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The Daily News Aug 30, 1911

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 m    \ *
In the absence of Mayor Lee, Alder,
van Johnston waa elected chairman,
and P. W. Luce secretary of the
organization meeting of the Induatrial
Peace association, held last evening
at St. George's hail. The meeting
heard addresses from P. H. Scullin,
general manager and secretary, on
the subject and approved the personnel of tbe directorate already published, It being the Intention to hold a
further meeting in Vancouver to
organize a board for B. C.
The Objects.
Mr. Scullin explained at the outset
that the organization existed to promote peace ln labor relationships hetween employers and employees, and
to create a healthy sentiment for tho
seti^Tient of disputes at their Inception, by arbitration and conciliation.
In conciliation and voluntary arbitration each side preserved' not only
their self respect, but their respect
for the other party, because each waB
satisfied that the settlement had been
arrived at on the basis of fair play
for both. The association assured
the continuance of operations while
disputes were in negotiation, the employers did not get their orders
crippled, and the men continued to
go home on Saturdays with tho
week's wages, while the causes ot dissatisfaction found redress meanwhile.
By money remaining In circulation
the merchants of the towns escaped
that dislocation of trade Inevitable
to strikes and lock-outs. The motto
of the association wns that of Carlyle 's words "In the end there ls
nothing else but justice." it was too
often the case that the worktngman
in going Into a strike saw nothing
else but the personal point of view
he never stopped to consider his em
ployer. The question was to hlm:
Are we strong enough to force our
demands ?
No employers could operate without a profit, they must face that fact.
By raisins wages to an artificial level
labor sometimes, as ln San Francisco,
killed the very Industries upon which
they feronded for a livelihood. Much
of tbe dissatisfaction of tbe man roee
from a disinclination to consider what
his employer had to compete against.
It was their object aa an association
to represent the public, the third
party to every strike, and see both
aides hai a fair deal, and tn the Interests of the consumer and producer
hasten the settlement. It was the old
scripture maxim of a house divide!
against itself must. fall. Por himself
he might say that the experimental
work of the association was done. He
. had been engaged for eleven years in
it, had heen s. steady union man. and
afterwards a master employing union
labor, and had attended lnteinatl.nal
conventions with the idea of pushing
the scheme, which was for tbe benefit
of humanity. Me had receive.! the
ondorgation of innumerable unions,
public bodies, professional men, the
press, and eijnilar men and institutions which moitlu'xl public opinion.
He asked them in Wes.'niinster where
tbey would be In case of a strike a-.
the local sawmills ? That auii'ence
as representing the great body of pub-
lip opinion outride, knew what such
A ooadition of alalia woul J tflfiau to
the city. While they had the Lemieux
jict in this country to avoid strikes,
he would ask them to notice that the
Increase in davs of work lost tn Can
Many Fine Residences Contemplated,
or in Course of Construction���
Facilities f:r Aquatic Sports.
Remarkable progress is being made
ln the area arounl Burnaby lake. A
few weeks ago an announcement waa
made tbrough this paper that P. J.
Hart & Co., had sold a portion of district lot 84, which adjoins the lane,
for purposes of subdivision. The section so disposed of consisted of
eleven acres, of which divined into
acre blocks one was reserved for
water frontage to Deer lake, which
ls admirably suited for bathing and
rowing. This lot It was understood
would be at the disposal of the other
purchasers for recreative purposes.
Several of the blocka have been sold
off, and wlll be used for first class
residential property, a restriction he
ing put upon it for high class structures.
Meanwhile several fine residences
are In course of construction or about
to be built on adjacent property, on
the north side of the lake on another
section reserved by P. J. Hart himself, as also H. T. Ceperly; T. O.
Townley, and J. H. Senkler, K.C. In
the south side of the lake P. T. Cope,
E. F. Allen, W. H. Allen, H; M. Edgar,
A. W. McLeod, Dr. R. Eden Walker
and T. T. Langlois have all holdings
of various sizes, and contempfSfe construction, lf they have not already be-'
The provincial government has
some One property near the lake
which the Burnaby municipality
wishes to be set aside for park pur
Enthusiastic Meetings on Monday Endorse Liberal Can*
didate for Riding���How the Pact Effects Interchange
of   Commerce   In  Agricultural   Products���
Inconsistency, of Premier McBride.
Sydney,   Aug. 29.���Tho Labor party i
ln New South Wales ls very much dls-
Satisfied with some of its leaders be-'
cause   of    their    opposition to    the
referendum   policy   of  the   party.    A!
special   labor  conference   was   called i
at  Sydney to  enable  some    of    the
branches to denounce Mr. Dolman, at-1
torney general In the McOowen ministry, and Mr. Beeby, aiinister of education and labor.
The conference passed a resolution
declaring that every member of tha
narty must support referenda In the
future. Such antagonism developed t )-
wards Mr. Holman, in particular, thnt
a strongly supported moUqa-to e*v��l\
him from the party was brought forward    It failed, however, to pass.
The question of the speakership of
the New South Wales parliament,
given by the McGowen ministry to n
disgruntled Liberal, will be tested
In the law courts.
Vancouver Fair Ooene.
Vancouver, Aug. 30.���Premier Mc-
Bride officially declared the Vancouver exhibition open yesterday afternoon, In the presence of a large attendance.    The  weather  was  cl.)uuy.
Craek   English   Amateurs   Win   First
Game on Coast���Jock Bruce at
Right Half.
Before a crowd of practically   four,
thousand   spectators  last   evening  at
ada since 1904   was progressive.    In  Recreation park, Vancouver, the fam
thousands the figures respectively for
Sach year were 1904. 279.000; 1905,
284,000; 190(1, 490,000; 1907, 013,000;
%m, 718,000; 1909, 872,000; or a total
ous Corinthians, one or t'ie leading, if
not the  lending  amateur  association!
football organization   in 'England, ad
ministered defeat to the aggregation
)oss for six years of 3,257,870! Tfco drawn from the senior, clubs of Van-
josfics of wayes rose from $ii3H,3l5 Id1 couver and district, Jock Bruce, of
HTO6 to $1,902,000 in 1909, I Westminster Hovers, playing at right
ITnv.laff pointed  out ��\ut   the  solu-  half.       '
kit) lay in thc Q"f"anli>atlon ot publlc |    It has to be acknowledged that the
"plhloa,  tie declared  there  was  tho  play of the Corinthians was a dlsap-
Two meetings were held under
Liberal auspices at Otter and Murray's Corners, on tbe old Yale Road,
on Monday night. Mr. Oliver spoke
at both places. Tbe gathering at
Murray'a Corner*, which Included
quite a number of ladles, held under
ithe 'chairmanship of Albert Dean,
was particularly well attended, and
showed ln demonstrative fashion,
with cheering an I applause, their approval of the Liberal candidate and
policy. The assemblage In Otter ball,
presided over by D. W. Poppy, while
not so large, evidenced many hearty
proofs of theli friendly attitude in
welcoming Mr. Oliver to the platform.
The  Reciprocity  Pact.
In his presentation of the political
Issues Mr. Oliver directed particular
attention to the reciprocity pact and
exposed the fallacy of the supposition
that local farm Interests were threatened in any way. He showed that in
stead of being flooded with American
produce, as suggested by misrepresentation of the reciprocity scheme,
the market advantage in most lines
of farm products, was if anything on
the American side; that the prices
ranged about the same all through the
list and were less than local prlcea
only in a very few instances. He
further showed that local shortages,
ln nearly all classes of farm products
were supplied not from Washington
state, but from the Canadian prov-
'.K-er- ot Alberta and Saskatchewan
This applied to hav, oats, butter,
routry, eggs and other articles, all
of which could be laid down cheaper
frcm the provinces on the Canadian
side. In the case of eggs he demonstrated that local produce was not affected by Importations ns the farmers
here dealt In the "fresh" article
which was In a class by itself anl
commanded a price Irrespective of
competition with packed eggs shipped
In from outside tho district. In Illustrating how this trade worked itself oi.t. and to show that lt was not
subject absolutely to supplies
from any particular, aourc*. JTj�� OfiLr
ver remarked that lar*e qasptttle* o��
butt er from New Zealand entered Into'
the local markets laat winter, and
that the balance, above that which
was supplied from local sources-,
came from the prairie provinces and
eastern Canada. None of lt came
from Washlrnton. because It cou'd be
laid down cheaper from the placea
named. Taking lt generally he showed that the local market waa governed by Alberta produce.
An Eaay Proof.
Any   farmer,  he   urged,  m|eht   relieve his mind of any uneasiness on
the reciprocity question by reference
to the market quotations, transportation  charges, etc.. on  both  sides  of
the lines.    As one point In the argument New Westminster dealers would
inform any farmer   who   wanted   to
enquire that they bought as many as,
forty  cases  of eggs  per week   from
Eastern   Canada,   not   a   single   egg
coming  from  the  other  side  of  the
line.      As the duty on  this produc? ���
was  only  tbre<5  cents  por dozen,  It
was evident that the situation could!
not be materially affected by tbe reel-,
procitv- nact..    dimmed Up, Mr. Oliver's  iargument   was    this:      .That
local farmers would not be adversely ,
affected  by  reclpoclty  in any appreciable degree, and that any slight direct  loss  which  might,  result   would,
be  more than offset  by the general
advantage wliich would c me through
the stimulus which would be given
the province In the fishing and mining Industries afld ln various other
ways, all of which would react to the
advantage of tbe r/eople who looked
to the farm for their sustenance and
profit. He pointed out further that
they must ceiisider reciprocity, not
merely from the local standpoint, bdt
from the brand Canadian point ot
,- The Sal* of Hay.
As a matter of fact, Mr. OlUer suggested, lt was difficult for rational enquiry to see what all the opposition
fuss was about on this reciprocity
question. In cases the necessity ot
argument even was obviated by Iced
conditions. For example In the matter of hay, local farmers, taking lt as
a general prlncple, were buying and
not selling hay, and even If they
were, selling their Interests were not
threatened by reciprocity with the
United  States.    (Applaus?).
Ab for the plea that the railways
would be Injured through a diversion
of traffic to American lines, Mr. Oliver suggested that the railways were
quite capable of taking care of themselves. At the same time he commented upon the absurdity of this
contention, pointing out that theie
was nothing to prevent such a diversion, if economic reasons aros��
therefore, at the present time, the
case not being affected by reciprocity
at all. The fact that the Canadian
, Paciflc railway stock had advanced
| quite recently to a higher mark flian
it had ever before reached, Indicated
that the railways were not worrying
about the agreement. He challenged
, the opposition argument put forward
I by, Mr. McBride, that reciprocity
would result In takng the natural resources 0,111 of the country for manufacture In the United States. In view
of the fact that the natural resources
were under provincial care, and that
the present administration permitted
conditions which allowed Americans
to get hold ot air the Iron on Texada
Island, of which every ton was being
shipped to the United States, thla
��roimwt cUM��lta JiMOt ***i
fram \bm vrmatmr. k* a au
fact Mr. McBride was simply trying
to fool the people On the reciprocity
fsRue. In using this argument. The
contention that annexation would result from reciprocity he characterized
aa foolishness. Canada's trade with
tbe United States represented many
hundred millions at the present time,
and It was absurd to assume that attachment to the old country would be
affected. If it were further increased.
If trading wth the United States
meant the local Conservative government was assisting It. as they had
purchased thousands of dollars worth
of road making machinery there during the past year and had' built a
bridge, not far from where he was
speaking, out of timber purchased oa
the other side of the line. He spoke
disdainfully of the attempts to associate the idea of disloyalty with Sir
Wilfrid Laurier's name, in this connection pointing to Quebec, where Slr
Wilfrid was being attacked because
he was too much of an Imperialist.
* Applause Throughout.
Mr. Oliver was cheered to the echo
at the conclusion of his aidresses.
The prediction freely made through
this part of the country that his majority will he fully equal to his popularity. - -   -���      ---������r'
Ttomas Foster was also heard in a |
telllno; speech    which   was well   re
Liberals In City Working Hard While
Candidate Makes Splendid Showing In Country Districts.
Almost enthusiastic Liberal rally
was held ln the campaign headiuar-
ters, Hardman hall, last night, and
many breezy and spirited speeches
were made by the leading Liberal
workers of the city; A tone of decided optimism as to the verdict of
th* people on the reciprocity question
was sounded throughout all the addresses. Many new phases of the
proposed legislation were brought out
ln the discussion.
After the speechmaklng had concluded,* the meeting resolved Itself
Into an organization committee, and
��� Suable work was done preliminary
co going Into tbe Campaign ih a
most thorough manner. A large committee was named to take charge of
the educational work In connection
with approaching the electorate, and
placing the arguments for and against
the reciprocity pact In Its relation to
the voters of this city and district.
The local chairman of the committee,
,C. B. Deans, and his army of workmen wlll no over the city thorough')-
and carry out their canvass ln a most
complete scale.
Ward meetings were decided upon
as preliminaries to the flrat blj Liberal meeting. to be addressed here
by John Oliver, the candidate, and
other distinguished e-ronents' of the
reciprocity pact. Including F. T. Congdon, ex-member for the Yukon.
The Crop Prospects.
Winnipeg, Aug. 30.���To a large extent the-anxiety felt over tbe condition of the crops throughout Western
Canada has been relieved. The frost,
which varied in severity from one lo
eight deferens during four successive
nights, has failed to ruin the grain
and the damage sustained can only
be revealed by the threshing machines.
Forest Fires Continue.
St. Johns,   Nfld.,   Aug. 29.���ForesJ
Ures which have been raging In this
district for some days past are now
sweeping everything in front of themf
and   destroying  crops  anl   dwellings
along the northeast coast.    The  villages  of  Elliston    and    Joe  Batter's
Ann, in district of Kogo and Trinity,
have been hemmed ln by" the flames
and residents gathered' what.
At tbe sittings of the board of railway commissioners to commence ka
the court house at Vancouver tomorrow several matters affecting Westminster will come up for hewing. The
commissioners' farty on the coast
consist of J. B. Mabee, chairman or
the commissioners, his colleague, L.
J. McLean: G. A, Mountain, chief ad-
vlstory engineer; *. R. Richardson.
assistant secretary, nad N. R. Batcher,
official stenographer, who returned t��
Vancouver yesterday.
After a sitting at Prince Rupert tha
commissioners proceeded to Skagway,
Alaska, and thence over the Whlta
WHS & Yukon route* to White Horae.
Yukon territory. During their stay
at White Horse evidence in respect of
the application of Colonel Conrad for
a'reduction of freight and rassenger
rates On the White Pass railway was
submitted by Colonel Conrad aad
some merchants of White Horse. Decision has been reserve*?. ��
City and G. N. R.
Mayor Lee has undertaken oa behalf of the city to bring before the
commissioners the condition of Front
street which, lt Is alleged, it ia frequently Impeded for free access t��
����>e wharves, <by Great Northern engines engaged ln yard operations.
The Westminster board of trade-,
represented by L. B. Lusby. J. R. Doa-
can and the secretary, C. H. S. WMt,
wlll endorse the stand taken by tha
Vancouver board of trade against the
C. P. R. charging discriminating rates
on goods being shipped to and from
this province. Tne discriminating In
passenger rates esoecially regarding
commercial travellers also will be-
Petition of the residents of Piper
Siding and district that the G. N. B.
be required to move the station, now
loratemtr Burnabv, to Pfper Siding.
Complaint of the Vancouver-Prlnc��
Rupert Meat company, of Vancouver,
alleging refusal of the Great Northern
Railway company, to furnish dtaty
paid refrigerating cars for traffic hetween   Saprertou
seek refnge at sea. The towns ot, t*iFz^,??*, r* t t* ���~ .
CataMna and BoaavUta, Trinity Bay. L,��ompUdn ��f ,����� '��� "JT'JSE?
ara also threatened ani unless pro-! S'*ng- ^j?'1 "�� 8"?ged ��"?��***
vidential deliverance comes early by, ����������,��* U8���� by locomotivesbe-
a change of wind or a. rainsTjTm, they
witl probably be wiped out before sunset today.
Mechanics Pay-
Winnipeg. Aug. 29.���The Canadian
Paciflc railway today announced an
increase of 8 per cent in tbe wages
of all Its mechanics. Abeut 15,000
men are affected..
tween  Vancouver    and   Westminster,
on the line of   the   Great Northern
Complaint of the   Hadden Shiqgftf,
company of Cloverdale. B.C., respect*
Ing   earload   minimum   on
from the Pacific coast mills.
ct- g
Complain* of the residents of Tale
against tha C. P. R. Jor allegedly
bloi Irl���I Df residential streets (on
which they have running rights) for
boarding cara
Appgestk*.   of    W.    H.    Height,
Piper* SNUng,   to obtain a flat rate
on a ftetfUaar from Vancouver to   a
vegetable holding   nine and   a   halt
miles east on the line cf the Great
Northern railway.
