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Westminster Daily News Oct 15, 1912

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 iii      ��� uk'"'.-**
'o,A     '    -
Reports on Westminster Road Paving Scheme-Road and
Side Walk Bylaws Must Again Be Put Before People-
Franchise and Five Cent Fares--Bufnaby Lake Drainage.
Edmpnds, Oct. 14.���A further report dredging the lake, and will also pre
on the Westminster-Vancouver road, vent the annual flooding of the lands
paving scheme, a foreshadowing   of  east of it.
an early election to settle the fran-l If the solicitors pass favorably on
chlse question, the resubijtlttal of iw the matter, the engineer will start at
of the 1912 by-laws, aggregating $300,-1 once on the work so as to complete
000, the Burnaby Lake Improvement it before the ralfly. seascn sets In. The
schtftifc^and double tracking of tho I work Is estimated to Tos; i.pout $2500.
Great Northern railway through Bur-r  "' Objections Wlthdrrwn.
naby made up one ot tho most Inter j    A communication  from Mr.  A. ,��h*
esting and perhaps thc most important councll meetings held In Burnaby
for several months.
For the past two months, many
weighty matters have been laid ove.-
from time to time until the return of
Reeve Weart from hla mission Itr Lop
don, and these were released from
discussion this evening. N *
Ths Paving Scheme.
In regard to the paring scheme
Reeve Weart stated that thia piece
of work must be a credit to Burnaby.
to the lower mainland and1 the province, lle had received definite assurance from Hon. Thomas Taylor, ^nln
Ister of public works at Victoria, that
he (Mr. Taylor) was heartily In !..vor
of such an undertaking and tha'
while his word would have to be concurred in by the provincial legislature
at the next session, hc felt sure thai
it would be forthcoming.
Engineer MscPherson reported tlia��
all the ncceHsary surveying and level
ling has been completed and that pre
llmlnary plans are now b^ng pr��
.pared. According to his Idea, a 8"
foot pavement would be adequate be
tween Boundary road and Edmond ���
street, thence to the city l:miu of
New Westminster the -oavemen*
should be about 43 feet wide to pro
McNeill, solicitor for the Oreat Northern railway and a report' from
Councillor Fau Vel and Engineer MacPherson regarding the double tracking ot the V. V. & E. railway through
the northern portion of Burnaby, objection -to which was taken by the
council' some weeks ago, were read.
It >as stated that the company was
now complying to all the requirement*
asked for. The solicitors of Burnaby
were instructed to withdraw the ob
lection from the scope of the board o*
railway commissioners.
Owing to the inability of the counc'l to consider the financing of suoh
a scheme at the present time, the proposal to establish lire protection In
various parts of the municipality, as
advocated by the board of trade, was
left over Indefinitely. Reeve Weart
stated tbat lt would cost $100,000 to
furnish the necessary material anj
men and that this was a matter for
the next council to attend to.
The request of Rev. D. J. Gordon,
of Edmonds Presbyterian church, for
the use of the old municipal hall two
nle'its ner week as a gymnasium for
i boys' club waa turned;down. The
���wi'nctl has spent swerjl thousand
dollars on improvement!), and It wai
thought that such expenditure did not
v.de_for possible  double tracking j ^^n^rt^E' l��
the B. C. E. R.     ^^^^^^^^
In  order that  the by-law  can    he
submitted earlv In 1913. the eng're"
was in intruded to further   the    ver a
along this lire and make a renort op
the matter at the earliest moment.
Car Franchise.
The franchise question waa brought
up by the reading of a communication
from Alderman Cameron, ot Vancou
ver. chairman of tho Joint transports
tlon  committee, stating, that at    th"
last meeting ot that body it had hem*
dee'ded to leave Burnaby out of the
negotiations on account Of thc large
area it covers, and that It would b-
Impossible to arrange a five cent nre
with the B. C. E. R. over the wholt
of the municipality.
Reeve  \v��art  and  Councillors  Mc
Gregor and MacDonald spoke on thr
question.    Reeve  Weart. stated then-
was -an    entirely     different    feeling
throughout Burnaby now to that prevailing when the franchise was flrat
submitted to the electorate.    In fact
many  Influential and pt-omlnent  per
sons bod signified    their   **--*--
have  tbe question  again
and he felt sure that this waa general
throughout the municipality.
However, there  were several  por*
tlons of Burnaby which might well bo
included In the   proposed   five   cent
zone taking in Soutli Vancouver, Vancouver and Point Grey, and a letter
will be handed Alderman Cameron on
Tuesdav In time to be brought up a'
the meeting   of   the   transportation
committee that evening, calling atten
tlon to the   fact ' that   the   Burnabv
counc'l waives the   right   to be    In
eluded In the negotiations as a Whole
but suggests that    portions    of    thr
municipality   bordering   on Hasfln*-
Townsite itnd South Vancouver be Included in the proposed zone.
Ten Days Too Much.
It has beon found necessary to resubmit two of the by-laws which wer?
passed upon favorably by tbe voters
in January last, owing to the fact tha*
through   an oversight,  the   time bo.
tween the flrst and second reading?
and the election was ten davs   over
that   called" for   by   the   Municipal
Clauses act.   Tbe   act; calls   for   a
spaoe of twenty-one days, which was
thoughtlessly extended   to thirty-one
and therefore the bond companies re"
fused  to handle the  issue.    The  by
laws in question are the road by-law
($250.onf)) and the   sidewalk   by-laa
These have been repealed bv thn
lieutenant governor in council and
without being amended, will recelv
their flrst and second readings at the
next meeting of the councll. As the
bulk of the work, which comes under
these two bv-laws. has already be.:n
done It Is thought that they wlll. receive the support of the electorate
when ence the cause of contention between the municipality and the flnan
cial. houses Is explained.
Clearing Brunette River.
The question as to whether th'e pro
posed clearing of Still creek and th<>
Brunette river ooujd be constituted as
being preliminary work on the Burnaby  Lake  Improvement scheme,   was
discussed at length and the advice ofthe-solicitors will be obtained from
actual operations   are   started.   The
creek and river bed are   said   to be
choked  with  numerous tree  stumps
and when once these are cleared away
the flow from the lake will materially I *
assist the work of obtaining enough \p
data to ascertain the exact cost' of
the building for such a purpose.
Voting Two Weeks Today���
Trade License Bylaw Introduced.
Industries Ask for Better Lighting en
Front Street���Rent from
The agreement between tbe city and
the Heaps Engineering Company for
the lease of lands on Lulu island is
now ln the last stages of completion.
The document came before the city
Connell last night and with some
amendment passed its'third reading.
The changes include an easement fo>
water and a clause protecting the
city against damage to the dyke ad
joining the property and over whicb
it is proposed to erect wharves. Tues
day October 29 was chosen as the day
on which the bylaw will be placed before the ratepayers for tinal confirmation, after which tbe agreement
will be signed.
The chief provisions of tho agree
ment are that the company erect a
plant and carry stock In trade to the
value of $150,000 one year after the
paper is signed, that it employ non.
but w'r.ite labor and that ln cose the
lessees become insolvent the lease becomes void. The amendments will
be added to the agreement by the city
solicitors and the agreement will be
again considered at a special meeting
of the council before being finally
No Sx-iday Selling.
Thc "Trade License Bylaw" was
introduced by Alderman Curtis last
night, its object is to define the liberties given by each license in order
that a person holding a license for
one trade may not conduct somi
other business under it. Under the
bylaw Sunday selling of ice cream
fruit, canjlies, etc., will become illegal.
On the request of the Progressiva
association Alderman Curtis and
White were appointed members of
the joint committee of the city coun
cli, board of trade aud Progressive
association to take up the matter of
a railway communication with the
communities to the north and east of
J the city.
Claiming that good lighting on the
Thomas   Wilby   Arrives  at
Westminster After Epoch
Making Trip,
Welcomed  to City���Value    of    Cood
Reads Demonstrated���Took
Forty-eight Days.
Bringing unchallengeable proof of
the practicability of tbe great coas'
to coast highway, Mr. Thomas Wilby,
in bis Beo motor car, with his driver,
Mr. F.'V. Haney, and Mr. Wise, a
mechanician, arrived In the city yesterday at 2 o'clock, fresh from the
conquering of the hitherto invincible
Rockies and with nearly four thousand miles behind his back. The intrepid autoist and his party left Halifax
forty-eight days ago for the Pacific
coast, and with hlrf arrival at riiio
point the toughest section of his journey ls over, and he enters upon thn
last stage of his epoch making tour,
which has been most remarkable for
the absence of accidents except tliose
of a minor nature.
To the Royal City fell the honor of
welcoming the autoists to the Paciflc
coast country. Mr. Herbert Gilley anl
Mr. E. Eastman, secretary of the
Westminster Auto club, went to Chilliwack yesterday and escorted the path
Anders to the city. Another auto with
Mr. Kenneth Myers, secretary cf thc
Progressive association, and Mr. Harris Turner, wbo bad in charge the reception In this c>ty'. and a -party of
pressmen in another car met the two
autos on tbe southern side of the
Fraser bridge and preceded them Into
the city.
Welcomed to City.
A halt was made at the city ha!l
where Mr. Wilby was formally wei
corned to tbe city by Alderman Gray
acting for the mayor who was out of
town, after which the party repaired
to the Westminster club where a
luncheon was.served in honor of the
visitor uftdtfr the joint anspiceB of the
city, the Canadian Highway association, Westminster Auto club, board of
trade and the Progressive association.
About fifteen persons, Including representatives of these bodies and
members and officials of tbe Vancouver Auto Club, wbo had come over
7* *M -..
Crazed Man Shoots Progressive Leader WLile Leaving Milwaukee Hotel���Colonel at First Thought Uninjured���Despite Flesh Wouid Makes Speech-Leaves for Chicago.
Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 14.���Colonel
Theodore Koosevelt was shot and
slightly wounded tonight as he' was
leaving tbe Gilpatrick hotel for the
Coliseum to make a speech.
The wound was superficial and the
Colonel went on to the hall and began
-his speech, after he had seen the assassin arrested and taken to the police station.
Henry F. Cochems seized thc as3a3
sin and held him until policemen
came up. A mob surged around tili
man, who apparently Is a radical on
the subject of Roosevelt's running for
another term for president.
The assassin, who is small cf stature, admitted firing the shot and said
that "any man looking for   a
term ought to be shot."
ln notes found in the man's pockety ,
at the police station were statements |
stage.    Several     thousand    persons
cheered loudly for several minutea.
Then Mr. Cochems stepped to the
front of the platform and beld up bia
hand. . .
"I have something to tell you," ba
said, "and I hope you will receive
the news with calmness."
. His voice shook as he spoke and a
deathlike stillness settled over the
Wounded, But Speaks.
"Colonel Roosevelt has been snot;
he is wounded," he naid in a low-
"A cry of astonishment and horror
went np from the crowd which waa
thrown into confusion in an instant.,
third ' Mr. Cochins . turned and looked inquiringly ot Colonel Roosevelt.
that the man had been visited In a
dream by the spirit of William Mc
Kinley, who had said, indicating
Roosevelt, "This Is my murderer
avenge my death."
The prisoner told the police after
an hour's examination that he was
John Schrenk, cf 370 East Tenth
street. New York.
Shot in Auto.
"Tell us, are you hurt ?"
Colonel Roosevelt rose and walked
to the edge of the platform to quiet
the crowd. He raised his hand and
instantly there was silence.
"It's true," said. Then slowly he
unbuttoned his coat and1 place hli
hand on his breast. Those in tbc
front of the crotfd could catch sight
of the blood stained gapjitents.
"I'm going to ask. TOpfr be very
I quiet," said Colonel Rpcfe'evelt.   "An*
The   shooting   took   place   In   the please excu8e me trom mak|ng you a
11 ���L'n fr��ntof,the Hotel MPS*���*, very long speech.   "I'll do the beat t
With    the    colonel    were    Phillip can   but you 8ee> ther^'a-a bullet iw
Roosevelt, a young cousin, Mr. Coch- my ^y.    But it.s nothing:-vl'm not
ems, Mr. Martin and Captain Girard. nurt badly/' .   ,...
The crowd pressed  close  about the,    A slgh of relief weut!ttft,Xrom the
colonel and gave a cheer as he step- crowd and then an outburit of tumul-
pe�� i.J? car"   . , tous cheering.   Thoroughly reassured
Colonel Roosevelt stood up, waving by the coionel's actio* that he waa
his hat ip answer.   The assassin was ,��� no Berlo,,g da���ger, the people pres-
standjng in the crowd a few Teet from ently ^tied back in their seats    to
the automobile.    He pushed his way bear htg 8peecij,
���  ,     J street was essential to their business I to greet Mr. Wilby and escort him to 1 player, had landed squarely on the as-  ^j large^slse* "it
bv Early Da-1 representatives of the    Vulcan   Iron (the terminal city, and Dr. Elliot S.lsassln's shoulders and had borne blm   _-.. n. tVl, r|_ht
"��     W"    * ~ l UfMt.        D..UI.     I*).mmra\mr.     mr.~,mm...,       U    I  D.��. _��        ll..        17��  ��� -\t_     ��� j j,     M-mmmmmA     **t*ma IHiriUl     IUB     11*111
'/stem Will B; installed
cember���Men and Material Not
The assurance, that New Westmin.-
ster's telephone troublcj would be
dt-tlled before tbis year ia ushered our
vas given In a letter receive!) by the
olty  council last  nlghl  from  George
to the side of the car and raising his
gun fired. I
Martin caught the flash of the revolver as the shot was fired, and
leaped over the car a second after
the bullet sped on its way. Colonel
Roosevelt barely moved as the shot
was fired. Before the crowd knew
what had happened, Martin, who is
six feet tall and    a former   football
Works, Pacific Chocolae company, B.
C# Transport Company and Mr. J.
Broder appeared with the request that
| more lights be located on Front street
in the sectioii immediately adjoining
the Fraser bridge.
Mr. E. J. Fader of the B. C. Transport company also asked for wate.-
protection In ciso'of fire, and suggest
ed that the-ctty take up the matter
Rowe, ot the Vancouver
club, were present, ^^^^^^^^^^^
After tbis Alderman Gray characterized the trip as of great value to the
Dominion. It had always been th*
aim cf the people of B. C. to hav.?
good roads, he said, and all kinds of
highway and otber associations were
working to this end.    The alderman
He began to speak in a firm voice.
somewhat lower than-iiWfal, "hut in
spite of medical remfiwBfence'ttftked
for more than an hour. Then he was i
rushed to his automobile, snd flashed
through the streets .to the emergency-
Was Big Bullet.
An examination of the wound showed that it had been made by a bullet
entered the fleshy
Progresalto the ground and disarmed him. J^'thTwIUr" h^Jfto^r ri��
Colonel Roosevelt stood calmly look- SLe*V,r.W,���. r���?.���a .w tw Li!,
I-- ma. mm .*. w .ui.... %.-. v.  The puysiciaus found that they kxteir
lng on, as though nothing had bappen- ������ ������ * ���,.     .i,���,_ ��.����i_���n^��� *i.__.
ed. Martin picked the man upTnd ^ttototttt
carried him almost to the side of the  gTnd^t was^ecZ to seU for^n
-u^.X k�� i��- =��tj ��n��ii��� ��i-.���i, mi X-rav machine to determine to what
him  colo^ll."' depth the rals8iIe had P^etrated.
All this happened within a few sec- j Not ^nTerous.
Zi- ���'��-!?-.. ^.5h.*?^ Btoodl    Milwaukee. Oct. m.-Colonel Roose-
H..Halse. secretary-treasurer of   tbe Iof h*Vlng a^ktrlwt between the G.N.R. j who welcomed the autoist on behalf gazing rather curiously at the  man
���_ _ * _ .        -*'-.._. _ I tmmralrm     nl.nV��ri   ' hll     itamt     mrananmr..,       U.    I ra.    * *. .    fa. _ _ J,_      TT, ��� ' . .. . a. .   : .   .        ....        . .. .__.        t , .* a. a m	
d. C. Telephone compaby, In answer
to the protest attit out last week e>
to the unsatisfactory qondttioh of the,
iervice here. The communication con-
desire    to'talned the announcan:ent_ tha* lt was
submitted | fully expected to have tlfc' new switchboard   and   systeiS installed and   In
operation in. dm loual central office
about the beginning* of December  '���
Unavoidable delays caused* by  tho
non-receipt of .material from it Montreal  firm and the scarcity M labor
vere the chief reasofft; advanced tor
-mt having the improvements finished
before. ;     ,- ,       >
m connection with the new system
all telephones will,bo changed and, at
ording to Mr. -Halse, %hen all is in*
-"bd wcrklhg ferder the service in the
Royal Cily will be equal to any. Thw
extensions bt present being carried ou
would be cohtlnu*d until a fully adequate plant -had been installed. It
waa also mentioned that the Clover
dale and Ladner long distance Unites
to this city were 'under construction.
-..'���   *,' ,*   7  i	
tracks planked by that company. Mr. fof the Canadian Highway a33t)cfat'on. i who had attempted his 1'fe before
Fader stated this was absolutely nee I whose headquarters are In this c:ty. the stunned crowd realized what was
essary as he expected several car [He was pleased that the trip had b:e:t'goln- cn. Then a hcwl cf ra?e wenr
loads of   machinery   withls a short j made entirely through Canadian ter   up.
time.   The request for lights was re-   ritory, and  believed  thatf a  highway I Crowd   Wakes   Up. I
ferred to Uie lljflit committee and thv?. from the Atlantic to the Pacific would      "Lynch him. kill him," cried a hun-
^""fi.^0���1srt to take up the othBr|be fit Stent beneflt to Canada as   a dr��d men.   The crowd pressed in on,
fboki, but particularly to British Co- them and Martin and Captain Girard, I
lumbia as It would give tourists the ' who had followed Martin over the side
ohance of seeing the scenic wonders'. of the automobile, were caught with
of the province.
velt is suffering    from    a superficial
flesh wound in the right breast. There
.('nutIn*.mil on  Pnr�� tsifihi.l
104th Regiment Will Donate Proceed*
of Friday's Concert,
Contributions' to the Joynson   fund
-icntlntm to cotne IjL ttyosa |rom   th*
penitentiary   stall   having* been   in J
creased to $288, wWle the friends oIJ
the staff Hav^ sent in "JIB,'        .,
A grand entertainment \yill be put
(on by the 104$ r��*'*lmont -on' Fridaf
'"vening next,at Ithe drill hall, wrest
ling aud gamos being Included wltb
the concert. '��Thft proceeds will    be
ni ven to thft fund, and t^e National
^ Rent Under Sidewalks.
