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The Daily News Dec 14, 1911

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INDUSTRIAL    SITES���25   acres
between two railroads, with Fraser
Mills line running through the property. Terms for genuine industrial  proposals.
new car line, on opjn street
ths    west
,*\    ,    ,        a^_
King's Sister and Two Nieces
on Board.
Women and Children  Taken Off    in
Lifeboat���Duke of Fife Remains on Ship.
Gibraltar, Dec. 13.���The British
tti amer Delhi, aboard of which were
tin- Duke and Duchess of Fife, Prin-
��'.--.s Alexandra and Princess, Maud,
wt-ut ashore near Cape Trafalgar in '
a beice gale early touay, and is now
being pounded to pieces by heavy
seas. All passengers have been rescued, the French crulBer Brlant hav-
int; succeeded in reaching the ship
after lifeboats had failed and hope
was almost abandoned.
'lhe   government   sougbt   to land
��Oldiers   with   lire   saving   apparatus
on the coast near the wreck, but the
high   seas   prevented   the   men   fiom
getting ashore,    it was then that the j
captain of the  French  warship  took :
the ono chance left aud managed to
accomplish  what  seemed    an  impos-1
While a wild gale was raging this !
morning and the coast was hidden la
heavy  fog, tiie    Delhi  ran    aground.
She was bound for Egypt, and ber j
iatsenger list included* the name   ofi
many   notable  people.    Women  and j
child! en    aboard     were     numerous, j
When she ran ashore the passengers
Were om the verge of    panic,    when
they were held in check by the promise that    lifeboats    could    easily    be '
launched.    But wnen    this    was    at-
tempted it failed.
Tbe    steamer    London    and    the!
cruisers Duke of Edinburgh and Wey-1
mouth were off Cape Spartela at the
time.    They  immediately  started  for j
the  scene,  but  the  stoim   prevented '
them reaching the Delhi in time to
be    of any    assistance.    While    the'
cruisers were   doing   their   best    to
roach    Cue    Delhi    she    was    being
I ounded to pieces by  the  mountains
of  water  sweeping  her decks.    And
the  passengers   were  becoming    des-1
pt rate.    The   Duke  of   Fife,  assisted |
tho  officers  to quell   their  fear,  and
i they wore  assuied   that   they   wouid
bo ta'sen off.
Rockets   were  fired  all  night,  and
it  was this  signalling that attracted I
the  rescuers.    When the Briant    ttt* j
temt tod to get near enough to    the
Delhi to take the passengers off   the j
Si..s threatened to crush the cruiser i
and    steamer    together.    By    heroic
measures    the    cruiser    was    finally |
brought to and the passengers trans-j
fered. !
The  Delhi  Is one    of    the    finest
shi; s   In   the   Oriental   service.     She,
carried a number of British nobility,
v. ho   were  expecting   to   spend    tlw
winter holidays ln Bgypt.
Trades and    Labor   Council    Protest
Against Exemption of Y. M. C. A.
from Taxation.
King and Queen Bear Burden
of Empire.
Superintendent of Dredges Talks    of
His Trip to Ottawa���Members
Are Busy.
Air, H. A. BayOeld, Dominion
superintendent of dredges, was back
ht work in his od'ice yesterday morning after a three weeks trip to Ottawa and other places ln the EaaL
Mr.i Hay fleld stopped off at Port
Arthur on his way east to Inspect a
dredging plant at that city, and theu
ir.-n-.-A oa to Toronto, Montreal and
/ "t,v��.rythlng ls to go ahead now as.
last as it can," said Mr. Bayfield.
"Mr. Monk told me himself that British Columbia was going to get everything that was coming to her ln the
futnie. And I may say, that tho
province has seven pretty live members working for her interests down
at Ottawa."
As to details ot the dredging work
to be carried out In the near future,
Mr. Bayfield could say nothing for
the present, except that all vork
would, bo pObbed ahead energetically.
Already flve machines were employed
at Victoria, and this port would be
the scene of great improvements; so
also would every other part of the
province, Including the Fraaer river.
"On Monday next," he announced,
"the Mastodon will go to work on
tbe First Narrows at Vancouver, and
the Sameon will also steam round
there to do aome surveying work."
Mr. Bayfield came right througn
cn his way back to the coast, and
very glad he waa to be here again,
ke said, after traveling around back
Holiday Rush Commenced.
. The Christmas rush is starting in
the customs ollice. and parcel* and
presents from the old country are
arriving dally ln greater and greater
,r* :tnhera. "Of course, things aro not
yet as busy as they will be," said
, tlu ^Hector of customs, "but we
.have plenty to do, and we find It
hard work to cope witli the business
jrtth the present etaff." -
Whether to contribute $25 and
their moral support to the labor candidates for* the city council nominated in Eagles ball on Monday night,
was a question that aroused some
lively discussion at the Trades aad
Labor council last night. The subject was introduced by a letter fiom
the campaign committee asking for
financial and moral support, and
Trustee Stoney moved a resolution,
that the council donate (25 and supply the other desired support The
campaign last year, he said, had cost
In the neighborhood of flOO; this year
it would probably cost a little more,
as a certain - element, which had te-
garded their candidates as a Joke
last year, were going to work harder
against them this time.
The Labor "Ticket."
Treasurer Knudson then arose and
criticized the ticket nominated at the
meeting In question. "1 consider it
a citizens' ticket," he expostulated,
"and not a labor ticket." He toct
exception to Mr. Chapman's nomlna
tion on account of his being an employer of labor, and doubted whether
it was constitutional for them to
support him, until Mr. Cameron
quoted the rules to prove that any
member of a union, as Mr. Chapman
was. could te a member of the
council. With regard to the two
women whom the labor meeting had
indorsed, did tbey know wbctaer
they would support the labor demands or not ? "As far as the ticket
goes," he wound up, "I thiuk it ls all
a farce."
In the subsequent discussion It
wns pointed out that tlie nominations
had been made by a . meeting ot
organize.! and unorganized labor, und
so weie out of the council's hands.
All they weie asked to do was to gho
them their financial and mora! support. Mr. Grant made an appeal to
the members to be unanimous with
regard to the labor candidates, fhn
ineeting the other night had mane
quite a stir in some quan.rs, and
certain iuteiests weie considerably
worried about their action, bet them,
he said, go ahead anil get co.-trol
little by little of the council and th*
school board, so that Anally they
might liave it all.
On the resolution being put to the
vote, it was carried with one dissenting voice.
Taxation of Y. M. C. A. Building.
A strong protest was then voiced
by the meeting against the proposed
exemption of the Y. M. C. A. lrom
taxation. All the speakers were at
one on this point, and it was made
clear that in the view of the meeting the Y. M. C. A. was a business
association like any other. Its property would increase in value like
any other, and it should pay the
taxes like everybody else. By a
unanimous vote ,the secretary was Instructed to send a letter of protest
against the proposed exemption to
the city council.
Thanks, De'egates, Coal  Scuttle.
The remaining business transacted
Included a hearty vote of thanks to
Trustee Stoney and Alderman Dodd
for the good work done by them as
labor's representatives on the school
board and the city council respectively during' the past year. Two delegates to the B. C. Federation of Labor
to be held in Victoria on January 22
were appointed. Messrs. Grant and
Kerr being elected. The question of
buying a new coal scuttle was also
raised, the old one having disappeared from the hall. Trustee Stoney
pointed out that as the hall would
shortly ba passing out of their hands,
it might be good economy to postpone
the purchase' until this took place,
and to make suitable arrangements
at that date. With this the coal scuttle dropped.
White Empress   Gracious   to    Ducky
Sisters���New Locaticn of Seat
of Government Popular.
Laboring to Reach Entombed
Victims, Retreating to Safety, Leave
Loving Messages and  Records
of Whereabouts.
Delhi. Dec. 13.���Though fatigued by
yesterday's Durbar festivities, there
was little rest for King George arnli
Queen Mary today. The announcement that bis majesty was determined to show hls appreciation of
the reception tendered bim at DeLil
by displacing the government seat at
Calcutta and changing lis location to
Delhi is received with great acclaim.
in the afternoon there was a garden paity in the grounds of tbe fort
for the big personages, ahd the general subject discussed was the wonders of yesterday. King George'.;
liberal money gift and pardon for
political prisoners, and the proposed
changing of tbe government seat
were the topics. The paity was
unique in that the native potentates
do not as a rule look favorably upon
this form of entertainment for
women. Today, however, there wa3
a big muster of high caste PurJaa
ladies. Queen Mary made herscif
agreeable  to  the   harem  beauties. M	
For the common people there was   message on the wall. .,,..���
a fete on the great open space known Twenty-five members of the gov-
as Hela, below the walls of the fort, ernment life-saving party, equipped
Here tho governor of th.i Punjab, Sir with safety helmets, have started foi
Louis Dane, superintended the ar-1 gallery 36. To get theie they will
rangements for feeding and amusing not only have to chop their wav
a vast multitude representing not through wreckage, but tbey murit
only the native population of Delhi, I fignt through a well of flre," the ex
but the countryside for miles around.' tent of which is problcmatlcr.l. Tbey
While the fete was In progress the j fear the fire mav be eating its wav
���*  **""      appea-.ed    on    the   toward   the   imprisoned   miners
Bricevllle, Dec.-IS.���Wih the pass
ing ot another day without the dls-
coveiy of live men in the Cross
Mountain mine, hope for the rescue
of the 50 still unaccounted for has
reached Its lowest ebb. Forty-five
bodies have been tecovered.
Bricevllle, Tenn., Dec. 13.���Somewhere in the depths of tbe wrecked
Cross Mountain coal mine, three
miles beneath the surface, Bam
Miller, tbe oldest miner employed by
the company, and a crowd <ot helpers
are playing hide and seek with death,
while a rescue party are hazarding
their own lives to save them. Fire
has added to the danrer of the entombed and starving miners and is
making more difficult the wor't of
rescue. Many galleries are allam.-
and smoke compels the lescue:s to
work in short shifts. Chalk marks o:i
tbe walls are tbe trail by which tho
rescuers are following Millar and
bis companions.
"Going to No. 36," reads the    last
Their Conduct Is Fair, But Buildings
Inadequate���Licence  Inspector
Presents Resort.
Kng and Queen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
walls of the fort, surrounded by their
court, and received the cheers of the
Tcnlght the fort is illuminated anl
there is a big display of fireworks
on the Eela. Inside the fort another
rtate banquet Ib being held.
Reverses  Curzon   Policy.
London. Dec. 13.���The Marquis of
Lansdowne, the opposition leader, I
and Lord Curzon of Kedlestone, vic> i
roy of India from 1898 to I90f, spoke '
gravely ln the House of Lords hurt1,
night concerning  the Indian changes
^^^^^     but
they ^rely on Millet's knowledge nt
the mine to stave oft death until
safety reaches them. Miller knows
every entryway and room in the
mine, and this knowledge is the one
thing that has saved him and bis
followers up to now. At lea .it a dozen
men are thought to he with him.
While   the   government     party    iii
flghllug its  way    through    flre    and i
Mayor Lee, speaking as chairman
of tbe boa/d of license commission/
ers, at the annual meeting beld yesterday evening, stated that the hotel-,
of this city were not up to the standard that be would like to see in
New Westminster. Ile was glad to
hear from License Inspector Brad
sbaw's report tbat on the who.e
these hotels had been well conducted during the past year, but most ot
them needed enlarging and improving. "One ot tbe enteriens of 3
good town are its hotels, and oura
ure npt as good as tbey should be."
Mayor Lee and Commissioner Gilchrist were piesent to hear the in
spec tor's report for 1911, In this it
was stated that during the past year
there had been registered thirteen
convictions under the Liquor act cf
It'lt). Two of these were against
hotelkceieis, two against bartenders,
two against persons tending bar
without a license, and seven against
pei sons telling liquor without a
license. Por tbe rest the law relating
to the saie of li.iuor during prohibited hours had, on the whole, been
well observed. The large number ol
cases 'of drunkenness dealt with in
the police court the Inspector attributed to bottle drinking and not
to drinking at tbe bar.
A certain number of temporary
bartenders' licenses were then confirmed by the board, and existing
hotel licences wete lenewed for the
coming year to every applicant, the
mayor remarking that the hotels had
China   to   Choose   Between
Forms cf Govt.
Daring      Plratea     Loot
Steamer at Haeg Kf nfl,
Gunboats Cleat by.
