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^*Sra.*m    "-.   ����"��' "      �����*.*���>
.Spa ;,-%.I? rWiar,;,"S;._.; ; :-;-
The New Westminster/ fif ��
the only morning newsrjt *�� iub-
lUhed lh the City of ?$ Sf /estminster and tbe rich anrf*^itlle
Fraser Valley.
Westminster and lower mainland:
Light to moderate winds; u.naettledL
with sleet or rain; stationary tn
lower temperature.
Use of Dominion Dredge
Means Saving of Thirty
Harbor  Englnssr  Suggests  Bids  Be
Csllsd   for   Dredge,   Derrick*,
8oow�� and Tug.
It thn recommendations of Harbor
Engineer A. O. Powell to the eifect
that bids be called for the supply of
one 3-yard clam shsll, stiff-leg dredge;
three wooden scows, 33x100x8 %', and
one- new or second hand steam tug
nre adopted by the harbor committee,
to which it was referred by the council Isst night, another step towards
ths start in the actual construction
work on the barbor Improvements
wlll have been taken.
Thp above will be part of the equipment used In the work. The engineer
also recom t mded that the tenders be
advertised in the local papers, two
Vsncouver papers, the Seattle papers,
ths Building -Record, Vancouver, thei
Canadian Engineer and the Contract
Record of Toronto. Though the equipment wtll be secured primarily for the
harbor Improvements, it will always
be at the disposal of the cky for
any other harbor work tbat may be
required to be done.
It ls proposed to use the tug after
the harbor work Is completed for
towing the garbage scows out to the
Gulf for dumping. At present J2�� a
day Is paid to a local firm for this
serrice. Thus a considerable sum
ptr annum will be saved by the city.
It is understood that, In view of the
harbor work being done hy the day
labor system, the council figures oh
securing the services of one of the
Dominion dredge* on the coast tor
supplying Uie material'for the fill between the old and new water line* on
Front street. This, It Is believed, will
effect a saving of some $30,000 to
$40,000 In the cost of the Improve
ments.   7-^^M^
Mr. Curtis Is Also Inclined to Keep
Out of Municipal Politics Next     <
.    Yssr.
After having two full days to consider the matter, Mr. T. K. Annandale
yesterday morntng Informed the delegation which had approached him regarding the mayoralty, that he could
not Bee hls way clear to entering the
race against Alderman Gray thiB year
at least.
His refusal came as no little surprise to the delegation who bad confidently expected Mr. Annandale to
allow his name to be mentioned. They
next directed their efforts towards securing Alderman D. S. Curtis.
Mr. Curtis' name has been mentioned from time to time as a mayoralty
possibility. The retiring alderman
would not give a decision yesterday
afternoon.  >
"This municipal politics Is a great
game," stated Mr. Curtis. "A few
weeks agd when I announced my retirement I fully expected the citizens
would let me alone, aud that I would
be allowed to attend to my private
business and get on a car lu the evening with a feeling that no meetings
had to be attended at the City Hall
that nlgbt. Tbey won't let me rest,
however, but 1 canuot divulge in;
plan for tbe future for a few days at
tt to.
Mayor snd Council  Are Agreed 'thst
It Is Best Locstion.
Though it was regretted thatprob
ably some of the residents in the d's
trlct would not be satisfied, the coun
ell decided last night to grant, tin-
application of tbe B. C. E. R. for per
mission to .Install a spur tragi oc
Arbutus street.
This action was taken on the recom
mendatlon of Mayor l^cC, who staffed
that the council had viewed the grade;
of both Fourth avenue and Arbutus
street, the only suggested locations
for tho branch line, and were unanl
mously resolved that the latter siree
wis ths most suitable.'
-vx\ii*m:'**m laPBBijy
tor it." stated the mi
?'  poeuts U
T -.*.i
. r rr,
i 7      ~**~*   ' '
On Recommendation of Light Committee Council Awarded New Contract for a Period
of Eleven Years, Commencing To-morrow���City Will Save Between $8,000 and
$10,000 as a Result���Powers Contracting Company Presents Bills for Work oil the
Arena, Which Council Refuses to Pay���Trouble Will Not Affect Establishment of
Ice Rink. / i
The councll thst nlgbt on thn re-
commandation of the light committee,
awarded the B.C.E.R. Company the
contract to supply the city with electric curent for a period of 11 years
dating from Jan. 1, 1913 at the rate
of 1.25 per kilowatt hour.
The proposition of the B.C.E.R. was
of a very satisfactory nature to the
mayor and aldegmen; and, by a special arrangement made between the
officials of the- company and the
light committee;, the contract will go
into effect on Jan. 1���tomorrow���instead of on Marcli 1, 1914, thua giving
the city the benefit of the new rate at
The present rate is 1.46 per kilowatt
hour, with the contribution of an additional $100 paid monthly by the city
for the upkeep of the substation, thus
the new rate wljl effect a saving of
$8,000 to $10,000 next year alone, ac-
carding to Alderman Gray, who introduced the recommendation on behalf
of Alderman Lynch, chairman of the
light committee,  who  was  absent.
"Inasmuch as tho present contracl
runs for 13 months from Jan. 1 at
1.48," satd Alderman Gray, and we
pay $100 monthly for the upkeep of
the'substation, by effecting an agreement now, the cl{y will save in the
price of current and other expenses,
an amount running into the thousands;
And, in view of the fact that the Company agrees tp-establish another sub-
in part as follows: "You are no doubt
aware that the contractors have had
a heavy loss on the contract, owing
largely to the Insufficient and defective plane and specifications supplied
by tbe engineer for the city."
The solicitors also requested that
the council take the necessary action
towards bringing about a fair adjustment of the amount claimed,
The city engineer stated in a report that he had been unableto make
a settlement with the company exoept
so far as some minor details were concerned. He had requested the company to supply an Itemized account;
which, it was alleged, they objected to.
Mayor Lee declared that tbe claims
made were absolutely unreasonable
and consisted chiefly of bald statements as to bow much the city should
The council coincided with the
mayor's views and the matter was referred to the old Arena building com.
mittee to arrange for an arbitration
Though It was n^t disclosed at the
council meeting it is alleged In private circles that'*; the company, in
view of the city's refusal tp pay up
as suggested, locked the door cf the
Arena hnfldtng wtth the result that
It had to be forced often the other
that 'the company Install phones ln
homes and places of business of all
applicants with all speed possible, the
B. C. Telephone company wrote, stating that everything was being done to
facilitate tbls class of work.
The new central office ot the company had just been completed and lt
was stated $30,000 worth of material had been ordered for outside
Assurance was given that as soon as
tbe latter arrived the extension work
throughout the city would be rushed
to completion.
A petition was received from 120
Sapperton ratepayers requesting that
a flre hall be established further up
the big hill than tbe present one. The
necessity for this. It was stated, was
demonstrated by the recent fire in
Mr. Sanders' house. The petition was
referred to the flre committee to report.
Writing, In view of the fact that
seWers were about to be laid on Bon
nette street, a resident on Allen
street drew attention to the fact that
the property all along the latter
thoroughfare was alao. badly ln need
of similar facilities. Ths letter was
filsd for reference.
Mr. J; I* McKay, city treasurer, told
Many By-laws Will Bs Passed on by
ths Electorate on January 18���
Boiler in Rotary Snow-pfar
Working on tbe Great
Northern Bursts.
morning when some wortaneu wished [the coined that the following amounts
ndiMttsnee. made UP of rebates for part* of two
  The ttwuble between the city and  years, which he had fouwt\H\ lnlpos
station early In IMS st Saperton, we Mho PowjeiB oompany It was stated by  slble to  collect    were  /tfMutflSft
recommend that we dn now enter Into ths .members of the Rink company against the provincial w��>~
na agreement with the company, start- j Jart B'iS*\ would act-to sny way at- j governments:       Dominion,
lng from Jan, I, IMS. for a term of tec* the -satabliBhsisnt of a Skating
11 years tor ttie supply of all current  rink ta this bulldfe*.
the city may require.'
Q* th* ip*
Edmonds, Doc. 30.���-By-laws total
ling over half a million wlll be,voted
upon by tbe Burnaby electorate on
January 18.
Thla was decided upon by the
council at the last session cf 1912 this
evening, the different sums needed
Burnaby Roads Improvement By.
law, 1913, $300,000.
Waterworks Extension By-law, 1913,
Burnaby School No. 1 Loan By-law,
1913, $84,00U.
Burnaby School No. 2 Loan By-law,
1913, $28,000.
These paused their first and second
readings at the meeting held this,
evening, and the different points connected with tbem will probably be explained to the voters during the next
few weeks, when candidates tor reeve
and councillors wlll address the
The Burnaby-New Westminster
Sewerage Agreement bylaw, 1913 received Its first and second reading.
This deals with the proposed sewerage
agreement between New Westminster
and Burnaby to pay- an annual sum
to .the former for thc sinking fund
and also maintalnance cost of a trunk
sewer Bystem whioh wiU be constructed tn Sapperton.
Contrary to expectations, the tenders for the paving of Klngsway were
not opened; and, following the advice
of Reeve Weart, the matter will be
discussed at a special meeting held on
Friday morning, January 3, at whicU
the deputy minieter ot publlc works,
Mr. W. W. Foster, and chief engineer
ot publle Works, F. C. Griffith, will he
present. ^^^^^^^^^h^hi
It ls the aim of the council to work *��Jf��  ��� tnaaaaP ana   bare   at
in   conjunction   wtth   the provincial Umited   rom OJ^ft^i;*"*.*
government In connect!** with tbis *:�� tonight, */%*, 1*St*m *��    ttxttt*
psirtng scheme, as a large part of the
eost wltl probably.be borne by   the
government-, for thts   reason   R*e*e
Two Msn Probsbly    Fatally   Haft���
Mllwsukee Line Will Be Blocked .
for Several Days.
Seattle, Dec. 30.���An explosion cf a.
boiler of a rotary suow plow on th.*
tirtat Northern and an avalanchw
that wrecked a stall in which a frelgnt
train loaded wltb oriental Itnport* tor
the eaat on the Chicago, Milwaukee *
Puget Sound complicated conditions
today in the Cascade mountains,
where the northern transcontinental
railroads are flghting cue of ths worse
blizzards of the last, twenty years-
Five men were Injured, two probably
fatally, in the boiler explosion, and.
one waa severely hurt In ' the avalanche.
The Milwaukee line probably wdll .
be blocked several days, bnt thc
Great Northern expected to get train*
through tonight. The Northern
Pacific opened It? mountain division
for passenger traffic late today, bnt
said there was danger of the line being blocked before morning. .
The snow in ;the mountains in
eleven teet deep, On the level and *
stiff wiDd Ib piling huge drifts across
the traoks.
The Northern Paciflc got Its transcontinental llpe open today and trains
which had been held from 12 to 3d
hours east of the summit of ttie Cas*-
cades began arrlrtng in Seattle latt��
todav. All of yesterday's Northern
Paciflc trains were-hi-tonight and today's trains were reported from tour
hours late.   Th* Worth Const
o���'���������-���������������-w t>v��iii4iym . -.       ,\.a*pa>**
$40.0S; provincial, watsr, ����.��; BO-	
rlncinl   and   Dominion gqvsnunenta. I Weart thought It bast to ndjonra thn
lights. $$01.88.   The accounts wltl be meeting until Friday morning.
ten off .tiie[-X^laha^^L^ii'. .-"..*, - 1.   Representatives oftte many   arias
at the m
early tomorrow morning.
The Chicago, Milwaukee tc Puget
Sound brought la yesterday's overlsn-t
trains ��� .over the . Northern ~Pacf Ito
tradks tonight.  Tnflfci^tHtKi ti$jb*
The. ft C. Blsettle Will Introdsoe ths
Multiple Unit System on Thursday Neat
Ths first multiple-unit system of
ear trains on the Central Park line
of ||h�� B.C.E.R. will probably be placed. In operation oa Thursday evening.
'Mow that the new cut-off Is in work-
ts�� order, the oompany has been enabled, to consider schemes (or re-
Uerist the heavy tratflctbat is carried af cWtSta times of tte day, not-
ably In the morning and evening,
Knur trains, of two ears each, wtll
probably bs tried at ths outset: these
wiU feave New Westminster at 4:15.
(Contiaued.oa Pas* Flrs.)
���     ii Mi
- in tit if  rtJlfVi
* ��� ���V4*'#;*"*ifl* ^C** * ��� ���
* LABOR MSH PPMSms '"'*���
-���- . , ,:���#>
Indianapolis, it**,: M.^-Mur-  *
phy ot Detroit, one of the de*. ���
under    suspended    sentence.   ���
said: ' *   .;,!>����� if.
Not because hs let ms go bnt *
because I think It ts ta* htnfi'l*
I want to say .that a tains*;*
Judge never lived than Judge   ���,
p   Anderson.   I am absolutely In-  ���
��� nocent. What ! My about ���
B  Judse Anderson   I   say   from   ���
��� what I havs observed through- ���
P out the trial. I wish all the ���
P   judges  of  this  country  (rom   ���
��� Jtidp.ee   of   the supreme court   ���
��� down to Judges of the pollce   ���
��� cCurt, were like Judg* Ander-' ���
��� eon. ���....���
������-..'���'������ ���
Snowslide Sweeps Six
Men to Sudden Death
at CaidCre&Wiw
Hews   Ai
BIB Now Before    t United |
States Senate Diaerimin-
ates Against Canada.
Ottawa. Dec. 30.���A protest In ali
frrobabiltty wilt, he made by the Da-
minion government against a bill now'
before the tJhthfcl States senate which
feii daiitarttan
..        jait&SaAV
(nation against Canadian sl
ls a but to amend' Vhat 4s
the Harbor act, U* fetter
lng with the Canadian aet .
tha sarri^ge of goods by water,
bott fcwTat present, the ���'
'vessel Is relieved of ri
trom errors ln navigation of
fatement of *%lt** If a cargo is lost
'ths Sfatn owner is not llabls. Thi Wl)
now before ths American senate will
ebatigs this as rsgards forslgn ships
and removes the watectJon to StmH
which, at present, Is ��i)oy��d.-
The law. however, In regard to their
own shipping remains unchanged. The
reMt would be ttat the owner Qf C��-
for and
W' was
���It IB )!
mm know
- Jamss
B, H<
T, Kttstin
The ��wnj'
be#P. "
Coal Croiil
from Wcit
The first hjdJlcatlpn thst the people
of Co*l Creek had, ot tte occurrence
pat when the electric light system
went Mt Of commission.   This was
followed  by  commotion  and entente-
ispt In, ths camp, and' the work of
"""ortttegtoa was rtlfl s;ilve.
I and.ths pulmotar w��s
i tot an Sons' snd a halt
���, ���   he sesmed to he retiring,
Si his heart buttered a Utile, hat he
iteliy. sucouttbed,
Sotps narrow escapes ar�� reported.
Just a rtpment jMrfose- the |tlde ��n��e
down; WnSuM^h had (Men talking
with a man nhmed ��j��igdon, who bafl
,.,*m*>%, PtMS ��ek J��d, walked out ot,
Ithe 'Son 'iot a minute too koon. as
lhe ���p-pom * t**kMi tnt* the door
' Pbtmytbs.tpaB came down %ild d*��U
death to hts companions.     ������> -,..-������������
'  Aaothsr man, Ssndy   Bunch,   was
stoiStng hi tha door when the slide
HJtofih tbe bulldlhit.: Be wss struck by
ot one of the Workmen and
*)ear. ojt lb* tailft��mtim,
'-r'-^m:.mep ���weM^ottr   "
injured fe as
���" vv-      ^
fattfaTfttb ft sU*
wbh* the*
**$m* th*'
. "but in tbli
tasufflclsut f.
nadian or British ship* cerrying a
cargo trom dny nnlteiHtatss port to
ons outside that country would be 1��-
able tor any loss or damsge' occasioned by wreck or sccldeat la otter
words foreign shipping .fe discriminated egatn��L  -
The gover^msnt has undsr adrtso-
ment # protest sgalnst any iramtloii
ot eVlstfnt *e|ilMWlMl   it 'tltlted
dlan feglster.'aHH
no owos'tion roa
. t��a��3ENT aiJRHEY COWtH
��� ,:   '. ��� ''("")���:-'���)" '���' . * wi'   rr.
Stwtt.Wfesttnlnstjidr, Dsc:';-!*.1���fo ttt
th*re^*fe oW
portfdn to thi
Cindldates   iy
^:tW��,'W' apt
tttim'toaltC -
' ' ith��"ferth'lsef:
mm, ;*y m��M
tnkvabep,}.***}', Vri
dale. ", ���������     \   ���
V ��� .     . . ~j_J.
I Mmr*. ct'.mf*
\t\m*t*y wn*e��
So ft* Only four      ���	
��teijwif.d Their Intention of Q*a-
'-    teaUng ftwes Vatn|iej|'��ai^';.
Parkinson wm be sppolnted-by   Use
'naming connell. '
7 7 T��k�� jSatttp'pf.''-taPS ls*****rtioa whs
Ibreoght �� the Sottas of the ammli.
'Wttsi'ntttfaWffcMit.:-'  ..���.-���   '.^,
. The. Maaal, ateetlsf o��-tt��" ea��MH
when ���* ******* stelsnisnt tor tte
rear wil sad aeastaathms w,��.
be msds for tM-Oemi
w^^Msd to take tSaea **��� tte
by pablte haU on ttppttap. Janansy
Tnlsteeshipe on the school boara
are svidently not coveted greatly by
tbe business meant large. Only tour
candidates tncludlu* the three labor
repmsntativst^hnvei, so tar, annoim^
ed, themselves candldntes tor the
three vacancies Which wltt occur on
the board next mohth. Tbe fourth
candidate ts tbe present trustee, h.
Mr. John Reid, thc second retiring
member on't)>e hoard, has definitely
decided not to run again; while Mr
1, W. Peck, thf third piembor whose
term Is up, hsf.net as yet made Up
We mind. -y
Yesterday Trusts* Thornber M-
rtounced that h�� would enter the ***��h
agsln.   His WsMtfrm will be tte aastt
a* tbst of preyfeus years-a prog***
sir* one.   Mnrifhoifliber   will,   nort
month, oondt'ds:*!* successive yean'
is on thd fejartr and eipecta Jte .
\-mp*-t*ti��it��- hSi   reonrd   tm!
ei������y tSten. for the positions aMj
���*. Stoney. ptolntoth and Cha#
isrvloe on the"jiSartrand eipects jb'
h��T�� --*  -'*"  '���     *-L-     ���-"'     *->- ��
twtlato.    ^^^^^_^^^^_
Mr; Oeerge,Kenne��T- who.'hmbedrJ
Sffgentsd n�� tJnottlMe candidate for1
���liuaMniftl 'bmim**, sttted. when 'ntor
***** yetiit*^ tt&JwMld ���*���* in,
tonWt* st:i^amptm.afr^f\i e:
**tS himsntt k a;x��n'��fcte*r-:n i
des t^^W^**k*^m^\W
.���**i^/*wpi "m
^_,   ls*��s��s
Ctmncillor It; X"
���Jam. Is unfojtunat
residence on the Ni
from th�� effects 6f thf
leg frota a vlclons doi.
Trial of Labor Union Offi
dali b V^0g,^fj.h ��� y,
'        eluded.
Indianapolis,   Ind..   Dec.
prisonment In the federsl
Leavenworth, Kane.,-Was
day M punishment upon ^ ���__
labor union otTlclals convicted of baring engaged In the destruction of property by dynsmlte over an area
stretching from Boston to Los Angels'-
Ths SentsnoM.
Seven yearB���Fran* M. Byan, Chi
eago, president of  tte   Internationa,
Assoolstion of Bridge ani atwwtnrW
Iron Workers.
Six yeara-Olsf A. 1>����mo^ Ban
Franotsoo, itecrstary of Hte,��
Trades Counctl; Herbert ft
former eeeretary ot tte IroaV
~nlon, and formerly St Detnjj
Butler, Buffalo, vioe-prssK
unionr Bngene a. SS*'"
Prancisop; l.lr. Ham
Vi  PWHlp A. .��*
-iank.Oi Vs"**"*���
etreet 6��r Viasshes Into i
"*   f- - '-������     '.uVt''-" 'W>"_*"*,,
gmaaUama^BM   ItfM^:   Tk^teP
'^ar^*Bm^tff W%^*\^^9f    Wb*\^>W\j^^^^  ^
City. Ul
,m "lellifc Henry
'������*���-���-    A PAVINi
San Pranelsco. Dee. 10.���In
tbe first day and a half nf ita
operation. San Prsnclsco's nsw
municipal railway line, returned tbe elty a profit ot ttst.n.
The first ear was seat out Saturday at noon, and the receipts
tor the half day ttat* |7����.7��.
Testerday's reeslpts Were l��10,
making a total of $1��W.7S for
the day a��d a half.
The esUsUted operating ex-
pensss of tte road are flit a
day, ahd the fixed chargss on
the bOads Wll a day.
. There Is aa owl service Wltt
cars running svery hour, between 11:8* and ��:JO m the
��� Krnest Englssd.. proprietor of   thn
��� I White Bakery, wbo wss struck by   ���
��� Twelfth street oar of'the ft .CK. K.
��� about �� o'clock last night, twhlte
���{driving Ws rig near the Provflfeaaa
Of orphanage, etas seriously injured.
Just how the accident happened ta
yet to be determined; but. from what
could be learned at - the   Colnmbia
street depot, the msn was   drivtas
along *be same way as tte har   as4
did not Har its approach.
_ ,    Bngland was   taken   to St Mary's
���f hospital, Where it was given ont tt*t
" his Injuries   were   serious,   but   aot
The toot, .that be has a larva dto-
_ ntrt wilt, periupn, Inconvenience tttm
patrons, bnt bis frieadi came to tU*
ratea* Ust evsnlng when tbey keerOl
of tht aaddent' snd srrsngfneetiteP
probably be   made   shortly   V��
handle tte delivery en* of his
Tjurkey Wants tp Leave
Settlement of Ter
To European
W.-Aftei;ato��to|^tte��wWttly hot the alHto
'^��etotfiMr,far&y^ii��|tt*yjrtwuid 7wjt-ttefc t
' ^hwid In tte WMice Hnttlog. wl��lch, efter.n '
lk^s__-      fc._    J* S     V     -   '���  m.  I mm*.       a   .     _.i��_a    il j    _J__i.
���*- BSrJ
Z-taat *itQt4
end tor the
feetMns,wss brief
'"   ^pgg-WJtlchjre-
t*rka said thsy were
The alUes propoee
to Wi
iln indcmntl, nt morning paper devoted to tlte interests of New Westminster and
Cts Fraser Valley. Published everv morning axcept Sunday bu the National Printing
eout Publish!!!,! Companv, Limited, at (1 McKenzie Street. Sew Westminster, British
Cohimbhi. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
** individtm* memliers of the .tuff. Cheq.cn, drafts and money orders Should be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBLBPU0NB8���Husiness Of/Ice and Manager, ttt; Editorial Rooms lall depart-
anl<l, S91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By currier, %1 per vear, 11 for three months, 40c per
tmonth. By mail, 13 per year, tic per month.
