. A policeman,
who took the defendant out of the
church, Baid that he threatened him
with a poker.
Several Important matters will
���come up at the D.C.A.A.U. meeting
which Ib called for Friday evening at
the Y.M.C.A.
The registration of hockey players
who will bo seen ln the new amateur
league will be one of the Items while
one or two applications for reinstate
ment Into the amateur ranks will
���come from the soccer fotball men.
Berlin, Ont., Pec. 4.���Hugh Lehman.
Crack goaltender and former member
of the Berlin professional hoclfcy
team, this afternoon was united In
marriage tn Miss Annie Davey.
Mr. and Mrs. Lehman left for Vancouver, B. C��� thli afternoon, where
the former has signed up for tbe sea
son with the New Westminster
hockey team. ,
Defeating the Shamrocks of Vancouver three straight on the local alleys
last evening, the Royals took a de-
���clded brace in tbe league race and
���will make the other teams hustle for
places before tbe season ends.
The second game was a real bllng
at, tbe locals leading by 126 plus.
Marsh Hodge was in his usual form,
taking high average witb 190, although Steele led with high total, 214.
The scores:
Walsh    171    194   174���EW
Dill    148    190    154��� 490
Mills   143    177    168��� 48s
Sloan    196   170   184���550
Steele  167   214    184��� 655
813    946 864���1622
Tonight Ayrest   vs.    Lane,   three
Miller  138   178 166���472
Auld * 129   162 161��� 452
Marshall    170   168 150���*"
Darvell  166   134 127- 416
Hodge    192   192 189���573
784 824 783���2391
Mr. J. C. Chamberlain won the spe
cul prize In (he knockout townoy
which closed last evening, defeating
Harry Walsh by 20 plna.
fhamberlln .164 160 211 207 167���899
Walsh    171 186 164 18< 185���879
��� ���
��� MANX   NEWS. ���
��� ���
At Itushen Parish Church. John
Kelly, car proprietor. Port Erin, and
Miss C. I. Ketg, Fistard were made
man and wife.
A successf'i 1 "American Tea" in
aid of St. Mary's Church Sunday
School was held in the Port St. Mary
Town Hall, over ��9 10s being realized.
Two Manx sketches, entitled "The
Charm" and "William Kodhere's
Wlll." by C. R. Shimmln. of Peel
were produced In the Centenary Hall
The cast was largely composed cf
Peel players.
David Johnstone, a young man 23
years of age. son of Mrs. Johnstone,
of Douglas, has be^n achieving success In swimming dries ln Blackpool,
where he has Joined the police force.
Last week, at Blackpool, he was
awarded, for the third year lu succession, the gold medal for the championship of the Royal Life Saving Society.
Fruit Eating Is Healthful.
If people ate mure fruit tbey would
need less medicine sod would bare better health. Fruit eaten early tn tbs
morning on sn empty stomach serves
ss a stimulant to tbe digestion, and apples snd oranges eaten at nny time In
tbs day are good for biliousness. Stewed prunes and flgs sre also healthful at
say time.
Preserving Beef.
Strange ss It may seem, beer msy bs
kept for months If Immersed In soar
milk.    Tbe  Isetlc  seid destroys  tbs
germs ef : utrlHiatlon.
��� ���
��� IRISH   NEWS. ���
��� ���
��� ���������������<������������������������������
At an auction at Haddington Park,
tJlengcary, a small Queen Anne draw-
in grnom mirror was sold for the sum
of ��185.
Employees at a milk factory at Tlpperary havo struck work on the question as to "over-offlolousness" on the
I art of a member of the staff.
Much Indignation has been artused
in ('oallsland district bjj the removal
film   tho   gate��� of  Clonoe   Catholic
rsveyard of a large iron ordss erect-
1 d there a cenlii"" njp.
<>v�� ��100 has been collected to-
���' ards the erection of a memorial to
n.e lale Thomas Cusack, Nsw Ross,
>��� bo died from the effects of an acci-
<i"iit during a county football match.
Mrs. Elizabeth Moors was saved
'tu death on the railway at Oreen
island, County Antrim, by the courage
- f a risherraan named Boott, who
jumped from a oarriage and drew ber
to safety Just In Ume.
Pierce O'Mahony, D. L., makes a
Htuiutory announcement to the effect
Hint, being the dlreot descendant In
Hie elder line of Dermod Og O'Ma-
'mny, who, in 1827, founded a sepa-
Tbe average numlier of total and psr
tial eclipse* In any one yenr Is four;
tbat tbe maximum Is seven nnd tbe
minimum two. Wbere only two occur
tbey are always both of tbe sun. Tbere
sre s great many more eclipses of tbs
sun In tbe course of a yesr or s hundred years tbsn tbere are of tbe moon.
Excluding Slberlu, China Is the largest empire In Asia.
Powdered Mies. .
Mica when reduced to a powder form
Is used ss a lubricant for blgb speed
machinery. It keeps the hearings free
from dust and resists cold aod dampness.	
A Jellyfish weighing one pound con
talus orsr fifteen ounces of wster.
Stylish Ra Incests.
Instead of raincoats, the Xlesrspian
wears a capote, wblcb la a piece or Impervious material almost square with a
bole In tbe center large enough for tba
wearer to put his bend through. It is
made by pouring rubber over on
bleached muslin.
First Encyclopedia.
Tllny's "Natural  History" may  be
regarded   as   tbe   first  encycloiH-dia,
since It contained Hi��.0U�� facts compiled
from 2.000 books by loo authors.
London's Pegs.
November ls London's worst month
for fogs. During n good year tbe Londoner may have to breathe only fifty
fogs, ln a very bsd year be may have
to endure as many as eighty. London's
countless coal fire*, mingling soot wltb
mist, concoct the Londoner's fog ror
bltn. Tbe great majority of fogs In
tbe metropolis begin to form f��tw*en
7 and 8 ln the morning. Just wbsn moat
fires are being lighted.
Dangerous Occupation of ths Dlvsr
and His Rewards.
Broome, on the northwest coast ot
western Australia, bids fair to become
a veritable Eldorado for those engaged
in the pearl and shell trade, for pearls
valued at many thousands of pounds
have been recently found there. Unlike the Ceylon and Persian Gulf pearl
fishers, who dive naked, the Broome
diver has the beneflt ol the most up-
to-date inventions; he wears a complete diving dress, and, relying on a
constant supply of air, remains under
water for hours at a time.
The fleet of pearling luggers, of
which there are ntjw 326, sail at high
tide from their headquarters in
Broome barbor to the shell beds, some
distance off, where they remain for
many weeks without returning to
land. A schooner is stationed on the
groiyid to act as a general store, while
other schooners ply between the boats
and the shore, bringing supplies and
mails, and returning with the shell.
Seven colored men are allowed to
each lugger, five of theae forming tho
crew the other two being the diver
and his tender, who for the time beintf
Is the most important man on board,
for every one must obey hid orders instantly. Malays and Japanese form
the majority of the divers; although
the latter are noted for their industry
and skill, the former are better able
to stand the pressure of deep water.
At day break the diver commence*
work. Donning hiB dress, screwing his
helmet securely, and grasping his life
line, with which he signals to his
tender, he descends a short ladder and
sinks to the ocean bed, where with a
few ascents for rest and refreshment.
be remains till sundown. On board
two men work continually pumping
down air, and the tender, his hand on
the iife line, and alert for the slightest signal, directs the lugger's course
as it drifts in the wake of the man
below. In shallow water the diver's"
risk is small; he is secure from
sharks, and if careful avoids Die deep
holes, which mean danger; but in
deep water the danger becomes extreme. The high pressure can be
borne only ior a few minutes at a
time and many a main owing to a trifling delay has been brought to the surface, living, indeed, yet destined to be
a wreck for the re.-t of his life. About
20 divers lose their lives annually;
but many more are permanently injured.
Skillful divers are much sought
after by the boat owners; during tho
season, whicii ia.-t.-i for nine months,
an expert man will raise flve tons of
shell, sometimes six. His services arc
retained during Uie lying-up season
st Christmas, sums varying from $750
to fl,000 being advanced to a skillful
man. While at work the diver receives $10 per week and 6125 per ton
of the shell raised. Shell is opened on
hoard tlie schooner, and the upener is
a man of importance, for, in spite ot
careful supervision, it is easy to steal
tho pearls. He gets from $25 to $50
per month in addition to 10 per cent,
of tiie value of the pearls found. The
greater part of the profit arises from
the shisl, whicii at present fetches
61,130 per ton but has occasionally
mour.tixl to $2,000. The cost of raising la $500 per ton.
Dealers in pearls must have an annual license; but in spite of this a
good deal of illicit traffic goes on. The
opener frequently steals pearls and
always.finds agents to pay him for the
"snide.'' as stolen pearls nre called;
mon travel continually on coasting
steamers between Singapore and
Broome for this purpose.
Perpetual   Youth.
All radiant as dawn-kissed water.-
from which Aphrodite sprung, still
crowned with coils of burnished gold,
lithe and ro*y as a hamadryad, "The
Jersey Lily" has returned to this country after an abseuoe ol several years.
"Lily'* Langtry. or. rather, Lady De
Bathe, is younger than ever, despite
her 60 years.
Time has not laid a blemish on her;
there is nol a thread of silver in her
bair; her eyes are as bright and her
laugh is as gay as they were in those
distant days when the papas and
mommas of this generation began t
rave about her. The bewildering Lillian was a iked how ahe grew youngei
and younger. She replied, with a dat
zlir.g sniiiei
"Colors; colors, within snd without.