Shanghai, Dec. 13;t-Whether British or American governments* forms
shall be used to rule the rejuvenated
China is exptcted to be decided here)
wben Wu Ting Fang aad Tang Sbao
Yi meet in conference on the matter.
Tans, Sbao Yi left HankOw today for
Shanghai. He bas been Instructed by
the rebel leaders ea the Yangtse
Kiang to support the British form
of government, while Dr. Wu is foe-
the American plan. It is believed at
compromise scheme will be devised.
Hong Kong, Dee. 13.���Oue of the
most dai ing acts of piracy occurred
today on the West river, when a
passenger boat steaming along near
tbe two of Shiu Hiag waa looted almost under the bows of several.
Chinese gunboats which were moored
ln the vicinity. Noise bf the passengers was hurt, but a considerable
amount of British property was
A panic is reported to have occurred among the population of the city
of Wu Chow, who are ln dread of an
attack by the people of Canton in revenge for a recent massacre in tbat
city, when a number ot revolutionary-
troops were mistaken for pirates.
Some of them were killed, a number
behaved"fairly_well"during""the"p7stof ot*e���r8 severely *mt^; while the
year with perhaps the exception    of,'���"J^"*^
refuge ip flight.
tihW'tO tie frequent
in Canton.   Thteves^Whett taught are
at once beheaded.
U. 8. Landing Party.
Hankow, Dec. 18.���A landing party
one.    He   warned   the   hotelkeepens,'
however,    that    they    must   6how a
greater tendency    to    enlarge    their
houses, or elEe they would lose their |
licenses in fa\or of ethers who wero (     , ,.���.   ��� ��������������,a iwny
willing to do so. The inspector bai ' of bluejackets and marines from tho;
pointed out in his rerort. hew ina.'e- j United States gunboat Villa UXtiiTf.
quate the accommodation in the city | which was sent up the river to Tung
was for-any crowd of visitors, and Ling lake in order' fo prtitect th*3
he said tbat this condition must j escaping American missionaries front
change, now that the city was g.o.vlthe attacks of pirates, reached
ing so  rapidly. '   I Chow without mishap.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                 Transfeis    xve:e jrranted    for    the
wreckage to grt to No. 3fi gallery  an- [Lytton hotel licensa from Mr. McLeoJI
oth��r ua.i,  ol ,..rr, ��. ��IMIW ����� Vy^y*5fte,',ftftf^.yt.t- .^..STfl'M
ward -the game-gallery  through    theT*"**- ^*w* aslmtmce -was gWen   vnJH
-,-^-_      .it   r* ... .Thistle   mine      which     adjoins     thelM'-   Peters,  of  tbe    Premier    hotel,I���
and some of the Conservative morn j wreckej   shafts.    They   are   30   feet *that al�� tar as lt la>' ln the P��"er of
lug papers followed suit ., tn    c MoiMltain  mine   ani
The  dssatlsfactlon   however,  may   d   , h rappings.
be  due to the  fact  that this  policy ' "    *
involves a reversal of Lord Curzon'r,
According to government papers
the new policy was carefully consld
ered before it was adorUd as bein'.:
essential to the growth of local self-
government in India.
Miss Jennie Dauphlnee. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William Dauphlnee.
of tiiis city, was united in marriag?
yesterday to Mr. James Vallance, at
St. Barnabas church, by the Rev. Mr.
Bartlett. Tlie bride was attended by
Miss Annie Tidy and the bridegroom
by Mr. J. Morrison. The bride wore
a handsome traveling suit of blue,
and the bridesmaid was very becomingly dressed. The pair were the
recipients of many presents. After a
reception at the home of the bride's
parents on Agnes atreet, Mr. and
Mrs. Vallance left for Victoria by
way of Vancouver.
Sapperton te Be Site ef New Dominion Company's Factory���Two
Stery Building.
It la reported that the contract for
the building pf the Dominion Match
company's factory at Sapperton haa
been let, Messrs. Beer and McLellan
being the flrm to undertake the work.
Gamble and Knapp, of Vancouver, lii
the same way. ara ' stated to be the
architects. The company also state*
that the main building will be two
storeys in height, and one hundred
by tiro hundred feet in area. Fireproof gypsum blocks will be uaed in
thc construction. Orders for the assembling of materials on the ground
have, lt la claimed, already heen
given, and the Intention la expressed
of rushing the work to completion aa
quickly as foaslble.
��� ^�����"���*>
Following on Reeve Mars' brave
boost of his municipality of Coquitlam at the opening of the Buinaby*
hall, comes news that shows that1
as far as demand for property goes
this place falls little below the high
standard of progress which he claim-
ted for It. A subdivision put on the
market for the first time laat Saturday by VV. J. Kerr & Co. wka completely sold out by yesterday, ono
hundred lots having been disposed of
In that brief, period. From most
quarters. In.fact, cornea Information
that property here la being turned
over at a surprising rate, so that this
sale la by no means solitary oi
Sir Charles Tuppsr Critically III. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Toronto. Dec, 13.-Cahle adv*ce�� ]pJ ��*e woi|!d fee una?*!? to bend
May Purchaae Yacht Be I aura.
Victoria. Dec. 13.���It ta reported
here that the Dominion government
may purchase the yacht Detaura, the
property of James Dunsmuir, for the
fisheries protection service on the
coast. The craft la being held at
1 ������maaarn      %   ipi.imin%������
Portland, Ore.��� Dec. 13.���Ip an effort to l re vent hia grandmother from
becoming a permanent cripple. 12-
year-old Francis Clifford has given
the skin from one "t hla legs to save
the aged woman, aud soon will give
cuticle from hla other leg.
Mrs. John Condon, the grandmother, waa run down by an auto
mobile. Both her leps were crushed
and the akin torn from her knees.
Physicians feared that fhe flesh
would heal ln auch a manner that
Facing Death; Wrote Messages.
Four of five men rescued alive from
the mine, fearing they would die;
hud written messages to loved ones.
They had but one piece, of paper and
a little pencil haidly an inch ijug
and each took his turn with lt. Mil-
ton Henderson, wrote thus to his
child-wife: ���
"Dear Little Wife,���You have been
a good little wife, but If I don't get
to see you any more on this earth I
have told you where I want to be
burled at Pleasant Hill. Now, sweat-
heart, do as I tell you.    Bye-bye."
This waa written at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. Evidently young Henderson's turn with the pencil had
gone, but Jt came back to his hands
again and then be wrote:
"We have to fan with our coats to
live. You Know half the cow is yours.
If I don't get out of here, get your
papa to help get my pay from the
mine. If I don't happen to lay my
eyea oa you again om this earth, I
hope to see you in heaven. I am sure
we will meet In heaven. I want yoa
to tell mama that papa and I are alt
right ao far. If they don't send noth
ing worse on us, with help we can
get oat. If we don't get out I hope
to meet you in heaven.
(Signed)   "MILTON   HENDERSON."
Similar to the thoughts entertained
by young Henderson were those reflected I by Enrin Smith in the note,
he left his wiffc, only  blacker were[
his hopes, lf that were possible.   He
"Dear Wife and Children,���I don't
think we can get out Me an .1 Dora
Iriah is burned badly. Let the house
go back. (He had just bought a-
home.) The company owes me |60.
You can make the company pay'for
my life, Arthur asd Duff started
through entry No. 16. 1 don't know
whether they can get ont or not
Good-bye to all.
(Signed)        "J. E. SMITH."
In the double dinner pail carried
by Smith was water, and, although
he waa burned and almost famished
for drink, he gave it all to Dora. Iriah,
who waa more badly burned and who
needed water mora than the othera
to minimize his sufferings. Smith.
Uke Henderson, gave hla promise In
response to the pleading of his wife
and children that, he would forsake
mining and find another means of
Canada's Trade.
Ottawa.  Dec.   13.���Canada's trade
ln 1911 amounts to f7S9,44S,fOS,   an
increase over  the njp*toaa  j***  of
over seventy-nine Millions.
Bank natmevjA
Everett,   Dec. 13.���Three   masked
men enfored the Baa* of Commerce
just hitfore ��e closing hour. r>nd at
thc rotat of a gu��,Ai#aa��f#J^,
the board they were willing to allow
him to transfer his license from tbc
Premier to the new hotel he ls contemplating building, sis soon as it ia
Lelpslz, Germany, Dec. 13���Heavy
sentences bave been meted out to
the English spies arrested at Hamburg in- March last.
Schultz. an English shipbroker,
was sentenced to seven years, another to twelve years, another to two
years, and two more to three years
Program to Be Instructive and Amusing���Y.  M. C A. to  8hare
M. qi	
v ��� -
On Recent Western Tour he Learned
of Reported Conspiracy and
Decided on Inquiry.
Los Angelas, Dec. 13.���President
Taft personally set In motion the
government's Investigation both here
ami at Indianapolis into the dynamiting conspiracy in which the McNamara brothers figured. The president, when he visited Lea Angeles on
October 16, waa apprised by Oscar
Lawier, then an associate of District
Attorney John Fredericks, of the
strong case built up by the latter
against the McNamaras.
The presidents acUonJB the matter'following hla conference with Mr.
Lawier-was taken 48 houra after he
left here. The McNamara trial waa
then but flve daya' old, but tte president waa convinced, It is aald. ot tbe
array of -facta gathered by the state
and waa told tbnt the McNamara
brothers were not tbe only guilty
parties. Details of alleged tampering with wltaeasis and evidence In
various parte ot the country and the
Inability of the state authorities here
to bring all offenders to Juatice, Were'
related to thf presldenL It was a
final move on the part of the people
here to ask the nation's chief dKeciK
tive to assist them In s matter* ln
which they were being balked oni
many aides. The local federal an
thbrlfes had declined to take ai
steps In the matter, pending on*
from Washington, nod District. Ai
noy Fredericks ��gs unable to so to
Washington to present the tocte.' Mi
dlcate   that   the   condition   of   Sir I Mm, and akin^^ grafting waa -decided . money In right ��^*��i?!.M!���-
Charles Tapper Is ertUcaL      , wt, .      V;:   -. ITIlwr P*""* nm>****"��*��� ** **������
Arrangements   for   the   entertalip-
ment of the trooy of Australian boys *
who  will  shortly pas/  tbrough  Brit- -
ish Columbia on their tour of    tbe'
world were made at a meeting of a
committee of the council and several-
prominent citizens held on Tuesday
evening. According to these ''    hoys
are to come over here On December
27, when they will be the guests of
tbe city and the Y. M. C. A. for the
whole day.    There were present at
the meeting Mayor Lee and Aldermais
J. J. Johnston, for the city;  Mr. T.
J. Trapp and Principal McMillan, for
the school board; Messrs. E. Goulet
and T. D. Sherriff, for the board   of -
trade, and    Mr. J. W. Creighton,   au
prominent old Australian.
The committee laid out a program
for the day's doings calculated to
amuse ancl instruct the youthful vial
tors. The boys are expected to arrive in New Westminster from Van
couver at 9:30 on the morning of December 27, and will Immediately leave
on the Transfer for the big mills np
the Fraser. After they have been,
shown all over these they will return'
to the Y. M. C. A. whose they will b��
entertained at luncheon, and will be-
given the'lhm or the inatitutlon for
tbe rest of tho day. in the afternoon
tbey woi -Jtay. a football match
against the High school team at
Queens park,-snd ln the evening wlIL .
be given a dinner at the Y. vt. C. A.
The rest of the night ,w|H be derated'
to a concert given by the Australians
themselves, and it la hoped that It
wlH be possible to *ake tfcis the-
openlng {event at the enlarged open*
bouae;   L
The   arrangements   will be finally
completed at a meeting of tbe coon
mittee to be held next Tuesday.
*   "     -���   "' ���'--' ���' ���'" -''
Sapperton restdaate are deterpto-
ed to bring out a Candidate tear tbn��
council fiom their end of the elty..
Qoeatp, is centering on the nes���'
oCMiCMcGill. who trikgOn f-e-fleld'.
last year. ��� '���"-/>. ":-,-:r:.
������**r> hnye got to *t*^*..:tm*****-
t%m the east eid." said Mr MoGlin
yesterday sfteraoon, "mi wu|rvo*>'
���._._,__ __��, ���_. -.3.mMi***mMtf-^^
waa through Mr, Lnwler. a,friend ott But I cut any w yet *tether*t:wftr
ths preeldcnt'a,   that federal   action
was Instituted.
"I cannot discuss any convi
I bave had Srttb the praifltoit.'*:,���.
aoom ang <**���**** pesaial-.
