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The Daily News Nov 27, 1911

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 f Wr* i,
One   acre   subdivided   on   Seventh
Avenue (upper   side).   $4000;   one-
third cash, balance 6,    12   and   .18
StoUt) 3k
�����*'"| ��� SNAP. ���
New ilv* roomed Bungalow; owner
f ��� _ musttfcsll; wlll take 1600 cash, and
'.. \.       thr^oalance aver Una term.   See u*
* - "tft once.
rwiiiiinunMtaiD IN
Gen.   Chang   Reported   To
Have Escaped.
Lack of Funds  Has Forced  Province
Back to Fold���Yuan Shi Kal
and Assembly.
Shanghai. Nov. 26.���A brief message was received here today by wireless from Nanking announcing the
cat tui e of the Tiger Hill fort by the
rebel army and the surrender of tie
Imperialist defenders, but no details
were then.
Tiger Hill is the most important
fort outside Nanking. It is well fortified and contains big guns which
menaced the approach of the rebel
fleet and commands the lower section of the city, Lion Hill fort at the
lower end of the town, is within the
This Important victory and the surrender of thc Imrerlalist soldiers ln-
dlzatca the desperate position of General Chang, commander of the Imperial tioops. With the attacking force
occupying Purple Hill to the southwest, the entire city now is at tbe
mercy of the bombarders.
General Chang's force Is inadequate
to defend the walls of the clty, which
are 22 miles in circumference. The
Impel lal commanler possibly has escaped, in which case Nanking may
surrender, and this, coupled with the
repotted victory of the rebels at Hankow, would place an entirely new aspect cn the situation. Communication with Nanking Is pcssible only by
wireless, which is deficient.
Telegrams received through reform
societies from Wu Chang, report the
complete rout of the Im; ctialists at
Hankow. The Republicans are said
to ha-e regained all the positions cn
the iiankow side of the Yangtse and
Han Rivers. Wireless reports says
there was heavy flghting with great
losses on both tides. There is reason
to believe that the repoits are much
exaggerated, however as a strict censorship Is maintained at the telegraph
offices controlled by both the rebels
lay, seem to be putting; themselves in
a more promising position. The government declared today that the prov
ince of Shantung had foresworn Its
Independence and that the Manchu
troc s were proceeding southward in
obe lence to orders.
Only a few dags ago th-^ Republicans in the provincial assemblies of
Shantung and Manchuria pio?!aimcd
thoir independence, and the govern-
mrnt ordered Sun Tao Chi and Tao
Eih Sun to remain tho respective
viceroys of these provinces, with the
evident object of conniving for their
re-f on version.
The Chinese papers say that promises of money as well as the fear that
Germany would extend her control
throughout the province, is responsible for the return of Shantung to the
goemment fold as the province ls
ban'trurt and, therefore, unable to
conduct a government Independently.
Re orts from Manchuria and Chi Ll
say certain troops are ready tb pro-
ceel southward as ordered, but others sre unwilling to do so.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
and   that
Future Alone Can Tell How Far Conservatives Can Carry Out Their
Saturday was closing day at th?
Conservative convention. Summed
up in tbe press of tbe party the reso
lutipns passed on the closing day
dealt with the following subjects:
Dominion government aid for B. C.
Railway connecting Island and
Creation of department of mines.
Conmmission on mining industry.
Provincial department of Immigration.   ' '
Retaliatory tariff on American fruit.
Settlement of water rights.
Fair share of advertisement for
II. C.
Appointment of a telephone commission.
Congratulatory message to Right
lion. Joseph Chamberlain.
Building of Canadian national highway.
Clearing worthless timber off lands.
A  "white"  Hi ltish  Columbia.
This ls a formidable list to wllich
the party is committed for thc year,
it will be interesting for the voters
in general to take note of tho performance which shoul.I logically an J reasonably follow.
Something About the Bishop
Another Man Gets in Way of
Street Car.
-, j      . ,     .ninth"! in
Three   Chief   Characteristics���Should
Hs Accept Position B. C. Will
Gain Immensely.
Russia    Insists   on Neutrality    Being
Observed According to Treaty-
Access to Black Sea Closed.
Constantinople, Nov. 26.���Neutral
commerce Is seriously threatened by
the proposed blockade of Dardanelles
by Italy and Turkey's consequent de
fensive measures. The ambassadors
of foreign powers here are conferring
on the subject, as it is believed tint
Italy's action will not be delayed
The Rev. John Charles Roper, wbo
last week at an early hour in tho
morning was elected Bishop of Columbia, probably owes tbat election to
a holiday trip taken to the coast
tome years ago. While on tbe coast
he looked In one day on a clerlcus ln
progress and was prevailed on to
deliver an impromptu address on
higher criticism, the subject under
discussion. His eloquence, hls sanity,
his grasp of his subject took bis audience by storm. In fact those three
qualities, eloquence, sanity and profound learning, sum up John Charles
Roper. Born in England, educated at
Oxford, where he was later a don, he
came to Canada twenty years ago to
take up college work. Torontonians
of ten years and more ago will remember how wben he later became
vicar of St. Thomas, Huron atreet.
with tbe well known musician P. G.
Plummer as bis curate, it was necessary to be at church twenty minutes
early in order to get a seat. Widely
known as an exj orient of advanced or
Catholic views, be yet possesses tho
evangelical fervor which ls a characteristic of that school of thought,
and it use.l to be said that Plummer
got the crowd there with the miufc
and Roper converted them. However that be, Roper was tbe friend,
and the succourer of every class of
tbe down and out. They all knew
him and trusted him. He is not merely a clever man; he is a brilliant man,
and should he accept tlie post, as is
likely, thc West wlll be Immensely the
������    ~��mwi mtpni"**. ''WW1 M- if
- a��n'f!i��i ii ��� : r-
This Time Man Is Not Killed snd Presumably It Was His Own Fault-
Taken to Hospital.
John West, Laborer, Cuts His Throat
with a Razor���Found Dead -in
Room on Saturday.
Tbe singular lack of luck, or the
run of misfortune, which bas pursued
tbe B. C. E. R. employees these recent
Saturdays, was still in evidence last
Saturday night, when "Bob" Mc
Murphy was knocked down at the corner of Begbie and Columbia streets
sustaining Injuries which necessitated
his removal to tbe Royal Columbian
hospital. Enquiry made at the hospital last night elicited the information that the injured man was rest-
lag easily. There ls a flesh wound on
the right side of the face, and the
doctors are unable to state yet whether internal Injuries of a serious
character have resulted from tbe accident.
Depot Master Robinson saw thc occurrence. He states tbat lt ls fortunate for tbe injured man tbat tbe
car was proceeding slowly at the time.
"He waa leaving or boarding the car
carelessly," says Mr. Robinson, "and
the side of the car struck him."
Bystanders complain of the time
that elapsed between the sending in
of tbe first call for tbe ambulance and
its arrival. The depot master, while
not committing himself on this point,
says the victim of the accident was
picked up and carried into the Central
hou), One call was sent in for the
ambulance and when a certain length
of time had elapsed without the ambulance arriving a second call was
sent In.
Bystanders also make the statement that tbe injured man was
handled by the car crew in a manner
which did not show them expert in
ambulance work; but with the depot
master on the ground and the well
known reputation of the B. C. E. R.
company's employees behind them, it
may be assumed that all care was
exercised on behalf of the sufferer.
rStlnopii.    R?".l"   taSJie��rr��Dee !����������������*��� �������� ������������������ ?���" ��" ""���.��� **
and the other powers today that sbe
insists on the neutrality of the Dar-1
danellea as provides In the Treaty of
I>ondon of 1871. This notification
follows the report that Italy in furthering the war against Turkey intend
od to blockade the Dardanelles. The
Turkish troops ha\e now reoccupled
the greater part of the Oasis of Tripoli and by daily attacks are preventing the Italians from extending their
front, according to a despatch to the
Temps today from its correspondent
with the Ottoman forces near Zougher.
The Italian foreign office, ln a report,
makes counter charges of Tu-kish
mutilation of Italian soldiers. It alleges that In reconnalsances made on
November 7 by the Italians beyond
the entrenchments at Tripoli, the
bodies of flve Italian soldiers were
found; that one of these bo-iies was
naked; tbat all the uniforms had been
taken, and that three of the soldiers
had been beheaded after death.
���rttlsh Columbia aald to ���
On Saturday, in the Colonial hotel,
the discovery was made that Joseph
West, a man who had, till recently,
been working at the building of the
Coquitlam dam, but went to stay at
the hotel on Tuesday last, bad committed suicide by cutting hts throat
A friend with whom he bad an appointment called at tbe hotel shortly
before noon. A visit to West's room
resulted ln the discovery of the ghastly tragedy. The body of the deceased
lay on the floor face downwards, the
throat being cut in two places. Deceased had |140 in a local bank. An
Inquest wlll be beld today.
Discovered  Lying In Brush
Much Decomposed.
Inspector Higgins, Who Stumble*   ot*
Body While Hunting, Identifies
Clothes of Osad Man.
Seattle's Pipe Line Mended in Record
time and Cedar River Water Is
on Tsp Once More.
Seattle, Nov. 20.���While Cedar river
water was turned into the 00-inch
main at the Landsburg intake basin
at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon, no
water from tbat source bad reached
Volunteer park up to 8 o'clock Saturday night, but both Volunteer an i
Lincoln reservoirs filled gradually
from the temporary pumping plants
at Swan lake. Lesch! park, MaJrona
park and ilolgale street on Lake
Water Superintendent L. B. Youngs
started from Landsburg to the city
Saturday night, and before leaving
that point announced that tbe repairs
had been completed in record time,
that water is already on its way from
Cedar river to the city reservoirs,
and tbat there seems no question now
but an adequate supply of water will
be available.
Wltb the finding of the body ��T
Conductor J. Moore ln tbe wools near
Chilliwack, on Saturday, the mystery
whicb has for nearly two months sur
rounded tbe fate of thla man hats
been cleared up. The Daily News
learned on good authority last night
that the body had been found, though
neither the city police nor tbe provincial police had heard of the flnd.
An attempt to call up Chilliwack oa
the telephone drew the Information
from central long distance that tho
Chilliwack line was closed till today.
At the same time, the Dally New��
is assured of the truth of tb* atato
ment that tbe body has been found.
Mr. Higgins, inspector in the emptor
of the B. C. Electric Railway company, came upon the body while ont
hunting on Saturday. It waa badly
decomposed, and the clothes worn hy
Moore when he disappeared tin almost the only means of Identification.
As to how Moore cam* by his ii satis
the remains seem to offer no decisive
cine. It Is presumed, however, that
he wandered away Into *h�� wood*
lost hla way ani died from exposure*
and lack of food. *
It will be remembered that John
Moore left on a fishing trip to the
Vedder river on Sunday, October 1,
leaving by tbe early morning train in
order to reach the Vedder by daybreak. On his way to the fishing,
grounds he fell In with W. C. Chamberlin, the well known jeweller of thin
city, and the pair journeyed in com
pany to the point where the B. C. E.
R. crosses the Vedder river. There
they cached their walking boots and
donned long gum waders, after whicb
they separated, each going bis owir
way, with the understanding between
tbem that they would meet at the
point where they had cached their
shoes, and return to the city together
in the evening.
... , ambulance falling to put ta anUnR out ot the pipetM* b*Me��
I appearance the injured man was hur 1 Sunday.   Thla   will   require   ���
]ried to the bosrltal In a special car,'weeks and  until  these repair*
which was bound for Sapperton.
***SS** '
t xn*
'���'���_^�� ��
throne had Issued edicts
Prerqier Yuan Shi Kal had promised Many of the young men of New
that fighting should stop In oom'll- Westminster who attended the High
ance with the demands of the Lan-' school some half dozen years ago and
chai troops and of the National As-'tbe Central school before that, will
feemblv an attack was begun on Han- jtemember well a bright young Chinese
van" "while n 1 romit attack is ex- student of the name of Jack Lam
peeu'-l upon the Shan SI rebels, who Tung, more famllarly known to his
hold the pass along the railway east fiChool mates as "Jack". News was
of Tal Yuan Fu. received ln the Royal City on Satur-
The throne's back has stiffened day that Jack, who was ln his fourth
since Yuan Shi Kal has become Pre- year at Trinity College, Toronto, had
mler, and It now refuses to comply , succumbed to an operation ln a nospl-
with other demands than those made tal of the latter -city,
by him No notice haa been taken of This Information will bring pro-
the resolutions adopted by the Na-found grief'to many who shared the
tional Assembly, with reference to the pleasure of school days with Jack
calendar and the cutting off of queues. ! Lam Tung, for he was most deserved-
Unable to Induce the premier to sp- j |y popular with his fellow pupils, as
pear before the Chamber and power- well as with thes teaching staff, by
less to have Its resolutions promul- whom he was regarded as one of the
gated In an edict the National Assem- fost promising students,
bly seemingly has  ceased  existence.
Toronto, Xov. :'5.���The example set
hy Ontario in establishing a boasd ol
censors to examine all moving picture
films before they are exhibited In
public, has already had Its good effects
in Manitoba and Quuebec, while British Columbia will likely come Into
line later on.
Chairman Armstrong, of the Ontario
board, has received enquiries from
the Montreal authorities, as to tbo
machinery and working of the Toronto board, with the intention ot copying the system If possible. Similarly
Winnipeg municipal authorities have
written asking for information.
It Ib expected from these evidences
of Interest tbat the whole of Canada
will soon be protected by municipal or
provincial boards of censors, framed
in much the same way as is the Tor
onto board.
With such Dominion-wide organization in force It would be Impossible
to send rejected films from Ontarii
to other provinces as Is sometimes
done. This would effectually close up
Canada to the Importer of undesirable
1 made stable and entire water supply
will come through the CO-inch main.
Conditions are so promising now
that manufacturers who have been
without water for one week were
given notice Saturday night that
water would be turned into their
plants Sunday, In sufficient time for
the resumption 'of business Monday
BHl Will Bs Introduced to Amend the
Criminal Code���Hindu Deputation
at Ottawa, i
6pecla, Commissioner   for   Dominion
sn Routs te Vancouvsr to Ssek
Co-ope rattan.
Calgary.     Nov.     26.���Mr.   Arthur
Jack was a native son of New Westminster, his father   being   a   heavy
One tMML�� the;_BOmewh.t sens*  ^^s���h Md j^r j^tory. Among 'express, folhg direct Ithrough to Van
tional burglaries of last week was tha
appearance of three small boys before
police magistrate Evans on Saturday
on a charge of robbing the Cunningham hardware store of rifles and revolvers. There were two Bouth Vancouver boys, one of whom was twelve
years of age,   and   the   other   only
Jack's fellow students in the Royal
City .who were st Toronto with him
were Doufflas Beasley, Arthur Kirkwood, Lennle and several others.
The following notice appears In the
Toronto Globe of Monday last:
"Jack Lam Tung, who cams all the
., ,_,   way from China at great expense to
eight years old. An eleven yeai-old,i ���U,^J, .^cation at Trinity Col-
who claims W Westminster as his f��� nToronto. died on Saturday at the
home, was the third The two older ����� Hospital, following an oper-
boya were sent to the reformatory at , fc ^ mtMwmt Thursday.
Point Grey for two years, this sentence being in accord with a request
made by the parents. The eight year
old took refuge in bis mother's arms.
He was sent home.
"He was a fine gentlemanly fellow
and a general favorite with the student body," said Provost Macklem last
night in speaking of the yong man.
The   dead   student,   who   waa 25
years of age, was just closing an arts
Monarchists Cross Frontier. 'course prepartory to going boni*   to
Lisbon, Nov. 26.���Advices from j China next summer. Prior to Miming
Montenegro say that a small group of ��� to Toronto he attended school In Brit-
Monarchists, believed to be the   van- lsh. Columbia.   Friends   in   Western
couver, on a tour or Canada to ascer
tain how the Dominion and provincial
governments may co-operate more
closely in the matter of immigration.
Mr. Hawkes, interviewed, said he
had no definite plans, but he expected
to learn much from the provinces,
especially British Columbia. It being
tbe only western government carryi><:
out a special propaganda in Great
Mr. Hawkes proposes to spend Mon
day and Thursday in Vancouver, and
Tuesday and Wednesday ln Victoria.
Today he conferred with the Canadian
Paciflc railway authorities., on the
working out of - their ready-made
farms. He *I1I visit Ksmloops on
this return.
tfi k*-���_. ..   ***     , 0.
Rochester Oats Convsntldn.
Atlanta, Ga,., ffov. 26���Rochester,
Ottawa, Nov. 25.���FOr the purpose
of making It possible to deal summarily with the piracy of logs, which
Is so prevalent and of a serious matter to British Columbia, Mr. H. H.
Stevens, M.P., has given notice that
he will Introduce a bW to amend thfc
criminal code. Owing to a technical
omission in the criminal code, all
efforts to protect the sufferers from
this practice have failed because tho
markings under the British Columbia
act are not recognized in the criminal
code. Then the code does not cover
the harbors and coast waters, but
deals only with the fresh waters of
the province.