You must dress in them and you mus<
think in them. Havo no gray thoughts
or dark brown regrets and you will
never look old or drawn or haggard.
If you will think in gay colors you
can wear thein and teel them and live
Olden Tims Restrictions.
The origin nf "windfall" in the sense
ol "good Tuck" dates from the time of
William the Conqueror, lt was then i.
criminal offence t<> cut timber in the
forests. On4y such wood could be
, allien-1 as the wind had blown down;
i,ence a severe storm waa hailed by
ihe peasants as so much good luck.
In olden times even some ol.the no
Wlity were forbidden by the tenure ul
their estates to cut down any treei-
whatever. All the Umber was ressrv
ed for the use of the royal navy, oi
any other purpose to whicli ths King
might see lit to apply It. The occupani
���>l the land, however, might take thi
uae of auch at (ell from old age or
the effect of the wind. Sometimes i
^ood storm would in that way, doubh
r treble a npble's yearly income.
Patron Saint of  Footballers.
Not every footballer is aware por
haps that the game hot a patron snint
This rank, ho'wever, has soqietime-
been sooorded to Hugh oi Lincoln
Hugh, a champian player id his day.
acoorttog to legend, kickeJ the bai.
through the window of a Jew's housp
and ln revenge the occupant lured tin
lad Indoors and murdered him.
The indignation of the townsfolk ol
course was grent and the whole of the
Jewish population suffered for the
crime. Hugh waB buried with great
ceremony and afterward canonized,
while many verses were written describing the virtues ot "Sweet Sir
Hugh" nd his prowess as a football
Mark Twain Proved That His Old Tims
Cham Wss a Liar.
Wben tbe great man "arrives" ths
asaoclatse of hla boyhood days wbo
used to Isugb at tbs Idea of bis evsr
"amounting to anything" retire unobtrusively to tbe background. But
wben tbe opportunity arises to make
an example or some sucb skeptical old
friend surely no one conld ri��e to tbe j
ooccaaion more effectively tban did
Mark Twain on tbe occasion described by Albert Blgelow Paine in Harper's Magazine.
He came to Keokuk to visit snd wu
offered $5 a week and board to remain.
Be accepted, lo tbe tame building
was a book store lo wblcb s young
man named Edward Browoell clerked.
He and Bam Clemens became great
Dam read at odd moments, st nlgbt,
In bed, voluminously���until very late
sometimes. One nlgbt Ed Browncll.
passing upstairs to bis room oo tbs
fourth floor, poked bis bead In at tbe
"Wbat are yon reading, 8amr be
"Ob, notblng much���a ao called funny book. One of theae days I'll writs
s runnier book tban tbat myself."
Browned laughed.
"No, you won't Bern." bs said. "Yoa
are too lazy ever to write a book."
A good many years later, wben the
name Mnrk Twain bad begun to atand
for American bumor, tbe owner of It
gave bia "Sandwich Islands" lecture
In Keokuk. Speaking ot tbe unreliability of the Islanders, be said:
"The king la, 1 believe, tbe greatest
liar on tha race or tbe eartb except
one, and I am very sorry to locate that
one right bere ln the ctty or Keokuk
lo the peraon or Ed Browuell."
Ths Climax to Palieey't Sixteen Yesrs
of Misery.
The msker of porcelain and pottery
baa decidedly tbe most exclUng and
romantic trade In the world.
The great ractorles of Sevres and
Dresden were rounded by Bernard Pal-
Issy. Tbls man Invented white enamel,
but It took him sixteen yeara to make
the Invention���sixteen yesrs ot hunger, misery ond persecution, wblcb culminated In the episode, used In H. A.
Jones' play or "Tbe Middleman,"
wherein Pallssy maintained his furnace
fire by burning all the furniture In bia
bouse and finally opened the fnrnace
door to find within tbe glaze which be
had sought throughout tbs best yeara
or his lire.
Bottgber Invented bard porcelain.
He waa an alchemist, and one day,
chancing to discover tbat his powdered
wig was unusually heavy, be Inquired
tbe cause and round that tbe weight
was due to the kaolin with whicb tbe
wig waa powdered. Tbls kaolin waa
tba substance for Isck of whicb Bott-
Cher's Investigations bad ror yesrs
When Elers opened s porcelain factory at Burslom, England, be employed
the most stupid and Illiterate workmen, ao tbat his secret processes might
not become known. But Samuel Ast-
bury resolved to lenrn the Elers method, and. affecting Ignorance and stupidity, be got a place In the factory,
mastered all or Elers' secrets and eventually opened a plant or bit own.
wherein be duplicated In every detail
tbs work or Elers.
al*. W. GILUS, manager.
Royal Road
Show, No. 1
3 Never Seen Before <"|
bathroom, all modern conveniences.   Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
CTADF on Begbie Street, near Columbia Street, size
illUm. 20 ft by 66 ft   r
lit   WiU lease.
Possession about December
For rull particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Offlee: 28 Lorn* Street, New Weetmlneter.
See This Home
Six roomed Cottage on Lot 66 x 132 feet to
lane. Good garden and lawn, very convenient location. The price is right and the
terms will interest you. Call and see me
about this.
Phone 827.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot New Weatminater B. C.
Cl 7c SffiT
T " 7 ��� **  SUITS
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R271
Prea. end GeaL Mgr.        Vlce-Presldsnt Bee. sad Tree*.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonee No. 7 snd 877.
W. R. QILLEY, Phene 122.
O. E. OILLEY, Phone Ml.
Phones, Offlee 18 and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
j   Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Terms ef Venery.
There sre terms or venery wblcb a
Rood sportsman will still elmerre lo
bia epeech. Tbus be finds s "pack" or
a "covey" or grouse and likewise a
"covey" or partridge*, but a "nld" or
pbeaaauU, a "bevy" or quail a "wlap"
or a "walk" or snipe and a "rail" of
woodcock. Having round them, be
"��prln��a" tbe grouse snd the pheasant*, but "Bushes" tbe woodcock, snipe
snd iHirtrtdgee. Further, be wlll tell
you tbat grouse sre "challenged" and
pheaaants "cbuckered." tbat partridges
"jug," quails "pipe," woodcocka are
'Tellers" and snipe sre "at walk." So
tbe bisbop Oss strictly correct wbo
spoke or "some wbo Jug themselves
like partrtdgee Inte small eovaye."���
Loudon Cbronicia.
 ��      '     .
Eighty Rooma, New and Modern.
The moat comfortable rooms In tbe
city. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator in eacb. Bar and flrat class
cafe run in connection.
Cer. Front and Bsgbls St   Phona 1S6
Fig* end Dates.
tt Is a good plan to wash flgs snd
Sate, before giving tbem to children
er, for tbst mstter. to sny one. Tbeir
iweeUess attracts Insects, and tbeir
illrllnnsa mskes tben a perfect home
for' dust and Its ondeslrsbls germs.
Vet most people seem never to tblnk
ef tbls at aU. Washing will sot Impair tbe flavor. Oa tbe contrary, it
makes tbem more agreeable to tbe sight
and touch as wall as to the taste.
Ths First Celne.
The flrst coins were struck la brass
about 1184 B. tt and In gold and silver
by  Pheldon. tyrsnt of Argoe, about
KB a tt
Greeks Bc-'-r-' *�������-.
1 rndnn, Dec. 6.���Constantinople reports the Bulgarian and Oreek forces
have reached the Grif of Saras on
forty Oreek transpoits. Greek war-
nuv* '" "n *B * fi��"vov. They bombarded the fort at Bulalr and tbe town
of Gallipoli.
"The Colleen Bawn"
Myles na Coppaleen  Jack J. Clark
Danny Mann   Sidney. Olcott
Hardress Cregan '.  J. P. McGowan
Kryle Daly     ... .George H. Fisher
Father Tom Arthur Donaldson
Mr. Corrigan        Robert G. Vlgnola
Anne Chute  Alice Hollister
Mrs. Cregan \ Alice Mapes
Shtclah Mrs, Clark
Soldiers, Guests, etc.   Period 1794.   Place, Ireland.
Every scene In thle grest Irish Drams Produced In Ireland, giving
views cf placss of Historic Interest and Scenic Beauty In the Emerald
, ,,	
"Captain Barnacle, Reformer1'
"their Idols" r~~
'Via Central Park) at 6 and 5:45
a.m. and every. 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with hair hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 6:45. 8:46 and 8
a.m., with hourly aervlce until 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
first car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., witb hourly aervlce until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
aervlce thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points a*
9:38 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. Fer
Hnatlagdon and way polnta 4:06 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
over the Fraser Valley line
for week end trip, covering
all point* on   the   division.
Tickets for these special excursion* are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
BOILERS Riveted Steel Pipes      TANKS
      BURN OIL ���
P. O. BOX 442
Raisins, No. 1 Bon Ten, 2 |>kgs for 25c, 8 for.	
NcSa-Seed, per pkg 10e��� 11 for	
Tropic Seeded, 4 pkgs for	
C-jltanaa, 2 lbs. for	
Nabob Brand Vostlsss Currant*, 2 pkgs. for	
Clear Bulk Currant*, per Ib 10c. 11 lbe. for 	
Mixed Candled Peel, per lb.	
