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The Daily News Nov 30, 1911

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���vw Sfi
One   acr*   subdf    J
Avenue (upper   ���. *)*
third eaah, balance 6,
on Seventh
���4000; one-
12   and   18
New five roomea\Bdea*low; o*ttttfr
mutt *;ll; will take SfjWl cash^snd.
the balance over Icngjemrv SeeDK
at once.
Churchill   Reshuffles   Naval
8lr     Francia     Brldgemsn-Brldgeman
Replace* Fameua "Tug" Wilson a*
Flrat Sea Lord.
London, Nov. 29.���The Rt. Hon.
Winston Churchill with characteristic
adroitness haa started to reshuffle the
deck at the Admiralty. Everybody expected Admiral Sir William May to
succeed Sir Arthur K. Wilson, commonly known aa "Tug" Wilson, as
flrht sea loord, but Winnie generally
noes the unexpected, and behold Sir
Francis Charles Brlgeman-Brldgeman
succeeds the famous 'Tug."
Sir Francis entered the navy in 1862,
became a lieutenant tn 187,1, a commander eleven years later, and got his
ship In 1890. lie became a rear-ad-
mi lar I in 1903, and was commander-
in-chief of the home fleet in 1907, and
for the next two years. He was formerly second lord of the admiralty.
Mr. Churchill has been careful to
announce that the changes he bas
made Implied no reproach on any
one, bat the recent Morocco Imbroglio
has made the public very critical . of
any changes in the administration of
either tbe senior or cunior services,
and there iB bound to be considerable
criticism of this rej-shuffle.
ft bas been averred that ths fleet
was unprepared at the time of tho
crisis and Judging from the recent
speeches of Lord Charles Beresford
there seems to have been sufficient
rope to floe; the government with, it
net to hang it. At any rate Reginald
McKenna reslgncdJbnd changed portfolios with Mr. Shurrhill. and tho
��mptly i--Ja% In Admiral Fish
Expensive Improvements Will Ensure
Comfort and Convenience of Every
Shopping Man and Woman.
Well-known for the last eight or
nine years as one of the largest furniture stores In the district, Lees, Ltd.,
have now entered on still another
phase of development and progress. A
very short time ago the management
decided to add a general dry goods dj-
partment to tbe business, so as to
build up a luxurious home store, where
every wife, mother or housekeeper
will be able to buy everything she
needs for tbe borne, and where the
mere male may also supply his wants
to bis complete satisfaction.
With these objects in view consider
able structural alterations, involving
the expenditure of $15,U00, have been
made. A new storey has been added,
and the basement has been transformed Into a salesroom. This change
has necessitated the removal of all
the reserve stock to a new warehouse,
which is being constructed at tbe back
of Kelly, Douglas & Company's premises, at a cost of another $4,000. The
alteration to the basement also gives
the store a second frontage on Front
street, whither thc old glass window
that originally faced on Columbia
street Is being moved.
The old front has been changed be
yond recognition, and the enlarged
store will be approached by a hand
some arcade enclosing an "island"
window fitted wilh prismatic glass.
Mr. .lames W. Conner, manager of the
store, nlao states that it is the intention of the management to Install a
new electric elevator, so that shoppers
wiil be able to reach any floor without
the, fatigue of climbing the stairs. Hot-
water heating Is also being put In, so
that lt w~l be aiiually pleasant shoD
ping at Lees, Ltd., alike in hot and
cold weather. In short, It may be said
that evi ry step has been taken to ensure the comfort and convenience of
<itislr JWEfih��tfes at .tbls
Ontario    Judge    Pordaims
Aloofness ef Justice
Autolst Goes to Jail for Savon MMtM
fer Running Down Pedestrian-
No Fin*.
Toronto, Nov. 29.���"I do not impose a fine," said Judge Riddell, tn
passing sentence on R. F. Rttnell, who
was found guilty of wilful neglect In
running Into and killing Mra. Saulter.
Ritnell was aentenced to seven
months' Imprisonment for running
down a pedestrian in his automobile.
Prominent merchants signed a petition of 8000 names asking the Judge
to impose a flne.
Judge Riddell said: "The law shoAd
not recognize that money can pay,
even In part, for blood."
Rebels   Rout   Chinese  Imperial Forces.
Imperialists, Hemmed   In,   Cut Their
Way Through Rebel Lines to
Dramatic Incident   In Prlne*   Rupert
Fire���Wind Siattsred Valuable
Document* Ov*r Town.
' SL *
Prince Rupert. Nov. 29.^-A dramatic
incident in the recent flre, which destroyed tho government buildings at
Prince Rupert, occurred, wljen the
prisoners were released to flght the
flames that threatened the city jail. As
on aa.the fine had been' suppressed
reported  jM,
Nanking, Nov. ��.������Rebels are In
codjrol of practically the entire city
lodSy after a fierce hand-to-hand encounter, during which both sides lost
heavily. A rebel reserve column,
thrdwn to the flank of General Feng
Kwo Chang's Imperial force, brought
victory to the revolutionists and dia
aster to the loyalists Just when it
seemed that the soldiers of the proclaimed republic were to be overwhelmed.
General Feng's army Is In Imminent
danger of annihilation, the ranks be-
| terribly depicted as a result of the
fighting of the last few days.
Rebels entered the city from three
different gates and succeeded In driving the imperialists to the center of
the city, where they were cornered
and mowed down under terrific flre
from light guns. Then followed an attack with sword and bayonet. The
fierce encounter that ensued was go
ing against the rebels when the flank
movement was executed against the
imperialists, turning the tide of battle.
The imperialists were forced to cut
their way through the rebel lines surrounding them to get to safety.
The Imperial loss was 1C00 men.
Reported that the Tug William Joliffe
Has Gone to Her Assistance���
Wireless Down.
Seattle, Nov. 29.���Advices received
here are tbat the steamship Northwestern has the Tees in tow; also
that the government tug William
Joliffe has gone from Quatslno, and
the revenue cutter Tahoma has gone
from the Straits of Fuca to the Tees'
Robber    Got    Away   With
Thousand Dollar*.
Same Bank Wa* Robbed Laat Spries
���Manager Wa* Shut Up In
HI* Vault
Berlin, Nov. 29.���The German government has ordered 200 troops from
the garrison at Tsing Tsu to strengthen the consular guard at Tientsin.
Burning Han Yang.
Hankow, Nov. 29.���Imperialists are
burning Han Tang. It is believed
that the fires were started by looting
erate .efforts are being
Vancouver. Nov. 29.���Wireless messages of distress sent out by the
Canadian Pacific steamer Tees, ashore
at Kyuquot, west coast of Vancouver
Island, were picked up at 3 a.m. yesterday by the United States revenue
cutter Tahoma, which immediately
proceeded to her assistance.
Nothing definite can be gleaned as
to whether the passengers of the
Tees are ln danger, as since the distress message was flashed to the
Tahoma, the wireless operator aboard
the C. P. R. coastal vessel has been
Estevan wireless station, situated
on the west coast of Vancouver Island,
reports that an Indistinct message
was received there at 2 a.m. from the
Tees, but even the exact location of
the vessel was not caught.
The Tees left Plcto; la on November
20 with cargo anl passengers for the
west coast and at the time the mes
sage for help was sent out was on
the return voyage to the capital. Some
anxiety was felt for the safety of the
Tees during the past two days at the
Canadian Paciflc headquarters at Victoria, as she was that much overdue
on her schedule.
Shipping men here an of the
opinion that the vessel's wireless
apparatus was put out of commission
immediately after the steamer went
In addition to   the    Tahoma,    the
Alaska    Steamship    company's    liner
I Northwestern has gone to the assist-
| ance of the Tecs.
Captain Gil lam is in command ot
the Tees.       .��
Vancouver, Nov. 29.���Held up at tb*
end of a heavy revolver Teller A. IX
McLeod had no other alternative tide
morning to handing over a wad of
$1,000 to a man who entered th*
Royal Bank of Canada at 10:46. "01ve
me a thousand," aald the robber to.
the unsuspecting-clerk, and he gave tt.
It was at the branch bank at the-
corner of Napier and Park Drive that
this daring robbery occurred. After
he had secured the money, the thtel
wasted no time in disappearing towards False Creek, and although a police officer gave chase within two minutes of the hold-up no trace has
found of the wanted man. At
present time Detectives McDonald j
Green are on the trail, but ao far
have not reported any success.
The teller describes the man aa at
a foreign appearance of about 28 or
30 years of age, not very tall, but slim.
with a pale, clean-shaven face. He
wore no mask at the time ot the hold-
up, but the way in which he preaent-
ed the revolver at the teller's
was described as distinctly bus
like. Tbe bills which he sec
were mostly of small denomln
but two Canadian Bank of Commerce-
$100 bills were included In the roll,
and several Royal Bank twenties.
It was only last spring that the -
same hank was robbed of $500 by two -
masked men ln full view of several
persons. On tbat occasion Mr. Jardine, manager of the branch, wa*
marched into the rear of the building
and shut up In his own vault. The
cash drawer was then rifled, and Out
men with
,   I ��,'Mtttf..<HMB..^,__ ���
litfd Charles tMt'|e**> %** ....	
efsfce Natal League end the rise ef
tte imperial Maritime League, whicli
has jwet presented a petition to the
KW bttglng htm to veto the Deelem-
tto\ ot London until each time na It
i���'". n b*\* been filly discussed by a
'-���t( utiasfen.
*! ihe public R aeamed apparent
���timi W th' time Of the great crisis
t*i vdjr tt.s neat was in perfect or-
net .r���'itn>fM>dt��te service. Daring \
iWVu.-'Hnpiih naval review it waa
new od that Ml ttt* ships were tn
fsgfcr.'f; \tttk und ready to'go into ao-
tton *t i��:'., fa* houra' notice, but
wither iny-,detail.'<of mobilization 1
hym^^jf Mt J��jttjkS��m- That
tHJW *#*' **&**%������*** ��***
ItribirStDM. Ind thia enparednees tor
tnetftnt mo uizatton was one of tte
ftai.s ef UA Fisher'* contort,
ta ��*y ea.* sir Fpnncls tffcapn ua
B| any ca> air Francis W��*cn under Kawwsl < v-t:umstance�� would have
retired text flrorch and that would
have te*JjdUted many changes J
whicb W- fpuiebil may have anticipated hy a fee Maui lis In order to
get mer* 1* ton*?'wltb-Ms peiman-
-���.ven*J pmvtdara, **t*1m*
wm te fitted wlto everytV at��
. la up^o-date, bath   aa regard*]
temfort and convenience." '7 A-'-ffl
of in'tifc' 	
Perty Will Travel ThAMe^r**
Upland scattered far and
Ottow��,J(P0��. ��.-T**'tem��%tA.''
J. SmUeur #111 Shortly sail tor Canada
wae7w#��* wyA��� ��*tum today-
Politico sklrely t^*k% ��"> ,��"M,er of
the Utdwist party to Crest Britain Is
respected to Scotland as a master   la
���_. mew
ent ptaff
nt'et' the
Mr. Chur
��y ��"hj was expected to
ind W��a���� has had the
���Mantle  lleet,  but
the boiwr fleet, so that
  ���^  may ' b��*>  (bought  it
bet f-o putiiPi chief coixi,and a wan
who had commanded tb* home 'ft****,
wM h is the sWW��e*t mu of n!
Other Cbano
f\ loe-Admlral ,*rtp��* '
I *nl>��rg becomes neeo
i"apta*n   Charlte
f-oa liWd
glan.   Ke
tain to
lain Ct
*'.i��, oi ys*i-
>a l^ord, *nd
and ia * very
phliteophy. a* an exponent of the
I'ltlm* tbuVe Ot philosophy, tte
brotherhood of. man. )n his own per-
t*m he's aJi Imperialist. Balfour and
Odeil, net maps more Cecil than Balfour V�� aooretary tor Ireland he tried
to ljnipose tbe Iron rod of the law upon
tin. exhibit ions of the temperament ef
the volatile v��lt. That was an error
fit jiitiv.mei.t. but he played his hand
Ito i tiuish And, ln Ireland, th��y
jn��*n��yl to call htm the "Bloody Balfour. He is bath English and Scotch.
Lowiaml Scotch, and there mns in hli
veins the blood that made tho north
of Ireland.
He will make a   lengthy   sojourn
Mountain  Ash  Choir.
, _. .J-jS* unfortunate fact that many
��� foreign artists do not like the United
g-me* over well,, alttewrh from tte
; otoifes ||at enthuiiiaatls hut insincere
Qf-mtt agents spread- tbe public Is
gmterally made to think so. What Is
.the result? A good many artists wjll
|T��ot come to this country until Europe
has become well nigh tired of them.
This means that many, we do not say
all, visit this country after they have J
haased the zenith Of their career.
Bpeaklng about the Mountain Ash
Choir ln this regard it is agreeable to
know that the very opposite Is true.
They are in th height of their powers. At Carmathen, Wales, before a
pavilion that seats from 16,000 to 18,-
000 spectators, the choir bas competed and frequently won the national
prize of Wafes. Some twenty-flve ]
other choirs were there, as earnest
and ambitious as they, with just as
msny supporters and well wishers.
Tbla is a fact of tremendous significance, and is eloquent enough of
whether the Mountain Ash Choir ls tn
Its prime or not.
^^^^^^^M feting  pwwrtkM-
rertallst odds In tb* neighborhood, et
the fortress. '-*T
French Subjects Killed.
Shanghai, Nov. 2��.--Thre* fttach
Roman Catholic missionaries and a
1 numberw   converted'  Chinese wen
tmardered.In an matt-foreign massacre
\m Tun Nin, and it Is ftored that many
foreign missionaries who have
__~_ converting the heathens of tho
interior are ither dead or in dire danger.   They are now .unable to reach
the treaty ports owing to the fact that
the oouhtry is harassed by bands of
robbers and marauders.
