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The Daily News Jan 1, 1912

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between twe rail reads, with Praser
Mills lins running through the pre-
psrty. Terms tor genuine Industrial proposals.
\ A CO.
a 60-8
VOl     ~n ��. NUMBER 261.
DID LOT* ene Mack
car line, en open street,
adjoining the city on    the . west.,
8800; easy terms.   See    -
Lindahl, Norwegian Skater in
New Westminster.
"Wants  to Corns  Back to the   Ice-
Not Too Old at the Age
of Forty.
IThe Westminster Hockey club
coiors bid fair to be car.led to victory this season, not only in the hockey arena, but also in the speed contests to be decided during tbe season  at Vnncouver  rink, cne of tbe
members of the executive of the
Westminster club, Mr. L. B. Lusby,
having brought to light tbe presence
In Westminster of one of the fastest
skaters of tbe age, H. Lindahl, a Nor-
Fifty   Thousand   Dollar   Capita!   All
Subscribed���Port  Hammond   8lto
Purchased for About 815,000.
Local men are interested in a new
lumber company, which has been
formed under the name of the Port
Hammond Lumber Company Ltd.,
with a capita: of $50,008. All the
stock ha* been bought up st par, and
application for the charter has beeu
made to the Provincial secretary.
The company haa purchased the
mill site at Port Hammond for a sum
of approximately $16,000, and it Is intended to put in machinery at once
with a cutting capacity of 60,000 feet
a day.   A shingle mill will also be
Ex-President Puts Views in
Epistolary Form.
Amplifies His Outlook Editorial,  Dissociating  Himself  From  Peace
New York, Dec. 31.���Why Theodore Roosevelt did not att.nd ti.e
banquet of the Citizens' Peace Committee, with President Taft as guest
of honor, was made public in detail
in correspondence between Mr. Roo-
Three   Well   Known  Labor
Leaders Arrested.
erected, and the company will  pur- < ��*ve,t  aad  Millard  J.  Bloomer,  ex
chase its own tug and scows. Tho
work Is to be pushed' ahead as rapidly
as possible, and the management expect  to  begin  cutting In  the latter
wegian, who, unknown to most people,  pan 0f February.    Besides the mill,
lives ln New Westminster today. Mr.
Lindaiil is a skater that has beaten
tne amateur and professional champions of the world. The great Norwegian, Harold Hagen, met tbe only
deteat in his career at tbe feet if his
Lindahl is a native of the little
town of GJovik In Norway, but in 1S9)
he left hls country for England, Anally coming to Canada two years ago.
He ls 41 years of age, but he does not
think he ls too old to "come back."
"I was skating Just before I left England, and I think I could Ao now us
well as ever I did, but 1 would want
more training now. I could still go
about 20 miles an hour, and the man j
who can do that will not be very
much behind." Tbe skater smiled
ss he said this, but there waa flo note !
of swagger ln his voice. He ls very .
anxious to go over and try the new '
nuh in Vancouver. j
"Would you like to get back to the
lee?"  the Daily  News representative j
asked him.
' *es, I guess I would. I'm getting
, okl. and I would want three weeks to
train now, but I used to be able to
race almost untrained. My flrst race
iu Lngland I won without having put
on skates for three years."
"how was tbat?"
"Well, wben 1 left Norway I
thought 1 had finished i-acluc But
thr*.****��� t***v'�� M-*"*mWhmsm-_*- -
meat of tb* M�� tec���� at Uttfaport,
Ely, which are open to the world. I
entered and won. That was when 1
beat James Smart, the English champion, for tbe first time. Twice after
that I won the race at Uttleport, but
1 co.ild not race for the English championship, as I had not got my papers
the company has bought timber limits near Pitt Lake, wbich carry over
forty million feet of timber, so tbat
a good supply of lumber Is ensured
for some time to come.
The management of the mill has
bees put in the hands of Mr. G. H.
Boulton, the well-known lumberman
of New Westminster. The other men
interested ln the company are Messrs.
J.  H.    McLean,    lumberman of Port
ecutlve secretary of the committee.
Tbere are several letters from the
former president in the correspondence, the principal one of which wns
written December 6, and is In line
with Mr. Roosevelt's editorial in the
current number of The Outlook.
"I cannot permit the use of my
name for that citizens' peace banquet," the letter reads, "simply because I don't know what that banquet
ls for. If it is meant to overawe the
senate and force that  body against
Released on Ball���Make no Statement
for Publication���Six Others
Los Angeles, Dec. 31.���Three labor
leaders of national prominence were
Indicted and arrested here in
tbe government's first roundup oi
men alleged to be connected witn the
national dynamiting conspiracy,
which federal grand Juries began investigating here, and ln Indianapolis
directly alter tne McNamara bi otners
made their confessions on December 1.
The men taken into custody were
Olaf Tveitmos, secretary-treasurer of
the Ca.lfoinla btate Building Trades
council and head of the Asiatic Exclusion league; Anton Johannsen, organizer for the State Building trades,
and J. E. Munsey, head of the Salt
Lake City local union of the International Association of Bridge anl
Structural   Iron Workers,   of   whlcn
its  conscience  to  support   the   unamended   treaties,   which   tbe   senate organization John J. McNamara, now
committee  on  foreign  relations  has serving 15 years    In    San    Quentin
Moody; G. W. N. Boulton of New Kh��Zn ��? "n*n��*r��rable argument to prison, was secretary-treasurer at
Westminster, secretaty of the Peo- , m, * 5ithe bmor and Interest the time of his confession. They are
pie's trust, James K. Burden, capital- , , An,*ric��>�� people, then I am charged with having conspired to
1st. E. Hadingham, of Gloucester, Eng.      ..J? BymPatl>y with you. transport nitroglycerine    and    other
land, banker;  E. Gwynne-Evans  can-' Instance,  if  you  propose  to explosives from one state to another
itallst of the same city, and Adam 8. ?U?P? 1 ,* arbltration treaties, then in violation of the interstate com-
Jtrtmeton, bsrrister, of New Westmin-      think  that   you   are   not   merely  merce laws.   All three men are very
wrong, but that you are engaged in  reticent,
what is essentially an unworthy and, E. A. Clancy, formerly business
nowever unconsciously, a hypocrltl- agent of the Structural Iron Workers'
cal move against the interest of peace union in San Francisco, was charged
fi1 n^TS0 honor and Interest of with the same offence ln the same in
the United States and civilization.       dlctment, but has not yet been taken
ir you intend to support these into custody,
treaties however, with the amend- In addition to these four, five
ments introduced by Senators Root other men were nimed in the inllct-
u>dge, then you are right, because ment���Ortie McManigal, confessed
you are supporting what Is not a very accomplice of the McNamaras and
important, but still a sincere effort to chief agent of the federal grand Jury
make things a little better." Iin   gathering evidence, the two   Mc-
Mr. Roosevelt then reiterated what' Namara   brothers  and   David
lie said in his editorial, that "hyj
risy   never    "   --- ���    --���--'
Cars, Derailed
Were  Hurled
on    Great    Northern,I
Down  Enbankment
Bishop    of    New    Westminster    Addresses Men's Meeting at the
Y. M. C. A.
The Bishop of New Westminster
was the speaker at the men's meet-
ling in the Y. M. C. A. yesterday
afternoon, and delivered a powerful I
address upon "Man" as the greatest
wonder in an age of marvellous creative development. The bishop prefaced his remarks by reading the fine
chapter in lhe Bible, laying stress
upon God's, creation of msn "in His
own image," and from the closing
chapters of Revelation showihg the
plac�� God intended man to occupy.
Pointing out that the created man
was the most wonderful, complete
anl intricate of all created things
thf speaker urged his hearers to Uke
the care of so wonderful a machine
that they would of any other great
and valuable Instrument or mechanism, and see that it was kept so
as to fulfill tbe gieat purpose for
which it was ordained.
Today the Y. M. *C. A. mill keep
"open house," all interested in the
institution or ln the young men of
the ctty being Invited to inspect the
building, in the evening a varied
gymnastic and aquatic program wlll
be put on and refreshments served.
Speech at Banquet ia New
Y. M. C. A. MADE
Rebukes Rscsnt Criticisms,
dares  Russian Trsaty
of Arbltratlsn.
Toronto  Meeting  Re-Arranges  Entire
System, Making the Basis National.
Toronto, Dec. 31.���The whole
couise of Y. II. C. A. life In Canada
will be gravely affected by a meet-
lng held
New York, Dec. dl.���Preceded
dissensions which seemed tor n
to threaten to climax anything
pacific, the Peace ban juet laat night
proved ln realization everything thnt
Its name implied, In its. attendant
President Taft, the guest of honor..
and speaker of tbe evening, while arguing for the pending arbitration
treaties between the United State*
and Great Britain and France, went
further tonight than heretofore *it\*
replied specifically to critlcsms recently made against the principles
embodied in these treaties.
He also answered the charge of Inconsistency lodged against advocate*
of arbritratlon treaties who did not
favor arbitration in tbe difficulty between the United States snd Russia..
"Those of us who are In favor ot
these treaties have been criticised an
inconsistent because we did not invoke arbitration in the recent difference with Russia," said Mr. TalC
"1 am not entirely willing to speak aa
frankly as I might of that, because
my tongue is tied ln a slight way by
what we hope for in future negotiations. All that I can say is tnat IT
you will read the great argumell ot
Mr. Ellhu Root on the question of
why the treaty should be terminated and why arbitration would not do.
I would be content to stand on his exhibit and explanation cf that.
"The truth ls that the treaty itself
contains contractual obligations upon the United States to recognize Umb
doctrine of non-ex j
and Caught Fire.
.,.������    a*;*"-"*, -tit'
a, of the Great Northern railroad, the
"Oregonian," was wrecked four miles	
west of Finley  on  8aturday  with a j 0f America to abrogate the Russian
sMbjectf   whlc'j    Mi J    Tvietmoe,   Johannsen   snd   Munsev
koosevelt said he believed should not! obtained   ball   in   the   sum  of  |6000
be  arbitrated  were the  Monroe doctrine,  state bond question,  the right
loss of six known dead and 13 injured
The wreck was due to a broken rail,
The train left St. Paul nt 9:25
o'clock In the morning, bound -for
Seattle.    On the train, ln his private
treaty of 1832 and the question of allowing unlimited Asiatic immigration
to the United States.
Asked  about  his   Norwegian   per- ��&   waa jag j.  m. Gruher, general
fo: manee. Lindahl went on to give an I manager of the Great Northern rall-
acco.mt of his wonderful skating ca-  way, who escaped  unhurt.    His "caf
reer.    Although  he never raced  for  W���^t ^g the track, but remained up-
thu titles of amateur or professional; jigja.
chamj lon of tbe world, he has beaten
thu holders of both ln straight races,
in���let me see���1880-81," he related, 'I won the amateur championship
of Norway.    That was Just before I
meant to go to England.   Now Ham-
mar, wheie Adolf Norseng, who was
then ��mateur champion of the world,'
comes from. Is a little town not far
trom my own town, aad people began
to say we ought to have a race to settle .who waa the best.   You see, my
people said I was. nnd the Hammar
people said Norseng was.   Wetf, they
got together all the best skaters ln
Norway and made a big race tor us,
snd gave a gold medal.   It wns five
miles, and I did It in 16 minutes 18
seconds, and Norseng wns second In
16 minutes 30 seconds.     The- Une
wss not very fast, as it Was a terr��bi>
cold dey.   Many of the skaters had ts
drop ojt; their feet got froze*,"
"And what about Harold Hagon?"
"He was professional champion of
Uo world at that time.     Attar the
race be tackled me, Just about a week
befoie I went to England, sad asked
me to race blm.     He said that ths
skating club at Christiana would put
up a nice purse for   us.   So   I aald
yss.   I had 8<>t time to challenge blm
lor the title or to train properly, but
we raced at Christiana   on an oval
track.   Tbo course was 5000 metres,
and I won In n fraction over nine
minutes.     Hagen *����� a*��� ******
gbefore or since.   Ho retired champion of tbe world."
lt was after this that Lindahl aeo*
��d his English successes, bnt tha laat
race he ran waa In London, the winter before last, whsn be came la eeo-
ood having fallen when leading in the
last lap.
According .to the officials of the
Great Northern, the dining car, the
tourist car, and the flrst snd second
day coaches turned over. The dining
.car, tourist car yid fllst cla88 da-v
coach rolled down a 20 foot embankment. The tourist and dining cars
caught flre and were burned. Efforts
were made to put out the flames wltn
Am extinguishers, snow and wet
blanhats, but without avail. Several
St sha bodies were burned.
Tha aleeper left the track, but
*mrm*A upright The fatalities were all
in tha dining ccar. Physicians were
rated *mm Sharon and Finley, and
tSm hijiaart were hurried to this piace
aad to finley. Wrecking crews were
ordenefl fram Devil's Lake and Breck-
enridge.   v      	
You see, In England they race up
aad down with a barrel at each enl
to turn round instead of on an oval
track. 8o you have to slow up to
make tbe sharp turn. I tried to go
too tost, and I could not make it, and
fell through the ropes among the
spectators. I got np and nearly
caught the other man. who had passed aa, before tbe ond."
LindaW (toes aot know lf ths Vancouver rink will be big enough ts
race on. but he moans to go over and
see. At twenty miles an hour a man
needs a big sweep to keep up his
speed st the corners, ,. rt,...��..
Ho hns not raced at all ln Canada
yet, but he wss on Burnsby lake lan
year, and he thinks that with training
he could be as rrood as ever. "I expect they are pretty goo^ skaters out
here," he nfldod smilingly; but he
does not seem to be afraid that he
could not make a good show against,
the very best, although he is tao Btoi
Seattle  flirt af eighteen,  Standing
With Mar Mother at Street Cor-
,/aer. Fatally Shot
Seattle. JWt IJ.���A throng of Now
Year's merrymakers at Fourth avenue and Pike street, the night center ot Seattle^ warn horrified witnesses to the shooting of Gladys Ta*
che, 18 years eld, hy an unwelcome
suitor, C. H. Hufford, a salesman. The
I girl anjjl her mother were standing
New Westminster  Is third City
British Columbia���33 Per Cent
An increase of about 33 per cent
In the number ef telephones employed
in this ctty teday aa compared with
a year age shows that New Westminster ta keeping her place among the
cities of tte coast. There are now
roughly 1360 phones being operated
hero as against 1064 a year ago, and
842 on Jaanary 1, 1910. It will thus
be seen that the rate of Increase from
1910 te 1811 wan only 25 per cent,
so thnt even the ratio of growth has
made' an advance in the last year.
With 1360 phones New Westminster
stands third among the cities ot British Columhla aad Victoria being the
two that stand before bere. The
former of theee has 10,918 phones,
and the second 5026.
each late this afternoon, after having
1 been held prisoners In the United
States marshal'8 office for five hours.
Lecompte Davis, one of the McNamara defence attorneys; Mrs. Job
Harriman. wife of another of the attorneys who represented the McNe-
raaras, and John Murray, who forme--
ly edited a labor nnlon publication
here, and who now is a farmer neur
Los Angeles, acted as bondsmen.
Toronto's Building Permits.
Toronto, Dec. 31.���Twenty-four and
a quarter    million   dollars   are    the
total   of   Toronto's   building   permits
in 1911.
rather than
... r ished for becoming naturalized^
M. C. A., making the  citizens,
-national    in  character j    -Now  that  wa,  contained  In  the
International,  but  wlth-lface of tbe treaty.   It was in accord-
Band* Covers Carfdsr and ley With
Revolver, Flrae and Kills  Prin-
on the corner wben Hufford, pistol in
hand, came from behind a street ear
and fired four shots Into the body of
MIm Tasdhe, Inflicting wounds that
caused her death three hours later.
