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Westminster Daily News May 2, 1912

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Everything ln Readiness   for
Crowning Westminster's
May Queen
Program for Day Drawn Up���Order of
Procession Announcsd���Success
House  Was    Half    Empty���Members
Complain Speeches Were Far
Too Long.
London, May 1.���No great political
project was ever debated ln the House
of Commons with less display of interest on the part of the members
and the general publlc than the Home
Rule hill today. The speeches were
delivered to a half empty house. A
tew Irish priests were the only spec
tators in the gallery who appeared
particularly concerned with what wu*
Gains of From Thirty-Six to
Over One Hundred Per
May ls here and wilh it thoEe
charge or the preparation* for tomor- \ J��BU!ng"n tSTflOO*
row a great event   aie    puttln,    Ihe      K'ven yeste day's c
finishing touches to their hanuiwoik.
Only a few minor details remain now
to be settled, und nothing appears to
be likely In any way to detract from
the beauty and Significance of the
The final meeting of the committee
was held last night, and only a few
al.eratoiis from the program already
ou lined were announced. Scou! mister Day said tliat it had not been
found pcssible to secure the services
of the bugle band from Vancouver,
the hoys 1 eing at worlt, and not able
to get away. A carioad or scouts
woul J be on hand from the sister
city un.l also the Girl Guides CO.pl
would give a display of first aid work.
Mr. V. W. Luce, speaking on beh'.ll
of tii? publicity ommittee, said that
1000 post cards bid been mailed bj
the city scliool children to friends.
All the mills and tugs on the river
Will blow their wMstlei at 1 o'clo.-it
���{n Friday and continue the movement
lor two minutes as an audible tign
that the game Is a'oct. Regarding
.the Judging of the best d es-el wli-
dow it hud been arranged for the
well known magazine Wil.er ''bidy
Van'- to award the Dally New3 cj;i
That all the wer d may know thi'.
Wes minster k:p;is up the good oil
c-jtt m: or May D. y, sto I.s and p c-
tures will appear in publications
throughout ihe length and biet'th o:
tno ?r,r,r^ crucern|',g the duy's
Mr. St'iart Wade announc*:! that a
large ;.rorortlon or t'.ie children   of
tho Surrey s-. hools would ar ive abaal
11. o'clock on Friday corning.
Everything In  Rcaitr..��'��s.
Thc massed choir idea'has been
dropped with regie*. AT", else will go
through; the ball c:mm''.t?e has
eye:} thing In readiness ant there
will te any amount of loom for
mothers and child; en to watc'i the
proceedings, as, thanks to ihe gener-
os ty of the Ro>al City, Cmall & Bucklin, and Brunette ml Ib, enough limber las been provided to carry out
all tii ��� ie uiied arr.in,,em?nts. and
thes i i cl-ide sealing accommodation
io ��� 61 0 people to watc'.i the d incing
Tin gMs will get CieV presen s In
the wrst hall of ihe machinery building, tlie boys will go to the east entrance, anl a lail will be placed a'
ths ent ance to prevent possible ml ���
A: to cdUjc icn^, wl le the expenses this year are. Ilk* eveiythlir
else, on a tar larger scale, the fuadr
necde - ill te proportion ately lira**
and 1 "lost   ei.^'.:raglaa    t0 the
eomni;ti��3 to r;pojM>' i mus far the
peoLle h."�� nw'^nlzed tMs fact. A
vot? of .'h..i)Ks was pa-s tl to Mr. J.
J. -''uniton and Mr. J. J C<mbldge
lor denting med; Is to ths Roys'
Perrol^tlon VS.: grant-.-d '..0 the. vendors 0. ..ht'l.ens, whips,'gl'Bs blcwer,
picture ma'er. and candy se'ler to
ply their vailous fades on the occasion, r.nd Mr. J, J. Cambridge an-
non-..d the o'-der of the day which
w'ji \*q as f..'..o\.-s: :
The precession will  fa'l  in r.s fo.-
l_Shetl:nd ponies on Kighth street,
outtide the rink.
2- -Band  >'.i;sido Knights of Pjthla-
3_K;-aBer valley and city girl
?ch-ol<< on norih side of Arnea sfeat
bv K. of P. h-11.
1��� Boys' Prigi-de gna.d or honor on
Agues st:eet oppiRite Lorne.
6���Mnv  Queen cirrlaga at Rursl
hotel, v. ith master of ceremonies car-
13���Boy Scouts guard or honor a
corner of Seventh on Agnes.
7���C.i 1 Gu'des northwest co ner of
grass at Lome.
g���City and Fraser v 11 >y Echoois
on Arnes north of Mc.Kenr.l9.
!(���St. Louis co Uge on McKenzK
in���Sfcond hon 1 on McKenzie.
11���Mayor nnd a'dermen west side
of Lorne outside opera house.
12���Committee auto outsit'e of opera
13���Columbian   college   at  north  entrance of Carnegie library.
14���Maypole dancers auto, sauCi-
wes' co-ner of Lorne.
II",���Vancouver and ether sen's
wert sid�� of Fighth street between
Apnea and Carrarvon.
lfi���Children ln au'os wrs1 rld�� of
Eighth, between Agnes nnd Columbia.
17���Obaerv.'.fon and ct' er cara far
chil 'ren.
Those taking part In t'-e pO'Csslo"
ar? advised to cut out th'B order and
keep lt for reference.
Ord?r of Proceed'nns.
Arrived nt the grounds the retnl
party will take tin Ve rislHan near
the Mnynole nnd the '"���-nwter "f
cerewnhs. Mr. .1. 3. .To,inst'*n. wl
In'roduce this year's m-'-tir, h's su*
cesaor, Mr. .1. It. Camb Mg-*. who w'V
proceed with bis oration.   Tbls Ik tol-
yesie.-day's oratorical pe.form
ances, in which Winston Ci.urchi 1
who Ib rated as the most b.illlant 0;
the younger noliticians in either party,
was the speaker, created hardly any
enthusiasm. No more lemarkable contrast could be conceived than wns
piesented by this exhibition and the
fierce battles over the two other
Home Rule bills, when statesmen like
Gladstone, Parnell, Chamberlain and
Harrington fought bitterly every Inch
of the ground and racial and party
passions were stirred to t'.ie depths.
One reason tor this is the present
new system whereby the House 01
Lords may prolong leg:td ition over a
peiiod of two yeara, which postpones
lhe critical stage of the measure. Another Is tlie o;:ositlon to the bill
which, except en the part of the rep-
��� et-entatlves of Ulster, is generally
lukewarm. Se eral inerat-era com
plained today of the length of the
Pcdcratid Beard of Conductors, Fire-
m:n, Enginters and Brakemen
Consults at Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, May 1.���With the arrival of the American trews ot the
Great Nort hem train thli morning tht
federate beard of conductors, firemen
engineers and brakemen decided on
a definite plan of action and appl'ei
to the minister of labor for a conciliation tmard to investigate tht
trouble. T. J. Murray has beer
named by the men as tlicl.- rep;esen
tative on the hoard.
The board was in sersion all morn
lng discussing the question with the
re>] ru.sentatlves of the order on the
American roads, and It is expected
that an amicable settlement wl 1 b.
Westminster Attendance Will Be
fected by May Day Ceremoni
' Vancouver Represcntat'vs*
Customs, Poet   Office,   Crown    Landa
Fall Inline with the Building
Figures are cold hard Incontrovertible facta when supplied from the varl
ous Dominion govvjin.ne.it offices, bu.
It needs very little explanation to set
the llfeblood of Interest aglow ln
them. All the following totals go to
show the remarkable progress which
U being made ln the city and district.
Compai ed with this time a year ago
the customs figures for April record
an Increase of over 101 per cent., the
I ost o flee shows 36 par cent, gala, the
crown timber office a gain of 56 per
cent.   Here a e the figures:
Customs, chief port, ?-19,123.r>2; out-
OCrta, 514,900.92; othir r.vcnu;,
$130.(il. Total for April, 1912. $64,-
I5a.(!5, as compared with $31,807.91
twelve mouths ago, an Increase of
In tnis connection it ia to be noted
that tii ee outporta which were tributary to Westmlnater last year, now go
to swell the Abbotaford returns. These
are the officea at Aldergrove, Upper
Sumas and Huntingdon wnose reveauj
last April totalled $8894.89. The excellent incn as ��� shown under present
atrangements is therefore all th-
more remarkable, tnd is it.dlcitive of
the tremendous impetus of burinrs;
which haa occurred in VU pi.rtculir
line durln/ tie past year.
The following ard tho post office
.'sure31 huii'ed:
1912. 1911.
3 arrp ssles $3,4'.2.37   $2..r08.r>
Mcnsy orders ise'd 2,594.00     1.H67.O0
Box rn; receipts..     526,60        3'7 0^
Tie r. cel^.ts of tha Dominion cr^w.'
im'e- oTIce for thc past month total
$12,22.Vfi7.  rn  increase      of  $4,403.58
over the $7,821.09   of twelve   months
The Dominion Vnd office figure-
-.vei;e considerably b'welleJ during tba
nftSt month by the r��c?lpt ot the
second payments on land at Bldwell
Pay which wns sold by auction by tae
aovenment a year ago. The total
Igurei which consist of 78 townsite
���ialo; plus $1.40 from map s^les, etc..
.re Jfi,r,47,iji For the correspond n?
rr.onth of last year the figures were
Cne application each for patent and
for inspec'ion wea received at th?.
office mining tea and rental totalled
$353.80, pb compared with $396.50 list
year, the la'ter larger figure being cn
account of eome sales of mining land.
The number of letters sent has grown
from 257 ta 281, w'll> those received
have Increased lo 295 fiom 165 cf a
.���vclvcncnih ago,
Propaganda Calling for Reforms Recommended by
(Continued oa pape *rm*
The forethou&ht of the officers of
the Canadian Highway association ln
;r. anging for a service car to accom-
j;an: t'ie automobiles making the run
fiom Nanaimo to Alberni is highly
commended by severr.l ol the autoists
wha Intend taking this trip. The T.iL
Tire company, or Victoria, has cela-
gated two of Its ablett mechanics t:
accompany their rei air cur on the run
nd t'.n,ae men are confident that noil'-
lni- shoit oi a serious mishap will pre
vent any of the autj:ncb -��3 fro?,
leaching Alberni ln good time.
Included among th9 Vancouver man
who will take thoir machines to Nanaimo on the Cha. mer, wh'ch bave
Vancouver at 2 o'c'oek, on Filday,
May 3, are H. W. Macgowan, T. S.
Baxter. P. II. Uinti, John Ti Stevens,
F. L. Murdiff, J. D. McNeil, Thomas
Stewart. T. 8. Scott, R. Brown, W.
Carlton and many others.
Owing to the fact that May Day 1 =
being celebrated here on May 3, thl =
city will not send as large a lepre-
sentatlon to the planting cf the first
post of the Canadian hUrhway as
would otherwise have been tha case
Sixty rer cent, of the We-tm'n ter au
tomoblles will take part in the May
Dpy parade, and of the remainder
only a few can make arrangements to
take the trip on the Island. In addl-
tl n to W. .1. Ke'T, prerld nt of the
Canrdlan Hlchway association, J. H.
Todd. C. A. Bourne Dr. A. J. HolmeB,
p'-esldent of tbe \yestmlnster Automobile club, ard N. V* McQuinta wll'
take their cars 0"er lor this mn.
It Is the Intention to the Westminster men 10   remain   ln A'berni   or
Port Albe'Dl over Sinla". return'ng
"home on Monday or Tuesday.
Toronto's BanV Clearing*.
Toronto, Mny 1.���The bank clov-
lngs at Toronto for Aprll were 1 rger
than In any previous April. They
amounted to $170,540,284. For fou"
monthB they were $651iO��a,8U, iwacb
, the largest t>�� -record.
Mr. George M. Co nwall, editar or
tie Timterman, of Portlrnd, Ore., and
Mr. E. J. Withe spoon, o! Vancouver,
were visitors in the city yesterday.
Mr. Cornwall, who has been attending
a .concatinatlon of the Order of Hco
Hoo, held in Vancouver last week, ie
the secietary of the Pacific Logg'n^
Congress, which wi I be held in Tacoma on July 25 to 27. Last year tha
congress was held la Vancouver, tha
c'e'era'es making a visit to the Fraser
mills duiing the time they were In
session. Portland, according to Mr.
Cornwall, is making active preparations for t'.ie opening of the Panama
eanal. Speaking of civic pride, he
extended an inriietion to We tminste.-
neopie to vlflt Portland dur'ng the
Rose carnival to be held in June,
��omet'iing like 2,000,006 t:ees bilag
'n bloom at one time.
Methodists  in  Conference  at  Minneapolis���Splendid  Progreu of
Minneapolis, Minn., May 1.���Asking
that the churches throughout tho
world come out squarely ln favor of
improved working conditions foi-
wage earners, a Bpeclal committer
has prepared for presentation to tha
general conference of the Meihod.s.
Eplecopal church, which opened here
today, a working program to "disprove the charge that the church is
not in sympathy wi.h the poo.-."
The report of the committee whlc'a
has been at work for four years, saya
that labor and social conditions have
become such that the chuich mu3t
take a prominent r?rt in them. After
asserting that "this church had its
beginning among the poor and thc
bulk of its members always have-
been wage earners," the repo t recommends for adoption by the conference
a propaganda ca'ling for:
Abolition of child lato/.
Reduction of working hours to tho
lowest practicable point.
Safeguarding the ccndi.lons of toil
for women.
Eciuitable division of the profits o'
industry. -
Piotection of workers from the risk?
of enforced unemployment.
Provision for old and injured
It is expected that the demand that
the church ;o on record on these sub
Jecta will provoke lively dise^ssiar.
when they come before the full cor.
Buslnis: Dona.
When the coifeience convened ta
day with delegates present from all
parts of tho wcrld, Joseph B. Il'ng:-
!ey, of Chicago, was re-e!oc:ed seere
tary for four ;ea;s. The conference
then ordered a telegram sent tc
Bish.00 Thuiuas liowumn, t'ie 0 daa
leader in the church," wV.o because of
his 95 years was unable to leave hla
icme at Orange, N. J,
Reports were submitted to the conference showing the total msmbershl
to be 3,234.822, Wltii 18,988 ministers,
30.398 churches and 1 ofi lecal conferences. Last year the church raised
$1,072,997 for foreign missions, while:
1096 foreign missionaries were maintained. The total value of the church
and parsonage property throughout
Ihe world was given as $216,490,437.
The church bas 360 educational institutions with 75,000 students.'    ���
Bishop William Burt, of Zurbh
Switzerland, delivered the chief ad
dress at the opening session, describing the progress of the church in
Europe, He called attention to Russia, where, he said, despite the fact
that the government had excluded
many Americans at missionary work,
the Methodists had succeeded In securing a foothold,
In all parts of Europe, he declared,
Methodism was progressing, meeting
opposition only where It came Into
conflict with state churchea.
Building Inspector    Meets Trustees-
Action Postponed���Board Approves
Amateur Dramatic Effort.
by fine mm
A special meeting of the schoo'
board was held last night to consider
the objections raised to the Seventh
avenue school plans by Building Inspector Turnbull. These included a
demand for fireproof paaaages and
one that tho hea. lng appnratus of the
school should be placed in a separate
building. This position is demanded
by the by-law, but t'ie matter wat
laid over for further lnfoimation.
The rest or the business was not 0?
outstanding importance. Only two
ten'ers ror school desks and one Tor
teachers' desks were rectlved and accordingly the time was extended, the
tenders being left unopened.
A letter was received Irom Mr. B
R. Hill asking the board ta pos p:n;
its regular monthly meeting on May
9 on account of the amateur dramatic repreaentalion which is to be
held ln the opera houBe on that date
In aid of the Eoy Scouts. The letter
stated that the amateura were very
anxious to have every representative
citizen present, and the school trustees among them. The board expiess-
ed Its complete approval of the play
and Its object and unanimously agreed
to postpone their meeting until next
Friday week.
