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Westminster Daily News Nov 18, 1912

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 ' * ''~jJrSW0'-* "
Artillery Attack Develops all Along Tchatalja Lines���Turkish Warships in Action-Nazim Pasha Reports Repulse-
Horrible Scenes in Cholera Swept City���Powers Land Detachments from Warships���Turkey Nearing End.
London, Nov. 17.���The negotiations
for an armistice have failed, and the
Bulgarians opened today the attack
against the Turks all along the Tchatalja lines. The heavy artillery duel
continued throughout the day.
It appeared to be a Bulgarian preparation for an infantry attack. The
Turkish fleet participated vigorously
ln the defence at the Marmora sea
end of the lines and Turkish war
ships probably assisted at the Black
sea end also.
Nazlm Pasha, the Turkish commander-in-chief, in a despatch this
evening, claims to have repulsed the
Bulgarian attack and destroyed th?
three Bulgarian batteries.
No news of the battle has been received as yet from the battlefield nor
any information as to the strength ot
the forces engaged on either side.
Nazim Pasha's headquarters are
near the Hademekul railway station.
According to latest reports the battle
ceased with nightfall.
"Establish Accomplished Fact."
The resumption of hostilities Is not
regarded aa indicating the collapse ot
the peace negotiations, but rather as
a means to hasten Turkey's acceptance of the allies terms by proving
her complete helplessness, or as ono
correspondent phrased lt, "to establish
an accomplished fact before making
further communications."
The Bulgarian government organ
Mir reverts to the subject of peace
and plainly Intimates that the allies
are prepared to consider the question
of an alliance with Turkey, provided
the latter promptly accepts their
terms which would give Turkey ths
opportunity of welding her terrltorleh
into a modern state and maklir-
frlends of her conquerors.
The Balkan statea clearly have ln
mind the formation of such an alliance
as would be able to defy European
interference in tbe disposition cf the
jyolls of war.
Thousand Cases Dally.
Every day brings fresh delpatcheu
regarding the terrible spread of
cholera. It is now stated that ther I
are a thousand cases daily, with a
mortality of an per cent., while the
Turkish authorities are impotent to
take any measures to prevent its further spread. ThiB belug the case, it is
doubted whether the Bulgarians wlll
risk the danger of marching on Constantinople. It is therefore believed
that hostilities have been resumed in
order to hurry the Porte's acceptance
of whatever terms the allies dictate.
The sanitary board at Constantinople has adopted a resolution expressing grave concern at the prospect of
either the Turkish or the Bulgarian
army coming into the capital. The
ambassadors of the powers have taken
the battle had ended, but again the
booming was heard and the movement
of troops could hi observed not far
from the very gates of the capital. A
detachment of several thousand from
f'ie Tchatalja lines was replaced by
fresh troops who had been held ln
reserve near the city.
The refugees behind the lines began
breaking camp early In the day and
moved back toward Constantinople.
The Greek villagers, who heretofore
iad remained admirably Indifferent to
events, prepared to desert their
homes. While calm prevailed, there
was a deadly tension ln the knowledge
tbat the fate of the capital and of th-.��
Turkish army for those who watted
���inxlously in Constantinople was at
Magnificent Duel.
Several members of the legions and
other foreign residents witnessed the
artillery duel, which they describe
as magnificent. Shelling from height
to height across Biyuk-Chekmedys
lake and over the plains towards the
north, the flashes of guns on both
sides were visible to observers over
miles of low country.
Within the city eyery military pre
caution was taken. Pickets were posted at various points and patrols guard-
ed the streets. The ambassadors held
a meeting at the foreign ministry with
the commnnderB of the Ottoman gen
darmeri and advised for the safety of
A Stricken City.
Constantinople, Nov. 17.���(by Inde
���pendent route.)���There are more than
a thousand cases of cholera dally in
and around Constantinople and the
death rate has reached fifty per cent.
I ho authorities arc powerless to copo
with the situation.
On Thursday laat 3000 cholera pa
tients arrived by train at San Stefano.
They would have beeu brought here
but for the protests of the railway
cr>���r-nny and tho Austrian ambassador
who a<-,ktid that they he sent to the
Lazarettos at Brcos and Ismidt.
Horrible Nenlect.
For twenty four hours the patients
rpmalned in the train on a siding at
San Stefano without water, food or
medical attention. Then they were
shipped to the quarantine station; it
they had been lower animals they
oould not have been more neglected.
Yesterday, a foreign doctor assist-
'**t "n the military hospital, discovered by accident that five soldiers dying of cholera had been placed among
the wounded. He ordered their removal. Bearers took up the dying
men on their shoulders, but their condition was such that the doctor ordered the bearers to drop them.
This they did. and the unfortunates
were left lyinsr In the mud for an hour,
Additional Gang of Two Hundred Mer
Goes on Grade���Coming
Feverish haste is being exhibited by
officials cf the li. C. E. H. to make an
early completion of the Highland
Park cut-off between this city and
Highland Park.
With one track already connected
with the city lines, orders have been
issued by Construction Engineer Vorce
to place two hundred additional men
at work immediately grading the other
track and bave everything in shape so
that cars will be able to run over the
new tracks before the first of tbs
The new regulations Issued by the
provincial government some months
ago will go into effect on the first day
of January, and, with the arrival of
new cars, the company Intends to
make a big effort to cope with the
ever Increasing traffic on the Centra!
Park line between New Westminster
and Vancouver.
Edmonds      Ratepayers'     Association
Wishes Burnsby Magistrate to
Enter Reeveship Race.
Much Interest Centres   on   Tonight's
Debate Upon Abolition of Ward
Edmonds, Nov. 17.���Whether tha
present ward system In Burnaby wlll
be abolished, will probably be decided
on Monday evening when the councillors will have to record their votes on
a by-law. presented by Councillor
Madill. This question has been coming to the front during the past few
weeks following an adverse vote in
the council chamber when the representative from East Burnaby failed to
pass the measure.
In the January election a plebiscite
was submitted to the people on the
abolition of the ward system and was
carried by a large majority. Whether
the councillors will dare to disdain
thgjnandate of the people remains to
be seen and the voting on the by-law
will be watched with interest by thc
It is known that Councillors Mayne
and Brltton will support Councillor
Madill on his motion, which would
thus leave the question to be decided
by the reeve. Since the franchise bylaw was again Introduced, thc three
members of the council mentioned
abeve hare been very friendly in
municipal matters and state they will
make the otber councillors show their
hands on the ward by-law.
Enraged   Husband    Kills   One   Companion and Wounds Other���Fired
Women Also.
North Vaklma, Wash., Nov. 17.-
John H. Hagermuu, IS years old, ���>
ranchman, was shot and killed, and
George Ogburu, IU, was 'wounded In
the leg at 5 o'clock this morning b,
George Defoe, a laborer, employed oi,
a boat plying between Victoria and
Seattle, when he returned home uu
expectedly and found the young ranch
men with Mrs. Defce and Mrs. Swau
Olsen with whom they had attended a
dance last night at Naches City
Defoe, who was captured four houra
later under a bed in hia home, admit
ted the shooting, but denied that he
shot to kill.
The women are said to have repre
sented themselves at the dance as unmarried and to have given their
names as Flora and Cherry Delmore
Defoe also is said to have shot at each
of the women as they ran.
Edmonds, Nov. 17.���"The report
which appeared lu the New Westminster paper on Saturday afternoon
which stated that-1 have definitely de
elded to make the' run for the reeve-
I ship, was published without my
authority, and at the present time t
am not ln a position to state whether
I will entter the race or not."
This statement was made by Mr. B
G. Walker, stipendiary magistrate of
Burnaby, thia afternoon, "it is true,"
he continued, "1 have been approached
by the officers of the Edmonds Ratepayers' association with reference to
making the race, but until that body
meets on Thuraday evening, I am not
in a position to give out anything
definite as yet.
"If I do decide to run it will
mean a personal sacrifice to me as 1
should have to resign my position of
magistrate, and as you know, the
salary of the reeve is a very small
amount indeed. My position rests entirely with the electorate and I was
very much surprised to read the report on Saturday which was entirely
without permission from me."
And Aged in Hospital and Old Men's
Home on Agnes Ctreet Near
  -       ���"���*n(|
But Victoria Now Upholds B. Cs Prestige in Artillery Efficiency.
Ottawa, Nov. 17.���The result of the
general efficiency competition coast
defence company's Canadian artillery.
haB been announced.
First company of the Fifth regiment,
Victoria, won first place with a total
score of 608, with the second company
of the Sixth regiment, Quebec, second
with a score of 573, and the fourth
company, First regiment, Halifax,
third with a total of 510. The second
company of the Fifth regiment, Victoria, was in fifth place with a score
of 492.
The movable army competition was
won by the sixth battery, third division, Third regiment, St. John. N.B.,
with a grand total of 391 points.
The fifth and third companies of the
same companies won second and third
places respectively with scores of 335
and 197.
Serious Allegations are Made
Against Premier Roblin
and Other Ministers.
Protest Filed Agalnat Election of Alex.
Morrison for MacDonald���Bribery
and Corruption Charges.
Winnipeg, Not. 17.���Saturday afternoon a protest was filed against tho
election of Alex. Morrison aa M. P.
for MacDonald. The petitioners aro
Dr. Myles, of Treherne, and John E.
Woods, of Somerset, electors in the
The petition charges that Mr. Morrison himself and through his agents
was guilty of bribery, treating, personation aud undue influence. Charges
of bribery and corruption are set forth
ln the petition and charges are also
made of providing liquor, illegal conveying of the voters to the poll and
undue Influence aud intimidation.
Ministers Charged.
Tbe charge is also made of the misuse of the police of the province. It
is alleged that Hon. Robert Rogers,
Sir R. Roblin and Hon. Colin H. Campbell employed and set to work and
gave instructions to the justice of
peace, police officials, detectives,
agents and other persons to arrest and
put in jail and keep confined persons
whom they discovered to be acting in
the interest ot the opposition candidate, R. L. Richardson.
The   city   health   department   has!
been keeping the Chinese hospital un-
der close surveillance since the action  Q|d   8t Repeats   Itself���Widow's
prompt measures and will land detach-1 groaning and  In  convulsions,  before
ments tomorrow   morning   from   the , ^ey were removed on stretchers,
foreign   warships   to protect foreign I
residents and property.
Montenegrin Success.
The war continues at other points.
The Montenegrins have captured San
Giovanni di Medua, and the battle for
the possession of Monastir is now on.
All approaches to tbat town are r*
ported to be ln Servian hands.
The political situation in Constantinople Is Serious. Arrests of Young
Turks continue and there are rumors
of the possibility of. the restoration of
the ex-sultan,. Abdul' Hamtd. It ls re
ported In the Italian papers that Austria has greatly modified her demands
on Servla.
Demonstrations of sympathy with
the Balkan aspiration a are causing
trouble in the Bosnian diet, which has
publicly protested agalnHt the Austrian government's attitude In favoring the Albanians and opposing the
Servians. The town counctls of
Spalato and Zebonlco, ln Dalmatla,
have been dissolved by the government on account of their pro-Servian
Ths Game's Afoot.
Constantinople, Nor. 17.-10:45 p.m
���The great battle between the Bu'
garfans and Turks Is on all along the
line of the TchataUa fortifications
Naslm Pasha, the Turkish commander
In-Ohlef, sends the following despAtct
tonight: . ..,
"The battle which commenced^ thli"
morning with an attaok by the Bul
garlan Infantry lasted until one hout
after sunset.   The enemy,   who   advanced ohiefly facing our right wing
and our centre, was repulsed by our
infantry and artillery flre.   Three Bul
garlan batteries were destroyed.
Booming Heard In City.
All through the day the sound of th��
heavy guns, booming   distantly   wa��
heard  in Constantinople,    It oeased
only with darkuess.
The firing along the entire line was
evidently preparatory to an Infantry
The Turkish batteries replied vigorously. The Turkish ships In the sea
of Marmora shelled the Bulgnrlan posi
tlons. Undoubtedly the fleet lu th��
Black sea also took part ln the en
gsgement, though details are lacking
Reserves Rushed Up.
In the afternoon the wind shifted
and it seemed for a time aa though
Trenches Not Dry.
An extraordinary feature of condi-
���'ons behind the Turkish lines at
foreigner wearing either a fez or a
Tchatalaja ls the indifference with
which a foreigner wearing either a
fez or a European hat may hire a
vehicle and drive to the Turkish entrenchments' and Inspect the troops.
There appears tq be no cordon to prevent fugitives from returning to Constantinople.
Several foreign officers who visited
the lines Thursday snd Fridav report
tho situation hopeless. The trenches
(Continued on Page Four.)
Report May Result In Many Improvements to Present B. C. E. R.
Interurban System.
Three Dead or Dying in Ssloon Fight
Following Political Feud and
Clayton, N.M., Nov. 17.���Jose Riven-
is dead, Frank Garcia ls dying with
wo bullet holes in his head, and bU
brother "Clp" Garcia is also seriously
wounded as the result of a pistol
battle, climaxing a political feud, In a
Covering a dlsianfco of over 12,000
mllea, visiting all the Important trae
tlon systems in the United States; Mr.
Allan Purvis, Interurban manager of
the B. C. B. R., returned to Westmin
ster last evening, having been away
since October 3.
Mr. Purvis left here In company
with Mr. H. W. Dyson, assistant comp
trailer of the company, for Chicago,
where they attended the annual convention of the electrical traction company officials, leaving there a few
days later foe New Tork.
Seen last evening Mr. Purvis spoke
highly of the observations obtained
during his travels. During his visit
to all the Important centres he met
with the, best .treatment from tha
officials and civic authorities, the high
standard set by the B. C. Electric having preceded him. Although non-oom-
raltal on the subject. It is understood
that his report to the bead office of
the company will result in many lnv
provements to the present Interurban
system of the B. C. E. R.
"Tbert were many Ideas whicli
could be placed Into effect with good
advantage by the company I represent,
but Just what wll. be done I am not in
a position to give ont," he aald.
Mr. Purvis wlll occupy his office
this morning and during the week
will make a tour of Inspection of tbo
different, lines running out of New
Westminster- to notice or order anj
taken by the jury in the inquest held
Into the death of Young Joy last Wednesday. On Friday afternoon License
Inspector S. J. Pearce, accompanied
by a membtr of the staff of this paper,
made a rigid inspection of the place.
So far as Chinese residences go It
may be said to be fairly clean, but for
hospital purposes it does not appear
to be the correct thing. Located on
Agnes just ..past Eighth, it ls a small
bungalow building standing in the een-1
tre of a large lot. There are there
flve rooms, all of which appear to be
of a fairly comfortable nature and I
moderately clean.
A peculiar feature ot the visit, however, lay ln the fact that the Chinaman In charge persisted in reiterating
to Mr. Pearce an appeal to come back
the next day at three or four o'clock
and he would have everything cleaned
and tidy.
The place Is not properly considerel
a hospital but an old men's home, lt
is operated under the auspices of the
Chinese Benevolent Society, which, it
is understood, provides for tbe upkeep. The old and Incapable Chinese
are sent to it by tbeir fellows rather
than have tbem placed a burden on
the corporation.
It is asserted that medicine is supplied to the Inmates when they are Indisposed, but it is generally of Chinese
ooncoctlon and believed by those who
administrate it to be the proper treat-
men for the Illness from which any
patient may be suffering.
Little Son Is Victim
Souris, Man., Nov. 17.���A very pain-1
ful, If not fatal shooting accident occurred here last evening when little |
Harry Smith, a widow's son. was acci- i
Unprecedented Interest In the Coming
Opening of Parliament���B. C.
Member Seconds Initial Speech.
Ottawa, Nov. II.���"When parliament
dentally .hot through the iower part ,^*��������^ j!?"*"?"���
ol the stomach by a companion.
be on hand the largest crowd that has
The little
fellow  was out looking  fver witnessed   the   opening   of the
House since Confederation.
This statement waa made today by
an official directly connected with thnr
issuing of the tickets for the opening
ceremonies:   Already notices are post-
after some traps he had set for rabbits when the companion met him.
The companion was carrying an old
revolver which had a cartridge stuck
in It in some way, and while trying to     . . .,        ...    .,    ,   ,.
work.it out, or put In another It w^l^thjn^^^to*.
and that applications, tor tickets ara
useless. Requests for the gallery
tickets have been pouring in from all
parts of the Dominion for weeks past
and Captain Chambers, gentleman
usher of the senate, is fairly overwhelmed with mail. Scores of applications are coming fram the west. Quite
apart trom the opening ceremonies
there is a great deal of Interest in
Premier    Lurden'j   naval   announce-
saloon here tonight.
Rivers-was shot twice in the abdo   improvements. ,���.������.���
men and through the arm, dying a few     During the absence of ttie interur
houra afterward. Frank Garcia was
shot twice In the head, two bullets
rrom an army pistol passing entirely
through his head. "Clp" Garc'a. his
brother, was shot through the shoulder
aud again through the left lung.
AH the men bad been drinking, lt
Is satd, and after an argument In the
saloon, plstcls were drawn and the
Inei beean. Wben the smoke bad
cleared away, three of the seTen Involved were found to have been hit.
The saloon was literally riddled. Four
men charged with the shooting were
arrested and are now In jail.
The participants are all prominent
and feeling Is high among friends of
both sides
ban manager Superintendent W. H
Elson has been In charge of the inter
urban and city lines.
Married Mr. Lawrence Jonea In London on Saturday.
London, Nov. 17.���Lady Eveyln
daughter of Earl Grey, ex-governor of
the Dominion of Canada, was married
to Lawrence, the eldest son of Sir A.