The corner la brilliantly lighted, always being crowded at sight, and wu
especially so last night, with people
singing and blowing horns to bid flue-
well to tbe old year, it Is aupposod
that Hufford had been following Mlss
Tasche.and that be chose Um crowded coiner in the expectation that he
could lose himself In tbe crowds and
Mcape. I* this calculation he wss
partly correct, for no one on tbe sidewalk tried' to stop him as he ran
north on Westlako avenue. . Row-
ever,- a motor-cyclo policeman riding
along Pike street saw all tho shoot-
Insr, nnroued Hjrlford and knocked
him Into tlie g��f tier with hls stubbed pi��'"i Hufford had annoyed
Miss Tasche with his attentions and
he had been told that aheSrlshed to
Centralis, Dec. SL-The banners
��Y Merchants' hsnk af this city, was
held up tonight at 7:�� by ***?,**���
ber. and L. Barf, the president of the
bsnk, wm killed.
The robber entered the bsttk and
covered with his revolver the cashier
snd a boy, who were ln tbe hank at
tho time. ,.    .
Mr. Bait entered the corridor rrom
bis office to om ilde, and the robber
opened, lire, killing Mr. B��rr on the
*%ie shooting attracted the attention of the police, who captared tha
Is Recovering*
Colombo,  Ceylon,  Dec.
Record   Police   Activity���New   Weet-
minster Muet Beer ths Ponslty of
Increased Proeperlty.
it will be a record year for police
activity according to all accounts.
Over 1000 cases have been tried ln
tbe police court, and New Westminster's growth has unfortunately to be
traced to the statistics of crime m
well as thoM of prosperity. The ex-
act figures for the year, however, are
net avaflkble for the present, but the
following, are tor the month of December.
Although 121 cum were tlrel. and
13 ef the prisoners were sent to Jail.
The total Includes 36 vagrants, and
44 drunks, with eight drunk and disorderlies snd tour disorderlies. There
���ere three cssm of asuult and fourteen of. breechM of the Lord's Day
Aet   The remalader were m follows
Theft  "    *
Attempt to coaMslt   an   Indecent
act       ��� ������  \
Breach of explosive bylaw   2
Breach of building bylaw   >
Obtaining money under false pre-
tences    *
Obstructing peace etlcers 	
Resisting arnst	
Attempted  theft	
Theft by conversion   	
Using thruteniag laaguage  .....
without sacrificing any of the fraternal
spirit cr'benefits which come from
close affiliation with the United
States and all  world-wide bodies.
It Is planned to make a Canadian
point the Y. M. C. A. headquarters,
with an executive and organization
composed of Canadians and all operations of a self-go .ernins Institution carried on within the Canadian
boiders. The relation Is being arranged without prejudice to United
States connection, under which the
association has come to its present
high state In tbe Dominion. Nevertheless New York control of its affairs will be discontinued, and local
autonomy observed ln future.
At the meeting were present the
world leaders snd Dominion leaders
of the movement, and by them tt wm
agreed that a national committee
should be created, not only national
ln the sense of a governing body,
but related closely with the workings
of the assoclstion in all narts of the
Canadian  Highway  Association   Having Agrsed to Postponement
Suggests Another Date.
At -the request of the provincial
minister of public works, Hon.
Thonws Taylor, tbe meeting between
ance with the doctrine that prevailed,
in the United States and that prevailed in Russia in 1832.
"The doctrine, has been departed
from by statute in the United State*
but it remained in the treaty, and w��
cannot, so far as a foreign country U*.
concerned, in contractual dealings-
with her repeal a treaty by satuie.
"Hence it was stated ln the notice*-
of the termination of the tieaty, made
in accordance with tue terms of the
treaty, that the treaty wm S3 old that; -
it was not responsi te to the view of
the two nat:ons.
"Now, why should we arbitrate x ���
treaty of that sort, in which we were -
met, flrst and foremost, by the pro-,
position that, twenty or thirty or fan-
ty years ago, we repudiated It m im-.
ternational matter?
"I My that the Inconsistency ttmS. m. i
supposed to exist ln our failure to fte>- -
voke arbitration there does not exist, -.
snd I recommend to those who think
it doM a close perusal of Mr. Hoott* ���
argument and of the treaty ltselL"
Answering     other    criticisms    ot '
peace treaties, the President continued:     "There  are  certain  question*-
that lt is said we would bave to arbitrate under this treaty.    Ws would
have  to arbitrate the  Monroo Doctrine.   I   say   lt Is not a JustlflaMr
question under the treaty.   Professor
BMMtt  Moore, who  Is perhaps the
gieatest   International   authority we
have in this country, Mys the vet��-
same thing.    Sir Edward Grey say.*-
so on the floor of Parliament, so I
think we are rather safe on that ques-
tlon.   Then the question whether ww
should arbitrate the right of anybody to come Into this country without our wishes.     Of coutm. tt  we-
make a treaty letting a mnn la, why..
we are responsible to the treaty.
the   provincial   executive   and   the. if we do not, the question b of aa-
officers of the Canadian Highway m
sociation, which hid been Mt for
Tueaday afternoon, bu bMn postponed until the second week In January. Tbe conference will, proof bly
take place January 8 or 10.
Tbe minister telegraphed to the
president of the Canadian Highway
i, W. J. Kerr, on Saturday
afternoon Mktng whether it would be
suitable to the good roads enthusiasts
te postpone the mMtlng, m he wm
compelled to leave tor the interior
on Tuesday..
If the meeting esa be arranged for
Monday, Jaauary  8,  Mr.  Kerr will
tional pollcy   and not   International
pollcy and cannot be arbitrated.
"It Is a question of liberty to the
nation that owns the ground and territory.   That'll all."
The possibility ot some tribunal being established that would take ap
such a question, siao was touched hy
the President
- "Want we have got to come to la
this,", he said finally, "to recogab*
either that we want arbitration gat *
peaceful settlement ot disputes ar
that we don't And we have got i��
mean bnsineM ���*��*<'*��� go bito arbitration. Thlg playing of 'HeSds I
win aad tails you lose,' wtft wOre so*
take bis automohlle to Victoria and  progreM ln a Christian drill*!**, ft
est to i��y��o is ss many #ord��.        'h*\* nothing to do with pin:
31. ��� Dr
Charles Eliot, piesident emeritus ot
Harvard university, !��� prenounoed
'out of danger by his ph��siolani. Dr.
Klttt wa* operated en for appendl-
kcltls at Ksndy three week* ago.
Vancouver, Dec 3L���A span ot
horses and a cutter proved too attractive for two white awn last night.
The equipage which had heen hired
from the Palaoe liver* stables by Mr.
H. Carry wm standing outside a cafe
on Pender street, while Mr. Carry aad
two ladies Wer* Inside, when a
Chinese boy notified Mr. Curry that
two (hen had entered the sleigh and
driven oflf. The pollce *er�� notified
and Detective Campbell later on
found the hones sad cutter op. P*fr I sad
dof 8tNSt
spend a few days looking over the
island road* to compaay with A. K.
Todd, of Victoria.
Is not possible we should win to **mr
SS. Henley forced to Return.
Seattle,   Dec.   31. ��� The Etftlsb
steamer Henley, ot the Blue runnel
line, which left Tacoma tor. the Oifeaft
December 14 with a large esiyo, most
ot tt cotton, put Into Putah harbor,
Alaska, yesteiday, short at eo*l aad
damaged by storm. It te hettevnd Jhat
the injury to tha beat, is unimportant
QUA she will coal, repair, and
The President declared that tf ��wr
anything should be submitted to arbitration It wm a qwetloa of :eraoart.
imi      i    ri'*���>*11 ''.'���"���
Dee,  ;It.!-
took a tea eC 3W .Hts*'
daring 1811, twice as
other   contagious    dti
wero 128 deaths -��>��    .
SO from   typhbld.   BWhs   t
1000 ��var 1810.- while thf Uereaaae l
deaths wm 719.
m   '\M- ' PAGE TWO
MONDAY,  JANUARY   1,  1811
drive baker's wagon. Apply Eighth
Street Bakery.	
baker's apprentice. Apply Eighth
Street Bakery.
class salesmen; also one stocK
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., _C Columbia,
New Westminster.
WANTED���HOUSEWOHK     IN     Exchange or part exchange for board
and room by young lady.    Address
Box 10, News office.
Apply Lees Ltd.
house, furnished, close ln. Reply
It 4. Dally News office.
house, unfurnished, close ln. Reply
R 4, Dally News office.
vant   Apply 712 Twelfth street.
Slw�� TiMit Mots Ipwsli TiMeb"
Mrs. J. Merkhnger, Waterloo, Ont.,
enthusiastically recommends Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets. Her experience with
them, as she outlines it, explains why.
"I  was   greatly   troubled   with my
stomach", she writes.    "I had taken so
much medicine that I might say to take
any  more   would  only be making it
worse.   My stomach just felt raw.   I
read of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
snd a lady friend told me they were
very easy to take, so I thought I would
give them a trial and really tliey worked
wonders.      Anyone  having  anything
wrong with his  stomach  should  give
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets a trial,
they will Jo the rest.   My stomach is
fine now and I can eat any food."
One of the many good features of
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets is that
tliey are so pleasant and easy to Uke.
The relief they give from heartburn,
flatulence, biliousness and dyspepsia is
prompt and permanent. Try one after
each meal���they'll make you feel like
a new person.
50c. a box at your druggist's compounded by the National Drag and
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. 143
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant, uvai. ��������� _��� _    __
ln the city and will deliver either  thro,, by the mirk~'twsls." Tableaut
pasteurised milk or aream toaay J Cl*meM smites his brow snd solilc
Ssmusl L. Clemens Quoted as Saying
Hs Inherited ths Nsme.
The familiar story of the origin of
Samuel L. Clemens' nse of tbe name
Majk Twain ls now declared to ba
Incorrect It pictures Clemens, Mississippi river pilot listening to the men
heaving the lead at the bow of a river
boat and singing ont. "By the mark,
Reminiscences of Juatice Grantham
and Lord George Sanger.
London, Dec. 31.���Justice Sir William Grantham ot the King's Bencn
Division, who has just di. d In London, was a good deal of a character.
He was noted for what was regarded
as too great freedom of speech ln his
judicial opinions���hls "blazing Indiscretions" these comments have been
called, and he was inclined to be
truculent and hadl frequent /llffer-
ences with people, but withal he was
a genial kindly man witfi his friends
and neighbors and did not hestitate
to tell a joke at his own expense.
One of his stories was that his appointment to the bench was due to a
misunderstood    remark.      A    distinguished Jurist with whom Sir William
was on close terms of friendship in
the  latter's  younger  days  said  onco
that  whatever  Sir  William, knew  of
the law he was a good judge of horseflesh.    This remark came to the ear*
of the Lord Chancellor, who  understood   It to mean   that   Sir   William
would  make   a good   Judge,  not of
horseflesh, but of the law.   That misunderstanding, according to the story
attributed to the late Justice, brought
him a high regard in the Lor! Chancellor's estimation and caused his appointment to tbe bench.
Another story about Sir William
was that after protesting vainly to a
man who was smoking ln a non-smoking   railway   carriage, he   sought   to
hears of them atacking men ln lonely
camps In the manner of wolves
The dingo never barks, but hla
weird howl is a familiar sound ln the
bush nights and is blood-curdling In
the extreme and trying to the nerves
of the new chum camped alone in the
bush for tbe first time. Owing to his
cunning ani swiftness in changing
quarters the dingo holds his own in
central Australia, and is likely to do
so for many a day to come, even
though the price upon his head���already a generous one^-should be
doubled or trebled.
To the Ratferayers and Householders
of New Westminster City:
Ladies and Gentlemen,���As already
announced through the press I have
resolved to accede to the request of
many ratepayers and citizens ot New
Westminster, an.l accept nomination
for tue position of mayor for the
year 1912.
Having served your interests as
alderman for two years, having beer
re-elected for tho second year by tno
largest vote polled at the municipal
elections of that year, my record ln
that capacity is before you. I would
cheerfully have placed my services
at your disposal again as alderman,
but that I have been so strongly urg-
_ ed to stand for the mayoralty ln op
ing   railway   ��""�������. *���*>  ":��-'   ~  position   to   the present   incumbent,
impress toe offender by handing hlm   g
his card with a threat to have the  f f        thlrd
man arrested at the next sta ion. But      M Lee practically
the man left the compartment quickly   Btood\houl(Jer  to  ihou,|eJ' on    ^
when the   rain  stopped and took a , maln l88Ueg before th , u
seat in another compartment.  Justice  , municipal elections, some
Grantham sent the guard to get the ,      lanation may b�� expected from m,
 ._    _���m���    onH     ..ulllwaa    SO    that    he . a.       I   a. . .     ,    .
as to why I have consented to oppose
his re-election.    I shall give my rea-
"|ts Delicious Drawing Qualities"
Are manifested ie nriStos. of Teapets dally
���LACK. MIXEB or 6HEEW-8eetod PmcktsU Only
MCE %******* Stalled ����� Enquiry 5 Address i "SALASA," Tereats
r    -StP^7
3500   Tons���7000   Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
part ot the city or district. Milk,
* quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
feoro. Lulu Island.
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
60x150, on Fourth avenue and Cumberland road, Burnaby; cleared and
in fruit. At low price for quick
sale $750. Cash $175, balance
monthly. Sherriff, Rose & Co., 618
Columbia street.   Telephone 832.
FOR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$800 dollars under value. Apply
626 Columbia Stieet.
qulies, "Tbere ls my nom de plume."
It ts true tbat the name originated
with the picturesque cry of tbe man
with the lead, but a man otber than
Mr. Clemens flrst discovered tbe plc-
tnresqueness. That man was Captain
Isaiah Sellers, wbo furnished river
news for the New Orleans Picayune.
To Professor William Lyon Phelps of
Tale Mr. Clemens confessed tbat lt
was from Sellers hs get the name.
Professor Phelps' story is quoted tn
Professor Henderson's "Mark Twain.*
According to this book, Mr. Clemens
said to Professor Phelps: "Captain Sellers used to sign his articles ln the
Picayune 'Mark Twain.' He died In
1863. I liked the name���and stole lt
I think I have done him ao wrong, for
I seem to have made this name somewhat generally known."
Professor Henderson records a number of Interesting incidents connected
with the use of this name. Fer awhile,
when he was a miner la Nevada,
Mr. Clemens sent te tke Virginia City
FOR  SALE���OWNER MljST    MAVfcA   'wm irw���� VT����,   i.. n. \���
���  '" ������" *������� ������� "����' T>nr* I on that naner and reported the legisla- iTyi
sons briefly, reaffirming at the same
time my own policy to wliich I lmve
adhered, while Mayor Lee has not.
One of the strongest points that
Mayor Lee made against Former
Mayor Keary, and In which I supported him.  was  the  czarcratic  anJ
man's name and address so that he
could be prosecuted. When the guard
returned he said:
"I wouldn't have him arrested, sir.
I saked his name and he gave me this
card. Vou see, he is Mr. Justice
Grantham, sir.'
George Sanger, the old circus man,
once   associated   wtth   Barnum,   who
was murdered at his country place I Jg^T ch"amber methods charged
near London, regarded a sliver cigar i agalnst Mayor Keary's mutlclpnl ad-
box containing tne inscription: "Mr.Wtaistratiott. Mayor Lee has giaa
Qeorge Sanger trom V. R., Windsor ual|y centrallzed within himself an
Castle   July lith, 1SJJ. I autocratic,   as    opposed   to  a  demo-
Lord George, as he was called. I cratic civlc government which makes
was fond of telling how he came to the late myor-a ���*. erEOi.allv conduct
receive this mark of Queen Victorias ed,. machino a very ml|d institution
appreciation. I was seven and a ' lnd���ed j am opiJOSed altogether to
half minutes in her majesty s b*love11 tnta tryannous and dangerous method
presence, he used to say. Sir Ar-1 of conductlng municipal business.
tour Bigge presented him to tho i Another outstanding feature ol
Queen one day in July,.1899, n the | Mavor Lee'B pollcv ln wlltch , ��tooJ
grounds of Windsor Castle while she �� wlth hlm a year and two year8 ag0i
was in her carriage. Here Is the story | wag hl8 profeB8ed determination to
as told by Mr. banger to a friend a j 8afegllard the citv's interests in IU
few years ago: relations  to the  B.  C.  Electric  Rail-
So,    said  the queen,   n  her deep particularly  with regard  to the
kind tones-So you are Mr. Sanger:   proposed Coquitlam dam. as affecting
VICTORIA and Return $2.70
Leave  Vancouver at 12 midnight, Dec. 30th.
