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The Daily News Jan 18, 1912

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fl -i
between two rallraaea, with Fra**r
Mllls'lln* running thraugh th* pra-
party. T*rm* f*r genuine Industrial proposals.
LOTS ens blssk
from new carTM^sn esen street
eltfct^    th*
"es a co.
CP.R. OHical Annoucement
Means Much.
Site Amranaed for and  Construction
Work   Starts   With   Coming of
Busy, hustling CoqulUam. all
aglow with its own growth, will St*
still further stimulated to etuiest-or
wltb the construction o( a hundred
tthousand ddllar steel works on a site
���titat has -been arranged for Umm.
.Brown A McKay, an eastern flrm in
.gaged tn various Industries, will put
��� down the plant and operate it.
They have already purchased a
site for a woodworking plant .la the
west half of the northwest. quaAer ol
section six
The aetual organization *>f ithe steel
��� company is well under wa)', and before spring Is well advanced tthlB year,
a start.may be made In tbe Unstalla
tlon ofttke plant. Townsite agenti
.areattlve wltb their diffcineit sSb
di listen*
Robbers Who Held  Up Vancou-
**er Storekeeper Get Fifteen Years
and Thirty  Lashes.
dread mm
Vancoswcr, Jan. 17.���Inspeator Mc
Rae .and Jackson, told the atory thi*
morning uof how they had effected
the anient of the men Cbarles Bo
Qulst and William Smart yesterdaj
evenlaig-at the corner of Dunlevy and
Cordova streets on the charge of bold
ing up the assistant ln Kushton'a
Grocery store on Hawks avenue and
robbing tbe till. Magistrate Shaw con-
sldeaed tbe cases proved and sent
each prisoner to the penitentiary toi
fifteen years, eacb as well to receive
thirty lashes.
Robert Marsh described how two
msn came into the store of Mr. Rush
ton last Monday evening shortly be
for* six o'clock and had ransacked tbo
cash till. One of them, whom he Identified aB Smart, Informed him that li
was a holdup, and laid .blm to put up
bis hands, at the same Ume pointing
a revolver at his body. The revolve,
was a nickel plated one. While Small
leaned over the counter-and pointed
Xhe weapon at him, the other man
opened the till and took out $4.80 ami
spilled three nickels en .the floor. Afterwards he went through 'his pockets
and then they departed. He was
quite positive that  the accused were
How to Cope With Epidemic
of Crime.
ummn big problem
Mayor    of    Neighboring    City
P.KBues to Be Msn of ths Hour-
Immediate  Action.
Vancouver, Jan. 17.���Mayor James
Findlay, following the request *t a
'delegation of Influential citizens mbs-
Utday, laid a strong hand oa the situation produced by the epidemic of
crime to which this city has been a
prey for several weeks past.
After tbe deputation had left him,
tbe mayor held a consultation with
R. G. Chamberlin, chief of uolioe. The
result was an announcement issued
yesterday afternoon that the chief
wouid swear ln a sufficient .numher
of special constables to meet his
view of the demands ofthe situation.
Twenty-live men wdll be added to
the force. Their distribution, .or assignments, will be according to the
Judgment and direction of the chief
of police.
The arm of Justice will .fall heavy
on breakers of the law.
Mongolia  For  Sale Among
SL   Fstensburg    Despatch    Confirms
Osnansl, Impression That Pekin
Is Insolvent
Xiondon, Jan. 17.���A rumor ls cur-
Shoots at and Wounds Father, Who
Makes Four Day Trip Ovsr
Hudson Bay to Montreal Via
Distance From tha Weet Seme aa All-
Rail Routs���700 Miles From Nelson.
Ottawa,    Jan.    17.���Ths    proposal
Moose Jaw, Jan. 17.���The residents
of   Wood     Mountain   district   were
astounded to learn that Ella, 17-year-
old daughter of H. R. Perry, has been
plaoed   under   arrest   charged wltn
having   shot   at   and   wounded   he.'
father who has been in Moose Jaw
hospital since the 12th.
���������, .    ��� . . ,       . ,_ . She appeared befoie the magistrate
vent in Peking, says a despatch from  yesterday and the whole affair took  msul�� by Hon. Frank Cochrane, minia
tE rail   tI^^h ^h.T.'T^f.L^ an <mt,relJ, n���w co��*Pl����<l��n when her  ter ot railways, ln bis announcement
lbe Daily Telegraph, that tbe Chinese  evidence waa eivim     Rha ia nnw nut ...    .. j ..      ... .    ...
ilovarnment offered to cede Mongolia  on bT  On Steriiinfhi   hcllto   ��D "" HU<UOn B*y *���"*** "> "^
to Russia in return for a loau of ��70.-, Perry claimed that be had shot him   HouM of Co���"10��� ��** night, U����t *
ft&*      fc. ' ��������' awVSSill,wito  m  StematTc  "�� "ud,on. *ralta T* **��****���
The bomb-thrower   who   attempted  nUtol *  ble they might run steamers across.
the life of Yuan Shi Kal has confess-,    it appears that a uuarrel arose be from ChuroWli l�� ths Noteway rtvet^.
ed that the assassination of ths pre-1 tween  Perry  wd his daughter   and thence.t0 connect with the Tranacon-,
mler was to have been the signal lor ! the upshot was that he handled'   her "nental Railway, has created a great
^general uprising ln Peking, says a j roughly aVthen went outside to aet deal of lntere8t at 0IUw��- ��utXc*-
^despatch to the Dally Telegraph. �� &iHo chasUs* herwithWten he lar,y  am0ng  ****** �����"����*". ���*��
The whole southeast portion of Pe-^turned she shot with a  4SI calibr�� th*re WM a burryln* f��' maps  and
king Is now picketed with troopa, and ; revolver, wounding him twice in   the m"lh itu��,Jrto�� ��[ ,out��f-
The mayor bas issued the following **"��;
a house-to-house search resulted in
the discovery of a bomb factory and
the arrest of several men having
bombs ln their possession. Tbere ue
persistent rumors that an attempt was
made to poison the Empress Dowager, who, however, becoming suspicious, iff used to partake  of the fatal
  ...___ ...    .... of *bdication of the Chinese throne the wounded man. Is a man of good
Having been wKttetl upon by a dete-  nas been adjournei until Friday, ac-, repute in the district
the men.
Corroboration  of lhe .fact  that   at Statement:
least Smait was  in  lhe   vdclni.ty nf I    To the citizens tit Vancouver
Hawks avenue and Csrdova on Mon-      Having- been wnittea upon bvt .. . 	
iday evening waa furnished by John 'gatlon of representative business aten ,cording to a news agency despatch
I Barnard who stated that he: saw the of the city, and fettling it to be moat l,��m TenV?in' The conference held
man walking u? and .down.sear Hush necessary that tm 'effort Bhtruftl be ,"ay by "��� ?rInces ot the imperial
ton's stoie from about four till :half made at this moment to che��Sk, rdia-, n m3* not inclusive. The Em-
past five o'clock and a short, time aft- cover and stop eiiime, that ts report- prcM Dowa����'' during the conference
erward heard of the hold-up. ed to be so prevalent, I have 'Issued �����*��� keettly affected by her position.
Both prisoners denied having been instructions to Chief Chamberlin to * , W���,,t bitterly ** sbe told tho
out of the room trio* flve ln tbe eve- swear In a snflinunt number of spe- Prlnce" that "he thought the abdlca-
ning until about eleswi. o'clock that cial police to cape with the Situation. *J��.n �� * throne had become imyer-
n'eht. I    i hope that this action on my part      Je/       ���., .     ,
          in   imposing  the  above   sentences, ' will have the necessary deterring.ef-1    nlnce '-'hing,  the former premier,
^son of. the Royal Welth Cholr-iaid tha i Magistrate Shaw enpieased Jiis inten 'feet, and  that  the citizens may  feel  ��8Bent���<1 t0 this v|e��. but the young-
*-���""'        ���--���     ���    ' ' """  "f '"''" ���   '���'       ��� assurtd adequate protection is betng |er Prlnce8 t00k an attitude of strenu
right breast " " '    The Pr��P��8al ��' Mr. Cochrane, ltla..
Perry    inimedlatelv    set    out fnr now ��*Plalned. wa�� ��li*htly mUunder-
Moaee^a* dTStbe intense?? com  tt00d' hU 8Ug8eBtlon WM that "t��un-
spell,  taking  the  best  vart   of four
now explained, was slightly mlsunder- -
stood. His suggestion waa that steamers could be run from Nelson or Chur-
dava to make th. innLmiio ��ri��   .-i   chni t0 the mouth   Of the   Noteway
Seiv^rttenti^aTe Toca "boSpf-  ^T,  A """^ �� T Tn,a^
^s^i-va-H- ,s bei a^ theprlrth"o!' rts-
Further discussion of the  quesUon  respected by'evVrVbodv^H  R"perrv   n*nta1,   Graln wouW ^ "���WPP*"* *'
.kxi������.. . ...    ~v. ., wv����.i*u oy e\er>uouy.   h. k. ferry   tne Notaway t0 tne Transcontinental.
'Welshmen  Will Sing In AM -of Anti
.Tuberculosis Campaign, tihtUer.Wiu-
spieats of Local Orfsahtation.
An..interview between Sir. C. :��ob-
and thence run through to the Atlam
lt was thought at first that Mr.
Cochrane meant that the steameris
should run down the Notaway river.
Tbe Notaway river is very large and
navigable for a considerable distance,
but lt haa also many rapids and to
make it navigable for steamers of any
size would requite a tremendous expenditure.
What adds weight to Mr. Coch-
Destructive to Shipping���Four Sailers rane's plan is the fact that a scheme.
��� AiMi-Tubarculosls Society ���)? thie<city,tIon  of inflicting heavy  sememes
held in the Boaid of Trade naoun. yes-   future as well as ordering the laBh ln
iterday afternoon, resulted in a d��cis-all oases of the kind.
Ion. that, the choir should pay ��� visit
'to New Westminster on J*��mti.iy, Feb.
6.'This choir is making ax extensive
tour in tao interest of tbe'.unt'-tuber-'
miosis campaign, and e*:uoial'v of
that being carried on is xhe print'lp-
rende:ed them.
Real Estate Exchjnjjr Paisesi-important Resolution.
At the first meetiup of.tbe Victoria
allty from whichi it cornea The- con- ���' reBl estate exchange recently, this
cert in qoestlon will be hpttl hi St. I bod>'- which, though ji .new one, rep-
Patrick's Hall under the ausiLies 0f|Iebeat8 the Capital City's most im-
the local Antl-Tuberculosta Ssrtety, portant buslnees interest, passed the
and-the patronage of tbs smiyor.haa t������>wtag resolutions In favor.st.-ihe
fcir^'tdy be*n "obtained.
About  ai dozen  of the members of
the- society were present at thf meet
Kng,   and   beside  the  above-mentioned
Canadian -highway
"Resolved, that .this exchange
strongly suppoiU the yioject oi a
Canu:ii:in    highway   extending    from
matter a little routine hn*tne��. wasiHal,fa>:' N- S" l0 A'hmnt. trancoUVct
pnt through. Among those present ��� island, and urge* ihe JJominlon, gov-
were Mrs. Brymner, tbe preMdont ��rnment to grant hnancial assistance
and Mrs. Chite honorary eecretery.     fJO    the    va,lous    provinces    througa
ous opposition to the passlvesess   ot
Prince Cbing and urged on tbe Empress Dowager to refuse to abdicate.
Change in  Mongolia.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 17.���A change
has come over tbe situation in Mongolia according to reports publishe.l
in the papers here. A number of the
minor khans and leaders wbo originally declared for Mongolia's independence from China have now saat a peti
Wedding   of Landfcord to   Housemaid
Before   One   Witness   Oetfared
Drowned In Forth���Schooner Founders.
to Premter Yuaa tm KM st ****��$&,
is at present before the Quebec Leg.-
lslature to build a line from   Mon��-
treal to the Notaway.   There U aald
to be a splendid harbor at the mouth.
��� of the river.    The distance from the.
, , west is about the same   as by rail.
London, Jaa. 17.���'The British Isles The distance from Saskatoon to Nel-
are ln the   grip   of a fierce   storm Bon is 700 miles, 700 miles Irom Nel-
which  is creating  havoc  along   the  BOni to Notaway, and 5US mllea t*on��
coast and In the interior.   A number  the Notaway   to   Montreal, or   190O��
of small vessels and fishing craft are  miles,
reported   to   have   gone   ashore   but i _________
thus far fatalities have been few.
  ateamer  Ashgrove of MAYOR   'NWTEO^
k'ing, in'wbJch thev'explain that their ohu**'*r'w*r Amen ����rtng the gale |   "    > AF
[proclamation of independence does not  lato ��eawall at M*thil o nthe Fli th . ...,������..
nma complete separation from Chtaa ���* ^^ and tour of her crew we.el ���* "Ad" ��Club of Vancouver It, Is-
if the Peking government will discon- ***** aw*y- .understood, has Invited Mayor Lee to-
tinue the oppressive system of flscal I A drlvine snowstorm is raging in so over and address that organiza-
extortion which has been practised th* nortl,������ districts, filling in the "on at once of its luncheons in ther
.hitherto in Mongolia tracks of the railroads through   the .near futuie.   If the mayor accepts it
The newspapers charge Premier inM,ulltaln8 and m*k,as the roads im- is certain that New Westminster, in
.which this highway wi.l pass; a copy in which the marriage law jot Ireland Yuan Shi Kal with playiag a double Paasable. An unl.lentined three-mast- all the glory of its possibilities will
Iof the resolution to be lorwarded to ' prevailed over ihai of the Roman * game, on the one hand applying for ed schooner foundered with all hands j be introduced to the Terminal City
i.tbe Hon.  R. L. Betden .the minister i Catholic Church reached.its final stag-" I Russian aid and on the other tryiair ��� *** vicinity ot Peterahead,   Alber-, and everyone will be forced to retog-
tent Russia as violating Chi- deenshire.   The gale la so fierce that  nl*e that t':ls city has as great a fu- -
Dublin, Jan. 17.���an interesting, case
confession to Detective W. J. Bums,
in which be Implicated twenty or
more, labor leaders in as many tityBa-
mi ting, out ragea
with McManigal .late this afternoon,
I but it' eould not the learned when ibe
' will be returned    to   Los    Angeles,
independent Mongolia would be highly.desirable.
[of public  works at Ottawa, and also   today ln the matrimonial court here, Uo;represent Russia as violating Cht-
t+A- ii.        * iT_>mk��   ito. Mr. G. H. Benurd, MJ?:" I when Judgment was given in the case laese sovereignty in MongoRa.
a ,i ^BPM m i i ir "ftS I "Resolved, that .this .exchange , of Usher vs. Usher. This was a case, The Novoe Vreyma insists that
vOtlJe B. McManigal, seU-oonfeesed , gtrongiy supporu ihe project of a. wheie Usher, a well-to^io Galway Russia does not want Mongol la as a
ayuanuter, resumed his testimony to- .Canadian highway and urges the pro-,landlord, had been married, late one !Russian province, but that a trot* and
day before the federal grand Jury in- [yJncmi government to hasten the con-,' night, ln a bedroom .to his .housemaid
vestlgating alleged dynamite plots^it ( Bt,uction betwtea Alberni and the ihe ceremony being performed hy a
is believed tbat be enlarge* *n��m ��!s ^atem boundary ef lhe jptovJuce, and Roman Catholic priest, snA one wit-
particularly to .push work tne ness being preseoL It was asked that
over the Hope mountains; that this the. marriage be declared invalid, as
exchange has noticed .the work al- Jt did not conform .with the law of
ready done by the .provincial govern- .the church, but the Judge iheld it to be
boats have not been able to go out. j tare before it as any on the coast.
