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Westminster Daily News Oct 23, 1912

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au Ing frontier
Rigid Censorship Limits Reliable Information-*Big Fight for
Servian Army Imminent-Greek Navy Captures Strategic*
al Point "Turkish Ships, are not Venturing Engagement
Remain in the Black Sea.
Probable that Traverse Will Be Asked
for���Mr. J. R. Grant Appointed
Crown Prosecutor.
London,   Oct. 22
le rell
An   almost   lni. the Turks are not disposed to leave
penetrable rell conceals the most in-jthe I.lack sea and risk an encounter
tertaStlntr      raaaamm*',���  ���   mm
operationa of me war���
tbose in the vicinity of Adrlanople.
No official account of any kind bearing on these movements has yet been
issued. The Sofia papers report heavr
flghting around Adriauople and Kirk-;
Kilisseh to the east and three fort*
.....     -m.        nvWimUK
! to official information, orders wer"
I given this morning to the eastern
| army concentrated at   Klrk-Killsseh
   ���,,�� .u. ii to advance east   to   the   village   of
in the vicinity of Adrlanople captured, j Tundja. The troops encountered the
According to one rumor, 2000 Bnl- J enemy in force and heavy fighting en-
garians were killed and 4000 wounded j sued. The Bulgarians finally gave w
In a desperate engagement outsid i, before the Turkish assault
Kirk-KUisseh. loss was heavy.
It la quite clear, however, tbat re-1 ��� A second column came
portB of the fall of Klrk-Klllsseh and tact with the Bulgarians
the cutting of communications with  Kalimandja and was equally success-
with the Greek fleet. ��� ,..r��.��u no verse, out was un
Bulgarians Give Wsy. able to state at this time whether
Constantinople, Oct. 22.���According I not the defen-
OfTlriHl      l**tram~.m.lm-        - -*
Charles Dean, Bank of Montreal
robbery suspect, will in all probability
not be tried at tbe fall assizes wbich
I open here next Tuesday, but will have
i to wait until tbe next term. Tbis In
formation was given out yesterday by
one close to the prosecution, and is
probably dependable. Mr. Adam S.
Johnston, of counsel for Dean, stated
yesterday that he had heard nothing
of the proposed traverse, but
Arrangements Are now Completed fcr Car Building
Registry Office Conditions-Heaps By-
Uw-Publlclty Work of Progres-
olve Association.
W'll Turn > Out Ten Cars Per Day-
Begin  Manufacture  Next
^' i am
Joint Committee  of
Bodies Move in Favor cf
Oivlng tbe abnormal growth of real
estate transactions in all parts of the  ^^^^^^^
province as the reason for the con- ��� M_^
geatlon, Attorney Oeneral W. J. Bow-  mslnsss Said to Walt lb. Ham
ser, In a letter to the Progressive ����-��� ._��� ��� . ���        ��� ���'    '      ���
^^^^"~^ tory and Present Obstacles
Into con-
west   of
Constantinople are unfounded
Impending Battle.
Fighting continues at all point*
along tbe frontiers, and au Important
battle is Impending In the Kumovraa
district between the Servlaris and
Zekki Pasha, who, according to
Constantinople report (probably
aggerated), has 100,000 men and
strong artillery.
A Constantinople despatch reports
tbat the battle has begun virtually
all along the line from Adrlanople to
Klrk-Kllisseh, tbe Turkish troops ad-
fu). The flght continued until night
fall and the Turkish advance was
Servians Capture Town.
Belgrade. Oct. 22.���The flrst column
of the second Servian army has cap
a   tured    the   town    of Kotschana,    45
ex-  miles east of Uskup.   One report has
It that, before    retiring,    the    Turks
massicred many    Christian    inhabit
The flrst Servian army began an attach today on Kumanova, ten miles
rorth of Uskup,
 , _���  ..i.i.u iiuuiiN aa-   ronn or Uskup, and erpects to cap-
vancing and the    Bulgarians    falling  ture it without great difficulty,
back with heavy losses. j Ominous Reports.
Long Struggle. I    Constantinople, Oct. 22���A despatch
The Montenegrins apparently are from Andrlanople savs heavy art'llery
making slow progress in the direction fire was heard in the direction of
of Scutari. Podgorltza despatches sav i Mustopha Pasha. Engagements are
the bombardment of Tarabosch con-1 occurring all along the Bulgarian fron-
tlnues, but although thc fort has been   tier.
.greatly damaged, there is no sign of | Turkish Port Taken,
yielding. j     Athens. Oct. 22.���After a ehort en
In navnl matters the honors so far ' gagement today agalnat the Turkish
are with the Greeks. Who have cap-! c:irrison, a landing party of BOO
tured Leninos, thua obtaining a bas^ I (ireeks occupied Kastro. capital of
from which thev can attack the Turk- th* island of I.emuos. Three Turkish
Ish squadron should it eme';e frotv. ' officers and 52 soldiers were mad?
the Dardanelles. Seemingly, however,   prisoners.
��� 1 niCC   AE   DIIDLIADV *>,ew    Westminster    and   Vancouver.
iflllllA   111    111 KflAni I The first convention held seven years
LMl/ILJ VI  vviinnvt |ago waa held ln the Royal City ani
_ Its delegates are pulling hard for the
WKFIP tfHFMF Lonorof !1'
IILir   JVIlLITIL      JU6t "ho will be elected president
I on Wednesday is not yet decided, al-
  though   Mayor  Findlay.  by virtue  of
j lifs office as vIce-preBldent. will prob-
Branch of Victorian Order of Nurses j nblv receive the honor.    Mayor John
j A. Lee is the logical choice, but thi |
decision  of  tho  magisterial   head   of
 ce will make any   ob
jectlon to the postponement of the
case. Should they do so, it ta stated
this will probably not affect the Issue
as the first traverse is generally allowed in all criminal cases.
It Ib said that the reason for the
traverse Is that the prosecution is
anxious to bring all suspects here and
try them together. Tbe fljht which
Ib being put up by McNamara in New
York and Powell in Detroit against
extradition from the United States to
this country, the prosecution claims
Is merely to secure separate trials in
each case. If the Dean case Is postponed until spring, this will give the
authorities more time in which
round up every one suspected of
pliclty in the big robbery. ^^^^
If after all Dean is tried at the
forthcoming assizes, Mr. Johnston will
have associated witb him in Dean's
defence. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
K.C, of Vancouver, one of the besi.
known criminal lawyers in Western
Canada. He has thus tar not appeared
in the case, Mr. Johnston handling
the various appearances In the lower
1 The sheriff's office ie lust complet
lng the drawing of the grand and
petit Jurors for the assizes. Thirteen
grand jurors and 48 petit Jurors have
been summoned. The talesmen ara
summoned to appear in court on Tuesday, October 29.
Mr. Justice Murphy, of Vancouver,
will preside at tbe assizes, and Mr.
Joseph R. Grant, of Corbould. Grant
& McColl. has been appointed crown
prosecutor. The indictments have not
yet been received from the attorney
geperal In Victoria. Immediately upon their receipt the lists will be
made up.
��� Progressive association, replied  to  the  complaints
made with regard to the local   land
registry office.
Tbe communication, wbieb was read
.^h^^^^^^^^^BH^H     I at the meeting or tbe executive or the
Vancouver, Oct. 22.���Before leaving! association last night, waa ln part as
today for Winnipeg on ImDortant rail. '*-<���     ''Owing
May Disappear.
 .._...,���   associa
today for Winnipeg on important rail-' follows
way business, Colonel A. D. Davidson i ernwth
announced tbat arrangements for the
establishment of a car building works
at Port Manu with an Initial capacity
of ten cars dally bad just been completed.
Employ 500 Men.
The magnitude of an industry   of
this description is obvious.   The plant  ..���.��,
will In reality comprise a series   ot I sured that tbis department   will' do
shops embracing foundry and machln* j everything possible to improve    the
shops,    and a  wood-working factory  present conditions."
employing at least 500 skilled    men I    ****--
Tbe agitation for a tram Daw
een Port Moody   and We*
along the North road will be
rio-l>��   <~  "���-   *"
���.��_*���.   '.      .   -    to the    abnormal, tw����en Port Moody   and upgrowth of real estate tnwsactions   it  H��n* the North road wll^L     ���
has been simply impossible for   any  right to the heada^rte^��^C^T���
0J,-^r*^ni 'fK'-try offices to keep up B. R.   At a SEET^'Jfc ^ C
i.Z-���������"��� ***>.*miij uuices io Keep ud  "��� ***   At a meeting ��# ��._ *ZTz.
with the work offering.   However we , mittee of thJ^S'-S^ *��*
KU      *  ^fything possible and we1' tmCe   and    ProgrewWa   ^T.��-_
have one official who   does   nothing   held last night  Arfhfl ItJ**"^"���
else but inspect   the    land    registrar. John f^��l*W <*����
offices and   he   is   making   improve- Darling were ���j^tatrfta
ments all the time    v#��n ��... ���-.  .-   n t>  #7 ���_*" -vpomiaa to
Duncan and Mr. w.
meet au-_
You can rest a, (OR. G. Conway^ngineer of tS
Pany,   and   impress
 ,. ��� skilled   men.
This will mean a large pay roll and
the stimulation of collateral lines of
business. It ls understood that the
plant will be completed in time for
the beginning of manufacturing
operations nexl summer.
The Recent Flre.
Colonel Davidson spent this morning at Fraser Mills, where the dry
kilns of the Canadian Western Lumber company, of which he is presi
deut, were destroyed by flre yester
day. He gave orders for the immediate rebuilding of the kilns. The Ariose is Covered by insurance.
was    filed    for futui*
 ,.���,   upon   bta   tJaa
tact that tbere was business for   t*.
line on the North road running ttaa*
Port Moody and Westminster.
Proposed Belt Lint:
During the discussion it ama.
thought that it would be a good tfcng.
for the B. C. JS. R.. Port Moody. Ca-
qultlam, the Pitt River district	
Westminster generally if a belt
were   constructed     between
points.    Business was there
tor tbe B. C. E. II., it was a���.
tbe line would become a feeder
tbe Vancouver interurban lines
this city.
' m Present  Conditions.
Speaking upon the North Road
From   Point   on   Woodward's   Slough
to Sidney  Harbor���Arrangements
With G. N. R.
The letter
reference. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Secretary Kenneth Myers was commended for the valuable publicity ne
had secured for Westminster in various periodicals throughout the country. The publicity committee in a
report stated he had contributed information concerning the city and
valley district to the leading financial
and commercial journals in Canada
notably the Montetary Times, Canadian Finance and the Financial Poit
Mr. Myers' work had heen very dffic'-
tlve it was said. .    _.. ������ ��,��,�� un norm km
On the request of the Schaake Ma-1 position, Mr. John It. Duncan,
chine Works company, tbe Heap's by-1 dent of tbe Board of Trade,
law to be put before the electors on 1 he had had a conversation with
October 30, waa considered, but as thei Glover recently during wbfeb it
I provisions of the agreement as pub-1 plred tbat the two great obi
I lished were not considered very clear 1 tbe way of a tram on the  ���
it was decided to call a general meet I were the facts tbat (he railway
lng of all tbe members of the asso-1 pany was at loggerheads wttb
elation  for  next Friday  nlgbt.    The I municipality of Barnaby and it
jetty solicitors and officials of the en-1* "��� '- "'
gineerlng company  will  be asked to
Arrangements were begun tor tbe
holding of a publicity campaign luncheon, the date for whicb was left in
tbe hands, of tbe present. Dr. F. P.
Smith, to set. If the function is held
on November 1 the. members of the
Fraser Valloy Publicity Bureau which
meets in tbis city on tbat date will
be invited to attend.
Likely  to  Be  Instituted  by
Edmonds, Oct. 22.���A well attended
meeting in connection with the proposed Burnaby brunch of the Victorian Order of Nurses was held ln
Moreton hall this afternoon. The
plans have advanced so far as to
make the probable date for tha
opening of tho branch about the first
of the year.
MIbb Arda Mackenzie, secretary of
the order for the whole of the Dominion, was present and explained the
noble work whicii Ib being carried on
by tbe nurse:i all over Canada.
Mrs. James Macauley, president of
the Vancouver branch, was also ln attendance and felt highly gratified at
the response which has been made by j
the citizens cf Burnaby towards the
founding of a branch. Tea was served
during the afternoon.
(tip Voynl Citv to retire from clvlo
life at the end of his nresent tprm;
will probablv lead to Mayor Findlay
being elected.
Tho visiting drlcgotes are belnp
rovally treated by the citizens of
Revelstoke. The chief of police is
awav from tlie city and Mayor Sutherland refuses to hold court.
Petition   Wlll   Be   Circulated   Among
Klngsway Property Owners Regarding Paving Work.
Is   Advocated   at   Convention���Telephones and County Council Systems���Royal City's Bid.
Revelstoke. Oct. 22.���The eighth
convention of the Union of British
Columbia municipalities was called to
order here this morning by President
Planta, ex-mayor of Nanaimo.
Many Important matters of interest
to tbe whole of the province are up
for discussion. One of them Is the
proposed redrafting of the Municipal
Clauses aet dividing It Into three sections. Vancouver and Victoria would
be in the flrat section. New Westminster, Burnaby, Soutli Vancouver,
Kamloops, Revelstoke, Nelson, Point
Orey and North Vancouver In the
second, while the country municipalities would come under the third section.
Legislation - by which municipalities can purchase or Instal munlclpa'
telephones, and a system of county
councils to govern roads and hewers
are also on the program fof discussion. *'
Burnaby. Matsqui, Sumas, Duncan.
Langley nnd North Vancouver are
making the chjet requests for action
towards legislative changes. '.  ,
The selection of the place for the
next meeting In 1913   lies   between
Plans and Material Will Shortly    Be
Available���New Location Below
Arrangements are being made by
the city water department to place
an entirely new water main across
the waters of the North Arm to serve
the district of Queensborough and the
municipality of Hiobmond with water.
Several hundred feet of 16-Inch pips
for the uew construction has beea
ordered by tho city and will soon be
on the ground.
The plans for the Improvement!
have not yet been completed by City
Engineer Blackman, but tbey are
along the Hues suggested by Harbor
Engineer A. O. Powell ln a repoit to
the council some time ago. Tbe new
pipe will be laid across the North
Arm about 500 feet below the bridge
In line witb the end cf the Small ft
Bucklin Lumber company's yard.
The new location has been selected
lb order to avoid tbe heavy water
pressure which the present main un
der the bridge bas been forced tn
bear. The suggestions ot Mr. Powei'
have been adopted almost ln their
entirety with a few additions. Thr
advisability of laying an emergency
pipe across tne surface of the bridge
has yet to be figured out.
The old main, though ln pretty bad
sbape a short time ago, is now wit);
the assistance of several new Joint
inserted giving every satisfaction and
will be kept. In uso until the new
line is installed.
Edmonds, Oct. 22.���It is expected
that within the next few days a petition will be circulated among property
owners ou the Westmiuster-Vancou-
ver road, now known as Kingsway
asking that the paving work which
has been mooted for the past two
years, be taken In hand.
As soon as enough signatures are
obtained to ensure the petition being
legal���51 per cent, in number of tho
property owners and In value of the
According to a Vancouver news paper report yesterday afternoon the
Cunadian Northern Railway Company, with the approval of tbe Provincial government,  is arranging    to
begin  a  car  ferry  service    between. ;.          ,   --
Woodward's Slough, four miles above i Thomas Wilby Favors Canadian Pub-
Steveston, and Sidney, Vancouver la-/ llclty Bureau. _^^^^^
land. This will result in the abandon- Mr. Thomas Wilby, the pathfinder
ment of English Bluff as the mail'- who recently completed a trip across
land terminal as stipulated in the or- Canada by automobile, will be back in
iginal agreement between the govern- tbe city today to take up some mat-
ment and the railway company. ters in connection with his trip with
It has been known for some little [the Canadian Highway association
time that the C. N. It. has made lars?
purchases of   land   in   that
franchise In Coquitlam.   As tbe
runs between these two munlcii
lt would not be  possible under
Bent conditions to construct a line.
The feeling of the meeting:
the present obstacles to an extension
of the interurban fines might ba removed in a short Mme.
-   ./*Vt,/i"lt>**-a*i'
jtwoim (Mr
mu st tmm
On leaving here Mr. Wilby will pro-
jticinicy ceed by rail direct to Ottawa-where
some months back, and, according to he will endeavor to meet Premier R.
well informed sources, the compan-. L. Borden and urge the organization
wlll  probably  run  stoel  lines    from  of a  tanac an  publicity  bureni.  the
Typographical   Union   Takes
Part In right Against Dii
Special Sermon Sunday.
land to be benefited���it will be pre.-fing obtained over tbe tracks of tha
sented to the councll, which is expected to prepare a by-law to be submitted to the electorate ln the January election.
The whole of the councillors are In
favor of thc scheme and as this come?
under the local improvement clause
of the Municipal Clauses act. and the
promise of assistance from the government Is assured, little opposition
Is expected from the voters towards
this great scheme which wilt enhance
Burnaby's reputation for good roads.
Port Mann tbrough New Westminster,
across tbe North Arm and thence to
Woodward's Slough where the llu"
will cross Lulu Island to Vancouver.
The Great Northern Railway at pr��
sent runs a car ferry between here
and Sidney harbor, and according to
the Vancouver report, the C. N. R.
bas made a working agreement to
use Sidney as a port of entry to Vancouver Island, access tn Victoria b>
Victoria and Sidney railway.
That the present plan is a feasible
one Is undoubted and developments
on a large scale nr�� expected within
tbe next two montha.
King at Hungerford.
Hungerford. Eng.. Oct 22.���The
king arrived bere Oils evening tb remain a few days as the guest of th<3
Hon. John Hubert Ward and Mrs.
Ward, wbo was Mlss Jean Reid,
daughter of the American ambassador. Tbe town was Illuminated Jn
honor of the king.
Montreal, Oct. 22.���If a Greek resident of Montreal wbo is a reservist
remains in Canada during the wa
and returns to Greece again be U
liable to an imprisonment of from
two to flve years. This fact was con-
ta'ned In a letter received from th��
f?reek change d'affaires. Wash'ngton
by D. N. Nicholson, president of thi
Pan-Hellenic union.
The letter also contained the ��*ate
ments thst If a Greek does not adherv
to the call to serve two years accord'
lng to the laws of conscription, be \*'\
lisble to- an Imprisonment of from
-ne to two yoara. If Greeks pre'enfj
themselves to headquarters In Athenn
before November 80 thev nefd ro��
present a certlflcate, which tbey mus'
If they go later.
Former Policeman Is Robber.