TO CORRESPONDENTS���No letters wlll be published In The News ciccpt over
the writer's signature. The editor teserves the right to refuse thc publication of any
they progressed to heckling leading
public men at every possible opportunity, then to mobbing Cabinet Ministers, stone throwing, window smashing;, wrecking public property, attempting arson, destroying mall, and,
lastly, ringing fire alarms and telephoning false messages.
The chief result Is that the Metropolitan police are nearing the ragged
peine of endurance and patience. If
causing the Kngiish "bobby" to work
overtime ls the euffragetteB' chief object, they are able to rejoice in the
most complete success.
But they have evolved their militant campaign from an effort to attract attention to their cauBe Into a
systematic revenge for the public antagonism to their demands.
in tne l)anl*h Parliament a bill extending the franchise to women Is
likely to become law in the near future. The English suffragettes will
find in this another proof of the perfidy of British political leaders in refusing to let the suffrage question
come to a head in the Commons.
But aB a corollary of their enfranchisement the Danish women propose
to worn fnr the introduction of compulsory military service for women.
They would have Danish girls trained
in nursing and commissariat work, on
the ground that such training would
fit them for household work ln timer
of peace, leaving aside the question of
Bervlce in war.
Instead of exercising diabolical In-
p��mniv in devising fresh methods of
destroying public property, harassing
public men at every turn, hamperlnf
public services on every hand, Jth<
Danish Suffragists propose to in
crease their daily usefulness to th��
country in an immense degree. They
propose to do their active part in improving national conditions.
They are within a stone's throw of
enfranchisement. Their Bngllsh sir
ters are about as far away as
sun.���Toronto Mall and Empire.
We are glad to note that very satisfactory progress is
being made in the provision for harbor development in the
city. As our readers are aware the work entailed by the
development of Front street and the extension of the
wharves is to be done by day labor, and in a very short
time now actual operations will commence.
Two weeks ago we called attention to the full recognition given by the minister of public works to the praiseworthy initiative of the city council in launching a scheme
of harbor development and of the spirit of the citizens in
backing up this body by voting half a million dollars for
that purpose. Hon. Robert Rogers, at the same time,
pointed out that for ocean-going terminals New Westminster has an immense advantage over Victoria and Vancouver on account of its public-owned waterfront and the
benefits of fresh water.
We hear a great deal these days of the elaborate provision made by the government for the two ports named
above, and we trust that in the immediate future New
Westminster will not be overlooked. Our harbor enterprises to date are the product of the initiative of the citizens of Westminster themselves, and, while our representative men may not boast quite as loudly of what they are
going to do as some others on the coast, the citizens may
be assured that the work is going forward as swiftly as
But the harbor scheme as it affects the city proper is
not all that is being held in view at the present time, for
throughout it has been recognized by its advocates that
the development of the Fraser is not local only nor confined to any one place. Any true scheme of harbor development here must necessarily affect the entire peninsula;
..     ,       , ,��    _���. ...       i    ,,    ., . . the Western Provinces especially the
tne harbor authority controlling both the main channel of! bank has successfully endeavored to
the river and the North Arm must be one authority and IfeeTS CeSSrtSTV&^ffi
should be centered here. 'hrro million or advances to the pub
Ho, over ten  millions are loaned   to
In this way only can the greatest benefit accrue, not|*a���<^
merely to this city, but to all the interests on the peninsula, to Vancouver, South Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam and New Westminster. As we have
pointed out the authority of the minister of public work?
should be unassailable, and, based on that authority, it is
an incontrovertible fact that upon the Fraser and its
branches there is a better chance offered for the cheap development of industries and wharfage accommodation
than can be put forward by any other port in British Columbia.
There are two private bills affecting the Fraser to be
adjudicated upon during this session of the Dominion
parliament, one from the city and another from interests
upon the North Arm. We believe that the time has come
for that wider vision which shall recognize that the control of the Fraser and its waterways must be vested in
one supreme body to ensure the best results.
The worth of the Fraser has already been recognized
at Ottawa, and we trust that the interest of Ottawa will u��� jm,���, ���.,,,. nr ,���������,, r.rnmlinP
not stop there. In view of the fact that the Fraser is a na-1'�� ,h" rTavitv of th* ****���
tional port whose future no man can rightly gauge, it may
very well happen that the Dominion Government will give
further proof of its appreciation of conditions here by accelerating the passage of a bill which shall constitute one
harbor authority for the Fraser by means of a public
measure in the same way that the bill for Vancouver's
harbor development project is coming before the
The Merchants Bank of Canada held
their 49th Annual Meeting in Montreal
on Wednesday last.
The bank is sharing to the full this
flood time of prosperity throughout
The statement shows profits whicli
were In exces'S of 20 per cent, of the
average paid-up capital.
After providing for the dividend of
10 per cent, to shareholders, the re-
ductlon of the bank premises account
of $100,000 and giving $50,000 to the
officers' pension fund, they were en-
iblr-d to add $450,000 to the reserve,
and carry forward a good balance.
The reservp now stands at $6,410,760
Iieing Increased by $649,004 from premium on new Btock.
The Merchants Bank with its recent-
y aided capital, now commands re-
���oiiroes of nearly eighty-five million
lrll.irs. and is accounted as being one
rt the "first powers" in Canadian
bank'iiR circles.
Valuable connections^ have been es-
���ihllahed  throughout Canada,  but  In
Eighty-eight, branches and agencies
'-hvp heen established throughout the
Western Provinces.
There Is reason for expecting that
the good record of this and recent past
vearB will be continued In the future
* ���
a*....... ........
The first movement for the aboil
tion of the death penalty for forgers
" Kngland followed the execution or
Thomas Maynard, a convirtpd forger,
it the Old Batlev prison, 83 years ago
'cday, Dec. 31, 1820. Popular indlgna
tion nt the hanging of Maynard resulted In 1832 in the nassage of an act
abolishing the punishment of forgery
with death.
Marnard wns the Inst person exee"t
ed for that crime In England. The
'Irst English statutes defining forgery
a**A n. punishment were passed during the reign of Elizabeth, and the
crime was made punishable hv fine
'.-' stnndln" In the nlllnrv. hnvlng bit''
ears cut off. the nostrils silt up and
senred, the forfeiture of lnnd. pemet-
The first man to forge Bank of England nn<es wns Plchnrd W. Vaitrhsn.
who was convicted   and executed   in
The current number or thc British
Columbia l-'edcrationlst is Just tj hand
ami Its publishers are to be cungratii.
again, lie advocates such a pollcy as
a measure of self-defense for ii,e peo-
pio of the United States, We have
round In Western Canada that we need
such legislation -*:** a measure of safe-
lated upon the very excellent 32 pages- ty.   We live in a coal district, yet thief portraits, pictures and reading mftt- 8rloB is e?��"3,ou" ani1 ��>metlmes we
.      ,        . , ,   ,u      ,. .      . j ...  ���   i have great difficulty in getting coal al
tor to which they havo treated their  a|i
readers  for  Christmas time.
In addition to current news of particular interest to labor men, there
are given special articles dealing with
the growth of the labor movement in
this province dining the past quarter
of a century.
One complete section is devoted to'
Westminster and her sturdy sons of
labor, and several well known local
faces look out from tlie beautifully
printed pages of this isBUe. "The
1914 labor convention city," as N'ew
Westminster is there duhhrd, has IU
sttory very well Uld in the letter
There nre articles upon Vancouver
and Victoria, und other points, all
profusely illustrated, while a compen
duiuin of useful Information is in
daded in a highly creditable produc
Tlie mayor of Boston has brought
ie question of publlc ownership of
mines  Into    the political    ring
Coal is a public ultility. Across the
line the States have given away to
private Investors all the water rights
of the rivers. They have made millionaires who are increasing their
wealth by holding up the private citizens for high prices. II is the same
with coal and otlier public utilities.
Let us save our natural resources for
the people.
The state should own the coal mines
and also the natural gas wells. The
province Should pay well the man who
makes Important discoveries of coal.
oil or gas snd then take possession of
'he thing discovered. W'e should hold
the coal mines and the natural gas
wells, as well as the water power
sites.  Calgary Albertan.
Arabs and Portraits.
An artist who found it difficult ti
get pictures of Arabs in Morocco
writes: "1 once tried to sketch soin.i
Arnlis in Algiers. They constant^
evaded me, and at last an old Moor,
with whom we were on the friendliest
terms produced by constant bargaining fnr embroidered runs, spoke t" ill"
on the matter like a father, for my
good, 'It is not,' lis snul, 'that any
nann will ensue to those wjios ��� picture yon make. It i.s you youi c f
will suffer inconvenience in tne i ,-xt
world. Allah will say to you: "i-o
lowing your own will and pen mi re.
you hnve mcle those ligvires. I now
command you to give tliem sou!*..'
And where, my iricr I, wil! yon be
ftuii?' "
Much more serious than the American problem of "What Bhall wo do
with our e.vpresldentB?" ls Ihe English problem: "What can we do with
our suffragettes?" The militants have
exhibited huoIi Ingenuity ln devising
new points of attack thai tho chief
concern of Ihe public is to know
where the next outbreak is to take
From    processions    and    mectinji
Called His Bluff.
"What!1' c"ed the brutal hus'and.
"You pave th,.t old overcoat of mille
to a t-amp. Yr*u (hrruld have nsked
mc first. I had placed a hundred d-jl-
Inrs in hiils in one ol the pockN bl
that cent, simply to Iisvp the tn-itiey
in a safe place until vou siiould want
V' purchase some clothes."
"William Henry Suliswopjby," rn-
plied the fond wife, fixitiR him with
a jurli;ial eye. "you worked thai L-ntne
on tne two venrs .t:o. I went tlitmuli
tie pockets ol tint cat mi:i1 tumid a
Worcout glove, six r-ves, f.v ��� cardamom seeds, four ni.iicluM and a suburban time card. I'm going shopping for my dress to-ni irrow."
Clams That Drown Men.
Some clams that trap inm are found
imbedded in the corn! reefs of ths
Pacific and Indian o eats, and tho
men captured are penrl. <livers. Men
have accidentally s'-ipp-d intoi the
open jaws of these Luge clams at low
tide, mid the clams, rioting their J��W3,
have held them fast until the lido
rose, when the men were drowned.
Resignations   In   Canadian   Political
Life Are Not Common.
The Kon. F. D. Monk's resignation
lr->m Mr. Borden's Cabinet stands out
as probably the most clearly-marked
instance of resignation from motives
of principle, as distinguished from
pique or expediency, which the political anna's of Canada aff, rd.
Indeed, relignations of any kind are
comparatively rare iu tha history of
Canadian Cabinets. In thn year 1364,
George Brown snd Sir John A. Macdonald were instrumental iu forming
�� coalition Government for the old
Province of Canada for tl.e main purpose of carrying Confederation. But
a year or two after its formation the
former resigned from it, istcnsibly on
neeount of some difference with the
Government relative to the question
of reciprocity. But there wns a pretty genersl ides that he wanted to get
out ��� largely because he did not get
on with Macdonald. A little later,
Sir A. T. Gait resigned from the same
Government, on the ground thst lie
could not sgrec sith its educational
policy, which, in his view, did not
sufficiently safeguard the Protestant
minority in Quebec. Sir A. T. Gait,
in fact, was something of a Quebec
Ulsterman. In 1867, he rejoined tbe
Mscdnnal.1 Government. But tho fever
of resignation seems to have run in
hii blood. For, a few months 1 '.er,
he again resigned, retiring from his
offlce of Minister of Finance on account of a difference of or inion with
the Government ns to the proper mode
of dealing with the Commercial Bank,
whicii had failed. Altogether, this
worthy knight seems to h-ve been a
man of very considerable independence. When he accepted liis knighthood from thi crown, he wns careful
to stipulate that such acceptance
should not lie held to prejudice his
giving expression to his view that
Canada's future destiny ley in the direction of complete independence. And
in this stipulation the British Government of tba day acquiesced.
Another resignation ��,n a question
of principle was that of Mr. Clarke
Wallace, who, not very long before
the lirst Laurier Administration cams
into power, resigned from thc Conservative Government. As a steadfast
Orangeman, he refused to approve of
the remedial order requiring the Province of Manitoba to restore Separate
Schools. Shortly after seven other
members of the same Government,
"the nest of traitors,'" resigned, including the Hon. George E. F>ster.
But in their esse it was tactics, rath-
er than principle, whicl underlny
their action. They professed not to
have complete confldenoe in Sir Mackensie Bowell, An being the strongest
man for the position of Conservative
leader, and in consequence of their
action Sir Charles Tupger superseded
him. The Hon. Clifford Sifton resinned from Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Cabinet
in the year 1905 on the ground that
he differed from its policy, as regards
the educational clsuses in the bill |
���"resting the autonomous Provinces ofj
Alberts and Saskatchewan. A year or \
wo hefore thnt. Mr. Blair resigned
rem the Liberal Government because
as considered its legislator too favorable to the Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ray, and it was also,understood that
he went further In the direction of
frftroring public ownership than did
ths Government, as a whole, at thnt
tiihe. Mr. Tarte's resignation in 1902
"TBS stated to be due to differences
ivtth his colleagues with regard to the
tariff. But it was generally believed
that he was ordered to resign because
he hsd been tslking too loudly.
Canada's Beit Company.
The compsny which bore nil tlie
loss in the Streetsviile wreck, A Company of the 48th Highlanders, is by
military experts considered tn be the
best individual compsny in the Dnrn
inion. Ths individusl members are
just as fine ss the whole company.
Each one is sn athlete ot msgnitlcenl
physical build snd esch one average!
between 5 feet 10 snd flve feet II
inches in height.
In the words of General Sir .lolin
French, when he Isst visit'd Canada,
A Company was 'the finest company
of infantry" he had ever seen.
At the sham battle, from which
the men were returning, they were 44
strong, although the full company
comprises 88, but even with hail their
number they were the str'iige��t in
number on the field. "And," said the
presiding officer, "only (our of the
entire company reported on tlie ni.'ln
nf the wieck mi tlieir r. turn. It wa- i
p.itli, tic spectacle when tlie lone I, ur
of the largest and line.-t company
marched in to return their arms."
Displacing Curinr Tit.
In 1110 eastern cedar cum posed 40
per cei t. ol the total nunib-r of cr,,.--
tics purchased in the I), minion; in
Mill it fell to 5.4 per cent, and ' i I fill
place in impo-tnnci! of rpecipil used.
Its place has been taken by jack pin**,
of which wood 40 per cent, ol the lie*
used iu 1011 were made. Tamarack,
with 19 per "int.. Dnuuln* lir with 14
per cent., and hemlock with 13 per
-ent. nre thc three next i- order.
The Forestry Branch ol the Department ol the Interior, wliich i�� authority for the foregoing, states in il�� bulletin on thc subject that IJ,6d'l,770
ties, or 4,409.604 more thnn in 1910.
were purchased iu 1911. Iiaiiway de.
velopment in the Weat is lar^ciy responsible lor tho increase.
Another Last-Ditcher.
Alphonse Vrrville declared a', a political meet ng in Montreal recently that
so far as reciprocity is concerned li��
i< a last-ditcher He declared that
he would Continue to support r eipme-
ity even if every other member ui the
Home of Commons opposed it.
Alphonse Verville, M.P., is one u|
lhe greatest of lite Labor leader.- ot
the Dominion. He waB born at C '���'
8t. Paul, In 1804, and learned In-
trade as plumber and steainfitter in
Montreal. Though nominally a Liberal he refuses to attend a party caucus. Indeed it may safely be suid
that he regards himself ss the i.ucleu*
of a Canadian Labor party.
Step Right Up snd Pick Out ths Birth
Stons Which Belongs to You.
For the man or woman born in Jan-
nary the proper birth stone is the garnet. Among the attributes claimed (or
it in olden days waa tlie power of
fringing sleep to those subject to insomnia. It stood tiio for riches, honor, great wisdom, constancy, fidelity
in every engagement and drove away
the plague and evil spirits. The amethyst ia for February. The ancient
Romans believed that he or she whi
���drank wine from a cup or goblet made
of this gem' could not become Intoxicated.
. Fnr March the bloodstone is the
symbol of wisdom nnd courage, produces firmness in affection. A superstitious belief existed that ths red
spots found in the stone ��ere caused
by drops ot blood falling from s spear
wound in the body pf Ch\st while on
the cross which (ell on s piece of
green jesper.
' For April is the king of sti goms,
the.diamond, the most sought alter
gem in nil the world. The Rnmsns believed thst it a diamond were worn on
the left arm so that it touched the
skin  it made  tliem   fearless.
For May the accepted gem is the
emerald. This gem discovers false
friends and  insures true love.
For June i.s the pearl, the queen nf
all gems. The olden Chinese used
them as medicine for diseases of tin
blood. Cleopatra, in order to show
her contempt for money, nnd to outshine others in her lavish wastefulness in those days of oriental splendor, tore off one of her magnificent
large pearl earrings, dissolved and
swallowed it. That pair of pearls was
said to bo worth nt thnt time $800,000.
Perhaps the present vnlue would \>e
$2,000,000. The Ilomans wore iiearls,
even on their shoes.
For July is the glowing rub or red
sapphire, whicii denotes luve or a loving disposition. For August is tits
sardonyx whicii insures long lite,
health and prosperity, c-njUL-al felic
.ty and causes strife and melancholy
to depart.
For September is the ever-popular
���npphire. lt has many virtues. It extinguishes fires, corrects bad manners
of the wearer, insures freed'ni from
evil passions nnd sadness of the mind.
It nlso denotes repentance.
October claims the wondrous opal.
This gem, with fire-like flames of sui-
phur. was more esteemed to the Unmans thnn nil other stones, and Non-
nius, the Roman senator, was sent
into exile because he refused to giv,j
up to Marcus Antonius a ring containing nn opBl of great slxe, valued a'.
$?o0.000. y
Tiie birth stone for November is ilia
topes, n lovely jewel whicli *����� claimed by the ancients to quench thirst if
held under the tongue nnd the wesr-
ii g n( it wns said to induce fidelity
and   friendship.
For December is the heavenly blue
turquoise. Von Helmut!) said. "Wlio.
ever wears this gem so that its gold
setting touches tile skin will be protected and snfe from injury by fnli-
v.ui from a great height " ls a ch-er-
fr of a depressed soul Snd insures
nros-erilv in love affairs. It wa-
' nown (or ages as the grent lucky
Stons. lt ulso produces health snd
Right in the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side cf Sth Ave., close to Moody Square. Pries $1750.00, third cash,
balsncs six and twelve monthe.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
the Jaffa gate i.s n broad mu! imposing
avenue.    In t-u- streets sre trsuiwsy
Modernlting Ihe Orient.
Even the s....stores of the ancient
elty of Jerusalem hav^ changed.
Where on c were crumbling walls and
nuclei t temples nre now blocks ol
Uovert uie it luildings. On the site of
gate i.s n I
In tn< st
and taxicabs. nnd the western water
cart has suprlanted the man ou foot
with liis gontskiu of water. In tiie
plains of Sharon and on the tahie
lands between Jaffa ard Jerusalem
steam driven Ih-ashing machines sud
self-binding reapers nre at work. Watsr is aupplied by means of pumps
driven by motors, Abraham'* well at
Beersheehs being pumped in this fashion. Up no date motnrboa'.j now cross
the sea of (inliiec. and a scheme i��
under con��iderntioii whereby aimiiai
boats will ply the river Jordan.
'Mi's **r%
Mrs Hyllle-Mj Uiiahsnd takes a
deep Interest tn nit. Mrs. Oldsr- Yoo
surprise me. Mrs. Ryllle-H'HI. It was
n surprise fo me. but 1 beard him telling Jack Itnwnder Isst night Ihat It
wns a good thing to study your band
before you draw.
, "That's  arrnnt   nonsense," ssld  Mr.
Ilenpeck.  "shout   Micro nlwsys  living
room at the top "
"Oh."  his  wife snrcastlcnlly replied,
���when were you up tliere to seeV"
Employees' "Soothing" Rooms.
Paris, Dec, 30.���Ab the result of frequent nervous breakdowns among the
famale operators at the central telephone exchange here, ChambreB de
Crises de NerfB. or soothing rooms,
are to be provided In all French ex-,
Tough Luck.
Rlx-Plckert up a live dollar bill this
morning Illx-I.uiky dog! [lix���Lucky
mulling! Itlght behind me wns a chap
I owed n Over to. uud he boned me for
It���Boston Transcript.
Tw*  Passions.
Mrs. Prosy-Itendlng Is quite s pas-
lion with my husband.    Mrs. Dresser-
So It Is with mine when he reads my
milliner's bills!
In Ihe court of his own connclencs
ao culltj mnn Is scuultted.-Juvenal.
The World Knows
the best preventive and corrective of disorders of the
digestive organs is the gentle,
harmless, vegetable, always
effective family remedy
Sold irarrwhar*.
bl boxaa, 25*.
lrvtvsl: Closing
10:80���Vancouver vis 0.  N.  fl.
tl:Id���Barnaby LSiks fend Vaneouver vis B. C. E. R... 7:46
16:45���Vancouver   vis   O. N. R.
(dally exeept Bunds*) .14 :*0
fl������  .in ~�����M���^
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Bunday). 11:16
U:0O���Vaneouver via. B. C. B. H.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
.8:00���Vancouver vta B. C. B. R.
(daily exeept Sunday).2u:30
10:0�����Port  Mann  (dally except
Bunday) *:4t
1:4o_victoria via B. C. E. R-
(daily except Sunday). 11.16
0:80���uarnston Islands arrives
Tuesdsy, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday 13:1S
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:3*
18:00���BdmendB and Central
Park (dally except Suuday)    16:00
11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   and
Krtdavl        14:00
48:.10���Abbotsiord. Upper Sumas,
Mstaqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Sunday)    7:15
,6:16���Cr*��oent. White Rock and
Blaine idaily except
Sunday)  9:46
6:16��� United States via O. N. R.
idaily exceot 8unday)..l��:00
16:16���Hall's Pralrle. Fern Kldge
nnd Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:46
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)   7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally)  7:13
18:10���Bappertrn and Praser
Mills     (dally      except
Bunday)   13:16
9:26���All points east and Europe (dally)   |13:lj
11:50���Coqtiltlam   (dally   except
Sunday)  7:15
12:00���Central Park, ilsKay snd
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.16
0:00���Ladner. Pest Guichon,
Westham Island, Ban
Villa 13:15
13-00���Rast Uurnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueeday and
FHdnyi    11:30
11:10���Rand,   Majebe   Hill   vta
B. C. E. R. (Meoday
Wednesday and Friday        6:00
tl:��0���ChlUl wack, MUaer. Mt.
LefataM, Aldnrgroee, Oie
ter. Sfcoftseed, Surrey
ley Prairie. MsirayvlBe,
Btrewkesw Wll. South
WesttnlasSsr. Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling BUtlon,
Deanieoo etatlen. Bradner,    Betterese, vta B.
C. E. R. (defly exsept
Sunday)    9:00
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .13:16
t6:4S���Vancouver, Piper's Biding via O. H. R.
(dally exsept Bnadsy)..14:31
9:30���United States vta Q. N. R.
