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The New Westminster News Dec 18, 1912

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Fraser Valley Output 191
Oats,  1,307,176  bushels.
Wheat 37,070 bushels.
Hay, 81,959 toils.
Potatoes, 32,210 U   1 is
JL_  ' ���
tiliMsW Ina lower m
WestiMKsVer ffrffl lower mafnl
b|ght to moderate winds;
un: stationary cA I
is    ������
f ��   ��� 242.
��,'    .������
Dredge Fruhling Began Work This Week on Cutting of New
Channel at Mouth of Fraser, Thereby Obviating Undesirable Curve in Present Route-Will Counteract Erosion-
Probable Connection with C. N. R. Plans.
Keeping pace with the great development now going on along the bank*
or the Fraser and preparing for greater things In the future, the Dominion
government are busy at work cutting
a new channel at the mouth of the
South Arm, which channel when completed wlll shorten the distance from
the gulf to this city a little over s
mile and will also do away with a
dangerous curve In the present channel at tbe mouth ot the river.
.Although unconfirmed by government
officials, tbere ia every reason to believe that the Ottawa authorities arc
working In conjunction with the Canadian Northern officials towards the
scheme which hss been mooted, I.e.,
that of a car ferry service between
Woodward's Landing and a point on
Vancouver Island, from which connection will be made with Victoria.
Began This Week.
At the present time the sea-going
dredge Fruhling Is working on a new
channel at a point near what Is termed the outer light. She began her
task there this week.
The regular channel now used, running from the Gulf of Georgia takes
a Bharp turn before reaching this light
winding around a sand bar and from
thenco runs northeast to the second
light, Garry Point.   , ,
In dirty weather, this curve ls regarded as dangerous by mariners and
It has been decided to cut through
between two ot tbe sand bars, thua
making practically a straight channel
In the river until Woodward's Slough
Is nearly reached.
Tliere Is already quite a depth of
water ln tbls new channel, although It
ia dotted with shoals and these will
have to be dredged out by the Fruh
ling before lt can be pronounced navigable.
Present* Little Difficulty.
In an Interview with a government
' official  yesterday Tho News was In
formed  tbat  the work  contemplated
presented no great difficulties in lta
execution.  .             ka
The fact that the Fruhling ls working verv close to fhe gulf makes it
all the better, as She is able to load.
steam out to deep water, dump her
load and return in the short space of
an hour.
The dredge has a capacity cf be
tween 700 and 800 tons each trip so
that a lew weeks' work on the chan
nel should make a big hole.
Will Prevent Erosion.
Another point, explained this offl
cial. will be that the new channel will
do away with the erosion of the banks
on the Bouth side of the river as the
present channel will slowly choke up
with silt when once tbe straighter one
Is in operation. All this work ls In
keeping with the jetty developments
now in progress near Steveston.
Tbe Sinclair Cnstructlon Company
are at present erecting an ImmenBf
Jetty at that point, the contract for
which calls for completion ln the
spring of next year.
It is intimated, however, that this
work ls a mere fraction to what Is
being planned and that the breakwater will eventually reach from Steveston to deep water and that once thih
is built, and the water confined to one
channel, the flow of the river will
scour the bed to such an 'Stent ss
to make Billing impossible,
Better Than Dredges.
"A channel of thia kind will do morr
wcrk  ln  one  year    than    a    dozer
dredges ln flve years," explained thU
Perhaps the worst feature whicli
the department now has to handle I"
the turn In the river near Woodward's
The water at this point, which
reaches a depth of 90 feet at high tld��
ln places, ls a problem ln the work of
preventing the erosion of the banks.
The great depth prevents any sue
eessful mattresslng and one hundred
feet of bank has ben known to ecl
lapse Into tbe river through being un
dermlned. ln an hour's time
Michael  Brennan  Flings Himself Beneath G. N. R. Train In South
Only liberated from the provincial
Jail yesterday morning after serving
a sentence of oue month for vagrancy
Michael Urennan, aged 52 years, threw
himself under the wheels of a moving
Great Northern train in South Wesl
minster about 4 o'clock in tbe after
noon, meeting instant death.
The fatality happended very close to
where the ill-fated liarr auto dropped
iuto tbe river two weeks ago.
The city police were at once notl
fifed, and Chief of Police Bradshaw to
gether with Coroner Dr. A. L. McQuar
rie, went to the scene. A paper was
found ln the pocket of the deceased
which stated that "he was hoodoe'd
and was being followed by persons
who meant to do him harm."
I'nder the circumstances Dr. Mc
Quarrle first decided that uo inquest
was necessary, but later changed hi.i
mind and called an enquiry for i
o'clock this evening. The body was
brought to the undertaking parlors of
Mr. W. E. Fales and will be held
pending the inquest.
The deceased was known to the police of both New Westminster and
Vancouver and for several months had
uot shown any visible means of sup
O. 8. Cameron Is Addition Now Definitely Announced���Unions Donate
$100 to Campaign Fund.
Every Citizen Should Become
jAn Active Advertising
Dr. Elliot 8. Rows and Mayor Lee on
Co-operation Between Vaneouver
snd  Westminster.
Before one of tbe greatest gatherings of members of the Progressive
Association, Dr. Elliot S. Rowe, of tbe
Vancouver Progress Club, discoursed
convincingly on the subject cf "Community Advertising and Its Relation
to Community Development" yesterday.
The occasion was one of the regular noonday luncheon of the association, and Dr. Rowe was the guest. Dr.
F. P. Smith occupied tbe chair and
seated alongside bim were Mayor Lee,
Aldermen Gray, White aud Curtis, Mr.
B. J. Walker, of Burnaby, and Rev. J.
S. Henderson.
Value to Community.
The chief argument in tbe speaker's
address was that if advertising was of
great advantage to commercial Interests, if all things were properly conducted, It ought to be of great value
to a community. The doctor also
dwelt on the necessity of closer communion with Vancouver, declaring
that in the end this great peninsula
on tbe lower mainland of the province
waa bound to be the site of one of
the greatest cities ln the world.
Speaking after Dr. Rowe, Mayor Lee
deprecated the spirit of antagonism
between the two cities and advocated
Touching on this latter subject Dr.
Rowe said: "We must guard Vgalnst
an excess of parochial spirit Although I would always rather have a
man -'parochial tn his aspirations. The
best man for any community ia he
who Ib intensely interested In his own
B. C. E.
R. Spending $100,000 on Pro-
-Fresh   Bsllsst for Intercity Lines.
According to Mr. Allan Purvis, interurban manager of the B. C. E. It.,
the company ls spending something
like $100,000 ln freight terminals in
this city. A large gang of men arc
working on tbe project at the present
time but the work will take at least
several months to complete.
Mr. Purvis expects little difficult;.
in solving the crossing problem which
was touched upon by the city council
on Monday night, although the matter
will first be taken up by the construction department.
The company are now planning to
reballast tbe double tracks between
Highland Park and Cedar Cottage
This has not been done for several
years and In several places the road
bed Ib far from being smooth. -
The ballast to be used there will
be taken from the graved pits which
the company recently purchased in
Burnaby, near the limits of New West
minster, and whicb are connected with
the Highland Park cut-off.
Clothing and Spars of Areoplane Come
Ashore���Kearny and  Reporter
Given Up.
Superintendent of Dredges H. A. Bayfield, Captain Yona*,
Wharfinger Philpot and E. Lovering Get Marching Oixlens
from Ottawa-Resident Engineer Worsfold Takes Temporary Charge%>f Department--Mate Boyd Reinstated.
In the person of Mr. D. 8. Cameron  city and next to that can see the ad
the labor men of the city will have a
fourth aldermanic candidate in the
field this coming municipal election.
Mr. Cameron's uame was proposed
once previously but withheld for sonu-
Tbo government is Just completing treason
two wing dams at this point which l    At a meeting of the campaign com
wlll   keep   tbe   current   of  tbe   rivet j mittee  ot   the   T.   &   L.   council   lost
Los Angeles, Dec. 17.���Fragments I
of a hydroplane and clothing wbich
were washed ashore and promptly
identified, proved today that Aviator j
Horace Kearny and his reporter companion, Chester Lawrence, met diaa*
ter soon after they started last Saturday on their proposed flight over
the o<5��an to San Francisco.
The     circumstances     surrounding
their, death probably always will remain a secret of the sea.   They may 1 '
I have died  within a  few  hours  after
starting    on   his   principal I they vanished Saturday afternoon in
A wholesale dismissal of government employees connected with tne
dredging departmenl on the Pacific
coast and especially with reference to
New Westminster and Vancouver has
taken place. This was learned by a
News representative yesterday morning.
lt was expected that developments
would occur following the investigation held by Hon. W. Norman Bole,
K.C, who acted as special government commissioner In connection with
the snagboat Samson, and these were
made known in government circles
No Longer Required.
Mr. H. A. Bayfield, superintendent
of dredges, who stirred up much indignation from New Westminster residents when he moved the dredging
offices from thiB city to Vancouver,
has received official notification from
Ottawa that his Be rviccs are no longer required.
At the same time Resident Engl-
ner C. C. Worsfold has been informed
that he ls to take charge of the department for a time until a successor
to  Mr.  Bayfield  is  appointed.
Captain Young, commander of the
Samson, who bas been under fire
during the recent investigation tn connection with the alleged disappearance of government stores from the
snagboat, has been dismissed also
and Captain R. C. Menton, who has
been in charge of the tug Flyer, own
vantages possessed bv hla neighbor
and is willing to assist in his devel-
epment for the benefit of the entire
community at large."
Cuccesful Campaign.
ed by Gilley Bros., has been placed
in command of the Samson.
Present Arrangements.
Captain Young was suspended several weeks prior to the Investigation
and handed In his resignation, but
during the course of the special en
qulry,   he   asked     permission
Judge Bole, to withdraw hia
lien, which  was granted.
During the time that Captain Tuaau
lin-i been away from the boat Caption
Carter, river pilot, waB placed In com-
mand. He has been receiving orttavi
from the department of works, wfaien
has now supreme coutrol of the i
Mr.  Edward Lovering,  who an
witness at the enquiry and who
ed he rented a gasoline boat to
government besides drawing a i
ly salary as her commander, ia
deposed   from   bis   position   together
with Wharfinger Wilfred Philpot.
Bayfield's Position.
Interviewed yesterday afternoon Wr-
Bayfield stated he was glad the afflair-
was now over. ."I suppose you people!
over in Westminster feel well satis
fled now that I have got my walking.
papers," he said to Thi Newa with a.
curious smile.
"Ab for my leaving the Coast, notblng doing. I bave been here for Osst
past ten years and will follow up any
work-as a mechanical engineer."
While not stating so positively, ISr-
Bayfield Intimated that the gD*eia-
ment, he thought, were not entirely
satisfied with this clean-up and ware-
after more scalps.
Captain Menton was formerly ba
command of the sterowheeler P*T-
Btreak and is one of the t��"rt krrwwr
mariners on the river.
He will have aB Becond in commaadl
Mate William Boyd, whose dismiaaaT
by superintendent Bayfield, actuate*
by Captain Young, brought about the-
recent Investigation. Mate Boyd am-
sun.��3 his old position this inormnri
meat, to lbe -Lulu lalo-id (ild" of the i night, however, lt waa thought tbere |cg8�� *\ }*s   financial- campaign   and
thepae tbe doctor   complimented   the the mints' off Point Fimrin. or they
Progressive Association   on  the   sue | may have clung to their fragile craft
stream. One of theae is Odd feet Tour
and both are being done by govern
ment labor.
was room for four labor'men In tht I thought the advantages -thrfl would fe-
field and Mr. Cameron waa selected as 3ult to the city from tbe generous
the most suitable candidate. subscriptions   made   by   the   people
The other labor men for aldermanic , would be great indeed,
honors   are   Alderman   Dodd,   Kalph j    He went on to remark that the only
Wilson, and Mr. Archie Hogg. Messrs ' community that had no necessity for
Stoney,   Mcintosh   and   Chamberlain j advertising was the one that had noth
will try for school trusteeships: 'ng to offer.    Such was not the case
No great  progress  was made  last  ho believed  with   Westminster    and
night in plans for the proposed cam j Vancouver.   The opportunities ln the
Bast Burnaby. Dec. 17.���B. O. Walk I A Neutral  Stand.
cr for ^eeve and Thomas D. Coldlcuu j    He was yet unopposed  and  would
for councillor.    Tbat was the expres-   observe  absolute   neutrality   toward.-'
eion made by a large gathering of the
ratepayers at Ward Three at a meeting beld tn Foresters' hall this evening.
Contrary to expectations, the gath
ering was a most orderly one and
never a dispute arose throughout tbe
session. Thus Chairman Prank Kerr
had an easy time handling thc indi
cator which denoted the time for each
Springs Surprise,
The annuncemeut of ex-Councillor
Coldicutt that he was ln the field fot
East Burnaby came as a little surprise
to bis many friends who fully expect
ed him to enter fhe reeveship arena
once more, but at a meeting hel<
early In the afternoon It was decided
to leave the big game to Mr. Walker
and the counclTlorshlp to Mr. Coldl
Now the cat la out ot the bag and
what wlll probablv be the most spirit
ed race In the history Ot Burnaby,
���tarts trom this evening.
Madill's Stewardship.
Councillor Madill was the first
speaker and he dwelt upon the work
which had been done ln the ward dur
lng the past yaar. He produced rig
ures whloh showed that the ward hnO
received Its full share ot the road
work. He had been and waa at the
piesent time In favor of the abolition
of the ward system.
He referred to the growing popula
tion ot the municipality and the great
problem* wbleh now confronted them
If another man appeared ln the race,
whom he thought suitable then he
wuuld support him, but, otherwise, be
would again make tha run.
Mr a O. Walker, as candidate for
reeve, outlined his policy which would
be a continuity ot that of Reeve
Will Fight Fairly.        ���
He wonld conduct the contest free
from all retoreuces to whoever else
might be ln the field.
He wonld bold meeting* but did noi
intend to Uke part iu any Joint meet
ings, whloh, be regarded as useless
and said he was looking tor the reeve
ship solely on the grounds of his past
work In the munldpaUty. ��
If he found he w��a not the choice
eald Mr. Walksr, he wouldputon his
���llppart, draw Mar the tlratlde and
feel convlnoed that the best thing to
do was to mind hit owh -stint**.
Mr. Alee. liaofhwtw. �� �����JM*to
tor councillor In Ward Two, followed
This speaker wm not entirely In ac
cord wltbwms of *�����"�����{*�� ��*�������
by Mr. Walker, notably the wards
abolition movement on the fronnds
that the |W*MtS'��M MJ. ���� W��
opinion, wd*5ed ��"��ot,>r ���jA *"
anyway tha total *>*�������, *��� "J*
jority were to smsU that it did not
represent tit* ���nHfli tsMns ot pi*
contests, but if he did bave an opponent, then he reserved the right to take
School trustee Morrison made a few
remarks regarding school matters also
stating that it was not necessary tor
htm to aeek election this year.
Chairman Kerr asked whether It
was a good policy to nominate Mr.
Walker for reeve without hearing
from the other candidates. Oa a notion a vote was taken, 35 voting foi
Mr. Walker while about an equal num
ber, non-residents or non-members of
the association refrained from casting
a ballot.
On a vote being taken on the coun
clllorshlp, Mr. Coldicutt received t",
votes, E. W. Peck 9 and W. H. Ma
dill 7.
Goes for Council.
The successful one broke Into one
of his old fashioned style speeches
rapping the councillors snd Reeve
Weart right and left and stating thai
the Ea��t Burnaby representative. If h'
did not look out. always got the axe
He condemned what he regarded a
being controlled by "the Vancouvei
"I am going tp support Mr. Walker
I do not carr abont Reeve Weart and
hls man 'Friday,' for If wc elect Ur,
Walker we will have a Burnaby po
ltev and not a Vancouver one," he
said, and continuing: "Ore will find
all the best roads, those 66 foot ones
In the neighborhood of Central ParV
and we read of Councillor Mayne tell
Ina hli parishioners how ho got the
biggest plums."
paign but donations totalling $10"
were received from the various unions
to help out the expenses of the fi?;ht
A committee was appointed to ilrafi
a circular letter to be later circulated
among lhe citizens outlining the policies ot tbe labor candidates.
The next meeting will be held on
advertising field were numerous and
they  were  awaiting  development  by
all  through a stormy  night and the 1
next day.   "   - " "-v
But judging from the position of the
wreckage which today gave the flrat
clue to their fate they died a short
distance from shore and in all prob
ability their bodies now rest In the
.'angled morass of the kelp beds near
Rodondo Beach.
To Build Cathedral.
Prince   Albert,   Sask.,   Dec.   17.���A
all these who cared to go after them,   new cathedral Is to be erected By the
"Four years ago." he commented."  catholics here immediately, the cost
In sneaking in this cltv I ventured to   being  In   the   neighborhood  of  1125.
prophesy that we would see the time  oOO.    The   official   announcement   of
when we could walk from Vancouver  this project will be made at mass next I clares  that  "auch  aid  would  Includ
to New Westminster   on   permanent i Sunday.   Tbe growth of the congrega |,he provision of a certain number of! built not ouly the policy of this
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���H.  B.  Ames re , arr.cv.nl bad been fully paid we oouML
suming the debate on the naval ques    f we desired, stand prec:sely wissaa
tion today, said that it was necessary j we stand today and refuse to apeadL
first of all to clearly distinguish be I another dollar for naval defences
tween  special action and permanent I    It, however, we were givenssSkamBtr*.
policy.   There is apparently confusion | rer reservation In the counrilk af'p
in the public mind owing to the fail   and  >��� ar, ths would be as a-
for. fcr co-operation on a permanesru
Hence the permanent policy of thee
government Including, as it must, par
tlcipatlon In the councils of the eaa-
pire, should be, and he was confident
would be. submitted to the
of Canada antf endorsed by theme
Upon   such   foundations   might
ure to understand tbat the prime mm
ister in bis recent speech dealt al
most exclusively with special action
The question put to the admiral!;
was  this:
"In what torm ISould any immedlat-
aid Canada might give be most effec
tive?"   And the answer before us d>'
On Tenth Street From Mr. John Reid
���Purchase    Price    Reported
Around $10,000.
