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Westminster Daily News Jun 4, 1912

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 VOLUME 7, *' jfillKU r,f.
Heaps Interests of Vancouver Buyers���Reported Price
$75,000--EngIish Capital Behind Scheme-WiU Apply to
City For Lease of Suitable Site on Lulu Island���Extensions Planned.
Reeve Weart Wlll Introduce This Ir
portant Matter at Council Meeting Tonight.
As announced exclusively In these
columns yesterday, British capital
has been attracted to and ls about lo
Invest In Industrial enterprises upon
the Fraser river either In the city Itself or In the immediate vicinity. Today the Dally News ls able to Inform
its leaders that regarding the machine and engineering works an Important transaction has taken place
directly bearing upon thlg announcement.
This, In brief. Is that the Schaake
Machine Works has changed ownership, having been sold to the Heaps
lnteiests of Vancouver at the reported /igure of $75,000. It may he re-
callel that a reprasentatlve of these
interests was In the city some two
months back looking for a suitable
site for the location of a plant of
this nature, and was then shown over
the gio mid.
Since then negotiations have been
proceeding lie;ween the city authorities, the Means Interests and a syndicate of Kngiish capitalists, and the
outcome of this will be seen when, at
lhe next meeting of the council, formal application will be made for the
leasing of certain ground on favorable icrms, and upon wbich It Is Intended to erect at once an engineering and machine works giving employment to between five and six bundle.!, men.
It Is understood that thc land ln
question is uron Lulu Island, near
the hildge, and will he some four to
eight acrea in extent when al! is
cleared. It Is adiarent both to water-
frontage nnd to trackage, two of the
necessary features sought. The city
owns the lund in this locality, and it
is reported on the best authority that
tiie Intention of the men behind the
schema is to ;ies'- foi a 'ease of thc
lniil (--f-.i.-ed u.on ibe name terms ss
It has formerly heen oheted to Other
ill!. rivlH Al the BBnte time It lfl
possible that they may gat tbe option
of purchase outright. That is a matter which the council itself will
doubtless decide.
Il Is undetstood that an area* of 15
acres was sought, but when the decision was made, the advantages of
the contiguity of tho site to the main
portion of Ihe citv, and Its actual
situation within tbe city boundaries,
were taken into account.
In connection with t.hls deal lt may
he noted that Mr. E. H. Hea;is was
recently In England, and In fact returned from there only a short time
ago.     I
It therefore appears to be the pur-
nose of the new o'vners of the
Schaake Machine Works to transfer
the business to another and mote
suitable site In the city. Its removal
is all ln line with the intentions entertained by the city with regard to
the development of Front street, ln
connection with the harbor scheme
which will 8hortIy be placed before
the peeopie. It will be remembered
that the present site of the works
was purchased by a lar?e Interest
which acquired a considerable amount
of pioperty along Front street some
time ago.
The Schaake Machine Works has
heen running in this city for the past
seven years. It gives employment to
about ona hundred men. and turns
out work equal to any on the coast,
especially in the line of all kin 's of
murine engines. A little time back
there was some talk of the business
belnp moved to the neighboring ro mi
cipality of Coquitlam, bnt nothing
eame of 1'. ln its new location, with
Its capacity materially increased, affording employment to revera] times
the numher of Its present '.'mployees
and backed by powerful interests, it
will constitute ln itsoi" addi;iun.V
testimony both to tho faith of Investors In tills city and district, Bn '
that the march of pae-r.?.- in Westminster ii already underway.
Edmonds, June 3.���It appears very
probable that the Buinaby council r.
Its weekly meeting tomorrow evening wlll decide whether the presenl
ward system now in \ogue will be
abolished or not. Reeve Weart at the
last meeting of the board of works
mentioned that, in view of the fact
that the electorate had vote.I by a
lar&e maJoi Ity ln favor of the abolition oi the system, he would bring
up the matter nt the next council
A strong fight will no doubt be
waged against the proposition by the
lepresentatlves of the northern districts, Councillors McDonaldi and Fau
Vel, as they claim that their wards
would have no direct representation
If lhe voters of fhe whole of tne
municipality have the say in electing
the proposed six councillors ani a
ree\e Instead of voting for one man
In each ward.
However, the rest of the council,
four In number, have signified their
acceptance of the proposal, and If
put to a vote lt is a reasonable conclusion that the reform will be carried.
Scheme to Save Whilst Employing Pilot and Senator Jansen.
Westminster   Greets   King   George���
Twelfth Street Line���Purchases
Park In Queensborough.
Association  Prepares fcr Membership
Campaign���13   Endeavoring   to
Secure Sir W. Mackenzie.
FoI'o-as Attempt of    Japanese    Company to Advance  Rates to
United Kingdom.
Victoria, June 3.���Word was received 111 this city today that the
Blue Funnel line bad withdrawn from
the trai,s-;jncillc and Northern Paciflc rate combine. The other lines in
the combine, six ln number, have
been notified that a consignment of
freight to the Blue Funnel line will
invalidate all claims to participate In
the rebate payable by the combine.
The withdrawal of the Blue Funnel
line from the combine follows an at
tempt by the Japanese line, the Nippon Yusen Knisha, to advance the
rate by 10 per cent, between the
United Kingdom and Yokohama via
the Sue? canal.
Annual Session Will Be Held In Victoria Next Week.
A larje number of prominent Odd
Fellows of British Columbia ���will
gather at Victoria next week ln annual session. On Monday the Patriarchs Militant, pieslded over by Department Commander C. S. Keith, of
this city, will meet, and also the
Funeral Aid Association of Odd Follows.
On Tuesday the annual meeting of
the Grand Encampment will be hell
presided over by Giand Patriarch E.
L. Webber, of New Westmlnst$r. On
Wednesday and Thursday the Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows of B. C. with
Grand Master W. H. Cullln, of Victoria, presiding, will meet. During
the we��?k the Rebekah Assembly will
also gather In annual session with
the president, Mrs, Evans, of Rossland, prcsidlnsr. A large number of
prominent Odd FellowB of this city
will attend those various sessions.
y.r. Kenneth M\ers, the newly appointed tecterai'. of the Progresshe
\ssoci;itlon, bepr.n iiis duties yesterday. The office U situate! in the
rear cf Messrs. Sheriff, Hose & Co.'s
Otfice, and Is being fitted up for the
v-ork. ^^^^^^~
Plans  mo   l*.-:n.t  laid   for  en   aeMv��
BE   HOLIDAY   FOR   ALL I campntr.n   lo   be   embark.Mt   upon      in.
JUr.  ^.uu".'     V      -     ��� l/jYcnVately   after   the  Renerat  mettle
Yesterday was one of tbe quietest
days feen In the clty for some time.
The government and city offices were
oloted for the day, and the Union
Jucjt floated from them and many
other buildings In the c'.tv. Quit,,
few of the rea! estate ar.d insurance
oTiees were also closed. Although
Uie .'ay cones very close to that o:
Kmpire bay, it socms very picbahle
tliat business will lie suspended
among the people of New Westm'n-
Eter when the day rolls arouni again
next year.
Citizens Excursion.
The citizens excursion committee
will meet at S o'clock tonight ln the
board of trade rooms for the purpose
of deciding whether to hold the annual excursion tiiis year or not. Last
year this cent did not take place
owing to a lund excursion being
planned and wet weather Interfering.
It Is hoped that this year the former
glories of the event may be revived.
Several trips have been held to Victoria, Nanaimo or I'eilinghani, and
hundreds hnve availed themselves of
this opportunity to take a holiday at
little cost.
Steamer Delhi Reaches Seattle in
Leaking Condition.
Seattle, June 3.���The wooden
steamer Delhi, owned by the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company, aud under
charter to the Noithein Navigation
Compnny, returned to port yesterday
from sea .In a leaking condition. The
Delhi, which aslled for the Krnsbok-
wlm last Wednesday, with 1100 tons
of general fi eight, developed a leak
ln the stern when (lu mllea off Cape
Flattery. The p'.)ni;.s were started
and the vessel continued on her way
but when 220 miles out it was seen
that the water was gaining on the
pumps and the Delhi was put about
and brought back to Seattle. Her
cargo will be discharged and a survey made to determine the cause ol
the leak.
To Reduce Food Cost.
Spokane.  Wnsh.. J:ne 3.���Comu-.'s
sloner of Public Works D. C. Cm'.'s
announced todav th".t he would  ask
the city commission    to   appropriate
$100,000 lo S200.OPO to   establish   a I
municipal store for the   purpose   of:
furnishing food and clothing to   the ,
people at  cost prices, in an attemnt '
to lower tlie cost of living.   Commissioner  Coates.  while elected    on    11
non-partis'!n   ticket,   hns  been   rrom-
inent in  the affairs of the Socialist
patty ln this state. I
Rooseveltian Re-e'ected.
Columbus, Ohio, June 3.���Wnltar F.
Brown, manager of tho Rooseve'i
campaign in Ohio, was re-elected tonight chairman of tho state Republican central committee by a vote of
13' to 8. In the vote for temporary
chairman, however, which was a test
vote, Brown was deteaeed by a vote
of 11 to 10.
To Represent Great Britain at Toronto   Exhibition.
London, June 3.���The W"'" Office
has Icclded that the detachment of
cadets to go to Canada t*'reptesent
Oreat Brllaln nt t'ie Canadian Nation Exhibition at Toronto, In August shall be drawn fiom unlt3 In the
city and county of London. Many
hprl'catlons ha 1 heen made bv other
counties, but owing to the difficulty
of trninlng, together cadets d:avn
drawn from dlelTrent units. t'io decision to make the selection from met-
10 olltan cadets waj arilved at.
There will be great competition
among the memhers, to bo numbered
amens tho fourteen who will visit
Canada, and the boys are eager!?
looking foewaid to (he nnival of th?
Ross rifles, which are belnT sent, by
otder of the Minister of Mllltla to be
used in the preliminary competitions
to decide who sliall go.
which in all,probability will be called
fcr (he end of tiiis week.
Thc executive committee meets tonight to go finally into the constitution and to draw uu 11 report for submission at the general meeting.
Special etlrts .ire being made by
the officers, assisted by Mayor Lee.
ihe honorary president, to secure Sir
William .Mackenzie for a day's entertainment in this city and upon the
Fraser river. It is hoped also that
the premier will be able to pay the
city a visit on the same occasion. Sir
VVIHlam Is expected to arrive on the
coast today.
The association welcomes the suggestions of the citizens generally,
along the lines of developing or improving the city and district.
It appears to be the practice of a
considerable number of teamsters,
especially upon Third avenue and
Third street to drive on the wrong
side of the road, and more than that
complaints have been made that not
half of the road i3 being given to
vehicles encountering them. The
pollce authorities have been instructed to instantly prosecute any found
guilty of this misdemeanor, and to
ask that the full penalty, amounting
to a fine of $100, be inflicted.
On account of the hills it Is the
custom of many to zigzag up, and
this, together with the grouping of
wagons in bunches as the horses aie
rested, ls a fruitful source of accident. To obviate the need of swerving ftom side to side, extra horse
rower Is necessary as an alternative
to thc stiff penalty mentioned.
Seattle, June 3���At the twenty-
ninth annual session of the Grand
l'ncampment of the independent Order of Odd Fellows for the Jurisdiction of Wushington, which met today,
the following' officers were elected:
Grand patriarch, H. A. Thompson.
Taeomn; grand senior warden, Carl
Koch. Spokane; grand scribe, Louis
F\ Hart. Tacoma: grand treasurer, J.
II. O'Donnell. Elma: grand Junior
warden, W. J. Robins, EUensburg;
grand lepresentative, Dr. F. M.
Stuart, Seattle.
The Rebekah assembly, which met
In twenty-third annual Eesslon, elected tbe following ofieers: President
Mrs. Caroline Daniel, North Yakima:
vice-president. 'Mrs. lola Campbell
Tacoma, warden, Mrs. Fannie P.
Ankron, Cheney; secretary, Mis
Nellie M. Knolf, Seat!If: treasurer,
Mrs. Agnes B. ,Taml?son, Seattle. Mis.
Anna II. Lenders, of Tacomii, "was
elected truslot. of the Odd Fellows'
home at Valla Walla, and Mrs. Ella
v. McDonal:', ot Tacoma, was elected trustee of ttie orphans' home.
Canadian  Wtisit Supolv.
wfcthlpeg, June 3.���TI19 visible su?
riv if wheat   In Canada   Saturday
June l, wau 12 950,000, a deciease of
13^7%I?�� b,18l��eis, ai compared with
[thia^bBe last year.
The purchase of a new park In the
Queensboro district, a message of
loyalty from the Royal City to King
George on the occasion of his 4 ah
birthday; the procuring of the Senator Jansen as a flieboat for the city
and a letter Trom the B. C. E. R re'
lating to the Tweltth street car line,
formed the salient features at last
night's councll meeting.
Alderman White reported for the
parks committee that they had ln
sight four and three-'juai ter1 acres on
Lulu island which they thought suitable for park purposes, und recommended Its purchase by the city. The
property in question is located in the
central portion of Queensborough in
the northornly section of block 29,
facing Hoyd street. The iepc���� was
adopted, the $10,000 being available
fiom the recent larks by-law passed
by tbe voters last month.
Alderman White drew attention to
the fact that the birthday of His
Majesty, King George V., was that
day being celebrated throughout the
whole empire, his short reP;n hud
s;��\en evidence that he was following
ire the footsteps of his Illustrious
father. The alderman moved that
tllte mayor forward a cable message
of- loyalty from the Royal city on
snlt'h an auspicious occasion. This
Was sent forthwith.
Senator Jansen.
'Alderman Gray brought up the
question of having adequate lire protection along the wate; front. He, in
company, ha J interviewed Mr. Rogerr
of the Fraser Mills, und the latter
gentleman had consented to an agree
liienl wheieby, for the Euni of $1000
annually, the Senator Jansen, whicb
rendered   In valuable   service   at     tlie
rr,m.*nt    lioyill  City  mlllm  /Ir��,   would   tie
t-Ifffeti nt the atl��i:oa*jt nr tn** local
fue na?partnvent at titl times wtienthi
boat was within steaming tllstance
Besides this matter. Alderman
Cray drew atl-uition to tha fact that
the city was employing a pilot at
$150 a month who had very little to
do except in the tall of the year. The
Fiaser Mills people had a man available for such work and he recommended that he be taken on which
would in reality give the city a water
fire-fighting apparatus practically lies
of cost as the Fraser Mills man wo^d
do the work for $800, thus saving the
city $1000, which would pay the cost
of the Senator Jansen. The mayor
will take the matter up with the pilot
No Double Tracking.
The proposed extension of the double track on the Twelfth street line
from Sixth to Tenth street as petitioned for by certain ratepayers
in that district, received its quietus
in a letter from Manager R. H. Sperling, of the B.C.E.R., stating their Inability to consider same, as with the
completion of the Highland Park cutoff, practically all of the interurban
traffic would be taken off the line
In question, and that the nresent single track from Sixth to Tenth Btreet
would be amply sufficient to cope
with all traffic for a time at leaBt.
If. at any time, the letter stated, new
conditions arose, the company would
consider the double tracking of the
A letter was read from Messts.
Robertson and Rowley relating to the
gasoline boat "Burin" which piled between this city and Victoria. It
stated that up to the present time,
the venture had not by any means
been a success, owing to the merchants in the two cities dealing w(th
independent steamers, who made the
trip at irregular Intervals chiefly to
fill ln time. Unless they received
better support, they would have to
withdraw from the run with the result that the two cities would not
ha'-o a regular schedule.
The mayor Btated this was nn important matter to be tfealt with and
suggested that the Industrial committee go into the deal. This was
Publicity 8cheme.
Messrs. Walker Bros., and Wllkie
wrote the council regarding the publicity bureau which it ls proposed to
locate in Vancouver, and suggeBt?d
thnt the fourteen municipalities which
have direct communication with the
Fraser river band themselves together and furnish the necessary money to distribute literature to the many
people who are continually arriving
on the coast from the east and from
European countries.
They suggested that a meeting, be
held In the board of trade rooms ln
the near'future when representative*
from the municipalities interested
could i^eet together to discuss the
situa 1 ion. Tho matter was refened
to the publicity committee.
It had also been suggested that ��
person meet all the Incoming C. P. R.
trains at Westminster Junction and
distribute reading matter outlining
the benefits and opportunities or the
Fraser Valley. This, according to
Alder tnan  Lynch,    was    impossible,
Say Advices from Victoria���Engineer
Is Now on His Way Back to New
The department of public works
has up to the present received no
confirmation of the report emanating
from Victoria that Mr. Cuthbert C.
Worsfold has been appointed lesidtn;
engineer for Biitish Columbia in
succession to the late Mr. George A.
At present Mr. Worsfold is on bis
way to this city from utuiiva, wheie
he was summoned In or.e:- to consult with the department concerning
the harbor schemes ol vancouvo. uii
B. C- E.  R.  Begins  Laying;
1 Connecting   Tracks   on
Begbie Street.
this city, he laft heie cu May
and is expected to arrive bae1:
Wednesday eveninf.
Mr. Worsfold is a Kentish man,
lng born at Dover, England, lit'
came out to British Columbia mac.
years ago, and was emp oyed under
Mr. Gamble at Victqi ia, - corning"
thence to Westminster some fourteen
years ago. Le has been chief assistant engineer in the department for
that period. As an engineer he ranks
\ery high in the profession, anl both
in Vlctotia and Westminster his numerous fi lends have welcomed the repoit of his preferment.
His brother, Mr. James K. Worsfold, was for many years provincial
assessor cf British Columbia, having
resigned that post owing to illness.
His sister. Miss Maud Worsfold, Is
noted as a miniature painter, having
exhibited cn many occasions at the
Royal Academy.
Mrs. Woisfold is the daughter of
Mrs. Charie3, of Richardson street,
Ten  Minute    Service    to    Vancouver-
Coming���Muskegs Delay Millside
Line���New Switch.
Terminal   of   Hudson   Bay   Line   Will
Be Settled This Week���Furtnar
Contracts   Let.
Winnipeg, June 3.���Hon. Robert
Rogers, minister of the Interior, announced tonight, that awards ot contracts were made today for an additional sixty-five mile stretch of tbe
lailway which the government is
building to Hudson bay. He added
that contracts for nearly two hundred
miles oT the same line wiil be let
within the course of the next two
The much debated question as to
whether Fort Chu: chill or Port Nel-
fon will be the terminal of the lint-
will be settled soon, as a decision is
to be made this week.