Jones, at St. Margaret's church, Westminster, on Saturday. The American
ambassador lent Dorchester house for
tho reception. Archdeacon WUberforce
officiated. ��� -
the Misses Mollle and Elisabeth
Grey and Lady Howtok's little daugh
ters, Pamela and Dawnay, Vera and
Mary Grenfell acted as bridesmaids.
Four Killed or Hurt.
Los Angeles, Nov. 17.���E. L. Downing, Of San Francisco, and John McCall, of Los Angeles, were killed and
William McCarty, ot Phoenix. Aria.,
and E. P. Chatfleld. bf Los Angeles,
were seriously injured here today
wben an automobile ln whloh they
were riding collided witb an electric
freight train. The automobile was
driven by McCarty.
Anglo Canadian Dead.
London, Ont., Nov. 17-r-Oeorge Crad-
dock, for flfty years an architect, died
yesterday, aged 82 years. Born In
England, he came to London In the
early sixties. Tbe death of Charles A.
Barnes on Friday nlgbt removed another old resident. Mr, Barnes lived
here for 26 years.
Grsin Route Via Eastern Channels Al-Intent.
I    The mower
ready Shows Signs of Congestion
���Farmers and Prices.
Redding. Cal., Nov. 17.���Posses of
horsemen aro scouring the mountains-
today tor two bandits who beld up
Victor Warren's saloon at Hilt Siskiyou county, late last night, and obtained 18000 worth of loot, including
money and jewelry.
Fifteen patrons of the saloon were
Winnipeg, Nov. 17���What hs gblng
to happen in the shipment of the grain
through the lake and ocean outlets yet
tbls fall Is hard to predict, according
to a statement by James Carruthers.
one of the most prominent grain men
in Canada.   Mr. uarruthers says:     , ���
"lt ls a fact tbat tbe terminals at
Buffalo are already so badly congested that it takes ten days to get a
vessel unloaded. The bulk of the
wheat consumed all tbrough the New
England and Eastern States and practically all the export wheat of tho
United States goes through the port
of Buffalo. The American railways
east of Buffalo are already congested
aud they have recently increased the
rate on grain.
"I was over in England only a short
time ago and asked prominent vessel
owners why .more vessels are not
available for ocean freight and
especially grain as the rate on the
latter ls so good. They replied that
rates are good everywhere and It to
impossible to get vessels to carry all
the ocean tonnage offered. Thia, in
spite of the tact tbat every shipyard ls
filled with orders.
"It farmers would only consider that
every fall, wben they rush ttjelr grain
on the market and expect tne railways
to move sucb vast quantities in Bath
a short time.they are aimply taking
tbe most difficult course to force down
tbe market tbey would see that they
should have granaries and keep the
grain as the market absorbs it.
"The vast quantities of grain moved
by the rellwaye In tbe Canadian West
thla fall bas had tbe effect of reducing
prices, as has been predicted tor some
yean past Today the grain to moving
to the head of the lakes faster than It
can be taken from there to ita destination.'
      _J   seconder   of   th*
I speech fram the throne will probably
be Mr. RalnviUe, of Cbamblay Ver-
cherres, and Fred Green, of Kootenay,
B.C., respectively. The debate will
probably be very brief and soon after
it is expected, Mr. Borden will submit
hls naval proposal. Upon this wilt
likely binge a long drawn out debate.
New Orders Regarding Drill Halls-
Instructor fer Western Cadets.
Ottawa. Nov. 17���Military orders Issued Saturday announce that a pro*
visional school of instruction tor infantry will be established at Calgary
for a period of six weeks commencing
January 20.
Caotaln A. P. Bircball, of tbe RoyaF
Fusiliers, is posted as Instructor or
cadets In Western Canada, and is al-
loted for duly In military districts
Nos. 10,11 and 13. Ra will commenco
bis duties on December 1.
New regulations In regard to the one <
of drill balls throughout the Dominion.:
provide that use ot the drill hallo will I
not be authorised "unless the proceeds of the entertainment for whlchi
tbe use of the hall to desired are to be
devoted solely to military purposes."
It ls also provided ttat Che use oC
the drill halts-will be permitted only
wben no other suitable hnll to avalL-
S We.
��� ��� '���  . .     '\
Locked Up Acltator.
Rome, Nov. 17.���The French military acltator Gustave Herve, came to
Rome two days ago for the purpooe of
speaking at'a Socialist meeting, whicb
It was proposed to hold tomorrow to
protest against the war. He was
placed under armt thto evening after
made -to hold up their hands while the.,       - ������.��,, -��.��,..
,. ���.������ HM,�� ���..h- **��� robbera Quacked the safe.   WimnUa antl^nUUary^dmnoimtretloh -1ft hto
Further "rouble to &red. tost a dCond ring valMd at $1600.   [sootoltot tfmptthtoere.;
No Earl Grey Trophies.
Ottawa, Nov. 17���There will be no
competition for tb�� Barl Orey music
and dramatic trophies next spring. At
a meeting of the committee, presided
over by Colonel Lowther, military secretary to Hia Royal Hlghndss . the
Duke ot Connaught, It was decided for
various reason* to drop the competition for 1913.
Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 17.���Tho
banana cultivation tn Jamaica was
considerably damaged during last
night by strong gales, aoeompanted by
heavy rains. In tho eantern and northern sections of tho Island, bridges
and the approaches on several of tho-
main roads saffered greatly.
A reporl Just recalred Cram the weat
end of tho island fcys tho tail ond of
the hurricane atreet that district It
to bot known whether any great injury was done aa telegraph communication Is cut off.
Now. Seetlan Killed.
Yarmouth; N. tX. Nov. 17.���David
Oowon waa killed tout night at Arcadia
by a Halifax and Southwestern engine.
Tho old gentleman, heing dent, did
not bear and started to orons tho-
treok whan Ow tretn strtmk him. PAGE TWO
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6.000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanhs 50c per
with knowledge of bookkeeping. Apply Box 93 News office. (93/
housekeeping rooms. Address Box
62 News office.
TO . RENT,   607
keeplng rooms at 224 Seventh street.
keeplnx rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth Btreet and Agnes
sireet. (6)
tween Fifth and Second streets, on
Fcurth avenue. Reward at the News
ollice. (94)
room chairs, leather seated, 10
tables, several stands, mission oak
finish. Apply at Royal cafe, Columbia street. ,   (67)
$50 cash secures a fine 40 acre farm
three miles from railway now builJ
ing. Rich deep soil with luxuriant
vegetation. Call today for our free
booklet, map, etc. National Finance
Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street, New
Westminster. (83;
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co..
Market Square. 4
seller and buyer together.
Wanted���Teachers for all grades In
Public Schools, also one teacher of
Domestic Science. Applicants are requested to write, stating qualification.}
and salary required, and must be pr3-
pared to undergo an examination by
the School Medical Officer if required.
Applications to reach the Becretary'3
office by noon of Monday, Nov. 25.
Secretary. Board of School  Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C. (89)
Re the northwest quarter of Section
35, Township 13, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereaa proof cf thc loss of Ceri'.fl
cate of Title Number 10164F, issued
in the name of John Smith, has been
tiled In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
Uie date of the first publication hereof,
'ii a daily newspaper published In tha
City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be mado
to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New  Westmlnater, B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (95)
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board for the City cf
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Royal City
Hotel, situated corner of Customs
Htmm Square and Columbia street, i'i
t\.< said City of New \v estminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 15, 1912.
Notice to Holders of Registered Agreements of Sale.
Holders of Registered Agreements,
���who have not transferred their Interest, are requested to make the Statutory Declaration, in order that their
names may be inserted in the Annual
Voters' Lists. Such Declarations
should be In the hands of the Clerk
not later than the 30th day of November instant. The necessary forms
may be obtained on application at the
Municipal Hall.
Edmonds, B.C., November 6, 1912.
(Rolfe   Edition)���"Mac-
The following recent additions to
the shelves of Westminster public
library are announced by Mlss A. T.
O'Meara, librarian:
Philosophy and Sociology.
Warden ��� "Miracle    of    Right    and
Glover���"Book cf Etiquette."
Useful and Fine Arts.
American   Poultry   Association���"American Standard of Perfection."
Broomhead���"Poultry and Profit."
Dillmont���'Encyclopedia    of   Needlework."
Glover���"More Gucssins Contests."
Literature. Travel and  History.
Hammond���"Style   Eook   of Business
Field���"Poems of Eugene Field."
MacMurchy���"Handbook   cf Canadian
Galsworthy���"The Pigeon."
Shakespeare (Rolfe Edition)���"Corlo-,
Shakespeare (Rolfe
Shakespeare (Rolfe Edition)���"Romeo
and Juliet."
Benson���"Altar Flre."
Coulevaln���"Unknown Isle."
Hubbard���"Woman's    Way    Through
Unknown Labrador."
Parkman (Edgar Edition)���"Rorhance
of Canadian History-"
I     Canadian Heroes Series:
I Nursey���"Story of Isaac Brock."
Gurd���"Story of Tecumseh."
Juvenile Literature.
Little people everywhere series:
McDonald���"Fritz in Germany."
McDonald���"Malta in Holland."
McDonald���"Betty in Canada."
McDonald���"Manuel in Mexico."
Children's Heroes series:
Lang Edition���"Story of Columbus."
Lang Edition���"Story of Sir   Francia
,���.._������..,.  "-���     ��� rLang   Edition���"Story of   Sir Walter
. Lan* Edition���"Story   of   Lord   Roberts."
Atherton���"Julia    France    and    Her
Bennett���"Hilda Leseways."
Child���"Blue Wall."
Curtln���"Phrynette and London."
Douglas���"White Blackbirds."
Farnol���"Broad Highway."
Ferguson���"Open Trails."
Lincoln���"Kezlah Coffin."
McClung���"Second Chance."
Montgomery���"Chronicles    of    Avon-
Opoenh��>lm���"Tempting     of     Taver-
Sheard���"Man at Lone Lake."
Wemyss���"Lost Interest."
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295.        P. O. Box 777.
Half an acre of land near car line,
house, large barns, chicken house, etc,
for $3500, $1500 cash, 6, 12 and 18
months for balance.
5650 cash buys a four roomed house
and large lot close to Sixth street car
line.   Speak quick for this snap.
We represent only strong British
Board Companies. Keep your money
Jn your own land.
"British Crown Fire Association Corporation,        v
Northwest Fire, guaranteed by th-s
Union Assurance Company, of London,
General Fire Assurance Corporation,
of Perth, Scotland.
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Must  sell   half  an  acre  a  few  yards i
from Sixth Street car line, East Burnaby, for $1500; $500 cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
Modern five roomed bungalow on .
Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light,
and city water on premises.        ,      |
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
dUione IU. East Burnsby, B.C.
Victoria. R. C. Nov. 17.���The own-
'prs of the Victoria sealing schooners
arp threatening to put their vessels
un.der fhe German flag and thus evade
the treaty recently signed at Wash
lngton, D. C. prohibiting pelagic sealing in the North Pacific for a period
of 15 years.
The reason alleged for the threatened act is that the government has apparently omitted to forward the compensation which it was understood
wonld be paid for the loss of their Industry.
Every Woman
, U Interested tnd thoold know
> about tbe wonderful
Whirling Spray
Ask yonr dmnvlnt for
It. If he cn'Miot enpply
tbe  MARV1.U accept no
otber, bnt sen J ntnmp for 111ns-
trtted book��� ��e��l��.d.  It give* Ml
pi��Ttlcnl��r�� nnd d'l-T.tlnns InT^lnable
(it.uL-iul AceuU (or Canada.
Klr.g George Dictates Private Correspondence to HU Daughter.
Princess Mary, who is at present
paying a visit with the Queen to the
Dowager Grnnd Duchess of Meehlen-
hurg-Strelitz, at Neu Strelitz, a pretty
old-fnshionfd little town, some sixty
miles from Berlin, is having her first
taste of Continental life���part of the
necpssary arduous preparation for a
For all tho young member? of the
British Royal Family the upbringing
is at nil times of the most exacting
character, but as the only (laughter
of the King, particular care has linen
taken that PrinceRS Mary should he
equipped as befits an English princess.
Queen Mary, knowing the responsibilities of quoenship. is aware that
the education of her daughter, who
will probably one day fill n European
throne, is too vital for any mistakes
to be made, and in consequence
Princess Mary's career lias been
mopperl out witii painstaking care.
Princess Mary began her schooling
at the age of four together with hpr
brothers in the royal schoolroom. Thi.J
continued up till three years ago, when
th; question was discussed whpther
Princrss Mary should go to boarding-
school; but it was finally decided
that it wou!d be best for her to eon-
tinu�� her studies at home und->r
special tutors.
Like her brothers she has heen
brought up from infancy to speak
Franch and German, nnd. in addition
she has a very good knowledge of
Latin, Greek and Italian. It would
scarcely he imagined, however, that
typewriting would enter into a royal
curriculum. As a niatW of fact,
Princess Mary has had lessons on a
machine, and is now an expert typist.
This last little item of education was
an idea of her own. She was very
anxious to assist the Queen in attending to the huge hatches of correspondence which r��aoh the roynl residences
each Any, ancl it is now snid tlmt not
only the Queen, hut King George also,
dictates private letters for liis daughter to type.
' As everyone knows, Quf-n Mary i ���
u gr:ot lover ol linnip life, and in
pursuance of this fondness ha��
brousjht hrr dsiu'lit-r un to a [trncti-
enl knowledge of till domestic nffiiirs.
which sre necessary for the proner
pp'mnal control of a household. Thj
young prillCfas lias Iven tiuigbt needlework, r'lid i.- t] it ite proficient in tli:'
art of conking.
In addition. Princess Miiry is a vir\
fair all-round sportswoman, nnd. -ul-
though angling is one of her favorite
outdoor pastimes, she also follows the
hounds und enn bundle a gun.
In short, although her roynl hich-
ness is necessarily restricted in her
actions, she is always very happy,
and well fitted for the grent part she
is destined to pluy in yean to come.
An Enthusiastic Yachtsman.
The Marquis of Ormonde is always
to thp fore at Cowes, nnd since the
day when he succeeded the late Kinn
Edward as Commodore of th? Roynl
Yacht Squadron snme tim�� before his
Majesty's death, he has been a great
power in yachting circles. Lord
Ormonde is a practical sailor, and
hns "passed" for the skipper's certificate of the Board of Trnde. He is a
personal friend of the Kaiser, and is
generally to b- found at Kiel when
yachting contests are  taking place.
Lord Ormonde spent ten y~ars in
ths First Life flunrds.- By hie marriage with Lady Elizabeth Grosvenor.
n daughter of the present Duke of
Westminster's grandfather, he became
united to one of the most powerful
families in the count!y. He owns
ovr 20.000 acres in Ireland, antl
spends most of his time on the pater-
nai estates. Kilkenny Castle Ls a
historic pile which recall! the f.-udal
days. On many occasions it haa l>e��ii
a storm centre, and subjected to
{���'ew families have passed through
such vicissitude as th�� Butlers. They
stood by the Stuarts and were compelled to fly to the Continent when
the royal house was deposed. But
matters eventually straightened them
selves out, and the present Marqui.-
of Ormonde is enabled to live in
placid ease.
Matter  of   Draghoundt.
Mr. A. W. Perkin, who is known
in Middlesex as the "Squire oi Green-
ford," has just rct.rej after being
Master of the Greenford DrughounU.-
for a quarter tit a century. Drag-
hunting, as described by Mr. Perkm,
is a fascinating s;��>n. and it is sur
prising that it do a not become more
"I formed the Greenford Draghuut
in 1S85, and it was hm.ted to twenty
five members, most uf whom wer.
Middlesex farmers. We ustd to nieei
weekly, an<i hunted tiirougn the Hur
row, Hendon; Beaconsfleld, an
S'.ougb di.striets. In adUlt.nn to Ul.i
we held once a yeir u fo.nt-to-Poin
meeting ut my place at (ireelili.i,
"We don' hunt animals, hut a umi
with an anisie I hag atritpi.-i il nn ni-
hor.ie. We gi\e lum a lair -tart. am.
then chase him for all we are worth
If we are succless;ul in hunting mil
down we give toe hounds some horee
liesh to t--ar to pieces, 'llie sport i*
a niaiiiilicent o;ie .and ill ninny way-
better than foxhunting because t.H-ri
ia no possibility of not having uny
tiling io nunt.
A tanner ol Elgin County. Out.,
died reoently at over ninety yeara ul
age .
His will, which was made main
yuan ago and before the death of hi.-
nife, provided that if he predeceased
her she was to be given an annual
income of $600. In case she married
again the amount was to be increased to $1,000, as it cost more tor two
to live than one.
A  Big  Contract.
Mr Gordon Selfridge, the London
departmental store pfbprietor, tells
���vhe story of a lady who seemed to
�����-ant a lot for her money. She rushed excitedly into the ironmongery department, "Give me a mouse-trip!"
sl���> exclaimed. "Quickly, please, be
cause 1 want to catch a train 1"
How' Applications Are Msds and ths
Examination! Thst Follow.
Consuls are appointed by the presideut, with the advice and consent of
tbe senate. A candidate desiring appointment to the consular servlee
makes application for such appointment through tbe secretary of state on
a form furnished by the state department. From among these applicants
tbe president designates to take uu examination tbose candidates who seem
properly qualified for the aervlce nnd
who are not from states wblcb already
have more than their share of appointments ln the service, each state, so far
as possible, belug allowed appointments proportioned on the basis of
Naturally lf the service needs men
and but few candidates present themselves from states that are underrep-
reeented some candidates from states
orerreprcsented must also be designated for tbe examination. In making
these designations politics ls given no
consideration, tbe service being now
upon n strictly nonpartisan basis.