The outbreak against the missionaries ' ls supposed to be tbe result of
anti-foreign sentiment which the revolutionists have been unable to suppress.
English Shipbuilding   Firm   Plans
Erect Plant on North Shor* of
Ottawa, Nov. 2t.~It
ithat aa a result of a -,	
tween tte Hindu delegation new in
Ottawa and   the   British   Columbia |
members, held in the offide of Hon-
Robert Rogers, minister of the Inter
lor this mornlnft, It is Vo*^M_^t\1Mtm^mrm^hlfm
tman, rei,
arrived ln town
Iktt made arran
lonlng of a branch
Mre. Charto3 V/ats
I street,   has   bop
ii.mg, directress, and i
a staff of   lady   and
.ier* ohdar her.   All brsnetea
ileal education wlll be ��aveiei
Mr. iflbitman   expressed  it   aa
ilnletv that there was ah eiteH.,-
itut tor such a conservatory   f*
Westminster.    Although   there.
private teaohers in ths toWa. te\
delightful oere-
> laat night.
,_.. William B..
rAnnle   Dalgltahf
Vthe home of dto'-
Alftod H. John-
i, waa best
r*rer glrta were Mils
snd Mlsa Gwendolen
_��.���ily after the service
couple loft on tho Princeaa
where they will
A aerlous blaze occurred during the
early hours of yesterday morning at
Chilliwack, wben a tee new tern
belonging to Mr. J. P. McConnell, of
tte Saturday snaaet, wa* burned to
the ground. It ie reported that pith
the building were consumed sdMral
valuable head of stock, and alf the
general ooalenU-ef the bar*.
E**ty*m made to save tte tff*
Ihg was Ih vain. The flames fliaS*
Irresistible headway, and the property Waa completely destroyed.  '    ;
Vancouver, Nov. 29.���^presenting a
prominent English shipbuilding firm,
Mr. Charles Tallowby, or Liverpool, Is
In the ctty. for the purpose ot looking
over the situation with a view to rec
aa arrangement may be arrive^ at
under which Hindus now In British
Columbia, will beallowed, under strict
regulations, to bring their wives and
families to Canada. While tbe Brit-
lab Columbia members, and many
eastern members, agree with much
that has been to said in favor of Hindus and acknowledge their claims as
citizens of the Empire, they point
out that they might soon overrun the
coast if the existing regulations were
relaxed. They recognize that it Is a
question of great importance, which
must be taken up with tbe imperial
authorities before a solution can be
arrived at.
The delegation, in addition to asking for permission to bring their wives
to Canada, practically asked for the
abololltlon of all the regulatloaa
adpted by the Immigration department
���ome time ago to restrict Asiatic Immigration, including tba provision that
Hindus who come tb Canada must
come direct from India. This they
said, was Immpotsible because there
la no direct steamship service. They
aaked that tbe amoeat required from
Hindus entering the country shall be
made uniform with other nationalities
and that the present 1200 requirement
be abolished. Tte undertook to give
a bond that no Htten shall become a
there ?was ilo general school wT*f**
LEiififnJi.    -__    _i *l.i.k   <aU.. ^ee.lule '
WIW     ���**���****-*��    iiv    nvuvini    ovuwv*    v",
and he wns sure that t%* <�����
in would te a sneeeaa.
_   _   the  drawing
ig over thd heads of
��� tho.*_swsssmf*i.TM
looked   very   dainty
London, Mov. 2t.-*Prlnceea
of Connaugit, wte wltt mH for
ada on Friday to join ter :par*nto at
Ottawa, ia at preeent staying wtth
her aunt, Princeaa H*ary of Batten-
burg,   at   XtealaiOoB<'MISH.nn#
irlncess. lt Is egpectoA ��W go   m
JaWringham tomorrow
Prinom " "   "      - - - ���*+>***-
firm of haTI* million _.���	
towards tbe establishment of a ship
building plant and marine ways her*.
Although admitting that his firm
����a not only a large shipbuilding
here, providing one of three
tinder consideration can be a*
oHb Mr. FaHowby is Averse to giv-
km of his firm for the prea-
���, thh dokl tor tho site is con-
clndtld. T
Ha admitted tkat   while   tte pro*
looted ptontv would    be devoted to
ommend^ng the    Investment   by fats [ImcM^aaZaZ
lon dollars a. a start |�� ^sT2i.r  wteltereughly dte
cussed Wtte4MMM*��r|lr.-w,, D.
It .- *s^3m*iS
its wi
.Scott commissioner of Immigration,
lend UwM W. Cory^ deputy nitola-
tor ot the Interior, Od tte minister
promised careful consideration. The
concession mentioned above, however,
ta likely to bet*only onf itontod
until tte matter lia* been taken up
with tha tmpotrial autjotttlen
' >'.Sl|     li >l     : '     "���'
'; ':?m'
' Ban Bareardlno, Cat. M��v. 2��.*-dToter<
Azlde,  toe  four-yeareld  om  at  ��-
prosperoue    stockmkn   'Hiding   near-
| Cajooe, w�� s burnad to death todav te
hla mother's arms-
Mrs. Aside aaw'..'tte eUiTfe dotit-
Ingt la flames an^ajt��bt himjtfh ea-
waa herself seve
baby'a body was ���-
death of the child
fatality In the Cajcne _P_--,^T
leea than a wp*k. -Three' persona
killed by a trato four days ago, tw��-
committed sui cm*, and one*was mnp-
London* Nov. 29.���In the House of'
Commons today Premier Asquith aald '
the commission to, enquire into  the -
natural resources and trade of the
Empire would consist of th representatives trom the United Kingdom and
one from each of the self-governing .
dominions.   The Wwmlcr w��s nnaWe-
to promise that the commission would
be appointed this year.
********************!***' *******a***aaa***am*****m
no water to save
newspaper office;
Edmonton, Alta., Jtov. 29.���The
building and plant ot'tte Courier
de 1'Ouest Publishing company, a
French weekly publication, waa **-.
tlrely destroyed by lire abbut three
o'clock this morning. The First Baptist church, adjoining jmi tte ThMto
rink, across tte street ted: narreer
escapes.   Five ml	
bi^ke out, a b��S* in i
thongb;.��---��� ~��� __
owdd do nothing aad tbe Sre brtgede
[ted to stand idly by till tte flareee-
burned tbemeel ve*   out.   |WirtonMr
r^~w       ^      ^r��� ��� ^j.T    "" " -������    c    _____r~^^**7*-.' *-   ->
* out, a.-��** ��* mmm i^m
the city  ��"S*,��?fSii,-ifif
sb steaaMM wito called out (Mar
J^wn     yw*****.;    !��wp�� ***->*, ''.""J        '��������� .A^* "���'^^''^^P^^P ���  f��WPM ��� ���
\itm atart rt^Jas'btlSneaUbllshed uaMpd Statea Prepared to Aeelet
wttl^njvlawbf being to a position to     SredlH tfr^^*--1��� ���-'������**
te'snUtlr ehltrged should tte firm     Washttgtce
seemiTanw attMnchi to build veseela State Knox to
tor the OanadiM nefror fisheries pr> -��� ������� ���**-*
j   With !��h dStimsae ebleet in view
!���>*��� ���as._Js____*a*a K. U<t  a^lfnWhv
ih^ed to the guebta. Mi Jt was
 _., n _^,v.S|Pi'*<�� m M Mval vodaola on
W. H iWite '.ef-.WW\   It Is ited����t<*d that a site -tm
d*.ci��   ut.it  ��r Stnutreil'. iniuek ******* <rf. the   Inlet M
no wind was blowing, ettererlae'.jM
damage might heve been grehtor. Tie
loss Is fiOsjMS-, covered by fneui^toe.
''i^'i ,li ,ni.    /iilll w', ,>.''i. i   j-
Old Timor Return*. .
It le eight ygira atoe* J. M. Mvrnr
last s.w fbis *lty, and it was wRSr
difficulty, thai he recpgntowl Ua eM
,to*n onjila rsWfpf?"��� ���i''^OT-',rT,t
tho past eleven yaan
% resident df.
$  h
- S'll
r ...���r
��� ���
.-y'-. ������J&
vant   Apply 712 Twelfth street.
The Statutory Meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners wlll be beld
at tbe Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.
C, on Wednesday tne :3th day of December at 10 o'clock ln the ITore-
position In butcher shop. Has bad
aome experience. Strong and will-
tag.    Box 14.  Dally News.
WANTED-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN;invited to attend
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
meet In Eagles hall the first and
third Wednesdays of each month at
18 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
would like to make his home wltn
e private family. Can give any
references to character that may bo
required. Apply Box 12, Daily News
Financial Secretary.
feel themselves ln evory respect, save
that of authority, to be the equals, if
not the superiors, of their Viceroys,
especially'if the Viceroys happen,
like Lord Curson, not to have the
grand manner. They do not mistake
an earl for n king, and are said to
feel'-humiliated because they have to
make their obeisance to one not of
Hoyal birth, and, though they "Jo not
openly show their feelings ln this respect, there ls little doubt that they
MJkL * ... _. .*.      .La,-,...,  ir, nt iexist,'and that they make the task of
First  fruits of ******* * <* [governing India more delicate than It
McBride and his col- | wouM "J j they were a pr,nce Qf ^
To Plant Whitefish from Great Lakes
Next Spring���May A'so Place
tawa of Premier	
leagues. Mr. Bowser and Hon. Mr.
Ross, are indicated ln a letter which
Mr. Bowser, as provincial commissioner of fisheries, has just received
from Hon. J. D. Hazen, the minister
of marine and fisheries, a letter that
ls also, in itself, a testimony to the
energy ani activity of the new minis-
nnd town properties for B. C. coast j "N^7^^r?^r^^?/Vv?^v^v    %T'
dty properties or acreage.      Apply!    NOTICE is hereby given that we in- bj	
J. H.  Rusk, 722 Fifth street, New Itend  t0 WW  at ,he r'ext sitting of  tfT in dealing with departmental mat
Westminster. the Licensing  Board for the City of  terg W|tu the admlnlstraton of which
im���   v./oD��mt���Q^r  for  n   ��������wfti   nf |he ,8 officially concerned.    Hon.  Mr.
Hasan's communication ls directly in
Iretilv   seriatim   to   the   memorandum
i situated    on    the    corner    of    Lyt-
__^_________^___________. | New   Westminster  for  a   renewal   of
TO EXCHANGE���A LARGE LOT IN i "cense to sell Illinois by retail on the
Hastings  Townsite for Jumber    of I premises known as the Hotel Lytton,
eny kind.
Box C. DO, Dally  News
ble corner in Hastings Townsite
for a lot or house ln New Westminster.    Box  C50  News.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your list-
toga. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
on^ various'fisheries matters W��tJ��^f
ton Square and Front street, oppo-'gard to which Hon. Mr. Bowser Intel
site the Market, in the said City of ukwed him during the visi to Ottawa
New Westminster. As to tre introduction into Lrltlsh
MoLEOD  & CAMERON.      Columbia waters of the famous white-
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.      I fish of the    Eastern    add MaiUtMS
lakes   Hon.Mr.  Hazen  shows himself
know that I am nbw operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
ta the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the ctty or district. Milk,
���9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
Lulu Island.
NOTICE is hereby given that I in- to be in hearty sympathy with the
tend to apply at the next sitting of proposals advanced by the pwlnimi
the Licensing Board of the City of . fisheries commissioner. He PP�����
New Westminster for a renewal of | out. however, that unusti: 1 nnd un
license to sell liquors by retail on the favorable weather conditionsMV*
premises known as the Liverpool this year been experienced. n������� ."i
Arms. 662 Columbia street, in the Feclally in Manitoba^ owing JB wmen
said City of New Westminster
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given that I to
tend to apply at the next sitting ol
th$ Licensing Board for the City ol
New Westminster for a transfer ani
renewal of license to Eell liquors by
it is found impossible to obtain the
required five million whitefish eggs
from Lake Manitoba. As large a
Htuntity as possible will consequently
:>e obtained from this lake, s tipple*
Tiented If necessay by fin the ��� supplies  from   Lake  Erie.
After a conference on the subject
with Superintendent Cunningam. Hon.
Mr.  Hazen suggests that in order to
to clear, landscape gardening
ply J. S. Mckinley, Edmonds
 ,retail on the premises known as the        _
"���        'cosmopolitan   Hotel,   situate   on   Co-   assure  best  results,  half or  tue con
*?���*?��� Uimbto street,  opposite  C.  P.   H.  de Uajmsnt of ova should be placed for
"*" pot, in the said City of New Westmin- \ development   at   the   Granite  .JM
blood instead of an earl to represent
the kingly authority at Calcutta.
To Strengthen the Crown.
It is said that King George has other reasons for the plan he is credited
with by the correspondent. He desires, in all constitutional ways, to
Increase the power of the Crown, and
their llvingmdl hr dlh rdl hrdlu hrd
to strengthen the ties of empire. He
has expressed himself on the latter
point more than once, and about the
most suitable way for a prince to do
some real work Is to train himself
for kingship, and to strengthen the
ties of empire. As a rule an American newspaper correspondent Is not
the safest guide to the Intentions of
the B: ltish Government or of the King
of England, and we should be reluctant to give the credence to Mr.
Brown's story that would attach to
an announcement in the Court Circular. However such matters are usually hinted at and discussed long before any aitthoritive statement is made
regarding them, and Mr. Brown may
be discharging a useful function ln
breaking  the  ice.���Mail  and  Empire
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
ster. E. J.  SLOPEH.
New Westminster,  Nov. 30. 1911.
Pter the primary department ln the
elty  public  school.    Applicants  must
Kive full  particulars as to qualifications. E.  C.  DAVEY,
Scc'y Board cf Scliool Trustees. New
room for one or two gentlemen,
near city car. Phone It ti72, or call
619 Hamilton  St.
.bathroom and verandas; everything
modern. Also two rooms wltb bath
Varna and pantry and veranda; everything mm*���" ���'��������������- tat**-****-.
