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The Daily News Mar 21, 1912

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(Lower Of �����.)
' S*
WHITE, SHII ~f   * CO.
��������������������   ���-
Eighty Lives Lost
In Mine Explosion
Entombed Without Hope Addled to List of Dead-Order
Seventy-Five Coffins for Hapless Victims in Arkansas -
Gause of Accident Is at Present Unknown.
Fort Smith, Ark., March 20.���Forty
miru ie aie known to have been killed
today as the result of an explosion In
mine n.imber two of the Sans Bois
Coal company at McCuitain, Oi\la-
homa, 31 miles west of here, and
hope that 47 othera entombad in tho
mine are alive has been abandoned.
Thirteen of tho miners escaped shortly afier the explosion occurred. Sev-
erul of these a;e probably fatally injured.
A search vvas begun early tonight
under the direction of government experts and up to 9 o'clock flve bodies
had been recovered anl 35 others
According to   the Fort Smith   and
Western Railway company, owners of
the property, about 100 men were
working in the mine at the time of
the accident. Whether gas or coal
duat was the cause of the explosion
has not been determined. Eight of
the men who escaped were at work
in the mule stables and gained the
surface thi ough the passage used for
the cars.
Go\ ernment experts expressed the
opinion that all of the men imprisoned aie dead and 75 cottlns were ordered. Mayor Bourland, of Fort
Smith, has. Issued an appeal for aid
for the families of the victims.
C. P. R. Pamphlet Drawo Attention to
Great Openings for Industrial Enterprises in City.
Burnaby Board of Trade Discusses B.
C. E. R. Questions���Wants
Publicity Commissioner.
Car Shortage Due to Practise of U.
Railways,  Which Steal  Rolling
lulled   States   has   now   reached   an
Edmonds, Marcli 20.���The electric
transpoi tatlon question which Is
agitaiing the    municipalities   of   tho  export business
lower  mainland at the present time        ^	
, formed the chief topic at the regular ( acute stage in Eastern Canada, and
jnontijly; me&lkjj of the Bjruaby uie supply at c.irs for domestic busi-
boa.d ~. trade held this evening. The ntss is ako by no means sufficient.
speck 1 committee appointed to Int*** One great trouble which Canadian
view t:ie B, C. Electric r��e��;--��s t!iS,: !'ways nave to contf"U v'th is tha'
Montreal, March 20��� The Star to . ^^^^^^^^
day says:    "The shortage of cars ior i-^hiPgle mills, capucity 200,
ness from Canada to tbi* Off i 8asl1 and door iactoi
Thirty-eight   different kinds   of in-
t-'UcL. lua    Ui,     10CUtiU    ��U     \vcs,tml..alfcT
are enumerated in the pamphlet for
industries ana mantiioctuieii. issued
by the C. P. R. for 1912. 'lhe object
Ot tnis booklet is to show the opportunity pecu.iar to the ai.ie.enl
towns and cities of the great railway
system, and Westminster manes a
unique showing ln this regard. Sawmills with a daily capacity of 1,500,000
leet and 3'J lish canneries, are items
that attract notice, while attention is
paiticularly drawn to the deep, landlocked, freshwater harbor on which
the city ls built.
The following Is the complete account given:
Population 13,394 (with a large tri-
butaiy population): 12 miles from
Vancouver on the banks of the Frase'
river. Hs hai bor 13 land-locked and
deep enough for the largest vessels.
Tliere are good mill and factory sites
with trackage on reasonable tei ms. It
is the central market for the Fraser
Valley, which is one of the finest agri-
cultmai districts in British Columbia.
The city is well laid out; owns river
frontage: has electric light and electric railway connection with Vancouver, which railwav runs east for 61
miles to Chilliwack, opening up a
large agricultural district and also
supplying light and power.
The city has a college, high schools
seven banks, daily and weekly newspapers, saw mills with a daily capacity of a million and a half feet:
000 feet per
tory, capacit
Cerman Canadians Flocking
to Fatherland.
new Sl.vth street extension as to
whether through cats would be run
to Edmonds from New Westminster
or transfers be graved at Fourth
avenue to the delay of Burnaby passengers, made their report.
Interurban Manager Franklin had
made known to this committee that
plans   on   this  lino  bad  not  ret  bsen
^*mmm***********************S*^^*-..-~   j_    _���   ....alllon
00 c'ooie per day; four box factories,
two brick p'ants, brewery. t.va J)��� >ttj-
ing works, flve cigar factories, condensed milk factory, cheese factory,
three cold storage houses, distillery,
dye wotjis, 39 flsn conr.eries, two gasoline engine works, five Iron factories
Consul    Denies    that    Exodus   from
Montreal Is Connected with
International Crisis.
Montreal. March 20.���German-Canadians still attached to the reserve of
the kaiser's army, which means
every able-bodied German in Canada,
are, it Is freely stated, making a general movement toward the fatherland,
acting under flrm belief that war between Kngland and Germany is in-
e\itable and only a short way off.
The amount of steamship 11 all ir- to
German ports booked from this city
has shown an appreciable increase
during the past two weeks, not only
from immediate sailings, but also for
sailings stretched over the whole
summer. Local men in touch wltn
the German element of Montreal
state that likelihood of war is freely
discussed and business affairs are being armnged to permit of rapid
exodus to the scene of action should
war be declared. At the German consulate thl3 morning it was stated that
the departure of Germans from Montreal for the home land had nothing
whnte\er to do with the possibility of
war with England. It was emphatically denied that any Germans now
residing In Montreal had been recalled by the home government.
Alleged Carelessness of Tugboat Captains Attracts Attention of Marine  Department.
Burnaby Taxes Remain Same
as Last Year.
A communlsation from the Department 01 Marine and Fisheries directing attention to tne alleged carelessness and apparent utter indifference
of tugboat captains and others operating on the Fraser river at Westminster, owing to which the buoys maintained for the safe navigation of the
trade of the city are almost dally
either moved out of position or carried bodily away, has bean received
by the secretary of tue Board of
Trade. The letter further states that
this action by those who ought especially to have the safe navigation of
the port very near at heart is jeopardizing the commerce of the city, and - 	
must be stopped.   The department of council, which held an ail-day sitting
Marine  and  Fisheries,  it  is   pointeu  today.
Some thirty-two
Cannot Afford $130,000 for Engl
ing Work���By-law to Regulate
Tree Planting.
Edmonds, March 20.���The appointment of a construction engineer for
the past two weeks has been a burning issue among residents of the Burnaby municipality, who objected to
the selection of an American. This
matter waa again brought up at a
special meeting of tee board ot works
and an   adjourned   meeting of   the
out, cannot accept any responsibility
for a ship coming to grief by reasnn
of having no buoys to guide her, or
of the same having been car:led out
of position.
The subject Is being taken up by
tho Navigation Committee of the
Board of Trade, with a view to fixing
the responsibility for future carelessness of this kind upon the individuals
who will be held responsible, not only
for damages, but for the penalty in-
_^^_^___^^_^_ applications had
been received since Ue position waa
advertised and these .were simmered
down to flve. A committee consisting.
of Councillors McDonald and Fau Vel
and Mr. Cleveland, of the flrm of
Cleveland and Cameron, consulting,
engineers of the municipality, were
appointed to make the final selection
from the remaining flve, and it ia expected tbat the matter will be definitely settled this week, the report of
...v.crlcau railway a havs beea ��5t��ul-! <jiiae engine works, five _
lng Canadian carR, that Is, after Cana-   oatmeal mill, four planing mills, rai!-
dlan  cara   are   transferred   to    their I way car building shop, wood pipe ?ap-
curred by interfering with guides to tbe committee being anlxously await-
navigation. The secretary of the J* *>* the community in the mean-
hoard Is of the opinion that apparent- 1tlme-
ly it is the extreme length of tows I The estimates of the engineer for
wliich is responsible for much of the \be comIl>g year were gone over at
trouble and there is evidence to show ��ength, the amount calling for an ex-
that If tows be shortened before en-  Penditure   ot   nearly Jia0,000.   This
terlng the channel the difficulty might
largely be obviated.
lines they keep them months beforo
tory, wire factory, boiler works,
icturning  them.
Cautlio, head of
According  to G   S. 'carriage works, r-au factory, ereainerv
Jhg.cai^disjribur-g^ ""v    *"" u���   **,',"    '""���"'"���    *-'
completed and he was ln no* position
at this time to assure them that
through cars would be run. Uurnaby
interests, however, would receive
every attention. As to what kind of
service would be Riven on the Twelfth
street line, after tho completion of
the new cut-off was nnlshed, the Up}�� cars, not 30 cents.
was tc? far distant to allow cf any ' ^_- __��^
statement       ' I
cantiiff, ncau 01 ing <-ar^ss^bv?^' hatchery, Steam laundry,,
department o; the C. P. R., that com- 'wUwvai -water work's, three nurseries!
pany haa loat SOOO caia that -way t��JaP*r V*WI, rlc, .mill, tannery, woou 1
���Inc'o November laat, *W1��> Vrte Grand manufac *r!nrj plmnt. micWno worka.'
Trunk and Canadian Northern alao ! Ule nd **mont factory, ahlp bultdera.l
have bad proportionate losseB. lt is I raving company. Bhlpyarda aud many,
estimated  that the Intercolonial lost  others as well as a full line of retail J is
Mayer of Nelson Offers    Reward    ior
figure was found to be mucb greater
than the amounted voted upon in the
money by-laws and the engineer was
instructed to reduce the total by 25
per cent.
The municipal sollcltora were Instructed to draft a by-law regulating
the planting of trees along the boulevards. The cost of planting the treee
will be assessed against the property
owners fronting    the    improvement.
, , I Wben private owners plant their own
I trees, the municipality shall pay not
Fifteen   Burnaby Russians Appear in 1 more than $2 tor each tree alter the
��� ..-..-���    -' _ liiat year, in event of such trees be-
Bxen-ntrC-o-f-O   :y curga o<       ! jng in thriving condition.
the adjourned meeting ot   ��S��
a* Vam RoruntoT  "**��' %��*nw .am*
\X��\3 -arwte'    stir��u.    ttrmt    ana    ���OB*
.ing In tb
one-thlrJ of Its equipment to U. S-
roads. Of course the Caua.'.ian railways are drawing a rental of 30 centa
a  day  for  each  car,  but  they *
business. 1 successful  attempt early   this   mjin-
The   city   requires   bakeries,  fruit   ing to destioy the Yale-Lelumpla Lim-
canneries,   cement   works, cooperage | ber company's mill,       * "*~
1 departmental sio.-es, e'evators, furni-
jture factoiy, fiom mill, harness fac-
, tory, pickle factory, shoe factory
, sugar works and woollen mills.
Secretary Coldicott made a strong 1 	
"-      excess!" e   Mysterious Raffles Visited ruMfJij*'"
complaint against the ^^^^^
char,. 13 made by the o'octt*- company In ths matte: ofJlgv't and power
through tiie municipality. This mat-
was left, *g a special com-
whj'"''. was Instructed to inter-
" anager   Sperling   and   eee'.?
���Many Discovered Wrong Man.
Eleven Westminster meu lost four
Hundred    dollars    apiece    yesterday
...���-<.,��� i���.  failing to remember the
evening  bv  failing  to rcme
cr.Ti-ect   formula  in   addressing
Mvsteriou3  Mr.  Raffles" of tho Van
!������,, nf redress !couver Morning Sun. Raffles was due
kind of <!~t-rt wh0 wns i��� ',0 m the uoysl theatie urta .few
\ left
0prc��'deiU B. G. Walker, who was m   10 viwi u.v .**,,.���. ------      -     -    .
th�� char  rendered his report on the ' ether places during the evening and
decrcntng of the North Arm of    the   an ived here according to schedule
Shortly after 8 o'clock a stranger
answering in et ..,	
deepening *j* ���'���*'   - .- . ,
Fraec- which Is belnc taken uy by 1 on****.*} ���.. - ~���^ , ... ^^
Se severS munlclpallUo. who Mve ' answering in every Particular the tfj.
*ftrrf-nnta.ee on the river The, script lon of Raffles was noticed in
SSfSSFhS .Scared in a re the rotunda1 ol, the Russell[ hotel. Ke
cent issue of tho Dally News, call for | wore tan boots and gWgJJjJJJ
th* dredatne of the river bed to a smoked a cigar of the aavcrubeu
H5J"2*8L2 SS frnm &>���   river   brand.   By   the   many   uuestlons he
First Lord of   Admiralty    Not   Very
Sanguine Concerning Consultations on Defence.
*     - *      I tried is now proceeding befoie Judge l ���   Th�� tax vale tor tM�� ywrnx la    a*.
Howay   in   the    Westminster    Court   the same rate aa 1811, yls., 10 milla
Boose, the case being Rex versus M   ^.,tllt d��U? for 1�����TOV���� ��*    �����
teen Rus.ians charged with threats ������ ^^\Z��^ 2.5
and violence to one Mclntyre of \an | surprise among the residents and
couver, in which Mr. W. G. McQuar- j ratepayers of Buinaby, in view of the
re-   u
b^b^H       deiith of flfteen feet  from the    "
1 mouth ta the port of Westminster.
Among the communications
ceived by the secretary wns one from
the Vancouver Progress t^ub, otherwise known as the Tom 1st association, asking that Burnaby appoint
two delegates to act as directors on
the hoard. The letter stated that thla
organization had decided to extend
Its territory and asked Burnaby
join them. It was accepted
Messrs. Walker and McPherson were
elected delegates.
Pretllent Walker spoke of tne
need of a publicity commissioner ror
Uurnaby stating that the time was
now ri| e to advertise the advantages
London,    March   20.���Replying   to
Paged oft's  question   with  legaid  to
representation    on   naval
his   councils     the     First   LK>rd   said   it
apparent,   wus not tor the British admiralty to
IBllU. 13} aa**r �� ,.
��ked the clerk lt was evident he was  dominion    . ���
newcomer in the district and his | councils-    the     First   LK>rd
uneasiness  soon
Three guests
_^_^_ . and crowds all
day have watched the slowly burning
rums ol a bunured thousand dollar
; ro-erty.
The   lire  chief  declares   the   blaze
will smoulder two weeks in Uie sawdust, lumber and    piles    which    con-
, stitute reclaimed land from the lake
I cn which the mill company built.
Sixty, men are th:jwn out of Qui'
ployuicnt. Eorcns of special constables
are being taken on to guard buildings
and Mayor Annabie bas offered a reward of $500 for the arrest, dead or
alive, of the Incendiary to whom
there ts no clew.
The m*>or has wired-the attorney
general urging the government to
offer a similar leward, as the Yale-
Columbia flre is the third of incendiary oiigin in two nights. It was
just outside the city limits and ln
the jurisdiction of the provincial
ion    became   uy,y.ii����". > wan uui .*.. ��� 	
Ttiree RueBl�� at the hotel noticed the  initiate such proposals.   It has given
resemblance of the stranger to Raffles   the dominions   every   assistance   in
und  finally  plucked  up courage  and | developing their unit fleets   n    nar
.   J. J._   ��� ,.���rrvw -, cony I monv  with  the best  conceptions  of
approached him, one carrying a copy
of the Sun. Unfortunately for the
amateur sleuths not one of the trio
could remember the correct form ot
after    denying     his
He was not himself
mony  wit
the naval policy.   .���� 	
so optimistic  that the difficulty    of
'-*-'���   of   self-
rie is  appearing  for tht  Crovn  and
ex-JuJge   Alexander   Henderson,   late
Governor of the Yukon, and Messrs.
Coldstone and Bull 0" Vancouver, for
the defence.    It wiil be remembered
that   the     fifteen     defendants     are
cnarged  with having on the lUth of
Februaiy   last  coniyelW   by   threats
of violence said  Mclntyre to sign  a
document agreeing to pay them l^'50
tor  release  of  contract,   payable   to
bearer.    This was" for work cleailng'
land in  the Burnaby  municipality.
The story as' told yesterday in
court by the chief witnesses for the
prosecution,, was that on tbe day in
question he was surounued by tnese
Russians, some of whom had large
clubs in their hands and tbat tuey
threatened to kill him unless he gave
��� them $250. He had no money at the
(time, but they insisted on getting a
document agreeing to pay them the
hieh should be actually paid
vast amount of improvements which
have been made dunes the paat year.