Tben when tbe set time arrives tbe
candidate presents himself at Washington and takes a written examination In International, maritime and
commercial law, political and commercial geography, arithmetic, modern
languages. Krench. German or Spanish; the natural, industrial and commercial resources and commerce of tbe
United States, political economy, Amer,
lean history, government and Institutions, and tbe modern history (since
1850) of Europe, South America and
the far east
To determine n candidate's business
ability, alertness, general contemporary information and natural fitness for
tbe service, including moral, mental
nnd physical qualifications, character,
address and general education aud
good command of Kngiish. he then
takes an oral examination. All those
can-lidutes who receive a total mark
of 81) per cent are then pronounced
qualified for appointment, und their
names go on tbe list of ellglDlea from
which future appointments are made.
-Hubert D. llelnl iu Leslie's.
Ignoring Noise.
Our suggestion tbat tbe senses be
trained to Ignore noise recalls Lord
Lyndhurst's heroism. Ile found education ln distraction. "1 recollect
many years ago," be wrote, "when I
was studying in chambers, having a
neighbor wbo wns learning to scrape
on the violin. 1 was at first disposed
to complain of ray neighbor's Innocent
pastime as an annoyance, but ou a little reflection 1 said to myself, 'la tt
wise In ine to object? Let me aee
whether 1 cannot stand It without distraction, lf 1 can. what on admirable
discipline It. wlll be to me in pursuing
my mathematical studies." After a
time I censed to bear tbe nuisance as
It was colled': It made no Impression
oo rap." Even an amateur violinist
bas bis apostolic mission:���Londou
6 Roomed House on Hamilton St.
below value. Can be handled for
$400 Cash, balance as rent.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr. Vice-President. Boo. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., wtth half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30. 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45. 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays-
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fit st car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
o��er the Fraser Valley line
for week end trlpg covering
all points on the division.
Tickets ror these special a%.
elusions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
Riveted Steel Pipes
Ths Camsl'i Peculiarity.
The camel alone anion;; animals dors
not perspire with Ita entire skin. It
perspires only In the back of the neck
and hu wben traveling In extreme lieiil
dcii'H not require a continual supply of
wuter In order to replace the moisture
emigrated through tbe pores. A curious consequence of thin singularity ia
tho fluctuation within 4 degrees of the
blood temperature of a healthy camel-
that Is, a rise of temperature of 4 degrees, wblcb In a human being and In
otber mammals would be a sign or fever. Is a normal function wltb tbe
camel.���New York Sun.
P. O.  BOX 442
Always Pairy Tales.
Tbere bus never been a language
spoken tbnt bss not been iis��d ror telling fairy tales. Whether ln bot lands
or cold, among savages or tbe most
cultivated nations���why, not a moment passes in which some one. somewhere, ls not telling a fairy tale or
listening to one or reading one or perhaps writing a new one. wblcb makes
it delightfully probable that we shall
always have tbem wltb um. however
scarce tbe fairies may bave made
themselves lu thexe prosaic and practical Any*.���Hlldegiirde Hawthorne In
8L Nicholas.
Ths Fitness of Things.
During a dliuMiaslon or the tltness of
thing* In general some one anked. *'lf
s yntlHg man taki* his best girl to the
grnnd opera, spends JS on a supper
after the |>erforiimii<-e nml theu takes
her home In a laxii'iiti should be kiss
her good nlghl?"
An old bachelor who was present
growled: "I don't think she ought to
expect It. Seems to me he has done
enough ror her."���Argonaut
Up Against It.
"There la an old proverb to the effect
thnt 'when one door shuts another one
opens.' so cheer up."
"That proverb don't help me none
M.v wife's mother la vlsltln' ns an' the
proverb ought to rend. 'When one
month shuts another one opens.' "���
Boston Hern Id.
The Way Out of It.
Rhe-Ro your cousin Is thinking ca
marrying a nice girl anil settling down
lie-Not exactly. He'a thlnklug ot
marrying a rich girl and settling np.-
Roston Transcript
"When does your husband flnd tlm��
to do nil his reading?"
"Usually when  I   wnnt to tell hint
i something   lmportanf-Detrolt   Kin
Tbe  man  who makes a cbaractet
makes foes.-Edward Young.
The Great International
Double Track Route
H. O. SMITH, C  P. ft T. A. W. B. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phono Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     S27 Granville Street
This New Residential Hetsl
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone ic
every room.
Cafe and dining room ln connection
second to none In the city.
The best accommodation ln New
Everything Modern and Up-To-Date
Eighth Street. New Westminster.
)ne mlnuto from B.C.B. and C.P.R.
The most comfortable rooms in th*
city; hot and cold water and steam
radiator in each.
Finest wines and spirits dispensed
at the bar, and first class cafe run in
Phone  1H6.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of Amsrlcsn, English
and Swiss
All Work Guaranteed.
641 Front Street.    N'*�� City Market
Fall Suits
���for Ladies and Men
46  Lorne Street,  New Westminster.
Phone R524
619 Hamilton St.
Chimney Sweeping.
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septlg Tanks, Etc MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1012.
61s Puts Most of Hsr Energies Into
the Passmore Edwards Institution
In a Metropolitan Slum Where
Basketry, Woodworking, Art and
Stories Form the Greater Part of
the Training for the Children.
Mra. Humphrey Ward does not forget the claims of social service in her
efforts to irustrate thc designs of 'he
suffragettes. There is no other eminent woman writer quite aa active as
tlie author' of "Robert Elsmere" in
trying to ameliorate the hard lot of
th* poor.
Most of her philanthropic energies
are focusscd on the Passmore Kdward*
Settlement in the west central district
of London, where, owing to her initiative, a vacation school has been opened for children who would otherwise
have to spedd their holidays in the
Ove.- a thousand scholars are in
daily attendance, although tl.ey are
not compelled to attend. The refreshing departure from ordinary scholastic
routine accounts for this pressure at
the Passmore K<iwards 8chool. When
weather conditions permit, a mixed
class assembles for tuition in basket-
making on the large lawn at the rear
of the S ttlei^ent.   The children work
with happy application, an I it is dif-
ficuit to recognize in th��'ni tiie uproar
ious j lAtngstert who turn the back
stiee s Into a pandemonium during t!:e
vacation weeks, Then thero is m
woodwork clasj tar buys, and.a mixed
art diss, wher.1 t.ie pupils paint How-
<rs fr in natural specimens taken irom
the gardon.
Hut by far the most populcr elas*
is the ; torytelling class. Stories ol
old romance are recited by the teacher, and this section displays, more
than any othor, tie keynote of the
wurk. which is recreative occupation.
Tiie more practical side of tuition if
not forgotten, for boys are shown ho\y
to cibhie boots, ami girls are taught
cooking and housewifery, while dancing aid drill are also provided for
both   boys aiwl  giris.
Before thd vacation school breakup. -Mrs. Humphrey War! invites the
parents to a 1'artiits' Uay, when speci-
mcoia c; u.e school work ��*re exhibited.
A Closely Clinging Garment and a
Laughable Request
la IKKi I'rofeHKor Kmmet of the Cnl-
isrslty of Virginia vlxited lu Sew Vork
rvi'.h his fu in I I.v mid while there re-
>��tved from abroad a pair of Indlu rub-
f*r cloth boots. Ills non. Ur. Tlioums
Aidls Km Diet, In UU book. "Incidents
nt My Lit>." suys that his dlsUn-
���pilslied f|itlier wus happier in his new
rtOMsession* '.ban n chi.d with a new
'My and ipent ino-t af bis time stnnd-
*cg tike a iieron in the wuter to lest
Their .'h.ipe was not such as would
hsve fascinated l'uckelnn. the famous
oooimuker. They were made like a
long stocking ot course canvas, with a
leather soie, and over all wuu smeared
* paste of rubber which might bnve
answered In cold weather, but which
wus sticky and I'.l Miielllng under a
inodera'.ely hot sun. ln very few articles has there been oinre Improvement than Iti rubber stood* since they
Crst inoie Into use.
My father took bnck with him a
'Talncout" as s present !o our old negro '.'utichmiiti. :r.it be could never be
Induced to wear It In the ruin, and
when ^postulated with Ills answer
was. "Dik's yon t'lnk l's gwlne wenr
iis new coat In de rnln?" lie never
wore It except In the bright sunshine
and on a warm day. so that when he
got off the box ut tbe stable It was
uecessnry to take wltb hlm the cushion and remove his trousers before be
could get Ills cont oft.
I recollect as a child the flrst "gum
shoes" In use. which were hideous to
look at mid most uncomfortable over a
shoe, hut wllich to the bare feet of the
old negroes were a Joy und a comfort.
The first rubber shoe was shaped like
a large sausage, and from one end
along the side a piece.was removed to
permit the introduction of tbe toot.
After the foot was inserted the elastic
substance slia|n-d itself about It.
They were always called "gum
shoes " While s medical student I was
present al the opening of the Clrard
House In Philadelphia, and I remember
that there were printed notices at eacb
entrance with the request, "IMeuse
wipe your gums oh the mot"
on a sealed lead package of Ceylon Tea, is your
safeguard and guarantee.
"SALADA" means freshness, purity, exquisite
aroma, delightful flavor.
"SALADA" means purity, healthfulness, satisfaction.
We wlll gladly send by mall a free sample packet of "CALADA" In
return for a postal card mentioning the kind of Tea you use, Black, Green,
or mixed, and the price you usually pay. Then you can try, without cost,
the flavor of "CALADA."
"Closed For ths Game."
"Me grandmother's dead." tba ofllce boy
Caressing Ma eyes with hla sleeve.
"Too bad," said hla boaa. with a ahake ot
the head.
"You muat Uke a day off for to grieve."
"I've a pain In me dome," waa the bll.
clerk's moan
Aa he rubbed hla knob, which was balr-
-you'd better lay oft," aald the boaa, with
a cough.
"Tour headache might make you careless."
Tbe rest of the force, wttb no sign of remorse.
Killed their relatives off.   'Twas a shame!
And the boaa. with a glance at hia calendar askance.
Hung a algn out���"Closed for the game."
���Philadelphia Ledger.
Victcria   Motorists,   However,  Oppose
Any Large Expenditure on Vancouver-Westminster Road.
Victoria, Nov. 1/���The action of tha
govermeLt in eliminating all considerations of politics in the selection of
an engineer to comprehensively develop a worthy National Park in the
heart of the Vancouver Islands alp*
was made the subject of a voluntary
and cordial expression of approval by
the Victoria Automobile Association,
a large deputation of whose members
(headed by President A. E. Todd,
Secretary Forsythe and Mayor Beckwith) today had an extended interview with the Minister of Public
Works, Hon. Thomas Taylor.
The association expressed its" appreciation of the work on the mainland in connection with linking up thc
north and south Paciflc Highway route
and the west to east Canadian Highway route.   They said:
-   Troubles of a  Whip.
A former British Liberal Whip, Mr.
George Whiteley, now known ai LorJ
Marctiainley, gives one or two Ju-
stance; of the things that are expected
of the man who holds t..at position
in one of the* parties. One member
n>nt him a note which read:
'Dear Whitekey.���Please try and re
serve for me, throughout the session,
s rent in the thiid row as near as
possible to the Speaker's chair." Another member wrote saying that he
had recently become a man of considerable lfeS!th. "nd his Wlfd had said
that he ought to attend a levee. "Can
ycu,' he inquired, "give me the name
of a tip top tailor wbere I can get a
suite mMli witli p'.'etil'j of gotd braiu
on iti'"
It will be seen that the position ol
Chief Whip is no sinecure, and the
man who aspires to the post .must tie
ci duwt! 1 witli a sense of humor, and a
leal jot philosophy.        i
The duties of a chief whip are varied-ami uiierous. He has to be al,
things 11 all men, see that his party
makes s god show in the divisions,
a%i generally keep the members up tu
scratch. He has also a deal ol patronage to buttow, and his leaders uever
enter ou any important campaign
without first seeking his advice.
That Famous Mose Covered Ons That
Hung In the Well.
Not fnr from Boston Is located the
well which Inspired the familiar lines'
of Samuel Woodworth to the "Old Oaken Itucket." Every time the place Is
r Isl ted many new traditions are told
concernlns the famous old bucket
nlioiit which people httve been sinking
these many yenrs. limine drunk deep
nf the sparkling waters between whistled snatches of tbe familiar refrain,
how dlHcnucertlm: It was to have tbe
charm broken by learning that the original "old oaken bucket" was stolen
short I.v after his well known poem be-
.-nine famous!
The   youngest   daughter   of   Samuel
Woodworth. the author, who died in
I Herkeley. Cnl.. often used to tell nlwint
lhe real old onken  bucket ond of the
: stillness  which  cume over  the  house-
! hold ou the day it was stolen    It seemed aa If one of the family were missing     In tbls one ot souvenir collection
who knows but that some day the real
old "tno** covered bucket that bung In
the well" may turn up In a museum or
serve ns n water tank in the show windows of some enterprising advertiser?
There Is no otber water bucket In
the world ko enshrined In homely, genuine romance as this one. Even the
golden goblets of royalty and the treasured chalices of the crusaders bare
never awakened thv universal and popular Interest attained by tbe "old oaken
bin ket tbnt hung In the well" until It
was stolen nud carried away lo the
r.i-nltb of Its fame.-Joe Mitchell Chap-
tile In National Mngailus.
express from Manchester to London
and back dally.
"Not suffragists���burglars.," was a
notice covering a large hole ln the
centre window of the premises of
Messrs. Sandorldes, tobacconists, of
Old Bond street. All the contents
which could be reached from the hole
comprising a number of silver cigar
ette cases, were stolen.
Mrs. Lloyd, wife of Colonel Lloyd
chairman of the Pembrokeshire Territorial Association, was driving to her
home, TrefTgarne Hall, when a motorcar frightened the horse, which bolted
and Mrs. Lloyd was thrown from her
trap to the road and killed. Her skull
was fractured.
The annual "lion sermon" was
preached at St. Catherine Cree Church
Leadenhall street, by the Rev. Arthur
C. Gaver, vicar of Lamberhurst, Kent.
He is a descendant of Sir John Gaver.
Lord Mayor of Londou in 1646, who
left money for the sermon to ba
preached annually in recognition of
hia deliverance from a Hon in Arabia.
An insurance agent named Heur;
Thomas Robinson, aged 26, of Lea
road, Wolverhampton, was killed by
his cycle skidding as he waa ridin?
down a steep hill on the Holywell
road. He was flung against a dog
����, iuuik.    uiuj oa.... cart, and a shaft pentrated his chest.
"At present our interest is particular-1 inflicting injuries from which he died
ly centered in the Hope Mountain sec-  ln the hospital shortly after,
tion of the Canadian Highway and in      A man naraed    Sam    guidon wa-
that portion   of the Pacific   Highway  Bhot in the head by one of a group o>
between  the   international   boundary  men in Birmingham publlc house. The
Move to Be Commended.
"I wna out lu tbe woods bunting yesterday, and I shot a man wbo was
wearing one or these fuzzy bats.'*
"I aro afraid people may tblnk I did
It Intentionally."
"Afruldl Why. man. If they tblnk
that you wtll get all tbe more credit"
���Houston Post.
Unexpected Fl/ppsney.
We hardly look for humor ln a medical dictionary, yet one recently published defines "shout" as "an unpleasant noise produced by overstraining
tbe throat, for which great singers are
paid well and small children are punished."���Boston Transcript
Nswton's Perseverance.
Many Interesting stories are related
of Newton's great perseverance. Not
infrequently upon arising ln tbe morning be would sit down on bis bedside
and remain tbere for hours without
dressing himself, occupied wltb some
Interesting investigation wblcb had
fixed hls attention.
On a tablet iu the room In wblcb
Newton was born at Woolstborpe
manor house Is inscribed tbe celebrated
i epitaph written by Pope:
Nature and nature'e laws lay hid In night.
God aald, "Let Newton be," and all wu
Sir Isaac told Bishop Pearce that he
bsd spent thirty years at Intervals In
reading over all the authors or parts of
authors wblcb could furnish blm with
materials for bis "Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms" nnd that be bad writ-
leu tbat work sixteen times wltb bis
own bund.
and the Fraser River bridge.
"From an advertising standpoint
alone, we believe it would be profit-'
able to this province If this stretch ot
road waB constructed with a heavy
concrete base surfaced with vitrified
brick sixteen feet wide. We realiza
what this would coat, and wish to go
upon recctd as supporting it. We
think it may have been reported to
ycu that we support similar expenditures between Burrard Inlet and the
Kraser River bridge. Such is not the
case, and we have steadily refused to
support provincial expenditures on
this section which virtually passed
through one continuous city."
"Shins,   Sir?"
One day not long ago, ss Mr. Ellis
Griffith, the Undtr Secretsry for Home
Affairs, was leaving the Britis'i House
ol Commons, he was asked if he wanted a "bhinc, sir?"
"Ah. I think 1 will," said the Under-
Secretary, looking down at his boots.
While the operation was being per-
f.rtned the politician began to question the youthful bootblack, atvd soon
discovered in crossexsinination that
he bad wandered up from the country
to seek his fortune in London.
"What is you father?' aaked Mr.
EUls Griffith, presently.
"A fsrmer, sir," was the answer.
"I see," said the politician, with a
smile; "ha makes hay while the son
Lassa, which is the capital of Tibet,
for generation* was known aa the
Forbidden Citj: because'of"it* political
and religious delusiveness. In 1004
a British armed expedition opened
the mysterious old city.. Previous to
that time practically every European
���reveler had been stopped in his efforts to reach the place. The population ot Lassa is about 35.000.
Grant's Graceful Act
When.General .Grant wns In Japan
the emperor Invited blm to cross the
imperial footbridge near the palace at
Tokyo, across which none but those.of
royal blnod had ever passed General
Grant accepted the Invitation and
wai kill beside the ftitkndo until they
reached the center of Hie bridge. Then
he stopped, profoundly saluted the emperor und snld: "Your majesty. I have
come so far to show yon thst I am not
Insensible to the honor you would do'
ins, but I cannot violate your traditions Let ns return the way we came"
It wss a graceful set. gracefully dona.
