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The Daily News Nov 13, 1911

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&W 'i��
iind new put-off line. House and
chicken houses; grand vleW ef
Culf, etc.   $10,000,   on easy terms.
(weet end); 1600   sm   npt   Vef|>
white, Shiles a co.
Was Measure  if Snowfall in
Royal City.
Pur Coats,   Sleighs   and    Snowballs
Prominent���Ubiquitous Small Boy
Devilishly   Diligent
Eighteen years ago���in 1X3���the
Fraser river was frozen completely
over and Hls Majesty's mails were
taken across to South Westminster
on a sleigh drawn by a horse. That
Is one of'the records of severe weath
er in the Royal City against which
the memory of man runneth not to
tbe contrary. There may have been
others winters which were worse, but
they are not so well authenticated
anl are not remembered by so many
of the present day dwellers here.
The special tame meteorologist of
The Dally News ls authority for the
statement tbat eighteen Inches of
snow fell between 7 o'clock on Saturday evening and midday on Sunday.
This alone will take some beating
and about fifty years from now tbe
then oldest Inhabitant may be making a song about tbe phenomenal fall.
The fact that this great fall of
snow made so little practical difference to the traffic of the city cars
and the local trains speaks volumes
for the efficiency of tbe modern appliances with wl.'eh these concerns
are equipped. By rr��ldday yesterday
traffic between this city snd Vancouver over the line of the B. C. Electric Company had been rcsur.ied under the normal schedule. The Gr<sat
Northern trains from Seattle and
points in Washington arrived ln the
afternoon on time.
Fortunately Ihe day was Sunday,
when many business people might Indulge themselves with a day indoors,
and judging from the thaw which is
at present in progress no great
amount of difficulty will be experienced today in getting around.
The fall of snow and the frost and
the strength  of the  storm  se, ms  to
iliave been much moro violent In the
��ast than in tbe favored WeBt.   How-
Iyer the, iiiiiiBiialness of it has caused
little Inconvenience locally.    For
ance shopping on Saturday night
carried on under the most disa-
Eablo coditlons,  and as  many  as
jld stayed within a smali radius af
red hot  stove,
["raffle  on   the  cars  to Vancouver
ks not nearly so congested a�� usual
a Sat iu (lay.
aw Mm to,rail here about
_. , am*    It  never    ce>Md  *\\
falaUt  throve*.     At  times  thero  wm
-   quite a sale end In spots where drift*
hu:l  Accumulated  there    were  many-
feet of Old Mother Goose feathers.
The. small boy and eke tbe small
girl were ln thoir element and many
a hat fell by the wayside as the re
suit of a well directed, snowball. Slid
ing and tobogganing were at their
height of popularity and the side hills
were .in nrand condition for the latter
sport, It ls marvellous and Incomprehensible where all the bob sleighs
and little sleighs spring from on
these sudden .occasions.
Red noses and snuffles were well
to the fore ss usual, and the pretty,
girl's red cheeks was set off by the
pretty girl's read beak. It wns great
to bring out-that fine fur coat from
Its wrappings and balls of camphor
and to wear it down the street. A
little thing; like that .almost makes
the snow worth while���for those
bless��d   with  furcoats.
A story that comes from Denver ls
perhaps the most extraordinary ei
all. It Is leported from that olty that
in :the short Brace of ten mlnu.es iho
thermometer fell no Iers than foitv
degrees: that, was fram 60 F, to 20
���F. In the course of one hour after
this tlie descent was still slower as
the mercury went down to two degrees below zero.
Results of Storm.
Thc renewal of the snow storm Saturday, left the railways In the neighborhood much worse off than It found
them. Yesterday morning the B. C.
E. R track to Vancouver was Impassably and no cars ran oh the interurban line. A start was made at noon,
and early In the afternoon the usual
service was In full operation. As a
matter of course the train service
east and west bas been Interrupted,
and most trains on the C. P. R are
running late. At tbe Creat "Northern
depot the agent in charge reported
last night that the Seattle train, due
here at 5:55, got ln on time.
One  Hundred   Thousand   Dollar Flre
Guts the Hibben Co.'s Building-
Valuable Records Destroyed.
Victoria, If or. 12.���Fire, originating
as a result of an overheated furnace
In tbe basement, gutted the four-
story building of T. N. Hibben & Co-
manufacturing stationers, 1122 Government street, shortly before 6 p. m.
lhe loss was about 1100,000. Tbe
stock of the Hibben Company was
valued at about $140,000, and included a large amount of Christmas
stock, with Insurance at 135,000.
The upper stories included a number of offices and the rooms of the
Conservative Club Association and
Native Sons, in which were tbe manuscripts, photographs and records of
the British Columbia pioneers, all of
which were lost.
This ls the fourth flre In this building in four years.
Many    People   Killed   and
Homes Wrecked.
Property Loss 8ald to Be Tremendous
���Southtern Wisconsin and Illinois
8cene of Disturbance.
On  Request of City Prosecutor Wlll
Be Reopened on Wednesday
Whether the police of Vancouver
bave sufficient evidence to convict,
oi at least secure a committal1 of
Watson Snowden on the charge of
murdering William Urquhart by shoot
ing him In his store on Cordova St.,
on tbe night of September 11, ls a
question which ls not yet settled
After a second day's hearing at the
end of lust we.'k, another adjornmeut
waB mude.
One witness, called on the resumption of the hearing, expressed the belief that Snowden was a man he met
oing Into the store as lie was leaving. Immediately afterwards he had
heard three shots fired in rapid succession, and. on turning around, he
saw the same man come out of the
store. lie picked Snowden from
among n number cf prisoners as be
infi mott like the man he had scon
at the time and in the circumstances
he had described.
A police constable said he believed
Snowden was the man be had seen
disappear into an allay Immediately
after the shooting.
William Alexander Urquhart, a son
of the, murdered man now carrying
on the business conducted by the fa
ther, said Snowden went into the
store the day before he was u Tested
and told him the man who mur ?��red
his father was either in Nanaimo or
Ladysmith, and that be wore a soft,
brown felt hat and had a red moustache. The witness asked Snowden
lf he would go an.l tell the police
what he knew, hut Snowden said.
"Aw, I can do better myself." He
added that he had already spoken to
a sergeant about lt. Snowden also
referred to a mirror being broken
during the shooting, but witness knew
there was in reality no mirror there
at the time.
Mr. J. K. Kennedy, city prosecutor,
said he did not wish to close his case
yet, and further adjournment was ta
ken till Wednesday next.
Chicago. Nov. 12.���Reports received
today tell or deatli and injury and extensive property loss resulting from
cyclonic storms that raged Tate yesterday In Southern Wisconsin, Illinois and on tbe Great Lakes. Tbe
tornadoes came between an abnormally warm period in whicb heat
prostration waa reported in Chicago
and a cold wave bearing sleet, snow
and rain.
At least seven persons are known
to be dead, several dying and scores
injured. Intense suffering from the
bitter cold, snow and sleet which descended upon the shelterless homes,
ls reported in the wske of the storm.
Southern Wisconsin was the baldest hit. Near Orfordville, In Rock
County, six of the seven deaths resulted, and a few miles away, at Milton, a seventh was found dead ln the
rulnr of a storm-wrecke I home.
Springfield, III., Nov. 12.���It is reported tbat Just before 5 o'clock yesterday a severe cyclone struck Virginia, III., and that great havoc was
wrought and several lives were lost.
WlreS are down, as Central Ilinols
has been swept by a terrific storm all
A later report placed the number of
dead at Virginia, III., at three, they
having been killed wben the Methodist church, where many persons took
refuge, was demolished.
Tbe principal buildings tn the business districts were demolished, and
the Injured numberel fifty. John
Fisher Is among the number, and will
probably die.
Among the buildings reported demolished are the Turoman Opera
House, City Hall, Pollard building,
Kramer building, Mann Hotel, Catholic church and tiie Methodist church.
Rock County Devastated.
Janesville, Wis., Nov. 12.���Nine
persons arc dead, another dying,
many are injured and nearly  half,a
million    dollars'   worth  of    propertv  fearing a re-etit
was destroyed as the result of a cy-  of rSe TaJpiug r
Fate of China's Throne Rests
With Shi Kai.
Communication  Being Effected �� wltn
Rebel Leader-Country Is in a
Stats of Suspsnss.
PEKING, Nov. 12.���The fate of the
throne of the Chinese empire rests
in vie action of Yuan Shi Kal. The
latest message from Yuan, who bas
been conducting negotiations with the
rebel leader, General Ll Yuen Heng,
Indicates that a compromise ls possible; that General Li was being less
Irreconcilable, but that there was a
difference of opinion between Ll and
his coleagues on the matter of pollcy.
According to foreign official telegrams from Hankow, last evening,
General Li, falling to exact better
terms, might perhaps be persuaded to
agree to the partition of China that
portion of the country south of the
Yangtse becoming republican, Manchuria and Chi Ll remaining mon-
archlal, and the other provinces making their own choice. Many of Li's
followers demand the overthrow of
the government and scout the idea of
dividing the empire. Tihe government has requested that the reported
flight of the emperor be denied.
Roger S. Green, the American con-
sulat-general at Hankow, reports that
big guns have been mounted for an
attack on Han Yang. Chinese officials
report the bombardment of Han Yang
began yesterday.
Shanghai, Nov. 12.���Reports from
every point this morning show the
country in a state of suspense. Conditions at Shanghai are nearly normal. Nanking reports skirmishing.
The Foo Chow Tartar general has
been beheaded in consequence of the
Nanking massacre.
Amoy, Nov. 12.���Taotai Chan assumed office today. The Radicals fa-
cor surrendering tbe city to the rebels and this policy will prevent bloodshed.
Chang Wo, with a population esti
mated as high as 1,000,000, situated
twenty-five miles west by north of
Amoy, reports that the rebels are in
that olty.      The   people are fleeing,
Justice of Company's  Act  Subject of
Argument���Bonus Wanted for
Coke Production.
Victoria, Nov. 11.���Before the taxation commission here today Mr. J. J.
Shallcross of tbe Board of Trade dealt
with the operations and alleged defects of the B. C. Companies' Act. His
attitude was one roundly censuring
It, but on being asked by Commissioner Lugrin if it were not a fact
that the much condenmned B. C. Act
had not been cordially approved by
tbe British Board of Trade as more
ln harmony with the British law than
any other company law ln Canada, he
bad to admit that this was quite correct. Mr. Shallcross said that tbe
condemnation had been earneTby the
complete provisions in the matter of
prospectuses, etc., for the protection
of investors and tbe public generally.
Mr. W. Blakemore compared the incidence of mine taxation in Egland
and ln British Columbia. In England, be aaid, there was no government tax on coal, revenue instead being derived by the taxation of the
property of the mining companies.
Here a tonnage tax was substituted.
Tbere was also a tax upon coke here
of fifteen cents per ton. Speaking
from long experience he regarded tbe
taxation of coke as entirely a mistake, because tbe production of coke
was the only satifactory way to atil-
Ize what otherwise would he a waste
product of the coal mines. He believed that taxation should be levied
upon every ton of coal less such
small proportions as might be required "directly in operation of the
mines. He thought a very strong
case could be made out for the bo-
nusing of the production of coke.
The commission sits at Duncans
on Tuesday when Its public session
will be concluded. The report will be
submitted to the next session of the
Choice of New Union Leader Said to
Be Dua In Part to Canadian
repetition of the experience
, .... ,**a, .mipltxg rebelldn. .
clone that swept over KoeJc county Foreigner*i are In no danger. He-
this afternoon Near Orfordville th-o [ports from Foo Chow say the fight-
whole Smith family, three daughters, lng there ceased last evening when
a son aad the father was killed.   Mrs.  the Manchus surrendered.
John Crowder.    80    years old:,-.Mra       Nanking. Nov.    12.���The   Imperial-1 N        12_Th
Prode. a bride of a few months, Fred   lets   have   regained  the   upper  hand 1     vo.ro".���\ *"'.". .
LenU. .a carpentor and Amv Kerban   �������� "" *-������ ����� �����- ******** -��� I �����* <" ��"-'  selection ol
Agreement With C.P.R. Ratified By Voters.
Company Has Fixed Rate ef Taxation
for Ten Years, but Is net Exempt
Prom School Tax.
Coquitlam, Nov. IL���By ah overwhelming majority of 136 votes the
by-law to ratify the agreement entered into between the council and
the C. P. R. in regard to the taxation of the company's property was
passed here today. The final returns
showed that 142 had voted in favor
of the agreement and 6 against it.
The polling booths were situated
at the schoolhouse on tbe Nortb road
and the Municipal' Hall, New Westminster Junction. Much the heaviest
vote was recorded at the Junction,
where 118 ratepayers voted in favor
of the by-law and 5 against. At ih*
Municipal Hall 24 ballots were cast
for the agreement and 1 against
While the agreement was considered
very favorable to the Interests of tbe
municipality it was not expected that
it would be carried by such a greaf
majority and much satisfaction is felt
at the result. Mr. John Smith acted
as returning officer, and Messrs. O.
Phillips and H. W. Baker aa poll
clerks at the hall and the Junction
By the terms of the agreement the
company is granted a fixed rate of
taxation for the next ten years of
(1.530 a year on 612 acrea of the land
on which It Is to erect its new Pacific Coast terminus. No redaction 1��
allowed ln regard to school taxes,
which the C. P. R. will have to pay
the same as any other ratepayer. On
the large holdings outside the property the company will be taxed on the
ordinary basis.
The passing of the agreement is another step towards the realization of
tbe C. P. R. Company's plans to establish at Coquitlam its western terminus and  repair shops, which  will
be second to none on the continent.
A  strip of lan:l half a Mile wide by-
two miles In length has been acquired
by thc company, and ltr Is estimated
that $7.000,000 will be spent in trackage, shops and equipment.   When finished the new terminus and shoos will
?lve employment to some ��.000 men.
while the company's monthly payroll*
will be approximately $500,000.
��� ���
There are doubtless hundreds
of people who will think ot the
hard condition of the birds
wfclle the deep snow Is on the
ground. At the same time
there sre many who will for-
��� : get. and for the letter this is
��� a   gentle  reminder.    Clear a
��� space in your yard and seat-
��� ter some soft crumbs.   Tie a
��� jneaty mutton or beef borie In
��� one of the treeSj.   The birds
��� ean  get nothlne  to  eat. and
��� they must be fed lf thev nre
��� to survive,   tou cannot be too
��� generous.
Complaint    Made   by   B. C. Lumbermen Brings Some Measure of Redress���Officers to investigate. ...
Ottawa. Nov. 12.���Following is an
official statement given yesterday in
connection with the visit of a deputation of lumbermen from British Columbia which has been in the city
for the last few days laying before
the- Minister of Customs the claim
tbat American lumber Is being shipped Into Canada free of duty, when It
should bf liable to duty lf entered
under the proper item 'of the tariff.
Their claim was that rough lumber
planed on one side only Was free of
duty, while In tne cases mentioned
lumber so imported had not only been
planed cn one side but tampered with
and further manufactured than Is provided for under the Item of tbe tar..
Iff for free entry.
The Minister referred tbe claims-of
the deputation to Um Board of Customs, which was constituted many
years ago for the purpose of deciding
matters of this nature.
The result, waa that the evidence
submitted to the board was considered sufficient tp Justify tbem incoming to the conclusion that it wonld advise the department to notify all cot-
lectors of customs to more Carefully
scrutinize and examine importations,
and where lumber being Imported had
been tampered with and did. sot fall
under grade of that on the free list!
that the required duty should be col-i
lected . ���
8 years old. also met death.   Welztcr
Kerban la dylns.
Many Villages Damaged.
Beloit, Wis., Nov. 12.���Reports received here are to the effect that a
tornado bas done much damage to
villages along the line of lhe Northwestern road throughout Rock county. Hanover, Footvllle and Magnolia
are said to have been hit hard.
Tornado 8weeps Illinois.