Reurnlng steamer  will  be held at Victoria until 5 p. m., Jan. lst,
to  accommodate  holiday  travel.
and Queen Charlotte Islands, steamer wlll leave Vancouver at 2 a.
m., Doc. 26th and Jan. 2nd.
Steamer from north, Dec. :;0th.Nwlll arrive at Vancouver at 11.30
a. ni. instead of 0.30 p. ru.
Freight will  be received at Johnson's wharf New   Year's Days
from 9 to 11:.10 a. m.
II. G. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITV OFFICES: 527 Granville Street.
money, will sell five acres near Port
Mann for only $185 aji acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 810 Columbia
street, Sapperton.
$1 down and $1 a week; no Interest: four styles: old stoves taken in *     ��� 	
exchange. Canada Malleable Range ! reporter In the legislature and wished
on that paper ani reported the leglsia
ture he signed his reports "Mark
Twain." When questioned as to bis
nse of this nsme Mr. Clemens declared: "I chose my pseudonym because tb
most persons lt bsd no meaning and
also because It was short.    1 was a
Co.    Phone 991. Market Square.
man; $5 per month. 224 Seventh
keeping suite.    224  Seventh street.
A Court of Revision of the voters'
list will be held in the Municipal Hall,
Kdmonds. -B.  C. on Tuesday. Jan.  2,
'1912, at 10 o'clock ln tbe forenoon.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20, 1911.
The O. E. S., Royal City Chapter,
No. 7. will after this meet in the K.
of P. Hall, "corner of Eighth and Agnes streets, on the second and Fourth
Monday of each month at 8 p.m.
By order of
Worthy Matron.
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL       ��14,400,000.00
PRESERVE    -.2,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada md
Newfoundland, sna ln London, Eng
land, Nsw Tork, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A.. and Mexico City. A general
banking business trsnsseted. Let
ters of Credit Issusd. available with
correspondents In sli parts of the
Barings Bank D*psrtmem���Deposits
received ln sums nf 11 and upward,
rend Interest allowel st S per cent, per
annum  (present ruts).
Total  Assets over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
to save tbe legislature time. It was
much shorter to ssy ln their debates
"Mark Twain" than to ssy "The unprincipled snd lying parliamentary reporter of the Territorial Enterprise!' "
Mr. Clemens rnsde tbe same known
on the Pactflc coast, but tbe world at
large did net hear lt fer years after
the "Jumping Frog," reprinted in hundreds of exchanges without credit, bad
jumped Inte such notoriety as is rarely
accorded well msnnered fregs. In fact.
Its first nse ln any eastern magazine
was a fiasco.
Mr. Clemens made a great scoop on
the Hornet disaster when be was writing up ths Hawaiian Islands ln 1866,
says Professor Henderson. Hls account of the disaster Mark sent to
Harper's Magssise. where It appeared
ln December. IMA. Bnt, alas. It was
not as "Mark Twain," net as a drawling, lovable river ��!let sen of person
thst the world beheld the new anther,
for he bad qot written his pseudonym
plainly on his copy, and yurper's
cheerfully Introduced him to fame as
"Mike Swsln." t
Dear me, you stem very young,' she
went on quizzically, as I stood, hat in
hand, at the wheel of her shining carriage.
Ves. your Majesty,' says I, 'but it
days    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
" 'Dear me, dear me, ho* interest
ing.' said the Queen.
"Then we talked and talked, and
at the end of it all, when the seven
and a half minutes had expired, her
Majesty called across to Sir Arthur j to give the cltv
Bigge: 'Arthur, remember that Mr.
Sanger must have a little present before he goes.'
"So I followed Sir Arthur into a
wonderful room. Ho pulled out a
drawer and produced a cheque book
snd started to write. My heart throbbed.   1 stayed his band.
" 'I  would  rather eat a crust  and
smile  '  said  I,   with  a  shake  of
the head.    Sir  Aruthur laughed and
closed the book with a snap.
"I beg your pardon, Lord George,"
said he.
A few days later "Lord" George received the cigar box.
the city's future water supi ly. 1
am not satisfied with the way Mavor
Lee has discharged that trust, and
particularly  criticize  his carrying  on
Net Purely Curiosity.
Among the passeagern In one of the
cars ef a train running between
Sprlnglield and Boston was a nervous
little old man wbe evinced a keen In-
terest in n sinister looking person who
took n seat beside him.
"How do you do!" said the nervous
littlo old man to tbs sinister looking
person. "Now, what might your name
be? Do you live In Boston or beyend?"
"Wbnt business Is It of yours where
I live or wbo I am?" flrowled the
"Strictly speaking, It nln't none of
my business," admitted the old gentle
mm mildly, "but It's Jest like this:
I've got a cousin ln this part of the
state tbat I've sever seen, and I've always thought I might eome upon him
some time Jest by asking folk their
name and so on."���Harper's. I
The Hears lass. '
Instead of bttng obsolete and simply an interesting relic ths hourglass
In various forms ls s twentieth century necessity. Per sneh purposes ss
timing, hardening asd tempering beats
In twist drill manufacture. Where seconds er minutes mnst be gauged accurately, nothing serves Uke the hourglass with tbe right amount of sand.
Accuracy to fractions of a second can
be obtained much mors easily by nn
hourglass than by watching the hands
of s watch.���London Graphic.
^^^^^_. payers   to    pronounce
by plebiscite nn the question as to
whether they will approve of pushing through the courts Tor confirmation the city's claim and title to the
iands around Coquitlam lake, so as
control of thc dum
building operations.
j I also take issue with Mayor Leo
in the conduct of the public works
and city engineer's department. 1
stand for re-organization of the city
engineer's office.
I Tbe sale of city bonds, instead ol
| being handled exclusively hy tho
i mayor, as was done In the year 1011,
. should, I maintain, be made by the
mayor and finance committee, subject to ratification by the council.
I will support the insertion of a
fair wage clause ln all municipal
With regard to the administration
of the police department, I stand for
the enforcement of the law agalnat
all evil doers snd Institutions, whi-h
I claim has not been done.
Early   this   yesr,   the   ratepayers
The Dingos  Hunt in Packs and War
on   Sheep. .    ^m,,,    .���.���   ,~���,    �����    ._.-,,..,....
The dingo is to Australia what the voted $15,000 to secure a romprehen
wolf Is to Eastern Kurope and the ��lvre scheme and plan of dockage and
coyote to America. Hunting in packs | harbor Improvements on the Frase:-
or alone, he ls a constant, menace to river in connection with this city, to
Australia's chief industry, the breed- ������hle New Westminster to take Its
Ing of sheep. rightful  place    as  the   great    fresh
Many are the schemes evolved for I water port of the Paciflc in the vant
��� IN ���
the wild dog's destruction, but his
capture or death Is a comparatively
rare occurrence when set against his
constant depredations. There are
dog trappers who spend their whole
lives ln trying to catch dingos, men
who bave studied every aspect of
their work and who spare no pains
and avoid no hardships in constant
warfare with tho wile and cunning of
the sheep slayer.
Though the dingo is met With from
time to time In almost every part Of
the Australian hush, his principal
habitat is the rou��h range country In
the centre and north of Ne* Soutn
Wales, and the deep, dark Bcruus of
The dog tracer's life ls of tho loneliest iiW-sj. Iior weeks') (perhaps
months, he camps in tho desolate
ranges, setting his traps and watching with ready rifle in the moonlit
nights for a chance to shoot at his
enemy. In the bush there ls a price
on the head of every dingo. In some
parts a dingo is worth ��10, or even
��15, to the man who delivers his
scalp to the Pastoral Board or to the
This ls made up by sums contributed among the sheep breeders and alio w����d by the District Councils, so
generally recognized an enemy Is the
wild dog. With such handsome emoluments to encourage hlm, the professional dog trapper is not easily daunted, and his patience and presever-
! ance are remarkable. Sometimes he
may get as many as three or four
dogs in a week, hut as a rule lf he
gets three ln three months he is doing very well.
As a rule the dingo confines his
murderous attacks to sheop and weak
commercial expansion impending on
this coast with the early completion
of tbe Panama canal and the continued development of tbe almost
Illimitable agricultural resources o!
the Northwest. Considerable progress
has been made with this work and It
Is hoped at an early date to place tho
results before (he electors.
Vou may count on  my hest efforts
nnd  (virnest support In the carrying
out of this great  enterprise at    tho
right, time, In the city's Interests.
New Teir's Program
Comic Singers and Eccentric Dancers,
Presenting Slew DuckBtealer's
"The Girl on the Box."
Direct from Australia
Graceful Acrobatic Dancer.
Illustrated Song.
���     Your druRglst will refund money lf ling calves, but is the far-ont Queens-
; PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure aify land   districts,    whero   large    pac-s
1 case of Itching, Blind,    Bleeding   or travel    toother,  hunger    has    been
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days. BOO. known to make them bold, and one
Will Meet the Electors:
Jan. J st. At 8 p. m., Hamilton
Road School.
Jan. 2nd, At 8 p. m., Burnaby
Lake School.
Jan. 3rd. 8 p. m., Vickers* Hall,
East Burnaby.
All invited.   Invitations extended .to Candidates for Reeve and;
Councillors for the wards.
tmtm ���I
MONDAY,  JANUARY   1,   1912.
L O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 27.���
The regular meetings ot this lodge
sre held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis, N.O.; W.
���. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
���SUiti M. HHOTEN, public stenographer; speculations, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Pbone 41S. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant. Tel. K 128. Koom
Trapp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrleUr-st-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenrte streets, Nsw West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Dues, Williams building, 41 Ores
fills street. F. C. Wade, K. C,
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. ��
solicitor and notary, BIO Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
io��.rtD    OF    TRAD1C���NKW  VMwJl
minster Board ot Trade meets m ta.
bosrd room. City  Hall, as follow,
third Thursday   of   each   month,
quarterly    meeting    ou   th*    tairc
Tuursday of February, May, Augus;
and November, at v p.m.     nun is
meeilugs on the third Thursday O-
Februfcry.    New   members   may   b.
proposed snd elected at any montt
iy or    quarterly    meetun       C.  U.
Hi.inrt-Wade. secretary.
Pratslasna gehe.lb.ys Had ts a,���-���.
Thirty-six C.nturi.s Age, 1
Tbere U a ray of vindii-tlv. comfort
for the modern school hoy in the fact'
that for over 3.G0Q yearn bis schoolboy
progenitors have beeu worried by Just,
such problems la arithmetic as uuuoy
blm most
Among tbe archiieoluglcui t"*tib*ertt%
made in Egypt In a papyrus roll. In
excellent condition, dating fruui about
1700 B. C. TbH roll, which hurt a
long . heading beginning. "DircvtloiLs
how to uttain the knowledge of nil
dark things," proves beyond doubt that
tbe Egyptluus of that Us* had a
thorough knowledge of the elements
of arithmetic.
Numerous examples show that their
principal operulious wtth uuirs and
fractions were made by means of addition and multiplication. Subtraction and UivUluu were not known in
their preseut form, bnt correct results
were obtained nevertheless.
Equation* sr. also found is the papyrus. Here Is ouv that brings in* Egyptian schoolboy hou* to us:
Ten measures of bsrley sre te b* divided among tea persons in sucb manner tbst each subsequent person shall
receive on��-elgbtk less than tbe one
before bim.
Another example given Is: There srs
seven men; each oue bss seven cats;
each est has eaten seven mice; each
mouse ban cat.a seveu grains ot barley; esch grutn of burley wouid lurvs
yielded seven measures et barley.
How much barley bas been tost?
Tbe papyrus also contains tbe ���.���dentation of tbo area uf a clrel*. atreupts
to square tbe circle and finally caicula-
thins of th. cubic measurements of
pyramids.���New York Tribune.
Arrival. ��� Closing
18:10���United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Suuuayj.idrih
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:IB
12:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally except Sunday) .IC:00
18:00���Vancouver via ��. C. E. R.
(dailv except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E,  It.
(dally except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11:10
7:80���United States via Q. N. R.
"'*           s*VM/^m%S2a.t Biin.lnyl.Klint
11:40���All points east   and   Europe    (daily)      8:16
22; -13���All points    east    and  Eu-   '
rope  (dally)    13:15
11:'0���Sapperton    and    Fraser
dims      (dany     except
Sunday)        8:3i
l4:10���Sapperton and Fraaer
mills      many     bAuept
Sunday)       14:od
1):'!0���Coi(i;itiam (dally except Sunday)     8:30
1^:00���Central Park, McXay ancl
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)        ..11.15
lido���KaBt Burnuby    (dally   sx-
Suhday)  13:3(/
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    1J:30
10:30���Barnston  Islands  arrives '
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday,    and    leaves
Monday,       Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10$t)ll���LSdner, Port Gulchon,
Westham   Island.  Bun   -
Villa   13:30
10:t;j���Annieville   a ^1   Sur.b'iry
(dally   e..ce;t   Sun:luy).i:::3o
10:00-��� WoriflwHi'iiB t't..at	
Tbursdav     and     flfltur
day)    13:30
HK59���-Vancouver, Piper's hilling via U. N. It.
'dailv exceut Rtindtvl ..14:8'
15&50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   It.   idaily  except  Sunday) 14:0(1
11:20���Clayton' (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday aad Sat-
dav      ..'.   	
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday) m:o
7:40���Burnaby Lake  (dally ex-   -
cepr Hunasv  16:0c
1S:10���Abbetsford, Vnror Sumas.
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
IB: 16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blnlne (dally except
Sunday) ....  , s
16: IS���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and' Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
nrdav   ,
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt
'/ehman, * lder��rove. Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, MurrayvIIle,
��� ������', Strawberry Hill, Soutb
Westminster. Clover
Valler. Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. K. R. (dally
except Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
'         B.  C.   E.  R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday  9:00
20:80���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except. Sunday).17:30
(dally except Sunday).20:30
11 :?0���Abbotsford   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:80
IB:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
But Hero's Improvisation Did Net Help
Leand.r  Much.
Innumerable ure the tuics of nctors
in difficulties. Here ts one related of
Christian Brandt's, tbe dramatist, wno
in bis youth belonged to a strolling
company which played pieces of au
extremely primitive kind.
On oae occasion the play wns enitl-
tied "Hero cud Leander," lhe dialogue
being left pretty mq< b Jj \*ie jfe'r*
tion of the players. It l::id bedu
agrocd. however, thnt Hero was to be
coy and not confess her love for Leander till be bud again and a;i?.in expressed his readiness to be banned.
burned and drowned ln bt>r br>lia!f.
But the lady was soft hoarted. trades
being exceedingly fond of Urutides,
nor could sbe listen uumoved tj th.
first passionate plcndlugs of tbe youth.
wbo explained that be bud. swum
across the Hellespont to see her. "My
dear Leander." sue exclaimed. "I cannot resist you. Accept my bund and
my heart."
Leander knew not what to say. All
his prepared fib lames were useless,
'Ihe in:inuger came to his uld with a
The poor girl, turning to tho audience, repeated ber lesson. "In th.
fiend's mime. 1 Improvise a few word*
nnd Retire." and then (sipped o.T tlie
ttagt*. greatly relieved.���Loudon Graphic.
How Far It   Exceeds Thst of Other
London, Dec. 31.���The five battle-
shlps of tkis year's shipbuilding program which are about to be laid down
will be as superior to the Dread- j
nought and her sisters as the Dread-
nought was to the vessels which pre-'
ceded her..
The flve new battleships���or, to be !
strictly accurate, four battleships and
one   battle-cruiser���wbich    are   now
about to  be commenced will be the !
most remarkable ships yet conceived
by tho naval  Instructor.      They will
not be the largest armored ships ln |
the world   (though  larger   than any j
hitherto added  to the  British  fleet), I
but ln offensive and defensive power
and  speed���ln  fact, ln  the combination of all the most valuable fighting
qualities���they will be without rivals.