-Ht Mills Clohr-lteiiiiieraL
**������'.-       . **r ���
p ENGLISH    NEWS. ���
��� ���
A cabbage weighing 75 pounds has
been grown at Havering Park, Essex.
Family bathing at the Hornsey-roai!
Baths Is 4.0 be continued during thc
Suburban postmen are to be provided with electric lamps in r'ace of
the oil lamps.
Congregational, Baptist, Presbyterian and Wesleyan churches at Crickle-
wood have combined for certain
branches of religious work.
In order to  encourage the  cultiva-
assailant fired three shots at a police
man, but missed. Sheldon's wound It
not dangerous. Sheldon belonged tc
a gang which carries on street warfare with another gang ln the Garrison
lane, and the rivalry is regarded as a
cause of the shooting.
A verdict of "Accidentally suffo
cated" -waB returned at an Inquest at
Chatham oh the infant daughter of a
bargeman named Penfield. The child's
mother had a pet cat, and, before the
child was boru, had been in the habit
of allowing the cat to sleep with her.
On Sunday morning Penfield found
the animal lying asleep with Its head
cn his Wife's shoulder and its body
over the baby'a which was dead.
Why They Go Mad.
Harry Macdona once made a whimsical   remark  after   hts  return   from
one of hts many "polar expeditions."
"I didn't mind the cold so much,"
be snid. "and the hardships were to
be looked for as a part of tbe game.
Rut what proved to lie almost Insupportable was tbe constant association,
dny  and  night,  with  the same  men.
They were all good fellows, too. and I
liked them, but I got <o know tbem
too well.   A man Is like a music box.
He can only play Just so many tunes,
and   after  you  hnve  heard  them   all
over again nnd again you get deadly
tired of them.   1 think tbat Is why so
many go mad on sucb trips."
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending lu Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout the island; alao In
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
idad, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, Eo��.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns aad
cities in the world. These ex-
oelent connections afford every
banking facility.
Naw Weatminater Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
Branches throughout Canada
Jewfoundland, anc in London,
ud, I.sw Tork, Ch'csgo and Spokane.
f.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
asking business transacted. Latere of Credit iaaued. available wttk
orrespondanta In all parts of tha
Savings Bank Dtcartmeat���Deposits
ecep'ed In sums of $1  and upward,
nd Interest allows 1 at t par cent, par
mum   (present rate).
Total   Assets over 1186.000.000.00
O. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul   and   Kootenay
18:20 for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperial   Limited,
real and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
Plan    to    Have     Speedway   Through
Famous Desert In California.
Los Angeles, Nov. 17.���A plan has
been inaugurated to make a transcontinental highway for "joy riders'
through Death Valley, where the
bones of scores of lost prospectors and
their burros have been bleached for a
generation in the fierce heat of the de
sert waste. -���
Engineer O. K. Parker, commis
aloned by the Automobile Club cf
Southern California, left for the des
ert today- to begin the work of placing
guide posts along 1500 miles of ita
ooorly defined roadways. Crossing the
23,000 square miles of desolate sand
tion of tobacco, Major Whitmore has I are roads classed aa good, Indifferent
A Few Hints to Housewives.
Flow to hresa a Chicken.-Use soft
materials such ss hntiate or mull and
iirranjre simply* If a sprlne chicken,
white Is the most ���ultshle rnlnr.
How to String Beans-V*a a strong
tbtrad and sufficiently large needle.
tuFnot fall to knot tbe thread before
hecinnlnc the task.
flow to Preserve I'eaches.-Trent
the snme after nmrrtnee as hefnr*.
Tills slmplsi reelpe has nevei; been
anom to fall���Harpers Weekly.
��� Books.
I wonld prefer to bn** one comfortable room well slocked with winks to
sli vou ean give me In the wny of dec
rirntlon wlfleh the hlirliest art ran sup-
nly There Is no greater blessing thnt
mn t>e 0ren to a family than a love
tt hooks.-John Hrlght
  4 J
Hera's s Pointer.
If a mnn eet* on nls kti��^"*n<|; Implore, a woman th .wi��*t,t)hun tba
fhiitiee* nre'tie wtll rvtwiln in that portion for the rest of Ills life If she ac.
���epts.-Atlanta Journal.
Difficulties are meant to rniw' not
ltscourage - WlllHin Kllvry Cbauhliig
decided to establish a school for tobacco growers at Methwold, Norfolk.
Old London mansions in CllsTOld Park
and Golders Hill are to be adapted by
the London County Council as tenements for park employees.
Knlghtsbridge Post Office was
broken into early for the fourth time
ln flve years. The burglar's only re-
vard was half a sovereign left ln the
As the Yarmouth herring boat Cicero was shooting her nets tn the
North Sea one of the crew, a young
married man named Charles Beavers.
was pulled overboard by the nets and
A curious lard substitute has beeu
seized and deatroyed by the Tees port
Sanitary authority. It was made of
ox fat, cotton seed oil. water and rice
flour, and was Intended for cooking
Four attempts to break open church
offertory bave boen made In the Romford district recently, and lt la suggested that motor omnibuses are responsible for bringing undesirables Into the locality,
Thirty thousand larch trees In the
Lake district have had to be prematurely cut down In the last three year*
owing to the ravages nf the larch saw
lly. The untimely feeling represents a
serious loa* to the owners.
There Is still some agricultural land
in the County of London.. Tbe London
County Council has Just let for grai-
lng purposes four and a half acrea oa
Plumstead Marshes at an annual rent
of ��6; half-acre at 10s and three
acres at ��S.
Two elderly Bisters,  Mrs. Williams
attempting   to alight from S   moving
and hpd, but moat of them bad,
At Intervals of about 75 miles,
water holes, moat of them poisonous,
are found, and lt wlll be a part of
Parker's task to place signs Informing the traveler how far It Is to the
next oasis.
President-Elect and Family En Route
to Bermuda for Rest
New York. Nov. 17.���(By Wireless
Via Seagate.)���President-elect Wilson's vacation trip began auspiciously.
Pleasant conditions have prevailed
since he and his family set out from
New York for Bermuda on the steamer,
and this evening all members of the
partv are enjoying themselves thoroughly.
The governor and his family mingled freely with the other passengers,
or employed themselves walking the
ship's decks. The governor waa In
flne humor and very glad that hs had
tn prospect a period of complete relaxation and freedom from Intrusion.
One of his remarks, however, seemed
to contain a note of warning:
"Anybody who cornea to Bermuda
will get the reverse of what they desire." be said, and some of those who
heard him believed he meant that it
would not fare well with seekers ot
official t��vor who ventured to bother
htm during his stay In the islands
Montreal, Nov. 17.���Vessels with r*
oord cargoes of whest ars crowding
tbe port today. At the harbor com
missioners No. 1 elevstor there were
three barges and three steamers moor
and Mrs. Morris, ot Dilau, Llanelly. In -������� *��'������ *> *��� ����Uoad��L    Another
fleet lay at the new elevator while
electric car. fell and received terribje ^J *|w��*��d T���k 2''r*y c,ev*tor
injuries. Mrs. Williams died shortly
after the accident, and her sister ls
lh a serious condition.
A Buxton engine driver of the London and. North, Weatern, Railway,
pamed Robert Garslde, hat Just completed forty years' service. He had
driven 1,847,000 miles, a distance
equal-to seventy-four times round the
world.   For three years he drove the
and the Ogilvie Flour Mills were busy,
unloading grain.
With the end of tbe season of navigation almost at hand and the days
on the upper lakes becoming more
dangerous, there is the regular fall
rush of wheat to the port As far ns
the export trade, la concerned there Is
a fleet of sixteen ships in the harbor
now. each of which will carry out a
big load Of train when thay clear.
The Word "Studio."
"Studio" Is one of tbe many foreign
words   tbat  bnve  acclimatized   themselves In tbe English language.    It is
a recent Import from Italy, unknown
to Johnson's dictionary and apparently
not  occurring   before   the  nineteenth
century, but It bas supplied a  want
"Study." which Is the real English for
"studio," suggests a room for rending
and   writing,  nod   "workroom"   links
distinctiveness.   The French net along
with "atelier." wh|i-h literally meana a
place In  whicb ���siunli planks nre pre-
pared-lo  otber  words, a carpenter's
worka bop.
1 Hsr Difficult Task.
Maud-Beatrix bas lost twenty pounds
lately, ber new gowns are perfect successes, her sweetheart proposed to her
last night ber rtcb uncle died yesterday and left ber a million, and now ihe
haa to go to his funeral today nud try
ts look and.-Boston Herald.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phon* 137
Begbie Strsst.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
ihllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung:
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
This is the best
Ready Made
Cough Syrup
on the market.
We back up
this statement
with our guarantee to refund
the money in
any case when
not satisfactory
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phons 868.
Room 4 Traoo Block-
Curtis Drug Store
Phons ����: L. D. 71} Rn ft
Nsw   Wsstmlnstsr,   B   C.
who do not rscslvs Ths Hamm beforo
8 a.m. should
and ��nak�� complaint Oaly la tkis way
may an efficient dsllvsry hs nala-
Ws Imio hot str tp
lust legitimate tailoring.
M maohl* Strsst,
Hill ll u	
Published every morning except
Snnday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at tbeir ofllce,
�� McKenzie Street, New Westminster, B. C.
Business Office   999
Editorial Office  991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
6y mall ft Per T**'. ��* 2Bc P*'
No letters will be published In the
News eteept over the writer's signature. The editor reserves the right
to refuse,the, publication of any letter.
jail tonight in default of $5000 bail. .
Dr. Hodgeman and Fred Rodby, who |
were among those arrested yesterday,
were released   today   on   their   own
recognizance by the district attorneys
W. H. Allen, who Is believed to
have taken chloroform following the
circulation of street gossip connecting his name with the investigation,
waa said to be out of danger tonight
at the hospital.
Westminster is intimately interested
in Saturday's announcement from Ottawa giving preference to white men
who will engage In the fishing trade,
for our income from the sea's harvest
and from those wbo gather it is ona
of our soiirceS or being. And the more
white fishermen the greater should be
that income.
Sir Richard McBride on arrival at
Ottawa recently referred to the unguarded coast, the unfortified terminals of Canada's western gate. We
have a little while yet to see what will
be done In this direction, but neither
Iprmlnals nor defences are so import
ant a local matter as introducing In
British Columbia good, solid white
men with their families who will
settle along the 7000 miles of our
coast. We may then raise up a race
cf men as hardy and as used to the
sea as are the "bluo noses" of our
eastern shores, the fisher folic of Newfoundland or the sea dogs of the Dogger Bank.
If we can get this most desirable
class of settler we need only copy the
example of "Britain's oldest colony"
to fnrnigi an efficient naval reserve,
whne the problem of supplying men
for our merchant service, whose
growth is now considerable and which
will unfailingly be rapid in the future
should be solved.
New York, Nov. 16���The horse show
is open and thefjsoclal season Ib on.
Judge William HI Moore won the first
bluo ribbon of the show with his
brown gelding Hykon. The event was
the class for horses over 14 hands, 2
Inches and not exceeding 15 hands 1
Second prize went to R. A. Eburn,
also owned by Judge Moore, and third
prize to Satire, owned by J. Sumner
Draper, while Pandora Queen took
fourth. All four horses placed were
bred in England.
In the class for women's saddle
horses Miss Mona Dunn, who, though
her horses are bred ln England, ls a
Canadian, took three of the four blue
The first prizes, however, went to
Panama, last year's heavyweight winner.
Honorary Surgeons to H. R. H.
Ottawa, Nov. 1/.���Dr. A. E. Carrow,
of Montreal, and Colonel G. C. Jones,
M.D., of the rr.illtin headquarters staff,
have been appointed honorary surgeons to His Royal Highness the Duke
cf Connaught. ,
Fcrty-tv.o Divorce Cases.
Ottawa, Nov. 17.���So far there have
been forty-two applications for divorce
to be considered by parliament this
session. Tnis beats all previous
records by eight, while the majority
of applications are from Toronto,
those from the prairie provinces are
more numerous than usual.
Ore in Kootenay.
Nelson, B.C., Nov. 17.���Ore production in the Kootenay and Boundary
districts last week was 491 476 tons,
making 2.20H 042 tons for the year to
dite. Smelter receipts were 43.561
tons for the \,eek and 1.9S4.376 tons
fer the year to date.
Our Ten-Day Sale has been such a success that we have decided to continue
the SPECIAL PRICES until Dec. 1. Substantial reductions on all lines.
We must have space for Christmas Goods.
Hartshorn Rollers   -   -   -  -
The above are only a few of the many bargains you will find at the Big Furniture Store.
How much of the responsibility for
delinquent children can be traced directly to delinquent parents Is bein;;
made more and more evident as the
work of Buch institutions as the Juvenile courts lay bare more and morn
of what haa been conveniently hidden
beneath the surface of thiugs as they
Chief Justice Russell, or the court
of special sessions of the city of New-
York says: "Three-quarters of all the
cases that crowd the calendars of the
Children's Court in New York are the
result of improper guardianship," and
what is true of New York is proportionately true of every city that approaches New York in size and the
-concomitants of size���slums and tenement districts.
It is very much easier to recognize
such a condition than it is to deal
with it". The application cf any rad;-
oal measure would not only be danger
ously revolutionary to fundamental
ideas and habits, but it is b.v no means
certain that it would work out immediately to the betterment of the children affected.
It is not wise to uproot ideas, even
bad ideas, unless you have something
to offer as a substitute, and the error of our social system which find3
one expression in parental delinquency lies very deep and has many
ramifications. When children are
largely viewed aa assets because of
their value as income-earners, the
point of view, naturally, is different
from that which we have, with faoile
carelessness, come to regard as universal.���Montreal Star.
Chinese Boycott Japanese.
Amoy, China. Nov. 17.���Th., city is
placarded with posters announcing
the beginning of a boycott against
Japan'ese goods. This is in protest
against Japanese aggression in Manchuria.
Centenarian C-aribalJian Dies.
San KranciSfD. Nov. 17.���Leonardo
Anuzzi, aged 101 years, a veteran of
several Garibaldi campaign, died her.;
today. Anuzzi bore scars of threa
o-ornrt-. recotvetl while fighting under
Garibaldi's banner. He was a lieutenant in the Sicilian campaign of 1860.
Fiofct For China's Piohts.
'*     Hong Kong, Nov. 17.���The principal
I representatives in Pekin have inform
. ed the Canton officials of the attitude
of Russia in Mongolia.   They urge thai
I the   provinces   make   immediate   pre-
| parations to  fight  for China's  right3
and that the officials telegraph to the
government advocating prompt action.
Seattle, Nov. 17.���Edwin F. Meyer,
formerly chief clerk of the storekeeper of the Puget Sound navy yard, was
acquitted tonight on the churge of conspiracy to defraud the government in
the purchase uf vinlies.
The jury took three ballots. The
trial occupied three weeks. Thf
amount of the government's loss by
the alleged frauds in purchase of supplies is said to have been $50,000.
(Continued from page one)
Captain Ashley Williams, D. S. 0.,
Second In Command at Mafeklng.
South African veterans and the pub
lie who followed the memorable selgo
nf Mafeklng will regret to hear of th.i
<le.ath ut Captain Aahloy Williams, D.
'.3. O.. ln Kngland, on October 30 last.
Captain Williama joined tho Charter
ed company's police some years ago
and served all through the Matabele
war at Mafoking. He waa in command
of the armoured train whicii time after
time defeated Commandant Snyman
when trying hard to capture the be-
edged city.
He was In charge cf the gallant
little band who rammed their revolvers into Game Tree forts and for
which he obtained his P. S. O. He
comes from a famous fighting stock,
being the second Hon of Captain K. W.
Williams aud nephew to Qeneral    Al-
' be'rt Williams, A. D. C, to the late
Duke of Cambridge, llis brother, Captain Berkeley Williams, served under
the inte Qeneral Sir Redvers Buller In
are only partly dug. A huge pile of
barbed wire was stacked near the endangered northern wing, never having
been put to use. The troops for the
most pari are unable to work because |
oliolora Infected soldiers are keeping i
watch in tlie earthwork. i
Strewn with Dying.
Innumberable sick lie groaning in'.
the  Holds lo the roar, some of them
careful investigation and according to
despatches reaching Athens from
Saloniki, the explosion is believed to
have been the work of a Bulgarian
bank as revenge upon the Turks for
the destruction of tlieir men in the
town of Krinia, with the Turks surrounded and bombarded while the Bulgarians were occupying it. A fuse was
laid to the magazine and ignited.
Additional details have been received of the occupation by the
Greeks cf Mount Athos a\ tho extremity of the easternmost cf the three
Pongs of the peninsula of Chalcidice
Monks Overjoyed.
Early in tlie morning the squadror
under Vice-Admiral Countourlotls, ly
ing at Lemnos, weighed anchor and
proceeded to Perl Daphne. A company of bluejackets landed near the
customs house and occupied the government building over which the
Greek flag was hoisted. The bells o!
all the monasteries and chapels ran;
out and the monks fired a fusillade tc
express their joy. Many of them wei
coined the Greeks un the shore.
Another    force   landed   at   Malin!
I whence they marched to Erisso,   thuj
I giving Greece  mastery  of  the  Atlio.-,
| Another corps composed mostly of
I Cretl&na is now operating at Epirus
A large number of villages have been
: occupied, a nephew of Premier Veni
I zolos, and the noted Cretian, Bolaki
are in command.
I King Goes to War.
