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The Daily News Dec 27, 1911

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between twe railraaae, with Prater
Mills lint running through the property. Terms for genuine Industrial  provocate.
DEC 28 1911
��� OIA    4 'GfJP*" car ��lei^ ����� opt* Street.
L"'*< J^yeffilng the city on   the   matt
���600; easy terms.   See
Eminent Engineer Discusses
/      f	
Considers Nerth Arm Easy to Make
���unable fer Accommodation of
PRicfe nva cam
Vancouver, Dec. St.���"I believe tho
Fraser River, between New Westmin.
tter and tha tea, la dettined to play
an important role In a commercial
sense. With tbe rapid growth of
Vancouver and the lower mainland,
the time wlll come when suitable
waleffrontage on Burrard Inlet will
become so congested that additional
facilities will bave to be provided eiae
where. The Fraaer River wUI help
to solve the problem, as lt can, with
the Judicious expenditure of money,
be made navigable for ocean steam
tblpe of deep draught as far inland
as New Westminster and Port Mann,
an.l along its shores, Including the
Noith Arm, extensive docks can be
1hls was the optimistic opinion ex
pressed by Mr. Louis Coste, an emin- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ent civil engineer of Ottawa, ln con- j the Burnaby Lake car" also was able
Burnaby Lake   Car    Runt Into One
From Vancouver���Glass Smashed
and Cab Broken.
A serious accident was only Just
avoided on tbe B. C. E. R. interurban
line yesterday, when a head-on collision occurred between the 12:30 car
from Vancouver and a Buinaby Lake
car that was running Into the neighboring city. The passengers In the
cart were almost Jerked out of their
seats by an abrupt shock Juet at the
point where the Burnaby track Joins
the main line. Tbere waa a crash
of splintering flats tnd It wtt teen
that the two cart had run Into each
other, luckily without doing any
damage except to the motormen's
When the cars had beea backed
away, It waa found that tbe Burnaby
Lake tram had had the wont of the
encounter. Its cab was badly bent,
and all the windows were broken. The
Central Park car also had a good deal
of glass smashed, and both of the
fenders were crumpled up so ae to
be absolutely useless. Apparently
the slippery condition of the rails was
to be blamed for the accident.. The
Central Park cat proceeded to New
Westminster after a short halt, and
versation with a newspaperman today. Mr. Coste Is on his way home
having Just completed, on behalf of
the Dominion government, an examination of the harbor at Victoria,
with a view to recommending the
best means of converting lt into a
modern ocean port. Mr. Costa
Studied the question in detail during
hls stay there, but declined to dls
cubs lt at this Juncture, as lie has not
yet prepared his official report.
Mr. Coste. who ls a member ot tho
International Waterways Commission
and a former chief engineer of the
public works department, has always
taken a deep interest in the improvement of the Fraaer River. Several
years ago he wus comlssioned by the
fedeial government to examine, tho
river between New Westminster and
the tea, wilh a view to recommending  improvements  to navigation and
to get to Vancouver after a brief delay.
Tabriz   Scene    ot  Cossack
Hundreds    of    Hornet    Stcktd    tnd
Burned���A Thousand Reported
SL Petertburg. Dec. 2��.���A telegram from Tabrli aayt the Russian
loss ln klledl and wounded In the
recent fighting ls about one hundred.
Several bodies of Russian toldiert
have been found partly burned. The
director of the Porsian department of
the Russian foreign offlce, In an Interview, says the government Is convinced that the Persian government
was not concerned In the anti-Rutsiau
outbreak at Tabriz or elsewhere, and
that those responsible were princl.
pally Armenians and criminals.
London, Dec. 26.���That more than
1000 men women and children have
been Butchered by the Russians in Tabriz, and that the slaughter still continues is the gist of dispatches from
Persia today. It Is reported that the
Russian officers are winking at the
butchery, and that Cossacks are roam
lng the streets of Tabriz bayonetting
Yuan Shi Kai Pub it Up to
Ion That    Japan    Regards a
hangs of Government at
, pec. 26.���Premier Yuan Shi
submitted to the more proml-
aachut heie the proposal eman-
'rqtn Shanghai for tbe meeting
1*1 national assembly to de-
the future form of govern-
which ahall    be    adopted for
Thl ate? hy the premier prac-
means that be asks the court
de its own fate, becauae   the
rt of such a national assembly
decide in favor of a republic.
Manchus agree to adopt   the
tlon their decision to do so will
mulgated as an edict which In
bablllty would be made public
course of a few days.
lo, Dec.  26.���A conference    of
rs of tbe Japanese cabinet, at
many of the elder statesmen,
ng Prince Katsura, the ex- pre-
ere' invited to assist, was held
unday.    The strictest secrecy
haa been maintained   regarding   the
Subjects of discussion, but it is gen-
mler, \
pedestrians and  looting  the  corpse a [tri'ly" believed that the latest devel
nl   *V*ra   arlr.t-1***   -m^^^^^^^^^^B __3.  ..__ m    Cj,lna
It It ua
j of the victims. JoMtonts of the   situation
j    The  battle  between  the  Russian!   WHre under consideration.
Santa Claus Distributed Presents
Every Child���Good Programme
Creditably Carried Out.
����.��,,.������.' '^"f!! ,8- "tl" .'���*.;�����*** thet the conference reached
naiarp   ,��SK���*��� ��!i **! f��Tn0r" "��* ��*ciu8!on that the adoption of
leas^ 1B0 Rj,-iin.ehirt?Bd.,t.hat * ���JfWMIcaa form of government by
A lil ta���� n       ^ eB* .   * Cl#a wa�� apparently Inevitable,
todavTt,-^ ^C��M*Ck'!. ?rtT!* ^formation from a reliable source
����ly�� ?���nwi' Kan<,;Kenr^d. by wthe ��"* reache,J ��>��re that the revolution-
losses Inflicted  by  the Fldalt. they arlha continue to Insist firmly on   a
Probing of Trusts Revetlt Gi.antle
Operations of Money Magnates *
in Chicago.
Chicago, Dec. 26.���Details of the
plant tor a $300,000,000 merger et
Armour,. Swift and Morris Interests
ln 1902, by which the government
contends It wet sought to control tbe
meat Industry, were revealed today
ia the trial of ten Chicago meat
packers before United States Dlatrict
Judge Ctrpenter. Attorney Veeder
testified that plant for the giant
merger were abandoned In March of
Kt ^^iZ^tl^JZ'1* Toronto tbortly
pany  waa organizes to operate cer-1 , .       _
tain  Independent packing companies ' Sundar _nlgbt   A
Street    Car    Accident    at
Motorman Held hy PMtee reading ln-
vtttigatlea fate
Toronto,    qoc.   ML���One
killed and a score ef
tome fatally, waa tka
a Christmas eve
whicb were to be purchased with a
view to their Inclusion in tbe big
Under the terms of the agreement
three large packing companies were
to receive $26 000,000 of tbe companies' stock for their tangible property, and a large block of common
stock for their goodwill.
The promoters planned to borrow
$90,000,000 to finance the giant corporation.
1 o'ciock
One hundred little orphans enjoyed
themselves Immensely on Xmas Day,
when Santa Claus visited the lnstitu
how -iSrt to" pre^nrth7;nnwTfl^d. | ^".^ aJ*ff? Tl '"Itl EKE*
ing of adjacent farm lands.
Grain to Come  West.
"The  lower reaches of tho Fraser
can be eo improved as to make the
liver navigable for ocean vessels of
deep draught   Provision should also
for every one of them. The children
entered whole-heartedly Into the spirit of the occasion, and tbeir delight
was manifest on their happy faces.
Before Santa Claus distributed his
load a short programme of music,
aongg,   recftaUons ;and 'drills    was
Santa Claus, the college staff and
i pupils, the Sisters of St. Ann .with
1 some of their pupils, the benefactors
of the house and a large number of
,    ,       ,     , ... . ,     .       I jsouku    rtxrusmuma   ,anu    arms.    TWtt"
ne made for docks and other shipping carrled out With great success, and
facilities, owing to the inevitable de won favoraoie comments from all who
mand for such facilities outside Van-   tended it
couver," continued Mr. Coste. "The I ThoBe present were: Rev. Fathers
business of the country ls expanding | Larden and Phelan, Mr. Wilson, alias
at an enormous rate and lt will not ' -t^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^
be long before tbe export grain ot
all Alberta and half of Saskatchewan
will seek an outlet via the Paciflc
coast. The grain traffic on the
prai.ies and at terminal points like
Fort William is now often congested
for months, and conditions will not
tend to improve with the increased
acreage put under cultivation each
succeeding year. Tbe Canadiau
Northern Railway will soon be a factor in British Columbia transportation, and if the Grand Trunk Paciflc
carilee out its promise of building a
branch line from Fort George, Van
couver will virtually possess three
Canadian transcontinental railways,
besides the Great Northern and its
allied lines. . There Is no question
that the opening of the Panama Canal
will exert a very great influence In
building up Vancouver and vicinity.
For practical purposes, New Westmlnater and Port Mann 'will, under
the new conditions soon tb arrive,
come to be regarded aa one community, with practically ' Identical Interests.
Opposed to Present Plan.
"Now I think that having regard ! *����
for the  future it  would  be a wise    """
move on the part of the Dominion
government not to carry out any plan
of permanent  improvements on  the
Fraser.urttil it could secure a report
from, a commission of at least three
engineering experts.   The task la too
big to entrust 'to one man���by appointing a commission the advantage
of securing an Interchange of ldeei
and adopting the beat plan ia obvious.
"From my observations made during a personal examination several
years ago, I reached tbe conclusion
that the flrst move ln any scheme of
Improvements   should be   to central
the channel In the neighborhood ot
Ladner    Landing    and    Woodwards
Slough.   The river near there shows
a tendency to shift, and there ls a
certain amount of danger that It may
make further lnroada do the*south
bank and force a new outlet to the
tea north of Boundary Bay. For thto
reason I think that the crux of the
whole question Ilea In the proper control of the river Near Ladner Landing
by dredging and by the construction
of revetment wall* and wing dams.
Meantime, with due respect. I think
it unwise and ennecefesary to talk of
making permanent improvements farther down the stream.'' -The proposed
construction, of a lon?' Jetty extend;
ing ont from'the north, ahore of the
main channel near Stevetton through
thc Sturgeon Ranks ls premature, to
tay the least.   The two branches of
the North Arm "nd the North Arm
channel a" ihe    tv'tr, Nevn^QMfe
minuter c'omii orally K ImnrovWf'w
��1ied*l*K a..J oi     rted Into batlns
for ocean vessels, loadlrt* oMtf^oa*
int cargoes.   In this connection the-
railways would,have ample room for
hideously tortured several prisoners
from the ranks of the Fldais. Hundreds of homes bave been sacked and
burned, and it i�� feared the city will
be destroyed.
Teheran dispatches quote W. Morgan Shuster, the American treasurer-
Thousand    Fed   at   Ealva'.ion   Army
Citadel���Hundred Jail  Birds
Fed Seasanable Fare.
Winnipeg, Dec. 26.���Christmas Day
republic and that the peace negotiations now proceeding at Shanghai will    ____________________________________
result In a rupture unless the lmper- in Winnipeg was an ideal winter day
lal authorities ln Pekin should yield  the mercury flirting around freezing,
to their deman.ls in this respect      I while  the general     celebration  was
Mott of the powert apparently are , made memorable for all the sick, poor
,   ._     , .   , _    ,-    i,      reconciled to the Inevitable tendency!and prisoners.   The Salvation  Armv  __,  __, _��__,
general of Persia, as declaring he has  0f the situation.    Neither Japan nor jfed nearly 1,000 at the citadel with   sons were taken to the
been informed that the cabinets dis-  Great Britain has any intention of in- 'regular Christmas fare, while a score  pital.
missal of his services ls Illegal.   He | tervenlng in any way in China, much 0f prisoners at the police station and   hurts
is said to have declared:   "I will stay Mess of imposing any form of govern-
on  the Job  until  I  am  forcibly  re-! ment dh that codntry:
Crew Of Sixteen Drowned When Brit*
ith Ship Guillemot Went    '
Glasgow, Dec. 26.���The British
steamer Guillemot, from London for
Genoa, foundered In the Bay of BItcay
on Dec. 21. The captain and fifteen
of her crew wer�� lost. Seven survivors were picked up by the British
steamer Lincalrn and landed bere: to
Immediately after' rescuing the
survivors the Lincalrn sighted a
Span|ah vessel wbose name the could
not learn, in distress. Before the Lincalrn wnt able to proceed to her aid
the Spanish vessel foundered with
all hands.
The Guillemot belonged to the General Steam Navigation Company of
London. She waa a vessel registering
1134 tons net and wat built at Camp-
belltown In 1899.   .
Everything went off well at- the
Court of Revision which held Its second session on the new map of tbo
city of New Westminster yeeterday.
Practically everything wat found to
be satisfactory, said City Engineer
Blackman, and the few alterations
that have to be made will be lncopor-
ated In the plan- and the tame finally approved by the court on Friday at
2:30 p. m- After this tbe plant will
be tubmitted to the lieutenant-governor ln council to be formally signed,
moved   unless  parliament
Martial law has been declared In
Teljeran as a result of the announcement that the Cabinet has dismissed
Shuster. Crowds threaten the ministry and indignation meetings are being held ln many of the mosques.
Persians today drove away Cossacks guarding tbe Russo-Perslan
bank, but there were no casualties of
note during the clash.
Resht telegrat lu Teheran that the
city is quiet, but that futher outbreaks are feared.
The proclamation of martial law at
Teheran, following the dismissal of
W. Morgan Shutter by the Persian
cabinet and the fragmentary reports
received as to a bloody massacre by
Russian soldiery at Resbt are causing eerious apprehension. Little additional information regarding the reported massacre has been received.
The main trouble occurred laat Sun*
day, when the killed at Retht are
aald to have numbered 600, including
some women and children. Direct
dispatches from Teheran made no reference to these casua'ties, and a report from the Russian consul at that
point states that order la now restored
although he la preparing for further
The strategic point of Tabriz, 350
miles to the northwest of Teherad, is
another centre of constant collisions |
between the Russian and Persian element!. One dispatch says the Russian artillery swept the streets, while
another, through Russian .sources,
aayt a condition of anarchy exists,
even tbe banks being without adequate guards. ,
In        THEY  SENT  HIM  TO
"Take me aa tar aa possible, l'
don't care where." Thus spoke" a rejected immigrant to the conductor
of the train when he asked him to
where he wanted to go. From retorts received at this town, it seems
that many Greeks and Italians are being headed off   in    their efforts to
ahout 100 at the provincial Jail en-
Joyed turkey and goose dinners, with
tobacco relish afterward, a boon
strictly' prohibited thioughout the
year.   At the hospitals  tbe  invalids
��&?'�����& astt.���*&&&
treats were furnished by the best
local talent.
I A notable scarcity of Christmas
drunks makes this year's feast an exception. Several who had Indulged
too freely were picked up by the
police,.but had to be sent to the hospital with broken limbs or other in-
ttreet ctr crammed to capacity with
church going peeeeagH*. ant beyond
the motorman'a control aa the tlip-
pery rails, while daacaadlag the eteej*
grade of the new brldg* and dashing,
past the accustomed at** at the King,
atreet barns, ttrucfc aa> open switch
at St. Lawrence stieot The car
veered south, but ita speed waa too
great to make the torn aafely, and it
crashed over oa lta *_*.
The panic stricken paantngers,
piled ln heaps, aad aarid attowert of
broken glaas and' splintered wood,
struggled desperately ftr hteath. The
men clambered Oat of the uppermost
windows above their haadt, while the
women and children made their way
to the doors aad a Interna at the ends
of the car. ,
As the car captfzei, napse of the
passengers went thnjagh the windows underneath aad'.Ware pinned
under the car. one of thaee being the
first victim, Mrs. Alfred Deacon of
23 Elmer avenue. The workmen from
the car barns, who war* flrat to the
rescue, Jacked up tho rear end of the
cat to remove some of the Imprisoned
passengers, and it ia .fceMeved that
this threw the weigh* to the other
end, crushing lira. D***o*'S Rte out
Her husband wat slightly injured.