Mr. Stevens proposes to correct
this by having Inserted In the criminal code the wordB "harbora or coast
waters." His bill will ajso provide
for the recognition of the British Ca
lumbia markings. Mr. Stevens, before
deciding to Introduce tbe bill, consulted the minister ot Justice and got
his approval, so tbat there Is no
doubt that the proposed amendments
wlll be agreed to by tbe House. When
the bill becomes taw, the provincial
government wlll be ln a position to
punish the log pirates an n put a stop
to the practice.
Mr. Stevens went to Toronto last
night and on Monday h* will be in
Montreal, where he ls going on the In
vltation of the Montreal harhor commissioners to look over harbor Improvements at that port.
A deputation of British Columbia
Hlndes, consisting of Dr. Sunda
Singh, Professor Tega Singh and
Lazarah Singh, accompanied by Mr.
L. W, Hall, of Vancouver, arrived in
Ottawa this morning to ask the government to relax the immigration
regulations so that In future Hindus
may be able to bring their wives and
families to Canada. Thay also ssk
that the law whloh makes it Imperative for Hindua to come direct (ran
India be changed, because there ls
no direct htsamltilp service bet jeeu
India and tha Dominion.
Tho Hindus, wfco ,#Mi'mm* vft*
tb* premier on Monday, it H under-
stood, will also mak* complaint that
Departure of Sir Gilbert Parker
Canada Is Reassuring���German
Swords In Dominion.
London, Nov. 25���Sir Gilbert Parker
is leaving for Canada today by tbe
Campania. This in itself is proof that
no ministerial crisis is impending
over Sir Edward Grey's speech On
'foreign relations in the House of
Commons on Monday, since so ambitious a party man as Sir Gilbert
would not sail if there were any
chance of the foreign secretary resigning as a consequence of the strictures on his policy, passed by the
radical wing of the government's supporters and the more open attacks
which have come from the ranks of
the Unionists.
Swordmakers here who have noticed
Hon. Colonel Sam Hug'ues' complaint
anent imported swords being of German make, say that the Canadian
government ought to have written to
the war office for the names of firms
supplying the army, and that otber
Dominion governments did so. Undoubtedly a large numher of swords
going to Canada were foreign made.
hap had befallen hia companion.
Oa Monday morning John Moore-
should have reported for duty at the-
B. C. E. R.. but he failed to do sou
Enquiry resulted in the discovery
that he had not returned from the
Vedder. His absence occasioned much
alarm, and Mr. Chamberlin and ��
number of B. C. E. R. men took the
noon train for tbe spot where Mr..
Chamberlin had parted from the missing man. Another search party left
on the 4 o'clock train. Search proved
unavailing, however. Till Saturday
Moore was never heard of again. He ���
bad not returned for his shoes, for ���
these were found at tbe spot where-
(he had cached them. Mystery descended upon his fate. The missing mam
was nol well known In New Westminster, but some time after his disappearance it was discovered that he*
had an uncle living in Vancouver.
The Vedder is not a large rfver,--
but the swiftness of the current   Is
well known to all anglers wbo have
followed   the sport   ln this   stream.
Treacherous holes   are   found   ln it,
and ln places wbere the current   is
slow the bottom Is muddy.    Various
'theories were evolved to account for ���
his absence.    Many thought be had '
met death by drowning; others opined!
Ihat he had wandered away and got
lost in the bush.   The only* fact difficult to   reconcile   with   tbis   latter
theory is that the district is fairly
thickly settled.    The. finding of Um -
body, however, though detailed inter -
���nation regarding l\/ ls at this tim* el ���'
writing unobtainable, seems to was*'
rant tbe belief tbat the unexpected
happened,   and   that     Moore    died
through losing his way in the bush.
Complaints Against Thsm by Interacted Parties to Be Heard In City
Hall Shortly.
1    ClO"|pfrffBtt.       JFTipniMP       SO TTVniWU '        *Tfci-aa��aa*��*,   vj*^��s   *�����*������"*���       ������ ��� ��� r   - - -        - _      . _
guard of the main body, has crossed -C**m%* ~w-tH to 'ommunlcsn i T.. was Oftfe.Mtto "^�����*^.�� ^JSL^ tSi^It J? S
the frontier snd tried to eapture tbe todar *��h th* Trinity College auth- tlon elty br th* American HedernUon pjro. reeelvtag fair treatment ta Can-
town, bnt was repnlsed. I due. la reference U tbs funeral.        )of Uber this S/tsmt* ada,.
Los Angeles, Cal., 26.���The seventh
week of the McNamara murder trial
closed here today ln a cloud of sickness   and   death,   which has   been
spreading ever since the flrst juror
was selected.   There are now eight
jurors and one talesman passed for
cause by both sides awaiting the Introduction of evldenoe in the trial et
James B. McNamara.   A brother   of
Juror J. B. Sexton , died  today and
court adjourned until Monday *\A ot
fcsBicl. fcJNt MTIIctjd. J����r.   The
wife ef JuretT. D. Green has been
Ul a long time Md l�� slaking steadily.
U i* feared ah* will not live through
ttTtrlnr.  Stmt Byron LMrhas eye
trouble, which ts set serious at pres-
���at, nad Jnier J. H. Coke, a ���antl*
oldnsan, may hat* to be ercused be
1st* kAt ******** (ft " '
According to a noUce in tbe <
���ine of the Provincial Gazette, th*
plan whicb was authorized on AugWt
30. 1910, for a special surra of tlw
olty of New Westminster, hfcs feme.
fllad with the   ptwlnel^ -;��� msssSstr.
and is to be submitted ftr ~	
prove! of tbe Heutcnhft '
 �����   Notle* ls alstfV
whicb   nmy
any special surrey
affected tBWt&'S'jB 'tt1*.
at the elty **tt. TUf. *���"���
portion ef the cost to Be borneriy-
t*> ctty for tbe *us&.Mh*it I*
respect nf lands ooauONirm attests.
Hrtjr m��n ip 97tti.1t* '
-. ^: ^w^fajstxyxxte-**
two daya' work. Apply Great Western Telegraph office, city.
would like to make his home wltn
a private family.' Can give any
references to character that may bo
required. Apply Box 12, Daily News
work two days a week. Apply 43"
Eighth street.
an, situation as general help. Apply L. K., Edmonds P. 0.
aged woman, desires maternity
case, care of child and light housework. Charges moderate. Phone
and town properties for B. C. coast
city properties or acreage. Apply
J. H. Husk. Vi'2 Fifth street, New
Hastings Townsite for lumber of
JS kind. Box C. 50, Daily News
hie corner in Hastings Townsite
for a lot or house ln New Westminster.     Box  C50  News.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
mat lon on divorce laws of Nevada
and other states sent on receipt.
of 25c each. Western Information
Bureau Goldfleld, Nev.
know |hat I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
���9 quarts for fl.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to It 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
Wanted an assistant for tho Manual Training School. Applicants must
hold a B. C. certificate. Btate qualifications and salary required. Applications much reach tbe secretary, Mr. E.
C. Davey. by noon of the 27th Inst.
Public school teachers wanted In
the city schools. Applications must
reach the secretary, Mr. E. C. Davey,
by noon of the 27th inst.
Teacher wanted for New Westminster High school, first year's work.
'Applications must be received by
Secretary Mr. E. C. Davey by noon,
27th inst.
New  Westminster.
A Spiritual meeting will be held at
Mr. J. Clark's residence, Inman avenue, Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature  for  sale.       **
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
meet In Eagles hall the flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
* President.
Financial Secretary.
IN TIIE  MATTER of the  "Winding
up Act." and
IN THE MATTER of Pitt Lake Brick
& Cement Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that the
Honorable Mr. Justice Murphy has
fixed Saturday, the 9th day of December, 1911, at 10:30 o'docV ln the
forenoon, at his Chambers in the
Court House, New Westminster, B.C..
as the time and place for the appointment of an official liquidator of tho
above named company.
Dated  this  25th day of November,
District Registrar.
to clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley, Edmonds.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Friday, the lst day of December, 1911,
for the purchase of the following described property, viz.: Part (5
acres)  of the East half of the West
mum m. pun
Stage Robber Wss Follsd   and   Man
Who Revealed the Plot Fled.
ers.    Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby/half of the Southerly portion of D.L.
East, **""   "  "
By the recent death of former Senator Thomas H. Carter and the death
of Wally Evans, there passed away
two men through whose efforts was
foiled one of the most daring stage
robberies ever planned in the West,
says an Helena, Montana, exchange.
Senator Carter was ln the smoking
compartment of a Pullman several
years ago when the talk turned to old
days in the West. When it came to
his turn to relate a story, the senator said:
"One day in the early '80s. while I
was attorney for tHe Wells-Fargo Express company at Helena, I was sitting in my office, when my attention
was attracted by two men who passed and repassed on the opposite sido
of the street. One of them seemei
to be laboring under some strong excitement. While I was wondering
what was disturbing him there came
a knock on my door, and then this
fellow burst Into the room.
" 'Are you the attorney for the
Wells-Fargo company?' he demanded.
"When I replied ln the affirmative
he locked the door. I speculated on
what grievance he had a^ain-jt the
company that he was going to take
out on Its attorney when the fellow
bolted into my private office and
beckoned to me to follow.
"I want to see you privately,' ho
"Another look at him convince 1 me
he was laborine under the strain bf
some terrible fear. I followed- him,
and he closed and locked the door of
the private office.
" 'The Marysville stage ls going to
be help up and robbed next Tuesday,'
he blurted out.
"I was startled, recollecting that
that day the Drum Lummon bullion,
amounting to a sum between $25,000
and $50,000. would be carried out on
that stage.
" 'How do you know this ?' I asked
" 'Because I'm one of the men that
is going to hold it up,' was the reply.
'I don't want to, but. I'm afraid if I
don't my partnpr will kill me.'
"Then the fellow unburdened hls
soul. His partner, a great, hairy, pow.
erful man, more like a human gorilla than any man I ever saw, had
carefully laid the plans for the holdup. He had worked for months preparing' for the Job, had learned the
time wben the big shipments of bullion   were  made   for   the  mines  and
tbe apprehension of stage robbers.
"Where are you going?' I aaked
" 'To South America, as quickly as
I can get there," he replied.
" 'If that fellow ever escapes he
won't rest satisfied until he' kills
Sanctuary Found on Hilltop Near Ancient CUy of Antioch.
An important discovery which is
fitted to throw light on th? ancient
religions of Asia Minor has been made
by Sir \V. M. Ramsay on the top of
a mountain fully 5000 feet above the
ancient city of Antioch, where was
found tbe great altar of the moon
god, or ancestral god, "Men Askae-
nos," which la about 86 feet by 41
feet and stands ln an open oblong
space approximately 241 feet by 136
This oi en space is surrounded by
a wall flve feet thick, which like thc
altar ls built of stones cut from the
mountain. Besides this beiron. Sir
W. M. Ramsay found also a little stadium or theatre which probably served for the games celebrated ln honor
of the god on certain feast dayB.
At some distance off a church was
also discovered. The estates of "Men
Askatnos" wero very extensive, and
although they probably passed over
to Augustus along with the inheritance of Amyntas, King of Galatla,
who was lord also of Antioch, tho
sanctuary of the god vTas not sup
pressed, but an Income was devoted
to its maintenance. No fewer than
sevmty votive Inscriptions for the
god have recently been found which
belong to about the year 300 A. D.
In thirteen inscriptions the expression "Tekmoreusas" occurs which Is
thought to express or register a kind
of recantation of faith, when certain
Christian families (perhaps the fanners of the state and temple territories) weakly returned once mor? to the
ancient state religion and sought to
make amends to Men Askaenos fnr
their abandonment for.a time of tbc
pagan worship.
Up to the present, time no slmlla-
sanctuary dedicated to a known god
and recogni/fed throughout the wht^e
of Asia Minor has ever been discovered on a mountain top.���From the
Zlon  Herald.
IO 1M5OT���V,\ttQE     HOME     CUOSK
to  ctty,  -wtth  good     prospects    for
work  U vicinity,  $15    per    month.
Keid, Curtis  &  Dorgan, 70fi Colum
bia stre��V, New Westminster, B.C.
English Writer Makes No Attempt to
Place  It in Temperance List.
Cider, which has been singled out
for special condemnation at the annual conference of the Western Temperance League, says the London
Chronicle, was eulogized in 1657 by
Dr. John Bealn, of the Royal Society.
as "the richest, strongest, the most
pleasant and lasting wine tbat England yet yields or is ever likely to
.180' OrauD rNew^WestmiMter n'itlhad careful}* selected the spot where If<��>�����"   He made no attempt to palm
*-**-. i "This was ln a wooded gulch According as It Is managed, he
where the roarl wound down from a I ^rote, "It proves strong Rhenish, Bar-
heavy  mountain  grade.    My   Inform* f rack,  yea,   pleasant  Canary,  sugared
room, single or double; also rooms
for light housekeeping. Moderate
terms.    7^7 Twelfth street.
lumbia  (close to C. P. R. Station at
New Westminster Junction).
Terms  cash.    The  highest  of any
no*.  -n��cmramT\Yy   &cc��Trt.��e.
Dated  this  Oth  day   ot   November,
W. F. Hansford, P. O. Box 285, New
Westminster, B. C.
Solicitor for Executor Estate of
late Alexander Stewart McLean, deceased.
Fix rooms, one block from car line.
Rent $20 per month. SherrilT, Rose
& Co., 648 Columbia street.
housekeeping rooms, bath and
toilet.   Apply 11 os Eighth avenue.
rooms, one double and one single
Fire place In each. 205 Carnarvon
rooms, hot nnd cold water night
and day.    543 Front street.
witli sitting room to let to gentlemen only. Breakfast if desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from the
rost office. Terms moderate. Enquire Phone R 414.
-offering for quick sale a lot 66xio2
for $300, $50 cash, balance $10 per
month. This is a bargain. Apply
Owner, I>.  O.  Box 1597. Vancouver.
ber for sale, cheap.   Owner leaving
Wixey. 812  Royal avenue.
Notice is hereby given that all
persons having any claim against the
estate of the late Alexander Stewart
McLean of the Municipality 0f Coquitlam, who died on or about the
31st day of August, 1911, at New
Westminster, B. C, are required on
or before the lst day of December
1911, to send by post prepaid to the
undersigned solicitor for Joseph
Travers, Esquire, the Executor of the
said estate, their names and addresses and full particulars of their
claims In writing and a statement
of their accounts and the nature of
the securities, lf any, held bv them
md such statement shall be verified
../ statutory declaration.
And"take notice that after tho 1st
day of December, 1911, Joseph Travers, Esquire, will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased
having regard only to the class of
which he shall fhen have had notice.
and will not be liable to any person
of whose claim he shall not tben
have had notice.
Dated this lst day of November
W. F. Hansford, New Westminster,
B. C, Solicitor for said  Executor.
ed house with all modern conveni
ences.   Apply 211 Elxth avenue.
piano   for  $
300.   at
- $600
tiionej, will sell five acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 3)0 Columbia
street. Sapperton.
$1 down and ;i  a week;  no interest; four styles; old Btoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
, ,Co.    Phone 996, Market Square.
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November 5, 1911
Trains Will Leave as Follows:
Toronto Express at   8:55
Soo Express at  13:50
Imperial Limited at  19:40
ant  and  his  partner  had   been   work-
itie together cn a ranch, and dav
after day the partner sprang the holdup idea until at last his less strong-
willed companion consented to take
"The fellow was afraid of his life.
and overruled every plan i suggested
to frustrate the hold-up. He was convinced his partner would kill him before the officers could prevent it. At
last I hit ui on a plan which met the
approval of the confederate.
"When the stage left Marysville it
carried four guarda. i insisted, however, that thev should go unarmed, as
I was determined to prevent bloodshed. The safe wa3/-laced ln the boot.
Instead of bullion it was filled with
"A companion and I left Helena
Monday at midnight, and hiding ourselves in the timber above the point
fleeted in the road for the ijoldup,
waited lor the stage to pass. We had
field glasses, and from our places of
vantage could look down into the
"About 9 o'clock we heard the
rumbling or the stage as it came
clattering down the road. Soon it
swept Into dew, the horses swinging
along at a brisk trot. It dipped down
uie grade and swung into the gulch.
i hrough tbe glasses we suddenly
saw two men jump from the brush on
f���,, Si *, of Ule road directly in
Sh h h6 i;,aRe- Ho,h ���re a"��ed
or '"���    0np s"ra��K ,0 the heads
U1 . ;orep!' ;">(1 ^bbed the bridles.
lhe other covered the dlrver with his
"When the stag-e looped tbe rob-
JW at the horses'  heads-my    infor-
ner was Btanding.   First the safe was
2SrSm��5Lii5s,;oot- Then '"��"
��.n   il '"   ClambBr  ,l0Wn-  anf>
then the stage doo,- W;1S ���.���,,������   ...
;��>��� four guards  piled  out and
lined upon the side or the road
Leaving his confederate   to
the prisoners the leader
edu^s'r'n Ui""!"n ����" *��*<*
hW, ,'" was Jusl "Whins his
blow when bis  partn
of itself, or as rough aa tho fiercest
Lreek wine, holding one, two cr three
years, so that no mortal can say at
what age it is past the best. This we
can say, that we have kept lt until it
burns as quickly as sack, draws the
flame like naptha, and fires the stomach like aqua vitae."