Complaint of   the   Fullerton Lunt-
Tickets  Selling   Like  Hot  Cakes for  ber & Shingle company, of Vancouver.
u ' alleging overcharge on a car of lum-
Labor Day Game���Lally Will Be
Entertained to Luncheon.
ber from Tynehead   to   Moose Jaw,
Among the cases which lt is said
will be dealt with will be an application of the C. P. R. to expropriate
certain farm lands at Co'iuitlam require.! for the company's proposed
terminals there and which the own-:
gftatMil inference between the opln
"btfi   bt General    Otis   anl   Samuel
���lomprrs, what they snould striae   at
WHs a middle course.    (Applause.)
Other Speakers.
Alderman Johnston called upon
Rev. Father O'Boyle. who spoke with
Ids customary lucidity. He pointed
out tbat disorganization of labor conditions had far reaching effects and
false premises were drawn from the
present organization of society which
Created a class who were growing,
the Socialists. This search after <de-
structlve forces would not help th<��
community. The struggle revolved It-
self |0 often Into a fight between
capitalist and laborer for something
which the former could not give, and'
the other felt he should have. Their
only hope lay In strengthening publlc
Rev. G. A. Ray. speaking on V>ehnlf
of Bishop de Pencier and Canon
d'Easum, who left for the east that
day, believed the Lemieux agreem'm
bad proved beneficial. As e'erey tliev
ki|ew the evil effects of strikes on
the home life of the people.
Georee Small discussed the problem
from the attitude of an old employer
of labor, measures such as they
aimed at could only proceed slowly,
ns the force of public opinion went
with them.
Mr.  Scullin   rose  again  and    read
polntment to the crowd, the brilliant
pussing  aud close  work   with  which
the name and fathe of the team had'
long   been   associated   being  con-1
uplottbua by Its absence. Cn the other,
hand, it may be that the oppoettton
was so terribly weak that the visitors found lt a difficult matter to
bring out their strong play, and tactics which has so often served them
when In tight places.
In the flrst half the Corinthians
scored four times, the homesters falling to bulge the net. The closing
forty-five minutes saw the locals
making a hard struggle to weave
through the defence offered by the
travelers and in some fast plays, the
eventual losers pierced the net, the
leaders also scoring one point and
thus emerged winners by five goals to
I pany,  of  Taootea,  Wash,,  will  visit
I Westminster during the latter part of
Officials to Seek   Lccal   Capital   for \ this week ln order to look into condi-
Industry. i tlons here and to interest local capital
��� .... .   .      .  in  the scheme.    A couple of match
In connection. Wilh the pro.ect    of  mftk,ng machlneg wlll be brought   to
establishing a match factory in this the city, and matches made from all
city, a couple of officials and demon- the more common timbers grown In
strators of the Tacoma Match com- this locality.
tho organization, quoting cases where
the local branches had acte.l as peacemakers without either master or man
suffering. He strongly criticized the
Socialist element bringing on the recent building strike In  Vancouver.
Alderman Dodd brle'lv repliej for
the Labor men, but could not traverse
the whole argument as be had come
In late. Tbe alderman contended that
much of~the trouble aros�� from a
failure to appreciate the true attitude
of the working man to society.   Votes
extracts from the press in support ofof thanks concluded the nroceedings.
Each day aees the    world's cham?
ll;ns getting into the rM of condition for the league match oa Labar' ers refused td sell to the company *r.
Day at Queens tark.   Yesterday   all the terms offered,
the players were out at practice, and' .Another matter is the paym^Bt of-
more than satisfied their partisans ttf   he watchman on the G. N.. R. ��������
their brilliant showing.   Sandy Gray., lng of the   &*��*��� "55*2?
between the sticks, was kept busy re-  which  the    Coquitlam  council^ urge,
relling the rapid fire shots and   ao- should be p*W Fy the company   ta-
qultted himself ln workmanlike man-1 stead of by the neighboring municf-
ner, the same remark   applying   to pAUties.	
practically all the remainder of the |
team.    Dally  practice  will  be  main-  RESULTS OF HURRICANE
talned up to and including Saturday, '    IN SOUTH CAROLINA
when lt ls safe to predict that   all ,
will be 'ready for the rest over Sun-1 Charleston. S. C, Aug. 29.���S x terday and flt to step onto the field Mon- pedo boatg are ashore here, a scent
day. Tickets are already selling like or other veggeiB have heen sunk and)
the proverbial hot cakes, and the gome are gtlu pounding against the
Westminster management anticipate geawan aB the result of Sunday's
a huge concourse of spectators to hurricane. In which, it is heltaaad.
witness the engagement. After the more than a dozen Iives ^n, ibgt.
match, and in the event of   the pres-, ____
ent holders of the Minto cup proving
successful���and   this   ls   the   dally
Savannah. Ga., Aug. 29.���Springing-
from the sea,   an unheralded   stoma
Canada's representatives at Washington when reciprocity agreement was
-. ^ drawn up.
prayer In the Fraser river valley���a Duffettea thi8 <^ty and adjacent tor-
meeting of the B. C. L. A. will be lItory includins ships at sea, last
held so that arrangements may be n)ght and alj of toaav. Savannah's
made for the post season bouts,. parka are scenes of desolation as a
which must be held ere the destiny ( fe8ult of the hlgh wlnQ8 that played
of the famous trophy is known. As, havoc ,��� every direction. After ragT
the Vancouver management is anx- Jng aH morning and early part of th a
ious to have Joe Lally officiate as afternooni tbe wind subsided, too late,
referee In these post season games, however, for the business bouses;
should this be necessary it would In' which had susnended business, to.
all likelihood be declied to hold the
first of the two extra games on Saturday, Se'tember 9, as Lally is neglecting business In order that there mhy
be harmony hi the wss,ern camps and
no troubles over the referee.question.
Lally. by the way. tel?graphed his
i re-o:icn.
Where Comes the Money T
New York. Aug. 29.--A kontfoaf
newspaper, Impressed with thi campaign cry of "American dbflars,"
thanks to the members of the western which is being circulated throughout
press yesterday when en ro-'te to this Canada for the Conservatives, la ad-
coast, and accepted an invitation to vertising in the New York papers to-
be present at a luncheon where the j day a retoard of $25,000 TOrr-Ven-��
man who has rightly eirned the affix of the source of the allesM campaign
of "Lacrosse Father" Lally may be funds front the Fnflfed Statw to Cant-
seen in the flesh. ada.
' jgr-rr**,*!
.sr .I 'ii'*'j'r��twM||M*��w^saswngBjiaii ���****,    * ����� -������ V*,***-'*
ers. Apply Sixth uvenue, Uurnaby
aires lame bed, sitting room, open
lire place. In modern private bouse,
between town und Queens avenue,
not west of Kighth street." Apply
Hox .1. ti.. this ollice.
sist   with  bouse   work.    Apply
Hoyal avenue.
driving a delivery rU. Apply Ayling
& Swain, -147 Columbia street.
quires position as housekeeper to
bachelor or widower. Box 24 Daily
spiritualism meeting will be held at '<
tbe residence of Mrs. Clark, inman j
avenue. Central Park, near station,;
every   Thursday  evening,  at   eight
o'clock.    Investigation invited.
datlon for boarders ln private house,!
310 Sixth avenue, city. i
onlal Hotel.
house work; family of .five; no children.    Apply 1112 Fifth avenue.
housework.    Apply  432
ployment office, No. 8 Begbie
etreet, supplies men for all large
]obs in this vicinity.   Phone 624.
Aft*r a thoroaffb inroBtljmtlon of
various brands of putnta Mnuln*
Senour pruvt'd to t��o tin* pniat
we cunid risk our reputation on.
1(XH Pure Paint
which wo guarantee* to be Pura
White Lead. Pure Oxitiw of Zinc, and
Pure Kinneod Oil, with of uon thc the
nrcewaary coloring ingredients and
dryers* Now to bo entirely truthful,
they do make a few dark sbadea
tbat cannot bo produced from lead
and lino. Ome ln the store and wa
will show them tn ymi-but every
otber color la positively and nbso*
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and not a drop of adulteration or
substitution la mixed lu.
We rocommend this excellent
brand to all our friends and customers. Another (finnl p.lint la that two
gallons of tbis paint covers as much
space as Uireo gallons of the filled
Wo have color earda showing tU
the colors and shades made, treo
for the asking.
I    The second picture shows the llght-
I house as it now appears.    The light
I can be seen, according to the weather
i conditions, at a distance from sixteen
to twenty-two miles at sea. and It ls
| doubtless   a   more   effective- beacon
than that which glimmered from tha
old tower some 1S0P years ago.
low; close to car; four large rooms,
bath, toilet; large pantry; full basement; well stocked kitchen; garden. Price $2750; easy terms.
Owner, 718 Seventh avenue, New
Ing lots in Nev Westminster and
Burnaby. We will make special
terms and conditions    to    anyone
London, Eng.. Aug. 2ft.���Travellers
may still see on the coast of the English channel at Dover tbe ruins of a
Roman lighthouse that was built at
the time of the Roman conquest of
Britain. Another ancient lighthouse,
built less than a oentury after the
towei- at Dover, ls still serving its
original   purpose.
lt was partly rebuilt and some al
I orations were made in lt, but ln the
main it ls the same old structure thut
guided the Roman galleys as they
skirted the coasts of the Bay of Biscay, making their way to the Roman
port of Hrlgantlum. This ts the modern harbor of La Cortina and the
lighthouse is the most ancient thing
about It.
First   Century.
The Romans called St the Tower of
Hercules and the moderns have perpetuated the name. The exact date
of its erection Is not known, but Inscriptions and other evldtnce show
that lt was built in the time of Trajan between 98 and 117 A��� D.
When the Roman empire fell and
Rome lost the mastery of the seas
the light In this tower was extinguished. For many years none of the
old Roman lights lit up the sea eftpes
of the former empire. Most of the
light towers fell completely Into
ruins, but a fortunate chance saved
the  Tower of  Hercules.
Eor many centuries It was nothing
but four walls of stone and every
century added to its dilapidation; but
at last, about 1684,- an Jiigllshman
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ten-'and a Dutchman, Consuls of their
ders for Sixth Avenue School" and j countries at La Cortina, agreeing
addressed to C. E. Davey, Esq., Sec-' that the building was not decayed be-
retary New Westminster bchool | yond repair, had lt overhauled and
trustees, will be received up to 5 patched up. The light was again kin-
5 p. m. of Thursday, September 7,1 died; and though it was not kept
1911, for the erection and com; letlon' alive for many years the repairs that
of a Three Story School to be erected had been made saved the structure
on  Sixth  avenue,  New  Westminster.: from Irretrievable ruin.
T. J. Trapp & Co!
London, Aug. 2ft.���Both ln France
and England petitions are pouring in
on thc government to place aviators
under greater official control. Home
Secretary Winston Churchill issued
an order at coronation time prohibiting aerial Mights over the proces-
'sions, but beyond that ��� nothing has
yet been done.
I At Brooklunds, south of l^ondon,
and Hendon, ln tbe northwest, the
aerodromes have been extremely busy
these laBt two months, especially In
the early mornings, with the resultj
tha* householders have been compelled to move to quieter neighborhoods to escape tht noise of the engines that wake them at dawn.
I Only the other day an aviator new
over the House of Commons and the
racket his motor made caused the d -
bate to be suspended for some minutes. It seems tbe most expert bird-
men are the worst offenders, for they
fly low and give non-flying people con
;iitant   shocks ^by   Itheir    disturbing
' noise. Maurice Farman, tho Franco-
British expert flyer, has done something to lessen the disturbance caused
by the Renault motor, but even now'
the result Is not silence because to
silence the engine means the loss of
power the aviator cannot affoid as
Besides these regulations the peti-
I tioners urge attention to the danger
of aviators studying and photographing coast defences and otherwise
complicating international relations.
So  many   licenses  are  being   issued
, Just now the practised blrdmen that
the legislative problem Is infinitely
more urgent than ever before.
807 of Cwelve finds
fitn��9elf at tbc Read
of a f amilT
By Jlbner C. (Catkins
Copyrlsht by American Press Association, 1911.
Frequently  Rebuilt.
One   of   these   pictures   shows   the
Plans and specifications can be obtained on application to the undersigned on receipt of a deposit of $10, appearance of the structure in 17ft'i,
which will be refunded on the re- more than a century after its useful-
turn of the plans. Each tender must ness had been revived for a short
wishing to select lots for buildingI be accompanied by an accepted bank' time. The exterior stairway end.-
purposes, and arrange for grading cheque or certificate of deposit on a1 cling the building, by which the Ro-
Btreets, etc. See our Westminster chartered bank ln Canada, made pay-1 mans and the two Consuls reached
Heights addition, corner Eighth able to the Secretary of the New t the lighthouse at the top had fallen
avenue and Cumberland, with open! Westminster School Board, for a sum  completely and the Spaniards decided
streets, water, electric light serrice,
etc. As soon aa construction on
the new car Une begins this pro
perty will double in value Immediately. The Wright Investment Co.,
Ltd., 1110 Dominion Trust building,
Vancouver, 613 Columbia street,
Naw  Vfcmt��UpmtOT.	
business; a going concern with five
teams.    Will  sacrifice at net cost
of teams and wagons.   Walsh Sash!
& Door Co.   Phone 413. i
FOR     QUICK     SALE���NEW     FIVE'
roomed house within 500 feet of city |
car line, on nice lot 50x120, planted j
���with fruit trees.    Price $1650;  ona-
third cash. Adjoining Iof same size
cleared and In fruit, also for sale If
Tequlred.    Price $550;   same terms.
Sherriff, Rose & Co., 648 Columbia
equal to five (5) per cent of his ten- j not to rebuild it. But they planned a
der, which shall be forfeited if the thorough renovation of the tower and
party tendering decline to enter Into the work, as they completed It, Is the
contract when  called  upon to do so  tower of  today.
The cheques or certificates of de-| They placed the new stairwav In
posit of unsuccessful tenderers will the Interior ot the structure. They
je returned_to them upon the sign-' tore down the Upper   third   of    the
ing ot the Contract.
T*,��� lovMt ot mny l��n����r not n��c��>-
���krtly accepted.
Architects  to   the  -School   Trustees,
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 699.
P. O. Box 501.
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Westminster T'ust  Building.
tower and completely rebuilt it. They
f��c��A tta�� lower two-third* wtt%�� granite, marking by a slightly overhanging layer of stone the line where the
ancient stairway had clung to the
txterlor wall.
Original Foundation Served.
They found that the old foundations were in perfect order and these
foundations stand today as the Roman stone masons left them. The
work was completed about 111 y��ars
ago, and every night since the light
has guided the mariner along this
part of the northern coast of Spain.
Berlin, Aug. 29.���Germans are active in other parts of Africa than
Morocco. It may be something more
than coincidence that the part of west
Africa that has been under consideration in the Franco-German negotiations since the Agadir trouble began
has been engaging for over a year th?
attention of an exploration party,
headed by the Duke of Mecklen-
They went out with the Idea of
traveling across Africa through Wa-
dal and the Anglo-Egyptian Soudan,
but the unrest ln tbe Wadal region
Seated them off. Dr. Schtubotz and
Lieut, von Wlese are now trying to
make their way from the Uhangl
river by different routes to Khartum. ''
Meanwhile the duke and his remaining companions ,bave in:ve��$'4
gated the hinterland of the German
Cameroons and the adjacent French
leqtiiltorfal proi|eetorat��\j /and have
reached Togoland, whence they sail
next week for home.
One of the duke's former associa
ates, Herr Klrschsteln, is now planning an expedition through Por:u-
guese East Afrlra to Lake Nyassa.
and thence through central Africa by
Lake Tanganyika to the Upper Nile
i |,��,r��������������.l~fr-fr*����*������lfc��**'M-
; There are men who, though they
have not bad refining Influence In ttelr
boyhood,    are    nevertheless    natural
I gentlemen. Such n one is my friend
Grigsby, a successful business n��an,
prominent In hls circle and possestdug
u very tender heurt 1 dined with him
ind bis wife recently. While we were
��� t dinner his son. a stalwart youngster of twelve or thirteen, came ln
Inte from participating In a baseball
match. I noticed the look of pride and
sffectlon with which his father regarded him.
���'Your boy In a manly little fellow,"
I remarked.
j "Well, yes. but he hasn't the ad-
vantages to make him so that I bad at
hts age."
'   "How ls thnt?"
"No advantages nt all. or, rather, 1
bad a responsibility thrown on me at
twelve that brought out all there was
In me.   When I was my boy's age I
I was a father."
'   "A father!"
-Yes.   I'll tell you about It later."
i   After dinner Grigsby  nnd I  went
out on to the porch to smoke, and he
told me tbe following story:
"My father died when I waa seven
years old, and from that time 1 began
lo be a man.    I  wasn't much of a
| man ot first, but I grew In manliness
fusler than ln body or ln years.   My
-mother died when 1 was twelve, and
II was turned out to make s living as
best 1 could. I bad saved a few dollars, which 1 Invested In the newspaper  business,   and   managed   ln   this
room, suitable for one or two
gentlemen, Opposite library, Toll
Agnes street.
house* one block from car line,
ready for occupation; large lot; $2Ti
per month. Sherriff, Rose & Co.,
618 Columbia street.
rooms.    Apply "(il Aj.nes s'.reet.
TO      RENT���OFFICE      ROOM      UP
stairs, Speck block, Columbia stdt.