It Is rather more than a year ago
since lt was announced that the ships
then building would carry a new type,
of   13.6-Inch   guns,   throwing   1^50-lb.!
shell* (instead   If   the   12-inch    igun
hitherto mounted, and discharging an :
850-lb.  shell.    There are  under  con-;
struction eleven ships with this very;
powerful   weapon,  and  these  vessels!
carry with them an assurance of supremacy  in armored  ships down to
the spring of 1913.   At that date the
last of them will pass into the British  fleet at a moment  when in no-
navy ln the world will there be a ship
with a heavier weapon .than the 12-
lnch gun.
Strength of the Navy.
These capital ships carry all their*
guns on the centre line���that ls the
whole    battle    armament    can
We wish a Happy and
Prosperous New Year
to All
Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty
"We Furnish Your Horns Complete"        674-678 Columbia St, New Westminster
but wreck her.   Tbis affect the 100-lb.
be' shell of the C-lnch gun ls calculated
brought to bear on either broadside! t0 produce.   These guns will be carat will     Eight of these vessels-tho ] rf d ,    wmoured CB8emates, thus of-
Orion (Just completing), the Thunder-'      ,       ?   -. .       ..
er,  Conqueror  and   Monarch   (to   be I ferln��   to  the  crews   a  considerable
complete!  in  the  spring),  the  Kinrf ; measure of protection. ,
Georgo V., Centurion, Ajax, and Auda-      u li believed tbat each of the new
clous-each cairy ten of these gunn,  battieEhtps will carry sixteen of these
and the other three���the Lion, Prin-1    ,    . ...      ... .       ..,_,.
cess Royal anl Queen Mary, whlcn! ��-lnch Buns, which will be of 4o-cali-
are battle-cruisers���have eight each, j hres, Instead of 50-callbres. thus glv-
Consequently, early ln 1913 the Brit- ing to the navy a thoroughly service-
lsh fleet wi.l be strengthened by 104 able weapon, which will not suffer
guns  of  the   15.5-inch   tyre,  and   at
t.uat time tbere will be no ship under auy other flag carrying as deadly pieces of artillery.
There has been a further develoj.-
ment in the past year in the King
George V. class. The 13.5-inch gun
wlll be mounted, but it will le of a
more powerful type than was original
lt wlll not seal the fate of the ship.
A Rcssinl Joke.
Rossini   promised   o    pities   In   the
opera orchestra to u trombonist and
th,:n forgot about It says the Musical
Courier.   At one of his dinner parties
the butler announced the visit of this
name protege. Rossini hastened to wei
come him uud, reilevli-.^ blm of his Instrument, dinapiipurod a few moments,
to return with hla friecd.   Hamllac the
instrument to the trombonist with a request to let tbe company  hear hlm.
Rossini prepared to listen.   Trombone
to lips, tho musician rose���dismay, no
nound, cheeks bulging, eyes vlisiended.
In vain tbeunboppy man moUes isop'er-
butnau efforts to produce harmonious
sounds.    At last!   Ob. effort sppreoW!
Wiih   n   sound   like  a   bourse   goose
cncUle there shoots from tbe trombone
a mass of sikty macaroni.   ".No hurm.
my friend." snld ItoKflfil; "yovf bnve
proved  jourseif u  strong  musician."
And tbe next d.iy the coveted position
n-as offered to ihe trombonist-Uoston
from corrosion so seriously as the
longer weapon with a heavier jxrwer
charge. These Runs will not be for
use in battle, but purely for resisting
attacks by torpedo-boat destroyers.
Simultaneously   with   this   development  in   flghting  rower,  steps  have
been  taken to give the new  vosseU
y anticipated.    Instead or throwing  better   protection against  the  explo-
i 1250-lb. shell, it will use a 1400-lo  g[0n 0f torpedo or mine. This end has
hell���an  increase of 150 lb3., whiai'becn attained by a far greater subdi-
A'lll  be translated  ln action Into de-   xuion  of the hull, so as to localize
tructlve power.   Consequently, in the , tb0 effect.    It ls believed that, owing
tew   battleships   of   last   year's   pro- | to   thl3   increased   precaution   theso
-ram���the King George V., Ajat, Can-' men-of-war will be.prar-tlcally unslnk-
jrion, and Audacious���the broadside , aDie.   If hit bv a torpelo, the damage
ire,  instead  of heing  of  12 500 lbs.,' must necessarily be considerable, hut
ill he 14,000 lbs., a gain of 1500 lbs.
n this   quartet.      The   battle-cruiser
ueen Mary will have eight guns of
ie  new   13.5-Inch   tyre.    These  flro
hips will be completed early in 1914.
To Meet   Destroyers.
- In tho   flve ships   at   the   present
ear's  program,  tho  kce's  of   which
ie  about  to  be  placed  In  position,
la new 13.5-Inch gun wll he mount-
d,   and.  *t*m. ����U-u��r����*o    ����������"���"*"*
.m  tn�� -*f***&*r ���*******��******��***���.    Ttt*
>rcmdhou��ht carries only 12 tb.' runs
or   dealing   with   atac.Klng    t'rpp'3
raft     Subsequently   this   i iece   wes
eplaced  by a new   l-lnch gun, wituj
5 lb. projectile, which hn-. h tb?i-*.-t ���
ieen exclusively used. ��� Th,-> o dnnnsn I
iepsrtment    has   now   recommends 1 j
ttat  in  the r.e.-  battleships a 8-lnch j
.tin   shall   be   mounted.    This  action j CALL AND SEE IT
ISI been taken owing to the inc/easa   ,�����,,'.      - ,., '. ,.      ���      .     .   ,,,
in the size  and speed  of destroyers, I A" kint,s of patches Repaired. WorK
huh must be bit end-on when they,)' Guaranteed,
are   'anTouching    a   battleship,   an.l
hey  prts-ent   so  small  a  target  tnat
It Is  felt  to te essential  that every
hit shall not merely disable the boa'.    541  Front St.
On  Fifth Avenue
House containing flve rooms, with toilet and plumbing ready for
bath. Also basement. Lot cleared, eight fruit trees, large barn
which rents at 19.00 per month.
Price $2625;   $625   Cash;
balance $25.00 per month at 7 per cent.
620 Columbia St.   Phone 307.
I have just received a shipment of
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
\    Soa^:%ashes over the surface, leaving a greasy
j film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germ&
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
I Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's.
II fine); GOLD DUST dees all the hard part of the
j work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
An/J1,-U,   floncim   I soaP>t0 which is added other purifying materials
Andrew uausen  in just the right pro-
Nea' the Market !       J,. .     �� 1   r
Sunlight and Oerrns.
Here is   au   Instructive  experiment
made recently on the effects of mm
light.   B^aso germ* of tui* terrible die
' j ease,   outbhix,   were   sown   on   two
t*:0t   ;,|���teg of gelatin, und while one plate
was gtpt in the durl; the other was
placed  In   rbe  sunlight,    Tbe  gernis
crew, r.nd st ths end of ren minute*
diore were UfiO colonies or group* in
the sunflbtne piste and 400 colonies In
tbe dark pinto.
One hour later the result waa: In
tbe sunshine plate, none; tn tho dark
plute. 'l.Ti'in. No disease germ thrives
In sunlight
Modttty. '
Modesty ta one of the sweetest ani
most desirable qualities one can pee-
"ess, and yet.too much modesty hln-
Iers advancement Wben tbls quality
s ovprdevploped it antagonises aggrte-
(Irenes*, without which no great ano-
���ess can be attained.
WIfe-A tree, yoa know, gets new
clothes every year���bat. parasol, every'
thing.      Uusband-Vee,    darling���anS
aaltes them all ltselt
What She Might Cateh.
She-They say there are gem fel
tlssRs.   Wbat do yon suppose a gfn
uuid cateh that way?   Ue-A hoe-
mud.���Exchange. - *
12:00���Fraser Arm
Resist thy inclinations In tbs
(dally except Sunday). 17:SO Bite.-Thomas a Keniflls.    .��� J
�����wr   k****n 23:00   yp*'    "^g^~     ' ** ""  '   '""IJ'!'>**
��� portions to
j easily, vigorously, J^
��� and without harm to ^
I fabric, utensil or
1 hands.
i "Let the GOLD
jDUST Twins do
! your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. C GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and R< tail Dealers In Coal
Graceful Acrobatic Dancer.
Miss Dalsle Mascotte is th* graceful acrob&tle* dancci1 from Austral'a
who wiU perform befo e t^t audiences at tho Reyal dur'ng the ne*-t
three days. Mlss Mascotte Ij well
known on the PaoHta eoas*. wh��i��
she was dancing a year or twq. ago
With anotheY girl aa partner.   Since
tben she has been back in Australia,
snd to:lay wi.l be her first sho-v on
this side of tbe water qlnce.her return. Th-> American continent Ij
much better than Australia for vaudeville artistes, she says, and she Is'
glad to be back with th* audiences
tbst gave her so much support In the
Scientific selection ls the principle on which St Charles Evaporated
Cream is prepared.
Tbe best milk Cows fed scientifical!? g
Selected dairies A0 sanitary aafe#aank*j��pHed
Yoa tak* no chance, when yon use St. Charle*Cream. Um i
for any purpose as the best milk or cream produced by the best
dairy anywhere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never
curdles It agrees wltb the most delicate stonmch.. Alt iUeeda
it the addition of pure water to maVt it lbe bestfoodon eertb
~best fc* the nurserx-b^st for Uis kitrlien,   "
Sold *y 7t*et Grocer* E*ircryu>f>*r*
ITairttoat booklet of v&lualjt* |itft.itr��Uon i. mothers oad nants ��eni
irtt upon ai'r-l'tit'oa.
T. CHARLES COHl))!;y!;!NC .CtBJfUTf,   tr*sr^U.'j
wmm '**Wto*';
The Baily News
���J-tsr>+be Dally Newa Publish-
*Mt Ctntm, Limited, at their offlces,
��aner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
*%. Leckle Brown Manager
Hardman, Who Hails from  London,  Seek*  Aldermanic
A   <HAP*Y    NEW    YEAR.
The flow of time ls ceaseless; the
.succession ol the years Is unbroken.
What matter lf the year, -regarded as
m'dlvtattn'oflf&W arbitrary, that
Caesar Augustus played ducks and
brakes .\flth the months of which It
in composi^ W ����* ln theee latitudes
the New Year Is celebrated at
m time while nature still sleeps? The
Mew Ye^r is a f lad time, when hope
snd resolve" 'Ate born anew.
The year that la going takes with
it IU hopes and its disappointments.
itn memories that are pleasant, Its
memories thfat are not so pleasant,
memories, 'which, it may be. are sad.
Men llvd M the future, not ln tho
jmat. In CahWa there was a general
Section iif 1911. *&tt ua not linger
over It. "Man never is," said Pope,
Che poet, "but always to be, blessed."
Enmities and acrimonies, and all
thines ttaitynoir. ***�� *nt0 the,r natlvo
shades on Mr"VWf's Cay. A good
deal has been written about the futility of New Year resolutions, but men
snd women go on making resolutions
Jest the same.. It is well that they
ahould do so. Even lf many New
Year resolutions go to swell the number of the good intentions with whicn
the nether regions are said to be
paved, there tian be no real progress,
no Intelligent advancement, either in
the nation or in the age, which ls not
the result of resolution on the part
of the Individual. The man of no resolve has very.little claim to be call-
-ed n man. All resolutions are not
made to be broken.
There are many Indications that
the New Year is likely to be a happy
one. There are clouds on the outlook
of course, but those clouds wlll break,
snd new clouds gather; (or such is in
the nature of things. Looking across
tbe sea to the Old Land from whicli
most Canadians sprang, the observer
notes with regret the industrial trouble among the'.cotton workers of Lan-
���'**���*!!�� .    -tf����i.<f viovAAe  m��y   (row, *\M. I
MUMhtr \
The subject of our Interview Mr.'
Alfred Hardman, is an Englishman,
born in London 1863. Migrating from
there he came to Toronto in his
early youth, where he received his
education and mechanical training.
"Twenty-six years ago," he says, "I
came west to British Columbia; my
flrst two years beipg passed ln Victoria. From there my next move was
to this city, where I have been a resident ever since."
"Then you are quite an old-timer.'-
"Yes, I can fairly aay so. I have
seen this city grow and develop for
twenty odd yeara. The place has
changed and so bave the people, and
from being a small community, where
if I may put lt so, every one knew
and was interested ln every one else;
it has become a busy, up-to-date, bust-'
ling city."
"What waa your flrst work In this
"Well, I started with E. 8. Schooler
& Co., and was ln their employmeat
continuously untll I went into business for myself. Some years previous to that, however, the Cunningham Hardware Co. took over the business of E. S. Schooler �� Co."
"How long ago is it since you went
into the tinning, plumbing and hardware business?"
"Some twelve years ago Mr. Bryson, now Alderman Bryson, and J
opened up in the premises now occupied by Bryson & Sons, and until
the present owners bought me out,
we ran a very prosperous business.
Being ln business is to a great extent
interesting, and lf profitable, ls very
Interesting, and so after looking
around a little; I opened a hardware,
plumbing and tinning business in the
tional domestic article, and made of
soft,   absorbent,   light   paper   which
does not tear readily when moistened.   The towels are made either in
separate sheets-or in the form of   a
long roll perforated at Intervals   to
facilitate detachment, and after being
used   are  discarded   and  destroyed.
| They are generally made tip ln con-
I slgnments of two hundred and flfty or
I flve hundred sheets, and are greatly
I appreciated not only ln the home, but
in clubs and other Institutions. The
cost of the paper: articles is Infinitely
less than the charge made by a laundry for cleaning a towel that would
be ln use a similar number of times.
We  have a paper  serviette, and   it
would surely be worth the while of
some enterprising Canadian manufacturer to supply a paper towel for drying the hands and face.   The paper
possesses no chemicals wbich are liable to affect the skin Injuriously, and
in   some   Instances    Is    Impregnate!
with   harmless   aromatic  substances.
The Modern
may  nro
\i*x*\.   wtofen   axay   *s**T\*\**ja,
strike  and  all  the
the day  \��
van look  upon  a
suffering a strike entailB, without recognizing th6 1o$Hga(lbh' which rests
upon legislators to seek every means
of composing differences which ln-
lllct great hardship on one of the
worthiest of working classes known
to modern times.
In Canada the outlook in the Industrial world is promising. In New
Westminster Important developments
.are shaping. There are many reasons why the citizens of the Koyal
City should this year extend the mest
���cordial of reason's greetings to their
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 31.���The
Central West tonight, is in the grip
of the heaviest snowstorm and tho
coldest weather of the winter. According to the local weather bureau,
snow ls falling from tho Texas "Pau-
handle" to Toledo, Ohio. Nebrasita,
the Dakotas, Missouri, Oklahoma
and Kansas are experiencing heavy
falls of snow. Temperatures tonight
in the affected districts hover about
tho zero tehrk, with prospects -.f going much lower. Many trains were
delayed by the storm. Tbe Union Paciflc railroad bas not been able to
bring a train through from Denver
to Kansas City since 9 o'clock >e3-
terday morning. Near Ellis, Kans.,
where Union Paciflc passenger train
No. 104 from Denver 13 stalled, railroad officials say the snow is from
four to ten fee tdeep ln drifts, and
that the snow is still falling. All
trains over the Santa Fe road from
the West are from one to flve hours
late, as are Rock Island trains from
Texas and Southwestern Kansas. Llv.)
stock on the Western Kansas ranches
is not suffering, as most of it had
been shipped to the ranges before
the storm began and before tho
shortage of grass.
Winter Term Starts
January 2
Have you ever Investigated Our
merits? Our courses are complete for
the training of young ladies and men
for office work and clerical positions.
It will pay you to enroll with us.
For particulars
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
Phone 853. 610 Columbia St.
MONDAY, JANUARY   1,   1*12.
"  ���     I.1
We have a party who has two houses on Third avenue, which he
will exchange for vacant property and aome cash.
LOT ON SIXTH AVENUE, between Tenth and Eleventh streets,
11675, third cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 months.
LOT ON ROYAL AVENUE, close to Sixth street. Price 15500,
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Tbls is good for a few
days only.
LOT ON BT. ANDREW STREET���66x132. Price $19*. one-third
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004. Room S, Bank of Commerce Building.