' The bulld'ng Inspector desired
kno^r .whether firms eycavat'ng r��t
der sidewalks and using suc'i since
I as a basement should not be made tc
pay ar nominal rental' (or the same
Alderman Gray flaw rfo reason win-
any firms using city property should
not be made to pav for Hie privilege
and he suggested that something lik��
a dollar a month he charged, ft
was finally decided to refer the matter
tp the building committee to report
, The plans of��the proposed grades
for Elliot and Armstrong streets ant;
Mbert Crescent were presented, but
ttie frill council wiM visit the seen?
op Friday before deciding on them.
Declaring that' hts place was on Ur-.
tame plane with   private residences
itr. 8. Fader wrote protesting at   th��
charges maije for*the collection   of
sarbag* at the noartment hjousn own-
jed bv him (tLfhef corner of Second
[Weet and Park row.   The oommnii
j^atlrn was left in' thc hands of .the
Jhtalth; committee.
'. A Tent Dress.
8ta'|ng that^lft wife's dr��<.<�� had
beep t9rn by spine nrojecttng wire In
"root Qt lhe Westminster Tntat block
\fr. *\. T). Mcjtnc y rote ssk'ng whs*
��r>mpensnt,cn, the city was nrensred-
*^nfBi--n foi; tl'e d-imflte. 4The lette
Had Been Perfect
Mr. Wilby declared tbat his trip
had been a perfect one. The Interest
taken in the tour all across the continent was very satisfactory. The
more was this so, he added, when tne
interest of the people was essential
in view of such a great undertaking
as the proposed transcontinental highway.
He believed that lf the government!
their prisoner In the midst of a struggling throng of maddened men. It
seemed for the moment that "the assassin would be tora to pieco3 by
the infuriated crowd and it was
Colonel Roosevelt himself who Interfered on behalf of the man. He raised
hts hand and motioned imperiously to
the crowd to fall back.
'"Stop, ston," he cried; "stand back
don't hurt him."
Tt<e crov d at flrst was not d'sioae 1
Two   Men   and   a   Woman  Shot
Nicomen Island���Police Hunt for
Armed Msn.
dd not take the matter in band tho to heed his words, but at length feR
nPnnlA      WnilM       IlllIM       tt*m      mramA   fhrawm       . ���       __ a ,....     a..-.*- 1    s->-_
Reserve men Vljl sijpport'this went 4 ^faa referred fq the finance commit
Contributions mav .be lent *�� Rov   <*���*-,       . ?** ,
E. 0. Tl^ftHalp, 407 Co^ftbl/etrfet      Oi�� s4ho.  rccimriovdatfen    o<   th"
mav be "paid tn"to any* cf lhe city,
bunks, or will Vi reoelved It '��� the
offlreaef the Woetmlnete* Dally News
er the British Colombian.   (
��� ��� ��� ������%*���#>��� �������� ��� ��� ��� ���
suasc,ftij��Trt>N Lift,
-���sti     *
Already acknowlSSi
A.D. ������;���:..:1
Rill Chitmbers  ,....\..
J. O.^rmstiong-.*   ..
A Frlei��l:....^...ft..?:..
FrlendsW pfetf. staff:%.,t
Mrs. John MfcKenxle',.
Josdph DunlOP- p ,v .*.
Jnd-w Ho wav .....%..
EmpJoVeAs of pen. '..-..
Mr. W. Qrant ....:.*.*,
' *,
.^vater ����mmUitee It was deeded not
"Oima'1* an* r^dnctlon lr�� the wat*'
������ates o^i the Vancouver, Prince Ruperl
yiikt eOmpany..
! Aj ' "���""uiuntcjrtlon from Joh>-
3'ewart. I^virtb avenue, drawing at
���esttlon to the alleged dati^t-w^ con
i'vop et X1p��vpI1vp street, betweer
Eleventh and 3*j.'��lfth strp��t was re
tfrr^d to tMe board of work* ar �����*'*
Sl^i fth��^i��i"nlCBtlei from th�� R'ch
**rA mtlnicl|Jal cwrc'Vcali'r" �����ttnit,r.n
"to V**,\ii)Stitei, condtt'on o*. the britf
('n  Jbe rn^th end of Etfen avenue
.til^'lnnd,    .'
+ On tVe rec"<-n.'er��1^fVn of the boirj
iv. a-mrY". -^ tl^ -"-ildent to HaT��
Marlf v,^iie vorki"t on sewer eon
atmctlo'1 t*or* 'wh'eh he ftee-imbed
Jt wfT" dpn'ded to ullow half sil-��ry fo��-
'the tlm* h* trsn In the 1 ->sottal. and
��� Jto pay the tvc^pTtal and funeral   sr*
������������������^������.^������������JjrM8, - *pwtmant ^^
(Conliuyned on page eight.)
people would bulld the road them
selves. He charactericed the British
Columbia roads as being the hest In
Canada. "The Banner Province," ho
declared. It was because ot the excellent condition of the highways lu
this province that the crossing cf thi
Rockies presented no great dlff'culty.
He congratulated the people on the ir.
terest thev took in good road* and
stated that no other province ln th��
Dominion had gone as far as B. C.
In this regard. Instead ther were
building tp the United States boundary. .
Ortn of the most trag'c features of
fhe tour, he said, waa to flnd places
1'ke Wlnnlpea. on tho pralrle. abso-
fai tot v Cooed In I'k* caged b'rdi with
oract'callv no ovtlets. Tn noncluston
be rer>srked: "We hfve had manv
d'^on-mrfoT*^. b��t one of our greatest
pleasures haa been to meet your neo
Ble. f hone that when the nert time
comr�� for me to cross. Canada I will
be able to do so on a t��"-oii��h road
from the At��""tl^ to the Paclfjic."
off to Vaneouver. -
Mr. Wilby'��t sneech *x>ne.Hided t*ie
���>'n^tlo*i ***** after crxirf-bves had
been 8��'d. and o^elnrranha taken, the
nathfln.d'npr into Apo^eA with Harl>o>"
^���tv ^eneants. irts\ take" In pharttti bv
the Vs'ieo***,'**' /i*tn clrb snnt'ntte***
,...! ���* i. o-->1/i(iV n��f�� ley tf-eiird Inlet.
Di'rlng his tt*nv Mr. -Wllb" -���������� In
recelrf ef �� le^er pt iBn����nrs��iiI��,Won
nc *�� hiq *-i-* frr*-*t M�� W. T. Kerr.
prr;��MoT,t 0f t**'. Canadian H'sTi"-*v
aisoelatlon, -wbo is at present in Win-
> T**o ttte**v r*t. th* ��*���'���> acrfi!��* th*
ee��tine"* b'- ****��� ""{hto^Atnt e��e It replete with Interest, The tour waa
carrle*' out nnder th�� ��aan'o��o ef the
(Continued on Pago Bight.)
back and permitted Martin and Cap
tain Girard to carry the man Into tlie
A triple murder was committed later
on Sunday, evening on Nicomen inland, fifteen miles east cf Mission.
William Jasper and his wife, both
half-breeds, and   Scutty   McNeill,    a
bote. After a short struggle the ns- whUe man gre daad whUe u>e ^^
sassin gave up and was carried with cf the trlo> wlUiam McUuBhi;n. hae
out resistance out of the reach of tho^p^ t0 the'woods, although aaid
Cays Not Hurt.
"Are you hurt, Colonel T" a hundred
voices oalled out
"Oh, no," be responded with a smile 'j^ ~e inow"n/rChW Constable Ohm
Missed me that time.   I'm not hur; {���,(>��� ot the provjnc|ai
a bit." ,^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ko one In the parly, Including
Colonel Roosevelt himself, entertained
the slightest, notion that the colonel
had been shot. He felt no shook or
pain at the time, and It was assumed
that tbe bullet went wild.
Driving on to the aud'torlum John
McSrath, another of Colonel Roosevelt's secretaries, exclaimed:
to be wounded. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The tragedy took   place   ahout   4 .
o'clock ln the afternoon, but it   waj*.
late In the evening before tho newa-;
provincial police in Westminster,  was notified towards    mftta-
nlght and lett with a posse to hunt for -
Mrs. McLaughlin related that the-
party of tour were driving along tha1
road in a wagon when ambushed tt*r
McLaughlin, wb6 commenced firing;
with a rifle without listening to their-
pleas to parley.
Mrs. McLaughlin In not sun whit*
"Look, colonel," he said, "there la WM thft flrgt tb be Aot. jt va^m,
a bole In your overcoat.'
Colonel Roosevelt looked down and
saw tho hole, then unbuttoned the big
army coat which he waa wearing and
thrust his hand beneath It When he
withdrew it his lingers were stalnea
with blood.    '
Colonel Roosevelt was not at all
dismayed. ���
Discovert Wound.
"It looks as though I had beep bit,'
he said, "but I don't think It le anything wirlous."
CHtohel Roosevelt's phvs'etai Instated tbat be return to the hotel
Jasper or his wife, white McNeill
ceived the third mortal wound. Tha
latter ls said to hnve picked up- m
rifle lying In the wagon and wonnao*
the slayer before he wns killed Him.
McLaughlin lay down tn thf
as soon as the shooting began,
tba murderer did not molest her.
McLaughlin is known to have mrte
a hurried visit   to   his   homo  an  at
quantity of ammunition was, stored'
tbere nnd'this has disappeared, together with an overcoat.
Tho prospects of his being taken
httt   another
He nitre appear   slender,   ...   _���_.__
would not heiir of It nnd sfter   ex-'party of provincial poHco left IftHk-
amtnatlon at th�� at'dltor'um where It couver last night to join In tbe hunt.
was impo*s'Me to harard a foss m Wllllsm Jasper. McNeill -and    M��-
to the ertft rf his Injuries he still Laughlin have lately been employed
refused med'eal help. at a saw mill at Deroche and some
"1 will deliver this speech or die, of   the   had   feeling   that   existed"
one or the other." he said. between them Is said to bare spnm*-
Dosnlto the protests of his physio up whUe the men vere workta��   Mm-
i lans the colonel strode   out   to  the gether.
j Classified Advertising
riiscilirit Oar cent per word per
dny; Se. ����r. word per week; 15c per
month; %7-tSS words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract $2540.
Birth Or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice SOc or with Funeral Notice tlM. Card, of Thanks 50c per
on Eighth avenue off Cumberland
Road;  full basement, pressed brick
, fireplace, beamed ceiling; $3600.
half cash, balance over five years.
G. P. Mitchell, Box 876, city.
wort iqr day or hour. Apply 204
Royal w*nu��
of pmchasn���Comtortable house in
good central locality. Apply to R.
S.. News office.
board without room. 815 Agnes
dresstmSur. work by day. Apply
-room B KdinontU Development
block' after 1 p.m.
WANTED -BOARDERS, ���***��'   Carnarvon atreet	
email family: good wages for suit
able girl; rattst have references. Ap-
fily to Mra.   Hawkshaw,  309   Pmc
raise money immediately. New
house, three rooms, porch, basement
Chicken coops, apple, pear and plum
trees in full bearing, city water, one
block from car. Price $1550 .Also
lane corner next to house $1001).
Small payment down balance arranged. Apply owner, corner of 4th
street and 18th avenue. If you cat-
pay one-third cash, no reasonable
offer refused.
Phone P. 1140.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per wek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
tfaiy or week, over Royal Bank of
Canada, 654 Columbia street.
few minutes walk from post office.
618'Victoria street.
open. Big pay: Tou'II have to hurry
to get it   THt Columbia, Room 12.
by cm tided lady teacher. Proficl
oncy guaranteed. Terms moderate
Box 125 News office.
housekeeping rocms. No children.
428 14th street.
house close to Central school. Apply to 224 Seventh street.
Whose Irresponsible Attitude   Is,
Says, the Cause   of Present
seven years old, black hair on neck.
Frsder return to Bharat Trading
Co.. S83 Columbia street, New
Westminster.   Reward.
keepinp rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room ;>, Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth street and Agnes
London, Oct. 14.���There has been a
flutter of alarm and excitement in
society's dovecotes over the fierce der
nunciation of the -.idle rich by the
Archbishop of York at the Church
Congress at Middlesborough. He
charged them with being the cause ot
much of the present Industrial unrest.
"First. Is it not patent," he asked,
"that perhaps the main cause of bit-
'"'���ness which enters into fte present
discontent ls the existence of a large
and apparently increasing class of
wealth no conception of duty or responsibility seems to enter in."
"Vour example, your selfishness and
luxury are more responsible for the
bitterness and discontent than the
imitators antl their sneers. It is you
that discredit wealth and provoke
what vou denounce as schemes of
"ihe church lias no commission to
take sides with any particular policy
but Its commission is tq get the moral
and spiritual principles entrusted to
It 'nto the conscience of every class
and we can get no further until eiah
������-iillv rpps the necessity of mutual understanding.
"It Is the business of the church to
keep reminding men of it. Capital,
even in the form of shares in Joint
stock banks, is responsible for the
conditions of labor It employs on rail-
��� carls and in factories at home or on
rubber plantations abroad.
'On the other hand when power Is
in the hands of labor equally frith
the trust it is not enough that it
should be used to?et what it can.
'Labor Is morally bound to consider
the interests and necessities of th?
whole community."
rent that house for you.
fire and tea dollar bills, between
Co'larakia and Eighth streets, or on
Sixth atreet car. Finder please return to Daily News office and receive Herat reward.
np waterproof coat with pair of
gloves in pocket kindly leave at th >
Westminster Woodworking compan.
arid pri reward.
Vehicular Traffic���Douglas  Read.
Iu consequence cf the erect'on of i;
new    Dridse   over   Still    Creek.   thU
Read w'll be closed for through Traffic until further notice.
F. I.. MacPHER3DN.
Municipal Engineer.
Municipal Hall,   Edmonds, 13. C, Oc
Uber 5. 101 >.
N13HT   60HOO'.  TEAC
Rome, Oct. 14.���The war fever has
been assisted to fury by reports of
Montenegrin success and semi-offi
c'.al admissions that Italy accuses au3
tria of gross bad faith in engineering
the peace negotiations with the e.i
pres3 purpose of robbing the victori
ous Italians of fruits of their arduous
campaign against the Turks.
The utmost Indignation prevails and
the cry "On to Constantinople" lb
heard on every lip. The government
is taking advantage of this to rual
mobilization and the dispatch of everj
available Italian soldier to ports convenient for debarkation to the Turk
ish mainland. The fleet has steam u,
and ts standing by to convey tlK
transports to the expected scene oi
The war council, it is said, favors a
nvift  descent   upon both   Constant!,
nople and Salonikl.     The main bodj
of the army is to be landed between
Enos and Gallipolis supported by tho
lighter ships of the fleet, which Wil'
threaten the entrance to the Dardnn
elles while the heavier VB8leIs and ;
force of marines asBa'l Salonikl.    B
thus carrying the re3umpt'on of wai
into European Turkey, Italy hopes tt
anticipate Austria's designs and mak
common    cause    with    tho    Baikal
states in "the holy crusade."
Europe Amazed.
Paris, Oct. 14.���Europe   Is   amazec!
at Turkey's failure to accept the Ital
lan peace terms at this critical   mo
ment, and is also worried because Ir
Italy's participation In the war, thert
is  danger cf drawing   in   the   other
Tlie situation was well summed uj
by  M. Jaures,   the   French   Socialls
P.X HUNDRED nonKS leader,  in an   interview.      He   said
ARRIVE AT Nt:LCON|"The danger is overwhelming.      Tht
  i mere fact   of the   bitterness   cf tht
Nelson. R. C. Oct. 14.���SW hundred
Doukhobors from Saskatchewan arrived here tonight bound for the Brillant and Olade settlements.   Another
trainload is on   the wav.      Together
these consignments- will increase the
number of Doukhobors in British Col
umb'a by about 50 per cent.
Tbe impression preva'ls   here   thai
the  Doukhobors  are  bein-? rushed  in
hv t'-eir '"-Tiers to test the report of
the Doukhobors committee should th.->
nrovlnc'al    government   tike   radical
steps to prevent further immigration.
VV.    Elakennore.      commissioner,    is
now in Saskatchewan.
Every  Available  Soldier    Rushed    to
Ports���Fleet  Stands  Ready to
Invade  Turkey.
Household Voters.
Applications to be placed on the
7!nu.s��-hnVi Voters' Uist will be received wp to November 1, 1912.
The qualification is being a British
subject ��f full age and a resident
houeeboMrr tor six months immediately ppesotttg the date of application, antt aa audi householder having
pafd a rental value of not less than
One Ifnndrad Dollars a year.
City Clerk
Cily F��H. Octcber 10, 1912.
Teacher wasted fcr the Night
3.'hocl3. Applicants are reque3ted tr
write stating qualifications and salary required, and must hold B. C.
certificates. The schools will open
on three nights irr wee';.
Applications to reach the secretary
by noon on Thursday. October 17.
Secretary  cf   Board   cf   School  Trustees, New Westminster, B. C.
October 2nd.,  1312.
The Corporation invites Tenders for
the construction of about 1% miles of
combined sewers for Districts A, B,
and outfall ln Sectlen No. �� of Sapperton System. Laying Reinforced
20 to. 54 inches
West End  S^werane Sys'em.
All Mains and Laterals cn the West
End Sewerage System are now ready
for connection.    Application should be
made to the City Engineer. Citv Hall.