Dates, per lb. *..;	
Ssalahlpt Oysters, psr qt ^ '
When ordering Oysters ask for Sealsbipt Oyster Recine
100 ways of serving. ^
.. 1.00
.. .25
..    .25
-. 25c
-. 1.00
..    .20
... .10
...   .50
THURSDAY,   DECEMBER   5,   191*
Does it pay to have your money deposited
in the bank drawing 3 per cent, interest
"when you can buy a lot in
$25 CASH, and balance
$8 Mont!
For instance: Suppose you deposit $1C0 in a bank
and leave it there for one year; what returns do
you get ? You receive three per cent, interest from
the bank for the use of that money for one year,
which means that your $150 has earned you the
magnificent sum of $4.50 in one year. Will you get
rich on this ?
MARPIIMFNT. Buya lotin Merritt and
JilMJUlTIEin 1 . in voght Reserve for $150
and if you cannot grow more than $4.50 (bank interest for one year) worth of produce in one year on a
Voght Reserve lot, I will give you a clear title to the
lot for nothing. Why any person would pay you $10
for the use of the lot for one year. Then why leave
your money in the bank at 3 per cent. I have only to
repeat Russell Sage's words: "Real Estate is an imperishable asset ever increasing in value."
Do you realize that Business Men, Miners, Ranchers,
Railroad Men, Brokers and even Bankers are buying
lots in Voght Reserve ?   Then why not you?
A Estate and Financial
Write me or ask for Descriptive Booklet about Merritt
and Voght Reserve.    It's valuable to you.
Ths Half Mohammedan and Hall.
Christian Mountaineer Who Lives
In ths Rocky Country on the Con-
fines of Turkey In Alia Has a Passion For War and Will Fight on
the Slightest  Pretext.
Those familiar with conditions in the
Ottoman Enipiri see tremendous danger in the recent outbreak in the
Berana district of Albania where
Christians were butchered by Mohuni-
medan ...aauts, aided by Turkish
trcvp*. Of oil Ihe peoples of the Moslem world tho Albanians ure the most
fanatical followers of the Prophet and it is said by travelsrs in the
south ot Europe that it the worst came
to thc worst the Sultan could tuke
refuge in Albania Co-day and defy Uie
world,  says  a  recent  writer.
All over southeastern Europe one
hears ol t'ie strange customs among
those Albanians. When we planned a
tour into the province, it was to have
embraced the Sea of Scutari. To go
further, however, meant becoming involved in the most repellent cuBtom
ever met with >���; Europe. In the Gan-
aleser-Thal you have to ('rink hospitality with the peasant hosts, all from
me and the same glass, and in Turkey
one is frequently compelled to share
the luncheon oi some li'thy individual; but in Albania, to credit th'>su
claiming to have ventured into its
fastnesses, you drink blood with your
host and in this wise:
You meet your host on ihe neutral
boundary line. He is in the milky
white suit of an Albanian lord, the tall
white fet throwing in relief the long
hair, straggling at each side of the
brow, and the fierce liery eyes that
pierce one's soul with tlieir lustre. No
pity, uo sympathy, nothing but greed
and Sery hute and bigotry can one
read in those Hushing pupils. The
ho't takes his knife from lis belt and
cut a gash in his left hand, somewhere
on the back. As the blood trickles he
lets it How into one of tha small Albanian drinking cups, bought at
Cattaro or in Montenegro, from the
traders. Then you, too, must do the
sume, und to the mixed blondd in the
cup, wine from the village casks is
added. He takes a gulp, you take a
gulp, and you are sworn "blood brothers" and are safe anywhere in the
bounds of his elan.
Time and again, be this us it may,
for tliere are some Albanians who deny
it just as there are Sioux who would
tell you Jthey  no longer hold the Sun
Dance,  on  the  railway  trains  in   the
Balkans an   Albanian will  be seen to
dart and  throw his arms about some
I other white-clad Albancie in the most
I affectionate of greetings.
I     "That is  my  brother!"  he will ex-
I' pl'iin and the meaning is involved m
'the  bliod   brotherhood.    Unless  one
drinks the blood, it Is stated, u Chris-
ti n  may   bind  tho   Albanian  lv  the
most solemn  oath beiore  '.ikin^ him
j as guide at u labulous sum ami '.hen,
I once the notions enters his lieod, the
:] Albanian may deliberately  shoot  you
down in some lone trail in tlie moult*
tains, for if the Moslem deem the occasion  good  he   h:is   nn  he-itanc..   in
breaking   any   oath   mail j   to  the   infidel.
Facts about the fanatic upland Albanian are hard to obtain,
Ano'.lier custom laid to the door of
the mountain Albanian is that which
obtained among the early Cloths and
Vandals and this regards the chil-
die... When a babe is born in Albania, it is claimed and we heard the.-c
claims over and over in the Balkan-,
tin father exercises the right to judge
if it shull live or die; and since of " e
elect, exposure and hardship weed out
tho majority, thete seems little likelihood of Albania becoming over-populated.
Some forgotten wave of emigration
in the centuries past, uiuroone.l a lil
tie '.and of Albanese on the Dalmatian coast, near the eity of Zan and
in the time when Volker Wanderun-
gen were the order of the day and tin
coe t of the Adr.atic swarmed with
pirat.is these folk withdrew a little
ways into the interior where their
town of Eriz/.io is  now built.
Bit by bit civilization found its way
I down among the Dalmatian archipelagoes tind to Zani, where the mara-
jschino trude has brought wealth and
I opulence. But the Albanese profited
only indirectly by this nnd as tlie
fcMhpiuo for years hud the Spaniard
; before him as example so here the
'Albanian, profiling oy 11 milder iule,
I'.as wrought his destiny and not who!.
I ly without success.
these Albanians are of the Roman
U 'tlK.lic faith, splendid types of manhood, tall, erect and n* haughty us an
lro<juo:s and above all trustworthy,
| i uey are the brdhren ol lne Albanian
who has allied a-jamst lus km a.id
a'ded the Turk ami on whom SulUiii"
huve, nt time.-, called lot defenci
' isinst invaders. Along tne Monte
negrln border, un oflicer nl C'e'.iiij.
tells me. frays between these, two
sects, developing into feuds i I inU r
miniible length, are Uie orde: of |i���.
day and the very slightest < rror in
judgment, on the part of the border
patrol may result in a dozen death-.
Spotless white flannel, short troupers, reaching to tlie knees, thorl-cut
coat, open iu the front and the tail
loz, us with the Moslem, is the regu
lution uttire of tlie Christian Albanian, save whore civilization has
spoiled him, r
Under the open coat a shirt is Feen
und   iu   bold   rebel   n.'unitt  Iln:   white
the broad leather belt of bullets, not
I ornamental, ns i> t!.e rifle nl tim
.Montenegrin but with loilif, . lira's-
capped mis.-ile , ovur roady to do
deadly work.
I Couple this wit'i the lone rounded
I face, the high neck and lie: broad
chest of the Albanian and ynu lmve a
living impersonation of unknown, Isi-
| tent strength.
Authorities set the const line of Albania nt H80 miles iu length, but not,
j an   :icrc  of  the  almost 10,00(1  square
miles of the province is over 100 miles
I froui tho ser..
Explorer    Returning   After   Fruitless
Search  In Antarctic Seat.
News has been received in Christ-
church, N.Z.. of thc scientific expedition in the Antarctic, which sailed Bt
the beginning of the summer under
the charge of Dr. Mawson. The exploring ship Aurora has returned from
her winter cruise after carrying out a
trip of over three weeks. As the ship
was not required until November,
when she will return to the ice region
to bring back the leader and his
party, she wns engaged on scientiflo
investigations in sub-Antarctic seas.
The Aurora is in charge of Capt. ,1. K.
Davis, and among Uiose aboard are a
tuxidermist and a cinematograph
operator. The wliole of the ship's
company are reported as being in good
health. One of the objects of the
cruise was not attained. This was
the discovery of the reported Royal
C.x.ip-ny's islands. Fou.- days of the
cruiFi was spent, in searching the
ocean for sight of these islands, but
not a truce cou'.d be found. The reported islands were said to be in two
different positions, but though both
positions nd th? sea around were
thoroughly explored there was no
sign of the supposed islands.
It wos on May 17 that the Aurora
left Sydney, sailing by way of Bass
Strait to the 140th meridian, and after
his exhaustive search it is the opinion
of Capt. Davis that the islands do
not exist anywhere near where the
chsrts indicated. He admits, however, that even in comparatively clear
weather Macquarie Island could only
be seen from a distance of eight miles,
and rough weaUier made it impossible
to take soundings. Indeed, so boisterous was the weather that on not a
single day wis it possible for them to
use the :ounding machine; and
though several attempts were made
thes? generally resulted in a loss of
some of the gear. On one occasion,
however, a depth of 2.000 fathoms waa
found by the sounding wire. The
cinematograph apparatus was not
us.d owing to bad light and the inability to get the machine steadily
fastened to the deck.
When Mucquarie  Island was reached it was ' und that the five men of
Dr.  Mawson's p-irty  were doing good
work, and   he wireless station was in
constant    service.       Messages     wero
caught   as   far   as Fiji   and Western
Australia,  but the gales and  the  hu-
midit.' of the   atmosphere   interfered
bully    with    the    installation.      The
aerials  hnd   h.'en  blown  down   twice,
but had  been erected  again,  and  the
water   which   cools   the  petrol  engine
had   boen   frozen   often   nnd   causedI
more trouble.    It is the belief of thel
operator  that   the  messages  sent out I
are being received ut the has.' in the!