Toronto. Oct. 22.���By hi* abearance, his peculiar walk and his voice,
Edward Field, proprietor of thf
liquor store at 2"7 Welleslev street*
in court today, identilied Ovid H:
I.atremovllle, formerly a policeman,
�����.�� the man who on the night of October 7 entered Field's store snd robbed the till of $?1 at the point of %
Kevdlv'er. ' Two other witnesses swore
that I atr'emovllle was the man who
entered Field's store.
Fraser Mills Resumes Operations Today���Injured In Fire Ars Progressing Favorably.
While no survey has yet been mads
ot the damage done by the Ore wbleh
devastated a portion of tbe Canadian
Lumber company's plant at Fraser
Mills on Monday evening, an inspection by tbe officials yesterday after
noon brought out the fact thst the
total damage was not so great as st
flrst reported.
The loss is estimated at between
175,000 snd 1100,00, but this cannot be
made official until the insurance underwriters have been oyer tbe wrecked portion themselves. Aa lt Is, the
lire will curtail the output of the
mljis for some little Urn* until tbe
dry kilns which were practically destroyed have been rebuilt.
Work on these will be started Immediately and will be rushed forward
with all speed. A pleasing feature of
the affair was the statement by Man:
ager W. S. Rogers yesterday morning
that none of the employees need feat
of being ont of work in the Interim,
ai those affected will be placed at
work rebuilding the bunted portion
ot the mill.
The machinery wss closed down sl'
yesterday, but the engines will again
(Continued on Page Four.)
object cf which would be to advertise
the scenic and historic attractions
ot Canada witb a view to Inducing
more tourists to visit the country.
After leaving Ottawa Mr. Wilby
will leave for Boston, where Mrs.
Wilby is at present residing.
Preparations fcr  Next  Week's Ceremonies Are Well Advanced-
Business and Pleasure.
The third annual convention of the
Western Canada Fair Managers' association will be held ln Westminster
on Wednesday and Thursday of next
week. October 30 and 31. Announcement tothls effect was made by Mr.
D. E. MacKenzie, manager of tbe local
exhibition, who is making arrangements for the gathering.
The association is s comparatively
new organisation, being formed In
1910, when the flrst convention wss
held st Regina. The object of It is
to discuss ways snd means of conducting exhibitions snd other matters
likely to be helpful to the members.
There sre about fifteen managers connected with the organisation.
Ths president Ul Dr. Bell, manager:
nf tbe Winnipeg annual fslr, snd Mr. p
E. L. Richardson, of Calgary. Is sec- p
retary. An elaborate program Is be- p
Ing arranged for the visit to this pHy p
by Mr. D. E. MacKenzie. Included in p
the Itinerary Is a tri�� to the Colony *
farm st. Coqi'ltlam on the invitation ,p
o*\ Dr. p��berty.\����d an lns|w?tloh.of *y
the Canad'an Western Lumber com- p
pany's mills by,courtesy of Mansger *y
|W. S. Rogers. A trip on the Senator p
Jansen from the big mill* to the c'ty p
is being' arranged ta or��W thfct the,*
fair insurers wiar bay* sn^^nsor1*
tonlt* of preperl* ylestHiisr the Wes*- a
mlfster an* tV**��.e* waterfront. ' +
The business end^ot the visit will *p
pmbaMy be conducted *ln the bo��rd p
of trdde roc-"i In the clt* h��ll. Re-V
sorts shi. sddre*��ra ralBs' Work of p
the managers will be delivered and ���
Keeping fn line with practical
every city and district in the Noctta
American cv.hl.nent. New We
ster \,.,i cu Sunday, October 27, I
the flght against the great
plague. The setting apart of
tain Sunday every year wss :
augurated lu an eastern city
years ago, and since then tbe
ment has grown to be one of i
tional importance, so tbst everyi
October 27 is belug set sport
"Tuberculosis Day," snd appeals
being made for assistance in the ���
of stamping out tbis dreaded
which year after year carries
ands of persons to the grave.
The International Typographical
Union is taking aa interest fai
movement and the members of
New Westminster branch have ���***���
quested Rev. J. S. Hcnderaom to
preach in St. Andrew's cburcb osl
Sunday evening a sermon bavins amt
Its theme "The Battle Against TJbBsr*
culosls." A special sppwrf tkaS* beam*
mado to the unions fn the eUtp ssstfr
lt Is expected that several hundred
union men will be In attendants ���   ���*.
The Union Printers' homo at Colorado Springs, Col., wbere
from Canada snd the United
sre given free treatment wast >
lisbed about twelve yesrs ss* aaaS
since then the ottfon bas carried am
sn active campslgo
Its booklet, recently to
been circulated far snd wide
the thousands of shops fn Cansssi
the United States, and it exerts
members to work agalnat the .
both for their own security tuttt
the good of humanity.
��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
OF THE ���USYMUUt   ���
The buslneos of Jfttfosafoa* sv
msn Is generally a pretty r
Individual. b��t he' slwavs i
t me ti read til?ott^_
either at tbe breakfast i
at bis office, ond you will
tbe Morning  W*mS  tei
every office lu town.
If you want to   hrfnr
men's goods your    "
or your business   1
before men St thfs   ,.
Is no better way thai tfiratogft
the advertising; columns of Uk*
News .?'.->"
Make ye��* hi*, shnrf ttr^r**5
abd.erfsp and they wfO ppm
[a program for next year mapped out.;p ^"J ***���*> *> �� 4 *) # *#-ty*&tap*
Classified Advertising
��� RATE8. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5.900 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, J25.O0.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks SOc per
Somewhere there's a man who wants
The thing you'd like to trade.
Just advertise It In the News
Atttl have the bargain made.
i off Cralg street, end of car, east
half lot 3, block 11. Price $460.
$150 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
months. Owner, W. Shepherd, Y.
M. C. A., Victoria, B.C.
for general houae work. Small
family. Good wages. Mrs. Cronin
177H Fourteenth avenue east, Van
end, new fully modern six roomed
house, extra well built. Price moderate. Terms to arrange. Apply
Wm. C. Lewis, 930 Tenth street.
street. Edmonds, lot 53, block 3.
66x120. Price $675. $375 cash and
assign, or price $750. $200 cash,
balance $25 per month. Owner, W.
Shepherd, Y. M. C. A., Victoria, B.C.
some Port Mann property. What
bave you to offer. No agents. Box
124 Daily News.
ese woman, housework or washing
by day or hour. Apply P. O. Box
424, or phone 868, city.
"WANTED���SHOEMAKER. 658 Clarkson street, opposite courthouse.
roomed house on Eighth avenue,
full basement, open flre place, beamed ceilings, $3600. Small cash payment, balance to arrange. O. P.
Mitchell, Box 876, City.
Third street, New Westminster,
close in on car line with modern
seven roomed house. Lawn, garden, fruit trees, etc Terms if neces-
p*\rv. hut bargain for cash. Box 394
New Westminster.
of purchase���Comfortable house in
good central locality. Apply to R.
Sm News rfflce.
Phone R 1140.
board without room. 815 Agnes
WANTED���BOARDERS,   527   Carnar
von streeL
five and ten dollar bills, between
Colnmbia and Eighth streets, or oi
Sixth street car. Finder please re
turn to Daily News office and re
ceive liberal reward.
up waterproof coat with pair of
gloves in pocket kindly leave at th i
AVestminster Woodworking company
and get reward.
eeller and buyer together.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh strest
store, on corner of Fifth avenue
and Twelfth street. Apply 1316
Cariboo street.
roomed house; central location on
car line. $10. A. W. McLeod, 657
Columbia stieet.
WHAT   HAVE    YOU    FOUND ?    A
News classified will find the owner.
by certified lady teacher. Proficiency guaranteed. Terms moderate.   Box 122 News office.
club rooms or light manufacturing
2520 square feet of floor space. Ap
ply to manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth sireet and Agnes
The night schools will open at the
John Kobson school, Sixth street, on
Wednesday, October 23, the hours being from 7:30 to 9:30 every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. They will be
continued during the winter montha
as long as the attendance warrants.
Secretary  Board of School Trustee3,
New Westminster, B.C.
Notice Concerning Tenders   for Timber  Supplies.
SEALED  TENDERS  addressed    to
the undersigned, endorsed "Tenders
for Timber" will be received up to
noon on Tuesday the 12th of November, 1912, for the following descriptions of timber: Birch, Cedar, Spruce,
Fine, Oak, Fir, Teak, all bein'g for delivery at H. M. C. Dockyards at Halifax, N. S., and Esquimalt, B. C. Forms
of lender may be had by application
to the undersignfd or to the Naval
Store Officer at either Dockyard.
Unauthorized publication of this no
tice will not be paid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department of the Naval Service, Ot
tawa, Oct. S, 1012.
Curtis Bleck, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.     ���
Fifty   seres   an   cleared   but   1%'
acres, sad all under cultivation, three
. acre orchard;  21 acres of hay.   Ten |
roomed honse, stone foundation    and I
cellar; horn 40x60 with  lean-to;  hog
pen 2*xK;    large   fowl   house.   Perpetually lowing creek along back end
of   property;    considerable   standing
timber;     perfect     drainage.     Price
$21,000;    one-quarter   cash;     terms.
Would consider   trade   for    revenue
producing dty property.
This can be leased. Three year term
if required for $25 an acre. Some machinery goes with the farm.
Insures Sleep
You may waite up tomorrow night
and find your home filled with smoke.
and you do not carry a dollar's worth
of insurance. A Dre policy costs bul
Does it pay yon to take chances?
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Three lots close to tin? Court House, i
$2150 far the three. Small cash payment.   Balance easy.
Modern five roomed" bungalow on
Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light
.ind dty water ou premises.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
"Phone ;i9. Eaat Burnaby, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Reg
istry . ;t, I intend at the expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof to
cancel the registration of a certain
Agreement of Sale dated Nov. 29th.
1910. made between WilHam F. Mon-
crieft (whoBe name is sometime?
snelled "MoncrellT") as Vendor, aad
Mrs. Jane A. Vater (wife of Albert
Vater) as Vendee, and on Novembei
29th, 1910, a certain Agreement o!
Sale made between the aforesaid
Jane A. Vater. as Vendor and Thoma
Davis Morgan as Vendee, in whic1
said Agreement the said Vendo
agreed to sell to the said Vendee l>o
five (5) In subdivision of District Lo
Three Hundred and fifty-eight (?.58)
N'ew Westminster District, aceordin,
to a plan of same deposited in th-
Land Registry OfTice at the City o!
N'ew Westminster, R. C��� which appli
nation was made by Jihn Buchanan
vhoae address was 816 Hastings St.
Vancouver. B. C. as agent for said
v'endor and Vendee.
AN'D I do order publication of thii
Votice for cne month in thc daih
newspaper published at New West
ninster. B. C., shall be good and suf
Iclent service.
his twenty-third   day   of   September
District Registrar
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
,6   Lome   Street,   New  Westminster.
The Princes oi Brunswick Agreed That
Only One Should Marry,
The s<tory ol an extraordinary rf-yal j
compact,   made   and   faithfully   kept,
and its far-reaching effects upon pos- -,
ferity, may not he generally known.    I
The House  rf  llrunswiclc  possesses
such well-founded claims to antiquity
that  it  has  engaged   mor..-  than   the
ordinary share of attention by historians.
"An English subject," says Gibbon,
"may be prompted by a just and liberal curiosity t. investigate the origin
of the House of Brunswick, which, after an alliance with the daughters ->f
our Kings, has been called by the
voice of a free people to the legal inheritance of the crown. From George
I. and his father, the Elector of Hanover, we ascend a clear and regular
series to the first Duke of Brunswick
and Lunebourg, who received his investiture from Frederick II. about the
middle of the thirteenth century. i
"But the genuine masculine descent
of the Prince of Brunswick  must be '
explored beyond the Alps���the venerable tree whic'i has since overshadowed Germany and Britain was planted
in   the   Italian   Soil.    As  far  as  our
sight can reach, we discern the flrst
founders of the race in the Marquess
nf   Este  of  Limuia.  and   perhaps  nf
Tuscany.   In the eleventh century the ,
primitive stem  was  divided  Into two I
branches.   The elder emigrated to the j
hanks, ol the  Danube and the  Kibe;
the younger more humbly adhered to I
the neighborhood of the Adriatic.  The |
Dukes of Brunswick and the Kings of
Great Britain are the deseendenta of j
tl.e first;  the  Dukes of  Ferrara and
Modena were   the   offsprings   of tlie i
second." I
William   Duke   of   Brunswick   and I
Lunebourg, fourth son of Krnest, had j
fifteen children, seven of whom were
sons,   who   were   rendered   more   ro-
markable  in   history   by  tlieir  amity
then they could well have been by nn
extended and exalted lineage.   On the
death  of  their  father  in   1593,  these |
princes ��� whose names were Krnest,
Christian, Augustus, Frederick, Magnus, George, and John���decided not to j
divide the paternal inheritance, to en- '
able them to keep up the dignity of
their  house.    They   agreed  that only
one   of  their   numher should   marry. '
and that t'ie elder brother should have j
the sole Regency over the Lunebourg
estates, to be succeeded hy the eldest ,
This remarkable compact was faith-
fully observed hy the amiable broth- j
ers. As nlready determined upon, they [
drew lots to see who should marry,
and the fortunate choice fel to Geor,'e,
the sixth brother, who formed an un-
ion with Anne Leonora, daughter of
Louis, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt,
by whom he had five children.
George thus secured the srovernment |
to  his   family,   but   he   died   in   1G-I2 ,
without enjoying the regency himself.
By the Act nf Settlement   familiar to
most   readers,   a   descendant   <>f   the I
above-mentioned   George���son   r.f   the
elector of Hanover���succeeded to the I
frown of England, in ITH, under the |
Magic   of   the   Alluring   Melodies   cl
Johann Strauss.
Johann Strauss wrote some of the
most alluring walt7.es that have ever
bewitched the feet of tin world, and
they have aptly been described as
"those irresistible waltzes that first
catch the ear and then curl around
the head till on a sudden they invade
and wiU have tho legs."
The music of the waltz originally
consisted of two sections, each composed of eigl.t measures In three-
fourths or three-eighths time. Examples of these primitive forms are
found in Beethoven's and Mozart's
German dances. The next development was the stringing together of
several of these sixteen measure
waltzes and the addition of trios aud
a coda. Hummel first effected this
in 1808. The base of modern waltz
music, however, is, found in the dances
of Schubert. But it is to Weber that
tbe waits owas whst, musically speaking, is its most important development. The composition of the "Invitation to the Dance" marked tbe adoption of the waltz form into the sphere
of absolute music and prepared the
way for the stream of pianoforte and
vocal waltzes not intended as accompaniments to dancing, the best examples of which are the waltzes of Chopin and Rubinstein.
Johann Strauss, the flrst called "the
father of the waltz," raised the waltz
to a higher level than it had ever
been raised before, and Johann, his
son, called "the waltz king," developed the waltz to its present form.
Strauss, the son. wrote over 400 pieces
of dance music, of wllich "The Beautiful Blue Danube," his first vocal
waltz, was the mpst popular. His
waltzes were built up of such beautiful musical themes, often so inspired
and moving, as well as rhythmically
alluring, that they were in a sense
In the early part of the nineteenth
century the composition of waltzes for
dancing was almost entirely in the
hands of the Viennese composers and
the Strauss family in particular. The
Strauss waltzes, which were written
for the ballrooms of tiie gayest dancers in the world, are full nl piquancy,
coquetry and vigor, as full of momentary hesitancies and sudden abandon,
ment of reserve as the conduct of coy
but ardent lovers.
Wagner wrote, "A single Straus.-
waltz surpasses in grace, refinement
and real musical substance most of
the products of foreign manufacture
which we often import at great cost."
Hans Von Buelow publicly advocated
the occasional inclusion of Strauss
waltzes in the programs of symphony
concerts, and Brahms wrote under tha
opening measures of "The Blue Danube Waltz." "Not, unfortunately, by
Johannes Brahms."
title of Qeorge  I.
From that period till 1837 Hanover
wm governed oy the Kings of England without forming a part of this
kingdom. By the operation of the Salic
Irw, when Queen Victoria came to
the throne, th connection of the royal
lami'y wit.i the continent was severed
after continuing for one hundred and
twenty-three years.
Few j iple are possibly aware that
t' j King of Kngland is heir in direct
'uere-^io 1 (the Catholic line excluded)
'o  the   Britisli,  Cambro-British,  Kne-
isb. and Scottish  Kings.   Mr. Ynrkn.
n bis "Royal Tribes," traces thi pedi-
ree   as   'ar   back   as   Cudwaldr,   last
Xing  of  the  Britons.
Faked Butterflies.
One of the meanest frauds on record
is that which is said to have been
practiced recently on entoinologi.-t<. It
appears that there is a systematic
trade in forged butterflies carritd on
by European dealers. The method as
described is to cover tbe wings Ol
moths after setting with a heavy coat
of powder, which is then tinted with
pastel colors to suit the taste of ama
teurs. Not 1 ���* ntent with imitating the
rarer species, the for.-ers have recently been Improving on nature and selling hitherto unknown varieties at unheard of prices. One expert was 'or
awhile taken .11 with a red butterfly
with blue polka dots, but this bold
piece of ima.'iiiiition ultimately led to
tlie exposure ol the fraud.
Pony Saved  Lauder.
Wearing his kilts, Mr. Harry Lanier, the comedian, played a novel part
ui the sands at Blackpool. Kneland,
ecently. His concern for dumb animals, especially pit ponies, is well
known, and when he was invited by
the mayor of Blackpool to distribute
'he prizes in a competition for don
keys, Mr. Lauder eagerly responded.
Having fixed medals to the winning
donkeys' bridles, the comedian mounted a sandhill and indulged in interesting and  amusing "patter."
He related some of his experiences
as a pit boy.   He told how, when going through a drift in a coal mine, his
pit pony suddenly stopped. "Immediately  I   struck  him  with  the  whip."
Mr.   Lauder   proceeded:   "He   turned
round to the side of the  little tui)  1
vas sitting in. and I am not exnzner
iting when I tell you that about 100,
000 tons oi stone fell.   Had it not been
'or the cuteness of the hearing of that j
���ouy  wp siiould  both  have  been  loir  ;
:ed alive.    I owe my life to Hint Bliel
land   pony.    Instead   of   licking   mj ]
pony because be didn't go on, when I j
saw  what happened  I  jumped  mil  ul
���be  tub and   put  my  arm  round  hi-
heck and kissed him."
Wild Orchids In England.
Few of our Kngiish flowers attract
mori ittention or are more interesting
than the wild orchids. Mr. K. J. Bed
ford, one of the first of the English
nature photographers, is making a co].
lection of photographs of these plant*,
and he contributes to "Knowledge"
for the curr mu month description
and pictures of some of the rarer
forms which he has recently discover
ed in Sussex. The illustrations in
elude the plants growing among their
natural surroundings. Anion.; otiu r.-
are the Snider Orchis, the little B u
Orchis, and the Lizard Orchis, with
its curious prolongations of the flora
Took His Time.