Two police ambulaaeat were called
and the most seriously injured per-
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Of -j hospital. Those suffering front ...Injr
were treated hi nearby homes
without their ai
the police.     'Che
Moore of MJP**X
caped injury, and I*
lice pending the fl
learned b*
cross the boundary.    On  Christmas      _,j^_________________���
Day two Greeks were refuted admit-  Juries, as a result of their being un
tance by the Dominion officials, and  *ble  to negotiate  the slippery  side-
similar occurrences are aaid to take
place almost dally.
. I I	
Young Basque Whe Took Hit Lift on
Christmas Eve, Wat Ont of�� r
81k Brothers.
Coldest In Years.
Lot, Angelet, bee 26.���In many
orange growing districts the weather
laat night was the coldest lit years.
A temperature of 16 above tern wat
recorded. ' Persistent . smudging
tived the cropt from sellout Injury.
Lot Angeles, Dec. 26.���John Ashton. a newlywed, today is dead set
against practical Jokes. Ashton and
Miss Era Nolte were married Christmas Day and all went well until after
the wedding supper had been finished. The bridegroom left tbe apartment for a few minutes after the
bride had retired for the night. While'
he waa away wedding guests seized
Mrs. Ashton and locked her ln the
cellar, wbere she was not found by
her   husband   untll   several ���' hours
later,    pi
n in
Right from the Skits.
Seattle, Dec. 26.���Walter Scheuer,
received a beautiful Christmas present direct from the blue skies. He
waa taking a nap near an open window, wben he waa awakened by
tomethlng moving about the bed. On
opening hla eyes be found a pretty
carrier pigeon on his cheat. ��� The
bird bad a ring on lta leg- engraved
with "W.M,
walks. The skating rinks, theatres,
concerts and even the open-air sport,
ice-racing on the Red River, were
patronized as never before.
A surprise waa furnished at the
rmoet where Prince Erie, the horso
that got within a half-recond of the
half-mile ice record a few weekt aso,
wat only second to the Dude ln the
Petal Duel.
Rene,  Nev.,  Dec.  26.���In a duel
With gunt near Lovelock, at noon today, A. Kllabrew and William Walker
Ex-Pretldent Taket Back-handed 8lap
With Big Stick at President
New York, Dec. 26.���Close on the
heels of one great peace meeting
which wat broken up by disturbers
opposed to ratification of the treatlea
with Britain -and France, disagreements have arisen over What it be
ing planned aa one of the greatest
peace dinners this country haa ever ___________________________________________
tee** It developed today, aecordinf that whk* waa wiediM waa weight-
to a member of the committee to ��4 "M* **** *��** ***\ -jpsk\ ���* ��?��
on tne section ot the
1 accldeht occurred; aB
been diverted for twe
of tbe conetruoUoa of
switches, aad tt la
condition created hy thla work had a
bearing on the canae of the accident
|    The circamstaaeea aarraanding th��
death of Mea. Jeaate Deacon are particularly tad.   She waa the wife of
Capt  Alfred Deacon, commander of
a training ship in the British navy,
'and had come te Toronto   with her
husband on a Christmas riait only to
witness the death at Cant Deacon's-
mother, a sufferer front cancer, who��
died on Salanday, at har hoaae, SS Earner avenues, and wheat funeral   *i��
fixed for Tueaday.   Cantata Deacuw-
doubly heiweved, ia expected to insufficiently  recovered ftoas  hla  injuries to attend the doable funeral'
which will now be held.
The fatality It being taken terious-
ly by the public aad by the police and ���
atreet railway officiate.   TMay an in- .
quest was opened by Coroner George'
Graham on the body *t Mn. Beacon.
The proceeding!   were formal,   the -
Jury viewing the body without taking .
any evidence   and   adjourning antil
Thursday next.   The   flrat evidence ^
taken will probably include that   of.
Captain Alfred Deacaa, haaband pf
the victim, aa ha haa to leave to rejoin hit ship at Plymouth, England,
his leave having expired.
After the opening of tha inquest,.
Coroner Graham iimgoeed that the- '
jury vialt the aeen* af the tragedy,.
where an interesting Mat waa being,
carried out by the atraet railway officiate.   A car of tho aaaae tyee ta
charge of-the dinner, that ex-Preal-
werekllledT" Kliabrew waa shot four-'dent RootereR had replied to a aeml
^****************************^^^^ss^^^^^^^^m      ^^^B _��.._.���   i��
teen timet. Both men were rancher*.
Family tnoublee ia, given at the cause
of the fight
their tide-tracks and main lines on
ettfte* tide of theasr fWrnr harbors otl
tartnt, The projtet Wd^ld probably^
Involve the construction of a wing
dam acrptt the upper -entrance to tW
I North:Arm at the upper end of Lulu
No other reason for tlcide than
despondency over the loot of tome j.
money to forthcoming with regard to <
Charles Vaaseur, who shot himself
with-a double-barrelled gun on Xmas
Eve, in Burnaby. The self-murder
waa apparantly premeditated, at tht
dhceaaed apoke laat Wednesday oi
having written probably tbe last let
ten home he ever would write. The
hour chosen for the deed wit 11:30 at
night, while hit comradet were holding a Christmas Eve supper lg a
neighboring tent   .
Vaaeeur wh only a young man,
twenty-flve yean of age.   Ho ia aaid
to have been a favorite among hit
cotoradea, and a good steady fellow
In every* way.   Sixteen months ago
t la^ed in CaatdS. having ��m
1 ffcbm thr Basque provWcet,
whidh be waa. a hatlv*- ��� H*'M*."
of itthrotHet*XU remafflfog?*i
whom are all living in Britith '
bia. -�� '
. Dlaaaae Takea Hand.
Toronto, Dee. 26.���Chariot Warren.
�������� former atreet oar conductor, who
 >d  tent of thoutandt of itreet
ear tickets, was releaaed from Jail
today after serving elk months of the
aeatenoe lmpoted upon him. War-
i<en ia in a dying condition.
Christian Science In Canal Zone.
Wathlngton. Dec7~ 26.���Pretldent
Taft today settled the vexed question
ef allowing the practice of Cbrtatian
Science in the Panama Canal tone.
The executive Order, made teveral
months ago, which, memhen: ef the
Christian SetohOe ehurcfa feared
frould prohibit waa modified.
official Invitation to attend It, at
which Preaident Taft Will he the
principal speaker, with a letter de
claring   that   hit   tentlmentt   are i who watchtf the
wholly at variance with those to be  the weight of pat
expressed at the affair, and censuring : would have gone
aa traitorous to their principles all Sunday night's
tnoee who accepted the invitation te
the dinner without agreeing with IU
speed over ihe rente teams hy thw
Ill-fated oar. Tha aawtatman. however, loot hla nerve na tla car tirade
^^^^^^^^ " the eaaargency
atem Jbperta-
aaed ttwt with
thn teat car
the curve, and
brake, canting a
Mlt Christmas Experience).
""    tec. 3��.-^Ei�� dnwh by an
which paeaed; >'<naat or��v
Sena ef Scttltnd Elect Oflleen.
���The Sons of 8cottan8 have elected
the following of fleers: Chief Bro., F.
P. Mcintosh; Chieftain, W..A..Robert
eon; Past Chief. A. D. McRae; Chaplain. John Davidson; Recording Secretary, John Forretten Ftohneial
Secretary. Jae Muirhead; Treatnrer,
a R^MaeKeniie; Marshall, a D.
UMmtfhn StiMaM^itniar, Alex.
McRae; Senior Guard, A. Halcrow;
Jwdor.    Guard.    W.   < Sutherland;
Car No. 10U, the
wat removed laat
hy the street
railway employee* to a gngf who* if
would not obatraat thn tt*fe. A eg*
del pollcem* w*t liliWil |g the
coroner to ee* that Ite mechaadam yg*��
not tempered with paadteg aa 9****
tigatlon by experta.   '
Coroner Graham today aniaced two -
oonaultlng engtoaan. I. 'W. ��. Wytei
of the Ontario railway heard, nad Jaa.
Banna* of th* Totals e*y eagteaer'e ���
department to rapait m th* condi-
tlon ef the wrsBhtl *��t* eqafya>ant
At Jth�� hotptttl tt ,wo*. ateted thai
Robert Hall, 7M.O��h*P   '	
Trotteet, Brot. Vert, J. Sprott and ! sinking and waa at*       	
H. ttott��; wssWk&.V.**^.-*^
W.:; Ony;' - dnwK.v^ Ls^JrW. thnll: nPSk: Arthv Blew o��
Rothweil gad Grew- plj-r. Bro. Reb-;H Vl<*toria tMjT m
ig'to5^9Fr��if*'�� l^Ww"^*fc# /"C��*5:la".. :il] *.i|Ouhd
prtTlout yaan.
pip v. Bro. Rob-; ft Vl��*oria sfaett who hM a *n*r* ^
*.sound teatp wound aad telwmdtoNrtes y >
an *sf^ij4.&jm< IHE DAILY NE-WS.
WANTED���A  BOY   IN  OFFICE. Apply Dally Newa,Publishlng Co.. Ltd. j
"��"    ' i
WANTED���General servant; beet of
waxes jffid. Apply 329 Second
housework;   two in family.    Phone j
R1048 or apply  Tz9  Second etreet
class salesmen; also one stocK
salesman. Apply Fraser Vftlley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster.
am******************************************* i     i      ^m^ammama^a^mmssia****************a**>
change or part exchange for board I
and  loom by young lady.    Address I
Box 10, News office. j
 , ,j
Olivet Baptist church.    Apply etat-j
tag salary to J. T, Baker, Box 701,
city. I
sewing.   Apply Lees Ltd.
 1 j
house, furnished, close in. Reply
K 4. Dally News office.
London, Dec. 26.���The Earl of Yarmouth, since bis recent bankruptcy,
has been forced to lead the really
simple life. He is now living with a
family named Tebbs, at Swanage,
near Bournemouth, in Hampshire,
and frequently helps them by doing
cooking and general housework. It- is
not known whether he gets a weekly
shilling excursion ' to Bournemouth
for his day off, as do the regular
housemaids of thp place, but tbe facts
are he ls making himself remarkably
useful and is happy an.l contented.
When he owned a bungalow on tho
Thames he flrst became friendly with
the Tebbais, who were then quite
wealthy, and Mrs. Tebb3 mothered the Irresponsible earl. Now the
Tebbs family have fallen on evil days,
so they gladly took Yarmouth in
when he had no place else to go, Inasmuch as ho was the only servant
they  could afford.
his father, the Marquis of Hertford,
has now declined to have anything
to do with him, recently writing tbat
if hla son made a few friends of hla
own class Instead of mixing with ��*���*>
cond-rale actors und actresses, he
might have lecelved help The earl-'a
friends predict that his next move
will be Into the chorus of the Gaiety
theatre, which is getting to be the
borne for nobility, containing as it
doea the daughters of Lord Montagu,
lteaulieu and  Viscount. Dangan.
house, unfurnished, close in. Reply
R 4, Daily News office.
nmt.   Apply 712 Twelfth street.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district Milk,
9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens
boro, Lulu Island.
era. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
First assistant and one other teacher wanted. Send in applications Immediately with qualifications and nat
ary wanted to
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
Board of School Trustees Accounts.
All accounts for this year must
reach tbe Secretary's office not later
than the evening of Wednesday, December 27th.
'Secretary  Board  of  School Trustees,
New Westminster. B. C.
breeding ewes at $6.50 per head.
These ewes have been running with
a registered Oxford Down ram.
Wm.  Fooks,  Abbotaford,  B.  C.
nest property at Edmonds Station., ���.
$500 dollars    under   value.   Apply J Stralghway those line Irish critics ar
The    Neo-Celtic    Criticism. I
Wasn't ye there when Celtic tragedians
Played to a houseful of Irish comedians���
All of them zealous in matters Iliber-
Full cf the ripest of Dublin Falern-
All of them experts, entitled to criticise,
Laden with eggs to assist them to
witticise? |
Plain was the stage and the costumes
waa peasant-like;
All the proceeding's waa easy and
Till, sa>s the hero (a queer Irish
laddie, now!)
"Sure,  an'   I'm  just  after  klllin'  me
daddy, now." i
Up from hia seat jumped a critic meticulous;
"Bosh!" says he loudly, "'Tis vile
an' ridiculous!"
And,, for to prove that his Judgment
was plenary,
Hove a p.itato right into the scenery'
"Yes," says another, "I fully agree
with ye,
Erin, sweet Erin, they're making too
free with ye!
Such fabrications are false and felonious;
Here's a tomato that brands them erroneous!"
"Sir," cried a third, "yer position's
Throwing an egg in defence of the
Principle. i
"Aye!" chimed a fourth, and, to
cinch it, upsetted a
Critical  vial  of pure aasafo:tida
Then came a shower of erudite reasoning��� j
aCbbages, turnips and pepper for seasoning��� |
Till, though undaunted, the Irish Mel-;
Saw all the atars in the book of aa-
stronomy. i
Now to the aid ot the criticized player-folk |
Rushed the policemen, rebutting the
gayer folk. j
Out through the lobby persuasively
booting them,
When in dlacuaaion the blue coats
bad beated them
626 Columbia Street.
lease: 38 foot frontage; by Westminster Realty Company,.630 Columbia street.
ed house with all modern convent
ences.   Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, will sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre.   Easy !
'terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
atreet, Sapperton.
$1 down and JI a week;  ho Interest; four styles; old stoves taken in
-exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 996. Market Square.
rested them.
Scojding the culprits, says Magistrate j
'Don't ye be doing the like any more
again. |
Shut up yer  mouths!    I don't  want
any speech of ye; .
Ten  paper  dollars   I'm   asking  from
each of ye. |
And  ye'll  remember,   when   next  ye
are hating things, i
Clubs are the old Iriah meana of debating thinga!" |
���Arthur Guiterman, in the New York I
Sun. ;
times have been very numerous. The
Greek and Roman bib to riant wrote o'
elephants there, and a little before
the Christian era as many as a'hundred of them were often exhibited at
one time in the Roman circus. There
is proof, however, that these animals were ot the African variety.
The elephant head stamped on man/
medala and coins Invariably had tbe
large ears and cranial peculiarities
which so plainly differentiate the African from the Asian species. Many
petroglypha and pictures on the rock
walls of the Atlas Mountaina strikingly depicted the characteristics ot
the African animal. The Wild herd-
eiB of the Atlas Mountains drew their
elephant as they saw him, and it was
strikingly a picture of the Aft lean
variety of today as the rock drawings of the Bushmen which so Xnlth-
lully outlined the animals of the Kalahari Detert.     *
The elephant no longer exists ln
North Africa because he has been
exterminated by man. Two factors
control tue dlatributlon of the elephants in Africa and the size of their
heids. One is the abundance or the
scarcity of the plants on which they
live; the other ls tho presence or absence of man. The whites want the
elephant for his ivory, and the blacks
for his flesh, lhe elephant seeks new
stamping grounds lf either the whites
or the blacks become uncomfortably
The result ls that from great regions where he waa once very nu-
meioua Ue baa now entirely disappeared. He has been bunted for hia
ivory In the basin of the Nile till ho
lias totally disappeared from large
parts of It. He has vanished froin
nearly the whole of German East Africa. He is still found In considerable numbers in British East Africa,
and approaches the coast near tlie
mouth of the Tana River, for this region la sparsely people and hunters
seldom visit it. A century ago he
was often seen near the mouth of the
Congo, but there are few parts of tha
African coast which he now approaches within scares of miles. The
area around Victoria Nymza are
amongst the moat favore.l haunta of
the elephants, but today there are
fewer herds and they are smaller. He
once ranged over the whole of South
Africa wherever plant food could be
found, but he has now disappeared
from thia great region almoat to the
Zambesi Rivfer, and the only reason
la the advancement of white enterprises and the multiplication of his
human enemies. He still Uvea in
great numbers in the vast foreat re-
glona of Weat Africa, the eastern part
of the Belgian aud French Congoes,
and in other great inland territories
with meagre population; but railroads and white stations are pushing into some of his greatest strongholds, and he will be exterminated
or driven out. Judging from present
progress in Africa, it will not be
very long before he will be unable to
find unappropriated areas to which
lie can still retreat.