Danville, 111., Nov. 12.���A heavy
rain and windstorm, accompanied by
much lightning that swept over Ver-
mfllioni county this evening, developed Into a tornado at Rossville, where
much damage was done. At the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad roundhouse several small* buildings were
blown down and the coal chutes were
blown across the tracks.
Cold Wave Moves Eastward.
Seattle. Nov. 12.���The cold wave
that struck Puget Sound Wednesuay
has moved eastward and southward,
covering the Central Western states
with its chilly blanket. At Kansas
City, Mo., yesterday the thermometer
dropped forty degrees ln two hours.
At Denver the mercury eclipsed this
record by falling forty degrees in
ten minutes.
Zero In South Dakota.
Pierre , S. I)., ls in the grip of the
worst snowstorm known in years.
The mercury stands at zero. In
Sioux City, Iowa, snow fell and the
thermometer la recording increasing
cold. Yesterday was the coldest. of
the season at Colorado Springs. At 8
o'clock in tbe morning the thermometer was three degrees above zero.
When the cold hit' Denver the ther
mometer made its sensational drop
from sixty to twenty degrees above
in ten Tnlnutes, them crawled in a
more leisurely fashion down to two
below aero.
and the dragon flag again floats over'
Kiang Ylan fort. During the night
the Imperial gunboaT shelled the rebels' camp and this morning troops
found that the position three miles
outside the south gate hai been evacuated.
It is believed that the rebels are
discouraged over tbeir failure to receive new suplles o." ammunition and
by the wholesale slaughter of Chinese
by tbe Manchus yesterday.
Two Thousand Persons WW Be
sented te Duke and Duchess of
Ottawa, Nor. 12.���Unusual interest
Is being shown ln the first drawing
room wbi-h the Duke- and Duchess
of Connaught will hold. Altogether
It Is expected that some 2,000 persons
will be presented, making it a very
long ceremony. *
Their Royal Highnesses teVe
shown much concern over the |r-
rsngement which hitherto has obtained Whereby those awaiting presentation stood, often for two oi* three
houra in a corridor so cramped tkat
���even crowding Was added to the Ik-
tlgne.of long standing. Aa a resslt of
the pressure brought to bear by them
moro room* on the senate side have
been reevfed snd ratal H*t*4 b*kt
taken to leeaea the crowddt nnd to i
provide chairs. ���^^. w
Engines and Rolling Stock of Southern Pacific Said to Be Sent Out
Oakland, Cal., Saturday, Nov. 12.���
Forty-two deaths have resulted from
the shopmen's strike on the Western
Harrlman lines since the walkout on
September 1. arccoding to David Kll-
tey, secretary of the Oakland division
of the shop feredation.
Klltey blames the Southern Pacific
and other lines involved for sending
out engines and other rolling stock
uninspected and In what he declares a
danegrously defective condition. He
predicts a railroad catastrophe in the
sear future as tlie result of the condition of the rolling stock. Tho Boiler Makers' Union Is planning a meeting with tho firemen to ask them
to insist thnt the oompany comfcly
wltb teh law providing adequate Inspect!* of all boilers before they
leave the shops.
Victoria, Nov. 12���Upon the roo-
omendation of tbe minister of agriculture, Hon. Price Ellison, the ap
point meat has been decided on by the
executive of a royal commission un
der the Public Enquiries Act to thor
oughly Investigate conditions in the
various dairies catering to the necessities of the people of Britlah Columbia, wt Ek a view to the devlstoj
of measures to secure Improrod sanitation generally nad n consequent e��
snrance of a purer milk supply to the
consumers of tke province. life understood that, tke ooumtsslo*. which
wUI be appointed immediately ,nd
forthwith enter upon' lultosportant
duties, will taeiudTbr. tii7*U��*,
eecirtsry of the HQvtaekil koard of
health; Dr. IQijiJnr imeiussuH'lu nl
tbe veterinary* isrofssston:  ____**������ nro.
���****���    *r*^**~m**,.~-.  -(pp^t'.^inw.:
announcement of the selection of Mr. Bonar
Law as leader ot the Unionist party
In England is received with expressions ot approval and high commenda"
tion   by    many    Toronto    taltizens.
Among Canadians who supported the
platform of Hhe  tariff  reformers In
England  during tbe    last  campaign
were Mr. George T. Blackstotk. K.C;
Mr.  A. A.  Pratt,  M.  P.P.  for South
Norfolk, and Mr. A. W. Wright.
Mr. Blackstone said today:
"Mr. Bonar Law is a practical man
of business whose views are strongly,
firmly and enthusiastically held, and
who believes tbat upon  their adoption depends the prosperity and safety of the state.   He is a heard-beaded
debater, alert, tenacious of his point
and thoroughly capable of holding his
own against his adversaries.   His selection is one more evidence if any
were wanting of a great and preponderating influence which Canada now
enjoys  in    England.    Considerations
which influenced the choice of him
were no doabt largely his Canadian
oii&in and  the  fact cf  his  coming
from a country wheie the imperialistic and preferential cause had recently achieved so great a victory and
with which eh is so familiar.
"His elevation to the leadership signifies that tariff reform will occupy
the forentost place in tbe Unionist
programme. Mr. Bonar Law has been
looked upon as the most powerful exponent of Mr. Chamberlain's views
since that great man's enforced retirement I think he will give a good
account of himself."
Mr. A. W. Wright, an ardent tariff
reformer, said: "Of course it Is graining to see a Canadian promoted to
tbe leadership of one of Um greet hie
toric parties of the Empire, a leadership which beam with it the almost
certain succession to the premiership.
On tariff reform nnd Imperial preference be will load rather then Walt and
follow, as Mr. Balfour did. Unjustly.
I think, end with Insufficient; cause,
for Mr. Balfour was always regarded
as something less then wholehearted
in his support of theee two vital end
closely rolgted questions, but no one
will doubt Che new leader's entire devotion to tbem, and these Questions
will decide the next contest In the
Mother Country:. Of fine ability and
with high Ideals, with a splendid imperialism Influencing and determining his attitude on ell questions Mr.
Bonar Law la the men of the hour."
Vancouver, Nov. 12.���\W'.t a rattle and a crash that was heard some
blocks away, the glass awning over
the entrance to the Dominion Theatre, the new movlns picture bouse
which is in course of erection on
Granville street, fell beneath its
heavy burden of sno.v yesterday. Tte
falling glass, weighing several tons,
made a terrific noise when it struck
the pavement, which in common with
the pavements of other streets in the
business section of the city; had been
cleared of snow.
The fact that no person was pass-
| ing at the time was the most remarkable, as it was the most fortunate
feature of the occurrence. During:
church hours pedestrians in the neighborhood were numerous. Several narrow escapes are recorded,, but fatalities were absent.
But for the breaking of the glqss
and of the Sunday calm, and tho consequent startling of near-by residents,
no damage was done.
But  He  Same 'um   Lat   Fiom
When Inspector Man He
<*#**** Prissnt V��f tatflSWMlpo
-*** KkponoMt m nJeST
'_fi*]*W*��*mt-this yefcv
Hing Ox le the name of a Chinaman who came up before Magistrate:
South In Vancouver on Saturday
morning, charged with the unuauaL
offence of cruelty to a ml . Whether-
Ox merely desired to tickle hla palate with a little retpto: or tot. was npt
suggested In evidence. , Inspector
Robinson, of the Society for tke Wt*-*
ventlon ot Cruelty to Animals, Mild.
ha was passing (60 Shauhel street.
When he heard sounds thaf wero even,
lean musical than ttu��te to be hserd
In the Chinese theatre. Oolng in t��
investigate he saw a Chink- holding
a ret in a pair of Urn*. These wna>
nothing atarmlng In that, except that
tbe rodent' was being kel* e��ijr *
wood flre.
. Ox t^d a story which wee corroAo-
��. iedpt       ���
onoe ' k
'emWiirt of hie own:
desperate rodent out;
* the tongs.
��i? theglattata wee tortious, M* k*
dlu��JM��t Ox attar admhUstertag to
tobiy'i^'T'i^BSI**. 7 w!�� 2J2IL!?* '��*!?,���' *"*:i!!* ��*"*** * ����� ��� ****** tmit * '*���***"***&
m ^,-rfw^t.i A^'f. i i -w
��� -  amis ��� ***** '���
*w   m
housework. Apply ln the mornings
at 115 Royal avenue.
Hastings Townsite for lumber ot
any kind. Box C. 50, Dally News
FOR SALE���50    FOOT    LOT.   TWO j
minutes walk from   Edmonds   sta i
tion, nne view. |400 cr.sh. National;
Finance Co..  Ltd.,    521    Columbia
ture, including cook stove, heater,
American organ, cheffonier, piano
stool. Treadle sewing machine,
crockery, etc.; also carpenter's
bench with screw, and a quantity of
bullderB' lumber. 812 Roynl avenue.
ble corner In Hastings Townsite
for a lot or house ln New Westminster.    Box  C50  News.
houses and vacant property ln Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
erB.    Apply 55 Koyal Ave.
wants work ln house or store. Box
6, Dally News Offlce.
Used to gardening and horses. Apply  Box S, Daily  News.
kinds of junk and bottles. Pay the
highest cash price at your house.
XV. F. Campbell, 307 Alberta street.
Phone 1009.
mation on divorce laws of Nevada
and other states sent on receipt
of 25c each.    Western Information
���   Bureau Goldfleld, Nev.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream, to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
9 quarts for $1.00; ��� cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R R73
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro. Lulu Island.
to clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley. Edmonds.
blocks from IMmonds station. Good
view. Two wide streets, $325. One-
third  cash,   balance  arranged.   Na | by Lloyds.
Great Britain Owns Nearly Half the
Ships That Are Registered���
Building New Ships.
The annual report of Lloyd's Register of Shipping    received ln    B.    C. j
recently  shows    that    at the    close
of the   year   ending   June   30, l'.tll, |
There were  10,400  merchant vessels, j
registering   over   twenty-one   million
KroES  tons,  holding  classes assigned
Of these ships Great Hrlt-
tional Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
$1 down and 31 a week; no Interest; four styles; old stoves taken ln
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone fl'Jfi, Market Square.
est lots ln the west end. on Eighth
avenue, having a southwest view
facing the river and gulf. Lots
55x110 and 118. Very liberal tertm.
Phone L179, cr call 1303 Eighth
lots; very light clearing; two and
a half blocks from Twelfth street
tram. Fine view. $925 each; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
months. National Finance Co., Ltd.,
521 Columbia street.
706   Columbia   Street.
EDMONDS Is going to be another
Cedar Cottage and property there is
still cheap.
55x150 feet   en   the   Schough    read,
cleared for building, $1050.
A CORNER and two lots on the north
side Edmonds station; practically
cleared; flne view; $1100; easy
ers. Apply Sixth avenne, Burnaby
keeplng rooms. Apply 224 Seventh
79 feet 8 inches by 204 feet, right near
the Hastings road; very close te
city ear line; $1101; geed terms.
galow completely furnished, with
all modern conveniences. Apply A.
T. Cepperley, Burnaby Lake. Phone
keeping rooms, unfurnished, modern conveniences. McCalrns, S24
Tenth   street,   corner  of  Cornwall
68x120 feet en Hasting* read, wary
close to city car line; $850; one-
third cash.
THREE sleared lots en Sixth avenue,
Burnaby, 160 feet from city ear
line; $1800; eae-thlrd cash.
ONE LOT near Edmends, 00x132, with
light alder bush; $525; $50 cash
balanoe $10 per Month.
ain owns 6598 while 3892 are under
foreign nags. As compared with the
'figures for the preceding twelve
months the present returns, following
the general movement of shipping,
shows an increase of 105,120 tons as
regards steamers and 3110 tons as re-
yards sail.
The report comments on tho Increasing use of the oil internal com-
bustlcn englncto. During the year
the vessels Vulcanus and Holzapfel
were built. The Vulcanus is a ship
of 1197 tons gross, fitted with Diesel
oil engines. She made severdl short
voyages and also a voyage from Rotterdam to the Black Sea and back.
At present there are building or
about to bo built, with a view of classification in Lloyd's Register, twelve
merchant vessels, which will be fitted with oil engines. The largest of
these vessels will exceed 8000 tons
Local interest is given the report
by comment cn the fact that two
steamers of 15,000 tons each are
building for C. P. R. Pacific service
from Vancouver, and a steamer of 13,-
500 tons for the Union Steamship
Company of New Zealand, also to operate from Vaneouver.
The only people who seem to be
building sailing ships are the Germans, and they go in for large ones.
The report says that a sailing ship
of 3000 tons is building for German
owners with a view to being classed
100 Al.
The society's surveying staff now
consists of 331 officers. The growing
tendency in the direction of widening the frame-spacing of steamers,
dispensing with side stringers anl
making double bottoms more readily
accessible, is receiving tho attention
of the society's technical staff.
There are now recorded ln tho register book 1013 vessels fitted with wireless apparatus and 566 with submarine signalling apparatus.
The largest sailing yacht built this
year in tho United Kingdom was the
Waterwitch, 356 tons, Thames measurement.
Specialists la acreage aad sasall ias-
proveg ranches. Farm laid te trade
fer eity propertr-
700 Columbia Street.
Houses and Lots for Sale
seven rooms on Fifth street. Elec-
^^^ta^SiJSiwn��^S?;���, ^\    *"��*�����">�� *��<�� ��n aplenatd location.
Co.. ��*�� Columbia atr^t. TXsoss*\^t-^^-a*y*ss room houee. mo*.
ern; corner lot; on car line.    Price
room, modern,  firEt flat,
421   Ash
rooms, one double and one single.
Fire place in each. 20. Caraarvea
rooms, hot and cold water algkt
and day.    543 Front Btreet.
for building lots, nine-roem heuee,
modern at 338 Twelfth street;
suitable for small boarding bona*.
Apply on premises or write W. P.,
Daily News office.
with sitting room to let te gentle-
mien only. Breakfast if desired
'Telephone and modern eea-
���veniences. Five minutes treas tke
post office. Terms moderate. En
quire Phone R 414.
Varden No. 19,    Sons   of   Norway,
meet In Eagles hall   the   flrst   and
third  Wednesdays of each moath  at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
-invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
The partnership heretofore subsisting between Harry John McDonald
and William Francis Campbell trading under the name and style ef McDonald & Campbell has beea this day
���dissolved \>y mutual consent, William
Francis Campbell continuing. All accounts due the firm are payable te
William Francis Campbell, who will
*)ay all liabilities of the firm.
"New Westminster.
November 6, 1911.
films semi-developed; between
Seventh and the Library square.
Owner, Mlss Drew. Return to
Dally News office.
$3500; |500 cash, balance like rent.
This Ib a snap.
Eight room modern house;   must be
sold at once. Price only $3200; $450
cash, balance $20  per month.
No. 3.���Six room house and two lots
on Eleventh street, close to Queen's
avenue.    For  a   rush    sale,   price
$4000; on easy terms.
No. 4.���Five-room cottage and lot on
Dublin street.   Price $1600; on easy,
A new eight room modern house; cement basement and finished in hard
wood;   splendid  location.    It  must
be sold within a few days.    Only
$-1500; on easy terms.   Call and see
about this.
Seven room house on Fourth avenue,
near Sixth street.   For a quick sale
price $3f750; one-third cash, balance
like rent.
If you are wanting a home on easy
terms it will pay you to come in and
look over our lists, or we will build to
suit you.
Lots For Sale
Three lots; splendid location. Price
for the three $1300; one-quarter
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
One lot on Tenth avenue, $650; one-
third cash, balance monthly.
Half an acre, all cleared; on car line;
good six room house, barn, buggie
shed. etc. Price for a quick sale
$1800. Small cash payment, balance $15 per month.
Lot corner on Fifth avenue and Third
stieet. Price only $3500, on easy
Three lots, corner of London and
Eighth street. Price for a short
time $2200; one-quarter cash, balance arranged.