National   Body   la   Result  of Convention at Winnipeg.
At the convention of the Y. M. C.
A. being held ln Winnipeg arrangements are being made to organize
the Canadian associations into a national body. At the present time the
different associations thioughout the
Dominion are affiliated with those in
the States. All Saturday's session
was taken Uj with the consideiation
and drafting of a constitution.
When organized the association
Will be known as the National Young
Men's Association of Canada, and
each unit will be entitled to representation in the international convention.
The national association will meet
annually for the next th:ee years
and the association in convention
will elect a national council of the
Canadian association composed of
7,ti members elected Irom a'.l ovei
Secietnry Anderson of tbe Westminster Y. M. C. A. is at present attending tivls convention in the interests of' the local institution.
Along with    the   street    improve^-
ments that are being, carried ojt by
the city on Begbie street, the B. C-.
B. R., lt  is  understood, are making
preparation for the lading of a track
whioli  will    connect   the    Co!nmbl��.-
street car line with    that    of Front
street.   The excavation work is completed and today workmen will commence  laying the  ties and  raiU ob
the short 'extension.
The reason for this new venture of
the  company  Is  the  fact  that  car*
coming into the depot from Vancouver are a danger to passengers boarding outgoing cars, and also the crews
of the cars lose time ln making   the:
switch past the depot on Front street.
With the new line In running shape
it is thought that the cars over the-
Central  Park hranch  will  pass    the
Windsor hotel to the Front stieet end:
of the station, thus eliminating any
danger whicli    lurks   around    there.
and   doing  away   with   the   delay   as-
the cars will be able to load and unload    passengers   in   the   minimum;
length of time.
With the early completion of the-
Highland Park cut-ofT, a ten minute
schedule between this city and Vancouver will be Inaugurated so that
it will easily lie seen tbat tbe loop-
line around the depot will avoid any
possibility of a car congestion such
as might happen If the present system was ke;H in fotce.
Owin? to an unforwn delay.
caused by encountering muskegs, the
new Miilsfdo extension wfll not bein working- order until nert Saturday,
when it Is expected thnt passeoger-
trattic will be in operation.
At the present tlmr lhe n. *". K. J*.
han Tfl-men on the Job, ��JI<* I* �����*������
rietlnrr   tlim   minor  hjransusaonta     to-
v.-ards the opening "of the hct line.
This will give easy access to iTno city
10  the  residents  around  the Fraser
The delay on the nev/ Sixth street,
line, caused by the cars from Edmonds having to backup to make the
double track from Fourth avenue to-
Columbia Btreet, will be done away
with as soon as the new switch arrives. It is expected any day now
and will immediately be put In ;>lace.
fl. R. li. THE DUCHESS
Appendicitis   Feared���Conflicting   Reports���Special Train  Rushes
Doctor to Quebec   '
In Trial of Murder Cate In Which
Spokane Editor Waa Shot.
Spokane. Wash.. June 3.���Because
of the probable nature of the testimony in the case, Judge J. D. Hlnkle,
of the superior court, excused today
all the women on the panel summoned to try' Alexander Alerev for tlie
murder of E. H. Rothrock,t city eJitoi
of a local paper, wbo was shot to
death last Apiil. When the court ad-
lout ned today ten men were in the
box nnd a new panel was oidered to
report tomono.v lrom which to teIe<;V
the two needed jurors.
Aiejev s''ot Rothroclt in the office
of the Chronicle for a fancied wrong.
It ls mobable that his defence wlll
bo Insanity.
many loual merchants use the tracks
at this point for loading and unlOad-
iing their wares.    The subject    was
referred back for reconsideration.
mlFs'on  to  sny  person doing    auch
punllcl-iy "ork.
Tho matterof the C. P. R. leavln".
cars on rclumhia -street near tw��
P.ojal Clt- hotel, wag troupht up by
the board of works re;ort, that' body
recommending that practice bo orde:
Quebec. June 3.���It  was    repojrted
here that H. R. H. the Duchesa   ot
Connaught  was indisposed, and that
appendicitis    is    feared.    LateC   tttv*
statement   was   made  that  she  urim-*-*
better and in .fact was so well that .
the Duke of Connaught was able to ���
attend a state dinner given by   the-
lieutenant   governor.   Spencer Wood,.,
in honor of   the   birthday   ol   thas
However, this may have been as ��
precautionary measure. Dr. A. E.
Garrow, the medical specialist, was
at once sent for. Her Royal Highness
was lesting easily at midnight, and lt
was then said at the citadel, where
tho vice regal party is staying, that
their Roval Highnesses had retired
for the night. .;
Doctor's Special Trafrr..
Montreal, June 3.���Shortly before 9<
o'clock this evening a call came for-
a C. P. R. train to be dispatched immediately to Quebec, no announcement bein; given out as to the purpose for which it was ordered. Shortly before its departure instructions
were issued lo the engineers to make
tbe V,2 miles between Montreal and
Quebec tn three and one-half hours,
allowing nothing to delay them. Dr.
A. E. Cat row and two trained nurses.
boarded the train, which Immediately
started away at full speed.
od ('Is-'ctit'n-.ied.   Ma>or Lee s-.igfe'st
ed ihnt the council be ca'eful in such ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
a movement as lt is understood th.V tin lenp.th and a eonsUlemble portion
'   Australia's  Line
London. June 3.~The first practf-
:al step towards the construction  of
Australia's   proposed  125,000,000  railway was taken last week, when bids,
for 135,000 tons of steel rails ireretw
ceived at the high oommUaloaerlac.P-
flc�� in this city,   lhe railway Bs- to-
be the biggest enterprise of its kind,'
ever undertaken ih Australfu.     The'
tine will he known   as tbe   Fed��!*''
Transcontinental   Rci'wav  and   wfll'
extend from    Port Augusta; obi  Uie>
South Australia shoie to Kal^oorlle,
in western Australia.
The touie is more than 1000 miles
of it extends across a desert.
The government proroses to do Om��
entire work. Itself,, without tiio. use at
I contractors,  _��� *"      PAOU TWO
TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 1912.
Classified Advertising
One cent per word for day.
Pour   cents   per   word   per
week.   .
No   advertisement   accepted
for less than 2oc.
Birth,   deatli   and   marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
Cily steam laundry.
.1 ..       . ���
near post    ofiice.    Privaie    family.
Address Hox 65 Ne>vs office.
man or woman, . on ladies' and
penis' clothing. Pioneer Dye
works, 56 McKenzie street.
'aircs post, ns housekeeper; thoroughly domesticated. Mrs. Davl3,
215 Itegina street.
Windsor hotel.
Apply Mrs, W. G. .MacQuarrle, 40
Albert Crescent.
and single bedroom. 1020 Third
all funiished, in Queens Court, Apply Investors' Investment Co.
keeping rooms, furnished, on
giound floor, at 221 Seventh street.
housekeeping rooms, modern. Apply 3*24 Tenth street.
Apply owner, 4fi-l Dixon street, off
Harvey,  Sapperton.
house.   Address Box 705 City,
street, opposite Dominion Trusl
block.   Apply H. P. Vidal & Co.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
ers.   'Mi fastings Etieet.
n i
dlately.    Apply  Diamond  and  Cor- j
bould, room 1. Lavery block.
privilege of i ractising on the piano
one hour evenings* by plain work-
ingman. Please state terms. Aci-
diess  Box   77,  Daily  News  office.
A WAITRESS.    Al'l'Li
cafe,    opposite C.  P. R-
tial property; lowest eurrenit rate,
payable in five years with privilege
of repayment in three: easy monthly payment plan. National Finance
Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia stieet.
TWO LARGE SIZED LOTS on Hamilton street close to Sixth street car-
line, 100x150 nnd all cleared, i'i ice
$2300;   Good terms.    No. 10.
all cleared and cn the widest street
in the city. Price only ��1600, one-
third car.ii. balance 6, 12 and 18
months.   Ko. 324.
OM FOURTH STREEt���Good lot i.i
Urst-class locality, all clea ed ana
in grass; si;:e 52x150. Price $1400,
one-third co^h, bal&ice 8, 12 and 18
months.   No. 228.
ON HILL CTREET���Two large Sized
lots. Price ?07-r> each, One-quarter
cash, (;, 12 uud 18 months,   Xo. ",5o.
Three lo'.s all cieared. Price J800,
One-quarter cash, ii. 12 una is
months.   Xo. 201.1.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
ate sale,  six roomed  house,  bloc1 , 	
rrom cily car.   A. L. X., Xew WeSi 1451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
most new.    40S Fifth street.
iter, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnef
stroet, dty,
ranges on easy terms: $1.00 down
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.
Market Square.
Mr. O. H. Ratliburn is not employed
by the Underwriters Dominion Match
Co., Litd., or the Dominion Match Co..
U.<1. Tbe public wlll kindly take due
notice of the above.
Underwriters Dominion Match Co. Ltd
Dominion   Match  Co.,  Ltd.
Sealed tenders superscribed "Ten-
��ter for High School" and addressed to
lr. Avory White, Esq., Secretary New
Westminster School Board, vvill be
-8-eM-ivtwl up to 5 p. m. of Wednesday,
12th of June, 1<J12, for the erection
and completion of a three-story brick
and stone school, to be erected on
Tipperary, Koyal avenue, New West-
���ml aster.
Separate Senders will be received
for electric lighting and heating and
Plans and specifications can bo
obtained on application to the under-
-iiciKd on receipt of a deposit of $10
which will be refunded on the return
ot plans. Each tender must be ac-
-compnnied by an accepted bank
cheque or certificate of deposit on a
chartered bank in Canadn, made payable to the Secretary of the New
Weetminstrr .School Hoard, for a sum
<M|ua| tn five (51 per cent, of his tender, which shall be forfeited if thi
party tendering decline to enter Into
'contract when called upon to do so.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unmiccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the signing of
the contract.
The lowest or any tender not neces-
oarily accepted,
._Architects to the School Trustees,
'JScw Westmlnstor,   B.C,
To Whom It May Concern.���Take
notice that my wife, Annie Stephenson, having left my bed and Ihoard, I
sha'.l not ba responsible for any debts
incurred by her from the date hereof.
Strawberry Hill,  P.O.
Date'd April 30, 1912.
Wanted���Teacher for singing In the
New Westminster schools, duties to
commence September 1. Applications
statins; qualifications and salary required to reach the secretary's office
not later than noon of .Tune 30.
j Secretary  Board  of School Trustees,
i New Westminster, B.C.
Publicity and Active Work Are Doing
Nova Scotia is reaping the fruit-
nf publicity in the matter I iinmi��ra
tion, according tn n recent interview
witli Arthur 8. Barnsteart. secretary
ol Industries and Immigration fer
that province.
"Four years apo, Premier Murray
took step's tq organize a provincial
immigration service wliich nt' the
same time acts ns a publicity bureau," said Mr. ifariisteacl. "Mainly
the operations hnve heen extended to
tiie Hritish Isles where it was felt
conditions would serve in drawing tlie
attention of a part of the many thousands who yeariy come to Canada to
thc .attractions und opportunities ol
Canada's Kast���which, alter all, is
capable of fuller exploitation and lias
not shared ns much as we should
have liked in the great Canada awakening oi the last decade or so. The
industrial life of the province has
made it possible for Nova Scotia to
show a substantial increase of population, amounting to 7.13 per cent.
We had last summer 402,838 people
in Nova Scotia, whicli is 32.704 moro
than we had in 1900. Wn have suffered alike with other parts of older
Canada in the rural to urban migration.
"It was not always so, perhaps, but
1912 is not 1882. In the life of a
generation the fuee of the province
ha; changed in many ways, but
changed, we believe to the ureut advantage of Nova Scotians and offering the openings for our young men
and women that were non-existent in
the earlier years of confederation. So
while endeavoring to let our own people see these facts, we nre hy mentis
of our agency in London, and with
the aid of literature, advertising, and
the use of lecturers in the Mother
Country at the same time proclaiming
them to the great millions of British
peoples who are crowded ill tlieir,
and our, h< ma-land."
"A number of people from the British Isle-i have come to us. Some
natives have returned to their old
farms after absence in the l'nited
States for some years. Others have
come in to labor in the industrial
centres. Altogether immigration has
increased tlie population ul ths province by ahout 20,000 peo;'.'-.
"An average of ahout 250 to 301 n
year, sny 1,200 in all; went to the
farms. Some of these wore farm
laborers who worked for a while with
our farmers ftnd subsequently moved
away. Those-, who had sufficient capital purchased farms while many who
would have located and had acquired
the ne essary acquaintance with local
conditions combined with previous
agricultural exigence were deti rr ��� I
from doing so, owing to lack of capita!.
"Tlie reei's of this e!n?.- have been
recognized and the Government   has
been endeavoring to secure a suitable
method  whereby  assistance  would  he
rendered   in   certain   cases.     Since   I
left  the  city,   Hon.   Premier   Murray
hns introduced a bill into the legislature  to effect  this  very   object,     it
is,  briefly,  an act  for the encottrag��
m?iit   ot   ?ett.ement,   on   farm   land-".
The   aid   is  made   available   not  onljf
for selected farmers from the Britisn
Isles   or  elsewhere  who   wish   to   acquire land of tlieir own, but are un-
able to do so but the like assistance
is  open  to  Nova  Scotians  who  have
the  necessary   agricultural  qualifications.
"Provision is made for the lending
of an amount up to 80 per cent, of
th; appraised or actual value of tiie
land. Tliere is a limit set on the
amount which msy lie loaned oil ary
one property. I think it [* la.OCO.
The Cioveruor-in-Louiieil is hUm auth-
oriaed to purchase out of a fund of
$200,000, lands that will be suitable
for the purpose, sub-divide it into
lots, if nee/I be, and resell it on a.reed
terms for tlie repayment of principal
and interest. By utilizing existing
loan societies or companies to aid w
in this work we think we liave lii'
upon a method that will provide in
a safe way, the necessary funds and
machinery for collection and help to
solve the important pro ileni of the resettlement of many of the unnccui ied
and unfilled farms that are tu" .,..
found in too frequent numbers la i ur
Made Record Since Civil War In
Chicago, .Tune 3.���Meat, has advanced to Ihe highest prices known
since the Civ il war. Retail butchers
ne^un charging from 4c to 5c per
pound for prime cuts of beef, veal
and mutton more than a week ago.
An unusual feature of the soaiing
retail market is that, although Chi-
cago ls the meat producing center of
the country, prices here lor meats are
averaging from le to 2c higher than
butchers are charging in New York
City. No explanation of thl3 startling condition was offered by packers. They blame tho almost prohibitive cost of meat to a shortage of cattle, due to scarcity of corn.
The   following   comparative    table
shows this difference in retail prices:
1912.       lOli,
Per Ib.   Per lb.
Porte:house steak    ?.2c 2gc
Sirloin        25c 20c
Prime   rib   roast 24c 20c
Lamb  chops   34c 21)c
Veal chops   22e 19c
Veal   cutlets    25-2Sc       22c
dustry which farmers of this province would do well to pay more attention to.
In the past year there has been a
noticeable increase in the consuming
capacity of prairie markets, due mainly to Increased population, and also
to the fact that a lute und wet season
there furnished an unusually favorable market for early vegetables.
There has been also an inct eased
demand for Hritish Columbia apples
from Australian houses, and for all
fruits and vegetables from coast markets. The home markets, however,
fall far short, of being supplied, and
in the year 1911 the piovince imported the following fruit and fruit products, etc.:
Apples, other   fruits  and   berries       	
Preserved   fruits   	
.lellies,  jams,  etc	
Contains  Interesting  Data cf Imports
and Exports During 1911.
The twelfth edition of Bulletin No.
10 on the subject of "Land an! Agriculture in British Columbia'' has
been issued by the bureau of provincial information. It contains the l:\t-
est information, relative to the prov.
incc's agriculture resources, in ihe
possession of the department, and is
generally illustrated.
The bulletin contains some inter-
eating figures showing the boins production an.l Importation of natural
products, meats, ru'.tle, etc., in 1911,
The total consumption of live stock,
doiry produce meats, fruit nnd vere-
---. grain, etc., is set 'own al $35,-
The home production totalled ?20-
537,893, wliich is Six millions tnere
than  the  value   of the Imi ot tations
which ag) regate l   I i I     -       1   i
���- i Ince still, however, is a long >vaj
frbm supplying the demand of Is
:  i    tit tion for toodsttlffo,
i'.-l this point the bulletin ������"" -:
"Che. total imi' rtati in ; o' dali.. and
- ���, tlti ������ i roducts ln*o Q '���''* h ( ol m-
1 ' i, for tbe vi���r :''U ..-' it as folio* ������:
Butter       :;   :"���','   *
y iii;   i lni! dins   con '�� ns  I
and cream j        37 1,117
Eggs          97:    "
1 ���  lltr   ' ' ��� -.��� 7 ' 5
Chi ese          C54,"i -:
Total        St, 99,1 19
��� >��� hiding  iheese.  of   which
tily  none i.  made In   Brfttoh  C
bia   theri  is a total of th    -   i id one-
half million ilolli ;-  senl  oul   Of tl e
province annually, for articles whi h
should he produced at uoi ie.
The year's importations f r<
meats, including bacon end ham. mut-
ion nnd lamb, pork and lard, total
$1,260,091, whilst heef cattle, i heen
and swine were Imported to the vai ie
of  $1,260,610.    HerR   again   is   an   in-
The importation of apples may be
partly accounted for by the demand
in the eatly spring and summer
months, when no home-grown slock
is available, which has to be supplied
from New Zealand and Australia. The
'other fruits" represent the berries
and early fruits grown in California
and brought in befoie the local fruits
have matured. The jams, jellies and
canned fruit, however, should and
wlll be produced In the province be
the fruit industry develops, nn.i in
f.ood time all the other products oi
thc ranch, farms, dairy and orchaid
of which lhe province new imports
such large quantities annually, will
I be won from the fori lie valleys and
, hillside.i of Biitish Columbia. Then
i is no fear of overproduction In an'
I branch of agriculture, Ior in the fut
ure, as In the past, ihe funners will
: not bo able to supply the ever-in-
creasing demand created by the.
march of in luitry,
sown up to 15th of June, although-the
eai Her the safer.