V* ft*! tfwn megep *
or sot ' I have got m#d4np nay
on ibe subject,*^ "^^
'fit no definite stepa iin beanjteto��ki ���
**aS.**r. ���'.
��� i   MMI m i TAOS TWO
Jn tho   c*r   aerved   at   the
gjpssg   furnished, close in.    Reply
.*"       R 4. Dally News office.
caddie age, position as housekeeper
t�� working man. Apply J. W. K.,
My Newa.
IsMse, unfurnished, close in. Reply
���. 4, Dally Newa office.	
-smtt.   Apply 712 Twelfth atreet.
Bjswsea and vacant property in Sap-
m*xtoa. Kindly asnd me your Hat-
mt-9*. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
CMumbla street
���mow that I am now operating tbe
*_tiy pasteurized bottled milk plant
ate the city and will deliver either
gpMteurised milk or cream to any
part of the city or dlatrict Milk,
����� quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint Phone your order to R873
tm write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
Lulu Island.
��s clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley, Edmonds.
Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
Wanted, a young man as stenographer and assistant to the City
Cl#rk. City Hall, New Westminster.
Ainiiy at once by letter to
City Clerk.
CHy Hall, December 6, 1911.
EXPERT8 WILL 8PEAK. wordg wlUj 30 c��nts added for each
- additional flve words, and for week-1
Poultry Association Mooting in Van- end fetters 11.50 for thirty Words and
couver Should Be Important. , 25 cents added for each additional five
At the annual meeting of the B. C.' words. Outside of London and Liver-
rgijtsr Association, which will take pool cable letters an�� week-end lev
place in Vancouver Jan. 17 and 18, lt ters will be delivered by mall unless
Is expected that one of the apeakers otherwise arranged by the sender,
wlll be Miss Margaret A. Stewart of fhe sender may have them handled
Calgary, who enjoys the reputation of Dy telegraph to points beyond London
being one of the moat successful or Liverpool' by the additional pay-
poultry experts in Canada. Mlss ment of one cent per wqrd (with mini-
Stewart, after learning the business mum of twelve words '.including ad-
at Ste. Anne'a de Bellevue, Quebec, dress and signature) to points in
started a poultry farm In the neigh- Great Britain and Ireland or by pay-
borhood of Calgary on borrowed capl- ment of regular word rates to other
tal, but paid off her indebtedness in a points beyond London. If telegraphic
very short time and is now ln pros- transmission between place of origin
perous circumstances. During he- and New York or Boston is desired.
Notice H hereby given that on the bait to the coast it is probable that senderB have the option of doslgnat-
��7��� iCmbff 1911anpllc*- lhe will levture not only at Van- lng the class of service, whether day
tion will be mX �� the Boa?d of>ouver. but also at New Westminster. me88age or night letter, and the regu-
{���������, PommUlonera of Burnaby [Her subject will probably be "The iar rates for the class of service sel-
MSaSTo'    ranew2     o7^ | Scientific CooMng of Eggs and l>helr ected In addition to the charges for
Ucense to sell liquor by retail in the  Combination With Milk. ��� ���   ----   -���-
Royal    Oak
Public Meeting.
At the request of a number ot
ratepayers, by a petition presented,
I hereby call a public meeting to'bo
beld at the City Hall on Tuesday,
the 19di'inst., at 8 p.m., for��the discussion of municipal matters of interest to the citizens generally.
'     JOHN A. LEE, Mayor.
December 14, 1911.
Another lecturer who has been se-
said Municipality of Burnaby
Dated this 2nd day   of December,
NOTICE ls hereby given that we Intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board for the City of
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Hotel Lytton,
situated on the corner of Lytton Square and Front street, opposite the Market, In the said City of
New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
810 Hoyal avenue; rent $25 monthly.
rooms, large; one with fireplace.
Apply 57 Merrlvale street	
and sitting room, for one or two
gentlemen. Rent reasonable. 719
Carnarvon street |
rooms, hot snd cold water night,
and day.   543 Front street
ron SM.E \
lease; .13 foot frontage; by Westminster Realty Company, 630 Columbia street,
acres cleared, more or less, good 8
roomed house, large barn, chicken
bouses and runs,, fruit trees, etc,
seven and a half milt 1 from town,
facing on Paciflc highway. Price
912,000, one-third cash, balance
spread over flve years. Apply Box
19 Dally News office.	
��d house with all modern convent
es.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, will sell five acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an a-:re. Easy
-terms. Arply Fleming, 310 Columbia
���treat. Sapperton.
gl down and li a week; no Interest; four styles; old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Oo.    Phone 996, Market Square.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board of the City of
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Liverpool
Arms, 662 Columbia street, in
said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
Guelph Agricultural College and held
for a time the position of professor
of poultry husbandry at the university of the state of Maine. Most of
his work has been devoted to tbe Improvement of utility poultry. Papers
will also be given by several members of the provincial association.
Among   the    matters   of business
which the convention will disouss will
cable transmission. Messages must
be in plain languages ot the country
of origin or destination. Use of two
or more languages ln same message
not allowed. All numbers except
those used in address must be written ln words at full length.
Messages are liable to be deferred
In favor of those paid for at full rates
for a period not exceeding 24 hours.
If delayed beyond that time they take
their turn with fulf paid traffic.
by quality or price, you
can buy to best advantage st the
Fit-Reform Wardrobe.
Fit-Reform   Suits  and   Overcoats i
start st 51 3���and run to $30 and up.
Edison on Germane.
Thomas   A.   Edison   tells   a   New
be a proposal that membership shall' York World  correspondent  in   Ham-
be open to all who may wish to join   burg:
You   can't    measure    Fit-Reform
quality by any other ttanda-d, simply because
Tit-Reform Suits and Overcoats are in s class by
and also that the annual fee of $11
shall Include the subscription for tho
official organ, The Successful Poul-
tryman. The banquet whlcn will be
held Thursday evening, Jan. 18, wlll
be free to members of the association, but' a charge of $1.50 will be
made to non-members.
'As In all else tbe Germans lack
proper initiative," the inventor continued. "They are good adapters,
that's all. I was surprised In going
through miles of factories ln Berlin
at how little there was new. Everything was American machinery.
"Another thing that handicaps German piogress ls over-economy. They
grudge spending money, and If a new
machine comes out that's an' Improvement the old German won't buy till he
has used up the old.    Where Aineri-
NOTICE is hereby given that I 111
tend to apply at the next sitting ol
the Licensing Board for the City ol
New Westminster for a transfer and
renewal of license to sell liquors by
retail on the premises known as the
Cosmopolitan Hotel, situate on Columbia street, opposite C. P. R. depot, in the said City of New Westminster. E. J.  SLOPER.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given that I Intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board of the City of
New Westminster for a renew.al of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Windsor Hotel, 732 Columbia street, in the said
City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
Liberal  Canadian  Government'i
nuities Act Is Still Good.
"There is nothing more   admirable ' can intelligence comes in is the, will-
than thrift, and there ls nothing moro  ingness to spend money when neces-
the j pitiable than when the accumulations ', sary.    There is no shortsighted  sou-
I of thrift are pocketed by the rapaci-' saving among our business men.
ous harpies who prey upon the small j     "One hears great talk of the   high
investors," says the Economist, Eng-   standard' of business Integrity ln Ger-
land, many, yet at lunch the other day with
It is therefore not only desirable, German financiers it was admitted
but it is absolutely necessary that 'here was no comparison1 between
we should have some plan of Invest-. the British standards and their own.
ment under which we may by put-! "The British have the highest Stan-
ting aside from week to week or dard of integrity ln the world," I was
month to month a portion of our tol<L 'Our German aristocracy is en-
earnings to make provision against tering largely ln business now to get
the "Rainy Day," and this plan is rich qujci{ and don't care how lt ls
afforded by the Canadian Government annuity as a means of making
proved by members of both houses
of parliament. The benefits to be derived from tbe purchase of a government aanunity as a means of making
provision for old age are, it may be
done.    Their methods have generally
affected business Ideals."
,.,��� o  _     The 0. E.  S.,  Royal Clty Chapter.
   far  more'"bountifiif' than "thase i No- 7- wi" *'ter this meet in the K
which may be derived from any other j of p- Hal1- corner of Eighth and Ag
safe investment, and fur greater than I "es streets, on the second and Fourth
the people have anv  idea of, simply   Monday of each month at 8 p.m.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Hoard for the City of
New Westminster for a renewal of
License to sell liquor hy retail on the
premises known as the Depot Hotel,
situated on corner of Columh'n and
Eighth streets, in the said City of
New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board for the City ol
New Westminster for a renewal ol
license to sell liquors by retail og
the premises known as tbe Klngj
Hotel, situated on Columbia street, la
tho said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 80, 1911.
east lots ln the west end. on Eighth
mvenive, having a southwest view
facing the river and gulf. Lots
56x110 and 118. Very liberal ternn.
Phone L179, or call 1303 Eighth
~a venue.
FINE lot in West End, 66x148, streets
bar!; and front, $16yfl; cash $500.
I FIFTY foot lot c'ose to Queens park,
$50.00 down and $20.00 per month.
COMFORTABLE house on Fourtn
street close to Third asenue, $3500,
easy terms.
/CHEAP Ipts in    Sapperton,    50   feet
aride, $-150 each   one-third cash.
132x132,  close  in,    with    house    be
tween two Btreets, $4200; terms.
.ACNES street, south side, full sized
Wt, ?10,O00;   terms.
��� CHEAP lots in Burnaby, Fourth avenue and Sixth street, 50x132, $650,
cno-quarter cash.
v648 Columbia Street,  Phone 832.
Vsrden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
in Eagles hall tbe first and
ttMrri Wednesdays of eacb month at
41 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
.gavfted to attend.
Financial Secretary.
NOTICE Ib hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board for the City of
New Westminster for a reaewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on tke
premises known as the Royal City
Hotel, situated corner of Customs
House Square and Columbia street, in
the said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I Intend to apply at the next sitting of
tbe Licensing Board of the City of
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on tbe
premises known as the Fraser Hotel,
situated on tbe corner of Begbie and
Front streets In the said City of New
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
for the reason that with every pay
ment of annuity is returned a portion I
cf the purchase money together with I
compound Interest at 4 per cent. If
the annuitant liven the average num-j
ber ot years he may be expected to
live according to mortality experience, he will receive back all that
he paid in as w^ll as the inteiest
thereon. But this is not all. for shouM
he survive this expectation the annuity will not cease, but will go on
until his death. It seems paradoxical
that a man can use his principal
without his income becoming less,
but this is made possible under thc
annuities  system.
The age of five is the earliest age
at. which payments for the purchase
of ani annuity may be begun, and the
age of 55 bas been fixed as the earliest age at which, except for Invalidity
or disability, an annuity may begin,
but the longer it is deferred the
larger, of course, wlll be the amount
received. For example, the payment
of $1 a week by a man of 25 until
he In 55, would give him an annuity
from the latter age of $258.28, payable quarterly; wliile if he continued
paying untll he was 60, his annuity
would be $397.36. In either case, if
he died before the date fixed for the
annuity to begin all bis payments
with compound interest at 3 per cent.
would be refunded to his legal representatives. For a slightly increased
payment the annuity would be guaranteed for ten years certain, or for
life, whichever should be the longer.
Everyone should apply for informa-
tion in regard to this most provident i
system of saving���a system which ir |
adopted will bring as its reward an
oM age of comfort, happiness and i
dignity. Literature descriptive of its
features, and tables showing fhe cost
on different plans, may he obtained
at the post office or on application to
the superintendent of annuities, Ot-
I tawa, to whom letters go free of postage.
By order of
Worthy Matron.
C M. GREEN. Manager.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for it la tbe stuff that tho foun-
datlons of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be uaed ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed ln the future.   Money cannot he Invested until It ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, S2.000.000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. OEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I t
tend to apply nt the next sitting 4
thn Licensing Boaril for the City t\t
New Wesrtninster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Merchants'
Hotel, situate at the corner of Co*
lumbia and McNeely streets, in the
said City of New Westminster.
D.   S.   BRAY.
New Westminster, Nov. 30, 1911.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of
the Licensing Board for the City of
New Westminster for a renewal of
license to sell liquors by retail on
the premises known as the Central
Hotel, situated on Columbia street,
between Alexander and Elphth
streets, in the said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 30. 1911.