Toronto, Deo. 31.���When Colin Har-
bottle, the defaulting secretary of
the Toronto club, endorsed cheques
and cashed them, the club sued the
Imperial Trust company, Domlnioi
bank and the Imperial bank for tbe
proceeds. Alter going from one court
to another the case has been disposed
of by the court of appeals, which allows the Toronto club $552.35 against
j the Imperial Trust company, but dismisses the club's appeals as against
the banks.
The Toronto club sued for these
amounts: Imperial Trust company.
$2719; Dominion bank, $1559.86;    Im-
! perial bank, $9222.35.
x souhmv thm��  c��.i��
Cougars are still in the air, or at
least, on the ground, and one came i-u
his death on Saturday under tbe
wheels of a Burnaby Lake car on the
bridge that crosses Still creek. The
poor beat, terrified, no doubt, by the
oncoming monster with its one bright
eye, made no effort to escape anl tfas
block   now   partly   occupied    by   the
Daily News, and I am pleased to say
that success to a certain extent, any-,
way, stayed with me." | cut t0 Pieces.    The shock of the tol-
"And how about your present busi-  usloo was so slight that the paseeu-
ness location?" I sers linew nothing of the furry corpse
"Well that to a great extent came  they  were  leaving  behind  them    on
ahout like thiB:    Several years ago I   tlle  track.
Such incidents as these recall
vividly, from time to time, how ntar
the bush Is to our doors. The crea-
loss of six known dead and 13 injuied.
limits and meet their death before our
most u;--to-date engines of civilization.
Vancouver, i Dec-31.���The second
annual convention of the Provincial
Poultry association to be held in connection with the ^approaching provincial poultry show will convene in
Pender street, January 17. The morning session wilt' be devote.l to business of interest to-the mer^'iors and
the afternoon and evening vssion to
addresses. Amoug . the uddresses
sre: "Thd Determination >f Sex; ls
It Possible ?" Rev. W. N. Scott, of
Train; The Poultry Show," Mr. T.
W. Laing, B.A., Revelstoke; "Co-
Operation," G. F. Fonn, director
Cowichan Creamery association; "My
Experience with Poultry," Miss Margaret A. Stewart, Calgary; "Increased
Kgg Production," Prof. C R Brown,
Minnesota. On the evening of January
18 a banquet will be given ihe Members of the association. Tbe poultry
show will be In progress from Janu-
-ary 15 to January 18. Tho following
classes have been allotted 'o tho
Judges of the show: To Mr. Miller
Purvis, all American classes, except
the Rhode Island Re.ls and Ornamental Bantams; to Dr. C. Trew, Rhode
Island Reds, English and French
Game, Game Bantam and miscellaneous; to Mr. Elmer Dixon, Mediterranean, Asiatic, Polish'and Hamburg
jjoultry, ducks, geese,and turkeys; to
Mr. 8. R. Terry, '.utility classes,
dressed poultry andveggs; to Mr. W.
St. Coats, pigeons, pet stock and
���ornamentals. The show secretary
has moved his headquarters to 303
Hastings street, in Smith & Godwell's
father-in-law of  Lord  Decles to Get
In the Swim Himself.
New    York,   Dec.    31.���A   Lon lon
-cable says Geo. J. Gould has bought
Castle Menzies, near Perthshire, Scotland, with several thousand surround-
:1ns; acre* of woodland. The American
millionaire, father-in-law of Lord Decles, Intends to establish  himself in
adncal  castle  Uke that  of Carnegie,
t>ut will retain hia American citizenship.
bought some property on the cr ier
of   Fifth  avenue and   Eighth   s.    ec,
and  upon part of it I built a home.
Two  years  ago  having  faith  in  the
development of tbe  city  and  seeing
the necessity for more shopping facilities   in   that   direction,   I   utilize!
the remaining portion and built    the
present   business  block  upon  it.    In
my    opinion,   the   establishment   up
there of  a  hardware,  plumbing  and
tinning  business,  a bakery  and  con-;
fectionery business and a drug store,,
of which Mr. Copeland is proprietor, I
has filled a much-needed want."
"I  suppose in  running as a candi- i
Shot While Hunting Duck*.
Port Townsend, Dec. 31.���Andrew
Hulkes, a 14-year-old boy, was killed
at Irondale yesterday by the' accidental discharge of his gun while he
was hunting ducks. Yester lay the
authorities took away his gun and
ordered him to stop shooting. Hulkes
date for aldermanic honors, you have df.ath l8 the eighth from hunting ac-
some decided opinions, and believe I cidents in Western Washington sinco
you cou!1 assist in solving some of the open'ng of the season,
the city's problems?"
"Yes, with all due modesty, I believe I could help some, because
years of practical mechanical work,
backed up with' years of active business experience, make a pretty good
combination, and If to that you add
my best asset���ability to work���I do
not see where I should fall down. As
regards the decided opinions, my platform gives the stand 1 take on some
of the most pressing matters.    .
"I..may say that I bave always taken
a keen Interest in matters affecting this city. For several ytars I
have been a member of the Board of
Trade, and for the past two years 1
havo served on the Navigation Committee of that body. An old member
of the R. A. & I. Society, I have this
year been appointed convener of the
Manufacturing Section.
"I may also say that the same principles that apply to business may to
a very great extent be applied to civic
management. The principle I uphold
is justice to all, without fear and
without favor. The good of the mi-
jority of the citizens is the only way
In which any issue can be judged, and
that is my position."
"You have made some statements
regarding labor Issues, I believe, Mr.
"I have, and ln brief, I will simply
say this, as a worklngman myself, I
know pretty well where the shoe
pinches, and I will, as far as is possible, do all that lies in my power to
improve the conditions of labor."
Paper Towels.
An article which has been adopted
ln the United States, and which
should hold out great possibilities in
this country, is the paper towel. It
is of the same size as the   conven-
Makes Hair Grow
Ryall has an invigorator that will
grow hair or money back.
The time to take care of vour balr
is when you have hair to take care of
If your hair ls getting thin, gradually falling out. it cannot be long before the spot appears.
The greatest remedy to stop the
hnir from falling is SALVIA, the
Great American Hair Grower, first
discovered ln England. SALVIA furn-
ishes nourishment to the hair roots
and acts so quickly that people are
And remember, it destroys the
Dandruff germ, the little pest that
saps the life that should go to th*
hair from the roots.
SALVIA Is sold by Ryall under a
positive guarantee to cure Dandruff,
stop Falling Hair and Itching Scalp
in ten days, or money back. A larg?
bottle costs 50c. The word "SALVIA"
(Latin for sane)  Is on every bottle
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
J* E. Brown & Co.
618 Columbia St     New Westminster
Showing i'l the chief events of the Forty Days Coronation Festivities.
.   >   . .���'��,'>i-H-*| H^.IUjI ���* FEATURES.
These pictures have neen shown ln all tbe large eastern cities where public and press were    unstinted ln their praise. .   ���
15,000 Feet of Beautiful Film
(   ,.,,��� MATINEE THIS AFTERNOON;   PRICES 59c AND 25c !-IW)
���'������* tVENING  PRICES 75c,  50c AND 25c.
M. J. Philips and Staff
wisn you
ana Prosperous
671 Columbia Street
New Westminster
H'.ltj\  Ai):.*
Exhibition    Cup     Presented���Clever
Speeches, Tuneful Songs, Bright
A gathering notable ln sport annals }n tbe city," and particularly ln
the annals of the Senior Amateur
Football club, was held in the dlnlns
room of the Colonial hotel on Saturday evening. Primarily, the gathering
was for the purpose of presenting to
the winners tbe cup won at the provincial exhibition. The company comprised a large part of the membership
of the senior amateur club, two members of the professional team, and
three or four baseball players. Mr.
Grant, manager of the Rover* team,
Ht. Fletcher, of the pool room, and
Mr. Tlm Mahoney, the best known
referee on the coast, were also present. ., ;t|
the cup was presented to the
senior amateurs by President Ryall,
but Saturday night is a busy night,
and this popular figure in Royal City
sport could not throw off the claim*
of business till the evening was some
wbat advanced. Pending his arrival,
an excellent program of entertainments was gone on wltn. There were
songs, gramophone selections and
solos on tbe mouth organ.
The presentation of the cup    was
Until January 8 Their Majesties Will
Remain at Centre of Bengali
Calcutta, Dec. 30.���King-Emperor
George and Queen -Kmpress Mary
bave returned here, the King' from a
big game shooting expedition ln tbe
northern dependency of Nepal, during whicb he bagged no fewer than
30 tigers and 13 rhinoceros. Their
Majesties ' will remain here until
January 8 and wlll then go to Bombay where they will embark on the
steamer Medina for England. There
will be much relief ln official circles
when the Calcutta visit which has
brought such crowds from the provinces to tne city is concluded, as
this is the centre of the Bengali agitation. The most elaborate arrangement* have been made for the protection of Tnelr Majesties during tbeir
sojourn here. ,
Interesting   Discoveries   by  Professor
8tarr on Trip to Japan.
Government Aid to Accommodate
Needy Agriculturists.
Paris, France, Dec. 31.���The budget
commission bas Just had before It
for consideration the answers which
the minister of finance has given to
  the various questions which have been :
made by Mr. Ryall, and' the act was  submitted to him on the subject of |
graced with eminently   suitahle   re-'
Victoria. Dec. 31.���Frederick Starr,
professor of anthropology at tbe University of   Chicago,    who    returned
from a scientific mission to Korea on
the steamer Sado   Maru,   made   the
discovery at a deserted seml-subter
ranean temple on   the   southeastern
seacoast   of    Korea    of    Buddhistic
statues and carvings remarkably similar to the   carvings    discovered   in;
Yucatan   and   Southern Mexico.   He
is bringing forty negatives which ten I
to prove  the theory held  by some'
American anthropologists and hither-���
to not accepted that Buddhistic tend-jj
ences are shown In the ruins foundfj
in Yucatan and on the Southern Mexican border.    He considers that the
origins of the  famous  Buddhist of
Nara and Kamagura are due to tbo
suggestions brought   by    Buddhistic'
monks from this little temple,   now
fallen into decay nnd abandoned, and'",
will Impress upon the Japanese government   the   suggestion
mark* that won the admiration of the
team and the commendation of the
' The event of the evening, however,
was the presentation of a token of respect, a memento to Mr. Beaton, tbe
.secretary-treasurer of the club.
Through all the mirth and Jollity ran
an undertone of sadness and regret.
Mr. Beaton, on account qf his health,
bide hood-bye to go east���perhaps as
far as hts homeland, the land of tho
mountain and the flood. He was presented with a dressing ease and Its
furnishings, every article of the best
in quality and ln workmanship. Tho
company paid ready tribute to Mr.
Beaton's many excellences, and Mr.
Beaton acknowledged in a speech
that rang true to the pitch of the
highest spirit ot sportsmanship.
A note of thanks to mine host   of
the Colonial ended the proceedings.
__���    that   this
place be restored.
 ^       _ w        ������, ,_���JWV ���, |    Professor Starr is also bringing ex-
augmenting'thepresent facilities foi |ten����ve studies of Japanese tattooing.
_����...,_- " ��� - - the study of which have resulted ln
his theory tnat a Polynesian strain ls
mixed with    the Malay ln Japanese
Eye Specialist
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O., Eye
Specialist, begs to announce
tbat he has taken over the New
Westminster branch of ths
Vancouver Institute of Optometry, for which until now he has
been the local specialist and
manager. Dr. Hope trusts that
the many appreciative patients
of New Westminster and district wbo to kindly assisted
him ln establishing his present
practice, wlll continue to show
their good will, by recommending him to their friends, and
he can assure anyone who may
wish to consult him of
straightfordward advice end
conscientious services.
Dr. Hope's offices and    consulting rooms are at
S57 Columbia Street, Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:30 a.m. to S p.m.
and later by appointments.
Phone 295.
Victoria, Dec. 31.-r.The thlrty-three
fair associations of British Columbia
will bold Its third annual convention
at   Victoria,   January   28,   when   the
allotments of dates, formation of circuits  and   tlie  adoption  of  standard
rules of government will be arranged.
H **   Intended     to   atandaraisa*; the
���ri..o Mate so that, aa far aa possible,
the   same   classes   Will   be  provided
/or nnd the same proportion of money
will   bs   Klv��n   to   recognized   claasea.
A eommlttee constating of Messrs. H
S. Rolston, M. A. jail. Vancouver; Dr.
TolHile  and  Ceo.  Sangster,  Victoria:
J. L. Coote, Chilliwack;  Alex. Davie,
Ladner,   and   P.   H.   Moore,   Agassiz,
has been  appointed  to  formulate  a
standard of perfection for each breed
of horses, cattle, sheep   and    swine
along similar lines to the standards
now adopted for various breeds    of
poultry, pigeons and    dogs.     When
such standards are adopted an exhibition or Judge wlll know   that     any
animal, shown at any B. C. fair must
be Judged according to the type set
out by the B. C. Fair's Association.
It will be decided that uniform colors
be adopted at all B. C.    fairs.     At
present some fairs use blue for first
prise and others
affording financial accommodation to
agriculturists and small traders
throughout the country.
The minister ln bis statement intimated that he would take the necessary steps to have a bill Immediately
passed giving effect to certain provisions which would enable the agrl
culturlsts and small traders to obtain
more llbeial accommodation through
the Bank of France.
The statement was regarded by
the commission as satisfactory and
was formally adopted. This decision
virtually disposes of the Important
question at tbe back of the matter���
the status of the Bank of France, to
gether with the terms *ot extension
or otherwise of its charter.
Subject Has Been Live.
This matter has for some time been
the subject of much discussion, bot'.i
ln political and financial circles, and
has been extensively reviewed and
criticized by tbe press.
According to the Economist, it   appears that the piivilege of the Bans
of  France   which   was   renewed    in
, 1907, will  nominally last until 1920,
j but a stipulation in the charter pro-
; vides that notice to terminate can be
] given during 1911 if [arliament and
the government   wish to   terminate
it in October. 1����. The socUlttta *������
Ilea*   .*.**.  ttk��   mtssksmtsit*la**ra   ss*     *������
b2��kT.4re**etting undely large profits
at the expense of tbe state, and they
accordingly introduced a bill some
months ago requiring the government
to denounce tbe privileges In order to
nationalize the Bank" of France lm
mediately. SJ
The unanimous opinion of the
chambers of commerce, of merchant*
and manufacturers in favor of the
bank has caused the government to
reject the Socialists' opinion, but the
minister of finance has been willing
to denounce the agreement in order
to obtain more favorable terms for
the. A bill Is therefore being deposited with this enl, while maintaining
the privilege until tbe date originally
Concessions Made.
The Bank of France has been
obliged to make very substantial concessions to .tlie state. Thus the
royalty payable by the bank is to
ethnological origins, and will mnke
an extensive exhibit at the Panama'
exposition to be held at San Fran-
cfsco ln 1915. He also stated that hli
Investigations among the Ainus convinced him that these people of Northern Japan, who tattooed by cutting
as tbe Melenesian prople do. are ^a^sa^s^g^g^g^n^B^Bg^^^^H
white stock, part of scatterel white  Currou, Addition to Tonsorlal Adorn-
stock, similar to -the Todss of India ]      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and other remnants of scattered white'.
peoples In Asia?
ments of American  Women���
Chinese Locks.
��.-��-������/!. **������ lt.,]MB beeu 'increased'every time the rate of
recommended that the continuous sys count ia niB9A tbove 4 ������ ^^
tem of numbering entries . shall    ha ,****
 .     m*��� w ������   ��� ��r    *���ar    u��MJ.   .a- >V      De
increased every time the rate of die
_..., . - - --��� -��- .count is raised above 4 per cent.   In
tem of numbering entries shall be lgg7 a royalty WM e,acted ^wl to
adopted, the first animal entered be- ontleolghth of the rate of discount
ing one and so on throughout the | on tj,e amount 0f the productlce eir-
show, even if he be entered In sev-1 cu|ation .Discounts do not often rise
eral classes. This system is adopted | above 4 ^j. cent �� but ^ gUts w|���
in the Olympic Show and all Kennel henceforth take from the share-
Bhopi.   The B. C. Fair's Association I holders of the Bank, of France moro
than  8,000,000  francs, nnd this  has
The B   	
is conducted in conjunction with the  tnan  g(00o,000  francs, and this  has
department of agriculture at Victoria ! congidermb,y affected [ho   ri     'f ���J
and tbe department ls In this respect; Bhare,. Altogether the .!.". -in -vl
doing a greet good to the agricultur
ists of British Columbia.