(Signed). J. A. DUNCAN,
City  Clerk.
NOTICE is  hereby given  that pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Reg j
Istry .' ;t, I intend at   the   expiration
of 30 days from  the date   heref   to I
cancel the registration   of a   certain
Agreement of Sale dated   Nov.  29th I
1910. made between William  F. Mon I
crieff   (whose    name    la    sometime.- I
fight will multiply the temptations o
Russia and Austria to intervene, lr
addition to the pretexts for interven
tlon which exist already, Serviai
statesmen announce that the Servian
in the Sanjak, are reaav to rebel I-
they can shake oil the Turkish yoke
This would be done ln the.name o-
Greater Servia and there wo have th<
casus belli laid down by Austria.
"On the other hand we hear tha
R-ssian volunteers are hastening v
ioin the Balkans. Thus Russia pene
trates the Balkans. In the develon
ment of the crisis not a single minut<
etn he possible which does not ere
ate between Russia and Austria
oceans for eonflict."
Not Quite Re.idy.
London. Oct. 14.���Bnlgar'a present
ed a note to Turkey Saturday, and ������
�����reond note to Austria and Rus':a \r
bihalf of t'ie Balkan States. Whll,
the proceeding Is deelared in sonv
fiarters as an ultlt"nf'v>. no t'rfi" i
imposed in the reply from Ti'-Vev
���*-���* 'n ice*"- n-inrtf"-' thr-" i-> a rt'spo
sitlon to believe this still leaves r
rtior onen for peace, hut alio is It In
dication that the Baikal I.eattue It
far from being so ready to proceed^'
Uie laat extremity of war as bas beer
generally supposed.
Curtis Block, Hev* Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Concrete Pipe. 20 to 54 inches In dl-fuelled  "Moncrefff")   as  Vendor,  and I
ameter, or construction of Monolithic I Mrs. Jane A. Vater (wife   rf   Albert/
provld-) Vater) aB Vendee, and on   November/
29tb,  1910, a   certafn   Agreement   of
must raise aome money; splendid
building aite oil Si\t'> avenue, size
4811.111. We offer this for 30 days
only br $1850, ona-rltird cash, balance C, 12 months. ", Sis is a bargain for builders.   No -�����.
choice lots, each   50x130   to   Ian I,
4900 eatk.   Terms   $150   bash   and  CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C
$25 per month.    These are money
Reinforced   Concrete   Sewers,
ing and laying V triflel Pipes up to 1?
inches      diamoter.        Twin      48-inch
Syphon and outfall.
Further Information. Specification.*
and Plans may be obtained from J.W.
B. Blackman M. Can. Soc. C. E��� City
Tenders to be delivered to the undersigned, accompanied by a marked
cheque of 5 per cent, on the amount
of the Tender, on or before Oct. 24,
1912. The lowest or any Tender not
necessarily accepted.
Plans and Specifications can be obtained by depositing $25.00 with the
City Treasurer.
(Signed). \V. A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
makora.   No. 27.
Insures Sleep
Yoa raj wake uv tomorrow night
and find fOOT home filled with BSVOke,
and yoii S*t net carry a dollar's wnrth
of huaUBML   A fire  policy coats Unit
llces it pay you to take chances?
Fin. Acciient, Plate- Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
The Corporation invites Tend"rs for
the supply of about 10,400 feet nf rein
forced Concrete Pipe ol the look or 191
continuous jointed type, In size* from
20 to 7,1 Inches, for Districts A, I! am)
outfall nl Section N'o. 2 of Bapperton
Forth' formation. Softclffcation
snd Plans may bs i bta'ned from J, W
B, Blac' i n M. Can, Soc. C. !���:., C*t>
Enfiini er.
Tendi rs to 1 ����� delivered to the un
derslgni d, accom] anied bv -.\ marked
cheque of 5 j er eent, on the amounl of
Hie Tender, i n or bi fore Oct, 24. 1912,
Sale   made   between    the     aforesaid
Jane A. Vater, as Vendor and Thoma.-i
Davis  Morgan  as   Vendee,  in   which
said    Agreement    the    said    Vendor
agreed to sell to the said Vendee Lo*
flve (5) in subdivision of District I>o��
Three Hundred and  fiftv-e'ght   (358)
New Westminster   D'strict. according
to a plan of same   deposited   In   th*
Land  Registry Office at the   City of
New Westminster, B. C. which application was made by John  Buchanan
whose address was 310 Hastings St.
Vancouver. B. C. as agent   for said
Vendor and Vendee.
AN'D I do order publication of thin
N'otlce for one month In the dailv
newspaper published at New West
minstf-r. B. C, shall be_ good and suf
fir-ient service.
his twenty-third   day   of   September
lowesl or
���nder not
Bar I
v accepted
a-is and 8
i ��i
ttlcns can
id by dew
8 1
$26.00  wi
Tre.asi rar
! a ;
Rxchislve sale of'!):< Kits, 52x164,
with ��0 loot lanu in tile mar, on
ITunuwp) Road and Thirteenth Ave.,
East Bsruaby. Price. $650; $50 down
balance }15 per month.
h\ntr asd a half acres in Surrey,
10 miles ftom New Westminster and
1 mile ttarn StiUlvtui station, li.C.E.R.
TMce 5W*>; SIW down and balance
% 10 per month.
CoWif.utt Block, Fourth Avenue
Pbone ;ii. East Burnah*,, B.C.
The Corporation Invites Tenders for
the simply of about 1660 feet of 4<t.
Inch Steel Pipe, Bends and Specials
for outfall and Syphon of Section No.
2 of Sapperton System.
Further Information, Specifications
and Plana may be obtained from J, \V.
ii. Blackman M. Can. Soo. C. B��� City
Tenderi are to ba delivered to th"
undesigned, accompanied by a marked cheque of :, per cent, on tho
amount Of the Tender, on or before
Oct. 24. I!il2. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Plans and specifications can be obtained by depositing $25,00 with the
City Treasurer.
W 11.1.1 AM   F.  MONCRTEVF,
.task a. vater,
thomvs davis morgan,
john buchanan.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar
NIGHT school:
Relates How Becker Kept After Hirr
to Carry Out Murder of Herman
W. A.
City Clerk,
It in reiiueetcS tbat all r.ersons desiring to attend the Night Schools
vhich will shortly be opened, send
Iheir names and addresses to the secretary's office not later than noon on
Thursday. October 17. If sufficient
names are not enrolled, the schoolt
will not be started until the required
number is obtained.
Secretary, Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B. C.
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne  8treet,   New  Westminster.
New York, Oct. 14.���Full corrobora
tion ol the story told Saturday b.
"Bald Jack" Rose that Police Lieui*
Charles Becker wanted gambler Het
man Rosenthal "killed, dynamited o
croaked" was given today by "Brid
gey" Webber, when the trial of Beck
er on a charge of having Instigate-
the murder of Rosenthal was resumed
"If the man Rosenthal," Webbe
swore Becker said to hm. '"ever'see
Whitman, it's all off. Why don't yoi
boys have him Croaked ? I'll take can
of you fellows after the Job is'done/'
Webber, who Is alleged (o haf
been In charge ofthe ganmsUBrs wh
killed Rosenthal, tcat'fled that he toi
r- , o Id "(i U oif" the JobT.
a Tew days.   But gec'.;or, he Bald, kep
after him to hurry up.r .
Webber then dt^sefbed the meeting
of the gunmen on'July 15��-,when ��r
rsnaemenM were Completed for sl��y^
lng Rosenthal. . V
yiie \v't"p��   tnWflrd   that,he   mc
Becker. Parry VaH6nft<IIobr aVd Sin,
Schepps just a short' tine be {ore Ro
.(...riitu   wit* W Ued.
Justice Gorr today, trid attorney*
and the ne-yvmrermft-1 fiat��ang3tera
using reporter^ passes, .were admit
��rd tc t>��n ct-r'rof-i�� tftst Saturday*
Hereafter, Justice Golf {sa'd, no Otic
wttild be pdm'tted , w'thout a
bearing his (Golfs) slgnaturo.
America's greatest tenor and famou3 opera star, will appear at the   opera
house Friday, October 18, in Verdi's beautiful opera "II Trovatore."
These October
days say���"wear
an Overcoat"
Style and value say���"wear
a Fit-Reform Overcoat."
We  have  the   lightweights
that are the right weights.
All the new models���in a
splendid  variety  of   new
Always glad to show them
to you.
C M. GREEN. M��Mfer..
��� m
Soo Mock Gun Striken Dovwi by Fellow Countryman al Y,ctorisl-
Vlctor'a, Oct. 14.���Soo Mock pun
Ah A In St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday
evening, as a result of havlnt? had hU'
sVoii and jaw fractured bv Soo Qiton
with an are. The trouble occurred Bl
the boiler room of the Ckmeron Mill
Company but what lt wns about ha*
not yet been ascertained.
The assnllart Jum^fd tnt��- tha
waters of the GorgU with the evidtyit
intention of drowning himself. It was
onlv waist deep, so he bdbbed hls
head under but Bwallowed some of the
sou water, which made him sick.
i While he was standing there, considering the problem, a boat was rowed out
to him and he was arrested.
UPPER FLAT in Hardrcari
Plock, well lighted, suitable
for clUb rooms, light manu-
factoring or living rocms.
' V - '
"        A    s ** ������
* ��
. *, .���
Westminster Daily News
$     a.
'   :-.
. ''
���'     -        *i.
'    **r '
'"������'  i
Agreement with   Balkans  Reported���
Four Great Powers Will Net
Berlin, Oct. 14.���Telegrams received
here today from Constantinople that
Premier Wiil    Outline   Government's
Poi.sy at Opening of Ottawa
Ottawa, Oct. 14.���When parliament
opens tbe first question which will be
Uken up after the address in reply to
Turkey haa rejected Bulgaria's Bat- i t(,e 6peecii from the throne is d.apos
kan demands. Bulgaria ls how expect- >ed or, will be the navy problem. Pre
ed to declare war on Turkey not liter j njier Borden will   make an announce
than   tomorrow.     Austria's   m.litarj  ��W* ��"tl','in�� the *0,icy of the gov
: ernment.
movement toward the  BAss'.an   fron- j    Another important measufe  whicn
tier   ls   progressing,  and   diploma:) ' will be Introduced   as   soon   as   tbe
here are seriously alarmed  over  tin j house opens will be the Bank Act re-
situation.   The stock market is wea*  *����������     >'on- w-  ?��� w**   ^SmE
,.   ."_ . ���, ! has the bill prepared so there will be
as a result of the war actlvlt.es. j no delay and lhe banking committee
London,   Oct.    14.���From     Vienna j will be able to start work   on it as
comes a sensational report of an Aus-  soon as the house opens.
tro-Balkan agreement laying.tbe basrta!    The bill to confirm the treaty with
for a new European imperial confed-   the West Indies will be Introduced as
erat'on.   Sir Edward  Grey, secretary   soon  as  Hon. George Foster returns
of state for foreign affairs, declines t->|from England, where he ls attending
discuss the  proposition  or to   admit; the sessions   of Imper al   trade    and
that Great Britain Is officially awar;, commerce, whicii   Is expected   to  be
Action    cf    Fellows    Considered    III
Advised���Better Outlook for
Winter Fuel.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete."
of Its existence in fact, in d'plomati
circles, however, the report Is given
general credence, and it does seem to
have taken the embass'es by surprise.
A former under-secrelary for fci>
eign affairs ls authority for the statement that Austria's Interests in this
regard have been tlie subject of of
flcial   correspondence   between   Eng
about Dec. 1. It will be pushed
through the house by Jan. 1.
The Highways Act will also likely
be brought down shortly'after parlia
ment reassemble*,
Some minor additions to tbd Civil
Service Art are likelv to be Introduc
ed this fall. Just when the bill with
wider reforms will be introduced de
land, Germany, Russia and France for rends upon when the report of Sir
the last month or six weeks. These George Murray Is ready. He has beer,
nations, he says, will never tolerate i E'ven full power to make a full In
such a strong co:;".b:natlon In the Near vestlgation and the government hope-:
East. 1 to have his report in time to Intro-
"It would be a standing menace," hi Id-re legislation before the 'close of
said, "to every European power anJ , '-he session
would destroy the Balkan buffer, to
create which the powers of Europ *.
have co-operated as far as possible in
friendy assistance to Bulgaria, Rcti-
mania, Servla and Montenegro.
"Roumania," he added, "wlll not en!
ter such an alliance, but will on the
contrary  prevent  such  with   the  aid
and approval cf Russia." |
The belief is growing In Downing '
street that a Europeon war which I
would involve three, If not all of the
great powers is an Impending probability. The sudden change of orderj
by the admiralty, strengthening the
British fleet in the Mediterranean, ls
deemed significant of extreme gravity
of the situation.
Rumors are current of secret Atts-
Hundreds cf Res;uers Battle with the
Flames���Eighty-nine Cut Off
from Escape.
Hcbart*Tasniau!a,   Oct.   14.���Uaing
,,, , .     ���        , ,  every effort possible, hundreds of res L
tro-Blakan negotiations, bv means of  cuer, BM baUU ahlat nimei anu
which Austria hopes to seize the ba.-, 8mcke tQ wve M eiK0nib9d nlneK3 a.
the North Mount Lyell Mine
ance of power in southemprn Europe
The mysterouB vls't to King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, by Francis Joseph.
the significant threats bv Innuendo of
Count    Bechthold.    Austria's    foreig-i
,.i   . j      j      ���..    j,      .,_      -T,   ,. . Hi      a     ass*.      IBWUIH      uiziia*-
?f^2S  *ladm' 'e^. "jeTallyraad   clouds cf smoke began to pour
of today, are   explained by these   re-   [he mouth c{ tbe ma|n tunne.
The fire started through a motor
pump on oue of the machine* blow
ing out.
in    a   few    m'.nutes    dense    blacli
and horror-striken surface workers
dropped their tools to assist In th:;
rescue of the 150 odd men known to
be working at the deptltB of the mine.
the Hapsbnrgs will, at top tt.* pip*  r^^l^*T^\ BO ILE RS
",^Pr^"^,^fK?^^ad.h��    toot level sveceeded l/reaching   th  '^'"^
Austrla-Hvngary and the Balkan
states, accord'ng to these rumors, are
an absolute alliance, offensive and defensive.     The   cctogenar'an   head  of
Nanaimo, Oct. 14.���The miners of
Nanaimo wlll not join with the other
miners at the Cumberland and Extension mines in a sympathetic strike.
Thii was formally decided on yes
terday at a mass meeting of Nanaimo
miners, l'he proposal that the Nanaimo men should join in a sympathetic strike was voted down by a
large majority. Many of the Nanaimo
men expressed the opinion at yesterday's tree ting that the action of the
Cumberland and Extension men in going on strike recently was ill-advised.
The action of the Nanaimo men In
declining to Join in the strike and remaining at work will prevent a complete tleup of the coal mining output,
and considerably relieves the fuel outlook for the coming winter.
Raspberries at Chilliwack.
Chilllwsck, Oct. 14.���A branch containing 24 ripe and fully developed
raspberries picked from tbe ranch of
E. Johnson, on the Bailey Road, fully
emphasizes the worth of the wonderful climate and the fertile soil of
Chilliwack as a successful fruit growing district. It is the second crop of
raspberries this year and there are
more berries where this sample oamo
Until Hs Took 6IN PILLS
Buffalo, N.Y.
"I have been a Pullman conductor on
the C. 1'. R. anil Michigan Central for
tbe last three years.
About four years ago, I was laid up
witb intense pain in the groin, a ve>y j
sore back, and suffered most severely
when I tried to urina.e.
I treated with my family physician
for two months for Gravel ln The
Bladder but dil not receive sny benefit.
About that ti ne, I met another railroad
man who ha 1 been similarly affected
an 1 who had been cured by GIN PILLS,
after liaving been given up by a pro-
mihent physicians who treated him for.
Diabetes. He is now running on the'
roaJ and is perfectly cured. He strongly
advised me to try CIN TILLS which I
dil���v.:th the result that the pains left
mc entirclv."
5nc. a bo*. 6 Ir $2.50. Sample free
if you write Na'.inual Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto.       137
Buy Rugs and
Carpets This Week
A recent shipment of new Rugs, Carpets and Oilcloths brings these lines
to you in wide assortment and prices
lower than ever.
Mr. Martin, our buyer, has just returned from England,
and he will take.great pleasure In showing the new pat
terns and qualttles.^^^.;,^.
Our Upholstery Department Is working overtime new to
take care of the special orders. Consult us for ideas in
Den and Cosy Corner Furnishings. We can cave you
money and keep yo ur trade In the city.
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
surtace, battling   their   way   through
a new crusade against the Turks, the
selge cf Vienna bv the Moslem hordei  ,,              ,       ,,   ,     ,. .., ,,    .,.,,,���
���� fi. ,..���i.1. m. .*.- ���i_.   m. .v.- n���..    >"e    smoke    that,    time   ano    again
In tbe >enitu cf the relgu of the Pay-   ,. .       .  .     _.._ .     .v__      %.��� ,
nin, In Europe Is to be avenged now      ���a I rJl,*l*?�� l-f,!        ��"
by driving the Turks from Europe anj   di^, .��.n ^^Srlatm^-k   in th.
restoring tbe Cross to pre-eminence In 1    * ^"JJ"!^ '.��li��2? .��Jt. 1���
the Imperial ctty ot Constantinople.     I d*p,Vl ot the eartU' vaUant e*ort8 ar*
These are
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
Bald to be main provisions cf the Auatro-llalkm agree-1
ment: Austria-to use her lnfluenc.
with th.e concert cf Europe- to assure
non-interference with the advance ol
her allies, Hul^ar'a, Servia and Montenegro, aga'nst tbe T.-rks; to throw
her army Into the field In tbc e-.-ento.
Turkish  s-tccess Bnd   If tbe   powers
b<"lng made to pump   703 feet   down
the shaft.