(dally exeept Sunday)     Id
20:40���ChllliwscK vta B. C. E. R.
tfafly exeept Sunday).17:ls
tl:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Priday aad Bat-
day         14:0i
11:20���Cleverdal* nnd Port Kells
vta n. N. II. (dslly except  Sundsy) 14:0*
11:10���Abbotsford. Huntingdon.
vta B. C. E. R. MsMy
exceot Sundav)   17:8��
10:40���Cloverdale    via    BC.K.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:3*
2:00���Fraser   Arm     and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....28:09
COAL MINIMS sights ef ths Dominion In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Tukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and ln a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual reutal of
31 an acre. Not more than 2,66(1 acres
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a leass must be
made by ths applicant tn peraon to
tbe Agent er Sub-Agent of the district
In which the rights applied for sre
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 85 s<bieh will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
i ast availabls, but not othsrwlse. A
royalty shall ba paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tbe rate
ef five cants per ton.
The person epersting tbe mine shall
furnish ths Agent with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined asd pay tbe
royalty thereon, lf the coal mining
rights are not being operated sucb returns should be furnished st least
eace a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
ssessssry for tha working of the mine
st ths rats of 810 sn sere.
Fer fell information application
should be made to die Secretary of
tha Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dssalalon Lands.
Deputy Minister of ths Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of
thle advertisement wlll net be paid
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tsblee In the city.   Fine
line ot Cigars and Tobacco.   Sporting
i avsnts bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprlstor.
Transfer Ca
Offles Phene 185.     Bern Phene 1S7
Bsgbls ktrsst.
Baggags Delivered Promptly to
any part of the ctty.
liglit and Heavy Hauling
It'e the Werk.
Uee Ye*ir Phone.
031 Clarkeen Street. Phene 400.
Eighty Rosms, Nsw and Medarn.
Ths most comfortable reams tn the
city. Hot and csld water and steam
radiator hi eacb. Bar aad trst olass
eafs ran in connection.
Cor. Front snd Bsgbls St.   Phene 188
Phene ROM
���10 Hsmllton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Bavetreugh Cleaning,
���ewer Connecting,
Csespools. Ssptle Tanks. Etc
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Wateri
Manufactursd by
Tslsphons R 11*. Offles: Prlncsss at
who do not receive The News before
I n.m. should
and make complaint Only ln this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
��6 Lorne Street. New Weetmiastsiv
BUIlDfRS and PHONE 890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Kdmonds, Dec. 30.���The year 1912
wlll pbbb Into history as a bumper ono
for the municipality of Burnaby and as
establishing another record for a dlBtrict, which, during the paat three
yearB has tended to upset all calculations based upon conditions akin to
the go-ahead spirit of the Canadian
Not only that; it will provide material for the pen of the historian with
a prophetic bent as It will open before
bts mind's eye the dawn of the day
when the largest municipality on the
lower mainland will have united the
two leading cities on the mainland
Into one great metropolis or else have
split herself ln twain, one part going
to New Westminster and the other to
It ls coming just as sure as the
stars In the sky and the wiseacres
who were pooh-poohed at but two to
or three years ago when they ventured a thought upon such a scheme, are
now having the satisfaction of knowing that thoir prophecies are coming
Duiing the past year more development, more opening up of unsettled
districts has been accomplished than
during any two years work in the history of the municipality.
Settlers have boen pouring In,
houses have been built, roads have
have been made for cart or motor, In
fact the man who left Burnaby five
years ago will   feel   as   a Rip Van
through the municipality at the present time.
then dropped dead with apoplexy had
Buch a proposition been placed ln fron,
of him to decide.
Those two yearB have wrought th";
The children are knocking on the
doorB, they want more room, mort
teachers and new buildings, and, il
Burnaby la to keep step with pro
greBB, she must necesarily cater to
the wants of this growing population.
A striking Instance of this Increase can be cited at Armstrong avenue, East Burnaby. A fair-sized bulld
lng was built there less than two
yeara ago and a great howl arose
from the ratepayers who thought ii
was throwing money away to build
such a school in tlie bush.
What of today ?
Two teachers aro employed, sixty-
one students participated tn thi
Christmas exercises and next spring
there wlll be double that number.
While the municipal program Is yel
tentative, one project at leaBt wll'
bring Burnaby" to the forefront In thr
province. Thla la the Klngsway pav
Ing scheme which will link Burnaby
with a paved street of New Westmln-
Bter and also one In South Vancouver
providing the municipal authorities n<
the later place decide to go ahead witli
their portion of the work. Here II
was that Burnaby showed her tnif
hand as far as progress Ib concerned
Knowing    that    South    Vancouver
Winkle If he were    to tako    a trip  were planning to go ahead with their
riving during 1912, Reeve Weart and
his confreres stepped down from their
Burnaby has been quoted as being | h'uh Beat and willingly offered South
the key to the whole of the peninsula., Vancouver, Burnaby's share pf the
Its roads connect the cities of New annual grant from the Provincial Gov-
Westminster and Vancouver, the rail- ernment.
ways running Bast and Weit are I Ud to the present t'me, a dlflcultv
forced to pass through Its borders, and exists between South Vancouver and
furthermore Kb harbor possibilities the Victoria authorities regarding th'
are being enquired into with a view of, class of riving but this matter dop*
utilizing the mllea of waterfront that' not deter Burnaby one lota. "This pav
are located on the north and south lng work must be started this coming
shores. i soring," they say. and, with practical
By her geographical poaition, she lv every cand'date for office favprln"
cannot help progressing, and those tt*n Rclieme. there ts little danger of
who are now located there appear to the deal falling through,
be fully alive to this fact. They arel Ats stated before. Burnaby Ib fast
Bufflciently optlmiBtlc to believe that going nhead. There mav be checks
the day la not far distant when thla no doubt there will be, but there can
VlBion wlll have become a reality, be no obstacle Btrong enough to ate���
when Burnaby wlll be the center of the tide of orosperlty of a communis
the population ot the lower mainland, { blessed with snch natural nrtvnn
when perhaps the seats of government: tages nnd endowed with   an environ-
of the two adjoining cities will be
merged and it may be located on the
high grounds in the vicinity of Central,
Whatever the year 1912 has been,
the coming year promises to be even
Factories are fast coming, small to
be sure, but these will count ln tha
long run in providing the wage-earner
with material to build a bome and
bring up his family with everything
good and in plenty.
Four districts loom up among the
bunch as showing a boom ln building
operations, these being East Burnaby.
Edmonds. Central Park and Vancouver Heights.
The Improvement ln the car service
connecting East Burnaby wtth New
Westminster has probably been the
meana of Increased settlement coupled
with tbe fact that this portion Is high
and dry trom the   fog belt that   en
ment that must make for progress.
King, Rosebery, Chamberlain, Asquith
Prince Arthur of Connaught
Ars Included.
One Particular Institution Has Loaned
One-fifth of Capital to Its
London. Dec. 30.���By royal   decree
tbe Elder Brethren of Trinity Houst-
are now permitted to assume the styl
and title of captain, and    henceforth
they will take precedence on all so-
   ____ cial occasions    ss    captains    of Uk
wraps the' Koyal City many UmeB dur-; Royal Navy.
Ing the winter. New houses, small and |    As the number contains some well
great, bave been snd aro springing up j known captains whose only knowledge
on all sides of this   busy settlement ot the sea has been derived from oc
while tbe building of a now sash and casloual cross-channel trips, it wlll bt
door factory will be commenced later
In this present week.
Edmonds bears more resemblsnce
to a small city than a suburban district Being the municipal seat of government, this plsce bas been more before tbe public eye than   any   otber
Interesting to see If they will ezercls
their right snd decide to be known In
tbe future by their new titles.
Among the Elder Brethren are King
Oeorge, who thus gsve himself a ne��
rsnk, the prime minister; Lord Georg
Hamilton (a former first lord of   thr
settlement of its klud, perhaps on the admiralty),   the   Earl   ot   Rosebery
lower mainland
- Business blocks have sprung up on
ground that a few years ago was covered by standing timber while the people who ester to these stores hsve
forged ahead with a western progres-
slveness. building homes for themselves that   are well   worthy ot any
During the past year the municipal
authorities have cleared the large
tract ot land surrounding the sdmm-
Istratlve bnlldings snd next year this
ground will be turned Into a modern
*    .       .- ��� . .��.������#��   raattAeanr no-
Rear-Admiral Hector B. Stewart, Jos
Chamberlain, ex-Premier A. J. Balfonr
Prince Arthur ot Connaught and thr
Marquis of Crewe.
The idea of calling a foremost law
yer and politician like Premier As
qulth. a statesmen and philosopher
like Mr. Balfour or Lord Rosebery, te
whom even s Qne channel crossing lr
a nightmare, and Hr. Chamberlain, the
chief apostle of tariff reform, by the
nautical title of captain, suggssts i>
limit of incongruity thst Is distinctly
humorous, snd It Is hardly likely,   of
prefer to join his brethren of lower
rank when choosing hts position on sr
occasion of ceremony.
Premier Asqultb, by the wsy, usu
ally wesrs the uniform of Trinity
House, which ts very much like that
of an admiral, on ceremonial occasions.   Of course, in   these instance*.
���ark where band concert*, outdoor so-; course, thst Rcar-AdralrU Stewart wll'
cials and other events of this kind t.r.r��,- ��n ini��� m* hmthrnn ot lower
can bo held by the people ot the com-
"Tsnfcal Park. *Wch takes In Royal
Oat Alta Vista and Jubilee, has
(hown phenomenal growth during the
past twelve months. '���'
���Mm easy moans   of reaching   th.��
l.���rt ��fVancouv��r and cheap fares to 'the title ls purely ono of courtesy, but
'yi���   that .ity haa led msny busi- it will doubtless bo appreciated by th.
ana trom u.       ., K^_ ���, ihm itaMT th(m   Tr(njty   masters,   whose
functions are of greatest Importance
for they are responsible tor tho main
tenance of all lighthouses snd 1'ght
ships In the waters of Britl*'- Isler
and tor ths licensing of Sli pilots.
Ths revenue of Trinity House If
��l.50"o,000 a. year. This leaves a con
slderable balance after tbo working
masters are bald and the surplus lv
devoted to tho mslntensnee of tndlg
ent men who havo spent "������*- Uver
on the high seas. i
The origin ot tho corporation of
Host Glorious and Undivided Trinity
and of St. Clement, the seafaring
saint who was a companion of the
Apostls Paul, and whoee signature
like that of many a londbn eorpors
tlon. Is lost In sntlqultv. Historian*
claim thst lt was a flourishing In
stitution in the reign Ot King Alfred
and It oertalnly has been the cradl'
of the British navy. 	
Stephen Langton, Archblshon pt
Canterbury snd tsmer of Kfhg John
set the corporation to work tor   the
������. mon as well aa members ot the
Writing class to migrate to thecountry, to get out ln tho suburbs and en-
10 AltoWrt* whloh created a furore
in the bnlWtod �����>��� *>rin�� th* lMi ''il
month.i St Mil. ����� ������� ��o|ng ���*������,
r��k * matar Impetus thsn ever and
JleroSTi%lMlo family ��slded In
Sf*mi inm tit* now nearly tour
"VdrJiTsSSZs.   Truly a rsmarU
"ftekrt tmt ��ot least ts Vancouvsr
tho woiW��. an��r a w
Toronto, Dec. 30. ��� The Toronto
World asks: Are the banks of Canada
loaning too much money to their
directors, and to firms in which thej
are partners ?
This is the question of a correspondent writing in criticism of the
Bank Act Introduced at Ottawa recently by the Minister of Finance. He
says ln his letter that there Is one column ln the monthly statement of the
chartered banks to the Dominion Government whicb always arrests hls attention. It Is that headed "Aggregate
amount of loans to directors and
firms of which they are partners."
In the statement for October last he
notes that there are two banks which
show over one million dollars each in
the column above mentioned, and that
there are other banks ln practically
the same position. One of tbe Institutions which shows over a million
dollars loaned to directors has a paid-
up capital of only five millions, so
that ihle particular bank has loaned
more than one-fifth of Its capital to
the men ln control.
Is This Principle   Wrong?
"Isn't this a wrong principle?" asu
the correspondent. It depends on the
point of view. Certainly the practice
Is within the law at present, and there
Is nothing In the new act to change
the situation. Bankers and mercbanU
of Toronto are not agreed on the
question. Some think the directors
have a perfect right to borrow all the
money they need, on good security;
others take tbe position that by doing
so directors are open to the accusation of using their position fcr personal profit.
The general manager of one of the
largest banks said thla morning that
be agreed with the correspondent's
"1 tblnk the directors of banks,
when they need money, should borrow outside their own Institutions. It
may be all right for them to have the
money, but what will the public think
when It observes that a considerable
percentage of a bank's business ls
with Its own controlling Interest?
From a sentimental standpoint, il
from no other, directors should exercise great care as to how they borrow
from their own banks. Suppose a director should ask for a loan wbich the
general manager, iu fairness to the
shareholders, must refuse? The situation would become drained at once,
and might easily become untenable..
May  Need Regulation.
"1 don't think this Is a matter which
the government needs to regulate, but
such a step might become necessary lf
banks become too careless In loaning
to directors. 1 know of men here In
Toronto who borrow In Montreal
rather than ask favors ot the local Institutions In which they are directors.
They are on the safe side and wlll
never subject their associates to public condemnation."
Other bankers Bald that the tact of
a bank's loaning one-fifth of Its paid-
in capital to directors appears more
serious to the uninformed than lt
really Is.
"A Canadian bank's capital doesn't
bear the same relation to its total resources thst a United States' bank's
capital does," one explained. "A bank
may have a capital of only $6,000,000
and a surplus reserve of many times
that sum. One-fifth of the capital may
be only a very small percentage of the
total resources."
Should Loans Ss Limited.
. The strongest opposition  to banks
loaning large sums to directors oomes
from merchants snd others wbo sometimes find lt difficult to secure the accommodation they require,   even  on
good security.   Some of them pointed
out today that the United States Government prohibits banks from loaning
to any borrower, whether   by overdraft or discount, more than 10 per
oent of an Institution's paid-up capital, and any violation subjects ths offending  bank  to immediate   suspension.   The smount, therefore, loaned
to any director must be governed by
the same law affecting all other cus
tomers of the bank.
For Foreign  Enterprises.
One critic declares that the returns
of banks to the Finance Department
often fall to disclose the true condition of affairs.
Mr. Peter Rysn says: "There's an
amount set down in tbe returns under
the head of 'Loans outside ot Canada.' This ls sU right as far as lt
goes, but the new set should contain
an amendment much desired, which ls
thst the banks sbsll furnish a return
showing how much money ls under
loan or discount or overdraft to men
and firms In Canada, but which Is
notoriously for ths prosecution snd
development of foreign enterprises.
The publlc should know this feature,
since there's a very common suspicion
'on the street' that some of ths msn
Inside Uf business are not altogether
clear of very delicate oonnestlons
With ths heads of banks."
Smart Oirls Wear Their Neckpieces
Thrown Over Shoulder.
In nn article mi "Pitts" In Ibe November \V(ilium's Home Companion appears the following:
"ll In always interesting to know St
tbe beginning of lhe seiuon whut the
new styles ure In furs ss to sbap* snd
trimming, but of much more Importance la Ihe "mention. Whnt are the
fashionable furs? l-a*t yenr among
tbe Inexpensive fucn Australian opossum wss liigb lu favor. Tbls year It
bss beea aet aside, aud a  nsw rut
beyond the date originally fixed for
Its conclusion. It consists of bookB,
manuscripts, autographs, Illustrations,
portraits and photographs, together
with other objects bearing upon the
life and work of the novelist, most ot
which come from the great Forster
bequest and have, therefore, the very
bent possible authority.
An Interesting and but littlo known
city organization Ib tbe City Pickwick
club, which meets at frequent intervals to sustain the memory of Dickens' famous character.
When the members foregather, as
, they did the other evening at the Old
George and Vulture, ln the heart ot
! tbe city, they sit down to no fancy
dishes at a late hour, but meet at tbe
good old English dinner hour of 6:30,
enjoying the time-honored chops and
potatoes baked in tbeir Jackets ano
������"'��� and toast each other in the same
manner as Mr. Snodgrass raised hls
glass to Mr. Winkle. -   *
Lsw Sssks Reciprocity.
London, Dec. 30.���Austen Chamber-
Iain ln giving the exact Interpretation
to be placed upon Bonar Law's Ashton
speech, says that whst the Unionist
lesder seeks Is the power to arrange a
reciprocal pact with the overseas dominions. But exactly what the amount
and character of the pact shall bo can
only be settled if the British govern
ment is capable of concluding uch
an arrangement.
New Tram Regulations
On and after Jan. 1, 1913 certain alterations will be made In the regulations of this Company covering tho transportation of paaeengere over un
HI-. I'liiD.
. he Companv Is doing a-, that "men and money" can do to provide nn
adequate tram service wnlci win guarantee conveinlencri and safet - for Itn
pHHHengers and tills policy will iai continued in Uie line of the provision or
additional care. ...
After New Year's Day riding on the steps, bumpers or fenders of cars
will be a violation ol the -rovlnclal regulations and sue., action cannot bo
permitted by t.e Company. As speeu, v as possible, with due regard to publlo
convenience, the platforms of a. cars wlll be equipped wltn gates or doors.
Many Violent Deaths.
Toronto, Dec. 30.���There were nearly 300 caBes of violent deaths ln Toronto during the past year, caused by
street cars, trains, elevators and murders. There were fourteen murders,
while ln 1911 there were but five:
twelve of the fourteen were child
pourrso rot sn.
called chinchilla nqulrrel baa taken Its
place. This fur I- not quite so Inexpensive, as much vvors bas to lie done
In matching lbe mini*, (.'minimis
squirrel ts tbe pell ot the ground squirrel dyed in u lovely chinchilla gray.
Wben Ibe |hM1b nre correctly matched
Slid dyed II hIiows a uriped effect.
I'aris la uxlng this iur extensively for
flat muffe and empire nml colonial
scarfs and hIso tm trimming purposes.
It Is called |ietltgris. l'he lushlonatile
muld does nut drape per fur neckpiece
around her shoulders like a sbHWI, but
tossea It over one shoulder, while tbe
opposite end hn ngs down strslsut. Tbe
set ot pointed tin Illustrates the modish way of wearing tbe neckpiece. The
picture shows uiso tbe smart new
gaiter boot wltb buttuuwl top of contrasting nmlerlul."
So Bobby Burns tersely describes the
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics. But their
case is not now to despersts ss when
Burns wrote. Por the man wbo has the
food sow can eat without suffering for
it, if ke just follows the meal with a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet.
These remarkable tablets banish the
troubles of tbe chronic dyspeptic���the
man who is bilious���the suuenr fram
heartburn, gas ou the stomach or occasional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food���and digest
them, too���If you take Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably tbe best formula known to
medical science, they are quick and
certain in their action, giving prompt
relief from all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up and strengthening the digestive organs snd bringing about permanent
A man is no stronger than hit stomach.
Fit yourself for your best work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablett.
$oc. at your druggist's. National Drug
sad Chemical Co. at Canada, Limited,
Montreal. i*t
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting wtth G. T. P. Railway for points Bast:  also with 8.3.
"Prince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Hassett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" tor Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Hsstern destinations and to Europe.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. * T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phono Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C     527 Grsnvills Strsaf.
Pros, and Qsnl. Mgr.
Vies President.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Boo. s-xd Trsaa.
Pir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonos No. 7 aad STI.
1 ttose"***> ����t thereJtay
.. Jm neUmtsm pars and simple.
!; ftnTtaMM their door, tbere was
Sfwstor ��St��n^m sJootric lWhts or
���U^^itorto^tth��b���,hwMireller of wrecked mariners "who are
T* *,i5^EsWsmos   *�����   built; 'bMPt upon the coasts of England,  tr
teed them when hdngered and wthi-rax
to bind up tiielr wounds and fo tiwIM
and light proper beacons for thr
gnldsncs of mariners," a task which
ther We faithfully carried out
through seven centuries.
King Henry gave tho house a oharter "for the reformation of thet navy,
lately much decayed by tbe admission
of young msn without experience and
of Scots, Flemings and French ��'en as
|,w?*,fli2r kt��d ail to keep step
b,,iehrJltn��',to,ttO   pw��t  "*?��l
rrtraotvXSSty   "JK^'i
Stick to Amsteurlsm
Tornto, Deo. 80.���Rankin snd Lrt
flamme. the  amateur  hockey  stars.
Who aro being sought after bv n hslf
("trsonmary  -fcj^.-j ��,   Why two poWn managers, thlg morning ds��nl.t*
*"""    mleTa rstBatarar 'would   hsve  ,y  refused  to  Join  tbe    professional
thrown up W�� *��*��.
Won't   Nstursllis.
Spokane*, Wash., Dse. ��0.���On the
ground that tho applicant was neither
a free white person nor a negro, as
provided In ths constitution, Kumnar
Mohunder, a Hindu Yogi, was debarred from cltlsenehip today by Federal
fudge Rudklns. This Is satd to be the
���Irut time federal oourts have passed
-in the eligibility of Hindus for citizenship.
���   ���. ������' y    '    ' "������
Wss s Thrifty  Official.
St Petersburg, Dec. 30.���That hf
liberated a murderer serving a life
sentence, entered partnership wltb
hlm In a mining venture and used
other convicts to work the mines was
charged here sgslnst Councillor of
Bute A. 8. .Zaytaeff. Inspector of prisons, at Irkutsk, who Is dismissed from
the service. '
State Prlntsr Under Arrest
Oklahoma City, Okjs, Dec M.��� Q.
W, Fnrrts, stats printer, wss arrsst
od here yesterday on s warrant charging him with the forgery of stato,***���
rants. An eiomlpstlon by* state ���*���
amlner and lnstsctoi*, It is alleged,
disclosed tbat mors than W1.000 Illegal wsrrahts had been tgsued
against the malntonaact land.
Different Ways te Purify Air In Close
There Ib no grea ier purifier OT Sir
tbsn open windows, hut aometliMea In
sickroom* title method at changing tte
���tr Is ImpimMe.
' Bsrs jrw ever tried nvsvromtng
closeness By carrying s iwIIhI miming sew��f>si>ei tbrmicti s Mfc-krauta?
Equslly gaud In s tnMfW|mnntul or vinegar ignited tsat* an sk-otxM miup.
An (Mchiik-i fur aprsyio* uw��cim�� <-��b
te rowd with toilet water ��r srttrfc
bSXW wllk rartrtamtltttK eflwt
Tbeiw sre ��psnsi s|4ni smtpa tbst
ter* s tvaurrttost wn.H s ptstlnnla Itvli
Sttai-teirHt thst "re ���srMlnot lo ft*-,
meal* s room sntfe iMinrrtus "dara.
Tilers sr* slwrisl mlitun-o for tern
In thn* tamim. Oul s tctsott eotogn* ar,
toll*! wstvr sn��wen��.
Th* lamp tern* ��*Ht tte **��t1nnm
tell grew* re* Imt; tlwa tte Boon. k��
���sMngiilNbed Tb* rspsrlsattei or tte.
SOtogu* I* InrnmMd by mails* I* ciiit
tet with th* Sented metal, sad Ite
room I* mmmi fragrant
A qu1<* wsy to mai s tasaa Is to wet
s "mall crib ***t***t wtth eolngiie or ws,
ler Hlgkly w-ented wtth por hi Hied teth
lalite* finite In s draft at sir os
stek* Ite ��lieel attfPy whHo stttl wsb
"My Business Is Unique'
We are told by the old-time circus men and dhse museum operators that good freaks used to command large salaries. Barn-
urn's "dog-faced boy" is said to have drawn $200.00 a week���You
see he was the only dog-faced boy in the world���he was unique.