,1?ei.prMbe? fr?b.abljrui W,!i   flnl*h JWWt.to linking towOher the various j valid and binding.
portions of the B. C. ^ectiap.of   the I    In delivering Judjsment, Mr. Justioe
Canadian highway, auch as the con- .Kenny said that though the marriage
. oStcuction of the great hridge over the ! was invalid ln the eyes,of the church,
'?.��.' m?u ^2? to atand MN star .Columbia river at Txall, .the.exhaus- jaet.it was capable af being validated
!i*'?_am*"l8;        ttewellyn Iron Wanks u)ve survey 0f the   wiute jover   the at any time.   It was, Jiowevet;,.already
Hope mountains, and .similar work all {absolutely valid accortling .to.the mar
.aioflg tbe British Columbia section of riage laws of Ireland. lt was true
the route; that this *xchaji.%e will that lt would have been iaxslid up
(Support the provincial government in to 1870, because Usher had been
ttie adoption of a policy Ihat will lead  Pinntettant   within   tbe  jweetous   12
mouths; but the law was repealed in
i there.
".Tacoma Omplalna That There Is Tea
Much Racall. uU> itfje early completioa of tUe Cana-
Tacoma, Jan.  17.���Resolutions were Alan highway across   ite   province;
;fldo?ted   ,hr   the   Taooma   Clearia*  also that copies of this resolution be
JtoMWtded to the Hon. Richaril   Mc-
Btiite, Hon. Thomas Tsytar., j��l jalso
House' Asaaiatlon st it* annual
ling, "deploitug and egtdemnlng" the
"present uwise agitattos" looking to
.the recall ol Mayor W. IV. Seymour.
lt was declarred by the'.'hankers that
constant disturbance mtfi turmoil ln
���the.ctty govegnment Is detrimental to
the city's financial standing aad a
hindrance to (lie sale of its .securities.
They .hold it >hould be stopped at
<once and the recall uaad dsnly tor
malfeasance or imlsfeaeaace its office.
ILos Angeles, Jan. 17.���W^ ;B. At-
wajier anfl his wife, Mrs. Uttllav J.
Plattt Atwater, will fly ln tha coming
Los Angelas avlatiaa meet, sacortJWig
to tine annoancemeng today at Manager Ferris. Mrs. Agwater, who sws
the wife of former Senator Piatt,   ef
1870.   The petition for annulment of
the marriage was, therefore, dismissed.
Tbe Judge  found  nothing   is   tho
to ttte various members .of Victoria' common law or the chaw* law null!-
IMIIIteos Lost in Labor War Between
OOUcAountry Operatives snd Employees.
Manchester,    Eng.,   Jan.   17.���The
OaakA Jan. 1.7.���Flre brake am
again .laat eveniajg ln ths southern
district .qf the city, but ths outbreak
was af -a iinuch lass serious mature
tbaa tbat which occurred ln tha morning. Tbe flames were extiagvlshed
before uUMfetit.
Tha damage dons by yesterday's
lire amounts to $15,MO.00O. TWtty
thousaad persons, rendered homeless,
are being pnevflded krltfc shelter in the
public buildings of ths <clty.
IntermsdMe Lsw ftssults.
Victoria. Jap. 17.���Tths resulta at*
New York, *arted far Lob Aageeles tne flrtt .^ f*^ intemedlate��� law
with her hsuhand last evening. She .examinations haws beert announced,
is exvected to compete with Mlss with the following candidates succesa
Blanche Scott, -the tomboy of the M in the order named: 'Wrst Inter-
��ir,   and Miss MaUlda Molssant. sirdiate, Messia. I, RublnoTlts, R. M.
Chalmers, C. O. Beoston, K. C M|c-
fylng a marriage between itw�� Iteman
CathsKhe by a Roman Csfltellc priest,
because <uf the absence of witnesses,
excepl sbf> decree of the Ooumtil of
Trent, which had no legal effeot in
Ireland. TUie result of granting fthe
petition would have been to maketttie
child ot tthe couple IHegtttMtte, aad
degrade the mother, but that -nas
their prettee condition In tha eyes st
ithe Chunrii HI Rome, which had een
aicted ths "Trent and Ne Tessere de-
(trees against clandestine marrtagea.
Baidwie Wlll Case.
San Francisco, Jan. 17.���The appeal
of Anita Beatrice BaJdwin-Turnbull to
gowan, R. J, Clegg, J. A. Sutherland,
A. Meredith and 3. A. Fletcher.
Second  Intermediate���Messrs.  B.C
set aside the will of the lato   B.   J.   M. MeLorg, N. R. Fisher, B. C. MVed-
Lucky" Baldwin, wiU be argued here dell, C, B. Fklkner, J. M. McLean end
on Friday before the eupre:
._..._ __,..__ court,
Sitting en banc. The arguments were
P*t over from yesterday by th�� court
on account of the pressure of business.
A. Oonsghy.
Bread Old IL.
Los Angeles, Jan. 17.���Joseph Man-,
Attorneys for* the respondent nlng saw MtnflTe Neely baklnp bread
have filed with the court a 1291 page .and proposed. Told his twin brother
brief, covering evidence given by wit-1P/ibert. Bob ��roro'ed to Mbilt'-
pesses in the superior court la Lo�� itwin alitor. Ansa. Double trail;'.lns
^B^e:cB' ,'..   chimes.     f . -      .. ,   .     ���'
���Ottawa, Jan. 1?.���The question ot
*tM age pensions was debated hens to
tbe house today.
The subject was introduced by Mr.
Bunoham, member for Bast Peter
hero, who asked tor tbe appointment
Of a osmmlttee of Investigation.
Tka debate was adjourned.
Transportation Lint.
Galena. III.. Jaa. 17.���Tha Yukon
Transportation A Trading camoany'a
line of steamers, plying between SL
Michael's and Fairbanks, Alaska, has
been sold to the Dominion Commercial company, cf Seattle. The stock
of the Token epftipany la tfwatfl hf,
San FVancisco, Jan. 17.���After a
ten daya' battle with the sea, during
which time Mrs. Carroll Scott, wife of
ihe captain, sang to her husband
while he was lashed to tbe wheel, the
lumber schooner, C. A. Thayer, out of
Grays H rbor, is is port today, waterlogged almost to the deckline and
with her crew weak and famished.
Two days out the schooner sprang
a leak which steam pumps and all
hands could not keep down. Two days
later the rippled schooner struck a
heavy southeaster off the coast, 90
miles north  of  Eureka.      The   men
of   Murdered Man Feels   It -to*
Be Hla Duty to Go Back;-    ,
Winnipeg,   Jan.   17.���A. G. Boyce;
whose father waa murdered in   Fort
Worth, Texas, on Saturday, appeared
work"ed"!lktil they"d��7ped exhausted" J�� ���.Winnipeg hotel last night   and
and revived only to work again.
talked freely of the crime.   He   aald
Mrs. Scott worked with the crew, j h��11,had },ef.n,ln ******  ,        . ���    ,
feeding theta bread and coffee   and1.    x ��*? u l8 mJ; *"?   ? *�� bac^
singing to them while they tolled. The  h.��nte.��V on��> *nd y<*   ib*y ��*    *
pnepoaels made to the employers and : Btorm tore away half of the rigging ���h001* 8t*y i1*1* t0T �� Ume till   tho
   ...  ..       .���, .._   and tw      portable went by the ?*��i?Mf I)lTv.Tr.!adJ ioaX
board.  Captain Scott had to be lashed know but that might be the best way
to the wheel, and his wife encourag- f��f all concerned    Yet the more I
ina him. kent him awake with   her *">*"��> more I feel that I must get
waaketB At the cotton trade confer
ijy Sir George Adkwlth, repre
seallhy? ithe Board of Trade, appear
Ukety ao .put an end to the labor war
which hap been so costly to both
lng blm, kept him awake with   her
song until Saturday, when the steam-
back home at once.
Neither side under the terms er president aent a tug to take  the ' ��� "You can't ima*ln�� w*����t a man thla
 . , ..  heroJiw off      gh<> ^ deMrt toead is.   He used hls   rtfe   ms
her husbanl, who would not leave the l^^'.J���**} * .* b8-*I* ** S-
,l,lp ,any sood Intentions toward hsr, when.
Ths President Md all she could do !hf ��* J? ��r ��^L ^ ^ U,i m,U"
to brave the storm, herself, so could gK^iJfJ?.1^ ? ��n^L?B.a .?*"
not tow tbe dissblsd schooner. After ��'th *! J*,L^e ****** *****
s fesrful night the stssmer J.B. SUt-������J^^ll J0*" ����� *J��- wAnd, ����**
son cam. along, sent over a crew and ftS*?1"^ lUl ^fS* U,f*
towed the Thayer into tbls port. The S* *�� ���%> **��� J��* "^f *���*���
ves^ I. owned by the E. K. Wood &J^J? f^""*�� *"���   *
of ths juteuneals shsll be entitled to
take say action on the question of the
employment ��f non-unionists, which
shall bsualve ithe stoppage of ths ma
chinery ��t tha mills, without giving
six months' naVce. Should the provisional settlement be agreed to, tho
mills win aanjpns on Jan. 32.
Ths three weeks' stoppage of the
mills haa eaat IMS,000.000. The operatives have lest #30,000,000 ln wages
and the sptaneia, who have been on
half-pay since the hvekout began, have
sacrificed ahout 41,215.00*. The
tardea unions have spent $1,050,000
ter strike purposes.
ThMr charter has just been secured
by tka Port Hammond Lumber Company, whose formation and plans
were announced la tba -Dally News
some weeks ago. Steady progress by
tho company is reported. The machinery haa been ordered, aad should
be on hand in a fortnight. As soon
as It arrives it will be Installed, and
the aanageaient confidently expects
fb bestsrcuttiaB on the first week of
Galena parties, who give as their rea-1 March. When the mill Is In opera
son for selllnis tha (act thst the lite J tlon It will cbt gbont 60.000 feet a
hns n^t vrned to be flnsne'M'y sue-jdiv. The company, is carltal'.tel at
resrful. Th�� coBslderatioa was not l50,coo **& aJl tba stock hat bee
msCs yublic.    Tr subcrlied.
Lumber Company.
child, and she had  never anything
but affection for him.   This will sinv-
ple drive bor to distraction.
"If I had   only thought that,  any-
  thing like this was going to happen 1
si.   i     ..   r      .*    . .   .     would have bssn back homo tba vorr
Cincinnati, Jan.  17.-An  explosion  ^ thing and I would to God rar
ment  on  McLe"  avenue   here   to-  my own ���fe   If , ��,�����   ��ly   brtar
"%en famiUM ,n the house only j �� ffi J^. ��- ��.*����*
two ate accounted for. ��� - -       wy������ s����i   ���������
Tbe   police   report   thirty persona
deal ln the wreckage.
some one wbo could not hit back.'
Throughout, Boyce spoke quttn
calmly, but It was evident that be van
under a severe mental strata. Re
said further that when he went ont
to Regina it waa under tbe lmpressio��
that the matter would soon be hushe*
Loa Angeles, Jan. 17. ��� Ulllan up and that be would bf able to settlar
Polite, 19 snd pretty, will be married down In peace to live a decent amTt
tonight to Joseph Chutuk, wbo la un- quiet life tn tbi Canadian West H*<
der sentence to serve two years   in has been Interested la famine   aad
stock farming front; hlsaar'iert days,
and bs thought that as eould do wolf
San Quentin for manslaughter. iThe
girl applied for a license yesterday,
explaining mem while that If Jc*had
not,, propcssd site wogid have taken
ht* JnitiattTf hm*it.
,   ���        * ��� -.,- wait
out. here In the nsw **n*trtrr and st^W
** in flat* touch with tte f?:cadg at:
home. ,
"Tl ammisaama**
' i '
ll^ ���     I
Mrs.   Lowe,     Queens
P. 0.
haadrod dollars to take Interest in
��local husiness concern; experience
mat essential, but must be honest
and reliable. Fine opening for right
aasn.   Apply Box 17, News office.
plain sewing, by the day. Mlsa
COwta, 309 Keary street, Sapperton.
light housework. Apply morn-
317   Fifth   avenue,   or phona
ply Westminster Private hospital.
ta Townsend  street,  near Third
salesmen;     also    one  stoca
...   Apply Fraser Valley In-
it Co., Ltd.,  626  Columbia,
******* that I am now operating-the
only pasteurised bottled milk plant
���m tha city and will deliver either
���jaateurlsed milk or cream to any
vast of the city or district. Milk,
���B quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
atnL Phone your order to R873
nr writs Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
Lulu Island.
to five-cent car; electric light,
water being installed; easy terms.
Box 60, Dally News office.
ranges, $1.00 down, $1.00 per
week.   Apply market square.
EOR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$600 dollars under value. Apply
SM Columbia Street.
i rr  1         "���
ad bouse with all modern convent
ences.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
Manny, will sell five acres near Port
Maan tor only $185 an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Colnmbia
street. Sapperton.
ished, hot water all the time. 543
Front street.
Wests Psper er Rags.
Phons 47S snd ws wlll collect, free sf
and warts permanently removed by
Mlss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
8, Collister block, Wednesday and
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
Re Lot 28, n subdivision ot Lots 1
and 3 of Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss, of Certificate of Title Number 1971F, issued
in the name ot The Corporation of
the District of Burnaby, bas been
flled ln this office.
Notice Is hereby given thst I shall,
at the expiration of one month trom
the date of the flrst publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certlflcate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Dec. 21, 1911.
Toronto Express leaves at  8:50
Chicago Express leaves at   13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at 19:40
Through    Pullman     Tourist     and
Diners.    For Reservations and ratea
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Hastings street, city. \
We bave no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
fireplace in one.   Apply 205 Carnar-
keeping rooms. Apply 1316 Cariboo
furnished housekeeping rooms,
furnace heated, corner of Agnes
nni Dufferin streets.   Tel. L638.
solvate boarding house; all home-
���cooking: use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home. Terms very reasonable. Gentlemen only need apply.    513  Agnes street.
38 Begbie Street.
Exchange  Announced  ao Based    On
California Plan.
Victoria, Jan. 17.���Mr. R. MrWlna-
low, B. S. A., provincial horticulturist, haa Just returned (rom the representation ot British Columbia at the j
annual conference ot Washington
State agriculturists held this year at
Clarkston, on Thursday, Friday and
Saturday laat
The most Interesting feature of this
convention, Mr. Winslow reports, was
the announcement of the completion
of the arrangements for the getting
ln operation of an exchange for the
handling and marketing of the fruit
of all the affiliated associations of the |
Pacific Northwest states, including
the Hood River, Rogue River and Yakima sections, this exchange being
baaed on the California plan. It is
expected that this exchange will handle something over eight thousand
carloads of fruit next season, or more
than half the crop of the Pacific
Northwest. With the organisation
there ls no doubt that the growers
of the neighboring states to the south
will make an even more aggressive
and effective endeavor to secure possession of the western Canadian markets, and herein ls found a conspicuous object lesson of the urgent necessity for British Columbia fruit
growers adopting some similarly systematic and practical scheme of cooperative handling of tbeir product.