Accompanied by a boy. Rev. .lame-
Hamilton of Liverpool, England, wai
fishing for sea trout wliile on a vaca
tion in Scotland. He slipped on 1
stone, lost bis balance and, being
encumbered with heavy wading boots
had very er^at difficulty 111 keeping
bis head above water, finally he man
aged to mi back io the shore, al
though In a very exhausted state, and
said to the boy, "I noticed Ihat you
never tried to he'p me."
"Na," was lh��� ilel.'heraU re*
"but I was thinkin' o't."
Mersey's  Clever  Son.
Throughout the Titanic Inquiry Lord
Mersey lias received valuable assist
noce from his son. Captain the Hon
Clive Bigluim, who a^ted ns seen ���-
tary to the commission, Captain Big
ham i.s well qualified for his work.
for he served in a similar capacity ti
the Motor Commission, when he wn*
uarm'.y complimented by Lord Selby
for his reports on the motor laws ui
foreign countries.
Captain Bigbarn has enjoyed both a
military and a diplomatic career. He
was in the Grenadier Guards for several years, and then acted as -ijiecia.
correspondent for The Times with the
Ottoman Army during the (iraeco
Turkish War. He served as A.D.C.
and Intelligence Officer to the Admira
of tiie Fleet. Sir K. H. Seymour, in
the First Pekin Expedition, when his
knowledge of tbe Kast stood him in
good stead.
They Lock Their Cars.
Car seals aro not in use on British
railroads, as in Canada. The usual
custom is to bolt ar.d lock the doors.
In the case of very valuable freight
0* bullion, additional protection is afforded by one or more officials traveling inside the car.
The  lifsbont.
Lih ��� man" 0 h 1 invention' the lifeboat vi.- a loi g time in finding favor
Tbe   flrsl   ii '*���'������' at   was  designed   by  H
London  coach   builder,  Lionel  Lukin
in  1785, under t ie encouragement ul
the Prince of Wales; but. d-spite royal
patronage, his invention received littl
attention, though.one of his In ats sav
ed several lives at Bam borough.    'lit
loss   of   the   Adventure   in   1780   fir.si
destroyed public apathy  in  tbis sub
ject,  and  with  the offering of prizes
for lifeboat designs a lirst step toward
life-saving at sea was taken.
Knew  His ?lace.
"Yes," said the determined looking
woman, "I might manage to band you
a bite to eat it you'll saw and chop
a gooil pile of stove wood and brinu
in a few buckets of water and chop the
weeds out of the garden and fix up
the  fence."
"Lady," replied Meanderin Mike.
"I'm only a hungry wayfarer. I ain't
yer husband."
The Gentleman.
It is possible for every man to as
sume an elegant manner, but the true
gentleman is nature's own nobleman,
win never forgets to be polite to
every one, and it is as easy to discern
the assumed from the innate good
breeding as it is to distinguish paste
from diamonds.���Dickens.
Humor and
Sr VV/tiCAJt ft. SfttTil
pAITII In oneself Is all right na long
as one doesu't Insist 011 otber |ieo-
ule   Inking   one   on   credit.     Then   it
breeds discontent.
Lore makes the world go round,
which probably accounts for some dia-
sy marriages.
Don't believe all tbe thing* thnt are
told to you. There are plenty of others
to believe them.
Many things nre not whnt they are
crocked up' to be, but this doesu't apply to lingers lu bouaecleuuiug time.
There's no accounting for tastes.
.Some persona really seem to enjoy a
Ht of blues.
One reason why some people ars
truthful may be that lying requires lm'
Man wants bnt little bere below, but
be boilers like n defeated candidate If
tbat ls all be gets.
Some people struKjrle to be consistent and succeed In being obsolete.
A woman mny wnnt a modiste to
muke alterations In ber gown, but She
changes her mind herself.
One of the operating expense* of ss
automobile Is the outfitting of your
wife for un outing In ItL
6IN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Ont., March 26th.
"I bad'been suffering for some time
with my Kidneys and Urine. I was
constantly passing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many as
thirty times a day. Each time the pain
was somethiujr awful, and no rest at
I heard of yonr GIN PILLS and
decided to give them a trial at once.
I .sent my chum 60 miles to get them
and I am pleased to inform you that in
less than six hours, I felt relief.
In two days, the pain had left me
entirely,  I took about balf a box and
today I feel as well as ever and my
kidneys are acting quite natural again."
CIN PILLS soothe the irritated
bladder���heal the sick, weak, painful
kidneys���and strengthen both these vital
organs.   Monty back if tbey fall.
50c. a box, 6 for f 1.50. Sample free
If you write National Drugand Chemical
Co., of Cauada, Limited, Toronto.    139
The June biiK lives a very brief
And uneventful life
lie hurdly nets acquainted with
lll�� rlulili-i-ii ami his wife.
Ills l!fn Rt best Is but about
A minute and a day.
And tlmt. you see. la not enough
Surrounding to survey.
It hardly seems to be worth whlla,
fir no It would appear,
To take the trouble to be born
Por eucli r brief career.
Thero Isn't tlm* to study French
Or learn lo read and write
When one Is born at early morn
And Ki��'M before the night.
The June biiK doesn't have lh* time
IUk lecture dates to All
lie never ran for office yet.
What's more, he never wlll
lie luu,lly sees the passing show
In dropping In Hnd out.
Nor does he clearly understand
Just what It Is ubout.
The June hug's life Is very short
Who knows thnt It Is swseir
And he Is lucky If he gets
A single tneul to eat
Ile doesn't have the time perhaps
To know he Is forlorn
Decnu.��e the creature ups and dies
Almost before hs's born.
Improving Hit Mind.
"I hear your husband hns the stlto-
uioblle fever."
"Mercy, no! lie haa no Idea of buying a cur."
"But .lack sn.vs he sees htm around
the garages frequently talking to tbe
automobile men."
"Oh, he Is only trying to learn the
putter ho he enn understand ordinary
eon versa tion "
COAL. MINING rights of the Dominion ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and In a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one yeara at an anuual rental of
I $1 an acre. Not more tban 2,560 acrea
will be leased to one applicant.
Application  for  a  lease must    be
I made by the applicant In person    to
I the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in   which  the  rights applied  for are
j situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
, be described by sections, or legal sub-
I d'vlslons of sections, and in unaurvey-
! ed territory the tract applied for sball
i be staked out by the applicant   liiiii-
; Self.
Each application must be accom-
I panled by a fee of $:> which will be
1 refunded If the rights applied for are
{ not available, but not otherwise. A
; royalty shall be paid ou the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
I of  live cents  per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting  for the  full  quantity    ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
I royalty  thereon.    If  the coal mining
I rights are not being operated such returns should  be furnished    st    lease
, once a year.
The lease will Include the coal m'n-
1 lng rights ouly. but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
' necessary for the working of the mine
at the rate of $10 au acre.
For f'dl Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dondnlon Lands.
Deputy Mln'ster of the Interior.
N.  B.���Unauthorised publication of
this  advertisement  vill  not  be  paid
Hit Accomplishments.
'Has N��'llle 11 good husband?"
"She has."
"Her Ideal, I HiipiMiHe She wn* sl-
ways talking about Iut Ideal In her
uirllimxl days."
"I don't know nbout thnt. hoi he
���nits the cut out ev����ry night, prepares
'be baby's nightly bottle for hlm nnd
never forget* to water the canary la
the morning."
Taking Advantage.
"Mrs. ltodgers' new suit Is perfectly
<well.   It looks stunning on Ihe street "
"Whv. I thought she bad heen sick
srisf since It wan sent home and hndn't
been able to wenr It."
"I think she has. because her rook
ara* wearing It when I now It"
A Hard Problem.
"Whnt are you
studying over.
"I ilou't know-
whet h e r to go
home to supper
or pbty hookey."
"How docs the
ciixe shnjie up?"
"Well. It's tills
wny. The minister Is coining to
supper, nnd we
will buve some
mighty good eats.
But be wlll be
sure to nsk me a
lot of things, nnd
I don't know
whether tbe sup-
per'll be worth
I Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quarter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lauds.
I Whereas proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 41343E, issued in the
name of John Travers, covering the
above property, has been filed In thla
office, notice is hereby given that I
shall at the expiration of one month
from date of the flrst publication hereof Issue a duplicate of said Certlflcate
, unless In the meantime valid objec-
, tlon be made to me In writing.
i Dated at the  Land   Registry   Office,
,    Vancouver, this lat day of October,
I    1912.
1 District Registrar.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn Phone 117
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
The Brute.
"And you never cryT'
"Ah, I seel    Yoa have to keep it
"Keep wbat dryr
"Tbe powder on yonr nose."
Try some of my corn medicine."
"It is no good on mine."
"But tbls la s most powerful remedy."
"It mlgbt remove tbe toe ud leave
tbe corn, but tbat Is the best I could
hope for."
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661.
Box 772.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columbia
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All Work Guaranteed. ���
841 Front Street.    !*"���<��� City Msrkst. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1912.
Ths Dominion Superintendent of Insurance and Assistant Deptuy Minister .' Finance |( a Man ol Whom
One Hears Very Little But His
Activities Have a BI3 Bearing on
the Public Welfare.
William Fitj-jerald. Dominion sup-
enntendent of insurance and assistant
deputy minister or finance! is one ul
the iffleienl; public officials of Can-
��� 11 *no, while not very much in the
public eye, is quietly doing a great
des of Important and responsible
work-in coiitiectlon with our Ub cor
poratmns. The Isw may not be per-
fee. in ever, particular with respect
to Insur, ce c- mpenles nd bankinv.
but 111 f..i��� country, at least, it is effl-
cuntly a..if honestly carred out and
improvements are   made   from   time
���ru"]e ** *xP*rie'ioe dictates.
The Dominion superintendent of in.
surance is jrenerally conceded to be a
meet capable and  conscientious offl-
Other   Varieties   Increase,  But Total
Value of Catch Greater Last Year
Than This.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 22.���With the
practical close of the season for deep
sea fishing at the end of September
the total value for the six months
from April to the end of September
has been found to be 111,343,421,
against a total of ��11,763.T96 for corresponding period of last year. The
valuca refer as money Daid to fisher-
men for fish ln fresh condition. The
decrease of $410,285 Is chelfly due to
falling off In lobsters to the extent
or. $32,733 cases.
On the other hand, there fiave been
Increases In other kinds of flsh. Dried
cod is greater by 18,007 cwt., haddoci.
has Increased by 80,000 cwt., hake by
70,000 cwt., herring 60,000 cwt. and
mackerel by 20,000 cwt. The decrease in lobster Ashing is due to the
past season's weather, which was un
usually bad.
Tbere waa an exceptionally large
Jncrease last year In sardines, but
thle year there Is a decrease of 25,-
000 barrels.    This fishing   is carried
"W�� Furnish Your Home Complete."
 ���....-.rn. i uio    UDlJiUg     IB   CIllTiei]     �������    ara    )j,,a.*?n   |'i c f ailing   ni    ui��   yrtiH'
on  In  the counties of Charlotte and  ent t,me with the average prices durst.-     .tnlin llalilml      kn,      I ���... 1     L���     InD-   thf*   lm    vranmn     ICflA lOAA     m. .   ntr>
Decrease In Labor Disputes.
An Improvement Is shown In labor
conditions In regard   to  d'sturbancej
through   industrial   disputes    during
September. The Department of Labor
records the fact that there were 21
disputes    in    existence    during   the
month, a decrease of 21 as compared
with  the previous month, though an
Increase is still maintained over tho
correspbndlng    month   of   la3t   year.
Ten disputes In all commenced during
September,   tbe   most   Important  of
which were those of coal miners on
Vancouver Island, and  carpenters  at
Moosejaw. The former involved a cessation of work on the part of about 3.-
000 miners employed in the Cumber
land and I-adysmith coal mines and
was not terminated at the end of September;, that of carpenters at Moose-
Jaw afTected 450 workers, but was not
of   long   duration.   About   5000 employees were thrown out of work by
disputes In existence during September.
Prices Still Going Downward.
The Department of Labor's Index
number of Wholesale prices continued
to decline during September, standing
at 132.5 as compared with 133.4 In
August and 128 In September of last
year. These numbers show a comparison of prices prevailing at the pres
St. John. Halibut has Increased by
20.000 cwt., and as the oyster season
has onlje, commenced, no returns are
yet available.
All fishing takes place from April
to September except haddock fishing
which is prolonged to the new year.
The salmon pack has Increased by
50,000 cases.
\i. fitzokhaU).
cial aud his w< rk in the Finance Department has always won the approval ol the D��?IJ RUd public. He was
born in I/.i.dci,, Out, lal84i>, Uld wai
educated at the grammar school in
tli ��� city and Toronto University,
from ��� ..ich i-stitutiori he graduated
with distinguished lienors in ldC8, Le-
ini; gold medallist of i s year in
mathematics, and in 1371 he carried
off his M. A. degree.
He  subsequent);  studiel   law  audi
eraduated st Osgoode  F-ll. Toronto, I
being  railed   lu   the   Ontario   Har   in
1&70.   He practiced his profession sue-1
cestfplly in Toronto for a number of
years ar.l was a law partner of N. (1. i
Blffslow  for  a  time.    In   ltM5  he  was '
appointed superintendent nf insurance
fi r tiip Dominion or 1 lias lil.ed that l
Important   position   to   the   gei.eral
General Beltran Writes Polite Letter
to Felix Diaz, Who  Makes Firm
Refusal���Battle  Exoected.
Vera Cruz, Oct. 22.���A demand for
the surrender of the city wa3 sem.
yesterday by General Beltran, com
nioiider of the federal troops. Tue
letter was brought to the rebel lines
by C'apta'n Llmon and was couched
in most polite terms, concluding wltb
the Intimation that if the rebels dii'.
not surrender, duty would obl'ge t'a?
federal commander to use force.
General Felix Diaz, replying to the
note, thanked Oeneral Beltran aua
said he was sorry the s'tuation woull
compel   Lira   to   offer   a   forcible   dt-
Ing t��ie ten years. 1890-1899, some 255
articles be'ng considered in the estimate. The downward movement during Sentember was due chiefly to declines In the price of fresh vegetables
especially potatoes; while there were
Might Increases in several commodity, notablv dairy products, flsh, Iron,
h'des, boots and shoes, anthracite
coal and miscellaneous bulld'ng materials. In regard to retad prices, the
chief feature of the month was a rise
in price of anthracite coal in many
Titles cf Eastern Canada.
Industrial Accidents.
.According to the record of Industrial accidents maintained bv the Department of Labor, that for the month
"f Sentember shows there to have
beer 89 workmen killed and 419 In-
h-red. a total of 508. 'Compared with
the record for August, this is an In-
c-ease cf or.e fatal and 114 non-fatal.
The trades and industries in wbich
.-c ^r:?.'.?7t av.^.bcr of accidents oc
*:rred were: Steam railway service,
in whicii there were 28 fatal and 123
non-fatal: rr-etal trades with three
Vle-t and 72 injured: mining with 10
Ullled a"d 42 Injured! and the building trades with 10 killed and 33 injured.
Three Sizes
$15,  $18,   and   $21
Certainly Give You the Most Value for the
Least Money.
Every pound of fuel burnt gives direct returns
Our Harvest Sale Specials Continue
All Through This Week
We save you money on all your purchases.
Look at our fine Table Linens when in the store
Washington. Oct. 22.���Fears are
felt In the navy department for the
United States transport Prairie with
750  marines aboard,  which  was last
Gold   In  the  Transvaal. .
.   ... ...       , ,, i    .    .   r ,. 11 i     cily by the non-combatants.
^i.t.iiSoftlic_prc.(!uctinn.firo!,n,, ,    g^j   ����� ^ ,M     f
the   rratwvaal   In   TM   �������"n��   both  communications  to  the  foroLw
Marine    1.   H    Hatch   Mat,.   tha ���, u      foreiRners ,��� ,���,
the Kind. ..me,  have  produced over   p(fv   h    w nt|lce an ,nventory of thc
a b llion d.liar*  worth of gold Ur he | ff   ^ , f   b ,, d    h      th     m0VCfl
I      i' Jn^n^^l   taTn-jTl,    * |o��t and promising to indemnify Ihwu
nearly WtlO.OOO.OQO ��">rth annua I I flg goon *    pMa|Me  for  ^   damagy
' '" jglthat might be entailed by the battle.
1 fence. At the same time, he asked I heard frcm on Oct. 2 off the coast oT
General Beltran to fix the longest pos-i Santo Domingo, whither It had been
s:ble time for the evacuation of tU: [ordered  to investigate
the uprising
there and interfere if American or
foreign interests were endangered.
Assistant Secretary W'inthrop sent
urgent dispatches today to all stations In Santo Domingo, seeking information as to the vessel's whereabouts. ,
The prude of ore mined,
tiie writer, is diminishing, wliile tli
annua! tonnage crushed I* increasing.
The net result is an augmentation <���(
the net profit. It mitt* $4.30 per t'in
tn produce the gold anil the average
value nl the nre mined la about $ii Bll
rvr ton. Mining profits average,
therefore, about J2.ft0 per ton.
There if no doubt that the South
African mines will continue to yield
large quantities of cold for a period ol
at leapt .'10 years. In other word.s. th.��
total gold production of the Trans
var.l mines in the past will he exceed
ed by their production during
next thirty years.
Leads them all.    Five carloads sold
here the past year.   Prices $67.50,
$72.50, $77.50.  Set up in your home
The Greatest Wood Heater at i
Price, made in all sizes.
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
When  Henry VIII.  Was King.
The Hritish Hoard of Agriculture's
grant for the encoivagement <���( horse
breeding reminds us that the hor*e
was at one tim> under the direct pat-
ronace of royalty. Henry VIM. took
a particular interest in Knpli-li hor-.e
breeding. Besides importing animals
from Turkey, Italy and Spain, in*
made ordinance* for the Unglish
farmer. Animals of two years which
had not reached a certain hei.ht were
not allowed to grate on any common,
nnd anyone was at liberty tn teitt
pn animal of unlawful h'l.'ht. l'nr-
ther. ill ('omnium were "driwd" at
Mtchae.i -n-, ami all colts not giving
promise 'f uf owing into serviceah'e
animals were destroyed. On the whole
lhe breeder will prefer modern meth-
Wobbling People
Mexico City, Oct. 22.���The rebel
movement under General Felix Die*
is generally regarded here as dwindling in strength. There ha3 been no
general conflagration as was expec
ed ln many quarters at the Btarl ol
the rebellion, although there is a
strong suspicion that many government officers and employees as w.'l
as army men are simply awaiting tlu
trend of events to espouse the win
ning side. ;< row *��**��� ������������ **��� -���^v"_
The resrlt of the expected condi-t  an ndnMrer of western men.   The my
itween the rebels and   thc federal   must be five feet seven  inches tal.
