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The Daily News Jan 12, 1911

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 L N
Port Mann
^m j]
Standard  Make $5  Per  Month.
VOLUME   5,   NUMBER   288
Policy of Inactivity Pursued  by P/esent Chief Magistrate Severely Criticized.���West-' fore th0 peopie ,��� Btate explicitly
��� ,     fa      j ! opinion on that subject.
minster Needs Mayor who Understands Diplomacy and has Tact. ���Lees Conduct: Economy Necessary.
in  the  Past  More  Befitting  Schoolboy Than  Public  Man.
Mayor Lee has evidently tried to misinterpret  and   misconstrue   every
thing   I   have  said  or done. Im
I was working in building up the city while he (Lee) was studying elocution   in   some   American  college.
If the mayor had not spent so much time trying to get even with "that
other fellow," he might have had more time to attend to the city's affairs.
I am just as willing as Mr. Lee to have things done in thc open, but
I am not going to do one thing and ssy another.
The main avenue to Burnaby is a disgrace to the city.
(Extracts from T. J. Trapp's speech at  the opera house last  night I
In delivering tke finest speech of a long career, largely devoted to the
betterment and advancement of Westminster, T. J, Trapp. candidate for
the mayoralty, for nearly two hours held a packed audience at the opera
house last night, his auditors sitting still, all attention, while the speaker
led to a telling point or a striking indictment of Mayor Lee and his administration of the city's affairs, applauding vigorously when tlie climax wai
reached, and occasionally relaxing the tension while boisterously appreciating tlie line hits of humor with which the popular candidate sandwiched his
ahle and forceful address.
It cannot he denied that Mayor Lee is the more fluent and dramatic
sieaker, but Mr. Trapp's homely illustrations and vigorous presentation of
liis plea for public support more than made up for any advantage his opponent might have because of deep study in the aits and wiles of politicians.    T. J. Trapp appealed to the people,  John  A.   Lee  to  a  theatrical
Mr. Trapp's reception may be summed up in the word "Immense."
Fine   Reception  for  Mr.  Trapp.       I
"he sncech of T   J   Trapp had been   trouble bas arisen over the last elec-
i.,',atientlv  awaited   by  the audience, I tion.     If   Mayor   Lee   had  burled  the
������  when'he arose to his feet  there | hatchet after tl.e lasl election and had
., ,-   remendous applause.   In spite of! done his best to adjust matters, every.
the chilly nature of the opera house
Mr. Trapp seemed to he in better fettle tin n be had been on previous qc-.       	
caslons, and his addre88 was listened, an   audit   and   1   think   ii
to with wrapt attention from the start.I thing, but  I claim   that
would be all right
Audit   Is   Unfair,
for the audit. I am in favor of
is a pro)er
the   audit
I on   Thursday,  December  22,  and  the
ineeting referred to was held on Tues-
| day, December 27.)
Mr.  Trapp���Talk about    your    star
j chamber methods,    The things done
in   past   years   were  noi   a   [.atch   io
i those done In the vear just  closed.
I *        *
He gave Mayor Lee a bad few moments when criticizing his criticism
of the R. A. k I. society, "iiecause
Mr. Keary is manager and I am president of this institution. Mayor Lee
attacks it. The unfortunate foolishness between the mayor and the late
mayor did more to burst up that Institution than anything else. Previously everyone pulled for il.
The Delayed Cheque.
"Why  dil not Mayor Lee sign the
cheque when we were badly in need
of money.   Mr. Keary criticized one of
1 Mayor   Lee's  proteges,  and   then  you
; ask  me  why.    That  is  why.    I think
! it is time some one came in here with
tbe spirit of a man and not with that
of a schoolboy.
"Why   does   Mayor  Lee  cast  reflec
tions on the Royal Columbian hospit
and the R. A. <t I. society?    Did V
Lee  ever  raise  a  baud, tor either .
these Institutions?   And yet people gi
around saying that Mayor Lee is after
the directors of the It. A. A;  1. society,
and   is   going    to    raise  hell  among
Mr. Trapp broke off here to give a
humorous and effective caricature of i
| Mayor   l.ee   in   the   throes   of   violent]
I platform   oratory.     The   act   made   a
I greal   bit  and  tlie  applause   was  up-
Economy in ail departments of municipal government was on practically
tbe same plane. Much work has to be
done, there is but a limited amount
of money with which to do it, and it
is very necessary ihat due economy
be observed in tlie carrying out of
this work.
Speaking of  the  improvement  and
maintenance in flrsl class condition of
, roads leading into and streets in the
i city,  Mr. Trapp complained  tbat  his
opponent had somewhat misrepresented  him  in  this matter,    lt   was true
that Second street was in good condition,   bul   Eighth    street,    the    main
avenue to Hnrnaby. was a disgrace to
the city, and this state of affairs was
but emphasized by the fact that tbe
connecting road, in tbe municipality,
I was   a   lirst   class   road.     Surely   the
I road in the city should he al least as
To all ih ose, and they were man y. who bad the pleasure of listening
to T. .1. Trapp at the opera house last night, the convincing thought drove
home. Ihat New Westminster had found A MAN. to represent ber interests. His straightforward, honest speech, his criticism of many of the actions of the mayor, his tactful remarks concerning the unfair treatment he
had received during the election at the ban's of .1. A. Lee, through the publication of the Citizen, and by unjust accusations, all tended to show, that
if elected as mayor for the ensuing year, the city of New Westminster can-
i not but henetlt hy having as its chief magistrate, a statesman and a di-
', plomat.
Today the ratepayers of N'ew Westminster have the privilege of choos-
i ing who shall preside over the administration of the city's affairs during
Ithe coming year. We hope that every one will use due deliberation and
! care in making hls or her selection and endeavor to secure the return of
the hest man. Every citizen will need to consider whether Mayor Lee bap
'displayed that Intelligence, bones.. a��d real solicitude for New Westminister's interests dining the past twelve months to warrant his being en-
1 trusted with a further lease of power.
We do not see how such an enquiry can be answered in the affirma-
' the . In one departmenl particularly, and that the most important department of the city administration, his worship has ignominiously failed to live
up to the promises which he so solemnly made to tin
cember, 1*100. The manner in which the flnanc
, heen managed, or rather mismanaged, is
deed have been difficult
are at present.
lie ratepayers in  De-
ncial affairs of our city bave
a  crying  disgrace.     It   would   into  liave   got these into worse condition than they
His worship lias not made the Brightest attempt to plead to the very-
serious indictment charged against him by Auditor Cotsworth; that of
wrongfully using tbe debenture moneys, and allowing the civic treasury to
become so utterly depleted that at tho end of tbe year $100,000 had tole bor-
..    rowed   in   haste  from   the   bank,  and $50,000   of   the   Eighth   street,   sewfcr
good as tbat outside it.   A gentleman   debentures, with $50,000 of the stieet improvement   debentures   placed   in
residln . in Burnaby had called his at-  _���_,- n,���.��������..    t v.    >      j.   ,      ,       , ���, ,
tention to this fact', and had told him   Pa*n Uieref��r'    Is ��ne who has displayed   such   utter  disregard    for     the
tbat  Westminster  was losing a good   cll>'8 interests aB to place her in the perilous position in which she stood
deal   of   trade,   which   was   i eng   d-  ut the end of December, worthy of renewed trust?
verted  to  Vancouver,    simply  on  ac- The attempt to influence the ratepayers in favor of Mavor Lee bv the
count Of  the  condition  of this  road.: publ|catlon ot the audilor-s rcport 011 ,he eve of the eiecUon is not a ^e
And the same thing applies to  Lwen   ...... ,   . , ,        ,   ,   , _,,        ,     .
I avenue, on Lulu island. Too much im- ,hat wlH commend itself to fair minded people. Tbat the issue of tbis re-
lec' portance cannot be laid on the neces- port was an election dodge, is too apparent. If it were not so why was
iltal t Bity of making these main arteries by not the report published six months ago, when it was as far as it goes,
Mr. I which the surrounding country poured compieted? or published after it had passed the council and after the elec-
r of, Its wealth into the city, the best roads   .Jo. Qver,
that can be procured. I '   '
In the matter of city grants, too.1, ^hen seeking the support of tha electors a year ago, Mayor Lee
due care should be exercised to dis- made a strong point of tbe policy of economy be would introduce. Where
tribute the improvement work in an is there any sign of tbis economy having teen effected? One of the first
equitable manner, and not to improve ae(s of ^fc worship was to secure the doubling of liis official salary. Then
one B^|}t^|^^^^>llWtlMr'|he put tbe city to the most unnecessary expense by tbe payment of $40
The ei. ht-hour day. also, was a mat- a day to a man practically unknown here as auditor, when we maintain falter wbicli should receive more consid- letter men. properly qualified chat teed accountants, could have been secur-
eratlon than it  lias.    Why  should the ' ed for liaU the slim
lie   111 -t
int attention i n in i. i- ���-'>'���'���������; ������ *-	
apologized for speaking be- which we had last year was not con.
fore some Of tlie candi laies for BChOOi
trustee "" aldermen, as he bud hoped
to give a 1 ol them a11 opportunity to
air their \lews.
���-^ Mic��pre,entatiot1.
"During 'he lam  evening or two 1
ducted properly.   To go after one and
leave another uut;  to criticize this dc-'
[partmenl and say nothing about an-
! other. 1 do not consider fair dealing i
"Our  mayor   must   liave   given,  in!
roai Ious.
"1 am surprised the way in
some people have the wool
over their eyes."
,a., u>< o......    The mayor has too lost to tlie city many thousands of
by the dog-in-the-manger pollsy   which   lie   pursued,   the   effect  of
��� ���--- -   ��� ���.,. ���; '."'Vw6.-Trust] which lias been to retard the progres.; and development.    One result of the
men woik was ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
j electric   light   department employees ; dollars
which , w-'irk oni ' ~ " ���     ^	
pulled, and shovel men work 1^*lt^(1.l\\l?'1'"���*^"ll\\Vi''1 _ ,-iait-wl(n*^l>- oaptio-.is o.ttit:��ae Tsvlii^li his  worship  has assumed  bas been  to
Mayor Lee had said was stolen from  aiarm capital and cause representation of Important industries to took a*-
I bis '-platform, but  as a matter of fact.   ,.ance at New Westminster as a likely site   for  commercial   undertakings,
���lhe speaker ll.en read a letter from',he   only   reason   which   had   induced _.     .. ____________________~
Refutes  Allegations.
�����,,������;-,;,->������: <���.���..���,.��. ^m******, ��***�� *t -** i �� = �� -jy* <^ jg I ,��� ,��� d0
Hone male against that institution iti   it  became  Impossible  to award  cit>
1KC a  lime   iuuu-,   <���    -   ~.     ,    .���       ,     ,     .   ..     ,.r,,-r.rnr*P.i.   had  the mayor's speech on Tuesday night,   contracts at a lower rate Ol wages ot
,   ���   :, ���>���  turn.    Mayor Lee has,    *runderstood    ho(^ ;V ,.' (. '.    '/,.. ,   ������   st tad that the reason that ( under   different   conditions   than  pre
eV,dently tried  to misinterpret   and j appointed I rim.   M that   * ������        ���  ; * l      s���pet for tnia vcal.s exhl-Jvalled In surrounding districts, and as
nue almost everything I have    be ^^"Jj^ ^jSJ1^ J^S   had   been   made  out   was  the  the  eight-hour  day   was  accepted   in
���   il   i'���   done. fcu>v.. .....> .   . v ���.,_ I ,    .,-���.���   �����l'l   holnsr   raid   and   ac-1 Vn
^:':;:Y,:;;?r^:::^ nied,i.,,: ^ shouid conduct nic aud..
