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The Daily News Jan 31, 1912

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MRT MANN���10S icree adjoin-1
Irtfl the townsite ef Pert Mann wl*' <\
tttWt Northern trackage; Meal .^N
division proposition; $800 p**^
Terms lo arrange. ^
�� .*,
FIB l-jti?:��
W B. c.t.'*.'<
en tho new ���- Cl
-off |4S0 sad   ap;
caah, balance $, flt 18
eempany hat announced  the
conetruetion of this Una.
Woman Companion of Suspect Dean Re-Marries.
Nina Griffin    Waa    Divorced    8ome
Yeara Ago, But Again Enters
With 8ame iftkn.
Sixth Avenue Methodist Church Was
Scene of Supper and Entertainment���Mlaa Winter Sang.
The supper and special entertainment held at the blxtu Avenue Methodist oburcb to ciebiate further tbe
opening of tbe new building ��� proved
a treat success laat nlgbt. A apeecii
by Mayor Lee, and oineis by lie vs.
brown, Baker and tt. Newton Poweu
were a feature of the evening, and
tbe singing of Misa *'. J. Winter, k.
it. C. M. ot Vancouver, was mucb
Mayor Lee congratulated the people
of tbe West End aud of tbe city as
a whole on the new churcb, whicb
they had just opened. There could
not, he said, be too many churcbee
la a' city, as long aB tkey were all
"dve wires." tbe same spirit ae had
built the church was inspiring other
great works of development throughout tbe city, but unless there wbs
something deeper behind economical
and industrial progress these were but
hollow gains.
lbe mayor then went on to speak
of tbe power of publlc sentiment, and
maintained that lt lay with the people themselves to do away by the
force of tbeir opinion with the evils
that existed in New Westminster today. He closed with a word of advice to preachers, to the men in tbe
pulpit, who, he believed, could exert
New Leader Mistakes Noise
For Force.
Makes Trite and World-Worn Prophecy that Government Will Be
Defeated  Next Election.
San Diego, Jan. 30.���Mlss Nina
Grliunetbe woman said to have been
associated with chaues Dean, alleged
to Lc a member ot the fcang tnat
robbed the bank of Montreal at New
Westminster o�� *;275,OoU, waa uiur-
ried u��re tonight to her former husband. William Oiiffin, a barber. The
pair weie divorced some yeara ago.
When Dean waa arreated the Griffin woman was closely questioned.
Her trunks were searched and she
was anadowed to this city.
Slowly���so slowly aa to tempt the
Britisher to think complacently and
amugiy of tbe swiftness with which
British Justice, as shown ln the Crippen caae, moves���tbe accused men
are being brought neaier to trial.
Charles Dean waa brought up ln court
at Lia AngeleB yllterdaly and remanded until March 5th; and John
McNamara was brought up in court
ln New York and remanded till February 5th.   Theee are tbe dates given
to the Dally News, although, reading tt great influence over the people. He
them, one ia tempted to conclude that himself had been active In almost
the date Is probably the same in both ' every department    of   church work
cases. since   a   small child, and   he thought . memhera out of thirty.    The vow.*
Aa a result of the publicity given to   he had been a failure- but one thing ' u,<-llt ha* l'layed the  part, of F-iust
the photographs of the two men, rest-, his experience had taught him," and \l0 Redmond's Mephlstopheles.   They
dents have been found yho are able   that was that the preacher who told   wil1 sha!0 the fate of faust'   ln sl*
to testify that th accused were In this .people what to think and do, instead '>earB this government has 'increased j regarding Darrow.
neighborhood two or three days before :0f suggesting to them higher thoughts
""   *"" "  *u        '' "    " "' ;and ways of living that would strike
home to their minds, succeeded only
in  antagonizing   his  hearers.      The
preacher moat poesees a breadth -of
view an.l  largeness   of    vision that
would permit him to appeal  to all
l.inds of minds.
London, Jan. 30.���Mr. Bonar Law,
the new Unionist leader, made his
.first fighting speech slice the mantle
of Arthur Balfour fell upon bim. Unionist papeia aay that it remln.led
them of the daya when Cbainbenaln
waa at,his best. Immediately after
bis address Mr. Bonar Law, accompanied by another Canadian member,
Sir Max Aiken, left for France, ostensibly lor a holiday, but according to
tbe Dally News to study the tariff
Question in the lepubllc.   .
Mr. bonar Law's lemarUa were
scathing and touched on both Home
Rule and the disestablishment of the
Welsh church.
"Every revolutionary government ls
a corrupt government. In the only
det ai tment which interests them, in
electioneering, ln the small trickery
ot politics, they are, indeed, competent. During the last six years tue
government has bestowed marka ot
their esteem, varying trom a peerage
to a job, cn eighteen Welsh Hadieal
Amplification of Announcement Made Yesterday.
Counsel  for  McNamaraa Will  Stand
Trial for Bribery of
. ��� i. HiiiangaahSgaea
LOS ANGELES. Jan. 30.���Clarence
Danow, charged in county grand ju. y
indictments with bribery, **\i\ be arraigned before Superior Judge Con-
rey 'ihursday morning, ln preparation for that formality lt waa aiated
today that he und hla chief counsel,
Earl Rogers, would spend today In
conference at Darrow b Ocean i'ark
'tne trial date is problematic. Tbe
calendar Ib crowded, and with the expected clashes of counsel, motions, demurrers and arguments, the beginning
of the trial will probably be delayed
until late in tho year.
The district attorney's office refused to comment upon a report that
Bert H. Franklin has confessed to
bilblng a McNamara Juror. Neither
would Franklin deny thai be had
made a complete statement to Assistant Dlatrict Attorney Joseph Ford.
Franklin, who was ln the employ of
the McNamara defense, waa named In
an Indictment charging bribery of a
juror. Since then he has divided with
Darrow the principal Interest ln the
grand jury Investigation. According
to common report Franklin's conduct
before the grand Jury would have
much to do with that body's action
Steamer  Medina Arrlvea With  Flag
Floating at Halfmast, Honoring
Memory ef Dead Duke.
Decision Reached at Imperial
Royal    Family    Remain   le  Peking
Retain Titles end Reeelve
Gibraltar, Jan. 30.���King George
and Queen Mary arrived here today
on board the steamer Medina, which
Is bringing them back to England
from India, where | the King and
Queen were crowned Emperor and
The Medina's flag was floating at
half-mast oa tbe vessel entered port
on account of the death of tbe Duke
of Fife yesterday In Egypt.   The programme arranged  for the leceptlon
of  the  monarchs   has  been   greatly
curtailed owing to the royal visitors.    ....    .        . , ,    ���       .     .
being   ln   mournln-   lv:   the  King's  , lhe ���Per,al ^mOy ant prince* are
brother-in-law. ��vmB".to continue to reside In-Poking and
The Spanish fleet lying off Alge- i r?Um th? ���"���** tM^-TMy ����
clras and the BriUsh fleet anchored  a1*? recelve ���������������I *******-setm-
at Gibraltar saluted the Medina as she
entered the barbor.   A Moorish delegation will be presented ta the King
during his stay here.
Peking, Jan. 3fe-,T*e HmmedlaUr
abdicatlon of tbe throne haa been decided upon aa the reeult ol a conference today, in accordance wtth the
conditions laid down by the Republicans. :
also receive  "wirl
gating two million dollars.
Tbe police of Mukden are systematically raiding tbe koaaea of prominent men suspected of being In sympathy with the revolutionary pany,.
assassinating them and Carrying oft
their wives and daughters, according,
to a letter from a mtaeionary in that
city received here today. Consular
reports confirm the accounts of scores
ot murders nightly.
London,    Jan.    30.���Bombs    were
thrown early today at the r<*ldencee-
  of the viceroy and the commanding
general at Tientsin, bnt the attempta
Inspector Sullivan, However, Reports  t0 dynamite the houses with their occupants, among whom were several
j Important offlclalt, were not anccesa-
I ful.   Aeordlng to a newa.agency dit-
i patch received thla morning severak
j arrests were made, and it ia believed
ithe would-be assassins, are among tho
rrisonera. \
a Number of School Children
Inapect Site.
the date of the robbery, and tbat
they were seen on the morning of the
robbery making theh- way to Vancouver ln an automobile.
Inspector Sullivan was allowed
report on the number of children
the  schools  of  the  city  before
A tet it lon for the damming of the
upper end of Canoe l'uss, near Ladner, has been, it is reported, signed
by nearly eveiy lamer of the Delta.
The it>ea is to dam this upper end and
consti-act a solil road ove;- tbo dam.
This would kee;> the Bllt out of this
branth of the Praser, which would be
left open from the sea end, ao that lt
could be used for vessels carrying
freight to the Delta. Thla petition
will fee presented to tbe Delta councll
at aa early date.
our  national  expenditure   to  the   ex-      Officials of  the district  attorney",
temt of forty million sterling a year. J off ice Intimated that there would be
lf we have a few more yeais of Georgian finance, the only attractive, the
only lucrative profession left ln this  sponslbility  for the alleged bribery, the rest of his report on the teachers, I
intry wlll be that of a Welbfc. HrcM-  however,   are  said    to   be   finished, and to do more wor�� on the esiiunUs.
further investigation    by    the grand School Board went Into committee of
jury.    The Jury's efforts to fix    re-  management  last  night   to   consider
I cal i;Oiitician
��� Vrhat humbug's these people are!
Trickery and t'.e methods of the Artful Dodger may succeed in small
things, but will never succeed in big
thtn.ii; ar.d sUr thc elemental passion*
of human natuie. ' We hear a g:eat
Just what  lines  the  new  probs  wlll  The results of the latter will probably
follow was not divulged. I be apparent at another meeting of the
He Expected It. j board, which wiil be held some time
Tamps, Fla., Jan. 30.���"Tbe arrest j t0i?a>'-    .      ��� ,���
of Clarence Darrow Is not the begin-  .  ll����f��ctor  Sullivan  announced  that
ninii,"   -'erlared   Disttlct   Attorney  J lhe had JuBt conUJleted his inspection
of every classroom in the city. Alto
B.   C.
Telephone   Company   Making
Preparation for New Switch-
'''   Beard.
| and we mean to support to the end, i    Freae!lckB left ^y tor Key West,,fefent Echo^ *?��!
the lojal minority la &**����* e have' b     h      ,��� ^ ,     , Dlvls.
no ill v. ill to the Nationalists in I.e-1 time ��� conduct the b���bery caaes per. ionB
..���,    . , .     . sonally. . Boys'   Central.. .11
\\ e have  done more to improve      ���rl       wag      cba      ,or Darrow to 1 Girlg. c    t   ,
tbeir  condition   than   anybody W.  MMa����� Fredericks added. "We knew Lord Kelvin  .
Ecys GirlB Total
City   Lots   Changing   Hani*���Oorult-
lam Subdivisions and Edmonda
Seattle Couple Asohyxiat?^.
Seattle. Jan. 30.���Jim Kamaha and
wife were asphyxiated In a room tn a
Washington street hotel last night
Both were found dead In bed this
mom int; with gas pouring Into the
room through a leaky hose connection.
land wo Intend to continue tbat work.
1 Thfere la nothing In *.---r history which
when Juror Bain took his seat that Queensborough   . %
How Is tbe real estate business in
New Westminster? Everybody 1��
asking this question, and moat people
are answering, "pretty good." a uiu-
round the different offices In townt
would impai t the idea that tne city
waa sunning on the threshold of big
\ things  to come,    inquiries  are  atliL
Work la going on steadily   on
enlargement  ot
Company's    building    here.     About
twelve men are at work on the addi-
80C     807
poses to carry it after the election.
,, ,**,..* ,,    ,   >    "The Roveinmnt are a set of gam-
tion at the back of the present block,  bl���rg who are aI read   to d   b,
���'hi,  h      Id      t*>     <wvnta4tl      Ihn      nmrnr      ��uiltnh.        sa   " * ..
' more numerous than deals, but many
....'people are taking their money awl
* ��� their courage ln their hand anl buy-
the B. C. TeWhone ^ ,3E Z ^?��^l,- ~ ? ^^ 0t ** \   Totals  ��
More Arrests Near. This morning at 9 o'clock the build- lng lots,   'iue big deals are lew at
INDIANAPOUS,  Han-  30*���Thirty !lng committee will leave the achool present, but ail along the line tho
., .   .    , . .    ,. ...          - .--  1 **��� w..^.^1��rresU of members of an alleged "in- board office in an automobile and go  smaller  men   are  picking up  what
��..-?   %-K. ^*1*a ��L     , "^ J'the sUkeB    They ar�� not on,y mm* ����f circle" of laboi- leaders declared j ���p to Inspect the Lord Kelvin site, looks good to them.   Yesterday one
noara.     ine  ground  noor    is reaay biera> but g��mblers who are ready to to have been concerned in a iynamtt- with the object of choosing a position firm sold five or six nice dty Iota.
I tail's    xfi- iZLaJ^Zu ^ JiZlS-Jn  l0*& the dic* ** ta th* trickery of the '����� campaign which culminated in the  for the new West End school,
(built    Thl". floor_wUi be occupied by insurance Wll.    We ean rfot abandon  arrest of tbe McNamaras. are expect-j
i^'^m^S*^*�����.rJiSLS'*etlr i teriff re,orm becauae'yre. bellow in it.  ���* betore the end of the week, wider /
*^ r��,L��Li��. T.'i5J,��^-���J ��?����������  *��� .��*�������. * smataat ot IndlctmenU by the feder��l grand Jnryf
Tbe switchboard Itself la to arrive' air social   reforms   tar  t����Z��m4i..   here
ADril.   acnorrilnir   tn   thm   nnntrmot     '"   ^T1"1    **"""**    Tmr.   t^Bacendlng, am*.
i ��*Z�� f ZPlSZL "SSKi".5?^ ��� be _��.��e��eral rise in the level of waae. .
More  C.watore  Rata reed  to   Work
Yeeterday, Followlno Serious
Riots on Monday.
Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 30.���No resumption of yesterday's riots occurred
today wnen the various mills opened
their gates. The whole city was under control of the militia, and picketing near the mill district was stopped
by tne soldiers. There appeared to
be a slight increaae in the number of
mill employeea who went to work /as
compared with yesterday.
Several strikers are said to have
been hu.t ln tbe riots, ln the vicinity of tue Arlington milts a crowd ot
atrike sympathizer attempted to cripple the e.ectric aervlce by cutting
the trolley wlrea.
On Usees street the scene of most
ot yesterday's rioting all waa quiet
doting the houra preceding the opening of the mills. The cara which or
dinarily carry the workers to the various tetxile establishments were practically deserted.
Today the city waa aa near under
martial law aa lt ia possible under the
Massaohuaetta statutes. Col. Sweetcer
bad under his command nearly two
full regiments of soldiers, totalling
X200 men.
Col. Sweetzcr aald the poaitlon ot
the militia waa no longes that of waiting for trouble to develop, but that the
soldiers were looking for trouble. Hia
orders to the troops1 ara that persons
ahall not be allowed to congregate
ln thejtreets and today the militia
zone was etxended to include the entire'city Instead of the mill district
there are still 23,000 operatives on
atrike or forced out by the closing
ef mills,. *-
Bayonets came into play In the
atrike this morning when John Ramy,
18, A Syrian striker, was bayonetted
in the back as he fled from the militia down Blm atreet. He la expected
to die. The police and soldiers tried
to suppress the fact of the woundina
of Ramy,
.   ,     .     ���              HOLD-UP MAN AT
I be given a year befora deUvirylV' i^ ' and b^at?e wtThnolfatTaLat T f CE0AR COTTAGE
quired, ir the goode are to be received fiSve we know th?t 7,^1. i^�� T* .be"     ^ 	
!���_���.__     v,__.         ����*�� we know, that auch a rise Is lm-1    Vancouver. Jan. 30.���Mr. Benjamin
a  hardware  mer-
minster will no longer be turning . g.XenTL���TtmT ?*?' "*' T i ������^""�� wa^'lMt^gM tte*
handle every time they want to down a stein 'mi^ ,"�� t.runB,h8 victim of a hold-up man at the corner
speak to a friend over they phone.        gitfg*JZ"���**& ^
throw when they come up for Judgment before the people."
on time.   Now, however, it may   be iwisalhiB wirhn,�� . Vh��������   i IT"'    v����>��ouver, Jan.
confldently predicted that by the'enS cTivltem    ^.m onnvT^^"*'/I* IThoma8  Qu��n��^.
of May the inbeWUnt. ef New West- SiTS,. __* 22?S�� %�� 5?  chant ��' Central I
Each Department of French Republic
May Donate, Aeroplane to
Regular Army.
Paria, Jan. 30.���It is probable that
each of the 87 departments ln the'
French republic will donate an aeroplane to the army, the machines to
bear the name of the departments presenting them. The scheme is the outcome of a too small appropriation for
the air division made oy the chamber
of deputies. There is a growing feeling
here/that Prance's destiny will be
fought out in the clouds.
Pear that Germany, "the enemy,"
might forge ahead In the matter ot air
craft is general. The man In the
str et saya Britain haa the most
powerful water force, Germany jthe
biggeat standing army, so France
oujht to keep her lead aa mistress of
the air.
nothing wrong,
Baron Stan mors Dead.
London, Jan. 30.���Baron Stanmore
died here today in his 84th year. He
waa one of the most prominent colonial officers, having held the post of
lieutenant-governor or governor at
various times in a large number of
British colonies including New Brunswick, Trinidad. Mauritius, FIJI, New
Zealand^ and Ceylon. He was a prolific author and waa a member of the
They admit the lad did House of Lords although he took, very
little part in politics.
Victoria, Jan. 30.���The entire session of the House today was devoted
to the naval programme as lt affects
the Pacific Coast.
Mr. Brewster's resolution of laat
week precipitated the diacuBslon. Premier McBride moved an amendment,
but it was decided that Mr. Brewster's
resolution should be withdrawn and
that of the Premier redrawn and
moved at a future date by Mr. Brew-
ater and seconded by the premier.
Of Cedar Cottage and Westminster
roads. At the point of a revolver Mr.