Far South.    There   has   been   a rich I
fiel I   of   Artarctic   fauna   for   the   explorers  to  study.    Contrary  to  ordin-l
ary belief, it has been established by
the expedition that the sea elephants
are   still   very   numerous.    At   times
hundreds of these animsit could he)
seen i.i shoals, and on the shore seal
leopards,  whieh are perhaps the most j
beautiful  of  sc-a  animals,  were  seen
at intervals.
Penguins vith their fnmilies roved
along the beaches, nnd the Mnori
hens, . hieh were taken to Macquarie
Island snme years ago, hsve so multiplied that they were seen in hundreds. Among the specimens whieh
have been secured for the Canterbury
Museum are many new ones. A sea
elephant which was obtained is nearly
20 feet in length, and weighed more
than a ton. The attempts at trawling, however, were not so fortunate.
owing to rough seas. On two occasions the trawl was let down, but the
wind and tide carried the vessel nway
very rapidly, and the trawl was damned and tl i net torn. There are five
members of the expedition at Mac
quarie Island, and 20 with Dr. Maw-
wm are at lhe base in Adelio Land.
E' .ht are ot the secondary base neal
Aussberg. It is expected the expedition will return to civilization in
April next.
Beyond Him.
In a north of England town there
was a shiftless man who would never
accept gifts outright, although he was
always depending on charity, says
Al Priddy in his book, "Through the
He painted' landscapes, and ray
aunt, when benevolently inclined,
would hire him to decorate our walls
with rural scenes, highly colored in
glaring tints, as if nature had turned
color blind. There were cows in every
scene, end Aunt Millie noticed that
all the cows were up to their knees
in water. Not ono stood clear on
the vivid green hills.
"Jorvey," she remarked to the old
man, "why do you ulways put the
ixiws in the water?"
"It's this way. Mrs. Brindir.," the
old artist responded. "You see, ma'am
I   never learned to paint 'oofs."
in St. Andrew's Church, under the
auspices of the Trades and Labor
Councll and addressed by Miss Bara-
bara Wylle.
The speaker, a leading English militant suffragette, urged those present,
who were numerous and, ln the main,
ln hearty accord with her point of
view, to organize a suffragist body In
The course of action urged by Miss
Wylle was an Immediate appeal to
the Dominion house for votes-for women, and she urged Insistence ln the
request until It was granted. Homing was to be gained by patience. All
depended upon being Insistent and becoming a nuisance to those ln power
Miss Wylle declared that this course
waB more advantageous than an appeal to the provincial governments.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work subtly con-
Udentlal. M. Broten, Koom 6, Mer
cbant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715
Ferry. Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, R. 9
B. C, 1911, "Ferries Act." tho Govern
ment of British Columbia Invite ap
plications for a charter for a ferry tc
ply on the Fraser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Is
land, and Coquitlam.
Applications will be received by thc
Hon. Minister of Hurdle Works up tc
lt o'clock noon of Monday, tha 9th
December, 1912.
The charter will cover a period ex
plrlng on 31st March, 1914.
Applicants shall give a description
of the vessel It Is proposed to use, ths
method of operation, and the vessel
must conform In all respects to the requirements of the "Canada Shipping
Act" and amending Act.
Applicants shall state the tolls thej
propose to ask for���
Foot passengers (adults), each.
Foot passengers, children under
thirteen years.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse and buggy.
Driver with two beries and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon
loaded or unloaded. .
Cattle and horses, per head.
Sheep, per hend.
Hogs, per head.
Calves and colts under one year old,
ner head.
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.
Freight, unperlshablo. per 100 lb.
The Government of British Colum
bia le not necessarily kound to accept
any application submitted.
Publlc Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 21st November, 1912
no28. (142)
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
Phone R524
619 Hamilton St
Climbing Tls-Pln.
An unusual method of robbery in
t music hull is described by the London correspondent ol Tho Sheffield
Daily Telegraph. A visitor standing
at the back of the stalls saw the diamond pin in the cruvst of a man in
the stalls suddenly begin to climb,
apparantly nf Its own accord, in a
series of jerks. The man who owned
it had his hands In his pockets, and
on each side a man in evening dress
was smoking a cigarette. The next
jerk cams just at the moment when
these two men with wonderful precision put (heir cigarettes to tlieir
t mouths. A word to on attendant was
| enough. The two "gentl"men" in
evening clothes went quietly. My
friend later picked up the long horsehair thnt had stretched from the
little finger of oru to the little finger
of the otlier.
In Distress.
Not long ago u bottle, tightly corked,
wns picked up by a resident of St.
l.rcvni, France. He took it to the
maritime Authorities. Tliey saw that
the message was written on stationery of uu Kngiish steamship lilm und
so hastily sent for the Britisli consul. With much solemnity the message, was handed to him, und this is
what  he read:
"Ship in distress. No whisky on
board.   Fill the bottle and return it. '
Canada to Be  Represented. TELL   WOMEN   TO   BE  NUISANCE.
Ottawa, Dec. 4,���Dr. Montizambert,
... ,, ,      ,    ,, ...      ,,    .,,   i Winnipeg Suffragette? Will Get Noth-
Ihreetor General    of    Public    Health,      ,      ��y Patience. Says Miss Wylle.
will  represent Canada at the meeting ���     wlnD, D���,   4... The f|rgl caU t()
of  the   International  Joint  Commie-        ��*���*..**,.
sion,  which  is to be held at Buffalo  tllR    suffragettes    of   Wlnnlnog   was
on Dec. 17 next. I sounded  last night, ut the gathering
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceeepools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
(0 Molooes StreeL Phone lOOt
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch
14:90 for St. Paul   and    Kootenay
18:20 tor Agaaelz Local.
19:515 for Import*!   Limited,   Mont
real anu <7JUtuug��u poiuls.
For reeervation an* other   particu
lars apply to
KD. GOIILKT, Agent   '
New Westminste
Or H. W.  Brodie, G.P.A. Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
tfineral Waters,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
telephone R  111   Offlee:  r-lncos a
 1 .. mm**********Ps
Transf er Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second aud third Wedr/sdays
In each month In K. of P. hull at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. il.
Price, secretary.
I. O. O. r AMITY LODUE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. V.. le held everv Mon-
day night at 8 o'cleck in Odd Fellows ball, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. VlsRInj? brothern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors aud embalmera. Parlors
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.    Phone 9��3.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
etreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Officee,
Rooms 6 and 7 Bills block.
1. STILWELL CLUTH, barristcr-at-
law, aolicltor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streeta, New Weetmlneter, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
solicitor and notary, ��ii Columbia
etreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. O.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 81, W. J.
Whiteside, H, L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room,
Trapp block. ,
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each mouth: quarterly meeting on tbe IJIrd Friday of
February, May, Auguet and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday of February. N'ew
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
B.LCoast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
a. m��� 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Lsaves Vanoouver for Seattle 15
a. m. and lt p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m.,
also Dec. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7  a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Weatmlnster.
fl. W. BRODIE,
O. P  A.. Vancouver
D. McAulay
Tel. 781. Cor. (th and Columbia
TWEED,   IRI8H   SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect  Rt and Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
who do not receive   The News hvUire
t a.m. should
and make complaint. Only in this way-
may an efficient delivery lie main-
tained. "***���
. ,/ ���'   ���- -* .aS*���..
1URSDAY,   DECEMBER   5,   1112.
Teaching Qlrls to Cook.
Although cookbooks come ln rapid
ccessloo-so   fast,  Indeed,   that   It
ould Uke a good sized library te
s them Instead of the modest little
that formerly sufficed for tbe lit-
sture  ef   tbe  cuisine���the   require
ents of the child oook have beea
Imewhat overlooked.
Jue of tbe most popular features ot
pnblic scbool exhibitions beld each
ir la the demonstration by tbe little
cooks from tbe cooking claseea.
be leading chefs of tbe day are lnva-
Ibly to be found In the fronl ranks
[tbe onlooker* on these occasion* and
loud ln tbeir admiration of the lit-
I girls' skill and resourcefulness.
lot  the  least  pleasing  feature of
|se displays I* tbe evident delight of
children in their work.   Yorkshire
(Mings are wbiBked wltb a wlll, paa-
1 Is proudly rolled out on tbe floured
\ta\ and the nicely browned meat
en out of tbe oven wttb a grand
i tbat arouses the envy of every
it child in tbe room.
early every little girl long* to cook
ethlug all by herself, If it la only
dy or chestnuts over tbe nursery
, and too often tbose responsible for
- care, afraid of burned fingers snd
frocks, postpone the flrst cook-
I lesson until the girl has ber time
taken up wltb tbe many Interests
have been opened out to tbe mod-
schoolgirl and no longer wants to
k-n how to cook.
pow tbe little girl may take the flrst
ps In tbe art of good cooking 1* told
bply and clearly In language that
bid be understood by every child.
Reading to th* Little One*.
Sometimes read to tbe children. In
at lull before bedtime, a few verses
a short poem from eome classic tbat
n love.
You try to surround yonr children as
r as possible wltb good pictures,
teful furnishings and colorings, heme you tblnk that early environment
ihi ten unconsciously. By tbe same
ken listening to and becoming fa-
filar with the best In our language
III In tbe future enable tbem to reet tbe mediocre snd tawdry ln liter
ture. as tn material thing*.