Hkl        Uttle   man.   and   now   I   think   No.)
Finally Mayor Lee bas not initiated a policy of progress, as he promfs-
         __     liis  lii!s  be.n  a policy of inaction, and except for the carrying
out Of some of the improvement works set afoot by his predecessnr in ofiice, the city stands where she did a year ago. Is Mayor Lee then worthy
a renewal of the citizens trust?   That is the question.
one  th ng   tonight   1 e  bas
I found   wrotu
the    men
tempted to misrepresent me, and that; should he called to Victoila, and If
was in regard to the statement I made punishment is necessary, it should he
that I was practically forced out as a I meted out. ��� Had that system heen
candidate for mayor. There are differ- adopted, l think justice would have
ent ways of taking that. ibeen done.
Did Not Force Himself. A Curse to Westtrc.-ister.
There nre some people who force j "Why should Mayor Lee liave this
themselves on the public, bul I am thing going on; tbis thing that h .s
not one of these In some cases one;been a curse to Westminster."
has to force oneself to do something! Mr. Trapp told a story of how large
iiecause he feels that it is necessary, investments of capital in this city
and there are occasions when one's' had been prevented by the rumors and
friends and acquaintances force one, slanders,that the reports gave rise to.
to do something. 1 have been here He claimed that it all Simmered down
thirty-two years, and during that time I to a little dispute between Mi
1 have occupied many prominent posi-   and  Mr. Keary
\IllinU    V. US !   MI 1.1 II      IIUU     llC-n     ,���m**a.     �� ���
responsible [prizes  wee Btl'l  being  paid  and ac
counts adjusted
The letter completely refilled the
mayor's statements thnt the accounts
of all tbe it'er exhibitions had heen
completed and published for the 1910
Mr. Trapp then proceeded again to
out line his platform, which be said he
would only touch on lightly, as tho
hour was becoming late. Tbe llrst
plank was that of progress by honest
anl clean handed civic administration.
Mayor Lee bad accused him of steal
Vancouver. Uurnaby and the other ma- unreasonable     concessions   mined to place tlie high school there.
nieipalities. it would be Impossible lolvvllk,h woll|d act against tbe ultimate  That was a mistake
ask tlie city employees to work longer , ,  ,        ,    of tlK, citv     Mavor Lee had \     But  what  be  wan
hours than the employees of conl rae
tors working on civic contracts.
Street Car Service.
The li. C. K. K. next came up for
discussion, and Mr. Trapp reiterated
hls statement that he bad no axe to
mind in advocating fair treatment for
this corporation, at the same time
maintaining that by approaching them
properly, it would he found that they
were amenable  to reason and  would
Mayor Lee bad accused him ot  steai-| ntr.*.  ,.,..^..,	
ing this from his platform. Tbat was grant the city the urgently nee.led im-
ail absurd accusation. Doubtless provtments and extensions of the car
Mayor Lee wns a believer in tbe same   service which they bad hitherto been
'  ���'���    mFhmiI nn  account
tlons.   and   no   one   can   s.iy   that
forced myself into them or that 1 ac-lthe public.
��� epted   them   unsought.     When   large'the    hatchet
numbers of citizens come to me and
requeBt me to do something, then  I
consider that 1 am forced and say so.
"His worship lias state! that 1 appeared to be satisfied with the audit,
and with the administration of Mayor
Lee. I did not say 1 was not In favor
of these things, and
jumps nil and says th
of tbem
Mayor Lee bad buried
ws   ..��. ,   all   this   trouble   and
bother would have been spared."
Gross   Irregularities.
Mr. Trapp here produced the letter
that Auditor Cotsworth had written to
Alderman  Welsh.    He  read  the auditor's definite statement that there had
un in ..   .��� | been   gross   irregularities   in   the  city
so   Mayor   Lee   finances during the past   year.
t 1 am in favor!     "That does not look as though May-
^^^^^^^^^B I or   Lee   ha 1   everything   In   the  rosy
Believes   in   Fair  Play. I condition   he   would   have   us   all   l.r-
"I believe i" fair play and 1 am not Ueve." said Mr. Trapp. "Mr. Lee has
thin-skinned, but ihi -land Mr. said that I agree with him. 1 do not
Trapp held  up some of the copies of   agree With him on that, and 1 do not
the Citizen for the benefit of the au- see why he should misrepresent mo
dience.)     1  am  cartooned  here as be-   to  that  extent.
lng the tool of Mr. Keary. i .an "if tirv mayor had not spent so
stand the advertising given me I.y much time in trying to get even with
these pictures. In the oil country,!'that other fellow,' 1 think he might
politicians do not think they are pop- have bad more time to attend to the
ular unless tliey  nre caricatured, and   city affairs.
1 can assure you that It does not hurtl Lee's Sum Total���Nothing,
me.    But 1 think if you sift this thing |     "When  you come to sift things
to the bottom, you will tind out that  the bottom, what bas Mayor Lee ac
it is all on account of a petty quarrel   complished during the past year.   'No
between  ex-Mayor  Keary  and   Mayor \ thing,' shouted a voice from the
.���; ''   Val>,',   ..       ,. .. j Mayor Lee wns a believer in tne same   ><���	
mere is a limit to tne patience of \ tbJng. .llmost everyone favored things   refused on account of the manner in
""''i'1'-    1!   "���<'"���   Lee had i'aried|lelnl, (ionp ())1 ���lp s������.iro   but It was   which they  bad been treated by tbe
'""��� "i.iof mmrtat.rate. without demand-
���   ���. ., ,���. I,  ���a��   which  thev  hnd  been  treated  by  the
.S^J^Ta^TdX SMI.   2ftw magistrate, without demand
agreement, which they bad refused
That was true, but the terms of the
agreement were sucb as to make it
impossible. It was like a child crying
for the moon, and in turning it down
cold, the D. C. IC. It. bad cnly acted
as any other business man or liiuij
would have done.
' Some One Must Oppose Lee.
"1 give as one more reason for my
appearing as a candidate the fact that
/'would consider that New Westmim
Bter would be disgraced if no one had
come  out  to  oppose   Mayor   I.ec-to
"No," said Mr. Trapp, "I give the
devil bis due, he bas done something."
Ile claimed again that if It had not
been for the petty spite existing on
Mayor Lee's part, against ex-Mayor
Keary,  he  would  have  accomplished
come   oui   to   uyi��i=��   ���������-.-- . ,   _.,...���     This quarrel he charac
allow the things that have gone. on much more.^ law ^ aml fl(j
this year, to continue without oppos,-  teil/6d_ as  pe�� ^^^
U�� .f , am defeated I wil, not be a,  ^^^"3^ Z
grieved, and will have the satisfa. tion  hinlUW WC1C ,lolie
,f knowing that 1 dan J ^ ���UgtotO  hen.d     He was 1UW
the breach to oppose such U     ��������      |  n    M " ,   ���     thln(,    tl,at.    they
"Mr   Lee  knows  a lot about su n  rrom    ne i ,.,.,���.   |,ee,  be   said,
things from  his experience    on    the  should   know      Ma. ^
Other side,    lie is a  line speaker and   drew  IktfotUW  fX *    <* |smlrk.
B r,ne orator.    I did not have any of  >���� ^ ^m , having nothing
these desirable advantages.      I    was  in the press ganeryj^ ^ .^ m m_
working In building up the city while
he was studying elocution in some
American university.
Lee   a   Professional   Politician.
"But  these good speakers are very
apt to carry away tbe audience with
to do.    "I am  lust as willing as
Lee to bave things done in the open,
but 1 am not going to do one thing
and say another.
A   Recent Closed  Meeting.
What did he do at a recent meet-
--"���m*      ,!������._
then, and -.it the same timThTdTsom^ing^when the =,crs Jg-^gl
thing from  them.    Mr. Lee is a pro-1 In tbe coinuilJ**���'A  tnW  them the
thing  from  them.    toy..Lee 1. r^,^o-|.n    ne ���.. ^  ^  ^       ^
li sincere.    But let ns have sincerity
at the back  of all this oratory and
everyone will be satisfied.
.   "It   seems   to  me  that  the   whole
interests of the city.    Mayor Lee bad j     But  what he wanted to know was.
said   that   he   had   offered   tbem   an   if  they  did   not   build  on   Tlpperary.
land it should not be lest sight of
tbat this seace was granted by the
government for park and school purposes), where would the money cotno
from  to buy a site, which  wouid cost
anything from $20,000 to $10,000.
Lee's U. S. Elocution.
1 nuve uuuf. .     In conclusion,  Air. Trapp paid a trl-
ln  tbe same connection,  he depre-1 bute to the superior elocution of his
cated   the  appearance  In   one  of  tlie   opponent, which  was probably aoquir-
locul newspapers of a headline read- j ed iu tbe United States.   He regretted
ing, "The U. C. E. H. easy."   Tbis had, that he bad been too busy to acquire
reference, he said, to tlie fact that tbo   it,  as  if  be  bad,  be  would certainly
B.  C.   E.   ft,   had  subscribed  $-500 to   have applied it to better purpose than
the Y. M. C. A., an institution desorv-, the  mayor,  who  used'it for the pur-
ing of every support  and encourage-  pose of twisting and misrepresenting
ment the citizens could give it in the  his utterances in such a manner as to
interests of the young of the comnnin-   mislead tbe people.   He believed. Iiow-
ity.    Was this the way. lie asked, iu   ever, tbat be bad  made matters clear
which  to  treat  a  corporation   which,   to the electors, and In doing this, he
whatever its faults, bad been of great  had not been hampered by the neces-
use to the city in developing it. and   slty of explaining  bis actions dining
hod in some minor matters, proved to   the past year.   Moreover, he bad been
be mere generous    than    any    other  somewhat  more  chary    of    promisee
transportation  companv  running  Into  than his opponent, who bad told tbem
or through the cltv, and without any   at  great  length   what  he  would  do;
more  necessity  than  the  others  bad  but, if elected, be would do something,
for  this  generosity.    And  was  it  the   not talk about it.
way to treat those puhlle-spiiited menl     Hewlshed to make a slight correc-
wh'o had  worked  and  begged  to get  tion of a statement which bad appeur-
the  money  together    with    wliich  to  ed in the News to the effect that he
build and eqhip that Institution?    He  was offering Ids services to tlie elec-
...- ������. ..r 1,   tors without question of repayment.
It was true that be bad always worked
iu the public interests without having
received one dollar as salary, but, if
elected  to the mayoralty    chair,    lie
would certainly accept the calary per-
tbought it was. to say the least of it,
very poor policy on the |a t of Ihe
newspaper In quest lon and those who
dictated its policy.
School   Matters.