Thoso of us who have seen harvest
laborers of the West country plodding their homeward way in the dusk
with miniature barrels, empty, in
their hands, may be disposed to credit the existence of tbe cider drunkards
now making sore the hearts of Somerset abstainers. For the best man
in some villages Is tbe man who can
eranty his barrel ottenest.
The very word "cider" suggests
drunkenness, even In the Hebrew,
where lt means strong drink. Its
sound and spelling are very much
alike In many tongues, and it may
have drifted down to its present narrow orchard meaning because apples offered the easiest temptation to
another vice, that^of deception, for
cider, bottled before fermentation by
cunning hands, can be made to resemble champagne ln quality���and
an ai
and using bis riOe .-.:  .-  ,.|,h. 8I1Vasb
down in
him over tho head.   Hie wont
" heap, and the guards, who
whlrle I,
charge  of  Wa!!
dlately on  him
est lots in the west end. on Eighth
,,'avepue,  having  a  southwest  view
facing the river    and    gulf.    Lots
pfif I'l'Q and 118. Very liberal ternn.
,,Fbope L179, or call    1303    Eighth
���it    I    "T. i i ss
, ,4-Jiurch and  St.  George street,    an
Amethyst .brqoch  set  with    pearls.
Finder    return    to    St.    Andrew's
-jnanse and receive suitable reward.
For  tickets  and  other  particulars
apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Or H. W.  Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
Tanades Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
were In
were Imme-
Ho  was  trussed   in
ropes, his partner was similarly tied
hey were put in the stage and taken
jo Helena, Vhere they were placed in
"The big fellow believed he had
been knocked out by one of the nas
sensors, never having the slightest
suspicion that his partner had turned
traitor. Tho men were kept in jail
three or four months, and the big fel
low slipped medsag�� to his partner
almost daily, warning him to remain
"When the cas,' came to trial  the
confederate    was    tbe    first    witness
called.   Many men I have seen angry,
but I hope never aealn to pee the look
of rage that swept over the counts
|inn*e of the blr fellow when his part-
jner turned against him.
|    "The  man  wag convicted  and  sent
to penitentiary for life, as I recover t
| ills partner was set free the nieht the
; lender was taken to prison.   He came
' to   me   for   tho   standing   reward   tho
Wells-Fargo company then o^pt^-i  tir
Luggage on Trip.
Odd as it may appear to modern
tourists of the class that finds half
the joy of travelling in seeing trunks,
suit cases and hand luggage of all
sorts covered with blatcnt stickeis
which loudly attest the vailety of hos-
tlerips at which their d.vners ba\ e
found lodging, as well as the conveyances which have borne them alon?,
there are travellers who actually
shrink from acting as itinerant, advertisers of railroad steamship and
hotel for the behalf of their follov.
A quiet little lady, who for sever..!
years has been her falher's compan
Ion on his. freiuent business trips
transatlantic and otherwise���has contended against the nuisance until of
necessity has come a most effective
Invention to circumvent lt. For Ihe
different pieces of her compact "road
outfit" fhe has made clOse-fittlng covers of linen, canvas or other suitable
material, which lie over suit case, valise or even over a light trunk.
To those the nccesrary l.-ibfls can
he attached quite as readily as to tl' ���
leather surface which they so olte ���
disfigure. When the Immediate need
for having the article so labelled has
com�� to an end the owner simply
sends the linen cover to bo launderc'
and it comes back fresh and free from
'orn and sticky paper lithographs.
These covers could easily have tiny-
buckles and straps attached for trim
fasteners and could be made of d nim
or other Flout washable ttuff. if line
of the cob- nnd weighl desired is no'
obtainable at the time wanted. Initials could hP stencilled in wate ���-
proof paint, fo as not to wash of. ftnd
the appearance of tlie luggage won! 1
be sufficiently Individual to mnlte tbo
Identification easy at a "lance i-t
time cf haste.
Your iin;:-' im wi.l refund monov it
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itchlns, Blind Weeding or
Protruding Files In C, to 14 days.   50c.
The Old Folks
find advancing years bring an Increasing tendency
to constipation.    The corrective they need U
NA-DRU-CO'* Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO pre*
paratlons, by expert chemists. Money back If not satisfactory.
25c. a box.   If your druggist has not yet }tocked4hem,
send 25c. and we wlll mall them.
paraiiuiu,   o*
is the best guarantee that the "hand" will kctp your home moving in the
right direction of economy and health.
Please call and see our line of GURNEY-OXFORD STOVES and
RANGES that are built and sold on honor. The Chancellor and Imperial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Come and let us
show you how this marvellous device saves time and fuel by a single touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and directs odors up the chimney.
The Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven���a
fine baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves time and fuel-waste.
These, with other star features make us proud to show the Gurney-Oxford
line. Design���finish���workmanship���all these details
we want to demonstrate to your entire.satisfaction.
sterilize   your kitchen   things anil
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and'
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs miiscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \J / <
portions to cleanse *^^W/jfc
easily, vigorously, J^ r"* ^ "
and without harm to. "~
fabric, utensil
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Scientific selection fe-theprinciple on which St Charles Evaporated
Cream is prepared.
the best milk Cows fed scientifically
' Selected dairies        AH sanitary safeguards applied
You take no chances when you use St. Charles Cream.   It is as good
for any purpose as the best milk or cream produced by the best
dairy anywnere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never
EM cnr<
({les. It agrees with the most delicate stomach. All it needs
, ,. ia Llie addition of pure water to make it the best food on earth
i I - beat for the nursery���best for the kitchen.
y^ Sold by 'Bc-st Grocer* MsOerytoher*
lUndsome booklet of valuable Information to mothers and noises seat
free upon application.     '
T.  CHARLES  CONDENSING  COMPANY.   Ingersoll, Owl. j|
���I. biV r* **J^JlaBln���lCTr^����������������������������n������n*iss���n������������������s*�����������^^.,
;  . MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1911.
Wh-t   a   MlsorabU   Dyspeptic   Who
Takes the Waters Is Up Against.
Writing of his experiences at a fam-
'l ous foreign haven lor people who for
',   years have dined not wisely but too
BSSS^BSSSB^BSV-  jan^Bn^an      ' ��� well, a Londoner saya:
j'     Your   misery   begins   at   6.   At   6
New  Chairman  of  Manufacturers   lr^   o'clock they call you and you are ex-
the Fn prcial Metropolis Is a Wids^   peeled  to be shaved and  decent be-
ly Popular Citizen With a Penchant   tore you face the world of waters and
For Lie In ths Woods-He Is a
New Brunswick Man By Birth and.
a Thorough Business Man.
Aid. J. H. Sherrard, who now leads,
Uie Montreal Manufacturers Association, has been a member o! that or-,
ganization ior a number of years, and|
lio rthe past six or seven years has;
ibeen on the executive board. He serv-
ttd hia torn e�� viee-chairuiau, so that
jhe comes honestly by his new honors.-
rrhe Montreal branch of thc association haa been making good progress
jduring recent years, and the appointment of Mr. Sherard to its ohuiraian-
iahip augurs well for its future.
' Although James Henry Sherrard is
frequently called a blue-nose, he is
only entitled to the term at loosely
applied tu people lrom the Maritime
J'ruvinc-es. He himself makes the.
k-lairn that it is only in eontradlstinc-i
tion to owners oi the bibulou* type oi;
O0SS that he can be described as u;
"blue" nose, inasmuch as he is not a
Nova Scotiau, but a New Uruiiswickei;
by birth, hailing from the town oij
Bnediac. where he was born in 1806."
He ftarted his business career in a:
general store, carried on by O. M.
Melanson. The owner of the utore, if!
he were in the Province ol Quebec,
would be called a French-Canadian.;
Whether a Maritime Province French-
Canadian is entitled to be called a'
French-Canadian or not is a point
hard to settle. Down East they turn
culled Acadian French, this somewhat,
poetical term applying to the desceii-
of miserable sinners at 7. If you had
not been a miserable sinner, too, you
would not be here; but you have done
those things you ought not to have
done and you have left undone those
things you ought to have done, and
your penalty is Carlsbad.
Bo you take your place at the end
of a queue 300 dyspeptics long and
wish you were dead. You very nearly
are, ior no "morning tea" sustains
.you; they forbid that; it is strictly
against the law; you take your turn
to the "Sprudel" spring uncomforted
by the cook. A German close behind
you is treading on your heels and
breathing loudly down your neck, and
a gentleman in a curious top hat it
.conducting an orchestra with intent
>to make you merry. He fails. You
hate him. And every moment you
draw nea/er to the Sprudel spring. It
leaps irdm the bowels of the earth
toward the roof Of the Colonnade,
shrouded in its own steam, and a girl
in waterproof overalls catches you a
glassful by means of a long pole.
Then you retire, to a corner with the
evil brew and try to drink it. It tastes
���of dead rats ��� hot ones, long dead.
Tour character may be divined by
method of dealing with it. It may be
faced as one tacit, a pet beverage,
"with an air," or it may be dallied
with in sips���or thrown away. It may
beat you altogether, but this is rare.
The gardened dyspeptic who doe-"
his yearly "cure" has a trick with a
'.little glass pipe. He is imitated by
th�� wise. After the first full glass
yuu hurry to the ljttle glass pipe
>tull and buy a little glass  pipe {or
,,i a��- ��\i C.0U" ,ry *rt;"c.hmen w,h0   .your very own, and half an hear later
settled in that section of the country,   f       bra��e ���,,,  togeth���r   for  the
some generations ago.   There are quit.,   |^cond d      ' ,f ha��e ginned d
a few of these families scattered about   |, be or'dered th        bu\
through lhe Maritime Provinces, and,>>'   ���   ������
a  large  number of  theiri  still  retain
their   language   after   the   manner  of
'.probably you will be let ofl with two
I goss" of Sprudel and one of torac-
ithing lighter. An hour afterwards you
;may have an Inadequate meal of sour
milk, one egg und a browny roll that
wouid baffle a dentist. During the
morning you will be required to undergo a bath, possibly of mud, reekinj?
with curative properties and very expensive ��� as expensive as the lunch
you would like to have afterwards if
they would let you. Even as it stands.
j ,your mockery of a meal, fruit, rice snd
i a bit of broiled bird, climbs up to a
'total hitherto associated with such ele-
.'mentary insufficiencies. At 4 o'clock
'you drink nn.re water. At 10 the lonj:
iday closes with a final gulp, and thfl
,dinner intervening is beneath t,ie d^-
niiy of words���of any  words.
���fc ""IMSfiiint mi��k��j��i��.
tfieir, compatriots further West. Thut
it comes tnat a number of bluenoaes
��� i Kngiish parentage, who go to Moal-
teai, arriv. with a certain uiik.uii> ot
knowledge of tne French lun'guagv
wn.cli is naturally of greal use to UK'ui
Ul Quebec.
harry'' tjiierrard .as he is known
among n.s lriends. possesses many of
ms qualities which make Iur popularity u.ni success.   When he na.- decided
lo <io business wit.i you, he does so
witu an open hand, lit- knows u oar-:
gain a nine oft, and ye: there is iiul.i-'
mg ol toe bargainer ,n his methods.
Ae gpst at toiugs in a large, generous
way,   und  does  uot  hesitate  to tpeud
money in order to get results,   uui
ne gats results is the best ewucuc ot
uie  soununess of  his  methods.
Une of liis recreations is tis.iing,
and he is nowhere nuppier l.ian wm-ii
paudling around tlie streams, tramping mil.ugh Lie loivsts or otherwise
roughing :i in uie uackwoods. ll wa.-.
on one ci these jaunts mal 1 first uiei
hiii'i, out ou a Wind-swept lake on a
snappy, slurlit, winter nignt, Ine ursi
goou iix.k 1 got ui h.in was as ne
thliirged next nur.iir.g iroui a particu.uuy warm ai.u cuniloiuihle eiuer-
UOWii slcey;i,g-o^g   vvule.i  .���/ uiu..<m-
lesa oil 111..' Uuul ..ii ii.ij.ii. n..,.e iti'l)'
Cul   ill   t.ie   euui.i   Ail.v^i   u   a..a   ^..^ait.
in tne so.d.   tui .*> **.i e..wi-.i...i ...ni-
J.<iii.ua .a the \\u..u.-, a..a U.wn: m aii
entire    UUaiMOii   Oi   g.uUv.l    lu   ilia   ;}' ���
U-m. Luring his iu..g expel.e..ce ofl
t.ie roaa ue has becu.iie aa exeei.et.l
slui-yieuer���in Uie UjLuned apjiLc.ii.ou
o: tue term, oi cour��e. tils rep��KJ��r
is u-inoal luexniiUolible. una ilia in.il.i-
less and uimust {luined expri-n.-iuii
v.'iien ne is uuou��� lo loosen up auui'.'-
tniiig particularly luuny is uiuiosl ua
euBclive as Lio joke, diierruru s lace
is never more funereal than when hia
inside* are rumbling with laugutcr.
'io be appointed lo the boarU of management oi tne Montreal General tioa-
p.tal is an honor wnich few Aionlreal-
ers enjoy, and which yet came to Aid.
bheraru recently, possibly partly as a
result of work ot a similar character
in connection with smallpox which he
Value of a Painted D03.
The late Charles Landseer, the brother of Sir Edwin, gained his election
as Academician with a picture called
"The Eve of the Battle oi Edge Hill."
A curious and interesting Itory ut-
fcaches lo this ijiaiure.        " ' !
' Wbea M. w���� ararW ftnl.h��a, Edwin
J-rnidwcr *���> a��V��<l tay Chirki to
���time and look at it, and remarked
that it was a very good pictuie, but
���*h��w nice a soaniel would look in
���hat corner." Charles said, "Will you
put it in, then?" at which the master
look up the brush und at one- painted in a line old English spaniel with
Some leather des;iatch-bags lying on
the ground by him.
The picture was duly exhibited and
admired, the spaniel especially; but
the dealer who bought it, being a simple man of business, bethought him
���Unit Sir Edwin's dog would be wonh
more than the whale picture. So he
'coolly cut it out and sold it, filling
the place by a common dog copied
from it. Several years afterwards the
owner of the picture showed bir Edwin, with some pride, the picture in
;which he had painted the dog; but
���the great master "declared he'd be
[hanged if ever he did thnt dog." The
(picture wks examined more closely,
land then the trick was found out The
(identical picture came uo for sale at
���Christie's, when it was sold for a large
Giant Cranes.
It is not so many years ago tli^the
making of a steam crane eupab��� of
lifting twenty or thirty tons was rj-
fcarded as a wonderful piece of mechanism and a great event in the en-,
Igineering world.   Compared, however.
1 with some of the electric hoists now
in use in docks and shipbuilding
hards, the old twenty-ton steam crane
seems a trifling invention. To-day
cranes are being made with lifting
capacities ranging Irom 100 to 200
tons, and it is int :resti;i2 to note that
those of British make are in greatest
Some time ago a Carlisle firm of
crane-mikers sent out tq, Japan 11
���crane capable of dealing with a load
of 200 t-ons at a 95 foot radius, and
'many other orders are being executed
,for other countries. These gignntir
cranes are known as the Titan or hammer-head cantilever cranes. Thes*
cranes,    according    to   The    London
Humor and
,,'    Philosophy
��r 9V/tCJ*J*t M. SMITH
TT is bard to believe III of ourselves.
but somehow our friends seem to
accomplish It wltb a small amount ot
Tbe trouble wltb some people Is tbey
have tbe smile tbat won't go on.
If women didn't like to gossip thero
would be no one to keep tbe men In
People wbo love themselves very devotedly bave no cause to complain of
wasted affection.
Some men think tbat tbe chief business of Providence ls working out
their plsns. snd tbey bowl wben Providence jumps tbe Job.
Tbe Weather man makes a perfectly
good prediction, but It Isn't bis fsult
If tbs weather doesn't know a good
thing wben It sees it
A woman sees no use In having a
grlevsnce lf sbe doesn't air lt
To get tbe proper amount of attention from tbe public a Soutb American revolution should be pulled off
between tbe baseball and football seasons.
Some people nre so pleased wltb
tbeir III bealtb tbat tbey would consider lt s calamity If tbey were cured
of tbeir Ills.
His Idea.
"My wife la a shining example of
what a wife should be."
"Is sbe?"
"Sbe certainly Is."
"I've noticed ibe shining part of It"
"1 say. I hare noticed that sbe Is always shining your shoes."
On Their Behavior.
A trial marrlaee. we should f.itnk.
Would be an awful strain.
A fellow couldn't scold his wife.