Pick up yonr Tennyson and soothe
.-and quiet them witb tbe dreamy music
of the cborlc song from tbe "Lotus
Truro Is sweet  muilo ber* thst  softllar
Tban petals trom blown rotes In tha trass,
or  that  exquisite  lullaby   from  tbe
Kwn-t and low, swe��t snd low.
Wind o( tn* western aea,
or  farther  on.   wben   their   mood   Is
hrlgbter, tbe splrltf d bugle *oog with
Ua stately phrasing and bauntlng refrain:
The splendor fstls on castle walls
And sunny summits old in story,
or the lilting amind of "Tbe Brook:"
1 chatter over stony ways
Jn little sharps snd treble*;
1 bubble Into eddying bsya;
1 babble on Uie pebbles.
Can a child wbo** ear* are ettnned
lo such sounds car* for commonplace
-or trashy lo literature)
Th* Man of th* House.
"I waa left alon* for e time wtth my
[two hoys���aged Bv* and three���end no
til tben I had never realised lost wbat
[���an Important factor tbeir father bad
l tieen In their government." mid a fe*d
[parent   "I bad never believed lo tm
[point punishment and now that the
responsibility fell entirely apon me I
et myself the Usk of finding e bettet
method.   After several failure* I tried
thla aad found It most effective.   I hsd
often told the older boy tbnt whn his
lather was uway he must Iw the 'ma*
of the house.'    Now. I wrote, apon s
paper tbe name of esch boy uud pinned
tbe neper upon tbe wall    I explained
to them carefully thst wbewver they
were  naughty   I   would pnt a  blsrk
mark aftet tbeir nsiues and whenever
they were especially obedient or helpful I would pnt down a Tonnd ring.
Tben at tbe end of tbe day we com
pared the two, and tbe oo* wltb the
best record was the 'man or th* bouae
the next day.
"The man of the hone*' wae allowed
to alt si his father's place end serve
the men Is. Whenever ther* were no
tilack murk* on the day'* record I gave
them a prlre. Tbey entered Into tbe
little game with great enthnslaam It
really takes so little to Interest a rhlld
if ono goes abont It In the right way!"
Pillow Slip* f*r th* Baby.
The desire or every molber'a heart Is
to  liave pretty  things for  her own
1 baby, no matter whether all* ba* oely
I one or tbe clothe* ara belug prepared
I for tbe fourth arrival.
lu Uie matter of pit��w "I'l* the
I fancy runs to email oue*. having a de
| sign embroidered In thr corner.   Thla
I may couslst ��lmpiy of the little one's
I Initial with a wreath of small flower*
labout it, or a mom arnamenUI ��pray
Iof small buds, tenm and blossoms;
1 but whatever tbe design the work le
f always done in White, nu1 the material
of which the pillow slip is mud* must
I lie of soiiest cotton or linen.
.    l\ Is n grave mistake to embroider a
pillowslip In th* center, becauee th*
skin of a baby I* naturally delicate
nnd tender, and *v*n a grown peraon
would   find  It  uncomfortable to  Ue
j with the face pre��**d agalnat an tm
| hroldered design.
'-""irhl D'feice Conference.
, Wellington, N. Z., Dec. 4.���Premier
j MaBsey ls favorable to the Imperial
[Defence Conference aa auggaated by
J Premier Borden, and thlnka the plaoe
I of the meeting ahould be In one of the
1 British Dominion*.
The   Boa   Hat  an   Innovation   sf  th*
Bhl* aii,
N*w to the millinery world Is tills
hat, wblcb Is a hat and neckpiece cow
blned. A black velvet bat In tbe popu
lar sailor shape ia encircled with e
white ostrich boa  which ls brought
* bat auy oirl csn uiu
around the hnt from right to left, down
over the left shoulder, around tbe neck
and falls off the right shoulder. .'
A rosette of white satin ribbon with
long ends adds a dainty finish to this
simple novelty. It ls an arrangement
that any girl can make for herself lf
sbe only selects a becoming shape to
start the good work.
SUte Department Report.
OtUwa, Dec. 4.���Company incorporation by federal letters Increased from
644 to SBi in the last fiscal year, according to tbe report of the sUte department, Ubled by Hon. Louis Coderre.
Life   Motifs  er   Studies   From   Nature
Popular   Decorations,
Decorations for the nursery are
now the fad of tbe modem mother,
who often prefers to execute her own
designs ln order to express her Individual taste upon ber little ones. What
are called "life motifs" or studies from
nature are at present popular designs
for decoration and can easily be
Take a single large sheet of water
color paper and on this paste a va
rlety of cut-out white paper animals
which sre to serve ns a frieze. At
regular Intervals of twelve inches pasts
one of tbese aulmals, a dog. est
squirrel, kangaroo or any kind of bird.
All these must be cut out of wbit*
paper, though a little variety ls afforded by giving yellow hills and red
feet to tbe chickens.
Tbe walls above and below thla
frler.e of white animals mny lie painted ln tnn color and so serve ns a restful bsckground to the decorations.
Trees for the motifs are also excellent and should be conventional le
shape, modeled something on the line*
of the Nosh's ark type. Both largr
and small are cut out of white paper
and colored respectively dark green
snd yellow and crimson. Two green
trees, arranged side by side, may be
alternated by red and yellow and thus
give a charming effect.
The "bird" motif In tbe brilliant col
ors of every gay hued parrot, robla
redbreast, bird of paradise, etc.. I* als*
hlirhly effective nn a background of
gray cartridge paper and Invariably
pleases a nursery of children.
As to th* Eyes.
Tou hnve no doubt many times beea
troubled with s cinder or some foreign
substance lodging In tbe eye, snd no
doubt, like many others, you huve mlt
bed and fretted the poor eye without
dlslodgtng the offending particle until
the eye ts red und sore nnd tke temper
well nlgh exasperated. A very simple
llttl* treatment If employed st one*
will avert nny Irritation nnd nearly nl
way* remove the dirt or cinder. It Is
to catch the upper and lower lids to
gether by the lashes and pull gently
���nt away from tbe eye. then roll the
eye In toward the nose several tlmea
Thl* Is an easy remedy, as It permits
the fluids to flow over the eye and wash
the substance, whatever It msy be. ont
to the romer of Ihe eye. where I) Is
easily ejected, and tbus prevents It
frt.m becoming lodged In, the upper
eyelid, where It Is moot often found
when not quickly removed, if the particle has already lodged and cannot be
ejected In the manner Just described,
then the hest course Is to turn the upper eyelid hack and nfter locating tne
���peck of dirt wipe off with a clean soft
cloth dipped In a solution of peroxide
of hydrogen.
Homemade S**p Compound.
The following soap compound Is
given by a renkler whn says she ha*
found It most excellent: Slice very
tbln two iskes nf ordinary brown
conp; add Juat enongb boiling water to
cover It and while melting heal the
���havings to a pulp. Add half a cupful
of gasolene. Bent the mixture again
���nd It la ready for use. Thl* compound arts much like the naphtha
soaps on the market Clothes washed
with It do not require boiling and IU
une wlll not Injure tbe bands. It
ought to be nnneceasary to remind
housekeeper* that the gasoline tnu��t
nol he mixed with the Jellied aoap
whan thor* ta a lira In tha room.
Closed Opium Shop*.
Wu Chang, China, Dec. 4.���Every
opium ahop In Wu Chang was closed
today. Forcible measures were neces-
gary ln aome casas. Opium nan be
obtained only at a government depot
fhe Whits Eskimos Will Soon Psrlsh
Under Its Ministrations.
It is with conflicting emotions that
me hears of preparations already
making to raise out of barbarism and
paganism 'lie white Eskimos discovered in the far north of Canada by Dr.
Stefansson. Missionaries, unquestionably inspired hy the highest motives and nobly prepared to encounter
cruel hardship snd evin death for the
good of this long-lost tribe, sre planning :> live with and t.?ach them, and
presumably fur dealers and other
trade's will be equally or more
prompt in doing their part toward
convincing thc supposed descendants
of Liif Ericson thst Stone Age fashions are out of date.
Ot course complaint about the inevitable is useless. The white Eskimos have been found. That means
the end of their isolation, but it also
means, almost certainly, their rapid
destruction. N > tribe or race as delicately adjusted to �� peculiar environment us then Eskimos must be to
have survived wh"re they ure. ever
yet long withstood contact with a
higher and stronger civilization. The
common result of such contact has
been a ruthless extermination of the
weaker people, either hy war or bIov
ery. WliPn the efforts have heen made
with the kindly intention of civilizing
and elevating the barbarians the effects upon them have usually been
equuily   'isnstrous.
While the inhabitants of Tierra del
Fuego lived out of doors with no
other protection, where it snows every
month in the year, than a single skin
slung over the windward shoulder,
they were healthy rnd fully ahle with
tlieir rude Implements to hold their
own against their dreadful climate.
When they were persuaded to wear
clothes and Hv in ral houses��� and
to struggle with the vices as well as
the virtues of civilization���of course
they cou'.d not do in a lifetime what
it has taken us 'housamls of years to
learn, and they proceeded to die off
with great rapidity.
This experience has be��n repeated
a hundred times on all of the out-of-
the-way comers ol the earth, and
though th- other Eskimos have not
disappeared os fast ns savages usually do under civilized tutors, yet their
numbers have rapidly waned, as every
traveler in their country has noted.
And the other Eskimos wen1 particularly fortunate in having tutors who
did not try to do too much for them
or to chajije their habits too speedily.
Th-V whi': trill-? may he treated with
equal discretion, hut there is every
probability that (or them. loo. the approach of civilization will be fatal.