All the blacks now know the value
of Ivory. They can buy with it the
good things the white man has to
sell and enjoy besides the usual
quantity meat. This new Incentive
to destroy the animal is giving keener zest to the chase. The colonial
governments have established a number of reservations within which the
elephant can feed and breed in safety; but they are also building railroads and planting stations in sonrs
of these reserves, and the elephant
will not remain in the neighborhood
of such Intrusions. Meanwhile the efforts to tame hlm and make him the
helper of man are being continued,
and there Is' some encouragement to
Strange aa it may seem, thia heavy
and unwieldy animal is a good mountain climber. He haa been found in
undisturbed possessions of feeding
grounds at heights of 8200 feet in
Abyssinia, anl according to Gregory-
above the tree line, at about 14,000
feet, on Kilimanjaro; and a number
of other African, mountaineers havo
reported him at heights of 10,000 feet
or moro. If the African elephant la
doomed to dwindle and disappear, we
may imagine that the last of hla race
will be found high un among the
mountains., where, many of. them
browse today at altitudes Beldom visited by hunters.
end refreshing. Avsony the party
on an exploring vessel there were
several who could not swim, yet iu
the evening they often ventured into
the water and floated about on their
backs. What one has to be careful
about is not to get tho water into
the eyes.. Indeed, di.I Palestine belong to any other power but Turkey,
probably the northern shore of tho
lake would be a popular bathing station. No doubt the chloride of magnesia which enters so largely into
the composition of the water would
be found to have medicinal and curative : ic.ertles.
The water Is certainly very de:ise,
containing uenty-three jer cent of
solid matter and ia in bul ( heavier
than the human body. How d;nse lt is
may be realized fiom the following
table: Ir. a ton of water from Caspian
sea there are 11 lbs. of a :lt; in tho
Baltic. 18 lbs.; in the Black Sea. 88
lbs.; in the Atlantic, III lbs.; in tho
English Channel, 72 Its.; in the Mediterranean. 85 lbs.; in the Hed Sea,
08 lbs., and in the Dead Sea, 187 lbs.
It haa generally been believed that
this famous Inland sea Is decreasing
in tiae, but the reverse U the case.
THE \v        1* increasing enormously
\ Ca* we tell yoi* the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
"A Trial Package will bring Enlightenment"
NO il I i n All
The Sisters of Providence Orphan
age, New Westmlnater, wish to extend their most sincere thanks to all
who contributed to make Christmas
Day so very enjoyable to our little orphans, especially Mrs. Ed Goelet antl
Mra. Feeney, who canvassed the city
of New Weatminater on their behalf.
Providence Orphange, New Westminster, B. C.
the mime of T. A. Davidson. Kinder please return to Curtis' drug
al ore  and   receive  suitable  reward.
A  Court of Re vision  of the voters'
liRt will be held in the Municipal Hall,
Edmonds, B. C. on Tueaday   Jan. 2,
1!)12, at   10 o'clock  in  the forenoon.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20, 1011.
The O. E. S., Royal (ity Chapter,
No. 7. will after this meet in the K.
of P. Hall, corner of Eighth arid Agnes streets, on the second and Fourth
Monday of each month at-8 p.m.
Reaiona Where Large Herds Roamed
Know Very Few Now.
The elephant ln enormous numbers
still roams over a large part of
Africa. For generations to come he
may t-e commercially important for
the ivory he supplies and for the food
he affords to many tribes that relish
his flesh. We do not know yet
w bather it will .ever be possible to
make him thoroughly useful as a
draught nnim il and luggage carrier.
'Iue earnest ..itorts of the last fen
j ears to tame him ami make him a
good domestic animal have not beeu
largely rewarded. Vor all we know
bf his history he sums doomed to
extermination unless he can be made
useful, like the Indian elephant, the
-horse and the ox, for domestic purposes.
The African elephant has a right
to hia name, for there is no pioof
that the Asian variety ever lived in
r Africa, lt lias bean conjecture.1 that
the Indian elephant might have crossed the Isthums of Suez and populated
the mountain region of North Africa,
where    elephants    within      historic
Alice���What a rude, boorish fellow Brown ia!
Ethel���what  did  he  do,  dear?
Alice���Why he gave me his seat
in the street car without lifting his
Tho Dead Sea is some forty-seven
miles long, and about ten miles Wide
at its greatest breadth. Curiously
enough, it lies 1.100 feet below the
level of the Mediterranean. Many
ridiculous stories, are told about this
sheet of vyater. even In Palestine Itself. -For. instance, people will tell
you in. Jerusalerfi that It la Impossible to swim in its waters, and that no
animal or vegetables can exist near
its shores. While it. is true that fish
cannot live ln the lake, birds may
frequently be seen, in certain places,
flying over tho surface.
���As for swimming, the excessive
buoyancy of the water merely renders it. difficult to make much headway,  but   swimming  is  both  feasible
IN THE MATTER of the "Winding-
up Act," and ���
IN THE MATTER of the Pitt Lake
Brick & Cement Company,
Notice to Creditors.
By an order made herein the 16th
day of December, 1911, by the Hon.
Mr. Justice Murphy creditors of the
above named Pitt Lake Brick &
Cement Company, Limited are on or
before the 16th day of January, 1912,
to send their names and addressee;
and particulars of their debts and
claims and names and addresses of
their solieitois (if any) to the Westmlnater Trust and Safe Depoalt Company, Limited, New Weatmlnster,
official liquidator of the aaid Company, and if ao required by notie- ln
writing from the aaid official liquidator are by their solicitors to come in
and prove their said debts or claims
at the offlce of the District Registrar
at New Westminater on Wedneaday,
the 31at day of January. 1912, at 2
o'clock in the afternoon, or in default
thereof they will be excluded from the
benefit cf any distribution made before any such debts are proved.
The 31 af day of January. J 912. at 2
o'clock in the afternoon, is appolnte.
for hearing and adjudicating upon Ac
debts and claims.
A meeting of the credttora con-
tributoriea. shareholders or members
of the said Pitt Lake Brick & Cement
Company, Limited, will he held at
fhe ofTlce of the Westminster Trust
& Safe Deposit Company, Limited,
official liquidator of the said Com
pany on the 19th day of January
1912, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon
for the purpose of ascertaining th<
wishes of the creditors and othe-
persona Interested in the said Com
Dated this 19th day of December.
District   Registrar   at   New��
3^ to 26  H.  P
2 and 4 Cycle.
��� Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  63.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
^^* I************************ a* . I auvnm:��v^
That Cooks
The Dinner
is the hand that rules the world.
In z\7.'.z of what they say about
"cradles", the move is the all-important factor in "home-rule."   A
is the best guarantee that the "hand" will kcip your home moving in the
right direction of economy and health.
Please call and see our line of GURNEY-OXFORD STOVES and
RANGES that are built and sold on honor. The Chancellor and Imperial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Come and let us
show you how this marvellous device saves time and fuel bv a sinrle touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and directs odors up the chimney/
The Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven���a
flne baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves time and fuel-waste.
These, with other star features make us proud to show theGurney-Oxfoid
line. DesiRn���finish��� workmanship��� all these details
we want to demonstrate to your entire satisfaction.
mssssssm bm ii iwwwu* Mm
t3r.i -tui-1��-���� ���������', ^
Scientific selection is the principle on whicli St. Charles Evaporated
Crean is prepared.
The best milk Cows fed scientifically ,
Selected dairies        All sanitary safeguards applied
You take no chances when you use St. Charles Cream.   It is as good
for any purpose as the best niilk or cream produced by the best
dairy anywhere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never
curdles. It agrees with the most delicate stomach. All it needs
is the addition of pure water to make it the best food ou earth
���best for the nursery���best for the kitchen.
Sold ky "TBtrt Grocer* Exferyts/her*
Raadaome booklet of valuable Information to mothers and nunc* lent
free upon application.
T. CHARLES CONDENSING  COMPANY.   ln���er��oll, Ont.
���_������������������������ "!��� tn ���a ft    -
By order of
Worthy Matron.
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry,
Tangles Straightened out
Curtis Block City Box 482
there Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That Is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always remember the lull name.    Look
for thli Signature on every box.    25c.
A real circus on the stage at   the Opera House, Thursday, December 28th. ****_���       HI���     II
THt DAlfeY  NEWb.
Coin Collectors' Theory to Account For.
Tho.-   Scarcity.
That some ol the ran-st nnd most
VHluiililo of tlie CnlU'il States cents,
iwrtli'iilaily items flnfi'il 17!Ki-jind 1SW.
oue tlieir st-trcltj to tlle (net thnt l-"ul-
toll liitHl the tteumbuu'l Clermont ls
the theory held by some coin collectors.
Tliey believe tbat thousands of tbe old
time large copper centa went, toward
uuvlilng tbe copper boiler for the pioneer steam I ion t. '
Thin Jheory would explain the mystery Unit bas long puzzled coin collectors as to the reasou for the almost total dlKiippeurauce of tbe cents of the
dates mentioned.
Tbe lirst cents struck nt the United
Kltil.ru mints at I'hlladelptiiii were of
lurge size. The topper blanks, or
plane bets, wene imported from Rug-
IiuhI. U'lng sent over lu kegs.
Copper nt tills period wus a scarce
article in this country. Wit li tbe exception of tlie Kiniill quantity produced nt tbe only copper mines then
known in the Lulled Kluteii. (turn** ut
Orauliy. Coun. nearly nil tbe metal
,��ised here eunie from England.
Riilldern of steam ei.glueM-in those
days were of the opinion tbat hollers
,cou��t!'iu-ted of Iron were unsure und
'iuipnictlcnble. und ua u c-oiiKei|iie:n-e
boilers were made of copper, all tlm
boilers that came from Oigland U-ing.
It U said. roiiNiiui'ted ol Unit metal
'l-'iittun was llkewlite tit llie belief Unit
C-op|M>r wns llie only lit metal to lie
Used in boilers
it   is  tlierelole  possible  tlli.t.   tiudiug
.a sciiicliy of metal wltb whicb to con-
'Stnut the l.oilei of ibe Cleriiiont. he
filially resorted to lbe uios-t emiteiibmt
Sonne of supply. Wbleh ll:l|i|M-:ieil to
be the la;ge L'nited States eo)i|ier
cents. Of course the cost of sucb a
boiler would represenl u large sum.
but ll Is on tbe records Unit tiie steam
filiate I'liltoti. I.-Mliichi'd in IS!.'., tlie
year of the Inventor's dcatb. bad n
boiler entirely couwtructtttj <if copper.
wbicb alone cost tbe Itrgu mm in of $��',.���
Thut the Wippiy <>f eeuts of this |te-
.rhul was lurge enongb to meet such a
demand is also likely euougii. I'roiu
I7KI to and including 17i��.*. l.o<u;.ti;::i
cents were coined and iu I7:k> Ui-i.ouu
were ftruck.
A Philanthropist.
An earnest east side winker Fnys
thnt uot long ngo she was approached
by an old gentleman who lias the rep.
jUtutlcu of being souielliing of a philanthropist witli the requesl that be be
permitted to ncrotnpauy her on one of
'her rounds of visits. Much pleated,
the worker consented. The destitute
.condition In which many families were
found elicited expressions of deep sympathy from the old gentleman, but to
bis ceinpaulou'N surprise and regret
.nothing more material. Presently tliey
.crime upon u small girl weeping bitterly.
"What is It. my dear?" tbe old gentleman Inquired
The child raised n tear stained face
nnd pointed lino a dark alleyway. "Me
mndder sent me to buy some bread,
.nn' I lost my dime in there, au' I'll git
licked awful!" she Bobbed
'T 'or dear!" he remarked la a tender
voice, at the same time putting his
hand Into his vest pocket "Don't cry.
Here is a match. Perhaps you will be
able to flnd It.'"���Harper's.
His   Majesty  Always  Enjoys   Himself.
*��� at Hit Highland Home.
Shooting, either  with gun or  rifle,
io H:s Majesty * fa'vortw* pastime, ami
lie   is  never   ��u   t.iuroug.i.y   happy   as
J. M. Barrie Gives Lie to Scot's Reputation   For   Solemnity.
Mr.   J.   M.   Barrio,  who  c lebrated
hii flfty-fllM birthday recently, is one
of th" many Scotsmen who has con-
when trumping tptvkWjj tue prl.-erve�� [^uered cot only his'own country, but
ui \\ inusoi, tiu.iiiord,, ut siiuui'iuguam ' aiso America.    Hy  wo*, born at  Kir-
with bU gun  ct.a..- u.s an.i auu hi* ' rlemuir, a place whi.'.i he has iinuwr-
lavonte do�� :>y B&* -:iae. Nor are tiier.:   taliz.-d  as  Thrum*.     When   be   wat {
many   men   m   hJutopj   Who   can   ap- : about sixteen fttat'ct ase he i-ntered ]
protch nn.i m accuracy oi 11114. , a newspaper o*Dc ���, where -rirnong the
llie una w��ora auu iwjj.i nplaudl ' inultiftirii.us duties he hud to per.srm,
around Ualmoral hav..' iu��.iy�� u^k'hi- ; he ri lively remarks that tho least :m-
to   l,ie   i.it.g    uith   Cuii3.v.i..ali..- I portent al them C insist ��� I of r .'viewing
u;.d  a.l  uurough Uie strenuous j profound  books.   To-day  he is purely f
t.ii.uo iu nus tiuLi.d iu uounecuoii
w;i.i j,..- toruoa.i-ju .k- looked lorwara
t-j t.ie time i.uen, lot a bi.e. sjj.,-1..
ne in,giu pat too pji.i(i iiiu c.icum-
ktanca ul Lie Louu aa.ile ami rp.-ii'i
U.s  uayo  i.i  t;ie' uractUg   u.r   oi   Lfitj
Hl,-'il...JIU.-,*ttS*Ot'.OB:tUlll   UO.H.-g.      llllS
..n.e na�� now ariiweu. ,
uuaoiy h'onoreu are t::us;; whom iln
ilaje.iiy iuvut iUi Jum 111* house pur-
lies tur tiie snouii.ig. ;v.,t oiiiy are
tuey uie guesib oi .ue.r Uiverflfd, but
Uiey aro in tno coiiip.itiy ol otie of
W*: b^;>t ail ro-nu
***Ui- ind *t;i,g ,
Liutw wno are ij accompany  .une .
uk- ue.u aavtj i.iewi.-u tu ue ai . ^.
an Hour List uiu=. ieel very strange
to a���i:i.. oi tneiii. it is at lia.uiuiai
ui-l ii.a a^a^eiiy eiuurtaiui ni�� larg
OUfl ��� I til? most suec.'Sf.ul ol Uranntic
pel brl ties; u:il he is also the most
Probably the public idea is accural.' of hlm���that be is a grown man,
kind and lovable, with u child's
hrart, that will nev:>r grow  un.
Mr. Burrie is a direct contradiction.)
tj   the  absurd   theory   that   Scot-men.
are hurnoric.is.   Once the  leading ac-
u-.r  w.io  was  playi.ig  in  one  oi  hia
playi fell ill.   lhe occurrence moant a
. chance Ior his underftudy. who, not
..jiii.iifca  ot  t.'w   b:-ing particularly gifted with a sense
r.y  as.ir,  auJ | of   modesty,   scut  a  few  dozen   tele-
grama. to dramatic critics and othera
.- il'mnly   informing   them    that   he
would be taking the "star" part that I
evening.    One  telegram  went  to  Mr.
