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The Daily News Mar 13, 1912

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(Lowe- ��  Ice.)
WHITE, &'& E8 A CO.
F6pn^Ric^8 ]mnPOk��
Board   cf   Trade   Secretary
Favorably Impressed.
Both Sides of River Scene of Settle-
and    Railway   Activity���
Clearing Land at Sumas.
Great progress is taking place all
the way uo the Fraser valley, on both
sides of the river, according to the
observations of Secretary Stuart
Wade, of the board of trade. Mr.
Waae returned yesterday morning
from a trip which began on Saturday
un.t he was particularly impressed
with the large amount of land being
cleared for settlement near Sumas
Would  Put in Lift DDraw and Make
Room for Two Railway
Plans are being talked over for th'j
duplicating of the Westminster bridge
over the Fraser river, lt is high improbable that any action will ba taluu
before next year, Lut the subject is
being discussed in government circles,
and the fact is generally recognized at
headquarters that the traffic ls r-iD'd-
ly outgrowing the bridge.
On being questioned about the mutter, Mr. Thomas Gifford, M. L. A., ?ad
that nothing detlnlte had been done,
but hc had little doubt this big work
would be carried out next year. Not
only would the bridge be doubled, but
the draw would be made a lift instead
of a swing. If this lift iB to be of tho
bascule type it will allow of the removal of the middle pier, thus giving
Conference Yesterday Failed
to Settle Strike.
Terrific   Weather Off California Coast.
Opposition of WelBh and Scotch Mine
Owners to Minimum Wage Bars
the Way.
London, March 21.���"A general discussion of tue situation took place
and tne conterence adjourned until
lOiiioriow morning."
Tin:-; was all tue information divulg.
of Crew of   Thirty-five Washed
Into Sea and Never Seen
Appropriations   In    Naval    Estimates
Show Reduction of Million and
a Half.
Will Meet Founder of Movement This Afternoon.
London,    March   12.���The   British
naval estimates, made publlc In   the
House of Commons to.lay, provide for
four   Dreadnoughts,   eight   cruiserB,
twenty destroyers and a nuinbc ���   of
The naval budget carries an appro-
Santa   Barbara,   Cal.,   March 12.���  prlation of 1220,427,000; a decrease of
After battling with huge seas all night  $1,535,000 from that of last year.   The
the   oil tanker   Rosecrans,   Captain  reformers expected a decrease of from
Tran Johnson, owned by- the Associat- $5,000,000 to $7,000,000.     '
ed Oil company, went on the rocks at      Home   Secretary   Churchill   stated   L
ed by the onicial statement concern-! Alcartraz, ��S0 miles north of here, at that tbe budget was prepared with tbe        reviewed by General Sir It. S. S.
ing the results of the momentous con-' 4 o'clock this morning, and is a total expectation that other powers would   Badetl-powel!-   Th* hero of Mateklng,
ierence at the toielgn otlice tonight, ' Iobb.    Two lives   were  lost,  William construct more battleships than they  "''"' '" '""'"""     '""" "! " '""*"
hangs   the   last hope   of j Weiman, ship's carpenter, and Arnold  had already ordered.
Assemble at the Armories, March to
B.   C.   E.   R.   Depot   and
Considerable Interest is bein<
shown in Boy Scout circles over thfr
visit of the local boys to Vancouver
this afternoon, where, in company
with the Vancouver scouts, they will
on which   hangs   the   last nope   o
settlement of the coal strike withoul j Muhlberg, ship's quartermaster. Muhl
recourse  to  legislation.    The confer- j berr; was attempting to launch a life-
from   Dewdney   west   to ' ships far more room to pass througn,   ence, which was attended by re; resen-��� boat when a  huge wave broke over
Westminster and, in fact, everywhere  -phe lift draw   wouid    also   be much itathes of the coal owners and miners,' him and he was waBhed into the sea
he went.   Building   and   railway   development were also prominent.
Of Chilliwack, which place he visit-
alike for several years to come.
From Tia Juana to Vancouver by Cali-
fornians and  Locals  Interested
in Good Roads.
quicker to operate, and with room
enough for two railway tracks the improved bridge would be able to take
ed first, Mr. Wade snoke in optimistic  care of the traffic bv rail and   river
terms.   Steady improvement is to , oe
Been everywhere, buildings are being
run up, while work on the O. N. H.
track ls being pushed ahead east of
the   town.     Leaving   Chilliwack   for
Abbotsford acres upon acres, especially   In    the   neighborhood   of Suma.<
mountain, can be seen from the .carB
un'lerfeoing the arduous operation of
clearing.    Abbotsford itself, he says,
is   moving   forward   steadily   without
any undue boom.   Around that district
many new roads are being made a.id
drains laid.
At this   point   Mr.    Wade    struck
across country and dropped do an on
the C. N.  B. track to flnd the roadbed In excellent condition as far   as
\yade's  landing.    A  good number of
sett.ers had gone In there, some 25 or
3d families heing located on the spot.
"The ^reat difficulty that these people have to face," says Mr. Wsde, "Is
that of communicating with the towns.
It   would  not  cost   more  than  abou'.
$1000 to make a road to .Matsqui or
Abbotsford, and if the provincial government would do this wor.< the trade
of these SO cr   60 people   would   be
brought to Westminster.    At present
horses cannot, vasa over the trail."
At the landing Mr. Wade saw    all
tho sl^ns of a future depot.   A section
house is already  hullt and a double
track laid, while room Is provided for
a third    spur.    Vl stream   from    this
point some heavy rock cuts have been
made und the road is not yet ballasted;  but there is a large construction
camp just   up  the  line,  and   ballast
trains are dally (.assing over this sec
as well as cf the cabinet, was Inti and never seen agaiu.
under the presidency of Premier As-1    At 3 o'clock this morning the heav-
quith. (. iest storm in   years bioke here.   The
The government is being; subjected  rain fell in torrents, the wind blew a
Plans are being completed for ar
automobile tour tnis coming summer
from ii.i Juana, Mexico, tj Vancouver, li. C. lt li expected that tne
tour will be carried out by a large
number of Caiitornia people who are
particularly interested in good road3.
most of tnese have never beeu north
of the international boundury, but
they havo traveled extensively in
their own Btate aud in Oregon aii<l
Included among those who will
malte the tour will be a representative of the Raymond and Whltcomb
company, of Los Angeles, Call., who
expect to use ibis tour as an advertising medium for their firm. Messrs.
Raymond and Whltcomb are now in
communication with P. W. Luce, secretary of the Canadian Highway asso-
to severe criticism for veil.ng with
secrecy negotiations that involve the
vital industries of the nation." 1
London, March 12.���The Britisa
owners and coal miners sat in conference under the presidency of Premier
Asquith at the foreign office for three |
and a half hours without reaching a
basis for a settlement of the dispute.
The meeting a Ijourned until il o'cook
Wednesday morning.
Sir Edward Uie.v, Sidney Buxton
and Sir George Askwith participated.
The conference took place at the
foreign ofiice under the presidency of
iremler Asquith.
The coal owners of the federated
district which comprises the purely
Kngiish colliers, who had already signified the concession in principle of
a fixed minimum wage for miners,
found no difficulty in accepting the
premier's invitation.
They   i)ad.     however,
gale, the waves were of enormous
height. The Rosecrans dragged her
anchors and was blown ul.ou the
rocks at 4:40 o'clock. The vessel wa3
badly wrecked and lay upon a rocny
bottom. 1
While the Rosecrans was being battered on the rocks, the Falls of Clydo
drifted slowly toward a like fate. She
flew BlgnalB of distress, but because
of the Ugh tea it was impossible to
1 send liieooats to the rescue.
Capital City    Seven   Give    Up
Chance of Pacific Coast
Victoria's  last lone chance in ono
hundred of winning the Paciflc Coast
The Rosecrans carried a crew of 35 I hockey  championship  faded  into ab-
men- solute nothingness at the Vancouver
INTERESTING VISITOR I Arena rink last evening, when West-
WILL SETTLE HERE , minster cefeated the capitals by the
One of the most interesting of recent arrivals in the west is Mr.
Thomas Lynch, who comes to Sev
Westminster from Ne>v York, where
he lived for the past three years as
to wrestle  day attendant in charge of   the New
York Manhattan state hospital for the
insane. Mr. Lynch comes out here to
join his brother, Jack Lynch, of the
Colonial hotel. 1
Thomas Lynch hails from the dis-,
trlct Ol   KdlutouTB*. BttatlanA-.
decisive score of ten goals to six.
The crowd from this city was one
of the smallest that has turned out
to a game in which the local team
was iuterested, but the sixty or so
whq went over wfere well repaid for
their journey. The class of hockey
displayed at the Arena was, lf not
exactly gilt-edged, at least fast and in- excelled in football
Mr. in
teresting, and there was not
moment from start to hnisn.
after time the  boys had  the
kUAnding up .to wut.ch
elation, and have requested him to
tion bo that it will not tie long before supply them with data concerning the
the  roa 1  Is in  good  order.    Several   rouds between Blaine and Vancouver.
strenuously with the Welsh and Scottish coal masters in oi.der to induce
them to modify their opposition to a
conference with the men, from which
the  miners  had  expressly  barred the
"Thenre still many dirf.cuK.es in V7*&tt*^b'.C^of "fis�� �� &.^Oten^ euS^^��
the way of an immediate settlement  courage and not owing to the wanins   ...     ... .  ',   pnth;:��n<lt!P ���.,���.
of the dispute, but the fact that tho characterise of "clannishness"    that  blacks did not law enthusiastic sap-
Mr  Lvnch has been recommended by  uorieis. ....
fhe    uthor.,.es of thV Institution fori    F<"  the first  two thirls play  was
.*.   A���-^o���,-^ t,^hoi , very even, each team scoring once 12
tt?tta���^t^��5.tory,.ndltl.'r\^rto--rtV,C,0lla   ��   a   rd3
well told in a letter of   acknowledg-  the  best  of  the argument, excelling
ment,  wiitten   by  Mr.  H.  C.  Sfrartfcl ^WtmiMterOT  form   andcombiua-
acting   superintendent,     and     dated
March 4.
who is making a tour of the continent,
arrived ln Vancouver yesterday morning from Seattle. Last evening he
was tendered a banquet by the scoutmasters of Vancouver, Messrs. R. P.Day, W. M. Chapman and F. J. Simpson, of this city, being guests on the:
Tbe  local  scouts will assemble at
the   armories   this   afternoon,   st   X
o'clock sharp, taking a car at 3:30 at*
bo as to be in time, for the review
which takes place at 5 o'clpck.
1    Full dress uniform, with large hats,,
will be worn and the orders read that:
the scouts muet carry staves.
I    Following the review, it is understood that tbe general   will   briefly
address the Scouts as to the main objects of the Boy Scout movement.
"B.-P." Always Self-reliant.
Baden-Powell was born in London-
in 1857, and was the son of a clergyman   and   a   grandson   of   Admiral
Smyth.    Robert Stevenson, the great
engineer, -was his god-father.    As   a
child he was taught to be self-reliant,
tradition having it that at 3 "ste." he
was called, could dress and   undress-
himself without assistance;   at  5 he
kept account of his daily expenditures^
and as soon as he could walk he was.
taught to ride.    He entered Charterhouse school in 1870 and took   active
part in the ncho *. nil-; corps and also-
Just before the
a dull Boer war was declared he was sent
��� Time to South Africa to organize a force of"
crowd irregulars and prevent any native up-
'.cular- rising    tn    tbe    couutry    aurrounAlttS..
tood bridges have been built here.
.Nicomen Island was the next point
Visited. The pasturage and orchard
land here looked to Mr. Wade to be
in excellent shape, but he considers
that there Is need of work by tho
Dominion government to prevent the
inroads of the river. Already many
acres of fine land have been washed
away and many more are threatened.
These could probably be saved by
jetties     and     mattresses.     Deroche
Arrangements will be made to seo
that the route Is properly marficd and
that none of the Pacific highway slgn-s
Is out of place when the run next
summer is taken.
At the present time the roads between Blaine and Vancouver are not
in the best of shape, and with the
prospect of a large number of wealthy
tourists autoing from the eojth to
the British Columbia cities this summer, representations will be made   to
two parties have again como together and that negotiations are proceeding, has brightened the atmosphere and brought a feeling of hope.
A movement ls on foot to petition
Premier Asquith to appoint a royal
commission forthwith-to enquire into
the question of industrial co-partnership as
Two hundred and forty memhers of
parliament support the petition, 157
Unionists, 77 Liberals, 10 Nationalists
and two Laborites. The Labor party
oppose the project   on   the   ground3
tion.    Westminster was in hard luck
In this letter   the   acting. in-not finishing the first period ahead   De   at,h  comin0  Over  WJros  Early
..A*... ���t������,c thai nr    t    \v   of Victoria, for Mailen scored a pretty r   ��
ment of the hospital, informed bim by
report dated  February  29,   that  Mr.
Lynch assisted  in  removing Patient
Boiler, of   suicidal   tendencies, "who ,
had ascended a ladder to the ton ofj
Story of Ex.-jeiition.
that it would undermine trades union-  the chimney of the Incinerating plant,
Australian Polar Expedition Returned.
But Make no Mention of
British  Explorer.
Hyland lost a nice goal because the
officials took  note of an offside and
broke off a piece of the play.
The last quarter was a breakaway |    Hobart> Tasmania, ..March 13.
������,���.   .,���      .,,    for Westminster, the boys playing in  8j,,p Aurora> wnich sailed from
���uui ihat   ufior      struggle with    thia  great shape and putting up the best on December 9 ia8t with an Aua-
patientyofslcceeded, single-handed,  combination work.they have displayed g^ Antarctlc expeditlon under the
InSng him on the scaffold, and.  &*~*���j��L?2��- ^J*���  leadership of Dr: Douglas Mawaoa, re-
caught the traveler's fancy and in hla the government to have work done
opinion this little settlement Is one on this section Immediately. British
of the best in the valley. The C. P. Columbia received ranch criticism
R. has a small depot there, and thero last year from United States tourists
is also a good store and a post office, whose cars suffered much damage on
The scenery, he says. Is the finest In account of the condition of the roads,,
the valley and the whole district Is and It is felt that It is necessary to
one worthy of attention from the pros- have a highway that will be a credit
nectlve settler. 'to this district, and be favorably com-
Ftom Dewdney   home   is a tale   of  mented upon by all travelers,
land clearing and railway work.   The     It is the intention to make the run
C. P. it. is making great strides with  to Vancouver before the International
its double tracking, and Mr. Wade be-  Paciflc Highway   convention   ln   San
lleves that if oppearances 50 for any- Francisco, on August 5, 0 and 7.   Tha      chlca-o,   March 12.���A   cable   dis
thing the line as far as Mission will  tourists plan to return to the Golden      tch tnm uob&rtt Tasmania, today,
be double tracked  this year.    Work  Gate city In time to take part in the  t0 the Dai)y NewB read6.
trains and large gangs are scattered  convention. Quite a number of gentle-      ,.The Aurora( tj,e Bhip used by the
fixer a flfty mile stretch, the culverts  men of Vancouver, Victoria and West-1 AuBtrallan exploring expedition head-
for Ihe  second  track are completed,  minster   intend   accompanying     tbo e(J by cantaln Douglas   'Mawson,   re
in retaining
with the assistance of others, lowered
him by means of a rope to the ground.
"It is evident," proceeds the letter,
"that on this occasion you displayed
prompt presence of mind and excellent judgment." The chimney was
about 75 feet in height.
The letter concludes: "On behalf
of the superintendent, I    desire    to
fast as sometimes.   Mailen, who went
occasion. jon in the 8eCon:l   period,    replacing
unMiNiTioNS MADE Treherne, showed up to good advan-
NOMINATIONS made^ EVENINQ tage, and pioved a valuable goal engi-
, ������ , neer.   Gardner played a steady game
all through.
on the Westminster team, were Mc- turned t0 Hobart today.