For many centuries IG weeks have
been consumed in getting flax ready
for spinning, and a further four or
five weeks have been necessary in
wliich to bleach the linen product for
the market. By a new process raw
flax can now be converted Into per,
fectly bleached linen fibre ready lor
spinning in one day. Sound straw
will yield 47 per cent of spinning
fibre, realizing $500 per ton on the
market. Bv harvestlne at the proper
time good fihre can be produced, and
a fair crop of seed can be obtained
at the same time���the mechanical
operation of removing the seel without, as hitherto, injurin', the fibre for
linen production being practiced in
the United States.
The new process for converting
flax straw into linen within the short
space of a day, has passed beyond the
experimental stage, and capital Invested in thin direction would be a
far better method, because of the certainty of returns, than in gold or
otlier mines where milling requires
millions, end then the outcome from
a financial standpoint is always, or
nearly so, ap indefinite quantity, and
the duration of the lode a mighty
Flax is a hardy plant to grow, with
an abundance of water it Is a eet lain
wealth producer, and tho 'various
uses to which tlie straw and seod tan
bo put place lt beyond the stage of
the uncertain.
l.'o^crn   Inventions  Affect   Value   ol
This  Crop.
The Cana 'hn Board   of Control o
the  international  Dry Forming  Cc-.i
-I'- ��� In its Diversified Fanning c
r I n anno nees tbat the growing of
flax for Its fibre should be taken it;
In   Southern   Alberta, e.n.l  points out-
that it can he made a veritable bon-
. Lh  the ��� ���'u'->l!shment of Unci!
tills, v. hi. ii  must  coi i'3 In tlti.-? se:-
on  because of the ;e u:i:eme:its o.'
tl ������ ho ne i sai  ���������::.
The.e bein? abundant water power
In the provin e for mechanical motor
<������ h em li ���-, suf !< ivi:; coal for a cheap
engine fuel, und suitable water for
re ing In thc conversion of flax fibre
liito fnbri a'i ::���; of linen, there Is
��� o ything righl at Lend. Thus, rleht
hi :c in AH tit i, all hinds of linen
pood ' in to. [toduced to Eell, within
a f.action if not at j :st as low a pric.
: - i oh cm gt.ods���a great boon to all
i .��� -ro-..;! of flax for seed has
been '.cry successful, and many of
tho progress!'.<��� dry farmers of Leth-
bridge cud vi-!ii!i have this season
begun the put;in.: in of a large crop.
It is not too late -et, for flax can bo
The Stnt'tlot-y .Meeting- of the
Qoatd ttt License CommlMioners,
will he held at tlie Municipal Hall,
on Wednesday, June 12, 1912, at 10
o'clock, in the forenoon.
rierk to the Commissioners,
Mdmouds, B.C., June 1, 1912,
At 359 Hospital street, near car line,
for laborers while clearing lots In tho
c ty���iluv labor or contract. Apply
above adJr':-:-..
Second Hand Store
I!ny an I sell new and    second    hand
j goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
(IO Mflnnos Street. Phone 1000.
caXfcand Signs
'PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Block
"The bridge on tlie Kiver ton-! neir
the Boundary Road is unsafe for pas-
senper traffic. s?rul persons uslirt it
arc hereby noti.'ied to go slowly, r.ni
������"itoBervc I'aution In crosstab.
AU raises using this bridge do t-.o
nt their o*n risU.
By order,
Municipal Engineer,
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
WEST END BUY ��� Four roomed
house, partly furnished, with basement; lot -17x1112, all cleured.
52100;  onc-thlrd cash.    Terms.
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,   Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.    B.
Act Quickly.   Address :iINVEST0RS' INVESTMENT CO
Re.-ii  Fr.tate and  Insurance.
SEE   our  Subdivision   Advertisement
handy to car lino. One $::.ri per
month, the other ?14 per month.
RURAL SNAP���20 acres near Hazlemere: x acres cleared; small house
ard harn- all level, pood soil (,nl>
$2500; $800 cash, balance Bpread
over two .eats at 7 per cent.
i-'orcv houre. feU-lit roc ma; lot all
cleared and ready for garden.
$2700;   terms to ar;aiij,e.
LOW PRICED HOME���Neat little
homo, suitable for small family;
handy to car line; lot 60x182, all
planted In strawberries and small
fruits; shed at rear on lane. $2000;
$500 cash.
roomed house and lot, 66x132.
$2750; one-nnarler casli, balance G,
12 and IS montha.
Btntin?   Speaker.
Col.  Henry   II.  Sunt!,,  p,.r ro��ini nt.
Anns  of   tii -   Dominion    Parli in
finOf   1^72,   Iki-   hi mu  Konfl   -'  -i  -  to
ti-;.  concerning   the   rxpedii rl*   ��� ,.,
ployed   by  m mb'T- ol  ih ���   H   n-,, ,',f
Commons   t .   que-tion   tli ���   tnil
new   ot   <ith >r   I nnorali] ���   n. ���
without being   culled   upon   by ��� ������
Speaker to retract,
A   Westerner once eu'l-l  n | ||    .
member   a liar   In   t'ie   II ine,   i- I
when ur-.' d  to  r tract  r m irk rl  -
lie  would    withdraw   the
out of   respect  lo   the Spvnlt :.
added   that hu would   cpttnii ly
the in .Tili'-r   a It"t  outside t-, -
cincU <d the ohnmher.   Uu!  in i-   ���
Olives iittucks   on   veracity  nr     i,,,, .
cl'verly clothed In verbiage,
Tho    most    arti-tie   effurl   in   -
direction recalled by Col, Smith ���,
thut ul a vv-t who, after l.stellins tn
speech   fratn   the   l> nchea   npii,
suid :    "The slut, nn-nt- of the noun
aide member just spated force mc I
the conclusion Unit if In- had llv d
t!.j days Of Snpnhlra Ihat lndy woul I
have preferred him to Ananias aj .
Honor for Glace Bay.
The people of Glace Hay, N.P., -,*-,,.
happy, for that place is to be -,,., ,
much in the limelight in the comin -
summer. The Sloane aeroplane ia
start from there in August on its al
tempt to cross the Atlantic. That in
itself is enough to give prominence! ut
tlie news columns of a wliole country's
papers, but Glace Bay is to have thu
additional honor of liaving tho Duke
of Connaught and Premier Borden
there as oflieial starters for the aeroplane.
Rcai Estate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Cr'tis Block. Mew Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Men's   Home   For  Calgary.
I    A  metropolis to care for the thoii:-.
nnds of homeless and sometimes work-
less men  in Calgary, will be erected
Ly the Salvutiur. Army.
For practically the last time we offer Smith's Famous
Sodas at - - 2 tins for 45c
We have about 100 pounds of thin Bacon on hand
which we offer at the bargain price of      - 17c
Sliced             -                   - 20c
(Guaranteed Pure Product)
Today we will sell Wagstaff 's Marmalade 'in one pound
jars worth 25c, at, each - - 15c
Today we offer Snider's Catsup, at, per bottle    -   25c
We have a No. 1 Rice at 4 lbs. for 25c
Tv, o large cans of Tomatoes for - -       25c
Thiej pkgs. Raisins, 16 oz., No. 1 Quality for    -   25c
Cliquot Club Ginger Ale, Root Beer and Sarsparilla, at
per dozen quarts -       -      - $2.00
Ox-Tongue, Fresh Sliced, per pound -'        60c
Roquefort Cheese, per pound - -      60c
Brisket of Beef; a great delicacy, at per can      -   35c
lhe Public Supply Stores
33 8th Street      "THE WHITE flMHT
Phone 2 TUESDAY, JUNE 4. 1912.
Isdated    Beacon    In   the     Magdalen
Group of Islands rt tiie  Mouth of
the St.  Lawrence Has Been Scene
of  Many  Fatalities Whjn  Keepers
Have    Lost    Their    Lives���Heroic
V/omaT and Her Lonely Vigil.
A gruesome record nttnches to Bird
Bock Lighthouse   Death and disaster
seem  to   nny  regular   visits   to   this
barren und i?olnt.>d snot, tho north-
ernmo.-t of a group of more than a
<ln?."n islands, the MagdaleftS, located
1 almott in t'ie centre of the Gulf of
St. Lawrence.    In fail, the archipel-
ngo  itself   ii    particularly dangerous
lo y-ssels nnd is known to the sailors
us fhe graveyard of the cult, so many
Bave   heen  the  wrecks  therenhnuts.
Bird II:.2k is little more than a
DUge rock ri--ing ahrtiptly out of the
water to n height of 140 feet, on whieh
the Canadian Government maintains
one of th�� mon Inaccessible lieht-
Jioiis-; editions on the Atlantic coast.
U<i sides are wn��hed hy the dn-iiing
gulf waters, ivhllo thousands of sea
fowl, have huilt n-sfs under its rocky
ledge, Un.il a few vears ago. when
a roadway was hhisted out from the
summit to water level, visitors and
supplies wer.- taken ashore hv means
of a cage suspended at tl.- side, rai<-
Pd and loweied with n windla-s, such
n landing Iieing possible only in calm
Here it was that Peter Borque
Jived with his wife and hahv; here
It was that he kept the heacon going
night after nMt-nnd long nights
and lonely ones they niu=t have h"en;
hnd le>re ii wai that his noor hody
was cast into tlie swirling lage of the
florin water', while his couniceous
wife, remembering her responsihilities
above all else, maintained the lisllt
for 10 Mill lom-">r nights hefore relief
came. And when the Government
ship arrived, sh- wns so weak that it
���was nnees-ary to carry her ahoard.
Her pounitre has heen commanded by
���tiie Canadian authorities, fnr -ven
though she and her small hahy wv
fuhje'ted fo severe hung-r and i v
jiosur", she managed to k'ep th' liiht
burning whicli no doubf saved many
vessels from goinu on the rocks.
And now another keeper is watci-
ing tlie lamps nightly at Bird Rock
Liglit. May his fate l>> a hetter one
th.-.n that of pseh of his predecessors,
Telesphore Torbide, another k:ep-
t. redmined in charge of the light*
lions., for over 10 years, hut even he
did ii't escape the dungi rs of his call.
'wltl- Home Statesmen on Subject o'
limpiie   Defence.
Ottawa, June o.���Oiifclal announcement is now made that Premier Borden and Tlon, J. D, Hazen, minister
of mai iue and fisheries; will ro to
England, sailing on Juno -f>, and ur-
rivlji;; in London on July 4 or 5. The
object of the visit is to confer witli
tho imperial government, aud one
other memher of the cahinet, whose
name is not yet announced, v/iil go
It may safely be assumed that the
fimphe question anl Canada'3 part in
the naval defence of the empire will
figure prominently in the discussion,
notwithstanding aseertionsi to the
Many London Boys Have Imagination
Fired   by   Daring   Deeds.
London, June .'{.���The connection
between film picture sho as, cheap
melodramic stories and jivenllel
ci Ime has once moie come unier the
notice of thy authorities. Some boys
in the city hall, convicted of burglary,
explained to the police that their im-
nrlnntlor.s had been fired bv seeing
pictures of the daring deeds of
cracksmen and studying the eyrlolts
of 'Flash Dick, the Gentlemen Burg,
As a sequel to tills. Silveaton
Lorne, a parson M. P.. cross-questioned Home Seeretaty McKenna iti
the House of Commons on the subject, and elicited a rerly that a committee of film makers had been formed, charged with duty of examining
all films before they are used. Among
the sensational subjects exhibited
lately, there has been a noticeable
preponderance of "Wild Weat" exploits, and the ready part guns BT**}
seen to play In theie s-enss la said
to move the high-spirited boys to tty
and do the like.
Sir Gilbert Parker, the recognized
guardian of the best literary interests
in parliament, constrained the home
Roejetarv to p'omise to give further
consideration "to the low class literature which Is distributed no widely
and wllich is even mn"o rerniclous in
its effect than the films."
A dramatic comment on Sir Gilbert
Parker's contention li Ihe statemen*
made at the inquest of a boy named
George Wanby. whoso d^oanitn^ed
body was found on the railroad line
at Nottingham. "He had been in the
habit Qf reading penny dreadfuls." it
was said In the coroner's court, "and
all efforts to get him to leave pernicious literature alone had failed."
Chicago, June 3.���Completing her
1070 mile tramp frqm .Ver/ York City
Mrs, David Beadh, wife of a wealthy
New York business man, walked into
Chicago lust, v.ee'.t ar.d was escorted
by a, huge etc vd cf enthusiasm
through the rrinc';a! streets to tne
oi.'i'ee cf Major Cft.ter I.'. Harrison.
*?v;rs. Beach wns just I" days on the
t ip. During all this time she liv-sd
on a non-meat raw-food det exclusively. Her daily food consisted ot
raw vegetables nni fruit with ca'a.-*--
made of rround wholg wheat, raisins
and aptdos. fc'ha dian.; nothing btt!
link juices.
When she started, 'Mrs. lie: eh
weighed 140^ pounds; when she finished, 139.
She said: "Putin:; the right kind
of food gives me good blood, and not
wearing tight slices fhee the blood
circulation. Fo I haven't a corn or
even a callous."
The tii]) was not an advertising
scheme.   It was a fad of Mrs. Beach.
Plain clothes men accompanied the
traveler Into the city from the Oak
Qolf Club, where she spent last night.
She kept the officers puffing to keep
race with her on the last lap of her
long trip.
'We  Furnish  Your Home Complete."
Cobalt, Ont.. June 3.���There wlll be
sW cars of hitrh-grado ore leave the
Cobalt camp this year for Germany.
The down Reserve has renewed Its
contract with the Government of Saxony to supply a eir of ore every second month, the cars to average 102,-
000 ounces of silver each, or 720,000
ounces  for the year.
This Is the second year that this
agreement between the mine and the
Saxony Government has obtained.
The ore is supplied to the royal
smelters, which are maintained for
benefit of the mines there. The Saxony mines are all low-^raie rro^o"!-
lion3 now, and the ore is graded up
with Crown Reserve produti.
Through the tieatment of Cobalt ore
the Saxony smelters have been prevented from closing down.
The price received for Crown Re- \
serve silver in Saxony is a little better than the current New York bar
silver quotations, approximately three
fifths of a cent an ounce being a Ided |
to cover the charges of shipping that
distance. About one-fifth of the
Crown Reserve's output for the ;ear
will go to Germany. During 1911 the
mine produced 3,430,902 ounces.
ing. (.'���! Jim ��� 2-j, 1891. he was puttiug
Loin > a charge in a sig'ia! cun When
it e.vplj'.I.d and I.lew oT.' part of liis
rijht I'M-: I.
Tin ��i.--eh. l*'t~, pamicn Cormier;
n" n����l'tntrt 1-: ;i r of the llchlliuUip.
st .rie 1 nu on n .--".il hunt ncentn.
pani.d ky CJiurlcd Turbid", 11 lad r��r
17. ard ��r��"��e Turhlde, cousin of the
latter. Cormier's wife win left in
dunce of ih- lMithome during liis
nin nee. The ..tinti rs made many
killings, hut as night approached
they -,\, r ��� overtaken by a blietanl
nieh Iti is common in that section,
/s tli ��� storm increased nr fury anil
tha cold crew n.ore intnse, Cormier
pit I his two companions made futile
efforts tu get hack ashore and, failing
in tlii-. to at least withstand the
buffeting utile. In agony tiie ni.n
juinpi-.' up and down on th j ice. beating th'ir nrnis ncross ther chests and
pound 1 nu together their frozen hands.
At Icn^'h Cormier tumbled over in 11
heap. Charles Turbide f m unconscious at his side. Befor.' daybreak
both kit" dead.
Then Arsene Turbide went nut into
the snowy waste und looked nbout
him. The storm hud abated by this
time. The snow had ceased to full.
He could see clearly now and quickly
realised Hint it was impossible to return by the route he had come, ns the
north wind bsd forced his ice floe far
out in thi* K"if-
In the hnzy direction of his home
a rof.gh sea tossed, piled up with
ragepd fnicments of ice. No bout
could live In such waters. His only
chance lor salvation lay in the hard,
frozen gu'f tow.ird the shore of Cape
Breton, cvn though that shore wn.s
70 n.il"s nway.
Arsene buried the bodies of his
comrades underneath an overturned
boat. Grasping lhe bludgeon lie had
used in tie slaughter of seals he
tunic' his fnce in the direction of
Cape P.reton and started on liis long
All that cold dny Arssne trudged
over the rough ice with neither food
nor drink. Sour times ho plunged
through de.'p drifts, somi'tini-s he
glided more in.vly over wit d-we- t
surluces. As Uu day wore on he wns
assailed b.v frequent spells of drowsi-
nesi. Hut he wns determined to liglit
and struggle to th" end. When niir'tt
fell lie doted ns best he could, but
always standing, for he knew thut
ence he str tched himself upon the
ice it would menu his last sleep.
The next morning ha crept upon a
seal nnd clubbing it tn dentil d'nnk
the warm blood. He did not know
tliat his garments, his faOJ nnd hi-
hands were snienrcd with blood', but
he did renlir.o thnt he hnd secured
renewed strength nnd courage to continue his journey. Late that nft't-
noon he reached Meat Covo nt Cape
Breton and scare ly nble to. draff
himself nlo^P stnagered to tli" fir<t
house In sight. Opening the door be
entered, not knowing the lippwirnnos
he present"!! to tbe Inmates,, They
questioned bim, but h" could not
speak. Ro dunking him either insane
er 11 murdered they thru-t him out
and  slammed tli? door shur behind
him. . . ,   ,   .
At the nent Iinitss he nulled in
liendlo'ng. Hung himself before 11 lit"
and at once fel! into n sound slvp.
When he nwok" be narrated his story
nnd then word wns tei qrnphi'd to
Grindstone Island to send speedy relief to the woman who had lnvn left
alone nt tb" liuhthouse on llinl Rock.
Arsene did  not  recover from  his <n-
Jierlenec and within, a fortnight died'
rom its cflects.
Third Street Boulevard.
Schedule showing the leal property immediately benefited and the pro.
portion   in   whicb   the   assessment   is made on per foot fiontage.
lllk.    Lot.     Sfub. Ttr.suVi.