The exchange now arranged for by
the neighboring American growers is
the result of three years' organization
activity. During the course of the
Clarkson convention many excellently
practical addresses were delivered by
experts ln the several specialities. Mr.
Winslow contributing a short talk on
tbe progress of horticulture ln this
province. It Is satisfactory to note
that British Columbians are ahea 1 ot
their neighbors to the south in several ways, in having a more effective
and practical horticultural system for
one thing, and for another having a
standard apple box for all Canada.
The southern growers are now reco-
mending the adoption of a standard
Northwest apple box, which will be
virtually the same as that of Canada.
rooms, furnished    or    unfurnished,
light and bath;    front   view;    also
single beds;  rates to suit, at 224
..Seventh street.
asonths' old. Black with some
white and tan. Return 527 Eighth
atreet.   Reward.
Janitor Wanted for  Lord  Kelvin
Applications must reach the Secretary^ office by noon of the 25th inst.,
stating salary required and expeii-
��noe. All applicants must have a special heating engineer's or similar
grade certificate.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
New Way of Shipping Prisoners in
Foreign Soil.
Victoria, Jan. 1/.���A man of re-
"ou'ree and originality is Chief Constable Docksteader, of the provincial
police, whose district is in the Boundary, and who recently accomplished
the arrest of the prisoner Alexander,
now appearing ln a Spokane court on
proceedings for extradition here to
face trial on a charge of stealing $475
from Mr. Gorman West. Alexander
was arrested "across the line" and lt
was necessary to deliver him at Spokane as expeditiously as possible. The
chief constable had the alternative of
an eighty-mile stage trip of considerable difficulty and offering many opportunities tor the prisoner's escape,
or taking train to Spokane direct���
the railway line, however, leading
through a neck of Canadian territory,
upon which Alexander might take it
into his head to defeat Justice by declaring himself no longer under the
Jurisdiction of the officers having him
In charge. Mr. Docksteader solved
the difficulty. He had the American
officer, the prisoner and himself sealed up in a chartered freight car, and
then they went through "foreign territory" ln bond���and the situation was
saved !
'The annual meeting of the members
��f the Royal Agricultural & Industrial
'Society of British Columbia will be
field in Council Chambers, City Hall,
eat FYIday, January 19th, 1912, at 8
Easiness: Reception of reports, elec-
6t officers and directors and any
���other husiness members wish to bring
���SmSan. tbe meeting.
New Westminster,  B.C., January 13,
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry
Tangle* Straightened ou*
teh Block City Box 482
A bite of this and a taste of that, all day
long, dulls the appetite and weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���andcut out the'piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends for sufferers from
indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited.
SOLD FOR ��730.
A Screed to Burns���Interesting In
View of Approaching 25th.
"The principal lot in the last day
of the sale of the Huth library was a
first edition of 'Poems, chiefly in the
Scottish dialect,' by Robert Burns,
which was published at 3c. ln Kilmarnock in 1876. Out of 612 copies printed, Burns received ��20. In 1875 old
Mr. Quarltch sold lt to Mr. Huth for
��36. The other day young Mr.
Quarltch tried to buy tt back again,
but Mr. Hugh Hopkins, of Glasgow,
defeated him at ��730k which establishes an auction record price for Kilmarnock Burns."���Dally Press.
Man, Rab, I've ettled lang to pen
A rhymin' screed, to let ye ken
Iloo tbls warld  wags since yon day
Death your wey Btapplt,
And robbed us o' a king o' men,   .
And tears a' drapplt.
'. ���L.'lr*'*.'
Beside the cosy chlmla-lug
,1 he lther nicht I sat fu' snug,
Awa'  frae bairns' and  wine s   hug���
At times jrovokin'���
To this whyles dour and grey-haired
Mind, I'm no' Jokln'!
Wl' glowrin' een, and clean bambazed,
I s;vv the price your book had raised,
And fain the buyer wad hae praised
Wha got the tieasure;
But, sad at heart, 1 only gazed,
And felt nae pleasure.
For quick my fancy backward turned,
And indignation in me burned
To think hoo aften ye were spunned
By mony a billie.
And your misfortune few then murned
In Ayr or Killle.
Auld Reekie, too, I'm wae to think,
Your company ln time did Jink,
And left ye Julst to soom or sink���
Their ance great idol; -
Syne we were tauld 'twas a' through
By tongues I'd bridle !
But, feth, I hope ye'ro takin' tent,
And thinkin' o' the day ye went
To get your book    "in    guld    black
And felt sae pleased, man,
When twenty pounds the pi enter sent.
And your fame bleezed man !
No�� mark the change! and sic a price!
Se'en    hunner    and    thrttty !     lush,
soonds nice ;
But, ah, fu' mony's aften wise
When it's ower late, Hah;
And little use ls sage advice
When debt's your mate, Rab !
Had rowth o' health and wealth been
To tide ye ower dlstressfu' oors,
They'd thocbt the mair o' heaven-gl'en
That high ha'e raised ye;
E'en "unco guld" and slcllke boor3
Wad a' ha'e praised ye!
Alack, it's whiles the poet's fate
To realise when far ower late
That what his genius did create
Brings sma' reward, man,
Until he's deid, and 'mang the great
By critics starred, man !
It's no' the honest manly chlel,
Wha for humanity can feel,
That wins life's prize, but some 'cute
Wi' weys gey ahady
And conscience aft as hard as steel,
That sins and may dae !
The ongauns noo a'soo wad staw;
There's discontent and strikes 'mang
E'en legislators salaries draw
For wark deceivin';
Fareweel,    then,    Rab,    ye're    weel
I'm vexed I'm levin' !
���J. Wilson McLaren.
Review ef Laat Year's Building of Ssa
Wsr Catties.
The battleships Included in tho 1911
list are tbe King George V., and
the Centurion, launched respectively
at Portsmouth and Devonport, and
being supplied with their machlneiy
by tbe Parsons Marine and Steam
Turbine Co., Ltd., and Mtssrs. Hawthorn, Leslie A Co., Ltd. Three ships
sf the flhe were alB0 iauncbed "om
private works���The Thundtrer, by Uie
Thames Iron Works & Shipbuilding
Co., Ltd.; the Conqueror, by Messrs.
William Beardmore A Co., Ltd.; and
the Monarch, by Sir W. G. Armstrong,
Whitworth A Co., Ltd. The two
dockyard ships named belong to a
new class; tbe three others are of tbe
Orion tyie. All of them are fitted with
13.5-inch guns, lt must be accepted
as credible and perhaps comforting
that we have obtained such a great
lead among the nations ln tbe fitting
of these more powerful weapons ln
our ships, as we have no afloat���all
rapidly approaching commission���ten
ships fitted with this new gun, while
two others wlll be launched ln a few
months, lhe weapon proved on the
trials of tbe Orion to be all that waa
desired, and it is further gratifying to
know that notwithstanding the increase of the power of attack, neither
the defensive efficiency nor the speed
of the ships bas been adversely affected. The newer ships, ln addition
to mounting ten of the 13.5-inch guns,
will have more powerful torpedo-repelling guns than any of their predecessors, and these, moreover, will be
so at ranged as to enable them to be
effectually protected behind armour.
The battle-cruisers launched are the
PrincesB Royal, built by Messrs. Vickers, Ltd., Barrow; the New Zealand,
built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding &
Engineering Co., Ltd., Glasgow, and
the Australia, built by Messrs. John
Brown & Co., Ltd., Clydebank, the turbines in all three cases being supplied
by the builders of the ship. Tbe two
latter vessels are being built, under
admiralty supervision, to tbe order
and at the expense of the colonies,
and they will serve as flagships fo."
the units of the Paciflc fleet, to be
maintained by the respective governments for whom the vessels are being
constructed. The colonial ships are
of the Indefatigable class, their displacement being 18,800 tons (see tn-
glneerlng, page 70 ante.). The Princess Royal is of tbe same type as tbe
Lion, for which also Mess:s. Vickers,
Ltd., have provided the machinery.
Tbls latter vessel is now at sea on her
trials, and these will be watched with
tbe greatest interest, as the ship ls
not only the moct powerful cruiser yet
built, but bas an Installation of turbine machinery which is only entailed
by that ln Mauretanla and Lusitania,
so that her speed performance ls expected to show a considerable advance of anything yet done by armoured flghting ships. A third battle-
cruiser of the class���the Queen Mary
���has been laid down this year at tbe
works of the Palmer Iron & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Jarrow-on-Tyne, and a
fourth will be ordered in a few
months. These vessels are 660 feet
long between perpendiculars and of
89 feet beam, their displacement ten
nage being -7,000 tons, They nave
armourtd protection &^i a broa:'.slde
gun-fire equal to any of our batt.e-
Of protected cruisers there have
been launched four, three of tbe Town
class���the Dartmouth, by Messrs.
Vickers, Ltd.; the Yarmouth, by the
London & Glasgow Shipbuilding &
Engineering Co., Ltd., and tbe Chatham, from Chatham dockyard, the
machinery for this last being by the
Thames Iron Works. The fourth
cruiser included ln tbe list of the
year's launches is of lighter type, the
Active being about 3400 tons, with
turbines of 18,000 horse power, by
Messrs. Hawthorn, Leslie & Co. Quite
a succession of these vessels bave
come from' the Pembroke dockyard,
their feature being their high speed,
their designed rate of 25 knots having
iin all cases been exceeded. The earlier
boats were equipped with 4-inch guns,
of which they carry ten, but In the
later boats there has been an advance
In this respect. Indeed, It might be
said of almost all our ships, that
periodically there seems to have been
exercised, voluntarily or compulsorily,
a determination to reduce si/.e, and it
haB not infrequently happened that in
this reduction gun power has suffered; that, alike with battleships,
armoured cruisers, scouts an.l destroyers, during the last few years, each
successive ship has grown, so that
heavier guns might be Installed. The
upward trend continues. The btgher
results are achieved with a surprisingly small addition to dls; iacement,
without any diminution in s;��eJ, and
with a com; arati.cly small jjgiiunta-
tlon of the power of t..e p.o,el.ma
In regard to destroyers, 2?, havo
this year been launched, including
one lor the Colonies. Messrs. Denny,
of Dumbarton, launched flve ��� the
Sheldrake, Badger, Beaver, Defender
and Druid, and Messrs. Yarrow, Scots-
toun, Glasgow, flve also���the Archer,
Attack, Flredrake, Lurcher and Oak.
Messrs. Thorncroft, Wooiston, launched three���the Minstrel, Acheron and
Ariel; Messis. Hawthorn, Leslie &
Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne, three ��� the
Nymph, Jackal and Tigress; Messrs.
John Brown & Co., Clydebank, two���
the Hind and Hornet; and Messrs.
Cammell Laird & Co., Birkenhead, two
���the Lapwing and Lizard. One each
waa launched by Messrs. Vickers, Ltd.,
(the Phoenix); Messrs. William
Beardmore & Co., Ltd., Dalmulr (the
Goshawk); and Messrs. Swan, Hunter
& Wigham Richardson, Wallsenid-on-
Tyne (the Sandfly), this last being
englned by the Wallsend Slipway &
Engineering Co., Ltd. ThCre was
launched, also, a coastguard cruiser
by Messrs. Hall, Russell & Co., or
Aberdeen, two tenders for submarines
the depot ships���the Adamant and
Electra, of 830 tons displacement,
1400 horse power and 15 knots speed,
by Messrs. Cammell Laird & Co., Ltd.,
Birkenhead, ,and a surveying vessel.
These latter, however, are non-flght-
ing ships and are not Included In the
table already given.���Engineering.
:*\>-k*^ '--^M^m^^-^m'
rj**h+.,:       ?<-S'*<   V'Vtf-     *    ���- l{-        ���
*.   ,' ' '��� "'''','.- .���'."<. :-.     ���  <���-:> *>-.
:.\ ���'
C. James Bancroft, who will appear at the Opera House tonight
(Thursday) in "The Private Secretary." Mr. Bancroft has played this role
before the late King Edward, and also ln Toronto, before their excellencies Earl and Countess Grey.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
3500   Tons���7000   Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte  Islands and  East cn G. T. P. Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern Destinations via the Grand Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Meals a la
H. G. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITY OFFICES: 527 Granville Street.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ I //
portions to cleanse ^^vv//'/.
easily, vigorously, _��~
and without harm to i "
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
We Carry a
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westminster, B. C.
,t.m,*i**mmmimt[imrWr'^'' T'Tl'T lii ���- ���-  VI
Report of the Proceedings of the
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Tuesday, 9th January, 1912
The Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting ot tbe Shareholders of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce was beld in the Banking House on Tueeday, itti of
January, 1912. at 13 o'clock.
A great many Shareholders and others were present.
The President, Sir Edmund Walker, having taken the chair, Mr. A. St.
L. iTigge' waa appointed to act aa Secretary, aad Messrs. Edward Cronyn
and H. L. Watt were appointed Scrutineers.
Tbe President called upon the. Secretary te read the Annual Report of
the Directors, as follows: ,
The Directors beg to r resent to the Shareholders the Forty-Fifth Annual Report, covering the year ending 30th November, 1911, together with
tbe usual statement of Assets and Liabilities. The balance at credit of
Profit and Loss Account brought forward from last year $4,310,204.06
The net profits for the year ending S-ith November, after providing for ali bad and doubtful debts, amounted to      2,305,40<J 42
Amount received from over-appropriations in  connection with
assets now realized, including the $350,000 appearing in the
statement of 31st May, 1911            600,000 00
Premium on New Stock     1,357,820 00
$4,473,433 48
This has been appropriated aa follows-:
Dividends Nos. 96, 97, 98 and 99, at   10   per   cent,     per
annum  $1,057,218 59
Written off Bank Premises          400.000 ��a
Transferred to Pension Fund (annual contribution)            55.000 00
Transferred to R����t $1,400,000 00
Transferred to Rest, premium on new stock     1,357,820 00
    2,757*20 00
Balance carried forward .....       203,394 89
~ $4,473,433 48
As is customary a careful re-vultiatlon of all the Assets of the Bank bas
been made and all bad and doubtful debts have been fully provided for.
As made known to you tn May last, your Directors derided to issue, at
a premium of 80 per oertt., $2,000,000 of the $5,000,000 new stock authorized
in January, 1908. At tbe chmlng of the books $1,861,550 of this amount
had been subscribed and $1,607,276 | aid up. When the payments in this
connection have been completed the paid-up capital of the Bank will Btand
at $12,000,000 and the Resit at $10,000,000.
Thc following branches hive been opened during the year: In Ontario���
Porcupine, South Porcupine; Bloor and Uufferln (Toronto); tn the Northwest Territories���Tho Pas; In Saskatche .van���Bengough, Higgax.. Brie c cs ,
Brooking, Cud worth, Edam. Mirror, Nut.ma, Ralville, West Side (Saskatoon), lllley. Willow Bunch; In Alberta���Beaver Lodge, Mount Royal (Cal-
ga:y), Grouard; and in Hritish Columbia���Chilliwack. Duncan. Golden, Kelowna, Salmcn Arm and Vernon. The branches at Latchfprd and Porcupine.