Gunning was compelled to hand over
two gold medals end a watch and
chain. He carried only a few cents in
The hold-up man was a slender fellow of about 5 feet 9 inches ln height
and weighing 140 pounds. He had
brown eyes and sharp features. He
wore a black overcoat with velvet
Standi Seventeenth In Table of Canadian Cities for Building Totals
Last Year.
around  the f 1000 mark, and other
j firms turned over a goodly number of
! lota 'n Edmonds and Burnaby, which
i are having a brisk little time of their
own Just at present
I    Coquitlam subdivisions are popular,.
'too.    One firm is reported to have
sold 29 lots yesterday morning ln one.
subdivision, and that la no small bualneas.   Some Cloverdale acreage alao -
changed hands.
With regard to inside property on*
difficulty ia that hoMera wIM not let.
go wnen they get their price. A case
can be cited where property Hated at
iii.ouo could not be delivered even at
an advance of f6000.   People jbolleve ���
that something good Is coming and *
will not let the other fellow have any..''
share in the prosperity to come.
The inquirtea for business sites continue to flow into the brokers' offices,,
and the answer   nearly   alwaya Is,
"Nothin   gdolng."     Meanwhile   the-
New Westminster's building totals
for the year 1911 make a wondeiful
showing, when tabulated with the rest
of the cities of the Dominion. Previous to last year the figures for this
city were not available, so that its,AOT,       ,  -,     - ���    ���
position in previoua years can not be' Afne" 8twet "t^JHWeiB' aaaociatioa,
oompared with that of ISll. when itl J���!*6 obJect ta to vmiU* another
took aeventeenth place for the whole f? "t"8 8tpe*t' to Bot *****��> ��* ��^
ot Canada, both tor the amount ot i160"*11 *�� defnite steps can be taken
building carried out and for jtbw'"""1 the B- c- Klectric haa replledi
amount done per capita of the popula- i*f *�� ��u,,dtoS   ��*   *. *��ack on the
The Doll Shop.
The mimical pantomime, "The Doll
Shop,' in which the high spirits of
merry-hearted people wlll be the
means or entertaining the people ot
New Westminster, at the Open
House, Feb. 8th and ��th, ie in preparation. Mlss Jean'Logan, of Winnipeg, is training the young people to
do all aorta af amusing things, aa
dollies will do wben wound up.
Throughout the evening many sing
ing and dancing specialties will be Introduced.
Speaking of the presentation of the
"Doll Shop" at San Franciaco, the
Examiner says: "Sail FrabcUco has
every reason to be proud of one Of
her brlllant daughtera today. After
last night's reception ot the "Doll
Shop," Miss Joan Logan had no fear
tor lack of support for anything ahe
may present In the future. Praises
and wonder" are on every lips today
and the general feeling among those
foi tunate-enough to aee It, being that
never before km cuch, a. beautiful entertainment bsen offered in thli cltv
It wiU be repeated by request next
wetlt."        ���"��� - ������ ��� ���..  -,
atreet. data is steadily being collected and plana drawn ey. by the city
engineer, so that the exact work to
be entailed, by the widening of tbe.
will be known beforehand.
Sir ^rid with m aJ^^T^S d0B�� fridge "���� North Vancou-
disk  .It ^r��lk!�� ��r^" "if*1 w�� rtd established    manufacturing I ���	
Jdmirara M ^^ * "' *orttora1 town, of the eMt, as LondoT^ffi JBU.LDINQ STARTED
The nrtloto. ara unique. TM* I. . 'SfSKf %&?&*o^'S
upon tho handle.   A golden aim u|W",wra l*MUoa ***
 it that tfcw-
upou toe nanxue.    a golden aim la with the twent,*.^^,i2L C<m^nt ^^  ^umMn ****Xt*, Rdllwaai
!��?.. !L52Si!? ^l*!**^***- *"**trmcom and   twenty-tourth ln
dress is contained In a moose akin
eaae, whieh haa pick shovel and pin
burned upon it From the pan, nuggets of real gold a* spilling.
Fourteen Thousand Strike.
Brisbane, Auatralia, Jan. 80.���Fourteen thousand men of all trades
with tM exception of baker*. *r* o��
atrike Mre In aympathy with employeea of the etreet railway, wM
walked out when permission was refused them to wear anion labels on
their uniforms. Laibor members et tM
Mate parliament trkKTMrd to mM.
trate. but the board ot management
iof tM atreet railways refused.
tM table.
..IS?.1! thB "8t fc-Twwrto with
$14,374,539 with Vancouver second,
with a total of ��17.652,642. Winnipeg,
Montreal, Calgary, Regina and Soakat
toon follow In order, and the four juet
above New Weatminater ere Moose
Jaw. Malsonneuve. Westmount and St
Boniface. Victoria holds the credit-
able place of ninth on tM list.
In the returns for December   New
Weatminater holds   tM   eighteenth
.   Moosejaw
haa dropped   behind.     In   Januarv.
hewevw. from all appecrancee thia
block aa well an asaim aaaarale
stores and offlcea I. aSe^MMrtoaT
and tM contract hea Mak let tor tko-
erectlon of ten new Meeea on the
Buller road wlthta * qmrter ot *_
mile of tM station.
It la anticipated that wtth tM *om-
ISS* ?L ^�� "MB HlghUnd fSrk
will sprtn gUto proataenoe aa it wOl
he a tranator point taepesste gring te >
the eaat end ef tM dty mm nleo for.
thoee ereaiding on Twetttb MteeC
��^^2^ k*04 S?^*5**    VmSSSJU tKLSr^nai*
rone _ahead_ of her. while Moosejaw  was MBt��mJLi ^ J!H2S!,^??,,i���
was sentenced by M��tottit�� shaw h^
polloe court thla msrSAA* to
dty w,I, hav. wmiMtftii.-^rp^ ����� & SS^X-lSt.
���and perhaj. gone up one or two more, vl* ,treM last tLSXTiJ&5!^
>.m .<%-
WEtfUtSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1918.
qnirod by atrong financial company.
Apply room 7, Bank  ot Commerce
muat be good salesman, capable of handling an attractive In-
weetment proposition ln great demand. . Ask for E. W. Cradock,
British-Canadian Home Builders,
Itdi. *26 Columbia street.	
muat be thoroughly competent. F^s-
qaired to take complete charge of
���mall Infant and little glrl^. Apply
; stating experience,1 P. 0. Box 159,
New Weatminater.   ''
housekeeping rooma close ln for
couple. Apply, stating terms, to
Box 7.
call at 814 Third avenue. Rates reasonable.
Address News office.
pljr Westminster Private hospital.
223 .Townsend  atreet,  near  Third
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Land to clear or grade. Contracts taken; estimates given
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1074. 214 Fifth Ave. j
Auction Sale
DELTA  DYKES  TRAMLINE.        tfanamlsslon    poles    tor   light   and
"-"-""~" power along the roada.   Their Inten-
Munlclpal   Council Heare  Deputation Uon WM t0 bulld th#   roild through
en Important Subject. I Ladner, not right away to  Hunting-
Ladner, Jan. 30.���A deputation   of donp but aa nea����traa possible, and
to connect with Sew Westminster.
Their people intended eventually to
bulld a steel bridge across the river
not only for their own purposes, but
to be used as a traffic bridge tor tbe
public, aa good a bridge as tbat
across tbe Fraser at New Weatmlnster. Their desire was t* run on section and a half-section lines, so aa
not to cut up farms more than waa
abaolutely necessary. They felt particularly  interested   in   getting   the
officials ot the International Railway
* Development company, whose
headquarters are at Vancouver, waited upon the Delta Municipal Councll
at Ladner on Saturday end outlined
an electric tram line eflwne between
Vancouver and Delta. The plan includes a ateel bridge acroaa the
Kraser river at some point near Leaner as good as tbe one at New Weatmlnster, a continuation of "the line
through the Delta to Huntingdon on
connections to New Westminster and
an etxension to Point Roberta, and
possible feeder lines. The aum of
�� 900,000 was stated to be en deposit
ln a London bank ready for immediately proceeding with the work as
soon as some minor preliminary de-
tbe International boundary line, ���with dylw- concession  for  other  reasons,
which he waa not at liberty to mention, besides the desire to get Into
New Westminster. They also wished,
to extend the road from Ladner
through to Point' ftoMerts, and connect with the American' able, where
tbere were people Interested, in that
on Friday. Apply W. Hatt-Cook,
527 Front street.    Phone 550.
new tires in first class shape. $200
cash will handle. Sheaves & Cor-
mack, i!06 Front street.
An auction sale will be held in Big-
gar's Hall, South Westminster, on
I am instructed by the owners to
sell by public auction:
1 Over two miles of valuable water-
! front, In 35 blocks, situated on tbo
main channel of the Fraser river;
suitable for small holders, factories
and mill sites.
Also city property in Vancouver,
North Vancouver, South Vancouver,
New Westminster, Sapperton, Port
Mann, White Rock and Mission City.
tails not specified weie completed., part of tM proposition. As bM. who
The deputation aeked ln return for j naa- resided within a few mllea of
permission to construct the Une along ' Ladner for the last thirty years, he
tho Delta dykes, and the uae of the ' wa8 convinced the project would ad-
hlghway. No exclusive franchise waa rance this section of the country im-
asked for. measurably, and he hoped they would
After speeches from the delegates g\yt \*_ t'.eir favorable consideration,
and   the   promise   that   a   concrete! Mr   Leeeon'a Speech,
foundation would be submitted lp Mr j^*,,, aiio spoke and aald
three or four weeks the council, ^^ arraa,gements bad to be hurried
through the reeve, aald they would j gn brought before the councll
give very favorable coneideratlon to iomewhat before they had antlcl-
any acheme which would further the ^ They ha<1 met wUh opp09iUon
development of the Delta. The dele- from the Westminster people, al-
gatlon consisted of Mr. H. T. Thrift, though thejr obJect was to work with
aecretary-treasurer to the company; th<fim and not ^ teBve them out of
Mr. E. W. Loeaon, director, and Mr. tne ,nn Their requeat for a conces-
D. F. Macduff, chief engineer. | g,     of tne  dyke route  lnclude.i  the
Reeve Oliver presided, and the pr-lvllege of UBlng the highway wher-
counclllors present were J. A. Kirk- ever ,t waB lmprudftnt to use the
land, H. D. Benson, A. D. Paterson, d k(J> Aftw deUberatlon and compart-
O. O. Lewis and C. Brown, with N. gon ,t wa8 coneldered that electric
A. McDiarmid, clerk.  I r ���ne mu1d glve the necessary
n*.   ,     *!? \ VI   .        , 'adequate   service.     They  recognized
The deputation having been formal- the DeJta ag the 8ardea Bpot of Brlt.
ly introduced, tbe flrat speaker, Mr. Igh Coiumblai that would be a large
Thrift, referred to a communication produclng ground of vegetables and
sent some time ago to the council. other roduct8 for the different cities
and explained that two and a half Burroundlng( wlth the advent of trass-
years ago he and several other pet- VOTiMoxl facjUtieB. it was the pur-
sons largely Interested in Surrey ^ of the ^^y not oniy to con-
made application for a charter to gtruct a trunk llM but t0 connect
construct a road originally to dev-elop ,.fder��� lmcg wherever lt was
their own properties and ,nci^ntally th h advantageous. In asking for
^J^J ^s^ll^^l^ the concession,   they did, they were
It traveled.   After they had taken tbe
not asking for a bonus but for some-
initial stepe to get the charter   they  SfaaT tMt   wks   mutually  advantage-
found the expected advantages noth-  ���,,.8 He  knew m other dlgtr,ct   F0
ing   at all   commensurate   with  what
neglected as the Delta and none that
aSt ����J��  '��LJfe offe^ bene; opportunities.
sphere of operations, and eventually
Engineering Is Easy.
Over 2000 acres of valuable dairy,
fruit and chicken ranches. In the low-
application waa made for the  rightI   ���    ���   ;.     7.   .7'   a
not only to run through Westminster'    M'; Macduff said he bad made  no
to Vancouver via Lulu Island, but al-  d��talIed """eys, but he had been ln
so to continue to the   boundary line   th�� country ��v�� *?"��� ��* "new there
through Ladner to Huntingdon.   They   were n0 engineering difficulties.      It
fully expected  opposition.    The pres-  "as necessary to get certain permls-
ent position  was that they had   got ��"��n�� *��tore ft ^Whl^JSE
their charter last October.   It permit-  ve**-   "e could not te�� *��� bI?Bt ���2*
ted  them   to construct   a   line   from   until the *"?*' *as made-  "e, ml*ht
Ladner   to  Huntingdon.     To  obtain  BU?8e8t ���d�� butT,preSi &JK
this concession they had to withdraw  n��thinS defln'te" .T.h�����Lo"don ������������
their application  temporarily for  the  who   *e���    furnishing   the    money,
other portion   of   the   line   they had   wa?ted the   ""urance   that the uncontemplated   constructing.    Ab   Boon   ndcipailty and the company were act-
as their charter waa granted, people   'n*   ,n  unlson' "* 0Dly �����"��� ml"or
who were interested, capitalists in the  detal ��  werf, *altln��  completion   be-
old country, knowing of the success   ff ��� tbe Preliminary surveys would be
of the building and operation   of the  ��� ar;ed
the reeve, but I doubt whether we
want to turn the dykes into e tram
Une. We want tram lines, but there
is plenty ot ground.     -*
Councillor Paterson���Providing you
are granted these concessions, will
you guarantee a bridge?
Mr. Leeaon���That la part of our
plan���one of the main feat urea of u
���quick communication between here
and Vancouver aa soon as we can. In
view of the tremendous development
on the coast through the opening ot
the Panama Canal and the coming of
the wheat trade from Alberta we are
going to develop here faster than
most of dream,..
Mr. Maclluff���There might be engineering difflcultlee in putting a bridge
across at a particular point, but lt ls
certainly the company's purpose tp
construct sucb a bridge, as quickly as
possible. Before guaranteeing auch a
thing it will be necessary to make an
extended survey for foundattoaa.
Eager for Development
The reeve ooncluded that it was no
use discussing these matters now. All
they could say waa that the council
waa fully aa eager  aa the  company
could possibly be for the development
of the Delta.
Mr.    Thrift���"la    matter   ot   the
bridge we cant aay where It wlll be,
] but lt will be eur policy to get it aa
I near Ladner aa possible.   I  may say
that when completed our road will be
' 190 miles in length.   On   behalf  tr
these gentlemen   and   for   myself   I
.thank you for the courteous  manner
In which you have received ua- Within ti* next three or four weeks  you
wltl have this    concrete    proposition
submitted  to  ybir.    We   realize vou
can't go farther at preaent.   I thought
you did not take ub seriously enqegh
when I read   your  flrat   cogundnlca-
'tlOtr>but when I got your second re-
' ply I saw the ground waa breaking all
Tour druggist will refund money tf
PAZO OINTMENT falle to euro any
caae ot Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Pilea ln ( to 14 daya. Mc.
British Columbia Hallway Company'!
lines got into communication with
them, desiring to purchase the char
The reeve, addressing the council,
said: "There Is no doubt we are all
anxious to see the development pro-
ter or to take an Interest in the pro-   Poaed and I don't think there will bo
. .    - f o��\r    nhalan os     nut       n     tlm     ti*f��v    rvf    (hn
ject and furnish the capital needed
There was now ��900,.00 deposited in
a bank in London for the express par -
any obstacles put in the way of the
company by the people of this municipality.    The question is get down to
pose ot building this line.    The pro-   bedrock, get   a   concrete   proposition
,mot*ra bad mad. arr��a.menU itWs  ,rom    ��*���������    ">e��Ple-    and    ammtUtat
"IMUeadttd Tt* -Wha*
as Soon"
The choice of house*
wtvee who discriminate In table delicacies.
For Plea. Cakes and
Five Roses
is an unbeatable ���
unequalled product ��� a
baking day triumph.
Next time order FIVE
��� miuiug'^v
in large or small quantities at |36 I er Fraser Valley, In convenient blocks
per ton, or $1.75 ter sack; guaran- , the {ollowing d|btnclg: Agassiz,
tee every potato sound;  free delW- ��� ,        '
��ry  within city,   term cash.    Halt  Abbotsford,      Buinaby,      Chilliwack,
���Cook. 621 Front Btieet, New West-1 Langley,  Mission,  MaU<iul. L.ulu    Is-        ���,��� �����.��� ,������������ ���,�������������������  w.vul   w.   ,.       ^m ^rm .    ��� ^.,tlm ,. mne.
WkinsLBi.    FknuiW.  \tan4, Bumu 8un����. ateluiwiii, Whou.\iom�� ot tba tx��t man   Va Vancouver .?����**L-Z!},,"��� ^ afcS?lm?n XI^iL
��URM MILK-TOHU  a*II>   A. HJ^w\^*' ""***vTto.' \U��m to act on tt��lt board ot dlractora. I l?,'e-lt *n* wkather   th*   poopl*   au-
p*r  c��ivt.  hutter  tmf,    pastuertie*. \Mt- t^��"����*. -0*0*. I
Craa herd ot purebred cows-, all ra-\ Any person wishing to list their
oently passed government tubercul- property ln the above auction sale
-oeis tesr. Handled in moat Banl-.must do bo by 'he 3lat January, ao a*
tary manner. This ls worth look , to give time U it in the catalogue.
ing Into. Mothers who recognize! 'ihe auctioneer^ terms are 5 per
���the val:e of pure fresh milk for cent, straight. No charge unlesB a
their chilJren should apply to H. T , sa.e is made. ���._.....
South Weatmlnster. B.C.
Hardwick.    Phone L552.
ranges,   $1.<>0     down,   $1.00     per
week.   Apply market square.
Phone F507.
neoa property at Edmonds Station.
$600 dollars under value. Apply
<26 Columbia Stieet.
aron sale or rent���a six room
ed houee   ./1th all modern convent
ences.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
.ton to aci on ro��ir ooara oi airacior*. ITC"", " ,~ ._ _"���T ,. ��J- S������t, v�����_,
Thn   rMiuit    wu   tii at    tttm-r    t*aA    *.* , thoTlse us to grant It.   We don t know
atron'gTnd ropTwSStlvM ted" "^ 'e Ff ""tZ0���*? %
directors as thoy could flnd any- what( they M* '""' wf **��� ^e
where, people interested in the coun- eJ,act ^cession they want. We are
try and on the ground, not   like  the  a" " anxious to secure  development
as they possibly can be.