White Bill Having Been Killed Borden
Will Leave the Questiont
Ottawa, May 1.���Since the White
tariff commission bill was killed last
session by the senate, speculation
has been abroad as to the acio.a
whlc'a the Piorden governmsn' would
take w.'tii regard to re-ar.-anging the
tuna- eoOeJules.
Rev. J. R. WiUoil   St  Andrew's Vancouver Elected Moderator
F.'ev. Henderson Lays    Emphasis   oi>
N?ed of Broadening Church���
Today's Program.
Rev. j. R. Wilson, pastor of St
Andrew's Piesbyteilan chu.ch, Vancouver, was elected tiy acclamation
moderator of the Synod of Bil.lsh
Co.umbia for the ensuing year, when
tho twenty-flm conference of that
body was opened In St. Andrew's,
church, of this city, yes.erday evening. The retiring moderator, Rev. J..
S. Henderson, was in the chair.
Iu moving the nomination of Dr
Wilson, Rev. Dr. Campbell, ot the
First church, Victoria, referred to
the nominee as being one who had
been brought up in BrLlsii Columbia,
in ract in the Westminster Presbytery. Dr. Wils.n has been the pastor
of the Vancouver church fa.- the past
nine years, coming from Toronto,
where he was a student at Knox college, and being an honor graduate of
the. Toi onto university. Following
the changing cf robes he was ted to
the chair and in a few words alluded
to the gieat respon3ibi;ity the confer-
ence had shouldered upon him. "My
name could not have been suggettel
by two mere revered gentlemen than
those who nom nated me, Drs. Campbell and McRae," said Dr. Wilscn. "I
trust that with one of tender years:
you will be generouB with me. Let us
pass nothing hastily."
The retiring moderator, Rev. J. S-
Hen'erscn, briefly Caanked the Synod
for their assistance during the past
year. "Its an honor to be a moderator. Its a great honor to be on the.
firing line In the great work which is
being done in this province." In conclusion he waB given a hearty vote of
thsnks for his work.
An   Impressive  Sermon.
The gathering was opened witli air
impiessjve sermon by. Rev. J. . S.
Hemlmrson. Taking ror hla text Acts*
10:34, 36, the local minister dwelt at
By-laws Now '.n Force.
The plumbers regulation and s~n'.-
tary by-lawB have uow been printed
and went into erfect yesterday. Ali
persons before beglnlng p'umb'ni;
work have now to obtain certlflcates
from the city hall. The number of
permits issued during the past two
months of March and April totals 149
The work of the department Is rapidly
Increasing and the present month ls
expected to ehow a big advance ln
the number of plumbing construction
permits issued.
'MFN Wll I   OROANI7F i^*'m*1^1^^���^ w"'/"^^
1V1L1 1       TV ILwLj     V^IWi  \l lA��-<l-~.  weatmlnster section of the proposed
It is slated  cn the best authority
that no attempt will now be made to 1 length 7i'"Brwdtnlfig "he Chu'ch"
int.rctere with   the tariffs ot Canada} u fo'.bws in part-
by  appointing a committee    of    the)    it ^as a    great   revelation,    an*
marked a great crisis in the life of
cabinet as was done in 1896 when
the Hon. Messrs. lieldlng, Brodeur
and Patterson traveled throughout
Canada to collect data which Influenced the fiamlng of the new tariff
the following session. This would
have been done by the passing of an
order-ln-councll by the piesent cabinet.
Agnes Street Ratepayers After   Company for  Line���Will Take
At last the Agnes Street Ratepayers'
association Ib able to point to some
tangible, if as yet small, result from
Its diligent pursuit of attaining car
tracks upon the stree'. The ass elation has for some time been in close
consultation with the city council upon the subject, and as a result a
meeting took place yesterday mo: ning
ln the board of trade rcomB between
these two bodies and the Western
Canada Power company which was
represented by Mr. W. McNeill, assistant general manager.
Concerning the double tracking of
the street Mr, McNel 1 could mike no
definite promise, but the surveyors of
his company will at once p-oceed
,yl��h ths survey from Port Mocdy to
Wis'minster, anl out again without
duplicating the VEtcouvsr-Miseian
Uvoli will b�� run, grade3 ascar-
For some little time past there has ina; with t��r without qu rters an bbbo-
iean a movement among the old sar- ciatlon of thU nature in ths cliy. It
vice men or Westminster and the dis- has been leataed that here ln Wes'-
tilct towards the formation of an as- minster a veryl arge percentage of
Eoclatlon which shall Unit Into one the mnle population haa miliary ser-
the many old sailors and soldiers who [ vice of some degree to its    record
have made their homes at this point
on the Fraser. Several enthusiasts
have ben working towards this eni
and they are now In a position to announce that a meet'ng, having this
object primarily in view, will bo held
on Tuesday evening nevt, and for the
purpose it is believed the Board
of Trade rooms in the city hall wlll
be available.
To thiB gathering ell former members of the services ara cordially In-
sited By thh Ib meant all paBt and
present Bailors or soldiers wbo have
served or are sarvlng with tbe Koyal
Navy or Royal Naval Reserve ln any
part of the Empire anl laentoers of
tbe Imperial o- Canadian Regular ��r
Auxiliary Forces either In Oreat
Britain or In nny part of the dominions ove- Bca. bo that be lie an old csv-
alrym"n, prist Cnnadlan mlll'laman.
or oldtlme BcottlBb volnnttfer, a plice
and a we'eome await Wm.
Tbe objects of tbe meeting Ib to
conshler ih* feasibility ��t establlsh-
tte Apostle Peter and of the cturclr
when he opened bis mouth ahd said;
"Of a truth 1 perceive that Gcd Is no
lespecor of ?erson3:  But in    every
nation he    that    feareth    Him.   an.l
worketh righteousness,    is    eccept-*!!
by Him."    Juuxsm In Peter's   time
was a narrow-gauge reIl~on.   Though
he had com;ii.nioned Christ fcr three:
years Pe'.e ��� bad not   outgrown   that
bigotry which was his lnheiltanea as-;
a Jew.    The church nee led broaden- ���
Ing in the conception of her mission..
The marching orders of the ehurcto
should be blazoned In letters of gold
cn every church edifice, "Lest we forget."
It has been said that Cecil Rhodes
thought In continents, Paul was th*
first man who did that when he came
over into Europe and annexed a con- -
linent to the Kingdom at God. Right",
beliefs are the roots from which the
fruits of right   conduct   grow.   The
church should be no mere ingeniously
constructed orgf ntzat'on of hslf dead
members, priding itself on orthodoxy
of creed and living on the memory
of past achievements, but one glorying In their ecclesiastical energy begotten bv the pulsations of ^ potent
spiritual'life, that put ever new en>
lihasls on Christ's law of service. The
church    needs    broadening   in   the
methods she employs. A living churchr
should be free to recognize the changing conditions   of   IU   environment.
Dr. Parkhurst says "JuBt as you cantell the thud of lead from the ring of
sliver, bo one can tell the difference
In the prayers, testimonials and the<
Bible reading of those who have onler
an Intellectual faith In Christ
"Fathers and   brethren.    I cannot
rCnntlmied nn Pare Wabt.>
and everything poin��3 to a big rally
taking place.
One of tbe ct-igihators s'ates that
the Intention Hi It possible to organize
a club on tive lilies ot a United Service Club which wou'd Include
nast and present members of tbe services. Iteyond th's a proposal will
be mate ro initiate In Westminster
the flnrt steps towards the formation
of a National Reserve for Csnada.
Tills movement applies only to Bailors
and soldiers now retired from the acr
tlte list. It was originated In England and whilst simplicity Itself, is
fraught with the utmost nosBlb'llies I Father O'Boy'e.
vt usefulness, both of a nat'onal and
inirerliil obarac e\ All men available hand ln their name? and addresses to be kept In a book for fu ure
refeence. Bv so doing they undjr-
take no Ha^ity for service in any
c��pai 1 v whatever.
Jfaart announcement of   the pl'ce
nnd Urns of meeting,   togefie-   w'fi
line between Vancouver and Mission
aaceitalned. When thii woik ls completed Mr. McNel'l will take up w'th
the ratepayers the question of doublt
tracking Agnas street
This Vancouver-Mission line is tvt
yet definitely decided upon, but the
mat'er ls expected to be settlr.! in a
month's time. Cbnseqren'ly Mr. Mc
Neill could make no definite promise
concerning tbe doub'e tracklns-
scheme, but repblng to Mr. J. C.
Blrir expressed hls preference for
Widening and doable t acks to leaving
this strret ln Its present condition
and riaclng a single track thereon.
Alderman Gray was In the c'lal*,
Mayor Lee and Alderman Lvrch b<=lng
present for a short time. The follow-
In1: m*mbe��s of the aasaciUion we-e
"rrsnt: Mfssrs. .1. J. .Trhnsfn, M. J.
Phl'lips, J. C. Blair, John Reid, 8. F.
wark, R. T.. CUlf, Rev. A. E. Vert and
��� ������������������������������������������ ��*
��� ���
Changes   are coming   thick   ���
rnd fast ln B. C. E, R. circles.
Mr. Allan Purvis, who resigned the position   of   interurban
manager of   the  company   on
December 19   lais%   reassumed
his old position last evening.
Ths   position   of    intennb'an
manager for   the   past   seven
months has been held bv Mr.
O. H.   Franklin,   whor   before,
then was manager of the Lulu
Island branch of the ompany.
While   nothing   dfetlntta     hfrs
Abductor A-rested.
I-ethb'ldee. Alb.. May 1.���Cha-g'sd
wPh the-anductlon of IP-vear-old Beatrice Mannlne at Brendan yeste-dpy
morning, Peter Muphy of tbe sams
place ws* arrested here thl* mirnlh*
by detective Egan, a few. n'mu'es af
changes are contempla'Wd in ' ���
the local office of the company ���
which are expected to be sawie ���
known thfs week.
W. H. Elson. whh resign**
tbe position of loci manager
at the sametlme as Mr. Purv's.
pc�� In tak��s xip,,.j0��!at' PQtfUj&P
ibis mornlnsr.
far tbe wire trom Chief Boyd, ot I ���
farther particulars will be made later | Brandon was received.
[��� ��� ��� �� *f��f*��t �����*��** *���*����
".'.���; .   ' ��AQE.TWO
THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1912.
Classified Advertising
��� ������������������������������ V *���������
������ ���
��� RATES. ���
���m   ���
������ One cent per word for dny. ���
������ Four   cents   per'  word   per ���
������ "week. ���
������ No   advertisement   accepted ���
������ ter, less than 25c. ���
���4* Birth,   death   and   marriage ���
������ notices SOc per insertion. ���
\* *
liun s ln Quean tiou.t. Apply S.
gen.lemon or ladles; every convenience.   Pliore 1129.
bruisekeeper's place in working
man's home.   Pnone 1129.
Scotch girl wiflicj a positiou to assist with house work, prefer Bleep-
ing nt home. Address Box 74, New.3
privilege of practising on the piano
ode hour evenings, hy plain work-
lngnjan.. Please state terms. Ad-
dics's  Box 77,  Daily  News office.
housework, no upstairs; family of
three.    Mrs. W. Orr, 74 First St.
roomers and boarders, '715 Fifth
cafe,   opposite C. P. R
nue car line or inside. See cu.
ItiBJig Sun Realty Co., Room 4
Trapp block.    Phone 808.
4-room modem cottage, new y furnished, $1,T5U, on terms. Apply to
owner, Hox No. 75, and act qu ck y.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agues
street, city.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co���
Market Square.
12x20 i'efet, ill Dupont block; 23
chairs, gas, etc. For particulars
apply T. A. Barnard. HIS Hamilton
street, city. 	
iihed housekeeping rooms, also one
furnished bedroom. Apply corner
of Agnes and Dufferin streets,
Phone L G38.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
avenue.   Kellington & Hendry,
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
Sixth avenue, last December. Finds
I.La?e return to this office. IL ward
mun who took lady's giip in nii-hik.
far his on Tuesday, Burnaby Likt
car, return same to Royal Colum
bian hospital and claim hla own
Mrs, .1. Kler. 	
about two months old, white. Re
ward offered to anyone bringing
same ta 316 Third street.
Local  Improvement Notice.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
$600 BUYS���Ottawa street, 50x132
feet; price $600; one-quarter cash
balance 6, 12 und 18. On high sids
of the s leet.   No. Kifi.
v,1230 HANDLES���At Tenth and Corn-
wail stieet;, six roomed h.iuse, mod
cm. Lot. 68x13?, on corner. Prici
$3200; $1250 cash, balance to suit
No. 170.
$300 HANDLES���On Lewelly3n street
Price $900; one-third ca-h, balanci
6, 12'and IS.   No. 173.
CHEAP LOT���On Tenth avenue, neai
Henley stieet, 50x132. Price $850;
one-third cash, balance 6 and 12.
No. 175.
Twelfth Street Improvements.
Tha .Municipal Council of the City of
JVeiv Westminster having by Resolu-JCORNER Twelfth end Fourth avenue,
cioii determined and specified that itl 132x100, all cleared. Price $7000;
is desirable to carry out tne following I one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
tioik.t, that Js to aay: j    No.  11)7.
To construct cement sidewalks,
storm sewers, paved roadway, grading and works contingent thereto, on
'i'welltU  street from  Fifth  avenue  to
$400 SECURES���50x150 feet on Fourth
street. Price $1200; one-third cash
balance 0 and 12 months.    N'o. 205
tlie city  limits on Tenth avenue, aud
tliat said works be carried out in bc-
tord.ince   with  tho  provisions  of   tbe
"Loral  improvement General By-law,
And the City    Engineer    and City
Assessor     having    reported   to    the
Council in acocrdance with the provisions of the said bylaw upon tlie said
���works giving statements showing the
-amounts  estimated  to be chargeable
-against,  the  various  portions of  real
projierty  to he benefited by  the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports ol the said-City Engineer
.and City Asfeegor liaving been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereto given that the said
reports are open ior inspection at the
-office of tne l Ity Assesor. City  Hull,
Columbia  street ,  New  Westminster,
4L 0.i and    that    unless    a petition
.against the   proposed    works   above   my   estimates,;   plans  and   specifica
���mentioned  signed  by    a majority  of
tbe owners of the land or real prop- ''    tions furnished.    T.  M.  Moorhouse
��rty to be assessed or charged In re-  A|ta vista P   6
s;*ct of such  works representing at,
least one-half in value thereof is pre
street, 60x132. Price $1200; cn ���
third cash, balance 6, 12 and IS
No. 207.
near Sixth st c>t car line. Pilce
$900; one-quarter cash, balance (I,
12 and 18,   No. 70.
SEVENTH AVENUE ��� 52x122, all
ciear. Price $1100; one-third cash,
balance b, 12 and IS.    No. 231.
The People'* Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669,
Parties   intending   building   in   Alta
; Vista   or   Burnaby   and   vicinity,   get
���sented to the Council within firtcenjCITY OF NEW WtSTMINSEH, B.C
��� days from the date of the first pub- 	
ticMion   of  this  notice    the   Council i Board of Health Department.
will proceed with thc proposed im- The 1JoarJ of Ue.llth Department It
^provements under such terms and about to start a campaign lor tin
��� conditions as to the payment cf the cleaning up of all back yards and va
��eost of such improvements as the cant lula ln the cllyi !Uul tlle liearM
���Council may by by-law In that behalf  cP-operatlon or the citizens in genera
regulate  and   determine  and  also  to   |B aBhed ln Ulia n.nard.
in^ke the  raid  assesment
Hated this 17th dav of April, A. D.
Clty   Clerk.
Tinle of flrat publication April 18th.
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 83 and 90,   Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address :
A clean city is one of thc hest ad =
we can  have, and we  feel sure tha
the citizens appreciate this to tlie full
est extent,     The burning up   ol at
waste paper, etc., the cleaning awa)
of ashes and other refuse, und a thor
ough cleaning up will go a long wa)
toward3 giving us a city beautiful.