Most of us���even if we could be freaks���would prefer to make
our livlihood some other way. And, anyway, the "freak" stunt
is about played out���even in the circus business.
Nlestts* rtar King teby.
Tte fawtnattng Httt* ArgMPS for
th* Isthr'n carting* sr* mate *r'w*M*
handkerrhlW llm*. Kin* s ottlp a*
tte materiel I* t**t Into ttes^HmetM-
wht* Oy mi* snd *o��tair yard mmi
pmpMtKMA Tte* s MIT tata *t Ite
length ts tnnwd h(icfc frnot wkst to to
te tte it|i|i*f end *f to* sprrte. TM*
turnover I* daintily amb*.tta**n**% IB
wlltto sad trtmsted st sate* **aS aPB
ina* tew* of pto�� sr tow ssnto Mb
tea. tte lower as** to ftow as*n��
rtatoly tend eaihmMemC ea* iKSity
tli* entlr* afgtea. tostowos too spsosts
evtr nin. la tmntevfl wH* wMo etasp.
pot m* Sstly.
��� On* .t tte **s*B iStoostel stoi tt
fteflv* sfgMns h> mnde at swrrssto.
sf spt��nrsw?*��nsr to item at band
krrrhlef llisto. AI P*t***S ��t foMI��
over the-top *f s rand and s bslf wag
���trip *r th* msersite sti ov�� tte sp-
parent inmbsek veUs esarto nsbteai-h-
nt net, snd to this ta sttastei tte under SM-tlim. sfter which tte atoorsn*
miffing I* sewed flsttf
of tte entire spresd.
Vstnskl* twfsnwtlsa.
Htlks bsv* hniyso fsshlssMM* tte past
season thst s fat e* ttetr prtsssyn,
Hon will not corns amiss. Wten ttey
sr* pat sirsy thsy steal* mt te teMat
In whlto pspsr. tw tte eWorld* of ibis
teed In bieschtog tbo pspsr to apt #
WoO tte color ot tte sUk.
' '-;������, u :.,������'
London Mtwtek Club Imitates
Lbndoi-i%''j*.rtma����**�� i
tenary exhibition *jge VJrtorUj
Albert tnussttn hWfA����tt>��o
Use a fenton that it tn tetag i
It is surprising to find an
otherwise hard-headed business man who takes strange,
abnormal joy as posing as a
freak. He dosen't call it
that, of course. He doesn't
even know he is posing. Ponderously in earnest he would
not dream of describing his
business as "freakish"���but
delights in saying it is
"unique" ��� which really
amounts to the same thing.
Some manufacturers play
"ireak" only when talking
to an advertising man.
They keep tnat word
"unique" tucked back under
the tongue all ready for use
whenever anyone suggests
that they should advertise.
"Oh' my business is unique
���it cannot be advertised
Haven't you often heard
it? Have you ever said it
Let us not try to qualify
for the dime museum. I<et
us get down to selling goods.
And selling goods���no matter what the goods are���is
easier if the goods are advertised.
You say your proposition
is "different?"
Very well, advertise it in
a "different" way.
An Actual Experience tnat Completely Routs
TLe "Unique' Tkeory
Thoy market a product whloh thoir
teles manager was wont to rotor to
as "tho hardest thing ln ths world to
advertise." But a persistent advertising man kept hammering St tbo door
of skepticism, and ho . Anally agreed
to "���tost out1" an advertising campaign.
A. twelve, months' trial   was   agreed
upon. Today, at tha sod of eighteen
months. Oils Ann ta advertising on a
much larger scale. Dtrsot orders tor
the "hard-to-adverttse" line are coming tn steadily, and the advertising Is
looked upon by that sates manager as
an all-important factor In hls business
Advice regarding your sdvsrtlslng problems
recognised CsnsdlSn advertising sgsnoy, or t
sdlan Press Atsodstlon, Room SOS Lumsdsn
qulry Involves ne obligation on your part�����o
.'',-'.'. ... .-^y ''
..,-".<���   t :��� .���>."���:
.I;:*;.*        *.rir'- '.Jf./at.f&i..'.'
��� *<**'.-.-mmm*-- * ,m,mr
' -t*-*a*s*mts* *^^m
fAGE four
.     >
Dean, Accused of Complicity In Bank
Robbery, to Bo   Taken    to
Charles Dean, awaiting trial for alleged complicity in tho Bank of Montreal robbery in this city on the morh-
Ing of Sept. 14,, 1911 when $271,000
was stolen from the valutB, wlll have
Ills flret glimpse of the outside world
for many weeks, whon he Is taken to
Victoria on Jan. li. His solicitor, Mr.
Adam S. Jonnston, together with special counsel, Sir Charles Hibbert Tup
per, K.C, have applied for a writ of
habeas corpus, which will be argued
before Mr. Chief Justice Hunter at
Victoria on the morning of Jan. 7.
In event of the chief justice handing
down a decision In favor ot the defendant. Dean will be liberated there and
then, but, lf not, ho will be brought
back to the provincial Jail to await hls
trial at the next assize court.
In accordance with an arrangement
made between the American coiikuI
dn Vancouver and the attorney-general
at Victoria, the friends of Dean wlll
now be permitted to visit him in his j
cell on certain days of the week. Since
be has been Incarcerated In the jail
following the traversing of.bis trial
at the last assize court, Dean has
been kept in close confinement and
none of his friends, with the exception of his solicitor, Mr. Johnston,
bave been permitted to see and talk
to him.
Dean, who is an American, will have
been in custody exactly one year next
A Temporary Loan cf $750,000   from
Bank of Montreal Is Authorized
by City Council.
(Landmark    to    Bs    Rcmovet!-
���; i.
', O.  N.  R.  Will  UtS  Pro-
Present   Shaft   in   Bad   Repair���Has
Been There 8lnce 1849���Erected
by Soldiers.
Por the purpose of securing a
temporary loan to cover a number ol
local improvement by-laws the city
treasurer waB laat nijsht given author
ity by the council to borrow tloO.OU
from the Bank of Montreal, deoen
tures equal to the amount pledged tt
bo left wfith the bank aa security.
Mayor Lee explained that tho bond-
had been sent to England for paymen
and the loan was simply ln thc nature
of a draft on the purchasers, pending
the direct payment on the documents
tho money for which was expected In
two weekB' time. *S
This will be practically the llrst
money secured from the bonds "'nee
the sale of them was consummated
some time ago by Mayor Lee.
During the last two weeks bonds to
the value of several hundred thous
and dollars have been in the hand'
of the dtv, receiving the official pert
and the signatures of the mayor and
citv treasurer. They are being despatched In batches to Bngland an
sor.n as this formality Is gone through
Three Houses Going Up.
Building on the eastern extremity
of the city limits Is continuing
steadily, especially ln the vicinity of
tlm Sapperton car terminus. Within
the past lev days three new house?
have been begun, viz.: Mrs. Raney, a
seven roomed house on Kelly street;
Mrs. Oswald, an eight roomed house
on Kelly street, and a third house on
Kader Btreet. The erection of other
residences is contemplated around
this portion of Sapperton as soon as
weather conditions are more favor
Quebec,- Dec. 30.���The battlefields
commission has decided to replace
the present Wolfe monument by an
other one which will be an exact fac
In forming this decision, the com
mission has been influenced by 111.
fact that the stones which form the
monument are cracked both vertically
and horizontally in places and that
if it is not replaced in the near fn
ture, it will come to grief.
Thc present monument has been
there since 1843, when it was erected
by the British forces under the command of Sir Benjamin D'Urban, all
the officers anil men contributing a
day's pay in order to replace the s'n
pie monument wbich had been erect
��d bv Lord Aylmer, governor general
of Canada, in 1SH2, at his own expense.
The latter had heen broken and de
fatfed and is now deposited ':��� the
grou ii beneath the column wlreh
marks the spot where the English
general died.
This spot Is supposed to he two or
three hundred yards behind the rlsinc
ground where Wolfe received his
third wound, and whence he was car
ried back to die.
It is iot vet certain what will b��
done with the present monument, but
lt Is thought possible thnt lt also wlll
be burled with Lord Aylmer's one.
Thaw's Sister, Once Bride of Earl of
Yarmouth,  Is  to  Marry
Within the next few days one of the
old landmarks of this cltv, the Hoya.
City Wills, located on Front street
wlll iiass out of existence, making
way fcr new development aloug the
shoresiof tho Kraser, inflldo tiio city
Thi* was .intimated by Alderman
(j'ri^ fft the council meeting last evening w*hen;h,o stated that the planing
miif,'ShlCti has been the only section
pf tlieiiplant running during the past
few njtmtliB, was about to be Ehul
ddtvn. Q   ���
,'flo lay that this Industry was a
landmark of the city Is Baying little
enougm The Koyal City Mills was
one on the first lumber Interests to
start fperotlons here and finished
lumbctf was being turned out there
long bifore: the giant plant of the Ca
nadlanS Lumber Company at Praser
Mills wax In operation. There ar<
many fi this city who first got a stan
working at this mill.
On May,17, this year, the fire fiend
broke loose In the buildings and.de
spite the efforts of the firemen, much
of the'plant was razed to the ground
by the;flames.
It w|s not long afterwards that, a
deal wips consummated between the
company and the Canadian Northern
wlierela- the latter obtained possession on the property and since then
just tiip planing mill has been operated.   I
Justhvhat the 'and In question will
be utlQzed for, remains to be Been;
but situated as It Is on the banks of
the rh'rr.iit Ib sure to be of Immense
value to Hie railway company.
In the meantime the city council
wlll make endeavors to obtain the
use of the burner for a temporary incinerator for the destruction of refuse.       (
���College of Physicians Modifies Punish-
ment snd Name Is Restored
to Roll.
Toronto, Dec. 30.���The council of
the t ollege ot PhVSlclass and Surgeons ol Ontario had the name of Dr.
Albert W, Btlnaon, of Cobourg, erased
from the register and disqualified him
.from practice as a physician or su,
geon, but the divisional court has al
lowed his appeal to the extent of referring  the case  back to  the  council
on the ground that the discipline committee did not lake the proper statutory steps.
While this view I.h taken by the ma
jority, chief Justice Falconbrldgo and
Mr. Justice Rld'll ar.d Mr. Justle?
Britton thinks Ihat Dr. Stinson's nam-
should be restored to t'ie roll.
Dr. Stlnson was acquitted by a
jury <n a charge of performing an
Illegal opi ration. An Investigation b>
the. discipline committee followed and
Tir. Slinson was disciplined.
Avalanche Knocks Freight Off the
Track���Rcadmastcr Hurt.
Bllensburg, Wash,. 30.- The Chi
cago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound east
bound Hint freight which was stalled
In a drift one mile west of I .aeonin iu
Snoqualmle Pans Saturday afternoon
was wrecked late today by an aval
anche that swept down the mountain
just when the tr;��>n was almost frer
from the first drift Two locoin" ��� ������������
were knocked off the track, t'.ve'.v1
cars loaded with oriental Imcort*
were smashed Into sn-nll bits mid :.'
other cars were buried under tb
snow, part ol whicii is fifteen feet
deep. BoadmaBter W. K. Hunt wa.-
caught in the slide and severely In
Pittsburg, Dec. 30.-Cards have
been issued by Mrs. Charles Whitney
or Boston, announcing the engagement
of her son, Geofrey W. Whitney, a
broker, to Alice Cornelia Thaw, formerly the Countess of Yarmouth, anc!
known since her divorce from her hue-
band as Mrs. Alice Copley Thaw.
The date for the wedding haB not
been set, but It    probably will take
place in the spring.    The fiancee of
Whitney Is the daughter of Mrs. William Thaw, and a sister of Harry K.
Thaw.    She opened her new home In
i Washington   recently   but   will   spend I
I the  holidays   wilh   her   mother   here,
when arrangements will be made for
;the weddingB, which will be one of the
'*. moBt fashionable here ln recent years.
I     As   Countess    of     Yarmouth   Alice
j Thaw had an unhappy lite.    The earl
was of a roving disposition and at different times was on the stage ln Aur,
tralia and this country.    He was an
acknowledged fortune hunter and de
sired to marry  MIbb Elizabeth Thaw
before he transferred his affectlonB tj
her younger sister.
When the countess' brother, Harry
K. Thaw, shot Stanford White, thr
notoriety greatly anifoyed her father-
in-law, the MarqulB of Hertford, nnd
when she came here to attend the trial
it became known that the marriage
would be annulled.
Harry Thaw had refused to attend
the wedding of hls sister to the earl,
on whom lt was said the Thaws settled $1,000,000.
When the countess returned to this
country after the annulment she was
cordially received. Since that time
she has heen abroad a great deal. Her
former husband returned to the stage
for a while after they separated.
Quaint Inscriptions on Ancisnt Tombs
.' j ki England.
A desperate attempt st an epitaph
In tbe nonconformist Caiupu Santo In
Bunliill fields, where Bunyan. Oefoe,
tbe Cromwell* aud Mrs. Wesley lie
buried. In found nn tbe tomb of Lndy
Page, u'persnii who Seems to bave suffered terribly from what we rail dropsy, but whieh might have bad another
cams Ip those days:
Here lyca Dame Mary Page,
Relict of Blr Oregory Vas* (Bart).
Sha departed thla life March U. 1721,
In the ifilh year of her age.
��� '���'.�� ��� ��� ��� ���
In 67 moaths ahe waa tapped 66 times.
Had lakpi away 240 sallona ot water
Without iver repining at her eaa*
Or ��f\'er fearing the operation.
A more successful attempt Is tbst
found on the tnmli of Vavasor 1'owsll,
wbo seems to have suffered eleven
���ysnrs' Imprisonment for preaching the
gospel, lie wa* kuuwn as the "White-
| field of Wules:"
In vain oppressor* do themselves perplex
To fli.il out arm how thay tha aalnta may
vesl   ������
Death spoils thetr plots and acta the oppressed free;
Thua Vavasor obtained true liberty.
Christ hlm released, and now he'a joyned
Tha manyrad souls, wltb whom Im cries,
"Uqw long?"
���Chambers' Journal
Will Never Be a Hero.
Portland, Dec. 30.���Mike Bazukop-
oils, Oreek. came from Chehalis to join
a party of hls countrymen to fighl the
Turks. He became "lit up" and in-
dead of taking the proper train, took
a street car. He woke up several
fcours later at the end of the run.
Intoxicated   Man    Killed   in   Railway
Wreck  Refused   Eurlal  In Consecrated Grcund by Priest.
Fleshorton, Out., Dec. 80.���Burled
in an unconseorated plot with crder^
from the family priest that no heac
itone shall mark the grave and n
pronouncement that his wife, upon
her demise shall not be laid at resi
beside him Is the post mortem punishment of John Culbcrt of fllenleg win
met n tragic death at tho level croES
lng of the Canadian Pacific trackr
at   Markdale  Beven   miles  from  here
Culbert had been warned three
times by his priest to leave liquor
alone and he persisted, disregarding
the well meant order, lie drove Into
Markdale and became very Intoxica
ted and on going back home was
struck by the Toronto train and killed
His disobedience of bin priest cost
him ��ot only Ills life but his sacre-
There vas no rrli;;icut. Ujrvloe a.
his  funeral.
Ths Sinner.
Of tbs Inte Blabop Charles C. Grafton a Kond dn I.ac man snld tbe otber
"Bisbop Grafton was remarkable for
tbe neatness and point of his pulpit utterances.
"Once, during n disastrous strike, a
eaplialiat of Kond du Lac srose In a
church meeting and asked leare to
speak. Tbe bisbop gave him the
floor, and the mun delivered himself
of a long panegyric upon captains of
Industry, upon the good they do by
giving men work, by booming tbe
country, hy reducing the cost of production, and so forth.
"Wbeu.tbe capitalist had finished bis
self pi-aliM nnd. flushed ami snllKlled,
had sitt down again Ulsltqp Urafton
rose snftwtl'd with quiet significance:
" 'tSifhetv nny other sinner would
like to say a word'/'" ��� New York
Aft^f being forcrd lo lay to In Na
naltjjoii harbor over Sunday on accounl
of S ftjaft.^ale in lhe (iulf, the freighter T<<ltf��!r' came up river VFterday
morntitjg'with n cargo of coal and general mfrehe.ndist. She Is unloading
at the TTf. S. wharf.
(Continued frtaa rage one)
sentence of all.    He is president of
tho Iron Workers' International Union.
Of tlie thirty-eight convicted as conspirators and aiding In the McNamara
dynamiting scheme eight other men
affiliated with Kyan, tach were glvei,
prison terms-of six Vears. Two men
:iacli were given four years, twelve
men euch wore given three years, four
men were given two years each, six
men one year and one day each; and
lix men, including Edward liar1!, Cincinnati, a dynamiter who pleaden
guilty, were allowed tlieir liberty on
suspended sentences.
Thu elimination of those who received suspended sentences left thirty-
three who are to go to Leavenworth
where the shortest sentence will be
one year and one day.
By the liberation of Hiram li Kline,
a former official of the Carpenter*
Union, Olaf A. Tveltmoe, of San Fran
cIsco, remained ss the only labor
union official among the prisoners no<
related wtth,the Iron Workers' Union
I'vnltmoe was charged by the govern
ment with having connived with Itynr
and McNana'ara for the destruction ot
life and property on the Pacific coast
Tveltmoe again and again was re
ferred to by, the government before
the Jury as "a murderer whn ought to
tie In San Quentin prison along with
he McNamaras.
From the bench Federal Judge Anderson read ln connection wltb sentencing the men a statement In which
he said:
"The evidence shoe's seme of these
defendants to be gulltv of murder."
The court continued: "The evidence In thiB case wlll convince any
impartial person thM government bv
Injunction Is Infinitely to he preferred
to government by dynamite."
Ilegina, Baste, Dec. 30. -According
to Alexander Getye, official agent oi
the new Chinese republic, the Chinese
all over tho world, including China,
will, on Wednesday, celebrate New
Years Day for the lirst time in tin
history of their race.
Tlie old Chinese New Year Is to be
discontinued and from January s,
1913, they will adopt the Christian
year. This Is one of the reforms prom
Ised hy the new government.
or Kent
T-fdwiWd house, f illy modern
with furnace and ! tchen ran;;������,
linoleum ard blind i. Lease if
required, 125.00 per month.
8-romn house, one block fnorn
car, $10.00 per month.
5-room bouse, modern,*with,
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burnaby.
< ttamm ' ' in'
Burnaby Lake, Dec. 30. -When neai
the point of shaking bands wilh him
self and seeing visions of being elect
ed by acclamation. Councillor P. W.
Fau Vel Is face to face with a politics
opponent lu thc shape of Mr. Mark
Lumley, of Vnncouver.
Mr. Lumley has just about decided
to enter the municipal arena and is
busily engaged gutherlng material foi
the coming campaign.
Brockville, Ont., Dec. 30.���-lf presen'
plans are cirrled out Alexandria Uay
in the centro of the Thousand lslan I
roglon, will be tbe centre of aviation
attractions during the coming sum
A prominent acro-:-"droplanc manu
Cacturing  company   Is   in   correspond I
once with the Board of Trade, statin:; ;
.hat It wished to    make    Alexandria
Bay Its head piarters for the summer I
ind  asked  what arrangements could j
be  made  to  bring  this  about.    The
successful flights of Lieutenant T. G j
BllvBon.   of   the   United  States   navy, |
last summer brought  the  Island    region  Into prominence.
The long stretches of smooth water ]
-nade fire places from which to star1 1
lights from    the    water.    With    th'
nany   wealthy   summer   residents  at
���he  river  durlL';  the  season,    it    Is'
bought that  much  Interest e.oi-Id  tv
ir-msed   ti   av'stlon     and    that    thr
Thousand   Islands  will    become    the
Mecca for binlmen.
Barnum's Circus Honest.
Santa Ana, Cal.. Dec. SO.��� Utendlnn:
a circus here a year ago, Mrs. Cora
Gavins lost a pearl necklace. A let
ter from circus headquarters nt
Bridgeport, Conn., says the necklace
has "turned up." Mrs. Cavlns has ad
vised by mail.
"Hsr Reasons.
"So yon want to Interest yoarself lo
politics T'
"Well," replied tbe energetic women.
"1 kind o' thought maybe tbnt If I
could 'tend to tbe politics for tbe turn
lly John would tind time to stay home
and pnt np some shelves In the puu
try."���Wssblngton Htsr.
Paat Masters.
Farmer's Hon  iwatrhlng copyist  li
fslleryi���Woterei   hs  she  (Mns,   lei
tberl   Ksnner-She  ne cnpyiiiu    It"'
Ve sen, nonip n   tneae  ith mn  -t,*-
picture* lie wen mil, ��n '-n��,rv,. m,m, ii
to rt.\ilnf** **ttt *<\.*r*. n<>\\ in i-.-n'i.
SSUIr lie wall  wilier - Loliiluli  I'lim-n
How You Win with Cash
THE money-making faculty will not prevail if there is not behind
it  the  money-saving instinct.
You must buy for cash if you would always have cash. Credit is
expensive. Every credit store gives a cash discount to cash buyers,
but that discount docs not equal thc net price of the one-price and
cash-only store.    Wc know.
Thc credit buyer is kept poor because he ia always paying more for
his clothes than he who pays cash.    In one year, his excess fine foe  iqi
credit buying would buy him another suit.
/������ -
Suits, Overcoats
$15, $18,
$20, $25.
$30, $J5.
Thc  Label1 and
Price in Pocket.
To get along in the world, to win out, you must
save money, and you must be a cash buyer.
Semi-ready clothes are sold at one price for ca��h���
the same price everywhere���the price made by
the makers���and the lowest price at which such
good  tailoring can be bought.
a* It
Reid & McDonald,
New Westminster, B. C.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We Wfll Show You How!
If you have ideas���If you cam think���we will show you the secrets of this fascinating new profession.
Positively  no experience or literary   excellence   necessary.    No  flowery' language" ts wanted. z
Tbe demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers sre [{moving heaven
end earth" in tbeir attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They ar* offering $100 and more, for single- scenarios, er written ideas.
We have received many lei ters from the film manufacturers, such ss VITAGRAPH, EDISON, E3SA-
photoplays  to  tbem.    We  vaut movee writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of suuees*.
Ws are selling photoplsys writm- by people who "never before wrote s line for publication.
Perhaps we can de tbe eam�� for you. If you csn think of only one good idea every weak, and will
write it out as directed by us, and lt sells for only $26, a low figure,
Don't hesitate,
and your future.
float argue. Write now and learn Just what this new  profession may
for you
1543 Broadway
Torcnti,   Ont.,   I ier.   30.���Although
Canada has net a divorce court, hun
dreds secure divorces each year nnd.
some are remarrying In Canada.   ���
figures   compiled   on   thiB   f.iihjpct
iby   the   Telegram   ehow   that   within
a year 1,243 Canadians have secured
i divorces ln six of the border sUtes, I
I these  six   being   Maine,  Ohio,   Mlchl-  ��
jgan.   New   York,   Vermont   and   Wls-j
Although  all  of    those    Canadians!
have hot returned to their nativu land j
to remarry some are known to have'
done  bo.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Phons 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 3 O'.lock 641 Front Street
Sols agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahrcn's School Shoes.