The heat rear the main shaft is ter
r'fic. Band* of rescuers have been
fr-n^d to ret-m to the surface over
come by heat and smoke. However
several n en succeeded In reaching tht
rin.r-ot l*>ve|, ��bf>re one man was
found desd. They .were unable tc
carry the bedv to the surface,
..       .       .,.     ��>   ,,m       ni-     _  im  m..m iCBrrv rot DC a v io me s-.iriace.
threaten  the  Balkan alliance to sup-      Ad,vUl ���   ���eInr   prep8red>
port thc latter on laud and ��ea '8nd Jt ,, h0"ed that by this moans'
Roumania and Greece ��?-*��������>���""��  ��om�� of the entombed men may altl
to Join Ofl. cwnCtfdmt^OrMee .to       ,e,   be d ,
be offered a share In the partition,.of. ' 	
Turkey   In    Europe.     Tbe    relgn.'n;' fl
houses In  tbe  confederation   to   pri-   KITCHENER V/'CHED
aertr* the'r re%*i   rank,  but   tb��   fl-1 TO HAVE LE3 BROKEN
nances of eacb state to be regulated. ���r-m-       ��.
by an Imperial commission to be head-;    fondon. Oct. 14:���The IJbndon cored by tbe Austrian chancellor.
% Bulgaria In Conflict.
Sofia. Oct. 14.-Bulgarians and
Turks ane engaged today in a desperate battle near Ejripalanks. according' to advices reaching here today.
Three Bulgarian amies are concentrating and the, foridnl ooen'ng of ths
campaign Is anticipated this week.
It Is reported that Macedonia rebeb iie consuite"d "a"surgeon In l-ondot.
have occupied Kresna Pass, thus pre- and cne ,��� Llver,)0ol and they ad
venting the Tnyklsh forces frOni vI^,d hlm that ,t wa8 qliite |mp089lble
flanking the   Bulgarian and    Servian  (0 have ^ ^   bro,fPn       ,n  f     con.
rngpondent of the Manchester Guardian states that tbe visit to England
cf Lord Kitchener, who bas returned
to resume his duties as agent and con
siil-genera! In Egypt, was for his leg
which since an accident In India has
interfered with his cortffort.
Lord Kitchener had thought of having tbe limb broken again and reset.
troops when war Is declared.
INTOTHB BAD LANDS   ,lkely ot 8uccesa
Rapid C!ty, S. D.. Oct. 14.���Four
bank robbers and a sheriff, beading it
posse of M men, are reported late today engaeed in a running fight In the
bad landi,. thirty miles south of
About two o'olocU this morntng five
muffled explosions In the State BanK
at Owanka roused the town. Cashier
P. B. St les,"arriving flr?t, emptied
the conlenti of a r'fle ai four men
coming from the bank. They leaped
on horses ard disappeared In the
darkness. Investigation showed the
bank inter'or wss wracked. Eighteen
hundreds In currency and coin waa
Most of the a��akened Inh^b'tants
followed Sheriff Hewett on the trail
of the robbers, which lead into th?
bad lands.
ditiens had set In which made suc!t an
operation far more serious than It
would  have  been  formerly and less
(Via'central Park) pt 5 and 6:45
a.m. and every IS minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with Half hourly servlee
Until It p.m., laat car at U mldnlalit.
Sundays���a<t 6. 7, 7:30,,8 and 8:30
a.m., regular aervlce tbeieaftei.
(Via Burnaby) at fi:45. S'.ti and 8
a.m.. wltb hourly service until 111 p m.
and late car at 11:3u p.m. Sundays���
Fli si car. at 8 a.m.
1 Via North Arm and Ehurne I at 7
a.m.. with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fiist car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
Reduced rates are offered
o--er the ""raeer VaJley line
for week end trips covering
all points on   the   division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
MAKaJ your plans to
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4: ofi p.m.
E. H. 80CKLIN,
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sas. iid r
Nanaimo, Oot- 14.-��Neva va,j
brought to town tod��y cf the traglr
death of Mr. Gus- Hill, woll known as
a former grocer at Ladysmith. where
he had resided for some -considerable
Deceased had been.employed at th'
logging eattp. at Chemainus, and
whilst dets'U are licklna-aa to th*
manner of his death, It is believed
that tbe unfortunate man was killed
through being crushed by timber. He
leaves a wife and fa,mily, all resident4
of Ladysmith.
Phones No. 7 aa* 477.
��� I
W. R. OILLEY, Phono 122. *.,��. q,ll��.
Phonos, Office 11 and 11.
Gilley Bros. ltd.
Whotoale and Retail Dealers In Cant
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, 	
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete C**wkmm1k
^eTlVnlt2u.e.^.nIkeatT^WKng C*'2 S1 ^ Ro^' theatre I****** by his   marvellous   performance
water tn a glass tank.   The human flsh will appear at the Royal again to lay and tomorrow.   "7rm,Boe
Brunette Saw Mills Company, UA
New Westminster, B.C
Are well stocked up with all kinds and mdei of
A specially large stock of laths, Shingles ��i
Ko. 2 Common Boards and DimengioM.
Now i> the time to buiM for mIs cr rent ,t.tu rHtfeliy
'���" '  m.
-'* ***.*.  , p'AtIe four
Pttbllstsed^wery morning except
e��inday by'The National Printing and
Publishing C9.. Uf}., at their office,
��a   McKtipaJle  Street,  New  Westmln-
*"' RODV,S^^erland- Manager.
Business &&&��& *  ^9
Bditorial'Qfllctt'.'  991
By carrier |4 per year, $1 for three
���nonths, or 40c per month.
By ina<Hal#��>fre year, or 25c per
month.   ;
rUESPAVf dCTO~tKK~Vi;"ttlir
M ���
compulsory training wa3 to bes'.n immediately.
The idea of forced service in a military corps has long been repugnant to
British ideas of individual liberty,
though it must be said that the Con-
tinentardemocracies do not seem to
share the prejudice. Whether the antipathy is not due more to British insularity, and confidence in the power
of the "navy to prevent the landing of
any considerable invading force on
the home soil, than to a national dislike of forced service ha3 been sometimes debated.
The history of Britain gives little
support to the contention that compulsory service is against British
practice or trad'ticu. The battles of
Waterloo and Trafalgar were won
mainly by conscripts. As late as 1835
service was in some measure obligatory.   The. question resolves itaelfwii
and tiie torrltoriaTs^forrn a gufffcfen
supporting forcelb theregotaTB In ih
oase of a general European war, or:
cbrftlct with the ten million train*
soldiers of Germany. '
The British array haa available foi; 	
foreign service about 180,000 men, and singer to go abroad for operatic ex
the territorials number about 300.000. j perience. If he haa the voice thai
But there is no legal guarantee that warrants it .and is wflllng to work
any ot the volunteer forces would be i hard, a chance with the Sheehan or
available for service out of the United ganization will put him on the right
Kingdom.     Por a foreign campaign  road.
the British   regulars  have   comnara-1    All the Sheehan productions are lr
tively  little reserves from which to English which Ib a great point In t^elr
recruit unless the  territorials corns  favor.   Step bv step Mr. Sheehun ha
forward for service abroad. 1 fought his wav to attain his amb'tlon
The main reliance has been and will j the organization of a great comnan*
continue to be the nary, but the fact to present opera In English, and h��
that the voluntary svstem greatly has won out For now the Sheehar
hand'eatis   the     development   of   a English   Opera   Company  is   every
��� ^������W j
make the congress an epoch-making
one in the hiBtory of "Our Lady of ths
Snows." All the hotels are already
filled, but the accommodation oom-
mittee anticipates no difficulty whatever in finding quarters for those who
may have been unsuccessful In locating sleeping quarters.
By the end of the week practically
all of the exhibits will be ln place for
the official opening, which takes place
on Monday, Oct. 20, with ceremonial
It is difficult to estimate exactly
how much the Sheehan English Opera
Company, which is coming to the New
Westminster Opera House on Friday
Oct. 18, ln "II Trovatore," has done
for the cause of operatic music in
English. But the debt is surely r
great one. ��Mr. Sheehan's company
has become a great school for Eng
lian singers, and It is about the only
one where English operatic talent car 	
way up to leading roles by sheer fore*
ot Industry and merit.' lt is ho longer
necessary, for   the/ aspiring   young
The decision ot'the council to engage the service,* of an expert upon
sas.ptertUSttM view t0 the 8pee^
installation of a municipal plant will
be a welcome announcement to the
citizens in general. Whenever a city
launches out upon undertakings of
this or a similar nature it la essential
that special advice be sought, otherwise it has happened in many case*
that the work has proved unsatisfactory and in others has had to be done
all over agai* thereby entailing much  strong military-trained population, and where recognized as setting the stand
loss of tirt^s'litfiey and temper.
There ^jii^pe-'no doubt as to    the
Crowded houses were the rijle yes
thua makes Britain much Inferior In ard and setting It high,
mil'tary strength   to her   Continental
rivaU, has been cuisine some vtorry.
value of    municipal    enterprise,    at-1 As ]on(? ag the ���avy hoMs Jtf) predonlI.
.though arguments for and against it   nant  position Britain   is safe, but if
are CMttottftl as the sands on the' that bulwark were to tall   short thn  terday when the "Money Kings" 111 tit
eaahore. ' flHv the  personal  factor ] weakness of   a  voluntary   system of { was first shown in this citv at the. Edi
=,<'ai"   ! '��� * 'creating trained reserves would soon   8on  theatre.    Today similar  throng
be  evident.���Toronto  Mail   and   Em-! are expected.   The story of the pic
that counts, and this should be taken
into account when considering ' the
record! %l failures and successes In
these in!��>J��a)vlngs both in the cli
lands anPi^Bffw.
One cf the drawbacks in our present system of civic governance is the
danger cfvsuwfcn breaks in the continuity rf policy from one twelve
mouth $:'hotter: Other Canadian
cities have been faced with the same
problem and in many a way out has
been found... A despatch from Calgary only as "recently as yesterday,
states that the municipal paving plant
-which has just been installed there
has besuiu .qp^rations and is proving
very successful.
Otliefclinjftenses might be cited, th?
street 111-3 61 daflgary are one of its
best advertisements with regard to
rnuniciptl-iaiiterprise, while state rail
ways, waterworks, gas works, power , Another thing that greatly impress
works and the like in every quarter  ed^im -was the seeming ine lnustib'l-
cf the globe are being efficiently man-' M *e 8up,ply��J.C3al-   "e ia fti3
, '     ���.   1 fied that muoh of the country vet tin-
aged and^rtjjavjng money    to    the   tarpcd. e.-Rn |��� the vicinity cf the big
jieorle at large. alaes,  is  l:r.c!:i   v.'.'.':. c:al and  ore.
He admitted his a;adeinic knowledge
cf mining, "but backed it up with the
representations cf others   more   con-
  |V;r3ant with the situation   whom he
r mg-   from   the    Calgary   had  an opportunity  of meeting whin
d'fipon  the   work  of thw  making his examination'.
At might very  well   be ap-
Of Coal in Nanaimc's Mines, Says
American Engineer.
Nanaimo, Oct. 14.���Jlr. Frank Hogan, a mining engineer of San Fran-
r.ino.0, who has been 'nve3t'gat;ng mining conditions on Vancouver Island
from a mining engineer's standpoint,
states that the mines in Nanaimo ara
good for years.
Mr. Hogan was particularly struck
with the scientific methods of mining
that are in vogue cn the islard. He
confessed that prier to coming north
he had an impression that he would
find the mining carried on in this
country in a rather crude and elementary fashion, but now he is satisfied that the mine owner3 of Vancouver Island are in no way behind
their competitor to the south cf tht
Y.  M- C
jjlied to oiIrto^ii*city:
With the advent cf autumn, the
shortening . ot. daylight, and the
shrewd air of the streets, the Y. M.
C. A. iis very properly preparing t.r
its winter session.
This   gflai  't3   watchword    on   the
studies a
��f commercial
.ia every branch of sport ar.d healthy 1 ���,.,,,..  ,..- .,,..
-thleticism, is that striking word "ettl '
Practi:al    Cookery    Lessons    Amuse
London  Society Women.
London,   Oct.   14.���London    sce'ety
women have    found  a  ne.v
tures whicii rre exciting such grea
interest, i3 as follows:
Part 1.���The greed of money as
serts itself in the mind of James Mon
tepier, when he sees an opportunity or
securing a large contract for thr
steel interests if war is declared tr-
Europe. A conference is to be held a'
The Hague in the interests of peace
and Roy Brain, in love with Helen
Montepier's daughter, is appointed by
the United States Go'-errlment as e
representative st the arbitrat'on. Hr
goes to Hague to advocate the main
tainance of peace, which is agreetf up
rn, with tlte understanding that he return to America and secure the-presi-
dent's signature to the agreement. He
attends 0. ccnsrltation of the ores'
dent and his cabinet and Ib informed
that they will present the doe-'men
endorsing peace on the eve cf Roy's
departure, one month later.
Part 2.���The money k:ng3, in behal.
cf the Steel Tr.:st. determine to frus
trate the government's plan. They
engage the services of a very fascinating women, Marion Mallard as thei'
secret agent to accomplish their end
and bribe Foy's valet to assist her.
Montepier gives a reception, to whic'1
he invites all,the fpreign ^pv��rnmen
diplomats. Roy atends. Jutrion if
there, the cynosure of all eyes. A-
this affair, Roy is given the paper?
endorsing universal peace to be car
ried back bv Irm the following ��&���
when he sails for Hague. Marlon ls
introduced to Roy and with her irre-
s'stlble bland;shment3, she completed
captivates him and induces him t(
take her home, where she has a ver\
rnt'.cing little spread for two.   Whilr
3cc ety j they are partaking of it, she manage
form    of   t0 arll] w!ne ,.j0n his coat sleeve and
English Opera Company
All star double cast in Verdi's
beautiful opera
60���Trained Chorus Voices���00.
20-Special Grand Opera Orshestra-20.
Seat Sale at Tidy, the Florist's.
Prices: Box seats $2.50, ?2.00, $1.50.
$1.00 and 50c.
D.  BRAY,  Manager.
Program for Today.
Two Reel Special American
A drama of immense power, touching deeply the chord of human sympathy.    Vibrant with the heart's besl
Comedy, Heproix
Hex Drama.
Comedy; Clarendon
Imp Comedy.
Imp Comedy.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.;  A. R. C. tS.
Teacher of Fianofsrte. Violin. Sine
ing, Theory, Harmony, Counterpolni
and  Musical  Form.
Dufferin  Street
Phone  R41l
existing social    unrest  carefully prepared ' to   resemble   th
, ���!���-,, I penetrating to  the  kitchens of May   r,ri,;nai
��3? aa1aVW& ^ ��' itm ' J* and  Be.gra via.    Vlscountes, E, | ^fs.-Marlon delivers  the , pres!
her is responsible tir the new-born dent.g message to Montepier. far
domestic activ ty aid last week the, which she receives a gocd sized checK
first series of lessons were given fn !Montepier places the document in hit
her house in Baldertou street, Gro3- B���fe Helen overhears her father and
venor Square. Marion   talking    about    their   clever
Most of the students have traveled | v.or^    Rov ha9 already sailed for thr
people and    tl*. goal of so    few.    In
placing its ideal on this' high   plan-)
the authorities are  to be  commended
-?ind congratulated.
In a city of young men such as Cal-
aary there are very many who live
lives ��!rv#rced from all society, whosi
peoyUto^dptf-nbt live In the west, and
whoWH llnl chance of social inter-
c-ous**!tej.?oentred within the tour
walls of such an institution as a Y.
to   the   rendezvous   in   automobiles. t
each carrying a white apron, a nair of
Hague.      Helen hurriedly   plays   th'
same game..   She secures nn envelop*
white sleeves and a kitchen cloth and   of the Bame y,,,} ^ the one enctoslnc
) among those who have actively inter-   the message.   She asks her father U
M. C. A. conducted in the   spirit   of   e9|.ed    then"*,veB   jn   **�� Bj**��*! she can get a necklace which she ha;
xood fellowship and without any fool-   ^he'7,te are Viscountess Falkland  he.
ish    namby-pambylsm.      Voung   men i ^ughter  the Hon. Letitia Cary, Lady
who follow the course as mapped out! fc*Jln�� *��JSffiCM
toy the directors of the   Y. M. C. A.
need not;be-milksops. Their Intellectual and physical requirements are ea-
���terexjJA-.and...If they attain that d<--
������sirai'lM wisjsSe^atum "efficiency" that
may'Skit; ?th��U�� place on the playing
field with the same confidence us
they m;-v in a Sunday school.
Canr.da wants men; men who "fit
In'/^Sfifl'Wt'Y. M. C. A. is one of the
faMUanRHTflntt is trying to r.ive thi
nation \U:al it wants.
Helene Brassey, I.ady Duckworth and
Lady Mount-Garrett.
The Idea that conscription 'or com-
pulsury iujlit|iry service must come in
thc HJWU'il iRlngdom,   if    the    land
fortius ��!'�� to lie maintained at   1 ren-
soaaWw.iS'.Vidatd  of  security,  hm  revived BOtoewhat r\ late,    "���'><>- '--1
Ua.ld.inr, as Secretary of War, carried   charge
out his program for reorganizing the  managed to reach the shore be found
militia,  tbe yeomanry and volunteers 'Hood was dead.
Suffering from exhaustion and exposure himself he tried to reach the
little shack in which they camped and
was found there unconscious in the
morning.    Mounted  police at  Gravel-
Moose Jaw, Oct. 14.���Douglas Hoed,
known a3 "Jimmy," waa found dead
on the shores of Lake Johnson yesterday morning and his companion.