What may lead to further extensions to the present sub-etation of
the B. C. E. R. on Tenth street, is
foreshadowed by the purchase this
week of certain property adjoining
the present station and also the Westminster Iron Works.
The price paid for same waa about
$10,000, the vendor being Mr. John
Raid of the Westminster Iron Works.
It ls understood that tho traction
company does not contemplate any
additions to the plant at the present
time, but purchased the small strip
of land for protection when the tlmo
does arrive for further Improvements
sud additions to the Btatlon.
Westminster Citizens
Emphatically In Favor
of Leasing the Arena
Dec. 23 when an aggressive campaign j pavements.   That, today, is nearer Its I tion recently has rendered the present   the largest and strongest ships of wa; I oration   but  that of generations  T*t
will be mapped out. | (Continued on Page four.) [ building utterly inadequate. | which  science cau  build and  money j unborn.
Simply for Sentiment-
Mr. Germaue of WelfcuicL. resanfsg
the debate after rezee.3 quoted train
the speech of Mr. Bonar Law, aa jssm-
tifylng   the   belief  tbat   the   BngBsfa
Unionists regarded this naval eoabfl-
bution only as a commencement aad '
to be followed up with p'mllar appti��->
prlatlons fronTyear to y��ur.
Mh  Germane  argued against  centralization of authority in Londoss. He
said he yielded to nono in bts loraHy
but the Liberal Idea was that Canaato
staying   within   the   empire,
work out its own destiny.   The
proposed was, he argued, simply
sentiment, and the only return otSSStr
000.000 was that a Canadian   iiTiiTi���i
sbould   be on  the  Imperlal  SetPmar
He claimed that nothing [n tlte admiralty memorandum called tor anctr*
a contribution which be buHumfy!
land did not ask nor need. If war warn
to develop now what would Beenae
rf our boated Christian cIvmratfoaTT
To hoar government rpeakens aam-
(Continued on Page Five)
Independent  Company   With
Dollar    Backing    Wlll    Striaaj
Theatres From Sea to asa.
Polling Booth:��� Yes
City Hall, No. 1  311
City Hnll, No. 2  331
No. 4 Fire HaU  80
No. 5 Fire Hall  20
Totals  742
Majority, 639 or Vl/4 to 1.
A skating rink for New Westmlnt,-
ter Is  now  positively  assured. ���
By a majority of 639 vot.s the cltl
zens lu an emphatic manner yesterday endorsed tbe plebiscite upon the
proposed leaso of the Arena building
In Queen'a Park to the Westminster
Rink Company during the months of
December, January, February and
March cach year tor skating purposes.
The total vote was 869; In favor or
the plebiscite, 742; against, 10}; spoil
ed, 24.
No specified majority was necessary
to carry the plebiscite, Tbe heaviest
vote was polled In the City Hall
where ln booths Nos. 1 and 2 a total
of 749 ballots were cast, with 642
votes In favor.
Wost End Voting.
The greatest opposition to the
plebiscite was evinced ln the West
End of the city, where 10 votea of a
total ot 30 recorded, were marked no.
Taking lt all round the vote was
comparatively large, and almost
double that registered when the Heaps
agreement was ratified. Ot course ln
the case of the Heaps bylaw only property owners could vote but ln this
case the ballot waa open ' to both
householders and land owners.
Mayor Lee .Gratified,
Mayor Lee when interviewed last
night declared he was not surprised
at tlie resull of the vote as lt was
practically a foregone conclusion tha:
It would pass.
'In a case of this kind," Hts Worship stated, "there Is uecesssrlly a
difference of opinion and It is not to
bo expected that a unanimous vote
���vould be recorded because no matter
now good a bargain might be, there
Is sure to be some people who would
object to It juat for the sake ot being
In opposition."
Continuing, the Mayor aald: "Th?
agreement Is now In tbe hands of the
olty solicitor and wlll soon be completed and submitted to the council. The
citizens can rest assured that their
Interests wlll be safeguarded to the
fullest extent in reason.
"Following this the agreement will
be submitted to the provincial government for its approval in due course."
Aldermen's Approval.
Aldermen Gray. White, and Kellington when interviewed last night expressed' themselves . as being vary
much gratified at the result of the
"I am very much pleased Indeed,'
commented Alderman Gray. "It Is evidence that the cltlrcns at a whole
haye confidence lit the present civic
administration   both   along   general
lines and ln Its ability to make a satisfactory agreement with lbe Rink Company."
1 think it Is all right," asserted Al
derman Lynch, who ls president of
the Amateur Hockey league. "We will
be ln a position to go ahead with the
schedule tor the amateur games and
at a meeting which will be called
shortly our members wlll draft a constitution and set up bylaws. We will
also arrange with the Rink Company
for practice nights for the six teams.
Hsips Boys and Girls.
"Very satisfactory indeed,* wat the
observation of Alderman White while
Alderman Kellington thought the clti-
sens had declared themselves emphatically In favor of tbe council consummating an agreement which would
be of great advantage to the city aa a
"The skating rink when established
will provide a source of Innocent
pleasure and excellent recreation for
the boys and girls." he opined, "and
I am naturally glad on that account
that the plebiscite has passed."
8ays "That's Pine."
"That's fine," exclaimed Mr. J. It
Duncan, president ot the* Board of
Trade when the result ot the vote
waa intimated to him by a Newt representative.
, "It gWet me great satisfaction to
hear that the plebiscite has gone
through. I think It would have been
a great mistake If lt had not carried
because It it very much In the Interests ot the cltixens both trom the
standpoint of health and from a commercial point of view.
"The rink will provide healthy entertainment tor the young people of
the elty whloh would otherwise have
to be sought In Vancouver," he continued, "and I think that U betpeakt
the time Westminster spirit to an-
dorse the plebiscite to heartily."
which  science cau  build and  money
Bill Follows Advice.
The bill before tbe bouse is for the
purpose of puttlug into effect the ad
mil-ally's advice.
The  opposition  leaser's  policy, he
declared, fell short in that it brought
neither immediate or effective aid. He
wholly  ignored,  in  fact  denied   urgency.   The opposition had endeavored
to reduce tbe debate to a comparison
of permanent policy, whereas the per .
manent policy of the government had
not yet been disclosed.    The admiralty    memorandum    set    forth    the
grounds for claiming that-an urgent
<:ondltlon demanded special action. II
was not necessary to review the state
ment.   lt was conclusive to any up
prejudiced mind.
While the prime minister, ho Bald
bad not yet disclosed bis policy, he
bad Indicated that in due course he intended to do so. It was evident, however, that lie fully realized that there
were certain preliminaries Beorr-ar-.
to permanent action, tbat thero wero
certain barriers which must be r-imotf
id. and certain relationships define!
before the foundations of a pollcy
which will continue and endure can
be truly laid.
"Autonomy" Bugbear.
Mr. Ames said that along the road
marked "autonomy" we could mak<
practically no progress short of de
clarlng ourselves a sovereign state
and becoming Independent cf the em
pire. The whole spirit of the Canadian constitution acknowledged tbe
idea of a unit within a unit. There
was tho municipality within the pro
vince, the province within the Do
minion and the Dominion within th;
Autonomy, he said, was the shlb
boleth of the nineteenth century, co
partnership and honorable terms Ir
rhe matter of common Interest was
the watchword of the twentieth een
tury. He noted at tome leqgth the
progress of co-partnership with the
empire, pointing out particularly the
Idea of the colonial conference.
The presence ot a Canadian minis
ter in London as a member' ot thr
council on Imperial defense was the
concrete expression of a sentiment
which has been steadily growing. It
wat the machinery putting into
force conclusions arrived at many
years ago.
Status Unaltered.
The proposed contribution of $35,
000,000 given for a specific purpose
did not alter our constitutional status
It wat the free wllj offering ot the
people. It carried no cond1 tlon and
created   no   obligations.   When the
Toronto,  Dec. 17.-A ��yndtcatti
"perate  motion picture theatres 1
been formed in Canada and plana i
uow under way for the establlahmaai
of a chain of these theatres "-nsali
out Canada in all towns.   H  J  Hrudk.
president of  the American rnniiSa
��>lor Company, is also preside** ��r
the  Canadian  company,    sir  riii	
Pellatt, A. B, Charlewood and BLIP
Brown are among the director* ami
Kdward Cronyn of Toronto la m***>
floater of the company. Tbenr to
over a million dollara Invested. TPa
Canadiad Klnemacolor Company to aaa.
tlrnly independent of the AnterliMS
company but It Is to be guided W Mm
American company't experience tat securing tho aame president
A plant wtli b established tttthar to
Toronto  or Montreal   for  th��-  mTsiV
tlon of dramatic subjects wbfeti wfV
cost somewhere between om i
hundred thousand dbllws ���
1 i Mii
,  ���
siiis...w��iii^i ***f*ifi
��� iwwsMWjijMni frlfffti
"������^Hr/!j"WWinww im*ti'p
^^'���WWt^)^^!^^^^,^^ ���PAGE TWO
Classified Advertising
* RATES. *
tPPPPPP   ����������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
atap; to per word per week; lBc per
.���Math; 5,000 words, to be used aa repaired within one year from date of
eootract,  $25.00.
Birth   or    Marriage   Notices    50c.
Notice SOc or with Funeral No-
Sl.M.   Cord of Thanks  50c  per
1 wages to the right party.   Apply to
Mra. T. It. Pearson, 715 Hoyal Ave-
Pas.   Apply Box 294 Newa office.
lo srork on large ranch close to city.
Apply by letter only to 720 Royal
avenue. New Westminster.       (286)
needs work. Elevator, porter, restaurant, expert office cleaning; anything appreciated. Stanley, 1708
Staple St, Vancouver. (272)
aitft at light housework. Apply in
afternoons at 67 Elliot St.     (259)
room, with stove. Apply 701 Agnes
street. (295)
house on Agnes street. $22.50 pei
month.   Apply 14 Uegble street.
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (283)
Sunbury, for $10 per month.   Apply
Box  304, New  Westminster,  R   C,
Premier Asquith Deprecates Discus
sion  of Canadian  Policy.
London, Dec. 17.���ln the House oi
Commons last night Mr. J. Keir Hardie, aaked Premier Asquith why the
House bf Commons was to lie committed to a policy which had been
communicated to the head of the Canadian Government and of which thc
House waa Ignorant.
Premier Asquith said that His Majesty's Government waa not committed to any pollcy.
Mr. Keir Hardie asked If the three
Canadian battleships would entail an
xdd'tlon to tho naw ostlmntcs tor
their maintenance and manning and
whether one of the conditions was
that Canada Bhould have a seat upon
the committee on Imperial affairs.
Mr. Asiiulth said lie deprecated the
discussion of matters under debate In
the Dominion Parliament.
housekeeping rooms. Also one fur
nlslu-d.   Kir. Agnes St. (260)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three yesr term, singly er en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythiaf
hall, coiner Eighth street and Aerie.
street. (202)
Mnst understand cooking. Apply 48
Royal Avenuis. '" 'l]<
lish style, good as new. 216 St.
Patrick St. (296)
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
S1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
school books, Owner can have sann
by  paying  expenses,   News  Office
Tenders wanted for supplying
School Desks (single). A sample must
be lett at tbe Secretary's office. Tenders must be at the Secretary's ofiice
Sn noon of Friday. December 27.
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
<IT7) New Westminster, B.C.
Two large lots, North Vancouver $503
large lot , Point Grey.
Wise Road,  $400.00
1850 ft waterfront, joins city New
Westminster, with io acres all under
12D acres. 2 miles Irom White Rock
station. $100 per acre.
5  acre   blocks
easy terms.
3  good  houses
ment,  balance  as
near  car  and  city,
n  city,
small  pay
Hotel, South Westminster, 18 rooms
garnished, $3200.
3S acres   residents!   property   half
rasile from proposed docks.
Excellent da'ry farm $203 per acre.
"For    full    particulars  of  this  and
ottier property apply
Phone F 507 South Westminster.
brown water spaniel pup. Reward
H. V. Wright, Edmonds P. O,    (287>
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 295. P. ���. Box 777.
Snap For a Few toys
The best 50 aero farm in Chilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 aere'
vhich Is covered with 30.0C0 feet c
standing timber. Large ten roomc'
house, large stables, barns, chicker
houses, hog pens; $18,��00, $6,000 caah
Terms for balance. Property is linen
cumbered and a large loan can bf
raised on the property.
Are you Insured ? It costs but littl"
and makes you feel safer. Insuraaci
Insures sleep.
We represent only strong Britis'i
Board Companies, and shall he pleasei
to tell you what It will cost yoi
whether you insure or not.
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Ke thc northwest quarter of Section
35, Township IJ, in the District Of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of tho loss of Certlfl
cate of Title  Number 10154F,  issued
ro the name of John Smith, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall.
at. the expiration of one month from
Hm date of the first publication hereof
in a daily newspaper published In th?
City of New Westminster, issue a dap
licale of the said Certificate, unless in
ttie meantime valid objection be made
I to me iu writing.
[District Registrar of Titles.
tjnnt Registry OfTice,
New  Westminster, B.C, November
15. 1912. (SiSl
Jtoticc Concerning the Construction of
a S:l;ccntr for the Hyiirooraphlc
���Survey Branch of the Department
���tot the Naval Service.
SBAl.ED TKNUERS, addressed to
undersigned, and endorsed "Tend-
, for Schooner," will h** received up
i noon on Wednesday, the 16th Janu-
191", for the supply to the D��
nent cl the Na\al Service of a
jflsooi'i'r eo'jforming to the following
Rgtb overall about.OR ft., G Inch.
���Sth tl wai ir line..80 ft,
earn   20 ft.
"pan Draft   8 ft.
boom.r In be delivered alongside
at  II. M. C. Dockyard, Esqul
, B.C.   Copies of the design   ami
atlon can bo obtained on appli
to the undersigned or to    ths
[ Store Officer at II. M. ('. Dock-
IfSsqulmalt, B.C.
horlzed   publication   of   thin
I will not be paid for.
��� Minister of the Naval Service.
nent of the Naval Service,
��*ra, December Sth, 11)12.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Paid-Up) ... .fll.Mt.ttt.lt
RESERVE    $1t,t00,G0S.e
Branches throagenst Canada at
Newfoundland, sac la Loudon, Bter
snd, l.aw York, OSHaga and Seakan
U.S.A., and Msileo dty. A gmeri
baaklng bustnaoa transacted. La
ters of Credit Issued, available mt
correspondents In all parts at tt
Savings Bank D��p art meat���Deposit
receded  In sums of $1  aad epwari
snd Interest allowal at S par cent. j>:
annum   (present rat*).
Total   Assets  over  llBfi.00l.e0O.SC
Q. D. BHYMNKR. Manager
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia   St.
For  Excellence  In   Shaving.  Haircut
ting and Shampooing give the
35 Eighth St. David Boyle, Prop.
a trial. Four skilled workmen. Oil
system of treating the aealp for dsn
druff and falling hair cannot be im
proved upon. Try It.
Face Massaging a specialty.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bid;
of all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfnrtlon guaranteer
59 McKenzie St.
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Who Dsclaras She Would Rather Plot*
Than Go to the Opera.
"The happiest girl in all the world I" J
That   is   the   distinction   cliiinrd   hy
Miss Jack May, a slender bit of femininity,  who owns   snd   operates   a
farm in   thc wilds   of   Canadn.    Not
many   years   ago   Mi?s   Mny,   who   is
th-; daujhter of Admiral May, of the
British   rnvy,   was   a frilly,   frothy
society h?lli��, to whom   tho   theatre,
halls nnd card parties represented all
tha' wns worth living for.    When the
Boer wnr broke nut  anil,  along with
icorcs of other aristocratic young English women, she went to the front as
nurse, h.r cyos wore   opened to   the
smallness  of   the   butterfly   existence
sho had been loading.    Upon her return  home alio at  once entered   the
Swanley Agricultural Cn'Ieze at Kent,
and at Ihe conclusion of  her  course
amazed her forni'r fashionable friends
by bocomi.ie manager of a dairy farm.
After   a   time , she   became   working
manager of   another   farm   in   Kent,
where  she  took  active charge of all
the  work,  era in   growing,   vegetable
gardening, and live stock    ihe went
di-eet from that farm to the Canadian
west, to a ranch of 320 acres nenr the
Canadian Pacific Railway,   and   now
all English   society   is   interested   in
watching her career.    Not n  man is
employed on Miss May's entire farm.
Her only companion and helper is a
Canadian girl of IS.
"Go baek to society again? Not for
worlds." tleelar:s this former llndon
fnvorite, "I would rather plow than
go to the opera. I would rather plant
corn than attend ��� a pink tea and I
much pre'e.' currying my horses to
arraying myself in an evening gown.
What's a butterfly society life in damp
and foggy England compared to real
life in orij'il sunshine and bracing
cold?" Miss May's success had made
her views en agriculture iruch sought
after, especially among the English
Although this little English woman
hns sacrificed conventional feminine
garb and has given up social life
completely, she has lost none of the
charm that marie her n leader in
Britisli society circles. Her everyday
costume consists of stout leather boots
anil leather putters, riding breeches
of heavy hlue sorg", a man's shirt,
and a short khglcL coat. When she
desires to really "drsss up" for special
occasions, sl.e wears u soft collar and
tie, nnd a peasant smock ol navy blue
'lenini. which com s to 1. r knees and
is loosely bolted around her waist.
She is rlel:cli I fully picturesque and
h~r happy csre'res !in:_!i is a sure
cure for the blues,
"I love the freedom of the lib and
the bigness of things here on ths
west"ra prairies," she said, recently.
"In England one is hound by conventions, as one's fields are girt with
hedg ?. Here I can do as I choose.
I would not go back to itay under any
Ths Fins Trlbuts Castelsr Paid te
Amadeus of Savoy.
The numerous experiments tried
and rejected by the Spanish nation
diving the last century included the
short lived government of 1871-1, when
a very worthy prince. Amadous of
Savoy, second son of Victor Emmanuel, understock the difficult business
of being king of Spain. Amadeu3 hnd
to contend not only with the Repub-
lieans and with those wlio desired
the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty, but also with the country's rooted
prejudice against "the foreigner."
in a boo:: entitled "The Secret History -f the Court of Spnin" are given
instances of that bravery that won
for the young Italian king Ihe admir-
stion, at least, of his Spanish subjects.