Barrie.   In the courso of the day h-*
cat, siiujiiiig-oari.es, so tnat wnut nap-I met   several   men   who   had   received
peuS. Here i,.ay  be taken a sa typic.il '
ni what go^s toward'whenever mere
U a snoot at any of  the royal  residences.
Oruase ars, as a rule, very plentiful
upon Uie Baitnoral preserves, iiut
t-iey want finding. To quote his Majesty's words when Prince of Wales,
"iou have to go after tbem; the bird.-"
will not comi ana feed o:i tiie lawua
ju.-t to oblige you." Therefore tliose
who ari.' to snoot witii the King are
o.:en called ut 5 aloi., when tiie dawn
.s just oraKing. When they leav-i
tneir roji'jis t.iey tind an ample repast
awa.t...n' :.-iem even at ttiis early h.mr.
'lli'-re is a large ciciee ui hot and cold
dishes, t.iuujii Ii:�� ...a.esty is nimseif
a believer in'a very light diet, u cup j
cl coffee and a roil or two su-iicing I
iiiiii for breakiast.
tiudwicri  boxes and  flasks are then j
filled, guns examined, pockets loaded;
with cartridge.-, an.i ofl the puny tui- !
lies,    lf ode ui the outlying beats ar^ ]
tb be tried fir.,i -t..ut Htgniund poDic*j
or motor cars ar"  awaiting the gun*
tii transport them to where their apbltn
is waiting.   The roads about iiiiiniural
Sle, in the majority of ease.,, none to.'
good,  SO   that,   whenever  it  is  at   alt |
possible, His Majesty ridej in pMer-
eiice to motoring.
Mo.-t sportsmep arv' agreed that, to!
shdet grouse to perectioa, tti.j soould
b�� attacked early in the- iiiorn:i:g. before t!;e sun has reached 'its full
h light. When the chosen heat is approached the King rapidly maps aux
his plan of campaign. His knowledge
oi woodcraft is litf.e short of Konder-
tui, and lie seetna to realise inst'.nc-
t:v'ely what tiie uir.- .-ir- likely lu do.
He disposes his field with rare skill
and discrimination.
By ttts time that lunch is <ln-' His
V iji sty and his guests are qu.te prepared to do full justice Io it.    A paekH
is  a  very   useful  addi-
similar messages. They .had al! taken
no notici! of it. But Mr. Bjrrie did.
He sent this answer: "Thank3 for
your warning." If Mr. Barrie has
uue passion inorj tirm another it is
for tobacco. "1: I had to choose between being a smoker and a playwright," he once remarked, "I would
drip plr.yA-r.t.ng without a murmur."
When Mr. Barrio decided to be an
author he confided that information
to a pair of mai.Ion aunts. Each flung
up her hands anl (���x.'laim^d, reproachfully, "And you an M.A. 1" In connection with the Scotsman's proverbial love of arjumsnt. he tells a delicious stijry. An old fellow lay very
near to death, and his friends suggested tending for tbe minister. But
the old chan did not want a spiritual
comforter. Tlie friends said they
would sing a hymn. The dying man
did not want hymns. "A'm wanting
���neither hymns nor minister," quoth
he; "I want to-argy," Another yarn
.Mr. Barrie tells is about a friend
of his who once had the misfortune
to sit at a performance of "The Little
Minister" b?h!r.d a lady with a large
hat. Requested pcLtely to remove
it, the lad;.- stubbornly refused. But
the n:vi v -is ensi-'U-i to so-"1 tho piny.
Presently ho l:aned forward again.
"..i.:i\L.)ii. ' ne said, gravely, "ii you
won't remove your nut, would yui:
iiiiad folding c > your  car.-!-'"
ot  sandwiehe
tion   tc
moors   of  Deeside
' or. animais
| cashire Agi
, bsea held   tu ���'* '
'��� ling over th-> foil
. ;..     ..:���:,   ��...on   t
i        uy  soil*'.! :���
"A dirty, grov
;r' i'.'itirer  --v'   "���'-
.>.   shooting   outtit   upon   t.ho | -with  which  it? B
What a   Be/ Thinlcs  of   Pi^s.
T^nchers in Bury have recently been
asking their Bshoiars ta  write essays
in vie'.v i '. ���'.-] ' B' ;-ai Lan-
cultural Show which h.ts
u -tv  i<
nue j
biTt  one   has   not
iiany iiours before i say.
d isef;
���i:;:. a
' i -i -r
f   IS
Misled by Stationery.
"I wrMe a note to my washerwoman
about a week or two ago asking.ber
pio.ise to bring.my clothes bonje," kaid
the woman. "I needed them. 1 <hap-
pened to be ln a religious concern .ut
the time and used ks paper to write
the note on.   Bertha came yesterday.
"'I've a great uotion to dtarturge
you. Bertha.* I told ber. 'Why <Udu*
.you bring me my clothes? Must 1 get
-enough things to wear a year without
'having them washed on your aecwmtT
" 'To tell yon tbe truth.' Bertha apologized meekly. *you wrote ou that
���tbenh religious pnynob. and I didn't
pay no 'tensbun to It. I Jes' thought #t
was some o* tbem peepul nrttlu' S*
nak me to come to pruyuli mwtlu'. 1
didn't know It wild ynuiib lett.-th. miw.
���till yesterday uinwnlif. when t p**t
tlnlid of seelu' It around ami ��>|ietied it.
so that was why I didn't git l<eati> ms
���oouuh wltb youah clo'es ' "
been tramping tor    ..  ..... ._......
tiie necessity for something mora sub-'
Ftantial is impressed upon tbe mind
in no uncertain manner. The royal
lunches are very plain in character,
though ample in cno.ee and <;uanli'y
liie King nas something approaching
contempt for the sumptuous tneaM
that many "sjxutsnieti" of today ap-
pfdr to consider �� necessary portion
of a day's shootin;;, ar.d his injunction
is oiten to be h"ard���"Hat quickly;
we are losing the  oest oi the fun."
As a rul" Queen Mary and t.ie ladies
of the .house party join the guns for
lurch, but it sometimes falls out thai
the game takes the party farther ufieid
ithan was anticipated, and lunch consequently fails them. Upon these occasions the King has been known to
sit down under the lee of a haystack
and enjoy a crust of bread and cheese,
washed down with a bottle of beer.
with a sigh bf complete contentment.
A couple of pipes or a cigarette or two
.follow, and his Majesty is as eager
us any schoolboy to be after the birds
*��� Moody on the Cards.
One evening lu San Kranclsoo Evtt-
jgellKt Moody snt ln hls room at the hotel ifilnyjng n gnmt of cards with Mrs.
Moody-and two friends when a mes-
teiitfer enme io with a dispatch. As
the hoy stood waiting for a reply Mr.
Mood? smldeuly asked. -Won't you sit
��w��"��. my lad. and have a game of
autljtirs wltb us?"
The 'boy declined iM soon left tho
room. Hardly had the door closed
when Mrs. Moody said. "Why. Dfight
what made yon think of Inviting that
boy to tit down aud play with us?"
"My dear." replied Moody, "don't yot
tee. If 1 had not called tbe boy't ttten-
tlon to the fnct that we were playing
authors til the morning papera would
certainly hare announced under big
headlines that D. I* Moody had been
discovered ht a San Francisco hotel
engaged ln a game of cards?"
The Brute.
"Pueh an angel of a hat" chirped the
ynin woman at she twirled before the
mirror. "Yellow and white. What
does It remind you of, my dear?"
Tbe big man.In tbe embroidered tlln-
perx looked up from hit paper.
"Yellow tod white!" be repeated.
"Well. now. on. tht level, It rtmladi
mo of a fried egg."
That Wicked Waita.
A famous English mustard merchant
has declared tnat the profits accruing
to his Hrm came not from mustard actually eaten, but from that left upon
patrons' piatea. In other words, must-
ard consumed was quite a small proportion of mustard  used.
Take cigarettes as another example.
Tlie average e.garettii is tiiree incnes
in length, and tne discarded fag eud
tnree-quartejB oi an iuc.i In every
four cigarettes smoked, tiierefore. one
is wasted, or 25 per cent. Obviously,
cigars are not so wasteful, ou account
o' their greater let.gth and the tact
that holders are frequently used; bul
tiw waste qf tojacco by pip-suioitors is
t.i> small matter, a wad being knocked
oul after eacn smoke.
Tiie'*'neei-taps" of drinks represent
�� high toli on Uie or.nicer; anu as lot
uotepaper, way, almost as muck >f
iiajUii as is u^ed.
Then there are garden seeds. Tht
amateur buys up acuet, sows a halt, or
pernaps a liuie more, and t..e real
ure *ei aside and forgotten.
Transformation. |
She-1 bear Jack Gale christened hit'
new bott tht Lobtter.   He-Yta, but,
It's no longer a Lobtter.   8bt-Wt��yl
Bt-8��cautt It turned turtte. ,._fer.
Where Ht Worked.
Mr. Keir Hardie is noted for the
carelessness of his attire. Not long
.ago. when some repairs were being
done to the House of Commons, Mr.
Hardie was lounging, in the library,
when he was accosted by a friendly
policeman, who quite tailed to recog-
' late him in his somewhat shabby
clothes. "'Ullo, matey!" exclaimed
the man in blue. "Are you working
here?" "Yes," replied Mr. Hardie, laconically. "On Ule roof?" asked the
champion oi law and order. "So,"
said the Labor leader, with a quiet
smile; "not on the roof. I' work on
the floor of this House." Nor wat
this the only time that Mr. Hardit's
unassuming attire bas led to a misconception of his identity. When he
was in Belgium a itW years ago he
was .arrested and detained soma time
on suspicion of being in sympathy
with a notorious Anarchist who WM
tins jp to_fegg$_��tba golfct.    _
d animal can filter
ir lifeA We risj> in
tilize JJis bristl^t to
Who would insa-; r.b that utmlul
nriic>3 could bt; nuul�� tr ui that dirty
skin, and tnat tha lW-.h beneath it
could yield th; m-ist dedioio;-. flavors?
In Iif' the pig is cl very liU'.o u
and is often t ��� o;.u?.e of a gr.'i-. d
of mischief. Ii it lot the pig to dia is
to be bcrn a; 'n into a sphere of
much greater ut iity. Iu life he'is of
ten an object oi ooht&npt; in death
h3 gains greatly in imoortance.
"in a few words I will endeavor to
show how the dead animal can enter
into one ti.-.y of our
the morning and util
orush our i;a:r anu our clothes. : For
breakfast we have a crisp, savory
piece of bacon. We take out our wallet at school and fl^id that it is made
of pigskin. Then the tender pork
chops for dinner send us back to our
work with an increased capacity for
study. When wa return home, to find
beautifully-done pork sausages friz-
sling in the pan, we are in the seventh heaven of delight But our sleep
is disturbed by a last meal of cold
pork sausages for supper, and as wo
lie comfortably in our beds we drows
ily murmur, 'Bacoa, sausages, and
pork chops'. And the cause of all this
is the pig."
Historic Pens.
The r��"n with which the Treaty ot
Vienna was signed is preserved in the
family of VisCount Bangor, and is always used in signing the register
when marriages of members ot that
family take place. Mr. Ward, who
afterwards succeeded to the title, was
private secretary to Lord Castlerea"ih
at the time of the signing of the
treaty, and picked up as a trcasurs
the nen with which it had been signed, ^"he pen used by Charles Diekens
just before his death was sold in an
auction-room lor ��10 10s., although
��40 wss paid for the well-worn gold
pen used by "Bos" for many years..
At the ttl" <H the Dalhousie collection the ouill-pen used by Wellington
W)ien writing to Queen Victoria ill
1844 brought only five and a half
guineas, while one of Sir Walter
Scott's pens, selected by Lord Dal-
hou��:e in 1829 from Scott's writing-
fable at Abbotsiord, only realised
three guineas more.
Memorial to Qsn. Gordon.
Khartoum Cathedral is well on the
way towards comphtion, and it ia
hoped to finish it before nekt winter.
One of the most interesting spots in
the edifice is th; snwll chapel in the
north tra~s?pt���to be known as the
Gordon Chapel. This memorial to
t'aa g-eat Christian s61dier will be
us;d lor oonducting services when
ther? are but few worsh'pners.
Mtsans are busy in various parts of
the cathedrtl, and. the most minute
care is being taken over all the
elaborate work which enters into the
composition ' of the cathedral. A
jeautifnl wooden ecreen is to be
���dected in memory of the late Major
Bulnois by hit relatives and friends.
"hss wil! ��erv<�� to s����srate the chtn-
m\ trom the main body of the eathe-
4ri4.  .
bwm;' ^'y.v-T'V'-'w. jar��tmv&T��nT"aj'!i' ���;��� ���..������
. '^".JLUHa.'.Ji!
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
 %    l'j   | , , -���.- , ,  , %a
The absolute purity and healthfulness ot
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&��$&,      flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for die convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
. . aar^iMraranBiBtT, si '      '
Try tSru
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment that
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are
made in the finest sunlit sanitary
factory in the country. Forget,
also, for a moment that a little
finer flour���a little richer
butter��� a little better
fruit���a little
more care ih
ing are all important details of
the Mooney Method of biscuit
NOW base your opinion
of Mooney's Sugar Wafers
i��\ solely on  their taste.   We
are confident  as to the
the outcome of
this test
*.-. jffe'
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cars
That's the way tbe deli-
dons flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers is preserved from the ovens
to your table.    It's expensive for ns
���but better for the Sugar Wafers.
The cars are especially constructed, so when traveling from Province to
Province, the temperature is always
uniform.   We are the only biscuit
in Canada
shipping its
goods in Its own cars.
The   Sugar Wafers
keep flaky and   fresh ���crisp
and whole.    Their enticing flavor
is retained to the last crumb;* *
Try a package today. 10 and 25
centa in dainty* dust and damp-proof
Your grocer has them.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Co., Ltd*        -���
Your Advertisement In the
Daily News is a Salesman-���
. ***,��**���= ***     *ai __| _��,._,_��  claim to bave been potrnwd of at minor works���by a combined Russian  th* Bronx, wbo, while coiled to strike,
TbAj IMHIV     N6Wi   least tome ot ***** attribute* in the  aad  Roumanian  force of 12,000 men.   w_g frightened by a keeper, and no*
' many   campaigns    through   which   I  i rod* at spe��d across an Intervening  cannot uncoil'himself.   The snake In
. 5        t   .^_..l__u   ...ffl.U.1   a# . ii a .��._  ��- -   j n._l.. UU^J .    .^Uj      '._ a. ii_A-t.Aj    _..*lA.
have passed.   I acquired sufficient of ��� valley, under the fire of Russian siege'
four languages to get along with; I  guns and ths answering missiles from
am a fairly good horseman��� I learn-
at their office*.' e(j to ride ln a circus���I have been
wounded t(uee times, and made double that nnmter of narrow escapes
from instant death ln the fleld, have
Manager < ridden one horse, and on another
' occasion traveled night and day by
steed and open boat for four consecutive days, with snatches of sleep and
fragments of ; nourishment, and
scored at the telegraph office.
Tlie greatest battle in which I took
part was that of Plevna, ln Bulgaria,
during    the   Rosso-Turkish   war   in
tbe Turkish batteries���in Itself ^ curious sensation .which orfg did not
stop tb analyse. "
I was Just Ut tlm* to se* tbe attacking lines emerge' from the deep
scaurs and ravines on the hillside
with bearer-parties carrying scaling
ladders and gabions. Tbeir advance
in converging formation up the steep
slope toward the redoubt and the'
minor defences, was covered by a
fiery cannonade from the siege guns
and the Russian; and Roumanian Held
batteries on commanding heights ln
1877-8.    Let me recount a couple of  the rear which shattered tbe parapet*
episodes  ln    that    historic    engage-  0f the great earthwork,
ment: 'I The  Crowning Assault.