Apply to Alex. Speck, 743 Front
tooms, centrally located. Apply 37
'Ar nes  street.    Phono L 638.
to rent, 319 Regina street, $22 a
furnished rooms in Cliff block, on
' Sixth street, one block from Colum
Ibia street. Apply the Misses Chapman, room 2, third floor.
watch, between Sixth and Seventh
avenues on Eleventh street.
1 brooch, on Saturday afternoon, at
the tennis courts, Royal avenue, or
between there and the See House
i-lnder will receive suitable reward
cn returning same to this office.
Tailor  Suits,   Evening  Dresses,  all;
beautiful patterns, Just received from
Perfect  fit guaranteed.    See
Mrs. Gaultier
iLavery Block.
way to put food into my stomach. I
used to sleep anywhero at that time���
I don't now remember, or, rather, I
don't wl9b to remember, where. I
recollect one place, a hayloft over a
stable, to which I gained access by
making friends with tbe coachman.
It ls impressed on my memory be-
rause I took my dnughler there."
"Your daughter! What do you
"1 wns going home one night���I
mean to the loft���feeling very blue. I
was thinking of my mother, who haA
died a few months before, and wish-
lug I might find her In my sleeping
phue, even if it was a stable. Suddenly 1 heard the cry of a young
babe, which sounds more like a young
rooster's first crow than anything else.
Turning, In nn angle formed Ity a
stoop and a basement wall of u house
I saw a bundle wrapped in a bathing
"I unwrapped It nt one end and uncovered tbe face of a girl baby. I was
wondering what ln the world to do
wiih her when she gave me something like a smile. This brought a
sudden desire to hold on to her. Fearing some one would rob me of my
Iind. I covered tip the face, nnd. rolling
Ihe whole thing In some unsold newspapers, I linked It under my arm and
went on to my bome over tbe stable.
"Fortunately It was summer, and the
weather was hot. 1 say fortunately,
for u baby can stand no end of heat,
but doesn't thrive on cold. I didn't
know It at the time, but 1 did know
Hint the child must have something to
"The mother who had abandoned
It had rolled np In the bundle a bottle
filled with milk. I suppose she thought
that a flrst feed would give her child
n better chance to live. I knew
enough to put the nipple inte the baby's mouth, and lt began te pnll right
���This was playing family man with
a vengeance. 1 don't know that I and
my family conti have been more comfortable In a browustone bouse. I certainly wouldn't have been as happy.
1 had wnntcd a dog for company, and
I thought the baby beat the dog an
"Then I made n sheet of the bathing towel nnd put tbo baby to bed on
n hay mattress. Then I cuddled down
beside ber and went to sleep, thinking
(bat I must tell mother all about mv
adventure ln tbe morning. For years
after mother's death 1 thought at
times I must tell ber things.
"1 didn't worry about the family
breakfast till tbe sun come in through
a crack and woke me up. 1 beard a
cooing beside me and remembered my
find. Raising myself ou my elbow,
there was the baby trying to get her
big toe lu her mouth. She bad kicked ber legs loose uud wasn't very much
cowered. I bent over her, and sbe
smiled at me.
"But It wasn't long before sbe began
tbat rooster crowing, aud about tbe
same time : heard my friend tbe
coachman below doing bis morning
stable chores. 1 tried to quiet the
child, but. though I didn't know it,
nothing would do lt but some breakfast. There was the bottle, but nothing ln lt. The baby squalled louder
aud louder, and 1. fearlug tbe coachman would get on to my harboring a
family besides myself ln tbe loft and
evict us, tried to stop tbe crying by
taking tbe baby up and walking lt as
1 had seen fathers do before. While I
was thus engoged tbe trap at tbe top
of the stairs lending from below opened, aud there were (be head and shoulders of l'utsy, the coachmen. Be waa
looking straight at me witli wonder oa
Ms face, wliUh changed to an ecpie-
sion of laughter.
"'Be dad!' be exclaimed. 'I've don*
It meself many a nlgbt wben the day
was brenkln'. Where ln tbe worrld
did ye git the child anyway V
"I explained matters to Patsy and
begged him not tu turn me out. He
made no promise, but, laking my bottle, went away uud presently returned
wltb lt full of warm milk. This quieted the baby, and Patsy went downstairs.
"Half an bour passed, and I waa
thinking, as many a father bas done
whose domestic affairs ore keeping
blm from business, tbat some other
newsboy would get my regular customers away from tne, when i beard steps
aud voices below, and in another moment Patsy lifted tbe trap. But instead of coming toward me be beld
It open for some one else. That some
one waa a benevolent looking gentleman, j
"I was playing with tbe baby's pink
toesat the time and. seeing Ibe comers,
turned to look at tbem. The expression on tbe gentleman's face was a
composition of wonder, amusement,'
pity ana general sympathy. Coming
np to our family, he bent over the
baby and put his forefinger Into IU
little hand for It to clasp. Then, turning to me, he nskeij n.e to tell blm all
about myself aud my flud. l\
"Wben I had finished he told ne
that he would send my baby where It
would receive proper attention and
wben be saw a tear in my eye added
that lf I kept her tn tbe loft sbe
would die. He further promised that
I should always be Informed where
sbe was. and I might visit ber from
time to time. He told me to carry ber
Into tbe bouse���be being tbe owner
of the premises���and when we arrived
be gave me tbe first real breakfast I
had bad In years. Wben I had finished be developed a plan by which I
might spend a part of my time at
school and bave something better than
a hayloft for a bome.
"Thla was only tbe beginning ot his
Interest In me and my daughter. As
time wore on he did more and more
for me. Wben I was eighteen years
old he took me Into bis counting
room. I bad a natural adaptation for
work���In fact, was never happy except wben I was doing something.
Tbe consequence was tbat wben I bad
finished my own work for tbe day I
took bold of that of tbe lazy fellows
In tbe office, with tbe result tbat after
awhile they were sent away and I
given their work and pay besides my
own. In this way I Jumped up pretty
fast and ln two years was getting a
good salary.
"I gradually lost Interest ln the
daughter I had bad with me for so
short a time, but I continued occasionally to ask ray henefactor, Mr.
Merryman. about her.* He always assured me that she was being taken
enre of and some day I might meet
her again. Through his kindness to
me 1 Inferred that ho wus doing a good
deal for her
"When I was twenty-five yenrs old
Mr. Merryman took me into i.is business as n Junior partner, and wben I
was thirty bo retired nnd left me its
manager. Then one day he told me
be wished to see me at his bouse on
a certain evening. I went, supposing
he wished to talk to rae about the
business. When I nrrlved he Introduced me to a young girl about eighteen years old, saying to me. 'This Is
your daughter,' and to her, 'This is
your father, that I have often told you
"I suppose the Interested, curious expression I saw In her eyes was duplicated in mine. I took her extended
baud and felt It clasp mine with emotion. Sbe had long known the story
of our flrst meeting and bow we bad
set up housekeeping in a hayloft."
Grigsby stopped at this point In his
story to relight bis cigar, wbicb bad
gone out
"Well," I asked, "did the father and
daughter relationship continue?"
"First let me tell you abeut another
matter. Tbe clothing of the foundling
had been carefully examined by those
to whom I turned her over. Tbey indicated that sbfe had been horn of tbe
middle class. But there was not a
word, not even a letter, to Indicate
who her parents were, nnd the secret
has never come out to this day."
"And the father and daughter business?" I persisted.
"Oh, Mrs. Grigsby can tell that better than I. The parent and child became husband and wife. But that's a
story ln itself, and I'm no mail to Sf*
Into tales of love.   Ask her.''
t-mmmeimx WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1911.
minster Board of Trade meets in t��e
board room, Ctty Hall, aa follows:
Third Thursday of eacn montn;
Quarterly meeting on tbe tmro
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at u p.m. annual
meetings on the third Thursday ot
February. New member, may bt
proposed and elected at any montb
ly or quarterly meeting. C. H
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODOE, NO. 27���
The rer. ular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. George Adams, N.O.; W.
C Coatham, P.O., recording secretary; J. W. MacDonald, financial
I ~
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrleter-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
���nd McKenzie streets, New West
minster, h. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 snd 8
Oulcbon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Bees, Williams building. 41 Gran
��llle atreet. F. 0, Wade, K. 0.1
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie. G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C P. R. Telegraph.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Deaa Block,
next to Bank ot Montreal.
h. j. a. burnett. auditor and
Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc., circular work taken.
Phone 4IS. Rear o Major and
Savage's office  Columf v SL
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
Shortest  Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next   Sellings  from   Montreal:
Rates of Passage:
1st Class, $92.50, and upwards.
2nd Claas, $53.75, and upwards.
3rd Class,  Bristol or London, $31.25
Further Information from Ed Goulet, C P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davit, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
for Up-to-date
Jackson Printing Co'y
Estimates given on any kind of Jou
In ting, ��� ,   '
lomoaon Block. Phone 888.
8% to 25 H. P.
S and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 68.
Tenth  St.,  New  Westminster.
Could Not Bunco
This Man
Has No Use For Peddlers Selling
Worthless Medicines
ccild tak" the duty off garlcultural
implements, It Is hard to understand.
A. A. Melghen, Conservative member
for Portage in the last parliament,
favors removal of thc duty and had
support for his resolution from a few
western Conservatives but the eastern Conservatives did not support
the plan, neither did Mr. Borden nor
Mr. Foster. Any individual (\nser-
vative or Liberal candidate may or
should pay damages to three natives may not be In favor of removing that
(gainst whom evidence had been Juty but certainly the leaders of the
manufactured to secure a conviction
Some  local. Conservative campaign 	
spkears and workers are making the  What ths Man Frae the Hielans Haa
asfitil.ou and  claim that if  Mr. Bor-j Accomplished  In Canada.
den  were returned to power he wlll j    tamartUag   to   the   census   figures.
remove the  duty  on agricultural lm-  gcutland is being depopulated, at, at
plements.    This claim  is not accord-  ���a events, it is c.-asing to grow al thn
lng to fact antl it Is uct backed up by  lHte it should.
any woid which Mr. Borden ever ut- \    But   this   depopulation   is   r.o   ne*
tered.   His special tariff plan is to ap-   thing!    And there is another side lo
point   a   tariff   commission    to   deal   the question, a side winch is fur from
with  the  tariff   but,.how   It  can   be   unpleasant; for what is Britain's losa
claimed that a government pledged to   is the Empire's gain.
���protctllon  land   (against  .reciprocity I    In tht' making of every Brit.sh col-
Calcutta, Aug -'J.���India Is looking for the next development in the
sensational Midnapore conspiracy
case, following the decision of Juh-
tlce Fletcher of the high court that
the Kngiish police magistrate, Donald  Weston,  and  the   native   policv
ony th-.. Sc jt has played a par:, and
a book wliich has been recently published ���"Scuts iti Canada," by J.
Murray Gibbon���shows,how much our
great Dominion beyond the seas owe*
to OtS pluck, energy, and colonizing
instinct of the man lrom tne Norm.
There were Scots in Canada so long
ago as 1621, when Sir William Alexander secured a charter grunting him
the territory, roughly covered now by
Nova Scotia ana ntw BrunswicK. Hut!
it was the exodus following the rebellion of 17i5 thut was the starting point!
in Canada's history.
Then   a  Greenock   merchant,  John
fjlme Time
of of
Arrivalv Closing;
19: OS��� United States via C. P. R.
(daily except Sunday) .23:>00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daMy except Sunday). ��� 8.-00
12:00- Vancouver via. �� C. E. R.
(datty   except   Sunday). .11:16
18:00��� V��stttf�� via B. C. E. It.
(ataAr ewcep't Sunday)..16:00
8-.00��� Victoria via B. C. E. R.
��� Art* except Sunday).. 8:00
18:00���Vletert.  via  B. C.  B.  H.
KMftf accept Sunday). 11:15
7:30��� U��l��e* 8mtea via O. N. II.
(daflr Accept Sunday)     fi 48
15.16��� United States via G. N. It.
(dally except Sunday)..18:00
10:18���All points eaat and Europe   (daily) 8:80
82:30��� All peints eaat and Europe   (daily)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton aad Fraser
Mills (daily except
Sunday)        8:W
80:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills (dally except
Sunday) 14:��0
18:48���Coquitlam   <da%  except
Sunday)        8:30
18:00���Central Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)        Ill*
1400���East Burnaby <��tally ex-
Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueart.ty and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursstay and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:30
10:00��� Lantuer -o.t Oulchon,
Westham Island, Burr
Villa        14T30
��0:00���Annlevtlle.   Sunbury (dully
except Sunday)    14:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thuradav and Saturday)    14:30
Down    River    Mall   on    Saturday
closes at 13:30.
10:60��� Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2(>
|1:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  O.   N.   R.   (daily  ex-
(daily except Sunday). 14:00
11:80���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day       '14:00
11:80���Tynehead   (Tueaday   and
Friday)        14:00
8:80���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday  16:00
18:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (dally except Sunday)    23:00
18:16���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine (dally except
Sunday)  9:46
18:18���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   8:46
11:80���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Upper
Sumas,   Surrey Centre,
i Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)     8:30
16:80���Chilliwack, Cloverdale
and Abbotsford via B.
C. E. R.  (dally except
'Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  861. Box  772
Rhone 108.     P. O. Boa 848.
Office, Front St, Foot of Sixth.
Crookstairb, Ont.
National Drug Co. of Canada,
Please read the following carefully,
"I was pestered last week with a travelling agent who said he bad beard
that I was troubled with Rheumatism.
I told him I had been and he wanted to
��-ll me some other medicine. I answered
that I was taking GIN PILLS, the
only medicine that did me any good.
I told him that I had tried various
other medicines but none had done me
any good but GIN PILLS and that I
always kept a box In the house. GIN
I'I I.LS have done me more good than
any other medicine I have ever taken.
You are at full liberty to use this letter
(or tbe benefit of all concerned."
Joseph Stevenson.
Don't be Imposed upon. Don't accept
substitutes. If your dealer won't supply
you with GIN PILLS, at the regular
retail price of 50c. a box, 6 for fa.50,
send direct to us. Sample box free lf you
mention Ibis paper, and money promptly
refunded if GIN PILLS do not give
relief. National Drug and Chemical
Co.   Dept. R. C.   Toronto. 68
Manga-Tone Blood and Nerve Tablets
are the best all round tonic for pale, thin
bloodless people, especially valuable for
correcting female troubles. They purify
and enrich* the blood, and help to build
up the whole system. 50c. a box at aU
Conservative  party are against such
a move. In view of this fact it Is quite
Here are the facts of this amazing absurd for local Conservatives to go   , . ,     ,    .
case, that has stirred Inila from end  on  making  such  statements.      They ! t?S��n. obtained  a grant ol  land at
are  contrary  to  fact  ani  contradict   ?.lc,?u; and. ht! ��?e!ed'.."."�� ^^
Conservative  tariff policy,
to end. Midnapore is a small place
in South Rengal, and four years ago
the police formed the Idea that it was
a hotbed of sedition. A year later a
new law came Into force directing
heavy penalties for the possession of
explosives and, curiously enough,
that   very   day   the   police   declared
ment to coins out to Canada, a tree,
passage, a iarm lot, and a year's pro-.
"He owned an old Dutch brig. which|
he called the Hector, and in tne Hee-.
tur he shipped out in July. 1773, hia,
first colonists from the Highlands, 18��
souls in all. . . . The grouud waa
still uncleared, but they struggled
through the first hard years, and pros-
San Francisco, Aug.  29.���Hp's Just
an  ordinary  collie dog.  but he has
contracted some human habits, chief
of  which  has   to  do  with   drinking
tbey had found a bomb In the house   water from a sanitary fountain, Just   pered?   Three  years  later 'they  were
of Peary Mohun Das, a prominent na-  like real human beings. | joined   by   other   Scots   from   Prince
No one seems to know Just who is	
the   dog's   master,   what   the   dog's
name   is,   where   he   came   from   or
where he is going, but  everybody in
the. neighborhood of Masonic avenue
and Height street will testify to the
fact that every day this collie walks
up to the fountain and drinks as gentlemanly   and  as  society-like  as  the
best-trained and most pampered pet
of the four hundred���and as hygleni-
cally, too.
Collie���we'll   Just  call   him  that���
steps up to the fountain, hoists his
right paw to the pushbutton beneath
the  rim  of the  basin,  presses   Just
like a man or woman presses, and up
  _._ _,   ,,         _  shoot the hubbies of clear, sparkling
special do'urt for conspiracy and were water.   With hla paw still on the but-        ^ ,,,.���,.,   ��� ������.,���  _,,,���,, ,.
kept in Jail, without ball, for several-^ to   k��ep the flow   going   Collie. caa compaJe it to is that ol Mo8cS
weeks till the cass collapsed, except ^reaches his mouth over toithe bubbles headlng  [M  Children oi  Israel  into
asalnst those who were orde-.-e.tto be �����"1 takes in the water without touch-1 the-r  t>romis,<i  Land "
transported.   They appealed, and the  lnS  the   spout,   without    danger   of.     Up jumped the old man
tive of advanced views.
Proved  Conspiracy.