! Speaker J. J. Johnston  Uninterrupted,
in Duties by Suffragette Disturbances���Dignified  Debate.
There was a goodly attendance of
the public in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium drawn thither by curiosity to beer
the first session of the Moca Parliar
ment  convened   lor    8   ociocn laat
I associating   tlie   ministers
address,    and    after    aenying      n��! governing dominions in   consultation
Identity, as permitted by the rules of , upon imperial defence   would   easily
the game, the suspect made his get-  be overcome    Tliose difficulties, now-, 1000,000    miners    ana mo*
ever- were ^m^B..le".m!!!d���1th',Uian 1.500,000 other workmen out of
employment, is acute.    The Earl of
Glasgow   March 20.���The officials ,    .  	
of the Scotish milner.' unipns todav K^^SSiSS? thev^wouS take \*W>i The members took their s��U��
leceived telegraphic instructions from  nfxt���?ay' "lnerw^e lhey *ould Iwith all due formalitv and an addieae
London to make arrangements f*.' his life Two other persons were ��th ail d��eW��"* f^*���1^
having the striking miners return tt, Present, Collins and Parsons, both of !ehalma��� �� Rev G A KT&oE
work March 30 whom substantiated the complainant's  onairman. me tiev. u. a. nay. **��""���
*orK March .ju. 1 dpfencn hm. not been con-  ,n8 tWs R communication was read by
London, March 20. - The  dii ran  WW*   The defence has^not been mu cterk H H Cmiag^
throughout the Industrial district bv if^^L^SJy ��jZ?4iS�� bam' ������� Pun>ort of It bein�� that the
cause of the coal  strilte,  which haa   luieiy aeniee tne story 01 tne wunesa   ��� bidden to assemble
 .000   miners    and ���t��tettov���^^
-   it.. _.��..i._^. All> ���f ,were no threats whatever used to tne ���      "��        j ���
���   -���   -        ���,  tho  then explained the rl
The rumor that the stranger was
Raffles soon spread and within an
hour he had been approached half a
dozen times.    Several men, Including
"which 'liurnaby could offer to would-   uu��u "��">-    "'' T^r,.,.,. hoa|toted
^^^^^^^    n wns de-  C. D. Peele and C. Coldicott, hesitaiea
��V��I,       WC1V      ua,a"r~'--O  ,
committee of Imperial defence might
yet be a medium of establishing Intimate connections with all parts of
the Empire.
'later. |long enough to uiake up their mlnd��
when niorp data on the Bubject'would .not
be settlers and industries
elded to defer tho matter untlj
be available.
Chairman T. P. Morrison, of
transpertatlon, announced that
following members would act with
him: Messrs. F. Davis, C. A, Gordon.
Chairman Mansfield, of the commerce
committee, named Messrs. W. 8. Rose
nnd P. B, Brown as his collenaues.
Two ne>" members Messrs. F. Divls
and C. K. Camnbell, were admitted.
Discuss Hospital- Plans.
A meeting of tho hosrdt.il board of
the Royal Columbian hospital was
held yes'erlay afternoon. Tenders
for s-"itles for 1!U2 and 1913 were
awarded. Tho superintendent In her
report stated thnt on February 1
there we e 7B patients, the total num
to take chances, but F'red O'Neill,
  1 T. C. Demers wera
tho ; not so diffident.   But ar. ln the former
) Parker Bryan and T. C. Demers wera
: not so diffident.   But as .
the ' attempts the wrong form of address
--ma   .......!.���.!    frnm
from   Rector's" Has   Past Over
Boundary Line.
apt. uie YtiuuB .�������� ���        ,    The  "Girl  from  Rector's"  will  bs
was used and no profit resulted from here after all. Manager Tidy ha. rathe perspicacity of the detective, pro ceived the following wire from the
tem. manager ot the company:
Walter Cambridge,   an   aggressive      "There will
compllfnant  and  that    none  of the  then explained the rights and prtri-
Russians had clubs or forced him to gf^J g-gjfc ***��*&
sign a document.   They state on the ,��*"   __"" .*,. * �� ,     " ,      M_
other hand that he did so voluntarily. }�� '?������ "ltho* fur ber 5J*f�� *��.
The defence tried also to make out *** Johnaton being the chosm ie��^
that they had had no food supplies vM���>- The latter then tt��k hU ��*t
for six days, but in an unguarded mo- "*J"��� *^�� ��*_^JTJSSSm
ment producedfrom their po^t. fac- j-flg^^^jj,-. J-g
Harrowby, who has Just toured the
pottery district in Staffordshire, ln
asking for fund., say. thousands of
children in the district are being fed
from charitable funds. In this region alone 20,000 miners are on strike
and the lack of coal has thrown rail- ������- a----7 ..     __<w^,.,    .h^.w_   __	
way men and bargemen whosellveli- SsTA^i^^'sxS^SsS ^^.'^^^ *%"*?%
"" --- ..  -     member, of the House that H bad"
**ttaj        ll*V.����       a., a.-am c - ���	
hood depends upon the output of the
potteries out of work.
In the Erwash V*Uey. the great Mv*
-   *���--*���-     -.���..!.���--   ���������   Vol tins--
be�����r?uestion about of "InduTrtry" ^retching; from Nottlng-
....... _^  ^ ._      ,,���...''" k.����� , i.ti�� ef ham to Chesterfield, 75 per cent of
newsboy, was the last one to make a  going Into Canada    IJ^_^g S  the workers of all trades are idle and
try for the four hundied.   He follow-, permission from the �����P^��JJa��" ��l  as these men have no strike pay, the
  offlce 0, w   Immigration1 at ��t*^-?,MJS,J^ ftaStos are thrown on charity.
ed the stranger Into the
J. Kerr, Ltd., where he had gone
ostensibly to look over 0 map of Co-
oultlam. The "newsy" also fell
the scent, and had to
dissatisfied   and
down   on
leave the,   quarry
Reid, Inspector ln charge of lmmlgra
Uon at Seettte, so we will be there
Friday sure. Go ahead with advertising, etc, as we wlll sure play there."
There is no doubt, then, that the
now famous piece will visit Westmln-
ber Prt-n'ttpd dnrlne the month wafl IcapturlnK"the monev price. Th��> bu��-
121.   The total|nect   ^   Ti()t   Raffles,  Mt_ % C
Apart from the Tact that ttie pur- st"er. ineg^TUy repeats his assui>
v rl-   - --   -���   ��� ����- ��~���.  r*r jsnees that there ls nothing deleter!-
aaureas, toar�� ���oo ��.w.-.-. .���. ...      1��08 t0
told strongly agnlnst their cliances of
Apart     UUUI     IUD     amara     ��...     ....   ,^ ( ^^^^^^^
suers all fell down on the form of braces that there ls noimng u��k>u��.-
address, there was another factor fhat Itius to public morals In the show and
10.T   nnd  dlerhnrgnd  ISI.     ine tun*** pecj   ^^j,
number nr hosrltnl   days   was   1121. Powerg> bookkeeper for W. J
Tho nintter nf building tho new lios- wt)() ^ag only rBcently arrived in 'flits
pital .v"'  Mpoussed, plnn�� for such be- p,t    nnd who bBarg m0n9 or feB8 0f R j
lng promi?e1 In the near future -��� "-    iV-   ��� ���vri.i>��(i    nic 1
Chines? Suffrape'.ts.
Snn FrsncKco, March 20.���Mrs. Pon
Yne, tbo first Chinese womjn to reK-
Istor Itl San Francisco, satisfied tho
clt" registrar today that pIv was on-
titled to cn��t a vote I,n Callfomln.
Sho Is a natlvn of flan Frnnclsco, pnfl
is 24 yearn old. Her husband IB ��
produce merchant.
nt'fll offers to play a matinee to be
watched by a representative committee of citizens. If they pass the play
those who have raised oblectlons to
  pay exnenses. If they d��"lde against
city, nnd who beaTs more or ieaB u. n ,it, he himself to bear the cost.   In
resemblance to   tbe   published   pic-1 Seattle he says the   play   was   only
tures of the man of mystery. stooped   for  one   night. Wednesday.
���, land was played again till tho end of
Again Postooned.                 | the week.
New York, "March 20.���.^hn MeNv  ��� ���
mnra failed to prove hls nUM be'or"
the court of extraflU'lnn today.    Th">
witness for tbe defence "did not fulfil
expectations and tho Judge once mofo-v-u.��� i.>^.,., ������ 	
remanded tbe prisoner.   The heaving I round bout   at the   Empire   Athlotlc.--, .,_,
'***���*���* *r*r*tmyt-_m_______% I cause of which Is not known
Wales is suffering equally with
Kngland. Only three tlnplate mills
are working in the whole country.
The cotton mills are closing gradually throughout Lancashire and the
last cargo ot coal    haa   now been
shipped from Newcastle to the south |^u8ulo70"f"*th;Towe7 o"f^ Babel
of England. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Many miners already have resumed
work in the Scottish coalfields, but
they are non-unlonlsts, and the police
are having reriotis trouble In "protecting them from assaults by the trades
which rather spoilt their story. r��i��.k~i ����.�� mtamm nt Mn. . aeaaie
One ot the wltneses tor the defence %��***$�� fi��*�� S^
was .on the witness stand when tne ��_M-_ . 1W_ ^^v. ���* ���ii����j._����. ����_
court adjourned and Judge Howaj 'B'���*�� * **��? ��L^^Z^
strongly advised him to think over P?Tet,HmoI���^^ tffiJ'ltifS
< i. _.i.��. v _.��_ ���i.. tn hers were afterwards led In and ������**���
very carefully what he wa i going to preBentea to tbe Speaker mad
T^sSgU* co"t^ tvss^vsz
th^urtTote^mrro^r th8 | P-^^ " ^^ *** ^
fifteen defendants were on the stand,^dS sSss by K. G. 8-Hh-
at one time yesterday and the babble | A*��m. ^..^ n���_*_ ,.,��_.���
of choice Muscovite and Tartar that;��n�� ^^^^.^J^S
 -a wonM have   outclassed    the Mi^^MW^j^ttwj wene^ljo
ensued would have   outcla.w,i   tne gj^^���- dlWal0nB of R ^.^^
gette character to mar the Harmony
H^B^B^B^B^B^B^ar     > of procednre an this occasion. On all
Lecture at y. tn. c. a. I gMe> fh() ^j^^^ was expresesd thet
A lecture wlll be given ln the Y. M. tbe y M c# j^ ^8a been sncceBsTuI
C. A. at 3:45 on Sunday afternoon ln tWB ltg flr8t parliament, snd �������
next, the lecturer being the Rev. A.E. hope "was gwioral that many more
Vert, chaplain or the Provincial Penl- ^^ wonia M8emhle to folldw In the*
^^^^���^���^***********************************SlrSa-l ��hf. I..._^^. _���   M	
Carl Morris Loses to Stewart.
New York. March 20.���%Tlm Stewart,
the Brooklvn heavyweight; entpOlnt��d   rtoid. pertlv mrurea. ����! ����>������
Carl Morris, of Oklahoma. In n   ten   ts fe't ln the t^n with M'   H
���arisri mui.ua, ����    ���_^_,���   ����MaHfflsan  ln  his    misfortune,    the
There was an outbreak of fire In
^Chilliwack early on uesday roornlns
when the house and furniture of Mr.
A. E. Hendercon, a well-known mer-
ohnnt of Chllll^ncH. wer* completely
gutted, being however. It Is under
rtoid. pprtlv Insured. Much svmpat.hy
I son
tentlary, and the subject "Prison Ex
perlences." Having been chaplain tor
a number of years Mr. Vert will be
able to Infuse Into this Bubjqet the
Interest derivable only from personal
contact, Intimacy ana lonsr e^periencp.
and from the large assortment pr
type, c'oiitinuallv passlnir under bis
eyes, he win doubtless bs aMe *B
I make . considerable rod
footstep, of Ottawa.
WcGoorty Beat"KctIy.
Kenosha, Wis.,   March 20.���In   Wsr
-rounds of uninteresting fighting kere
tonight Eddie McGoorty    ontpohstdT
Hugo KteUy, of Chicago.   Under   War
         ."State law no deefRlon'was neiBltiWU
effective hut ttew.maper erltlcs agreed ���*,��* Me-
Goorty ted tlie Bettor of rthV-coattsfc.
twill be Tesumed tomorrow.
club tonight.
**KggEgMgBja~2&3X- PAO&TWQ'
THURSDAY,  MARCH 21, 1912.
for housework. Apply Mrs. P. C
Cook 725 Sceond Street.
WANTED���IN SAPPERTON District, house on full-sized lot; deed
to good North Vancouver property
offered as part .payment. Give full
particulars in tlrst letter. Don't reply unless you have something
cheap to offer. Apply Maud M. Foster, 1024 Harwood street, Vancouver.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. K.
depot.        t
wants to dn washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.    Phone ROO.
River and Blue Mountain roads, two
blocks from B. C. Electric car; $850;
cash, $35; balance $10 per month.
Can you beat this? J. H. Woolliams,
433 Homer street, Vancouver.
chicks, $18 per 100; eggs, $10 per
100. A few settings from prize pen
of White Rocks, $.1 per 100. Standard Poultry ranch. J. H. Woolliams,
433 Homer street, Vancouver, agenl.
A bits of this and a taste of that, all day
long, dulls the appetite and weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���andcut out the "piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends for sufferers from
indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited.
;:1 Studio, (>lo Columbia street, city.
Waste Paper or Rags.
(Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
H.  P. VIDAL & CO.
rooms, furbished. 224 Seventh
of the K. of P. Building is for rent;
lease if desired. Reid, Curtis tz
Dorgan, 706 Columbia btreet, Ne.v
tweon Columbia street and Clarkson on McKenzie street, between
2:30 and 3 p. m. Monday, March 18-
Reward given by returning same to
Royal Pool Rooms.
er can have same by defraying expenses. Apply G. Grady, Pound-
keeper, Edmonds, B. C.
Burnaby Homes for Sale :
���3-ROOM HOUSE ON LOT 33x122;
near Royal Oak station; $650, terms
$25 cash and ?25 monthly.
4-UOOM     HOUSE   ON   EOT   58x151;
near Edmonds station;  $900; terms,
$25 cash and $25  monthly.    Ready
to move into today.
class; on Armstrong road, near
New Westminster, 5 cent fare;
$2500;   $250 cash and $30 monthly.
Westminster, $3000; $300 cash and
$35 monthly; will exchange for Burnaby acreage.
Make appointment over long distance telephone, Sey. 83(15. Open il
CO., liOS Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver,  II.  C.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Columbia invite competitive plans for the
genera! scheme und design for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed plans for the buildings Io be erected flrst at an estimated cost of $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition   and
| plan of site may be obtained on request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent in by July 31,
1912, addressed to
Parliament   Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
|    Re part (10 acres) ot lot 38, Group
1, formerly in Yale  Division of Yale
District, in the District of New West-
I minster.
Whereas  proof of the loss of cer-
I tiflcate of title No. 10956F, issued In
the    name   of Francis \Y. Fcrd, has
been filed in this of/ice.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry office,  New  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department is .
alvout to start a campaign for the I
cleaning up of all back yards and va-!
cant lots in the city, and the hearty I
co-operation of the citizens in general
is asked in this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ads.
we can have, and we feel sure that
(he citizens appreciate this to tiie fullest extent.     The burning up   of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up will go a long way
towards giving us a citv beautiful.
S.  .  PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
Construction Engineer.
s Applications accompanied by copies of testamonials are invited fnr th.;
position of construction engineer, stating salary re iuired und exi erienco,
and will be reoehed up to noon on
Monday, March IS.
���Edmonds, B. C, Mam!) 12, 1912.
The Municipal Council of the Cor
poratlon of the City of New Westmln- t'" "'"D ' ;ll��
ster having by Resolution determined
and specified that it is desirable to
carry out the folowing works, that is
to say;
tii) To pave Front street from
Eighth street to the northerly enl of
the Schaake Machine Works lor a
width Of 19 feet; lay water ma.ns,
gutter?, lnstal electric stieet lighting
Bystem, and any other worKs contingent  thereto.