.  The Russians had been worsted on |    On this occasion, Instead of look-
two previous occasions at the same  lng down into an abyss as of a smok
caused '��POt, and Osman Pasha, the Turkish  lng volcano, I had to  look upwards,
"  I J a.��J       ... I * 1~       ......a *       wm 111 ������� f*ir    ' lit.     _ __.     ��� ��� J     a U a n     a     ..it-, mt     i*a*    m/in     *__*��%_
Tbe recent railway strike, and the
deplorable dislocation ot transports
tion aai Mostly which it cause , com^ande_( had wltll great military j with now and then a view of men re
has convinced the BrtUsh govern- gklH gtrengthened the position which | fracted by the mist into <th�� sem-
meyat of U�� mm* of some legislative . threatened the right flank of the Rus-. blance of giants flghting ln mid-air.
action having tor Its object the mini-' sian advance across the Balkans into The scene was weird, all the more
* ��� .��� ��r -mm* tk. nnivantion of re-' Roumania, by the erection of no few-' so that the discharges from: the guns
BW S wm ���* ^ Iii , i ler than flfffeen -redodbts, and three on the redoubts, as they burst forth
codrse to stick drastic and amu-sociai' tr<mcned Camps, connected by oov- with renewed activity and .{ploughed
methods of settling labor  disputes., ered wav8.   xne Russian commanier,' their way through tbe ranks of their
says the
the Grand Duke Nicholas, had made   assailants,   seemed   like   tharp  light-
alrendy has
her Industrial  preparation*   for  many   weeks    for  nlng flashes which were followed in
~ t. .       .   i.  i. ' what was hoped to be a final and suc-
dlsputes Investlgallon act and it is. cpggful ^^ on ^ Turki8h posl-
worthy of notice that the Canadian . tlon  and the czar, Alexander II., hlm-
leglstntknr ta Ht* direction has been  self came from St. Petersburg to be
the hmplrmtto* of other legislatures,  a witness of the great event.
although not many bare passed acts
Plevna, a Six Days' Fight.
The battle, which practically  last-
quite so ^ompreheiislve as the Cana- ^ fof rfx ^ began Qn September
dlanl $& 4?tor eolony of Australia . 7> 1877 -^^ a preliminary bom-
has an act which Is said to be based j'bardment from a battery of siege
iiDon that of Canada, but it has to be i Buns, and nearly 300 field artillery.
UP��n^T... ^TZ  .h���   * _n_��   The     Turkish      defending      forces
in  the  Australian
Interests   predoml-
remembered that
Tbe government of Great Britain Is
facing, the question In a very serious
mood; it has no mind to permit a
recurrence cf the events which accompanied the strike of the railway
employees if the prevention can be
accomplished by legislation, which,
while not deliberately infringing upon Individual rights or liberties, can
yet replace hot-headedncss by cool
reason and substitute conciliation for
oy\ i antagonism.
It is announced that the British
legislation wlll be at the outset experimental oni;; there will be nothing in th* scheme of a compulsory
nature nor  will  there be   provision
stantadeously by deafening repoits
repeated from the batteries'--in rear
and on elthe r side. The flanking
worka were stormed, and tbe glacis
of the great redoubt was1 reached,
but not before the allies had been
twice driven back by the murderous
fire of the Turkish defenders/ The
attacking lines .were reinforced from
the reserve with which I had been
watching the combat; the glacis was
surmounted, gabions were thrown in-
Amounted to 100,000 men of all arms, to the ditch, the superior slope at-
whlle the allied Russian and Rou- j tained. The artillery ceased, the op-
manlan army numbered 76,000 infan- posing forces met. Soldiers fired
try and 60,000 cavalry, the latter, . their rifles almost point-blank into
however, being of very little effective , each other's faces, and after a strug- j dicussed
use iu the direct assault on well-plan
question is a diamond-backed rattler
some flve feet 1n length, and according to Charles Snyder, the keeper
who frightened him, finds himself
suffering frota self-hypnosis. Many
a time and Oft, as Mr. Snyder fluently says, bas the self sdme snake
fixed bis baneful eyes upon- sparrows,
pigeons or rabbits until the sparrows,
pigeons or rabbits became relaxed as
to their spines atrtT bopped obediently
Ujwardjjim. Now, the hypnotic, habit
being firmly fixed, be himself ls tied
up ln a hard knot because he ls unable to take his mind off himself.
Sir. Snyder believes that If the
snake could only make himself take
an Interest in astronomy, or baseball,
or chess, or differential calculus, long
enough to forget that he ls a snako
and had been frightened he would
uncoil with all the rapidity of a Wat-
erbury watch spring. Mr. Snyder has
put him ln a pail of water, attempted
throwing him on the steam pipes and
played handball with him, but still
the snake persists in bis egotism.
According to the reptile house plotter, the Bnake became colled in the
following manner: Mr. Snyder went
Into the cage, with a piece of soldering iron. Mr. Snyder made three or
four rapid motions with the soldering
iron. The snake curled right up-
New York Herald.
St. John's Que.. Dec. 26.���The mysterious possibilities connected with
the discovery of the skeleton of a
man in the woods near St. Luc on
Sunday last have Increased with the
discovery, beneath a stump nearby
where the skeleton mouldered of a
little hoard of gold, amounting to
$330.. Even after all clews have been
by   a   Jury   empanelled   by
1 gle which, to our thinking, lasted an I Coroner     Chevalier,     however,     the
age, but actually only a few minutes,  man's identity remains still unguess-
the Turks���at least   those   of them  ed.
who survived���escaped into the deep-1    The  weather and  the creatures of
enlng darkness.    The redoubt was in i the   woods   had   long   since   stripped
the  possession  of  the  allied   forces, | the flesh  from  the bones.    The  material of the clothes which had once
ned earthworks,
'There had been much fierce flghting for four days to enable the allied troops to occupy positions commanding the Turkish defences which .
they were to assault. During these together with four Krupp guns and a
days the weather had been wet anil standard, but at the cost of a couple
ccld, and the allies had to He in the   of thousand men.
open without shelter and with very
little food. Just before darkness faded Into light on the morning of the
Is War Impossible?
M. Bloch it was who. in his remarkable book, "Is War Impossible?" sai j
fifth  day a thunderstorm of tropical j that  improved  mechanism   hid   reji:
violence, which had raged the whole  dered  war   an  Impracticable   opera-
night, ceased; but heavy clouds still
overspread the whole sky, and trailing mists lazily clung to the hillsides and filled up the little valleys
between the hills on which the de-
made for compulsory recourse to lt  tensive works had been built.
in cases of industrial disputes. There '    I  'e���?rlked ���to  Colonel  Wellesley,
,,, ,. .  *   ... . ,,    - _.���.i   the  British  military   attache,  that  lt
will be an. industrial council created j was on a mornln/8uch ag [Ma that
with power to hear cause regarding the Russians had made their silent,
"stoppages of staple Industries or' determined, but eventually fruitless
trade*' auxiliary thereto," or any dis-' attack on  the  British   lines   on  the
heights of Inkerman during the Crl
mean war. Was it an omen? The
colonel and myself made our way mid
shot and shell to the crest of the
ildge which overlooked the large redoubt and entrenched ,camp ,'that
formed the center of the Turkish po
tion. Of course, he referred to great
continental wars between first-class
powers, and not to hostilities by a
civilized state against small savage
nations, such as that now going on
against the Abor tribe in the Himalayas by the Indian government. I
can not altogether accept that dictum, even admitting all that Is Implied by the invention of huge Dreadnoughts, fleets and flotillas of sud-
marines, and the use for offensive
purposes of dirigible balloons', aeroplanes, etc. Nor do I believe ihat the
golden age when "sr.eai s Shall be
beat Into pruning hooks ahd gVords
into ploughshares," will come for
many century yet.
Before the employment of ����detti
sitlon, and were wrapped In grey va- armaments when attacks werewiadief
���ho JMtf-. .����r4Md j nor that c<mw aad toil tn told* *w��y, '.ou a narrow frjout atad 4a c!o% aol-
ss  a peacemaker j ���_ hither  and  thither  by  the  thcon-' umn,   lt   waa   convJ-atflmWy   4iAy   to
witness a battle without   getting   tri
close quarters, either with the enemjr
ln.   or   his   d��ith-dealing   missiles,     ^tjt
Tactics  Vary,  Strategy  Never.
What  of  the  comlmtants?    In  the
pute or controversy between employers and employees which "causes
serious Ineonrenlenceto the public."
On the board there will be six representatives of employers and workmen with a permanent chairman, Sir
*imorjus. Askwtth. who
��\tflte a rapotatta
lh IndurtffaT disputes, jBtant  ****?
In the case of a dUpute the board' The Crater of ��eath.
W!�� 1 e,I^We,,Ce fr, T'1 B,de8; I te"a'8 *�� -relleTos^^elfter thing, are different now, ���_ duB
win deliberate npoa. criticise and an- line of Muscovites rushing down the ; t0 the mere spectator is increased
alyse the evidence submitted, and its slope. Into the valley, and ascending , ten-fold. In fact, the percentage',of
Anal verdict will be rendered to that tlle Slaci. of the big redoubt with casualties among war correspondents
democratic tribunal-the people I crle,s of "Ha!" which came now and ',,as ln ���_����** wars been greater thah
Th��� ZjurTiTk!   a..\ agaln  on  the  uncertain  breeze,  and   amonS lighting men.
The function of the board Is. there-   meeting  ln.os  and  groups  of  Turks
fore, not.only to bring reason and lm-   who  Ibodly    rushed    from    the   en-
aartlallty to bear upon the parties trenched camp and redoubt.. Cannon old days when tioops were armed
primarily concerned but to lay before 2nd rlfte fceIched forth sheets of with the muzzle-loading, large-bore
the nubile ks > whole ih�� n��� *nH nan)e-lwW.c1�� for an instant illumin- musket, the combatants came mora
the public ms whole, the pros and ated the edges of the billows of mist into personal. contact, and the cas-
rons orsach dispute together with Its and smoke and disappeared In the U*��W& were sometimes tremendous,
/decision on the case. | grey gloom.   Masses of passion-strlck-   ""
The idea appears to be that the c" .men dasl>ed against each other
final arbiter io .such matters is public! ^m^tiSSS^^ ��' '*
opinion, and in the forming of this | The opposing combatants intermln-
opinion it is advisable and right that Sled and fought desperately with the
all the facts should be laid bare. Few | bay��net. A second anl third time the
Turks,   reinforced,   swept   down   the
glacis  and  attempted   to  drive  their
way through the serried ranks of the
Russians,  but without  avail;   and  at
last,  each  side  exhausted  with   the
vehemence  of  their    exertions    and
-their   heavy   losses,   disengaged   and
retired���the  Turks   to   tfcelr  redoubt
and  entrenched  camp,  and the  Russians to the' long hill on whose crest
covered the body, lay ln scraps about
It, and the watch which the dead man
had worn In life had fallen through
his skeleton and was almost washed
unclcrncalh t'.ie ground by successive
rains. The timepiece had a French
movement. A set of prayer beads
and a prayer book were the only other articles discovered., It Ib assumed from the presence of theac
that the man was a Roman Catholic,
and his funeral service will be conducted In the St. Luc church tomorrow morning. The body will then bo
placed in tbe parish vault at the coroner's disposal until next spring.
The story of the skeleton is a constant topic of discussion In the vicinity of the long undiscovered tragedy.
It will pass Into history as one of the
weird countr.vsl.le tales which finally
developed Into masterpieces of the
Jones bad Just run over to see lf
Mr. and Mrs. Blank would go to the
theatre with'them. Mrs. Blank was
sorry*' but,, forturtately. Blank /was
��**Pro��tfW? he.-jwai at the club.
Ibe Would ^rjephohe. The tollowlng
conversa{lon ensued:
"Halloa!     Is  this   the Club?
Is my husband there? Halloa! Not
there? Sure? Well, all right, then;
but hold on. How do you know? I
haven't even told my name.'
"There ain't nobody's husband
here���never was," was the wise attendant's reply.
if any, strikes could long survive
strong public opinion, and trades
unions and employers alike would
very soon decide that extreme measures on either hand were exceedingly detrimental to their best interests..
The public does not like to be 'inconvenienced, but neither will it condone injustice on the part of employers,'nor arbitrary actions on the
part of employees, and tt will probably be found tbat tbe experimental
legislation of the British government
will become ultimately embodied in an
act proviJing for the settlement of
industrial disputes by compulsory arbitration.
For instance, at Borodino in Najfcf>
leon's Russian campaign, ��� and at Salamanca, they were a third of the
forces engaged. While the seienojr
of strategy remains invariable, witjf:
improved weapons and new englnSh
of warfare new tactics have ta be
adopted. The result is, paradoxical
though it may seem, that the casualties have diminished. After breech:
loading small arms and rifled cannon
were introduced, the losses at Sol-
ferino and Magenta, in Napoleon the
Third's Italian campaign, frere an
eleventh; at Koniggratz, in the Seven
Weeks' War, they were a ninth; at
Mars la Tour and Gravelotte, 1n the
we had stood, and to the shelter of   Franco-German    war  of   1870,    they
""" * '        " ��ere a seventh.    At Plevna over the
whole day of assault the casualties
amounted to a tenth, but In the two
sectional episodes which I have very
the further slope,
All this while shells sung over
head and around; some burst, other
did not.    The fascination of the aw
W. K. Rose Writes of Men Who push
Pencil and Smell Powder.
"The condition, under which the
war correspondent has to undertake
his labors are continually changing
with the varying circumstances under which hostilities are carried on
.between belligeients, says W. K.
Rose ini Everybody's Magazine. The
late Archibald Forbes, who had perhaps a wider experience of war in
more countries in   Europe,  Asia anil
ful struggle swallowed all sense of ��h��rtly described, they were a sixth,
personal danger. Happily, however, \ There were 7000 Russians and llpu-
were unhurt. But it was pitiful to manlans wounded; It was nefej'
watch the return from the crater of I known how many Turks. At Sen-
death of these groups and broken i ova in 'he Bnlkans, the bloodiest bat-
lines stained by the dews and rains   tie    in the war, they    were   a   fifth.
of many a weary day, by the rei
earth upon which they had lain, by
the smoke of battle, and by their
own gore! When not maimed in
body, a deep-seated woe was on their
faces, despair in their eyes.
They had failed in their attack, the
Crescent had triumphed over the
The horror of the scene was increased by the bursting of shrapnel
shell, whicli made havoc with ambulance parties carrying wounded
soldiers to safety. One large segment, which ploughed the ground at
my feet, I afterwards recovered, and
now  use  as a   letter-weight.      Cora-
Africa than any Other member of the
craft before or since his day, said j rades who had gone down unmoved
.that, among otber qualifications, the Into that fearful pit In the valley be-
correspondent   must be    some-1 tween   our   height   and   the   redoubt.
thing of a linguist, should be able to
ride anything from a buck-Jumper to
a camel or a donkey, be conversant
with military operations, possess sufficient courage to disregatd fire when
���duty calls upon him to expose himself to Itl be able to go days   with
crouched under the shell fire. Terror-stricken men looked up with beseeching glance as If claiming heaven's mercy, ind many found an en^
to their suffering's n'l too prolonged.
Assault Was Premature.
Hearts do not harden, but feeling
very little sleep or,food, have nerve | becomes cauterised  under the stress
���enough to write out swiftly what he  of battle.   I^arnlns that this assault
���has   seen, and. endurance,   ingenuity  on the central position had been pre-
-and resource to get the news of vie- I mature and that, an attack wa? to he
tory or defeat to Us paper in fiqm j made on  the Turkish  left���protected
.of all competitors. bv the hip Gravitza   redoubt, one of
A  Correspondent's Qualifications.      the earliest  raised by Osman Pasha
That was mainly because the llus-
sian infantry were armed with an
imperfect breech-loader as commixed
with the American Remingtons used
by the Turks, and a'so localise the
two side's got to absolutely class
quarters. But with high, smokeless,
explosives, melinite shells, magazine
rifles, Maxim and Gatlins; guns, mobile artillery of heavy caliber, a range
of many miles instead of a few thousand yards, and a battle array of as
many miles, the troops t.eing In extended open order with considerable
individual initiative, it would be Impossible to adopt the same tactics as.
twenty or thirty years ago. Otherwise, the attacking force would be
awept off the face of the earth long
before they could come Into person&I
contact for han:l-to-hand fighting with
the bayonet, the lance, or revolver.