On a hot evening the king snd
queen were returning to Ihe pnlnce
after listening to some music in the
gardens of the Buen Retire Suddenly a vehicle opposed tho passage of
Iheir carriage by crossing just in
front. The coachman checked, the
horses snd pri vented a collision, but
just then a shot was directed toward
the royal party.
At this the kins sprnn.; boldly tc
bis feet and exclnim-d:
"Here is the king! Fire at bim
not at the others!"
But no further attempts were mnde
nt assassination, nnd the retinue
reached tho pnlnce in  safety.
To tho king th�� late hours of the
court wore particularly disagreeable,
At work at 6 in the morning, he rang
fnr his breakfast nt 8. Astonishment
wns on the lackey's lace; it had never
been customary for their ex-majesties
���o be served before II o'clock! Sr.
Amadeus. to avoid friction, adopted
the habit of going to a cafe for his
early meal.
Thus tho maids, who sally forth in
Madrid with baskets on tlieir arms,
would often return to tell their mistresses how they had brushed against
his majesty as they did they business
in the market place.
In one of thes" early perigrinations
Amadous noticed that CasHar, the
famous leader of tlie republican parly,
raised his hat to him. Surprised at
this sign of respect from the enemy,
the young man stopped and.snid that
he wonder..] that one of C'astelur's
opinions should  snlute royalty.
"Mv salute wns not to royalty, sire."
replied the orator, with the grace of
the Castilian, "hut to the bravest
man in Christendom."
A Whale's Spouting.
The whale does not discbarge water,
but only its breath. This, however, in
rushing up into tiie air bot from the
animal's body has the moisture con-
tensed to form a sort of rain, and tho
colder the air, just as in Iho cn^e of
our own breath, Uie more mnrlied the
result. When the spnnt is made with
the blowhole clear above the surface
of the water it r..-pears like i sudden
jet of steam foni a boiler. When effected, as it sometimes is, before the
b'.owhols reaches the surface a low
fountain a* from a street lire plug ia
formed, -nd wh'n the hole is close to
tha surface at the moment a little
water is sent up with the tall jet ol
team. The clou.l blown Up does n't
disappear at once, but liar._r�� a little
while ar.d is often seen to drift a
short distance with  the  wind.
Ef ery Woman
^ Is Interested ud ��houlJ know
i about the wonderful
Mapvel ���KHT
Aakranr draflrirt
_ bs famiot supply
tbe  MARVliU AccepTso
otber, bat send stsi
tnitwi book���mum.
���tans fbr 1
it fiTo�� wr
particular* and dtrertlnnw tnriliialile
Udlos. WINDROH h(TI*l>L Y Co.. Windsor, Ont
General Ag-e&U for Cauwln.
Specifications, agreements ot sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work gtii:tly een
ddentlal. M. Broten, Room <, Mer
ohant Hank Bldg.   Phone 716
10 acres on Main road, all cleared, planted ln assorted fruits.
Splendid location; 6 roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
stables; one mlle from Hammond Station.
$9500���y3 Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
L. O. O. M��� NO. 854���MEETS ON
flrst, second aad third Wedacfiday.
ln each month In K. uf P. haU at
8 a.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. VI
Price, secretary.
A Mctherly B'llldoc.
A novi I ."ijjlit Is t'i be recn st th-
Serijisoii ar111^ i't Keyword's Heaih.
The landlord, (ic: ige \V. 1'recee. h%-
i pri7e build il', Hampton lli!>y.
,vritrii;iur 85 pound', and l-r sonic
writs he ha�� been "in itherir.ii" sum*
'hicks and : kitten. All ol tin in
leep witb him in hit kennel, snd
chicks aud kitten ace 'inpalij
.vlienever he goes Ior a J tell.
The Gl.d Hlis.
Among Uie   Ha'iitoj and
Wh.re the Flsh Oit��.
A' traveling salesman while In Chicago ��'a< invited to a party given b.v a
friend Iiurlns supper stories were
called fnr, and he lold the following:
Two Irishmen were fishing one day In
a la!;e. After nearly nil day one nf
them threw his line fnr out and. pulling In, he cot n strike. After fishing
awhile he Anally landed a flne flsh.
"Oh." said he. "Mike, this Is the only
place In tbe lake to flsh: we will Just
mnrk It" And he cut n notch In the
"Ide of the boat
They all laughed, and the story telling was resumed.
There wns one Englishman who kept
laughing all the time during the rest of
Ihe evening nntll time to go home,
when he came up to the traveling ssles-
man snd ssld: "I wns Just thinking of
the story yon told. It wna such s
funny story. I don't believe I ever,
heard mrh s fnnny story before. .Tnst
think. If they had got the wrong boat
they wonld have never known where
lo flsh."-Machinists' Monthly.
Richard  i ...  ,... ...... mi>*i>.�� j, uaeu,  in
Opera House,  Friday,  December 20.
'lhe   hoce   ot   I'diidind
at  the
Th* regular meeting of Amity latsg*
No. 27,1. O. O. r., Is held every Moa
day night at 8 e'eleck ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon ueo
Eighth street Visiting hrethen
cordially Invited. C. B. ilrysoa, N
O.; R. A. Merrithew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER & HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and embaliners. Parlers
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.    Phone 993.
tt-. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embalmer, 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegia Library.
at-I.aw, Solicitor, Etc. 662 Columbia
Btreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "John
ston." Code, Western Uulon. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and S, Gulchon block, New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady
ters nnd Soilcltois, Uistminatei
Trust block, Columbia etreet, Nen
Westminster, B.C. Cable addreer
"Whiteside," Western I'nion. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone OS. W. J
Whiteside, II. L. Edmonds.
Accountaat.      Tel.    H 128.
Trapp block.
mlnater boar* of Trade meets la thf
board raora, City Hall, as follow*
Third Frleay ef each month, *,*ej
terly meeting on the Uilrd Friday 1
February, May. August and Novea
ber at 8 g.ss. Annual meetings es
th* third Friday of February. Ne��
members may be proposed aad
elected st any monthly or quarterly
meeting S. H. Stuart Wade, seer*
Bradner  School.
Sealed t*n*��rs, superscribed "Tea
der for B.-adaer School," will be re
oelved by tk< Ho..arable the Mlnistei
of Public Works up to noon of Wed
���enday, >ve 18th tay of December.
1912, for the erect 'in aud eomplctlos
if a large oae rooi school house at
Bradner, In the Del a Electoral Dls
'rlct, for th�� Provincial Government
Plans, spe" ;aHonS, contract, ani"
forms of teniler ma- be aeen on and
after the tth *iy <i December, 1912
U the office ef S. \ Klett ier. Govern
ment Agent, N��"v Westminster; Mr
Wm. Merryfield, Secretary Schoo'
Innri). Mount Lehman, B.C.; and th*
Public Works Department, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an nceepted bank cheque or crrtifl-
nnte of deposit on a chartered bank
rf Canada, made payable to the
'lonorable the Minister ef Publl-
Works, for a sum equal to 10 per
innt, of the tender, which shall be
.'orfeited If the party tendering decllni'
o enter Into contract when sailed
ison to do so, or If he fall to com
plete the work centracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit Of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon tho execution
f tho contract.
Tenders v'ill not be considered up
!oss t^ade out on the forms supplied
dgned with the aotual s't;r,at"rn o'
the trudorer. and enclosed In the envelopes f'irnlshcd,
Thc lowest or any tender not neces
sarlly accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December, 1912.
(200) de5.
mm and PHONE 890
CONTRACTORS cor prices on t-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
I. STILWELL CLUTB, barrister-**
law, solicitor, etc; corner OolumMr
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Boi 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 'in Columbii
street.   Over C. P. ll. Telegraph.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours tt Hazelton
Caaaeetlsg with 0  T. P. Railway  for points East;  als* with 3.3.
"Prlaee Joha" tor Stewart, Oraahy Bay, Itawstt and Queea Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
SB. 'TRINOPi ALBERT"  fer Prinee Rupert and way   porta,   3rd,
1.1th aad Wrd ef aaa* month.
Tlskets t* all Bastern destinations and to Kuropo.
H. ���   SMITI. C   P. S T. A. W. B. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phen* Seymour 71M.      VANCOUVER, B.C.     627 Granville Street.
W. R. GILLEV, Ph*M 122. a E. OILLEY, Phons 291.
Phones, Office 11 and id.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
It's th* W*rk.
Us* Your Phons.
MS Bhrkaen Street. Phone 490.
lint's Hotel r��lRtom
Bat Pm! TsMts la the oHy. Fine
Um ef Ctgan aad T*��a*e*. Sporting
svats bsllstiaed.
A. B. BIATBN, Proprietor.
Ph*n* RS24 Sit Hamilton St
Shims? SwmpHM.
BhwBrauoh BMssnlng,
lew c*maa*ttas,
���Mspoof*. SegAs
Tank*, Ets.
Eighty Ream*. New and Modern.
The *Mt MssfortaMe rworas in th*
city. Mot aad Mid water and steam
radiator ta ssts. Bar aad first claas
���af o roa la mbbmUm.
Cer: Front and Bsgble BL   Ph*ne 1S8
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46  L.rn* Street. New Westminster.
Only 5 Days Left
Only five more days
are left in which to do
YOUR  Christmas  advertising
Those who are using THE
NEWS say their ads. are
drawing business. NEWS
ads. will do as much for
you if you give them the
chance. Call 9&9 and let
us talk to you about it. . '    ,-��^*-'3��fc__-,^<���..
. .      **"���*,���''
pape Tttrt*sm
Our Picture Gallery is cb
4th Floor. Take Elevator
Special Cash Discount Prices On All Lines
of Furniture From Now To Christmas
Every season we find more people anxious to take advantage of the
lowest cash prices and this year we have provided a tremendous saving
for all buyers.
This is the Store that Satisfies.   Great Variety,
Splendid Qualities and the Best of Service
Have you visited our Furniture Gift Floor ?   First up from the main
floor.   Here we have assembled for your easy selection beautiful quali-
naAQfHiviiuiHvi.. ties of Solid Leather Chairs, Rocking, Occasional and Den Chairs,
Splendid varieties of Drawing Room furniture in Solid Mahogany and Solid Substantial Oak Card
Tables, Den Tables, Parlor Tables, Ladies' Writing Desks and Secretaries, Hall Racks and Mirrors.
Truly, a most satisfactory assortment for everybody. Lots of little articles in Taborets, Stands,
Cellarets, Smoking Sets, Book and Umbrella Racks.
Nice Furniture Lasts for Years, a Constant Reminder of the Giver.
This week will be our busy week.   We suggest to our numerous customers the advantage of early shopping, and for those who
cannot get down early, beginning Thursday evening and until Christmas, our store will remain open until 1,0 p. m.
Makes Fine Homes.
Our Wonderland of Toys and
Dolls Is on first floor down.
One of our Electric Beading
Lamps will make a handsome Christmas Gift.
Jdhn   ;D.    Rockefellar    Lectured    by
Voung Women   on   March   From
Mew  York to Albany.
Slew York, Deo. 17.���"Oh, you John
r>. Rockefeller! Give ue a million or
two :to 'help our cause and win the
ever lasting gratitude ot millions ot
determined suffragettes."
Thla was the way 20 young suffragettes Who left Ilroadway at 9; 30 a. m.
today -oo a tramp to Albany in the Interest 'dl woman suffrage greeted the
world's -rWhest citizen when Rockefeller's automdblle stopped at a corner
along the Une of march... Tha suffragettes recognized the loll king and
rushed over to his machine Rockefeller looked straight ahead.
"Howdy So, Whn TJ.! Howdy do'.",
they shouted. "Can you spare a million tn two to hdlD the cause?"
RmtaMltor -Whispered to the chauffeur, and the machine shot ahead.
"Ho Soap. iWlm," the marchers called after him. "We will stop over at
yonr country place at Tarrytown and
pay yon a *rtet YlSlt."
The marching suffragettes carried
alpine staffs and tutrersacks bearing
the legnd, "Votes for "Women." Thoy
were led by Mlss Rosalie Jones. The
marchers plan te eoter ten miles a
day, reaching Albany Dec, SO, In time
to attend the inauguration ot Gorer-
ror-eleet William Biflier, to whom
they will present a nowter suffrage
Only twelve of the suffragettes will
complete the Journey to .Albany, the
other young women acting as escorts
only at tar as Yonkers.
Report of  Signal   0��1����r   proposes
Formation  of Regiment ef 1000
Men  and  100 Machines.
Washington, D��c  17.���The neces-l
���Ity of teaching army, eKlcers to he-1
come expert atlatorr la emphasised
in the annual report of BrtgadlerOen-
eral Allan, tha ohlal algnaf officer of
General Allen, "that the construction
of aeroplanes for exhibition work virtually i> at an easl and the number so
tar purchased for purposes df amusement has aot reached fhe figure expected. In case of emergency, tt seems
improbable that any considerable
number of properly constructed machines adapted to military service
could be purchased abroad within a
reasonable time.
"It Is accepted that the aeroplane,
as It stands today, eyes.it no marked
Improvement were made tn It, is an
essential military auxiliary, anil up
to this tittle lt appears that the military ard naval irervioes too the only
ones in which lt is cf special value.
"Therefore It would seem that ���provision for approximately TTOO "viators and IOC machines and the establishment of aviation centres wotijfl
not be unreasonable 'bn tlie part -tit
this government. With this -nunfber
the art could be extended to 'the officers of the national guard on whom
the government is to depend on for
the large number of aviators, that
would be required    In   an -extended
The appropriation granted by con-
grees for the mipport of army aeronautics ls a trifle, the report declares.
when compared wl^h the Fronds aerff;
neuttcatbudget of IT.SOS.OOO for 1913. I
An act ot the last sess'on. of congress appropriated only flW,��W "tor"
the purchase, maintenance, operation
and repair of airship* and Other aerial machines."
The government is now planning to
organize an aviation regiment ot 10,-
000 aeroplanes.
At this,time about 1000 pilots have
been licensed In 'France. Including officers and civilians. In the United
States 178 have been AT licensed.
Admits .Vice-President ..Bosworth
C. P. R.���No Neeeaalty to Operate Its Ships-There.
the army. ��� aaaS'tba number of
^^.^ffilMW available
expert ��Mfta-.**��"* "g Vt 1��|?
in the United JPyJLgt, auxll-
enough_to *$���� ra����d J*
Montreal,' <Jue!, Dec. i�����"Th^ri Is
no necessity tor the Canadian Par
clflo railway to operate Its ships
through the Panama Canal." was the
statement of lir. G. M. Bosworth, vice-
president of the C. P. R. today.     WS_
He declared that the Atlantic and
the Pacific Steamship lines of the
company work In the capacity of assistants to tbe Trans-Canada railway
and If their routes were controlled to
g direct service through the canal it
would seriously affect tbe railway.
Mr. Bosworth admitted that the at-
Tbe popularity of Viennese music
continues as great as ever, especially
When presented In a truly artistic
manner as is exemplified, in Jobs
Cort's production of Helurieh Berte's
masterpiece, "The Rose of Panama."
This delightful operetta will be the.
offering at the Opera Houae on Friday, with Chapine, the petite French'
prima donna, at the head of the organ-!
lartlon, which number* (5 people, the1
moat important of whom appeared In
Che Sew York presentation .of the'
opera alt Ualy'sTheatre.
There are more than 29 musical
gems in Berte's brilliant score, which
contains a liberal ..assortment ot
waltzes, marches and ensemble numbers. A-n elaborate scenic investiture,
with a wealth of beautiful costumes,
has been supplied by Mr. Cort.' Mall
orders wlll be filled for the entire
engagement In the order in which
t��qr aro received.
moose iw BuRnrrcoftK" *"
Mooee In Burnt Cork," which was
presented with such brilliant success
at the Imperial theatre, Vancouver.
reeentl* -will ba reproduced here on
Thursday. As an amateur production
the piece Is declared to be an exceed
ingiy high, ctads Mature.     ��� '
Master Cecil Rent will feature tho
musical and of the program with rendition ot "Silver Threads Among the
Gold." Msiter Kent is only twelvb
years old bnt is gifted with an excellent voice. i
Billy Broad, an experienced protos-.
aloual will occupy tho premier position as e, black tace comedian, while
Lulu Gavin will take a corresponding
Taking all reports as a criterion a
high class entertainment can be promised all those who attend tomorrow
���Some Popular Christmas Gifts
���-.������ i
;a.rnV^l b. ��*'*#,,K tUudr^toe-cTfR. toward the Pan-
ture of aeroptanai J��jM ssmxa*    ^ ,p ^ of . rlva, ^ that
ie,. the manufacturer* wo*''8 ��w "^ ^ ,��� m �� ��llgM measure con-.
Dumping Chinese In Australia.
Sydney, N.S.W., Dec. 17.���Officials
ot the department of Internal afairs
have'reports ot  sensational  discov-.
erles from representatives in Hongkong that a secret society haa exist-'
ed there for yeara tor the purpose of
smuggling Chinese into Australia.. It
la learned, following seizures made In
a club in Hongkong, members of the
society were scattered over the- inter
lor ot the empire.  The scheme la said
to have been wprked out by th# dupJU
catiP* ot naturalization papera.
'CORPORAL CAMBRON; Ralph Conner. A story ot the North West
Mounted Folic*.
Wright, author of "Winning of Barbara Worth."
THE NET; Rex Beach.
George Barr MoCutcheou.
.PUJOL;  Wm. J. Loeke.
TOLAR TUCK; R. A. Waaon.
..XHH.-MAW ,IN TUB OPEN;   Roger
.   Poeock.
��� Aad many otlier prominent titles.  -
HlcHtr&ted Christmas Edition
MOTHER ���.... ��1.M
This sweat story makes a charming
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��� ������;
��� ,'
m**��t*>i*��**a 'PM* FOUR
insnnKSTER daily news
FabHsliod every morning except
hnaday by The National Printing and
*���>Helling Co., Ltd., at their office,
S McKenzie Street, New Westmln-
har. B  C.
Office   999
rial Office   981
By carrier (4 per year, %1 tor three
senilis, or 40c per month.