And she could not complain.
performed to the satisfaction ol West-' Tl���e*. w��e originally a German type,
mount. In addition to this, be is als. I *>��dJ"e >Jrst three ejected in the Unit-
vice-presideitt of the Victorian Order ed Kingdom were designed and built
oi NurBes.-T.C.A. in Saturday Nignt.   >y    German    makers.    But    British
  crane-makers   soon   evolved   a   Titan
An English Miser. crane of an improved and more sub-
An instance of the thriftiness of the" Jj*^ *��������� " �������P����1 with the
��   /-i-j_i_:_..   o     .German make.
xxir comes irom Godalming, Surrey,
/or many years Stephen Champion
lived by himself in one room; he did
odd jobs of gardening ,and eked out
a living with the help of his old-age
pension. Lately he was taken ill and
died ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
were discovered 120 sovereigns in an
old stocking, each carefully wrapped
up in tissue paper, and 25 more sovereigns similarly wrapped up stuck to
the pages of the family Bible. A bank
bcuk showed that he hud ��50 standing to his credit. He never earned
'more than. 18s. a week, and often far
;ie��s. There is little doubt tbe man
;was anxious about his money, but he,
,uas unable to give any information
as he, lost his speech and never recovered il
Dictator of Dockers' Strike.
In a Ittle flat, within a ston >'s throw
of the Elephant and Castle, lives Mr.
Harry Gosling, chairman of the strike
"1 wonder"-
"Why people always say 'a beautiful
"Sounds good " *���
"Yes. but I notice that the drug ctore
kind may rank as tbe common or garden variety."
The Submissive Thing.
"That girl lx no good." John."
"Wbr uot. nwuwrr .
������RU�� di������ut ***** tuo�� kn %a *tjf*>*\
hOUMW." 1
"Maybe not. but sbe thinks she can ]
manage to show me bow to do It."
who advertise their goods in The
Daily News need not worry about
the possibility of having OVERSTOCKED any line of goods.
who intend to make gifts to their
friends or themselves should select
immediately, while displays are so
complete, and by reading what
various merchants have to say in
The Daily News they will find
many suggestions that will save
them needless worry in selecting.
Anything from a Greeting Card
to a Parcel of Real  Estate.    .    *
���*^\r-*-'.'-*-', ���'���*.���������*. ������
Lett LiW. Him.
"Why doesn t Biuks get on better?"
"Too busy.
"Too busy to get on?"
"Yes; speiuls all his time and energy
telling the rest of us uow lu succeed
In our owu business."
Sur* Enough.
"Why   don't   yon   Invest   In   some
eente":"  ;   '
"What In the dickens do you Uilnk J
I'd do wltb setine'/"
Th. superman wlien lie appears
A part of evolution's plot
Adown tb. mint of coming yeara
Wlll ue a woman Ilk. as oot.
Willis's Way.
on.   nateiy lie  wa.o  wicm hi hm ., ��� ,
ved to an infirmary, where he committee and general secretary of the
���a few days ago. In his room .National Union of Transport Workers,
rtiaoiivprivl 120 swiverpiims in an   ;who *ss the central figure in the great
'labor upheaval in London.   A wonderful  man   in   many   respects   is   this
strike   leader,   who   began   life   as   a
{ea ui uk iiMiiii, u.v,i��=.   �� ����������,   waterman   to  his   father   and   knows
howed that he hud ��50 stand-' * every detail of the riverside business,
His remarkable power of organization
U illustrated by the fact that he united the dockers, carmen, coal porters,
���tev;dores. lightermen, watermen,
granary workers, cam porters, and the
rest, and by bringing trade to a standstill obtained important concessious
ior the men.
���   r-v  ���v.*�� ���
"Ye*. Willler
"Mother saya that I shan't ask for
"Xo. Willie, you tansn't"
"But. auutle. dou't tblnk It would be
imiMtllie to refuse lf you should offer
me some."
Saving  Money.
"Why don't you wear low sboss In
"Wnere Is the economy?"
"But think of tbe comfort"
"Buhl   Tbey charge just ss much to
thine tbe low ones as tbe high ones."
Corns to Think ef It
"Let me give yon a bit of advice."
"Why should 1?"
"Why?" v     v��������'
"Yea." .
"Blamed If I know."  %.���
Mystery, ^^^^^^
Hr dipped hla facll. pea In fall, - k
Sonkeii well tne writing end.
And then h. nadir wonders* wkf
lis didn't hav. s friend . i.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montrea), Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
..:Wi��M" -
.. -v. of the horrors he had seen earlier in must closely study the hen, her habits
3HY     NCWS  ��hc dav,  received  the  news  with de-  and requirements,    lt also means that
lipht.   For the heroism of the .Italians,  the foods must be so   selected   that
Mr. Magee has the highest praise, but !they shall combine, in proper propor-
E. A. t��aio�� Managing Director
he says  they  eeem  absolutely  indif-
Pub shed by ^ba Dally News Publish- j ferent to the sufferlnss of their cap-
trg CWUmiyl" Llmltt-d, at their offices, itivfs.   and  tahe  thp  view   that  while
sr    of    McKenzie   and    Victoria it ml^ht, be proper   to   treat   white
Streets. prisoners    with   some   consideration,
Ithe Arbas should  be shot like dogs.
__. ,s~^^'Jfl|4 corres])ondent was armed with a
pass from Gen. Caneva. which entitled |
him to go anywhere he wished, and
though some of thc lesser officers realized that he would probably inform
the world of what he saw. they did
not dare refuse to recognize his permit. On one occasion when a mounted officer was thrashing a very old
prisoner with a whip, he stopped immediately on sight of the Knglisbman,
and had the grace to look ashamed of
himself. Some of the unfortunate
piisoners who saw that they were to
be executed, rushe.l to Ma nee for protection, but the correal ondent had to
run for safety himself, and the poor
wretches were driven back and executed.
Executed Without Trial.
It appears that a body of Italian
troopt, had been llred on from the
rear, as they were passing a plantation. They at once entrenched themselves and returned the lire. Later
on they rushe.l the position and drove
out a body of Arabs that had beeu
firing   on  them.    They   made
tion, all the essential elements that
go to make up the well-developed
business hen.
Bxperlments in aviation continue to
oxacf'WaP-'tetl in death. Recent de-
epatchest tell of the accidental death
Of ano'tiief'pf the men who have risked'thefr lives to solve the problem of
navigation of the air. The list of
tragedies of this kind ln the past year
��ir.-8.$hiisfy>een a long one. so long
indeed aa in raise the question as to
whether or not the attainment of the
soal will prove worth the price.
Jt.Js'V'ldapt, however, that the sacrifices.have pot been entirely in vain.
Tho ftliphlp has been brought to that
plane where It may be used In some-
Aberdeen   Dispenses with I. W. W.'s
Who Foregather In  Montesano
Making Speeches.
Aberdeen, Wash., Nov. IB��� Quiet
reigns In Aberdeen tonight and no
illsturbance of any kind was attempted here by the Industrial Workers of
the World, who are seeking, by demonstrations, to force the repeal of
the street speaking ordinance here.
As on last night the streets were
patrolh I by citizens who volunteered
for police duty, but the work was ac-
First    Lord    of    Admiralty    Obtslns
Knowledge  of  Lifs  Under
Water. ���
manv Icempltsbed much more quietly and
prisoners, most of them urmed with ; with quite as good effect us last
old-fashioned bayonets, flint locks and -night. The city hns been thoroughly
blunderbusses that had evidently been {scoured, and as a result of the drag-
:"",, ������"���"-. ��������� ���������"* "~ """.,-������, i distributed among them by the Turku inet only a half dozen workers were
thing morn than merelj sensational fej ^ sa!;e of ail]e.|I.anr,es oniy, jarrestrd. The workers appear to
tMgM pnmaa tfha Kngiish Channel or R||)ce they wouid oe of nttie service. | havo deserted the city. Not one ol
above great mountains cr over a con- -After some time," he continues, "an ithe men drummed out at midnight last
officer arrived, and from that time on : night has put In an appearance to-
the soldiers who had caught prisoners | day. The scene tonight shifted to
marched them out to the trenches and .Montesano, the county seat, where
shot them ln batches ns fast as they'the workers had been congregating
were brought in. Tliere was no at-jail day, not daring to put ln an ap-
tempt made at enquiring into indl- pearanoe in Aberdeen. They rented
vidua! cases, nothing approaching a
trial or court-martial." These prisoners appeared to he as indifferent to
their fate as the Italians themselves.
t!nfcnt..j\Vliother they prove of com-
.jinic.ilil vai up or not It has apparently
already been ���demonstrated beyond
question that they will at least be of
���jHefiilruss in warfare though some
|Vrw>rts 'ifcay. regard such a condition
as of doubtful value to civilization.
Kxperiinents at the military manoeu
vrtta of several countries indicated the , Tliey submitted silently
uaefuln*sB of airships In the game of
���war.       It, .remained lor the   present
Women, Children and Cripples.
Thero  were,  however,   many   other
prisoners  who allied  that  tliey  had
a hall there tonight and a meeting
was In progress up to a late hour. No
move against tbem was made by the
county authorities as they confined
iliemselvcs to speeches ln the hall.
These speeches were all of a denunciatory character nnd were made
chiefly by those who were drummed
out of Aberdeen last night.
struggle .between Italy an.l the Turin haft nothing to do with the tiring on
to- aseva their  value.    In  their cam-j the Italians.   They said they were la
. .,- i-.ii   .h���   !i..n.,r,   f,,,,.,.,.  borers who had been gathering dated.
uiuxii  in- lripoli   the   uuiian   iorccs ��
j,..jj,ii   in   uwmi a]ld  jn  j,rf,0f 0f their assertion, they
have been aided by several aero-displayed liandfuls of dates which
planes. .These airships have been I they drew out from the pockets of
used'to carjIT trained observers from | their voluminous robes. It made no
the armf of Italy above the lines of difference, however they were shot
' , ,.    | Uke  the  others.        1  saw  scores   of
the enemy and In consequence the ��� wom���n and children brought into the
Italian officers have gained valuable ��� house," says Mr. Magee, "but I never
information as to the exact position'saw one of them leave again.    I can
cf their opponents and the condition ou,-v �����������*��� what happened.    There
| were also anv number of poor old ln-
of the fortifications. jflrm men and cripples driven in hob
More than this, lt is stated tnat the  Ming on sticks or umbrellas." There
Italians have even been able while in. seems  to   be no   question   whatever
the airships to take photographs and |'"at the Italians treated their prison-
.      ' ,    ers as this witness describes and that
to obtain   sketches   of   the   enemy s <he  war w)th  Turkey.  which opene.l
lines ond forts. This they have done as a sort of Jo'te, has seen some of the Ithe most radical changes whicli has
in porfe8M^*et^. a safety due in part [most terrible acts of which history been made for a long time in connec-
to tbe 0mm which t^elr airships I."*" Preserve a record.-Mail nnd Em-j tIon wUh tho cltv    government    has
Council Accepts Report of City Assessor and Law Will Go Into Effect
at New Year.
Lethbrldge, Alta., Nov. J5.���One of
have   nioveif  and  in   part   to   their
neifclit abovu the around. .
- vw-amwm* ���mut- a***.* w���� wn*����y?1*,->*****����� ��.i*...p����i
������ tiS'lWWWff'SSwn^ -BgrtuT Ti*atH>y����- ii���I ���'�� iWiriHaiai in
moans of direct o.T< nces. No death-
doaliug apparatus v. as carried on
1 hem. Indeed, hi iii dry authorities
differ in opinion as io whether or not
any air vessel, save tlie dirigible, will
over he of service as a destructive
.agency, and various difficulties make
'it unlikely that the dirigible wil be
used to any extent in military operations. Certainly, however, recent ex-jiesults.
periments. fend still more the actual' ,p s imtwr ,ime
���^operations in Tripoli, give reason for
belieiins that in wars which may un-
rprtroiately. come in the future the
aero: lane will be a potent factor making easy the tas". of taking desired
observations ut least, even shoulJ it
never to of otter service.
It goes without saying that winter
production cf eggs is a craft about
which most of us are woefully ignorant. In fact, tliere is no i art of poultry raising that requires more skill
and judgment than v inter feeding. In
these times, when ��� fresh eggs readllv
command remunerative prices, it pays
to cast about us and f)nd out If possible what method of feeding and what
varieties of feed will produce greater
especially when
liens are running at large, provided a
reasonable allowance of grain ls fed
they will balance tlieir ration and the
question of egg supply is practically
solved. With poultry kept in confinement, of course, the question of proper balance is ever present. The feeder who throws out a quantity of corn
Just been  made.    The council  unani-
imougly adopted-the  report    of    City
\ ��.i:��bioi te.��*c>. ���Vitiating t4;��j *,���*���*���_
slnnle tax method of taxation W 'tuft
In force In Lethbridge to go into effect
fer the coming year. The idea of
single tax has heeft growing rapidly
in the (ity for the past year and
found kn.my staunch supporters.
Mr. Churchill has added a new terror to the post of First Lord of the
Admiralty by going down in a submarine.
D2, one of the latest of our submersible craft, was selected for the
inspection of Mr. Churchill. She lay
under the shelter of the mother ship,
Hazard, in Haslar Creek ready for
sea; but it was uncertain whether
she would go out of the harbor, because, although the gale had abated,
it was still blowing very hard.
Anyhow, at about half-past nine Mr.
Churchill put off in a steam pinnace
from H. M. S. Enchantress and cross
ed the harhor to the Gosport side.
The men on the Hazard stood to attention as the First Lord passed and,
escorted by Capt. Trowbrl.lge. admiralty secretary, and Capt. Keyes, Inspector of submarines, boarded tho
Mr. Churchill was shown over tho
vessel while at her moorings, and
then, accompanied by C'2'i, the more
modern type, Dii put to sea. The First
Lord, who was in yachting costume
with a peaked cap when he left the
Enchantress, appeared on the bridge
of t>- enveloped ln oilskins, and, judging from tbe way the craft was awash
as she passed out of harbor, these
must have been very useful before
she reached Spkhead.
Instead of taking place on the favorite trial ground of submarines near
the Nab, where the unfortunate Al
was run down, the experiments for
the First Lord wore carried out In
Stokes Hay.
C23 first went through her exercises, diving and rising, the evolutions being explained to Mr. Churchill by the technical officers he had
by his side on the DU.
Then this latter ship was trimmed
for underwater voyage. Al went below, the hatches were closed, and the
ship sank beneath the surface of the
sea. Mr. Churchill was shown how by
aid of the periscope the ship was
steered; he saw the process by whicn
torpedoes are launched from the submerged vessel; he'was able to gain an
idea of the life of the crew of ships
of this class lf they have to make a
journey of any length beneath the
waves���ln fact, he saw a demonstration of the possibilities of latest
developments of submarine warfare.
������ Till the instant she quitted the surface of the sea the submarine could
be in wireless communication with
any fleet to which she might be attached.
I Just about the moment Mr. Churc-
Ibill returneff, all smiles, to She depot,
Ito hasten acroaa by launch to Join tbo
i*Q��0*ralty DoarO, a, aaXtila or nineteen
\ puttS announced their nrrtr'a'l at the
hr.rbor  station.���London Chronicle..
To   Detect  Bad  Eggs.
When eggs ara received by the buyer he ls compelled to go over them
and select the best eggs for his best
The method used is called "candling" or "testing." The "egg candle"
or "tester" is made or wood or metal,
and is kept in a dark room. A light
inside the tester shines through an
opening ln front of which an egg ls
held in the candler.   By a quick move-
or other grain to his hens, and says ;ment 0f the hand the condition of the
poultry feeding is easy, is laboring un
dome documents bear on their face
such an impress of truth that even
though they concern a matter about
which dispute rages, the reader will
instantly leali'/e that here at least in
verity. A document of this class is
the account given of the fighting in
Tripoli by Prank Magee, special photographic correspon lent on the ijon-
don Mirror, who has just returned
was not U> provide descriptions of thu
from the front. Mr. Magee's business
war, init to take photographs, but it
happened that he had unusual opportunities of Sealing testimony us regards the treatment by the Italian
troops of the Arabs captures in the
recent fighting, Lis account Of what
he saw sh: ll hu%�� no doubt thai
Che Jtalians treated some of their
prison.vs v,ith ih ��� utmost barbarity.
.Mr. Ma;.ce :-.i oukii on Whal tie sa.v.
not of uiuit he was toll. Ills testimony is a terrible condemnation of
the methods employed by tlte victorious tiooi s.
Magnificent   Italian  Troops.
'The correspondent was through
mosl of th<   fighting n :"c;;:t!'. Africa
llTld    Ihi ��� ��� : fill      ! Sghtfl     Ol
i Jtea.ly -coolucbs, but he says, "every-
��� thing han l.ccn. eclipsed by what I
t;aw in Tri; ofi?' For Insi ince in going across the open Bpnce under a
heavy (Croestira between one plantation and another the men never quick-
���ened thoir nai O'.a fraction. Allarounl
bullets we:? .vlilstling and kicking up
tluKt. spots tn'front. behind and ali
among them. They would just sloop
���down and rick out the bullets from
thc sand ro'Bave tliem as souvenirs.
Even the sipht. of then- comrade;!
dropping at their side left the Stir-
vivors unmoved, antl they joked and
mocked  at  the  whizzing and slnginy
���of the bullets flying fast. For sheer
cold, unemotional daring l have never
���^leen anything to equal it.   They are,
ai a v. hol��. a splendid body of men
Trom  the  pnlin   of  view  of  physique
-md are taragnilScently disciplined."
Flagging an Aqud Prisonsr.