Ontario; Durban, Manitoba, and Brooking and Tllley. Saskatchewan, have
been closed. Since thc-cloBe dfthe year a branch has been o.'ened at
Powell Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Thc various offices of the Bank in Canada, tbe l'nited States. Great
Britain and Me.-ico, and the departments of tlie Kca.l CHTToe 'havo been,
thoroughly Inspected as usual during the year. r
Yoirr Directors wish again to express their appreciation Of fhe efficiency and zeal wtth whidh the officers of the Bank continue to perform
their respective duties.
Toronto, 9th Janmtry, 11)12.
30TH NOVEMBER, 1912.
Notes of the Bank in circulation $ 12*004,649 68
Deposits not  bearing interest    ..   $ 41,288,032 95
Deposits bearing interest, including ii.terest accrued to date ...  104,677,701 81 14aMa*r1M 76
Balances due to other Banks in Canaua           196,618.80
Balances due to Agents in the United Kingdom and Banks in
foreign countries i  ...      2,273,529 13
$160,440,532 37
2,021 -4.7
2*8,940 .00
Dividends unpaid .......	
Dividend Na 99, payable lst December ...    	
Capital paid up  $11,697,275 00
Rest      9,767,820 00
Balance   ot   Profit and Loss Account   carried.
forward         203,394 89   21,��M89 ��9
$1824t9l^83 ,73
Coin an*. Bullion
Dominion Notes
.$ 10,736,214 55
... 15,093,480 00
Balance due by Agents in' the United Kingdom
an.l Banks in foreign countries  6,982,375 82
Balances due by Banks hi Canada .... ... ...��� .6,854 69
Notes of and Cheques on other Bsaks..  7,526,242 58   14,515.472 S3
Call and Short Loans in Canada  6,604,714 44
Call and Short Loans in the United States  8,420,602 S3
Government Bonds, Municipal snd other Securities  11,641,092 11
Deposit with th�� Dominion Government (or security ot Note
circulation  475,000 00
Other Current Loans snd Discounts.....
Overdue Debts (loss fully provided for) -
Real Estate (other than Bank premises
Bank Premises .*������
Other Assets .'.
I 67,386.678 62
. 110,999,611 31
293,240 01
347,091 02
.      8,142,487 82
82,913 61
$182,389,983 73
General Manager.
The motion for the adoption of the report was then pnt snd carried. Bylaws Increasing the number of Directors of the Bank, In the event of the
proposed union with the Eastern Townships.Bank betog carried est, also'increasing the authorized capital stock of tbe Bank were then passed. Resolutions relative to the Pension Fund and providing far on alteration in the
par value of the shares of the capital stock of the Bank were submitted and
passed. The usual resolutions expressing the thanks of the shareholders to
the President, Vice-President snd Directors, and also to tho General
Manager, Assistant General Manager amd other officers of the Bank wero
unanimously carried. Upon motion the meeting proceeded to elect Directors for the coming year, and then adjourned.
Tbe scrutineers subsequently reported the following gentlemen to be
elected ss Directors for ths ensuing year: Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O.,
LL.D., D.C.L.; Hon. George A. Cox. John Hoskin, K.C, LL.D., J. W. Flavolle,
LL.D., A. Kingman, Hon. Sir Lyman Melvln Jones, Hon. W. C. Edwards,
Z.A Lash, K.C.L.L.D., E.R. Wood, StrJolm Morrison Gibson, ICC.M.G., K C,
LL.D., William McMaster, Robert Stuart, George F. Gait, Alexander Laird,
At a meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors, beld subsequently, Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L.. was elected Pre6ider,t, anj
Mr. Z. A, Lash, K.C, LL.D., Vice-President
To   Be   Recommended by   the United
States Postmaster General In
Report to Congress.
Washington, Jan. 17.���Postmaster-
General Hitchcock, wbo last night
gave out a statement saying he would
recommend to congress the government ownership and operation pf all
telegraph lines, conferred" with President Taft on the matter this morning.
President Taft is opposed to government ownership of telegraphs, and
before this cession ends will so state
in a message to congress.
The pt onoancement in favor of government owncrehlp and operation of
telegraph lines as an adjunct of tbe
post office department stirred official
Washington today as few administrative acts have ln recent ydais. The
postmaster general's statement was
news to the White House and Is said
to have caused the greatest surprise
The most generally discussed of all
the reports early today was one that
pressure might have been brought to
bear on Mr. Hitchcock to bake tbe
recommendation. So far the matter
has not progressed beyond a declaration by the postmaster general that
he would make such a recommendation to congress, with a report bv him
giving reasons for the proposed acquisition of tbe telegraph lines.
Btrange Tttrah lit ts* South  Pacific
There is a body of land in the South
Pacific Ocean. 15 miles south of New
Zealand, known as Stewart Island.
This island, with the group of rocky
land specks that surround it, is the
home of a marvelous migrant, the
short-tailed petral. a brownish-bUrk
bird about the size of an English
wood pigeon. It is popularly known
���throughout Australasia as the mutton
bird, because of a faint resemblance
between its eookpd flesh and mutton.
At certain times of the year the
mutton birds are snld in large quantities throughout Australia and Nuw
Zealand, for they are esteemed a
delicacy by many people. The eanture
and preparation of the young birds for
market form, the staple industry ol
the southern Maoris.
It is a wonderful sight to see clouds
of birds making for Stewart Island
for the nesting season. They come almost all together, flocks of hundreds
of thousands darkening the skies for
several successive days. The newly-
arrived birds, whic'i return to the islands generally about September 25,
never more than a day or so later,
-spend the first few days after their
arrival in fixing up and cleaning out
the old nests where they nested last
year. These nests are holes in the
When the nests are cleared out the
renovated homes are lined with leaves.
During the cl^n^ing and nest-making,
which is Hone !>y both male and female, the 'bird- yo without food. Then
they flock oltt'to sea, catching fish till
about November 25, when the laying
of eggs commences. So ..onderfully
is lhe homing instinct <7 sloped in
the mutton bird that each pair of
birds rear their young in the same
nest year after 'year.
The 'female 'birds all lay on or about
the -same day and at the game time.
Eadh hen bird lays one large white
���egg with a semi-transparent shell,
wMich is hatched in about four weeks.
At flrst the -young bird is a mere ball
of down and quite helpless. It remains in the nest till about the beginning Of April, by which time it is
enormously fat.
The old bird -stops feeding the young
Vird about the middle of April, and
the youngster te soon driven irom tke
nest by hunger in search of food, to
offer itself a helpless sacrifice to its
Maori destroyer, for it leaves Uie nest
tftiite unable to 'fly and flops fatly
afcout. It is at this stage of its existence that the young mutton birds are
caught for the Australian market, fot
though the birds in the nest are keenly relished by Maoris, who salt them
and send them to their frineds as s
rare delicacy, they are much too rank
then for the European palate.
About the midde df April the old
mutton birds migrate to the north.
The young ones follow as soon ss they
ere able to fly. About the end ol Msy
thousands of young ones may be seen
flapping clumsily round snd round
the islands learning te fly before embarking on tbeir flrst gseat migration.
In s day or ap thsy wing their *ta*r*
strongly northward ta tbe wska oi
their parents, those that here escaped the grest annual slaughter, which
commences some weeks actors this.
Tbe mutton bird islands ses claimed
by different Maori families, who during April and the early part of May
go and ii-ve upon these small tempest
swept dots of esrth rocks IA tke grest
southern Pacific.
A Notorious English Spendthrift. ���
Among the customers at Long's, ths
fsmous hotel lu Bond street London,
which hae just closed its doors, waa
the last Marquis of Hastings, the mort
notorious of mid-Victorian spendthrifts. Hastings, according to one
who knew him well. "gambled so that
not even the Bank of England, backed
by the Rothschilds, with the mines of
the Transvaal as additions! support*,
could hsve withstood the strain.
Yet even he proteeted st Lon*'.'
when charged fs. 6d. fer a whisky and
soda. The proprietor declared that
this had , always been the charge.
"About tjme it was altered. then."
���storted the tntirouis. Jurt before hit
l��ath Hastings rtmark"(l t�� a fr! id,
'Tee mid* a .pretty .tuuk��f city life.
About all the good I've dune ��a* to
briti," <low':t the j>rVe of uiu -Ice* and
aSus at Long'*.' ���Lundou diuuicle.
Our Opening Sale of New Under Muslins
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F.ne Nainsooks, embroidery trimmed  S1-00
Dainty Effectsat      .- ������';1^
Very   Elaborately trimmed Robes H-50, $2.00, $3.00
Two-piece Suits      *1,75
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The Ladies of New Westminster May Now Have Beautiful Hair. Ryall the Drag-
gist has the Article and Guarantees it to Grow Hair, or
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Ryall, ths druggist, bscked up by
ths manufacturers of SALVIA, ths
Great Hair Grower, guarantsss It to
grow hair.
SALVIA destroys Dandruff in tea
Ths roots of ths hair sn so nourished and fed thst a naw crop of hair
springs up, to the amassment aid delight of tbe user. Ths hair is made
soft and fluffy. Uke all Amortcsn
preparations SALVIA Is daintily perfumed. It is hard to Had sn actress
who does not nse SALVIA continually.
Ladles ot society and influence nse
no other.
SALVIA Is a non-sticky preparation, snd is the ladles' tavorits. A
large, generous bottle,. 60c. The
Scobell Drug Co:. SL Catharines.
Canadian distributors..
Do Not Waste Money
Bars a little systssssticsUy, for It la tbs stuff that tfcs fomt
tations of wssltb and hagflssss ar* built ot -
Money msy be ussd la two ways; ts  spend  for   what  Is
���ulil now aad to lavsst for whst stall ba Seeded la ths fa-
ture. Money cannot ba forested uattl tt is flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, SSfiOOfiS*.    Cslusibls, comer Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR. General Manager O. R. DONLEY. Local Msnager.
��� IN ���
B.C. Mills
Timber and Trading Co.
sad Dsalsrs la Ul
lumebr, lath, shtnoles, sash. doors. interior finish
turned work, pish boxes   large stock  plain ano
- ���  pamqvmajm.
RpyalCity Planing MUb Branch
Telephone it New Westminster
���Aa,-.,;*..:-**?, ���.
- r
-* ***m
The Doily News
News Publish-
st their offices.
Is   sa4    Victoria
���A. Lockle Brown Msnsgsr
THUB80Ay�� JANUARY  18,  1912
Careful   sod   expert   management
J>av�� contribut^to the high repute
-Tif ito faBMliT bank,n8 8y8tem
and Canadian bjgiks enjoy ln tho
financial jswfl. 'a^d these desirable
features1"**?** strikingly apparent In
the repq& submitted at the annual
meeting or Canadian Bank of Com-
merce on Jan. 9, and printed in an
other column. This old established
banking Institution enters Its fifty-
aUth year, and lhe statement published ta thlg lp^ie of the Dsily News
shows reserve and capitalisation sufficient to meet^the demands of the
���teadlly gii^l**''business done. The
paid-up capital, when the payments
In connection,] with the new stock
hsve been completed, wlll stand at
812,000,090, and the reBt at $10,000,-
O00, the latter having been added to
by. Jl,400,00ft.from the year's profits,
and 11,361,820 from premium on the
new stock issued. The net profits
ior the |earjpi��l��* $2,305,409.42, and
the total profit,' fn which was included
the premium of 80 per cent on the is-
ene of two millions of new stocK
above referred to. was $4,473,433. The
total assets.are $182,389,983, and liabilities $160,440,532.
During the year many new
branches have been opened throughout Cana&, Is British Columbia directorate made such extensions and
developments as the prosperity ofthe
province and the industrial and commercial growth of communities warranted. Among the new branches
-opened y/ere those at Chilliwack,
Duncan, ', ,Go\a*sl. Kelowna, Salmon
Arm andH'itt-iipn, a.hd since the close
of the year a branch has been open-
��d at Powell street, Vancouver. In
New Westminster a new bank building was completed and occupied in
October last, the $80,000 brick structure being conspicuous on a business
thoroughfare which commands the
admiration of all visitors to the city.
The local bank staff ls now large and
fs steadily growing. Mr. H. It. Davld-
.eon is local manager.
The announcement from Vancouver,
*ays the Ottawa Free Press, that Mr.
F. C. Blair, the special commissioner
of the immigration branch, has reported against any importation andJ
ported against any important relaxation of the regulations governing the
admission of Hindus into Canada, is
only what might have been expected.
It does not require a visit to Hi ltish
Columbia to grasp the depth of the
importance which the people of that
.province place ui.cn the necessity for
Iteeping this "a white Canada." It is
part of the daily creed of each of
.them, and no political party, whether
Liberal or Conservative, which proposed any lowering of the barriers
which now, partially at least, act as
a deterrent to Asiatic immigration,
.could live for a month once the people
had a chance to pass their verdict.
Already, we are told that one
quarter of the population of British
Columbia is Asiatic, the Chinese, of
��oi��rse, in the majority, but with a
goodly sprinkling of Asiatics and seme
5000 Hindus. Every one of these acts
as a factor in lowering the style of
Jiving and keeping down the rate of
There is this difference between the
Chinese on the one hand and the
Japanese oh.the other, that whilst
the Chinese are aliens In every sense
of the word, the Japanese are the
allies of our Empire and that the
Hindus are citizens of that Empire.
But the people of British Columbia
Teply that this is merely sentiment,
that they will not be bound by sentiment, and.tjiat It makes no difference
Jto them whether the immigrant be
Chinese, Japanese or Sikh, they do
.not want them at any cost.
Th�� fact that a Hindu has fought
for the Empire and the flag In India.
the feoudan or China plays no part In
ithe attitude of the Hritish Columbian.
It is enough that tlie Sikhs are not
white, and there ls a practically unanimous demand that their numbers
Should not be increased. It is doubt-
lessivery cruel that the Hindus, who
suv now in Canada, should be deprived of the company of their wives
and children, bnt, despite the sympathy of Toronto "Imperialists," the
people of the Paciflc province say:
-Where Is tfcritf ^rfcrifince ? We did
not ask them to come here.   K they
are not satisfied, 1st, ths* go horns. '
It Is a very grave problem, not only,
for Canada, but for tbs British Empire as well. Neither Canada, Australia nor South Africa wsnts ths
Hindus, yet they sre all thrss anxious
to trade with India. What chance of
success wlll ther�� bs of trade so long
as ths self-governing dominions debar
the human beings ot India ? And
what effect wlll a continuance of a
policy of exclusion have upon the
already excited publlc mind of India?
It will require all the diplomacy of
the Borden cabinet to pod a solution.
Reeve   Outlines Year's    Program   In
The new councillors srs Mr. McGregor, ward one, re-elected; Mr. F.
M. Brlttaln, ward twoj Mr. Madill,
ward three; Mr. McKee, w��.rd four, reelected; Mr. Angus McDonald, ward
five, returned by acclamation, and Mr.
F. W. Mayne, ward six.,' As usual at s
first meeting very, littlf business waa
undertaken and the reeve named
Monday, January 22, st 10 o'clock, ss
the Ume for an all day meeting of
both councll and councll committees.
Returning Officer Moore wss not
prepared to make a complete report
to the councll as to, the passage of
the new by-laws, nor as to the election
of school trustees.