St. mall $3 per   year,   or   26c   per
Ko letters will be published ln th -
Men except over the writer's slgna
The editor ruserves tho rlgh<
i refuse the publication of any letter.
Onoe again V est i Inster has spoken
earn again a notch upon the hill ol
progress has been carved, for by a
similar majority to that which lias"
successively passed all the progres
-aiwe measures of the paat year, the
���city sends hack to Victoria an emphatic declaration that she needs an
ice skating rink and means to get it.
If there is one phase of life in the
new communities of tho west and
tb; coast that may be pointed on'.
with little credit to ub it is to be
found in the lamentable lack of pro
vision made in our cities for honest.
bealthy sport, pleasure and amuse
ment. M*st of us are so concerned
���aftOs buTTding fortunes or building
skyscrapers or what not that we always stand in danger of forgetting
that we are not the only persons in
the community.
A new generation Is arising around
us whose demand for recreation���
similar to our own In far off days���
most be attended to if we do not wish
to repent tho folly of leaving open
darksome paths of indulging those
propensities natural to young people.
A skating rink will fill a very real
need in our life as a community
especially in the dull days of this and
the succeeding three months. We
feel that the ratepayers have once
again given an expression of confidence in the present civic administra
tion, and we trust that this will inspire them and their successors to go
cei providing for a sWe of our wonts
which too often is largely neglected,
of their European possessions against
any other or others of the great powers. In October, 1887, the late Prince
Bismarck, German chancellor, and
Signor Crispi, the Italian foreign minister, met at Kriedrichsruhe, and as a
result a still closer offensive and defensive league was arranged. Its
tirms have never been disclosed/but
in 1902, the year of its Becond renewal. Count von Bulow, then German
German chancellor, declared that none
of the partners to the alliance was
cbliged to maintain its military or
naval forces at a prescribed level, and
also that the alliance did not exclude
the possibility of good relations be
tween thn partners and other powers
At that time the Italian Government
also gave assurance to Franco that in
uo case could Italy become either the
Instrument or the auxiliary of an agression against France. The alliance
JuBt renewed dates from 1907.
Koumania Joined In 1896, tbo alliance
having agreed to guarantee her territorial Integrity and the maintenance
of the status quo on the I^ower Danube.
The dual alliance hetween France
and Russia materialized after the ex
change of a series of visits by their
respective fleets in 1891, but their
friendship was of earlier standing tind
no doubt led to the closer hond of
the triple alliance.
For a number of years the United
Kingdom, whille maintaining an attitude of "splendid Isolation," Inclined
to tlle latter alliance, moved thereto
by apprehensions of French and Russian aggression. Bnt the arrival of
the entente with France, through the
instrumentality of the late King Edward VII.. and the rapid growth of
German naval strength, led, in 1902
to a change In the course of British,
An agreement made with France in
1904, and with Russia In 1907. created
the triple entente, which aimed at
the maintenance of the balance of
power, the strengthening of the treaty
law ln the Interests of peace and the
status quo and the promotion of dis
armament. The troubles over Morocco
and the Balkan crisis have tested the
solidity of both the alliance and the
entente, but the present outlook Is not
without hopeful Intimation of more
cordial feeling between the United
Kingdom and Germany.
Both governments, aided by French
co-operation, have worked for the
maintenance cf peace, and the recent
testimonies borne by Mr. Asquith and
the German chancellor encurage the
anticipation that the record-breaking
industrial prosperity of the nations
will not be checked or overthrown by
the outbreak of a wider war.���Toronto
Dying and Dead  Heaped Together In
Helpless   Misery���Brltlah   and
Americans Co-operate.
Y.'anhiogtn, Dec. 17.���The condition
of dying men crowded around wells
cndtavoriiig to obtain water Is de
scribed by Mrs. lluckliill. wife of the
American ambassadjr to Constantinople, iu a loiter to Miss Mabel T.
Doardman of the American Red Cross.
.Mns. Kockhill writes that in and
about "one building in San Stephano
were lying 500 men iu complete destitution as a sequence to the Balkan
war. She says lt Is isjiossible to es
timale tbe number of the sick or dead
but that many corpses are unburied.
Sbe reports that American efforts
In San Stephano have resulted in care
being taken cf the dying and the dead
who hitherto lay in helpless misery
and filth.
Through the co-operation of several
members cf the British Red Cross hospital unit (he American committee hap
been able to start a field hospital of
50 beds in tents.
i Continued from page ene)
In order to render nddlt'onal service to the community the Youtv
Men's Christian Association hive de
elded to hold a city-wide BWimmtng
campaign during Christmas week. Mr.
G. L, Sovereign, physical director, assisted bv the best swimmers of th.-:
citv, will be ln charge.
They want every boy between the
apes of 12 and 80 in our fair city to .
swim, and for the one week the bath.-1 thp<�� thoroughly
ar.d swimming pool will he thrown
"pen for this purpose. As this is an
c-eentlernl opportunity for tlie boy?
ef this city, the co-operation of par
ents ami othei citizens In encouraging the attendance of those  needing
fruition     that    even    my    optimism
thought possible."
Cet  Right  Kind.
Coming straight to his subject h-1
3tatad: "I say with confidence thai,
there iii more money in the world
than .opportunities for its sound investment, in New Westminster you
have many opportunities for investment, but you must remember that
they", must be so presented that you
have the right kind of people realize
the Importance of them.
"Ailvertlslng has a far-reaching effect upon the character of the man
who advertises. Unless he be a crook,
he strives to make good the statements he makes. To go further, lt
prompts hlm to secure a precise
knowledge of his goods and hla business In general. He Ib particular
about the appearance of his windows,
his, store and the class of goods he retails.
Every Citizen Wanted.
"Community advertising is Just the
same. It is not sufficient for a city
council to make an appropriation for
advertising purposes. It must be remembered that a city Is a Community
of people, all rf whom must be edi-
eitad and Imbued with a true community spirit and each irfust become
an advertising agent. Advertising
cannot be done by proxy; your citizens must he filled with the realization of ycur opportunities before the
public can be brought   to   appreciate
His Worship placed emphasis on the
fact that in the case of New Westminster, which was only In the embryonic stage aud which held oppor-
tunitlee unequalled anywhere, publicity Would bo of boundless advantage.
The motion was seconded Cy Mr. B.
J. Walker, of Burnaby, and three
hearty cheers were given the Vancouver gentleman.
It was announced by Dr. F. P. Smith
during the proceedings that tho financial campaign of the association was
proving a great success. Practically
,$5000 had been collected to date and
It was believed that an additional
$1700 would be gathered In before the
(und closed.
The members of the executive were
verv much satisfied wltb the success
of the function as was also Mr. Kenneth MyerB, secretary. To the proprietors of tho Royal Cafe Is dne a
great deal of credit for their excellent
catering arrangements.
Friday Evening
December 20
John Cort Offers His Big Musical Success from Daly's Theatre, New York.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Thursday, Dec. 19
Under the auspices of the Ixical
Order cf Moose the Vancouver Moose
Lodge will put on their
"Moose In
As played ln    the   Imperial Theatre,
Vancouver, December 9, 10 and 11.
Seats on sale at Tidy, the florist's
Monday, December 16. Prices 50c,
75c, $1.00;  Boxes $1.50.
oi Panama
w# Chapine
The Charming French Prima Donna.
Company of 70. Orchestra of 20.
Prices, 50c to $2.00.    Seats on salo '
at Tidy, the Florists', December 16.
Keep Your Eye on
Fine 50 foot orchard Iot. $850.
$250 cash, balance 6, 12 and IS
Improved 1-4 acre lot, with
4 room house. $900. Easy terms
but must be sold quick if at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$8��0, $10 cash and $10 monthly.
r*i foot cleared lol, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs X Ce.
Phene  1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burnaby.
"Is that 312" ?
"Yes, 312, Eastman & Wamsley
"What have you in GOOD
"We have and can deliver
SEVERAL LOTS ON WISE ROAD, 66 x 120 feet to lane.   $600 CO
up.    Terms to arrange.
on terms.   This Is a key lot to a double corner.
LOT  ON TENTH   AVENUE NEAR   CUT-OFF  for  ��750  on   good
ONE LOT IN  WE8T END FLAT, for $1850.   66x132, all cleared.
Eastman & Wamsley
PHONE 312.
I instruction will be appreciated.
A  do-nothing   policy   on   naval    defence was possible in some measure . , ,
in the old days of wooden ships and
���auzzltylondiiiR   Runs.      The   impress- nr. m. /inilCCntlirC
mtait   <.f   largi     hips   from   the   mi    PrAI f ( I ilv|T nrlll I
���chant marine was possible.    The East ] I LttV/l VVIll LIILI1VL
Indiainaji of those  times  was
   I not  so
different   in  construction    from     the
~*Ki.n ship of the Hoyal Navy.
A tew weeks' work in refitting and
remodelling were sufficient to turn a
ftsacefu] f-hiji into a Thunderer or a
Rvynl ���GynorBe. Moreover, any sea-
mnn was ijualified for sailor duty on
Mhe yards of a war vessel. Ilrief drill
antra turned a half dozen of lubbers
snin a capable gun crew, especially
when the warrant officer.) set them
selves tn the task.
Bat today a battleship Is a floating
scbool of practical science. It Is
���mpowible to make a passenger or
rre'iRht ship Into a dependable war
vtiisi-1, even if you crowd the decks
whh fpms. The whole construction is
differie'nt. War craft are built to
withstand the strain of modern fight-
Turks    Refuse   to   Treat   With
Plenipotentiaries���Army  About
to Capture Janina.
In spite of hydraulic devices to ab
aurb fa a measure Ihe shock of gun-
rwctiil. It !�� certain that the firing of
lXimli artillery is not easy on the
framework of any vessel. It would
Jihake to pieces the slender palace;-
that nit so regularly from New Vork
tn Liverpool. Protective armour la a
nseesiHj '" them days of the per-
f'fti-ii science of gunnery. One well
directed shot would Hink the best of
tit*- passenger ships afloat.
ito it appears that all our depend'
��� time m upon war ships whieh take
too years to build, and upon men who
an bei . I i lined Un other war shpa
in- aperate n a oountlees i lectrlcal and
"Mjuraiiiir dovlcoa which eitsi In dun
licat<- ii;h n these vessels, The only
*ir..i- tbal tb . bli ��� i tn b ��� built Is
when thera Is no wnr
Laying down ships during an Inter
natu.-!.:il ria would nol aid in itn
tfattlcntenl The only lead tlmt th"
KtrHtsh i ,.. mmont ean have in de-
���wisir.f. u   no al program Is the bulld
fnjC pro;,!., : i f i,Hut nations. Who'.]
those programs are large and Whei
���tte shops urn active an emi rgency ex
fat* tin : Itritaln must not only
���net the programs; she must exceed
them in order to be sure of supremacy
at ara.
Wh<-n tho Liberals say that thero I
tao emergency, liny possibly mean
; ttfcT*- if no Immedlati danger !*���
. if there were an emergency of
I bonifying character of wliat us*
M   a Canadian   contribution   be?
money   could   nol   lie   spent.     It
as well n main in the treasury
Ottawa.    The building program of
Drelbund is   In itself an    enter
^^    Tin- Admiralty ins recognized
I sad Canada ile" ��� well to rec ignln
I alW>.      Ti ���'���: !      .'.    v.:,.
nairy, Austria-Hungary and Italy
i#fllcla!ly reported to have renew
e  triple   alliance   whicli    would
rise liave come   lo an   end   on
1914,      ll  dates  from   l^-*-
ly became a parly to the then
; alliance between Oermany anil
originally concluded as a settle   occupation   In    1881   of
j France.
three   nations   are   understood
i agreed to defend the integrity
London, Dec. 17.���The peace confer
ence was launched yeslerday only to
be Interrupted today by a complica
lion resulting from the policy of
Creece In waging war and negotiating
peace simultaneously.
The Turkish delegation announced
today that it wns empowered to con
fer only with lhe three Ilalkan king
doms  which  signed  the  armistice  ai
'The cily tbat Is advertising can always make good." continued thi
speaker, "That is if It has any self-
in (Rncluslon Dr. Rowe enlarged
upon the wonderful opportunities of
iiiilisli Columbia In general and tha
lower mainland In particular, The
chances of the country were "so brilliant, in fact, that the statements of
iis enthusiasts must be toned down to
Mill the credulity cf thooe whom they
wished to convince. -
The  Common  Task.
He closed by Baying:    "Whether wc I
are   primarily   for    Vancouver.   New j
Westminster  or  some   other   of  the
neighboring municipalities, we aro all,
Her | engaged upon the common  task and
must of necessity stand together. We '
will then ba rewarded by the estab-:
llshment   of  a   great   Industrial   and
commercial center of unequalled  repute.     Then will the future have no
reason  to blame us for any  lack of,
forethought In the development of thei
resources that lay at our hand."
All throughout his speech he made i
a   number  of   witty    references    and
drew  many  humorous  morals  which
brought   applause    from    the   gather-;
Iu moving a vote of thanks to Dr. |
Rowe the mavor deprecated the spirit J
of some people who held that this or'
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Christmas Bargains���Don't Buy any Fancy
Slippers till you See Our Stock.
Santa Claus Slippers from 35c
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K  Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's  Boots and Ahren's  School Shoes.
A   $20,000  Stock to  Select  From
House Wanted
1 have a ciiuil who will buy a new modern five or six roomed bungalow, situated west of Eighth street, that a small cash payment wlll
liaLule, and balance arranged on mouth.}' payments. WHAT HAVE
New Westminster B. C.
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot,
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Tehatalja  and  aa  a  consequence  ad _ ^^^^^
journnient was taken untll Thursday j that plaeo wad lhe only place whs-re
to enable the Turku to obtain tnstrue i they could build their future great-
tlons. I nels.    "Let them   s>ay  then-   Is   an-
All the conferees express the belief | other place where they have the name
that the suspension Is merely temper j chances as we" he declared.
ary and that a pathway townrd tli
sumption of the meetings will he
found. The prospeels for a sur.cess-
ful Issue of the conference ure eu
Itanred by the declaration of the
Turku that Ihey have been given plen
ary powers to arrange and algn n I
in aty of place.
How far their Improved military po I
sitlon, with the encouragement Aus
tra is credited with giving them, mav
stiffen their bnrks against  the nlles
terms remains  In  doubt
The firBt sitting of Ihe ambassador j
lal ruurt of appeals, as it Is rilled
WBI held today In the foreign offlee
The ambassadors of five continental
lowers conferred with S'r Edward
".rev. the flrlllsh Hrcretarv ef forelgi
'ffalrs. for more than three hours
The defendant nations advanced theli
views on the eastern prohl"ms.
The contingency thnt. mediation ma'
offer the Bolutlon of the war has been
'lie sublect. of much discussion. Thr
''ends rf the Ilnlgarlnn and Servian
���lelegstlcns. in interviews, recognized
'hat the Untied States mlg'it he In a
position to not ns neatietnaker.
The naval f'ght off the DnrdsneUe"
In which both f!reece and Turkey
claimed victory yeaterday, was resum
ed today.
Athens announces that the Oreek
army is nbout to capture Janina..
The friction between Anstr'T nn*
Sr��rv!a annears not to have abated
The Servians complain that AnsMnr
gunboats In tha Danube are resnitin"
in provocative tactics, throMna theit
?ear".Hltghts on rielgradp which has
canned a panic among thc reslilentB.
We   Nerd   Publicity.
Turning to  the   advertising   topic
If you pay us much nttenllnn
to your advertising ns to yonr
li'ink halnnce, you will soon be
doing better advertising and
the hunk balance will lake euro
of itself. -Standard Advt.
f\ a%    i\����E3d
, . From Portland. Halifax.
S.  S. Canada    Dec. 21st    Dec. 22nd
8. S. Dominion   Dec.  28th
S.  S. Canada   Jan.  18th
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, Ifi.eSS tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. U.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18.0*9 h.p., U.S. Canada,
BH feet, 16,000 tons. Carry enly second snd third class. Baggage
cheeked through to stesmer In bend.   Ne hetel or tranafet expenses.
New York���Queenstown���Liver- New Yerk���Plymouth���Cher-
pool, bourg���Southampton.
S.  S.  B.-lfr.    Dec.  19th 8. 8.  Philadelphia Dec. 21st
S.  S.  Megantic    Dec. 24th 8. 8. Majestic    Dec. 28th
8. ft. Celtic   Jan.    4th S. S. Oceanic   Jan.   8th
Co-npanv'u Office. 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors from
Cherry S'.reet. or E. A. Qou'et, Agent Canadian Psclflc Ry., and W. F.
Butter   Anent G. N. Rv., Ne�� Westminster.	
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th nnd Columbia Street*
D. D. WILSON, Managsr.
FrM. and Qanl. Mgr. Vlca-Pta-tSSBt. afa. sM Trass.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones Ne. 7 and 877.
Will be givon to every purchaser
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on Monday or Tuesday. Our line
of Stoves and ranges is complete,
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tap *
Spectacular  Individual  Efforts When
Vancouver  Snatche. Victory
From Vlctrla.
Vancouver, Dec. 17.���With defeat
ataring tbem in the face at the opening of the third and last period, the
Vancouver hockey septette, by some
of the flneBt Individual dashes that
one could wish to see, evened up and
broke away from the Victoria team
this evening, tbe final score reading
6-3 in favor of the Terminal City
Tho game, from a hockey standpoint, was far better than a week ago
and the spectators made themselves
hoarse cheering the Individual players
especially In the last quarter.
The Individual efforts of Frank Pat
rick, "Cyclone" Taylor and old SI Grit
fls won the game from Vancouver although the Victorias proved themselves worthy of being strong contenders  for the title,
Frank Patrick was the real hero for
Vancouver while Tommy Dunderdale
scintillated for the- defeated ones.
Goals���First period,  Harris  (Van.)
Second period���Dunderdale (Vic);
Dunderdale  (Vic.)
Third period���Harris (Van); F. Patrick (Van); McDonald (Van.) Taylor
(Van.) Dunderdals (Vie.) F. Patrick
Penalties���First period, none; second period, Poulin, Dunderdale (Vic):
Kendall. (Van): third period, Prodgers (Vic.) Kendall, Griffls (Van.)
Officials���Gardner and Lehman,
Kew Westminster.