Thete santft soldiers, however, when
, tey beatd the correspondent telling
der a mistaken idea which will surely
be rebuked or disputed by the egg
The shell of the egg is largely composed of lime, and no other known
element will form the shell.    So if we
contents of the egg Is quickly noted
and the egg is placed in its proper
class. A good candler works rapidly
and will test a large number of eggs
In a day.
Eggs are sometimes graded as fol-
hftve eggs at all they have soft shells how.g.
unless the lime content of the food is       c-v'fr���B    wcio-ht   oo   �����   oc ���
ample.     The   feathers,   the   white   of'   ^^TJlf SLcJ0    . ,     i'
the egg, the  lean  meat and   muscles ff^/^K^ cleanH fre^
. i       , .,        ... iana sound, same color  (a grade sel-
contain a large proportion of nitrogen i(lom  U8ed) s
and that element  must  be present In
the food in order to produce a healthy
well-developed hen capable of egg production. Chemists call this element
protein, bul a simpler form of ICnglish
is muscle-making material. The fat
of the body is made from sugar
stnr.'h nnd like matciinls. whi"h are
known as fat-makers, hut tbey can by
no possibility produce either lime,
white of the eeg, feathers or muscles.
Ro we liave only to exclude the foods
i mtalnlng these latter elements and
���ive i ration *n which the fat-prodjic-
Ine elements predominate to make the
in 'i stop la: fn". and pul on fat.
When the fool is <o prepared or
compounded thai all ths above elements '��� presenl In proper propor-
ti ' and thi re is nol an oversuoply of
' ae o; n laa?< of si ot her, it ls said
to be ������������ i tlanced ration.
Lefl to run at her ovn sweet will
and seek the fool ghe desires, as Insects, vec i seri, grass, etc.. the hen
is smart enourh to balance ber own
ration and wi'i do so provided the
foods nre obtainable. Rhe is endowed
with' instinct to properly supply her
iKi'ds ar.d so combine them that
every reauirement is satisfied and all
parts of t'ie hod* are s ifficlenfly nourished; nnd this fact is the principal
reason for the feast of eggs ln sum-
it1! r time nnd  tbe  famine  in   winter.
Now  what  ls tlie remedy, anl how
may we reverse ccirlitions sufficiently
at least that the rj"' basket may he
filled in winter ns well as in summer''
in n general way we cannot do this
in  the  fullest sense of tlle word, for
the reason  that in cold climates wo
cannot  Mve the fowls summer conditions in" the winter time.      We may.     PILES CURED IN  6 TO 14 DAYS
however;   remedy   present   evils   antl      Your druggist wlll refund money if
make   a   long   stride   toward   the   de-   PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
plied   ion!   by   slm-ly   getting   down ' case of Itching, Blind,    Bleeding    or
c'osc to nature.   This means that we   Protruding Piles fn 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Firsts���2fi    to   24    ounces,
fresh, and reasonably clean.
Seconds���Shrunken, stale, washed,
stained  and  dirty.
Checks���Ciac'.-ed, not leaking.
Rots���Incubator, blood rings, dead
germs, and decomposed egirs.
All eggs should be bought and r.old
on this grading system so tbat an
egg will bring what it is worth.
When the candler tests the e^KB he
bases his judgment on the following
Fresh���Opaque, appearing almost
entirelv free from any contents, sometimes dim outline of yolk visible, ail-
cell  very  small.
Developed Germ���Dark spot visible,
from which radiate light-colored
blood   vessels.
Dead Germ���Dark spot attached to
Shell, or red ring of blood visible.
Rotten���Muddy or verv dark in an-
learante, yolk and white mixed, air
cell   large   and   sometimes   moveable.
Cracked���White lines showing ir-
recuiarly  in shell.
Testing ns above suggested will aid
one in determining absolutely the
quality of tht eegs not onlv for marketing, but for incubation.
Vice-President of Mexico.
Mexico City, Nov. 25.���.Ice Pinto
Snare/, was invested vesterdav with
tlie oTics of vice-president of the
republic by the chamber of deputies,
���Vfterwards he was received bv President Madero, the cabinet and other
The World
Looks Gloomy
to those with poor vision or Improperly fitted glasses.
Consult our specialist and get
his advice. We guarantee his
The Vancouver Institute
657  Columbia  Strest.    Upstairs
ovsr Curtis Drug Store.
Straight forward dealings our
principal. For appointment
Pbone 29S.
Hours: Daily 9-30 a.m. to 5
p.m.; Saturdays until 9 p.m.
The Note Paper De-Lux,
See our ^Vinclow Display.
Ready for Your Inspection.
2 Competent Dispensers
Ready to Fill Your Prescriptions.
The Red Cross Pharmacy
C. S. DAVIES, Prop.
32 Sixth St. Phone 40
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
' 'i
<  r 'ii
Continues for Three Days.
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can't beat them.
Galloway & Lewis
401-403 Columbia St. Phone 829
Let Us Sell to You
Lot on Ninth Street, hetween  Third and  Fourth aCenues.    Price
$1550.    One-third cash, balance G, 12 and IS months.
Seven Lots in Block, four of which are on Cclumbla strcot.   Price
$11150.   $1100 cash, balance to arrange.
Lot on Dublin Street, close to    Twelfth    street,    looking    ifcuth.
Price $1200.   $300 cash handles this, balance to arrange.
Phone 1004. Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
George Adams, late (.ifopiletor of
the Public Supply Stores. Columbia street, New Westminster, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
him be paid as early as possible, at
his new offices in the Odd Fellows'
block, 716 Carnarvon street. New
Westminster. ���*
Public Sale of Section 2
Prince Rupert Town Lois
Commences November 29th, on arrival of S. S.
PRINCE RUPERT, leaving Vancouver at 12
midnight on Monday, November 27th.
Meals and berths will be provided on this steamer
while at Prince Rupert at nominal rates.
Look at the map in our window at 527 GRANVILLE
^B^he/rcuprks sheIIye
know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
CTfTOHm ii,    uitimst aaaa-.**_msBsEsmsmmas\*mmWsss*mmmm**mssm ,
MONDAY   NOVEMBER  27, 1911.
���* A
Tbere was a large   attendance
buyers at tbe market on Friday.
irishmen with Heavier Team Won by
Three  Goals���No Scoring In
Second Haif.
Tbe Rovers went down to defeat In
tbe senior league game with* .the
Shamrocks at Recreation park, Vancouver, on Saturday. All the scoring
was done in the first balf, the Shamrocks putting on no fewer than three
In the second half excellent foot-
' ball was played, and both teams wero
unfortunate ln not scoring. McEwen
at back for thc Shamrocks played a
print game, and tbe forwards of the
Royal City team found him an almost
Insuperable barrier between them
and tbe Shamrock goal.
The home players had the advantage of weight, and the strong defence
they maintained showed the weakness
of the visitors' attacking lino. In the
second half the Shamrocks did not
-score, for the slmnle reason that they
couldn't. The Shamrocks' forwards
kept up the pressure to the last, but
the Rover defence, though lighter
than tbe back line of the Shamrocks,
played  a  steady,  clever game.     '
A mln-ite from time the Irishmen
secured a corner, but the visitors
drove the ball away with case, and
Ihe winning learn had to be content
with the three points won in the
flrst half.
The line-up of the trams wus as follows:
Rovers���Jack, Lyons, Gowie. Haves,
Bruce, Praser, Donald, O'Mallev, McMillan. Devon and Walker.
Shamrocks���I.amhle. MpBweh, Stm
thers, Jackson. Forrest. Mcintosh,
Finlayson, Anderson, Cook, Seth, McCallum.
proof.    One of the chief victims, on
the wire the other evening���that is,
he knew the voice was that of the an-
noyer.   Asking her to wait a moment,
he run to another telephone,  learned
from central that he was being called up from a railroad station.and telephoned to the lollce ta senl an offl-
of' cer to arrest a woman using tbe tele-
In ; phone at the railroad station,
jthe meat market, beef, mutton, veal;    Thus wus captured the anonymous
iand pork were offered in small quanti- annoyer.   Sbe proved to be a respect-
(ties at unchanged prices.    Vegetables aDi<,(     college-bred     spinster,    both
I were numerous at    wholesale.    Eggs  friend and  patient of the doctor she
ut retail  *ent    up    flve    oenta    per  had annoved.  and  who  had   her ar-
dozen;   butter dropped flve cents per  rested.    She was put under bonds to
pound.   Honey was once more on the t keep the faaoe,   In tbe opinion of Dr
market.    Smelts were added to    tbe , Young, who wished to have her lenl-
variety of flsh  on sale.    Wild duckjjtnt|y treated, she was mentally unbal-
sold at from 40 cents rer brace for I anced.
teal  to 91.10 per brace for mallards. \    ..,, '...      ��� , ��� ...
Plucked chickens were plentiful. Tha LJ!ffi5J?VW^��       J ?
��piiin��- rrino u,��� on. ���������>. ^r nA I th�� attention of the anonymous nuisance,   said Dr. W. J. Robinson, pres-
Lively  Game  at  Vancouver  Ends  In
Win for New Westminster by
Three Goals.
selling price was 25 cents per pound. |
At   the   auction   sale,'   Auctioneer
[Travels    cold    several    ponies    and
horses at prices ranging all the way
from $12 to $180. Mr. T. Trapp aold
one horse for $158, one for $155, and
one for $182.   Two cows sold for $27
Following are the quotations:
Vegetables, Retail.
Beets, per bunch  5s
Onions, per lh 8c
Potatoes, per sack    $1.35 to $1.40
Carrots, per bunch  5c
Cabbage, per Ib 3o
Turnips, each    5c
Eggs and Butter.
Kggs, retails, per dozen   75c
Butter,  retail,  per lb 40c
Honey,  per comb    25o
Blue cod, per Ib 10c
Halibut, per Ib 10c
Salmon, choice   2lbs. for 25c
Salmon, white, each  ,50c
Steelhead, per lb 16c
Sturgeon, per Ih 15c
Alaska pink sulmon 25c
Smelts,   per  Ib 10c
Retail Meats.
Beef  best rib roasts  l.r,c to ISc
Beef, loin 18c to 22c
Beef, round steak IR
Boiling beef     10c to 14c
Veal    ipc t0 20c
Pork   l'c to 20r
Sugar cured  bacon    -/Oc to 25c
Mutton    12c to 20c
Young lamb 13c te 25c
Dresse.l chicken, per lb 25c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large   9c to 10c
Veal, small   ll%c to 12M,c
Beef, per lb 8V��c to lie
Spring lamb   12c to 13c
Mutton   -,..10c to lie
Pork 121,4c to 13c
Hens, small, dozen    $6.50 to $7.50
Hens, small, retail   $7 to $9
Hens,   large,   retail    $12
Broilers,  dozen    $5  to  $6
Chickens,   dozen    $6   to   $8
Ducks, dozen   $12 to ��x4
Turkeys, live weight, per Ib 30c
Tbe High school football team
journeyed over to Vancouver on Saturday afternoon and defeated the St.
Andrews eleven by 3-0, taking the lead
in the league race. There waa no
********-tm.at** _***. itatt ot th* m*sst*.
but noon after the beginning of the
second half Lougheed netted the ball
three times, winning tbe game for
the High school.
The News-Advertiser of yesterday
morning reports the game as being
very rough, and lays all the fault at
the door of the .Royal Ctty players,
hia as a matter of fact, the Vancouver boys had to be warned repeatedly
by the referee.
The b..me teams play on December
'���> In ibe final for tbe Brunswick cup.
The High school waa represented
on Saturday by the following team:
Goal. Hoy Gilley; backs. E. R. Gilley,
n. Whitaker; halves, Allison. McKay
��� captain), Cooper; forwards, Wilson,
Feeney, Lougheed. !.ewlff; ""McAlHkter.
The concert given by the Juvenile
Lacrosse Club of Sapperton on Friday
night in the Johnston Hall, proved to
be one of the greatest successes ot
the present winter season's entertainments. Under the careful direction
of Mlss Evelyn Cbeaaty, who presided
at the piano, things went with a hum
from start to finish and everybody
had a thoroughly enjoyable time.
Songs and music were alike good and
the enthusiasm of the club supporters
who turned out ln force to attend waa
at It's height There is even talk
among the boys of Sapperton that no
other lacrosae club could give such a
good concert as that which waa
brought off on Friday night
An excellent game played at Moody
Square resulted ln the defeat of the
team of the 104th regiment by the
Westminster City team, by a seore of
4 to 1. The city men were ln good
form, and their opponents did not
have much of a chance.
Sapperton and East Burnaby met
at Sapperton and played to a draw,
score 1-1. '
The Iroquois Cup.
In the game t.t (. cdar Cottaee. with
the eleven of that Ilk. Conultlam won
by the narrow mareln of one goal.
After a pointless tie the previous
-Saturday beth teams played with
sreat determination and the close victory shows how evenly they are
Another game ln the same competition played of on Saturdav was
hetween the B. C. Electric railway
team and the West Ends, of Vancouver. The game was played on Powell
-atreet grounds.
The Rugby Game.
Lack of steady practice contributed,
no doubt to the defeat, of the Colum
bian college team In the ru?by game
at Queens park on Saturday, when
they met the Y. M. C. A. team, of Vancouver. The collosrr fifteen were defeated by a score 11 points to nil.
Play was good throughout. It Is
llkelv that a return match wlll be
played in Vancouver at an early date.
Troubles     Created    fry    Uetift , T>��fc
phonee or. Nameless Letter* te
Disturb   Peace.
ldent of the American Society of Medical Roclolocy. and author of "Neve*
Told Tales." "There are a number of
my colleagues who suffer both from
letters and false telephone messages.
They are called out of bed to attend
cases In distant parts of town, only
to flnd themselves hoayed. The condition has become so serious for some
of my friends that they absolutely refuse to answer a strange call; they
wlll attend only their own patients
and a"6r recognizing fhe voice of the
person who summons them.
"The anonymous troublemaker li
usually a woman. Men are not In
cllned to such small practices. Very
often the cause is a grudge of a patient who thinks she haB not been
cured or has been overcharged or has
not been prorerly attended by the doc
tor. Again, thero may be a purelv
pathologic condition. The deslr? to
annoy and to gloat upon fhe Idea of
how the doctor will feel when he dis
covers the Imposition is like the mischievous instinct of the small boy who
pulls doorbells.
"Among aduRs we might regard
troubJom.il. ing as a remnant of sav-
aire ancestry. lack of sympathetic im-
artnatlon and rudimentary development of the portal Instinct. It is a
sort of 'moral' rerversitv and a low
grade of humanitv which delights in
causing rain to others. Amon? the
cases distinctly pathological are those
duo to s-rual aberration. It would be
Impossible to say what proportion of
cases are due to small-mindedness,
malice, or disease.
"The physician Is more often annoyed by wire than hy letter. This Is
because a telephone Is a more natural
way of communicating with a doctor
and because there Is less chance of
detection than in writing. Writing
can be traced, even typewriting. However, then* is ow form of typed anonymous letter which'Is Imnossible to
trace. This ls a carbon rooy. The
letters being more or less blurred do
not show the slgnlgcant ���eculiarlties
which ldeotlfv ordinary tped letters
as heing written on cne particular
An anonymous letter Ihat Is the
product of a downright 'isane person, or at least one afTIftst-d with certain forms of insanity, shows in its
chlropraphv as well as contents the
slate   pf   the   author      In... hla    work.
*m*\ ***** \x* ioi***~.-urn <w. h" o. ,
9tod��art, remarks. ttmt,,wrtMat le, oiwwl
of ttte latest' renulHemertU' OT the hu
n)W.ra.ce ana therefore, the .first lost
in brain disease. A sample letter by
an asylum Inmate Is'about as follows:
" 'My; dear wife, my dnare6t wife,
dear wife wlfte.'mv iear, swejet wife,
mv dearest wife, wife, as sweetest, as.
wife, dearest wife.   . . .    ��� 5
"There is a much w^der rinee of
devilishness than the recent Mont-
clalr Instance. The Ipf.ters that come
to me, dlrectlv or Indirectly, have lo
do largely with unspeakable . crimes
and attempts to debauch youtli. Many
infamous letters are sent to,, young
women who advertise in the newspapers for employment. Tnese a*e signed with fictitious names, ahd the
writer seeks to meet his victim. We
have four such writers how in the federal prison at Atlanta. We have made
more than thirty-five hundred :arrests
of all kinds since the socletv begaii its
work, and have selred what f would
amount to fifteen freight cars full, of
obscene matter. ���
A frequent cause of the anonymous letter Is revenge; another cause
is Jealousy. Some one trlAno break
up a home, to torture a wife or husband. Sometimes a husband "separated
from bis,wife will traduce   her   on
of Art! Free!
The finest Jewelry Catalogue produced in America
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It contains 134 pages of Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware,
Cut Glass, Leather Goods
and Novelties���some of the
articles being reproduced in
as many aa fourteen colors.
Write for it today��� it makes
gift choosing easy. Yon run
no risk whatever in selecting
any article, for we forward it
at our .expense, guarantee
safe delivery, and cheerfully
refund your money if you are
not perfectly satisfied
Ryrie Bros., Limited
Cmdi'i L*t**st Jtwtlrr Ho***
alas. Hurls, Prts.
Harry Hyrl; Sse.-Trsas.
134-136-138 Yonge St.