I'nssing    to    the    consideration    of  taining  thereto,     lie  thought   it. was
school  matters,  in   which   Mr.  Trapp  due to Mayor Lee not to place him ua-
nat 111 ally  takes a  great  Interest, the  der  the disadvantage of  running far
speaker made a strong plea for a new   office against a man whom the elec-
Itigh school and a number of new pri-  tors might liave imagined was willing,
mary schools to be located on the out-   to do the work for nothing.    At the
skirts   of  tie  city,  including   a   new   same time, he promised the electors
school  in Sapperton, nnd one in tlie  that  if at the end of tbe term they
w��st end.    Mayor  Lee, he said, had  showed   blm   unmistnbably     tbat    in
thought that ten years hence It would  their opinion he had not earned it, he
I be time to build  a  high school  that  would refund tbe money,
woul 1 he worth building, but lie said)'    "Vote for T. J. Trapp," be conclud-
that the time was now.    It was tbo  ed, "if you consider it In the best Inmost essential thing in the life of a I Wrests of the city to do so."
community to educate    tbe   children!     A prolonged burst of applause niiirk-
and of wJiat avail were tbe mayor's' ed the conclusion of Mr. Trapp s splsn-
ptomises  to  make  the  city  if  New, did address
Westminster  a  great    and    glorious
place,    in   the   matter   of   wharves
J. .1.
A.   &   I.   Directors   Speak.
Jones and L. A. Lewis, repre-
(Mayor Lee returned trom the east *
ten . ^^^^^
a, high school. ^^^^^^^^
New High  School  Needed.
The site, too, was a vexed question,
but he still  believed  that Tipperary
was  the ideal location.    He did  not
care where the new high school was
located, so long that there wns a new
high school, and that quickly;   He was
willing that tbe school should be placed   where  tbe  people  willed  that it
, should go.    The mayor had trlsd to
I tell th.e electors that be wes deter-
place,    in   tne   .����.��.    ���*    ....... ---.,     J( j   JOUW . ������  ,,    ,   ,	
streets, bridges, and so on, whei,1 in  8entln��, the h08pitnl board, who were
tho matter of schools he was so blind ���        ent   were   then     ,ven  au
and short sighted as to imagine that  tunUy w r    ,    to certain lnslnuatlons
n years hence was the time to hulld ( wh,ch they claimed had been mad<! w
Mayor Lee in connection with that Institution and the It. A. &  1. society-
Mr. Lewis, who spoke very quietly,
was difficult to hear, but be was understood to say that on the previous
evening Mayor Lee had made base insinuations  regarding  malpractices  h��
the management of tl e'fundB cf the tt_
A. & 1. society and the Royal Columbian hospital.   He sta,ted that reports
 _ 1 ��
(Continued en Page'Fives) PAGE TWO
Real   Estate.
Columbia Street.      New Westminster.
MAN, work by the day
Apply Hox K., SS., Daily
or week.
News of-
loth of February, 5 or 7-roomed
modern house. Careful lenants, no
children. Apply Hox 9, Daily News
66-FOOT lots in choice sub-division at {
Port   Mann;   $450, easy terms.
, i
TEN   ACRES   in   southwest, one-quarter, section 36, Township -, Surrey. I
$200 per acre;  terms.
Freak   Animal   in   Possession  of  John
Jacob Astor May Come to Pacific
Coast  Next  Summer.
coat and dressmaker, work by tbe
day. Apply Miss McLean, 411
Tenth street.
OWNERS, we can sell or rent your
properties if right. Send particulars;  satisfaction to all guaranteed.;
Real   Estate.
Columbia Street.      New Westminster.,
eral housework. Apply box 4, Daily
News ollice.
of sale; also property close in; only
owners    need     communicate
P.  O.  Box  5, this ollice;
keeping rooms; good references.
Apply box S, News office.
vate boarding house; fust
board; al! home cooking. Terms
very reasonable. Apply 513 Agnes
street, city. 	
Portland, Jan. 11.���People of Astoria. Or., who will celdbrate the centennial of the founding of that city
next summer, it being the flrst American settlement on the Pacific coast,
are much interested in announcements that Col. John Jacob Astor. de-
scendent of the founder of then-
town,   has  found  a  rare curiosity   in
Government Measure Propos
es Conciliation With Arbitration as Final Measure.
D. C. CoaslService
The text of the government measures formulated for ihe purpose of
preventing general strikes, with particular reference to the employees of
public service corporations, has been
made public. The measures consti-
tue a comprehensive plan for ending
his "bear-dog." and will ask him to the strike evil on,the railroads and in
strange animal io the cele-
10:00 a. m.
1:00 p. in..
bring this
t'ol.    Astor,   according    to    reports
which bave excited the Astorians, has
TO   VICTORIA. an animal thai is plainly half dog and
Daily excel.t Tuesday   half bear,    lie bought  it from gypsies
    Dailv I In the Pyrenees mountains,    lie says
proved, with buildings, in the vic-
initv of New Westminster. Full
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land. H'2 Hastings street east.
10;00 a. m	
11:30 p. m	
SS.   Iroquois   Sunday
Tuesday mornings.
: it   walks  with a  "waddling  gall."  and
Daily   is wholly unknown to lhe common or
Daily  garden  variety  of scientists thai  In-
nights    and  fest New York.
One  attempts  to  explain  the freak
I hy saying it is a. young St.  Bernard,
other public services hy means of an
organized conciliation commission,
compose*! of representatives of the
men and the companies. This commission will meet ai regular Intervals,
and. when conciliation fails, compulsory arbitration is provided for, the
'principle heing Introduce:! that where
lhe arbitral sentence imposes an additional charge, the corporation can
Indicate the method wnereby the railroad or other service can secure compensation, either by raising the rates
or by ..Iher means.
The report accompanying tin- mea-
Brandon, Jan. 11.���Tbere are lew
who realize how much speed in dogs
Is  developed  as a  result  of  the dog
���'Well,"  replied   Cowan,
('hater now ,und 1 have ju i
run in 26 minutes."
Qhater is just live and a
from   Brandon   by   the ('.  I
racing on New Year's day, which has   considerably  farther  hy  .],
that young Cowan made ||
ia" mile,
- it
pretty fast. clip.
e tri]
1 at,
By One Lightning Bolt in Austr
Current   Ran   '
become such a popular sport here.
For these races good prizes are offered, and the incentive to develop speed
in their dogs is very strong in hoys
who own these animals.
A good illustration of what spec 1 can
be developed was seen here the other
day. Willie Cowan, one of the best,
known of the youthful dog owners,
was boasting about the speed of bis
dogs   to   Charles   McWhirter,   who   la
one  of the  prominent   supporters  of a tree.    The electric curn
dog racing.      Young    Cowan said  ho1 thence into a metal gate '
could  drive   lrom   Brandon   to  Chater I *������*���*  tree.    The  hinges  fused
��� so
, , -- alia-.
Along  Fence
Melbourne. Jan.  ll.     \n ,
ary freak of the lightning ,   re^S
the newspapers hero,    |. ,
vere thunderstorm the llghti
of  a  tree.    The  electric cum
li0' thence
with hls dog team inside of an hour.
"What time is it now?" said the lad
to Mr, McWhirter.
He was told the time and pos ed
oul the door. There was a telephone
call for Mr. McWhirter, and the party
at  the oilier end  was Willie Cowan
"Whal lime is il now'?" said be to
Mr. McWhirter. McWhirter I ...ked ai
his watch and told the lad the time.
��� I
md ii.
���. i
current   and   along   the   win
for four miles, tin nlng the
Millions of sparks shol foi
current   passed, and  Bome
work was welded by the im,
Kilty fires wer estarted I
ill   lhe   surrounding   wheatlield
the farmers in Bome .ia e
loss  of a   more  or  less sen
: 1
'�� ��� liJirac-1
HECTOR   McCAIG,  Manager.
2;00 p. m Daily except Sunday ' and another inclines to the belief that
TO   UNION   AND  COMOX. ' tlie gypsies sok
5:00 p. m Kvery .Monday ' ���-���f*      .
' i tbe    bear-dog   is unlike anything ever
TO PRINCE  RUPERT AND ALASKA i seen   before,   and   Colonel   Astor   has
.1' ihe rights
sures is a remarkable
i dwarf bear to the I <luote? the declaration
la  man   to  prove  that   public  services
But   the   fact   remains   that|have   ,���,,.���   |n8tituted   lor   the   publli
WANTED��� IMMEDIATELY, FURNISHED room, close to business
district. State price and particulars.    Box E. O. K-. Daily News.
U:00 p. m bin. 7, Jl., Feb. IS
11: on   p.   m	
Jan. lo, i'l;  Feh. 7, Jl.
&:30 a. ni..
;   Feb.
roomed  bouse  on
G3J Sixth street.
car line.    Apply
FOR SALE���General store and building on acre lot; bouse over store,
consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, parlor, stable, woodshed and
storeroom, including stock, postofflce. telephone, agency C. P. R , ami
Dominion Express agencies: near
New Westminster. Full particulars, appy to A. C. D., P. O
Box '29
Leave  Westminster  8:00  a.   m.   Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack 7:00 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, Westminster.
H.  W.   BROD1K,
G.  P.  A., Yancouver
We Have It!
The famous Wellington
offered $.".0(iii to anyone who would
enter in the dog show at Madison
Square Garden in New York, a similar
So   the  scientists   and   near-scientists of Manhattan are said to be run
ning around  in circles, giving ton. ue
to   yelps    of    Irritation.     To    some
thoughtful   ones,   however,  the   freak
animal   suggests   unlimited   possibilities.    If it is possible to cross bears
and dogs, they say there is no end to
; the changes they can make in the anl-
I mai   kingdom.     Recent   experiments
whereby scientists have produced en-
; ormous frogs by dissecting, combining
and  fertilizing  eggs lend   encouragement to this hope.
Colonel Astor is expected to represent his illustrious ancestor .f the
same name at the Astoria centennial.
and will probably i.e made honorary
chairman of the affair,
co ist hope to bave a
I'<   clo ef the
look   at    the
Mann workmen: comfortable, neat
scow house, in very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 208 Front
street. City.
Before your bin is Empty.
roomed h.nse and two lots' close
to tram, immediate possession. A]
ply Owner. Box 'i7:��. City.
seven room modern house on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for particulars, or 512 Fourth stieet, New-
West minster, B. C.
H. Nelson, HIT Fifth avenue.
ner Agnes and Seventh streets.
ROOM TO RENT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
gentlemw.   Apply at 2.13 Sth St.
ply upsfitfra Trapp block, corner
ColumMp street and Clarkson
Westminster Coal Co'y
W. N. CLARKE, Mgr.
Office, Corner Columbia and Sixth Sis.
minster Board of Trade meets in tne
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each month;
quarterly meeting oa the tnira
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at B p.m. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday ot
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any monthly or quarterly meeting. C. M.
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
Wellington i
goo.!, nol  for Ihe benefit  of those loj
whom they have been confided, from
which it  deduces the conclusion embodied in the hills, thai  the interruption of  public service  is a crime.    Al
the same time, it admits thai   public
service employees, like other workers,
have a right in amelioration .>i their
situation in conciliation, an.l arbitration   is   promised    to   yi\o   them    a
{weapon "as powerful as the strike."
The  companies  musl   concede, tho
report   declares,   "because   ii   is   now
conceded   as   a   principle   of   juris; ru-
.1. nee   thai   ihe   state,   in   com e ling
public   service  monopolies,  does   not
waive its righl to Interfere and com-j
pel the concessionaries to grant  amelioration  in  ihe  Interests  of  public
The report reviews arbitration experiments abroad, and especially commending those carried on in America
and Australia, it emphasizes th.- general evil ot strikes, . blch it likens to
the wai' of barbarism, li points out
ihat the moral tendencies of Ii a
world an- against violence, as manifested by ihe widespread growth of
tlie movement for the peaceful settlement "f International disputes, and it
;���: .s that rhe twentieth century
marks the dawn of arbitration as the
solution of both International and social war.