Alberta Enthusiastic.
The province of Alherta ia enthusiastically taking to the single-tax idea,
and many agricultural communities
in the provinc wiil he organized this
year under the rural municipality
act. passed by the last Legislature
and effective in 1!U3. The n"w system provides that taxes shall be
levied equally upon all taxable land
in the municipality, according to the
assessed value of such lund. Th" ns-
s.ssment plan is ha.sed upon the following provision in the rural municipality act:
"Land shall be assessel at its actual
cash value as it would be appraised
in payment of a inst debt from a
solvent debtor, exclusive from the
value ot any huilding erected thereon
or of other increase of valua caused
by sn-v other exp-nditure of labor or
capita! thereon."
The question of taxation is dealt
with entirely by the council of the
rural municipality. The new act fixes
the limit to taxation for municipal
purposes at 10 mills on the dollar. It
is not expected that a rate will be
levied lo exceed JB per 160 acres, and
in many Cases the rate levied will not
exceed |3 or $4.
The act provides that eviry municipality sha'.l, in so far as it is possible, comprise an area of 18 miles
square, or 324 square miles, and all
municipalities shallow laid out on a
uniform plan, as tha conditions of the
system of iu* Dominion land survey
and the physical features of the
province will allow.
Flowers   In  the  Snow.
Snowstorms during the summer
monthB are of frequent occurresi-ee in
the Canadian Rocky mounUin region
it am elevation of 10,000 feet and up
ward, sometimes covering the ground
to a depth of several inches.
The flowers st this elevation arc
nually small, ol delicate tints ar.d
.-. ry   beautiful,  but   lacking   in   fra
ranee. Owing to the absence oi
moisture in the atmosphere Ircexinv
i.06S not affect vegetation st this a.ti-
��� tde aa it dots nearer sea level. The
���lowers, alter having been completely
nered with snow for a day or two.
���vill regain their former vWor after
ihe s:ow departs, although they wil
prenr slightly wilted Ior a few days
niter theft snow bathi
There is a Hi v little flower of fou'
*.talB which follows the reeedinc
snows fsr above timber line, which is
usually about 11,500 foet above sen
evei. Bo closely does It follow the
melting snows that it is often possible
to stand on one spot, pluck flowers
with the right hand and make snowballs with the lelt.
Brush** That Every Up to Dato He*s*>
wlf* Wlll N**d.
Th* woman wbo la adding to bai
bathroom convenience* this fall and li
searching for novelties ln appoint
ment* cannot do better than look al
the new brushes thst are being ibowi
In tb* household departments of tbe bl|
Particularly good for cleaning bastm
and tub* are the brush and bowl Ulna
Ethsl Smyth, Suffragist.
On* of th* several heads ot th* suf-
frag* movement ln England who take
pride in having suffered punishment
(or the cans* is Miss Ethel Smyth.
She is a doctor of music and an opera
written by her, Der Wald, waa given
some years ago. Kiss Smyth put woman's demand for the vole into a
choral satire which she wrote last
year and which proved to be a great
success. It was oalled "1910" and pictured, symphonically, a meeting ol
suffragists in Parliament square, London, and their encounter with an anti-
suffragist mob.
Miss Smyth is a brilliant woman
and the militant* take pride in numbering her among their leaders.
Bsden-Powell to Wsd.
An engagement recently announced
in London is attracting attention in
many lands. It is that of Lieutenant-
Oeneral Sir Robert Baden-Powell,
head of the Boy Scouts. The hero ol
Mafeking is nearly tifty-six and his
fiancee, Mlas Olive Soames, about
twenty-two. General Baden-Powell, in
talking about his romance, said:
"The affair is not so new ss persons
imagine. As a matter of fact, Misa
Soames was traveling in the West Indie* when I went there in January."
Strang Willed.
"Aren't you afraid you mny become
a ilave to tb* smoking habit?"
"No. I can quit whenever I wnut to."
"How do yon know that? Ilave you
ever tried It?"
"No, but I've cured myself of the
habit of voting for every candidate
who la nominated by tbe political party to which I belong, and a man must
bave a strong wtll to do thut."���Chicago Record-Herald.
n: 60���Vancouver via- O.
trated, which articles are attached to a
wooden panel, the long handled brush
at the top and tbe enamel bowl tbat
fits Into a shelf at tbe bottom of thr
Wood In several varieties Is used foi
tbls bathroom novelty, and tbe prlc* h
wonderfully cbeap.
Are you one of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia TableU
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. lso
Gold Mining In Nova Scotia.
Gotd mining is about to be started
on a large scsle at South Bay, Ingnn-
ish, Nova Scotia. A modern crushing
plant, to cost $50,000, is to be installer'
immediately. Several concrete buildings arc to be i reeled at once at the
mines. These mines. are situated
about three miles from Ingonish town
and the company have built a highway three miles in length. Ore is
being extracted from three tunnels,
each nbout 250 feet in length, driven
in the side of the mountain, and two
slialts which have been sunk 50 feet.
The company own a 20 foot vein, tho
ore assaying as high as $180 a ton.
Some 2,000 tons of the ore have oi-
rcady been bank d^	
No Word for Leva.
It is related of one of the early
missionaries that in attempting to
translate the Bible .'into Algonquin he
could flnd no word to expreaa "love"
and waa compelled k invent it.
B*caua* th* Laundress Is Forced te
Stoep Over Her Wark,
Th* wash day Is often spoken of its
"blue Mondsy" because It Is usually a
day of bard work, followed by days ol
recovery from such aches as woman
thinks ber due. .Vow lt bas lieen dell
nltely proved, says J. flowerd Krick
instructor ln medical correction gym
nasties In tbe Samaritan hospital of
Uermantown. ln tbe Mothers' Maga
zlne, thnt washing clotbes bas nothing
to do wltb making a woman feel
gloomy, but tbut the way she does It
has all to do with ber after health.
Tbe most common cnmplalpt of wo
men after a day's washing Is tbe terri
ble   backache   wbicb  almost  compels
them to go to bed.    Tbis Is sometime*
followed by headaches lo tbe middle ol
the head and behind the eye*, whicb
often Ust for days.   Now, wbnt 1* tbe
cause of these after effects?   Certainly
ordinary work should not entail such
after suffering*.   The whole cause li>
the position of tbe woman while work
Ing over tbe tubs.    Tb* majority ol
wash benches are too low. and tb* wo
mnn must stoop over wblle at work
This causes tbe musclet, over the abdo
meu to relax, which ajlows tbe stoni
ach, Ilver, kidneys and. In fact, all the
organs to fall forward out of tbeir nor
mal positions, causing the terrible after
effects or such work.
Tbe proper position before a tub Is s
perfectly erect position. ,
Another point uf value In the erect
position Is Ihe fnct thnt tbe wringing
of tue ilntlies Is lunch easier alnce the
wliole force of tbe arm cun he used
without, hiivlin; to exert an effort to
keep the erect position.
The lining of tubs Is an entirely tm
necessary labor. When they are not ot
the stationary kind they can be emp
tied by means of a siphon.
N. R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and  Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:46���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
/: 40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:11
ll:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:W
it:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).2v:30
10:00���Port Mann (daily exeept
Sunday) 9:45
7:40���Victoria via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Bunday). 11.15
10:80���Barnston Island* arrive*
Tueeday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday, Wedneaday
and Friday 13:13
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.      "
(dally except Sunday).20:50
18:00���Edmands and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)   16:00
16:15���Cresoent, Whlto Rock and
Blain* (dally axcept
Sunday) ��:tt
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Friday)       14:00
18:10���Abbotaford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Snnday)   7:13
16:16���United BUtea via O. N. R.
(dally excent Sunday)..16:00
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Rldg*
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills daily except
Sunday)   7:15
11:50���All polnta east and Europe (daily)   7:15
18:10���Sappertcn and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���AU points east and Europe (daily)   ....   ....|13:13
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)  ....  ....  .... 7:16
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       ll.u
10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Ialand, Barr
Villa 13:15
13:00���Eaat Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmbanand (Tueaday and
Friday)   11:30
11:20���Raad, Majuba Hill via
B. O. Ef. R. (Monday
Wedneaday and Friday        9:00
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
LehiMtf, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Button,
Dennison Station, Bradner, Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
10:00���AnaWvflle aad  BoUMT . .1
(daftr except 8nnAy).13:18r
14:45���Vancoover,  Plpei'a    SW-
lng    via    O.    N.    B.
(daily exoept Suaday).J4j3B
T:80-Dnltod Statea iUO.N.1
(dally except Baaday).. 9.4B
H:40-ChUUwae�� via B. C. B. S.
(dally exoeet Sunday).17:W
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thuraday. Friday aad Bat-
day      14:01
11:20���Cloverdal* and Port Kella
via O.  N.  R.   (dally axcept Sunday) .14:09
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
ria B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sundav) 17:10
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:39
2:00���Fraser   Arm    aad    A1U
VlsU and Oakalla ....22:00
COAL MININQ rlghta of the Dominion la Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and ln a portion of the province of Brltlah Columbia, may be leased tor a term ef twenty-one years at an annual reaUl of
31 an acre. Not more than 2,569 acre*
wlll be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must ba
made by tbe applicant ln peraon to
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
tn wbich tbe rlghta applied for ara
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and ln unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be sUked out by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of 95 which will be
refunded lf the rlghta applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined ami pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should 'be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee wlll be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working ot the mine
at the rate ot $10 an acre.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
School Bag Carrying.
