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The Daily News Jul 28, 1911

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 ��� ���
Undlaputably    the    Finest    and
Safoet   Bathing   Beach   In   B.   C.
Over Forty Summer
This Year Already,
Follow.   Fin* Water
Oar   Ten  Days  Special:    One  Hundred Dollars In   Gold
69-8 <Ci8jqn ��A.in|H|S,,r, ,'
*S    SS |#"I*t|Jl����     I ------       ______
TO PEACE RIVER'   0F mm nwm
Westmlnater    Line-up    for   the    Big
VANCOUVER |    struggle���Pat Feeney Is Laid Off
j      ���Vancouver Official* Expectant.
BOARD       Or 	
j    Excitement is at fever   heat   over
I the struggle scheduled for tomorrow
at Recreation park, and the B. C. E.
R.  wlll  run special  cars, which  will
London,    July     28.���The    London
,    ,, ,, , morning papers of all shades of poliU
be required to carry the crowd* who  cal feeling   commend    Mr. Asqulth's
wlll travel over from this city to wit- speech on the situation ln the hous&
Charlotte, North Carolina, July 28.
���One of the worst railroad disasters
which has ever occurred in tbis state
Five    Hour*    Fighting    Bring*   Conflagration Under Control���No
Cause A**lgn*d.
A deputation from the Peace River
Pacific League of Vancouver, an organisation which la boosting for a
railway from the Lower Mainland to g^ ��,"��� ��� ���  T^J^TSTs^ ^ ^ly  *4 that of last evening whenYjim   - of the   freest known   for some JMkiM ���JVjgj
A flre which might have assumed
serious proportions broke out yesterday on the Newton road, Surrey,
near the -Intersection of the B. C. E. R
While  burning,  the  outbreak  was
Yesterday evening what gives
promise of being the last emergency
meeting of the H. C. Lacrosse association for the present season waa held
'""'���'������'���  "'  ������"�����  ���'���"������  ���������"    'ng.a dignified attitude ln the crisis,  negroes on an excursion crashed into   Tin,h��r A��.n, w-im.u.,    -vim o   ,*   ***** ���.-��...����������   r*  i   w��i.h   if *J
the  council  chambers  last    evening
and explained tbe scheme to them.
Officials of both clubs who    were
Timber Agent Walmsley.   The B. C. gates present:
C. A. Welsh, A. Wells
not conceal their views on the   out-   'nt"���,"����' a't"at,on '�� ea��'��r than Jgf '���TjZi,��! Tsf*?���"? Party   they �������*�������� "> *��*������ the tire to Ellis, Harry Cowan and Lionel York*
come  of  the  match  tomorrow, and  ft was ibHnm "*'��*��� "��WBt ���' their enjoyment  the 8lde of the track %&��� It broke (representing Vancouver L. OJ. wits
while wager,   at even    money were     ����  French   ��R   0����   news-  ^"^ ����&<<.*��� �����*��">-  out, and so saved It spreading Into' Alderman Kred Lynch (WestmUtater,
was unable to attend, the president
of the board, A. E. .White, occupied
the chair.   There was a good attend
.nee. butnot equai to the Importance ��*��***"��� ���f*JSJftft
crr/esL* Z2X2S %jsai is ft^*iafr ���**?*��� *���: w ���������������� ��? *��� **** �������������* ���*��� ���*����� m��*2
^,SKTO��to,"��r C. A. Welsh stated to   a ^"SLWKS h^Pr��Ved TinllllZT^^Tu^ i^  **~1 �� a��� - 80 ����-���>�� ^^taTaNH.1
an Important scheme to assist the de- ,Dal,y News, ^~'a0ve, .V""   his "��m the tension of a few hours ago. �� ten lbl^disaster had taken place   have been slashed recently, and last- rumora of dissension, and rumbling.
wiinnmont nf thA nrnvinc* bo>'8 were ln splendid condition.   He   f*1**1   dead  persons   were  extricated  e(j Hll flve o'clock that trouble was brewing   evervthlM
The members o P��he "eigne present' d,d not think for a moment that sucTi" .London, July 28.-The first division from the wrecked cars, and hurried      The land belonged to a man who pwsed off .^^1?             everythtaK
fhe  mEK  were  MefsT"   Q   an event �� a �������'��* would material- of the home fleet at Portland ha* been call, for assistance made to thl. city.   ha," �� anxto���ttlge? a permit    o                       Thi Prot..tfc
h                                     ����e and relied on the champion, put- ordered to take on all supples, includ-     *<""��" ����>  with nurses and    a ciear, but as Mr. Walmsley regarded     The flrst business  taken  in  hand
ting up a game which would prove to J"�� ���� fue|. ����} provlslonlnf opera- ��"f ^"H* workmen were soon  the situation as a dangerous one. no was the protests from the Vancouver
be every bit as good as tbat form tions are proceeding during the-nlght. onjhe scene   of the   accident   and" p��.rm,t had been granted the owner, club re the question of Thomae   B.
tbey exhibited when they won here ~7T~~t>      ,      .      ..v JZ.i    ��? T"    *,ven   to   the  ��,. that apparently the cause ls out-' Cusack officiating as referee In ths
two weeks ago leaving the fleld wla- London   July 2..���Premier Asquith sanded    Fifty-nine men and women  B|de the usual run of such outbreaks last league game played ln Weatmi��-
nBCe.��.i... oi w��c.                ner" fay   nlne   8��"'��   to   two.    Mr. ���*e a     /h         ,n,the   House   of were seriously Injured, and it ls re- at thi. time of year.   With practically ster, as according urthe wording of
Mr   McCandless   the first sneaker   Wei"h Bald that owing to a return of tommona today on the    subject    of Ported that many    of these    cannot  a rainless month, fear of serious bush the miwlve, the appointment waa out-
mi.   ��iii unaiiHs, ine nrst speaker, ..      .. ,,.���������   __,__,____,_._,_ ,_,.,_���     n.�� Morocco  which   fullv  hears  out    thn Hv*i    so serious    am their    inturiaa    . .. .                                            -��a_  .... .' ..���....,..    .. TZ.    ...SL*^.
McCandless, president of the Vancou
ver board of trade, W. H. Malkln,
Hon. F. L. Carter-Cotton, M.P.P., and
Df. Elliott S. Rowe, secretary of the
Vancouver Tourist Association.
Necessities of Case.
..i,i i, h^T IT' .i '* a .1 l/frS^Y; his old illness, rheumatic fever, Pat Morocco which fully bears out the "v*. so serious are their Injuries.
Ei tL. ����� ?E nf!nnr nf iVi^rn Feeney would be u^ble to don the description of the situation as one of Twenty-eight also received nasty
the trade of the interior of the prov- ���..._. .'.,���   ___, __.._"*_.��� _".~I   _.   real    anxiety.      The    position,    the  wounds, but these were abTe toT>ro-
flres is general.
ot the    ruling.
the trade or the interior or the prov- ,u                        thUwas to be   re- re8'    anxiety.      The    position,    the wounds, but these were abTe to~Dro-
ince through the cities of the lower SStSKhtSfJuL had .nJL t Premier said, had reached a Mnt at <*<* to their respective home?   An
mainland it was necessary to bave a *            f^ {��   * ana until iZese whlch * ��*����on must be found.   Mr. ���Sqnlrjr will be instituted at once as
"nl^;.'"^ rR���n"?8",iUe^Pr pi"'! again made Itself manifest, he wa.lu Aaqulth appealed to the house not to to the cause of the accident.
connecting the coast with the Peace
River country. After several public
meetings in Vancouver tbe matter
had been taken up with Premier Mc-
Ilride, who seemed to be greatly in
favor of the movement. Tbe question of financing was easy, there were
already at least five Tines anxious to
build and all that was needed was
bringing the matter strongly before
the government, so that immediate
action would be taken. It was up to
the merchants of the coast to get together, and this was the object of
taking up the matter with New Westminster men, as it was as necessary
to have their co-operation and support.
Tbo route for eueh a railway haH
been suggeeted as starting from the
region of Howe Sound, to Lillooet,
across Pemberton Meadows to Fort
George, thence to Fort Macleod and
to the valley of the Peace Kiver. This
route would open wliut was probably
the most productive land in the
province. From Howe Sound to Lillooet there are millions of feet of
timber wllich it was claimed could
pay for tbe building of the road.
Th rough Pemberton Meadows and
the Fort George country tliere are also millions of acres of land adapted
for wheat growing. With the opening of the Panama Canal within a
few years the terminal cities would
be the outlet for the commerce of
Western Canada. The advisability of
bringing the matter to a point immediately could not be overlooked.
Asks Co-Operation.
VV. H. Malkln asked the co-operation of the local business men ln
bringing the matter to the government. He said they were not associated with any charter, and they were
merely taking up the matter of railway connection. If a company chartered to build was satisfactory to the
government there was no reason why
the bonds of the company should not
be guaranteed. To increase the bu'-.
iness of the two cities It was neceg*
ift'ry to have more conn<-'lion wlth'
this district. The opening for immigration w&b pointed out in glowing
ierW*! i\nd the opposition which would
o��ttftfe from the coast terminus of the
I. O. O. F.
splendid fettle. 6eek to enter Into the details of the
Wlll    Turnbull    wlll,    owing  IV situation at the present moment. Tha
Feeney's absence, play at centre.        premier   said   the   government   had
..VAtSS!S&.'SZua SSLVSMS taffTt ^erre*��!��?<������"*���
side the constitution
| Con Jones, speaking to the protest.
uld that lt was a well known teet
to every follower of the national1
game that Cusack was generally acknowledged   to   be   incompetent
point; Jimmy Gifford. cover point;
Johnny Howard, flrst defence;
George Rennle, second defence; Tom
Rennle, third defence; Will Turnbull,
centre; Punk Wlntemtile, third home:
Ernie  Murray,  second    home;     Cliff
satisfactory settlement. Great Britain
must become an active party to a
discussion of the situation.
for Next Six Months.
Harmony  Encampment    No.    2, of
the t.O. O. F., held an installation of
officers yesterday evening.    T*e offl-
London,   July   27. ��� The   London cefs Installing were    Major    George
Globe today declares  that  leave  has  ��,''*D'��'G'P"  assisted   by  C.   H.
Sprrng,"flrsti;ome;"i:enfur"n'bulI.ou't:   been stopped on all British warships gfflf,��'a��a*J  'nd   CO'0ne,  C'   S'
side    home;    Gordon    Spring   inside   ""',   "m"   ,h"  "'*'"""  ",,,c*'"'  "f  *h" ' "
Talking with Vancouver club directors last evening In this city, the
and that the second division of the
fleet has been ordered to coal Immediately.
Nava! circles are In a state of great
��� mn, News representative was ln- excitement as it Is believed the order
formed that Manager Jones bad left F168" that the admiralty is prepar-
no stone unturned to flt his All Stars   lnS the neet for luick action ln the
for the engagement. The twelve have
been out every day this week and
playing a strenuous series of trials.
Vlce-1'resldent Harry Cowan looks for
the near-champions to reverse the
score tomorrow and after witnessing
the practices this week, Mr. Cowan
was convinced that the Minto cup
would repose in the Carnegie library
of Vuncotiver when the curtain falls
on  this season's  league games.    "If
event of war being declared between
Germany and England.
Berlin, July 27.���Bitter indignation
prevails here as the result of the
statements by Premier Asquith and
Opposition Leader Balfour ln the
British House of Commons today, i
German officials declare that the only !
Interpretation  that can be  put  upon
First Officer, of Royal City Chapter
Installed Yesterday.
The Royal City chapter of the Or- handl'lngTgame of tlw "importance of
der of the Eastern Star No.  7. was one between Westminster    and Vitt-
organlzed yesterday at a meeting at C0Uver.   Apart from that, the appoint-
the Odd Fellows' hall by the Rev. W.  ment of this Victoria man    by    the
~u g  ' *rand J**tron- president of the association was made
There was   a large   attendance   of knowing full  well  that  he  was  not
visitors from sister cnapters on the acceptable to the Vancouver team or-
lower  mainland, and  a pleasing fea- officials.   The speaker suggested that
ture was a presentation of a bouquet'  ye.  E.  Ditchburn    be appointed    aole-
and basket of flowers from Victorian referee, as Mr. Cusack was mejr��V   ��
and  Vancouver sisters, through Mrs. figurehead on the fleld, and could not
Perrin,  ot  Vancouver  to   Mrs.   W.   A.  hold the nlavera fn check
The officers Installed  were:.    C. P.   Gilley,   the first  matron.    A  bouquet^     well* Oray was tully In aymntUlsr
LynAn  Wheeler; H.P., Homer Robert. ot flower* waa also given Mr*. Laird.   w_,__ the previous speaker In ao tar mas.
son;  8.  W., C, B. Bryson*.  J. VV., R.      The llrst officers will be: the ability of Cusack was concerned,
h��iirU^n,;.rt8h "IS % i m ESSE Patron S J' Wtchle,: worthy mat- hut it had to be remembered that Mr.
t il �������L. 22L?" *��C����t-1 ron' Mrs' W'.A- GUley; a8BOclat�� Nelson received refusals to act from,
I   *   Randolph;  second watrh. C. H.  matron.    Mrs. J. B. Laird;    financial
secretary, Mrs. C. H. Diamond; treasurer, Mrs. S. J. Ritchie; worthy marshal, Mrs. G. T. Bradshaw; worthy
conductress, Mrs. McKlbbin; assistant
conductress. Mrs. Guardhouse; warden, Mrs. McLean; sentinel. Mrs.
Hunter; chaplain, Mrs. Gilchrist;
organist, Miss M. Laird, and also
Mrs. Rennle, Mrs. (Capt.) Gosse, Mlss
Diamond; third watch, K. Mc. Campbell; Fourth contest, K. J. McLeod;
guide, G. Adams; I. S., J. F. Doane;
O. S., F. Waters.
The encampment has now a membership of about 75. After the installation  refreshments   were  served
Westminster Cricket Club. ,,    , ... . ,     ___ ,   .,      ��� ������ 	
Several changes are anticipated on ggSJ^ "'"   Rlchar��on   and   Mrs   practically easy    to handle    from
 ��  ���,..,   ..,,*..���  *...������,.      .,   their statements is that England has  the Westminster line-up for the game *^2j��alSZJ��* ^? ^Tl��Zl refe.reeS Bt��ndP��lnt- ,but the apes..
we can whip Westminster," &id Mr.  definitely resolved to stand by France  wlth the Burrard. at Queens park to- fpp?'ntmn",!f. iJSf^fiif^JS   fl    reminded    the    meeting   that    there
Cowan "'���then vou    need    not  worry   ns neainst Germany In the Moroccan morrow. ->'      - "fctiUflff in   ,he    oddfelIows     hall,    but    the' wouid i,c no m0re 9-2 scores this sea-
*      At,,.,,,*m ^^a.^K^a    Hiitoo   HavA  Tint   v&t  Lafaian   arrnnpiaii    \tr r ... *��� .. ���..	
every referee in the province, and
the president had no alternative but
to select Cusack as the Judge of play
in that game.