Reeve Weart made tho appointment of the following committees for
the year 1912: Board of works, Mr.
McDonald, chairman, and the whole
council as committeemen; police, Mr.
McKee, chairman, and Mr. Madill
and Mr. McDonald; hall amd grounds,
Mr. Mayne, chairman, and Mr, Brit-
tain and Mr. McKee; light and power,
Mr. Madill, chairman, and - Mr,
Mayne; health, Mr. Madill chairman,
and Mr. McKee, Mayne and McDonald; plans, Mr. McDonald chairman of
the board of works, and Mr. McPherson, the municipal engineer. Inter-
municlpal and New Westminster committee, Mr. Madill chairman, and Mr.
Brlttaln; inter-municipal and South
Vancouver, Mr. McKee, chairman, and
Mr. Mayne; inter-munlclpal and city
of Vancouver, Mr. McGregor chairman,
and Mr. McDonald.
The appointment of fence viewers
was made to William Ralph, Jesse
Love and J. A. Skinner, and license
commissioners were appointed as follows: Mr. Weart, Mr. Brlttaln, Mr.
McDonald, Mr. C. F. Sprout, J.P., and
Mr. Charles Cliff, J.P.
Reeve Weart's Address.
Reeve Weart in his address to the
council said:
"It gives me pleasure to welcome
you at this our first meeting. I am
pleased at the return of three members of my last year's council and 1
wish to record a word as to the loss
of three valued members, who went
down to defeat, in stating that eacn
of these faithfully discharged their
duties during 1911. In their places,
Burnaby has returned three new men,
who, I trust, will prove to be valuable
councillors bringing, as they do, new
blood and energy to  the board.
"I congratulate you all on your return and the confidence in this and
last year's councll by the electors in
pronouncing in favor of the bylaws
submitted for their verdict, showing
that the generous but careful, policy
of development adopted in 1911 and
proposed for 1912 has met with general approval  .
"You will, during the year, be asked to consider and if deemed advisable to adont measures to extend
the public lighting service, increase
the polic* service, the reappointment
of our police magistrate on a salary
instead of fees incident to his office,
and the acquisition of public parks
or recreation grounds and fire protection. Also a careful consideration of
the contract system and the adoption
at the earliest date of a semi-monthly
pay-day ain da scale of wages which
wlll be fair to the workers having due
regard to the higher cost of living,
encouriaging the municipal employees
to establish a fund which may be
used in the case of accident or sickness to pay the loss, sustained or
suffered by the men or such portion
thereof as may be determined. Also
to obtain a blanket accident , policy
of insurance covering the whole population, which will, in the case of
accident, afford a measure of relief
to the unfortunate.
Reports from All  Departments.
"I would request that your first
act be a resolution asking the chiefs
of all departments to report fully at
the next meeting the requirements
of each as to equipment, service or
otherwise, so that this council m.iy be
fully in touch with each as to the
number employed, duties of each and
the enumeration paid for services
"You will be asked to revise the
general contract form, and to insert
a clause that all contractors must
apply to the hall for men before they
will be permitted to employ nonresidents.    To carefully consider   the
expenditure of the 1912 roads aad
sidewalks by-law money, so that ths
meet good may be dsrlvsd by ths
greatest number. Also what possible
steps can be tanas towards transportation for ths relist of our people.*-
New York, Jan. 17.���The Duke of
Connaught, tbe Governor-General of
Canada, accompanied by the Duchess
and their daughter, Princess Patricia,
are coming to this city on Monday
for a brief visit with Ambassador and
Mrs. Whitelaw Held, who will give a
dinner for them on Tuesday. The
visit of the party wlll be purely Informal, snd wlll precede a trip to
Washington, when His Royal Highness will pay his respects to President Taft
AU W. GILUS. Managtt
"Where   Evsrybody   Goes," .
This Week
Thuredsy, Frldsy snd Saturdsy.
The Shomers
An Artistic   Act  of Unexcelled
Lizzie Weller
Child Wizard of the Piano.
The Espanoses
Some   Scenery,   Some   Singing,
Some Dancing. . .
Illustrated Song.        *
Thres  Shows   Dally.
i  i M^aww������^i^���a**********
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sen Def artment and inspect our o.ter
ings. ���   ���     <>      -   '     M
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Fresh Eggs, per doz.
Case Eggs, per doz.  .Wc
The White Front"
Phone 2 33 8th Street
I have just received a ship*
ment of
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist
657 Columbia  Strest,   Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and later by appointments.
Phone 295.
All kinds of Watches Repaired. Wor��
Andrew Clausen
541  Front St.
Near the Market
Now is the Time to Prepare
Yourself for a Better Position
Tke Modern Business School
Is the place wbere Business Training Is made a Specialty, if you
were only convinced of how they could help you, no time would be
lost on your part In enrolling.
BUT LOOK 1���You enroll ond you wllj seen be convinced of the
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Modern Business School
Phone 853. 610 Columbia St
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
er Phone 324,
New Westminster.
I have money to loan on approved
I am in a position to discount agreements of sale.
614 Columbia Street
Double corner on Edinburgh street,  $2,000.00;   third  cash,  balance
6, 12 IS months.
Three lots on Eighth atreet, $3,200.00, for the three; one-third cash,
bulance 6, 12, 18 months.
Corner lot on Third street, $2,250.00 on easy terms. This is nn Al
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Five-roomed house on Dublin street, $2,100.00; $500.00 cash, balance
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Seven-roomed house on Hamilton street, $3,00.00 on easy terms.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
7.-7*. I
THURSDY,   JANUARY   IS,   1t12.
I<~'"*' *���   <���*'******' *    . *t*m*************** hi in >m . '���  .**-*���* *.
*   '    ' ���    i'��' .1 ��������
���a*ai"l* Sm*** e-��4-
Admittedly, It ls bard (or tba residents of a ctty to "work up" an Interest to a team of professional athletes ln any line of sport. Sucb a
team may be arbitrarily Imposed,
"foisted" on a olty. But even New
Westminster, the Royal City, with the
imperishable laurels that rest on Its
bfow as pre-eminently tbe western
the national home of the national
game, must adopt modern tendencies,
must make modern impulses Its own.
On Friday night New Westminster
ioe hockey team meets Vancouver
team on tbe Arena Rink, Vancouver.
Tickets are on sale at Mr. Ryall's
drug store.   Come and see the game.
Tbe City League will play the 104th
at Sapperton next Saturday. It was
wrongly announced that the match]
would bi against Sapperton.
=stmmmm*       *>' \      f i" 11 i
feated Brentford by four goals to nil,
and will meet Sunderland ln the second round next month.
Royal   Theatre.
For tbe last part   of   tbls   week,
starting  with   tbls   afternoon's 'per-
Tbe Rovers play the Shamrocks at
Queen's Park  next Saturday, and a]
great game ls expected.     This ls s'_. ...  -.-,- . .      -.-^ ���.   . ���  ��� ���-. ��� ������ ���- ���.-���
league match, but on   the following  "" special furniture which they use I tunnel, snd that ber crew were pro-
_.*__.��� .��� .      ...    ���    i'ln their act.   Tben, there  is Lizzie   bably lying there in the wreckage.* ���,
Weller, child wizard of the piano, Inl    A rescue party was formed and Just  week' "" ""' " -""   '
her remarkable trick   piano   playing,   as they were about to start, two worn ,   The only example on record of tbe
Saturday same two teams will play
their flrst match for the Imperial
cup, and the resul t ofnext Saturday's
game wlll be watched with Interest
as giving a line on the second match.
The Rovers will be down at Queen's
Park tonight getting Into condition,
and although they stand no chance of
heading the league, they mean to go
cup, and the result of next Saturday's
It Is signed to Representative A.
Stanley's scrawly band.
Tour druggist will refund money tf
PAZO OINTMENT fails to curs any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in ��� to 14 days.   SOc.
CRIMINAL  CODE  FOR j Thong* the brakesmen, leaping frbmJ Keeps   It ae Souvenir. I
CLEAN, FAIR   PLAY I        to car ln the darkness, wlthi tiX%*   ^Wf-MnSton, Jan. 17.-AJM~w C*r; I
, ���    ,77 i     * J icicle, baling from tbe roof   of' 1b��.; "f*��f^ V^ "'.S?^.
Ottawa, Jan. 17.���An amendment toi , U.T!_T ,    . '<nla appearanen in tne steel trust Iff*
the criminal eode will be introduced \tann.l like knives, were tm danger of. vestlgation thi S2S.70 voucher   paid
by the Minister ot  Justice, compell-  death every minute,   tbey   kept   on' him an witness fees and traveling ex-
Ing i^clng associations to be lncor-1 working, and gradually their efforts*} J*"���� ^ *����� *��iu* contingent fund.
pontM by act of the federal pnrll*' ^      to te���    0ut of ^ ,      tmMl
ment.  as   well   aa   provincial   legis-  ..        .   .. ., ,7
UUures through the sucoeeding smaller   one.
Tbe object of this measure is to les- nnd *t the rate o�� at least forty miles
sen tbe dangers of gambling meets, an bour, tbe train   swept- into   the
��� j third tunnel,'a mile long, leaving the|
London^Jan. S-S the"'repUyed i0**?**'" J ��**������ fa,p'n' ** h��
cup Ue the Crystal Palace team de-1 understood that the train   had   run
away with her crew. A passenger
train was at tbe other end. At once
he rushed to the phone and startled
the man at tbe other end of tbe tunnel with tbe news of what be had
seen.   The freight was to have wait-
   ed for orders at the entrance to the
formance, Manager Gillis, of the tunnel. Tbe freight was to bave been
Royal Theatre, will have as the big side-tracked while the passenger pass-
feature the Shomers, who will pro- ed through. Tbere was not time to
luce an act of unexcelled strength.' get tbe passenger train out of the
The Shomers are a lady end gentle- way. A mlnut* passed. No hurling
nan who bave tbe distinction of hav cars emerged from the tunnel. Two
���\g been one of tbe star attractions I minutes went. No freight. Minutes.
.ith Ringllngs, Barnum and Baileys like hours sped by, and lt dawned up- j
���nd other big tented aggregations of on the passenger crew tbat the run-
he past ten years.   They carry tkeir' away must have left; tbe rails in the
Mr: C. James Bancroft, one of the
cleverest of the young English school
of high-class comedians, wbo is presenting "The Private Secretary," U
a Cambridge Local Centre nun, who
originally intended to go to Sandhurst
with n view to taking up the military
life. Abandoning thla Idea, be came
to America and .for more tbaa a
year be waa a cowboy in Nebraska.
Returning to England he went on (he
stage, wbere for many years he bas
been the idol of the theatergoing public. Mr. Bancroft brings hia wonder-1
ful comedy to New Westmlnater tbls
Tbe flrst game of the House League .. *..--..��..    __,.
billiards    competition   at   Fletcher's \ Illustrated, and there wlll   be
pool  room  wlll   be   played   tonight, jnew Photo g*W>.	
when  Mclver leads out the bankers.] *
against the  Real Estate   men,   who I        BRAKESMEN 8AVE TRAIN
will be under the command of Jock ' ���������
Smith. | Thrilling Tale of How Two C. P. R.
Employees Stuck to Duty.
A    story    of    heroism,    of    how
1 two brakesmen risked their lives in
the performance of their duty,    and
averted by the narrowest of margins,
a terrible accident   on the C. P. R.,
 j comes from a correspondent in Cal-
The N'ew Westminster bowling eary.
team which wlll carry the colors of I ��n Friday last a freight train was
th$ local club at the Los Angles tour- ; going down the 2ft per cent, grade
ney. rolled in the Inter-city matcn near Field, when suddenly the air
with Vancouver last night, and brakes refused to act, and the train
totalled Just ten pins shy of the 2600 dashed off at a terrific pace. The
mark. Had their opponents been a engineer and fireman, realising their
little heavier on the wood, lt ls prob I utter helplessness, leaped off and
able that the local boys would have landed practically unhurt. The en-
notched up a much better score. [gineer before Jumping gave the whis-
Mlss Weller bas delighted many wltb figures stumbled down the track,
playing that is wondrous for a child They were the two brakesmen, who
of her age. Tbe Espanoses have what had, by .dogged pluck, succeeded in
is termed an act beautiful. Their stopping the freight in the tunel, and
wardrobe is of the latest design, the thus had saved their own lives, and
scenery ls beautiful and tbe singing prevented tbe destruction of the pas-
and dancing is In keeping with the; senger train,
tout ensemble. Louise Byrd will sing
"Killarney," which will be handsomely
* BOWLING. ���
��� ���
New Westminster
Walsh      161
J. Chamberlin  178
O'Connor     165
Sloan       160
Willette       188
Orant       1B2
Slddall     139
Ferguson       132
McMillan       176
Cojley        117
tie signal that he had lost control.
213 173���537 j One of the brakesmen was on top
160 181���51*) of the cars. The train was now going
185 176���516 much too fast for him to Jump, with
,190. 155���495 safety, and he promptly turned to
146 uo���523 work on the ley hand brakes. His
822 893 875���2590 companion was in the rear caboose.
, Fle too had beard the warning whistle
and In time to have   saved   himself
Instead, he stuck to the train, climb-
124���360 ed aloft and applied the brakes.
106���390      The pacci of the runaway grew ten l-
161���461   fie, and faster and    ever   faster   lt
726 814 708���2248  swept into the first mile-long tunnel.
Got Great Reetptlon.
New York, Jan. 17.���In one of the
biggest demonstrations ln the history
of New York, Cardinal Farley was
welcomed home today by 100,000
Catholics, after a two months' visit to
Rome, during which time he was made:
a prince of the church.
Ths Fly.
"Wbere on earth do those flies come
from?" is a frequent and despairing
How do flies get Into tbe boose?
Tbey may come down tbe chimneys,
lf the flrfcplaces bare tipping dampers. These should be tightly closed
in flytime. An appreciable falling off
In their number will be the result
If the chimneys have not tbe tipping
damper, a screen sucb as ls used for
a window can be fitted into tbe fireplace, or, easier %tlll, a bundle of paper
may be stuffed up the chimney.
Either method ls successful, snd no
trouble ts too great to get rid of theso
Bing Had the Laugh.
Portland, Or., Jan. 17.���Certified
cheques calling for $6500 were taken
from Merchant Blng Quon by a white
holdup man. Bing smile 1, for the
cheques were written in Chinese and
the robber could not cash them.
man having laughed himself Into hysterics with fatal result, took place tn
Liverpool aome yeara ago, when, "The
Private Secretary" was being presented. Tbe famous character of the Rev.
Robert Spalding waa tben being presented by tbe distinguished English
comedian, C. James Bancroft, wbo
will play bere at tbe Opera House,
tonight, when It Is hoped tbat the
afalanche of laughter be will doubtless evoke will nave no such bad effect.
: ind talented English company in
I JAN. 18th.
*)t Sale starts Wednesday at Opera
louse.    Prices  $1.50,  $1.00,  75c  and
16c.   Pbone 900.
Business corn��8s;
Inside  business property l^pj^w westmlnater-ls.gpod. buying.
nnd values ere steadily Increasing.v ..nwo-.B *-*���
We bnve for sale one of the beat business corners In. the. city. It-
fronts on three streets and produces ovfer **% per ,f*v.l   revenue.
Price $125,000. *w||i
Por terms and other particulars apply to ."       *
Die WestminsterTrustand Stfe l)epwft(Sii.,ltd.