Coast Hoefcey League Standing.
P. W. U   Pts
Vancouver     2   2   0    .1000
Victoria      2    1    1      .BOfl
'Westminster     2   0    2      .00t
Goal Aversge.
For   Against
Vancouver   13 5
Victoria        9 10
"Westminster        6 13
mined to wipe out the defeat which
was handed them last Friday evening
In this city and the local boys will
have to be in the pink of condition to
hold their own.
The second Y team and the Vancu-
ver Employed quintette will engage
In a preliminary.
At a meeting held ln the Johnson
hall last night the Sapperton hockey
club decided to go under the wings ol
the Sapperton Athletic club and the
colors of blue and white of that or
ganization were adopted.
Mr. Howard Welsh was unanimous
ly appointed manager while H. A. Bra
den was appointed secretary aud Hot'
Brlen manager. According to Brieu
the club has got its hands on a lot ol
likely talent, some twenty players of
varying repute being on the string.
��� ���
��� OVER  THE  FOUL  LINE.        ���
��� ��
Lefty Peterson's bunch of trundlere
slipped two out of three games over
Frank Knights outfit last evening in
the House league serlOB, although the
aggregate scores showed a difference
of six pins, as under:
Peterson:��� 12       3     Ttl.
Collings    1.16    117    146��� 39!>
Wegley 182    123    163��� 46P
Fotherlngham   ...113    107    141���361
Coglan    141    137    169���447
Peterson    117    139    180��� 43C
689 623 799���2111
Kn!ght:-r   .12 3     Ttl.
Haggman 124 166 131���411
H. Knight   96 111 117��� 324
Wallace    152 154 148���451
G. B. P 146 114 140��� 400
F. Knight    164 149 213���516
672    684    749���210D
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���It Is understood
that Sir Georgo Murray'B report on
the reorganization of the civil ser
vice Ib in the hands of the government and it may be laid on the table
of the houBe soon.
Sir George, who Is one of the best
known of tho English civil servants,
waB secured especially by Premier
Borden to come to Canada for the
purpose of making recommendations
tor the appointment of the govern
ment departmental organization.
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���That the main
estimates to be presented to parliament as soon as the house resumes
after the Christmas recess will contain a substantial appropriation for
the commencement of construction
work on the Georgian Bay canal, or
what is to be an independent link of
it, was learned today.
Last session $500,000 was appropriated for improvements to the French
river, which ls an essential link in
the proposed system. The money,
however, waB not spent, it ls the Intention of the government not only
to renew this vote but to very materially augment It.
There Is nothing more acceptable   for   Christmas   presents   than
handsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Ware.
We show an elegant line of the beat manufacturers.
Call early before our assortment is broken.
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
ed at the highest possible standard of
The   bill   respecting   banking   was
given Its firm reading and after the
second reading will go to the committee on banking and commerce.
_ n      i i�����������n     i
(Continued from rage one)
Ottawa Paper Ha* Scathing Criticism
Upon   Swindlers  In   Athletict���
Contract Jumping.
The general public takes but a casual interest In sport, as a rule, apari
from occasionally going ln big crowds
to see somo special contest. 'ihe
opening of the hockey season or the
baseball season or the football season
may cause a flutter of interest, but
those are few who follow closely the
doings of athletes and athletic promoters all the year round.
Perhaps lt is for this reason that
Athletes sometlinos think they may
���with Impunity evade the law.    Per-
haps it is because tto����W -�����-�� -~ l^Z^SSsj th'eYai
���uch action addsitetheir ��^"^"i.nd hitting the balf "where they
among  certain  loose-living  elements ���       �� ,
who follow l��M�� ��M' "jfJSttif "Cobb were getting paid for this
aS?W^TUK? o'f W M. most profitable year so far
MADE A HIT-$39.65
would imagine England was on ber
knees begging for money, yet on the
army and navy in nine years she had
spent two billion dollars and at the
same time had wiped thre hundred
millions from her debt. He argued
that in consequence, Canada's $35,-
000,000 was an unnecessary contribution, while naval building activity discounted the need of ships.
Forcing Ships on Britain.
Mr. Germane went on to quote the
speech of Mr. Winston Churchill lr
March last aB stating that it was bad
pollcy to build ships until needed. Hi
claimed that the Canadian govern
ment was forcing on Britain "the
deadweight of unnecessary maintenance of warships."
Mr. Oliver Wilcox, of North Essex,
who followed, wondered where Canada
would stand today If Liberalism bad
triumphed in 1879 at the time of the
building of the C.P.R. or at the time of
the campaign for unrestricted reciprocity. Hc would support the proposal
of the government, because peace
could not be maintained ln the world
unless there was force to support It
The British navy was the police force
of the empire and should be maintain
Has Been Drawing a Salary of $9000
for Playing Each of Laat Tnree
AU W. GILU8. manager.
McGRffVY &
Originators of Comedy Juggling on a Slack Wire.
Comedy, Singing and Musical Artists, Introducing tome
Whirlwind  Banjo  Playing.
Fred De Sylvia
Special Photo Plays
Program for Wednesday and
Edison Scenic
Lubin Comedy
A satirical comedy of love
among the Canadian French
Pathe C. G. P. hand colored
Four roomed flat ln the Marjoribanks Building on Begbie street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store oa Begbie street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1,   Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 Lorna 8treet,     New Westminster.
Y "* ���    SUITS
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.     Phone R273
MAIN 8TORE, 193 and 443. 8APPERT0N BRANCH, 173.
Onr buyer has been fortunate enough to secure a small consign
ment of JONATHAN APPLES. Prize winners, direct from the National Apple Sbow, Spokane. These apples are large, red, luscious
fruit and good keepers. While they last we are Belling them $2.00
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Fine new Navel Oranges , 40c. and 50c. per doz.
New Dates  10c. per Ib
Smyrna  Flgs    20c. per Ilk.
Lemons  30c. per doz.
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Florida Grape Fruit (extra large)    2 for 25c
Bananas   SOc. doz.
Brussels Sprouts (California) 15c.   per   lb.
Finding our stock of Crystallzed fruits running low we have "repeat order" coming of Angelica, Pineapple, Cherries, Pears and mixed fruits which will retail at... * per Ib. 60c. and 75c
Every tii.ie Ty Cobb made a base
hit during the season cf 1S12 he earned $39.65, acordlng to figures of Herman Weeks In the St, Louis Times,
and according to the name busy little
statistician In 1910 he waa paid at the
rate of $46.92 per safety, wblle In 1911
he made $36,119 per swat, fielding and
base running net being considered in
figuring hls compensation. Does lt
pay to play baseball?
TyniB Raymond has been drawing a
salary of $9000 for bis services each
of the last three years. Now Ty's con
tract ls run out and he wants another
calling for $6000 more,,and may get
it. In tho last three years, according
to Weeks, Ty has made 671 hits,
while his salary for the aame length
of time was $27,000.
If Cobb were getting paid for making hits alone, he would have received
more than $40 for each safety, which
I would have been 1910.   In that season
IWUUIU     IIU,TJ     VVVM     .*.*,. ...     w.��ta    .mmm~.-
he made 196 hits at a salary of $9000.
Many ot mose w..u ��... ��"���- ^hlch wouM have   given him   $415.92
athletic <^'%^LVfcSltt�� Sl e��ch bl��*,e- That'a a wh0,e ,ot
aaults on the field wbleh^If c���""'"*�� more thsn the average worklngman
on the   street would leadiCto POUW week.8 hard ,abor ������ ���
court cases, fines ard perhap, Imprl* ,ance that |t pay8
onment. pass by w tho���c comment be- begt . ���   ,g ^ ���v,
fore this "eyes of thousands of law
abiding and law-respeetlng cltlxens.
No one complains, least of ell the man
who is Injured, because such action
Is contrary to the "unwritten law" of
the sporting world.
A short time ago in Toronto, a rugby football "star" deliberately broke
the smnllpox quarantine regulations of
the Health Act to participate In a
game. The oxlplolt gave him a lot of
advertising In athletic circles, but alao, It Is well to note, lt cost him a line
of more than $60 In police court.
The present hockey "war" between
the Patrick brothers In British Columbia and the National Hockey Associa-1    T|,e aespatcn  anuouuema  ��������  .���
tlon magnates of Eastern Canada ����- rival at Vancouver of Ernie Johnson,
lustratei. In a number of Instances, i the Montreal oontraot Jumper, falls to
lusiraie*,  ie  c* ,.    .      wh|ch I ..... _i,..w <)����� Prom er of the Pro-
to be the best ball player living.
In 1911 Ty mnde 248 btnglnt. for
which he received an average of $36.23
each. This was his poorest year, when
the amount of atinend ls taken Into
consideration, but nt that It ls a very
nice little sum. For each hit in the
W12 catapalgn he gathered In $39.65.
All in all, he reoelved Ior ench blnglo
In -the last three seasons the wee sum
of $40.25 each.
In every essential this store is equipped and
stocked to meet a general Holiday patronage
The prices quoted exemplify to a marked decree
the strong, value-giving ability of this store.
The despatch  announcing  the  ar
luairaies,   iu n  ��"�����"   -- .��� _,,.,,���:
the lax attitude towards the law which
has developed among Canadian professional athletes.   Several men who had
affixed their s gnatures to regular oon-
tracts to play   w<��>  Western   elubs
have Jumpid their contract* to accept
other contacts with Eastern clubs.
Others have broken faith with Eastern
clubs to goto British Colnmbia while
others bEkoBrltleh  Columbl;  oon-
Uacts to come Bast. K�� who do> that
that sort of thing are no MMrfttan
swindlers and liars, yel.they W not
aeem to loose caste with either thelr
fellow-players or the P^l'c-P����"J
in thc latter case because the pubHo
hns not hotVred It '.oad much about
what wm Kolnn on, nnd doesnt ]^
tiC,^whon It I. remembered that to
thousands of young men .In  Canada
thes athletes are more or less heroes,
would It not be well that they ahoaW
be made to abide by the law In the
win? way as its other cltUenst-Ot-
tawa Evening Journal.
VANCOUVER Y, M. 0,, A.��T6
A return basketball game*jjfflbj
played on the Vancouver, Y oourl^hla
evening between thdT.M.C.*. ����
Vancouver and the Westetaitori.
The Terminal City <**Mb��M *****
state whether the Premier of the Province and the mayor of the city went
down to the depot to see hla train
oome In. ���
Ernie arrived In the morning. He
had a lunobnon of three courses, and
then he exchanged his traveling suit
for player's uniform, put on his skates
and went on the Ice for a work-out.
Speaking of his suit reminds one
that the National Association promise
to supply him with another suit made
In a law court. Whether the suit will
fit Is not yet known.���Montreal Star.
Honor field's Memory.
London. Dec. lf.-Hearty tributes
were nald tn the late Ambassador
Whltelaw Reid at a meeting today of
the American colony. Many appreciative speeches were made and resolutions were adopted paying respect to
bis memory and expressing sympatny
with his family.	
Bark Foundsr*-��6 Saved,
Buenos Ayras, Dec. 17,-The Norwegian bark Nordsteln foundered on
Deo. 18, whIW on the voyage to San-
ton from PensacoU,,when��iha sailed
��T Oot ��. Twehty-slx of lhe crew
were pleked ap hy the steamor War-
nlan, now on U��W to thto port.
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We can assure you of Prompt Delivery Service to all parts of
city.   Pay Us a Christmas Call Today
���*t%k* hrtG 1.������
KTCS3Bff�� rWHiiTT*
\ -        .�������-�����*��� ��SS�� ^Bp
{ Str.tir i A pparr I
%tor'the YoungerMfai 16 to60*
mn�� PAGE  SIX
5: It Brought Out Some ��� ���
Curious Facts
%       By EDWIN B. HENRY
Mill Illlllll 1IIIIIMIII
; placo $10,000 to your credit at the ���th
\ National bank tor capital. When do
', you and Jenetta propose to be mar-
j ried?"
"I believe it ia the lndy'a privilege to
fix the dny," I replied.
Within a month 1 became a married
j man and had tbe "bureaus of plays"'
i ln  working order.    I  hired a dozen
readers of experience In theatrical mat-
I ters and another dozen wbo bad never
tried to write a play or bad tread tbe
boards.    Wben all was ready  I advertised for playa.   Tbey came ln by
hundreds.   I had each play looked Into
by an expert and an Inexpert reader,
and those tbat seemed worthy of attention were paased slong up through
I started my career as a theatrical
mansger.   I had no trouble In getting j the others till tbey came to me.
jactors-lndeed, It was all 1 could do
to get rid of those I didn't need. They
j would beg for a trial sometimes with
tears In their eyes, and since I am of
a sympathetic disposition my feelings
were often racked almost beyond endurance. As for the women who wera
trying to mske a living on tbe stage,
tbey nearly drove me distracted.
As for getting rid of the playwrights,
I found It a much easier matter. Host
plays I received were sent by mall or
express, and wben found unavailable
all I bad to do was to send them beck
hy the wsy they hsd come. True, now
end sgaln sn author would bring his
lilsy to my offlce and tell me all about
liow be got on to tbe theme and tbe
suggestions tbst led to his happy hits,
und after occupying three-quarters of
sn bour of my time he would go away
eatisBed be hsd made an impression
that would insure his work special attention. I had a reader whom I kept
all day poring over these manuscripts,
nnd nfter the author's departure I
would toss his production on the reader's desk without a word. He knew
that he wss to look into It and make
st report upon lt
After paying my reader hla salary
for a year 1 became satisfied that It
didn't pay me to keep him. Not that
tie was incapable of doing the work
assigned him. but little or nothing
came In tbat It seemed to me was
worth producing. So I discharged him,
jr and after that I relied for plays upon
such  playwrights  as bad  established
It was about tbls time tbat I became
Inoculated matrimonially. Tbe young
tsdy upon whom I placed my affections was Mlss Jenetta Starkweather
nnd well worthy the love of any man.
Unfortunately she had a father who
was n very dlfflcult person to handle.
In early life he had tried his hand at
acting and playwrlghtlng. After a
brief time at each he hnd failed as
elgnally at one as at the other.
It ls needless to say tbat when I was
introduced to him as a suitor for bis
daughter's hand my calling was greatly against me. Few persons hnve fall-
|ed ln nny artistic line who have not
j blamed almost nny one except them-
ee'~es for their failure. Among actors
the person blamed is the manager, who
i will never assign nn aspirant a part
jln which he can show Ills powers. Playwrights blame the manager because he
will not produce their plays.
Old Starkweather, who, hnvlDg failed histrionically, turned his attention
to the leather business and made a fortune nt It, hud pnssed the principal pnrt
of his life grumbling at theatrical managers, whom he accused of being the
cause of turning bim  from  whnt  he
was fitted for to that which was commonplace and altogether uninteresting.
Be this as It mny, there wns not a better buyer or a  better seller In  the
leather district thnn old Starkweather.
i   When I applied for the bund of Jenetta tbe old man looked me over froni
���lead to foot, and I could see that some-
'thins waa moving him against me.   He
apent a if.ng while talking io me about |
I had had sufficient experience In my
business to enable me to take advantage of Mr. Starkweather's enterprise
to solve a problem connected wltb It
that had long Interested me. I hired
a competent person to pounce upon tha
'motif of esch plsy���wherein tbere waa
motif���and enter It In a blank book
kept for tbe purpose with a brief
statement of the machinery or tbe
story or whatever It may be considered by which the theme waa Illustrated. I bad a theory In my mind which
I believed would be proved or disproved by this record.
Well, I wss surprised to flnd that
though we were obliged to go tbrough a
great deal of chaff to get a very little
wheat we did get some wheat Much
of this wheat turned out to have been
produced by playwrights who had already achieved some success, but wbnt
astonished me was that we received a
number of plays tbat were based on
an excellent dramatic theme and only
needed fixing up by one familiar with
tbe technique of the stage to make
tbem acceptable.
I selected one of these plays by an
unknown author and took it to my
father-in-law with the suggestion tbst
we put It on tbe boards. He was much
pleased with tbe result thus far of
his acheme and gave his consent to tbe
play's production.
The play was called "The Secret
Drawer." The plan turned upon the
finding of a lost wlll. Tbere were a
number of fine dramatic scenes in It
the nutbor bud succeeded in presenting It in a form to bold the attention
of an audience, and I was fortunate In
finding actors nnd actresses well fitted
to impersonate the different charactera
The piece succeeded nnd proved fairly
remunerative. Mr. Starkweather was
delighted nt the proof of his statement
tbat to get plays managers must read
��� The day after the production of "The
Secret Drawer" 1 received a call from
a gentleman with long hair and beard,
wearing a rusty suit of black.
"What do you mean, sir," he said,
"by stealing the plan of my play, rewriting it nnd putting it on tbe boards?
It was sent you iu confidence, and 1 did
not dream of your appropriating it
without paying for It"
"To what play do you refer?" 1
"To my ploy. 'The Lost Will.' Yon
have called your version of It 'The
Secret Dra wer.'"
"My friend," I said after surveying
him for some time thoughtfully, "I am
ouly a passenger in tbls business. Vou
go to John Starkweather. No. 107 B.
street, and state yonr case to blm."
"Starkweather, the leather mun?"
"He]s rich. If be doesn't come down
handsomely for this theft I'll sue him."
And be went out to Und my father-in-
A dozen accusations were made either In persou or by letter of our Imv
Ing stolen the I hemes of plays submit
ted to us aud declined. In several Instances certain names in tho plays we
accepted and produced were Identical
with names In the plays we were ac-
Sometimes Needs No Accuser.
tny  affairs   <'ien. afler a  thoughtful | clls*d of ��t��allng.    I referred all the
P'uipe said'   I clalmants ,0 n,y beloved father-in-law.
'���'My' daughter seems to have set her! T"0 latent authors commenced suit
.heart on
l��et her heart: iy,,
m-     ..** ,
cu> ^..uess,   I   st:
��� ���K-uii. uu you; why I don't know. I
sever could flnd out why her mother
me��� hutiinil feminine
suppose, Hut Jenetta
r>-cms to want you, nnd her marriage
vith you wlll give mo on oi'Portuuity
to go Into n line that I have always
Wished to enter. 1 wish to prove that
the reason there nre no good plays on
the boards or very few of them ls
that the plays sent lu by playwright!