Answering Mr. Agar, Con Jones,
said that Cusack permitted players u*
speak to other contestants on the
field of play without making any attempts to put a stop to this breach
of the rules. The last two games were
about any eastern team coming out
and taking that precious mug back
with them. If Vancouver ls ever going to beat up the Salmon Bellies, it
will  be this year." I
Newsy Lalonde will be seen for the
first time this season " ln his old
position at inside bome, Bones Allen
going out In the field. This change
has been made at the solicitation of
Lalonde himself, who has averred
that he has not felt quite to fit in
where he has been playing ln the past
six matches. It remains to be seen
whether the alteration tvIIJ %����*
out In the manner anticipated by Thei
Vancouver officials,
dates have not yet been arranged. Mr. 80n   80 far'aa Vancouver   waa   coa-
Engle proceeds on Monday to Alaska, cerned.    In  past  seasons  Vancouver
and   will  take into  consideration on had held Westminster to a 1-0 scare
his return the advisability of forming and *��� contended ttiat this state of
a grand chapter for B. C.   No steps, things would be again in vogue ere
Cannot Be Displaced Now from Head
of Table���Easy Victory Over
Reginas Last Evening.
Sapperton beat tbe Reginas last
fevening by twelve goals to two. The
Heginas were weak owing to absen-
J. D. Taylor Brings Up Chinese Immigration Inquiry Again���Declares
Government Ha. Been Lax.
however, may be taken for the present along this line.
Direct to Toronto.
Toronto.    July 28.���Yesterday    the
steamer Yorkton arrived ln this port,
j being the first vessel    to make    the
j direct  crossing from  her home  port
' of  Sunderland, county Durham, Eng-
Ottawa,    July 28.���On    a   si
party  division,  the    government    defeated a resolution by 90 to 54 moved
hy J. D. Taylor, M.P., declaring that
tees,   and   were   particularly   handt- Qur|ng a period of three years preced-
i land, to Toronto.    The passage wa.
tralght Imade without any untoward incident.  Matt^rj rM^ow^cle^
the present season's games were
through. The last game did not show
the play of his team, and the result
should bave bi m 20-2.
The Official Rsferees.
A deal of talk ensued as to the
constitution, but it was tbe consensus
of opinion that this was not wortia
the paper it was printed on. There-
were many faults in it and the manner of appointing   Wells   Gray   aud
The Sapperton Juvenile lacrosr.e
team, which Is contemplating a trip
up country through the Okanagan ant
Kootenay Valleys, wlll ta"k"e a try-out
tirand Trunk Pacific when this large  this   evening,  when   they   wlll   meet
population  filled tho    country    could  Port Moody on the recreation ground
not be overlooked.
In  taking up the subject Mr. Carter-Cotton  said  that    the    cities    of
Vancouver and Westminster were one
ln all matters of    trade,   and    soon
would be one city.   There was no reason why the Fraser river should not
be bordered  with      grain    elevators,
pointing out that very little could be
done until a line was built, but after
that the trade would increase in magnitude.    In answer to a question Mr.
Cotton  was  of the opinion that the
line would cost between $40,000 and
$50,000 per mile.    The total distifnee
would be about 600 miles.
Dr.  Rowe claimed that It  was    a
matter of self preservation as well aa
self protection to take up the matter
with all speed.    The membership of
the league was not limited to board
of trade members, but open  to    all
business men.    It was the intention
Ing the investigation into the Chinese
immigration case at Vancouver, the
government had been repeatedly
warned of the existence ot such
frauds, and during that period neglected to Take .tens In consequence
1 of which a very large sum of money
Conflict in Church.
Lisbon,   July   27.���Dispatches    Just
received tell of    a    serious    conflict
which occurred   in   a   church at L��-
brlgo  between   Royalists  and  Repub-
that the delegates at the annual geir-
eral meeting were all at sea when
the elections were confirmed.
Mr. Agar moved that the appointments of Matt Barr and Wells Gray
be rescinded, but there being na seo-
there in a friendly game at seven
o'clock. TTie team will be: Goal, J.
Garrett; point, R. Coulson; cover
point, B. Feedham; defence field, A.
Brown, G. Atkinson an.d H, Johnson;
centre, L. Nelson; horae fleld, B. Johnson, J. Chambers, A. Follis; outside
home. E. Cameron; inside, W.
capped through Keary being unable to
play in goal, as he had two ribs hurt
in the game with Victoria on Saturday last, and which may keep him,
out of the game with the V. A. C. tomorrow.
The  bulk of (he  goals  were    oV ui  ���,ii>ii c> , _,^  niiii ,    niij.i.i-    ^ty, k    .,���.....,.,......,     ,,.���
tained in the second quarter, and Fen- had been ]ost \0 the publlc revenue  portions.    Quarter was neither asked  referee,   instead   of  what   practically
ton and Cotton played a good defence  of Canada. "*  ''    *"'  " """ """*
game for the Heginas. Eastman re- Tne,.e bad been no prosecutions,
ceived his flrst penalty this season and the wnole proceedings showed a
For Sapperton defence  Will Patchell  Iaxlty of the government on the mat
licans. Senor Costa, a Republican onder to the motion it fell to the
leader, waa stabbed to death   In the ground.
back and a fierce flght foflo.ved. Tbe, Mr. Ellis contended that it wouM
frav was Boon transferred to the be a better and more courteous way if
street,    assuming    considerable    pro--Mr. Barr were asked to resign as    -
put in some useful work, and Bert ter gome of the lea<jerB has shown
Johnson did the larger share of the a disposition like Abraham with Isaac
scoring for them on the home. Clifford t0 offer up some chineBe interpreter.
nor given. Troops were called out
and finally restored order. Four persons were killed, fourteen fatally Injured and thirty less seriously hurt.
Spring  took   the   whistle  instead   of
 . Tim Mahoney.
I Summary.
DRAW FOR FIRST ROUND I    First    quarter���Reginas,    Sinclair;
OF SEVEN PIN TOURNAMENT  Sapperton, W. Follls.
��   I    Second     quarter���Reginas,    Dawe;
At the Westminster bowling alleys  Sapperton, B. Johnson, L. Nelson, H.
the draw for the  first round of the   Sclater,  B. Johnson,    L.  Nelson,    B.
as a sacrifice for their own misdeeds.
Hon. William Templeman made
some remarks in defence of his conduct in the matter. The division was
then taken, with the above result.
(Conttaued on page four)
Ottawa. Julv 28.���Another
dav of obstruction by the on-
position to the government's
motion to take under consideration reciprocity, brings
the Inevitable dissolution
rearP'\ and the date Is now
Ftfted to be not later than the
end of next week.
seven pin   tournament,   five   games,
total pins to count, wa. made yesterday as follows:
'   Latham vs. Haslam.
Dalley vs. R. Wilson.
Clarke vs. Fulton.
Dewar vs. Jackman.
Pike vs. Halgler.
Adams vs. Currle.
A. B. Chamberlin vs.
H. Wilson vs. Sanderson.
Golden vs. B. Watson.
McGill vs. Pierce.
Greenway vs. Sloan.
Winquest vs. H. Watson,
Chappell vs. Burrows.
Lyne vs. Guthro.
Ayerst vs. Burden.
J. C. Chamberlin vs. Douglas,
Third quarter���Sapperton, Coutts.
Fourth quarter���Sapperton, B. Johnson  (2),,MacKenzie and Sclater.
Officials.      -'
Referee���Cliff Spring.
Goal    umpires���Swanson,
and Archibald, Sapperton.
Timekeepers���L.  Adams
and Jackson, Sapperton. inside home, Wright;  reserves, Payn-
Team.. ter. Crookall, ln the match with the
Sapperton���Goal, Coulson; point, senior amateurs of this city. The
Patchell; cover point, W. Follls; de- game, which George Tuck will
fence field, F. Hume, Carroll and referee, has been called for 1:15 p.m.
J. Fee; centre, K. MacKenzie; home In order to be over before the big
field. Nelson, Follis. and H. professional game.
Sclater: outside home, W. Coutts; The'Westminster line-up will be:
inBide home, B. Johnson. Goal,    Keary:    point.    W.    Patchell;
Reginas���Goal      Eastman;      point, cover point. Willis Patchell: defence
The winners of each set will meet j Cotton:  cover point. Fenton:  defence  fleld, B. Galbraith, H. Battson and L
in the second round, gradually work-  field, Swanski, Fletcher and  Walms- Gregory: centre,    MacKenzfe;
ing by the knock-out system to    thei ley;   centre, Turnbull;     home    field,  field. Fitzgerald, J. A. Smith,
finalists.    In  addition   to  Mr.  M.  J.  Squarbriegs. salt and Sinclair: outside  ford: outside home. C. Smith
Phillips'   prize   there   are   prizes   for   home,  Fletcher;   Inside  home,    Mac- home.      Swanson.      Spares,
tho highest score and highest average. Kenzie. Cooper and L. Adams.
meant his being thrown out.
Con Jones moved and Well's Gray'
seconded a motion that "the protest
regarding Cusack be withdrawn im
view of the fact that they had come
to an arrangement that evening re
the referees for the remaining games
this season." This was carried.
���""��� The air having been cleared of" tftfe
Montreal, July 28.���Without waiting matter, the Ernie Murray protest ot>-
for the   official   notification   of the cupied the attention of the delegate*
forthcoming Dominion elections,    the  Dut a short period, Vancouver's rep-
Nationalist campaign in Quebec   has resentatlves signifying   their   accept-
begun     In     real     earnest.     Henri ance of the secretary that  the    ol��t
SENIOR AMATEUR TEAMS i,��vi *��   Bourassa, F. D. Monk, M.P., and    A. Terminal City player had been sign-
FOR TOMORROWS GAME Lavergne, the three leaders, last night  ed for   the champions   in plenfrj   tyt
��������� completed  arrangements  for  twenty- time.    This second protest was. alsm
At Recreation park tomorrow    the one political meetings to be held with- withdrawn, and the meeting too* up
V. A. C. team will line-up as follows:   fit the next ten days. the question of referees for the fiUUree
Goal, McGeer;    point,   F. Matheson; ��� matches.
cover point, Burns: defence fleld, Mc-                     Body Recovered. Men for Tomorrow;
Cualg, Donohoe, E, Matheson; centre, Vancouver, July 28.���The body of Various suggestions were made an J'
Flerheller; home field. Gunn. Pea- "Reginald Charles, the young real dropped. Joe Lally, who will be out
cock, Knight;  outside home, Murray;   estate broker who was drowned    at  !
Jericho,  Point  Grey,  on  Wednesday,
has been recovered.
British Political Crials.
London,    July    28.--There    is    no
change in the domestic political situation.    Both sides are apparently marshalling their forces.
Dead in Train.
Brantford, Ont., July 28.���The con-
home ductoT on going to collect a fare   on
J. Glf- the Toronto express found a passen-
inside *?er dead.    He has been Identified as
Hume,  Henry Clumb, an    Englishman,    who
had been working on the G. T. P. R.
(Continued on page fow> -��
��� ���
Cayaca. Ont.. Jury 28:���The
Crown Plaster company's mVt
was totally destroyed bv fire
last evening. The loss Is estimated at $75,000. Two foreigners, brothers, wbo were employed at the mill, were burned to death. fT    rAOB TWO
FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
Vidal & Co., Market square.
beat references wants to rent modern   five  or  six  loomed  house  for
one year or more,  between  Eighth.'
street    and  Queen's    park.    Write i
"Tenant,"  care  of  Held,  Curtis  i
building, sidewalks, and general
contracting. Apply Gust Melln, 1018
Third a venue.    Phone L613.
Bee work; |4.00 per week. Applj !
room 20 Dominion Trust  block.
ployment    office,    No.    8    Begbl.;
street,  supplies  men  for all  large
Jobs in this vicinity.   Phone 024.
oil. Ten second relief liniment.
India Medicine Company, room 19,
Dominion Trust block.
have several cleared lots, ln choice
locations, in New Westminster,
which we can deliver at snap
prices. Cluff & Morrison, 618 Rob-
���on street, Vancouver.
Corporation Of Burnaby
Tenders are invited for clearing
and grubbing only, of the following
Hoyal Oak Hoad, River Koad to B.
C. E. It. (except where no right-of-
way), "3 chains.
Hoyal Oak Hoad, Centre D. L. 80 to
Centre I). L. 71,  18 chains.
Pole I.in" Hoad. Barnet Hoad to
Burrard inlet, io chains.
Cariboo Hoad, Tenth Avenue to
Armstrong street, 17 chains.
Cariboo Road, Gain Koad to Johnston Road, 80 chains.
Cumberland Koad, Diversion to
Burnaby Lake,  in chains.
Hoad hetween D. L. 142 and 142,
Johnston Koad to Centre D. L. 209,
100 chains.
Delta avenue, Douglas Koad to Yale
street, 138 chai us.
Phillip. Road, Burnaby Lake to
Johnston Koad. 00 chains.
Rumble Koad, Nelson Koad to Park
street   (Boundary   Koad),  112  chains.
Seventh avenue, Hiver Road to
Hlock "J>" D. L. 29. 94 chains.
Specifications and (Jeneral Conditions of contract may be procured at
the  Engineer's  office,  Edmonds,  B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unless submitted on official forms'and
accompanied hy a marked cheque for
5 per cent of the amount of tender.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received not later
than  12  noon,  August  5th,  1911.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B, C.
Power Company Limited has applied! tbe Municipality for the_ acquisition
tu the Municipality of Burnaby lor of such additional atrip in like man-
permission to construct certain works ner and to the same extent as provid-
and operate its undertaking ln the ed in paragraph 1 hereof for the wld-
said Municipality. enlng of the Johnston Road.
AND WHEREAS it ls desirable j 10. The Company may also ton-
that such permission be granted on struct, erect und maintain, and there
the terms und conditions hereinafter is hereby grunted to the Company,
mentioned, tlie Municipal Council of under and subject to the terms and
the Corporation of the District of conditions hereinafter set forth, per-
Burnaby enacts as follows: I mission to construct, erect and niain-
1.    The Council shall with all reus-] ta|n its Bteel towers, poles and traus-
onable  dispatch  take   the   necessary
miaalon  lines  on  the  Hastings  Hoad
proceedings to expropriate a strip of, ���*   ��  continuation   of    the    Johnston
* . i ... A.A. _     -am k*_ I      '/i-i11     in    rna      I nt. ,���     /m     r*T     I- ill la      A v*��.
for general store, druggist or hardware business. App7R!u,L"��3 will be
received up till August 8 by tho
Kdmonds Development Co., Ltd.,
Kdmonds. B.C. Prices will be given
on application to the secretary of
the company.
t.lemcn, $1.50 per wock each. Apply
224 Seventh street.
Agnes ��� hreet.
furnished for two gentlemen, bath
room  and    modern    conveniences,
Copeland, 511% Eighth street.
furnished rooms in Cliff block, on
Sixth street, one block from Colum-
*�� bia street.   Apply the Misses Chap-
2, third floor.