Device of a Brandy Smuggler
Tp conceal dutiable goods among
free goods, in any importation, is tbe
prime offence against tbe customs
laws, yet the high rates of duty on
some articles,- such as tobacco and
spirits, offer great temptation to illicit-traders, who employ all sorts of
artifices to smuggle���or evade the
the notice of thb Customs officers.
When silk was dutiable women
were the chief offenders, and as they
sometimes wound the contraband ar
  ,. .��.  *mv  ya **.._* an   uiv
shares. Altogether the state wlll take
63 per cent, of the profits.
Tbe bank bas made another very
Important concession. It has agreed
to make a supplementary advance to
the treasury of 20,000,000 francs,
which will raise the amount of tbe
the permanent advances of the bank
to the state without interest to 200,-
000,000 fqancs. This advance corresponds, of course, with an Issue; ol
notes, so that the 200,000.000 is based,
not on gold, but upon the credit of
tbe state.
State May Lend.
The government does not yet know
what lt will do^with the supplement
Program of Proceedings at   Meeting
to Be Held Early in New Year.
The following is the program to be
submitted at the ,20th annual convention of the Coast Teachers' Institute,
to be held ln the Oddfe.lows' Halt,
Eightb street, on January 8 and 9:
General    Sessions���Mon da/,   Jan.   8.
10 A. M.
1. President's address.
2. Enrollment of members.
3. Address  of  Welcome,........
 :...HIs  Worship  the  Mayor
4. Literature���"The Lady ot tb*
UaW.."  "���;������/>�������-*�����*�����*-
Hlatory  in  the  Senior Grade
,.. .*}'.*. % : i'i %f%. .* - J-' R- Pollock
Pi8onsalon��-AIex.  Graham,
F. O. Canfield, A. Martin.
2. Solo Mlss   J.   A.   Henderson
3. Loyalty and Progress 	
 Mlss M. K. Strong. M. A.
4. Presentation of Constitution.
6.   Nominations.
8 P.  M.
1. Address���History   of   British
Hie Honor Judge F.  W.  Howay.
2. Musical  program  and  recep-    I
tlon to visiting teachers by the
New    Westminster    City    Staff.
Seattle, Dec. 31.���In spite of the
strenuous denials of American dealers
in human hair that discarded queues
of Chinese are being sold to the United States to be worn by women, tbe
steamer Strathlyon brought 15 cases
of queues ln ber cargo when she arrived from the Orient. Some of the
hair is fine enough for braids and
puffs. The money obtained from the
sale of the queues is turned Into the
nAoUsaanr  ***********.*.. *���**/*    *********
w ����� pMMotte. xwsjftn service
'ree. .   /
^^^J    Just Suited.
I "There's only one objection te tbeea.
apartments," said tbe agenl ef tbe
building. Trom these two windows
yon can't help seeing everything In
tbe dining moms of tbe neighbors en
both sides ef yen."
"What's tbe rental r smlbngty asked
the portly dame who wu looking; ter
a flat-Chicago Tribune.
avmeumee wouna me contraband ar- '--:���"*" ^^M^SETESr
tide around tbeir persons, under, "*���*?��� rt.f��?^ n.l J2Li?"i?
*h*t* ���^i..,��� ��intfc.��,, it ***** tnmiii i"���* the foundation of new credit In
their ordinary clothes, it was found | gtltut,ona to ,������,������, ���m������ ��������>.*���*..
necessary to employ female searchers
now no longer brought Into requisition. One of the latter, on one occasion, made a curious discovery.
A female smuggler bad had constructed���but not for running silk
contraband���nn 'India rubber dress
for wearing under her ordinary
clothes. She appeared, wben this
contrivance was in operation, to be
a* very fat woman; ln reality, she was
abnormally thin. But the India rubber underwear was double and hollow, and the space between the skins
so to speak, was filled with brandy.���
Chambers' Journal.
stitutlons to beneflt small merchants
and manufacturers. Agricultural
credit ia notoriously risky, but tbe
new, advance by the state would closely resemble free loans.
The revision of the Bank of
France's charter has been rightly
taken advantage of to authorize the
raising of Its not Issue from flve
milliards 800,000,000 francs to six
milliards 800,000,090 francs,
The new contract contains several
clauses of direct advantage to the
bank's clientele. It must create new
branches and new auxiliary forces.
Not only must it discount In the Interest of export tr ide paper drawn by
France on foreign countries,'-but It
Heavy Flre Less. |muR^ carry out without charge trans
Columbus, 0��� Dec. 31.���Flre swept fer* en the current accounts of cllentV
the business district of Washington residents In the different jlaces. It
court.;-bouse, county* seat of Fayette . is also toJower by one-qualer the
county, 40 miles southwest of hero, j charge en nominative securities con-
last night. Tlje probable loss ie esti- flded to its care and to issue certlfl
mated at $2,000,000. Fire appara- cates ln exchange for bearer securi-
fiB was sent from here and from htles on French colonial loans deposit
Wilmington.' ed at its office.
Section  Work���Tussdsy,  Jan. 9.
10 A. M.
Language in the Junior Grade
���,..... Miss J.' A. Henderson
Primary rending	
 Miss  M.   Winter
Intermediate Grade Section.
i. composition   :..,......,. I.;
 Miss M.  M.  McKenzie
2. Muscular system of penmanship ..:.'.. Mlss M. Clements
Senior Grade Section.
1.   Tke study of sAftetoent....
 ^���Bstey, B. A.
'��.'��� Penmanship. .7.TT Bprott, fez A.
3. Weather observation and records .J. A. Jewett, B. A.
Manual  Traiifing .Section.
Several paper will be read.
High School Section.
1. History In the   High   School
 J. T. Dunning, M. A.
2. Oxford and tbe Rhodes	
Scholar E. A-  Monroe. M. A.
General session to be beld In the
Odd Fellows' Hall
2 P. M.
1. High School entrance requirements H. P. Dole. B. A.
2. Solo Mrs. A. C Eddy
3. Election of Officers.
4. Resolutions.
President. W. C. Coatham
1st Vice-President.T. A. Brongh, B. A
ted Vice-President	
............Mlss A. S. ClarkeB. A.
Treasurer ,,...H. B. King, B. A.
Recording Secretary	
Corresponding Secretary	
   Mlss  M. MacKenzie
i* Executive.
J. T. Dunning, B. A.; R. Straight
B. A.; F. ,0. Canfield, J. Martin, Mlss
' The Mandrake Legend.
There ls an old legend connected wtth
the mandrake which states that when
t^e stent to uprooted It utters n piercing cry. Tbe forked tubers bear n
fantastic resemblance to the body nnd
lags of n man, and teem this tended
likeness tears grew the belief which
widespread  during Um
Ontario and Local Option.
Toronto. Dec. 31.���Several local
option contests take place ln Ontario
Monday. There are today 442 muni
cipalitles "dry" te tbla province, and
380 in which liquor Is sold. Ofthe
contests Monday, 15 nre votes to re
peal the law-
\ * v.- - y ;-
v Tlhtof Confesses.
ftegina,' Bask., Dee. 31.���Ernext
Brunell, charged with stealing a 140,-
000 money package from a Canadian
Northern express car two nodth* ago.
confessed today and said "Moonshine"
Wright, an ex-convlct. ailed him. The
| package was buried in an ate -Afte
and the money has been recovered.
Maine and Huge.
Betee had a preconceived Mes that
Ttctor Huge, called by him "the
French poet te whom all la false." bsd
a knap on his beck. Be was delighted
whao be was told that ene of Hugo's
kins psotrnded owing to malformation.
I j ����������_��_
tMlshted' Mamma ���Oo��� professor,
witt do yon think of little Arthur as
I vtoHntott Proteseor-I like tbe way
te pots the. fiddle back Into the case-
CbfcagoNsw*   ,
i Happiness to th* natural flower of
Mpv-Phlfflps Brooks. j
Clean, bright aad wholesome, low
in water and carbohydrates, but containing nearly double tbe amount of
fat-and protein, pound for pound (than
the ordinary feed stuffs in local use it
emi compared In prion with what is
asked for other feed stuffs, is triple
protein value for your money- Its
superiority .Mea. In the fact teat feeding it increases both the total digest!-,
ble matte* ahd tee amount of fat and)
protein In the dally ration
* .',.'��� *      . ~
Yo* should pot be without it Malted
grains, fresh and sweet from the
brew kettle, dried tn a contiguous vacuum process by
'     Scotia and Front Streets,
Vancouver, B. C
Nicomen Farm for Sale
Imsroved farm of 50 acres In Nicomen District, with balf a mile
frontage en Fraser River; 40 acres under cultivation; good farm
bouse, barns, etc. Buildings and fences are in good repair, and the
land ls extra productive. ',
r" yt   i
A Bargain at $5,000.00
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. I. JONES. M*r..Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Moulding*,   Laths   and   Shingle*
mssmmssssasmssssms*      *     i i =sssasesss**ssasiiam
PHONE 904.
(Old Glass Works Factory.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, tor It to tho stuff tent tho foun
datlons of wealth nnd happiness aro built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to  spend   for   what  to
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.  Money cannot be Invested until lt ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 12,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. U DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
New Year
ivmg Sets
Ebony Goods
Leather Goods
Brass Goods
Sterling Silver Goods
Cameras ���
If you bave not seen our assortment you have not seen the
C. 8.  DAVIES,  Proprietor.
32 Sixth 8treet Phone 40.
piness during
1912 will be mat-
keep the resolution to have your
tailor needs attended to by
4S Lome Street, New Waetmlneter.
��� a  ��� :���:;���,'.-*���*!:���
We wish you
Every Happiness
.   '.:   U! *tij, ���'
and Prosperity
for 1912
*   ';ll1
'    -.,(���.��� i-**..   th  ���*���  "'���'*
517 Columbia St flnrl
���**a*��mtn.i^*<w^mmja��**ma-ta*^ *%
������*��� ��mp
"PobBc Schools Iijr-I��w 1811.*
By-Law No.
the debenture* hereinafter mentioned  o'clock a. m. and seven o'clock p. ��n. at
| any aum or sums of money  not ex-] tho following places:
ceedina In the whole the sum oX Nint-
I ty-aeven Thousand   Dollar*  (497,000.-
 I(i0) and to'cause the same to 'be paid
A  By-Law to  enable  the Council  of   Into the Treasury of the soli city ior
Tihe Corporation of the City of Nerw   the purposes mentioned heTeln.
Westminster to raise by loan    the       ,
TUm "'.^'S^ r" %^ttete   ���� ��*UM a"y number of ^bentures to
hn   ($97.000 03     for-the  VUTCtaase   ^  ^^  n<jt  exceed w,hQ
of  a  site  and   the  erection,  of a I th6 ^ |97<MW-i    f     9Uch Bumg
Public School  in  the West  End of
the olty at a cocjt of Sixty-six Thousand   Dollars   ($66,000.00)   anl   for
payment  of  the    -balan e    for  the
6it<? of the Sixth    Avenue    School
Twelve  Thousand    Two     Hundred
end  Twenty    Dollars    ($12,220.00)
and for paymenl of the balance of
th<> cost    of    tho    Queeneoorough
School Two Thousand Wires Hundred and Slfhty Dollars ($2380.00)
and for thc completion of tho Sapperton    School    Sixteen    Thousand
,F,rur Hundred Dollars ($16,400.00).
Whereas It  Is necessary  to  provide
a site and erect a Publlc School thereon in the West Knd of the city and to
pay the balance due for the Kite of the
Sixth  Avenue  School  and   balance  of
tho cost of the Queensborough School
and to complete the S.ipperton School,
and It will be necessary to raise    the
sum of .N'inety-scvin Thousand Dollars
($97,000.00)   for  tho 'purposes  aforesaid.
And whereas It appears that if the
paid sum Of $97,0O0.Ci0 be appropriated
from the general revenue of the city
for the current year the rate *ot taxation will ibe excessive, and It Is expedient that such excessive taxation
should lie avoided and thc kaid sum
should bo rilsed on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
rhouM be issued for that amount.
Anu (whereas for tne payment of
Interest on the debentures proposed to
be Issued under this 'by-law and for
creating a linking fund for the payment of the ?aid debentures when due
It will be necessary to raise by special
rate ln addition to all other rates each
year during the currency of the said
debentures the sum of Five Thousand
and Twenty-four and 95-100 Dollars
And Whereas In order to raise the
said yearly sum of $'5224.95 an equal
special rate on the dollar wiLl be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the city of N'ew Westminster.
And 'whereas tho whole rateable
property of the said city according to
the last revised assessment roll thereof Is Nine Million Five Hundred and
Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred
Two Hundred and Twenty-four and
95-100 Dollars  ($5224.95).
And whereas the total amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said
city Is Two Million One Hundred and
Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespective of the
Bum vt Four Hundred and Forty-two
Thousand Dollars ($442,000.00) proposed' to ibo raised under this by-law
and the "Loan Ry-L.Uw 1911." "High
School Site By-Law 1911," and "High
School Building By-Law 1911," of
which none of the principal or interest
is in arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal f'oun-
1. It shall be lawful fur the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of loan
from any person or 'persons, body or
bodies corporate who may 'be 'Willing
to advance the same on the credit of
of money as may be required not less
Uhan $100.4)0 each or an equivalent expressed in pound* sterling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at a value of 4.866 to tho pound
sterling; and all such debentures shall
be scaled with the seal of the u'urpora-
tio:i, signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or
by i.uon other ijt.son or persons as
may be 'thereunto lawfully authorized.
3. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January.
1464, at such iplace or places as the
Council of the caid Corporation may
from time to time appoint with thc
approval of the hoHierg thereof and
shall bear Interest at the rate at four
and one-half per centum per annum
payable half yearly on the flret day of
January and the first day of July ln
each and eveTy year and the debentures shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest,
which said coupons shall be signed by
the i-ald Mayor.
i. A special rate on tihe dollar shall
bo levied and raised in each year In
addition to all other rates on all the
i-ateable property of the city sufficient
to pay the Interest upon the debentures
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment pf the principal thereof when
due, subject to any Act or enactment
respecting tihe same.
5. Subject ee aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of tha
said dehentures the sum of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-five
Dollars < $'4365.00)' for the payment of
Interest thereon and the sum of Elgbt
Hundred and Fifty-nine and 95-100
Dollars t$S59.95) to provide for the
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as fol.
lows and not otherwise: Towards paying the cost of the passing of this bylaw and the Issue and sale of the dehentures therein referred to and all
expenses connected with the issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
he ipal 1 over from time to time as required by the City Treasurer to the
several person? to whom moneys are
7. This by-lar.v shall take effect
:i Lie fini 1 passing thereof.
S. Thla By-law before the flnni
lasslng thereof shall receive the as-
:,nt of the electors of the said clt>
,n the nrjnner required by law.
9. This By-law may be cited as thi
'Public Schools By-law 1911."
r.;;siv$d 'he ascent of. the elector'
fit. George's Hall, corner of Clarkson
and Church streets.
Ho. 4 Fire Hall, Saipperton,   and
No. S Fire Hall, Thirteenth Street.
City Clerk.
City Halt. Dec. 29, 1911.
"Loan By-Law 1911."
(By-Law No. )
A By-Law to ena'ble the Council of
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise the sum of One
Hundred and Sixty-five Thousand
Duilars ($165,0UO.0'0) .for tho
purpose of paying the over-draft
covering a number of years and
now existing Mi the accou/hts of the
Whereas it is necessary to raise the
sum of $166,000,00 tor the purpose of
paying the over-draft covering a number of years and now existing in the
accounts of the city.