Ataotsed  Owner.
. Feet.
For June Brides this store is ready to equip the
new home from the Kitchen to the Drawing Room
complete. Ready to take the burden of setting and
getting all ready to receive the visiting friends. We
have men for that purpose, trained and capable. A
telephone message will bring one to you for consultation.
Gifts for the June Bride
This store is filled to overflowing with choice articles suitable
for gifts. Artistic Novelties in
Furniture, sensible articles in
Home Furnishings, appropriate
gifts of Linens, Bedding, Blankets and Home keeping supplies
Our new Dry Goods Depaif-
ment offers a splendid variety
of sensible and appropriate
gifts, and any "June Bride"
may here secure her trouseau
and know that in buying here U/
she secures the most up-to- .0 n
date  novelties obtainable   as ' ���
our stock is so absolutely new
C 341      3    I A.
I      <    1
i 7&8 , 1
j 3 :
I - 1 *       1
Tlpperary   Park
Bj     8   |S pt W M>
8   jNptSlf. ft i
���54 &66J8 pt of 3]
LftKpt of b
|N pt of 3
S  6
CorbouVd, Gordcn B	
C'orhould, Golden E	
Vidal, James II	
Johnston, John  J	
Lynch, Fretl J	
Sohaake, Kate 	
C'iiy of New Westminster
Rae.   Jessie   	
Hwt, F. J	
61 &62j 7tol0
N '/.
8   7
S 10|
7 &U9
ft of 5
6 and rest
of 5
13tol8    1   !
a 1
3 1
*\   j
19       1
3d I
<5 I
7 I
12 !
13 I
33 I
9 I
10 I
27 '
28 j
19 I
18 A.B.C.)
r       I
Gray, Alexander 13	
Ma\cs, Mary Jane 	
Hoseis, Mary 6	
Gifford, Lucy S. and Thos. J.
tlordon,  Mary C	
Rand, Arthur E	
Clute, Mary L. R	
Eyles, Benjamin  	
Nlckson, Anne Victoria  	
Nlckson, Anne Victoria  	
McNeil, Alexander T	
CHIT.  Ronald  L	
Sinclair, Jas. \V	
Elly, Catherine Louise M.
McLeod,   Alfred   	
Wintemute,   Robt	
Read, Thoa. N. and Gilbt. L	
Green.  Mary   	
Smith. Franklin   	
Madill. K. William  	
Madill, H.  William  	
Truman, William H	
Oliver.  Elizabeth   	
Harnett. Jas. E. H	
Harden,  J.  N	
Younc, Murdoch  	
Young,  Peter H	
Rancs, Thos. S	
Pouphen,  K.  J	
Roughen,  E.  J	
Dunbrack. L. G	
West. Home & Imp't Co., Ltd.
West. Home & Imp't Co., Ltd.
West. Home & Imu't Co., Ltd.
West. Home & Imp't Co., Ltd.
Johnston,  Margatet J	
Dolg, Arthur	
Calhlck. John A	
MeKon^e.  John, Estate   	
Rees, Richard  	
Broad, Emily 	
Buchanan, S. B	
Peebles,   Peter   	
Cunningham, Jamos   	
Flux, George Henry  	
Une, William  	
Trapp, Frank H	
McMurphy.  P.  H	
Alurray,  William    ���
Shaw, Jas. Pearson 	
Loree, Jas. C	
Loree, Jas. C	
Banton,   Lucy	
Croll, Jas. A	
Etherington   Arthur E	
Horton, William 	
Croll, Jas. A	
Burnett,  Maria '.	
67.50)      15.36
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
50.00   '
Davies' Cafe
Serve the  best coffee und  new  laid
eggs for breakfast.    Lunches put up.
Corner Columbia snd  Eighth Street.
The Columbia Photo
and Supply Company
will resume business about Kay Tt*
In premises at the corner of Carnar-.
von and  McKenzie streets.
We will sell without reserve on
Wednesday, June 5th, at 2 p. m.. at
the Alberta Stables, corner of Sixteenth Avenue and Victoria Road, Cedar Cottage, Vancouvei1, twenty-flve
head of fine young, sound horses,
ages from 5 to 7 years, weighing
from 1200 to 1700 pounds. AH quiet
and well broken; alao one team of
fine Hackneys, sound, aged 6 and 7
years;  flne action.
Horses aie sold as represented or
money refunded.
On view at stables any time up to
day of sale.
N. S. ROSS & CO.
Phone Sey. 4P7'1.   369 Hastings St., E.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All  Work Guaranteed.
641 Front Street.     Near City Market.
Notice 1�� he-cby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster Intends to pais a Local Improvement Assessment By-law assesa-
ltir tho properties in the schedule above mentioned the sums of monev Bet
opposite w*1 lot for one yenr, nnd n Court of Revision for the trial of
I'omt.hlnls and at>r��nla apo'nst the rssessment so proposed to he made will
bo held on Monday, the 17th day o' June, 1912, comraencInK at 10 o clock
in the forenoon, u* the Council Chamber, In the City Hall. New Westmln
ster British Columbia, and anv notice cf nupenl from such intended assesfl-
men't must be served upon the Clerk of the Municipal Council at least
eight days prior to such Court of RcUs.cn.   ^ ^^ ^ ^
Cltv Hall, 23rd May, 1812.
Date of first publication 24th Mny, 1912.
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street
White  Star-Dominion   Canadian  Service
Wirelesr and Deep Sea Signalling Apparatus.
The largest and finest steamers from Canada:
New S.S. Megantic   New S.S. laurentic
15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orch estra, Electric Heaters, Etc.
Sails June 8, July 6, Aug. 3. June 22, July 20, July 17
Flrct Class $92.50, Second Class $53.75, Third Class. 5,32.50.
Twin 8crew S.S. "TEUTONIC."
582 feet long, 18,000 horsepower.
Sails June 15th, July 13th, Aug.
10th; $55.00 and up; Third
Class $32.50.
Twin Screw S.S. "CANADA."
614 feet long. Sails June 1st,
June 29th, July 27th. $50.00 and
up; Third Class $31.25.
Ali steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec.   Embark nlaht be
fore sailing.    No hotel expenses,    no transfer charges.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
Rising Sun Realty Co.
Room 4 Trapp Building Telephone .868
;,.- ..i.j,,- :.)Vj'���tf'1' tytvy
-1 ymiiiii Wti-m^f'*w&��*wt>mm
Hi FAQVVpxm.
TUESDAY, JUNE 4; 1912.
r, B. C
Business Office   L n'ifl
Editorial  Otfice    R ,J,J9
By carrier $4 per year, Sl for three
months, or 40o per month.
By mail $3 per   year,   or   :'ac
Westminster Weekly Xews $1
TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 1913.
| down from the west    including   that
{ which passed  through  the American
j canal went out by way of the Buffalo-
"tftabllshed  rtevery   morning   except   xew York.'
'-Snnday by The National Printing and j      Why Wheat Went to New York.
Publishing  Co.,  Ltd.,  at  their office, ���    Carefully inquiry  was   made as to
���%l   McKenzie  Street   New   Weutmin-1 the conditions which operated in November last, and which in some degree operate In all seasons, as a countervail  to the lake freight   rates   in
favor of Monti enl.      Tho   conditions
were ascertained to be. availability of
ocean   tonnage   at New York, lower
insurance rates to New York. These
I factors  were  obviously  sufficient   to
divert,  in   November last  nearly  half
of all the Canadian wheat fiom the
west, into American channels.    November is the rush month In the wheat,
trade, mid market considerations may
under such circumstances, rise above
the immediate question of rates. Ma- j
ritie   Insurance   rates   remained   unchanged dining; the year.
Of all the Canadian wheat whicn
came down in 1911 through tho Canadian canal at Sault Ste. Marie, 54.4
per cent clung exclusively to Canadian channels. The proportion in
1910 was fiS.6 per cent, so that the
diversion to American channels was
considerably greater in 1911.
The aggregate value of freight
moved through all of the Canadian
canals last year amounted to over
I 000,000 tons as compared with the
previous vear. This decrease is more
than accounted for by the decline in
traffic at Sault. Ste. Marie, applicable
almost whollv to American ora However an increase of 211,339 ions
through the St. Lawrence canal
points to satisfactory growth as far
as Strictly Canadian business was
concerned. ,
Of all the commodities transported
through the canals of Canala last
vear the proportion was 19.5 fwcont,
in I'll" the proportion was &!������> rer
cent. The large difference in favor
or thc United States is almost wholly
in the volume of or.
accounted  for ..
passed  through tte canal   at   Sanl
St   Marie.     With   regard   tq vessel
tonnage    ihe   propo non    last    year
stood;    Canadian  38.5 per cent, and
United States GG.5 ier cent,
Tilings move fast In the west, it IS
an oid story, that of lhe bare prairie
one yeaf, and the thriving township
the next. Hut Just, as this ia true of
the old Northwest Territories, to it is
true of Hritish Columbia, and particularly of the fit ies of its coast line.
There ate but very few cf us who
cannot look back and make Interesting comparisons between one year,
two years or ten : ears ago. and conditions as tbey ars here today.
Some oi us can go bae'e much further than tJUS, but the fact remains
that   development as   a whole   has
lieen extremely rapid,   ln New- Westminster this growth up 'till  recently
has perlia;.s not  been so marked as
in her neighboring    city, but    today
none but the very dullest can fail to
read the signs of the times.     In the
city itself there is evidence of a new
spirit, abroad    among the    people, a
spirit which finds expression in the
Utterances   of its    public    men, and
wliich has found    further expression
In the    many now movements    that
liave  been  begun of  late.      Whethei
-we look at the passing of the whole
of an im; ortant  batch of bylaws, a |
record May  Day, or the institution ol
various    associations, all  having    as
their object,    the betterment of    the
City,   the  Mine   spit it   is   seen   working.    ' These  and  a  thousand    other
that might be instanced are born of
Ibis spirit.
And what is iis en:l to be? Tbat
no man can forse e, but we may gauge
���some of its measure by considering
vhat it has already effected. Here it
will suffice lo say that it3 result thus (t j�� Not a city For vvomen Visitors to
far ha.s been in the awakening of the j Explore Alone.
^^Wef^T^TaUll   No foreigner knows what the Arab
STud what is its rightful destiny,  does.   To few has it been given, to un-
Afore than this it has aro.-sel in the  demand what he thinks.   Within bis
outside  world  an  ever-increasing   in-1 bouse be ls as much master in Algiers
tetest among thope:who?*e business it Ls be is in Mecca, so long as he avoids
is  to supply  the Hinews   upon   n li.vh /,jJ(? appearance of wbat the intidei calls
njoy the Comforts of Life
Buy a
Ottawa, June 3.���The '���''��� Hon- v-'d-'
ter Long, minister of agriculture In
the recent British Conservative government, will pay a visit to Canada
In the autumn. Mr. Long is one ot
the hading members of the < onser-
vatlve party. He is recognized as an
authority on agricultural and municipal affairs. 	
���fT  MYSTIC ALGIERS.     x
-the    muscles    ot a    great    city
Without    the    backing    of  British
capital file west  would not be where
fibe is today.   Hitherto overshadowed
���to some extent due to irer own in-
���activity���by the other    coastal cities
Westminster  is   at  last   coining  into
Tier own.    One ol the best advertisements this city  ever    received    was
when her bonds weie over-subscribed
in tl;o Lon'.on market quite recently,
while the last few days bave brought
new   evidence  of   the    fact   that   not
only  is the  financial standing of the
city on the highest   plane, but that
Hritish  capital  is  desirious  of  beginning new industries here, and so contributing  to  make that   financial stability >el. firmer.
The city has begun to tind itself.
It is indeed at the parting of the
ways. There can be no question as
to which direction it shall take, but
this means work for all. Work for
thore in the council chamber and
work for the mau in the street alike.
To the later the realization of the
fact that there is work to hand for
the betterment M the city has he-
jcun. There arc a myriad of ways in
whieh he can help, and looking at
tho hundreds who now take an intelligent interest in affairs of tiie city
where, formerly there were but tens,
we are sure that every citizen can
and will work for the achievement of
that glorious dgatiny which even
now Is dawningupon the Royal City,
Sixty-Three Million Bushels
Through Soo Canal.
'Ottawa, Juno 3.���That nearly half
of the wheat which came down last
year from the Canadian west found
an outlet to the ocean through the
put of Buffalo is the dominant lea-
'ure of a report on Canadian canals
just issued by the department of rail
days end canals. T'lere were over
63,000,000 bushels of Canadian when'
tiriuisji":...i through the Canadian
tamal at Baull Ste. Marie duiing the
Vast ;u:, and 13.8 per cent wenl to
fVrilJalo. Wheat Is supposed to folio a-
the channel offering the lowest
freight    rates,    other    thing!;    being
������equal, in ihis instance, however, distance uu.] frelghi rates were substantially In favor   of Mcntrea!, and   yel
���other   considerations  tauBed   uoan
half ii! the wheal which <aiue duv i.
ilasI yenr from ihe Canadian v*"��st it
find an outlet i.i the ocean through
'he : otl of liu"'..;.-).
'Mie course of the wlfeal trade during the month of November, ',:���:!
may he t.l.vn as Illustrating the Bit-
nation. In thai mouth over 18,000,
��00 bushi���',: ol Canadian whe' pnzs
through thi i una ilan bunal at Sauli
Ste, Marie or cearly one-tbJid of the
total valut for t'e yenr. The all
winter i ��� . ii rate In No\r:n'.iei' was
l'/a cents ,<r bushels. The watei
rate froa ! on V. l.Ml.un to DuS ilo
was " ��� ��� nts i </r biislK I plus 5'.
t;entK bj rati from Buffalo to New
Vork. ViMr.ii and New Yoi'K arc
the cssi ntial ; oil ti of < ompartsion.
Tli,;.", ; t .* ember the fi eii ht rate
from Fori W Rtiatti lo Mi ntreai jvas
���1'4 > i nl    in   i om- nied  v, Ith 9 cen's
tO    '*������- '! '������        m,.!'      i
estflblii h it  i  o Hi ���  sdi anta ;o  In
favor of "��� nlrotO  oihi ��� t'lln ���; heing
a i iai  i"    i t ���:,; iv <.": i      i... cenl
fit al]  ; ;!.,..!. ,i     ;,\.<..;  which    came
ure I evil aad to long aa be complies wltb
certain demands, equally foolish and
outrageous to him. ln respect ofr registration, vaccination, sanitation nnd the
To any one who has ever seen for a
moment behind the veil of native life
there ls something almost terrifying
about tho impenetrable mystery of
these sileut bouses. Things happen
there nnd human nature assumes aspects there of which the western world
never dreams. I confess to being uneasy wben I see careless and ignorant
westerners���certainly when I see western women���walklug alone ln tbo native quarters of eastern towns.
Suppose one of those dark doors
should open suddenly, the stranger be
drsgged quietly wlthlu and the door
shut! That si ranger might disappear
forever without leaving a single trace.
It would be useless to search unless
the auitiorltles were prepared to run-
sack every house to its most private
apartments in a whole district, ami to
do that would be. If not to provoke a
revolt, at least to stir up such dangerous unrest uud hostility as tu make lt
What might happen to that stranger
Is best not considered. If his or her
captors so chose there would be uo
more trace than marks the spot where
n stone has fallen Into the sea. Such
nn event Is, of course, very unlikely,
but it has horribly happened and might
happen agalu.-SIr Ilenry Nurinuo, il.
I'., iu Scrlbner's,
ii. tgnetli
a'l    he
Voice of the Nortb, In clea
Calls v i;ii Insistent   magi
We    bear tlie march   of trim] ing
ft ���'  responsive to her will;
'. o th of an old world     me to It el
Ol   S   rev  WOI Id  the  thrill:
Thoy i ��� me, they come from East tc
Vl Ido      'hi  soil, walling to be pos-
. . , ,|
Orlp,   ' una la    their   hearts,   and   win
thi   best.
->; n   of |.l" Noith, your horitase li
T ���     i  .1" lh n   untramelle!   by tin
An ���  ��� m on th   lefi hand, and an
oi i .ii on the il?ht,
A ��� h iln of laUt a ai I rivers is thi
P.'irdl   nt \our i ;/tit.
''���'���'���������'    ii ��� your fn"!' th, c ich Boed to
:'"'.- ha   est as in time to co ne shall
l row,
To bl< is   a   land whose worth   all
ds shall know.
Land cf i ��������� "u"  . whoso power li
��� i..������.   I,, i in i
To ii.i" 'hoe hearts who came nnd
ii in I the i kind;
'���'���<���   lr.' '.i' In thy | ,:t oso e id b
foi th i ach i ol l< n praln
Th;���;    all   ? ho ECflk  shall  (In '
il ' -���  the fc ml  the.   \ o I'd  al
I  In,
"''���c,  ('un')'! i,  y '���'*  '' r '��� '   '   pi ,
1 ������ 'i '������ "io   ��� o 'd a ste 01 s.1   da mb
Ip a ra ** ���
Imic'ini .'ir" hter oj In ������' rn ������
���CliVo   iJnJsu..',   in   Lr!.,:,>]   Times,
And Avoid the Worry of Repair Bills
The car for Business ancl pleasure. No more cranking, swearing or soiling of clothes. The Hudson is a clean car. Never smokes or steams and
runs quiet. The Strongest and Lightest car for the power in the world.
The car with the Least parts, Dust Proof, and all parts easily accessable.
Requires the least attention of any car on the road. Compare the
Hudson 33 with other cars and you will be convinced of its superiority.
The Hudson 33 will develop 50 miles per hour and up, and run smoothly
4 miles an hour cn the same gear anc) with the same load.
THE HUDSON AUTO AGENCY, 115 Fife Street, New Westminster
!     .
Wealthy Woman  Ltaves Over a  Million for Sanatorium for Bankrupts.
Berlin, June '���',*���Ono of the most
remarkable bequests on record has
just been made. The deceased, ihe-
widow of ;i wealthy St. Petersburg
jeweler, has left a fo:t::ne of $1,125,-
000 to l>e devoted to the amelioration
and support of bankrupt business
men, and their destitute daughters.
Half the sum is tc be spent In erecting a sanatorium for bankrupts.