Phono L. 179.
hatchery  at  Shuswap  lake,  the  residue  going  to   the   Harrison   lake  es-
  ..tablishmejit.     The   officer   in   charge
NOTICE is hereby given that I in- at the former has had considerable
tend to apply at the next sitting of experience In the probation of
the Licensing Board of the City of, whitefish from the ova in eastern
New Westminster for a renewal of centres, and will give the flsh in-
II cense to sell liquors by retail on the tended for British Columbia stock-
premises known as the Windsor Ho-j lng his careful personal attention,
tei, 732 Columbia street, in the Eaid . while similar special Care will be
City cf New Westminster. given the eggs sent to Harrison lake
P.  O.   BILODEAU.      by   Superintendent   Cunningham   per-
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.        eonally.    Necessary arrangements for
' the incubation of the ova are now be-
NOTICE is hereby given that I in- j jng  perfected,  and   when   the  fry   is
tend  to apply  at  the next  sitting of  ready   for  distribution���which  should
the Licensing Board for the City of  be in about four months���a part will
New   Westminster  for  a   renewal   of j he piven to Shuswap and the remainder  to   Harrison  lake
Rainbow  Trout.
With  respect  to the rainbow trout
with  which   it  la proposed  to  stock
various  suitable streams on Vancouver island, the minister writes that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ his department I* qaite prenafed to
-   -" ^��� ,   ^    "'  *.'pfve the Cowlchan lake hatchery fa-
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat I in- !CiH|tle�� fm  tbo tncubat.Wo and
License to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as the Depot Hotel,
situated on corner of Columbia and
Eighth streets, in tlie said City of
New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
^^^^_   -       - j--,      -   .���.  -   i��*ndi to apply at the next sitting ot patW of the ora, provided tht
eryOing modern; suitable fop two fto�� Licensing Board for the City of   ---*--*  --.*���**��� ������ ����������-
~r��      WSNT  ���  THREE
���house     For  particular* address
J. N��\Uy. Ctty.
to city, with good prospects for
work in vicinity, $15 per month.
Held, Curtis & Dorgan, 700 Columbia street, New Westminster, B.C.
room, single or double; also rooms
for light housekeeping. Moderate
terms.   727 Twelfth street.
six rooms, one block from car line.
Rent $20 per month. Sherriff, Rose
& Co., 643 Columbia street.
rooir.s. one double and one single.
Flre place in each. 205 Carnarvon
rooms, hot and cold water night
and day.    B43 Front street.
with sUtins. room to let to gentlemen only. Breakfast if desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from the
.post office. Terms moderate. Enquire Phose R 414.
offering for quick sale a lot 66Xi.o2
for $300, $60 i ash, balance $lu per
month. This is a bargain. Apply
Owner, P. o. Pox 1B07, Vancouver,
ed house with all modern convent
enoes.   Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
iinclal  ailthoritlee  detlver**tae
ln the eve Btaee from the Petci lake
bateherv. which Is a Bfitlsh ( olum-
bia institution.
Incidentally the federal minister
states that he has recently received
several applications from , -astern
rentres for supplies of British Colum-
���.. ���,��� ; , bto.   trout   ova   desired   for   the   re-
NOT1CE is hereby given that I in- stocking of eastern Btreams. the fame
tend to appiy at the next sitting of of the trolU ot this province having
the Licensing Board for the City of y,een firmly established
New Westminster for a renewal of i :rnm its home even ���*���<
license to sell liquors by retail on the ' wlrlc.    Naturally.    Brit!
Nrw   Westminster  for,a  renewal  dl
license  to   sell  liquors  by   retail   os
ROOMED \the premises known    as    the    Kiwe
"���    Hotel, situated on Columhla street, ta
the said City ot New V/estmlnBter. ���
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
"I have been a Pullman Conductor ou
the C. P. R. and I.Iic!ii;;an Central
during the la~t three ycirj. About
four ycar3 a^o, I was laid up wi'.!i
intense pains i:i the groin, a very sore
b.u!;, and suffered west .severely when
I trial to urinate. I treated with riy
fa::i!ly physician for two inon'.l.s for
gravel in the bladder but did not
.-;./.x :.:.y hZUtUt, Abe.'.', that time,
I met another railroad man who ha l
been r.iniilarly affected and who had
been cured by taking Gin Pills, after
���the power to enjoy lo the full life's
work and pleasure���comes only with a
good digestion.
Vigorous Health
tone up wesk stomachs���supply the digestive Juices which are lacking���ensure
your food being properly converted into brawn and sinew, red blood and active
brain.   60c a boa at your druggist's or from 32
W��Uo���I Pwg saj ggjfcjj C��. *l Cam*!*. jtogjj|      ....      Mr ���     I
f'W��& The Hand
That Cooks
The Dinner
is thc hand that rules the world.
In spite of what they say about
"cradles", the stove is the all-important factor in "home-rule."  A
*s fnr away
Nev, Bruns-
-.,,,.    iw.ui.nj.    ...I .-. i    Columbia
premises   known   as   the   Royal   City  haB no objection whatever to sharing
Hnto1   ���,*"���������~,    corner   of   Customs  wlth the eastern brethren.     ,
As to tbe lowers desired by Hoh.
| Mr. Bowser J tor British Columbia
'plantine. Hon.Mr. Ilaigen writes that
  |the officials cf his  department have
~T7r~~~���; ; ; ������* advised scientific investigation of Pa-
NOTICh is hereby given that I in- c,fIc roa8t conditions precedent to
tend to apply at the npxt sit'ing of the riantlng of the delectable crusta-
tlie Licensing Board of the City of reans in British Columbia waters, lf
New Westminster for a renewal of condiUons are found suitable, the mln-
license to sell liquors by retail on the istcr exp��esses frimself as quite pre-
premises known as the Eraser Hotel,' nared t0 Bend consignments of young
situated on the corner nf Begbie and i0i,8ters not only this year, but every
Front streets in the Baid City of New j year for three or four seasons, in
Westminster. I order  that  the  lobster  may be sub
stantially established in these w .ters
llie advises that investigation o'   conditions here as they are likely to af-
Hotel, situated    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
House Square and Columbia street, in
the said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1011.
New Westminster, Nov. ?,0, 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given that I k
end to apply at the next sitting * .
the Licensing Board for the City *t
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as ITie Merchants'
Hotel, situate at the corner of Col
lumbia and McNeely streets, tn the
said  City of  New   Westminster.
D.   S.   BRAY.
New Westminster,  Nov. 30, 1911.
piano   for %
100,   at
- $i;oo
money, will sell five acres near Por;
Mann for only fftS"r> an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
street. Sapperton.
$1 down and Ji a week; no interest; four styles, old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 996, Market Square.
est lots ln the west end. on Eighth
avenue, having a southwest view
facing the river and gulf. Lots
65x110 and 118. Verv liberal terrm.
Phone L179, or call 1303 Eighth
months old, last Tuesday or
Wtdnesday night; owner's name
Scratched on collar; anyone found
harboring dog after this notice will
he urosecuted. Return to Bank of
���lontral, City.   Reward.
NOTICK Is hereby given that I Intend to apply at the next Bitting of
the Licensing Hoard ror the City of
New Westminster for ii renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on
tbe premises known as thp Central
Hotel, situated on Columbia street)
between Alexander and Eighth
Btreets, in the said City of New Westminsti r.
New Westminster, Nov. mo. i oil.
feet the eastern lobster shoul 1 ite undertaken by the federal biologic il station  at  Nanaimo.
It ls quite probable that such an Investigation will be decided upon, but
meanwhile Hon. Mr. Bowser will pre<��
for an immediate shipment,���which he
will undoubtedly get���the success of
which "/111 be carefully watched as a
most  practical  experiment.
having beeu ��*��*�� "P h7 a prominent
1 V.ycician y.'!:o tfca ed h'!:i for l:'.r.be'.:.i.
lie 13 now runnin;; on t'.io road cntl is l
perfectly cured. II' s'rn:y-'.v advuad
me to try Cin I i'.b v.'.:i 'a I dij,���v.ith
the result thst the pai::.; Icf'. me entirety.
FRANK S. l."IJ, Buvi-ALO, N. Y.
50c. n box, 6 fot ��2.50. Sample free.
Write National IT.:,; end Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Dept il C Toronto.
If yea suffer w::h Constipation or
need arcntlebx-.'ivc, trd-.e NATION \ t,
LAZY LIVLR. TILLS.   75c. a box.   105
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Friday, the lst day of December, 1911,
for the purchase of the following described property, viz.: Part (6
acres) of the East half of the West
half of the Southerly portion of D.L.
380, Group 1, New Westminster District of the Province of British Columbia (close to C. P. R. Station at
New Westminster Junction).
Terms cash. The highest of any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated this Oth day of November.
W. F. Hansford. P. O. Box 285, New
Westminster, B. C.
Solicitor for Executor Estate of
late Alexander Stewart McLean, deceased.
is the best puarantee that the "hand" will ketp your home moving in the
right direction of economy and licalth.
Please call and see our line of GURNEY-OXFORD STOVES and
RANGES that arc built and sold cn honor. The Chancellor and Imperial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Conic and let us
show you how this marvellous device saves time and fuel by a single touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and direct3 odors up tho chimney.
Thc Dividing- Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven���a
fine baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves time and fuel-waste.
These, with other star features make us proud to show the Gurney-Oxtord
'- line.  Design���finish���workmanship���all these details
we want to demonstrate to your entire satisfaction.
their wprks shaffye
^know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which <
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the workl Thtaf
are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed, *
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November S, 1911
Trains Will Leave as Follows:
Toronto  Express at    8:55
Soo Express at   13:50 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[India are long standing.     The    very
Imperial Limited at 1o"'0  reasons that make the Indian Coron-
  li'lions desirable are the rensom. thai
For   tickets   and   other   parties     !'suggest the pronrlet;-of having a  Roy-
apply to j al   Prince as  Viceroy.    It is  rn '.ogni-
zed by every British statesman that
the native of India, devoted as they
are to the Crown, aie almost without
Prince Albert for Canada.
The other great dominions are to
be similarly honored, says Curtis
Brown, the London eo'rospondent of
a number of Amerlean newspapers,
and each will liave a royal prince an
Viceroy . Indeed, according to bis account, the idea was Inspired through
political consideration with regard to
India, rather than on Canada's account although the experiment will
be made first in Canada, for the very
good reason that tiie Prince selected
as Connaught's successor ls the oldest
of the King's sons, with the exception
of the Prince of Wales. This is
Prince Albert, the sixteen year old nail cadet. By the time the teri of
ie present Governor-General is up
tinee Albert will be about old cl oug
j succeed him. should it be the vish
���f the King that he should do fo.
.'rince Henry, the third pon. is said
to be destined for India. He ia eleven
years old. Prince George, aged nine,
and Prince John, a;:ed sir, mlaht go
to Australia and South Africa, respectively, the King and Queen, fortunately, having" enough sons to go round.
The Indian Situation
In Canada Ihe arguments that now
exist for the propo.-ed chnnge are of
recrnt origin; but those that concern
New WesCmlns-
Or II. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver   exception men of towering pride. They
Notice Is hereby given that all
persons having any claim agnlnst the
estate of the late Alexander Stewart
McLean of the Municipality of Co-
<|iiltlam, who died on or about the
:!lst dny of August, 1911, at New
Westminster, B. C, are ren Hired on
or before the lst day of December
1911. to send by post prepaid to the
undersigned solicitor for Joseph
Travers. Esquire, the Executor of the
saJd estate, their names and addresses and full particulars of their
claims ln writing and a statement
of their accounts and the nature of
���he securities, if any, held by them
���nd such statement sliall be veriiled
..y statutory declaration.
And take notice that after the lst
day of December, 1911, Joseph Travers, Esquire, will proceed
bute the assets of the said
having regard only Ss the
which he sball then have had
and will not be liable to any
of ��hose claim he sball not
havc^iad notice. ^^^^^^^^^
Dated  this   lst day of  November,
VV. F. Hansford. New Westminster,
B. C, Solicitor for said Executor.
Titles    Examined,    Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
^���Skt\.a -   I*
f r
At 535 Front Street, FRIDAY, December 1.
W. James & Co. have secured the store at 535 Front Street for a Grand Opening Sale of High Class Clothing
and Furnishings. This location is only temporary, and when we secure a good location on Columbia Street we
will open the finest store in New Westminster. The prices and reductions we quote are genuine, and we are
here to stay.   We are offering genuine bargains.
Men's High Grade Suits.
$18 and $20 Suits for $9.95
$22 to $25 Suits for $11.95
$27 and $30 Suits for $14.95
$32 and $35 Suits for $19.95
$40 and $45 Suits for $23.85
Men's Overcoats and Raincoats
$15 and $18 Raincoat or Overcoat $9.95
$20, $22 and $25 Raincoat or Overcoat $14.85
Men's Pants
Men's Worsted Pants, regular $3.00 and $3.50, Sale
Price $1.95
Men's Worsted Pants, regular $4.50 and $5.00, Sale
Price $2.95
Men's Wool Underwear
Regular $1.50 Underwear, S3le Price 65c
Regular $2.00 Underwear, Sale Price 95c
Regular $2.50 Underwear, Sale Price. $1.15
Regular $3.00 Underwear, Sale Price $1.50
Men's Fine Shirts
We offer a large stock of sett shirts, some of the
best makes, such as W.G. & It.; Star, Crescent, etc.
We have them in all sizes. I igular $1.25, $1.50 and
$1.75, Sale Price 75c
Men's Wool Sox
Regular 25c Sox for.. 15c
Regular 35c Sox for 20c
Regular 50c Sox for 25c
Men's 50c Braces for 25c
Umbrellas 95c
A regular $1.50 self opening,  double spring, extra
good top.
