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The New Westminster News Dec 24, 1912

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 sites at prices ur'^".rf1
ou the lower * *jp
wr*     l*lm
New Westminster f J& \
Trackage,    waterf' ,*#   ^   iei
City Council Turns Down Contract for Harbor Work-
Start at Once���Serve Notice on C. P. R. and Gilley
Brothers  to Vacate  Front Street Property���Receive Tenders for Electric Power.
Decided to eenatruct harbor Improvements by day labor.
C. P. R. and Qilley Bros, given notice to vacate Front street to facilitate work on harbor.
Two tenders from power companies for the supply of the city with
electricity for ten years opened. I
Fixed scale of charges for passenger vehicles arranged.
Nominations for Mayor, Aldermen and School Truateea aet for Jan. 13.
On the recommendation of the Harbor Engineer, A. O. Powell, the city
will nut accept the contract ot the
Westminster liredglng & Construction
Company tur the harobr Improvements
er river, exclusive of the portion contained in division one.
Division 3.���All that portion of the
city not Included ln divisions one aua
two.     (The  extreme   West  End  and
on Front street, but wlll do the work I Sapperton districts.)
by day labor or In sublet contracts. I n,e maximum charge for cabs uu-
The figure of the Construction com-1 der tho bylaw is as follows: From
pany for tbe work was ln the neigh i one place to anothur within division
borhood of MUO.O00.    No reason was | i,   day   fl,   night   $1.60.     From   one
given for Uie turning down of the tender.
It ls evident from another action
taken at last night's meeting thai
the harbor work will be Btarted with
out delay. This was the decision to
present formal notices to thc C.P.II
and Gilley liros., to vacate city pro
perty on FVonf street on whicli they
havo erected  premises.
Remove Buildings.
place to another within division 2.
day $1.50, night $2.00. Division 3.
day $2. night UM. Hacks by. the
hour, day $2, maximum $2.50. Hacks
by the day $12.   .
Division 1���When carrying three or
less persons, day $1. night $1.50 (after
11 p.m.); when four or more persons,
day $1.50, night $2.
Division  2.���Throe or less  passen
Labor Party to Have Six Candidates
In Race for 1913 Municipal
Last evehlng the general campaign
committee of the Labor party met in
tbe offices of Chairman D. 8. Cameron, accepted his resignation as a candidate for alderman and decided to
hold a last grand rally in the Opera
house on the eve of the election.
Mr. Cameron explained to the committee that arrangements that he
had hoped to make had failed to
materialise and he was unable to accept the honor that the Labor party
had conferred upon him. lt was then
decided to go to the people wltb
threo candidates for aldermen and
the same number for school trustees.
A Bpeclal committee reported that
It had reserved the Opera House for
a meeting on the evening of Jan. 15,
next, the report was adopted and the
last great rally will be held at that
time and  place.
Burnaby Electors Will Be
Asked for $100,800 for
Need New Eight Roomed School and
Additions te Present Structure*
���Old Repair Work.
Fear  Outrage  In   India  la  Result  of
Desertion of Old Mohammedan
Capital for Delhi.
The old freight shed of tho railwaj ,     .���,, ��. ,,,   ���,���,,, .*,.  _,��,������  tr,,,,
is located on Front street and wUI I "J-/ g&$S &**��$
havo to be removed as will also some   5' ,n ^       *     '      '   T '      *
of the buildings owned hy Oilley Bros 1 *""'   ,      ���           ...
This property was leased to the firm* j Division 3���When Utree or iess paB-
on condition that If tbe city wanted i sengern, day $2, night $2 50; four or
the property and gave six months' nu   nlore passengers, day $2.50. night $3
Uee titty would vacate.   Accordingl
tbe notices wlll be presented.
Te Prepare Plan*.
The harbor engineer was Instructed
to jii-upa.ro  tbe  necessary  plans  for
the harbor Improvement work.
Tenders from the O. C. E. K. and I
the Western Canada Power Company
for the supply ot the city with electric power for a period often yearn
dating from Dee. 31, 1��13 were opeueu
end found to be of an almost equltabk
The 11. C. K. R. presented a reduc
tlon of almost 25 per cent on their
present rales charged the city.
The provisions of the U. C. E. U.
tenders were as follows:
Period of contract, ten years.
Current to be delivered to the city
at our substation at 2300 volts, our
company to furnish switchboard, regulators,  transformers,  etc.,  as at  the
Rate, IU  cents per kilowatt hour.
Operating expenses at substation to
he horn by our company.
The city ty guarantee a minimum
annual output of 2% millions per kilowatt hour per annum.
Tbc company will agree, lf above
���conditions are satisfactory, to con-
atrmft -a 'new substation so that thc
ctty can take power at two points for
Considerable Reduction.
The tender also stated that the quotations were a reduction of IS per een'
on tbe present rate, with a further re-
dnrtlim ta 41200 a year now charged
to the city.
The operating of the substation
-would be a equivalent to a reduction
of about .20 per cent over all on the
present rates. Tbe company also as
sured the .ctty that the quotations
were extremely low and a small mar-
(Ib PI pxtlllt only would accrue It the
tender was accepted.-
The -proposition of the Western Can
ada Power Company wa* to the effect
that It -would furnish all electrical ap-
paratua, operate a substation at Its
own expense, maintain and repair all
It* apparatus, the eity to provide the
bunding* Tor (he station and apparatus, the lighting system at 2300 ovlts
to pa appfilted at the price ot 1.5 cents
per kilowatt hour.
A* an alternative the company dated that tt -would supply a three phase
electrical current, only, at a voltage
of 2300 te a substation in which the
apparatus would be Installed, maintained and operated by the ctty for the
aum of 1.3 eent* per kilowatt hour.
The tender* were referred to thc
light committee for consideration.
Om G*mj��ny Proposal.
' In connection with the proposed gas
plant Mayor bee stated tbat tbe
Northern Oa* Company bad made a
proposition to Tha city, accompanying
which were full plan* and speeliioa-
tlons. Ml* eugge��tlon that the gas
committee be glren full power to secure the service* of an expert engineer to examine and advise on the
plan* was adopted.
Nsw Boal* Adopted
The special committee appointed to
prepare a schedule of charges tor al'
vehicle* put out tor hite reported Its
work completed and presented a scale
which wa* adopted Sf the councll and
Incorporated la the bylaw. ���
Ta arranging the *chedule the committee divide? tb* elty Into-tbre division* a* follow*:
JX vision 1.���All that portion of the
city (bourded on the east by the eastern boundary of Leopold, Granville,
and Mrst street*; on the north by
Third svenuq; on the we*t by Tenth
etreet and on the aouth by the Fraser
river.     ',
Division\2.���All tbat portion of the
city bounded on tbe east by thn Boulevard, 'being the easterly boundary of
Queen's Park: on the north by 8lxth
avenue: on the west by Thirteenth
etrete; and on tlte *outh by the Fn*
Postmaster  Says  All  Old
Christmas Records Have
Been Surpassed.
When engaged by the hoar the mixl
mum charge shall be $4 per 'hour.
Express Charges.
Division 1.���One trunk   SO   cents;
each  additional  25 cents;  maximum
charge $1.60,
Division 2.���One trunk, 75 cents.
each additional,- 25 cents'; maximum
charge $2.
Division ie^fiS* trunk, ��1.25;. esch
ndditionsl 2r. cents; maximum charge
$2.60. In all division!) six trunks will
be considered a maximum load.
When the Trades Ue��nme bylaw Is
f'nnlly passed copies ot this scale will
be posted on all railway depots and
Alderman Dodd stated (hat he had
fully investigated the chargrs of the
Electrical Workers' union made
against the B. C. Telephone company
and found that the construction me**
hnd boen discharged on account of
���he lark of necessary material -to continue the work with. HIb suggestion
that the company be requested to do
all' in Its power to supply all applicants for phones was adopted.
Discuss Spur Location.
The full council will visit Arbutus
Btreet and Fourth avenne on Thurs-
day afternoon at 2:30 to decide on
the most suitable plaoe ior a B.C.B.R.
spur which It is proposed to erect ir
the locality. The mayor and a number of tbe aldermen are convinced
that Arbutus street Is the place for
tbe spur but the property owners on
that thoroughfare are opposed '- IV
going'there. Arrangements -will be
made to have the officials of th- *>
E.R. accompany the mayor and alder
men on the visit.
Later In the day a visit wfll he mad,
to the corner of Royal avenue and
Seventh street wbere a Change of
gr-"le Is contemplated.
Mavor Lee and Alderman Gray were
appointed a committee to arnnnre fot
the annual meeting of the eouncH. The
ratepayers are Invited to attend wlrl.-
the mayor and aldermen give an ac
count of their stewardship.
Stating that a satisfactory arrangement had ben made with th�� "fflfflals
of the company Alderman Kellington
moved that the B.C.E.R.. be permitted
to go ahead with Its yard extension
plans in the lower end of tho town.
It permission was granted, "-'" the
alderman, the company was willing to
construct an overhead bridge on Fifteenth street whenever such waa required by the council.
They bad agreed' to ao arrange their
tracks so that no "frogs" would be
constructed on Fourth avenue aad
during tbe constrcution ot the additional track* car* would not be permitted to stand on the streets.
The motion granting the company
permission was passed.
The engineer was Instructed to pre
pare plans for the erection of *
wooden side to tbe ditch on Lulu Island in order that the B, C. E. it.
would be In a position to fill up
against it. The company It was stat
ed, bad agreed to undertake all the
filling to the level ot the roadway
and sidewalk. The city will oop'truct
a wooden sidewalk on top' of the ditch
Arrangement With Government.
The recommendation Of t.h�� board
of works that the tender of the Haa
sam Paying Co., for the paving of Col:
umbla street ln front of tbe provln-
cll asylum tp the boundary between
tbe proivnclal and Dominion government properties, for the amount of
$18,200 be acepted, providing that tbe
Dominion government enter into an
arrangement with the city to continue
the paving trom the aforementioned
point to Brunette street wa* passed.
, The. provincial minister of public
works will be notified that the Hassam company has been awarded th,
contract and'requested that the government grant fpr this work be placed
at the disposal of the City tor use
early I? the spring. The Paving Com-
prny will be Informed that it* con-
(Continued on Fage Four.)
London, Dec. 23.���Up to a late hour
no news other than received todaj
concerning the attempt on tbe'life ol
llaron Hardinge, viceroy of India, had
reached London. The motive for the
attempt Is a mystery on whieh It wlll
be impossible to hazzard a guess until
It Is known whether the miscreant ls
a Hindu or a Mussulman. It Is not
known as yet whether the bomb
thrower has been arrested. Intense
Indignation Is expressed In Calcutta
and Loudon over the Incident. Fears
are expressed here that It may have
been a manifestation of Moslem resentment at the British occupancy of
the ancient Mohammedan capital of
India. It is asserted that a warning
reached London some time ago., to
the effect that some violence would
be attempted by Mohammedans on the
occasion of the state entry of the viceroy Into Delhi.
Great sympathy Is extended to Baroness Hardinge as a result of the attack and much admiration Is expressed over their courageous conduct According to accounts received bere to
night the viceroy underwent" two operations for the extraction of the
pieces of the bomb that penetrated hls
The vice-council held a meeting today at Delhi to discuss the atinotnt-1
Edmonds, Dec. 23. ��� The rapid
growth ot the school population of
Burnaby was emphasized this evening
when a deputation of the school board
waited upon the council In connec-
tlon with the financing of the municipal schools for the coming year.
No less than $100,800 Is needed for
the coming year as extraordinary expenses and from the way the delegation stated their case, there Is little
to do but to submit this amount In
by-law* before the electorate at the
coming municipal elections, held on
January 18.
By-law No. 1 will Include $40,000 for
a new modern eight room school
building at Vancouver Heights, a district which has shown a phenomlnal
growth during the past twelve
An additional $29,400 Is needed in
this by-law for new buildings aud
additions to existing buildings
throughout the municipality, and
also $6450 for clearing and improving ground* and fences.
By-law No. 2 totals $25,000 which
it Is proposed to spend In the purchase of two or more sites and addition to existing sites and the clear-1 ^i nrojectile struck him at Vhe tick
Most Important Cards Arc Laid on the Table by Victorious Balkan States���Demand Cession of Aegean
Islands and of All Turkish Rights in bland of Crete
���Turks Say Terms Will Not Be Accepted.
London, Dec. 23.���After several days | were   turned  on  him.    The   Balkan
of preliminary skirmishing tn'accord
dance with tbe cherished traditions o.
oriental diplomacy, the Turkish dele
gates faced today tlie real attack ol
the allies at the fifth meeting of the
peace conference.
1 The vlctrious allies laid their most
Important cards on tbe table. These
were in tbe form of territorial conditions which they had agreed to lm
pose on the Ottoman empire. The de
mands as set forth were:
First.���The cession by Turkey of al)
territory west of a line starting from
a point east of Rodesto. on the Sea of
Marmora, to a point In the Bay of
Malatra, on the Black Sea, and excluding the peninsula of Gallipoli. Albania's status to be decided by the
Second.���The cession of the Aegean
islands occupied by the Greek forces
in the present war and by the Italians
in the recent war.
Third.���The cession to Greece of all
ment of a substitute for the vtcerov  Turl(lBh rietits tn the island of Crete
In care Baron Hardinge Is laid up for
a protracted period.
An official report of the Injuries
to Baron Hardinge issued by his sur-
eeons tonight says that a, portion of
ing ot such sites.
Cannot Help Out.
The council Informed the board
that owing to the financial situation
at the present time they were unable
to assist the school trustees with current revenue and requested that thay
make application at the next council
meeting when  tbe two  by-laws  will
delegates showed emotion and anxiety,
while the Turks appeared as impaa-
sive as statues.
Demands Ars Read.
"All the secondary questions having
been settled tbe moment has come Us
explain the conditions under wbicb.
tbe allies are ready to conclude peace"
M. Novokovitcb said. Thn he read
the demands of tbe Balkan states.
Whon he concluded, all eyes shifted
to the representatives of the sultan.
They, however, gave no display ot
Itechad Pasha rose again and in his
habitually slow manner asked for a
written copy of the proposals.
M. Novokovitcb thereupon ordered
the secretary to make the copy aud
the delegates left tbeir seats and joined in an animated and cordial conversation.
During the long wait tor a conv of
tbe demands, and while disclaiming
an ydesire to enter into a discussion
of their merits, tbe Turks said that
of the right shoulder, along the inner
border of  the  shoulder blade.
It passed upward and Issued throufth
the skin along the upoer Tne of the
shoulder causing a wound four Inches
long and exposing the muscle and
bone. There was no Injury done tc
the viceroy's lungs.
Other fragments ot the bomb caused
The allies did not reveal today the speaking unofficially they cons'dered
financial proposals which tlmy will the tonus to have been designed for
make to Turkey, reserving them for the purpose of breaking off 'ie con-
a future meeting. ference.
Leave Adrlanople Out. Adjourn  Till  Saturday.
Before the allies presented the*: Wh��n the delegates had signed the
specifications tday, the Turks an- document, Reehad asked for an announced that their government was 1 journment untll Saturday ln order
prepared to proceed with the negoita- to consider the proposals and hla
tlons, leaving the question of the re   requeit  was  granted.
^^^^*********************************BCa---mm  diplomat. 1
"Times must be prosperous around
New Westminster this winter," stat
ed Postmaster McDonald yesterday afternoon as a News Man crawled over
a pile ot packages which reached
nearly to the roof of the building. "We
hear of people having things beat to
a frazzle, but records ln the New
Westminster postoffice were swept by
the boards today and our totals for 	
^��T^^!!?J*1I .H.^.^'. I lrom the Board of Trade calling   at-1 br tt-^PUrfw^ Baron Hardinge lostj^  }��^&ZjS��7&g&  ��g*i
__    _ ��� _    _ 4 U* *. t,     w -mam     *>��� wuwww
WctuairnVorAdrranoplVTor discussion |    Amone ^^SauM   *e
between Turkey and Bulgaria.   They I Prevails ,
abandoned their previous request to Turks consider unacceptable the con- .
provision Scuatrl and Janina. Idltions presented by the allies,^ and
Lasts Fifteen Minute*.
are    terms-
The ftrstTtoSn was lett lor the 1813
couucil to handle. In the matter of
milk Inspection, this comes under
tbe Provincial Act, while the weights
and measures suggestion was left in
the hands of the solicitor to consider
the advisability of enacting a by-law.
Reeve Weart acted as spokesman
for the committee In the joint sewerage scheme of Burnaby and New
Westminster. He explained that the
proposal was to enter into an agreement with the city, Burnaby paying
an annual sum to cover the sinking
fund of the bond Issue and also to
bear a proportionate cost of the
maintenance. This will amount to,
about $8000 a year and a by-law will
be submitted at the coming election
for the electorate to consider.
A similar condition arose two years
ago ln connection with the water
supply from Seymour Creek and at
the present time Burnaby pays to
Vancouver the sum of $7000 annually, while the city furnishes an unlimited supply of the fluid to Burnaby.
Want Lighting Plant.
Mr. D. C. Patterson brought out
considerable data regarding the proposition to install a municipal lighting plant in Burnaby. He explained
several details connected with the
scheme and showed how the resident* of the municipality should, be
able to obtain the current at half the
present price they are paying for it.
The Information will be mailed to
all tbe councillors, the engineer, and
the wiling Inspector, for consideration. A vote of thanks was passed to
Mr. Patterson for the trouble and expense he had placed himself In securing the data.
Another hitch in the proposed
agreement between the municipality
and the B. C. E. R. regarding tbe
crossing of certain roads by the new
cut-oil of the company arose wben
tbe solicitor mentioned that the elec
trie company now proposes to change
several ot the clauses of the tentative
agreement submitted to the engineers
at a meeting held tn the summer.
Mr. Q. R. O. Conway will be communicated wltb and It Is not thought
that much trouble wiU arise In the
signing of ths agreement.
Last Chance to
Help Patients
Delhi says	
bomb was thrown was packed with
spectators, meu, women and children
1*0 of them together. It took the pollce some time to surround the house
so that probably many of these per
sons got away. I
It is said, the correspondent adds,
that groups of men were seen on the
corner of the roof of the house just
before the bomb was thrown' and that
they dispersed Immediately after, but
not before crying out in Hindustani
words expressing satisfaction thnt the
aim of the bomb thrower had been
true. They doubtless were the perpetrators of the attack and probably
escaped In the confusion.
formal ��ofi^rS*nSh With the delegates
which consumed an bour, they asserted  that  it  would  be  Impossible  for
them to accept such terms, but thai
statement ls inevitable in meetings ot
this character and  was expected  today.
The  territorial  profits  of  the  war
which  the allies  will  d.vide are  the
same as those published in these dispatches on Dec.  14, with  the excep '
tion of the arrangement of the power, j
made for Albania.   Tbe allies will rt
cognize the autonomy of Albania un    I"?*^"*?   ��������� ^ . ..   -rr... .' r,    rj_,_
der the suzerainty of the Porte, but   ��f h��d. Tta h^est^t   . Adraln-
not its sovereignly.   Albania will be   ^iVSJI^^E^X 5?Xf?
come  what  "Crete  was    and    whal   ^e dele^fMprt^ wiUd be dMB-
it. ..... 1." im .��!..!���� ,m n*,.mrm.,  ti,.   cult if Its solution were    attempted
Egypt Is   in relation to Turney. Th. ^ fc   to K b   brought
I "I LaV'",me ye������1���1���1*'' b?,'  abouT howev��T through  the  media-
j without polltlca administrative or mil   ��   ^f J J       ^ or ���f��eral
Both the Turks and Bulgarians
were at Tchatalja In virtually a state
of exhaustion. Now both have
strengthened themselves, but neither
really is sure what would happen
were the conflict resumed. The
Turks fear further reverses and irreparable losses, and the allies fear
to endanger the positions they havo
Tha Stumbling Block.