The cstatrix sets forth in her will
that men who have failed hi business
usually emerge from their troubles
with temporarily or permanently
shattered nervous system. T.ho sana-
toriums woull serve as a convalescent   home
The rest of thc estate is distributed
in annuities to daughters ot bankrupts with a view of enabling them to
educate themseives for self-suppo. t-
lug occupations.
Tiie widow's relativrs ha'e piven
notice contesting her novel testa*
ment, fjleglng that ll was made
when lh" testatrix was suffering from
mi ntal abberatlono.
tenders *������ hieh v, lit be received u.i to
July j.
Although the Kestrel was generally
admitted to be a slow bout, she ls
ci edited with thieo oaptutes during
her term in Ihe fisheries protection
servlc-e. The lirst poacher Oicrtal.en
in prohibited waters was th? |o,'.��'i
Schooner North, rijp afterwards captured the Francis Cutting and the
Charles Levi Woodbury.
The Kestrel wus taken O'tt of commission se\e.al months a^o and since
tliat time the rast tug William Jolliffe bas been under chai ter to protect t!te fishing interests, The y>v-
ernment is now calling for ten ers i
for two fast \e?sels, to be utilised in
the Biitish Columbia service. The
Kestiei w&s built at the Wallace
Fenian Raid Heroes May Cather Th**
Month in Cornwall.
Ottawa, June ���')������A  leunicn   of all
the Fenian   Haul veterans is   bein
pi inned by John B. McMillan of i on,'
wall, to be  held In   Cornwall   somi
time In June, preferably between '
20th  end 27th.      Overtures arc  lc
made with the different rlillro'a I con
, ���*        to i rani  the vet al ani ip<
rate   lo and from Cornwall front   ���
; an     I the Dominion,   The Duke m
Conna . hi has been Invited io att> ih'
aud It |r understood It Is ''ery proh
able he r ill acce: t the imltut.lor..
Berlin June 3,���-A special despate!
from i.'i.niors, the capital of Fir
land says tha a prospective mutiT"
in tbe ranks of the Russian squadroi
lying thorn wus frustrated by the "'���
resi of forty tailors. Th" arrests )���'
lowed tin- discovery of a revolution
ery plol to murder the o^icers of 'h<
fleet and seize some of the ships���n
riot, similar to the Black S^eu mutlnv
The man Mm betrayed to the nolle'
the plans nt the re olutlonlfla I ���
(aid to have lined himself, feat ing
their ieveni e,
Kestrel  l8 fnr S.i'c���Fig'er Con's Or-
rfered for Fisheries Protection,
Vlcto la,      Jvno      :'. -Tier       elj.H
���' 't*'.y oi'vh ������ in ��� roti linn the 'H1-
'���'i Col f) *' i ii: hinfl lu lustrv fro> i
lltiell ! '��� ic iers, the ^toamer Kei tre
i" v.' i; ������.-. nt \Tt iulm di, i ��� to lie II*
n<> '<���>.' ��� V dcs.rtment
of mailnc anJ (Isheiles   have Invite.i
How the Secret of Cu'.tin^ the Stone-
War   Discovered.
With tlie exception or Hip fe-v
stones cut in Antwerp all tbe rough
diamonds of tlie world ate ( u in Amsterdam. There the diamond-cutting
business lH cat lied on in between Tt)
and xo establishments rhicb give employment to 12,000 outlets.
The lit ot outling of a diamond was
accomplished 4lo jear* ago, J he
ancients knew nothing of the hidden
beauty of the stone calle.l Senocil.
"The sai;e whoso Impassibility noth
ing can conquer." But even in the
tough the diamond won the I ivor of
princes, and very gradually experiments re ealod some of Its (ires. I'n-
t j- enamelled
tides of Jew-
til  the
h ' on
i  e    .
, . i   .
0.1   ��� C
b .fo.
i niH<
i" irK-rn    ren'
I do something (o- you before I go?"
the master sneered:
"Ves; bring mc a tr>ol that will cut
these- accursed stones! I *711 give a
fortune to the man that does It!"
Prom that hour the boy thought of
the hardness of the diamond. All
day he did the bidding of his master;
all night I e sat at a rough bench in
his attic trving In vain to make some
impiesslon on a stone stolen from'
the workroonii One night he fell j
asieeu at his bench and di earned that,
an angel sail to hlm: "Iron Is the
master cutter; steel is Iron purified.
Take the file, net lowder: take the
steel and powder, then cut!"
Berquem awoke.   He fixed two diamonds in a Wee, filed lUe mad, and
collected tlie fallen dust.   That done,
hs made a set of little  wheels, and
u;ih  wheels  ivr.il  powdered  with diamond dust set to work to win a for-
'.'.���no.   Sore dn; s later fc? stood be-'
fore   his   master   anl   ln   his   out-'
stretched [nlm lav a btilliant  whoso,
facets gleamed   with light.      History;
sta:��.-s that  Berquem kept the secret
of his invention until he won hls for
tune anl hls  bride.���Harper's Week
tie i !
i cglnnlng  i       e fourteenth
���*������ it n the ' lee  ol enamels
'���"  Bl to b he decorated
��� iiiiiu lbe .i ,i. ii Of all |nir.;< i
���i" losl the favor ol the fine
d buttons of gold and Bllver
led   with    I i iirls.    ci mm mds
md i o   ro l stoni n look the plaoe ot
, the ��'i ��� 'nels, The flnosl of the Btones
| than I t own   wns a diamond -a  form-
i les* in-ss the hI/c of a pigeon's egg,
a ' cm v (ii n on great occasions by the
Kins n]  Portugal.
Iti thn vear 1170 when Bruges was
a it-Mi nee olty the court lived a
11*9 oi' ��� travaganl luxury, Men and
women    ent about In garments stiir
��� !t'i '������o i and silver   ornaments and
evi ���' ���  <sr wl'.h pearls and precious
slrtfl* ;.     But tho si ones were  uncut
nl -.' ���  oieis,    Charles, son  of the
'. ���   .       'oi ii-uidy.   0i'"'"'    n   ir''eat
li |ror.11 " iiich lm amuBed himself b>
'"T.I lllni   to ii'n "chaperon,'   but as
' ������ i ������ ,;i "d its virtues   he bewailed
::y, ***']���   and Its lack of light.
' i I n   liuio one of tlie Important
e ��� c; rr (   'ban's of Bruges w'��s serv-
���I ���    'i     lork who was a natlu)   of
' i   '!'���        a young man name-l l/mls
���'���: I'.n      in, who wns deep in hope-
��� i lo     of hl.i  master's   tfaurhter,
������ r.' i ��� cueun was on Ihe vei g(. of
���'���ri' hen one night, as he wn?
' 'i."l; i ills apron ;i"nd prepariny
' ' ro bo ��� e to his attic, he saw his
'ending above his bench
L-'Tr uin i t'ie iiBelessness of hla la-
licr,   \,:   n d<t Boruuem asked, "Can
They were sitting In the
front parlor. Churlle wus telling about tho motor car he and
BUI were going to buy next
summer and the swell time
they'd give their girl friends.
Mabel was secretly wondering
how he'd pay for lt, for she
kne'W where he worked. Mabel
had seen Robert in the People's
Trust Co.'s office depositing
money at 4 per cent, linterest,
compounded every li months,
and she was thln'dng.
What     was     tho    thinking
about. ?
Figure it out.
HARflY   TIDY,   Manager.
Program for Thi�� Evening.
"The Schemers"
"The Face at
the Window"
Paris Graphic
"The Serpent's Eye"
Program    Changes    Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Best and Moat Comfortable
Theatre In the City���Airy and
cool.    ��
Beginning at 7:30.
Admission 10c.
1} TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 1912.
��� ���
Northwestern League.
Won. Lost
George Parker Gets Very Poor Rec!
tion in  Edmonton and Canary
Soccer Circles.
"Kvery little movement has troubles of Us own." That pathetic little
ballad. Is no doubt, being warbled at
this time by Mr. George Parker, after tbe reading of the following article
anent t lie soccer situation in the Dominion today penned by a sport writer on the Edmonton Jounal. It
mlghl be noted that Parker paid a
visit to the coast a few weeks back,
matting a vain attempt to smooth the
dliif. ultles pertaining to the Nanlamo
United and the Thistle's team of Vancouver:
"tieorge Parker, whose name i=
known to fans as the patron saint
of tlie People's Shield, supposedly
emblematic of the association football championship of the Dominion, is
in Kdmonton at present, trying to
drum up a few loctii onirics for liis
tournament in Winnipeg this month.
(Mr. Parker has a tough task ahead of
him to try and raise any enthurlasm
here, as the shield he lepresents does
not arouse even curiosity In these
parts, after the thrilling experiences
of the Calgary Hilllea and Dallies,
who once went a-Inm ting and returned with the cup, but little in tlie way
of Ke'e receipts. Indeed, the I lillies*
sliaie of the reclpts at the last tournament would not have made a decent tip for tlie porter on their observation car.
Mr. Parker
Victoria .
Pot Hand .
Tacoma .
Seattle' ..
Is very bitter against
si ort writers on the Calgary Herald and Albertan, and says that when
he i-ets through with them they will
vis't they had never attacked him.
He .'inscrta that he always lost money
cn tie People's 'Shield tournaments,
and dropped a lat bo, bunch of kale
on the tour of tho Corinthians last
Bummer, Mr. Parker has cortainlv
been (ravelins in a lot of hard luck,
alal to add to his troubles a new Oo-
minlon Football Association has been
formed which will present a trophy
of its own to lie emblematic of the
Canadian championship, which is at
it siiould be. Canada is getting large
���enojiiii now to compete for its own
trophies, not for ours c'ie , J bv an
English newspaper as an advertising
do Ige and exploited by one man instead of a commission.
The 0. A. A. I", is also, according
?*> Mr. Parker, prosecuting him, but.
In suite of all the knocks he is being
subjected to, he still retains his love
fdr ihe game, and ls anxious to fur-
*tar the interests of soccer in Canada. It'l�� hard-to believe that such
;a well-meaning fellow should make
t��o many enemies, but there is no accounting for the actions of some peo-
l le.
The fact that Mr. Parker had the
temerity to criticize the style of Geo.
Gouldlng, the Canadian champion pe-
dejtiian, and chose an Baalish publication to air his view* In. has also
brought down more criticism on the
devoted head of the People's Shield
champion. He stated to the Journal
last evening that he was convinced
Conidlng had a "lift' to his stride,
and that he would be taten oft the
track at the Swedish games. It does
not seem to have been the most tac:;
ful thing tn the world to criticise the
idol of all Canadian athletes, especially when _Webb and Larner, well-
known walkers, have agreed that
Coulding's motion was perfect, but
then Mr. Parker seems to have the
happy faculty ot always netting Into
hot. water.
He leaves for the east today and It
\�� not thought that a close search of
bis cl< thing would show any signs of
Kdmonton cnirles for the People's
Shield competition. Meanwhile, Her-
aid an'. Albertan, "take keer ot yourselves.''
Yesterday's Games.
At  Victoria��� R.H.E.
Spokane fi    9    1
Victoria 5 15   1
Batteries: Cadreau and Ostdiek;
McCreery, Concaniion and Meek.
At Vancouver��� R, H. E.
Vancouver  3   7   2
Portland    2    4    2
Batteries: Agnew and Lewis; Ton-
neson and Harris.
At Seattle��� R. H. E.
Seattle    7 13   4
Tacoma   5 10   2
Batteries: Thompson. Schneider
and Whaling: Schmutz aud Ctltten-
National League.
Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 80       7      .Sin
Cincinnati 25     17      .698
Chicago    21     17      .653
Pitisburg 19     18      ,613
St.Louia    20     24      .452
Philadelphia    15     20      .428
Brooklyn 12     24      .333
Boston     13     2S      .317
Yesterday's Games
At N'ew York���
St.  Louis  	
N'ew York
R. H. E.
3    9    3
 8    9    3
Batteries: Sallee, Dale and Bres-
nahan; Marquard and Meyers.
At Brooklyn��� R, H.E.
Cincinnati  7 10   2
Brooklyn   4 11    7
Batteries: Benton and (McLean;
Kent, Kiietzei, Stack and Phelps.
At Boston��� R. H.E.
Chicago ...4   8   1
Boston   3 10    1
' Batteries: Brown, Lavender and
Ncedham;  Hess and Kling, Raridan.
At Philadelphia��� R. H. E
Pittsburg   3    fi    3
Philadelphia 4   9   6
Batteries: llenlrix and Gibson;
Alexander nnd Dooln.
H. E.
East Las Vegas, N. M., June 3.--
Positive assurances were received today that the New Mexico legislature
would lefuse to act on any prize
fighting legislation now before tliat
The legislature will adjourn cn
Saturday. An effort on lhe part nf
Senator Evans, who introduced an
anti-prize fighting bill, to have It leported today by the committee, v.aa
\oted down.
Looks Cood for Stockholm.
San Francisco, June 3.���Ralph
Hose of the Olympic Club. equaJleS
his old world's record of 51 feet for '
a right hand shofput, and broke his
own world's recoid for right and left
hands. lie made four successive
right hand puts, all ol which were
better than 50 feet. The Olympic rc-
co:d Is 48 feet 1 inches.
English Featherweight Knock. Out
French Chaimlon.
London, J��ne.3.-lem Drls;oH tb'
featherweight chami lon of Engluncl.
KSmSSm out the F.encii, c ��
pion .'ean Poosy. The flght was ne
fore tiie National Sporting club
went  IJ rounds.
Duke of Connaught  Said to Be Don-
.ting Cup to Footballers.
Toronto, June 3.-U  is   state ion
good authority that liis RW")���"
ness tbe Duke of Connaug t, Gover-
nOK;e"e;oa\he neX'conSutKa
tion a cup to be competed tm nn
nuallv the winners of same to be rec
��S��t �� $ ch^,l0nA,tbou h Dn��o
minion tor one .car. ^"ou* ,v��d
definite intimation has '���con recenti
seemed  tne
American League.
Won.  Lost, pet
Chicago    J9     14
Boston 2fi      15
Philadelphia    19     17
Detroit 22      21
Washington    21      21
Cleveland 19     20
New  York    1",     n I
St. Louis 12     29
Yestetday's Games.
At Cleveland���   , fl
Cleveland 4    7    1
Boston    3 io    1
Batteries: Mandin-;. Raskette and
Easterly; O'B-ien arid Csrrlgan.
At St. Louis��� RHE
St. I.ouls     4' r'   ���*
Washington  13 17   3
UntleileH; Bnunmaitner. K. Biowp
end drf**r, ^Valdon; Engel, Hughes
and Williams.
At Chicago��� R. H. E.
Philadelphia 8 12   2
Chicaeo 4 10    2
Batteries:    Plank and Egan:   Mog-
ildge, Peters, White, Benz and Sullivan.
At Detroit��� R. H. E.
New York  1   7   0
Detroit  4   9   0
UatterleB:     Warhop and Sweeney;
Dubuc and Stanage.
This evening the Moose nnd the
Maple Leafs flght the fli st battle In
the City baseball league. The schedule for the season was drawn up last
evening, the Maple Leafs after sitting on the fence for the past two
weeks, fell Into the git and fiom now
on the slaughter at the local ball
yard Is on. Manager Chockley, who
has been seen among the bleachers
at Queens paik while the Moose and
the Balmorals were trying to scalp
each other, blew into the Moose head-
quarters last evening with a chip on
his shoulder un I made tbe proud
boast that the Maple Leafs have the
edge on any aggregation of ball 1 layers that the other two teams ever
thought of. Just whether that threat
will be can led out will be determined
within the next few days.
Here Is the achedu.e:
June 4���Maple Leafs vs. Moose.
June 7���MooFe vs. Balmorals.
June 11���Balmorals \s. Maile Leafs
June 14���Maple Leafs vs. Mocse.
June 18���Moose vf". Ba'mo als.
June 21���Balmorals v. iMaple Loafs.
June 25���Maple Leafs vb. Moose.
June 28���Moose \s. Halmo r.ls.
July 2���Balmorals vs. Mn^le Leafs.
July 6��� Maple Leafs vs. Moose.
July 9���Moose i��. Balmorals.
July 12���Balmorals vs. Maple Leafs
July IB���'Maple Leufs ya. Mouse.
July  IB���Moose vs. Balmorals.
July 23���-BalnioralB vs. Maplo Leafs
July 27���Maple Leafs vs  Moose.
Aug. 6���MOO��e ya   Balmorals,
Aug. �����Balmorals vs. Maple I^afa
It is no light matter to be a Japanese wreEtier. It is said that the art
originated In Japan before the Christian era. and that there are no fewer
than forty-eight formulae by which
wrestlers try to bring opponents to
earth���a tort of catch-as-catch-can
with forty-eight Queensberry rules
added. Wrestlers are naked, except
for a narrow girdle, and consequently it lg not easy to get a "hold."
The Japanese have at present 5S7
trained wrestlers In the sei vice ofthe
Wrestling Association, an.l in June
and January of every year there are
great displays at the hall in Tc':io
Beginning at sunrise, the matches
continue until the evening, and It Is
not necessary for a fall to take place
before a victory  can be claimed.
On the floor of the amphitheatre is
a square heap of earth three feet
high, and in that sciuare is the wiest-
llng ring, twelve feet in circumference, sur.ounded by twelve straw-
bags. Let a wrestler's knee touch
ground or the tip of his little flnger
go outside that ring and he bas lost
the match.
Theie are rigidly   observe 1   rankr ,     	
among fhe wrestlers.   All rf them po! claims to be the best physically
under nicknames,  which are bestow*I veloped    athlete
If you require ready money and have an agreement of sale it will
pay you to see us.   Reasonable terms���no delay.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Better Stock for Less Money
Ask the Sales Department to have our representative call   and    |
explain what make's this possible.
Frank Bellthazer, of Bellthazer
Brothers, who are presenting a wonderful acrobatic act at thc Royal
theatre   this   week.    Mr.    Bellthazer
��...��. .*... -r  ��� veloped    athlete    now    touring    the
ed on them by their patrons or chos | , continent.    He is 21 years
en b.v themselves.    The highest class ;
is what may be interpreted as tlie
"rore" men. To be raised to this
dazzling  dignity ls a rare ovent.
For  -00 jears tbere were ..only, tU-
teen   men  who  enjoyed    the   distinction,  and    the  power to    confer the
title is held by an old Japanese family which Is said to have   been that
which  initiated the art.     Altogether
there are five grades of wrestlers, all I
gladiators, who are eager to try their'
skill with men    trained   like   themselves.