British Columbia Electric Railway di
rectorate in London, 10,000 miles
away, which would be an advantage
in any dealings the Delta might have
with the company.
Along ths Dykes.
The company was advance! to the
point that they asked the council to
grant them the right to construct the
road along their dykes in the Delta.
They had encountered opposition
from New Westminster wben their
project got noised abroad, but they
had assured tbem that the company's
object ln building their road along the
dyke was for the express purpose of
getting into New Westminster, without unnecessary conflict with the
British Columbia Electric Railway.
They had secured ample waterpower
for the operation of their road for
the supply of any amount of light and
power that might be required
throughout the valley. The site of
that power was within 115 miles of
Lander, and they could develop from
300,000 to 500,000 horsepower from
that source.  It meant, besides, trans
IN THE MATTER of Edith I. Gordon  carrying on  business  under the
name of Edith I. Gordon in the City
of New Westminster in the Province
Iof British Columbia.
a] pursuant    to   the    Ci editors'    Trust
j Deeds Act  1901  and  amending   acts
Edith I. Gordon carrying on business
under the name and style of EDITH
TO KENT ���  VEWLY   FURNISHED' I.   GORDON   at   the   CUff   Block,   32
housekeeping rooms Rt 224 Seventh j Sixth  iBtreet,    in   the   City  of   New;
���stieet. Westminster  as  a   Milliner,   has   by
��� ���,'Deed  of  Assignment  dated  tlie  22nd
TO   RENT    FURNISHED   A^D   UN-1 d:i>'  of  January,   1912,  made   an  as-
JurnlalKd    a. inments,   steam-heat-! Bignment of all   her   estate and   ef-
���ed.  hot   and   coldwater.      Apply i f,"ts whlch ml��ht be sei7-ed and Bold
Ix'es   Room ',   Knij-his   of Pythian lender execution unto Henry A. Stone | portatlon  iacilitles,  li;ht  and   i>ower
Mali,'   corner'Agnea   and   Eighth ��f ;!';i Water Slreet ln   the a�� of
atreeta. Vancouver for the general  bcnelit of
1 her    creditors.      A   meeting   of   thc
��� '    ��� "'���" - ��� ', Creditors of the saii Edith I. Gordon
LAND   REGISTRY   ACT. will   lie  held  at    the  Cliff  Hlock,  112
  Sixth   street,        Neiv     Westminster
Re the North Easterly half of Lot i at 3 P. M. on Thursday the 8th day
2. Block 13, in the City of New West- ! of February, 1912. All persons hav-
minster. I lug claims  against the said  Edith I.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlfl-j Gordon  are  lequired  to  forward  patriate of title number 1132F, Issued In  ticulars of the same duly verified by
the   name   of the Westminster   Mas-' Statutory   Declaration    to   Henry   A.
onlc Temple Company, Ltd., has been   Stone at 361 Water Street ln the City
filed at this office I ��' Vancouver aforesaid on or before
Notice is hereby given that I shall,; the 8th day of February, 1912, and all
at the expiration of one mouth from persons indebted to the said Edith I.
the date of the flrst publication here- Gordon are required to pay the
of, in a dailv newspaper published in amounts due by them to Henry A.
the City of New Westminster, Issue a Stone her assignee aforesaid forth-
duplicate of the said Certificate, un-
l*:ss in the meantime valid objection
tie made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry  Office, New  Westminster, B. C, Jan. 27, 1912.
Tltlea    Examtned,    Land Registry
"Tanclen Straightened out.
fiurtia Block City Box 482
I that after the 28th day of February,
j 1912, the Assigneo will proceed to
distribute the assets amongst the
partieB entitled thereto having- regard
- only to the duly verified claims of
which he ahall have had due notice
and will not be liable for the assets
; or any part thereof to any perBon or
persons of whose claim notice shall
not have been received by him on or
before the last mentioned date.
Dated at the City of Vancouver
this 2(lth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and  twelve.
By his solicitors Messrs. Tupper and
Griffin, Vancouver, B. C.
for the introduction of Industries,
'there wero many other things ho
could go into, but there were pome he
did not feel Justified in making public at the present, tim*. Their engineer  wan  v.ell   acquainted  with   the
Mr. Leeson���"Your reeve haa practically outlined what we want to
know���whether we have your co-operation aad hearty support. This matter has been sprung upon us to some
extent. We have been perfecting our
arrangements for the last three
months and getting our engineering
estimates under way, which we have
to put before our London people, and
whicb have met with their hearty approval up to the present time. They
want to know tbat the people of the
various districts we pass through are
In hearty sympathy with the project
and are willing to co-operate with ub.
Tbe dyke route will give ub a more
direct road Into New Weatmlnster
but tbat 1b only a small part of the
program outlined. We do not ask for
an exclusive right over the dykea
and the highway.
The   Municipality.
The Reeve���1 don't want to be misunderstood. Sentiment does not figure with me In this matter. It 13 a
business rropositton moro thaii
any other. The quostion Is
whether it is for the advantage of tho
municipality. As to whether we have
the power to grant these thins3 you
suggest, we are not prepare.! to Iook
Into that or make enquiries, until we
have a concrete proposition before us.
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 122. CL E. gilley, Phone aet.
Phones, Onice lb and la.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wheleaale and Retell Dwntors In Conl
works shall ye
know them"
Oa the merit of their performance* alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generation!, make _
route  and  assured them   there  wereiAs far as ttlis   council   is   concerned
no engineering difficulties In the way I you wm meet wlth a8 favorable treat-
The only thing they wanted  was lib-|m<'nt as our Powers will allow.
erty  to take hold and  put the   roid !    Councillor    Benson���I    agree   with
through.    As soon as certain prellmi-.li    ��� i ���     >~������
narles were arranged the money on
deposit was ready to be applied to
that purpose.    After consultation with
the board they were desired also to! SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS, MOLES
request the privilege, if the council | and warts permanently remove! by
deemed it advisable to approve of I MIpr '���'. Short, of Vancouver. Room
their proposition, to construct street j 8, Collister block, Wednesdays anl
car lines,   with   the   right   to   erect j    Thursdays.    Phone 978.
there ie Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That le
Laxative Bromo Quinine
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
re not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
Always remember thc full name.    Look
for this signature on every box.    25c.
Scientific selection Is the principle oa which St. Charles Evaporated
Cream is prepared.
The best milk Cows fed scientifically ���
Selected dairiea        All sanitary safeguards applied
You take no chance, when yoii use St. Charles Cream.   It is as good
for any purpose as the best milk or cream produced by the beat ^^^ggntfe^
dairy anywhere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never ^fe^^BCSa
curdles, lt agrees with the most delicate stomach. All it needs ��� SlfcjjjjBjCT
is the addition of pure water to make it tlie best food on eartn DfTuaSiTri
���best for the nursery���best for the kitchen. KJ<n��f����4Ii
Sold by "Best Grocer*- BtJaryttthttr*
Handsome booklet of valuable Information to mother* aad nulMSSS.1
free upon application.
T. CHim.ES CONDENSING   COMPACT.   Intfersoll,_Onl;_j|E?8ATfo"C
It Opsns a Ha* Career te the Amateur
The camera picture, which ia reully
artistic, hns found a new way to serve
lta mnker-that Ih. aa a book plate.
Hitherto lf lt wished to live a larger
life thnn that lu the photograph album, where it was mixed In wltb snapshots and double exposures of the
family ln bathing or Fldo eating the
cat's dinner, the work of art had two
careers open to It. lt could be enlarged and framed to bang ou the parlor
wall, and it could take a prize (maybe>
In an amateur photographic contest
and be published in tbe back ot a
The artistic woman this fall, however, Is planning to use ber best picture as a book plate. It Is a view taken ou ber travels lu Japan and abows
Fujiyama ln tbe background behind
some trees nnd a characteristic Japa-
Ilebert e. Lee's Definition ef ths Qualities That Make Hlm.
Lee hated parade, display and ceremony,  bated above all  things being
made an object of public gaae and j 	
adulation.    His idea ot blgb position . ..-...,
was blgb responsibility, a superior was ! Superintendent of Eucation In Mart
simply one wbo hud larger duties, and
the mark of a gentleman, wns n keen
sense of the fueling* nnd susceptibilities of others. No- one bas ever expressed tbls attitude mom delicately
tban be himself- In this memorandum
found among 'als papers after bis
"The forbearing nse of power does
not only form a touchstone, but tbe
manner ln which an individual enjoys
certain advantages over others Is a
test of a true gentleman. Tbe power
which tbe strong have over tbe weak.
tbe magistrate over the citizen,
employer over tbe employed, tbe edu
cated over tbe unlettered, the expert
time Province Vindicates Right ol
School Tea.', ers te Lead Great National Movements as In Jther
Lands���Aim cf tl.e Federation Is te
Unify Public Opinion.
nese garden bench.  The picture Is per-   esced  over the confiding,  even  tbe
feet from the artistic point ef view,   clever over the sllly-the forbearing or
At the annual conference of Canadian   Clubs,   held   in  Winnipeg   last
summer,   Mr.   W.   8.   Carter,   M.A..
LL.D.,  was  elected  president  ol  the
Association for all Canada.  The chiel
aim of tha great speech-after-luncheon
movement, foundid hy Charle* McCul-
lough, in Hamilton, in 1892. is to teach
, true   Canadian   nationalism.    As   a
J"J- i school teacher starting humbly down
| in New Brunswick, and climbing until
| in 1909 he became Superintendent ol
I Education for the Province, Dr. Car-
Won hy die Wftf
Os om occasion a dress rehearsal st
His Majesty's theater was proleagsd
Oil the small hours et the morning.
The company grew vary wsaTy, particularly s gentleman who had hses
with Blr Herbert Tree In a feed many
productions, bnt who bad asrer at-
talned to mors than a very tiny part
Wben tbe time came to rehearse his
fsw lines he wss so tlrsd thst his vote
was anything but distinct.
"What* tbe natter, Mr. I. r ashed Blr Herbert In bts most sarcastle
tones. "An you saving yonr voles for
the rehearsal V
"Ho. Blr Herbert." was tbs retort:
Trs never been able to save anything
under your management"
Sir Herbert, an exceedingly witty
man himself, was so pleased with tho
retort tbat tbs salary of tbe small part
man waa raised.���London M. A. P.
sterilize  your kitchen  things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
and around it and its garden centers
tbe owner's great romance, so sbe
feels It Is sure of a lasting place IB
her regard and worthy to be ber book
plate for life.
Another woman has 's charming
view of tbe mountain village where
she bas spent every summer of her
life. Another hns a corner of hero wa
garden for a book plate. The value ot
these pictures us book plates consists
In the fnct thnt they ate true representations ot something near und dear
to lhe owner and so far store interesting t han the ordinary convent tonal
sketch. All thnt Ih necessary to complete them Is to add tbe owner's -name
and "Her Rook" if desired nnd then
bnve a large number of them printed
and one pasted in eack volume. Book
plates hy photography seem to till a
long felt need among women who
have artistic longingx. 'Imt no skill
with the jtenHI themselves. Tliey
conld not design their ��wn book plates.
and tbey dVd iwt /-are lo pay professional nrtfsts te design plates lor them,
so usually they went ���without.
Inoffensive use of all thla power or authority or n total nbstluenee from It
when tbe esse admits it. will show tbs
gentleman In h plalu light. The gentleman dom nut needlessly and unnec-
MMarlly remind nu offender of n wrong
he may have committed against hlm
He cannot only forgive; be csn forget.
and be strive* for tbat nobleoem of
������elf and mlldnetm nf character wbich
tsafmrt sufficient strength lu let the
pnMt tie but the pnsL A true man of
tumor feel* bumbled himself wben be
ruuuuT tu-lp utimbling others "���Gamaliel Bradford. Jr.; In Atluiiilc.
?\ituhvii wosnoinict.
Practice economy in small thingo.
When using rhe oven for rousting
hake n pie or pudding and bake tlie
Get a flreleee cooker. Thin I* bit'
excelled fi*r stews, cereals, pudding"
nnd vegetable* and saves gua as well
ss time.
Don't Iray food In fancy pnekaces.
paying for two pounds und sotting
only one and three-quarters.
Have ywir butcher Inclose trimmings
wilh yonr ment. These will lucreaso
drippings us well us Improve soup
Bny a scales If you huve none, lt will
pay firr Itself lu a few months. A
few reports of short weights from
your kitchen mean u' reform In th��
grocery or marhet. as even pnst'rBpU-
lows tradesmen do not waut u reputation for dishonesty.
W 3**** srmit u Water tlxttt >v��sm>�� hi
sliirli to wash dishcloths, nnttklu* or
any entail nrttrU-s ����f wottiluK Tout
doth ntwt Iny tt unit the rtritln pt|��- "C
the sMifc and turn ��� miiu-or ups'.tle
d��wu ��rver rhe Cloth. This -wilt make
in ided wash basin lo use Instead of
S I'lickn *tr pau.
It  4s  well  lit always  keep a   wire
���trainer   In  ***n* .corner   of   the  sink
��� Unmcti  w-htrh -to pour dMbweter or
ths. wale* 4**1 hon been used to .meats
veswsaMes In.   ft will ��-��t��-h sli ibe ret-
���sr awd *>t*ment -the tfrslnjrtpe  rrom
fcerMMln*   cluSsoil   and   will   save   a
���htiatier-s MM.    t���amtr tba airalner af
9e Loose the Animal Can Almost Turn
Around In It.
The pelt of an adult badger Is ev
tremely thick and difflc-ult for a biting
adversary u> penetrate, writes a trap
(ier In Par Newt, and su immely does
ihe skin cover ihe hody that the animal
Is utile to turn almost aruuud tu Its
Should a d<>�� acquire s hold on the
ihroat the badger turns himself so ihat
the dog's grip Is "ti the hack ut the
hadgers neck Wll limit having loosened
tils tirst hold. Then thu badger set-tire*
a riselike grip upon sums vulnerable
portion ��>f his enemy, and while h'��
lone tusks penetr.ite Id the limit he
digs and scratches with his front feet,
which are furnished with claws almost
as formidable and deadly as might i>��
expected from au aiiteitter of the darU
lie  who has removed the pelt of a
badger and Is at all observing dues nut
wonder al this animal being sharp bit
leu nnd that  he Is able tu hang with
bulldog  tenacity  wben the formation
nnd adjustment or his Jaws are nuij'd
Neither Is It so much of a mystery hou
he manages to bore through the soil so
rapidly  that   halt a  dor.eu  men  with
shovels cannot overtake him. for he Is
a mass sf cords and muscles, particularly In the nec'.t. chest and shoulders
very similar Ih physical construction ti>
ibe ground moie.
A Usditer ���** cMe��y Valuable when V
bas a kuiut <-oat. sa tkat tb* ��wsra nnirs
cub be plucks* and maa* tts snak* sbav
ins brushes.
Never Osspalr.
He wbo despairs wants lot a. wants
faith- for f*ltb. bops snd love ar*
three torches which blond their light
together, nor does ths oho shins without the otber.-Metnstaslo.
He Is a bravs man who it fuses to
he disheartened by the fact that hs
was tvsten yesterday.
We have no hot air to peddle:
Just legitimate tailoring.
When too Covorod Europe.
During ihe long tertiary epoch, when
ojMissuins disported themselves on the
site uf Parts and mastodons tramped
along ibe valley of tbe Thames, the
earth was in ibe throes of mountain
SMktwr. Tbe Alpet. rbe HlMaleyn*.
the Allqrbralea. tba Atsttaa*. attsat rbe
MR. W. S. CARTER, M.A., LL.I).
ter has probably had more experience
elucidating eloo.uently the virtues of
Canadianism, than many <:f the business men who belong to the Canadian
Club, and '.iave not encountered
Young Canada in the raw as he has.
Bchool teachers and university professors are too infrequently called to
identify themselves officially with
broad national movements in thi*
Country. This is not so in France
and Germany and oth-.' European
Cv-ntries wV - > pedagogues sometimes lead revolutions and are made
heroes of novels.
As head of the Association of
Canadian Clubs, he will have an opportunity U> organize public opinion
in a quiet but effective way. Tiie Association represents all tiie Canadian
clubs of the Dominion, but has nn
power over them, either in administration or in legislation. Its chief
husiness is to unify opinion and experience in Canadian club work, to
lie'.p the weaker clubs, a. ' to assist
in founding new clubs. Its influenc
is thus incidental, but none the les-
Prisoners ot Parliament.
Not  everyone  is    aware    that   ths
British   Huu*v>   ul   Parliament,   hav
itttctv own prison.    Yet sUuaUed hi*h "
or* til the CUwtc Tower ta tYu* M.?.'��_
prison,  eons'.tt'mg ot  sts  rooms���tout'
Ths  nnnOrable   member   who   has 1
heen    dishonored    by    imprisonment
for  a breach  of    Parliamentary   etiquette doei-   not have   such   a  very-
hard life in St. Stephen's prison.
The prisoner's meals; are rent up to
him from the House of Common*' ,
kitchen*, and he can choose whatever (
dishes  he likes   from   the   ordinary /
38 Begbie Street.
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface* leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- v\.
portions to cleanse J^fiJ
easily, vigorously,
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers oi FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Learn the Difference
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest
See how much moreflavory.crisper Mooney
Their superiority is due to
methods���our modern facilities
liest materials.   We get the finest cream and butter
from the famous Western  Ontario  farms because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
-'������?���'* '>���":'���
Moonefi^^feetioh Cream Sodas
L..vni\t\;\\   SV��ntt\;vr<.\   Soii.i V  VaikcVs
I menu.    Unlike an ordinary prisoner,
he  reoelre*  tha   bill tor   til*   meal* .