Titles    Evamined.    Land Registry
Tansies Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
Western Union Telegraph Companv
Institutes New Service
The new services are not offered as
substitutes for the present, r, gular
cable service, but are intended to
place the Atlantic cables within
reach of the public at rates which
will encourage use for social and business communications which are now
subject to the delay of over-sea malls,
and which are of sufficient importance to Justify a moderate charge for
the use of the cables whilst not of
such pressing urgency as to warrant
the cost of an expedited cable service. The new services are predicated
upon the use of cable facilities a-,
times when the latter would otherwise be employed.
Cable letters and week-end letters
may be fllsd at any open Westerr*
Union ofTice at any hour, and they
will be forwarded to the cable terminal at New York or Boston hy mall
or telegraph, at option of the sender
and the] will be cabled at the
convenience of the company to reach
London or Liverpool in time for delivery on the morning of the second
day fo'towing their receipt at New
York or Poston.
The tarllT for cable transmission of
cable letters will be $1.50 for twenty
The man might not appreciate
the cigars you buy him, but if
you buy his SMOKING JACKET
here he knows it is correct.
$5.50 to $10.00
A Suit Case or Club Bag
Is very pleasing and is as serviceable a present as he
can get. Club Bags, solid leather, in black and
brown color with leather lining.
$6.00 to $22.00
Gents' or Ladies' Suit Cases
Can be bought here at a saving price. These cases
are made from the best leather that is produced.
Some with Leather Lining and others that are
Leather Lined with Toilet Fittings.
$7.00 to $28.00
And many other acceptable Gifts we can show you
671 Columbia Street
New Westminster
��� THUR8DAY, DECEMBER  14, 1911.
Interesting Record of Proa/ess of International   Exposition.
San Francisco, Dec. 13.���Frederick
James Volney Skiff, director of the
Field Columbian Museum at Chicago
for the past fourteen years, member
of the Legion of Honor of France and
holder of a score of Foreign decorations, has accepted the appointment of
director-in-chlef of foreign and domestic Participation ln the Panama-Pacific International exposition which 's
to be held ln San Francisco in 1915.
On receiving Mr. Skiff's acceptance of
tbe important office, President
Charles C. Moore of the Exposition
company expressed his gratification
and declared tbat Mr. Skiff's wide experience in exposition affairs wlll be
of the greatest value to the men wbo
are planning the great project. ,
Mr. Skiff is known the world over
by reason of his activities at tbe various expositions that bave been held
ln this country and Europe. He iB a
native of Chlcopee, Mass., and is 60
years of age. He was formerly a
newspaperman, having served on tbe
leading newspapers of the U. 8.
in responsible capacities. He was also a member of the Colorado Legislature and subsequently served as a
commissioner of immigration and statistics for that state. He is considered one of the best Informed men on
expositions on this continent. It was
largely through hls efforts that the
St. Louts Exposition was made a success. The flrst Important work that
Mr. Skiff took up on accepting the appointment offered him by the exposition directors was a Journey to Washington, D. 0. to consult with the Federal officials relative to government
participation ln the coming 1915 exposition and also to discuss the lm-
tortance of Immediately Inviting for- '
cten nations to participate. Mr. Skiff
Will immediately take up the great '
work that is before him in San Fran-
ctaeo, I
Kot only has be beeri director of ���
the Field Museum of Natural History
since its Inception ln '94, but he is a '
doctor of laws of the Washington, unl-,
verslty of St. Louis, doctor of laws of
the  George   Washington    University,!
Washington, D. C, and master of arts '
of the Colorado College.   He was na-'
tional  commissioner  of  the   World's |
Columbian Exposition, 1893, and later
chief of dei ai tment   of mining   anl
metallurgy and deputy-gene, al of the
Columbian Exposition of 1893.   He or- ;
ganlzed   the   award    system    of   thr
Nashville Exposition in 1897 and was
direclor-ln-chief of the United  States
Commission at  the  Paris  Exposition
in 1900.   He was commissioner at the
Turin Exposition in 1902. and director
of exhibits at tho University  Exposition at  St. Louis in  1904.      He was
llrst   \ice-presldent   of   the   superior
Jury  of  the  St.   Louis  exposition  of
1901 and member of the board of *_&* !
ministration   universal    congress    of
arts   and   science,   Universal    Exposi- :
tion, Kl. Louis in 1904.
Mr. Skiff received the gold medal
of honor from Germany Iii 1098, and
the bionze medal of merit fiom,
France, commander of tho Order oi' |
Hed Lagle of Germany, and has received the Grand Cross Order of thc ifi
Sacred Treasure from the Japanese
government. He has received the
���rders of commander of the Order of
Leo; old I., Belgium; commanJer of
tlie cider of Francis Joseph, Austria,
comn under of the Order of the
Double Dragon, China; grand officer
of St. James of the Kingdom of Portugal; commander of the Order.of the
t'ic>.\n of Italy, and has numerous orders and decorations from Turkey,
Siam, Bulgaria and other foreign governments. He Ib a member of the National Education Association; member and ex-presldent of the American /.Bsociation of Museums, and of
other educational and scientific
bodies. He ls a member of the Board
of Governors of the American Athletic
Union and of the Chicago Club and
University Club of Chicago.
Before accepting the position,  Mr.
Skiff   waa   ln   this   city   and   held
lengthy conference with the directors
of the exposition. He outlined the important work that was before the directors, and gave them some sound
advice.    President Moore and his cof-
leag'ues on the Board of Directors of
the Panama-Pacific  International  Exposition  prevailed  upon  Mr.  S'Uff to
consl.ier his appointment as director
of loreign and domestic rarticipatio.i
and  it  was only after a week's consideration   that   Mr.   Skiff    accepted
the high office,   lt is certain that hls
selection  will  be as  pleasing to the
foreign nations as lt is to the govern-1
ment bf the United States. Mr. Skiff's ;
appointment as Commisslcner-General j
of the United States  government   to
the Japanese Exposition  to be  held |
in 1917 is evidence of the regard in
which he is held by the Officials at
Washington, P. C.	
Worthy Object for Christmas Giving.'
Laat spring a brief article 'on the
Cana ilan Free Library for the BBnd
appeared ln these colums. In that article it was stated that the Library,
then at Markham, Ont, was to be removed to Toronto. The removal has
since taken place, and the C. F. L. B.
now occupies quarters at 105 Annette btreet, Toronto, Ont
The Canadian Free Library tor the
Blind   ls   attempting   to reach   and
benefit all the blind of Canada, but lt
it ls encountering serous obstacles in
the realization of this hope from the
difficulty in securing names and addresses of those without sight, from
the necessity of canvassing ior funds
:  to defray the expenses  of   maintenance.    The   Board   of   Management,
therefore, requests all readers of this
Journal who are acquainted wltb bllnl
persons not now enjoying the benefits '
of the library,to send ln such names J
end addresses to the secretary, S. C. I
Swift, M. A., 8 Washington   avenue, I
Toronto. OnL   It also makes a direct I
appeal to the generous Canadian public lo contribute, at this Joyous season, some small po- tlon of the wealth
with which lt has been blessed during the past year.     All contributions
ahould bo sent to the treasurer, E. W.
Henson, Esq., 37 Balmute street, Toronto, Ont.
It is tbe desire of the C. F. L. B.
to e-siabllsh a printing department for
the purpose of printing Canadian
texts ln embossed type for the use of
the Canadian blind. Tbere is at present no such establishment ln Canada,
with the result that Canadian literature Is practically unavailable to our
sightless citizens. Thirty thousand
dollars are required to secure a sufficient income to make the plan feasible. Less tban a thousand of thii
amount is at present In the treasury
of the C. F. L. B. The library asks
the Canadian people this Christmas
to help it to realize a plan so worthy
of assistance.
Liberal Government Immigration  Estimates Well  Founded.
It ls estimated that 25,000 settlers
from the United States have crossed
tbe boundary line during tbe present
year and settled ln Western Canada.
That this number is- a conservative
estimate is tbe opinion of well-In-'
formed men ln railway and iramlgra-
tion circles, who state that as the
Canadian Paciflc alone carried nearly
20,000 of these settlers Into the Dominion the number Is probably far
ln excess of 25,000. This, however,1
will be known when the government
returns are compiled for tbis year.
The movement northward Is evi-
dently causing much concern ln the
Western States of the Americanl
Union, for at a banquet tendered last
week to the governors of eight of
these states who were passing
through St. Paul, the keynote of the
speeches was a deploring of the attitude of the United States Government
ln the withdrawal of publlc lands.
Mr. Louis W. Hill of the St. Paul
Association of Commerce, made the
principal speech and declared that
134,801,449 acres ot land bad been
withdrawn from settlement ln the
northwestern states by the federal
"Settlers in these states," said Mr.
Hill, "are discouraged by the attitude
of tbe government, and every colonist the American West loses, Canada
gains. The real reason: of the unprecedented emigration to Canada is the
uncertainty of the government's policy and the placing of the United
States seal on the lx?st land in the
"In Idaho alone, 55 per cent of the
area of the state has been withdrawn
from settlement. What would the
citizens of New York or Illinois say
if 55 per cent of the area of their
states were guarded with a government decree and the -people told they
were, not wanted?
"It Is common knowledge In the
west that representatives of the Canadian Government attend all land
drawings to take care of the disappointed cctarJstS end ' K'llde t.'iem
across the border from the flag cf
Washington and Lincoln to the flag
of King George."
Canadian Paciflc officials at Montreal say tbat the ebb of tbe Immigration tide is far later tbls year tha.i
usual. Immigrants from the Eastern
States, as well as fiom the Western,
and hundreds from Great Britain and
Europe are still pouring into tbc
country.      ,
W. R. GILLEY, Phona 122.
G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291
Phonss, Office 15 and 19.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers itl Coal
A Santo Vacuum Cleaner
At $135.^
Easy Cleaning
The SAVTO Vacuum Cleaner keep*
your house clean, dustless and sanitary
at a cost of only 10c a week.
It  reducei  the work of cleaning from
hours to minutes, weighs only li lbs.-
u child can use It.
It cleans not only your draperies,    but    your    carpets, i
rugs,  and  everything else  In 1
your  homo   without  removing
them    from    their   accustomed
The   SANTO   t��   lh*   ORIGINAL.
round    rlpunpr���complete,    handsome t
nnd    durable.    Sold    under   a   binding
guaranty bo-d. __^
. trial coats you nothing.    Wrl'e, 'phone or call and we wlll I
 jgnd   yon  a  SANTO.    B�� It  bow. I
B.C. Mills
limber  and 1 rading  Lo.
Manufacturers and Dealers In All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Teleohone   12 New Westminster Box
Christmas  Jewelry
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TfeEJBllly News
���toY ��vl*���
I Published by Thi Dally Newi Publish-
���Ins Company, United, at their offlces,
of McKentle and Victoria
-C Lockis Brown Manager
��� '���     'i | ;     '��� * * i
Tbe question of salaries paid to
school teachers Is one which excites
public interest- In many places in
Hritish Columbia besides New Westminster. A despatch sent out from
Victoria fytetifrdAy refers to the re-
-cent r��igQBubb of three lady teachers hi the public, school of Vernon,
on account of tbeir dissatisfaction
with the salaries tbey received. Can
any despatch that is inaccurate come
from Victoria ? The provincial records are In t^he provincial capita),
and the. despatch states that the rate
of salaries paid in Vernon "ls from
965 to $76 per month, this being
about the'usual pay ln cities of the
second class throughout the province,
with th��, exception of Chilliwack and
Nelson which are somewhat higher.
Of this Bum the provincial government contributes $520 per annum per
teacher, the rest being met from the
local levy.".
What must be regarded from one
viewpoint as somewhat significant in
less night for   tbe   men   entrusted
with Its defence.   -
Why, then, consent to partition?
Wby not reform and strengthen the
Persian government and leave Per-
I eia as a buffer state between the two
I great powers? The answer lies on
I the surface. Britain knows that Or-
{ many is bitterly hostile to France and
to her, and that there may be an outbreak of war on the continent any
day ln which Prance, Russia and Britain would be called cn to resist an
attack by Germany, Austria-Hungary
and Italy. World politics have drifted
into such a dangerous condition that
the members of the triple entente
must stand together because of the
ever-present menace of the triple alliance.
Russia wants Northern Persia. Britain does not wish to offend Russia,
the ally of her own friend, France,
by standing in the way of the partition upon which the Russians have
set their heart. And so Persia, one
of the most ancient of Empires, passes, as many of the feeble and small
peoples of Asia have passed during
the last century, into the vast systems of Russia and Britain.