Rieka, Montenegro, Nov. 17.���King
Nicholas, accompanied by his son-tn
law, the Russian Grand Duke Peter
N'ikolalvich, and the Grand <)uches3,
embarked Friday on a lake steamer to
view the operations in front of Scutari
The steamer immediately became *
target lor Turkish shells, which fel!
unpleasantly near.
His majesty on the steamer followed
the work of the Montenegrin centre
column on the plain before Scutari. At
noon a heavy bombardment opened on
all sides. Montenegrin shells severs'
times struck the highest point of
Mount Golesz, dense clouds of smoke
Silenced Battery.
At 3 o'clock In the afternoon a Turk
lsh battery occupying an exceedingly
strong position at Golosz was silenced.
Subsequently sln-iis struck a magazine
'n tho town and flames were seen   to
Mr. Harry Lancaster, the headline'
of the "Rex Vaudeville Company,''
wliich opens a two night's engagemeni
at the local opera house on Wednes
day next, will no doubt be remember
ed by many as the excellent interpreter of Scotch humor at last year's
"Pierrot Shows" at English Bay, Vancouver.
Mr. Lancaster has Just concluded a
highly successful engagement througli
California, and in ^Ite of extraordinary offers on behalf of Eastern and
ilso Australian music hall managers
has decided to revisit his "old love,"
Western Canada, where he spent, af
he remarked, the happiest times of his
Mr. Dave Caston has Just finished a
triumphant tour from East to West on
the "Sullivan and Consldlne" Clrcirit
whilst Mr. Harry C. Willis, Versatile
Comedian-Ventriloquist, is a new ar
rival from the Antipodes, with the reputation as being on the top of his pro
The Mackay Sisters, two "Glasgow
Lassies," are exceedingly clever sing
ers and dancers. Miss Edith Wilma ia
a prima donna contralto of particularly high standing, who also takes an
Important part In the second half of
the program, the Comedy Sketch "Con
In their last agonies.   Countless chol-1 S,"J", ,ip\, , , .     ,     .       .
era  Infected  fugitives aro struggling!. Af,(,r tl,is successful bombardmen
on the fan shaped road converging on   fourteen battalions of inrantry crossed
Hademekui    from    tlie   outer    fort3.1 tho  Kirl  river to  Hie  northeast and
Thousands  of  patients  and   hundredh   J(,m,"K ,he troo"a on  t,lat slde! mad?
Winnipeg, Nov. 17.���Members of the
Winnipeg Real Estate exchange form
ally presented the memorial ward to
the children's hospital yesterdav afternoon and witnessed the unveiling of
the tablet commemorating the deaths
of their fellow members, Mark Fortune, Hugo Ross and Thomson Beat-
He, who perished as heroes with the
Ill-fated Titanic. Lieutenant Governor
D. C. Cameron officiated at the unveil
Ing and James Scott presented the
Insnlrii-* Addressee were delivered
bv Hon. fe\i\ |l. Camnbell, acting
printer of fo p rovln^p. Mavor Waugn
,and Sr Dsn}i*l McMillan. K.C.M.G.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 17.���Three ar
rests and the release of two prisoners
on their own recognizance were today's development in the so-called
vice clique investigation being conducted by the juvenile court here.
Those arrested today were Dr. F. H.
Hod"mnn, an natoooath, and Dr. Harry
A. Start, a physician.   Start was   in
of of dead lie on    the    ground    near
At Derkos lake, the chief source of
Constantinople's water supply, there
was a guard of soldiers, but 12 of
them died and 16 others were stricken
wilh cholera Thursday night. Thorn
is great fear that the whole watershed
will be contaminated, involving Constantinople in the greatest danger.
Tchatalja Untenable.
The three physicians at Derkos havu
been unable to do more than bury the
dead. Turkish officers regard further
resistance at Tchatalja as impossible,
but think it ls equally impossible for
the Bulgarians to occupy the Turkish
positions without endangering the
whole Bulgarian army through
Among the cholera victims who
have arrived from the front is General
Ahmed   Rlsa   Bey,   president   of    tho
Turkish parliament,
Killed Three Hundred.
Athens, Nov. 17.���The explosion ol
a Turkish powder magazine at Salon
iki did immense execution several
days ago. The magazine was close to
the cavalry barracks where many
Turkish prisoners were confined.
Three hundred Turks wore killed and
430 wounded.
The Creek authorities have made a
a united assault on the Turkish positions oast of the town, driving th?
enemy out.
Meanwhile a division under General
Martlnovlch had groat success on tlv*
opposite aide of the Boyana river In
the direction of San Giovanni di Meda
i ne division encountered; 3000 Turks
who occupied the slopes of Mount Bar-
balosciie, overlooking the Dr'nk river
A severe engagement ensued, lasting
all afternoon.
Headlong  Flight.
Tho Turks defended the position*
heroically, but wore unable to withstand the stronger Montenegrin artillery fire and gradually withdrew,
The Montenegrins followed this nn
by attacking the whole front and driving the Turks in headlong flight toward Allosslo. The enemy left manv
dead and wounded on the battlefield.
The Montenegrin losses also were
Anti-War Riots.
Paris, Nov. 17.���An anti-war demon
stration In conjunction with similar
demonstrations hold at London, Berlin, Rome, Milan and other cities in
Europe, was held hero today.
After the meeting n parade was
formed, but degenerated Into rowdy
Ism. Rioters came into collision wlt'.i
the oollco. who charged repeatedly
and finally broke up the assemblage.
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
t.7.3 Clarkson S'reet. Phone 490.
East Burnaby
Beautftil view corner, cleared, 1
block from Sixth street, only
$9C0.   E:.tra good terms.
8 aores, all In garden or orchard, an Ideal subdivision, ono
block from King's Highway,
Orchard lot, 43 x 100 feet, two
blockB from oar, $750; $51)
cash, $15 per month.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.     East Burnaby.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts ot the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
2 Room House and Lot 52 x 109 in
splendid location. Price only $950
One-third cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
451 Columbia Street
Pipers' Band and Enthusiastic Crowd
Watches Ding Dong Struggle at
Queens Psrk.
R. C.
With tuck of drum and skirl of
pipes the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
football flfteen marched upon ths
arena at Queens park on Saturday
afternoon to do battle with the Westminster rugby men. The result of thc
game, 14 pointa to 3, ls scarcely representative of the play, although It
cannot be gainsaid that the militiamen
did not deserve their win..
Both sldeB appeared to have Improved very much since their former
encounter. The Royals forwards controlled the scrums, but the Highland
era back division far excelled that of
the local boys. Lloyd was the relieving feature behind the Westmlnstei
pack in which Railton, Turney and
Lambert did yeoman service.
Wtth the grade In their favor West
minster started off, but scon, from the
fumbling of a cross kick the enemy'3
forwards, following up smartly, cross
ed the line, Gunning scoring. Tha
goal kick failed.
Shortly afterwards the Highlanders
again pressed and McCready went in
for a good'try. Paul converting. Westminster's forwards kept the ball to
themselves after this, and, from a
passing bout following a line out.
Lloyd galloped tn for a try carrying
three militiamen with him. The kick
just failed. Score one goal one try to
one try.
It was a forwards game following
lemon time, the militiamen dribbling
H. S. Draw After Even Game
With Cedar Cottage.
In the first round of the Brunswick
Cup, the soccer team of the Royal
City High School managed to make a
draw with Cedar Cottage on the Cambie street Vancouver grounds. No
goals were scored and play was even
all the way through. The defense
division of the Westminsters were a
The replay will take place In this
city next Saturday afternoon. In the
other cup tie games, St. Andrew's defeated Cottage United 6-1, while the
Sixth Regiment surprised the S. of E.,
winning 3-2.
The second round of the cup will be
played on Saturday, Dec. 7.
Important Meeting Tomorrow Evening
���Three fasin* Already Appear
Certain to Enter.
A meeting will be held In the Moos?
Athletic club rooms at 7:30 o'clock
Tuesday evening for the purpose of
stirring up enthusiasm in regard to
an amateur hockey league in the city.
Although lt will probably be several
weeks before the Westminster rink is
ready for skating, the parties back ol
the move to form a ieague are desirous of making plans early so that
little time will be lost w;hen once the
ice is in shape for the winter sport.
The meeting will be open to every
one, especially clubs In the city who
are Interested in different sports. Th^
Moose, Bankers and Y. M. C. K~, arc
almost certainties,    while others are
Your attention ls drawn to the fact that we have  the largest variety of shooting accessories ln the city.
Sterllngworth   Dble.   Bbl.   Hammerless  Shotguns, each $35.00
L.   C.  Smith   Shotguns,   each $32.50
Parker Shotguns,  each    $50.00
Pump Guns, all  makes, each $28.00
DOMINION, U.M.C. and WINCHESTER Loaded Shells in all loads
from 75c to $1.25 per box.
COME UP Sixth Street and se) our display.    It  will   Interest you.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
British Columbia. They are scheduled
to reach Vancouver on Tuesday and
will play three matches against tha
Canadians, sailing for home from Victoria on Nov. 27.
Swamps   Manchester    United���Derby
County ano Crystal  Palace
Furnish Surprises.
VZ i���,?���iUr Tho 3^^JEL  WW to be considering entering teama
Paul scoring.   The other three point?  So fe ^ ^.^ of ^ We8tmin8ter
Arena company have    not   been   ap-
came from a penalty goal awarded
against the home side almost beneath
the sticks. Cheered on by an en
thusiastlc crowd Westminster pressed again and again, but failed to
score, time coming just after the Highlanders had been forced   to   a touch
Miller Cup  Series.
Teams��� P.   W.
Firemen       6     6
Crusaders     6
Highlanders     7
Rowing Club    6
Native Sons  3
Westminster      6
proached, but from an interview witn
i President C. A. Welsh, the scheme of
��� organizing a league will meet with the
favor of the officers.
London, Nov. 17.���Aston Villa continued their meritorious scoring career by piling up four goals to two
igainst Manchester United, and incidentally strengthened their position at
the head of the table.
Derby County furnished one of thc
surprises of  the day    by    defeating.
Newcastle by four goals to two on the
Tyneslders' own grounds.    The work I
of Bloomer, who is   playing a  better i
game than ever, featured. I
Of the London- clubs, Woolwich waj |
the only one to take a point  against
Everton, both Tottenham and Chelsea
falling down.
In the second division, Burnley are
going great guns, piling up five goals
against Fulham.
Crystal Palace, in the Southern
League, furnished a surprise in
swamping Southampton by eight clear
The following are the   full   result3
with the league tables up to date:
First Division.
Aston Villa, 4; Manchester United,
Swindon      13
Crystal Palace 13
Queen's Park R 12
Plymouth A 12
Watford   D  15
Reading     12
Mlllwall       12
West Ham    12
Portsmouth     13
Coventry City 13
Brighton Hove A 13
Exeter City   12
Northampton     14
Merthyr Town  10
Norwich City  13
Bristol Rov 13
Gllllngham      13
Stoke      13
Routbamnton      13
Brentford      14
Scottish   League.
Teams��� P. W.
Rangers       13
Celtic     13
Hearts     13
Clyde      13
Greenock M 14
Aberdeen     14
Falkirk      13
St. Mirren  14
Airdrieonians 14
Dundee 13
Kilmarnock      16
Raith Rovers .
P. W. h. D. P.
Hibs     13 4
Motherwell       14 2
Third Lanark  14 3
Patrick Thistle  13 4
Queen's Park  14 1 12
3 13
3 13
2 12
3 11
3 11
4 10
4 10
1   9
It Will Pay You  To Get Our Rates
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street,   New Westminster.
I have a few lots ln the Subdivision of Block 13, D. L. 93, facing
on Kingsway, one block from Highland Park station, on the B. C.
Electric Tram line.   Lots 66 x 141.25 feet to lane.
Prices from $600 up.
Terms, ',; cash, balance ln 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 per cent interest.
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Saturday's   Results.
Firemen, 6; Rowing Club, 0.
Cr.isadera. 16; Native Sons, 0.
Highlanders, 14; Westminster, 3.
Sports Club for Capperton.
A meeting will be held in the oil
school house, Sapperton, this evening
to discuss the formation of an athletic
club for this growing section of thr
���city. Several prominent persons of
Sapperton are back of the move an.1
sre working hard to perfect an organi
zation which would allow the renting
cf some public hall where the boys
and young men of the district could
indulge in Tathletlcs. The meeting ls
called for 7:30 o'clock.
. in ���    'm���Ssm���
<3   *      i '���   -
Thistles Ds'feat Westham.
But one   game waa played in. tne
Senior Soccer  League   on   Saturday, with 246
the Thistles defeating Westham Island
on ��to"L��dner grounds.     TheJb��ttJ?l
Ure "BEsJsSES iS- Ottawa.^. U^fflfcp
SSSTiSrktakta?!r& iEoEm* qul.hed 'Varsity at Lansdown
leaders, Vas "?fflf J? ]2?JF* Tlm yesterday afternoon by 13 to 3,
lng the best seen this season,     lun ��"�����     ' t k,
The following ben pin games will be
played this week:
Tonight���Ayerst vs. Peterson.
Tuesday���Knight vs. McDonald.
Wednesday ��� Royals vs. Penders
Thursday���Lano vs. Ayerst.
Friday���The printers' bowling team
are open for a match witb the mill
men, Dominion express or any other
local industry.
The draw for the first round in th'J
Individual knockout tourney resulted
as follows:
Dill vs. Corbett.
McGill vs. J. C. Chamberlin.
Ayerst vs. H. Pierce.
Lane vs. Steele.
Sloan vs. Marshall.
Walter vs. Vogel.
Walsh vs. Monteith.
Pike vs. J. Sloan.
On    Saturday    afternoon    Walters
went into the second round by defeat
ing Vogel.   The score:
Walters .. .150 207 180 139 202���878
Vogel ... i.jb-WftM4 112 128 154���719
Mr. J. feflbnlslberllif'wlth a ten pin
handicap won last week's high score
his work
satisfactory  to   both
Senior League.
Teams��� - P. W. L.
Thistles     6   !>   ��
Westminster 6   2   0
Westham     5   1   3
Hibs ��.-5   1   3
Celtics     ,���������8   1   A
���Varsity st all stages, and 'Varsity's
renowned running pass'ng and trick
plays '���ere of no avail- Maynard and
Goals his comrade on the back division were
n p A P. mi" ed fen always.
1 21 2 11' As a result of this win the intercol-
-987 legia*n champions, McGill, will mee��.
the Argci ln Montreal In the
d'.an Bcml-llnais.
6   <
6 18
6 16
Sapperton Wins by Dsfault*-Burnaby
Downs Moose. . " .
Although two games were wheduled
in the city socoer W�� *�� *J*US��?.
afternoon, the eleven of the 104tb.IU*
iment failed to put In an appearance
*7 Moody Park, So that the two points
will be awarded   to   the   Sapperton
*?&i"B8s was seen he=
Burnaby and the Moose, the former
wInSlng'out three goal, tg nn* At
Moody   Park  the   *WJ*������
took on a  P��e*��P  b,i��iL M
c'ty and thiB Bankers, losing, *-*
The following are the league stand-
Ing,: p. W. L. D. P.
Hamilton Alerts-Torontos Match-
Former Wins.
Toronto, Not, 17.���The Hamilton
Alerts won the senior O. R. P.
championship and the right to play in
tbe Dominion final when they, downed
tbe Torontos here yesterday, 9 to 1.
It was the roughest game ever witnessed in Toronto, and after the first
half the players paid more attention
to Kitting their man than to playing
football. 4     ijl.'    ���
...,    MoGUl and the Argonauts will meet
At' *n the Dominion semMlpal next Satur-
eleven day, and the  winner will meet the
Alerts In Hamilton tor the Canadian
championship the following week.
Bolton Wanderers. 3; Middlesbro', 2.
Bradford City, 1; West Bromwich Albion. 1.
Chelsea, 0; Sheffield Wednesday. 4.
Liverpool, 0; Notts County, 0.
Manchester City, 1; Sunderland. 0.
Newcastle United, 2; Derby County,
Oldham Athletic-Blackburn Rover3
Sheffield United, 4; Tottenham Hot
spurs, 0.
Woolwich Arsenal. 0; Everton, 0.
Second Division.
Blstol City, 0; Blackpool, 0.
Burnley. 5; Fulham, 0.
Clapton Orient, 2; Leeds City, 0.
Glossop. 2; Grimsby Town, 0.
Hull City, 2; Bury. 0.
Leicester Fosse, 0; Wolverhampton
Wanderers, 1.
Notts Forest. 3; Birmingham. 1.
Preston North End. 4; Barnsley. 0.
Stocknort County, 1: Bradford. 0.
Lincoln City, 3; Huddersfleld Town
Southern  League.
West Ham United, 1; Queen's Park
Rangers, 0.
Exeter City, 1; Brentford. 0.
Coventry City, 1; Gllllngham, 2.
Brighton and Hove Albion, 2; Nor
thampton, 1.
Watford. 2; Norwich City, 0.
Crystal Palace, 8; Southampton, 0.
Plymouth Argyle, 2; Stoke, 0.
Merthyr Town-Reading postponed.
Portsmouth, 2; Mlllwall Athletics, 1.
Swindon Town, 2; Bristol Rovers, 2.
Scottish   League.
Aberdeen, 3; Partlck Thistle, 1.
Airdrieonians. 0; Raith Rovers, 1. .
Queen's Park, 0; Celtic. 1.
Clyde, 2; Hamilton Academicals, 1.
Dundee, 1: Morton. 1.
MotherweU. 1: Falkirk. 4.
Hearts, 2; St. Mirren, 0.
Kilmarnook, 0; Hibernians, 1.
Rangers, 2; Thld Lanark.l.
Flrat Division.
Teams- P- W.