��� Donald, Lehman and Hyland.    John-;    The AuPora te commanded by Caj��-
I Eton played a f.ood game, but the big tain j K Dav|8    She landed two aep-
fellow has never   showed   his   das* arftte 'paltieB at tw0 points ln    the,
since his accident in  Victoria.    He Antarctlc regions, one unuer Dr. Maw-
made one or two spectacular rashes gon  January iy, and the other under
; last night, but his early season elec- Dr ' vvjlde   a veteran of the Shackie-
trifying stunts were missing. Lehman ^ and ^cott marcneB, February vj*.
played a reliable game in goal, but The A,urora (ound no   trace of    the
thank you for what you did   on that   <"�������_ ^eie.tn5Lc0?l!Sf J1^ *"L" Clarie coast, from which it was con.
Vancouver, March 12.���L. D. Taylor,
ex-mayor of the city, has been offered and has accepted nomination aa
Liberal candidate for Rossland.
In Victoria the Conservative nominees are the same four, McBrlJe,
Thompson, Denton and Davis.
The three Conservatives lu Esqul
eluded that it was an ice barrier that
had broken up since   Durviliee   dls--
covery in 1838.   The Aurora left   the
Antarctic on February 21 and   Intend---
ed to return ln the spring.
1 iui<,u6u. ,      ,     1    Some of the best bno��vn British ex-
Skinner Poulin and Tommy Dunder-' ,orer8 are wJth the partlea landed
dale were the pick of the Victorias. �� the Aurora, which muster 26 men
Lindsay was very weak in the net, g ^j The m0Bt advanced feature ot
and Lester Patrick was not the Let*  th   enUlpm���nt   ig   a monoplane    in
*���_    .*#     ,a*V.n*.     A.ai-c* Omnfll        Qmlth     a *�� A        +**v      v*i *r      _ .    ��� ..��.._.
and the steel for the   bridges   is   al-  California tourists   on   their   return ,lulne(j t0*Hobart today.   Jt had land       ,,,.     	
ready on the ground by the culverts.  Journey, traveling jn^thelr^ojvn motor |ed one paIty on Adelle Land and an-}ma^"are rtTulnThe field, and all ap-
other   on Determination   Land,   the | pear determined to remain there.   H.
At Pitt Meadows three lines of rails cars. Included among these are A.
are being laid and west of the Pitt E. Tod.l, vlce-preEldcnt of the Cana-
river four tracks are laid. New build- dlan Highway association, for Vic-
incs are to be seen all the way from toria; A. G. Hinton, Victoria; Mr.
Mission westwards and must of the Russell, president of the Vancouver
land Is being put under the plough.' Automobile   club;    Alderman   T.   S.
most westerly point reached by   the  d. Helmcken'is out with a small card
At stave river arrangements are being made to   erect   another   railway
bridge, and the concrete piers are already rartlally completed.
Mr. Wade also says that forest flres
Baxter, treasurer of the Canadlnn
Highway association; W. J. Kerr,
president of the Canadian Highway
association, and a number of others.
By the improvement of the Pacific
American expedition   under   Captain
Wilkes ln 1840."
It had no news of Scott, apparently,
are burning and he himself had quite  highway, the distance  between Van
in both papers simply stating that, as
already announced by him, he is In
the contest as a supporter of the McBride government. R. H. Pooley con
alders himself the   one   entitled   to
is  about   to  start  its  campaign    to
n warm time walking through one at' couver and Tla Juana, has been short- teach member and non-member
-I.I.. I_      -       ,.. _1. . a-      m���* ~..~,l       .rraa^a       ->lWlO      ��W.lloo      Ira      1 ft A11      n\tlff2 ... . .' . . . %	
night   In a vain   attempt   to flnd
friend's house in the bush
A very ;;ood concert was given by
the choir of the Vancouver Sixth
Avenue church at the church of the
ened from 2009 miles to 1849 miles,  Jn th,B c,ty to BWim free of charge.
and It now stops at a greater num- ThlB .lg ���art of a continental move-
ber of Interesting places.   Since 1910  ment whlch   hag M   ,u   obJeot the
many millions of dollars have been  teacn|ng 0f every man and boy   in
spent on the roads In many districts, j North Anierlca tbe art ���f BWimming.
bridges have been built In' place of j A year ^ the plan wag inaugurated
ferries, and many grades made easier iand   Blnce   th���n   30000 persons have ' been" ch��sen in Cowlchan as the Lib-
By the end of the present year   tho!been taught t0 ���wlm    &wlmmon are
distance will be educed to 1800 m.les,, aivMed lnt0 four ciaeies according to
or less.   More road Improvements will  thelr abnity, these being   beginners,
ter of other days. Smalll, Smith and charge of Lieutenant Watkins. who-
Rowe male up the remainder of tho hag taken part ln ft number ot avla-
team- tlon meets.   Speaking of the value ot
8cores by Periods. ; tbe aeroplane    in    exploration,    I>r.
First���Dunderdale, 4.21;   McDonald, [Mawson "sail, prior to the departure.
14.30. ' > of the expedition:
Second���Dunderdale, 7.25;   Hyland, I    "An aeroplane can fly over an Ice
9.50. * crevasse or a ridge as easily aa over
Third���Mailen,   16 a ec.;    Hyland,' anything else, whereas a party    o*
2.10; McDonald, 5.21; Smalll, 19 sec.;''foot might have to search a long time
Mailen, 24 sec;  Dunderdale, 7 sec:   to flnd a pass; and an aeroplane can
recognition  as   having received    80 [Hyland. 2.15;   Hylahd,   6.11;   Smith, do a-joufney of 160   milea  in   three.
votes at the convention   to   80   for) 1.12; Smith, 30 sec.; McDonal.l, 1.05; hours.
Helmcken.   John Jardine looks   on Johnston, 1.15. j   Lieutenant Nlnnls,   of   the   KoyaP
Penalties, Fusiliers, who is an   axpert on am*
_���. ������.,���.,   ������_a veylng and sledplng, and Dr. Mois, *
First PWoa-NM*. Swiss who is an adept frith skis, mm
Second period (all three m futesi--1 H^ea ln the expedition. Australian*
The local branch of the Y. M. C. A- himself as the only'��� candidate lo he
thought of as the late member. Who,
lf any, of the three Is the choice of
the government is as yet not known.
Should all three persist ln running
the chances ot Mcintosh, -who will
doubtless be selected as the Liberal
standard bearer, are decidedly bright
Alex. Herd, gomenos, farmer, has
Gardner, Me.llen, ,Rowe, Poulin,
Lean, Smalll, Rowe, McDonald.
Third period (all three minutes)
Rowe, Mailen, Rowe, Dunderdale.
and    New    Zealauders   furnish    tha
������"����� 1* !��.������: M.r; !?..����-*.��* -??-OX*.^nrted!^mn^ad^t^nU^r
William Hicks ls the conductor o?
this very capable organization of flfty
perse-a which is finely accompanied
by MIbb Ethel Hicks on the piano, and
Professor J. J. F. Alnsley, F.I.G.C.M..
on the organ. Quite a large audlencfl
assembled to hear tho visitors sing
nnd those present enjoyed a great
musical treat. /
The chorus and part singing of the
choir was very j;ood, and some charming selections were ably given. The
soloists were also of a high order, and
Mr. D. Fetherston prove! very popular on the violin. Mr. D. B. Christopher song with a flne voles. All the
efforts were worthy of the applause
they evoked and received.
than in any other previous year,
A committee   waa   organized   last
I night to carry out this campaign. The
VICTORIA FROWNS services of Mr. F. A. CaJlls, who   is
ON JOY-niOINQ  associated with the International com-
  mittee of the Y. M. C. A., has been
Victoria, March 12.���There will be'secured, and the classes will be or-
no more Joy-riding in the autos owned j ganized. beginning April 8 and end-
by the city.   The council has deter-  ing Aoril 13.   The officers elected are
eral candidate.
mined to have painted on the cars tho
Information In threo inch letters that
as follows:
Chairman, T. ,D. Trapp; vlce-chalr-
they are city property. Aldermen were man, Dr. C. McDonald; secretary
sensitive on account of accusation's of treasurer. E. R. Gilley;' advertising
night Joy-riding that had been hurled agent, A. S. tMIHs. Committee includ-
at them. Sunday pleasure parties ing officers are A, Whitaker. A. Mc-
wlth city gasoline wlll now be in-(Donald. 8. Trapp'. Georgo Trapp, T..
stantly 'detected by the large letter-1 Storme, H. M��Doiiald and F. O. Caning, field.
Vancouver, March 12���Under most
favorable auspices and filled *ith enthusiasm Vancouver Liberals tonlghl
opened their campaign with a large
meeting at Pender hall, where many
eloquent speakers addressed the as-
sembiaw. Among the sneakers were
>lr. Ralph Smith and Alderman W. 8.
Cameron. Mr. Maxwell Smith. Mi*. .1
N. Ellis and Alderman C. W. Enrlght.
The speakers went into the tocts o*
the McBride government and detailed
the fruitless efforts of Vancouver
deleKotlons to pain the enr ot   thi
JOSTLE EACH OTHER      ^^   ^  ^ ^  ^
Victoria, March 12.���The tender for dieted ln the Daily News last weelfc
the construction ot St. John's church the Liberals of the Richmond riding:,
has been awarded to Harfltt Bros., of
this cltv. The cost wlll be about $90,-
000. The present church ls the oldest
building of IU kinds la the city. It
Is of corrugated Iron and was the
gift of Lady Burdett Coutts half a een
'Drowned In Arrow Lake,
Nelson, March   12.���Fallln?    overboard   from   the   Canadian   Paciflc
steamer   Columbia,   while   ln    mid
Wririn"pWerf^"tho"furthcnuice* o'l stream. Samuel Matheson was 4rown
civic improvement!.
last evening selected R��evo J. W_
Weart, bf Burnaby, as their candidate
to contest the seat lh tbe comings
election. Reeve Weart ls expected
back from New York towards tte MS*
���ury ago. The site has been acquired't rt of m% week when tt wU!. j^,
by the Hudson Bay company for store ^^ whether  he will   accept' tht*
nomination or not. It is understood.'
however, that previous to his goin*.-
east, he made ft known that he wonld'
'ed In Arrow Lake this morning.
contest the seat lt tlven a unanlmoua
vote at the convention. His nsme warn
the only one mentioned at,'last evening's gathering,, which.;too!c .place   tm.
W��DNE8DAy, MARCH 13, 1912.
Apply Mrs.
P.  Birrell,    105    Royal
work or nursing by a Scotch woman.
Apply Box IB News office.
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone 600.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
Cn the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
a. Lulu Island.
ftnmesite subdivision, nearly cleared, on the car line in the west end.
Price $450 per lot. Easy terms.
Come early and secure the best
-.selections. Fraser Valley Invest
ment Co., Ltd., 62(1 Columhla street.
ble Range; Canada's Pride; on
��asy terms. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.,
Waste Paper or Rasa.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
At the    Fisheries Wharf,   Sapperton,
B.C., on Tuesday, the Nineteenth
Instant, at two o'clock, p.m., >the
Gasoline Schooner "Edrie,"    With
Equipment and Furniture.
Approximate  length,    one hundred
feet, beam, nineteen  feet six inches,
engine  one  hundred  and  flfty  horse
Further particulars and order to inspect boat can be obtained at the
Dominion Fisheries Office, New Westminster.
Chief Inspector of Fisheries.
New Westminster, B.C.. March 5, 1912,
Notice is hereby given that I, William G. Sherriff, intend to apply    to
the Licensing Commissioners at their
next  meeting  for a wholesale  liquor
j licence  for premises occupied  by H.
I P. Vidal ft Co., Thomson block, Colum-
i hia street, New Westminster.
I m *****���**������JBSSSS"^��������r���~
706   Columbia   Street.
City and Suburban Good    Things    In
Real  Estate.
Edmonds���Just off Douglas road, very
close to car, two lots 11x204 feet;
each $1100;  one-third cash.
EDMONDS���Lot 50x120, just one lot
off Vancouevr road, opposite power
house; $550; $150 cash.
EDMONDS���Near corner Salisbury
and Phillips roads, large corner of
three lots one-quarter acre each;
$2000; one-third cash.
706 Columbia Street.
Applications addressed to the under-
| signed will be received at the olty
| hall, up to 5 p.m., Monday, March
18 inst., for the position of general
! assistant in the accounting and treasury department. Applicants will pleas?
j apply in their own handwriting. Sal-
lary $100 per month.
City  Treasurer.
i New Westminster, B.C.. March 0, 1912.
of the K. of P. Building is for rent:
louse if desired. Reid, Curtis &.
Dorgan, 70(5 Columbia street, Ne.v
room for two gentlemen or couple.
Apply 41 ti Ash street, city.
���m*amsaamma___mamm_m__mm_________*m ���
with black velvet collar, on I o'clock
car from Chilliwack, on fith inst.
Finder address 930 Hornby street,
I    Sealed tenders for the construction
I and completion of the proposed Surrey Municipal Hall, to be erecte.l at
! Cloverdale, B.C., will be received by
I the undersigned up to noon of March
115, 1912.    Each tender must    be    accompanied by certified cheque   equal
to 2 per    cent. . of    the amount. of
Plans   and   specifications   may   be
| seen at the office of   (he    Municipal
! Clerk, at Cloverdale, and at my office,
I Sixth and Clarkson Street, New West
minster.    Lowest or any  tender not
necessarily accepted.
C. II. CLOW, Architect.
pointer dog. Owner can hawe same
toy defraying expenses. Apply Geo.
Grady, poundkeeper, Burnaby municipality.
Wanted male teacher as flrst assistant -arXOTd Kelvin School. Applicants are requested to write, statins
qualifications an<l salary required and
imust be prepared to undergo an ex-
i animation by the school medical offi-
I cer. Applications to reach the secre-
j tary's office by noon of Thursdav,
March 14.
Secretary Board   of School Trustees.
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
To whom it may concern: Take notice here.i,itr 1 will not bo responsible for nny : ebts made by Mrs.
ii'hod.i Mc.amey.
Dewdney, B. C.
Construction Engineer.
Ampliations'Accompanied hy cop-
j ies of testamonialB are invited for tho
j position Of construction engineer, stat-
i ing salary require 1 and experience,
and will he received up to noon on
| Monday, March 18.
Edmonds, B. c, March 12, 1912.
He part (10 acres) of lot 38, Group
1, formerly in Yale Division of Yale
District, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of cer-
tiflcate of title No. 109B6F, Issued ia
the name of Francis W. Ford, has
tbeen filed in this office.
Notice iti hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the dale of tho first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of Xew Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection he
made to me in writing.
District  Registrar of Titles.
i-a��d Registry office. New Westminster, BL ('., .March 9, 1912.
In consequence of the rapidly increasing volume of business, it is ordered by the council thst in future no
I applications, will be considered by tho
��� Hoard of Works unless such appliea-
j tlons are received seven days befora
i the date of ineeting on February the
j Kith inst., und on every alternate Mon-
I day thereafter.
j Clerk
! Eclmcnds, B. C, Feb. 12, 1912.
Royal   Geographical   Society  Officials
Advance Theory that Discoverers
Ha^ Agreement.
London, March 12��� The theory that
Captain Amundsen an.i Captain Scott
had entered into an agreement whereby each was to be permitted to tell
his own story was advanced here tonight. As an explanation for the delay in receiving news from the British Pole hunter, according to officials
of the Royal Geographical Society,
they probably met near the pole.
Recalling the controversy that
raged after the -return of Dr. Cook
and Commander Peary from the far
north, it was suggested that the rival
explorers might have pledged their
honor that neither would reveal anything of the other's exploits when
they reached civilization.