Because of this reciprocal    appro- '
henslon,   an understanding   may   be
probably receive   first   and   second slight wounds on the neck., There wsnl    _.    ,-"": ���   V" r v..     .     \ZiHmv, ^JlJIrL !2!!Li   M��������� ���.fi
readings. a moderate loss ot blood-  the shock     The formal conference lasted only a  which cannot bo reduced, peace ulU-
Two communications were received  was severe and some deafness caused O""18"- ���� ��" Itonx.   The Turks listen   matety wM^ concluded.   It Is   re-
..~�� _���.,  ���  _ loard of Trade calling   at- by the explosion.   Baron HCdlnge lost <*  to the  proclamation  of  the  fate I ^edtta^a^^d t^ Turks
Everybody connected with the'de-  teRtKm "�� tte tack ot ��"> >��alU,   of consciousness but soon recovered and  ,ot   ***   European   empire   without 1^��� *JJ^S^Z, .!��! .JSi^t-
partmeut were working Uke beaveS  mllk ^pectlon, and also of a weights  Is now resting fairly comfortably. orroal comment  and asked for an ad-1���*�� ****** ^Jft^SJ^Zv^i
���Jl vBat��Mi.*-sini atiu m.d. liTTi-. i���   <"���� KieaatMga ordinance. A  dispatch    to    the   Times  from journment until Saturday to considei   the Russians and the Japanese when ,
peZZ'     ^       " mBde ,,U'e ^      ���^��^ w^ES far the 1913  Delhi 2& ����� &u.X#^*X ,*e *?>S���** ��&* ���������. m Uie in-  the United i^lnduced them    to
Anyone who had a grouch against "     "   """��*���**<*<*M��***' the delegates] *U*re to tte Portsmouth treaty
another In the office forgot it. They
simply had to for one bitch ln the
system would have thrown the whole
department, both inside and out. Into
chaos, whicli It would take several
days to recover from.
The outer office certainly presented
a busy scene yesterday. From early
morning to late last night one continual stream of humanity wended Its way
In and out of the double doors, ln fac"
there were very few times that both
doors were closed at one time.
During a little lull In the proceed
lngs Mr. McDonald found time to wipe
the perspiration from his brow, for
he too had Ignored his position and
gave a willing hand to the different
departments, and also gave The Newr
a little insight InK the great business
of moving Hia Majesty's Royal mail.
"Every bit of mall matter was clear
ed away this morning hy the night
shift," continued the postmaster, "and
we had high hopes or taking thlrgs as
they came with little expectations of
being swamped.
Two Carloads ef Mail.
"First the Vancouver mall came in,
two carloads at-that, and before we
had begun to make an impression, an
equallv large consignment came up
from the Soutb which shows that the
population does not always come from
the East.
"We dare not take a man off the
outside departments for the people are
continually besieging us with parcels,
post cards, Utters and everything lm
aglnable ln the line of matter allowed
to pass through the malls.
"The night shift had little t'me to
rest tor it was necessary to call them
for he tafternoon ruBh."
Mr. McDonald paid trlhntp to ��h��
staff he ha* under him for the wav
in which they worked all the day an.l
the harmony thst exist* was one bl?
factor In the excellent service given.
��� He makes a special appeal to the
people of the city to post the'r rv��t.
mas mall matter earlv thl* morning so
that there wlll be ** tittle delav as
possible ��f d also so thst there w'll b"
I'ttid likelihood of people reeMvlug a
ChHstmns greetlnir the day after.
For the convenience of the h">r
lessees, the office wl'l be open tor
three hours between the hour* of 10
o'clock and 1 o'clock.
Mylius Refused Admittance
to United States by Ellis
Island Officials.
New York, Dec, 23.���Edward F.
Mylius, the Englishman convicted tn
London of libelling King Oeorge V.
and sentenced to serve a year in prison, was ordered deported today by the
commissioner of Immigration at Ellis
Island. Mylius was held, to be an undesirable alien and probably1 wtll re
turn on the vessel which brought him
Mylius published a sensational story,
to the effect that the English sove
reign had contracted a morganatic
marriage in Malta In 1880, The story-
was disproved and an action tor libe'
brought agalnat him by the solicitor
general ot England.. He was sentenced to a year's Imprisonment, hit term
expiring Dee. 7, 1911. |^"
Policemen'* Union Pay Thousand* of
Dollar* to Influence Legislation
���Commission at Work.
Chicago, Deo. 23.���Evidence of the
payment ot thousands of dollars by
the United Police, the policemen's
union here, for the expenses ot committees appointed to influence legislation, was brought out here today In
the investigation by the civil -service
commission'Into the operation* of the
The attorney* fo/ the commission
are seeking to learn the trhth about
$60,000 legislative funds which .opponent* ot the United Police sav haf
been collected in the organisation.
Today, the citizen* ot New Westmln
ster have their last chance ot con
trlbutlng to the Royal Columbian
Hospital charity fund which wtll be
used, bt giving Christmas cbeer to tbe
patients who are compelled to lay In
their white cots at the hospital and
spend their Christmas of 1912.
Yesterday the appeal was answered
by many In the city and a band of
willing workers felt well satisfied with
the'r labor* of the day.
WlthTew exception* the dosing year
has btiev the most prosperous ofie In
tbe Mstory of tbe elty, business hu
been ��oA4 sod a feeling of satisfaction reigns ln many a heart, .
How wuch better one would teet,
while'curving the Chrlrtmas turkey,
if that ore has donatrd his mite, how-
eveiNfn*)l, to the above fund
Ctt.lH'ns ht New Westminster, think
It ttttat this morning. The dally papers of this city are working for thli
fund but there ta only a minor role
It I* np to you.
Council Appoints Returning Officers
and Deputies to Hand.!* Municipal Voters.
Uary power, lie will have the righ
to raise hts flag in Albania and op-
point a governor, but only for the purpose of ratifying the decisions of the
local governor.
All the delegations attended today's
session ln full force, wtth their mill
tary and legal advisers and secretaries. Everyone appreciated the fact
that the meeting was to mark the
passage of the deliberations from the
preliminary stage to that of real negotiations and that tt was destined to
revise the map of Eastern Europe.
The atmosphere of the stately council chamber was charged wltb Intense
feeling throughout the proceedings. M
Novokovitch, head of the Servian
delegation, took the chair. On his
right was M. Nlkolltch, speaker of the
Servian parliament, and on his left,
M. Vosnltch, the Servian minister to
b'runce. Immediately after General
Cruics had read the minutes ot the
last meeting, and tbey were approved,
the president ot the conference asked
Rcchad Pasha, bead ot the Turkish
delegation, to notify the conference
as to the instructions he had received
trom Constantinople.
Include Greece.
Reehad Pasha replied that the tm
pcrlal Ottoman government wished tu
give one more proof of Its sincere
desire to hasten the discussion and to
do the utmost possible to reach a
satisfactory and honorable settlement
for all parties concerned. Therefore,
lt had Instructed him to treat with all
the allies,. Greece Included, without
any conditions.
Dealing wltb the question ot Tevlc-
tualing the besieged fortresses Re
chad Pasha ssld Turkey was ready to
lay aside tbe case* of Scutari and Ja
nlna. In Adrianople, which he referred to ** "the cradle ot Turklsu
power In Europe," he *aid, lt was
known the hospitals were overcrowdeo
and their patient* lacking tn the pri
mary necessities, while women, child-	
Ten and the aged were suffering ori^n-w^ ar77.Z^Tm~STT-J:^"
starving.    He  ^sX^^be^.p^^
or, now that the differences between
Austria and Servia have been settled,
by the whole of Europe, whose Intervention wonld save the face of both
Turkey and Servla because of the.
concessions they would be obliged ta
make. ��� .
If European mediation Is impossible or unsuccessful, other powers,
may be appealed to, first of all the
United States. It la rumored that
there is a po���tblttty of asking mediation by the papa. It Is recalled that:
Pope Leo xm was entrusted by Bismarck with the nettling ot a dispute
between Germany aad Spain over the
Caroline lalnmls In caae of his holiness wen the mediator, his action
would be entirely Independent as
none of tha belligerents ls a Catholla
It ls considered that the best pep
son to approach the Vatican tot
mediation wonld be M. Mlyuskovltcb���
one of tlm Montenegrin delegates to
the peace conference, who was Montenegrin envoy to the Holy See to
the negotiations tor an agreement
concerning tbe Catholic hierachy in
Montenegro and the appointment ot
an archbishop at Antivari.
The oonfsreaee of ambassadors
will meet again January 2. Meanwhile the German ambassador has.
gone to Berlin and M. Cambon, tho-
French ambassador, ts spending thn
holidays In Paris. Count Mensdorff,
the Austro-Hnsgarian ambassador,
aad Sir Edward Qr*y, the British
foreign secretary, are In the country
for Christinas.
P   "FIRE HARRV, I WANT ������
Chlco, Cal, DaOe. U.���"San Fran-
clsoo, Dec. 12, Mil: Boss of Terry
Lumber Company. Dear Mr. Boss���
Have yoa a man named Harry
.The councll last night set Jan. 13
a* the date on which tie tomlnatlons
for mayor, aldermen aad school trustee condldates for 1918 are to be made.
The nomination* will be beld In the
eounell chamber.
Mr. J. Stlllwell Clot* wilt be ehtet
returning officer, while! the Hollowing
were appointed deputies: Adolphus
Peels, J. H. Poingdeitre, A. BjWInte-
loute, William Pope, WlMam MeAdatu,
B. 3. Cave-Browne-Ca+i, Angus J. Martin and Louis PrentI*.,^
The polling place* wtH h*:
SL George's hall, corner of Clarkson and Church streeta
No, 4. fire hall. Swvpertok.
No. 5 Flre ball, Thirteenth street
on provisioning Adrlanople to an extent that would-meet the demands o��
humanity, but which would be insnffi
eient to place ths belligerents ln a
setter position than they held when
th* armistice ya* signed.
Settle With Bulgarians.
Reehad Pasha (taid be was animated
by a dpsire to avoid procrastlnatiorand tbat the question might be dealt
with dlrecjly between the Turks and
the Bulgarians, thus making It possible tor the conference to continue.
The heads of the allied delegations ex
dressed satisfaction with Rechad*s
statement "^^^^^^^^^^^^M
pany. I am his wit* and we have been
married only tear montha ahd I am
tired ot living along. I want you to
hunt up Hairy, pay him off and Bra
him aad toll him tn come right bome,
as I am kraesosMk I sm tired ot living down hora In the city and Harry
being awny op khan- Please *e*>
Harry so hn can ho here by Christmas." '
The foregoing letter -was reoelved
by Jack,Cn���Ich. superintendent of
the logging: upsratlnns tor the Terry
Lumber n������ny, who has arrived
home tor
.    ���   ��* . .   *����M*y*.    Cussiek _
���_,��� ._.     ,       A  clarss ttat Immediately upon receipt
Then M. Novokov!tch. tall and erect 'of the tnlsnlvn he hunted np "Harrv*.
rose, holding ln his hand* a large Und "fired" hlm forthwith, Harry'��
Sheet of paper. It wa* the crucial wife is believed to be happy tor ber
moment In th* conference ud aB eyas I husband Immediately returned' HomeL PAGE TWO
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
*>PBP ���������������������*������������
Classified���One cent per word per
Aay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
���Booth; 5,000 words, to lie used as repaired within one year from date of
���Detract, 426.80.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Poath Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice (1.00.   Card of Thanks  60c   per
homework. Box 414. City. J.
Harukl. <332>
furnished housekeeping rooms,
furnace heated. 37 Agnes street.
Telephone L 638. (337)
bath, basement. Also sale three
room; large lot; easy terms. Edmonds St., near new cut. Apply
Thomas. (336)
room, with stove. Apply 701 Agnes
street. (295)
ence for housework and cooking.
Apply evenings at 320 Royal avenue. <315>
on farms by two young men used
to borsee.   Box 307. News Office.
with 1*00; no experience required;
net earnings $300 per month. To
take, full charge in Westminster.
Address Box 303 Newa office.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
paid pref. shares ot TiUe Holding
Co Ltd; cost $125 each; will sell
at *10e each. Reply W. Lambie
Junes Bay Hotel. Victoria,  B.  C.
alow, containing rive rooms, bathroom and pantry, modern plumbing.
In city, two blocka from Sixth st.
on car line. Lot 60x100 feet to lane.
Together with furniture, stoves, fix
tures, kitchen utenBlls, In fact
everything necessary for the house-
���hold. Price *2400; *500 cash, balance on easy terms. P.O. box 481
New Westminster, B.C. (320)
cushion cover on Burnaby Lake car
on the 7th Inst. Owner can have
same by paying expenses. Daily
Newa. (319)
achool books. Owner can have same
by paying expenses, Neirs Otfloe
*   "^ (270)
Opera House, or between tliere and
St. Patrick street, a yellow Scotch
Pebble Brooch in gold setting.
Finder kindly communicate with
Motherwell fc Darling, or 227 St.
Patrick street (327)
brown water spaniel pup. Reward
H. V. Wright, Edmonds P. O.   (2871
Concerning the Construction of
a Schooner for the Hydrographic
Survey Branch of the Department
-ef the Naval Service.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed t(
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tend
���era for Schooner," will be received u;
*o noon on Wedneaday, the 15th Janu
ary. 1913, ror the supply to the De-
���eartnent of the Naval Service of a
Schooner conforming to tbe following
I*ngth overall about.Ht, ft., I Inch.
l��ngth of water line...80 ft.
Ream SO ft
Mean Draft 8 ft.
Schooner to be delivered alongside
Wharf nt H. M. C. Dockyard, Esqul
malt, nil. Copies of the design and
specification can be obtained on appli
���ratioo to the undersigned or to th:>
Naval Store Officer at II. M. C. Dock
.yard, Esquimalt, B.C.
ttnanthorized publication of this
BCfflce will not be jnld fnr.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, December Oth, 1912.
���32503. (202)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (283)
Sunbury, for $10 per month.   Apply
Box 304,  New  Westminster, B, C.
housekeeping rooms. Also one fur
nlshed.    815 Agnes St. (260)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing ijurposos. Will lease for two
or three year tann, singly or en blec.
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythiat
hall, corner Eighth street and Acnes
street. (202)
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Kings-
way Paving" will be received by tne
undersigned up till Monday, Dec. 30.
1912, for the complete grading and
paving of Kingsway from Boundary
Avenue to City Limits, New Westminster (approximately 4.21 miles). Separate Lump Sum tenders to be submitted for the following    :
(1) Grading and contingent work
Paving   and   contingent   worn
Grading and paving complete.
following specifications (a)
Grading, etc. (b) Asphaltic Concrete
Paving, (c) General to all pavements,
wlll be furnished by the Corporation
but Contractors or Manufacturers will
bo permitted to submit' tenders for
any class of paving on their own specifications. Furthor particulars and
plans and specifications may be obtained at the Engineers Office on and
after Saturday, 21st Inst., on paymenl
of $10.00, which sum will be returned
on receipt of a bona-fide tender.
Contractors must furnish a marked
cheque for 5 per cent, of the amount
of their tender made payable to tho
Corporation of Burnaby, whieh cheque
will be held until the successful contractors have executed a bond as per
General Conditions of Contract.   ,.
The Corporation will not be bound
to accept the lowest or any tender.
The Corporation also reserve the
right to award the Contracts for grad
Ing and paving separately or for the
entire works at the'r disere*'"n
(301) Comptroller
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 18, 1912.
Only an Expert Can Ttll
It      From     Rtal      Pslt
ssALsrrit coat with frbsta fub.
Untll this season Imitation fur coots
bave never deceived tbe Initiated, but
tbis year the manufacturers bnve put
upon tbe market a material tbut resembles fur so nearly tbat It takes an
expert to distinguish It from actual
Senlette Is one of tbe cleverest of the
new Imitations, and it hns the deep
brown color with silvery glints when
tbe pile of tbe plush Is pushed tbe
wrong way which Is a characteristic
of sealskin. When tbe senlette Is
smartly made up nnd trimmed handsomely It Is n charming wrap, which
may lie purchased at a comparatively
small cost
Blocli "it." south half ot Distrlcl I.n'
11152, containing 4S acres, more o:
lesa, Municipality of North Van
Whereas, proof or loss of Certiflcati
SIT TiUe No. 115S0C, covering the
above mentioned property, issued In
Che name of Corporation of District ot
Worth Vancouver, lias been filed in
tikis "trice, notice !b hrreby given that
I Shall ni the expiration of one month
date of first publication hereof
aoe a duplicate of said Certificate
' Title, inik-ss In tbe meantime valid
^'���Mention be made to me in writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
ISth aay rf December A P.. 1912
tV) District  Registrar
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Prairie farm for
Burnaby property
Quarter section in Saskatchewan,
first class loamy land, good water,
handy to two railways. Price $20 per
acre, which Is $5 below market price
Owner will take Burnaby property
in part payment
Summerland orchards for city or
rural property. We have two orchard.",
in Summerland, ail cultivated. One or-
orchard In full bearing. Owners will
both consider trade for New Westmin
ster, Vancouver or Rural property
Call and see us.
This  Advice  Is Given  by  Export  on
'< Optical Illusion,
now black clothes deceive tbe eye,
often to the ndvuntuge of tbe wearer,
wns explained by Professor Stirling, V.
It 8.. ln a lecture upou "Optical Illusions."
".My ndvlce to a lndy or gentleman
suffering   from  excessive   rotundity,"
I said Professor Stirling, "Is to stick sev-
erly to black.   Light elothhig adds cou-
. slderalily to one's apparent bulk."
I He demonstrated tlie point by exhlb-
II ting simultaneously white llgures on a
black ground and black figures on a
: white ground.   Although nil the figures
were tbe same size, tbose in  white
j upon  black appeared  to bave mucb
greater dimensions.
Working upon tbls illusion. Professor
Stirling suggested tbat notices printed
in a limited space In wblte upon black
were more emphatic thun tbe ordinary
black upon wblte.
The best 50 acre farm in Chilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 nnres
which is covered with 30.000 feet of
standing timber. Larpe ten roomed
house, large stables, barns, chicken
houses, hog pens; $18,000. $R,000 cash
Terms for balance. Property is unencumbered and a large loan can b"
raised on the propertv.
Would consider trade for city prop
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary. Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Four Roomed House
id Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
iree Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Block, Fourth Avenue
71*. East Burnaby, S.C.
���^.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices rlRlit.   Satisfaction guaranteed
53  McKenzie St.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best \;ni* of Pioei
Igars and Smoking requisite?
?hol( sale : "1  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
603 Columbia  St.
For Excellence  in  Shaving,  Haircut
ting and Shampooing give the
35   Eighth   St.     David   Boyle,   Prop.
i trial.    Four skilled workmen.    Our
system of treating the scalp for dan-
Iruff and  falling hair cannot be Improved upon.    Try It.
Face Massaging a specialty.
What Women Ars Doing.
The Kansas campaign for equal suffrage wlll succeed If women of the
rursl districts bnve their wsy. Tbe
plan Is fos every farm woman to
contribute chickens and eggs, wbich
wlll be sold st public auction snd the
proceeds turned Into the general campaign fund.