Men's Hard Hats $1.95
\ We have a large assortment of Christy hard hats,
all sizes. Regular $3.00 grade, Sale Price, $1.95
Men's Flannel Pyjamas $1.65
aii sizes and a big assortment of colors.   Regular
price 53.00. Sale Price,..., $1.65
Men's Four-in-hand Ties 25c
One Thousand Ties.   Regular price 50c and 75c,
Sale Price 25c
MEN'S   SWEATER    COATS,   Regular   Price   $3.00,   SALE PRICE $1.45
Well Known Tr��veler Give* Some
Interesting Facte of the
Mr. John Home, a well-known traveller last yew made a trip to Tripoli,
and wrote a graphic account of hla
exierlcnces. His starting point was
the Tsland of DJerba, on the north
coast of Africa, where he had been
resting. Some extracts may be of Interest at the present Juncture:
By steamer from DJerba to Tripoli
Is only one night along the coast, and
when I went oa deck next morning
et Bunriee. we were anchored about
200 yards from the shore. Inside a
line of dangerous looking rocks, which
Just showed above the water. In tlie
hands of any oilier nation this reef
woul.l have been turned Into an excellent harbor, but under Turkish
rule It remains a serious menace to
ebipt lng. and ln rough weather often
forces steamers to pass without stopping at all. But the Wack rocks held
my attention only a moment. Along
the wator's -edge lay the mest truly
eastern town I had e\��r seen. Before
Its snowy domes and spear-like mln-
aretB, Alplers. Tunis and even Con-^
Btanlinople paled and were as nothing. Tripoli could not lay claim to th4
splendor of these others, but here was
no mixture of east and west, no blend
log of styles. It was the purity of
lino and the complete absence of Eur-
oponn architecture which made one
feel that tbla, at last, was the true
Arab east.
Cosmopolitan Crowd.
Outside, all Islam seemed crowded
tn ter the narrow picturesque streets.
Turks, in badly fitting frock coats,
rubbed     shoulders     with    Tunisian
I what has been aald to the contrary, I
I found ttoe natives quite friendly, and
| was never molested ln any of my long
; walks ln tbe town and oasis. The
beauty of the latter must be seen to
be understood. No running water exists in Tripoli, and every drop for
these eight square miles of palms and
gardens has to be raised from the
wells, or norlas, which abound everywhere. The system Is the ancient
one, universal in the east, by which a
mule or camel walks up and down
an inclined plane, and raises the water in a goat skin, which empties
itself into a wooden trouhg at the top
of the well. The creaking of the
wooden rollers never ceases, night or
day, and as the wells are often entirely covered with bushes, the sound
gives a strange Impression of In vis
ible workers, laboring underground
ln the deserted oasis.
Inferno of Fairyland.
On the south the desert touches the
very walls of the town, extending
away ln arid grandeur over hundreds
of miles ef grey bills and valleys. Under the terrible rays of the midday
sun It seems an Inferno of monotony
and heat; but at sunset a very fairyland of rose and purple takes the
place of the ralpitatlng grey. The
desert Is alive. A shepherd with his
flock of goats appears from nowhere,
wending his way slowly homeward.
In the distance one hears the sound
of approaching bells, and over the
hillocks rises a long line of camels,
moving slowly, majestically, every
line of their blue and red trappings
standing out sharply ln the falling
light. The curtains of the huge baskets in which the women travel have
been thrown back, and one catches a
glimpse of dark, langorous eyes and
pearly teeth before they are closed
once more as the first palms are
reached. The Arab rarely gives outward sign of the Joy or sorrow he
yard  was deserted and' presented no .
particular   interest.     A   line  ct   well)
built stables told me that the placet
was a cavalry barracks���without men
or horses.   I retired as I had come,
unmolested; but outside the gate the
(Sound of hoofs coming from the direction of the town made me hesitate.
A moment later an officer and four
men gallowed up and dismounted. The
officer,  a  young  man   of  about  30,
showed none of the shabbiness of the
irdlnary Turk.    Not a speck of dust
w the ^ell-fltting dark blue uniform;
aot a strap or buckle out ot place.   I
looked and wondered.   But the men���
vhat a contrast!    No smartness here.
Their clothes had been patched and
repatched, till not a shred of the original uniform   remained;    only one
wore what had once been hoots.   And
still they are splendid soldiers, and
because of their rags and  unkempt
appearance one  Is  forced  to admiro
them all the more.
With the exception of a few Important garrisons, the Turkish soldier
hardly ever receives any pay. Each
man gets two loaves of bread a day,
and ln order to have a few pence for
jthelr otber needs, they generally Bell
one of them. At Tripoli I often saw
them standing ln rows ln the market
place, each with hls basket of bread
in front of him, doing business like
the ordinary bakers. But to return to
my story. The officer salaamed politely and remarked in excellent
French that he must ask me not to
remain where I was,, as foreigners
were not allowed to approach the
barracks. For a moment I was about
to comply with his request, but the
The Dessert
Problem Solved
or cry, as the Journey ends, after
weeks���perhaps months���of danger.
Allah bas willed that tbey Should
arrive; that suffices, it Is the admirable, unattainable "Kismet" for which
Arabs,  Bedouins,  Arabs  from  Egypt. the hurrying    European   must   sigh
and Syria, and even Soudanese, black
as ebony, oily and shiny, picked their
way among the sleeping dogs and
heaps of garbage. And the odor of
It ail! How I love tfie smell of the
east! That subtle mixture of homing
charcoal and spices, with Mff, chunam
or coffee thrown ln, according to the
shop ene happens to be passing. Not
exactly a pleasant odor tn Itself, bnt
one feeds that the east would be notblng without It.
As tbe consular body and a few merchants are the only Europeans in Tri-
fin, It stands to reason that plotting
and Intrigue Are the order of tbe day.
I was most amused at .bearing tbe secret intentions with which I was credited. Nobody could believe that a
simple tourist would come to Tripoli
without aa arriere pensee. Each country Imagines that llo neighbor Is preparing tc "nrot��<*t" the piece la the
More or lees <..oti��.nt future.    "After
in vain.
As I turned away towards the town
In tbe gathering twilight, a large modern looking building among the palms
caught my attention. And on nearer
Inspection It turned out to be one of
the large barracks which tbe Turks
have built within the last few years.
Now I knew that foreigners are not
allowed even to approach' any military
post, bnt my curiosity was aroused,
and I determined to get Inside, lf only
for a moment. There was a large
gateway ln the middle of the long
white wall, so I walked boldly towards
lt, expecting every moment to be
turned back or even arrested.
A Skeleton Garrison.
However, notblng of the sort oc-!
curred. To my astonishment not a
soul was to be seen. Under the archway on nue alt *t guard room, on the
biuer fc : liiler one . f.h a dVan and
feels.  No quickening of pace, no won*, ��tuat)on seemed so amusing that at
all risks, I felt I must confide in him.
SO I replied tbat I hid been ao surprised to find the place deserted that
I had already examined the whole of
It The quiet laugh that greeted tMs
statement relieved my mind considerably.
"Ah," he said, "what ls the use ot
hiding the truth from you Europeans?
You find out everything. These barracks were built for a thousand men,
and I am bere with only twenty." He
went on to tell me, that he had been
only a few months In Tripoli, having
been banished from Constantinople
for some reason which he himself
"Will you go back?" I asked.
"Inch Allah" (lf Allah wills) was
the reply.
And I went on my way, wondering
what unwritten pages of Turkish bis.
tory these political undesirables could
unfold���If tbey dared.
able c.-.*;entl-     'or    tbe officer on
Morocco���Trinoil," say the wiseacres; 'r/jcrd; and both were empty.   Where . n u*u* m�� cure.   ��. *$���. vn
and t can quite believe it. In spite of iwere tte sol��ers?\ The great court-1 aatnre I* oa each boi. ISc.
I V ,
Take  LAX4TIVB BROMO    Qulsicr
Tablets.    Druggists refund money If
It fails to cure.   E. Vtf. GROVITS sig
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MooneyV Sugar Wafers
The Dessert That Creates a Desire For More
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are made in the largest bakery in
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fc* wtive ��A0fc FOUR
The Daily News
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tmw Company, Limited, at their offlces.
Of McKenzie and Victoria
"^ "AbsolutelyPure
Men like the seasons, come and go.
Mr E A. Paige, who, for six years
has had the management of this paper
haa resigned and Mr. Georgo Lcclde-
Brown becomes Its directing head.
Wben Mr. Paige assumed charge he
had not only tlie difficult task of making a second daily paper hold its own
In N��W* Westminster, but he had to
grapple with problems resulting from
mistakes at ita institution, and the Enemy freely predicted that lt could not
live three months. Six years have
passed and it still lives, with aji increased usefulness ln this rapidly
growing community, thanks to the un-
-tiring energy of tho late Managing Director. In these years that have
passed into history, he had not only
theee financial problems to grapple
with and a determined opposition ever
trying to wreck the mechanical staff,
and Interfere in every possible manner witli the even flow of the revenues
of the paper, but he had to deal with
warring factions within thc party to
which the "Daily News" has given an
unswerving allegiance, endeavoring to
heal the various breaches and present
a solid front. t& the enemy. To Mr.
Paige belongs the credit of persistently urging that Eteps he taken to season is 1 ' '
throw off our village appearance by
the construction of permanent roadways and sidewalks. One of his slogans was "Let us wake up and be a
city," and every citizen, no matter
what his creed or politics, rejoices at
the marvellous change that has come
about. We have only in a measure
commenced to build. To him must be
authorities, that could not result in
benefit to the community. The final
outcome, in two cases at least, has
proven that it would have been much
better to follow liis advice. Mr, Paige
was a trenchant writer and to those j CORROBORATION OF
who came within the sweep of his pen
at times, it may have seemed that he
was more forceful than pleasant, but
believing that he was right, he gave
no quarter, and asked none. Ills kindly side was shown many a time in his
careful guarding of the good name of a
family, when one of its members fell
by the wayside, also in tlie institution
and conflict of relief funds when the
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Irom Royal Grape Cream ol Tartar
No Alum- No Lima Phosphates
mo acres, heing Tii",-
200 acres in Ontario an I 800,700 In Alherta. Thi* ia li'M per cent less than
a year ago.
The per cent of fall ploughing completed ranges from 7:!.!>7 in Ontario to
!'().40 in Prince Edward Island for the
eastern provinces, an.l from IS.73 in
Alherta to Ii4.12 iu Manitoba for tho
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>nceu to nuiia     io mm mus   ue . provinces, which is less than
the credit  of warning against avpri[geB of last year nt the same
ive  expenditures,  by  the civic p(jr Bummer fallowing tlie av
erage in all the provinces is well over
90 per cent for each of the three year's
Mrs. Vermilya comes just when Mr.
Kipling ls surrounded by skeptical
tormentors who scoff at the notion
that the "Female of the Species is
more Deadly than the Male."
The Chicago woman who is accused
of being a nine-fold murderess might
. ,    ,   ,   , , .   ,    inspire the Imperial songster  with a
nec?*sitles,.pf the occasion demanded. e,   that  would   cru8h   the   whoJe
Hi�� one absorbing interest was   The   -,.mv  .. r_nrniii*ta  ��*��  havn  anrune I "*""".. *"   "17. ITI  -"-���   "-"
Dally News."  This is borne out by hto  i'^^^to tte^W f��l!^S ��� ��!"��i tbe n>uy,ated- WOm?a ^��^
self-sacrifice in refusing lucrative posi-  ,.|dicu|e headed bv fhe chivalrous Svd
tlon*  and  interests   on   several  ccca- Low   with hu minted strain
ulona during    his incumbency.    �����>'��" '
Some l
lady whose character has recently
befcn patched up by the partial dissipation of the myth regarding her propensity for poisoning folks, one may
find in criminal annals many cases
that go to substantiate the assertion
of Lombroso, the great Italian criminologist, that though females, born
criminals are fewer than male they
are often much more ferocious."
"History has recorded the mingled
cruelty and lust of women who have
enjoyed royal or popular power," he
says. "We know of instances among
Romans, Greeks and Russians, from
Agrippina, Fulvia, Mes'salina, down to
Elizabeth of Russia. Theroigne de
Mericort and the female cannibals ol
Paris and Palermo."
Terrible Things  Done to  Rivai��.
"And the same may be said of Asia.
Arcestris, to revenge herself on a rival, begged Xerxes to hand over to
her the rival's mother, whose broasts,
ears, lips and tongue she cut off and
threw to tha dogs, after which she
lated wi
Pnrysatls, "mother of Artaxerses
oredered a rival to be burled alive, the
rival   herself   she  ordered   to   be  cut
If your Eyes are weak, you
have headache, blurred vision,
or many of the other symptoms
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Phone 296.
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sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
We also do all Optical Repair
that tttfio tie wessed to be reUeved ot \"Woman good, and kln& and clinging, 1 to pieces.
Ma  eennectlffi  with  the  "fourth estate," eo that he could enter commercial Hte, and on Tuesday last his fellow directors accepted his resignation
He can now devote    his    whole ener
��lea to the business he has been connected with for some  time in  North
The "Dally News" wishes him every
success in his venture there.
timid,   soft,   anafiplc.   pole;
Kor the female of the specleB was an
adjunct  of  the  male."
One can imagine a few of these authorities, ancient   aud   modern,  upon
"Ta-Ki, the mlBtress of the Emperor
Choen-Sin, plunged him into vicious
excesses, and when a rival appeared
on the Ecene she had her killed and
rient the bi.dy. cut iuto pieces, to the
whom Mr. Kipling based his sweeping  murdered  woman's father,  whom she
neralizatlon: caused to be assassinated."