Fred Williams, is now at Expanse, lying in a critical condition and his
death is feared, Head is a son 01
James Hood, 6U Water street, Winnipeg, and a telegram has been sent co-
tlfylng him or the tragedy. Hoed and
several companions lefl here Monday
for Williams' ranch fur several Says
duck shooting. Tliej were on *h* 1,,'<-
when a blizzard oamo up and In the
diirkness thev lost their way. Hood
complained bitterly of the cold and
Williams gave him his coat and took
of the    canon, but when    hp
in isgiflUMlfterritorial army for home
���defence,  it  was  recoKiiized   that   hia
plartB,sfriifi-t'i?iJne about   as far   as clr-
cumatKuses- would permit.    A further
strengthening of the auxiliary forces,
under the more rigorous standards of  burg  were notified thiB   evening   and
training,.and efficiency  that were re-   will go for the body tomorrow morn-
<pihyd��;'<'i9uld be obtained  only  by a   Ing.
heirtfy Increase of army  expenditure,
deposited In his safe.    He   consents
and while he is engaged at the tele
phone, she extracts  the stolen   mea
sage and puts- one which she has pre
pared to resemble It In it=i place.  She
then hastens to the wlrele33   statior
ant; sends a message to Roy on board
ship, stating he- has the wrong dociu
ment and to  watch  for   her   eous-n
Ralph. In   hia hydroaeroplane,  as   h-
will fly to him with the orig'nal mes
Sfige.    I'er cousin takes the message
starts liis  flying machine ir.'d  flvin
c.croBS the water, delivers it cn Boar
t'ie Bt'-nner to    Rov', w^io    jub'lantl
proceeds on his way.
James  Montepier and  his pteel oc1
leagues pipet tn receive h>s repnft i<
the  success  of hls  scheme  to d"fca
I!-- gvernment nnd rjirrv nut   'he1-
"\i n prolec.   ,M1 smMe''. he tell < the"
bew  t'e-erly he and   MnrT''-i   M-illtr
"Jlicccrdd.    ^'ikll'T   I'ele-'s   dii'il'^-"
from   IiIh   pr-'et.  he  l-"ivd<  It   to   tV
chairman of the board, who nne-'i i
a-ni fii(i-) notbin* b"t a Marti* shoe'
if paper,    Inslantlv there Is nn lipr^a1
of astonishment, which  changes In*'
Chagrin a''d defection when they realize  ihey   havo been  fooled.
Three acres within three minutes oi
i3. C. E. R. Interurban line. Cleared
and on open road. $7300, cash $2500
Balance to, arrange.
Five acrea in Delta. Close to O. N
R. $160 per acre. $200 casb. Bai
ance two years.
loom 6, Trapp Block Phone 702
Nine roomed house on two lots, 60.\
'Ro e-ieh: all under cultivation; 150
feot from car.
$SOO0; Easy Tertm
���whioh-aVread; amounted to $135,000,-:
CAD a.year, or by some form of gen-J
erai'ttaiiliii^ or service.
A rew1 liberal supporters of the Asquith  Government   were  prepared   to
Professor Drydust was in the habit
of liaving his pet dog sit by his side
at table, and eat from ' a plate of Its
own.      At a grand dinner party one
swipovt^tlie radical departure of com-   evening  the  Duchess   of   Somebody
pulsorV"' rfervlce, defending the seem
lng violation of a cardinal Liberal
���finqlplyW pointing to the Soolal-
Iiifeiniciats' ol Germany and  Switzer-
who was next to him at table, wishing
to attract his attention, gently pulled
his sleeve. The old gentleman, Interrupted In some abstruse mental problem, to the' consternation of all present, mechanically transferred a bone
land, and the Radicals   of France; all
of whom were in sympathy with com-
Valartry training, and on his eightieth from his plate to hers, and exclaimed
tolrthday, a  week ago,  lx>rd   Robert 1 Bharply, "Oh. get away; don't bother!
aaid the best present that   could   be Here, take this out on the   mat and
'.HJIWII "Wtff-'Was the Information that eat it!"  ...           ...
Five lots under cultivation adjoin
.^ car ' " .-.    ..i.ljii.
On'y $800    ,.
��-, PHONE   1024.
2olcKoott Blk.   East Purnab)
Lethbridge, Atla., Oct. 14.���Visitors |
and delegates are   already  beginning
to arrive here for the approaching in- i
ternational     dry   farming    congress, j
which opens here Saturday next.   Decorators will begin tomorrow upon the
work of dressing the city in gala at-.
tire for the big event, which promises !
to totally   eclipse,   from   an  agricultural standpoint, anything hitherto at-j
tempted in Canada.
Farming experts from every part of
the world will be here and hotelB
and private residences will be taxed
to their utmost capacity, catering to!
the many thousands of visitors who
will be here. At the congress offices
all is bustle and excitement.
Nothing has    been left undone    to
Of Made Exactly fojfour
Measure Hand-Tailored
It you have not already taken advantage of the opportunities this
sale affords do so now. You can secure a Suit or Overcoat at prices
that cannot be considered to be anywhere near their deserving
Tailoring, fabrics and trimmings identical ln standard and quality
as productions turned out at regular prices.
MEN'S SPECIAL���Sixteen Suits only will bs
mads up from fins Scotch Tweeds and English
Worsteds, pleasing patterns and good wearing
qualities ,at stock reducing sale price
s the stock reducing sale price of Ladlel' Fancy Twee*
<and Worsted Suitings, including new Zlblllne and diagonal weaves; just the suit to save your good blus.
Ladles I If foe any reason you have not been able to obtain just wbat you have been looking for In a handsome
Tweed or Worsted Costume, inspect our offerings at
stock reducing sale price.
Is ths stock reducing aale price for best Men's Suitings
(suit length), notwithstanding we are paying a first class
(inion bill���Union    Label on every garment.
Our "Try on" Suits for ladies In latest fancy atripe and
diagonal weaves, are made In sizes and finished to a point
ready for first try on; we have only a few left In sizes 32
and 34. and they can be finished on short notice exactly
to your order for
Mr. Galvin feels confident Cat this STOCK REDUCING SALE
will not ouly accomplish the object that Its name implies, but will
also win for him a vastly increased patronage for the future, which
is an even more desirable attainment.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor
Graduate of New York School of Cutting.
Call and get a neat vest pocket memorandum book���something
and Get Choice Accommodation
A small deposit secures best accommodation available.
H. G. ��riT��. C4P. * T. A. ���    W. E. pUPEROW. O. A. P. U.
Phone Revmour 7100.     VANCOUVER. BiO.     ��7 Or��nvllle Street
The "plums" of life are for the people who know how to pick
them and where to pick them. You have fleard cf Penticton. Richard McBride knows it, and this is what he saye of it: "Penticton ever
to the tore."   Where do the "plums" come ln?
Penticton ln tbe literal seme cannot help growing them because
of ita sunny dry clime and fertile soil. It is rich in its orchards and
richer in lta possibT.tles. Probably you were at the Exhibition la3t
week and saw exactly what can be grown In this Pentioton. Such apples. Have a look ln the window of the Peoples Trust C#. and see
the display. It'will tell you at a glance better than we can in writing But lt is to the possibilities cf the tow.n we want to draw your
attention. It is the centre of the Okanagon fruit growing district. It
la prosperous even now -with the water transportation on Lake Okanagon but with the railway now being built the city will grow by laapa
and bounds.
Your plumB can be picked now by securing some of the cheap
buys In city lots which are to be had today.   Prices are low today.
Isn't'this the time to buy. City lots right In the heart of lt are to toe
had today from $200 to |600 per lot.   Terms easy.
451 Columbia Street
New Westminster TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1ft12.
DAlttf KfiWl
-r :
Columbia Street
���"Rube" Marquard Scores His Second
Triumph���Play Remaining Games
In Boston.
New Tork, Oct 14.���Fighting today
In tbe last trench, the New York
Nationals repulsed the on-rushing
Boston Americans and sent them back
to defeat by a score of 5 to 2 in the
sixth game of the world's series.
A victory for the Red Sox would
have carried with it the title of
champions for 1912 and \chen 'Rube
Marquard walked off tbe Polo grounds
witb his second triumph over Bostop
tucked away jn the sleeve of his pitch
ing arm, New York took hope tba*.
the (Hants might be able to capture
two more games and bring tbe title
to  this city.
The world's series uow stands, Bos
ten three games won; New York two
games won and one contest a tie. On
the turf just back of first base, while
the 30,000 spectators were leaving thr-
grounds, managers Stahl and Magraw
tossed a coin to determine in which
city the deciding game should to
played in the event that New York
wins in Boston tomorrow. Stahl won
the toss and all the remaining game.;
will be played In Boston's field.
President Taft ln the yacht May-
Nnwc r kept in touch with the game
bv wireless while reviewing the battleship fleet in the Hudson river.
The inning scores were also wigwagged lrom ship to ship all along the
line so that every man of those aboard
could know the progress of the gams.
All the action of the day's gam��
eame early and when the smoke of
. battlo floated away at the end of the
second inning, the score stood 5 to 2
in favor of the Giants. Thereafter
neither Ride could add a tally in th?
face of the superb twirling of the two
left-handers, "Rube" Marquard and
Kay Collins.
It     II   PO   A     R
Hooper, rf   0      1      2      2     0
Yerkes,   2b      0   ' 8      i      1      1
Fiesker   cf      0     0     5     0     0
Lewis, lf      0     0     0     0     0
Gardner. 3fe     1     0     0     1     0
Stahl.  lb    1     2     8     0     0
Wagner, ss   0     0     3      0     0
Cady.  c      0      1      3      2      I
O'Brien, p    0     0     1      0     0
���Kn^'it-     0     1     0     0     0
Cclliru, p   i)     0     0     2     0
2 7 24 9 2
���Engle batted for O'Brien in second
New York.
It II 1*0 A B
Devore. lf     0 1 2 0 0
Dcyle, 2b   1 1 1 1 i>
Sn< di?rass, cf  0 1 6 0 0
Vnrrtv, rt    1 2 7 0 0
Merkle, lb    1 2 4 1 '
hericg. 3b     1 1 1 1 (
Movers, c     1 2 6 0 0
Fletcher, ss    0 1 0 2 0
Marquard, p  0 0 0 2 1
5   11   27     7     1
.    Score by innings:
Bostrn 02000000 0���2
New York 50000000 0���3
Innings pitched; O'Brien, 1; Collins,
8; Marquard, 9.
Summary���Hits ofl O'Brien, 8; off
Collins. 6: off Marquard 7. Two base
hits, Merkle, Herzog, Engle. Three
base hits, Meyers. Double plays,
Fletcher to Doyle to Merkle; Hooper
to StaM. Stolen bases, Speaker, Herzog, Meyers. Left on bases, Boston,
5; New York, 3. Bases on balls, Mar-
ciiard 1. Struck out, by Marquard, 3;
by O'Brien, 1; by Collins, 1.
Umpires: Klem behind the bat;
Rvali on bases; O'Lnughlln In left
field;  RlglOr in right field.
Mathewson vs. Wood Todav.
Trai'Ti Oct. 14.���The real nitchins
test rr the series will be pulled oft
tomorrow when "Smoky Joe" Wood
and Christv Mathewson will be the
roppi'"" tv'rlers In the ilxth game of
the series for the world's championship.
ln the city hall at 8:30 o'clock, and
any manager who fails to attend will
I have no kick coming in the matter of
not Iieing abl^;to,arrangeihls matches
here. i  M**:-'
$fo% f ME
M. C. >-.
Last evening the classes at the Y
M. C. A. gymnasium wblcb. proved sc
successful last winter were inaugural
ed for tbe comingi season.
The schedule for the "Gym" classes
follows:   '
Business Men���Monday and Friday
5:15 to 6:15 p. m.
Business Men (Junior)���Monds)
and Thursday, 6:15 to 7:15 p. m.
Young Men���Tuesday and Thurs
day, 8 to 9 p. m.
Leaders���Tuesday, 7 to 8 p. m.
Special Apparatus���Saturday, 7:30 t.
8 p. m.
Baseball���Saturday.8 to 9 p. m.
Special Swimming���Saturday,*9 tt;
9:30 p. m.
Boys' Classes-
Intermediates���Monday   aud   Wed
nesday, 8 to 9 p. m.
Intermediate School Boys���Tuesda.v
and Friday, 4 to 5:15 p. m.
���  School  Boys "A"���Monday  4  to 4
p. m.; Saturday, 9 to 10 a. m.
School Boys "B"���Thursday, 4 tf
6 p. m.; Saturday 10:30 to 11:30 a.m
Intermediate Leaders ��� Monday..
7:15 to 7:45.
Intermediate School Boy Leaden���
Tuesdav. 5:15 to. 5:45 p. m.
School Boys "A," "B" Leaders-
Saturday 10 to 10:30 a. m.
Intermediates Basketball ��� Monda>
and Wednesday, 9 to 9:30.  %
Senior basketball practice. Tues
day and Thursday, 9 to 9:30, an J
Wednesday, 6:30 to 7:45.
Boxing ard wrestling and fenc'ng
��nd first aid classes will be arranged
OCT. 15
Near Leopold place,
lot 55x132 feet with
a splendid 9-roomed
house in good repair. This ls future
business property
and will rapidly increase in value.
Lulu Island
We can deliver 10^
160 acres, 25 acres
cleared, "wtth good
buildings, including
a 1-tobmeA house,
fully Vftireished; a
complete equipment
of farm implement j
goes with the property.      ������������'������
For further particulars apply to
acres with 350 feet
of waterfrontage on
the North Arm, just
opposite city limits
on main road connecting with Ewen
Hafcle frairie
U u
n-*-. diifctaSX:
^ late 'tif
�� Wrestling Match (125lbs.)���O'Connor vs.
Song,(Selected)���M. J. Knight.
Boxing Bout���C. Patton, V.A.C. (Canadian
1251b. Champion) vs. Art Fox, V.A.C.
Boxing Bout���J. Porter vs. Kid Dollman.
Boxing Bout���Frank Barrieau (1451b. Cana-
"'      dian Champion) vs. Unknown.
Boxing Bout���A. E. Label,  Coquitlam, vs.
Eddie Murphy, Coquitlam.
Song���Mr. Gillespie^
Musical Selection���Moose Orchestra.
NAT HAYRAKE, Champion of Rubeville, will defend his title against
an equally famous exponent ofthe noble art of self defence.
Aid. Lynch will referee the bouts, permission to hold    which    hai
been received from the City Councll.
iMaTj] mi  >.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* street,    New Westminster.
��� '-i.'-',i'..ii-.-i
Moose Athletl; Club Makes Intial Bow
���Fun for  Everybody���Fred J.
Lynch to Refirce.
Tonight at 3t. George's hall the
Moosi* Athletic club will make ltd
initial bow to the sportin; community
cf New Westminster and district. It
remains with the public alone as tj
������tip'iier the Roval City will continue
to be included in the list of cities
where athletic entertainments of this
kind are held.
Vancouver, with Its V. A. C, Hast^
***** A. C. and other clubs, has found
bedrock In this regard. North Vancouver ls maintaining tts name as the i
Ambitious City by pulling off success-
m| pvents of th'a kind. The scheme
has been tried before in Westminster
with varying sucoess, but given the
rig'U kind of management and the
^'ght ktrd of entries success should
be assured.
The program (pr this evening is of
such a varied character that anyone
should have bis fill of enjoyment.   F.
J. Lf"<vfc will forget his business wor-1
ries, hls aldermanic proclivities longi
enough to be on deck and perform J
thn d"ties as referee.   Although   not!
claiming a  hobnobbing  acquaintance i
with either a McIdtOOT or a Coffroth.!
The calm, cool way In which a veteran of the moors' goe3 about making
hiB arrangements for checking bag-
?age and dog was easily to be noted.
One well known local hunter is of
the tew who are not going out on
the flrs^ day of the season. He prefers to wait a few days untir the
hunters have worked off some of their
exuberance, believing it the better
part to be a trifle late and get fewer
birds than to risk stopping a charge
of No. 6 with his anatomy.
Joe Mahoney will be one of the
eirly ones along with Alex. TurnbuH,
and they v. Ill take, a chance of being
mistaken for a pheasant. Joe think j
that there is so little resemblance between the feathered tribe and blm3elf I
that he will be in little danger. |
Under  the  present law  no person |
i3 allowed to   shoot   more   than   six |
birds In a diy and the deputy game
wardens have received    explicit    instructions that this rule be rigorously
ed for hard shooting, will have to doff
their bats to Tommy Phillips. "Nibs,"'
It will be remembered, had a bablt of
going down the ice like a streak of
greased lightning. He would never
stop to brace himself for a shot, and
it didn't matter what angle Tommy
was in���he could shoot, just as hard
and true from the left as from the
right. In this respect his equal has
never been seen In hockey.���C. C.
Stein in Winnipeg Tribune.
Getters of Goals Debated���Newsy Lalonde���Didler Pttre.
Who's the greatest shot In hockey'
Some say Didler Pitre ls, because
his shots whistle toward the goal as
if they were discharged from tlu
mouih of a cannon.
Naming a successor to Burke Wocd
and Tommy Phillips, the western
shooting giants, is not an easy task.
In the east they claim that Pitre,
tbe sensational Canadien, propels the
puck at the goal tender with greatei
speed tbat any other player, but at
the coast there Is a smouldering sua
AL. W. GILLIS  manater.
OCTOBER 14, 15, 15.
F. L. KERR, Manager.
IHflfi .
���it: a-*
e>}> eii  ���������
��� ji.o - ������..:
Special   Feature
"The Money Kings"
Or a Mission cf Diplomacy
How Universal Peace was declared and the unprincipled schemes of
prevent it were   defeated   by   a" quick-Witb
gins at 8:30 o'clock.
Chicago Cubs Again Bsat White Sox.
Chicago, Oct. 14.���The Chicago Na-
t'onpli burled Jthe. White Sox under
an eight to one score today, winning
the th'rd straight game of the series
to decide the baseball championship
\ ir-cv tor the Cubs tomorrow will
end the series:    The score:
R. H. E.
A rrrriens        1   8   2
Nnt'oials 8 12   2
Batteries:     Clcotte,    Lange   ,and
Kahn; Cheney and Archer. .