" rooma, with board.   Apply 65 Royal I
Corporation Of Burnaby
Tenders are invited for grading of
the following streets: I
"Patterson Koad, Vancouver Road to
Moscrop Koad. I
Twentieth street, Tenth avenue
(city), to Mara Road. |
Cambridge street, Ingleton avenue
to Queen's avenue. I
Seventh avenue, Sixth street to
Coldicutt Road.
PlanB and profiles may be seen at
the Engineer's office, Edmonds, B.C.,
on and after Friday 28th July, and
the specifications and general conditions of contract may be procured
there on depositing $5.00 for each
contract wliich will be returned to
all bonafide tenderers.
The Council does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received not later
than 12 noon, August 5th, 1911.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C.
I   for light housekeeping. Apply to A. ��� ���>... ��.���.,..�����.,.�����
H. Ferguson, Pythian Hall Building. OF   CARPENTERS
TOR    RENT-GOOD    BOARD    AND      Meet every Monday in Labor hall.
room;   convenient location.    47  Co-1   ' J*'   '
lumbia street. F- H- Johnson,   business   agent of-
flee. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
SS a | L, 608, Residence phone 501.
Apply Gl Princess street.
{Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
B.C. Coast Service JrAntMi %aMl ��* , .
��� vancou.    I Central Meat Market
10:00 a.:n Daily, except Tuesday;
1:00  p.m    Daily j
For Seattle.
10:00 a.m   Dally I
11:00 p.m  Dally
For Nanaimo.
2:00 p.m  Daily
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m  Tuesdays
11:00 a.m.  ..Thursdays and Saturdays!
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 p.m July 18, 22, 2D
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
SS. P. Beatrice July 19, Aug. 2. 17
For Hardy Bay and  Rivers Inlet.
���S:30 a.m   Wednesdays
Upper Fraser River Route.
Ixiave Westminster S:U() a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
I^eave    Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tuesday,   Thursday,   Saturday.
For other sailings and  rates apply
to ED. GOULET, |
Agent, New Westminster.
H. W.  B RO UIE,
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Corner  Eighth  St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE  370.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  $6,200,000
Reserve        6,900.000
Tbe Bank has 175 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific; ln Cuba,
throughout the Island, also tn
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
cm all the principal Towns and
Cilies in the World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
for sewer connections
'Phone R672
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all suth people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
Business Accounts opened
on favorable terms.   ::   ::
ASSETS   $48,000,000
Edmonton, July 27.���That the en-{
tire British House of Commons
should make a trip across Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacific for!
the purpose of forming the better acquaintance of tho people of the Dominion, and gaining more accurate
knowledge ot the resources and development of tbe country, is a suggestion made seriously by a prominent English journalist, L. Scheff. of
London, England, who Is now ln Edmonton on a tour of Canada.
Mr. Scheff has now spent nearly
four months in the Dominion, chiefly
In Eastern Canada. He expresses
amazement at the development everywhere taking place. Among other
things be has made a most careful
Inquiry Into the manner in which
British people are received In this
country and of the methods which
the government used to protect their
interests on arrival.
Special Study of Immigration.
"I visited tbe offices of the assistant superintendent of emigration in
London," said Mr. Scheff, "and saw
all the methods in use ln Great Britain. I hava gone through the buildings ln Canna where the new-comers
are received. I did this In a thorougfi
manner, obtaining all possible information. Tbe officials of the Dominion government did not know that I
was looking into the system, and I
saw It in the ordinary course of the
discharge of business. As a result of
my inquiries, I am filled with a feeling of the greatest admiration for the
manner in which Canada ls dealing
with the Immigration business.
"Every effort ls evidently made to
ensure the success of the emigrant.
Mr. J. Smith is working incessantly
to secure a good class of settlers for
Canada. The officials in Canada are
doing all that a government can to
locate them on lands where they will
make the greatest success.
Extraordinary Steps Needful,
"Some  extraordinary   steps   should
be taken in the future to inform the
people  of  Great  Britain   more  thoroughly of the opportunities that are
available in Canada.   People at homo
have no conception  of the  possibilities and opportunities of this country.
I see that every year there are scores
of thousands of American settlers entering your western country and obtaining   possession   of  your   valualV
lands.    I  am   told   that   these   are
among the most energetic and   progressive farmers of the United States,
that they are contributing largely to
the development of the country, and
that,  they  are  among its  most   loyal
citizens,   lt is natural, however, that
I British people should desire that our
1 people  at  home, our  surplus  population, should be placed on these valuable  vacant  lands.    The  situation  is
one   that   requires   immediate   attention,    ln a few years these opportuni-
I ties in Canada will be gone.
House of Commons Should Come.
j "What I would suggest Is that a
very large and most Influential delegation of leading citizens should arrange to visit the Dominion at the
earliest possible dale, and, on their
return tell their friends of the opportunities that are in sight here. It has
heen suggested that, the entire British House of Commons should make
the trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific und at this present moment
nothing more desirable could lie conceived. All the capital iind all the
people that Canada wants are available in the mother country, and if the
people there knew what was going on
In tlie Dominion and understood the
actual conditions of the case, both
would   be  instantly   forthcoming."
land 89 feet in width on the North
side of the Johnston Road for Its entire length for the purpose of widening  the  said  road to a width  of   03
feet in accordance with the blue print       	
deposited at the Municipal Hall with thence South to the receiving station
such variations as may be found nec-lof the Company. Provided thut the
and   also   to   expropriate   a location,   design   and   height   of   tbe
. | said tow-ers, poles   and   transmission
Hoad to tlie Junction of Fifth Avenue with Hastings Road iu tbe Subdivision of Distiict Lot 124, tlience
along Fifth Avenue Westerly to Beta
'Avenue    In    the    said    Subdivision,
essary, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
strip of land '.Hi feet wide as u con-
lines  shall  bo  first  approved  by  the
tlnuntion of said Johnston Koad from]
a point where it turns south to join Council, and thut before uny
the Hastings Road In District Lot I work ls undertaken thc Company wlll
lz-o in a straight Westerly line submit plans and specifications of tho
through Bald District Lot 125 to a1 location, design and height of tbe said
junction with said Hastings Road at t>ole��. wires and transmission lines
or near the Easterly boundary of for the approval of the Council. Pro-
said District Lot 124, and also to ex-]vld��'(1 notwithstanding anything con-
proprlate a strip of land 32 feet wldo' ti,lned ln Section nine of this by-law
along sucb portion of the suld Hast-1that ll 8ha" not be necessary at the
lngs Road as will be required for use Pre8Cnt llmo t0 wlden the ,ouaB me&-
of the towers of the said Western llone(t '" thl�� paragraph to a width
Canada Power Company Limited, the' ol y'J fpet- Provided that when la the
said Western Canada Power Company 1 opinion of the Council it shall be
Limited  to reimburse the  Municipal-'found   ,hat   any   d��n*el'  ex,8tB   fron��
Ity for the purchase of tbe said strip
of land 23 feet wide along the   said
wires on these roads the said wires
sliall be cradled by the Company at
  ,iv    Dam
Johnston Road including the cost of  �����  ow��  expense  and  provided  also
that when the Council shall desire to
widen the snld roads to !)!) feet the
Company shall pay one-half of the
cost of the acquisition and clearing
and grading of such additional roadway.    The  Company  shall  upon   re-
auy necessary by-law or by-laws, the
amount of compensation to be paid to
the owners of the said land und all
costs and other expenses, including
the charges of the Municipality's so-
[ llcltors, and also such costs, charges, w��-v; >"* �� >"��i'��"J "��u �����-�� ._*r
and expenses as may be incurred In celvlng six mon hs notice n writing
straightening said Johnston Road. fr����� the 0����Mg remove its towers
and one-thlrd of the entire cost of tho ��n, l�� such additional strip to be ac-
said 09-foot extension. I "u '����� a8 afraid.
.    m.*-       7. .���   . j    n      i    IL   The provision ns to the erad-
2. The said Western Canada Pow-  ���     Qf w,rM ft8 mentloned ln the la8t
cr   Company   Limited    shall  U   and precealnB  paragraph hereof shall  al-
when this  by-law Is passed lmmedt- B0 app)y �� a���  w,res now  Qr   ,iere.
ately proceed to clear and grade the ^ Btr        ���   the c      ,        on
said   33-foot  strip  mentioned   in  the road or hlRhwav ln 1hc Municipality,
preceding   paragraph   hereof   at   Its 12    A��� h|gh potent!al wlre8 carry.
own expense ln accordance with spe- ,      a voltage of 40000 volts or over
.olflcatioM to be prepared by the Mu- now or hercafter Btrung by the Com.
niclpal Engineer and to the complete y |n the Mun|cl[mlity of Burnaby
satisfaction  of the Council. | ,��� purBUIince t0 Ul|8 by.law Bllall a,
3. The said Western Canada Pow- the iowe8t point be not less than 40
er Company Limited shall pay to the feet above the ground and at ali
Municipality the sum of twelve bun- Toad intersections shall not be less
dred dollars ($1200) annually for the than 45 feet above the ground. And
term of five years commencing ln the' 01 such wires carrying a voltage of
| year 1911 for the up-keep and repair 120000 volts or more Bhall be at the
j of the said Johnston Road as bo lowest point be not less than 30 feet
widened, such payment to be made above the ground and at all road In-
on the 31st day of July ln each of the terseetions shall be not less than 35
said years and shall also pay to the feet above the ground.
Municipality commencing in the year| 13. jf any steel towers or poles
1915 the sum of One Thousand Dol- be found owing to the construction
lars ($1000) annually during the life- of any new road to be an obstruction,
time of this bylaw as a considera- tlie Company shall alter" the position
tion for the privileges granted under thereof, In such manner air* within
this by-law, such payment to be made 8Uch time as the Council may direct.
on the 31st day of July ln each and. 14.���Tbe Company shall take due
every  year. | care and  proper precaution   for the
4. The Municipality shall retain safety of foot and other passengers,
possession and control of the said 'md or horses, carriages and ve-
Johnston Road subject to the rights hides, lawfully passing along tbe
hereinafter conferred upon the said highways of the Municipality oc-
Western Canada Power Company cupied by tlie Company, and shall not
Limited. \ unnecessarily Interfere with or Impede the public use of the said high-
5. The Bald Western Canada Pow
er Company Limited may construct,
erect and maintain, and there is here- tl)e, r��ad8 an<i highways of the Moby granted tM the said Companv un- "'cipality upon which any work i.s
der and subject to the terms and con- don? '��' ,he, Company, after such
ditiotiB hereinafter set forth permls- wor�� ls completed, In as good repair
sion to construct, erect and maintain as ,hey *fe 1,efore 8aid work wa8
its steel towers and operate its trans- J*�����i to the satisfaction of the Coun-
mission   wires  upon  the  said  33-foot ('"-
strip  to be acquired  by  the   Munici-1     lB'    Tho Company shall at Its own
pality   as  aforesaid,  the  said   towers f*V**SS construct the said BWoot ex-
to be so placed that the centre of the ten8lo,n, ��f the Johnston  Koad  and  a
towers shall be the centre of the said roud ?6 feet wld(! known ns Beta Ave-
ways,  and  the  Company  shall   leave
615 Columbia Street.
Tacoma, July 27.���With three wom-
' en sitting in an advisory capacity
with Judge ('. M, Easteitlay, the secon 1 trial of the Trosper divorce case,
which has resolved Itself into a tight
for r.i-inonths-old Vina Trosper, waa
begun iu the superior court this afternoon. The women assisting .hidge
' Easterday are Mrs. Isabel Mathews.
illation of the giiis' parental home
here, and Miss L. M. Hartgove and
.Mrs s. Tullock, both prominent club
women. Their presence in the court
j room tis assistants to the judge
marks tlie flrst time In the history
of the state if not of the country, that
women have acted in cuch a capacity.
Judge Easterday decided on the
unique step of asking women To assist hlm in the case because o7<<Vs
anxiety to do what is best for the
child's future. Mrs. Trosper filed suit
for divorce hut the decree was granted to her husband. Harper P. Trosper, a Tacoma motorman. The custody of Vina was awarded to Trosper
on testimony alleging that Mrs. Trosper was not a fit person to care for
the child. Mrs. Trosper Immediately
began a hard fight for a reopening of
tlie case, bringing forward more than
.1 dozen women neighbors to show
that the allegations against her character were unfounded.
:',3foot strip.
(!. In the event of the Municipality
not being able to obtain possession of
the said 33-foot strip befoie the Com-
pany shall require to use tlie same
the Municipality shall permit tbe
Company to use the Northerly portion of the said Johnston Koad as at
present locatod for the erection of Its
steel towers and for the maintenance
of its transmission lines provided
that location of the said towers and
transmission lines shall be first approved by the Council and provided
also that the Company shall at any
time upon receiving twelve months
notice in writing from the Council remove its said towers and transmission lines on to the said 33-foot strip
after the same has been acquired by
the Municipality.
Advertise in
The Daily News
By   Law   No.���
A By-law to enable the Western
Canada Power Company Limited to
dace towers and poles on roads and
highways and supply and distribute
electric light and power in the Municipality of Burnaby.