Thursday Jan. 12
The greatest of commediennes and prima donnas
In C. II. Kerr's great masterpiece
A soul stirring play.   A beautiful story of home life.
Full of pathos and comedy, with special
musical numbers.
You will laugh, you will scream, you will roar
and then some.
Secure your seats early
Sale opens Monday, Jaiuiry ?. Prices, $1.00, 75c. 5(k.
t*^t*a_a***lV*m��!^��k}ii*~9,-4 &**��*&\a****r*m
Phone 105.      P. 0. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
house. Apply corner Seventh avenue
and Fourteenth street.
ston, barristers and solicitors,
Westminster Trust Block, Columbia
street, New Westminster. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds, Adam S
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL        114,400,000.00
RESERVE         11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Nanfoucdland, anu In London, Eng-
Iicd, New York, Ch'(ago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking bislr.esn transacted. Letters of Credit issue'i. available wltt
���correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank D3p.rt.1ent���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward,
and interest allowe-'. at 3 per cent, per
annum  1 present  r<ite).
Total  Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. O. Gardiner)
Room 6. Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phona Ml Residence Phone  133
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney    Sweeping,    Eavetrough
> Cleaning, Sewer Ccnnecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.. Etc.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Estimates  Given  on  Any  Kind
of Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone  388
3V_  to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Pbone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce, Columbia St.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phono   53.
Tenth  St.,   New  Westminster.
FREEMAN     BUNTING,     ROOM     22
Curtis Block.   P. O. Box 694.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of Montreal.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
nre held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend. W. H. West, N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
J. W. MacDonald, financial secre-
tarj ,'
Train  Service New
Westmi nster
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
10:30���From Vancouver and Agassiz.
12; 10���From Montreal, Kootenay
and Okanagan.    (No. 97).
17:05���From  Vancouver.     (No. M).
19:20���From Vancouver, Seattle and
22:50���From Winnipeg and Nicola.
(No. 1).
8:30���To Vancouver, Seattle, Nicola and Winnipeg.
11:00���To Vancouver.    (No. 97).
15:55���To Okanagan, Kootenay and
Montreal  (No   96).
17:50���To Agassiz and Vancouver.
21:40���To Vancouver.    (No.  1).
Burnaby Municipal
Elections,   1911
Mr. J. W. Weart
was tendered and accepted the nomination for
Reeve by a properly constituted convention of
Burnaby electors.
MR. WEART is pledged to work for
Progressive   Development
of the Municipality
and his platform includes:
location and proximity of public facllitl
Gen. Pass. Agent,       Local Agent,
Vancouver.      New Westminster.
Abolition of the ward system.
2.   Better adjustment of assessment, having regard to size,
of each property.
'.].    Alteration of assessment period.
4. Extension of tbe franchise to all parties paying taxes.
5. Formation of a county council to take over nil Intermunlclpal roads,
tl.    Better   police   protection and tlie appointment of a sti| endiary. or police magistrate.
7. Adequate  water supply.
8. Reorganization or the Municipal hall, holding departmental beads strictly responsible for efflcien ,
no meddling by individual councilors with tbe civil service.
9. Acquiring plots of bind In various parts of the mulclpallty for park   purposes   with   a   general    B)'��-
stem of development.
10. Encourage the School board  to purchase it number of school sites before land values Increase.
11. Generally to develop tlie municipality on husiness lines;  encouragement of settlers, and  to  protect the public interest In granting priviledges to corporations.
Mr. Weart will address public meetings
at eight p.m. as follows:
Municipa   IHall,   Edmonds,   Jan. 5th, 1911. *���   "
Burnaby Lake, Lake View school, Jan. 6th, 1911.
Vancouver,   Pender   Hall,  Jan.  10th,  1911.
Central Park, Agricultural Hall, Jan.  12th,  1911.
New Westminster, Cunningham Hall, Sixth street, Jan. 13th, 1911.
Invitations are extended  toother candidates for Reeve and Councillors.
Efficient Development
*.tijL~*,a7Mmy>lW !lf   THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1191
se Talking
is the only effective medium
for advertising your goods to
get returns on the same day.
The busy housewife, intent
on buying in the best market,
reads the morning paper and
immediately decides to purchase some of the bargains
Advertise in the morning
and sales are immediately
made. |The first thought by
the thrifty buyer is to learn
the latest prices; the latest
prices are published |in the
morning paper.
Advantage is taken by rival
advertisers to go one better
in the morning paper.' Therefore merchants, do a bit of
thinking and advertise in
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper7of New Westminster
��    ���....
��� u.'
'*' ,;w
The Daily News
Published by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
corner    of    McKenzie    and    Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
Main Polling Booth Is in St. George's
Hall���Ballots May Be Marked
From  9  a. m. to 7 p. m.
Tliey'are luu ing quite'*&B exciting a
time in Vancouver as we are having
in New Westminster over the mayoralty contest. Mr. Alexander Morrison.
���who is opposing Mayor Taylor, hud au
Interesting revelation to make at his
meeting at Mount Pleasant on Tuesday night, anent the weekly paper
���which has been going so strong in:
.���support of Mayor Lee. Speaking of
the Sunday  Mail,  Mr,  Morrison said:
"The man who conducts it asked
me to come to his offlce one day some
time ago," said Mr. Morrison, " and
iifler we threw a few bouquets at
each other and a few things that were
not bouquets at the other fellow, he
told mo that he had been thinking of
supporting me ancl added: 'I suppose
there will be a little advertising.'
"i told him that there would be the
nsual election card."
Some time later he came to me and
said ihat he had received a proposition and that' Mr. Taylor had offered
to buy his paper or give him $1200 to
support   him   during  the  campaign.
"I said: 'How ate you fixed financially?'
"He said, 'Not very well.'
"I sai I, 'Would you like to dispose
of your paper?'
"He said 'Yes.'
"I replied, 'Then sell it to Taylor.' "
Evidently the weekly whose disgraceful cartoon was reproduced in Mayor
Lee's election sheet, dees not pat a
candidate on the back and scratch the
(ace of his opponent for nothing, it
would be interesting to know what
figure was put up by Mayor Lee or
Jiis backers for the highly seasoned
article which appeared in last Sunday's issue of the Mail.
There will be no voting in the city
hall this year, and the polling booth
for people living in tho 'ebn'tre of the
city will be located today in St.
George's hall. The other prilling places
are at the Fire Hall in Sapperton, and
the .water works storehouse in the
west end.
-Te returning officer is .T. Stilwell
Clute, junior, instead of City Clerk
Duncan, who for many years has held
that position in virtue of his offlce.
Mr. Clute's polling clerks are seven in
number, as follows: A. Peele, A. Wintemute, J. B. Rushton, William Pope,
Alexander Ferguson, J, Poigndestre
and M. W. Mint home.
The polls will he open from ft
o'clock in the morning until 7 in tie
evening, and as it is expected that
this year's vote will be th6 heaviest
ever polled in the Koyal City��� it is probable that the results will nol be
known until late tonight.
Although only a day or two has
elapsed since the nominations, Returning Officer Clute stated last night thai
till the ballots had been printed and
everything would be ready by 9
o'clock in the morning for the flrsl
Provincial  Constable Wilkie Once  Introduced   Motion   to   Exempt   Improvements From Taxation.
An interesting bit of history connected with the single tax system, or
the exemption of improvements from
taxation, was related yesterday by
Provincial Constable O. J. Wilkie. Mr.
Wilkie stated that over twenty years
ago, when he was a member of the
Langley council, he brought in a motion to exempt all impro\ements from
taxation. The motion was seconded
by Joseph Houston, probably the first
white man, with tlie exception of the
employees of the Hudson's Hay company, to come down the Fraser river.
So far as Mr. Wilkie was aware,
that was the lirst time the question of
exempting improvements from taxation was ever brought up in British
New York, Jan. 11 ���A cordon of
policemen this morning stood guard
outside the closed Eastsldfi banking
house of Cleto Sciandon, as the result of a demonstration last night by
several hundred frantic foreigners who
had placed thelr savings on deposit
lt was. feared that an attempt would
be made to blow up the building. The
banker has been missing, the police
say. since Monday afternoon, lie had
heen in business for five years, and
had won the confidence of the uptown
Italian colony, until his depositors
numbered more than 3500.
Tuesday Jan. 17
IS  CUT   DOWN   TO $230
Pert Townsend.. Jan. 11.���The lire
of $500, wliich was imposed on the
American steamer Northwestern for
carrying last October from Nome to
Seattle twenty-five passengers in excess of the number allowed by her
current certificate of inspection, has
Been reduced to $200, according to information received here today by the
jocal customs officers.
The Northwestern was the last
steamer to leave Nome and in the application to the department for a remittance of ihe fine her owners represented that the twenty-five passengers
were without sufficient means to carry
ihem through the long winter an 1
���would have been a burden on the community; and that the captain of the
eteamer applied to the customs 'officials for a permit to carry the excess
.number, th.e local insj ectors being
temporarily nl seat.
The i ermlt was granted, but the de-.
Tartmet.t   hoi's thftf  the customs authorities had ii". right to issue it.
The Northwes.e.n's certificate call-;
��d for (107 passengers, but she carried
**iZ'2.     Her   owners   further   set   forth i
that  tlie   vessel   was  adequately  pro- \
v.ded  with the necessary life saving
apparatus   for. the excess  number  in
case of accident.
"Joseph Weber found a gem
of purest ray serene when he
discovered "The Climax."���N.
V Times.
"Such a dramatic atmosphere
is a positive telief."���N. Y.
"An unusual play with music
that is effective."���N. Y. Sun.
"A genuine and novel treat."
���X. Y. World.
Seat sale Saturday, January 11, at Mackenzie's.
Prices���$1, 75c and 50c.
Wishing Our Patrons
the Compliments
of the Season
���  a
������ . ',
People  Are  Buying  Cheaper  Books���
Deny   Religious   Decline.
New York, Jan. 10.���The old family
Rible has ceased to be a good seller,
it was learned today. Nowadays people will not spend the money for It.
When they buy Bibles they get paper
or cloth-covered ones that sell for IT
cents lo %l. Recent generations have
refnsed to pay $1(1 to $1K for the pon-
xlerous old books with the silk markers that used to stand on the center
tables carefully coverd with a doily,
often removed only on special occasions.
Statistics obtained from the records
of  the  American   Bible  society  show
inat there are   1501) fewer big Bibles
sold   a  year   now   than    there    were
.' wenty years ago.
With the time-honored, leather-covered family Bible rapidly on its way
to tbe discard, the question arises:
Are the American people growing less
religious? The officers of the Bible
society say not, and display figures
to show that the Bible Is still the best
seller. Tbey add that the society
sold 100,000 more Bibles this year
than it did last. It is only cheap
paper or cloth-bound Bibles of pocket
sif.e that the world can be charged
with being less religious than formerly.
Who Said New Year's ?
It ia time to slarf on your New Year's work.    We
have just received a Splendid Assortment of Novel-
-���   �����������,<         i .    n    ... ��� ��� ii '
ties  for   making  up.    M*   i*n   the   Newest   Designs.
The W hite House 617 Columbia Street
Aeronauts Fired At.
New Orleans, Jan. 11.���*l. Cowan
llulbert. and Paul J, McCullough, tl.e
mt"] whose flights from St. Louis in a
balloon last. Saturday, terminated
���when they landed near ScootB, Miss.,
���arrived here todav. They will go by
��teamer to New York. Near Scoots
,'-e aeronauts were fired at twice lasl
.Won lay
If you want something choice for Today's Dir-
ner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
[ft s .��� .