And whereas lt appears that lf the
mid sum of $165,000.00 be appropriated from the general revenue of the
city for the current year the rate of
taxatlo,n will be excessive, and it Is
expedient that such excessive taxation ahould Ue avoided, and the said
sum should be raised on the credit
of the Corporation and that debentures should <be issued tor that
And whereas for the payment of
interest on the debentures proposed
to be issued under this by-law and
for creating a sinking fund for the
payment of the said debentures when
due  it  will  be  necessary  to  raise  by
to be paid  into the treasury or the
sold city for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be 'lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding in the
whole the sum ot $165,000.00 for
rach sums of money as may be re-
���| quifed not less than $100.00 each or
an equivalent expressed In pounds
sterling of the United'Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland at a value
of 4.866 to the pound sterling; and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with the Seal of the Corporation,
signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or
by such other person or parson* as
may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
3. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January,
1962 at such place or places as the
Council of the said Corporation may
from time to time appoint with the
approval of the holders thereof and
shall bear interest at the rate of
four amd one-half per centum per
annum payable half-yearly on the
first day of January and the first day
of July in each and every year, and
the debentures shall have attached to
them "coupons for the payment of interest, which aaid coupons shall be
signed by the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
���hall be levied and raised In each
year In addition to all other rates
on all the rateable property of the
City sufficient to pay the interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal thereof when due, subject
to any act or enactment respecting
the came.
6. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said  debentures the    sum    of    Seven
p. m. at the following places:
St George's Hall, corner of Claric-
)-son and Church Streets.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Sapperton, and
No. 5 Fire Hall. Thirteenth Street.
City Clerk.
City Hall,  Dec. 29, 1911.
MONDAY,   JANUARY   1,   1912.
special rate In additlu>n to all    other
rates each year during the currency' Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty
of   the   said   debentures   the   sum   of   five  DolOars   ($74*5.00)   for  the  pay-
day of
A. D. 191
Itjeconeldered and finally passed  in
pon Council the day of
A. D. 191
 BJ City Olcrk.
\  l*^a.
Take notice tbat the ftlmve \�� a tr
onpy of 'the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the electors will b(
iit-n on tho 1 "h dav nf .T.-uiii" r>-
1912,  between    the    hours    of    nine
Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and
Eighiy-3(iven and S0-1O0 Dollars ($8,-
And whereas in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $/S887.80 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be lovled on the 'whole rateable property of thc City of New
And whereas the whole rateable
property of the ��ald City according
to the Jast revised assessment roll
ther-sof Is Nine Million Five Hundred
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-two Dollars ($9,592,-
And whereas the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city is Two Million One Hundred
ajml Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespective of the sum of Four Hundred and
Forty-two Thousand' Dollars ($442,-
000.00) proposed to be raised under
this by-law and the* "Hlifh School
Slia By-Law 1911," "High School
lluilding By-Law 1911," and the
"Public Schools By-Law 1811," of
.vhlch none of the principal or inter-
.st is ln arrears.
Now,    therefore,    the    Municipal
Council   of   the   Corporation   of   the
City   erf  New  Westminster  enacts  as
follows: ���
1.  It shall be lawful for the Mayor
' f  the  said  city  toi  raise  by  way  of
person    or    persons
ov MUntf
rcdit   of
mentioned   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
not  exceeding  in   the  whole  the sum
of $lf,5,000.00 and to cause the same
��� �� tuiLu   trom   any
\ *.,.,*v   ut- o..au��
ment of Interest thereon and the sum
oof One Thousand Four Hundred and
Sixty-two Dollars and Eighty Cents
($14<2.80) to provide for the repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sole of the
wild debentures shall be applied as
follows and not otherwise: Tnwardi
paying the cost of the passing of thi<
by-law and the issue and sale of th<
debentures therein referred to and
all expenses connected .with the Issuance of the said loan, and the balance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the several persons to whom
moneys are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
8. This By-law befoA the final passing thereof shall receive the assent of
the electors of the cald city in the
manner required by law.
��. This By-'!aw may be cited a^
"Lonn   l!v-Law  1911."
Received the assent of the electors
on the day of A.D., 191
Reconsidered and finally passed in
open  Council the day  of
A. D. 191
City Clerk.
Their  Large   Number  Detracts  Trom
Their Value.
London, Dec. 31.���Officials of the
Government, and particularly of the
War Office, are wonJering whether
war medals, Including those for special service, have not been issued with
so lavish a hand that their possession
brings no feeling of pride to many
of their recipients.
More tban 30,000 unclaimed war
medals are in the oidnance stores at
woolwlch and the authorities have decided that these shall be melted If application for thm is not made soon.
Fw, If any, o f the general   auction
firms have not bad war medals tor
sale at one time or another. One of
the best known auction concerns,
which makes a specialty of articles
prized by collectors, sold a Victoria
Cross recently.
Military men are discussing the
matter of adopting a new system of
recognition for war service and one
of them expressed the opinion that
poverty alone would Induce a soldier
or his relations to sell war decorations. While there were war medals
Issued in Britain as far back as 1G4:>
by Charles I., the practice of giving,
them by the wholesale was not begun
until all officers and men who served
at Waterloo were authorized to receive them. Britain's frequent wars
since then have produced a flood of
these badges of a grateful country'*
appreciation. Rudyard Kipling has
testified that he has often seen "tho
frontier plalster go for liquor on the
toss," but no man, be declared, would
sell his Victoria Cross.
B.C. Mills
limber and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers la All Binds *��
Fo*>ai City Planing Mitt* Branch
Tslsphons 12 New Westminster Box  ' ���
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially hrge stoc'< of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is tie time to build forfsale or rent while prices nre low
^jy ���-    -i*M~    "   arr*am.v   *"��� \
the   debentures ���fit.re.nn.ft^r
nny sum or sums of money
Tuk��    null.'
* r,��..    .,....-*���    *
'!!>..n   ~r.*al*>la
that   thi
*���***      .....
n li
�� >*.-����� <a.ar-***n
i a*..** .i��m,r.
llt*i      Any   ot
will   lie   taken' on   the
January,  11)12, between the hours    of
nine o'clock  a. m.  and seven  o'clock
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are again on sale by P. BurnsJ& Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
"������ ." '   '   ""  s  t**aa*a**********^******************a***Mm��ma*m******��********m- ,ma        m ������ ************* i   ��� ���       -
. . MONDAY,  JANUARY   1,  1812.
By-Law No....
A By-law to authorize the Corporation of the District of Burnaby to
���enter into and execute an agreement
with the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company for the purchase of
shares in the capital, stock of said
Company. ,
Tbe Municipal Council of the Cor
poratlon of the District of Uurnaby
enacts as follows:
1 Authority 13 hereby given to the
Reeve and Clerk of the Corporation
to Sign on behalf of the Corporation
and to eeal with the corporate seal
an institute of agreement between
the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bildg*
Company of the one part and the Cor-
poratlon of the other part in the
terms of the Schedule appended to
this Bylaw, and authority is hereby
itl ven to thc Corporation to enter la^
to and agree to all the provisions of
said  agi eement.
t This By-law may be cited as
"Tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company  Aid  Bylaw. 1911."
3 This By-law shall come Into
operation on the date of /** 'ecelv-
ing tho assent of the Lieutenant-Gcv
irnor-ln-Councll by order ln councll
to that effect.
Councll the Eighteenth day of Decern
ber, 1911. .       .
RECEIVED the assent of the elec-
lore on the   day   of	
.passed the   day of - m
1<J1-"- Reeve,
THIS INDENTURE dated this ���day
C|  , m the year ot our Lord, oue
thousand nine hundred and ���.
incorporated aa a Railway Com-
���any by a chai ter of tbe Parliament or Canada, hereinafter retorted to as the "Company'
of the ONE PART,
DISTRICI' OF BURNABV, hereinafter  referred  to as  tho "Cor-
10r',U0U" of the OTHER PART,
WHEREAS the Company has been
Incorpated Inter alia for the purpose
of undertaking the erection of a Joint
traffic and railway bridge across the
Second Narrows of Burrard Inlet
from a point In the Municipality of
Burnaby and Hastings Townsite to a
point In the District of North Vancouver and the construction of suitable railway works to give connection
with railway systems on the South
Shore and for tho opening, up and development of the North Shore of Burrard Inlet. ,
AND WHEREAS the "hole of
said works are eo Situated **ta> �����
of preat value to ita* Manic polity o*
liurnaby and the CorporaUoij.has
acrced to Bid the said Company by
subucilbtne for nve hundred (oOO)
sha;es of one hundred dollars
($100.0(i) each ln the capital stock of
Gtiid Company.
AND WHEREAS the price it valuft
of said Bharce ls fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00). theiefore the Company hereby agree* to sell to the
Corporation and the Corporation
agrees to purchase of and from tho
Company five hundred (500) shares
of oue hundreed dollars ($100.00) each
of thc capital stock of the Company
at and for the said price of fifty
thousand dollars <f50,000.00) subject
alwajs to the terms of the Act of Incorporation of tlie Company and to
the following conditions, namely:
1. l'he said price shall be due and
payable to the Company within two
(2) months from tbe date of tbs assent of th�� Lleutenant-Governor-ln-
Council to Alio By-law authorizing
the execution of this agreement and
upon payment of the said price and
Jn exchange therefor the Company
shall Issue and make delivery to the
Corporation of the share certificates
for said shares la the. capital stock
In valid form.
2. ln reepect of the said Corporation holding the said shares ln the
capital stock of the Compaay and
while the same are so held the Reeve
cf the Corporation shall be and act
as one of the directors ot the Company.
3. The Company agrees within
ten (10) months of the date of tho
iistient of the Ueutenant-Governor-
in-Council as aforesaid to commence
and proceed with the work of the
(���'instruction of the said bridge and
to liave duly completed and ready for
traffic the said bridge ahd at least
lour 14) miles of connecting railways
he'ore the lapse of three (3) years
from the date of the said assent of
the   Lleutenant-Governor-ln-Councll.
4. As regards the Corporation this
agreement is provisional on the assent being had of the electors of the
District and the passing of the Loan
By-law to provide the funds and also
���on this agreement ��� receiving the assent of the Lleutenant-Governor-ln-
Council and falling any of these
events then this agreement shall be
Ipso facto null and void.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Company    and    the   Corporation    have
���caused    their   respective    corporate
seals to be hereunto affiled.
The corporate seal of tho
Burrard  Inlet  Tunnel  and (SEAL)
Bridge Compaay was hereto affixed ln the presence of
The corporate seal ot the
Corporation of the District
of Burnaby was hereto af- (SEAL)
fixed in  the   presence   of:
Take Notice that the above Is a
true copy of the proposed By-law "upon which the vote of the Municipality
will be taken on Saturday, the 13th
day of January, 1912. between 9
o'clock a. m. untll 7 o'clock p. m., at
the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agile nl tural  Hall,  Central  Parte.
S t
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jag. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice Is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the DlBtrict of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned By-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has beea appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of;
such electors with the usual powers
In that behalf.
J. W. WE\RT, Reeve.
W. GRIFFITHS, clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20, 1911. '
By-Law No....
A By-law to enable the Corporation j
of the District of Burnaby to raise I
by way of loan the sum of Fifty I
Thousand  Dollars    ($50,000.00)    toi
purchase stock ln the Burrard Inlet I
Tunnel and Bridge Company.
WHEREAS a petition  dated as   to
each signature and signed by the own-
ers of more thauonc half of the real
pioperty  In  the  District of Burnaby ,
as shown by the last revised assess-
ment roll has been presented to the;
Council of the Bald District request-1
Ing them to Introduce and puss a by-
law to authorise them to borrow tbe
sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-
000.00)   to be expended  ln tho pur-!
chase of stock or shaies In The Bur-,
rard   Inlet Tunnel  ani   Bridge  Com-'
pany  Incorporated  by  Act of  Purlla-
ment of Canada.
AND WHEREAS It ls necessary toj
raise  the  money   roiulrtd  to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit:
of the Municipality. ��
AND WHEREAS it Will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Five Hundted and Twen-j
ty-six dollars and Seventeen cents
($52('..17) principal and the sura of
Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty   dollars   (12,280,00)   Interest   mak-
INLET TUNNEL  &   BRIDGE   COM- j purpose ot forming  a  sinking  fund
PANY LOAN BY-LAW 1912." j for the payment of the said   Jeben-
Done and PASSED in Open Council, tares and tbe sum of Two Thousand.
the Eighteenth day of December, A. Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,-
D. 1911. 250.00) for the payment of the Inter-
RHCEIVED the assent of the Elec-: est at the rate aforesaid, tbe said sp��
tors at an Election for the purpose oa j cial rate to be in addition to all other I tiflcate of Title Number 19, IF Issued
the     day   of   	
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted by the Council, signed by the
Reeve and Clerk and Scale! with the
Corporate Seal on   the   day   of
 , A. D. 191���
C.M.C.  Reeve.
Tale Notice that the above is a
true copy of thc proposed by-law upon
which the vote cf tbe Municipa'ity
wlll be taken on Saturday the 13th
day of January, 191LI, between 9
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p. m.
at the rolling places:
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,  Central   Pari;.
Mr. Topiing's Office, East Buinaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
DundonelJ Bchool, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-
r.e Lot 28,  n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 of Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer-
flcate of Title Number 19, IF issued
A.  D j rates  to  be levied  and  collected  In j in  the name ot The Corporation  of
the sal.I Municipality during the cur- j the   District   Of   burnaby,   has   l.e n
rency of tbo said debentures or any ! flled ln this office,
of them- " I     Notice is hereby given that I shall.
3. This By-law shall take effect on j at the expiration of one month from
and after the Eghteenth day of Jan- j the date of the first publication hero-
uary A. D. 1912. I of, in a daily newspaper published In
4. This By-law may be cited for all ] the City of New Westminster, Issue
purposes as the "BURNABY SIDE- a duplicate of the said Certificate, un-
WALKS EXTENSION BYLAW 1912" I less in the meantime valid objection
DONE    AND    PASSED    In   Open j be made l<> ��ne ln writing.
Council the Eleventh day   cf Decern-1 C. S. KEITH,
ber A. D. 1911. District Registrar of Title*.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec-!    Land   Registry   Office,   New West*
tors at an election for the purpose on   minster, B   C    Dec   21   1911
the ��� day, of A .D. 1912. ��� '
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted by the Councll, Signed by the
Reeie and Clerk and Sealed with the
Corporate Seal all cn the ��� day of
 , A. P. 1912.
C.M.C,  Reeve.
Take Notice that the above Is a
New Westminster Lsnd District, District of Nsw Westminster.
li    ** *. ,   c*.        ..       a.    r   i        I true copy of the proposed by-law up-
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.   ... ..        . *   ...    *...-. ,._,..'_.
Lalemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice is hereby given that
! on which the vote of the Municipality
wlll be taken on Saturday, the 13th
day   of   January    1912,   between   9
Take notice that I. Walter S. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to lease the following described land.
��ctvo0fteBl!hbev B#^^ttiswr��-"rsfa rahST*:��a*H2R3i2 uSSSSfSt
above-mentioned by-law  at the time      Munlcl al Ha���   Edmondg. cre��k, rlmnlng 80 chains north, thence
uud place above mentioned, and thatj     AgricuUurai   Han,   Central   Park,    j 80  chains    east.    Uience    80  chains
Mr. Topping's Office. East Burnaby.; south, thence 80 chains west to point
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burquit- of commencement and containing 640
lam. I acres more or less.
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vota of
Buch electors, with the usual powers
In that behalf.  '
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS   Clerk.
Edmonda, B. C, Dec. 20. 1911.
Date. September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
By-Law No*...
A By-law to enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to laise
by way of lean the sum of $60,000,-
00 for tho purpose of providing and
building additional sidewalks within the Limits of the Municipality.
WHEREAS It Is neccssaiy and expedient that the Council of tbe said
Ing together a total amount annua'!.'   Corporation be authorized to borrow
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and Seventeen cents ($2,770.17) for the term
of forty years for the re-payment of
tho said loan and interest thereon as
heielnafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of
the whole rateable land In tbe Municipality according to the last revised assessment roll amounts t > Eighteen Millions, Five Hun.lred and
Tweuty Thousand. Four Hundred and
Fouiteen   ($18,520,414)  dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand, Five Hundred dollars,
($1,208,500) exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments ot which mw.
of the priaoip* Pr ******* to ta ���" .^ertinmer mentioned.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the'     AND WHEREAS the net value of
payment of interest and the creation   tbe whole rateable land in the Munici
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mchr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
j     Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice ls hereby given that
I the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law. at the time
I and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to lake the  vote   of
such electors, with the usual powers! Cate  of  title  number  15308A,  Issued
In that hehalf. | in the name of Olive Bell has been
BY ORDER OF THE COUNCIL. | filed in this office.