The first suffrage conference of the
diverse nationalities of the Austrian
empire wns recently held In Vienna.
There were present representatives of
ths Oeruinn suffrage committees of
Vienna. Brun nnd Troppnn; ulso of the
Polish societies of Cracow. Leopol,
Ynssy, Gnrlllz nnd New Sniidec nnd of
the Rlnvonlc women from I.nlhach.
The women of liuthrle, Okln.. hnve
organized what Is snld to he the flrst
woman's chamber of Commerce In the
United mates.
Mrs. A. ,M. Kills has Jii��f lieen elected
mayor of .lohnuiie-.hiirg. South Africa
Ahe is snld to hnve nn iimiHunl record
ns a successful business won inn,
The election of .Mine. Seno Kill to the
presidency of an Important hank In
Tokyo marks the chntiL'e which tin*
come to Hie Japanese Women In recent yenrs.
Pretty Girls and Plain Men.
When n pretty womnn marries a
plain mnn li Is nut because ��he pities
lilm A woman loves n man lieeausi.
nf his strength Ills determination ap
penis tu her and wins her lu the end,
thfllgh she mny not have been attracted to hlm In the beginning Finn
ness compels a woman's admiration
and respect, nnd that Is the llrst step-
ping Ktone to love.
Chicken- to Win Votes.
Ksnsns farmers wives and dnutrh-
ters who nre working to hnve tlie full
suffrage iinieiiihncnt carry nt the tall
election will contribute tu a "chicken
fund" to help tlle cause.
Each woninii wlll tnke to the county
seat a chicken, whicb she will sell,
and the money thus raised wlll be
devoted to campaign expenses.
Hints For Woman Paying Big Priest
Foi  Porterhouse Steak.
The woman who is spending 28 and
80 cents a pound for porterhouse stent
'.s wantonly throwing away her husband's money wbeu she can serve him
better and cheaper with cuts nt 8 und
10 cents u pound. Of course the secret
of this radical economy lies in knowing bow tu treat these cheaper cuts. II
takes practically uo knowledge at all
to merely order a steak or roast from
tbe butcher and order tbe cook to prepuce It for dinner. It does, however,
require all IntelllgeiU understanding
of the cheaper cuts, so that tbere is
uo question uf less nourishment iu supplying, tbe families with tbe cheaper
meat. A famous cbef says tbat cooking reduced to a science covers only
three ways of prepurlng meat, 'lbe
llrst Is the application of Intense hent
to keep lu the Juices, suitable only for
portions uf cleur meat, where the flber
Is teudcr. lly the second method the
meats are put In ruld water and cooked at n low temperature. Tills ls suitable fur bones, gristle aud the toughest
portions of the meat, which for this
purpose should be divided Into small
bits. Tbe tblrd method Is n sort of
combination of the other two. dealing
mostly with slewing meat whicb Is
neither lender nor lough, says lCditb
Townsend Kaufmann lu Leslie's Mag
I'lute meat, which Is sold at 10 cents
a iKittnd, bus one objection-tbat of
latness. Wltb, however, care lu the
nuttier of timely preparation this can
become the lending element In a delicious stew or pot roast. Of course
you can't telephone your order to tbe
butcher nt 4 nnd serve your dinner ac
C If you wish to introduce the element
of economy lu tbe evolution of your
meat dishes.
This Dsts Pudding Is Both
and Cheap.
ISreaded Lamb Chops.���Trench thr
chops by trimming off (he strips of fat
on tbe long eud of tbe bone. Tbe chops
sbould be thick uud Juicy. Wipe them
with a dump cloth. Huve ready on ii
plate an egg beaten slightly uud mixed
witb a tablespuouful uf warm wuter.
Season with snlt and pepper. On sn-
otber plate buve some tine, dry, sifted
breadcrumbs; also season wltb suit
and pepper and n bit uf tine inluccn
parsley. Hare in readiness also n ket.
tie of bot fat. Hip each chop lu the
egg, covering both sides then in tbe
crumbs, and plunge two at o time lutt
the fnt. Draw to edge! of lire uud cook
eigbt minutes.
Potato Croquettes With Pens.���Make
balls ut putatoes and peas same ss tlsb
Schoolgirl's Coat.
Very   practical   and   natty   Is   this
schoolgirl's coat of gray ami wblte dl-
ugoual    cloth.     It   hus   big,    roomy
halls, roll In fine cracker crumbs, dip
lu uu egg beaten witb oue tnblespoou-
ful water, uguiu crumbs, fry In deep
fnt nnd bnve It bot. Lay on bruwu
paper tu souk up fnt.
Star Cake.-'lake the whites nt six
eggs nnd heat very llgbt Kent lu
three eighths uf a pound of sugar; then
stir aud put In slowly one-quarter of
a pound uf flour, n little at a time.
Hake In small, fancy tins far about
thirty minutes. When cool frost In
Icing nnd decorate with a conventional design, put uu from chocolate Icing
wilh a camel's hnir brush.
Coddled   Apples.���Take   four   large,
sour apples, one third cupful of sugur !
and two cnpfuls of water.    Pure and
core tbe apples.    Place In a saucepan
large enough so tbe apples sit on tbe
bottom.   Add the wster witb tbe sugar j
dissolved.   Cover tightly nnd turu the
apples so thnt they will cook evenly. !
When   tender   remove   to   Individual j
plates and pour liquid over them. Place
a tablespoonful of sweetened whipped
cream on top of ench.
Steamed Date Pudding.���Beat up two
eggs, ndd two cnpfuls of cbop|ied suet,
two  cnpfuls  of   breadcrumbs,   three-
fourths of n cupful of sugar,  hnlf a i
teaspoonful   of   suit,   one   cupful   of
ItOOed dales  finely  chopped, one tea- i
spoonful of mixed spices uud one cup- j
I ful of milk.   Mix well together into a j
! buttered mold, cover with buttered pn- !
1 per and steam steadily for two und a
half hours.  Serve decora ted wltb whip- !
ped cream nud whole utoued dates.
Right In the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square, Prlee $1750.00, third cash,
balance six snd twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Mlss E. L. Reynolds has been appointed to the county treasurersblp In
succession to her father, the late William Reynolds, who held thu office for
many years. Since his death Mlss
Reynolds has been acting treasurer.
The appointment marked the termination of a struggle that has few
precedents, lt was made after a continuous sitting of the council from 8
o'clock Friday night till 4:15 o'clock
Saturday morning, and so keen was
the struggle that It required tir, ballots to settle the question, and eveu
then the weary councilors . accepted
the suggestion to make the   appoint-
'1   ' -4      . '
COAL MINING rights et the Dominies in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alherta, the Tukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and ln a por-
tioa ef tbe province of Brltlah Colum-
break a deadlock
There were four In the field for tho
position. Mlss Reynolds' appointment
carries with It a salary of (1200 a
ment for one year as a compromise to j hla, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
|1 an acre. Not more than 2,680 acres
wlll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district
ln which the rlghta applied lor are
In surveyed territory the Isnd must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ef sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for sliall
College   Students   Give   Their   Songs
and Yells on Leaving for Holiday.. ���
Toronto, Dec. 2:.���On board the International   Limited,   which   left  To. |
ronto at 4 o'clock yesterday were stu- L. 	
dents homeward bound fur tho Christ-!be staked out by the applicant
mas holidays from the Toronto Unl- j *���"���
vorslty, Queen's and Yale. Some time Kneh application must be accom-
before the train reached Hamilton tho��� taataA by a fee of IB whloh will be
students discovered the rival contln- j '���'ended If the rights applied for are
gents were on board and a veritable *���* S**ff'*L,��. but not otherwise. A
bable of university songs and college i'
yells followed
Although not scheduled to do so. th?
train was stopped at Burlington Juno
tion and from one end of the coach ln
stentorian style aud with a sense ol
his authority, the conductor quoted at
royalty sball be paid on the merchant
able output of the mine at the rata
of five eanta per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
aeoennttoc fer tbe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tba
length from the railway act, against ] rayalty thereon.    If tbe coal mining
 ... . .    ��� ������ . ' rii.t,tu   n.m   mm.   hat..   ..._.-. _-t ,_	
unseemly conduct In railway coaches
and especially tbe clause In prohibl
t'on of "itinerant musicians" pursuing
their "vocatious" on trains or ln
waiting rooms. The noise -was stopped.
sleeves, wide revers, which msy be
buttoned up to the throat, and Is made
in rnglan style.
With It Is worn a cloth hat trimmed
wltb a marabou stlckup. Nent but
toned boots of patent leather and
heavy silk stockings complete this
serviceable outfit.
Worth Knowing.
In drawing threads for Mexican j
work or hemstitching It saves mucb
time uud trouble to draw the thread
from Ihe middle of the space tlrst;
after this two tbrends. oue on cucb
side of tlie drawn one, mny be pulled
uuf at nnie.
A    turnover   i-ollnr    should    always
Iin vi- tun i in.v eyelets worked  in ibe
front edges no thai It will not become
', torn  When It Is pinned,    ll  Is liupos-
I slide  to pill  the collar lu exactly   the
same place each time, and it soon lie
. i-otiu-s  frayed and  ragged  looking un-
I less   the   eyelets   are   worked   Into   It
1 II'   pinned   through   llie  small   eyelets
1 llie collar pill will always lie straight
, ami   the   ends of   lhe   plu   will   cover
' llie  eyelets  so  thai   they   cuiinot   tie
1 seen,  iiiiii  the collar  wlll   lie   neuter
j anil wear much lunger,
'I'ii keep the replivr hall from slip-
I plug make a little bag frum n piece
of bright colored ribbon nr silk nbout
eight inches long and I .vl. e as ninny
Inches wide. Turn clicll end over nud
gather ll Into n small brass ring, leaving siifil-lclll space open In one side of
the bag tu slip lu tin- hall of vnrn
Sllteh a small pntent dress fastener on
either sen III above where llie hull rests
Tills Is to keep the hall In place und
prevent Hie continual nnnoyiinee of
the yarn slipping. The ling may he
Illlllll' in any size to lit smaller knitting
nnd crocheting balls. In which case
ns,�� n smaller brass ring for closing
cither uud of tlle hag.
Housawils  Attended   Church   Without
Neglecting  Her Culinary   Duties.
It  was  a   family   who   believed   in
church going and Sunday school.   The
house uiulher did  not  think  any  one
should  he kept  at  home to cook  the
Sunday dinner,  but It  was.  also,   her
. opinion that the Sunday dinner ought
���; to harmonize with tlie day nud le the
I best   of   tlle   week,   suys   the   Huston
i Cooking Scliool Magazine.   This Is bow
she managed It.
Ill tbe proper season roast turkey
wns nlways the prominent feature.
Tlie turkey was properly washed on
Saturday nlgbt mid the shilling pre
pared, (hough not put lu. Potatoes
could also he pared over night snd left
j to stand lu cold water. Ou Sundsy
I morning the turkey wns stuffed nnd
: put in thc oren wltb a slow Irs. There
i wns time to bnste It ouce or twice.
Tben tbe entire family weut to church.
Sunday scbool followed quickly on
the morning service, 'l'he daughter wns
s teacher; the mun of Hie house was
the superintendent All were luewlM-rs
of the school except the mother. Site
went home directly, put on Hie Store
drafts snd soon bnd the turkey sizzling, with frequent hustings, nad sli
the better for tbe slow. Initial linking.
The potatoes were ready to i-ookl It
took lint a few minutes to prepare another vegetable If desired. 'The cranberries bnd been stewed or Jellied on
Saturday. The coffee was mixed iu
Though the dessert wns an Importnnt
I fell ture, there Ih little need to mention
It. Kverybody knows that inliiee pies,
or fruit puddings, or Jellies enn lie pre-
pared days ahead of time. There was
only the table to lay, and everything
was ready lo serve when Hie others
returned from Sunday scliool. A de
llcloiis dinner, nml It did not socio to
require nny grent exertion either.
In Memory of Titanic Victims.
London, Dec. 23.���Two memorials
for Rev. F. C. Carter, vicar of St.
Judo'B Church, Bridewell, nad his wife,
who perished In the Titanic dlsnnter,
were dedicated In St. Jude's Church
Savea the Linen.
If you wn nt .vour linen to wear well
trv this plan: Instead of folding tablecloths nml sheets lengthwise, us Is
usually done, fold them the other way
occasionally, ns tliey last far longer If
the folds nre sometime* clmnged In
this wny than If always folded In tbe
same place.
Senator Operated Upon,
Washington, Dec. 23.���Senator Lee
Ovorman, of North Carolina, who was
operated on here SaturiHv for appendicitis, was reported tr l a very good
by his physicians today,
Balm For the Sick.
For nn ever ready uud convenient
shield for the gas In n sickroom, or
wherever you wnnt yonr eyes shielded
from the glare of the brilliant light,
tnke n condensed milk can, cut about
one third of the side out. ulso n smnli
piece of tbc bottom, cut ncross corre
spundliig Willi the piece cut from the
side licinember. the top must be cut
entirely off smoothly wltb the can
opener. Then bend thc sides bsck
slightly, rounding the corners with the
opener or shears llore a hole In the
bottom of Ibe can the size of the gas
burner, slip It over, letting it lie tight
enough to la* stationary, pulut II green
Many should be Ihni'kfiil for this siig
geslliin when they remember how. In
cases of illness, they would try to improvise a shade out of paper to take
the glare from Ibe fever burned patient's eyes. Always keep In convenient plnce for Immediate use. Your
sleeping babe would sleep mora auiet
ly If Its eyes were shuded
Pram the captain of industry to tbe
bod carrier���from milady in the auto to
the woman wilh the scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of ne
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a man can give tbe best |
that is in him. When bis stomach fails, |
he becomes a weakling.
To tbis loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human mind and body.
Na-Dra-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. They
go to tbe assistance of tbe weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate and get tbe
benefit of the food eaten. With this
assistance, the digestive organs regain
tbeir tone, and soon tbe use of thf tablets
is no longer necessary.
If yenr stomach is net working pre-
perly, tiy Na-Dra-Co Dyapepsia Tablets.
Soc at your druggist's. National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, limited,
Montreal. m
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at leaat
onoe a year.
Tbe laaae will Include the coal mining rights only, but tbe leasee wlll be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface righta may be considered
necessary for the working of the mtn*
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
sbould be made to the Secretary of
tba Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Ageut of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.  D���Unauthorized publication of
i this advertisement a III not be paid
I for.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables ln the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
It'e the Work.
Use Your Phona.
Tenders wanted for supplying
School Desks (single;. A sample must
be left at the Secretary's ofTice. Tenders must be al the Secretary's office
by noon ef Friday, December 27.
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
(277) New Westminster, B.C.
*28 Clarkson Street       ���   Phone OO.
Eighty Ricmi, New and Modern.
The mest comfertable rooms ln tba
elty. Hot and Mid water and steam
radiator In each. Bar aad Bret claaa
aafa ran la connection.
Car. Frant and Begbie St   Phene ISS
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. Sth and Columbia.
Phene R524 til Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetreugh Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceoepeolo, Stpttc Tanks. Eta.
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
Ths News hefoM
snd mske complaint. Only ln this way
may an efficient delivery be main-
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
<s   Lnrna  Street.  New Weetmlneter.
Guelph, Dec. 23.���The County of
Wellington has the honor of being
among tbe few municipalities of Ontario which place no bar upon sex ln
filling of responsible positions.
Special Holiday
JAN. 3. (All dates .Inclusive. i
... .Trains leave New Westminster for Cliilliwack dally at 9:30 a,m���
1:20 and 6:10 p.m.; for Huntingdon at *':06 p.m.
For detailed timetables and further particulars concerning the
special excursions enquire at the tloket office, B. C. Electric Block.
*^ TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1912.
Prisoner Saye Hs Entered House to
Wait for Friend���Prisoner Had
No Witnesses.
Bert Jones, after pleading not guilty
to tbe charge of entering the house
of James S. Rundle at Aggaslz during
November, with Intent to commit
theft, was sent down to the penlten
tlary on a two years' sentence l>>
Judge Howay in the county court yes
The accused told a story to the ef
feet that he had entered the house
to wait for a friend. This evidently
did not take with the court, however,
as his honor, In passing sentence, de
dared lf it had not been for the tale
told by the prisoner he would have
been Inclined to deal leniently.
Mr. L. A. Agaslz, justice ot the
peace and coroner of Aggaslz, wan
called ss a witness and stated that
he had found the prisoner ln the
bouse of Mr. Rundle and had arrested
Mrs. Ranchaux testified that she
had seen Jones loitering around the
house. No witnesses or counsel appeared for the accused. Mr. W. F.
Hansford was crown prosecutor.
Iroquois Falls, Historical Spot,
Cobalt, Dec. 23.���Boutly and Summers, engineers, are now making surveys at Iroquois Falls on the Abltlbi
Kiver to ascertain the amount of land
that will be flooded when the hug",
dam proposed for the Abltibt Pulp and
Taper Company Is built next summer.
Aa soon ns tbls work is completed a
gang wlll be put on the ground dealing the large area to be flooded, whicii
will give the Abltlbi and IU tributaries, Including Driftwood River and
Black River the appearance ot larg.<
streams. _
Tbe dam to be built will affect the
Black River for 22 miles, or back an
far as the town of Matheson on the T.
and N. O. Railroad. Along the BlajA
River lt Is pot likely that the country
will be flooded, as the banks for the
larger r��rt cf the way are very high.
At Iroquois Kails there ls now a drop
of 40 feet In the river, with an island
In the middle, making an Ideal spot
In Letter Written at Age of 24 Em
peror William   Roasts System
Praised by Von Mcltke.
Berlin, Dec. 23.���All Germany ls dia
cussing a remarkable attack mode by
the kulser at the age of 24, ln a letter which he wrote to a former schoolfellow, on tbe Oerman educational
system then In vogue, especially with
regard to the German "Gymnasium" or
Latin school.
Bitter memories of school life arc
suggested by the writer's utterances -
he was ouly plain Prlnco William
when he made them���relating to the
long hours and pettifogging and pedantic spirit of the classical educatlou
as tt Is generally administered in Germany It Is only recently that official
ommon here has allowed itself to
question the excellence and outright
superiority of the system.
Official opinion has heretofore been
largely based on Von Moltke's f unous
llctntn that "the Prussian schoolmas
ter had made Prussia," and It woulu
be Interesting to know what tho Iron
field marshal would have had to say
about Prince William's iconoclastic
opinions, which were written whou
Von Moltke was still alive.
Letter Now Published.
. The letter Is reproduced ln a book
from the pen of Prof. Paul Melnhold
entitled "William _ II., Twenty-five
Years Empercr ahd King," a biographical work just Issued In anticipation of the kaiser's jubilee, which is
to be celebrated next year. Here ls
the most decidedly outspoken passagr
of the letter:
"So at last someone has been found
who Is willing to take an energetic
stand against the most fossilized ot
al systems, a syBtem that ls calculat
ed to destroy all spirit ln the scholar.
/ subscribe to every word you say. I
am fortunate enough to have been
able to convince myself of Its harmful
working on the youth of the land b-
two and a half years' experience of It
myself. Of the 21 scholars in out
class 10 wore glasses and three of
these had to wear an extra pair when
they went to the blackboard. Homer.
the master of the poets; Horace. Demosthenes, whose speeches should Inspire everyqne who rends them���bow
were they Interpreted? With Bn'rit
nnd enlightment?   Far from It.   W'th
for the building of the dam and a pos-, , .       ,
albility for thc development of a largo|ffJJUSS? i'^tf^lSfiSL^0**!
amount of power. ' *      ' " *
B. C. Electric Carries 22,000 Passen-
gers on Central Park, Burnaby
and Chilliwack Lines.