WHEREAS    the   Western   Canada
nue from tbe Hastings Koad to tbe
Subdivision of District Lot 124 South
to the Northerly boundary of the
Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon
Kailway, and the company shall also
���M its own expense construct a road
tit; feet wide required fer its towers,
poles nnd transmission lines along
Fifth Avenue from Its Junction with
the Hastings Koad Westerly to Beta
16.   The  Company  shall   and    will
from time to time, and at  all  times,
indemnify and save harmless lhe Municipality   from   all    damages,    loss,
costs  and   expenses   caused    by    the
said towers, poles or wires being on
the   said   roads  or   highways,   or   by
any  work,  alteration,  repairs or   im-
provements   in   connection   with    the
work herein contemplated, or in any
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . way Incidental to the carrying of Iti
7.    The   Company    may   construct,   wires  along  the  said  roads  or   liign-
erect and maintain, and there is here-  ways, or the operation of Its said un-
by  granted   to  the   Company,   under dertakings.
and subject to the terms and condi- 17. The Company shall If required
lions hereinafter set forth, permls- to do so by the Municipality at any
sion to construct, erect apd main- time after eighteen (IK) years from
tain wooden poles and string and op- the (lute hereof remove any and all
eiate a line or lines of wires alony; of its said towers, poles ortransmis-
the south side of the said Johnston sion wires from off the said roads
Koad for its entire length, aud also and highways of the Municipality up-
Ihe right to use one side of any such on receiving twenty-four months no-
roads, highways or lunes in tbe Mu- tice In writing from the Municipality
nicipality as may hereafter be agreed to that effect provided that subject to
upon by the Council from time to the approval of the Municipality the
time for thc purpose of supplying and Company may place Its transmission
distributing electric light and power wires under ground under the said
to the inhabitants and industries of roads and highways,
the Municipality of Burnaby. Pro- 18. The Company shall not make
vided, however, that the desig"h, any greater charge for the supply of
height and location of the said poles electric light, heat or power to the
and wires shall first be approved hy Municipality or the inhabitants there-
the Municipal Council of the said of than the lowest charge paid for
Municipality and before uny such the same by any Municipality, other
poles are erected on any road or high- than a city, to the said Company for
way complete plans and specifications similar service and shall not In any
of tin! location of such poles and way discriminate against the Munici-
wires shall be submitted for the ap- pallty or any of the inhabitants there-
proval of the Council. In all cases of In the carrying on of its under-
when lanes parallel roads or high- takings. Provided that the maxl-
ways the said wires where practica- mum rate for the supply ef electric
ble shall be placed in the said lanes,  light shall be as follows:    Up to 50
8. The Municipality will forthwith kilowatt hours 12 cents per klie-
in pursuance of the Roads By-law be- watt hour; ovpr 50 kilowatt hours
gin the construction and repair, ln- one dollar per connected kilowatt per
eluding the construction of the month plus an enerirv charae nf
bridges, of the Johnston Road from eight cents per kilowatt hour subject
the North Road Westerly to where it to a discount of ten per centum or
turns South to Join the Hastings such greater discount as may be In
Koad in District Lot 125. force,   and   with   such   reductions   of
9. In all cases where the Company rates as may be ln force to residents
shall be permitted to erect steel of any Municipality other than a
towers on any road or highway in the City; and tbe Company will, free of
Municipality a strip of land shall be charge, to the customer, make the
expropriated sufficient to give such necessary connections between the
road or highway a width of 99 feet installation of such customer and the
tand   the   Company   shall   reimburse  Company's  lines  where the distance
of such Installation from the Company's lines Is not greater than 6B0
feet. Provided that when twelve or
more resident consumers petition for
light in portions of the Municipality,
uot served by the Company's distribution lines, tbe Company shall supply such lighting service upon the
consumer entering into a contract
with the Company to pay the cost of
supplying standard poles and erecting the same within a radius of two
miles from the Company's transmission llneB, but only on condition that
public toads or lanes are available
for such transmission lines. Thla
provision shall not preclude the Company from making auy agreement
witli any customer for the supply of
light to such customer where the Installation may be located more than
two miles from any main distributing lines of the Company.
19. The Municipality may upon
giving not less than one mouth's notice of Its desire to do bo have the
light without payment to use any
wooden poles, standards, cross-arms,
brackets and attachments eroded ou
the toads and highways of the Municipality for the support of any
electric wires or lumps belonging to
the Municipality or to glvo permission to any contractor with the Municipality to use the same for tho
lighting of street lamps within tha
limits of the Municipality. Provided
that tbe said notice shall be accompanied by plans to the reasonable
satisfaction of tbe Company showing
the position in which such wires or
lamps ure to be supported and that In
placing, maintaining or altering such
wires or lamps uo damage shall be
c/uised to such poles, standards,
cross-arms, brackets or attachments,
and no obstruction shall be caused to
the working by the Company of Its
undertaking, and also provided that
the Company notwithstanding any
provision herein contained shall not
be liable for any damage which tbe
Municipality or its servants or contractors or any other Company or
person may sustain ln connection
wltb. the use by tbe Municipality of
wooden poles lines or supports belonging to the Company.
20. The Company Bhall upon being
required to do so by the Councll
wherever practicable transfer its distribution and service lines from roads
and highways to lanes of the Municipality upon receiving twelve months
notice in writing to tbat effect from
tlie Council.
21. Tbe Company shall upon the
request of tbe Council enter Into a
contract to light the streets of Burnaby under terms and conditions to
be agreed upon hereafter, provided
that the price to be charged for said
light shall be no higher than that
now charged by the British Columbia
Electric Railway Company to the Municipality ot South Vancouver and
provided tbat If the Municipality of
South Vancouver shall at any
time within the period of this Bylaw enter Into a contract for tbe
lighting of the streets of South Vancouver with the British Columbia
Electric Railway Company nt a lower
price than they ure now paying, tba
Western Canada Power Company
shall thereupon reduce the price
charged to the Municipality of Bur
naby to accord thereto.
22. The Company shall Immediately after the final passage of this
By-law enter Into an agreement with
the Municipality to abide by and
carry out the terms, conditions, provisos und restrictions contained in
this By-law otherwise this By-law
shall be null and void.
28, Nothing in this By-law contained shall be deemed or construed
to confer upon the Company any exclusive right or privilege.
24. If the said Western Canada
Power Company Limited' shall amalgamate or enter into a combination
with or become under the control of
the British Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited or the Vancouver Power Company Limited or any
assignee or successor of such Companies or cither of them the privileges granted to this Company by this
agreement shall thereupon Ipso facto
absolutely cease and determine but
nothing herein contained shall prevent tbe Company from supplying
power to the said Hritish Columbia
Electric Kailway Company Limited or
the said Vancouver Power Company
25. This By-law shall before the
final passage 1 hereof be submitted to
the electors of the Municipality who
are entitled to vote upon a by-law to
contract a debt, and shall receive tho
assent of not less than three-fifths In
numher of the electors who shall
vote upon the same.
26. This By-law may bo cited as
the "Western Canada Power Company Limited Light and Power Bylaw (Burnaby)  191L"
Council the 2(ith day of June, A. D.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors the day of  , a. D   1911.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the  day of  , A. D. 1911.
I -     C. M. C.
Take notice that the above ls a
true copy of the projiosed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken on Saturday, the*
12th day of August, 1911, between
9 o'clock a. m., until 7 o'clock p.m.,
at the polling places:
The Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,  Central   Park.
Lake View  School, Burnaby  Lake.
Mre.  Cobban's   House,   Burquitlam.
Dundonald Scho&l, Pole Line Road.
G. H. Leaf's Store, East Burnaby
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, Hastings
Street East.
Public notice Is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned By-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed returning officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
in that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS,   Clerk. FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911,
The Auto that will he given
away by the Daily News, Aug.
5, was purchased from the
McLaughlin Carriage Co., Ltd.
Machine on display at T. A. Muir & Co's Drug Store
Some Strange  Features About Death
of   Music   Hall   Actress���Peculiar
Accident ,
������Model 27" Price Complete, $1 750
Specifications off the McLaughlin-Buick Five Passenger Fore Door Touring Car Which Will be Given
Away as First Grand Prize by The  Daily  News:
Body���Very carefully designed for
comfort and beauty of outline.
Extralarge doors easy of access.
Seat���Five passengers.
Upholstering ��� Hand-bufTed leather;
easy spring backs and spring cushions.
Wheel Base���106 lnchea.
Gauge���56 Inches.
Tires���3i$x32 quick detachable.
Brakes���Two on rear hub. internal
expanding; also external contracting.
Price���$1750 f. o. b factroy, Inclnd
and tool equipment, robe mil rail 1
Springs���Easy scroll Elliptic on rear;
semi-Elliptic  on  front.
Frame���Pressed   steel.     3'^,    laches
Horae Power���26.
Cylinders���Four with valves ln bead.
4x4 Inches.
Motor Suspension���Sub-frame.
Cooling���Water,    centrifugal    pump
and fan.
Ignition���Jump spark.
Current  Supply���"Splltdorf"  Magneto
and dry cells.
Carburetor���"Schebler"  automatic.
Lubrication���Splash system, gear
pump forcing oil to all engine bearings automatically.
Motor  Control���On  top   of  steering
Clutch���multiple    Disc���Bronze    and
hardened  Bteel plates.
Color���Dark blue with gray wheels,
or all cherry red.
ing oil tall and side lamps, two gas fa ead  lamps,  horn, wheel   Jack,   pump
n tonneati, half length foot rail ln front.    Top and glass front.
���K"m The Columbia Piano CoX sSS:
New Improved scale with heavy Iron plate. Double veneered in
figured walnut or mahogany. Carved top panels. Full-length swinging music desk. Three pedaU. Sustaining pedal. Rolling fa'l, continuous hinges throughout. Trichord over-strung scale. Elastic repeating action.    Ivory keys.    7%   octaves.     Patent   noiseless   pedal
DIMENSIONS Height, 4 feet 6 inches. Width, 5 feet 114 inches. Depth, 2 feet 3 in
Paris, July 27.���Madame tiregoire,
a music hall actress, who had enjoy-j
ed considerable success aB Madame!
Frementln some years hko, has met I
her death under strange clrcum-|
stances in the railway tunnel of thej
Butlgnolles. a short distance from tbo!
Saint Lazare station. Her husband,
M. Felix Oregolre, is the manager of
tlie Municipal theatre of Mentone,
and was formerly manager of the
theatre at Monte Carlo. A few daya
ago Madame Oregolre had decided to
visit a relative at Caen. 8he left her
house at Asnleres, but returned aT-
most Immediately tn a state of great
excitement. She had a nervous attack, which made her too 111 to undertake the Journey. A day ?ate:\
however, she left Paris, apparently in
perfect health. She was returning by
way of Rouen, and was alone In a
first-class compartment. Another
passenger, who was alone ln a nelg-
boring compartment of the same carriage, states that he noticed that the
lady became very excited after the
train had left Rouen. She ttood up tn
the compartment, walked about and
spoke aloud to herself, so much so
that the passenger ln the neighboring compartment became apprehensive.
When the train reached the Batlg-
nolles tunnel there was a delay, and
she opened the door and stepped on
to  another   line,   where  trains   were
passing   every    few   minutes.      The
guard noticed her and called out to
her, warning her that she would be
killed   if   she   did    not   immediately
leave   the   track.     She   bad    barely
time  to  return   to  her  compartment
when a train passed.    Her own train
moved on a few  yards and   stopped
again in the tunnel Itself, where there j
was no light.    When the train finally j
stopped at the station the guard looked into the carriage and saw that tbe'
compartment in  which  Madame Gr-v
golre had been was vacant.   A search
was mode at once ln the tunnel, and
the   corpse   of   the    poor    lady   was
found  on  the  track,  with  the   head
severed form the body.   The supposition  Ib that  she must have left her
compartment   again   when   the   train
was stopping in the tunnel, and that
she  was  run over by another   train
coming from an opposite direction.
Pamphlet on Horse Breeding.
Live   Stock  commissioner    for  the
Dominion,   Dr.  J.   G.   Rutherford,   has  ��
issued through tbe federal department _
'of agriculture, a  valuable bulletin on  I
"Horse   Breeding   and   Colt   Raising;.", |
copies of which  may  be obtained  on
application  to  the Live  Stock   Commissioner at the department, Ottawa.
See   the   Three  Beautiful   Furniture   Sets
A Boundary Dispute.
Lima, Peru, July 26���There Is a
general and dee^-seated indignation
over the recent attacks on Peruvians
at Tacna and Arlca, Chile, which
grew out of popular Ul feeling resulting from the boundary dispute.
The papers publish the Chilean consul's explanation of the incidents, and
the Permian authorities have taken
active measures to prevent retaliation
here. I
That the Daily News is giv
ing away August 5th.   They
were purchased from
Galloway & Lewis
4th and Columbia Streets
Will be given away by the Dally News  *gn
August 5th, 1911. Ill
Three $96.00 Scholarships
The Westminster Modern Business College
The Modern Business Scliool, wbicli
was established in New Westminster
two years ago, an affiliation of the
Vancouver Husiness Institute, has
merited enviable fame and succes au
a scliool for the training and equipping of those desliious of entering
business life. One of the greatest
difficulties with which the management of the school has to contend is
to secure enough young men and
young women to meet the demands
made upon them by business men
for qualified competent help. The
course of Instruction ln this school is
very similar to the methods employed
In the offices of business men, and a
student graduating from here does
not have to "learn all over again,"
consequently great confidence ls
placed in those who    receive   their
training at the Modern.
Tlie school has three departments,
commercial, shorthand and typewriting. A. L. Botick, principal, haa
charge of the commercial department
and by his painstaking and consclen-
llous attention and co-operation is
enabling many young men and young
ladles to "make gbod," as evidenced
by the school register which shows
an enrollment of 240 students during
the past two years.
Miss McKnlght, who assumes th��
duties of teacher of Gregg shorthand,
touch typewriting and business penmanship, was the first lady on the
western coast to receive a writing
certificate from the world-famed writing specialists. Zaner and Bloser, of
Columbus, Ohio.
In regard to the typewriting depart-
TRIST���District  of  New  Westminster,  B.C.���Take notice that Charles
Evelyn Falkner, of Vancouver, B. C,
occupation clerk, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:    Commencing at    a
post  planted  nt  northeast  point    of
unchartered  Island,  thence  following
the shore to point of commencement,
containing three acres more or less,
about   two   miles   south   of   Pender
Harbor at  Point  Francis,  and about
150 feet southwest from lot 997, and
200 feet southeast from  lot 2792.
May 29tb, 1911.
ment, we desire especially to say that
there are eleven of the standard
typewriters with blank keyboards so
that touch typewriting, now required
by all up-to-date business men, is
necessarily taught and ln the most
effective way, so satisfied was the
writer company with the work being
done in this department, that at the
time of the demonstration by Miss
Fritz, they donated a gold medal to
the school to be awarded the winner
of the typewriting contest held in
This school Is of great importance
and affords a great advantage to the!
young men and women of the Royal i
City and  surrounding districts    who I
contemplate a business career and it'
is also a decided acquisition to
city itself.
^J Three 14 k. Solid
Gold Watches
Also prizes in the Daily News Auto
Contest; one for each of the three
districts.   They are on display at
T.  Gifford's    Jeweliy Store,  Columbia Street
New Westminster District.
Re Section 31, Block 6 north, Range
1 east,  except  part  conveyed  for
A certlflcate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be Issued
to Thomas R. Pearson on the 21st day
of August, 1911. unless in the meantime a valid objection thereto be
made to me ln writing by a person or
persons claiming an estate or Interest
therein, or any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry  Office, New Westminster, B. C, July 17, 1911.
The person or persons having ln
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the
said property are requested to deliver
the same to the undersigned.
A mortgage dated October 11, 1892,
made by James Rousseau in favor of
the United Trust Limited.