1'HE   i-.UAKD  01''  HEALTH   DBP.
S.  .  PICA HC 10,
Health Inspector.
There   is   no   connection    whatever
toetwep:i tiie City Dye Works and the
Bojral City Cleaners and Dyers.
<Sgd.)    G. K.  BALDWIN,
343 Columbia Street.
District of New Westminster.
Tako notice that I, Thomas Ralph
Nlckson, of Vancouver, occupation
contractor, intend t,o apply for permission to lease the following described lands for 21 years.
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of District Lot
l.;'.si, thence north to the northwest
roincr of 1). L. UIS4, thence 40 chains
i'0-t along the north boundaries of
D, Ls. I'IH',1 and 1382, tlience south
along the west boundary of D, L. IWl
to the shore line on the Gulf of
Ceorgia at tiie Southwest corner of
I). L. 1382. thence along shore line to
'oint or commencement containing
350 acres more or less.
The louse is roaulred for ninny
purposes and to take gravel therefrom.
Date April i, 1012.
Monsttr Excursion of Canadian Manufacturers.
Lethbridge, May I.���On Saturd iy
June 8, Leihbiidge entertain* the ex-
rurslonists with the "Made, in Cun
ada" exhibit train, who aie ' tour ng
iho v��st during May and July to
edfiv'Rtt the people of this new country on mul tors pei taining to the industrial development of eastern Canada.
Yesterday Norman P. Limbert, formerly or the Toronto Globe, but now
special representative of this monsi*-
excursion, was in the city for the
purpose of arranging for tbe entertainment of the excursionists. On
June 7 the special Iran will make
the trip fiom*Medicine Hrt to Macleod, coining hack to Let^brldwe,
where they will spend the whole day
on   Saturday,  June  8th.
The special will cany twelve cars,
nine, of which will be special exhibit
cars in which the various products cf
Eastern manufacturing indu'stiies
from toothpicks to farm machinery
will he displayed.
Thirtv manufacturers will also accompany the excursion blinking with
them a lecturer, who will make short
addresses at each point visited. The
��� cature is unique In that it is the firs:
attempt which has been made in Can-
���ula to educate the people to use
home-made manufacturers, the Idea
is much along tho same line as the
special booster excurrldns w'.iic'.i
'iave been sent out of tbo west taring the past few years, and Judging
b.v the great amount of in'eest with
which the arrival of ihe excursion is
iwsitedi it will he productive of much
nood. not onlv to thc manufao^u-ers
ol the east, but also ths consumers
of the west.
t > take a walk without coming across
ten to twelve dead bodies.
The other day one of the famine
workers found a mother engaged lu
burying her child alive. After rescuing the little one he asked her why
she was doing such a thing as this.
She replied that she could no longaj
nourish It. Her idea seemed to be
that it was better to put the littit
thing out of its misery lather than
let it linger along.
Tiiis seems to he by no means uncommon around Tsingklangpu; it ls
leldom, however, that mitsicna les
find children buried In this fashion
until alter Ihey arc dead. Generally
the dogs find thc in first ahd dig then,
You can help to avert some of this
awful sulfating b.v giving of your money. Please s.e.id a contribution to
day to tiie Red Cress Society.
Panama-Pacific   Exoositicn    Delegates
Busy   in   London.
London,   May   1.���Tho Panama-Pa-
���Hlc Imposition commission appointed
by President Taft, lias ma-de an early
start in  putting    before  tlie   Biitish
;ovcrnmcnt the case for British par-
Iclpatlon in tbe In e national expos.-
���o:i to be hvld at San Pnnciico   ln
Thc members cf tho commi- io i
spent yeslerday morning ur.ang.n:
the program fcr their stay, in consultation with WMtelaw Reid. the
American ambassador and in the af
5i noon tliey called on Sir Edward
irty ��t the foreiga office.
Tie members of the parly were in-
ited by Foreign Secretary Grey to
ie ihe guests of the government at a
i nchec
by   Fcout   Master   R.    P.   Day,  Comma- d ng lst New Westminster Tiooj
Baden-Powell Boy Spout's,
May 1st., 11112.
The t oop will parade nt the Dill
Hall on Friday r.ext, May 3 d, ut
12 o'clock, prompt; Dress, "R:vl3\\
Order," with Water 1-otlos, lo attend the Crowning of tlie Moy Queen
The Scout Mattel's Expj'Ct eveiy
Scout to at'end.
Orderly Bugler for tbe d.iy, Corp
oril  Buglar Don. Trapp.
Tiie  Mounted   Patrol  and Cyclists
will parade at the Drill Hall on Wednesday, May 8th., at 7:.'10 p. m.   D.es
"Drill Order."
By  Order,
A bite of this and a taste of that, all day
lon;;, dulls the appetite aud weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���andcutout the "piecing".
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and-dyspepsia. SOc. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited.
of   the "Quieting
Tit ies Act,"
IN  THE  MATTER  of  Lots  1,  2 and
:;. in the Subdivision of lots lt! nn
17 end pait of 18, of Lot 1(5. Subu -
han H oc'< 10, City of New Wes'.mia-
ster, Map number 1,021.
Jessie Turnbull, of the City of New
Westminster, in tha Province oi Br.t-
ish Columbia, haa hj&tle appi cation
to tha Honorable Mr, Just'ca Muipby
for a Declaiatlon of Title to the
above mentioned pioperty under tht
"Quieting Titii'3 Ac-," and upon th
said application did produc3 evidence
whereby she appears to be the oWnei
therof in fee simile, fiee from al
I encumbrances, SAVE  AND  EXCEPT
C...W..���   ...     ra-  . cuUUUlUlftlllWBi    r>/\ \ Rl     ;\.**1J     r,.\^r.ri
;n in tbe House of Commons oo | a tert,iin\ Agreement o.' Si.le to Man
Thursday and they will be p euntel  ^   Horie,   deposited
.,    King    George    in    Buckijgbam i Reg^try Ofllce at tha
in  the    Lund
City   of New
Palace, Saturday. Westminster.    B.C.,    and numbered
The commissioners have not heard | ;,.;()(ISC> an(J Hereupon t|,e sai(t
inything further in rcga-d to the re- Ju:1j.e (!ld by order d.-.t-'d the 27th
pot ted unsympathetic attitude on the i (lay of Aprii> J..H2, older that all pe -
sons  having or  pretending  to  hav.
part   of   Russia  und   they   aie  hop
ful that reeling in that country in re-
?pect   to   the   passport   question   will
not  interfere  with their  visit  to St.
any title to or interest in the said
lands, or any purt thereof, is re iii.'re 1
on or before Ihe 31 Bt day or May
now next ensuing, at 10:30 o'cloci; i i
I the forenoon, l.-.t or alter whicli time
the sad Judge will sign the Did r.i-
  tion  of Titlo herein), to file a SUt?-
Satisfactory  Seeding  In  The  Prairies   merit  of his cr 1 e,- cl..i,m.  "nd  se.vo
���No   Reduction   In   Wheat. notice   thereof  on   the   Petitionfef,  or
Winnipeg, May 1.���Special c-. r.e- on Mesiii Whiteside & Sdmonds,
spondents of The Telegram throughout the prairie provinces \ve;e asked yesterday to lelegraph reports
joverlng seed conditions, ine eise I
area under cultivation and prospects
icnerally.    A   hundred  or   mo:e  re-
Re the south haif of the Northwest
Quarter of Section 5, Township 15 (except one-half acre thereof) ln the district of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title no. 430P, issued in tlu
name of Catherine Oliver, lias been
filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shail.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the lirst publication here
of, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue B
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Ttt1*!
Land Registry office. New Westminster, Ii. C, April 22. 1012.
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. V.. is held e>ery Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Pel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bre then
cordially invited. II. W. Harrison
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.j Jamei
Ferguson, P. G., recording seere
tary; It. B. Purdy, financial seere
plies were received and almos' without exception tli?se toll ot sitisr.ict-
irry progress with weather conditions, generally Bpeaklng excellent.
Saskatche .van appears to be somewhat further advan ed with i B B ed
ing operations than the other provinces. In Manitoba there is less uui-
toimlt;' of progress than elsewhere,
���md work is some Abut backward In
heavy clay hinds, but very well advanced  in  sandy   loam
There will be no reduction in the
acreage of wheat sown anywhere an'
a decided Increase In land unde
other grains. The complaint of a
shortage of labor is almost universal,
Some districts reioit having sufficient help, many report embarrassing
lack of it. Wages being paid sre
high, but the bulk of Immigrants
now coming Into the country are Bald
to he seeking homesteads for themselves or prefer work on railroad cn
struction  or labor  in  towns.
The city cf Tsingklangpu, aboul 200
miles North of Shanghai ind In tli
same province, Is the een re of thf
ivorst. famine dist iet in Cl Ina
From all the surrounding c untry,
refugees have come by hundreds to
this joint, In thn hope of Beeu Ins
help. There is little he'p ror them
here, however, for si\ months ago
the city was looted so thoroughly Ihat
many of the shons are s'itl close!.
All around the city tiie people -*fn dying daily by scores.    It Is ImposBlbi I
her Solictors, at thir o.Tice in tie
City of New Westminster, B.C., an i
in default thereof such claim will
tie haired, and tiie title of ihe said
Jessie Tmnbull become tlie line and
correct title to the said lands, and
a Declan tion cf Title will issu�� that
she i-s the legal nnd beneficial owner
in fee simple in 11 ssesslon of the
said lands and pn mi3es, SUBJECT
to the said above mentioned Agreement of Sale, ml SUBJECT "0 the
r serv ti n-i m nt'ened in Sic ion 23
of the said Act, but fee from nil
other ri.'lits. Interests, claims and demands   whatever.
DATED at the City of New W'St-
minstir. B. C, this 27th doy of Ap 11
A.  Ii.,  1912.
Solicitors, for the Petitioner.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall
at the expiration of thirty days from
'.he date of the Hist publication hereof cancel from the hooks of the Land
itegisiry Otlice, Ne* \\ esunliister,
B.C., a certain agreement for sale,
dated the 25th day of February, l!)ia
--'.\istlng between Charles S. Brown, aa
lendor, of Vancouvei-, 11. C. and Moui-
;on Shank as purchaser, formerly ol
Vancouver, B. C; said agreement for
.sale '-oiering the east half of lot 8,
and the west half of lot 9, block 1, heing  a  subdivision  Ot  east   ball or  lot
158,  group
1,  New  Westminster  dis-
C  3, REI I'll,
District Registtar,
Kew Westminster, B. C
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, II.C.j this 12th dav
of April, 1012.
Accountant. Tel. It 12S. Room
Trapp block.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Koom 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-Iaw, soilcltois, etc. Offices, Itoonn
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 107o
Adam Smith Johnston and Fratil
Alexander Jackson.
ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C.    Cable    address
-"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone f>9. W. J
Whiteside. II. L. Edmonds.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month, quar
terly meeting on the third Friday ol
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or iiuarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seen;
solicitor and notary, (110 Columbia
Btreet.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offices. Rooms 7 and P
Oulchon block, corner Columbia anr'
McKenzie streets: Vancouver f*f
flcps, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade. K. C.
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie, Q. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
D. Mcelroy
Chimney   Sweeping,
Eavetrough   Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cessnools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
In Stetson's "I.'ncle Tcm's Ct". in," at tlu Cicra I'.cllzc, 3;. :ird y, M.y 4.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box  772
Special low rates to all Eastern
points will be on saie commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. These rates can he used for passengers going to the Old Country.
For particulars and reservations
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodie,  G.P.A.. Vancouver
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop  611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally News.)
who do not receive   The News hefore
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Spring lamb, Beef,
Poi It Mon, and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth  St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
B;C. Coast Service
Leaves    Vancouver    10    a.m.    for
Seattle,  via  Victoria,    dally    except
Tuesday. ��
Leaves    Vancouver    11    p.m.    for
Seattle direct daily.
Leaves Vancouver 2 p.m. and 11.45
p.m. daily for Victoria.
Leaves    Vancouver     2   p.m.     for
Nanaimo daily ��xcer>t Sunday.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Weatmlnster.
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
M mal Waterr,   Aei ated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office: Princess At.
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and  workmanship Ruar-
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on ail
junk, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front Street.
Phone R 619.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761, Cor. 6t!i and Columhla
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonahle prices. Spring
Goods just, arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnis St., City. { *
THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1912.
The New Adminislrator Has Renewed
-.he Youth of (ha Country by De-
veloping Agriculture and Repressing Strife With a Strong Hand-
Archaeologists Put In Their Proper
Place���Is Building Good Roads.
The world knows Lord Kitchener
as a great soldier, remarkable for foresight and patience, la the negotiations at tho end cf tie Doer War he
showed himself a tactful, broad-mind.
td diplomatist; In Egypt, in four
months, he is univertiH,ly and grate-
lully recognized as an administrator
of genius. He is strong but sympathetic, always completely accessible,
finding no responsibility too great, no
detail too unimportant His interests
cover tho whole life of the country.
His ability to speak Arabic fluently
brings him into direct touch with tlie
Since Lord Kitchener has been in
Cuiro an almost startling stimulus
has been given to national prosperity,
anel  political  unre.-t   has   given  way
t'l    U    I* nlr*.*r,*/a    ��...!
t-i a welcome ai
obvious tranquility.
Personality counts for even more in
the east than it does in tha west, and
Lord Kitchener's personality has las-
cinated Kgypt, He is revered by the
Srudaneso as the savior of their
country from anarchy and ini.-rule.
and the Egyptians have come to re-
gar 1 Iiiiii hs the one man essential if
security and prosperity are to be attained.
For the moment at leas*, the stirrer
np of .-edition finds bis occupation
gine, and the so-calied Nationalism is
out of favor. The people are realizing
the possibility of security and all that
follows security, and they themselves
are giving thc cold shudder to the
agitators, one of the most prominent
Ol whom has, within the lust few davs.
shaken the dust.of Cairo from liis
slices anil departed for th; more promising atmosphere of Constantinople.
Lord Kitr-hener bas avoldod, wbero-
evcr possible, overt and abrupt action
ar ainst the sedition-mongers, though
f more than one of their organs hm
been quietly anil unostentatiously suppressed.
Cultivation of the Inn 1 is in an
eminently healthy condition, ami the
growing under.-tanding of the power
of the land and the good-will of the
administration in checking the habit
ol the "countrymen" of burying their
r Id us a precaution fnstea I ol em-
Joying it in tlie deVelopm:at of their
Tha cotton question " loms very
largely in Egypt, The crops have in
the past suffered severely fn in the
lmle.'ul activity of an inle.rting worln.
ami a Commission lias l>ce;i appointed t" proba the whole question anl
decide haw lhe evil enn be most cfli-
cuciou'lv treatel, It Is eliurarten'ttool Lord Kitchener's desire to d 'Vtlop
the Egyptian's sense of responsibility
that he asked Prince llus.ein to i��e
chairman of this eojmnisiion, Ry il--
ing this lie> gained the sympathy i'
the1 Khedive, pleased tbe people, an.l
secured the cej-operation of un ener-
geiic anel capable prince.
A determined effort is also bei no
made tu prevent the use ol bad see I
ly establishing (overnment dep. I*
iur the sale e.I seed. This will destroy
the frequent custom eif paying part
oi the price of the cotton in sceel. slid
will strike an indirect blow at Ihe
middleman. There is also a proposal
t i issue seed free for employment in
Government-controlled  fields,
Agriculture is also likely to bs stim
n'alel by another timely reform. Hi'li-
��� tti large ureas have been market!
_cff lor prospective excavation by the
"enthusiastic Egyptologists, and these
areas have oiten lain idle for years
waiting for this excavation. Now it
is being released for cultivation unless good nnd solid reason can bi adduced Ior believing it to be a worthy
subject for the archaeologist, who after all. is of less importance than thi"
peasant. While e\ery facility will st.ll
be given to him. and wliile aiy tetti-
t iry exh biting any promise for nis
labor vvill still be reserve I for bim.
tht' excavator will no longer be a
source ol agriculturn! wattage.