Frier*/* Shmm a
Prinm* la fnr  and away  rbe  rao*t
popular t*ntsam*** fed ��r tlie aenson.   It
trima tbe ***** *t ooerytblMtg that bas
power of bar activity to tbeee daya.  a��
tbeir termlaattaa oar eentioanr* ���tood
anally Maber tbaa May do now. and I from the catering, authorities.'
tbla aided ibelr alaclatloa. altbou��rb K       p?r',?Pi ���'���* best-rwiiemb..-red oceu.
don. not fall/ account for It.    8ur aa   E"n'of P*rliamant s prison was Mr.
'Bradlaujrh,   who   waa   sentenced   by
Mr. Speaker to imprisonment in th
Clock Tower for refusing to withdraw
when requested so to do.
Offenders against Parliament other
than members have before now been
sentenced to imprisonment in the
Clock Tower.   These "outsiders" have
tbey became loaded witu fc-e Europe
and America aradnally and we mny
<*entur�� to aay eonrempuraiieously
sank. Tbla waa Inevitable Uwlna to
tba extreme beat and preaanre prevail
I nir In Its interior tba eartb Im aa em
lannily .elastic body., Ila surface actually hntaea In or nut wltb a very
xlljrbt Inurease or decrease or tba load
upon it.
included seversl public sp.>akers and
the editor ol a prominent newspapei.
raixat Titmmo dctok oollail
nn edge. Tbls picture shows ono of
tbe new lace collars HDished wltb a
deep fail of wbite washable cotton
Hint far Rainy Daya.
At tbe ends of a yard of half Inch
Iwlde elastic sew q targe hook and eye.
'Clasp tbla around the body nt lite
blps nod draw the skirts to any desired height under a raincoat.
'tbls Is useful, especially wben one
rtust wear sn evening dress In lbe
street on a rainy nlgbt lt leaves tbe
Int nds free and la certainly for belter
than tearing tbe fabric with safaty
plait. .��_ ��,��,.
-Children's Prattle.
At times It cannot be denied rhe qnes
tlonn uf children become.Irksome, but
who would wish a child to ask no qnes-
HoiihT JnllnaMiurm telle in one of hla
pretty fslry tales how s eniii<Jfntlier.
driven lino Impatience by the ���onatant
questionings   of   his   grandchild,   ex
claimed, "I wleh your tongue were out
of Joint!"    Hitf when unexpectedly bis
wish was fnlftlled and ttie child iiecame
(dumb how he Joyfully exehnuged nue
���of the two years which ao angel bad
ipropbcMled be was yet to lire for tlie
���trlrllege of Amrimu tbe little one's
xrattle agaliiKKBcMng*,
"    A NetaMa Caeeptlon.
"All animal prndttcis. you know."
sold tbe teacher; "aite perishable nnd
��ock�� decay If uot anifldally preserved."
"Tea. Mr." cordially assented the
������olenin young man wttli the wicked
eye. **epeclnlly elepbanta' twrf."-
Chicago Tribune.
Newlywed-Wbai. 120 for a bat?
Wby, that's simply rtdlcniotis. my
deer! Mrs. Kewlywed-Tbat'e wbat I
'hotiirht. Harold. Rut yoa aald It waa
all we could afford ���Atlanta Georgian.
Only Technically.
"Ia your child lu bed by 8 every even-
"Technletiiy. yes We begin argu.
ne abmtt tbat tlmer'-Waablngton
Hera HI
To Protect Jewels.
The   Duchess  of  Marlborough   has
now installed a band of detectives at
Sunderland  House,  her  residence  in
Mayfair, to guard her treasures.
6ix ex-Scotland Yard men sre now
employed���three for day and three lor
night duty. Although the mansion is
fitted with the most finished and ex
pensive system of burglar alarms, the
duchess recently developed a state
of nervousness that produced insomnia and was undermining her health.
She commenced to carry about all
her most valuable jewelry, whenever
she went abroad, but when it was
pointed out to her that this was a
dangerous- proceeding, she decided to
adopt the detective scheme of protection.
This little enterprise will cost her
at least $0,000 a year, bnt sh?'think*
It is money well spent. The detectives
parade the corridors all day and night
While one man keeps a watchful eye
on strange visitors. Servants, too, are
kept under observation, for recent
cases have shown they are often in
league with thieves.
Awful Rot.
An entertaining story is told by -Mr.
Robert Hichens ot the time when he
used to write lyrics for music. One
Of hi* songs, "A Kiss and Good-Bye."'
wss to be sung by Madame Patti in
the Albert Hall.   In the pride of his
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
eapert in hia Jfae���we create this delicious and nourishing biscuit,.
After these biscuits leave the ovens and while they are-
attH piping hot; with all their oven aroma, they are packed
in dust and damp-proof packages.   We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manu&cturer
So they reach your taWe���whole, flaky,
Try them today.   At your grocer's.
The MwneyBucmt&Candy Co.,Ltd.,
ul **
TM> eyes of other people ttt tbtf ��9M
Mat ruin us.-PraaUla.
lieart the youug author, who took a
seat in the stalls, was much uplifted
by the enthusiastic applause that followed the song.   His delight was suddenly   checked,   however,   by   tw..
voices from the seats immediately be-
.hind him.   "What a lovely song that
,was,"   one   exclaimed,   rapturously
,"Ye��." the other grudgibgly agreed,
l"but what awful rot Uwworth oi tbese
longs always ate."
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness o��
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.    Made  by  a  perfect  mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&��$&      flavor and food value.
The New Mffls at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of die.
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian MiB, ,t 1000 ALBERT STREET, MOMfcEAt
:'SlM(ww^l,l'*a*i��<>i��sTw.wrieaTi|<sy��it.vj<'��-.''i w
TfiTVatty News
Mr. Kydd did not resign until the 20th
or nine daya after be could bave legally have done ao.
Tet ln tace ot the rule, Dr. Reid
tally News Pebltsk-1 attempted to persuade the electors ot
at theli^������ ^th Renfrew that the liberals bad
t��*n guilty of dlscourteey,toward Mr.
Borden when the very opposite was
the case, and moreover be knows that
tbe Liberal.government   issued   the
,-iit for the new elecUon forthwith
ud did not attempt t& dlstra^chllW.
constituency   for   two   or   three
months to suit party exigencies I
It"*ou��t,Wltatore����lf   ��*   know
mmfl&SSaTtti^* waflhstrumental
wheat tyf****}**'* �����*��� ^e Mani-
toba Free Ptees,
The tarirta. u originally filed   by
the ClTWVriTi^'"*r"  mWl* n�� d'*
tlncUOTra����Wtlrheat for export and
wheat ior local eoaanmpUon in tho
United Stetas, The Interstate Com
merce Commiasloe refused, at first,
to permit the new ratea to go into ef
feet wfthWt' a thirty day's ootloe,
but BubeequenUy. upon representations belt* wde to them of the ur.
ligency ��*&��** they rescinded tbls
. decision AM eethorized tbe rate, with
a proviso that tt waa to apply only
to wheat, ihMI through tbe United
.Statps"ty?��3wn�� Canadian points or
.to Europe.
It ls possible, of course, that the W-
.terstate Commlaalon inserted this
proviso >lthout suggeaUon from outride partitea. It la alao possible, as
j��aa been suggested in a despatch
Irom the Eaat that their action waa
the result of protests lodged with
tbem by interests which would have
been adveraely effected had the reduced rates been allowd to apply to
wheat Intended for local consumption
or for miUJflg in bond ln the United
States. The only interests that could
be thus prejudicially affected are the
groat milling companies of Canada.
Had the reduced rates been made
to apply to all clasaes of wheat, the
American taffls would have bought
considerable 'quantities of Canadian
wheat of milling qualities. Tbo flour
made from tills wheat would subsequently been shipped from the United
States, and * rebate to the amount
of the daljr feeured in accordance
with tho pro&Slons ot the United
States Customa Act The results
would have been twofold. First, an
additiona'TISIiSlf'for a considerable
amount of Weatern wheat would have
been secured. This would have been
a decided boon to the farmers of Sas-
katchewan, who are at present in despair becauae of the difficulty they
tind in turning their wheat into ready
Two  Brothers  Who Traveled Across
Two Harvard attfdents Who set out
from Belton laat July to walk ��o Loa
AM��lee reached their deatlnatlon a
few daya ago. Oue.of..them Jived on
a vegetarian diet on the Jwumey; the
other at meat. The vegetarian .finished ln better condition than the rs**t
eater, who was compelled to board a
train when 300 miles from Los An-
tgelea. Both gained In weight, tbe
vegetarian slightly more than the
other. The result of the teat has
been heralded aa �� triumph for vegetarianism, but aft examination of the
facta fails to Aow that it demonstrated anything except the valuable
lesson that walking ia a great exer-
cise, and that no healthier occupation
could be found than tramping across
the continent. Without detracting
anything from the exploit of the vege-
tarlanor the cult that be exemplified.
It ls Interesting to review the facts
In a Walk that has attracted so much
attention   amonjt   dletlsU   and   ath-
let0S'   Both Gained in Weight
Made from Pure, Grape
Cream of Tartar
Surpasses erery other baking
powder in making delicious,
healthful food.
Protects the!\food from alum.
Double comer, Columbia atreet eaat, MO00; $1000 caah; balance to
arrange.   Thla la $600 below ita value.        v      '
Five lota lnjVtaat End, $6000, one-third caah; balance ��. 12 and 18
montha.       **
Three lota oa the Wise Road close to Douglas Road, $1660; one-
third cash; balance eaay.
Five lota cloae to Edmonds Road, Burnaby, $4B0'��ach, $100 caah.
balance 6, 12 and 18 mentha. .' - "
Two lota on Third atreet between Third and Fourth Avenue:
these are extra large lota and the heat buy in the city; price .$4260,
one-third caah. balance to arrange/
One lot on Tenth atreet between Royal and Queen's avenues.
$2250. one-third caah;  balance to arrange.
House and full also lot on Third aveftue between Flrat and Becond atreeta, $5600, $1800 cash, balance to arrange.
.Phowe 10H. Room 5, Bank of Commerce, Building.
���eeseeeseee seesssseee
(The Dally News is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by Us cor-
Editor  Daily   News.���The
Do Not Waste Money
tiary by order of the President of the.
United Statea, after having aerved
two yeara of a fifteen-year term. '
* Morse may not have many millions
now, for it is a habit of lawyeds under such' circumstances to sheer tbe
defendant of anything suggestive of
evil before permitting him to accept
the verdict ot thtf highest court. He
bad, however, at the time of the'trlal
sufficient money to retain the best
legal talent in the United States, and
with thla galaxy to defend him it
must have been that bis guilt waa es-
8av�� a little systematically, Cer tt to Ua staff that tha fou*
datlone of wealth and baggie sea ere hoUt of.
Money ssay be used ta two weye; te  spend   for   what  la
aeede�� sow end to Invest for whet ahall be needed ta tba future.  Money oaaaot be invested nattt tt Is flrst saved.
Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 12.000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR, General Mnnager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
the  result  merely  shows  that
should have had better luck.
If this is to   be   accepted   as
      , j   tion Oi  every  4,0011 i���_;���    must nave uvtsu mm ins kuiii w*hs xh>-
-The walkers are brothers, Jesse and  vaBt bounds of Hls "^�� ^^! tablished  beyond  shadow   of doubt;
Warren Buffum, and  they  undertooK  lons ,��� that Ule near future will see,   ^      ,      h ^d u tree.
the walk la order to give a practical     , th   softttered portions of our��� Em-| Mdenfs  pardon" therefore,
demonstration of the relative merits ���       ht together on close pol.U-,    ���� SJTtoAfc to   stekl   millions
of a meat and vegetable diet. Neither union   under   a  Bi.p.eme   par a-  ����� ^
was a vegetarian, but Dr. Dudley A. t. ln thls gleat movement a.llv- ��� t�����^B V tte Bt��>c k exchange is not
Sargent, the   physical   Instructor   ef ing forcefu, example is finished by , J����J��   �� *���^nTffiit ttS.
Harvard, selected Warren as the one our own glorious Dominion.    A ""le *
who would eat only vegetables on tho tnan torty yettrs ago the pral- �� worthless stock
'trip.    Dr.  Sargent explains   that he  lle8 of Canada knew but little of each lw,r ��ul  m   MW8e     worum
chose Warren as he was slightly the other    Eattl waa then working out ito
more rugged man of the   two, so lt  deatiny in its own small way. Finally ���,���-.���
would appear that the vegetarian had  lhe Confederation scheme took state. President Taft's action, of
a small advantage at the outset. The  Emiuellt men pointed out the posslbll- ,*" "J ".      ,.   , _t ,.    wa    Th6re
measurements   of   the   brothers    as  Uy of laylng the foundation of what couree " ,s a" Uhm ma wa>~
should some day  be a great nation.
But their views were questioned, and
a   great  storm    arose    against  the
I scheme, especially in the lower provinces.   Party names were obliterated,
'and instead  we had the words, Con-
(Meat Kater.)    j federate and Anti-Confederate. I lived
Ht   5 ft  6Vi in. I then  in   Nova  Scotia,  a  province, In
' which   the   feeling   was   most   bitter
against the union. an V?Lyt\������a��f f | a^d"th^"b^*meTeeved To UanTthat
the ethics change at the 49th degree
of latitude.���Edmonton Capital.
taken by Dr. Sargent at the start and
by Dr. Reynolds, physical director of
the Los Angeles Y. M. C. A., at the
finish, are aa follows:
At Start.
Warren H. Buffum,   Jesse P. Buffum,
Weight, 121 lbs.
Chest, 34%  in.
Calf, 12 in.
Ht. 5 ft. ��% In.
Weight, 125 lbs.
raff8 12 in. ~"~Calf  12 in. I the passage of the act the hope was
'At   Finish. ' entertained that the home governmnt
Wt  137 7-10 lbs Wt. 132 2-10 lbs.   would allow   Nova   Scotia  to  secede.
Calf, 12 2-5 In. Calf, 12%  In.   So intense and popular waa the a^ti-.
Other measurements the same.        1 confederate   movement    that   at  the
...    ������':->  r. ,������   x,     ,    . lirst election after the passage of ths
The   Worried   Vegetarian. I act there were hut three Confederates
Warren's gain over Jesse   was, as returned.   The provincial and federal
an Englishman   wo.uld.   sa^,4 nothing Sections   were . beld.. simultaneously,
"to write home about."   ?Jbr was Uie y( the eighteen members elected? to
the former's diet   a strictly vegetar- the federal  house,  only one Confed-1
I lan one.   He drank milk and ate eggs ' erate, Dr.  Tupper,  now  Sir Charles, 1
and cheese on the trip, all of which 1 waa elected,  and  of the  thirty-eight!
come under the head of meaty foods. I elected to the local Legislature, only |
It appears, also, that the vegetarian  two Confederates, Plneo of Pugwasn
wag constantly longing for the meat and Blanchard of Cape Breton, wfre
that was proscribed, while   the meat elected.    The great fears entertained
.    ���   ,������.,,,������_,eater did not mlas the vegetables. 80,  by     Nova    Scotlans    ot  those  d��y��i
money.   The second etlect wouio nave       ln adduion to Phymical  advantages,  were (1) That the stronger provinces
.been to raise ��*��� price ot tbe better \w<ft conB\<ier   the enjoyment   ot   tbo  would   oppose   tbe   weaker,   and   Ire-
aradea ot CaaaSladi wheat hy several \ walkers, tt ls plain that the   margin  land's position, as a comparison, was;
centa a. Umbel, to the very great ad-Un Warren's favor ls bo small as not on the lips of every Anti-Confederate;
la no obligation on anybody's part to
ever believe any promoter on any
stock proposition whatever, least of
all a New York one. But if the pleasant financial and commercial relations which exist between Canada
and the United States are to continue
the president or someone else In authority in U. S. A. should define the
code, lest aome Canadians get bltte.i
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE  904.
(Old Glass Works Factory.
vantage pt the wheat grower,    who,
under circumstances as tbey exist to-
<lay, is not getting a fair return
on the product of his farm.
Both theso objects, highly dostrable
Irom the standpoint of the Western
farmer, and the general inteiest of
the West, havo been defeated by the
I to be worth talking about. It has
been suggested that the brothers
should foot tt back to Boston, revers
ing their diets this time. Should
Jesse, on a vegetarian diet, gain considerably on Warren, the test would
be more convincing to those wbo believe that man needs meat lt lie Is to
keep ln good physical condition.
Among this multitude
12)  that the bitter feeling that then
existed   between   the   Orangemen   of
Ontario and the Catholics of Quebec j
would be communicated ito Nova Sco-
......        , _. ,,       ,     ,     .   itioned Dr. Sargent himself, who used
limitation placed upon the wheat rate  l0 fee a vcgoUrian but ,B now a &eat
hy the Interstate Commerce Commis-, eater, and a firm believer in the ad-
8ion. If thia limitation was due to
tbe action of the Commission itself,
Canadians cath of course, make no
complaint.''' They have no rights in
the matter, ahd ahould be thankful
for such relief a* the Interstate Commerce Commission has been gracious
enough to grant.' But if tbe Canadian
millers have been instrumental, directly or Indirectly, in securing this
limitation In the market for Canadian
wheat and this perpetuation ot low
prices, it can only be said that there
action is the quintessence of meanness. .. 1 '1   j
vantages of a meat diet. In discussing the trip, the physical director of
Harvard made some Interesting remarks.
A Convert Prom Vegetarianism.
Dr. Sargent tried a vegetable diet
for a year, and as he was growing at
that time he grew in weight, but he
says that he seemed to lack energy
and vim. He declares^that meat Is a
great stimulant, and "gives one that
"ginger" that vegetables do not give,
and that is so necessary for most
athletes, of course, "ginger" is not
necessary on a long walk. It is possible, of   course,   to   eat   too   much
tia where, fortunately, (euch feeling
did not exist. Nova Scotia held the
key to the situation, and without that
province theie would have been no
Confederation. When the critical
must be men-. moment came great men arose. These
men, two among them who could allay those tears as no others couid,
now Archbishop Conolly of Halifax,
and Rev. Mr. Grant of Fort Massy
Church, afterwards Principal Grant
of Kingston.