Hunting Season for Game Birds Opens
Today���Ssenes at Depot for
Fraser Valley.
the opening    of   tho
for game birds, anO
the last hour of the
e. yvoods,    marshes
British' Football Results,
tendon, Oct. 14.���Sheffield UnKed
dfeated Liverpool this afternoon 4-0
t** thm nr����, d'vin'on. The Southern
league beat the Scottish league by
cne goal to nil.
> crder to banish any existing 111-
to-Ji'Ttr amone the football clubs of
the o.Uy In the matter of arranging
grounds during practice and match
games. Alderman Fred Lvnch desires
tn treet the managers of the dlTerent
cl'-M In the city on Wednesday.
The gathering will probably be held there were plenty of
w.u. ��>u.rr �� ���;����=�������"���* "��� ��;����"?."��: picion that "Neway" Lalonde is peer-
he ��8'here at times when it comes to f of .,      ,rl      the man
sports In the Royal1 Cltjr.   The tun bs-  beUeen the neUwlth  watchfulness.
! and care.
! Lester Patrick thinks Lalonde Is1
j the most dangerous shot In hpckjy.
"He shoots every bit as hard as -
J Pitre," says the former Montreal Wan-
i derer, who has seen the best of them
��� in the last flfteen years, "and he is
much more deadly." I
"Lalonde haa a wicked knee-high
shot that is almost iinppss ble to keep'
int cf the goal If he has a clear area ���
rom which to discharge the rubber,
v gcal tend never knows whether to
block with his pads or nls hands, and
by the time he has figured out which
to employ the puck is nestl'ng against
he back of tbe wiro. Pitre drives
'.benl with terrific force, but be shoots
high and is not ln the same class
vith Lalonde for accuracy." .
Lester was asked how it was thst
'N'ewsv" didn't score more goals on
Victoria, the team that is under the
���afakement of the lanky point.
"Because it d'dn't take lon? to d'.s-
i6yw, a way to keep Lalonde from
"And ls that method easy?"
"It's very simple. All that Is neces-
'i-i-v Is tn keep the puck away from
him. Falling In that It, it ls good policy to have three of four players���
-"iore. if vou can spare them���skats
him to the side and pocket him before he has a chance to get Into shooting position."   .   >r-
Lalonde led the coast league scor
Ing last season and was a close runner uo for the lacrosse scoring honors this Beaton. He -was'onlv a few
p-cali behind 3orlna. the Westminster
scoring star, nnd he played In less
Burke Wood used to make the fab-
her s'ng end the boards quiver whenever he missed the apal. Burke, however, could at**** s*>oot with his full
force from one anile. T alonde ls the
same. "Newsy" is probably without
a rival today In shooting.when driving
the puck from hla favorite position;
Pitre shoots with tremendous fores,
but he Is aa wild aa a hawk.
That's Why all these players, faai-
Today marks
hunt.nri season
trom now until
allrtted period,
and uplands wil)' echo to the sliar
e,*-if\ ei srnokeleK) nowder and khaki-
clad hunters will hike to the fleld
where they havo had quiet tips that
tb" iiisfp-n-it flocks will be found.
With the season opening as It doe.-
on grouse, ruffled grouse. Chines,
pneltsants, quail, duck9 and snipe all
nt the same time, thelovers cf th��
different kind3 ct sport will all get -
Grouse hunters were going aroum'
with long faces yesterday wnen th��
weather signs foreshadowed rain, wen
derlng how much the birds would
Btand before forsaking the burn 3 for
the thick timber, ahd unless the weather clears nn. those preferring grous-
=.iir,o��ln.<r '-111 **���**���* t" eontent them-
Reives with quail and the rest of th��.
.���vtao i-v^in-nov ���-n'ns leaving here
yesterday *-ere filled with hunters,
carrying blankets, and other immedi
��� ���*."'���* together with their trusty
They pame from all over, and were
of all sizes. A bystander at t>ie d-soot
bad a gcod chance to plav the Sh��r-
tfcn> '"ol��r-e8 ���-v'u*. to pick out the
novices at the game, and forsooth
them   at that.
The Human F$i'
Under Water
Mr. Trout has the. record
of    champion    ubder-water
swimmer of the world.
N.B.���Record  Four Mlnii'tes.
 .I"   Ciitn
Auatratian Vsntrlloqull
Novelty Artists.
That  Somewhat Different
Burnt Cork Comedian.
' i in n|H
New motion m\m
i -iii ii    "i	
greed and avarice to prevent
young girl and a daring aviator in his hydroaeroplane."
, Wall Street Outwitted and Beaten
7**1 as
at Its Own Game     *
��� Ilhssi 5! :.-:     ������
A Modern Drama of Powerful Plot
������������i^���������__���. , 1111 n
Vitagraph Featuring MR. JOHN BUNNY'
"An Eventful Elopement"
Fiill ot surprises and laughable developments. Two pairs of youhs
elopers. A smart detective gets the wrong couple. All the elopers
get married knd everybody laughs.
Vitagraph Featuring MISS JULIA GORDON
" A Bunch of Mts"
li *u> lie- ni. ���
Blooms and blossoms with sweetest sentiments, cheers and graces
the heart and brings it new lite, love and hope.      <.; .
Monday and Tuesday Afternoons
A Double Program
Extra Films at Matinee.
ikllll :'
ft    hm*
:������    ���'.;.
.  t  ,t,V.tlif
'�� ii'.VMi,
Spring tog Driving in
XV.*:  *
-������t-iMi.  lo  thl
BIOGRAPH <*'**��   p
-lo)n--.---'i    "fl
A tale of the West where a claip of tbe hand means something, b-
Pathe British Animated Gazie
Get our prices on wood: four foot slabs, dry or green; lt Inoh will-
wood aud dry planer ends. ,,**"���
Fraser Mills, B. C
Telephone 890
, ������������������.'I'.Uiri::**,
The Baak of Vancouver
nil ils+rtu
A general banking business transacted, drafts and 1
���old payable tn all parts ot the world.   Savings tank
all branches.
, ���     . **&*     "���    rfii.n
New Wettmintter Branch, Cor.
aad Cataalfr StaMri '
b, D. WILSON, Manager. *.-UiHiy*
" "I" '���' * r|��lpl) IWll'^M wm
mumm r    tkXAVm*.
A Love Story of
a Decade
 fa fJ
During the period of the second empire tn France Paris was a very different city from what It ls now. Charcoal
was the principal fuel used, nnd there
wus little smoke to blacken the city.
Tbe buildings were clenu and bright;
tbe purks were full of verdure; the people were very say. Now tbe buildings
are as black as those of London, the
parks are neglected, aud tbe people
huve jost that ��beerful look that once
marked tbem. The results of tbe Franco-1'russlau war are largely responsible for tbe (-huage.
Edgar Itenwlik. an American, twen
|tart��4 bodily, not In spirit, and Ren- I
wick sailed for America. 1
Ten years passed, during which j
many a high bred dntue nought to
catch the belr to a fortune, but be re
fused to lie caught The smiling face
be bad ween exposed to the publlc
Raze on. the coruer of the Hue de la
Paix und.tbe Boulevard In Paris remained With blm. Parental authority
was sufficient to keep him from the
original, but not to force him to Rive
up the likeness. That likeness remained the same. The years were passing
over his head and over tbe hend of the
absent one. Their effect on him was
apparent when he compared hls reflected Image with bis own likeness
made when he wns twenty. But the
absent one in bis mind remained the
same. At times he would look at tbe
portrait and try to realize the change
thnt must have come over her as well
as himself. But It wns Impossible.
Until he could see the changed original the snme young, smiling face wai
the face of the womnn lie lored.
His father died when Hen wick wns
thirty. He whs now Independent. But
though the blood In hls reins wns still
tbnt of a young man. It wns not the
Humor and
fPHE boy who hasn't surttleut curios-
j       Ity to follow a bund should go Into
the ministry wbeu  he grows up uud
not try to make a living in business.
No mnn can tell how n marriage will
turu out but any woman cau���and
usually docs.
- blood of ti grown Iwy.  He still yearned
' for the love of IiIb youth, but he did
$y yearn old-nn nge of Beml-msnliood,    not know  whnt  that  love  now  was.
semi-boy hood-was In Purls during
the most dellghUul month of the year,
June. Leaving Ills hotel on the Hue
de lilvoli. lit- Miiintcrcd along under llie
amides nnd turned down the Kite ile
ia Pals till lie struck u boulevard    Oo
the corner a portrait of a young girl
hud been net up. und lieu wick stopped to look ut 1l j
The nrtLst hnd achieved retnnrka- ���
ble success in portraying n beautiful i
llvlpg face. Mori-over, he bnd trans- I
ferred a veritable human smile from !
In pair of human girlish lips to canvas. In each cheek wus a dimple, nud
[the  eyes   were   lighted   by   the  same
gladness thut caused the smile.
"Monsieur seems to be pleased with
my pk-tuie." snld a voice behind Ben-
Wick In broken Kngiish.
How   did   you   know   I   am   not
French T
whether the womnn lu her growth had
kept the .snme pace ns himself either
In respect to physical or mental beauty or whether bs should flnd ber In
n sphere with which he would  bare
grown nwii.v from.    He had mnde nn
agreement   with   bts   father   tli.-it   he
would uot communicate with her. nnd
except for the past she wns a  blank
to lilm.   Nevertheless, thnt pnst-Us II
was���wns ns real ns It bnd ever been.
1  Meanwhile he hnd passed (he point
where be was ready to tuke for a life
partner o Parisian nriist's model without thoroughly realizing the objections
of such a step.    At bis father's death,
Inste.id of hastening across nn ocean
with n  view  to doing that  which n
decade hefore lit* would huve done hnd
It  seemed  possible,   he delayed      He
dreaded   to   see   n   womnn   who   had
grown out of her youthful licuut.v.    He
feared tlmt she bud grown fnt or thnt
elie wns skinny.    I'ossihl.v those brows
that nt nineteen were like the arched
stroke of a  pencil  might huve grown
thick   and   bushy.     Then.   too.   would
not ber associates shock  hlm?    Ajirt.
lastly,   might   she   not   have   grown !
coarse? ,
He delayed going to seek Ills love for |
nearly a year after his father's dentil I
uud   his coming   Into  possession  of n
fortune In his owu right.   Then. aftt-T I
making un attempt  to forget  her.   he !
suddenly came to a resolution to go to
Paris,  Iind  I ior If she still  lived  und
lenrn what effect she would have upou
On the steamer going over he met
a young lady ��f his own class. Miss
Marion   Itiitlidgi*.     Most   of   tlie   girls
whom lie hud been on intimate terms
witli Iind shown so great n* desire to
catch him thnt tliey Iind repelled hlm.
Miss   Uutlidge   showed   herself  above
, tills.     Indeed, she  did   not  show   liltn
any  preference over other men nliout
ber.     When   the   voynge   ended   Ren-
\ wlek felt u twinge nt parting.    He did
1 not quite understand It. Inn It did not
i deter   lilm   from   doing   whnt   he   hud
I gone nbrond to do
"1 knew you were American by yonr        U(. f(llllK, ,.���,.,��� ,m���.h ,.hnn���P(l.
appearance alone.   I would like to sell 1    Be mmlt. ������,������.,������ ,��� ,,;,,������,. ,,nd nft.
Some men are born liars, some hare
to lie for a living, and aome lie because tbeir wires are too Inquisitive.
! Life Is a toll, and love Is a trouble,
especially when the four-year-old requires three pairs of shoes a mouth.
j A penwn's Men of a competency depends largely u|x>n whether the person
trains Intbe automobile or the dinner
pall class.
Women wouldn't enre half so (much
nliout voting if Ihe men didn't keep Intimating tbnt tbey don't know enough.
An unruly tom|ier serves ns good a
purpose to a man as nerves do to a
1 Some women pay more attention to
their dogs tbnn tliey do to their hus
bands, but tbeu maybe tbe dogs growl
A mnn Is nlwnys rntber boastful of
bis youthful follics-wbeu his son isn't
The Campaign.
I.arlles and gentlemen.
Step right this way
For the graml display ,
Of oratory, verbal firework*
And noise.
One who enlo.vs
Such manifestations
May have them to hla heart's delight
it Is a light.
Not to a flnlsh���ph. nol���
Just for a show
ICach party will proclaim
That Ita game
Is the very best
And wlll test *
One hundred per cent pure.
It Is very sure
Or Ihat.
And while talking through Its hat
It emphaslj-.es the fact
That now Is the lime to act
To list to their chatter
One might think
Something was the matter
With this greal  land.
But  when  you uii'lerstanil
That the high notes
Are for the purpose
Of dragging down voles
Vou cease to cure
How niuch hot air
They throw,
Because you know.
Whichever side .
To power may ride,
The rivers wlll flow down toll
The sun wlll shine.
And the earih will not decline
To produce.
So what's trfe use?
The country    will plug along
At the old stand
lie safe whichever side wins.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work stil:tly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eightb
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shot
Store, Columbia stieet. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Die
tator; E. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
I. O. O.t AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
Th�� regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� ls held every Mon
day night at 8 s'clock la Odd Fel
lows hall, comer Carnarvon and
Eighth atreet Visiting brothers
cordially invited. C. B. Brys6n, N.
G.; R. A Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-I.aw, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
f. STILWELL CLUTE. barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc: corner Columbii
and McKentle streeta. New Waal
minster, B. C. P. O. Bor 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary. ��r> Columbii
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block. New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters nnd Soilcltois, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street, Nen
Westminster, B.C. Cable addresr
"Whiteside." Western Union. PO
Drawer 200. Telephone fit). W. J
Whiteside. H. L. Kdmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Koom
Trapp block.
minster board of Trade meets In tht
board room, Olty Hall, as follows
Third Fiiday of eacli month; quar
terly meeting on ttie ijird Friday o1
February, May. August and Novem
ber at x p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Fiiday of Fehruary. New
memhers may he proposed and
elected at any monihly or (juarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quarter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lands.
\fhereaa proof of los3 of Certificate
of Title No. 41343E. issued In the
name of John Travers, covering the
above property, has been filed ln tbis
office, notice is hereby given that 1
shall at the expiration of one month
from date of the first publication here
of issue a duplicate of said Certlflcate
unless In the meantime valld objec
tlon be made to ine in writing.
Dated at the Land   Registry   Office.
Vancouver, this lst day of October,
District Registrar.
Andrew Clausen
Export repairing of American, Engllsl
and Swiss
All  Work  Guarantetd.
Ml Front Street      N'-�� City Market
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve   ��12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending ln Canada from th-:
Atlantic to the Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Forto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trln
Idad, Dominican Republic, Ne.v
York and London, Fng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
citlea In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Naw Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)
���Phone R1140
Teaming and General Draylng Contracting, Furniture Moving,
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  6S1. Box  772.
branches tbrongoout Canada an*
Newfoundland, anc In London, Bug-
ud, Law York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
J.8.A., aad Mexico City. A general
tanking busloads' transacted. Liters ot Credit Issusd available with
'orrespondoats In all parts of tho
Savings Bank Dipsrtment���Deposits
ecol-ed In sums nf $1 and upward,
uid Interest allow* 1 at I par cent, par
mourn  t present r��tti.
Total   Assets over  $186,000.00000
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. cth and Columblb
Phone R072. 619 Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
We have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
J. G. SMITH. | 2;\  sixth Avsnus. Phone 56?
Buy and sell new nnd    second    hand ! N��W WESTMINSTER B.C.
goods or all kinds.   Tools tspoclally.
Second Hand Store
10 Mclntus Sireet.
Phone l noil
you  the  picture.    The  price is 2,000
"Is It  Hie *portra(t of a  reul  living
"It Is."
"Very trell; \ will buy It of you It
you trill let nie see the original."
The s.-iuie dn.r the nrtlut brought Hip
picture to Iteuwlek'n lintel nud received
the pny  for It,    TIip next evening he
called    Tlie twp took u cub nnd drove
to   die    Latin-. <|ii.-M-ier.    where   ihey J
mounted ti pair uf stairs und entered a
ballroom   filled   wiili   students,   artists
nnd  yomig   women  of   the  second  or
third (hiss.    Couples were tnklnc tlieir I
places for n quadrille, nnd In one of the '
sets Itenwlcli snw the original of his '
picture.    Mer fare wore llie snine happy smile ttnit appeured on the canvas.
"Who Is slieV" asked Itetiwlck.
"A model."
"Docs she jmse for"���
"The nltocctlier? No. She sits for
shoulders, neck nnd head Artists use
these for different ligiires In their pictures I nin the only one Unit I know
of who has painted her Just ns she Is."
When Uie qilildlfflle was Mulshed
It en wlc!< wns taken up to the girl nnd
Introduced to ber. Her mime tea*
listclle I.eroiix. Up (lnnced Willi her
pcvcml times nnd ench time fell more
Under the Influence of tbls exponent
of youthful maiden lienuty. It wits
ii"t ihN perfection of feature nlonp
Ihnt enl Inn lied him. The festtires of
n face nre usually pxpresslvp of the
��oul wlihln. nnd where there Is emptiness within the lienuty without Is like
n wus llgure In n shop window. Ex-
telle's soul wns ns Ix>nii11fti 1 as her
hody nml us Innocent ns It wns beautiful.
Ken wick nfter the hnll wns over
WMit to his hotel In n Arenm. I'rolm
lily at twenty n man Is nt llie summit
of hls Impossibility, nnd he wns n
very Impressible fellow. TIip girl.
who was a year his Junior, snw his
admiration and felt responsive. The
next dny the nrqualntaneo was renew-
|Fd. and every day the two hearts grew
nearer together till, like two grafted
Steins, they were one.
The American remained In I'aris till
the autumn: then his father, who hnd
heard of his enlhrnllnient b.v nn artist's model, ordered hlm home. Hen-
wlek would liave remained with his
love hut for the reason Ihnt sbe for-
hnde him to sacrifice himself for her.