It was believed that when the Fram
reached Hobart, one of the members
of the expedition probably revealed
the news of Captain Scott's success
without realizing that he was breaking a confidence. The report wei
cabled to London and when Amundsen was informed of the "leak,"
Scott'B admirers think, he promptly-
Issued a denial in order to fulfil his
pledge of secrecy.
learned tbat wlll be of Interest to the
scientific bodies that fre financing the
expedition, and there may be time to
make a trip to that part of the northern coast of Grant Land where Peary
reports having seen what he thinks
were extinct volcanoes, it is not supposed by either of the explorers that
they wil come across anythin3 re-
mrakable. They expect to see nothing but ice, and indentations in the
coast, and the spectacle would hardly
renay them for the trouble they wlll
tane. Apparently there Is "the call of
the Nortji." like the "call of the East"
that Kipling has told us about, and
the struggle to reach the goal Is Its
own reward.
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
Tlie Greatest Hit in Years
The One Great Big LAUGHING Musical  Event. /
3500 Tons, 7000 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At Twelve o'clock
Grand Trunk Paciflc passenger trains leave Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays for points' east.
Through Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via Chicago.
CITY OFFICES:  527 Granvii:o Street.
Telephones:    Passenger, Sey. 7100;    Freight,    Sey.    3060;   Express,
Sey. 7986.	
Prince Rupert
Connecting fortnightly with
S.S. "Prince John" for Port
Simpson, Port Nelson, Stewart,
Massett, Skidegate, Pacofi,
Lockport, Jedway, etc'
Re lots 13, W, -IT, ig, 57, 58 and 61,
'*i2, 63, (il, -Uu of lots 8 an.l 11   Suburban  Blue!;  13,  in   the City   of   New
Westminster. ���
Whereas jxoof of the loss of Certlfi-
i ;-ate of Title Number 1466F, Issued in
iShe name of Sarah Ann Douglas, has
lijee-n filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall,
at th�� expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, tn a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster Ifsuo a
��laplkttte of the said Certlflcate. unless in the meantime valid objection
-6e made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles,
.ami  Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C. Feb. 1(1. 1P12.
Not! CO.
'    The statutory meeting of the Board
;of   License   Commissioners   will   be
|hold in the Municipal Hall on Wednesday, March 13, inst., at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
Edmonds, B.C., March 2, 1!U2.
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
T&nrtea Straightened out.
tCurtis Block City Box 483
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government, of Hritish Columhla Invite competitive plans far the
general scheme and design for the
proposed new University, together'
with more detailed plans for the buildings to bo erected flrst at an estimated cost of $1,500,000,
Prizes of $10,000 Will bo given for
the most successful designs submitted. !
Particulars of the competition  and
plan of slto may he obtained  :>n  re-1
quest from the undersigned.
The designs to he sent in hy July 31,'.'
r.ii2, addressed to
Parliament   Buildings, '
Victoria, British Columbia.
Last Goal of Explorers Lies Far North
of Canada.
The discovery of the two poles
leaves only about one great Arctic ot
Antarctic region to be explored, and
that is Crocker Land, an island lar to
the north of Capada.and only a few
degrees south of ihe pole. It is true
that Crocker Land has been sighted,
but it has never been explore.!. Even
its coastline is unknown, and its interior is represented on the maps as
a blank space. In a few months two
of the men who were with Peary
will sail from Syciney bou.ul for Crocker Land, which they hope to map
some time next spring. Several American scientific bo.lies are raising
funds for tbe purpose, and since the
party will be a small one, and will
require no such outfit as Peary found
necessary, it is probable that sufficient funds will be raised. At any
rate, preparations are now going forward, and the explorers have already
gathered together much of their outfit.
Over the Polar Sea.
George Borup and Doifald Ii. McMillan will be the leaders of the expedition. They were with Peary, and
admit that the lure of the North has
seized them. They are young, able-
bodied, enthusiastic men, and, while
realizing that they will have to undergo hardships on the journey and perhaps risk their Uvea score of times,
they appear to look forward to the
trip as though it were a holiday jaunt
with a picnic basket at the other end
of it. Ihey will take a surgeon along
with them and another man or two.
The last stages of the journey will be
made by dog train over the ice, and
when Crocker Land is itachert thq
party may divide in order to cover
more ground in the few weeks thai
will be left for exploration. Then
there will be the race back over thi
frozen sea to reach the camp at Cape
Hubbard on the mainland. Ivom
this point the retreat wilt be down a
great river that divides Grand Land
from Axel ir.d I.eileif Lend ;>
Bache's Peninsula. Here the ship
will be awaiting them, and they will
return to civilization with their spoil.
Where G/eeley's Men Penshect.
The plan is to leave Sydney about
the middle of July, and go north in
their specially prepared whaling boat.
By starting about this time they are
likely to avoid the ice, unless the unusual severity of the present winter
has had the effect of thickening the
crust. In that case the troubles of
the expedition pre likely to begin
much earlier. They expect Tetv difficulties, however, until they rer.ch
Bache's Peninsula, which is the point
advised by Peary. lf they cannot
reach this spot Hiey will try to land
somewhere on the east of Ellesmere
Land. In discussing hls plans Mr.
Borup remarks that within 20 miles
from the place where they intend to
make their winter quarters, and
where plenty of game is to be had, is
Cape Sabine, the most desolate and
barren sj ot along the coast. It was at
Cape Sabine that 10 of Greeley's men
died of cold and starvation, though
within u few miles of them, as later
explorers have dlscovere.l, Is one of
the finest game preserves in the whole
Hauling Food All Winter.
Tho explorers expect to reach their
winter quarters by the middle of August. They will at once bigln lo lay
in tlie fo:>d supply thai is to last them
through the winter. In anothi r month
there is likely to be enough sho.v to
begin sledding, and then they will
proceed to haul their fool to Cape
Hubbard, a distance of some 3011
miles. Much of the journey, however
will he over a frozen river, and the
travel Is expected lo be much faster
than on the- exposed surface of a Polar ocean. The winter will be spent
on the road, an.l it Is expected that by-
next February there will he enough
provisions cached at Hubbard to supply the party even if no more game of
any sort is seen until they get back
to Bache's Peninsula, it is likely thai
the final dash will he made about thn
middle of February. In what, condition the Polar ice will be between
Hubbard and Crocker Land It. Is Impossible to say, but Mr. Born>> figures
that tho crossing ought not"to"tako
more than two or three weeks. They
uro not likely to have more-than a
month or six weeks on Crocker Land,
for Bhould the ice break up before
ihey have returned to the mainland
thai would be the last of the expedition.
The Call of the North.
:n a month, however, much can be
TWO Carloads
Of Scenery
It's One Big  NOISE from  Maine to
Everything   New    and     Up-ToOate
with a $75,000 Production.
MUTT and  JEFF, It's a  Corker.
AND  Don't" Fail  to  Bring  the  Little
Ones to  See   MUTT  AND  JEFF.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montreal, Quebec, Liverpool.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.      New Twin-Screw S.S. Megantic.
���Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
Lnst word ln .shipbuilding.    Electric elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, nLeless and deep sea signaling appuratus.
l-irst-c ass, $02.00; Ee.-oul-class, $03,76;    third-class,    (closed   rooms),
Comfort at moderats rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw *TEUTONIC, S.S. Twin-Screw CANADA,
GS2 feet long. 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-clasB (II) cabn
service. '
Pest accommodation given $.'0.00 up. third-class (doped rcoms), $-1 2"..
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Buildinn, Second and Cherry Bts.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, G. N.
March 15
Seats on sale nt Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth street, Tuesday morning.
Prices $.150 to 50c.    Boxes $2.00.
D. V. Lewthwaite
- New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611  Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally News.)
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Each day's success encourages us to still greater efforts in the way of bargain giving. Remember the
prices quoted in our various "ads" are not for one day
at our house, but hold good while supplies last
The following aro all pure flax, made by a celebrated Irish manufacturer, bpugbt und selected by
Mr, Gordon for his select trade. Now priced within thc reach   of all.
Gordon's $1.,00 Bleached Table Damask, (16 Inches wide, good weight,
neat patterns.   Sale price,'yard'	
Cordon's $1.25 Bleached Table Damask, satin finish, 'V> Inches wide,
extra weight.   Sale price, yard 	
Cordon's $1.50 Bleached Table Damask, 72 inches wide, full satin finish,
choice patterns.   Sale price, yard ..*.
Gordon's $2.00 Tahlo Damask, 72
inches wide, handsome patterns with
double border effect, very choice. Sale
price, yard	
Gordon's SOc Unbleached Table Linen.       '\y^f��
Sale price, xard      %*m.^
Store Open Nine to Six
The Man Who Saves You Money
Cliff Block '6th. St,, near Columbia St.
|i ��� W��bKl��*DAY, MARCH 13,  1912.
tstn THHl
Children Dance Like Fairies and
I Ives on Settlement House Roof
% *a2Z:i
I'linUiH -.by American  Press Asroclatlon.
A LL chlldreu believe tn fairies and elves, or, at any rate. It is easy  fot
,f\      t!lym lo Pretend Mint they do.    Believing iu then* wood uymplis. It if
,X"jL    easy to see how they wuuld enjoy (during that they tire sprites with
nothing tangible holding ttieui to the eurtti.    Sixty girls, ranging in
Uges rrom nine to thirteen years, Ume been giving a pantomime railed "But
tertly" ou Ihe.toof of lhe University Settlement Holism, lu New York's crowded
���easl side.   The performance consisted almost entirely of dunces,,ami yet there
-were  no set  steps,  the  Utile dinners supplying  from   their imaginations  the
dances they though!  would lit lhe story und their pnrts ns fairies, wood elves
<and  butterflies     Without ��iny   restraint and  loft  to tlw-mselves' the children
Urave H delightful performance, moving about giVefniiy aud naturally as u
dnuclug were tbeir second nature.   The butterflies were in white, wiih long
spoiml Kings; the fairies wore pink, blue and lavender, and the wood ulve*
�����>"��������� In c.-een. with autumn leaven.
He  Missed  McCul lough's  Encouraging
WBEN Tom Keene took long tours
through tbe northwest, where
tragedy Is still In favor, he used
to keep liis company down In numbers
nn account of the Jumps nnd the high
railroad tares. There were vsrtous
ways of doing this, such nn hy doubling and by putting a tlu suit on the
electrician now and then. One piny
hud a long cast, however, nnd the ad-
ranee ugent was iu.striiciefl to pick up
Home local mnn for one of the "bits."
Keene arrived ut a On* ulglit stand
and made liis way to the ���fbeufer to
meet the recruit for the play In question. He Introduced hiiwuelf to the
manager and explained the situation.
The local dignitary said: "That hus
been nrrunged. Mr. Keene. .lones, the
bouse property mun, Ik going to play
tbe part.   I'll send for bim."   ���
.lones appeared | "esently.    He yawned and stretched bis ilrins continually,
puttlug two or three gapes In every
sentence.   The part consisted of two
lines, but on tbem bung tbe vital situation of the play.    Keene sized Jones
up for hls wardrobe, tben asked blm
If be was reudy to rehearse.    "No."
said .lones.    "I  played the part wltb
MeCullough twice." Thut seemed prom- j
Islng. und  Keene was satisfied.    Tbe
particular  scene  of   the   performance ,
came,   and   Keene.   looking   into   tbe :
wings, saw .lones yawning und stretch- ,
lug.    He gave hlm tbe speech for bis ;
entrance, but Joues didn't budge.    Ue
repeated It without success and then j
bud to fake the scene, wbicb fell flat,
ruining the iierformance.   Keene came ,
off tbe stage lu n fury.   "Why didn't j
you come on when you saw me wait-
log there?"   "Didn't get ray cue." said
Jones.   "I gave it to you twice."   "Not '
the cue MeCullough gave me."    "Wbat I
cue did be give youV   "t'oine on, you7,
Idaho sausage."���Chicago F'ost ��� !
"We   Furnish  Your  Home Complete"
��� i.1 ������ sn-manw"n��i,iyjTj!tiBHigBMME^j��i.j
Patronizing the Almighty.
A diplomat ul a dinner in Washington discussed the crown prince of Germany.
"He glTes his poor fathpr a lot of
trouble." tbe diplomat said, with a
frown. "The reichstag incident, jvliere
he showed open disapproval of the
kaiser's pollcy. Is only one of tbe many
similar Incidents thut the public hears
nothing about.
"A friend of mine one winter nlgbt
wns skating wilh the crown prince at
St. Morltz. In the Swiss Engndine. The
sty glanced nnd glittered splendidly
with Its host of Ftars. and my friend,
pointing to a star ot marvelous brilliance, said:
"'I wonder whnt star thnt is?*
"'Doubtless.' snld the crown prince,
with a sneering laugh. "It ls some new
decoration wherewith my father hns
seen Ht tu tumor the ruler ot tbe
benvena.* "��� WnnUlnclon Stnr.
New Suits and
Dresses for Ladies
and your inspection is cordially
invited. Prices and styles* will
interest you, they are so different from the ordinary.
The Sale of the Gordon Consignment of
Draperies, Curtain Nets, Cretonnes
���������" and Sateens
at about half usual prices is still on. (Main floor rear.) All new-
fresh goods, no "second hand store" goods run in here and sold to
you as new goods. All our goods we offer you in this Gordon lot
are absolutely new. We bought them cheap; we are selling them
cheap.   Remnants from the big sale at less than half price.
This   Is    Finding   of   a   Writer  Who   Kenneth   Macdonald, a  Howe   Sound
Studied the Subject for a
In an exhibition of armor a visitor
is art to be Interested at first less in
���the ^ui t of thc armorer than in the
practical question of how armor could
ever have been worn, says Scrib-
ner's. It was certainly heavy. A suit
weighed 50 pounds or more; sometimes thc headpiece alone, ln the case
of a helm for tilting, might wei^h 30
pounds. 'And it was evidently uncomfortable���"a rich, armor worn in the
heat of day the scalds with safety."
wrote Shakespeare, who probably
knew iii's tbeme at flrst han J. ln
fact, ii complete harness must bave
been stuffy enough on a summer's
day, but we can saiely say it was not
as one imagines, for the polished surface ufleeted the. heat, just aa a
.bright .andiron remains cool in front
of a lire.
Doubtless, too, It was cold in win.
ter; but the metal surfaces were not
Jn xbntau with the wearer���heavy
buff leather or padded garments stood
hetween���these mainly, though, for
the purpose of .deadening tbe actual
shock .of arms. A surpri*in0 ts!.u^ 4*
that, the men who wore armor were
generally not of heroic but of small
Lord Billon, courator of tbe Tow%r
armories, notes that parts of the armor can be lengthened or shortened,
depending upon '.bow they are mounted, bo rtihat a .suit apparently for a
short man may bave tet ve I for a
man of average size. Of twenty odd
suits only one was large enough to
hav* jttyefl >a man of five feet ten
who weighed two hundred pounds.
Bsreclally small were the heads.
Thsrir weamrs must, therefore, bave
had slngulrly small cralnla, for between casgtttB and teud heavy padding was worn as a protection from
Ranchers, Commits Suicid:
Despondent from Impaired health,
Kenneth Macdonald, u Howe Sound
rancher, committed suicide yesterdaj
at the workings of the tiowe Sound
Oravel Company. Macdonald shot
himself witli a rifle, which mutilated
his head beyond recognition.
The suicide was 44 years of age, a
native of the Isle of Skye, and is said
to have resided twenty years in Canada, eighteen years of which had been
spent on the Howe Sound ranch.
Suffering from .nervous .trouble he
west to Los Angeles ior lhe sake of
his health but leturned apparently no
Yesterday Macdonald breakfasted
with the camp crow and then returned to his cabin. Shortly after a shot
rang out and Macdonld was found lying dead with his rifle beside bim.
It is oot known whether the deceased had any relatives in the province. Tbe provincial police have
cent to Howe Sound to take 'tdiairge of
\the body.
Human Nature Note.
Tbe woman tvbo gives In wben
she Is wrong Is generally single.
and the man who gives in when
be Is right is generally married.
���Slever's Monthly.
While the  Money Lasts.
Spenders    <Mtterfjr)���Jit    is    easy
enoin-li to make    friend*, but pretty
hard to keep them.