Very soon after they announced
they had evi lence to prove the existence of a conspiracy to murder Mr.
Weston and other officials. Then
Peary Mohun and his sons were arrested, that being introductory to the.
further report that one son, young
Santosb, had made a clean breast of
lt, involving scores, of plotters. St>
164 men, young and old, were lodged
ln Jail and charged with a treasonable plot.
A tew days later the Rajah of Nar-
ajole and 26 others were tried by a
Kdw&rd Island, who had emigrated
from Dumfries, but had been eaten
out by locusts."
After this the Scots stream waa constant, whoie families arriving. Wheh
the first hardships were over, th^se
early pioneers write to their relatives
in Scotland to come oui and join them.
The so-called Highland Clearance*
brought otners���no fewer than 1,30ft
arriving in a single season in 1803.
Fresh settlements sprang up; somi*
cast in their lot with the fur traders;
ot.iers struck out and fought their way
to uncleared but fertile parts.
Hearing the story of these strenuous bines IruM one of the veterans, a
Scotch officer expressed his admiration, saying:
"The only instance I know that I
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, Mabel Lucy
Paige, of New Westminster, occupation, married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase th<j
following described lands:
Commencing at a post �� planted
about two miles north cf T. L. 916 ou
the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence west 80 chains, thencesoutb,
80 chains, tbence east 80 chains, j
thence north 80 chains to the point.of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
O'Oerle, Agent.
Date June 6, 1911.
"iVloses! ' said he. "Compare me to
Moses! Moses be hanged I He lost
half his army in the Red Sea, and 1
brougat my party through without los���
high court found the evidence so un- catching germs and without peril to
satisfactory- they too were acquitted. **<>**> who follow him.
On   Spy's Story. Then  he  trots away,  and   nobody
Sir Lawrence Jenkins, the chief Jus- sees him until next day.
tice of  Bengal,  and  Justice  Mooker- No* young folks are talking about   :ng one man!"
Jee, a native of undoubted ability and petitioning the health department for |     It wes men of this spirit who found-
learning, plainly pointed out how the a me(lal for Collie, owing to his good j ed   the   pr?at   Northwest   Company.
evidence   rested  on   the   story  of   a work   ln   settng  an   examp'e  of  the
polite spy and two retracted confes- proper use of sanitary fountains,
slons  obtained   by  irregular  methods
hy the magistrate and police.     They; Unpleasant   Visitors,
further declared   the  magistrate  had 0ttawili Aug   M_A    curIouB   ,    ,.
acted  in  clear disregard  of the  law dent   occl)rred   here    todav   when    a
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Princess St
Transfer Co.
HBce 'Phone 188.     Barn   Phone IS'
Begbie Street
Saigage   deiiverea   promptly   *���
any part of tke city.
light and Heavy Hauling
TRICT���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I. James
Fergus O'Connor Wood, of North Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend
to apply for permission to purcnasa
the following described lands:
Commenciug at a post planted
about three miles north of T. L. 916
on the weBt shore of Haslam Lake.
thence north SO chains, thence west
R0 diains, thence south 80 chains,
tbence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less. 1
I O'Oerle,   Agent.
Date June 6, 1911. j
had kept Santosh in solitary confine-  farm attacked' a .grocery store owned
ment  In  a condemned  cell,  awaken-
wnieh, by tne end of the 19th century,,
had an annual turnover of JOOO.UX).
eu,ployed fihy clerks, seventy one interpreters and clerks, 1,120 canoemen,
antl tuirty-five guides. fracticaJ/y all
tiie proprietors were Scots.
ind to9 Hudson Bay Co. gradually
methods were harsh and cruel   They  *wa'm of several thousand bees, sup-1 became Scotch. From'tbe ime whm
metuous were, n.ush aim uuei.   iney  ^j io beiong to the experimental\ uu: mev.iaoie $m appears, upon tne,
scene   to the  present day,  ttre  chlel,
Ina Wm every three t��������� to.,teTTl,y the city, a couple ot miles from the
him into a confession. Finally they fam an(1 took ���0gBegt,iOn. Several
expressed the belief the police them children were slung, and buBtness
selves placed the bomb in Peary Mo- hai t0 be 8UBp���naed while the b��es
nun's .house. 4-Jampfcd   everything  'Bw}e<Jt   tn   tVfi
Damage   Suits. places.    The Rev. G. Watt Smith, of
by   George  Hopper  in  th*  center  ot. proportion ol Vim Hudton Baj ��Acial��
nave   been  drawn Trom  the  Orkney*
aud the Highlands. 1
Why the country still makes it call
to t.ie Scot is shvwn in the story ot
t.ie farmer who said that "it made a.
chap's eyes glad to look at wheat 70
Suits for damages have since been tne pj,.,^ congregational church, who in-..-'s higu vutn j,uca a head oil it-
heard against the magistrate and ls n|mse]f an apiarist, finally sue-1 AnJ ye duma grow tatties like you ia
police, native feeling meanwhile be- cee(jed (n iur|ng the visitors Into a Banciiory-I)eveulck, li they saw me
lng embittered by finding the names ,arge DOX. soIving the problem for the   ouning   soil   like   yon   in   Aberdeen*
ml        ...,m        mt        It. m .W.ll..^ ���ffl/.OrC i Fl t\,C . '
��� IN ���
of two of the police officers in the
king's birthday honors list. Now
after nearly 200 days of trial, during!
which  three of the defendants were! Collecting for Good Cause,
on the witness stand eighteen, flf-j Regina, Aug. 29.���As showing that
teen and fourteen days apiece. Justice the people of Saskatchewan are alive
Fletcher has exonerated the magls-! to the urgent need of the good work
trate from all suggestions of bad done by the Saskatchewan Antl-Tub-
falth but given Judgment against him' erculosls League, it is Interesting to
for $330 and costs. As to the police, j note that the sum of J7.886.12 has
he said they had misled the magla- been collected on "Tag Days"through-
trate throughout and had acted to-' out the province, in addition to the
gether to force Santosh to confess. ! Bum of $1,563.45 collected private'y.
The magistrate will now appeal The amount set forth above does noti
and the whole evidence will be gone include the $3000 collected in Regina
over again.   The native mind is more  during the two tag days of the Dom-
they'd a' t;ik* their tiuts aft to me."
\>"hat i- the sesMt of the Scots' .-uc-
cess in Canada? The author explains
it thus:
"ih \ '.%-ere able to adapt themselves
to any circumstances; they had faith
In themselves, and stuck together. In
Canada to-<lay th.re are close upon
a million citizens of Scots descent or
birth. They are only one-eighth of
the total population, but they hold
among them more than one-half o{ the
positions Worth having. The best passport for any Immigrant into Canada
is to speaks with a Scotch accent.
Ono occasionally sees the notice in
c innecti in  \v:111  E ime situation���"No
and more Impressed  with the belief inion fair, as this amount has not yet   S?  ,��� u '" j       I '��%����-- /wTju.
���h.t   ft,.  m��,lBtr��tPH  nr��   nnlust.   not-   heen  artuallv  raid  in.    Taken on  th* 'English   need apply.     If any Canadian
that the magistrates are unjust, not- been actually paid in.   Taken on the
withstanling  the  impartial  decisions basis   of   population.   Yellow    Grass
of the high court in favor of the ac- takes the honor 1n the first place by a
cuscd  natives. colection of $538.85. I
tne   tv
meiity   to  say   "No  Scots
he would not only ad-
Between all Local Points.
One Way Fare
and One-Third
for the round trip. Tickets on sa'c
L 2, 3 and 4. Good to return up to
and including September 6.   Apply
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Sk      Bunday)  17:30
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue-
PHONE 370.
Ten Dollars down will furnish your spare bedroom. Rent it for $10 a month; In three months the
furniture will be paid for, you then have an extra furnished room that your roomer has paid for and an
extra $10 a month coming in as long as you wish.
That's the way to get a start; no need to scrare along while Denny & Ross are here���we can help
you.   Just think how the extra $10 a month coming in will reduce your rent.
We Furnish a Bedroom Complete for $28.75
$10 down; balance as the rent of your room conies in
Furniture consists of be:!, spring, mattress, reversible floor rug, dresser and wash stand, pair of pillows, pair Of white sheets, pair of blankets, one comforter, one white spread, two pillow slips, curtain pole,
window shade, pair lace curtains. i. I    lii^I
Outfit Complete for $28.75   I
vertise  hlnnell a !col, but he  would
also   pr;babiy   be   lynched."-
Denny & Ross
���Wc Treat You Right"
43, 45, 47 Sixth St., New Westminster.
Phone 588
Iron Ore In Vancouver Island", i
Reports come from British Colum-'-
bia that immenis deposits ot high
grade iron ore have been discovered
in the vicinity of Upper Qu nsam
Lake, in the Comox district of Vancouver Island, and at .Upper Camp-
boll Lake, a lew tin L's away. American capitalists are said to huve
secured control of these deposits.
Fortunately us th re is no coal uloug
the Pacific coast cf the United States
it is hardly probable that this om
Will be taken out of Canada for
snvelting. A very long railway haul
would be required to transport this
iron ore to. uny lxiint in the United
States wlure cheap fuel is available
for smelting purposes, whereap ill
Vancouver Island, there are great
areas of coal within a lew miles ot
the   iron  ore.���Canadian   Century.
Farmer Politicians.
Every member of a group of Parliamentarians who were sitting roumli
the table of the House of Common*
caie a few days ago put forward a
claim to be considered a farmer. All
oi them got away with it nicely except Honore Gervais, one of Montreal's representatives in the House.
"Mr. Gervais, did you ever learn to
milk a cow?" asked Roderick Mackenzie, secretary of the Grain Growers'
Before Mr. Gervais could answer,
C. H. Lovell, the member for Stan-
stead, said in his well-known deep>
base voice, "What's that go to do
with it? Any calf can milk a cow."
,     Discovery of Coal.
A discovery of coal made on a *0O-
acre field, owned by JoJin Lowry, near
Parham, on' the Kingston and Pembroke Railway, is regarded as a lucky
find and promises to be a valuable
addition to mining interests. /
The Daily News
-��� >y  ! '
fMMIshed by The Dally News Publish-
sme Company, Limited, at their offices,
sr of McKenzie and Victoria
���i. ti. Paige. Managing Director
"���'        ' ' H fruit/an**,!'>
carefully weigh this opinion and to
give ear to these fears, but I, personally,  do  not  think  that  there is
'TaQOfcrtM WEHO.
��;;;~z��Jr ^**^*^w* **?'.���� 8u,t�����:.o, ^oroc/'.D!rnMd"
a Monster of Cruelty
According tj a correspondent of the
London Daily Kxpress, who is now in
Morocco, Mnl.i:  Hatid, .Sultan of that
iand, is a monster ol cruelly for whuin
.nly the later Roman and  Byzantine
umpires can tind a rival.  "It is almost
Uipossible   to     believe,"     he   writes,
^^^^m^^sm^^^^^^^^^    ,   that so monstrous and  barbarous a
Then why should that .fear exist rk.lic of Ultdievulism as Hafid's court
Is    con-; in Fez should exist at tire very door
Three years  uao  when  1
"Our policy has been and wlll be,
bo long as the Canadian people una-
Untie to place in us the confidence I
they have shown in us ror fifteen
Tears���that policy Is to seek markets
wherever markets are to be found."
TkU was the policy of the government defined, simply and clearly, by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier upon the lntroluc
tlon of the reciprocity agreement '"
Is nothing  more  than   a 'reciprocity
treaty    with    the    Dotted    Kingdom.
No      ^^^^^^^^^^
so   far   as   Great   Britain
cerned? ,)      ','*. i -y*,'.
What a difference seveii years
makes to a Tory out of office. It
seems Impossible to fathom the mendacity of the sujffftirters di lhe-policy
of trade obstruction a*> w��i,{iuv3.it in
the Conservative party t.o.<Jay."
ol Kurope. Three yeurs ago
interviewed Mulai Hatid lus one tear
was that the French armies would
come to his country. To-day his one
tear is thai they may some day go
and leave him to (ace his subjects.
And so, while he ll still secure behind
the i'renea guns, he is hoping to crush
tlie people oi Morocco, both high and
low, so that they shall never rise
against him again.
"1 wonder u, the true story of^the
sack ol Laiuta is yet known abroad?
Tlie fallen grand vizier, Kl tilawi, told
me something of it. The French authorities  are  trying  to  minimize  it a*
��!,. House of Commons *""^��fg% j&AX S
Welcoming the Duke.
Ottawa, Aug.    29.���Prwti^ty   all
arrangements for the wmSmm to tie
accorded to the Duke of Connaught
and his family on trYir arrival    in        ._^^___	
Ottawa have been completed, except j ��^^gj"po��i'bto7 tor eveu though the
for a few details. The government' ��uldiers who committed the outrage I
will look after that part of the pro-,weru ���0t Uirectly under their control. '
cession held on govarnmetft,j)iopert>, j they wvtra associated with the French I
and the ctty will do the Vmne on city , force.
has not |    "lhe story is this: Lamta is a pretty I
the little  village,   situated   on   an  olive
: Tenders for Electric Light and Bells.
Sealed  tenders,  superscribed  "Ten-
1 ders for Electric Lighting, etc.. of Sapperton and Sixth Avenue Schools," re
spectlvely, and addressed to C. E.
Davey, Esip. secretary New Westmln-
: ster School Trustees, will be received
up'to 5 p.m. of Thursday, September
! 7th, Hill, for an electric light and
bell  installation  of  proposed  schools
1 at Sapperton and Sixth Avenue.
Tenderers to state clearly  to which
��� school    they    refer to,   or lf to botn
I schools.
Plans and specifications can be obtained on application to tbe undersigned on receipt of a deposit of
$10.(11), which will be refunded on the
return of the plans.
The lowest or anj tender not necessarily accepted.
Good Buys in
Architects to the School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
^__^_^__^^_...^_^__ mayor
has written the various patriotic
societies, stating that If they desire
to present addresses to thtkttake they
will have an opportunity. Uudo so at
the same time as the V^j^J^dress Is
1*     Madrid,  Aug.    2d.^^fif^>s    re-
.  ceived today from La Palmas, Canary
   t?     ��� Islands, say that 500 SpantsJ^soldlers
the whole,globe. ���,,   aRQ<;t    'are making preparations   Jo*embark
Canada hasovJB*^^1** tomorrow on the transport^AImlrale
" With   Lobp to occupy    Stfinte M0i*61x    La
ibaa been vigorously pursued by
liberal government throughout
whole term of its office M~
mlsaioners  have been  dlspa
the various countries of the
new markets for Qqsu
This aggressive    ^A
gnssive policy has been maintained
right up to the present day, and   a
trade   commissioner   ls   located
������very good commercial   penffe
and Tan
open  up
Then, too,
trade  agreements
tered   into   traae   ��b'����������        Mlneuro, on  the  Moroccan *coaat, Xo* J"^" inountain, Zala, which overlooks
��S.nrP  and  Germany.    These ^ree-    h th of Maar)rt ,yhere the    ar-   tVz
. 0 neither more nor ����%an lrfval ,aBt July of -^German war- ..TroQp, pursued the rebe 1 and
ments are neither mo h Panther stirred tip rftarttfresent drove Uien) beyond Mount Zala. Reciprocal trade agreements _for^tney ���Vj���Jmf Munntt> nver Morocco, tun)i tney pa9scd the peaceful
 .���  �����,��t to Ibe adjustment of  *��� reportir^iSa*K*ffMMS  friendly and staunchly loyal village oi
crowned  lull  within  a few  miles oi |
Fez.   It is, indeed, a favorable picnic
spot, and people go lrom Fes to stay 1
lor days at a time iu the shelter of j
and  orange  groves. ���^������p^pHp^g^g^gH_^_^l^_^_^_
Nearly all Lamta is owned by wealtny I lV/T-.-.r?4-     rKon�����������     i*P
natives ol Fez and, strangely enough.   IVlUoL     UlodPUcolr     II
three oi these men between them pro- * *
vided at a critical time 15 days' pay
ior the very soldiers who afterwards
wrecked their farms, killed their sons
and servants and sold women and children as slaves in Fea.
"The crime ior which Lamta suffered was this: ihe village happened to
lie on the road by which the Sultan's
forces marched to attack a rebel tne-
halla which had taken reluge beyond
.are in respect to
_m customs duties in the respectlvo of a-8panl,h f5r�� W'SWtRlW Mor-
Now the Liberal govern   occo haa not yet besro ��)*��'<���**>*"*
problem* over whloh nesotiations are
In progress by Jules Cambon, ths
French   ambassador * at'Berthr,'anl
t*er. and conclude a r^***���*
.^cement with Canada s ���^jjjj
neighbor, the ^^j^-^p^ H��rr.yon Kiderlin-WgechUt. the Ger-
r-s^sThUX'ed W��th d,s-  man foreign secretary.^
&A1K&3& a 8' GUNNEfRorD,s8aTSSro row
w that these **~���"*�� ^ Puget Sound Navy Yard," Aug. 29.-
otherwise than beneticiai 10 Summary dismissal without honor ln
merce-surely   such    an    agreement ^ u &n     ^ ^L.Ae depart-
���ith the nation occupying the south- raentf jU8t received frflN��Mlihl?*,cm'
__Tm.rf ��f the Nortb American con- for Chief Gunner E. Kefflnberger, of
^n part of t*ft����W.* ���    the crulBer We8t Virgin!*f�� The bfder
tlnent and ..divided from us wr* ^ ^ outcome,oj,a .co^ct between
an imaginary line, instead th �����r officers and enlisted men of the navy
Utoueanda ot miles.oi ocean, must be  HTW clvil 01YiCials bT han ��*l��SO, Cal.
