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The New Westminster News Dec 16, 1912

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��� ���^mrr-aamyr
! il I** iu iHHpgnc
Frater Valley.
Population approximately .,..60,000.   ��" J?
Cultlvatable area 1.500,000 acre?  J" G
Cultivated area (1911) 120,021 acre
Westritastar and lower **B*mBP*m
Llgbt to^niijtat* winds; tBBtfj/t
with cecaal��UM��<g;��ytyWinpy*tb
lower temperaflhaa.   ~' " *  ���"'._,
Pontoon Ii Only Vestige Recovered of Hydroaeroplanes
Which Attempted to Fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco-Newspaperman Aboard As Passenger-Air Craft
Searching Waters Is Towed to Port.
Lob Angeles, Call.. Dec. 15.���Resting
places on llie bottom of the Pacific
ocean a few miles from land are believed tonight to have been accorded
by tale to Horace Kearny, the young
Kansas City aviator, and his passenger, Chester Lawrence, a Los Angeles
newspaperman, who started with hlm
as passenger yesterday on an attempt
id night iu an hydroaeroplane to San
AftcT marly thirty hours of searching in which another hydroaeroplane,
numerous power boats and automo ���
biles were used, hope virtually hae
been abandoned, although the searchlights of numerous craft continued until a late hour tonight to shoot their
beams over thc water and the rocky
coast north of Santa Monica.
Patrol Land and Sea.
Throughout last night and today
there was cherished the hope that
they had made a landing on the Isolated ���shore line where the barren
Malfbu range meets the ocean, and
where It Is Impossible to take any
sort df vehicle. Horsemen and volunteer searchers patrolled, the coast lim,
While over the ocean whicii had been
lashed into an angry sea by a thirty
mile gale. Glenu H. Martin, a brother
aviator, hovered close to tho waw>s
looking for a trace of the 111 fated
"Soookums" or lta passengers.
Martin himself and his passenger
���Frank 8. Garbutt, secretary of the Los
Angeles Athletic Club, narrowlv
escaped death when they landed on
the waves off Point Mugu, to replenish
their fuel supply.
Faith In   thn   proverbial   Itick   of I
Aviator Kearny was shattered wben a
I'artv of  fishermen arrived In Santat
Monica towing   behind   their   motor j
boat a   hydro-aeroplane   pontoon.   It
had been picked up Ore miles south I
west of Redondo beach, and was positively   Identified  by  Charlea  Day   aa
the   one   he   had   constructed    for
Kearny's hydro-aeroplane.
Believed Tney Descended.       H	
Day e.\|irei.��)d the belief tkat tin ' v.cl.ome
men had landed ou the water, prob
ably because of engine trouble, aad
ihe heavy seas had wrenched oB the
pontoon, causing the craft to laae Us
equilibrium and hurling the men Into
tne  vi-iiii-r'n
There ia little doubt that Kearny
brought down the machine soon alter
he had passed out of sight beyond
Point Mlrmln at 1:30 o'clock yester
d*y afternoon.
Leaving Newport beach at ��� o'clock
this morning, Aviator Marti* flew to
San Pedro, where he took aboard Mr.
Garbutt, whose power yacht was used
In the search. Martin flew ay She
coast for forty miles to Point Mo*u.
Garbutt with binoculars scanning the
watei a for nieces of wreckage tbat
would tell the fate of the airmen.
They knew that the hydro-aeroplane
itself would have sunk Immediately
had lt met with a mishap.
Tossed Helplessly.
At Point Mugu Martin alighted tm
the water to take fuel from the power
boat Imp, which escorted the air
oraft, but after the gasoline tank bad
been replenished It was found that It
waa Impossible to negotiate another,
ascent 'because of the high seas.
The Imp then took the hydro-aert-'
���jihine hi tow and the trip to San Pedro
was matfe safely until just outside thc
breakwater when the Imp tan out ol
fuel. Water and air craft tossed helplessly about and before assistance
could reach them the hydro-aeroplane
was nluiost totally wrecked.
The Missing Men.
Kearny waB born ln Kansas and
was lit years old. His father and
mother, Mr. and Mra. J. A. Kearny,
aud a brother, Archie, live in Kansas
Kearny began life In tbe United
States navy and became an expert
electrician, lour years ago he went
to work In the aeroplane factory cf
the Curtiss Company and remained
wilh them for two and a half years
but undertood to fly on his own ac-
count. His successes tn the inter
national aviation meet ln Chicago
pleased him, but not so much as his
future plana
Lawrence was 26 years old and a
graduate of Dartmouth college. He
waa born in New York, lie came here
live years ago and had been employed
on local papers. He was married two
years ago to Mlss Blanche Robertson
daughter of a banker in Ontario, Cal.
Change Effected Late Saturday Night,
Necessary    Apparatus    Having
Arrived���Army of Workmen.
Men trom Balkans on Austrian Bluft-
Reassna for Demanding Albanian
A reputation which has clung to tin.
city of N'ew Westminster for many
years and one which is nowadays as
sociated with provincialism, disappeared ou Saturday evening when an' army
of win-men, employees of the 1). C.
Telephone Company, changed the sys-
tem ln this city to that of tbe mos.
modern type of telephonic installations.
The scheme has been mooted for
uearly two years and the date set for
the change bas been doled out io the
citliens so many times tbat during the
past few months it has been regarded
as 'an old chestnut
It was thought 'by the officiaU of
the company on Friday that the cut-
over would not be made untll the
evening of December 22, but the arrival Saturday morning of additional
apparatus, gave tbem a chance to
chingo the system which will thus
allow the residents and mercnants a
chance of doing their Christmas busi.
ness over the phone with as little delay as possible.
Just what the actual change means
can only be Imagined by a visit to thc
new plant of the company located on
Clarkson street.
Wiremen have been at work for
several weeks tracing the existing
wires and attaching now ones connecting with the new switchboard. Miles
and miles of wire, run in small cables,
have hdd to be strung, tbe numbers on
the new switchboard having to correspond with those on the old.
At 11 o'clock Saturday evening, at
a time when 'business rests from Its
labors ol the past week, the changing
over was begun and at 8 o'clock yes
terday morning everything was tn
shape for operation.
Daring (M process one operator
was on duty at the old station, while
another wks engaged on the new
board, the cutting over ot each pbone
connection consuming an average ot
two minutes each.
Although the Sunday telephone
baalness te nol usually ot large
volume, enquiries at the atation
.elicited fhe information that everything \*ai�� working smoothly with the
Carrie i Two  Men and Boy
Four Miles Out Before
Falling Into Sea.
All Rescued by Boats from Tangle
Cordage Amid Heavy Waves���
Qale Blowing.
London, Dec. 15.���Dr. Daneff, bead
of the Bulgarian plenipotentiaries, re-,. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
turned tonight to London from Paris. \ exception of a few minor details, and
and the peace conference Is expected 1 these will tie remedied immediately,
lo cpen tomorrow noon.   Sir Edward I    Hawing been accustomed to the old
Los Angeles, Dec. IS���Two men and
a boy wbo were In the basket of a
captive balloon that was parted from
its cable In Venice, a seashore resort,
by a thirty mile gale, were rescued today four miles at sea, ���
One of the men, Sidney Neal.Hampton, the balloon's pilot, was Unconscious wben his body was disentangled
from the mass of cordage enwraping
the big gas bag. John Waggoner, the
other man, was picked up as he was
battling with the heavy sens for tbe
life of the lad ���_.. .-
Charles Jordan, aged nine years.
The boy was uninjured.
Raced to Rescue.
The rescue was effected within ten
minutes after tbe balloon struck, tbo
water. Captain Oeorge Childs, of the
motor vessel Music, dragged Hampton
aboard, while the crew ot the racing
sloop Mischief picked up Waggoner
and the boy 'Jordan from the watei
some distance from where, the sand
weighted balloon basket had sunk.
Tho gas bag, with its vents pulled
wide open, was fast being deflated
and threatening momentarily 'to envelop tbe two men and tbe boy und
shove them beneath the surface when
the Music and the Mischief sped along
Although the wind was blowing at
a dangerous velocity all day, Hampton
took Waggoner and young Jordan in
the balloon basket for an ascension.
Am instant after the cable had been
paid out to its tell length, the steel
rope parted under tbe strain and the
balloon shot upward.
Want Through Clouds.
In a few momenta It had attained
an altitude cf several thousand feet
and watched by hundreds ot specta
tors, already under a strain by the
seemingly homeless quest tor Kearny,
lt disappeared through a bank of
clouds.   Telephone calls were sent to
Both   Were   Candidates   fcr   Vacant
Office���Murderer Falls In Attempt
at Sjlclde.       .
Riverside, Cal., Dec. 16.���Patrolman
Bert lia. teu shot and killed Deputy
Chief of Police John Haird ln police
headquarters early tcday and, after
being taken to the county jail, tried
to commltt suicide.
The two officers were candidates
for the office of chief of police, whicli
was made vacant by tlie death recently of Vhlef Coburn, and the tragedy
today was the outcome of their rivalry.
Haird and Barrett were alone at the
time. Policeman Lucas, who was lu
an outer room, heard three revolver
shots. Ho rushed into Balrd'a. off Ice
and there found the acting chief lying
dead on the floor and Barrett stand
Ing over blm with a revolver in his
hand. Baird had been shot three
"I guess you have done it" said Lucas as he burst into the room.
"Yes, I have," replied Barrett calmly as he handed over his weapon.
When he was transferred from th?
city prison to the county jail Barret:
tried to cut liis throat with the frag
ment of a drinking glass which be
had broken, but was prevented by the
Baird was to have been named
Chief of Police tomorrow.
U. S. Ambassador Passes Away in London-Had Beea hi UE
Health for Some Time���King ".nd Queen Express Condolences and Sympathy���Brill tnt Career from Newspaper
Office to Foremost Councils of His Country.
On Third Avenue   While    Returning
Heme���Assailant  Disappears���
, Vagus Description.
London, Dec. 15.���Whitdaw Reid,
United States ambassador to Oreat
Britain since 1905, died In his Loudon
residence, Dorchester house, shortly
after noon today from pulmonary,
oedema. The end was quiet and peaceful. Mrs. Reid and their daughter,
Mrs. John Hubert Ward, were by the
The ambassador had been unconscious since ? o'clock In the morning
and at Intervals during the previous
twenty-four hours he had been slightly delirious as a result of the drugs
administered to induce sleep.
Sir Thomas Barlow, physician to Unking, who was called in last week
when Mr. Reid's illness became acute
and bis regular physician, Dr. William
Nale White, Issued' tbe following bulletin as to the cause of death:
III Two Weeks.
"A fortnight ago the United States
ambassador had a slight bronchial attack similar to others which be had
suffered at considerable intervals. On
Wednesday last, asthma supervened,
and the asthmatic paroxysm became
very severe, leading to extreme exhaustion.
"lt was hoped that be might rally
as no pneumonic symptoms had ap-
peared. Wtth difficulty, the paroxysms
of asthma were got under control, bu'
Sunday morning the exhaustion be-
came extreme, and he died from   pul
inonary oedema at 12:10 p.m." <
The Honi John Hubert Ward, whe
with his wife, had been in Dorchestei
house continually since th*} ambassa
dor's condition became serious, no��
tted the staff of the embassy when the
will not consent to my attending tins
public meeting in the Mansion Houk-
to help Inaugurate yonr movement lot
celebrating the hundredth anniversary
ef peace between our two countries.
"1 especially wish to be present, because I regard this as an event oit
enormou > importance and I think that.
failure to give it such a celebration u
shoulu challenge the attention cf '
whole world would be a crime.'*
Became Nevrayapermaa,
Whltelaw   Reid ^^^^^^^
Xenia, Ohio, on October 27. 1837.   He
was graduated trom Miami UaiveraMy
In 1866.   After actinic tm a yea*   war
more as superintendent ot the i
schools of South Charleston, Ohio, 1
bought nnd edited the   Xenia   ttm
He joined the  Republican party
Its birth, made political speeches I
Fremont in 1856, and advocated ia 1
paper the nomination of Lincoln
I860.   He became dty editor of   1
Cincinnati Gazette, bnt nt   tha   ��
break of the Civil War joined the P
of General Morrin. ln West
and later that of Oeneral
He   waa  al.ai  war correspondent
the Gazette, writing over the   all
ture of "Agate."   In 18(3 he wan
pointed librarian of the House et 1
In 1868 Mr. Reid became oae eC tbe>
ditors of the Cincinnati Gazette; MV
late In lne same year was Invited pay
Horace Ureeley to join the idMinial
staff of the New York Tribune.   "Tte
following year he became ita we���it
lng editor, and span the nomlnattat*
of Mr. Greeley Car the presidency, ta
1372, Mr. Reid became editor-in-chirl.
Grey, the Brittah secretary for forel^ j faditoncd.magneto methodlolt calling !*�� *?*ro ^i.'r&'Sto"
affairs, will make a brief speech   wjCpnWKl. the *e��!<l .nt.   no dyifet    will j-flaahed warnings .to. Ca��li��a_ lilann.
and after expressing thei stlffl liave a hankering for tbe crank.
hope.of a fruitful end of their labors,]but tiint the change from tbe old to
he wlll retire and leave the confer- the new will be heralded wit* pleas
ence to deliberate In private. j are by the    citizens    there   is little
The delegates spent a quiet Sundsy. i doubt  Whatever.    All  the old  phoros
Nothing transpired  to show whether i win be replaced aa soon as possible
any serious difficulty is likely to arisr
over thc attendance of the Greek dele
gates. Concerning the Austro-Ser-
vlan controversy, tbe Balkan dele
gates think It the result of Austrian
Bluff.   Tbey say:       .
'"Vienna, having seen completely
wrecked ber traditional program or
gradually extending through the Bai.
kan statea to Salonikl. has. tried to
counterbalance the bad effect it has
had at home by clamoring that AV
banla must be autonomous, according
to the Austro-Itallan agreement of
1907. Therefore, neither Oreece nor
Servla can < occupy the -Albanian
Adriatic coast, much less Servia. as
Servia means Russia."
but  the  work    will    occupy    several
Several of the head officials or thc
company were over on Saturday from
Vancouver and wore present wben the
actual work of cutting over was start
ed lata, in the evening.
on Saturday evening wben a purse
snatcher made a successful getaway
with $64.
The affair took place on Third
avenue between Sixth and Seventh
streeta, at about 5: SO o'clock in the
evening, the person losing tbe money
being Mrs. Rowan, who resides'-uu
Eighth streeL
According Vo the story given- the
police, who state they were not told of
the occurrence until twenty minutes
alter it happened, Mrs. Rowan wan j
proceeding along Third avenue    and |
Strike "Threatens Edmonton..
Edmonton, Alta., Dec. 15.-��� Edmon-
ton faces a street railway strike as a
result of the dismissal by the' superintendent eft a motorman who' refused
to tak- oqt a car pn which was a
"broken fender. The union of the
street rtffhvav -taen has given notice
tbat ttrless the motorman Is reinstated today they wilt quit in a body.
Hakerafleld. Cal., Dec. 15.���Marvin
W. Hamby, the it year old express
messenger, whose ear on-the Sunset
Western train of the Santa Fe rail I them from tbe train and burled them
road was robbed of $20,146 lo sold]"
near here last week, broke down today
aad coc/esBed be bad robbed the safe
with the aid ot his 16 year old brother
The money, which had been hidden
by the Soya In a brick yard at Kern
Junction, was recovered, with the ex
ception of |800 which was found tn
Melvln's room. Both brothers are Id
After having made hts confession
Hamby led officers to the place where
the loot had been burled and wher?
the brother Melvln was take* inte
. custody.
V The robbery wat committed   last
Monday night Attar telling a storj
of an attack bt two bandits who had
laid blip unconscious wtth a blow on
the head, the younger messenger was
taken to a hospital in Taft where be
shammed injury ao successfully that
not until yesterday wai he seriously
suspected. Then he wai brought back
here and today wat subjected to ' a
"third degree" for five hours by railroad and express detectives.
Finally, breaking down, Hamby
threw his bands over hls head and
weeping, sobbed out:
"Oh, I did lt myself."
Then he told where the money wat
burled, how be had conceived the plan
of the robbery and how he had carried It out.
in his confession he shouldered the
entire responsibility of the theft, declaring thai although Meivin had ta
ken the bags of gold When he threw
the younger Ud did everything under
Instruction.        ���' '
"I know that my car was to carry
a heavy shlpsnent of gold to the Firs-
National Baak ot Taft about the lot!
of the montli." said Hamby. "so I post
ed Meivin at Kern Junction with In
etructlons to liave a lantern and sho
vel. As wis passed Kern Junction
three miles from Bakersfield. 1 heaved
off the bass of 6<>ld.
"Then'I bumped my head against s
trunk to make parsons believe I had
beeu hit there by a bandit, and Just
before the train pulled Into Taft, I
bound myself hand mi foot and root
ed my head under a pile of mall sack.-
I was lying.like that when railroad
men and a constable In Taft oame In
to my car.
"Wben they questioned me, I told
them two bandltt entered the car Juet
after we bad passed Maricopa and
that after striking me on the head
and knocking* me out they had rifled
the express safe, taking all of tbe
$28,000 consigned to the First National Bank in Taft"
Tha two agreed tbat they would let
the money lie burled nntll the excite
ment had abated and the man hunt
which wat Immediately Instituted hy
county and railroad authorities , had
been given up.
Hamby It 22 years old. He had
been Mi express messenger ln the
Sunset Wettern run tor nearly a year.
Awtrlans and    Italians    Engaged
'    Y*hs Street Fight���Both lajared
Recovering.   .
��� Tssle, /B. Cm Dec. 15.���The tw�� men
wha raolved injuries ln the atreet
Ight at Tale Friday nlgbt were doing
well aat last reports. Both the Injured men .are Austrians who became
Involved iin a row with several Italian
The lot were ejected trom the hotel
as soon aa 'hostilities commenced and
continued the quarrel on the atreet.
one ct the Italians finally drawing a
razor and Blushing his antagonist several timet across the face," af terwand
drawing a. revolver and shooting an-
other of xhe Austrians through the
arm. "
He than ran for the depot to board
an Incoming train, but bumped Into a
wire fence and was captured by the
police before having a chance to recover hlmaelt.
A bloody raaor wat found In thf
pocket of this man, whose najne is.
said to be D. Slcillano, and a , .32 revolver waa picked up shortly after on
the spot where he fell titer bumping
'nto tjie fence. , -
The remaining member? of the
Italian gang were searched for concealed weapons at the depot, one who
possessed a revolver being locked up
while the others were allowed {lo go.
The Italians bad come down from
Saddle Rock earlier In the day and
were reported at liaving created a
disturbance on the train.
From Avafon, tha'porf of Chtalltia
Island, motor boats breasted the sea
I kicked up by the northeast gale. At
i the same time the Music, accompanied
by tbe Mischief, with sails close reef
ed, bounded out from behind the San
PeBy��thiTt'tiimettehle balloon, which was I happened  to torn  back  In order    to
viable from Point Firm, bad attained  purchase some candles  for the chil
In estimated altitude   ot   8��O0   feet,  dren at the house where she lives.
Seefna tbat the gale was driving the     She was then   stopped   by   a man
Sl1��.n   waward   at   terrfflc   speed,  dressed In dark clqtbes,   who   asked
balloon    eeawarn    m.    .���      I bow mucli monf,y ghe had ,��� her poa.
session. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Being told sbe   only    had   flfteen
cents, he searched her. discovered the
Twice Declined Offers.
In 1878 President Hayes
Mr. Reid the United States miaahm
to Berlin, which he declined. The?
offer was renewed under the administration of President Garfield, anvi
araln declined.   In 1878 he waa elect
During an examination on Friday,
Ctty Engineer J. W. Blackman. Harbor Engineer A. O. Powell and Mr. Q.
R. O. Conway, chief engineer of tbe
B. C. E. R., found the waters of Coquitlam. lake slightly discolored on
account of the extensive tace work
that fa going on in the district.
The recent heavy rains washing
across this work carried ttnd, mud
and other sediment Into the water.
The city and barbor engineer's re-
norts wlll probably be presented to
the' council tonight with suggestions
at tn soma tystem of removing tba
trouble. mam
Hampton pulled his gae vents open
and the big pear shaped bag began
dropping rapidly.
Struck with SohMh.
Captain Cbilds, of tbe Mask, headed bis ves.iel straight out to nea, and
t)ie Mhicliltf, which heeled Tar over
under its press.of canvas, raced to be
flrn to the rescue.
The balloon basket struck the water
with a splash snd almost Immediately
went under. Hampton and Waggoner,
the. latter .with the Jordan hoy In his
arms, were up above It, however,
clinging to the webs of ropes tpread
over tbe balloon.
The rescuing boats were beside
them almost Instantly, and Hampton,
unconsoious and almost drowned, was
tnken out of the cordage and drawn
aboard the Music. The crew of the
Mischief found Wacgoner swimming a
few feet away with the Jordan boy,
and saved them both.
All three were taken to *a hospital
to apend the night.
ham, and the officials at the court.
Royal Messages.