They begin the matches by first
washing their mouths in a bucketful
of water by the side of tlte ring. No
suggestion is made that they bite
each other; it ls simply a peculiar
rule. Then they sit on their
haunches, hands on the ground, and
watch each other, lf they feel confident they spring at each other sud-
-lenl' and hold on to glr.'le or body.
But if one does not wish to start the
match and sees his opponent read.'
for the raring, he may call "Not yet."
and they both go and wash their
mouths again.
of age.
cost mote ��� so pure, fine, weB-
savourcel. Goes further, too. But
not ��� cent dearer.
'official vice-regal
[it  i   ii i \i\t     �����-        " . ���.
^CSASSfe. *"�� n,w���anyd
peln'^n^lbuslasuc sponsman ��nd
during his o-'cupancv or tM^ r        h
army he did muen ��� '   ,. the  ran;<
relopoAhletcB   thougtoii    n
assistance. ..   onpo-lun-
That he lluwM m ��  ,'9b0u  Dom-
jty of Honoring  h�� *��*'* *��"   0 ,n
lnion rocuitil. ""^a.^wn'srorts-
cd with being about to H'^^.^ll
ll.e n big boost io the r-me rt '.���"���
Slla an.1 will further endear him in
the minds of a'.l sportsmen.
Collegians Win.
A  team  representing  the  Peo-le's
Trust com) nny met n team made up i
ot   Columbian   college   students   at j
baseball on the Qvtcni* paik grounds
yesteiday afternoon, and    came   out
the loners by a smko oi !'4 t3 7.
No   Stopping 'em.
New    York,    June    3.~Two    new
world's amateur records wero   made
today at the tra?k and field games o/
the  Metropolitan  association  of  the
A. A. U,
Abel R. Klvlat, of t'ie Irish-\merl-
can Athletic Club, who wen the 1500-
meter hiinMcaj] from scratch In
3:65 4-5, ran, 2 2-5 seconds faster
than b!s wo Ids lecord.
l-'lvlat's lertcriuance was all the
mo'e remar'trMo ns he had Just
rtcpred ol �� train ft on Canada, after wlttnlre- the RWMr.cler race at the
pnnial  Eaton  meet  In   Toronto on
,vames F, Ouncan, unattached, of
tt'Ii clt'. scaled tie dl3ftus from a 7-
<nf.> elr.-in a dls'rtn-F! of l<"i feet i>%
Inchea toda''. T'ie hest previous te-
cor 1 was 141 leet, made by Martin
West bid Branch
1 wish to announce to the public
that I have opened a branch store In
the West End of the city, located at
Ihe coiner of
6th Avenue and (2th Street
Tills part of the city Is growing so
1 a; Idly and our customers bave become so numerous in this locallt;
that it has been absolutely impossible
for us to 8ive them tho service we
would H'.ee ln the w,ay ot deliveries,
In this branch we will carry a well j
assorted ttoclc ot
at same prices as at our down town |
store and Sapperton branch, an.l will
be able to give our customers ptomr-t
delivery. 1 have engaged Mr. R. O.
Gordon to manage this branch. Mr.
Gordon has had a long and successful experience and will giva you every
satisfaction. We would H'te yoa to
oall and ^ee the store, it ig one of
the nicest grocery stores In the city.
I respectfully solicit your patronage.
The People's Grocer
Grand Trunk System
Double Weekly Service
si. "PM mm"    si. 'mm mar
to Prince Itnpeil Mondays,
midnight, connecting tor Granby
Bay and Stewart.
to Prince Ruport Thursdays,
mt&atght, connectlssg for Queen
Charlotte leland polnta.
TO VICTORIA and SEATTLE, Saturdays and Tuesdays at midnight.
Grand Trunk   Pacillc   trains connect at  Priivce   Rupert   for
with above sttamere.      Ask  for t tuatrated literature re asricufttur&l
lands lc B. C. antl Western  Canda.
Special excursion fares via Chicago    daring summer months.
Rail Tickets to All Points,
ship Linee.
General Agency Trans-Atlantic Steam-
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. V.
Phone 8eymour 7100.      VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
12th Street and 6th Avenue
3 and 4 Room Suits Reasonable Rents
������ ' ����^��^���������������
Phone 595 675 Columbia Street
For many things in cookery, St. Charles Cream
ia an essential. It ia aa good as the best milk
or cream for any purpoee. For many purposes
it is much better. It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor wbich even tbe
best of ordinary cream cannot approach, and it aids in bringing out
tbe delicate aroma of chocolate and
cocoa. For confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled. For invalids and
infa ,t�� it is indispensable. It never
         curdles.   It strcngtbens tlie strong-.
If only pure water is added it will agree witb
tbe most delicate alomacb. ^^^���
Sold by beat grocers everywhere.        ^L_
M ���**Wm
TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 19;2.
Getting "Human Interest" In the Cam*
_____ era Man's Pictures.
u A. W. Dltnock In Outing tells of hla
HO    IS   an    Affectionate    Critter   enpugemuut as ti professional disturber
and Dparlv I nvp<s His Master    of snuUes- lyn1, nlli��atoIS' tarpon.etc
ana ueany Loves his wiasier  . foP nia cameru mnn aiia of a partiai
  drowning necessary to supply the "hu-
mur mt  uns   mi TDmiEii c    ln;ln interest."   Tu quote him:
Ht GOT HIM IN   IKUUELt      ,.Wben a colu>(|  rfttleanaJw needed
  ' stirring up 1 shook a short stick In hls
Tha Joyous Antics of the Playful Ca-    face-     If   we   <*����*"* a   b,��'  '^tQr  ��
nine Brought About tha Scene That
Queered John With His Wife and
Gave Color to Her Cruel Suspicion.
One of the most touching things In
nature Is the affection ot u^dog for Its
muster. Authors have wept over this
before now. Indeed. In some cases
canine affection would make u cube ot
billiard chalk weep.
John Scott luiH an nffectlonnte dog.
crocodile on n bank 1 was the one to
keep between It ami Its borne. In river
or buy. und discourage with n club its
advance. When mir captive lynx was
let out of his cnge to pose It was my
business to keep him busy with fish or
otherwise lest he cut the camera man.
I wus expected to hypnotize auy bird,
from a tern to a turkey buzzard, wblle
tbe camera mini gut In his work.
The Pillory Waa Not Abolished In Eng-
lund Until 1337.
The pillory wns done away with b.v
act of iiiiillament in tbe ye:ir 1SBT. and
It ls nmuzin;: that it should hnve eu-
liureU until th.it dute, for lt wns n
mode of iiiiiHsluiient wliich could be
tnuile ho extremely linrliuroiiH lis to he
n crying scniidnl lo nu.v nation. This
engine of torture seems to have been
known before tlie conquest under the
nume of "stretch neck." wliich Is pleasantly suggestive of its functions.
lidward I. emu-ted that all Btretcb
necks should he mnde of a proper size
so that the life of tbe occupant should
uot be endangered, and a print of tbe
reign of Henry 111. shows very clearly
what the pillory was like ln those daya.
Tbe culprit wns mounted upon n stool,
i at one side of which wns Hxed a pole.
It Is a young dog. but Joyful, und be   day I heard lhe shout:
keeps it In the cellar nt night.    The j    ������ 'Can't you pull your canoe nearer
<Iog nml the hirnm-H are great friends,   the flsb?    1  must have human Inter-
probably   because  voutranted   natures   est.'
agree well.   The dog's nature Is warm, '    "Then I dragged on the line till the
uud the furnace's nature Is mid     Hut   canoe was over a (lsh that was bigger
the pup simply adores John Si-oit. I than 1. which often shot ten feet over
Une nlghl  .1 oil ii Scoit  left  the bun-    my head, sometimes crashing Into the
"Even tarpon tishiiig was made ad-   supporting a pair of hoards hinged to
venturous, nnd half a dozen times a   gether and   with  boles  cut  lu  them
large enough to admit tbe wrists and
The bands and arras were thus held
on n level with the fnce. and tbe ap-
<jnet nf the I'etonic club nt 1 o'clock
Jn iite morning when bis wife had toid
Llttl positively In I'e Untile nl Ill-Jill
jSlu* hnd lold hlm iilxn lo drink nut one
cocktnil Thill wns the only loiutnil
lie dnii'U. hill lh the bright lexicon ot
banquets theie nre other drinks. The
cure tree yel diguilied muiiuei in which
John Suiti wended his home ward way
itlive proof Hint lie hint kmmIiihI ihe lex-
lie wna not  Intoxicated.     He could i
etlll   lift   Ills   fn''   ns   lie   wnlkeil.   but
v.'hrn lie had lilted n lout he wuved It.
)n (he "ii n inivtiHiif tietni'e he decided j
Just  vi'.i  set it down, nud It did i
Imt :i''v:;\-- flit lie eXih'1 spot Ile lllld !
veh" ini I'.ni Ii i brum wns clear as ,
ii   li-'ll      lie  re U'licl'ctl  thnt   he  must
inn in'ii iu ii.e luriiuce before l.e went
tO  l""J
W'h-n he opened llie cellar door the j
jmp  wns  asleep oil  Ids bed lu  u  box,
but   by  ihe lime John Scott had de-
scc'iiled ihe cellar si.-iirs tbe pup and
its    iil'lectlniinte    nature    were    wide j
ownke.    The pup gnve one little bnrk
of joy und rushed ncross the cellar like
u riibbei shoe lired out of a caution and |
stopped iisi-it by making ti Hying tackle
With iN leelli on the hem Ot one of the j
legs of John Si nit's dress trousers, j
John Sintt swnyed. put oul it hnnd nnd j
��:it down on lhe tloor, and the pup at- i
lectionniciy climbed into his hip nnd.
putting two conl dusty paws uu John ���
tjcnlt's  shirt   bosom,   kissed   llllll:
This evidence ul canine affection was i
foo   milrll   lor  John   Scott     He  com-
jmred  ll   wilh  the reception  lie would ,
jii'obiilW.v receive llum .Mrs. Scott, and ! ' resit,
lie wns so nrt'ecleil Knit lie Imaged llie
pup tn hls lionow Hild wept.     TUi'll lie
lil.tced lhe pup c-iiefli.ly eih the cellar
fioor und stood ll\i.    Tbe \>up luiiuedi-
ulely i;ol  lietween his feet, llirew liim
twice ns he walked to the conl liin nud,
���when lie lient down to pick up the coal
ecoop,   grabbed  tbe  tall  ot   his  dress
tuat lu n deatli grip.
Mr. Scott divested himself of the
pup by inking off Ills coat and hanging it oil a nall-tbe oue the poker
hangs ou All Indications pointed to a
jn'i'iiinnetit suspension of lhe pup. The
juip hung to tlie coattail. and the coat
Ouiig ou lhe null, and Mr. Scott turned
to the coal bin. He raised the scoop
ready to plunge It Into the coal, but
us bo did so be paused. The pup was
Standing on the coal. Just where Hie
BCC-op wns about to scoop up conl.    At
In term Is the pup would dash down
iind worry tlie heel of Mr. Scon's dress
trousers, but whenever tbe scoop np-
jiroacbed lhe coal ihe pup got In trout
of It. Sometimes Mr. Scott scooped np
��� he pup. and someilmes he missed lhe
pup, thp coal nnd the bin. but whenever b" got coal be got the pup too
If bv chance be got coal In the scoop
without any pup the pup showed Its
C'luiue affection by Jumping Into (he
fecoop. Then the coal nnd pup would
elide off the scoop on to the floor.
Not fur worlds would John Scott
Iiav? shoveled the iiffeitlonnte pup Into
tlm flli'iido. hut he saw lb.it be was
likely to do so any minute If be roll.
tinned to fool Willi the scoop, J here
vas but one w;'y to get llie coal Inln
1 lie furn.'K e without cremating Hie pup.
Ko John Sco't proceeded In (bul way.
Un ent on the coal aud held the |iup In
Ids lap nud ihrew coal piece by plecd
nt lhe furnace door.
And l'iis was Hie onl.v basis for Mrs.
John S. oU's unjust suspicion thii .lohu
S'o'.t hod taken more than one cork-
tail .it ll.e I chilli.' club iMinqilel. She
caine lo ihe bead of the cellar stairs tn
ene ��bwt wus bombarding tlle tin sides
of i(.f Tcinaeo, and she saw John Scelt
ei'tlng o'i Ilia coal In bis shirt sleeve*
veep'ng over the infection of ibe pup
nud throwing coal at the furnace with
Ids ei't band, while the pup nestled
inside bis dress waistcoat and kissed
fclr. face. And she nccused blm of Having taker, inure tlnin one cocktail!
I'.tit fl woman never knows how ihe
of��cttcn ot a canine aflects a lender
ttFtrtcd Potonle club banqueter, 'ibe
o\ e ol a dog fot Its master will touch
Hit in-ii i ot tlie sirongest mun.-liills
fVrki'l Hutlef In Judge's Library.
canoe, when instead of belug promptly rescued 1 was likely to hear tho
" "Swim farther out, where the light
Is better!'"
He Resented at First the Comments of
His Unknown Critic.
An art student  was copying one of
Abott S. Thayer's palutlngs nl the Metropolitan Museum of Art In New Vork
one day when a plainly dressed man
I who looked as If he might he a me-
cbflnlc approached and. posting himself
nt  tbe  young  man's elbow,   watched
j blm as he labored over hls subject.
"You've got the angle of Hie mouth
| wrong, and tbe left eye ls too oblique."
: remarked the man decidedly.
The student blinked angrily, nnd the
' hnnd Hint wielded Ibe brush trembled
' slightly, but he took uo notice of Hie
I unsolicited criticism.
I "There la too much yellow in your
j Hesli tint." continued the man.
Still no reply from the studeut. who
ostentatiously slapped on more yellow
palling stiffness which this must have
caused cuu well be Imagined. Thua
couHued and powerless, the offender
was placed In some publlc spot, where
tbe riffraff employed themselves hurling dirt, sticks and stones ut him until
tbey were Hied or until the object of
tbeir sport succumbed, ua not infrequently came to pass.
lt would seem that primarily tbe pillory was Intended for cheats of nil
kinds, such as mountebanks, fraudulent dealers In horses, coal, corn, etc..
and we read In Kablan that the mayor
of London In 1L'S7 "did sharp correction upon bakers for making bread of
light weight. He caused divers of
thein In be put In the pillory, us nlso
one Agnes Haintie for selling of mingled butter." Soothsaying and other
��� nagle arts were also punished with
tlle pillory.
It would appear that famous men did
not appear in the pillory until after
Ki.'lT. when a star chamber decree forbade the printing uf any book or pamphlet without permission from the
archbishop of (Winterbury. the bishop
of London or Hie university authorities aud also mnde uu order that any
printer wlio did not conform to Ibis
and set up a printing press siiould not
only be pilloried, but also whipped
through the clly of London.
Pt afford is told by Garrard the way
in the high light on the nose.
�����)ld you  hear what I saldV ques- \ in   n.n|t,,,  Uim. rae'���  underwent tlieir
Honed the man. I pillorying*.   "They stood two hours In
"Yes. I  did." responded the student    ,|l(, |,|||���ry.   The place wns full of peo
' Wrathftlll.V. turning and glaring at his
> modest looking critic. "What do you
j know about it. anyway?"
"1 ought to know something about
I It." was (he smiling response. "It wns
j I who printed Ihe plcl lire."-New Unk |
pie. who cried and howled terribly,
especially when HurtOII was cropped
iir Hastwlck wns very merry His
wife. lir. I'oe's (laughter, got otl II stool
aud kissed him."���London (Jlube.
Boots and Spurs.
A   contenipiiniry   iitniiiisi-nnr arw-nunt ; (t.r jjp.,((,p
ot lhe diet (it K-.iUslion. hrld til IIGKI liy
lhe Kmpernr  l-'erdiunml  11. nil lhe <><���
cation   ut   the   landing   of   Husluvus
Adolplnis of Sweden In tfermnuy, mentions ns a  remarkable fact  Hint iue I
llungarian cavalry  wbo  rode through I
the   streeta   lo   the   ceremonial   wore I
iheir spill's on their boot soles,    it Is I
diuii-ult lo credit that these spurs were j
tixed oil  Hie Hilt uf the boot, for (bus
shod llie horsemen could neither walk
nor  stand,   espeiinlly   when   tlle  large
size of the spurs worn at the period Is
considered.      I'roliably   the   writer   intended lo indicate that instead of being fastened to the heid tn the usual
fashion   tliey   were   made   to   project
from Ihe fore part ot Ihe military boot,
wid h Is u   portion  of the sole     Thr
same manuscript adds that Hie Hungarian   horses  had  their manes,  tails
and leet puinied red.
Cave Him a  Warm Tip.
Yes.   it's   n   lot  uf  trouble   to   raise
bens rill .vou know liow." sulil n pom
"I'll tell you a story nliuiit
i Ihat very point.    A lull tl who looked ns
1 if be hadn't bad anything to put for :i
week or so leaned over Hie latch fence
of my park some lime ago.    I  had m>
j eye on hlm, and he saw 1 bad my eye
| on him, so he started up u conversation.
" 'Must  lie a  lot of expense to kee|>
up shell a lot of fouls.' he said.
"'Not such n much,' suys I.
"'U hat's   the   priucipal   items?'   he
wants to know.
"'I'owdei' nil' shot,' I tells blm.
"Au'. do  you  know,   he  never come
back to ask no more quest ions?    Diplomacy is ii good tiling to raise hens wun
too.'"���Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Letters ef Marque.
Letters of marque aud reprK'il. ns
they were called, were lirst issued in
the lime of Kdwnrd I. to give leave to
retaliate beyond the marches or limlls
of a country for wrongs suffered at
the hands of a power nominally ut
peace. In this llrst instance Ihey were
aimed at I'orlugal. About UK) yenrs
1,1 ler two Bit nse towns In Mecklenburg,
wishing In relieve their prlUCP, n!w
.was beleaguered in Stockholm, issued
letters of marque-thieves' letters, as
the sufferers culled thein���tn all the
rasculs of lbe Ihiltlc authorizing thou
lo vicinal lii��- besieged city. Tills done,
tliey turned llicniselves Into ii coaled
eracy of sea robbers known as Victualing brut hers, or st. Vltullus' brother*,
������nil rendered the Sditidiuuvliiu seas
uiiMife ior balf a cenl ury.