Three lots on Dublin street. Only
$750 each; one-quarter cash, balance 8, 12 and 18 months. This is
the cheapest property in that portion of the city.
Two lots close to Sixth avenue, near
Twelfth street; all cleared. Price
only $950 each; on easy terms.
Ten room house, lot 66x132; splendid
location on Columbia street at Crescent. Price only $15,500; on easy
terms. For further particulars apply to
Joseph Travers
Real   Estate  and   Auctioneer.
Columbia Street. Phone 703.
monus, a cocker spaniel  dog,    red LAND  REGISTRY  EXPERT
with white breast; white spots   on       Titles    Examined,    Land Registry
feet.   Apply Pojnderkeeper, George | Tangles Straightened out.
Cirady. Curtis Block City Box 482  portant
For Boy  Scouts.
The latest addition to scout kit  is
a cycle stretcher, and Halifax is the
inventor of the new scheme.
Here are two uses to which a cycle
stretcher may be put: To carry provisions to camp and to carry an injured boy, says a writer.
And attemnts I have seen may be
considered fairly successful, so far
as the carrying of prvlsions Is concerned, but by no means safe for the I
transport of the lnlnred. This Is due
to the fact that the two rear rldere
have each a band taken up with holding the stretcher, and therefore only-
one to man��?r�� tk�� bicycle. Thow
who ttaire trier* It Know bow difficult
thla ta, especially to mount ana dismount.
Here ls a new wav of maklne a cy-
e'e stretcher. In which the three cv-
cllsts, who, of course, should be exerts, manage the whole thing comfortably.
The ptre'rhcr L-* "iide lntb<�� usual
wav with two !^'���'���>"���<���, poles. Ea^h of
three hrs a brie tnrrt threat |' It
wl'li a red hot c-Ver, about two
Inches from each end.
Two cross pieces nre needed, one
for each end of the stretcher. Tbat
nt the foot rnd Is about nine inches
long, and has also a hole burnt
through It near the end.
By means of these holes the short
crocs pieces and the roles are securely flyed by a short bit. of rope. The
object of this cross piece Is to give
more room for the patient's feet.
The stretcher ls now suspended ti
the cycles, and each rc.out has both
hands free to manage his cvcle.
On the command (given by one of
the rear cyclists I "Prepare to mount"
each bov puts hla left foot on the pedal in the usual wav.
On the comman-1 "Mount." each
fives a slow shove off with his right
foot, a second shove, and then they
nre un. The leader can easily clear
the parent's feet as he mounts.
On the command "Prepare to dismount." all cenet* pedalling and get
the left foot at its lowest. And at
the word "Dismount" all get off together.    No assistance is needed.
Ropo is passed through the hole at
tbe end of the cross piece, tben. for
further ��ecur!tv. each end of the rft*>"
Is rnsscd ro"nd the r-ross piece In different directions. The two ends are
then together, pointing upwards.
These two ends are finally tied tc
the cmss bar of tbe hlcvcle Ju��t behind the stem. leavIng about six 'In-
cbfs of "plack.f Tn this wav ithn
stretcher is suspended, and not tied
hard up.
The foot of the stretcher Is rlmpU-
tied by rope to the springs beneatl'
the saddle, and here also Is a "slack"
of about three inches.
The wav to fix the stretcher and
mount is this:
The stretcher is laid on the erounil
with a boy on it. The ropes for fl.v
Iim; are tn position. Two scouts lift
the loaded stretcher, and the third
scout secures it to each of the three
cycles In turn, beginning with the
leading cycle.
The cross piece at the head is much
longer. Tt likewise has holes burnt
through it about sixteen inches apart.
These are roped to the poles In the
same way as at the foot-end.
But there Is more about this cross
piece. It projects at each end for six
or seven inches beyond the poles, and
about an inch from each end of a
hole again is burnt through.
It is by means of these holes that
the head-end of the stretcher ia secured to cvcles.
The method  of  fixing Is  most Ira
Secures 160 Acres
of Agricultural Land
At Government Prices.
The quality of Robin Hood Flour reflects the supcrlqrj
milling nethods employed in its production.
Made from wheat from the choicest farms
of Saskatchewan.
More loaves and more quality to the sa:k
ithan can be obtained from any otber flour���costs
more, but better.
Sold oa a money-back guarantee-
Robin Hood Flour
iirttm W5
KU1 the Dandruff Germs���Stop Hair Falling
Thousands ot mothers are looking younger.���Their gray hairs are gone. The natural
color has coma back, and with it a new growth of soft, glossy. luxuriant hair. Why should
you look old before your Ume. when yoa can look yeara younger by using
Dandruff Cured
Three applications removed
all the dandruff and left my
scalp clean, white and smooth.
Wm. Croak, Rochester *. T.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
��� -t
���II other "so-called" Restorers have failed, don't give up hope, but give WYETH'S
SAGE ANO SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a trial. Yon ran no risk.. II a la. not exactly
as represented, your money will ba refunded.
Gray Half Restored
Hy ht.lt was getting quite gray and falling Wt rapidly
���nd I was troubled with a terrible itching of the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, which fell upon my clothes
and kept ms continually brushing it off. While en a
visit to Rochester I heard of your Saga and Sulphur
for the hair. I got a bottle and used it A few applications relieved the Itching, my hair stopped falling out snd gradually came back to Its natural color. It
Is now a nice dark brown color, soft, glossy and pliable.
Several of my friends want to use it, and I want te
kaos vist yoa will chugs as for six bottles of it
���HI88 E, A. ROSS,
Charon, Mercer Co, Pa.
Grew iiair on a Bald Head
For two or three years my hair had beea
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my head was entirely bald. About font
months ago I commenced using Sage and Sui*
phur. The first bottle seemed to do some good
and I kept using it regularly until now I have
mad four bottles. The whole top of my head
Wf **Wy eevtmd and keeps coming la thicker.
I sball keep on using it a while longer, as I
aettcs a constant improvement
Roslisater, H.Y.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Druggists
II Tour Drvaabt Does Not Keep It, Send Us the Price fn Stamps, and Wt Wfll
Send Yov a Large Bottle, Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company '4 araSSWEB"-..
A Me Cake ol Wyeth's Sage and Snlphnr ToUct Soap Free to anyone who will aend
us this advertisement with 10c in stamps to cover cost of wrapping and mailing the soap. >A
Ruputftdly dedicated te Mr. and Mr*. 0. ERNEST TAINTER, Uvtdott, Ht.
Somewhere There Is Someone I'd Like To Know
Successfully Featured by MARIAN MERRILL, in WARD & YOKES Production
���        Words by
Musk by
by        Cu ��� pid's    dart,        Tliat   some ��� one   conld   share     if sho      knew.,
steals 'round  her     waist        And      no ��� bod   ���  y     looks    bat tbe      moon..
Hay   be   some ��� one s
Does sad youth sigh
a   ���   lone.,
in      vain..
Be  conld     be    true,
Some- one      is    near,
if    he      but
some-bod   ���   J  .1
know, Rome-one    ho knew could bo    true There's a place   in    Ms heart   Pierced
hear", Smiles on   some  one  wko    is     blue There   is   oue  fond  em-brace,  Arm
i    i
S?  f
LUjf_4.|*>>^r^   .fr
DMA ^���
^^^^^^^^^^ ���i���I
Copyright, MCMVIII, by JOSEPH BS. DALY Boston, Mass.
Used by permission, HURRAY MUSIC Co. Hew York
i      n,
So. 234.
Somewhere There Is Someone I'd Like To Know.
l.a. 834?
Irish Nationalist Leader Is Taken te
Task by F. E. Smith for 8peaking
With  fOoubls  Voice."
London, No.v. 12.���The text of a remarkable correspondence between
Mr. John Redmond and Mr. F. E.
Smith regarding the two voices with
which the former speaks on Home
Rule has been Issued. t
Mr. Smith ln a speech not long ago
accused Mr. Redmond of presenting a
Afferent version of Home Rule to
Irish and American audiences to that
which he presented In England. Mr.
Redmond vehemently repudiated this,
whereupon Mr. Smith wrote to him as
"Will you be good enough to Inform me whether you are correctly
reported ln the Dally Independent of
December 0, 189F>. as having said,
'Our principles are easily defineu.
They are the inlependuuce of Ireland
and the civil and religious liberty of
all her sons. . . Ireland for thc
Irish ts our motto, and the consummation of all our hopes and aspirations ls, In one word, to drive English rule, sooner or later, bag and baggage, from our country."
"Wlll you be good enough to Inform me whether you are correctly
reported in tbe Worcester Spy, U. S.
A., November 14, 1901, as having
said, 'What are our motives and objects? First of all our ultimate gcal
is the national independence ot our
country. I say ln its essence the national movement is the same today as
it was ln the days of Hugh O'Neil. ot
Owen Rae, of Emmett, or of Wolfe
Tone���to overturn the foreign domination In our land and to put Irishmen
��� in charge of their own .affairs.'  '
"Will you be good enough to inform me whether you are correctly
reported in the Freeman's Journal of
September 27, 1910. u having said at
Buffalo: ' I have com* here today to
America to ask you to give us your
aid in the supreme, and I believe the
final, effort to destrone one and for
all the English government of our
"I have ask*d you the Question ln
reference to **��h of the above quota*
tlons, Whether it represents your present position. If it does not, you have
evidently, and on your own admission, spoken with two voices. If lt
d<*es, the conclusion is even clearer,
for on October 7, 1911, you are reported in the. Morning Poet as having made the following observations.
'We are only asking for the management of our own local, affairs bv an
executive government, which will be
responsible to the nublTc opinion ot
Ireland. We accept jour suj,:\ uiacy,
and we not merely accept it, but we
invite yhii, If -o*y one has any doubt
upon the question to make in  the
terms of yeur bill that supremacy as
effective as you like.'"      .
To thnt apaelAe oktrgM Mr. Red-
****** **9* tkat ke hH ��M tha means
at  hie atsiKM*!    of   verifying   every
thing he has snld tor the past sixteen
years, and adds:
"All these statements, however,
uer to be read ln the ll^ht of the innumerable declarations made by me
on hundreds of platforms In America
and In this country and In the House
of Commons, that all that we asked
was that In purely Irish affairs we
should have control of the government of the country in an Irish parliament. In the same way, though not
necessarily by the same machinery,
as in the case of the Colonies."
To this Mr. Smith replied:
"Your habit of speaking with a double voice Is more Inveterate than I
had imagined."
TABLE SALT.     It tl ******
ia ishtwsw -but deSc��ie.��WM V**
tho right savour.   Usa so o&er.
Winter Pastorate Duties Press Hard
en  McMaster  Men.
Montreal, Nov. 12.���The report of
the Senate of McMaster University
submitted by Chancellor McCrim-
mon and considered by tbe Baptist
Convention, shows that out of 225 undergraduates registered ln arts there
were 44 ministerial students. The
theological professors complained of
the serious drawback many students
experience ln being forced to undertake the duties of student-pastorate
through tho winter, and recommended as a remedy that .there be remuneration for services rendered in the
summer flelds. It was added that the
bequest of the late Allan MacLean,
of the Jarvis Street Church, Toronto
made lt possible now to add $100 to
the remuneration of graduates in arts
in mission fields.
Mrs. McMaster, widow of Senator
McMaster, who founded McMaster
University, and herself founded Moulton College, and who la 92 years ot
age, waa present duiing part of the
educational debate. As she left on
the arm ot her nephew tbe assembly
rose and applauded her warmly.
The retiring governors, Reva Elmore Harris, B. A., D. D., John McNeill, B. A.. Messrs. D. E. Thompson,
K. C, LL. D., and BS. D. Warren, were
re-elected unanimously.
Meatreal - Quebec   ���   Liverpool J
Christmas Sailiigs
Porttal Ms., HaKf��x, Ltorpoel
St    fit
 Saturday,  Dec. 2
 Saturday, Dec.  ���
 Thursday, Dec. 14
"Teutonls" ^_^__^_^^_^_^^_
Steamers sail from Halifax early
next day. connecting with trains.from
the West.
White Star 8.8. "Laurentic" aad
"Megantic" are the largest, flisest
and vmost modern trom Canala.
Elevatora, lounges, string orchestra,
etc. Flrat, second and third elass
passengers carried.
White Star S.S. "Teutonic" and
Dominion Une 8.8. "Canada" carry
one elasa cabin (II) and third class
passengers only.
for reservations and tickets apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. P. BUTCHER, Agent 4. N. ft.
Company's off to* ��1�� 2nd Avsi,
Seattle. H
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
 ���.. i      .,      ...i. ii. hi i        'nf      i     in
Now it the tim* to build far sal* or rent whfle price* nre lew
cs   b
���  b  a
'. ti
��>""���' .."c -/:7
#��� r-
*#* K>OT
Ttrerttaily Newsl     10*0*0 weopimm.
Publlshed-Uy fhe Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their ofllce*,
corner   6f   McKenzie   and   Victoria
MONbAV, NOVEMBER  13, 1911
Neither Yeuths Iter Maidens Have
Much to Bay Abeut Them.
Many sr. the interesting customs
that characterize (hs Bororo Indians,
says a writer in The Wide World
Magazine. There is the marriage ceremony, tor instance.    It is really ths
*   �� , ��,���,���...��� nir.rtM1 mother ol  the  girl  who  selects her
t. A. Paige Managlno Director   d-^tf.| future huib.ndi 4od wh,n
the has chosen him she invites him
to her hut to partake oi a highly-
peppered dish specially cooked for ths
occaaion. The eligible youth it accompanied by his mother, or, failing her,
by the oldest woman of his family.
It ha feels inclined to marry the girl
presented to him he partake! of the
food and then panes it on to his mother. Bhould she bs likewise inclined
she tastes it, and the marriage is then
as good as a fait accompli. Bhould
she be opposed to the proposition,
however, sue returns the food to the
girl's mother and the match is off,
even should the young man feel inclined to tie the knot.
On the other hand, if the youth is
not favorably impressed by the daughter of the hut he passes the dish on to
his mother withoul tasting it. saying:
"Mother, give this food to her from
whom lt came."
The mother can do ss she likes. She
can touch the food, and then the sou
must msrry the girl in spite of his
own feelings. But ii she is not keen
on the marriage she pushes the food
across to her hostess and, accompanied by her son, leaves the hut. It
. . will thus be seen that neither the
the cliajriffn   at   once   announced��� j youth nor the niniden have nmch ^
agreed to receive a deputation on tho j aay as regards their own future.
Conciliation'"Bill   after  the   meeting.)     Aft��r   the   engagement   the   fiance'*
w]101 mother has to maintain the bride-
' groom's mother for four days. During
this time the youth sleeps ln the hut
of his future bride, but without being
seen by her. He enters late at night
and leaves before dawn, and the object ol his presence is to protect the
girl of his (,or his mother's) choice
from the machinations of the evil eye
On the fifth morning beth bride and
bridegroom get up at the ("ame Unhand, approaching the fire, sit down to
gether, turning their backs on th?
other members of the family. Henceforward tney are man and wife.
l'he following is a portion of a
speech made by Lloyd-George ln support of the insurance Bill:
The Chancellor of the Exchequer
spoke for two hours and a quatrer on
the Bill at Whitefleld's Tabernacle,
Tottefj^affiicwt-road, 0ct' 14- ll wa3
a tlektf .n&eting, and men only were
admitted- But these precautions
against ^Interruptions on the irrelevant topic of woman suffrage wero in
vain, rn Before the proceedings were
opened It bfecame known that male
emissaries of'the militant woman suffragists wbre present; and in order to
placate  them   Mr.   Lloyd-George���as
Nevertheless, three young men
Insisted upon asking the Chancellor
of the -Exchequer to state in the
course of his. speech his intentions in
regard to the Conciliation Bill, had to
be totcMfi removed. Apart from this,
the 1700 persons piesent were most
enthusiastic }n support oi the Insurance But:... ���<���.