D. W. Johnston, Applicant or Agent.
New Westminster, B. C.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT.���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, James
Charles Wood, of North Vancouver,
occupation merchant, Intend to annly
for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at
a post planted about three miles
north of T. L. 916 on the west shore
of Haslam lake, thence west 80
chains, thence soutb 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Dated June 6th, 1911.
Good for Face Value In tha
DAILY NEWS $3,000.00 Im* c������<��> 521
Coupons must be In ballot box before expiration  date  and  trimmed
or they will not be counted.
That beautiful property, 132x132,
on Blackwood, Armstrong and Carnarvon streets with well laid out residence, for $17,000. One-quarter cash,
balance one, two and three years at
seven per cent. Note terms and compare Columbia street of today with
Columbia street of three years ago.
Before last payment falls due, three
years hence, this property will have
become a valuable business site and
with a frontage on three streets,
must command a high figure per
front foot. "The woods are full" of
men who have become wealthy during the last few years, not so much
because they had a little money as
because they bad the foresight and
courage to Invest at the right time
and in the right place. Here Is another opportunity���nothing better on
the market.    For further particulars
'Phone 919 I3i6 Cariboo Street
See" Our Stratford Step Ladders
/The only Perfect Ladder made. We have the Fruit
Picking, Extension and the Faultless Step Ladders,,
perfect in strength and price.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.
To ensure delivery in time for your
crops Order   Your   Fruit  Boxes
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
Sapperton, British Columbia
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 16.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.     Vice-President.
Sec. and Tre
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
Fresh Sanitary Milk
Delivered to any part of the city.   Bottled on the Mountain Mean
Sanitary  Farm,  Huntingdon, B.C.
Phone 490.
628 Clarkson Street.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for lt is the stuff that tha foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now and to invest for what shall be needed ln the future.   Money cannot be Invested until lt Is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street..
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager. .
Tne Daily News
Pehllahed by The Dally Newa Publish-
tan Company, Limited, at their offlces,
mi.iii    of   McKenzie   and    Victoria
��. A. Paige, Managing Director
FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
Again,  when   the  world  has  been
lulled Into a state of happy repose l.y (
m. long term of pence, there has come
a sudden awakening to the grim pos-.
mi t��i I ity of war between two or more
of  the  great  nations.      No  one de-,
sires to see the outbreak (if hostilities between Great Britain and Germany, not only for a reason that ls
more or less sentimental, but because
war between these two great powers
would result In the disruption of tho
commerce of the entire world.
But it cannot lie denied that the
outlook ls at the present moment exceedingly disquieting. Germany apparently persists in her right to occupy Agadir, on the coast of Morocco,
an net which Great Britain, whose
trade routes to the east pass fight by
thia point, strongly resents. The existence of a German naval base hero
would certainly form a serious menace. This ls the most important
point of dispute which ls at this time
closely absorbing the attention, of the
two governments, and has served to
bring King Alfonso post-haste to London. Hut. there Is also the fact that
toy the treaty of Algectras the powers agreed to the policing of Morocco
hy franco, and the Interference of
Germany just now is, therefore, unwarranted. _.
it may be that the German statesmen  thought  the  present   disturbed
state of  political affairs  in England
would absorb publlo attention as to
make this an opportune moment for
doing a little stealing without attracting much notice.    If this was their
idea they were very much mistaken,
itor  party   differences   have   for   the
.nonce    been    subdued    and    British
.statesmen    and   politicians   on   both
sides have Joined as one in  the determination  to resist  the attempt ot
Germany to gain a strategic   advantage-
The whole incident serves to show
how suddenly and unexpectedly we
may be plunged into war, even in
these days, when the sterling value ot
peace'is so generally understood and
appreciated. Just now the tension H
very strained. It Is to be hoped, however, that the hrm attitude of Great
Britain, in which she has the support
of France and Russia, will be sufficient to cau.se Germany to withdraw
from the aggressive position which
��he has so suddenly assumed.
deputed to travel to Victoria thla
morning so that tbere may be no
hitch at Saturday's match. ,. Wells
Gray moved and C. A. Wel'sh-'second-
ed the following motion, which was
carried: "That in the event of any of
the selected alternatives refusing to
act, the manager of the respective
teams with the president of the association choose one, and falling an
agreement, then the president have
the tower to make the selection."
In order that the official timekeepers (penalty) may be saved any
Inconvenience ln future, the secretary,
was authorized to procure colored
time checks for nil league matches,
uhito to denote live minutes, re.l ten
minutes, green twenty minutes and
blue rest of game.
lt was decided that In the event of
a tie at the close of the league championship that home and home matches
WOfSfrl be flayed, the team making the
greatest number of goals ito be adjudged the winners.
FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
Portuguese Separation Law.
Lisbon. July 27.���Tfee   government
, bas delivered  to the representatives I
'of the powers copies of the promised j
amendments to the law of separation
exempting the foreign churches- from '
the payment of   one-third    of   their J
revenues for charities and removing
then from the    authorities    of    the
Portuguese church,    The   diplomat!;
corps ls Insisting that the government
also  amend   the  article  of  tbe    law
��� which  makes  obligatory  tho  furnish-
! lng to tbe government of the Informa-:
tlon relative to the officiating clergymen.
Model Bakery
H. C. Mark & Sons
Cerner  Fourth  Ave.  and  Second  SL
Wholesale and Retail Bread Mer-'
chants. Shipping orders receive car<v'
fui attention. '
Phone 435.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       81MOO.000.00
RE8ERVE   12,000,000.00
Branches tbrougnout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, anu ln Ixindon. Eng
lied, New York, Ch'< apo and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera'
banking business transacted. Let
ters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of thi
Savings Bank Dipertment���Deposit*
received In Bums of tl and upward
and Interest allowei at 8 per cent, pei
annum  ipreseat rate).
Total   Assets  over  1186,000.000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
��� IN ���
Hallway Wanted
To Peace River
(Continued from Page One )
to hold public meetings, gather data
on the district transversed and collate I
facts on the effect on trade. The
matter would be taken up from all
points. The idea of the league was
to get the popular support of all the
<:ities on the coast of the province
so that when tlie subject was broached to the government nothing would
)ia\ e been left, undone.
Three Lines with Charters.
An enquiry elicited the information
Trom Mr. McCandless thut three lines
having charters through part of tlie
���district are the V. W. & Y. railway,
G. T. P, and Howe Sound and North-
.urn. These three lines cover the
ilris't one hundred and fifty miles of
the proposed route to the Peace river.
Mr. White then asked that a resolution be passed endorsing the move.
it being in his opinion a matter that
should not be delayed. 1). S. Curtis,
in '.lUectissing the subject, moved that
vs. vote of thanks be tendered the
speakers and that tbe matter should
come up at another meeting to be
called under the auspices of the hoard
of trade. The motion was seconded
hy W. J. Kerr and carried. Mr. Kerr
pointed out the lack of attention and
apathy with which matters of the
same kind had been taken up in previous years.
Cmack Dropped
From Referees' Lisl
���        (Continued from Page One.)
west for the Minto cup matches, was
mentioned as tbe most suitable candidate for the two closing matches,
hut this suggestion was finally squash-
��d.    The debate on the    momentous
question of who was" to handle   the
-whistle occupied over an hour, and it,
was finally decided to appoint Ditch-
'barn as   flrst alternative,    and    the
following in the order named:    W.
White, Billy Moresby (both Victoria).
Wilson      (Ladner),    and    Wolferton',
Ood Jones and Fred   Lynch   were
��v>,i -t-^rim.-* *__����
5 Per-'fat Is All the Interest We Charged
for the money to build this house.
Let Us Loan You the Money to Buy or Build
Canadian   Home   Investment Company, Limited
Sinclair's Gigantic
Goes Merrily On
This Sale Has Been a Grand Success; In
Fact It Has Eclipsed All Previous Sales
We have sold an enormous amount of footwear since this sale started. We
have a lot to dispose of before this sale closes. A further cut has been made
on all remaining lines. We have hundreds of cases of Fall Shoes ordered, some
of which are already here, and the balance arriving daily. We must make
room to receive them, hence, deeper cuts and Greater Values for Today and Saturday
Men's Shoes
36 pairs Men's ViciJKid Blucher cut
Goodyear Welt Shoes; all sizes. Regular price $5.00     <J��Q CC
Sale Price      tpD.OO
86 nairs Men's Velour Calf Oxfords,
Goodyear welts, regular fesy a��
price $4.50; Sale Price..    <p��'**J>0
Men's high grade Canadian and American Oxfords, all this season's goods
made on all the newest toes, 18 different lasts to choose from; regular
prices$5.50,$6.00     GA OC
Sale Price     ��J>*K��0
Copeland & Ryder Hand Made Shoes,
the highest grade made in America,
regular price $7.50     d��C /IC
Sale Price ......        ��p��V*iJ
Women's Shoes
Women's Chocolate Oxfords made by
the Kingsbury footwear Co., all new
goods, regular price $4.00; <J��o -i f-
all sizes, Sale Price $<��. * &
Women's Suede Pumps in brown and
grey, regular price $4.50; fco a p-
Saie Price  $��.43
Women's Dongola Oxfords, all sizes,
styles and shapes, reg-d��-i-QC
ular price $3.00, Sale Price ��P 1 ���*/0
Women's Canvas Shoes, regular
prices $1.75 and $2.00; d��i QA
Sale Price         Cpl.ZU
"Shoes, a pair.
W��   E*b  ^sS^SfLrLABtf
613 Columbia Sireet.
The Shoe Man
New Westminster, B.C.
When you want to cleat your house of
flies, tee that you get
Fly Pads
Imitations are always unsatisfactory.
Phon* 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Realty is Good
See Us For Snaps
Royal Avenue, near Leopold Place,
modern cottage, five rooma. Price
$2900.00. Terms, one-third cash, bai
ance $25 per month.
Oak Street, near Fourth Avenue
car line, new thoroughly modern, five
room cottage. Full sized cement basement with furnace.   See ut at once.
Fourth Street, between Third and
Fourth Avenues, fine building site.
On'y $1600. One-half cash, balance to
McQuarrie Bros.
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
* VE*H CEJiT. I/t/TEttm
317-321 Cambie St,
Vancouver, B.C,
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue.
Phone 567
Transfer Co.
�����<* 'Phone 1S��.     Barn 'Pfeooo 1W
Begbie Street.
���aciig*   delivered   promptly    ;���
any part ot tka city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Phone  696.
622 Columbia street.
IN THK MATTER of rhe cRtate of
Sealed tenders will lie received by
the undersigned up to one o'clock iu
tlie afternoon    on the    lot    day    ofj
August, 1911, for tlie purchase of the
south half of tbe southeast quarter oil
section  five   (6), township eight  (8),
in  the  distiict of  New   Westminster
and   province   of lit ltish   Columbia,'
containing eighty  (SO) acres more ir j
less. I
This land  is    well   situated   near1
Cloverdale,   in   the    Municipality    of
Surrey.     About   ten   (10)   acres  are'
cleared and  stumped and about ten
(10) acres more partly cleared. There]
Is a small house on the property.
All tenders must    he accompanied!
by a marked cheque for five (5) per
centum of   the   purchase   price.   If
tender Is not accepted cheque wlll be
Tenderers will name the amount of
cash which they are prepared to puy
and also the terms which    they will
exrect for payment of thp balance.
The highest or any tender wlll not
3tt to 26 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phon*  63.
Tenth  St.,  New  Westminster.
Mosquitos as big as
bumble bees don't
frighten me
For I am Using
DAVIES' gg8QUiro
and lt certainly keeps them off.
He also puts    up    an    application
which kills the sting ot Insect bites.
He also has a full stock of fly poisons
necessarily be accepted and all tend-'and Btlck    fly<atcherB.
ers shall be subject to the approval!
of the Judge. When you wish to buy a Dim   or
For further particulars apply to
MesBrs. Wade, Whealler, McQuarrie
& Martin, rooms 7 and 8 Gulchon
block, N'ew Westminster, B, C. or
rooms 20 and 21 Williams building,
Vancouver, B. C.
Dated this fifteenth day of July,
District Registrar.
Supreme Court.
Court House, New Westminster, B.C.
plate camera or any of the accessories, or want any advice regarding
photographic work go to
The Red Cross Pharmacy
C. S. Davies, Prop.
Phone 40. 32 Sixth Street.
New Westminster, B.C. ST       FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
; >������������������������������������������������������������������������������*��>*<���������������������**���������������'
It is hard to conceive how it is that
In this city the Boys' Brigade movement so generally fostered and encouraged ln other places, Is left to
drift along unaided except for the effort of a few voluntary workers.
There Is no movement afoot for the
benefit of tho ilslng generation that
Is more deserving of every aid possible, and this is realized In all up-to-
date communities with progressive
municipal government. The moss-
grown fathers of this city", with the
���same forethought and executive ability as provides such excellent hay-
crops on our thoroughfares, steadfastly Ignore the existence of tho
needs of our future citizens.
Hoys' Brigades are not for the pur-
poso of war, of course, nor for teaching of militarism, but for the training of the characters of the boys, for
bringing out all that Is manly In tbem
an 1 stumping out tbc evil traits which
nre hound to appear in nine out of
ten, but which are overcome by tlte
inculction of clean and healthy Ideas
and a spirit of (rue comradeship.
I have been In camp with several
different companies of the lads and
I am sure that the moral and physical training which I saw Imparted In
a fortnight, will bear far better results for the cities to which they belong, than all the miles of cement
sidewalks or paved back streets will
give us. In every case a clergyman
was In charge, whose authority was
paramount and admirably maintained,
lie heing assisted by two more volunteer helpers. Personally i Save never
spent a more enjoyable time, and
surrounded as I was by such a
healthy, clean, vigorous lot of youngsters, 1 could not help but feel that
boyhood and Its care ls the greatest
responsibility that has been given to
us who are unfortunately beyond that
blissful age.
A city Is not built up of brick and
stone so much as of the clean morals
and healthful energy of Kb Inhabitants, and I maintain that it is the
boundsn duty of the ratepayers of today to spare no effort of self-sacrifice
in their care for the characters of the
ratepayers of tomorrow.
The city  council are however not *
the only negligent ones for the work j
of organization Is part of the clergy-
man's dally business and lf we have
one  here   who  can   spare   sufficient:
time  from   his  afternoon   tea  duties.
It Is to be hoped that he will stir up ���
hls confreres In the matter.    Any as- j
slstance   that   Gareth   can   give   will
be willingly accorded on receipt of a j
letter addressed to the Dally  News.
association meeting at Ottawa have
been made. The Sixth Regiment at
Vancouver send four representatives,
the Fifth Regiment of Artillery, of
Victoria, send a like number, and the
Vancouver Rifle Association completes the team with one. A splendid
achievement for the coast certainly,
but where ls New Westminster? The
names are as follows:
Sixth Regiment���Captain Forrest,
Color Sergcnt Moscrop, Sergeants
Fotherglll and Barren.