Whatever Canada may come to in I
the future she owes a debt Of gratitude to the memory of those two men;
for it is doubtful if Nova Scotia
would have accepted the Howe terms
had it not boen that those eminent divines had removed ail fear of rell- ]
gious trouble. What do we see today? We see, not a number of isolated colonies, but a great nation,
one might also aay the wouder of the
world. We see a nation of mixed
races shaping conditions that all muy
In his speech in Renfrew on Friday
lion. J. D. Reid, Minister of Customs,
made it a complaint against the Liberals that when in 1B04, Mr. R, L.
Borden was defeated In Halifax, the
Liberals refused to allow Mr. Borden
to be elected before Parliament met
in order that tho Conservative leader might be in his place at the opening.
Now Mr. Reid is an old parliamentarian, says the Ottawa Free Press,
and he knows that there are only
four ways by which a seat in the
House of Commons can be vacated������
by death, by resignation, by appointment to office or by expulsion.
ilr. Borden's defeat took place on
November 3, 1904; the new parliament did not assemble until January
11, l'JOG, and tho by elections in Carleton too\ pkico on Feb. 1.
There Is no provision under the law
which would have allowed any other
��� course. The speaker was; not elected
until January 11, and Mr. Edward
Kydd could not resign until he had
Jbeen so elected.   As a mateer of fact
meat, and many people are guilty of! live together lu peace and prosperity,
this indulgence, but Dr. Sargent says I And how true the prediction 01 those
that lt is difficult, if not impossible,! divines was may be rec.lied
, to give a diet for the average man. It; hy an incident a fe��v weeks old, Tho
would be like cutting a suit for aver- j other day a Caiuoiic procession
age man. Those who are engaged In marched through the streeta 01 To-
hard, outdoor work, and (.vjiecially j louto unmolested. Ihirty years ugo
work ln cold weather, need plenty of i Archbishop Lyncn was Btoned on the
meat, and fatty meat.    Pork is better j same stieets.
for the "lumber Jack" than beef, and j    WUh all this befoie Canadians it is
any l.ind of meat is better than vege-  easy  for  us to look  forward  to  the
tables. Some people do very well on
a vegetabiediet, but some people also
have the gift of smoking incessantly
and of consuming large quantities of
liquor without marked Ill-effects, although it is well known that excessive drinking and smoking are injurious. The philosophy of dieting is still
expressed in the homely old saying,
"What's one man's meat is another
man's poison."
Experiment Proves Nothing.
Dr. Reynolds shares this view. Thc
trip, he says, proves nothing, except
that regular exercise and sleeping In
the open air is good for both vegetarians and meat eaters. From an
alitletic point of view, there is nothing remarkable In the feat of walking
from Boston to I^os Angeles in more
than five months. Most able-bodied
men could accomplish it. and they
might even Indulge in cigarettes on
the way. Rxperiment3 of this sort, to
have scientific value, would havp to
bo numbered by the thousand, and be
carried out nlong much moro rigid
lines than those of the Buffum
day when we shall have au l.mpue
Parliament, somewhere���pei haps in
Loudon, perhaps in Canada. But before that day comes we must hue
separate letislatuics tor England,
Scotland, lieland and fttkJeB. My
countrymen have le.l the, way oil
many a blood-stained battle field, and
it ts only fitting that they should now
lead the way in that great peaceful
political battle which shall be continued from Irish Home Rule to a consolidated Empire, the like of whicli
the world has never known. 1 was an
enthusiast for Confederation. 1 am
an enthusiast for an Kmpire Parliament, and this humble contribution is
a token of my sincerity.
Yours   faithfully,
New Westminster, Jan. 30, l'Jl 2.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Bums & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
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No. 2 Ccmmon Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
3500   Ton*���7000   H*raapo*M*r
Johnson's Wharf      t
Morse, high finance manipulator of
steamship pool fane, a piratical promoter who did his stealiiiK in millions, Is to be released from peniten-
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 CarterCotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Queen Charlotto Islande and Eaat o n G. T. P. Railway.
Through tlckete to  Eastern Destinations via the Grand  Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and  Tourlet   8lsopers.   Meals a  la
H. Q. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. Teleohone Seymour,7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Tetephone Seymour 3060
.   1 CITY OFFICES: 527 Granville 8treet.
WeJCarry a
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westmin��ter, B. C.
~,mn_a**n*m*-***- ���     *-' ''   "" HHHHl
AFTERMATH -OF *��� C��� ��� v--.ii_
I    The following ta the list of Invited
vwvwvvwwvvw m a*****^*********- ' guests to the Native Bona* ball. In ad-
Nftf UfFSTIIIN^TFU ' diUo��   t0   thml   PubU*e*  yesterday
Mr. and Mra. Cliff, T. H. Laurie. Hubert. MrV H. J. and D. M. LeBourdals.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Lewie. Mr. T. 1
,tM -jt-" *  . ��-   Up.
C. E
and the Mlases Lewis, the Misses
Laidlaw, the Misses Laiud. -tff.*C. P-'
and Mlss V. Lathato, Mlas Laura Lavery. The Misses and Mra. J. Leamy,
Messrs. Leamy, Mr. and Mra. J. A.
Lee,>��r. and Mrs. T. H. Levy, Mlss
M. Livingston, the Mlases Lord, Mr.
and Mrs. Lester, Mr. R. C. Lo#ry. Mr.
Royal City Seven Win From. Victoria
bv Handle Ssessust Five
to IHI
Two hundred Westminster support-
Ij ��rs of the, hockey  team that repre-
\mmia. Mr. ao} MJrs. ff'i, Lynch,
anffMi* % "P. Latham.. Mra.  C.
aenU thla city in the Pacific Coaat
League cheered themselves hoarse at
the* Arena   rink    yesterday evening, ,mammmmammmm*Mmm*amm*ama.******************************t*********^
whe* the Royalist, sent Lest��r Pat-!0' ^unuden. Ml�� A. Length, Mr.
rick's Victoria septette under to the
tune of five goals to two.
A special effort had been made by
the management of the Westminster
team to get V strong delegation o(
tana from this city to witness the
game, and their endeavors ln this direction certainly, met with a hearty
response.. Not only waa the section
reserved for Westminster people entirely filled, but a large number were
scattered ln otber sections, while the
memhers of the executive watched
the game trom, under 'promenade*
The game waa a flne exhibition of
hockey, even lt lt did lack the brilliancy of Individual play which has In
tbe past distinguished the Westmlnater team. Kinle Johnson, as usual,
did yeoman service, but be haa shown
to better advantage on other occasions. Some of his rushes laat night
were Irresistible, but frequently Lester Patrick managed to Intercept him,
a feat rarely performed when West
minister's big coverpolnt is playing up
to his best mark.
McDonald,    Mailen    and    Hyland. ,
showed up to advantage, Mailen net-|thpgon, Mr. F. and Mlss asters,
ting two of the goals, and Hyland reg- and Mrs. N. M. Matheson. Mr. G
isterini; an  equal number of tallies. ^^^^^^^^���^^���^���^���^^���^ ..    ,
Johnson  scored the other point tor I Mrs. W. H. Mumfor*. Mr. R L. Mavi
Westminster, starting the good work I "������ Mr. W. O. Mott, Mr. and Mrs  H.
ea.ly in the second period. I J- Macken, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Mar-
Toinmy Dunderdale did what little'pole. Mrs. Dot Marpole,   Vancouver;
socring fell to Victoria's lot. popping Mr. A. G. Mercer,   Coquitlam;   Mlsa
one In the second period and repeating I Winifred Miller, Vancouver;   Mr. and ��� _
in the third. (Mrs. Marcota, Mlss M. Mack, Mr. and,and Mrg
Lester Patrick played the best in-1 Mrs. Thos. Meredith, Mr. Elmore
dividual game of the evening, but I Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. T. Maiiey,
Skinner Poulin ran him a close second I Vancouver;Mr. and Mrs Chas. Mur-
for honors among the wearera of the ray. Ml��8 Marlon Martin. Mr. ana
striped suits. I Mr��- E- J- Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Ma-
The game was comparatively clean,
and Mrs. F. J. Lumsden, Mr. and Mlss
Lawrence, Mr. Short Levy, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Lawrence, the Misses Lsdner,
(Mr. J. E. Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
and Mlss Florence Lestch, Mr. R. M.
Lambert, Mr* Alex. Lnrmouth, the
Misses and Messrs. Larnder, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Use, Mr. Lttuls LeBour-
dals. Miss LePolnt, Mlss Blanch Lindsay, Mr. T. D. Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs.
O. Lloyd. Mr. A. B. F. Lloyd, Mlss,
Alta. Lake, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Major. Mr. H. Morey, Mr. Frank Major,
Capt. and Mrs. J. Mayers, Mr. Jss. H.
Mlllman, Mr. Alex. 0. Matheson, Mr.
Sidney Malcomson, Mr. and Mrs. C.
O. Major, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Moss,
Mlss B. Morrison, Mlss B. and Mr. J.
Mahony, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Mahony,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mallns, Mrs. A. M.
Mallns, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. and Mlss
Oov)   ewterson, .Victoria.   Mr. Jebn   D ARCAIMQ     AT
Peck. Mr. asd Mrs. W! PUtaatt, MUa   DHWIW ��� **9    f* I
Peele, Eburne; Mlss B. Pmmm. Van
couver; Mr. W. T. L. Pro
ver; Mr. and. Mrs. H. B,
couver, Mr. Pelly, Mr. K. M.
Miss Pope, Mr. and rs. G. W.
Mr. Raymond Poncey, Mr. and Mrs
Preston, Mlss Power, Mr. Padmore.
Mr. 8. Purvis, Mr. John Quinn, Mr.
Ralph, Vancouver; Mr. R. G. Rae, (Mr.
J. R. AP Rlchardaon, Mr. and- Mr. W.
Reid. Mr. 8. G.. Bobbins. Mr. J. A
Reid, the Misses.Reid, Mr. and Mra.
[Henry Ramsay, Mr. and Mrs. Rusaen,
Ou-an/LMta. Rotbwell. Mr. and Mrs.
J. Reich&ibach. Mr. Prank Relchenbach, Mlss MaYWfhmond, Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. Richmond, Mr. .and Mrs.
Geo. Rennie, Mr. Tom Rennle, Mr.
and Mrs. Ritchie Rennle, Mrs', and
Capt. Rogers, Mlss Rowan, Mr. and
Mra. H. Ryall, Mr. Gilbert Reid, Mr.
Ben. Robb, Mr. H. Robertson, Mr.
Rawilnson, Mr. A. Roach, Mr. Reid,
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Richardson, Mlss
Robinson, Mr. 8. E. Rae, Mr. and
Mra. W. 8. Rogers, Fraser Mills; Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. Rogers, Fraser Mills;
Mlss Robinson, Mr. snd Mrs. J. Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. C. Roseburgh,
Vancouver^. Mr. lia Reid, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Rogers, Mr. and Mlrs. Frank
Richardson, Mrs. and Miss J. Ross,
Mlss L. Ross, Vancouver; Mr. sad
Mrs. Rant, Mr. and Mra. D. S. Rashlelgh, Mr. A. G. E. Robbins, Mr. W. F.
Revely, Vancouver; the Rev. Rae, Mn
and Mrs. H. Rushton. Mr. C. Reeves,
Mr. A. E., Mlss H. and Mr. E. Rand,
Mr. and Mre. Rice, Vancouver; Mr.
and Mrs. A. B: Rowe, Burnaby Lake;!
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Rowe, Burnaby
Lake; Miss Ella Roberts, Mrs. 8. E.
Rowan, Mlas M. C. Robins, Vancouver; Mr. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Rolston,
Mr. Earl Robinson, Vancouver; Mr.
and Mrs. and Mlss Rickman, Mr. L.
O. Sharpe, Mr. 0. Swanson, Ms. st. C.
Shadwell, Mr. F. W. and Mrsf Smith,
Mr. W. F. and Mlss Sclater, Mr. C. C.
Smith, Messrs. J. L. and P. K. Sang
f^:;Davlcs, Pharmacy
Martin, the Misses and Messrs. Mar ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tin, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mathers, Miss ,gter> Mr A and Mrg givewright/Mr.
T Mowhray, Mr. aad Mrs. T. A. and j D g^cM,., Misses G. and L. Sln-
������.���.,   ....*-  �� * ��-  ��'   """"'clalr, the Misses pch������hu\ Vancouver
Mlss K. Muir, Mr. and Mrs. W. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. and Mlss Morrow,
Miss V. and Mr. E. Munn, Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Mark, Mr. A. 8. Mills, Mr. Harry Ma-
he goals, and Hyland reg-.ana w*t*��^����i��J|f( Sangster, Mr. and Mrs. ami Mian
equal number of tallies, j Miliar Mr.  J. A. Motherwill, Mr^and j g^ake. Capt. and Mrs. Seymour, Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. fc. Sutherland, Mr. C.
Sperry, Mr. R. S.'Smith, Victoria; Mr.
A. R. Sellery, Mr. E. S. Shannon, Mlss
Spring, Mr. and Mrs. H. Neville
Smith, Mlss and the Messrs. R. and
and Soaps
Wa f
Phone 40. ' CHIT Block.
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The price ls $2500 per acre, and the terms extend, over five years.
Full particulars upon personal application. ' '"T^;
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only a few penalties being handed out,
and these for minor offenses.
Last night's victory gives Westminster a good lead in the leacue, and.     -~s���-j-���_---,   ..,. .   ���
the prospects of Captain Gardner cap- Mr. W. C. Miller. Mr. H. A. Mltchel,
luring the honors at the end of the' Vancouver; Mr. F. J. Murphy, Mr. W.
season are rosy. Probably the sad-1 Mott, Mr. R. Marpole, Mlsa Viola Ma
dest man in the rink at the end of .thews, Mr. and MrB. W. A. Munro, C
ther, Mlss and Mr. J. F. Mather, Mr.
and Mrs. A. G. Moore, Burnaby, Mlss
R. Marsten, Mr. and Mrs. A.   Mathe-1
and Mlss Sbeldrlck. Mr. and Mrs. T.
D. Sheriff, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Shiles,
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sinclair, Dr. and
Mrs. F. P. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F. N.
Sinclair, Mr. and Mlss Sullivan, Mr.
and Mis. C. Stein, Mr. A. Small, Mr.
St. Albans, Mrs. and Mr. J.
Shadwell, Mr. R. Smith, Mr. J. D.
Smith, Vancouver; Mr. E. Savage, Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Sweeney, Mr. A. Hickman Shayer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Scho-
field, the Misses ani Mr. John Sutherland, Mr. H. H. 8mlth, Mr. A. St.
John, Mr. G. T. Simpson, Vancouver,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stewartson, Mr. Vic-
the game yesterday evening was
Frank Patrick, manager of the Vancouver team, who fancied he already
raw tli" Terminals safely anchored lit
their present position at the bottom
or the league.
The teams:
Victoiia���Goat Lindsay; point, Lester Patrick; coverpolnt, Smalll; rover, Dun.lerdaie; centre, Smith; right
wine,  I'oulln;  left wing, Rowe.
Westminster- Goal, Lehman; point,
���McLean; coverpolnt, Johnson; rover,
Hyland; centre, Mailen; right wing,
McDonald; left wing. Gardner.
E. iMerritt, Vancouver; Messrs. D.
and A. D. McPhaden. Mr. E. 0. McBride, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. P. McMurphy, Messrs. A. E. and A.'S. McColl,
Mr. Henry McKenzie, Mr. Jas. and
Mlss McColl, Mr. Wes. McDonald,
Mr. Las. L. McNamara, Mr. L. and
Mrs. McCutcheon, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
D. McMurphy, Mr. H. McMartin, Mrs.
A. J. McColl, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
McKenzie, Miss D. McBride, Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. McQuarrie, Dr. and Mrs.
A. L. McQuarrie, Mr. C. and Mlss R.
MeLeod. Mlss F. McLeod, Mlss Alice
McLeod, Mr. I. and Misses McNlven,
Mr. A.. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
Duff, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. McQuarrie
Mr. and Mrs. J. McQuarrie, Miss McQuarrie, Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy, the
and Misses McGUlivary, Mr.
Westminster Hockey team wlll be ' an^Mrs. J. McLeod. Mr. and Mrs. C.
entertained here today by the members of the executive, who planned
-un enjoyable day for the boys who
are making such a brlllant showing
ln the Pacific Coast league. Captain
Gardner and his men wlll arrive
about half-past two o'clock this after-
All kinds of Wstehee Rspslrsd. WorK
Andrew Clausen
FhoM SU.
aimcmm*** ��*���
A. L. BOUCK, Principal     <���
\ .-
B.C. Mills :-:::;::r
limber and 1 rading Co*
';  Manufacturers and Dealers ta All Kind* el    .,
fwiMamm * fANcvyoLAss.
Royal City Planing Mill* Branch
Telephone 11 New Westminster J.' '>���������'������ Bo* J|
541 Front SL
Nesr the Market |
son, Mr. and Mlss Magee, Mlas Elsie tor   gpenceri   Vancouve ;    Mr.  Rex
Marshall.    Vancouver;   Mr.   Mitchell, I^Spoff0|.d( Mr. j. H .Sweet, Mr .J. Sav-
������Ifi,   lv.   ond   Mrs.   Stott,   'Frafcer
Mills;   Mr. E,  Smith,  lir. and   Mrs.
Sampson,     Vancouver;      Mr.    Allan
Shaw, Mr. Short well, Messrs.   T.   D.
and J. L. Stevens, Mr. S. S. SUHphant,
Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. P. H, Sndth.c]
Miss Scott, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sjlll-
can, Mr. and Mrs. Seabo'.d, Miss G.
Slack, Hatzic;   Mr.  R. W.   Sheppard,
Mr. D. E. Smith, Mr. and Mlss Smlttiers, Mr. F. E. Smith   Edmonds;   Mr.
Gilbert Snarpe, Vancouver;   Mr.   ond
Mrs. B. J. C.   Shaw,   Mlss   Stephens,
Vancouver;, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. 81p-
perall,   Mr.   and   Mra.   G.   Schmidt,
Messrs. and Mlss B. Sayer, Mr., H.