Here are some, not put forward in j    "M.  R., a case described  by Otto-
To all except the natural mathematician, statistics are uninviting, repliant in the mother of parliaments,
at the heart of the Empire, Mr. Glad-
atone, the Ok.nd Old Man of Liberalism, the outstanding figure in the politics and the lift of his time, made
figures interesting. As Chancellor of
the Exchequer he produced a budget
that was technically and scientifically
so correct that critics, examining it.
were dumb. By the power of Ills
splendid imagination he made figures
alive iiaJ interesting. Wtiith him the
Budget, was the lite of Uie great Hritish nation. Hs movements registered
and recorded at the points where thoy
touched the financial currents ol
���world history, He demonstrated that
nothing is aloof, unrelated, absolute,
He showed "tlfat national finance ia
but another phase of the same prob
lem as Is presented by starving chil-
rlren in the city slums, by the thrifty
housewife striving to make "both ends
meet." by the vigorous, alert, capable
business mau who bends his best en.-r-
j;les to making his ledger show a balance on the light side. In shoit he
showed that figures are eloquent.
The report to the Census and St tis-
tics Office at Ottawa for the month
ending October lil shows that thc total
area in potatoes, roots, fodder crops.]
hay and clover throughout the Dominion this vc-.r was 9,007,492 ;u res. with
a total i-vod-.icta value Of $219,055,000.
This i) $i,60D,OC0 more than last, year,
and there is a decrease of $3,120,000
in hay cr,! clover. The largest increase is pl'bwn in potatoes, which is
neatly $0,0o0.000 nr.re than i-ist year,
;iltbo.t;;h the product i.i less by 8,000,-
000 liishclrV Tlie average celling
price var, 10 rent;-, per bushel as compared with 45 cents a year ago. The
value of theis year's product of hay
and clover nnd fo.ldern corn ls $169,-
065,000. whi'ii is less than last, year's
value hy $^10^,000. l.'okito.s, tur-
nirs and cl\-e,- roots and sugar beets
have a vice of $59,990000, bein? more
than last year's value by $4,213,000.
Thc r.uaiity of all the cropa this year
Is 00 per cent, and over, excepting sti-
v,ar be:ts, which is S8. per cent, and
last year all crops excepting potatoes,
tumlj s and other roots, were over
VO. The value cf all root and fodder crops this year by provinces were
$5,754.01 tl in Prihce I'M ward Island
J12.228.00fj ln Nova Scotia. $12,599.-
flOO in New llrcnswic'.c. $73,316,000 in
Cueb-o. M��9,4S58,000 in Ontario, $6,1583.-
���"00 In Manitoba. $3,790,000 in Sas-
ftafheman and $6,321,000 in Alberta.
The area  eown  lo  fall wheat this
defence of Kipling; far from it, but
just to show that there is easily another side to the character of the
"ministering angel":
"No possible punishment can deter
women from heading crime upon
crime. Their perversity of mind Is
more fertile in new crimes than tha
imagination of a judge in new punishments."���Corrado Celto (flfteentn
lenghl. was a thief, a corrupter of
youth, a blackmailer, and all this at
the age of 17. When only 12 she
robbed her father. At 15'she fled
from home with a lover whom sht
left almost at once for a vicious career. She was^extremely vindictive���
on one occasion she conceived such
a violent hatred fer a rival that, enticing her into a cave, she poisoned
her  coffee    and    thus    caused   her
"Feminine criminality is more cynl-, death
eai, more depraved, and more terrible'Merciless Analysis of Female Trslts.
than  the criminality  of  th?   male.��� !    Ixirabroso Is merciless In his analy-
Hykele. j sis of the feminine traits.
"The violence of the ocean waves or t "What Is the explanation?" he asks,
of devouring flames is terrible. Ter- , "We havo seen that the normal wom-
rible is novelty���but woman Is more an ls naturally less sensitive to palp
terrible than all else.���Euripides. than a man, and the compassion ls the
"Tho pervisity of woman is so great ! offspring of sentlveness.
as lo bo incredible even to its victim. ]    "We also see that the women have
���Caro, I many traits in common with children;
"A terrible point of superiority in the'that their moral sense Is deficient,
female born criminal over the male : that they are revengeful, jealous, in-
lies in the refined, diabolical cruelty, |ellned to vengeances of a refined
with    which    she    accomplishes    her j cruelty.
Leaving Kipling out of eonsldera-
tion the case of Mrs. Vermilya, tho
Chicago woman accused of being a
"pepper box Borgia," lias features
that call to mind s)tne of the famous
cases in the annals of criminology:
Tlie Borglas and the Medicls and othei s..
The fine cunning that the use of tho
pepper box charged with arsenic bespeaks and the obsession of the accused in regard to eor; ses���her morbid love of seeing and ha ml I ing the
dead���are features of the ea?e that
make it of i articular interest to the
Thr   More   Ferocious  Females.
In ordinary cases theso defects are
neutralized by piety, maternity, want
of passion. But when fciety and maternal sentiments are wanting and in
their place are str.'ng passions and
intensely erotic tendencies It is clear
that the innocuous semi-criminal pic-
se.nt in the normal woman must be
transformed Into a bom criminal more
terrible than  any   man.
"What terrific criminals would children be if they had strong passions,
muscular strength and sufficient intelligence, and, if, moreover, their evil
tendencies were exaspeiated by a
morbid psy'chlcal activity!
"And women are big children. Their
evil   tendencies   are   more   nnmerou
Passing over  the case  of  l.urrezla  and more varied thtin men's but gen-
Borgia,  the  much    maligned     Italian ] orally remain latent."
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GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
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portions to cleanse m^S^///fc
easily, vigorously, J^> n
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
The World's Greatest Singers
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of  Wales,  Great  Britain.
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rn "ji -mi-niuitiurmt-m THURSDAY, NOVEMBER  30, 1911
Thought  He Had  Been  Knocked Out
by Welsh���Physical Condition
Supports Him.
Los Angeles, Nov. 29.���Tile operation on Ad Wolgast, who had been
suddenly taken ill with appendicitis,
was completed at 10:50 o'clock. Manager Tom Jones descended from thc
operating room to escort Mrs. Wolgast upstairs to see her husband.
"Ad is still unconscious from the
anaesthetic," said Jones, "but the doctors say he ls doing fine."
Attendants said this afternoon he
would continue to be dazed and incoherent until night. Ills physical
condition seems to he standing him
In good stead. His one Idea is that
he was knocked out by Welsh.
��� *
��� BOWLING. ���
��� ���
In the regular inter-clty bowling
match last night Westminster was defeated on the Render alleys, Vancouver, by the narrow margin of 11 pinB.
Willette bad high average (18��), and
Lockfi&rt high game (220). The score:
12 3    Ttl
O'Connor  152   15fi 163���601
Corbett Hi9    185 108    522
Walsh 140    148 18!>���48.'i
Wlmmest 170    lfi!) 182���521
Willette    200    190 177���507
837    848    909 2594
1 2 3    Ttl
McKay   178 205 177���500
Grant 106 218 184���568
Courtney 114 14R 150���422
.lellen    198 180 151���635
Lockhart 107 220 144���537
823    983    806 2612
There being no match scheduled to
take place next Saturday the boys of
the senior amateur football team are
trying to arrange to play a game
against the South Hill cluh on that
dat��vi If those negotiations nre
hrtrafnl to a satisfactory conclusion
the match will be pullet),off at Moody
������crnaTepronn-ds on that afternoon.
The South Hill club ts a comparatively new institution, having only
heen formed this fall in connection
���with the South Vancouver league
���which was organized this season.
Nevertheless the members consider
themeehes a strong aggregation, and
the match should prove an interesting
Arrangements for the game to be
plny��d on December 9 between the
New Westminster senator amateur
football team and the V. A. C. ln the
ante-flnal for the Iroquois cup are being completed. The match will take
place on the Cambie street grounds.
Vancouver, and Mr. Hamlin will be
tbc referee.
The New Westminster   represents-
In the heart   of   the   Addiondack
mountains,  which  skirt  the eastern
boundary  line of the United  States
and Canada, lies a picturesque little
village of the name of Saranac, whose
associations   entitle  It  to  a  worthy
plBce among the homes and haunts
of  Robert Louis  Stevenson.    It will
be remembered that shortly after his
fathers death in May, 1887. the death
of R.  L.  S. was such that his medical   advisers  deemed   a   change   of
c climate Imperative. Proceeding with
his wife, mother and stppscn to the
United   States  with  the  Intention  of
seeking   a  .temporary   home   in   the
mountains of Colorado, Stevenson was
advised hy his friends ln New York
to try the Addlrondacks Instead, and
there' he took up his quarters in October, 1887, remaining urttil April of
the following year.   "It seems a first-
rate place." he wrote sbon after his
Arrival.   ""Ve have a Tlouse in the eya
of  many  winds,  witii  a  view  of  <*
piece of running water���Highland, all
but the dear view of peat and too
many  hills���Highland,  also,  but  for
the lack' of weather.
The favorite impression formed at
first does not seem to have lasted,
however, a winter of exceptional severity completely disposing of any
'thoughts he rafcy have entertained of
settling for any length of time in tne
neighborhood. The climate, we are
told, "comprised every variety of unpleasantness: It rained, it snowed, It
uleetetf. IF blew, It was thick fog, it
froze���the cold was Arctic: it thawed
���the discomfort was worse: and it
combined   these different  phases   in
and a large part of tbe color for one
of hls greatest works���"The Master
of Ballantrae." Tbe idea of a story
dealing with the vicissitudes of the
House of Durrlsdeer had long beeu
ln bis mind, but lt was not until that
night, which he has so vividly de-;
scribed, on tbe balcony of the wooden house ln which he lived, outside
the hamlet of Saranac, with tbe
sound of the river "contending with
ice and boulders," In hls ears, tbat the
vision came to him of the grim tragedy with Its final scene ln the "bar-
In rout, wilderness' of the Adiron-
It waa at Saranac, too, tbat he
wrote the ballad of "Tlconderoga,"
and the series of articles for Scrib-
ner's Magazine, which ill I so much to
advance bis popularity ln the United
States. >
The Impression probably formed by
most Stevensonians froni the author's
account of his own experience, am'
from the gloomy narrative of the
Master's Journey In tlie wilderness, Is
that the Adrlondacks are a mountain
solitude, black, barren, and almost uninhabitable. They would be agreeably surprised, us I was, to find that,
whatever the region may be like iu
winter, lt is in summer one of the
most delightful retreats to be found
on the American continent. What R.
L. S. depleted as a barbarous wilderness has become a favorite pleasure groun.l and health resort, a kind
of fashionable Arcadia, with palatial
summer houses, up-to-date hotels and
finely equipped sanltorla.
In Its bracing altitudes New York
'society" seeks relief from the strenuous whirl of Broadway; thither the
Wall street millionaire, tired of "do-
in;; Europe" In a hurry, repairs for tho
rest cure and a taste of the simple
life. The Adlrondacks are today, in-,
deed, the Trossacbs of th:> eastern
states���more Highland, though without thc i eat and the heather, than
".ven Sto^cnson Imagined���and Saranac lake, to give the village in whicb
he stayed Its proper name, is their
Peace Profound.
Set In a valley, lt commands a magnificent view of hill, lake and forest.
A quarter of a mile away, the stream
which appeal* d so strongly to the
iicai t of It. L. B.i reminding him, as
it did, bouldered bed, murmuring In
tones subdued the song that was once
in inspiration to the isolated dweller
in the house above.
From the surrounding hills, with
their long sloping stretches of pine,
steals the delicious scent of balsam,
filling the valley with a soft healing
sweetness that is infinitely soothing,
and communicating to the little village, dozing ln the summer sunlight,
an added sense of drowsiness. The
prevailing Imjsresslcn is that of a profound silence broken only by echoes
thrown off peace, of the hush of eternal hills, by Scar and Saddle Back-
names which Stevenson himself might
well have invented. The spell of the
place "is such that one Is tempted to
linger on the slope of a hill and drim;
in tbe ncctar-llke air and the beauty
of a scene which even our own highlands   coi'Id  Bcarcely  surpass.
But the spirit of Stevenson calU.
and we must away to seek the house
where he lived and wrote 'Tbe Master
of Ballantrae.", It was not without
some difficulty that we found It. Saranac lake, like most holiday resorts,
ls indifferent to Its past, and unconscious of any other claims to greatness than those represented by its attractiveness. To the desires of its
numerous and well-to-do visitors tho
inhabitants cater with an enthusiasm
that is as profitable as it ts keen, but
if they know the history of their own
place they are not particularly disposed to impart it to strangers.
Wben I Inquired the way to Stevenson's cottage, I was told that nobody of that name lived lu the neighborhood. Another intelligent native
whom I consulted solemnly asked if
Mr. Stevenson kept a boarding
bouse?" Everybody In Saranac lake
keeps such an establishment, so that
according to local lights the question was perhaps not unnatural.
Reference to the guide book of the
district was equally unavailing.
It contained beautifully written descriptions of the scenery and of the
advantages of camp life in the Adlrondacks, but not a word about R.
L. 8. At last I remembered that the
family with whom Stevenson bad
boarded was named Baker, and with
this as a clue I soon obtained the
information desired.
In the Eye of the Winds.
It turned out that there were several families of tbe name of Bakor ln
tho neighborhood, but the proprietor
of one ot the hotels had an Idea that
a "writer fellow" had some time
or other stayed with "Mrs. Baker on
the hill," and to "Mrs. Palter on the
hill" I was directed, to find, rurc\
enough, that her house was the place
I sought.
If confirmation had been needed. It
would have been supplied by Steven-
sons own description of his home��� i
"a wooden house with a verandah on |
a hill overlooking the river." There
it'stood "in the eyo ot the winds,"
just as be left it���a plain but comfortable looking dwelling, its roof brushed by the branches of a few line
trees, which formed the fringe of a
belt stretching behind to within leach
of the mountain summit.
To cross the bridge over the stream,
climb tHe hill and pay my respects to
Stevenson's landlady was the only
thing for a Stevensontan to do. I was
met at the door by a tall, kindly-eyed
lady, who seemed rather pleased
when informed that 1 waa not in
search of rooms, for, as she avvlained,
her house was alteady fllle.l with
boarders, and she "Just tated to tun
people away."