The great wars of the future will,
therefore, be very different from
those of the past.
Clearing Out   the
Christmas Line.
See Show Window
The man whose most spectacular
parlor trick consists In the fact of
wobbling his ears while holding ItU
mouth full of bird seed will find much
to   interest   him   In   the  plight  of  a
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New    Westminster.    B    C.
Without being an   egoist., I  mar on a tolerahly lofty hill with flanking' snake  at  the  zoological   gardens  In
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 CarterCotton Blk.
Phone 8eymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Fresh Sealshipt Oyster;
are again on sale by P. Burns^A Co., Limited. Tiy
a quart and be assured they are the besi you have
ever had.
'Mi   4
p I����l ��� l��l.
s wiii
porarlly succeeded by Lord Harting-
ton on account of ministerial dissension*, bad seen forty-two years' strife
in the Commons.
Apparantly Mr. Gladstone bad **t*
A social function will be hell by i n***1* ***** ��P M�� mlnd to ****** *>*
tbe Senior Amateurs next Saturday ln * lett*r to Emt1 Granville be aaid
evening in a place to be decided on lthat be saw no public advantage ln
later by tbe committee which has the j continuing to act as leader of the Lib-
matter in band. Mr. Beaton who is Iena J*'1*. *��A *���* hU retiremaat
resigning the secretary-treasurshlp of i WM ����<*���*���* to him by his personal
the elub, will be there, and all mem-' v,w�� *��� to the bMt method of spend-
bere bf tbe Benlor Amateurs are in-!,H* **>��� cloilng years of hls life. Yet
vited to come themselves and bring u wa�� n<it lon* be,ore ��r.,t��ladstone
their guests. Advantage will be i waB back ln the Po"1'*81 ���*��>�� again,
taken of the occasion to present tho .and from 1879 to W94<. when h* r*
cup won by the club at the Kxhlbi
tlon last fall. This cup was donated
by the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Association to the winner of a
game between Coquitlam and the
Senior Amateurs, which the latter
won by three goals to two.   Mr. Ryall
signed, owing to the 'Infirmities of
age and impaired eyesight, he was
actively engaged in political flghting,
principally ln the cause of Home
From    Liberal    to   Unionist
It was Oilstone's enthusiasm an'l
Hhe president of the cjjib, will make   advocacy    of    tbis    much-discussed
the presentation and hand the. mug
over  to its custodian  for the year.
With regard to the future of the
cup, tbe Senior' Amateurs have consented to let it be offered for competition in tbe City league games of
next season, namely 1911,1912, a fact
which should prove encouraging to
the teams playing In this league.
The silverware Itself will be on exhibition shortly at Mr. Ryall's offlce.
No CMy League game will be
played next Saturday, but tbe Senior
Amateurs are scheduled to play tbe
V.A.C. on that day on the * home
ground. Thl* match should prove a
great attraction to the football' enthusiasts of the city, as a good game
is almost certain to result from the
meeting. When New Westminster
went over to .Vancouver, tbe V.A.C.
beat them by three goals to nil, but
this score does not give a line on
the coming match, as the local men
were handicapped on that occasion,
an.i now they are out to get theli
own back. The fact that they are
playing at home should also help,
especially If they get the support
they deserve on the touch line from
their local supporters.
The Thistles have now ousted the
Celtics from their position as leaders
ln the Senior League. This is the
result of the former having defeated
the Hibernians by three goals to two
on Christmas Day. Westminster
stands fourth In the league with Hibernians at the bottom
measure for the Emerald Isle which
led to the split between himself and
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain in 1886, tbe
year when the sbortest-llved parliament of modern times ended, Gladstone coming into power in November
1885, and going out ln March the following year. Mr. Chamberlain was
then president of the Local Government Board. He refused to follow
Mr. Gladstone on the Home Rule
question and, together with Sir
George Trevelyan, quitted office. It
was over nine years before Mr.
Chamberlain became a cabinet minister again.
It was later in the same year, December, 1886, that Lord 'Randolph
Churchill, who ln August had become
chancellor of the exchequer and leader of the House of Commons, advocated a policy of stringent retrenchment, ! and consequently fell foul of
Lord Salisbury. He reslgne.l, resolving, to quote his own words, "to sacrifice himself on the altar of thrift
and economy."
Ths  8tormy   Petrel.
Lord Randolph's method of announcing his resignation was rather
peculiar. He merely called on the
editor of the Times, told him he had
resigned, and the next day the Thunderer was able to claim a huge seoo;>,
Inasmuch as they had the announcement of Lord RanJoIph's resignation
all to themselves. Although on most
other points he spoke and voted
steadily for the Conservative side,
Lord Randolph was a veritable
i "stormy petrel" when lt eame to tho
Considering   the   condition
ground, lt was a good game in whicb ,
the   Ravers defeated  the  Celtics on '
Christmas Day ln an exhibition matcn
by three goals to none.      Tbe locals |
put  up a good class game,  but the
snow did not help them any in theli
���efforts to play.
| question of voting supplies,
of the]    It is said, of course, that the resig
Music and Drsms,
The advance sale of tickets for
"Polly of the Circus" has proven that
New Westminster people appreciate
tbe efforts of the new management
of the Opera House to provide a good
show In a comfortable house. Those
who remember the Westminster
Opera House In the old days will be
surprised when they step into the
remodelled playhouse and among the
pleasing and comfortable surroundings witness a first class production
such as "Polly of tbe Circus." All
sit,ns point to a capacity house for
Thursday night when his worship
Mayor l.ee wlll officially open what
will really be a new and a fully
mo.lern  playhouse.
Of the opening show, "Polly of the
Circus," It Is sufficient to say that it
ls one of Frederic Thompson's best
productions, equalling that great success "Brewster's Millions." Por
solid year it was played at the Liberty Theatre. New York City, and on
Its tour through the west has played
everywhere to crowded houses. It is
a play that appeals to old and young
of all tastes and Inclinations, for in
Its delineation of human life and character It touches a responsive chord In
��very breast. Ida St. Leon as Polly,
puts life and thrill into every act and
-scene and captures every heart. The
famous St. Leon family will all be
there Including Elsie, the youngest
bareback rider in the world. .. In
the company there is a score of well-
known actors, a number of circus
acts that contribute not a little to the
success of the play. The big "sawdust scene" represents a three-ring
circus in actual operation, one of th 3
most realistic pictures ever shown on
the stage of a theatre. The third
act shows the circus leaving the
"lots" after the night's performance,
while ln the foreground stands Polly
and her lover watching the wagons
disappearing across the hills; one ol
the best mechanical effects that has
ever been produced.
nation of Mr. Balfour bas been forced, to a large extent, by the attitude
of the "Die-Hards," who refused to
follow his leadership with regard to
the parliament bill, and preferred to
range themselves under the banner
of Lord Halsbury and Mr. Austen
In a sense this episode provides
another illustration of political history, repeating Itself, for when Peel,
the Conservative leader, advocated
the repeal of the Corn Laws, in 1846,
and told his ministerial colleagues
that their repeal was inevitable, some
of them refused to go along with him
and consequently be resigned. Lord
Stanley, afterwards the Earl of Derby, with Lord George Bentinck^Dis-:
raeli, and others, formel a "No'Sur-
render" Tory party. However, the
measure for the repeal was carried
and Peel triumped.
Bright   Was     a   Man   of Peace.
Mr. Gladstone, by tbe way, not only
caused Mr. Joseph Chamberlain to
leave the Liberal party, but his Egyptian pollcy in 1882, which lea to the
bombardment of Alexandria, caused
the resignation of Mr. John Bright,
( who waa then chancellor of the Duchy
. <t , of Lancaster. Mr. Bright explained
afterwards that he resigned because
lt was a matter of conscience with
him, as he believed there had been a
violation of both the international
and moral law.
Almost similar circumstances led
to the split ln Beacon field's cabinet
ln 1878 when Lord Carnarvon,
father of the present earl,' resigned
on account of the interference of
Britain ln the Russo-Turklsh war,
Lord Carnarvon strongly advocated a
policy of neutrality^and he was backed up by Lord Derby, who was foreign secretary, and who also resigned
with Lord Carnarvon.
A New Laxative ^^i"*������i��������*��
better than ordinary phytic*.   Whlls thoroughly sftottva, Ihsy nersr
rfe or oauss nausea, aad new loss their ���ffechveosss.   Ons ef Ihs
bast el tha NA-DRU-CO Une.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ZScabex.   If your dmrrUt has not yet stocked thsm, teod 28o. sad ws
will mafl thsm. aaaaaaV 23
Richelieu, a pretty little "place
about twelve tm*** half mtles from
Chinon. in the department of Indre-
et-Loire, derives its name from the
family of Cardinal Richelieu, whose
patrimonial lands extended to sn area
now occupied by part of the town.
The people have not shown any undue haste in commemorating their
townsman, who, after all, stanls In
little need of a monument. A committee has been formed, and bas, appropriately, the high and unanimous
patronage of the Academle Francaise,
which owes its existence to the Cardinal. Other learned societies are represented. It has not been decided
whether the monument will be in
bronze or stone.���London Globe.
"I never yet saw a man who talked
like the hero of a story," aaid Mra.
Robson. /*
���Well," replied "her husband, "I
never saw a woman wbo looked like
tbe picture ln a Ladles' Journal."
Your drusglst will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding .Mies in 6 to 14 days.   50c.
m  cut
Eighty acres in Surrey, well situated, only hai* ������mile .from th��
tram line, snd on a good road. ... ���srtijw*      ���       j
Property ln the vicinity has told sa high aa 0W per acre. Our
price for one week is $76.00. Tbe owner must raise money at once.
Buy this and subdivide lt, and you will make big
-:lr  j.i
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. I. JONES, MgtvJMr.
28 Lome Street New Westminster
For 3 Days Only
Starting Tomorrow
40-Rats, Cats, Dogs-40
Those desirous cf\
obtaining the Best
Business Training
attend the
610 Columbia St.
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
for thp old folks is a good palr<
of  glasses.    Come  to  us  and
talk  it over.    We  will  Advise
you how to please your father
or mother.
The Vancouver Institute
657 Columbia Street.    Upstairs
over Curtis Drug Store.
Phone 296.
Hours:  Daily 9:30 a.m. to 6
p.m.; Saturdays until 9 p.m.
Ws   Also    De    Optical   Rspslr
Work.     ^^^^
The South Vancouver Citizens'
Band will probably appear in New
Westminster on Friday, January 5, according to Mr. Tom Prentice, manager of the bated who was in this city
on  Sunday.    On the occasion of its
The Ladies of New Westminster May Now Have Beautiful Hair. Ryall the Druggist has the Article and Guarantees it to Grow Hair, or
Refund Your Money.
Ryall, the druggist, backed up by
the manufacturers of SALVIA, the
Great Hair Grower, guarantees it to
grow hair.
SALVIA destroys Dandruff in tea
The roots of tbe hair are so nourished and fed that a new crop of hair
springs up,- to the amazement and delight of the user. The hair is made
soft' and  Huffy.    Like all American!
visit the band will form up in front
of the "Dally News" office, jurt will j preparations SALVIA, is daintily per-
i>ara:le through the streets of the
lown. Mr. Prentice, who is also secretary of the Central Park Progressive Association, stated that his band
was always ready to play at any charitable function, and hoped to have
other opportunities of being beard in
New Westminster, with which he1
thinks the growth of South Vancouver ls closely linked, as it ls wltb
Stories of Glsdstone. Churchi'l, Chamberlain arid Othera.
A curious fact regarding ths startling resignation of Mr. A. J. Balfour
as leader of the opposition, says a
writer ln Tit-Bits, is that be is almost precisely th* same age���sixty-
four���as Mr. Gladstone when the "G.
O. M." made his flrst resignation in
1874. While, however, Mr. Balfour
bas been thirty-eight years in political life. Mr. Gladstone, who resigned
���the Libera! leadership and was tem-
fumed. It is hard to Pnd an actress
who does not use SA&VIA continually.
Ladies of society and influence use
no oth��r.
SALVIA is a non-sticky preparation, and is the ladies' favorite. A
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Scobell Drug Co.: St. Catharines,
Canadian distributors.
In Manchuria Japanese settlers are
beginning to build stone bouses,.with
steam heatin.*;. but tbey.are bare'inside. Nor ls this feature confined to
the wording classes. It Is found
through all strata of the population.
The food, save In tbe very highest
classes, is in tho main very uniform;
rice snd green tea, wltb sake U a
stimulant. Among those who have
not yet adorted European fashions,
oven the dress Is in substance tbe
same throughout the middle tflid tbe
lower classes.
New Year
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ilii.t   Ir   i
i        in   t ���
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It to tbs stuff tbat the foun.
datlons of wesltb and happiness are built of.
Money may bs uaed In two ways; to   spend   for   wbat  la
needed now and to Invest for wbat ahall be needed in tbe future.  Money cannot be Invested until it is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Msnager.
Thursday, Dec 28
B.C. Mills
limber and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers aad Dealers la All Kinds ill
��� a**   **__*,!'!. **���- ������*.t.
Royal City Planing Mill* Branch
Greatly Improved
Seats on sale at tbe Opera House,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We are now opening up our new
stock of   ���
If you have not aeen Our assortment you have not seen thj
C.  8.  DAVIES,
32 Sixth Street
for the coming
spring and wg can
supply all -your
wants ib this line
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sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep- alter germs
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Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
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GOLD DUST is a good, honest, yeg&ile oil
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fabric, utensil or
hands.       '
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
.'��� i ���   i i
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval Cake, f
e=-=aag��ilsi�� I     " ���* i 'i'',t
I have just received a shipment of
Bank of Montreal
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Andrew Clausal
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Newfoundland, abe la tBatton, En*
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0JWL, .aad U**h* eb:l!%* s*n*r��X
baakinf bueioese trtbtWsd. Latum of Credit lasaw. tYa&hle wtth
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world. '   fw ���
Savfaia Beak toapattasat-DeposiU
received ta sssiiflif |1 and spwsrd.
M-S Interest alio**? at I *r eent. psr
vuMat (nreeest rwrtl. -:,�����' ��� "'���;>."
' TOai A*** o*sr,*liM*.ooe.<��
9. ft ft*T)��#ER. tfaaatar. PAGE SIX
1. Ct. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 21.���
The regular meetings Hit' this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.Q.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary
U&s. W. BKuTfcN, public stenographer; specifications* business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Phone 415. Rear of fclajor anr
Savage's ofllce! Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
j, STILWELL CLUTE, bsrrlntarat-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
aud Mi'.ienzle streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phons 110. 	
MAKTIN���BarriBiers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Hobnis 7 and i
Gulchon block, coiner Columbia and
McKenzie stieets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Gran-
��� ille street. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
ijumor and
rrilERE are plenty  of  fools Ip th��
world, but the redeeming fen tun
of the case Is thnt eacb ot us has tc
look nfter but one.
*  There ls nothing more piteous that
nn overworked excuse.
Impulis Thst Moved ths British Lan.
��� ctri st Aliwsl.
Tbe Sixteenth lancers, than, .Wbem
tbera is no more famous teglinent ill
the British service, psrfbrmed a fin*
feat at the buttle of ' Aliwal, lu thc
Punjab, in January, 1840.
,,, The gallant -Sikhs had thrown themselves Into*squares and In tbls forma
,tiou for a time resisted tbe desperate
charges of tbe English cavalry Just
as stubbornly'us tbe Britisli lnfnutr.v
^taud resisted the French curnlssiers at
Again nnd again did the Sixteenth
lancers strive to break  through  tbe
masses of the Sikhs, and again nud
Mnn was made to mourn apd womnt   again geore8 of gadjies were emptied.
nnd the^Britlsh were beaten bark with
slaughter. As tbe lancers got close
enough to deliver their thrusts their
weapons would splinter like matchwood upon the stout shields of their
swarthy foes. Suddenly an inspiration
came to tbe troopers.