Aston Villa 14   ��
West Bromwich A. ....12   7
Manchester City  12
Sheffield Wed 12
Bolton Wand.  13
Blackburn Rov. 14
Derby County 12
Newcastle U 13
Bradford City  11
Oldham Ath 13
Liverpool H
U.I Sunderland 13
Everton    ��� ��� !���
Manchester U 12
Mlddles'bro     .........12
Sheffield Unit 12
Chelsea     13
Woolwich A  13
Notts County >2
Tottenham H. ........12
Second   Division.
Teano��-r P- W.
Notts Forest 13   1
Lincoln City W
London, 10; South Africans, 8.
Oxford, 17; United Services, 6.
Yorkshire, 27; Lancashire, 3.
Llanelly, 9; Bath, 0.
Neath, 0; Swansea, 0.
London Scottish, 35; Harlequins, 3,
Cambridge University, 16; Old Mer
j cbant Taylors, 6.
104th Regiment,
2 10
1   9
0 8
1 3
0   2
0   0
8 ���
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
to the Popular Shoe Store this week, but we
have OTHER ATTRACTIONS here���come
and see.
Sole agents for Westminster for-the famous K Boots.    Depot, for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to  Select from
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster
and Crescent Valley,
B.  C.
Only Four Days at 8sa.
New 8.8. Megantic, Not. 23.
���   Portland, Maine���Halifax-
From    .From
Portland. Halifax. .
New "Laurentic;, Dec. 7, Dec. 8fr>
8.8. Teutonic, Dec, 14,. Dec. 15.
8.8. Canada, Dee. ,83, Dee, 22.
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 16,000 tons, Jargest (ram Canada.
AU classes carried. 8.8. Teutonic. 582 (eet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
614 (eet, 10,000 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggage
checked through to steamer ln bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
New York���Queenstown���Liverpool.
8.6. Bsltlc, Not. 21.
8.8. Celtic, Dec. 6.       ���
Company's Office, 610 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Csnsdlan Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, Agent G. N. Ry., New Westminster.
New York���Piymouth-^-Cher-
8.8. Oceanie, Nov. 22.
���8.8. St. Louis, Not. SO.
L. D.
8   8
"The Cli? Soccer league Will hold a
meeting   In   Rvall'i '"""" "'
Australians Beat All Callfornlana���
7000 Spectators.
Berkeley. Cal., Not. 17.���Tto All-
star Waratah Rugby team o( Australia, defeated tbe All-California fifteen on California UnlTersltyHeld yesterday, 13 to 8. in Jhe most thrilling
  _ game of football seen   in   the West
store   Tuesday J slrce the EneUsh snort was adopted.
Several Import-     Possibly 7000 people saw the game,
Hull City	
Wolverhampton W. .
Clapton Orient ,....
Preston N.B.	
Leeds City	
Bristol City	
Leicester Fosse ...
Blackpool   , ��
3 17
4 16
4 16
4 16
4 18
7 16
5 IS
1 IS
1 13
2 12
1 11
3 11
8 11
1 10
1   ��
Wed. and Thurs.
NOV. 20, 21
Lumber Lath and
and OnsMtuical Sketch
ING AT 7:80 AND ��� O'CLOCK.
Price* 25 and 50 Canto.
.Frwer Mills, B. C Telephone 890
fl illi!*'^.  ���
D. BRAT, Manager.
Entirely New
Program for
Today and
Mix With
AU the latest news ta the aport line.
English football resulta, and   toagu*-
lohfr Hotctokle*
King's BoWl.        - ,i��M40*-*��m6 PAGE  BIX
Or, Rather, Those He Bought For
Mrs. Bowser.
meiulier every one till the last, then I
uiu a brute."
"You are what 1 said���the best bus-
baud ln tbe world." Maid Mrs. Rowser
um sbe walked with hlm. "I hope you
didn't pay too much for these beautiful
"Tbey ore one of my bargains, deur.
I  was looking around  for something
All Bsoauts Hs Triad to Economize In
ths PurchaM of Diamonds���Hs Was
Bsssly Deceived by the Representation* of a "Dying Auctioneer."
By  M. QUAD.
[Copyright.   Mil.   by   Associated  Literary
Press. |
Mlt.   BOWSER   smiled   as   be
opeunl  the gate  tbe otber
eveu lng.
Be   chuckled   as   he   ascended tbe steps.
De took Mrs. Bowser In hls arms In
the ball aud kissed ber. and ua sbe
cried out lu astonishment bu laughingly said:
"I thought lt would surprise my little wife. Here���slip this ou your Unger."
He took from bis pocket s solitaire
diamond ring mid handed it over, and
as she slipped It on her linger she looked at him witb eyes full of tears und
"Theu you did remember It. after
"Our twenty-second annlversnryY
Son belcher life!   Here Is something."
He banded out a breastpin with a
large diamond doing tbe headlight
business and followed It with a bracelet ornamented with four more sparklers. Mrs. Mowser had to sit down
soil ery. Imt when he had kissed the
tears away xlie whs excited aud happy
as a clrl with her tlrst tone dress nn.f
lt was a happy dinner they sat down
to that evening Mrs. Bowser had two
Or three extra  dishes  us a   surprise.
and Mr. Bowser was so bland and
boyish and good that the rook winked
tbe rat out Into tbe kitchen and snld:
"Now. then, you get ready for a calamity. I've been iu this place for two
'years, and I never knew tbe master to
soften up but what n row followed."
He Remembered.
"Of course I remembered that lt wos
our annlversury���of course I did," suid
Mr. Bowser as dinner was euded.
Twenty-two years ago I married the
nicest little woman In all this world.
She bas been nice end loyal and true
to me ever since, aud there are u thousand reasons wby I siiould remember
tbls day."
"Bnt I didn't expect you would buy
me all these beautiful things," she replied as a lump gathered In her throat.
, "And why not. dear'/ Nothing I cud
buy Is too beautiful for you. You deserve to be covered with diamonds
from bend to beel. and I would that 1
had the income of a king."
The cat cnme up from the basement
Just then, and she looked ut Mr. Bowser and grinned and said to herself:
���The cook Is right. Brickbats wlll be
flying here before the evening is over."
"Twenty-two years'. Twenty two
years."" mused Mr. Bowser. "We were
younc and careless then, and we lmve
grown old and staid together. We set
out to tie all In all to each other itnd to
make a happy home, and we have accomplished It- Have you ever regretted the step, denr?"
"Never. You have been the best au4
kindest husband to me."
"I have tried to tie. nnd If 1 have
fallen short 1 am sorry for IL There
have lieen times when 1 have behaved
like an ass."
"Oh. no. desr."
"It Is sweet snd kind of you to soy
SO. but I know better. 1 bave kicked
snd bossed and btilldhred aud given
you msuy unhappy hours."
"I do not remeintier one snch occasion."
A Leyal Little Woman.
"Vhat shows what a grand and loyal
little woman yon are. Mrs. Bowser, on
this our annlversury I admit thnt I am
full of faulta nnd lieg your pardon that
1 am not a better man. Forglvu me It
���ver I hare caused you a moment's nn-
hspplness, aud I wtll eeek to do bet
���By John, but won't It be a devil ot
s ahlndy!" said tbe cat to her shadow
ss she found safe cover under a chair
Mrs. Bowser looked at ber treasnrea
with tear tilled eyea. and Mr. Bowser
waa too affected to speak for a coupls
of minutes.
"Twenty two long years today." he
mimed ss he walked up and down
..���lib hi* hands behind bis back. "You
bnve tuMppd me mi loy th* sunshine, snd
.��on bare -hnred with me the shadows
It i iM'In't remembered every snnl
���SatattSi .luce the Brut. U I do not ra-
when 1 came to uu auction place. They
put up the articles, and 1 bid them off.
I gut for $'.'0 what would have cost me
$700 or $800 at any Jewelry store. That
ts oue of tbe things that please me.
What iu biases ails that lufernal old
The feline wns trying to suppress a
giggle und rolling over und over ou the
Boor to do it. while a shadow of doubt
had chased tbe smile from Mrs. Bowser's face.
"Tblnk of It. dearie." said Mr. Bowser���"seven or eight hundred dollars'
wortb ot diamonds for ouly $'J0!   I never could buve got tbem In the world If
i the auctioneer hadn't bad consumption
land wanted to close out bis business
I and go to Florida."
"Aud���nnd you are sure tbey are
genuine diamonds'/"
"As sure ns sure. The man warranted them white slimes of the purest
wnter, and dying men don't lie. You
can flash tbem under tbe nose of all
lbe women on the street and be sure
I tbat they are tile real thing. The ring
seems a bit large ter you."
"Yes. It Is."
"Tbe Jewelry store on tbe next block
ls open. Let me tuke tbe ling and mn
dowD tbere and bare it fixed. I'll take
the otber things as well, as 1 want to
be revenged on the Jeweler. I wanted
to buy a ring of bim, and, although tbe
stone was hardly balf the size of this,
the swindler wanted $125 for IL 1 told
him then be Was a robber."
He Sees a Jeweler.
When Mr. Bowser bnd gone the cat
looked at Mrs. Bowser In sorrow and
pity, but could uot make ber under
stuud tbut tbe shingles were about to
lie torn off tbe roof. Eire minutes
after leaving tbe house Mr. Bowser waa
saying to tbe Jeweler:
"I want tbls ring mnde a trifle smaller, and 1 hope yoj cun do lt wblle I
"So you bought one. did you?" wns
queried as tbe man mnde a brief In-
spectiou and began to grin.
"As you see. I also bought this pin
nud this bracelet"
"Yes. I cau fix tbe ring to fit but
why do so?"
"What do you mean by this?"
"Why, It Is only a plated ring w, ��� n
rblnestone In It, and it is a poor stone
at tlmt. If you wanted anything of
that sort, why didn't you say so? The
other pieces are Just the same. Where
did yon pick them up?"
"Do you mean to tell me," replied
Mr. Bowser as his face began to turn
white, "that It Is pinchbeck jewelry?"
"It is nothing less, and poor pinch at
Mr. Bowser wondered bow he could
murder bim quickest Then he rapped
on tlie showcase witb his knuckles und*
hoarsely whispered:
Some Good Advice.
"Don't toy with a despernte man!"
"And you hadn't better toy with nny
more auctioneers! lf you don't believe
what I say. take your stuff elsewhere
Even a longshoreman would spot the
rbinestones. What's the trouble with
you? Instead of coming to a responsi
ble persou when you want"���
"Sir, you are u vlllulu!" gasped Mr.
"And you ure a sucker!"
Mr. Bowser hud uo bomb, bayonet
or stiletto, and he took his anniversary
presents und started for bome. He hnd
flve minutes in wblcb to meditate. Ue
ascended the steps, unlocked the door,
and, stridlug down (he bull, he confronted tbe guilty woman and thundered:
"Woman. I hnve discovered .vou!"
"What oo eartb do you mean'/" replied Mrs. Bowser.
"I menu that a trnln leaves the depot
for the town In wliich your mother
lives at 10 o'clock in the morning I
mean that you wlll take It I mean
thut our respective lawyers will arrange about the divorce and alimony.
I mean���1 mean"���
And be dashed the rhlnestone Jew
elry on the floor and Jumped up and
down on It and uttered cuss words
and then strode Into the library nml
slammed and locked the door. Ills
twenty-second auulversary had been
a success.
Why He Survives.
The sure thing gambler could
nut survive lf there were not
so- mnny people who felt contt
dent that they knew a way to
bout hlm out ot bis mouey.���
Washington Star.
A Poor Poet.
"Hnd a  qneei  experience  recently,"
<alil lhe Billvllle poet    "Bobber held
me up on the highway.    Didn't hnve a
���ent In my pm-kets   only a poem wblcb
i w��s iiikhr to the editor."
"Didn't take the i��>em. did he?"
"No     Bead three lines of It. bunded
t buck to me and snld: 'Krlend. here's
ft.    Toil need It worse thuu I do.'"���
VtlanlH Constitution.
Claas Consciousness.
New Resident i here go the Hall
people I suppose they consider theu
selves too grand to cull on tue.
The Odd Job Jinn-Yes. mum. an'
a flen all, tbey slut any better than w��
are. ure tbey, mum?���Loudon Opinion
"Pa. whnt ts economy?"
"Having money on what yon really
need fn spend for something that does
iou no good."-D*trolt Free Press.   ,
Our Most Ordinary Acts Havs Horrifying Names.
Are you a maniac? What a personal question! What an absurd su?-.
srestion! Of course, you ure not���at
least, you don't think you are. Mental
scientists think otherwise, and they
have just invented a frightful list of
names lor our little manias. After all,
a maniac is only a person suffering
lrom a mania, and although the word
is associated in our minds with the
inmates of asylums, "there are others," as the catch phrase Bays.
"Mother. Johnny will have to see a
doctor at once," any fond father
might well say after reading the British Medioal Journal; "the poor little
fellow has undoubtedly got 'stomuto-
"Oh, James, whatever makes you
��r-> that? What an awful disease I"
motheT would reply.
As a matter of fact, the awful-
sounding disease is really not dangerous, and is only Uie baby habit of
mania for suekine the fingers under
the selected scientific name.
No fretful little mister will ever dare
to Lite his nails Again after the latest
addition to our knowledge. Tell him
he is a regular "onycliophagomnniac,"
and if that doesn't frighten him nothing will.
There is hardly a single person-
man, woman or child���who is not the
victim of some mania or peculiarity,
many of which have been allotted'
blood-curdling names. Everyone has at
some time or the other seen distressing examples of the "equimagino.
maniac." Probably the afflicted person did strike them as being possessed
of a quajnt habit, but when they saw
him of the riding-breeches and leggings switching his le^'s under the
vain impression that he was bestride
a horse, they had no idea his case was
so s 'rious.
There is. after all, some good reason
for the modern craze amongst men t>
ruthlessly chop off their beards or
moustaches. The practice ie really
akin to vaccination. It guarvls, or is
said to guard, our sacred person from
the terrors of smallpox, and in tlm
razor lies our chance of safety against
becoming a , -"moustachio-strepsoma-
niac." Once we allow our moustaches
to grow we are in danger, und if we
find ourselves twirling a flowing military ornament or ner.'ously fingering a
stubby upper lip, we are infected with
the deadly disease.
Now tliat the holiday season is coming along mar.y of us will be going to
the country for a fortnight, and in the
fields and quiet lanes we may at any
moment be confronted by a "capiilioir-
We need not stay at home or purchase a "Brdwning autofnatio" for fear
f meeting one of theee maniacs, for
if we do this special form of disease
will only evince itself in the oft-cb-.
served habit of pushing tlie hat to Hie
buck of the head and scratching tlie
ca'.p, generally prior to answering uny
question on subje.U whicii cull fur
more consideration tian a remargin
the weather or the state of the farm
To tlie ordinary mortal it seems
rather like biaspluiny to suggest that
there are many maniacs in the British H'-uses of Pari.anient. Of course,
><jme extremists will be ready to agree
that the benches in the Commons and
the padded seats in the Gilded Chamber arc mostly occupied by men of
Week mental calibre, but whether this
is s<> i.r not there ;.re certainly many
"tre(>o(iomariiaes'' presei t at every
meeting. Undoubtedly it is a nervous
The Koto and Samisen.
Japanese girls of the upper and
middle classes it-am to play tlu
"koto," while those of th; lower orders usually learn the "samisen." The
"koto" is a narrow horizontal instru-
mei.t about five feet long with a
sounding board upon which are
stretched strings supp* rttd by ivory
bridjos. It is pi y *d ly means of
ivory finger tips, 'the p'u.y.'r sits before tlie instrument on the floor in the
ordinary poi.ture, and when sha
touches the str.nes she ofU.ii sings n
soit accompaniment. Th; "-ainisen"
is a kind of banjo and is often played
during theatrical performances and
recitations. It gives forth dull tu��l
montonous tore*.
Net Always Discoverable.
The trouble  wltb  the  psychological
moment Is thnt It wenrs gum shoes nnd
inntllers and often gets by you.���Atehl
sou Globe.
In childhood be modest. In vntith fern
penile. Iii urn li liooit )iist anil in old ngi
prudent.   Noeetttva
No Temptation.
Mr.-. Farmer���Wouldn't you like to
do a little bit of work just, to see l"w
it feds?
Weary Willy���No. lady; de morbid
and horrible hez no fascination fer
uie  wotever.
Closed on S-ind.-/.
The rail vay tunnel at Glci fi-ld, neat
Leicesd-T. KtgltMid, the ('deut in the
world, is still in use, but it is closed
from Saturday night to Monday, each
end being shut by a padlocked gat*.
Local  improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the Clty of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that lt ls
desirable to carry out the following
works, that Is to say: To lay Main
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto In Section 2.
B. District of the Sapperton Sewerage
Scheme, to which the following area ls
DeBeck street from Cemetery street
to Columbia Btreet.
Strand street from Cemetery street to
Columbia street.
Alberta street from  Richmond  street
to Columbia atreet.
Simpson street from Richmond street
to Columbia atreet.
Keary street from Richmond street to
Columbia street.
Hospital     street   from     Richmond
atreet to Columbia street.
Sherbrooke    street    trom    Columbia
street to 470 feet west.
Knox street. All.
Cedar street, All.
Buchanan avenue from Hospital street
to Sherbrooke street.
Blair avenue from Hospital street  to
Sherbrooke street.
" And that Baid works be carried out
in accordance with the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
In accordance with the provisions ot
the Bald Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
agalnat the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Counctl.
Notice ls hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection at the
Office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works abovo
mentioned signed by a majority of tho
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as charged in respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof Is presented to
the Councll within fifteen days from
the date of the flrst publication of this
notice the Council will proceed with
the proposed Improvements under
such terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such Improvements aB the Council may by By-law
ln that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 12th day of November,
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk.