Every mother should Insist tbat bet
child be not forced to carry a heavy
bug to school.
ir It Is necessary to carry th* bag*
they should not be carried on the
shoulder, so that It Is possible for one
side of the body to get shorter than tb*
other side. Wben thl* I* allowed to
hnpiien tbe spine become affected aod
many are the sicknesses tbat grow
fnmi this seeming little mistake.
The ling should be carried lo the
hnnd and often shifted from one hnnd
to the other, often enough to prevent
any tendency to stunting either side of
tho Isidy. This can he explained to
any sensible child, and if he does not
heed the suggestion the very fnct that
the hag hns no shoulder harness will
mitigate the trouble.
However, most teachers these enlightened days have the school bag
question in mind, and the bags are nol
so heavily laden.
The carrying of heavy satchels or
bags every day ts certainly a great
mistake and should not be allowed to
continue for any length of tim*.
Dedicate Tlm** Building.
Los Angeles, Dec, 4.���The new
Times building, the 1500,000 turreted
structure of steel, marble and granite
erected on the site of th* old building
waa dedicated formally tonight
"Count Your Blessings"
Would you be willing to go back to the standards
of living that prevailed in 1812 ?
In spite of all the praise of "the good old days,"
would you be content to give up the many conveniences
we have gained in the past century?
Former generations knew nothing 'of the luxuries
of modern travel with its observation cars, individual
lights in Pullman berths, phonograph recitals, rich appointments, home-like comforts, and special safety devices with which the modern railway system surrounds
its passengers.
The rural telephone now place* the
farmer ln Instant communication with
the source of tbe latest market report*, and eave* him many houra of
precious time ln the event of sickness
or accident.
The Introduction of the typewriter
and adding machine has lightened the
load and lengthened the day of the
business offlee.
It wn* Advertising that flrat proclaimed the usefulness of these device*, that created an Immediate and
universal demand for them, that aa*
tabllshed   a world-wide   distribution
which made them readily accessible
to ua all.
McCormick Invented the reaper and
thereby made himself an everlasting
benefactor of the farmer. But It waa
Advertising that carried the wonderful news with its far-reaching signifl-
cence to "the man with the hoe."
You know what house work used to
be. Realise what it 1* now, since the
advent of sanitary plumbing fixture*,
hot water heating, vacuum cleaner*;
and electric household appliance*.
Advertising haa brought theae thinga
into your home, it haa ell
Advertising is service. Science, invention, commerce, are all indebted to its aid. It has raised the
standar1 of living, elevated business ethics, and put us
within reach of more real comforts, more real blessings than^we ever enjoyed before.
Advlca regarding your advertising problems I* avallabl* through any
recognised Canadian advertising agsney, or th* Secretory of th* Canadian Pro** Association, Room 501 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry Involve* ne obligation on your part���oo ama. It Interested.
. .
����������"*' a*aVtt/t ������****���-*%   ^.fciUWiA"*^.*.
 *r���ma     . .   *a~\~
Have you ever realized that
we lead ln all lines and that we
really awakened the grocers In
this city to the delicatessen
needs ot their customers?
We will sell for today only. Bon
Ton SulUna Ralalns, 16 oz.
size for  10c. each.
Codfish, Acadia, ln 2 Ib boxes,
regular 35c Today SOe.
Green Cabbage, per crate..75c.
German Mustard, ln steins, per
stein    SOc.
Sliced Ox Tongue, per lb.. .Me.
Heinz Mince Meat, per lb..25c
2 lbs  35c.
Hunt's    Peaches,    per    8    lb,
can   35c.
Salmon,   in   1   lb.   tins,   today,
2  for    25c
Do not omit to get a lb. of our
Fresh    Ground    Coffee    at
per lb   ..30c.
Van Camp's Hominy, ln 3   lb.
cans, each  20c.
Herring In Tomato   Sause,    3
cans  ��� 25c.
Green Tomatoes per crate. .25e.
Fresb Sausage dally, per lb.25c.
Come In and see our line of
Christmas Stockings, Crackers
and Chocolates. All new and
clean.    Special prices.
Public Supply Stores
V I*
The regular monthly meeting of the
executive of tha New Westminster
Christian Endeavor union wtll be held
In the Y. M. C. A. next Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Christmas Cakes. See our window,
Eighth Street Bakery, Tele. 281. (203)
High tea from 5:30 to 7 o'clock wlll
close what la expected to be a most
enjoyable afternoon at St. George's
hall today when the Ladies of Holy
Trinity cathedral hold a sale of uac.ru'
and fancy work. The public la In
See the Juniors in their pyramids
at tbe Y. M. C. A. exhibition tomorrow night, 8 o'clock. . (213)
Mr. J. O. Blggar, South Westminster, Is building a commodious cottage
for Captain Robinson on the Yah
Do not forget to visit the sale ot
work in St. George's Hall under the
auspices of tbe Women's Auxiliary.
Don't rot off your Christmas shopping too long, and don't forget to pat
ronize the New Westminster stores.
See the volley ball game at the
Y. M. C. A. tomorrow night. Tickets
15 cents. (213)
John B. Gray, the Columbia Street
jeweler ls completing extensive altera
tions and additions to his store. The
store has been extended and ne��
cases installed, putting it in first das
simp to handle the Christmas bus
The Women'3' Auxiliary of Hoi;
Trinity Cathedral will hold a sale o'
work of useful and fancy articles in
St. George's Hall this afternoon antl
evening. A high tea will be. served
from 5:30 to 7 o'clock. Tickets 5n
cents. A hearty Invitation Is extended
to all. (212)
Between City and Steveiton���Should
Develop Into Great Industrial
A one hundred foot highway from
New Westminster to Steveston, Is the
hope sxii aspiration of Mayor Lee.
While speaking at the meeting of the
Progressive Association yesterday afternoon His Worship announced that
he had asked the Richmond municipality to construct a road from tho
Boundaries of New Westmluster on
Lulu Island right Into tho town of
This, he stated, was In view of thc
fairly welt founded rcport that tht
Canadian Northern Railway Intended
to extend their line through this city
to the farthest end of the Island.
On either side of the road sites
could be provided for Industries >vhi|r
it Is quite possible thst the railway
will be constructed In its vicinity..
Mr. John Campbell of Summerlandi
has been visiting here this week aud
returned home yostcrday.
���   ��   ���
Rev. C. R. Blunden nnd Mr. W. W.
Wreag were among the Ladner visitors In the city yesterday.
a ..i*,.,a
Mr. L. M. Richardson, manager of
the Royal Bank, has returned to the
city after a vacation of a few weeks.
a    *    *
The parents of Rev. Reid McCul
lough of Wine road, are paying him a
visit. They havo Journeyed here from
C.  Securities Within Two  Week*
Put* Through  Deal* Involving
Over Half Million.
The record of business transacted
by the British Canadian Securities
Company during the past two weeks
is sufficient evidence that real estate
in Westminster city ond district ls by
no means quiescent.
During that time this company ha.
put through deals aggregating $570
000, Vancouver syndicates being th-
principal purchasers.
The balance of the Cliff block
which changed hands at $150,000, is
included In these deals, while quit,?
recently the company sold 312 lota In
Coquitlam for $112,000 and madi'
transfers to the amount of $1 "r-.dO'i
In Twin City property b.-itwei n the
tracks and the road to a Vancouver
Another sale representliih' the luTI)
over of $32,000 was tn.; trans'ir ul
the northeast quarter of "option '.:;'. u
Surrey to a Vancou/;r vjudicut
which also bought a poi '. m of p"i
tion 2R group 2. In the p'.cxtinlty rf
Port Mann, for $1000 ,\: iitr*s.
Sixty acres on Newoi ro;nl at $2"'
service on  an acre, and one lot .n Vaunouv*
relative or your
friend, and the affairs of your estate
will be a side issue
with him,
Appoint this Company and the proper
management of the
estate becomes a
part of its most important business, tne
business for which it
was specially organized.
Consult our officers before completing your will.
$9000 make up the bail ��� :e.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor,
sell a llrst class $49.00 suit for $10.011
Because the location of hls business is
out of the high rent district John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (204)
Owing to a freight car leaving thc
tracks near the Royal City hotel Ins;
evening about 5:30 o'clock traffic on
the B. C. K. It. was disorganbed for
a little over half an hour. The car
had fouled the incofing track and
both thc Edraoud.i city cars, and th?
Highland Park cut-off service were
held up until the wrecking crews
righted matters.
Tie sure and see the gymnasium exhibition nt the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow
night.   Tickets 16c. (213)
As a result of the new
the Central l'ark line of thc B.C.K.It
the residents of Sixtli street, city and
Hnrnaby, are now treated to a latei
service. Instead of the last car l-:iv
ing the city at 11:45 p.m. the servtci
, has heen extended to 12:30 whlcl
thus allows city people to leave tht
hustling suburbs et Kast Burnaby and
Kdmonds nearly au hour later than
I usual.
| Some remarkable decisions are he-
I Ing arrived at in the Y. M. C. A. tl��
! bates, the latest being that  tl"- go>
ernment of the United States is pre
ferable to that of Canada.   The reso
luion   debated  was:   "That   the  con |
| stltutional  government cf Canada is
preferable  to that    of    the    l'nited
States."     The   rivalry  was   keen   on
both sides but the negative s'de wn'
out.    The  judges were  Messrs.  Mc
(Jonald. Hooper and Phllllpa.