Fifth Artillery���Sergeant Major
MucDougall, Sergeants Carr aud
Birch and Gunner WlnB^iy.
Vancouver Rllle Association���R. M.
The reason why the 104th Regiment did not compete was apparent
ly because nothing has as yet neon
done to provide facilities for them,
that is to say that no ritle association has as yet been formed, and consequently no arrangements have as
yet been made as regards markers,
etc. lt Is a pity that tliere seems to
be no one to take an Interest In such
things. The 104th mtiBt be well on
ln the second year of their formation
and It ls surely time that something
was done.
Northwestern League.
Thursday, July 27.
Portland���Vancouver    3,
land 1
At Tacoma���Tacoma 4, Spokane 8.
At Victoria���Seattle 11, Victoria 1.
Baseball Game Tonight.
The Alerts and Balmorals will clash
on the diamond tonight at Queens
park, and ln spite of absentees from
the line-ups there will be a capital
game for all fans to watch. Hither
George Adams or Dr. Doherty will
hold the Indicator.
Luton Remains Liberal.
London, July 27.���in the Luton division bye-election. R. L. Harms-
worth, Liberal, defeated Col. Hickman I'nionlst, by 7til'J to 700fi, majority of 618. The late member, T.G.
Ashton, has been made a peer.
Is now under new management. Meals
at all hours, night and day.
Merchant's Dinner from 11.30
up to 8 o'clock; 25c.
The cafe Is centrally located, being
opposite tlie C. P. R. station; also B.
C. K. R. station. Electric cars running
to Vancouver, Chilliwack and Steveston leaving opposite the cafe,
i  Corner of Columbia and Eighth Sts.
Looking for
Property ?
Read This!
OPEN TILL 9 P.M.���For the benefit
of working men and others wbo
cannot spare the time to talk with
us ln the daytime, the People's
Trust Company's office will be open
every evening from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Alice street, near Crescent; live
roomed modern house. Price only
$2!ioo; one-third cash, balance very
easy. ,
ON NANAIMO STREET���Near Thirteenth street, lot 66x128. Price
$1200; one-third cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months.
Sale of Real Estate
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J.J.JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Eighteenth streets���Lot 50x132, to
lane; very cheap. One-third cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
For Business or Pleasure Runs
To any point on the Fraser River it is a cheap, quick, comfortable
and pleasant ride on the
Fast Speed Launch "V^e"
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C. Phones L117, R117.
Thn  selections   for  the   British   Columbia Team  for the Dominion  Rllle
NEAR  EDMONDS���Just    a few    lots
left and selling rapidly.   Price $500
to $900;   one-quarter cash, balance '
over 18 months.
If your eyes are troubling you, call
and have them examined Dy a Graduate Optician.   All work guaranteed.
Optical Parlors in  T. Gifford's Jewelry Store.
W. GIFFORD,   Graduate  Optician
$250 GET8 A HOUSE���Let us show
you these pretty new cottages; all
conveniences. $250 cash and balance monthly as rent. The cheapest
buys ln the city.
Corner lot on Douglas road; size
50x220. $500 cash or submit terms.
This Is on sale for a few days only
and looks like a snap. Let us show
lt to you.
FOR SALE, 7-Roomed House on Fifth St.
Near 3rd Ave; 2 large bedrooms upstairs, 5 rooms
downstairs, good bath, pantry, clothes closets; size
of lot 60 x 140; $5000; $2000 cash, balance arranged.
Phone fH.
Room 16, Collister Block.
ln D. L. 96; size 50x120; streets are
being opened up and several homes
are already started. Price only
$475; good terms over two years.
These are ln growing section and
are a good Investment
The People's rriKfCo.,1"'-
'431  Columbia 8treet.    Telephone 669.
II lu
Gold Rings
Wbile we carry a complete stock ot everything In tbe watch and
Jewelry line, our specialty is
Solid gold, stone oot finger rings
r,' Prfces of rings ranging 76c and up to $400.00.
Official Time Inspector tor C.P.R. and   tS.*Z.tft* SVy
There's a tide in every man's affairs
���- - - ���   ���������'        '""
that, when taken at the flood, gives him
his opportunity; lucky is the man who
sees and grasps it. We give you an
opportunity to secure a
$22.00 Suit for $15.00;" $18.00 Suit for $13.00
We have been in business only a few months, so that our stock is all
new. We must make room for Fall Clothing that we are now opening
up. If you have plenty of clothing we'll make it worth your while to
buy at least one or more of these suits.
���������====      See Our Windows     ========
A. S. Mills & C
. ���������tfMBi^lVB^BWC
PAGE sac
Every Canaidate Has a Chance
to Win One of the Cash Prizes
One Candidate in Each District Will Share in the $100 in
Gold to be Awarded Aug 2-Eight Days More Before
the End of the Contest-Fire Your Last Shot So
that its Echo Will be Heard in Years to Come
The $1750 Auto it on Display at T. A. Muir & Co'*. Drug Store.   The $500 Piano Can be Seen st   the
Columbia Piano House.   The Furniture Sets Can be Seen at Galloway & Lewis.   The Watches
Can Be   Seen At T. Gifford's Je�� elry Store.   The Scholarships Were Purcbased
From The Westminster Modern Bunness^School.
Reinstatement of CtvnilitXSB.
Candidates whose standing ls
under f>000 have been dropped
from the list, but will be reinstated as soon as they send In
enough votes to make the required 5000.
the contest her votes are lost.
6. Votes will be Issued on all subscriptions, old and new, according to
7. A subscriber who pays up his
Standing of Candidates.
Nominations for tbe big automobile
arrears to the News will be allowed conteBt   are   published    below,   and
votes according to the schedule.
show the growing    interest    ln the
8.   No   statement   made   by   any  competltlon.   Look them through, and
solicitor, canvasser or agent varying! gee lf cannot   add   that    of   a
from tbe rules    set   forth    will    be  fr_en)i.
recognized by the News,
__ 9.    Candidates by accepting
The heavy  vote  polled   yesterday'nomination and filling   votes   certify ^Tide oTsiitll ���treSt,'within"New
i no  ut-a , '      .    .    ,.     .������ their   agreement   and these and   any ,,,__���,���,,���_,,_.��� ���.,��� ���_,*_.
and the announcement last   Monday other  publlshed    cond.tions    of the Westminster city limits.
morning of the Special prizes of $100 contest. ' M.      , a..ra  �� ���v���v iwuun
,���  gold,  has  created  widespread  in-     10.   QSWM ��U|IMtet the J �� &�� h����E i"":::   MM
terest in the   Daily News' big   con-  News reserves the right to settle any
I controversies which arise during the
test ��� ' contest.
The interest is growing daily, and        Don't Hold Back Subscriptions,
every   one   of   the   remaining   eight      There l8 B tendency noticed by the }*���1 �����  ,ffr"ni;
days of the contest will see the good  manager of the contest   for contest-
natured competition wax warmer.      i ant8 t0 hold buck subsciiptions after
Now Is the Time to Start. I receiving  them   from   their   friends.  ,,       ... ,,
Pitch  right in  with a firm  deter- TheBe fr|end8 want their paper after  J"���.  Walter Thompson
mination to win, and give no thought they subscribe for two reason:  One,  M,bh   ,'l'"', ' ,,,Uh
to your competitors. thev wishto clip tbe coupon for their
Look after YOUR votes; don't fav0rite, and the other tbat they wish
waste time or enthusiasm thinking ot to read the news contained In the col-
what someone else ls doing. Umns of the Dally News.   The man-
Let the Best Girl Win. aRer of the con_est suggests that the
From now on work with a will that contestants   turn    in   their   subscrlp
District No. 1���All territory west of
Mrs.  W.  E.  Fales   1,327,080
Miss Ethel Ennie        UfiOO
Mlss Helen  Shaw      101,2'J0'
Mlss Violet McGuffen     887,050
Mrs. J. E. Insley  1,700,000
Miss Olive  Archibald         14,710
District No. 2���All territory east of
west side of Sixth street, including
Miss Florence McLeod        2:1,600
can not be outrivalled.   You, who are   ltons  eacn  Qay  and  receive a ballot  Miss Helen C. Day  1,170,900
weaker, work with a force that will   for thehm.    If they wish to hold back  Mrs. Polngdestre        13,590
enable you to catch any of your com-  th|B ballot It is possible to do so. IMiss Genevieve Drlscoll           8,750
petltors  who may  have ,a  lead over      -phis  registers  the  name   of   your  Miss Katie Muir         7,120
you, and  let  those  who  are   ahead  friend  on  tho  Daly  News  sibsrip- MlM Vera Gilley         7,060
keep  going  in   an  endeavor  to  hold  tion  list and they get their paper at  Miss Lillian Jenkins     989,900
the advantage you  have already   ob-  each issue. j Mlss Ruby Fletcher        27,990
talned.    You are all practically start-.       Subscriptions  Easily  Obtained.        Miss Ruth Robinson        13,800
ins:  on   the  homo   stretch    oh    even      The Dally News is   so well   knewn I Miss Naomi Rolph       18,060
terms, and  all  we can .say   is,  "Let  and is so far ahead of any other news-' Mfss Clarice Osborne      14,270
the  best girt  win/' j paper in its  fleld that It is nn easy  Miss Adele Bllodeau     253,740
(matter to Induce your friends and ac- Mrs. Winnie Tait  1,658,110
The   Reward.
They are reward* that any young qualntances   to  become  regular   sub! Miss Evelyn Cunningham
^"W^J^&ffWlSr   'criber��-     The   ��*������  "brained  on  a ' Mrs. E. Thompson
two dollar subscription will place you
beginning  in a strong position, and with a little
Dail!? News intended them for abso
line   gifts   from   the  very
and still  intends them as such, but extra effort 'vou "can reach'fte ton""
they  could  not donate tliem  to any      ��� ls a pleasllre   ,0   Bl,gRe8t   _0   ,
m  the  ront.-st   friend  thfi advisability of subscribing
eleven ladles  residin
territory    that-    they     might     bave   to the Dailv News
thought deserving of them.     'iy tho  . j
eight weeks friendly struggle that
they inaugurated, they wished any of
you who wanted one of the prizes, to
show by a little extra effort that you
held that desire and through the
same extra effort that you would
more fully appreciate the gift after
you had received it.
Moreover, they feel that an automobile, a piano, a scholarship a furniture set, or a watch will prove
more than a gratifying reward for
the energy invested during the eight
weeks by you, and they placed the
prizes in the order named, so that
they would correspond to tbe degree
of energy put forth.
Little Difference.
Tilia. C. S. Davies
Open  Every  Evening.
The contest department will
be open every evening until 8
o'clock from now on for the
benefit of those who cannot
call during the day. Also all
day Saturdays.
District No. 3���All territory covered
by the Dally and Weekly News outside the city limits of New Westmin
Miss Rosy Philcox, Mission.. 12,980
Miss Ruby Kirkland, Ladner ..11,890
MIsb Martha Pybus, Ladner . 15,580
MIsb G. Dove. N. Vancouver. 13,690
Miss    Grace    Morrison,    Ed-
mondB       634,400
Mrs. W. T. McGilvray, Chilliwack          9,450
Miss  Huff,  Chilliwack           7,720
Miss  Mary  Peterman, Fraser
Mills        15,640
Miss Hutchinson, Milner .... 205,240
Miss Vera Coulter, Langley..   466,580
Daily News Schedule of Votes
The contestants are beginning to
realize, that lhe difference of a few
thousand votes ls not a very large
margin, and are not losing heart by
any means, A race is never ended
until the goal ls reached, and there
Is always time for the last competitor to win out.
Make Another Trip.
If you have exhausted your territory, go over it again and sign renewals  and  extensions now.
The people who have promised extensions ought to be willing to help
you now that the contest is on the
home stretch.
..Uninterested Judges.
That each candidate in the
contest may feel assured of a square I
deal, a committee of well-known business men will be selected to act as j
judges tc count the votes and award)
the prizes at the close of the con-1
test. I
Securing Subscriptions.
Candidates in any certain dlstricc
are in no way restricted from securing subscribers in any locality that
tbey may wish. For instance, a candidate in District 1 may secure subscriptions in District No. 1 and District No. 2 may secure subscriptions
iu District No. 1; In fact, candidates
may secure subscribers wherever
they can get them.
Rules of the Contest.
In addition to the nomination rules
published below, the following regulations will govern the conduct of the
Westminster News three thousand
dollar voting contest:
1. The contest closes at 9 p.m. Saturday, August 5. Tbere will positively
be no extension of tbe time.
2. Votes may not be secured ex-
oept on subscriptions to tlie Daily or
Weekly News or by clipping tho ballots daily during tbe life oi the contest.
3. No votes may be transferred
ftt>m one candidate to another.
4. Candidates must enter from
the district in whicli tbey live. If n
candidate removes from one district
to another during the life of tbe con-
teat she will be a contestant from
tbe district she fliwt entered.
6.    If a candidate withdraw! from
Pally News by Carrier"���
thi*e months, $l.oo soo
915. months. $2 00    1,500
Twelve months, $4.00 4,000
Two years, $8.00   ln.iiOO
Three  years,  $12.00    20,000
Four years, $16.00  40,000
Five years, $20.00    80,000
For ten years subscription
will allow 250,000 votes.
For ten years subset Iptlon
will allow 200,000 votes.
to the
Dally News by mail-
Six months, $1.50  1,500 votes
Twelve months, $3.00 4,000 votes
Two years, $6.00  10,000 votes
Three years. $9.00   20,000 votes
Four years, $12,00  ..40,000 votes
Five years, $15.00   80,000 votes
Dally News by carrier at $40.00, we
to the  Daily News by mail, at $30.00, we
One years, $1 00    500 votea
Two years, $2.00 1,500 votes
Three years, $3.00   3,000 votes
Four   years,  $4.00    4,000 votes
Five years, $5.00   5,000 vote.j
For ten years subscriptions to the Weekly News at $10.00 we will give
15,000 votes.
The Prizes. ygt\.
Eleven ln all. Two grand prizes and nine district prizes will be
divided  into the three districts as follows:
The Candidate receiving the greatest number of votes ln the
three districts combined will be awarded the $1750 McLaughlin
Buick touring car, to be seen at T. A. Muir's drug store, Columbia St.
The candidate receiving tbe most votes in the remaining three
districts will be awarded the $500 piano. This piano was purchased
from the Columbia piano house and is on display at their store, the
Walker block, 425 Columbia street.
The candidates getting the greatest number of votes after the
winners of the grand prizes will be given their choice of the district prizes.
The   Nine   District  Prizes.