3SnSKS�� whlT   can    bave  mobilization of warsfitpa tn Southern
liut   one   answer,   and   that   in   the
Lamta.    At sight of the soldiers tha
 ��� ���    .--.._   . villagers ran out, crying,  'Long livs
should it be confirmed, lt la expected . the bultanl' and: 'Ixmg live the inagh-
further to complicate the    Moroccan, aenl'
. you use
Dermol Cream
I guarantee tbat it is ln no respect
harmful to the most sensatlve skin,
also that a better skin cream cannot
be found.   50c per bottle, sold only at
The Red Cross Pharmacy
CS. Deviet, Prop.
water.   Kellenberger has fifteen years
of service to bis credit. |^H
"Por reply the savage horsemen oi
Kaid M'Tongi iell on them and cut
them down like grass. They stamped
Lamta flat and burnt the ruins. They
stole everything portable, live stock,
women and children included.
"Hafid cares not whether they harm
I the innocent or the guilty. In either
case they serve his purpose in making terrible the name oi Mulai Hatid.
The youug girls and children whom
M'Tongi's men brought on their saddle '
bows to Fez and sold into slavery were 1
the dependents oi men who liberally
helped Hafid through all ills troubles.
It is only just to Fez to say that most
of the captives offered lor sale were
bought in order that they might be returned to their .hotnes, but many oi
tbem disappeared never to be heard ol
Phone 40. 32 Sixth Street
Mow Westminster.' B.C.
FOURTH AVENUE ��� Clsarsd lot;
house 10x16; good well of water.
Price $900; one-third cash, balance
6 and 12 months.
NEAR CITY���Just eutslds e'ty limits
from Twentieth street; five fine
lots, from 1350 each; one-quarter
caah, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. |
avenue.���Open streets; f&25 each;
one-quarter caah, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
NEAR EDMONDS���One lot 66x120,
for only |500; one-quarter cash
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
FOURTH AVENUE���Five roomed
modern bungalow; bath, toilet, electric light: lot all cleared and
fenced. Price $2625; small cash
payment, balance aa rent.
avenue; $575 each; $250 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
FIFTH AVENUE���Two Iota; $550
each; one-thirl cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months.
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
oj* rnorB-RTiEs
Again, as Sir. Wilfrid  Laurier has
expressed It, "our object today is   to
open  the door of tbe American martlet, to open the door of -*i ��tion of
ninety millions of people^ ^jPch   fyja
been closed to ub for fifty years." Yet
say   the  Conservatives,   in   their  desire to gain a little political capital
sind alarm the people, this will be the
first step towards union with and annexation by the United  States.    But
does anyone venture to suggest thai;
because  we    ha\e    reciprocal    trate
Agreements   with   France   and   Germany, closely similar in character to
that proposed to be entered fnto with
the States, Canada is to be absorbed
by either of the two great European
Aradlng nations ? '; ,.���
It has been urged too that the
numerical and capitalistic pressure of
the United States will be such as to
overwhelm this Dominion. But in
this respect the pressure of France
and Germany is no less thtm that
which would be exercised by the
United States. The whole plea on
the Conservative side is alfSg'tfther
too absurd for any reasonable and
in'all!; ont person to give heed to.
A "Fake" Plctu
Paris, Aug. ^fl.���fhe "Cri de Paris'
today says that Leonardo Da Vinci's
Mona Lisa was actually  stolen from
the Louvre in June, 1910, and that it j
is now in New York in the collection |
ol  a millionaire Jew.    According    to
this  newspaper,  the    ikture    stolen I
recently    was    a    copy    which    was
substituted by the original' thieves.
Pasteur Treatment.
Toronto, Aug. L'l)���lfl any enfomiumn
were expressed at the convention oi
the American Veterinary<, MedicliM
association in Convocation hall regarding the Pasteur treatment of
rabies in dogs. There were several
references to its effectiveness made
by the speakers. liegardinu the prevention  of  rabies, the  treatment    o.
lioises consists of -1 doses, wliich la
just double the quantity gi>en a human being. Dogs are given 21 doses,
but each doso is mily half strength
The Pasteur metho I came into existence about two years B^iwand experiments thus far have beeri practically
at all times successful, speaking well
for  treatment.
Had Seen  Ons.
An English comedian told ol appear-1
ing before a swell London audience
at the house of a noble lord. The languor of his listeners made him feel
not too happy, and he was glad to get
through and retire to the dressing
room allotted him. When he was removing the grease paint a very young
peer who had strolled after him stood
jftatchfng the process. He told the
comedian in the most app 5ved drawl
that some oi his tayings had really
ibeen rather funny, "especially that
.one, you know, where your wife made
a pancake on a gridiron and the pancake slipped through and put the fire
!out. That made me laugh awfully,
'because I know what a gridiron is. 1
have  seen  one."
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       ��14,400,000.00
RESERVE   12,000,000X0
Branches throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, and In London. Eng-
ISJid, Nsw York, Chicago and Spokane, ���
D.S.A.. and Mexico City. A general
banking business transscled. Lst {
ters ot Credit lssusd. available wltb
correspondents In all parts of ths
Savings Bank Dspartment���Deposits
received ln Sums ot $1 and upward.
aud Interest allowel at 3 per cent, pei
1 annum (present rate).
Total   Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
feet. Price only $1600; one-third
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Thts lot wlll rapidly increase ln
value with the improvements goin,;
on In this particular locality.
Peoples Trust Co
431 Columbia ^^^^^ Telephone 661.
**���%*, 1
4* TBH Cm/iT: IMTEH-
317-321 Gamble St.
Vancouver, B.C
Stale  Bread.
It   is   generally   supposed   thnt   thai
stateness of bread arises from its becoming actually drier by the gradual
loss cf   water, but   this   is   not the
case.    Stale    bread    contains   almost!
exactly the same proportion of  water
as  new   bread   after   it has   becoma
completely cold.   The change is mere-'
!y in the internal arrangement of thej
molecules of   the   bread.    A  proof ol'
this is thut if we put a stale loaf into
The Brock Statue. I a  closely  covered   tin,   expose   it  for
Brockville,    Out.,    Aug.    29,���Alter   (half an hour or an hour to a heat net
se\en  years of  unceasing  efforts  up-hexceeding  that ol   boiling  water  and
the  part  of  all   the  members  of I (then   allow  it  to  cool,  it  will   be  re
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants \\L
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It ta the stuff thet the foundations of wealth end happiness ere built of.
Money may be used ln two wejre; to spend for what la
needed now and to Invent tor whet shall be needed le the future.   Money cannot be Invested until It ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 92.000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR, General Meneoar D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Kl.       j
Jycaklng at a meeting In support
of Harry Senkler at Cedar Cottage
last night, J. W. deB. Karris Bald;
"On the idea that one swallow does
not make a summer, the Conservative
��� party   has   swallowed   itself   cn   this
question a good 'many times.    It continues to mince its own words every
time a speaker gets on the platform,
bin perhaps the supreme example of
this is Mr. Borden himself.    Mr, Borden  has  claimed  that  at   least  since
1X!)1 Conservatives have not been in
favour of  Reciprocity;   he has made
the claim  that about that time they
discovered     that      reciprocity   .was
treason,   simon   pure   and   undeflleJ,
nnfi that to negotiate a  treaty  *lth
The United States would be to sacrifice our imperial connection and leuJ
ub down the primrose path to everlasting ruin, and yet Mr.  Borden, sneaking at a dinner in the Windsor hotel
at   Montreal  on   July   21,   10"4   fad.
'There is a fear in some sections of
this   country   that    a   policy   of   this
sort        (inter imperial        preferential,
trade)   may,  in  some   way,  Inte. fern
vith 'the blessed privilege of fiee gov. (
eminent   whicli   we  now   enjoy, and
which  privilege   we  never in(an 1  to '
.give ii.".   It Is, of course, necessary to
General Brock chapter. Daughters 0!
the Empire, has at last found itself
-in the i.osition of being able to give
Mis order for the erection of a li'inl-
some memorial fountain in Brockville
of Sir Isaac Brock, alier whom the
town is named. The order has been
given to Hamilton McCaithy, K.C.A,
Ottawa, the eminent sculptor. The
fountain wlll be erscted on Court
House s piaie In the centre of the
town, and Its unveiling will take place
next October upon the 100th anniversary of the heroic deatli of Brock at
Queenstown Heights.
TRICT,���District of New "Westmln
ster.���Take notice that I, James
Charles Wood, of North Vancouver
occupation merchant, intend to annly
for permission to purchase the follow
Ing described lands: Commencing at
a post planted about" three miler
north of T. L. 916 on the west shor.'
of Haslam lake, thenee west 80
chains, thence south SO chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence nortl) so chains
to point of coramencemerit, and oon
taining 640 acres more <tr lees.
O'Oerle; Agent.
Dated June fith. 1911.
Meet every Monday 1h"Labor hall
8,  p.m.
V H. Johnson, busliiesfe agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 508, r.csIJence plione 501.
'stored in appearance and properties!
practically to the state of the new |
Amply Repaid.
There are stories which will stand
resuscitation, and there are stories
whicb will not. Personally I always
liked this one oi Frank Fogarty'��:
"A man was walking along the road
with a dog and a gun, and an automobile came along and killed the dog.
The owner of the automobile gave the
owner of the dog $5 for the loss of the
dog   and   then   asked:
" 'Where were you going with the
dog and gun?'
" 'Down to the woods to shoot the
dog,' the man answered."���Exchange.
A Cruel Toy.
A singular toy, invented for the delectation of Tipppo Sahib and found
in his palace at the taking of Seringa-
patam, is in the lorni of an automaton
tiger, life size, represented in the act
nf devouring a British soldier, who
li'S prostrate under its jaws. Inside
this automaton i* 11 rude organ, which,
when turned by a handle, emits
sounds in imitation of the growls of a
tiger and the moans of the dying vie
Ancient Preservation of the Dead.
Herndotus gives a good description
of the manner in which the early
Ethiopians preserved their dea<i
Having thoroughly dried the corp-e,
they plastered it over with a paste
made of gypsum and then painted
the face and exposed parts so as lo
nuike them look ns natural as pn��-
.'idle. DeHd bodies served in thi*
manner remained intact for hundred*
one s
ever ?
Have you ever longed for a
home ? A real home ? A home
that, one Is net ashamed to take
friend to ? A thing of beauty ? A joy ftor
Flowers and shrubs and trees, a lawn.
n pretty bungalow nestling on a sun-kissed terrace-side overlooking a large beautiful shimmering expense of fresh water? Stuinds invitlnc eh?
Well, we have it In our "Lakeside Terrace," on
the shores of beautiful Buinaby Lake. Fifteen
minutes ride from New Westminster ! Klve-cent
car fare ! Half and quarter acre tracts for a
song ! Three $2000.00 bungalows for nothing !
Ask for our booklet, "Lakeside Terrace In
Beautiful Burnaby." It tells the story. Investigation will pay.
:j-dtf:'-pm :-r
Dominion Treat Euild'njf, Vancouver, B. C.
MUttAwr^riMWHLWKtaWt--. ���WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1��11.
raoa ma.
r      PERFECT  HEROISM.     ���
Rare Courage of Dr. From Mueller In
His Tragic Death.
Heroism bas been defined aa "tbe
brilliant triumph of tbe soul over the
flesh"���that is to say. over fesr���fear
of suffering, of sickness, of Isolation
snd of death. An Instance of this
dazzling and glorious concentration of
courage is given lu Mr. Frederick Rowland Marvin's book, "Tbe Excursions
of a Book Lover."
Dr. Franz Mueller of Vienna, who
fell a victim to the bubonic plague
wben tbat disease was flrst under bacteriological Investigation ln that city
in 1807, contracted tbe malady from
bacilli ln culture tubes. Wben he became certain that be was infected, be
Immediately locked himself ln an Isolated room and posted a message on a
window pane:
"I am suffering from tbe plague.
Please do not send n doctor to me, as1
ln uny event my end will come ln
four or five days."
At once a number of hla associates,
all ot tbem youug physicians, with
much to live for and with full knowledge of tbe chances to which they
would expose themselves, atepped forward aud not only offered their services, but In some cases begged to be
���ent to Dr. Mueller. Tbe patient refused to permit It snd died alone within tbe time predicted.
At tbe end be wrote a farewell letter to his parents and placed It against
tbe window so tt could be copied from
tbe outside end then burned the original wltb hls own bands, fearful that
It might be preserved and carry eat
this mysterious and deadly germ.
Tbey Are Not S**n* at All, but Pods
Fillsd With Tiny Seed.
Tbe vanilla plant la tbe only orchid
of any Industrial value. As orchids
tee. the plant is uot unattractive, for
ttte foliage Is much greener and more
. enduring than In tbe case of most of
the species. It is a climber, and when
the leaves are fresh It brightens s
small tree trunk wonderfully. The
Vanilla planlfolta. to give it IU full
name, ls a terrestrial parasite. It
climbs from the ground, but once established baa feeding stations on the
bark all along ihe line. The leaves-
long, very smooth and light green-
are alternate, aud at tbe axil of each
Ip a sucker a few inches in length tbat
fastens itself securely to US** tree, lying flat against tbe bark.
. Tbe blossoms are Inconspicuous. It
Is tbe resultant pods tbat are tbe vn-
Alllu of tbe Industrial - world. Tbey
are slim pods six to eight inches long
aud when dried for the market are of
a rich, deep reddlfh brown. These
ire called vanilla beans, but without,
rrarr��Tit. They contain no bean; the*
seed in them ia as tine as d��st These'
seeda are the black specks that are
usually found In tbe finest grado of
vanUla Ice cream, tbe beet chefs the
world over preferring to grind tbe
"bean" ratber than use tbe extract
Vanilla is found growing wild tn tbe
Bahamas, West indies and Central
America. In Madagascar and some of
the neighboring Islands It has been
introduced and now forms an important article of export But American
ranllia ls the best.���Harper's Weekly.
Played No Favorites.
John Addison Porter, once secre-
ary to the presldeut, overdrew his ac-
;ount on one occasion, when be went
off on a vacation, nnd Comptroller
Trncewell disallowed It When Secretary Porter returned to Washington be
told the president nbout it, and President McKinley telephoned to Trace-
well to come to the White House. On
his arrival there Trace well wus asked why hwJiiad disallowed that account, and he replied:
"I disallov.-ed It, Mr. President, because It ts my duty as comptroller of
the treasury to protect the money of
the people from every kind of misconstruction of the law. If you should
draw one mouth's salary In advance 1
should certainly disallow it."���Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
Into tho Next State.
A disheveled citizen rushed Into the
police Btatlon und shouted for vengeance.
"The motorcar tbat hit me flve minutes ago was No. -4114-1." be sputtered.
"I can prove thai he was exceeding
the speed limit, un'l 1 want~I want"-
"You want u warrant for bis arrest?"
"Warrant, nothing! What good
would a warrant do me at the rate be
wus golns? I want extradition pa-
pers."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Tho Ready  Romancer.
"Clumsy of you to fall overboard,"
���aid tbe critical filend.
"1 didn't full overboard." replied thij
man who never confesses to a mistake.
"The biggest flsh I ever saw swam
alongside, und I couldn't resist tha
temptation to dive, for hlm."-WaBb|
Ington Star.
Reprehensible Absentmindednoss.
"Why ure -jou so very ungry with
"He proposed to me last night.
"What of I hut?"
"Nothing. Only I accepted him the
night before."-London Stray Stories,
Man With Wooden Leg-Your charge
for cremation Is exorbitant Porter at,
Crematorv-Well. we will throw off
10 per cent In your case on account 01
your wooden leg-Mergendorfer Blatter. _____ _____
I hold all Indulgence of sadness that
bas the slightest tincture of discontent to be a grave dellnquency.-Eiiot.
Yesterday's Tennis Results.
Ladles' singles���Mrs. Elson defeated Mlss D. Wilson,    6-3,    9-7;    Mlss
j Peele defeated Mra. Langford, 6-1, 6-2.
*y*y**)*y*y*y*y*y*)*\-a     Men's singles���W. H. G. Phipps de-
#   feated  Dr.   McEwen, 6-2,  6-1;   L.  A.
BA8EBALL. | L,e*ds defeated A. C.  Eddy, 6-3, 6-4;
4  J. W. Langford defeated F. G. Gardl-
>���������������������������������   ,,er> ,;'1- 6">-
Today's draw:
4 p.m.���J. A. Motherwell vs, D. C.
Tuck, court '>; Mrs. Elson vs. Miss
Hickman, court 3.