I. J. JONES* Mgr^Mr. h\ - ���
28 Lome Street New Westminster
Tn*;:      ���- .
At The Arena Rink, Vancouver
Section 4 has been reserved for the supporters of tho Westminster
team. Tickets on sale at Ryall's Drug Store and st the Hub Cigar
Wrest I ins   Match
Catch-as-Catch-Can���Best two out of three falls.   '
St. Patrick's Hall, Jan. 20.
Ringside Beats $1.00, other Seals 50c.   Bout commences at 8:30 p. m.
W. R. OILLEY, Phons 122.
a E. QILLEY, Phons 2t1.
Phonss, Office 15 snd IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
FIRE BRICK. - ���>���<*.<       ���   -
���! am
Big Mid-Winter Clearance S
I ���      ��� ���
Starts Tomorrow Morning at 9 O'clock
Be on hand, as it is a shoe event that should not be missed; Tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock we start our annual January clean-up sale of BOOTS and SHOES. Wfe do this each year in January to clear out all Fall
and Winter goods to make room for our new spring sfcocl^soon to arrive. We purpose making this the gEeafo
est Shoe Sale yet, Greatest in value giving; greatest in folume, and greatest from the standpoint of making
new friends for the store. '
. f.   ���*.   ;:.
���[., ... .!   ;���
This January Sale Means a Big Saving To The Shoe Buyers of New Westminster
WE haven.t time to quote prices, we
are too busy getting ready for this
Great Money Saving Sale, which starts
Friday, January 19th at 9 a. m. Seer>ur
windows for prices. They will prov^ to
you what great bargains we are offering
�� ��
U AVE you seen those beautiful Shoe
and Clothes Brushes we are giving
&way with ^very $5.00 purchase? ;JSee
.    y ..Tv  ������ '. ' , ->^     '7<
them in our show window Today; ,
ts; ;   ax;
611-13 Columbia Street
��� a
. ���**,,-.
^^^^ ���' ������������ ���
Old Bi TeHs Some Stories With
' Modern Morals.
Hs Msde s Tremendous Noise at Night
Thst Annoyed His Owner���Wolf
Triee te Catch Lamb That Is Saved
by Inneeencs���Sags Gives Advies.
. .    By M. QUAD.
[Copyright. UU.  by Associated Literary
KB evening as the Ass stood ln
bit warm stable snd ate of
tbe plenty before blm be got
to thinking how kind hla Master was and that lt behooved bim to
show his gratitude, and he sought tbe
open str and liegnn to bray with all
bis might.    He bad made the night
now I am tn s box. The law la after
us for tiding rebates, and I know not
how to dodge It. In spite of all my
astuteness tbe govern men t seems to
bave a straight caw. aud It looks as it
we should be heavily Cued, lf not entirely destroyed."
"Canst not plead tbat tbe rebates
were birthday presents?" asked the
"But tbat is now declared too thin
since the Alton road was ex|x��sed."
"Don't you also run an orphan asylum ln connection with yonr corporation, and tnigbt not these rebates bave
been for thn Ul nnd helpless orphans?"
"Tbe beef trust tried tbat und failed."
"But you must certainly pity the
bentben of Africa?"
"Sure. Mike, but we didn't send them
a red cent. I bnve thought of all these
things; but. ulus. 1 rear thnt I must
lose my Job."
"Not ut all, my friend. Ton hnve
come to tbe right man. Bow do yoa
spell rebate?"
"Why. r-e-b-a-t-e."
"That's tbe point of yonr whole ease.
You go right Into court and claim that
tbe moneys you have received were
credited up to rebnlts nnd Uncle Sara
will bnve bia case knocked higher than
a kite."
Moral.���Uncle Sum ls still wondering
where he ls ut.
hideous for a quarter of an hour when
the Master came running with a club
to exclaim:
"For tbe land's Bake, wbat is nil
this noise about?"
"Wby. thou bast been very kind to
"And to show my gratitude I want
to tell yon tbat the moon is up nnd tn
her third quarter."
"Wretched lien.*'/ But hnve I no
eye* ��ud uo almanac?" shouted tlie
Muster ns lie 1 humped the Ass uli over
sit once with his weapon uud drove
biin hence In disgrace.
Moral.-Silence is ofteti the best form
of trrutlt title.
Daring Wolf and Innocent Lamb-
One du.r im tbe Wolf wns pfrftyling
uloun the edge of the forest in Hen re li
of bis dinner he observed a .voun�� und
lender I.amb tbat tind strayed uwuy
from the Hock. Ile dared imt rush
upon her for fear of the Shepherd und
the rums, nnd he therefore resorted to
strategy- Creeping up to Ills victim
nnd keeping himself bidden us uiucli
us possible, be announced:
"Good morning, Little Lamb. Yotntre
out all by your lonesome this morning."
"Yes; I am taking n little wnlU lu
hopes qf finding a four leaf clover for
my dolly," was the reply.
"1 know where they grow In the
ftl'Pfltest profusion. It Is Just a short
(MutftnCf buck in ibo woods."
'���'Pfo. hut 1 promised my dolly I
WWltWt SA so far. If I go out of ber
n%U bJMp'U UetfH crying."
"But she'll be Uiiue uuppy agulu by
tbe clovers. Just think bow she will
laugh when you briug her a dozen four
The Reward erf Honssty.
Onoe I'pon n time us a member of
the legislature returned to hls village
home nt the close of the session be
found a brass hnnd nt the depot playing the tune of "See. the Conquering
Hero Comes." As he descended from
the parlor car he was met by a delegation of hls townsmen, one of whom
delivered a fervid address of welcome, wliile the others swung tbeir
lints nud cheered.
The wife of the member hnd come
to lhe depot for hlm with a horse and
wagon, but the people wonld not hnve
it so They brought up the tinest carriage iu town uud nitnched themselves
io It md drew tlie man to his home.
Then iliey cheered nnd cheered nguln.
nr:d wlieu the evening had come they
llnhied Iwmtlres and sent up hot nir
balloons lu hls honor. By nnd by
wben they culled for hlm to mnl;e o
speech the (.rent Man came forth and
"Fellow Cltizehs-I could not lie liu-
mr.n and be Insensible to this honor
1 have been wondering, however, why
you piled It on so thick I am a hum
lile man As a mcml.er nf ihe legls
1st lire I made no record to speak of
I believe I did move to ,*l.|niirn upon
one occasion, hut lliat wus tlte extern
nf r.iy statesmanship l was a poor
man when elected, and I thunU Cod
1 can say thnt I have returned in the
same condition."
l'he mliiuies later the crowd had
melted away to n red bended hoy and
u do;;. No more cheering, no more
hot nir balloons
"Bub. what it. thunder has got Into
em all nt once?" exilnlmed the Cou
q iter lng Hero.
"Why. you didn't make a cent up
tliere .ind hnve uolhin^ to divide." wns
the reply.
.Moral.���Of course be was uot reelected.
Robert E. Les's Definition ef the Quell-
tlee Thst Mske Him.
Les bated parade, display and ceremony, bated above all things being
made an object of public gaso and
adulation. His idea of high position
wss high responsibility, a superior wss
simply one wbo bud larger duties, and
tbe mark of a gentleman was a keen
sense of tbe feelings and susceptibilities of others- No one bus ever expressed thia attitude more delicately
tban be himself In this memorandum
found among bia papers after bis
"Tbe forbearing use of power does
not only form a touebstoue. but tbe
manner tn wbicb an individual enjoys
certain advantages over others ls a
test of a true gentleman. Tbe power
which the strong bnve over the weak,
tbe magistrate over tbe citizen, the
employer over tbe employed, tbe educated over tbe unlettered, tbe experienced over the confiding, even ths
clever over the silly���the forbearing or
Inoffensive use of all this power or authority or a total abstinence from It
wben tbe case admits lt. will show tbs
gentleman in a plhln light Tbe gentleman does not needlessly and unnecessarily remind an offender of a wrong
lie mny bare committed against blm.
Re cannot only forgive; be can forget,
and be strives for that nobleness of
self and mildness of character which
impart sufficient strength to let the
past be but tbe past A true man of
honor feels bumbled himself wben be
cannot help bumbling others."���Gamaliel Bradford. Jr., lu Atlantic.
So Loose the Animal Can Almost Turn
Around In It
Tbe pelt of un adult bndger Is extremely thick and difficult for a biting
adversary to penetrate, writes a trapper in Fur News, nnd so loosely does
tbe skin cover the body that the animal
ts able to turn almost around in its
Should n dog acquire n hold nn the
throat the badger turns himself no that
the dog's grip Is on the buck of the
badger's neck without having loosened
bis arst hold. Then the badger secures
a viselike grip upon some vulnerable
portion pf Ills enemy, and while UN
long tusks iK-netrute to the limit he
digs nnd scratches with his front feet,
which nre furnished wltb claws almost
ns formidable und deadly ns might be
expected from uu unteater of the dark
He who hns removed the pelt of a
badger and Is at all observing does not
wonder nt this animal being sharp bitten nnd that he is able to bang with
bulldog tenacity wheu the formation
and adjustment of his Jaws nre noted
Neither Is It so much of a mystery how
be manages to bore through tbe soil so
rapidly tbat half n dozeti men wltb
shovels cannot overtake him, for he Is
n mass of cords und muscles, particularly In tbe neck, chest und shoulders.
very similar in physical construction to
ibe ground mole.
A badger 1s chiefly valuable wben It
hus u long coat, so that tbe guard baira
can be plucked nnd used to make sbav
.ng brushes.
"Aud it's only n little wny?" n='-
^"Jast a few steps. It won't take but
five minutes to go there."
"Are you the Babbit?"    i
���Yes. of course." ,.
"And yon deTer eat lambs?"   |
"Then I guess 1 wlll go with you.
but first"-
���'Come right slong. The sooner you
get tbe clovers tbe sooner you will be
"Yes. 1 know, bnt first I wlll run and
ask my dolly wby the Rabbits bave
glaring eyes and horrid red fangs and
sbnrp claws, and If she says"���
And tbe Lnmb ran sway to the flock,
and tbe shepherd came down to the
woods with his gun aud caused a skid
doo on tbe P*rt of tbe hungry Wolf
Tbe Fox bsd been lying in ambush
near by and bad overheard tbe conversation, and when tbe Wolf bad departed be said to himself:
Moral.���"Ths tort nnd the innocent
can take rare of themselves. It Is tbe
wise gny tbnt gets roped In."
Too Useful.
A bonnet has been Invented
tbat can be turned luto an umbrella on a rainy day, but no
true woman would wear anything bo useful. - Buffalo Express.
��*������< ********************%
All Imaginary.
An inspector was exjt*^iu*Bg the
boys of a uortli county K.boo, ,��� Ke.
ogrnphy. nnd Uo pr--,t,utlv ,...me t0 the
''.*ierT Of lb�� -imaginary" lines of
the PiVrth. tike the equator. Hues of
tn'itude und longitude, etc. ,
"Now, my boy." he said, pointing to
one scholar, "what ls the axis of tbe
"An Imaginary line." onswered the
Ind. "which passes through the middle
nf the earth from one pole to thr ot li
"Right." snld the gentlemnn. nnd
then, trying to catch or puzzle the little fellow, be continued:
"And now. my Ind. tell me. conld
yonr mother hang clothes ou Ibis
"Yes, sir."
"Oh. Indeed!" seid the gentleman.
"What kind of clothes, pray?"
"Imaginary doilies, sir." answered
the lad.-Sheffield Telegraph.
The Sags snd the Lawyer.
The Rage wss one day sitting nt tbe
mouth of bis cove snd trying to figure
out why I bere weren't more white
blackbirds, wben whitewash was so
ohenp. when be wss approached by a
man wbo seemed lo be In grent mental
distress nnd who fell on bis knees and
j wn lied out:
j "O Snge. 1 bave tried all other remedies and now come to you! 1 pray
thee for Ihy advice."
I "What happened In the huckleberry
swamp tbls time?" queried tbe wise
I "Know tbon, O Sage, tbat I am s
j   -I took It that wsy."
1   "A corporation Iswyer."
���"ion look like one."
���Mv living depends nfOB telling my
corporal ion how to evade tbe law.   For
xears 1 bare met with success, bat
Eager te Oblige.
"Now." said the employer to the
new young man who wns being Instructed In his duties, "this speaking
tube runs directly to my desk. When
vou hear It whistle that means I wish
to speak to you. In tbat case. If you
���ire here, you will cull through tbe
tube. 'What Is wanted?*
"And." earnestly nsks the young
man. "If I nm not here shnll I ssy.
What Isn't wanted?' "-Chicago Even-
lug Tost.
Friendly Advice.
"But for my ears being in the way
I i-oultj wear one of these very high
colfcir* "
"Too bod. But stick to your ears,
elrl. They may be unfSshlonnble now.
but you mny need 'em in your old nge
to hook your spectacles over."��� Wnsb-
Ingtou  Herald.
"1 met Maud the other dny. nnd nbe
told me she wns progressing finely."
"I should say she ts. First sbe got a
hubby, then she got a hobby, nnd now
sties got a bobble."���Baltimore American.
When lee Covered Europe.
Dnring the long tertiary epoch, when
opossums disported themselves on the
site of Paris and mastodons tramped
along the valley cf tbe Trames- ,l"'
c,"r!'l STW Til'the thrues of mountain
imlitig. Tbe Alps, llie felmnhyns
the AHe^tienles, the Andes, attest the
PW^fui "uer activity In those days. At
their termlnatlob o4f wtitlner.tj stvo'.
greatly higher tban UiPy do ttt)\y. and
tbls aided their gLWattott, although It
does not fully account for It. But as
tbey became loaded Vvlth ice Europe
aud America gradually nnd we mny
venture to say contemporaneously
sank. Tbis wns inevitable. Owing to
the extreme beat und pressure prevail
Ing in Its interior the earth Is un em
inently elastic body. Its surface oe-
tuully btelges In or out wiih a very
slight Increase or decrease of tbe load
upon it
Children's Prattle.
At times It cannot be denied the ques
tlons of children become irksome, but
who would wish a child lo ask no ques
lions? .lullim Seirin tells in one of his
pretty fairy tales liow a grandfather.
driven Into Impatience by the constant
questionings of his grandchild, ex
claimed. "I wish your tongue were out
of Joint."* But when unexpectedly his
wish wns fulfilled nnd the child became
dumb how be Joyfully exchanged one
ef tbe two years which an angel bad
prophesied he was yet to live for the
privilege of bearing the llttlv one's
prattle sgslni���Kxcbnnge.
A Notable Exception.
"All animal products, you know,"
<Hld the teacher, "tire perishable and
<ooti decay If uot artificially preserv
"Yes. sir." cordially assented the
solemn young man with the wicked
eye. "espedally elephants' Ivory."-
t.'bicago Tribune.
Newly wed-What. *L'0 for a bnt?
Why. tbat'* simply ridiculous, my
dear! Mrs Newly-wed���That's wbat I
thought. Harold. But you snld it wns
all we could afford.���Atlanta Georgian
Only Technically.
"Is your child lu bed by 8 every even
"Technically, yes. We begin nrgn
lng about thnt time."���Washington
111 ���   ���     - - ********  ��
Tbe eyes of otber people are tbe eyes
tet ruin as.- Kraaklla. ,
6M pins mm do
Quebec, P.Q.