A  $2O,0>OO  Stock to  Sei ;ct From
Get Down
1 o   I his
We are selling lots on Douglas Road which are
larger, better and cheaper than anything else in Burnaby. Where can you buy a lot in Burnaby today,
quarter of an acre in area, at so low a price as $425 ?
This is no 33x120, two by four lot, but a decent chunk
worth a half more money.  Yes sir!
Sec them. Come in and see us and we will gladly show you them.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669 TUE8DAY, DECEMBER 31, 1��12.
Abbotsford    Gsms   Called   Off���New
Year's    Fixture   Should Be
(Tailing to hear definitely from the
manager of the Abbotsford soccer
team, the City league officials last
evening decided to play a game al
Moody 1'ark on New Year's afternoon
between two picked teams of the
league. The original eleven selected
to play at Abbotsford, will bo oue ol
the opposing aggregations while the
other will bo made up sometime today.
Thla Is the only sporting fixture
scheduled for that afternon ln the
city and there will doubtless be quite
a crowd in attendance.
A collection will be made on the
grounds, the proceeds going towards
the purchase of medals for the
league  winners.
The following plajers will represent the "A" team:
Guastie, Moose, goal; Stacey, Hankers, Harnes, City, backs; Hamilton,
Hauliers, Patterson, Sapperton, Speedie, Sapperton, halveB; WIlBon, O'Malley, Burnaby, Chlel, Sapperton, Plt-
cairn, Hankers, 8cott, City, forwards.
o���! ,the, Arena- ^turday iialonde
cross-cocked Odle Cleghorn In the
face aa he skated down the side of thc
rink W hilo the two were lying prone
on the Ice Sprague Cleghorn skated up
and viciously slugged IJalonde over
the head with hls stick.
This sort of ruffianism might pass
muster down East, but In this section
of the country a Jail term Ib usuallv
Ihe corrective that puts a Btop to such
violent outbursts of temper.���Toronto
Owner    of    New    York    Americans
Anxious to Secure Frank Chance
as Player-Manager.
New York, Dec. 30��� Unless meantime he should hear from Frank i.
Chance, Frank Farrell, president ol
the N'ew York Americans, probably
wlll leave next week for California to
consult with tbe former manager oi
the Chicago Nationals on the sunjec
of Chance coming here to take charg-'
of the Highlanders.
Mr. Farrell said today he was
greatly interested in Chance's lotto-
of last week to Charles Williams,
treasurer of the Chicago Nationals, in
���which lie said he wanted "enough
money to' make it worth while" to
manage the local Americans.
Mr. Farrell added that he knew
thc New Tork public would be great
ly disappointed If ho failSd to g��i
Chance and declared that he would do
everything within reason to get the
Californian In line for the managerial
berth here.
He added thst the time for dicker
ing was nearly ended and he desired
to know where he stood ln the matter
II I IS���   '
page rivt
the legislature on January 0.
dlr Hodmcnd, lt Is Baid, is not in a
state cf health to take his place and
will stay In the South till the sessloi
ls over.
Hon. Colin H. Campbell will take
Ills place as leader of the House.
Officials Make Known What Skaters
WIU ,Hsvs to Pay���Work st
Building Rsshed.
At a mooting bt the Arena Cotapsny
held yesterday the prlco.iipr skating
at the new loo rln* h��w4 3����Jded
upon and ��ro ss follows P<Jr*-r
Afltrnochsssslon, children 15 cents,
adults 2i con's.      ',-,    .   ���'���._,.�����
Kven.ug     session,    everybody   40
On'Saturdays ths prices will be
the same uulsis the oompany decide-
to open the rink In the morntng when
the rates will be the same as thos*
charged for afternoons.
That ths above figures will meet
with tbe fsvor ot those Inclined to
wards the'skating sport Is undoubted,
quite a reduction is notlcesble from
those    charged   st   the   Vsncouver
^The h'll to lease the building to the
-Westminster Arena Compsny wss
given first and socond readings las
evening by the council and same will
be forwarded to the authorities lu
Victoria tor their Immndlste sanction
X,nrire gangs of workmen are rushing the work.st the part snd th?
company wlll, In a tew days. be. in
n position to announos>4a#t what dsy
the Ice will be ready,
,      Sty,'  '   -     -tit*. "     '
���At Queens Psric. '
The Burnaby hae*ey team w��t
meet Vancouver cn the Queens park
oval tomorrow. mornl!)* '�� �� 'f**,,r
gamo. Tho Biitbtirbsnttss. smarting
under their defect of Saturday against
North Vancouver:'. ��f* schtng to reverse matters and'will present a bol��<
front ln the first gape of the new
��� ���
��� (By "Gravy.") p
Bowling Gams Is ProbBbly the Oldest
of All Sports.
Although the origin of the game of
bowls Is "Bhroudcd in the miacs of antiquity," as the highbrows say, Its
modern oiispring of the bowling alleys
:s of coniyaiatively recent birth. Tomorrow will be the 73rd anniversary
of the first match game of bowling in
Anusr.cs. 'i tils hiatorio contest was
played on New Year's Day, 1840, on
the Knickerbocker alleys ln Ne-v
Ihat was the real beginning of the
indoor iiport In tyjrt*. X|flhrica, although the outdoor ganna ofbowls had
beun played in New York since Its
first settlement by the Dutch, as the
name cf Bowling Green, a little park
In lower Manhattan, would Indicate.
Bowling Is perhaps the oldest of all
sports, since there is evidence to show
that it was played by the ancient
Egyptians ln the earliest historical
Skulls were used for balls and thc
bones of animals for pins In those
days. Bowling was popular In England and continental Europe from the
earliest times, and wss introduced into the American colonies by the English and Dutch settlers. Twice at
least it -became bo popular among the
young men that It was outlawed.
In the twelfth century ln England
'jowls occupied so much of the time of
the rising generation that a Btatut.
was directed against. The same condition prevailed later at New Amsterdam, and Peter Stuyveaant, the Dutch
governor, prohibited the playing ofthe
game on penalty of being pi'aced in
the stocks for not less than 24 hours.
This official prohibition was directed
specifically against the game of nine
,iiiiB, and the devotees of the sport
.vith a cunning that would do credit
to a modern corporation lawyer,
promptly added another pin to the set
up, and bo originated the mode.n
contest-of tenphts. Following the flrs'
match oontcst In New York. 1840, tht
game gradually spread over the Unite
States and Canada.
Abraham Lincoln was one of the enthusiasts ot the bowling game, and
his scores are still preserved at Wash
Ington. It Ib estimated that there an
60.000 bowling alleys ln .the United
States and Canada, ln Bngland
France and Italv the modern ganK
has become popular. Sir Thomas Lip
ton was one of tbe organizers and
tong president nf the European Bow
ling Association.
��� .���
��� -���
N)wsy Lslonde.
The following from ' the Toronto
Star shows tbe feeling that exist tc
wards the French-Canadian in his re
cent fight with Odle Cleghorn. It
reads fine:
"You can take lt from me that 1!
Sprague Cleghorn IS'.suspended fori
month for hls attack on Lalonde In
Toronto on Saturday, thejo wlll be ��
imall-slzed riot tn this cli'b at all
events," said one Of the Wanderer
players this morning. ���
,"We are   not disputing   PresMen
Qtilnn's  right   to suspend   a   playe-
when the league seMen has opened
but this was an e*Wl��t!oh game *"<*
the clrcumstsnces surrounding the tn
ctdent were of a nature thst makes >r
month's siisnenslon look linnecessar'i-
severe.   It Cleghorn   gets   a month,
what does  Lalonde get,  he  was  a
much to blame as  Cleghorn.
Lalonde waa around jabbing, alash
lng. and poking all tho evening. H'
suffers from the worst attack of swell
ed head any hockey player ever hsd
It Is simply Inviting a crack from Wr
to take the puck away from him. abo
that Is what Cleghorn was doing ver
frequently In Saturday* game, aC
Lalonde didn't like ft.    .
Flnsllv he wound up by Jnhb'*~
Odle In the mouth with the short en<��
ot his stldk and ��� whUe Odlelwss
doubled nn with pain Bnrs*A�� skatdf
scross snd struck,lalonde.
We are wlllln* to.s4n)�� that Clft
Wn bsd no legal right tr ��lt 1*1op��<"
but ther* was not .* plver. W.t1"
Wande"1" team who wasn't getting
some of the.lns'de stuff from "New*'-'
nnd whv. when he Is Isbhlwr, sortrend
i��g snd cmrMihecklng around the
place snd getting a*��v *lth It. I for
one fall tn see whv Cleghorn ����ts o
-wmth. Possibly the report ls incor
Garrulous   Scot*   Lady  Took   Justice
by   Storm   In   Alberta.
Mn. Isabella CnrMuir* pnlursted
the supreme court ol Alberta wilh
language recently in the style of the
Scottish kailyard literature. She win
giving evidence designed to show that
one John Anderson had cssaulted her
with Intent to do her bodily harm.
Mr. .lu-tlce Stuart was on the bench,
Mr. (iilisini was defending Anderson;
Mr. Cogswell, the agent for the At-
torney-Oeneral, wus prosecuting. The
singe being fixed, Mrs. Isabella Car.
stairs, proceeded to tell the court exactly what she thought, knew, imagined and believed about the ca��e.
The court looked on in awed surprise wliile the witness demolished
the English lunguage with, nn accent
that buzzed witli its Scottl-h burr.
The court rtenograplier stayed hu
pencil to look on in rapt admiration
of' such a flow of seemingly intelligible language. The clerk, 61 ttie couit
awoke {rom hia gentle reverie.
Mr. Gibson, presuming upon all the
authority lent the counsel wearing
robes within the peered precinct* ot
the mahogany-veneer rail attempted
to question Mr*. Isabella. He did not
get lar. He was understood to sug.
gest something intoxicating. The lady
with the Scottish accent hurled back
at him:
"I ken ye roo,' .��he said, scorning
the questioning counsel. "But ye no
can catch me wi' tlie likie o' that. 1
ken I take a drappy, or two, once in a
while, the while or noo. lint I ken
that ye nae can mak' this Hue judge
believe what yo're about to say concerning me. Nse, yer lioLor; I'm nae
seeing as to what I nae have ever
taken a wee dr.ippy, any uiair than
I'm saeing ye��never took drappy yer-
sel.' But for thst young mon thera
t'i tell ye he kens that 1 had taken
o'ermuch when that mon Jock Anderson assaulted nie with intent to d i
t:ie sue mooch bodily har' l. I ken
your lordships knows as that it is not
true. Nae that I'm denying as what
I tak' a drappy once in a tang, lane
while. I'd tak' a drsp thc noo, il the
court wish. An' if your lordship
would care to tnk 'anything wi' me.
it's nae for me to say but what I
would under such circumstances tak
a wee drappy, prechance; Lut for thst.
yuu.ig man tl ere to suggest i< different a't'gether from your lord'hip pair
tak'in' a wee .nmethin' with niee '
But liis lordship had to lelraiu from
laughing when the lndy Irom the lauil
of Flora Msedonnlil was fo gradelt*
to him. He called a halt. "Stop. slop,
stop." pleaded 11)3 court; "and let's
hear what the case is ebout, any-
John Anderson was lcurd cuilty en
�� charge of common assault, v.hich
the fudge thought sl ould reve.- have
been sent up 11 '.is court nt all. Mrs.
Car.-tnirs acted as cook in the An
derson restaur -t st Calder. Sentence
is suspended.
There is nothing more acceptable   for  Presents'
than handsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and
Plated Ware.   We show an elegant line of the best
manufacturers.   Call early beiore our assortment'
is broken.
(Continued from Page One )
on Prince Alexander of Teck, brother
of the queen. The two princes will
then take seats in the House of Lords.
CORRECTIVE  FOB _���.���_.
The last time there was any rowdy
hooVev In Toronto wss when ths professionals were here before and playing In the old Mutual street rink.     ,
By a strange coincidence, ("Newsy
Lalonde, then ln a Toronto uniform,
started the trouble, as he did on Saturday night j On that occasion Lalonde
cross-checked "Cap" MoPQimld across
the face, and the Brentford Player
promptly swung on Lalonde's bes4
*lth Bta. *W and;*3$rtr *����� ��*���
His Poultry Cam* High.
Berlin, Dec. 80.���A motorist driving
near Lemberg. GerraMy. bad to psy
1300 dsmages tor a .^J"*:!��� ?r
ducks, geese snd other poujtey. Which,
mistaking ths sound of his hoot*^for
their customary feed call, flocked ln
hundreds around, Ms oar.
PREMIER ����B^oon ���EAtTH
winnlnes.   DesiiW.���It   ls   stated
Incident of the War.
'Talkin; about rniens," ssiil the ex-
Tanudimi soldier, "a queer thing hap.
pened  in  tlie  llocr war.
"S troop et mounted riles we;e ic
turning alter a hard day's icnutinii
t'> our camp near Middlebur;, in tli<>
eastern part of the Transvaal. Ou
our way hae'i wu had to-pass tlte
town cemetery, which was * li the side
of a hill. Near tlie gale of thc cemetery stood a shed in which was kept
the town hearse.
"Tl.e doors of this building were
opsn sa we were riding pest, snd in
some tnsnner the blocks which weie
usually kept nnder the r.'ieels ol the
hearse must have become dislodged,
(or the hearse mie t down the hill into
the middle of out; party, who scst'.er
ed in sli directions.
"the offlcer in charge of tin.troop
ordered four men to dismount std
take the hearse hack. Now comes tie?
queer part. . Soon alter this we wenl
to Cape Town and took ship lor homo.
Every man of that scouting parly returned a live and well ti Canada exeept the four men who handled thst
hearse. Net a man of that four returned."
The former warrior paused and
heaved a sigh.
"Good men, true comrades Ihey
were," said he.
"Have another drink." ssld the bartender, "and t��li us how the poor (el-
lows died."
Silently the soldier drsk to the
memory of his comrades, set down the
empty glass, and edged- toward tlie
"The reason they did ni,t cnme luck
was because two of them got jobs in
Cape Town; the other two married
Boer widows and settled down nu
farms," he said.
A Sro'ckvllls Girl.
It is -not generally known Ihnt Ihe
mother of Uie next President of tits
United Ststes once lived in Brockville
s> a genuine Canadian girl. Hep
father was tht* Kev. Dr. Thorns-
Woodrow, a Scotch Presbyterian, who
crossed the Tweed snd spent sixteen
yesrs aa �� pastor in Carlisle. Englenri.
Feeling-a strong rail to do piiasionnr?
work in,Canada, he left the old land
in 1836. wilh his large family ot etjth*
chilJ-en. (ind crowed the Atlantic
srrivlng-ih New York just In time t:>
part witn his faithful helpmeet. Immediately after ths funeral of his
wife. Mr. Woodrow with his motherless children pushed on to Hrockvill-.
which he made his headquarter,,
while ho engaged in a vigorous visitation of the nirrnundiug district as a
home missionary. Among the children was a g>l named Jnnet. tu.lv
generally known as ".less:.-,'" who was
ahout twelve year* at the time, nml
who plnydd and studied in the old
town dofrn >>y the northern bsnk of
the St. Lawrence. She was the President's mother.
Large Fleck of Oesss.
One ol the largsst flocks of geese
ever seen in that Tltstrict passed over
Wtaghsm. Ont.. recently, taffd
sosth. lhe bins were liying within
a few feet above the etreet. At.least
five hundred birds were in the Bock.,
\slhie was exceptionally early ior
���i�� wild geese W> be going MMtfc.'M
vuch mimofcri, it ts considered a sign
* * very severs and k����'��!tfttfc
tlon would be advantageous to them
in that certain powers���Austria and
Italy���could not be considered as disinterested arbitrators.
Tbe Turkish design In presenting
counter proposals which left an enormous gulf between them and the
allies' proposals was to create a situation In which mediation would appear Justifiable���even necessary.
Their argument is that never has a
mediator given a verdict entirely favorable to one side, without compensation to tbe other.
And the capital argument remains
that whatever Turkey would be forced
to cede, her Mussulman population,
particularly the semi-barbarous tribes
of Arabia and Anatolia, would swallow the bitter pill with fewer grimaces
if convinced lt was administered by a
coalition of Europe.
In tbe camp of the allies the proposal for mediation has been received with varying degrees ot dissatisfaction. All are agreed that mediation would be possible of acceptance
only if the authority entrusted to the
mediators were of such limits that It
would be impossible to deprive the
victors of rightful conquests; that it
must be mediation taking into account
tbe present status of tbe belligerents,
not the ante-bellum status, and, above
all, that lt must be mediation���not arbitration.
Arbitration, it Ib pointed out, was
possible before the conflict, not afterwards, unless ln questions of detail
such as the delimitation of frontiers
not well defined by ethnographical
Servla and Montenegro are most dissatisfied ot all, In the belief that It
wlll be impossible to obtain Impartial
mediation by the powers, which Include Austria, a nation which shows
a threatening attitude against what
these states assert Is a legitimate aspiration.
Austria, according to them, virtually can be considered an interested
party, as she has proclaimed the Inviolability of Albania, forcing the Servians and Montenegrins to abandon
the Adriatic coast, and haa declared
the necessity of extending the frontiers of Albania for the sole purpose
of depriving Servla and Montenegro
of territories they have conquered.
Concluding that Austria does not
wish to renounce her traditional po
licy of expansion ln the Balkans with
the object of reaching the Aegean
Sea, can she, the allies ssk, be con-j
sidei ed an impartial judge In a case I
n which her vital Interests may be
'urthcred or endangered?
The allies also fear Italian aspirations. Italy has protested against the
occupation by Greece of the Island of
Sascno, at the entrance of the Gull
of Avlona. This attitude the administration at Athens has considered as
ofensive, asserting that Saseno is Included in the Ionian Islands Uken
from France by Grest Britain ln 1800
and ceded to Greece in 18S4. Csn
Italy also he trusted to give an impartial judgment, asks Greece.
Bulgsrla's attitude hss not been determined- Dr. Daneff, ohlef of the
Bulgarian plenipotentiaries, appeared
hopeful tonight but ssld nothing pos
slble could be outlined until Turkey
presented her demands in well de-
ined form. '���**
Rumors that Turkey has concluded
s loss of many million* are unt->,��.
Tentative proposals la this direction
hsve met with the reply that Turkey
must first conclude peace if she desires to secure money.
(Continued from pegs one)
4:30, 4:46 and 5:00 o'clock ln the evening, leaving Vancouver just when the
heavy rush starts.
Just as soon as this Innovation Is
in proper working order more trains
of this kind wlll be placed on the run.
The chief bone of contention whicb
will probably never be entirely eliminated, Is tbe practice of South Vsncouver passengers leaving the Carroll
Btreet depot on the tbrough cars instead of boarding the Central Park locals. Although the cars for both
points are generally In the depot at
the same time tbe South Vancouver
people have yet to be educated to
travel on their own cars instead of
crowding the Westminster cars and
making many a tired worklngmsn
Btand up until after Burnaby ls reached. Whether the company will ever
be able to instill these facts Into the
suburban people remains to be seen.
Wednesday snd Thursday
The Lion Tamer's
Two Reels.
A Cines-Klslne sensational
ctory. A story ln which lions
play ac Important part. A jealous lover, with the assistance
of a clown, lures his rival and
the girl Into the den of lions.
The woman manages to escape
later to accuse the murderer,
but the lover ls mangled to
' death by the infuriated lions.
Four roomed flat in the Marjorlbanks Building on Begbie street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $10.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begbie street, near Columbia;
PoBBesslon about January 1.   Will lease.
slse  30   feet  by   66 feet  ..
J. J. JONE8, Msnsglng Director.
Hssd Office: 28 Lorn* etreet,     New Wsstmlnstsr.
Will be a day of resolutions, many of them to be
broken before 1913 is very old. There is one you
should make and not break, and that is: If not already dealing at one of our three big stores, to start
'right in. Give us your first of the month order, it
s will please both y6u and us.
Symington's Pea Flour, large tins  25c
Morton's Potato Flour, per package ..       20c
* Rice Flour, per, package 20c
Instant Postum, per tin .25c and 50c
French Capers, per bottle 25c
Horse Radish, per bottle 25c and 75c
Mapleine, per bottle 45c
Pate' De Foie Gras, per tin 35c and 65c
Anchovies, per bottle 35c
Anchovy Sauce, per bottle 25c and 35c
Libby's Pepper Sauce, per bottle 25c
Some nice WAGNER APPLES, just in to sell at
per box '. $1.75
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
��� ���       BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX 442
-i   aid
Two Nsw Roysl Dukes.
London, Dec. 30.Wt la reported thst
King Qeorge will soon confer s dukedom on Prince Arthur of Connaught.
the sen cf the Duke of Connaught, snd
Masquerade Ball
New Year's Eve
W. ft. OILLEY, Phene 122. O. E. OILLEY, Phons 111
Phonss, Oftleo 18 and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
��� Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
 ��� 7
falsified Advertising
. RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; lBo per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required wlttin one year from date ot
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices See.
Desth Notice 50o or with Puneral No-
lice $1.90. Card of Thanks Sto per
private bouse by gentleman, ln or
near New Westminster. Apply 367
Daily News. (367)
housework. Apply 1010 Sixth avenue.
tailoring, apply, American Ladles'
Tailors, Collister Block. (347)
with four years experience in gen
eral office work and bookkeeping
desires a position where there Is
a chance for promotion. Can operate typewriter and can furnish excellent reference from former employer. Address H. T., care of V.
M. C. A., city. (348)
BY      SCHOOL      BOY,
Box    414,    City.    J.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
formerly of Sarnia, Ontario, will
learn of something to his advantage
by communicating with A. Weir,
barrister. Sarnia, Ontario. (363)
small purse, between Third street
and Carnarvon street. Finder leave
at this ollice and received reward.
book. Finder please leave at Diamonds' Barber Bhop and receive reward. (345)
rooms, also two connecting rooms,
bedroom and den; furnace heat. Box
366 News. (366)
toilet, bathroom, pantry. Enquire
439 Tenth street, city. (369)
End, close In���Quebec street���low
rent National Finance Company,
Limited., 521 Columbia street. New
Westminster. (355)
Heated Bedroom,  suitable for one
or two.    Mrs.    Ingersol,    Bradley
Block, 12th street and Sth avenue.
������ I (358)
menta; clone In; ' modern steam
heated. $24 per month. Also furnished rooms, $2 per week and up.
Telford Block, 845 Royal avenue,
corner Tenth street (350)
rooms, suitable tor light housekeeping. Apply S2S Thirteenth
Btreet (349)
furnished housekeeping rooms,
furnace heated. ST Agnes street.
Telephone LtiSi. (337)
bath, basement,
room; large lot;
monds St., near
NBW     4-ROOM
Also   Bile   three
easy terms.    Ed
now  out    Apply
Baron Alfred Von Kiderlin-Wsechter,
Secretary of State, Dies Suddenly
on Holiday.
rooms fer rent at 224 Seventh
street. C283)
Sunbury, for $10 per month. Apply
Box  304,  New  Westminster,  B.  C
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
tuiing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly sr en blec.