Almost immediately the King sent
his equerry. Sir Harry I.cgge, to ex-
press the condolences of himself and
Ihe Queen. This afternoon messages
conveying the warmest sympathy were
received fronrtheQnem Metbtr Ales |^-bT thtrffe1rYprtt state tegMsfarc-
audra and from other members of the | , nt of the   ,tote   uniVereity. to
royal family, from courts, members o: ^^^^^^^^^^���-
the court and from various embassle
and legatlcns, while   many    persons
j called nt (he embassy.
A wireless   message   was   eent   te
lOsdrn   Rc'd.  son  of ths auibi3��ador
who left New york yesterday In   thy
hope   of  reaching  his  father's
side before deatb. ^	
The body will  be sent home    and j returned ,0 fhe DnltedStatea la
probably  wll   be  Interred In  Sleepy | (Continue* oa Page roarJ,
Holly,  Tarrytown,   N.Y.,  bat   the  de ' ^^   ^^
will not be decided until somo
succeed Governor Dlx. In March.
1SS9, Mr. Reid accepted trom President Harrison the appointment of
s-t,;n<����rr to France.
Af'cr securing the   repeal   of   tha-
r-T *i lierree prohibiting the
.      , tntfoi of United States meat*
Dea /negotiating extradition   aad
fclty  treaties,  be  resigned
British Naval Lieutenant   and   Areo-
plane Company Manager Killed   ,
by Changs in Wind.
Ixradon, Dec. 15.���Two more names
were added today to tbe hat ot fatail
tiea of aviation. Lieutenant W. Parke
ot the Royal Navy, and Mr. Hardwlck.
manager of   an aeroplane   company,
ae. killed when the machine in
which they were making a flight
from the itendon aviation grounds tc
Oxford, came down with a crash or
the Wembley golf course.
Tha two started ln a inonoplade Ir
a choppy wind. They had gone only
a tew milea at the rate of about 60
miles an bout when the machine turn
cd turtle. Many persona watching thf
aeroplane taw it swoop over the golt
grounds at a hoight of 150 feet. Sud
denly the wind checked Its flight and
turned lt over and It crashed to Uie
earth. The' aviators were pinned under the wreckage.
Lieutenant Ptrke was one of tbt
leading aviators In the last army
manoeuvres. He received hla Ucenee
In April, 1911, ln Brooklands.
Kootenay Ore Production. ���
Nelson, B.C., Dec. 15.���Ore production In the Kootenay and Boundary
dlttrlctt latt week totalled 52,280 tont,
making a total for the year to date of
2.407,689 tons. Smelter recetpta for
the week were 44.M1 tont, and for
the year to date 3,1(8,708 tont.
purse containing tbe $64, and made off
witb it into the darkness.
The police have a very vague description of the man and, although
they are keeping a sharp lookout,
have little hopes ef apprehending the
Mrs. Rowan Is employed as a nursj
at the offices of Dr. Walker.
Fraaer Valley Publicity Bureau���
Practically All District Is New
In Lint.
At the result of a trip np to Lang
ley Mr. Otway Wllkie induced thc
Langley council to take out a membership ln tbe Frater Valley Publicity-
Bureau, of which be is secretary.
Mr. Wilkie found the council members very enthusiastic over the valley
organization and they unanimously endorsed Its objects. Practically all of
the district councils and Boards ot
Trade In the entire valley district new
bold membership iu the bureau ahd
contribute regularly to lta maintenance.
The Vancouver Progress Club at
Ite laat meeting abo endorsed the
bureau and voted a $25 monthly con
tributlon to lt.
Judge Howty Will Speak In Vancou
ver on Province Hittory,
Many members of Westminster Pott
Native Sons of British Columbia will
Journey to Vancouver thli evening,
where en effort will be made to torm
a branch In tbe Terminal City.
At the present time Victoria, New
Wettmintter and Nanaimo have
organised and the native born ln
Vancouver think the time ia ripe for
an organisation there.
Hla Honor Judge Howay hat contented to be present and will give a
short discourse on British Columbia
lt It hoped that at least fifty mem-
ben of Pott No. 4 will make the trip
and a apeclal car hat been chartered
which will leave the B. C. E. R. depot
at 7 o'clock iharp.
Mr. Garv.on Rae, known in tbla city,
it tha organiser at Vancouver, and ra-
port! pver a hundred candidates.
tails ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
communication is received from Ogden Reid and it ls learned wbat action the British government may desire to take.
Active In Literature.
Wh'telaw Reid, who came to Eng-
land In 1905. stent some busy years
here. The diplomatic duties are not
so beavv ln London as at some posts,
but socially the United States ambas
sador Ib much in demand and is more
frequently called upon to mak��
speeches and addresses than the other
Until the last he was active In
literary pursuits. One of the reasons
he desired to give up the ambassador
shin and return home was that ��� he
might be enabled to . write hls
memoirs, for wbich he bad a mats of
material, and to which hls friends
continually asked blm to give hls
Analo-Amerlcan Peace.
One of the ambassador's last letters
was written December 6, to Robert
Donn'd. editor ot the Chronicle and a
member of the committee of the An-
rio-Amerlcan peace centenary. It began:
"I am finding only more this week
there la never a convenient moment
for being HI, but nothing hai tre��b1?ri
me to much since the break down
three or tour weeks ago that followed
mv overwork tn the autumn and early
winter, at to learn that the physicians
C. P. R. Trebles Demurrage I
Local Freight���Present 9SBBBB
tlon Muat Be Avoided. -
A hew scale of demurrage i
been arranged by the Canadian I
Railroad to take   effect
once.   The new ratea are aa
of 300 per cent, oa
charged and will apply Jto I
lug and outgoing freight.
Two dollara par ear   fbr   tba ���
day after twenty-tour bourn win
assessed against shippers and SS
each succeeding day.   fThlppesA. It
ever, will be allowed one day ta pa
a car.   This with the forty-eight 1
grace wtll total three daya betas* i	
charges are made.
Lumber, coal, etc. do aot cntae sailer thla rule. Thla again la tnttaaa
evidence of the growth of tho *t*r. am
tbe action haa beea ��a��"
ln order to relievo tba
gestlon ot traffic
East Burnaby, Ddc. 15.���tlie; jjoiltl
cal atmosphere in Burnaby will probably be cleared somewhat on Tnelday
evening when candidate! will be
named tor councillor -and school trnt
tee, while toma discussion it also ex
pected concerning the reeveship.
During the past week feeling has
been growing towards nominating a
man from the eattern tection. ot thc
municipality to oppose Councillor McGregor, who la now In the field, and
oratorical effort may therefore be
looked for in full force.
Councillor Madill hat1 been Invited
to attend the meeting at Foresters'
hall, and, at It ts known that he will
seek a second term, lt It altogether
probable be will take the platform la
defence ot hit political record on the
council during the past year.
Mr. B. C. Walker, Edmonds, It also
scheduled to be present and addreaa
the gathering, but faet whetber
will offer hia servicea or aot baa
to be fathomed.
A peculiar feature at ti
situation ia tbe absence al
elllor T. ll. CoWHeatt. who ia am
visit to Seattle. Kuasors haw a*
floating around tar await Bttta tt
as to the Injentiona of Bfr.
to again enter the race, aad
night will probably
he la in the Held ar
It It generally
that one year away	
haa bean enongb Sar Ita
byite aad that be win
reeveship race or aetl
The meeting which tao
by the Bast Burnaby _.
sociation fa open ha aB
the dlatrict aad tt te __ .
will be a great ctt&ering ia lta
that cveofas-
���������    MtWflUtjK PAGE TWO
MONDAY,   DECEMBER   16,  1(12.
| Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent  per word  per
day; tc per word per week; ISc per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Noticfla Mc
Death Notice SOc or with Fuaeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks fide per
to work on large ranch close to city.
Apply by letter only to 720 Hoyal
avenue, New Westmlnater.       (28iiJ
needs work. Elevator, porter, restaurant, expert office cleaning; anything appreciated. Stanley, 1708
Maple St., Vanctuver. (272)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. /* (283)
Sunbury, for $10 per months  Apply
Dox  S04,  New  Westminster,  P   P
near library, single or double. 71C
Agnes street. (2C2;
housekeeping rooms. Also one fur
nished. .     (260-
���WANTED���A    BARN.     JOHN    R1N-
dai. 612 Carnarvon SL (266)
perienced and at preaent engaged
wants position. Would also travel
having had experience on the road.
Apply to I!ox No. 265, thla office.
fiist al light housework. Apply in
afternoons at 57 Billot St      (259)
first class security. Principals only.
Box 250 News. (250)
Must understand cooking. Apply 48
Hoyal Avenue. (220)
city for $650. Why pay rent ? $15J
cash; balance $18 month; sizeoflo.
60(160, cleared and seeded. Apply
Jonathan Bone, Colonial Pool Room.
City. OW
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down.
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
Tenders     wanted     for     Bnpplying
Schoo! Desks (single). A sample must
tse Irft at the Secretary's office. Tenders must be at the Secretary's office
Pj noon of Friday, December 27.
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster. B.C.
<277> New Westminster, B.C.
Two large lots, North Vaneouver $5D0
Ijrge lot . Point Grey.
Edmonds  lots. Wise Road,' $400.00
1KS1) ft. waterfront. Joins city New
Westminster, u-ilt. za acres all under
120 acres, 2 mllea from Wblte Rock
station, $100 per acre.
6 acre blocks near car and city,
aaa, terms.
3 good  honses in city, small payment,  balance  as rent.
Hotel, South Weatminater. IS moms
Turniehed, $3200.
30  acres   residents!   property  half
mile from proposed docks.
.Excellent dairy farm $200 per acre.
for    full    particulars of this and
other property apply
Phone F 507 Soutb Westminster.
mall rooms over the News oHloe
Suitr-hle for club or light manufac
luring purposes. Will lease for two
or three jear uira, singly er en blee
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, het and cold water
Apply room 4. Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth street and Am*.
str' et. (202,
school books. Owner can have sanu
by  paying  expenses,   News  Off'ce
brown water spaniel pup. Reward
H. V. Wright, Edmonds P. O.    (2871
probably on McKenzie street, a
bunch of keys. Return to this
City of New Westminster.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the wishes of the provin
cial government, a plebiscite of the
electors qualified to vote for mayoi
and aldermen will be taken on Tues
day, the 17th day of December. 1912
between the hours of 0 a.m. and 7
p.m., on the question of leasing the
"Arena" at Queens Park to the West
minster Arena Company for a term o'
twenty years, during the months ol
December, January, February ar>r
March, at the following rental, viz.
Seven hundred and flfty dollar.
($750.00) per annum for the flrst flvi
years; one thousand dollars ($1000.00
per annum for the second live years,
twelve hundred and fifty �� liar?
($1250.90) per annum for the third
five years; and fifteen hundred dollar-
($1500.00) per annum for the fonrtt
flve years; and sueh other condition)
as may be agreed upon, satisfactory tt
the City Council.
The votes of the electors will bt
taken at the following places, viz..
The Council Chamber, Cltv Hall: No
4 Flre Hnll. Sapperton, and No. 5 Fir;
Hall, Thirteenth street.
W. A. DUNC/I*.
Returnl't Officer.
Dated this 10th dav nf December, 1912
bill today. He said that while the
people ot Canada were loyal Brltlah
subjects, he believed that we should
and do deplore such a contribution In
variance as It waB to God's will, iti
Ke the northwest quarter of Seetlon
35, Township 13, in tbe District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loan of Certlfl
cate of Title Number 10154K. issued
in the name of John Siaith. has bee:i
filed in tins office.
Notie" Is hereby given that 1 shall.
at the expiration uf one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a daily newspaper publb>h��d in the
City of New Westminster, issue a dup
ilirate of tbe aaid Certificate, unless In
'the moan Lime, valid objection be made
������la me in writing.
C. 3. KEITH,
District llcgistrnr trt TUles.
Land Registry Office,
tk**�� Westmlnater, H.C., NovemWf
as. jsu. (95i
Curtis Block, New Westminster.  B.C
Telephone 215. P. ���. Bex 777.
Snap For a Few toys
The best 6(1 acre farm ia Chllllwsck
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 aerer
which is oevered with .11,011 feet el
standing timber. !>erji tea reeise<"
house, large stables, betas, ehleker
houses, hog ft***; Jit.tot $|,|(�� sash
Terms for balaace. Property ls usen
cumbered and a large leaa eas be
raised on the property.
Are you Insured ? It rests but little
and makes you feel safer. Insurance
Insures sleep.
We represent only strong Tiriti*
Board Companies, and shall be pleased
to tell you what It wlll cost yeu
whether you Insure or not.
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Royal Bank o
of Canada
Sapltal paid up Sl1.500.tTO
fleserve    $12,501,000
The Hank has 350 branches.
-extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to tin; Pacific, in Cuba
through">ut tbe island; alao ia
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Tri-j
Idad, Dominican Republic, Neiv
Vork and Ixmdon, l-inv
Drafts issued wtthunt delay
sta nil tbe principal towns and
cities In the world. Theae ex-
eelent. connections afford every
tanking facility.
Naw Westminster Branch,
i Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
For  Bxoellenee   In   Shaving,   Haircut
ting and Shampooing give fhe
35 Eighth St. David Boyle, Prop,
a trial. Tour skilled workmen. Out
system of treating the ssalp fnr dan
.iruff and falling hair cannot be Im
proved npoa. Try it.
Face Massaging a specialty.
An Experience During the Riotous1^01 belng the 8la,lghler of man-
Times of the Commune.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prlcr.n right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
59  McKenzie  St.
An Unarmed Procession Bearing Banners of Peace and Good Will Was
Mowed Down by Cannon Planted In
the Streets���A Woman's Advsnturo.
Ia Harper's Mme. de Uegermann-
Liiidencruiie (ells of ber experiences la
I'aris during tlie commune. One duy'q
adventures are typical. On March 'JU,
1871, sbe writes:
"Today tbere wns a great demonstrai
tlon lu tbe streets.
"A young fellow named Ilenrl de
1'ene thought If be could collect enough
people to follow blm be would lend
them to tbe barricades In the Plnce
Vendomo In order to beg the communards In the name of le peuple to
restore order und quiet In tbe city. Ue
seut word beforehand tbat tbey would
come there unarmed.
"I happened lo go at 1 o'clock to
Worth's. In tbe Hue de la Paix, and.
Hading the Street barred, 1 left my
coupe In tbe Ruu des Petit Champs,
tclllug Louis (my coachman) to wait
for me Id the Hue St Arnaud (Just
behlud tbe Hue de la Paix), and 1
walked to No. 7.
"1 wondered why there were so few
people iu the street. Tbe Place Ven-
dome was barricaded with paving
ston���"��� and 'tinnons were pointing
dowu the Hue de la Paix. 1 walked
quietly nlong to Worth's, and hardly
bad I roadie-1 bis salon than we heard
distant, confused sounds, and then tbe
sboutlng In tho street below made us
all rush to the windows.
"What a sight met our eyes!
"Tbis handsome young fellow De
Pone, his bnt In his outstretched hand,
followed by a crowd of men, women
and children, looked the picture of life,
ben I lb and enthusiasm.
"Tbe crowd bore banners on which
were written 'I.es Anils dn Peuple,'
'Amis de I'Ordre.' 'Pour la Pall' and
one wltb 'Nous ne so mines pas armes.'
"One can't Imagine the horror we
fell when we beard tbe roar of a cannon nml lookln;.' down snw tho stroet
filled wltb smoke and frightened
���creams nnd terrified groans reached
our ours. Some one dragged me Inside the window nni shut It down to
drown thc horrible noise outside. De
Pone wus the first wbo was killed,
Tbo street was filled with dead and
"I felt terribly agitated and. moreover, deathly sick. My one thought
was to rencb my carriage and get home
as quickly as possible. Hut how was
I to accomplish It? The Rue de la
Paix was. ef course. Impossible.
Worth hnd a courtyard, but no outlet
into the Hue St Arnsud.   lie suggest-
E. H. Tennyson d'Eyncourt Succeeds
Sir Philip Watts a$ Director ol
Naval Construction at ths British
Admiralty���His Family Are Most-
ly legal, But He Has a Reputation
In His Own  Line.
The responsible post oi Director ot
Nival Construction at tha Hritish Admiralty has been offered to Mr. E, H.
Tennyson d'Eyncourt. whn will build
the super-dreadnought* ol the future.
The new director is the son of (.he
late Mr. L. C. d'Eyncourt, "I Market
Rasen, Lincolnshire, who is renieni
b'rel as a metropolitan police magistrate. His younger brother is the
Clerkonwell police magistrate, so that
the family has more oi a legal than
n naval  flavor.
i, r. Tennyson d'EynOJU i bas lieen
at Klswiek (or tlie past twenty years
in the Naval Construction Department, hence lie knows more than a
little about huilding lighting ihlpi,
It   ia   interesting   to   note   that   the
Don't Cut Down Table Expenses
For Less Important Things.
MR. K.  II. T.  b'KTjmcOBHT,
Admiralty generally sm"* outside Iho
service to obtain a chief constructor,
and is specially impressed by the ni"n
at Klswiek.   Sir William White   was
brought 'rom that shipyard in  1S85,
and in 11)02 he was succeeded by Sir j good fuel to flre sn engine, supplying
Phillip Watts,  another  Rlswick man,   boat  and  motive  power  to  cool  tbe
Breakfast Should Be the Most Impor-
<snt Meal of the Growing Child and
the Worker by ths Day���It Ought to
Bo Inviting and Wholesoms.
Parsimony In nutrition does not
necessarily Imply parsimony of tae
pocketbook. The housekeeper who
ouys ready to serve food lu small
quantities freqirently pays an excessive price for supplies which may at
the same time hnve had their food
values abstracted to such an extent
thut sbe Is literally feeding ber household on husks. Tliere once fell under
the writer's observation a would lie
thrifty hospital steward who fed the
nursing staff nf the hospital on chickens which had previously been boiled
fu prepare tbe requisite number of gallons of chlckeu broth for the patients.
Such thrift, by reducing the effectiveness of the working corps, defeated Its
own ��nls.
Whittling down the table expenses
of a household for any purpose���the
pure-base of n new rug or piece of fur-
ulture-ls unwarrantable unless It is
accomplished by tbc substitution of
less costly Imt equally nutritious and
digestible food supplies. The substitution of braised round of beef for rib
roust ls permissible: lbe substitution
of corned beef and cabbage would
leave tbe fastidious hungry.
Ureal;fast Is Iho mosl important meal
for the grflwlng child and the worker
b.v the duy. The breakfast should be
Inviting, wholesome nnd generous, says
Dr. Van Vlelt Manning.
Tbe Insufficient breakfast results In
i craving which Is responsible for the
establishment of various unfortunate
appetite*���lead pencil chewing and the
pickle and candy habit in the school-
girl, clgnrelte smoking In the boy and
alcohol In the man. An anaemic clerk
nf substandard weight concluded he
bad n tapeworm, as he felt such a
gnawing in his stomach all dny, and
consulted n physician. Investigation
disclosed that tbe man breakfasted at
0:45 on brend nnd coffee, commuted to
the elty, worked from 8 o'clock to
12:30. when he lunched hastily at a
lunch counter, and worked the rest of
the dny on bis nerve rather than on
well nourished muscle, blood and
The badly served breakfast does not
Invite the capricious appetite of morn-
It g, when o. well prepared meal would
Induce the  stowing away  of enough
whi in turn gives wny to Mr. Tenny.
sin d'Eyncourt.
This   method   of   appointment   has
given rise to a deal  of jealousy ami
ed tbut I should go tbrougb his nte-i ill-feeling   inside   the  service,  "whicii
Hers, which be hud at tbe lop of thel the latest appointment hm pot allay.
band and clonr the head of tha wage
Badly cooked monls result In a alow
starvation of body and Intellectual
bouse, nnd  rnii-b un adjoining apart-   'd.    But, In
at Mr. d'Eyncourt't
ment. from which I might descend to
the Hue St. Arnnud. wbere I would
flnd my carriage. He told one of bis
women to lead the wuy. and I followed. We tolled up many flights of
wearisome steps until we arrived at
the above mentioned ateliers. These
communicated wltb another apart
ment, of which Worth's woman bsd
tbe key. On ber opening (be door we
found ourselves lo a small bedroom
(not In (lie tidiest condition), seemlnj
(o hsve Just been occupied. We pass
ed through (bis room and ram* ent to
a staircase, where tbe demoiselle
baid, 'Ton have only to go down here.'
"When at last I cnme to tbe porte
cochere I found It closed snd locked,
and the frightened concierge wonld
Bot open for me. Fortunately I had
a gold piece to make ber yield to my
demand. Sbe reluctantly unfastened
the door, and I went out. Tbe street
was filled wltb a terrified mob. howl
lug snd flying In every direction. I
caught a glimpse of the carriage swsy
up tbe street, and I saw a band ees-
ticulstlng above the bends of th*
crowd, wblcb I recognised ns Louis'
It was the only one with a gluve on.
"I pushed my way through the mass
Of people, saying very politely 'Par
don' as I pushed und very politely
"Merer after 1 bail pawled.
"My borse bad been nulla mossed, and
s man was trying to lead hlm away In
spite of Louis' remonstrances
"'l'he man holding the bridle opposite
p��.��t record and experience, there can
be little doubt hut that he will justify
his   aproinlment.
Dog ��n Sentry Go.