Hi) To construct sanitary and
storm r.swers fiom Lot 1 to Lot 15,
uij i!ioek seven t7)
and that the said works shall ho
caiicd out in acocid.ir.ee with tue
piovisions of the "Local Improvement
General By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
Assessor having reported to the Council in acoidance with the provisions
Of the sail by-law upon tlie said
works, givin; statements , sho.ving
the amounts to be chargeable agalnsl
the various portions of rea' property
to be benefited by the said works
an.l other particulars, and the s"1''
reports are open for inspection at lhe
City Assessor having been adopted
by   the  Council.
Notice Is hereby given that the said
reports are open for Inspection to tin
office of the City Assessor, City Hull,
Foreign  Military Occupation  May Be
Necessary If Government Persists
In   Maltreating    Moslems.
Unless the existing conditions of anarchy and misrule that prevails in the
island of Crete are speedily changed
for the better the foreign military occupation, which ceased ln July, i!h/9,
will be resumed, and wi.l not again
terminate until the Cretan authorities
show some capacity for holding the
balance even as between Christians
and Mohammedans, writes the Lon lon
correspondent of the Mail and Empire.
That is the only Interpretation 'that
can be placed upon the vigorous language   employed    hy   the   protecting
powers in their latest note to the Cretan Government in which they state
that they are determined to maintain
the status quo and the capitulations,
and that if the Cretan Government
persists in sending deputies to the
Athens Chamber or dismisses Mussulman employees, or, ir the Ill-treatment
of Mohammedans continues, the powers will take such measures as they
deem necessary to avert the consequences.
Tne note concludes by declaring
ihat if the Cretans cannot govern
themselves peaceably, without endangering the peace of Euiope, the
powers will Ufke action in a direction
not in conformity with Cretan aspirations.
Moslems   Murdered.
For years the Moslem Inhabitants,
who are outnumbered by the Christians in the proi onion of tea to one,
have been the victims of continual out
rages at the hands of the latter. During the last few months, as cable despatches have shown, hardly a week
.us passed without the committing of
murders or attempted minders, and
In 90 per cent of the cases the perpetrators have escaped scot free, partly
owing to lhe Bupineness of the Government and the inefficiency of the
gen iarmerie, and partly because the
non-Moslem majority ictuses to give
evidence necessary to conviction.
There is little doubt that deliberate
attempts are made to render life in
the island unbearable for the Mohammedans, and thousands of them have
emigrated  to Turkey.
When the foreign troops were withdrawn, mainly at the instance of Sir
Edward Grey, nearly three years ago,
it. was on the understanding that the
Moslems should have fair play and
that their lives and property would be
protected. The powers, in many notes
and communications to the Ottoman
Governmenl, have ma^e themselves
lesponsible for seeing that this protection is secured, and they have also
repeatedly expressed their fixed determination to enforce th* maintenance of the status (iuo of the island
���ind to prevent Its annexation to !
Crete Wants Union.
There Is in Crete a very strong desire for political union with the Hellenic kingdom, and in the long run It
may be accomplished, but there is no
doubt that any act connecting annexation would mean the immediate outbreak of another Greco-Turkish war.
Such complications the powers are
very anxious to avoid, especially now
that there have been distinct signs of
better relations of late between Turkey and Greece, including a cessation of the somewhat menacing movements of troops on the frontiers, the
respective army corps being withdrawn by mutual consent to a dis-
rance at which "incidents" are less
likely to occur.
At the present time all p. quiet '
again, but the Cretans are equally de- J
termined to send deputies to Athens
at any cost when the Greek Chamber
meets In a month or so, and unless
the situation is very carefully handled
the Near East may be plunged   into
Fred Davis, Auctioneer
Has   been  instructed  by  Mr. Daniels to sell the entire contents of his well appointed residence at
210 Agnes Street, by Public Auction, on
Friday, March 22
At 2 p. tn.
This sale will include among other articles, Bird's Eye Maple Dressers, Chiffon'eres, Centra Ta-
bles and Rockers, Oak Nurse Rockers, Iron and Brass Beds, Spring Mattrasses and Restmore Mattresses, Toilet Sets, Solid Oak Secretaries, two-Oak Morris Chairs in Verona Upholstery, two Heaters,
four Brussels Carpets and Wilton Rugs, National Sewing Machine, Hall Rack, sevon Sea Grass
Chairs, Parlor Clock, Booitcuse, Oak Rockers and Oak Occasional Chairs, Extension Dining Tables
and Dining Chairs, Cook Range, also large quantity of Kitchen Utensils and Glasswa:<e, cn�� large
Wheelbarrow   and   many  other articles too numerous to mention.
Don't ForgetSale Friday, March 22, 2 p.m. sharp
Mrs. W. Turnbull and family wish
to take this oppoitunity of thanking
their many friendfr-for the sympathy
extended to them In th^ir une bereavement.
Board of Health Department.
Notice Is heieby given that the tags
in connection with the Garbage System are now on sale at the Collector's office in the City Hall, This
system will be put in operation on or
before the lst of April.
Sanitary   Inspector.
Re lots 43, 4G, 47, 48, 57, 58 and Gl,
62, K3, 64, 05 of lots 8 and 11 Suburban Block 13, in the City of New
Whereas proof of the loss ot Certlfl
cate of Title Number HGDIT, Issued ln
the name ot  Sarah  Ann  DouglaB, has
been flled ln this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C. Feb. Iti. 1912.
naps for You
Provided You Speak Quickly
NO. 50���Lots D and 10 cn Maple Street.    $-300 takes the two.   This
is an  unequalled  building site.
NO.  7���Splendid  lot Just off Twelfth Street  on  Wise  road, 6(1x14";.
All  cleared.    Snap for the man  with  the price.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Lutim, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and 'Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
The  Fighter's Romance.
It ain't th* name, an' it ain't tli' fams,
'ihat  keeps  me  tied    to   th'  tightin'
Au' it ain't fer th' dream   of bein' a
That I wear tin ears   an' a damaged
I a in n,
Nor it ain't no thirst  fer
I don   tii'  mitts,  bin
I need the coin.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
flrst meeting of the Court of Revision
of the Assessment Roll of the City of
New Westminster will be held in the
City Hall, New Westminster, on Wednesday, April 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be ln writing, and delivered to the Assessor at least ten dnys
previous to the sitting of the Court of
Dated at N'ew Westminster, 13. C..
this  12th day  of  March,  1912.
W.   A.   DUNCAN.
City Clerk.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It to the stuff that tha foun
datlons of wealth and happiness ara built of.
Money may be uaed tn two ways; to spend for what Is
Beaded now aud to Invest for what shall ba needed In tha future.   Money cannot bo Investad until lt ts flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
siiUit o' gore
ur  rush  an'
, An*
Applications will be received bv the
undersigned up till noon on Saturday.
the 6th day of April. 1912, for the position of LIBRARIAN at. the I'ubllc
Library in this city.
Applicants must state qualifications,
salary required, and give good references.
City Clerk
Citv  Hall,   New  Westminster,  March
12. 1912.
It ain't fer lh' love o' th
1 hat   makes   me  foller
smash    an' counter an''jab    an'
I beal him down in a   helpless
I ain't got  nothln' again tli' mutt,
An' I really Inte to do it, but���
I need th' coin.
An' it uln't pure grit that niake3 m?
; When me props is weak an' me stum-
mlek's siek.
I An' tne lamps ia closed an' me body's
\n* 1 stagger up an' I take some more
-.'���-���:   Westminster, |There's many a time when I'd chuck
inside me
Columbia   stree
'���'..  C,    and    that    unless a petition j it, but
against   tho   proposed  ".vorlte   above j This thought keeps rappin
Mentioned   signed   by   a   majority   of! nut-
D. V. Lewthwaite
i New Westminster, D. C.
Workshop 611   Victoria   Stieet.
(Over Dally  News.)
the owners of the l.ind or real propeity to be assessed or charged in respect of such  works representing at
least one-half in value thereof is pre-,
sented to the  Council  within  fifteen
days from the date of the first pub-1
lieation   of   this   notice,   the   Councll
wlll  proceed   with  the  proposed   improvements   Wider   sueh   terms   and I
conditions as to payment of the font I
of such improvements as the Council j
may  by  By-law  in  that behalf reg'.i-1
lato and determine and also to wake
th"  Mid  assessment.
Hated  tills twentieth dav of March
A.  I). 1912.
City cie-v,
Uat�� of fl-st piibll'a"n-i twenty-first
day of tJarch A. t). 1012.
I need th' coin.
When me heal  makes a dent in  th'
canvas floor,
An    1 hear th' crowd    at th' ringside
] An" me eyes Is blind with th' blood an'
I An' they'd see me killed   fer a piker
What    is th' thing that,    makes    rne
! To  me tired  fee', an'  block an' still,
iTlll th' fin���<I punch   puts me clean to
'Well, I've got three kids nn' n wife to
An' I need tir coin.
���c. 5, Apjilegarth, in Edmonton Joar-
Has become to be a Big Money Saving Event to the
good people of New Westminster and vicinity. Our
increasing business is proof positive that our efforts
in the way of Bargain Giving is fully appreciated by
the discriminating public.
The Man Who Saves Vou Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia ���IIKII    ii n   i
THUR8DAY, MARCH  21, 1912.
Centre of International  Gravity Shifting, Says Lord  Roberts���Position
of Yellow  Races.
"The center of International gravity
has now shifted to the Pacific, and it
is uumly in tnat direction that the
dominating (actors will be lounii
when any sei ious future complications may ailse." This utterance by
Lord Roberts, made in 1DIM, was
quoted by T. Miller Maguire ln-a pa-
paper on '"l'he New Pacific" at the
Royal Colonial Institute, says the Edmonton Journal.
"ln the New Pacific," said Mr. Mu-
gulie, "thero are strategic potentialities und risks, as well us a grand field
tor trading energies. By it dwell the
ancient communities in Asia which
have renewed their mighty youth and
sprung up fully armed in all the panoply or modern civilization. The Yellow race is the great reserve labor
fund of humanity, and a danseious
commercial rival also.
"Hut if Europe insists on sharing
in the wealth of China, sending expeditions to Cathay, and making alli-
nncea with the children of Nippon,
the Yellow race will demand tit for
tat, und a nation that asserts the
Monroe Doctrine may well sit silent I
undei- the sneers and taunts of its
own former President Roosevelt. Arbitration looks well -on paper, but it
never yet���nor did any other theory
or document of peace���-stop war. ,
What Traffic Is Involved.
"Will the Manama Can.u be fortified? If f.o, why? Will its traffic be
protected? If so, what becomes of
the various treaties which seemed ta j
give commercial security to nations j
like England? As England gained
most in strategy and commerce by
the completion of M. de Lessep's
great work at Suez, so tha United
Stales seems likely  to gain  most In
both strategy and commerce by the safe. Moreover, the Japanese may at-
Panama Canal, and tney seem re- tack and defeat the Americans any
solved to gain most���even by verjo,
stren..^uii method, towards bordering
to   tneir  own
Could Take Philippines.
'���I believe that they could take the
Philippines from the Americans with
Just as much ease as the Americans
defeated the Spaniards In  18D8, and
states  and   preference
mercantile 'marine.
"The    strategic    value    of    these
canals, If commanded at sea by the
power which controls them by land,
iB enormous;   and tho Importance ofl .. v. ,      1.1.
the harbors and excluding therefrom '��� there are   excuses   for quarrel   with
other   powers   became   apparent   at .the complications  now  pending���pre-
once, hence the eagerness with which  ference in the Panama Canal ^n spite
the range and application of the Mon- of t]eatleB   fortification of the canal,
roe Doctrine were extended, the war |        lnorisUoil3  doctrine  called  arter
with Spain, on little pretence, and tne i
determination to exclude other marl-1 President Monroe, anl the fact that In
I time powers from positions like the no Pacific port or territory, from Adel-
j Galapagos Isles. jaide    t0  \ ancouver,  and  from    San
"On tho other hand, I am informed   ..       . u���i.��� .   j      -i'i- , m������	
i by admirals that in this respect also,   1,ra,lcisc�� t0 Hobart' do >elo>v Ken     ,
i 'command of the sea ls an abridgment  simply because they are yellow men- ,
of  monarchy,'  and   that   if   another ' get, as fair play as white men.
power  got   command   of   the   Carib-1    *'Fot thege and   otner   causes'the:
"We  Furnish  Your  Home Complete"
Mr. Carter is Here With  His  Magnificent
Display of
bean Sea and of the Pacific, it would
also command the canal; and thus
they repudiate the suggestion that
the construction of the canal will put
an end to British naval supremacy If
the naval heart in Whitehall be
Yellow  F.'ace  Ascendant.
"Clearly the yellow race ls lord of
the ascendant on the Asiatic Pacific
coast, with the exception of the few
territories pertaining to France, to
the United Kingdom and Germany,
and the few native states, such as
Slam, which still survive European
aggression, though much contracted
in numbers and In area. It is also
true that Japan ls. our allay.
"But let not this console or comfort us. She will be our ally so lonj;
as our alliance is worth having, and
no longer. Baran Suyematsu, in his
Rising Sun, tells us how the antiquated Samurai were turned Into
conquering divisions and batteries
who outmanouvied and out-fouaht the
stiff est soldier of Siberia and Muscovy in Manchuria
"The Japanese did their work nil
too well; they could dispense with
their ally betimes���we became onlookers in this Rre^t struggle, and one
of Its results ls that our own territories In the Pacific are by no means
people of Australia are becoming apprehensive and are adopting that universal    obligatory     military    service
without which Baron Suyematsu says
his countrymen would not have had a
chance of winning the battle on the
Shaho, let alone Mukden, and without
I which our own folk would never have
1 crowned the Pyrenees ln 1813, and the
Germans  woull    not   have    entered
Paris as conquerors forty years ago.
"l.'nless our empire," added the
speaker, "maintains a superior navy
of sound ships, well manned and with
ample reserves well found and ready,
the mere fact that we possess si)
many decisive strategic points iu the
Pacific will only eventuate in more
decisive strategic defeats. So with
canals and Hawaii fortresses; a navy
which commands the surrounding
seas will comman.l both mouths of
the Keil canal, the Fitth of Fjrth or
the Panama or Suez or any other
canal existing or potential."
New    Ha!:
BJBjj 'T����t^^-Ll��-imTnra*rag��-g^��-ir-^rr^^
We have just received 8
dozen  Rattan   Suit   Cases,
made from the best Japanese Grass and well bound
with the best of Leather,
all have the new patent lock
Made in three sizes and in
three prices
22-inch - $3.00
24-inch - $3.25
26-iiich   -   $3.50
The Wardrobe Clothier
671 Columbia Street New Westminster
la   Being   Excavated   oa
Royal    Avenue.
"The art of dancing is not  on the
decline In spite of what, people say,'
said  Professor J.   R.  Barnett of the
Bainett Academy of Dancing on Royal avenue, speaking on the authority |
of   twenty-four   years' e;<pe:ience   as :
teacher of the Terpsichoiean art.
"Fifteen years of my experience,'
remarked the professor ln the intervals of fhe carpenters hammer at
worl; on the new Academy Hall,
"were gained in Boston, Mass., where
I myself learned dancing and the violin, the latter from the German play- i
flier brii-.'. Lledcrmann. People over!
there are intensely keen on dancing,
song ant^ music, bui here in ptoior',
I tlon to population  1 think Vmua are
I just as popular."
ihe Kize o*  the new dancing hall,
j Including dressing  iooius, which  l'ro-
! lessor Baruett has had excavated under his house o.i itoyul avenae, and
which  is aio.it  tj receive its   walls
and celling of lath and plaster, In sc-
I COidance   with   his   own   personal   di-
iicctioiis, is ^x-io, liu'.iug a clear
J'.iace or 3UX-Y.S Vo accommodate about U
se\ ��nty-!iv��s couples. There jwlU bo *-.\
do/.en or more windows, aud wttUth<&\
floor e.i.tra 1:3ins are belug ta'tcu to I
make it tli�� beat In town.