. It will be with heaviness of heart
that Britain wlll take over her share
of Persian territory, for a few years
may see Russia once more a foe instead of a friend, and the Indo-Rus-
slan border one of the most vulnerable points cf Britain's world-girdling
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Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building
Brilliant   Career of Man Now Prominent In Persian Affairs.
It would not be fair to blame Mo--
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with great energy he set to work to  dren should be made compulsory in
get    things    straightened   out.      He  connection with public schools
aa    hvuiu    1JVL    ut;    lull    IO    MJUIIIO   MO -1 ,     ���    ���      ���,
lhe Vernon Incident, is the fact that  gan Shuster for the trouble in which i get    thinBs    straightened   out.     He      ���__	
-the three teachers who resigned were Persia now finds itself, says the Mail i found that the Cu8tom8 service was Medical inspection of school chil-
ladles Western Canada from thn and Empire. The traditional eree<l' run chlefly ">/ Belgians, and that the diem should be extended to the rural
ladies.    Western Canada,    from    the . ^ ^^       Qf Ru^n   Utolora^v ! HelKlan Collector of Customs had long   districts  of  Ontario,  and   be   mad^
---������- w_  sh " I enjoyed the privilege of signing che-  compulsory.
ladies. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
early days before the first tran3con
j explain the whole situation.   Mr. Shu-\
i ' ��A|rMHii   1110   wuu it;   Di I U.LI 11) II        1*11      C> nil* g  ���*��->��� *-
tinental   railway   threaded   the    last * ster merely gave  Russia the excuse I<|Ues wllic" Prevlous treasury official* The establishment of a Provincial
great west,  has, with Justice, prided i which she might as well have inven*-  had alwa>'s honored.   Shuster stopped Housing    Commission    to   work    in
Itself on its treatment of women and'��d' ���* the general international situ-1 thJB �������** ��* U]e Belgian object- connection   with   the   Department  of
....                                                             ���,             ,...,���   , ���,���    .,���    ..     ,.     .... ���                                      _ .     .      d-eal
r,**.***   *,.,.,.,   mu,   ......   jubum:,   i��nueu    ......... o.*c migiii, ua  wen nave mvem-   ., , -, .   .....   , , .     .
Itself on Its treatment of women and 'ed- *nd the general international situ-1 u'i8 ^at>tice' ff/*��� Belgian object-   e 	
.... * .. ,     ,,_   iation���the  Mo ocean   settlement  anl I ed-    He was backed UP by the Rus-   the t enter, ation of Health  to   	
children. Moreover, there is little J the ,nvJ���^ 0/TWpoll-mad^ nc^/i sIm minister, but Persian sentimen: with the problem of housing the ever-
doubt entertained In any quarter of ble for her to take advantage of it I WM v���ry 8tronS'>' behind Mr. Shuster increasing numbers of Immigrants ar
the world regarding the peculiar   fit-1 Nevertheless,  the  brilliant career of!and he 8cored his <)Cint- ' "'"'""" '"  """  "'        -   ���      -
ness   and   adaptability   of   educated jthe young American must receive aj Incurring   Russian   Wrath,
women for wort'  in   the elementary   f��ve��� clJfck as ,he resu,t of his own |    Hai dly had this difficulty been set.
���,ron^h^ rat ��h��. t���������hi., f ��� ���      "npet uoBity, and a review of that ca-1 tied, when Mr. Shuster appointed Mv
branches of the teaching profession. j reer  ought   to   win   much   sympathy ! jor C. B. Stokes, the British military
In fact, a very .a&od case may be made  for him.   At the bottom of the trou- ' attache at Teheran, as commander of
 .               L   ~fc��.��i D     .,_   _ __.,_ .     I    hi..       iu       tl...       F .        .._-.        ���_ ._ -   .^*****M .. .
the   deposed
      i treas-
mentary is nurelv sunereroeatorv nml' ;tUK"ueu Bome sucn genius as Pitt, Is j ury Gendarmerie.   He seized the pro-
mentary is purely supererogatory aad   too young a man to have the charac  perty of the ex-shah's   brother,  who
suggests and,   implies   a reservation   ter  necessary  to handle a  situation   was a fugitive from justice, and again
_��.-     .. . .      with which h** haA ������*. *,___   a    .     i> ,.  rtj-^s._j   __* ,�� . r.   .
In fact, a very .a&od case may be made  for him.   At the bottom of the trou- j attache at Teheran, as comman.
out cn<'h:��%m$f the contention that   ble i8  the  fact  that  he  is   only  34 | an   expedition  against   the   d���
In such a'eoirfefction the word    ele-'>e^rs  oi'd'  and'   un'ess  he  Is   to  be  shah, and also as chief of the
mental is purely supererogatory and ' ^Z!'"^ genius as Pitt, is , ury Gendarmerie.   He seized th>
living ih the cities of this Province
Such a Commission to be partly com
rosed of women.
Women should be directly represented on the Advisory Technical
Education Committee ln the city of
Homestead Rights for Women.
The right to hold homesteads in
Ontario should be granted to women
on the same terms as men.
That the Provincial franchise be
extended to the women of Ontario of
jssmTf   T .��w:.-yu  ��.  to���,,   to nanuie a  situation   was a tugltive from justice, ami again
that is fioFfchlled for.   It Is true that) wlth which he had not time   to be-   Russia objected, on tlie grounl that
ithere is one explanation of the Ver-1 con?e accustomed.   He acted in Persia   the pioperty  seized   had  been  mort-        .	
non incidentjrhich might be offered, l the Phuinnt haVe ^'ed ia Cuba or m gaged t0 t,,e Kusslan bank. The I and above the age of twenty-one.
but tm_iMm*tlon could reasonably would have su^ed"6 tI,1 ���e'hod3 I treasurer-general had to use force to! who are British subjects, and who
be oblert^-Ua*m* be/n* r>hvlo����� tn.succeed In Penil 11'* ey dld n��t carry his point in this affair, and he ' have either been born in this Dom-
,wl!WSr.rt3wm^^ '"  "r  r��"    i'Ka'"    -hen ; inion or become duly naturalized   an-l
viai anu mppwK.     woman, however j HI, cUban Career ,Hussia  took  official   notice   of   Mr.   have   fulfilled   the    other   necessary
mutii emancipated,  never    outgrows;     William  Mor qtT ���              ' '
Ahelnaunct.ot motherhood-, woman is ' ln Wushing'ton thirty fJfnr' Zu* b��rn
^��^am^ t- -��^ood. Hut 'and w��� Xl^ef \t Ef pX ffl
there is no suggestion made in    the  hlgh   schools, afterwards   graduatimr
i from Columbia University, where h��
-, irom Columbia University, where he
Victoria despatch that the Vernon specialized in political economy, fan-
teachers resigned because they medi-1 guages, law and higher mathematics,
tftted matrimony. Thev resigned, the'His first job was in the War Depart-
despatqtu&<��L,"on account of dis-' .men> ��%^nS^.^ ���cc*d!"��
    ���...w.���.    m/m;,;   ui    mr. I "����^   lumtiou   me    oiuer    necessan
Shuster's  uncomplimentary communi-' qualifications. aB at pressnt apply to
cations to tbe London Time., and de- '-the male voters of the Province.
inanded his dl.ml.Bal. ' m***m****^*m**m*,****^**m*^*m*m*���***************
i , a^~~~. ...  _     _    _
N.   R.   Tank    Engineer   Wounded
Three   Months Ago   Is  Dead.
Winnipeg, Dec. 13.���George Wilson,
satlsfaelkft'llfflh. .���,���, ^ 7," I to the .New Vork Pr...   h ��-<-"ruing |    Winnipeg, Dec. 13.���George Wilson, I
Thewrit JnV !      , Pald/       "f�� typewriter waShfli; ?h��^Unded Ithe Canadian Northern tank engineer I
The writer of the despatch passes ' chosen, after The ffi^a �� ?** ���at a 8ma" Btatlon near At"����*- who
rrom consideration of this particular ' War, to beIsslstLt SSSJTS?T�� I W&8 lh<>t U,n>Ugh the jaw about tbre"
��� nsiance-fo-lt discussion of the general American coouEn tZtWM sTuw ' T?%* .*��> h,V an unknown maa'
'��w of suppiy ajd demand agnd ^ vising the evacuation TliZa^lV J 2, ^A^bX'wfIXZIl *T
vat���-��� ;��� .v.. ��� ... '      u 1C   troocs fmm e,,k.     a .*���__ .a.    D*"""f"   pital.    The  bul.et which caused  thi?
wound was a large, caliber and almost tore the man's face away and
he lay helpless for some hours before being picked up by a train crew.
His recovery was practically despaired of, but he had the best attention
in the hospital. He has no relatives
in Canada, his family being in England.
 , ���..u iv-  troops from Cuba.   After the commis-
veiws in tbisllgh^ condition in these sion had finished its work and dis-
Jatter <iavt. :c^|jtting them with the solved, Shuster remained in Cubaand
-situation fefiWsted in days thai found at ?# in the C"st��m? ?epaf
. ',*.     ���*���;* ,, *    .       , meut.   In three years he had risen to
have gone before. ; He says: "Three be Bpocia, deputy C0necU>r Gf Cus-
years ago teachers were so scarce tcms, and had attracted the favorable
that the department of education was ! attention of Klihu Root, wno was
��ompelKd to issiie'tio less n>���� tsn'thtta Secretary of War. About this
^^^^ time a collector of Customs for the
Philippines was required, and through
Mr. Root's influence young Shuster,
then  24   years, old.   was   appointed.
*ompell,d to i68),o-i(io less than 180
permits and tq.accent a considerable
number of other, teachers from Eastern Canada-Without asking them to
Pass any exa^tioa .��� this prov-
���nee. UMijfflt there was no dlffl-
*u'ty. the ntfB^Loffeilng their ser
^ w-   ar.ar.       ** AB      tt^pOl
Good Work in Philippines.
It was a big job, and when Shuster
arrived on  the scene he   discovered
that lt was much bigger tban he had
vices belng'^jpT.about equal  to the ] supposed.   Not only had he to collect
demand.'   TJ)ite.y(iar the difficulty is   th�� Customs, but he had   to form a
,.���   .        \7P^ .(��.,   ,        . ,.    policy, revise the tariff laws  enfw~>
recurring;-a^^adiJimber of nermiia ! r.
b**'e had   tt>
fact that .o      _
''av.e arrived^
"loutiiB frpmn
isued, despite the
hundred teachers
;> the past twelve
old country   with
1    -'*"��7" iuui"ij      wnq
<ettiflcate* tKat  have been accepted
The despfiti* -lious with a com
J'in wen betW^ei, the wages ofTered tf
women Jn th*-teaching profession
���md ti,e wages., ^aid to women is
<jUut 'alllngg;;'.ibutrthe writer of tho
^wpatcii assumes'rather than demon
��trul(.s uly ��xisJflBse of a basis for
fUI'h ;l '���o^l'acfefflh.-'ibd this omissiou
is somen hat impoAan*.
/-'A 1tffc.,MACt OF THE FUTURE
 , ������. MO .iitu   io iorm a
I policy, revise the tariff laws, enforce
Jimber of  permits | the iram|gration, navigation and  registration   laws,   and   do   many   other
things   that  a  Customs  collector  In
better organized  countries   have   no
concern with.   He did this work for
five  vears,  and  at  the end   of  that
time, on the recommendation   of Mr.
Taft, then Secretary of War, Shuster
was placed  In  chaise of the   educational system of the islands, and was
made a  member   of  tho   Philippines
Commission,  the   only administrative
body in tbe country.     Again he suc-
etrdtd, and again be reached out, for
rrfoie work, until be vvas the responsible head of tlie eatir,' prison system
cf the Philippines, purchased all th*i
government stores and had charge of
th�� Bureau of Printing and ahe Phil-
. ipaine Medical College.   He was also
j chairman  of the Code Committee of
. the  Philippine  Commission  and   had
^^^^g^g^a^p^s^BjiB^B^^^^H mode to do than any other American
The partition  of  Persia  seems  to! ln  the codification of all the Ameri
have been decided upon by Russia,
^and Great Britain, says the Toronto,
��ClDhe. The Muscovite diplomats havoj
��hosen their time % decisive action
i with the cunning for,;>hich they are
i famous. No one -& Great Britain
��� wishes to add Southern Persia to the
: Empire. The London Daily News
ispeaks words of truth and soberness
\when it. says that the Russian ad-
vanoe inte^fDi^liern Persia means a
apantition t^ai." wHlf -'.enable Russia,
whenever 8h*-:tbtiy \fe so inclined, to
light a batt^/orTndta upon the plain
<of Persia. Wajled ip behind the moun
.tains cf tba'^VjFjcest&ta and Afghan
toordcrr-,, India wijUpfcomparatlvely safe.