Who have not nchleved n reputation Is
owing to the fnct that the plays nre
Cot rend.   I am ready to put up the
jii'iney  to hire a corps of readers  lo
^teiid uiiefnlly uli plays UlRt fi��jtuli-
billUti (ot tXROlltftha nud to produce
on lhe V'.arus those tliat nre found to
*io uicrllin luns. I wish lo be a HpeVil
|inrtner, having nothing t'j do with the
JiinnnKoment of 'j,0 1,uslness. Hotf
would yon llko to bo tho uctlve |��irt
1 It wns plain 1hnt Jenetta might r**S
|*eacenl>ly into my possession It 1
ehould consent to enter liixin a scheme
which would take up a grent deal of
Iny time to no purpose nnd wxnild sink
considerable money fur my prospective
father-in-law. 1 set him down for on*
of those persons who "know It all" and
ibelleveil that any attempt to convince
jlilm of the futility of his proposed enterprise would bo useless, lly such attempt I would risk losing Ills daughter; by consenting 1 might possess her
at once. 1 whs mitloiis for nn Immediate marriage ami chose the latter alternative.
"I would he very happy. Mr. Starkweather."   1   snld,   "to   mannge  yonr
\.ffcheme for you.    Indeed. It will only
an addition to what I mil now doing     We shall nt least prove whether
ood plnys nre being wasted or wheth-
1 authors hnvlng strong dramatic In-
ft are being lost to the world oo
rrighbi through lack of entourage-
"Very well. sir," he replied.   "1 will
agnlnst hlm for appropriating their
thunder. Finally be sent for me. I
WObt to blm with iho book contnlnli'e
Iho record of themes nnd meU|ods o.'
their presentation under my arm.
"���Wbllt'S the meaning of all these
Charges)" he asked angrily.
"I'll tell yon. There are hardly a
dozen themes on which to bnqe storljs
or plays, nnd every nutlliir' think* ut
least one of lliese themes belongs to
hlm. There are more than n tnllllofi
authors nnd not enough themes to go
I opfned my record book and begun
to read.
"In 10&V) plays examined 0,247 par
ents ejected to lhe matcb. In the
��� name number of plays the theme In
l,M2 turned on n lost will; 973 turned
on a match essential ou acount of
adjoining calatcs, Hflo on s person as
suiulug to hnve committed s crime to
save the criminal, 0>!)1 on"-.
"Stop!" cKdainipcl MV, Starkweather
"I  don't cat* io hAVo any  more of
theSc (Malta.   They reduce the glorl
oun hlsrtrloutc art to the level  of the
leather  business.    It reminds me of
the causes for our bad debts.   There
sre but a few clusaes of these causes.
the principal one being had  mining"
meut    What do you think It will cost
to compromise these cases of plagin
rlsm, bflMOh of copyright or whatever
they arc?"
"From 25 cents to f25."
I repeated.
"Pay 'em off and close the bureau.
I've had enoijgh of this business."
"I'll do It at once."
As I waa passing out I turned and
"Do yon still think. Mr. Stnrkweatb
cr, Ihat you wero badly treated by
managers wben tbey"���
I saw him reaching for an Ink well
and closed the door behind me Just In
time lo bear tbe thing crash against a
Man  Cut to  Pieces.
rlnce  Albert,   Haak.,   Dec.  17.���An
nr.wn man v.as lolled bv train No.
the  C.N.It.   from   Winnipeg six
north  of  Rosthern.    The man
J back when the engineer blew
ivhlsile but  did  not get off the
I was brought up oa adages. An
sunt of mine was continually dinging
(hem at me. and as luck would have It
they alwaya worked tha wrong way
with mei One day whea 1 was heal-
tatlug aa to the date af going to a
neighboring town for a certain purpose sbe said to me. "Never pnt off
till tomorrow what you can do today." I started Immediately, and wblle
I wss gone a man came to buy of me
a piece of property I wss very anxious
to sell. I missed him sud lost tbe
A favorite saying of my snnfs waa.
'A guilty conscience needs no accuser." I bsre slwsys been s very
sensitive person wltb too tender a
conscience already; consequently I bsd
no occasion for this special adage.
Indeed. It was tbe source of a great
des I of trouble to me. Not tbst I suffered In any way under a guilty conscience, hut 1 bsd heard so often that
a criminal la bound to betray himself
I bat-
Rut I'll not begin with the denouement of mv story. I'll gave that for the
end. I wss engsgrd to be married to
Martha IClllson. a girl of very bigh
principle. Indeed, so noble were ber
conceptions���aud so far as 1 knew ahe
lived np to tbrm-tbat from the
moment I became engaged to ber 1 was
In constsnt dread of doing something
that would appear Ignoble lo ber
One day wblle trslklng on tbe street
I saw a gold watcb wltb a chain lying
at my feet I stooped snd picked It
up. It bsd fallen on grass beside the
flags and was apparently uninjured.
At nny rste. It was ticking merrily. 1
looked about me to see if sny one
wns nesr wbo might have dropped It
I saw a policeman coming with a
qnlck tread toward me. When be
cnme np be eyed me sharply.
'There was a robbery committed
near here a few minutes ago," be
said. "Have you seen sny one suspicions looking���any one running?"
lt at once occurred to me that If I
told bim I bad found tbe plundered
property���or part of It���I would be arrested for the thief. I could not put
off till tomorrow whnt must be doue
today. In other words. I had no time
to think over whnt 1 bad best do, au
I simply replied ln the negative.
Now. I hadn't seen any one who np
pen red to have been connected with
the robbery, nnd 1 possessed a perfect
ly clear conscience. 1 hnd In my pos
session whnt wns doubtless property
tbnt hnd been taken by tlie robber lo
question snd either dropped or thrown
sway to avoid being caught with it on
hls person. Moreover, 1 was ready
and willing to turn It orer to either
the owner or the authorities. But why
sbould I stand In tbe position of the
person who had likely considered tbal
It was necessary to get rid of It?
Unquestionably 1 should have hand
ed out the watch and chain to the po
llccman nnd told him that I bnd found
them. If I could have put off my de
clslnn In the inafter for even a few
minutes probably I would have done
this, nut I couldn't put It off. And
bere Is where that adage Is lame. It
takes no more account of cases wbere
we can't put off doing things thnn of
tbose tn whicb we should put off do
Ing them.
I told the policeman that 1 had seen
co one whn looked like s robber, but
said nothing abont the watcb snd
chain. Aa I have already aald, my
conscience was clear, but I have no
doubt I looked like a thief. It didn't
matter that 1 lnteuded to give up tbe
PWvvitJ w,""n I Wid do so without
incrlinjnr,Unj liiynelf.    I bad ItOlen
goods io my possession, and a policeman wns looking at me suspiciously.
Ha seemed In doubt whether he
sbeuld bold oo to ne or let mit go
1'ossllily It was my respectable sp
pearsnre Hist deckled hlm to do the
latter, Hut he had gous on only s
few steps before hs called tu me and
asked me my nnme and where 1 lived
I gave hlni both correctly, and he did
nwt delay mn further
Uy not hav lug produced tbe stolen
property st oikp complicated 'he ose
for Liu u-rs much. It occurred to mi-
Ihat I should handle lbs mslter dn
liberately before coming to s decls
Imi ss to what to do next If I Should
gs bome I might not hsve an nppor
taulty tu think tbe matter out I
���might lie sent for hy tbs |��illce either
for s witness nr ou suspicion. I dread
rd Mng quostloued furtber before
Sieving laid down the course I should
pursue. I concluded to go to my
llsiicee. tell her or tbe situation and
talk the matter over with ber.
On the way I fell to thinking tbat
my course thus far bad uftt'beeu sucb
as to challenge sduilrutloii. -indeed, 1
renlleed that I should have had tae
courjge to tell tbe policeman I had
found a watcb and chain. 1 knew tbat
Martha was just the kind of a girl
to blsme me fnr not having done
this, l'he consequence was tbnt wbeu
I railed on ber at an uuusual bour���It
was 11 o'clock ln the mornliig-and
Interrupted her In some work sbe was
iolng and she did not seem especially
pleased to sea ine. my courage ooaed
int Instesd ot coming right ont with
tbe matter lo hand I stammered a
trumped  op excuae for my coming.
Fighting   at   Amoy.
Amoy,     Dec.    17.��� Severe   fighting
broke out today  among   Ihe   various
:lnns composing the population of this
"ity. Government troops were unable
��� > res'/ire order, A largo number'of
casualties has been reported.
���he aald coldly thnt tha reason I gave
waa not mnliclent for my calling upon
ber wbeu sbe was uot presentable; besides, she was sorry to say tbat my
demeanor warranted ber in believing
that It was not tbc real reason.
When I bnd got matters between ber
and me lu tbe worst possible Ox 1 told
her tbe whole story. As I supposed
sbe would do. sbe deprecated my not
baring turned over the property at
once; and advised me to go to a police
station aod do so.
While talking with ber I est In a bay
window from which I conld aee up
the street for some distance. Martha
bad hardly mnde this recommends
tlon when I aaw tbe policeman 1 bad
met approaching with another offlcer
whose uniform denoted a blgber rank
"There he comes now." I exclaimed
"He doubtless changed hia mind about
letting me go, followed me and having
marked the' bouse I entered, weut to
police headquarters sud reported me
aa a auspicious character. And now
he la bringing an Inspector here to ex
amine me. If not to arrest mn. 1 sball
be found with the goods on me."
It waa now Martba's turu to sbow
her strength of ctisraeter, but to my
surprise the suddenness wltb which she
was csllrd upon to do so threw her oil
ber hsin nee. Sbe seemed qnlte uns bis
to tell me whst to do.
"It won't do for me to be found with
the property on me." I snid quickly.
"Can't you bide It for mer
"Suppose they search the house?"
"It won't matter to yon. They wlll
bold me to Ite tbe thief, since I was
seen tn the nelghliorbood of the robbery Immediately nfter It occurred."
"But 1 shall be considered as harboring a criminal, and that would mean
that I was In league with you."
It's mighty ensy to tie n hero on paper, bot when 11 comes to putting It In
practice It's a different matter. Martha's strength of character didn't pnn
out at being brought face to face witb
the real thing.
"You're not Inclined to be very self-
sacrificing.  I'm disappointed." I said.
"Disappointed: It's I who should lie
disappointed. If ynu bsd had the man
llness In hand out the property In the
flrst place you wouldn't buve got Into
nucb s et."
"I'd have hnd to spend some time In
Jail and prove thnt I wasn't n robber"
By this time the olllcers were within
a few yards of the house. Martha and
I stood waiting for the blow to fall nnd
in another moment beard the doorbell
"It's all tip with me." I snld.
Martha also bad become demoralized,
hfle plared me In a closet the door of
which was closed with a portiere, then
went to answer the summons. I beard
s man's voice ask If I were In tbs
House, calling me by name. Martha,
whose high principled nature I had al-
a*nys admired and stood In awe of. denied thnt I wns In the house, thereby
utierlng n deliberate falsehood.   ,
"Well, mlss." I heard the man sav.
"he tul'4 this patrolman where he lived.
���>ut he was seen to come bere." M.v j
legs trembled and my teeth chattered.
"We must find htm. He was seen
walking today near wbere a robbery
was committed, and a lady looking oul
t'jrongh a window saw him pick up a
watch and chain The robber has been
nrrested, and the gentlemnn-that was
robbed would like to get his property.'
lie's willing (o pay a liberal reivnid."
Tbere   was   fcllence   for   u   few   mo
ments. which was broken by Martha,
who said that she would send me word
I'nmedintrly and If I had tbc vitiuflbles'
nhe did not doubt tbat I would return
them at once.    With tbat the police-1
mun  withdrew, and I  beard the doot j
closed.    As   Martha   returned   to   the;
room I stepped out of the closet    Wa
looked ut eurb other, both drawing s
sigh uf relief.
"Martha." I said. "1 thank you very
mucb ror the.lie."
"1 don't think." she retorted, "that
you bare shown either good sense oi
moral courage."
"Itnther i bave shown tbat 1 labor
under nu excess of conscience."
"And 1 labor under an abnormal
"We've msde a  mountain out of o
molehill, haven't we?"
"You huve"
1 snw that i,be was relieved sl the
outcome, sud 1 knew thnt 1 wus. I
Li-wed her. and It wns all over. )
As   soon  us   I   felt  assured   that   I j
-ould leave the house without tbe nth
eers seeing me I.stepped boldly out and)
went lo the nearest police otlice. where
I delivered the stolen goods.   The mnn
at the tliv.L didn't ask wby I hadn't re
turned them before.    Ile doubtless sup j
posed I had Intended (o keep them, but |
since I had beeu seen to pick them ii|.
thui was Impossible.    I was making a
virtue or reciprocity, .  - '
"T wlll see thaC you gi-t llie reward."
he ssld. "The owner of Ihe watch wlll i
���end It to you Ot lenve It bere. The
watch (s nni only s valuable chronometer, but belonged to the mother of tbe
gentleman who was robbed. Ms bus
offered 8.V) for Its return."
"I don't wlab sny reward." I enlrt
with offended dignity "I'm a gentle
man aod consider myself as sneb opltg
ed te rettiru anything I Dud provided I
know the owner."
lie looked up at roe with surprise���la
ract, wltb lucredullty.
"What's the game?" be asked.
"No game at Nil. Why do yon think
I'm playing n game?"
"Why didn't yon return the wsteb
without trying to get uway with UV"
1 made no reply, but, turning, lefl
the station.
f Not having come ont of the affair
with any great eclat I illustrated an
adage, "Misery loves company," by rejoicing tbat Martha also bad not
shown tbst rigid regard for principle
for wliich sbe waa noted. We went
married soon after, and ours Is the
only caae I bare ever known of lovers
who wera married neither being berok
tn tbe other
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list five years ago ? Make it ten years, and
you will find that most of the things you
buy today���and could not do without���
were not even made then.
New Japanese Cabinet.
Tokio, Dec. 17.���Appointed premier
of Japan by an Imperial rescript, to
succeed Count Salonji, Prince Katsura
today Is orptanlzlnR hls cabinet. No
intimation has yet heen given as to
the personnel of the new ministry.
Drinking and Frost.
Rosthern, Sask., Dec. 17.~KarI Phil-
Upson was brought to the hospital at
Rosthern with both reet frozen ao
badly that he may lose them. It ls
believed that the man had been drinking and lay out In the cold.
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ml mn mill"
J An Experience on an |
Ocean Liner
i"l"i"l~l���l"l"I��Ii j"|"i i I H^H-Mol-i"! .J,
The flood of the tidal wave of tour-'
lets to Europe bad ended and the ebb
had set In. Reginald Falrchlld, an
American gentleman of means, had
been spending tbe summer and a pert
of the autumn abroad and was returning on an ocean liner. Ur. Falrchlld,
though be had reached middle age,
was still unmsrrled. He had beonj
much abroad! where society ii msde
tip, or at least led, br aristocrats.
Mr.   Falrchlld   was   coming   homo'
from   his  trip  especially  dlssstlstled
at being obliged to resume his position
with what be called the commercial
aristocracy of America.   This waa the
more galling because In hts veins ran
tbe  blood  of  tbat older''arlstocrscy
wbose members bad been leaders In
colonial  times.    His family hsd  felt
themselves better than soap boilers.'
Now, tbere were soap boilers who felt'
themselves better tbsn be.   Bome of
them at least lived In far better style,
-���pending thousands  where he spent
One day when th* wind was fresh
Mr. Fslrcblld wss walking the deck.
A lady sat In a stesmer chslr wrapped
In rugs wllb a little writing case before her, evidently getting up her correspondence.   She was perhaps twen-j
ty-four years old and very pretty, with:
light English hair and rosy complexion.   There was about her the air of
one who had mlagled with well bred
persons.   As Mr. Falrchlld passed her
she   very   naturally  raised  her eyes
from tbe paper before ber. but, seeing '���
his gar.e died upon ber, Immediately j
lowered them.
Mr. Falrchlld walked back and forth,
past the lady a number of times, and
every time be thought her more charm-
Inn. She faced the bow of the vessel,
the motion Increasing tbe force of the
wind. Walking aft. Mr. Falrchlld **aw
a sheet of writing paper blown past
him and become planed by tbe wind
to the stern rail When be reached
it be took It up. It was a partly finished letter���a family crest stamped on
tbe pa per-ii ml he could not help seeing the first words, wblcb were "My
Dear Duchess."
Mr. Falrchlld. assuming tbst the Isdy
engaged at ber correspondence hsd
written and lost tbe paper, turned to-
ward ber. Her baek wns to blm, and
she did uot look around. He hesitated,
being tempted to read tbe letter wltb
a view to discovering tbe social status
of the writer, but tbe habit of gentility was too strong In blm, and without
again looking at It he walked back to
tb* lady snd with a courteous bow
ssked her If lt was not ber property.
Sbe took It from blm. glanced at It
seemed surprised, thanked blm and
asked blm wbere he bad found It
Tbe Incident broke tbe Ice for ao acquaintance. Later, when tbey were
talking about the lost letter, Falrchlld
admitted tbat he had felt strongly
moved to read It wbereapon the lndy,
remarking tbat ther* waa notblng la
It to be concealed, took It from ber
writing caae and banded it to him.
Falrchlld declined to read It. but the
lady insisted, so bs ran It over. It
proved conclusively tbnt sbe was of a
noble family, her elder brother being
an earl and her nephew and nieces being lords and bonorables. Furthermore, tbe lady left lying on her lap
oeveral letters, oa oa* of wblcb Fair-
Child road the address "Lady Amelia
One feature grated a bit on Pair
child. Wblle the composition of (he
letter be read was such ns a title.
lady would write, tbe rhlrograpby was
defective, tliere were one or two errors In grammar, nud here nud there s
word wss spelled wrong. But tbe
world h< full of bsd writers. Itaa
upell.TK. and. as for grimiliar, ii genius
of literature has admitted that he wss
unable to le-irn llie correct use at
"shall" and "will."
Falrchlld remarked npon the crest,
and the lady admitted that, strictly
considered, her brother, tbe Earl of
Ent water, alone bad tbe right to use
It Wben told thst In America, whers
there were no patents of nubility, almost any family adopted a crest wbo
could afford to pay for tbe stamping
of It on Ills or her writing paper, Udy
Amelia wns astonished and snld sb*
didn't tblnk she would like A merles
at all
Falrchlld hnd a few acquaintances
among the nobility tn England and
*|ioke of tbem to Wanew acqualntane*.