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Columbia Street
New Westminster
City of New Westminster
Municipal Election, 1911
-:��������� '���'������'���
'��� *s!**__w
I.     '���'m4a\*\***t
v- ���;.���:���������.
��� -'K
li''                     1
jfif**2'_. *_*. ���
_m_ -W^i-_^_%1
___***ttv. *r-'
*i*W&&'- '*
_\    %
m   ''-till
Hkfc> ;
W*m. v;* *i
Bfi                              -AJt&VMP
tM&ki i
���   *- -i"
r  ���
BB *#^   ���**
mm**t   ,..T_f,
This is the great day
Polling booths at St George's Hall;
Fire Hall, Sapperton; No. 5 Fire
Hall, Thirteenth street.
Polling from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m
Everybody  vote  for the
man who works, and
will work, for the best
interest of the citizens
of New Westminster.
*,. THURSDAY, JANUARY  12,  1191
T.J. Trapp Makes Strong   LADIES LISTEN TO
Appeal For Support Today
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nf tlie latter institution were duly
published, and that Mr. Lee had apparently not taken the trouble to read
these reports before making his stats-;
incuts. The accounts of the hospital
were duly aud ite 1 and passed upon by
the proper parties to do so, three i
members of the directorate constituted a committee, which made monthly
\isits to the institution, and any complaints made weie quickly and
oiiglily investigated, and if Mr
had any specific charge to make, it
would only be manly of li im to do so,
in a public manner, so that the necessary action could bo taken.
Mr. Jones also spoke of the manner
ii which the business of thc hospital
i. conducted, showing that this ia
done in a practical an<Tbusiness-like
system, and he challenged the mayor
lo make a specific . barge, Instead of
tiie vague utterances to which he had
given vent, and having made a charge
In prove it.
In reply. Mayor Lee denied that he
had made any Insinuations regarding
tlii> financial affairs of these Institutions. All lie bad Bald, he claimed,
was thai the public Should be given a
chance to make investigations into the
manner in  which  public funds  were
Mayor Lee Sp:aks.
ity  courtesy of  Mr.  Trapp,  Mayor
l.ee was given an opportunity of ad-
T. J. Trapp Addresses Women Voters���Discusses His
Work in School Board.
thor- ering
A small but keenly interested gath-
of lady electors attended the
Knights of Pythias hall yesterday afternoon, when T. .1. Trapp made a
short speech on school board matters,
and the issues in the mayoralty campaign for their special benefit.
Speaking of the schools, be again
went over his policy of expansion ami
improvement, and devoted some time
to the question of a new high scliool,
which, in accordance with the views
expressed by Dr. Robertson when on
a visit here, he had come to believe
should be a ten-roomed building, with
an auditorium, and this is In all probability whal the school board of 1911
will ask the people for early In ihe
On the question of the location, he
said that notwithstanding the divergent views wllich had been expressed
on this matter, he still believed that
Tipperary was tlie Ideal site, from the
point of view of convenience and also
of economy.
Last time the bylaw
 rwas put before
nrcssiii" tbe meeting, which he did in the electorate, he said, it was found
hi. besl platform manner, lie began impossible to secure the money for
bv denying a rumor which, he said, the erection of a building, In view ot
lad  been in circulation to the effect! tills,  he asked,  would  the  neople  be
that Rt his meeting on Tuesday even-1
r be had deliberately cut out Bomel
ol the aldermanic candidates. Pro.
(���('������din-;, he said he had been severely J
critlfclzed for some of liis utterances
tlie previous evening, but whal he had i
paid he was responsible fur and would:
stand back of It.
���lis   worship   then   switched   to  the
lien of bis opponent's candidature,
saying   in   pari:   "Mr.   Trapp  says  he j
forced  oiit. and  that  it  was not
I Is personal wish to contest the seat.I
Will   Mr.   Trapp   tell   us   by   whom   be
was   torced   out.     Xo  doubt   he   will,
��� -lim  thai   largely  signed  petition.'
but  will lie tell us who promoted that
'inn.  and   who  promoted  the   pro-
ters of  thai   petition,    l  will  ask
r Trapp, if he i-. elected tomorrow,
1 he lie Bubject to lhe same force
di  dealing   with  the  affairs  of the
. ." i do nol re [ulre to be forced
. anything."
Answers   Criticism.
���;.   then  reverted  to the criticism
v ich he had been subjecKd in regard
I.' his utterances in connection wiih
.���  mu Institutions ror which le had
��� i h n gard, claiming that the busi-
i ���      ol  these Institutions was
��� hicied "behind closed doors." and
t- i :,^ they were spending public
m   lie.,   ii   was   only   lair     that     thej
ould  lie conducted in  Buch a man-
Decision of Labor Men to
"Plump" Means Others
Will do Likewise.
^^^^^^^^^^^   people
to vote another  .li> ,u()0 or $20,-
000 tor a suitable sit'1, for this is undoubtedly what it would cost.
lie also pointed out that the grant
from the crown gave the city Tipperary "for [,ark and school purposes."
I'assing from school board matters
to matters more directly bearing on
Ihe mayoralty campaign, Mr. Trapp
spoke of the necessity of making some
move in the direction of the segregation of Oriental school children, his
remarks in ibis connection meeting
with warm approval fiom his audience.
On the question of open ami closed
meetings, Mr. Trapp explained his position   moie clearly  than   be  has yet
done at  any previous meetings.    Ile
quite agreed with the policy .>t holding meetings of a  business nature in
public,  but   it  was  necessary  to  have
certain kind.; of business discussed in
caucus,  anil  he  ventured   the  opinion
thai    Maj >r   Lee.   despite   bis   avowed
belief in open meetings, was equally
aware of the necessity, the only dlf-
n rent e   I < Ing    thai   he was not pre-
par.  I  lo say so publicly.
Mr.  Trapp concluded  by  asking  for
strength of bis record
i elect ion on thl        _
being 0{ thirty-two years in the city, during
Which   lime  he  had  served  the  public
in   many  capacities  and   from   purely
disinterested motives,    as    he would
iuu.u  ..v,  ^m ���. I continue  to do in  the  future  whether
..er thai the public might know exact, he was BUCCeM(U] lM thl.   particular
Ij what was being done. I Instance,   "This Is my home," he said,
l have been accused.' he said, "of
king these Institutions viciously.
'Ihat   is an  absolute  falsetto ul.    All  I
all we ask, is that we be . iven
Today will decide who will be the
mayor of Xew Westminster for the
next twelve months. The election was
the sole topic of conversation on the
street yesterday and on every street
corner there was a hot argument going on respecting the merits of the
two candidates for mayor.
Jn the general interest that this contest has aroused, the election of aldermen, which is almost, if not quite, as
important as the mayoralty election,
seems to have been almost lost sight
Mark Ballots Sparingly.
In some cases, of course, men were
comparing    the   different    aldermanic
Candidates,    It Is a certainty that few
electors   will   vote   lor   seven   catuii-
dates.    The labor men are making no
secret   of tlieir  intention   to   vole  for
their three nominees only.    As a re-J
suit,  many  business  and  professional I
men,   who   figure   that   three   straight
labor aldermen would be too powerful'
on   the  council,  have  decided  to  vote
for only  three or  fou'' of  the  strongest aspirants.   It is probable the highI
men on the aldermanic ticket will bei
hundreds of votes ahead of the men!
who rank five, six and seven.
The popular impression seems to bei
that   Aid.  Brysoti, Johnston and  Gray,
will be near Ibe top.    Walter Dodd Is
conceded the best chance among the
labor men.
The School Trustees.
Towards ihe school trustee election;
tbe  attitude  of  tbe electors  is  much
the  same.    So  many    features    have
been   introduced   into   the   campaign:
open meetings, labor men and women
that it  Is hard to prophesy what  will
happen] and the only thing known for
sure, is that  five will be elected.    Of
the labor men. R, A. Stoney seems to
be the favorite, and of the new men
H.   I'.   Vidal   is  sure  to  poll   a  large
vote.   The re-election of L. Thornbur
is practically assured.    All three have
declared   themselves   for   open   meetings.
It is impossible to say bow lhe two
ladies will come out. Xo doubt they
will receive the support of all the wo
men voters, but unleBB they get th
votes of a lar. e number of mere men
they do not  stand  much  chance.
The newly elected men will lake of
fice sooner after an election than anj
council has dona In New Westminster
for a great many years. The ol I council win meel ai  5 o'clock on Friday
afternoon, ami il is expected that the
new council will be sworn in as BOOH
as   the   business   of   that   meeting   it
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a lair chance ior criticism aud luvestl-j
gutlon, and if there is nothing wrong,
all   will   be   well."
Mayor Lee then touched on the sub-
ject of "the gra\e financial malpractices of which I have been accused,"
and made u significant utterance in
ibis connection: "In the Tut ure 1 pro
pose to do exactly as 1 have done In
the pasl, ihat ls, to act as I think Is
right, after due consideration." Tbe
man wbo waits for everybody's opinion, be added, is the man who never
. does anything.
Audit a Big Problem.
The audit then came under discussion. Mr. Lee remarking that it was
probably the biggest problem tbat bad
oome before the council last year.
There were many things In it which
he did not understand, and some he
i simply.
lie then Invited questions from the
audience,   and   lhe   manner   in   which
ihe Invitation was responded to indi
|cated  tbal  a very  real  Interest   was
being taken In the election by the ladies piesent.
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
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Sapperton  Phone 373
A    GRIP   FULL    OF    MONEY.
Taken   Around    Galgary   by   Weak-
Minded Old Man.
Calgary, .Ian. 11.���("any ing a satchel containing a very large sum of
money, believed to be tbe proceeds of
a real estate sale be had just consummated before leaving Kdmonton, an
aged gentleman named Jamieson was
taken In charge by the city police at
the Yale hotel here on Sunday night
shortly after he an Ived from the
north. He was suffering from a hallucination   that   some   ono  was   plot
ft Z SJ5KS ffvsgt jsgSStt&S'"" s��f
trmr^w^si? \*Vs*f*���**���,,m w"h
nave n��u uu .^,..
then decide on the question of adopt
lng  the   suggestions  made   or  otherwise.     He   would   ask   Mr.  Trapp  to
make clear liis position on this question.
In conclusion, Mayor Lee said: Tomorrow we go to tho polls as electors
of the city of New Westminster to exercise our franchise, and 1 would ask
you not to place .lohn A. Lee on ono
Hide and T. .1. Trapp on the other, but
to place our records and  policies In
opposition,  consider the  whole question  impartially  ln the light of
duty  as  citizens,  and���vote for New
Westminster."    I Applause.)
George Kennedy.
for Reeve
Burnaby Municipal Election!, 1911
When    Qeorge    Kennedy    rose    to   |>ee  falls down
speak, at the call of Chairman Harry i[does some .ood
Hoy, It  coul 1 be seen that the audi-  deal of barm
ence  were  Impatient    to    hear    Mr.
Trapp, and during the course of his
speech, be was frequently interrupted.
He paid a tribute to Mr. Trapp for
entering the campaign, If he did not
think thincs were going right, or if he
thought they could be improved on.