Date   of   flrst   publication,   Nov.   13,
1912. (68)
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it
ia desirable to carry out the following
works, that Is to say: To lay Main
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto in Section 2,
A. District, of the   Sapperton   Sewer
age Scheme, to which the tollowlng
area is tributary:
Columbia Btreet, Cumberland street to
Braid street.
Keary street, Columbia street to Brunette street.
Nelson street All.
Spruce Btreet All.
Sherbrooke street, Columbia street to
Fader street.
Major street, Columbia Btreet to Fader
Braid street, Columbia street to Fader
Fader  Btreet,   Sherbrooke   street   to
Braid street.
Kelly   street,   Sherbrooke   street  to
Braid Btreet.
Brunetle street,   Columbia   street   to
Keary street.
And that the said works be carried
out ln accordance with the provisions
of the "Local Improvement General
Bylaw, 1912."
And the City Engineer and City As
sessor having reported to the Council
ln accordance with the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by tlie aald
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Councll.
Notice Is hereby given that the eald
reports are open for Inspection at the
Offlqe of the City Assessor; City Hall.
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. 0N and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as charged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half In value thereof Is presented to
the Councll within flfteen days from
the date of the first publication of this
notice the Councll will proceed with
the proposed Improvements tfnder
such terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may bv By-law
in that behalf regulate and determine
{tnd also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 12th day of November,
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk
Date of first publication November 13,
1912. (691
The Municipal Council of the City of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it is desirable to carry out the following works, that is to say: To lay Outfall and Trunk Sewers and works con
tingent thereto in Section 2, of the Sapperton Sewerage Scheme, to which
the following area is tributary:
District A.���
Columbia Street from Cumberland Street to Braid Street.
Keary Street from Columbia Street to Brunette Street.
Nelson Sireet, All.
Spruce Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Major Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Braid Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Fader Street from Sherbrooke Street to Braid Street.
Kelly Street from Sherbrooke street io Braid Street.
Brunette Street from Columbia Street to Keary Street.
District B.���
DeBeck Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street.
Strand Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Simpson  Street from Richmond Str-et to Columbia Street.
Keary Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Hospital Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to 470 feet West.
Kmx Street, All.
Cedar Street, All.
Buchanan Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
Blair Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
District C.���
Eighth Avenue from Richmond Streel to 400 feet North of Wlnthrop Street
Richmond Street from Eighth Avenue to Lee Street.
Wlnthrop Street from Richmond Street to Eighth Avenue.
Elmer Street, All.
Burnaby Street, All.
Surrey Street, All.
Ladner Street, All.
Kent Street, All.
l.ee Street, All.
Carnegie Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North.
Digby Street from Mat3qul to 300 feet North.
Coutts Street from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Macdougal Street from Matsqui Street to 300 feet North.
Tenth Avenue from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Dl3trict D.���
Eighth Avenue from William Street to Richmond Street.
Carnegie Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Digbv Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Coutts Street from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street
Mahoney Street, All.
McDougal Street from Mahoney Street to Matsqui Street.
Tenth Avenue from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Matsqui Street from Eighth Avenue io Tenth Avenue.
Water Street from William Street to Scott Street.
Langley Street Trom William Street io Scott Street.
Chilliwack Street from Wililam Street to Scott Street
Scott Street All.
William Street, All.
District E.���
Richmond Street 150 feet South of Alberta Street to Eighth Avenue.
Archer Street All.
Devoy Street All.
Munday Street All.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street. 700 feet Westward.
Shiles Street from McKay Street to Richmond Street.
School Street. All.
SboT-brooke Street from Eighth Avenue to Richmond Street.
McKay Street All.
District F.���
Richmond Btreet from Cumberland Street te 16�� feet South of Alberta St.
Carroll Street, All.
Harvey Street, All.
Dixon Street, All.
Fisher RtrSe#t. All.
Cumberland Street from Harvey Street to Columbia Street.
And that the said works be carried out In accordance with the provl
slons of the "Meal Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and Cltv Assessor having reported to the Council fn accordance with the provisions of the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the amounts estimated to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property to be benefited by the said works and
other particulars and the said reports of the City Engineer and City Asses
sor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice ls hereby given that the satd reports are open for Inspection at
the offices of the City Assessor, City Half, Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C. and that unless a petition t gainst the proposed works above mentioned signed by a majority of the ov ners of the land or real property to be
assessed aa charged In respect of su< h works representing at least one-half
in value thereof Is presented to the rouncll within (Ifteen days from the
date of the first publication of this m tice the Council will proceed with the
proposed improvements under such terns and conditions as to the payment
of the cost of such Improvements as ihe Council may by By-law In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this Twelfth day of November, 1912.
City Clerk.
Date of flrst publication, November 13h, 1912. (70)
Specifications, agreements of sale,,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strbtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715
L. O. O. M��� NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second aud third Wednesdays
ln each month ln K. of P. hall at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., ls held every Monday night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. VIsHlng brethern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N-
Q.; R. A. Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
Btreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia,
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele-
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
������.���   ii.,���i. warn  ���-������in     i    ���      ���********.***************m
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block. New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. <1.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone fill. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
' Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room,
Trapp block.
minster Board ot Trade meets In the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each montli; quarterly meeting on the tlilrd Friday or
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members -may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlflcate of Title Number 7338F, Issued in
the name of George Seeley, bas been
flled In thiB office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
,it the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valld objection be
made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 30,1912.       (1)
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria IS
a. m., > p. m. and 11:46.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle It*
a. m. antl 11 p. m,
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wedneaday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
0. P. A.; Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Wtten,   Aerated Walcn
_____ 1
Manufactured by
Talephons R 118. Office: Princess Sl MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1912.
f) nn iQ
A Tale of the ZZ
^11 a*. .."*' ���'*"���,>. . ****** *���** '��� ��� 14 * '��� ��� ���( I
Tbe sand of tbe desert shimmered In
the Intense heat Tbe sun shone brazenly down from a merciless blue sky.
(Shifting winds had riffled tbe sands
Into wavelets, witb here aud there a
mountainous billow.
Winding In and out among the billows were shallow Indentations���camel
tracks In tbe sand.
Ford Cameron turned to his companion.
"Dow long. Abdir
Tbe Arab leaned from his horse untll his face almost touched the sand.
Wltb a single movement of bis lithe
body he sat upright again.   "Ten minutes, salre," he auld, witb a shrug of
the shoulder.
Cameron frowned.
"The last caravan we rnn Into tried
to rob us of what tbe others hadn't
stolen," he muttered.
"Tbls is tbe same one, effendl," remarked Alxll.
"Ilow do you know that?" Cameron's tone was sharp.
Again the Arab shrugged. "1 know!"
"Let us go another way, then," suggested tbe American Impatiently. "My
Journey to the ancient ruins of Gib,
wbere I am to Join the archaeological
expedition, bas already been Interrupted five times by encounters with
bandits and holdups by both Italian
and Turkish scouting parties. Is there
no otber route we may take���oue that
Is less frequented?"
AMI's fierce glance seemed to overleap the billowed desert and became
concentrated on tbe far horizon, where
something glittered for an Instant and
tben vanished.
"Tbere Is a different route that may
prove to be safer," he said at last
"Lend Ihe wi.y, tben," ordered Cameron Impatiently. -
Obediently the Arab wheeled his
horse to the left, away from tbe mute
which tbey hsd chosen snd which wss
the aame taken by the thieving caravan whose camel trucks bad momentarily halted tbeir journey.
As Cameron followed his guide be
occasionally threw a glance over to
the right, where one might reasonably
expect to glimpse seme truce of the
caravan which hod passed only ten
minutes before. He was hoping that
tbey would elude the thieving Arabs
who bad plundered tbeir provisions and
tried to steal tbeir horses. A quick
battle wltb automatic revolvers and a
repeating rtrte had put the Arabs to
flight Bnt they hovered near. One
day's uninterrupted Journey would
brine him to thp expedition camp on
the site of ancient Gib Urgent business had prevented his Joining the party at the appointed place; consequently he bad to make tbls lonely trip
across northern Tripoli with the uncertain loyalty of an Arab dragoman
as his sole dependence.
Cameron decided to be on the lookout for treachery from his dragoman.
"WliaMs that?" he asked suddenly.
Abdl Inclined his ear respectfully.  A
faint yapping sound broke the stillness.
"Jackals," declared  Abdl. shrugging
bis shoulders.
Cameron knew that the Arab lied
and felt tbat bis suspicions were confirmed.   Therefore be aald nothing.
He drank some strong cotfee of his
own preparation and ate a few tinned
biscuits from bis own aaddlebags. He
decided not to sleep that nlgbt In an
unguarded moment Abdl might murder blm wltb s shot from tbe silver
mounted rifle be carried slung over
his burnoose.
Cameron propped bl* saddle against
e sand bIHock and. sitting down, lean
��d bis bead agalnat tbe leather bags.
nis cartridge belt was buckled outside
bia coat and In either band be beld aa
automatic revolver.
The three horses. Ahdl's. his own
and tbe pack horse, wblcb carried bis
luggage. <tt*r* gw��u|ied near at hand.
Once again there came tbe distant
cry-of tbe Jackal"? Cameron lielleved
otherwise. Abdl turned bis bead away
and listened.
"H la ��� ^algnat cry." thought ��aln
eron. wbo knew something of the wire
(ess telegraphy ef tbe desert trltiea
"1 wonder If tt n-latee to my atfalra
or are tbey on tlie trail ef Italian
scontsf Very lltoeiy they are on the
scent of otlier game���something big
ger than I ran offer wltb my meager
equipment nnd sllv*r watch"
After awhile he arose and trtwMwd
himself, offering a splendid target for
Abdl'a rifle, but the tall Ara* did not
even turn hie Mend, lie was muring
out Into tbe fathomless gloom of the
desert as If bis falcon eyea would
ptere* Its mysteries.
Cameron remained standing. He
felt a vafrte iiWrtminfcui Wiping over
him. He tbougb! be m*rA fotstepa
padding lo and ffo In tlie sort naml
{among the hillock*. 1 bife mwnird t��
jbe a burden of whispering lb the still
air, but whenever he grew rigid nnd
tense wltb listening theiv was nothing save the murmuring breeze trou
bllng tbe grains of sand.
The hori.es stirred ttatlessly Md one
ot them whinnied Cameron caught
thf beginning of an answering whinny
-it was never endwl. Bonn-thing
sti Dad It Into silence
���Wbat waa tbat, Abdir aaked Cameron sharply.
The Arab turned. "That, effendl?
Thy servant sneezed."
A grim smile curved Cameron's lips.
"Traitor," be muttered to himself as
he listened.
After thut a great silence fell upou
the desert. Tbe wind ceased blowing.
The horses drooped their beads uud
were quiet Abdl stood a dark stutue
throwing a gigantic shadow on the
Cumeron's eyes ached* wltb the
watching aud wltb a longing for sleep
to cume tu bis burning eyelid*
Suddenly a tiny spark appeared at
tbe top uf a nearby hillock. It dls-
apen red.
Instantly Abdl struck a fusee and
lighted a cigarette. As his lean dark
face was exposed In tbe glow of tbe
brief llgbt Cameron aaw a look of
eagerness spreud over the grim features of bis dragoman.
"A signal," decided Cameron, wondering whether It wuuld not be Winer
to bowl tbe traitor over wltb one shut
now and If there was to be a battle
let It begin at once and have It over
There would be small chance of bis
escaping alive If tbe enemy should
surround blm as they wuuld be likely
to do. Eren now tbey might lie crouching behind the very sand duue against
which be was leuning.
Almost anything was better than the
strain of watting for something tu happen. He would give them ten minutes
more and then���, lle glanced ut bis
watch and saw tbat It wus two hours
after midnight.
fle was Impatient at the Idea of bavlng bis arrival ut Gilt delayed by another day and be could not understand
Abdl's stppldity in prolonging" the Journey except In the light of bavlng betrayed bis master to the bandits.
Abdl smoked his cigarette peacefully and finally flung the burning end
to the ground. Cameron watched for
some answering signal but saw notblng.
"Perhaps tt ls the signal to attack
'now," be muttered and at that Instant
Abdl turned swiftly and yelled at bim.
"Baalek!" (Lookout!) was bts cry. and
It was flung as a warning to Cameron.
Cameron dropped Into Ihe shadow of
the hillock and awaited with quickened
pulses tbe swift padding of feet among
tbe sand dunes. He saw Abdl throw
himself Into a similar attitude and be
was asbsmed that be bad mistrusted
the loyal fellow even as he thrilled
with the realization thnt he wns nut
fighting ulone��� tliere were two uf
Abdl bad the point of vantage; he
could see what was coming. Cameron
watched bis dark form.
Buddenly Abdl sprang to nls full
height and screamed fanatically:
"La illah Allah, Mohammed Rnsoul
ll Allah!"
There came a sharp shot ont of the
silence that followed bis challenging
cry. and tbo Arab tumbled back,
clutching bis arm.
"Come on out of thnt yon Jni-knla!"
sang out a strong English speaking
voice from tbe dlrecttou of the shut
tbat bad wounded Abdl.
Cameron's breath uearly left his
"HI, there! Who are you?" ha called
"The devil!" was the astonishing ox-
plosive retort "Come on. Appleby;
let's Investigate this civilised Individual." And footsteps came nearer, nearer, and finally rounded the tililoi-fc
against which the groaning Alidl leaned, and two men dressed In European
garments and wearing wblte pith helmets appeared.
Tliey stopped st sight of tho group
of three horses, the wounded Arab
and the solitary form of tbe American
In garb similar to tbeir own.
"Appleby, who Is yonr fool friendV
asked Cameron coolly as he approached tbem
"Ford Cameron F ejaculated Appleby, staring with all his might "Have
we been stalking you all the e\*a*
"You have." returned Cameron
grimly. "It's a wonder you dMii't get
potted- What did you think we item.
"Bandits. We hesrd yon were coming. How? Ivaert wlrclt**. nt course.
Thought wv'd enniii ont sod nivet you.
Started ymterrtiir snd r��t lost l.n��t
night the pesky robin"-" tmrrlert its all
over tbe desert Tb'"iglil ***** wm* in
tor another nlfht ot It, onlv we rlismt-
rd almitt and li.iuted Ihe hnntera.
Kunm. Isn't It?"
/ppleby rattled lightly on as his
companion leaned over the groaning
Ara'i. daftly ripped-the covering from
bis shoulder anil msiU; n lirtef examination bf the wound by the llgbt of
nn electric picket Iniub U">t quite
awed Abdl Into submission.
"A mere jwratch." he pronounced
brusquely sa he took <ut a small rase
from his imeket. applied ointment ami
bandages "There, my good ' fellow;
you'll lie all riubt In a Uay or so.
Mighty sorry I pinked yon. but It was
fortunes of war."
He pressed a gold coin Into tht
Arab's eager band. and. wuvlng nslrte
the murmured thanks, be joined tbe
other two men.
"Let me Introduce Dr. Itanaom." said
Appleby to Cameron, nie'a th* wed-
Ical.eudof tbcMiMflHIoh:",.
The three ant and talked In th* diminishing moonlight, while Abdl slum-
tiered fitfully.
When dny dawned Camemn mount-
ed a hillock nnd looked Id all directions. Agnlnst the eastern sky stood
pulm tree* In dark silhouette.
"The mine of CIli��!** be shouted
down tn his companion's.
As thc three stood nnd watched tht
, rising or the sun Abdl stirred himself
I snd turned his fnce to tbe east
"La Illah Allah, Mobammet Raaool
II Allah!" he chanted.   And thto
It was s est ot peaceful worship.
Humor and
OH, fnr a line nni HkIiIhk polet
(Hi. for an old time hshlns hotel
Oh, tor a Hunk ol bread and cheese!
Uh, for a gentle water breeze!
Oli, for a seasoned briar plpel
Oh. for some apples red and rips!
Uli, for a pair of brand new wlnff.l
on, for a lot of other things!
Oh, for a pleasant story book!
Oh, tor a quiet arbor nook!
Oh, for a girl who wouldn't tell!      *
Oh. for thu charming dinner belli
Oh, for a dog wilh a tall to wag!
Oh, for s fattened money bag!
Oh, for a pleasant summer nlghtl
Oh. for most everything in alghtl
Oh, for a splendid watch snd chain!
Oh, for a yacht on the coast ot Maine!
Oh, for a car that would carry slxl
Oh. for some cooling drinks to mlxl
Oh, for s country without Itiesl
Oh, for a bite ot mother's plesl
Oh, for a glimpse ot fairyland!
Ob, for the whole blame tooting band!
Oh, for a castle on the Rhine!
Oh, for a nobby live cent shine!
Oh, tor a cow that save good milk!
Oh, for an undershirt of silk!
Oh, for a ride on a l-ullman train!
Oh, for a large estate In Spain!
Oh, for a handsome, wealthy bride!
on, for tne earth, all wrapped and tledl
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
most effective without any discomfort,
increased doses not needed. 25c a box
at your druggist's.
Iitieail Dm! ����d Cheated Cs. sf tmli, IWM.
And the Thing's Dona.
"1 wish 1 were popular."
"That's easy." '
"How easy?"
. ".lust buy a cottage In the country
snd serve chicken suppers to your
Progressive Youth.
"Sounders' boy bus left bome, 1 bear."
"What was the matter?" .   .
"Rnunders culled blm down."
"Boy wouldn't stand for It. ehr
"No; Saunders objected to the boy's
bunch holding a concert on the front
porch st 3 o'clock In tbe morning, snd
tbe kid said tbat tbe old mau wss too
reactionary to suit him."
Arrival: Closing:
10: SO���Vanoouver via O. N. R.
11:46���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:46���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 14:20
':40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily exeept Sunday). 11:IE
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:0(
(8:00���Vancouver via B. C. Bl R.