. Lenders���Oh,   I   don't   know.    I've
got a number of friends who seem
perfectly willing to let me keep them.
'���Boston Transcript.
Life on * .Ranch.
A story of women ranchers in the
Century tells amusing experiences
that give glimpses of what capable
and cheery women are doing both for
themselves and to change many of the
ways of the ranching business. Woman-like they make pets, of their animals. When she has taught one
young steer to "give his i-tvaT one
woman rancher was amused to be told
the achievement tbat all his steers
would give their paws without being
told to. Another woman trained a
young steer to carry ier wrap home
from the flelds. He would tiot to
tbe back door and wait for lt to be
l.a nen from his back.
The women, too, say that the cattle
all know where their home ls, and one
night when the corral gate was left
open the whole herd came back to
the house instead of wandering afield
as others would have done. One steer
was trained to discriminate. He would
eat cake from his lady's hands and
preferred >lnger cake to bunB. One
day sbe laid a biscuit on one knee
and a cake on the other and the wise
animal turned at once, to the cake.
there la Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always remember the full name.    Loolt
for tbls signature On every box.    25c.
Beth Willing.
A locally famous wag of Scitunte
was bavlng trouble wttb a well Iddeu
team. One borse was pulling faithfully, while tbe otber refused to
straighten tbe truces.
"Tbat nlgb borse Is a good, willing
puller," remarked a bystander.
"Ob. they are both wlllln'," declared
tbe owner. "The one Is wlllln' to do
all tbe pullln*. und tbe otber Is wlllln'
to bave blm."���Hoston Record.
Leeds of Luck.
"CongratuliHe nte. dearie! Ob. I've
had tbe best or luck."
"Dow!    Tell me at onoe."
"Well. I put n piece of Mabel's wedding cake under my pillow last nlgbt"
���YesV And did you dream of u nice
"Oenrlf. I dreamed of every nice
msn 1 ever knew."���Cleveland Plain
Tallor-Tbe last suit 1 made for yon
wat�� a little tight. ��o I am making title
one loose l give every one a squaw
deul.-IVIe Mele.
"Wbut in
"      Trus to Type.
"See those two ehlhhvnr
tbe New Kngluud mother,
the wi.nd me they doing':"
"Swapping horses out of tbeir N'ouh's
arks," lhe father reported, after'Investigating--HnffHlo Kxprens.
(Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.,     Barn  Phone  137 j
Beabie Street. I
Baggage Delivered Promptly to      j
j any part of the city. j
Light and Heavy Hauling
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for it ls tbe stuigUtat tho foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.     ..\
Money may be used in two ways; to   spend   for   what   ia
needed now aud to Invest for what shell be needed in tho fo-
. ture.   Money cannot be invested until lt is first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 92,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street..
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager O. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.,
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to   ,
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.   Prices low; flt guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel. 76L
Cor. 6th and Columbia
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Teacher-Tommie.  wbat Ih tbe  to*
tarn of "I give?"
Tommle->You lake."-Llfe.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Pit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., Clt/.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and1
make them wholesome and sanitarjr
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST��cleans audi
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs,
and impurities, and insures purity and safety:
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard pari of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
ytfur exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable ofll
soap, to which is added other purifying materials;
in just the right pro- v
portions to cleanse *^^
easily^ vigorously,^
and without harm to ��� '
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
'������-- HUM FOUR
lhe Daily News
Pabllihed by Tbe Dally News Publish-
���<����� Company, Limited, at their offices,
of   McKenzie   and    Victoria
WEDNESDAY,  MARCH   13,  1912.
It is a pleasing story. Indeed, with
which the secretary of the Board ot
Trade returns from a tour of tho
Praser Valley, a Btory of the development of transportation and the reclaiming and banging under cultivation of some of the richest and best
.agricultural and fruit lands in the
world. Progress he found to be steady
all along the line of travel,' progress
.of a sort that will become accelerated
as Uie months and years pass. H1b
record of hls journey will doubtless
toe welcomed by the members of the
fcoard and by all persons who have at
.heart the prosperity ot this city and
.district. ..
dually gratifying ls lt to note the
reception which has been accorded by
jieiguDorlng boards of Trade for proposed ai tion to deepen the Fraser.
Progress and enterprise, ln communities in which the western spirit prevails, and in a district so finely and
ao generously endowed by nature as
���Uiis is, cannot fail to find scope for
oxcrclse in many directions. Railways, waterways and roads are so
many veins and arteries of commercial life and activity. New Westminster ia the centro ot a wide area iu
which tliere is ample scope for great
developments affecting all throe of
theae, and Inuring to the permanent
advantage of the city an.l the province.
ed the name from bavlng seen lt in
tho Saturday Press. So the author
heard for the first Ume the faint blowing of the heralds, of fame, and of the
trumpeter he, says:
"in whatever world he happens
now to be, 1 should like to send hlm
my greet Ine and confess to him that
my art has never since brought me
so sweet a recompense and nothing
a thousandth part so much like fame
as that outcry of his over the hotel
register In Montreal."
Pauline Johnson and Howells.
Still another Canadian tie is the
author's relationship with Pauline
Johnson, tbe gifted Indlah poet. One
of his father's cousins was married to
Cliief Johnson of'the Six Nation Indians. It was a happy union, and
one of the children of It was Pauline
Johnson. It Is said that one of her
brothers ls a "regular Howells" both
in appearance and temperament,
while the other as strongly resembles
his father's Indian ancestors. Mr.
Howells says that of his own works,
"An Indian Summer" and "A Hazard
of New Fortunes" are his favorites.
The latter has an autobiographical
value, for many of the experiences
therein related were those of the author himself. Now, at the age ot 75,
Mr. Howells has two books on the
stock at once, and besides does roeu-
lar monthly work for i magazine.
How he is to be reckoned with the
great men of the past lt is difficult to
say, but probably critics would agree
that he is the greatest American novelist since Hawthorne.
Baking Powder
* ���
Made from Pure, Grape
Cream of Tartar
Surpasses every other baking
powder  in  making delicious,
healthful food.
Protects the food from alum.
Here are Two Good
Business .Propositions
Corner Lot on Sixth Street and Fourth Avenue, 94*132; this Is an
ideal business or apartment house site. Price $8800.00; one-third cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Double Corner on Columbia Street East���This ls a coming busi.
ness corner and with the expected improvements there this year
this property will Increase ln value very rapidly. Price $3800.00;'
$1000.00 cash, balance over two years.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004,
William Dean Howells recently celebrated his 75th birthday, and in honor
of. the event Col. Harvey, of Harper's,
the gentleman  who   has   been   very
prominent in  politics   lately because
of bis relations with   Governor Wilson, gave him a notable dinner.    In
the   literary   history  of   the   United
States there have been only four other dinners that rank with the Howells
celebration,    namely,   those In honor
of Longfellow, Stoddard, Clemens and
Alden.   When Fame makes up her accounts a hundred  years   from   now,
Howells may not'be the laest of the
flve, one   of the   strongest   features
about his books is their wearing quail- j
ties.    Speaking generally, they do not |
take their readers by storm; they take
tbem by seise.    They flnd some hidden   charm   on   every   reading,  and
prove a greater delight in age than
in youth,    it  is lamentable  to  think
���ot tk�� average novel Teader thVratUy
drinking down  the ottertngB  ot  Buch
literary   barkeepers   as   George   Harr
McCutcheon    and   Robert   Chambers,
rind passing by unnoticed the crystal
fountain of Howells' works.
Visit to  Canada.
Canadians ought to have a particular interest in, W. D. Howells, since
in several of his stories and sketches
toe has given us some of the most delightful sketches of this country that
-are to be found 'in literature. The
author reciprocates the regard of his
-Canadian readers und has an interest
ia and a knowledge of picturesque
Canada that perhaps no other writer
of equal eminence possesses. It will
he news to many of his Canadian ad-
jnirers that the poet's father was for
many years, a United States Consul
.in this country, his tirst appointment
was from General Grant, and was to
-<3uebc,\ Beiore that time he had
-been a country editor, and no doubt
earned lus a.. cinttr.ent by his political services. Later on he was moved
to Toronto, where he was visited by
his eon, then a young man whose fame
was just dawning, in a recent interview, Mr. Howells speaks of one visit
to Toronto that has left an. ineradicable impression upon his inind, tho.igh
it tooK place many years ago.
A Toronto  Picture.
He waB speaking about the joys ot
authorship, and of how much keener
they are in youth. He went on to
remark that sometimes our greatest
delights came from some apparently
irifllig cause, and gave the following
"I remember that, years ago, when
1 *-as visiting my iauier, al that time
���consul at Toronto, I was Btandlng at
a window late In the afternoon looking at a wi!low tree In the alley and
the moving shadows of its leaves
thrown by the sunset light on the
wall of a houtc. There was something wonderfully beautiful in tlie picture, so simple nevertheless, that I
remember Speaking to my father
about the strangeness of our receiving an Impression so vivid and a
pleasure so keen from sometliln;; so
accidental and so transitory."
It would be a notable feat for some
local admirer of the great novelist to
trace tae house where this char mini;
spectacle was presented, and in the
event of it still standing and the same
trees being there, to enjoy a sensation that has lusted William Dean
.Howells tt}r more than forty years,
.says the Mall and Empire.
Fame at  Montreal.
On this same subject, he made another reference to a Canadian visit
that is worth quoting. As a mere
>'outh he had been American consti!
in Venice, and on his return had published that delightful book, "Venetian Life." He had been able to eet
two or three other articles accepted
in I h<> magazines, and had accepted
a newspaper com mission that took
him to Montreal. At the hotel he had
��igne;l the register, and was standing
near, when a couple of young New
Torten approached the desk to enrol HmnsolveB. One of them on looking over the book exclaimed, "Hello!
Jtere's Howells!" He had remember-
An   Old, Old   Question   Raised
Can Answer?
Should pel-sons   wrongfully   imprisoned lie indemnified by the state when
their innocence'is established? Should
there be public defenders as well as
public   prosecutors?    These  are  two
live questions in the United States at
the present time, their importance being enhanced  by  the widespread  interest taken ln the Brandt case. They
have  been  agitated  here  and   there
for years, and dissatisfaction with the
general  administration  of  justice  on
the other side of the line has been
contributed   to   hy   the   discovery   of
several cases where innocent people j
were  convicted  and imprisoned,  and i
being   found   Innocent,  were   simply |
turned  loose  without  apology  or  re-1
numeration.    Quite    recently a Penn- j
sylvania man serving a life sentence |
for murder was pardoned after many i
years' imprisonment, a confession having established his   innocence.     The |
state did not compensate him for tne
cruel wrong that  the  law  had   done
him, but Carnegie granted him a smal
pension.   In New York a Miss Murphy
was detained as a witness for some
months, und was deprived of her earnings as stenographer to the extent o;
more  than  $1600,   but   no  indemnity
was paid her when it was prove! that
her arrest had been a mistake.
The Mew York Court of Appeals decided some years ago that the state
could not indemnify a wrongfully imprisoned man, the case' in point being
ihat of John Roberts, who had spent
17 years in prison.   Thia decision haa
prevented men Vn BlmUar plight heinR
remunerated,     and     indicates     that
Brandtj^j *.cl*hn'    for      compensation
| would  net be* granted   should  he  decide to make one.     lt seems   likel>
I that the  legislature  will  make  somt.
j effort to change the law in this matter, and may copy a bill that has been
presented to the,N'ew Jersey legislature.   This provides for an indemnity
of a  dollar a  day  for  every day  of
wrongful detention, plus a lump sum
of $1000.      The governors of several
other states have expressed opinions
to the effect that some system of in
demnification should be adopted. Several    European countries havo    long
recognized  the* duty of making  what
repaiation  is in their   power to victims of injustice.   As long ago as 178';
the Grand Duke of Tuscany establish
ed the principle in his duchy.
I A  Good   German   Law.
I Germany has a carefully drawn up
law that was adopted some ten yeais
ago. It recognizes the right of a
wrongfully imprisoned man -\o secure
indemnity, as long as no "grounded
suspicion" rests against him. A
Scotch verdict of "Not proven" will
not entitle him to redress. Should he
be in jail by design, through grave
negligence on his own part, or
I through an act which, though not punishable in itself, is lacking in morul-
| Ity, or through voluntary intoxication,
| he is not given an honorarium, it is
left to the judge to say, whenever a
1 case arises, whether the acquitted
prisoner is to be indemnified. The
Judge's decision is subject to review
by the Minister of Justice. In ne case
Is it announced whether the innocent
man has received indemnification, because the pniillc knowledge of a prisoner's failure to secure this red:e.su
would he a grave detriment fo him.
hardly less serious to his reputation
than a conviction, it will be recalled
that in the Kngiish (use of Beck a
considerable honorarium was voted to
the  unfortunate man;   and it  is   the
British custom to make financial
amends when a serious mis-carriage
of Justice has occurred.
Want Public Defenders.
This indemnification exten is onlv to
persons who have been unjustly imprisoned, and does not Include iluoe
who have been tried and acquitted.
The German law does. It realizes that
the odium connected with a trial,
even when a verdict of not guilty Is
returned, is enough to crush many innocent inen. The suggestion that a
public defender should be employed
ls approved by several prominent New
York lawyers, who admit that there
are frequent miscarriages of justice
through the poverty or Ignorance of
isoners. especially those Who do not
thoroughly understand English. The
law provides for the defence of persons accused of murier, and unable
to employ counsel of tlieir own, but it
makfes no such provision for tho3e accused or lesser offences, and even in
murder trials the amount to be spent
by' the defence is limited to $500 in
any one case.      How  inadequate   Is
����� ��� 'in -"'tv he juried from the fact
that if   $50,000   or $1'��0,000 is   spent
���-   ,1
legitimately in murder defences by
accused persons who are well provided with funds.
i Railroading Innocent Men.
I The appointment of a public defender in accordance with the bill introduced in the New York Legislature
i wouid greatly tend to prevent Innocent men from being "railroaded," as
is alleged to have been the case with
Brandt. It Is Insinuated, however,
that Brandt was sent to prison
through the complicity of a judge, and
if a judge can be improperly approached so might a public defender. Hero
and there are found prosecuting attorneys who appreciate their position.
They realize that it is as much their
duty to defend the Innocent as to punish the guilty. Generally speaking,
though, the prosecutor confines all his
energies to presenting the evidence
unfavorable to the prisoner. He take.-;
the police view, presumes every prisoner's guilt, and in the opinion of
many statesmen the time has come
when this tendency on the part of
prosecuting attorneys must be coi reet-
ed by the appointment of public defenders.
Flve Acre Blocks on Langley Prairie, on B. C. E. R. road, all ready
for the plow; deep black loam;  above all floods.   $400 per acre.
Nice House and Three Lots on Main street, Fort Langley. Close
to  railway   station   and   publlc wharf.    Buy cheap at $H000.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway. Depot.
Phone 1105.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
Tenders will Le received by the undersigned, marked "Tenders for Supplies," up to lii o'clock noon, Wednesday, .March 20, 1012 for supplying
this hospital from April 1, 1912 to
March 31, 1U13, with the following articles:
Bread (white and brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
Wood, slabs  (per cord).
Coal, lump, washed nut,    per    ton
anthracite in carload lots.
Detailed    lists   of drugs, groceries,
hardware, mealB and flsh may be obtained at the hospital.   The lowest or
any tender not necessarily  accepted.
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B. C.
Advertising hqjps, but remember, I always' make good.
That's why my business is
big.���W. J. Kerr.
five hundred handles
New live-roomed cottage, piped tor furnace and thoroughly
modern; one and one-half block
to Twelfth street carline. Price
ts $2600; $500 now and the Balance over three years.
Here is a house that rents for
$25 a month, lt Is a six-ioomed
house, fully modern, with basement, etc. Prifce is $2000; with
a quarter of the payment now
and the balance by 1914.