An Indian Empire' 'bordering for hundreds of miles wlthjtho Muscovite Em
l-ire will be the .fended cf many a sleep-
���     '���  *%
can laws affecting the Philippines for
a period of ten years.
The Jab in Persia.
Leaving behind him a fine record,
he returned to Washington and began
the practice of law. Last May he
gave up a valuable practice to go .t\>
Persia with four other young Americans to take charge of the finances
of that country. He was given this
position on the recommendation, of
President Taft. It appears that there
were political objections to placing
the finances of Persia in the baud; of
either an Englishman or a Rwiian,
and a Persian was out of tho qu��3tlon,
so. Persia vvas asked to look abroaJ
for a likely man.    At the rv uiest of
the   Persian    Charge.  dV.ffaires    at I c��re of Feeble-Minded.
Washington,   the   State    Department)    Immediate provisions shall be made
picked Mr. Shuster for Ac post, and  by the Provincial Government for tbo
he departed full of hO/G.     He found   adequate segregation and care of the
the Persian finances   xi a most dicor-   feeble-m'nded of the Province.
dcred   and   depleted   con.iit'0'i,  and      Seps:atc tlantca fer defective chil-
Not An Old One.
Old-time Scottish ministers had no
scruples about preaching the same
sermon, twice���or more���bts the same
congregation. Dean Ramsey has a
story of a beadle who contrived to
give a sly hit at a minister guilty of
thia practice. As they were leating
the church the minister obsei'vep
tbat the beadle had been laughing, as
though he had triumphed over 'some
of tbe parishioners with whom h$
had conversed. He asked tlie cause]
"They were saying," was the foplyf
"ye had preached an auld ser mem today, but I tackled them, for L tauld
them it was not an auld sermon, for
the meenister bad pri ached it na' sax
months syne."
Dr. Mackenzie   Completes    Inspection
of  Canadian  Northern   Camps.
Dr. Robert Mackenzie, who is in
charge of the medical service ln tlie
construction camps of the Cant Mnu
Nort hei n Railway in British; (Cotaim-
bia, has returned from an inspection
trip, pix>cee<ltBig as far as Lcuis Creek
thirty-five miles north of Kamlocps.
He found the health of the men to
be excellent, with few patients m the
various haspftal8. Considering the
heavy character of the- rock work
there have been very few serious accidents along the Praser. An- outbreak of typhoid at Savona tees been
stamped out.
Dr.   Mackenzie. has   eight  medical I
men and a number of trained nurses'
In base hospitals at Savona and Tale
and   in   smaller  hospitals  at   North'
Bend, Lytton and Asftcroft.   Dr. Mac- .
kenzie also has charge of the medical
work  on  the  Vancouver "Island  lino
now   under  construction.      He   Is   a
brother of Sir William Mackenzie.
for the old folks is a good pair
of glasses. Come to us and
talk it over. We will Advise
you how to please your father
or mother.
The Vancouver Institute
6S7 Columbia Street.    Upstairs
over Curtis Drug Store,
i Phone 296.
Haws:   Dally 9:30 a.m. to 5
p.m.; Saturdays until 9 p.m.
We   Also    Do    Optical   Repair
On   Fifth  Avenue
House containing five rooms, with toilet and plumbing ready for
bath. Also basement. Lot cleared, eight fruit trees, large barn
which rents at $9.00 per month.
Price $2625;   $625   Cash;
balance $25.00 per month at 7  per cent.
620 Columbia St.   Phone 307.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,, Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE   904
(Old Glass Works Factory
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns'& Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had*
Change cf
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up wjth all kinds and prades of *
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the rime to build for'sale or rent while price* are low
lflc - ADMISSION - 20c
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7678.
or Phone 324,
New West mlnste-.
Christmas Money?
We pay cash for all clean rags of any kind, magazines and
folded newspapers. Rags must be in sacks. Magazines must be
done up In bundles, tightly corded. Newspapers must be done up in
bundles tightly corded. Hring thera to our "Haling House" in the old
Cleve Cannery, Front street, any afternoon (the sooner the better)
and we will pay you 20c per 100 lbs.
\ i i III Wll
ioi a^A?
A general meeting of the senior
.amateur association footballers bas
been called for tonight. Members of
the executive and team, and all supporters are Invited to attend in
llyall'a drug store, where the question of a smoking concert to be given
by tbe club will be discussed. The
plans for this celebration are already well under way, and it is expected that tonight a good program
will be drawn up and final steps
taken to ensure a splendid entertainment on the night to be chosen by
the meeting. j
At the same time the team to play
tbe' Thistles am Saturday will be
selected. .
The senior amateurs  will play at'
home on  tbe  next three Saturdays. I
On Dc-cetnber 16 they will meet the
Thistles.    The second match will be ;
played against the 72nd Highlanders,
And the    third,    on    December    30,,
against the V. A. C.   All these games '
are part of  the Vancouver District
league schedule.
Tbe senior amateurs have so far
failed in their efforts to secure a
match for Christmas or New Year's
Day. However, there is Just a chance
that Cedar Cottage will be able to
ghe them a game on the latter day.
At an association football league
meeting held on Tuesday night two
Players were suspended for fighting
mid one severely censured for the
fame trouble. The Incident that gav.j
rise to these penalties occurred ln
the match between Coquitlam and the
U. C. E. K. The two men suspended
were Mackenzie, of the Coquitlam
team, and Davidson, of tbe B. C. E.
H. Marker, of the B. C. E. It., was
the man reprimanded.
The Vancouver ice hockey rink is
almost completed. Provision of accommodation for the spectators ia
r,ot as yet finished, but the Ice wlll
be ready for skating on Friday, on
the evening of which day the mem
Iters of the New Westminster team
will  start practice.
* *
* BOWLING. N        *
* *
The best game yet played in the
Inter-city series was trundled off on
tlie fender street alleys, Vancouver,
last night, when the players maintain; d the relationship which sports
in the two cities have of recent
yeara established. In these home and
home matches there has been only
one team In it; that team has been
the one at home. Last night the
howlers of the neighboring city again
drew level with the bowlers of the
Koyal City, and they did bo in a style
whicli must be acknowledged to be
most creditable.
For the winners Grant had both
hlgti  score  and   hifeh  average.    The
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Cfc���U.1 Ca*. at Can***, Ua****,      .      .       .      .
SOe. a bsx,
wUI mall them.
has by no means been forgotten, wlll
look after the point position.
Patrick Is Particular.
Two years ago Patrick's e iual at
point did not exist and if Lester is
the same Lester of old, Victoria will
have a brainy and spectacular hoc-
keylst guarding tbe position ln front
of Lindsay.
capltaJ was to consent to a modification of the sentence on them, capital
would be thius admitting a share of
th�� culpability. The world would
then Realize that a 'group of labor,'
to use the Steffcns phrase, believed
in dynamite, and that a group of capital admitted that It was not fie.
from blame. Darrow admitted that thu
Walter Smalll will play coverpolnt  case against "Jim" McNamara waa a
"dead cinch."
'Two Heroes of Labor."
It occurred to Mr. Steffens tbat labor would be willing to do its part lf
capital would meet lt half way.    So
for the next few daya he waa   busy
for Victoria. Smalll also Is an old
Wanderer and when playing in Cobalt was one of the highest priced
men. Donald Smith, formerly of Portage la Prairie, ln the days of the
Manitoba professional  league and a
star In  the National  association  ln | Interviewing prominent Los  Angeles
men, who had been active in the California tabor war as opponents Oi
unionism. He pointed out that ln San
Francisco the wounds still gaped thai
had been Inflicted by tbe prosecutlo.T
of the business criminals. He argued
that in California the class lines were
becoming rigid, and that lt was highly
desirable In the larger interests of
society that labor and capital should
the past few years wlll be on the forward line. Bobby Rowe, Odie Cleghorn, both National association players, and Harris of Kenora.are mentioned as the other forwards for the
Victoria team.
With such an array of talent on tie
rival clubs, lt would appear that Vancouver, to be in the running, would
have to Import a team like the Otta
was, but the terminal city seven ap- j not Pi'ess the flght to the bitter end.
pears to be as strong If not stronger. but should come to some arrange-
than either Victoria or New West-1 ment. He pointed out what a rare op-
minster. . , portunity was offered to the foes of
Phillips and Griffiths. j unionism in Los Angeles. "1 hy
Vancouver is still without a goal I could begin with an act of generosity
tend, although lt is likely that Paddy ' toward two heroes of labor who were
Moran, of Quebec, will be between the I'" trouble, with all men looking on
postB.    All other positions have been ��� and watching
filled, and It is interesting to note
that on the line-up are two of the
greatest players the game has produced the Incomparable Tommy Phillips, captain of the Kenora Thistles
when they won the Stanley cup, and
All Depends on the Judge.
Gradually Mr. Steffens won men to
his amazing point of view, and soon
was able to go to Darrow with the
good news. Mr. Gompers was telegraphed to that he might appoint
Si Griffiths, an old team mate of Phil- i representative of the American Fed
lips. Both the ex-Kenora stars an-,. eration of Labor to attend a confer-
nounc-fd their retirement from hoc-jf nee. Ile sent Edward N. Nockels,
key when they removed to the coast, i secretary of the Chicago Federation
but they have been prevailed upon to I of Labor, who didn't like the atrange-
play and unless they have gone bacU j ment at first, but eventually consent
sadly they should provide some fea- j
lines tbat will cause spectators to'
iise In their seats.
Arrayed with Phillips and Griffiths1
will  be "Newsy" Lalonde,  a  star of
Ibe   flrst   magnitude:   Frank   Patrick,
"Slclnner"   Poulin    formerly   of   the
ed. The prosecuting attorney was
convinced. The flist proposition upon
wheh al had agreed was that James
B. McNamara would plead_gullty. and
that everyone else connected with the
case should escape. Later on. however, as opposition to the compromise
Grant   ..
Lockhart  .
McKay ..
. 196
S   Ttl.    Ave.
203���528    170
Ai Chamb'lln.173
.T. Chamb'lln.186
Halglcr .. ..108
O'Connor . ..181
Walsh    180
mt)    8S1 889 2709
1        2 3   Ttl. Ave.
167 167���507 169
161 172���519 173
160 147���415 13.8
201 176���55* 186
173 175���528 176
828    862   837 2527
Tonight the Nabobs and Wanderers
play in the house league.
Lookers-on    in    Interior,    Reviewing
Personnel   of   Teams,   Predict
Good   Season.
Winnipeg Maple Leafs and Tommy | began to develop it was found neces-
Dunderdale. the local bov who proved ' sary to Include John. Judge Bord-
>>ne of the best forwards In the Na- ( we" wa�� interviewed by thc piosecut
ticnal association last season. '"S  attorney.      He  flatly  refused  to
 I have  an/} thing  to  do  with  the  busl-
McNAMARAS AND TRUCE.        I ne8s-   and   astonished     everyone   by
  | saying that his i Ikln duty was to ad-
Llncoln Steffens' Articles   in Chicags ' ^-'nister the law.    Mr. Ste  ens, how-
News   Du-ussed. lever, had    every confident that tht
Lincoln StelTcnB has described in !3udge wi" not sp0" a" th' f]ana by
the Chicago Mews the negotiations; sentencing both prisoners to tho ga!
leading up to the collapse cf the Mc-' lows-     H  ,,e  dld-   However,  the  plea
Namara defence, and in doing so has
produced one of the most remarkable
documents tbat haa appeared tn many
months, says the Mail and Empire.
It reveals a situation that is simply
amazing in that labor and capital are
rei rc'4?nted    an    two  'rival    armies
looking over the personnel of the
three teams ln the British Columbia
li ague, says the Saskatoon Phoenix,
ciwist people should be served with
an excellent article of hockey. Hugh
l.ehann. last season with Berlin, will
play goal for Now Westminster.
While Lf rmann is not a Lesuer, he is
a splendid net guardian. At point
vvill likely be Barney Holden. the
big Winnipeg defense player, who haj
been a star for years. Barney was
with Quebec last seascn and his play
featured many games in the National
Hockey association. !
Assisting Barney on the defense
will be found that sterling player,
Ernie Johnson, who has had a memorable career as a' Montreal Wanderer. Johnson ls a Stanley, cupper
ln every sense of the word, and it is
doubtful if a better selection for cov-
crpoint could have been made. It is
not known what Johnson's contract
calls for In fhe west, but it ls known
that the Wanderers offered him |2000
before he left the east.