''Finishing  touches,"  wont,   on   the \
! roTedcor   taking     advantage    ot   en-1
other lu'l in the storm, "wi 1 be put
on coon after Ap.i!  1, when we get
the  iluiabe.s  and  plasterers   out  of,
the way. This hall will be made like;��rflce  Phone^ 185
a private academy,    lather   different
from the usual run of cold, bare, com-
; fortless places.    .We want  to have a
| bright  place that  wi:i  be pleasant  to
j the  eye. nnd  where  people  can  for-
| get their troubles and enjoy themselves."
j Questioned on the modern taste in
fhe matter of dances, the I rofessor
imparted the intelligence that the majority of dancers were too anxious to
rush matters, and variety in dances
was being cut down. Programs of today are lacking in polkas, Mozurkas,
Varsovlennes, foursteps and flve-
steps, not to s^eak of the barn dance,
etc.    Lancers are only danced occa-
i sionally;   on    the   other   hand    pro-
: grams are being cut down to waltzes
j?.nd twosteps, and it Is quite common
nowadays to see two waltzes following on a program.
The winter season which is better
than the summer, last from October
1 to April 30, and the new hall, which
was not expected to have heen ready
hefore the fall, will be thrown op*n
before the close of the season.
and we cordially invite  you to look over
the beautiful assortment
Even though you do not care
to buy now, the fund of information Mr. Carter can impart
to you .about Oriental Rugs in
general is well worth your attention.
Chief among the Rugs on display are Kismanshahs, Kazaks,
Tabriz, Shirrans, Hanunadans,
Cassabas and Mirzapores.
We Furnish Your Home Complete
New Westminster
Transfer Co.j
Barn  Phone 137 '.
Seal ie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to      |
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
liFflCl-TPAM  DEPOT. j
$ <Jt       \  EVERY MONDAY  For
Prince Rupert
3500 Tone,
Connecting    fortnightly  with
S.S.   "Prince    Jehn"  for    Port
Simpson, Port Nelson, Stewart,
Masst-tt,      Skidegate,      Pacofl,
Lockport, Jed way,  etc.
Tablets. Druggists refund money lf
It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each *iox.    25c.
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks,  Etc
^^^^^^^^   7000 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At   Twelve  o'Clock        M 	
Grand Trunk Paciflc passenger trains  leave  Prince  Rupert  Wednesdays  and  Saturdays for points east.
Through Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via Chicago.
City Offices:  527 Granville street, Vancouver, B.  C.   Telephones:
Passenger   Sey. 7100;  Freight, Sey, 3060;  Express, Sey. 7986. Harry
G. Smith, City Pasenger and Ticket  Agent.   Steamer  from     Prince
Rupert arives Vancouver Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. instead of 9:30 p.m.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
Thursday Evening,
Mar. 21
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.   Prices low; fit guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Hon. Richard McBride. Mr. H. H. Watson, Conservative' candidate for Vancouver; Thomas Gifford, Conservative candidate for
New Westminster; Mr. C. E. Tisdall and Mr. L. W. Shatford will
address the meeting.
Ladies Especially invited
Mr. George Kennedy, Liberal candidate, is invited.
Tel. 761.
Cor. Gth and Columhla
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montrial-Quebec-Liv;rpool (Sum mer).
Portland, Me.-Halifax  (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw S.S. Megantic.
11,892 gro3s tons. 14,788 gross tons.
'Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.   Electric elevators, electric heaters, eklU-
' ed orchestra, wkeless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $92.50; second-class, $63.75;   third-class,    (closed   rooms),
Comfort at moderate rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin  service.
8.S. TwinScrew 'TEUTONIC, S.8. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long. 614 feet long.
'Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-class (ID cabin
Rest accommodation given $50.00 up. third-class (closed rcoms), $"1 2">.
Company's Off Ise, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and. Cherry Stt.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, Q. N. R.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnla St., City.
pao*; pouR
THURSDAY,   MARCH  21,  1912,    *
Ttie Daily News
Pabllabed by The Dally News Publish-
tag Company, Limited, at their office*,
Of McKenzie and Victoria
THURSDAY,   MARCH  21, 1912.
moie pressing. That event ls certain
to result ln i,reat development along
the whole Paciflc sea-hoard. Just as a
business man lncieases'hls insurance
as the value of his stock Increases, so
as tho wealth of this province inei eases Bhould its people Insist on better protection against outside .lam-
age. Until every nution In the world
has learned to accept arbitration
treaties such as those which the American senate has Just refused to
ratify It is only the strong nation
armed that will he master In her own
house. A strong navy ls the best
guarantee of peace, and the onl.v
me:'.ii8 of ensuing a Strong attitude towards Oriental Immigration.
Will   Employ 1000   Men���Shortage  oi
Steel   Serious   Drawback,
Edmonton, Alta.,   March   20.���More
han  1000  men will  be  required   as
The formation of a special commit-
too of Delta and Westminster representatives to consider the building
of a branch electric Une from Kennedy station on the 13. C. B. IL Chil-
ii i i r.anr.\a t�� I idner and Delta soon as spring opens up hy the ka
llwack  branch  to  L.uiner ana ��**     molUon  Uunvegan and Hritllh Colum
points. Is one of the most important | ^ Rft���way for the carrylng out 0f
steps yet taken towards a practical ^e construction program of 1912, ac-
outcome of this much discussed ques-1 cording to J. D. McArthur, president
^ ...a *** n��ita ar�� anx- of the road. Mr. McArthur announced
tlon.   Ladner and   he IWU ar^"��
ions to secure rail communication | ^ ^^ ^ ^^ emI>loyment that
with eithor Westminster or Vancou- the work wou|(j t)e lu8hed ahead from
ver Both these cities are equally : (j10 Rdnionton end as soon as the sea-
anxious to secure communication with | J^ojien.^ that before tte g*
thla wonderfully fertile district of mo completed from Kdmonton to the
lower Fraser. The building of a; .Uhabasca river and beyond,
branch line from Kennedy station Is | The principal dllTlculty with wllich
n orolect that ls easy of accomplish-. Mr. McArthur in common with every
ui ,���.,_.|i��� Hilda Other railway corporation in the Do-
ment and one which apparently flnM Uniim, expects to he faced this son-
favor in the eyes of the B. C. B. ll- I son is the shortage of steel. "It will
Company. On the other hand, a ^ utterly Impossible to secure steel
bridge across the Kraser to give dl-1 from the Canadian mills this season."
reet access from Ladner to Vancouver ���M he, "and unless the Dominion
reet access irom w " ! Government removes the steel duty. I
would, according to Ueeve Oliver, cost Bha]| hav<j ^ conccntrnte on tne
nearly $5,000,000. and take years to grnd,nf, amHeftV��� the 3lee, work over
finance arid build. Which of tne vwu ^ ^ marke, is jn a ,)eUer rontli.
is a practical proposition at thei prts- (jan ^ Canad|an mii,s can,t turn
ent time seems hardiy to be in dount.  ou(. ,he Btee, wc require..
There is also no    doubt    that tne	
trade of the Delta is worth working  DEATH COMMON  EVENT
Absolutely Pure<
Light Biscuit
Delicious Cake
Dainty Pastries
Fine Puddings
Flaky Crusts
The only  Baking Powder  made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
City Property
Lot Just off    Second   street, $500, $100 cash, balance $15 per month.
Lot on Sixth avenue, $1150, third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Lot on Dublin street close to Twelfth street, looking south;   all
cleared, $1200, $350 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Lot on London street near Twelfth  street,   $1100,  one-third  cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Two lots on Eighth avenue near Tenth    Btreet,  $2300, $400    cash
will handle the two.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
No. 66���SURREY���.Fifty acre farm, 16 cleared, 12 slashed; 100
fruit trees; also small fruits. House live rooms; two barns; close to
Bchools, tram line, G. N. R., telephone, etc., etc. Price $8000; terms
$5000 cash, balance easy.
No. 53���SURREY���Eighty acres, one mile from Hunter's station,
B. C. Electric Chilliwack line. Price $80 per acre; one-third cash,
balance in two years at 7 per cent.
No. 72���SHERBROOKE STREET, CITY���Small new house nnd
lot near school.    $100 or $250 cash required; balance as rent,
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone 1105.
lor. Figures produced at the joint
meeting of representatives of the mu-
nicinalltles and  cities  of  the  Lower
The  numher of railroad  wrecks In
Mainland held on Tuesday prove this   U]p Un(ted stato3 [g sq lmmenBelv oilt
........!,,.-> .*.,! *���        If   u'tio   nhnurn   thnt   (till-     _.._.. .
conclusively. It wus shown that during the year 1910-11 the produce of
the Delta was as follows: 20,000 tons
of hay, worth $400,000; 12,500 tons
of grain, $375,000; 7,500 tons of potatoes and roots, $150,000; (10,000 cans
of milk, $120,000; 2000 cases of eggs
of proportion to the number of wrecks
in other countries that the government Is heing urged to take this serious question under consideration for
The New Vork Central on the same
day recently had a wreck of its east
-*   - *   r -.         i"".*    ivweuuj    ii��u   ii   wifrh   Ol   HS   wai-
$16,000;  150 carloads of cattle, sheep/ 1)0und f|ve|. u���d a wlc���k of ,     we3t.
and hogs, $180,000; $100,000 worth of- bound*flyer-one WU��d, nineteen In
horses aadj?000 miscellaneous. This   ji;]..M     Qn ,he-gaino day thcre wag a
wreck on  the Continental  Limited of
How much lars- tne  Wabash���flve    killed,  nitv hurt,
stands out In Europe as the only defender of the principle of the despotic
power of the government over the individual���the East has already recognized the destructlveness of that principle.
"Russia will take a great deal of
vodka into the Persian markets, but
I cannot see what ideas useful to the
Persians the Russian Bureaucracy can
possibly introduce. Finally, I think
that   the seizure of Persia has    been
due, not so much to the interests of
Russian capital as to the desire of the
dynasty of the Romanoffs to give to
their people a new etxenslon of territory, and by so doing to commemorate
the 300th anniversary of their own establishment in Russia. This tercentenary���as is well known���is fictitious, and this gift will develop into a
source of misfortune for the Russian
people, for it Is Impossible to believe
that Persia will reconcile herself to
the enslavement which threatens her."
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and    Shingles
These are threo of the famous trains
of Amei lea.
These tragedies were briefly chion-
icled in the daily newspapers and dis
unites   a   grand   total   Of   $1,860,000
This is a big figure
er will It become as soon as the farmers  have  transportation  by  which  to
market their goods?
These facts should    induce    every
merchant to take off    his    coat    and j "mis^.d"as merely inci'd"en7sTl the rail ,
work for a Ladner-VVeEtminster line.   ,oad  business, as    though    tliey  were
The time is now  ripe for the effort. I inevitable. I
Tbo hard pioneering: is over. Tho ear       ,n  Kng|a,)d 0,. on ,he continent in j
ot the  transportation  companies has   cidents   like   these   would   hive   been
br^ii  gained,  and   rapid  success  WIH  promptly   followed   bv   investigations
follow   on   a   determine 1   campaign. | ,,y t),e      b,Jo autho.rlUes to place the-
Delta Is unable to wall for the bridge  blame and to inflict the penalty.
which  may  still  come later.      Bouth I     During  tbe   yew  lm.0   the   mi'.way \
Vancouver    ts      beginning      to    -see \ accidents  in   tho  Vnite.l   Kin<;<tom  ofl
tho value of this preliminary echeme. \ Kng\nn 1,  Ireland  ancl   Scotland  killed I
With ter  Fraser  avenue    and  Main | Uzl  and    injure(1  80.104    passengers
street car lines llnke-.1 on to the Lulu   and employees.
Island branch she soon wlll he lr di- i During the same year the railways
roct communication with WeBtmin-', of ,h,. unftej States killed 3804 and
ster. and where Westminster will injured 82,374 passengers and eiu
profit she will accordingly profit, too. I payees, and tor the vear l'Ul the
in those circumstances cooperation ! wreck and accldenl mortality on the
will be easy, and co-operation spells ril)ted Slateg ,aihvavs was ncar,v B0
almost certain success. The meeting , per (p|lt s,eater thai In 1010.���Wln-
of the  Westminster and  Delta  ConHlnipeg Tribune.
mitlce wi'l mark the first milestone
on tho right road to this much-needed
Maxim Gorki, the   celebrated   Rus- I
sian  writer, recently sent the following  letter  to   Mr.   Frederick   Whelan, i
honorary    secretary    of    the    Persia
Committee, on tbe .ution of Russia in j
i am of opinion that the actions ol
This will appeal to builders
or liomesite seekers. Lot on
north Bide of Hamilton street,
close to Twelfth street. Magnificent view. Lot ls easily
cleared, 66x132 feet; and has
a 33-fOOt stieet, at rear; cement Bidewalks. The price ia
$l<tU0, first, payment dn'.y $finn,
balance ln ti, 12 and IH months.
This is good for a few days,
that's all.
Here is a nice lot for building a cozy home; 132x148%
feet, on Hamilton street, near
Fourteenth street. The price
Of this is onl.v $24J}0 and terms
are easy.
Froin the statements made by Hon.
Jlr. liazcn fn tha House of commons
at lUiawa mis ��ceK, it ls clear that
Canada v. 1.1 tuve a long time to wait
bofoie she knows exactly what will be tlie Russian Government in Persia are
thc uav... po.icj of tae government. , nationally harmful to the Russian
At a. tune u; n-.u.ring international ] people, quite apart from the tact that
cribt,s L.ic.i aa the present, this is they are inhuman in relation to the
douDtlesii ualdrtunate, but of the de- ] Persian people. 1 am doubtful wher
lay one good use may be made. The ther it wouid he possible, by means
subject can be thoroughly discussed ! of COurtS-martial and by execution!,
and every aspect of the question ' to secure the Persian commercial
given full consideration. market for Russian capital, and I am
Here on the Paeilic. coast we should convinced that the Russian Govern-
be deeply Interested in the Canadian j ment in creating, by Its senseless
navy, in fact more so than thote who j brutality, a n?w and irreconcilable en-
dwell on the shores of the Atlantic. ; emy in Persia for the Russian peo-
While the British ileet remains su- pie. Moreover, the conJuct of the
priuiio in the Nortli Sea Kastern Can- ] Russian troops in Persia Is serving to
ada has nothing to fear. Such ��u- Strengthen the spread of Orthodox
premacy is, however, not a sufficient j Pan-Islamism, whicli rejects the crea-
guarantcc for the safety of the west- tive ideas and principles fostered In j
ern coast. Owing to the increasing Europe, snd In this way the Russian I
aize of the German navy Great Britain ' Go.ei nment's actions are Injurious to
has been forced to concentrate her
lloct more und more in home waters
to tlie (!et;ime:it of her China squadron. Consequently it is in the Pacific
ocean alone that the Imperlal fleet is
the interests of European culture.
'Further,  while  the  Colonial  policy |
of contemporary Europe, inasmuch as \
it   is not   ideally  humanitarian, un-
doubtedly  retards the growth of hu-1
5B/2 BY 148i/2.
This big lot on Fourth street
near Fifth avenue, is cleaied
and fenced. Terms extend
over eighteen months. Owner
will take $1��00. Pay one-third
now. i   .   I !   I
For a beautiful home location this lot on Princess near
Second, will take some beating.
It's only half a block from the
new school and close to car.
Price Is $810; only a quarter
woak and In the Pacific ocean alono manltarian Ideals, yet England, even
is there even the remote prospect of | When Importing opium into China, to-
cauada becoming directly concerned gether with thai {.bison took Into the
In a war.   Thc greatest problem on country Ideas of constitutionalism and
the coast today is Oriental immigri-
tion. This is the question that Is
dragging the Dominion into Interna-
tioual politics, ln tint sphere might
ia utill  right, and if the day aver BT-
Individual freedom.
"We see today that while ^..ina
has nol heen destroyed by the smoking of opium, a has. on the other
hand,  been  Stimulated  to greater vig-
rives lo adopt some strong policy or, and is being revolutionize! iy the
with regard to Asiatic labor it Will Healthy and creative ideas of the
he fatal to be weak.   The place for the ��� West, and is now rebuilding Its cro>\d-
(.'���anadiau fleet is on the Pad lie coast
Kvery effort, accordingly,  should    he
jnade to insist on this fact at Ott.u.va,
lhe eastern  manufacturers and eastern ports notwithstanding.