The fact tbat I was a htimb'.e ad
mlrer and countryman of the-ureal
Scottish writer who had found she;tos
under her roof seemed to be a stiff I
cient Introduction to the food grace i
spare figure, a queer young man is
some of hla ways," but having "some
thing about blm that everybody
liked." We talked at the door for a
few minutes, while I took stock of
tbe verandah and had pointed out bis
favorite corner sheltered from tbe
winds, and then, as it the subject
seemed to her liking, she invited me
Into the sitting room. This was in all
probability what Stevenson described
as the "prophet's chamber." and here
it was that be did his writing and
entertained visitors. Among the most
welcome of these was Dr. Trudeau,
who attended him while be remained
at Saranac. "was all the winter at my
fives have been invited to use the V.
A. C. building aa tSHr headquarters
on that day. and to make themselves
thoroughly at bome tbere. The game
Itself will start half an boor earlier
than usual, the kick-off being Urned
for 2:30 p.m.
lt than the good lady probably realized.
Altogether her reminiscences, little
personal touches, showed clearly that
many of tbe characteristics of Stevenson which Impressed those who knew
him best had not escaped the vigilant
but kindly eye of hla hostess at Saranac.
Like Dr. Trudeau. Mrs. Baker was
i^LA2"2���*"!LS ka..drir>' that Stevenso-n had not stayed
tor and friend were rewarded by the
author   afterwards   with   a   complete
set of his works, each bearing on the
fly leaf a quaint dedication.
Dr. Trudeau.
Dr. Trudeau still lives at SJaranac
Lake, which as a health resort he may
be snld to have founded. Stricken with
tuberculosis while a young man studying for his profession, he decided to
try tho open-air cure in the Adlrondacks, and the resultB were so satisfactory that he established and toolc
charge of a permanent sanatorium,
which was among the first ln America, and which today is regarded as
the best equipped on the continent.
Dr. Trudeau tried hard to persuade
R. L. S. to undergo the open-air treatment, which, he Is certain, would at
any rate have prolonged his life, but
the novelist would have none of it,
pleading that the remedy would be
worse than the disease. Brought Into
contact with him under circumstances
which made for Intimate friendship,
the doctor got to know the real Stevenson better than most, and tlje daya
and nights he spent with hlm*around
the fire In Mrs. Baker's sitting rocm.
or out ln the woods, are among his
most cherished recollections.
But to return to Mrs. Baker: I
found her, as I have indicated, most
willing to talk of her
and her Impressions
less interesting because they were
chiefly of the little home traits that
a more profound observer would have
ove"��oked. She had read Bome of his
books, but it was evident that they
hai not appealed to her so strongly as
the author himself. His addiction to
the cigarette, his habit of lying In
bed after breakfaBt propped up with
pillows and reading and smoking, his
restlessness, his interest In everything
and everybody around him, his attachment to the fire, "which did not radiate," his unbounded delight over
what she regarded as "trifles"���all
ihese characteristics had been noted
nnd remembered as Indicative of a
person out of the ordinary.
His Whistle and Non��'nse.
P.ut what had impressed her most
was his unfailing good spirits. "Hc
came here very sick, but j on would
have thought he was the happiest
man alive. With bis whistle and his
nonsense he kept us al) ln good humor." He Jiked to talk with the
mountain guides, of whom Mr. Baker
was one, and he would gSl them to
describe their experiences in return
for which be would tell them stories
ot his own travel*. It was evidently
from this source that he gathered
Wia�� of th<* material wMcTi Wjaitm-n-
ed to sucb excellent account tn'TTbe
Master of Ballantrae." !'
It would have delighted the jheart
of Stevenson himse'f to I have beard
Mrs. r.aker describe him as a ("fino!
talker." It appeared that he 'often
found his way into the kitchen; and.
with his back to the stove would
"talk as I never heard anyone talk
before.' Sbe could not remember
what it was all about, "but some of
the things he seemed to say ip Jest
struck me as being very serious," a
remark which had more profundity in
longer ln the Adlrondacks: "she was
sure lt would have done him good."
When he left In the spring of 1888 I:
was his Intention to return, she said.
A number of his belongings were left
with her, and when he came back he
was to go to a hunter's cottage some
way down fBe valley. But he never
came. His belonging* were afterwards sent for, and Saranac knew him
no more.
In that plain frame house on the
hill, however, his memory still lives
C. 8.  B.
7 Lots
Corner 12th street
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these as we anticipate a movement ln
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We aro offering for sale a
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very desirable property ln a Hv* town
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The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
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Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
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Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
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Do Not Waste Money
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Save a little systematically, for It Is Um stuff that tbe foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   speed fnr   whet  le
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ture  Money cannot be Invested until It to Ont saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, *2,000,00a    Columbia, comer Eighth street
A. U DEWAR. General Manager D. R. DONLEY. Local Manager.
An   Inspiration.
But with all its climatic vagaries,
Saranac has rttte strong claim to be
remembered kindly by Stevenson's admirers;   it   suprlled   the   inspiration
that here: as everywhere else he went
Stevenson had left a memory faithfully cherished.
Yes, she remembered him "as  tt.it
were yesterday, with his long hair an
A. $* MILLS &
517 Columbia St. New Westminster
B.C. Mills
Timber  and Trading
Manufacturers and Dealera In All
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Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
���re again on sale by P. Burns A Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are die best you bave
ever had.
Medical Adviser to the Health Section of the National Conservation
Commission Advocates a Compulsory System as Now Obtains In
Many Countries���A Life-Long Student of All Forms of Sanitation.
Tlie Ant-Vaccination league of
Canada, which from its headquarter*
in Montreal has opened a campaign
against vaccination, will flnd a sturdy
opponent in Dr. Charles A. Hodgetts.
medical adviser to the health section
of the National Conservation Commission. A short time before Dr.
Hodgetts res:gned his position at
secretary of the Ontario Board ot
Health  and  deputy  registrar-general.
i Highly Prised and Carefully Pretested
by Martial Law.
Major is the natue ot the chief of
| the highly prised and carefully pre-
I tec-ted tribe of Barbary apes tbat lu-
! bablt the rock of Gibraltar. Tbere U
; a saying ln tbe fortress to tbe effect
j that lt were "better to kill tbe go?-
! ernor than Major."
There are only about trrenty left of
'.. this band of monkeys, wbicb ln sobu*
i mysterious munuer came over from
| Africa  many  years ugo oad claimed
i citlzenahlp ln Europe.    They are protected by martial law. and any addi-.
tlon by birth to their uumber ls carefully chronicled and announced ln tbe
local paper.    The apes  change their
place  of residence from  the  highest
peaks of the rock to lower and more
sheltered portions and hack again, according to the stat'1 of ibe weather.
Tbey show their e<'use of bumur by
throwing stones at tbe soldlem. but
tbey are often uot seen for weeks st s
time save in tbe early morning.
A few years ago. on account of tbe
diminishing numbers of these animals,
some apes were procured from Bar->
bary and turned loose upon the rock.
But resident monkeys killed tbem nil.
Although so fierce to Intruders of th*lr
own kind, tbey never attack human
beings and are greatly beloved and
esteemed.���New Tork Press.
to go   to Ottawa, a   reporter   had  a
chat with him on this subject.
"I advocate a compulsory vaccina-,
tion law," he said, "similar to those'
of Germany, France, and Japan, in'
preference to the old-fogey, outof-
dut> English law."
Dr.  Hodgetts is   the   only medical
man   in   Ontario  who   has  given   his
whole time and devoted his life work
to sanitation  in its widest sense.    I"
will   be   remembered   that   when,  a
short time before accepting the Government position   he   now holds,   h<3
|\vas offered tha post of Toronto Med:.
iai  Health   offlcer,  but   declined  it.
)ne or two of the  newspapers, how-
-ver,  continued   to  remark   that   he
���va-i reconsidering his decision, whereupon    Dr.    Hodgetts   gave    out   this
statement:    "I  have said that I will
not accept the position.    I  am not a j
woman.   I never change my mind."
Gallant South African Scouts.
Scout Thompson, of the 1st Simons,
(town Troop, who is only eleven years
of age, has been awarded the Bronss
Cross for heroism iu swimming out
to the resoue of a lady bather, who.
when floating on "water wings," was
caught by the tide and carried out U>
When Thompson reached the \ady.
���he   clutched   him   round   the   throat
and very  hearty drowned 1|ver rescuKT
'aa  well as heraeh.    But he  managed
Ito  swim   with her  to  shallow   water,
'where   the   onlookers���none   oi   whom
.were  able  to  swim���gave him  assistance.
! Another rescue was made by Seoiu
E.-tcrhuizon, oi the l'rieska Troop.
'furU'en years of age. He had beeu
bathing in the Orange River with
some other boys when one of them,
swinging from the bridge, fell into thi
water, and, not being able to swim,
W*S in great danger of drowning. Es*
terhuizen at once dived in to his res-
���cue at the spot where he had sunk,
;and succeeded in getting hold of him,
���and in bringing him safely ashore
���Estcrhuiz"-. has been grant/d the Silver medal.
Anelent Customs That Are Still Kept
Alive In England.
Tbe city of Gloucester, in Englsnd.
annually presents tbe king with a pie.
Ajuiost from time immemorial Gloucester until the year 1834 followed the
custom of expressing its loyalty to tbe
throne by sending to tbe sovereign a
lamprey pie. In 1834 tbe custom was
suspended, but It was revived in 181)3
and bas since continued.
It was felt that the year of tbe diamond jubilee required some special effort, and therefore tbe 1887 pie. wbicb
wns in May dispatched to Balmoral
upon a gold dish, was of a more than
usually elaborate character. Tbls pie
weighed twenty pounds and was
adorned with truffles, line prawns on
gold skewers and aspic Jelly. On the
top was a reprcseufalion ot ihe royal
crown and cushion, wltb a scepter to
which w?re attached streamers of roval
blue, aud at the base were four gameri
By the survival of an ancient custom tbe town of Yarmouth Is bound
to furnish to the sheriffs ot* Norwich
annually n hundred herrings baked In
twenty-four pies, which are then sent
to the lord of the manor of East Clare-
ton. wbo conveys them io the king.���
Harper's Weekly.
His Early Struggles.
When Mr. Jesse Collings, M.P., was
.enrolled an honorary freeman of Birm-
|i:iL'ham he recalled amusing memories
'oi iii? early experiences in that citv
Mr. Collinn k>l i how, G'J years ago.
Tie arrival'in Birmingham, cireujpn-
���stanoes requiring that he should fend
(for h:m��ell, jvitti ��i In hi? i'."''."',
[lent by friends who could not wall at*
ford it. He set out to seek lis liveh-
1- >"-l In the old City of Birmingham.
���.Arriving at Lswley street station,
Iwhieh was then the terminus, be tolii
u caoii.an to drive him to a cheap
\ ubl c-house The cabman t<K,k him
tti the "Swan with Two Neck-" in j
A^ton street, lt was then a small inn, |
Ibut :t has since been rebuilt itjiil.i-1:���
.Hired, The charges were very low,
���s'li i Mr Collings. and suited to his
-i. Hi nuded tha* he was furtun-
cnougil tu obtain a situation at
tirm of dfssrs. Samuel Booth &
of  which   he  afterwards  became I
The Transformation of P*rey.
His name wus Jo.'inuj-. and bis ambition   was  to   be grown   up.     Ue  hart
watched Cissy  and  I'ercy,  but that's
another storiette, na  Klpllnu ��uy��.
"Pupa." is* piped nn be wulked with
his dad on tbe beach, "what's under
those rocker*
"I.lmpetsl" snapped papa. This was
not tbe Urst question.
"Wouldn't they ratber walk about,
"No!" rapped out pn. "They prefer
to cling where they are!"
"Is everything thnt likes clinging to
something else a limpet, pa?"
"Vor goodnass���yes."' roared father.
Joliuny thought.
'Veil, pa." lie concluded. "Is Percy
rt limpet, pa, when he says goodby to
Cissy lu the passage?"���Loudon Answers.       !����� -I    .M
--** ' ' V*9r* -
There Was a Coolness.
Two fashionable Philadelphia women
met In Chelsea one morning recently.
As they shook bands aud stopped to
speak Mrs. Browu said to Mrs. Jones.
"That's a beautiful hat you are wearing."
,:Ves, my dear. Isn't lt cunning? And
I'm so glad you like It John gave me
the money, and I, had It Imported from
Next day little Susie Drawn was
playing "\\!th the Jutips gfrl. nrd she
said, "My mot tier says your mother
has nn ugly old bat what ls ber last
year's IJ'J made up. new."
And when Mr. Brown and Mr. Jones
reached a mutual friend's, hoping to
spend the week end together, they
found a coolness between the fuml-
lles.���Philadelphia Times.
Where Students Find That Schooling
Is Far From a Cinch.
��� A Chinese schoolboy sets off one
���fine morning when 7 or 8 years old
to enter on his instructional course.
iHe makes the most profound obels-
lance to his teacher. His parents
provide the table at which and Ihe
stool on which he sits. They also
supply the "four precious articles,
the ink slab, the ink cake, the pen
or brush for writim.' and ths paper.
' He will have no need at first of the
jwriting materials, all his time being
'employed in memorizing the books
given him. Perhaps a dozen boy��.
each a class by himself, are busy on
his entry. Each is shouting his task
at the top of his voics, the teacher
sitting at h's table in all the somnolent wakefulness of a judge. No
wrong pronounciation or intonation
escapes his practcal ear, and correction is frequent.
��� It is a simple country house, with
its earthern floor, its unglazed windows and its air of utter poverty.