In   criticizing   Mayor   Lee's   method
of campaigning, he did not spare that
gentleman.   Ills whole plan seemed to
be a strenuous endeavor to put an estimable  and  honorable  gentleman  in
the wrong;  to attribute to Mr. Trapp
motives every citizen knew be did not.
harbor.     He   did   not   th'nk   it   fair
Mayor Lee did not suhm'.t a word of
proof, but without any foundation, accused the other candidate of being a
tool of certain corporations or Individuals.   He did not discuss civic politics
nt all. and be thought that if the cha'r-
man  had  been very strict, he would
liave ruled  Mr. Lee's remarks out of
order. ,
Mavor Is Unfair.
"I do not. think It fair .of the mayor
to try and put in the wrong a gentle-
v.in. 'Alio has heen a public servant
for over twenty years; who had been
the life and soul of the El. A. & I.
society, a society ot which all citizens
are proud."
He  could  not  see that  Mr. Trapp
had done anything particularly d'shnn-
orable In allowing his name to go he-
fore the electors.
He made no crlticlHm of Mayor Lee
as an individual, but maintained that
his attitude towards the B. 0. 10. R,
had been unduly antagonistic. "1
claim that Mayor Lee went further
than was necessary ln that respect
j There   Is   a   palpable   air   <f   divinity
    about   Mayor  Lee   which   makes  him
our! offensive with those with whom lit
has to deal. Ile shows a marked lack
of diplomacy. Let tis stand un for our
rights by all means, but let It be the
steel hand and the velvet claw, mayo
In that  respect,    He
but  he does a great
lie compared Mayor Lee to a bull In
a china shop, and maintained that Mt
Trapp, coming as  he did  with  more
age and experience at his back, would
make  a  better  and  more diplomatic
Unfortunately a great deal of Mr
Kennedy's speech was lost on account
of a wild tumult at  the hack of tne
hall.    Ihe men  there  had  cold  feet,
and let It he known in the world-wide
Labor Candidate Speaks.
Walter Dqdd, aldermanic can'idate
ln the labor Interests, then appealed
to the electors for support.    He said
there were only three candidates wbo
were seeking to represent  the  working man on the council, and that this
was not. too many In view of the hurt
that.  70  per  cent,  of  the  population,
paying Tn per cent, of the tares, were
working men.    It had bem sail thnt.
there were too many of tliem. bit he
noticed there was no criticism of tie
fact   that   four    real    estate   agents
so'"Tht elfictlin.'
He desired to correct the Impression that labor Interests wpt <v rose I
to capital. All thev wanted was a
more equal distribution of wealth. If
elected, he would try to ferve the
city's Interests with fairness to all
Peter Byrne whose large experience in
Burnaby municipal affiairs has won him the
confidence of the ratepayers, has consented
to accept agafh nomination for the reeveship.
He stands on his record for far-seeing
and progressive administration, together
with recognized efficiency and honesty, and
a practical knowledge of detail in every
His policy is a continuation of that already adopted by him for the further de-
velopment of transportation facilities, roads,
water supply, and all things necessary to
induce rapid settlement of the district,
including the improvement by the government of the Fraser river for shipping.
ln order to manage in a satisfactory
way questions of expenditure and control,
he is in favor of a two-year term for councillors, one half to seek re-election each year
on lines similar to the school board method.
His motto te * 'Efficiency
with Economy "
Vote for Byrne and continued prosperity.
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interest. Your
vote and influence
Fred J. Lynch
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Berlin, Jan. 11.���Count Krnest Re-
tentlow, the foremost German naval
expert, has given the following expression of opinion on the use of airships and (lying machines in maritime
At sea, as on land, at present, at
any rate, the chief work performed
both by airships and flying machines
will be that of roconnoitering, and it
is necessary to emphasize the enor-'
mous importance of aerial scouting at
sea. The importance of this innovation is quite clear to every thoughtful man who must understand how
necessary it is to llie coiii'inanding admiral of a lleet that he should receive
news of the enemy's position by
means of airship Hying machine,
which even his fastest cruisers could
not send to him. owing to their more
limited  field of activity.
Hitherto it appears that the airship, and especially the Zeppelin type
of airship, is more suitable than the
(lying machine for scouting work at
sea, provided that these airships be
capable of remaining aloft under unfavorable weather conditions. Provided this condition be fulfilled, the advantage of the airship would be that
it can remain longer in the air than
the flying machine and perhaps that
it can rise to a high elevation more
rapidly to withdraw from the danger
zone, On the other hand, the aeroplane has a great speed, which will
never  be  attained   by   any  airship.
In view of these different qualities,
we may assume that both airships
and flying machines would be useful
in naval'warfare. Scouting by (lying
machine would, for instance be of
great advantage with Heligoland as a
basis, because in a short time one or
more flying machines could pass over
a considerable part of that area of the
North Sea wliich would have to be
searched for hostile ships. The fundamental difference between the work
of the airship and the work of the'
aeroplane would be that the airship
could follow the enemy with its own
communication with the basis ashore
could be maintained by one or more
Hying machines, acting as message-
! bearers.
Not Invulnerable.
Regarding the danger to which all
shins and Hying machines would b?
exposed, French experts believe that
Hying machines, in consequence of
their small size and high sj eed, are
almost invulnerable, though that appears to be an exaggeration, ami
could only apply in the hours of dusk
and darkness. The opinion frequently
expressed that both Hying machines
and airships are invulnerable so long
as their position is Immediately above
a ship, would only hold good as long
as there Is only one ship in question.
As soon as there is more than one
ship the other one could always train
her aerial guns at such an angle as to
aim at the airship or flying machine,
without endangering tfiP ship beneath
It. The flying machine i-i protected
primarily by its own speed, while the
airship is protected by its rapid
change of altitude.
As a general rule, the airship will
be obliged to remain at as great a distance as possible from the enemy.
Otherwise its destruction will he
rapid. But as the airship will generally catch sight of the battleships before the battleships got a glimpse of
the airship, tbe latter will be able to
regulate its movements according to
the necessities of the situation. On
the other hand, If the airship were
ever surprised nnd suddenly found itself In the vicinity of the floating
enemy   Its   position   would   be   imme
diately very dangerous, because under the most favorable circumstances
its speed would not be considerably
greater than that of ti maritime warship. The flying machine need not
take the same precaution because it
will appear in large numbers, and its
success will depend chiefly on the result of some quick daring dash.
Can    Risk    More.
The absolute value of the aeroplane
is considerably less than that of the
airship, and the possibility of supplying its loss is much greater, so that
there would be less need for prudence
and caution in handling a Hying machine than in handling an airship.
That does nol mean that an airship
must lie prudent above everything,
but its commander will have lo judge
whether tlie greater advantage is to
be gained by discretion or by daring.
What I mean to point out is thai lhe
aeroplane can be risked more easily
than  the airship.
Regarding the prospects of dropping
explosives out of lhe air. it must be
admitted that the ilea ha.s something
very attractive,, ami it is certainly
quite possible that a large proportion
of successful aims could be attained.
It must be remembered, however, thai
an airship would not be able to drop
heavy   projectiles   with    great    pene
trating power, but tbe lightest possible explosives, which would not havo
great penetrating nor destructive
power, but which would operate on
striking their target. Experience
teaches us that such explosives could
work great destruction in the immediate vicinity of the spot on which
they fell. They could for Instance,
penetrate one.deek, but not two decks
so that the efficiency of the multili-
ated warship would probably remain
The   danger   of destruction of gun
turrets   or   conning  towers   could   he
avoided by thicker armor platin.
without unduly increasing the weight
of tliose effective parts. It wouhi i
another matter if progress in th,. co-
st ruction of airships and aeroplanes
subsequently enabled them to carry
really considerable quantities of verv
destructive explosives with them.
Altogether, we may se.v that   it |.
| possible the aerial attack with expi
sives  must  already   be   regarded
dangerous, but it is dangerous i
I phesy for this reason the abolition ol
maritime   navies,    or   to   draw
far-reaching conclusions.
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Civic Flections, 1911
Vote for the Labor
Aldermen and direct
Vote for the Labor
School Trustees
Walter Dodd, John H. Campbell and
Samuel Jackman.
Joseph A. Darke,  E. W. Cook,   R. A. Stoney,
A. B. Christie and F. B. Ennis. THURSDAY,  JANUARY  12,  1191
New Westminster  Land   District.  Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Ed wai d Hawkins,
of Vancouver, occupation bookkeeper,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the tollowlng described
Commencing at a post, planted on
1lie beach on the east si le of the
Agamemnon channel and joining T. I.
No. 41966 on the no; tli side and marked Edward Hawkins; B, W. corner,
ihence E. 60 chains to line of limit
No. 39713, thence N. tit) chains along
line to beach, thence soutli and west
along beach to I lace of commencement and containing 80 acres more or
November 28, 1910,
Victoria, .lan.  11.���Reciprocity  with
the    United    States    was    hammered j
hard by  Hon. Price Ellison, minister j
of agriculture, when speaking to the
delegates assembled in the convention'
of the B. C. Stockholders' association
at the Women's building  Monday afternoon.    The minister said that  reel-1
proclty  with the  l'nited States would j
liave  far-reaching  and  distastrous results, and that,  in  fact,  it  would  be!
.death to British Columbia.    The min-j
ister looked upon the reciprocity ques-1
tlon   as   the   most   serious   thing    the
province,  and   with   it   the   Dominion,
has to face for the future.
Speaking     to     stockbreeders     and \
farmers lie said that reciprocity would
200   HELLO   GIRLS   WED.
Complete Display of Ancient
Regalia Being Made at
Tower of London.
The  preliminarj
work of preparation  for the
coronation   is   preceding
London,   Jan.   11.
apace.       It
New  Westminster  Land   District
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Cecil Killani, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation barrister
at law, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following tle-
scrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the beach about 1'., miles northeast,
trom Egmont Point, Jervis Inlet, and
marked "C. Killam's Northwest Corner." thence east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 20
cliains, more or less, to beach, thence
north along beach to plaie of commencement ami containing 40 acres
more or less.
J. A. LEWIS, Agent.
I luted  November  21),  1910.
farmers he said that reciprocity wouid j "" ���    '     ' ��  '**'���
mean that they would all have to get! includes the making .of a special car-
out of business.   "1 for one," said the I pet and the arrangement of the seat |
minister,  ywill   t'mht_ to   prevent   any-J accommodation   iu   Westminster   Ab-
^^_^_^^^^^^^^^   accommodation
thing of the kind.    I  do not want to'
see    reciprocity    with    the    L'nited i    :' , . . .. ,,
0.  , '.,    ,' ...       .    ,���        t  mav  be remembered  that  at  the
States,     We  have  a   protective  tariff .,"       . ,..      ,,,        ,       . ,.���
,   T   ,     , ,   , ... I coronation of King hdwatd and Queen
and  1  do hope and  trust there   will; ,,        A       *,       "    . , ;   *
N. Y. Exchanges as Result Are Short
and   Situation   Causes   Dismay.
New   York,   Jan.   11.���"Hello,    I'm'
married!"    The wires that lead to tne
general offices of the telephone company have been busy during the last!
two   days   repeating   this  message   to
the operating department.    Some 200 |
"hello" girls have entered matrimony
since   Saturday,   and   the    remaining
7000   operators   at   their  boards   are
The company last  week announced j
an increase in wages for the misses of:
tho wire, and also a reduction of the j
day's work from nine hours to eight,
to go  into effect at once.      But the
nunc toward bliss by the 200 girls has
made it Impossible for the companv
to make the cut in hours at once.
By re lucing the working day of all
operators one hour the company
would find itself handicapped by a
loss of 7200 hours. This was foreseen
when the promise of the cut was
made, and an extra force of girls was
put to work learning operating, but
the company did not count on Dail
Cupid  taking a  hand.