Without receiving any orders to that
effect, but as if controlled by a unanimous Impulse, they shifted their lances
to the bridle hand nnd charged ln
once more. Tbe Sikhs, entirely unprepared for this sudden and masterly
maneuver, received in their bodies Instead of on their targets tbe spear
points of the horsemen.
Into and through tbe squares swept
tbe Sixteenth, with lances ns crimson
as their tunics. Even so. lt Is recorded that tbe resistance wns so desperate and sustained that tbe Sikh square
bad to be ridden tbrough again and
yet ngaln before It was finally overcome.���Exchange.
to furnish tbe cm use.
Tbe man who thinks he Is raonnrcli
of nil be surveys needs to be careful!
of wbat be looks at,
Being optimistic ls cheerful, but 11
isn't always remunerative.
Maybe some of tbem can't come back
because tbey like lt where they are.
.��   ���
There seem to be a lot of folk whe
Want a commutation ticket into matrl
It Isn't so much knowing n lot ns 11
Is certainty ln what yoa do know.
If you nre looking for trouble yon
need not work bard. You will find
pleuty of help. ,
Tlie mediocre fellow Is the one whe
ls so dead sure tbat he can do some
thing else better.
You can't tell what'll happen and
perhaps wouldn't If you could. ,
Ju.itUJ Uli' TRADE���NEW VV fc.b'1
minster Board of Trade meets in ta,
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Thursday of eacn montn,
quarterly meeting on tbe tniro
Thursday of February, May, Augusl
and November, at 8 p.m. Annua;
meetings on the third Thursday ot
February. New members may b��
proposed and elected at any montn
ly or quarterly meeting. C. 11
Stuart-Wsde. secretary v
Her Handiwork. '
"She Is very proud of her husband."
"Because be made himself what hc
Is. I suppose." |
"No. not at nil."
"For what, then?" I
"Because   she   always   makes   hln
what he isn't"
Different Glass.
You  look through  a glass to discover ���
Ab trackless It wanders afar.
While onward it passes, but not through
those glasses.
That slide to you over the bar.
. hs        i
Arrival: Closing:
SO:00���United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except BundayL,ll:15
12:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. k.
(daily except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11:45
12:00���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
tdatly except Sunday). 11:15
V,'il<���U.uilaii tituUg via G. N. IL
16MB���United States vis G. N. R. '
!���*��*.   ..Jvda}ly ,e\ceut Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points eMt and Europe    (dttily)  :,',;..... 8:15
22:4;;���All points "east and Europe (dally)   13:15
10:18���Sapperton    and    Fraser
l* Mill*      (dally     except
SuSSay)        8:30
10:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills tdally except
Sunday)      14:00
10:18���McKay, Coquitlam   (dally
except Sunday)    8:30
12:00���Central Pork and Edmonds     (dally    except
siuiwT "''~:......'.11.16
14w-=MSast Mrtl&by   (dally   ex-
Stinday)  13:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   13:30
10:oo���Annieville   aud   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday). 18:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tueauay,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. It.
(daily except Sunday)..14:21
11:80���Cloverdale and Port, Kells
via   G.   N.   It.   idaily 'ex-
(dally except Sunday) .14:01
11: SO���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sut-
day        14:00
11:30���Tynehead    (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:0'
8:30���Buraabjj  Lake   (dally  ex-
cent Snid����'     lfi-.oi
0:00���Ahbotsford. Upper Sumas,       ���>
Matsqui,     Huntingdon,
etc.    (daily exoept Sunday)   23:00
16:15���Crescent, White liock and
Blaine Idaily except
Sunday)    9;4t
16:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Pldgn
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday     . 9-41
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mtf
Lehman, ' Idergrove, ot-'
ter Shortreed, Surrey
Centre,Cloverdale,Langley Prairie. Jl tuny vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sar-
. dls, Majuba Hill, Rand.
via B. C. R It. (dailv
except  Sunday)     9:00
11:20��� Rand, Majuba FUI \h
B. C. E. R. (Mondav
Wednesday and Friday  0:00
20:30���Chllllwaok-via B. C. E. H.
(daily evcept Sunday) 1: 3 >
<dally except .Sunday),. 20 :P,o
11:2(1���Abbotsford   via    B.C.E.*.
fdatfy except Sunday).17:30
16:60���Cloverdale;  via   B.C.E.R.   -
(dally except Sundi y). 17: .0
Incident That Hastened ths Success ef
Telephones In England.
Following tbe establishment on a
solid basis of tbe American telephone
system, work for European exploitation
was early bejrun. The results were
hardly encouraging.
Five-eighths of the British rights
were purchased for $500 by a Providence man. says the National Magazine. After working in London four
months lie could not flnd any one who
would put n shilling in the telephone.
An English review said of lt: "The
telephone Is little better than a toy.
It amuses the English, but is Inferior
to the well established system of air
The victory wes won nt last by Kate
Fleld.  who sans "Knthleen  Mnvour-
An Improvement.
"He's a man of genius."'
"ls thnt so?" p
"Yes.    I don't think be could be im-   neen"  orer  ,be  'e!<?Pkone to  Queen
proved upon." 1 .Victoria.    The  tjueeg wasdeligbted,
"I do." : ���    ;��: '. -''.'; V'      j'asked Sell if she might buy Fwd Tefe-
"IIow?" v phones,  and lt  was not long  before
"By having bis genius diluted by a   a"  England  wns interested.    An ex-
Inrgc nnd  weighty share of common   ��|JSSS? w,tfe ten wlrrs was opened ln
sense.'1 '"���"���*'      j London, and in April, 1S70, Theodore
���  * ���&*-���   , ,��ni'-s--?-t AS ?rder t0 the 'nctory in
Couldn't Be Particular. Eoslon ln bis ter*. characteristic wny,
"What is this you bave on tbe table,   "Please make 10O hand telephones for
Mary?" '      , eSport trade as early as possible."
"I bought it for butter." ' "'��� ' \    In the Italian Alps, oa the peak of j
������.r��<\ yon pny reu\ money tor toatT' , Monte Rosa, is tbo highest "telephone
"So indeed. 1 bought it on credit, ln tiie world. Strung nt tbo order of
lf  1  bad bad the cash 1 would have   Queen Margherita. lt took six years to
Insisted ou real butter.'
Part Way. :   ''.Jftoi
I have a jaunty sailor cap��� -*��3*fi*
Becoming,  1 am told. ^.^
It I had but a boat to match   \���,
I'd be a sailor bold. *'f\y
~~~        ' ' ,**-f#>'
, complete tbe connection  between  tbe
I lop of the mountain and tbe queen's
apartments in Route.
Thackeray's Mistakes.
Thackeray probabjfc wrote tbe prettiest and most legible hand of any distinguished author.   But thu master of
Her Position,
"She Is a nice girl, but she cries alt   the easiest and most flexible style ft
the time." ' Englislj.flct.Ion occasionally made care j
"Considerable shower when ,she ia   less  and irritating slips.    He  wrote
n^.ind.''.. ���'���*'* 0, 1 "different to," which is a comciofcliud
'���I should say so."    - "      | quite    unaccountable    irjgfa\e.    and
"She must be the, raining beauty.'
Chance For Practice.
"1   wouldn't   marry  u   man
couldn't look up to." (
"I have you fitted out"
���'How, pray?" %"
"Grab an aviator."    *%.
that I
J h
Scarce Article.
"Have you a good cook?"
"Yes��� we have u cook."
"Why tbe doubting Inflection?"
"Well,   any   cook   may   be calleC
good cook these days."
quite unaccountable Betake, and
"compared to," w^jeb. Is as bad. No
one would iidtK m saying or writing
"csrtffpare thli to that." yet yon flnd
"compared to" ta print every flay In
the week. And he also fell into the
common error of making tbe surname
plural Instead of the preflx-the "Mlss
rotters," for Instance, in "The New-
comes," Instead of the "Misses Potter."
Would anybody write the "Mr. Pot
ters?" Why should the ladles be so
mishandled?���London Chronicle.
"We bave moved about a good deal
In our married life."
"Lived lu many different places, have
"I suppose you know a good deal
about the geography of your country."
"Can't say that we know so much
about that as we do about tbe laws
governing rent."
Some Movement.
"Do you think she wants to get married r
"Sbe would move heaven and earth
for a chnnee."
"Also ber waist line, her eyebrow*
and other features."
An Inference.
"My association wltb bim is a bright
���pot tn my life."
-You must have painted tba tows
The Fruit Cuckoo.
The Indian fruit cuckoo, which, like
all members of the cuckoo family, lays
its eggs ln the nests of otber birds aud
thus avoids the trouble of batching
tbem. ls sjjld to exhibit a great deal of
strategy ln dealing with crows, its natural enemies. Whereaa the hen. un
Inconspicuous, speckled grny binj. cou
tenia herself in the foliage, tbe cock,
remarkable for hls brilliant black
plumage and crimsou eyes, places himself on a perch near a crow's nest nnd
sets up a great racket The crows immediately rush out to attack bim. and
he takes to flight wltb tbem in pursuit
Tbe ben meanwhile slips lnt6 tbe nest
and deposits an egg. Sometimes tbe
crows return before the egg Is laid,
and then tbe Intruder gets a trouncing.
A Link With Primitive Times.
All ceremonial maces st court. In
parliament, of learned societies and
municipal bodies, fleld marshals' batons, gold and sliver sticks, etc.. are
descended from the heavy flghting
sticks and clubs of primitive savages.
Tbe chiefs always had the best carved
clubs, wbicb were the symbols of
prowess nnd authority. The Australian boomerang nnd ths Irish shllialab
are both maces.���London Standard.
Alto ths Whale.
A Kansas fisherman declares tbat a
catfish will pur like a tomcat when It
In stroked tbe right way. Did be ever
try stroking n German carp and bearing it sing "HI le. bl loT'-Kansas City
Star. And did he ever stroke a whale
rnd hear it spout?���Cleveland Plain
Dealer. ;
Everr ran has n fair turn to ba as
1 fivcil r.s li? p'.sr.sts. -'Collier.     -���
* I
ew Year
Will Soon be Here
The time when the bells
ring the old year out and
the new year in is considered most opportune for
the occasion of gift-giving
and expression] of most
friendly greetings.
Who advertise in columns
of the Daily News greatly
assist the gift-giver by
suggestions for the selecting of worth while presents; and incidentally, a
healthy commercialism is
Cannot afford .to postpone
making their New Year
purchases; the duration of
1911 can now easily be
measured by hours.
Advertisers in the Daily News are reliable and merit your patronage. *******
m _
By-Law Af**...
A By-law to authorize the Corpor i-
tlon ot the  District   of  Burnaby  to
��) enter into, and execute an agreement
with  the 'Burrard  inlet  Tunnel  and
( Bridge Company for the purchase of
share* in the capital stock   of said
Company. .
, The Municipal Council of tbe Cor
poratlon  of  the  District  Of Burnaby
���enacts as follows:
1.   Authority Is hereby given to the   tiirnlngTofficer~to "take
Reeve and Clerk of the Corporation
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.  INLKT TUNNEL.  &   BRIDGE   COM-1 purpose of iprmlng a sinking  fund
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burqultr   PANY LOAN BY-LAW 1912." . for the payment et. the said   .'.eben- ���	
lam.                             "                                    Done and ^PASSED In Open Council   tares and the sum o?"T#o Thousand, He Lot  28,  n  subdivision of  Lots  1
Dundonald School, raser Arm:      .^fthe JSIgbtfcejiUndaj^of December, A.   Two Hundred and Fifty dollars  ($2,- Mid 8 of Lfit Si, Group 1, New West-
Barnet Hall,' Barnet.                 ���'       j p. 1811.                                                    260.00) for the payment of tbe inter- minster District.         ""*   ���
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-j     RECEIVED the assent of the Elec- J est at the rate aforesaid, the aaid spe Whereas proof of tbe loss of Cer-
1 aby.                                                            I.tors at an Election for the purpose on : cial rate to be tn addition to all other tiflcate of Title Number ly.lF  issued
day   of
A.  Dj rates  to  be .levied  and  cpllecte^ In   in  the  name of  lbe Corporation  of
| the sal.1 Municipality during the cur-1 the   District   of   Burnaby,   lias   teen
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.  . ; tire
Lakemere School, Dutftltt* 1191-
Publlc Notice is hereby given that |     RECONSIDERED and finally adopt-1 rency of the said debentures^ any j Hied In this ofiice.
the vote of the Elector! of the PIb-  ed  by the   Council, signed    by   the I of them. ��� !    Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
tiict of Burnaby will be taken on tbe   Reeve and.ClAft'anl Seale.l with the'     3.   This By-law shall take effect on  at the expiration of one month from
abpve-mentioned  By-law  at  the time   Corporate Seal on   the4��-��r day   of  and ��{ter the Bajbteenth day of Jan-  the date of the flrst publication here-
ahd place above mentioned, and that'��� , A. D. 191���.���" |jiary A'*B. 491*. jof, in a dally ^newspaper published la
4.    Tbls By-law may be cited for all  the City oT New Westminster,    Ibsuo
A. G
Moore has been appointed Re-
the    vote of I
C.M.C.  Peeve.
to sign on behalf of the Corporation
and to seal with the corporate seal
an Indenture of agreement between
the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company of the one part and the Corporation of the other part in the
terms of the Schedule appended to
this By-law, and authority ls heteby j
given to the Corporation to enter In-
to and agree to all tho provisions of I
said agreement.
2. This By-law may be cited as
. "The Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
' Company  Aid  Bylaw,  11)11."
3. This By-law shall come into
operation on the date of tti receiving the assent of the Lieutonant-Ucv-
crnor-in-Councll by order In councl!
to that effect.
Council the Eighteenth day of Decern
ber, 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors on the  'day   of   .
passed the   day of ���
THIS INDENTURE dated thi3 ���day
of , in the year of our Lord,, oue
thousand nine hundred and ���.
incorporated as a Railway Company by a charter of the Parliament of Canada, hereinafter referred to as the "Company'
of the ONE PART.
DISTRICT OF BURNABY, hereinafter referred to as the "Cor-
Take  Notice  that  tbe abovd   ls  a j purposes as   the   "BURNABY   SIDE  a duplicate of the said Certlflcate, un-
siich electors   with the usual pewora , true copy of the proposed by-law up��n | WALKS EXTENSION BY-LJW 1912": 'ess In the meantime valid objection
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
W. GRIFFITHS, clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20, 1911.
���i '''���'.
By-Law No.,..
which   the  vote  of  the   Municipality !     DONE    AND    PASSED    tn    OpeiiT be made to me In writing.
will  be taken  on  Saturday the 13th ' Council the Eleventh day   of Decern- C. S. KEITH,
*  '   ber A. D. 1911. District Registrar of Titles.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec- \    Land  Registry   Office,   New West-
tors at an election for the purpose on   minster, B. C, Dec. 21, 1911.
the ��� day of A .D. 1912.	
By-law to enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to raise
by way of loan the sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($.r.0,000.00) to
purchase ptoek in the Burrard Inlet.
Tunnel und Bridge Company.
whereas a ietition dated as to
each signature and signed by the own-
j day of January, 1912, between 9
I o'clock a. im. until 7 o'clock p. m.
i at the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,   Central   Park.
I    Mr. Tor; ingV Office, East Buinaby.
Hamilton     Road    School,   Burqult-
I lam.