Mr. Lloyd-George at the outset of a
detailfd ^indication of his Bill said
the irfeasure Vould,-ln his judgment,
do more to hinder or assuage human
misery than any Bill since the abolition of the Corn Laws. It made provision for 15 millions of men and women engaged ^industrial occupations.
At present %*$; entire burden fell on
the should^Of labor. In future
more than %W* would be shouldered
by others.
Describing" the position of the workman uqdefr-tfcBjiBlJ], Mr. Lloyd-George
took first the fcSse of those who were j
not  members of   friendly
Customs   Officials'   Manners.
"German    officials    stare    at   'you;
French officials scowl at you; English
officials wink at you. But they all pass
the bagjrge," is the conclusion of Gilbert K. Cuesterton, the English writer,
who has recently added to his experience by passing through  the custom
hous:s of France, Germany and Eng
land, which he describes in The illustrated   London   News.   Noise,   confu
sion  and   clamor   prevailed   in   the
French douane, which was located in
a small, dirty, shed-like room.     The
        _.    .      societies, j French  temperament  is   soothed    by
These he estimated, in  round  num- * disturbance, he explains, and the cus-
���.  -JZ5I*i-   ���iiii���nn       ti,/.��� I tomj  official s   bustling  manner  does
bers,  *t?*gK*m   millions.      There l     { mna that he tgkeg hjs   .
thiwS^MWbns   why   so   many   ��eriousiy> tor ono gets through quickly
land unnurt. French officials asA not
as brutal as they seem., Gernran cus-
tosAouses impressed Mr. Chesterton
as tfflnple-like. The imposing official*
in uniforms ot aesthetic pescoek green
held hi* observant gas.. Grim and''
silent, they passed him from one large
apartment to another. But it ouly
seemed like oppression, decides the
tolerant traveler lorn ard. Hia natlv.
land received Kim av Dover in a uaan-
"conftdential and comte."
made no provision for ill-health���the
first was the difficulty of young and
vigorous, people realizing shat fill
Wl��6::*>M$ ooiae. Tha .econd was
the difficulty of keeping "up payment*
to friendly societies and unions
through unemployment, and too of-
tm tbrouebddalBk. And tbe third waa
i   tt��* . tr4<fr$t��ftr,, with   wtilcb   Ui*   ao-
What ls truthfully described as the
largest and most successful meeting
of men interested in education which
has ever been held ln the province���
the eighth annual convention of tbe
British Columbia Association of
School Trustees���was brought to a
close at Vancouver with a banquet
at the Dutch Grill. Among the 200
who sat down were the provincial
minister of education, the provincial
superintendent, the mayor of Vancouver and reeves and councilmen
from neighboring districts, besides
school trustees from every part of the
province. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K. C. M. G., K. C, presided.
The chairman recalled the fight for
free schools ln Nova Scotia. Passing
to the present, he said tiie sterling
qualities which have been given to
educational work in this province will
remain for ever, and the foundation
laid In honesty and love of country
will Make our (./durational institutions among the greatest in tho
A. H. B. Macgowan, M. L. A., proposed the toast, "The Mayor and City
Council and Municipalities." He declared that many years ago he had
been elected a school trustee, and
that this did hlm as much good as
any of the undertakings be had assumed ln later years. He said some
complimentary things about the Hon.
John Robson for the excellent foundation which he had laid for the work
of education in the province. He declared that the IOve of country so
manifect in Canada had stamped this
province as the wost loyal in the
whole  British  Empire.
Mayor Taylor, in responding to the
toast, said there was no investment
a city had which gave better returns
than a good system of education. He
expressed the opinion that the entrance examination to the high school
should be abolished and that the entrance to this institution should be
Reeve Weart of Burnaby also made
brief reply.
Mr. Maxwell Smith, responding to
the toast of "Past School Trustees,"
declared that although the school
system of today Is good, there is ample room for improvement, nnd that
while no effort is made to thru! I
criticism on the Department of Education, there is an attempt being
made to haie certain reforms instituted which will be of great good to
the schools.
ctatlaa tMScaam; toKntarupt..     following
ttie c*r*��i' ot .ttie workman -wlio waa
unpTOtHed! Itit, tlie  apeaVer depleted
the   eTftbatraWtaneila   which   overtook
him througfc   ill-health���the   loss   of
credit, the r:46ort to the pawnbroker,
and the slough of debt in which tbe
family was Involved.,   Under the Bill
the   workman   could,   command   free
medical attendance from a doctor of
his own choice; and in that way serious slcknteda would cftrn be avoided.
If the illness Were serious, the man
man would'(tt 10s. a week  for  the
ilrst 13, wp-c.\3,. and if he broke down
altogether-'h&: would get the equivalent of The V$m-age pension  for  the
j-est of his days.
The Cb&MQal'or proceeded to point
���out that..under the insurance scheme
in Germany there was an end to the
withdrawal of workmen's money from
tthe savings banks, because people
were able to tide over illness with the
allowance .'they got from the Insurance Fund and free doctoring. The
Bill provided,a-million and a half to
build sanatoria throughout the country, and .a. million a year to keep
Ihem up, with the provision of 10s, a
week tQ keep the wife and family
from starving while tlie man was getting cured. Of the cost, estimated at
lid. per weejt, the workman paid 4d.,
the employer 3d., and thc State 2d.
Turning to the case of members of
friendly societies, Mr. Lloyd-Geon;c
complained 'of misrepresentations
about tlie effect of the Bill on them,
and affirmed that they wouid lie better off. under the'Bill than at present.
'The finances of the Bill had been so
.���arranged tbat here was a practical
���guarantee and (security for old people
wbo had put their money into the
funds of the societies. Ke cited tbe
opinion | of ,the actuary appointed by
the trades, .unions to examine the effect of th'e Bin 'or their financial position, to the effect that it would
strengthen the unions financially.
After.jBoine humorous references to
the attj���ie of Mr. Balfour in reference to tjie Bill, the Chancellor urged
that* j&ei*reason  why the opponents
of tM^Bill were anxious for its post-
ponemtfirtwttSThat if it got Into op-
erati|)&  next    year���and   he   would
flght^tt thrpiigh this year or would
faH-f*fi��'.wArttlng woull furnish end-
less jfaru^refutations of all the false
faow&^^yhnut it. He closed with
an yflrfet,,r,.rfnt"rir asainst further
delayWWttftttf with the problem.
jttAzii '*���
Juat aa Well.
O^ one ot those bitter, chilly mornings'that herald so aptly our spring
Mr. Taswell turned over in bed and
began to doze, lt was i o'clock, and
this was the lirst wink oi sleep Taswell had as yet managed to snatch.
A violent banging on the front door,
however, suddenly aroused him. Ha
dashed over to tiie window and opened it.
"Is it flre?" he roered.
"I want Mr. Taswell," came the
"1 am Mr. Taswell.  What is it?"
"I have an important matter which
concerns your good name and must
not let it reach other ears. Come down
In a moment Taswell, in his pajamas, was at the door. The wind whistled coldly.
"Well," replied the disturber of Tas-
well's peace, "don't you think your,
name, would be as well without the
Then he disappeared into the darkness, and the comments oi Taswell
were not well at all.���London Tit-Bits.
What's the   Use.
"Mother," said Bobby after a full
week of obedience, "have 1 been a
goo-J  b jy lately.-''
"Yes, dear," replied his mother. "A
very,  very   good   boy."
"And do you trust me?" he continued.
"Why, of course, mother trusts her
little boy!" she answered.
But tne chastened child a as not
"i mean really, really trust you,"
nodded liis mother. "Why do you
'Jest because," said Bobby, diving
his hands into his pockets and looking
at her meaningly in the face, "if you
trust nie like you say you do, why du
you go on hiding the jam?"���Answers.
The Russische Korrespondenz under
the headline "Forgotten," tells of the
discharge lrom the imperial service ol
three officers of the prison at Minus-
sinsk because of a lapse of memory
on their part. It appears that last
winter a political prisoner of tne name
of Sachatschow was placed by them
in an unheated dungeon and was then
"forgotten" for a long time. When
the poor fellow was flMlly thought bf
again he was found wrribly frozen.
He died shortly after his frozen feet
had been amputated.
Not  In  Harmnoy.
"There is one discordant note in
your garden, my dear madam," remarked the aesthetic landscape architect.
"What is that?" asked the lady,
much alarmed.
"1 notice," he replied, with a shudder, "that you have a dogwood planted near some pussy willows."
Pbre   Mod."
" There are few thing. In which women   In   cities  and  town,  are   more
greatly interested than in tbe supply I
of wholesome food. Those who are '���
country brad cam scarcely underatand |
tHa danevra to which people who are
dependent on the market a of the city
tor their tood are exposed, lt is the
fault ot the countrywoman herself lf
the food given to her family is not
wholesome. Her milk and eggs are
fresh. Her bread is home-made from
good flour. Meat, even if scarce, is
sound and fresh, and it Is her own
fault If she has not a supply of vegetables fresh from the garden ln summer, or carefully kept for winter. In
some parts of Canada fruit is scarce,
and Jams, if used, must be Imported,
but that is not the case here. In-
cities, especially large ones, conditions are very different. The public
is dependent on the dealers and manufacturers for the supply of the
tables. If these are honest, and lt all
citizens are well to do, the mechanic
and laborer of the city would live better than the farmer for he has a
wider choice. But unfortunately the
desire for gain leads the manufacturer and dealers to substitute infer
ior materials for those which are
more wholesome but more expensive.
The necessities of the poor force
them to buy the cheap, inferior or
damaged goods. The result is or
would be, if this were aHowed, a
rapid rieteiloraticn of the inhabitants
of cities. Diseases of all kinds follow the use cf unwholesome food
from the unclean or stale milk fed to
babies to the tainted or Improperly
preserved meat eaten by their elders.
For the protection of the national
health most countries have enacted
Pure Food laws, making it an offence
to sell adulterated, unclean or decaying foods. Hut such laws are very
hard to enforce. Seller and buyer often conspire to defeat tlie laws made
for the protection of the people, and
of the authorities is needed to fight
ignorance on the one hand and greed
on the other. In these days of
trusts, great corporations resist nny
Interference with their business, and
it requires great courage to force
them to comply with regulations likely to lessen their profits.
ln the United States the government has in Dr. Wiley, who is in con:
trol of the laws concerning the protection of the people from bad food,
an official who in the pursuit of his
duty fears no man. He has had many
contests with great corporations, but
has never ceased to agitate for reform as long as abuses lasted. His
last great flght was against the use of
benzoate of soda as a preservative.
He found by chemical analysis thst
while this substance gave the appearance of freshness it did not do away
with the dangers of putrefaction. His
decision has, it Is said, been confirmed by German scientists, who formerly believed that the benzoate of soda
could be used without danger.
It ls not a matter of indifference to
Canadians that our neighbors on the
other side of tbe line should have a
man as chief chemist of the department of agriculture who both can and
will prevent manufacturers from adulterating food. Not only do we buy
some of these goods from them but
tho example set by Dr. Wiley is one
tbat it is good for us to follow.
Hitherto there has not been In Canada any such need for strict oversight as there is in the United States
where population in proportion to
producten is very great. But already
the need of stricter supervision in regard to milk is Imperative, and eggs
meat and butter are kept ln cold
storage. Jams are made from fruit
which is of Inferior quail'// ln many
places, and Ice cream Is sold everywhere. There are pure food laws ln
Canada, but If they are strictly en-
fdrced the fact Is not generally
known. It ls far easier to prevent
abuses than to do away with them
when they have taken firm hold.
We have
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of Sale
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Vancouver, B.C.
and Cut Glass
Expert Repairing of English,
! American and Swiss Watches
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Near the Market
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676,
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
It's a Wise Man
Who Buys a Lot on the Wise Road
Fine Building Lots, 50x138 feet 6 inches, with Lane
at rear. High and Dry. $650 and up. Terms,
One Quarter Cash, balance over 2 years. Only a
few left.   Hurry !
one-half cash, balance G, \2 and 18 months.
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avenue. 100x180, with lane at back, good house. Price $3200, $1200
cash, balance ti, 12, 18 and 24 months.
all cleared;  $2200, one-third cash, balance fi, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
George Adams, late proprietor of
the Public Supply Stores, Columbia street, New Westminster, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
bim be paid as early as possible, at
his'new offices ln the Odd Fellowe*
block. 716 Carnarvon street, Near
Westminster. ������
B.C.  Mills
limber   and  1 rading   Co*
Manotaotarers and Dealers la All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mill*\ Branch
Telephone  IS *Uw Westminster Bos  13/
W. R. WLLEY, Phon. 422. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonee, Office 16 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
A Mew Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE  ��04. (Old  Glass Works Factory. SAPPERTON.
fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited* Tiy
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
pTIburns' market
����� MONDAY, ROVEMSCR IS, 1111.
���g=���e= in i  ii      ��� -
tmlth Oat Decision.
Sydney, Australia, Nov. 12.���Dave
Smith last night beat Bandsman Rice
by the narrowest Und of a margin
otte.rl.tWenty r0UBd�� of hard fighting.
BmlUi started in a hot tavorlte. but
the bandsman soon demonstrated the
fact that hlg advantage was a very
alight one.
London. Nov. 12.���Following are
the results ln the big league football
games  played  Saturday  afternoon
First Division���Blackburn Rovers
2, Bolton Wanderers 0; Bury-Shef
fleld United, postponed; Everton 1,
Manchester City 0; Manchester United 0, Preston Northend 0; Mlddlesbor
ough 1. Newcastle United l.TTucffleld
Wednesday 1, Oldham Athletic 0;
Notta County-Ashton Villa, postponed;
Sunderland 1, Bradford City 1; Tot
tenham Hotspur 2, Liverpool 0; West
Bromwlch Albion 1, Woolwich Arse
nai 1.
Second Division���Barnsley 2, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1; Birmingham 1, Chelsea 4; Blackpool 1, Grimsby Town 2; Bradford 1, Leeds City
1; Bristol City l, Clapton Orient 0;
Derby County-Burnley, postponed;
Fulham 3, Stockport County 1; Glos-
sop 1, Gainsborough Trinity 1; Hud
derfleld Trinity 1, Notts Forest 2.
Hull City 4, Leicester Fosse 1.
Southern League���Exeter City 1,
Brlghand H. Alb. 3; New Brompton
11, Stoke 1; Watford 6, Coventry
City 2; Reading 4, Leyton 0; Plyi
mouth Argyle 3, Norwich City) 0;'
Southampton 2, Crystal Palace 4;
Brentford 2, Northampton 2; Queen's
Park Rangers 1. Semidon Town 3;
Mlllwall Athletes 2, Bristol Rovers 1;
Westham United 3, Luton 0; Rugby
Oxford University 18, Gloucester 0;
Army 3, London Scttlsh 0; Guy's
Hospital 10, London Welsh 5. Bristol
3. Clnderford 0; United Services 5.
Old Mer. Tailors 3. .
Scottish League���Queen's Park 2.
Aberdeen 5. Dundee Celtic 2, Hamll
ton A. 1. St. Mlrren 0, Clyde 2; Hibernians 5, Falkirk 0; Patrick Thistles 2. Hearts 2: Raith Rovers 3, Kilmarnock 2: Morton 0. Third Lanark
1;  Motherwell 1, Rangers 2.
tenpins did not penetrate for many
years, tbe old game of ninepins being
tbe regulation game until ahout twenty-flve years ago ln the Weat. when
tenpins become known in a half haphazard way, and not until ahout the
middle of the '90s, when a champion
team toured the West and the American bowling congress was originated
in the East waa the real growth of
American tenpins noticed. We bave
records of match games being bowled
ln New York City cn the Knlcken
bocker alleys as early as January 1,
1840, and there are also records te
Washington of games bowled during
the late '50s by members of congress,
the most prominent being Abraham
Lincoln, and lt is the proud boast ol
one of the clubs of the capital city in
the States that they still have !the
actual scores of tbe games rolled by
the martyred president.