All records an regards Christmas
traffic on the interurban lines of the
B. . E. R. wero swept off the boards
on Saturday last, a total of 22,000
persons being carried on the Central
Park, Burnaby Lase, and the Chilliwack lines alone. The figureB of
the Lulu Island branch are not available.
In addition to this 22,000 the six
city lines carried over 10,000.
Every car in working order was
pressed Into service;' und, alhough
during the rush hours, tbere was a
Leading   Team   of   English   Football
Makes $4500  a  Game���To  Accommodate 150,000 People.
It has long been a reproach to England that there Is not a ground to
compare with that ot the Park club,
Glasgow. Twice between 120,000 and
130,000 people have watched tho heroic battle between Scotland and
England on Hampden Park's elopes.
No arena n England Is capable of
accommodating .100,000 spctators ln
euch a manner that tbey can see. But
Fred Rlnder, the chairman ot Aston
Villa, cherishes the ambition of removing this reproach.
Tbls  gentleman, an  lmorlaut official of the Birmingham Corporatiou,
little "crowding  of  the cars  running  lB completing his twenty-first season
out of Vancouver, the traveling pub- j aB one ot the controllers of Aston Vil
lie made very little kick, In fact
much favorable comment was made
of the service.
The Central Park line, using the
new cut-off, carred the most passengers, 19,000, and the double track
prevented any delays which would
have doubtless occurred had the
single track between Highland Park
and Twelfth street been in operation.
Two changes will be made on the
new cut-oil Une during this week. The
stop at Fifth avenue will be eliminated and two additional stops will be
made at Fourteenth and Sixteenth
This was decided upon yesterday
owing to thc fact that the people residing near Fifth avenue are within
easy reach of the new stops and tbe
lay of the land will make these more
Another new stop will be made at
Macpherson street, Burnaby, near
Fraser Arm, and, when the statlou Is
built there, it wlll be called Prenter
In the work of clearing the country
necessary for the beginning of the
work the pulp and paper company is
giving work to settlers in every instances where It ts possible, thus enabling those who have taken ud land
In that vicinity to have a good Income
during tho winter months.
Iroquois Falls Is a name which date*
back manv years. Nearly a centurv
ago the Iroquois Indians, at war with
the Cree-". penetrated the ccuntrv.
and paddling down the river were surprised s�� the portage by a band nf
Crees, and 200 of the Iroquois were
driven over the falls to their death
Man Has Changed Considerably Since
the Prehistoric Days.
London, Dec. Ba.���One of the most
important prehistoric finds ot our
time aud one which is causing great
excitement among scientists has been
made in Sussex.
A few weeks ago men quarrying ln a
deep gravel pit turned up a' human
skull. It was ln fragments, but there
was enough of it tor tbe experts to
form a conclusive judgment. It turns
oftt to be the skull of a paleolithic
man and is by far the earliest trace of
mankind that bas yet been found In
It dates certainly from the beginning of thc Pleistocene ported. It
was found in association with the
bones of one of the most ancient types
of elephant. The.stratuan in which It
lay was the beach o^a very old river
There ts no doubt at all of Its authenticity. The skull belongs roughly
to the same age aa the famous Heidel-
burg skull, and ls quite as early aa
anything which bas been found ln Eu-
The skull resembles the Neanderthal specimen, but belongs to a much
lower and more primitive type of mankind even than that. The experts
have boen able to come to a definite
Judgment as to the kind ot brain once
housed ln these amazing bonea it
was certainly a very different brain
from that possessed by any living
Tho experts win not venture an
opinion as to the date of the Sussex
mnn, but most probably he lived mil
Hona of years ago.
London, Dec. 28.���Theodore Watt*
Dunton, poet, and friend of an even
more distinguished poet, ^wlnburne.
bas been beautifully Uken In by a
���West Bnd book dealer.
He wae particularly anxious that His
extraordinary collection- ot Swinburne
books and manuscripts should not pass
into tho hands of tho dealers, preferring to eell them to a collector. Therefore when recenUy a pair horse car
riage drove up at "The Pines" at Put
ney, where Swinburne lived and Mr.
Watts-Dunton still resides, and a quiet
unassuming gentleman with a slight
American accent, wbo said he wae an
American book collector very analous
to buy Swinburne relics, alt��*t��d Mr
Watts-Dunton was more than Pleased
The "American" bought everything
that was shown to Wm, paying good
prices. Expressing bis d��H��M. he re*
tired, to return���not to America, nut
to his West End book shon.
The rest ot the poet's collection Has
been sold en bloc to a well-known collector, Mr, Watts-Dunton not taking
stny further chances.
Prince Arthur's Visit.
N Ottawa, Deo. tt.~K report from
New York to the eftect that Prince
Arthur cf Connaught will be in Can-
ada to mend Nose Tear's with the
Duke and Duchess of Connaught. is
denied by Colonel Lowther. military
secretary to His Royal Highness. He
eays there ls ho foundation for the
fanaticism of the philologist everv
syllable was dissected and examined
until one hs^ quite lost the wish to
look fer the real contents, One could
weep over It.
Calls Essays Nonsense.
What trouble the Greek and Latin
essays cost us and what nonsense
*,,,*/ were! And the results! If one
had r��ad Horace all bis spirit disappeared through the very terror of the
mind. May we be freed from sucb
stupidities! i war to the knife on
such rdi-cnt'on! The only result of
Ki-ch irethcds is that the youth of to-
day lenrn the grammar and syntax o(
C,rf**x better than the Oreekn learne-'
it thfnselve* and~~that thev know th?
generals and halites of the Pun.'
wars and even the rosHlons of the
if/vis, but know nothing about r**e
battles "f tho Seven Years' Ws*. not
to mention the campaigns of 1866 and
"As-fnr the phvslcal effect I *-���
milto convinced thnt. the afternoons
ShorM nlawys be free. Gymnastics
should be a pleasure for the youth nf
tt-�� Hav; rnrlng tracks with obstacle?
would be nf some purpose, ln plac�� nf
the stuntd class outing In hlack
jackets n-lth elegant canes, let us hav
on��� t* driH nnd field service, even snme
sham fighting. When they are alone
these scholars are much too blase to
take off their coats and turn up tM��
youngster Takes $17 From Mother's
Bureau to Give Santa Claus.
Brockton, Mass., Dec. 23.���Fearing
tbat Santa Claus would not lmv\.
mt,ney enough to buy all the presents
he wanted, eight-year-old - Georgle
Cove tcok a bundle cf bills from hi.-;
mother's bureau, trudged down the
street to where a Santa Claus collecting funds for a charitable institution
stood, and dropped the bills down the
chimney of Santa's coin box house.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cove missed
the money and the police were notified. Shortly after little Oeorgie be
gan telling wliat he expected for I coming Year
Christmas. His father advised his sou
thru Santa Claus could not get all that
tor ono bo}-.
"Oh. yes ho can," said little Georgie
"I glved him the money so he could;
An  Investigation  followed   and   817
was returned by Santa on the corner.
la. Mr. Rluder has a desire���worthy
of him and his club���to equip the Aston lower grounds, which the club
now owns, so tbat 100,000 folk can
see a football match.
He docs not want lt to be said that
no first division club bas a ground
capable of containing the crowd tor
the English cup final. ThU scheme
wuuld mean the expenditure of $75,-
000, and alterations of an -extensive
kind. But they need not be proceeded with all at once, and much depends upon how Aston Villa fare fi-
flnaucially daring the next few  sea-
At present the club is making
money at th rate cf $4,500 a match,
but the Villa was always an expensive club to run, and, therefore, it is
necessarly that they should make
money freely. When Mr. Binder
makes up his mind ln regard to a project he pursues It steadfastly to the
end, and probably he will ln this instance prove quite capable of carrying his plans to a successful Issue, as
he did the purchase of the ground.
No man had a firmer belief In the
capacity of Mr. Rluder than the late
William McGregor, who had the best
opportunity for judging.    Mr. McOre:|
gor used to say of Aston Villa's chair-j
"He is a clever financier. No one
can quite know what he is doing until is is accomplished. He Is sure to
buy that freehold estate for the Villa."
And he has.
But this time we do know Mr. Rln-
der's deeination. Let us hope that
he wlll arrive, as our French neighbors say.
A new method of mining is bein?
Will    See    Important
Events Pulled Off n States.
New York. Dec. 23.���Should a raco
for the America's cup develop from
the visit of Charles C. Allom of Eng
land to thia country, the contest will
add one mere to the steadily Increasing liat of international sporting
events for 1013.
Pony polo aud yacht races with
England and Germany are already assured.    Arrangements   for a contest
Our Cut Prices on All Furniture Continue
Through the Holidays
practised in Oermany and otlier coal i between  Oxford and  Cambridge  ath
shafts that is  said to do away  with betas and tliose of Harvard and Yal?
dangerous blasting, wh'le also avoid- jbave been practically completed,
lng much of thc risk of spontaneous!   Three of the leading European pro-
explosion of coal dust. fesslonal  golfers,  including Ray,  the
Deep holes arc bored In the coal and Br'tish champion, are said to be con-
water is introduced into thein by pipe.; | 1Pmp'.ating a visit to America, and It
nnder heavy pressure. Tbe water | ts expected that an American motor-
finds Its wav through the coal fissures i boat fleet and an American tennis
and opens them up until the mass Is heam will go to England to recover the
loosened, when It Is readily removed | British International and Davis cups,
while wet without any dust or the in addition to these contests a
use of any tools other than a pick and | world's championship rifle shooting
shovel. j contest will take place next year in
 !  |the  Un!te(|  states,  while   a   British
GIGANTIC WATER TANK. {football team has been invited to visit
California next fall. i
course of their campaigns. 1 the contract may go to aest  year"i*
After the Battle ot Sedan the aged council for ratification
Emperor William, then King of Prussia, supped off a piece of dry bread,
seated on a ladder supported on one
side by a barrel and on the other by i
dead horse.
Bismarck used to delight in telling
At a recent meeting It was decided
to obtain information on tbe subject
before entering in to a contract. Several prominent bualneas men attended the meeting, and each favored a
further delay.   It was suggested tkat
. .The water supply system cf Calcutta
includes the largest water tank In thc
world.    It  covers an  area of about
But what is to be expected T  tw0 and a thlrd acres and the tota!
Therefore war   to   the knife on   this I wolRht when it ls full of water ls 72.
system!    I am ready to support  you
ln your efforts.'
Hanover, Dec. -23.���A somewhat serious accident occurred at the farm of
Mr. Peter Gletn, on the south line,
about a mile out ot town, yesteroay,
when a cutting' box exploded and seriously Injured Albert Klrstlne anu
Maru Kroaldart, two young men ot
the neighborhood.
Tbey were engaged in cutting straw,
the machine being driven by a traction engine, when, in some unaccount
able way, an explosion occurred, the
two young men being struck about the
head with fllyng missiles and rendered unconscious.
By a peculiar clncldence both men
received a gash In tbe forehead, extending from the hair to the eyebrow
which necessitated several stitches
Their faces were also badly disfigured
Both, however, are recovering.
Two other men were standing just
three feet away on the oprostte side o!
the belt, and, fortunately, escaped un
scathed. Tbe force ot the explosion
waa terrific, some of the knives being
sfeot through the roof of the barn.
Edmonton, Alberta, Dec. JS.���Pro
feesor Charlea Wolcott ls dead hew
following an illness ot several
months. He aame to Edmonton at
the time ot tbe exhibition In the fall
and was taken ill.
Professor Woloott's death was Ind.
rectly the result ot a fall of threr
thousand feet from a balloon in Soutl
America seventeen years ago: Prac
tically every bone in his body was
broken by tbe fall, and It waa neces
aary ln Uie operation' which followed
to lay bare the Spinal cord for a distance of nine Inches.
The case attracted world-wide at
tention at tlte ttme, and newspaper*
and magaslnes devoted pages to the
sensational fall and no lees sensational reqotery.
Bame, Deo. Jl.���The GlornaV d'lteta
publishes a sensational storythat a
Jroung anarchist, Henry Oalferro ol
Ban Giovanni, In Pftsleete, near B*
logon, who waa designated. by lot to
assassinate King Vlotor Htumanuel.
attempted to commit suicide rather
than earrv out his mission.
Ferro, e��>s the paper, Is now In a
hospital in a serious condition.
000 tons. There are 32 miles of steel
loist and vertical columns and bracings and In the foundations 20 miles
of sleel joists and tie barB. The cs-
paclty of the tank is 9,900,000 gallonB
of ������vater. Thc tank acts as a balancer
and to assist the pumps when they
cannot send sufficient water Into the
mains to meet the demand. During
the night hours, when the pumps provide more water than ls required, thc
excess quantity goes into the tank;
when the demand Is greater the water
from the tank flows automatically inte
the mains.
A Robber With N-.rve.
San Francisco, Dec. 23.���On a
crowded business street cn Saturday,
a robber tried to snatch from the ears
of Mrs. E'la S. Murray, a wealthy resident, jewels valued at $6000. A pedestrian Intervened, beating him off. As
a crowd gathered, the footpad drew a
revolver and escaped.   .
Brazil Buying Flying Craft.
Rio de Janeiro, pec. 23.���A b'll was
passed by the Chamber of Deputies
vesterday authorising the purchase of
three dirigibles and twelve aeroplanes,
and six hydro-aeroplanes and a bat-
terv of gutts to use on aeroplanes. It
is tho first nation in South America to
provide for an etenslve air fleet.
who ara presenting a staging, dancing and talking act on tbe holiday
program at the Boyal Theatre.
First New Westminster Troop, B.-P.
Boy Scouts orders:
1. Drills will ba suspended from
Wednesday, Dec. 25. until Wednesday,
Jan. IS, 1913, when all scouts will be
expected to parade to prepare for an-
nual concert.
2. Scout W. Murrison, having transferred from the Third Victoria Troop j
iB posted to the Bear Patrol with No.
63 from this date.
3. All scouts wishing to Join the
troop branch of the Scripture Union
may obtain Information about same
from the troop secretary. P. I*. Corbett. or Corporal B. F. Allen.
4. Scouts detailed for Christmas
Good Turn will parade at postofflce
Tuesday, the 24th Inst, at 2 p. m.
Dress drill order; no staves.
5. Scout L. Curtis Is granted leave
of absence for two months from this
the story of how when   foraging  for  the services of a capable engineer,
food with  two companions in an al-! connected with   the Hydro   Commie-
i most deserted village he came upon a j sion, be secured to make a report.
1 mjn from  whom    he procured    five | ���_
eggs.     ��� "       '    " '
Unable to divide five among three
he began  by  swallowing two;   tben.
calling  his   companions, shared   the i
three remaining  eggs  with   them-
truly Bismarckian idea of an equable,
Iy��ndon, Dec. 23.���The excellent
luncheon aud dinners provided tor
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria are In
startling contrast to the' spartan diet
with which other victorious monarchs
have occasionally had to put ujr in the
I Question May Not Be Settled During
Term of Present City Councll.
Windsor, Dec. 23.���The Windsor
City Councll of 1912 may pass out of
existence before the question of Niagara power for Windsor Is settled
The present councll has done something toward completing the arrangement for power, yet It is likely that
Women Must Have
helpat titttee, if they woold avosd
extreme l
superior   remedy   tor
known tlie world ower aad tested
through   three
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We WiU Show You Hew!
If you have Ideas���if yen ean think���we will show sou the secrete of this fascinatta* i
Positively uo experience or literary  excellence  necessity.    No  flowery language" la wanted. . .
The demand tor photoplays ta practically unlimited. The big ftln manufacturers are ilaeorlng heaven
and earth" in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They ara ol-
fcrring $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas,
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, sueh as VITAGRAPH, KDISON. ES3A-
Photoplays to thud.   Wo want moree writers and we'll gladly teachb you the secrets at aaeniaa.
We are selling photoplays wrltsn by people who "never before wrote a Una for p*ahttcatlsai
Perhaps we can do the same tor you.  If you ean think ot only one good Idea avory week,   aa
write tt out aa directed by us, and It sells tor only MB, a low figure,
Don't healtate. Don't argue. Write now and learn just what this new
and your future.      ���
1043 Broadway
-1 ���-���*. ������������ , PACK FOUR
Published every minla* except
Bunday by The National Printing and
Publishing tc, Ltd, at their office,
tt  McKenzie Streot. New  Westmln
Business Office  m
Editorial Office *91
By carrier (4 per year, fl for threi
months, or 40c per month.
By mall $3 per yenr. or tto per
No letters will be pubUahed in th ���
Kews except over the writer's slgna
ture     The editor reserves the rlgh1
t�� refuse the publication of any letter
In their announced Intention to
discontinue the opening of the banks
on Saturday evenings, the Westmin
eter institutions are acting In line
with Vancouver, while both cities are
following the course set by the whole
of Canada.
We have not heard of any serious
objection being made to this change
elsewhere, but in Westminster tne
Trades and Labor Council are bent
upon having matters remain as they
are, for they think that otherwise a
hardship would be worked upon the
labor men.
If any commercial enterprise can
he said to be run upon absolutely
business lnes that enterprise par excellence Is surely a hank. Consequently if the banks decide to close
on Saturday evenings there must be
a good business reason for bo doing.
There is, for It han been found
throughout the Dominion that the
opening of them does not warrant
the expense.
The extra hours of duty thrust up
on the staff just at a Ume when they
might be enjoying a little well earned leisure have to be paid Tor by
extra expenditure, and thc bill for
this alone at thc end of the year
reaches a very large sum.
The system itself appears to have
been originated by a bank which
gained a certain measure ol publicity
by catering to what it presumed    to
fourth  sireet   adjacent   to   bis   resi-
Mr. Kirkland states he Is taking
this step as a matter of protection to
the general public, ln his opinion thc
animosity suid to exist botween the
city employees and the gas company
has resulted la little care being taken
ln the opening up of streets on which
it is known gas mains nro located.
Mr. Klrkiahd's family, lt is stated.
suffered  greatly  from  the  escape of
gas from the street mains, every room
in bis house being filled wltb fumes.
Christmas Boxes.
In accordance with the usual custom the council mnde Christmas
grants to the following Institutions.
loyal Columbian Hospital, $100; St.
Vwv'f Hospital, $50; Providence Orphanage, $50.
City Clerk  W. A. DunCan rff'n'nllv
announced the result of tie poll on
the Arena rink plebiscite.
Present Report.
The committee which met the
Burnaby council in the joint sewerage
discussion, presented the following
resolution passed by tlie joint committee:
"That in the opinion of the Joint
committee, owing to the Importance
of the Sapperton sewerage scheme to
both municipalities, be lt resolved
that the tentative offer of the Burnaby council be accepted, viz.: That the
corporation of Burnaby submit to the
electors on January 18 a by-law authorizing the payment to New Westminster of such a sum annually as
may be round necessary to pay the
lntereet and sinking fund and a pro
rata share from time to time of the
cost of maintenance and such other
safeguarding, covenants and agreements as, in the opinion of the city
solicitor, may be necessary."
The resolution also stated that
Westminster would submit a similar
by-law to the city ratepayers, the un-
deriiU'idlng being that New Westminster should raise such a sum of
money as v. .mid be necessary to construct the servers and such agreements as might be ren'ilred to carry
out the arrungemi at with Burnaby.