Resides, with no Income and not even
llie profession of an nriist there wns
no possible wny for hlm to acquire nn
Indejieiident    livelihood.    Tbe    lovers
er some difficulty learned Unit she wns
still living nnd Unit she had not married,     lip   discovered   an   artist   who
knew her nml who told blm that some
ten  years  before   ICstelle  hud   met  IIU
American m whom she bud (riven  ber
, heart und  Unit sbe  bad  been  faithful
j Co Unit llrst love.    She still retained ��
shapeliness  about   ber   bust   ibat   enabled her lo earn un occuslouirl fee foi
silting as a   model,   but  nothing   like
ibe amounts she received formerly,
I     Itenwlcli. no longer moved hy the lm
ntilses of boyhood, determined  in get
n view of her without being seen him-
I self.    He dare not enl!  upon  her tin-
I disguised, realizing thnt she would  lie
I likely to recognize llllll, so lie dunned
a I'rencliy costume and put on n full
beard.   Climbing to the rooms where
, she lived wlib her mother, nu old wo-
| man. he knocked ut the door.
F.stellp opened it
Tlie vision of u dcctide criimlil-d Ilk.*
n  body that lias remained shut up for
n century on being exposed to the a!c
] Mademoiselle   was   not   Ugly,  she   was
j noi old. hut she had become n common
I plnce n-niiii r thirty.   Her surround
j lngs and her i-lntlilllg were dingy, and
j Instead nf tlie happy smile of n dcciide
| before she looked wan and tired nml
! dtaniiiMilitted
'���Cun you loll me." It en wick usked.
"If Mine. Mi'lssnii lives In this Iiuilil
At the sound of Ills voice the wo'
mnn started, looked Into Ids eyes for
n lllotliellt, then, lowering her own.
"I dn not think such n person live*
here At nuy rale. I have never heard
of ber "
"Thank yon. I am sorry to have
troubled you."
Itetiwlck went nwny, nnd the door
closed softly behind blm
This wns a meeting lip had longed
for during ten yenrs. He hnd seen Ills
love: she hsd recognized hlm. but upou
seeing Ids disappointment bad so controlled herself ns to deceive blm Into
thinking she bnd not done so,
Rbqwick left Paris the snme evening for London, where he knew he
would find Mlss Uutlidge. nnd before
hls return to Amerlcn became engaged
to ber. He snlled for Amerlcn before
her, nnd on going to Ills room, where
hung Estelle's portrait, lie stood gazing
nt It. The girlish smile, tbe dimples,
tbe lilllffmtlg eyes, were still there, but
since his departure something else hnd
���onip upon It tbnt bad never been
there before.
There was a look of sad reproach.
Makes ��� Difference.
"Smiley   lllit es   alimony   worse  than
"But most men who have that Infliction consider It the most desirable ul
tenia five."
I    "It's different ivlth Smiley."
"Vou -cpp. he's n Mormon, nnd he hns
to send out nleiiit three (-becks i*' it**,
sort u month "
"lle enn pull tbe tKiol ovet his wife's
eyes nil right"
"Not any more."
"H hy nolV"
"She demands silk automobile veiling now "
A Thoughtless Husband.
"I mu so Indignant."
"Wlmt ls the mailer?"
"I have Just discovered thnt my hus
hnnd losl a lot of money on the races '���
"Hut. my dear, think bow niu-h you
lost on bridge lately."
"I know it And we simply enn't
afford lo lose so much."
Easy to Work.
"Is Mlss Klizabeih a sulTrngetieT
"Ves, and she Is Inventive, loo "
"In what way'/"
"She has Invented a new embroidery Hlllcb designed to be used when
one is canvassing for votes."
His Hours.
"ls thnt new clerk ever In?"
"I'd like to see hlm then."
"Well, you Just come when his week
I.v pay envelope is due and you'll Insure to cntch lilm "
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a por
tion of the province of British Colum
bia, may be leased ror a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
11 an acre. Not more than 2.5G0 acres
ivill be leased to one applicant.
Application for a ltade must be
���nude by the applicant in person to
.he Ajient or Sub-Agent of tlie districi
in which the rights applied for arc-
In surveyed territory the land mu-tt
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unaurveyed territory tlie tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accom
panied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not avallahle, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchant
able output of the mine at the ratt
of  five  cent3   per  ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tlie Agent with BVOfQ return?
accounting for the full quantity ol
���nercliaiitable coul mined and pay tin
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
'-iglits are not being operated such re
turns siiould be furnished at leasi
once a year.
The lease will include the conl m'n
ing rights only, but the leasee will be
lermltted to purchase whatever avail
ible surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mint
.it the rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
ihould be mnde to thn Secretary ol
he Department of the Interior, Otta
wa. or lo any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion  1 ands.
Deputy Mln'ster of the Interior
N.  11. - ��� I' i aethorliel  publication ol
'���'Is advertisement  v .111 not  be  paid
Transfer Co,
Office   Phone  18S.      Barn  Phons  137
Bsgble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
OP*iCS���.tv"-**>, ()���'*"���
who do not receive   The News before
8 a.m. should
"Yes. pn."
"Can  yon   bake  breed  and  cook  a
beefsteak?" ^nd make complnlnt. Only In this way
"No. pu; but I can make Just Bne may an efficient   delivery   be   main-
<ud*ft" talned!
Meat jf arhet
Three Through
Trains Daily
With  Tourist,  Pulmati, Dining and
Observation Cars.
Toronto Express 8.22 a.m.
Imperial Limited 8.10 p.m.
Soo Express 2.45 p.m.
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868.
Room 4 Traoi Block
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Wster,   Acia'td Wafer*
Manufactured by
Telephone R 111. Office:  Princess St
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria lb
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Ltaves Vancouver for Seattle 10
a. in. antl 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver fcr Nanaimo 'i
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Ru-
psrt and Northern Polnta lo p. m.
Leaves    Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
Q. P   A.. Vancouver
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect Pit and Workman-
ihllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
AU  work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. G08SE, Manager.
903  Dublin   Street. Pbone  984.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary,
01S Columbia St. Phone 231.. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1012.
PAOB 8RVKN   ~*��1
Ooldtn Slippered Psvlewa
Danesa   st   Lawn   Party.
Oandlaa of Past Csnturiss Would Make
Solomon Look Sad.
Compared witb tbe gay apparel worn
by tbe dnndies of tbe vast sges tbe
youths of our time ln tbe gayest of
(rny raiment muke but a poor show.
Tbe bisbop of Lly In tbe fourteenth
century hud a change of raiment for
every day lu the year. The Earl of
Northumberland boasted no less tban
sixty cloth of gold suits.at this time.
In tbe time of Chancer the men wore
clothes as many colored as Joseph's
eout, ho thnt while one leg would be
i blaze of crimson, tbe otber would be
tricked out In green, blue or yellow
without any regard for harmony or
Even as late as tbe middle of lhe
eighteenth century, a dandy would
dress himself ln a vlrid green eout, a
wulstcoat of scarlet, yellow breeches,
and blue stockings.
And the gentleman of a few years
later wore, among other vagaries, a
coat of llgbt green, wltb sleeves too
smnll for tbe nrms and buttons too big
for the sleeves:, n pair or fine Manchester breeches; clocked silk stockings; a cluh of hair behind larger tban
the head wblcb carried It; s hat uot
larger than a sixpence.
It wus n common thing In tbe early
part of the eighteenth century for a
mnn of fashion to spend several hours
daily In the hands of hls valet Among
the many operations whicli took up
this time wns "the ��tarching of the
beard and tbe proper perfuming of tbe
garments, tbe painting of the face and
anointing With oils, tinctures, essences
ind pomutums.-London Standard.
Stunning      Tailored
Suit For Cool Day*.
Photo by Amerkhn Press Association
Anus I'nvlowa's conquest of Londou
society wns manifested as never before when tbe Russian dancer beld
court In ber su liurlinn bome in north
London. Her liftest triumph wss tbe
tulk of taodon.
Among those present were tbe Duchess of Marlborough, tbe I inches* of
Rutland. Mrs. Asi|tilth. Mrs. l.eo|>oli]
de Rothschild nml Count Renckendorlf,
the Russian ambassador, ns well as s
crowd of other prominent persons.
I'uvlowa danced on the lawn Ih gold
slippers nnd provided other entertain
Iny surprises.
What Woman Are Doing.
Mrs. Caroline Weeks Rui.ett ot
Rrooklyn. until recently connected with
the I'nitt Inst Itule. Is said to lie lbe
originator of the plan to raise a fund
or iiuo.tjuo iu a memorial to Mrs Kllen
II Rlcbunls. Mrs. Richards was lhe
llrst president of lbe Amerleati Home
I Economics association. Tbe Income
from lhe memorial fuud Is to be used
lu putting the Journal of Home Deo
nouilcs on a Hrm foundation and to es
talilisji prizes ami scholarships to encourage research work on problems rei
ative to bome life.
Miss Rosa Belle Holt of New York
ls said io be tbe only woman oriental
rug broker In tbe world. Mlss Holt
gained ber training by foreign travel
and selecting rugs for ber friends
When tbe time caroe for her to earn a
living for herself she announced ihat
nbe would gladly Oil orders for oriental
rugs. Success came to ber almost
from the start. Now sbe Is snid to
have scores of private clients front
Maine to California aa well aa many In
Lngiund and otber European countries
Mrs. Maggie Carter of Wakefield.
Mass., Is known In ber section um Ihe
"lady milkman." Sbe keep* forty-Ore
cows, covers flre towns lo ber dally
route wltb more tban COO customers
and employs six horses Ib tier delivery.
Though she has six or more meu lu ber
employ, she dues much of the dally
milking herself, deliver* a good share
of tbe milk and manages alone the
financial eud of ber business.
Mrs. Kllxubeib Davidson la snld to he
the only womuu bank president In
Maine. Sbe Is at tbe bead of tbe York
County Nuilonal bank, wblcb was
started nbout six yenrs sgo by her husband, tbe Isle Jumes T. Davidson, h
lawyer, in York. Tbe bank rapidly out-
grew Its original quarters, and the
business dually Increased to sueh au
extern thai a large building had to lie
erected to accoiuiiiodute IL
Daytime Jewelry ef Amber.
Amber Is nl pwseirt u very klghly tn
vor.il Item of daytime Jewelry It Ix
seen as tiie tal pin bead, globular in
shape and of n medium aire, end Is the
ornament nf combs and prongs.
Mngicnl pfopertles were believed to
be nscribiible lo umber In former times.
��IH| theft, were wearers of Mie hemIs
wno vowed tbey were eaved by Hirti"
from .but ledfou* ���*�� ,rou"''Tm
eomphilnifbiiy fever. The "ew del Igh
found in amber Is traceable not to a
occult coimH-tion. but to ��***��?��
for everv shade of ��old. throm* ' <> '
gr.idHtt.ita from the most pailW to tl.e
ioosi nullum tint-London Man.
Per a Rainy Ivta'"*
Milled d<��o.����lo;^V - �������
which wlll ������mis* ��musem*m niu .
the snme Mme Is tameUUM ��fM��" ���
the player's knowl^e #*��* ���
this each visitor I* handed * *W *J
paper with ��H kinds * *����'"L?,p
!���.. .t..tlons. ns "Home ** J^f!"'-
h,��� ,o he or not to ta 1 weebf any
:.,her name Is .be ��""**"��� aJ
mralghten out a irraat ��^*/"*tl_"?,
tations and to Anl* **�� ��^"?ri
�� good test of the true ����� ��f j**'^
Sometimes amwdng ���WW*** "*
Thslr Work In Developing ths Ocean
Carrying Trade.
There are land tramps nnd sea
trumps, but whereas the former lives
by tbe labor of others, tbe world's
business would be In great straits
were tbe latter to be swept from the
fnce of tbe ocean. While tbere bave
practically always been tramp ships
since men have sailed tbe sea, It remained for tbe Yankee skippers to develop this phase of ocean carrying to
Its highest degree. Tramping on tbe
ocean Is only another name for trading, and many are tbe stories extant
of Yankee skippers swapping beads.
mirrors, calico, knives and other trifles
for Ivory In Africa; an.l for commodities equally ns valuable in other lands.
Tbe tramp steamship came into existence during the war between the
states,- and It Is -to this ty|ie of vessel
tbat Kngland primarily owes ber supremacy ou tbe sea. she having encouraged tbe building of tramps more
tban uny other nation. In times of
peace tbey add to her prosperity, nnd
wbere they enjoy a subsidy, as tbey
do In some Instances, thev are used as
transports and other Auxiliaries ln
times of wnr.
Xext to Kngland comes Norway ns a
nation wblcb encourages sea trumps.
snd an her maritime laws nre more
elastic tbnn those of <',reat Britain,
mnny British trumps are sold lo .Norwegian owners, who make them pay
nfter they have outlived their usefulness under the British dag.-Murine
Rook and Crook.
Tbe rook appears to bave become the
bird whose name stand* for swindlers
In a distinctly unfair wav Ai tirst
"rook" meant a dupe, then tlie verb
"tu rook" .-ame to nie.-.n to c\ent. and
out of thla was evolved "rook." a
eheHfer���a complete to|w,v turvy process. It Is curious thai the same thing
bas oot hapiwneil to "gull." Here also
the verb came from lbe substantive
meaning a dii|>e. and as tbe gull strikes
one as rat bes a knowing bird one
mlghl hnvt expected tbe same evolu
tlon ns In the ease of ih* rook. It
should be observed, however, thai
"gull." a dupe, did not refer specially
to the sea gull, the word having for
merly meant a .voung bird of any kind
In Kllr.nl.elban Kngiish ll signified a
callow youngster who wished to be
though! aumri.-I.oti.loti Chronicle.
Prond of Great Value to He"
There is only one explanation fcr the
numbers of cnthusiaslic letters that v.c
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that is that these tabids
certainly do cure any kind of t>toinacli
trouble. "   .
Here is a typical letter from Miss j
Ivliza Armswortby, Canco, N.S.:
"It is with pleasure 1 write to inform
you that your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have proved of grc.-.t value to
me. I trii^l remedy after remedy but
without any lasting gocd. Having heard
of your tablets curing such cases as
mine I decided to give tjhem a fair trial.
They proved satisfactory in my case."
The rem ai table success vt Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is Mirli a success as
can only come to nn honest remedy,
compounded according to an exceptionally good formula, from pure ingredients, by expert chemists. If you are
troubled wit'i your stomach jnst ask
your Drugfist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug snd Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
tbe Dominion at <oc. a box, ua
10:60���Vancouver  via  G.
For the matron wltb silvery white
balr nothing is prettier ln Ibe wuy of a
fall tailored suit than tbls new model
of mauve serge. Th.e rout lines, you
will observe, are much longer than
those we bave been accustomed to
wear for several seasons, but' for s
matronly figure tbls silhouette Is exceptionally becoming.
On the revers there Is a touch of
white cloth trimmed nbout with black
passementerie. The rout fastens witn
two large black Jet buttons.
It is the intention cf the Harbour City
Electric Company, Limited, after one
month from the 25th inst. to make application to the Registrar cf Joint
Stock Companies for his approval of
the change of the Company's name
from the Harbour City Electric Company, Limited, to The Harbor City
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated the 20th day of September,
A. D., 1912.
Director, E. J. C. SHAW,
Solicitor for the Company.
Maund and Maunder.
Neither minimi, s basket, nor maunder, to whine or grumble, is obsolete
"Both are still in common use in South
Kotts and Leicestershire, at any rate.
The former is used only, however, ol
a particular kind of basket, used for
(carrying butter to market.   The basket
5s nearly square in shape and hag two
lids   opening   from   the   middle   part,
where the handle is, and it is called
the "butter mawn" (maund).   Maunder is usually heard in sueh sentences
as   "What  are  you  maundering  at?"
\   Northumbrian   will  say.   "He's   a
maundering old fool," when the man
of whom he is speaking strings words j
together  in  a  senseless  sort  of  way [
somewhat skin to msudling.���London
Notes and Queries.
A  Vetdran  Le;islv;or.
One of the veterans of the British
House of Commons is Mr. Henry
Chaplin, who has advocated tariff reform in season and out of season for
longer than probably he cares to
remember. He has ever displayed
solicitude for the agricultural portion
of the community, and there is certainly no politician of the day who
understands rural constituencies better than Mr. Chaplin.
He is, of course, an old hand at
electioneering, and knows exactly
what will go down with Farmer Giles
and his friends. As a sportsman and
a landlord they appreciate him highly.
Tbs Salamander.
In Andrews' "Anwilotes Ancient nnd
Modern" tlTSD. one reads. -Should a
glass house lira he-kept up without ex
Unction for a longer term than seven
years there Is no doubt hut thai a
salamander would be generated in the
cinders" Tbls probably accounts for
the iM.pular Idea tbnt a sai.iiiiaii.lei
lives lu tlie lira, a fallacy so far removed from the truth that the curious
llxardllke henst so called cannot endure even the bent of rbe sun. but |
skulks.nway under stones to avoid li
It vvill never lose Its reputation for
tire entlug. though, which lingers still
In the heating utensil that Is mimed
sfter IL
Card Marks.
It Is conjectured by some writers on
the subject that the marks upon the
cards designating tbe four kinds In a
pa.-k were originally symbolical and
Intended to signify thf different classes of society. According to t|ls supposition, the hearts represented tbe
clergy, spades tbe nobility, some old
packs of cards hearing a sword or
lance head Instead of a spade: clubs
tbi* serfs nnd diamonds tbe burgher*
or cltlsen classes.
Sir Sam Evan's Story.
Sir Samuel T. Evans, president of
the British Divorce Court, has several
good stories to tell relating to his profession. One which concerns a man
who' stole a pair uf trousers is decidedly naive. This man received a favorable verdict, but when the case was
over he showed no signs of leaving
the court. At lyt his lawyer asked
him why he didn't go. The innocent
(?) man whispered in. reply: "The
fact is. sir, I did not like to move til!
the witnesses had left the court. You
see I've got on the trousers wot I
Chapel In a Coal Min*.