7 Lots
Corner 12th street
and Third avenue,
adjoining B. G. car
You are sure to make money on
these as we anticipate a movement in
this locality In the near future.
Tbeir 6 tragic location in the line
of development make this most desirable property.
writes on a postcard so tbat neigh
bors mav read nnd his slander be
more widely circulated."
In every city, town and even village
In Canada, the I'niteo States and tho
l'nited Kingdom, and doubtless in
other countries outside the personal
knowledge of the writer there are
anonymous annoyers whose efforts
run the gamut of false telephone calls,
letters, telegrams, death notices of
living persons, goods ordered to be
sent to the homes of victims and
thousands of other nuisances that figure In the well-spiced story of abnormal current events. ���������
The nuisance baa become ao Insufferable in some places that societies
have been organized to trace the'culprits and the data that has heen
gathered .shows that various causes
ire assignable for the peculiar mental condition that manifests itself in
such acts.
' The boy who pulls a door bell and
runs away, or the youth who tends In
\ false Ore alarm might be thought
actuated by the same sentiment which
animates   all    anonymous   annoyers.
There seems to be a common spirit of (postcard* sent to her relatives. He
mischief, a desire to see the wheels
go around. But superficial likenesses
ire apt to be deceptive. What ls a
��� rank for a child becomes a crime
for an adult or a token of mental
weakness. In some cases it is a passing aberration, In other a fairly reasoned motive of obtaining "satisfaction" for a real or fancied Injury.
\!ost cases havo their own Individual
ecularlty, and should be Judged sep-
nately with a vie.v c. treatment,
whether by hair brush and sllppt*,
legal rroceBs or medical care.
The town of Montclair. New Jersey, the choice and favored home of
���iffluent New Yorkers, has lately hid a
most singular experience of the nuisance. Phvslcians would be called up
on the telephone at various times nnd
requested to pay. Immediate professional visits at certain houses. > It
���night be 2 o'clock in thc morning and
i wild stbrm raging. The doctor,
nevertheless 'obeying thc call of duty,
would hustle into his clothes, snatch
up his bag, drive to the house���and
'earn; that his services were not re-
liilred. Everybody would be sound
tsleen In the house of the snnpnsed
patient The medico, always short on
=leep and hoared out of a few hours'
much-needed slumber, would use language unathorizeJ by thc code of Galen.
It was a women's voice that' send
the fraudulent message over the telephone wires. She was evidently a
person of Intelligence and- wide acquaintance among the citizens of
Montclair. She pretended to be servant, sister, motherJn-law. or other
connection of the Imaginary patient
Her voice, however disguised, was
reminiscent to the physicians. This
suspicion was helpful at times ln
avoiding annoyance, but it did not settle the problem.
It was painful to suspect'and dan
TERMS are easy and all particulars
ean be had on application to ua.
New   Westminster   City   Specialist
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone 606.
���22 Columbia atreet
The Horn-Balter-Smlth Advertislns
Co.. Ltd., has opened hew\office3 at
23 Bank of Toronto chambars. Main
street, Wlnnlres'.
The Business will be under tho
management of Mr. Charlas O.
Smith, who during the past four year*
has developed and had tharge of
srme of the most important advertising compaigns In Western Canada.
Mr. Smith's entire business experienje
has been along advertising lines, both
In Western and Eastern Canada, an'l
ho is qualified to five expert assist
ance in planning an'1. p!ncing adveitls
ing that will hrlnf, business.
Mr. E. S. Horn has been In advertU
ina agency work for. twelve years, antl
14 a former" vice-president of the
National Association of Advertising
clubs, . as Well' as president of the
Kansas City Advertising club. Mr.
Hortfs experience in. connection with
many prominent advertising successes
in the United States and Canada will
tiroi'e valuable" to advertisers in Vrtn-
,nipeg and- the West.   ;   ,." .'���
Tlje new coihpany will devote   its
entir* attention to advertising in
Its phases.
and Cut Glass
Expert Repairing of English,
American and Swiss Watches
gerous   to   accu^S   without
London. Nov. as.���The by-election
for the-Hitohin division; of Hertfordshire, rendered necessary through the
death hy suicide of the Bitting Unionist member, Dr. -Hlllier, resulted in
the election yesterday cf Lord Robert
Cecil by an Increased majority over
|T. T..'Greg, Liberal, the flguroe being
absclnto  Cecil E542, Greg 3902. '
Liberal Association
MONDAY, KOV. 27 th
AT 8 P.M;
IN ,'
Columbia Street, over PMHip"' Store.
Election of Officers and Other
.   Business.
President ���'    ��� ", Secretary.
We are offering extra value In a quarter section of good land at
Mt. Lehman, touching the Fraser and the C. N. R.. and quite close to
the B. C. Electric Railway.   Seven acres cleared and   ln pasture.
Price $8,000, on Terms to Suit
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Ce.,Ud.
J. J. JONES. Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122. Q. E. GILLEY, Phene 2t1.
Phonee, Office 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades pf
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now ia the time to build for aale or rent while pricea are low
Homes pOR Sale
RICHMOND STREET���Fourth house from new school. Eight rooms,
pantry, bathroom, electric light, water, lot cleared and fenced, eight
bearing fruit trees, chicken house and run. Price 12750, $650 cash,
balance one and two years at 7 per cent.
EIGHTH AVENUE^-Flve-roomed house, modern, lot 44x148. Price
$2700, terms $800 cash, balance $225 every six months at 7 per cent
A New Lumber
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE #04. (Old Glaas Works Factory.
Do Not Waste Money
Sara a little systematically, fOr It la tha stuff that tha foun-
dations ot wealth and happiness ara built of.
Money may he uaed In two ways; to   spend   ror   what   la
, aeaded now and to Inveat for what ahall ha needed la the future.   Money cannot ba Inveatad natll It la flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner E.iahth street     ���
A. L. DEWAR. General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
B.C. Mills
limber and 1rading Co.
Manufacturer! and Dealera In All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 12 New Westmlnater tio��
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Bums & Co., Limited Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
''*,'* PAGE SIX
f A Story of British Co- f
lumbia.      *
3>  Copyright by American Press Asso-  f
elation, 19U. ^^
Tbe manager of the Greal Mines Outfitting company of Victoria. Krltisb
Columbia, frowned ns ttie door of his
private offlce wus pushed softly open
and tbe chief clerk deferentially
placed a card on hla desk.
Woolson scunned the cord thoughtfully, his frown growlug blacker and
deep lines Hettling about his mouth.
At last be hitug buck bis head uud
shook bin broad shoulders as If preparing himself for coutest. ills face
iKK-ame mi urbane musk as he turned
to the waitItiK clerk.
"Send hlm in," he said hrletty.
Aflnfll the door o|H*iit'd nnd closed,
and n short, smut num upproMcbed
llo- inn linker's desk.
"Mr. Arthur Ht, t.'hilre NVoolson?"
he asked suavely
"My iiiiuii- ts Woolson.'* replied the
malinger i-nrtiy     ihe Minnd  or  nu
M-M'llll ll|l|ll'lliltil.ll* KIM u| I'l) till,
KWHIftfy of ihat hnlefnl period when
Ihey had hin/.iil iu liliuu type across
the front pages or Kngiish itewspn-
pant, Xow he glanced down ot the
Mini before hlm and added: "Vou are
lns|iecior Duffy or Scotland Vard. Mt
down. sir. and tell uie what 1 can do
for you."
���l'he inspector sat down nnd pulled
out a large notebook from an Inner
pocket nnd consulted It nearsightedly.
"In the matter of Laurence Kimball." be sniipped out suddenly. Ills
liulldog voice did not accord with bis
feline appearance, l'he contrast wus
alii ill ing
Woolson stiffened In his chair. "I
thought thnt matter whs settled wben
Kimlinll was convicted aud Imprisoned." he snld IndilTcrentl*.
inspector Dairy consulted bis bonk
again. "Laurence Kimball served one
year of hls sentence and then escaped
from Imrtrtioor prison ou June 3 Inst.
Jl bnve traced him ncross the Atlantic,
through Canada uud British Columbia to Victoria."
"Vou hnre clnaghl him then?" Tliere
wns nlmost �� sneer In Woolson's voice.
Tlie other reddened  lo tbe roots of
Ills pnle hair, uud hls c-nlty smile widened.    His voice growled tbe deeper
j wIiph he replied:
J "J lost the trull, I know he arrlrpd
| In Victoria July '_'*> because he was
1 recOR-ntaed.   Kluuti itaao be bus dropped
V ' "i wltl lnsmiet oar ��npertntend��nt to
aW yon In every way.   Owe-is a cr.rd
' which wlll admit yon to every depurt
ment of our company."
Tlie Inspector hesitated nnd shot a
fnrtive glance nt the face of the manager. "Of course Ills majesty's warrant opens nil doors to my knock, but
1 always choose tbe other way when
it Is possible."
"That Is very considerate of you,
inspector." said Woolson Ironically.
"Do you know of nny reason why I
should be tniwllllug for you to swte
your escaped���mnn?"  he challenged.
"Escaped convict." corrected Rtlffy,
with a square look Into Woolson's
storn eyes. "I can think of no reason
���excepi (bat he was your friend-nnd
pardon me. sir. yobr testimony was
given reluctantly. 1 h��t��e you won't
take offense, but 1,'ve got to *nve your
best help, whether you nre willing or
not. Hi-sides :icconipll��'iing the ends
of Justice, there's a_bjg reward out for,
Kimball's capture, and I want It" He
smiled greedily.
"A reward large enough to lure yon
to the uttermost end of the earth. I
fancy." observed Woolson carelessly.
A rueful look overspread the ruddy
face of the Inspector. "Hardly that."
he responded. "The Yukon Is the
limit so far as I'm concerned. My
time's worth something nt home."
Woolson touched a bell. "Mr. .lame-
son will be at your service. ius;ieclor.
and lf you decide to go to the Yukon
one of our steamers will sail nt 0 tomorrow morning. Here Is a pass that
will lake you up the coast to your
destination, whatever It may be."
After the detective and Jameson hnd
left the room tbe manager turned to
the window nnd stared out nt tbe
wharf. Ten. fifteen, twenty minutes
be stood tbere, motionless. Tbeu be
put on hls hnt ond went out
The long stream of coolies wnvered
hack nnd forth across thu gangplank.
The tallyman yelled lustily until Wool-
non'* drawling accents cut him Rhort
-���Hodgson, you may discbarge the
man on the end of tbe line. He's a
cluuisy beggar. Send bim to tbe pay-
innster  toDlgbt"
Whenever the long line straggled to
Its lln.-iI end the Inst man, tall and
gaunt, n ragged cloth tied about hts
head and half concealing a yellow
countenance, would pause to stretch
hts lean and shrunken arms bare to
tlie shoulder. He walked with a stoop
from the waist, ond the burdens that
he bore seemed all too heavy for the
wavering gait with which be followed
tils companions.
Always he was the last man to
reach the gangplank with his burden
for the steamer's hold, nnd, returning,
ne was the Inst tb leave the vessel.
The tn llyman swore at him In various
fltintrttnges, nnd bis mates grinned
������lllldlshly nt his meek acceptance of
itie insults that were heaped upon his
Lowpfl back
wooison. observing all thla. clinched
bis strong hands vo tbe i-oust��r. Once
bis mouth opened lo repnn ar,-i the
tallyman, but It snapped shut a* h��
observed tbe roly poly form ot Inspector Duffy rowing t-own t\n \> hsrf.
The detective cast u meant) glance
over thc men on the wbart. Mnrcd impudently Into Hodgson �� face nii'l
when tbat belligerent gi-n;ier���:-o Mi.uk
no angry word at til sts I1ai<l..-ii Crptd
bis coat and displayed ins UHOCe 1" the
utier confusion ot the tallyman.
This betrayal ot |��etty vainly on the
part of the inspector brought a attain
to Woolson's brooding ey**. Ile nt"|��-
ped out ot the cage nnd ii;>i'>-oii ccd
the detective. The line ot rootles v.-as
stringing off on to tbe wharf, nnd tun
bowed gaunt form ot the last :n:'0
would soon approach to pick up the
boxes against which the Inspector was
carelessly leaning.
Woolson thrust an nrm through the
Inspector's pudgy oue nud iurned bun
tiwuy. "Como over to the hotpi aad
buve something." he snld genially.
"Cun't you drop your duties long
enough to spend u sociable half hour?''
Inspector Duffy reddened with tickled vanity. "Thank you. sir, I'll be
pleased to Join you." be agreed ns he
accompanied the manager across the
wide street wbere the glittering glass
front of a large hotel retlectrd tbo
busy scenes on the wharf.
Inside tbe hotel Woolson sat faring
the water front. "Making out pretty
well?" be asked nt length.
Tbe Inspector shook bis head "No
trace of bis being In the city." lis snld
ruefully. "Vou see. IIr. Woolson, I've
been In Victoria for two days past and
raked tbe place clean, and I went to
you us a last resort. I've cross questioned your men. uud 1're gol a slight
clew-that's all."
"Vou were saying you hnd a clew."
suggested Woolson as ttie Inspector
yawned sleepily.
"There Is a slight ol#w. One of
your men described a mun thnt tioiicu?
an out tit Inst week. At noy mie, '.
feel Justified In carrying uiy chase lo
tbe Vtikon." snld Mr. Duffy. I
"Our bonis are at your disposal,"*
murmured Woolson, lighting auttiief
cigar. |
"Thanks. I'll tnke thnt one In the
morning. .Now, It you'll excuse me.
sir, I'll go- to my lodgings and net
some traps together." I
On  the steps of  Ihe  hotel  Wonlsna
stood   and   wati-lied    Inspector   IMittyj
roll dowu the street until the crowd*'..!]
pnveinouts swallowed  him.    Twilight
was falling, ano the water front wu*t\
darkened with the approach liu ��-nd ofj
the day.    lu  fl not ber  halt  hour the
coolie gang y.oyio stop work.
The mnu.iser ot the tirer.t Mitvs
compnny went 1'ib'k In bis offlce and
worked rapidly for several monfUtM.
Then be ninety his way to Ihe wharf
and cni,:vii ihe paymaster's eng**, He
sent the ni'i'i sw.-t.v on some errand
and ca/lel HodgSjln. Tht f.ilfyuian
came, !h!w:!ii;r blustering rommatidt
over bis sliouiOf nt uis cow lie*.
"Hpiid Itutt tVUow untune for x*\*
money, nortgi��o��.i"." tfiiw.mi tits miv*-
��ior. --thui CttaVr.iiffMtt I t��id yon \*> dismiss."
"Klght. sir." And Hodgson bustled
Woolson atcnfS r.tlftly, waiting white
the disreputable ftgnre ot ihe im*i mnn
crept up to the wli-Ket lie lifted Ills
head and peered tbrough nt the lug
red and while ski ft ned Kngllslinisii
Willi n shrinking te.tr in his own dirt
concealed features. Coarse blucl; hair
straggled Into hls dark eyes, and a
long cue hung down his Iwc!:. lie
thrust n trembling band through the
tvl'kot its Woolson shoved a fat envelope toward him.
. "Laurence," whispered Woolsoa
guardedly, tvlfb his eyes tised flt some
point beyond the man's head, "cut it!
Duffy of Scotlaud Vard Is After you.
There's plenty of money In this envelope. It's yours in remembrance of
old times nnd. Ood willing. In anticipation of new and better times to
ccra*.     hie  low  until   tutdttlght nml
get ulsi.'trd tlle (JUeeil ot the Sea. loll
can easily lose yourself in China.'
The coolie drew it deep breath "Vou
recognized me (It once then. Arthur?"
he gasped.
"Yes��� never mind. \V< nil right, o'd
man. Keep me ItosleM oi your movements. Better stii-U fn the VuugtTO
valley until It Mows over IVrlurp* 1
cun help you regain what you've lost"
lie laid his broad hand over the tain
one of the coolie
The man's face worked strsngpJ.V for
n moment, nnd he turned awny; tls��c
with  u  sudden  impulse  Ite   Hung  the
envelope   back   on   the   desk   and  snld
sharply:    "I can't do it.  Arthur.     I'm
too  big  n  scoundrel   as  it   Is-1   lmve
wronged you enough.     I'll  find   Duffy
and   go   back   to   Kngland   with   him.
| Afler I've taken my medicine I'll fmne
I back, and perhaps then  I'll lie worthy
to grasp your hnnd"���  He choked suddenly.
Woolson  spoke  gruffly.    "I've done
I nothing   more   than   you   would   have
i done ln like circumstances." he snld to
the    weaker   one.      "Vou    make   me
I deuced    happy,   old    man.   though    I
j writhe  to  think  of  your  doing  time
I again.   When you come back there will
be  a   place  for  yon   with   tne."     Re
wrung tiie thin  hnnd und  winced aa
j hot  tenrs  fell  on   hls own.    Then  be
was conscious tbat tbe "Inst man" had
After he had dismissed Hodgson nnd
paid that bewildered tally mon his due
of wages Woolson snhntered back to hts
office to await a message from Inspector Duffy.
j une hour passed and another, and
his face grew haggard and bitter with
renewed disappointment Then tbe
message came.