Y. M. C. A.'s Approve.
The game has been adopted by business houses to create    a congenial
and social spirit between tbeir large
number  of  employes,  and  lias  been
approved by tbe Y. M. C. A. throughout the country.    Church and social
clubs  have also adopted  the game.
Taking all of these sources together
with the great number of open publlc
bowling alleys, which probably number 60,000 In the United States, the
folowtng of the game of bowling wlll
claim almost 2,000,000 people who enjoy the sport and rivalry ai well as
the general exercise connected with
the game.   Quite sn army of followers but even  that doesn't represent
the following the game has throughout the world, as lt has gained a foot-
bold In England.   SlF Thomas Lipton
is president of the European Bowling
Association, and the game has   been
taken up ln earnest ln England, Philippine Islands, and,    ln fact, almost
exerywhere except In China, this being about the only game or invention
that the yellow men have not claimed as invented by tbem.   In England
It Is still known as cayles and skittles, while ln France as qullles and
loggets, but tn Germany lt la still the
game of ninepins, and  when boiled
down undoubtedly lt would be found
that the bowling game in this country  was adopted  from  the Germans ,
who fathered tne game many centuries ago. and generally the best bowlers in this country Are of German descent, of course, with the regular exceptions.
Children Often Need * "ffr*1 ^T'u*0!
careful what you five them.  Harsh
purgatives Injure tha bowels sad pave ths way for
llfe-ionr, troubles.   Ths new
doe* the wark meat
effectively without irritating ths bowels
er causing sny discomfort.   Ths children Ilka them tor Ihey tssts
like candy.   One of the most popular of the NA-DRU-CO preparations
25c. a box.  If your druggist hu nes rat Mocked them, send 25c. nd w* will tat* than. 20
Hastes! Pr��� aad Cfcomkat Cats****** at CaaaSa, UaakaS, .
* *
* BOWLING. ���
* ���
The match game of "cocked hat,"
-or three-pins as lt is sometimes
called, which was scheduled for last
Saturday evening, on the local drives,
came off all right und was a "roaring success from star t to finish.
Every game was hotly contested, as
will be seen by tbe score below, but
tbere was no end of fun throughout
the whole series. However, the
"Willotters" were too much for the
"Woltzere," and won the box of "B,
C." cignns put up by
Woltz of the losing team.
got away with five straight strikes In
his second string and had high game
(53). Phil Willette had high average
with ��7. A return match may
rolled next Saturday evening.
The WUIettera
Desert Come* to Gates on Two Sides
of City���Oaais of Million Palms.
Tripoli, over which Italy and Turkey are at daggers drawn, ls a picturesque city.
Tarabolos el Gharb���Tripoli of the
West���known to Europeans as Tri-
poli-ln-Barbary, the capital of the
Turkish Vilayet of Tripoli, ls situated
on a promatory which stretches out
into tbe Mediterranean on the north
coast of Africa about south of Malta,
forming a crescent-shaped bay, with
water from fifteen to twenty-four feet
deep. Reefs make out for some distance, creating a natural break-water
beneath their burdens, Arabs, Berbers
Sudanese, Turkish soldiers and many
Jews, with tight trousers and long
loose blue costs. The luggage ls
borne by Arabs, clad ln loose tunics
of brown, with bare legs and arms,
and supporting poles on their shoulders from which the burdens are hung.
The houses, built directly on the
streets, are seldom more than two
storeys high and give but little Idea
of the comfort one sometimes finds
within. The larger and more pretentious are built around a central court
open sometimes, to the sky and always to the height of the building.
and designed to afford as great freedom from heat as possible. The furnishings are a mixture of native products and French cheap furniture.
The Arab at his work sits usually on
the ground or on a low bench, and
In his house the same fashion ls followed.
Among the few Europeans of wealth
residing ln Tripoli    one    finds,    of
course, the same refinement of living
that  exists   elsewhere.    Lights    are
good old-fashioned    kerosene   lamps,
and sometimes one finds candles. The
streets are but    faintly    illuminated
and the shadows ln the narrow thoroughfares  loom  black  and  fearsome
after the setting of the sun.   Though
so  congested, the  streets  are  fairly
clean and are frequently swept,   by
hand, with long bundles   of    twigs
Sanitary    conditions    are   ordinarily
fair, but there are    occasional    out-
bracks of cholera during the summer
months, the last outbreak of this disease being in 1910.    Considering tho
open sewerage and the Oriental    indifference  to  sanitation,  the  health
of thc city ls good    and   Europeans
have little to fear.
Mixed Races.
The population of the city of Tripoli embraces representatives of all
the peoples living on the shores of
thc Medlterrsnean.    The basic population is, of course, native, but this
in itself Is complex and various, the
heirs of the innumerable colonization
and migrations which peaceably    or
in conquest have from tiroe to time
flowed Into the country.    There   are
the Berbers, who lf not th? primitive
were at least very early inhabitants,
blende* perhaps with a faint stream
of the Phoenician and  Hornan  blood
which at one time or anot'ier dominated the seacoast and extended into
the interior;   there are    the    Arabs
had the dog concealed in tbe "parcel,"
which had been "passed."
But these by no means exhaust the
means which women employ in smuggling their pets. They suspend them
ln bags from their necks, under well
buttoned up coats or furs, put them In
big pockets or loose "overcoats,' 'or
carry them ln their muffs, which Is a
trick frequently tried when muffs can
be worn without  exciting  suspicion.
"We catch one a month," a cus
toms officer explained, "but for every
one we do 'spot,' twenty or thirty escape us."
Your druggist wlll refund money lf
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind,   Bleeding   or
Protruding Piles ln 6 to 14 days. 60c.
A Snap
A dividend on the subset loed stock of the Company atvtbe rate of
10 per cent per annum, for tbe six months ending Oct 31st, will be
paid at the Company's office, 28 Lorne St., on and after, tbe 15th
By order of tbe Board.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
and protection on  the north, but    a
dangerous menace for tbe unacqialht-1 who came with the flood of Islam to
rant Billy led mariner, and as tbe city lies about |*be west; Jews, who in the centuries
Frank Dill I SOO miles off the chief routes of sea   nast colonized, from the far-off coun
travel, the harbor Is not well known
Corbett  ...
Fisher  ...
Walsh  ...
Wlnguest   .
Willette   ..
134 395
The Woltzers
Gill   ...
Webb  ....
WolU ...
111  140  126 377
The House Lesgue entry list ls filling up rapidly and prospects are good
for a five or six team league. As
���oon as all tbe entries are In, a meet-
taTwUl be called at which the team
captains wlll be selected and tbe
teams picked.   	
Next Thursday evening the Peoples
Trust Company team wlll roll a
ZnreSgame Wle. with the Vancouver
Province team on the local alleys.
New Westminster will roll an interesting match at yancouver on
Wednesday. At present the Royals
lead by one game.
C Wlnguest, a recent arrival, ls
sure hitting them up hardier twenty 200 scores being chalked up to his
credit already this month j c.
���Chamberlln's 267 score still stands
This ls the wearier ln which ono
naturally turns to the Indoor game of
bSwllng The game as-played here
K from match games bowled n
Manhattan some aeventy or cigmi
year. agor Enthusiast, datai, how-
iver tbat tbe game itself really 'laies
from the time of ancient Egypt when
theShorter, of flock, of sheep ouithe
asftbW ssj?i- js
totTails During tbe twelfth century
���2 BnglandTthe��*;.��H> of bow . at-
tained such prominence that iflnter-
fSwd with thV young men preparing
^ISauenUy a ukaae was issued
SiMtTji favor of ��5*J7.. ��*
JS, tor pome 100 years h*�� the game
aVa aumdltlll; but It sprang again
into*wSnlnehce both in England and
in tbHmerican colonies. As a mat
-Sr df fsct in New Amsterdam, which
U now New York, old Peter Btuyw
Mat. the Dutch governor, Issued a \
proclamation prohibiting the playing
$ tte game of ninepins and any one
that broke this edict was to be placed
in stocks for not less than four and
twenty hours.
Evading the Edict.
To evade tbe edict   situ avoid am
-possible chance of trouble one rJm
was added to the seUip ��*?'?.�� i ^M
was born the game of American ten-1 streets
to merchantmen. The desert comes
to the gates of Tripoli on the west
and south, but on the eaat stretches
tbe great oasis of a million date
palms, to which, and to lta harbor,
tbe city owes its location. Tripoli,
formerly independent, is now a mere
province of the Ottoman Empire, administered by functionaries of the
Porte, the chief being the Valt, or
The Italians for years have striven
to entrench themselves in the country by. the establishment of commercial enterprises, and they now practically control the general trade of the
port. The great Banca dl Roma, whic
is reported to have a quasi-governmental status, engages ln banking,
commerce, and trade of every sort,
apparently less with an eye to Immediate profit than to ultimate con;
trol. Its Trlpolltan business for the
past year Is reputed to have shown a
large financial deficit. The exports,
excepting esparto grass, which .goes
mainly to England, are passing more
and more Into Italian control, and
there is no question that Italian
Interests far outweigh those of any
other nation.
.      Reached By Water.
Tbe province of Tripoli comprises
besides the city of 60.000 of that name
the town of Benghazi to the east of
the capital, and Mourzouk to the
south, a total population probably of
a million. Tbe European Inhabitants
of the capital are mainly Maltese and
Italians, the latter of late years predominating.
Thero are two ways of reaching
Tripoli, each by water���by boat from
Marseilles, via Algiers or Tunis, or
from Italy, by way of Sicily and Malta
The Germans are now running occasional excursions to the city, but so
far, with that exception, lt is rare to
meet a tourist In the street. The approach Is most picturesque, the city
lying white on the edge of ths desert
the line lf one or two storey houses
broken by the massive Turkish fortress and many round and octagonal
mlnarettes of mosques. One finds
queer passengers on the boats, but segregated fiom the first class passengers, and the ships are usually clean
and fairly comfortable, with an abundant and well-served table. All
trips are best taken in fairly cool
weather,  however,  when  Insect "life
Sail kinds is less prevalent. During
e writer's Journey along the African coast in tbe month of March;
April, and May, no inconvenience
whatever Waa experienced from he^t
and,lta attendant annoyance. However, she should always arm oneself
with two comforts in traveH-lnsect
powder and a knowledge ot French.
The landing from the. steamer is
made in small boats, which swarm
about as tbe ship comes to anchor.
No one enters the town by sea save
through the Customs House, where,
It Is said, the examinations, conducted by numbers of Turkish officials,
are ordinarily most rigorojjs.'
Streets of .the City/
Passing from the Customs one en.
tries to ths south; Syrians and Ar-
menlans and Turks, moat ot the latter
sol Hers or officials. There are Greeks
from the Sporades, and Greeks from
the Cyclades, many of whom are engaged tn sponge fishing, which ls
important both at Tripoli and Benghazi. .There are Frenchmen and
Spaniards, Maltese and Italians, Germans and English and one American
who represents his country as consul
These are the principal elements in
population, further complicated, how
ever, by various odds and ends and
London, Nov. 16.���The days when
bold, bad smugglers ran their boatloads of rum. brandy and tobacco
over from France, into the secret
coves and caves on the English
coasts are long since gone, but the
customs officers still have plenty to
do pitting their wits against smug-
lers as cunning as ever existed In the
old days.
These smugglers are women, and
the contraband upon which they exercise their wits most to evafl* the customs is dogs, though, of course it is
the quarantine law that causes all
the Trouble. The devices which they
adopt are as Ingenious as they are
amazing, and the customs officers can
tell some extraordinary stories of the
ruses Of women to smuggle their pets
from France Into England. By concealing them ln pockets ln their underclothing they often succeed ln
their Intentions, except wh��n the
dogs yelp, and so betray their mistresses.
But popular���and often successful
���as Is the bidden pocket dodge, lt Is
common place beside some of the
methods of dog smuggling which have
recently been attempted at Dspver.
One curious case.' which resulted ln
discovery, was of a woman, a nurse,
and an "infant" in long clothes, who;
went on board the st?amshtp at$*i��
als. Tbey Immediately shut them-,
selves ln their cabin, and were not.
again seen till Dover was reached except by the customs men on board,
who were nulte satis"��"d that tbey
had no contraband with them. At
Dover, however, when the party was
coming ashore, the "infant/- whose
head waa completely muffled up in
lace and muslin, barked.
In another case, a travelling Tug,
carried on thn sm of a lady'smgd
companion, melted swi<4��*. M*
waa stopped, the rug was examined,
Tnd f$n<\to contain three Httt��&.
eta, 14 each ot which w*s a vataable
Uny dog. ,���'��� KA ;.
A saner oh hoard ono of the -**?*���
boats telle how K������taW��^*
glance InsMrn #ahln occupied by lm
wSnTen pkmngers to Dover Just I��
tore the custom* men entered it. On*
woman �������*������ * Httte^dog ajjhlff
of something from * hottle wWc��
���melt Ul��'����orofoiw the othfrfSi
busy making np, a "parcel" of wf��p��,
4-Roomed House
at corner of Cumberland Road and
Seventh Avenue in
Burnaby. Lot 54x
169, all cleared and
fenced and in gar
Price $1,300
$350 Cash, balance]
same as rent.
Water and light
services under construction.
New  Weatmlnster  City  Specialist
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone 696.        622 Columbia atreet
Do Not Waste Money
Save a llttl* systematically, for tt la tte stuff that tte foundation! of wealth and happiness am built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to spend for what to
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed in tte t��
turn.   Money cannot te Invested until It to flrat aavad.
The Bank of Vancouver
/     Authorised Capital, 62,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth atreet
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
��� ' i     > ii ii
I Am Willing To Prove
I Can Cure You
To That End I Am Giving Away $10,000
Worth of Medicine
In order to show beyond ell doubt I
that 1 am in possession of a medicine
that will cure kidney trouble, bladder I
trouble or rheumatism, I will this year give
away ten thousand dollars' worth of this
medicine, and anyone suffering lrom these
diseases can get a box ol it absolutely free.
All that is necessary is to send me your address.
I don't mean that you are to use a part of
it or alt of it and pay me if cured. I mean
that I will send you a box of this medicine
absolutely free of charge? a gift from me to
the Uric Acid sufferers of the world, so I can
show them where and how they may be cured.
I will not expect payment for this free medicine, nor would I accept it now or later if
you sent it. It is free in the real meaning of
the word.
For twenty-five years���a quarter of a century���I hare been trying to convince the public that I have something genuine, something
better than others have for the cure of stubborn, chronic rheumatism, for torturing kidney backache, for annoying calls to urinate.
But it is hard to convince people���they try a
few things unsuccessfully and give up all hope
and refuse to listen to anyone thereafter.
Happily, I am in * position now to demonstrate to sufferers at my own expense that I
r je * n,ed,ci'�� that cures these diseases.
I don t ask them to spend any money to find
out; I don't ask them to believe me, nor even
to take the word ol reliable people, Imt aU I
���Skis that they aUow ese teTeend them V
medicine as. ��ay awa cms.   Tka* ta surely t*it.
medicine.    ~	
who is giving away $10,000 worth of msdiciM.
I can say further that this medicine has been
vouched for according, tv toy,,aa. complying in
every detail with all requirements. It will
stop rheumatism, it will stop pain and backache, it will stop too frequent desire to
urinate; it will heal, soothe and strengthen.
You will be better in every way for having
taken tt. There ia not an iiutredieiia Usu ��a*
iniure-, net one to* isUIJmSi^-jMjl Shut!
Mack of H to
sent out, all of It fresh and standard.
ready now
| Mrn   Classes every Monday   and
**oarM  Thursday night   8   o'clock.
To     at 318 Royal avenue.   Those
_ receiving   invitation    cards
Dance for the FrlShy evening
dances in St. Patrick's hall will please
notice that Invitations are good for
the season. Dancing 9 to 2. C. W.
Openshaw's four-piece orchestra
Phone L575, J. R. Barnett, Manager.