Apply tc Manager ths Newa.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knlgtrts of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth stroet and Aenes
Btreet. (202)
Block "B," south half of District Lot
13D2, containing 45 acres, more or
lass, Municipality of North Vaucouver.
Whereaa, proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 1159GC, covering the
above mentioned property, Issued in
the name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed In
this office, notice is hereby given that
I shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
issue a duplicate of said Certificate
of Title, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made to me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
this 19th day of December A.D.. 1912
<3U) District RegiBtrar.
Re New Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 92, Group 1, Map 1146.
Wherfeaa proof of the loss of Certificate of Ttlle Number 28620F, issued In the name of Lily Rita McNe 1,
has been flled ln this office.
Notice ls hereby given teat I shall
at fis expiration o" one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, iseue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be uiade to me ln writing.
* C.   S.  KEITH.
District.  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster,  B.C.,  December  22nd,  1912.
Stuttgart Germany, Dec. 30.���Alfred von- Kiderlln-Waechter, whose
dath ocurred today, was enjoying his
usual Christmas visit to his Bister, the
BoronesB von Gemmlngen, near here.
Ue had been ailing for several days.
The end came with great suddenness,
from heart failure and while he waa
Alfred von Kiderlln-Waechter was
60 years old. He had held office ms
imperial secretary of state for foreign affairs since Juue 28, 1U10, when
be succeeded Wilhelm von Schoenb.
who beuauiH German ambassador to
France. The advent of Kiderlln-
Waechter waa not greeted with great
enthusiasm in thc German imperial
parliament. He was a very poor orator, and his speeches did not create u
very good impression.
The removal of Von Ked"rl n-VVae
chter from Germany diplomacy Is considered to be a great niisfortuue. Dur
Ing his short term as foreign secretary
lie was very succssful in steering the
International politic* of the German
Empire through a period of unusual
entanglement, more especially In regard to the the settlement of the d s-
pute between Franre and Germany as
to the future of Morocco. The ne-
nilt- tions were brought to a successful termination last year, when *Yanca
aad Germany signed an agreement as
the reault ot wltirh their reli.ti.ons
have become much more concrete.
the agency of the Bank of Ireland ln
Mr. Andrew O'Dwyer, teller of the
National Bank, Templemore, has been
promoted to a similar position lu Clon-
Louth county council have granted
a pension of $125 per year to Mr. McCann, who recently resigned sb rate
Mr. T. Plcton Bradshaw has stated
that he will be nominated for the aldermanship of West Wind, Clontarf,
which Ib vacant
Dr. P. E. O'Cahroll, Ballieboro, has
been elected medical officer of Kllto-
gan dispensary district in County
Under the auspices of the Society
of Incorporated Accountants ln Ireland, Sir B. C. A. Wendle delivered a
lecture at Dublin.
The estates commissioners have
purchased for $425 a parcel of land ln
the Selina O'Grady eBtate, known as
French Furye.
There have been three cattle drives
Balkan War Said to Have Proved In
efficacy of  Knlpp Artillery���
Creusot's Triumph.
A Court of Revision of tho Voters'
Lists will he holden at the Municipal
Hall on Monday, thc 6th day of January, 1**13. at 10 o'clock In the fore-
noon. when claims to be placed on the
Voters' Lists, or objections to any
nor ���'.; appearing upon the said Lists,
���will then be heard and determined.
Edmonds, B.C., Dec. 23, 1912.      (S5��)
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter Section in Saskatchewan
ln exchange for Burnaby property.
2. A fine Three Storey Block ln a
thriving Manitoba agricultural section. Portion of block leased for
$40 per month. Balance in use. This
Is   a  going  concern  clearing    ten
thousand per annum. Will exchange
for revenue producing B. C. Property.
3. Two full bearing orchards in the
Okanakan Valley. In each case owners will trade for coast property.
The properties are handy to the beat
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch ln exchange for
Alberta acreage., ������
5. A choice Chirfftvack 50-acre ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on us If you want to
trade as we have a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Flre, Accident Plate Glata, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Berlin, Dec. 30.���None of the slings
and arrows which envious rivals have
been levelling at the Fatherland for
many years have quite ruffled Ger
man sensibilities so much as thc in
sinuaticn that Krupp guns have failed
iu the Balkan war.
No more unanimous or fervid pro
test couid liave been Bent up by tho
nation if the reputation of i!ie Kaisei
himself were at stake A Blur on
Krupps is unmistakably an aspersion
on tne empire iUelf.
The semi-official Cologne Gagetto 1*
particularly resentful over the sug
geations that Kasen-uiado artillery hm
been proved inferior to the Frenci.
Creusot guns,
"Our jealous and malicious rival.;
abroad." it says, "have even gone s.i
far ns to allege that liulgirikn vie
tories have been won by tho shells of
the Creusot works.
"Now, everybody knows that Bul
garla, as the price of securing a loan
in Paris, had to yield to the pressure
of the French government and ordei
guns in Creusot; but King Ferdinand'.'
war office was prudent enough not to
buy Its ammunition there, but from
"Above all, Bulgaria studiously refrained from purchasing any French
powder. Had she done ao, her gunners
would today be lying cold In their
For  Excellence  In  Shaving,  Haircut,
ting and Shampooing give the
35  Eighth   St.    David  Boyle,   Prop.
a trial.    Four sldlled workmen.    Our
svst'Mn of treating the scalp for dandruff and  falling hair cannot be lai
proved lloon.    Try It.
Face Massaging a specialty.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best lino of Pipes
Cigai.: and Snioking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
H's Just a 25 ft. IOI
25 x 175
$225 CASH
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. Esst Burnaby, B.C,
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Klng*-
way Poring" will be rocolvod by the
uuderslgnod up till Monday, Dec. 30,
1912, for the complete grading and
paving of Klngsway from Boundary
Avenue to City Limits, New Westminster (approximately 4.21 miles). Separate hump Sum teudera te be sub
mlttod for the following
(1) Grading and costlugent work
(2) Paving and contingent work
(3) Grading and  paving complete.
The    following    specifications    (a)
Grading, etc. (b) Asphaltic Goucret?
Paving, (c) General to all pavements,
wlll be furnished by the Oorporatlor.
but Contractors or Manufacturers will
be permitted to submit' leaders foi
any class of paving on their own specifications. Further particulars and
plans and speclficalioua may be ob
tained at the Knglneera Office on and
after Saturday, 21st inst., on paymenl
of $10.00, which sum will bo returned
on receipt of a bona-flde tender.
Contractors must furnish a marked
cheque for 5 per cent, of tha amount
Of thoir tender made payable to the
Corporation of Burnaby, which cheque
will be held until the Biiocessful con-
tractors have oxecuted a bond as per
leneral Conditions of Contract.   k
The Corporation will not bo bound
lo accept the lowest or any tender.
The Corporation also reserve the
risht to award the Contracts for grading and paving separately or for the
entire works at thoir discretion
(301) Comptroller.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 18, 1912.
adjacent to Newport recently, the
cattle of Mr. Altktn being driven on
each occasion.
David White, eged 9, of BelfaBt, fell
while running with a needle tn his
mouth, when lt slipped down hls
throat and killed him.
An octogenarian named Patrick Jordan, of Carllngford, County 1 .outh, has
been committed for trial for murdering his wife, aged 75.
A young farmer named James Doherty, Drumgesh, met with a serious
accident when cycling down a steep
ttlll In that townland.
��� A van driver named Nixon, Omagh,
sustained serious Injuries when be
was thrown to the ground as the resull. of the harness breaking.
A large bay shed, the property of
James Dulgnan, merchant, of Arlgna,
containing over 80 cocks of hay, was
destroyed by flre.
Mr. A. W. Bain, head of Bain &
Sons, insurance brokers, Leeds, England, and an old County Down man,
haa been elected mayor.
New headquarters for the Belfast
contingent of the officers training
corps, has been opened by Brigadier-
General Count Gleichen.
Annie O'Toole, of Golden Lane, Dublin, waa fined $15 for selling milk
which was adulterated by the addition of IS per cent of added water.
Damage estimated at $50,000 was
done by a flre which broke out at a
drapery store In Clonmel. Twelve Inmates had a narrow escape.
The Royal Humane Society has
awarded a testimonial to George A.
Faust, coastguard, Tramore, for his
gallantry. In aavlng a man from
Glhhstown House, the residence of
Mr. T. Gerrard, D. L., that was destroyed by Ors, Is to be rebuilt. It is
expected lt will take three yearB to
The members ot the Clondalkln
branch of the Women's National
Health Association gave a ball at the
Gresham Hotel to provide a nurse for
that district
��� ���
��� IRISH   NEWS. *
��� ���
The Mlllbrook National school has
beon destroyed by fire.
The death has occurred of Andrew
Moffett, of Rahneen house, Maryboro.
A young man named O'Neill was
fatally injured in a cycle accident at
Garron Point.
Dr. Michael Coyne, Monaghan, haB
been elected medical officer for
BcotStown district.
The ltev. W. Parker, M. A., B. D���
has boen appointed headmaster of
King's school, Rochester.
George Foggy, of Cowanagh, was Instantly killed by a traction engine at
Cardiff, near Newry.
The death has occurred of Colonel
Edward Vernon, U. L., at Clontarf Castle, at the age or 73.
Mra. Kelly, for 30 years teacher In
Anghnagarron district school, has resigned ber position.
Misi Ar.astasia Hamilton has resigned hor position as matron of Sllgo
county fever hoapltal.
Tho death haB occurred of Peter
Fallon, Portaherd, I'rcnchpark, at the
age of 85 years.
The pn inlscs occupied by Mr. Linton, Muiiutpottlnger, Belfast, have
been completely gutted by fire,
A girl named Margaret O'Toole, of
Cooldflake, died suddenly while on her
way to attend Mass at Avoca.
At a meeting of the Athy board of
guardian' it was stated that there Is
a scarcity of magistrates lu the district.
Elizabeth Savage, aged 76, wns
knocked down by a motor car at Peter's Hall, Belfast, and killed.
Edward A. Gore, of Derrymoro,
O'Callagh.in's Mllla, who died recently, left an estate valued at $102,500.
The Imperial reBtaurant, one of the
principal buildings on Main street,
Tlpperary, has oeeu burned to the
A man named Hickey, employed by
Mr. Power. Dungarvan, was found
dead on the road at Ballymakee, near
Mr. F Sargent will retire shortly
from active work ln connection with
Merchants' Bank of Canada
Proceedings at tbe Forty-ninth Annua  Meeting of Shareholders.
The tnrl.r-iiiuth amiuil meeting nf ��hun>hulili i�� of lhe Merchants' ilttitH At I'lnmli look place .1 tbt heed oSlce at tits Dank on
\Vr,In��,!.e, Pecenilei IMI,. Among thone prowl were lie following: Sir II. Montagu Allan, Mcw.ii. K. W. Blackwell, Thomaa
Long, A. Uurnel, ('. ('. BallSlltyne, A. A. I>.,w ... V. Howard Wil.un, J. PatterM.ii, K. KUke, J. Pidttiiisum, D. A. l/wii, R. ('eniplwll-
Nel if., W. A. Kilion, C. H. Dink, T, K. .Unroll. A. I). Kriuer, H. shaw, II. U. Uilolu, l>. C, Uacarow. W. It. Miller, I. M. kllbourn
and A. Dingwall.
The Pren.rlent ot the IV.nl.. Sir It. Montagu Allan, waa aaked to Uke the chair, and Ur. J. M. Kllbourn wu appointed secretary
to  the meeting.    Ihe Retire calling ttie uncling  wna read.
The miim-.ea of the  lat  annual meeting  were  .trnu-titnl anil taken aa read.
The President then read the annual report of the Directors as follows:
"I beg to submit the Animal Report of the Directors and the Proiit and Loas and General Statement
of the Bank covering operations lor the past twelve months.
"On an average paid-up Capital of $6,498,;I32, tbere has been earned the sum of $1,338,844.62.
Adding tbe ualance brought forward from last year, there la still $1,397,722.80 to be disposed of. This has
been dealt with as follows:��� Dividend of lu'/, on the paid-up Capital, $649,004; written off Bank Premises, $100,000; contributed to tl.e Officers' Pension Fund, $50,000, and added to Reserve Fund, $450,000,
enabling us to tarry forward $ns,', l.s.27 iu the Profit and Loss Account. Your Directors consider tbls s
favourable showing.
"Our Reserve Fund this year has been further augmented by the premium on new stock (issued
at 175) amounting to $560,760, bringing it up to $6,410,760, or a fraction over 95% of tbe paid-up Capital.
"During the past year we have opened   ofli.es at the following points, viz: ���
"ln Alberta: Delburiic. Alherta Avenue (Edmonton), Hanna, Hughenden, Redcllff, and Walsb; in
Saskatchewan: Battleford; In Ontario: Brantford. Guelph, and Walkerville; In Quebec: Centre Street
(Montreal) and St. .lovlte.
"We have not closed any agencies.   All thc offices of the Bank have been inspected during the year.
"During the year we hnve lost two of our esteemed Directors, one by deatli and one by retirement,
���Mr. Charles M. Hays, whose death we greatly deplored and whose loss was national, and. later on
ln the year, our valued colleague, Mr. Jonathan Hodgson, resigned, on account of advanced age. Mr.
Hodgson has served on the Board of this Pank for over thirty-five years, and his advice at the Board's
councils was very highly esteemed. During the last ten years he was our Vice-President. We hope Mr.
Hodgson, in retirement, may enjoy many years yet of health and happiness.
"These vacancies ou the Board have been Bhed by the appointment of Messrs. Andrsw J. Dswes
and F. Howard Wilson.
"Your Directors and tbe General Manager hnve bad under consideration for aome time the advisability of asking your permission to change the termination of the financial year from the 30th November to the 30th April, as the general conditions in this country, ln the Spring, are not so congested as
In the Autumn, when the pressure on the resources of Canadian Banks Is at tts height. With this end tn
view, an amendment to the,By-Law will be submitted for your consideration, changing the end of the financial year to the 30th April, and changing the date of the Annual Meeting from the third Wednesday
ln the month of December to the third Wednesday In the month of May.
"The Board of Directors of the Bank has hitherto consisted of nine members, and wo have decldcJ
to ask you to Increase the number to twelve. The necessary change in the By-Law will be submitted to
you for your assent.
"Another By-Law Increasing; the amount of the Directors' remuneration to $25,000 per annum, wlll
also be submitted lo you.
"Supplementing tbls report, 1 would like to say I visited most of the Western Branches during
the past summer, accompanied by the Vl.e-Presldent and Mr. Long, where we acquired'a great deal of
additional information bearing upon our business and met a great many of the customers of the Bank
and the staff. I may say that the trip was full of Instruction and we returned wltb a very much better
knowledge of nr.d acquaintance wilh your extensive Interests ln tbe West than we bave hod heretofore. We
think we are safe in sayii.g li.at tl.e business of the Hank Is on a sound basis throughout the country.
We were impressed with thu fact that lbe Bank is Well represented at all points, and the business Is
being capably handled.
"We have mucb pleasure In testifying to the continued excellent work ot thc stall In recognition.of
which, aud In view of the satisfactory results of the business for the past year and the strong representations of the General Manager, the Board have decided to depart from t.ie policy '.ltherto followed
and have granted a bonus to tbe siaff.
"All of which  Is respectfully submitted. " H.   MONTAGU ALLAN, PreidMt
Statement of the Result of the Buainess of the Bsnlt for tne Year ending 30th November, 1912.
The Net Profits of the year, after pay- This has been disposed of oa follows:
ment   of   charges,   rebate   on   dis- Dividend No, S8. at the rate   '       '
of 10 per cent, per annum   $101,902.63
counts,   Interest   on   deposits,   and Dividend No. 99, at the rate
making full provision for bad and ��'10 2erJent;,f"annu,m    162'K8r''12
Dividend   No.   100,  at   the
doubtful debts, have amounted to.  $1,338,844.62        rate of 10 per cent,  per
annum         166,330.��9
Dividend   N'o.   101,  at   tl.e
Premium on New Stock         660,760.00        rate of  10 per cent, per
annum        167.856.21
The balance brought  forward  from Transferred to Reserve Fund from Pro-
*n,t.  I,....,, .   ,��,, .��� flt and Loss Account        450,000.00
��0th November.  1911, was         68,378.13    Transferred to Reserve fund froan Premium on New Stock       B��0,"60.00
ss.it, . . ,���.., .. Z     Written off Bsnk Premises Account        100,000.00
Making a total of   $1,958,482.80    Contribution to Officers' Pension Fund. 50,000.00
  Balance carried forestd         H8.ns.27
Reserve Fund Account $1,558.48$.SO
Balance, 39th November, 1911  $5,400 100
Transferred from Profit and Loss Account 450.900
Premium on Nsw Stock ���  G60,7ro
Average Paid-up Capital during year ending 30th November, 1912. $6,4C8.3C2.
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 30th November, 1912.
1. To the Public 0',ld ard Silver Coin on hand $2 ��4(l,728.79
Dominion Noteg on band ... '.     4     .1.797.75
Notes In Circulation   .. $6,861,496.00     Nct.es and Cheques of other Books     E.267.0SS.20
Deposits    not    bearing Buiannea due to other banks In Canada. J,046'.33
Internal tn.i-ioot ai Balance* due by Banks and Agents hi
Interest     ...        $17,340,321.41 the United Ststes         534,"44.20
Deposits     hearing     In- <���,,,,   prd   ailort   ,.���.���,   on
terest      44,322,360.99 Bonds  and  Stocks fn
Deposits    hy    other Canada     |5.J��9,3J<-05
Banks In Canada  ...       783.506.72 Ca,11   B,nd   S1��rLL��an* ,""
Bonds   and   Stocks   el����-
 62,146.473.12 wIjcre ttian |n Canada... 4,0<H,9W-��7
lUiU.;.,...   ,:.!..   1..   Assents   In   Great     t. 812,856.72
Britain        1,0.".1.532.51 Government,   Municipal   Rertwajr  and
Balames due to Agents lu rhe United other Bonds snd Debentures     ��,, (3,5?.,.74
States and elsewhere        879 8^8 49 	
Dividend No. 101           167.886 21 $27,��l'(.'40.ia
Dividends  unclaimed              tfi.t.ii Current Losns and Discounts (lees Re-            M. ..
  bste of Interest reserved) .......... S3,"'4.824.64
$70.809,749.2i Loan? and Discounts overdue (Toss fullr
provided for)        184,890.54
s. To th* Stockholder*. Deposit with Dominion Oovernment for      ....��� m.
Capital paid up $6.747,6S1.oo security of Note Circulation *     ��0��,0<W.oo
Reserve   Fund     6.410 760 oo Mortgages and other Securities, tba pro-         _���������,,
Balance of Proas car- n^r^ehe **.^:.::::v.:v.::::::::   ��**&
ried forward        H8.7l8.27 Iisnk Premises sad Fumttore     ***?I*?5l*?5
  13.307,158.27    Other   Assets     _______
$34.116,907^7 $84,118,907. St
  B. P. HBBDEN, General Manager.
It wi> thwi moved Ly th> PrnHifmt. *ir II. Mnntmpi t'l.v ii.d ^pcondtd bv t!,f Vlw-l,n-��f*i>��, Mr. K. tt. ���lartwfl. that t*��
rcport of llif Dirtcton, ., nibmlttnl, I* �����,! i, h.-tflij n,l,i|,ir,l. ami ardeml to  lie  pilule,! lor  rffMrlbutloii mmentp*  tb* *��reliol<l��.
In making Hie motion, die l'r,r,l.'it -.1,1:
"1 think vou will a'l ii;r-c with me thill 't,l�� I. , een untie!.,,-! ,rr report Tliie ��tntement ���( the M��M ol thv "���"IV���""'^
for the rear li better thin ut ;in> lime ,li,rim- Ihe (iltterv nf Ihe Bank! Vou nil know tFnat no matter mtrn tht Bo����<l M Olrtxttm* may
be, or how rlever they mei le It ere '�� vert Mile Hint enn >-e dnne hr them e��< epl llnrmifll tin. aeelatance ot t*r <*** sndt tMtf t*J
Ihat nur (ieneral Mangier lw�� l,r.,r,-,l himM,!! mil nnly on lhf�� HM��fnn hei n*i var!o,Ml other oroarlolla <m�� nf lhe Inat. and OH* WHO
bas devoted MiiimJI enllrelv to ���u litne��l��     1 hme (re��t i*li-,.tre I; leetiMmr lo Iho enwirr and �����*! of tht aniow W"- ....
"We trarellcd through the WeM r���|, H,������,���rr, -h. Vl-e I'reeldent, Mr. l-onlr. mid my��Hf. W* bed *�� mJoyaWe trip Willi
beautiful wealher. We tra>e|l���i ���, enmfnrlaMy a> we mild, but we had hard work to do, al! tke aame. W�� "topped ��l t����l*y-��ie PtM"
In Iwentyalx dura, and we wenl over the InMneaa of llie ttanV i��� these placea nnd dteeuaaed mattera with lh* MSIMtojS. W��_l��IW
everywhere that tlie en'hln.i����m wae treninidoua. and thai all were profoundly lmpren-*d wfth the imieperHr of ������jmBUy SM
wilh the proaperity of the Bank, and that all were entirely devoted to thc iutereaU of fhe Bank, which w��e ��� vaty aollafacloiT stat*
of alfalra.  Indeed"
The General Manajrer, Hr. K. ft. Ilehden, made a few remarka In nanrd to the report and the twine* p Use tmt.
The following By-laws were then taken up and eniwfrfrred nnd tlie amendmenta lieaeed imantinouatr:   .
Bylaw No. I.    That the Animal Oeneral Meellnit tlinuld he lield 00 lhe third Wedneaday In the month at Bar la anty T**t-
By-law  tto.  III.    tin rre'lntf the number of dlreetom to twel...
Bylaw No.  VI.    Providing for Ihe remuneration of the  dlrectoiw. ,,   .      ,. v , ���
In reiily to a queatlon hy Mr. Patterwin aa to the period to tie covered by the neal alatement. the Vfc��-Pl����*��l "Id n��t II
would cover tn. monthe and then the regular annuel atatementa. .     .       .,_
Meaera. A. Piddimjton ard I. Pjtterenn were appointed acnilincer*. and one hallot waa eaat elect!!* H* (ellowflw dIrlMIOtt!
Sir H. Montagu Allan, It. IV. Blackwell. Thomaa I.ong, Mra. Barnet, V. Orr tearta, Andrew A. Slton, C. O. Baltanlyne, Andrew J.
Dawaa, P. Howard Wllaon.  Tarquhar Boherlann, Oeorge t.. CVilnn, A. II.  P.vane. ..   ,   ���,_���_,
On motion of Mr. O. It. Black, eeconded l>y Mr. A. Piddhwton, a hearty vote of Ihimka wae eaenid lo tho Prealdllll, Vlee-rivet-
dent and Board o! Director*.
II wan alao moved ond wornled ht the aame gentlemen that an eipreaalon of warm appreciation ol U"*' S��vlo���� be tendered
the Oeneral   Manager and  tlie etaff.    Pawed  unaninmiily.