.W regard* treasure trove, steps will
be taken to prevent the rule whHi
divides tiie spoil between t' I (invein
ment and the discoverer from belli*
interpreted in surh a way . j tu cans.'
a e onstant outflow from Egypt of her
m>st valuable antiquities.
Tne physical Improvement in lhe
Egyptian is remarkable. The statur"
and stamina of the natives, both military and civilian, are the constant
theme of admiration to the foieigner.
Ophthalmia, whieh URe.l to infest
tbe land as a veritable plague, it*
Htendily decreasing. The traveling
hospital inaugurated by Sir Ernest
Cassel lias done splendid work, anl
steps are being taken to eoniba'. the
injury done by ingrowing eyelash in
children, whicn is uow recognized as
the great cause of mischief, and to
remove which deformity operations of
considerable difficulty m.i delicacy
are oiten necessary.
The Budget is the great measure of
a nation's prosperity, and it i.s therefore noteworthy that the financial advisor's note on the budget has been
greeted with great satisfaction.
Trade is good, and tradesmen in
Cairo who have suffered ever since
the "slump" of flve years ago. and
who have been adversely affected by
the war, express themselves as full of
hope aud confidence for the future.
the hotelkeepers reserving the sugges-
tioti.fchat their business has been iu
*(<ne. deeree curtailed by the attractions offered by Luxor .and Assouan.
One small but important instance
of Lord Kitchener's proverbial "driving power" may be noted in the roiul
which ls being made to Helouan,
Lord Kitchener is still an engineer
with a Roman eye for roads. It Is difficult Ior the stranger to realise that
access to this delightful rosort. with
its marvellously powerful au phur
baths and other curative privileges.
is still impossible by motor���and the
order that the road should be ready
lor inspection by May 1 has been ra-
celved witb gratification.      ._
Cutout  Repetition  of  a   Train   WrseW
Bnd a LucKy Ltcape.
Lord  Aeloii  lor  uiu llj   years  kept  a
I record ot culiuddenvea.   A very strange
i uue uccurreu   nil luu   bib own  experi-
I ence.
A rumor had spread that his wife
bud drowned Uemeif. She bnd done
nut bing ur lhe kind, but ll \vas quite
Irue that u Harmless Acton had drown- ',
ed herself at Tegernsee. where Lord
und I.ady Acton were aiaylng, and bud
drowned herself under tlieii very window.
!    Wie   Rtrangest   of   all   coincidences
noted b.v Lord Aci on concerned Sir KU-
mund  Berry Godfrey, who was miir- j
dared ut the bottom or what Is now 1
Primrose bill, but was then known us !
Green berry bill, In London.
I    Three men were banged for the mur- j
��� der.    Their names,  respectively, were j
Ureeo. Berry and Hill.
Some years ago n well known busi- j
ness   man.   who   wns. nt'cuaiumed   to
make weekly trips between un eastern
city and Chicago, bad the iincomfortu-
ble experience uf having u wheel break i
immediately under bis seat while the
train was going ut full speed.    It was |
only   by  the most  fortunate of   leaps
that be wus uble to escape losing his
life.    Naturally this experience made a
very deep Impression upon him.
It wns ulmost u year later thnt he
took tbe same (rain and by a strange
chance wus assigned the same chair.
During a chat wilh a friend whom he
had Just met he gUrnet-d out of the
window and recognized the landscape
and tbe very spot of bis narrow escape,
lie told the friend tbe story of the broken wheel, .lust ns he reached the
climax of bis recital, saying. "The cold
shivers go down m.v back ut the mere
thought of lt���there it Is again." incredible as It may seem, the Identical
accident happened on the same train,
almost between the same two lields adjoining the track, nnd the victim of
this oddest of coincidences barely escaped tbe same wu.v ns before.
Sucb weird coincidences nre nlwnys
difficult of credence, but no less nn au-
tbonity than llarwln. the naturalist,
mentions one of Ihe same kind, tbough
different  lu  degree.     Oue uf u   party
. whereof Darwin was a member was
speaking of lhe earthquake of Tnlca-
Uuiino. in northern Chile, on which occasion the father hud lost nil his property and llie narrator himself had
barely escaped with bis life. Then,
writes Darwin, there ensued a curious
coincidence. A (ieriuun, one Bf the
party, got up. s.nviug thnt be would
never sit hi u room In those countries
with the door shut. ns. owing to his
having done so. he mice nearly lost lus
life nt Sopbipo, Accordingly, tie opened the door. No sooner hnd he dona
so thtlll he cried oni, "Here il conies
iignin.'" nnd mint her stim k i omuiem ed.
The whole party awti|wd.���tfc Louts
Abandoned  Mines.
|     Old worked out inlues nre often hlell- '
i ly dangerous,    When they are ulmost
i forgotten lhe ground above tbem will
! sometimes rove In with disastrous re-
j stills.    It  is uot an  uncommon  ihUig
j In   uu   uld   mining   district   to   see   a
house or even part of a town that hns
* teen wrecked by dropping Into uu uu-
suspected uud lung nbniiduned tunnel
1 beneath.    The    ordinary     preventive
i nieihod   used  In   American   mines   Is
I more or less extensive timbering.    A
method used In European and Australian  mining districts Is the tilling ot
iibnndoued workings with sand.    This
is  a   somewh.it expensive method  to
start  wltb, but once done no further
thought need  be  given to It.  as the
abandoned mine has practically heroine
once more a part of tbe solid crust ttt
tbe earth. i
Scalping the Dead.
Just when the mutilation of the dead
by tearing tbo skin from Ibe bead began will never be known, for tbe origin
Is lost in tbe midst of nges. tbe record I
extending back beyond even tbe mythical period of man's existence, in the
book of Maccabees It Is recorded tbnt
nt the termination of one ot tbe battles of which that bloody history Is so
full tbe victorious soldiers tore tbe
skin from tbe bends nf tbeir vanquished fopR. This would he evidence that
tbe custom of scalp taking was one uf
the Indulgences even of those people
of whom we bnve record In tbe Bible.
BoulUr's     Lock    Enlarged
Spots on River.
London, May 1.���AU travelers ta
London, particularly Americans, who
have tried the beauties cf the
Thames, know Boulter's Lock, near
Maidenhead, that busy tc.ne of r v<?r
gaiety, especially cn Sund-iys. Xcx:
time they see it th.e scene wlll be
altered, for it is now in the hands
of the engineers and will presently bs
iestoie:l to the public use enliigeJ
and   transformed.
Tbs ���packing'' of Boulter's Lcclj on
fine summer afternoens and evenings
is one of the tyi leal sights cn the
liver, though the process��� Um'r.b!;
cariisd out by tho lock-keeper���is no;
without misgivings tn the t'mM wio
pass through. Over two thjuir.ni
bous of aJJ kiuds use t ;i.s busy p;ck
on a single day in tha season; bur
Ascot Sunday sees it at its high
water marls. Then "all the world anj
his wife" may be seen thrrn;;'ng thr
narrow waterway, present ng a lively
pie ture to ins;iie the brush of an
The name of the lock rtCslU the
bad old days when lock-keeprs wore
not servants of the public, un'er the
cent ol of t'ie Conservancy bnn'd, bu
profit-seeking owners, whn eh rg'd
bat'ng people what seemed good in
their own eves. Of lite yea-s til-
iu-ie't of all Tlnmes lcc'.ts has been fj|
palpably Inadequate for tie traffic
passing th'oush it. The widening
rr'Tine will be on eo e-tensive a
scale that it wiil involve a portion o"
beautiful little Ray Mill I land, one o:
the most charming siots in ihe upper reaches of the Tham?s. Here 1��
b?in<r rcrrVurted an interesting
novelty In hydraulic engineeiing and
one th"t is likclv to bn extensively
copiel in other places, wherever It l=t
reoulred to auic'ily tran fjr a la-g^
number of litht craft from one v/at3r
level  tn fno'her.
Worked by Electr c'ty.
It consist? of a boat conveyor, wirk-
ed by electricity ani aci'ng similarly
to a moving slni cise. Th1 bn-ts will
elide cn to the "conveyor," nnd aut>
nrt'cally will hc carried yently fir-
ward until the-/ glide off into th?
water on the further sirle. The enn-
'���evor is inte nded enly for skiffs and
l'?Mt boats, which enn pass ever cn-
tinuo-isly, leaving the ma'n loc': free
for the psssage of heavier craf .
In summer time no shnd'er o* mnr?
delightful retreat f.om tlie busy worl."
could be foun.l than the le fy wilks
on Bay Mill Island, Another wrll-
known spot to Thames boat ine partes is Monkey is'and. just brlnw Bray,
which takes its name from the g o
tesque derorations of monkeys in th?
hcure which was erected by tb? second Duke of Marlborough as a fishing
feat. Equally popular is the famnur
11'tie Eel-pl? Island, off Twickenham,
to which the gourmets of a former
nre came to feast on the delicn'e ries
whic'i ��ive their name to the met
The e-1 pies have disappeatel >vi!i
th' whl'ehnit "tinners at Gremwic'-,
but the Island on Sundays rnd pubic
lirI! 'a s Is sllll cine of the jljdl:st
spots on the silver Thumrs.
"We Furnish Your  Home Complete.'
When you make your May
Day Purchases by taking
advantage   of  our  Special
The American Lally Corsets.
Latest and b:st in d?6ign and
quality, $1.50, ?2.50 and $5.00.
That continues al.l this wetk.
Our Dry Goods
Da partment
Is crowded with the very newest and
best to be had:. Cloaks, Dr:sses,
Hosiery, Ribbons, Ties and Laces.
We can fit out the chi'dren in all
they require for the May Day festivities and at-the generous discount of
15 Per Cent.
More new Suits just in from the
East. Swell style3 at $15.00,
$20.00 and $25.03.
New Westminster
Grand Trunk System--"S.S. PRINtf GEORGE
To PRINCE  RUPERT, connect'ng for STEWART     /  MONDAYS
and QUEEN  CHARLOTTE ISLANDS. \  12 Midnight.
For sailing dates and Information, apply Company's Office.
GRAND TRUNK  PACIFIC RAILWAY���Leaves    Prince    Rupert    for
East Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, 1:00 p.m.
Ask for ILLUSTRATED LITERATURE giving particulars of agricultural land on GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY in BRITISH
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T, A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street.
g Jewell
ring jewelry
We have Opened Up Our New Stock of Spring
Jewelry.   Inspection Invited.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
All About Stealing.
"Whr do .vou <iilI your story Tha
Thieves' HomnneeV"'
"Because It la all about stealing;."
"WeH, Ibe story of the romnnrecoea
this way. 'Sbe stole n look: tben be
stole n kiss. Next tbey bnd stolen
meetings, tbey stole a uinrcb on tbeir
friends, and both stole uway."
"1 suppose ibe next thing they will
be stealing back."
Pl��>- Wae Over.
A German general on Inspecting hla
troops nt tbe close of tbe war address-
ed them thus:
"Now, my children. w�� can once
more get seriously to work. The pastime of war ls at an end. and drill
must go on regularly, aa heretofore."���
London Tit-Bits.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Wanted Hia Pet.
"Who! did your lawyer friend say
wben you asked him for hia daughter?"
"Be refused to answer any queatioa
without a retainer."���Satire.
A Hint te Headquarter*.
npnd of the Firm-J don't aee bow
yon nre going to support a wife oa
your  present salary.    Smart Clerk���
Neither do I, air.���London Punch.
Many things ret. well dona tbat an
not worth dels*.  _ _
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLJ) DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ i /
portions to cleanse m^^)J///��
easily^ vigorously, J!^ n
and without harm to. ""*
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
3'our work." I	
1 Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades ""of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.	
Now U the time to build for tale or rent while prices are low
Free, and Gonl. Mgr.       Vice-President See. and Treaa.
-   LUMBER CO., LTD.   ���
Manufacturer* and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea Na. 7 and 877.   8hlnglee, 8Mb, Doors, Mouldings, Etc FAQEFOUR.
THUR8DAY, MAY 2, 1912.
��� Published eyery morning except
Sunday b.v Th^jiNatlonal Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office.
H6J McKensie Street, New Westmin-
tmbor B - C
Business Office 	
���Editorial  Office   	
By carrier $4 ver year, $1 lor three
awmths, or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per year, or 2oc por
Westminster Weekly News ?1 per
year. -
. I, (Mill
. R 999
THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1912.
Work lor Westminster, the emplra's
port to he. This is the five aim set
.before the Westmlnstei P.ogressivc
association hy Mayor Lee at its first
-meeting. By allowing that the Fras?r
river belcnzs not to Westminster only
lint io Canada and the empire as a
whoie, the Mayor lifted the progressive assoe iation out of the local rut
and placed It at once on a wide pirn?
Where it must be every good man's
plit!,! to wqrk. This Is no narrow
boosting moveinnt for selfish p-oflt
Jbut a campaign for the utilization fo ���
the beneflt of the Britis'i people cf
the world of one of the greatest gifts
wilh which nature has dowered Kins;
George's hroad dominions. A great
Britis'i freshwater Paciflc roit is
needed and .this the progressive men
of Westminster mean to secure h^re
���on the Fraser river where conditions
are the most propitious.
It is worthy of remembrance that
a year and a half ago Sir Edward
Tennant, noted British capitalist, in
a remarkable speech addresesd tD the
Canadian Club in Vancouver expressed hope that before not very long we
would see two Dreadnoughts flat-tiig
not on the wat?rs of Burrard in'et
but on the broad Fraser. Yes, the
Fraser is clearly the port of the future
but the need cf the Progress club is
made strikingly clear by Mayor Lee's
statement tbat in the East although
things are changing, still but few p.o-
ple are aware of the great possibilities existing,, bore. This is not as
It siiould be. This city is built on
n hill, but it appears that in the past
It has been ahle to he iiid. Tliose
days, howevw.-'s+e passing and if tie
Made irom pure, grape cream oi tartar
Makes home baking easy. Nothing'
can equal it for making, quickly and
perfectly, delicate hot biscuit, hot-
breads,   muffins,   cake   and   pastry.
Protects the food from alumt
Let Me Know What
You Think of This���
Will You ?
months), payable as long as she
might live, could have been purchased for $1,992. The mother coul.i ther
have lived happily with her daugh
ter for tlie remainder of her days,
the son-in-law would have regarded
the mothers presence in the home
us a boon rather than a burden, and
lhe I'nmily ties would have remained
unbroken. But best of all, the comfort and ban iness of the dear eld
mother, who had nursed tliem ln
their infancy, had, perhaps, spent
many a Bleepless night in anxious
attendance upon them when Ihe
"Dread .Messenger" was hovering
near, ready to snatch them away
from her, and who had guided their
young  footsteps in  the  straight  and
growing seed that is known to be
pure an I of a definite variety to send
a Quarl sample to tbe agronomy department of the state college at
Brookings, together with a letter slating how much of this seed he has far
rale and the price wanted. Barring
on.e unfortunate seasonal cond tions,
ihe state college will also have a
quantity of impioied teed of the best
varieties  for distribution.
Value of Good Seed.
In early winter a list of seeds and
seed glowers will be prepared anl
sent to all members of tlie association
by the agronomy department. Tills
information will be sent also to anyone who requests it.
In other words, the agronomy ele-
narrow path���would lhen have been [ partment will act us a clearing-house
assured for all time. Happily la Can- for thc bringing together of buyer and
ada cases of this kind are few, and seller fcr the dissemination of pure
they will be sti l fewer In the years ?eed. According to Professor Hume,
to come if the boys and girls of to-1 agronomist at the state college, the
day can only be induced to pay into) farmers of South Dakota could ad 1
the Annuities S; stem a few 'cents I $16,000,000 to thoir bank recount ev-
each wer-k. For example, a young I ery year b.v the Intelligent use of pure
man of If) by pacing in fO certs a j seed of the best varieties of wheat,
week until he is 60 may purchase oats, corn and other cereals. This
an Annuity of $352.76; end a young J woul I add an equivalent of ?32 to
woman starting at the same age an : I thc hank account of every man,
paying a Uke amount    tor tbe same! woman   and   child   In lh"  ��t:.te.