She aeemed to know all about most ot
them and told hlm things concerning
tbem he did not know himself. Naturally refined, not caring to boaat ot
his acquaintances, he refrained from
telling her bow Intimate, be bad been
wllb them. Hut sh* bad no such
qualms herself. This was not surprising to Falrchlld, fur be had noticed
that persons of rank considered themselves as (rood lis other persons of rank
and were unconscious of anything
iHiastful In speaking of them familiarly.
He foi V " e voyage was half oomph 'ed IW-lilId saw that he bad met
the opportunity of his Ufa A pleasing
vision came up before hlm. If he
could win Lady Amelia Tolndexter h��*
would place hls property In America
In the hands of sn ngent. go to Eor
In nd to live nnd resume a position that
hid iu>en held by hla anoeetom several
Brother Kills Brother.
Rosthern, Bask., Dec. 17.���Warned
hy his sister to point a shotgun awa/
from her, a Mother tufted, the weapon
toward the window only to Instantly
kill his 16-year-old brother who happened to past at that moment Uleb-
ael Frieaen, who Urea .als mllea troip
HagWTa Oi. tttlitott tha taaa bar*
centuries ago. Tben be would not be
disgruntled by American soap bolteri
and shopkeepers assuming aire of an-
perlorlty over blm.
Of course the sister of a British carl
was not to bo won during a voyage
across the Atlantic ocean, but Lady
Amelia showed Falrchlld an invitation
from Mrs. T. V. W. Harkcr-Boylngton
to visit her at Newport and he might
follow her there. Ills family bad three
generations before, when New York
snd New England persons had begun
to build cottages at Newport���tbey
were really cottages then-spent their
summers there and owned a cottage.
Many of those now Inhabiting palaces
st Newport bad sold flsh and vegetables to his ancestors, but tbe present
generation knew notblng of that, and
Falrchlld was not admitted to their
charmed circle. However, he could call
npon Lady Amelia at Mrs. Hsrker-i
Boylagton's and would b* welcomed
as tbe litter's friend.
Hsvlng asked permission to do this
aad received it, be felt comparatively
easy���thst ls, ss to gaining access to
Lady Amelia. As to tbe matter of
winning her, be could not bnt consider
himself presumptuous to tblnk of such
a thing. Besides, be bad but a beggarly balf million, ond he suspected th*
noble Isdy was to visit America wltb a
view to making a match with soma'
rich man.
As the ship nesrsd port Lady Ame-'
lia grew 111 at ease. Sbe said that no
arrangement had been made with any j
one to meet her and sbe dreaded land-
Ing alon* and unprotected on tha
shores of a new country. Were she
landing ln England ber brother would
���end bia man, Connors, who had beea
dn the family since bis birth and had |
waited upon her since she was a little
jglrl. But landing ln America was far
' This wss gratifying to Falrchlld,
jslnce It gsve blm an opportunity to
'place Lady Amelia under obligations
to him and become Initiated to relying
[upon him. He told her that he would
|be only too happy to assist her In getting ber luggage through the custom
|hou��e and would see ber to her car-
page and to any place she proposed
ito go. Sbe sccepted his offer, but
somehow that dread sbe felt In landing in a new country did not disappear. Ue assisted ber In making out
her "declaration" for the customs officers, aud she asked him lf she must
declsre Jewels sbe bad Inherited. She
had brought tbem all since she would
need tbem lo New York and Newport
He gave her full Instructions on this
point and all others that concerned
When tbe ship was docked Lady
Amelia and Falrchlld stood together
peer tbe gangway, be carrying ber
hand bsggsge. He noticed that sbe
was pale and seemed to be Isborlng
pnder suspense. Ue escorted ber
idown the gsngway, and tbey had
scarcely set foot on thc dock when a
man stepped up to Lady Amelia and
"Come tbls wsy, plesse.".
"What forr asked Falrchlld. bristling.
"Don't yon Interfere, sir. I have a
telegram from England to arrest a
Woman answering to her description.
1 don't think I om mistaken."
Falrchlld. thunderstruck, followed
the man and hie prisoner Into a private room, where- the officer read tbe
telegram directing the arrest of Mary
Thompson, maid to Lady Amelia Poln
dexter, who had decamped with her
mistress' Jewels snd was supposed to
have sailed for New York on tke
steamer Just arrived. The man then
took a suit case belonging to th* se
railed Lady Amelia and asked for the
key. She produced It he opened th*
casa, snd there, rolled In underclothing, was a small fortune In Jewels.
Falrchlld would not believe bnt that
a mistake had lieen made till he wa*
laformed tbat Lady Amelia had consented to go back to England without
nuking any trouble, trusting to ber
mistress to b* lenient with her. Tben
he gsv* It up. It turned out that Mary
Thompson had been born a servant In
a noble British family aud from-constant contact with Its memliers hnd acquired tbo manners of a lndy, which
ahe could assume at will. She and s
valet bad concluded to make way with
aome of tbe family property, go to
America and set up for themselves
Tha valet arrived on thc next steamer
and was also taken in.
The maid had appropriated some of
ker mistress' writing pniier wltb tbe
family crest on It, but she wns nnable
to write her uative language grammatically or spell correctly, not having received much of an education. Sbe bnd
bsen brought Into contact with tbe
aristocratic friends of her mistress, who
not only knew everybody In the tipper
Circle* In England, but hsd been to
Kew York and ' been entertained at
Newport. Indeed, her mold before
leaving her hnd stolen an Invitation sbe
had shown I'nlnhlld, having changed
Ue date.
Falrchlld csme to believe tbst she
bad purposely let slip the letter tbst
bsd been blowu away- from her on th*
steamer's dock to get n grip on blm.
but whut sbe Intended tn do wltb blm
sfter getting hlm be remained In Ipio-
ranee about.
Falrchlld hns become socially misanthropic lie Is beginning to thluk
tbat after all refinement comes usually
wlth-or. rntbt>r. nfter-tlic possession
of wealth, und tbe fnct that a uinn Is
refined comes from hls ancestors bav-
lug acquired money to lie used In hls
refinement ne goes still furthor. averring that, while In America onr aristocracy comes from the possession of
funds acquired In trade, abroad It orlg-
Inn lly came from robbery, most of tha
powerful families In England today
having obtained their fortunes from
<be  dispossession of some one  Wha
Ikely originally stole lt from another.
He Acquires a Collection of Antiques.
Then Mrs. Bowser's Incredulity
Wound* Him, and H. Hlmsslf Loses
Faith In th* P.digr... af His Purchases���A Painful Sen*.
[Copyright,  1912,  by  AMoclated Literary
MRS. BOWSUlt wag downtown
shopping tbe otber day when
Mr. Bowser drove up to lbe
house ou an express wsgon
snd carried a lot of articles Into lbe
parlor. Tbey were on display and be
waa sitting on tbe doorstep with tbe
cat when she reached bome.
"Has���ban anything happened?" she
asked In surprise st tludlug blm home
three hours ahead of time.
"Nothing to worry over," he replied,
wltb a chuckle.
"And ure you not 111?"
"Not at all."
"Hut I can't understand why you are
home. Are you going *ut this eveulug
tu shoot wild geese?"
"Hardly. There's no great mystery
nbout It I happened to attend a sale
today, and I found a few things I decided to buy. As It wus pretty 1st* tn
go buck to the offlce I came along wttb
the express wagon."
"What sort of sale?" asked Mrs. Bow-
ser as her heart grew heavy over past
A Forcd Sal*.
"It was n sale of antiques nnd relics.
The gentleman who hud collected tbem
died o few week* ago, and bis widow
wns forced to sell. I've been looking
out for such a sale for several years
pn��t   Come In nud take u look nt tbe
Wife Shooting Legal.
Paris, Deo. 17.���When Louie Pusoh,
glassworkei, waa tried tor shooting
his Wife In the head,' the wife contended that she bad reoelved merely
legitimate chastlsmsnt Tha husband
was dismissed.
things. You are no Judge of antiques,
but you cau see that 1 got everything
ai ubout half Its cost."
MU* followed lilm Into the parlor
and lbe Unit tblug abe naw wa* an old
fUNliloued spllut bottom rocking chair
Jt waa big enough for two great grnnd
mother, lo rock lo at one* and looked
as shabby and forlorn a* a veranda
cbolr left out through flve winters.
"Tbls wus Martha Washington's fa
Toril* chair," said Mr. Bowser as ke
oat down ln It and rocked to and fro
"Bb* wa* sitting ia tbls very cbab
Whll* tb* g*nerul was crossing tb* Del
���war*.   I got It fur gI5. but It'* worth
"A Matter of History."
��� "How do you know It Is wbat you'
any It I*?" asked Mrs. Bowser.
"Uow do I know-tbat our old cat I.
digging at tbe carpet with ber claws'-
The widow suid It was Martha Wash
Ifgton'M clinlr. uud wby should she lie
about it? Besides, It's a mntter of bis
tory. Parties wtll be bere within a
week to offer me {'i-lti for this chair."
"If tbey offer you CO cents you'd bet
ter take It"
"Wbnt? Wbnt's that? Going to gel
tour back up because you didn't nl
teud Ibe sale yourself? I didn't buy the
chair for you to sit In. ami I'll tell ,v��il
right here and now I want yon to keep
���ut ot It If I'd brought bome I'uui
pcy'o pillar you'd try to make out tbal
It wus only a biisswood dog!"
"And wbnt's (Ills?" she nsked im she
pointed to n.i old fashioned mirror with
l cherry frame aud a gluss full of bub
"Tbat may It please yonr ladyship. Is
^lie gins* used by Mury, queen of
Scots, for live years previous to ber
death. I got It for tnn. but Its rem
folue Is nearer $."U0. Indeed. I would
not tnke Wlio for It tbls minute. Have
fou aay remarks to shoot off?"
"I couldn't do the subject Justice!"
A Hlstorie Cradls.
"Then let It alone. You are a wo
man to appreciate n bushel of turnips
far mora than historic Interest There
are flfty museums In tbls country tbnt
wonld houor me with a medal If I
���bould turn tbnt old glass over to
them.' We sball pass on to the next
however, before yon announce that Ihe
widow Hed to me. You ive before yon
tbe cradle In which John Hancock was
rocked tn sleep for the flrst flve years
of Ills life. It has often been referred
to as the cradle of American liberty
Oeneral Lafayettu one* offered I7IH1
for thla cradle, and the Bunker Hill
Society of Boston offered (1,000 only
two yeara ago. Do you know wbnt It
cost.mar ^^^^^_
Mra. Bowser shook bar head and
sighed. ���
"Only STS.  It waa a forcad salt, ron
tl. 8. Naw Ne��ds Men.
Washington. Dee. 17.���Despite the
reports showing an Increase In recruits, the navy is still about 6000
men short aonrdlng to announcement
here today. The last few months enlistment, have dropped off ln an unprecedented ma&h'ey.
see. Tbe widow hsd to hav* th* reudj
cash at once, and tliere was no tluii
to bargain. Should 1 desire to sell It
1 can make 1023 as easy as turning
my band over. Think of th* historic
memories surrounding ItT'
"Yes; It might do for a wood box for
tbe kitchen!"
"Tbere you gol" shouted Mr. Bowser as be flushed up. "You've got
about as much sentiment as an old
speckled ben, and I ougbt to bave
known wbnt to expect of yon. I suppose you wlll dud fault wltb tbat blue
platter, and yet It once belonged to
Queen Ellsnbetb. Tbe Royal Museum
of London once offered $000 for It snd
would give more todny. I paid only
$23 for It, ss the widow's gus bill came
In while we were talking, and sh* bad
to bave the casb on the spot"
"lf you had waited till ber butcher's
bill came In you might bsv* got tbe
platter for a nlckell" observed tin.
Th* Rarest Pl.o*.
"More sarcasm, more flings! Woman,
you do take a positive delight In split
ting out mean things, and If 1 wasn't
above quarreling I'd give you your OIL
You buve no Interest In tbese things, ot
course, but I'll sbow you tbe last of my
bargains.   Tbls portable writing desk
Is over 3,000 years old."
"It looks to be over 0,000!"
"It lielonged to the queen of Persia,
and Its vulue ls at least $1,000.   I got
It fur $20. as tbe widow didn't under
stand wbnt sbe was selling."
"Sbe thought sbe was selling yon a
pig poke, didn't sbe?"
"Madam, are you aware who yon are
talking tor      j
"1 sm. I'm talking to a msn who
has paid out a couple of bundred dollars for a lot of old rubbish not worth
20 cents! Mr. Bowser, bow could you
be so foolish ? You've been worked for
an easy mnrk again!"
"Stop right bere! Thst will do!" be
exclaimed as be pointed bis flnger.
"Tbe easy mark requests tbat yon withdraw your presence to.some otber part
of tbe houae. and don't yon dare to set
your eyes on one of tbeee sntlques
Mrs. Bowser withdrew, and Mr. Bowser shut tbe parlor door and walked
up nnd down wltb bis bands behind his
buck. After about Ove minutes ol
nursing bis wounded dignity a dim sus
plclon crept Into bis brain. In a quar
ter of an hour he began to doubt It
John Hancock was ever rocked In tbnt
cradle and at tbe eud ot balf an boni
Mrs. Bowser, tbe cook, tbe cat aud tbe
neighbor* beard smashes and crashei
loud enough to make tbeir hall
stand up.
"Whnt-what   Is   HT'   gasped   Mrs
Bowser as she flung open the door.
Demolishing th* "Antique.."
Tbe question was needles*. Mr. Bow
ser was attacking tbose antiques wltb
fury In bis soul, and she arrived Just
In time to see thc cradle of liberty audi
Martha Washington's favorite chair (Is |
Into splinters the length of the room
Wben there was nothing more to smash
and he bad Jumped on tbe fragments
Ibe easy mark tnrued to ber and bowed
*nd said:
"Th* train for your mother"* bome
leaves at 10:10 tomorrow forenoon, and
you run put ln a claim for alimony
wltb your bill."
"Why do you talk tbat way? I aim
ply aaid"���
"Simply said tbat I was a born root:
If Pierpont Morgan hsd purchased
tbose things abroad- there would bare
beeu columns anil columns In tbe |>n
per* about It I wilt go to aome cheap
restaurant for my dinner end tben will
belp you to pack your trunk. No wo
msn wants to live wltb an idiot"
ne had feasted at a flfteen cent Inncb
place and bad called the proprietor ���
benehead as he went out when he
���net a local dealer hi old furniture. Tlie
man bad a grin on hla phis, and be
patted Mr. Bowser on tb* back and
'���Why didn't you tell m* yoo were
���ut for Ail stuff?"
"What d'ye meanr
"Tbat old furniture yon bought tbls
afternoon."     (
"I Just happened to com* acrpss ft
yon kbow."
"But yon conld have come across It
la my place, where It had lieeii for a
year. 1 sold the whole bnlly lot for
$10. and I suppose (hey stuck you for
about ?20. They called 'em antiques,
dldut Hiey?"
. -y-.v.'s."
shop not three
But It does leave a lasting favorable
Impression upon the palates of all giving
It a trial.
������van eoio im bulk.
����:60���Vaneouver  via
mulshed.    He
_   ,, enlrance and
was dying to kick himself with both
feet nt once.
 O.  N.  R.
 , 2$:00
tl:46���Barnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
1��:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 14:20
':40���Vanoouver via B. O. B. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 11:IB
tl:0O���Vanoeuver via. B. C. E. R.
Mally except Sunday). 16:M
8:0O���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxcept Sunday).tw:30
10:00���Port Mann (dally except
Sunday) 9:46
7:40���Victoria vta B. C. S. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 11.16
0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and loaves
Monday, Wedneaday
and Friday 13:1J
W: 60���Victoria via Q. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
18:0O"-Edm*nds and Central
Park (dally except Bunday)   16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
18:10���Abbotstord. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Snnday)   7:13
.6:16���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine (dally except
Bnnday) 9:46
;6:16���United Statea via O. N. R.
idaily excoot Sunday).1��:0C
6:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and   Hazlemere   (dally
except Sunday) 9:46
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills      dally      oxoept
Sunday)   7:15
11:50���All points east aad Europe (dally) 7:15
18:10���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills     (dally      oxcept
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe  (dally)    (13:15
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday) 7:16
12:00���Central Park, MaKay and
I Edmonds (dally oxcept
Sunday)       11.11
| 0:00���Ladner.     Port     Oulchon, I
Westham   bland,  Barr I
Villa 13:15
(3:00���Eaat Uurnaby (dally except Sun Jay)   13:00
0:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)  18:3c
tl:��0���Rand. Majuba Hill via
B. C. K. R. (Monday
Wodaeaday and Friday        9:00
il:IO���Chilliwack,    Mlln*r,    Mt .
I i'i���k Uilsri  m
ter. Sfcortroed. Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster. Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Bardie, Sperling Station,
Mulaoa Station. Brad-
am, MIums, via B.
C.H.R.  (dafly oxoept
Bandar)    ��:������
10:00���AsalevtU*  aad   Sunbury
(daily axeopt Sunday). 13:li
4:46���Vaacoavor, Piper's siding via O. N. R.
(dally asa.pt Bunday)..14:M
?: JO���United Bute* via O. N. N.
(datiy oxee* Sunday).. �� ��
J0:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
<dafly oxoept Sus^ay). 17:10
1:20���aay tou (Taaaday, Thursday. Friday and Bat-
day       M:����
ii:20���CloverdaJo and Port Rolls
vta  O.   N.   R.   (daily  exoept Sundayl 14:00
'1:20���Abbotaford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
exceot Sundav> 17:I��
10:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
idaily except Sunday). 17:39
3:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:99
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St Paul   and   Kootenay
18:26 for Agassis Local.
19:55 for Imperial   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
One and one-third fare for tbe round
Tickets on asle Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.
Good to return up to Jan. 6.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A, Vancouver
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tho
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
wlll be leased to one applicant
j Application for a lease muat bo
made by tbe applicant ln peraon to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
ln wbich the rights applied for aro
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal anb-
dtvlslons of sections, and ln unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for sball
be staked out by tl applicant himself.