The Preaident IbP declnfed ��he meeting eloaed. "  _   _.   -..^.i __
At a Biilieoqtien! Meeting ol lllreetnre, which lollowed ImmadlaMy oiler. Sir H. Mnetagp Allan mi ms. St. W. msawtams www
re-elected Preaident and Vice Preaident napectlvely.
Province of British Columbia. County of
Westminster, to toil; , ..
Under and by virtue of a Writ of Kl Pa
to me dlrocted and delivered uBultmt the,
K'lHiUn und chattels of J. C. Keith, at the,
SUlt of C. A. ('rouble, I huve Biilti d ana
wtll sell ut Sunnybrook Farm, Pill Meadows, formerly known tin the IIIkbIusou
Farm, or Uquhart Furm, one mln- north
of Pitt Mcadowi Hlutlon, on Wednesday,
the 8th day of Junuuiy, 11113. at ten
o'clock In the forenoon, the following, or
Hufflclent thereof to natlsfy the Judgment
debt and casta herein:
One team Clyde horses, 7 years old,
weight 3600 lbs.; 7 Clyde mures und 6*
horses, average weight 1400 lbs.; i saddle
horses; H ynurllng Clyde colts und fillies;
1 Orade Jersey cow; 6 Holstein cows nil
In cuif or milking; > calves; 05 to 70 hnga
and a lot, or young pigs; 60 geese, 60O
chickens; 400 docks; 4 turkeys; 300 tons
potutoos' 16 tons hay; lot lumber; 25,000
shingles; 1 two-seated Democrat; 1
buggy; 6 farm wagons; 1 now Stude-
liiiker dump wugon; lot harness: plows;
cultivator!; 2 mower*;  1  tetter;  1  rake;
2 binders; 2 seed drills; 1 ditch Inn machine; 1 Victor potato digger; 1 three-
section steel roller; 1 new butcher's curt;
1 Sawyer and Massey threshing machine.
engine und water tank; 1 hay press; 7
sets double harness; 1 suddlcH; lot tools;
scraper, billing nnd fencing wire, etc., etc.
Lunch   wi..   be  served.
T.   J.   AllMHTIUINli.    Sheriff,
New  Westminster.
Intending   purchasers   can   have   Vancouver  on   the   7:30   u.m.   train,   or   New
Westminster on  the 7:65 u.m.  train unij
get off nt Pitt Meadow Station. (372)
BBAIdBD   TENDERS,   Addrpnm>d   to   the
undarstKned, and endormid "Tender for
l>r-d��iitK Kaiee Creek, Vancouver," will
be received until 4:00 p.m. on Fridays
January 31, 1911, for dredgltiK required
at False Creek, Vancouver,  B.C.
Tender* will not be connldereri union*
made nn the forme nupplted. and nlgned
with the actual aiqnntureH of tenderers
Combined specification and form of tender can be obtained on application to tho
Secretary, Department of Public Worka,
Ottawa, and to C. C. Worsfold, Ksq��� District Engineer, New Westminster, B.C.
Tenders must Include the towing of tho-
plant to and from the work. Dredges nnd
tugs not owned and registered In Canada shall not be employed In th" performance of tim work contracted for. Contractors must be ready to begin work
within thirty days after the date they
have lM��en notified of the acceptance of
their tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chnrU-red bank,
payahle to the order of the Honourable the
Minister of Publlo Works, for five per
cent (5 p.c.) of the contract price, which
wlll b�� forfeited If the person tendering*
decline to enter Into a contract when called upon to do so, or fall to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted   the  cheque   will   be   returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy Order.
R.   C.   DE9RACHER8.
I>epartment  of  Public Works,
Ottawa. December 27.  1912.
Newspaper; will not be paid for thl��
advertisement If they insert It without authority   from   the  Department.���33298.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. ia.
2 p. m. and 11.15.
Leaves Vancouver (or Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanaimo 3 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert,
snd Northern faint* 1* p. ni. Wednesdays
Leaves Vunoouver every Wednesday at
CMHiwack Service
Leavea Westminster I a. m. Monday,
Wednesday and Priday.
Lenves Chilliwack   7   a.   m.   Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
BD. OOULBT. Agent. New Weatminater.
H. W. BRODIE. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
D. McAulay
Tsl. TfL Oor. Sth sad Columbia
P.O. Box 34 Oslly Nsws Bldg.
~ of all kinds.
Prlcss right   SsUstsctlon guaranteed.
Sf MeKsnsls Bt
7'56 tat Toronto aad Nicola brauch.
14:09 IOT Bt Paul And Kootenay
1��:M tor Agassi* taeal.
IStSS tor Iastarisl Limited, Montreal aad Okaaagaa polnta.
Oas and ono-thlrd tare tor the round
Tloksts on aale Dee. Sl to Jan. 1.
Good to return up to Jan. 6.
rw rsssrratlon and other particulars applr *���
Nsw Wsstmlnstsr
9r H. W. Brodie, O.P.A. Vanoonrer
Advertise in tiie Daily News
Ladles' and   Gents' Bults dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New VolTet Collar 7Ss
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
(48 Columbia St.     Phone R27S
i. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1012.
Specifications, cgreementi ot sale,
deeds, business lstters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strljtly confidential.     M. Broten, Room ', Her*
,.|mlli  imik Bldg.   Phone 71S,
1.. 0. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
(list. HTond and third Wednesday!
In euch mouth ln K. ot P. hall at
8 li in. 11. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H
price, secretary.
| Story of the Gridiron
j, o. 0. K   AMITY LODOB NO. II-
'i lie regular mostlag ot Amity lodgt
No. 87,1. O. 0. r., Is beld every Wu
day night at 8 o'clock la Odd tp*
lows ball, aoraer Carnarvon sis*
Eighth street. VisRIng brssbftn
oordlslly Invited. C. B. Bryson. if.
G.; li. A. Merrlthew, V. G.; W. C
Coatbam. P.O., recording sscrstMr;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary
directors snd embalmers. I'arlen
405 Columbia street. New Westmla
in. r    Phons SM.
\V. E. KALE8���Pioneer Funeral Dirss
tor ttml Embslmer, 612-418 Agses
street, opposite Csrnegla Library.
st-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbii,
street, New Westmlnater, B.C. Tele
phone 1070. Cable address "Jobs
ston." Code, Western Union. Offices
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL, CLOTE, bsrrlster-at
law, solicitor, sto; corner Columbii
snd McKenzie street-s, Nsw Wost
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary, 410 Columbii
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Oulchon block. New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin, W. 6
McQuarrie and Oeorge L. Cassaoy
ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Colnmbia street, Ne��
Westminster, B.C. Cable addreai
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.C
Drawer 200. Telepbone 48. W. 3
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant     Tel.
Trapp block.
B 118.
initiator Board ot Trade meets In tk*
board room, City Ball, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on tbe Ualrd Friday ol
February, May, August and Noveu
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings oi.
the third Friday ot February. Nes
members may be proposed aad
elected at any monthly or quarter!'
meeting. B. H. Btaart Wade, seore
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL (Psld-Up) ....$16,000,080.*
Branches ^^^^^
Newfoundland, aat la
land, l��s York, Ch'cage and
U.8.A., and Msstao Otty. A ptaatt
t>aaklng buslnsss Uttaeetod. 1*
ters ot Crodlt leaned, available -alt/,
correspondents M all tarts at tp*
Savings Bsah Psastnwt, ttaMStfr
reoei-ed tn sums of 41 sad apwart
and Interest allows 1 ��t t gar seat, lie
annum  < pretest rata*
Total   Assets ever ��1*��.0M,M<UM
O D. BRTKNBR. Manager.
Second Hand Store
J. ��. SMITH.
Buy and ssll nsw and   second   haa*
��oods ot all kinds.  Tools sspsolslly.
60 McIbscs Street.
���ii  ii'    laageamaa���i-S
TWEED, IRISH SBROt, eta. 'dual
.Arrived.    Psrfsst Mt aad Workman
ahllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front S��r��B��
Capital paid up,
The Bank baa IM tPBtapUS,
extending In Ceaadle, I��*BJM
Atlantlo "
New Foundland, U-���mm���^m .,
immss, Barbados, Jemaloe, �������
ldad, Dominican Bepablic, Ha*
York and London,
on all tba prteolwl
cities ln tka wML
banking roeUItPe
N*w WadMINMp       ��,-_it
Uwfofd WlaMI*W>> *��'���
|     By P. A. MITCHEL
"Annt Augusts. It's time you were
married.    Vou must bs thirty yesrs
"1 shall not be married, Ethel, desr.
It I were to bare a husband I wonld
bars bad ons a doien years sgo."
"A romance! Why, susty, 1 sever
knew you bsd one. Tou sre suoh s
preclie. prim little body. Wss he ss
gentle s man ss you are s woman V
"Not at sli. Persons ef opposite
makeup srs more spt to mste than
those who srs slmllsr. My lover wss
a young glsnt In strength. He once
curried me over s stream o'f wster
tleep enough to cover bim to his waist
nnd wltb n current so swift that few
meu cuuld bave kept their feet In It
unburdened. I repaid him by coaching
blm for nn examination."
"You coarbed blm: Why. sunty. 1
didn't know you went to college."
"I didn't take the college course, but
I lived bere In tbls college town aud
followed Arthur tbrougb bis studies."
"OU purpose to belp him?"
'Ves, but I enjoyed It."
"Tell uie nil ubout your romance
Did be Jilt your
"Nai he died. But I wouldn't like to
lell .vou nliout It. because there was s
mystery concerning bis death���some-
tiling uncanny. Though it was twelve
yenrs ago. 1 rsu't to this day talk
nbout It wltbout being appalled as I
was then."
There wos s brief silence, after
which the lady continued:
"Nevertheless tbere la one person,
nnd only one, for whom I shall make
tbe effort. I shnll give you. my dearest
niece, tbe story or sli I know of IL
snd when I bare told It to you I shall
never speak of It again."
"Oil. aunty!" The girl put ber arm
about the s|ieaker.
"Arthur and I attended the high
scbool together," the lady began, "snd
It was tbe oppoalteneiis of our makeup
tbst drew us together. Arthur was not
s dull scholar, but was burn wltb s speelsl leaning to att,,etlc sports. He knew
sli tbe way* of msklng s baseball dn
what be wished It to do. was s splendid
tennis player aud bad won s cham
pionship at golf.
"Rut It ws* on tlie football field that
he won hi* most brilliant triumphs.
He so distinguished himself st tbls
while In the blgb school tbat icpre-
sentstlves from different colleges came
to see him play, snd the yesr before
bs went to tbe university athletic mas
agent from Harvard. Tale. Princeton
and otber colleges bid sgalnst one
another to get blm for their respective
colleges tbst be might become s mem
ber ot tbe university team, some of
them offering to pay hi* wsy tbrougb
college If be wonld Join tliem.
"Tbem big. strong fellow* sre spt ta
huve some wesknee*. Arthur's weak
isilnt wa* sn Inability to decide small
things, ln thl* be relied upon me. He
ssked me wblcb. If sny, of the prop
oslllons he should accept, end I. wishing to keep hlm near ms. told blm I
thought he'd better enter our own col
Irge here. Resides, my father ws* *
prnfewHir bere. sud I wss interested le
the college. I didn't wish bim to se-
repi sny pecuniary assistance for plsy
lug athletic game*, sad our unlver
slly. being one of ths smaller ense.
ron Id psy nothing.
"Se Arthur stayed with as. snd It
wsa well be did. far I was enabled te
help blm through He had ihe greatest admiration fer my sblllty te solve
mime uinthemstb-sl problem sr rompre
hend s logical sequence, wblle I loved
and sd mired blm tar hi* uissly
strength Whnt drew me to blm most
wss bis iini-onmintiMneaa af the vslur
of thst strength whicb I prised an blgb
ly. Rut li I* natural tar weak wemas
tn admire physical stivngtb la man.
"Having Arthur here, we took an ta
Interest lu atliletle* thst we had sever
taken before, snd. since he ws* devoted
to foot bn II and would add greatly ts
the chances of sny team he played
with, our boys became Interested Is
entering tbe Held la ths saaual game
wltb tbe big colleges. Wblle Arthur
was In college John Hpsugler wss here
and wss made captain of the football
tenm. Having a tower of strength In
Arthur. Hpsnglrr succeeded la msklng
up s dne team, especially the ons thst
entered for the annual seme sgalnst
the Mber colleges, for tha antuma previous to Arthur's graduation.
"Arthur ordinarily waa lasy. It re-
quired something very escRlog to
is use hlm ta use Ua strength, but
wben thoroughly amused be was like
a chsrglng elephant. Captain S|iengler
wns constantly earning to me bewailing the fact thnt he couldn't get US
main man lo he regular at prsctlcs
snd when bs did practice it seemed In*
poodble to wake hlm np to hi* work.
Many s tint I wss obliged to get sev-
ersl girl* tpgether aad go ast aa to ibe
practice Beld In arStr tbat br my pre*
mra I might Inspire Arthur ta do teed
"One thing of grest Importance was
I .-pt from ow. ftpMgter knew It snd
should hsve told **. hut he Mt sure
that If be AM tall me tba Juaw wonld
he ispHred of Arthur's assistance ta
the game-   Ahd wtltaot Arthur the
Uc aptm***** m.'t#tm�� ������� ��"���������
alng the seattel asms. Wbat. ther
omcsaMI fram wt M t**r at teste*
Mm and ��fcht IW ��wta*Ul ftoa as
tb* only WMPffcJRJJVS
going ts ta ��at W �� �����** ������*,rt Mm
argue It down.
''���tatS at SS wlUl **���
l&t the lark awake
hecsnst ba knew It would throw ma
Into infinite distress wss thst be bsd
abown symptom* of a week heart Indeed, a doctor bail warned blm tbnt
any great exertion orexi-llemeut mlgbt
cause him to drop dead.
"I can never tblnk or speak of my
efforts to encourage Arthur to win the
game for bis college without suffering.
If uny one who knew of bis weakness
bud iold me of it Arthur might bsve
been sllve today. I don't blame blm,
but I do blame tbem.
"Arthur carried his tenm tbrough all
tbs games preliminary to tbe one for
tbe championship successfully, sad
wben tbe two colleges whleb were to
plsy tbs flnal gsme went out on to tbe
gridiron they were our college snd
Yale. There bsd been enough bonor
la our baring scbleved sucb s position
without tbla meeting, for no one expected that ws could best Ysls. la-
deed, It wss partly luck tbat bad enabled us te best Princeton, which gave
us ths right to plsy ibe gsme for the
championship. A presentiment ef evil
csme over me, from whence I knew
aot aa! I wished our team would glvs
Ysls ths gsms wltbout s contest.
"The afternoon late lo November,
tbat the game wa* played waa bright
nnd the air crisp. Just tbe condition*
for a trial of physical strength snd
skill. When our boya went out on to
tbe fleld a great shout arose from the
spectators, for sli sympathized wltb a
college comprising but a thousand student* mstcbed agalnat ons comprising
several thousand. I could see Arthur,
standing s bead above bis fellows.
Indeed, before tbe kirknff be came
very near wbere 1 sat and wsved his
bsnd to me. He looked ss well sa 1
had ever seen him. snd when 1 smiled
st him I could see that It affected him
like aome Invigorating draft.
"Wblle the bsll wns In plsy st s
critical moment something���s piece of
timber, 1 believe-broke In tbe stand
where 1 was sltllng. For s moment It
caused some commotion smong those
sitting oo tbe boards. Tbe teams were
flghting fol- tbe ball Just below us. snd
Arthur bearing the crack or seeing tbe
stir, thinking I wiih In danger, turned
hls attentlos to uie. Seeing blm standing regardless of hla work, 1 arose In
my seat and wared to blm. Thl* turu
ed blm back to the game Just In time.
"Our tesm wss certainly a wonder
for so amall a college snd from tbe
very beginning gave IU opponent*
all tbey could do tn prevent our hoys
from scoring, to say nothing of scoring themselves. Indeed, neither side
acored during tbe early part of tbe
struggle. But Juat before tbe flrst rest
Ysle made a touchdown. Soon after
tbi* henry, wintry clouds changed tbe
face of tbe day. sud since tbe game
bad begun at a lute hour It waa difficult for the spectator* to see what
ws* going on on the field. A fierce
tussle wss In progress for the ball
wben everything suddenly stopped. I
knew tbut sn accident bnd occurred
uud wa* quite mire aome one waa belug carried off tbe gridiron. But so
many person* Intervened between me
und tliose removing blm that I could
see little of what was taking place.
"A cblll. whether from the overhanging clouds or tbe accident, seemed
fu sweep acroes tbe fleld like a breeze
from an Iceberg. Nothing wa* done
for some minute*. Then the game
recommenced. Rut by tbi* time li
wss so dark tbat It wsa Impossible for
na spectators to see wbat waa bappen
Ing on tbe gridiron. One gigantic
form I could discern, wblcb 1 took to
lie Arthur's In the thick of the fight
aud whenever he threw himself sgalnst
his opponents tbey gave wsy. I re
msrked to s girl sitting beside me
tbat Arthur waa doing herculean
feats. Sbe gnve me s singular look, a
look I shall nsver forget
-'Don't yea see blmr I asked.
-Isn't thst big man driving through
those fellows ArthurT
"She gave me another of those looks,
hut made ao reply.
"At tbst moment our boys msde s
toiK-bdnwu sud kicked a goul. sud
some une cried. The ouly gsme ever
wou byvsu small s college against ao
large s oner Then everybody arose,
aud tbe throng poured out of tbe In
"I couldn't understand why I ws*
looked at ao strangely by all who knew
ue. If I spoke to sny of tbem I wns
answered In monosyllables. What did
It meant Oae thing I mimed. I ex
pected to hear person* enthusiastically
giving Arthur credit for bavlng by bis
prowsss turned the ecsle In favor oi
��ur follege. fll* nnme wn* nut men
tloned by my friend*, wbo surrounded
me snd seemed to be forming s sort of
guard abont me to keep me from thr
others. Whan I got home I weut up
to my raom to lay aalde my wni|��
Tbeu my mother cents In. I saw tbat
leuiethlng awful -bsd happened.
"II wss Arthur who wss carried off
ihe Held. During a wrimmtige be ws*
seen to tall snd lie still, bis tare white
as s sheet. Tha plsy wss stopped. A
libystclsu put' hls hnnd on Arthur's
heart snd lr waa found to bave stopped
The sicker passed, and her nleca
"Wbo wss the large flgure In the
same you thought was Arthur sfter be
liad fslleur
"1 don't knew. I wss tbe only per-
'Min present, na thr a* I could learn,
wbo saw hint I believed tbat he wss
Arthur in sphit snd tbst hs remained
on tbe Held to help Us comrades In
the flesh. But that wss some yearn
ago. Now I dont know whst to think
ii boat It. Yet with my own eyes I
saw bloi. and I knew that had It not
been for blm his team would not hsrs
performed tha resssrfcsble work of
winning against tha college thst I hsvs
always eonsidarsd stands MglMst of
all American universities In athletics.*
"Aonty. I cm anderstaod Wht ***
do not maxty."
M en. Saturday.
Belleville, Ont., Deo. SO.���Sir Htao-
kensle Bowell celebrated hla Ma
birthday Saturday, working at his
desk oa his paper, tbs Intelligencer,
afterward attending a Masonic
THERE was one* a man who smiled
Becaus* th* day was bright,
Hecauoe lis slept at night,
Because Ood save blm sight
To gaze upon his child;
Iiecaus* hls llttl* on*
Could leap and laugh and run.
Because th* distant sun
Smiled on th* earth In smiled.
II* smiled bec��us* lb* sky
Was high abov* hi* head,
Bscaus* th* ros* was red,
Becaus* th* past was dead.
H�� never wondered why
Th* Lord had blundered so
That all things hav* to go
Th* wrong way here below
Th* overarching sky.
H* lolled and still wss glad
Becausa th* air wis free,
Becaus* he loved, and ah*
That claimed hi* lov* and he
Shared all th* Joy* tliey bad.
Beeau** th* gr***** grew,
Becaus* th* *w**t winds blew
Because that h* oould haw
J*** kaaara*r. he wae glad.
Because he lived he smiled
Anil did aot look ahead
With bitterns** or dread,
But nightly sought his bad
As calmly as a child,
And p**pl* called blm mad
For being always glad
Wtth auch things *��� he had
Aad shook their bead* and smiled.
���Chicago Hecord-Harald.
Chinese, Is the petitioner today tp
adopt legally a pretty 3-year-old girl
baby, recently found on the steps of a
neighbor. His petition is made with
the consent of hls American wife, and
probably wlll be granted.
Could Net Locate Him.
Richard Harding Davis praised at a
dinner lo Philadelphia tbs modern
girl's lovs of sports.
"And how beautiful ber open air lifs
has made ber," ssld Mr. Davis. "I
wish I could show you some ot tbs
primitive ststuettes In tbe British museum-man's very flrst statuettes���fer
there you would see bow tbe modern
girl hss Improved upon ber prehistoric
sister. Tbe prehistoric girl, theae statuettes sbow, wss all hips���hips like s
hogshead snd shoulders and arms ss
weak and narrow as a little child's.
"1 hste to see the modern girl,
tbougb, neglect her mind ln the cultivation of her body. Once, ut a tea in
Rittenlioitse square. Tennyson wns be.
Ing discussed, nnd I turned to a tall
girl of singular beauty uud said:
"'Do you like tbe "Passing of Arthur?" '
'"Arthur? ArtburT ahe mused. Tm
sure he isn't a Pennsylvania msn.
Where is be playlng-Yale or Har-
vsrdV"���Detroit l'"ree Press.
He Might.
Tbe young man was calling on the
young woman. Refore starting out be
bad been shaved, massaged and powdered. Ile had plastered his touched
up hair dowu over bis bald spot, snd
he bail assumed tbe sort of smile tbat
bts female friends called "childish"
wben be was lu college. His shoes
were sblned. and so was his nose. And
tben be called on tbe young Isdy.
"My object in calling on you this
evening. Gertrude." he began, aud tben
be coughed and added lu a trembling
voice. "1 may call you Gertrude, may I
"Sure you csn." answered the yonng
girl. "1 allow all of papa's elderly
friends to call me Gertrude. Tbe old-
eat of them even call me Gert. Yoa
msy ssy "(Serf If you wish. Whst was
It yon wanted to talk about?"
He coughed again and then talked
about bow mucb warmer It was In ths
summer of '?2.-Clerelund Plain Dealer,
Rresaiic* Of Mind.
Armies  of Thsm   Blacken   Naw
land's Sky Every Spring.
Tesrly, st tbs coming of spring, ths
thoussnd coastal lalanda of New Zealand, more especially tboss lying toward tbs soutb. become tbe temporary
homes of myriads of mutton birds,
wbich psy s visit for tbs nesting ses
son. Out sf tbs silence of tbe great
southern ocesn come the birds in vast
srmles. Low flying over ths wster,
for ths most part close In sbbrs, th*
bogs flecks drsw dark parallels of
shadow screw tbe ssascsps. The birds
fly la aeparate baads, disciplined snd
massed la s serried whole���s continuous stream thst passe* between ses
snd sky. Bsch srmy shows s front
sf perhaps a quarter of a mile, tbe
huge leagth stretching swsy lesgus
sfter league lato interminable distance.