A client came in yesterday and said: "Mr. Kerr, I've got to
raise some money, and get out of town immediately. You know
my three lots on the corner of Royal Avenue, .Dufferin and Alice
Street" ?
"Yes," I said, "They are worth about $13,000 or $14,000."
"All Right," he replied, "I will take an even $10,000 for them
if you can get me the money within three days."
Now that is such a good proposition that I can arrange a loan
of $7000 on the property, for anybody that wants to buy it. So if
you have $3000 you can have $13,000 worth of property on the best
corners in town, and pay the balance of $7000 almost any way you
want to.
The description of the lots is as follows:
Corner of Dufferin Street, Royal Avenue and Alice Street
three large lots, each 66 feet by 132 feet and having a frontage of
one hundred and ninety-eight feet on Royal Avenue; one hundred
and thirty-two feet on Dufferin Street, and one hundred and ninety-
eight feet on Alice Street. Cleared, with large eight roomed thoroughly modern house, with full sized cement basement, cement
floor, furnace, fire-place, etc.; about thirty fruit trees on property-
excellent apartment house site, facing on the car-line; good magnificent view af Fraser river; only a few minutes walk to Post
Office.   Price for three days $10,000, for the three lots���$3000 down
Progress club will keep toge'.her, keep/ ��~.-~j.  - ������- -������     ������   ������ ������*���-,  -
���.,._  -,r ..._   ��#.��� _-.���  ���.,.   ��,.   ..mmir 1 Pmroiit.   could   secure   e a   Annuity   ori
mvtii-m ml, turn  amm ana nix   tat tumtrlj^yfi   which.   0*tnS   to   tier   louerrv-'
he forgotten even for a week, a great \.-ty  |)tins swlcrinr. lg  somewhat less!
futute is assured for tlle city taroug'.i   Hum   he  would   reclve.    The  age  cf
ihis organization of Us best spirit.        60 to a young man or woman of 20
But to make tbe club an  effective   ���y 8een\a lon,s *H>' off- but '" m '>'
, interest   them   to  know   that,   accord-
organisation,   a inn   membership is tng t0 mort.li:y expeii-.nce, of 10.000
necessary.  Anil  those numbers  must j of  either   sex   starting   at   20   ccnld
614 Columbia Street Westminster, B. C
Phone Numbers 1090-1091
(Continuea irom page onei
���attend any and eviry rally of the clul
���which rallies themselves must hs
I'reijuent. Tliey must be ready to
-sacrifice other engagaments for t'ie
sake of tlie club. One of the strongest theories respecting the psych:logical side of war is that the army wi:>-
the greatest concentrated wlll p w -.
io Mil wil prove victorious, It i
that concentre tei and organized will
(o win that will make Westminsti]
Jake the 1 Lire she deserves anioig
Ahe po.ts cf I c A-oild.
Ix;t everj body tlien, rich and poor,
eld and yorng, make up his mnl t;
make Westminster great for tha sak;
ot the trade of Canada and the Hritish Empire, regardless of whether he
make money by bis city's p: ogress
���or not. If all are determined and
ready to make sici.lcrs for the cauie,
succers is ultimately assured.
Signs are already appearing on the
aslre'-ts that the storekeepers ate not
forget;ul of their piomlses to dr s.
itheir windows for May Hay. If this
roatler ha3 escaped the memo: ies of
.any of them, let them now remember
before' i: is too late and eld thei.
very best, if not to win th- "Daily
News" cup, nt lr;:st to help in in iking
n hr.ne show for what is going to
lie the best May Day ever.
ln thc correspondence column of a
contemporary there recen'iy appeared  a  question   ny  a  soti-in law   with
whom  his   wife's   mother   had   been
living iis to whether Other members
of th" family (three so.-isi, who were
t-aid to be   able   though   unwilling,
���could  he  compelled   to   hear   a   portion nf tbe expense of tlie  mother's
maintenance'. SI e had bein living wi >
-one of the sons, and the brother-in-
law hnd  been  asked lf she could  iu
boarded in  his    house    so that   the
dHughicr might  look after her.  This
w,ib agred to, hut the board money
was  not   paid,    and    after  eighteen
months   of   squabbling     tlie   ejili s Ion |
was asked.    The    answer was diplomatic, namely,  that   tlie matter was
-one  which    required    most   judicious
handlnr , and  thai   a  solicitor should
he   consiilte'd.       I hid   tlifv  person   In
���charge ol the question column known
of the   Canadian   Qoverr,msnl Ant-.ii-
Itlcs Byatpm,    the wliesl    thing he
could have done woul i have he(,n to
recoijitiietirl ,thc   j<ui chase  of   a  Gov-
erably   more  than   50  per  cent,   will I
he still  living e-ven  at 65.    The:e -is   lowed  by  the  ex-queen's  speec'.i   rn:l
more than an even chance that you
will  he one of the 5,000
Information as to the cost of an
Annuity ut any age may he secured
on application to t'e Pes master, or
to the Superintend! nt of Annul ias,
Ottawa, to whom your letter may be
rent   without postage.
Calgary, May 1.���Charged with
preylug upon public sympathy in'
credulity, tsar At derscn is undei
arreK and the police ate now look-
In, for a man said to be hls partnei
in crime-.
Anelerson has during the pas:
month made a fairly complete canvass of the eitv, bcKglng. A lette
which he carried alleged that he was
deaf and dumb ancl In nee I of fundt
c I'tocure an education whicli would
fit him for work.
No-v ii is asserted that Anelerson is
iieithei deaf nor dumb. Calgarl ns
with their usual responsiveness to the |
need'; of the unfortunate subscribed
liberally, The book of c-. .11 ctions
which Mieiersin carried repiesenteda
very *,:v;.\i fereentage of the dona
tinns made. Last week he- called at
houses and was leferieil to the Asso
dated Chai Ides,
llo failed to e'all on the' o'g.iniza
.im and sus; it-ion was aroused. Hev
li. A. McKH'.op nctif.ed the pil'ce
;\'k! Anderson was arr sted thle
morn'ng. Correspondence was found
cn him that convinced Ihe pol'Ce ol
ih. unstablll'y of !l.; claims, Tfcfl let
;e a \-,i��� (��� from a triand in Beat 1
v lm arrived Inro this week. Thej
. oi tJ of tlie way In wbich be waa play
ing the game. This friend's b gg g ���
was secured and the offices are now
looking f;r him.
Anderson was examined by a nhysl-
clan this morning and uo trace of
vocal 'ef cts was apparent. In cur
bo was charged with begging, and
wtote back to ray tbal he was deaf
and'dumb nnd Couldn't gel work. He
was remanded until Monday, It Is
f|iille probable that he will be turned
over to tie immigration authoiities
to be deported.
she at its completion will crown the
Queen of May, upon wbich the e w-ili
be j;ivfii a generri salute b.v the buglers. Tiie bsrd 11 ys Gad Save the
King. Then the Mny Queen speaki
o her vassals, ai. . i e ma?t;r of ceremonies subsequently calls for three
ctce s for the Queen of the May.
Twenty-four maidens will then
elance the Maypole dunce, and follovv-
ing, the children vvill dance around
four Maypoles in the us-iiul manner
with ribbons.
The Hoy Scouts and Boys' Brigade
will next march oast aud the piesen-
tation of medals t) membe s of ihi
latter corps will be effected by the
May Queen, ine candles and fiuit
will then be distributed, and the
sports and exhibition of the Girl
Qui 'e3 wiil follow.
The May Queen, having secured ber
presents, will he driven to visit St.
Mary's and the Royal Columbian hos-
I Ital, and at St. Ann's c nvent ih-
girls there will line up and greet Iur
With chorus s. She returns In llm?
to take part in the lelurn procession
and proceeds lo the home of the ex-
queen where the regal banquet is
held, and after this function enters
:lie hall af H o'clock, sho and the master e.-f ceremonies leading off tbe
grand march, Tho children 'ance till
I0r30, tiir-n their elders have the floor
:iii i a.m. ti is ('stimuli d thai between 8000 and 1000 wll1 b ��� pres n
at the ball.
Special Cars.
|   Arrangements have beea mad
the H. C. B, U. c.
Club of Colorado Youngsters to Compete   at   Lethbridge.
Iluxtnn, Colorado, May 1.���A. M.
Axelson. one of the foremost dry-
iarmets of Eas'.ern Colorado, announces tbat he will make' a veiy
large exhibit of dry-faimtd p oducts
including grasses, grrin and frui' a!
the International Dry-Farmed Products Exposition at Lethbridge, Oc-
tcbe- 21-26. Mr. A>ebon has hi en
one of the largest prize wi:.nrr-i at
the Dry-Farmed Products Exposition the past three years, anl for
two ;vars his son was or.e of the
pri/e winners.
Till* j ear tiie Boys' nnd Girls'
Corn Club is arranging^ send an exhibit of wheat, as well as corn, and
the yountrsters have select'd their
reed and will prepare their plots, and
with the success e>f the boys In the
1011 seed corn contests, they look
hopefully forward to bringing to
Colorado a Rumely tractor engine, or
some other of the valuable sweepstake prizes that are offeied.
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. K. It. Co. station for
Vancouver ut 5:00, 5:45 and
fi:45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until 'midnight.
Sunday Sen ice.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at fi:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8::!0, 0:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
Xew Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. It. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:15, fi:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service,���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu      Island     Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraaer Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way polnta at
4:06 p.m.
The Seminary Property
Better Seed Movement.
Brookings, S. D, May 1, ��� Tlie
South Dakota Experlmenl Association lias been organized al Brookings for thi? purpose of the systematic
exchange, interchange and dissemination oi nine seed nml agricultural
information. This association wll!
Include all tbc graduates of the
scliool of agriculture of die state college, tlie graduate! (<f the college of
agriculture, and al) former students
of any department of the collouc who
Interested In scientific fi
mpany to pul on    a
speoial service, Cars will i -,-v,. Vu.
park as follows! For Sappeiton at
4=80 and i; for B. C. i-i it lo'pot
via ( olumbfa street, i o'cloi i< r,���'
���-. C. E. R. depot via Edmonds and
rwelfii, street, l o'clock; for Van
couver, two ears ut 1 o'cl ck.
The company has also agreed to J
provide five special cars to csrry thel
children In the procession. The car
which brings the Boy Scouts over
from Vancouver at n o'clock In the
forenoon, will leave- Queens naik on
the return Journey at 11 p.m.*
43:875 ft,
43.875 ft
18 ft,
16 ft.
ernment  Ahsiul*.;   At her ng,.  (76) I 8���uKaCa * "^^ fam'n* *
tt. Annuity of *300 (,76 -very three      The  plan   is  for  everyone  who  is
Ho   Kept  His  Word.
Medicine Hat,   May   L���In   u -i ;,r-
rel with a neighbor over a  valuable
team of horses,  I/ewis Sowi'tbr :o'e, a
homesteader)   living  uo   mil s  ndrfi
of Irvine,    on    Thursday    shot    ths j
horses  in   dispute,    along     with   two I
others, and  then  turned  Ihe piin  on
himself.      He  purchased    the  horses'
from Jas. Robertson a year ago, but
failed   to   meet   hls   payments.     Rob-'
Vflson threatened lo take the horses
away, but Sowoibrack said    hi*. v,-j,i)d
should Imself and the  horses  before
he would give them up, and kept his
The above six lots in the choicest residential portion
of the city, are now offered for sale. Lots 2 and 3
subject to a short lease. Terms: One-fourth cash,
balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, 7 per cent. For further particulars apply to
i.?; THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1912.
Mope. B.C., has oieauized a lacrosse club with these officers: Honor-
ery presidents, Con Jones, Vancouver,
aud Ci A. Welsh, New Westm'nster;
president, 11. V. Cottreil; vice-presl'-
dents, R. S. Chestnut and J. P. Cun-
ningbtap; secretary-treasurer, R. 3,
U'uide. A game has beea arrange 1
lor May 5 with a team from Katz
Landing and will be played on the
1 ecrcatlon grounds, Hope. Captain C
Smith will captain the home team.
Tiie Salmon Bellies held anouier
��� till workout last evening, all (he
members of the team with the exception of Harry Hyland being out ia
uniform. Harry is expected in a few
days and will make the roster com
I l"te. On account of the Mav Day
festival, the practice scheduled f>-
Friday has been moved forward i<j
this evening. Another one will h��
held on Saturday ufternoon, ir the
weather Is  propitious.
Burnaby  Police   Court  Busy   Place���'
Automb lists  Fined���Trouble of
Automobi'Utj Fined���Troubles of
Edmondi,    May l.���Before    Acting
Magistrate H. D. Curtis t.ij morning ^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Ly.Tli a.uto,mobilist3. Jam.s    Layfkll, F're Brigade to Pose for Moving Pic-
,.   ., ��� A   McLe:��n. ot Vacc.uver ani, ture  Man.
����� H. Savage, of Xew    Westminster,)     As near 10
were    charged   with    exceeding    thei Bible  lt
*peed  limit  within    the municipality
The Senior Amateur lacrosee >o.i;n
held their first regular practice 0.1
Moody sqUare last evening. The election of a captain was hell over tu
the next practice, several of the regi*
lars not bein& ln attendance.
��� *
��� BASEBALL. ���
��� *
Northwestern League.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Portland  8    6 .588
Victoria     S      6 ,of,��
Spokane  7    n .5.19
Vancouver 8     7 .630
T  ��� oun H      8 .424
Seal le  ���>    9     -357
Yesterdaj 't> games.
At Vancouver���Vancouver 4, Port-
Ian I  3.
At  Seattle���Seattle 4, Victoria 3.
Al S;>okane���Spokane 14, Tacoma 7
a.m. on Friday as pos-
has been arranged for the
fire brigade of the city to make a
spectacular dash up Columbia street,
and while doing so a moving pic.ure
of the scene will be taken by Mr. La-1
r    _# , mont of Pathe Freres, who will    ai
Parklnscn aud Offlcer McNeely I rive in the city early in the mo.nin
Provincial   police,    and    thev I for^ that purpose.
Tommy   Burns   Complet n?   Arrangements   for   Bayley-Allen   Fight.
C: Igary, May L���Despatches from
Qttawa daring the past, week have
stated tbat Allen is suffering from Injuries leoelved to his eyes in his last
flght Tommy Hums his been assured
by the Canadian champion that although be went under an operation
lie has thoroughly recovered frcm the
effects and his bout with Bayley ls
The fi;e for the bout at Bassano
has heen selected by those interested
nnd plans arranged for the erection
of seiti to seat thousands of people
The rin? will be situated la tlie centre of the Arena built high in'-ugii
(or every terson in the house to see
everj movement of the boxers
ihrnjghout the engagement. Ring an'
reserved seats, back seats ani gen-
1 il admission seats have b:ea so a-
1 insed to mak�� lt possible for the
management to seat as many popb a?
possible in as small an area as possible. The hout will probably tike pi c?
eaily in the evening before lt ts dirk
and  the  use of electric light  w'll b
r   ell d     This   wiil   m:-an   that  the
��� rs will have natural light du In?
;he contest.
AI read:   Tommy  Burns has arrang
< d to run special trains from Calgary
and  other  polnt3  in   Albe'ti  to   Ba?-
ino  r>n   the  day  of  the  bout.    Two
baseball gamps, between Calgary-?ni
:���   s-ano   Western   league  t:ann   wl I
e  ; iiyed during the day. before th^
:', and an eatly special treli  will
he supplied to carry prssenge-s from
Calgary   wishing;  to take In this  ccn-
-1     it may be possible that fpc'al
ies f om the Coast anl cities In t'ie
Kast   may  also  be  arranged  for  the
day of tie contest.
licth bayley and Allen have started
1 i train in real earnest for the bout
and urim: May they will endeivor to
finish tbe preliminary milling, after
which both will come to Bassano to
iind drew fines of $10 ani costs each.