Sui Fnnclsco. Oct 22.���A letter
signed "Mlss Z. X. Radcliffe, General
pP|ivp-v. El~!n, 111.." was received
vrstordp" hv Mavor Roloh. implor'ng
him to flnd a husband for the wr'ter
before the close of 1912. lest, bein?
unmarked, she lose a fortune of $30.-
mn. She asked thnt the mavor inser*.
her' letter in a lending oaper.
M'ss Redrliffe describes herself as
"7 vears old. rather good looking, and
The man
between the rebels and	
troops at Vera Crur ls awaited anxiously on all  sides and  It  will  have
Ing elements of the population,
ng elements of the population.
���A look-
weigh from 1C0 to 175. be g""
Ing and not more than 30.   "He m
be  n  home man,  with  a  lov'.rg
An Expert on Education.
Sir W. Rylnnd D. Adkins, (lie member for the Middlctoit Division of
Lanes*! ire. exercises considerable*
influence in the Hritish House of
Commons nt an expert on the educational proliLm. He takes pains li
get up llis mhj''ct and hence he is
always followed with the closest attention. Sir W. R. Adkins is a
Nortl a.nptoiisliiie man. llu soil of a
former mayor nf Northampton. He
was edueiit d -r. Mill Hill school, and
University Collegi*, London, and lie
also spent son.o time nt Oxford. Call,
ed to the Har nt the Inner Temple,
lie sp"ciali7,ei| nn education, and soon
acquired a sound reputation iu legal
and educational circles. .
The  Word   "Papa."
For somo time aft��r the word
"papa" was taken into the English
lanuuaire in thc seventeenth century
it was restricted to courtly and polite
speech and was common even among
adults. Long after it had become
childish it was still accounted gen-
ter 1. HooJ wrote of one who was "genteelly taueht to say, not father, but
iiapa." "Papa" may be comparatively a new-comer into the English lan*
guape. hut it is as old as Homer.
Nausicaa in the "Odyssey" calls bit
father  "pappa phile"���dear papa.
Meat Wet
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868. Room 4 Traao Block
Second Hand Store
J. Q. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
good* of all kinds.   Tools especially.
40 Mclnaes Street. Pbone 1009
The Bank of Vancouver j
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
scld nayable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Ac ated W��t<r>
Manufacture* by
Tslasbone n 111 Office: Prlncaa* St
As Nadina In "Tbe Chocolate Soldier " pres- ited by the Whitney opera at
the opera house, Thur. day, October 24.
Arrived. Perfect Pit and Workman-
ahlip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
UPPER FLAT in Hardman
Block, well lighted, suitable
for club rooms, light manufacturing or living rooms.
Westminster Daily News
i ������n
Pafc.'isbed    every    morning   except
paeans of the ancients and comes
down to the Naval and Military Musical Union, which seems to haye beeu
organized within a year or two, as it
hy The National Printing and' has  had   but   two   "annual   competi-
raMfehing Co.,  Ltd., at their office,
S3   Mckenzie   Street,   New   Westmln-
mmmm Office   999
Mrforia! Office   991
Br carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
imtfis  or 40c por month.
By mall $3 per   year,   or   26o   per
tionB" providing a challenge cup for
glee singing. Hack of the movement
were a number of distinguished soldiers, such as .Lord Methuen and Sir
Horace Smlth-Dorien. The need of
an organization was greater for the
English soldier than for the Scottish
or Welsh, we are told. These have
kept In touch with their "magnificent,
old lays," which are mostly historic;
and the Scottish or Welsh soldier has
always been a singing fighter.
"Germany literally sang her way to
empire." I suppose that we could not
over-estimate the fighting influence of
her two magnlficlent war songs, "The
German Uhir.e" and "The Watch on
the Rhine." Observe the place the
mighty r'vpr of tv,n hills takes in (lt**i
man patriotism. The conquest of 1870
is attributed to the moral influence of
these two battle hymns. But what
about the 'Marsellaise?' Why did
that magnificent hymn madden the
French soldiers? If I remember, they
were (later) forbidden to sing it on
that account. In Halifax, when German and French warships would be
lying ln  the
Fifteen from Fraser Mills Leave This
Morning���Second  Westminster
Contingent to Follow.
This morning fifteen loyal Greeks
obeying the summons of their father
land, leave the Fraser Mills for Van
couver, where they will take the
steamer for Seattle, and thence w.t.i
several hundreds of their fellow coun
trymen from the western states will
embark on a special Chicago and
Milwaukee train en route fur New
York. Twenty-flve days from now tl
is expected that the party will be a'
the seat of war. They will catch i>
steamer for the land of the Hellene.
on Sunday next.
Most of those who leave this morn
lng are unmarried men, while a   few
left  wives  in  Greece,' bo  that  there
harbor, and we would ' will be none of the affecting farewells
hear at Bundown, "The Watch on the that usually accompany the embarka-
Rhlne,"  'The   Marsellaise,*   and   'God  tlon   of   troops   for   the front.   Th-3
Save the King'���well, we know which Grecian government is paying all tbo
was the most splendid music, and how expenses from New York, while    ln
Lord Chancellor   May Introduce   Bill
in Parliament Providing for Change   !
in    Procedure.
Poke of Connaught's words
ast Toroato oh Monday evening are
mMumi that there is need for a
great deal of educational work in the
���| to enlighten the people' there
saaaa the true feeling of the people of
the West. But the Ignorance which Is
displayed so    frequently    concerning  flat (only musically flat) our own Na-  every city on the continent subsccip-
aliment of Western Canada
not atop there if we are to Judga
thf the "advice" occasionally tendered
ia tke financial columns of reputablo
J������hi to. eastern enquirers con-
caraing western conditions and the
prospects for investing ln western securities.
Happily the loading financial journ-  South Africa cf such a hvmn as "O,
als of the east, as of the middle west,  Ood. Our Heln in Ages Past." When
,.   .    ...      ,. ..    ,     the   British   troops   stood   upon   the
are usually supplied with reliablo in-jBeene of Gordo���.B death and sang "A
formation from their own correspond-  jrew More Ypts ahall RM1" pvpi the
tional   Anthem    sounded    after   the  tlons and private enterprises   are de
French Anthem. j fraying  the    cost    of    the    Journe*
Mr.  Manners-Howe emphasizes the  thither,
value ln  time of war ot the   sacred |    Silently the men are being banded
hvmn.    Cromwell knew the    fightlnr i together and mobilized by the    Pan
value    of a   battle    psalm, chanting | Hellenic   Union    (which at   ordinary
which his soldiers "fell upon their
tees with a shock that was Irresistible." None will forget, who heard
it.  the   singing   by our   soldiers   In
<rjifs, but the "information" vouchsafed to F. A. S. in the Toronto Saturday Night of October 19 is a regre*.-
tabAe departure from this rule and
from strict accuracy. t
The "information" runs thus:
Burnaby, B.C.
F. A. S ��� Burnaby, B.C., is not a
town, but a municipality, and Ilea
between South Vancouver (which is
now negotiating for entrance into
thc city) and New Westminster. I
should say it vvas about ten miles
square. There are three electric
lines running through it from Vancouver   to   New Westminster,   and
eves of the "iron-visaged" Kitchener
filled with tears. That must have
been a profoundly movng concert
when, after the Durbar (Lord Cur
zon's Durbar) in the Indian night, by
; the campfires of the waiting arm v.
there rose from "11 the lines of British troops the old hymn:
"Abide with me; fast falls the eventide,
The darkness deepens; Lord, with me
When other heifers fi'l and comfort-
Help of the helpless, O. abide with
I.ens ago, who:
Vved in the sub-
prorerty along any of these lines is  tirb cf the c'ty p-irr'smed by Inner
ali right, but. no big rise in values
js likely. It is too far out. Some
parts of the municipality are nothing but a dense swamp, and will
never be worth anything in our
time. Burnaby is practically nothing but country, and it means a
long pull. Some real estate men
���are knying up subdivisions cheap
and celling again at a handsome
profiL but. that is the only way to
make good prolits out of land so far
��KBL Ultimately, when Vancouver
becomes more of a manufacturing
centre, no doubt many of the
artisans will go out there for cheap
homes, especially along the car
lines, but indiscriminate buying by
people thousands of m'les away is
a great mistake.    Burnaby touches
iai troops. 1 would somet'mes walk a
mile, cross a fprry a n'Me p"d a hf"
a��fl .��� n]\ priot'inr rood mile to attend the garrison chapel. To hear
thr�� garrison charla'n? No. to hear
"Jesus, Lover of My Soul'' or "Th>
Sen of (led Goes Forth to War.'
"^veiling trom full-th mated s-ild'er
sinpers with the splendid band accompaniment, it Is such s'nging of the
great and noble lyrics of the Christian church thnt mikes or.e Intolerant
of yellow doggerel hymns in dignified
places of worship. And there is no
excuse for these. Everv single great
lyric of the Christian chirrch is so
simple that the most ignorant cau
make 't ln's own.���The Bcokrann, in
Manitoba Free Press,
times is an eminently peacefully in
stitution) and dispatched to the sea
of war.
There is the same fervor of patriot
ism animating these Greeks as in th��
old times when Xerxes and his Pcrs
lan hordes swooped down on the com
pact little land whose glories unfor
tunately have waned with the ptssln
years. But the old spirit is still ther-
and never was a call to arms mor1
nobly obeyed.
Seventeen went from New West
minster on Saturday, and a second
contingent is expected to 'eave w:tl>-
in the neSt two weeks. Move wo'ild
have gone with the flrst one had thev
not been detained by business worries
and the failure to sell out their private enterprises at once.
London, Oct. 22.���A Supreme court
of Appeal for the British Empire > is
probably   shortly to   be   established.;
From speeches he has made recently j
it is believed that the Lord Chancel- j
lor  is  to  introduce  during the  present session of Parliament a bill estab
llshlng a  judicial  committee   of  the
Privy Councll as the highest court tj
which   may   be   carried   a  suit   from
any part of the imperial dominions.
Lord Haldane has decided that such
a measure will command the support
of the dominions as well as the United Kingdom.
Two selected Judges wlll be added
to the Lords of Appeal, and there will
then be six Law Lords devoting their
whole time to sitting in two courts.
The conditions and method of appeal from different p'arts pf the Empire will be suited, as far as practlc
able, to the local requirements, as
complete uniformity in theBe respects
is not attainable at present.
The great feature of the Edson
theatre's show today and tomorrow
will be the 400') foot film depict ng
the life on the 101 ranch, the larges:
ef its kind in the world. Theje nr.
the only original Miller Bros, illnis
and have exc ted t'ie greifest interest wherever they i.;tVe be> n shown.
New Westminster boundary.
There are too many inaccuracies in  KlDUILU  Unl   ftlLNu
the above to draw specific attention \
to cach. The people of Burnaby and
ct Westminster may judge them for
themselves. Burnaby Is not ten mlle3
stftatjo (he. 100 square miles in area),
ob the contrary it covers approximately 38 square miles. Evidently
Sha writer had read of the sinking
nt the G. N. B. tracks at Ardley, and
invented therefrom the tale of the
dense swamp. Likewise he has never
strolled by the beautiful non-artisan
hotaeB which are rising round Burnaby lake, neither does he appear to
kaow aught of the drainage scheme In
connection with that sheet of water
which will eliminate what little boggy
patches are at present to be encountered there.   -   -
Ooloesa] Ignorance of the true conditions prevailing on this peninsula is
displayed In his references to Van-
eaovcT as an ultimate manufacturing
centre aad to the "artisan" population
��t Burnaby. We do not hear a word
cf Um- industries of New Westminster,
althcwj.h tlie directory quotation telli
.as that "liurnaby touches" our boundary, u.ii,u* Kdmonds and East Burnaby aiid all the thriving settlements be-
tean here and Central Park, to say
notking of Vancouver Heights, are un-
fcnea-n to the writer, Water frontag'.'
on Burrard Inlet and the North Arm
���-.practically nothing but country.''
Burnaby welcomes personal lnvestl-
fpbt'ata. Soaie day the Toronto Satur-
��� day JJight may take the trouble to
secure accurate Information concern-
ins these things. Until it does it
wwcld be better for an otherwise ex-
���esilent journal not to pretend it pos-
senses iL
(Continued from rage one)
be started this morning and all traces i
of the fire fiend will soon be obliter- i
Of the forty persons Injured, nere
are supposed to be in a serious condition, and the best medical cure is being given them so that their stay in
the hospital will be as brief as pos
The value of having an unlimited
supply of water together with hose
and hydrants, was clearly demonstrated and Manager Rogers yesterday
morning was loud In praise of those
who assisted willingly in the success
ful efforts to prevent the flames
spreading to other parts of the hugi
i plant.
��� He was especially pleased at the
work of the New Westminster firemen under Chief Watson, who upor
their arrival at once realized the
situation that confronted them and
assumed charge of the hundreds o.'
volunteer firemen.
Ib thc hearts of fighting men there
has always been a resolute song. And
iis the throats of fighting men. Wlth-
oaC that song many and many an
army had gone down tu defeat, and
the- war song is a subject well worth
stuHv. In the Pall Mall Magazine for
-October there Is an Interesting artiste hy T. II. Manners-Howe, who reminds us tliat the battle hymn, what-
���ever its form of expression, is aB Im-
'porftztnt as any law of nature. For
It ia "'essentially sentiment in it3
tnotrt dynamic form."   This article ls
Icebreakers at Port Arthur Will Help
Keep Great  Lakes Open.
Ottawa, Oct. 82.���Hon. Robert Rogers has all summer been working o"
a plan to extend the period Of navigation on thn Oreat Lakes hy u
mon'h so as to get down that much
more grain by water. Arrangementi
for Icebreakers at Port Arthur and
Fort William have already been made
so that this phase of the situation
has been met. The main obstacle has
been the subject of Insurance,
Yesterday Mr. Rogers had a con
ference with It. J. Dale, vice-prpsident
of the Montreal board of trade, and
the matter from everv standpoint was
thoroughly discussed. Mr. Rogers
s-iid at the close of the conference
that he was very hopeful that a satisfactory arrangement would be reached between the shippers and insurance men for a prolongation of the
service in navigation. An announcement will be made shortly.
With a libretto abound n< in the
eternal comedy of human nature and
full of dramatic freshness ar.d a scor.
heavily-rraught with music of sterling
worth, studded with melodies at one
minute intoxicating in their tender
ness, the next shifting to follow the
satiric humor of the moment. "Th(
Chocolate Soldier" will invade thin
city tomorrow evening at the Opera
I House to capture Its thousands of
j music lovers.
1 This peerless opera, the blend of
the essence of Bernard Shaw's inex
baustlble wit as revealed in "Arms
and the Man," and the flower of 0<
car Straus' operatic genius, has done
more to regenerate light opera on th
American stage, than all of its con
temporaries combined. One does no-
have to hunt for the plot, nor turn
from any ted'ousness of dialogue, fo
all the sparkling action and the viva
clous repartee for which Shaw \** just
ly famous has been reta'ned In the
libretto. Every minute has ita laugh
and where two or three are gathered
together there is sure to follow soinf
captivating song. Never before has a
single opera contained so many hits,
the audience that Is accustomed tr
one or two in an evening, is astonsh
ed to find that each of the "Chocolate
Soldier' melodies rival.s the other Ir
beauty.     "My    Hero,"    "Thp    Lettet
Song. rhe  Tale   of   a   Coat,"   and
"The Chocolate   Solder"  nre   only   i
few of Its treasures.
The full romance aid  plctnnjaqn*
ness of Bulgarian Ule W expressed '
the    gorgeous    production   that   Mr
Whitney haa made this serinon. \ Tin-
array  of costumes   d'rpc'   from    P ���'
garia   and   fresh   scenery   gives \ thl-
season's tour   a peculiar   Important
among the current attractions of th
operatic stage,   The excellence of fu
performanne is assi-t-ed hv thn h*��
artistic abllltv or the Wh'tney Oner
Company,    with    Its   special   chpw��
and   a   picked    orchestra   of   t rained
musicians to contend with the Intrloa
c!pk of Straus' orchestra.
The cast of char^"*'-r<( ik*),,,* .
*>enn Vlvienne, Hon Bervere, Imc'll*
launders Chnrles Pnrce'l. J; Rinsel'
Powell, t-'ttrel Fra/.ier. Sylvan Tangle's Pony Moorq and .). F MwDon
F. L. KERR, Manager.
Wednesday and Thursday
ii BROS.
Nice new five room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
sized cement basement, piped for furnace. Thia house is beautifully
situated ln the West End and close to the car.
PRICE $2800; l/3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply to
Wm. McAdam
P. O. Box 874.   Phone 498. Room 1 Weatminater Truat Block.
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 122.
G. E. QILLEY. Phene 281.
Phonea, Office 15 anS IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
London, Oct. 22.-Robert Barr, th)
Reottlsh novelist and editor of tho
Idler, died during the night of hea.'
failure at his residence at Woldlng
ham. Surrey. He had been 111 for a
Robert Barr was as well known in
America   as   In    Kngland.      He I wa.<
educated at Toronto and was honor-
Afew trest In the number, and all our ary M. A. of the University of Mich'
TEaSPftarry ttipn would flnd it as tneplr* gan.    At one tlire he was connected
ftap ao, it. la informing. 'with the editorial stafT of the Detrott
3Lr. Manners-Home begins with tho Free Press.
Aviation Dinnert.
A French contemporary thlnUs thnt
aviation wlll pluy an important part
In dinners such ns those organized by
tbe Ligue des Gourmets. With the help
of their aeroplanes guests will taste
each disb Id thut place where it Is at
its best and yet llulsh their dinner
within n reasonable time. They wlll
By to Marseilles for a plate of boullla.
bttlsse und remain thero for a red mullet: tben to Hours for n plump young
chicken nnd lo Toulouse for a dish of
green pens; across to London for a
slice of roust beef nod buck to Va-
logins for n salad such as con only be
found In Nonnundy. A peach at Mon-
ireull and a slice of Uruyere nt Rm-
menthul will eimehide a meal perfect
lu every direction.- London Chronicle.
Bliss, Oklahoma, In
4,000 F��ET
Or the Most Beautiful, Realistic
and Instructive Motion Picture
Film    Ever    Shown  In Canada
Showing Scenes of the Largest
Ranch Farm in the World.
The Great  Annual
Buffalo Chase, Branding and
Dehorning Steers, Riding Bucking Bronchos and Wild Steers
by the Cowboys. Five Thousand
Head of Cattle In One Big Herd.
Fight Between Man and Bull,
a Hand-to-Horn Combat, Posi-
'��� "rue  S'crv.