Tidy, Messrs. Wm. and Len. Turnbull,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trapp, Messrs. T.
and 8.   Trapp, Mr.   H. Turnbull, Mr.
and W. Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
Trapp, the Misses Trapp, Mlss Annie
Tidy. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Talt, Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Thompson, Vancouver;
Mr. and Mis. J. D. Taylor,   Mr.   and
Mrs. and Mlss   Thornbur, Mr.   D. C.
Tuck, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Turner, Mr.
Alf. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. A. Turnbull,
Wednesday Special
B. McAllister, Mr. A. R. McLean, Mr.
SIS* McC��i�� MC..ybu���tt    �� M,   Harris  Turner.   Vancouver;   the
MUM  McCrae,   Mr.   Max    McLeod,  Misses Turnbull. Mlss  J. Troup,   Mr.
Vancouver; Dr. and Mrs. McKay, Mr.
Lionel McClure, Mr. D. E. McTaggart
Vancouver; Mlss McArthur, Mlss Mc-
and "will beimmedrateiy taken I Callum, Mr. W.   McCloy,   Mr. N. N.
*^*************m ^^*m^*m^^m^^a*^^^*^^m^*ata*aa*aa*aa***s***s^.*
noon,     ,^^_^_^__^_..^......_^_^
in tow by W. J. Kerr, L. B. Lusby
Dr. C. E. Doherty snd P. W. Luce.
After an automobile drive around the
���city the boys will be shown various
points of Interest In the town before
being taken to fche Russell ,hot<ft
-where a spctal dinner will be served
*nd the balance of tne evening spent.
The vice president of the club will
occupy the head of the table ln the
absence of the president. W. Norman
Bole, K..C, who Is now In California.
An Invitation has been sent to Mayor
Lee, who Is asked to represent the
city.    Included   among    the    Other
McLennan, Vancouver; Mr. and Mr.
McComble; Mlss P. and Mr. W. C.
McKntght, the Misses McLean, Mr.
Allan Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs'. H. B.
McBaln, Vancouver; Mlss Jean McEwen, Mrs. Dan and Mlss McGUlivary, Mlss and Mr. 8. McGulgan, Vancouver; Mr. D. J. McCogan, Mlss E.
McMurray, Mr. McCloy, Capt. McLennan, Mr. Paul McCormack, Fraser
Mills; Mr. McLean, Vancouver; R. L.
McDonald, W. B. McConnell, Mr. and
MIbs W. E. MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs.
D.H. Macgowan, Mr. Keith   Macgow-
~.v,,.     ...a..-a.~-   _.���....���     __    , an, Mr. ao & Mr��l  Gowan 8. Macgow-
guests will be F. J. Lynch, who has an, Mlss Elsie MacLaren, the Misses
accepted an Invitation tendered him iMacCrae, Mr. and Mrs. MacRae,, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. MacDonald, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. F. W. and Mr. H.
T>y the local executive.
Frank patrlck, manager of the Arena
Rink, will be among the Vancouver
visitors, and with him will probably
<come Mr. Griffiths of Seattle, the capitalist, who ts back of the proposal
to build a I2CO.O0O dee rink in the
flound cRy.
Mac Nelce, Port Moody; Mr. aodI Mrs.
Fiank MacDonald, Mr. Chas. D. Nunn
Nanaimo Post No. 3, Native Sons ot
B C Mr. and Mrs. Nels Nelson, Mr.
Harry Nanson, the Misses Nelson
Sr j" N��ve, Mr. C. B. New Vancou-
ver- Mr. Geo. and Mr. Les. p PW��n��r-
Mr J S. TO'Brien. Vancouver. Mr.
and Mt*. B. Olmstead, Vau^uver;
Mr. Nigel O'Brien, -far. ��* J* *J
Oppenhelmer. Vancouver;Jtflss OJer,
D. Tenbrook, Mr. G. Tornroos, Vancouver; Mr. and Mra. T. Beauchamp
Tye, Victoria; Mr. M. and Mlss
Thompson, Mr. C. Tyner, Coquitlam;
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thornbur, Cedar Cottage; Miss Templeton, Vancouver,
Miss Taylor, Miss Taylor, Mr. G. H.
Trematne, Vancouver; Mr. Tennant,
Fraser Mills; Mr. Tweedle, Miss M.
Turnbull, Mr. H. D. M. Taylor, Mrs.
and Miss Temple, Mr, and Mrs. IM.C.
Thompson, Vancouver; Mlss Vass,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Vidal, Mr. and
Mrs. H. P. and the Misses Vidal, Mr.
Chas Vincent, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs.
F. W. Valleau, Vancouver; Victoria
Post No. 1, Victoria; Mr. W. and Mr. |
C. E. Warwick, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
White, Mr. I. Wintemute, Mr. H. W.
Watson, Mr. Roy Wintemute, Dr. and
Mrs. G. T. Wilson, tbe Misses Wintemute, Mr. and Mrs. O. Wllkie, Mr.
and the Misses Wllkie, Misses J. and
L. Watson, Miss E. Warwick, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Watson, Mlss C. and Mr.
D. Wright, Mrs. C. E. Woods, Mi3ses |
and Mr. J. Walsh, - Mr. A. Whealler,
Dr. and Mrs. and Mr. J. Walker, the
Misses Walmsley, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Welsh, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Welsh,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Whiteside, Mr.
and Mrs. L. Wiliiams, Mlss A. Wise,]
Miss M. Wells, Mr. R. Walker, Miss
Wardld,  l{r.  Whealler.  Mlss   Wiles,
a ��� i.V*T��~:"li.������ n'Rovle Mr C. Oxen-JMlss M. Woods, Mr*. C. ami Miss M.
IS* V B O'Brien, Seattle. Wash/.
In the commercial bllllart ����**��� ���J Jn��� Mrs. O'Connor. Mr. M J. and
Burnaby played the Asylum team sst ��f'an^hH��� Mr. T. ROy Pearson,
night and lost the odd. came in fWe. "^Jfaji 'C. L. Pearson, Mr D. O.
The highest 'breaks made fere *** .s&toilr/O. S. and Miss J. Peele.
of 31 Sy Reid of the Asylum and Purdy. ��&,,_ Mr. miun TJL
one of 34 by Mansfield of the Bunut ,���^V' Mr and MrB. Frmnk Bear-
lyteam. The highest break recorded mrso^ ��'E�� MlM N phnilp,
in the league so far ^"S^R^ Mr. J. Paton. Mr and
by Groves of the Rovers^tt ^..^{S Mn' ,* D. Peile. Mr. and MwPercy
against the guttata.   The Wlowlns M���-^- ��     Uura  P,ttendrigh,   Mr.
was the score:   Wnaby���Mansfield .��*��*��� T., ft Purvi8, Mr. and Mrs. . ���  ��� ^^*  **
12T Douglas 200, Johnston 161. Suth   and Mrs. AIM rur ^ ^ Sterling Wallace. Vancouver; Mr.
erland 200. and Andrew ISS, . AjjrtoJ  J* ^JSm.\tre Mu2es Peebles, W. P.W*y, Mr; ,C F��� Wotten^Mr.
���Reid 200. Spboner.HMI. Franklin 200. ^s..jr. rv*"    . WhlUker   Sechelt;   Mlss   Wells,
MTAlUsteV\uTim 200. Tonight the..MV. snd Mr*. W  Fows^      *   ^^   ^ ^    ^   Mrs    snd   Mlss
Nabobs will play the Hotels.. . ����� "^ p  p^tt, Mr. B. E. Porltt, Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon, Vancou-
��*��  ���  ��  Mr ** *���     p^nlck   Vancouver; J wr. Mr. wjrllj. Mr. D. D. Wilson Mr.
'Mr ^d Mrs. Russell B. Purdy, Miss o. B. N. ��TttWe, Mr. Octavlus Wilkie
,4 ,^-��. M M Pumr, Clayburn; Mr. Colin Mr. and Mrt. W. A. Ward, Mr. rnd
been declared tn the city sad district, M. ����� ^ 'T pJjnoe Vancouver; Mrs. C. B. Watson, Vancouver Mr.
nlcaiwe of the attitude bf the.trito^ P^'pS^ Vancouver; Mr. Jack and Mrs. W. Wilkie. Mr. A. Wilson,
who said they had 20,000 homhs ready ��r^ QoW<)n. Mr w. Parklnaon, Vancouver; the Misses M. and E.
to throw at the troops: f ** thou> ^Sd.; tht Hon. T. W .(Ueut.- WWtoley, Cloverdale.
-mud soldiers are now 1�� Ushon.        .��om������       ^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Watson. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Worsfold,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Webb. Mr. ahd Mrs.
3. T. C. Williams, Vancouver; Mr. S.
Wilson, Mr. H. B. Wilson. Mr. A. C.
Wella, Mr, taijA Mrs. and Miss M. Wilson, Mt. and Mrs. Wlnterbourne. Seattle, Wash.; the Misses Walace, Mr.
and Mrs. AM. Whiteside, Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Whitaker, Mr. ahd Mrs.
Frank Wright. Vaneouver; Miss Wilson Mr. R. G. Wa.rd, North Vancou*
ver; Miss Marion and Mr. Wright,
the Messrs.  and  Misses Whitehead,
Men's Shower-
lltl  ��� ���;:���.'
proof and Uter
Coats at H
, ji'. mi-'
���.*>l), hn
..!;/:���;'icl.ll> J
litfl    ttilU    ll
This price is far below the real value of these C6ats,
but we have reduced them to clear. They are made
in the plain and the new way collar, and in, Single
and double breasted, the colors are plain grey, Bfcbwn
and neat colored stripes. ;
See  Our   Window of SOFT
vrith attached and detached collars.  Regular jrice
Martial Law In Llabon.
Lisbon, Jan. 30.-Martlal law has
$1,00 to $1.75.   They are now 75c Each.
67lColun*ia Street
New Wstt����tte r
m TAOS sn
A Useful Preteetlen That May Be et
Heme Manufacture.
Every   nursery   need*  a  screen���at
I School Magazine.    It Is as necessary
I an article of furniture as tbe little
England's   Penal   Settlement   In  kast one. says tbe  Boston Cooking
the Andaman Islands.
���"���""  bed itself, and as the little beds multl-
mother. Uufortunutely uursery decorators nnd designers have not yet given ���
tbe screen for the cblld's room suf- j
flclent thought. The baby's toilet ,
stand aud crib have been treated wltb \
charming consideration, but tbe baby I
usually lias to content himself with n |
nondescript screen, one tbat bas no j
age nor sex.
The   thoughtful    mother,    however. I
can supply this deficiency In the screen |
market  and create a  screen  for tbs
children's room which will look ns If I
Often ths Most Despsrste Prisoners
Kill One Another, While Others Fall
Victims te the Native Head Hunters,
to Whom Murder Is Sport.
Frederick Taylor. F. n. <J- 8.. writing
In tbe Century Magnzlue about life ln
tbe Andaman Islands, says:
"The sailing of the Maharaja from
Calcutta for the Andaman Islands xvas
not accompanied by tbe usual goodhys
and handkerchief waving, for of my
fellow passengers there were seventy j it were renlly made to minister to thl
tcwbom no one wished bon voyage   needs-nnd luterests-of childhood.
or 4 safe .return. These were convicts,
all murderers under life sentences,
who for some reason bad escaped tbe
death penalty, aud Included sis worn-
The   screen   In   the   Illustration   Is
rather more elaborate lu construction
and   wlll   require  some   special   car-^
penterlng. In order to leave the little*"
en. for" tbe Maharaja is the ship used I Plctnrea  at  the  top  titled  Into  the
screen frame.    The screen Itself Is a
by the colonial Indian government to
transport convicts to the penal settlements nerr Port Rlalr. South Andn-
inaii Island, a distance of liTXI mile.
from Calcutta.
"The   prisoners   were  nil   manacled
nud shackled about the ankles,  wltb
Hinlux fastened to baud* at the wrist.
They were a despicable lot.    At nlgltc
* <��� >:ittiutiiI mnnnb-.g and cursing nnd
hopeless  sobbing came up from  llie
batches  nml   made  sleep out  of   lhe
question for me. though the European
officer In the steamer's cabin apparently slept undisturbed.    Early tbe flrst
morning f went on deck' and learned
thnt two of tin) male prisoners were
til  and had  been  brought' up to tbe j
deck <<����� ulr.   They were eloK��iy guarded, and ��aw recruits were statiftied at
the railing to jirevent them from committing suicide bf Jumping overboard*
into the Hugll rive*
. "The   Andnmaiw  are   literally   the
lioipes of murderers.   The Inhabitants
nre the most vicious members of nn
flder civilization nud the uncivilized
ienn .hunters, among whom murder is
n sport Rod n p.Klrae.   In the settlement nro nbonf L700 prlSMPi*, Licltid
lBit.800 ffoaiojv -nt��-jrriri��- ti Port
Blnlr  the   prisoners   flrst  spend  six
months In solitary confinement In the
cellular Jail of Viper island.   They are
IJ^j transferred to one of the assocl-
Maa jalld nhd the comparative blees-
lng of hard labor in com pn ity with
others, though still occupying separate
cells nt nlgbt.    After a year &J&J)
half of this tbey become.s!otf*JVwoi*k-
lm: la aud about ti* Settlement during
stock  frame,  and  It can  be covered
either with an English chintz or un
unglnzed oilcloth,    ln thc screen Mus- j
tra ted   the  frames   both   of  tbe   pic- j
tures  nnd   tbe  screen   proper  nre  In j
white enamel  f.nlsh.    The cover material has s white ground with a small
fioral repeat lu colors.   The prints used
Humor and
���vaca/t n. sMirm
A MBITION  may  cause a   man  to
make a spurt, but lt takes a family to muke blm bang on.
The things you didn't do are sometimes more mighty than tbe things
you did.
Keep out of trouble If yon can. but
don't get cross eyed dodging It.
Truth telling hns gone out of fashion since tbe merry little sunshine philosophy came ln vogue.
It Isn't so bard to fool a man as It
Is to keep him fooled.
Sometimes a mnn ls ashamed to
look himself in tbe face, but a pretty
woman never Is troubled with sucb
self doubtlngs.
The things tbat you nre going to do
ore the only sort of actions tbat tn
any way keep pace wltb tbe things
you ought to do. ���
Every woman wants to think she Is
pretty, and some of them can easily
believe tbe Incredible.
Some people always do aa tbey
please and tben get mad about lt
We like to talk about ourselvea.
Next tn this we like to hear others
say nice things about us.
eii hi sii-
l^<My^.i'^\yi:.r*> t
CCourlesy  boston  Coo^ns  School  Misa-
*!n(' I
| in thu other psiue)s ��fp leaviM X^'" a
child's cnleuclar aiuiMlti-'d In Hut ffllW
of ungiused oiiciotu und viiiiijshed,
A  i'(t'rpent��r ciift Jiml<iuU>*:^-,H*
framwof tlm siu"**"^ llsi ���,B T^{ or
tne scucu. or they may he bad of a
l';-utnfl   maker.     Tbe   prints   are   best
the day and &$gM la bnrracks Rt , [110linte(]   nud   frsU3ed   by   a   picture
Clght, always <;loseI.V guarded. At the
expiration of flve years n convict heroines eligible to Join the coloby of
���self supporters' nud live lij the village, where he earns his living Th Ids
Chosen way, lives la hls own house
nnd can send for Ills wife and children or marry n courtct woman, ln
n limited sense be becomes n paterfamilias, but 1s tilwnys carefully
watched nnd cntmot leave the settlement without permission.
I fnttner. for they are most effective, lf
| tlioy nre mounted double, with a print i
<jn e:ii;h Bkje, so that the finished
It.Vw'W ttopseijBSfc S2A4MSM
i rA^��ihioiit calls fiTjTlnorir lechnU-ni ,
! skill tban lhe urferuge home worker |
I p6ssw������s. There Is n very wide range |
! nf subjects possible for screen pictures, j
j 1,-it It is  well  in  selecting tbem  to
r.iriUc their colors harmonize with the \
\ colors used In the screen folds. I
HHlo!   Here comes tho postman
With something good. I guess.
He hands me out a letter
That's marked with my address.
My name as sure us shooting
In letters large and wide;
A hand I don't remember. !���
I wonder what's Inside.      !*V"��t,
***;' ^
Perluips an Invitation       Vj^ai-
To be the honored guest   "mtt/k.
At some small swell reception
At some old friend's request;
Terhaps a check In payment
Of some forgotten debt,     .,^rf.'i>-
Or maybe It's to settle     <C
An old election bet.     ' ^ ���'i$��J*Z
tt might he���there's no telling���
��,A pert, ltr>lFtent dun *>������
6rt.t by a grouchy tradesman.
I ?ometlrr,os do get one.
It may be from a p.Jioolmate      ������_
InviilDS me to nee
��� -*****. -_��^^���, .._ ...^ ,
That's being named for rae"
It may be from the preacher,
A r.ote serene and wise;
It may be from a lady
Who's smitten with my eyes;  .-f
It may be from McCarthy;        <'.w
It may be from the cook. ,
But this Buspenfe Is killing.
I'll break the Keal and look.
  ,.       While the coustnu'tlou <>f tills screen ,
l)e��p\ve the rigid dlnclpllne nnft the \ \��� mtroewUnt c<>mv\lmiett. tt ^��  when ^
TttrttaTiee ot tbe nothortttes the com- \ <\mw a very hnmlsome nrtteli- ot  tur- ,
tnvwnl  ttte U  tnt from   harmonious. \ nttuve, nnd It Is quite possible to make \
nnd the metre elcteus often rebel.   Tlie \\t of  materials thnt   will lie  durable i
murderers Mil one nnotlwr nnd nre In    enough lu last until the children hnve
~"* A World Beater. *-.
"Mrs. Brown Is a great talker."
"I'll bet Mrs. Jones can beat ber."
"You lose." .*���*"     -*����� '','._
-Why':"       -     *T    *?���       -'
"Mrs. Brown talka all the time."