One thousand cash will take
thi/s ne.v seven-rcomed modern
house, with cement, basement
floor, cement laundry tubs, etc..
piped for furnace, fine view of
North Arm and Delta. This
house stands on a large lot and
has the advantage of two street
Price $4600, $1000 cash, balance
Well finished modem house,
with cement basement and furnace; panelled walls In dining
room. This house faces on Regina street and backs on a lane.
Price is $4000 on terms of $1200
cash, with the balance easy.
On Fifth avenue, near Seventh street. This place is quite
modern and stands on lot 30 by
125, facing south. The price of
$2625 is good only for a short
time, and the terms will please
New eight-roomed housp, fully modern, with furnace, etc.;
close to Fifth avenue and Sixth
street. Half a bock to car.
$-lii(io takes it, and $12 o cash
handles it Balance is over
three years,
New flve-roomed modi m cottage, fine Hi/.e-d cement basement, piped for furnace, etc.,
one and one-half bloclts to
Sixth street carline. on" t>nd a
half blocks to school etc;i large
lot facing south. Price only
$250(1; terms. $600 cash, balance over two years.
$340 CASH.
Flve-roomed modem house,
with furnace and .basement, etc
This is on Second street and
the price ls only $3000: cash as
above, balance of payment arranged.
Here Is
You Want
1 have built my business on
the satisfaction I give my
clients. I ask no better recommendation.���W. J. Kerr.
You, as a wide-awake man, want
to get in bn the good things around
here. You believe in the great future of this city. You know prices
here are low, that they're bound to
advance, quick.
Well, now, I've got something for
you. I like, to serve the man who's
anxious to boost himself along.
That's why every little while I go
through my listings of city property
and skim it���take all the cream���
and place it before you.
In this list is something you can
buy. Something that will make
money for you. The price is right���
it's got to be or I wouldn't advertise
it���and the terms are reasonable.
It's easy to buy from me.
And safe. Nothing safer than Westminister property is offered anywhere today. Your
judgment is good when you invest here.
Once more: Read these offers in Lots and
Hoates.   Then come in and see me.
This wlll appeal to bull.Iers
or homesito seekers. Lot on
north side ot Hamilton Btreet,
close to Twelfth stieet. Mm-
li'.cent viev, '.ot Is easily
cleared, 06M32 feet; and has a
":-fv:t s>t.tet al rear; cement
tldewalks. The price is $1800;
first payment only $500, balance
ln 6, 12 and 18 months. This 13
good for a few days, that's all.
For a beautiful home location this lot on Princess, near
Second, will take some beating.
It's only half a block from tho
new school and close to ca1".
Price ls $840; only a quarter
You can't do better than take
theso two lots at $425 each.
Terms are easy; one-third cash.
The location ls right and view
Just dandy.
Hamilton stieet lot, near
Fourteenth street, with a beautiful view. One-third cash and
balance in six, twelve and eighteen montha.    Price only  $045.
The size of this one is 66x100
feet, and it's on Dublin and
Eighth street. You who know
values around here know that
the price asked���$1000���is certainly right. Terms $250 now,
balance over two years.
51!/a BY 1481/ai-
This big lot on Fourth strec.
near Fifth avenue, ls cleared
and fenced. Terms extend over
eighteen months, Owner will
take $1600.    Pay one-third now.
Fourth street, n^ar Eighth
avenue, cleared and with lane.
Good view, price $800; $200
cash, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months.
��� Faces south on London Etreet.
near Fourteenth. Dundy view
$840 and terms are easy.
Between Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets, partly cleared.
$825 with good terms.
PHONES 170-173
M WEDNESDAY,  MARCH  13, 1912.
A championship game between the
: Senior Amateurs and the Rovers is
now being arranged. The professionals
.are desirous of testing the strength
���of their brothers in the amateur ranks
and their secretary has communicated
their deBlre to the proper authorities.
The amateurs wlll have to take the
matter up with the B. C. A. A. U., asking permission to play. Whether the
powers that be of that association will
give thoir consent remains to be
seen. I
The Senior Amateurs have a hard
proposition ln front of them for Sat.
urday, when they wlll line up against.
the B. C. E. H. aggregation, the game
to bo played ln Vancouver. The
���eleven will be chosen from the following; Blrchtleld, McAllister, Patterson,
Speedie, Ferguson, Smith, Craig,
King, Barnes and Wilson.
have been attracting the attention of
the entire country for the last year
or bo. This new play was constructed
by Gus Hill, the well-known New York
producer, who has spared no expense
or time to make of it one of the besl
musical comedy productions ever sent
on tour. The play ls described as a
musical comedy of a very high order,
containing a laugh to every tick of the
clock, and filled with all the laugh-
provoking situations the public has
been led to expect. Fisher's "brain
people" present, very broad opportunities for a play of more than ordinary
Interest, and no lack of grasping these
opportunities will be found when the
play visits this city for the first time.
More than flfty people will be cast in
the production, including a chorus of
the prettiest girls a big, city has to
offer. The antics of "Mutt und Jeft"
are the object of Interest, but will
not be missed when off the stage, as
the play has been constructed so as
to be sufficiently Interesting without
having   to depend   entirely on   these
volar   disease   or    in   chronic   bronchitis." Goitres, or tumors of the neck,
act mechanically to produce the same
In stout, full-blooded adults' an at-
idea tbe men entertain that the express appreciation of them would be
weak and unmanly. The Bedouins, In
private, treat their wives with more
consideration than is generally shown
among Orientals, especially so if they
tack of nosebleed ls often symptom-  have   borne  sons.      Bedouin  women
atic of too    much blood in the dead, j can go about alone and no one dare
in    which case the hemorrhage    will
relieve the headache.   The same thin;
two funny fellows.      The best    andiiB often true in cases of tinnitus, or
most    famous    theatrical    mechanics  noises  in  the head,    if   the   hemor-
bave  been busy  for months   on  the   rhage ls severe the same symptoms���
, r^'w.^n '   Cadyzlen>  *cenlc Production, which will rival in | headache and tinnitus-may follow as
i and Wilson. , beauty  anything  that  Broadway  has | a resuU 0f the anaemia.
ecwinD  amatciido * '  '   seen ln years.   Frank Hayden had sev-
SENIUK AMAT^"f oamc   eral   hundred   people   working   night
TO PROTEST game  and day on the costumes, which are
| from  the original  designs  furnished
At a raeetlnj of the Senior   Ama-  Dy A. E.lel, of Paris.
tears last evening, lt was decided to]    "Mutt and Jeff" Is a little bit on the
protest the game played at Cedar Cot-  order of "Little   Johnny   Jones," but
tage last Saturday, the locals feeling   wm tH) presented on a much more elaborate scale.
that the constitution was violated ln
several Instances, but mainly cm tho
ground that the referee ls alleged to
have been Incompetent to handle such
.a game.
lt appears that, the official referee,
for some unknown reason, failed to
put in lib- appearance, the rival captains being forced to choose a spectator to handle the whistle. Glaring
errors of decisions are said to have
been made by this official, the ball
bein; said to have been outBlde the
goal line with no let-up in the play by
the Cottagers, who were enabled to
place the sphere In the net while the
local boys were awaiting a shrill from
the whistle denoting outside.
In the opinion of those present last
evening, the local team have sufficient
grounds to protest the game, and the
protest will be taken up by the executive of the league at its next meeting,
to be held ln Vancouver Tuesday
A person no longer young who has
recurring attacks of nosebleed for
which he can find no local or mechanical cause should have a physician
make a thorough examination of him
to see that nothing alls his kidneys,
heart, lungs or liver.���Youth's Companion.
molest them on pain of death.
Your druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cu.'e any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles ln 6 to 14 days.   60c.
Kootenay fruit Is second to none. Kdotenay fruit land Is cheap.
Here is the cheapest. There ls a small fortune ln It for the lucky
purchaser.     ���
290 acres of finest fruit land, on navigable river, two miles from
Kootenay Lake, with half mile river frontage. C. P. R. runs through
the centre. Large creek runs acrosB the upper corner, but irrigation
unnecessary. Abouf20 acres cleared. Two million feet of cedar on
property. Would sell readily in five-acre plots. Salubrious climate,
beautiful scenery, excellent flsnlng and hunting.
Price enly $35 per acre, on good terms (about one-tenth the price
of Okanagan land).
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ud.
J. I. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
London, March 12���Ab a result of
her experience In llolloway prison,
Mrs. Kmmeline Pankhurst. the lea.ler
of the militant suffragettes, today is
in the prison hoBpital seriously ill
from  bronchitis.      It  is alleged  that,. .   ,    ,   ,,
her Illness is caused directly by her!tlons that  "   ^e new spellin
confinement in a damp, solitary cell.
Although prison officials refuse to |
discusB Mrs. Pankhurst's Illness or |
other matters connected with the con- j
finement of the suffragettes, it is be-1
lieved the hunger strike organized by
Mm. Pankhurst is still ln effect among I
the suffragette prisoners and that the j
authorities are resortine to force in
an attempt to make the women   eat.
Y. M. C. A. Juniors.
Tho Juniors who have been practising so faithfully for the past two
months are now about ready to show
what they can do in the way of fancy
marching, maze running, pyramidB.
races, tableaux, etc. Friday night
next ls the date fixed and the boys
.are working hard selling tickets, as
they say they want a full house to
witness their big exhibition as ilt is
called. Outside of the Juniors' part
in the program, they have secured
the services of the Y. M. C. A. orchestra and Mr. Sovereign will swing electric light clubs, lf you want to see
something pretty as well as comical,
say the boys, come on Friday night.
'1 hr quentlon ot appointing a referea
to handle the lacroBse In the B. C.
association thiB coming summer will
be dealt with at the annual meeting
to be held In Vancouver ne>t Saturday.
The meeting will be held at 2 o'clock
tn the Klyeeum hotel. The Vancouver
club will suggest at the meeting that
Charlie Cullln, of Victoria, be appointed to handle all games and that hc
be paid a salary commensurate with
hiB worth. Last year Cullln demanded
$1800 for the season and it ls unlikely
that he will reduce this figure. Cullln
is regarded as the most competent
man available to handle such a position and if he is appointed it will
doubtless eliminate the dissatisfaction j
which existed last year between the -
Royal City team and tbe Vancouver
���aggregation over the referee question.
Grand Pacific Circuit Will Consider
Some Important Innovations.
A number of innovations in harness
racing are up for consideration by the
Pacific Coast Trotting Horse Association ln the form of recommendations
from the directors adopted at a meeting held In San Francisco last week.
Chief of these is a proposed new division of purposes, in which every heat
will be made a race by dividing one-
half of the purse among the winners
of the first three heats.     The other
"Behold,  This  Dreamer  Cometh."
All ye, who would have wheat in years
of Wight,
Cry out for visions in the night,
For   power   to dream, and   dieam
When, fair as dawn upon Parnassus'
Foam-born Aphrodite rose,
What  was  she  but a   dream   that
The dreams of Rome as thunderbolts
were hurled,
Ab eagle's "inions were unfurled,
Until their quarry was the world.
The   Hebrews   dreamed    and   bright
with gold and gem,
For Sion's brow a diadem,
Stoo.t Heaven's type���Jerusalem.
The Christiana dreamed, and lo". their
Christ, tbeir Head.
Whom waking wisdom held as-dead,
Comes dally to their altar bread.
Shaking Up Our Language.
The objection that reformel spelling is destructive to the beauty of
' words is no doubt frivolous. Beauty
) is mainly a question of asso.Iat on,
I the only real beauty of spelling le-
| ing, as Mr. Archer observes, "the be-j
i auty of fitness." But such is the per-
i versity of the    Kngllsh-spealdng    na-
asserts Itself It will i lay the mischief
with current pronunciation and compel us very shortly to begin the wear;,
harness of reformall over again. Thai
Is a matter which must have been
duly considered by the "ofls-balrerz"
of the "soesiety," but the question of
current piounciation itself is so difficult that it must be dealt with
frankly, even ln making plans for
what the reformers call the "imeedi-
at fyuetyur."���New York F.venln^
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and   Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7 and 877.   Shingles,  Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
The Dispenses of Mirth
Presenting  "The  Girl  and
The Musical Tramp.
Illustrated Song.
Limiting the Output.
An eastern   philosopher   is   quoted
as saying:
"Don't do anything until you do it
j and when you've done it, stop doing
But only think how this would limit
;t'ne conversational output.���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
4���NEW   PHOTO   PLAYS���*.
Dalhousie Road
Chasing   Rainbows.
"Why do they call Washington the
city of magnificent distances?"
"Because," answered tho 'Isappolnt-
ed office-seeker, "it is such a long way
between what you po after and what
you get."���Detroit Free Press.
Get the utmost care if handed In to
our dispensers. Our checking system
makes It practically impossible to
make a mistake.
And ��� not with sneers, but  with    the
trump snd drum
Shall men announce that dreamers
When they shall see of dreams the
Not Thought Essential.
"1 don't quite grasp tlie Idea In tola
poem  of  yours."
"Don't try," advised the author. "A
man doesn't always have an idea
every time he writes a poem."���Washington Herald.
We put in exactly what is ordered
and charge a fair price for these
Arthur Road 2 LOTS
Near Station
6th Ave. 2 UTS Easl II
Block 2 D. L. 96
Dalhousie road, opening   street,
sidewalk,    light    and  water;
50x120; easy   clearing;    one-
quarter   caBh,   balance 6, 12
and 18.   No. 2.
Arthur  road,  two  lots,  66x132
each.    Price for both $1500;
one-third cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months.   No. 10.
One lot    66x120,    few minutes
from tram station; $350 cash,
balance arrange.   No. 121.
Sixth   avenue.   East   Burnaby,
two   lots,   $325   each;    one-
quarter   cash,  balance  6,    12
and 18 months.   No. 165.
One lot, block 2, D.L. 96.   One-
third cash, balance 6 and   12
Head Office New Westminrtsr.
;Eeo&les Trust Co.
Phones 646 and 669.
Bedouin   Captures    Bride   When
Parents Oppose His Suit.
!    Just as it is allowable with the Be-
Then ye,  who  would have  wheat in   douln  to steal camels, so the young
years of blight, men  may help one another to steai
Cry out for visions ih the night,      | wives  from  other  tribes.      For   ex-
For power   to   dream, and   dream  ample, says  the  Wide World,  notice
aright. [will be given beforehand by a youth
-Anna Bunston, in the London Spectator.
Sir Ray Lankester says In a recent
publication that the "sardonic smile"
and "sardonic laughter" have been
supposed by some learned men to refer to the smiles of the ancient Sar-
dlnans when stoning their aged parents. But they have no more to with
Sardinians than they have sardines or
sardonyx. The word "sardonic" is related to a Greek word which means
"to snarl," *fi*i a sardonic grin ls
merely a snarl. In lt the tee'.h are
shown with malicious intent, and nor.
as they are ln the benevolent appeal
of true laughter. Mrs. Grote, the wifo
of the great historian (who was herself declared by a.jiVench wit to fur-
half of the money will go to the horse  nish the explanation, of the word, "gro
You know lt ls absolutely safe tt dls
pensed at
Davies' Pharmacy,
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
> ����� ^i -������--  -v.'"'.-'   -
Brunette Saw M\\\s Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.	
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
winning the three heats or scoring
the greatest number of wins in the
flve heats will be cut 50 per cent to
the winner, 30 jer cent for second
place and 20 per cent forythlrd horse.
The directors also recommended a
change In the usual entrance rules,
the new rules allowing horses entered
In two races in one day to start- In
only one without forfeiting the entrance fee for the other, but providing thnt he must enter in or pay the
entrance fee for the race carrying the
higher purse.   They also advised the
teaque,") wrote of "Owen's sugar-of-
lead smile"���referring to the great na-
turaliEt, Richard Owen. There was no
malice in the description, for he had,
aB some others have, a very sweet
smile, accompanied by a strangely
grave and disapproving glare In hla
large blue, prominent eyes. It was
only apparently sugar of lead; really,
lt was sugar of milk���the milk of hu
man kindness.