Two others from Vaucouver, John
McMillan and V. K. Begg failed to ap
I ear. Their cases were proved by
Chief n���!.���- ���^^^^^^^"
of the rrovincial police, and they
were  fined  the customary  amount.
Two teamsters, hailing from Lulu
Island, fell into the toils of the police,
being charged with throwing stones
���hrough a tent on Fourth Avenue and
Douglas Hoad, tenanted by H. H. Jes-
seman. The defendants while passin-?
the tent on Aprll U7, commenced
a bombardment of the tent, several of
the rocks penetrating through the
canvas, knocking over a lamp ani
narrowly missing Jessamin's head.
The cadi was a li tie lenient with
them owing to the fact that they had
gone b.ic'i to tbe tent end had offered
to pay any damages v.trc'i had resulted from their s>c:ill:d playfulness.    He   fned   th:m  $5  ; nd  costs.
The troubles-, of on?, J. C. Williams.
w'10 yestcdiy linishei a sentence of
thirty davs In the p'orncial Jail fo-
ugiiig threatening language, are by no
means over. Officer S'evtns was
wai'ns outside the jail gate^ yesterday morning and took Wililam? in
tow to answer a charge cf theft laid
against him by a resident, of East
Col'lngwocd. He will be heard tomorrow  morning.
Industries Do Not Support Moving
Pictures���Match Co.'s Film.
Thus far only two of the industrial
once.ns along tha city's waterf ont
have notified the public'ty commissioner of their willingness to assist
financially In the project of taking a
moving picture view of the riverside.
Ttie scheme will, therefore, have to
be abandoned unless others come int:
line immediately.
The Dominion Match company has
arranged to take 500 feet of film illus
tracing Its plant and this will be
(laced at the disposal of Mr. Stuart
Wade when tlie views of Westminster
and the May Da.- are sent east. Tht
headquarters of the company wi I thus
be shown as being in this city.
The plan so far Is that the auto
containing the picture apparatus shall
go down Columbia street while the
fire chief ani his entire comman I
will come up the street, thuj allowing the picture operator to get a
good view of the whole as he passes
down the stieet. This method has had
to he adopted so as to conserve thj
film as much as possible.
while welcoming people on the
etreet at that hour lt Is hoped that
wagons may be kept out of the way
so as not to Interfere with the success of the scheme.
Pictures of the May Day procession
en route will be taken from tiie
Crescent between 1 and 1:30 p.m. II
Is ho;ed that a large number cf the
citizens will gather there CO as to
mike an interesting picture, the gay
procession, crowds of onlookers, the
river nnd the lonj, causeway sttetch-
Iny t'..e eto in the background.
.Nine and one-half acres in Cociuitlam, near the
Burnaby Boundary), and the Golf Links. ���	
The property has a road cn two sides, Is easily cleared  and bas
a beautiful southern slope.
The price Is right at  $900 per acre,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
North    Hoad  (the
Terms,    one-fourth    cash.
Ihe Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. I. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Sireet New Westminster
Thursday, Friday and
Singing,  Talking and
Comely  Acrobats  Who
Hea'.Iy Funny.
Everybody needs at least ONE
variety, prices from 20c to 75c.
good    Whisk.     Here    are a great
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
DVAl   I      DRUGGIST  and
���* ��� /^%l-l_   OPTICIAN
���PHONE 67
Figures Breaking   Records on
Wlnn'pcg, May i.���The W'nnip??
clearing house re-urns for tlr> month
of April were *lla,841,0Sfi. Dur.ng
the same month in 1911 the total
was JS2.148.410, wMle \pril. 1910,
amountel to $70,546,417. Tre increase
riils year o<er t'"e same month lns'
year is $33,692,607, and over 1910
A tood start hns hern male toward
another year's record for the building
trade of the city. With the buHd-
inc permits Issued yesteday, th'
total for the first four ronths has
already exceeded the $5,000 000 mirk,
the exact  figures   being  ?.",005.00O.
Extensive adiltlcns are lo he nnde
this year to the high prrssure dis-
tri"ts of the city, j About faur and a
half miles of extra bish pressure
mains are ot he laid at an estimated
cost of $100,000.
All  Week by Request
Wizard of the Accordsajn
New Selecti-n3.
r'rst   Run   Pictures 4.
10c���A D MIS S10 N���20c.
London.    May    1.���At    the    annuil j 'Unc,e Tom'* Cabin.' the P'.ay That I*
The most Important battle that Ad
U'oigast will have figured In sine? arriving at the HghtWelght title will
take place at Vernon, Cal., on July 4,
when he mees the husky litt'e Mexican, Joe Rivers, for th? 1 gh:weight
hamj lonshln of the world. For soma
time it was feared this match woull
possibly fall thi ough. But articles
for the boat have been s;gned ani
Hiere will be a swaimlng procession
of Bght fans to Vernon to see tre
banner | uf-llistlc event of the Amert-
,-i-i national holiday. The fight. tj
regar'ed as the most critical one that
Wr,iu' t has undertaken since hs won
the championship from Battling Nel-
son.    HI vers ls a hard hitter and is
 cted  10 be a Uttle handler with
his   mitts   than  the  Cadil'ac  boy  Is.
At   the  same  time,   the  followers of
the game th'n!�� that Wolgast will win
if he is In his best form. But whether
lie wi 1 be or not ls the point that is
1 ee[tng some of the wise oneB guessing.    Ad has undergone an operatton
for  appen Ileitis,  which  has  weaken,
ed   bim considerably and m*f ���������
Lis    (lEhtlng    abirty,    although   the
champion states that he Is oulte recovered from the efTec-s cf the rp- -
atlon and serious attack with wh ch
he was seized.    Rivers, on the   other
hand, is a comer of the first water.
game  and clover, wilh abHty to assimilate the severest kind o. *��*�����
mont.       He Is the greatest Mexican
the ring has known since tho palmy
davs of Hererra. and Is regarded as
considerably better than   that tough
little irrenscr was when he was flgnt-
In?   rt   his   best.     Wolgast   has   not
he en doing ns much fighting since ha
won the belt ns the enthusiasts would
like to see   him   do.   but the   n w 1
comes  from   bis  enmo  that   he  w��s
never in a het'.er trim to defend tha
chamuionship  and  clear his  oath  or
another  ambitious  bov  who has visions of landing the big prize of the
lightweight dlvjslon.
general meeting of the Publishers' a
sociation, the members spent part of
their time in considering tbe Imnort-
atjpn of iirated editions of bco'ts.
In the re;,ort circulated among the
English publishers att.n.ion was
drawn to the :'.oings of a Portland,
Maire concern, dJscrlbed as "cne o:
tbe most, unabashed of pirates, who
unHuihinuly offers to send his contra-
bsnd literature to buyeis In thi;
country through the post.'1
One result of this warning is to
convince En&Ilih publishers cf the
need to eserc se greater care in complying with all the regulations of the
American copyright law. It was pointed out, as a proof ot carelessness, thit
one of the boo'cs supplied to a customer In this country by this Portltnd
flrm hai not been entered b- it3' publisher in the custom house list.
While so much atten ion was paid
to the American pirate, very little
was said about the larga numbers of
the Tauchnitz e'lticn of popular
books which tourists bring b_ck with
them from the continen'. These paper-backed volumes are ln nearly every pri'-ate library, though their
imroittlon even In single copies, ls
technically an infringement of the
English law.
Was With Franklin.
Winnipeg, May 1.���John McDonrli
aged 90, of Lockport, St. Andrews,
died yesterday. He had resided at. St.
Andrews since 1854, having Eet led
there after returning from Franklin
search expedition. On th's expedition
he was selected by Jchn Rae to
seaich for Sir John Franklin in 1S53
and 1854. Of Rae's party, there is
now but one survivor, Mmdo McLennan, of Neliy  Creek, near Guelph.
Nine acres, two
cleared, dwelling
house,   poultry-
house, 600 chickens, 4f) hens, 50
ducks,  etc.    Jf',300:
|2CM cash.    Term*
for balance.
On Coghlan road,
one acre of land,
post,   office,   stock,
scales, horee and
wagon and necessaries.     Turn   over
$7ti0 to $1100 per
month.   $S0OO.
One-riuarter mile
from  Armstrong,
eight acres all
cleared;    fine   fruit
trees,  water and
light.    $7000.    Half
cash, and $500 a
year for balance.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and   Shingles
An Amusing Illustration.
London, May 1.���Max Petnb r'o-a
has been overshadowed of late
years by youncer wi iters who liave
studied his methods, though ncne of
tnem can rival the brilliance of wit
he exhibits on the f;w cccasions
when he take3 his lecture platfoim.
For the most part the author of
"The Iron Pirate" passes his time in
1 country' pursuits at Troston Hall,
Suffolk, but the ether day he was
wooed from his reclusion to lecture
on "Literature and Travel" before a
city   audience.   .
Max Pemberton illustrated Insular
Ignorance with the story of a countrymen who w-as shown some kangaroos
fat the  zoological  gardens.
"What are these?" he asked.
"Natives of Austra'ia," was the reply.
"Oh. heavens!' the countryman exclaimed, "my sister married one of
   Always  New.
Whinaver you thinis o. it, ask your
oldest relative to name th; first play-
he  or   sae   attended.     It   is   safe Xo
wager  the answer  will  be. Stetscn's
"Untie Tom's Cabin." a play that has.
survived  all  others  and  today  s'.ves
every promise of lasting throug.i all
times to come.   Hundreds of new productions    are    offered    curing   e-i.cu
���;uccteiing   theatrical   season   at   an
aggregate expense    of    thousands cf
do.lars.    The majority   of    thise are
rank failures, some survive for a year
or two, while a limited few are successes.    The latter endure for a few
years,    with    gradually    diminishing
power  to   attract   the   public.    Then!
comes the time when they are with-J
drawn from the stage, for to continue.
them would mean a losing    ventu e.
There  is   yet   to  be   written  a  play I
that will attain one half the yea's of,
Stetson's. "Uncie Tom's Cab'n." That,
this famous classic of tbe American
stage  retains  Its  popularity  may  be
explained in two ways.    Firstly It is
tbe stage version of a book which did
much  to  hasten  the   fre��!ng of  the
negro slaves, anl, secondly, the public long  ago learned    that   Manager]
Washburn gives, not only a scenlcally >
correct    stage    picture    of    Harriet j
Beecher Stowe"s renowned story, bull
with each return visit of the Stenton j
show, he presents all that Is newest
and   best    in  high   class  vaudeville.
This season, several entirelv new features    are    promised,    including the
most gorgeous and  beautiful electrical, scenic    and    mechanical effects
ever devised by man.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Paris, May 1.���Such Is the revival of military fervor under the Socialist Minister of War Millerand,
that he girl store assistants are taking to ritle practice with amazing
Perhapa the .crime wave and. the
general adoption of means of v'<e-
fence aginst criminals have an influence on tho movement, too, but
the military aro claiming all the
credit and are using the new vogue
with micht and main to stimulate
Interest in the army.
Miniature rile ranges are opening
c erywhere jnd are pa'ron'zed sll'dajr
long, but especially when the midln-
ettee are free to leave their workrooms. At this nt?. *U Pails, male
an.l female, will soon be armed like'
a stage character from the wild and Seats on Sale a
wooly west. 1 Thursday.   Prices
Big  Double  Spectacular
The Barnum  of Them AH.
Bacon, No. 1 Smoked, per lb.      -       -   18c
No. 1 Eating Apples, per box      - -       2.50
Smith's Sodas, 2 tins for - - 45c
Laundry Starch, 3 pkgs. for - - 25c
St. George's Evaporated Cream, 20 oz. cans, 3 for 25c
Salmon, No. 1 spring tails 16c
Our Stock of Ripe Olives is Now Complete
Raisins, 16 oz. packages - - 10c
Toilet Paper, rolls, each      - - -  .    5c
Special Children's Matinee Saturday afternoon children under 12 years
of age almltted for ten cants.
Tidy the florist';
J2 to 25c.
Dill Pickles, per dozen
Swiss Cheese, per lb. - -
Roquefort Cheese, per lb.       ,
Sauer Kraut
3 lbs. for 25c
The Public Supply Stores
33 Sth Street   ��� "TBE WHITE FRONT'
R. G. 8MITH.
Stage directions may hi ff.ars:m 11
things; tlieir accurate and exr.ct executions may vrcaappoie cip-ci y eueb J
as one  player in  a hundred cannot j
truthfully boast.   For insiaucs, ln the'
banquet scene   of   the thlid act    ol'|
"Everywoman,"   during   the   souUul
singing of "Milady" by Con ele'nee, It
was originally  intended  t iai    every
otljer icrsoii on the stage should hold
tlie clectilc torch he bears us lit.;i us
bb arm coul.l reach,   'fhe weird effect do3lie.l by both author and stag ���
manager required   ubsolu c   rigidity
upen the j.art of the players.   Several
rehearsals or the   Incident served   to
l-rovc that the stage directions crlled
for something practically Impossible.
Oniv nn aihlote in the very pink of
condition  can   keep his  arm  extend-
.   ed to its greatest limit for moie than
a brief moment.   So the BtBge mani-
ger,  realizing    this,  was  astonished
to tee that the one member of the
company who could,   without   oppar-
tul (t't'o'il, loop iter right aim raise 1
ilgldiy for the length ot lime oonsum-
el by the son" win little Lcttls En-
toi.    The  eighteen-year-old  bc:H3bb
days youth, and stic clue:fully a-i-
naiincrd h^rabllty and willingao a to
I c >p her ban' elevated for twice as
:<:i; rs it was iu".issary.   As an expi u. t oh bf the i ace ��ltb aft'eh Bh
.-.(��� ompllahed tie tea! ms rees i d th
fad thai In    ihe Mvtr pi ai *������*��� ta
Coiai sny's pr rduct'on < I "Le Jp    I   i|
di  \c i��������� Danir-." rhe Imp r-.cn tei i
l, [ng sta iite for til i: -s v. n m nutw
vi r.oirf   any   Interruption,   Sto wa
cimuelleil   to  hold one position, and
I-.1.1 i: so unfa'le ingiy us Io or a^e
.-.;i  ii a8ldn   of  marble-lifts  ImnasBiv-
iiy.  Hearing Which, the stige min er
):',. t hla look of surprise, but decided
i.iin us the rigidity called f>.' hv tie
s>"'j dl e itoriB could nol be aecim-
lli.lv.! by the "'cr memb-rj cf th:
"0 ti 'tit*, :t '.".tin ���! t*: ik"'p st r (���) I.s-1
m.t   -be   rigldlH"   cr tlw> directions'
lliemaSlVBI, a:u1 t'urt was ImmcditiUly
Four   Full    Hands   Pat���Col.   Kirby's
"Some fit ure shaip has c Iculated
that the chances are about 650,0110 to
1 again;t. hoi Hns a rojal (lush i at before the draw." said Col. Kirby, of
Butte, to a group or friends at the Hotel Washington, writer J. W. Gilbert,
cn the Seattle P. I. "II is better than
an even break that you don't get as
much ib a pair in the first five cards.
"from time to time I've had a lot ot
of useless    piker   Infornvition t'.'.rus:
upon  me,  but 1  don't,  know  of any-.
thing iiuite so superfluous as know-'
ing that the clnncss are 650,000 to 1
that I don't hold a snight flush pat,
%cr that the chances are 4,000 to 1 t lat
I  don't   hold   fours  in  the   first   live I
cards.    My observation las been tha'
the ca:di get crazy at t'm:s, rnd tiia'
fours, flushes and full hands aie    as
CLimiKiii ay sparrows,
"/ played lu a num:* once when four
rlayerSi  e.ioli   had   a   rull   hand   before ,
the 3 aw.   It was a square d a! ton'
a new  deck  und  1  did  the  Bhuttl ng
myself.   Tha man at my left h 11 anj
ace full on tens, the next pi y sr ha
a king full  on nines,    th?     hi-d    a
queen full on eights, and 1 held a jae'e
full i ii Seven-.