5 p.m.���A. H. Marcon vs. L. A.
Lewis, court 2;  W. H. G. Phipps vs.
Northwestern League.
Tuesday, August 29.
At Seattle���Seattle 3, Vancouver 2.
At Spokane���Siokane 6, Victoria 2.
At Portland���Portland 7, Tacoma 4.
BOX THREE ROUND8  H- v- Ardagh, court 3.
Word was received by the Senior
Amateur Lacrosse club officials yesterday evening that Chester Mclntyre,
physical director of ths Vancouver
Athletic club, who la stage managing
the big complimentary show on Friday evening, would box three rounds
against Harry Laidlaw, one of the
best mlddlewelghts on the coast, and
later would tackle Alex. Larsen, the
Scandinavian wrestler, ln a bout ot
catch-as-catch-can style, the best of
three falls to rule. Larsen, wbo wlll
make the Journey specially from
Seattle to this city for the big night,
Is a splendid specimen of an athlete
and although Chester has the advantage ln weight, the naturalized
American grappler can with hit
lengthy experience be counted upon
to make Mclntyre bring all hls best
holds and locks into use before be
obtains the mastery.
This afternoon, the ring will be
fixed in position and all got in readiness when the. curtain rises on the
stage at St. Patrick's hall, Agnes
street, at 8:15. An orchestra will be
ln attendance and ladles are specially
requested. Tbe entire program will be
a clean one and under the management of many of the leading sportsmen of Westminster wlll be carried
to a successful conclusion. The meet
.has been organized for the purpose of
assisting tbe Senior Amateur Lacrosse club to be free of debt contracted during the season whicb Ib
closing. The cause Is a good one,
and a capacity attendance ia expected by those who have worked
hard for its success.
Local Man to Referee.
At a meeting of the executive of
the Vancouver Athletic club hell yesterday Robert A. Wilson, of the Dally
News of this city, was chosen to act
ln the capacity of referee at Tie International boxing meeting which will
be held ln the Terminal City September 4. Seattle will send her leading
amateurs north for the events, while
Bellingham will also be represented
In many of the star turns. The bouts
will be of three rounds duration each
and falling a decision by the Judges
being arrived at, tbe referee has the
power to order extra rounds until he
personally finds the winner.
b. C. A.A.O.
Beaten by Ten Wickets.
With scores of 110 and 50 without
the loss of   a    wicket,   the   famous
| Frankford    cricketing    eleven    from
Philadelphia   opened   their     Pacific
1 coast tour In Vancouver yesterday at
Brockton  Point, and clearly showed
their skill with the willow.   The Van.
I couver team,    which included   F.    .1.
Peers,    the  former captain    of    the
Westminster club, fell badly by    the
J wayside, their  total  subscription    in
: the first Innings! being 40 and In the
I second 110.   In all departments   the
i visitors proved that they would    be
hard to defeat on the present tour.
Presiding examiner for Queen's
University, Ont., Instructs ln German,
French and Music. Translations and
correspondence executed. Pupils reassemble September 1. 116 Seventh
Today's list:
PRINCESS STREET���Full sized lot,
cleared, facing south. Price I860;
one-third cash, balance 6 and 11
FOURTH AVENUE���Double corner
on Fourth avenue and First atreet;
a flne building proposition. Price
$3000; one-third cash, balance 6 and
12 months.
WEST END���Three fine lots near
Eighteenth street Price $2500.
one-third cash, balance 6,12 and 18
TENTH AVENUE���Between Sixth
and Eighth streets, building lots,
all cleared. These are money
makers. Price $450 to $800; one-
quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and
24 months.
Thc annual meeting of the British
Columbia Amateur Athletic union will
be held tomorrow night In the Y. M.
C. A. building at Vancouver. Delegates will be present from Victoria,
Nanaimo. Vancouver and Westminster. Kev. A. E. Vert and J. I.
t\e��ry will represent this city. The
Union will make a bid for the "j.912
Canadian championships, and will also ask to have the Canadian boxing
and wrestling championships decided
on the coast next spring. The local
delegates will ask for the provincial
meeting to be located here next year.
A competitive examination will ve
i held In November next at the examination centres of the Civil Service
Commission for the entry ot Naval
Cadets tor the Naval Service Of Canada; there will be 25 vacancies.
Candldatea must be between the
ages of 14 and 16 yeara on tbe 2 at of
January next; must be British subjects and must have realded, of their
parents must have resided ln Canada
for two .years immediately preceding
the examination; short periods of
absence abroad for purpose ot education to be considered as residence.
Successful candidates wlll Join the
Royal Naval College at Halifax in
January next; the course at the Col
lege ls two years and the cost to
parents, including board, lodging, uniform and all expenses, is approximately $400 for the flrst year and $260
for the second year.
On passing out of College Cadets
will be rated Midshipmen, and will
receive pay at the rate qf $2 per dlenr.
Parents of intending candidates
Bhould make application to the Secretary Civil Service Commission,. Ottawa, before 16th October next.
Further information can be obtained
on application to the Secretary, De
partment of Naval Service, Ottawa.
Unauthorized publication ot this
notice will not be paid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, August 1st, 1911.
No Decision Given.
New Y'ork, Wednesday, Aug. 30.��� j
Porky Flynne had the better of
Nigger Joe Jeannette here last evening ln a six round bout. The white
man who, by the way, is not one of
the white hopes, was easily the better both at close work and at range.
He sorely worried Joseph, who was
in a bad state, half way "through the
battle. Although no decision was
rendered by the third man in the
ring, the public an.l press were r.U
leaners to Flynne.
Wants Junior Lacrosse Team.
The members of the Ladner branch
of the Order of Lions are holding
what gives promise of being a successful picnic on Friday afternoon
and are keen to have the presence of
a team of Junior lacrosse players from
this city to contest against the youths
of Lalner on that occasion. Herb
Ryall '.:as been asked to make the
necessary arrangements to have a
twelve on the ground not later than
three o'clock and would be pleased *'.
nny of the organisations of this clly
would communicate with hlm at his
drug store on Colnmbia \reet. o- telephone W. H, Smith, 37 Luiner. Tho
steamer Transfer is making a special
trip on Friday and tho outing Is certain to be an enjoyable one for any
team which makes the Journey.
Amateur Footballers.
Tonight at eight o'clock a meeting
of the Westminster City Football
league will be held in tho cenference
room of Fletcher's parlors', Sixth
street, when applications will bo received for the league competition,
and the schedule made up for the
season. Each club Is enti'.led to send
two delegates to the meeting, which
will be presided over by Herb Ryall.
The Coveted Ball.
Immediately before the whistle
blew yesterday for the conclusion
of the football match between the
Corinthians and the Vancouver
teams, Jock Bruce, of this city, playing right half, wa3 in poSJOSslon of
the bail and carce; lng for the visitors',
citadel. When the halt wa? called
the Westminster Scotsman PicJkefl up
the sphere and later brought it back
to The Royal City, where lt may bo
peon In Fletcher's pool rocm o.i Six h
street, a trophy of the great match.
John Armstrong, of Ottawa, Ont.
who Is on the coast, has been renewing old acquaintances and is now a
guest at the Russell hotel.
EDMOND8 STATION���Lots In block,
$450 to $475 each. These are la
the locality that ls moving. See
us at once.
EAST  END���Full sited lots at $975
each.   These will not last long.
McQuarrie Bros.
Phon* 696.        622 Columbia atreet.
"Success" is synonymous of Judicious
Advertising. The
Daily News proves
an excellent medium.
Grsdusts Optician
Wltb T. Gilford, Jeweler
New Westminster. B.C.
Cosy Bungalow
Strictly modern
Five rooms
Beautiful Location
in West End near
Twelfth street.
If you act quickly
Price Only $2900
Corner Colnmbia an 1 Eighth Streets.
Hank of Vancouver Block.
���    ROlfliq
'   t��d   ;r        WE ACT A8 AGENTS FOR TME
Sale of Real Estate
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J.LJONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Burnaby-6th Avenue
Five roomed dwelling house on double lot, all cleared and planted
with forty fruit trees.
" io   House and One Lot, price $1650
r 'rs Lot, $550.   Cash, 1-3; balance easy.
lerriff, Rose & Co.
648 Columbia Street, New Westminster.      ,,��� Telephone 892.
B.C. Milk
limber and Trading  Co.
ffltWtWn IManataetorers and Dealera la All
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Teleohone ,18 Naw Weatmlnster Boa IS'
���   ������.-'tll.lii.      If,.!,
FspHBWl "Sfss-s
'   "'.'< 'ii j! .lni..
-r-.ilfi     ���>.!!   ,,-.���
��� snolialtoson ifcj
. jorfnraO    **���(*.
See Our Window Display off Pearl Handle Goods
FISH  SETS '''.',"!' bE88ERT SETS
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. antl   B.C.E. R*y   ',
������^��ee^��������^ ���;�������������������������������� ����a^��^����MS��>>#a4'4��e����'
���"i iii no
For Choice Beef, Mutton
__ '���-���I't-j,.
Pork or Veal
....���> tn,.
'Phone 101.
645 Columbia St.
If your properly Is for sale and the price and terms are right, wo
want lt, as we have clients who are desirous of making investments in this city ln the shape of vacant lots, houses or revenus
producing property. What have you? $500 to $5000 cash as flrat
Phone 929. Room 16, Collister Block.
To Business or Picnic Parties :
Patronize thc ���'Tlono**
Large and commodious, carrying one to twenty
with comfort.   Apply to Alex Speck, on boat at
Begbie street slip, or 'phone L. 558.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.     Vice-President Sec. nnd Trees.
=====   LUMBER CO, LTD. ������
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and 877.   8hlnglee, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. O. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Ofllce 15 and 16.
Giiiey Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
.'��������� .-.>!'
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.	
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
WEDNESDAY, AUGU8T 30,  1911.
Th tt Is nothing no good for the bnt.e
pn t. Ctinrles Crrnm. Thc result of
nn.- lv-.. hy prominent expert chtmtsis
��!.rws tbat ..t.Charle*Cream.when prup.
erly reducrd wilh jiure bulled water,
is ol*. icst identical in every respect with
hamuli milk, lt diHer�� from other
milk products in that it is sterilized by
heat ..kne.
St. CharlenCream does not curdle when
used on acidulous fruits aud imparl.s_a
rich, delicate flavor. It ia
immunized milk. It is
not only best for mother
and infant���it ia lietter
than the best ordinary
milk for all purposes.
Sold by beat grocer*
Ingersoll. Oat
e    �����iriMeasa'Hiri
Mill  Man  Ever Emulate the  Frigate
Bird  or  Albatros;?
Earlv i*i the moroin�� *h* pwrt rol-
Mre of  North   Mliffe '.eavrs his eyrie
| r, the mountains and soar* away into
���lie sky. rising to Misli s ReUrht tbat
���lip human n*\ straining aaainst tha
mn-bsthed iky. (ails to pereeve him.
All day long, bour after hour. h<>
iwiug* or hovers, never dropping
miens his keen eyes i-rc-ivo carrion
jenenth. and not until sunsel doe��
ip wins h i way back, apparently as
'rr=h as when h* itsrte I.
Tbli vn'-ur' has been watch d by
ihe hour through powerful telescopes,
Itnd nevsr'onee ������n to (rive *o i"uc"
i. ��� ilnde flap with his wines.
|   Man has been studying b.rci :'��� '�����
lor generstions   past     I1,
I Ms besi  tn imitate it,
I i.v |. into its problems,
forward    all    k!ndi
|theories.    And si thi
'ven now tiiHt   he
aim.' tn master tin
||tjfSTANDARD article I
' MAlrtf *0*. USE.
I For maktne soap, softening water.)
I removing old paint, disinfecting
lalnKa,  closets,  drain*  and  for
many   other   purpose*.      A   can
I equal* 20 pound* SAL SODA.
has dons
bo   has  cone
and has put
of     ingenious
ond  of  it   all,
liinwlf   is bcnin-
nir by  ni 'ans of
. rind  screw-driven   p'"��p.  he   ha*
o  confeH Hm* the  problem of soar-
line flicht is well-nigh insoluble.
For a very long time th l Oommon
animation of sonr'ng flight was
Ihat soaring birds, like the vulture.
took advantage Ol air currents. It
Is a fact that some birds, L'.ko the
albatross, need a breeze to rnnb'.o
them to sail throucli the air; but
there are others, such as the frigate,
Dr man-of-war bird, which can rise
in tlie calm and float all day without
i motion of their broad pin/ons.
T1k> wings of the frigate-bird have
nn expanse of ten to twelve feet, and
It can fly at any pace up to a hun- j
Ired nvles nn hour, nnd ean remain
for a week on the wing without one*
perchinp. , ���
The albatross of the Southern Hemisphere has been known to follow a
sailinf,' ship for a fortnight at a time,
apparently never resting. Its wing
expanse is preater even than that ol
the condor, one bird that was shot off
the Cape of Good Hope measuring
seventeen and a half feet from wing-
tip to wing-tip. .
From these fiirures it might be
Mthered that the larger the wing
expanse of nny particular bird the
creator its powers ol flight.
' Yet here we strike another snag.
The powers of flight in various birds
are not by any means proportionate
to the bearing surface of their wings.
The stork, for instance, can fly
mngnificentlv. On its annual migration it rovers two to three thousand
miles, and will cross the Mediterranean with the greatest ease. Now,
the stork weighs epht times as much
as a pia?on, yet in proportion to its
weight has only half ns much wing
But a !>'rd of prey must be able to
do much more than support its own
weight in the air. It has to lift it"
kill from the ground and carry it
perhaps ninny miles up into th_��
Wh-t such   n  b'Jd   is capable   cf i
may be realised when it Is said that
oprrl" weighing opgut eight pounds (
bv. Wn sei?n tb pick up and party
, ofl a young t>y_i weighing more than
I double a�� much as  itself,    Anl there
ere  manv  eases  <?n, MJ^ 9* ��Mfl���� I
having carried ori Ehliaien weighing. I
with their clothes, over it pounds.
1! man could lurid an aeroplane to
[match    the    eagle,    that    aeroplane
would  only  weigh,   enoine   and  a'.!,
about   eighty pounds,   and   it*   pilot
Could carry it on his bask.   It woul 1
I have  to  be  able  to  rise   witli   inly  ��
llew  feel   run.  to  sail   with   safety   in
���any gale, and   to remain   afloat for
at least ten  hour.,  at  a stretch.
^��� ���
I remember. 1 remember.
Th* home where 1 wa�� born.
The eight .of I hat lopsided shack
Today would inuke me mourn���
The crooked littlo bi Irk puved walk.
The henhouse in the rear,
���With csbbaKB srowmis at th* *ld*
And pUtsty ralher near.
I remember, I remember.
Tlie corncob lather had.
((A five cent piece of navy plua
In those days made hlm Kl��d);
The old atove tn th* kitchen
Anil father'* stockinged feet
All that waB ere prosperity
Swept us on Kasy street.
I remember, I remember,
Thc pump In our hack yard,
Where father watered all the stock
And found It rather hard.
But now he has another way
And need* no trough or pump���
II* waters stock down In the street
And make* the lambkins lump.
I remember. I remember��� .
But. oh, Ihe changes wroucht
Are queerer than tbe little duk*
Thot Sister Helen bought!
Since father goes to twenty clubs.
And mother has her set
Wo have no use for mem'ry'* art���
We're trying to forgey
���Jacob J. I.elbson In Kansaa City Star.
**    Te Renew Acquaintance.
"Goodby, dear boy.
us lu town."
Do come to see
Monogamy I* Explained.
A woman missionary lu China was
taking tea  with  u  maudurin's  eight
wives.   The Chinese ladles exnmined
her clothing, her huir, her teeth, and
so on, but ber feet especially amazed
i    "Why," cried one,  "you can  walk
ond run aa well as a man!"
���    "Yes, to be sure," said the missionary.
"Can you ride a horse and swim
tOO?" 4l| .,,.;    :,.*. .  ,
"Thou you must be as strong as a
"I am."
"And yon wouldn't let a man beat
you, not even lf be was your husband,
would you?"
"Indeed, I wouldn't," said the missionary.
The mandarin's elpht Indies looked
nt one another, nodding their beads.
Then the oldest said softly:
"Now I understand why the foreign
devil never has more than one wife.
Lie is afraid."���Detroit Free Tress.
Merchants, Real Estate Brokers;
There are only a few homes in New Westminster that do
not receive The Daily News every morning, and throughout the district our mailing list is in the thousands.
A smart, well written advertisement in
The Daily News
displaying your goods to the best advantage, will bring
you results a hundredfold.
Liniments Wool
Cure Lame Back
Gentleman Testliies
Lumsden, Sask.
"I have suffered much from Lame
Back and Soreness across the Kidneys,
and u-ed to apply liniments to relieve
the p .in until I was told to try GIN
!?ILI.S. Now, lam never without them.
..ssoon as I feel the weakness coming
>n, I at once start to take GIN PILLS
ami a very few doses relieve me, but I
continue to tike them for sometimes
two weeks at a time that they may do
tlieir work. I heartily recommend ('.IN
FILLS to anyone suffering from Lame
Back or Weak Kidneys."