The action of the joint committee
was endorsed by the council.
Grant Permission.
The Westminster Rink Company
were given permission to lay Its
pipes across city streets providing all
paving torn up was replaced. The
work will be carried out under the
supervision of the board of works department.
Was Not Clear.
H. Sydney Hancock, jr., consulting
engineer of Vancouver, writing with
reference to his letter of the previous
week, stated that his impression at
that time with regard to the contract
fcr the erection of the proposed new
gas plant  were somewhat erroneous.
Mr. Hancock also stated that if the
buildings were changed from concrete,
brick and metal roofing, to concrete
piers, structural steel, and galvanized
sheeting construction; the covering
of the mains reduced from 36 to 30
Inches, and the bond guarantee
selected Instead of his offer to build
the whole plant and test it for three
months before any payment was
made, he could reduce his tender $"0,-
After Killing Murderer  Lays Gun on
Bar and Quietly  Walks
Spolftt^bl. f6ec. 23.���Louis Nordelll,
an Italian, 21 years old, was shot twice
and injtantly killed in a crowded bar-
roopi ifcro today b.v (Julseppe Coco, .i
nan,19 yearB old. When can-
might in a hotel In Colfa,
a  61ne  given   by  a  railroad
.,.., ,jr, Coco said he shot Nordelll
becausfl Nordelll "had pestered him
all sutrimer when working on a rail
road.1' ,   ....
Afte/ the Bbooting thc slayer coolly
laid his revolver on the bnr and de-
spite thc presence of about 50 Italians
In thejfsalon he walked out of the
back cjoor and caught a train two
miles riitslde the city limits. The. police beueve the killing was the result
of,ft Dlick Hand feud brought to this
country from Italy.
e Curnaby Ratepayers
orse his Candidature.
BurnsHiy Lake, Dec. 23.���Unless another (indldate appears at the eleventh hokr, Councillor Fau Vel will be
elected So a second term at the coming elections by acclnmatlon. Yesterday Me received a petition signed
by sixty-one ratepayers of Burnaby
living IB Vancouver promising him
their stfcport and at the next meet
Ing of the Lakemere Ratepayers' Association It is likely thnt the present
incumbent will receive the endorsa-
tion of foat body.
Kdmonds. Dec. 23.���An order for
$10 a mek to be paid to his wife.
Victoriajriiompson, was made against
Walter Thompson tills meriting in police  court, in  a wife desertion case.
TlKTipson was also rdered to pay
the coot and find a surety of $500 anJ
n if'-nnsl bond of $500.
Leon Walachinlz was fined $5 and
costs for .assaulting Helena Breganska
at  Nortli Burnaby.
A Jap named Thickazo Koyanp,
fc.ind gililty of careless hbstlng in
North Burnaby. was mulcted to the
tune of $16.85, including costs.
, ... , , ,.,   . .   1000, or this sum  he suggested  could
be a public   need -aiid   a profitable j be pxpeml,,(, ���. ;iu,mion^ capaeity.
No mention was made as to   the
full  tender  price,  nor was this    dis-
source of business. Other banks fol
lowed suit and now we see the result
of the experiment
There are many other institutions
besides  banks which arc closed    on
closed  by  any member of the council.
Same as Vancouver.
Building Inspector    Turnbull,    and
Toronto, Dec. 23.���Dr. George Hodgins died shortly before noon today
at his home in this city. He was in
his 92nd "yMr, and had been known
as one of the most distinguished pub
lie servants of the province of On-
tario.,,-IJls fame as an educator extended hot only throughout the Dominion, but to/foreign countries, and
during his long career he was the
-eclplent ot many high honors in thc
world of pedagogy.
Without doubt the greatest
classical motion play ever witnessed
here, "Ab You Like it," should tax
the Edison theatre to Its full capacity
the remaining matinee nnd night of
its run In this city. As Rosalind, Miss
Coghlan glveB an excellent portrayal
of that difficult role . In Maurice Costello, as Orlando, we see a familiar
flgure In fresh territory. "As You
Like It" will be shown at the Edison
theatre this afternoon and evening
for the last time.
__, flve million dollars of gold last year,"
he stated, "und will do better this
"Yukon ls now turning Its attention to quartz mining, which Ib a
comparatively new preparation for
the north country. We need a big
development company and we expect
to get this company this coming year.
We have already two of tbe biggest
companies  In the  world  of mining."
At the Royal theatre Ib Been one of
the best vaudeville programs ever
put on In this city, each act being a
whole show In itself. Besides the
vaudeville the usual reels of motion
pictures are thrown on tlie screen.
The present program will run till
Gets Three Years In Penitentiary for
Edmonton, Dec. 23.���In the dlBtrict
court thia afternoon,, James Ward
alias Henry WIlBOn, pleaded guilty te
having four wives. Two of these were
in court while another Ib III tn a hospital here and tlie fourtli reaides in
On the -first bigamy charge he was
given thrJBe years in the Edmonton
penitentiary and was taken from the
court sobbing and moaning.
Dr.  Thomson,  M.P.,  Wants  Wireless
Telegraph Installed and Mortor
Car 8ervlc��.
Ottawa, Dec. 23.���Dr. Alfred Thomson, Conservative member for the
Yukon, haB arrived in the ctty and
will remain in Eastern Canada until
tho end of the Besslon. Dr. Thomson
made a start from Dawson City for
Ottawa early ln November, but his
steamer was held up and he ex
perlenced Bome difficulty in getting
to Ottawa, having to go around via
" Dr. Thomson while in the city will
press a number of Yukou demands
t.-jQii the government, including a request for the early installation of
wireless telegraphy aud overland automobile route from Dawson City to
White Horse. He will also ask the
government to go in for an advance
policy ln regard to the development
of mineral resources of the Yukon.
Dr. Thomson is pleased with the
prospect of the  Yukon.    "We  mined
Saturday 'evenings   and   the     public Pire Chief Watson reported that they
manages  to get along very  well  in ha<i  examined n number of theatres
deed.   ,n the ai, absorbing pursuit of S^^at^
the dollar it iB as well to remember flre exits and   seating arrangements.
tbat people need a rest some time,
and, whatever the bank authorities
think or tbe labor men think there
is one section of the community who
wll) be decidedly thankful for the
move, and that ia the bank clerk.
fmploy un mm ON
���Continued from pag�� one)
tract  has  been   accepted   under   the
above conditions.
Routin . Business.
Tlie following recommendations oi
the board of works department wen
'I nat the request of J. WrathaJl and
K. Harrison for the opening up of thu
10 foot lane from Craig street to Colby street be granted as these parties
have i,o other possible way of gettuig
to and from their property as Colb)
street does not connect with Holmes
Street    ICsthnated cost $60.
That a live foot sidewalk bn laid
on the south side of Duncan avenue
from Fumes* street to Mercer street
Estimated cost $215.
That a four foot sidewalk be laid
cn Nootka street from Columbia stree.
wesl    Estimated cost $i2!>.
Thai the four foot sidewalk on thi
West side of Carroll street be extend
cd to Cumberland street
���cost  $1JI1
The by-laws were being contravenea
in both cities it was stated, however.
The building committee will deal
with the rcport.
Stay Open Sunday.
W. Brown, proprietor of the B. C
E.  R,  depot  refreshment stand,    re
quested that he be given thc privilege
to sell confectionary, fruit, etc., and
of serving sandwiches, coffee and soft
drinks on Sunday as on that day   it
was  necessary    to    attend    to    the
checking of baggage, etc.   The appli-,
cation was referred to the police com- ]
mittee  to act upou.
Plans of the Nanaimo street widening scheme were approved on the rec-
comendatlon of the city engineer.
The R. A. & A. Society waB granted the use of the council chamber for
Its annua/ meeting.
Young  Man's  Death   Results    in    In
vestlgation Into Illicit Selling
of Drug.
Labor  Administration   Wlll   Find   Going Hard In Coming Battle-
Trusts an Issue.
Alclboume,    Australia,    Dec.    23.���
IWith the cloBe of the Australian par-
Estimated   llament  Saturday   members are  busy
In  their constituencies getting ready
...'!.', '..',^P"''*,110" ��' Munshi Ran; 'for the  April   election.    Tho  govern-
��� ment chances for returning is Baid to
!>o good, but thc battis will be bitterly contested.
The Liberal party during the last
. three ytars of labor administration
i has been forced to adopt methods of
Thai the Western Canada Power Co ttie Ijibor party in preparing a solid
be given ths positions ror tlieir pole 'platform to which evory candidate
lines for McBride boulevard and Col i would be pledged. Their platform,
umbla street but they must net th. ! judging by that of the Btate Liberal
positions on 4th avenue from the cit> j party's will be strongly democratic
electrician. and not a great deal  more coiiBerva-
That   as  sidewalks  ennnot bo  con    live than their opponents,
���tructed at Itraid and Colnmbia street-       The coming election carrying with
owing to the position o! the B.C.E.K    It referendum  on   the nationalization
'/or sidewalk on Btulej street t*ulu
sllanil, be granted lrom Bwen avenue
to Blakel) street Estimated coil $8u
Thai loth street be cleared from
4th avenue to the river as per appli
cation r f  Mr. Crane.
Paris, Dec. 23.���An Investigation
into the .Illicit sale of morphine in
Paris. Vilf'' be Tiaatle ss a result of
the\ tH?8th wrg yesterday from the
use of'-the "oru'g by Rene Blchet, a
poung man who recently was ap-
pofnt'eft^Wifteti'Bor of French In the
Royal Academy at Budapest.
The authorities are convinced that
an aggressive campaign must be
waged in o,rder to combat the grow
ing craving for morphine In Paris.
The vt<jel 18 Baid to be at its worst
among the young women frequenters
of the nigljt cafes and dance halls In
the Montpiartrie district and ln collegiate- circles in the Latin quarter
The pollce are in possession of
astounding statistics relative to the
spread ivf th" morphine habit. The
newspapers tlalm that the craze for
the drug has reached terrible pro
portions ,iu tjie higher normal college of which- lean Bourget who is
charged with having hypodermically
administered the drug to Uiehot. Is
a student. Bcurget is charged with
homicide.       -��
Presented  by the Vitagraph  Company, with Rose Coghlan as Rosalind.
Kllborne, a poac.ier, Is loved by
Rose, a daughter of an old charwoman
whose cabin In the midst of a dense
forest Is Kilborne s rendezvous. Although Rose has often saved Kilborne
from the hand of the law, brutal treatment Is her only reward, for Kllborne
is in love with a farmers' -daughter.
He is being tracked by the gendarmes
and Rose, suspecting that he is at
the farmer'B house, hurries there to
warn lilm of the impending danger.
The police arrive at the farm Immediately after her and surround the bouse
When Kllborne steps through the door
he Is ordered to surrender. He refuses. An officer raises his gun and
fires. Rose steps in front of Kilborne
as the shot rings out and receives
the bullet In her heart As she
breathes her last Kilborne weeps for
the first time in his I'fe and realizes
the depth of the love he never recog-1
AL. W, an.l.IS  manager.
Christmas Program
Earl  and  Thelma
Phun���Pholly��� Phlllosophsy.
Something   New
Something   Different.
Vaudeville's   Fashion   Plate.
Dancer    and    Chic    Singing
Ventrlloqull   Novelty.
Fun for the Kiddies.
Matlnes  10c. and 20c.
Night    10c.  and   25c.
Children 5c. and 10c.
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linoleum and blinds. Lease if
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8-room house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
5-room houBe, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
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Exclusive Designs
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Leckie's Boots and Ahren's 8choel 8hees.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
���waiting room, the ll.O.K.K. be giver,
permission to put the waiting room on
tbc  opposite  corner.
That tlie council go over and In
Spect the ground in rnnnectlon wltl
.Plans No.,. .;���). ,\H2. .;.;���'. s���d G64, sub
.mitted    ll    ', I'.t,.    ���������';    ,    , .:    .   .-
More Gna Treble.
I   The   latest   phase   in   Hie   RU     v-
BBas   Coi'rii   v   -.'Cation,  appeared   It
���he shape of two notices ol d^magi
~Bre��emid ;.* ii-,. rounc-l bv Mr. Adjn
B. Johnston, on  behalf  of  the Wesl
minster r'��H Company aud Mr. C.  li
Prkland   of   403   Agnes  street.    Tie
company  elaim  damages for tbe
(llgent   opening  of   the    road    on
street and digging up and other
destroying   the  gas  mains.
r-The claim cn behalf of Mr. Kirkland
I that be and Mb family suffered In
les   owing   to   the  escape   of   gas
|ich is alleged to have been ca-nsed
ough  negligence of thi c'ty'B ser
lta    ln    opening  up  the nnd em
of the trusts operating in the Commonwealth together with federal control of trade and commerce and Industrial affairs will be one of unusual
Berne, Switzerland, Dec. 23,���Hundred* of workmen engaged In constructing the Montdor tunnel through
the Jura mountains between Italy
and France had a narrow escape
from death today when the pickaxe
of one of the workmen opened a
powerful subterranean stream.
The laborers fled before the great
mass of water which spurted up into
the tunnel at tho rate of ISO cubic
feet a second, flooding it and the
neighboring villages. The damage
done is heavy, but there were no
Denver. Colo.. Dee, 28.���Catholics I
who revel New Year's Rve will hear
from Father McMennniln, pastor ofj
the new cathedral hen-. There wiil |
be KPvU^rs-te all the Denver eafes I
to gatheriJl^fatinntlnn of the conduct I
of CafTiolfes. and publish their names
in a loeal Catholic weekly.
"New Year's scenes In Denver cafes
rival tlfc wantonness of nnelent
Rome," Ifntbar MrMcnnmin raid today. "If ttHc&Apry the names of those
Catholics who take part In them will
be published ln the Catholic register.'
The pastor.recently led the oppoai
tlon of Denvjtr priests to the various
form? of "|B|rianclng.
Westham   Island-Rov?r��   Came
Over for One Week.
On action was taken by the Senior
Soccer League del, gal. h al a meet
ing held in Vaneouver KM evening in
connective with the Werlha.-n Island
Itovers game of Saturday last.
Manaffljr (iraut, of the Hovers, pro
tested fM gatWe on the grounds that
it needefl; twenty-three minutes from
time whei darkness set in.
The question was laid over for one
week and the league secretary in
the meantime will get in communication witW^ltKp^owner of the gasoline
boat whichjtook the Rovers to Ladner
and which' broke down part way. Tho
Itovers a\fn' donfldent of there being
a roplay which will leave them In
the running for the National Cup,
...*. 4ssst*i**^*at*mt
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Supplying flowers is our business, and we will have them In perfection. Roses. Carnations. Chrysanthemums. Violets. Narcissus,
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Christmas prescind call on us, and let us show you our beautiful
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Eight More Lots
whjt? .*7^'-*
Just, because that Douglas road property is better
than anything in Burnaby today at the price.
What is the price ?
$425.00 to $600.00.
One-quarter cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months.
Well!  That looks good to me.  I'll go and see
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669
1 _���, .
footwork, Punches and a Great Right
Hand Body Smash, Make Him
the Pick of Hie Class.
; h( re Is one lad whim Willie
Klk iue hud better sidestep for a year
uv nu If Willie expects to keep his
title,     llie  boy   is Jack   Brltton,  or
< bicago. Tliere Is no better light-
wi ight in the world today than Brunei.
i his boy has been press-agented foi
months. Probably he has been press
agented too much, aud conservative
ring followers buck away from tbe
stories, but here Is one case where
Hie man deserves the praise.
.lucks    wonderful    footwork,    his
< lean, snappy manner of delivering
punches, and the way he boxes without apparent effort win the admiration of thu funs.
Secret of His 8uccess,
Brltton has one great punch that is
secret of his success as a knocker-out.
It is a right-hand body smash, delivered when sn opponent leads with his
I. ft band. Britton times tlie other
fellow's wallop, and when he lets go
with the left for a lead at the face or
head Jack drives his right with all tbe
force in hla body. And when the blow
hmds it has the crushing power of a
pile driver behind It.
A iiiiii li.ind punch Just below the
heart Is one of the most damaging
blows that can be delivered by a
fighter. Britton has this punch down
to perfection, and when it lands It
cauBei a smothered feeling around
the chest and paralyses the recipient
for the time being and makes him a
i irgel fpr the knockout punch on the
Differs   From   Packey.
Compared    to   Packey   McFarland.
Rritton'a  style ls entirely   different.
Hrltton Is Bure and deliberate In his
attack.    He seldom  misses, and   hia
blows, when landing, are as sure and
true as a' sharpshooter's bullet.
Britton seldom books with his left
hand, llo bluffs at missing a lead, apparently to get his opponent off guard.
Then a second later he wlll shoot in
Ills left glove as straight and aB hard
as an urrow from a bow. Tben again
Jack's footwork differs entirely from
Mcl<"arland's. Brltton sneaks In with
hls feet close together,1 seldom raising
thein off the floor, and always at a
distance from his opponent to get out
of danger by a step In or a stop out.
Feet   Set   Firmly.
Only when Brltton gets in close and
bangs away with both hands are his
feet In any way observed. Then one
will se that Jack's underpinning is set
firmly on the floor. His feet aro tn
the same position as a fellow moving
a piano or bracing himself against a
heavy falling object, lle bends hts
body forward wltb his head planted
on thc other fellow's shoulder. His
right and left gloves go faster than
the eye can follow. Then suddenly he
will step away, not covered, but wltb
liis hands In a roady position to hit
from any angle.
Brltton never covers his face with
his bands. He either slips his head
from a punch or steps out of danger
with his feet. Sizing Jack up from all
angles and with a cold-blooded comparison between him and wliile Ritchie, It looks as if he had only got
Ritchie to beat. He has a grand
chance to be the next lightweight
champion of the world.
New York. Dec. 23.���Jack Brltton
of Chicago outfought Young Abearn
of Brooklyn in a 10-round bout tonight. Britton was the aggressor but
many of his swings went wild. His
body punches were used to god effect. The Chicago man weighed 135V4
and the Brooklyn man l.'lfiti.
Thistles and Rovers Meet Tomorrow
Afternoon st Moody Park���Imperial Cup at Stake.
The only sporting fixture In the
city ('hristmus afternoon wlll be the
battle between the Hovers and the
VCaucouver Thistles in the first round
of tbe Imperial cup. Moody Park
will be the scene of operations and
from the talk around the city a bump
er crowd will greet the contestants
when they  take the field.
Both teams are well known on the
lower mainland as deadly enemlet
when It comes to soccer and the Rov
era are Just aching to retrieve theli
decisive defeats of last season In cup
tie battles,
So far this season the Westmlnater
boys have taken three points out of a
possible four from tbe Vancouver outfit and If the Inquiries to the players,
received ln the game at Ladner or
Saturday last, are not too serious,
the fans are looking forward to Man
ager (Irant's team to duplicate the
The kick-off ls scheduled for 2:15
o'clock, giving the enthusiasts time to
digest Christmas dinner before going
to see the game,
In Coming  International  Struggle at
Y.M.C.A.���Belllngham vs. Vancouver Friday Night.
Basketball fans throughout the city
will be furnished with plenty ot excitement on Friday evening at the Y.M
CA. when Belllngham and Vancouver
will meet th mortal combat for the
championship of the  Pacific coast.
For the past two years the two
cities have been playing each other
on their own courts with neither quln
tette gaining tbe advantage In the
long run.