When tlie wires began to hum with
the work of the mischievous little
sprite yesterday, the officers threw up
their hands in dismay. Seven thousand and two hundred hours time lost,
and only partially covered by new
girls, owing to inexperience, and then
tlie stampede to tlie altar by so many
of the triel and trusted���thc blow-
was too much. A proclamation was
issued  that  the  cut  in   hours  would
have to be postponed for a'few weeks
until the girls oould be taught in the
company school to till the places left
vacant by the elopers.
The girls who stuck to their posts,
spurning the allurements of love, were
wrought up toda>; when the news
reached them. They had just counted
on that cut in hours, and now the cut
would have to wait for a lot of stupid
new girls to become real operators, lt
was just terrible!
Thought to Be Anarchists.
Munich, Bavaria, Jan. 11��� Twenty-
three alleged anarchists were arrested while holding a meeting today.
Papers supposed to be of an incriminating nature were seized.
Alexandra,   the   special   carpet   cover-
nothing   happen  to  destroy  that.      I ���.      .. '   ,     - .    ,
.,,,..',,,. . .      ���     ing the nave was ot enormous v long
fui v   believe   that   there   is   not    one,,;,,. .. ,.      ...       ������    .  ���
' ,     ,       .,        , . ,      fibre   surface.     On   this   occasion    a
present who has thought It over, who ,     ,. ,    ., ,     .     _    ,
i-   -.   ���  L-.  .        i        i verv splendid pile carpet, of remarka-
wants to see the I nited  Stales given ',.,_ ���__'_,  ___*_ '
a  reciprocity   treaty   wltb    Canada
, ble
The minister concluded by assuring
his hearers that the reciprocity Question was one for all parties, regardless of political faith, to oppose, and
to   oppose   strenuously.
The Roberts
Electric Co.
Fourth and Clarkson Sts.
New Westminster Land District,
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice thai < linl B, Dicker-
man, of Vancouver, B. c, occupation
lumberman, Intends to app y t ir permission to purchase the following de
scribed lands:
Commencing al a posi planted <m
the beach In Billings Bay, Nelson Is-
I iii'). and ji inlng P. K. No. iu;s an 1
Marked "C, K. Dlckerm'in's Northeast Corne!'," thence south 60 chain-.
��� ence wesl V[i chains, thence north
40 (hains more or less to i each.
��� I ��� nee i astorly along beacb to place
. f commencement, and c ntaining 320
iei es more or li >s
.1. A. LKWIS. Agent.
Date November 28, 1910.
and striking design, has been ordered. The weavers are to be Messrs.
Templeton, of Glasgow. The foundation color will lie of royal blue, and
the ornamentation will include emblems of the noble Order of the Garter and other heraldic devices. The
pattern is on such a large scale thai
the design is repeated, or matched,
onlv once in every six and a half
Chippendale Pattern Chairs.
, In regard to the seating, the gen-
I eral principle adopted is to dispense
' with fixed seats. Special chairs of
I Chippendale design, but with rush
i seats, were made for the previous cor-
- onatlon. For the prospective cere-
l mony there will be Chippendale pax?
I tern chairs of somewhat similar character, but with the seats upholstered
I in silk. Smaller chair and narrow
J stools were supplied in hundreds, and
! were of unpolished beech, with cane
I seats. Next June these will be replaced by polished chairs and seats
! upholstered in sill-
at lowest possible prices
Cash or Credit
Mr. Contractor: When you are
building a house, lei us figure on the
wiring and fittings. Our motto is
go t\ work and when you want it
Also   let   us  tell   you   how   to  save  7o   terms.
After tho coronation of King Ed-
waid and Queen Alexander many of
the peeresses who used the special
chairs were anxious to secure the
Mentieal chairs as mementoes, and
the office of works agreed to sell
thiin al practically the cost price. The
beech chairs and stools, all branded
with the crown, the date and the word
"Coronation," were eagerly sought
after, ar.d wore supplied on similar
and   it   is   extremely   probable
43 - 47 Sixth street,  New Westminster
 ier icnt.  of your Hghl   bills.
DH*Q       I	
We can (thai  this will again be the case, and
���   Ratepayet. ol Ward ll:
.   -      ';..->��� i���.i> era    As- n lal lon    of
��� I II. bavlng selected me aa a can-
te to contest th it d|\ Islon In t he
ng election tor councillors tor tho
nlci] alltj  ot Burnaby, and bavin -:
ibsci ibed to the platform ac-
epted '���:- Mr. J, VV. VVeart, the can
li late for ll e fl>   vei hi;. I beg to oT;
en It es lo, and seek thi
��� ��� oi the i lectora.
The following is the platform upon
his lek election:
rhe abolition of the ward system.
The extension of the franchise, to
de  registered  agreement   holders
- i -.ei else their right  to \ ote,
The favorable consideration of thu
formation of county councils to construct  and maintain all Intermuniol-
i al it y main roads.
Better police protection.
Ade [Uate water supply.
Acquirement of lands
-works and playgrounds.
Truslng you will favor me
your vote and interest, that this large
and growing municipality may be
governed by progressive men, so that
we may get the advantages our geographical position entitles us to. 1 am,
yours faithfully,
do It.    Repair and trouble work
prompt  attention.
given   thai  the  provision of the seating accommodation will entail little i    I  to
if   de   ll    (1
*rr*a^*yr***n .��'���:-**-,-'*.. -cr--..
for     public
Ue Lots i* and 4, Block 4 being
parts of a portion "A" of Section 20,
Block r>, North Range 2 West Spring-
hill, In the District of New Westminster.
Title number 15108A, Issued in the
name of Catherine B. Brown, has heen
filed In this office.
Notice ts hereby given that 1 shall,
nt tho expiration of one month from
'the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, tin
less 1 nthe meantime valid objection
tic made to mo in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Ollice,   New    Westminster, B. C. December 2, 1010.
Municipal Elections, 1911
Your   Vote  and Influence is Respectfully
If elected I will do my
best for the interests of
the city.
We are moving from our present
dice on Columbia street to 82 CjJ
���._,���, .treet. where we will sun cou
^r in the same husiness of team-
in"   draviim, wood and coal.
Wa desire to thank our friends for
meet them and a lot of new ones at
our new place.      RKLYKA & c0.
Office phones, 150 and 732.
Coal office phone 81.'.
Pursuant to section 7 of the navigable witters protection act 111. H. Can.,
cap. llfi), notice ls hereby given that
there has been deposited ln the office
of the minister of public works at Ottawa, and a duplicate In the ofllce of
the  registrar Ot deeds at   New  West
minster,  Britisli  Columbia,  plans and
descriptions of the site and side elevation of a proposed railway wharf to
he constructed at  Port  Mann, British
Columbia, and  that one month  after
the first insertion of this notice, the
company will apply to the Governor-
ln-Councll for the approval thereof.
Dated   at   Toronto,   Ontario,   this
twenty-eighth dav of December, 1910.
'��* U. H. M. TEMPLE,
Assistant Solicitor
the organizers and might
be ma le a source of profit.
Display    of    Regalia.
A complete group of the ai tlch    I i
be  used  at  the coronatl n   has  been
made by  the Lord Chamberlain and
'Sir   Douglas   Dawson.    The   articles
are   On   View   at    the   Tower.      Anion::
I them  are  tho crown  of St.  Edward
1 With  bhe   Star  of  Africa  diaiuoHd  iu
front,   tne   sceptre   with   the   lafgei
I Star of Africa In it it. the Virgo, oi
!r��\' ol lower, the Orb. the Sword ol
I Mercy, Cue two Sword, of Justice, the
I Ring   of   Allegl ince   Wltb   11 e   klpi
dom,   the    Armlllae   Or   bracelets,   tho
Spurs of Chivalry, the Cup of Maintenance and other objects, All tteBe
will be borne by noblemen in the royal   procession  within  the  Abbey.
Representations are to be made to
the kinu to secure the passing of the
coronation procession through thp
principal thoroughfares of South London.
Dainty and petite Grace Cameron.
formerly leading lady or star with
"Little Dollle Dimples." Plff, I'aff.
Pouff," De Wolf Hopper, "The Tenderfoot," "When Johnnie Comes Marching Home," "The llostonlan," Savage
Grand Opera company, "The Normandy Wedding," "Foxy Qulller," etc.
etc., Is come here tonight in a brand-
new four-act comedy from tlte pen of
the eminent young author, C. Herbert Kerr, who wrote, "Dollle Dimples,"  "Over the Fence." "A  Trip to
E.ypt. rhe   Beauty   Doctor,"   "The
Reformers,"    Rudolph    and    Adolph,"
"Papa's Baby," etc, etc.
The title of the new play is
"Nancy," and the character Is that of
a little country miss, simple but good.
The play abounds In comedy sit nations, and the dialogue Is amusing
Miss Cameron's great soprano voice
will be heard in several hi. h'CUdlS
numbers, written especially for the
production, and she will bo ably supported by a company o! artists, direct from Now York City.
SUITS $12.00
Which were $15,  $18 and $20
In taking stock we find we have
too many Blue Serges and we must
cut them down. These are all first-
class material, make and finish,
every suit a fitter.
$12.00 Each
For One Week
The Wardrobe Clothier
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Insurance at Lowest Possible Rates in Regular Licensed Companies
If you tkink you are paying too muck for your insurance, consult me.
p 0 Box 394
Tenders will be received by the un
.������. ...iw��li�� *<* ���">".'" "n ""*"
^Lowest, or any tender, not necessar
lly accepted.   ^   ^^ Archlteot.
New Westminster Land District. Dit-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Leslie L,  Dicker-1
man, of Vancouver, B, C, occupation
lumberman, Intends to apply for per I
mission to purchase th.e following de-
j scribed lands:
Commencing at. a prst  planted on j
the beach on west side of Secte't Inlet, and  at tie  northeast   corner of
lot No. 2727 ml marked "Ju. L. Dlck-
erman,'   Northwest    Ccrner,'    th-nee
south Sh chains, thence eas. '. 0 chains,
thence  south  lit)  chains,  tie ice  east
CO chains more or less tn the beach,
thence north and we.-.t airing beach to I
commencement,   anl    oi tain ng    320 |
acres more or less.
J. A. LEWIS, Agent.
Date November 20, 1910.
Alfred W. MS Leod
Phones Orrice 62
Res   257
m business
Agencies at:���
Vancouver, Victoria, Prince
Rupert, Nelson and Quesnel
Fire., Liability. Live: Stock.
Life, Acci or nt. Motor Boat.
Automobile. . Plate Glass,
Marine and all other kinds
or Insurance placed at better
Agencies at:���
Chilliwack, Mission, Haney,
Langley, Abbotsford, etc. ��aCE EIGHt.  ^,   71
12. I19t
Polish Your Furniture
with Johnson'a Prepared Wax. It preserves umi tain, s out natural beauty of
the wood, It produces a rich, artistic
flnlsh. to which flirt and dust will not
adhere. Just try it and you will see how
much better it is than any other polish.
Prepared Wax
Is "A Complete Finish and Polish for All
Wood " Use it on your tloors and woodwork, too Johnson's Powdered Wax is
for all dancin.   floors.
You can get Johnson s free book, TTie
Projicr Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
and Furniture" and these preparations of
The Westminster
Modern Business
More than one are investigating the
merits of this school and they find it
truly a Business School. No need to
look further, as we have the best
facilities for giving our students a
thorough business training.