Mr. Holroyd Paull, violin virtuoso
and teacher, pupil ot Prof. Sevclk,
Prague M. Cesar Thomson, Brussels
now receives pupils. Terras and full
particulars from Mr.. C. W. Openshaw, Room 8 Ellis Block, 6S2 Columbia street.
At the Red Cro�� Pharmacy
once the narrow Ill-paved A cushion waa tknWr* �����*���}���������� .**?
of the city, winfltaf, tunjftag; tte nnconadeua dofc ��d_ tte ����*���
S and being elhowad, dodgin carstook no trouble toJ��*J2f��J*;
HAND BAM and all
are arriving dally, and ���%���&��������� ���*'
there la "clasa" to the* fcnd hoteaty
In tte price*. <%'
Please call aad satisfy yourselve*
aa to theee remarks. '.,r,  ..
^ss^&s&A s wtf-satfaows ^^^w^s?��
   . ,    There
wiU be enough for all sufferers, though there
be thousands of them. And anyone who
needs It can get some of it free. But' in
order that I ahall know that you have a disease for which this medicine i* intended, I
ask yon to send me some of your leading
symptoms. If you hare any of the symptoms
in the list printed here you need my medicine
and if you will write roe I will gladly send
yon ��� box of it free with full directions for
your use. Look the symptoms over, ice
which symptoms you have, then write me
about aa follows: "Dear Dr., I notice symptom* number"���here nut down the numbers,
five your age, full address, and send it to ac
My address is Dr. T. Frank Lynott, SO
Franklin Building, Toronto, Can.
The ten thousand dollar* I am spending for
the compounding of my medicine is only s
part of the money I am devoting to this
cause, for the package of medicine I send you '
*iU be fully prepaid at my. expense. From
aaf standpoint you view it, YOU incur no
expense or obligation. Just tell others wbo
you know are suffering who gent you the
medicine that cured you.
I am promising ta give away ten thousand
dollars' worth of medicine, and I will do that;
I am promising to send nny sufferer who
writes mc a box of this medicine and full
direction* frte of charge, and I will do that.
i medical boST
up to date ani
bladder and rheumatic diataaas   All who wtfl
for the tree medicine win be eent a copy
ef this grand  illustrated medical book���th.
largest ever written on these diseases for fre.
ana general distribution. '
If you need medicine such ag I have, if
you are anxious to be cured snd don't want
to spend any money LOOKING for cures,
write me. Bead the symptoms over and let
me hear from you today. "
Tfcese Are the Symptoms:
�����-Too rrvqueot dt��in> lo artestr.
*-Oaa or patntS ������ stomach.
�����*���*������ wjw.'t&E*-'-
sterilize  your��kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and Military
Soap only cleans; 60LD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over tlie surface, leaving 9 greasy
film behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser. it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ot the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable mi*ji&er,
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifyj^^teTials
injustthei^tproi- . \%|,/>
Ipfyoni: ti steanae a^pM
and without harm to ^j
fabric, utensil or
%et tie GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
ftfc*tr*HB Ns ** *Anuwta COtfMNY
lisksrs c< FAIRY SOAP. Htm orsismk*
"Wt r^
ajs^aseBjwo--������i *****
** *J.s*r���f
i ajagajasj. a,
���Punlsh.Ti.nt Bhould Fit th. Criminal
��� Net the Crime."
"Whst do yoa think ot a chief of po- I
lice who lovee Emerson, reads Walt
Whitman aud believes in the Christ
Idea as a good working proposition
every day in the week?" asks George
Creel in the American Magazine.
"Well, that's Terry Knapp of Toledo,
O., snd pronaluent above sli else ln bis
office ls this placard: 'Punishment
Should Fit tbe Criminal. Not tbe
Crime.' That's the Knapp Ides! He
doesn't divide humanity into 'good'
'and 'bad' classes, nor does he believe
that Justice is best served by malignant and relentless pursuit of every offender against some law. Instead of
considering himself as a millstone for
tbe grinding of human grist, he nets
as a man dealing with men. While
convinced that society needs protection against wrongdoers, he rejects
tbe usual theory that society must be
revenged on wrongdoers.
"'Golden Bule' Jones took clubs
away from the policemen snd gave
them canes. When Perry Knspp wss
promoted to be chief he banished Ihe
canes, so that the Toledo bluecouts
really express lhe majesty of lhe law.
nut a mere threat of violence.
"Of FORMS Ihere are those who believe thst vice nnd erlmo must be
dealt with by force nnd that the
slightest gentleness will encourage
wrongdoing. As nu nuswer to these
the percentage of crime Is less In Toledo than any other city of its size ln
Ihe country. And many n chief uf police, scratching Ills head In perplexed
fashion, bas wondered why Perry
Kuupp haa 'so little trouble."*
Commissioner of Patent! Ellsworth
Was a Pear Prophet.
In one week recently the patent
offlce Issued 773 patents. The total
number Issued up to dale was 904,104,
In sight of the million mark.
In view of these figures the following excerpt from the report of the
commissioner of patents tor Ibe year
1843 is of Interest as showing how
widely a man. even a commissioner of
patents, can mlss his guess:
Tlje whole number of pat��il�� Issued by
the United States up to January. 18��. was
13.523.    l'he patents granted for the post
year (1843) were (31 In number, exceeding
those of the previous year by twenty-four.
The advancement of the arts from year
to year taxa* our credulity and seems to
presage the early arrival of that  period
when human Improvement must end.
,OXmjfv/a  E1.LSWORTW.
. ���''...' (.'JCohimiasloner of��� Patents.     ,
In l*4itfta#e jfere no telegraphs, tei- j
epbcpif* 4��rtMnot>iles, electric lights or >
motors, phonographs or airships.  Antl- J
septic surgery was still ln the dim future,  nnd doctors  were swathing  ty- j
j'pbold fever patients  in  blankets ami
Immuring Ihem in un ventilated rooms,
while people still walked ten miles to
see a railroad train.���New Vork Times,
Women With Dail Clubs.
T�� \ta�� **.T\s Ssxt*." Mil UuKb Fill
tottou lt> Mam aL.*amt\*a* Maintain*. "t��
^mwsmi wi�� (Mtd��)> -waa n rartty
***** to tm common t��* M<��< ov <*��tat
pluyera  ttt  take   tttclr   wtvea  on   Iniw
trip*.   aoA  sometime*   their  children
Manager* admit tbat the women have
��� restraining   and   refining   Influence,
blit they nre not wanted.   Often managers  make wry  faces When  notlBed
that some of thc men are taking (heir
wives.   Tbe women tnke the tnluda of
the players off lhe game���$<>metimes n
good thing, but more frequently a bad
one.   If there should be n quarrel the
wives ore certain to tu'.te sides.   Two
of the Cubs  lost  their tempers one
night and clashed,   lt wns over iu a
 minute, und both were sorry.  Chance.
sitting ns Judge, passed this sentence:
'I'll line you each $10, nnd If either of
you dares tell his wife I'll muke it
Counted Ants For Two Yesrs.
A marvel of scientific research, says
our Rerlln correspondent, has been accomplished by Professor Yemg. who
has been Investigating (lie Interior
condition of nnt bills. Ry dint of pa
tlcnt oliscrvntion Professor Yemg discovered that nn nut hill two feet in
height was inhabited by 03.780 nuts.
Other ant hills of almost the same slzo
were found lo coutain GV.GOO, 68,000
and 48.000 ants respectively. These oty
serrations and ihe counting of tbe tiny
Insects occupied two years. ��� London
A Lottery Romance.
There was a lottery romance nt the
Credit Fonder In Amiens recently
when the drawing of lottery bonds
took place. Ou lhe winning number of
a prize of 100,000 francs being called
out a woman Jumped to her feet.
T,-aved a small piece of paper, shrieked
end fainted. She was a hardworking
talloress. flfty-elght years old, who Invested 100 francs against a rainy day.
She bought lottery bonds with (he
money, and tbe winning of the prize
has made her Independent
Uses of Glass.
In  Switzerland goods nre weighed
Iwith glass  weights.    In fact, on tbe
ontlnent generally glass is taking tbe
lace of wood and Irou ln many dlrec-
ons, for it can be made stronger even
ban stone, and the day is not far off
hen houses will be built entirely of
Summary of news pnblished for investors who are interested in developments
on the Fraser and Pitt Rivers, in the vicinity of Port Mann and Coquitlam
No. 2.
Expect Big Business This Winter
Opens London Office
When interviewed on Monday last,
Mr. Mercer stated .that they arrived
too late to see the Coronation, only
reaching England the day after. They
were very disappointed of course, but
made up for this by having a splendid
Mme during the test of their  stay.
They journeyed all over England and
took in the prncipal sights.   The trip
taken  was  principally  on  behalf   of
business, so far as Mr. Mercer was
concerned, and he states he was very
successful    ln   hts   efforts,    notwithstanding the fact that, owing to the
German   was   scare   and the   great
strikes which took place in England
whilst ho was there, capital was very
chary,  especially   as  stocks  dropped
very    consideraly    and    were   practically unsalable.    Never, ln the his-
tcry  cf Ci<at  Diltt'in,  have stock!;
reached so low a figure and as a consequence money has been very tight
*.td Utile of it aiedlable for Investment.   However, the people of the old
land are very keen indeed on Hritish
Columbian propositions placed befoie
them,  this  notwithstanding the fact
that a number of timber propositions
which have been placd on tUe market recently have not; been up to the
standard.      The   people   of   the  old
country  who have   money  to   invest
are anxious to secure mortgagjs pure
and  simple,  they   having   gone   into
this  matter moEt carefully and con- j
eidered lt the   safest form of inves'-
ment in British Columbia. ,'
Since the passing ot the Veto Bill
and the other Llbtral legislation, lot. {
of  money  has become  available and t
more   win   be   available   as  aeon   as
atocV.a  so  up tor  Investment In  Can-
ada unrt  British Columbia In varHca
Coquitlam la receiving Its aViaro of
attention, and in view of the tact tbat
Coquii'.am is to be a terminal site for
the Canadian Pacific. Railway, it is a
very potent factor in influencing British Investors. They look upc" the ac-1
tions of the C. P. R. 'as being along
the right lines. Where the C. P. K.
goes ln they feel they cannot make
any mistake, as this company has
been so successful and is so well
known for Its foresight, that it ls conceded that any community which they
decide to locate in must advance
quickly, and having In view the large
plans which the C. P. R. have announced for Coquitlam, it is believed
that it will become ono of the largest
Industrial spots not only on the Paciflc Coast but throughout Canada.
A large number of brokers in London have become interested in Coquitlam lands and much will, be accomplished through these offices ln
the next few months. Mr. Mercer
concluded negotiations for the handling of his firm's holdings in London
and other important cities in England
and expects some good business to result this winter.
ln Eastern Canada, Vancouver is
attracting considerable attention, snd
no other town on the Paciflc Coast
is so much thought of as Vancouver,
and Coquitlam, being- part of Greater
Vancouver, is receiving its proportion of attention. Seeing that Greater Vancouver, including the area of
land from English Bay right through
to the Pitt River, does not cover so
large an area as Seattle at the present time, there ls no question in the
minds of those well Informed that
Vaucouver within this radius will
become very valuable in the very
near future.���Coquitlam Star, Nov. 3.
The genii of destiny undoubtedly
inspired the minds of those great empire builders, Mackenzie and Mann,
when they turned their eyes towards
the Fraser river.
The site selected ls on the south
Work on Terminals is Being
Pushed Forward as Fast
at Possible.
Fourteen of a consignment of
eighty flat cars and two cabooses intended for use on the coast section of
the Canadian Northern Railway
reached New Westminster yesterday,
having been routed from Edmonton
via the C. P. R. The remainder of
the shipment ls expected tomorrow,
file lolllcg sleek wiU be hauled
across the bridge to Join the two locomotives which now occupy a siding 100 feet long recently built in the
company's proposed yards at Port
Most of the flat cars will be utilized ln ballasting after tracklaying
operations shall have been got well
under way, but a number wlll be converted into boarding cars for the various gangs. A tracklaylng machine
wlll shortly be assembled at Port
Mann, the necessary equipment having arrived there a few   days   ago.
Wheel Will
Meet Keel
The heavy shipping of half a
continent will be done on the
Fraser and the Pitt rivers in
the vicinity of Port Mann and
The big real estate profits of
the immediate future will be
made here.. Watch for your
Subdivision of Two Thousand
Acres WiU First be Placed
On Market
Twenty-flve men under the direction of Mr. H. Neville Smith, P. L. 8.,
of New Westminster, are engaged on
a topographical survey of Port Mann.
The work Is only preliminary to the
subdivision survey which will be undertaken later, and will be completed
about the middle of July.
An eminent eastern landscape
architect has already made an inspection of the townsite with a view of
familiarizing himself with the contours and general surroundings before platting it on artistic lines. There
will be many squares, crescents and
boulevards, with ample provision for
publlc parks. Only a portion of the
townsite, or about 2000 acres, will be
subdivided this year. On this basis of
25-foot lots, there wlll be over 20.000
lots. No standard size of lots, however, has yet been adopted.
-The Interest in\the future coast
terminal ls indicated by the receipt
or scores of letters of enquiry from
prospective Investors from all parts
of the world, at the Vancouver office
of Messrs. Davidson & McRae, land
commissioners of the Canadian
Northern. It is the intention to engage In a great publicity campaign
before placing the lots on the market.���Vancouver Province, June 22.
side of the Fraser river, some three
miles east of the city proper, and situate in the midst of the richest horticultural district of the West. Already a wharf 1000 feet long anl 75
fHI t wide (with a depth of 36 feet
of water at low tide) has heen erected. Construction has boen carried
forward for seventy miles ovist, some
metal being laid and the balance necessary to open up 100 miles o:' more
this year is rapidly arriving.
A magnificent scenic townsite has
been cleared and plans completed for
the erection of car-building shops'and
roundhouses. Repair works and miles
of yard lines will be established���in
short, all the terminals required by a
great transcontinental line. Already
two large Bteel corporations have located themselves in the district.���
C. H. Stuart Wade, Publicity Commissioner,   New   Westminster)   ll. C.
This unique device is capable of laying two miles of track dally, carrying a supply of rails on the flat cars
as lt moves along.
Port Mann will soon be a busy centre as lt is lrcrowd *Xo locate Jhe
executive offices there owing to Its
proximity to the work along the main
line. Additional cargoes of rails intended for use on the Paciflc division
will be unloaded and distributed from
there. A steam shovel with a range
of two and a halt yards has arrived.
It will be used in gravel pits. This
morning all the wire required for the
telegraph lines on the first 120-mile
section reached Port Mann. It was
shipped from the Kast.
Two water tanks, each of a capacity
of forty thousand gallons, havo reached Vancouver and will be shipped to
Port Mann this afternoon.���Vancouver Province, June 2, 1911.
New Westminster ever points with
pride to her splendid fresh water
harbor, and has for many years
dreamed of the day when it would be
crowded with shipping. That dream
will-come true ln time, but not by
dreaming on the part of her citizens.
Every little means must be used to
promote the shipping business of the
city. That Implies railways, tramline
extensions, Industrial expansion.
Then the value of the harbor asset
will come into prominence.
I The Increase In tranaportation facilities ls largily out of the hands of
the citizens. Not so with the promotion of Industries. There ls the civic
encouragement, and the co-operation
of business interests, to make easy
tho ro��d to success for the industrial
An Industry la being eatabll.bed on
the  border,  of  thla   city,   which  can
well be considered the forerunner ot
many  of  a  similar   nature,  and   the
success of which will do much to enhance tbe industrial  prestige of this
city already numhering some seventy
or more manufacturing plants.    Reference ls made to the new paper mill
of   the   Western   Paper    Mills,   Ltd.,
which may now be counted as an established   concern,   provision   having
been made for the Installation of an
up-to-date   paper-maKIng  plant.    The
industry, will operate here In a favorable fleld.    There is supplied electric power at economical rates: water
never  failing  the  yep-   round;   raw
material     from     populous     centres;
transportation  facilities  by  rail  and
water of  the best,  and   a  growing
home market  for the manufactured
product.      Under    capable    management���and  that  appears   to   be  ensured���the Western Paper Mills, Ltd.,
should  be such  a success  as  would
bring    increased   prestige    to   New
Westminster.    The immediate advantages are obvious:    A large pay roll,
a   new   centre  of  Industrial   activity
formed and another factor In making
the city  known  as  a  manufacturing
centre. The future holds out tho prospect that not one but several  mills
of like character will, In time,-be located  In  this district,  where  tho Industrial advantages are ho prominent.