Xn iri&iaZn
Buf"aSo Hunt
(Not a White Man Shown In
Tbla Picture ) Five Hundred
Real American Indians in a
Realistic Buffalo  Hunt.
See William Pickett
THE DUSKY DEMON Throwing Wild Steers with His Teeth.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for sals or rent while prices are low
HUssam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Let ua flgure wltb you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
Ullls at Vancouver, New Westminster and Crescent Valley,. B. C.
M   ���'  - -  ****\\  ���
Great special feature depleted at th-
Edison theatre today and tomorrow.    1
A 5-room New Bungalow. All
nicely finished with panelled walls
and Electric fixtures. Built in
Buffet. Fireplace in Dining-room.
Eeam Ceiling. Fixed in Wash tubs.
Nice Lawn and Fenced in lot. The
Price is right. $300 cash payment
and balance as rent. The Owner is
leaving town. This is a chance to
secure a pretty homesite on easy
The PeoplesTrast Coj2
451 Columbia Street . WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1912.
Better Organisation Should Place the
Club on Excellent Footing.
All players and officials of tbe
Westminster Rugby Club are request
ed to meet ln the United Service Club
room 20. B. C. E. R. building, at 8
o'clock this evening, when matters ol
importance in connection with the
club will be discussed.
The showing made against the Native Sons at Queens park on Saturday afternoon bas put heart Into both
players and supporters, and, with a
belter organization at the back of
them, there appears to be no reason
why tbey should not hold tbeir own
against the best in the Union.
'Many victories are noi to be expected during the first year of the
club's exstence, as witness the experience of several of the Vancouver
teams when they first entered senior
That there Is no dearth of material
in tbe city is undoubted, nnd the mee1
lng called for this evening Is for the
purpose of getting a better understanding with each other. A team s ?c
retary is also to be appointed.
sary), invite people to re sort thereto, and put their stakes on the horses
they fancy, or to receive them by
post, without keeping an illegal
Mr. Sutfleld goes on to aay that lf
the system were properly understood
and bad a fair trial it would soon become a popular method of speculation.
Teams  Take  Great   Interest
League Competitions.
A meeting of the managers of flvo
teams who have entered the Commercial Bowling league ls called for thla
evening at the Front street alleys
when a schedule will be drawn up for
the season.
Special prizes will be awarded the
winners and runners-up in the league,,. ,     ,   , . ..      ,
and   exceptional    interest    is   being | hlm before he cros8ed the Plate
taken bv the respective teams in the
event,  this being the first time that
several of them    have    entered    the
realm of bowls.
An Intercity match between New
Westminster and the Reliance team
of Vancouver ls also to be staged this
evening on thc Front street alleys.
Canfleld, Col.,   Oct. 22.���When   Albert  Billings    kicked  his  cork    leg
icross the home plate yesterday afternoon in the ninth Inning, the score o
ing already a five to flve tie, the uui
pire called the runner safe.   Then th
last   baseball   game   of   the    seaso.
broke up In a  row.     Howevji    Um
>ire Jerry Carter consulted the rule
book,   declared   that   there    wu    n-
precedent and held to his decision.
When the teamB lined up for plaj
It was found that one team waa sh
i man. Billings of the cork leg vn!
unteered and the first thing he tl'e
was to knock a two-bagger. He s.oli
third and started home when on 3 ol
his team-mates hit the shoru'.op
The shortstop tosaed the ball to thi
catcher, ten feet ahead of the runner
the cork leg flew off and crossed th'
plate, while the owner of the lef
dropped to the ground. The catche'
stepped out and tagged the prone flg
ure, but the umpire waa watchin;
closelv and ruled that the foot at th��
end of the corb touched the bss". Th.
opposing team claimed that B'UIng
was out because the   catcher   tagged
I Mountain Climb for Holiday���Basket
i ball Trophy Presented.
The Debating club will meet this
I evening at 7 o'clock to complete thr-
i program   which   will   be   carried   ou'
The Royals are now getting their, during the wiutei. ,ronth8.
stride in the race and expect to make ; A mouutaln ciimb;n3 party wl;
a fast clip towards the championship lp;ive the clty at , 0.clock oa Mo),
before many weeks have passed. j day (Thanksgiving Day) morn'n-? foi
I North Vancouver, where they will as
BRITICH OOI.UMBIAN sail the peak cf Crown mountain. Sev
eral names have been added to thi
Hat and It ls expected that abou
twenty will make up the party.
Basketball is now in full swing anc'
the first practice was held in tht
gym last evening. The majority c
laut   year's   players   will   oppose   the
The bowling challenge which wa3
flaunti d In the faces of the British
Columbian staff yesterday morning by
the Westminster Dally News was nccepted  right  there and  then  and  all	
offers by the great powers to take the   104th regiment on Friday night, but I
matter  to  the   Hague  Tribunal  have   waa evident that these same plaver
bein   wnvi'd  aside,   so  keen   are  the   wMI have to flght    hard    for    places
t��o teams to get each other by   the  when once the other performers g;t
throat. i going.
'Ihe necessary affiliation papera j Mr. Af S. Milla han kindly present
v ere drawn up and signed last even-; ed a silver cup to be known as thc
lug a:id it Is evident that the oven- y, jyj. C. A. basketball trophy. 11
ing contemporary is tak;ng nn j w III go to the winning team ln th*
chances on the result by the fact tha' league, Messrs. 0. I. Sovereign. A
BUI Maiden's name was omitted from , \v. Decker, Tim Mahoney, J. Smith
the pourparlers. Bill's hoodoo with
the baseball nine is lone past history.
The date for the mill will be arrangel
some time today.
and Walter Sangster have been    appointed referees.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Residents  Meet  Again  Tonight���P'e-
It Is aoparent that the people of the diet Great Success.
Hritish Isles are still able to tako A Edmonds. Oct, 22���The second
keen Interest in sports, despite their meeting of residents in connection
domestic troubles. One hundred thou- with the proposed holding of an an
sand people attended a local cham- nual flower show In Burnaby will be
plcnship football game In Glasgow on Mid in the old municipal hall Wed
Saturday, according to the cables. nesday evening.
!t Is Interesting to note that. In tho It �� expected that officers of th-
United States, a baseball game in tha new organixatiou will be elected anc
world's championship series waa also that plans towards a general canva>
held Saturday. The attendance at of ^*e whole of the municipality wll
Boston was about 36,000. The gamo ha formulated. A strong feeling exist
was of national intereat. At Glasgow, i among those who first brought th
the game was between two local i matter to a head that tho annuo
teams. Celtics and Rangers. If a event will be one of the summer fea
- ^^^m     -1 tures of the lower rna'nlnnd and the
match of soccer football in Glasgow
can draw so much greater a crowd In
proration to the attendance at a
world's series baseball game ln Bos
ton, It ls apparent that Canadian*.
who would appear rather eager to
sdopt American baseball, should not
lose sight of the merits of the other
game.���Ottawa Evening Journal.
already have the co-operaticn of msn
of the public   bod'es   of Vanconve-
New Westminster and South \>ncoi
ver.    The  meeting is calkd   for
On account of the InabUltv of Pres"
dent John R. Duncan and Mr. W. It
Gilley to go. Mr. Kenneth Mve-s lef
  I last night for Vernon to attend   th
Attn asserting that the parl-mutuel mooting of the boo'ds of tr��<>o _ a*
Pv,tr-, is bound to be adopted in other publlolty bodies cf the proUnc
Britain. G. Herbert Sutfleld. an Eng-! as the representative of the T\eaviair
lish barrister. In. the course of an ar-' ���ter board of trade. He will aiscin.
t'elc in Tho London Sporting Times, (\n the capacity of a delegate rror
savs- the Progressive association.
"Prsnlblv one great obstruction to Mr. Stuart Wade, representing tn
Its nre-rreas Is a fancied legal dlffl- city, and Dr. A. J. Holmes one of th
cilt.v-a supposed Infringement of the, committee in charge of tM ar����ng
Iietti-g House Act. If ao, such a no- ments for the gathering, also left yes
f"i involves a complete mlsapprehen- terday for the Interior town. Aioer
a'on -robablv as to both the purport man Gray, who is at present auena
of tM net and also as to the wav the j lng the convention of we^Unlon otji
far .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
?tt\*r���ent of the case on both aides
she'd **e sufficient to dispel the fal-
iscv. The act prohibits a person from
kcer'"* an office or place for the
purser" "f the keeper himself betting
<��� ���"���.- **'} comers, either reaortinw
thlfV- in person or sending ready
r-rvcv bv post.    It does not prohibit
' net ana aiso as io ine wuy ma ; mg mo ran,.,,,,,,, ���    	
-iitnel operates.   A  very simple \r*. Municipalities at Revelstoke. wll'
also go to Vernon as a delegate from
the city of Westminster.
Calgary, Oct. 22.���Half
dollar's worth of paving,
a   million
tor   which
Your attention is drawn to the fact  that we have  the largest variety of shooting accessories in the city.
Sterllngworth   Dble.   Bbl.   Hammerless Shotguns, each $35.00
L.   C.  SmiUi   Shotguns,   each   $32.50
Parker Shotguns, each        $50.00
Pump Guns, all  makes, each $28.00
DOMINION, U.M.C. and WINCHESTER Loaded Shells ln all loads
from 75c to *1j25 per box.
COME UP Sixth Street and see  our display.    It will   Interest  you.
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
tM ti-nontpg; of eny such place, say a j contracts were let last spring to the
mco-'nirse enclosure, where other , Bltulithic and Canadian Mineral Rub
"""'' "an assemble and bet with on? ber companies, may be forfeited be-
another. .{cause ot a contract stipulation to the
Vint* the psr'.^ntucl the keeper of effect that work unfinished by Octo-
t*��� r<*i,.p or of the an��nratus does not,ber 81, should revert to the city.
*,mt ��.'~>��Mf ��t "": he Ib merely a | The average price received by these
*'*>"V|iicr for the Moosttors. who companies for their work ls about
(ii *'*i*, mrue would show) bet with $2.65 per square yard. Since the con-
r-n ���r*ty,e*. tt>r.���e n��M have backed tracts were let the city established a
the - inner illv'ding the stakes. It is municipal plant which haa laid ita
t-H'Taront to hM which horse wins. Initial block of sidewalk, tinder die-
f�� t** nnv case he takes his n��rcent- advantageous circumstances, at about
age cf the total turnover. This la $2. This has had the effect of in-
o��<t�� sufficient to show that a maa nuguratlng a movement to declare all
e-i \iren a narti-mntuel In an office contracts unfinished at the end of this
(an apparatus Is not absolutely neces- month forfeited. ������>��������� ������ .���-���*;,
The Dominion Has Produced 8oms el
ths Greatest.
Canada, now not only holds a prominent position ln the thoroughbred
"Racing World," but has for many
years past furnished some of the best
riders that America has ever known.
When one takes a look into ancient
history of racing and the jockeys* whi
pi lotted to victory the horses in stake
events on foreign and our own tracks,
the names of Canadian-bom riders are
found among the foremost. A sense
ol wonder is sometimes uppermost as
to what has become or befallen these
riders who have earned laurels and
helped to make turf history. Many
have long since retired from the racing world and are now earning a livelihood in some other business while
others have remained true to their
first love, and although.they have long
since become too heavy or too old to
do duty in the saddle, they have
started in as trainers. M'ny of these
have met with marked success while
others have struck tha trail of failure.
Few knew when vratching Jimmy
Buttwell Tide his mounts to victory
at the spring meeting at Blue Bonnets
that he was a Canadian born and
bred. Buttwell is one of the most successful of thi present age, and al-.
though he is nearly thirty years of
age has a future ahead of him yet.
,He was born in Toronto.
Another Canadian boy who is riding
in good form at the present time is
Merioe Bell. This boy is anotl.rr Toronto product, and was developed under the guidance of Hugh Penny, who,
at one time led the big riders, and
is now perhaps equally successful as
Probably the greatest rider that
Canada ever produced was Johnny
Martin, who was born in Hamilton,
Ont. He led the list of winning rid- I
ers for two years in New York, in j
the palmy days of the "Spirt ol
Kings" in tha: state, and won many
of the greatest of the feature events.
Martin during his rii'.ing career, earn-
���d a small fortune, and retired with
nearly $200,000 to his credit in real
estate and other securities.
After retiring, he returned to his
native town and .established a home
for his mother. Martin first 'earned
to ride with the Hendrie stable at
Hamilton, and bore the colors of some
oi the greatest owners on this continent.
Al Kermak wss another who rapidly
climbed the ladder of success. Frank
Kittlenian whose name is well known
to the old followers of the turf in
Canada, held the first contract on this
lad. He quickly developed him and
tjuk him to New York where a hia
prioe was paid for his contract. Kermak made able use bf his time, and
when about twenty-three years of ase,
ret'red a wealthy boy. He was burn
at Woodstock, Ontario, whence he re
turned, purchasing a stock farm, and
daily added to Hs earnings. lie was
worth something over $100,000 on -e
Perhaps the greatest steeplechase
rider ever known, was a Cut adisi.
by birth, it being no less than the
ui.ee famous Nat Ray. He first learned to ride horses around Toront<
which was his birthplace, and a*
was too heavy to ride on the flat ol
tn steeplechasing. He was fur severn
years paid a fabulous sum by Thonia
Hitchcock, who at one time uw-ied th��-
best ol the '".supers" on this continent
Ray won all the stakes offered thr>u*i
the field for jumpers, and after lea!
ing the riders i f America for seven
seasons, retired to take charce ��l ���
string of hiB own. He met with sue
cess, snd carried it oil for one or tw>
years, after which, he retired from th��
thoroughbred world and took to tln-
harue** horse. During his ridin* ca
reer he gsthered a fortune whicii In
added to by real estate investments ii
Jimmy Walsh, who wss born in To
ronto, lirst came into prominence as ��
rider, when he won ttie King's \i\sl*t
at Toronto. From that on he cllmben
op rapidly, and for a Ions time war
the leading rider on the Canadiar
Another good steeplechase rider wa-
W'illn- 0. Wilson, who was bom in To
tonto, and first learned to ride in a
show rint riling the horses of Pepper and Moorehouse, under the guid
ance of Tim Blong, who had charge
of Km*, stable. Wilson then drifted into the racing game and ^or several
years owned a string of his own. He
rode all of his own horses and mat
with marked success.
Naw He's a Deer Opener.
Roulery Onlbero. brother of tbe once
formidable sultan of Bebanaln of Da-
homey, who waa dethroned and #taeee
country was annexed by tbe French,
bae become ao reduced In circumstances that be haa taken the position
ef chaaaeur at ��� Montmartre restaurant, wheie he opens tie door* of
motorcar* for Bnnnclera. depntlea and
ether fashionable pleasure ��eeker�� until the small bourn of tbe morning. He
long aerved under tbe Franco coloni,
taking part In twenty-eight (iampalgna,
waa thrice wounded end baa' been decorated for bravery oa the field. He
drawa a veteran'! pension et $15 ���
month. -' 'v''' *���'
STORE and basement on Begbie street, just off Columbia street,
size 30 feet by 66 feet.   Immediate possession.
FOUR STORES In the new building on Columbia atreet, at the
corner of Brunette street, Sapperton. This block has just been completed and ls thoroughly up-to-date in every way.
Full particulars on application to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne Street,  Ntw Westminster.
al.. W. QMXIS  msoaaer.
Lumber Lath and
and Mountain
5 - IN NUMBER - 5
New Photo Plays
Fraser Mills, B. C. Telephone 890
and Get Choice Accommodation
A small deposit secures best accommodation available.
H. Q. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. l>.
Phone Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
Only Four Daya at Sea.
New S.S. M:&antic, Sat., Cct. 26,
Nov, 23.
8.S. Teutonic, Sat., Nov. 2.
New S.S. Laurentic, Sat, Nov. 9.
S.S. Canada, Sat., Nov. 16.
-    Portland, Maine���Halifax���
From       From
Portland. Halifax.
New S.S. Laurentic, Dec. 7,
1 Dec. 8.
SS. Canada, Dec. 21, Dec. 22.
S.S. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
Sreeted   by Small Crowd   at   Oyater
Bay���Feeing  Fine.
Oyster Bay, Oct. 22.���Arriving at
Sagamore Hll tbla morning, Colone'
Roosevelt walked to the houae unas
slsted.   His efforts were cheered by a
���mall crowd.
A large number ot persons had
gathered at tbe Oyater Bay atatlon.
mt were disappointed upon learning
that the former preaident bad left tho
train at Lyosset, driving to his home
In an automobile.
Dr. Alex. Lambert lasued a statement from Sagamore Hill later, aay-
Ing that tbe colonel was feeling line,
and greatly appreciating the interest
of the residents of Oyster Bay ln his
Ef ery Woman
l Is IntWetSd sad ��ho��ld kaow
1 sbonttbewondorfal
Manual WN Ut*t
Marvel Douche
New S.S. Laurentic and Megantic. 15,090 tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
614 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry osly second and third class. Baggago
checked through to steamer in bend.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
'   f
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors from
Cherry Street, cr H. E. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, G. N. < Ry., New Weatminater.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
P. O. BOX 442
H. Ifb* cannot	
tke HARVKL. sootpt ao
3ttm. bot mai stsaa mr _.
inted book-mlcd. ItRtvcs	
iwtlenliiM tnd dmterhm* Invdssbt*
O ltdlM-WnOMOIt SUPPLY CO.. Wtndoor.OBt
Mix With the Bunch
*aaaS*s*a***B**��pla*S^* *��'���"'��� ���"
Finest Pool Tables in tbe City
All the lateat newa in tbe sport line.
English football results   and   league
John  Hotchkles
Klng'a Hotel.   ' '"      Columbia Street
Flrat Tims Hsrs of the Original and
Only Company  Presenting
Musle by Arthur Straus.
Presented With the   Full    Strength
of the
Production at Scenic Splendor. .
Prlcea:    %iM to SOc.   Seats on Sale
at Tidy, the Florists.
���Phone R1140
Teaming and General Denying Con-
trtetlnt, ruwrttwi Staving,    y
.    TmjteSvftta��.
. Fifty toot Bne orchard lot
. high gT^ttad and low prioe, $550.
Goba terae.
Fifty foot lot cn Sixth street
near city; only I860.
Three lots,. 4ji*177 feet each,
on Sixth atreet car Use. Quick
aale  at f8600, - for   the   three.
Terma.' ,
Warner> Bangs 4 Co.
Phase 1024. <"
CoUHeutfr SHi.     Saat Burnaby.
"ii,. -fr'irfii I   i':    i i
y ���i
r     PAGE MX
By-Law No. 120A
A  By-law to  Enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to Raise
by Way of Loan the Sum of
$250,000.00 for Street Purposes.
WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient tbat the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) to
provide for-Improving certain roads
within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will bo necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty dollars and  Eighty-
seven cents  ($2,630.87)  principal and
the    sum    of Eleven Thousand, Two
Hundred  and   Fifty   ($11,200.00)   dollars Interest making together a total
amount  annually   of  Thirteen   Thousand. Eight Hundred and Eighty Dollars and Eighty-seven cents ($13,880.-
87) for the term of forty years for the
repayment of the sald'loan and Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the  net- value of
the whole rateable    land  in the Municipality  according    to  the  last  revised   assessment   roll   amounts   to
Twenty   Million, Five   Hundred   and
Seventv-slx  Thousand, Two  Hundred
and Five Dollars ($20,576,205.00) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Five Hundred and Thirty-three Thousand, Five Hundred ($1,-
633,500.00) dollars exclusive of Local
Improvement debt secured by special
rates or assessments of which none of
the pMncfpal or interest is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for ths
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. Q. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors with the usual power3
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct, 19, 1912.
By-Law No. 121 A.
A By-law to enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to raise by
way of loan the sum of $50,000.00 for
the purpose of providing and building
additional Bidewalks within the Limits
of the Municipality:
WHEREAS, lt is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($60,-
000.00) dollara to provide for the construction of additional s dewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS. It la necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
tbe sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars ad Five
cents ($2,497,05) principal and the
sum of Two Thousand, Two Hundred
and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars interest
making together a total amount annually of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747.05) for the term of fifteen years for the repayment of the
said loan, and interest thereon as
hereinafter mentioned.
AND, WHEREAS, the net value ot
the whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll   amounts   to Twenty
Mr. Coldicutt's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the Dls
trict of Burnaby will be taken on thc
above-mentioned by-law at tbe time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. O. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the uaual powers
In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct. 19th, 1912.
Household Voters.
Applications to bs placed   on    the
Household Voters' List will be received up to November 1, 1912.
The qualification is being a British
subject of full age and a resident
householder for six months Immedi
ately preceding the date of appllca
tlon, and as sucb householder having
paid a rental value of not leas than
One Hundied Dollars a year.
City Clerk
City Hall, October 10, 1912.
3IIIH �� .... | | n | .,,. ��� ��q
The Queendom
of Xanthos
An Experiment In Woman's
I. ��� i ���
Million, Five Hundred and Seventy
payment of interest and the creation six Thousand, Two Hundred and Flva
Of a Sinking Fund for the payment ot  dollars ($20,576,205.00)
the sa:d principal sum cf $250,000.00
it will be necessary to levy a special
annual rate sufficient to raise tho sum
of Thirteen Thousand. Eight Hundred
end Eighty dollars and Eighty-seven
cents ($13,880.87) the amount to be
calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within
the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It. shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from anyperson or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing  to advance  the    same  upon  th��
credit  of  the  debentures  hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $250.-
000.00 and  to  cause  the  same  to  be
placed in the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City of New Westminster, Br''t
lsh Columbia, to the credit of the said
Corporation, for the purpose and with
the objects above set forth and to is
sue nny number of debentures of the
said Corporation to the    sum of Two
Hundred and   Fifty  Thousand   ($260.-
000.00) dollars in the whole in accord
ance     with    the    "Municipal      Act.'
And     the     said      debentures      sliall
be issued to consist of 513 debenturea
each    of the    denomination    of One
Hundred    Pound3    Sterling     (��100)
and one debenture of the amount of
��69 17s 2d being the Sterling equivalent of $250,000.00 at the rate of $4.86
2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each debenture  being  also    expressed  to  b"!
payable in Canadian    Currency com
puted at such  rate, and  such debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed  both  in  Sterling and
Currency  for the  interest thereon  at
the rate cf four and    one-half  (4*/*,i
per centum per annum  payable half
yearly on  the 30th  day of June and
the    31st  day of  December  in    each
year.    And such  Sterling debentures
shall  be  delivered   fo  the  purchasers
of the said debentures.    And both aa
to principal and interest shall be payable at the Office of the Bank of Montreal  in  London,  Kngland, or in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or in New York, at    holder's option.
And the principal   of the said debentures shall be payable on the Thirty-
first day of December A. D. 1952.
2. Tliere shall be raised and levied
nnnually by a special rate sufficient
therefor cm all rateable land within
the limits of the sa'd Municipality the
sum of Two Thousand. Six Hundred
and Th'rtv Dollars aid Eighty-Be ven
cents ($2,630.87) for the purpose or
forming a Sinking Fund for the paymenl of tl'i'.sald debentures, nnd the
sum r r Eleven Thonsand, Two Hundred and i-'itty ($11,250.00) dollars for
the i ; neut nt the Interest at tl"-
rate afi resald the said special rate
to be -ii addition to all other rates ta
be levli d and collected In the s-iid
Munlo pallty il irlng the currency of
the said debentures or any of them
3. This liy lav ghal! take eftect on
and after the Sixteenth day of Nov
ember A, ii  1912.
4. This riy-las\ mav be cited for
all purposes aa the "Bdrnaby Road
Improvement Debenture By-law
Council t'lis Nineteenth day of October, A. D. 1912.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec
tors at an Election for the purpose
on the day of A d
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt
ed    by the    Councll, signed    by ths
AND, WHEREAS, the total exlstins
debenture debt of the Municipality Is
One Million, Five Hundred and Thirty-three Thousand Five Hundred ($1,-
533.500.00) dollars, exclusive of local
improvement debts secured by special rates or asssessments of whicli
none of the principal or interest is In
AND, WHEREAS, to provide for
the payment of interest and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of the said principal sum of
$50,000.00 it will be necessary to levy
a special annual rate sufficient to
raise the sum of Four Thousand.
Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and Five cents ($4,747.05) the
imount to be calculated annually or
the whole of the rateable land comprised within the Municipality.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council ot the Corporation of the Dis
trict of Burnaby enacts as follows:
i,    It shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk cf the Council for the pur
poses aforesaid to   borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance   the same upon    the
credit of the   debentures   hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceedthg   $50,-
000.00. and to cause the same   to   be
nlaccd in the Royal Bank of Canadi a
the City of New Westminster, British
Columbia,  to  the  credit  of  the   said
Corporation for tlie purposes and with
the objects above set forth and to issue any number of debentures of the
said  corporation   to  the sum  of  $50,-
000.00 in the whole In acordanee with
the     "Municipal      Act."     And      the
said  Debentures  shall    be Issued   to
consist of 102 debentures each of thc
denomination of One Hundred poundj
Sterling (��100) and one debenture of
the  amount  of   ��73-19-6d.   bein-r  the
Sterling   equivalent   of   $50,000.00   at
the rate of $4.86 2-3 to the one pound
Sterling, each   debenture   being   also
expressed to be payable in Canadian
currency computed at such  rate and
such  debentures  shall have   annexed
thereto   coupons   expressed    both   in
Sterling and Currency foi4 the interesl
thereon at the rate of four and   one-
half (4Vil per centum per annum payable  half-yearly  on   the  30th   d-.iv  of
.lune and the 31st day of DecoTiber In
each year.    And such Sterling deben
tures shal!   be  delivered   to   the  pur
chasers of the said    debentures, and
both as to principal and interest shal!
be payahle at the office of tbe Bank
of Montreal ln London, England, or In
Toronto,   Montreal   or   ll)   Vancouver
Canada, or In  New York at    Holder'?
option.   And the principal of the sa'd
debenturea   shall be payable on    the
Thirty-first day of  December, A, D,
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a Special rate stlffl
c'.onl therefor on all rateable land
within the limits of the snid Mlin'cl
pallty Uu- nun of Two Thousand Four
Hundred oi d Ninety-seven d 11 irsa 1 tl
Five Cents ($2,479.05) for tbe pur
nose of forming a sinjilnfe i'nnd for the
payment of the Bald debentures and
ihe sum of Two Thousand. Two Hun
ired and Fiftv dollars (52.2".O.on) for
the payment of the interest at the rate
lforsesaid, the said special rate to be
in addition to all other rates to be
levied and collected in the said Municipality duiing the currency of the
iald debentures or any of them.
3. This By-law shall take effect on
���nd after the Sixteenth day of November, A. D��� 1912.
4. This By-law nav be c"erl to** al'
iiirposes   as   the  "BURNABY   STDK-
It Is the Intention of the Harbour Clt;
Electric Company. Limited, after one
month from the 26th inst to make application to the Registrar of Joint
Stock Companies for his approval ol
the change of the Company's name
from the Harbour City Electric Com
pany, Limited, to The Harbor City
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated the 20th day of September
A. D., 1912.
Director, E. J. C. SHAW,
Solicitor for the Company
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work subtly con
Bdential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant  Bank Bldg.    Phone 715
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eightl
and Agues streets, second am
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock
Club rooms o.er Sinclair's Sho*
Store, Columbia stieet. Visiting P
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph. Die
tutor; E. A. Bremen, Vice-Dictator,
J.  II. Price, Secretary.
I. O. O. F AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amitv lodge
No. 27, I. O. a F., is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visklng brethern
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed with the I WALKS EXTENSION BY-LAW, 1912"
Corporate Seal all on tlie
day of A. D
Take notice that the above Is a
true copy of the proposed by-law up
on which tlie vote of the Municipality
will be taken on Saturday the 2nd
day of November, 1912, between 3
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p. m. at
the polling places:
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall. Central  Park.
Mr. Coldicutt's    Office,  East    Burnaby.
Hamilton Ro*d School. Burquitlam
Cl! the Nineteenth day of October,
A. D., 1912.
RECEIVED the ussent of the Electors at an election for the purpose on
the ��� dav of  A. D., 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted by the Council, Signed by the
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed with tho
Corporate Seal all on  the ��� day   of
 ��� , a. D, 1912.
C, M. C, Reeve.
Take Notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed by-law up
ot-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Tele
phone 1070. Cable address "John
ston." Code, Western I'nion. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J.   STILWELL CLUTE,   barrlster-at
tU*,    OUiH'll   *i ,    *3a*.        lilt USJ      a..rlil'Jll>.
snd McKenzie streets, New Was
minster, B. C. P. O. Boy 1)2 Tei
phone 710.
A clever young womau of Athens,
wben tbat elty wna the Intellectual
center of Greece, lectured In the mar
ket place on tbe subject of tbe iufertor
rights possessed by women and urged
ber fellow cltlseneaaen to detintiid tbe
privileges of meu. Sbe succeeded lu
Inaugurating a movement wltb tbat
end In rlew. and tbe demand was
made.   Bat It waa denied.
Tben this young feminine leader-
Tbenla was her name-proposed to the
malcontents tbat tbey should go to oue
of (be Inland* of the Oreelan arclilpel
ago whicli whs uninhabited, take |h>m
seMon of It mid mnhiiui* the same priv
lieges thnt were possessed by tbe men
of Athena.
The scheme was put Iuto effect, and
the Island, then culled Xanthos, Imviiuic
a woman'a community. Tlienln hnvlng
been chonen queen. At the lime the
women took possession of It their rnd
Icni wing whh In the ascendancy, nud
no men were Invited to Join tbem
The leuder of tbls wing. Heritindlii. a
very homely woman, argued thai tbey
bad no use for men and could tnke
rnre of themselves. As lo perpetuating
their coin muni ty. tliey could draw continually from the women of otber
pnrts. But one dny a pirate ship cnme
ti>4he Island nnd spread consternation
among the luhnliltiinta. Queen Thenla
sent for Ilcniiodln to lend n corps of
Miiiiizniis iikuIiisi the Intruders. Tlie
111.111 (inter was found hiding under the
The pirates were bought off. nnd the
queen proposed In enlist n corps of
men 10 he held ready for Ihe protection of the queendom-us she insisted
It should he culled-lo be paid for tlieir
Kcrvlees. Imt lu order tbnt ihey should
imt Interfere In public affairs they
were id lmve no privileges, being con
tillered foreign incri-iMiiirlcs.
Now. the \a 111 hos movement hnd taken ninny of the must attractive young
Women   of  Greece,   nnd   when  li   wus
solicitor and notary, 111 Columh'
street.    Over C. P. K. Telegraph
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms '
and 8, (luichon block, New West
minster, (Ii-irge K. Martin, W. ti
McQuarrie and  George L. Cassady
ters nnd Solicitors, Westminste
1 rust block, Columbia street ***,
Westminster, B.C. Cable nddres-
"Whiteside," Western Union. i'/J
Drawer 200. Telephone fill. W. I
Whiteside, 11. L. Kdmonds.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp hlock.
H  128.     (tootu
minster Board or.Trade meets in tb��-
board room, Clly Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on the Uill'd Friday o
February, May, August and Novem
ber at H p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
on which the vote of the Municipality
will  be taken on   S.iturdav, the   2nd
Mr. Jas. Herd's Officio, North Burn-  dav  of  November,   1012,   between   9
aby. . , o'clock a. m. until 7 o'c'ocl: p. m. at,
Mr. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lalfe. 1 the polling places:
Lakemere School Laki-mere. Muo'c^al Hall. Edmonds,
-Public Notice is Uereb*;-given that      Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
who do not receive The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only ln this way
may an efficient delivery be mainlined.       ?/:..���;���,.<��� HUlMIMfil
given nut I tilt t un army wns to lie re-
c ru I ted for the protection of the qneeii-
(lorn  tunny pf the fiuesi  young men
fl'M-kwl to lhe standard, indeed, Ihey
v.cre just the men who would lie
most likely to cnuse trouble among the
Inhabitant* of lhe Island When the
queen heard uf tlie kind of men who
were Iieing recruited i>he wna distressed.
"Ains." she exchilmed. "our main dlf
fli-lilly lias lieen encountered nl tlie nut-
set. While we nre mentally ns strong
us ti it'll we are physically weaker I
fea 1 Ihnt this will prove 11 stumbling
block In our way!"
"Cheer up. your majesty," sald iVrln.
n cIMzenesH llf gleul beauty "What
we luck In strength of body w- can
supply by urifiil millliigetneui. We
musl huve these men 10 protect us
liglllllsl lhe lowest mul most lil'lllnl of
llii'it kind, pil'iitcs. Iltn we will Hood
mul; our prod-dors. It Is easier to
hold power which we ulrcady possess
Hum in wrest It from others What we
coiihl not do ut Alliens wlll be easy Ht
Na nt bus "
(Jueeii Thenla wns encouraged liy
this reasoning, hut the barracks were
till III mi 11 point standing oul Into the
Aegenn sen. uud ii wiili wns construct
i'U dividing Ihe point from llie rest of
the Island Then sbe gave orders thut
lm soldier should cross the wall.
Hut (lie queen forgot tbnt all rom
mauds In order 10 lie effective must
lmve force behind them It wus a simple mutter for her to Issue nn order.
luu she hnd no power to see Hint It
was obeyed. The troops hnd hardly
been settled In their quarters before
tliey began to mnke Incursions upon
the forbidden ground. The queen or
tiered the cnptnin uf the legion to np-
penr before her mid asked hlm why he
dirt not compel his men lo obey her
order.      1    '
Now, tbe c-iptnln. Theinocles, was a
hnndsotne young tireek who bad distinguished lijmseif In the wars of hla
couutry. US hnd seen Thenla wben
she hnd spoiten In the market place of
Athens and/Inui fallen In love with her.
When she Iind called for troops to defend hersetlf nml her subjects he hnd
organized the legion nnd, being tiie
fincut specimen of mnn I.v beuuty and
bravery lr. It, wns chosen Its lender
He nnd his men had come to Xanthos
to protect tin* women from pirates that
���msxspBB ---*	
tney mignt appropriate tbem to them-
it is thus that the superior physical
strength of uieu Is ever 11 source of
weakness In tlle cause of equal rights
fur women.
"I feur. oh. queen." he snld. "tbat I
cannot control my men lu this respect
slime 1 cannot control myself!"
"Wluit Is the cniise of your weak
ness?" asked tbe queeu, astonished.
Tbe look of admiration tbat accompanied tbe wont wus s revelation
Two emotions Buttered tn her breast
-delight at ber conquest and feur of
subjugation. Nevertheless sbe maintained a haughty reserve, not knowing
wbat course to pursue. Tbeu without
reply she dismissed tbe captain aud at
once sent for Cerln.
"You suid, Ceriu," the queen began
wbeu Cerlo apiieared, "that alnce we
cannot control the legion by force we
must do It by our feminine arts. Tbe
time bus come when an application of
those arts is necessary. The soldiers
are constantly leaving tbeir barracks
nnd I fear will tamper wltb aome of
our weaker sisters and, having effected a foothold In our community, will
reduce ut to tbe slavery we have previously endured. I bave ordered tbe
cnptaln to keep bia men In tbeir barracks, and be has admitted tbat he
rnnnot control tbem. Uare you anything to propone?"
"I wlll tblnk the matter over. ob.
queen, und see If 1 can concoct a
Ceria withdrew, nnd while she was
thinking of tbe matter tbere wns a
commotion among tbe women of Xanthos. One party beld thnt since women were dependent on men for protection tbey must continue to be tbeir
slaves. Another declared thnt n mis
take bnd beeu mnde In admitting tbe
men: tbey should st once be sent
Those who believed thnt tbe men
should be sent nway prevailed, and
the queen wna petitioned to Issue nn
order for the legion to depart nt once
To tbls sho was obliged to assent, and
the order wns Issued.
Several days pnssed, during which
the women watched for preparations
on the part of tbeir army for de
pnrture. but could perceive none. Then
the queen sent for Its cnptaln nnd ask
ed him why her order had not lieen
obeyed. He replied tbnt be hnd Issued
It In her name, but his men seemed
averse to olieylnit it Pome of tliem
hnd formed attachments fn women of
the Island while the latter were still
Athenians, nnd some had been cap
tlvnted since. Tbey were nil well sat
Istied with their enlistment nnd claim
ed tbnt they conld not he discharged
tl'l its term bad expired.
The queen In her extremity sent for
Ccrln nnd asked her If she had thought
of a plan tn get the men nway by
stnitegem.    Tn this Cerln  replied;
"Oil. queen, the fnult Is In our worn
en Expel from your qiiecndnin nil
tliose for whose sake tlle men are remaining and you will be rid nf this
Now, the queen wns greatly vex
ed at this proposition, for It would
cnuse her own expulsion. She there
fore declined to nvnll herself nf Ce
riu's plan. But Cerln. whn. being u
lienuty. wns tired of remaining In se
Clnslnn, went among tbe queen's suh
Jects and stirred up a sedition, sn that
at Inst Thenla wns forced hy n clamor
tn yield. An nrder wns Issued to the
cnptnin thnt every man whn was re
innliiiiig on the Island for love nf one
nf lhe queen's subjects should march
to the pnlnce on a certain day and
hour and declare publicly the nnme nf
the woman he Inved.