Major Richards n hss received tin
Interesting roport concerning the be-
havior of a sentry dog whieh ho pre-
sented to tho Norfolk Regiment at
Aldershot,  England.
jhj dog is sn Airedal- t-rriv, snd
th* writer, who three times used him
on  outpost duties  nt  night,  reports
"Each  tim"  I  found   th*  er������nce  ���f
fhe dog te be et the   greatest   value,
Hs either remained b-��id�� the sen'ry
er went with   a   patrol.    His   value
eonsiits in the fact that he eaa. and
does,  det��et the apnroneh  nt human
beings some considerable time he(
the eye or esr ef   the   average
can distinguish snythisg.  The  result I m.i   70,
is that   the sentry or patrol is fully]
on the alert, snd it is impossible for ������������i
them    to   be   either     smhu*h��d   or
"The dog is no expense, ns he fee.)*
���n the rerpsins of the men's dinner
He is never allowed to run loose in
camp or bsrrscks, and no one is
allowed to feed him cxr'nt th* msn
in charge ef him. I am of opinion
that it wouid lie a vnluahle sssel to
hsv�� four of these dogs ��!tneh-d to
'very infsn;ry battalion for service
in the field."
Every Woman
( Is Interrm-d nnd t h*ofldknoir
i sbntitthe v, iM.Iurful
Marvel "JE** 8*
AekfCjr drwarirt
tt. If ho c-.imi.tn ,,.,
tr�� MABVEL, irwjit no
��� tbtr, bat snd stump fnr lib
l<4 hook ->mM.  It rives foil
partieoliun emi S*rra*,ina lnrilaablo
lo la*iM.wiNiMOTtS('r'ii.vr<>..wiaa
Ceaeiml Acvule for OS���its
re |
D. McAiriay
Cor. flth snd Columbl*
to  Louis  seemed
n   mu-t  furmldnbl*
An   Ir.fjiiitivs   Bird.
A peppery old English military pffl.
cial in India pos-osied il parrot and I
also a very -.rasnb'e temperemont. I
The parrot wss a valuable bird, hut
was rathoT a rtuitsne* by reason of its ,
��� xtreme talkativeness. One day wh lo I
the general wm writing his business ;
lettora the parrot kept up a eoctli tial !
c' ntter. very disturbing to the writer  j ������ri
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone .7.18. East Burnaby, B.C.
person to me.    Still   I  trie,]  tn smile I
wllb  plncid  calmness, and, though I
wns shaking all over, said, "Pardon,
monsieur,  wlll .vou permit mo to Imr*
my  carriage  hnrnussed?'    l  think  he
was completely taken uff his guard, for,
Wllb   tiie   Intuitive   gallantry   of   s
French uiu n,   be  answered  mo��t  nml-
Sbly, throwing buck bis emit and show-
Ing nie bis badge, 'l am the agent ofl
the siilut publlque, nnd It Is for I brl
government thnt I tal.e jour horse.'
"I mndi' blm observe that it would'
be very difficult for me to walk to myl
butlie In the Hue ,|e t'ullrcelles mul |
If Ills government wanted the horse III Th. Death F'ower
could   come   thete  and   fetch   It.     He      ()t1��� 0, ���,��� ri|r|v  g    ������ ,���,���,.,.
looked doubtfully nt me as if weighing! niigh Arkwright, who sailed the Pn:
the situation, then snld, very onnrte-j ciflo in 1581. warned travelers agalnsl
ousl.v.'I understand, niiiilamo. and givei visiting Kl Banner, the horn- of the
you buck yonr horse.' ami he even' 'loath flower. This flower, lie sny��, is
helped l.oltls to reburiiess the horse, ** lnrtTfi ,!"1' n mnn r"n stand upright
aim   seemed   linppv   to   return   to   his  !,n��lclB ��5e ��'|t�� blossoms.    Put If he
| "'-ies so he will suroly (nil a: 1 ��� :.. ii,.i-
ed by th ��� Btrange fragrance it di (ills
had tu go   T;ie���  lh .  ,|,,1|V,.r  Mdi  ,tl  ������,.,,_.        .
to   bed.   I   was   sn  exhausted.     Mile.Unffoealos  him.     "And  so  he  nasfj
\\.   administered   Ihe   Infallible  cnniu-i into death   through   Splendid   dreams
mlle ten. tier remedy for every III.  Sbe! nnd gives his hody to the death flower
At last tiie general could stand it n
longer, and. jumping ap, I.��� seuod the
'sge of the unhappy bird which ho
whirlod vigorously round and round,
sl the same time shouting furiously
Then lie set tho on:.'o down arain, and
silence for some lime ensued. At
length, however, n fteb'e voice came
fr> m  the Inter "r of  the  caw.
"flenernl," it inquired in qnav.:riii7
neoerts. "where were you wnen that
'j-clone struck usl-"
6��AI. UIIRNG rights of the Bomln
fan In Manitoba, Saskatchewan an*
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, *b��
��o��hwest Territories and la a por
Bod of the province ot British Coiom
hla, niay be leased for a term at twen
ty-ene years at au annual rental al
tl an nere. Not more tlian 2.UW acrei
wlfl ke leaned to one applicant.
ApiiUentlfiii tor a lease must b��
by the applicant In person    tc
In persau
ot the dish
en   I   arrived  tionn
cannot ciincelvu of any disease which
lu not cured by camomile ten unless ln
extreme,  wben  ileum d'ornnger takes
tin nlueet. '*
for food.
K'ngaton, Dee. 15.���Preaching at
Sydenham Streel. Church, Rev. G. I.
Campbell touched on the tlorden navy
The Deadly Motor Cab.
A marked increase in the number
of road accident* is noted in the
United Kingdom, The totnl rose from
88,023 in 1000 to ari.om in mil. of
which motor \chicles caused 20,226.
Statistics for the London metropolil
tan nr.-a slusa that every 100 motor
cabs killed five times as many persons and injured three times aa many
as every horse-drawn cabs
he Ageat or Sub-Agent ot the dlatrict
-tt which the rights applied tor art
I* surveyed territory the land must
ie described by sections, or legal sub
���fl-vtiflons of spotlona, arid tn nmrorvwy
���tl territory tho tract applied far styil
be staked out by the applicant him
Each application must be aoeom
��anled by a fee of 15 whhft irlll b��
-efhnded If the rlghtB applied for ar-
mt available, but not otherwise. >
oyrflry shdll be paid on the merchant
bin output of the mine at the rati
if  five cents  per ton.
The person operating the mine shal
nrnish the Agent with sworn returns
".ccountiTig for tbo full quantity of
nerehantable coal mined and pny thi
Tv-tiv   thuri>fiii.    If the  coal mlntuf
,..., aro ..;,. Ijelng operated such re
urrs e!"���ild be furnliilied at leas
men a  vonr.
The lease will Include the coal mln
ing rights only, bnt the leanee will b'
permitted to purchase whatever avail
able surface rights may he considered
necessary for the working of the mine
at (he rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
fhe Department of the Interior, Otta
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Depnty Minister of tho Interior
N. B.���-Dnauthorlred publication ol
this advertisement a 111 not ba paid
10 acres on Main road, all oleared, planted ln assorted fruits.
Splendid location; 6 roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
stables; one mile from Hammond Station-.
$9500���y3 Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
British Canadian Securities, ltd.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Phene RS24
���19 Hamilton St.
Chimney Sweeping, JS*
Eavetreugh Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceeepoole. Septlo Tanks, Etc
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
>28 Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
nee���sz=-��** ������������Bbs
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables in the city. Fin.)
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
svents bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 19
a. m��� 2 p. m. asd 11:45.
Leaves Vaneouver for Seattle 19
a. m. ana 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m.
also Dec. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday aad Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday.
Thursday aad Saturday.
Acant, Naw Weatmlnster.     , 1
O. P. Jl. Vaneouver J
Transfer Co.
Office Phono 185.     Barn Phona 137
Begbie Street.
Bacgage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hiit's lUot Beer
Miami Watm,   Amtcd Water.
Manufacture* by
Tslaehena II tIS. OfHae: Prlneaea tt
Billiards and Pool
Biggest aad best line of Pipes,
Cigars aad Ssaoking requisites.
Wholesale aad retail.
J. I_. Duncan, Ltd.
MM Columbia SL
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The most eemfertable rooms ln the
olty. Hot aad eald water ftnd steam
radiatar ln aaab. Bar and lirst class
cafe run la eaaaectloa.
Cer. Front and ���sable tt   Phone ISS
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
4�� Lorna Street New Westminster.
Only 7 Days Left
Only seven mo!re days
are left in which to do
YOUR  Christmas  advertising
Those who are using THE
NEWS say their ads. are
drawing business. NEWS
ads. will do as much for
you if you give them the
chance. Call 999 and let
us talk to you about it.
II "Wii'iWi j,_
MONDAY,  DECEMBER 16, 1��12.
H t^P.1? . M ^ WsD     ��rl Fr,e Sample, mailed on enquiry.
NATURAL GREEN/A-r..., "balada," to���...
Specification!, agreements of Bale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work socialist. All work strlitly confidential. M. Broten, Hoom ��, Mer
chant I wnlt Bldg.    Phone 715
L. O. O. M.,   NO.    854���MEETS
flrsl, second and third Wednesdays
in each month In K. of P. ball   at
H p.m.   II. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secrutary.
I. O. O. g AMITY LODGE NO. 17-
Th. regular meeting of Amity lodg��
No. 27, I. 0. O. F., ls held every Mou
day niKht at 8 o'clock In Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Blghth itreeL Visiting brother'
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson. N
O.; II. A. Merrlthew, V. 0.; W. C
Ooatham, P.O., recordlqg secretary;
II. W. Sangster, financial aecretary.
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia Btreet, New Westminster.   Phone 9B3.
W. E. KALES���Pioneer Funeral Dlrec
tor and lCinbalmer, 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegla Library.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
atreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Jabu
���ton." Code, Western Union. Offices
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, aolicltor, ate; corner Col���tic
tod McKenzie streets. Now Watt
minster, B. C. P. O. Boi 112. Tale
pbone 710.
Bradner Schcol.
" Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tea
der for Bradner Scliool," will be r*>
ceived by the Honorable the Minlstur
ON : of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday, the 18th day of December
191?, for the erection and completion
of u large ono room bchool house ai
Bradner, In thu Delta Electoral Din
trlct, for the Provincial Govarnment
Plans, specifications, contract, anJ
formB of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day of December, 1912
nl the office of S. A. Fletcher, Government Agent, NeP Westminster; Mr.
Wm. Merryfield,. Secretary School
Board. Mount Lehman, B.C.; and th"
Public Works Department, Parllamen;
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque, or cerlifl
cnte of deposit on a chartered, banr
of Canada, made payable to tho
Honorable the Minister of Publi"
Works, for a 'sum equal to 10 pei
cent, cf tlle tender, which shall be
forfeited K the party tendering declin -
to enter Into contract when called
upon to do so, or If he fail to com
plete the work contracted for. The
cheques er certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be re-
tnrned to them upon the execution
of the contract.
Tenders wlll not be considered un
lens made out on the forms supplied
s'gned with the actual signature or
the tenderer, and enclosed ln the en
velopea furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
wrlly accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Tnh1lc  Work* Department.
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December, 191!
TWO) . oe5.
solicitor and notary, fill Columbii
Itreet.    Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms '
and 8, Gulchon block. New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin. W. G
McQuarrie and George L. Camay.
tera and Sollcltora, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia atreet, Nfew
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 6t. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant.     Tal.    R IM.    Roam.
Trapp block.
mintter board of Trade meets In tbe
board room, City HaU, at follows
Third Friday of each meath; quarterly meeting on tha dim fUday of
February, May, August aad Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual maatinge oa
tba third Friday of February. New
members may ba proposed and
elected at any monthly ar quarterly
meeting. 8. IL Stuart Wada, aecretary.
7:55 for Toronto and NtooU branch
14:00 far SL Paul   and   Kaeeeaai
The School Lunch.
Sandwiches ure the standby for tlle
school lunch. Variety iu the kinds of
bread used Is most desirable. Nearly
every kiud of ment Is usuhle.-and tliere
ure also the various pastes mnde /rom
all sorts of scraps and leftovers In the
meat line, put tbrougb the chopping
machine nnd seasoned to suit the chil
dreu's tastes. Cold chicken, roust beef,
lamb, ham and even tblu slices of beef,
steuli (wrapped In paraffin paper) belp
to udd to tbe variety und are always
acceptable. It is a good Idea to save
all the paper from the cracker boxes
and use lt to wrap the different articles
in, so tbut tbey do aot taste of oue another.
A most delicious filling for prntinm
sandwiches Is made of cream cheese to
wblcb hnve been added some chopped
nut meats, olives or n wee bit of green
pepper. For another good filling take
Ibe yolks of bard hulled ei;gs, add pep
per and suit snd a tiny pinch of curry
powder. Mix to a paste and spread
rather thick. These mny be varied by
a little catsup or sauce of uny kind In-
stead of the curry.
Hard boiled ejres from wblcb the
yolks have been removed may be stuff
ed with spinach, seasoned to taste or
with chopped nut meats, cold ham ot
celery dressed with either mayonnaise
or French dressing Another way is to
stuff them with chipped ham mixed
with a bit of the yolk and vinepnr
Moll Cutpurse was a Celebrated
Female Highwayman Who Excel-!
led at Every Branch of Dishonesty
���Stole a Nobleman's Purso and'
Then Collected Twenty Gjineas for,
Finding It Again.
History lias immortalized thn ex-'
ploits of the highwaymen who were,
the terror of th" roads of Etjgland tw.)i
or three cinluries ago. It is well-nigh
silent concerning the deeds of ths
ladies of the road who were theft
contemporaries i;i crini'. There wu^j
only a few of these wom.-.i ut thel
highway, l.ut they were among tlie
lotureeque figures of that ad-
per aud salt, or Just cheese uud uinyotj
nalse uiuy he used.
Below nre given tbe menus for a
week's lunches, which could, however,
lie varied Indefinitely.
Monday.-Bread   and   cheese   sand-
wIcbi-H. sliced chicken ifroui Sunday'!
dlniieri, celery tips, nut nud upple salHdj
(III a class bottlei. plw-e of chocolate'
cake uud au orange.
Tuesday.-tiratuiin bread and cream!
cheese sandwiches, clam broth In ���
vanillin buttle, olives, sweet cracker*,'
figs und an onu..-e.
VVeduesdiy.���fold   roast   beef   wind-
wlcbeH mimic of rolls), rnbbiiKe salad
(In Ixitttci. dates, a piece of cake aad
| an apple.
Thursday.���deviled meat sandwiches,
baked apple or apple snucp Iln bottlei,
ealted ��r fresh peanuts, cookies, milk
ehm-uiate aod an oruuae.
Friday.���Mag sandwiches (made from
venturous age.
Bdmi were of dazzling beuuty; all
W���� bold 11 tlie point of audacity.
Masked und booted and snurr d, armed viitli sword and pistol, tliey robbed
travelers along the gr.-at Norlh Hoad
and the otlur iiigliwuy'a leading t'>
London Town. Tli'ir feats of darin���'
equailed any of the achievements of
Jack El'e-o.ird, Did; Turpin, Claude
Duv;" or Captain Dud'.'V. Their ways
were as miisculin-.- 81 Iheir dr.ss, and
those nl them who wero finallv hunted ct Tyburn died ns carelessly us
th y had lived.
Among these 1 idles of the road. Mo'.l
Cutpurse was especially remarkable.
Sha so excel! d in every branch of
dishonesty that hrr name is a
thievish synonym to this day. Long
purs s were worn ut th ��� girdle at that
tim.', ut. the beginning of the seventeenth century. Whild a mere girl
.'���'oil bocam" such an expert at cut-
tlng partes and fiiehinu' tliei- contents
, that the sobriquet she then eurned
'"''> | ciunif to her always.    Her real name
is unknown.
Onj of her exploits at this staeo of
h-r corner was tha talk of London.
One evning a nobleman in the
fringe of u crowd missed his watcb.
Thinking he bad lost it accidentally,
be asked Miss Molly, who was standing near to heb him find it. Sbe led
hmi on for narly half an hour. She
talked so earnestly and seemed su
int-r, Bled and helpful that the nobleman ni'ver suspect?d her. Mill had
his timepiece a'.l the while. Finally
his lordship, being; late for hi3 ren-
diTvoas. had to hurry away. As he
wus departing, he promised her
twenty guineas if she found his watch.
Tlierrupon she handed it ovr with
one Land and collect:^ the gold with
[ the other.
I Mistrpss Moil did n<it stay long in
tliat hrmeh of the pro*.sion, how-
eviT. Before she was twenty she was
e night-rider. st<ippin(r travelers on
Hnmpsteal Heath   and   the   London
^he Charm of fine rc^s
and draperies
Is greatly enhanced by suitable Furniture. In our
great stock you will find the best specimens of the
most noted Canadian makers. We count it a privilege
to show you through our store rooms. Five Immense
Floors covered with the best the market affords,
marked at the fairest prices and always in plain
Is on flrst up from the main. Here we have assembled a magnificent assortment ot Solid
Chairs, Settees, Parlor Suites, Occasional Chatrs, Centre Tables, Card Tables. Leather Chairs,
Cellarettes, Book Racks, Mirrors, Ladles' Writing Desks, Secretaries, Drawing; Roam Furniture
mahogany, also Parlor Cabinets. A splendid array, and most suitable for Christmas Gifts. All
for easy selection, and deliveries made as per your instruction.
ln solid
Shop early It possible.
Toy Department today.
You will find it far more satisfactory and comfortable.    Sea Ssmta Claus
He haa a  message for every child in New Westminster.
m i\mwi iemm vm%
Allium. suRirested  prevloiiKlyi. chicken  y,anri���d  she held up many  a   stage-
broth   In   tlie   Vacuum   bottle,   erurker ,eoech.
tarts and an apple. j    Eh.- t-puld sit a horse as gallantly
  jand Tide as tirelessly as any man that
fv��i   wore   a  mask   and   called    out.
Stand and deliver!"  She made more
Potato Pancakes.
Ferry, Fraser River.
Jn accordanoo with chanter Si, It. &
B.C., Wll. "Ferries Act." tin Oaveru
ment ��f Brltlah Columhla invite ap
plioalloas tor a charter lor a terry v
ply oa the Kraser Kiver between Nev
Weatmiaater. Pert llama. Samaata Is
land, and Coquitlam.
Applications will be rooeivwd by thi
Hen. MiiiHtiur ot Public Worka up ��'
12 o'elook aaon of Monday, tka UU
Duoember, 1911.
Tha charter will oovec a parted ea
piring ob Slst March. ISH.
���aaUaaats (ball give a daaortptlm
af lhe vessel It Is propose* ta use. tta<
mathed af operation, sna Mie vesae
meat oentorm la all respeaM *e tke re
��afareaioat* ot the "Oaaaria SWppiiK
Sat' and ameading Act.
Applloaata shall state tke tolls the>
at***** ta ask lor��� *������ i
Fast passengers (adults*. ��aoh.
float passengers, tawmtSp amtei
tklrtaen yeara.
Pasaeocer with saddle-horse.
PaaPaappt with horse aa
Driver with two horses
la.BsS at unloaded.
Salvor with four horsea
smsSal *r nnlaaded.
aad horsea, per
per head.
ilasa, t��t head.
Calrea and oolts under oaa
For three potatoes nrelKbiuii almiit nlw, ., , ,,
^  .^ m        .     ���       . .,      ytnonet than any of the looting cava-
| half pound  each allow two or  three Hm (lf h(T ,ime    Sof W1P  <)f th(,m
\**SSa* one-half cupful of milk. ����e , was her en.ual in daring. ' They doffed
I le��fl teH��|>-Kiiifnl of sail and. If oeces-;their plumed hats to her as a token
I wiry,.a very little Hour. i*>f professional respect.    All her brief
ftmte  the potatoes (rawi  In a dm biojtraphles say 1hat she had "a long
j ait cold water, let stnnd n few mlnatee. >nd ���ccessful   career  on   the   high-
then   drnln,   put   imtntoes   with   Uie   r'ij: , ..__     .   ,        ... .
....           ,    j    . .u    m-..       L.      mistress tidD,   lady   of   the   roHd,
| etnr..h tlmt remained at tbe hotwa. .*' ^        ���]v enough   g 'M but forgotten
the pan In n ebeoseeloib bag. *pt***ms* ���<, , Perhaps it is because her end
���irt all water, tben pnt back th* potato was not dramatic. She lived to the
wtth ��he oilier liurredlents and frv- fhe yood old ae of seventy-four and died
rn ken us you would wbnt nkw In Snt\ i" her own bed.    Vet her dying had
���Ginger Leaf.
rin<��e In a bowl a cupful .wii os
lnolHHseH snd sonr cream snd mt* Into
this two roundlnc rupfiilK ��C Hew
sifted with ���two level teasprnmrwle ��f
soda, the same of eloper and a Httle
���alt Adilawell beaten egg. mta t*M��r
'iniebly and Iwke.
Wash rlee. mil Ingredients sa* fern
Into birtteredipiiddlne dish Bm** irbnee
���hours In very alow oven, stlrrlna iNw
times during tlrst hour of bakioi: Hi
ipreveut rl��e 'from settling.