A Penjuin Wedding.
Dr Charcot iu a lecture oa antarctlc
experiences referred to Ihe amusing
antics of tlie penguins, which, he said.
wpie very much like human beings in
Iheir behavior SoLiPtiines il couple of
betrothed penguins eou'd be s-.-cu nent
ed close together in loverlike fashion
in a recess formed by blocks of lit*
nud observation had shown that subsequently the siiuie couple attended lie'
lor:- u (bird penguin, who might Up
I called 1 In- clergyman or llie regislriu'.
fur the positions of all three were sliu
Ilar io those occupied by the minister
ami the bride nud Ihe IirldfJfJ'ouUl at il
wedding ���London News.
(   Reduced.
"I bear the rudgerlelglis nre In gipat-
ly reduced clrcinm-tniices."
"Are lliey'f    How did Ihey lose tbplr
"Uli. ihey haven't lost their money
Mr. rudgerlelgh bus had typhoid lever
nnd Is u mere walking skeleton, and
his wife bus been Irving a new antl fill
remedy which hns brought her weight
:!��� vii nearly loriy pounds."-Judge's
Fint Mail Coach In 1734.
A theater owner was responsible for
I the Hist mull coach In 17H-L   John I'ai
mer. Hath, Knghind. saw thai it I mil,
! four days io get his actors from I.on-
| don lie went tu the goveiunicni un
I I horl ties nud persuaded Ihem fo start a
i U tim ber of coaches to curry the mulls
| und Hint I hew coaches should be built
for speed and drawn by Ihe fasie-t an
I milts in  Kngland.    In u little while a
revolution was worked.
Only Guldepostt.
,\ wcl'. known Fourth avenue banker
v.i* sitting In a downtown restaurant
e.i'.ir'g mnib und mint.
"Vtuit's   the   mutter?"   inquired   a
"tint dyspepsia."
���Don't you enjoy yonr menls?"
"Bn.loy my inpnii?" snorted the In-
i'ii��:nniit   dyspeptic.     "My   menis   are
rnerely guldeposts to tnke mediclue befoie or ofter.'-l'lttsburgb Peat.
Po'ihf of Nil kinds csn he removed
lir udUilug hut uetJuu.���Goethe.
Norh Wat Lucky.
"What ure yon suiillng about?" nsk
"d Noah.
"I was lust thinking," replied Ja
pheth. "Hot lurkv it wus wp could go
ullead nml build this nrk without waiting lor no Appropriation troin cftu-
gress."���Washington Slur.
Not en lhe Level.
"Mow can mountain climbers he believed ?"
"\\by not?"
"How ("in such n thing ns mountain
climbing be un lhe level?"���Haltluioio
America n.
A Goetipy Mother.
"A gossiping woman umk.'s mp
tired." observed small Donald
"i'i lint's n gossiping woman?" asked
tils jouiiL-cr brother.
"One who I ul In pveryllilug she
knows." explained Donald. "Manium
Is one. Kvery time we misbehave she
runs and tells papa."���Chicago News.
A Mean Retort.
"If yon don't slop talking." caution
'���'I the husband. "I'll not be able to
catch anv tisb." "That's funny." un
swered the wlf a. "When n girl angles
for u husband she has to tulk a great
deal." "I know. Hut there's tl diller
euce between tish nnd lobslers."
Why He Escaped.
Agnes��� Why didn't you arrest the
burglar who was found under your
bed? lllndys-lle snld thnt If I would
not bnve hlm arrested he'd never tell
bow dusty he got.���Harper's Bazar.
Tl'.o mnn who cannot forgive nny
n... iii thing is ii gtoKU baud Lu life -
II   1. Mtvvcusuu.
Yon will never "flnd" time for anything If you want time you must
luuUtt It���Cbarle* Huxton.     .^_       xJ
Berlin, Ont., June ,",.���A dlscbvcrj
of the lirst Importance to t .������ . ana
dlan cattle raising lulus,.., :0 -
I orted by P:ol. Orugel, of tin I :i:-
versity of Rostock. Prof. Grugel announces that he has not only tlie bacillus which causes ico: and r.ioutii
disease, but has also found a ssrurn
for rendering cattle immune nuui.ui
the malaJy.
The serum is not curative bul preventive and c:m, tlierefa.o, be administered cnly to healthy animals. Ks-
reriments with a laif.p number of cat-
lie have i roved unqualifiedly successful.
Prof. Grugel ea>s the serum will
cost about io cents per animal Heated.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
By Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
We are continually hearing from
grateful people who have had experiences like that of Miss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara I'alls, Out., who writes :
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
liaving received the slightest relief, I
heard of your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets and thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will be only too pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give titeni a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only
give the immediate relief from heartburn, flatulence, acidity of the 6tomach
and biliousness, which isso much needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks tin y completely cure the most
ajr'iravated cases of stomach trouble.
\Vlicn for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering?
National I)ru!j nnd Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal. m
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep alter germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to wliich is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ i /
portions to cleanse ^^W/^
easily, vigorously, Jz^
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers ol FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
������������1 ���ummmmm��� ������ www���mmm���������������i   ��� ��� ��� 'i'iw��^wMMw^��^i^MM��^a��w��MM��^wwi^aat^si^B��j��i��M����u��i
The absolute parity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, ihey are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New  Mills at  Montreal are now in operation ancl for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at  1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
Madam���This Delicious
Dessert Saves Time
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TUCSDAY, JUNE 4. 1912.
A Simple Treatment That
will Make Hair Grow
Now Sold in Canada
Every up-to-date woman should
have radiant hair.
There are thousands of women with
harsh, faded, characterless hair, who
do not try to Improve lt.
In'Kngland and Pails women take
pride In having beautiful hair. Every
Canadian woman can have lustrous
and luxuriant hair by using SALVIA,
the Great American Sage Hair Tonic.
Every reader of The News can have
' an attractive head of hair In a few
weeks Iby using SALVIA.
Hya.!I sell* a large bottle for 50
cents, and guarantees lt to banish
Dandruff, stop ;allin; hair and itching scalp in ten days, or money back.
SALVIA ls a beautiful, pleasant,
non-sticky Hair Tonic.
It   Is
Terrible   Contrati   to
Laucbd  N-w City.
con.oiio of tho 2,5on.nnn popu-
10: BO���Vancouver
via  Q.   N,
7:40���Vancouver via B. C E. U.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday aud
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
7:40���Victoria via B.  C.  E.  It.
(dally except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:15
7:30���United States via Q. N. R.
(daily except Sunday)   .  U.45
15:15���United States via G. N. K.
idaily  except  Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points eafit and Europe    (dally)     8:15
��2:43���All points east and Europe  idaily)    13:15
ll:40--Sai.perton    and    Fraser
Mills      (daily      except
Suuday)      8:15
13:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      (dally      except
Suaday)  14:00
11:40���Coi|..it!am       (dally     except  Sunday)     8:15
3.':(io���Central Hark, McKay aud
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)        11.15
40:011���Lailn:-; foil Gulchon,
Westham Island. Bun
\ Ua   14:30
14:00���Boat Uurnaby (daily except  Sunday    14:30
10:U(.���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
\n!w vllle   and   Stinhnry
(daily except Sunday).14
10:00���Wood wards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Sld-
lnK via O. N. 11.
(dally except Bunday) ..14:20
11:20���Cloverdale and I'ort Ke'.ls
via G. N. R. (dally except   Sunday) 14:01,
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
dny        14:00
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally excepl  Suuiihv    16:00
18:00���Kdmonds    (daily    oxcept
Sunday)   16:00
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)  23:00
15:15���Crescent, White Hock and
Hlaine idaily except
Sunday)  ....   9:4f
15:15���Flail's Prairie, Fern Kldge
and Hazlemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday   t
U:20-ChlIHwack. Milner. Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrove, Ot-
ter. Shortreed, Surrey
Centre.Cloverdale,Langley Prairie. Murray villa.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley. Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Hrad-
ner, Belieroso, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
n. C. E. It. i Monday
Wednesday and Friday      	
20:40���Chilliwack via B  C. E. R.
Idaily exoept Sunday) .17:30
11:20���Abbotsford,    Huntingdon.
via B.  CE.  R.   (dally
except Sundaf)   17:80
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:3(1
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista   ,23:00
Re Lot 65, Group Two (2), New Westminster District.
A certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above pioperty will be issued   to
Alexander Cruickshank   on the   20th
day of June. 1912, unless in the meantime a valid   objection    thereto   be
made to ire in writing by a person or
persons claiming an estate or Interest
theieln, or in any part thoreof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westmln-
ater, B. C. May 13, 1912.
l '. ^e person or rersonB having In
their oustodv or possession the following Title Deeds relating tb the said
property are rennestel to deliver the
���same to the undersltnod.
Deed, dated. 8th July, 1004, from
���tb" Rrltif.l> Columbia Corporation,
Limited. (Forni; ti), to Alexander
���Cruic'-sliank'. of Dot (!5. Group Two
<2), Now Westminster Distiict.
Solicitors for Applicant.
With ________w--
Iation of the Kaiser's capital crowd
ed into one-room dwellings at the rate
of from fivo to ten persons to c room,
the authorities of Berlin are seriously concerned with the problem that
confronts thetn. Rapid as has been
tha building in Herlin, it has not kept
pace with the growth of the city, and
erection of new houses has heen almost entirely confined to the better
residence section  of  West  Berlin.       i
Berlin  is known the world over as
the (ine large citv without tenements.
It is  indisputably  the   most  modern
and  up-to-date city  of  Europe.   Visitors readily concede-that the artistio
exteriors   of   the   blocks   and   blocks !
of flats, with thoir lar^e inner courts. |
and   the   cleanliness   of   the   streets, i
have not been exaggerated:   Sociology I
ists hold up Herlin as a model, par-
tlcularly  in   America.
And so it is.   Probably in no other
city  are  tlie streets  literally  "scrub- !
bed" daily. Electrically propelled wat- '
er   wagons   with    rotary    thin    wire
brushes pass over t". 3 streets.     The
streets   are   flooded   with   the   water; !
immediately   behind   come   the   stiff
Following, the combined water and
scrub wagons come met with long
hand scrapers lined with rubber, :
similar to those used hy window
cleaners. These they pusli along be- j
fore them, removing whatever water
and dirt may havo been loft by the
big rotary brushes.
When  they pet through  the  streeta
are  aa  clean  as  a  fine  parlor  floor. |
Small   armies  of  men   are  employed
in tendimr the trees and flowers, and
in the parks.
But this is ?o-ciilled "New Berlin."
It is the Berlin of the very progressive municipal administration under
t'e present Emperor, It is the Berlin that the visitors, tourists at 1 sociologists Bee and praise. There is another Berlin which comparatively few
tourists visit, and of whicli many sociologists da not know.
Across the river on the east and
the north is "Old Berlin"���tin'. Berlin
Ot Frederick tlte Great. There the
Berlin authorities have the same ?o-
eioligieal problems that confront the
authorities  of  other cities.
There are some tf.OOO to lO.COO flats,
ranging irom two to nine rooms, in
"New llerliii." It) bid Berlin as high
ns thirteen persons have beei> found
living in one room. The construction of modern flat buildings has
b��eh confined to the new town, and
they have been put up for dividends.
Fairly moderate as the rentals.
ranging from $20 to $>"0 for threj to
six-room steam-heated liet->. might be
considered by Americans ro Onnnn
workman, street car or railroad em-
i love, earning but ���",*"*) to f*rj a mouth,
can  pay such rents.
Accompanied by a ) hysicinri. the
wrier made a short tour of invest!-
gati(/n on tiie north side. It was
noon, but no ore would suspect it in
tl.e dim light of the basement room
into which wc steeped. On a very
-oiled bed ��! ra?s waa a woman and
he" voung haby.
The rooms worn kitchen, dining
ii and livinr room
9: or
r ">m. ^^^^^^
all in or.e. The family onmiated of
to husband, wile, four children, t':e
oldest girl lieit;^ sixteen. At r.ifrht
they divided the one room witli two
young wofkingmen, to whom they
rented  sleeping s;>ace on  tbe floor,
On another street we rame to a
place in tlie Second c^urt back of one
room and a tiny kitchen.. They were
occupied by a man and wife nnd eight
children. There were three lietli for
the ten.   Thera wa.�� no heat.
The two windows and the door "ere
ke.pt closed against the cold. Moisture ran down tbe walls. These two
places  were typical  of   a  dozen  that
Passengers Are Sipping Iced Drinks
When Stokor Is Broiling.
Whife toiling and sweating in the
stokehold of a big long-distance liner,
1 bave often wondered whether the
passengers dancing on deck or drinking iced drinks under an electric fan
liave the remotest idea of the human
���uttering that is involved in sending
them along at sixteen knots an hour.
They may catch sight of a man in
torn clothes, black as a miner from
top to toe, his face in streaks where
the perspiration has run in a steady
stream from his brow; they may even
go so far as to mutter, "One of the
stokers���jolly hard work in this weather!" But they know nothing of
the  grim  and  ghastly  truth.
In the stoke-hold of every ship the
leading hand of the watch is a picked
man, who is as strong as a young
giant, knows his .work perfectly, and
has fists like legs of mutton. He is
known as the "bully," and his official
instructions are that lie must never
actually use liis fists on the men
while driving them to work. Hp never
does strike the laggards "oflitoally,"
because, if a fireman or a trimmer
complains tliat he has been knocked
ahout, it is always declared that the
men had some private quarrel. And
the word of a fireman does not count
for much whena he iB ten thousand
miles from homo and the boat is behind time.
Whether the men are fresh at the
game or old hands, they all have to
dp their spells of four hours without
a break, even it their heads feel as
though they were bursting and their
limbs burnt or cut. It is enough to
break the heart of any man the lirst
week, while the ship i.s in cotnpari-
tively cool weather, hut the climax
of suffering is reached when the work
has to go on just the same in places
like the Ued Sea or the Indian Ocean.
I To realize al! it means, one must
; consider how trying it is to remain
in a temperature pt about 120 degrees
Fahrenheit without having any work
to do. If you add to that the fact
that tlie men are driven to throw coal
on fiery furnaces in that temperature
you get an idea what it involves for
Heaven, help the man who tries to
shirk worl when the word has been
passed round tbnt the mails are behind time! The leading ha��td, whoso
official instructions are not to bit, forgets his instructions. He work like
a fiend himse'tf, and drives the others
at the same time. If the ship's doctor is unsympathetic, it is almost a
case of   work or die" for the stokers.
We had one fireman who was completely knocked up and he had a badly swollen ankle. He asked the doctor to give him a day or two off, but
was lold to go back to work. He
started his four-hour "shift," at midnight, but in a quarter of an hour
said he could not* go on. He was
struck and bullied, but demanded to
see tlte ship's doct r. Ibe do tor, per-
Ji.e.ps annoyed at being called at tliat
hour, (fave him a cursory glance and
toi J him to gn bark to the stnke-liold.
He struggled wtth the work for a I
ouarter of an hour, and tllen, wIiph 1
his strength failed, he was hit Oh the
hend with n shovel. He statreered I
awny and, in d spa rleap d cverboarJ
\.r.tie ll* must ua^'e been eaten by
sharks in a couple of minutes.
854���Meets ln K. of P. Hall, Eighth
und Agnes streets, . second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia street, Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. F. C. Cook, Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator;  H. L. Christie, Secretary.
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., Is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fellows hall, corijer Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bretbern
cordially Invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; It. D. Purdy, financial secretary.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp blocK.
R 128.    Room
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
Work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
Summer Time
Goe�� into effect June 2nd.
Toronto and Kamloops local wlll
leave at 8:20 a.m. Imperial Limited
at 8:10 p.m. St. Paul train at 2:45.
Agassizo local at 0:22.
Or H. W.
New Westmlnstei
Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Rooms
(i and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address' "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 107u '���
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
L STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl-
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
plione 710.
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
a. in., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10
a.  m. and  11  p.  m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10
a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves    Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack  7  a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
IN    THE     SUPREME     COURT   Or
Between Leeson, Dickie, Gross &
Company, Limited, Plaintiffs, and J.
A. Tellier, Defendant.
To the above named defendant, J.
A. Tellier:
TAKE NOTICE that a Writ of Summons dated the :>rd day of April, 1912,
has been issued against you in the
above Court by Leeson, Dickie, Gross
& Company, Limited for $1556.09, being a balance due by you to them for
goods sold and delivered and for inteiest.
The following are the  particulars:
1911, Nov. 30. Goods sold and
���delivered   as    per   account
rendered      $1520.01
Interest          35.48
Balance    overdue    and    payable       $1556.09
that au order to attach debts was Issued herein under the Attachment of
Debts Act on the said 3rd day of
April, 1912, against Dominion Trust
Company,  Limited  as  garnishee.
that the Count has, by order, dated
the 2nd day of May, 1912, authorized
service of the said Writ of Summons,
and of the said order to attach debts
on you by insertion of this notice in
a dally newspaper published at the
City of New Westminster, British
Columbia, for ten davs.
that you are required within fourteen
days after the expiration of the publication of this notice as aforesaid, to
cause an appearance to be entered for
you at the office of the District Registrar of this Honorable Court, Court
House, Vancouver, and that in default
of your so doing the Plaintiffs may
proceed with this action and Judgment may be given against you in
your absence.
Dated at Vancouver B.> C, this 27th
day of May, 1912.
Deputy  District Registrar.
Frater and   Blakney,   Plaintiff's   -Solicitors.
Relle* of Edward VII.
Many articles of unique historical
interest, which belonged to tiie late
King Edward, have b?en sent by
Queen Alexandra to the London Mu.v
t-uni, wliich will be opened to the
pub.ic shortly. Tbe most interesting
NX these is a watch-chain which His
.Majesty used to wear, made of Queen
Alexandra's own hair. To the chain,
which is studded with diamonds, is
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ attached  the  following  inscription:
were visited.   "Hie death rate, is very }    Watch-chain of H. M. Queen Alex-
high irom these sections of tb? city,    andra's own  hair, and given  by her
to King Edward VII. in 1864.