In the Mynydd Newydd colliery at
Swansea, south Wales, at a depth of
"j feet below the surface, is a notable
chapel. It is claimed to be the only
such cTuyel especially prepared and
consecrated for worship. H is a long,
low room, Htted with rough wooden
benches, capable of accommodating
between 150 and 2H0 men. Services are
he.d before work every Monday morning in the Mynydd Newydd colliery
and have been  held regularly since
a  ��
""Wlinr Is the secret nf your ami^essT*
. "To lie iHTfectly frank with you. I
��-iis fortiiuiiie enough,1.1 bare wealthy
relatives who were willing to back me
patiently In tbe hope thut some day I
mlghl make koimI."-Detroit Free I'i
Sunny People.
The world delights In sunny people,
Tbe.old are hungering for love mor*
than for bread The nir of Joy Is very
cheap, snd If you can help the poor
nil with ii garment of praise It will ta
better fcr them than blankets.���Henry
Drummond. ���
employer��� You're Inte again!
-.New Clerk- Well, you said yon didn't
want a mnn who watched the clock.
-Llfe.      ��� 	
"Wbnt lira tbey rehearsing for,
papnV" asked the little girl,
"For some pantomimes, my dean"
"la inumiim to lie In VinY"
"No, dear. No one diies any talking
lo pnntomlmeH."-Yonkers Statesman.
A mnu of integrity will never listen
to auy plen against conscience.���Tome.
"You'll bave to work to earn a maak"
��h�� MM. "befnr* yoo oat lt
Jum ohm traa cate**.' Tban wtth asm
Tbs MbO pVwnptly "Mat It"
��. .T^biaaBpJSpasa
    N. iC
11:45���Burnaby Lake   and   Van-
couver via.B. C. E. K... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
/:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. K.
(dally except Sunday). 11:IE
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2v:30
10:00���Port Mann  fdaily except
Sunday) 9:43
i0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday    14:00
7:40���Victoria via 8. C. E. R.
(dally eaeept Sunday). 11.16
10:60���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)    16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Fridav)        14:00
.6:16���Crescent, Whits Hot* and
Hlaine .daily except
Sunday) 9:48
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
11:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 9:45
16:16���Dotted State* via G. N. R.
(dally excetii Sunday)..16:0*
9:26���All   points east and   Eu-
i2:lo���All points east and Europe (dally)  14:15
9:26���CfOquitiam  Idaily   except
Sunday)   7:43
12:00���Central Park, MsKay and'
Edmonds idaily except
Sunday!       11.15
u:<Mi���Ladner, Port Gdlchon,
Westham Island. Ban
Villa  ...:'..  '. 14:30
13 00���East Burnaby (dally except Sundajrf,, 13:00
0:00���Tlmberland' (Tuesday and
Friday! 18:30
10:00��� Anpievflle   and-Sunbury
tdally except Sunday) .14:30
rope  (dally)    1:41
9:26���Sapperton    and     Fraser
Mills      daily      except
Sunday)    7:45
19:30���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)    14:1c.
I16:*6���Vancouver, Piper's 8I<U
Ing via G. N. ��� R.
(dally except .Sunday).14:20
il:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R. (dally except.Sunday) 14:01/
7:80���United States via O. N. R.
idaily exceot Sunday)     9 45
11:30���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thursday. Friday and Bat-
day       ...14:00
20:40--Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Chilliwack,    Milner,    ML
Lehaaa, A Idergrore, Otter.   Sbortreed,   Surrey
ley Pralrle, Murrayvllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster,      Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Sardis,   Sperling   Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. tdally except
Sunday)    ��� 9:00
11:20���Abbotsford,    Huntingdon,
vis B. C. E. R. (dally
.    exceot.Sundav)   -..17:30
iO: 40���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla .... 23:00
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthluihess of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
#te?k       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Try The
Taste Test
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others.  Let the taste of each
the judge and decide which yoo like the. best.   Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada.   Their incomparable flavor alone would*
command it.   Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous sunlit sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 610 windows���its 3 inilps of floor space, we create this
perfect soda cracker. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Cream Sodas
In six shdrt fssts ftlodney Btecuits have jumped into popular
favor throughout the entire Potnjnwn.   You will understand why when
you eat them for thevfirst tinql.    ��-.'
You can get Moon^y-jBisemts  at your grocer's, fresh  and
in damp-proof wax psp^f lined packages.
Try some today-^thik taste" will please you.
lie Mooney Biscuk A Cas^^CaiUd., Stratford, Canada aA*.l*\   Nit
i, n i qoni
i ,yit*.9*
Wefctmtostar Modern
at *"���       *f%l'<--4<lltlt.i*,f*,f*      1 1
Business School
I" :)!'"���'
irect Route to
TUI6DAY, OCTOBER 15, 1912.    )
(Continued, trom page one)
li ' 11
ftTbatT.'I?. Nlckson &. Co. had given a
Th. tmimmtaamm. mt *h. w..*mir.Bter iatisiatttdry explanation with   regard
The telephones ef the Westminster ,tn tho nrtt\���im ,������,,��� Ba tn ���,���,, ���������
Thepf are'many routes by which
young men and young women may go,
but   all   d6' tat!'lead to the desired
P.S.���'Deft'A target about our Night
School.',;,     *!>..';
/iiiiuji'iu    . ..._t. I _ Jt.
ft*ar* . i
Daily News now are]	
Editorial Office 991
Business Office  .....999
For all calls after 6 a.m. ring 991.
Alderman A. E. Kellington left last
night for Ladner where he will enjoy
a few days shooting.
to the criticism made as to their pay
system. '. ,
On the recommendation of tho
parks committee the council decided
to acoupt no  responsibility for    thi
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lUodera business School
Principal and Manager.
610 Columbia St. Phone 853
Fraser Hotel
Meala at all hours. We serve
the best Lie market supplies
11,IP$IE Street
^V ***�����* lip
The,most,dbinfortable rooms in thr
city;   bot and cold  water and  steam
rad.ator. in.^ach.
Fniesti'yfliieii bihI spirits d'spensed
et the ban and first clasli cafe run in
connection.       ,
THflfci^lTHYMAN, Prop.
W.  PhOne   186.
This New Residential Hotel
Heatedly steam throughout. Hoi
and.coKfjtf^jt'dif and Telephone in
every  room.
Cafe and dining room in connection
second to none in the city.
The   best   accommodation   in   New
Everything Modern and Up-To-Date
8th Street^''     M       New Westminster.
One  mlAni. Vtfcjjft' B.C.E.   and   C.P.R.
Edmonds    wood    and    coal
Phone R nil, W. A. McDonald.
Donlft'forget th^cfmiflng ofgthe Nut
Shfell' MSjMSMna tomorrow afternoon
In the Dominion Trust building.   ������
Mrs. V. H. C. Abtiott will receiye on
Wedneaday, and alao on the third
Wednesday in each month during tho
Until further notice we caaaet receive orders for coak���Gilley Bros. **
The receipts of the city market for
the month of September were $265.55,
made up as follows: .Commission account, $172.10; stalls. $69.30; telephone, $3; water, $12.15.
A meeting of the  executive department of the   W. C. T. U. will   tako
"lace tonight at 7:30 at the home of
Mrs. Maxwell, Corner Fourth avenue
j and Seventh street.
Mr. Justice Murphy will be the
nresidina judge during the coming assizes. Announcement to this effect
was made yesterday by Mr. J. J. Cambridge.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth street Bakery
Telephone 281. -    ���*
The Progressive association will
start to move Its offices today from
Its present quarters to room 16 on
the fourth floor of the Westminster
Trust block.
Miss Minerva A. Smith. Craduatr
of Music, has opened her studio a.
13th avenue aad Cth street. Tele
phone R735. **
An official visit to the Court Royal
Columbia will be made on Friday
evening in the K. of P. hail by tb^
district ranger. A good meeting Is
Tickets for the Sheehan English
Opera company, who will produce "II
Trcvatore" at the opera house on Friday evening, are rapidly diminishing
in number at Tidy's, the florist Telephone L 184.
Canadian Highway association with
the co-operation of the Automobile
Club ot Canada at Montreal, and the
Ontario Motor League of Toronto. The
party left Halifax oh Au?".st' 27 with
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_, S. V. Haney in, the driver's seat, and
damaw done fluring the past year by during the long trip across the con-
some' person entering the women's tinent the car. was laid up for about
rest room at the exhibition buildings, j e|ght dayB on*'y short Bnatches of
It was decided, however, to grant thj i the journey were made on boar:l
Women's Councll and the W. C. T. U. steamer or train and through a Bec-
$50, which sum was not to'be conr j tion t,t the Rockies the auto was
aldered damages. , driven down the C. P. R. ties.   At Re-
Appllcatlon Refused. | glna  Mf   WiBe   a mechanician,  and
On the grounds that it would be a additional driver came on board and
violation ot both the flre and building greatly relieved the strain that had
gy-laws It was decided to refuse the been put on the shoulders of Mr.
application of Frank Buckhols for per-1 Hanev. Oh arrival here every mem-
mission, to erect a temporary rolle.- ber ot the party looked the picture
rliik In city block 11. This ia ln thn! of health and Mr wuby hi,n8eu ap I
flrst flre district, and It was atate-1 psared as lf he ^ Ju,t come frotn
the rink building would not come up breakfast.
| The  Pathfinder.
He ls a rather alender wiry man, a
to the requirements ot the by-laws.
The accounts of the various depart:
ments were passed as follows:
Schools, $429.13; finance committee,
[$5807; water, $2163.90; parks. $213.32;
health, $212.61; bridge, $14.15; poilce,
$103.85: lbrary, $306.45; market. $15;
flre. $196.42; light, $6760.40.
The plans for the spur track    to
the Westminster Woodworking   com-
The public, within the neyt tew
davs, will be allowed to walk on thr>
sidpv.alk in front of the new West
minster Trust company's bloc'i. Thi.-
has been fenced for over a year and
the change will be a welcome one U
little past his >prlme and wears an iron j
grey moustache. On his flrst sight
he is npt the person that one would
think could withstand the rigor*
\\hlch are bound to be faced on sue'i
a trip, but beyond a sllghtlv tanned
face .be appears to have suffered no
ill.   TTU��"��*cellent weather experienc
pany's new plant on Lulu Island wer* i cd throughout the trip .%����*! *-*ood
anproved. An application from Arthur | meagure responsible for   the   succejo
Gibbs for the position of manager of uhat met, intrepid   autoist   and   his\
the proposed city gas works was rs-  companions,
ferred to the gas committee. ,    Mr wilby Is the bearer of a letter
^_ ��������� j from the mayor of
Russell, Ont.. Oct. 14
process of a raising bee ln .the village
here on Saturday, when the curved
wooden sides of a rink which is being built by the citizens were being
put ln position, a windstorm came up
and carried the heavy frame work
with a crash to the ground.
Some two dozen men who were engaged at work were caught by tho
falling timbers.
John W. Low, aged 55 years, wai
Instantly killed. Many others had
miraculous escapes from serious in
Jury. John Foster was run over by a
passing horse, which had become
frightened by tbe crash, as he dashed {
out of the ruins of the building. j
^^^^^^^^^     Halifax    to   th
mayor of Vancouver.   He also carries
I several letters for tbe Terminal Cit /
rk   i       tv  I board ot trade from boards of trade
:."-_�����:_  'of various cities tbrough which  the
car passed.
Burnaby's Pay Day Charmed.
Edmonds,  Oct.  14.���Hereafter the
municipal workmen will be   paid on
alternate  Saturdays  Instead  of the
15th and 30th of everv month. The
suggestion of Comptroller Griffith for
such A change was   adopted   by the
council this evening.
On account of the fact that the
Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention is scheduled td open
next Monday the next meeting of the
city council will be held on Friday
evening this week at 6 o'clock. This
was decided last nleht.
Mavor l.ee and Alderman Cray will
attend the conevntloh from Westminster. It is nrobible that th* meeting
following tbe coming one will also be
t'nld on a Krldiv as   October   28    Is
'fe    l/***,M*    \j.
r.edlands, Cal., Oct. 14.���Charge3
Jthat many Redlands school girl3 are
addicted to cigarette smoking crystalled today in the arrest of William
Titus for selling cigarettes to three
girls ranging  in age   from   12  to IS
vears.    When   arraigned   before   Jus- ...      ~      .   ,,_,
ttoe Mclver. Titus pleaded guilty and | Thanksgiving Day holiday
was fined $30. I ���=h=-=���=-==h=
Titus, who conducts a pool hall, admitted  tbat  for  some   time   ho   had
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      I been selling cigarettes to girls.    Hli
At a meeting of tlie Ministerial as ! arrest'   Is   the   first result of a cam-
sociation held yesterday ii wa3 dee'd (-laign to1 break  up the  sealing of  toed to form a league to be known as I bacco to minors.
the City league, the object of wh'cli I    The three girls were ciught  smcK
It is understood would be along Vine* I rng cigarettes in the   Santa   Fe   rall-
ot a good    government   league.   The I way station and readily revealed tho
lav-men ot  the  v&r'ious   city   churches I identity of the dealer who sold  them
, will be eligible tor membership. \ the cigarettes.
Start That
' OtlOD
"Work Among the Hindu Women"
will bu the theme of a lec'-.ife by Mias
M. Campbell, a lady missionary, who
has had years of service in India, in
the school room ot Queens Avenue
Methodist churcU this afternoon at 4
o'clock. Some Interesting exhibits of
Hindu fancy work and curios will be
made there also.
Messrs. T. Gifford, M.P.P.; Mr. P. J.
pot mm
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is no evidence of Injury to the lung.
The bullet is probably somewhere in ,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the  chest  wall.    There  is only    ono I
I/MacKenzie, M.P.P.;   Reeve  Mars,    of I wourid, apd no sign of injury  to  thel
Ccquitlam, and  Councillor  Lougheed.   lung.   The bleedi.i? is insignificant.      |
cf Coquitlam,  the committee appoint-j     The bullet passeJ  through  Colone! j
'ed to Interview the government with I Roosevelt's army overcoat and other
i / regard to a grant for tke Praser Vai-1 clothing and .through   a    manuscript
'j ley Publicity Bureau, are making   ar-|and suectatile    case    In    his    breas
sinujpn aj
v r .*"���������'
mm trust co.
New Westminster, B.C.
haa ma��. a   name   for   itself.
' Never failing to give quick relief wlien'fhe throat and lungs
mm<m*    *
Recommended, guaranteed and
Four doors Kast of Bank of
New Westminster, B. C.
! rangements to leave for Victoria  to-
' night on their mission.
The scbool teachers of the city will
hold a reception to the' trustees of
the school board and the new teacher.)
in the Kindergarten of the Central
school this evening, at 8 o'clock: Th��s
object of the gathering-Is so that the
various teachers may become acquainted with each other and the
members of the board.
Mr. T. J. Trapping returned yester
day lrom Vernon, where he officiate-!
on Saturday as auctioneer in thei
sheep sale which was held under the
auspices of the federal government
dnd tbe Dominion Sheep Breeders
association. Mr. Trapp reports that
a great interest was taken in the auc
tion wliich proved a thorough success.
Some Blight agitation has arisen between the school boards cf Westmin
ster and South Vancouver 'lately on
iccount cf a schoo) In both'municipali-v)
ties being named the Richard McBridu
school. The South Vancouver trua
tees had been requested by.Wie provincial education department to
change the name of Ita "McBride
school to something else, but thejf
nrctested on the grounds tliat their
building had been named before that
in the Royal City. Finding itself In
an awkward position the education
board amicably settled the maitter by
allowing both schools to retatp the
names given by them.
pocket and Its course was nearlv
spent before It penetrated the chest.
' Leaves for Chicaro.
Milwaukee. Oct. 14.���Colonel Roosevelt lefj for Chicago on a special train
The Daily Use of our
���no other habit will render
the skin so smooth, allay irritation, remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn as
quickly. It is purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use It daily, it's a
good  habit.
Price 25c and 50c.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
One of the first residences to. be
heated throughout with electricity is
that of Mr. Frank Warner, Twelfth
avenue, East Burnaby. Mr. Warner
believes it will be just as economical
and at the same time more pleasing
to the eye, to Install electric heateti
ln his house. Messrs. Weber and Day,,
have the contract, which will be completed within the next few days.   .     \
The power companies mako a spja-'
cial rate for this type of house beat
Ing providing, of course, that a separ^
ate system of wiring is installed.     .'
Mr. Warner, since coming to Ea3t^
Burnaby, purchased the Ramsav pro
perty on Twelfth avenue, and during
the past summer has spent several
thousand dollars on Improvements.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for How
f||59���>FIP.TH   STREET    near  Eighth
avenue; 50x1.12 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
���     J%
J1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
atreet; 'two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
13B7���53 FOOT LOT corner of 8lxth
gyenue and Ash-etreet; price $400U
or easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth  street car line;   50x150
each;   some are cleared;   street  is'
graded;  price $0000 on good terms
The Canbricol Corporation, Ltd.
Threadneedle House, London, E. C.
Henry J. Humm, Esq. (Chairman).
Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, Bart.
Henry Peayce, Esq.
* *
Annacis Island Waterfrontage
Ide^l!^ situated factory and industrial
sites can be bonght for $75 a foot on
easy terms.
Annacis Avenue will be 250 feet wide
with adequate trackage.
The above Company will also assist
with finance any sound contemplated
commercial industries.
Communicate wilh���
Pearce, Carlin and Co., 509 Say ward Bid., Victoria
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
Johnson  Shingle   Machines
and Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C,
Let us   flgure   with   you   on
your lumber requirements.   We
carry a complete stock of lum-
hei, and lumber products at our
01"S      Sal��l'erion yard.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley, B. C.
Bracelet Watch
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Houses To Rent
SIXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartco Street,    Modern    conveniences.
$25.00 per month.
FOUR  ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue,  Burnaby,  Modern  conveniences.   $20.03 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOUSE on Hamilton    street,    Modern    conveniences.
$30 00 per month. * ���?
FIVE ROOM HOUSE on Tenth avenue.   $18.00 per month.*
THREE ROOM HOU8E on 13th. street.    $10.00 per month.
628 and 74S Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Westminster, B. C.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write  Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,
���nd Marine Insurance.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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