On the appointed morning n grent
nflr irppeured In tbe barracks nf the
legion. The queen nnd her subjects
took pnsltlnd tiefore the palace nnd
nwnlted ttie coming of those men who
were tn dpchire their love. What was
their consternation to see every mnn
lu the legion form In column nud,
headed by their cnptnin. with banners
Hying and the sun glittering on their
armor, march out of bnrrucks toward
the pnlnce.
The queen swooned.
By lhe time the legion drew up tn
llue before her she hail recovered nnd
by nn effort controlled herself. The
cu pi 11 In advanced several paces, siilul-
ed with Ills sword mid declared himself
11 suitor for the queen's hnnd Thenla
blushed und covered her fnce wiih her
tin nils Then a lieutenant ndwiiiccil
uud niiiioiiiiceil hls love for Cerln lie
had 110 sooner done so than others ail
vn need holding up Iheir hands, crying
"Aud I!" "And I!" "And I!" till full}
11 third of thu legion were clamoring
for recognition ns the girls' lovers
Discipline wun nt nu eud, the men
breaking from the ranks sud each
choosing the girl he desired.
Now, the legion numbered bnrely ��
tenth of the cltisenesses of Xtinthn*.
und. ns was to be expected, lbe nol
dlers' chose the most comely and other
wise attractive of the women, who
mnde no objection whatever to being
chosen. Indeed, many of tbem had
for some time been secretly receiving
the attention of certain of the men
There necessarily remained n large
number of women unchosen. These re
mu iked the defection of their qiiei'ii
and their chosen fellow clt^enesses
witb hitler condemnation. One of
these, wbo snw In tbe action of the
soldiers the fall of the community, de
llvered a speech to ber sisters which
wan an rull of severe invective as ber
features were repulsive. Then the
body of unchosen women depnrted In
unger very much like the chorus ln s
(���'reek piny going off the stnge.
The record In which this story Is
given lu tbe Oreek language does not
state whether the soldiers remained at
Xnufbos or whether tbey and their
wives sought other homes, leaving tee
island to the unchosen cltisenesses tn
work out their scheme of Independ
Tha '
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve   $12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending ln Canada from tin
Atlantic to tlie Pacific, ln Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, I'orto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trln '
ldad, Dominican Republic, Ne.v
York and London, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Pald-Us)
.$1 ���,���00,000.00
Breaches tbrongaoot Canada an*
Mswfeaadlaad, aac la Leadoa. Eng
*****, l/aw York. Cfc'sega and Spokane,
O.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
aaaktag biialneae transacted. Let
iers ef Credit Issued, available wltb
���erresfeadents la all satta ot tke
Savlags Baak DKiansseat���Deposits
"eeet'ed In sums of $1 and upward,
tad Interest allow* 1 at I par cent, par
taaaai   (present  rutt).
Total   Assets over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
88 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators
Eatlmates Given. ~ *
211   Sixth  Avenue.
Phon*  BS?
For this occasion tickets wlll be on-
sale October 25th to 2Sth, at one and
one-third fares for the round *rip.
Good to return up to Octobsr 30th.
New  Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodie, Q.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Leaves   Vancouver   for  Victoria   10
, m��� 2 p. ni. and 11:45.
Leaves  Vancouver    for  Seattle    16
a. in. and 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo    j
NLeiivp�� Vancouver for Prince Uu.
pert and Northern Points 10 p. ni,
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednes..
day at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,.
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,.
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P   A.. Vsncouver
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. G08SE, Manager.
003 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied ttss ot charge. Apply Secretary,
���II Columbia St. Phone 251.,
* ym^i.	
������   ' (��   mm
The Corporation of the
City of New Westminster
By-law to grant to Heaps Engineering Company, Limited, lease with
option to purchase certain lands
belonging to the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster and
situate on Lulu Island.
WHEREAS the Corporation of tba
City of New Westminster is the owner
of certain lands on Lulu Island within the limits of tbe City of New
Westminster, and application has
been made by the Heaps Engineering
Company, Limited, for lease with option to purchase of the said lands for
the purpose of establishing thereon
the Industry known as the "Schaake
Machine Works," and to enlarge Its
AND the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster has agreed to grant
the said lease In terms of the Indenture made a schedule to this By-law
and incorporated herein.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. There shall be granted to Heaps
Engineering Company, Limited, lease
with option to purchase of tbe lands
described ln the Indenture of Lease
in the Schedule to this By-law in
terms cf said Indenture which Is
hereby Incorporated with and made
part  >l this By-law.
2. The Seal of the Corporation of
the City of New Westminster shall be
affixed under the hands of the Mayor
and City Clerk to the said indenture
ot lease on the final passage of thia
2. This By-law shall take effect on
the 1st day of November, 1912, and
may be cited as the "Heaps Engineering Company, Limited, Lease Bylaw,
4. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent cf the electors of the said City
in the manner required by law.
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun-
day of
cil the
RECEIVED the assent cf the electors the day of , A.D. 1912.
RECONSIDERED and  finally  pass
ed the day of
City Clerk.
A.D. 1912
SCHEDULE referred to in th<3
"Heaps Engineering Company, Limited, Lease By-law, 1912."
THIS INDENTURE made lu duplicate    the day   of One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Twelve.
OF NEW WESTMINSTER, hereinafter called the "Lessor," of the first
part; and
LIMITED, a body corporate having its
registered office at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British
Columbia, hereinafter called
"Lessee," of tbe second part.
on the plan hereto annexed.
Secondly: Commencing at a polni
on the Northerly boundary of Ewen
Avenue, situated 560 feet Easterly
from the intersection of the eald
Northerly boundary of Ewen Avenue
with the Easterly boundary of Furness Street; thence North 27 degrees
36 minutes East a distance of 140
feet more or less to the High Water
Line of the North Arm of the Fraser
River; thence Easterly along the said
High Water Line a distance of 58 feet
more or less, thence South 5 degrees
32 minutes West a distance of 33 feet
more or less to a point on the Northerly boundary of Ewen Avenue, thence
South 57 degrees 36 minutes West
along the Northerly boundary ot Ewen
Avenue, a distance of 137,7 feet to
the point of commencement and containing an area of 0.13 acres be tbe
same more or lens, as shown marked
"B" on the plan hereto annexed.
TOGETHER WITH the rights of the
Lessor to the foreshore of the said
Fraser River adjoining the said lands
and all riparian rights and other appurtenances, rights and privileges to
the said land appertaining; the
1/eese'e to conform to the harbor line
on any extension of wharf or structure over the waters of the Frasor
Lessor right to make and maintain
a drainage ditch or lay a pipe, for
conveyance of se,werage or drainage
through the said lands In or along a
strip of land five (5) feet In width
on each side of the line marked
"Dyke" on  the plan hereto annexed.
the Lessor the right to lay and maintain a water main through the said
lands in or along a strip of land two
and one-half feet in width on each
side of the line marked "Water Main"
on the said plan hereto annexed.
PROVIDED ALWAYS that such reservation shall not Interfere with the
right of the Lessee, subject to the
approval of the City Engineer first
obtained, to erect buildings on such
strip and to place foundations there-
iu so long as drainage as aforesaid
Is  not Interfered  with.
said demised premises unto the
Lessee for the term of twenty (20)
years to be computed from the first
day of September One Thousand Nine
Hundred ar.d Twelve���SUBJECT to
the reservations as regard Parcel
"D"  as  hereinafter  mentioned.
FORE yearly and every year during
the said term unto the Lessor the
sum of One Thousand S^ven Hundred
ard Sixty-two and 50-100 Dollar-
($1762.50) to be paid quarterly and in
advance on the first dav of September
December, March and June in eic'i
year, the rent to start from the flrst
payment to be made on the first day
of December. One Thousand Nine
Hundred and Twelve.
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor to pay  rent;
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor to pay taxes on the value of
the land, as assessed from time to
time, but no assessment shall be
made at a higher rate than the assessment of adjacent land similarly
AND IT IS  AGREED between  the
the  parties hereto that all  improvements
on  the said  lands,  shall  be  exempt
tbe   property of   the
WHEREAS the Lessee is the owner . from Municipal Taxes tor the spaco
cf the business now and lately carried :0f Twenty (20) years from the date
on at the City of New Westminster j hereof.
under the name of the "Schaake
Machlue Werks, Limited," and have
applied to the Lessor to lease the
premises hereinafter mentioned for
tbe purpose of removing thereto tbe
plant of the said Schaake Machine
Works, Limited, whicb the Lessee intends to enlarge and improve and
have and erect a plant on tho said
lands of tbe value, with stock in trade,
of approximately ef the sum of On��
Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar.*
($150,000.00), and employ there continuously white labor except as hereafter provided.
AND tbo Lessor has agreed to least |
to the Lessee tbe said lands for   tho
purpose ot establishing   thereon   tho
Industrial   enterprise     aforesaid    In
terms hereof.
NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH that In consideration^ of
the rents, covenants, and agreements
hereinafter reserved and contained on
iho tart of the Lessee to be paid, observed and performed the Lessor
unto the Lessee for use and occupation as an Industrial riant for the
manufacture and snip of machinery
-engines, boilers, tool3 and othe'-
articles and merchandise���ALL AND
SINGULAR these certain premises situate on I uiu Island In the
c'ty cf New Westminster and province of British Columbia, and doa
crlbed as follows:
Firstly; Commencing at a point
"here the Northerly boundary ol
"Ewen Avenue Intersects the Easterly
boundary of Fnme<is Street and running North 82 degrees 24 minute'
West nnd following along the said
Easte-lv bonrdary of Furness Stree'
�� distance of 256.3 feet: thenoe South
84 degrees 28 minutes East a distance
of 10.7 feet; thence Nbrth: I degrees
32 n Inutes East a distance of 381
feet, more or less, to tbe High Water
I lne of the North Ann of the Friser
River; thenoe Easterlv and following along the snld High Water Line,
a distance of 647 feet more or leas;
thence South 27 dogrees 36 mlnutee
West a distance of 140 feet, more or
less to a point on the Northerly boundary of Ewen Avenue; tbence Boutb
r>7  degrees  36
The Lessee COVENANTS wltb
the Lessor that the Lessee shall not
assign or sub-let without leave. aav<
in case of re-organization or re-construction of tbe Lessee, and such
leave shall only be signified by Reso
lution At tbe City Council.
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor tbat the Lessee will forthwith
commence the erection on sa'd tend
of the plant aforesaid, and have with
In one year thereon a plant to the
value, with atock-in-trade, cf One
Hundred ar.d Fifty Thousand Del
lars ($150,000.00).
The Lessee COVENANTS with th?
I lessor that the Lessee d'lrtn.; thf
te'm ef this Lease shnll emnloy ni
Asiatics except by consent of the Le?
sor to be signified by Resolution of
Cltv Council.
The I-esseo COVEN \NTS * 'th tv
Lessor that In case the Lessee shall
become    Insolvent    ard     r-ake    as
slgnriont for the benefit of if crrd
ltors or   In   case   t'.ie   company   tv
wov.nd   up   as   'nsol.vo.pt   under   th.-
"Compnnles   Act"   or   "Winding   TJ
\ct" cr In case t'i" Lessee   re'nevr-
lhe    clant    or  falls within    six   (6
���"onths to commence *.*** re-crectip'
ot bulld'ngs In esse of demotion   b'
lire or abandons the premises or re
moves tho plsrt or In case the prem
'sea are used by tbe Lessee  or on
othor person or corporation for anv
mirpose other than ni   an l"d;istr'a'
site without the consent cf the Le
4or, this lease shall nt the oirt'on o
the Lessor  cease   ai>d   be vo'd, ani*
the terra hereby creited exp'M   ani"
be at an end   and ***** th��n   cirren
-inarWs rent sball  therenjon  irotue
dlstely become dve and payable, an.'
the Lessor may re-enter and ty-* po,s
"essjon   of   tbe   sa'd    premisev   a.-
hough tbe lessee or Its servants oi
other occupant of the said premise?
*as holding after the ��"T>'rfttlOn   o*
'he sa'd term. i***d the Bald term sbal'
'oe forfeited a** A void.
THE Lessee shall within nlnet<
f��0) davs after the expiration or determination ot this Lease and the
term hereby granted have tbe right
to remove the   buildings, plant  ahd
fixtures ereoted by lt thereon PRO-
mYnutes'WeBt alongIviDBD. HOWEVER, that the Lessee
the Northerty boundary of Bwen shall not have the right to remove
Avenue a distance of 560 feet to the any wharf or dock erected on the
point ot commencement and contain-1 foreshore or the Fruer Fiver, but
tng an area of 4.9 acres be the aame such wharf or dock shall on tba ex-
move or leu, as attotfn marked "A" , ptratlon   or -
determination    of   the
Lease   become
Lessor. U
Any building or structure on the
said lands after the expiration ot
ninety (90) days from the expiration
or determination or this Lease shal'
be and become the property of the
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor that the Lessee wlll pay th-;
cost of moving the Bridge-keeper's
dwelling now erected on the said
premises to adjoining lands and
leave the same ln good condition and
repair. AND WILL PAY the cost Incidental to this Lease and submitting
the same to the ratepayers of the
Lessor for approval up to One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) PROVISO foi
re-entry by the Lessor on non-payment of rent or non-performance of
covenants or seizure or forfeiture of
the said term for any of the causes
The lessor COVENANTS with thi
Lessee for quiet enjoyment.
AND IN FURTHER CONSIDERATION aforesaid the Lessor, after the
Lessee shall have established on said
lands a plant to the value, with stock
in-trade, of not less than One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar*
($160,000.00) DOTH HEREBY GIVE
AND GRANT unto the Lessee the
right or option to purchase the lands
and premises hereinbefore described
as Parcels "A"-and "B" at any time
within flve (5) years from the date
hereof for the sum of Seventy Thou
sand Five Hundred Dollars ($70.
AND the further right to purchas'
the said lands after five (5) years
from the date hereof and at any time
within seven and one-half years (7%'
from the date hereof at the price of
One Hundred and Five Thousand
Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollar?
AND the further right to purchase
the said lands at any time after seven
and one-half (7H) years from the
date thereof and within ten (10)
years from the date hereof at th��
price of sum of One Hundred anc"
Forty-one Thousand Dollars ($141,
AND the further right after ter
(10) years from the date hereof and
prior to the expiration of the terrr
hereby granted to purchase the said
lands at a price to be agreed upon, oi
if an agreement cannot be made as tr
price the price shall be fixed by arb!
tratlon under the "Arbitration Act."
One-third of the purchase prier
shall be paid in cash and the balancr
in three equal instalments at the ex
piratlon of One (1) Two (2) and
Three (3) years from tlie exercise b>
the lessee of the option of purchase,
interest at the rate of five per een
turn per annum shall be pa'd on defer
red payments.
Time is the essence of this agreement.
that In the    event of the    LeaBc and
term  hereby  granted  bein:;  fcrfeitec'
or determined by reason of non-pay
ment of rent    or non-performance o'
covenants  that  the    option  to    pur
chase    herein    contained    shall    lm
mediately    cease and determine, ani
the  Lessee's right of purchase shall
be immediately  forfeited    and    void
The Lessee shall    have    no right    to
assign  this option  of purchase  with
out the assent of the Lessor signified
by Resolution of the City Council.
Upon the exercise by the Les3ee tt.
the right cf purchase aforesaid, and
on r*y".ent of the cash pny���?rt c.'
'ie rrrehnse rrle? of the said land
by   the   Lessee   to the   Lessor   thl;
lease     shall     be     void     and     thr
Lessee      relieved      from     all      th'
covenants and conditions herein coi
tained on the part of the Lessee. Thr
conveyance from    the Lessor to tb>
Lessee of the said lands shall reserv
the easement or right to thc Lesso-
to   maintain   the waterway or drain
agewav        hereinbefore       describe''
through  the said  lands.      AND saV
conveyance  shall  also    reserve    th*
easement or right    to the Lessor t-
maintain the water    main    herelnbe
fore    referred    to through the    salt"
PROVIDED.    HOWEVER,    and    1
'a     hereby     further     agreed     ths-
should the land hereinbefore descrlb
ed as parcel "B" be required for the
purpose of establishing a street tbttro
on, the Lessor may at any time wltb
in five years from tbe date hereof <v
ninety (90) davs notice to the I^sse*
cancel this Lease so far as it relate-
to said Parcel "B" and the rental re
served hereby shall thereupon be re
lured bv tbe sum    of On* Hundred
and Fortv-five   Dollars   ($145.00) pe-
annum. and the option of purchase c'
-���a'd rarcel shall    tttfroupon be car
celled and void:   ��nd should the sati*
Lessee exerc'se h's riaht of purchas*
nrlor  to  such revccoHon  the Lesac
���nav at any time wlth'n    five year
frnrr' ***n dste hereof re-nnrchase sal**
-a'cel "B" with all rlrsran and othe'
r'-rhts from tM Lessee Its successor'
��� d asRlrns    at    the    ******   cf F'v
Thousand Eight Hundred Dollsrs ($5
snn.nni tttd   Interest   at five (5 p.c..'
ner centum per annum   on that an"
frrtiw tM' date of payirert to tbe Le.��
���or el t'i'e Purchase  monev thereto*
���nd the conveyance f-^m the Lessor
���r, ti*e T.o<tsee pf sa'd Parc.er"B" sha1'
������p.^rve thnt right-of re-pvrchase with
> five it*) years from   tbe   dxto   o'
hee nresent;
AND In the e**��pt ��� of th ���
���ild street Mini? established wHhl''
Ive (B) years the Lessee sball hav
ir make no claim for damage to ad
olnlhg lands or otherwise or recelv*
���>nv compensation or pavment what
iver exoept the rebate of rent or tb��
oavment of purohase money aforr
said for ssld Parcel "B.*: .
SHOTD D   tbe   I*��sor   not   one
and   establish   a   highway   on sal.'
Pai'oel   "B"   after   resumption,    o-
having    resumed,    ahall   cras-s    t
ise    the    aaid    Tarcel    "B"    fo
a highway, or ahall    allow tbo   use
thereof for any purpose Inoonslaten
with Its uae as a highway, then and
in any such case the right of the Los
see to aald Parcel "B" shall be re'
newed, and the aame ahall be aubject
to the terma of thla Loaae as If no resumption had been made by tho Lessor.
The Leaaor may at any time rs*
leaae to the Losaao thla reserve as regards Parcel "B."
ties hereto have caused their corpor
ate seals to be hereto affixed under
the hand of its proper officers respectively.
in the presence of:
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken on the 30th day of
October, 1912, between the hours of
Nine o'clock A. M. and Seven o'clock
P. M. at the following places, viz:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Flre Hall, 13th Street, City.
Crane's Building, Queensborough.
City Clerk.
City Hall.   New Westminster,   B. C.
October 17. 1912.
10:60���Vancouver via Q.
A Lost Plsy.