"I received the sample of Cin Tills
and have taken them. They have done
me to much good. They do just what
you say i:i your circular that they will
do. I can but congratulate raysc'.f that
I sent for the sample, and I bought a
large box at my druggist's. I heve
made up my mind that I k'.iall never be
without thera tintil I am cured. I thank
you many times, for I had never found
a remedy to do me any good until I
tied Giu Pills".
Madams Maris Miviu.r Duchene.
Do just as Madame Duchfine did ���
write tor a free sample of Gin Pills, and
try them for Kidney Trouble, Irritated
Eladdcr, Painful or Suppressed Urine,
Pain in thc Back, Rheumatism, Sciatica,
or Lumbago. If they benefit yon, get
the regular size boxes at your druggist's
���50c. or 6 for $2.50. But write right
now for the free sample. National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, Dept BC   Toronto. 95
The Bravest Thing of All.
I have done a braver thing
Than all the Worthies did;
And hence a braver one doth spring,
Which le, to keep that hid.
���Donne.   .
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on tale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are thc best you have
ever had.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially laige stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for tale or rent while prices are low
Learn the Difference
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest.
See how much more flavory,crisper Mooney's are.
Their superiority is due to our painstaking ^Sfe^^JJ^-S^
methods���our modern facilities and using the cost- \&!fe&' ��;$KlS���'���:'���$&
Hest materials.   We get the finest cream and butter   *        r;^- v-=a     :tkki%
from the famous  Western  Ontario  farms  because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
* U**r*9.-*\**f ^**\s* **toi-    ���������   ���"���   fci^
Mtfoneyls^ Sodas
����,.->'    ^CaWada'^SIaWarHJSada Crackers
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splen-
> -#.  A      did building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
Bhcl^pl^    expert in his line���we create this delicious and nourishing biscuit.
After these biscuits leave the ovens and while thev are
w3&p iff
**r*.- .
!:���:.���*;���'��� ��� ]*'::- ^/V-'A^'Av- ���.:'';s��,
1&&W:4&.a'.ts*:. &m
still piping hot, with all their oven aroma, they are packed
in dust and damp-proof packages.   We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manufacturer
does this.
So they reach your table���whole, flaky, and
Try them today.   At your grocer's.
The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd.,
���� *U,
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
|U frittered
Trade- Mark
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Your Advertisement in the
Daily News is a Salesman-
Reliable, Indispensible, Eifectlve
hiVQa Ri<.-
._. ��� m ���***
.****���**** o���^t^.
. ���������"''VVnl.it
ed tad lost to on Tbs whole esilsgs
wonld ton against tbs man who had
been mads s tool sf and put bis col-
legs Into tbs mns boles.
Tom would see lt all as pills as day
���nd promise not to do so nny more,
bat his sight and bis resolution wonld
not Just twenty-four hours.   The mat-
�� Pertaining to the Great footM S "�������*t0��U*T ite ?��?.!"!
A Mystery
6 Copyright by American Press
O elation. UU.
Game of'91
tt was during my second year at the
University of M. tbat the strange case
of wbat bas since been called "Merl-
weather's ghost'' occurred there.   Th<i
excessively. Be got so at last tbat
nobody dared speuk to blm about
Tom's action for fear of receiving '���'
rebuff. Toward tbe last we all let
him alone.
Five days before tbe game Oummer-
ton, seeing thut Tom wss half the
time absent from practice and constantly breaking tbe training rules,
made an effort to Induce BUI to take
his place on the team. But BUI waa
Inexorable, and the captain bad to give
up, putting on m substitute, for there
tradition dates back some twenty years | w���� no one, trained or untrained, who
and bus been talked abont now snd   �����* ���� ��*"�� *��*��� *' ��*��� Herculean
ngaln ever since. Whenever I go back
to tbe college tbs following dialogue
Invariably tskes place:
"What was yonr visasr I tm asked,
"Let me see���that -was about tho
time of that great football game In
which Meriweatber figured so strange-
IK wasn't Itr
"I snw tbe game."
That's quite enough to collect a num-
ter of undergraduates who listen In
rapt attention to my account of ths
Tbe spirit of football was rampant
that year. It seemed that all we went
to college for was to play football. At
least tbe biggest snd strongest men
were ln for football, and the rest of
mmm was * Bousma chssu.
us were absorbed In what absorbed
thorn. There was the usual training
and practice, followed, or. rather. Intermingled, wltb a series of games,
| beginning with our least Important antagonists, to end with a match game
with B. college, at that time sporting
thu most Important team outside of the
'.three largest American colleges.
���I Of course everything focused on tbls
final game. (Jumnierton of "02 wns
captain, and we had a celebrated ex-
Yale man for trainer. 1 think s good
deal of tbe Interest was excited by
tbe entbuslssm of tbe captain, and
some ot tho fellows declared that If
his team didn't win tue game with B.
be wouldn't survive the defeat
The Meriweatber twins were 'n college at (be time. You've beard of
���Tom Meriweatber. haven't you���the
big football plnyer or tbat time? Well,
be wax tbe Meriweatber tbat figures
In thU story, er bis brother BUI. or
Tom's ghost; nobody could find out
tben. and nobody seems to hsve been
able to find out since. Both boys were
big fellows. Few could tell them apart
and tbe only physical difference between them wss that Tom wss a trifle
more mnsNtve than hts brother. But
there were lots of differences outside
of the physical composition of the
men. Tom wouldn't study and wns
���devoted to athletics. BUI wouldn't
hnve anything to do with athletics and
���was u "t>onec." The captain wanted
both men on tbe team of 'HI. but be
-couldn't Induce Rill to leave his book*
for prm-tit-e. Gummerton would hiive
taken him on even during the Inst
���week without any training, but BUI
-couldn't ht* persuaded.
The rnptnln had no end of trouble
with Tom .Merlwenther on account of
ji girl he was Infatuated with. Betty
Williams, an Incorrigible flirt, who
���played with tbe big fellow ns a sea-
*nnu would play wltb a harpooned
whale. When time came for practice
���Tom would he missing. Where was
he? Nobody knew except that he
wasn't on hand. He bad taken a trtln
for the next station above, where Ml**
Williams lived. The worst of It was
Hint Betty's best man wns a B. man.
nnd she sympathized with thf B.'s In
*he coming game. Those of us who
l;new best believed thnt Betty, knowing Tom to he our main reliance, was
trying to prevent his efficiency by
keeping 1>!iu away from practice She
. ,was also always persuading him to
eat and drink what was disallowed In
Bill Merlweather having more Influence with his brother than any one
else���the affection between twins Is
notorlous-we tried to get Bill to keep
Tom nw.ny from Betty till after the
big pnnie, Rill did everything he
cotVd In the matter. ' He argued with
Torn, scolded him. told htm the girt
was fooling him and If he didn't get
owny from her he vouM surely come to
prier. He wouldn't flnd out what her
. object wus till the game had been play-
Tom Meriweatber. Tbe only question
remaining waa whether Betty Williams would keep Tom twty from the
final game.
Every effort was made to-prorlds for
this contingency both by keeping a
watch on Tom and having tbs next
best outside man. Watkins of *98,
ready to take bis place In cue Tom
was filched away by the girl. Of
course that meant defeat, but there
must be some oue to fill the *��� p.
I wai one of tbe men s "pointed to
watch Tom Meriweatber frou the
time be got out of bed on the morning
of tbe match game till the fight was
on. I arose at 0 and was In his room
by 7. The bird. or. rather, tbe winged
monster, had flown. 1 learned tbat he
bad left the evening before, but no
one knew wbere be bad gone. When
I reported the fact to Uummerton be
looked aa tf be bad been struck by a
bullet "It's all up with us," be said.
"She's got him and will keep blm till
It's too late for him to play tbe game."
I asked tbe captain tf we hadn't better
see Bill about it. und he said no. Bill
couldn't do anything: we'd better keep
away from blm; tbe matter only Irritated blm.
Oummerton notified Watkins that be
would probably bave to play. The
managers discussed the mutter as to
wbat to do to get bold of Tom Meriweatber, but nobody was willing to go
to Betty Williams' bome and drag tbe
big fellow out. There were hopes that
be would turn up at tbe last moment.
Tbe game was to begin at 3 o'clock,
but could be staved off till balf past 3.
Tbere was a train coming from Boon-
ton, ten miles up the road, where tbe
Delilah lived, due at our station at a
quarter pnst 3. I. with two otber fellows, was at tbe station all tbe morning watching tbe arrival of every down
train. But at noon we gave lt up and
went to dinner.
At 3 o'clock there waa the usual roaring on the field, tbe crowds on tbe
side of esch college shouting themselves hoarse before the game began.
Tom had not arrived. Watkins wss
lu harness and expecting to play. Uum-
��� merton was In detipair. He didn't call
tbe game till 3i2.1. As the meu were
lining up the big mnn cnuie over the
flelds and on to tbe ground. Tbe singular part of It was that he hod hts
rpotball clothes on. 1 soy it was sin
gulnr because be was supposed to have
come from tbe last train.
1 tell you there was n rousing cheer
on tbe pert of our fellows when we
saw him. Gummerton gave a yell like
a crazy man. Merlweather dropped ln
his place ln the line, and the game be
1 remspnber when Tom appeared I
looked about for bis brother to see
bow Tom's appearance would affect
him. I lookM everywhere, but no BUI
Merlwenther could 1 see. 1 mention
this partly because I thought lt singular that Bill should not attend the
game ond partly becauae It bears on
the mystery. Inquiries Ister snowed
that BUI wasn't In bis room st tbe
time tbe game was played. But I'm
getting ahead of my story.
I'm not going to describe the game,
for beyond the fact tbat It was won
almost exclusively by Merlweather'*
work It has notblng to do with tbe
strange aspects of the case. When our
men were making their last count a
few minutes before the end of the last
half I saw a man Jump tbe fence on
tbe otber side of the gridiron and say
something to the crowd tbere which
produced a commotion. Then a shudder cume over tbe assembled multitude.
Tbe train due nt 8:1(1 from up tbe
road had fallen through a bridge three
miles from Boonton. nnd more than
twenty people had lieeti killed.
The ground was cleared in nn Instant, many of those present making
for the acene of the accident I went
to ray room to get an overcoat, for I
had been chilled standing In tbe November wind, and. coming out Into the
dormitory boll, met a memlwr of my.
class, who. with a halt scared look on
his face. said:.
"What's this about Tom Merlweather being killed In tbe railroad accident?"
"Tom Merlwenther! Wby. he has
just won the game."
I never like to tell this part of the
utory. for 1 expect nlways to lie guyed
when I do so. Nevertheless I'm going
to tell it ns I heard It nnd as It was
universally believed nl th�� time. It
seems that BUI Merlwejiiher during
the morning had gone up to Boonton to
try to bring Tom hack In Ume for the
t:ime. They were coming down on the
wrecked train. When (he eiiwh mm?
Bill had pot ut�� from the sent on which
ihey had Iteen sit!lng- s'.de by side to
ixx n gin** of water Tom wns mashed
Into a Jell?    Bill was nnhnrt.
Now. then, you've c��t nil I know
about It. Both brothers were on the
train when It was wrecked. It Isn't
likely that P'll would leave his dead
l.rolht"- to play the game. And how
tould Tom have played It. a corpse?"
Sueh Combinations Art Pleasing ts
������th Taste and lye.
tovwever good plain sod unadorned
Ice cream mny be. n presents s much
mors festive appearance if combined
with frstt snd Is much more plesMng
to tbe taste as well If tbe right fla-
vors are combined. For Indlvtdoal
service almond Ice crests ess be very
effectively garnished wltb peaches.
Put tbe cream Into as many sherbet
glasses ss tbere sre persons to be
served and upon eacb service net bslf
a peach, wltb lbe cut side uppermost
FUI tbe cavity left by tbe stone with
currant Jam. It lends a bright bit of
color as well os giving piquancy lo
tbe dessert. Only about half a scant
teaspoonful of tbe Jam Is accessary,
but more may be added lf dextred.
Another pretty way to serve Ico
cream Is In combination with currant
Jelly. Partly fill glasses with vanilla
Ice cream. Make a very small cavity
lu the center and fill It wltb currant
Sly or Ism. Bome delicate firm,
ch as the sun cooked variety, to
preferable. Poor melted Jelly over the
whole and garnish tho sides Wltb
whipped cream. Another way to combine the two flavors Is to add a
cupful of melted Jelly to tbs
while It Is freezing.
A coffee Ice cream may be decorated
ln a most tempting fashion with s
medley of preserved candled fruit*
Divide the cream among tbe sherbet
glasses and over each, service p'ace a
spoonful of tbe fruits cut in bslves
snd qusrters. sccordlng to the size.
Crown with a little whipped creess
and serve tt once.
Topics ef the Household.
The tin wedding ls tin only by name
nowadays    The invitations may go out
on glittering tlu cards, but the returns I
are aluminium in almost every case. I
And tbe aluminium shower Is one of 115:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
Arrival: Closing:
1$: 10���United Mates via C. P. R.
tdally except Sunday 1.13:00
f: 40���Vancouver via B. C. R. R.
(dally axes* today).11:18
it :0O���Vancouver ria. B.XlML R-
(dally except 8MWJ. 10:00
18:00���Vaaceu ver via B. C Clt.
(dally except Sundsy).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dsily sxcspt Sunday). 11:IS
7:30���United States vis O. N. R.
(dsSy except Sundsy).. 9.46
iB: 16���United States via O. N. R.
��� daily except Sunday)..10:00
11:40���All points east and Europe    tdally)   8:16
22:43���All points cast aad Europe (Sally)  13:16
11:44>���Sapperton   aad    Fraser
Mills      (dally      except
Suaday)      SM
l8:lP-Sappertoa   aad   Fraser
mills     tdally     except
Sundsy)      14:00
11:4*���CoquKlaas      (dally   exeept Suaday)    8:30
12:0e-Central Park, McKay aad
Edmonds (Sally exeept
Sundsy)       11.16
.400���East Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)  13:80
���.0:00���Tlmberland (Tuisdsy and
FHday)   13:30
lO:S*-Barnston I steads arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, aad laavss
Mondsy, Wednesday
aad Friday    14:00
���0:00��� Ladner. Port Oulchon,
Westham island. Bun
VIBa 13:30
10:19���Annieville  and  Sunbury
(dally except Sunday).13:30
0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday snd Saturday)     ....13:80
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding vta O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2(
Th�� regular meetings of thtojodgs
are held In Odd FsHbwrHalf corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets^
every Mondsy evening st 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis. N.Q.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. O.   recording   secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
the practical sendoffs of girl friends
to the prospective bride. One girl,
however, recently received enough
quart saucepans from sucb a shower
to stock an orphan asylum kitchen.
Her friends In future wlll consult with
eacb other and avoid a repetition of
sucb embarrassing duplication. One
girl was tbe happy recipient of an entire kitchen outfit from an aluminium
shower. ' Tbe outfit Included three
saucepans of as many sizes, two frying pnns of different sixes, u teakettle,
double boiler, griddle, waffle Irons, and
there were the various knlres and
spoons needed for cooking.
For a delicious nut fud;:e cook two
cupfuls of coffee, sugar with half a
cupful of cream to the soft ball stage
and then add butter the size of a
hickory nut and remove from the flre
Stir ln a cupful of broken nut meats
and heat until tbe sirup begins to
thicken.   Cool nnd mark as usual.