J. W.  WEART, Reeve.        i    Notice ic hereby given that I-shall.
W    GRIFFITHS    Cler'.c       I at tlle expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, ln a daily newsraper published
in the City of New Westminster. Issue a duplicate of the said Certlfl
cate, unless  in    the meantime valid
Re Lot 12, In subdivision 2 of Lot
30. Group 1, Map 478, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of certlfl-
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Westminster Iron Works
Phone - S3.
Tenth   8t.,  New  Westminster.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20. 1011.
f.he  Bum   of   Fifty   Thousand    (J50
OOO.O(i) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks wita-
In  the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND  WHEREAS  it will be necessary to raire annually by s;::cial rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred   and   Ninety-seven   dollars   and
Five   cents   ($2,497.05)   prirclpal   and
the sum of Two Thousand. Two Hun- j
dred and Fifty  ($2,250.00)  dollars In-1
terest making together a tot i! amount,
annually   of   Four   Thousand,  Seven |
Hundred and Forty-seven d:llars and : RouncJ J^p JiclfteU   fo< O***
the   tetmi k.^.I^irw.tM^
NEW YEAR Holidays
objection be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  Office,   New   Westminster, B.C., December 6, 1911.
Five   cents   (J4.747.05)   for
of  tkttm**n
?~-��--*?��� ��&*
ia   term i
UlfeV won 7
Vmsrm m**A On* Thht
j     EarriBters-at-Law,    Solicitors,    Etc.
' Adam   S. Johnston.     Frank A. Jackson.    Offices:    Vancouver, Room 405
I Winch   Building;   New   Westminster,
I Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Western   Union
On sale Dec. 21 to Jan.
gocd until Jan. 5.
of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said prlnciial sum of $50,000.00
It will be necessary to levy a special
annual rate sufficient to rais,> the sum
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and- Seven
teen cents <$2,770.17) the amount to
bo calculated annually on the whole
of the rateable land comprised within the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tiie
District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. lt shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the pur-
pality  according to the last   revised i
assessment roll amounts to Eighteen
Million.    Five Hundred  and  Twenty
Thousand.   Four  Hundred  and  Fourteen ($18,520,414.00) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
For tickets and
apply to
other   particulars
New Westminster
debenture debt of the Municipality is j 0r ���   w .Brod,    QpA   Vancouver
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight ���
Varden No. 19, Sons ot Norway,
meet In Eagles hall the flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month af.
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
,      J. J. AUNE,
Financial Secretary.
Thousand Five Hundred ($1,203,500.- j
00) dollars, exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special |
rates or assessments of which none |
of the principal or interest is in ar-'
AND WHEREAS to provide for the;
payment of Interest and the creation j
poses aforesaid to borrow or raise by of a sinking fund for the payment of
way of loan from any person or body  the said principal sum of $50,000.00 iti
or bodies corporate who may be will   *"'" '" " "" *" '""" " ������""''*' ""
ing to advance the same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-
000.00 and to cause the same to be
placed In the Royal Bank of Canada
at the Ctty of New Westminster, British Columbia; to the credit of the
said Corporation for. tho purposes and
with the objects above set forth and
will be necessary to levy a special an
nual rate sufficient to raise the sum
of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747.05) tbe amount to be calculated annually on the whole of the
rateable land comprised within the
NOW THEREFORE the   Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the Dis-
to Issue any number of debentures of trict of Burnaby enacts as   follows
the said Corporation to the sum of ���    1.   It shall be lawful for the Reeve
$50,000.00 In the whole In accordance  and Clerk of the Council for the pur-
wlth the "Municipal Clauses Act
AND the said debentures shall be Issued to consist of 102 debentures, each
of the denomination of one hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount ot ��73-19-6d.
being the Sterling equivalent of $50.-
000.00 at the rate of $4.80*, to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable
in   Canadian   Currency  computed   at
poses aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or body
or bodies corporate wbo may be willing to advance tbe same upon the
credit of ths debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $60,-
000.00 and to cause the same to be
placed ln the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to the credit of the said
Corporation for the purposes and with
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
j F. G. GARDINER.       A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
; M. 8. A.
Phone 641. Box 772
Wonderful Praise Accorded
Peruna the Household Remedy
Mrs. Marls GoerU, Orients, Oklahoma,-writes:    .-
'���liy hjiiband, children and myself
have used your medicines, sad we always Jiecp them ln the house ln cose of
necessity. I was restored to health by
this medicine, and Dr. Hartman'�� invaluable advice snd books. People ask
about mo from different places, and are
surprised that I can do all ef my housework sloes, and that I was cored bjTthe
doctor ef chronic ostsrrh. My husband
wss eared ef asthma, my Aaaghter of
earache and satarrh of the stomach, snd
"I have retrained my health again, aad
I oajtaet flhank yoa enough for your
advise. May God give yon a long life
vid bless yonr work."
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estlmatee Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phene S6T
such rate, and such debentures shall, the objects above eet forth and to is
have annexed thereto coupons ex-1 sue any number of debentures of the
prossed both in Sterling and Currency , Eaid corporation to the sum of $50,-
for tho interest thereon at the rate 000,000 in the whole in accordance
of four and one-hatf (4^) per een- with the "Muntci:al-Clauses Aot." And
turn per annum payable halt-yearly on the said Debentures shall be Issued
tho notli day of June and the 31st. I to coneist of 102 debentures each ot
day of December ln each year. AND j the denomination of One Hundred
such Sterling debenutres shall be de-j Pounds Sterling (��100) and one delivered to the purchasers of the said j benture of the amount ot ��?3-19-Cd.
debentures, and both as to principal being the Sterling equivalent of $50,-
and Interest Shall bo payable at the ; 000.00 at the'rate of $4.86% to th?
office ot the Bank ot Montreal in
London, England, or in Toronto, Montreal or in Vancouver, Canada, or in
New York, at holder's option. AND
tbe principal of the said' debentures
shall be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December, A. D. 1951.
2. There shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor pn all rateable land within
the Limits of the aaid Municipality
the aum of Five Hundred and Twenty- such Sterling debentures shall be de-
six dollars    nnd    Seventeen    oents llvered to the purchasers of the said
time* 'Pbone US.     Barn 'Phons is
Begbie Street
Baggage   aetyserao   pivmptli     *
any part of tke elty
Light and Heavy Hauling
OFFICB���T****. 0***r*
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable)
In Canadian currency computed at,
such rate and such debentures shall
have annexed thereto coupons expressed both ln Sterling and Currency
for the interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4H) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day of June and the Slst
day of December ln each year.   And
($526.17) fer the purpose of forming
a sinking fund for the payment of the
said debentures and the aum ot Two
debentuies, and both as te principal
and Interest shall be payable nt the
Offiee of the Bank  of   Montreal In
Thousand.  Two Hundred and  Fifty London, England, or In Toronto, Mon-
dollars ($2,260.00) for the payment ef
the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the
said special rate to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected in the aald Municipality during
the currency of the said debentures
or any of them.
treal or in Vaneouver, Canada, or in
New York at holder's option. And
the principal of the said debentures
shall be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December. A.D. 1926.
2.   There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate suftl-
3. This by-law sball take effect on. dent therefor on all rateable land
and after the Eighteenth day of Jan-' within tbe limits of the said Munlcl-
uary, A. D. 1912. ! pallty  tbe  sum of  Two   Thousand.
4. This by-law may be cited for Pour Hundred and Ninety-seven dol-
all   purposes   as  "THE  BURRARD Ian and Five cents ($2 497.06) for the Telephone R ttS Office: Princess a
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job-Printing of Every
Description - ���Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Nev* Westminster.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   AeraM Waters
Manufactured by
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital Va'd up $6,200,000
Reesrve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from tbe Atlantic to the Paehie.
in Cuba throughout the Island;
alee ln Parte Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on nil the principal towns and
cities ln tbe world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
bankins facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
B.C Coast Service
For  Victoria.
A   M Dally except Tuesday
P. M... Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M��� Dally
Por Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M. Dec. 14th, 23rd, 30th
Fer Queen Charlotte lalanda.
11:00 P. M.. Dec. 23, January ��th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M   Thuraday
Fer Upper Fraser River Polnta.
Leave New Westmlnater. 8:00 A.M.,
Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A. M., Tnet-
day, Thursday ami Saturday.
i For Gulf lalantfa Polnta.
17:00 A. M. Friday tor Victoria, calling nt Gallapo. Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
nan Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
8Mney Id.
I  . to GD. OOTJLET,
1 tpent, New Weetmtoeter
,H   W   RtlODIR.
'-���'���?   *   Vancouver ..
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Mattel
Corner Eighth St. end Fifth Avenue.
f r
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking oi
Merest b paid sa Sariifs
Batiaces kalf-yeariy. :: ::
Batmen {Acts���Is ��peac4
mi fararaUa tanas,   as
ASSETS  $48,000,000,
���*i Columbia St>eet
"���H .
MONDAY,  JANUARY   1,   1912,
684 Cdtimbla St.     Phone 22-28
[City News
Erda Mentha died at Praser Mills
yesterday. The burial will take place
today from the Catholic church at
Fraser Mills.
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.    Phone 310.    I. A. Reid.    *
Mrs. James Templeton, who ha3
been visiting at the home of Mr. L
A. Olmstead, returned to her home
at Sault Ste. Marie yesterday.
Edmonds���Few cheap lots, $350,
$50 cash.    Reid, Curtis & Dorgan. ���*
A progressive euchre party will be
held on Wednesday by the social as-
stmbly of the Church et St. Ptters,
in St. Patrick's hall.
Mlss Sofia Hammer, the great
Norwegian singer, will appear at St.
Patrick's Hall, Jan. *,. on her farewell trip to tbe coast cities.
The Daily News acknowledges with
pleasure the receipt of a seasonable
gift from the B. C. Distillery and its
manager, Mr. Morrow.
Mr. L. A. Olmstead, foreman fo.-
Smith and Whittaker, has sufficiently recovered from his Injuries Incurred in falling 14 feet from a scaffol l-
ing, to be able to leave the Royal Columbian hospital.
i Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member ot the Incorporated Society
of Musicians (England).   %
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
���Prepares candidates for Teachers"'.
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local exam- \
(nations of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and R6>*al j
College ot Music. Has had numerous ,
successes in past  years.
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St., \
; New Westminster.   Phone L639. |
W*J��r�� I
A Happy
New Year
Hamilton street,   near   Fourteeth
street, good lot on north side.
Good terms.
LOSSES. .    .',. i
Alfred W. McLeod
iif Columbia St.,
Phone  62.
New  Westminster.
Two hundred thousani dollars
available for loan on desirable city
property, repayable in flve years or
monthly payment plan. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
street. **
Mrs. Eliza Heath died here on December 27, aged t!3 years. Sbe was
buried ln tbe Church of England
cemetery. The ball-bearers were: W.
Swain, B. Swain. T. Smith, J. 3awye"
and A.  MacDonald.
Mayor Uae's Commutes Too as
are opened i* the rear of the office
of Mr. Joseph Travers, 421 Columbia
street, near Feurth, Burr block, ami
he will be glad to receive the help
and assistance of all interested in
the welfare of our city. ���*
Two hundred thousani dollars
available for loan on desirable city
property, repayable In flve years or
monthly payment plan. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
Street. **
Fourteeth street near Tenth ave
Good view lot.
Very good terms.
Major & Savage
B. & M.
537 Front ��t   -   Phone 301
Clearing Out   the
Christmas Line.
See Show Window
Curtis Drug Store
8EEDS j  |
Phone 43: kt'O. 71:  Rss. 72.
New   Westminster.    B   C.
Phone RC72.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Esvetrouoh Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc
CADBURYS   (English)
ROWNTREES'  (English)
WEBB'S (Canadian)
POPHAM'S   (British Columbia)
So far, New Year celebrations have
not led to many collisions with the
police. Two foreigners, however,
who insisted on throwing crackers
after the officer had warned them to
stop, were arrestel on Saturday, and
released on bail of $6.00 apiece.
jj\ StTyeafs "oF~agerIs ~%SVntr~Siulo<unv\
��� sought after in British Columbia oy
. his mother, who Is still fn the ol<l
��� country. Rev. Mr. Oke'l has been
written to for tidings cf the missing
man. Mr. Okell has learned that
Sloan was in New Westminster with
In the year. He is descrited as a
mining agent. Mr. Okell will be glad
to receive news oi him.
Heartaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
i graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's Jewelry store.   *���
W. Norman Bo!e, K.C, president of
the New Westminster hockey team,
will be unable to attend the opening
game at Victoria, as he has been
attacked by a sudden Illness. Mr.
Bole will be confined to his house,
the doctor states, until he is flt to go
to California.
Take the steamer Transfer for a
ound trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ������
Today the Y. M. C. A. are keeping
open house. Their day's program will
be as follows: At 10 o'clock a
basketball match will take place, and
at three in thp afternoon swimming
and diving will be in order. At 7:3Q
In the evening a baseball match Will
be played, followed by a volley-ball
same. Gymnastic dancing and dumb-
hell drill, both general and Individual,
will be the next Items on the urogram, and apparatus work and group
games will close a hard day. Refreshments will be served, and the
motto will be; everyboly and everything free for New Year's Day.
Mayoralty Election Notice.
In the interests of the mayoralty
candidature of J. S. Bryson the electors of the city of New Westminster
are notified that permanent committee rooms have been engaged In tho
old Knights of Pythias hall directly
above Curtis' drug store, Columbia
street. These rooms will be open
day and evening until after the election and everyone Is cordially Invited to visit these rooms at any
time, and any assistance rendered
tho committee will bo greatly appreciated. ������
n rs
Deane Block.   441 Colnmbia St
New Westminster, B.C.
20e- lh.
A Sale that will prove the Bargain Event of a lifetime
And the sales of this store are always a success, there
being only one way to that end���giving values that
cannnot be duplicated. This sale from start to finish
will be one great price slaughtering. Costs and profits are altogether forgotten, in this one great event
of the year.
You cannot start the New Year better than by paying
this store an early visit tomorrow. There are lots of
snaps for the early shoppers, you be one.
Every Counter and Table Crowded with
Bargains.    Such only as,   you'll   find   at
See Window Display Today.   Will expect
voujiere early Tomorrow.
Delivery 10 a. m
and 4 p.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Bought and Sold.
Highest Pi ice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Archaeologists' Congress.
A feature of the annual congress of
the Institute of Archaeology of
.America, which has been ln progress
at Pittsburg, Penn., during the pa3t
week, was n paper entitled "Neolithic
Man In Rritish Columbia." read bv
Mr. Charles Hill-Tout, of Ahhotsford.
Mr. Hill-Tout, who is one of the best
known autliropo'ouists on th" American continent, is the author of, amon,:
other works, tho "Native Paces of
the Empire" Bctles. He attended thc
conpress as a representative of Western Canada.
fnttt*   LAWTIVE   BPOMO     Qr.h7.Sa
Tablets.    Druggists  refund money  tt
it fails to cure.   E. W. GROVE'S signature la on each bos. 25c.
We wish all our Friend*
and Clients a
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Mcv Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A del prove. B.C.
.-il a,
Cadbury's Fry's Webb's Lowney's Chocolates
At AH Prices
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R*y
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
gee. aad Treas.
Manufacturer* and  Wholesale
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and S77. Shingles, Sash, Dean, Moulding** ���*������
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 6:45
am. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 16 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave foi1. Vancou ver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraoer Vallev line. ��� Cars
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
CIO p.m.
Huntingdon nnd way points,
leaves at 4.05 p.m.
The B. C. B R. Co. ftffera reduced rates of a fare and a
third tor week end trips to all
points on Ra Fraaer Valley.
line. '
Tickets will he on sale on.
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
*+...r*.*r    a    .*
v ���'      '*'
'��� -iff--


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