Austral'sla, Cana.la and to a certain
ed ant hills on a European Basis, and
is uniting Itself to Aryan culture,
From this example, on-* among many,
we are convinced of tne vital energy
for good Inherent In the creative
ideas of European culture, and In the
extent South Africa aro directly aft capacity of EngllBflmen tor further-
fected by Asiatic immigration.   If they , ing these ideas.
find themselves forced to adopt a pol-1 'We see, also that while Kngiish
icy in this regard that may be resent- capital lg forcing Its way Into Persia,
od by a foreign people, these domin- j Kngiish public opinion recognizes the
ions must be prepared to Klve effec- necessity for establishing a commit-
live aid in backing up that policy. A tee for the protection of Persia, and
powerful fleet composed of the navies that in Kngland not only ls there a
of Uu Oilierent countries with the society for the study of eastern cul-
Indian and British and China squad- ture, but also a special society for
rons added, based, say, on Esquimalt, studying Persian cult ure.
Hongkong or Singapore antl an Aus- "I ask myself what things of great
industries and manufactures issued price, what principles of European
pire forever lhe control of the Pacific culture, have been taken by the Rus-
to the sane extent    that the unaided   sian  government    into    those  realms
Lot on Seventh avenue, between Fourteenth and sixteenth stieets, facing south;
magnificent view; size 33x
148^ leet; partly cleared.
Price $t.jo.    Terms:  one-third
cash,   balance   to  arrange.
Faces south on London street
near Fourteenth. Dandy view.
I860 and terms are easy.
Between Sixteenth and Eighteenth street, partlv cleared.
|826,   with   good  terms.
You can't do better than take
these two lots at $425 each.
Terms ure easy; one-third cash.
The location is right and view
Just   dandy.
Every day the call for real estate in Westminster is getting bigger and bigger. The
men who know how things are going are all
putting their money in this city. They are
taking no chances���none at all.
Yesterday three clients placed $7000 in my
hands for investment. They are men who
know the value of money, they have worked
hard for it. The only stipulation they made
was that "the stuff must be in the city."
Any day now we will learn of the Harbor
Scheme and all that it means to Westminster.
When this announcement is made prices will
soar.   There's no question about that.
Now, are you going to be in on this ?
Fine six-roomed house, thoroughly modern. Rents for $-5
ier month. Situated in the
heart, of the city on comer lot.
Price JUliUS; terms $800 cash,
balance over two years.
This five-room modern houee
stands on a lot 50x140 feet,
running back to a lane. The
house Is nicely built; has a
tine open fireplace, panelled
strips and plate rack. Owner
will take $2700 and Is satisfied
with one-fourth cash and the
balance over two years.
New five-roomed cottage,
piped for furnace and thoroughly modern; one and one-
half blocks to Twelfth street
car line. Price ls $21100; 1600
now and the balance over three
Here is u house that rents
for $25 a month, it is a six-
roomed house, fully modern,
with basement, etc. Price Is
$2��00; with a quarter of tho
payment now and the balanco
by   1914.
On Fifth avenue, near Seventh stieet. This place is quite
modern and stands on Lit 30
by 125, facing south. Tho price
or |2(>25 Is good enly for a
short time and the terms will
please you.
���efforts of Great Britain have won hoi
Ibe command of every other sea.
which    they  have seized  In    Central
Asia���Khlve and Bokhara. What crea-
Tbe    approaching    opening    of the   tive Influences of value    ean Russian
Panama Canal makes the newl of ade
<qa*tp   protection   on   this   coast   still
sovereignty sow in old Iran (Persia)'
"The    Russian     Government    now
immmmsmmm PHONES 170-173 THUR8DAY,   MARCH  21,  1612.
Sapperton  and    City    Meet    in  City
League���Great Battle Expected.
A great match Is scheduled In the
���City League to be played next Saturday on the Sapperton ground. In
this the city team meets the Sapperton aggregation und a hard tussle is
likely to result. At present Sapperton is at the head of the league In
which only three more games remain
to play. One of these, that between
the city and the 104th, is not expect
ed to come off, thus leaving but two
games, both between the city and
Sappertoa, to be played. If the east-
endertj can take one of these games
they will be the victors. If they fall
to do this Burnaby will wear the
Most of the Senior Amateurs will
lie on the fleld for this match. Speedie, Chlel, Aylesbury and possibly
Patterson will turn out for the Sappertonians, while four others at least
will champion the city. It may be
pointed out tht the city must be a
great team to hold the position it
does as It boasts but three regular
men. These veteran standbys are
Messrs. Ryall, Canfield and Christie,
true-blooded sportsmen all, who love
a game whether they win or lose.
The Sapperton Junior Lacrosse
team Is giving a concert tonight at
Central Park. Besides songs there
will be recitations and dialogues.
A meeting of the Graduite Nurses'
Association will he held *>�� the Roval
Columbian Hospital on Friday afternoon at three o'clock. The most important business which will come before the gathering wll be the preparation of the constitution and by-laws
of the new organization.
As a result of the players ch';sen
from the Hovers and Thistle teams
refusing to play for the professional
team that ls to meet the Senior Amateurs In the inter-league game lhe ex
ee;:tive hns seen fit to censure them
for their action, lt Is believed that
tbe refusal was mainly due to unwillingness on the part of the players
to lose a day's work.
they would, after routing an attack,
take the puck up the ice and help the
lorwaids. it was not long before the
Canadians began to pile up points in
a. progressive style. At haif time they
had scored seven times (Talt 4, Martin 2, and Hlggings 1), against trie
solitary point of their opponents.
The second period was out the repetition of the lirst. The English defence was unable to stop the rushes
of the Canadian forwards. The latter
were fast; their stick-handling was
brilliant, and their Bhots uccurate.
Thanks to those qualities, they succeeded in aJdlng eight new paints to
their score (higgins 5, Tait 2, and
Martin 1). At the other end the defence was as sond as ever, and the
few difficult shots which got pasi
them could not beat Wrung, who
played a good game. But in spite of
all, the English team put up a brave
fight, and up to the end worked hard,
with an eneigy worthy of a better reeult, to stem the Canadian onslaught.
But they could not do better than to
secure a second point. And the match
ended with a score of 15 to 2, the
hlgheet yet made against the Prince's
Oxford-Canadians���Goal, iM. Wrang.
Ontario; point, H. W. MacDonnell,
Ontario; coverpolnt, W. Martin,JUan-
Itoba; centre, J. G. Higgins, Newfoundland; right wing, W. Warbur-
ton, P, E. I.; left wing, R. H. Talt,
Now the Oxford-Canadians intend to
paiticlpate In the international tournament for the championship of Europe, which ls to take place at Brussels on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of
March. France, Germany, Belgium,
Switzerland, England and Bohemia are
expected to be represented, and if the
Oxford-Canadlan3 are able to send
their best team they shoul 1 win again
the championship of Europe.
At a meetin? of the executive of the
Senior Amateur League, held in Vancouver on Tues lay evening, local
couver on Tuesday evening, the local
team1* pretest of the game
against Cedar Cottai;? team on tne
grounds of an Inexperienced referee,
was thrown out. The locals were not
very sanguine of success when they
--ent in a protest so that the result is
not surprising.
Thero will be no Senior Amateur
game Satin day. The local teom wus
Io have played St. Andrew's, but the
game has been calle I off owing to the
inter-.e.igue games that are being,
playej on that diy. These will be two 1
In   niftnber.     Two   Kama   hav��   l��e^i^
Reach's 1912 Guide.
With the spring of 1912 Reach's
American League Guide���the official
handbook of the gieat junior major
league���makes its welcome appearance, being once more first in the
Held, as it ls in everything else; as
this publication, in the course of
years embracing virtually an entire
baseball generation, has become the
standard annual publication of the entire baseball* world. This is a big
claim, but it is absolutely sustained
by t^e text, illustrations, quality of
paper, serviceable binding and all other details that go to make up a handsome, readable an.l saleable bojk.
Topping all, it may be Said without
fear of successful contradiction that
Ihe American League Official Guide
for 1912 is In all lespects a first-class
handbook lor the national game and
a decided credit to the American
league and to the publishers, the
Reach Company, of Philadelphia. This
is the eleventh annual issue of the
Reach Guide as the official handbook
of the American League and the thirtieth consecutive year of IU publication by the A. J. Reach Co. as a
book of record and reference for the
entire baseball world.
Dennis also announced that the price
of Irrigable land In the irrigation
block will be increased from $30 to
upwards of $55 per acre.
An increase In prices is also probable covering all the wheit lands o."
the company In Saskatchewan and Alberta; 250,000 acres of Irrigable land
In the eastern section of the Irrigation
block will be placed upon the market
this season. Mr. Dennis stated that
he coull safely prophesy 200,000 new
settlers, based on carefully tabulated
figures supplied by. agents at the convention, who state that there is now
greater Interest among prospective
settlers owing to the new department
of natural resources offering, In addition to Alberta lands, the rich wheat
lands of Saskatchewan and the remaining Manitoba mixed farming
lands.���Winnipeg Tribune.
plfked from the best men ln the S<*1-1
ior Amateur League, cne of which
will nluy the pick of the Alliance
League and tht other the representatives of the professionals. Tiie gates
of both games will be given to the
Alliance league, and tho games will
be played on Powell street grounds
as a double-header.
"Girl    From    Rector's"   Declared
Critics to  Be Fame-Maker.
"The Girl From Rector's'' wliich had
a run of over three hundred nights at i
we.jers Music bad, .Nc��v *oik, wiil
be seen lu this city at the Opera
house lor a limited engagement ot
one night on Fri jay evening.
Paul'M. Potter is the .lutnor of the ,
worn  and  despite  the  tact  that  Msj
past has oeen identified with plays of
a serious nature he nit upon a  vein
of humor in "The Girl" which astonished even his most ardent admliers.
It ls a long step from a play of the
nature of "Trilby," of   which he  was j
the  author,  to an offering line that |
of his latest creation.   The New York
critics declare that  he    has made a
name for himself in the field of coni-
edv whiclf will survive his former l emulation.       1 nere    isn t   a  aul     line j
tluoughout "The Girl From Rector's.'
and not a situation that cannot be understood  anl appreciated by anyone.
The    success of the    piece    may be
Judged from the fact that its earning
capacity at Weber's was many times
greater than that of the same house
when   the   Weber   & Felds' offerings
there,  were  the    sole  topic  of  New
York's theatre-^oing pubaic.
Here is what the Se���- York Evening  Telegram  said   about the   play:
"You may not be able to go to
Paris, but you can go to see "The
Girl From Rector's." "The Girl" with
any other name woul.l make you
laugh. And you can't help laughing,
You    aay  not know   wtfat you
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Coming Sure
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth street. Prices: Lower floor
$1.00, balcony $1.00 to 25c.
Monday, March 25
Rose   Stahl's   Great   New   York   and
London   Success
^hc Chorus Lady"
Superb   Cast and   Production.
Did you read what the Portland
and Seattle papers said about this
Show?    'Nuff said."
PRICES   $1.50, $1.00,  75c,  50c.
Reserved   Seat,     now     aelllng     at
Tidy's   Florist   Store.
A splendid opportunity for a man with $1500 cash an.l a modest salary to buy a good home at a sacrifice price.
Modern seven-ioom, two-story house, with furnace, hardwood
floors, nice electrical fixtures and many other desirable features.
Situated in one of the best parts of the city.
Price $5250, only $1500 cash, and balance $25 per month.
Let us show it to you.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. 1. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
FIFTH AVENUE ��� Near car line:
eight rooms, bath, toilet upstairs
and in basement; hot water heating; modern everyway. Price $5000;
$1500 cash, balance one and two
years.   No. 164.
BELMONT STREET���Near car line;
eight roomed house; stone foundation; modern; hot air heating. Price
$4000; $1000 cash, balance over
three years.   No. 163.
DUBLIN STREET ��� Seven roomed
house; furnace, laundry tubs, bath,
separate toilet; chicken house and
runs; lot 50x132 to lane. Price
$40C0; good terms.   No. 17.
street car line; modern in every
way; cement walks; beautiful view
from balconies; both back and
front. Price $3700; good terms.   19.
Peoples Trust Go
Head Office New Westminster.
Phones 646 and 669.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treat.
Manufacturers  and   Wholesale Dealers In
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
PVion���� No. T and tm.   Shtngte*, 8��m*\, Ooorv Moulding*. Ste.
���O                      BOWLING.
Last night's Inter-clty league match
resulted ln a win for the  Vancouver
aggregation by (il ptnB.    George Ingram had high Bingle (195), and Lockhart high    average   with   51i��   pins.
The scores:
12        3     Ttl.
Lockhart H>8    189    li!2���519
Parks 158   159   155���472
Davis    184    156    130���470
Moss    193    145   L53���491
Grant   144   174   185���503
I .      847 823
1 2
J. Chamberlin..   ..144 170
Williams 118 152
Ingram   ..    1*1 19B
O'Connor 167 1?2
Mat-shall   ....'  ....120 176
785 2455
3     Ttl.
London, March 20.-
to be a banner year for Lngllsh sport,
and its followers are already beginning to predict that England will soon
emerge irom tne slump wbich has
afflicted her pastimes since the disastrous Olympic games of 1908. In
ne. premier   winter   sports     she   has
opened the year auspiciously by defeating Wales and Ireland lu the international match under the Association football code.
In the antipodes the English cricket
team Is bringing home tbe "Ashes,"
which have been held by the Colonials
for teveral years. Next summer the
British Isles will be invaded *>y cricket teams from Australia and South
Africa, and the triangular contest for
tbe cricket championship of the empire will provide unrivalled sport for
the lovers of the game.
The approaching Olympic games
have also caused a truce In the long
war between the Football Association
and the Amateur Football Association. A conference will be held hetween the two bodies for the purpose
of fixing upon a plan for the selection
of the teams which will play at Stockholm. All is apparently harmonious
In the four Rugby Unions which control that branch of football, and the
I laughing  at but  you laugh.      It you
1012   promises \ wanl ^  tl!,
1��2 498
590    865    839 2394
In the house league the Angels wlll
try    conclusions    with    the    Dlnkel-
8peIJors tonight, and on Friday night
the Nabobs anl Wanderers meet.
English Cannot Hold Rhodes Scholars
on the les.
Fof the third consecutive time the
Oxford-Canadians have captured the
Ice. hockey championship of England,
and they effected the deed In a brilliant match In which they completely
outclassed      the     challengers,     the
Prince's Club of/ London.
The uinie was played on Saturday,
relates the Winnipeg Tribune, the
17th of February, at the Prince's
rink, whlrh ls the only artificial Ice
rink in London. It Is fairly large,
though a little narrow, and consequently tho match ww played with
only six men a Bide.
The Canadian lineup was a strong
one, Two new men on the team,
"Butter" Martin, a former coverpolnt
of Toronto University, and H. McDonnell, a former point of Queen's,
both of whom could not come on the
Christmas Europoan tour. They wero
able to turn out against Prince's and
were a tower of stren-th, both in attack and defence, Martin even scoring
throe points during the game.
RlfTht at the start the Canadian student,n (inserted their Biioerlirltv. Talt
nnd Hlfcglns on the forward Hue were
alwavK on the puck, estnbl'shlnc fln��>
combiiritions and making rings round
their opponents, As to the defence. It
"as Impossible for the English players to pass Martin and MacDonnell.
The chcklniT or those two men was
splendidly effective,and now nnd then
160���430/ nations   concerned   have    invited    a
South African team over for the season whloh begins next September.
^^^^^^    One of the most interesting lnter-
 | national hoise racing contests will be
the famous Derby, in which Monti ose
II., a French horse, owned and trained by Americans, will be a prominent
June wiil witness.the world's sculling championship on the Thames, In
which Dick Arnst, of Australia, will
defend his title against Ernest Barry,
the champion of England, This match
has been hanging flre for some time
over questions of purse and expenses,
but these have been a.ljustod to the
satisfaction of both men.
Another International race on the
water will be held away from home
when British motor boats po after the
British international tronhy for motor
boats, which has been forwarded by
its donors, the Royal Yacht club, to
the Motor Koat Club of America,
which retained the trophy last summer through the marvellous speed of
Dixie IV. The Royal Yacht Club will
send out Dan Hanbury's new hydroplane as one of Its representatives.
This boat has been specially designed
by Sir John Thornycroft, and is an
improved type of Miranda IV.
want -s tin for an evening entertainment that will make you forget all
the rest of your troubles, go and see
"The Girl."
cost more ��� so pure, fine, well-
savoured. Goes further, too. But
not a cent clearer.