Now. however, the managers of the
teams have got together and selected
this city as the balf way point and
whoever wins the contest, also takes
along the championship.       *
Basketball Is more of a winter
Bport In the American city than It Is
In British Columbia and from all re-
ports the Belllngham bunch will bring
a strong delegation of supporters on
Friday evening while special Interest
Is being shown In the Terminal (.'it;
as to the outcome.
Playing on a strange court, neither
team will have the advantage so that
those who have a liking for the indoor game will have the opportunity
of guaglng tbeir Btrength.
As a preliminary, the Y.M.C.A. of
flclalB have secured the Hustlers of
the City league, to compete with the
Y seconds.
Negro Pugilist Builds Club and Home
at Lake Geneva���Chicago Society
Chicago, Dec. 23.���The purchase of
a summer home and model farm by
Jack Johnson, the negro heavyweight
pugilist, in the exclusive millionaire
colony of Lake Geneva, ls to be followed by the establishment of a negro
club there, lt was announced today.
A number of acres at the north end
of the lake, In one of the most desirable portions of the colony, which Is
known as the "Newport of the West,"
were secured by option on Dec. 17, It
was stated today by W. W. Anderson,
a negro attorney formerly one ioi
Johnson's counsel. Anderson said be
would close the deal tomorrow.
The property will be owned by a
syndicate of ten negroes, men associated for the establishment of a club,
which will be known as the Lincoln
Social   Athletic club.
"It will be a nice, orderly and respectable place," Anderson said today.
"I do not understand wby there ls so
much  talk about  the  purchase."
Anderson said the property would
not be sold and that the club would
be established there. Johnson has announced his intention of making his
permanent summer home tn the
If either Jack Johnson or members
of so-called "social club" of negroes
attempt to establish a residence In
Lake Geneva they will find Mayor
Frank Autosky arrayed agalnBt them.
The mayor said tonight he would
confer with residents of the village
and take whatever action.they deemed best.
"I  don't think  either Johnson    or
any member of his race will establ
the'raeelves ln our midst," the mayor
said, "but should any of tliem; '. attempt such a move, I will take : the
case up with the residents. I suppose
the pollce powers would cover such
a case.
To Pitcher Louis Ritchie���Cub Star
Twirler Gets $1000 for Winning
Majority of Games.
Chicago, Dec. 23.���Pitcher Louis
Ritchie, of the Chicago Nationals,'
wlll receive a Christmas cheque for
$1000 from C. W. Murphy, president
of the club, for winning more than
60 per cent, of his games last season. Murphy promised Ritchie $600
if he would exceed that average of
wins ln 1911, but Ritchie missed the
mark by a few points. Murphy repeated the offer at the beginning of
last season and In addition said he
would make up the $600 Louis faifed
to secure ln 1911.
Four roomed flat in the Marjorlbanks Building on Begbie itreet,
close to Columbia. All conveniences'. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1. ...
Store on Begbie Btreet, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet
Possession about January 1.   Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street,    New Westminster.
Christmas Tree for Kiddies at Edmonds Presbyterian Church.
Edmonds, Dec. 23.���The Edmonds
Presbyterian church Sunday school
held Its Becond annual Christmas
tree and concert ln the Moreton hall
this evening. The room was filled
to overflowing by people who enjoyed an excellent program. Mr. AS.
V. Macpherson held down the chair
Following the concert presents were
handed to over one hundred Sundaj
school scholars from the large Christ-
was tree. .. ,
A vote of thanks was passed to
Mrs. Geddings ror the part she played ln staging the concert.
Quebec Harbor Commission Calls' In
Epert to Inspect Tendere.
Quebec, Dec. 23.���The Quebec harbor commission intend shortly to give
out tenders for the erection of a two
million bushel grain elevator on tbe
Louise Embankment. The engineers
have gone over the estimates and
finished their report, but the harbor
commission has called ln an expert
elevator engineer. Mr. Cookman
of Philadelphia, has come to Quebec
and carefully studied the tenders received. He submitted his report to
the commission which held a special
meeting today but a decision was not
For the late Christmas shoppers we are offering as
a special inducement to clear out our heavy stock
of Christmas specialties a 10 per cent, discount on
every purchase of 50c or over of the following lines:
Christmas Stockings, Christmas Crackers, California Figs in packages, Christie's and Chivers'
Plum Puddings in one and two pound tins, fancy
line of box Chocolates in %s, %s and ls, and
Crystalized Fruits.
Our shipment of Chocolates fresh from the local
factory just opening up.  These goods are made by
the Pacific Chocolate Company and retail at 50c,
$1.00 and $2.00 per box.
���\Cil\ IK1'
To Christmas Shoppers
vn   i ��� ���   '
-, ���: a <������������>
���(   lli-nii:
JUST ONE DAY���THEN CHRISTMAS. Today the real last rush ofjlfe Christmas shopping season ends. Our store will be open all day until our doors close at 12 o'clock at' night. Our store
will be packed with eager buyers. Although we have made every prepara|ion to cope with this rush
and to give to each shopper our usual efficient and attentive service, we Make these few requests to
our thousands' of friends: KINDLY SHOP AS FlARLY IN THE DAY "AS POSSIBLE. By doing
so you will make your shopping easy and convenient for yourself.   Now,mnember
��� ��� ���
SINCLAIR'S is the Gift Store or new
SINCLAIR'S is the Store of Quality a
"S is the riame which a
���   mm        w    "'
It iii iinil'l!'1'
value to your gift r
Speelflcatlona, agreements ot sale,
deeds, buslnees letters, etc; circular
work specialist All work strlstly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715.
u o. o. m, no. 854���Meets on
first, second and third Wednesdays
ln each month in K. ot P. hall at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, diotator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. 0. F. AMITY LOOGB NO. 17���
Th�� regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. 0. 0. P., le hold ovory Hon
day night at 8 o'clock la Odd Fol
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street Visiting brothers
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson. N.
Q.; R. A. Merrlthew, Y. O.; W. 0.
Ooetham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial seoretary.
CENTER ts HANNA, LTD.���Fuaeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.   Phone 993.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embalmer, 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegia Library
tS:60���Vanoouver via
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
snd McKenzie streets, Now West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phono 710.
solicitor and notary, 611 Columbie
atreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers'and Solicitors.   Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon   block.   New West
.minster.   Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters snd Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the tjlrd Friday ol
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) $16,000,080.0?
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches tbrougnout Canada ane
Newfoundland, am. In London, Eng
land, Ii.m York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Moilco City. A general
banking business transacted. Lot
ters of Credit Issued, available wltl
correspondents In all parts of thi
Savings bank Dtpattment��� Deposit!
recel"ed In sums of $1 and upward
aud Interest allowel st 8 por cent, pe
annum   (present  ratio)
Total   Assets  over   I186.OVO.000.00
O. IJ. BRYMNER. Manager.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods of all Kinds.   Tools especially.
���o Main ses Street, l'hone 1009
TWEEO.   IRISH   SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect   Fit and Workman-
shlip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
N. R.
tl:46���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver via B. C. B. R... T:4I
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R
(daily except Sunday).14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 11:16
11:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. E. R-
(daily except Snnday).16:M
tl: 00���Vanoouver vta B. C. E R
(dally except Snnday).tu:SO
16:0�����Pert Mann (dail/ exoept
Sunday) 8:45
1:40���Victoria via B. G. B.  R.
(dally except Snnday). 11.16
10:10���Barnston Islands arrtvss
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday. Wednesday
and Friday 18:1s
IS: IS���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Suaday).20:80
18 :��������Edmonds and Central
Park (dally exoept Snnday)   18:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:��>
18:10���Ahbotslord. Upper Somas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Snnday)   7:li
16:16���Crescent, Whlto Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Snnday) 8:46
16:16���United SUMS via Q. N. R.
(dally exceot Sunday)..16:W
��: 16���Hall's Pralrio, Fern fildge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 8:46
11:50���Sapperton and FraBer
Mills dally exoept
Sunday)  7:15
11:50���All   points   east   and Eu-       ,
rope (dally) 7:1��
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills    (daily      except
Sunday)  13:16
9:26���All points east and Europe (daily)    |13:lj
11:50���Coquitlam   (daily   except
Sunday)   7:15
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
���Edmonds (dally oxcept
Sunday)       11.16
10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Barr
Villa 18:15
13:00��� East Burnaiiy (daily except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:30
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday      	
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrovn, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vttle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Bar-
dls, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Bradner, Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally exeept
Sunday)    9:60
10:00���AnnioviHo   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .13:15
16:45���Vancouver,   Piper's    Siding     via     Q.     N.     R.
(dally exoept Sunday) ,.14:2f
7:80���United States via G. N. R
(dally oxoept Sunday).. 8. *��
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 17:��<j
11:20���Clayton   (Tuoeday, Thursday,   Friday   aad   Bat-
day       14:00
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Rolls
via G.  N.   R.   (dally except  Sunday) UM
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
vta B. C. E. R. (daUy
except Sundav)  17:8i.
S0:40���Cloverdale    via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:20
2:00���Fraser   Arm    aod    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:00
S A Sudden Change From Mis-
���       ery to Happiness.
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves  Vancouver   for  Vlct.rla   10
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves  Vanoouver    for  Seattle    lt
a. m. ant) 11  p. m.
Leaves Vaucouver for Nanaimo    3
Vancouver every Wednesdsy 11 p.m..
also Dec. 14, 2S, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves CliilliwacK  7 a.m. Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
H. W.  BilOWM,
G. P. A.. Vancouver
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
Tbe lianit has 350 branches,
extending in Canada from thn
Atlantic lo the Paolflo, in Cuba
throughout tlie island; also in
New Foundlsnd, Porto Rico, Ba-
bamas, Barbados. Jamaica, Trlii
Idad, Dominican Republic, Ne*
Tork and 1 nndon,  Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ei-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New WeDtminstsr Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,   Mjfr.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  186.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Strast.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Solp agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Water*
Manufactursd by
telephone R  11 J. Office  Princess tt
. ���
Wben Larry Donovan wae promoted
from footman to coacbuinn and moved
from a room over tbe stublee to a trim
cottnge with u One view ot tbo Hem-
steads' lawn be felt as if tbe summit
of bis ambition bad been reached, if
genlua Is a rapacity for hard work Larry couid well lay claim lo It, for lie
tolled early aod Irte wltb a pertinacity
which set blm blgb In tbe estimation ot
bis employer and eunbled blui to put
by a song sum by tbs time lie bad
been In American three years.
Tliere was only one tiling wanting
lo make Lurry's happiness complete,
and tbnt wus ibe presence of Kllen
O'Mcnra, wbo was already on her wny
from tbe old country. A month ago
Larry hnd sent tbe money tor ber
triins|Hirl iillon.
Ellen wns lbe belle of Rsllymornn.
and his winning her was to lie.viewed
In tbe light of u grent triumph. For
awhile it hnd lieen nip and tuck as to
whether she would mnrry blm or Tlm
Ken rny. Hut Ellen bnd chosen Lurry,
nnd In the IrtIrr* She wrote him from
lime In time tliere wus uo mention of
Tim Kearny.
"Slinre. her heart's all mine," said
l.nrry lo himself, and ns the dny of
Ellen's landing tipiiruacliMl his Joy became more nnd more Apparent.
Indeed, the wliole llemstead household took nn Interest in Ellen's home
coming. The servants knew her age to
a dot, that her eyes were as blue as the
lakes of Killarney and ber balr like
burnished copper.
The morning ot bis wedding dawned
clearly, and l.nrry wns tn Jubilant spirits ns he took tbe Long Island train for
New Vork. How Kllen would delight
ln their little cottage and exult In the'
surprise Hint her husband wan not a
groom, but n full fledged coaebninn!
Lurry boarded tlie Immigrant ferry-
boot, nnd It wus not till be bud rem lied tbe Immigration building on Ellis
Island thut be found tbe steamer on
wbicb Ellen wus coming wus a dny
A whole twenty-four hours to spend
without Ellen! l.nrry wandered disconsolately through tbe loug. bare bulls
of the building, stopping to look ut the
newly landed Immigrants In their cngr-
liUe compartments and thinking of the
time wben he had been like tbem.   in
one ol the halls a girl wns talking to a
| blue coated official and lilting her lips
] lo keep from crying.   Sbe was youug
| and slender with ileep gray eyes.
"I'm sorry," the official was saying
kindly, "but we haven't been able to
get any word ot the mint who was to
meet you. und you're too young n girl
to work alone lu the city.   It's against
tbe law.   It your mint doesn't come for
you you'll  have to go back to Ireland
to your own people."
"Kut they're nil dead," said the girl
"Rbure, there's no one belonging to uie
nt ali except this aunt in New Vork
whom I've nlver seen. An' if sbe
doesn't come for me"��� The girl broke
oil wilh a sudden sob. so childish, ho
piteous, that 1-arry, In spite of bis hap
pines*, felt his heart ache for her.
"It's u shame, it Is." be snld to blm
self. "A poor young bit of a tiling
like thnt! I'alth. it my Ellen was unit
here we might tblnk of something to
do tor the girl." And on bi* wny buck
to New iork Lurry delerrtiloed to
speak lo Kllen about tbe matter. Wo-
ni'Mi's wits neie in ll di better Until
men'* In sucb cases.
Next morning lie wns early at the
Island and instead of wailing tn the
Immigration building trumped up ami
down outside thut he might catch the
tirst glimpse ol tbe boat thut was
bringing Ellen to hlm. Presently lie
descried It. und bis blood meed ut the
ile stood us near ss he could to the
gangplank ami anxiously scanned llie
(peesof llu-Immigrants crowded on the
leek, hut Kllen'* was not among Ihem
I.nrrv w.-n tilled with an anguish of
apprehension. Then his heart leaped
lie Iind seen tlle glint of Ellen's red
gold hair. I'or an Instant she fineil
lilm, their eyes met. uud then she |lir 11
ed nuii spol c lo a man beside her lie
laughed ami pushed hack bis cup.   A*
liu did su i.arry recognised htm    li
Wits Tim Kearny     Tliey Wars coming
down  Hi., gangplank  now. ami   Kllen'
to dtl'ilil.V  herself, pot a  bare illlllll nil
tlie railing   Oil her fourth linger gleam
ed a plain gold Wedding ring.
I.arry was loo stunned to speak
IIHr.lll, he turned toward the liiimlgi'ii
tion litlllillug. lie knew not what to
(in nr where to go. The mockery of It
all swept over hlm-the fruitless years
of planning nnd working, llie little
house that lle had meant to lie ho hap.
py hi Worse than all. the shame of
returning alone smote hint to tlle
oiilck. Hut it* he stumbled on there
(lashed through his mind the memory
of the gray eyed girl ile llllll seen the
day hefore. She hud lieen so helpless,
vet so lovely In her grief. Somehow
the recollection ol her loneliness seem-
ed to draw hlm toward her hs If liy uu
Invisible bond.
"Slmre. misery loves compnny," he
said In himselt, "and If (be girl enold
only lenrn lu care for me 'II* Joy nnd
not sorrow might he in store for un."
lle quickened ids steps, tumbling In
his pocket for Hie letters with whloh
Mr. Heuistead hnd Invested hlm In
case he hnd trouble In proving Ills
right to Kllen. Tliey certified ss to
Larry's character nud errand beyond a
Child Dies From Burns.
St. John. N. I!., Dec. 2:!.���Viola Logan, four years old, was burned to
death aa a result of playing with
matches She was left alone in the
hotisn with her two-year-old brother,
who  waa  aljo  seriously   injured.
doubt nnd satisfied the middle aged official who run Ills eye serosa them.
"Well/" he suid.
The situation was n difficult one, and
It took Lurry some moments tn explain.
Finally the official threw back his
bead aud laughed. "We've bad e good
many rumanrea on the Islnud," he
cried, "but this beats nil! Still, as far
as I can see, there's nothing against
your marrying Ihe girl If sbe consents.
At present she's expecting tn be de-
liorted, for we're found thst ber auut
died some days sfter the girl sailed."
So Nora MacMaoua was called from
tbe women's detention room snd came
with a look of wonder, a wonder which
deepened ss she saw Larry,
"They're lelllng me you're from tbo
owlrt ood." said be. "and that ymir
name's Nora MncManus. Is It of the
Innlsbowan Mw-Munuses ye ere?"
"Ves," said Nora. Her voice wee ao
soft as the run ot a river.
"I wns at Innlshownn ouce myself,"
���eld Larry, end he weut on to spenk ot
the old people and the old limes.
Tilth, they're a great Imnd whin people are In a strange laud," he said.
Then Larry took both of Nora's bunds
at the aame time.
"Norn, girl." he sold, "listen to ine."
While he wus speaking she kept her
gray eyes Hxed nn tils honest blue ones.
Ue did not pause until he had told her
the whole story. "I've lost faith In
3ne woman," he declared, "hut not In
ill. And the little house hack there Is
lonely and empty, und my heurt���slmre.
It's lonely end empty too. Wlll ye come
ind fill It. Norn, ulann'f Wlll ye trust
me whin I tell ye that tiio longer I
'land here speuklu' with ye the more
I love ye?"
"It gives me n feclln' o' Imme to know
they bave the lllaruey stone In A inert-
rn." said Nora, a gleam of humor appearing in her eye.
"I'm no worse than nn aunt ye nlrcr
bnd seen," pleaded Larry, "nud I may
be some better. And the people where
we're going-rshure. they'll nlver kno>,-
but whut you're the girt 1 cnme here to
murry. There's such n things as love
at flrst sight, Nora, duriint. end that's
what's the matter with me this min-
nte. Ah, say, ye'll marry me, though I
know ye're nlver set eyes oo me before"���
"Oh, but I bnve!" cried Nora. "Vesterday In the hall"��� Bhe stopped wltb
a quick blush.
"Ab!" cried tbo delighted Lsrry.
"Tben ye did notice uie, my angell
Twas hardly n wink 1 got last night,
for your face kept buuntiu' me. 1
thought of what I'd heard ye say nml
bow lonely and hnrd It wus for ye, a
girl In a strange land."
"Did ye, now'/" snld Norn. 'There's
few would buve thought o' tliat." A
wonderful change passed over her face.
Her eyes softened. "If ye .think���It
you're still shure"��� She faltered,
groping for a word.
"Ah, Nora. Is It 'Yes' yo mean'/*'
cried the ecstatic l.nrry.
And Norn nodded.
So Larry nud Norn were married,
nnd the kindly official and the mntro,j
if the detention room were witnesses
if the simple ceremony. And It chanced that as he nml bis bride stood on
the deck of the Immigrant ferry they
cnme face tn face with Mr. and Mrs.
I'lm Kearny, also bound for New
"Norn, my denr." ssld Larry, "this
Is Mrs. Kearny. Mr*. Kearny, I'd lolke
to mnke vnu acquainted wltb my wife,
Mrs. Lawrence llonovnn." He shot n
"ilinrp look nt Tlm. "ls it on vour wed-
llu' tbrip ye nre'/" he questioned nnd
without wsltiug for an answer drew
Norn toward the Imw ot the Imat. so
that In going down the gangplank they
took precedence ot Mr. amt Mrs. Tlm
Kearny, who followed sullenly behind
ind were Just In time to see tarry cnll
i cab. hand Nora Into It and, Jumping
In nfter her, close tbe door wllb a victorious slam..
Ghosti In Penmanship.
"H  last  one  man   who ret need  to
Tive me a Job snld 'No' for a reason
(ImI   I   enn   appreciate."   ssld   a   man
wlio   bids  It   difficult   to   find   work.