Weedon Groitsmith, the English
comedian, used to tell a good story
almit a play by Robert Ganthony,
which that gentleman asked him to
read. Mr. Grossmith took the comedy, but lout it on his way home.
"Night after night," he says, "'I would
meet Ganthony, and he would ask me
how I liked his play. It was awful.
The perspiration used to come out on
my forehead as I'd say sometimes, 'I
haven't had timp to look at it yet,' or.
auain, 'The first act was gorxl, but 1
can't sto.-> to explain, etc., must catch
a train.' That play was the bane o(
my existence and haunted even my
dreams." Some montha passed, and
Ganthony, a merry wag, still pursued
him without meroy. At last it occurred to Mr. Grossmith that he might
have left the comedy in the cab on
the night it was given to him. He
went down to Scotland Yard and inquired. "Oh, yes!" was the reply.
"Play marked with Mr. Ganthony's
name sent back to the owner four
months ago, as soon as found."
 I. R.
^h BSfl^^^fe	
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
l:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:16
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxcept Sunday).2i/:30
10:00���Port Mann (daily except
Sunday) 9:45
10:80���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday   14:00
7:40���Victoria vta B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).ll.IE
10:50��� Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily oxcept Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds    and    Central
Park (daily except Sun- '
day)    16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Friday)       14:0b
16:16���Crescent, Whlto Rook sad
Blaine (dally exoept
Suaday) 9:46
16:10���Abbotaford, Upper Bunas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally oxcapt Snnday)  23:00
16:16���Hall'a Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:46
16:16���United Statea via Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..16:0(
9:26���All   points oast and   Europe   (dally)    7:45
9:26���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:4t
19:30���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)    14:16
22:10���All points east and Europe (dally)   14:15
9:26���Coquitlam  (daily    except
Sunday) 7:45
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)  11.15
10:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  14:30
13:00���Eaat Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)   18:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
v.:,   (dally except Sunday) .14:30
16:46���Vancouver, Piper'e siding via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).14:20
il: 20���Cloverdale and Port Kelts
via G.  N. R.  (dally axcept. Sunday) 14:00
7:80���United States via G. N. R.
(daily exoept Sunday)  . 9.46
11:80���Rand,   Majuba  Wll   via
B. C. if. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday     ...,  9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thuraday, Friday aad Bat-
day       14:00
20:40���ChilliwacR via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 17:80
U:20-CMU!wack, Milner. ML
- I oh���, Aldargrovo, 06-
tor, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle. MurrayvlUe,
Strawberry Hill, Soutb
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Belierose, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
Sunday)    ��� 9:00
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sunday) 17:20
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla .... 23:00
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness oi
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
Try the Taste Test
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment that ing are all important details of
Mooney's Sugar Wafers  are the Mooney Method of biscuit
made in the finest sunlit sanitary making,
factory in the country.   Forget, Now base your opinion
also, for a moment that a little of Mooney's Sugar Wafers
finer flour���a little richer
butter���a little better
fruit-a little
more care in
solely on their taste.
are confident as to
the outcome of
this test
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cart
That's the way the deli-
cious flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers la preserved from the ovens
to your table.    It's expensive for us
���but better fbr tiie Sugar Wafers.
The cars are especially constructed, so when traveling from Province to
Province, tiie temperature is always
uniform.   We are the only biscuit
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Co, Ltd.*
^^^���?  in Canada
shipping its
B    goods in its own cars.
The   Sugar Wafers
keep flaky and   fresh-crisp
and whole.    Their enticing flavor
is retained to the last crumb.
Try a package today. 1Q and 25
cents ia dainty, dust and damp-proof
tins. %
Your grocer has them. .      (��j
News Classified
4 ���ww^^p^pi
Assistant City Clerk T. J. Thomas
ls away .from the city on a short vacation."
T. H. Barbaree,    105   Third
wlll  not  receive  this  after-
Edmoada    wood    aad    coal
Phone R 1111, W. A. McDonald.
Westminster Modern
Business School
The young men and young women
who bave the complete mastery of
shorthand, bookkeeping, and the commercial brandies have no difficulty
whatever in securing good positions,
and the opportunities for advancement are unlimited.
Modern Business School
Principal and Manager.
S10 Columbia St. Phone 853
Fraser Hotel (J||t
Meals at all hours. We serve
tU**   hMt *'ie market suDDlies I Meat Company is suffering from    ��
the Dest 1.1*9 mansei suppuea bad gash to hig hand wMch he gu3
*** i     DP^DIC"     Qf��*/aAt  talned yesterday mornlnt while cut-
Thc most comfortable rooms in tin
City;   hot and cold  water and  stean.
radiator in each. . ,
Finest wines and spirits dispenseii
at the bar, and first clatis cafe run ir,
Phone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streeta.
Mr. E. Cairns, who arrfved back
from a business trip to Victoria yesterday, will leave today for eastern
On account of Monday oaths'
Thanksgiving Day holiday the regular
meeting of the council has been past
poned to Tuesday evenlag at 8 o'clock
Edmonds���50x120 foot lot one lot ofT
Vancouver road, $600. Terma arranged. Curtis & Dorgan. 706 Columbia
street, New Westminster.
Four new settlers have arrived in
the city during the past two days a i:
reported themselves at tbe city pub
Ilcity bureau. The newcomers exps-.t
to take up land In the Fraaer valley.
A. Hardman, the cake maa. Get
good bread. Eighth street Bakery
Telephone Ml. ������
Mr.   R.  O'Rouke of  the  P.   Burns
ting meat.
Canon G. C. d'Easum has accepted
the appointment (honorary) of Lecturer on Liturgiology and the Prayer
Book and Creeds to St. Mark's Theo
logical Hall, Vancouver. There are
already seven students in residence.
Miss Minerva A. Smith, Graduate
of Music, has opened her studio at
13th aveaue and tith street. Telephone R736. ������
Acting Mayor Curtis will hold :���
conference with the chief of poll :t
building, plumbing and health inspectors and other civic officials a1 3
o'clock this afternoon to further coii
sider the new trades license by-law.
New Westminster was visited las'
evening by a somewhat severe elec
trical storm. The lighting service was
for a few minutes interupted, but.
after a little delay was again resum
ed at the substation. No seriou?
I damage was reported.
Tills New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hoi I Acting Magistrate WWtside was
and cold water and Telephone in certainly not overworked in policr;
every  room. court yesterday morning, as the three
Cafe and dining room In connection   cases which were scheduled to comr
" up failed to    materialize.    All    were
drunks and  $5 bail  in  each instanc.-
Joynson Fund Will Remain Open Another Week���Regiment Extenda
Aid Tonight.
A further appeal bas been made on
behalf of the Joynson fund which it
was Intended to have closed on Monday evening. More trouble has como
to tbe family of tbe deceased guard
who was murdered while on duty at
the British Columbia penitentiary u
lew weeks ago.
Mrs. Joynson was left with three
small children on her hands and two
of these have now come down with
scarlet fever, the eldest being in a
dangerous condition.
Rev. E. G. Thompson, who first
started the fund with the aid of the
local papers.' has decided to keep the
list open one more week' so that those
There was another boom ln residence permits at the building Inspec
tor's office yesterday, no lesa than
four aggregating in value $10,400 being taken out In all. The largest was
for the $6000 improvements and additions being made to the residence of
Mr. Thomas Meredith on Sixth street
whicb was recently damaged by flre
The othera were: John Lennox,
cottage on Burnaby street, $1200; A.
M. Parsons, six roomed bungalow on
Eighth avenue, $2000; J. J. Briggs.
four roomed cottage on Eighth
avenue, $1200.
Calgary, Oct. 22.���M. L. Delong,
manager of the Mundane Lund company, of Calgary, was charged with
the embezzlement of $437.50 from the
Coquitlam Terminal Co., Ltd., of Van
couver, ln a complaint sworn to by
Harry L. Knappen. of Vancouver, De
long dieappeared irom Calgarv one
week ago, and is believed to be en
route to Mexico
A meeting of the L. 0.
0. M. will be held in
K. of P. HALL
Wednesday, the 23rd. inst, at
8 p.m.
Urgent Business, Medical attendance to
J. H. PRICE, Secretary
.   . Gambling and a fondness for liquor
who had not the opportunity to con ,re 8ai(j t0 be responsible for De-
tribute and perhaps did not consider i jong.g trouble, lie was an actlv*
the case worthy enough'for support ci,urch  member and  Is reported    to
may have a few more days for reflec
The penitentiary act fixes the
amount to be paid by the departmenl
ln cases of this nature, and it is un
derstood that the sum from thl?
source will amount to nearly $270
only. Any further amount can be obtained only by action of parliament,
and as Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.V., has In-
have swindled two Calgary ministers
out of sums aggregating $G00 a few
days before he left this city.
BENNETT���The death oecured suddenly at his residence on the Brig,
house Farm, Lulu Island of Josepn
*ndrew Bennett, aped 49 years and a
terested himself in this deserving; reB!dent on the Uland for 10 years,
case and the department is in sympa : Mr uennett was a native of Ontario
thy. It is hoped that further provision  an(j came out t0 the    wost    Heverdi
will be made from this source.
The sum of $836.55 was raised up
to Monday night, and It is hoped that
several more hundred dollars wlll be
turned over to Rev. Mr. Thompson
before the list finally closes.
Tonight the officers and men of thc
104th regiment are giving an entertainment in the drill hall at 8 o'clock
sharp. There will be no entrance fe:
nnd each mav give as he will ta the j
Joynson fund in aid    of   which    the
years ago. He spent a short part ot
hs life mining in the Klondyke but
later came south to British Col imbia
and settled in Westminster.
Ten years ago he moved out on to
the island and at the time of his
death he owned several acres cf the
Brlghouse Farm. He was both a car
neuter and farmer bv trade. A w^fe
and three children are left to mourn
i his loss. The funeral will take place
on   Thursday   morning at 11 o'clock.
event Is being held. There will b�� i A 8peciai car wm ieave the resdenco
basketball, club swinging, boxing and * on j ���,��� Is,and ilt that hov,r aml pro
wrestling, while apart from athletics, i ceed t0 Sapperton where tntennen:
singing,   reciting   and   banjo   mus:e I w,���  be  made  in the cometery.    Mr.
i S. N. Strople, corner of Second street
j and Fourth avenue, a brother-in-law
I of th? deceased, Is looking after the
I funeral arrangements and Mr. W, E.
! Fales of this city ia the undertaker.
aud   banjo   music
should deserve a wide patronage.
in   New
second to none In the city.
The   best  accommodation
Everything Modern and Up-To-Sate
th Street New Westminster.
)ne  minute from  B.C.E. and  C.P.R
Hindustani,   English   and   Italian
Court���Two Interpreters Needed
���Sentences Deferred.
It Will
Pay You
to trade with us, when you remember
that we fix up to your satisfaction
every reasonable complaint. Anything
you get from us not as represented or
as it Bhould be we are only too pleased to make it right. For example, we
replace any unsatisfactory Tooth
Brush for nothing, and this rule applies to every article in the store. Our
6tock is the largest In the city���well
kept and up to date In every particular. Try ua for Drugs, Spectacles,
Photo Goods, Seeds, Safety Razors,
$1.00 to $12.50, sundries.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;
New    Westminster,
Res. 72.
B   C.
vas forfeited.
Chief Watson, cf tlie flre department, left yesterday for White Hoik
where he wlll remain on a vacation
for a week or (en days. During his
absence Assistant C liief A. F. David
son will havo charge of the department.
The new municipal calendar recant
ly got up by tlie municipal publicity
bureau i3 now being circulated i.i
banks, post cf fires and public pia ;:?s
in all parts of the country. Copies
have been sent to the Old Country,
while not a few have been nailed to
other parts of the world.
Mr. D. E. MacKenzie will leave to
day for the Conservative convention |.tord asslatwl bv chief Parkinson
at Revelstoke and the Dry tai min?
congress at Lethbridge. He will oni;
spend a short time at his firrt objeo
tive point as he hes to be pr��sen'
as much as possi... at the Dry Farm
ing congress before it closes on Sat
"Bottled    Up    Teople,    or   Things
Worth  While"   entertainment   to    he
given in the Sixth Avenue Mtthodis*.
Churoh  after the Thanksgiving  sup-1
per, Oct. 28.   From 6 to 8 p. m. sup-1
per will be served by the Ladles' Aid !
at 50c.   The Hev. W. S. A. Crux will I
give  the    entertainment  at  which   a
collection will be taken to defray ex-1
penses. ,_ *��
/.fcr a hearing that cons'imed Bev-
eral hctirs ot Monday and thf who I-
of yesterday afternoon-, three of t'i ���
six Italians who were arretted i.i
Burnaby on September IM citarged
with entering and looting a tool box
owned by the Burnabv municipality
were found guilty by his honor Judg��
lloway last evening, sentence upon
'hem being deterred. The case a^.iins
the others was dismipsed.
The trio are GuiseDpe Ma'dr. whe
stole several boxes of powder; Gor*
Luvifero and Mareggio Sn:ita wh'
decamped with two pair of Wbber
boots and several road tools,
Mr. Adam S. Johnston appeared for
the accused,  vhllp  Mr.  W.  L.  Hans
| th'- Burnaby police, prosecuted.
The case was an unusual one ow
| >ng to the fact that two interpreters
were needed in the case, thr^e Hirdu--
rtnpearing for the prosecution, the'r j
I testimony bavlng to be translated
from Hinduslani into Engl'sh aod
thpn again into Italian.
James Wysong. charged with enter
ing a house on the Gilley road and
Ktealfhg $25 therefrom, anpear^d be
fore bis honor last evening and elected for trial. He pleaded guilty, sentence was deferred.
MACK���The body of the late Lawrence Mack, who was knocked dowr
nnd k'll'd bv the Imnerhl Limited on
the C. P. R. at Kan-loops on Monday
was brought down to tho olty yesterday and removed to the home of deceased's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Mack. 1007 Third avenue. The fun-
i eral will take place tomorrow after-
I noon at 1.20 o'clock, from the res'
dem?. interment to be mad" in the
Oddfellows' cemetery. Rev. Mr. Me
, Klnlcy will officiate. Tiio arrange
| ments are in charse of Murchie &
1 Son.
Phone R872. 019 Hamilton tt
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
���ewer Connecting,
Ceeepoela, Septic Tanks, etc.
Guaranteed against adulteration.
Sage, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Allspice, Mustard, Ginger, Pepper,
Cloves and Mace. Try dur
Vanilla   for   flavoring ��� you'll
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Tl-uet Slock
R. J. HTVBLL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
Johnson Shingle   Machines
and Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
BLOFSON���The funeral vn    take
place th:a afternoon cf 'd >. Elizabeth,
the nine months old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Elofion. ?1l AlbTta
street. Sapperton, wlio died on Mon
dav. Interment w!D be ma'Je in the
Odd Fellow's cemetery.
Many Good Positions
are open to young mon and young
ladie3 in the Held of "Wireless" or
Commercial telegraphy, The passage
of a federal law effective October 1
compelling all sea go'ng vessel* to be
equipped with w Ireland Instruments
and manned by two Competent opera
tors, haa created a great demand fi'
yoiin.-^ men in t'ie wireless serv'ca.
The Morse Telegraph Company, c'
Seattle. Wash., operaios under direc
supervision of wirt-letii official; anc
places all graduates i'i positions. l*
will pay you to writ's fur full particu
(Via Central Tark) at 5 and H:-45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until S p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., lam car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 aud b:.".0
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via liurnaby) at K:4;". 8:46 and 8
a.m., witb bout ly service until 10 p.m.
and lute car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
l'irst car at & a.m.
(Via North Arm and Kburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until lt p.m.
Sundays���Kii st car at S a.m., ret Ular
service thereafter.
Kor Chiillwack and way 1 olnts at
9:80 a.m.. 1:20 aud 6:10 p.m. Kor
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
cer the Praser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on tbe division.
Tickets for these special exclusions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Mondav,
Syrup of White
has made n name for Itself.
Never failing to give quick relief when the throat and lungs
are troubled.
Recommended, guaranteed and
sold by
Four doofS East' of Bank of
New Westr-Inster, B. C.
As a result of a freight car bocom
ing derailed at the corner cf Kourth
avenue and Sirtta street yesterday
afternoon about 1:20 o'cloc'.t th ��� c'ty
car service was disorganized for ovei i
two hours. The car from Edmond.-
made the trip to the scene of th'
wreck, the passengers 1 being transferred at that point to the one operating down the hill.
wiih the postponement of the   as-
izes from this week to next by the
attorney general thp hearing of the
city's suit against the Westminster
Gas company for $5000 punitive damages has also been put back several
days. It ia set for Monday next, bul
as the criminal assize cases will hav?
to be heard by the supremo court
fudge first it is very probable tbat
the case will not come up until early
in November.
Plans for the construction of a fin.'
residence for ex-Alderman Georg*
Ad-'.ms are being prepared by Mr K.
T. Roughen, architect. The house will
be erected on the site of thc prese-t
one at the coruer of Eighth avenue
and Twelfth street, and wlll cost ii<
the neighborhood of $10,000. It wil;
contain twelve rooms with the Iatsu'
flttiigs while the heating will be sup
plied by the indirect hot water s����
tem. The English style of archli'e.
ture will be used.
In order to arrange for a banquet
to be held in honor of Dr. DwigT
Chown. the newly elected preside?"
of Ryerson college, of Vancouver, and
general superintendent of the Method
1st church In Canada, the clerg. nnd
laymen of all the Methodist chi:rchea
In Westminster and district will meet
at the Royal Columbian cille,-,. ||..-
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Another tb-
Ject of the proposed banquet will tie
to discuss Ryerson college and p't on
foot a campaign for rals'ng J'fiJO.OOO
for that educational institution whic'i
will eventually be affiliated with thii
B. C. University at Point Crey.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1369��� FIFTH STREET near Elchth
avenue; 50xlS2 to lane; a good buy
at {1,000; one-third cash.
1185���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 60xl3'J
1 all cleared and graded; price $127."
1397���55 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
Ofi foot lot in good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 or
easy terms.
near Sir.th street car line; 50x131
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $.".000 on good terms.
i Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Houses To Rent
8IXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartce 8treet,    Modern   conveniences.
$25.00 per month.
FOUR ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue, Burnaby, Modern conveniences.   $20.00 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOUSE on Hamilton   atreet,    Modern   conveniences.
��30 U0 per month.
FIVE ROOM HOU3E on Tenth avenue.   $18.00 per month.
THREE ROOM  HOU8E on 13th. street.    110.08 per month.
028 and 741 Columbia Street, Phone 83., Now Westmlnater, B. C.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employeia' Liability,
, and Marino Insurance.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
Pres. and Gtnl. Mgr. Vice-Presided. Bee. aid Treas.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Bracelet Vs/ atches
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00


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