Jimmy Gardner, Harry Hylan.l
"Pud" Claws and Oren Frood will
comprise the New Westminster forward line. The former three are. old
Wanderers and are still rated as
among the most sensational In- the
game. Frood is not so well known,
but if he possesses the ability lt is
certain to come to lisrht when playing alongside of tbe graduates from
the ranks of tbe little men of iron.
Victoria is also well stoc'fd with
stars. Bert Lindsay, of Renfrew. Is
caring for thc roal rostttow. The on3
find only Tester Patrick, whose brilliant defense playing in company with
"Hod" Ptflttft in the Stanley Cup series In Winnipeg between the Montreal Wanr'-eTirs and Kenora Th'stles
i of guilty would  be    withdrawn,    and
I thc the trial will have to go forward.
; aa though the compromise had nevei
!teen suggested.
The  Steffens  Idea. ���
Mr. Steffens ia a Socialist, and his
Ideas of law and justice are not those
fighting for the lives of the McNa- j of thc average man. The thought of
maias, with the law of the land, the Ithe twenty-one victims of the Los
court3, Justice, everything, in fact ; Angeles Times explosion does not
that people In other communities weigh with him. His eyes are eet on
have suppose! to be concerned in the ! what hc considers a far more Import-
matter, standing as mere spectators j ant matter, namely, the conditions
to the gigantic duel. Steffens him- j that are breeding up 'hcalhy, good
self appears in the role of tbe man [ tempered boys like theee McNamaras
bearing a flag of truce. He passe3 ... to believe as they most sin-
from one side to another and finally j cerely do. . . . that the only re-
Induces the warriors to come to course they have for Improving the
teims, to abandon their flight, and ef-1 conditions of the wage worker is the
feet a compromise by which the Mc- use of dynamite. These conditions are
N'amaras save their worthless necks, a menace to the United States, and
Capital's   Responsibility. I until both labor and capital will admit
Hls story begins on Nov. 19, when their exietence there will be no cure,
Steffens, Darrow and a, rancher nam- even if a hundred men were hanged,
ed B. W. Scrlpps had a long talk. He believes that tbe compromise in
Naturally the question of the McNa-, the case of the McNamaras may have
maras came up. All three agreed,' widespread results,
says Steffens. tnat it was a pity the
case could not be tried out on its
merits, and that it would be a good
thing for the world to know that
there was a group of labor which not
only blew up buildings, but killed
human beings. Scrlpps, the rancher,
justified violence, declaring that. It
was the only effective weapon labor
had. The three of them were of opinion that capital was not without lta
sronslblllty for the situation in California, and for tho fact that men
would use dynamite. Someone suggested the bright Idea that If tho
McNamaras were to plead guilty, and
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thousand rebels are now under arms,
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Several fierce battles were fought
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Dominion Hall, at 10 a. m., containing 383 acres under cultivation, being D. L. 167 and part of 166,
Burnaby. Only five minutes' walk from B. C. E. Railway. Will be sold In lots 66 by nearly 500 feet;
also five and ten-acre blocks.
On the property are two dwelling houses and two barns and large shipping shed; also large orchard. Terms only 20 percent down, balance eight years, divided into yearly payments at 6 per
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and ls the richest soil on the Eburne B. C. E. Railway line.
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This waterfront property wlll be worth $500 to $1000 per front foot before, final payment will be required.    Any further particulars, with maps, will be furnished by the auctioneer. ���
Indefeasible title, with taxes paid to date.
Auction Sale of the Valuable Farm, being block 167 and part of 166
in Burnaby, being the property of Dr. Langis, which contains 383
acres, nearly all under cultivation and perfectly level
On Tuesday, December  19th at  10  a.m.
������^ .���.������..
Valuable Waterfront  Property
Tbere Is 7294 feet of waterfront, which will be sold in fifi-ft. lots. wVtaft arp from 400 to &00 ft.
deep; the balance of the ranch wlll be sold In five and ten-acre blocks. Fpon tbe property are two
faiwi dwelling houses, large barn,  shipping shed  and  large  orchard.
Panama Canal
There Is no doubt that on the completion of the Panama Canal there will probably betwenty times aa
much shipping from Vancouver. It is a fact the Dominion Government intends to spend $1,000,000
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Can you conceive what this waterfront then will he worth? Make no mistake; get ln and buy some
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For shipping at the present time large steamers ply the North Arm of the Fraser���tbe S.S. Strathcona having one of the boats that was used in shipping the prod net of the rancti.
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Familiar around In Theology and Natural  Science.
Another member ol the old sefibol
defended the authenticity of tV Bible,
in the person of Kev. A, B. Simpsjn,
D.D., of New York, who gave an address on "The Bible in the Light of
Modern Thought," at the evening session of tbe Christian and Missionary
Alliance Conference, at the Central
l'lesbyteriun church. Toronto. Ik
made the emphatic declaration tha',
the Bible, far from having boen shaken in its supreme position by seien-
tflc enquiry or higher criticism, had
been conflmed by archaeological discoveries, The final issue, however,
was not tho Bible, but the Christ of
the Bible, and he made a passionate
appeal for the steadfast maintenance
of the living Christ in tlie hearts and
minds of the people.
Ur.   Simpson   began    by   exposing
Darwin's system of the evolution of ,
man, showing that Professor Wallace, |
Darwin's   collaborator,   and   Darwin s
son  had  both  denied  the   Darwinian
theory,  and  he  quoted   Lord   Kelvin, i
who said,   "All living beings   depenJ
on one Creator and  Ruler."    Huxley,
too,  bad  said  tliat   the present  state
of   knowledge  furnished   no   link   between lire and non-life. I
The doctor reviewed the critical
theories, pointing out their origin in
the birth of French nationalism.
Archaeological discoveries, he said,
liad refuted man} of tbe arguments
of the higher critics, but the best
answer to higher criticism was the
fact that it proved too much; it built
up hypotheses wliich were harder to
believe than the authenticity of the
Hible. On the question whether the
Bible had vindicated Itself or not, Dr. I
Simpson said that he could show how
God had traced tbe ethnic evolution
Ot the world, and how lie had pro-'
phesied the history of the world. The
chief witness for the Bible, however,
was Christ. ]
The Afternoon Session. I
Dr. R. J. Zimmerman presided and I
conducted tho opening devotional ex-j
erciass at the afternoon session. Pas-1
tor F. E. Marsh, of Bristol, Kngland,;
discussed "The Clamant   Need of tho |
Times."   This   needs,   he said,   was
the  recognition   of   the   person    and
work of the Holy Spirit.    He emrlia-
sizrd tho Personality and Deity ofthe
Holy Spirit.
Rev. A. E. Thompson, chairman of
the Palestine mission of the alliance,
spoke on "Palestine and Its Problems." He referred in succession to
tbe political problem, the economic
problem and *he Jewish problem,
and then dwelt in' particular with the
g"prntic land comrllex I'prollfam /of
missionary work in the Holy Land.
There was no heathenism, no idolatry
to face in Palestine, as in most other
mission fields, he said, but there was
a. serious problem in the nominal but
lifeless ancient Christian sects.
t. O. O. V. AMITY LODOK .iu. ��.-.
The regular meeiinsiK of tlrfs lodgo
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Vtsiiiug brethren cordially invited
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C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;  K. Purdy, financial secretary
12:00��� Victoria  via  B.  C.   li.   It.
tdally except Sunday ). 11 -. 15
7:30��� United States via O. N.-R.
(dally except Sunday)..  S.45
15:15���United States via G. N. R
idaily except Sunday,-)..16:00
11:40���All points east   and   Eu-
and Eu-
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Trapp hlock.
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, Darnster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl
and McKenzie streets, New West
miuster, ii. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
plione 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offices, Kooiiih 7 and *
Guichon block, corner Columbia an.
McKenzie Btreets; Vancouver oi
Bees, Williams building, 41 Grai
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie. O. B
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
JOARD    OF    TRADB��� NEW  ttisai
minster Board of Trade mneis in to
board room. City  Hall, as follow*
Third Thursday   ot   eacb   month
quarterly    meeting    on   the    tnirc
Tn'ursday of February, May, Augus-
and  November, at 8 p.m.      Aunua
meetings on tho third Thursday c-
February.    New   mem Ders   may   b
proposed snd elected nt any mtict*
ly or   quarterly    meeti.ig.     C.  b
Stuart-Wade, secretary
Arrival: Closing:
20:0tf-Unlted States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday) .23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
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rope    (daily)
All points   east
rope (daily)   .
10:18���Sapperton and
Mills (dally
Sunday)        8:30
60:00���Sapperton arl Fraser
mills (daily except
Sunday)       14:00
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except Sunday)   .......  8:30
12:00���Central Park ami Ed-
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Sunday)        U.IC
;400���East Burnaby (daily ex-
Sunday)   13:30
j 10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
1 Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
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Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
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Villa  13:30
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Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:69���Vancouver,   Piper's   Siding     via     G.     N.     R.
(daily except Sunday)..14:2(
1:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   it.   (dally  ex-
(dally except Sunday) .14:00
1:30���Clayton  (Tueaday, Thursday.   Friday   and   Sat-
day       14:00
il:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday   16:00
0:00���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
MatH(|iil, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)   2.1:00
Crescent, White Hock and
Blaine     (daily    except
Sunday)   9:46
Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and   Hazlemp-e   (Ttlea- ,
day, Thursday and Saturday   9:45
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
t-ehmaa, * Idergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westmlnstei, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sundav)     9
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday       -9
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).17
(dally except Sunday).20:30
11:20���AbbotBford   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sundty).17:i0
��*i tv ��� .n.*'*h:-iM*i. atewi ���*i-w-MJ.&iL_**tm*j*.'*u
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If you keep on putting it
off lrom day to day, you
Now Westminster Land Dlatrict, Dlatrict ef New Weetmlneter.
Take notice that I. Walter S. Rose,
of New Weatminater, B. C, occupaUon broker. Intend to apply for per-
mltalon to leaae the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted one
and a half mllea from Lillooet river
on the eaat bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains north, thence
80 chains east, tnence 80 chains
south, tbence 80 chains west to polnfjsrorl
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or leas.
Date, September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
Re Lot 12, In subdivision 2 of Lot
30. Group 1, Map 478, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof ot the loss of certlflcate of title number 1S308A, Issued
in the name of Olive Bell has been
flled in this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I ahall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published
in the City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, December 6, 1911.
Re Lots 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, Block 2: Lots
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G, 7, 8, 9, B ock 3; Lots
1, IA, IB, 4, 5, G, 7, Block 4; LotB
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G, Block 5; Lots 1. 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, Block 6; Lets 1, 2, 3. 4, 5,
6, Block 7; Lot3 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6,7,
8. 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Block
8; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 26,
27, 28, 29 and 30, Block 9; Lots 14
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, Block
10 of part of Lot 229, Group 1. Map
1095, ln the Dlatrict of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlfl
cate of Title Number 19478F. l.-sutd
In tbe name of The Bldwelt Bay ant)
Belcarra Company, Limited, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I ahall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, ln a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certlflcate, un
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writinp.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office, Now Westminster, B.C., November 20, 1911.
Bank of Montreal
RESERVE   ....
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, au ln London, Bog-
knd, New Tork, Chicago and Spokane,
O.8.A., nnd Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Croe'lt Issued, available wit*
correspondents In all parte of the
Savings Bank Djpsrtmeat���Deposit*
received ln sums of $1 and upward,
aud Interest alio wei at t par cent, pei
��nnum  (prese'it rote).
Total  Assets over 1186.000,000.00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Phone 108.    P. O. Box 840. '
Office, Front SL, Foot ef Sixth.
Transfer Co.
me* TIN* ISI.     Barn 'Phone it
Begbie 8tr��et
Baggage   deliTeree    promptly    *
any part ef Om elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve    . .7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic,
in Cuba throughout the Island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New Tork and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
citlea ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
���**     MIDNIGHT
S.S. PrinceRupert
3300 Tons; 7000 Horsepower.
Holiday Excursions
it* by steamers December 23 and 30.
Ask about our service and make reservation* early.
.     RUPERT
Stewart, Queen Charlotte Islands snd
points esst of Prince Rupert en the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Tbrough tickets to Eastern destinations via the Grand Trunk Railway
system Double Track Route. Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Meals a-la-
City Ticket and  Freight Offices,
527 Granville Street .
Telephone:  Passenger, 8eymour 7100
Telephone:   .Freight,   .Seymour 3060
HH* mnmiwn num
$|r B.C. tet Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Daily except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For  Seattle.