U:Zt for Agaasli Local.
18:5B for Imperial   Limited,
real and Okanagaa points.
One and one-thfrd fare for tha rand
Tickets on aala Dae. 21 ta Jaa. J.
Good to return up to Jan. (.
For reservation and other   particu
lars apply to
, New Westminster
Or H. W. Srodl* O.T.A* Vasoottw
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (PaW-Up) ....���1M0O.OOO.W
Freight, perishable, per IM ffe.
TreitfrL. unperishable. per IM lh.
Tha Oavernmeot of British Ottam
Ma ia ast naoessarily bouad ta
sap appfleatton submitted.  	
3. H. GRIPTTfll,
Pnbllo Works
Separtmaat at Pablle Werka.
TUlutk. B.O.. flat November, UU
Tha Hrna tar recelvtng application?
far ehartar tor a ferry to ply en Mi -
Praser Rlrar betweea New Weatmta
star, Part Mana, Annacis lataad ami
eaqnltlam. fa extended ap to W
a'eleek af Saturday, the Hit day of
Seeember. 1��12.
Tha dhartor will cover a period of
five year* erplring  oa Slat  March
",$ 3. H. (MWPPITH.
Public Worka Bastaoer.
Bsturtment   of  Pablle  Warha,  Tlo
tarla,  S. O.,  8rd   December,   1111
Branches throagooat Canada as*
Newfoundland, aad ta London, Bac
tond, I/sw Tork, Ch'taga and Bpakue
O.B.A., aad Maileo OKy. A ��M*5'
hanking builnaaa traaaacted. l��J
tera of Credit l��NMd. aWMIaWs wW
correspondents la all farta of thi
Savings Beak DPjwUaeaSyOiWOiWt
recel-ad In anma at 11 and up***
aad Interest allowal at I par oent. far
annum  (present rata).
Total AaeeU orar UM.000.0M.M
A D. BRTMNIR. Uaongnr.
who do not receive
t a.m. should
Tha Newe beforo
tai mak* complaint. Only In thla way
nay an afflolent delivery ba maintainor
iPifie Apenga Cake.
Take tbe white* of twenty ecu* twi
joblet fills of dour, three of pulverised
augur, two teaxpoonfiils of ettflKt at
lemon and one of cream of tartar tstfi
tbe flour carefully, mix the supnr. epp
��nd lemon thorougbly aod stir la thc
Hour gradually, taking core tun f
toughen It by too much heetlng The
���freni test Ih In the baking. Tb* er*t*s
sbould be very ���hot. and the rake t*tt**mt4
lbe baked only a lew minute*, until It
gsa light brutni.
Qi��a**nnH Sauce.
<)ne gra|iefmlt. two tiauvtm* sua
��ae nlpful Of pra��erved |ilneii|i|ile in
reijiitnil. Hi'imrat*- We aru|iefriiil Inte
WN'Moim and M-rat* tbe fruit Into a
��>.<a. dlHi-nnlliiK all twel and liuiiigi.
l***e\ the biiiiiiiiSH. *i����t Ihem leniith
wise lulu ipmrtem aad itien slice enie��
��'(��- into the dish with the graiiefriilL
A<M fhe pluenpida aad amrar lu lam��
and mix slightly. Sw-*�� wltb spoiut*
Qsrman Nut Leaf.
f*)tt together four eupfwls of float.
f����r Oe��|ilne teas|Hmnfula Imklng powder, half cupful sugar, teiinpoonfui
���alt. one cupful clmp|K-d wslnuta. ont
eupfal ralnlim. one egg, well benten,
unit two cupful* milk. Mlt Well together and put In buttered pans and
��� Hiiw to siatiil twenty ininiitos. Ilahe
In mmlernte oven forty-five minutea.
Serve lo tbla slices wltb butter.
Melassaa Cake.
Mix la order given, one cupful at
muter aod the same of sugar, two
cupful* of audaiwea. Ore eapfula of
flour, salt, two teaspoonful* of baking
powder and four or Are beaten egga.
ftpieea may be mUad with flour to aatt
some curious incidents about it, almost enough to make a story in themselves.
Respite the huge sums of mon"y
fhst she gained by her exploits on (he
Jiig'hway, Old Moll died poor. She
was not actually impoverishd and
was hy no means in wa'it, but she
was poor * r a woman w'^o on one
occasion had bought her release from
jja'fl at tlie price of about ten thousand
dollars. Dashing Moll was usually
wery successful in getting away with
the fruits of her robberies, bnt shs
��aw fhe inside of prison a good many
times. TH ahe never waa convicted.
Always when she was tried before the
ns.-i7.es fhe witnesses against her had
���P'ranee lapses of memory. Expenses
like thee;, which were necessary and
frequent rt��ms in her romantic and
pay profession, brought her close to
ihe *nd 6! 'her resource* when she
was well past seventy. Her source
*r/l income waa cut off, for she was so
afflicted with dropsy that she could
���no longer mount a horse. Rheumatism
had crtpjflea 'her nimble fingers so
fiwrt there was   no more   cutting  ol
Cse9 for lipr. Her day was over. She
ftvj 'hun-k*'' dollars left when ahe
took to her 'bed f"r the last time.
Tor a men and wile to become h'gh-
waymen in pnrtn-rshin is sn unusual
chapter <il Tomance even for the v��ri-
ert of fcwertftmckling days. Yet this
I* the atory of 3oan 3racey, who livd
her hrief T^e In tbe. saddh and became
a gav and eaiiafb'.e robber-woman upon
th" i.nn5rm Road ahnjiljr because she
had fceeoou enamored of a. dnahing
and verj aoecessful hlgh.wavman.
Joan was the nretty daughter of a
wealthy Englisli farmer. Und��r other
circumstanees probsfb'ly sh9 would
have wedded a rich man of that or a
neighboring cofltrty and bred u;i e
race of rtalwert Witish statesmen.
But she met by eha-nes the handsome
Edward Bracey. Fe jwsed as a gentleman from Londo'n, but in reality
he had come "up ermntry" to recuperate after a str -noons series of robberies and hnirbrradth. ewajws.
She took to the road like a duck
to water, just as the briskest young
fellow would. First of all. she assisted her-highwayman to rob her nwn
falVer of a considerable sum of money
and then ran ofl with her bold lover.
The pairj>roved very successful financially. Finally, however, the BoW
street runners csoght her and she
tried, convicted and went to the
before  she  was  twenty-one.
Death of American Bishop.
New Tork, Deo. 15.���Rev. Dr. Thom-
M Augustus Jagger, Bishop of the
American Protestant Episcopal
Church on the Continent of Europe,
died yesterday In Cannes, Franoe, according to advicei received here today.
gallows   ,	
Her exeeution was one of the great
events of the day. for her career was
the strangest mingling of youth, love,
crime and swift punishment. Her
husband wu hanged less thsn a yaar
DU Aviators Rab Train 7
Vlsalla, Cal., Dec. 15.���Peraona living; In tha .vicinity of Wasco aaid today that tboy bad aeeh two men flying In an aeroplane over that town
about tbe time the Santa Fe Sunset
train waa robbed of *20,145 near Pant-
land Junottou.
up in ammw I
First Lord Not on Best of Terms With
Sea  Lords, and  Rumor Says All
May  Resign.
London, Dec. 15.���When RL Hon.
Winston Spencer Churchill took control of the Admiralty as First Lord,
there waa aome speculation aa to how
a minister of his enterprising and pugnacious temperament, would work
with the sea lords, who have been accustomed to dominate in professional
The resignation of the First Sea
Lord. Vice-Admiral Sir Francis <J.
liridgeman, whom Prince Louis of
Brldgeman-Bridgeman, whom Prince
Louis of Battenberg succeeds, is followed by rumors that all the sea lords
uay resign. A question of veracity
between tbe First Lord of the
Admiralty and Vice-Admiral Bridge-
man-Brldgeman, which haa arisen, has
caused a sensation.
Mr. Churchill, pressed by Lord
Charles Beresford in the House of
Commons for an explanation, declared
that Vlce-Admlral Brldgeman-Bridge-
man's retirement was due solely to
his health and on Mr. Churchill's request. Wben the Vlce-Admlral wae
aaked by a reporter If be bad retired
on account of bia health, he replied:
"My answer ls In the negative."
The friction is believed to have
been begun by Mr. Churchill Insisting upon directing the details of the
laat maneouvres, against the advice
ot tbe sea lords. There la considerable opposition to Prince touts of Battenberg holding tha hlghaat position
tn the navy on tbe same grounds
that tbe army long opposed tba Duke
ot Cambridge having the highest command, namely that lt was given to him
because he was a member of the
Royal family. Instead of for professional competency.
The First Lord and the Sea Lords
unquestionably are antagonistic. Some
Liberals even express fear that the efficiency of the navy may be Jeopardized on thla account.       ���
33 Hours ta Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hizelton
Connecting with O. T. P. Railway fbr points Bast;  alao wfth  S3.
"Prince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massif and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.  _^___^
Rupert aad way   porta,   3rd.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince
12th snd Strd ef each month.
Tlokets te all Eastern destinations and to Kurope.
H. O. SMITH. C   P. ft T.
Phene Seymour 7100.
A. W. K. DUPBROW, O. A. P. Dl
VANCOUVER. *SC     SB Oranvllle Street.
Christmas Day Is Near
Shopping Days are Few
Buy  Now, and Buy in
New Westminster Shops
You can get everything
you need in New Westminster and you won't have
to pay any more for your
purchases than in any other
city on the coast, besides
saving a|lot of time and
And, don't forget to do
your shopping early* PATJE "FOOT
mmm mi news
every   morning   except
by Tbe Nattcaal Printing and
Co., Ltd.. at tbeir office,
McKaasie Street,  New   Weetmin
. R C. '
ROOR SUTHETtl.ANn, Manager
Office   899
J Office  991
By carrier $4 par year, |1 for threi
oaths, or 4Uc per month.
Ety mall $3 per   yaar,   or   26c   per
No letters will be published ln th'
except over the writer's slgna
The editor reserves the  righ'
refuse the publication of any letter
Manager of tht Chateau Laurier Is
Appointed to an Important Post
That Will Make Him a Figure ot
Interest From Coast to Coast���Has
Had a Wide Experience Both In
England and on This Side.
F. W. Bergmann, who Las ju��t been
appointed head and general manager
of thc Grand Trunk hotel system of
Canada ai.d who has been in charge
of the Chateau Laurir at Ottawa
since its opening, is one of the most
experienced and among the ablest hotel men m the world, ile hhs been
connected with the management of
nomi of the most famous hotels in the
old country snd in the United Stntes
and has had full charge of the outfitting ol the Chateau Laurier and man-
Canada Is not alone in being divided
Tiprn the subject of naval defence, for
as wc foreshadowed tn our last issue
opinion in South Africa upon tills and
other progressive measures is meeting
with opposition from the sources wa
-Chen outlined. Premier Botha has re
Bat while there haa always been dif
retrace ot opinion upon the navy even
in Great Britain, it is to be regretted
that the sea lord3 nnd the civil lord.-
arc now in bitter opposition. This
raw!] at least may be deduced from
*fce recent arbitrary action of Mr
Winston Churchill.
Vice-Admiral Sir Francis C. Bridge
anar.-Rvidgeman has been retired anil
it is disquieting to cote that the sea
lords bave threatened to resign In a
body ns a result. Mr. Churchill it* a
remarkably able man, but England   lh
not went to suffer a retailer of "ter | appreciate liis good work
minological     lnerjictltudes"���as     he
once described lying���for tno lung   a;
cae stmt ch.
The new first sea lord, Prlnc; I.culs
��* Battenberg, suffers from the disad-
wantage or Iieing or the roynl family.
He is fifty-eight and bas followed ihe   ,
f. w. BsnoHAmr,
aped it duri..s the short perio.l lie hns
lieen in cliar.'e, with admirable skill
and ability. The present promotion
shows tliat the directorate and presi-
nt ot the  big  railroad  corporation
he cimpnny ha3 several large hotels along its line and prnp'.sM extending the system so that they will
have a magnificent system of Imstel-
ri *> at all leading points on iU great
railway system. The entire management and control of these hotels will
in future lie in Hie bands of Mr. Berg.
Qirl of Fifteen, Then Commits Suicide
���Had Delusions Regarding Wife's
Belleville, Ont., Dec. 15.���B. D. Will
man, a Rawdon township farmer,
aged 38, committed suicide this after
noon after attempting to murder his
15-year-old bride of a year. The latter
ia so badly wounded that the doctors
say she cannot recover.
Wfllman had been acting strangely
and harbored a delusion that his
wife's relatives were hostile to him.
This Is supposed to have prompted
his action. Saturday he borrowed a
neighbor's, shotgun saying he wished
to shoot some weasels. '
About 4:30 o'clock Willman entered
the bedroom where hls wife was lying
ill and without warning fired point
blank at her, Inflicting terrible injuries.
Apparently thinking he had killed
his wife. Willman went upstairs, reloaded the gun, tied a string to the
'rigser and discharged the gun with
his foot.    He died Instantly.
Mra. Willman'a mother, who was at
the barn, heard the shots and rushed
to the house and summoned help.
Coroner Algers. of Stirling, was notl
fled, and to him Mrs. Willman, al
though mortally wounded, was able to
tell the story of her husband's deed
An inquest will be held. Willman
was well known, having lived In Rawdon township all his life.
Pennsylvania  Coclety   Makes  Presentation���First  Time  Ever Given
to Non-Citizen of U. S.
New Ycrk. Dec. 15.���In commemorating the 125th anniversary of the
framing of the constitution of the
United States, the Pennsylaviila Society held its fourteenth annual dinner here tonight, with Bt. Hon. James
Bryce, the re-tiring British ambassador, as the guest cf honor.
Attorney-General G. W. WIckersham  wa3 toastmaster and  delivered
of the votes of that body wlll-be'necessary for the adoption of an agreement for arbitration.
So far as could be learned today no
plans are underway for an attempt to
repeal the toll exemption provision to
which Great Britain lias directed Its
chief protest. Although that course
was recommended b.v aecretary of
War Stlmpson ln his annual report,
senators who were strongly identified
with the fight against exemption la3t
August stated today that tliey knew of
no contemplated bill or amendment
to repeal that portion of the law.
A strong sentiment exists In the
senate in favor of a final submission
to arbitration of the respective rights
of Great Britain and the United
States at the canal. Leading senators
who Indorsed this sentiment, however, expressed the belief today that
it would be impossible to secure even
a majority of the senate In support
of an arbitration agreement if the
president should finally submit such
an agreement for approval. The passage of a bill repealing the toll exemp
tlon provision of the law also would
be practically Impossible, it was
The arbitration treaty with Great
Britain ratified in 1908, provides that;
disputes between the two countries j
shall be submitted to arbitration J
through an agreement made by the
president "with the advice and con-1
Berit of the senate."
Francis Joseph will grant only collective audiences to the ministers, instead of receiving them separately.
This has caused an unfounded rumor
of the Empcror'a acute illness.
From Inquiries made in authoritative
circles lt Is learned that the emperor's health gives not the slightest
cause for alarm. The emperor Is
working from morning until evening,
and lt la stated that rumors to the
contrary are part of a political campaign of unprecedented violence and
pertinacity designed to scare the Austro-Hungarian public Into the belief
that war is Inevitable.      '
The curt wording of the emperor's
letters ace~ntlng the resignations of
General Ain I'enberg as Minister of
War, and General Schmua aB Chief of
Staff, ls causing much comment ln
military circles. The newspapers
point out that neither letter contains
a single word of recognition for the
PRSt services of these eminent officers.
In aid of the Funds of the Victorian
Order of District Nurses��� Burnaby   Branch.
Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 1912
St. George's Amateur Dramatic
While  treaties  specifically  require I
*..,m.,\.tmAa      ..mir.      I���r      r:, 11 f ii*tat inn   !������!
a two-thirds vote for ratification
many senators believe an agreement
under the existing treaty might he
held to require only a majority voto.
Should diplomatic   agreements with
Great  Britain  fail   to  settle   the  dis
nuted question. It    is   believed    tliey
nevertheless wll! delay matters so th.it, tifex's Flat, London,
an arbitration   agreement   conld   not | CATT
come up for final crnsirieralion in thei    Septimus  Pontlfex,
Senate until after the Democratic ad
ministration has come Into power.
Brixton Burglary
Under the Direction of B. R. Hill.
A Farcical Comedy In Three Acts
By Frederick W. Sidney
Scene:    Morning Room in Mr. Pon-
  W.     Algernon i
Kraser Green (bis father-in-law), B. i
it.   Hill.
Richard niggle (his friend), U I
Avory  White.
James   (his  manservant),    Charles;
Nonagenarian Lady Burned.
Sackville. N.B.. Dec. 1"..���Mrs. Annie ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Copp,  of Jollcire.    near    here,    was   Brown.
burned in her room    yesterday,    the      Milicent Pontlfex  (h'.s wife),  Mlss
clothing of the victim]  who  was    90   Ruth  Petter.
years of age, being completely burned. '    Alicia Green     (his    mother-in-law),
It is thought her clothing caught nic   -Mrs.  J.  D.  Taylor,
from the stove. Jessica Green     Ibis    sister-in-law).
'  Misss   Ethel   Homer.
Petunia   Perkins   (his   housemaid I,
Miss Grace Pinder.
Inspector Sharpies   (detective),  Mr.
Frank Hill.
K 10001 (a policeman), Minard Hill.
Reserved Seats 75c, Second Seats 50c.
Third  Seats 25e.
(Continued from pure one)
1892. In June of the same year he
was nominated for the vlce-presldenc)
by the Republican national conven
Goes to Ennland.
In 1S97    Mr. Reid   "was    natred    e
special    ambassador   to England   ti
mnnn.   Before going to Ottawa he was
since"he was fourteen.   That lie lal in charge of the celebrated Banff II >       _    .         	
WkSaptaaS and efficient officer is   -ve'l   tei at the Springs there and he wa.�� tor ! an address, as did the   ambassador.
aaown.    He smclled powder in Egypt j ��time ���J��L���* ,then Mountain Stephen ! Other speakers were U. S. Senator W.
-    -ao.      ....      .m      ,���    .    .  .     ������* I Hnuse  at Field,   B.C.    Previously   he i E.   Borah,  of  Idaho,  and   Mr.  Job E.
rs 1882. while still a lieutenant,   �����&  had been manager ��t the Nortonla Hn.  Hed**.   A message of congratulation
since Vaat Ume his progTesB has been : tei. Oregon, and at the Del Monte to the society from President Taft I represent the president"at Queen Vic
steadily won \o the top of the tree. 'Hotel. Castle Crags, California. He | was inclosed in each copy of thc sou-! (oria's jubilee In lKliS he was on��
lie vvas director of naval lntelll- ������� b*e? connected with ihe Murray venHvJbf the evening, a handsome- 0f the commissioners who negotiated
*��.����� for two yeara and afterward. 1!'11 HtT',uNenul-xs 1 i �� lln'1 ! ��>Qund copy of the constitution of the I the Treaty or Peace with Spain. In
���oe ror wro years ana anc h        of the Cliff* Hotel. Newport.  Unit�� States.   A feature of the din- j 1903 he was special embassador    tc
OHnmar.ded he second cruiser squad- RX, besides bavinj extensive cxpen. ner was the presentation of a gold | England, to represent the president al
wot wbich vlBlted New York in 1905. ence in ihe management ot some ot \ medal to Mr. Bryce. This medal was i the coronation of King Edward VII
We has published one book nn   aaval | J���   leading^ London   hotels   ol   the j founded'several years ago bv a group j |n  mor,  hn  waa named  by  Presldenl
ntatttrs    nnd is   the inventor   of
Bpiers an-l   Bond  syndicate.    He  haa
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ had a hotel experience extending over
tactical  instrument used in Uie   ser-  3n V(.Rrs ���nj i10 naa been a h.-ml work-
-a'ux. ier and his success is due Ut pt.sever'
It rcay,   therefore,   lie   nen    that! snee,  industry   nd  ability
_.,   . ,��� ... ������ ___���_, >���i���,,( ������.. I with  a  geninl    nnd    kimllv   manner,
ITmce Ijoihs Is no carpel  snignt ail} i    i - %        ,      , ��� ,   , ,    , ,
i which makes him very much liked bj
snore than is his relative,   our     own j t),j traveling public
<k��vemor Oeneral, whose record   as a
ambassador    to    Greal
soldier is known to all.
Western   Canadians will   read with
c:r��B'xlr'rulJc   satisfaction   that   Great
She   Drew  the  Lino.
It  is  a  very  well-known   fact  tint
j Queen Victoria was, to say Ihe lea-t.
of members for the purpose of provld-l Hcosivelt as
in? special distinction  to any person ! Britain.
whomthd society particularly 'wished Mr. Held was tho dean of New Vork
to honor. Its presentation to Ambas-I newspaper! editors, so far as term
combined I sador Bryce marks the first time It, of service is concerned. No oilier
has been given to anyone not a cltl- flew York journalist, living or dead
v'n of Pennsylvania or the United lever received public boners as distill
'tatea, :i?iiished.    As an editt r and  politician
Attorney General WIckersham, In ] Mr. Re'd was exceedingly conserve
discussing tbe theorv of constitutional i tive. Ho was a Homlltonlan; not a
government as applied to this coup-1 Jefferson lan. When in N'ew York Mr
ry from the beginning to the present {Rojri personally directed   the   larger
Kuep Your Eye on
Fine SO foot orchard lot. {'CiO.