Three scholarships purchased   from   the   Westminster   Modern
Business college.   They are good for eight months tuition and worth
$96 each.
Three handsome furniture sets worth $75 each purchased fto-n
Galloway & Lewis and can De seen at their store, corner Fourth
and Columbia streets.
Three beautiful solid 14k. gold watches worth $40 each, purchased from and on display at T. Gifford's jewelry store on Columbia street.
The District. %>\���*
In order to give every candidate an equal chance to become
the possessor of one of these valuable prizes the territory has been
divided  into three districts as follows:
District No. 1���All territory west of east side of Sixth street,
within New Westminster city limits. '
District No. 2���All territory east of west side of Sixth street,
Including Sapperton.
District No 3���All territory corered by the Dally and Weekly
News outside the city limits of New Westminster.
One Hundred Dollars in Gold
To Candidates In Daily
News'   Auto   Contest
One Candidate in Each District WiU Share in the $100
in Gold to Be Awarded
August 2nd.
Don't Overlook This Exceptionally
Generous Offer.
The Daily News Will] [Give
Away $ 100 In Gold, to be
Divided Among the Three
Districts as Follows:
The Candidate in the three districts combined turning in the
greatest amount on subscriptions up till 9 p.m., August 2nd,
will receive $50.00 in gold.
The Candidates in the remaining two districts turning in the
greatest amounts on subscriptions during this period will
each receive $25.00 in gold.
Previous Subscriptions Do Not Count.
Every candidate has an equal
chance regardless of amount in
This Offer starts with this
announcement and ends
Wednesday evening,  August 2nd
at 9 p.m. and will be the last
special offer during the contest
agygmmH Lma-iiT3
" "-������   - FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westmlnater.���Take notice tbat I, H. M.
Dwar, of Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile east of T. L. 32454, and two
miles fiom Haslam Lake, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, tbence north 80 cbalns, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 2, 1911.
Re  the  fractional  northwest quarter
of  section    7,  township    11     (121
acres), Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New  Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of  the  loss of cer-
(Ifleate of title number 7721F, IsBuel
In tbe name of Colon    McLeod,    has
heen tiled in this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
(he city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless in tbe meantime valld objection
l>e made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New  Westminster, B.C., July 11, 1911.
22, 23
July 4, 5, 6, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28.
August 3, 4, 6, 14, IB, 16, 17, 21
28, 29. 30. ^^^^
September 1. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Going Limit, Fifteen Days.
Final  Return Limit, October 31, 1911.
For rates and full information apply to
A. G. P. A.
Local Agent.
TRICT���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, J. I. Dwa-,
of Vancouver, occupation merchant,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile east of T. L. 32454,
und two miles from Haslam Lake,
tbence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thenre soutb 80 cbalns to tbe point ol
commencement, and containing 640
.acres more or less.
J. 1. DWAR.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent
May 2, 1911.
ster.���Take notice that I, Dorothy
Fry, of Seattle, Wash., occupation
married woman, intend to apply to*-
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile east of Theodosia lake, at
T. L. 31562, thence east 80 chaina,
tbence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, tbence soutb 80 obalns to
point of commence, und containing
640 acres more or less.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 19, 1911.
ster���Take notice that I, R. B. Francis, of Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile east of T. L. 32454,
and two miles from Haslam Lake,
Whence east 80 chains, thence south
iM chains, thence west 8 0 chains,
-thence north 80 chains te point of
-commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Duncan  O'Hara,  Agent.
May 2, 1911.  J
Re Lota 7 and 8, Block 11, Steveston.
Whereas proof of the loss of certlflcate of title number 7105A, Issued In
tbe name of John Herbert Turner has
been filed in this office.
Notice ls hereby given tbat I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
tbe date of the first publication hereof, la a daily newspaper published in
the City ef New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said certificate, unless in tbe meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar or Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., June 19th, 1911.
The Hand
That Cooks
The Dinner
is the hand that rules the world.
In spite of what they say about
"cradles", the stove is the all-important factor in "home-rule."   A
^AtSUS^S.that the 'J\and,"Lwi11 ��**Py��w home morin* in the
right direction of economy and health. *"     ���
PAMr#=.Cl.aliandKef,.OUriin^of GURNEY-OXFORD STOVES and
RANGES that are built and sold on honor.   The Chancellor and Imperial
���J r *--     Come anc
el by a sins
i up tbe chimney.
 ,..__�� ui.. ����� uuiu aim auiu on nonor.   ine Chancellor and Imperial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Come and let ua
show you how this marvellous device saves time and fuel by a single touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and directs odors up the chimney.
The Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven�����
fine baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves tftne and fuel-waste.
These, with otber star features make us proud to show the Gurney-Oxford
        line.  Design���finish���workmanship���all these details
we want to demonstrate to your entire satisfaction.
HANDLE8 8IXTY TRAINS Ing |u all the sum of Twenty-seven
DAILY ON COLUMBIA BRIDGE   Hundred     and     Efgbty-flve     Dollars
  I ($2785.00)   to  be  raised  annually aa
Vancouver,   Wash.,  July   27.���Sixty   aforesaid.
lor more trains, both freight and pas-'     AND   WHEREAS    the   debentures
i sender,  are  handled  over the great  authorized by said by-laws numbered
| sleel drawbridge across the Columbia   85 and 90 have been issued aud dls-
I river at tbis polht. by the aid of the   posed  of  and  after  payment  of  the
new interlocking block signal service,  works constructed under said by-laws
which  makes impossible an accident  there  remains  a certain  unexpended
on a bridge. i sum standing to the credit of the said
The Interlocking device, built at a bylaws,
cost of $5500, ls the latest and most AND WHEREAS on the 15th day
improved signal service used. It is ar- of April 1011 after having received
ranged that men ln the tower on the the assent of the electors of the Mu-
brldse can follow the movement of all nicipality a by-law waB duly passed
trains approaching or leaving Uie to enable the said Municipality to
brid��e and trestles and handle tbem raise under the provisions ot the "Mu-
accordlngly. A train cannot pass un- nfclpal Clauses Act" the sum of
less given a clear track, but lf the Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand
track ls already clea> when a train Dollars $350,000.00) for tbe purpose
approaches, it need not be stopped ex- of constructing a general system of
cept for the draw. The block Byste-n waterworks throughout the Municl-
is used on the entire Northern Pa- pallty which by-law Is known as the
cific line from Portland to Tacoma.    , "Burnaby Water  Works Construction
It is expected that the bridge over By-law 1911" and Is numbered 100.
Crooked river will be completed with- AND WHEREAS the special rate
ln three months, and trains running provided for by the said ��� last men-
over It. The track will then be ex- tioned by-law ls to be levied on all
tended at least twenty-two miles rateable land ln the Municipality In-
further. The Celllo bridge will be cluling the land situate in the areas
done in November and then the described ln the said by-laws 85>
ferry In use there will not be need-  and 90.
ed. When the work at Fallbrldge is AND WHEREAS lt is expedient to
completed, the terminal, now at utilize the water works constructed
Cliffs, wlll be removed there. In pursuance to the said by-laws nunt-
��� =   bered 85 and 90 as part of the general
CORPORATION  OF THE  DISTRICT   system  of  water  works  to  be   con-
ra-*  ��..-��.-��� atructed under the authority of said
by-law numbered 100.
AND  WHEREAS  It  would   be   ln-
 [Bylaw   No.���   _^^^^^^^^^^^^^���^  ���  -������-   ���
A By-law to alter the mode  of as-  equitable   to  levy   the   amounts
sessment under By-laws   number   85
and 90.
WHEREAS  the   Municipal   Council
of the Corporation of the District  of
tember 1910 pass a certain by-law to
enable the Municipality to raise under the provisions of Section 259 of
the "Municipal Clauses Act" tbe sum
of Twenty-two Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($22,650.00)
for the purpose of constructing waterworks within a prescribed area in the
.NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, Mabel Lucy
Paige, of New Westminster, occupation, married woman, intends to apply fer permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:
post   planted
Re the northwest quarter of section
29, township 12, New Westminster
Whereas proof of the loss of    certificate of title number 12190A, Issued
In    the   name   of   Robert   MacClure
Blake, has been flled ln this office.
Notice Is hereby given tbat I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
tbe date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate ot the said certificate, unless in tbe meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New   Westminster, B. 0., July 10, 1911.
\\  Lime Juice,
25c. a bottle
Commencing   at   a
about two miles north of T. L. 916 on      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the  west   shore   of   Haslam   Lake,) DEPARTMENT OF RAILWAYS AND
thence   west   80  chains,   th.encesouth
su  chains,   thence   east   80   chains,
thence north 80 chains to the point of
commencement   and   containing   640
acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Date June 6. 1911.
TRICT���District of New Wostmi*
ster.-Take notice that I, A L Dwar,
*oi Vancouver, occupation banker, intend to apply for permission to pur-
case tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post Planted
.about one mile east of T. L. 32454,
and two miles from Haslam Lake
tbence north 80 chains, thence west
SO chains, thence south 80 chains
tbence east 80 chains to the point ot
commencement   and   containing   640
acres more or less.                  wl.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 2, 1911. 	
ster.-Take notice that I. James
Fergus O'Connor Wood, of North Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post p anted
about three miles north of T. U W��
on the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
sn cliains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the Mtot M
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less. ,���nnn
O'Gerle,  Agent.
Date June fi, 1911.
35c. a can
Mosquito Oil
25c a bottle
j Ryall's Drug Store I
TRICT-Difltrlct Of W��W*�����
ster.-Take notice that I, W. L try,
of Seattle, Wash., occupation broker
intend to apply tor permission to
the   following     described
purchase     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'"commencing at a post planted about
one mlle cast of Theodosia lakeatT.
L. 31562, thence 80 chains west, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains south to point
commencement, and   containing
acres more or less.        ^ ^ FRT
Duncan O'Hara. Agent.
May 19, 19H-
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for construction of Hudson Bay Rall-
nT(j ��� way," will be received at this office,
'until IG o'clock on Tuesday, the 1st
of August, for a section of about 185
miles from Pas Mission to Thicket
Plans, specifications and form of
contract to be entered into can bo
seen on and after Wednesday, May
31. at the office of the Chief Engineer
of the Deps; tment of Railways
and Canals, Oi'.awa, and at the office
of the Chief Eiitilneer of the Hudson
Bay Railway, Winnipeg, at which
places forms ot tender may be obtained.
Parties tendering will be required
to accept the fair wuges schodule pre-
pare<j or to be prepared by the Department of Labor, which schedule
will form part of the contract.
Contractors are requested to bear
In mind, that tenders will not be considered unless made strictly in accordance with the printed forms, and
ln the case of firms, unless there are
attached the actual signature, the
nature of the occupation, and place
of residence of each member of the
An accepted bank cheque for tho
sum of $200,000.00 made payable to
the order of the Minister of Railway*
and Canals must accompany each tender, which sum will be forfeited lf
the party tendering declines entering
Into contract for the work, at. the
rates stated In the offer submitted.
The cheques thus sent In will be
returned to the respective contractors
whose tenders are not accepted.
The cheque of tbe successful tenderer wlll be held as security, or part
security, for the due fulfilment of the
contract to be entered into.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
By order,
Department of Railways and Canals
Ottawa, May 26. 1911.
(Newspapers  Inserting  this   ad ver
tisement without authority from the
Department wlll not be paid for 11.)
B.C. Mills
limber  and Trading
Manufacturer* and Dealers In All Bands ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 12 New Westminster Bon 1.3'
Five Days' Cruise
On the Inland Seas of British Columbia for
$44.00, including Meals and Berth.
Sailing from Johnson's Wharf at        12    MIDNIGHT
FOR   PRINCE   RUPERT   AND STEWART Mondays and Thursday*
FOR VICTORIA AND SEATTLE   Tuesdays and Saturdays
Connecting at Prince Rupert with steamer for Port Simpson. Kincolith and the Queen Charlotte Islands; also with the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains east 100 miles.
One Way and Round-Trip Excursion Tickets to All Points East Via
the Grand Trunk System Double Track Route.
Information cheerfully given.   No trouble to answer questions.
Harry G. Smith, G. P. & T. A Phone Seymour 7100
L. V. Druce, Commercial Agent (Freight)   Phone Seymour 3060
quired under said by-laws 85 and 90
upon the lands in the described areas
ln aald by-laws numbered 85 and 90
    _.   and at the same time to levy upon
Burnaby did on the Third day of Sep- j the said lands under the provisions
temtwr loin mu o mra***im k��� i.._ . -1 of said by-law numbered 100.   AND it
is therefore deemed advisable to
hereby provide that the said moneys
required under said by-laws numbered 85 and 90 shall be levied on all
rateable land ln tbe Municipality of
^ I    NOW   THEREFORE   the   Munlcl-
Municlpality of Burnaby being more IP*1 Council of the Corporation of the
particularly described as that Part of' District ot Burnaby enacts as fol-
the  Municipality  of  Burnaby  situate j tows:
lying and being ln Group One (1) in -* The amounts authorized by said
the District of New Westminster and' by-laws numbered 85 and 90 being
Province of British Columbia de- th* "Burnaby Water Works Construc-
scrlbed aa follows: District Lot'. Uon By-law 1910" and the Burnaby
Thirty (30) Blocka Eight (8) to Thlr-' Water Works construction By-law
ty-eight (38) both Inclusive ot Dis- No- 2. 1910 respectively to be
trict Lot Nlnety-flve (95) and Block levied anually both for the pay-
"G" of District Lot Ninety-six (96), ment ot interest on the deben-
the aald By-law being known as the tures issued' under the authority of
"Burnaby Waterworks Construction 8aW by-laws and for the purpose ot
By-law 1910" and being numbered forming a sinking fund for the re-
85. , payment of the principal of the said
AND WHEREAS under the said By- debentures within the time specified
law it was enacted that during the therein shall be assessed levied and
term  of  twenty-flve   years   the   cur-   collected   annually   during   the   currency of the debentures to be Issued  rency of the said debentures by spe-
under the authority  of the said  By-  cial  ���te  sufficient   therefore  on  all
law  there  shall   be assessed,  levied  rateable land ln the Municipality, the
and  collected   annually  in   the  same  M'd special rate to be la addition to
manner as Municipal taxes are assess-  a" other rate* to be assessed levied
ed, levied snd collected trom snd up- and collected in the aald Municipality
on   the  real  property  and  from  and  during tlie  currency ot the agi**  do-
upon flfty per centum ot tlie aaaered   b*���tuI!? or ff of **���**'     .
value ot the Improvement* within the       *���    The aald amounts to be aaaeaa-
sald described area the Bum of Eleven ed  levied and collected under Section
Hundred  and  Thirty-two  50-100 Dol-  * "oreof shall be applied to the in-
lars ($1132.50) for the payment of ln- terest and sinking fund provided for
terest on the said debentures and a ln 8ald by-laws numbered 85 andJjO.
further   sum   of   Six    Hundred   and    J--   Any and M moneys standing to
Twenty-one   22-100   Dollars    for   the the credit of the said by-laws num-
purpose  of  forming  a  sinking  fund   Dered  85 and  90 or either of them
for the re-payment of the principal of **y "e used by the Municipality in
the said debentures within the time  connection   with   the   said    general
specified  therein  making In all the J*1��� works 8y8tem hereinbefore re-
sum of Seventeen Hundred and Fifty- ferred_to. _. ���. v ��
three   and   72-100   Dollars   ($1753.72)1    *���   ���8   W���   8ha��   bef��re   the
to be raised annually as aforesaid.      I flnal Pa88lng thereof receive the as-
AND    WHEREAS    the    Municipal  8eot of the electors entitled to vote
Councll aforesaid did on the 24th day on money by-laws,
of November 1910 pass a certain by-!    6.   This by-law shall take effect on
law   to  enable  the   Municipality   to  a����d   after  the  22nd  day  of  August,
raise   under  the   provisions   of  said  A- D- Jg}**     , ,    ,     '  .