"mowr   *��*
"Mrs. Jones talks overtime."        .
turn murdered by the treacherous An-
dnmnnese. who regnrd the hapless convicts ond their guards ns their natural
prey. Occasional attempts nt escape
nre made by the prisoners, but the efforts Inevitably prove disastrous. The
fugitive, finding his conditional freedom worse than servitude, either dies
nt the hands of tbe Jnrnwn warriors.
fHlls n victim to fever or other disease or starves. There is also n system In vogue by which the more
friendly tribes of snvages co-operate
With the authorities ln capturing escaped convicts nnd receive rewards
for the return of the unhnppy deserters. More often, however, the hend
hunters kill the fugitive nnd return
only the hend, receiving the reward
just the same, tho killing adding r.est
to tbe chase and the return of tbe
hend being tho easiest nnd quickest
way of earning the reward.
"Hnder these conditions tbere are
few attempts nt escape, though many
remarkably hazardous dnsbes for liberty hnve been made from time to
time, which, though futile, wero most
daring. Some time ago the stenmpr
J-'nlata picked up n poor, emaclnted
wretch who was sighted on n small
bamboo raft off the Araknn coast. Be
was later found to be nn escaped convict When picked up be bad been on
the rnft for twenty-nine days during
one of tbe southwest monsoons nnd
had secured wnter by catching tbe
rnln nnd sucking lt from his tnrbnn
end loin cloth. He lived upon flying
flsh that flew nboard the raft, eating
them raw. Be was swept off the raft
many times by the waves, but hnd
managed to cMng to it. After n month
In a hospital st Rangoon he was returned to prison nnd solitary confine-
1 dent.
"Another daring attempt at escnpe
was mndo by a party of six convicts
who were sent with two native policemen to n small island off the middle
Andaman to work. They managed to
��wnpe from the guards and. hoisting
tbe sail of the Bmnll boat, started out
In n pnle. Aftef seven days of heavy
weather they were dasbed upon tbe
rock* of the Tennsserlm const, nnd the
boat wns wrecked. All escaped with
their lives nnd eventually reached the
Siamese border, where tbey wero apprehended by the local authorities and
rei urned to the prison."
I outgrown nursery days.
A Hint to Bachelors.
If the  bachelor  who  Is  invited  so
often  tn partake of cozy  home dlu-
uers knew  how  much appreciated n
hunch of roses or other flowers would
he by the hostess certainly  he would
do  the  graceful   not  oftener.     Wheu
the hostess' husband suggests that lie
would   like   to   bring  Tom   bome   to
dinner sbe usually  falls In  wilh  lhe
plan  because she thinks by so doing
she Is pleasing ber husband.    She arranges the details  without  any deep
show of interest, for bachelor friends
have come and departed many times
| without any apparent thought for her
, other than that the viands were good
1 nr the home atmosphere pleasant.   She
| has stopped considering them realities
iln  life.
Hut if one thoughtful eeol arises to
break the monotony by n- real thought
for her personally and expresses It In
this sweet way It Is more than likely
he will be Invited again, and maybe he
will be asked to name some of his
favorite dishes for his future consumption. Try the bachelors and behold the
result of an unselfish net.
"Try to be funny."
"Do you think I can be?"
"No. you can't be funny, bnt It Is so
amusing to watch you try to be."
Watch th; Sink Pipes.
Wnter In which old linty scrub cloths
have been lined should never lie tHittred
driven dmiuplfee. as nothing clogs the
pipes more quickly. If ~Kbe wsVr
must be ptwred down tbe drain he sure
to strain tt through something (hat
wlll catch the lint and threads.
Tea leaves and coffee grounds, pieces
o'f grensy foods and nil such fragment >
serve to stop up the pipes and swell
lhe plumber's, bill. Ouce every day thn
sink pipes should be flushed with a
soAition of boiling water nnd lye or
sal soda, which wlll cut tbe grease nnd
pass It down Into the sewer or out Into
tbe drain.
The value of a thing Is the peace ot
ttlnd It gives you.
Novel Necktie.
An   oddity   in   neckwjsor   that   can
easily be copied at home ls mnde of
Inch wide velvet ribbon brought round
j the  base of  the  collar  and  beld  ln
1 front   over  the  crossed   ends   by   a
; beaded slide.   Tbe ends, which sre cut
square across, are finished wltb bended
j fringe to match.
I Tbe newest fringe for these ties Is
mnde of tbe small round bends of
\ wood gilt and Iridescent colors. Combination fringes nre especially new.
mixtures of the blue, green, red and
gold beads being used.
at    K
Part Could Be
"Yes. I um doing fairly well."
aald the actor.
"What are you
getting now?"
asked the old
"Four hundred
a week."
"Not all Ptage
money. 1 hope."
*    *
Might Consider.
"You don't believe tn horse racing?"
"No: it ls demoralizing."
"You wouldn't bet ou a sure thing,
"How sure ls Itl"
"I can't see anything In bim."
"Of course not"
"Wby of course?"
"Because  you   look   right  tbrough
Hard on Him.
"Tell my fortune, pretty maid."
"I can't."
������Why notr
"It ls too small to mention."
Some Pusher.
He couldn't run the government.
He couldn't run In debt.
But be could run a peanut stand
When It on wheels waa set.
Most Anybody Can.
'They aay be ls considerable of a
"A fighter? Pooh: He couldn't lick
"He never knows what he wanta.'
"What does he do about ftj"
"Oh. he's married." _-Jb
Is a necessary attribute to
the most successful kind of
advertising. The effect of
an advertisement is sustained by one following it.
Can never be overdone as
long as you can deliver the
goods, and it means as
much to your business as
fire in a locomotive. Steam
will generate so long as the
fire is stoked and water
kept in the boiler.
The Daily News
Is a proven medium that
will bring your advertisements in it the most satis-
satisfactory results.
The Readers of The Daily
News are a class worthy of
your most persistent efforts
to secure and retain their
patronage and esteem. mmummmmmt  mm*
HE8DAY, JANUARY 31, 1��li
pal MlMlen e! ths British Expedition
Is te Determine the Economic
Valued LlttV Known Territory,
Establish Sh Geographical Survey
an J Determine the I mljan. Frontier
���Abors Arst Almost  Unknown?'
About this time the flrst advance
ito the Abor country is well in pro.
grew.  The Immediate, and. to many,
the most directly  interesting aspect
^tbe expedition led lw flen. Bower
!��� tbjfaa* that a wholly unknown���
pernljps the laat wholly  unknown���
country in  tht  world  will  be  thus
opened up.  Ths geographical interest
is unquestionable. Apart irom the tails
ot  the   Brahmaputra,  oi  which  the
very existence remains still a matter
of much, a^nd even ot hot dispute the
gorge through which tba DJbong river
���Inks 9.000 leet anymore lrom Tibet
to the plains of Assam should *.e lull
of beauty, of interest tfom a scientific
and sporting point of view, and perhaps even of great industrial opportunity. Moreover, the Abors. and their
oven   less-known   neighbors   to   ths
northeast and northwest of the great
1 river, remain almost aa unfhniliar at
tbey have been since the days when
Dalton, Mackensie, and Maxwell severally raised for a tew moments the
curtain   that hides  them  from  the
So much ol real Interest would attach to this mission wert it merely
��n isolated attempt to compel a better understanding between ourselves
and the people of this unknown corner
of the world that there is some chance
that ita much deeper importance may
for the time be missed at home, says
a writer in India. This importancu
lies in the fact that the Abor expedition is not a m>re punitive or exploratory mission.
lt is a well-conceived operation that
falls into its true plaoe only when we
Temember that other missions are also
being despatched to this neglected
frontier, and that its primary and
temporary work is being done. Gen.
eral Bower's column will be engaged
upm its share of sn enterprise which
U likt'V to absorb public attention in
India Tor some years to come. The
plain (act is that the nebulous character nf our Northeast Indian frontier
has long been the cause of some anxiety, and that recent events have
transformed ^hat anxiety into apprehension. ,
There has been for four years a
growing pressure upon our Northern
and Eastern Himalayan territories.
Nepal can look niter itself. For 8ik-
kim we hsve long been responsible.
Bhutan we have taken under our care
during the last two years. But our
vigilance is useless unless it is complete. Our ss yet unmarked Irontiers
through the unknown parts, of Asia
between Indian and China must be
jdrawn strongly and finally, while
jtlipre is yet time.
I   There is yet time to do it ��� but
there ig only just time.   Of course, ss
{every  English official  and  every  nail*-.? chief now knows, this China difficulty  which  is  already   much  larger
!thsn a mere "man's hand upon the
horizon." has been caused by one act
ol almost criminal foolishness on our
-own part.   When the fruits ol the Ti-
,betan    expedition    was   gratuitously
thrown away by the English Government, it became merely a matter of
'time for China to re-establish herself
in Tibet, no longer as suserain, but
.** sovereign.
The knowledge that we hed broken
Miniature ���Isyeles Thet Aee Capable
ef Wm* Speed.
A ***r torv* at rwUer skate, the Invention *t 11. Va*** Marebaud. a young
French eagtaear. resembles nothing
moro tbaa miniature blcyclfs. welsh
twenty-tve pounds eacb aad work automatically. Tbey havo thick pneumatic tires, aad tbe wheels, of wbicb
tbere are toqp on cm* skate, are twelve
Inches In diameter, H^
Thirty mllea an botfK*o eaeUy **h>
made by aa experienced skater with '
tbeee ���skates. The skato ta clamped to
tbe shoe, and wben tho foot is raised
a spring Is automatically wound up
around a specially constructed gear attached to tbe rear wheel. When tho
foot la put to tho ground tho preeaure
rrieosss tho spring, unwinds the. gear
and revolve* tha rear wheel at a great
rate. Nearly OW revetatloas a minute
are thus peodecod
Both akate* ire equipped with the
winding; device^ hot lt ls set In motion
oo one only, a safety Hatch being provided to lock tt ca tho other. Aut tm
tho setting At thte ��**(* It wpuld be
Imps���Mc fer th* skate^xte stpp. tor
eovtensly bo w**M alwaya havo to
havo ono foot,-** tbo ground, before
startle* thla clutch I* set on ono akate.
which Just traits along ����er tbo other
and wbich la nHled upon when tho
skater wishes to atop.
.   Por Hettfnfl PcokUl-
right on tlonting Serf aee. *
Painters whe havo much reef palat*
lag to do must havo eome sort of
device to bold tbo paint pot In aa upright position, aa It I* very unhandy
to carry It wltb one band aad paint
with tbe otber. say*'Popular Mechanics. A simple device to bold the paint
pat that ia m*s*f���t make and will work
WoM Sorer and Dredger Ueed to Re*
********* Sonhew Odd.
Tbe search by a British syndicate
fer tbe Florencts, a ship ef tho Spanish
armada which went down In Tobermory bay. Ule of Moll, In ISfiS, has
met wltb considerable success. Thla
ablp Is said to have carried 30.000.000
piece* of eight aa ha treasure cargo.
oa a roof of aay pilch I* showa ta
tbe accompanying sketeh. V
Secure eome keg hasps and aihke a
basket, a* shows, Mrg* eaesgh to held
the paint pet Th* basketshould hive
a wooSan bottom, aad th*. top hoop
ahoeld be fasteaeS to two uprights of
a wooden frame, se that tt will swing
freely between tbem. Pour aaw tooth
dips, fastened to th* supporting fram*.
will hold tt securely to tho root Thla
device ean be easily moved about th*
reef and will always hold tho palat pot
ta ha upright pealtlee.
Ingenious Timepiece Voles* th*. Pa*,
sag* ef the Hours.
Tbere Is nothing outwardly remark
able, accord lap to IM* Echo, In tbe appearance of the Ingeniously constructed timepiece known as tbe "time etat-
Ing clock."    Hut every quarter ot an
bonr au agreeable voice issues from It.
announcing   Hie  lorrect  time,   as   1?
o'clock, 151:15, 12:30. etc.
Tbe works of tbe clock actuate s
stout belt, which runs over a roll connected with a sounding tiox.
Upon tlii�� belt, ur rather Blm. the
bears, whicli buve been recorded by a
phonograph, are Impressed by galvanisation on s copper plate.
Tbe mechanism wbich moves the
hands Is connected wltb the speaking
device and tills wltb a funnel, whicb
re-enforces the sound snd projects It
outward through a finely united open
Ing attached to the narrow side of the
At nlgbt a touch on a lever reduces
tbe clock lo silence. But If one wakes
and wlshee to know the hour without
striking a light an easily found bat-
ton I* preened, and tbe clock Immedl-
stely aisles the time.
The *|ieerh film is practically Indo
structible und occupies very little
space since, because of Its elasticity,
it may be wound upon a very small
A number of these coins bsve been
recovered, along wtth sword hilts, scabbards, large quantities of black African oak. musket*, stiletto* nnd stone
and iron shot. A piece of eight waa
a SpsulaU coin worth OtlVi cents ta
American money, ao that the coins carried by tho Florentlna are wortfe nearly 130.000,000. au amount of sold
weighing about fifty abort tons.
Ttie apparatus uaed la searching far
the treasure Is unique, consisting of a
| specially constructed suction dredger
 ....  __n���     *Thm bar.
Antral: Closing
11:10���United State* via C. P. R.
(dally oxcapt Sunday).23:0��
l:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally *xc*pt Sunday).11:16
18:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 18:00
18:00���Vancouver vt* B. C. E. R.
(daily exoept Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily axcept Sunday). 11.15
If :50-Vlctoria'vla Q:-H. R. .
(dally except Sunday) Ml\S
7:30���United State* via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 0.46
18:16���United Statea vta Q. N. R.
ilkUy exceot Sunday)..IS: 09
11:40���AU points eaat, and   Europe   (dallyrf 8:16
22:43���All points   oast   and Europe (dally)  *3;16
11:40���Sapperton   and   Fraaer
Mills     (dally     axcept
Suaday)       8:10
18:10���Sapperton   and   Fraaer
mllla     tdally     oxcapt
Suaday)      14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except Sunday)    8:36
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       ..11.11
i400���East Burnaby   (dally   ax-
Sunday)  18:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   18:30
10:80���Barnston Islands arrive*
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leave*
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday    14:00
tO :00���Ladner. Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa 18:30
10:00���Annieville and  Sunbury
I              (dally except  Bunday). 13:30
I '0:00���Woodwards       (Tuesday,
Thuraday    and    Saturday)   13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Plper'a Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:2C
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R.   (dally except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday   lfi-.OO
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
v6:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Sunday)  9:4f
6:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridg*
and  Hazlemere   (Tues-        |
day, Thursday and Saturday  0:4f
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehawa, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday
^^^^^^^ '*bu'"*L
Th* regular meeting* af this lodg*
ar* held ln Odd Fallows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and*Eighth street*,
every Monday eiswug at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend..jC* J. Purvis, NO.; W.
C. Coatham, P. O. recording secre-
tarrt-^l. Purdy, financial secretary
Varden No. 19, Sons ot Norway,
meet ln Eaglea hall tbe . Srst and
third Wednesdays of e*ch month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.   <
' President
Financial Secretary.
Toronto Express leave* at 8:50
Chicago Express leave* St  13:60
Imperial Limited Leaves at ....10:40
Through N Pullman
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; Bpecflbatloas, husiness let
tors, etc.; circular work taken.
Phase 418. Redr of Major an*
Savage's effloe. Cel��*��ta SU	
Tourist     and
For Reservations and rates
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vaseouver
apply to
Accountant     Tel.   R 188.
Trapp block.
1% to 88 tt P.
* sad 4 Cycle.
Local Af*nt*
Westminster Inn Works
Phone 68.
Tenth St, New Westminster.
���   '��W
WHITESIDE A EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
flees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C. Wade, K. C,
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 687
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Poik and Veal
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
atreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
1. STILWELL CLUTE, barriaterat-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telo
phone 710.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. snd Fifth
PHONE 370.
Harriett rs-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc
Adam B. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building: New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,  Seymour
2163;  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable   Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western  Union.
the military strength and wrecked the
national ambitions of the Tibetan*
might, perhaps, have made us pause
before we surrendered her defenceless
to her old master. But if no sense of
fair play in that respect should hsve
weighed with us���and there may be
something salJ against encouraging
an Englishman's over-readiness to
���champion the cause of aspiring pen-
J ilea���it would still have been wiser to
isten to those who drew attention to
the loss ot an invaluable Buffer State.
Buffer States are often ot doubtful advantage.
Perhaps, in Europe and elsewhere in
the world of civilisation, they are a
aource ol instability, sometimes even n
positive challenge to the earth-hunger
���ot a neighbor.  Bui Tibet's great value
as a Buffer State lay in her almost
impassable deserts, not'in her political complexion or military strength.
and at least British politicians should
have had the foresight to realize the
danger ol having a Chinese army of
occupation on the Indian side of those
wastes.   To-day thst army  is knocking at the very doors ol Hindustan.
Perhaps it was thought that the
���Chinese would show some gratitude
to those who thus cleared the path
ior her. If so, our statesmen lived in
a fool's paradise, indeed, tor the only
return so tar has been a curt demand
from Pekin that Nepal, Sikkim,
and Bhutan shall return to their Chinese allegiance! We have brewed the
hroth, and we must drink it.
But where the frontier is exactly
-delimited there is iess trouble. The
���danger lies to the east. Here thete
has never been a defined frontier, with
the exception of some sixty miles
between Menil-Crai on the Zyul or
Lohit liver and a point fifty or sixty
miles to the northeast in about E.
long. 07 degrees 38 minutes and N.
lat. 28 decree* 36 minutes.
There is indeed a general acceptance of a vague line running more or
less N.E, from the south-eastern cor.
ner of Bhutan ��� itself an entirely
vagui.- locality, and trending through
Miri. Daphla. Abor, and Mishroi coun-
try to Menil-Crsi, and then from the
point iibove defined geographically in
a souiheasterly direction to the watershed of the-Salwin river, until the
lurtheri delimited point ol the Burma
frontier is reached in lat 25 degrees,
3a   minutes. ,
Ru far nothing can be said against
the wisdom of the Indiap Government.
But it wiU jc clear lrom a moment's
thought that the difficulties are enor-
Junius. The country is entirely ��"
xurv.-yed, and we know none of
tribal, limit* with any certainty.
used to sink artesian welU. The boring soger penetrates tbe sea bottom
for oevernl feet and brings up wimplea.
which ar* examined for treasure, 'lima
the scow supporting the borer is moved to another point aad if tbe prevtea*
haul of sample bottom reveals treasure th* section dredger Is set to work
al that point. Tbe material sucked sp
by the dredger la discharged Into a
large sieve wtth a meeh sufficiently
email ta retain objects one-third of ae
Inch la diameter.