Basketball game tomorrow night at
i Y. M, 0. A. 7:45, Gymnasium exhibition following, (213)
At the last weekly meeting the
Young  People's Union  of the Olivet I
I Baptist church elected  the  following I
; officers for the year 1913: Hon. pres,. j d      ,
| dent,   Uev.   D.  Q.   MacDonald;   president,   KrneBt    Mills;     vice-president i
Miss L. II. Churchill; secretary. MlssJ
I P. Corbett; treasurer. Mlss A. Scott '
chairman of committees. Mr. R. S i
Brown. Miss O. Archibald, J. Dnvls
.Miss Sinclair, Miss Grc-g�� and Mlsa
-ellie Klllot.
There was a large attendance at the
annual meeting of Loyal Orange
lxidge 1593 laBt night when the wor
shlpful master, Oeorge II. Rennle, conducted the election of officers which
resulted ns follows; Wllllnm Archibald, worshipful master; John Hen-
nlng, deputy master; W. II. Spurrier,
chaplain; D. S. Cameron, recording
secretary; James Korgusoii, financial
secretary; R. A. Stoney. treasurer; W.
P. Johnson, director of ceremonies;
Richard Marshall, first lecturer; Robert Barclay, second lecturer; commit
tee men, Joseph Trewartha, first- c
H. Evans, second: A. E. Howie, third:
Alexander Garrett, fourth: George H.
Rennle, fifth ; Robert Perdue. Ins'de
Tyler; Hugh Robertson, outside tvler;
William Robertson and Richard Now-
al, auditors.
D. W. Cross, past district master
and J. J. Hood, worshipful master of
I.. O. L. No 50, acted aa -scrutineers.
The Installation of the newlv elected
Officers wlll take place on Dec. 18.
Escaped Prisoner* Cauqht.
Vancouver, Dec. 4.���Two of the men
who are supposed to be connected
with the jail delivery at Hastings
Townsite Prison Farm last Sundav afternoon, have been apprehended at
Mount Vernon, Wash., and are being
held pending extradition. Although
the men were only serving sentences
of six months fcr vagrnnrv, they are
liable for longer terms If found guilty
of breaking jail.
Former Chinese President Will Visit
United   States   With   Cabinet.
Los AnReles, Dec. 4.���Dr. Sun Yat
Sen. Chinese progressive leader and
former provisional president of th<>
new renubllc. is coming to Les Angeles with three members of the Chinese cabinet, according to word received here today by the Chines"
chamber of commerce.
The.   Orientals   also   will   visit   San
Rent makes the biggest hole in your month's salary. What have
you to show for the money spent for Rent last year ? Absolutely
nothing. Come to our office and let us show you how your, rent
applies on the price of the house and in a couple of years the
house is yours. In other words your Rent money is yours. Our
houses are right on the city car line and have all modern conveniences. $25 Monthly Buy You a "Home of Your Own." Come to
the office at once and talk it over.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433.       Open Evenings Till 9
Francisco, Washington and New York.
Although their mission Is secret, reports are current here that they seek
capital for the development of 3000
miles of government railroad in the
interior of China.
t-ptuajcnarlan    Caught    at    Former
Games���Chinese Opium Smokers
Jump Bail���Treasury Benefits
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
M tlie roRular monthly meeting of
iho Queen's Avenue Methodist Sun
day Bohool Hoard, it was decided to
hold the annual Christmas free enter
'ainment on Friday, Hee. 27, at 7:31
p, m. It was alao decided to maV.e a
special collection in the, school th"
Sunday preceding Ohr'mtipa.3 rOT the
purpose, of giving Chriatnm cheer to
any poor families who wero not In a
position to provide it for thein
Six month* imprisonment was doled
out hy .vlas Strata Edmonds yesterday
mornlu3 ly John Rogers, 7U years old
.u a c:u<,,e of obtaining goods b>
falsi; pretences,
liogers bought a suit of clothes
from John B. Wright und tendered a
cheque for $,10 made out ln the nami
of John Drown on the Bank of Commerce. The cheque was returned as
"no good" and Rogers' arrest followed. The old man [.leaded for clem
that if allowed to gi
he would make for Nanaimo never to
return, hut his record in this city as
revealed by the police was not of tht
ile Is known both here and in Vancouver, ln the latter city he stayed
at a hotel and would visit real estate
offices where be would ring up the
hotel and hold an imaginary conversa
tlon with himself or leave messages
In this manner he was ahle to m''^
an impression with the real estate
men and would obtain sr^i] amount:
of money as a loan.
T*". f'.'".;; tlhlliup vho were arrested on 'I'uenilay In an opium joint
failed  lo warp  an  appearance ani
their  hall  Of  $10  each   was  orderei!
Three drunks added $lj to thl
We Will Be Glad
to liave you call and look over
our stock, ana whatever your
may  te
we   can
Here will te found   Girts
all, for Ladies and Gentlemen*
young and old, and at prices to
ts   tor
suit a
608 Columbia Street
New Westminster
A discount of 33 1-3 psr cent, wlll be
given on all orders. This discount Is
for ten days only.
Wonders it iome Biy DMl '*�� C-rnint
off Without His Knowledas.
What Is the future of Merrltt, B P.
ahout which even the foremi ;t mov
of the city know nothing? Thia Is th-
(lueatlon     that    Is     pur/llng   Harold
Qrelg, the realty and financial broker, and a number of other prom nent
business men hern.
Grelg" reports that be lias rer Won
Inquiries galore from woll knowl Canadian finane'ers in all parts t" tht
east, and the unusual interest thn>
ar.T showing In property there causes
him to wonder If they do not knov
more about the future of his cUy I'm-
does he. Not that he isn't flrr.ilv con
vineed that Merrltt is only starting oi
Us real Rrowth. Ue is one Of the
mosl enthusiastic champions oT any t!
the many boosters in Western  ll.O.
One of the many OCD iWenOSB Whlflli
U making Mr. Grc*Lr "-under what he
is inissinu is the �����< hv telesraph .1
few days atto of a bMs'ness lot to "���
Montreal financier, and he is trying
yet to fiRi'ro out what the buyer !:;ieiv
to make hlm In r.ueh a hurry.
Port ef Morlreal  Deacrted.
Momreai, in.*:. 4.    ihe bra/head. '���>���
the Head  Line, left her berth at the
| Tarte  Pier  at daylight this   morning
1 and thus left the Port of Montreal de-
', serted  of  vessels,     lt  Ib   noticeuhl-
i that the Brayhead, whieh today closed Montreal's 1911 season of navigation,  was  the last vessel  to sail lust
year, on the Bame date and about the
same hour.
Room 6
Collister Block
If you read THE NEWS
.you get all the news.
Port Moody I iberalo.
The recently formed Libera! Asso
elation of Port Moody met last night
in the court house, Port Moody and
elected delegates to attend the annual meeting of the Dewdney Liberal
Association, to be ! eld shortly at
Mission Cily. The Port Moody association has now a paid membership
of 40. The office hearers are A. Latta,
president; 1>. llalloran, vlee president,
and G. A. Mconsild, secretary.
Discuss Questions   of  Federal   Policy
Relating   to   Atlantic   Coaat.
Amherst, N. S., Dee. 4.���An Important meeting of the Maritime Prem
iers took place here today when matters pertaining to the welfare of the
maritime provinces were discussed.
Aiv.oiik the subjects under consideration were:
"The representation from maritime
provinces In connection with the re
"The road'i and Agriculture grants
from the federal parliament.
"The injustice of the federal gov-
erBmant dealing with the land assets
of the Dominion without giving consideration lo all the original provinces of the Dominion."
Premier Murray and Premier Fleming left for their homes, Premier Matheson remaining to attend the maritime winter fair. Tho provincial government haB appointed K. B. Elder
kin, of Amherst, as a farm delegate,
and lecturer for the Hritish IbIob ln
connection with the department of Industries and Immigration. Mr. Elder-
kin will enter his duties at once.
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
AU kinds of line Talcum Powders here   too���Let
ub Bupply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia  Street
Phone 57
These are all in good locations and  are  good
thty cai 03 bought fcr now.
investments  at  the  prices
1359���FIFTH   STREET     near   Eighth
avenue: 50xl;12 to hum: a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���8EVENTH   AVENUE   near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1276
1397���OS FOOT LOT .corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot tn cood location; Just oft
Columbia street; price $1200 ou
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
eaoh; some arc cleared; stroet ls
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils in
iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware. Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for caah or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street and  Sixth Avenue
Are You Interested
in Gasoline Engines?
If so have a talk with SCHAAKE. He will tell you how to save
money In buying and operating one. He can furnish you with any
horse power required!!, that will run ou "CHEAP FUEL."
A good strong common sen so machine,  absolutely reliable and
fool proof.   Buy a "YALE."  Made In NEW WESTMINSTER.   AdapK
ed for commercial work, such as, Fishing Boats, Tug Boats, Cannery^ I
Tenders and all classes ot Heavy Duty work.   No danger to OPERATOR.   A credit to the OWNER. i
The Schaake Machine Works
"515 'PHONE890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
.r.��� ��� ,   m..,.rrr-.-r.i.
6-Room Cottage
on Twelfth Street
Between 5th and 6th Avenues.   Modern
conveniences.   Lot in bearing Fruit Trees.
$3750 Easy Terms.
62S and 746 Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Weetmlneter, B. C.
1 m ~~
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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