Section 259 of the "Municipal Clauses      6.   This by-law may be cited as the
Act" the sum of Forty-six Thousand  "Burnaby  Water   Works  Assessment
Dollars   ($46,000.00)   for  the  purpose  Merger By-law 191L
of constructing a waterworks within
the prescribed area in the Municipal
Ity being more particularly described
DONE AND PASSED in open council the 28th day of June, A. D. 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the elec-
as that "part of'the Municipality   of  tors at an election for the purpose on
Burnaby  situate   lying  and   being  In  the��� day of ,1911.
RECONSIDERED  and  finally  passed the ��� day of  , A. D. 1911.
Group One (1) in the District of New
Westminster and Province of British
Columbia described as follows: District Lot One Hundred and Eighty-
six (186) excepting ten (10) acre por- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tion more or less belonging to the | Take notice that the above is a true
City of Vancouver and in use by It as copy of the proposed By-law upon
a reservoir site the said by-law being I which the vote of tlie Municipality
known as the "Burnaby Water Works j will be taken on Saturday, the  12th.
Construction By-law No. 2, 1910" and
being numbered 90.
AND WHEREAS under the said Bylaw it was enacted that during the
term of forty years the currency of
the debentures to be Issued under the
authority of the said By-law there
shall be assessed, levied and collected annually ln the same manner as
municipal taxes are assessed levied
and collected from and upon the real
property and from and upon flfty per
centum of the assessed value of the
day of August, 1911, between It o'clock
a. m., until 7 o'clock p. m., at the polling places: <
The Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Lake View" School,  Burnaby  Lake.
Mrs.  Cobban's   House.  Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Pole Line Road.
G. H. Leaf's Store. East   Burnaby.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, Hastings
Street East.
Public notice is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors   of the Dls-
p. O. Box 501.
Phone 699.
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Westminster Trust Building.
Gardiner, Mercer & Gardiner,
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
For   Delicious
Cooked   Ham
Improvements within the said descrlb-1 trict of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
ed   area   the    sum    of   Twenty-three   above mentioned By-Law at the time
Hundred   Dollars   ($2300 00)   for   the  and place above mentioned, and that
payment of interest on the said de-,A. G.  Moore has been appointed re-
hentures and the further sum of Four   turning  officer   to   take  the  vote  ot
Hundred     and     Eighty-five     Dollars   such electors, with the usual powers
($485.00)  for the purpose of forming  in that behalf.
a sinking fund for the re-payment of      By order of the Council.
the principal of  the said debentures! J.   W.  WEART.   Reeve.
within the time specified therein mak-1 W.    GRIFFITHS.  Clerk.
645|Columbia St
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Sunday leaves at 6, 7, 8 a.m. and
every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
leave for Cliilliwack and way
points at 9 a.m., 1:05, 4:05 and
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
0:10 p.m.	
,_____________________________: ms*
-m ***.���*.,���*.., ��� **
......      .  .-.<.���   *u
FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911.
We sell
Hand Saws
Once used
Always used
They hang better, wear
better, run easier and
give better satisfaction
than any other hand saw
City News
Rev   C   H   Marsh, former pastor of |     The steamer Transfer will make the
the Free  Methodist  church, and now  trip to Steveston and return on Sun-
district elder, WW lioia services this, day afternoons
evening and tomorrow
as well as con
duct the services on ^undaj both
morning nnd evening.
1 laird:-ossIiib  parlor, etc.    Room  5,
Market   Hlock   over   HunK^'a.      *'
The otarg* against Thomas E. Hall,
late mnagw ol tb�� Chllliwaclt steam
laundry, will   be   heaifi   beforo
honor .Imtpe lloway ibis morning
during the fishing
season, leaving the B. C. Electric
wharf at 3 o'clock. Round trip every
Saturday, leaving B.-K. wharf at 2
o'clock. **
Venezuelan Cabinet.
Washington,   July   27.���Tho   Venezuelan cabinet has resigned.    A new
his j ministry,   with   Gonzales   Uulnan   as
at | minister of foreign affairs, has been
, , ,,., Hall is sent from the  organized by President Gomez.   Notli-
pottoa court of tbe Vnlh'v City charged j ing is known here as to the cause of
with appropiiatiiy.    monnjs    of    the| the cabinet crisis.
lamidn  c��->-npsn>   Ni W* oun use.
Al ihe nc\i laces at tUltlilfl l'al'k
on UMI ill Kine 0��*tle. .1 Travors
well knrwn tore* ��iil compete in
the R Clsitf raoe Tufc weeks ago
Kin): Cut** I* .'i,r icrt off UM honors In
this dhM >*'"> "��� SHfStMi to renew
the  MMM  iom.">.ro��
Recent purr-haw-."* suit other
owner* at iwi'cr..* in the city who
bsxe not reotftWl their tax notices
sho;iid appi? at once in tbe tax colic.-lor. ihe ci(,> hall, for a memo of
:;i\.s on waie. as the time for secur-
ins the full rebate of one-sixth expires on the first day of August.    *���
The Weir liner Hoverlc, Captain
Harper, after discharging 1000 tona
of cement and a quantity of asphalt
at tbe E\ans. Column wharf, moved
over to Hastings mill last night to
take on a million feet of lumber for
Sydney. Australia. After loading she
will proceed to Fraser Mills and ship
the remainder of the three million
feet of lumber destined for the commonwealth.
When the
Fire Bell Rings
Your first thought "Is that my Htmat
en fire." Why viorry; take out �� �����&)-
ky In one of the quick sewirtimtmi
companies which  I represent.
A. W. McLeod
Make life a
pleasure by
using our
Electric Irons
Water Power
The magnificent McLaughlin-Buick
automobile, to be given away by th&
Daily News, ls to be seen in tbe window al T. A. Mulr'a drug store, Co-
! lumbia street. Pull particulars od
' page aix. ������
TT.;s afternoon at half past two
��� ���c.'tiocb (be funeral of Mrs. Ethel
Mlfnrtsll. a native of Ontario, will
>* brid from the undertaking rooma
.-.: I> Murchie & Son. The deceased
���������������, who died at the maternity
town* of the Royal Columbian hos-
jiiial hid been with her husband and
tamiJT a resident in this city at 218
Fto'jni street since coming here. Her
father l^es in California, and he has
been communicated with.
R. Black, president, and C. S.
Sutherland, manager, respectively, of
the Amherst Boot and Shoe company,
of Amherst, N. S., with C. S. Martin,
a prominent business man of tbe
same district, were visitors to the
city yeslerday and were shown round
by L. B. Lusby and J. R. Morrison.
They expressed themselves very
pleased with the city, and opportunity
was taken to show tliem the fine ln-
j dustiial sites on Lulu island.
John Garland, o f Cumberland, B.C.,
who died at the Royal Columbian hospital on Friday as the result of In
juries received at Ironside, Kannie &
Campbell's construction camp at
Coquitlam last week, was burled yesterday afternoon in the Anglican
cemetery in the presence of a large
numher of his fellow workmen and
members of the Eagles, Erie 20, of
which the deceased was a member.
Chaplain Victor Eickhoff was in
charpe of the arrangements, with the
assistance of Secretary H. Schofield
and President James Wood. Foreman
Stanley, of the construction camp,
looked after the obsequies by proxy
from the dead lad's parents who reside in ihe old country. W. E. Fales
conducted  the arrangements.
The Public
Supply Stores
Another Help For
The Housewife
From time to time
we have introduced
new helps for cleaning1 in the house and
laundry, which have '
proved great successes. We now
wish to introduce to
to the public
Lighthouse Cleaner
a splendid article
which beats all on
the market at present.
It is sold at the bar
gain price of 3 for
Phone 92
553 Front Street
E. J. Boughen
Architect and Builder
See me about your new house.
Room 5 Trapp Block.
Phones 715 and 537.
Water  Wings
Bathing Caps
is complete.   We also
carry a large stock of
Camping Necessities
Deane Block.   441 ColumbU St.
New Weetmlaater, B.C.
We have just placed on tbo market a few choice blocks of partly
Improved and  fully  improved land.
Very   Suitable  for Market
Gardening and Fruit
The land has been well farmed for
years and is in first class shape for
producing profitable crops. Some
blocks have buildings and bearing
orchards, also small fruits.
Special Terms--One quarter cash
balance spread over two and a half
New Westminster
Friday Bargain List
Extraordinary Bargains are being offered to make this
last Friday of our Big Sale a record breaker. Read
this list and you will be able to form some idea of the
extent of money sa\ers we offer Today. Get here
early and save a disappointment.
A Big List of Price Reasons for Quick Shopping Today
They are smartly tailored of Linen, Repp, Drill and Indian Head, ln shades of tan, brown, blue and
white; plain tailored coat, skirt with panel back and front, single pleat on each side; coat single-
breasted styles with large pearl buttons;  regular to $12.50. On Sale Today,   each $4.75
Regular $15.00;   on  Sale  Friday, $7.50 Each.
Wherefore deny yourself summer dress comfort and grace when s'ich pretty dresses are awaiting to be
claimed at marvellously little prices. All new and pretty styles; \i mulls, lawn, batistes, linen; shades
of mauve, pink, blue, tan and white, neatly trimmed with lace and embroidery. HAVE YOUK
Women's Waists of Embroidered Lawn. Linen and Fancy Vesting; ln Shirt Waist, Gibson and Fancy
Tucked styles. Also Peter Pan, some with laundered collar and cuffs; regular $3.00. On sale Friday
each |2,oo
There is a good selection to pick from ln these Bargain Dresses; made of Chambrys, Ginghams an J Percales, In one-piece styles, ages to fit G to 18 years; regular to $3.50. On   Sale   Friday,  each    $1.50
We want to clear out all our Summer Cotton Fabrics, so we present you these astonishing bargains.
Values 25c;    on Salt Friday, 10c Yard.
You have th* following popular fabrics to select
from; light welglit "Poulards. Fine MusllnB, Fancy
Pique, Jap ���Crepe, and White Vestings; big selection of light and dark patterns. See these wonderful  values.    Only ........ 10c  per yd.
Being the last Friday of our Big Sale we mean to
cause a tftir ln this section. Lovely Silk Finish
Fonlarfls, Scotch Zephyrs and Fancy Muslins; values 25c to 40c. On Sale Friday, per yard    15c
Sfi-lntih Silk Pongee; heavy grade coatings, *nlce
smor/th -weave and good silk finish; regular $l.5<��.
On   Sale  Friday, per  yard    95c
Values to 75c; on "Sale Friday "25c Yard.
.Fancy Colored Curtain Mafrras; in medium and
<lark shades, all good colorings. Rare Buys
at 25c
Values   to  gl50;  Friday, 75c jser pair.
10 pairs only White Swiss Curtains; values regular
to $3.50. First here will get the pick. Only two
pairs   soJd   lo one currtorfier.
Little Buster Coats, made of tine grade white
pique; sizes <lt 2 to fi years; regular $2.25. On
Sale   Friday,    ea*        95c
White Plijue fiirst-w Coat*; ages to fit 2 to 5 yea's:
.regular   $1.75. On  Sale  Friday, eacn    50c
Extra Good Towel  Values.
Heavy Brown Turkish Towels with Red Stripes;
size 22x42 Inches; values 40c. On Sale Friday, per
pair  ...  1 25c
Pure Linen Hack Towels; Damask pattern border,
slz��s 19x88 inches; vales fiOc. On Sale Friday, per
pair 40;
White Turkish Towels; nice weight; size 22x48 in-
.ches;    values 50c.    On Sale Friday, per pair ...35c
3fi-lnch,    Pure White     English    Flannelette;     good
weight,   values 17%c.   On Sale Friday  121/;.;
32-inch White Flannelette. On Sale Friday, 6
yards   for   50c'f(f,i>. ;    1
About 12 of these little Summer Suits still to clear,
come ln sailor style* of duck and linen; shades of
natural! tan, and white; valnva regular to $1.50. On
Sale Friday, e'ich        60c
Black Grain Leather and Seal Purses; fitted with
change purse, card case, etc.; leather-lined, values
$8.00   to   $10.00.   On Sale Friday, each  $5.50
Strap Purses; assorted colors and styles; regular
75c to $1.00.   On Sale Friday, each  50c
Embroidered Lawn and Linen Cushion Tops, with
Ruffle of Self; regular 50c to 65c. On Sale Friday
cach     30c
Embroidered Linen Tea Cozies; regular 25c. On
Sale  Friday, e'ich      15c
Fine Grade Circular Pillow Cotton; 42 and 44 inches wide; regular 25c. On Sale Friday, per
yard 20c
11-4 size Whlt3 Grecian Bedspreads; hemmod ends,
good weight; values $1.75. On Sale Friday,
��*ch $1-20
We put on sale onr entire stock of High Grade-
Table Linens at a saving of 35c on every dolla".
This offering is well worthy of your special notice,
bs we claim to be second to none on linen values.
Come,   let   us   show  you   these    bar gains.
Mercerised Damask Teacloth; size 32x32 inches,
neat   designs; values 75c.    On Sale Friday, ea. 50;
62-Inch Pure Bleached Damask; good satin finish:
regular 50c. On Sale Friday, pei" yard    35c
.Children's Tan Ribbed Hose; seamless feet, guaranteed for hard wear. Short on some sizes, so get
your rick early. Regular 25c. On Sale Friday, 2
.pairs   for    , 25c
Regular   35c; on Sale Friday, 20c pair.
Women's Mercerised Lisle Gloves in shades of
champagne, g-ey, navy and black. Extra good
Fancy  Lace Slocks     and      Embroidered     Jabots:
prices   regular 25c. On Sale Friday, each    15e
MMSmm Co.?


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