���New  Westminster Columbian, November 7.
For the Window Screen.
It is not generally known that if
window screens are painted with a
thin white paint instead of wdth black,
*n tbey often are, those inside tbc
boose may look tbrough the screen the
���ame as before, while outsiders canuct
*������ loziA*.���JXaaanal MagaziEB-
I -      ��- A
Britain'. Sympathy I.   All  With   the
Subjects of King Victor Emmanuel.
What will Russia, France, England.
Austria, or Germany say or do ubout
Italy's expedition to Tripoli, is now
the   question    which    the    European
press are considering.      Perhaps the
most thoughtful and  judicial  answer
iiven  we  find in  the  Vcssische  Zei-
tung  (Berlin), a safe Liberal  organ,
wliich always speaks with full knowledge   and   deliberation.     "The   diplomatic  position  is  favorable  to  Italy
on  tho whole"  we are  told,  and   a
survey of the horizon shows that the
Ottoman   Empire   has   no   protection
igainst "the bolt that descended upon
*ier from  th e blue."      These   words
may  appear   strange  to   those   who
recognize that Germany  has  always
���limed and is still aiming ut being a
Mohammedan   power:    that   England
has over 02,000,000 Mohammedan subjects  In   India,  and   not    to   talk   of
Egypt;   that  France   Is a Mohammedan power ln Algeria, and Austria in
the Balkans.    Even  today the dread
of a "Holy War" extending from the
Himalayas to the Straits of Gibraltar
is not spoken of as fantastic. How
then can the Mohammedman Empire
be permitted to suffer such a real
spoliation as tbe loss of Tripoli by
so weak a power as Italy? The editor of the Vosslsche Zeltung thinks
that ln the first place Russia has
too much to do to Interfere, and we
"Russia haB enough trouble already among Asiatic peoples, and is
too busy to Intervene. She seeB that
there is good as well as evil in lhe
turn things are taking in Tripoli. A
little bleeding of Turkey accomplished by someone else, ao that it did not
drain the Ottoman Empire tntirely
of life, would delight the Russians,
The unclosing of the Black Sea would
be welcome."
France's   View.
Hrance takes the affair lightly,
"letting out a good-natured guffaw."
As wc are told:
"Mr. de Selves, with charming
courtliness, says to Mr. Tittonl, the
Italian Ambassador in Paris: 'Be
good enough to help yourself!'
France is pledged by treaty to support Italy's claim, and, in exchange
for Italy's assurance that sh3 would
not Interfere ln Morocco, promised
not to oppose Italian schemes concerning Tripoli. Now the Morocco
fruit ls ripe for France. As a logl
cal consequence Italy grabs the Tripoli apple. It grabs all the more
greedily from a dread of France's
growing power In North Africa. ��� On
reaping her Morocco harvest, France
has no objection to Italy reaping hers
ln Tripoli."
As for England's silent indifference,
this writer confidently assures us:
"England was prepaid for her present kindly attitude toward Italy by
the support she received from the latter against Germany at the Xlgeciras
Conference.       Her     Mediterranean
Treaty with France was made with a
view to Italy's claims ln Tripoli. It
Is true the Liberal press ln England
howl out a little against Italy���'Such
an unheard-of thing!���In time of
peace, too! What are we coming
to?' The Liberal Government does
not trouble Itself about the matter.
Italy haB nothing to fear in this quarter."
Austria ls a little fluttered, and appeals to St. Florian, one of the patron
saints of the country, who is invoked
ln time of flre. "Holy Florian, save
me, my neighbor's house is on flre!"
But "Austria-Hungary, .we may be
sure, would not <'o anything to strain
those ties of the Triple Alliance
which bind her to tlaly."
The attitude taken by Germany is
equally clear, says this writer, who
then proceeds to hedge and talk
vaguely about Germany's desire for
peace. I The whole paragraph ls
worth quoting:
"The German Empire ls closely allied with  the Italian   kingdom,   and
does  not  desire   that   the   political
bonds that unite her with that country, as with Austria-Hungary, should
j be broken.   The German Empire ls al-
��� so on friendly terms with Turk#y, ln
j which country she has many important business Interests, and would see
j with keen regret any partitioning up
of Turkish possessions.   Thirdly, aad
in conclusion, the desire of Germany,
as has  been   proved   anew   by   the
events of the last few   months, i��
for peace in Europe.     Hence arise*
her wish  (and her efforts will back
her up)  that the Turko-Itallan conflict, so far as diplomatic methods can
avail,  may  be ended  by reconciliation."
The Berlin Post, however, ssya
frankly: "It is to our Interest to see
Italy predominant in the Mediterranean, and to support Mr in that aspiration."
ii��M BttQHi MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1911.
page icmiL
L O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
Tbe regular meetings of this-lodge
are beld ia Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
' Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis. N.G.; W.,
C. Coatbam, P. G. recording secretary;  it. Purdy, financial secretary
MISS M. BROTEN,   public   stenographer;   specifications,   business   letters,   etc.:    circular   work   taken.'
Pbone   415.     Rear  of   Major   and j
SAvaxe'a office. Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room, j
Trapp block. j
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, barrlater-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streeta, Naw Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Sollcltora. j
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. P. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. 0. MeQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
e���ia��� ���
minster Board ot Trarte meets la tn��
board room. City Hall, aa foliewet
Third Thursday of each month;
quarterly meeting on tbe tnma
Thursday ol February, May, August
and November, at a p.m. annus*
uieeilaga ou the third Thursday el
February. New members may be
proposed aad elected at aay meatn
ly or quarterly meetio*. C. H.
Stnart-W.sde. aeeretary.
When Cemplaint Waa Made That "tha
World Runs on Whs.ls."
John Taylor, an English poet, known
aa tbe 'water poet." wbo died ln 1664,
had this to aay about the use of
Tbe superfluous ose ef coaches
bathe been tbe occasion of many vile
aad odious crimes, aa murder, theft,
cliealiug. hangings, whippings, pillories, stocks and cages, for housekeeping never decayed tin coucnes
came Into England, till which time
those were accounted tbe best tuen
who bad tbe most followers aud retainers. Tben land shout er near
London wss thought dear enough at a
noble tbe uer�� yearly, and a ten pound
bou��e rent now waa ecarce <W shillings Ibeu. But tbs witchcraft of tbe
conch quickly mounted tbe price ot
all things except poor men's labor and
wltbal transformed lo some places 10.
20. 30. 40. SO. 00 or 100 proper serving
men into two or three animal.���videlicet, a butterfly page, a trotting footman, a stiff drinking ceaebman, a
Cook, a Clark, a Steward and a But*
ler, wbicb bathe enforced many a discarded tall fellow (through want of
means to live nod grace to guide hlm
ln bis poverty) to fall Inte aucb mischievous actions before named, for
which 1 think tbe gallowaea In England have devoured as many lusty
rsllaut men within these thirty or
forty years as would have beea a sufficient army to best tbe foes of Christ
out of Christendoms and, marching to
Constantinople, bave plucked tbe great
Turk by the beard; but, as is aforesaid, this bt the age wben wherein the
"world runs on wheels.'*
(Tim* Tim*
ot at
Arrival: Closing:
80:00���United Statea via C. P. R.
(dally except Suaday).22:������
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:IS
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).IS:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:10
1:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:45
��00���Victoria via B. C.  E.  R.
1 (dally except Sundav). 11:is
MO���United-States via 6. NSR.
_ (dally except Bundaj).. 9.41
P>1B���United States via G. N. K
(deitr eaeept B*aaay)..l��:M
1:18���All points east aad Bu-
jpe   (AaHy) ��� :>���
12:30���AU pelata eaat aad Bu-
j��e  (dally)    14:09
10:18���'_ fjpertou    aad    Fraaer
Mill*      (daily     exeept
Huaday)      8:80
���0:00���ShppertoB    and     Fraaer
jsllle       daily     exoept
Bunday)      ...14:M
IO:!'���Ooquttlan   (dally   exoept
rtnnday) t:lt
12:00���Cflhtt .il   Park   and   Edmonds    (dally    except
Sunday)       ail
1400���Fast Buinaby   (dally   ��x-
Sv-nday)  MIS
10:00--Tlmberia&d (Tuesday aad
Friday)    18:80
10-30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday aad
Saturday aad leavea
Monday.      Wednesday
and Friday   UiH
10:00���Ladaer, Pert Gulchon,
WeatLam   Island. Bun
Villa  13:M
t0:00���Anaievtlie. Sunbury (daily
execot Sunday)    18:89
Id: 00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
" karaday and Saturday)    ��:*���
10:60���Vancouver.   Piper's   Siding    via    O.    N.    R.
(dally except Sunday).14:89
ill:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N. R.   (dally ex-
(daily except Sunday). 14:90
ai:30���Clayton (Tuesday. Thursday,   Friday   and   Bat-
day       14:99
11:80���Tynehead   (Tueaday   and
Friday)       14:00
���: 80���Burnaby Late (dally except Sunday  19:09
40:00���Abbotsfcrd, Matsqui. Huntington, ate. (dally except Bundar)    28:99
15: IB���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine    (dally    except
Bunday) ....     9:41
16:15���HaU'a Prairie, Fern Ridge
aad Haslemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday  ���:��
11:20���Chilli wack,   Milner.   Mt.
T tlw. HliirsTiTi. rt
tar.   Shortreed,   Upp*r
Bums*, Surrey Caste*,
Clowdala.       Langley
Pialria,      Mwrayville,
Strawberry Hill, Bouth
Westminster,      Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Bar-
dia, Majuba Hill, Rand,
vt* B. C. K. R. (dally
except Bunday)   ...... 9:09
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        8:00
���30:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily exeept Sunday).17:80
(dally except Sunday).20:80
11:�����Ahhotaford via B.C.B.R. . :
(dally except Sunday). 17:80.
16:50���Clovertal* vl* B.C.B.R. ,
(daily exoept Sunday). 17:<0
Ths Lady Guaranteed Silence, and 8he
Mad. Good.
Unexpectedly an uptown pastor who
encouraged congregations! singing
gained a new parishioner, beea
though bis delight lu besting bis people sing, there wus oue member of bin
flock whose endeavors be never encouraged. . But ihe msn sang without
encouragement, much to tbe discomfiture of pew holders anywhere near
him, wbo claimed that bia loud, uumV
slcal voice threw tbem out of time and
Repeated complaints convinced tbo
minister thnt ���omet>ody would bave to
assume tbe rexpouslblllty of silencing
tbe ambitious aiuger. tie decided thst
tbe man's wife was best fltted for tbe
Job. Owing to a difference ln religions views husband and wife it tended different churches, but the minister
knew her, so be celled and explained
hls predicament She waa genuinely
"Do you mean to ssy be slngsT sh*
"Tries to." amended tbe pastor.
Sbe tbougbt a minute. "1 aball have
to come tbere to church," abe aald.
Norway and Sweden Aak Fra*. Entry
of Wood Pulp.
Washington, Nov. 10. ��� Governments of Europe are claiming tbe
treaty right or the readmlsslon into tbe United States of wood pulp
and other paper. Norway and Sweden, and It ia understood, Germany,
have formally invoked the most favored nation clause of their respective commercial treaties with this
country by reason of the fact that
wood pulp and Its products are now
coming across the border from Canada Into the United States free of
import charges.
The Secretary of State, the Treasury Department, and the Attorney-
General are considering the matter,
which soon will be laid before the
President. If the point Involved ls
an interpretation of treaty rights
the problem will not be referred to
Congress, but will be solved by the
executive, although lt is admitted
that the importers may throw the
question into the courts if the president's decision is advqerse.
Canada enjoys this tariff advantage
under Section* 2 of the reciprocity
agreement. This section v.-as not dependent upon concurrent action by
Section 2 provides tbat wood pulp
cut from lands on the products of
which 'there .iwere no restrictions,
and paper manufactured from sucb
wood pulp should be admitted in to
the United States free.
During the last few weeks a number of Importers of paper have claimed free entry at the customs house
on the Atlantic coast.
New Weatmlnster Land Dlatrict, District of New Weatmlnster.
! Take notice that I. Walter 8. Rose,
' of New Westminster, B. C, occupa-
! tion broker, intend to apply for per-
i mission to lease the following de-
I scribed land-
Commencing at a post planted one
! and a half miles from Lillooet river
i on tbe east bank of Twenty Five Mile
1 creek, running 80 chaina north, thence
180 chaina east, thence 80 chains
; south, thenee 80 chains west to point
of commencement and containing 640
! acres more or less.
Date, September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant (tn full).
Re lota 2, 3, 4 and 9, block 2, lots 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 12, block 3, lots
1. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10, block 4, of
section 30, block 6 north, range 2
west, ln the District of New Westminster, Map 464.
Whereas proof of tbe loss of certlflcate of  title number  1726 F., Issued
In the name of Aulay Morrison, has
been filed in this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published ln
! the City of New Westminster, Issue a
I duplicate of the said certificate,   un-
jless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 7, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision on the Householders'
Voters' List will be held on Wednes
day the 15th day of November, 1911,
at 10 o'clock In tbe forenoon, at the
Council Chamber, City Hall. New
Westminster, B. C.
Dated this 8th day of November,
City Clerk.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Friday, the let day of December, 1911,
for the purchase of the following described property, viz.: Part (S
acres) of the East half of the West
half of the Southerly portion of D.L.
380, Group 1, New Westminster District ef the Province of British Columbia .(close te C. P. R. Station at
New Westminster Junction).
Terms rash. Tke highest of aay
tender aet necessarily accepted.
Dated this 9th day of November,
W. F. Hansford, P. O. Box 285, New
Westminster, B. C.
'Solicitor for Executor Estate of
late Alexander Stewart McLean, deceased.
���   ���-.*.         I    Notice   Is   hereby   given   that   all
"I shsll be glad to see you." said tbe ; persons having any claim against the
minister. "But whst effect wlll tbat j estate of the late Alexander Stewart
bare en your husband's alnglngY"
The look sbe gave him was more
slgniOeaut than words, and they
meant a good deal.
"John wlll never open his mouth
wben I am around." ah* saM.
And John never. haa. ��� New York
Re a part (10 acres) of a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2, New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 1199F, Issued
in tbe name of George' Carter, has
been flled tn this office.
- Notice is hereby given that I shal?.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said Certlflcate,
unless ln tbe meantime valid objec
tion be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
B.C. Coast Service
Csnsdiss Northern Steuuhips, Ltd.
Shortest Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next  sailings  from  Montreal:
Xmas Sailing from Halifax.
Ratea of Passage:
1st Class, $92.50, and upwards.
2nd Claaa, $53.75, and upwards.
3rd Claaa, Bristol or London, $32.50.
Further Information from Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis. General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
I twin*
Phone 108.    P. O. Box 840.
Office, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co*
vfltoe 'Phone Ige.     Bans 'Phone IS
Begbie 8treet.
Sagftgo   delivered   promptly   >e
aay part ot th* city.
light and Heavy Hauling
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
-__| For  Seattle.
10:00 A.  M Daily
11:00 P,  M Daily
_���____^___������__���^_____^___     For  Prince  Rupert and Alaska
McLean  of  the  Municipality   of  Co-  11:00 P. M...Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
quitlam,  who  died  on or  about the 1        _      _ ��.,__��� .      . .     .
81at  d^y of  Auguat.   1011, *J   New *����� ����"�� Charietm t.Un��.