$3r>0 cash, balance C, IJ and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot, wilh
4 room house. $900. Easy terms
b';t muEt be seid quick if at tli in
High SO foot lot ItHh Ave.
$850, $10 cash and $10 monthly.
33 foot cleared lot, K"mp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs X Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burnaby.
mi'in^har'straiUnee.r 17,1 "-Z��^\?���iJ?J^*JZlZr���T l^.^^l'^T^'^F^^^ ��"��" ,,,',',l��1"   "���
some remarkable ideas regarding pro- j Tontf-"-   ^---^.^..^L^T'l���* 'he policy of his paper, as well as
priety and dignity.   A story whii
- ,,,.,-        ,;   .��� ,",  "" I evus mav not  oe cured witinu
Frederick Wed more tells in his recent   destruction of cherished institutions."
Britain 'haf at  last presented   a  pro-1 book   of   "Memories     illustrates   this '
One day. during a conversation, her
intimate   friend,   I.ady   Southampton,
Tbe British minister oT foreign   af-   w)lri|   hy   rea30n   0j   agei   |i,hg.pr,iyed
Mrs. tiasing his  principal   objection   devoted ness,  and reciprocate I   frlund'
to the proposal to relieve an Amerl    ship,  was privileged to ta!k of many
can shipping from paying canal tolls | J^5' pressed Her Majesty as fol-
"Do not you think, ma'sm. ore of
the satisfactions nl the Iuture rtale
will he not only our reunion witn
those whom we have loved nn earth,
hut our op[>ortunities of neelng face to
ta.ie bo many of tlie noble figures of
the   past���ol   (.thei    landa   and   limesr
Bible tunes, for instance,   Abraham j fuilv the cause of the discontent with
k^st week in the senate at Ottawa, |wW he thero, ma'am,  Is^ne too, and
test ajjauisi   tbc United  States  Pan-
3inoa Canal bill.
fcy exemption from charges or remit-
.���Jns the tolls paid, contends tliat see
tioa of the law is violation of thc Hay
Paunce/ute treaty nnd proposes that
If the munition can be settled In nc
oftiiT way, it be submitted to arbltra
tion at The Hague.
and    to ascertain "whether   the I |he details of Its form,
evils may not  be cured  without   the;0f ita form.
^^^^^^_ ^^^H A Thorough Scholar.
���Constitution tinkering Is the inevit-| Mr R,,|,j waa a thorough scholar
able result of reducing constitutions l ar,d th(> owner of an exceedingly fine
to the category of statutes." said Mr. ' library. His country seat, called
WIckersham. in discussing the rapid lorhlr Farm, la one of the most mag
extension of the Swiss institutions. I ���|f|CPnt places of Its kind in thc vlcin
such as the Initiative and referendum i ity of New york. u |a located In
'he recall or officials bv nopular vote , Westchester County, Rome three miles
and other principles   of like   charac-, frnm white  Plains and commands a
,pr���" I magnificent    view    of    Long    Island
Tendencies   favored
,    I magnificent    vi
by   what    he | Soimd
termed   the     new   school   cf    political       ,���   ml   Mr    npir,   wns   mariod     to
thought.' cannot bo ignored, he said.   MIaa  i.;n7���heth'Mills, daughter nf n.
���because too many people have given   Qgflpn   mn,   and  besides  his   widow I
Iheir adherence    in  some degree    to   hfl IpBVP!) a ��������� Bnd  dlulKhter,    both
them,  and    it   becomes   the  patriotic | ��rown  up
tjntv pf every clti'/en to analyze care-j ^__^^
Sir  tieorgv   Ross    raised    thc    same
I Jacob.   Think ol what thev will
i like.
,  ��� ,^_ EMPHROR'S     HEALTH     GOOD.
jthe exiHting    svstem    of government i _____
           And thc sweet -nu-'ir nl Israel ' 'U'rr, ^*    . ",' 'h�� a'!"p,ion,^f """"l i Rumcr. Thst Francis Joseph  Is Fall
.juration and argued that if tho United I. .-..  .,"    ��?��� ' ��� !���������-,,r��� .'  ,',""'     m��'i'Ut"*Uon��    '" .vo';r  constitutional i ,       N���  Borne 0l, bv  Fj,,,.
State,  propose to give specia'  treat- Le shnll'see * "^ ' ^ ^ehera,:, as remed.es necessary to the |    v,Pn9n!,, n������  ,r>.   MUnsplr^d itata-
.      . I     , ���'""���"��� ni'hlu-.   welfare   iu   tho  eyes  of  those   _ii--l ,,,, n,-,. i. fha fnt.urn Bmneroi
���MM to its country's trade they are |    And alter a moment's silsnee, with , who %va advocated them, and to en-  mont Ra  '     "' '" "'    f"   'e ?    l
aaaat by the   treaty to exU-nd  that  perfMI dignity and dec sion, the gnat  rleavor, It possible, to meet those evllr ',-;���.    .
IJueen iiK.de an��wer, "I will not meet   destroying n'  fabric    nf government |
I whicii has so long and ro well nerved '���
.'lie needs of American civilization."
The "Spanish Ham." Senaor Borah In Ills sneech on th��
!    Lrvssnn flower lel'.s how the rspre.  "Umt|d   Stites,"   strongly   defended
sentdive el S|-n,. at (he court of St   i''"' oopstlt'itlon, bul  named h!s bear |
Ijiiiiis ilineil  Willi  his fiiniilv on one 16" that   there   vas   trouble    brewing
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dved
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75;
We do repairs at a Bmall additional charge.
34r> Columbia St.      Phone R:7*l
"Is that 312" ?
"Yes, 312, Eastman & Wamsley
"What have you in GOOD
"We have and can deliver
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up.   Terms to arrange.
on terms.   This is a key lot to a double corner.
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. From Portland. Halifax.
S. S. Canada   Dec. 21st   Dec. 22nd
S. S. Dominion   Dec. 28th
S. S. Canada   Jan. 18th
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 15,000 tona, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 682 feet, 18,080 h.p., S.S. Canada,
&14 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggage
checked through to steamer In bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
New York���Queenatewn���Liver- New York���Plymouth���Cher-
pool, bourg���Southampton.
S. S. Baltic   Dee. 19th 8. S. Philadelphia... .Dec. !"st
S. S. Megantic   Dec. 24th S. S. Majestic  Dec. 28th
S. 8. Celtic  Jan.   4th S. 8. Oceanic  Jan.   8th
Company's Office, 616 Second Avenue,    Seattle,   three   doors   from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
^utehar. Agent O. N. Ry.. New Westminster. J	
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable ln all parts ot tbe world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Wettmintter Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Pres and Deal. Mgr.      Vlce-PrwldMt. Bee. aad Trau.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 177.
treatment    to  .Canadian   coast   ship
t��mR irafln.      Public  Interest  In   this
viot'sliori  is  rcvlvinK all round.     Thl I
���Oast <*{ Itic Panama Canal In the dc i
vHojmifnt  of trade, particularly  tha!
��if xiitin i-.'irrviitf; in thc west, was Lh"
prmci;��i feature of the revert od the
'occminn nml limv n scrviint 'tiieii and | r"r 0,,r present form of Kovrrninent
^_^^_^^_^^^_^^___ th>Ti> hout nil records In  llie art nf     "'< & i,11(' to assume that there aro
public vinrns department   tabled   oy rmiBplscIng thf letter  "h."   Pliuging ,0 Marrns ahend." be declared, "it is
tbc llaa   iioiien itinera   cn  lice. 4.  tl. i door open, li ��� announced; "   nselew to *e*Y to conceol    the fact
Daprtl Minister Hunter  reviewed at     "".���",' Spanish hanT-inakliiB a per-   "nt ii���mmi and eonasrvatlva men
i��, ,i,   ,*.        .i,    . ���.���  a ,�����lW��ptbr pnusu Mute ho added-"ba��-  entartjlln U-.im concerning ti��' fnhire
laagtb   Die work  <r the  depertmept ,^;,nr.. Uf nn?   i^oubllcan   fnnn   nf govern-
and referred to  the   linrber   Improve^    y\,., nullmr d clnres llrt lie nevr   "'""'     The sunreme tesl  of the con-
mirnlB uhich have been le'^'iin lit Vic :Vil\\   Uirj<. I   llie    rf.ct procliie.-il.    "Rd-   StltOtlgn lfl nllll  In the  fiit'irc."
���aria aod Vancouver.   Both cities, he j mim,| YbIcs nnd Cenuy Grain. wlu> I ���	
aimed, are looking forward to a great   were ef the party nud talking togeth r
Met* U**. *.���   .,i   from the opining of th. I at the moment   '������"'���
jnrv Tiuial and in coaaequencc a etiir' j dining room n ...
���tnoe* he^ii made made upi.n   extensive j well  Bl tiie circurnstances p
��tr��ii;;B): operations and dooklng fa-[My wife had the profoundoit difficulty I
r.'itt.n     it is pointid out thai  ft car , tn cintrol lier Inughter nnd neenrd a
���aevte* with Alberta wheat could make I proper reception  to our em\��t.  wlio
four tr.pa to  Vancouver anil  Victoria I was, or course, innocent of llio aliuse I
in'tbc t^orii.' it woul.l take fur one trip , ol his distinction."
Ad PL John. | 	
A* u consnifocnee there in n:i n nsor. The Opinion She Sought.
-#hy railiH.!.*  of l,,,5i���.|s   of western      "Wefl. wlmt <!o you   think   of   my
ttrun Bhould npt fmd an oatlei by the L,^ ,,,,?������ ,|���, ���^di
wauvr I'ariain and not m im* Injury     ������[)��� vnu w���,it ,, candid
��Btlh��r <it  tbe lake portB or Montreal ^^^
and  St  John,     't   In  coimidenrl   I'i'
tfce   fast   inoreoalng   crop out pul " ;l    .,,     i,,,,���  , - *    , ...   , . ���       ,-     .,-.   ..  .
.-SBrmtly   tax   Hie cni-a.-1'ty of nil  ihr,.    """ ���"""��..���t  V;r^rr.rn    nee    1,   A\   Cthef
^orts and th. w ontlel  ���,:]]   ,   ��� 0|d ,���  p.nsiorJ "Wy  "r  two-tlnrd.   ol  the  OS
^wntW be of the urates, ud     .   ��� c.  ,       ��^*   P'"'or'i- Senate would   lie  nocss iry  to   ordei
^Tb eaormooa Increase   in  nn,u rr.,       Stateon    thousand    Kurc.pei.ns   and   the Hinmiia   .inm! d,s,��,���r wi I. Gt a  ;
tiMsla. is looked Tor hv  ,.a.en   ol   W'5   M""r"   b��v��   ,"^!'   K^vei.   old-aRC   iiritaln BiilimlUed to I he llaKi.e t ouri
���"^ n.%(J( 'pensions in  New  Zealand in the   last   of Arbitration for adjustment, 1ms lie-j
nrty and talknij; togeth r
:ircurnstai)ce��  permitted, I *���
ynu  want n  ca
. he quo-Honed,
"II   ivi'ie. no!"  rhe replied
loin thing nice."
Old-Are  Penjior.j.
Senators  Uncertain   Whether  Arbltr?
tion Acreemcnt Needs Majority
or    Not.
<r-V-��p rates when the trip in mil
tke way   liy water.    Calfian'   ll<
rear.    About 35,000  old-age  pensions
have been ({ranted in all.
         Winnipeflfler Dead.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^��
~Winnip< ;.'. Dee. i'r..    One or the r.uc j        TtrengtheniiiT   German   Army.
candidates for the    board    ofi    Berlin, Dec. 14.-The .Nurd Doutscli
I at Friday's municipal elections ! Allegemelne Zeitung  Intimatei tetni-
! this evening in the peraon or A.  officially that a further strengthening
���eArttiur, who had long iflpntilled   of the Oerman  army  la  Inevitable  ln
[withOk fcesJ uJtahn |vl��w of the international Bituatlon.
come a matter of study among mem
hers of the Senate since the receipt
of the Ilrltlsh full protest hkbIusI Hi"
toll provision In the recent Canal Act.
ex'>mp!lng   United   Slates   GO&ltWllO
it Is tho opinion of ninny Senators
wl'io were originally opponed to grunting tinlliMl States coastv.iae Hhlpping
free passage Ihat if the subject finally reaches the senate, only a majority
Speaking of Cnnstmas,
Have You Thought
Wliat Flowers You
Will Need ?
Supplying flowers Is our business, end we will hnve them ln perfection. Hoses, Carnatlono, ClhrysantlioniuniB. VIoletB, NarclBSUB,
l'c.i.is LLB3, etc. Also a fine linu of potted plants, auch aa Ferns,
A/aieas, rrimro3C3, Cyclamen, etc.. etc. Beforo buying all your
Christmas presents call on ub, and let ua Bhow you our beautiful
baiketl and brass Jardlnlers filed with KernB and Flowering Plant!
We are lieaCjuartera for Holly nnd Mistletoe.
TIDY, Tke Florist
739 Columbia St. PKones L and R 184
P.S.- Now Ib the time to place  your Christmns  order  and  send
your Eastern friends some Holly and MlBtletoe.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Five roomed bungalow, new, Regina street; fuH slxed basement,
tv.o llie places, laundry tubs; beamed celling, pannelled dining
room;  bath and toilet.    Price |3750;  $1000 cash and the balance to
Five roomed bungalow, new, I'mnilton stroet; modern, full sized
basement, furnace, laundry tubs, built In cabinets In kitchen, (Ire
plaoe In dining room, beamed celling, pannelled. Price $8800; $1000
cash, and the balance to arrange.
Six roomed now bungalow on Eighth avenue, modern, full sized
basement, furnace, flre place, laundry tubs, pannelled dining room,
bath and toilet.    Price $3750; $800 cash, and the balance to arrange.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669 .---r^UJ-Jt. "���'��� ���" H" fe�� .�������,
MONDAY, DECEMBER  16,  1912.
will enter the squared ring.
The feature event wlll be a ten
round battle between Jack Thompson,
of New Westminster, and Hart Yordy,
of Bellingham. The affair will start
at 9 o'clock.
Brilliant Run by   J.ck   Hoult-T.sm  fQ|j|{   GOALS   APIECE
Fouflht Gamely Against Heavier
Westminster covered Itself with
glory on Saturday at Queen's Park,
when the rugby team held the husky
Vancouver Firemen almost level in
scoring until the last minutes of play.
The final score was 14 points to 5.
The Firemen are a much heavier
and far more experienced fifteen
than their opponents, and playing uphill when Referee Saunders signalled
the word, began from the outset to
presB the home side. The first score,
an unconverted try, was put on by
Fitzpatrlck, the Royal half being unaccustomed to speedy play.
Later, Moffatt went in for the Firemen, who, during this period, had
numerous chances spoiled by thc
faulty handling of their speedy back
division. Had the Royals a shade
more determination ln grassing their
men and getting them low both these
tries could have been averted.
Changing over, Jack Hoult, starting
from his own twenty-flve, ran clear
through the Firemen's defence in a
brilliant fashion. Hlg swerve stood
him In good stead, and Decker following up on his right gathered a pass
almost on the line and scored, Lloyd
converting a splendid goal.
The Firemen now played like demons, but, although the Royals were
for llie most part penned In to their
Own twenty-five, the excellent saving
of Lloyd and Marcon kept the score
stationary untll Evans scored a try
(airly far out which was not converted, followed closely by Thompson
from whose effort a goal resulted, the
whistle then sounding no side.
Mr. T. Moffat and Mr. T. D. Sherriff
Acted as touch Judges.
There was rot quite such a larg"
���crowd as uBiinl. but they were pleased
with what may lie classed as the beg*
performance their representative?
havo put up this season. The forwards need to let the ball out cleaner
and llie halves to gather It more
-swiftly and so feed their three-quarters when tackling a far heavier pack
such as the Firemen, but all round
the team Is Improving. I'layers should
remember to be on time in future and
not keep thoir visitor* watting. *-
West Bromwich Albion 1, Sheffield
Wednesday 1.
Woolwich   Arsenal   0,   Tottenham
Hotspur 3.
Second   Division.
Birmingham 2, Leeds City 2.
Bristol City 2, Grimsby Town 2.
Burnley 3, Leicester Fosse 1.
Clapton Orient 2, Barnsley 2.
Huddersfleld Town 3, Blackpool  0.
Hull City  0, Wolverhampton   Wanderers 1.
Notts Forest 1, Bury 1.
Preston Nortb End 4, Bradford 2.
There Is nothing more acceptable   for   Christmas   presents   than
handsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Were.
We show an elegant line of the best manufacturers.
Call early before our assortment Is broken.
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
Burnaby    Leading   at    Half   Time-
Bankers Draw Up and Tie
Tho Bankers were handed a nice
surprise packet by the Uurnaby team
In the City Soccer League on Saturday afternoon at Sapperton park,
when, after a ding dong battle, the
teams retired with four goalB each
to their credit.
On play the Burnaby eleven should
have won and had" It-not been for the
tireless efforts of ,the financial men
In the laat stages of the game, tho
aspiring leaders would have dropped
both points. Burnaby led at half
time 2-0.
After that the advantage see sawed
back and forth, the Bankers' forwards playing a desperate game and
eventually tlelng the score.
Rovers   Draw   Abreast   Westham Islanders by Goal from Penalty
In Last Half.
Overconfldence by the players, and
their failure to presg in the flrst half
���ot the game resulted In the   Rovers
-only gaining one point against Westham  Island at Moody park Saturday
.afternoon, the flnal result being one
goal eacb.
lt was expected on all sides thai
Westminster would bave an easy time
In taking the game which meant   tin
���cinching of the Senior League chain
pionshi",   and   even   the   Islanders
when they took the fleld, felt it    in
their  bones that  nothing but  defeat
was to be banded them.   At halt time
when no goals had beeu spired,   the |
Westham boys took couraje met   the
attacks of the Rovers bv counter   at-1
tacks, and, fifteen minutes after   re-1
���sumption of plav, Al Trim slipped an
��as��  one past Collier.
Their lead wna made short lived,
however, for Tomllnson converted a
penalty a few minutes later, which
finished the scoring.
The tie game of Saturday may have
a serious offset upon the Rovera'
chances of gaining the leadership, for
the ThlstleB bave only to win from the
���Celtics In order to tie with the Rovers,
which would necessitate a play off in
Vancouver between the two teams.
Whether the Hovers can repeat thj
their victory over the Scotchmen remains to be seen, but there la no
���denying the fact that a bird In the
"hand Is worth two In the bush, and
Scotty Grant's outfit may experience
this before the serial ia Anally ended.
One of the largest crowds of the
season attended Saturday's game and
from a spectator's viewpoint, the
Rovers should have won hands down.
McLeod and Carlodulf were away   off
' frrm nnd missed several chances
given them by Tomllnson. The latter, as usual, played a star game and
frequently gained applause.
However, the dsmage has been done
and It ls un to the players to aga n
<Went the Thistles If they are to win
. Hie flrst soccer championship for New
Weatmlnster. Nevt Saturday they
plnv at Wosthsm Island in the flrst
round of the National cup..
Beats    Strong    British    Isles    Public
Schools Team of Vancouver at
Central Park.
Edmond3. Dec. 15.���The Durnaby
liockcy team, playing its best game of
the season Saturday afternoon at
Central Park, defeated the British
IsleB public schools of Vancouver to
tbe score of 4-2, Mr. Teal holding the
The schools   went   Into   the   lead
early In the game, but Uurnaby soon
pulled   together, J.   Kirby,   McCombi
and Grumpy Spring Bcoring   in quick
The' Suburbanites played on tbe defensive during the second half, and a
penalty being awarded against Wedge
In goal, the Terminal City bunch put
through their second tally.
With thiB defeat of one of the
strongest loams In the league, the
chances of Uurnaby being In the race
for the leadership look very promising.
The Burnaby line-up was 03 follows.
Wedge, Watson, Broadbent, Collins, J.
Brown, C. Brown, G. Spring, Langford
McCoinhio, J. Kirby. C. Kirby.
Who Fall    to    Score���Ranchers   Are
Now In Line for Athletic
For the first time thia season the
B. C. 10. R. went down to defeat in
the Senior Amateur League, the Coquitlam team doing the trick following
the draw lu Vancouver a little over a
week ago.
This eliminates the Electrics from
the Iroquois trophy and the' way the
ranchers are playing the game at the
present stage gives them a mighty
good chance of annexing both the
league championship and also the cup.
The score at Coquitlam on Saturday
was one goal to nil and this just
about indicated the play of the afternoon.
Tiio victory of the suburbanites was
heralded by great enthusiasm In Co
quitlam Saturday evening and soccer football recolved Its greatest
boost In the Industrial centre by rea
son of tbo victory.
The other results tn the league
were as follows:
Cedar Cottage 4. Soutli UIU 2.
Riverview 8, Sixth Regiment 1.
72nd Highlanders 6, Thistles 2.
Junior   Alliance.