In the same case are a  medallion
and ribbon each of the three different
classes of the Victoria and Albert Or
��� ner.    This order,  like the Garter,  is
returned to the Sovereign at the deatli
I ot the holder, and those in ojiestion
j *ere returned to King Edward.   Thev
1 were   bestowed   upon   Lady   Codring
< ton, the Queen of Hanover, and the
Countess Spencer.   Near by are King
Edvvard's iavorite cigar and cigarette
i^^^^^^^^^^^��� cases and his cigar-box.   The collec- I
worm   turned  a    .ast   and  sp. ke  hM.,^      ig compJet^ with geveral  pair,
mind freely M, .tts, other m. mber n ��� , >    b   Hi   M . ��
he do,rst "  Irm  who  had   assured j      ��   OCCMioMf yand   alJ  a'favo/itt
esdersh.p.   Mrs. II. lined aghast and      .^ ffl
tir    ren ���^*^*************^*^*s*~��
Privacy and   morality   is   impossible
under such conditions.
A proposition will be laid before the
Diet to appropriate at least $1,000,000
for "small dwellings," to be rented at
a rate within reach of the working-
Just How He Felt.
Mr. Me?kins Was habitually all that
the  first syllable nl  bis  name  might
r.it   a   dav   caipe   when
and   sp<ke
solicitor and notary, filn Columbl!
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster olllces. Rooms 7 and ^
Gulchou block, corner Columbia an'
McKenzie streets: Vancouver ot
flees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie. G. F
Martin. Geo. Cassady.
minster J.o.-ird of Trade meets lu thi
board   room.   City   Hull,   hb   follows
Tlifrd   Friday  of each   month:   <i��ar
terly meeting on the Haird Friday oi
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m.    Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February.   New
members    may    be    proposed   and
elected at any monthly or quarter!v
meeting.   S. II. Stuart Wade, secnv
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
D. V. Lewthwaite
Nsw  Westminster,   B.  C
Workshop   611   Victoria   Street.
(Over Dally  News.)
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve    7.200,000
Tbe Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic.
in Cuba throughout the island:
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Paid-Up)
.. .$16,000,000.00
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front StreeL
Phone R 619.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cer. (ith and Columbia
���  'irm  who  had   assume-i
Mrs. II. stood aghast and
....   rko-l i miiioi.sly .
"Timothy, you'd reefri lhos'> words
if  you   sh'.uld   suddenly    lose   your
w i n ���''
"Uh. I don't want t.i lose her,"
came the cheerful retort, "but there
are times when I'd like very much
to tnislu.- her for a few hours."
^he TurklsS BridJ.
The Turkish bride spends about
a week in dancing and wild, happy
life beiore ber marriage. Then when
she leaves her father's house she
kisses his hands and feet. She goes
to the (.'room's home ami on his arriv il kisses his hend. Then the paint
witn whicn her lace ha.s been daubed
in the week of dancing and frivolity
is wiped off and she drinks coffee
with her husband���and tl.ey are happy ever, alter.
His Tlrst Intimation.
"How did you Hnd out you could
drawi"* inquired the admirer of ihe
celebrated illustrator.
"By tha merits i received in school
for the .(.xceirSnce and fidelity of niv
work," replied '.he eminent one. "My
work was a caricature of my beloved
teacher bii the blackboard,' and the
marks came trom the teacher's cane."
Dita oolnttd.
"I dreamed last night that I went
to your funeral."
"And \\:d is why you are looking
ao glum'r Good boy !"
"Yes���because it was a dream."
Saved ths Carriage,
his "Reminiscences of an Irish
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  961. Boa 772
Team  Wark.
do   .lack   and   Joanne
'.o scrape a living?"
manage... ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Why,  .ie makes the  money first,
and she makes it last."
Land Agent" the author, Sam Hus-
si-y, tells of one of the earliest private carriages used in Kerry: "The
vehicle in question hid just been pur-
cha.scd by a certain Miss Mullin.-.
v.'iio regarded -it on its arrival with
almost sacred awe. A dance in the
neighborhood seemed an appropriate
opportunity for impressing the county
with her r.ewly-ucquired grandeur;
but, tbe night proving wet, she insisted on reverting to a farmer mode
qt progression and rode pillion be
hind her coachman. Tlie result was
tliat sha caught a violent chill, which
turned to pneumonia. When her relatives were assembled round ber
deathbed the old lady exclaimed between her last gasps for breath,
'Thank goodness, I never tobk out/
the carriage that wet night!' "
Forbidden  Fruit.
A request was once made to the
authorities of one of the colleges at
Cambridge that room might be found
on the spacious lawns of their garden for the lady students of Girton
College to play lawn tennis. Guessing clearly enough what would be
the result of the admission of these
students of the fairer sex among the
undergraduates the master replied
that it was ordered in the statutes of
the college that the gardens must be
devoted to the purposes of floriculture
and must not be used for husbandry.
Testing Foods.
In large biscuit factories the laboratory plays an important part in tha
Ail work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods just arrived. First-Class Fit
and  Work Guaranteed.
TRY I Branches througnout Canada and
I Newfoundland, and ln London. England, Naw Tork, Ch'cago and Bpokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents la all parts of tbe
Savlnga Bank Dspartmeat���Deposits
received ln  sums of $1  and upward,
sud interest alio wei at 3 per eent. par
mnum   (preseat nttt).
Total   Assets over 9186.000,000.00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Merchant Tailors
24  Mclnnls  St..  City.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Tolenhon* R  US   Oftce:   Princess St
Re Lot 4 of Lot 9, Block 36, In the
City of New Westminster:
Whereas proof of the loss ot Certificate of Title Number 10432A, issued in the name of Christopher
Brown, has been flled in this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here- j
of, in a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to ine in writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
District Repbtrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C. May 11, 1013.
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit und workmanship guaranteed.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decoratort
Estimates Given.
21% 8lxth Avenue. Phone S87
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Bam Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part ot the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
who do ndt receive
8 a.m. ehould
The News before
and make complaint Only in thia way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
11    *        j* I,
capital. M.eoo.ooa
REST $5,600,000
B. C
I.".   U'H)��,l,..,i!��'W ?>-�����
-���mr .+m   ���   ��*      tr   .-im*m I n>H>����m ��� i  miff****   III    '     1*4        mt******
tf $1:50, $2.00,15.50, J7.00
and $11.00
of all kinds
-SOLD  BY���
Anderson & Lusby
Point Giey Herring .
Fresli Smelts, i er lb.
Fresli Solen, rer Iby ���
Hed Srring Salmon .
Live Cod, jer lb.
.4 lbs. for 25c
.2 lbs. for 2De
Fresh Halibut   8 lbs. for 25c
537 front St.   -   Phone 301
IN A>-D CONSULT ME. 1 SPECIALIZE on*! IiN;-tuance.
Alfred W. Mcleod
657 Columbia St.,
Phona   62. New   Westminster.
Start That
New Westminster, B.C.
Ruby Dose Cold Cream
See Our Window
mfrnm store
Dispensing Chemists, Etc
Ueane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, ru.
The B. C. E. R. will construct n
spur track to the Oien Tana dairy
plant on Sixth street.
Mrs. J. G. Robson, 713 Hamilton
street, will not receive on Wednesday
next nor again this season.
The slone setts are now being laid
on Alexander street and the wliole
of the work will be completed within
the next two weeks.
To rent���Modern six roomed house,
brand new, on Fifth stieet, near
Eighth; $25 per montli; year's lease.
Curtis Ai. Dorgan. **
T. H. Smith &. Co. inaugurated
their early closing schedule yesterday, the store being closed throughout the summer at 5 o'clock In the
evening except Saturdays.
The steamer Selkirk, of Victoria,
came In yesterday with a varied cargo. After discharging, she moved to
the B. C. E. R. wharf where a mixed
shipment was taken aboard.
The request by the Trades and
Labor council for Sunday band concerts was refeired to the finance
committee last evening by the council.
Carpenters are busy working on
the new C. P. R. wharf. The frame
work of the structure Is all complete,
an.i the roof and sides aie now being
Mr. John Hendry has recently returned from a visit to the old country nnd was in the city yestei.la.x
conferring with Mr. R, J. Rickman,
manager of the Royal City Mills.
How about your garden ? Ring up
phone L181 and get Tidy, the llorisi.
to quote you pi Ices on the best stock
that Is grown In the country. The'
make a siecialty of hanging basket*
and window boxes. "*
Constable Bruce picked up a .Tap
aneFe late on Sunday evening who
apj eared to be well under the influence of liquor or some drug. H,s
cate was lemanded In police coin I
yesterday morning as the effects o
the lubi leant had not entirely uisay
1 eared.
The local police yesterday arrested
a man named Smith who is wanted
in Vancouver for theft of a suit case
He is said to have been carrying tin
article when arrested. The man. whe
is a prisoner on parole, was retu.ned
to  Vancouver yeslerday afternoon.
The Young Fcopie's Union of the
OU\et  Baptist  church  h-2ld  t:ie  Beml
annual business meeting for the ejection of officers    last    ul^iit    in    the
(���ii.'rch loom;!.    lite executive ior tlm
coming halt'; e:ir will be:    PresiJeut,
K   .liaison:    vlcc-pies'.dent.   A.iss   t,or-
nit.;  secretary,    Miss    i**elllo    Ed.ly
I. ins .rer,   Ml.   Althvn*  Oanftroo;:.
The monthly leport ot tbe public
hospital tor lhe insane shows that
Sit; persons ave under treatment a;
the local Institution at the present
time. Of this number o'.i'.', ara mules.
One escape was made inst month,
while six patients died. Tliose on
ptohation outside the institution number Jl.
During the past wee'.c end some
thirty-tne members of the Acme Encampment No. ]i', |. O. O. P., ci Van
couver, paid a visit to Nanaimo, and
L, Webber and P, G. R, c. S. Keith
both of Ne.v Westminster. Wblle
there tive candidates were instructed
in the highest degree of the Encampment branch of the order. The local
gentlemen returned to this city yesterday.
The obtrusive mosquito has had
little time for breeding purposes
daring tiie ;ast month o.ving to ther?
Iieing so little moist ;ie in what is
generally known as swamp land. The
la;e rise in the river is said to be
accountable lor this and the faimers
whose lands adjourn the banks of tht
Fiaser, liave expressed themselves
thankful that the jests will not be In
Strong force.
Mr. and Mrs. .Iame3 McGeer and
their son were in the city yesterday,
and ''rove out cn a visit to i'ort
Moody. Mr. McGeer Is one of the
best known ftgu cs in Vancouver, He
was mentioned ns a | robable starter
In tlie recent provincial elections, but
did not offer himself. As a poet of
no mean order Mr. McGeer has quite
a reputation, while his reminisen'-s
of Journalistic days when he was a
co-worker with tbe famous "Tay
fay," a:e most Interesting.
An Interesting program was carried
out by the students attending Columbian college last Friday evening, that
being the last o;en meeting of the
rolle'.e year. At the close of the
evening's entertainment Miss Wheeler
and Kev. IC. H. Currle were the re-
< il lontg of presents horn the entire
s: ii tent body, thev being the choice
as ibe most popular stidents during
the closing year.
The Royal Lodge, No. 6, Knights
cf Pythias-, appointed officers last
H'bt for the ensuring six months as
follows: C. C, A. A. Matthison; V.
i'.. H'. Burden: prelate, C. M. Green;
M. of u\, A. Mountain: K. of rt. s��� A.
(i. Grant; M. of F. L. Stein; M. of E.,
T. f-'iuord; M. al A., Walter Kobnon;
I. G., A. Hannlng; O. G.. W. McLaughlin. The lodge celebrates Its
twenty-third anniversary today.
Mr, ll. a. Pick wei I,   a representative of the Toronto Saturday Ktgbt.
Is  al   present   visiting  tlie  city  and
district   in   order   to  investigate  conditions  both   here  and  In   tiie  whole
Fraser valley.   i;(. wns In the country
throughout   the   whole   of   yestcr'av.
being conducted over the ground by
Mr. P.  W.  Luce.    Settlement in  the
valley is luridly lne easing according
In    repoiU    Urouglit    Lack,    by    t.,e
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of the  Incorporated  Society
of Musicians  (Kngland).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,
| Counterpoint    and    Musical
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. l'hone 11411.
Tom Rogers, the black face mono-
loglst, now in form at the Royal
The monthly repoit pf Flre Chief
Watson to the council" shows a le-
cord number of flies took place last
month, there being twelve in all.
Ladies, don't forget to see the ex-1
hlblt at Bryson's store on Wednes-1
day ne:.t from tho Eighth Street i
I'akery.    A.  Hardman, p;opiletor.  ���* 1
I "Tahe you your instru-
| ments, play you the whiles"
Lessons    on    the    BANJO,   ZITHER
"Dick" J. Lawrence
For terms, Apply at .Todd's or Major's
Mua'c Houses.
Tende; s for a new police patrol and
ambulance wo;e opened at last
night's council meeting. It was left
to the police committee to report on
The mayor and citv council will
pay a visit    to Co.,jitlam    dam    on
��� ������ .-,���. o,��� ,,|ir..~s<, 0f inspecting
the  work  already   done on  the  city
.....t. _..ij^..y.
nev. J. S. Henderson' left for Edmonton yesterday to attend the Pres-
h>teriaii synod of the Dominion which
consenes in that city on Wednesday.
He expects to be away about ten
Columbia street west is to be improved following a leport from the
fire chief stating that t'i" condition
of the stieet was probably the cause
of a slight accident to the heavy auto
truck used by the department.
A t a meeting of the P; thlan Sisters
held last evening. Mrs. H. Ferguson,
who v.as elected g^and chief fJr tht-
domain of B. C. last week in Nanaimo, v.as the reel knt cf a beautiful
boujuet (if tio a. era an.l an adtLess by
he nic-mbeis of the local lodge, A
iccial  thne  iva;s iuduli t- I In,
Mefote it is :co late Flre Chief Wat-
'on ij ���atherin|4 together pictures of
'oimer die 'ifhteis, volun tee   or pro-
fesiional', who have s-:r', ed Westaiin
ster.   Mr. F. J. Richards, who or an-
h.ed and ltd tbe o: ! Hyacks, a heady
appears..Js   the  seller;.-.    Those   ,vho
have  pictures  of  tli -i   ��ni"jje  are     ie-
��� ������esled,    to  co*Min.:u!iate     with     the
.hlei.     "
The hf^fllcstion ot Ch:"" MaSEbal
Otwaov Wllkie. of the Iccnl Ornngo
loJio, to ths council last evening fcr
ernjirsion lo use the library square
on Orange Day, Jul. 12, was referred
to the parks committee, Tno plan is
to u<-,'> the s^in��� for massing tlie
various bodies taking' pait In thc
ia.aut. pre,uralo,y to the march to
Queens rark.
Le-i.-orr.s He-.d List.
In the internation.l esg-laying contest bein" held i-nder th*> auspices of
the B. C. Poultry asso:iaiion. the
Vancouver exhibition board, and the
provincial government, thc White
Leghorns rule the roost thei'- highest
total being almost 100 hlfiher than
the next ln the list. T.vo pens of
the Leghorns have, or.e a total of
r,14 and the other JS4. T'.-.e Rhode
Island Reds anl 'he White Wvan-
dottes are tied at 43-1.
Than to take care of it! If you
haven't a supply of complexion
necessaries, we have FLESH
CUCUMBER LOTION, ALMOND CREME, FACE POWDERS, and all the otlier complexion requisites for the dressing table.
Druggist and Optician
Phone 57.      New Westminster.
The  latest  styles,  flrsl   class    workmanship,  and  entire  satisfaction   by
46   Lorne   Street,   New   Westminster.
A meeting will be held of those in-
tsrested in the Sixth Annual Citizens'
Excursion in the Board of Trade
rooms this (Tuesday) evening, at S
o'clock, when a committee will be
chosen to carry out all arrangements
for Ihe excjrsion if a decision to hold
same lg arrived at.
Well located Burnaby acreage Is getting scarce and li:<e most good
things is in pretty strong demand. It won't be long before almost
every acre between Westminster and Vancouver will have been subdivided into lots and then the fo:tunate owner of a few broad acres
will be able to get almost nny price he may care to ask.
Five Acre
Overlooking Burnaby Lake
Between Hastings road and the Burnaby Lake tram line, Is about tho
last piece of acreage left at a reasonable price. Burnaby Lake property is selling at from $11000 per acre and up. Wo can quote a price
away below that, and we can give good terms.
In City Limits
Four and a half acres, all cleared, under-drained and planted In
potatoes and small fixit; new six roomed hotiEe; large burn, chicken
houses and other buildings. City water in house and barn. This U
below market value.   See us at once.
Columbia Street New Westminster
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.      Vice-President. Sec. hid Treas.
=====   LUMBER  CO., LTD.   =====
Manufacturers  and   Wholtsale Dealers In
Plr, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phonss No  �� and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors.   Mouldings. Etc.
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45, 6:00
a.m., and every 15 minutes
thereafter, until !) p.m., half
hourly service until 11 p.m.
Last car at 12 midnight.
Sunday Service���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6, 7, 7:30, 8,
8:30 a.m., and every 15 minutes
theieafter until 11 p.m. Last
car at 12 midnight.
Freight Set vice.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby  Branch Cars leave
B .C. E. It. Co.'statlon for Vancouver at 5: ���io, fi:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:80 p. m.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu      Island      Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves nt 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch Cars
leave  B.  C.  E.   U.  Co.  station
for Chilliwack  and  way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 0:10. For
Huntingdon and way points   at ,
4:05 p.m.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 2J\
Phones, Offlcs 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and prades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for aale or rent while prices are low
Do Not Waste Money
Bave a little systematically, for tt Is tbs stuff that tbs foundations of wealth and happiness ars built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   wbat   Is
needed now aud to Invest for what sball he needed In ths future.   Money cannot be Invested imt 11 It ls first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000.000.     Columbia, cornar Eighth street.
A. L. uEWAR. General Manager D. R. DONLEY. Local Manager.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
F. J. HART & CO.,
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Emplayera' Liability,   Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
Builders and Contractors
We have purchased the stock or tho Crown TImbsr and Tradlna
Company and will continue the busing with a larger and ,, ���
complete stock of lumber.    A trial solicited
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster  nnd   Crescent   Vulley,   R  c.


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