Nosebleed In Adults.
In the young eplataxis, or nose
.adoption of a rule allowing an owner bleed, ia of slight consequence, in the
to enter two horses ln one class and mature it Is more significant and ln
start only one without forfeiting the . the elderly or the aged lt may be a
entrance fee of the second horse. serious symptom.
The committee recommended that | When a middle-aged person has at-
the National Trotting Association tacks of nosebleed the underlying
rules be adopted to govern all meet- cause must be found, for it may be
lngs and that no race be longer than ' anything from some Blight change in j never
five beats. | tbe mucous membrance of the nose to
A tentative program for each day's  organic disease or a malignant growth.
to the parents of the girl that, since
she has not yet been asked for, he
wants her and is willing to pay such I
and such a price. I
Only the rich can afford to buy ,
themselves pretty wives, for the price
is sometimes considerable. Besides
camels, goats, sheep and clothing, a
large sum ln money must alEO be
paid. It often happena that the parents of the girl refuse to give her at
the price fixed, or declare that they
wish to keep her longer, or that sin
is too young.
This may continue until the young
man Is exasperated, and will not be
put off any longer. He then forms a
company of his companions, all moaned and well armed, while he also
mounts on camels and Horses 'ten
women of his camp. They go secret
ly to tbe camp where the girl is, and
while the young man and his companions wait with their rifles loaded
and ready outside the tent, the worn
en go Into the apartment of the har
em and bring the girl out by force.
It Is not allowable for strange men
to enter the harem quarters, nelthe'
would It be proper for the father o>'
the girl to resist or touch strange
women. The women easily overpower the mother and women servants,
] and, setting the girl on a horse or
camel gorgeously decked, they set off
homeward with their company. She
is then taken to the tent of the young
man, wbo makes a feast, and wtth
this the marriage ceremony is complete From the time that a Bedouin
is 18 years of age until he dies of old
age he is more or less looking out fo-
new wives. By law Mohammedans are
allowed to have more   than
racing on the Paciflc Grand Circuit,
which opens ln Vancouver, B. C, and
-closes in Phoenix, Ariz., was s"v 't-
ted.   It follows: i , ��� '*
Trot���2:30, 2:20 (stake), 2:14, 2:09
(stake), and free-for-all. Pace���2:25,
2:15 (stake), 2:10, 5^:07 (stake) and
free-for-all. other races may be added to meet local conditions.
This program it was pointed out
would allow practically any horse to
start In two classes In one week.
The bleeding may be a symptom of
disease In the heart, the kidneys or
the liver. Although the blood comes
from the nose, the nose itself Is not
always at fault. Sometimes the
hemorrhage ls so slight as hardly to |
four at the same time, but they easily
evade this regulation by divorcing
one, which simply means sending her
b&ck to her parents. This is often because she has borne bim no Eons. So
it happens that the old sheikhs almost always have young wives.
It  ls  considered  effeminate  for a
"The House of Quality and Low Prices*'
In neat, artistic designs, are the proper thing when furnishing
the bedroom. They are perfectly sanitary, have iron side rails.
A finished touch is given to the sleeping room by the addition
of one of these beds.
We have a nice assortment of designs in Golden Oak, Mahogany and White Enamel finishes, these are not expensive beds
and are good value at the price.
"Mutt and Teff," which will be the
attraction at the Opera House on Friday evening, ls described as one of
the funniest plays ever written. It is
a dramatization of the cartoons of the
cause remark on the part of the, pa-, man to show affection toward his
tlent; sometimes it Is so setare as wives, at least openly. One of the
to menace life Itself; In still other young sheikhs of tbe Adwans, Mouth-
cases tho loss of blood ls tMstlnctly afy, who recently lost his young and
beneficial, for It relieves some over- only wife, acknowledged to be the
burdened organ. That Ib the case prettiest girl In the tribe, shed tears
with middle-aged persons whose noBe- .-at her grave. Tor this he was mucb
bleed la the result of Increased blood laughed' at by hts companions, who
pressure due to trouble'of the heart said: "If a man's wife dies ho can
or the kidney's. easily procure himself another."  But
Any disease that interferes with the for a deceased father, brother, or even
return of the blood from the head la- a mother, they think It does not Show
to the body may canso a passive con-  weakness to mourn,
gestlon of the mucous lining of th.e     This seeming indifference to worn-
-same  narn^, by   Bu.l   Fisher,  which nose���sometimes seen in cases of vai- en has undoubtedly grown out of tho
Golden Oak Beds
Two-inch square posts, with
square slat filling. Full size
Price     -      -     -     $14.00
Golden Oak Beds
Two-inch square posts, panel
centre, with slats on each side.
Full size.   Only    -    $16.00
Mahogany Beds
Two-inch square posts, with
panel centre, slats on "each side
A very attractive bed, full size
Only-    -      -  ,  -    $14.00
White Enamel Beds
Square posts and centre slats,
4ft, 6in. and 4ft. size. Price
only     -      -      -     $14.50
Galloway & Lewis
401-403 Columbia Street
Phone 829
New Westminster "*** ''I'1'
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH  13, 1012.
His Reward For Speaking Kindly
to a Stranger.
He Now Knows the Sensations of One
Who Is Coming Down With Smallpox
and (Incidentally) Regrets Having
Asked His Wife's Forgiveness.
[Copyright, 1912, by the Associated Literary Press.]
WHEN Mr. Bowser took the
street car bome the otber
evening be sat down beside
a man wbo seemed to be
tiling. It was a case for solicitude, lf
not lor anxiety, and be was asked it
anything could be done for him.
���Tin nfruld I'm lu for It" be replied.
"I stood It up to bull un hour ago aud
1 then consulted a doctor.  He told me
to get home and gu to bed at once."
"Feel chilly?"
"Think It's malaria?"
"Hope   it   Isn't   pneumonia.    That's
something lliat goes iiard with a man."
"The doctor sam ii  wasn't pneumonia, lliotlgh I'd suinier it wus.''
"Then he musl have given you u hint
Ot some Hurt V"
"\ es,  Ile did "
"If you don'l think you can get to
your house ft'iuii the cur nil right I'll
assist you." said Mr. Bowser.
"Vdu are very kind, but I think I can
make II.   One lloit'l   meet a  man  like
treat you as well as ! know bow ror
a day or two. It may be tbat tbe man
only had measles."
"Smdllpox.  Mrs.   Bowser���smallpox!
Smallpox, and I'm a dead man!"
"Nonsense!    lt doesn't come on as
quick as this."
Mr.   Bowser   was   assisted   upstairs
snd   Into   bed-groans���sighs���ejaculations��� exeluinu tions.
He was sprinkled with vinegar.
He waH given Uot vinegar and pepper to drink.
He was toid to Imagine tbnt he only
bad a chill.
I Tht�� back of his neck wns rubbed
i witb camphor and mustard plasters
i were applied to the soles of llis feet.
i A cloth soaked in carbolic acid wus
laid on Ills forehead.
I He couldu't sleep. After an hour he
The cleaner the feed and feeding places the better tbe qunllty
of the pork lu all.
You cannot futten a brood sow
and fatten a bog alike and make
the beet success of both.
It Is conducive to health to feed
hogs wbeu tbey can bave tbe
range of the pasture Held.
As long as ibe breeding of o
sow is profitable she should be
bred. It Is not advisable to sell
off a good brood animal.
Alter farrowing wbeu the digestive system of the sow hus
reached a normal couditlou her
ration should be gradually increased until sbe ls getting all
sbe can eat.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
fr^om the Atlantic to the Pacnic.
ln Cuba throughout the island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal to^ns and
cities in the world. Theso ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
"Mrs.  Bowser, before I berome delirious I want to say n few I bigs to   p$^*fr&$a$��&fr$^��&*$>6>^^
I have been a bad husband to |       \ 	
"Oh. not so very." was tbe reply.
"But I have. I have come bome and
kicked the gate open."
"1 think most husbands do that."
"And I have banged the front door
open and beeu cross to you. At the
table I've found fault witb the cooking. At other times I've taunted ]roii
With selling the gas and coal to seud
nie to the poorhouse. Cau you forgive
"Of course. All wives expect sucb
things from their husbands."
"You have about ten of my old love
letters laid away." he continued. "Now
and then you get them out and begin
reading them to me. aud I get mad
and deny that 1 ever wrote them. 1
have even charged yon with fo*gery.
ls lt possible for you to forgive?"
Last Words.
vou verv often.   These other people in j    "Quite so. Mr. Bowser.   No husband
j wants his love letters read to him itft-
���er the llrst six months."
the car  ran   see  i .at   I'm  under  the
Wealliei''. but nut ii word of sympathy
"But I've Jawed about (he clothes-
pinR to be found In ihe back yard, uud
I've fairly bowled wben I came home
nnd found a wlndowpane broken. Now
] that I am on the edge of the grave can
! you"-
I    "Yes.  Mr.  Bowser.  I forgive every-
i thing."
"It's hard to die��� hard-hard!"
"Yes,   but   you   are   -ure   lo   po   to
| heaven. Thiuk bow happy you'll be up
"I don't give .. durn for being bnppy
!up there!" be moaned.   ��� I  want to be
j happy down bere.   Mrs.  Bowser, hold
my  bands.    Hold  me buck  from the
; grave.'"
"Yes. yes. but tf ..re's the telephone
ringing downstairs,  and   I   must run
jdown to answer."
I When she returned she found Mr.
, Bowser sobbing, but that didn't chase
j the smile off tier face
"it v..;s a message from your smallpox friend," she said.
',.    "Tbeu he'a d-dead'.''
It Pays to Feed the Winter Milk Pro*
ducer Liberally.
The art of feeding dairy cows can
only   be   learned   by   experience   and
study,   but   n - knowledge   of   feeding
standards nud  how  to compile u  balanced  ration  is  a   great   help at  the
start, says a correspondent of Iowa
j Homestead.
(liven   the  common   feeding   stuffs
growu on the farm, the problem comes
I to decide what to use and what to sell,
I aud whether to buy concentrates, such
i as oil men I. I.run. shorts, etc.   The most
I essential element Iii the ration Is protein, and tlie question of how best und
how cheapest to get this is every dal-
'��� ryuinu's problem.    The solution of the
; protein   problem   lias  removed  one of
���the  heaviest  items  from  tlie farmer's
' fe<��l bill and has greatly increased net j
profits.    As has been definitely proved,
alfalfa and cowpeus con be grown la
almost all states, and alfalfa hay Is nl- ]
most   worth as  much as wheat bran. j
I A lon of alfalfa or eowpea buy cun be I
produced  for from $;| to $5.    Wheat ]
bran is worth from $18 to $'J4 per ton..!
I They are practically equal  In  feeding j
I value: hence llie lesson can lie but one, :
i aud that is raise vour protein in alfalfa !
or [teas.
The advent of silos and silage Into j
dairying has revolutionized the method ',
! of feeding dairy cows. First of all. be- ]
j ing a Succulent feed. It serves n double
purpose in tho ration, lt is especially i
helpful hi ihe winter lime. Silage
makes cheaper uii.k. A large portion j
of tlie feed of the cow may be com- |
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) .. .$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches througnout qpnada s.nc
Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng
and, .New York, Chicago and Spokane
D.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera'
leaking business transacted. Let
ters of Credit lssuad. available wltl
lorrespondents in sli parts of thf
8avlngs Bank Dtrsrtment���Deposit!
���eel ved ln sums of $1 nnd upward
���.nd Interest allow* 1 af 3 per cent, pe:
innum   (present ruts).
Total   Assets  over  1186.000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager
i. o. o. p. amity lodge no. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F��� ia held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln t)dd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethern
cordially Invited. H. W. Hairison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jamej
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
IISS M. BROTErc, public stenogra
pher; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 416. Rear bf Major and
Savage's ofiice, Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
at-law, soliclto.s, etc. Offices, Rooms
(i und 7 E.lis block, Columbia Btreet
Cable Address- "Stonnck." Code:
Western Upion. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston an.1 Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers und Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block. Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. - P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, II. L. Kdmonds.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
j. mMi.Ev !
��� laphone   R   113   Office:   Prlncacs  Sl  ! J.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
trom any ot tliem. Please give me .
your card. It may be thut 1 can do you i
a favor some day,"
Ths 5*fcret. ���
''lion't mention it.   Wben I no longer ,
have ii heart for oihers I want to die." '���
"You've got the heart all right, and 1
have a great mind lo coutide in you.''
"Vou can safely do so."
"Then lenn over (bis way a bit. The
Gm'ior asked me If 1 had beeu exposed
to sum 11 pox!"
"By  thunder:" exclaimed Mr.  Bowser, us he half rose up. ,
i  "Uon't Jump that way, man!   I told
the doctor I thought 1 had."
"And you are coming down with ���
* "Hush!   Yes, it's  probably the real
thing, but as you have been vaccinated
J\T* Wt nil.    De telc-plioues tttat bl��
tlotUt Kttya \\V* pnlv Sn*. n boll."       	
"Good lana��l"- A*'.' '"
"Ar.d that tha doctor ihat hinted
about smallpox. I* a jackass ��nd he
blnr-e.f is another aud that you make
the third!"
j   Mc. Rowser got o��l of bed and began
lo dress,
i   "Aren't you glad?"
"Mrs. Bowser. I may have asked you
a   bit  ago to  forgive  iue  for certain
things iu tlie past."
I    "Yes. you did."
"Then I take It nil back, nnd 1 want
dinner withiu ten minutes."
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Mjirkct Square, New Westminster.
Turning Talents to Profit.
"Your  facial  expression   is   wonderful." said the admiring friend.
|    "Is that so?" replied  Mr. Siorming-
tou Humes.
Yes.    I never riiw such mobile ex
pression, such wonderful facility for
conveying whatever thought you may
choose to impress."
"Well, if I've really gol n face like
thai I think I'll quit acting and gu to
playing poker."���Washington Star.
lately"- I
"But I hnven'i-not since I was a
baby! My heavens, man. but you
shouldn't have luken n car!" i
'  "Couldn't walk home and hadn't the
dough to hire n luxi.   Besides, the conductor of tbis cur bent, me out of a ;
dime one day last week, and 1 want to i CnoUs the Truth,
get eTen with him. See that fat man j Teneber-tvillie. did your father
over there? He called me a bog one |cane vou for WU:lt you did In school
day lust summer beciiuse I hud an end i yesterday?
seat and he. had to climb over me. i Willie���No, mu'iini: he said the lick-
Hell take lt easy and have it bard.''      | |ng Would hurt hliu more than me.
"But I���I���I!"��� stammered Mr. Bow
"You're a man with n heart, and
you'll bave It light Going? Thanks for
your kind words. Hope to see you
when we both get over it!"
Thoughts of tho Grave.
Mr. Bowser got off two blocks from
his own street nnd struck a gallop for
home. He had thoughts.' His hair
crawled. Like a fool, he bnd entered
the car and taken a sent beside a mun
romlng down with the smallpox when
be might bine stood out on the platform In the wind nnd anow. Wbsf
should he do? He could find no snswe*
lo ihe question, nnd ho rushed up ihi
steps nnd banged the door open.
"Are you pursued Oy a mud dog?"
asked Mrs. Rowser as she came forward
Mr. Rowser nat down on the bottoir
stair nnd groaned.
"Whnt Is It?"
Groans nnd head shakes.
"Why don't you tell me?"
"I-I sat beside a man on tbe cat
thai hnd smallpox!"
"Ob. I see. Couldn't hnve tnken tbs
car abend or the one behind? Well. I(
you hate smallpox we must make tht
\lt*A Of it."
"Rut It's nn nwftil disease! Tht
chances are thnt 1 shall die of it!"
"Yes. but I've been expecting every
dny for the Inst twenty years you'd
l.rltig bome something to kill us all off.
I'd send for ihe doctor, only I know
lie's oni of town.  How do you feelV"
������Something terrible!"
Under Treatment.