"Ue would not have me because my
Handwriting wns nn exact cony ot hls.
I weat lu hlm excellently recom.
���ended snd the old gentlemen seemed
to like me. Imt he said he could not
���itnuil it lu lie faced constantly with
Ihnt reproduction nl hi* own writing.
"'It would be nearly ns spooky,' he
<aid. a* liailug a double In ttie office.
Mow, If yon could change'���
"Hill I couldn't. I bave lieen writing
Uli* wny for (Ittnen yenr*. and it Is
*ar I te tench an old clerk new trh-ka
In   penmanship,   so   I   lost   tlle   Job.    I
Ipderslnnd i-virtly how (tie old gentle.
nan (elt. I llillik It would hive got
mi my own nerve* to li�� lorever tinning   over   pages   Hint   I   < Idp't   tell
�� briber I or snipe imp else bail writ-
en."-New   \ ork   limes.
Food Value ot Ch*e��*.
The popular Idea thst cheese Is not
Welly or thoroughly digestible is a
lebision. lovesllcutl'ii's by the *>x-
iinlinent station e��per.* ot the ile-
iintmeiit of agriculture prove tint
���lieese ranks wilh other t/litnle ���������ml
,11'oducls in the Hiorou'.'liuess Willi
which It may he illirested nod that it
Is quite as easily digested n�� a coin-
inrulilp amount ol menl. Cheese Is
���iRed In small quantities for Its notli-
(Ive value as well hs lor Its flavor.
Compared niislytlcntly wiih iiimiv ot
>ur common food*, our American or
itiimlird factory cheese mil Its pieced-
ngly high. It contains nearly twieu
m much protein, weight tor weight,
is beef of average cnmnoslllon snd He
net vnlue Is more thnn twice ns grent
,t excels beef. eggs, milk, bread. |wits-
,.*����� nnd apples lu percentage of tst
,,,���1 lu fuel value and nil nf these but
hied beef In protelu.���Leslie's Weekly.
Killed In Mill.
Montreal, Dec. 23.���Four men were
killed in the sulphite mill of the Lau-
rentlde Paper Compnny at Orand
Mere lasl night, when one of the digesters blew up.
It Wss Too Much For Mr, Granger to
As soon as Mra Granger was fairly
past Mr. Compton beard en Irritated
"There, 1 knew itl" from bis wife and
turned to see wbat was tbe matter.
"She's juat aa provoked ne ebe cun be
to think that Mrs. Lombard and I
didn't ask her to go oot with us to see
tbe Williams baby," aald Mrs. Oouip-
tou. "Sbe thinks that it was ou account of her having said that abe didn't
flnd three-weeks-old babies very interesting when, of course, she'd make an
exception of Lena Williams' baby. But
that wasn't tbe reaaon we didn't ask
ber. lt waa because we decided all ln
a hurry, and there was Just time to
catch tbe train. She's made np ber
mind she wont propose our names for
tbe book club."
"How do you know she thinks all
these things?" Inquired Mr. Comptun.
"My denr. didn't you see the way she
bowed'/" asked his wife ln a pitying
"Why. yes." satd Mr. Compton. "1
thought sbe gave a rather more pronounced bow than most women do and
smiled quite brilliantly."
"Vou deur thing!" And Mre. Compton putted Ills coat sleeve. "Of course
she did. That's bow I knew exactly
what sbe was thinking." ��� Youth's
Very Smooth.
"Dn you happen to be traveling far,
sir?" began the inquisitive man to the
sober minded occupant of tbe seat opposite on one of tbe expresses from
New Vork to the wesL
"Ob. no; ouly to Chicago." replied the
grouchy one. "I am ln the dry goods
business. My uge ls thirty-six. 1 am
married. My name Is Thomas Brown.
I bare a sun nineteen years uld. He Is
in Ihe civil service. He gets $30 a
week. My father died Inet July. He
was on fhe stock exchange. ��� My mother ts still living. I have u niece witb
red balr. Our cook Is called Jane. Is
there anything else?"
The Inquisitive mnu hesitated. "Wbat
nil do yen use for your tongue." he Inquired slowly.���Fun.
She Knew.
An old lion vlvnnt who kept a fine
establishment received a visit from his
maiden nunt He took great pride In
showing her over the plnce and point-
lug out its many treasures. As n special favor be let Iter have a glimpse
of hls famous wlue cellar.
"You're the tlrst woman who has
ever set foot in here." he said.
"Gracious! I should say 1 was." sho
replied. "Why. the place is full of
Unduly Suspicious,
"Gwendolen, bnve you been out
driving with a young man?"
"Ves. auntie."
"Hilt he bnd only one nrm that he
could use, truntle: he had been vaccinated on the other one."
"Gwendolen, didn't you do the driving';"���New York Sun.
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for SL Paul and Kootenay
18:20 for Agnails Loeal.
19:55 for Imperial Limited, Mont
real and Okanagan points.
One and oae-third fare for tbe round
Ttekets on asle Dec. 21 to Jan, l.
Oood to return up to Jan, t.      ^��
For reservation and other particu-
lars apply to n
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W.  Brodie, O.P.A. Vancouver
vb I . I J ^ORED
T ��� * ��� ** SUITS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 79s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
845 Columbia Bt.     Pbone 1127*
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with O. T. P. Railway fer points Bast; alao with S3.
Prince John" for Stewart, Oranby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
RS. "PRINGB ALBERT" fer Prinoe Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd ot each month.
Tlokete to all Eastern destinations aad to Europe.
H. O. SMITH, O. P. * T. A. W. B. DUPEROW, O. A  P. U.
Phono Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     627 Granville Street
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Plpca      TANKS
P. O. BOX 442 TELEPHONE   324
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters or credit
sold payable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WIL30N, Manager.
Guess She's Right.
"The Idea of coming to tbe dinner
tnble with bnre iirms!" snld the father.
"Yon never knew your mother to do
such n thing, did you?"
"Why, yes, futher," snld the girl.
"Mother Eve always ate that way."���
Yonkers Statesman.
"Tnn will be the victim of a fatal
"Cood gracious!"
"Calm yourself. It won't happen until the eud of your life."���Pele Mele.
A Dead One.
W. R. QILLEY, Phono 122.
O. E. QILLEY, Phons 2BI
Phonee, Office IB and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Pres. and OoaL Mgr. Vlce-Preetdect. i Boo. aid Treas.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
Laggapl  Walter-Did you  ring tbe
bell. KlrV
IiiiiMith'ut Diner���No: I wns merely
tolling it. I thought you must be dead.
-Penny Pictorial.
Her Balance.
"Isn't Mrs. Coliibuuter's poise superb?"
"Yes, Indeed. Cojnliiinter told mo
3iice It wns her balance tbat tirst attracted him."���Judge.
Disappointing Reciprocity.
"Did sba reciprocate your sentiments?"
"With far too much precision. She
���ent me back all my letters."���New
York Press.
"Mannhnn makes me laugh. He'a
llwnys getting thins* twisted."
"True fnr ynu. Uo has a knock of
lifting tbe nail on the thumb."-Llfe.
Traveler���Is your father at bome?
Boy-Yes: ho Is over there with the
pigs. He's the oue wltb tbo cap on.���
Kun .Magazlue.
Bad Illinois Fire, e
Kinkakee, III., Dec. 23.���Flre attack-
nd today the local freight depot of the
Chicago, Indiana & Southern railway
and communicated to on adiolning
sterane warehouse, causing damage
estimated at $100,000.
Christmas Day Is Near
Only 1 Shopping Day
Buy  Now, and Buy in
New Westminster Shops
You can get everything
you need in New Westminster and you won't have
to pay any more for your
purchases than in any other
city oh the coast,# besides
saving a lot of time and
And, don't forget to do
your shopping early. ITUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1912.
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Christmas Suggestions Por Buyers:
-Velour Hats in
j- mckevi���Richardson & Humphries   	
Baron     Hardinge     Had     Marvelloue
Escape���Indian  Prince* Angry
at Disturbers.
Delhi, India, Dec. 23.���Baron and
Han.in vi Charles Hardinge, viceroy
and vicereine of India, miraculously
escaped assaslnation by a native fanatic today while making their ceremonial entry Into Delhi, the new Imperial capital of India.
The splinters of the powerful bomb,
which killed one native attendant and
injured another, penetrated tbe back
and shoulders of the viceroy, and he
was also wounded in the neck by the
Kcrews with which the bomb was filled, and v, lilch passed through his helmet. The physicians who removed
the uk tal splinters from the wounds
��� lie!.,red it was marvelous that the
viceroy escaped fatal injuries:
i..nly Hardinge, immediately after
the eploslon, nsked her consort if he
was hurt,   lle replied:
"I ara all right   Oo oa."
"We cannot. There Is a dead man
The elephant on which they were
riilinj? halted and tho viceroy tried to
st.'imi up, but reeled and fainted, and
the officials who gathered about him
luid much dlflculty in removing him
froni the elephant's back. The how-
dah ln which he and Lady Hardinge'
had been seated was blown Into
matchwood. ' ���
The viceroy will soon be able to
leave the hospital for the vlce-rogal
The umbrella bearer who was killed
liad acted ln that capacity tor Lord
The bomb thrower has not yet been
captured. A reward of 10,000 rupees
(approximately 3300) has boen offered
for his arrest. ���!
Delhi, India. Doo. 23.���That the diabolical but unsuccessful attempt to assassinate, though   severely wounding
Iroril Charles Hardinge, viceroy of India, while the vice-regal  party were
��Btt*lng the new capital ln state to-
���day, and tho Instant death of an Indian attendant that held the parasol
or sun shield, has so stirred the pop*
, lace that it Is believed   direst   ven-
i pennce will be meted out by the native
1 <hief should the culprit be captured by
u native officer.
Whether or not the would-be assassin Is in custody or at liberty could
not be learned up to an early hour today. The officers In charg* are reticent to converse on the topic However, an official statement ls expected
to be forthcoming before the day's
It ls believed, however, today's trag
edy ls the culmination of much unrest
that has been fomenting In India for
aome years that conciliatory and rep-
resentive measures seemed unable to
It Is believed that the wound In tho
viceroy's shoulder may not prove serious, and although painful the baron
has not complained In any particular,
and views the attempt and present
situation with fortitude.
Delhi. India, Dec. 23,���bord Charles
Hardinge, viceroy ot India, was
wounded and an attendant of his was
killed by a bomb hurled at the viceroy from a house top as he was enter
ing the new capital In state today.
The bomb struck the howdah, or
basket of the viceroy's elephant, killing th attendant Instantly. Tbe extent of the viceroy's wounds were not
known. He was hurriedly removed to
a hospital.
The bomb thrower's attempt to kill
T/ird Hardinge was almost successful.
The viceroy was making entry In state
Into Delhi as tbe last of Uie ceremonies In connection with the transfer of the capital from Calcutta to
Delhi. .The transfer wa* made ln October last, but Lord Hardinge was not
to take formal possesion of his new
quarters until today.
A large gathering ot troops, officials and Punjab chiefs was present
to welcome the vice-regal party. Its
splendid elephant procession hsd Just
left the railway station, passing!
through Chandal Chowk, when the
bomb wa* thrown. It was hurled by a
man standing on a house top, and It
struck the howdah In which Lord and
Lady Hardinge ware riding. The attendant, holding a large parasol over
the regal party, wna Instantly killed as
the bomb exploded. The bomb was a
powerful one.
Ircinl Hardinge was wounded tn the
shonlder bnt how seriously could not
be determined In the confusion which
followed. He was removed to a hospital. On arrival at the hospital the
surgeons found that the wound In the
baron's shoulder was light Lady
Hardinge suffered severely from shock
and tt was found necessary to apply
soothing remedies.
The viceroy's parasol bearer had
been killed outright and another attendant seriously wounded by fragments of the bomb.
The ceremonies were interrupted
for only a short period while the Viceroy and Lady Hardinge were being
conveyed to tha' hoapltal and viceregal residence respectively.
Sir Guy" Fleetwood Wilson, financial
member of the council ot the governor general ot India, took the viceroy's place in procession, which /then
proceeded on Its way through the new
Itnoerlal city to the Durbar Camp,
where a great number of rajaha and
other Indian chieftain* were gather
Str Gny took np hls position tn front
ot the vice-regal data and read aloud a
dispatch from Baron Hardinge, saying
that he was only slightly Injured. Tha
reading of the message was reoelved
with prolonged cheering.  The attempt
on Baron Hardlnge's life roused t*e*-
ilngs   of  Intens'    Indignation,   both
among the natives and   the   British
��� officials, as he Is one or the   most
, popular mea who **vr ruled India.     |
t, For a long period there had bean *
lull in the native agitation which had
at various times lead to assassinations
of high officials.   The atatck on Bar-
played a part second only to that or
their majesties.
In the absence of definite news, it is
.     . . believed  that  today's tragedy is the
on Hardinge by a fanatic, therefore, | cuiminat!oii of unrest which has been
camo with greater unexpectedness.
Only a abort time ago the viceroy
brewing In India for several yeacs and
which   conciliatory    and    repressive
himself wrote to the Indian officers | measures alike seem unable to curb,
in London saying that the country wu i Lord Hardinge Is 54 years old and
quiet and that the prospects for bl*, for 32 years has been Ib the diplo-
offlclal entry into Delhi were most fa I matic service, bavlng served at Berlin,
vorable. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The bomb was thrown as the great
procession was passing through the
Chandal Chowk, which ls a long, nar-
now, typical Oriental street, contain
Ing many merchandising place*. The
stores are mostly one-story, but some
of them rise to a height of two stories.
A line ot street cars runs the whole
length of the Chandal Chowk. bnt owing to the Importance ot the day's
event the service had been impended.
Parii,   Washington   and  St  Petersburg in various capacities.
Hardinge was appointed last summer to succeed tbe Earl of Minto, who
was former Governor-General of Canada, as viceroy of India. Shortly after
his appointment he was elevated to
the peerage.
The viceroy's elephant was an enor- Old Monument Is   In   Bad   Shape���
mous animal.   The driver aat between
hi* ears, guiding him In the usual na-'
^^^     Erected 184*.	
Quebec, Dec. 23.���The Battlet'elds'
tive way. by tapping him on the fore- Commission has decided to replace
head with a steel spike. Behind the the present Wolfe Monument by an-
drlver was the great howdah. a box- other which, will be an exact fac-
like construction fixed on the ele- simile. In forming this decision the
phant's saddle. The howdah was cov- commission has been Influenced. by
ered with Imperial purple drapings de- the fact that the stones which form
corated with gold lace and tassels. In ��� the i monument arp cracked both ver-
it were seated the viceroy and vice- tically nnd horizontally In places, and
relne and at their backs stood another thnt If t Is not replaced in the near
native attendant holding qver their future it will eome to grief,
heads the great parasol which Indl-1 The present monument, which 1*
cates the royal dignity. situated close to the Quebec Jail, has
Owing to the lowness of the house* been there since 184* wted tt tras
In the Chandal Chowk. the assass'n. I erected by the British forces under
who stood on one of the roof*. wer the command of Sir Benjamin D'Ur-
only a few feet from the viceroy and tan. ��ii the officers and men contrl-
vlcerelne. Tbe bomb which was evi- butlng a day's pay tn order to replace
dently Intended to explode by concus-: tbe simple monument which had been
sion, burst with terrific force. The erected by .Lord Aylmer. .Governor
native holding the parasol was blown, General of Canada, tn 1832 at his own
from his position and Instantly killed   expense.
while the driver sitting In front of tbe |    The latter bad been broken and de-
howdah was wounded In eight nlaces.  (acei and Is' now   deposited In   the
The escape of tbe Baron and Lady ground beneath tho column which
Hardinge was well-nigh mlraculou*. i m���*t, the spot whsra tha Bngllsh
Tho missile fell only a foot or two i general died. Thts spbt ir supposed
from Its target The great prrce* I to be tw0 or ttrM hundred yard* If*
pion Immediately cam* to a MAndstlll, hlna th, rWng ground where Wolfe
snd a crowd oi official rushed up andj rccived his third woand. and whence
found the viceroy bleeding and pale 1 he was carried back to die.
while ti.e ulcereine was terribly sha*- t�� u .not yet certalit what will be
.���**. The police tmmedtptnly surround ]sopn with the protect monument-but
ed the hou*e from wh'ch t'ie bnmhut <��� thought possible that It jtfw will
**���*% thrown snd made several arre|rts. jb�� hurled ��vlth Lord Aytmer's. It Is a
All outlets of the olty were placed un- plain rbund column surmounted bv a
*word  and  helmet   and bear*    tha
^ords:    "Here died Wolfe, vlctortou
Sent. 13. 175��." cut In relief o4.a plate
attached to the base.
member of the Savage Club.
"I was secretary of the club for a
long time with Andrew Halllday," he
once told a meeting of his brother
clubmen, "but I do not remember ever
having received a subscription."
Dr. tSrauss records In his reminiscences:
"Tegetmeier's treasurership meant
that ht- was authorized to pay expenses and get them back as best he
might. He was no doubt a good deal
out of pocket as officeholder. We
presented him with a mlscroscope ln
acknowledgment of his most excellent
and thoroughly disinterested service.
Tet such was our Savage perversity
that wben Charle* Quln proposed 'that
this testimonial be presented to W. B.
Tegetnieier for having for years past
embezxled the funds of the club' the
worse than ungrateful resolution waa
carried by acclamation."
One of the most interesting of the
achievements of the late Mr. Teget-
meter was to review Maeterllnck'n
work on "The Bee" for the Times. He
entirely ignored the mystical aspects
of the book and treated It solely from
the point of view of an expert ln natural history, and, ot course, he discovered and denounced a number of
Wbere is thy homeland,
Flowerland or foam land?
Or larkland,
Where wert thou born?
Was It some far land?
Cloudland or starland?
Was It on lale at the Gates of The
Where Is thy homeland,
Flowerland or foamland?
Or surfland,
Where didst thou rise?
All my soul's clodland
Grows to a Godland
Under the spell   of thy voice   and
thine eyes.
mistakes.   His engagement to slaugh
ter the masterpiece was one
practical Jokbs of Journalism.
Of. the
der strict gnnrd, ^^^^^^^^^^^
Today's celebration merited the ear
rylng out of the announcement that
the kln�� hed mnde during the great
coronation Durbar of the transfer i*t
the Imperial caoltal of India to D*'*"'.
Since that announcement waa made
the vlcerov. who had been crested
B��ron Hardinge on his aonolntmeqt to
office, ha* been buiy visiting various
Darts of the country and has been able
to phy only a few flying visits te Delhi to Inspect thp preparations fcr tbe
new advent of the government into
tho new Imperial city.
The llgura e* la*** ��T.,-.y-~.. 'n his
snlendtd official uniform Is famllar to
millions ot person* in Canada who
aaw the motion picture* of tba gnat
Durbar, wbich marked the crowning
of King Oeorge and Quean Mary a*! for more than 40 yeara retiring early
emperor and empress of India.    Ip tn IMT.
tha* barbaric, pageant, Lord Hardinge     He had long baak tka aidant Uytng
Collector of Skull* for Darwin Dead
In London.
London, Dec. 23.---The death of W,
B. Tegetmele, aged PS, , removes
one of the tow remaining friends
of Darwin, to whom ba supplied
a good deal of material tn the shape
of skulls and skeletons aid fcr whom
he carried out many experiments In
breeding. Mr. TegetmeW* repata-
tatlon as a broader and tender secured hts appointment aa poultry editor
of the Held, a position which he held
Amount of Mall and Money Order Increase.