Owing to tbe Sixth Regiment team
being unable to ma'-e the trip In time
to finish the game before the Senior
League contest, the contest scheduled with the H, C. M. A. at Moodv
Park, was called off at the last moment. v
The league delegates will settle thc
dispute this evening.
Other results were:
St. Andrew's 5. S. of B. 0.
Cedar Cottage 3, Cottage United 1.
Southern  League.
Merthyr Town 0, Queen's Park
Rangers 0.
Plymouth Argyle-GIHIngham, postponed.
Crystal Palace 2, Northampton 2.
Southampton.!, Norwich City 0.
Reading 6, Stoke 2.
Coventry City 3, Mlllwall Athletic 0.
Westham United 4, Swindon Town
Exeter City 2, Portsmouth 1.
Brighton and Hove Albion 3, Bristol
RoverB 1.
Scottish   League.
Falkirk 3, Aberdeen 1.
Clyde 0, Airdrieonians 0.
Morton 1, Celtic 2.
Dundee 3, Hearts 0.
Hamilton   Academicals   2, Patrick
ThlstleB 0.
Hibernians 1. Raithrovcrs 2.
Kilmarnock 6, Motherwell 1.
Queen's Park 0. Third Lanark 2.
Rangers 2, St. Mirren 1.
First   DIvl
D. P.
Manchester City  ..
1 25
Oldham Athletic  ..
6 22
Blackburn Rovers ..
6 22
Sheffield Wednesday
3 21
Belton Wanderers  ..
3 21
Derby County  ..
3 21
Aston Villa	
West Bromwich Alb.
Newcastle United ..
Sheffield United   ..
Mancheater   United
5 21
4 20
4 20
2 18
2 16
6 16
3 15
3 15
2 14
2 10
Tottenham  Hotspur
Woolwich Arsenal ..
Notts County	
Bradford City  ..
3 !i
4 8
3 7
4 14
Ixindon WelBh 8. Richmond 6.
Harlequins 31, Old Merchant   Taylors 8.
Oxford 23, Glasgow Academicals 13.
Northampton 19, Blackwlth 0.
Bedford 6, Guy's Hospital 5.
Gloucester 15, Cornwall 11.
PHONE 237.
this morning. The former ls the same
minstrel show which waB produced
last week ln the Imperial theatre,
Vancouver, and will be shown under
the auspices of the local Loyal Order
of Moose. A percentage of tbe net
proceeds will be given to provide
I Christmas cheer for some of the poor
families uf this city.
Four roomed flat ln the Marjorlbanks Building on Begbie street,'
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begbie street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1.  will lease.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* Street,    New Weatminater.
"The Rose of Panama," a Viennese
operetta which has been classed with
itlier striking successes such as "The
Merry Widow," "The Chocolate Soldier" and "The Pink Lady," wlll be
���he attraction at the Opera House on
Friday of this week.
Witli the same sumptuous produc
tion and the majority of the cast
which Appeared (Hiring the run of the
opera at Daly's theatre, New York,
lovers of high class music and good
acting may look forward to this en-
?agenien.t with pleasurable anticipation, particularly as it will Introduce
to the local stage that delightful little
French prima donna, Chapfne/j^ose
glorious voice and magnetic presence
captured New York in a single night.
The chorus, which numbers flfty
members, each of whom possesses a
voice of unusual quality, is only one
of the many features of the organization. John Cort is responsible for
the production.
The Beat sale for both "The Moose
In Burnt Cork" and "The Rose of
Panama" goes on at Tidy, the florist's, I
Prince Rupert Visited by Disastrous
Flre���Loss $50,000.
Prince Rupert, Dec. 15.���This city
was visited by a disastrous conflagration at 7 o'clock tbis morntng, when
the leading hotel of the place, the
Grand Trunk Pacific Inn, was practically burned to the ground, Involving a loss of approximately $50,000.
Twenty guests escaped without Injury, but Fireman Mcintosh fell from
a wall of the building a distance of
about 20 feet, sustaining a broken
The cause of the flre ls unknown,
the flames first being noticed on the
roof of the building. Furniture valued
at $15,000 was destroyed.
The following schedule will be rolled off this week at the Front Street
Tonigjit���McDonald vs. Ayerst.
Tuesday���Knight vs. Peterson.
Wednesday���Scribes vs. Vancouver
Thursday���Lane va. McDonald.
The high score prize was won last
week by W. Durnett with 245.
Burnett and Chamberlin are the
only reel contenders so far for the
box of cigars put up by the B. C.
Cigar Factory'- Hoth bowlers are
turning in several 20i)'s a day.
This week will see tbe finish of thc
second round of the House League, an
armistice being then declared until
after the holidays, when the third
and last round will be bowled off. The
nrosent standing of the league ls as
P.   W.       L.     Pet.
Lane 21     15       6       .714
Peterson 21     13      8      .619
Knight   ....    ..21      11     10       S24
McDonald    ..    ..18       6     12       .333
Ayerst 21       6     15       .286
woRtminster ..
Woatham Island
Senior ' ea��ue.
P. W. h. D.  Pta.
���'��     ��     '     !     !
5     0     3     2     2
5     1   ,4     0     ��
l,nst league game���Thistles to play
Celtics. i  .
Port Moody, Dec. 15.���An attractive
Uoxlng program will be staged ln the
Orange hall Wednesday evening of
rthls week when several wltt   artUU
���   ���' - ���
. ��
First  Division.
Bolton Wanderers 1, Liverpool 1.
Bradford City 2. Derby County 8.
Chelsea 2. Mlddleborough 3.
Everton 0, Sunderland 4.
Manchester City 8, Blackburn Rov-
Newcastle   United   1,   Manchester
United ��. ���
Oldham Athletic 4, Notts County 0.
Sheffield United 8. Aston Villa t.
Close of Session  Sees Little Accomplished���President Will  Probably
Ask for Special  Session.
Mettco City, Dec. 16.���With a record of few more than a dosen meas
ures enacted and about 180 still pend
Ing, the first oongress""-eleeted under
the Madero administration, which was
expected to carry out many revolutionary promises closed lta three
months' session last night.
The more Important bills passed
Included authorization for a 20,000,000
pesos ($10,000,000) loan, as yet un-
floated, and authorization for a 40,-
000,000 pesos htpi Issue. The budget
also was approved providing for an
increase of 13.000,000 pesos.    ,
The 40,000,000 pesos bond issue Is
for tbe purpose of' railroad subsidies
and other public works and for the
payment of Indemnities in connection
with the revolution of 1910.
The Upner House todav approved s
treaty with China In which Mexico
agrees to the payment of H.lOO.ono
nesos indemnltv for property loss and
the deaths nf Chinese massacred <r
Torreon during tho Mndero revnlu
���ion, The payment is to be made Feb.
15, next.
On noco"nt of ����>f|nlih��fl bus'nes'
it Is almost certain tlmt the' proo'-
Hetit wl'l ��sk tho remanent commission to call a special session immediately.
Glri�� and Basketball.
Ithaca, N. Y.. -Dec. 16.���The athletic
committee ln Sage college has declared that the women students In Cornell can not play basketball against
other college" *^* "���-"">- *�����'-���<��. the
women's medical adviser, aaid today
tbnt the nervous atrain Is too great.
Basketball Is the most violent form
of exercise, next to rowing, ln the
girl's college, she says, and abe will
permit the game between local classes
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Thursday, Dec 19
Under the auspices of the Local
Order cf Moose the Vancouver Moose
Lodge will put on their
"Moose In
As played In   the   Imperial Theatre,
Vancouver, December 9, 10 and 11.
Seats on sale at Tidy, the florist's,
Monday, December 16. Prices 60c,
75c, $1.00;  Boxes $1.50.
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
Originators of Comedy Juggling on a Slack Wire.
Comedy, Singing and Musical Artists, Introducing some
Whirlwind  Banjo  Playing.
f red De Sylvia
Special Photo Plays
House Wanted
I have a clitut who will buy a new modern five or six roomed bungalow, situated west of Eighth streot, that a small cash payment will
haLdle, and balance arranged on montli.y payments. WHAT HAVB
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
A substantial piece of Furniture makes a
practical Christmas Gift. Below are a few
suggestions worthy of your consideration:
Dining Suite, complete  . .$39.00    I
For your  Christmas  dinner���3
piece suites made up of extension table, set ot dining chairs
and   buffet     We   have   them
from $39.00
Sectional Book Cases, with or
without a desk section, to suit
your purse.
Shaving Cabinets from $4.50
Smoking Cabinets.
Morris Chairs from   $6.90
Couches from $5.50
Carpet Sweepers.
Pictures, Just 'In; travelers"
samples bought at a heavy discount.
Ladies' Fancy Work Boxes.
Rockers from $1.25.
Music Cabinets.
Parlor Cabinets.   -      ���
Mahogany Parlor Chairs $7.90.
Writing Desks.
Book Cases from $4.50.
Children's Rockers from 95c
i       i   m i ������ 11  ���   i   i 11 ��� ***. in ���***>.��� * i   ���'       ��� ���*       " ���        "���
Friday Evening, Dec. 20
John Cort Offers His Big Musical Success, from Daly's Theatre, New
PRICES, BOo .to $2.00.   Beats on Sale at Tidy, the Florists', Dec. 16.
Edison  Theatre
COMING MON. and TUB., DEC. 16 and 17
Pathe Special in Four Parts
Stdry of a prodigal aan wha, having killed his mother and alater
andmade a atreet beggar of hla aged father by hie extravagance aad
wild deeds, suffers a career of unbelievable hardships, but finally returns'home���a man. The prodlgal'a Ufa dramatically told In wonderful pictures.
The Big Furniture Store
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 588
It will te a pleasure for
us to skow you all tke
new novel Gifts for Men
we kave on display.
rAS Mills&Co
l. 5 mar t A ppt?re I        .,* tl
>jor tho YoungerMen 16,1 d 60. M
���vl PAGE  SIX
MONDAY,   DECEMBER   16,  1912.
A     ��*
And What Came of It
* *
| VAMM>;AMMMM^ jMMMMMMm �� �� t*pifi(4
"Well, Bob, wbat Is It?"
lie wbo was called Bob���Robert
I Morrow wns hls rcnl nnme��� wns wnlk-
li.g to and fro od tbe Boor of his room.
Be bnd sent for his bosom friend,
I Martin Bangs, to come to see blm,
having something especial to communicate. Without pausing In bis walk
Morrow said:
I   "I'm engaged to lie married."
"You announce It as if you were going to be bunged."
"Well. I don't know"���
"Don't know what?"
"Whether I've done a very big thing
or a very little oue."
"Oh, 1 suppose you've done right lf
yon don't mind"���
"Don't mind whnt?"
"Staying at home nights, losing all
your old friends, being Interfered with
every time you drink a cocktail or
emoke a cigar, liaving to be friendly
with all your wife's relatives"���
"Mart, another word of that and I'll
brain you!"
"Ob, well. If yon wish me to give
you taffy I'll do It."
"What do you know about married
life?   You've never been married."
"I don't wish to ba One thing I
know. I never hnd an Intimate friend
who married but I lost him. Don't
you know Ihnt the first a woman does
with her husbnnd ls to prejudice him
against any old crony be mny hare an
especial fnncy for?"
"Wbnt does sbe do that for?"
An expression of terror came upon
Morrow's fuce.   "Oh. heavens!" he exclaimed.   "Why did 1 do It?"
"Did she rope you in?"
"Rope me In!   No.    1 did It all my-
eelf.    Why, only yesterday wben she
eent for me to give me my answer 1
���wore to myself If lt was 'No' 1 would
commit suicide."
"And after tbe surprise bad passed
and I got to thinking It all over 1
couldn't understand bow I had been so
Insane as to tie myself up In a knot
that���1 got thinking of Just what you
Just said���tbe awful change lu my affairs, Interferences, wife's relntions,
ana a.'.' **""��� �� Lord' wllat �� fool I've
mnde of myself!"
j   "Sorry for you. Bob, but 1 don't see <
how  1 can help you.    It wouldn't do
���iw .np in ^<-^j ^ou pnyway,    1'qu
'IfflVi passed fi-offl mj Influence to hers.
"Anything I'd sny to you you'd pour
Into ber ear. and sbe'd preludes ?**
against me all the quicker fc1.:* all tbe
"Uow can 1 get out of It?";
"Jrtni can't."
"1 can shoot mysclf-nccldentally.*-
"That's whnt you were going to do lf
she refused you." i
"So I was.   I wonder If I'll ever ieel (
that wny again "
"Yes. you wlll."
"The next time you see her."
"Wlll IV
"Yes; she'll nppronch you with a
cmlle, both hands exteDded to tnke
both of yours, put up her lips to lie
kissed, sud yon'11 bu limp as a wet
This wns the (lml thing Boh's chum
ain Hi lo liim tlmt did not elicit a reply.
The picture seemed to turn hlm ns s
Changed wind will veer a wentber
"Well,  I  suppose 1  must mnke the
lliest   of It    One  thing  1   think  you
dghl do to mnke It easier for ma"
"What's Hint?"
"flet mnrrled yourself."
������Well, I like tbnt:   Did ynn ever read
Ithe fable of tbe fox thnt hnd his tnll
CHI off In b trn|i?    lie told the other
Ifoxes they'd better have their tnlls cut
off too     Not nny fnr nie.    1 don't pro-
'jiose   tn  ml  off  my  ilgnrs. cocktails
���od other pleasures nf life to be tied I
down   to a   womnn  who will  place n I
barrier between me nud nil"���
"Oet ont of here!    You'll drive rae |
Insane with your chatter"
"Well, gnodbv. old mnn. It's sad to
rwall our pleasant friendship nnd think
tbat It Is ended. It Is better to tirenk
It all off nt nnee. Fortunately I'm off
Ml ��� long trip, and by the time I  re
OovernorC.eneral Forbes.
Seattle, Dec. 14.���W. Cameron Forbes. Governor-General of the Philip
pines, arrived tonight from the Kast,
asrbere ho has been spending a leavo
cf absence, and will sail for Manll i
next Monday morning on the steam.
��niy Mii.tieauta.
turn you'll bave been swung off.
by. Bob, as the poet snys:
"We've bsen lon�� together.
.Through pleasant  and through itArm)
Tl) hard to part when friends are dear;
Perhaps 'twill cause a sigh, a teur,
"When I see you agulu"���
Mr.  Bangs'  voice,  which  had   been
growing tremulous while repenting the
lines, guve out altogether, and with a
silent  pressure of bands  the  cbuuu
���        ���*������������
"Mr. Bangs, I have sent for you al
Bob's suggestiou���ludeed, bis request
Our   honeymoon   bnd  scarcely   pnssed
Ijefore be wus called awny on business.
Ue told mo that you would return soon
after bis departure and be could rely
on you to help me out of my lonuli
ness during his absence."
"1 shall be very happy, I assure
you," replied Mr. Bangs, belying tils
words by Ills expression.
"Bob knows perfectly well that he
can trust me, and. as for you, be says
yuu bare no use for any woman exoept
to pass time. I shall expect you to be
devoted to ma"
The ouly one of these statements
Ihnt was spoken with apparent sin-
cerlty wns the Inst. It doesn't mntter
wbnt persons sny to eacb otber: It's
how they any It. Mr. Bangs mnde a
Fln.it cull, during which be snld a num
ber of things, all of wblcb were uutrtie
At any rate, they were Inteudcd to be
An attractive woman doesn't need to
deceive a man ns to her lnteutlon to
conquer blm. lie wishes to be conquered. Indeed, be can't be conquered
fust enough to satisfy bis Impatience
Martin Bangs hnd no occnslon to fenr
mntrlmony wltb a married womnn. but
the Idea of n possibility of his let
ting mixed in nn nffulr with his friend's
wife was horrible to him. During the
period that he wns engaged ln preventing Mrs. Bangs from being lonely he
made several attempts to get out of
ber clutches. On one occnslon he left
her vowing that he would not remain
under her roof another moment or ever
return to her again, and in less than
half on hour he was ringing tbe doorbell furiously.
What mndo the matter worse wns
thnt Mrs. Morrow did not appear to
feel the slightest compunction ut what
she was doing wllb Mr. Bangs, or have
nny fear that she should come to prefer
him to her husband. She would lower
ber eyes before bis gaze (ben look up
and laugh at lilm. In fact, she wns
tensing bim. And nil tbe wblle sbe would
persist In referring to Bob Morrow as
the best man. tbe Quest man. tbe love
Hest man In tbe world, and auy woman
who preferred any other man to him
couldn't have nny taste.
Oue evening when they were together
she announced tbnt Bob bad written
Hint be would be at bome In a few
days. Bangs looked as If sbe bad rend
hlm bis death warrant.
"Y'ou doa't seem joyful," she re
"No I don't   I don't see bow a man
can feel joyful situated as I am."
"How are you situated?"
"ln  tbe flrst place,  my  feelings toward tbe man I love most In the world
are that I'd like to kill blm."
"Uow awfully horrid!"
"In tbe secoDd place, I feel that hs
would be justified in killing me."
"Good,  gracious!     Wbat  have  you
"Nothing.   It Is whot t wish to do."
"And what do you wish to do?"
"Hun away wllb bis wife."
"You naughty mnn!   Tbnt being the
case, I think you had belter not come
here nny more till after Bob's return."
"I think I'd better never come."
"It's very silly of you to want another  man's wife wben  tbere are so
many nice girls lu the world.    But  I
thought fou didn't wish to be
that the victim did not have proper
socks on and did not have Benat
enough to come In out of the cold.
The plaintiff, Paolo Fozuk, wa3 in
the employ of the Canada C'eincn'
Company, nnd was engaged in an open
field last January loading up material
on wagons belonging to the company
The Canada Cement Company will
have to Invest $2100 with an insurance company, which will guarantee
plaintiff a life pension.
"1 wouldn't In my senses."
"Jost think of wbat you would bave
to give Up,^'
No reply.
"Xhe cocktails." -   ���
"Oh, Bob told.Kii all that, did her
"And the -fife's relntldns"
"*   auew  he was  not^ (o be trusted
from tbe moment be got engaged."
"Tben you woc,a hnve to filve up
your old frlen'^,s; your wire would be
Jealous of t^em."
"Wbst ,a S|,.ve a man becomes as
soon rt8 ho Is married!"
'f wouldn't do It If I were you."
"I'm not likely to. t can't marry m,
best friend's wife, and 1 don't wish to
rWrr.v nov one else."
"Mr. Bnngsl"
"Y'ou men are humbugs!"
"1 know IL"
"Yon dnn't know what yon want"
"We rertnlnly don't want a sweet
henrt till me know we can't get her."
"Bob turned out to be a selve. trus
enough. lie was no sooner engaged
than he repented to bis fiancee word
for word tbe congratulations you of
fered him."
"The greater fool I."
"I wus present when he did It"
"Of course you were! Ilow could
you hsve been somewhere else?"
"I'm not Mrs. Morrow."
'Not Mrs. Morrow!"
. "I'm Mrs. Morrow's sister.   Nell and
I  Just  thought  we'd  punish  yoo  for
your opinions of women "
"l'"or heaven's stike! Are you mar
ried or single?"
"Thank God!"
When Morrow came home there
were crlmlnntlons nnd recriminations
between the two men; but there was
no bitterness tn them.
"You gave me n.viiy." snld Mart.
"So   would  the  fox   have given  the
other  foxes nwnv  If  by  doing so  he
oould   hnve got Ihem to cut off their
"I'm In henven!"
���Timnks tn me. who hetrnved ron."
Sa/lrg Farewell to Summer Is a
Dreary Occupation.
Consider the ca.-e of Fern. Fern js
ji- t nny Canadian smiitiuT resorl
And ahs season is don_\ There will
be a few straying..visitors for a
month yet, but thnjrai ftf oi lim place
has (jepw.tBJi J'Jit as it roach..1 ifi
height, the exodus btgan.
Over on the tennis court (lie net is
IiaKg;jiff limp and lonely. A stray
bail, with a gaping wound iu iu side,
affords but sorry company. Tho
marker has been overturned, and the
spilled whiting leaves a splotch upon
the grass. The .lj"."s have been dimmed by dew. There nre no plnyrs.
Only the pattering footsteps of the
rnin maks mus:: occnsiona'Iy upon
tha deeerted court.
Down near the little dock an all-
summer tenter is putting up hi*
stakes. The dock ltiel,f u warpei*
and twisWI by fhe washing wp'' '
TM season has been n ht>x*i
high water anil manv stojK,.
hnv..- 1,-ft the llttl; wh����f, (a smuous
dilapidation It lia* been 'nattered
by. Ben* and butu" , j uv boaU. Its
day is done. S^xt year, thev tell vou.
they will haVl. a bigger dork ina
better i***'.c,.. And they will have n
dining |lai] nnd foodncis knows \��h.it
)*Vc One of tho most melancholy
I teatures of tli" jummer's end is that
inevitably recurring promise of improvement*���most of wliich n. ver
The all-season tenter goe�� to t'is
pavilion for a Inst look at liis houso-
goods. There, snucgled up to ft (ire,
he finds a litlb company, a rump
parlimn ��it of resort ers; talking about
the [nclemency of the season, ami tin
poor fishing, nml next year���-alwnyi
next year. Bere, r.t las'., is th*
remnant of tlie summer's flock. Ths
lawns, tha tennis courts, the Wharf,
all an: deserted. The*e few In the
pavilion could disport Uismsidve if
they would, but tbey do not. An indefinable lonvtthliiB broodi over the
place and put* a nam;t*f up��u them
all. Knriy in th* lesson, in wither
even   lets  enjoyable,   Ihey    would    bo
out in   tlie   open, planning, playing,
makiag cheerfulness,   Hut   now thejf
gather around Uie fire.