A. B. SrAiuts.
Lame Bark Is simply the p.-iin caused
hy weak, Strained or sick kidneys. GIN
PILLS heal and cure Kidneys. GIN
PILLS relieve Uie Bladder, and regulate
tbe Urine. That's why tbe pain in the
bark disappears when you take GiN
PILLS. 50c. a box, 6 for f^ 50 and
money refunded if GIN PILLS fall to
relieve you. Sent 011 receipt of price it
yo'ir dealer will not st pply them.
National Drug& Chemical Co. Etpt. 11.
C.       Toronto.
National Lazy Liver Pills keep the
fcowels regular, tlte stomach sweet and
tlie skiu clear.   2^c a box. t-1
Well   Dor.r.,   Wilkinson.
Who mad" tho lirst smootliine-imn.
ona oi the commonest articles of
domestic use?
It  was  .lohn
into the Furm
berland somewhere about the var
17?a, and who eventually became
known as the lather ol the iron trade
of South Staffordshire. Wilkinson
also invented thc first box-iron, and j
inii'le the bottoms of them smooth j
by m'.'ins of a large grindstone.'
But making irons w;:j the least of 1
John    Wilkinson's     triumphs.     H.> |
made the first  iron  ship.    It was a 1
barge of loitj tou?, and was used on
lhe Si vern for y mrs,    11 j .".1 0 mad
th ' first in n canal-boat.
II ��� was, ra 1 v r, th ��� Inv nl ir cl '
boring cannon and cylii !. : fri tn 1
the centre, and I y si ' ng h ��� enable 1 the great James Wall t 1 make
-m ������������li and pi rfe ������ th act'on of his
pistons an 1 oi his pui - an I
oth r engines.
Wilkin    ii '    tl at   '',:   |   r��on<
out -I  1 '.   rv  1,1    1 he   'poke I il
Bn iron vi ssel I ir .- ia ��� : r vi - s>imply
lauched at him.
Won-   he   and    his   ;   ral   -
Too Public For Him.
He was a mild mannered little man,
short, with gray hair and spectacles.
Wilkinson,  who  went | It   was  noon  on   Washington   street,
ia district from Cum- ; and, as usual, the crowds were sbov
; ing  and pushing  to  get somewhere.
i The little man was trying to worm his
1 way through the crowds.
A well dressed woman, accompanied
! by n small boy, was mixed up in the
; crowd.  She wanted to cross tho street.
The boy stopped to look ln a window.
The lady reached down and grasped
a hand, saying, "Take iny hand, dear."
"Not rigtit here on the public street,"
, she was startled to hear some one re-
I r>y.
Booking down, she saw that she wns
clasping the hand of the very Inoffensive little man. who seemed tu be
much cou fused and embarrassed.
"Sir," said she haughtily, "1 don't
want you; I want iny son"'���Boston
living to- lav|
who  wi a 1
��� bin
Ode!   Nestin"   Places.
Tb ���    : emarkablc    sib -    sutn I
chosen by  bir is  tor thi ir di sts
recorded from time to ume.   A 1
builds ill a watt ring ean, an old keltic, or on the bookshelf in a library.
One oi the most 1 iiuarkable, perhaps,
is that recently g.wn in The Emu,
and apparently authentic. On Nov.
10 last, a sheep ��as being shorn on
the farm ol A. Burger, Telanga, Australia. In its wool was found a starling's ne.st with une egg. A note in
The Fh'1'1 adds that the nest of a
small bird was once found in a
horde's tail in Capa Colony.
Making It Legal.
"We didn't know  what  to do about
the   Pints    Pete,"    said    the    Crimson
Gulch citizen, "He was a real good
feller, but lie would be careless about
shootin' up the populace."
"Did you straighten out the matter?"
"To some extent. We elected him
sheriff, thereby maklti' it look u little
more legal."���Washington Sear.
Restored to Natural Color
My hair was as white as snow when I commenced using
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy. One bottle restored my hair to its natural dark brown color. As I am now
70 years old, I consider the result most remarkable. It is an
agreeable and refreshing hair dressing* keeping the hair soft
and glossy, without being in the least greasy or sticky.
210 West Main Street, Rochester, N. Y.
MAONM. I rd Ci*T
FHair Tonic and Dressing!
'1 Impartt color lo Itdsd and gitt >
Stimuli!** Um growth oif,
Hsrth. dry snd VtsUs* Knf X
IrtuHe    soft.     * nub!    ��� -.1    (l'��i* |
FMU��i .(flung end ks>p hm
IfmlUm 'or (ailing hstf.
j PUCE 50c. AND SI.M j
MM wv*"1 mn
Accepting the Inevitable.
Wonderful are the Hindus for ae
cepting the inevitable. Tell one of
these that he must take castor oil.
and he will drain the oleaginous cup
to the 'Jregs and Miiaek lus lips. Tell
him that his l"g must be amputated,
and he will present the limb for dis-
memberment and smile as he sees it
severed. Tell him that he is to be
hai gi d, u;.d with no touch of emotion
whs ever be will reply, "Jo hookm"
("what* ver ;- ordered"), just as if he
had been told that he must have his
corns cut.���Blackwood'g Magazine.
Hewitt���Very forgetful, isn't he?
Jewett���Yea; his mind has frequent
leave* of absence.
Hubby Gets Orders.
Wife-What's that white stuff on
your shoulder?
Husband-Chalk, from a billiard cue,
you know.
Wife (sniffing)���Hereo rter I wish rou
to use chalk that doesn't smell like
toilet powder.���New York Weekly.
No Improvements.
Johnny���They're uinklu' shingles out
0' eement nowadays."
Dlekey-I don't mind thnt so mueti.
but If ina ever eels a pair of eement
slippers I'm goin' to run away!"���
Brooklyn Life.
To Get Facts.
"I wish I knew which one of tho^o
roung men to marry. I believe I shall
consult n fortune teller."
"That's a good idea. Consult Hrnd-
street's."���Houston Post-
Any One Knows.      '
"Oh. BUI, what's the knight of the
"Why,  Saturday,  you  bonehead'."���
Xale Record.
'. "77.1 i 77' '��� .^,:_^v Wf7j
Wyeth Chemical Company,
Why hesitate when WYETH'S SAGE AND
SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY is daily producing
just such results?
After years of study and analysis of the hair, we
have been able to produce an ideal Hair Tonic
and Restorer, which contains an actual constituent
of hair, combined with ingredients of recognized
merit for treatment of hair and scalp diseases. It
makes ahd keeps the scalp clean and healthy, gives life,
strength and lustre to the hair, and '
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
No matter how long and thick your hair is,
EDY will make it longer and thicker. It will remove every trace of dandruff in a few days, stop
falling in one week, and start a new growth in from
one to three months.
" Guaranteed to be as Represented or
Money Refunded
If Vour DruMlat Do���� Not Koop It Sond 50o. In St��.mpe
find We Will Bond You o. L��-��o Bottlo. Expro.o Pr.po.ld
21 ��031TLANDT STREET ���
m new yobk enrv, N. Yo
A 25c Cake ol Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur ToUet Soap Free to anyone who will send
us thi3 advertisement with IOc in stamps to cover cost ol wrapping and mailing the soap*
SMSS2 ���mm
A competitive examination will 'e
held In November next at the examination centres of the Civil Service
Commission for the entry of Naval
Cadets for the Naval Service of. Canada ;  there will he -5 vacancies.
Candidates must be between the
ages of 14 und Dl years on tbe 1st of
January next; must be Hritish subjects and must have resided, or their
parents mii.-.t have resided in Canada
for two years Immediately preceding
tha examination; short periods cf
.absence abroad for purpose of education to be considered as residence.
Successful candidates will Join the
Royul Naval College at Halifax in
January next; the course at the College is two years and the cost to
parents. Including hoard, lodging, uniform and all expenses, is approximately $100 for the first year and $^50
���tor the second year.
On passing out of College Cadets
-will bo rated Midshipmen, and will
receive pay at the rate of \2 per diem.
Parents ot Intending candidates
should make application to the Secretary Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, before 1 nth October next.
Further information can be obtained
en application to the Secretary, Department of Naval Sorvice, Ottawa.
Unauthorized publication of this
notice will not be paid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, August lst, 1911.
Tax demands for 1911 taxes have
been Issued. Any person who has not
received the tax demand should apply
to the assessor at once, as the reh.ato
period expires on August 31st Inst.
H. D. CURTIS, Assessor.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C,
Augusl 3rd, 1911.
Today; the finest shipment
of Woolens, direct from
Peebles, Scotland.
Your Inspection  Invited.
J. N. Alchison, Tailor
for sewer connections
'Phone R672
Tenders for Terminal Station Quebec
Scaled tenders, addressed to
undersigned, and marked on tbe en
���velope "Tender for Terminal Station
Quebec" wlll be received at the offic
-ef the Commissioners of the Trans
���continental Railway at Ottawa, Ont.
until 12 o'clock noon of the 31st
.August proximo, for the construction
and erection complete, ln accordance
with the plans and specifications ot
the Commissioners, of terminal station ln the City of Quebec.
Plans and specifications may be
:aeen, and full Information obtained,
at the office of Mr. Gordon Grant,
Chief Engineer, Ottawa, Ont, and of
Mr. A. E. Doucet, District Engineer,
^Quebec, P. Q.
Persons tendering are notified that
enders will not be considered unless
lade on the printed forms supplied
& the comm'sslnners.
Each tender must be signed and
Sealed by all the parties te the tender, and witnessed, and be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a
���chartered Bank of the Dominion of
Canada, payable to tbe order of the
Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway, for the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).
The cheque deposited by the party
whose tender ls accepted will be deposited to the credit of the Receiver
General of Canada as security for the
due and faithful performance of tha
���contract according to Its terms.
Cheques deposited by parties whese
tenders are rejected will be returned
within ten days after the signing of
the contract.
The right is reserved to object to
any or all tenders.
By order,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental  Railway,
��� Hated at Ottawa, 29th July, 1911.
(Newspapers Inserting this    adver
tisement without authority from    the
Commissioners  wlll  not  be  paid  for
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $6,200,000
Reserve       6,9oe,ooo
The Bank has 175 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Paciflc; ln Cuba,
throughout tbe Island, also In
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities ln the World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Notice Of Removal
I have moved my real estate and
Insurance office from 744 Columbia
street to rooms 16 and 17 Westmij-
ster Trust block, entrance on Lorne
street at the rear ot Ryall's drug
store, and wlll be pleased to meet mv
friends and patrons there.
B.C. Coast Service
Ite  the  fractional  northwest quarter
of  section    7,  township    11    (121
acres). Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New  Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7721F, lssuel
In the name of Colon    McLeod,    has
been died In this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall
at the explrrfllon of one month from
the date or the first publication hereof, ln a daily newspaper published in
the city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
te made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New   Westminster. B.C., July 11. 1911-	
eter���Take notice that I, James
Charles Wood, of North Vancouver,
occupation merchant, intend to avu.ly
for permission to purchase the following described landB: Commencing at
a post planted about three miles
north of T. L. 91G on the west shore
of Haslam lake, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chatas, thence
��ast 80 chalnB. thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres m��r�� ��" tos.
O'Oerle,  Agent.
Dated June ��th. 1911. 	
Meet every Monday ln Labor hall,
8, p.m.
F H Johnson, business agent office'. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
t, 608, Residence phone 501.
10:00 a.m Dally, except Tuesday
1:00 pm   Dally
For Seattle.
10:00 a.m Jv
llvOO p.m  Dally
For Nanaimo.
2:00 p.m  Da"?
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m  Tuesdays
9:00 a.m.  ..Thursdays and Saturday*
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 p.m Aug. 12, 19, 22, 2!)
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
SS. P. Beatrice ..Aug. 17, Sept. 5, 20
For Hardy Bay and Rivera Inlet.
8:30 a.m  Wednesdays
Gulf Islands.
Leave Vancouver 8 a.m. Fridays.
Upper Fraser River Route.
Leave Westminster 8.00 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
Leave   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tuesday,   Thursday,   Saturday.
For other sailings and rates apply
Agent, New Westminster.
Q. P. A.. Vancouver
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
Dank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances kalf-yearly.   ::
Bu tine it   Ace rants   opened
on favorable terms.        SS
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
You Can Lease Ont By the Hour, Day
or Year   In  Nova Scotia.
If you would like to take a gaiusble
in cherries you should go lo the fruit
dibtrict of Nova fccotia, which is whirs
Evangeline and her people lived before tbe deportation. They pride themselves on their apples down there, refusing to be couviuced that any part
of the world is outdoing them, uud
they 1-iik.i- one brand of cherries in
particular, a large black iru:t, with
whicii tiny challenge the world.
The liuar rivi.r district on Annapolis
Basin i.s tbe centre of the cherry-grow-
ing industry, and tiie marketing of tne
fruit has brought ubout uu unusual
custom. A huy.T iu;iy go around early ill the. summer, wn.-u Uie trees
ure in bloom and lul so much for
such tree! u.s in- iunc.es. li his offer
is accented tnat tree is his for tnat
season. No om.' but Uie birds will
steal his fruit. With lueiu. he must
take  nil  cluuices.
but i! you nr*.' net a dealer iu fruit
and merely want enough cnerries lor
home u.s������ you may happen around at
any time when cnerries art: ripe and
cent a tree tor an in ur or two hours
or a day���whatever tinu' you like. II
two or more, wajit the lama tie.; the
owner holds an auction.. The .winuer
owns that tree tor ju.-,t as- long as
ha specifies nnd no more, and it la up
to him to pick what he can. When he
is through the. tre | is rented again.
Tourists find this cherry tree gambling a pleasant diversion. Although
the sport lusts, all through Uui cliairy
season, one sunuay, wiien the iru.t is
ripening we'll, is bet apart and excursions are made (rom nearby, places.
On "cherry Sunday," as it is called,
the orchards are thronged,, picnic
parties camp out under the tree=, aim
at nightfall nol a Ij.i.1 can find a
square meal, lielow a trae which has
been' Muted by periods will be a givup
waiting fur their turn, while those 1:1
the hruncnes p.c!; last and iuriously
again��t t.me. lt is all done in tut
b^-st c: good nature, even tuose w.hn
havo niveoi-.'d in a tree to tind it
stripped taking the misadventure ia
goou part.
U.    8.    INFLUENCE     ON    TARIFF.
Life In the Wilds..
High on tne banks oi the Frasur
River, at British Columbia (wheru' it
runs swiftly, and is four, hundred feet
in width;, we camped with a. settler
named Keller.
Keller was a host in himself.. At
evening, sitting round a lug. eanip.fixe
which threw gnostly shadows among
the trees, he regaled us with stories
aud adventures innumerable wn:oh
had be.alien him tnrough a wildly, adventurous life ��� some grave, otners,
gay, but one and: all flrsUratc tuin.'-
Kiiiers. Like so many otners buried
in the wilderness, lie nailed from, tne
United States, having been ra.sed.
somewhere down on the Paci.lc Coast.
The quest for gold enthused him *'Mtly
in Uie, and he had searched patiently
ior tile yellow metal from sunny California to Ice-bound Alaska, He was in
far-off Nome when he first heard, ahout
the upper reaches otthe Eraser Kiver.
"1 nad knocked about Alaska, and
Prince of Walts island without, stalking much luck,. 10. when. L onae. umr<
found myself in Vancouver. L started
ofl ior Fort George. L heard that
tnere was some good minecal country
up round Tele Jamie Cache. L got
hold of a canoe, came up, ami cruised
-around to see how the land lay.. That
was live years ago, and I am still here.
Yes, I am in solitary stele. Another
frontier lad, Wilson, and a pard., lmve
a piece of land about fifty miles dawn
the Fraser, and give me a calL uow
and again. They're on the opposite
side 01 the river at the moment..
"Time haa no worries ior me. 1
don't know what is the day ot the
week, the date ol the montn, or the
tim1, as 1 have neither watch nor
calendar,, and 1 certainly, de not bother
my nead over :t erther. 1 just Won;
wnrn 1 feel like it, and rest when 1
feel so disposed."���From 'ihe Nc*
Garden ol Canada, hy F. A. Talbot.
Mr. Borden Is warning Canada
against allowing. ln "the Amerl -an
trusts." lioen he not know that the
American trusts that fought reciprocity at Washiagton are at this moment iterating In Canada?
Two weeks ago in the Union
League club, CUtcago, a member, who
Is engaged in the lumber business.
pointed to a keim-fatwd nan aad remarked to a frktid: "That man solicited me today tor a large subscri**-
lion tm a fund h�� la raising to fight
reciprocity In the Canadian election*
In the Interest of the American lumbermen. I did not subB*rlbe\ because
I know of his wo*k ln the Lorimer
sen umi. Hut the fund will lie raised
and the fight aglnst reciprocity will
now ho curried on tn Ciaiadat."
If Mr. Borden dries not Unow of
these- co-operating; u*enci*>B he la- Ignorant of one of his chief allies In
thiB t'lectfon campaign. Fake book
hgents, take nursery 1 afentw, fako
implement agents, fakes of various
kinds ure ar work in the Larder counties Rowing the fake seed of Isar or
ami)'xuilott, ,rati. It mar be, indue; even
more potenir arguments. These are'
Mr. Borden's allies. They de the
"hand-picking" with tfte funds of the'
lumber (trusts' while he grows hoarse
warning against what wlll happen If
foodstuff*- trusts are net beaten back.