"(���'ot hlm!" bellowed the Inspector
Joyfully. "Came and gave himself np
-was dressed like n lord nnd cool aa
you please! Jolly odd how I missed
him, ain't it?"
Woolson hung np tba receiver aai
amlll'd C0Dtefit��dlj. fcaJRH -      I
fflsrc. While It Lastsd, It Went as
Quickly as It Cams.
The eea of Galilee la not always
calm. The mountains immediately ad
Jolnglng lt are 2,000 feet high, nnd
through their deep gorges tU* storm
winds are sucked Into tbe hollow of
the lake, so that sudden squalls com*
literally out of a blue sky. One charming spring morning wo started out to
sail from Tiberias to Capernaum.
There wus not u ripple on the water
or u cloud In the heavens. But wben
we were a quarter of n mile from
shore out boatmen noticed a band ot
ron;,'h water rushing toward us from
tbe other side of tbe lake, lu spite
of our remonstrances tbey Immediately gave up tbe plan for making Caper-
nntim. took down tbe sail with sucb
frantic baste that tbey nearly upset
tbe boat and then rowed for llie land
with all their might and wltb sucb ex
cited urging* to ono nnotber that we
thought tbem a cowardly'crew. But
hardly bad tbe boat been beached tn a
sheltered core wben tbe wind was
bowling down ou us from tbe mountains ond tbe heavy breakers were
foaming along the shore aa far out
Into tbe lake as we could aee. A quarter of nn bour later the sen of Galilee
wits ngaln ns level ns a mirror, and
only a soft, warm breeze was blowing
over tbe smiling waters.���Travel Magazine.
Hew This Qraat Systtm Swallows Up
tha Litter of ths Strttts.
i The Paris newer system Is said to ba
the tinest in the world. The observant
visitor In Ibe French capital soon
notice* that lis people have somewhat
different Ideas from ours as to tbe use
of sewers, for be wlll see porters throw
big bundles of puper down largo openings left In tbe curb, and even rags
and garbage.
On Shrove Tuesday there Is a carnival along the Paris boulevards.
Prom noon to midnight the crowd
throws paper confetti In sucb quantities that tbe broad streets are covered with many tinted paper snow
when the last revelers leave for home.
Tbe visitor wondei* bow this mess Is
to be cleared up. In the morning, however, every scrap Is gone. If lie hod
stayed out late enough he would have
seen the litter swept and washed right
Into the sewers.
Perhaps that takes him underground
to visit them, one of tbe Nights of
Tarls. There are nearly 2.000 separate
channels, some great aqueducts navigated ln a boat, with walks on either
side. They carry the telephone and
telegraph cables, electric light wires,
gas mains and pneumatic letter tubes.
���Telephone Review. .   k
Matter and Force.
Tbere ts uo *ucU  (hing  aa a loss ot
matter or force.    Tbo ao called   "cun-
serration"   of   matter   and   Its   forces
wns demonstrated years ago by Joule
and   otber  scentlsts.     When,   for   In- I
stance, a thing "burns up," ns we say,
the substances thnt give out tbe light
uud  beat are changed, not destroyed.
The wood or whatever tbe substance
happens to be becomes ashes nnd gas,
and if we could gather up nil the products  of tbe  burning  we  should  tind
that  tliey  had  uot lost a  particle of
their weight nnd that the form of thtvu
only   was changed.    The  eternity  of
matter was a teaching of the old Creek
pbilosopbetw. or of some of them at
least, uud the modern teaching of the
conservation or indestructibility of the
stuff of tbe universe  would seem  to
corroborate   tbe   ancient   idea.���NAv
Vork American.
A Trail of Twisted Trees.
All manner of devices have been employed to mark n line of march, but it
ls thought tbnt the most curious
method of "blazing tbe trail" is that
still to be seen ln Africa. In tbe
year 18S9, after a fierce battle wltb
the Abysslnlans, the dervishes pursued tlieir foes as far as the lake district The mahdi's mon had small
knowledge of geography and little topographical intelligence. So the advance party, in order to mark the
route for those who camo after aud
also to guide the force on their return
journey, twisted the saplings along the
way Into livlug knots. The war ended, but the tied up trees grew and
flourished, although uncoifchly twisted
aud distorted, and ure now the only
reminders of thut uprising of the dervishes.
John Cunyan't Indictment.
The bill of Indictment preferred
against John Banyan ran thus: "John
Bunyan hath devilishly and perniciously abstained from coming to church to
bear divine service nnd Is a common
upholder of several unlawful meetings
and conventicles, to the disturbance
und distraction of the good subjects
of this kingdom, contrary to the laws
of our sovereign lord the king." He
wns convicted and Imprisoned twelve
years and six months.
Levity In Court.
Judge���Ton snw the prisoner steal
tbe sheet of music. What happened
next? Witness���Then he wnlked out
of the store with an abstracted nir,
your honor���Boston Transcript.
��� A Diplomat.
Mttlo Wllle-Say, pa, what Is n diplomat? Pn���A diplomnt. my son, is n
person who can prove a ntyn a liar
without calling him one.���London Tit-
Ko gretit thing la erented muldsn'y
noy more t If tin a Iwiteli ef grapM ot a
fig-Epicwtuft ^-^'"nMt
KOI the Dandruff Germs���Stop Kair Falling-
TS���WBSI ol mothers aro looking younger.���Their gray heirs are gone. The neturet
color hee come bsek, snd with It a new growth ol soft, glossy, luxuriant hair. Why should
]NM look OU helots your time, when yea can look years yonngsr by using
Dandruff Cared
Three applications removed
tU the dandruff aad Uft my
scalp dean, white aad amooth.
Wm. Croak, Eochestsr, V. T.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
-It othtr "so-called" Restorers hare tailed, dont give up hope, but give WYETH'S
SAGE ANO SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a trial. Yo�� na m risk.. U It (a. not exactly
aa represented, your money will ba refunded.
Gray Hair Restored
Ky Kair was getting quite gray and falling Mt rapidly
and I waa troublsd with a terrible itching of the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, wMch fell upon my clothes
and kept me continually brushing it off. While en a
visit to Rochester I heard of yoar Sage and Sulphur
for the hair. I got a bottle and used it. A few applications relieved the itching, my hair stopped falling out and gradually came back to its natural color. It
is now a nice dark brown color, soft, glossy and pliable.
Several of. my friends want to use it, and I want tQ
knov vhat you will charge ce for six bottles of it.
Charon, Mercer Co, Pa.
Grew Hair on a Bald Head
For two or three years my hair had beea
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my head was entirely bald. About four
months ��c�� I commenced using Sago and Sulphur. The first bottle seemed to do socio cood
and I kept using it regularly until now I have
used four bottles. The whole top of my head
is fairly covered and keeps coming in thicker.
I shall keep on using it a while longer, aa I
cctico a constant improvement.
Rochester, If. Y.
SOc. and $L00 a Bottle���At a!J Druggists
II Your Drvflflist Does Not Keep It, Send Vs the Price in Stamps, and We Will
Send You a Large Bottle, Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company ��.S2TSSSSS"
CCaCC    A **�� c*ke ��* Wy��tl��'s Sage and Sulphur Toilet Heap Tree to anyone who will send
��� l%tEs     ssm thl�� ����Wertl����m��iit with   lOe tn o?am:>�� to cover cost ot wrapping ond mailing  th*  soap.
Is r^ie
Taste Test
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others. Let the taste of each be
the judge and decide which you like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada. Their incomparable flavor alone would
command it. Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous sunlit sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 640 windows���its 3 miles of floor space, we create this
perfect soda cracker.
Mooney's Perfection
*WmW*W*Ws*^*^*^B*^*^*M*WKK*U*W*WD*WL9*W*^*^*Uss^s^*^*^*^*^*^*W*\ AH^HI^H^EHH^^IMH^BIHMb.b^H^^^^H^^H^^I^hh^^h>
Cream Sodas
In   six short years Mooney Biscuits have jumped into popular
favor throughout lhe entire Dominion.   You will understand why when
you cat them for the first time.
You can get Mooney Biscuits  at your  grocer's, fresh   and flaky.,,... .^
in damp-proof wax paper lined packages. _J**5n ''^Pf-sSi'
some today���their taste will please you.
W':Mj7*':*. ���!
Your Advertisement in the
Daily News is a Salesman-
Reliable, Indispensible, Elfective MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1911.
L 0. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27 ���
The regular meetings of this lodge
���re held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.O.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. O. recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
MISS M. BROTEN, pubUc stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Pbone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's ofllce. Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank ot MontreaL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlstsr-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and M(.:<enzte streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710. fr*
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
minster Board of Traile meets in tn��
board room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of eacb montn;
Quarterly meeting ou tbs tairo
Tiiursuay of February, May, August
and November, *at B p.m. Annual
meetings ou the third Thursday of
February. New members may be
proposed aad elected at any montn
ly or quarterly meetina. C. H
8tiiart-Wad��. secretary
Tbe story u told bow a Mr. Klnrh. J'';
a Swedish dairymen. Increased the
yield of bis herd of cows, ln 1900 be
was wilkins seventy cows, which produced an average of 7.320 pounds of
milk per cow per year. Most Kansss
dairymen would consider this a very
fair production. Mr. Klncb. however,
was not satisfied, and be began to
systematically test his cows by keeping a record of tbe amount of milk
given each day by each cow nnd by
testing It for butter fat nud thus determining the amount of better fat
given by ench cow for a year.
He found that in the year 1000 each
cow gave blm an average of 245
pounds of butter fat.   Of tbe seventy
The Ayrshire cow McAllister's
Betty, whose portrait ls herewith
shown, Is owned by the Penshurst
farm, Narberth, Pa. Tested under
the supervision of tha Pennsylvania experiment station, the cow In
twelve t?��cnths produced 14,3(8
pounds of milk���6C1.41 pounds of
fat, equal to CTS pound* of butter.
The cow lacked u few daya of be-'
Ing four years old at the beginning
of her year's test on April 21, 1910.
The cost of her feed was 1133.28.
She was on pasture six months,
which coat was figured at 118, the
balance being cost of grain, hay
and ensilage at market prices.
(Time Time
of of
Arrival: Closing:
SWDO��� United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. Bl R.
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:45
12:00���Victoria via  B. C.  E.  R.
tdally except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���Urn led States via O. N. II.
idaily except Sunday).. 9.48
15:15���United States via G. N.'K..
lOutlv except Sunday)..16:00
11:40��� All points east   and    Europe    (daily)    8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)    13:15
10:18���Sapperton    and    Fraser
'  Mills     (dally     except
Sunday)      8:80
10:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills      (dally     except
fluoday)      14:00
10:18���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)         8:80
12:00���Central Park and Edmonds    (dally    except
Sunday)       1MB
1400���East Burnaby (dally ax-
Sunday) 18:80
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday aad
Friday)   13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner. Port Guichon,
Westham   Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annievlllle (dally   except
Sunday)  13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver,   Piper's   Siding    via    G.     N.     R.
(dally exoept Sunday)..14:20
ill:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R.   (dally  ex-
(daily except Sunday).14:00
11:30��� Clnytou (Tuesday, Thursday.   Friday   and   Sat-
day       14:00
11:30���Tytieliead   (Tuesday   and
rriday)       14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake tdally ex-
oept Rwdnv  .16:00
10:00���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon.
,etc.   (daily except Sun-
��� day) 23:00
16:15���Crescent, WWW Rock and
Blaine    (dally    except
Sunday) .... ��:4B
18:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and llazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-    -
urday  8:4S
11:20���ChllHwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehman, A ldergrova, Ot-
ter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Mnrrayyllle,
Strawberry Hill, Bouth
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via n. 0. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via       \
B.  C.   E.  R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday        9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
Jdaily excepl. Sunday).17:30
(daily except Sunday).20:30
11:20���AbbotBford   via   B.C,E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
16:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sundiy). 17:<0
cows, however, he found tbat nt the
end  of  the   Brut  year's   testing  only
twenty-eight    were   good   enough   to
Justify him In keeping them for breeding and dairy purposes.    He sold tbe
others  and   kept  only   these  twenty-
eight with tbe belfcr calves,    ln the
: yesr 1001 these twenty-eight cows av-
I eraged htm 272 pound* of butter fat
I per cow.     In  the  year  1002  he  bad
L forty-six   cows,   which   averaged   317
I pounds of butterfat.   Iu the year 1903
I he bad flfty-flve cows, wbicb averaged
j oOO pounds of butter f.iL
i     In 1004 be had sixty-one cows, which
, averaged 370 pounds of butter fat; in
I 1005  sixty-four,   wliich  averaged 399
��� pounds of butter fat, und in 1P0C seT-
enty-one, which averaged 401 pounds.
At   Ibe   end   of   six   years   be   had
reached his original number of cows.
but each cow's milk during tbe year
1900  averaged   ISO  pound*  of  butter
fat more tban ench of tbe cows that
he was milking ln the year 1900.    He
| not only  increased  the production of
each cow, but he decreased the cost of
I feed.    For example, ln the year 1900
he got 10.1  pounds of butter fat for
' each 100 feed units, while ln the year
| 1900 be got 13.2 pounds of butter for
100  feed  units.     In  other  words,  be
I not only Increased the production by
over 0 per rent,  but be reduced the
cost about one-third.   A Swedish feed
unit Is equal to 2.3 pounds of bran, or
eight-tenths of a pound of oil cake, or
thirty-six pounds of silage, or seventeen pounds of green clover.
What tlfls Swedish dairyman did ln
these six years can be done by any
farmer wbo will put his mind and bis
time to the work. All tbet Is necessary is to first begin to weigh and
test the milk of tbe cows jou bave on
hand at the present time. At the end
of tbe year or sooner you will know
which of the cows are paying yon for
their feed snd which sre not. Sell
the poor cows, keep tbe good ones and
tbeir belfer calves, or if necessary
buy a few more good ones and keep
up the work of testing year after year.
Within flve or six years the yearly
yield of tbe herd can be increased
from one-third to two-tblrds.
j +***********9****t%*9*S9*
Professor A. L. Haecker of
the Nebraska experiment station gives tbe following suggestion for tbe users of cream separators:
Locate the separator on a solid
foundation In a place free from
For best results separate tbe
milk ns aoou after milking as
Cool the cream after lt bas
been separated und feed the milk
while it is warm.
Never put warm cream Into
old cream until i**j new bun
been t-ooied and stirred.
Cold milk will not separate as
completely as wnrm milk.
Turn separator with a steady
and uniform *peed and flush
down with sklmmllk or water
at end of separation.
Wnsh all pnrts of separator at
end or separation and scald,
lenvlng In the open sir to dry.
Mating of Vary Young Animals Rarely
Proves Profitable.
Breeding ewo lambs ls a business requiring great skill and careful management, nnd It should not be attempted at all except In the case of the
early maturing breeds of rupid fattening propensities, writes \V. II. Gilbert
In tbe National Stockman, it gen
erally proves too economical to be
profitable, and only tbe few reap
profit by it. Those who propose to
mate their ewe lambs during the corn-
bag season should remember tbat the
tax of currying a lamb gr a pair of
lambs ls considerable. Tbe drain on
the system aud the check of growth,
tbe difficulties often experienced at
parturition und the poor supply of
milk cause those wbo try to save a
| year to regret having doue so.
Sometimes the results Appear to be
fairly satisfactory and the lambs bave
eventually grown well, yet wben tbe
ewes come to be bred as two-year-
olds they are not found to be sucb
good sheep - as maiden ewes of tbe
same age. In fnct. In many cases tbey
.will not breed at all und the second
crop of lambs la apt to be stunted.
Taken generally, there is as much
folly ln mating very youug ovines as
there ls where other animals of the
farm are concerned. The rational age
.to flrst mate the ewe ls in die autumn
of her second year���that Is. wben she
is about eighteen mouths old.
If ewe lambs are bred it Is necessary to feed the animals well during
the whole period of cestui.'on. This
special feeding compensates to some
extent for the drain on tlie system
of the young growing sheep, but many
have  found   the  results  uot  entirely
.satisfactory   even   to   tbe   ttrnt   year.
although   the   ewe   lambs   bavo   been
'Well kept throughout tbe whole twenty-one weeks of utero-gestatlon and
bnve been designed for the breeding
pen from weaning. Breed makes a
good deal of difference, and so does
selection, hut wbat baa ncen done
wltb specially selected sheep ls not
necessarily possible to every farmer
wbo thinks be sees economy In breed
ing from ewe lambs wben they are
well grown.
New Westminster Lapd District, District of Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
Take notice that I. Walter S. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission to lease the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted one
and a half miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains north, thence
80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west to point
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or leas.
Date, September 18th. 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
Ro Lots 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, B'ock 2. Lota
1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Bock 3; Lots
1. IA. IB, 4, 5, 6, 7, Bleck 4; Lots
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Block 5; Lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, Blo:k 6: Lets 1. 2, 3. 4, 5,
6, Block 7; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6,7,
8, 9, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 16, Block
8; Lots 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 26,
27, 28, 29 und 30, L'lock 9; Lots 14.
15, lfl, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, Block
10 of part of Lot 229, Group 1. Map
1095, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cerilfl
cate of Title Number 19478F I sued
in the name of The Bldwtll Bay and
Belcarra Company, Limited, has been
flled in this ofTlce.