��� Ve��. they always do. 1 believe,
JYoud  better go  io  bed, and 1 will
Teacher���What rot! You." father Is
too sympathetic.
Willie���No, ma'am, but he's got the
rheumatism in both arms.���Tit-Bits.
A Puzzle.
"I'd like to know what Mlss Simklns
meant the other day."
"By what?"
"She told me she hated the usual
girls' hyperbole. Hnd when Mlss Fluffy
said she Just perfectly adored caramel
Miss Simklns said. Ob. fudge!'"-Baltimore American.
% Risky.
% The man who depends largely
?> on his popularity should go
% mighty slow about telling people
<|  tblugsfor Ihelrown good.���Puck.
The cow that made the greatest
record In the feeding and testing
demonstration conducted by government experts at the recent na-'
tional dairy show was put on to
the lest without preparation of any
kind. The cow ls a pure bred Holstein nine years old and Is known
as Lady Kapple. She became fresh
on Oct. 15, and her best day In the'
test showed that she made a profit
of 62 cents over and above the cost
of her feed. There were thirteen
cows ln the test. The next beat
to Lady Kapple was a Jersey, and
she made within 2 cents ot the
same amount of dally profit. The
Holstein cow pictured Is Alma Ku-
perus De Kol Pleterje. In one year
she produced i-.O.su.i pounds ot milk,
containing 800.45 pounds of tat, or
1,000.56 pounds o( butter.
We have no hot air to peddle.
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street,
solicitor and notary, 010 Columbia
Btreet.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers nnd Solicitors
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and s
Gulchon block, corner Columbia anc
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Hces, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie. Q. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady. '
STILWELL CLUTE, barrlsier-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl:.
and McKenzie streets, New West
nilnster, B, C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
minster Board of Tra-!.' meets Id W>��
hoard   room. City  Hall,  as  follows
Third  Thursday    of    each    montn
quarterly     meeting    on   the    tniro
Thursday of February, Maj.    .iikiIsi
snd  November, at s p.m.     Annus'
meetings  on  the thlr.l Thursday  o:
February.     N'ew   members   may   b<
proposed and elected tn anj montb
W  or    nuarterly    roeeti.is;.      C.   t
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
8%  to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agsntu
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth   St.,   New  Wsstmlnstsr.
Justifiable Suspicion.
"I guess I must be getting old."
"Why do you think so?"
"A pretty girl dropped one of her
gloves on the sidewalk this morning
nnd I permitted another man to beat
me'to lt."-Chicago Record Herald.
Interesting Item.
Switzerland bus but three horses to
ra.-ii hundred Inhabitants.
But ihe Swiss navy has a still lower
average.-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Daring Diner.
How true, "Where Ignorance Is bliss
'TI* folly lo be wise!"
Kliv we would scarcely dare partake
Ot restaurant mince pies.
���New Tork Sua-
posed of this cbenp and beneflclal food,
wilh tbe result that the cost of milk
aud butter Is greatly reduced.
While from wbat I bare said above
It might appear that concentrated
feeds not grown on tbe farm are not
Important, this is not altogether true.
They are very valuable nnd give excellent results, but their high price
precludes tbeir use in many case*. Eveu
nt the high price it will be found advantageous to make use of tbem.
Cows vary, greatly in tbeir powers to
use food.
For winter milk production for the
average cow producing twenty-five
pounds of milk per day the following
ration Is n very good one: Thirty
pounds of good corn silage, ten of
bright clover buy. elgbt pounds of
coru stover, two pounds of cottonseed
meal aud three pounds of cornmeal.
Tbe cows should be studied Individually nnd food supplied according
to each animal's consuming capacity.
In order to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding tbe milk scale should he
watched and tbe feed bin at the same
time. It does n<<i pay to feed n poor
cow. nnd she had better be sold, but
it does pay to feed u good cow generously.
Corn For Horses.
It Is not safe under nny circumstances to pasture horses In stalk lields
or to feed them fodder from flelda In
which the com was wormy. Oreat cure
should be exercised In choosing the
corn fed to horses. Often It Is uot
thoroughly cleaned by fanning. There
are too many moldy grains which are
too heavy to be separated from the
sound corn In this way. The snffft
method ls to pour the shelled corn Into
water and skim off and throw away all
tbe part that rises to the surface.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214  Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
Lumpy  Jaw.
Lumpy Jaw Is due to n perm, and
when pus discharges from nny of the
enlnrgements nnd falls on the grain or
feed of other cows these animals are
llnble to contract'the disease In this
mnn ner n whole herd may be affected
\f tre*tii������* tm ������*������--'  *
The Continuous^
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL $4,600,000
REST $5,600,000
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Poik and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner  Eighth  St. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE 370.
irrlval: Closing:
10:50���Vancouver via G.  N.  R.
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:15-
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30-
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria vln G. N. K. ���  .
Idaily except Sunday).U:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45 <
15:15���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east and Europe    (dally)    8:15-
22:43���All points east and Europe (daily)  13:15
11:40���Sappertpn    and    Fraser    '
Mills      (daily     except
Suuday)  8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      idaily     except
Sunday)     -. ...14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except   Sunday)      8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
' Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.16
14:00���EaBt Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
0:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)        13:30
i0:80���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally  except  Sunday) .13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30-
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via U. N. It.
(daily except Sunday) ..14:20
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kella
via  G.   N.   R.   (dally  except   Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton I Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:0��
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:0*
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday   16:00
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)   23:00
15:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blulne tdally except
Sunday) 9:46
i '6:15���Hall's Prali le, Fern Hldge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:46
U-20���Chilliwack,     Milner.     Mt.
i <ehma��, t Idergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
Centre.Cloverdale,Langley Prairie, Murray vllle,
8trawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Brndner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R. (dally except Sunday)    9:00
11:20��� Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday         9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. O. E. R.
(daily excepl Sunday) .17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via    B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   23:00-
Toronto Express leaves at  8:50
Chicago Express leaves at ....13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at ....19:40
Through Pullman Tourist and
Diners. For Reservations and rates
apply to  if,
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancouyer
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 348.
Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
rj    Office, I
Gardiner & Mercer
Me   8.   A*
Phone 861. Box 772:
Wr B. C, Coast Service
Por  Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Bunday
For  Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M , Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11 P.M March 9th, 19th, and 29tb
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd, 16th an* 30th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday-
For  Upper  Fraaer  River  Points.
Steamer Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  '
Leaves  Cliilliwack,  7:00  a.m.,  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points. ��
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Oallnno, Mayne, Id.. Hope Bay,.
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulcb-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and*
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P  A.. Vancouver
i��. WEDNESDAY,  MARCH  13, 1912.
Satin   do   Sots   li
tha Material  Used.
ORTT years old and unmarried.
Lonely and weary n( life.
Tha plana of a lifetime miscarried,
1 determined io get me a wife.
COSTTME or  SAW   lit. UK SATIN   I)K  80IB
Satin 6s nolo la a"*material that i��
having great vogue this fall and wlll
be papular all through the winter both
for suits and dresses.
Tbc - fetching little costume Illustrated Is of tills fabric in the new
���dark shade of navy blue. "Bhe skirt is
narrow und straight and slightly gath.
<-red about the waist. Two deep tucks
form Hie skirt trimming.
The much exploited peasant waist is
employdj. A rather novel neck treatment Is outlined wiih dull gold cord,
edged witli narrow black braid. Black
vnrd Is druwu through (be white mous-
sellna chemisette, and a o.rdellere of
Muck silk Is attached ut the waist line.
The Shiny Coat or Suit.
It   oftr>n -happens   that   a   garment
ivears   shiny   while   slill   serviceable.
One   hat?s  to  discord   it  and  at  tin-
same lime dislikes the appearance of
'Continued use.    in sueh cuse a bit of
."diluted distilled white vinegar robbed
��� ou with a  VOOlCU eloth  will raise tlie
nap and impart a look of newness that
���will give it a uew lerse of life.    The
: garment will need a good airing to re-
i move the odor of the vinei-ur.
in Ibis way the usefulness of a su.'t
may be prolonged till 11 can be laid
.aside for a heavier or a lighter one.
according to tlie senson.
But nml. being world wlae and wary,
I thought thut I'd Iind out tl.e cost.        .
Would a paltry three ihuuiaml keep Mary,
Or ahould we be atranded and lost7
I'd ask John-he'd married a beauty���
And Tom-he was tied (o a uueen���
And Bob, who had felt It hls duty
To wed a sweet chit of sixteen.
John alglied as he answered my question.
"Stocks down, business awful, but still
The sale of my gold mine lu Preston,
Thank Uod, paid the milliner's bill!"
Tom's face was deep lined, worn by sorrow;
Hla clothes out nf dale and threadbare.
''The mlssuB?   Bhe's sailing tomorrow."
He'd mortgaged the home for her fare.
Bob, debonair, happy, light hearted.
Replied, with un ominous frown,
"Wltl, my very lust cent I've iust parted
To pay for my wife's Paris gown."
Ah. met   There's the rain on the shingle.
And my munis seem deserted und drear,
Still I'd rather Ue lonely und single
Than starve on three thousand a year.
No Doubt st All.
Tbe ability ot a Juror to understand
tbe meaning of u "reasonable doubt"
in regard io the guilt ot u person ua
trial un a criminal charge nud a willingness to "give lhe accused the betie-
tlt of a dntibt." should It exist, sre
quuliilcations always required by criminal lawyers in lhe examination ot
jurors, and luck ot either (|uullticatioo
results tu a t-hullenge. It Is seldom,
however, that a prospective juror will
frankly admit prejudice or inability to
give it fair trial.
A former negro preacher who bad
fallen from grace was about lo be I ried
on a charge o'f chicken stealing, according to Judge Hugh Smiih ot lhe
Wyandotte court of common pleas, uud
a member of the former congregation
of tbe accused was called "as a juror.
The attorney for the defense explained
tbe meaning of a plain doubt and a
reasonable doubt ami (lien demanded:
"if, after all tbe testimony has been
heard, (here remains any reason lo believe thut this defendant might not
be guilty will you give him tbe benetlt
of the doubt7"
"Yer honor," replied Hie prospective
Juror, looking disapprovingly at his
former guide of the tlock andj hen directing bis reply to the Judge, "by lhe
time I has heard halt the testimony
in this case tbere ain t goin' lo be no
He was nol required to sprve as a
juror.-St. I'uul Pioneer Press.
Putting the BraWs On.
Don'l ask a man lo help you If
you want him (o show liis greatest speed.���Atchisou tiioiH*.
The Limit.
"I thought thin in lhe fifteen years
of my practice ut medicine,' smd ,i
physician. "I hud answered !timn��i every possible 'fool' question, l.ot u new
one wus sprung nn me recently. A
young man cauie In wiih an intlaii.ed
eye. for which I |irescrll>ed niedl��ii��?���
to be dropped Into tlle eye three time*
a day.
"Ue left tbe office, but rpfuriwHt ii* ���
few minutes. |ioked his bend In m<*
doorway und nsked. 'Shall I drop mis
lu lbe eye before meals or ufteri"'���
Everybody's Magazine.
New Hat Orramcnt.
Hibbon  is  being  manipulated ln  a
number of wohderfully clever ways on (
the fall  hats.    And perhaps tbe best .
imitation  of  the  popular  algret bus
Buay All the Tim*.
Little Howard came in the other day
crying and rubbing several humps,,
caused by a series of butts udmiuln-
tered by s pet sheep.
"Well. Howard." said bis sympathetic ntintio. "what did yon do wheu
tbe sheep knocked yon down7"
"I didn't do anything. 1 wss getting up all tbe time.' ��� National
Plsnty ef Time.
Designed by Ora Cne.
as aioiiet ov nmnoN.
Iieen achieved this season with wired
satin rll,bon.
Thl-.   very   fetch'ng  effect   was  designed by Ova Cne. the man milliner.
What David Starr Jordan Osys.
David Starr Jot dan, president of Le-
Jand Stanford university, in a recent
address, in wiili li be declared woman
r.nCfraft1 to" be ltinv!t bl��. si'd: "As
men lmve learned throiigli������ responsibility, women will learn, und when both
lmve learned there wi'l lie n doub!e
(flejrroo < i1 wlndijtn to trovs-.-n the world*-
Vi'e i;e-fl I!:? help of both men and
women to do ths things that need doing. The lime is i-nst wtycu we refuse
women (hs ballot because they cannot
fight, fur the businesr, of killing men
is tuu.iu^ h> au eud."
Mistress���.lane, have you given the
goldllsh fresli water?
.inne-No. mum. They 'even't drunk
up what's tliere yet.-Hluck mul White
^���'There goes that poor old .lobe," remarked Mr. Paragraph. "He's uu bis
way to his last resting place."
"Mercy'." exclaimed Mr. Vers*.
"Wbere's be giilng V"
"Into a theater program."���Satire.
Not Much Danger.
She-- Some men are .killed by kindness.
iie-Ves, aboul one In every ten ttl*
Hon.���Cincinnati Kuqiilivr. '
Flowers    Do    Not    Necessarily    Bring
Good Cheer.
To brighten u sickroom by a gift of
(lowers seems a simple mutter and Is
often the only way open to sympathizing friends when Hie Invalid Is lira
weak to see them, but It requires more
discretion thiin most people exercise.
, As ,811 expression ot kindly Intention
the tloiwrs can baldly lull tu be ���'heeling, whaiever ihey nre. but otherwise
they may be far from acceptable.
It was s wise woman who used ber
everyday common sense lu I his. In
stead of cliuoslng masses ut cut (lowers from a hothouse, to be ehn'rmlua
fur a day umi (hen fade visibly, giving
an Impression of decay and mortality,
she chose n potted plant, full ut buds
thnt would open day by day. bringing
an ever fresli Interest Into the moiiol-
ony of the sickroom und suggesting
vllfe and growth.
The same common sense would also
suggest dowers of cheerful color nnd
not heavily scented. Tlie fresh fragrance of u pot of violets wlll act ns a
real tonic lo some posy lovers, but the
strong perfume of hyacinths or lilies
will stllle a delicate person and often
produce dizziness. A tilt of forethought
can be exercised by finding out from
the nurse lhe temperature at which
the sickroom Is generally kept und
then consulting a florist ns to what
potted plant would keep In good condition in that particular atmosphere.
Summer Gown For Sweet Sixteen.
Built of dust proof white mohair and
trimmed with striped taffeta, this little
frock Is Ideal for morning wear. The
skirt Is trotteur length and reveals a
pair of white  buckskin   boots  bavlng
Wien You Can Get 6ln PHIs
Get ahead of your old enemy, Rheu-
malisoj, Start iu, right now, to ta'.:e
Cia Tills and bo free from tuia ni:d
:i::fFcri:-.g this winter. G!n Pills will
I: cp t'.i��ki;l:ieys well apd strong���will
ucu tra'.'.zc u: ic acid���correct any uriaary
or bla-1 Ier trouble���prevent h.r.ids, feet
r.::A b ;i from swelling���and enable
yn-j to cr.j.y t!ic ro'd weather as yoa
ilid years ago.   Here's proof.
IUuDnni.3, N.B.
" It affords ir.a great pleasure to
convoy int only to you but to all
sufferers frcm Backache and Rbcuma-
t:s:a, the great reli:f I hive obtained
f ro::i thc usj of Gin IHlls. I feel thaijh.'nl
to you. I recommend Cin Pills to
everyone suffering as I did".
Write us for free sample cf Cin Pills
tot-y. Then get the regular size boxes
at your dealer's or direct from us���50c.
a box, 6 t,-*t $3.50. Money refunded if
Gin 1'i.l'i Ttil to cure. National Drug
& Clr-nt'cal Co. of Canada, limited,
Dc^t. H 0   Toronto. 97
There is nothing like a "Tea Pot"
test at your own table to prove its
sterling worth!
TEA "Always and Easily the Best"
BLACK, GREEN, or MIXED.    Sealed Airtight Packages Only
Don't for Speaker*.