. Each applleatlo" must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will bo
refunded If the rlghta applied for aro
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rat*
of five centa per ton.
The person operating tbe mine sbaB
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting f*r the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbo
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at Ieaat
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will bo
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered ���
necessary for the working of tbe mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For   full   information   application
sbould be made to the Secretary of.
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Bub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance wltb chapter 85, R. S.
B. C, 1911, "Ferries Act." the Government ef British Columbia Invite applications tor a charter for a ferry to
ply on tbe Fraser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island, and Coquitlam.
Applications will be secelved by the
Hon. Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'clock noon of Monday, the 9th
December, 1912.
The oharter wlll cover a period expiring on 31st March, 1914.
Applicants shall give a description
if the vessel it is proposed to use, the
method of operation, and the vessel
oust conform in all respects to the retirements of the "Canada Shipping
Vet" and amending Act
Applicants shall state the tolls they
propose to ask for���
Foot paaaengers (adulta), each.
Foot   passengers,   children   under
:hlrteen years.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse and buggy.
Driver with two horses and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
Battle and horses, per head.
Sheep, per head.
Hogs, per head.
Calves and colts under one year old.
per head.
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.
'Freight, imperishable, per 100 lb.
'' The Government of British Columbia ls not necessarily bound to accept
sny application submitted.
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 21st November, 1912.
D. McAulay
Cor. 6th and Columbia
.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver tor Vlctotia 16
a. m��� 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle 16
a. m. ami 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver tor Nanaimo 3
Vancouver every Wedneaday 10
also Dec. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday.
Wednesday and Friday.
Leavea Chilliwack 7 a.m./Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
r      *     *     ....     mmm.     .mammam*.     ........
I witwwwwwiri��iri��i��wwiiwigirw��awwapa
Athsm.d of Itf
Sometimes a pretty girl will
help her mother wltb tbe dishes,
but It's usually when nobody Is
looking.���Detroit Free-Picas.
"Tbls ear.* seid the demonstrator.
"IS almost human. Perhaps you bave
"Tea, I have." snld Blnks.dryly. "It
reminds me of several men I know-
been smoking.fver klnce we left th*
giimge. ahd the Inst bill we climbed It
puffed like a porpoise. Haven't you
soinetblng that' Is less human and
more generally sa0sfactoryi"-Har
per". Weekly.       ,
; Now WaotnUnat
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Th* time for receiving applications
for charter for a ferry to ply on the
Fraser River between New Westminster, PArt Mann, Annacis Island and
Coquitlam, Is extended up to 12
o'clock of Saturday, tbe ."1st day of
December, 1912.
The charter will cover a period of
five yeara, expiring on 31st March,
Public Works Engineer.
Department   of  Public  Works,  Victoria,   B. C,   3rd   December,   1912. |
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mkeral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Tclaahon* R 11$. Offlee: Prlnco at
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,800,000
Reserv*   $12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, ln Cuba
throughout the island; alto In
New Feundland, Porto Rloo, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica. Trlu
Idad, Dominican Republic, Naw
York and London, Eng.
Draft* leeuod without delay
oa all the principal towns aad
cities tn the worn. Theso ex-
oolent connections afford ovory
banking facility.
Htm Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Hia Sordid Vi��w of It
"There'* nothing new lu this Idea of
'passing prosperity around.'" observed
th* argumentative boarder. "It's passed around whenever a new man Is
elected president of tbe United States.
I got a poatofflco that way one*."���Chicago Tribunal
Famous Irish Aotor Dsad.
Baltimore, Md., Dec. 17.���Famed aa
the only aotor who played Irish partis
without a make-up, John T. Tierney,
for 20 yeara, one of the best known
comedians on tha stage, la dead hero
today from tuberculoma.
wbo is not rtcelvo
I a.m. ahould
Tho Newa beforo
and! make complaint Oily In thla way
���ay t�� efftoloat  daitvory  bn
Christmas Day Is Near
Shopping Days are Few
Buy Now, and Buy in
New Westminster Shops
You caii get everything
you need in New Westminster and you won't have
to pay any more for your
purchases than in any other
city on the coast, besides
saving a lot of time and
And, don't forget to do ���
your shopping early. 3
�����,, , hi isin���UMaiiiiWlsn'"�� '""  ",n **a**rm
This is our flrst Christmas
and we are doing our best to
make lt a memorable one. Our
goods are new and we cannot
bo beaten as to service.
Chocolates; a full line of Cad-
bury's, Stewart's, and Ganong's
Chocolates at   very   rensonablo
Chocolate Mixture, No. 1 quality
per lb 25c
Cream Mixture, extra flne, per
lb 20c
Hard Boiled Candy, special, per
lb ��W
A    full    line    of    Chrlstmaa
|    Crackers and Christmas Stockings now on hand.
Head lettuce, per head .. 10c
Cabbage, per lb 2c
Parsley, per bunch 5c
Brussels Sprouts  2 lbs. 25c
Sweet Potatoes, per lb 5c
Spanish Onions 3 lbs. 25c
Pette's Dutch Cocoa, per % lb.
Un 20=
Per Vs tin     35c
Per 1 lb. tin   65c
Two large cans Salmon for 25c
Carrington Hall Coffee, lb. ..50c
Shelled Almonds, per lb 50c
We have a few boxes of Jona-
thons left, per box $1.65
Public Supply Stores
V L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIG03
Perhaps you would
like to name your
wife^as your executrix, but hesitate on
account of her lack
of business exper- |
ience.       s
Or you would choose
for your executor a
certain friend, were
it not that you know
he is so fully occupied with his own
The solution is easy:
Appoint either t o
act in conjunction
with this Company.
See us as to the way
the plan works out.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
The regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Trade will be held on Friday ln the city hall at 8 o'clock.
J. H. Todd's music house ls open
every evening until Christmas     (268)
Mr. C. A. Welsh waa absent from
the city yesterday on a visit to Vie
Order your Christmas Show Cards
now,    Brown,  T'app  Luock.        (253)
The usual Chr> ���,tma'> carload of Turkeys and otber poultry will arrive at
P. Burns & Co.'s store in a few
days. (299)
Mrs. C. A. Welsh will not receive on
Tuesday but will be at home on the
third Thursday ln January.
Skates sharpened and set at Oeo.
It. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.       (215)
A gang of workmen are laying road
metal on Sixth etreet at places where
the sewer and other trenches were
dug early this summer.
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
From now untll Christmas Gifford's
store will be open evenings.        (246)
At the request of the city board ot
works department the B. C. E. R. has
agreed to repair a number of the cut
off crossings throughout the west end.
These were upset somewhat when the
new tracks were laid.
Ask to see our stock of Leather
Goods, suitable for Christmas Gift9.
A. S. Mills & Co. (298)
Quarter acre blocks on Douglas
road, near Edmonds carline. Prices
$425 to $600. Easy Terms. The People's Trust Co., Ltd., 451 Columbia St.,
New Westminster. (297)
"The people had better secure a
plentiful supply of coal right now,"
stated Captain Adolphus Peele, the
genial weather man of the Royal City,
yesterday. He predicts a fall of snow
and colder weather for the Chrlstmaa
flrowh, "the Show Card Man," for
Christmas  Show Cards. (253)
Hello Klddo ! Telephone Santi
Claus what you want for Christmas.
He will be ln Lees Limited window.
Vou can telephone from a booth in
their Toy Department. (278)
Mr. Alfred Hardman, accompanied
by his daughters Miss Beatrice, Mild
red and Mrs. Etherington and his
sons, Messrs. Douglas and Gordon,
has just left on a lengthy visit to California. They expect to return In five
or   six   months.
Everybody's talking ahout those
cheap lots In Burnaby the People's
Trust Company are celling. Prices are
under market, being only $425 to $600
You had better get one too and be
quick. (297)
The government steamer Oeorgie.
which lias been lying at tlie Sapperton
wharf fnr several months, has been
sold to Mr. Joseph Crane of the Crane
Shipyards, Lulu Island. Mr. Crane
will refit the vessel and will use it in
connection with his business, to whlcn
he contemplates making additions.
Why not give him a House Coat or
Dressing Robe. It would add comfort
lo his home hotirB. A. S. Mills & Co.,
517 Columbia St. (298)
Lately a number of trees on the city
streeta which but a short time age
shed their leaves for the winter have |
iieeu observed to be developing into
bun ggaln. This phenomena is Bail'
to be another syldgnce of the excel
lent climate tflie Canadian Pacific
Coast enjoys.
We want every little "Kiddo" to
visit Santa Claus at his quartos Jj
"Wonderland" today, from now to
Christmas he wtll have his headquarters with us.   Leos Limited.     (278)
Mr. Joe Dobson of Mount Vernon,
W'ajh., who owns considerable pro
perty across the horder. was in the
city yesterday, the guest of Mr. Joe
Topping of KaBt Burnaiiy. Mr. Dob
SOD was well pleased with N'ew Westminster and Intimated he would return at a latter date for a more protracted visit.
"Santa Claus," a real live and Jolly
fellow," will demonstrate in Lees
Limited Toy Department from now to
Christmas. You can telephone today
from the Toy Department. (278)
The Y. M. C. A. debaters will Join
in social unity around the festive
board this evening at 7 o'clock. A
number of citizens prominent In liter
ary and logal clrclea have been In
vlli-d to attend. The function v.'!'
conclude the efforlB of the cluh for
tills year. His Honor Judge Howay,
honorary president of the club, will b*
thp chief Bpeake.r.
The People's Trust Company, Limited, sold 10 lots yesterday In their Hur
naby subdivision. They are bo good
and cheap, they sell themselves. Come
In and see about the proposition we
put to you. (297)
It's a "matter of taste" when you
liny Chocolates.
Kver try  Nellson's?
Sole Agent for tbls City
Successor to
(293) P. J. MacKenzie.
In Support of Financial Campaign of
Progressive  Association���Over
$4900 Now.
It was left for the Chinese uierch
ants of the city to carry the Progres
sive Association fund to over the
$4900 mark. Three more enterprising
Orientals welgbed In with donations
yesterday when the manager of Sun
Kon Wo piloted Mr. II. Schaake and
the secretary around to the different
Mr. Sing Kee topped tho list with
fifty dollars, while Tsung Yuen gave
$12.50 and Yuen Sblng $10 und two
other firms arc in line to subscriDe
further amounts.
Already Chinatown has produced
$200 and the support which Hie association has received tn tins quarter
is one of the most interesting features
of the campaign, it may also bs
taken as a shrewd endorsement nf the
Association's alms as it is well nown
that Chinese merchants have as good
judgment as almost any man.
No word has been received as vet
from tho B. C. E. R. and the B. C.
Telephone Company Is still consider
ing the question ���' subset.bing. A
few of tho other big fiims operating
In town 6tlll remain to be signed up
and within the next few divs th subscriptions list should be In tht neigh
borhood of $6000.
No Notification as to Which Side Car
Was to Be Unloaded.
The suit brought against one of
the drivers of Lees, Ltd., for obstructing the tracks on Front street
last Saturday afternoon was dismissed in police court yesterday morning
by Magistrate Edmonds on the ground
that the company had spotted the car
on the freight track and had not specified wbat side the car was to be unloaded from,
Mr. S. R. Grant appeared for the defendant and states that any driver
had a perfect right to unload a car
from either side unless he had received explicit 'm tructlons from the com
pany to the contrary.
Magistrate Edmonds in dismissing
the case, issued a warning that any
offenders found guilty of blocking traffic would be severely dealt with.
The present case was in the nature
of a test and It Ib probable that th��
C. P. R. authorities will remedy their
code so that unloading of cars will be
carried cut. on the south side so that
neither passengers or freight may be
For Two Weeks Holidays Then Begin
���Closing   Exercises   In  Two
.Schools Today.
All the schools In the city will close
on Friday for the Christmas holidays
A two weeks' recession will be given
the reopening being set for Monday
Jan. 6.
Starting today and ending on Friday afternoon the closing exercises
will be held in the schools in the fol
lowing.rotation: CJtinensborough, this
morning; Herbert Spencer, this after
noon; John Robson, Thursday morning; F. W. Howay, Thursday after
noon; Richard McBride. Friday after
noon. The Infanta' kindergarten exorcises wlll bo held at 10:30 Thursday morntng.
The night schoolB will close this
evening and reopen again on Jan. 13
It Is probable that this week will
see the passing of the closing exercises ln Westminster schools, that is
to the exten* to which they are carried on at present, as tho members of
the trustees' board consider the affairs aro Just a little overdone.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given on all orders. This discount Is
for tsn days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
Do You Realize
How close Christmas is 1 Only
nine more shopping days, and
we are getting busier every day.
It will pay you to buy before we
are too busy. We can give you
far better attention. Everything
for Christmas gifts.
WKat will I give the
wife for Christmas ?
This is a question in every man's mind at this season.
The same question is asked every year. 'The idea of
Christmas is to give pleasure to others. In what way
are you going to give pleasure to your wife this year ?
She has always wanted a "Home of Her Own." The cost of
a house has kept her in a rented house for years. A
rented house never has that "homey" look and feeling
that "Your Own Home" has. How much pleasure would it
carry if you were to give her "A Home of Her Own" this
Christmas ? It is within your reach too, as we are building homes for people who are tired paying rent and letting them pay for them $25 Monthly. Did I hear you say,
"Does that include interest" ?   Yes, that's what I meant!
$25 Monthly is the Full Payment
for a nice, cosy and comfortable home with modern bath
and toilet, large clothes closets and a pantry 8 ft. square
off the kitchen. Just what she has always wanted is
within your reach. Let us show you one just like it. We
know you will be satisfied as all others have been. Everyone says it could not be better if they built it themselves.
There are only a few of them left, so you must not delay
if you want to own one. Come to the office tonight and
see a copy of the plans of our houses.
Royal City Realty Co.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433. .    Open Evenings Till 9*
645 Columbia  Street
Phone 453 .'
While not entirely repudiating the
charges ot the International Brother-
liooil of Electrical Workers as regard.;
the discharging of outside workmen,
the officials of the B. C. Telephone
Company declare that it was found
necessary to let a few men go on account of the lack of construction material.
They do not agree with the statement of the Electrical Workers to the
effect that they had discharged all
but the superintendent of the construction department and his assistants.
A large consignment of material Is
on order at the present time and as
soon as it arrives the program of
construction work in the city, it I*
assured, will be continued or. a moro
elaborate scale.
Scores Continued Success for Charity
at  Edmonds  Hall.
Edmonds, Dec. 17.���Oreat Interest
was shown at Edmonds Public hall
this evening when the St. George's
Amateur Dramatic society presented
"Tho Brixton Burglary" in aid of the
Burnaby branch of the Victorian Or
der of  Nurses.
The hall was filled, many of the pro
ininent people of the municipality attending. It is understood that a good
ly sum was made in aid of the chari
table Institution.
As usual our stock Ib attractive.
Consists in part of Cases, Mirrors,
Brushes, Perfumes, Chocolates, Atomizers, Brass Goods, Hand Bags (discount sale), Safety Razors, Spectacles,
ate.   Call and see.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phone 43: L. D. 71; Ras. 72.
Naw   Westminster,   B.  C.
A Socialist, pro tem, charged with
an unlawful breach of the pence in
the town of Jubilee on Dec. 17, was
cleared of four counts but indicted
un another three ny "Judge" T. P.
Phillips of New Westminster In the
Methodist church court after an ar-
i duous fight between counsel, Mr.
Hooker for the defence, and Mr. H.
Langley  for the prosecution.
Such was tlie roBult of a mock trial
held last night. The prosecuting
j counsel and llm witnesses Messrs. Mc
GUI, Hodson and Johnston, were supplied hy the Westminster Y.M.C.A.,
' while Mr. Hooker and Ills witnesses,
, Messrs. Murray. (Jlass. Jones anil Miss
j Levens, were furnished hy the Ep-
[ worth league of the Jubilee church.
The latter gained the decision.
Then Runs Away���Is Charged Witi-
Shootlng as    Yet.
Prince Albert, Sask.. Dec. 17.���Inter
est Is rife hero as to what action If
any, authorities will take against Ad
am Fisher, a German cook, who wa."
charged by the corner's jury on Sitnr
day with shouting the late William
Porter In the wods on Dee. 3.
I'iHi'i-r. in his evtdeupa, appeared
somewhat muddled and unable to thor
ninthly eulain his actions. Other evi
dence declared that the deceased
shuled at the top of his voice "Don't
shoot."  yet  ho  was shot dwn.
Porter then admits running away
after firing the shot. Fisher Is under
arrest on a charge of vagrancy.
Mrs. Whitclaw Reid Accepts Offer for
Transporting  Remains of  Illustrious   Statesman.
London, Dec. 17.���Mrs, Whltelaw
Reid decided today to accept the offer by the British ('.overnment of a
warehip to convey the hody of her
late husband to the United States.
The arrangements will be completed
between the British foreign office and
the American state department.
Among the first wreaths to reach Dorchester Houbo was one from the
Queen Mother.
Hundreds of applications have been
received for Beats In Westminster Abbey for the memorial service for the
late ambassador, whicii is to be beld
on Friday.
We Invite You
���whether you buy much or little,
or don't buy at all���to call in here
and look over our extensive and
varied stock of all that is NEWEST
and BEST in
The Jgweller
608 Columbia Streat
Phone 338
pre simple in design, sturdy in
economical and
easy to start.
Built to burn
Get your orders
The Schaake Machine Works
'.;��� VA
.      II  ll.TI��� .    .L.V1SJ..1U.IL
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
All kinds et hue Talcum Powders hero   toe���Let
us supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia Street
Phone 57
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils in
Iron, tin and euamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture. '
Wo will sell you for cash or #111 furnish your house lor a amall
payment dowu, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Streot and Sixth Avenue
These are all In good locations and are   good   Investments  at  the   prlcet.
they can be bought for now.
1359��� FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66  FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash Btreet; price $4000
on easy terms.
06 foot lot tn good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; somo are cleared; street in
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'  Liability,  Automobile
Marine Insurance.
Residential Site
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 162.
623 and 746 Columbia Btreet, Phone 85., ffsw Weatmlnster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 650 63 Sixth Street


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