Butter Prem Cocoanut Oil.
A new MihHtltiae fer butter lias been
placed ou tbe market In western Bo
hernia. It contains ne animal fats, hut
In manufactured from cocouuut oil. tbe
yolks of eggs and u small porportleo
of cream.   The cocoaauts are Impurteo i ���        .
by tbe shipload by way at Hamburg. 180:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
��� ih. VM.* rtvmr t* Ausslg. in this ( (daily except Sunday).17-.80
11:20���Abbotsford,   Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R.  (dally
except Sunday) 17:30
t6:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   .23:00
Cots and Tuberculosis.
Dr. W. L. Bnsor of I/Kkwood. O..
ha* diss*cud more tban 100 cats during the past six months, and In all
of them, he says, he found genua of
tubercaleols.    Among Dr. En��or's patient* was tbe bend of a family who
was afflicted wttb tuberculosa.   Prom
tbe history of tlie case the doctor wtu
convinced  that   the  family  cat  had
brought the disease A tbe bouse.   As
a result he made uu Invextlpittou.  He
offered money for rata, and a hundred
.or more were killed and examlued.   "I
found IU all of tbem germs of tuberculoids." tbe doctor said.   "Of course
not all the cats were In tbe lust stage
of the disease, although at least 30 |>er
cent were In a serious condition.    I
venture to say that enough ft the
germs were present to make auy of
them a danger to a household.   Cats
prowl around In various places
-��-- ~mia u-ith them.
OJ     IUV    SU||llwu    a.,        ,,
up tbe Elbe river to Ausslg. tn this I
consular district, wbere tbe factory Is '
1 located. Cocoanut oil haa beea used
for some time In Europe ln the manufacture of oleomargarine under various
names, but In combination with lard
or other animal fats. The "vegetable"
better Is prepared In two forms, soft
nad lu Ilrm cakes. It la shipped by
po reels poet from tbe factory la imck-
ages of eleven pound*. Tbe claim Is
msde that tbla butter subetltute hae aa
a��rveable flavor. Is net Injurious to
uMilth nad ls excellent for cooking
pnrpoaes. It retail* for about 14 coats
a pound.���Consular Report
Boflfish Do Net Peed on Lobster*.
lt baa long been accepted In Neva
Scotia that tbe dogfish fed to a een
sMerable exteut upon tbe lobster, bul
an Investigation, made not long since
by   scientific   men   at  the   rendering
works at Clark'a harbor showed con
clnslvely tbat such is not the caae. Uf
tbe millions of dogfish put through the
crusher one only showed the presence
of lobster, aad tbat was a amnll |riece.
The dogfish swarm ordinarily near the
surface and eat nothing but wbat they
flrst suap Into morsels; therefore It Is
difficult to Imagine bow tbey could do
tbis with rbe lobster In full armor. Although the dogfish Is a great ih-h! and
destroys thousands of dollars'   worth
of lish. there were tin Indications that
they feed to any extent on lobsters.
Un the otber hand, lbe Investigation
showed tbat tbe skate," whicb la only
u ground flab, was very destructive of
this particular kind of shellfish.��� Consular lteport
Gardiner Sr. Mercer
M*  8.   A*
Phone 881. Box 772
Transfer Co.
Office Phono 185.     Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
_J     any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
���OARD    OF   TRADB���NBW Wh.B'1
minster Board ot Trade meets m tn��
board room, City Hall, aa follow.:
Third Thursday   of   each   montn,
quarterly    meeting    on tbe    tatrfl
Thuraday ot February, May, August
aad Novemtwr, at a p.m.     annual
meetings on th* third Thursday ol
February.    New member* may b��
proposed sad elected at any month
ly er   quarterly   meetiag.     C. M
Stuart-Wade. *ecreUry
p^p������^���    Th*
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pactiic,
in Cuba throughout the Island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln tho world. These ex-
celent crnne.nlama afford every
bankinc facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
LC.Coast Service
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
prowi aruum. ���-_-
2ZmZ*^ throughout, even
electrically eqwpp��� d the ^rch
tMk*i ^LUSTfm��� driving the ma-
inclnde. ""^^uHowatt. 250
Cb!lT'lXr^��S����i   ��e.m   st
etgniy i""*���_Y.,i,,_ ,vne water heater
To Mak* Brated Joint.
If occasion should nrise when It Is
j2L!m* ta make a good, clean brased
tST U.V metal ebould be carefully
SSnci iJ&d to �� bright red and
?tan wrored with the flux of the fol-
lowing tormula: One pound of boric
S. fouV^nces of pulverized chlorate
!f potash and three ounces of car
bonate of trou.
Importance of Camphor.
Tbe agricultural department has been
making numerous experiments ln the
growth of camptor trees and haa finally announced that these oriental trees
can be successfully grown tn Florida.
California and otber southern states.
The ImiMirtance of this wlll not be appreciated until It Ih understood that
camphor la one of the Important Ingredients of smokeless powder and
that Japan has practically a monopoly
on nil the camphor need tn the world.
If tbe Island empire were to be opposed to tbo whole world tn war for any
length of flme the rest ot ihe world
would soon be using black powder.
Mineral Waters,
Manufactured by
Telephone R 118. Ofllce: Princess St
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Paid-Up)   ...815,413,000.00
RESERVE   815,000,000.00
Branches throughout    Canada   and
Newfoundland, anu In London,  fiuf
('sad, New York, Ch'ago and Spokane.
Lm**tmA W��l��r����D-s-A- *Dd Mexico City.    A general
Aewea "wer,lhaaklng    business   transacted.   Lei
ters ot Credit Issue*,   available   wltb
correspondents In   all   parts of   thr
Barings Bank Dxpartroeat���Deposits
received In sums of 81 end upward
%hd Interest alio wei at 8 per cent pei
tnnum (preseut rate)'
Total Assets over 8186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager
Drawing With Rulihg ?��������
The easiest way to draw a wavy
line with a ruling pen Is to ����* tne
edge of a coarse toothed comb_ln
which the teeth are fslriy ���tWf' J"*
pen should be drawn fairly ���PM1f'*
make a smooth undulation to ths line.
Phone 106.! P. O. Bex 848.
Ofllce, Front SL, Foot ef Slath.
Phone 883.
O. Box 687.
1   Ofllc
Fine Of fke Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
For   Victoris.
10:00 A ,M Daily except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11.00 P. M Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
P.M     Jan. ISth, 27th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M.  Thursday
For Upper Fraser River Points.
Steamer Besvsr.
.Leaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack, 7:00 a.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Qallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr.. G.ilcb-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P  A.. Vaneouver
' ��� IN ���
Many People who have
never Wore been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid oa Savings
Balances half-yearly.
Business {Accounts   opened
on favorable terns.   ::
ASSETS  $4S,000.000
-    tis Columns Stieet.
B. G
Iiii>iiiiijj!ii.iij.iii!ihii iyj| V-0WX,
i   J
Electric,:Water Motor
and Hand Power
Maokines   (
63* .Columbia St*   Phone 22-23
Oty News
ANCE?     COME   IN  AND   LET    US
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone 62. ' ��� New Westminster.
��� ���- - MB	
Spring Suit
Wc still offer special terms
to those ordering suits now
(or delivery in the  spring.
You should come in today
and talk it over. Don't
let this opportunity pass.
The materials, colors and
fashions will delight you.
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Mx. Nels Nelson left yesterday tor
W. Hoggett, ol Langley, was staying at iue Windsor Hotel yeeterday.
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Pnone 81&   L A. Held.   *
Eighth Etreet Bake:y, fresh crumpets oaily.   A. Hardniun, Pbone Llott.
Mr. A. 0. Smith of Calgary w.13 in
town yesterday loouiug o.vr hts propeity interests.
Mrs. James W. Connor, 24(1 Sand
ringnam avenue, Alexandra Park, wlll
receive this uftemoon.
Mrs. H. L- Christie lias left the
Royal Columbian uosplta. mutyi improve! ln health,
The Modern Woodmen of America
have engaged St. Patrick s Hall Ior
the annual ball, on Feb. W, *
i-'resh cut daffodils, violets and car-
uatlonB. Tidy, the floilst, Phono num-
bers L184 and 1037.
St. Peter's Social Assembly will
hold another progressive euchre social ln St. Patilcks hall this evening.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Barbaree left
yesterday morning, Jan. 3uth, for Oak
irornia, where they will spend a
month or so.
Mr. S. J. Thompson, an old resident
of New Westminster, and now a pUu-
tographer ln Vancouver, ;<ald a visit
to this city yetserday looking up some
of his interests here.
Mr. Hector Macknight, of Vancouver, has taken charge of thc Home
Loan Contract Company's Office, 1
Bank of Commerce building. Old
friends will welcome his advent.
Removal Sale.���HCe Chung, merchant tailor, 18 Begbie street, is taking orders in suitings in woollen
goods at cost price for 15 days only
before moving to Front stieet, rear of
Lees Ltd.
There vvas quite an exodus of prominent New Westminster citbens to
Vancouver yetserday. Among those
who visited the neighboring city weie
Mayor Lee, Alderman Lynch, Aldermen White an.l Kellington.
It is the Stuyvesant Insurance Co.
of New York which has j.ist established a general agency with A. VV. McLeod, as announced in these columns
yesterday morning. The name of the
company aloue is enough for all insurance men,
Water consume: s a:e reminded t'aa-
ln order to save the rebate, advancs
rates must be raid at the city hall on
or before tbe 31st in.t. Gradiated
rebates on thrpe, six or twelve months
on advance payments. J. J. Mackay.
treasurer. **
portant   choral   contests   In   Wales.
About twenty-flve years ago he founded the famoua Moelwyn Male Choir,
and    almost    immediately  took   his
place wltb his choir among the most
lmiiortant organizations of the   Ktnd
Iin England tind Wales.     This choir
1 since (lta foundation has   won   more
1 than twfcnty-flve thousani dollars ln
tprttWvVw4'e, 'Without   counting   the
large sum* paid them for services at
I concerts, etc., over   the greater part'
I of Great Britain.   The choir bas sung
! and won ltnjortant prizes under tne
i adjudication of such important music
; critics as  Laurent De  Kille,  Sir Joseph Bennett, Dr. Cowen, Dr. Coward.
1 Dr. Rowladfl Rogers, Signor  Randeg-
ger. Dr. Parry, Sir Hubert Parry. Ur.
Coleridge Taylor,   Prof.   D.   Jenkins,
Mua.   6ae.   Harry   Evans,   Dr.  David
Nimaa, Prof. D. Evans, etc.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L., R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member oi! the Incorporated Society
Of Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares Candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of thc
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has bad numerous
successes ln rast years. Lessons by
correspondence In any of the above
For tprms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phon�� L*>38.
Two Lots on Hill St.
between 13th and
14th streets, near
Dublin street; $650
each; $150 cash each,
balance to suit.
Major & Savage
Wednesday We Take Stock
Those who have experienced what stocktaking means in buying
opportunities know the advantages of a visit to the store ph Stocktaking Day, for every where/ in the store crop up, od<J lots that
quickly receive a price lowering, and those on the' spot get these
price benefits.   Come Early.
15 only, Women's Suits, the balance of lines ranging from $22.50 to $35.00 are contained ln tbls Important offering to be cleared out before Stock-taking, and to ensure an early and thorough clearance every
garment has been marked at a ridiculously low price. Prices that mean a saving of dollars on every gar
ment, with no loss in the value of materials or style, the shades shown are navy, greys, greens, blue
and black, all sizes. Stock-taking Day Price .'  .$12.50
Coats at Wonderful Savings
10 only Women's Coats tn rain-proof tweeds and coverej clothes. Plain shades and fancy stripes, ln
shades of fawn, grey, brown and dark grey; soine shown With large collar effect. Regular values to $20.
Stocktaking Day Sale  ��� �� !   $12.50 ea.
$8*50 Clearance of Women's .Dresses
Marked at a mere fraction ofthe original prlcelngs for Wednesday clearance; eight only women's
dresses, lu one-piece stylos. Included are navy and black voile, fancy navy foulard, rose and blagk taffeta
and white silk; attractive atyles.   Regular values to $25.00.   Stock-taking Day Price  ?8.50 ea.
B. & M.
As ii not unusual at a ball, a number   oJ   guests   at.   the   Native   Sous' i crsn
hop"  on  Monday  night  tound, whenl3"'
Ufcey sot home, that they weie In pos- I __n_       ..   ,. v ,     ...    .,
I session ot umhreUas, et aV, that did \ Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
not belong to them. A. visit to the of-1 Halibut (hhlt or whole), per lb.  . . .tic.
tlte ot Mr. W. H. Keary  may resultltfrish   Shrimp,   pound 20c
I In articles and owners coming together again.
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, ln T. Gifford's jewelry store.   ���*
Coming events cast their shadows
before them. A sure sign that the
big companies of other cities are expecting New Westminster to take a gigantic leap forward this year is evidenced in the establishment here of
tho British Canadian Home Builders
Ltd., whose office is located at 626
Columbia  street. **
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
We   Have  Successfully
Filled 80,000
since coming to this city, besides all the repeats. This naturally means experience.
Bring your Prescriptions    to
. Diipainfcing Chemists, Etc.
l>*8n��  Block.    441 Columbia St.
<ievtf'Westminster.  B.C
Front St   -   Phone 301
Smoked Steel Head, per lb 20c
Smpkejai Halibut, pound 15c
Loggieg. Finnan Haddie..2 lbs. for 25c
B.&M. Brand Kippered Salmon, lb. 15c
B. & M. Brand Kippers, pound 10c
Red Herring ., 4 lbs. for 25c
Prime Rabbits, each   35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
DUI Pickles,, per doz 25c
Delivery 16 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Bought and Sold. I
Highest I'i Ice Given. i
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real EBtate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
RING 456
Are the street-car conductors supposed to know the names of tiie
streets on tlieir routes and call them
out as the car comes to each? The
charter ls said to stipulate thla, but
here Is a little story of what happened  the  other  day.
A gentleman was traveling home on
the city line last Saturday. He wanted to get off at Fifth avenue, no
names were calted out, and he asked
the conductor where tliey had got to,
and whether he would put him off at
Fifth avenue. "I don't know," answered the man with the money-box.
"J'm darned if I know what the streeta
are." Thanke only to tbe kindly assistance of his teflow-pannengers the
stranger was set down within a block
or two of the street desired.
Not Enourjh  in  Minltonas  Fields
Pay for  Working.
Dauphin, Ja.. 30.���The Minltonas
gold bubble has practically exploded.
The Dauphin gold locators have rp-
tuned and all proclaim the goli field
to be worthless. A C.N.R. private
car was on the scene on Satur:'ey
with an txpert, who reported that
there were traces of flake gold, but
he could see nothing in the location
to lead b m to think thnt theie would
bi gold in paying quantities.
Rumni'S are rife that tbe few nuggets claimed to have heen foii"<i *m*-e
salted. Many re��"'p are still en
mule for the gold fields.
For Builders and Investors    *
Indications point to increased activity ln building In New Westminster this year. Not only will there be more dwelling houses
erected, but new business blociis, apartment houses, hotels and some
Important manufacturing plants- will be constructed this year. All
thia will help Increase the value of New Westminster property. The
time to buy is now.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. Wy
Call and get  a
Free Cook Book
(900) Fourth Street���50 fool
lot with lane at rear, $700.
Terms to be arrnged.
(801) Thirteenth 6treet_Lot
with double frontage, $800.
Terms to be arranged.
(1004) Eighth Avenue���Twj
lota overlooking Moody Park,
lane at rear, $1000 each. Easy
Fifth Avenue���Near Second
street, two cleared lots, $1500
each. Small cash payment to
suit. Good opportunity for
(748) Princess Street���Lot fi '.
by 132. near Sixth street car
line; price $1000. Terms to arrange.
(1043)    Seventh
Sixth street
Onethlrd cash.
car   line,   $1050.
Sixth Avenue and Ash Street
���66 foot lot, $4000. Buy before
Sixth avenue car line is built.
(757) Arbustus Street���Near
Queens Park, lane at rear,
$1250.   Terms to arrange.
(1005) Fifth Avenue���Near
Sixth street, lot 66x132, cleared,
$2500.    Terms to arrange.
(1040) Burnaby Lots Cheap���
On Second anl Third avenue,
near Sixth street car: partly
cleared, 50x150, $650 each.
Terma $50 cash, balance $20
per month.
Pres. and Geni Mgr.      VIce-PrssldSBt
Sec. and Trans.
���   LUMBER CO, LTD. "
Manufacturers and Wholeeals Dealera In
Hr, Cedar and Spruce Lumber
Phones No.'* and S77. Shingles, Sash, Doom, Mouldings, Etc
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Mr. Cad'waladr Roberts.
Mr. C. Roberts begnn his career is
a choir conlii^tor about thlrtv-^'-e
ypqrT airo, b<*fo"e he v--i<*, twontv
v��ars of n.?n. In the ftntt teri vt?*" nf
his career he won many prizes at lm-
f.J.Hart & Co., Ud.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster       Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and Alderprove. B.C.
Weatminater Branch. ��� Cara
leave B. C. H. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:46 nnd
6:46 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter untll 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. b*lf hourly service until midnight.       .
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:t��0, 7:00,
8:00, 8:80, 9:00 and 9:80 a.m.
Regular wee*- day service pre-
vailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 snd
Burnaby Branch.���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station fot Vancouver at 5:45, 6:46 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaVes st 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service*���Leavis New
Westminster for Vancouver   at
Lulu     Ialand    Branch���(To.
Vancouver via   Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
. 7:00 a.m. and Jiourly thereafter
vunffl,11:00 P-m-       ��.- .
Sufaday   Service.���First    car
leaves   at 8:00   a.m.   Regular
week day service thereafter.
Fr&gtat Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co., station'
for CWHlwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
��� Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
��� ���   ....


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