They ar<" pluying Mr. Borden's game,
but they play for the stakes, not for
the gam*���Toronto Gfebe.
for fhe uplifting of the Roman Catho-
I lie  press which will eventually mean
' tbc creation of the Catholic Press association,   lit.   Kev.  James    Hartley.
I bishop  of  tbe  diocese   of   Columbus
made  lirst honorary  president of tbi
1 organization   cf   editors   and   mam-
j geiB  cK  Catholic publications cf the
' U. S., ami donated $.',mi to the movement at a meeting bore today.
More   than   70   editors   and   maim
j gers of Roman Catholic papers representing every state ln the union were
present   when   the   meeting    opened.
The object of the editors' meeting Is'
, to arouse Interest in the church pub- j
; llcations v. OuSt eventually the faith
may have dally newspapers and news
service of lis own.
IM win J. Cooney, Providence, R. I.,'
presided   as   temporary   chairman  of,
the convention, and Joseph Mewssan.
Denver, was named secretary.    R J.
Feeney,   president  of   the   Amerfcan
Federation    of    Catholic    Saclettes,
which concluded  Its  annual  meeting
here yesterday,  addressed   the1 meet- j
Ing In addition ro numerous editors, j
There   are   TC 0   Roman"   Catholic
weeklies ln the U. S. and, lt ls pos-,
sfble, lt was stated that the flrst Roman Catholic daily will be published
In Buffalo.
Colfimbus,     O.,     Aug.      29.���After
pledging his support  fn  a campaign
Op-to-Date   "Jekyfl   and   Hyde"   Ind-
dent Occurs.
Montreal,   Aug.  29.���.Dr.    Adtroyd-
Osborne, II. U.. H. R. C. R.. London,!
England., also known to several yon-1
trealers  as  C.  A. Osborne, two per-1
sonalltles in one man, dealer In vel-l
vet   and   silks,   has  disappeared  and I
left little else behind him save mem-1
orles and unpaid bills.    Chief among:
tbe doctor's (?) methods of advertising or publicity gaining, was a circular which he was ln the habit of handing out to his more intimate friends,
descriptive of a dinner tendered 10
himself by the Canadian government
and at which it ls stated that he "wai
supported on hts right by the principal of the Medical Research Association of Li. S. A., and on his left by
Dr.   A.   D.   Blackader,  of   Montreal."
Whatever the gentleman wbo supported Osborne on his right at the
mythical dinner may have to say. Dr.
Blackader makes emphatic denial of
any acquaintance whatever with the
alleged Dr. Osborne. He states thac
he has no knowledge of blm, an J is
entirely unable to account for tho
use of his name In this manner.
Dr. or Mr. Osbrone, whichever- is
correct, bas also been making himself
agreeable to a young lady In this
city, and It ls currently rumored wa3
engaged to be married. Not only
that, but the wedding day was set and
a wedding breakfast ordered at ono
of tbe fashionable hotels in town.
What happened to the feast when the
bride-groom-to-be failed to put ln an
appearance Is not known. There ara
quite a few people tn Montreal who
would be glad to hear of Mr. Osborne's whereabouts at the present
Mr. Osborne frequently spoke to his
travellers and business acquaintances
of his wife and family, whom he
often had to leave for long periods
while be waa on the road, and whom
he had not seen for over a year.
Whether this part of hls supposed
family history is true or not ts unknown to the relatives of the youn?
lady to whom he was engaged In
He Carries the Mac*.
Lieut.-Col. Henry Robert Smith, ser-
geant-at-arins lor nearly twenty years,
is the most picturesque ui the numer*
ous officials oi the House. He. is tne
custodian oi the Mace, that emblem
oi authority, which a ttery gentleman
named Cromwell once referred to as a
"bauble." He is also the chief wheel
in the machinery oi the Commons
side of Parliament, und his dangling
sword is the cause ol terror to many
a delinquent messenger. Col. bmitfl
was appointed deputy-sergeant -at anu.
as iar buck as lai'J. He served in the
militia on the frontier in lS'Ju an.i ldr2.
in 1��85 he 6uw active service in the
Northwest Rebellion and received me
honor not only of a medul. but oi being mentioned in dSpatohel. bince
lbo7, every Governor-General has
benefited by the services of Col. Sniitn
as an extra aide-de-camp. Recently
Cul. Smith was honored by lus King,
and 'How the mystic letters oi C.M.U.
are added to his name. He is as much
a part oi the Institution on the hill
as the Mace itself, which he carries
with so much pomp before the Speaker
when that dignitary makes liis royal
progresses to and ir*m the Chamber:
Col. Smith has been an honored guest
at every press gallery dinner since
there was a gallery. And that ia a
sure sign of his popularity.
A Candid Doctor.
A man who was brought up in a
prosperous section of Western Ontario says that that section is noted
ior producing a large number oi cases
oi appendicitis.
"ls there anything there that should
cause the district to have a larger
number of cases oi that trouble than
other places have?" he asked a TO'
ronto doctor.
"Well, tliey have very good surgeons
up there," was the doctor's answer.������
Canadian Courier.
"Well, wo can g��t married now ai
any time. Papa says he has got
enough spare cash to give me a nice
"Yes. He won it from me at poker
last night, and now I haven't enough
for our wedding trin." 1
Bakers Cocoa
and Chocolate
53 Highest Awards in Europe
ond America
H For over 131 years those well-known preparations have been made only
at the company's mills (the largest in the worltl) at Dorchester, Mass.,
U. S. A. In order to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for its
goods in the Dominion of Canada and the British Provinces, a large mill has
been put ia operation in Montreal.
^L "With the finest possible equipment of moderri machinery,
with the accumulated experience of more than a century and
- a quarter in the selection and blending of cocoa beans and
by the employment of a perfect mechanical process of
manufacture, consumers and dealers are assured that the
uniformity of quality and delicacy of flavor which
have made these goods the standards of the
world will be maintained.
^ To  facilitate  the  distribution of goods, selling offices
are located at Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
We guarantee the absolute purity of these
goods under the pure food laws of Canada
~-l -I
_. mm* ma***t
"***  9   **'
tr.  ram "hoot
We sell
Simonds' Cross-cut and
One Man Saws
Peavies, Cant Hooks,
Steel Snatch Blochs
Chain, Wire Rope.
Axes, Wedges, and'
all Logging Supplies
City News
When you are passing and
let us give yoa our rates fer
all kinds of insurance. If
you are a man of parts, you
mast know that it-is tgood
business policy to take out
insurance to cover every
possible risk. lama specialist in insurance.
Alfred W. McLeod
6S7 0��himbi�� at.
Phone 62. New' Weetmlneter.
Liberal committee room*, 'Phone | William Stimson, who was charged
64, over Dally News Office, opposite at the pollce court yesterday with
Carnegie library, ere open each day using threatening language to hli
���nd evening. Everybody cordially In- j wife, was bound over ln his own
vited. **    | recognisances by Magistrate Edmonds.
Dance '. Dance '. At Ragles bull. I The steamer Transfer will make the
Monday September 4- lluahton'a trip to Steveston and return on Sun-
orchestra    Admission $1.00. ������    I day afternoons    during   the    fishlug
I season,   leaving   the   B. C. Klectric
Hev. A. SHva White, formerly reo- w(,arf et 3 o'clock. Round trip every
tor of St. Hainabas church here, was Sllt���rday, leaving B.-K. wharf at 2
a visitor to the city yesterday. j o'clock. *���
Misses  Kate  Bourke-and  Queenie ; ��� ���=������=a==g
Bourke    returned     yesterday    from j
Harrison  Mills,    where    they    were
visiting their Bister, Mfa. S. Maheney. |
T. T. Congdon. ex-eoramissloner ot
the Yukon, and mepiber. In the late
federal house for that ierrltor.v. will
address the electorate ef this riding
at a public meeting !to be held ln this
city on September 7.  i
Tlie   Westminster.. (Christian     Kn-
deavor Union ls running a special car.
every night this week to Vancouver.
in order to convey the local members
to the provincial convention of   tho'
society   commencing .today   in    First
Baptist church, Vancouver.
Blshon de Pencier. Archdeacon |
Pentreath, Ca*on d'Easum, of this
city. Canon Hlnchcllffe. of Chll'lwack.j
and A. McC. Creery left ywrterfljcy for i
London. Ont, to attend the meeting j
of Hie Anglican general synod whicn;
will be held from September (1 to 16.1
Sir Donald D. Mann was in the city i
yesterday en route to Chilliwack,!
whence he'"will proceed northward lly;
way of the Cariboo trail to the Yellowhead paRs. En Toute up Che valley he
was deeply interested in the great,
progress n:ade at the C. N. II. tide i
water terminal, Port Mann.
George L. Cassady, who waa recent-
ly admitted to the bar, made his flrat
appearance before his honor Judge
Howay yesterday as an advocate. He
appeared to defend \the prisoner
Daniel Shearer, charged with the
theft of a. boat at Ladner. His honor
extended a hearty welcome to Mr.
Cassady. and expressed the hope that
he would enjoy, a large practice in
that court.
The Public
Supply Stores
New Fall Coats
Offer Wide Selection
Our showing of new Fall Coats will interest all who
appreciate style, quality and best value in models of
highest grade. There is a large showing of new Tweed
Coats on view now and also the heavy double faced
materials which promise to be so popular this season.
Reversible Tweed Coat
Seml-fKtlng;   U shade   of   grey;    deep lapel with
collar  ot reve se shade.   Price, each  $18.50
Laundry and Toilet
On JVfcanday afternoon the entrance
.certlflcai.es were presented lo seventeen successful candidates in Principal W. C. Coatham's division of the
Boys' school. Trustee Mrs. Cross,
was present and presented the rolls q#-|Q f^Q JJ \*CX
of honor and the prizes as. follows: j &Uc*JJS ttlC
Proficiency,    Clarence Wilson;    punc
tuallty    and    regularity,    George    C.
Cross;    deportment,      Fraser    Allen.
The prizes were won as follows: Pro-^
flclency, Clarence    Wilson;    spelling.
Douglas     Collister;    literature,    Roy
Davis:    grammar    and    composition.
punctuality an i    regu-
Oosrgs   Crutsu.
A large shipment
of Toilet Soaps just
in. Prices are very
popular   and   the
Misses' Coat of Fancy
Herring Bone Tweed
Shawl collar; Inlaid with red serge; cuff to match;
semi-fitting style; trimmed with large metal buttons,   sizes Iti to 18 years.   Price, each $20.00
Women's Tweed Coat
Raglan style; yoke effect; patch pocket, trimmings
of suede and kid; covered buttons; In shade of
grey;  lined to hip.    Price, each $25.09
Coat of Grey Fancy
Reversible Tweed
Military collar style; double breasted; seral-flttln,j
back; fancy cuff and fancy metal button to match
goods.    Price, each    $16.50
li     iW
Coat of Broadcloth
Fancy large shawl collar; Inla'd with velvet;  cuff to match;  seml-fittlng; trimmed with three large buttons back of skirt; lined to hip, in shades of grey, green and black.   Price, each  $30.00
Plain, scmi-ntting, box and Raglan Btyles; self trimmings and leather bound;
priced from  	
Women'B priced from	
assorted    shades.
. .$7.50 up
$10.00 up
I Qeorge c . o.-s;
A \BT\ly,   Uoork��
I *\*l*r,      rm*���rm
Buy now and
Put You Butter
for  the winter
while it is cheap.
Selling them off
for a short time
553 Front Street
Tho returns for the Fraser river
canneries yesterday were as follows:
ot. Mungo, 2100 sockeyes, Boo cohoes
an.l Tooo humpbacks; Scottish Canadian. 498 sockeyes and 91Z"~"hump'
bucks: Phoenix. :i(>00 sockeyes and
10,0*10 humpbacks; Imiieiial, 3600
Boeueyes and 10,500 humpbacks;
Ewen's, 2000 sockeyes and 10,000
humpbacks; Brunswick, lox;i bock-
<>ycs. -ts;? cohoes and 2829 humpbac1 s,
Terra Nova, 9100 humpbacks, 1450
sockeyes on .Monday, 17 boats averaged 14 sockeyes and 100 humpbacks
on Tuesday morning. At the traps
Belllngham took no,ono fish, all humpbacks, and Auacortes 00,000 flsh.
at   Lowest   Prices.
Phone 92
Visit Our Ready-toAVear Section and
Learn of the New Styles for Fall
.Sealed tenders wlll be received by
ttte undersigned up to noon of Bap-
���ttanber 5, UBU, for the construction
of a car barn in the City of New
Westminster. Alternate bids wl.l \>a
cosisidered os reinforced concrete con-
strsction and wood frame with .galzan-
izei iron covering.
Ptauis and t pacifications may .be
procured on 'amplication to lhe office
of Mr. W. V. Hazlltt, jurchaslng
agent, Holden Block, Vancouver.
Lowest  or  aiy  tender nat neces-
I sartly accepted.
Painters, Paper hangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
Tan   Removers
Greaseless Toilet Cream
Re the fractional  northwest quarter
of section    7,  township    11    U21
acres), Langley Farm, fart of lot 'i,
subdivision of lots IU and 'JL', group
2, New Westminster district.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7721P, issuel
in the name of Colon McLeod, has
heen filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expirtftlon of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof. In a daily newspaper published in
the city of New Westminster. Issue a
duplicate of the said certlflcate, unless In the meantime valid objection
he made to me in writing.
C. S. KEITH, I' *
District Registrar of Titles.', ....   ���.__
Land   Registry   Office.   New   West-' <836���F,FTH STREET, $750 EACH���
minster.  H.f��� July  11. 1011. |     Two |ots on ������. mM ^ ( .��� ^
��� ] city. Fifth siiect now being graded,
Many improvements under way lu
this locality. Price $750 each.
Favorable terms can be arrange.!.
Building Lote
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver;at 5, 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter untll 11 p.m. Sunday leaves at 6, 1, 8 a.m. and
every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Care leave for
Vancouver every  hour from 7
���a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley Une. ��� Cars
���leave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9 a.m., 1:05, 4705 and
6:10 p.m.
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale out
Saturday snd Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
���Three fine cleared bts in orchard,
lane at rear. Price $'.010 each.
Terms can be arranged to suit.
(824)���NEAR QUEENS PARK, $1250
���Firty foot lot  with lane at
Terms $501) cash,   balance
LOTS���Double corner, fine building IJ
site In a locality where choline eo'-'<
ners are getting scarce. Price lv u
a short time $2,500; terms, potty M
third cash.
to    ar-
and other
skin    preparations
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster. B.C.
and surrounding district to sell Gen-!
eral Nursery Slock for 'Canada s!
Gieatest Nurseries" (licensed by Ii.
C. Government) and meet the tremen-!
clous demand for fruit trees through-;
out I). C. at present. j
Tho special interest taken in the
fruit growing business in 11. C. offer.}:
exceptional opportunities to ir.en of
We offer a rermanent position anl'
liberal pay to the right men.
! Stone & Wellington
I1 TORONTp, ONT.   * I '
(819)-PR|NCESS STREET, $550
EACH���Two lots in new subdivision near site of new school;
this and other projected improvements will rapidly Increase values.
Terms $250 cash, balance to
(754)���TENTH AVENUE, $650 EACH
���Two lots on Tenth avenue, han ly
to tramline, many lots ln Immediate
district held at $800 to $1,000. For
a short time only $650 each, terms
to arrange.
..... ���������������������������������������������������������������������*��� i *y
See our stock of
Sponges and Toilet Soaps
The best yet, both in quality and price.
j Ryall's Drug Store \
snarf*���*-^ ----���-�������������-������������������������������-****++***+*
SIXTH STREET $1,000���Full lot
near car line. Terms, one-quarter
cash, balance spread over eighteen
SIXTH STREET���Fine lot with 50
feet frontage, corner, gocd building
site. Price $1700; teinn to ar
New Westminster
will leave Vancouver Sept. 2 for Powell River,
Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Narau, Bella
Bella, Swanson's Bay. Ocean Falls, Lowe Inlet,
Claxton, Port Esslngton, Prince Rupert and the
Naas.    Passengers and freight.
Sailing trom Johnson's Wharf at       12   IVI I DIN IGHT
FOR   PRINCE   RUPERT   AND STEWART Mondays and Thursdays
FOR VICTORIA AND SEATTLE   Tuesdays and Saturdays
Connecting at Prince Rupert with steamer for Port Simpson, Kin-
eolith and the Queen Charlotte Islands; also with the Grand Trunk
Paciflc Railway trains east 100 miles.
One Way and Round-Trip Excursion Tickets to All Points East Via
the Grand Trunk System Double Track Route.
Information cheerfully given.   No trouble to answer questions.
Harry O. Smith, O. P. & T. A .....Phone Seymour 7100
L. V. Druce, Commercial Agent (Freight)   Phone Seymour 3060
k. .: J/


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