London, Dec. 28.���The report of the
British Postmaster-General, Just Is-
sued states that the Imperial penny
postage system now embraces the
whole of the British Empire, with the
exception of Pltcalrn Island. Following on the reduction to a penny per
balf ounce on letters trom Australia
to the rest ot the Empire there was
an Increase, of about 33 per eent in
the amount ot correspondence from
Australia to thla country, oompared
with an Increase of about 11 per cent
In the five proceeding yean.
- The weight ot newspapers, magazines, trade Journals sent to Canada
by magazine pott during 1911. Is estimated at 4.747.000 pounds, compared
with 2,336,000 pounds in the year previous.
Money orders, to British North Am<
erica, white remaining stationary a*
regards numbers, Increased tn amount
to the extent of ��36.000. Orders
from the Dominion show an increase
ot 29R.O00 '** number and ��760.000 in
amount. Thq increaae wera mainly
In remittances from Canaan and Australia.
Estimate ot weight of matur-despatched from United  Kingdom  to
��� . _   -      .. .?..~ .a~^ m. .   _..mm~
Where ls thy homeland,
Flowerland or foamland?
Bulland, ;a"TI3
Or scudland,
Where didst thou spring?
All my heart's duneland
Grows to a moonland
Boeing thy beauty and hearing thee
l-  sing.
Ronald   Campbell   Macfic, ln   Pall
Mall Gazette.
Halifax, Dec. 2r���Three montha ago
three brothers named Graves were
sentenced to be hanged for th* murder
of Kenneth Lea. an. Englishman residing near Wolf vllle. The supreme
court todsy heard an argument for a
new trial, six Judges being present
Three were tor confirming tha conviction and three for a new trial
Chief Justice Townsend and Justices
Meagher and Drysdale gave decisions
In,fa*6r of dismissing the appeal and
affirming the convictions while Justices Graham, -Pushed and Ritchie
give Judgment in favor of tha prisoners. The court being equally divided
the conviction and sentence of death
Salary Is Raised from Fifty Cents to
a Dollar a Day and He Gets
Rome, Dec. 23.���The pope's brother,
Angelo Sarto, who is postmaster of
the village bt Corazio, called at the
parliament buildings yesterday to ask
Deputy Dl Bagno to recommend hlm
to the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs for ah increase ln salary.
Tha pontiff's brother is 76 yearn
old and earns a half dollar dally Ha
ia compelled to walk ten miles every
day in order to carry the mails ot his
village to the Mantua station.
Later In the day the minister cordially received Sarto and after talking with him for a while willingly
doubled hla pay and, wbat Is mora, appointed a postman to help him.
British Member of Meredith Family to
Hand University.
London, Ont, Dec. 23.���Following
thp announcement that the Ontario
.Government ls willing to make a
giant ot $100,000 to the Western Unl-
ver*ity hero under certain conditions,
It haa become known that when the
Board of Oovarnpi* of the Institution
and postcards 713,000 lb*., printed papers, oommercial papers, samples, tv.
M2.000 lb*., sent from Canada and
Newfoundland   to   United Kingdom.
Numbara .of parcels despatched ttt
Canada ta mi waa MI.1M; received
from Canada tOMOt. agalnat tUJttS
and 164,710 te tha yaar previous.
Canada and Nawfcundland:    Uittttelmeata within a^efcorttlma ta��J��naM��r
the choosing of a president ihe name
of Mr. Jamea   Creeds   Meredith, of
Dublin, Inland, will be presented.
Mr. Meredith ll related fo the fam-
Sof Merediths of this olty, ot whom
alt Justice Meredtth Is one, and Is
a noted member of the bar tn Ireland.
He ta anxious to undertake educa.
ttaal work Ip Canada, and hla quail
ficattoaa ara of the highest order,
In an unique act at tha Royal "nostra today. PAGS-HGHJ.   T"rj-T*
"PAY   0A8H   IT   WILL   PAY
Our Turkeys adn Geese have
arrived. Beautiful birds. (Not
Geese, per lb ..27c.
Turkeys, per lb  .35c.
��� "    i
Naval Oranges, from 25c. to 40c.
N.B.���We   buy   direct  from
Jap Oranges, 40c. and 50c. box
Jonathans  11.66 box
Spys     81-50 box
Spys   61-40 box
Emperors  (blue)   , 20c. Ib.
Malaga (green)  . .18c. Ib.
Cranberries, 2 lbs S5c.
Chocolates ln boxes, Cad-
bury's, Ganong's and Stewart's
at very low prices.
Mixed Candy at 2 lbs. for 25c.
20c, and 25c. per Ib.
Mixed Nuts per db. 20c.
Cluster  Raisins,  25c.  and  30c.
Stockings and Crackers.
Brussels Sprouts 2 Ib*. 25c.
Horseradish, per lb. .... 25c.
Cabbage, per lb 1 Vza*
Celery,  2 bunches  , ,15c.
Parsley, per bunch    .'...5c.
Sweet Spuds, 6 lbs .'.'.'. 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Are you conversant
with the laws regarding the drawing of
wills ?
Do you knoif to
whom your estate
would revert in case of
your not making a
Will ?
If you'ye never given
these important questions a thought, do it
now. Consult the officers of this Company,
whose business it is to
assist people in trust
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will bt
given on all orders. This discount i��
for ten days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
.. ��� i       i        i i i
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news
Advertisers please note that The
News will be published as usual tomorrow (Christmas) morning, but
not on Thursday morning.
Be sure and read the last item in
this column. (340)
There will be a children's entertainment and Christmas tree on
Christmas night at tlie Salvation Army
hall at 8 p. in.   Admiasion free.
J. H. Todd's music house Is open
every evening until Christmas     (263)
Skates sharpened and set at Gee.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.       (215)
Two building permits of $2000 value
each were Issued yesterday morning
to Mr. R. E. Marguis for the erection
of two dwellings on Sixth avenue.
You will be pleased with Rowntree'*
or Ganong's Christmas Chocolates
from the West End Pharmacy, 699
8th St. (313)
Football at Moody park Christmas'
Day. First round Imperial Cufl,
Rovers vs. Thistles of Vancouver,
Kick-oft 2:30.    Admission free.  (331)
Mi;, and Mrs. Dowling who recently
sold a large farm which they owned'
on Lulu Island have left for Washing-,
ton, where they will reside perwaii-,
Letter readB as follows: "Dea'r
Santa���Please bring me a little brt)tti-
er as I am tired of playing with my'
dolly." (333)
Christmas   Dinner  for  youhg  Bieft
away from home at Y. M. C. A. ChriKt'-'
mas   Day,   1:30   p.m.    All   are   wei
come. (312)
The Columbian college has been
closed down for Christmas holidays.
All but a few of the students have returned to their homes ln the various
parts of the province.
Ge sure and read the last Item in
this column. (340)
A cheap homesite is what you may
be looking for. We have large lots
near the Douglas road. Only $425 to
$600; quarter cash, balance over IS
months. The People's Trust Company,
Ltd., 451 Columbia St. (323)
The annual concept and Christmas
tree for the children was held In St.
Andrew's Sunday school last night
and was most successful.
The general delivery, parcel artd
register wicket of the city postoffice
will be open between 10 a.m. and "1
p.m. on Christmas day. There will be
one delivery by the carrier starting
at 10 a.m. 1334)
Christmas Cakes. See our window
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
Mr. J. A. Morrison, nephew ot Mr
and Mrs. .1. Scott. 242 Becond street,
left for his home in Chicago on th��
4:28 Great Northern train yesterday
after having spent a two months' va
cation here.
From now until Christmas GJfford'i
store will be open evenings.        4246)
The reserved seat plan for the big
basketball game Friday eveniag is
now open at the Y. M. C. A. Bellingham vs. Vancouver for the Pacific
coast championship. General admission 25 centB. Reserved seats 26
' ,"entB extra. (339)
Santa Oiaus, whose headquarters,
iB with Lees,. Limited, got a letter iu
his mail this morning asking for a
gift that he finds difficult to fill. Perhaps some kind lady or gentleman ot
New Westminster will help him dt.
,\ddress  furnished  upon  enquiry,
Duy your Christmas HOOsS, turkey,
chicken or roast HifAla at the 10th St.
Me&l Market, Mercer Block, corner
3rd ave. (326)
Would the party who wants to buy
a nice large, cheap lot near the Douglas road, kindly communicate with the
People's Trust Company, Limited, Mid
they will learn of something to their
advantage. (323)
A great crowd is sure to be at
Moody Park Christmas afternoon
when the Rovers and Thistles meet
In the first round of the Imperial cup
Kick-off 2:30 o'clock. Admission
free. (331)
A few copies of Mrs. Herring's latest book, "Nan, and Other Pioneer
Women of the West," arc on Bale at
H.  Morey's  Book  Storo  in this qity.
1 (308)
On account of the Illness of a number of members the Christmas aye
entertainment of the Sapperton Baptist church Sunday Bchool has been
postponed until New Years' eve wben
it will be held In .Johnson's hall.
ChrlstmaB Dinner for young men
away from home at Y. M. C. A. Christmas Day at 1:30 p.m. All ore wet-
come. Quality of turkey is guaranteed
by P. Burns & Co. (814)
They are selling all right. The finest property in Burnaby today In large
lots. Sold 22 since Tuesday. Get one,
Only $425 to $600, quarter cash, balance 6, 12, and 18 months. The Peo-
plo's Trust Co., Ltd. (323)
The archives of the provincial lands
office and the office of the registrar
of supreme and county courts are
heing fitted up with new fireproof
steel vault cabinets at the cost ot
several hundred dollars. The cablnetB
are of the latest style and supplied
through J. T. Trapp of this city.'
See the big basketball game Friday
night at the Y. M. C. A., Belllngham
vs. Vancouver. Preliminary, Sang-
Bters vs. Y. M. C. A. seconds. Tickets
25 cents. Reserved seats 25 cents extra Only one hundred BeatB reserved. (339)
The only sporting fixture in the city
Christmas day. Rovers, vs. Thistles
: at Moody Park. Imperial Cup tie.
I Undoubtedly the faBtest teaniH of
the province playing the game. Kick-
off  ->-'ln       A,li,.i*ain��,   fr����� CtXl)
That the B.C.B.R. realize the value
of the publicity campaign being waged
tn this city and also the value of having a substantial fund at the disposal
of the Progressive Association visit
demonstrated yesterday morning when
Mr. Allan Purvis, Interurban manager
of the company, handed Secretary Myers of the association a cheque for
��� It's a "matter of taste" when you
Buy Chocolates.
Ever try Nellson's?
1 Sole Agent for this City
Successor to
(293) F. J. MacKenzie.
Striken down with appendicitis on
Sunday ufternoon, Miss Jennie Reid,
.second daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Reid, Agnes street, was removed to the Royal Columbian host
jpitiil early this morning, where she
will undergo an operation. This will
itake place this afternoon.
Free Turkey dinner Christmas day
for the working men away from bome.
Call at office of the Cosmopolitan
hotel. Rickman & Bennett, proprietor's. (335)
Englishman   and   Native   Son   After
Councillorship   in   Ward
HUTTON���After an Illness extend
lng, ever several years, Mrs. p. H.
Hutton of 236 Sixth stieet, passed
away as a result of a hemorrhage of
the brain on Sunday. Mrs, Hutton
was the sister of Alderman A. E.
White and a daughter of the late Rev.
Edward White, one of the pioneer
clergymen of the city. ,
The remains are at Center &
Henna's parlors from where the funeral will be held this nfternoon at
2:30 o'clock. Interment will take place
ln the Oddfellows' cemetery.
SPRAGUE���The remains of the Kte
Robert Snrague, who died on Sunday,
were laid to reBt in the Church of
England cemetery vesterday ajter<
noou.   Rev. Canon d'Easum officiated.
HENDERSON���Rev. J. S. Henderson received the sad news yesterday
of the death of Rev. Magnus Kennedy.
hiB. brother, at Kamloops on Sunday
The late Pev. Mr. Henderson was
pastor of a church at Ashcroft some
time ago but resigned and moved to
Kamloops on account of 111 health. He
suffered badly from throat trouble.
For seven and a half years previous
to coming to Ashcroft Mr. Henderson
occupied the pulpit of the Presbyter-
tan church of Yorkton. He was
thirty-seven years of age at death and
Is   survived   by   a  wife  and   a  little
daughter.    Pev. J. S   "-������ '    left
yesterday afternoon for Kamloons '"
order to attend the funeral of hi1-
Clergymen    and    Others    to    Protest
Against "Wild Eyed" Christmas
Eve for Chicaoo.
Edmonds, Dec. 23.���Although the
ties are the same, there are prospects
of a little sharp skirmish among the
Edmonds electorate in an aldermanic
campaign between a Canadian and an
Englishman.   ���
Yesterday morning Mr. Harold Disnay flung down the gauntlet to Mr.
Alec. Macpherson, a native born and
announced' himself as a candidate for
councillor for Ward Two.
This means that Mr. Macpherson
will line up with the forces of Councillor McGregor in the reeveship
At a recent meeting held ln Moreton
hall, Mr. Macpherson stated that In
event of having no opposition be
would retain an absolute neutrality
but that statement was reserved If
opposition did appear and he mlghl
be compelled to take sides. When
seen yesterday he stated he would
come out on the platform against Mr
B. G. Walker and In favor of Councillor McGregor so that the rising settlement of Edmonds will see a stirring
election after all.
��� ���
��� BEFORE THE "BEAK."   ���
��� ���
Edward Rioual a French Canadian,
was ln the police court dock yesterday morning charged with the theft
of a gold bracelet and also a gold
watch from a woman of the underworld.
Magistrate Whiteside remanded
the case until this morning.
Owing to the fact that the young
man's parents had not been notified
Lytton J. Wysong, charged with entering a house ln Burnaby on Sep
tember 25, Was again remanded yes
terday morning until a late date.
Singh Gets Ball.
Harnum Singh, a Hindu, who was 1
arrested in this city two weeks ago
and later taken back to Port Haney
to answer a charge for beating up an
Oriental with a heavy slab of wood,
was yesterday allowed buil to the
amount of $200. His case will come
up at the next assizes. Mr. W. E.
Hansford represented the crown,
while Mr. J. R. Grant appeared for
the defendant.
Trying to Catch  Up.
After being served with a limited
supply of grog for the past eighty
days while sailing on the barquentine
Alta from Melbourne. Harry Garrlck,
a sailor before the mast, thought It
was abont time to do a little Celebrating on his lonesome.
He visited many of the liquor par-
What have you in mind to give
your dear ones as a\ remem-*
brance?  LET ME SUGGEST���
or a nice Edison or Victor Talking Machine with a
nice selection of Latest Records; a Singer Sewing Machine, a Violin, Mandolin, Guitar or Banjo.
We have a large stock to choose from; Easy Payments if desired. Call today and have a look around
at our nice line of presents.   Come Early.
I will give $100 off the price of any PIANO in
the store to the first one to buy a Piano today
J. H. Todd's Music House
Look for the Electric Sign.
419 Columbia St., Burr Block
lors of the city Saturday evening, although the boat only docked at the
Fraser Mills that morning and by the
time Harry got through loading
sundry schooners in his person, he
had visions of making Columbia
street a Becond Broadway on New
Year's Eve.
Sergeant Bruce noticed that the
man's compass was a little out of
order and a few minutes later the
police patrol threw a hawser. Acting
Magistrate Whiteside was In a good
mood yesterday morning and allowed Harry to go.   He did.
Chicago, Dec. 23,���Widespread protest against the revelries typical of
New Vear's eve and the declaration
b.v Chief of Police McWeeny that cafes
and saloQiiswQuid be allowed to sell
1 Iq ..or until 3 a.m, took new impetus
here tonight with the announcement
that "a town meeting" had boen called
for next Monday night to protest
against any suspension of the 1 o'clock
closing ordinance.
The meeting will be addressed by
leadine '.'uurchmen and attorneys. At
Jg close BOO ministers will form In
Hue ahd march In a body to the off>f
of the chief of police, where thf
spokesman will read to him the law
defining his duties and also the laws
restricting the sale of'llquor.
Then, further to Impress hlnv, according to the plans, he will be told
that the demand of the citizens Is that
he enforce the law on New Year's eve
and use the entire polic force to d(,
It. The whole body will then marc'
to Mayor Harrison's office where ^e
will be requested personall to oversee the work.
Music at the Cathedral.
Following the ancient custom Holy
Trinity FCathcdral will tonight wei-
! come the festival of Christmas with
a celebration of the Holy Communion
et midnight. The service will be fully
choral, sung to Maunder In O, and
the anthem will be Lansing's "He
Shall Be Oreat."
There will also be further e��lrbra-
tlons of the Holy Communion at 8 a.m.
and after Matins at 11. At the latter
serlvce there will be a short address
:30.   Admission free.
Today will lie the last chance to se*
1 cure one of those fine turkeys  from
P. Burns & Co. (340)
pital. Vancouver, December 22,
1912, Emily A. Hutton, aged 61,
widow of tho late E. H. Hutton, of
Guelph,  Ont.
Funeral from Center & Hanna,
Ltd., 405 Columbia street, at 2:30
p.m., ��� Tuesday, December 24. No
flowers. (338)
This covers pretty well any articlj
you may wIhIi  for a gift.
Toys and Dolls for the boys and
Fancy Jewel Boxes, Dressing Cases,
MlrrorH. Brush Sets, Inkstands, etc
4or thn growu ups.
See us before  buying elsewhere.
646 Columbia  Street Phone 453
What characterizes
the stock ofj* B. Gray
the Jeweller ?
Great variety
Reasonable price
Attractive appearance
Yuiing and old will find the
present they want.
and Christmas 1912 will dawn. Only by way of suggestion we ask is it a Brooch, Bracelet, Watch, piece
of Cut Glass, Ring or Silverware you are looking
The Jeweller
608 Columbia Street Phone 338
i The Schaake Machine Works!
The Fisherman's Friend
This is the Engine that
has created such ���
sensation among tha
Five h.p. YALE,
line Engine.   The t
reliable engine on th
RYALL'S Druggist
701   Columbia  Street
Phone 67
Try One of Our Self Basting Roasters
The best pu the market, prices from $1-50 to $2.50
Note tbe bargains In our dinner seta which we hare just opened.
All must go hefore Christmas.    Therefore theae cheap prices
97-pieoe Flo Blue, worth $16.00 for * $10.75
108-ptece Dresden Oold Line, worth$26,  for    19.?5
96-pleco Grecian Dull Oold. worth $28, for  21.25
97-plece Blue Bandand Dull Gold, worth $30 for...'  21.85
98-pIece Poutracicla, worth $32.50, for i  22.00
We also carry Blue Willow, Clover Leaf and the Vitrified ware.
See our Cut Glass Bowls, Vases and  Bon  Bon Dishes and  our
Glass Table and Water Sets.
Nothing Is more appropriate for a Chrlatmaa Present than an
Electric Iron (1 mean the kind we dury) unless It Is one of our
Sewing Machines, guaranteed, for 10 yeara.
The New Furniture Store
Cor. 12th St. and Sixth Aee. C. N. EDMOND80N * CO.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
These are all In good locations and  are  good  investments  at the  prices
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH   8TREET     near  Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; prioe $1275
13B7�����6 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; juBt oft
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.'
near Sixth street car line; 60x159
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good term a
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, E mployers'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
Residential Site
below sirrs krttmm.
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 152.
628 and 7*8 Columbia Street, Phene 85., New Weetmlneter, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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