Boms nnc looks oul thl window nnd
nob-��i that a mist has bid tlm fur!li"r
islands. Hull cl-iv's become duller.
The latest arrivals (IheM are always
those who conu when all are Mtnjf)
stroil in from somewhere to escape
the drizzle which has heguu to full.
As they com-, tiie group about llis flre
speculate Idly as to their aloofness.
There is n conjecture thxt thes* mid-
die-aged people nre newly-married,
snd that this is th- ir honeymoon; a
sudden silence ns they enter.
From beyond Ihe n*tiT**aL islund n
lonely lish. rinan rows in diiconaolnte-
ly in tiie drilling rain.���Toronto Stat
     via   O.   N.   R.
.1:45���B'Tnahv   I nhe   mil    Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:41
16:45���Vancouver    via    <;. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:2
f:40���Vancouver via B   C, W. H
(dally except  Sunday). 11:1'
:2:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .lfi:0'
i8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. P..
(dally except Sunday).2w;3
10:08���Port Mann   (daily except
Sunday) 9:4
1:40���Victoria  via B. C. E.  P..
I tdally evcept  Bunday) .11.1,
( ��0:S*��� Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday. Thursday aua
Saturday, and loa-os
TTT'^doi, -. .Wednesday
nnd i-i .via..,        .  . ��ii- .lo.'l
10:50���Victoria via G. N.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:-*
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)    16:0f|
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
��� Friday)       14:0.
18:10���Ahbotalord Upper Somas.
Matsi|tri, Huntingdon,
etc.    (dally except 9un-
m '       'iCyf ". 1-l*>
'.5:16���Criment, WblU RMk aad
Do Ycur Shopping Early and Do If In New Westminster.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hanf
goodi of all kinds.    Tools especially.
SO HcIdbcs Street. l'hone lillie
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX  442
Montreal, Dec. IB.���Because one of
hia feet was frozen in tho course of
bin dally work, a man has been awarded a life pension of $100 by Judge
I.afoiitaiii';.   The employer's plea was
"Did yon take lhe cold plnnses youi
doctor ordered?"
"Yea. 1 didn't think I'd have the
nerve, but I managed IL"
"IUiuaht myself a canoe."���Washington Star.
A Nsw Fad.
"Kitty." said her mother rehuklnirly,
"you must sit still wben yon nre nt
the table."
"1 can't, mnninin." protested the llttls
girl "I'm a Bdeetarlan."���McCnll's
Maine     (dally     ^^^^^
Sunday)  ��:4i
They J tt: 15���United Statea via Q. N. R.
tdatly  except Sunday)  16:'.'
'5:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern rtld��e
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 8:45
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)     7:1".
11:50���All points east aad Europe (dally) 7:15
18:10���Sappertcn and Fraaer
Mills     Id illy       except
Sunday)   18:11
9:26���All points eaat aud Europe  (daily)    13:10
11:50���Coipiitlam    (daily   except
Sunday)   7:ir,
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds idaily exoept
Sunday I        Uli
t0:0O��� Ladner, Port Oulobon,
Westham Ialand. Bun
Villa 13:li
18:00���Rast Uurnaby (dally except Sunday)    13:00
10:0O���Tlmberland (Tueadny and
i'i Iday I    13:3?
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. B. R. lUoadar
Wedneaday and ICrt-
day    ��:8*
11:80���Chilliwack, Mlinoe. Mt.
LehMi, Aidererovq. 0��
ter. Bhortreeu, sunoj
ley Prairie. MurrsevUie.
Strawberry Hill, Sooth
Westminster, Cl**ur
Valley, Cogblaa. Bardie, Sperline Station. i
Dennison Statien, Hrad-
ner,    Uelierosa.   'la   H.
C. H. R. t dully esoopl
10:00���Annieville aud swufcory
(daily except Suin&vri . l.<
11:46���Vancouver,   Piper's     k)l*
luu     via     G.     N      a
(dally exoept SuuAiy   14;* .
T:30���United States via O. N. K. j
(dtflR except Sunday) . ��.4f
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. ll. rt.
(dally except Sunday). 17:3t
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day       14:0(
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kelrs
via a.  N.   It.   (dally  except Sunday) 14:0(
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. H. It. (dally
exceot 3unrt��v)   17:3e
20:40���Cloverdale   via    BCR.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:3(
t:00���Fraser    Arm     and     Alta
Vista and Oalulla ....23.00
You Can Thank
NEXT time you step into a store, take a
look around. Of all the articles on the
shelves, how many were on your shopping
list fhe years ago ? Make it ten years, and
you will find that most of the things you
buy today���and could not do without���
were not even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink In. You aro
better men and women because of
advertising. Vou eat more wholesome food. You near better clothen.
Your home Is better furnished. You
have cleaner and more sanitary
houses. You read better books and
magazines. You seek moro healthful amusements.
Your whole standard of living haa
beon raised���and why? Because tho
men who make these better things
are telling you that you will be more
comfortable, happier and healthier lf
you uae these higher grade goods.
It la advertising that makea lt possible for you to buy "tbe boat" right
at your corner store. It Is advertising
that encourages the Inventor to mak.
new comforts and new utilities   and
3. J. Hill
costs more,
worth more.
enables you to buy tliem almost   Immediately  after they  are   perfected.
aaye this "high living-
True for J. J.���but It la
And leaving the coat
aside, do you want to go back to buying Jam out of a pall, oatmeal out of a
barrel, raining out of sticky boxea, or
tea exposed In an open chest?
Do you regret the money you paid
for a Player Piano?
you forego   the new
Isn't a Tungsten worth a thousand
Would you now be enjoying thesn
lf enterprising manufacturer had not
told you about them in their advertlae-
have new
Isn't life brighter because we
and higher standards of living ?
Let us thank advertising for it.
Advice regarding your advertising problems ia available through any
recognized Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Can
adian Press Association, Room"M8 Lumsden MMtak J?!*"**
qulry Involves no obligation on your part���eo write, If Interested.
En- *m.
***** mm ,*m���    i
Ml ���
MONDAY, DECEMBER  16,  1(12.
Meeting Demands on the Royal
liaising the Wind en the Palace Water
Pitoher���The Unhappy Pawnbrokers.
Story of the Osceration of the Disgruntled Soldiers.
{Copyright,  1812,   by  Associated  Literary
TBE king of Persia, wbo was
also at tbe time ruler of tbe
tun, bon of the moon and
weather bureau for the whole
���country, tlid out of his bed oue morning wltb an appetite on him. After
combing hli hair be threw bit royal
robes around blm tnd humped for the
breakfast room, wbere t surprise
awaited bim. There wtt nothing but
codilsb, coffee tnd potatoes on the
board. Tht gorge of tbe hungry beholder rose, and he yelled:
"Cnltltri Villain! Urifterl What
aort of pig food bare you borer
"it wai all thy cook prepared, 0
ruler of tbe buckwheat crop!" answer
od the butler.
"lt was, eh? By Ihe seven bulls,
but you tell that cook to bump hlm-
wa iuvb had Haws mon thi east."
self to me ami explain! I'm either a
king or a swab, and I want to Hud out
"O most gracious and high Imm, but
I cooked what was given me to cook!"
said tbe wrestler nf pots as lie made
j hls appearance wltb bis balr stsndlug
on end.
"Away, tben, and send the household purveyor here! lly ray balldom.
If this was Intended fnr nn Insult
some one shall die before nnnu! Codfish and 'inters for a king's breakfast!"
"O moot gracious snd lienlgn," snld
the purveyor wben he nrrlved. "Imt
thin wns the best I eould do with the
fifteen rents nt my command. I fear
thy dinner will lie still more meager."
"Fifteen cents! Po you mean that
-we are out of dough?"
"So  the   Yankee  people  ncross  tbe
>sea would term It. O ruler!"
A Graft Hunt.
"Then send my royal treasurer here.
Tie bas got to show me. or off comes
till bead! There bas lieen knavery
tierel There ba* been grafting to put
America to thame!"
Three minutes Inter Muxtapba Miir
fiby. the reyal treasurer, cnme lounging in. and tbe king greeted hlm with:
"Seouudrei. wlll you look ut tbst
"It's better ihnn I had. 0 ruler. Tliey
left tbe coffee out on me."
"But why I* It? What Is It? What's
-the rennou for It? <!et right down to
Imslneiwi nud explain things!"
"Iiend broke ngnlii. your mnlrstv. I
told you yenierdiiy Hint we linrtn'l t
ether 111 tlie box."
"And I lold you to **ettt* oul the royal
allver wilier pitcher mid mine nnine
ahel. 'Ix on IL"
"I wn It out. n lieneiki'M. but tbe
pawnbroker* shook their heads i��"d
handed It luiek ll I* euly silver wash
-ed. you know "
"And Ih Ii iIiiih thnt the pawnbrokers
-of my klniiihini Impugn my kingly honor?    Send HMwenaen to nil parts of
the city mid iwwtiilile about a doaea of
the three duller* here."
An hour Inter twelve pawnbrokers
tind nswnibli'd In the king's audience
tall. nnd. wilh the Wnter pitcher at his
���elbow, the ruler of the tun. moon anil
stunt sweetly purred:
"RuliJcctM. a dispute hen arlnen. nnd
you are here to nettle IL I onk tlmt
each one step forward tnd examine
thlt pitcher and tell me Ita worth."
A Ticklish Situation.
" Those pnwnlirokrri were to tprlng
ciilekens. Tbey hnd done bottoms
with tbo king befora Tbe Brit one.
therefore, pnt tbo prlc* of t hundred
ehekeln on the flve tlwkel pitcher, tnd
the others nnmril llie nnme figure lo
rotation. Tbey millted thnt one of
tbem would bare to tdvtnee that
price, bnt the otbert wire to chip In
and help him out
'Subjects. I thunk yon." replied the
king, with n inille of Innnctice on bis
/ace. "Such patriotism as yours must
tic ������;.." 'Ird. Only one of yoa can
hold tbo pitcher nt the lime time; but
knowing yonr feeling! toward your
king and wishing to honor ill tllke. I
shall rule that each of yoo pay over to
me 100 shekels and tben bold tht
pitcher In rotation."
And wben tba twelve elgblng, da-
Germany to 8trin0thm Army.
Berlin, Dec. IB,���The Nord Deuttche
Allegemelne Zeltung Intimates semiofficially that a further ttrengthenlng
of the German army It tatvttable, In
view of the International tlttaUon.
Jected men departed, leaving their
money behind, hls majesty turned to
his treasurer lud asked:
"Bay, Murphy, wby do I pay you |7S
per month aud board?"
"Vou don't pay, O benign.   You limply agree to."
"Snme thing."
"My duties are to rnlno tbe ipondu-
lli for tbe royal treasury and keep it
"Then why don't you do It?"
"1 give, it up."
"Hecatiso you nro a chump, Murphy.
Lord, man, but If I didn't have this
king business on band I'd go at It und
within a week I'd buve all thc Roth
schlldn and Morgans and Rockefellers
climbing for the tops of blue gum
One day when tbe king bad come
from ��� ride he was met by Murphy,
wbo showed signs of mucb excitement
ts bn said:
"O ruler of the lands end nens nnd
ill else, we bare bad newt from the
"Well, what*! broke lose at tbs
"The noidlcrn nre on tbo point ol
mutiny because tbey have bad oo pay
fur nix months."
"Dm!   What else?"
"Tbe soldiers lu the north hnve re
fused duty for the nnme reason."
"Umi I suppose It's tbe same In thf
tooth tnd west?"
"Worse, If anything. O ruler! They
even threaten to march on tbe capital
and loot your palace."
"Getting pretty warm, eh? The loot
they'd get nround here wouldn't paj
one of tbem off, but of course tbey don't
know Unit Welt, what shall we dc
about It?"
"I don't nee any other way but tc
send them 100.00U shekels from the tax
money coming In. Tbnt may keel
them quiet for a time."
"Whut! Send on the money I en'
going to use to build a new tower on
my palace? Murphy, you must be get
ting buggy. Not on your life, my boy!"
"But we can't keep them quiet wltl.
further promises, your majesty."
Medal Play.
"We don't buve to. Issue a prods
matlon In my name to tbe effect that
the world has never seen such soldier
before uud tbat their courage and hard
ibood ure making nations tremble. Ad.
that I buve watched them with a fu
tberly eye uud shall continue to do so
Tuck on to thut statement tbnt lh.
memory of all (but huve fallen in tbi
Hue of duty will ever be preserved li
tbe archives of a grateful country."
"It's that same old sweet oil. youi
"But we'll help It out this time.  Ilow
many soldiers have 1, MurpbyV"
"About 8,0110."
"Uow much wlll It cost to get 8.IXH
medals for bravery struck off?"
"We ean get them us cheap as l<
shekels the thousand."
"And wbnt will be your expense t<
visit the four armies nnd pin then
on tbe gallant boys lu my name?"
"Another NO shekels. U liberal heart
ed ruler."
"A hundred and sixty shekels ngnliiM
100.000! Murphy, you're a lop Hbcicl
dered. double eyed chump! (let out th
procliimiition nnd tlie ;ncdals and hus
lie to the front! When I took an Irish
mail to run the fitiuncl.il part of th<
government I (bought I bud u daisy
but, b.v John. I don't believe you know
enough to conic In un the ground fiom
of n Texas oil well! You'd wnnt to stoi
and kiiIIT and smell all around to see il
there wus really nny oil tbere!"
************ ********** a mm a
J                      Persistent J
��     Home men cun appreciate sin- J
* glr    bleiwednenn,    while   others jj
jj   aren't  satisfied  unless  Ihey  are 3
* doubly     blessed. ��� 1'bltadelpbhl
I'ubllc Ledger.
Flewere Guickly jilted.
Tbe case had Iweii concluded, anu
thf attorney who had defended a mun
on a charge of sssault rone to auik��
bis final address lo tbe Jury which
wun to decide bin client's fnte. He win
n flowery talker, aud bin argument ran
something like thin:
"It wns n beautiful evening. All nn
ture wun smilingly ut rest The bird'
twittered their farewell to (hi- nun
knowing Ihnt the moon would nunn Im
up. Aud Just nt this time, genth'inei'
of Uie Jury, In this peaceful environ
ment. the prosecuting witness came oui
from behind a blllbourd and called m.v
client a llnr."
The Jurors laughed and convlottd.-
Ktunas City Journal.
Should Hef
During a discussion of tbe fitness ol
fhJuitu lv venernl some oue asked: "I!
I youug mtn takes bin bent girl to the
grand otwru. i> K'liilH $H on n napper
after the performance und theu take*
her home III t taxicab sbould he kiss
her good night?"
Aii old bachelor who waa present
growled: "I don't thluk she ougbt to ex
pect It Heenu to uie he has done
uuougb for ber."-I.I|i|ilneott's Mugs
In Ntw Yerk.
The stringer entered the bank and
approached the nenrcst teller.
"I want to mnke u deposit." be said.
Tbe teller looked around cautiously.
and when he spoke bit voice had dropped to a whls|M��r.
"Huvlugn, commercial or police?" he
asked.-Cleveland I'lulu Denier.
Living Up to the Traditions.
Wlllls-Your ion ban the true college spirit, you tay? Gllllt-Tta. Be
(Irmly bellevea tbat ht It tht gretttat
mtn In tbt greotest clan tbat aval
wai gradutted from tbe greatatt Institution In tba country.-Puck.
Ovtr Quarter  Million   Dollirs  Sptnt
In Convicting  McNamaraa.
Loi Angelei, Deo. IB.���The trltjw ef
the  MoNimnra brother* tha ��yn*-
mltert now In Saa Quentin pehlten
tlary, and of Clarence Darrow, who
was acquitted of having bribed a
Juror In the case of James B. McNamara, coBt Ixis Angles county ap
proximately $250,000, according to a
statement today by Mr. B. W. Hopkins, county assessor.
It was estimated by other county of
flcials that since the lot Angle*
Times building explosion fully half a
mllllcn dollars had been expended li
this country rn criminal tnveitigitlor
?rowlng out of that eiae. Part of thn'
mm was spent bv t!>�� federal grnnd
Jury, whose Investigation was separ
'���fl from that of the county grand
The evpenoh ln the rasp of narrow
is not yet ended. He faces a second
trial on a Juror bribing charge, sched
uled to be begun Jan. 6.
It Is s>ald that evidence obtained In
the trial of the alleged dvnamltn con
splrators in Indianapolis will be
broueht bn'u for use In Darrow's
second trial.
Thinks It's a Foolish Thing to Name e
Boy After His Father.
"I certainly do not believe In this
���Junior' business��� that bl, naming a boy
for hls father," snld a young attorney
the otber day. We wlll have to refer
to blm as A Blank for obvious res
"Whut'i Ihe mutter with that?" I
friend asked "I think tbat It is Just
Oue���perpetuates tbe name, you know
Vou see. your father, Jndge Blank, is
widely known. You are bis only son.
you see, A Blank, Jr."
"That sounds all rlgbt In theory." In
listed tbe young attorney, "but I have
bad the sad experience. In a case like
mine one has no Individuality; he com
pletely loses his identity. I am next
to nil for thnt matter."
"What do you mean?"
"Just this. For twenty-flve years 1
bnve been Introduced as 'tbc non of my
father.' Not as myself, A. Blank, stand
or fall, but an 'why all of you know
Judge Illnnk���this Is his son.' Since ths
bnby came to my house about six
mouths ago all that hus ceased."
"Thnt's good." exclaimed the friend
"Proud father gets back his long lost
name, eb?"
"No," was the snd reply; "now 1 am
identified simply as the father of the
child.' Tbe boy hasn't been named yet
rather Insists on calling him A. Blank
3d. but I sm holding out for Bill.
Hunk or Zeke, so he mity have a name
nil his own to be Identified by."���Kan
sas City Journal.
An Optimist.
3. Willis Westlake. tbe Florida pomol
oglst. sold in a recent address at Lnki
"The orange grower must be an op
tlmlst to succeed. He can't expect 10.
000 oranges from every tree nt tbe
start He should show tbe spirit of
John Blnnc.
"Hlunc'n first orange crop, when he
wttled In Florida, wasn't much te
boast of. Tbe man. however, kept ui
ben re ���
" 'How did yonr oranges do?" a friend
naked hlm nt tbe season's end.
" Ub. we had a few,' be replied.
" 'Good onesT
"'Fine!' said Blanc. "My wife u��e-
lliem In plnce of lemons. It makes
quite a saving.'"-Washington Star
A Gontls Reminder.
Smltb Is u youug New York lawyer
clever In many ways, but very forget
fill. He wan recently nent to SL" Louis
tu Interview an Important client In regard to s cane tben pending In the Mis
sourl courts. Later tbe bend ef bis
firm received Gil* telegram from St
"Have   forgotten   mme   of   client
I'leas* wire et once."
Tbla wss the reply teat from New
"Client"! name Jenkins.   Tonr uame
Kinltb."-Kv��rybody's Magazine.
The Effect.
"Yen." laid tbe detective, "but whtl
did you mean wben yuu replied tbst
your vote was worth $300?'
The nlderniun forced I Itagb.
���That's eanUy explained." ht cried
"Of course 1 knew tbere wis tn old
dictograph to the room somewhere,
nnd I Juat said that for affect"
"Exactly." tbe grim detective re
plied.'"ind here's tbe effect"
Whereupon the burly policemen step
ped forward and ltd tbe alderman to
the waiting patrol wagon.���Cleveland
Plait Dealer.
The Cause ef Her Trouble.
"What In tbe world li the matter?*
asked tba mother of the bride wbu hnd
Jus) returned from her wedding trip
"Him Charles been cruel to you?"
"No. mother. Ue bat heen perfectly
"Hut you look tt If ynu hid snme
���lerlouH trouble on your mind."
"I've got to begin now to try-to ex
ebnnge ill those foolish wedding pres
mils we received, you know."���Chicago
Hit Errand.
The late Lord Furness was of
bumble origin. Ills father was a coal
trimmer, and then a small grocer���
in the latter capacity establishihi!
what gradually btfeanie an extenslv-:
business In the provisioning of ships.
Chr'stopher FtirnesB, the son, on receiving an ordinary education, was
put to the family business at an early
age. Ere long he was chartering
steamers for the Importation of supplies; then he bought a number of
boats, and thus he was led Into tbe
fonnatlon of what became the Fur
nesB line of steamers. As a steamship builder and owner, he became e
Throughout bis business life he waB
modest and approachable In manner
and evinced the llvlest Interest In the
welfare of his working people. Hls
v'ews on the relations of capital and
labor were singularly disinterested. In
September, 1911. he delivered an ad
dress on mining unrest at the annual
meeting of the Broomhlll collieries,
in which he strove to reconcile the In-
'erests of employers and employed in
face of pn Industrial crisis.