10:00 A. M Daily
11:00 P.  M Daily
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M Dec. 14th, 23rd, 30th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M Dec. 23, January 6th
For  Hardy Bay.
S.30 A. M Thursday
Fer   Upper  Fraser   River   Points.
Leave New Westminster, 8:00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday nnd Friday.
Leave Chilliwack.  7:00 A. M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiapo, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganee Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
'    H. W. BRODIE,
G. P. A.. Vancouver
NEW YEAR Holidays
Round Trip Tickets for One
Fare and One Third
On sale Dec. 21 to Jan.   1.     Return
good until Jan. 5.
For tickets and   other   particulars
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
$H to 26 H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 69.
Tenth St., New Weetmlneter.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. snd Fifth Avenue
Our process of Dry'Cleaning
and Dying le MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suits Pressed   ���   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
CWaamr* fc f>ym
345 Columbia Street.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Weetmlneter.
,      Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Teleohone * US Office: Princess St
Many People who have!
never before been in. a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
. The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly.   ::
Business (Accounts   opened
oa favorable terns.   ::   s
ASSETS $48,000,000
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phene 887
818 Columbia Sti
b. a
WE have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
1.1 >'
Phone SS, New l^eMfhlmter, B. C
""   '���    '    ' -| '���'^���������i;i'-  ������'��� ������ ���"�����**
i*t-.\.?  ���
���Affl�� CUTLERY
'City News]
n a******
St.     Phone 22-23
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
into that question of insuring
your automobile against loss
or damage by fire or collision
Accidents are happening
every day.   Why not to you
as well as to the other fel
'' '*'''' -': i  i
low?   Come in and let me
give Ypujny rates.
Alfred W. McLeod
ims \ **. ������\ r m*clV
Mrs. 3. 3. Johnston spent yesterday
in Vancouver.
ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.. I. A. Reid.   ���
Mr. J. B. Elliott, of Ladner, Was in
the city yesteiday at Tttic Russell
An article signed by Mr. P. W. LUce
appears in the Christmas number oi
Mr. A. E. White, president of thc
board of trade, had no$ leturned from
Vancouver yesteiday. "
The painters of. tbe city are giving
a dance on Fri.lay evening. ThiB function will  take place ln  St. George's
Mr. Arthur Davis, of Kilkenny, Ireland  was a visitor in this city yesterday.    He put up at the Russell hotel
while here.
Pal Singh came up befo:e Justice
Pittendiigh yesterday moi nlng on the
charge of slicing up a fellow cquntry-
man with a knife. He was remanded
for eight days.
How about that holly for the
friends in Ihe East? Give us your
order and we will' ship At for you.
Tidv     the-  florist.    Phone    184    oi
-' *���
1037. ���
Mr. F. H. Cunningham, Inspector of
fisheries for British Columbia, has returned from Ottawa. He haa bean
away for about three weeks, and will
now take up his work in the office
Flowers are going to bo scarce thii
Christmas, but we will guarantee to
deliver all orders taken now. See
us at once. 'lidj, U'-e florist. Phono
184 or 1037. **
Police Magistrate Edmonds yesterday im.csed two more tines of 520
and costs for breaches of the Lord's
Day act, the offenders in th?se cases
being one Chinaman and one Japanese. 'Ti
Fun�� Greatly
Price Reduced
Fur Sale
657 Columbia St.,
A suggestion for a Christmas piesent ! An annual membership ticket
in the Y. M. C. A. Price of senior
ticket $10.00, intermediate $7.00, and
junior ?6.0(l. **
Sentenced to jail for two months
for resisting arrest Geoige Archer
will not spend as happy a Christmas
as he might ha\e dene, if he had cat
misbeha\ed himself on tha sti ecu,
and fought the police when tiiey tried
to remove him to the lock-.ip.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Paul's R. E.
Church v. iii hold a sale of work in the
basement, ot the church on Thursda.
afternoon and evening, Dec. 14, Home-
I made bre lid. candles, Xmas articles
aprons, etc., will lie sold. Supper will
Ve Eerxcd from 5:"0 to 8 p. m.     **
The Search for
Unusual Gifts
,W\th the experience of many Christmas rushss to
gaidpiig, we have made preparation for these last
'nin^;days of strenuous gift buying.
You will find materials in abundance displayed so that
choosing will be easy. Our force of clerks will be sufficient to make shopping quick. Nevertheless, come
early and early in the day.
A list of Christmas Specials
Phone  62.
New  Westminster.
to decide what to give
For Christmas
Wa, of-course, can't ln this 6pace
list all our stock of holiday goods;
shall just mention some. We never
had a stock so large and so varied as
now. To appreciate the beautiful new
linos we have you must see them;
this we invite you to do���we have ia
part;     i....... ...
Comb tind finish Sets, Travelling
Sets, Ebony Goods, Ivoryoid Goods,
Brushes for Hair, Hat, Cloth, Hand,
etc., Sewing;, Sets, Manicure Sets,
Jewel Boxes, Glove and Handkerchief
Cases, Collar Boxes, Dressing Cases
up lo $30.00: Hand Hags from $1.50
to $18.0ft; Purses from 25c to $6.00;
Carryalls. Mirrors (hand and shaving). Military Brushes (ebony and
ivoryoid^ Fancy Combs. Gold Him
Glasses, Brass Goods (nice assortment). Fountain Pens. Safetv Razors
$1.00 to 112.00; Chocolates, Perfumes.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71:
Nm*    Westmlmtnr.
Res. 72.
S    C.
CAOBURY'S  (English)
ROWNTREE8' (English-)
WEBB'S (Canadian)
POPHAM'S  (British Columbia)
'AT    .
Utatie Block.   *M Columhla 8L
The jubilee of the Union lod?e. No.
0, a. F. & a. M., of -Sew Westminster,
was celebrated last night with <oii-
Siderablo distinction, Premier Richard McBride, an old member of the
lodge, was, present at the banque",
as also were Mayor Lee and many
other prominent citizens.
The Olivet Baptist church choir will
give the cantata "David the Shepherd
Boy" in Knox church, Sapperton, thla
evening. Admission 25c. Mrs. Ken-
shaw will sing. All who heard the
male quartette in the cantata in the
elty heard with admiration'. The
orchestra will accompany the choir. *
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's jewelry store.   **
Mayor Lee has given instructions
to the city clerk to call a public meeting for next Tuesday evening in the
city hall to discuss municipal politics,
The mayor took this action last night
at the request of many citizens, who
had pitsented a petition to this effect. All candidates for civic honors
will then have an opportunity of expressing their views to the electorate.
Take the steamer Transfer for n
round trip Saturday aftetnoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. *���
Debentuies to the value of $136,000
were lying in the city hall yesterday
morning waiting for the mayor's signature. Each document represented
$1000 loan to the city at 4\b per cent.,
so that it will be necessary for Mayor
Lee to sign bis name 136 times befort
the issue Is complete. The city treasurer will have to do likewise. Tho
purpose for which this money has
been borrowed Is the paving- of
streets and laying down of cement
The young ladles of the Sixth Avenue Methodist church will hold a aale
of work ln the basement of the new
Methodist church oni Thursday afternoon and evening, December 14.
Homemade candies, Christmas articles, etc., will be'sold. Refreshments
will be served and a program will be
rendered in the evening. *��
Christmas shipments forwarded by
the Dominion Express company to all
parts of the world. Quickest, safest
cheapest. Where patrons desire to
ship early and avoid the rusb, arrangements can be made for holding
the shipments at destination for delivery the day before Christmas. Special facilities for carrying shipments
to Great Btfltfilij, For rates nnd othar
rnrticiUars apply u.\ office, phone Dl.
Money ordo s. foreign cheques ajid
travelers' cheques issued at lowest
rates.   E. E. Nixon, agent. �����
Rule As a Christmas
One of the many suggestion
from the Ready-to-Wear Section
The excellent service contained n one of these robes make
tbeifli great favorities as ChrU*-
mas Qifts for women. We show
a very extensive assortment of
theso Useful garments in many
qualities and styles See this
robe at $5.00. It is a heavyweight eiderdown; in a good
assortment of colors, including
red, grey and blue; with heavy
girdle at waist.
Better grades and more elaborate styles, at e��eh $7.50 and $10
Fancy Linens As Christmas Gifts
This lot contains Runaera;
Tray Cloths and Centres; ir,
embridered Battenburg and
drawn work effects; assorted
sizes: regular values lo $1.50.
Christmas Special    95s
Silks Very Special Priced
A limited quantity of this very
attractive silk on ".ale Thursday; in fancy check and strlpo
patterns; shades of sky, navy,
fawn and black; with white
ground effect; width 20 inches;
tegular values 60c. Christmas
Special, "per yard    35r*
Women's black silk hose; fine
guaze; with lisle foot and top;
all   sizes.     Christmas   Special,
per pair   $1.75
Many pretty shades and styles.
Christmas     Specials    at   M>5��
to       $10.00
Women's fancy checked cashmere hose; extra One grade
wool; in assorted colored tartan checks; regular values
$2.25.    Christmas special,    per
pair *1-50
Mostly every woman can do
with an extra umW.ella a.nd
what can you buy for two dollars that would give such satisfaction. Tbe covers are Of a
fine grade silk and wool gloria,
extra strong steel frame; big
selection of handles in pearl,
imitation gold and Bilver and
plain in laid wood. Christmas
Special, each   *2,00
Hand Bags As Gifts
A special purchase of bags
make It possible to ofTer suc'i
a showing of unusual values.
The styles are suedes, velvet
and seal leather; all prqtty
styles; long cordaller handles;
shades in tan, green, grey ami
black. Christmas Special,
each        S2 23
Towels Are Wonderful
��� Fine white huek tower with damask and hemstitched border:
size 23x44 inches. Chiistm^s
Special. I er pair  65��
Initialed hand embroidered
.linen haiidereh'.efs; neat 'design on corner; with small
hemstitched border; fine grade
linen. Christmas Special,
each       25s
Initialed linen handerchiefs;
with narrow hemstitched border; three in fancy box, Special, per box   75c
Also six in fancy box, Special,
per  box    $1.50
Table Linens Extra
Table cloth; size 07x84 Inches;
with border all around; pretty
patterns. Christmas Special,
each     51.25
Hemmed Table Napkins; size
20x22 inches. Christmas Special, per dozen  $1.25
Women's fine grade dog skin
glove; strong sewings; soft
pliable skin; in shades of tan:
with one spring fastener; values $1.25. Christmas Special,
per  pair    ?5c
Women's flnig kid glove silk-
lined: ln shades of tan and
brown; two spring fas'ene"; regular values $1.50. Chrisnn i��
Special,  per  pair    $1-25
Stylish sari's for women: in
beaded chiffon; plain chiffon
and net; full sizes; the shades
shown are grey, pink sky, hello, rose, plum, navy an.l whit?.
Christmas special, each...$1-23
Beautiful novelty scarfs for
Chilstraas; in all Imaginable
pretty dty'les; chiffon, ,'<jreve,
net and Spanish lace. Price
The columns of the Daily News are
teeming with GIFT suggestions
IMiss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians (England)..
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of tho
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes ln past years.    ���
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone LG38.
(090) We have just had lifted for sale a new modern bungalow
that wl}l be sold below value. The owner Is in need of money and
has put, the price low in order to make a sale.
Thlf dwelling has seven rooms, haa basement and is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material has been used.
Price $2,750
The location is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be pall monthly if desired.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sates
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Look !
Hamilton   Street   and   Twelfth
Street, large lot, 66x132,
Very easy terms.
Ash street, Large   Double   House
Very Easy Terms.
Major & Savage
J f J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office, Nsw Westminster.     {tranches at Vancouver    Victor' a,
Chilliwack and Aldergrove. B.C.
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Beflble atras*.
B. & M.
537 Front St  -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole), lb..l0t
Fresh cod (half or whole), per lb...8a
Halibut (half or whole), per lb.  ..8c
Smelts  ���3 lbs. for25c
Crabs  a for 25c
Soles  *,...������ ���3 lbs. for 26c
Smoked halibut, per lb ibc
B.& M. brand kippered salmon, lb. 16c
Kippers and Bloaters, per lb lOo
RahbltS, each 36c
Large Eastern Oysters, per plat..50c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. *
Opposite Brackman-Ker vVliaif,
Frend St.
fcVljiS m<?u.;


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