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Program  for Thursday,  Friday
and Saturday.
Direct from Australia the
Presenting an Act of Merit.
The Well Known Cartoonist
Vaudevlle's  Best   Novelty (Cartoon Act. \
Lyric Soprano.
4 ���NEW   PHOTO   PLAYS���4.
10c���A D MI SS IO N���20c.
Can Safely Promise 200,000 from U. 8.
A., Says C. P. R. Lan* Agent
At the c'obo of the convention of the
reueral land agents of the Canadian
Pacific Rul'.wav Company for the middle Western  States  recently held  at
thf> La Salle hotel, Chicago, J. S. Dennis, assistant to the .president, stated
that Immigration from the States Into  Western C*"nd��  th's year would
exceed 200,000.'Thl-ty-two of the com- j
pany's   rerresentatl-vM were  nroaent |
from the Dakota*. IllI-inK Mfhnesota,
Iowa, Indiana.   Ohio,   Kentucky,   Nebraska, Peniinylv.inla, Oklahoma, Mr.
Having just received a fresh supply
of Cameras, Films, Paper* and all
accessories, we are In a position to
supply all your needs In this Una with
the best goods obtainable.
Also, If you need a little advice we
ara sufficiently familiar with all
branches of the Amateur Photography
lo Intelligently advise,     t
Davies* Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
16 oz. Pkgs. of Raisins, each         -            ' 10c
A wonderful value.
5 Pkgs. of Toilet Paper for         -       -       - 25c
Large tins of Tomatoes, 2 for      -            - * 25c
No. 1 White Beans, 4 pounds for      -      -      - 25c
Cooking Figs (Today Only) 4 pounds for 25c
Bread Flour "Our Special Best" sack of 491bs. - $1.75
No. 1 Eating Apples, per box         -   .      - $2.75
Every apple guaranteed sound.
Delicatessen Department
W t ���
Pigs Feet, 2 pounds for            -            - 25c
Heinz Sauer Kraut, 3 pounds         -         - 25c
Heinz Dill Pickles, per dozen         -         - 25c
Heinz Olives (bulk) per pint       -       -        - 35c
The Public Supply Stores
���        CASH GROCERS
33 8th Street      "TBE WHITE FRONT"
Phone 2 i^i ni ~ ���rr ���
Thursday, march 21, 1912.
<*> ���
A Dollar Tin
It Was Afterward
Returned For a
Charitable Purpose
ar  ��>
Viscount Burleigh was dend. nud his
son inherited the title, with Uie eu lulled estates. Dowager Viscountess llur-
letgb was now face to fine with a
family problem. Wer son was provided for. but she bird a daughter,
Gladys, for whom tliere was no provision whatever and whom her mother
considered entirely incapable of pro-
Tiding for herself, l.ndy (iladys tind
she been born In America, where new
fields nre opening to women every
day and where Ihe daughters in
wealthy families often work trom
mere preference, might hnve done very
���well. In Btiglttnd she was kkiunrl to
he n fnllure. There is lust as inii>'h
cspei lal fitness fol society ns ailj other
department ot life, and l.ailv liintly*
.Burleigh did not possess such nine**
When  lhe yoilim  swells  were  liMlllilll
up and Introduced to her thej got ih��
response to their society cliltchal and
left her as soon ns they could politely
do so. Some Oxford oi Cattihrlilue
professor uiljzht draw out what mere
was In her. but not the dancing man
Of the smart set
��� The dowager viscountess was a
practical woman, who Instinctively
understood the laws of supply and demand. American women of fortune
were marrying titles lu England, but
*he could not recall a single case of
nu Englishwoman of noble family
worrying a rich American. British
noblemen went to America for their
���wives. Why should not n British jrirl
of a titled family co to America for a
Letters of introduction were obtained to the social leaders of New Vork.
and   I.ady   Burleigh  sailed   with   her
daughter on her errand of compiest.
1 say her errand, for she had the cood
sense to keep tier object a secret from
Gladys, knowing lliat if lhe girl knew
lt she would tlutly decline to po. snd
when Gladys put ber foot down there
���was no lifting It. The mother Intended to guide the way diplomatically,
keeping her daughter so far as pos-'
Bible from scientists, literary men.
artists���indeed, all who used their
brains lu Holds that were considered
unprofitable. As to merchauts and
manufacturers, they were not tu lie
considered. She proposed to surround
ber candidate with the wealthy society
men of New York, ready to tnke nd
vantage of any opportunity that nnglit
arise to supply (Jladys' natural <ieti
cleiicy as a husband angler.
As the mother had ex peeled, she nnd
her dnuphter ns members ot the Hellish nobility received every attention in
New Vork. and the young men (locked
nbout the young lady. Bnt the men
never got beyond a certain point
Gladys gave them nn opportunity 10
show whnt of Intrinsic value tliere w:w
ln tbem, nnd when It was apparent, us
it was with most of tbem. Unit the.r
brains were In their heels t��he stmt
herself up like a clam, and they smm
dropped 11 way from ber Her mother
���wns disappointed. After spending h
season without rcsiilis I.ady llurlcigh
threw up the sponge und prepared to
go back to England.
Then came a request from Gladys that
they see something of those engineer-
ilng nnd mechanical wonders thnt sbe
bud heard of ns existing In America.
Lady llurlelgh knew thnt a request
from her daughter wns not to be denied nnd reluctantly consented.
One morning Gladys nnd her mother, piloted by a gentleman and his
wife, drove up before nn enormous
manufacturing concern nnd. alighting,
entered the offlce. making n request to
be shown the premises. At each department they were turned over to the
foreman, who mnde such explanations
��>f the machinery and processes ns they
a- ked for. One of these foremen, a
young man of twenty-three or twenty-
four. Instead of allowing them to gnpe
���nnintePlgently nt whnt Ihey saw without tbeir asking explained everything.
j Indeed, he made himself nnd what he
*!��>ke of Interesting to all except the
viscountess, who declined to be Inter
I ester! b.v any man In a suit ot overalls
When they left Ids detainment Cladyt
was much pleased at the young man's
! od'er to show tbem over the balance of
! the work iiuU accepted It  with tliaufcs.
1 She was somewhat surprised that  ne
! should encroach upon parts ol tne factory under othei  foremen, hilt Ile inaile
I uo explanation "' ">��' mutter, ami it
! was Minn forgotten In the interest  ue j
'excited    in    wtiMI    lhe>     Were    seeing.
. When Ihey were ushered out to tneir
: conveyance  I.ady   iliirielgh dropped a
silver   dollar   In   the   Ion-mans   uanil. i
much to ner daughters mortItleatmul
Seeing,her embarrassment, fte ��no>vwl
1 n delicacy far above his station t<v  ac-
! cepting the tip as a mallei ol course.
This   was   the   last   visit   l.rnlj    llnr-
! leigh  made  with   her d.insMitei   to llliy
I of the coinnieri nil or mechanical w��iu- |
'ders of America      After I tin I  slie,hnd |
Gladys that  she might go  where sue i
I liked If she would only cut It stiori so |
' that they might get back to Kngland. |
j aud  In  a   few   weeks  they  sailed   Iur j
home.   The poor woman had n.et witU ;
a great disappointment.
At the opening  of the  next  season |
when the "American Invasion'' nl Kng- ,
land,  as  the   English   people  call   Hie j
lieglra of our  tourists to  Kurope.  he* |
gnu, persons whom Lady llurlelgh and
ner daughter had met in America eoiu-
inenced  to  send   In   their  raids     The
younger of these persons the viscountess left to her daughter lo entertain.
Gladys,  who  had  been  much  pleased
with   the   freshness,   the   absence   of
sham nmong the musses, that she bad
found In America, surprised hei mother  by doing  the  honors successfully.
Indeed. Gladys was far more attentive i
to   tliem   than   hei   mother  considered |
necessary, for tlie older lady not  hav- j
ing gained anything from her vi>it was j
disposed   to   let   Hie  visitors  see   Kng-
land by themselves,
Kew young American men put In an |
' appearance and these the  rtscniiulesa
; left entirely to Gladys, seeing none of
! them  herself.    Oue day a  Mr   Edwin
j Allierton   culled,  and   the card   being
I taken   tu   I.ady   llurlelgh,  raising   her
I glasses to read  llie inline and not   recognizing it. she scut it to her daughter
with  a   request   Unit   she  receive  Uie
visitor     Some  time  after  thai   when
Mr  Athertoti called again,Gladys who
was dressing, asked  her moi hei   to go
down  anil  entertain  him  till  she  hail
Mulshed   Her   toilet.     The   viscountess
did as she wai asked, and though she
fell   sure  she  had  seen   Mr   Allierton
before could not place him.    Nevertheless,  to the manner  born, she greeted
bim ns one she remembered perfectly,
but  was careful   lo keep the conversation on treneral lofifcs iliaf she should
not lielra.v her ignorance of hls idenil-
Her daughter appearing, she turned the guest over to her and, excuslug
Ueiselt. lefl the room. ,
\\    ��a��   not    Inns    tietwe    tJUl.V    U\\V-
\a*L*t\\   mulcvd   t\\:\L   Mr.   Allierton   wns
lieiuuUmi  11   treiiuev.t  cnller.    One da?
slie   nsked   O'.ml.vs    who   Me   wns   nnd
where lu   Auierhn  they   tind  met   hlm
I'.iu  r'tUirtys'  Identification  was not   es
peclnliy clear, and her mother got but
Utile    satisfaction.     The     American's
calls continuing and certain attentions
coining trom him to Ghu'ys that indicated more than an ordinary interest,
the fond  mother  made another effort
to learn from her daughter something
about  him.    All attempts railed,  bnt
after   one   of    Mr.    Atherton's   calls.
Gladys went  to her mother radiantly
happy anl. handing her au American
��� liver dollar, said:
".Mr Atlierton asked me to give this
to yon for one of yonr charities "
The viscountess looked at lhe dollar
then at (Ilndys. Something In the
girl's face excited n desire lor further
lu formation.
"I��o you remember, mother, when wn
were in America visiting a factory being shown over the premises by a fore-
Miss Cornelia Kentley Sage has been
appointed director of tbe Buffalo Fine
Arts academy.
So numerous nre the Jewels of Mrs.
hincVeugh. wife of the secretary of
the treasury, that she is obliged to
bave a cord catalogue system to keep
track of them.
Dr. Eliza .1. Padmun Is the flrst woman to be appointed school physician
in Boston. Dr. Dadmun will receive
the same salary us is paid to male
school physicians���if.")00 a year.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel Ashdown of
Los Angeles think their three-yonr-old
daughter Josephine Is the youngest
and smallest swimmer In the-voiiutry.
The child Is a good diver. The water
In (lie pool where sbe takes her dally
plunge Is seven feet deer/4
Mis. .lames W. I'inchot. mother of
Gifford I'inchot. goes lu for the collection of rare laces. She possesses examples of every peilod of lacemnking
iu nearly every country and has jus;
acquired a remarkable specimen of
Philippine lace. The collection is valued at MOaOOO.
Mile, llelene Mlropowlskl, who was
the lirst I'Tenchwoiuun to be admitted to the practice of law in France,
I* very outspoken in her heller that
women are not capable of becoming
Judges. She Is a frequent vlsifor to
Kngland and tins become enthusiastic
over the Kugllsh methods of administering Justice.
10:50���Vancouver via  G.
Pen and Brush.
.1. T. Trowbridge, the famous writer
of stores for boys, now in his eighty-
fifth year, sailed from Boston recently
on liis ninth trip lo Kurope.
Sir Laurence Alnin-Tiulemn is one of
the most painstaking nnd conscientious
artists living, si exacting that if
canvas fails to satisfy his almost by
percritical taste he will destrov it.
though it may represent the work of
mauy  months
Justin .McCarthy, politician, author
and journalist, celebrated his eighty-
first birthday recently nt Folkestone,
Kent. Kngland. After the fall of Parnell he been me the man of the hour
in the Nationalist party "In parliament.
Fight years ago a civil list pension
was bestowed upon him by Mr. Uai-
N.   R.
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria  via B.  C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
:6:15���United States via G. N. R.
(dally exceot Sunday)..16:01
11:40���All points east and Europe    (daily)     8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (daily)   13:15
,11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mins      tdany     except
Suuday)      S:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
nuns       luiiiiy       except
Sunday)      14:00
11:40���Coquitlam       (daily    except  Sunday)     8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Kdmonda  (daily except
Sunday)        11.15
14.00���East Burnaby (daily except  Sunday    14:30
0:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:31
0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,       Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
o:oo���Ladner. Porl Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   13:30
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F., is held e.ery Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fe.-
Iowb hall, corner Carnarvon anJ
Eighth street. Visiting bretheru
cordially invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jaraej
Ferguson, P. G., recording seere
tary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily   except   Sunday) .13:3''
): Oil
lug      via
Leap Year Reminders.
and Salur-
Piper's     Sid-
(...     ti.     II.
(dally except Sunday),.14:2i
Cloverdale and Port Kella
via G. N. It. idaily except   Sunday) 14: On
Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, hi may nud. Sui-
day        14:00
Tynehead I Tuesday and
Friday)         14:00
40���Burnaby  Lake   (daily  except Sunday    lfi
"1ISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's ollice, Columbia St..
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over . 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
In Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections affoid every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
It's   up   to   you.-Balti-
Well,   girls,
more Sun.
Look before you leap, girls.
"Of course   this  Is   leap  year."   ob- I
serves tbe New Vork World, "but tbe I
average   man   Is  safe."     Tes:   the  av- (
erage   man   ls   married.���Washington
Post. . I
Don't   Torpet.   brother*.   that".U��12   la 1
a leap year uud that lovely \itttoun Is 1
plainly In the mood to Insist upon hav- I
lug   everything   she   wants.���Cleveland
There Is really nothlug very absurd
in the proposition that women shall
do the courting. Tliey know the line
points of die game better thau men
do.'���Philadelphia  Press.
-Abbotsford. Upror Sumas,
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,
etc.    (daily except Sunday)   23:00
-Crescent, While Hock and
P.lalne idaily except
Sunday)   8M
Household Hints.
man  and  you   tipping  bim   wbeu   wu
wtfnl a way?"
'"It seems to tne I do."
"Well, that's the Identical doila- ,rou
gave hlm."
The mother looked stupefied, and ine
daughter continued:
"That foreman Is the son nnd heir of
the founder and principal owner of
those works. In America, it seems.
the sous of manufacturers sometimes
go Into their fathers' works to learn
the business, occupying successively
every post from the lowest grade This
Mr Atlierton is one of these persons
Ile has finished his apprenticeship and
has come abroad ou a vactitlou Isfoie
assuming the vice presidency of the
works of which biH father is president"
Ludy Ilurlelgb listened to this with
Intense interest. When Gladys hud
finished she said:
"Are you quite sure, daughter, that
he has not come on any other account
than a vacation'/"
"He has. mother," replied the daughter, blushing "Ile hns told me tbnt.
after having shown us the factory, he
made a resolution that he would follow me to Fnglaud with u view to winning me for ills wife."
"And you have accepted hliuV"
"1 have."
There were counter currents In the
mother's heart The Idea of her (laugh
ter marrying a mechanic that sbe had
seen In overalls and whom she had
thought It proper to tip was n terrible
shock to her. but when she learned
tbat the young man was heir to mil
lions she was mollified, und wben he
was presented to her as her future
son in law she received him us well as
could have beeu expected under the
Atherton Is now attending to business in America, where he nnd his wife
live. Mrs. Atherton boasts that sbe Is
the only Englishwoman who ever attacked the Ameriflnjn matrimonial mar
ket so fnr as sbe kaowa, and carried
a way a orlra. 	
Paint your tin washbasins on the inside with il good white enamel if you
would prolong their usefulness.
An egg beater should never bo left
to soak In water, as the oil will be
washed out of the gears, making it
hard to turn.
If when rending or sewing b.v lamplight a sheet of white paper Is placed
under tbe lamp it will be found that
a far stronger light is shed all over
the room.
Keep u pnir of tweezers In the work-
basket and sc? how useful they are
to pull out stubborn ends of basting
cotton, particularly when the ninchiue
stitching has run over the bastiugs.
5:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere i Tuesday, Tbursduy and Saturday     9:4:
1120���Chilliwack,     Milner.     Mt.
lelimm, 11derv.rovo, Otter.    Shortreed.    Surrey
Cent re.Cloverdnle. Langley Prairie. MuiTayjrllle,
Strawberry   mil.  South
Westminster,        Clover
Valley.    Coghlan,    Sardis.    Sperling    Station,
Hradner,  Bellerose,' via
B. C.  E,  R,   (daily    except Sunday)      0:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. K. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday          9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily excepl. Sunday) .17:30
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. Idaily
except Sunday)    17:3'i
15:50���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
idaily evcept Sunday) .17:30
12:00���Fiaser Arm    23:00
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, so.icito.B, etc. Offices, Rooms
0 and 7 Elis block, Columbia street
Cable Address' "Stonuck." Coxle:
Western Union. Telephifi?, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston anJ Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & KDMONDS���Barristers and Soilcltois, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster. B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Kdmonds.
solicitor aud notary, C10 Columbia
stieet.   Oter C. P. II. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster onices. Rooms 7 aud >
Gulchon block, corner Columbia anr
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Bees, Williams building. 41 Gran
/llie street. F. C *Wade. K. C.
A. Whealler, W, G. McQuarrie. G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
L STILWELL CLUTE, barristcr-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets in t-18
hoard room, City Hall, as follows'
Thir.l Friday of ea:'!i month; quar
terly meeting on the third Friday 61
February, May, August ami November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the thir.l Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
tlected ii! uny monthly o:' quarterlv
meeting.    S. H. Stuart Wade, t;tcv-
tai y.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Paid-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.0')
Branches throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, anu ln London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane.
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
balking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available witb
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dirs-tmear,���Deposit*
-ecelved ln sums of $1 and upward,
md interest allow*! st S per cent, per
inniim   (present  r��t��).
Total   Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Ttleohone  R  113   Office:  Princess  St.
A.   U.   MERCEH
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market  Square,   New  Westminster.
Political Quips.
By the wny. bus anybody a list of
the patriots who are thinking of running for vice president?���Cleveland
Plain Denier.       .
This presidential  cnmpalpn  hns not
started earlier than others, but it' bus
developed  more orators than is usual
nt this season.���New  York  Herald.
In order to put a reasonable check
| on the presidential boom habit we sug-
J pest   that   the   candidate  cettliiff   the
next  to the highest number of votes
fu tbe convention be compelled lo take
tho  nomination   for   vice   president���
Cleveland Leader.
Mothsr Eve.
A scientist declares that Eve wan by
no menus a great beauty. At thnt she
never bad to worry over the possibility of Adam seeking nn affinity.���Detroit Free fress.  '
One of thos�� scientists claims he Is
now able to prove that Eve wns not a
beauty. Tbe next scientist wlll pr��ib-
sbly try to prove tbat Adam married
ber for her money.���St Paul Pioneer
Foreign Affairs.
Dr.'Bun Tat Sen Is president of tbe
flnlted States of Cblnu if he can stay
put���Chicago News.
Between the British lion and' the
Russian bear tbe situation of the Persian lamb is not one to be envied.���
Boston Globe.
Ry ceding to Egypt a considerable
portion of the district of Bnrcn the
Turkish government has mnde u
shrewd move to bring Italian nmM-
tlons Into conflict with the Interests
of Great Bjrttain.-rButralo Excreta.
3V4  to 25 H.  P.
���I and  4 Cycle.
Local Agenta
Westminster Iron Works
Phona   63.
\     Tenth   St.,   New   Weatmlnster.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner  Eighth  8t. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE  370.
Phone 106.     P. O. Boa 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone   661. Box   772
B. C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Daily except Tuesdav
1:00  P.   M Ually
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For  Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
, For  Seattle.
10:00  A.  M Dally
11:00  P.   M Dally
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska
11 P.M Marcli Dth, l'jth, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte  Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd, lfith and 30th
For   Hardy  Bay.
8.30 A. M .Thursday
For   Upper   Fraser   River  Points.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leaves New  Westminster,  8:00 a.m.,
.Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.,   Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galjano, Mayne, Id., Hopo Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P   A., Vancouver
Toronto Express leaves nt  \f:50
Olilcngo Express leaves  at   .... 13:r>0
Imperial Limited Leaves at  10:40
Through Pujlman Tourist and
Dineis. For Reservations and rate*
apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
We have no hot air to peddle;
lust legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
.   and Decorators
Eatimatea Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone 587
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL $4,600,000
REST $5,600,000
It   Brought   Tender   Memories
Back With a Rush.
The Gift From an Old Friend In Chemung County Inspires Him to an Almost Lyrical Outburst, With Which
Mra. Bowser Shows an Annoying
Lack of Sympathy.
{Copyright,   1912.  by  the  Associated  Liter a iy Press.]
TIIE   Dowsers  had Just  fjnlslled
dinner the other evening wbeu
au expressman drove up wltb a
two gallon Jug which was tugged In Mr. Dowser's name.    Tbe cork
being removed and the conteuts sam-
pled, he smacked his llpe aud explulu-
"This must be hnrd elder. I had a
letter away along last fall from nn old
friend In Chemung county, and I remember that he hinted about sending
me down a Jug of something good Inter
on. Dy .lohn. the taste of it brings
buck the diiys when I used to walk
three miles to the elder mill! The old
<l:iys nre gone never to return, hut here
i.s the elder, uud I'd rather have lt than
in iniich champagne,"
"1 bave beard thut hnrd elder Is almost i:s bud us whisky lo Intoxicate,"
observed Mrs. Dowser us Mr. Bowser
got away with his second gluss within
fire minutes.
"That's nil nonsense. Tliere Isn't
enough alcobol in u barrel of It to nf-
fect the bruins nf u cuiiury bird. Uui!
But thut Is old times!   I feel almost us
-*SSM  ru.1. OTSII  A   DOO."
if 1 were climbing apple trees again.
If onl.v \re bud a pumpkin pie uow I'd
feel myself an Uncle Kobe."
Mr. Dowser read his paper for ten
minutes and then descended lo the dining room to see lf the gus whs turned
���out. He decided to kill two birds with
one stone, and n third gluss of bard
**vli\t?r followed the second and flrst. A
-quarter of an bour Inter the Jug was
tipped up for tbe fourth time within
forty minutes, and soon ufter he came
upstairs be began to grin aud chuckle.
His Spirits Rise.
"Anything funny happen today?"
���queried Mrs. Dowser after a sharp
look ut blm.
"Ves; a fat man was running to
���catch a car. nnd-ba. ha. bu!���It was
mean to laugh at him. but wben be
fell over n dog and rolled over and
over how could any one belp but���ho.
iio. bo!"
"1 wouldn't drink any more of that
lwrd elder this evening If 1 were you."
"What's the mutter with the elder?
Uu. bn, hn! Sur. now. look at your
���old cut. Isn't she n perfect picture of
���domestic contentuientV With u deur
little wife 'at my elbow und blamed
���old cut on the heiirth rug I ought to
tie a happy busbunil. eh'r 1 think the
basement door mny be open, nud I'll
j;o down and see."
"I'll cull the girl."
"No: I'll go. Yes: she's n nice old
���cat. uud you are u dour little wife,
nnd If you'd seen thut fnt mnn full
���over thnt dog you'd bnve gone luto a
���hn. hu. bn!"
The basement door wns not open
lhe elder Jug wns, however, nnd Mr.
Dowser took advantage of the occasion As be wns nil ulone and iu uo
hurry he drank n couple of glasses,
nud the taste curried hlm back to the
���days when harvest apples gave blm
the colic. llo smiled to himself while
-dritiuing. but. when he returned to
the silting room Mrs. Dowser noticed
that his hilarity was on the wane,
rive minutes later be turned to ber
nnd said:
"bn you remember that little red
.schoolhouse beyond the bridge wbere
We went to school together'/"
"Of course," she replied.
"Did I tell you thnt lt had been torn
down'/ Yes. lorn down and a cow
stable put up there. How could they
do It? That dear old school liouso was
��� lurroiinded with sentiment. Tliere was
where I llrst met you. "Hiere was
where I flrst loved you. There was
Depression Ensues.
He could not go on. lie pulled ont
bis handkerchief nnd held It to hls
eyes, and Mrs. Dowser realized that
lhe bard cider from old Chemung had
got in Its work In good shupe.
"Hadn't you better lie down on thr
lounge for nn hour or so?" sbe suggested ns his tears continued to fall.
"No. sir!" he replied with considerate? force. "Mrs, Dowser, whnt kind
of a woman are yoa)   Here they go
ftnd tear down our tittle red school-
house, one uf tbe most sacred spots on
.iurth to us, and you haven't a word
to say! Even when I tell yon tbat
cows are uow chewing tbeir cuds on
the spot where I first told you of my
love, you do not shed a tear."
"1 can't weep over all the sad things
I bear, lu this case 1 suppose tbe
building was about rendy to fall anyhow.   Won't you lie down?"
"And tbere was an old oak under
which we used to gather acorns." continued Mr. Dowser as bis face grew
redder nnd more tours came. "Tbey
have gone and cut down that dear old
tree nnd put up n windmill lu tts place.
How dare they do lt! It wus under
the um-umbrageous branches of that
old oak that I first told you of my
love; that you told me my love waa-re-
turued. I wanted to buy that tree and
preserve It under a glass to tae. but
they have cut down and sold It for
stove wood!"
Too Unsympathetic.
"It's too bnd," snld Mrs. Dowser,
"but don't you think you'd better go
to bed now? I'm afraid you're not feeling well."
"No. I'm not feellns well. Do you
know, I feel that I won't live to bother
any one much longer? 1 shnll be found
dead in my bed somo morning, and
Hint will be the end of It. I did want
to see that dear old bill again, the spot
where I first told you of my love as
we were sliding down the hill, but lt
ennnot be. Do you know they hare
torn that bill down and made n wood-
yard on the spot? How could they do
It-how could they?"
"Well, we nre sorry, but we enn't
help it, and I think you'd better go to
bed now. Y'ou know you were up late
lust night."
"Co to lied? Never! Uow enn I go
to bed when I know that the deur old
horse pond In which 1 first told you of
my love has been cut up nnd sold by
the piece? Such things sink deep into
iny heurt. nnd lf you were u true hearted worhan you would be weeping instead of silling there like a log of
wood. Y'ou wouldn't care if uli the
do:ir old things of your childhood were
traded off for turnips."
"Where nre you going?" asked Mrs.
Dowser as he started down the hall.
"Where am I going? I'm going to
find some one who cnu sympathize
with me nnd understand my feelings.
Y'ou can sit there witb your heart of
stone, and the blamed old cat can sit
there with you, but I���I"���
The Last Chapter.
He put on his hat and went out. The
night wind dried h!s tears, but nt the
same time It set Unit hnrd cider working up In the top of his heud. nud Mr.
Bowser hnd only renched the corner
when be had to reach out for the
fence. Whnt hnppened to blm ln the
next quarter of nn hour was told by
tbe policemun wbo brought Iti in home.
"Madam,"' he snld as Mrs. Bowser
answered hls ring at the bell, "ls tbts
your husband?"*"*
"Yes." she replied ss Mr. Bowser
was assisted into the ball.
"His name Is Downer, isn't it?'"
"Tesh. name's Dowser." mused the
culprit as he leaned up against tbe
wall and started nrotind.
"Hns unything hnppened to unhinge
bis mind?" continued the offlcer. "I
foutid him at tbe corner muttering
about a little red school house. He
Isn't crazy. Is he?"
"Not ut all. He simply received a
Jug of hard cider from Chemung county tonight."
"I ace. mndum; I understand."
Ten minutes later Mr. Dowser was
In bed und unconscious to the world,
and Mrs. Dowser was downstairs
pouring out tbe rest of the elder and
replacing (he contents with water
When he came down to breakfast he
sought the Jug for another drink, but
after a taste he aet It down add
'Humph! Chemung county must be
mighty hard np for catnip tea!"
Mme. Du Gast to Go on a Mission for
France Among Fierce Tribesmen.
Mme. Crespin Du Ga?t, that dainty
nnd daring Franchwoman who hai?
distinguished herself in such hazardous exploits as motor boat and automobile racing, trick riding on horse--
bac'. and on the bicycle. I '"Hooning.
fencing, skillful use of firearms and
exploring wild countries, is about tn
Lit. for happiness and fame in a. new
way. At the request of the Minister
of Public Instruction of France she
will go on an official mission as head
of an expedition to southern Morocco
for the purpose of stndyinj the social
condition and handicraft of tlie natives. Since many of thesi tribes are
avowedly hostile to France the mission is regarded as being dangerous
in the extreme, but the intrepid Mme.
Pu (last eagerly accepted the oppcr-
tunity offered her to again brave danger. It will be her third visit to the
Moors and she experts to go among
tho nomad tribes to tell them that
France is their friend, incidentally
obtaining authoritative information
concerning their Customs and tlieir
fee'ings  toward  her  country.
Th-> whole world knows of Mme.
Du tiust as a sportswoman. Her exploit* are tTirillitn und they are indulged in from purs love cf excitement, for she i.s wealthy. Aside from
tier love of adventure, Mine. Du (ia>t
is not the least bit manisli. On tba
contrary she is divinely feminine.
There is no liner figure in all Paris
and when she appears in evening
dress in the salons sho is (he most
greatly admired of women. For years
she has been a popular Idol on the
boulevards, whether afoot, on horseback, c r in her favorite motor car.
The only Ill-natured comments come
[ruin  envious  rivals  in  society.
As n sample ol her daring it is related that several years r*i sir wished to enter a motor car race from
Paris to Mailed, but the authorities
refused. Balked in her desire to see
li'iw close sh.; could come to a t"r-
rible death and yet esca] e, she took
to traveling among the clouds. Taking lesson 3 from cantor Dumont, she
made several flights over Pui i.s witli
i.iat distinguished Brazilian, lt failed to satisfy her iiecause they,remained too close to the housetops of tlie
c.ty. 'Nothing but the clocks would
suit her purpose, m> she bad a balloon
mads to orler, witli a spacious wieker-
work car in which she could read,
lunch on chicken and champagne,
and perhaps fare death.
Gradually this balloon became a
lir.'sonie thin-j. its only redeeming
feature being ths; possibility of an
accident, wliich would compel her t<>
take to tiie parachute. Ah, that wns
n happy tnought! She would not wait
for an accident. She would know the
sensations of descent by parachute
without having to wait f<r so troublesome thing as the liapp?ning of seme
accident. One might fenow her French |
origin just by this.
Se.ted in the car of her balloon one
day, at a height oi a mile and a hull
above the green fields to the north ul
PariR. Mme. Du Gast testsd every part
ol   the   apparatus,   secured   tierselt   l>
j th^ ropes leading down frcm Uie clns-
' ed   parachute,   pulled   the   valve   Tops
t ��� let out the air, so that the balloon
would follow her descent, and calmly
cut loose.   She fell like a shot, thouan
"it seemed to her that the    alloon was
shooting upward,  instead.   Then  the
ribs of the parachute suddenly spread,
tbe dome of silk caught the air and
she knew that she was floating earthward as easily and softly . s a bit "f
thistle down.   There had been thrills,
certainly, at the start; after that there
was simply the delight of a new sensation.
Such is Mine. Du Gast. Fifteen
years, ago this rich, pleasure-loving,
notoriety-seeking Parisian figured only
as the unknown widow of a man who
made a fortune by selling furnishing
goods on the installment plan and
letting out clothes for hire. It has
required fifteen years of sensational
recklessness to force her way from
obscurity to recognition as the most
daring sportswoman in the ^vorld.
Such a woman will make good un her
present mission if any one could, that
is certain.
The intuition of the moral
sentiment is an insight of the
perfection of the laws of the
soul; these laws execute themselves; they are out of time,
out of space, and not subject
to circumstance; thus in the
soul of man there is a justice
whose rejjibutions are instant
and entire; he who does a
good deed is instuntly M-
nobled him.-elf; he who does
a mean deed i.s by thp action
itself contracted.���R. W. Emerson.
Salves Can't Cure Eczma
In regard to skin diseases, meiical
I authorities are now agreed on this:
Don't imprison the disease germs in
your skin by the use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all eczematous diseases
can be brought about only by usins
the healing agents In the form of a
' liquid.