Grenvllle   Kleiser,  director   of the |
Publlc Speaking Clubs of America ana
Great Britain, has placed the ban up-1
on certain phrases commonly used by !
public speakers.      He has  instructed !
the members of the clubs to avoid the
use of all hackneyed expressions such |
as'the following:
I rise with diffidence.
Unaccustomed   as 1 am to    public
speaking. > ,
I did not expect to be called upon.
In the last analysis.
I am encourage! to go on.
I point with pride.
On the other hand  (with gesture).
The vox populi.
Be that as it may. '
As I was about to tell you.
I can say no more.
1 cannot flnd words.
Along tbls line.
their wprks shal/ye
^know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable -watches
Their efficiency is assured by a guaiantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free, ol
charge by the nearest agent in any pah of the world.  They
' are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed. ���
\um..j.r^m.. .gLiMMrjJsssuuisuaaii'Jiiaa
'   or dust ��boof mo��mr.
peart button*. It iui�� �� slightly, raised
wa!e��t IW. which s��rew tfov skirt from
h.-imriiiK HwUwardly. ��n It ptMu-rally
So*.** <m> tbi* undpvelofiecl ligoi-e of a
stxteee-yvur-oid girl.
Football In Germany.
Michael (to hls wlfet-Conie away.'
wife, or else they will want us after-',
ward as witnesses.- Fllecetide Blatter.
Rust Stains.
W*��y 1* koii.iewlfp la ui a It*** to ��c-
eownt for nu*t apetai wbich appear on
clothe* that often- Dm*** >x-en washed
lii' aeemlnxl.v msfl<*s* ntensils. These
spots are frequently due to impure
blulnjr. n&wrh- of whi��rh ennluius Prussian bines. rtmiponnrtH **t I wo inm stills
which nre preerplruteti by alkalies.
Therefore it I* wW tn titke fhe precaution- of Imrtmr ttst* cloth *s well
rinsed. It* Hear witter before limnera-
lnc t hem )��� ir Mite, water.
Moat of ��lw> remedies useful io removing Ink sttiins. are equally effectual
Id itMnnrinjr rm*t Htaintt. Sometimes
bleticlijpuK fluid' or aeetie arid lu clear
wnrer or even ,itive*le Water removes
the stain* readily. Scmie of the most
favored reeipei* ������� to nth the xtnln*
with salts of lestott* arret wash In clean-
witter. On fast colors use muriatic
acid l>y .^readlrw rhe rnst spot over a.
bowi nmtaiiiim; r\**ttr bot water andi
apply fhe acid drop by drop until the
still* llshreno and tben immerse it Im-
moitbtttfl.v In the hot water.' Soak linens all nteht In- stmt milk and on the
followini; day expiKM�� tbem to the auu.
lljrht. frequently wettinir them with
'kmmn ]iii<-e. By many plneirpple Juice
Is lM>ld to be >est as effect ive no- lemon
Knee Pad* Fer tha Homentrfe.
Many a youiiii DuitsekeefMHr and
tiomemaker who Is iinslous to econo
uilze does all of her own work ana
Ritffers .regularly ench week trow
pains li> her knees, canst*) by'doln��
Ihe unaiTttRtomed In bor of wiping the
Stains from hardwood lii*w*trt\ of llvtau
rooms, tiled floors ot tmtbrooms and
linoleum roveiW floors ot kitchens
For tbeee honsekeepera a clever woiu
nn has invented tbe knee pad. which
Is mereiy an oblonn of cotton waddlnu
RlMHtt two Inches tblck that ran be
slipiMid into a -white linen bag ot the
same size and placed under tbe top ot
the stocking dnrlnu bouse cleaning
times. This cushion, keeping tbe IxxJy
from almost direct contact with assort of hard aorfnee. will prevent -tbst
affliction known In England as "housemaid's knee." but all too common
among; American housewives.
Keep This tn Mind.
A can of French dressing wlll keep
for a week or more on the Ice and has
the odvnntnse of always belnji ready.
Before turning out the portion needed
snake the can vigorously until its contents sre thoroughly emulsified. Tills
is one of tbe very best ways of emulsl
tying tlie oil and vinegar. 1
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
���       - - ��� -
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.      Viade   by    a    perlect   mecYra.tuca\
process, they are unequaled for delicacy oi
flavor and food value.
The New  Mill* at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Tra tic-Mark
Try the Taste Test
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment that
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are
made in the finest sunlit sanitary
factory in the country. Forget,
also, for a moment that a little
finer flour���a little richer
butter���a little better
fruit���a little
more care in 'JtZj&^v&ffi.
ing are all important details of
the Mooney Method of biscuit
NOW base your" opinion
of Mooney's Sugar Wafers
WK  solely on  their taste.   Wfe
are  confident  as to the
the outcome of
2&&^ *' this test.
_J     ThiB
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cars
That's the way the delicious flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers is preserved from the ovens
to your table.    It's expensive for us
���but better for the Sugar Wafers.
The cars are especially constructed so when traveling from Province to
Province, the 'temperature is sl^Wi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
uniform.   We are  the only bis cult Your grocer has them.
The Mooney Biscuit and Cancly Co., Ltd.a -���
In Canada
shipping its
goods in its own cars.
The   Sugar  Wafers
 D    keep flaky and   fresh ���crisp
and whole. Their enticing flavor
is retained to the last crumb.
Try a package today. 10 and 25
cents in dainty, dust and damp-proof
tins.    -
WEDNE8DAY, MARCH  13, 1912.
ft r
nmiE very fact that there are
* more Great Majestic Malleable aad Charcoal Iron Ranges
sold than any other range on the
market, ls proof positive that It Is
the best.
Don't You Want the Best?
The Great Majestic Range lasts
three 1 mes as long as a cheap
range, but it doesn't cost three
times as much.
Anderson & Lusby
Give the public what they want and
you will have packed houses Is Manager GUUs' idea of the Royal Theatre.
The laBt two nights the show went ex-,
ceptlonally well. UHne and Rose, "The
Girl and the Porter" occupied the
stage for a full half hour and there
was not a dull moment. ftlss Robb
sings "If I Forgot," which is one of
the most popular ballads of the day,
The steamer Transfer has resumed | and, to say. the   least, she   sings   it
! beautifully. Mr. Ul!ne iB the best
black-face comedian that has appeared at the Royal up to the present
time. Jack Fleming does a tramp
act with singing, talking and violin
solos mixed in. The orchestra has
grown quite iopular since it hai
been enlarged, and is a feature by Itself. The pictures consist ot two
dramas and a funny comedy.
I .rr*
City News
The Foresters' lodge of East Burnaby gave a successful dance in Vicker'B
hall laat evening.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crumpets daily.   A. Hardman, Pnone L159.
her regular run.
Mr. M. J. Phillips ls expected back
from California in a day or two. Mr.
Phillips has spent Beveral months in
the south on a prolonged holiday.
Hoskum Singh, who has appealed
against a'three months' sentence imposed at Port Moody, appeared in the
countv court yester my mornine. His
case was adjourned until March 27.
Anions passengers on the Marama
were Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnston, who
are on their honeymoon. They traveled on this liner as far as Honolulu,
wBere they left the ship to return by
way of California.
Edmonds���Beautiful view lots, all
cleared! 800 feet from Vancouver
road, 6.8x210, $1050; one-quarter cash,
balance ti, 12, 18 aud 24 months. Reid,
Curtis i Dorgan.
Mr. Kennedy, Liberal Opposition
candidate, announces that campaign
headquarters wl" 1,e <>|ieilecl at Hard-
man's hall, over Dally News office, on
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. All
supporters of the Liberal Opposition
candidate are invited to attend.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Special-
im. ihas removed his offices from 867
Columbia street, to the Collister
Block, corner Columbia street nnd entrance on McKenzie street. Hours
daily 3:30 a. m. to 5 p. m., cr later by
appointment. / **
w^ i
i ssngtz 'TErf^-i
Ottawa. March 12.���Revised results
of the vote on church union which is
being taken by all presbyterian
churches in the capital show even
more strocgly ln favor of union than
did the results first made public Thc
aggregate vote for church union in
four churches, which have completed
voting is 634 against    only 56 votes.
The Choral and Orchestral society
is doing its work with admirable success. Tliere was a large turnout to
last night's practice. Severn! new
members have joined since last concert, nnd the society is now busily
engaged on Dr. Eiger's "Banner of St.
George," which will be produced at a
\ShQH   MEMBER   QF   YOUR  COncert about the middle of April.
Alfred W. McLeod
Millinery opening. 'Miss Davey cordially invites the ladies of N'ew Westminster to her showing of fashionable London and Paris millinery on
view Thursday and Friday, Hth and
15th. Note the address, 20.4 Agnes
street, nearlv opposite St. Mary's Hos
pita). ���*
Word has been received fiom Mrs.
and .Mlss McLeod, who are sailing on
tho Marama to Australia. They have
arrived safely-at Honolulu, after a
quick voyage of only seven days, the
exceptionaJH^flne weather enabling
Ihem to aetln a day ahead of time. I
At Honolulu ttie pair were- met by Mr.
J. M. Mci.eod, Mrs. Mcl^eod'B son, ot
Los Angeles.
Phone   62.
657 Columbia St..
New  Westminster
Photo Supplies
Toronto Parks
The Best
Mrs. Matthison Buried.
Mrs. Kate Wynne Matthison was
buried yesterday afternoon. The
funeral service was fully choral and
it was conducted by Canon d'Easum
in the cathedral. Hy special request
Miss Peele,- the organist, played "O.
Rest in the Lord," which used to be
one of Mrs. Matthison's most famous
songs. Tlie burial itself took ?laee
in the Church of England cemetery,
the arrangements being in the hauls
of Murchie &. Son.
Atlanta. Ga., March 12.���A stricken
conscience because of perjury, he
says, committed 16 years a>;o tit
Rome, Ga., in suing for a divorce,
drove G. W. Thomas, a preacher of
Portland, Ore., to write to Gov. Brown
that he is ready to come back to
Georgia and stand trial. Thomas says
that he loved another woman, and told
falsehoods to get rid of his wife.
Liberals and all supporting the
Liberal-Opposition cause in this cam
paign are notified that campaign head
Over Daily News Office,
at 8 o'clock.
All supporters of the Liberal-Opposition candidate are invited to attend.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A.  R. C. M.
I Member of  the   Incorporated   Society
of Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R411.
Importance Of
The Suit Section
A man chooses his tailor because he believes him to know how to
cut a suit properly, to fit it well, choose style, and modify them to
suit the condition of wearer.
The same rules should be applied to Women's tailoring. We offer
each of these points as a reason why you should give us the honor of
serving you with one of these beautiful man tailored suits, ^and will
guarantee that you shall be more than satisfied. The new Spring
Suits will be a more than convincing argument for our plea, that
you look over our stock and tell others about our extensive range of
New Spring Suits.
The New Suits
for Women
A 'vide range of new styles n
shown. A noticeable specimen
is a pretty Homespun, ln tones
of grey, tan and fawn. The
coat is lined throughout with
satin; has attractive long
square collar; inlaid with silk
and touches of small buttons;
skirt panel with side effect. A
speclul_ value ut ,$2^.50
Coats for the
Are of all wool imported Serges,
Tweeds and Coatings;    cut   m
most     becoming      Etyles
straight liue3;    tailored   co'.lars
and rovers,   Including   all   tha
New Lingerie
Lovely Eyelet Embioiderv and
Lace Trimmed Blouses; fronts
are finished In same with smart
pleated frill, new set-in sleeves;
three-quarter length. Another
new style of fine white -mull,
kimona set-in sleeve; lace trimmed; front has panel of dainty
embroidery and lace Insertion-,
fastens Invisibly wfth srfin'l
pear! buttons; lace collar. Special values  &1-50 to $5.00
The first meeting of the board of
trade under its new officers will be
held on Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
President Duncan will deliver his inaugural address, outlining the work
for the coming \ear as far as possible,
and various committees will probably
bring in reports. Mr. Traves, chairman of the agricultural committee, it
is believed, will report for the committee of last year, which failed t->
give an account of itself.
B. &. M. FISH
Fresh Oolichans   3  lbs. for 25c
Spring Salmon, per lb 20c
Salmon (half or whole), per lb. ...7c
Halibut (half or whole) ,per lb. ..8c
Loggle's Finnan Had lie 2 lbs. for 25c
Large Rabbits, each  ;(5c
537 Front St.   -   Phone 301
One mare, 10 years old, weight 1150
One bay horse, !i years old,
.650 lb3.
One bay horse, S years old, weight
'450 lbs.
One bay horse, 11 years old, weight
1450 lbs.
One gray horse, 9 years old, weight
1300 lbs.
Just ln from the country to lie sold
by private sale, up to Thursday included. What is left will be sold by
auction at the market on Friday,
March 15.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71:
New    Westminster.
Res   72.
B    C.
There are many kinds.
Also the latest.   Try
Exquisite Odor.
Dispensing Chemists, Ets.
Ceane Woek.    44) Columbia 8t
New   \V<"infmltm<er.   PC.
Brotherhood of Owls Held Annual
Session at Nanaimo.
The International Brotherhood of
Owls held its annual session al
Nanaimo. B. C, Saturday. March 'J
1912. Westminster .Nest No. ii won a
fair quota of the grand offices, lurking four to tlieir credit. Through the
efforts of Grand Warden I. H. Mac-
Bain the next annual session of the
granfl nest will be held In New Wes'-
minster. The following officers were
elected: Grand ;>ast president, J. R.
McKinne'.l, Nanaimo; grand presiden',
E, B; Langdalc, Vancouver; gran.i
vice-president, Thomas E, Williams,
Westminster; grand chaplain, .1. a.
Gibson, Vancouver; grand secretary
A. S. Tyrer, Nanaimo; grand treasurer, W. Anderson, Nanaimo; grand
warden, ,T. H. MaoBaln, Westminster;
grand conductor, A. Wilkinson, Nanaimo; grand inner guard, .1. W. Strang-
man, Westminster; grand outer guar 1,
Herman Hunter, Nanaimo; grand trin-
tees, J. S. M. Alexander, Westmin
ster, Alex. GibbonB, Nanaimo, L. I).
Bryant, Vancouver, Dr. S. B. l.aw,
Westminster, J. R. McKinnell, Nanaimo.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
Ses   Window Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B.
C. Electric Railway.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonea, Office 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Victoria, March 12.���Thc charge of
attempting  to  give  an   indecent  performance brought against It. G. Barnum, was taken up in police court today.     Five doctors,  two clergymen [
and  .hi-li   achool   teachers,   and   two j
ladies,   swore   that   the  performance!
(liven   usually  by   this  hypnotist and -
by all  hypnotists  was    indecent   hn- !
moral and ''emoralizin~    One woman '
attributed the death ol  her ron. four >
teen years of age', to hypnotist   ntt:f
another eald Fhe had been rafsfng ber
voice    agalnsl    htrnotism    f -<��� forty
i years.    It: the aftentoui  lhe defence
caFo  o; ered  and  had  net  [>vn  concluded when the court i.^o.-.tv.^.ti.
Forty-five acres of splendid rich land of the very best quality for
gardening and nurBery purposes. This place bas been well farmed
for a number of years and is in a high state of cultivation, and has
been subdivided Into three bleeks. Buildings comprise large and
comfortable seven room modern house with fully equipped bathroom
and running water. Barn 34x30, and several useful outbuildings.
Never failing stream supplies water for stock. All fenced. Churches,
school, post office and stores within a few minutes' walk.
Th0 property lies within the aroa that wlll be affected by tho
building of Port Mann.   For price, terms and location apply
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
F.J. HartS Co., LM.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster       Hrancbes at Vaneauvar     V��eierls
ChlHiwacU ��ni A'derprovc, Q.r.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. B. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:4B and
6:45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter' untll 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Servloe.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at fi:00, 7:00,
8:06, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, (1:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���CarB
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Praser Valley Branch��� cars
leave fi. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:06 fr.m.


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