Throws Uo Jack Full.
"Tlie til st player bet about B;fl00
'fish.' Tho second ani thi.d m.n
called. After tlle second man hid cal -
ed the man with the ac? full shouei
him Irs band and made, a sarcastic
remark. By the lima the piay c m
to ine' I -suspected that" something
in   the   de.-k.     1   di int   lose   a   cent
save my ante.
"Somebody suggested that the
caids Ind not been shuffled, but I was
able to refute this, and. haying held
ihe roorest hand, my word was tanen.
It simply f:oes to show that the law
of chanc e plays some queer pranks
a', times.
"I've hecomo so accustomed to suv-
pr sts of thi3 sort that I no long.rfall
in a faint when an unusal bunch of
hands are shown. However, 1 do my-
i-e f the iusiite to keep a shaip lDok-
ou! for little private enterprises devised to correct the law of chance.
Usu illy I'm about tbe liveliest victim
in the toom when something of that
rort is pulled  oft.
"Speaking of big hands reminds mr-
of the remarkable play of Hank Wallace, a mining prospector wlio resided
at Libby, Mont., when he was not
pu'siting the elusive gold-bearing
rock to its lair. ��� Hank's ;vlnclp:il
diversion was poker. When in town
rertlng from an expedition Into the
mountains he was usually found holding five cards In ft ont of him and
riffling tall s'acks of chips.
"Hank's temper was about ns fiery
us a setting hen with her feet tied".
Many persons at Libby contended thnt
Hank was even tempered���that he
wns mad all the time. However.
I found him genial enough, but I
would look upon such imprulent acts
as pu'ling his whiskers ln the same
caiesory ns picking uo a live wire.
Falls In With Gamblers.
"When Hank dropped Into Libby,
after an absence of six months, be fell
in With two gamblers, who looked upon him a3 prey. Hank readily as-
sented to a proposal to rlay poker
and within an hour after his arrival
ho wai enjoying himself.
"His two chance acquaintances
were playing what is technically
known as 'mitt poker,' that is to say,
they dealt their opponent miraculous
Ivn's, but took better hand3 them-
s Ives. Usually this was accomplished hy introducing a cold deck Into
the game at opportune moments.
"Within  a short time  Hank  saw a
flush, u rull hand and a set of fours
beaten by better hands and liis wliis-
' era  began    to  bristle  like  a  cat's.
Those gamblers ought to have recognized ths 'C. D. Q.' signals, but they
woie set on getting all his money.
Holds   Four  Jacks  Pat.
"Finally they dealt Hank four j ek?
sn I one of tbe gamblers took    fou:-
aces.   The betting waa brisk ii"d sav-
nge and within three mlnut s Hank'.-
las' rot wns In tbe pot,   Wl e i th
Vtt'ng-ceoseil the ginrb'er who wn-.
<Vl'ne asked Dank how nuny cirds
h? 'van'ed. i
"Hank'a te: ly w?8 to pail a forty- *
Given  Away  to  Advertise
umbia   Piano   and   IVEusic  House
FIRST GRAND PRIZE:���$400.00 Manufacturers' Purchase Check, to apply on the purchase price on any new Player Piano in our store.
SECOND GRAND PRIZE:���$200.00 Manufacturers' Credit Check, to apply as  so much
cash on account of any new ordinary Piano in our store.
The above special prizes will be given to the two first customers solving the rebus correctly and purchasing
the Player Piano and the Ordinary Piano.
To the next five persons sending us the correct answer we will give credit certificates for $150.
To the next twenty persons, credit checks for $100 will be given
To the next twenty, $75 checks will be given, and for all remaining correct solutions to the following rebus
received, $50 checks will be given.
All credit checks to apply on the purchase price (as just so much cash) on any new Piano or Player Piano, at
regular market prices, he or she may sele:t from our immense stock.
We make h:lel claim to hnve the largest anl best selected stock of Pianos and Pirycr Pianos ever assembled together on one floor on this Coast; perfect beauties, faultless in eveiy detail; In tcne, touch and general .fir.ish, unsurpassed.
We wish to emphasize the fact that the prices of our pianos have not been boosted for this special sale, as some will no doubt claim,
and we will give $1000 re ware to anyone who can prove otherwise.
Anyone at ail familiar wl h market'ng of Pianos must knaw that lt costs thousands o'. dollars annually on the-old line methods, door bell polling, newspaper and magazine advertising, c nvasalng, etc.
Theie is nsw no excuse for anyon3 denying t'lennclves the pleasure of a Piano in their home, because our prices are so low and terms so liberal that a Piano Is within
th? ler.cb of a I, even though in moderate c'.rcunrl n:e3.
Solve the above rebus an! mail or bring your answers to our store without di-lay. Remembsr the flrst correct Eoluticns have the chance of the Grand Prizes, it nv<y
be the means of btlnging to your home the Flr.no you have lar.g wished for. Wilte.tho Words plalaly and neatly signing your full nam?, street number and ptst office au-
die;e, and kindly stm- ir you ha\e a I lar.o or Organ, a::el ho v long you have had the ln3t. ument- and remember this annour.ccm:nt will not appear again in tbls paper.
The Columbia Piano and Music House
522 Columbia Street Opposite City Hall
Headquarters for Victor Gramophones and Records
five from beneath his vest anel lay It
on tho table In front of him.
"'I coulin't help this hand if I
drew cards," said he, 'but I would certainly be pleased to see somebody
beat it.'
"The man who holel four aces pa'ed
a little at the sight of the formidable-
locking Weapon. ���
" 'You're not g-iing to siiro: before
'he draw, but after the draw I'm go*
lng to correct any bad lurk that
mi'.'it happen to come mv w��v,'
"'Wei', I wtnt three cards,' replied
the gambler,  throwing  away  two of
his aces.
He Wins the  Pot.
"Of course, Hank's tou.' j icks won
the pot and he was a little Rhead of
the game. Wben he showed down his
Jacks, the gamb'er who had held the
aces pawed them over and said with
a act Ious face:
" 'Thera   arc good   cards, stranger.
but   your   tourh   talk   don't   iet   you
I     "I've sail thnt Hank bid in irrsc'-
Me tem;er, but peiaonally    I    found
bim a genial sport. I played a lit'l3
Joke cn hlm once, which he took In
good part. In fact, he en'o; ed It
more than anybody elre in tin gtma,
after he had time to think it over.
"We were playing freezs out fir
the drinks and Lank hud, imfo:tuna t.'ly, gone broke1 r:ieitc'ly. To
chance the tide rf I att'c he bad rort-
ed out nn a^e full ; nd had lurreptltl*
ously planted tho carJs on th? shelf
below the ed'���e of the table. I saw
hls manoeuvre, but sail nothing. I
wa3 sitting at his left ar.d hi3 hold-
oat was within easy    reach    of my
light hand.
Loses His Ace Full.
"WJatchlng my chance I took flve
cards which did not contain a pair,
and. without Hank's knowledge, substitute! them for his ace full.
"When the time came for Hank to
play his hold-out, he boldl/ raised tie
fl'-e cards and began betting without
glanrin��� at thera. I winked ot the
other players and they came In heavily. H^nk was as cheerfuj as a drunkard nt a picnic.   Wh.n he had got oil
his chips ln the middle of the tabls**
we showed down.
" 'Here's a little ace full,' he Eaid
gleefully, displaying the bunch of
non-descrlpt cards.
"The players yelled derisively anel
Hank's face wore a pnzz'ed look.
Finally he fastened hls fiery eye on
nm and I quailed visibly.
" 'Somebody's cheating In thl3
game,' he sail. 'I'm going to buy th->
drinks for tho house and quit a jam?
where a man can't look around without having uls hand tampered with.'"
Mil THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1912.
You can purchase all the necessities and luxuries of the present
day right here in New Westmin-
as cheap, and in many cases cheaper than in other cities in the Paciflc North West.
This fact has been thoroughly investigated and proven, and is significant enough to demand your attention and careful consideration.
The merchants of New 'Westminster are telling you this story day
by day through their advertisements. They are showing you how .
to save money and are appealing
to your intelligence on a practical
basis and in a way that you cannot afford to disregard.
New Westminster stores and business houses are stocked with just
as complete and up-to-date a line
of merchandise as is to be found
The progressive men behind these
mercantile enterprises are staking
their business integrity and reputation on their goods and prices��� *
and are making good. '
thoughtful people in this city and
district are patronizing them liberally and are the gainers thereby.
You cannot afford to pass this up.
Re: d the adds-these daily,|straight-
from-the-shoulder, plain-statements
of i'acts and
Buy In Westminster
Take a look at the May Day
Windows this week and SEE
The Fascinating Art of Molding
In Putty.
Novel Dainties to Serve With Afternoon Tea���The Girl at tha Matinee.
Spring Hats of Taffeta With Rolling
Brims Are tdo Smartest Models.
My Deur Elsa���I huve bad so much
pleasure doing putty work lately tbat 1
front to tell you all about bow tbls fascinating handicraft Is accomplished.
Hirst of all you get 10 cents' worth of
putty and bnve ready tbe article you
want to decorate. My maiden attempt
was un earthenware Jug. Wbicb I decorated wltb fancy bits of China wbicb
bail been previously broken. Any otber bright and pretty bits of material
may be used. liven colore>d buttons
may be utilized for tbls purpose.
Work tbe putty a little in yeiir hands
to make it soft, tbeu press it upon tbe
Jug. covering lt evenly, a little at a
lime, making the covering about balf
uu Iiiiii thick. Into tbls you press
wliile llie putty Is'still soft the bits of
glass, china or buttons which you have
selected to ornament your masterpiece.
Keep uu In this maimer until the entire
Jug Is covered. A Jug that I have Just
tliiisiied lias heads pressed tn thlcUly
between tbe cliliia and glass, and tlie
effect Is charming, Hut in doing putty
work you must he sure thut all the dec-
oral inns are close together, so all possibility of u spine between the ornaments l.< averte-il. The Ilnished work
must be set away for nt least four
ueeUs to get thoroughly dry. Xow.
when tbe surface' Is dry beyond a doubt
yoll may it you wish gild the entire
article. As tlie pill Wlll wear o!T after
a lew months u tresii application will
li<- iim'wuoiry trom time to Ume.
In coiiiki liou with liricu-brac n girl
i ktlOW who lives in a studio where
there is nn provision for housekeeping
nietisils has picked up the most artistic
ami al tlie same lime useful roeiUlUR
uti'iisils tliat serve as ornaments on
the shelves ami rails of the room when
they are not in use. Tliere are the
most attractive bowls of all sizes anil
de.-irlplloiis covered and uncovered
Jill's and mugs, When these really nr
1 isih- potteries are matched np In odd
china-cups, saucers and plates-they
are very effective for tlie purpose of ornament as well as for actual use.
When shopping recently with this artistic irienil ot mine she plckeil up n
charming blue and green covered pottery bowl, and when I asked lis use
Fhe smilingly assured me that lt was In
lurn vegetable and flower dish. "Of
course." she added, "yon bave closet
room for .vour dishes, out mine ftare lo
fUiiul In sight all ihe time." By the
way. this jrtrl serreq at ber studio teas
a delicious Scotch shortbread. The
recipe conies directly from the Land o'
Cakes, and 1 am sure you would like to
bave lt. so I nm sending you the formula as It was given to uie aud hope
that you will enjoy the bread as much
as 1 do:
Scotch Shortbread.
Four ounces of butter, flve onuees of
Bour. iwo ounces of ground rice, two
ounces ot powdered sugar and n pinch
of salt.    J 'tit all the ingredients ou a
baking board In separate heaps, knead
the butter and sugar together until all
the sugar ls used, tben knead iu the
gmuud rice next, tbeu the flour slowly.
After all tbe flour nas been kneaded in
nud tbe dough is quite smooth make it
I Into one or two rcunds, nslug the roll-
j lng pin n little.    Make the edges high
and pinch tbem.   l'rlck all over wttb a
fork through and through and bake on
a floured baking tin In a moderate oven
for twenty minutes or longer, according  to  thickness.    A   piece of  paper
ahould be placed under tbe shortbread
when It ls cooked In a gas oven.   Cool
the   shortbread for a few minutes ou
llie'tin before lifting it.   For afternoon
tea shortbread roll out tbe dough a little ihiuner and cut with a fancv cut
lef-'   '
Vou say. dear, that fancy rakes for
afternnou tea can be bought so cheap
I.v that It is hardly worth while to
bother making tbem, but tbe baker
does not exist tbls side of bonny Scotland who can tnrn out anything as
toothsome as this shortbread. Very
delectable little cakes, though, are
'made witb plain white cake made by
eny preferred reeelpe and baked In
shallow pans and cut while warm Into
squares, oblongs, triangles, etc. These
shapes are dipped either In chocolate
nr maple fondant and are then Heavily
sprinkled with chopped outs. ���
What arc tbe salient features of
spring millinery, you asked .me. Klsa':
Well, dear, you can put anything In
tbe way of a hai on your pretty little
bead and be modish If it Is small in
size hnd flexible In composition and
bas taffeta silk somewhere In Its cosmos. Yes, taffeta's going to be tha
fashionable slogan this.season both foi
costumiis and headgear, but It Is not
the taffeta of otber days, tbat unyielding and stiff stuff that could never be
Induced to take graceful; lines anel
rurres. The characteristic of the new
taffeta is that of a soft, pliable fabric
that is a joy to make into bows nnd
bat crowns.
Apropos of flexibility, at tbe matinee
yesterday a young girl astonished her
mother by disposing of ber outdoor
belongings In a most unusual fashion.
Into ber big muff were nonchalantly
Itowed ber flexible little hat. fur neckpiece, pocketbook and. much against
her mother's wishes, a pair of sandals.
Wben tbe storage business was over
tha young hopeful smilingly looked at
her parent with the remark. "Isn't lt a
dandy way to get rid of these togs?"
All wbo saw tbe girl's place ot storage
were thrilled with tbe convenience o"
the Idea, and nil doubt ns to the appearance of the "togs" when they emerged
from their biding place was set at
rest wbeu tbe girl, at tbe close of gie
performance, removed her bat from
the muff uoue tlie worse for its temporary Imprisonment.
By the way. I elo wish you hud been
with me antl bad seen tbe exquisitely
satirical Barrie curtain raiser, a delicious skit on modern social couditious
of ultra smart society. "A Slice of
Life" is tbe very appropriate uame
Barrie has given bis lust little fling.
There are ouly three characters���the
lady butler, a clever bit at woman's invasion of man's domestic domain, and a
very up to date young married couple
who before tbeir marriage bad confessed to a "past." Through a ruse of
the lady buller tbey were obliged to
admit that there bud been no past and
that both bad always been disgustingly
"moral." The enormity of sucb righteousness could uot be bome ln their
sphere of life, so there wus uotblng left
for them to do but to separate. A penny was flipped to settle this weighty
question nnd lo eletermiue which
slioulel remain nt home. Tbe husband,
bavlng lost In tbe wager, prepares to
take bis departure, but at tbe door he
turns dramatically and asks, "Whut Is
to become of the child?" "My dear."
sweetly replies his wife, "there la no
Could anything he more cleverly put
than this eovert allusion lo the well
known neglect of a e'crtalu class of society of theli children.
But. to come hack to millinery, your
spring li.it must liave tts biira rolled
some where. Somehow It matters not
Just where so It rolls. And the trimming, if you want to he In the front
rank of fashion, must be placed directly iu front of the rhupeiiu. This style.
(bough undoubtedly dashing anel becoming to certain women, bus a hint of
boldness that 1 am afraid you will not
like, Klsa. It Is a style, too. lliat wlll
soon have had its little day. and "when
It falls It falls, like Lucifer, never to
rise again." at least not for several
seasons. As a parting piece of siclnio-
nilion let uie again remind you Unit If
your milliner this spring Insists upon
selling you a hat thut is stiff and unbending she has no business lo ask a
high price for It. since only cheaper
und heavier straw braids are made up
In this manner. Now. bavlng worked
off nil my surplus Information on you.