Our young hopeful, says Thc Nat.onal
Review, in due time is introduced to
the "Trimetrical Classic" and th"?
questionable statement wh.ch forms
its very threshold, that "Men at
Ibirth ara radically good." so set in
.classical form that he has no more
idea of its meaning than :f it were
Iin Oreek. It is not meaning, how-
ever, that is the object just now, but
sound and memorising. I
Then he will be introduced to the
book of surnames, 400 in number,
as another exercise in "getting by
heart" after which, in some parts of
the land, the "Thousand Character
Classic" is set. This :s u- book consisting of 'he number of characters
nam d. no one ol which is ever used
twice. Still no explanation is vouchsafed. For al! the learning our youth
is gaining he might with equal profit
memorize a number of auct:on catalogue?. H.^ is given in varying order
according to the custom followed hv
his teacher, the four sacred l>oo.ss- I
the "Great Learning," also known as
"The Door of Virtue"; the "Analects",
of Confucius, the "Doctrine of tho
Mean," nnd the "Rook of Menem?.
As early as 13 or 14, it may be. he
will have dons the memory work oj
the four book? and be capable of
reeling off "yards, rods, iurlongs, or
miles" of learning. Then enlightenment in the form of explanation be-
g'ns. Darkness is made visible, and
education may bo said to have begun,
Hr-,   lnd:?d?
The woman who had rented a suite
nt an untown hnM is very finicky,
but tho inan.i?er **\t when he looked
ai the room.- b-ttr a complete renovation that there wa? nothing slv_> could,
find Jauit with. But there was. She
looked carefully at every piece of
furniture, scrutinized the decorations
und locked at the position of the tele,
plione in the Bedroom. Then she
wont, into the sitting room.
"Why. you have not put a telephone in the parlor," she exclaimed.
"Now, suppose I should fall unconscious in tnis room some time. Will
j-oii tell me bow oil earth I ��m going
to be able to summon assistance?"
Locomotive Puffs.
The numher ol puffs which a locomotive gives in a given distance i*.
governed entirely by the size of its
driving wheals. For every turn of the
wheels it gives four separate puffs.
Therefore if the circumference of Ih'i
driving wheels is twenty feet, whicli
is about the average, and the train
is going at fifty miles au hour we
get 880 puffs a minute.
The cough or puffs is due to the
abrupt emission of waste steam from
ths smokestack.
When there are more than eighteen
puffs a second the human ear cannot
distinguish them separately.���London
How Spain  Punished Vandals.
There was a trial by court mart:al
of forty-threa medical students of'the
University of Havana in November,
1371, for the alleged crime of scratching the glass plate of a vault containing the remains of a volunteer.
Eight of the offenders were condemn.
ed to death on Nov. '20 and shot tbe
following day, wliile thirty-ona others
were sentenced to imprisonment ani
four were acquitted. An outbreak of
indignation ensued because of the
Severity of the penalties inflicted.
'tlu head.
Clay   Digger's   Romance.
A romance oi the Cornish claypi's
'is recalled by the fact that the gross
estate left by Mr. Woodman Peters,
f}l St. Austell, who died lately, has
ibeen valued at over $98;O00. Mr. Fetters began working as a day laborer.
jin the claypits of Mid Cornwall at t
very early age and for very small
(wages. But with his pick ancl shovel
jhe gradually dug a fortune out of
the clay, fle toiled early and late,
���nd after some years he had saved a
tittle money, and determined to invest
jit in moorland and dig for clay. He
Istruck a rich bed of china clay, and
koon afterwards founded the firm of
pParkyn and Peters, whioh is to-day
k>ne of the leading firms in the Cornish
(clay trade
I A  Mineral  Eldorado.
The Mount Painter field of South
[Australia is a wonderful'place for the
.occurrence of rare minerals, and a
���company has been recently formed to
srecover radium from the earth.
Ozone In Tunnels.
The atmosphere of London's subways is now made to resemble that of
Hot Air as a Polisher.
Uot air Is used for pollsfiiug The
articles to be treated are |>kicad In a
basket In a centrifugal machine drlveu
1 at a very high speed and bented air la
blown rrom a pipe through the basket
A high polish Is thus produced very
rapidly. Nickel plariHI article* tbat
have become tarnished are made bright
In n few minutes. Wet metal, ttenti
from tbe bath, needs no preliminary
liylug, for the current of air dries and
polishes It at tbe came moment.
"Has Tommie beeu * good boy since
I're been out?" said tbe mother.
"No. be hasn't." replied the fotBer.
"Did you punish blm?"
"Oh. yes. yon ��d. pop! Hpn't you
remember"you sang to me?" came
from tbe boy.���Yonkers Statesman.
Hard Luok Stories.
"I don't like to listen to bard tact
stories, do your
"Tbat defends on whether tbey are
reminiscences or tbe prellmlnarte to
a touch."���Washington Herald.
      nope Is n flatterer, bat tft# mort ***>
She  seaside  by pumping ozone into   rtgbt nf nil parasites, for ���brfrwjntnn
tLcm* the poor man's flat as well ee th# na>
\r? of bis
The Wing ef a Bird.
The typical vertebrate limb, variously modified in the arm of a man
or the fore limb of a rat or frog or
bird, lias oni; bone in the upper arm
which g ves support to two in the
forearm, which similarly yield to four
��t thc wrist, and from these five
digits can just comfortably be ex.
tended. The b rd, howevr, decided
to fly rather than grasp with its
hand, so that three and a half fingers
are all it has retained of the five
which its reptilian ancestors bequeathed to it.
Stavin2 It Off.
The street piano was out our way
the <��ther night, and our n��*t door
neighbor didn't like it.
"Here's a nickel," he shouted to
,tho grinder, "if you'll go away at
once. '
"Ees der someboda wat is seeck?"
asked the grinder.
"Not yet." answered our neighbor.
Rivers  In  Korea.
On the western coast of Korea the
tides of the YcllGw sea are higher
than anywhere in the world outside
the Bay of Fundy, and while the
rivers of eastern Korea are clear
streams, that run swiftly from the
mountains, those on the western side
are great brown, muddy rivers, up
which the thirty foot ocean tides
'surge many miles.
Andaman islanders, lowest of savages, think that earthquakes are
caused by the spirits of the deafl.
|who, impatient at the delay of the
resurrection, shake the palm trees
on which they believe the earth ta
who advertise their goods in The
Daily News need not worry about
the possibility of having OVERSTOCKED any line of goods.
who intend to make gifts to their
friends or themselves should select
immediately, while displays are so
complete, and by reading what
various merchants have to say in
The Daily News they will find
many suggestions that will save
them needless worry in selecting.
Anything from a Greeting Card
to a Parcel of Real  Estate.    .    .
w*f*nw. i***w*iM.v!tB.t_wrt
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
���fetXL       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
. Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
.^���___^^ MAID MSMAH
Makes lighter,
better flavored and
a more nutritious bread.
and more loaves to the sack
than any other flour. ROBIN HOOD
FLOUR is made from the choicest wheat
from the most select farms in Saskatchewan.
A money-back guarantee in every sack.
Rosin Hood Flour ��� made in moose jaw
���      ���. ���������������noine
I. O. 0. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
sre held ln Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.Q.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary
It Was Lonrj Drawn Out and Only
Whetted His Appetite.
MISS M. BROTEN,   public   stenographer;   specifications,   business   let-'
ters,   etc.;    circular   work   taken.!
Pbone   415.     Rear  of   Major   and j
Ravage's offlce. Columbia St.
Oame. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
nest to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, WUMarns building, 41 Granville Btreet. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie,' O. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
atreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
,*jAttU Uf TKABB���NEW W toti'l-
minster Board of Trade meets in tn*
hoard room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of eacb montn;
quarterly meeting ou tbe tmra
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at n p.m. Annual
ineeilngs ou the third Thursday ol
February. New members may be
proposed aad elected at any montn
ly or quarterly meeting. C. H
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
���Tlm* Tims
of of
Arrival: Closing:
tO: 00���United States via C. P. R.
(daily except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R. I
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via ^. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C.  E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:45
12:00���Victoria via B. C.  E.  R. |
tdally except Sunday). 11:151
7:30��� United States via G. N.Tl.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.4S
15:15���United States vie G. N.'R'.
'dally except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east and Europe    (dally)    8:15
22:43���All polnta east and Europe (dally)   13:15
10:18���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)       8:30
10:00���Sapperton art Fraaer
mills (dally except
Sunday)      14:00
10:18���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday) 8:30
12:00���Central   Park   and   Edmonds    (daily    except   ���
Sunday)       11.15
1400���East Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)  18:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leases
Monday. Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Gnlohon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
in no���Annievlllle (dally   except
Sunday)  13:30
10 imi -woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:54��� Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. y. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
il:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R.   (dally ex-
(daily except Sunday).14:00
Tl:30���Clayton (Tuesday. Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day       14:00
11.30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
8:30��� Burnaby Lake (dally ex-
rent Sundav    16:0C
10:00���Abbotsfohl, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)   23:00
15:15���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine idaily except
Sunday)  9:46
15:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  9:45
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
ivehmam, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayvllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (dally.
except Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
���20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except. Sunday).17:30
(dally except Sunday).20:30
���11:20���Abbotsford   via   B.C.E.R.     S
(dally except Sunday).17:30
46:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sundiy). 17:10
After ths Perk Course Gave Out a
Dessert ef Cold Lead Ended tho
Feast, snd tho Unwilling Host Vowod
Never Again to Fool With a Boar.
A teamster Jn tbe employ of one of
tbe big tanneries in tbe went Uud a
laughable yet trying adventure wltb a
bear wblle ou bis way from tbe woods
wltb a load of bark. As be emerged
from tbe woods wltb hla team be
stopped to give the males a breathing
spell und to eat bis dinner, which be
carried ln a tin bucket He bad
scarcely opened his bucket and begun
to eat wben a bear came out of the
woods on one side of tbe road, only'
two or three rods In the rear of the
wagon. Bruin sauntered along, paying
no attention to tbe team, but the teamster, desirous'of seeing what tbe bear
would do, threw a bit of salt pork ln
bis way. Tbe bear stopped, smelted at
the pork and gulped It down greedllyi
Tben the animal, noting the source
of tbe morsel, came toward tbe wagon
and rose on his haunches as lf to nay
that another bit of pork would prove
Tbe teamster laughed and tossed out
a second piece, which bruin devoured,
and then be posed again. But tbe
teamster wanted tbe rest of bis dlncer
himself and paid no attention to the
shaggy Intruder. The beggar, seeing
that tbe teamster war no longer aware
of bis presence, snorted sharply two or
three times and walked back and forth,
across tbe road as If reconnolterlng
the situation. Presently be growled,
but tbe teamster, thinking that tbe
beast would go away lf be got nothing
further, continued bis meal.
The bear ventured near nnd flnallji
climbed up the load of bark at tbfl
hind end of the wagon. The man wujj
unpleasantly surprised at tbls movement of bruin's, as be was wholly
Accordingly he threw n bit of pork
Into the road, at the same time yelling to the bear to direct Its attention
to the meat The bear dropped down
und went and picked It up. but ns
soon as lt was swallowed and there
was no more forthcoming be made another charge upou tbe wagon.
The teamster started the mules onward, but knew that be could not hope
to escape with his heavy load of burk.
An Idea struck him. He would coax
the bear on by feeding tbe lunch to
blm until tbey should come to a
frlend'a bouse a mile or two along the
road. Tben be would get a gun and
shoot the old fellow.
The teamster snt on tbe bark, facing
backward, bis big dinner bucket ut
band. Wben tbe bear came up with
tbe wagon and threatened to cltmb
upon.tbe load tbe teamster tossed out
n piece of pork. Tbe supply of this
edible was limited, so be tossed tbe
beast a slice of bread, wbicb fell butter side up. Bran nosed lt, tben
licked the butter oft and left It.
The next slice fell butter side down,
and tbe bear ignored lt. Boiled eggs
and cheese fared the same. Bruin
wanted pork. Tbe teamster dealt tbis
out in small bits, which failed to satisfy, and tbe bear was growing ugly and
At length the teamster saw bis friend
at work In a Held and called to blm to
ran for bis gnu. The man seemed to
realise tbe state of tbe case aud set
off on a dead run for bis bouse, a
quarter of a mile distant But tbe
���npply of pork was out before be returned, and the poor teamster was In
a sorry plight
The bear climbed upon the load. The
teamster tossed him tbe last piece of
pork and then Jumped from hla wagon
and tore down tbe road. Bruin, probacy thinking that tbe teamster was
fleeing wltb a stock of covered pork,
started after him. The terrified man
bad n fair start but be stumbled over
a stone nnd fell full length, nnd the
bear was close upon bim when there
came the loud report of a gun.
The friend bad come at last Tbe
teamster rose snd looked round. There
lay bis Inte pursuer In lhe rond. dead
The tenmster declared that never again
would be fool with a bear.-Uarper's
They Bumped.
A \r*e happening which hns been
mnde the subject or n cartoon occurred
nt a fashionable prolf club near Lon
don. A young man Interested In golf
solely for the sake of the Boclal nt
m<i*plK>re one day decided to play a
ronnrt. So be snnntered leisurely
down to the rttddy house, where he
met n certain |H>i>P��'i7 lord. Not knowing the gentleman nnd barely looking
at him. the somewhat foppish youth
asked. "Are you the caddy master
here?" Without an Instant's hesitation Lord ��� replied. "N'o. I am not
but I hnpiten to know that he la not tn
need of any caddies fill* nfternoon."
It wus (tome time before either recoT-
ered.-Buetue Transcript
Tenrjus Could Toll.
"Last night, (leorce, ymi rold me you
hived me more Minn tongue could tell.
snd. ob. (leoiye. (Imt wasn't true!"
"Why. dnrllng. what do.you uwnnr
**I mean' that It wasn't more than
iny uttle brother's tongue could Uli.
Ue beard It all!"
Ill patterns nre mre to be1 follow ��d
more tban good rulse.-Looke.