Tbe baked apples left over from a
menl may be used for apple custard
For every pint of tbe baked apple
pulp which ban been rubbed tbroagb n
sieve use a 'cupful of rich cream, two
rounding tablespoonfuls of sugnr nnd
two level tablespoonfuls of butter. At
tbe last ndd four beaten eggs and bake
In buttered cups for about s quarter
of an hour. In putting the enstard
together It ls well to melt tbe sugar
In tbe cream and then add tbe apple
pulp and butter while this sirup Is
hot Then stir In gradually tbe yolks
of tbe eggs nnd at the last the whites.
The custard should be served very
Varden No. 10, Sons ot Norway,
meet In Eagles hall tbe flrst snd
third Wednesdays of each month st
8 p.m. Visiting brethren ars cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
'1188 M. BROTEN, pubUc stenographer; speciflcatlohs, husiness letters, etc.; clreulAr wock taken
Phono 416. Rear of Mljor and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St
Accountant     Tel.    KySS.
Trapp block.
WHITESIDE A EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
A Few Blouse Suggestions.
The blouse pictured Is very chic and
one of tbe newest things of tbe ktnd
sent over from Paris. Alternate strips
of china white and lace form the
blouse proper, and the trimmings are
via .0.  N.  R.   (dally except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
7:4fr-Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday   1��:0<
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily exeept Sunday)  23:00
:*: 16���Crescent, White Rock snd
Blaine     (dally    except
Sunday) fAt
6:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
tnd Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday snd Saturday  8:46
ll:20���Chilliwack,   Milner,   Mt
Lefaaaa, * ldergrove. Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle,
Strawberry  Hill, South
Westminster,       Clover
Valley.   Coghlan.   Bar-
' dls,    Sperling   Btatlon,
Bradner, via B. C. ��. R.
(daily except Sunday). 9:00
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B.  C.   E.  R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday        9:0w
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday) 17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   23:00
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Wsstmlnstsr offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
flees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. P. C Wsde, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie. O. E
Our sraosss sf Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We csn reclaim many garments you aright dodds to cast
Phone R27S for ths Best Work.
Gtot's Safe Prrnd   -  75c
Gent's SsJUOesacJ |1.5I ��p
Cleaners & Dyers
SH to 36 H. P.
3 aad 4 Cyets.
Westmtettr Inn Worts
Tenth St, Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
ami Decorators
Estimates Qlven.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 667
solicitor snd notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C, P. R. Telegraph.
1. STILWELL CLUTE, bsrrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
tnd McKenzie streeta, New Wttt-
mtnster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phono 710.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, ftrk and Veal
-*.    r      -
Barrlsters-at-Law,    Solicitors,   Etc
Adam   S. Johnston.     Frank A. Jackson.   Offices:    Vancouver, Room 405
Winch  Building;   New  Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,  Seymour
2163;  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable   Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western  Union.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370. *
mom num
.C.Coast Service
Gardiner & Mercer
Phone 881. Box 772
frills of late. By the way. every self
respecting Hblrt waist has Its frill of
luce nowadays ami preferably three
frills, one down tbe frou! toward one
Fide nnd tbe others at tbe edge of the
xleeves. These frills ure made of One
vai or shadow lace, and a creamy
shade Is preferred to clear white
Ths Wife an Equal Partner,
When the tiushaod gets ready to regard bis wife us an equal partner tn
tbe marriage Hrm Instead of ns an employee with one share In n 81,000.000
company or as merely a housekeeper;
when he Is willing to regard his Income as much his wife's as his own
nud not put her In the position of a
beggar for every penny sjie gets:
when be will grnnt her the same privilege* he demands for himself; wben
he Is willing to sllow bis wife to live
her own life in her own wsy without
trying to "boss" her. we shall have
more trus marriages, happier homes, a
higher clvllltatlon.-Orlson Swett Mar*
Phone 18k.     Barn 'Phone u
Begbie Street
Bsggsge   deuvereo   promptly     ���
aay part sf tao elty
light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured Sy '
relsahons R 118  OSIeet Princess St
minster Board of Trade meets ln uu
board room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each montn
quarterly meeting on tbe intra
Thursday of February, May, Augusl
and November, st n p.m. Annual
meetings on tbo third Thursday ol
February. New members may b*
proposed and elected at any month
ly or quarterly mesons. C. B
Stuart-Wade, secretary
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve 7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to tbe Paclnc.
tn Cubs throughout the Island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New Tork tnd London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without deity
on til the prindptl towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
oelent connections afford every
bsnklns facility.
Nsw Wsstmlnstsr Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
For  Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M ..Daily
For Prince Rupert nnd Alaska
7 P.M Jan. 13th, 27th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For Upper Fraser River Poii^p.
Steamer Beaver.
Xetves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves  Chilliwack, 7:00 a.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Fridsy for Victoria, calling tt Galiano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Quick-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P  A.. VaaeoUvsr
'   1
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RE8ERVE  $15,000(000.01
Branches throughout Canada snd
Newfoundland, ano ln London, Eng-
end, Nsw Tork, Ch<<sgo and Spokane,
O.8.A., tnd Mexico City. A general
tanking bualnssa transacted. Let
'.era of Credit issued, available with
correspondents In   all   parts of   ths
8tvlngs Bank DjFsrtment���Dt^oslU
received In sums of $1 aad upward
u��d Interest allows I at I par cent, per
unsm  <present rate).
Total  Assets over $188,000,000.00
d. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
P. O. Box 887.
Phone 108.    P. O. Be* ���*������
Ofllcs, Front SL. Psot af Sixth.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Msrfcet Square, Naw Wsstmlnstsr.
.   11 " ��� ******** _.
Many People yrho have
never before' ftefin in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
lntereBt Jf pskl e�� SsriRgs
Bahacss kstf-yesriy. Js a
Basinet* |Acceeets ftti
ea favsraUs
ASSETS $48,9001000
....   ,i    .���''"" '??=
NEW '^EBffilHBlik^ B. C
,   '    BRANCH I     *
���18 Cetamtta Street
:-7"    "";': ���-������������-        _
*********** Issmi  i��im ���' ' 'IT
*~    PA01 BOBT
, ���-���
A full sited lot end large heuse
kjTY News
An eseeptlonal investment as
Agnes .streert is the logical place
for the next husiness district.
; $15,000 i
UOW ��asb,
:���*   o';<v-
easy terms.
Major & Savage
Alfred W. McLeod
���-'"V .;;
657 Columbia St.,
'-       I     ���
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
Sale Of
We overbought for Christmas
and want to turn the balance
into cash. They are all marked
down while in the window.
Big stock to chose from.
$1.10 Up To $15
Election of officers will take place
at the regular meeting ol the Natlva
Sons' to be held tonight.
A meeting of thc Humane Society
was held last night, only, to be adjourned till Bome time next week.
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.   I. A. Reid.   ���
Mr. J. L. Patrick of Winnipeg, an
officer of the immigration department, ls a guest at tlie Kussell Hotel.
Tonight, "A Woman Scorned." Her
vengeful spiilt aroused through Jeal
ousy.    Edison Theatre. ������
Mrs. Elmer Brooks has Just returned from Brooks, Alberta, where she
has been spending the last two
Mrs. A. J. Shook has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. C. A. Sutherland,
'of this city.    Mrs. Shook returns to
.Vancouver today.
Thursday night at the Opera house
"The Private Secretary." All seats reserved. Prices 26c to $1.50. Book
early.   Phone 900. **
Those holding Invitations to the
Native Sons' Ball can procure tickets
from the Royal Bank, Johnston's
Shoe Store, A. L. Johnston or A. S
The annual meeting of the Benevolent Society will he held this afternoon at the Board of Trade rooms.
the proceedings will begin at 2:30
"The Private Secretary," at tho
Opera house Thursday night. Limited
number of best seats at 11.50, balance
$1.08, 75c and 25c. Phone. 900 for
seats. **
Gangs of men started work yesterday morning grading Carnarvon
street between Mackenzie and Slxtn
streets. This work is necessary be
fore the B. C. E. R. can lay this section of their track, which ls being
rapidly put down west of Mackenzie.
Vitograph Special, "The Battle
Hymnn of the Republic." In tho
beauty of the lilies Christ was born
across the sea, with a glory In hts
bosom that transfigures you and me.
Don't fail to see it at the Edison
Theatre. **
The Commeicial Handbook of Canada ts the useful gift which tlie
Daily Xews acknowledges from H. P.
I Vidal and compnny. This populaf
I firm of custom brokers Is asked to receive the thanks of the staff for this
well-compile! book of reference. It
��� should be in every office.
I "The Private Secretary," said to bo
j the greatest farce comedy ever writ-
1 ten, will be played at the Opera bouse
I Thursday night. Phene 'J00 for
seat. *���
Mist Care-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M,        A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
ot M uslcians (Eugland 1.
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
for Teachers'
Prepares candidates
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of tho
Koyal Academy of Music and Hoyal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes In post years. Lessons by
correspondence In any of tbe above
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone L638.
\     You Can Refinish
ICtya Piece of Your
Furniture at Our Expense
We wantto prove to you how easily
you can make an old picc�� of furniture new.
Here is what we civet A bottle of
Johnson's Electric Solvo to instantly
remove die old finish. A bottle of
Johnson's Wood Dye to beautifully
color uie wood. A package of Johnson's Preparer
Wax to impart that rich,
dim lustre���to protect thc
finish sgainit heel
1 scratches.
^Bl^^ f
Wood Dye
ii not s mere stain���not simply
a surface dretiing. It is a real,
deep-seated dye, tnat goes to
the very heart of the wood-
end stays there���fixing a rich
and permanent color.
Johnson's Wood Dye is made
in 14 standard shades, every one
of which you may have in the
free samples.
Let them demonstrate what
Johnson's Materials will do in
your home.
' Free Samplea and
Literature at oar Stor*
Anderson & Lusby
634 Columbia Street
Economical Buying
Making values to create a forore in the
big Stock-Taking Sale, we call your attention to the following list.
Women's Suits $15.00
The kind of piiclng that appeals to your sense of values. At this season of the year you naturally expect to find the host of values In suits, lt is getting perilously near the crest of winter and within touch
of the Big Mid-Winter Stocktaking.
So here they are, a good group of stylish garments, at prices below even your expectation. They come
in worsted, tweels and plain cloths; shades included are greys, browns, greens, navy and black; all sizes;
regular values going as high as $35.00.   On sale Thursday, each  ..... .$15.00
Remarkable Bargains in
Seasonable Underwear
45c Garment
Fleeced wool finish; In white and natural; vests
with long sleeves; lace trimmed fronts; -'rawe s.
ankle length; both styles; regular values ioc and
85c;  make3 are Turnbull's and Stanfield's.
75c EACH.
Women's white Flannelette Night Gowns; fuil size:
good heavy quality; open front and frill neck; regular   values   $1,00 and $1.25.
Auto Scarf Offering
90c Each
Extra long and wide; some with hemstitched, others
fringed   ends;  good selection of colors.
75c YARD.
A bargain In DresS Goods worthy of special Investigation from every woman in the city; hundreds of
yards of beautiful new fabrics; right up to the minute in weave and color; the selection includes
shades and weaves of every new cloth; widths
from 42 to 51 inches; values regular $1.20 to $2.00.
On sale now, ner yard    75c
Curtis Drug Store
Phono 43:  L. O. 71;
Now    Westminster.
Res. 72.
B. C.
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney thwteplna,
Eavetrougtt Cleaning.
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. 8ept|c Tanks, Etc.
We   Have   Successfully
Filled 80,000
since coming to this city, besides all the repeats. This n.i-
tura'ly means experience.
. Bring your Prescriptions    to
Dispensing Chemists, Ct:.
Deane piocjL    Ml Columhla St.
^^"���"WfyWmtasMr   "t1
The fire brigade turned out about
8 p. m. yesterday evening to a call in
Chinatown. A chimney in Ying Tal's
Store at the corner of Tenth and tho
li. t'. K. It. tracks was afire, but it
barelv took a minute for Chief Watson and his boys to put the blaze out,
and f.et home again.
! After playing before royalty in England  and   before  Earl   and   Countess
i Grey in Toronto last year, Mr. C.
Tames Bancroft and his talented company of English players, will produce
that great English comedy, "The Private Secretary," at the Opera house
on Thursday next, Jan. 18. **
In the masi|\:erade at the Pythian
Skating Rink, last night, the prize
winners were as follows; Best costume, Bed Feather, A. Harper; original, Indian Chief, E. T. Roberts:
comic, tramp, C. O. Roberts; comic,
"Dinah." Miss Sena Cole; finest girl,
original, Miss Lilian B. Jenkins; best
costume, "Britannia," Miss Thelma
The penitentiary record is interesting, even if uninviting. At the moment the list is swollen by contributions from the whole mainland of
British Columbia, particularly from
the crime-infested big city of Vancou
ver. This is the list, supplied at an
early hour this morning: Frederick
Ankers, three years; Charles Ring,
two years; William Smart and
Charles Boquest, each 15 years and
30 lashes; James Renault, lu years
and 20 lashes.
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, In T. Gifford's Jewelry store.   ���*
Optimism for the future and satisfaction at the Stilwell triumph of tho
I past were the predominating notes at
|a  successful  banquet  given on  Mon-
: day evening by the Delta   Board   of
' Trade.    The function was held at tne
| Delta  Hotel,  Ladner,  and   the  presl-
i dent was ln tho chair, while Publicity
Commissioners    Azahel    Smith    anl
Stuart Wade, were the guests of the
evening.      The   occasion    celebrated
WM the victory won by  British  Columbia at the New York Pan-Ameiic3n
Exposition,   at   Which    this   province
carried off the Stilwell trophy with it
exhibit of one hundied varieties of ��o
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leave*
niackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ���*
B. & M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Halibut (half or whole) per Ib.   8c
Fresh Cod  (half or whole),  lb....8c
Fresh Herring   4 lbs. for Mc
Fresh Smelts, 3 lbs. for 25c
Fresh  Shrimps, per lb 20c
B. & M. Kippered Salmon, per lb., 16c
Fresh CrabB, 2 for  J5c
Smoked Salmon, per pound   20c
Smoked Halibut, per lb 15c
Bloaters and Kippers, per lb 10c
Prime  Rabbits, each    35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
i ,*.
Bought nnd Sold.
Highest  Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Call and get   a
Free Cook Book
(999) We have Just had lUted for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. The owner ls in need of money and
has put the price low in order to make a sale.
This dwelling bas seven rooms, has basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material has been used.
Price $2,750
The location is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
nnd the balance can be paid monthly lf desired.
Your druggist will refund money rf j
FAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any I
case of Itching, Bltn-'. B1e��"tiug or'
Protruding Piles in S it* U toy*. 50r."
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Pros, nnd Geni. Mgr.
Sec. snd Tress.
Msnufsctursrs snd Wholessls Dsslsrs In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonos Ns. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sssh, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster       (Tranches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'dcrprov*. AS".
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service untll midnight.
Sunday Servlce.^-Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 6:45. 6:45 and 8:00
a.m.. with hourly service thereafter and late car at lf:30 p.nai.
Sunday    Service.���First    car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Fraser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:30 and 6:10; For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 r.m.


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