Now is the time to start, at the beginning of the term.
For particulars apply to -
Mrs. H. Freeman and son have relumed to Abbotsford from Kamloops,
where they spent some time.
Repairing neatly and properly done
by A. R, Russell at Sinclair a shoe
store. **
What would mean the immediate
advance of New Westminster? The
Single Tax system. Vote for T. J.
Trapp and its adoption. **
S. F. Holt is building a bakery on
Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street.
The ovens are being put in this week.
The hospital ball will be given tonight in St. Patrick's hall. Tickets
are for sale at R. all's and .Mackenzie's
drug stores.
For good building lots or modern
homes, consult with White, Shiles ii
Co. They make a specialty of city
and suburban homes. **
Vote for Silas Fader and independent and responsible representation. **
Arthur Tretheway, of Abbotsford,
returned yesterday from the Chllcotin
country, where he spent some time
looking into his ranching aud mlniu_
In spite of the cold weather, it is
expected that tomorrow's market will
recover from its Christmas shake-up,
and be of the usual proportions.
Davies Green Houses is the place to
get botuiuets, floral design's, and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 1108 **
Mrs. T. 0. Roberts, who was operated on last Monday at the Royal Columbian hospital for appenuU.u.s, ���.,
progressing favorably.
The provincial legislature at Victoria opens today. The attendance is
expected to be slim, as many of the
members will remain tit home to cast
their votes at the municipal elections.
Mark your ballot for Silas Fader
and rational encouragement to all industries.    N'o favoritism. **
You dont want your children to be
schooled with Orientals. Then vote
for T. J. Trapp and segregation of
Oriental school children. **
"The Girl in the Kimona," and "The
Queen of the Moulin Rouge" are two
of the latest shows booked by Manager Hector McCaig, of the opera
Tbe annual meeting of the Central
Park Liberal association will be held
in the agricultural ball. Central Park,
on Monday evening, starting at 8
o'clock. All Liberals are invited lo be
An adidtion  is  being  built  to  the
plant of the Timberland Lumber com-1
pany at Strawberry hill.
Ice cream on hand. Ira A. Keid, next
tram office.   Phone 310. ���*
The Single Tax system would mean
the quick development of New Westminster. Vote for T. J. Trapp for
It is understood that an iron working plant at present located at StocK-
ton, Cal., will be moved to Westminster this summer. The firm employs
about forty men.
The Heaver was forced to abandon
i its run to Chilliwack yesterday on ae-
i count of ice in the river.    She went
as far as Port Haney and returned.
j    Modern  home   on   Twelfth  street;
I large lawn, fine view, $4000; terms to
be arranged.
See White, Shiles  &
*��     il
A three-storey (6000 hotel is being
built at Port Hammond by W. Sharp,
i who  will  make an application  for a
1 license as  soon as the    building    is
j completed.      Building  on   the   superstructure started yesterday.    There is
no licensed hotel in Port Hammond at
; present
The Public
Supply Stores
Cor. Sixth and Front Sts.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured  by
Telephone  R 113. Office:  Princess St
We have a Large and
Beautiful Stock of
for the Holiday Trade
AU Prices.       All Sizes.
Deane Hlock.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.G....
Good house on three corner lots, on
car line, all in orchard; $4400, on
terms to be arranged. See White,
Shiles & Co. **
Yesterday evening was the regular
| meeting night of the Tia.les and Labor Council, but owing to the interest
! .it the labor men being centered in
Ithe chic elections the meeting was
I postponed for cue week.
For Delta acreage, large and small,
; priced right, see Reid, Curtis <fc Dor
: gan, 706 Columbia stieet. **
Bight workless and moneyless men
preferred the warmth of tbe police
station to the cold streets on Tuesday
night, and were given lodgings by the
poilce. Tbey left by the pedestrian
route for Vancouver yesterday morning. Tbere were uo cases in the police court.
Shortly before S o'clock yesterday
evening flre broke out in the residen e
of Ur. .1. II. Jones, Royal avenue, damage amounting 16 about $500 being
caused. Halls - and 3 responded to
the call ,and mastered tbe blaze with
extinguishers. The lire started in a
defective hearth and spread between
the walls, attacking two slofeys almost simultaneously.
Full 66-foot lot on Fourth street,
near Second avenue, comfortable "���
rcom house with full cemept base
ment, only $3000, easy terms; only
small cash payment. White, S'ti'ea
&  Co. ���*
An outbreak of live in the hardware
establishment or James & McClughan
yesterday morning, did damage
Bmountlng to between $800 and $1000.
The blaze started when a gasoline
torch exploded, setting lire to Borne
bales of oakum. The firemen from
x.i. I hall responded to lhe call, and
mastered the tire without much difficulty. The insurance appraisers looked over the damaged stock In the afternoon, and aie now drawing u^; their
The policy of T. J. Trapp is the encouragement of all railroad and in
dustrlal itndertakings which means
progress and development of this
city. **
Now the Xmas
and New Year holidays are over we
have quite a large
stock of Goods
which we are cleaning out cheap.
Quotations will
follow in a few
days. Watch the
However, it would
not be a bad idea
for our customers
to take advantage
before the rush
Phone 92
A Further List of Bargain
A Iteration
Every day we add to the list of special lots on sale in the various departments. On each and
every article is placed a price, which we believe will speedily effect the clearance desired. All tin
over stock and odd lines must be cleared out. Winter stocks cannot be carried over. Our alteration
sale means bargains for the noxt  few weeks.
Hundreds are availing themselves
of our low prices on House
You will do well to look abe id a little, size up your household
wants and make up your mind to secure your house furnishings during our Alteration Sale.
Heavy Bed Sheets, $2*00 per pair
Regular price $2.50 per pair. We ate offering at this price,sheets
of exceptionally good quality���and that is what counts where you
begin to use them. Sheets are 2 yards wide, 2^�� yards long, hemmed and hemstitched ends, plain or twilled English cotton, heavy and
free from objectionable dressing. Only 6 dozen in the lot ,per pair,
Hemstitched Pillow Slips, 35c. pr.
Regular 50c per pair. Ten eozen only, hemstitched pillow slips,
4o. 42, and 44-inch sizes, made of good grade English cotton; splen-
di.l value at 50e per pair.   Sale price, per pair, :!5c.
Two Special Snaps in Lace Curtains, 95c. and $1.65 per pair
These two specials are not the only sale lots in Lace Curtains.
Kvery pair in our large stock is marked at a price away below
value.   A few soiled pairs are'available at half price.
One lot,  95c.  per pair
150 pairs of Nottingham Lace Curtains, white, 47 to 52 inches wide,
3 yards long.    Regular price $l.:if> to $1.50.    Sale price, ier pair, 96c.
At $1.65 per pair
Ninety pairs of White Nottingham Lace Curtains, 50 to HO inches
wide. .'', yards long; regular values up to $2.25. Sale Price, per pair,
$1.66 i
56 and 60 inch   Table Damask,
40c. per yard
Regular 50 and 60c values. Bleached and unbleached I.lnen.
Damask, Onion or all linen, good weight, Brm, several patterns, 50
and Co inches wide; all short ends;  to clear, per pair. 40c
Unreachable Table Damask, 30c per yard
Fifty-four inch unbleached Linen, splendid qualities, suitable for
every day use. Regular 35 and 40c values. All ends t,> clear.
Sale price, per pair, I'Oc.
Tweed Coats, a wide
range on sale at
$12.50 each.
Values up to $20.   Thi
der has been given to 1 ti
out    our    entire    range    ,.���
coats   at   greater   reduction
than first offered.    Our 1, .
price,, $12.50,  will appeal 10
dozens    who    need    a   ne
coat  at  once.      Tins Bpe
lot is made up of tweed and
plain cloth coats,  with  1 ���
or seml-llttlng backs, or filled
styles  or  belted   backs.    All
sl/.es  up  to  42.    The entire
lot, to clear, each, $12,60.
A few coats left
at 5.75 each
This line has proven one
of the most popular In the
ready-to-wear section.     We
have but a few left; in size
suitable   for misses   or v
men.     Kach,   $5.75.
Women's   Costumes,
1A   dozen   odd   sizes 1
$15.00 per suit
Regular    values      up      I 1
$29.65.     Probably   only   oni
of a style and size in dlago
nai, cbevlot. serge, chevron,
plain cloth and striped pan
ama,     mostly     colored,     all
sizes in the lot; a price buc
as    here    mentioned    canno
fail to interest the person in
search   of  a   new   suit.    We
clear these odd  CO! I time
$15 each.
Two Suits, $27.50 ea.
Regular values, $36 1111 1
$37.60. One suit is in a green
diagonal, and the other In
tan broadcloth. Tbey are
faultlessly finished in evei
way; newest styles. Bale
price. $27.50.
One Suit each at
$30.00 and $35.00
Beautluflly finished, tall tr
ed   suits,   the   season's   ne
est   styles;   coats   are  satin
lined;    collars   and   cuffs   0
velvet, materials are In dia
OQals,    in    nice    shades    ���
The Store for Women's Wear
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  $6,300,000
Reserve          6,900,000
The Rank tins 175 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific; In Cuba,
throughout   the   Island,   also   ill
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities ln the World.
These   excellent    connections
afford every  bunking facility.
New  Westminster  Branch,
J��tw*'t.i..'t3n'TTT*���la'g^^'T:*.'"*"-  -'W
The New furniture Store
Gives vou better quality, more value for your dollars than sny
store in this city. Everything as advertis,d, our word is our
bond. Consider the real value of the following items. You can't
beat them.
Strike   of   Garment   Wcrkers   in   Chicago  Probably  Near an  End.
Chicago, Jan. 11.���Peace In the
clothing industry is expected within
a few days, as a result of �� new move
made yesterday by the strike lenders.
Following the settlement with one of
the firms, other manufacture, have
suggested that they would accept the
same terms If the qlftr on'ine from Ihe
leaders. A number 'of 'men accOPi-
j ingly havo been appointed by the
I strikers, and full power has been
given them to make a settlement
without Bubmltthifr-the-tertna to the
|siii.ei8. it is it .cri-O i 1 nt. a number of firms wlll accept lhe compromise.
ii Good  Building   Lots j
���       Small Price and Easy Terms
third cash, balance to arrange, on easy payments.
EDINBURGH STREET���Nine fifty-foot   lots   with   fine   view,   overlooking river and  gulf;   handy to car.   Price $500 each.   Terms, one-  _
SIXTH  STREET���One extra due  lot, all  cleared and   in   orchard,  < 1
on car line, lane.   For a medium priced porperty this is one of the  *'
most  desirable   In   the  city,
balance to arrange.
Price  $750.   .Terms, one-third  cash;  J|
f. J. Hart & Co., Ltd. 1
Varccuvcr     -     Victoria    *    Chilliwack   -    A dergrove
and mattress In all sizes complete, for only���
tixti ci Con filled comforter, Good
strong covering In attractive designs.    Kach���
Dresser    lias     I8x38-in,    lop.
drawers 20x2l-ln. li. bevel plate
mirror     Stand has one drawer
and large cupboard.   The pair
IS only In the lot.    Don't wail
ns tbey  won't  last long at th
small price of���
Your blankets are here.    You  need  an  extra  pair  or two thi
cold weather.
Everything Reduced.
Galloway & Lewis
Corner Columbia and Fourth Streets   New Westminster.
Phone 8^9.
-,.-���<���.     _*yr,


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