I    A simply wash:      A compound or
Oil of Watergreen, Thymol, and other
ingredients as combined in the D.D.D.
Prescription.    This penetrates to the
disease germs and destroys tbem,
then soothes and heals the skin aa
nothing else has ever done.
We have made fast friends of more
tban one family by recommending
this D.D.D. Prescription to a skin sufferer here and there, and we want yon
to try it now. We can tell you all
about D.D.D. Prescription and how It
cures eczema, or you cun get a free
trial bottlt by writing D.D.D. Prescription, 49 ,Colborne street, Toronto.
For sale by F. J. McKenzie, Druggist.
g Broken Along tho Highway. g
�� lf good resolutions were mude $
�� of glnss what n tremendous lot tt
a of tire punctures there would be! S
i pun
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Unmistakabls Evidence.
"Aha!" cxclniiacd Hurlo k Sholmes
as he entered lhe upnriuient. "Tbere
wns ii mouse tn tlie room." ���
"Y'our power of scent, llurlock," commented Woctor Dotsou, "ls simply marvelous."
"Scout nothing!" snld the great detective. "See the heel marks of B worn-
tin's shoe on this chair!"���Browning's
Perish the Thought!
"My denr." satd Mr. Clarkson, "I
don't want you to think I have uny desire Io criticise you for the way you
manage, but. really, we must try to
live within our Income." "Within our
Income? Goodness! And be regarded
by everybody In our set as eccentric?"
���Judge's Library.
Hard te  Believe.
"Think of it, my dear,'' remarked
Mrs. Emily Street, looking up from
the morning paper she had cabbaged
at the breakfast table, "just think ol
it I This paper says tha't there are
three thousand millions of dollars iu
circulation  in this country!"
"Is that so?" responded Mr.
Street, as cheerfully as possible under the circumstances. "Well, well!
Judging from the di.Ticulty I always
experience in getting you to Rive ml
10 cents more than carfare every
morning, i tnought there couldn't be
uu re than $3.50 in the whole world."
Conversation languished a good bit
Alter that.
Market Quiet.
"Why nre you rushing around io to
"I'm trying to get something for my
"Had nny offers?"���Louisville Oonr-
The poet hns nh easy lob.
He never has to think;
He only needs a fountnln pen.
Some paper and some Ink.
���Leavenworth Post
Ths cook she nlm ban a cinch.
8he never has to ent
But only move her laws awhile
And nmell the roasting meat.
���tonkers Statesenu.
The Number Forty In ths Bible.
The rain that produced tlie food fell
[or forty days and forty ntPht, and
alter it ceased it was forty days be-
(nrs Noah opened tl a ark. Moses was
forty days on the mountain fasting,
ind the spies spent lorty days investigating matters in Canaan- before
making their report. Elijah tasted
forty days in tho wilderness, and Jo-
nnli gave the people of Nineveh forty
days in which to repent. Tlie forty
���la>-.\' fast of Jesus is known to all
readers of the Kew Testament.
"So you are the father of twins?"
"Yes.   They look just like me too."
"Oh, welj, I wouldn't worry.   Some
shildren when   they get  older   don't
look at all the way  they did when
they were babies."
Speaking of Actualities.
Shoe Clerk���Whit size would ' you
like, madam?
Miss Larjun���I'd like a No. 2, but
It's no use talking about that. You
may as well show me your No. 8's.
""Either Way~
The Optimist���After all, marriage [*,
thj thing. If you marry the right woman there is nothing like it.
The Pessimist���And if you marry
'he wronu woman there is nothing like
it.���London, Opinion.
"The Girl from Rectors," at the Opera   House, Friday Evening, March 22
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under ttoie pure tood laws oi
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical v
process, they are unequaled ior delicacy oi
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others. Let the taste of each be
tiie judge and decide which you like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada. Their incomparable flavor alone would
command it. Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous sunlit sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 640 windows���its 3 miles of floor space, we create this
perfect soda cracker.
Mooney's Perfection
������ ii������ i i   i   mammmmBmammmmmmslmmmi
Cream Sodas
In six short years Mooney ^Biscuits have jumpfcd into popular     ^j';^^ yZ"M*
favor throughout the entire Dominion,   You will understand why when'
you cat them for thc first time.
You can get Mooney Biscuits  at your grocer's, fresh  and flakyv<fV    ^
in damp-proof wax paper lined packages.  f ^qf^7%\W*"M/. ������-. ��� it**.
Try some'today���their taste will please you. ^^<^V^^^^S^3^^.;V
The Mooney Biscait & Candy Co., Ltd., Stratford, Canada PAGE BIGHT
See Our Stock of
Lawn Mowers
and Garden Tools
l.awi\ Mower
(inti 1^.���... ina
All Sizes and Prices
$5.00 to $18.50
Every (he
four and a half millions.
Deposits elsewhere than in Canada
total $81,397,599, an increase of three
and three-quarter millions, while the
total liabilities   are   $1,160,516,994, an
increase of seventeen milions.
Greatest note circulation during the
The choicest,   best     flavored   and | �����"��th *wa�� eight  millions  less  than
purest tea grown in the world is used U-eatest circulation  last  month,  and
Salada.' A  teapot  test  will  con-l^e amount of Dominion notes in cir-
sells it.        jculatlon was $98,074,887, or two mil-
| Hong more than last month.
Current loans of $793,863,547 show
an increase of eighteen millions over
last month. Call loans In Canada were
'$71,181,510,   ahout   tha   same   r.s   last
etfSE ^W a derm' Flfone L1b7 ! ��'��nth. ��4 ��*�� ��"�� ����tside ��< Cun"
ets dailv.   A. Haidman. 1 hone Llo.).   \ ,   ^^ jn polkag   MazilrkMi
���1! seven and a quaiter millions.
Total   assets   are   $1,383,835613, an
increase of twenty millions.
THURSDAY,   MARCH  21,  1912.
vlnce you
A  teapot
Your grocer
Ice cream   on
next tram offke
hand     Ira A.
Phono 310.
Keid, j
The steamer Transfer
her regular run.
h:is resume;)
It is announced that the Health Department  yesteiday  sent  oat    one uf ;
their garbage carts, and  it  is  hoped
shortly to   have the   city scavenging I
system   highly orgunlzel  and   in full
so of the party, made a motor trip to
Langley yesterday afternoon.
Workmen are once more at work on
Lie steel of the Westminster Trust
building. Two more stories are to be
added to the building. Shipment or
this steel has been delayed for some
time, but a considerable quantity i3
now on hand.
We have sale for reasonably priced
lots north of Eighth avenue, in San-
perton. Keid, Curtis & Dorgan, 70.1
Columbia street. **
Mr. H. Sworder, of Edmonds, has
severed his connection with tha real
estate office of Mr. P. B, Brown and
has gone into the business for himself. , J
A bazaar will be held this afternoon
and  evening  in  the  QuceflS  AVPHUC
Methodist church Sunday t?f>*.ool. Th3
Y. M. C. A. orchestra will be piesent
THAT   THIS   YEAR   WILL   NOT  nnd everybody will be welcome.   The
 ��� object of the bazaar is to fur-'"'- the
PASS    WITHOUT   YOUR    TAfQNtJ   r,arso��age.
m��� ���- Tonight is the night of the biff Lon-
FQR   EACJf   MEMBER   07   VnrTD I servative mteting at the Opera- House
The East Asiatic Company's Selan-
idia, which is the first vessel designed
' for the ocean trade to be propelled by
Notable amongst the guests at the! oU engines, is now lying in the \veai
Kussell are the attorney-general W. J. lInd!�� U0,ck8- where 8h* was be^ho1
Bowser, and tha private secretary tolCl; I"I"'I|J>-
tht. premier, L. McKac, who together
with Mr. M. R. 'Macnamara, who Is al-
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbl* St..
Phone   62. New   'Westminster.
Premier McBride and Attoriiey-Uen-
eral Bowser will be the chief Speakers, but Mr. W. L. W. Shatford, member elect for the Simllkameen, will
nlso be present with Mr. Thomas Gil
lord, Conservative candidate
{ You owe It to yourself to take advantage of the present opportunity of
tasking money ih Port Mann. See the
British Canadian Securities, Ltd., for
tots in the official townsite. Remember thia is backed up by the Canadian
Ncrthertl Railway company.. **
With a deadweight cargo of 7400
I tons the displacement of the vessel is
9800 tons, wllich constitutes a marked
advance upon previous types of tnotor-
sliip. The propelling machinery consists of two eight-cylinaer Burmeia-
ter and Wuln oil engines working on
the Diesel principle and capable of developing ahout 3400 horsejioiver, although for service conditions the limit
of 3000 h. p. has been fixed, givln.f
a sea speea of over 11 knots. Each
engine consumes 500 pounds of oil an
hour, and the storage capacity of tho
double bottom is 90J tons, or sufficient
for a round voyage of 20,000 miles at
full power. |
Rough weather was expected during
the    run  from    Copenhagen  t3    the ;
Thames, but it is stated that the be-'
havior of  the  engines  was perfectly
satisfactory   ln    a    heavy   sea.     'lhe
Selandia leaves the Thames on Saturday for her maiden voyage to Bangkok, calling at Antwerp, Genoa, Colombo   and   Singapore.      Two   sister'
ships    9t@   now under con"tT.ICt'.oii.'
One of these the Fionia, which is be-'.
ing built by Messrs.  Burmeister and j
Wain, will be   ready to undergo   her
1 'rials in April, while    the other, the '
Jutlallttu, 1>:; been !.l~u town on 'a*3 j
Clvde at the yard of Messrs. Barclay,
Curie  and  Co.      The experience  oi I
these   ships  should  definitely  tfeter-1
I hiine the question of the application I
of tho   oil engine to the   low speed j
| cargo boat.   Shipowners will be much '
i interested    in    the experiment    no
The Smith Store Values
New Spring Suits
In our collection of ntw models are many exclusive importations and a most satisfying variety. We invite you
to see the trend of the new styles as portrayed in our
Suits of Whipcords, Tweeds, Homespjns, Worsteds,
Serges and Broadcloths
Individual treatment is shown ln the new long revers, belted effects across back and side trimmings on
skirts.    It's an acknowledge.! fact thst our p:ica3 are the lowest
and   Children.
cn Keady-toWear Garments for Women
No charge   for  alterations.
for this   being made.���Weekly Times.
Take LAJUTtVB BROMO Q'-i^:_;
Tablets, tirtigglsts refund money ii
It fails to cure. E. W. GROVETS sig
nature is on each box. 25c.
Mr.   Fred   Nash cf  the   Vancouver
surveying  firm   _ SVrownlee  &  Nash,
iB fcoing -nolKta cwtm -wUh a surveying
party   to  tVit fliele'hbor.n.ooa   0t  Prince
Kupert. The Vkrty wltl ^e taken north
by   soeclai   'launch     known     as   lhe
"Sruicy Sockeye,"  on which extensive
improvements    towards    comfortable
living  have been  just  completed.
We Give You
Money Io Bui
Yoar Own Home
supply  the   money   to   build
your own home, meet    pay-
pay off mortgages or buy pro-
pay back In monthly In-
rta'msntt Of less than $10
on a $1000 |oan at a ejgt *�� y��u ?.'
only 2i/2 pfr ctnt, of, '��� 5 per- ���nt
Or. H. K. Hope, D. o. Eye Specialist, has removed his offices from 057
Columbia street, to the Collister
Block, corner Columbia street and entrance on McKenzie stroet. Hout;
daily 9:30 a. m. tn 5 n. m.. or later by
appointment.    Telephone 1121.      ���*
Mr. Rohert Lennie, an old West
minster boy, has been in town on
business fiom Vancouver, where lie
is practising law. He has been looking up auld acquaintances, not having raid more than fugitive visits to
Westminster since he left for Nelson
some years back, when the boom was
on therey Many joyous meetings
have been the result und Mr. Lennie
:!ud3 bis native to vn vartjy Improved,
Fame Goeo Abroad.
That the name of Westminster is
oeh;�� noised abroad Is shown by the
wide disMbutlon of the points from
which the Py'Ucity commissioner's
mail is received. Venter'ay le:ters ar- i
rived from Cheltenham, Mourno"*' )
TWQUfty, Felixstowe and LOp*
land, Lln'lsa'y, Ont, Re"'
kntoon. idikatohew-
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
,   L..  R, A. M. A. R.  C.  M.
Member   ol  the   Incorporated   SocVety
ot  Musicians   I Kngland>.
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply   51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R411,
A range of all that is new and best in plain and fancy Silks carefully selected from the world's best
m.ikers. New French Foulards In beautiful all-over designs and in dainty Polka Dot efects, alto a wide
assortment of new figure patterns In new greve, tans, mauve and blue grounds. In both Foulard and
DieEden finished Silk, 2'i and 42 inches wide, from, per vard 75c to $2.00
New Charmeuse Silks
lb all the r.ewest colors, also in black.    The soft, rich.
as  favo:ite3 on  Ihe   market;    lo  Inches  wire,  per yard
subdued finish of these Dress Silks place
B. &. M. FISH
Fresh Halibut, per Ib 10c
Fresh Cod (half or whole), per lb...8c
Fresh Oolichans    3 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Red Salmon  2 lbs. for25c
Kippered Sturgeon, per lb 20<*
Loggie's Finnan Had lie 2 lbs. for 25c
537 Front St.   -   Phone 301
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
{Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway. ��
ui. Ens- j
ia  anl Sas-
Head Olilce ln lhe
Phone No. 655.   New Westmi nsfcfer.
U. S. A.
For   Speedy  Tri-|.
Ba len Singh, who came uo for reelection In the County Court yesterday morning chose speedy trial ijifl
llis case will be heard on April 4.
i wm
Februa-y-   Bank   Report Shows   Satisfactory Financial Conditio*.
Ottawa, March 20.���Tlsft blink report, f*t February issued yesterday
shows nVemand deposits tb be $.'121,���
V*2,'&54, an ine'rease of fl^e and three-
<|H%*t*f IfeUfldfcfe  over rfst   month.
Deposits payable after notice
amount tb $000,252,128, an increase ol
l.  il        I H    i   I   i.
There aYb mdhy'kinds.
WE HAVE Wt^S1!-.
Also the latest.   Try
Mulford's'flf.sV& white
Exquisite Odir.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
\'��w Westminster   P.C.
HAWKSHAW���On March 20, 1012, to
Ulr. and  Mrs. Hawkshaw, a son.
Eliza Farl boat builder, died at   8
o'clock   laBt  night   at   liU  home,  010
Fifth avenue.    The deceased leaves a
wl.e and four children.    The funeral
arrangements arc in the hands of Mr.
j Fales and notice of the date will   be
1 given later.
Anionio Ansuat&iul dlel at his
home, lis Thirteenth street, r.t 30
o'clock last nU'lit. He was 54 year*)
of iifce, and haves a wife and sl\'
'iilldrcn. Finical urr.'n-cmenu will |
be announced later
Foity-flve acres of splendid rich land of th* Very best quailty'fo'r
gardening and nursery purposes. This place has been well farftitid
for a number of years and Is In a high Btate of cultivation, and 'has
been subdivided Into thrc�� blocks. Buildings comprise large 'and
comfortable seven room modem house with fully equipped bathroom
and running water. Barn 34x3G, and several useful outbuildings.
Never failing stream supplies water for stock, All fenced. Churches,
school, post office and stores within a few minutes' walk.
The property Wws withiTi the area that will lie affected by the
building of Don Mann.   Fot price, terms and location apply
Ertarbllshed   T801,  Incorporated   1905.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      &iiasSia f&fet
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate ef Lfe&d, Etc.
���PHONE 5f
INew Westminster
HettS <Wttao, "New Westminster.      Ilranches at Vancouver
thtllllwack atrtl 'Aldergrove. B.C.
Victor! i,
W. n. feHJUEV, 'Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phona 291.
Phonea, Office 15 and II.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
FIRE BRICK.        i
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B, C. B. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Can leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. ta.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Ialand Branch.-. <To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B, C. E. R. Co, station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Servfee.���Leave New
Westminster for Vnn, at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and' way points
at 9:30 a.m., J:20 ant*6; 10. For
Huntingdon and way points
4:05 p.m.


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