Notice Is hereby given (hat I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certlflcate, un-
'ess in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
Distiict Registrar of Tlt'es.
Und  Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., November 20, 1911.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       914,400,000.00
RESERVE   :2.000,000.00
Branches tbroognout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, Nsw Tork. Chicago aad Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking business transacted. Letters of Credit issued, available with
correspondents In all pans of tht
Savings Bank D>psrtment���Deposits
received In sums of |l and upward
snd Interest allowel at 8 par cent, par
annum  (present rats).
Total  Assets over 8186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Mansgor.
a part (10 acres) of a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2, New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certlflcate of Title Number 1199F. issued
In the name of George' Carter, has
been flled in this office.
Notice ls hereby given tbat I shal!,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, ln a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said Certlflcate,
unless in the meantime valid objec
tlon be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
tand Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
Phons 106.     P. O. Box 848.
Ofllce, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
���SBce 'Phone its.     Barn 'Paone is
Begbie Street.
���aggags   dell versa    promptly     .
aay part ef the elty
light and Heavy Hauling
Leartl   CIaM���� every Monday    and
Thursday night,   8   o'clock,
To      *t 318 Royal avenue.   Those
-. receiving    invitation    cards
Lfance for   the     FrlB&y     evening I
*������*��!" it 9��. P����rtcl��'�� *��M elllftaH*
notice  that  Invitations  ave  good  tori
the season-    Dancing 9 to 4.    C. W.
Openshaw's      tour-piece      orchestra
Phone L576, J.'R. Barnett. Manager.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up 86,200,000
Rsssrvs  7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic.
in Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson,  Mgr.
Portland, Me., Halifax, Liverpool
"Canada" Saturday, Dec. 2
"Megantic" Saturday, Bee. 9
"Teutonic" Thursday, Dec. 14
Steamers sail from Halifax early
next day, connecting with trains from
the West.
White Star 8.8. "Laurentic" and
"Megantic" are the largest, fllnest
and most modern from Canada.
Elevators, lounges, string orchestra,
etc. First, second and third class
passengers carried.
White Star S.S. "Teutonic" and
Dominion Line 8.8. "Canada" carry
one class cabin (II) and third class
passengers  only.
Ftor reservations and tickets apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
Company's office. 619 2nd Ave.,
Our process ef Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phons R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suits Pressed   -   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
Cleaners & Dyers
Columbia Street.
J Te Orew Good Wesl.
To grow wool without fault or flaw
in Its flber It Is nece.-ssary that the
sheep be kept In uniformly good and
thrifty condition every day In lhe year
nud not exposed to extreme dPgrecs of
heat nnd cold and especially to wet In
cold weather. It must not be overfed or underfed at any time. If the
abeep are allowed to pet out of condition or to lose fle��h the Vool deteriorates in direct proportion, nnd there
will be a weak pluce In the flber. no
matter how their condition Is afterward improved. It Is a fnct lieyond
dispute that tlie llockmnster has the
maiiltig of the quality of the fleece almost entirely in his own hands, and If
his clip of tooI is not first class be
has only himself to blame.
Next Year's Brood Sows.
Jnst now is one of the best times to
select the brood sows for next yesr.
There are two sources available. The
old sows sre now nursing their litters
It is a very easy matter to note tbe
number of pigs each has farrowed,
vhat the pigs nre like and what kind
of a mother sbe la making. From
those three things one ahould be able
to decide whether It wlll be profitable
te keep her or not
The otber source of supplying sows
for next year is from thla spring's crop
ef pigs. By watching tbe little sows.
noting their vigor, constitution, temperament and growth, together with
what can be learned of their ancestry,
one can quite accurately determine
which should he used for breeding
By selecting the sows early you secure the pick of the herd without sny
mistake. It enables one to Improve his
herd from year to year without expense, except for the mere mental el
fort of studying tbe animals.
Conditioner Fer Hogs-
Cholera and otber diseases tit swine
ntfnck herds which are lu no*' rendition nnd consequently mort wisceptl'
ble. An excellent recipe Tor keeping
digestive organs in good condition Is:
Two bushels charcoal, one bushel hardwood ashes, one pound eopiieras. one
pound common salt. Chop tbs cbBf?
coal into small lumps tbe slue of hickory nuts, pulverize tbe copperas, mix
ail thoroughly nnd plnce under shelter
where the hogs can eat as tbey want it
Mares Best Fer Farm Work.
The chief factor ln the rapid distribution of pure bred horse breeding
stock appears to be the rapidly growing realization among farmers that
pure bred mares, will d> farm work
more effectively than even grade
mnres and thnt they nre vastly more
profitable from an economic standpoint than geldings or mules employed
in farm work. The latter return phly
their labor, while mnres discharge tbe
work nf the farm as well as geldings
or mules nnd produce In their colts aa
additional source of revenue. .
Winter Dairying Pays.
On most farms the winter l�� a non-
productive season, except ss the live
stock Is cared fdr snd ss it Increases
In mine. There should he on every
farm all the live stock that can be
properly fed and honsed and the Income therefrom made as great as possible. It Is ln tbe winter time that
the heaviest dairy husiness should be
onitied on. The dairy wlll furnish
tbe winter cash income.
.C. Coast Service
SH to 86 H. P.
8 and 4 Cyels.
musbhmm. (0.
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Daily
12:08 Midnight Saturday Only
Fer Seattle.
19:08 A. M Dally
11:00 P.  lf Dally
For Princs Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M.-.Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
Far Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M.Oct. 31, Nov. 11th, 26th
For Hardy  Bay.
8:38 A.  M Wednesdays
Fer Upper Fraasr  Rlvsr Points.
Leave New Westminster, 8;00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A. M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Fer Oulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Oanes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.'
Agent. New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phons   68.
Tsnth   St.,  New  Wsstmlnstsr.    .
V         J
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Wsstmlnstsr.
Meet every Monday ln labor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent of
flea. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 608, Residence phone 601.
F. 0< GARDINER.     . A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
*****   9*   n*
Phona 681. Boa 772
Hints. For ChsassmaksYs.
When Ailing tbe cheese hoops pack
the enrd well In the center, so that
when pressure Is applied the curd will
close up In the center flrst and tbe
air and whey will have a chance to
escape. Apply pressure gradually.���
American Agriculturist y-
Knew Your Cows.
Evei7 owner of a herd of
should know what they are indivldn
ally worth to hlm. Farmers do too i
much guessing in their business snd i
do too little clone figuring. Figures are i
wonderful eye openers and sometimes I
form mighty interesting reading.
Sole apent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
! Manufactured by
Telephone * KS Office: Princess *\
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avsnus
PHONE 870.
��� IN ���
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to^open a
bank account.
* The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid aa Savings
Balaaces^atf-yearly.   ::
Baoiaess |Accoaats   opeaed
��a favaraUa terms,   s   s
ASSETS  $48,000,000
8t�� Colum Jla Street
B, C
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Faperhangera
and Decorators
Estimates Glvan.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
E have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Qovers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
Phono Bt, Now Westminster, B. C. I
Mea v.e��i^i>
and Wringers
City News
It pays to investigate. Our shoos are
of the highest duality and lowest
price.   C41 Front street. "
Among the many Conservatives who
attended the convention last week
was Mr. W. BL Norris, of the Nanaimo
Free Press.
Charlie Good, the great Scottish
comedian, Messrs. Gillespie und Williams at Scottish concert, November
28, Odd  Fellows'  hall. *���
The Russel hotel bad a full bouse
while the convention wr.s on, in
fact lt ls believed that tbe proprietors
had to turn good money away.
Miss Cave-Bf ownc-Cive
L. H. A. M.'      A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
ot Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd,)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Form. /
Prepares candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associatel Board ofthe
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes In past  years.
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.
New Westminster.   Phene L638.
Irish Lace
Shoes ! Shoes
that stand the
Shoes!    Th? kin I
wear.    041    Front
fore? rm
Phone R872,
v~" 619 Hamilton at.
Chimney Sweeping.
Eavetrough "Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting.
Cesspools, Septic Tanks,
Who know the value of expert advice in the matter of
insurance. This is the only
office in town which is devoted exclusively to insurance. It is the best place to
come to if you want insurance that will stand the test.
Alfred W. McLeod
tar Mtimbii at..
Phon*  ��S.n      at *�����**}  Westminster.
Dress Suits
Frost has superseded the rain nnd
snow, and on the whole Is preferable
to the wetness. Skating ts not likely
to lie prevalent on the Fraser, however, although the city now boasts
an Ice hockey team.
Mlss Munn, Mlss Laird and Mlss
Henderson will sing at the Scottls'.i
concert, November 28, in Odd Fellows-
Take tbe steamer Transfer for u
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaven
Ulackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. ������
Chief Engineer KeMy, of the steamer
Roman, ls contemplating a trip to
the old country during the winter. He
hores to return to occupy bis old
berth by the time next year's fishing
season opens.
Money to len. city property, lowest currant rates. National Finance
Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.     ���*
Tickets for St. Andrew's concert
and dance on sale. Concert 50c, dance
50c, concert and dance 75c. ���*
The B. C. Packers' steamer Roman
has left her berth for Vancouver
where she wlll undergo her Lloyd's
aurvey. She will bo hauled out on
the marine ways. After the survey
she will return to be laid up for the
Eyes tested for glasses: satisfaction guaranteed by W. Gifford. graduate optician. Optlc'an pallors in
T. Gifford's Jewelry Btore. **
Mrs. Lester will open an adult beginners' class ln St. George's hall
Thursday, November 30, at 7:30 p.m.:
also an informal bop from 9 to 12 for
last season's pupils and their friends
In a disnatch received from Winnipeg yesterday Mr. R. E. Tweddell, a
real estate man of this city and
formerly accountant for    four    yean
-wltb t*����i  national  Finance     company,
l'p&rneA tbe mad news ot tbe death ot
Ms mother In the Manitoba city. Mrs.
TwefldeU leaves a husband, two sons,
and two daughters to mourn her loss
One of her sons-in-law, St. G. .leffrey
was about three years ago on the ertl
tnrinl  staff  of  the  Dnl'y  News.    Mr,
Tweddrll  will leave for Winnipeg on
the   first  train  today   to  attend    the
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Seventh Avenue, Large Lot.
One-third cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
Dress   Models
Monday and Tuesday we offer a
display of beautiful Evening Gowns
that would lend grace and distinction
to the most exclusive dressers. They
possess all the new style features and
afford an abundant scope for choice.
Our Prices are the Lowest
Style and Quality the Highest
corner   of
lot on  the
Fifth Avenue,
Twelfth Street.
north side.
Good Terms.
Two Lots, corner Gray and First
Very Good Terms.
Major & Savage
Evening gown of beautiful quality messaline silk; ln shade of sky; low
neck; finished with fold effect over shoulder; front and back of neck finished with white silk Insertion; kimona sleeve, finished with white ball
fringe; high waist line, with belt of silk corded; skirt tinlshel front and
back with ball fringe.    Price
Women's dress of Paillette silk, In shade of sky; round low neck tucked
and twisted with row of Insertion and edging; panel effect front and sldo
of skirt of flne tucked silk; kimona sleeve;  dress trimmed with Insertion
lUCC      "riC��   ***********   ********** ****** ��� ���������������   **m*i   * ��������*la'   ��� ���������-��� ��'������������������   ��� ��� w** ���**"
Dress of fine Marquisette, ln white square yoke; also in white with
silk band of blue.    Extra special, each * S1O.0O
'     -
Exquisite gown of Dresden-allk mull, beaded, close fitting at neck with collar and cuff of plain mull;
trimmed with black velvet buttons, neck and arms; kimona sleeve, underskirt effect ot hello Duehesse
satin and belt to match.
Price $35.00
Stylish dress of pink Messaline silk;   sailor  collar   effect;
silk Marquisette; skirt trimmed; loose panel at waist.
finished with   deep  silk   trimming  and   black
Price $32.50
The season ' has arrived when
there wlll be, many occasions to
don correct evening attire, and no
man would think of placing himself out of harmony with his surroundings at a social event by appearing In anything but a DRESS
Suit raadft 'expressly for himself.
Some men appear ungainly, out
of place and not a whit attractive
in a Dress Suit, but that is because it was _qot made to their
measure by a .tailor personally acquainted.-with" their requirements.
Consult me t��t once about your
Dress Suit. 1 make them correct
in evojy.wey a��ft BECOMING.
$35-00 Up.
Still a beautiful range of faced
cloths, afffl' h'e'SVy' tweed effects to
select fronv. ��� ���    -
$28.00 to $35.00
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Muir>s White Pine Cough
Cure, Cold Cream
Witch Hazel and other
lotion*, Catarrh Cures,
Dean* AfatC   *** Columbia St.
New Weatminater. BC
To End Lotteries.
Montreal, Nov. 25.���It ls stated that
the Lord's Day Alliance Is urging the
prosecution under tho criminal code
of the Rritish Columbia promoters of
sweepstake lotteries, owing to complaints regarding the gigantic development cf this species of gambling. The
Lord's Day Alliance as an alternative
will urge that a bill be introduced enabling the buyer of a ticket drawing
a blank to recover double price from
the vendor where the promoter retains a percentage.
B. & Mi
537 Front St-   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (halt or whole), lb. 10c
Fresh Salmon, sliced 2 lbs. for 25c
Halibut (half or whole), lb. ... 8c
Fresh Herring    I lbs. for .25c
Fresh Smelts, per lb .'10o
Crabs 2 for 25c
Clams, per lb 5c
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, lb. ..15c
Kippers and Bloaters, lb 10o
Rabbits, each 35c
Mallards, per brace  $1.25
Have you seen the lovely new Fabric for evening wear ?
1      .yvjll count it a pleasure to show you these goods.
Our range la replete with all the new creations.
Mr. Justice Murphy, sitting at Van
couver, granted a perpetual injunction
restraining the Dominion Wood Pipe
company, of New Westminster, from
manufacturing wirebo-.md wood pipe
on a patent claimed by tlle Canadian
Wood Pipe company, of Vancouver.
Mr. Rex Macdonald, who upi>��ared for
the Canadian Pipe company, represented that the company had applied
for a patent In l'JOll, but did not
secure lt till 1910, ln the meantime
the Dominion Wood Pipe company
were manufacturing pipe Identically
the same as that which the Canadian
Pipe company had patented. No one
appeared for tlie defence and the in
Junction  was granted as asked for.
R. L. Carter Writes In Decided Man
ner to Local  Insurance Man.
A letter that speaks for itself in no
uncertain tone*   haB    been    received
from R. L. Carter, the    well    known
I Haney     merchant,     by     Alfred     W.
| McLecd, and as it is of interest to all
insurers it is published in full and is
as follows:
Port Haney, B.C.,
November 23, 1911.
Alfred   W.   Mcl>eod,   Esq.,   Agent   for
Hudson  Bay  Insurance Co., New-
Westminster, B. C.
Dear    Bll,���I   desire    herewith   to
thank you and your company for tho
very prompt   manner    in which    you
settled my claim of loss through flre
I which occurred on November 2, 1911,
|under policy No.    36144,    having    re-
! ceived check in full    settlement   for
I $4000   five  days  after   proof  of   loss
i was established   and   heartily  recommend tbe Hudson Bay Insurance Com-
[pany to all who <'esire and require Insurance with a    thoroughly    reliable
o'omtany,  sound,  safe  and  prompt.
Yours very  gratefully,
ISigned)  U. L. CARTER.
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
Bought and Sold.
Highest Pi ice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
*************** >********+***>**
STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
GERMAN Stive-, $5.00 to $15.00 each
Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
Chamberlin     JEx^rR
Official Time Inspector for C.I*.R. and   B.C.C. SVy
(9G9) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded street and just off
Second street, one of the widest streetB ln this city. These lots aro
almost cleared and ofTer an exceptional opportunity as an Investment or tor a contractor In search of cheap sites for Inexpensive
Price $500 Each
Terms: $100 Cash, balance 5, 12,
18 and 24 months.
Building Is active in this district where over forty houses have
been built during the past year and every one has been sold or
rented.   For sale en bloc or In single lots.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Orchid Talcum, Orchid Cold Cream, Orchid Perfume
Orchid Almond Cream.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.     Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'derfreve, B.C.
Pres. and Oenl. Mgr.      Vice-President. Sec. and Treaa.
���  i   LUMBER CO��� LTD. ���
Manufacturers and Wholesale Oaalara In
f lr, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea Na. 7 and 877.  Shingles, 8ash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Westminster branch. ��� Cara
leave for Vancouver at 5, 5:45
a.m. and every 16 mlnutea
thereafter until 11 P.m. L��*t
car 12 p.m. Sunday leavea at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu island branch. ��� Cara
leave for Vancouver every hour
lrom 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby Una.���Carf laava far
Vancouver every hodr from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraaer Va|lev Una. ��� Cara
eave for Chllllwaok an* way
points at 9.30 a.m., LM ***
6.10 p.m. "'-,'.
Huntingdon *!��fl way,, point*.
The B. C. E. R. Co. offere reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week and trips to all
polnta on lta Fraaer Valley
Ticketa will be on aale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
Icarea at 1.08 p.m.
.    EU


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