He advanced no theory whicii he
was unwilling to apply to his own
bnifnott. Observing the losses consequent on needless strikes, and lockouts In shipyards, he devised a copartnery scheme which became somewhat famous. In the course of an ad.
dress on "industrial Peace and Industrial Efficiency," delivered before a
large gathering of representatives of
tbe shipbuilding and allied trad-
<inlons at West Hartlepool on Oct. 7.
1908, he made two definite offers:
Hither the trade unions could tak��
over as going concerns his firm's ship
yards at West Hartlepool on a valua
tion. or his employees could become
limited, co-partners in the undertak j.
lngs. This second offer, which was
ultimately accepted, enabled the men
to take up shares in Furness, Withy
& Co., to be paid for by a deduction
of five per cent from their weekly
wages. The shares carried guarantee interest at the rate of four pei
cent., plus their share ot all profits
made by' the company after the pay
-" nt rf five per cent, to thc ordinary
shareholders. The scheme also in-
���olved tho establishment of a works
council, composed of equal numbers
of representatives of the men and the
management, with recognition of the
trade union officials. On the em
���'lnvnes' n'rle there was a Btrict ob
ligation that there should under nc
circumstances be a strike, and the
firm undertook not to lock out the
men. The result of the experiment
was the payment of nine per cent on
the limited shares, in addition to full
wages for the twelve monthB, and
there was every prospect of a contin-
���nnee of full work the firm now be
Ing ln a very strong pos'tion for se
curing orders by reason of Its ability
to guarantee delivery of shlpB by ts
fixed da*e.
Satisfactory as thta was to the men
Immediately concerned, It was not If
to certain trade union officials, who
-in- '\t-ii if anv such n'stenT'of profit-
sharing became general, their occupa-
'��� ������ould be eone. Oreat pressure
therefore, was brought to bear upon
���i.o -.rm .r, :11 ���*.,^(,,, *h** srherne.      Ir
April, 1910, when a ballot was taker
--��    a    pnn*'i'i ..fo    n*    tlar*    ,* v ..,. r-i m f> n t
the proposal was rejected by 598 vote?
���ft 492.     Th��.<i ^nrl<.��>o(J tha most -iroin
'alnc atte���Tit to ���''ve labor a chancr |.
to shnre *hn e**r*t',t*t ef eapltal eve-
i^de In Eneland. I ��rd Furness pass
ni away nt the age of nWty a few days
."**. H'�� nem'-'v will be fragrant
wonj ���'���nse "ho apnronlate-1 the
Spn".minpt sn'rft permeating his In
due trial operations.
Prohltterio City Discovered.
Professor Hlrtm Binghum. director
ef tht Tile expedition to Peru, reiwrta
among the archaeological discoveries a
number of Inca or pre-Inca cities. Including Maccbu Picbii. I city probably
built by the megalllhlc rnce." wbfch
preceded tbe Incn��; Thr ruins nre nil
an almost Inaccessible ridge. &0"H teet
above tbe Unibamba river. They are
of great beauty and magnificence nnd
Include palaces, bttbn, temples and I
���bout IW bouses. Carefully cut blocks [
of wblte granite, gnnie of them twelve
feet long, .were lined In the construe
tion nf tbe willn.-ltidiniin|iolin News
Chnnoe For * Biq Fortune.
There Is i handsome fortune twitting I he person wbo will Invent n method ��r curing nan's and bacon from'
which lhe skin bun lieen removed. Albert lliilsteud. American consul tt
Itlrmlniilinin. reports thnt Ihe Increasing use of pigskin an leather and Ito
tendency to ndvunce In price have
made tlle leather manufncliirem cast
wistful eyes nt the skin Ilint In wanted
liy heing left on |>ork prndnrts. The
Leather Trades ltev lew estimates tbat
Ihem In a yearly loss of *klu��amounting to nlniiit tlt.inKi.iHio la Ureat Britain
nnd Ireland ulone.
Cure Fer Snake Bitot.
A cyclist riding tbrougb ��� forest la
Kngland Hopped tnd mt down to rest
when be suddenly felt t bite which
proved to hr that of tn tdder. Tbt
poison took effect no soon tbnt he collapsed by the rond. Imt wan fortunately found noon and token to t doctor,
who nived him by lining nermingnnite
nf isitaoh. Tblt chemical ls now fre- /
quently carried In the pocket.by travelers la countries where snakes abound,
together with n lancet for working tht
crystals Into tbe tiny punctures mad*
by tbe annke'n fmgi.
"���Clio. Blllyl
"1 ain't goin'.
college cham 't
Where yon (wtfn'l"
I'm Jett tttln' ort my
V-Punch,   ,
Rough en the Chlntmtn.
The Rlkb policemen of Shanghai'
speak the language of nobody tt til in
tht city except tbemselvtt, but from
tha standpoint of the people af tbe settlement they tra Ideal police, fof hi'
caae ef a row between a white man
and a Chinese tbey do not bother to
reason or flgure ont tht rate, bot limply belt tha native over tbt head. Tha
Cblnea* hate and fear tha Sikhs, and
when a native riot tecum, and rloti tra
ott Infrequent, tht men from India am
tht flrtt point ot ittacfc-Argontut.
Vote Yes
Polling 9 to 7 at i
No. 5 Fireball, West End
No. 4 Firehall, Sapperton
*���'.,*��� ^
That will mean you want to lease the
Horse Show Building for the four winter
months of the next twenty years to be
used as an ice rink., at a rental of:
First Five Years
Second Five Years -
Third Five Years   -
Fourth Five Years -
$750 a year
$1000 a year
$1250 a year
$1500 k year
With interest all together $28,995.00
will be received by the city, enough almost to pay the interest on the bonds.
Endorsed By City   Council
I and Progressive Association
We are having an apple sale
today. See our display; lt will
pay you.
Jonathons in four tier, extra
fancy box  $1.65
Spys, large, clean apples, per
box  $1.50, $1.35, $1.25
Grimes Golden, per box ..$1.25
Jap Oranges tn large boxes, extra fancy   50c
Jap Oranges ln smaller boxes,
paper wrapped   40c
Grapes, mixed green and purple,
per lb 20c
Grape Fruit, per dozen  75c
New Navel Oranges, per dozen
25c to  40c
Lemons, per dozen   25c
Brussels Sprouts 2 lbs. 25c
Cabbages in nice condition, per
crate 75c
Crab Apples, per box   $1.00
New Glazed Fruits, per box 25c
New Figs, per lb ,.20c
Also in 10c and 20c packages.
New Sausage, per lb 20c
New Headcheese, per bowl 15c
New Mince Meat, per Ib. ...20c
New Sauerkraut, per lb. ...10c
Remember we buy* all our
fruit direct from California, i.e.,
Oranges, Lemons, Figs, Raisins,
Public Supply Stores
In your? will, we
shall say, you have
appointed a trusted I
��  *       j- m    m...*.     I      flr��wn, "the Show Card Man
inenclyour Execu-| cunstmM show cards.
Mrs. Robb Sutherland and son,
Bruce, arrived from Gait, Ont., on
Saturday to join Mr. Sutherland here.
J. H. Todd's music house is open
every evening until Christmas     (263)
The Ladles' Auxiliary of the Royal
Columbian hospital will meet In St.
George's hall this afternoon at 2
Order your Christmas Show Cards
now.    Brown,  Trapp  block.        (253)
Rev. J. S. Henderson preached In
St. Andrews Presbyterian church
Vanoouver, both morning and evening yesterday.
New line of picture moulding Just
In at D, Murchle's. Get your pictures
In early for framing. (285)
Professor 10. R. McMillan, principal
of the Royal City High school, Is re
ported to he seriously ill at llis homo
on Third street.
Take a look at the Christmas cards
and booklets at West End Pharmacy.
509 Eighth St. (269)
Construction has been started on
the B. C. Grain Growers' elevator and
feed mill near the foot of Twelfth
street. Heavy timbers are being used
In the framework.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's. 626 Columbia St.       (215)
Mr. E. II. Bedard, who was Injured
in the recent Sixth street car accident
and was later removed to Bt. Mary's
hospital, is now reported to be well on
the road to recovery.
Christmas Cakes. Seo our window
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
The regular monthly meeting of
the W. C. T. U. will be held in tlie
Olivet Baptist church this afternoon
at 3 o'clock. All interested are urged
to be present.
Hello Klddo ! Telephone Santa
Clause what you want for Christmas.
He will be In Lees Limited window.
You can telephone from a booth in
their Toy Department. (278)
The patrol wagon of the clty, had
a busy time Saturday rounding up an
unusual number of drunks. Twelve of
theBe were brought to the station,
most of them furnishing bail. Their
cases will be heard this morning ln
police court.
We want every little "Kiddo" to
visit Santa Claus at his quarters in
"Wonderland" today. From now to
Christmas he will have his headquarters with us.    Lees Limited.      (278)
Canon d'Easum's third sermon upon
the lessons to be drawn from the conduct of the early church bore las'
evening upon the Holy Communion,
er tlle breaking of bread, as it was nl
that time known. The altar and com
inunion table were shown to be one.
Velour, Heaver and Velvet hats,
S'2.95; ladles' trimmed hats half price
Mrs. Agret, 59, Sixth St. (271 i
Arrangements have now been completed for the Progressive Association
luncheon to be held In the Royal
Cafe between one and two tomorrow
Dr. Elliott S. Rowe, of Vancouver,
will speak on the value of community
advertising. Tickets can be secured
from the secretary or any member of
the executive.
fighting EQUIPMENT
New  Hall   for   Lulu   Island���Another
Horse   for   Sapperton���Recent
Chief Watson, of tbe Fire Department,' Intends to apply to the couucil
early next year for a new hall on
Lulu Island and an additional horse
(or the Sapperton station.
"With tho Industrial'"' growth ot
Queensborough," stated (he chief, "the
necessity for moro adequate fire protection for the dlatrict is being emphasized daily. In Sapperton we have
only one horse at the present and tbe
general growth In building in the district has brought about conditions
which call for more complete equipment."
Speaking with regard to the flre
at Sapperton on Thursday morning
and the complaints made by some of
the residents as to the way thd department handled the blaze, the chief
"Conditions were practically all
agalhst ub. Our apparatus had to
plough through muddy and rough
streeta: The house Ib at about the
highest elevation ln Sapperton, and on
account of being practically on a level
with the reservoir the water pressure
waa very poor.
"Tlie water does not run direct to
the house but is circulated through a
large district before it reaches It with
the result that the friction of the
pipes' reduces the pressure.
"The house was three stories high
and a highly inflammable construction, but nevertheless with a Btiff
tight, we managed to save one-half of
it. Mr. J. Saunders, the owner, told
me he was perfectly satisfied with the
department's work."
The chief also stated that ho understood Mr. Sauuders had hia house
heavily Insured shortly before the fire,
and, therefore, did not stand to lose
much, if anything.
Interviewed yesterday, Alderman J.
Henley confirmed his intention to
stand for re-election to the city council. On his platform he will advocate
the establishment of a flre hall on
Lulu Island and additional apparatus
for other halls ln the city.
He considers that a bigger appropriation to the department of which
he is the present head will be war
ranted next year on account of the
enormous growth of,building that has
occurred lately.
The tact that the Lulu Island bridge
is the only communication the city
has at piesent with the Queensborough district and that it cannot al
ways be depended upon to be closed
in case of an urgent alarm Is the chief
reason why lie advocates a hall for
the Island.
Edmonds, Dec. 15.-���The "Brixton
Burglary" will be played behind the
footlights at the Burnaby public hall
by the members of the St. George's
Amateur Dramatic Society of New
Westminster Tuesday evening.
The proceeds will go in aid of thc
Burnaby branch of the Victorian
Order of Nurses, whicii is just about
to start a hospital in the municipality.
Much Interest ls being taken in the
event and with everything pertaining
to conveniences for staging such a
company, there Is every reason to believe that a good attendance will bs
Mrs. J. W. Weart will doubtless be
Engagement   to   Finley   J.   8hepard,
Prominent St. Louis Railroad
Man, Announced Yesterday.
Lakewood, N. J., Dec. 15���An
nouncement of tho engagement of
Mlsa Helen Miller Gould, of New York
to-Finley J. Shepard. a prominent
railroad man of St. U'.uls, Mo., was
made thia afternoon in the residence
ol Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gouid here.
It Was aald the announceirfpnt of
tbe time and place of the wedding
would be withheld for the present-and
this statement was conflrmed upon In
qulry ln the residence of Miss Gould
In New York.
Mr. Gould made known his sister'.,
engagement In a formal statement
whicb read:
"Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gould an
nounce the engagement of their sister
Mlaa Helen Miller Could, to Mr. Fin
ley J. Shepard, of St. Louis."
Asked whether he desired    to   Bay
OF B. C.
All members are requested to meet
at B. C. E. R. depot at 7 o'clock this
evening, where special cars will be
ready for trip to Vancouver.
anything additional concerning the en
gagement, Mr. Gould laughed and
"There wlll be nothing more, except that this engagement is most
pleasing to Mrs. Gould and myBelf."
Mr. Shepard long has been prom in
ently identilied with railroad an.l
financial affairs In the west. He is at
present assistant to the president of
the Missouri Pacific, with headquar
ters In SL Louis.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given en all orders. Thle discount Is
for ten days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
Do You Realize
How close Christmas Is ? Only
nine more shopping days, and
we are getting busier every day.
It will pay you to buy before we
are too buBy. We can give you
far better attention. Everything
for Christmas gifts.
645 Columbia Street
Phone 455
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Ready with the Christmas Goods.  Bargains
in All Lines.
THE SPOT-Cor. McKenzie and Front Sts.
Sole agents fer Westmlnater for the famous K Boota.    Depot for
Leckie'e Boota and Ahren's Sehool Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select Trom
Will be givt/n to every purchaser
of a Stove br Rangs at our atore
on Monday ci Tuesday. Our line
of Stoves and Fanges Is complete,
and the prices ere right. Copp'a
Malleable Steel Range, Copp and
McClary's Heater a.
We are out of tne high rent dlatrict and can fill your wants in the
hardware line at prices that will
astonish you. Delivery to all parts
of the city.
513 Eighth St. Telephone 815.
Should he be taken
in the midst of administering your estate, who tfill then
complete his work ?
Had you named
this Company as
your; Executor you
would have made
sure of laithful, responsible and continuous service until
the completion of
the trust.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
This is the best ready made Cough
Syrup on the market, We back up
this statement with our guarantee to
refund the money in any case when
not satisfactory.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phona 43:   L. D. 71:   Res. 72.
New    Weetmlneter,    B    C.
The post office Inspector's depart
ment has issued the announcement
that the practice of affixing stamps
sold for raising futids for antl-tutier-
cular or any other charitable purposes on the face" or front of letters
will not be allowed In future, but the
pasting of the same on the backs of
letters will be permitted,
From now until Christmas Gifford's
Store will be open evenings. (246)
Rev, K, D, Braden, of the Sapperton
Mflthodist church, is in receipt of a
call from the Dundia Street Method
lst church, Vancouver, but has not decided as yet whether bft will accept
or not. lf he answers In the afTimih
tive Rev. Mr. Braden will sever his
connection with his local charge after
four yearB of service. The position
U ths Vsncouver church will be opej
until May, mz.
I Lbvely Beaded Chiffon 3oarf��. three
yards long, Ombre etluot; Spanish
Lace Scarfs, Persian Embroidered
Scarfs.    Mrs, Agret, 50 Sixth    Btreet.
Last nlxhl'a Service at St. Andrews
Presbyterian church was featured by
the rendition of A. 11. Haul's cantata
"lsr*el in the Wilderness." by an auu
nmnted choir under the leadership Of
Mr. C. W. Openshaw. The rendition
merits great commendation. Sacred
Bolo numbers were also given by Mis*
Alvina Munn, Mr. John Graham und
Mr. ,1, A. Hamm. Kev. J. A. DoweU,
late of Rossland, waB the preacher ol
Lhe evening.
"3anta Claus," a real live and jolly
fellow," will demonstrate In Lees
Limited Toy Department from now Lo
Christmas, You can telephone today,
from tho Toy  Department. (2781
mibr Scott, tho able superintendent
of the Royal Columbian hospital, will
leavo for the Kast shortly to inspect
the leading hospitals of Toronto,
Montreal and New York with a view
to ascertaining the most suitable
facilities for the treatment of the suffering. Miss Scott will go at the request of the directors board of tho
hospital, to which she will make sev-
eral recommendations as to the equipment lo be purchased for the new
hospital on her return.
,,;,, j present and may possibly address the
audlenc? a? t9 \h$ t* erlts of the Vic
torian Nurses' fund.
Further  developments in
bilingual school row
Ottawa, Dec. ft.���The latest development In the bilingual school em-
broglio here Is the receipt from the
Ontario Education Department of a
communiclatlon to the teachers asking whether they have ever communicated to the trustees the contents of
any notice sent them by the department, and ordering tliem, it Is alleged, not to' do so In future. '
The letter evidently refers to '*J0
blank pledge oj obedience to school
regulation scnt to the teacV'rs from
Toror*^ j,ome ume ago an<] which,
"".uer orders from M".j trustees, they
hara refused to 'djgn.
Today's development in the dispute
with the department has caused a
further sensation among the trustees.
HOOD-Mrs. Sarah Krancls Hood
passed away at the Royal Columbian
hospital on Friday last. Tlie funeral
will' be held from W. E. Fales' par
lorn this afternoon at 2 o'clock to the
Clmreh of England cemetery.
McDEIlMOTT--Tho funeral of the
late Patrick McDermott will take
place from Center & Huniia's parlors
to tho Catholic cemetery at 2 o'clock
this afternoon.
Columbia University President Says
People Lose Sight of Principle.
Chicago, Dec. lfi.���"Principle in politics has given way in a great measure to personalities in the last twentj.
years In the United States owing to
the presence of Mr. William J. Hryan
and Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in tne
pollllr.nl arena." Dr. Nicholas Murphy
Buller, president cf Columbia University, tnld members of the Chicago
Commercial Cluh in discussing tonight
the subject, "What Is Progress ln Pol-
"The   effect    of   this   limitation on
our political life lias not been happy,"
he declared. "Passionate feeling has
been aroused at a time when cool
reason was most necessary and blind
personal advocacy or blind personal
antagonism lias taken the place of
statesmanlike examination of principles and of policies."
Dead Fish bv Millions are Thrown Upon Shores ot Mexico.
Washington, Dec. 15.���Millions of
dead fish have heen cast up from tbe
Culf of Mexico at Tampico, Mex., and
vicinity In the past ten days, according to a report received today from
V. S. Vice-Consul Thomas H. Bevan
by Suregon-Ceiif ral Blue of the public
health service.
Consul Bevan said lt was supposed
a submarine volcanic disturbance bad
killed the fish, which range from six-
foot tarpons to eighteen-lnch mullets.
The odor from the dead flsh has caused great disromfort and much uneasiness among ihe natives, who fear an
epidemic or yellow fever may follow.
The yellow fever epidemic of 1902 was
preceded by siir.ilur couditious.       ���   ���
Have never tasted good preserves, ^ympg or honey till you try the
"Tea Garden" brands. These go ^j are put up ln Southern California,
the garden of America.
Don't tail to s.epve on your table any one or all of the following:
Wild Rose .U'_ney in io oz., lfl oz. And 36 oz., at per bottle 25c, 35c,
and 75;
Tea Garden Pineapple Chunks at  40s
Tea Garden Pineapple Preserve, at 35c
Tea Garden Grape Kruit Marmalade at  35e
Tea Garden Asparagus at, per bottle 50z
Avondale Molasses, per tin 15c
Tea Garden SyrupB at, per tin 35c and 65:
Let ub suggest that this syrup is unexcelled for breakfast with Hot
Cakes and offer you
Self Raising Buckwheat Flour at, per package 35c
Olympic Paucake Flour ^t, per package 35c
Pure Pancake Flour at, per package 20c
We also carry a full assortment of Canadian and Kngiish Jams
and Jellies in 1 lb. glass, 4, 5 and 7 lb. tins.
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to eelect from by visiting us.
All kinds of line Talcum Powders here   toe���Let
us supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist ard Optician
701   Columbia   Street Phone 57
These are all In good locations and  are   good   investments  at  the   price*
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue; 89x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���8EVENTH   AVENUE   near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1357���66  FOOT  LOT corner of 8lxth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; Juat off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth streot car line; 50x159
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good tonne
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers' Liability, Automobile    and
Marine Insuranee.
are simple in design, sturdy in
economical and
easy to start.
Built to burn
Git your orders
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves. Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils In
Iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture. Furnishings.
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture, j
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner off  12th  Street and  Sixth  Avenue
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. Q. E. OILLEY, Phone 211.
Phones, Office 15 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes tbereatter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., laat car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular aervlce thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5.45, 6:45 and $
a.m., with hourly aervlce until 10 p.m.
and late car ut 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
First car at S a.m.
(Via Nortb Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., wiih hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First oar at 8 a.m., regular
servloe thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., .1:20 Md 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:96 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
cer tbe Fraaer Valley line
for week end trlpt covering
all point, on the division.
Tickets for these special ex-
curslons are on sale Saturday and Bunday, Hood to re
turn on Monday.
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 152.
628 and ^48 Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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