1 must trot away lo a reception given
for one of tbe season's "debs." Devotedly yours, MABKL.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up. .... .$6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
In Cuba throughout the Island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   . . .$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.0')
Branches throughout Canada rnd
.'Jewfoundland, ano tn London. England, Ntw York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
basking husiness transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
mrrespondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank D��p��rtme��t���Deposits
ec"|ved in sums of $1 and upward,
md Interest allow*i nt 3 per cent, per
inntim   (present  r��te).
Total   Assets  over  1186.000,000.00
(i. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Suggestion For Spring Frock.
Cheeked blue and white muniuisette
over   blue   satin   wus   used   for  this
frock   and the tunic separates ln Ihe
new way to show a petticoat with
buttons down the front. Chenille
fringe and Ince trim tbe costume effectively.
The Children's Blackboard.
N'en'.y mi i-hiiilieii like a blackboard
in ili, it- playroom. If It Is ou uu easel
it is easily knocked dowu; if It Is fas
teueei on the wall It looks unsightly
somi tin es io ibe children's lumbers.
To uverrome tbe untidiness and to
please ibe children at the same time
get a blackboard on a roller and spring.
It works ou tbe same principle as u
window shade.
It can be rolled up wben not in use.
Ose colored water crnyons on the board
Instead of chalk and there will not be
so much dust Both can be bought at
a kindergarten supply store.
. Chinese Sewing Bag.
As today ls a day of fancy stitchery.
of knitting, of crochet and of embroidery among women wbo are busy nnd
women wbo are at leisure, workbags
nre very Important Hundreds of tbem
are being made for gifts, bat tbe newest idea ls tbe bag ot heavy Chinese
mandarin embroidery, tbe top of whicb
is ran tbrough a jade bracelet and the
���ides of which are trimmed with thou
fanny little Chinese ornaments lu green
wood and beads that are put on the
lanterns and can bt bought at tbe oriental shops.      .   ��,      .._ i
We have no hot air to" peddle;
Just legltimate^tallqrlng.
38 Begbie Street.   .
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
J. Newsome & Sons
Painter*, Paperhangerg
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 507*
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
���".���    "'     < , '   i���:.'.'.
CAPITAL.  ....     ... .|4,��00,000
REST $5,600,000
Thursday, may 2,1912.
We have a 'Complete  stock
'."I     -        :       ���
Go#f Hungers
Bottle Carriers
���r. ,'���""-������tmtf
^&0LD BY���
Anderson & Lusby
Smoked Spring Salmon, [er lb.  . .20c
Smoked Halibut, per Ib 15a
R.&M. Klpperel Sa'mi n 2 lbs. far 25o
B. ft M. Brand Ki,>pers, por lb. ...10c
Eloate: s  8 lbs   for 25c
Loj.fles Klnrian Had die, 2 lbs. for 26fl
A'sri a large variety of Fresh  Fish.
537 front St.   ���   Phone 301
City News
Mr. and Mrs. George Adanu with
their family left jeste.da'y evening for
a t ip to England.
Mr, Charle3 Smith. 509 EUvent'.i
street, is leavlnjj today fcr an extended visit to Abeid-en-hhe, Scotland.
Tha chclr of St. Andrew's church
will practice at the residence of Miss
Cirtcj, 710 Acnes St, this evening at
We are headquarters for bedding
plants, Davie's, the florist, corner
Agnes and Sixth streets. Pbone 897. *
Only the choicest ��� 1 c e:l hill-
grown tea leavea a e used in
"SALADA" Tea, giving it a d.l'catj
fragrance and dtl'.clous flavtr.
Mrs. H. F. Pe Ut'.er, 507 Fourth
avenue, is raffling a $500 Evans piano.
Tickets 50c, can be boug.t at ies!
dence.   Raffle on May 9. *��
Those who recently pass.l the
swimming tests at the swimming campaign held Ui the local Y. M. C. A.
are requested to call at the secretary's
office to receive the buttons WLIoh
have Just (arrived.
Dr. H, K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, can be consulted dally from 9:30
to 12 and 1 to 6 (or laur by oppoint-
ment), at room 2, Collister Block.
Phone 1121. �����
Tbe first, day of l'he new mentb
was a fortunate Otoe for those who
were hauled before- the tribunal of
jusr'ic?. One drunk ond a vug.bend
weie allowed on* hour in which to
make themselves 'Scarce, while another bibulous owe was al'owed to go
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated  Society
of Musicians (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply ,51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R4U.
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Alfred W. McLeod
Home on ATberta st'eet, Sapperton,J
100 feet from Columbia,   six   rooms,!
bath and toilet: lot 40x100, cord wool
shed, fenced. tt3.    $21100: $500   caft'i,
balance  wiun'thly.    Curtis  &  Dorgan,j|
700 Columbia street. **
Fire Chief Watson and AWt5Httfctl
Henley journeyed to Vancouver yesterday So witness as they supposed a
test cf tilie new, Webb aerial Ltdder.
which tbe officials of thnt ���city 'hive
iefmtifl ro accent until anothertritll is
mad.-. The demonstration was da-
fevre 1 to a L.ter df.tc.
Mr. Jamei Be?;?, ev-aiayar of Lindsay, Or:t.. is Btaylns with Police Chief
Broiishiuv in this ci.T- Mr. Begg is
so Enamoured of the west that h-
��� wi already ma le seve-ai Investments
hi 'tbis city. It i; hitevcs lng to remember that be was a candidate at
'be list Dominion elecil m against
tfo'nisi Sam Hugl/es.TiDiv minister of
mi itia.
help feeling that if these things had
characterized us as a church during
tho past fifty years of our history on
lh? mainland of British Columbia,
many a place that is a wilderness
would be a garden of the Lord."
De aiis oF Organization.
Only one deatli has occurred duiing
the past year in the ranks of the
members, that qf Rev. J. M. McLeod,
of this city.
The projram for today wiil ba a
devotional service at 9 o'clock; report of statistical and finance committee at 10; address of twenty minutes duration by Rev. W. B. Cooper,
of Toronto; report of church property.
In the aftenicon tbe Presbytery of
the Kootenay will met at 2 o'clock;
Sunday school report at 3 o'clock;
home Missions at 4 o'clock.
Tbe ladies of the church will enter-
tan Wis visitors from 6 to 8 o'clock
in llie evening.
At 8 o'clock an address of welcoms
will be given by Mayor Lee followed
by addresses, by several of tbe min
j 't'.x
* te-.
Many Important Bargain
Offerings   Thursday
For May Day  Buyers
The Smith Store is prepared to help you deck out the
kiddies spick and span for the May Day Celebration.
The many specials on the list for Thursday shoppers
should make a visit to the store profitable.
The first regular test of the new
Sixth street car line wil ba tr ed cot
cn Monday morning when the B. C. E.
R. officials-will put on a through tfe���������
vice from the depot to Edmcnds, Tl?.
Sixth street. Four cas will be. cper-
rt3d on a fiftesn minute schrthile,
while thq fojr cars r.ow in u?e wn the
city l'.n? wlll be I'ept Turning, thus
giving residents west of Fourth avenue to Edmonds a sevn anS a hi'
m'nute service. Should, however, tha
service not guarrnlee that nutnbe'' of
cars a new arrangement wil be trl>.'
nut bv tha company.
Additional cars RTe tw'ng b-ought
'iver f om Vancouver to cope wit i thj
increasing traffic ou the e'fty lines.
657 Columbia St..
Phone  ��2. New  Westminster
IF you are going
to build, want to
pay off a mortgage, wish to buy
a lot or have payments to meet, see
For O
It explains our methods,
netter sti!, give ub a call or
biue one of our representatives call on you. Our ollice
Is in the People's Trus:
The business ts' Che Royal Rank o
.in ada has inci*3Be.l  to suc'i an c.v-
f that a n?w te'I'er bas been rr-
nte.1, making a rot 1 of two at th
jl Cdlumbla strceS branch'li town. L's '
^���evening  workmen  wera 'biry putting
ll'in  the    new fle.-';  and    making    the
xceeersary altetintnns.
The Loyal Order rot Mco��e wi'l hold
��� further inttUUm 'ceremony this
vvening at SL Patrick's hall.    Appli-
���cu'on-. fnr saraiibuship ,h ve nj.v
-v.'dl il tn 400.    A 'great de 1 of 'iini-
I io;= in ronnwtion with the housing
oT the order Va cluh rooms, the bnse-
tr,ili learn, and Ht, forth will be before
t'tre members.
The death of Mxh. Alice Ann Rush-
,1oi��� wife of J. W. Kushton, occurred
late last evening .its ber home at 1005
Qiwens avenue Deceased, who had
been an invalid -tor the past two
years, was B5 yeaons old and was a
liiative of Bolton. England. The funeral arrangements have not been
���completed.    No Hospibw;.
The .mammoth lomajh which has recently .found a bome hi the Carnegi?
library is in reality only a thiid of
tbre mokar which the jrrelh'.s or!c beasi
once possessed. Some idea ot the
immensity of this anim i'l may be
.-aimed by an examination c' the relc
which measures about eiilrt inches bv
a eimiiar dimension, and H its par [ally pet rifled state weighs about ten
Many Bargains For
tke Children
Nine Only Ch'ldren's Sailor Dre:ses, and one piece
styles; in wh te and whita with navy stripes; collars cf sky and navy duck; trimmed with wash
braid; kiU:d skirts; eIzcs fitting ages 8 to 14 years;
values r.gula.' to $3.50. Thursday Sped,I, e ch $2.0}
Fiv�� Snilor Dresses of f.ne duck and Tpen; lit wM.e;
collars and tr.minings of navy and sky; kilted
skirts; sizes 10 to 14 yea:s; values regular to $5.00.
Thu rd y,  ea.h $3.2}
Childr:n'i Coats of Duck; In shades of navy tnd
sky; colla-s ard cuffs of white pique; f incy buttms
to match; sizes 8 to 14 years; values $2.00 to $2.50.
Thursday, each  $1.25
Ten Only Children's White Pique Coats; trimmed
with lacj anl embroidery; sjms with plea's; sizss
lilting 3 to 8 vears;    values   to   $4.00.     Thu sday.
each $1.50
Wash Skirt Special
F.ftsen Only Wash Skirts; in duck; shades of navy
und blick; with white dots; also self white, plain
and fancier s:yles; values to $2.25. Thursday,
e:.ch   $1.50
You cannot well afford to miss such a bargain op-
por unity as these coats present; almost every garment worth double the price asked and in many
cises mare; shown In worsteds, coatings, etc.; in
th,des of grey, fawn, navy, green anl black; all
tiz3s represented; value3 regu'.ar ta $20.00. Thursday, eacb  $3.0)
B?-U Iful Jacjua d;nd F;n:y Si ks; In f incy n ,vel:y
ds'gns; self shades of blue, hello, pink, grey, tr.n,
brown; widths 24 inches; values 50c. Thui sday, p:.'
yard 35:
One of the prettiest !ttm��si�� weldlnzs
of the seasoa tuok place tli 2 o'clack
yesterday afternoon at the home of
Mr. and Mra. 8. Bowdll. 224 Third
avenue, when iheir *!dest daughter
Mahal Boyd tiee;u*.e the hi ide ol
Arthur M. YouKg to the :strilns of
Wagner's Wed die g March played by
Miss Vera Bowell!. a sitter or the
b ida. The hi'Util party took their
l>l��ce in the rfrawtng room under a
canopy of green arid white. The Rev.
J. P. Bowell, ranc'ke of the bride, assisted by Rev. C. VY, Brown, lied the
nuptial knot The biide was given
away by her father and wore a gown
of ivory BaCrn mud > with 'train rnd
draped with einhroidered net caught
up with orange alossom, with tul'e
veil forming a Jnliet ca;i -and bandeau
of orange blossoms. She carried a
shower bouquet ttf bt ida 1 rotes. Mist
Edna M. Butt?rsimade a pretty bridesmaid gowned In p'nk silk crepe d'
chine trimmed with embroidered chiffon w'lth rearl onrrmen's. She wor
a black" picture hat with a crown of
Mr. R. E. Kittson, president of the
Delta board of trade, wns a visitor In
the city yesterday, having recovered
from a two weeks i iness. Nothing
has been done on the part of the B.
C. E. B, with regard to the Westmiu-
tter-Liidner line, states Mr. Kitlaon,
but be lias hud the assurance from t'e
company thnt such an extension has
been under consideration for some
little time, nnd the surveyors have
completed their work going over the
ground which would be tapped by Buch
an extension.
rink hyacinths an I c'.ried a sheaf of
link carnations. Mr. J. Fran'is G .11 a-
gher, of Vancouver, ably tssls e 1 th *
gioom. The groom's gift t > the br.da
was a sun buist of pea ls ind to the
bridssnniid    a ling   st   wih    three
; pearls and to ths groomsman a pearl
j scaif pin.
After the ceremony t' e m ny gn fits
j repaired to tbe dining room where a
dainty luncheon was served.   Mrs. C.
] Bryson poured tea, vfhile Mis. J.
Eugene Brown   cut   the   Ic:s.   Th?
| bride's going away costume was a
blue tailored suit with blue silk
blouse to ma'ch and Panama hit
trimmed with lace nni tiiloied bows
of blue. Mr. and Mis. Young left on
the G. N, R. amid showe* or confett'
��nd food wishes, for thi southern
cities. On their return tVy win take
up their residence in Clayburn, where
Mr. Young Is aueni for the B. C. E. R.
The many beaut iful presents and costly gifts bespeak tv,e popularity olhoth
Mr. and Mrs. Young.
New 6 Roomed Modern House
Situated close to Moody Park, east side; full
concrete basement, cement floor, laundry
tubs, fireplace, etc. This is a good buy.
Price $4,000, small cash payment, balance
arranged. Ref. 512
Columbia Street New Westminster
Fcr Sore Throat and
See Our Window.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
,  New Westminster, PC.
To Be Tried by Jury.
Seven    memners of tbe    I. W. W.
organization arrived In the city under
escort  from North Bend on Tuesday
evening.    The men came before His
Honor Judge Howay yettnrdav mom
ing charged    with    ln'lmidation.   All
elected to be tried by Jury and their
cases will  therefore come Up at the
assizes    which    will    commence    on
Thursday  next.    Oscar  Murray, who
was brought here from Coquitlam on
a charge of stabbing, also elected foi
trial by jury yeslerday.
Merry Dance.
��'e r'" wTt the t me in St. P -rick'
i n  Is'  n'glr.   The  Iko- W���� {.ovi
the music wns good, t'-c i.ro r"n wa?
0 d, and thus eve vone of th3 Hi''
-r ent fel' ccrcdligy g iod Ani'
here i'U the cause wns r;orl. iind
Ifo'tr'i tie effrrs of the lad'ea of
t. Pftir'a church Ii is expee'ed Hut
euin :'p!iro'>rh'tiii f 150 wl'.b.-> hand-
1 <v er  to  the funis of St.  Mr.ry':
Burnaby Lake
We have just placed on the market a splen-
idiid Subdivision overlooking Burnaby Lake.
all cleared and some in bearing orchard;
city water, electric light, telephone, good
roads, sidewalks, good car service and low
fares. Every convenience for a comfortable suburban home in a select residential
district. Terms 1-4 Cash, balance 1, 2 and
3 years.
For descriptive matter and prices, see
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,    Autsmoblle
and Marine Insurance.
Better Stock for Less Money
Ask  the Sales Department to have our representative call    and
explain what makes this possible.
Do Not Waste Money
Bave a little systematically, tor it la the stuff that ths foun
datlons of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be uaed In two ways; to   spend   for   wnat   it
needed now aud to Invest for wbat shall be needed In tba future.   Money cannot be Invested until It ls first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, ���2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street,
A, L. uEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
W. R. QILLEY, Phona 122. G. E. OILLEY, Phona 291.
Phones, Office IB and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
mmmtmsHu.*, ������   "
aan^.   ".. ���t-tfufn'-
�����<? '


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