Weatminater, B. C. ara required oal", ����- *v!VJiBJ2i sKf     ���      ^^
or before the lot day   of Deoemberl,.-.       ._���� ******** *^,.,,,,..,
mi. to a��d by po*.propel* to tho"\�� ��� ��Vu5^- rV^'NftSFiSS
lA*y* Maw Weetmtontan j��*��� _A.lt.,
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc,
in Cuba throughout the island;
also ia Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all tbe principal towna and
citlea In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Vancouver at 12 midnight every Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Van.
couver at 12 midnight every Monday for Prince Rupert.
88. "PRINCE JOHN" leavea Prince
Rupert at 1 p.m. every Wednesday
for Stewart; at 10 p.m. Thursday.
November 2, 16. 30, December 14,
28, for Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, Lockport, Rose Harbor, etc..
and at 10:00 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 23, December 7. 21, for Mae-
sett and Naden Harbor.
runs trains three times a week from
Prince Rupert to end of track (100
(The Double Track Route)
Through tickets from Vancouver to
all points east of Chicago in Canada
and the United States, also to Europe.
Make your reservations now for the
holidays. Standsrd and tourist sleepers���meals "Pay as you order."
H. G. SMITH, C. P. A T. A.
Phone 8eymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phona Seymour 3060.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying is MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suiti Pressed   -   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 np
Cleaners ft Dyers
345 Columbia Strset.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Easy te Identify.
A Chinese prince In thla country visited police headquarters In New Tork
and was much Interested In the thumb
mark records preserved there aa a
method of Identification for criminals.
"We hsve used thumb marks for
several thousand years aa eeala oa
mercantile and other papers," the Chinaman told tbe man la charge of tb*
thumb mark bureau, "but we do not
use them In any otber way."
"How do yon Identify your criminals?" naked the thumb mark man.
"Oh. we hare a very simple method
of   Identification-wa   rut   off
beads."���Saturday Evening Peat
undersigned solicitor for Josopk
Travera, Enquire, tha Executor ot tha
aald eatate, their names and addresses and full particulars ot their
claims ln writing and a statement
of their accounts and the nature of
the securities, If any, held by them
and such statement shall be verified
by statutory declaration.
Aad take notice tbat after the lst
day of December, 1911. Joseph Travers, Esquire, wlll proceed to dlstrlb-
bute the assets of the aald deceased.
having regard only to the claas ef
which he sball then have had notice,
and will not be liable to any person
ef whose claim he ahall not then
have had notice.
Dated thia let day  of November,
W. F. Hansford, New Weetmlneter,
B. C, Solicitor for aald Executor.
Monday. Wednesday aa* Trtday
Leave Chilliwack. 7.M A. M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Polnta.
7:00 A. M. Friday tor Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayna, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganea Hr. Gulch-
eon Cov*. Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Weatmlnster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
Ia spits of ease and swiftness of
communication  ws bresk down over
tbe pronunciation of names that  lie
outside onr front door.   Tbere la Newfoundland   Our earliest speculation In
American settlers.   Rut you can'l pronounce It ao aa to satisfy everybody.
A  visitor has protested.    Tlle  name
bas three solid syllables.    One must
win.   In English mouths tbe accent la
generally put on tbe second syllable.J
for the dogs found thoir day.   Thuti
la wrong, qnlte wrong.    But do you'
know whether you should say "New*
fnln" or "Nfnlandr-London Chronicle.	
Wastsd Effort.
"Sorry, Rill, i can't come to tbe theater wltb yon tonight Now, don't look
so cross. You uiu t cross, really, ar*
yer. Bllir
"No. I nln't essctly cross, Lit. but
still It Is a bit aggravating for a chap
to Und he's washed hla face and band*
for nothing, alu t UT-London Telegraph
A Spiritual masting will be held at
Mr. J. Clark's residence, Inman avenue. Central Park, near station,
Thursday 'evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature for sale.      **
Meet every Monday ln lAbor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Illalr'a Cigar store. Office phone
L 608. Residence phona 801
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phon* 881. Box 771
WItnees-He's a dlrtby, aaaa* Uttt*
wretch, yer honor: a i*ur���
MaghitraWw-Wlenc*, witness!
fcW��rtfc y��r honor, lta the truth."
"Doesn't matter. We want WNM *t
It here."���llndon Telegraph. .
Seundtd Ominous.
"Dad. r*a I ta,k�� a post graduate
course In biology r
"That depends, daughter." rtpllad
the old man cautiously. "What de
you  Want  to  buy  Srstr-PtttaMff
, . ��� ��i   m *. *���;'"���'.,.���
It Is cany to take a Joke IB th* saMI
in which It ta BitSBdad If tt IS SB ��8
���Uur V-'Imb. ? *���* .J. - ���
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November 5, 1911.
Trains Will Leave as follows:
Toronto Express at 8:56
Soo Express at  13:56
Imperial Limited at  19:40
For  tickets and  other particulars
apply t*
New Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
j, ,.., mm'i     ii i ' i' in   i
J. Newsome ft Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
314 Sixth Avenue.
ojtftOLiNc mames
SU te U H. P.
1 aad 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iran Works
Phon* SS.
Tentli  SL, Naw Weetmlneter.
Phone 6*S.
p. a sax est
|iah*pRnn0|| ��� ��� ���
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westmlnatei".
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pwk and Veal
Snider & Bretheur| Central Meat Martel
General Contractors
Weetmlneter Troet Building.
Many People who have
never Wore been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to.open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
btarstfk fsM ea
bowcll a OOOV
Corner Eighth St mttifit** Aveoufc
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Miatrsl Water*,   AmUl Waters II
Manutae��ur��* hy '
Mftw. witn^|lifWn�� a. c
r*m*i*% v��r***j   '
WE have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy BugsanJ
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
QuaUty is Guaranteed.
ea nversMs term.
��Wa**����o^^H _ _    ; ��� ���      ...- r- -
���****      ���*****���*���   -- ���
a* . r***���r**r
ti* -.
xmtoAivt Ntwa
Hea^ii^ Stoves JQtY News]
Phene ROW.1-1-''���'        ����� Hamilton
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Gleaning.
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanka, Etc.
About what you would do suddenly
should you be overtaken with a grave
accident or serious Illness. Make the
financial Independence ot your family
an assured thing by taking out a life,
accident and health policy. It Is the
best Investment aay family man can
Alfred f. McLeod
6S7 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
H. A. Murphy, Fort Williams, is
registered at the Windsor.
What the oldest inhabitant says
about the weather. Just exactly the
same as the newest.   "Dammltt!"
Money loaned on city property-
lowest current rates. National Finance Co., Ltd., 6^1 Columbia street. *
Two wards ln Burnaby have nominated Councillor Coldicutt for reeve,
residents of Ward 1, in meeting at
Aita Vista, on Friday night, tallowing
a similar resblutlon to this effect by
residents of Ward 3. Reeve Weart
has signified that he will not seek re
Fiftv foot lot {wo minutes walk
from Edmonds station. Good view.
Practically cleared. $400 cash.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 521 ^Co-
lumbia street.
The remnins of William Taylor the
workman who wns accidentally killed
while at work in excavating for the
Roval Theatre on Columbia street,
we're intered ln the English Church
cemetery on Saturday. D. Murchie &
Son had charge of the funeral ar
range ments.
Last night tho sky was portentous
of more snow while it was even then
thawing quickly, so that nobdy need
b�� surprised if the white blanket is
respread again this morning.
The masquerade ball at tho roller
skating rink on Thursday this week
is a great treat in store for skaters
and dancing enthusiasts. Don't forget to be there. There's sure to^bo
a good time.
The Rlsinr! Star Lodge, No.
202, of Belllngham, of the 10. O. F..
will pay a visit to this city on December 1. and will exemplyfy the ritual
of the first degree. The Grand Master will be present. Tho Belllngham
Lodge has a great reputation for the
manner ln which it carries out thc
ritualistic work of the order.
Two lots 62x132 feet, two and a
half blocks from Twelfth street tram
Seventh avenue. Very light clearing.
$925 each; one-third cash, balance
arranged. National Finance Co., Ltd.,
521 Columbia Btreet. **
We beg to announce that wc will
open, starting Monday morning, a
cut flower depot in MacKenzie's drug
store, where we will handle the best
roses, carnations, chrysanthemum's
etc. that the market will prodice.
Tidy, the florist. **
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leave*
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. **
Lovers cf flowers will be interostad
to learn that Tidv, the florist, will
oren a new branch flower depot In
MacKenzie's dm*; store. The denot
will be opened tbis morning and all
Mr. Tidy's old customers are fully
aw.'re that the blooms and plants offered will he of the freshest and thfl
best, and the variety will be wid*.
This t�� on Interest ltiK sign ot tlte
Um��y ta *����w Westminster.
The Gift
Don't worry ahout what
to jive at the Christmas
season���our catslo<ne hss
made satisfactory Jilt choosing a pleasant task.
Hundreds of especially
suitable gilt articles are to
be found ia it, of Diamonds,
Jewelry,.Silverware, China,
Cut Glass, Leather Goods
and Norelties.
A copy oi it will be mailed
free upon request.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
Cuds'* L��r|��tt J.w.lnr How.
Jas. Syrtt, Pres.
Hatty Kyrlt, 8se.-Trtas.
134-136-138 Yonge St.
Lot    50x132,    Edinburgh    etreet
and Henley;  small house.    $1800.
$200 Down
Balance as Rent.
Seventh' street, near Fifth avenue; large lot.
Price $2100
erVy Easy  Terms.
I    Dublin Street.
Pnce $775
One-third pash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
Major & Savage
B. & M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
The continued popularity of
the Separate coat has inspired
greater style achievements than
ever before. And our garments
hold a distinction all their own
for perfection of tailoring and
originality of style that give
them desirability out of all proportion to their price.
In Velours, Silk Velvets and Seal Plush.   Beau-
tiful Models.   $35 to $75.
For almost every purpose���duplex large, fancy and manish collars. Many  selections of different   styles.
$15 to $50
For street ani automobile wear,  waterproof   tweeds,  rubber-lined parmatta    and    cravanette    coating.
$10 to $25
Famous for Good Quality and Moderate Prices
The search for the best money's worth in Furs ends when our goods have been submitted to the test of
Lower Prices Than Ours Means Less Quality
Call and see through this magnificent range.    We take pleasure ln showing   you  these   goods,  whether
your intentions are to purchase or not.
Bank of Montreal!
The season has arrived when
there will be many occasions to
don correct evening attire, and no
man would think of placing himself out of harmony with his surroundings at a social event by appearing in anything but a DRESS
Suit made-expressly for himself.
Some men appear ungainly, out
of place and not a whit attractive
in a Dress Suit, but that is because, it waa not made to their
measure by a tailor personally acquainted  with their  requirements.
Consult me at once about your
Dre38 Suit. I make them correct
in every way and BECOMING.
$35.00 Up.
Still a bMUitifrl range of faced
cloths, antl Htt$^ tweed effects .o
select from.
$28.00 to $35.00
Fresh Salmon (half or whole), lb. 10c
Fresh Salmon, sliced 2 lbs. for 26c 1 CAi��|tal       ��1��.400.000.00
Fresh Halibut (halt or whole), lb...8c I RESERVE .,   .12,000.000.00
I Fresh Co* ttssM or whole), lb 7c I ���        ',
IFremta  Cod. sliced, lb 10c b   Branches thromrnout     Canada     ri<
Kyes   tested  tor   glasse*-.     ��atVBtac- \ point Grey Hertlng   . .--4 lbs. tor ar.c \ Newfoundland,   anu   Is   Uondon.   Kna-
tlon  guaranteed by   W. Olttord.  r,r*x*\-1 smoked  Salmon  and Halibut, lb.  16c I land, Nsw York. CkH<IO and Spokane.
wate  ontlclan.     Opttctau    parlors     Inl Kippered Salmon,  lb 15c IIJ.8.A.,  and  Mailed City.     A  general
���t. Giaorft'e Jewelry  store. ������    1 Bloaters and Kippers, lb  10c I baaklna    buslnaas    transacted.    Letr
T ffi, O R
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
��.'M|   M'
Invisible Cream
Whiteis the Skin
Insure; Good Complexion
Doane Block.   441 Columbia Bt
N��V>m#tnlbiter. B.C.
Do you wont any trcsh cut carna
tions. roses cr chrysanthemums? lf
go. ring up Tidy, th? florist. Telephone  No. L1S4. **
I Finnan Haddle
Funeral of J. S. Lawrence.
Yesterday afternon James S. Lawrence was laid to rest in the Masonic
cemetery. Deceased, who was a
blacksmith, in the employ of the Royal
City Mills, died on Friday after a
brief illness. He had been married
hut a year, and is survived by hi3
wife, his mother and a brother. His
srandparents, .Mr. and Mrs. James
Johnston, also survive him nnd reside
on Queen's avenue. Mr. Lawrence,
wbo was only 30'years of age, was r
son of the Itnval City, and his standing in friendly societies was shown
hy the fact that members of Hoyal
City and Amity Lodges, I. ,0. O. F.,
nnd Aerie No. 20. F.O.K., attended the
funeral iuid held u service at the
grave. The pallbearers were: Fred
Lynch, Charles Hryson. Matthew
Phillips, il. j. Lee, s. J. Chaussln and
Herbert Bcbofield Ro.v, J. s. ;'e"
darson officated. Murchie B Son had
charge of the funeral arrangements
New Leader for North Oxford.
Woodstock, Ont., Nov. IL'.���North
Oxford Liberals nominated Mr. N. \V.
Rowell, the new Liberal leader in Ontario, today, although considerable
opposition was made to Importing a
Toronto man.
Rabbits, each   ..
Mallards, per brace   fl
Delivery 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
.. 2 lbs. for 26c
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
tera of Credit laaued. available with
correspondents tn all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspa-tment���Deposits
(received In sums of $1 and upward,
and Interest allows! at S par cent, par
annum  (prese'it rate).
Total  Assets  over  1186.000,000.00
G. D. BHYMNER. Manager.
***************** >************+i
STERLING SUver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
GERMAN Silver  $5.00  to  $15.00   each
Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Princess Patricia Coming.
London, Nov. 12.���Princess Patricia
of Connaught returns here from Sweden   today  and   will  sail  for Canala
about a fortnight later.
Women as Jurors.
Seattle. Nov. 12.���Women jurors
are no longer a matter of experiment.
During the past month ten women
have served as jurors in the criminal
division of the Superior Court and
no word of complaint or criticism
has come from bench or bar. Of the
143 jurors drawn today for service
in the Superior Court. 20 were women, tlie largest nurpber yet called.
Many Americans Killed by Moras.
Ran Francisco. Saturday. Nov. 12.���
Bringing news of another Moro Uprising ln Mindanao, the transport lx>-
pan arrived In port yesterday. Just
before the vessel sailed from Manila
General Pershing and a force? of
United States troopers were starting
to the scene of trouble. Several \mer-
tcans have been killed and villages
1069) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded street and Just oft
Second street, one of the wldea streets in this city. These lots aro
almost cleared and offer an exceptional opportunity as an investment or for a contractor In search of cheap sites for Inexpensive
Price $500 Each
Terms: $100 Cash, balance 5, 12,
18 and 24 months.
Building Is active in this district where over forty houses have
been built during the past year and every one has been sold or
rented.   For sale en bloc or in single lots. .',   ....- **
Orchid Talcum, Orchid Cold Cream, Orchid Perfume
Orchid Almond Cream.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Bee. and Treas.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Bash, Doers, Moulding* Ete.
Established   1891,   Incorporated
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 6, 6:46
a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 16 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ���Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraoer Valley Una. ��� Cars
cave for Chilliwack and .way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way   polnta,
New \VesfisKiin3lcr
Head Office, New Westminster.     Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and Aldergrove, B.C.
The B. C. B. R. Co. offers reduced ratea of A fare and a
third for week end trips to all
polnta on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
leavea at L06 p.m.
���mSmS*ZZ~���**   ���'


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