Young Woman Making Pile of Money
Out of the Industry.
Frog farming ls an enterprise carried on by the American girl of today.
Mizs Isahclle Morgan Is a pioneer In
this line. Kefore taking up the occupation of frog farming she was a
stenographer ln Baltimore. The strict
business training then gained she considers the basis of her success.
Whin the strain of office hours toid
on MIbs Morgan's health, her physicians ordered her Into th�� open air
and she returned to ber home on a
farm. A progressive, ambitious girl
In touch with large Interests finds
ouch a situation difficult, in looking
hack Mlss Morgan considers It the
most fortunate Incident of her career,
for she embarked on her present business.
Maryland is one of the six states
that lead In supplying the country
with frogs, and the marshy lowlands
on Miss Morgan's father's property offered Bultablo environment for the
The   bullfrog   ls   the   variety   with
which it ls more profitable to stock
a farm, as their large size makes them
especially valuable as a table delicacy
and their greedy habits render them
easy to capture.    When sold for food
full  grown  bullfrogs bring 4rom one
to four dollars rer dozen.   Especially
j large, fine specimens are shipped by
I Miss Morgan for use In biological lab-
.oratorio.   These often bring as big a
price as three dollars each.
The frog reserve of this Maryland
i girl  consists  of  a  series  of  marshy
I ponds,   each   enclosed   by   fine   wire
fencing.   This prevents the escape of
j the   frogs   and   insures   their   safety
: against  Enakes   and   turtles.      From
] May  to  July   the  ponds  are  closely
watched for epes. which are removed
to another enclosure.    Here the eggs
hatch and the giant bullfrog tadpoles
often reach a length of bIx or seven
Inches.    Thev  are carefully guarded,
as not only the bul'< of the full grown
frog,  hut also   the number  of years
necessary  for   this  growth    depends
largely upon the si7e attained by the
tadpole  before its transformation.
Tho young frog, when It develops, ls
removed   to  a   third   pond   where he
can neither molest the tadT oles or be
harmed  by  bis  full  ero-.-n  relatives.
Here he spends his time briPd ln the
mud anl moss except at niTht. when
he  comes  out  to  feed   ujrn  the  In-
i gents,   dead   flsh.   larvae   and   other
j delicacies  that  make  up the young
��� froe's menu.
i The frops Miss Morean s'ils for eit-
. ing purposes have the le-"�� skinned
land slipped in Ice water. The choice
.specimens destined for laboratot^jjse
iare first selected.
I It requires some time to establish a
well organized frog reserve. When
once the business Is launched. Miss
Morgan's experience shows that it is
. both Interesting and profitable.
New Westminster Land District, District of Nsw Weetmlneter.
Take notice tbat I. Walter S. Rose,
of Now Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to lease the following described land-
Commencing at a post planted one
and a balf miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains north, thence
Ml chains east, Uience 80 chains
south, thence SO chains west to point
of commencement and containing 610
acres more or less.
Date, September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       914,400,000.00
RESERVE    12.000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, anc In London, Eng-
And, New York, ChUago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking business transacted. Let
ters of Credit Issued, available wltb
correspondents In all parte of ths
Savings Bank Dspsrtment���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
and Interest allowel at 3 per cent, per
annum  (present rate).
Total  Assets over  1186,000.000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
He Lots 3, 4. 5, 8, 9, 11, B'ock 2. Lais
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C. 7, 8, 9, B ock 3; Lots
1, IA. IB, 4, 5, 6, 7, Block 4: Lots
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Block 6; Lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 6, fi, Work 6; Lets 1, 2, 3. 4, 6,
0, Block 7; Lot3 1, 2. 3, 4. 6, 6,7,
8. 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 16, Block
8: Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 16, 17. 18, 26,
27, 28, 29 and 30. Block 9; Lots 14.
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, Block
10 ot part of Lot 229, Group 1. Map
1095, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer!locate of Title Number 19478F. 1 suid
In the name of The Bidwell Bay and
Belcarra Company, Limited, has been
flled in this ofTlce.
Nctice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writlne.
Distiict Registrar of Tlt'es.
Land  Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C.. November 20, 1911.
Re a part (10 acres) of a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2. New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 1199F, issued
in the name of Gecrgti Carter, ha3
been filed ln this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shal'.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate,
unless in the meantime valid objection be made to me in writing.
C. 8. KEITH,
district Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Offlcs, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
'���ce 'Pheas lis.     Barn   Peons U
Begbie Street.
���efgage   delirereo    promptly     a
aay part ef tke city
light and Heavy Hauling
A Spiritual meeting will be held at
Mr. J. Clark's residence, Inman avenue, Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature for  aale.       ������
IN THE MATTER of the  "Winding
up Act," and
IN THE MATTER of Pitt Lake Brick
ft Cement Company, Limited,.
Notice is hereby   given   that   the
Honorable Mr. Justice   Murphy   has
fixed Saturday, the 9th day of Decern
Iber, 1911, at   10:30   o'clock   In   the
'forenoon, at his   Chambers   in   the
; Court House, New Westminster, B.C..
1 as tbe time and place for the appolnt-
; ment of an official liquidator of   tho
above named company.
Dated this 28th day of November.
District Registrar.
Lower Rates
Are now in effect via ths Grand Trunk
Railway System to Atlantic Ports in
connection with tickets to Great Britain and the Continent.
. Special Tourist Sleeper will leave Vancouver for the accommodation of
those going to the Old Country for the
8.8. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves from
Johnson's Wharf at 12 midnight every
8aturday for
Stewart, Queen Charlotte islands
and to polnta east of Prince Rupert on
Grand Trunk Paciflc Railway., For
tickets, saliing lists, time tables and
full information apply to
H. G. SMITH, C.P.AT.A. Tel. Sey. 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A.        Tel. 8ey. 3050
527 Grandville Street, Vancouver.
B.C. Const Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Dally
12:00 Midnight. Saturday Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Daily
11:00 P.  M ._. Daily
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M...Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
Fer Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M...Oct. 31, Nov. 11th, 25th
For Hardy Bay.
8:30  A.  M Wednesdays
Fer Upper Fraser  River  Points.
Leave New Westminster. 8:00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A. M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Weatmlnster.
G. P. A.. Vaneouver
Meet every Monday In Ijtbor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent of
flee. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 508, Residence nhone SOI
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone 601. Bex 772
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water*,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured ty
Telephone R 113  OWce: Primes��� St
Royal Bank of Canada.
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
ln Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson,  Mgr.
Christmas Sailings
"Megantic" Saturday, Dec. 9
Due Liverpool   Dec. 16
"Teutonic" Thursday, Dec. 14
Due   Liverpool    Dec.  21
Steamers sail from Halifax early
next day, connecting wltb trains from
the West.
White Star S.S. "Laurentic" and
"Megantic" are the largest, fllnest
and most modern from Canada.
Elevators, lounges, string orchestra,
etc. First, second and third class
passengers carried.
White   Star   S.S. "Teutonic"   and
Dominion Line S.S. "Canada"  carry
one class cabin  (II) and third claaa
passengers only.
For reservations and tickets apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
Company's office, 619 2nd Ave.,
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOU8.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suits Pressed   ���   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 np
Cleaners & Dyers
345 Columbia Strset.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
8% to 25 H. P.
S and 4 Cyele.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
��� Phono  63.
Tenth  8t..  New Weetmlneter.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE 870.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
��� IN ���
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
iiow be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong bank*
ing organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Easiness [Accounts   opened
oa favorable terms.   ::
ASSETS  $48,000,000
f 18 Colum'jla Street
B. 6
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 867
WE have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
Phone SS, New Weetmlneter, B. C. PAGE BIGHT
634 Columbia St.     Plione 22-23
City News
Phene R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
i ���  I ������' ���
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
Mr. George Mead leaveB today tor
California, where he will spent some
three months visiting.
Raincoats that are rainproof. A. S.
Mills & Co., 517 Columbia street.     ���*
Mrs. J. J. Johnston wiil receive today, and not again until the third
Thursday in January.
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.    Phone 310.   I. A. Reid.    *
Look! Misses, Women's and Children's Shoes at tempting prices. ^641
Front street.
According to present arrangements
the school board will hold a meeting
tomorrow afternoon In the city hall at
4 o'clock.
Stop! Consider! It pays to Invest
your money ln shoes of quality. Come
in and invest.   641 Front street. ������
The monthly meeting of the board
of trade will be held in the board of
trade rooms, city hall, tbls evening,
at 8 o'clock sharp.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M. !
Member of the Incorporated Society *
of Musicians (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)   |
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares candidatcs for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of Iho
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes in past  years.
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone L638.
Do you consider that you are
doing your full duty to your
family when you have not
made provision for them in
the event of your death. It
is a small item of expei ise,
but the benefit is incalculable. Come in and see me
about it.
' ��� s��f
Alfred W. McLeod
Headaches caused
eyesight. Get your
a graduate optician,
glasses   made    to
from   defective
eyes  tested   by
and  have  your
suit,  satisfaction
���57 Columbia St.,
sa. Now WootmineMr.
guaranteed.    W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's Jewelry store.   *���
An Interesting ceremony will be performed tomorrow at South Westminster, when the Right Rev. Lord
Bishop of New Westminster will consecrate the new church of St. Helen's
at that place. The consecration service will be held at 10:30 a.m.. and
half an hour later communion will be
celebrated, the bishop preaching the
sermon. Another service will be held
In the evening, on which occasion
Ven. Archdeacon Pentreath, of Vancouver, will be the preacher.
Mrs. Lester will open an adult beginners' class lr St. George's hall
Thursday, November 30, at 7:30 p.m.:
also an informal hop from 9 to 12 for
last season's pupils and their friends '
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afteinoon. Leaven
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. **
On Tuesda. evening in St. Andrew'.-;
Presbyterian church, corner of Blackwood and Carnarvon streets. Rev. J.
S. Henderson will give the first of a
series of lectures, supplemented by
lantern slides, on his trip to Europe
last summer. These lectures should
prove of great interest. Some of us
in the far west have but a hazy conception of European continental  life
Are you married ? Then don't pay
rent. We furnish the money to bufii
and you rei ay It same as rent., National  Finance Co.,    Ltd.,    ��2*  Columbia
street. **
Do it. now���what ? Give ub that list-
|ln*. National Finance Co., Ltd., Wil
> Columbia street. ������
It I I    ,  !lQ     |,|B   ii
Brashes of All Kinds
Hair, Hat, Clothes, Tooth,
Infant, Hand. Ip all these
lines we hav^tha very latest, including EBONY and
IVORY01D. ��eeour Show
-  %
Xmas Goods
now in, and a big and beautiful line too.   Look us up.
Five room house, mo tern, for rent.
1118 per month. National Finance Co.,
I Ltd., 521  Columbia street. �����
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
street,  near    Tenth
2 months.
cash;   balance  6   and
Nanaimo street and Fourteenth
One-third   cash;   balance   6,   12
and 18 months.
Fifth Street, near Tenth avenue,
$200 cash;  balance 6, 12 and 18
Major & Savage
B. & M.
Curtis Drug Store
Phene 43:  L. D. 71: Rea. 72.
New    Westminster.   B    C.
��� t*
Deane Block.   441 Colnmbia St
" New Westmlnater. B.C.
Major Fox Thinks Insurrection Wave
Will Carry All Befor; It.
Thc whole of the province of Chi-ll,
although it has been under the influence of the Manchu dynasty for nearly three centuries, said Ma;'or A. C.
Fe\, cf Tientsin, v. ho was a passenscr
���tl the EtipresB of India for Vancou
ver yesterday, is friendly to revolutionary cause, and although, when he
left the city, there was little aign
there of the convulsion which is
awakening the dragon from his sleep
of generations, yet the whole Chinese
population was with difficulty restrained from showing open sympathy with the revolutionary cause In
the southern and central provinces,
which had already made great progress when he left to join Ihe C. P, It.
liner, and he fully anticipated that
,the city, whose possession has always
l.een a determining factor in the mastery of the national capital, would ao
over to the republican forces without
nny effective resistance. Thc struggle
w.is recognized by all patties in China as Inevitable, and the white r^si-
drntB. military and civil, realf/.ej that
a crisis wah al hand.
Tientsin was too far remeved from
the seat of military operations for
tliem to have any special knowledge
of tho condition of affairs in the d's-
affected areas, but there was no doubt
that the progress of the country, while
It would suffer from tke temporary
dislocation of business, would go far
towards receneration when the republican administration was able to establish itself.
The major asked a number of questions about the progress of the insurrection since hr* left China, and expressed surprise that the Investment
of Nanking had not yet taken place.
However, he nald, no doubt the
leaders of the revolution were anxious to secure the country around
then before attacking the southern
capital. He believed the Insurrectionary forces were strenK enough tn
compel the surrender of General
^hang. and that the wave of revolution would then sweep northward towards Pekine.
He was not s'irnrlsed to hear thst
tbo Prince Regent's rife whs reported to have escaped lo Mukden, for
rumors were current in Tientsin when
he left that the Imperial family had
pecretlv withdrawn from th�� capital.
He doubted whether the Yuan Shf Kpf
administration could stem the tfrte of
affairs, now they had reached the
present pitch.
The irnj.i' said the official repre-
xentattVes of the Ei>ro<-��an and Artier-
lean rowers were looking we'l after
tfie safety of the white resident* scattered through the ceuntrr.
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(969) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded street and just oil
Second street, one of the wide-it streets ln this city. These lots aro
almost cleared and offer an exceptional opportunity as an investment or for a contractor in search ot cheap sites for inexpensive
Price $500 Each
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18 and 24 months.
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f J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
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Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave tor Vancou rer at 6, 5:46
a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
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utes thereafter.
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points at 9.S6 a.m., 1.20 aad
6.10 p.m.
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leaves at 4M p.m.
Tbe B. C. B. R. Co. offers re-
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third for week end trips to all
points on Ita Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
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