(daily exeept Sunday).2w:8<
10:00���Port Mann (-daily except
Sunday) 9:46
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday 13:15
f: 40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11.16
10:60���Victoria via Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)   16:00
15:16���Crescent, Wblte Rock aad
Blaine (dally except
Sunday) 0:41
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
18:10���AbbOtHord, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Bunday)    7:13
16:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sundav) 9:45
16:16���United State* via Q. N. R.
(dally excent Sunday)..16:0*
11:50���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills dally exoept
Sunday)  7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (daily) 7:1S
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)  13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe (dally)    |13:15
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)   7:1a
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       ll.lt
0:00���Ladner. Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa 13:lu
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
0:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday).13:15
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
16:46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:21
7:80���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
11:20���Cloverdal* and Port Kells
via fl. N. R. (dally except Sundav) 14:0b
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vill*
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thursday, Friday aad Bat-
day       14:01
29:40���Chilliwack vta B. C. E. R.
(daily exoept Sunday). 17:10
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sundav) 17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:3f
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:00
COAL MINING rlghta of the Dominion ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant - ��������
Application for a leaBe must be
made by the applicant ln person   to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
In which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for Shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee ot $5 which will be
refunded lf tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at leaBt
once a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be conaldered
necessary for the working ot the mine
at the rate of f 10 an acre..
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone 661. Box 772.
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. G088E, Manager.
903 Dublin  Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. 6th and Columbia
Second Hand Store
j Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods ot all kinds.   Tools especially.
SO Mclnaes Street Pbone 100*
Hsd to Laugh.
���Why so dl��trew<ed?"
'1 hare been laughing until my sides
are sore."
"Heard something funny?"
"No; lieen talking to s pugilist who
Insisted on cracking Jokes."
tt Helps.
"They spend a lot of money."
"Yes: they do."   ���
"But he tins such n small salary that
I don't see how Jhey manage."
"HU wife Is a smashing band at
Tha Reason.
"But why lie a.llnr?"
"Slnill I tell you the truth?"
"If yon can."
"1 dnd It both pleasant and profits*
Harder to Cur*.
"���What's tbe mailer wltb blmT"
"He ougbt to go to a chiropodist"
"Corns vn bts ioenf*
"No; ou bis dlN|NiHltlon."
Didnt Mske an Impression.
"Charity covers a mull Undo of sins."
"I never mlased suy."
HU Little Annevanca.
Tha alevatm man haa woo
Which hla smplnjrnwnl crowns,
For vvarypndy *.,* to him.
your Ufa Is upa and down*
If you get what Is due you you wfll
llnd Ibat you bave to be your own collector.
The boy who used to csrry a chip on
his shoulder now ablea bin bat In tba
Hn*.    ���
When women vote wlll the good looking candidate stand the best sbowT
, Th* man  wbo sits and waits for.
���oinethlng tn turn up may get rousted
by hls friend*, but h* escape many
a turndown from the cold, cold world.
Variety may be Hie spice of tire, but
Industry Is the ment and potatoes.
Success I* getting the thing yoo want
Philosophy ts wanting tbe thing yoa
If they wonld keep right on starting
new pnitira.and tlm.-women would only
keep out bt politic* we all might even-
tually become candidates.
This talk of there Iieing so many
parties may convert ninny doubting
Thomases to universal suffrage.
It Is Just nnme propi*'* tuck fo have
a long cool s'ih-II righl after tbey have
gon* and blown their last eent fur aa
electric fan.
Misery loves company, bnt prtfera
tbt tort that la a good listener.    .
Better Than Ringing
A piano manufacturer recently made a
house-to-house canvass* He's one of those
men with an absurd fear of the "waste-
circulation" bugaboo���cannot get away
from the haunting thought that only 10 out
of every 100 readers of a newspaper may
be possible buyers of his goods.
So he refused to advertise, and went
canvassing���inviting people to come to
his piano recitals. Then he wondered why
they didn't come.
Thla la why:
He WASN'T reaching the people.
. His canvaaaers rang every doorbell
ln town. They talked to some one ln
every houae.
" But one in every household Isn't
enough���particularly It it doean't happen to be the right peraon���lt was a
servant or a Child, the woman of the
bouae was seldom seen; tbe man ot
the' house, never.
j Now, If the piano maker had placed
an ad. in the newspaper, It would have
reached thousands, where tbe canvaaaers conld reach only hundreds.
And eyea though only 10 per eent.
cf the readers are actual piano buyers,
thla does.not mean.that the advertie-
i lng read by the other 90 per eent la
waated. Advertising, talks, not only
to tbe prospective buyer, but alao to
bit wife, hla grown-up tons and daugh
ters, hit mother���even hit mother-in-
law. Their coaxing-will help to convince tbe bead of the house���and
pretty soon tbere will be a piano In
that home.
Thia and dozens of similar cates
which might be olted to show that
"waste circulation" ia an empty bugaboo, and should deter no one
Take the motor truck. U can be
told only to large firms. Yet a motor
truck manufacturer It successfully advertising In dally papers. He realises
that he muat reach, not only Uie man-
agers of tbe concerna that require the
trucks, but alao their directors, their
foramen, their head machinists, etc
It It found in actual practice that this
advertising radiates ln a thousand directions, aad again converges moat as-
r tonlshlngly to Influence ths house t^at
baa'made -up Ut mind thai horae truck
ing la too costly and Inefficient
Advice regarding your advartltlrtg problems It available through wny
recognized Canadian a*vertlelag agency, or tht gacretary of tha Canadian Press Association, Room KS Lumaden Building, Toronto. Enquiry Involves no obligation on your part���ee write, If Interested.
...*���*    j      V
���mt-msmm ���""'"���*'*"
Do yon Chre for Mince Meat
Pies ? You do, then try some of
Heinz' Mince Meat. You can add
three-quarters a pound of applet!
to every pound of mince meat,
and tt,qnty, costs you 20c a
pound. J
Today la your last chance   on
No. 1 four tier Jonathan Apples
at, per.bo* .-. $1-65
lf you don't get a box of No. 1
cooktng attirtes at $1.00 yoft will
regret it before Jong.
Soda iSisctii'tS regular 25c each;
today, per tip  20c
HudBoh'ftiBeer Suet at 35c per
tin is the only   suet   for   your
Christmas baking.
Morton's   !?otato     Flour,   per
package ../ 15c
Featherllght    Baking    Powder
per 12 oz. tin  25c
Guaranteed   Fresh    Eggs,   per
dozen *,. 60o
tireen Tomatoes, hot houBe produce, per lb. 5c, 7 lbs. for 25c
We have a show case specially dressed with necessities for
Christmas cookery. It will pay
you to come in and look over
these goods and let us give you
Headcheese, fresh, per bowl 20c
Sausage, fresh Cambridge,   per
lb 20o
Ayrshire Bacon, per lb 35c
Dill Pickles,   extra   large,   per
dozerfiluc. two dozen  B5c
Fresh Iiaddic, Kippers   and Sal
mon just arrived.
Jap Oranges, fer box   90c
Public Supply Stores
1. It does not die.
2. It does not become ill or take
3. It does not take part in family disputes.
4. It has a Hond with the Government for the faithful performance of its duties.
5. Its large capital and surplus
of $2,500,000.01) is a further
guarantee of reliability.
6. The handling of estates is ita
business, not a side issue as
with the prlvato executor.
7. An estate in the hands of
this company has the best
judgment and experience of
many successful meu (directors and officers).
8. It8 capital is often used to aid
an estate over times of difficulty when otherwise much
of the estate's assets might
have to be sacrificed.
9. The company's business is
the handling of estates, and
goes to the work in a practical manner, and does not
waste time and money learning what to do.
10. The company understands
interest-bearing securities���it
bandies tliem daily.
11. The company is at any time
able to supply clear understandable statements of the
condition of affairs.
We would be glad to discuss
matters further with you as regards your particular estate.
Our officers will be glad to meet
you at any time.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
The W. C. T. U. executive will meet
at the home of Mrs. McAdam. Seventh
avenue, this afternoon at 1.30 p. m.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Uakery.
Telephone 281. (9)
Mrs. W. G. Swan, 315 Fifth street.
wlll receive on Tuesday, November 19
and afterwards on the first and third
Tuesday of each month.
A series ot lantern slide pictures
will be shown in the parish room of
St. Mary's church, Sapperton, tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.
Trainmaster Marsh of the B.C.E.R.
is recovering from a serious Illness
which kept him from hls duties the
greater part of last week.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor,
sell a first class $40.00 suit for $30.00"
Because the location of his business is
out of the high rent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (65)
The school population ln October
according to figures compiled by Mr
I,. Avory WhUe, secretary to ths
school board, was 2220, an increase
of 180 scholars or 8.82 per cent, over
that of last year.
In order to make It safe for the
ever Increasing traffic, repairs, consisting chiefly of reinforcements to
Lhe present supports, are being made
to the Clarkson street bridge by a
gang of civic workmen.
The sum of $250 was realized from
the banquet given in the honor of Rr
Chown. This amount will be donated
to the Columbian College by the Wo
men's Educational Club under whose
auspices the function was held, and
will be used for purchasing some new
furnishings for the college.
The next meeting of the Fraser Vai
ley Publicity Bureau will be held at
Coquitlam on Friday. Chilliwack.
which has hitherto been somewhat
apathetic towards the organization,
will have delegates present at the
coming gathering. Mr. Otway 'Wilkie
has just made a trip down to the Fra
.ier Valley town and created interest
In the bureau in both the city council
and L'oard of Trade there.
Mr. C. Eldrldge, late of Vancouver
haB been appointed appraiser, a new
position which has just been dreated
In the Westminster Customs office
The appointee has had considerable
experience in tlie Terminal City cus
toms office. Another new appointment Is that of Mr. E. D. Lennle, chief
clerk of the customs office in this
city to that of assistant chief customs
Inspector to Mr. Angus Munn.
Herman Johnson, the man who was
seriously hurt in tlie accident whicli
occurred aboard the Roman on Thurs
day last, is now getting along nicel)
in the Royal Columbian hospital, and
hopes are entertained for li is early-
recovery. Lloyd Atchison, the young
man who was seriously injured in a
shooting accident at Crescent station
last Wednesday, is also making satisfactory progress and his condition is
now much improved.
The opening of the library in ths
afternoon and evening yesterday was
taken advantage of by a good many
people. During the evening hours,
especially, lhe reading tables were
surrounded with people, mostly men
and some Were coming and going all
the time. The opportunity of enjoying
an hour or two's quiet reading i.s of
incalculable advantage to the man
who is living away from home and
has no place to spend his time on tir-
Sabbath, and the action of the council
in instituting the new departure appears to be appreciated by many.
Mlss Eva Mylott at St. Patrick's Hall
���Mlaa Hilda Aiken  in  Three
A great musical treat was provided
on Saturday night in St. Patrick's
Hall, by the Australian contralto, Mla.i
Eva Mylott's recital. The possessor
of a rich contralto voice, of wide rang*
and great flexibility, allied to a temperament which appreciates the inner
meaning the the songs she sings, MIbj
Mylott could not help making a sue
cess of her art.
Greeted by an audience who were
prepared to enjoy the fare provided,
Mlss Mylott opened her program with
two numbers, singing the original
Italian. With the flrst few notes
from her voice the assembled company knew they would not be dlsap
pointed of their expectations, and as
the timbre of her low' notes, and the
brilliance of her high ones was revealed, they became only moro enthusiastic as the program was pro
ceeded with.
There were songs in Italian, In
French, in German and in English. In
each of the languages ln turn Mi3M
Mvlott'B enunciation was clear ami
distinct. Of the many styles Included
ln her numbers the interpretation waa
good from end to end. In the dignl
led, ns in the light and dainty, she
was equally at home, and not less so
i the tragedy of her concluding number, "The Cry of Rachel."
Several of the items were encored
and at the end the people were Insistent for "one after the last," to which
Mlss Mylott graciously responded by
singing "Home, Sweet Home." Shi
had as her associate Miss Hilda Aik
en, who, in addition to her role of
accompanist, appeared as solo plan
iste, soprano vocalist. She rendered
two pianoforte solos, which were well
received, and at a later stage sang a
"Maori Song," which was thoroughly
appreciated, and in response to a
hearty encore gave another of th��
same character, "Home, Little Maori,
Mlss Mylott ls singing tonight In
Pender Hall, Vancouver.
Toronto, Nov. 17���J. B. Carlisle,
aged 79, formerly one of the bes*.
known men In Canada, died yesterday j
In Dr. Hutchinson's office. He called
at the doctor's office at 3:10 p.m., the
doctor was absent and the maid left
Mr. Carlisle seated. When tin
physician came ln ten minutes later
he found a lifeless body.
J. B. Carlisle, founded the Manufac
turers' Life Assurance company, and
helped to start the North American
Life Insurance company, and was con
nected with the Insurance business
from its earliest days In Canada und
was Intimated with all the big men ln
the business, and political life of the
country three decades ago.
The New Westminster Trades antl
Labor Council desire to return their
sincere thanks to the New Westminster Brewery, Belyea & Co., and the
Columbia Piano House for their donations, and also to the many others
who by their services made the recent
benefit smoker and concert a success.
By order of the
j (96) Entertainment Committee.
le Queen's Meat Market
Formerly on Columbia Street, haB been
Re-Opened in the Mandeville Block
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given on all orders.   This discount Is
for ten days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
As the hunting season extends the
list of shooting accidents grows longer
and hardly a week goes past without
some mishap or otlier being reported.
The latest accident occurred yesterday when a man named Ingram, of
Vancouver, received the charge of a
gun In one of his shoulders while out
hunting at Cloverdale. The particulars of the accident are not available
lint Inquiry at the Royal Columbia!-,
hospital last night to which the man
had been removed, elicited the information that his Injuries were not serious.
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dved
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75:
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27S
Fraser Hotel (j\f [
"Give me a church with only fifty
members imbued with the right spirit
and they will outstrip a church with
500," declared Rev. J. S. Henderson in
St. Andrews Presbyterian church last
night while speaking cn the useless-
ness of religion if it were not put into
He said that he was tired when h,>
went out of the church to find its
weakness. The religion of the prosen*
day appeared to be a thing of whims
and it was only when it ceased to be
such that it gave life an influence for
good that had effect. Conformity to
the world never elevated. The Christian who tried to agree with the world
made a great mistake. Too many had
lost the power of moral Indignation
and passed over things which should
not have heen passed over.
Mr. Henderson illustrated his ser
mon by refining to the power of thS
disciples of Christ. They received
their strength through the divine
spirit and from no other source could
Christian power come. The power of
a Christian lay fn his religion and Its
influence and effect for good on the
Mysterious Letter Referring to Joynson Case Sent to Mayor Lee.
An extraordinary and anonymous
letter containing an open threat
against the life of some unnamed
official cf this city has been received
by Mayor Loe. The communication,
wllich was written In an almost
illegible hand, states as follows:
"Victoria, Oct. 21, 1912.
"Mayor Lee,
Sir,���My object in writing to you is
to jog your memory that when a cer- [
tain official of Xew Westminster and
the writer of this letter meets there |
will be something doing.   The shoot-1
ing of Guard Joynson  will be duplicated with the help of Almighty God.
As for Joynson, God speed the hand
that sped the bullet.
"Yours respectfullv.
(Signed)      "THE OTHER FELLOW.'
His worship holds the letter ai
either a joke or the work of -some
crazy person.
���OF OUR���
Chocolates and Bon Bons
Today ? As a toothsome confection there's nothing sweeter
or purer.
They are always fresh, beautifully boxed and come in half
and one pound boxes.
Try them today.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
At the Cathedral.
Holy Trinity cathedral was filled to
overflowing at the evening service, if
being the annual harvest festival. The
sermon was omitted and a Barred can
tata. Maundor'B Song of Thanksgiving
wns beautifully rendered bv the choir
solo, chorus and people taking part In
���lie singing which occupied over an
YOUNG���The deatli occurred lato
on Saturday night at 813 Sixth street
of Mrs. Margaret Young, aged 65
years. Mrs. Young accompanied by
her husband came to Westmlnstei
about a month ago from Winnipeg
The funeral will take place this after
noon at 2:30 o'clock from the Odd
Fellows' cemetery.
mm. lois
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
Meals at all hours.  We serve J^.^    ,
Saturday at the Japanese mission
The death occurred on
 r oat
the best tlie market supplies the lnfant  ehiiA  of  Mr.  and  Mr*
����� * ,r-?.^. ifuvjflrji.*��... ���>*. ���   ... Isharata.   The fun oral. |oo.k place yes-
11 BEGBIE Street fXernoon t0 the 0dd miows
1359��� FIFTH 8TREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x122 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Aah street; price $4000
ou easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH  AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 50x153
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
W�� write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,    Automobile
and Marina Insurance.
With a full line of
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats
'..Our driver will call for your order.
1113 Sixth Avenue.
Phone R509
NEXT YEAR���1913
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, Is by Installing
a "YALE" Gasoline Engine ln your fishing, boat. This Engine ha*
proved to be the best Engine on the Pacific coast for the fishing trade
Ask any one of the many owners of a "VALE" his opinion of the
We bulld these Engines ln two different styles, the Medium and
Heavy Duty sizes. .
The Medium Duty Engines are built in four sizes from 5 h.p. to
20 h.p.
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h.p. up.
Get your orderB In early.   Write for Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
Your Credit
is Good
Your Credit
is Good
A small payment down and balance paid monthly will furnish
your house complete from top to bottom.
Rooming houses, boarding houses and restaurants. We can save
you money.   Let ub show you.
Everything wanted In the home 1s carried here.
Corner of 12th  Street and Sixth Avenue
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stopk of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for sals or rent while prices are low
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122. a. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonss, Office 16 and IS,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
)a**B**aa**fp**asPt ��
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street;
Modern Conveniences.
628 and 746 Clumbla StreeL Phone 86., New Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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