Stand ea the brow, ef some coastal
bssdlssd sad watcb tbs passage of
oae ef these bird srmles. It Is s wonderful sight Fsr below one looks
down en s bssvlng floor of closs packed, undulating blsck backs, lit by a
myriad sclstlllatlons of whits tipped
wings. Se close Is the floor, so serried
the ranks of the fliers, thst ths wster
beneath la bidden ss wltb a carpet
Hour sfter bour tbe passage et the
srmy continues, from dawn till dark
and far Into the nlgbt In the night
tbe noise of countless besting wing*
tbst surges up over tbe cliff besd tells
tbat the army ls still on tbe move till
tbe whir of wings snd cries sf the
rear guard beating up tbs stragglers
grow fslnt In the distance snd one realize* tbat st Isst tbe mighty bost has
passed on Its wsy.���Wlds World Magazine.
Dsspalr Over the State ef the Country
Beoeming Chronic
Dr. Forbes Ross, a well known London physician, says thst England Is
"drifting toward ths dsy when the
average Engllabman'a facs will 'te
thst of ths typical criminal." Hs believes, ssys a correspondent of the
New Tork Sun. tbst "tbs better clssses
of England cannot keep pace with the
fearful stress of taxstion and other
burden* Imposed upon them and are
therefore being wiped out In otber
words, modern leglalstion ��� ��� ��� Is
replacing tbs better clssses by s mixture of sheep snd wild beasts and
the nation Is being propagated by
those retaining primordial qualities and
the primitive Instinct snd ths sversge
Englishman at this rate wlll soon bsve
a depraved gorilla countenance."
Despslr over tbe state of tbe conn
try ls sttuost s national characteristic
of tbe English. They are never so
hsppy ss when they ara being gloomy
about themselves. Any copy ot any
Eagllsb psper wlll sbow tbst tbe English people sre going to the demnltlon
bewwews. The English sddlctlen to
pstent medicines Is another evidence
of this general tendency to low spirits.
Other nstioas see nothing In psrtlcu
Isr the mstter with the English. Tbey
seem to outsiders to be doing fslrly
well ss nstlous go. What they really
need Is a course of mental science sad
prsctlcs In ths cheerful point of view.
Curtain ��� ��u|>|w*log   the   barracks
were to catch lire, what tall would yoa
sou 11(1?
Trumpeter (urwly Jclnedi-Sure, I'd
souud the "cease flra."-Pnncu.
Young Repeiter-These new college*
of Journalism will turn out a great
number of Journalists, don't you think I
Old Reporter-Sure thing!
Youug Reporter-Some competition'
In Ihe game, eh?
Old Reporter-Oh. I gussa noi
Young Reporter-Why?
Old Reporter-WsH. we shnll ba Jnst
ss aby of newspaper man aa ever.���
^d**' ���' ''-       '   '
OvsHissrd at Lunoheea.   .
"That'a ths tenth ran of sardine*
ysti hare ordered." said tba railway
magnate. "Aren't you afraid you will
make yourself alrkr
"I'm not eating them." replied tba
employes wttb Inventive geulu*. "I
think I'm on the track of a way to get
mora people Into a street car."-Baa
r-runelaco Chronicle.        r
Tou look annoyed. What* tha matter?"
Bertha toWl toe a aeerat tha oth*
Say, and I eas'tUtf no what It ts,"'
���Wbfr.notr jj
"Vt* forgotten h."-Pele Mala,  .M
Chinese Adopt White Baby.
Los Angeles, Dee. SO.���Eor the Hirst
time lt Is believed, in tha history of a
California-superior court, a white baby
ta to ba adopted by a tultMooded OM-
ita W. Jimmle, aa Amsrica^ bom
The Dense snd Brltsln.
Jsha Ackworth. an English dialect
novelist who made a special study sf
ths dialects af Lsacsshlre, Yorkshire,
the east Masts aad also of the' Dsses.
shows thst ths Danes by tbeir early
landings aad sejouralags la Esglasd
hsve Influenced tbe laaguage ef th*
ssst esssta of Britain te aa extraerdl-
sary degree aad that tha Dsses snd
tbe Brltlah lu spits if sppsrest differ
eacea are eae practically tn speech snd
language aa well as ia the relationship
ef bleed.   -Bo strong Is tbe English of
tha east coasts af  England Impreg-
sstsd with Dsnish." John Ackworth
once ssld. "thst I am sure tbst If s
(sbermsa from the east coaat* ot Eng
land were to he wrecked on the shores
of Denmark and be would only spesk
In bis trus satire dialect tbst Usher-
man would he able ta make himself
understood." -
Hsnes tha Lsmsns.
"How In tbe name of goodness did
you corns to buy so msny lemon* when
I told you plainly to get only one
dozen r complained Mra. Wrstt* to bar
new Scaadlnarlsn maid.
"Veil," answered Hedvlg slowly, "yoy
tolt ms to git sy dozen. So I don't
spsak daas Ingltsh veil, so Ay tougbt
you saysd two dozen. So Ay tolt de
graeery man. sn' Ay don't spesk de
Ingllsh very veil, so be' tougbt Ay
ssyed tree dozen. Ro be tells it to hla*
bojr, but hiss boy ban a Irlsher. aad be
git* four dozen.   Oat's vy Ah bene gtt
eg  flve dozen  lemons,    Ain't dey
ipr-CUeveland, Plain Dealer.
In for It
"Always eat tha shin or tba fruit."
ordered tba doctor. "Tba shin contain* esaentlsls that yoo need."
"Tbat may be. doe. but t know I'm
going ta gat toy throat nil scratched up
lhe flrat tlm* I try te oat a plsesppie
with It's skin da-'-Wasataftoa Hsr
sbt.  |
III Lush. Per Sure.
"Oh. papa, see these lovely opals! 1
don't believe opals ara unlucky. Do
'It will be very twlueky tor yoo If
yoo tako a fancy to a high prtred ooo.
P��sh��Bo. iw ll'.'ii i  i asm
tMs Vt-m* Wayk
-Who* yoo tsava on the trata," aatt
tho ytwar maa yearningly. "1 wtt
throw yoo a ktM."
"But." rsjslaod the itri, "deot yoa
know that It Isot poUto to thiew
���Mr* ��� W-7^sm*^sm*       t*S a* \l*mm*Jfmt
Inat Is
Newspaper Advertising is interspersed
with news.
The readers necessarily see and read an
advertisement if it be there���just as one
has seen this advertisement and is now
reading it
Nobody had to turn to an advertising
section in order to read this.
If that had been necessary, it may well be
said that you never would have read it
Wky Not
Put  Your
WiU Be Read? Mi*,
,.iil._ *r��*
"PAY   CA8H   IT   WlLl*
Christmas Is a thing ofthe past
but New Years ls almost   here.
We have a few Turfceys on the
way, and If you.wish We'll put
one aside for you; per lb..35c
Jonahan Apples, No. 1 quality
and good keepers, per box $1.85
Northern Spys, per bo* .. $1.50
Navel Oranges psr dor. 25c, 35c,
j'and   ,��   ������  ����e
Jap Oranges, box, 40c and SOe
New Canned Goods Just arrived.
' Peas, per can  ..........  16c
Corn, two cans for   25c
Tomatoes, per can   ......   15c
Corn on Cob in gallon tins,
something extra fine, regular
fiflc each, today   45c
Dutch Cocoa, Pettes, at a very
low figure:
One Pound 65o
Hslf Pound  *5c
Quarter Pound     20c
Primrose Creamery Butter for
 31b*., $1.00
Haple Creamery Butter, for
  ....        3lbs, $1.00
We Hsve a very few Cracksrs,
Stockings snd Chocolstes to ssll
at Reduced Prices.   '"������ 'V
The News wlll be published
tomorrow (New Year's Day)
ub usual, but not on Thursday.
Mr. A. O. Powell, harbor engineer,
has returned from Seattle, where he
spent Christmas week witb hie'
Skates sharpened a** eet
R. Spook's, tt* Columbia St.
at   dee
Public Supply! Stores
PHONE i.    '
Up a Will
Are you conversant
with the laws regard-
��� ing   the   drawing   of
Do you know to
whom your estate
wouid revert jn case of
your not making &
If you'ye never given
these important questions a thought, do it
now. Consult the officers of this Company,
whose business it is to
assist people in trust
Fire Chief Wataon witnessed .Mm
demonstration of two new auto flrq,
trucks in yancuver yesterday. These,
were constructed ln France and are
considered somewhat of an Innovation
in Canada. If fonnd satisfactory lv
the trials they will be added to the
Vancouver fire department equipment.
Ohristmss Cakes. See our wladew.
Highth Street Bakery. Telephone
Ml. ', (2��?),
J. H. Todd's Music House, 419 dol-
umbla street, ia giving 20 per cifet.
discount on all' Pianos until "3 .....:.-?'
lst, 1913.       / (361)'
I !'���'*.
The arrangements have been made
by Mayor Lee and Alderman Gray
for the holding of the annual meeting
ot the rjttepayers on the evening of
Jan. 13, ln the opera bouse. The
speakers will be confined to the.
mayor and Aldermen and candidates
for the 1913 council. The present council will give accounts of their stewardship while the candidates wlll announce their platforms.
Mill Wood for sale, prompt delivery
to any part of the city; also Sapperton or Burnaby. W. Rich, phone
R1146. ( (360)
A few copies of Mrs. Herring's latest book. "Nan, and Other Pioneer
Women of the West," are on sale st
H. Morey's  Book  Store ln thia city.
At thc end of this week the latest
directory of the B. C. Telephone Company will be placed in the hand9 ot
about 25,000 subscribers in New Westminster, Vancouver, North Vancouver
and other points |u the lower mainland district. The bookB are just
completed by the printers now. Th6?
contain f>30 pages, and are each 8W
,y ti Indies in measurement.
Cheap and large lots on Douglas
[load. Prices only $425 to $600. Easy
terms. See The Peoples Trust Company, Limited.   Phone 669. (366)
| Where are your wandering thoughts
today. Gather tliem and get one of
The Peoples Trust Company's large
lots In Burnaby.    $425.    Easy terms.
What with the cries of two Hindus
who were fighting in front of Sine
Kee's store and the jabbering of a
multitude of Orientals who appeared
to enjoy the combat just as much as
seeing a Chinese executioner in action, Twelfth street presented quite a
scene last evening about 7 o'clock.
The affair was short lived, however,
for the strong arm of the law swooped
down upon the combatants and with
a bur-r-r, Bill Guttrldge hauled them
to the city bastile. They will appear
before the beak this morning.
After the festivities are over
You may need Prescriptions.
We supply exactly what the doctor
Bring It here.
Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.
rains the North road, trom the Brunette bridge to the Clarke road, and
along the latter to Port Moody boundary, are in flrst class condition, thank?
to the grading, rocking, graveling and
rolling operations done by both the
Burnaby and Coquitlam couuolls during, the summer and fall.
Present Reeve Has    Done    Excellent
I *       Work In Burnaby.
Hdnionds, Dec. 30���The work per
formed by Reere Weart during the
past two yearB was touched upon at
the counctl meeting tonight the last
oiio of tho year 1012, and many
complimentary remarks wero made
.upon his ability to place Burnaby In
,th6' position she now enjoys among
ith�� many municipalities that form
,tp6 province of Hritish Columbia.
Councillor MacDonald started the
Imi! rolling when, arter all municipal
business had been transacted, he
arose and tendered the reeve the season's greeting on behalf of the council.
Th�� councillor from tho north excelled himself when he mentioned the
record made by Reeve Wcnrt nnd Mr
remarks were nblv seconded by hls
confreres, Speaking to the motton
Councillor McGregor Bald it was nn
hbnest and heartfelt expression ofthe
eounell, of the appreciation of his
4n reply t'ie reeve stated thnt bis
work as chief magistrate during the
past two vears had been mnde smooth
by the aid of the council. He had en-
Joyed the support of his council and.
hn thought t ie support of a great
nlajorlty of the electorate.
Some person had stated thnt ther*
was too much harmonv with the nre-
sw.'. council but I will say, that, had
any eponclllor been antagonistic he
would have mijred tilings ut�� to such
an extent that It ti-ould have greatly
hindered t^n bo""d in their *'ork.
1 "I am Iea"ing this chair with regret
Vtt it hn�� been nn education to me.
If mv private l'fe did not Interfere
nothing would give me greater pleasure than to sit at the head of the
council for another ter"t or terms."
' Councillor Britton, who has decided
to retire nt the end of lrH flrst term
*as Also the recipient of a vote of
thanks for his work as head of the
water committee.
Councillor Brltton responded briefly
(Continued from pone one)
Believing that they can do business
at a greater advantage in Vancouver,
the People's Trust Company of this
city have decided to transfer their
head olTlee to that city. The present
main office of the company will be
made a branch office, while tbe pres
ent branch in Vancouver will become
the headquarters of the compnny. The
change will take place shortly after
the new year.
Two of ths clocks e-inlovefl here,
wlll be transferred to Vancouver as
will also a portion cf the office cf
forts. The Westminster branch will
be in charge of Mr. E. J. C. Shaw.
ly modernized reproduction of the old
English festival.
The attendance ot the teachers Is
desired primarily so that Mlss Cotsworth may explain to them exact!.,
wherein tliey may be of great asslBt-
ance in making May Day something
more than a mure local celebration.
The commlttei* in charge is particularly fortunate in having been able
to enlist the sympathy and assistance
of Mlss CotBworlh, as this young lady-
Is recognized in England as one ol'
the few classical exponents of Old
Folk dancing, and one wlio has played no small part In. bringing these
pleasant centuries-old customs once
more In the limelight.
ln the opinion of many, Mlss Cotsworth ls the only lady ln America today who lias thoroughly mastered tir'-
ancient accomplishment, and her cooperation Bhould go a long way towards making the May Day of 1913
the big success that I.s anticipated.
Contrary to the fears expressed by
some of the teachers, thc exercises to
be explained and exemplified this af
tornoon by Mlss Cotsworth wlll ln no
way. Interfere with the curriculum
The dancing steps and measures could
be Introduced In the physical anH
calistlienlc exercises, but the consent
of the trustees would be necessary for
this innovation.
With a view to Inculcating the Mnv
Day spirit into the youngsters, a
number of these will he present this
afternoon, and teachers are quite free
to bring some of their pupils, or other
young frleuds, with them. The sc'iools
being closed has somewhat handicap
ped the making of arrangements for
the presence of the children, bu*
Canon d'Easum has kindly consented
to bring a bevy of children from hi*
parish, and steps arc also being taken
to have thc Catholic parish of St.
Peter's represented, a number of
young ladies having volunteered their
The seven young ladies who train
ed tbe kiddies for the Maypole dance
last year are also expected to attend
the meeting, although, of course, no
special Invitations have beep sent on*
to anyone, as all interested will b��
Any teachers of schools In th*
Fraser valley who are resident In
Westminster will be heartily we'
New Desks, New Files, New Typewriters
One month's suspended sentence,
together with a fine of $25 and costs,
was handed .out to Eduard Kioual, .,
French Canadian, ln police court yes
terday morning, for the theft cf a gold
watch and a bracelet from a woman
on Eleventh street.
On account of his youth Magistrate
Edmonds showed clemency towards
the accused.   The flne was paid.
The case against Frank Allen
charged with reckless driving of an
auto on Thursday evening of last
week, was r.djourned yesterday morn
Ins; in police court for one week to
allow the defendant to make a settlement out of court. Allen crashed
| Into a rig d:>en by Mrs. Wltltc^de.
of Surrey, throwing her and Miss
Gladys Whiteside into the street
Off to Old Country.
In order that hc may proceed at
once to thc Oid Country to attend to
some urgent business Mr. P. 3 ''ilk
ner, police magistrate of Richmond
has handed in his resignation. Mr
Falkner expects to spend the greatei
part of 1913 in England, and, therefore, will be unable to attend to the
duties of magistrate of the rminici
pality. The announcement wlll prub
ably he made at the next meeting nf
the Richmond council as to the successor of Mr. Falkner.
We are prepared tg tSStS*V*9tXir eVery demand
with the most up-to-date offlee furnishings obtainable, Including carpets, rugs and cork linoleum. We handle the famous GLOBE WERNICK
make of D3SKS AND FILES aud supplies; all
standarlzed and Interchangeable. \We havo mon
ready to rebuild cases, shelves, counters, gates
and cabinet). If you nre'ln a rush phone 73. If
your typewriter goes wrong, or you need s new
ribbon or carbon, ask for Mr. Stirling.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
DORGAN���The news was received
by Mr. Joseph Dorgan yesterday morning of the sudden death of his mothef
at the family home In Buffalo, N.Y.
Mrs. Dorgan was in her sixty-fifth
vear and was a native of I,indsay, Ont
Mr. John Dorgan, her husband, died
on Sept. 29 last. Mrs. Dorgan is survived by three sons, Mr. Joseph Dorgan of the firm of Curtis & Dorgan of
this city; Frank and John Edward of
Buffalo and three daughters, MrB. T.
J. Brady of Buffalo, Mrs. Welch of
Toronto, and Sister Mclltla of Chicago.
BRINE���Clara Brine, aged 67 years
and a resident ot this city for the
past 26 years passed away on Sunday.
The deceased was a native of St.
Johns, Nfld. Her relotlves In thiB
city are Mrs. Wm. Viae, Mrs. Georgo
Brine and Mr. A. J. Brine. The funeral wlll take place from the residence of Mrs. Wm. Rae, 231 Queenls
avenue, this afternoon to tho I.O.O.F.
SIMS���At Burquitlam on Sunday
the death occurred of Mrs. Bell Sims,
aged 46. Mrs. Sims was a natlve'of
England. The funeral will tako place
this afternoon from Murchle's pari
lors t�� the Church of England cemetery.
Is the result of using our
Hot Water Bottles.
-   ' , I
Two and five year guarantee with every bottle sold.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phone 43: L. D. 71;  Res. IZ
New    Westminster,    B.  C.
Mr. Peter Byrne, Indian agent, received a telegram on Sunday night
announcing the death by drowning of
Johnnie Flnlay, one of tho most Intel-
5. Ugent and prominent of the Squamlsh
tribo of Indians. Deceased was
drowned on Christmas night off Cape
Mudge, right opposite Campbell river.
No further particulars were Given.
To Johnnie Flnlay is due the greater part of the credit for the ovation
und display given by the Indians to
H. R. H. the Du'ie of Connaught on thn
occasion of his excellency's recent
visit to British Columbia. He sparejl
no effort to make tho function the
success It undoubtedly was. Klulajr
was a well educated man and highly
respected among his tribesmen,
well as by those outside the tribal
circle with whom he had dealings. He
leaves a  wife  and   five children.
Preparing to Build.
Clearing operations, preparatory   to
building, are everywhere apparent   on
the Coquitlam side of the North road
just now.    Despite the heavy winter
Edmonds, Dec. 30.���Enough evi
deuce was brought against J. C. Lasseter, of East liurnaby. In the Burnaby police court this morning to justify
Magistrate Walker committing the
accused for trial.
Lasseter Is c'i ixged with the thef!
of a quantity of lumber from a housj
which he was building for his brother,
Mr. William I.asaeter, of Ladner, in
East Burnaby.
The accused put up a strong defence, contending that the property
missing belonged Just as much to
him as It did to his brother.
The lumber was sold to Mr. Osort"
Macklln. of New Westminster, for $20.
For discharging a revolver withou'
�� license C. A. Shaw was fined $2 and
$2.60 costs by the court.
Spend a Jolly Evening.
A very successful dince, under the
auspices of the Kurqultlam Recreatior
CL.b. -.vas !���"!���! 'n t'i- ���>��,-;���i,i(,,>-;i !,-���!
Austin road, on Friday night. The
music was good and the floor In excellent condition. Misi Goddard. the
dancing Instructress to tho club, made
a most efficient master of ceremonies
and helped materially towards makim:
tho enteriiiinment a success. Refresh
monts were provided bv the liwl'ei
nf the club. The presidents of the
deli. Mrs. 11. B. Piker nnd Mrs. E.
Wiltshire, were hoth present.
This cow.* pretty wall sny articl.i
you may winli for a gift
Toys and Dolls for the boys and
Fancy Jewel Boxes, Dressing Cases,
Mirrors, Brush Sets, Inkstands, etc
for tho gr.-wu ups.
Seo us hefore  buying elsewhere.
546 Columbia  Street
Phone 455
at Holy Trinity CatheJril, New-
Westminster, B.C., by Bishop de
Poncier, assisted by the Rev. Canon
d'Easum, Robert William Haggen,
eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Alexander Haggen, of Revelstoke
B.C.. to Grace Irene, third daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Ilcr.rv Alfred East
man, of New Westminster, B.C.
New Zealand papers please copy.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, wlll be
given on sli orders. This discount li
lor ten days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
The Fisherman's Friend
This is the Engine thst
hss created such s
sensstlon   among   the
fishermen,   i       *
Five h.p. YALE, Baseline Engine. The most
reliable engine on ths
The Schaake Machine Works
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia   Street
Phone 57
These are all In good locations and  are  good
they can be bought far now.
investments  at  the   prices.
1359r-FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue; 50x11! to lane-, a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE   near  4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; 60x130
all cleared sad graded; prioe $1275
1897���66  FOOT  LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; (trice $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms,
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, E mployers'  Liability,  Automobile
Msrlne Insurance.
The Bank of Vancouver
"��� ii i 11.   i ^ i I,    j1, i ii  i       I,,
A general banking business t ran sac tad, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable ln all parts or tbe world.   Savings bank dspartmsnt at
all brunches.
���^���eniei        hi ii i i^isisi       ssn        m,***********am*aa***s**********w*mmmm*Bms**saaWaa*^
New W. stminitcr Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Msnapar.
 , ,--.^,,    ���.__ ,, .   , ' ,
Try One of Our Self Barfing Roasters
The host bu the market, prices from :.......,..11.30 to I2.W
Nots the bargains In our dinner seta which wa have Just opened.
All must go before Christmas.    Therefore these cheap prices
97-piece  Flo  Dine,  worth' $15.00 for. .'. , 410.75
108-piece Dresden Oold Une, worth$26,  for ..-��������� 19.75
96-plece Orecisn Dull Oold, worth $28, for  ?1.2S
9*-pioceBlue Bandand Dull Odd, worth $80 for...... 21,85
98-pleca Poatrsclcls, worth $3150, for ....',  2200
We also teArry Blue Willow, Clover Leaf and ths Vitrified ware.
See our Out Disss Bowls, Vsses and  Boll toon DlshsS aid our
.Glass TsWe and Water Sets. \
'       Notltlna  Is more  spproprlsts for a Christmss Present than an
Klectric Irdn (I mean ths kind ws carry) unless It la ons of our
Sewing Machines, guaranteed for 10 years.
The New Furniture Store
Cor. Wth ,��L snd Sixth Ass. C. N. IQMONOSON a, CO.
^X_UJllipBWMBW^ip��WWW<WM'""��LJ��� -
Residential Stt*
bbw)W sixth xvntnm.
$2000 Each      S20Q Cash
^ i in- mi    . ���+mmmmrm-
willihandle either one.   Long terms.
No. 152.
���28 snd 749 i^umbls Strest, Phons ����-��** Yt*t*t��\iutU>r, S. C.
Shatfeg, Reading Lamps, etc
Phoi#$56 63 Sixth Street


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