Dunionali School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet  Hall,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-
I aby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Publlc Notice Is heieby given that
I the vote of the. Electors of the DIs-
i trict of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law  at the time
ers of mote tlianone-half of the real!.. .    , . ,   ,
properly  In   the  District of  Burnaby j ?d���P ��C1.    ^ ,nentloned' a.n* tbat
1 us shown by the last revised assess-
j ment roll has been presented to the
| Council of the said District request-
i lng them to Introduce and pass a by-
I law to authorise them to borrow the
���um of Fifty Thousand Dollars  ($50,-
1000.00)   to  be  expended   In  the  pur-
| chase of stock or shaies in The Bur-
; rard   Inlet  Tunnel  and   Bridge  Company  incorporated  by  Act of  Parliament of Canada.
AND WHEREAS lt Is necessary to
. raise the money required to defray
I the above expenditure upon the credit
��� of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It will be necessary to raise annually by special rata
the sum of Five Bundled and Twenty-six dollars and Seventeen cents
($52(i.l7) principal and the sum of
| Two Thousand, Two Hundred ani Fifty dollars ($2,250.00) Interest making together a total amount annua! ly
of Two 'thousand, Seven Hund;ed
and Seventy-six dollars and Seventeen cents ($2,77(i.l7) for the term
of forty years for the repayment of
juration" ���, yKara ,���,. ule , mw
ot the OTHER  PAKl,   ,he sa]d ,oan and ,nterest themm aj
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
In that behalf.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS    Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20. 1911.
By-Law too**.*
RECONSIDERED and Anally adopted  bf the   Council,    Signed by    the
Re<��ve and Clerk and Sealed with'the,.,       ,��,.,.      ,      . ���   . . .   ^,
Corporate Seal al. cn the - day of| New "VlEPSZ. ^it?}*���' **
��� , A. D. 1912.
trlct of New Westminster.
C.M.C, Reeve.
Take Notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon which the vote of the Municipality
will -h* taken on'' Saturday, the 13th
day of January 1912, between 9
o'clock a. m. untll 7 o'clock p. m. at
the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds,
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam. .
Dundonald School, Fraser Artn.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, NortU. Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Puthle.
Pubjlc Notice is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A Bylaw to enable the Corporation A. G. Moore has been appointed Re-
of the District of Burnaby to raise | turning Officer to take the vote of
by way of loan the sum of $50,000,- such electors, with the usual powers
00 for the purpose ot providing and   in that behalf.
J.  W.  WEART,  Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20. 191.J.
Take notice that I. Walter S. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupa:
tlon broker, Intend to apply for permission to lease tbe following described land.
Commencing at a post plantedgtone
and a half miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains north, tbence
80 chains east, :lience 80 cbalns
soutb, thence 80 chains west to point
of'commencement and containing C40
acres more or less.
Date, September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant (in full).
S.S. Prince Rupert
3500 Tons; 7000 Horsepower.
Holiday Excursions
itg by steamers December 23 and 30.
Ask about our service and make reservation^ early.
8tewsrt, Queen Charlotte Islands and
points east of  Prince Rupert on the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern destinations via the Grand Trunk Railway
system Double Track Route. Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Meals a-la-
WHEREAS the Company has been
Incorpated inter alia for the purpose
of undertaking the erection of a Joint
heieihafter mentioned,
AND WHEREAS the net value of
the whole rateable land in, the Municipality according to the last revls-
traffic and railway bridge across the ed assessment roll amounts to Eigh
Second   Narrows   of    Burrard    inlet teen    Millions,    Five    Hun lied    and
from  a point In the  Municipality of Twenty Thousand   Four Hundred and
Burnaby and Hastings Townsite to a Foutteen  ($18,520,414)  dollars.    ���
point  ln  the  District of  North Van- AND WHEREAS the total existing
couver and the construction of suit- debenture debt of the Municipality is
able railway works to give connection One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
with railway  systems on the   South Thousand,    Five     Hundred     dollars,
Shore and for the opening up and de- ($1,208,500)    exclusive   of   local    im-
velopment of the North Shore of Bur- provement  debts  secured   by   special
rard Inlet.                                                 I rates or assessments  of which  non.'
AND    WHEREAS    the    whole    of or the principal or interest ls ln ar-
said  works are so situated as to be rears.
of great value to the Municipality of
Burnaby and the Corporation has
agreed to aid the said Company by
subscribing for five hundred (500)
shares     of     one     hundred     dollairs
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
paj ment of interest and tbe creation
of a sinking fund for the payment
of ttie said principal sum of $50,000.00
it will be necessary to levy a special
($100.00) each ln the capital stock of  annual rate sufficient to taise the sum
sail Company. 10l   TWP   Thousand,   Seven   Hundred
AND WHEREAS the price ir value   and   Seventy-six  dollars   and-  Seven
of said shares is fifty thousand dol-  'een ���n*** ($��,H617) the amount to
lars   ($50,000.00). therefore the Com-  Jjf ^a���lc^ie.<J, an,^a,1'L��Il.i5J W.^��!e
pany   hereby  agrees  to  sell  to   the  "   ''" "' ''    '"'"'      *
Corporation and the Corporation
agrees to purchase of and from the
Company five hundred (500) shares
ot one hundreed dollars ($100.00) each
of the capital stock of the Company
at and for the said price of fifty
thousand dollars ($50,000.00) subject
always to the terms of the Act of Incorporation of the Company and to
the following conditions, namely:
1. Tbe said price shall be due and
payable to the Company within two
(2) months from the date .of tbe assent of the Lleutenant-Governor-ln-
Councll   to ithe   By-law   authorizing
of the rateable land comprised with
in the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tlie
District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
wfcy of loan from any person or bod)
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same upon the
credit of tlie debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50.-
000.00 and to cause the same to be
laced in the Royal Bank of Canada
the execution of this agreement and j f ��"�� "ty of New Westminster Brit-
upon payment of the said price and ����'�� Columbia to the -credit of the
In exchange therefor the Company j ���*"I Corporation for. the purposes and
shall Issue and make delivery to the *'"�� th* �����*���<*��� ,ab0*e, wj '����>�� ami
Corporation of the share certificates l<> iasue any number o debentures ol
for said shares in the capital stock JgJ said torporatton to the sum of
ln valld form $50,000.00 ln the whole ln accordance
2. 'In respect of the said Corpora-! ?��h the "Municipal clauses Act'
tion holding the said shares in the AND th,, aald ^bentures ���&���� b�� '*
capital stock of tbe Company and , ��fjto consist of 02 debentu.es, eacu
while the same are so held the Reeve ��* the denomination of one hundred
of the Corpomtlon shall be and net f"���"" stfer,,'��s <��10��> afn���� ����� *
of the directors of the Com* benture of   the amount of ��<3-19-6,l.
ns one
3. The Company agrees within
ten (10) months of the date of tho
assent of the Lleutenant-Governor-
ln-Council as aforesaid to commence
and proceed with the work of tlie
construction of the said bridge and
to have duly completed and ready for
traffic the said bridge and at least
four (4) miles of connecting railways
being the Sterling equivalent of $50.-
000.00 at the rate of $4.8fi% to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable
ln Canadian CuireiK'y computed at
sueii late, and such debentures sh:ill
have annexed thereto coupons expressed both in Sterling and Currency
for the interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4^i)  per een
before the lapse of three   (3)   years  turn per annum payable half-yearly on
from the date of the said assent df  ,hp "oth da>   of J,me and the 31st.
the   Lieutenant-Qovernor-ln-Cbunoil.
4.   As regards the Corporation thi3
day of December In each year.   AND
such Sterling debenuties shall be de-
agreement ta provisional on the as- Hvered to the purchasers of the said
sent being hadTf the electors .of the I ^entu.es and.bo h ej, to principal
District and the passing of the Loan 1 ffJ��J^.^U w.b..^ t��.
By-law to provide-the funds and also
on this agreement receiving the assent of the Lleutenant-Governor-ln-
Council and falling any of these
events then this agreement shall be
Ipso facto null and void.
pany    and    the    Corporation   -lmve
caused    their    respective    corporate
seals to be hereunto affixed.
Tbe corporate seal of the
Burrard   Inlet   Tunnel  and (SEAL)
Biidge Company was hereto affixed in the presence of
The corporate seal ot the
Corporation of the District .
of Bumaby was hereto af- (SEAL)
fixed in  the  presence   of: i
Lcnjlon, England, or in Torputb, Mon
treal or in Varicou\er, Canada, or"In
New York, at holder's option. "AND
the principal of the said debentures
shall .be'payable cin the Thirty-first"
day of December, A. D. 1951.
2. There shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all rateable land within
the Limits of the said Municipality
the sum of Five Hundred ani Twenty-
six dollars and Seventeen cents
($520.17) for tbe purpose of forming
a sinking fund for tbe payment of the
building additional Bidewalks within the Limits of the Municipality.
WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars and
Five cents ($2,497.05) principal and
the sum of Two Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars interest making together a total amount
annually of Four Thousand, Seven
Hundred and Forty-seven d;!lars and
Five cents ($4,747.05) for the term
of fifteen years for the repayment of
the said loan and interest thereon
as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS ihe net value of
the whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to Eighteen
Million, Five Hundred and Twenty
Thousand. Four Hundred and Fourteen ($18,520,414.00) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand Five Hundred ($1,208,500.-
00) dollars, exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments of which none
of tbe principal or interest ls in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the"
payment of interest and the creation
of a sinking fund for the payment of
the said principal sum of $50,000.00 It
will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise tbe sum
of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747.05) the amount to be cal
culatel annually on the whole of the
rateable land comprised within tbe
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Counqll of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts  as   follows:
1. It sball be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of tbe Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or body
or. bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same upon, the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-
000.00 and to cause the same to be
placed in the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to the credit of the said
Corporation for the purposes and with
the objects above set forth and to Is
sue any number of debentures of the
said corporation to the sum cf $50.-
000,000 in the whole In accordance
with the "Munlclral Clause3 Act." And
the said Debentures shall be Issued
to consist of 102 debentures each of
the denomination ot One Hundred
Pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount-;of ��73-19-6rt.
being* tbe Sterling equivalent of $50.-
000.00 at the rate of $1.8.;% to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable
in Canadian currency computed i-.t
such rate and 3uch debentures shdU
have annexed thereto coupons ev.
pressed both in Sterling and Currency
for the interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4%) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day ot June and the 31st
day of December in each year. And
such Sterling debentures shall be delivered to'tbe purchasers of the said
debentures, and both as to principal
NEW YEAR Holidays
Round Trip Tickets for One
Fare and One Third
Re Lot 12, In subdivision 2 of Lot
30. Group 1. Map 478, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number 15308A, issued
ln the name of Olive Bell has been
filed ln this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date ot the first publication hereof, in  a daily  newspaper published
in the City of New Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the said Certlfl
cate, unless ln    tbe meantime valid
objection be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,  New   Westminster, B. C, December 6. 1911.
City Ticket and Freight Offices,
. 527 Granville Street
Telephone:   Passenger, Seymour 7100
Telephone:   .Freight,   .Seymour 3063
On sale Dec. 21 to Jan.
good until Jan. 5.
1.      Return
For tickets and   other    particulars
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Barristers-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc.
Adam S. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building: New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
2163:  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable    Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western   Union.
Varden No. 19, Sons ot Norway,
meet in Eagles hall the flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month at.
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOU8.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for ths Best Work.
Gent** Suits Pressed    -   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
Cleaners & Dyers
G.  F.  BALDWIN,  PROP. ���
345 Columbia Street.
Phons 105.    P. 6. Box *4o.
Office, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.    |
Transfer Co.
uffies 'Pbone IS*. ' Barn   l'aw
Bsgbls Street.
Baggkgs   delivers    pntinntb
*mj part ot '*�� (Bt*
Light and Heavy Hauling
OPPICC- ���?'.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description -.- - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
Gardiner & Mercer
Phons 681. Box 772
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid up 86,200,000
Reserve  ......    7.200,000
The Bank bas over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Paehic,
in Cuba throughout tbe Island;
also in Ports . Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New Tork and London,, Eng,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
bankinc facility.
Naw Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phons 567
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
.��, Coast Service
> Sole agent lor
Hire's Root Beer
and interest sball be payable at the
Bald debentures and the sum of Two Office of the Bank ol Montreal ln
Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty London, England, or In Toronto, Mon-
dollars ($2,250.00) for the payment of I treal or in Vancouver, Canada, or in,
the interest at the rate afore said,, the  New York at holder's option.     And Mineral Waters,    Atta'cl Waters
said special rate to be in addition to' the principal of tbe said debentures
Tako Notice that tbe   above., l*)*-":nil other rates to be levied and col- i shall be-payable oa the Thirty-first
true copy of the proposed .By-law up- lectedJn the said Municipality during day of December. A.D..192&,
on which the vote of the Municipality  the currency of the said debentures!    2.   There shall be raised and lev.
will be taken on Saturday, the  13th  or ^ 0f them. led annually by a special rate suffl-
day of January. 1912. between 9, 3. This by-law shall take effect on dent therefor on all rateable' land
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p. m., at and after the Elghteetth day of Jan- within the limits of tbe said Munici-
nhe rolling places: j ^ry, a. D. 1912. pallty  the  sum ot  Two   Thousand,'        NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds. I    4.   Tbls  by-law may be  cited for  Pour Hundred and Ninety-seven dol-
Agricultural Hall,  Central  Park.      all   purposes   as   "THE   BURRARD lars and Flve'eents ($2,497.05> for the Tsltahons II 118. Olliee: Princess SL
Manufactuisd by
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. snd Fifth Avsnus.
PHONE 870.
For  Victoria.
10:00 A .M.... :Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M..:....��� .-..:...DaflJ
12:00 Midnight. Saturday-Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M...  .Dally
11:00; P. M,...., .Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M.. D��p. 14th, 23rd, 30th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M .. .Dec. 23. January 6th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M. ................. Thursday.
For Upper Frassr Rlvsr Points.
Leave New Westmlnater, 8:00 A.M..
Monday.'Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A. M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, chilling at Qaliano, Mayh^..ld., Hope Bay,
|Port Washington, Ctanea. Hr. Guich-
! eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
H. W, BRODIE,   ,
G. P. A., Vancouver '
: ���"���
Bank of Toronto
'      *        " ���
Many people who haye
' never befofe been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to qpeg a
bank account.
The Baplc of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly.   ::
Business (Accounts   opened
on favorable terns.   ::
ASSETS  $48,000,000
���18 Columns St'est
B. O
V PAte (Min ^y^pn
��� I
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
A. R. C. M.
634 Columbia St.
' ';>"   .-'
Phone 22-23
610 Hamilton St.
Phona R672.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Alfred W. McLeod
Mr. James Oalbraith of Lincoln
spent Christmas Day at his home in
New  Westminster.
Mr. Gil Reid of Barnet is visiting
his parents in this city during the
Christmas   holidays.
Edmonds���Few cheap lots, $350,
|50 cash.    Reid, Curtis & Dorgan. ���*
Mrs. Geo. Rennle will receive In
her new home, 108 Sixth avenue,
from four to six p.m.  on Thursday.
Lost���An elk tooth cuff link. Finder
return to Liverpool Arms and receive
liberal reward. **
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Seaton and
Master Jack Seaton of Vancouver
spent Christmas Day with Mr. A.iW.
McLeod. '
Don't forget to hear the Australian boys at St. Patrick's Hall tonight
at 8 p. m. Tickets on sale at Mac-
Kenzl%'u drug store.    Price 50 cents.
Save money by using Palo Tungsten electric lamp: burns In any position, stands vibration. Call on W.
D. Purdy, sole agent for Palo lamps,
or phone R. 675. ���*
A marriage between Mr . Wes'ey
Flnmmerfelt of this city and Miss
White of Vancouver took place at the
end ol last week. The fair y/orc
married ln the latter city at the
home of the bride.
Tbe Australian Boys' concert ln St
Patrick's Hall this evening starts at 8
o'clock. Tickets are on sale at MacKenzie's drug sto.e, or at :'oor, 50
Mr. and Mrs. D. McQuarr'c will
leave for California on Jpn'iar'- 3rd.
and not Mr. nnd Mrs. Dr. J. McQuarrie,  as   was  stated   in   our last
L. R. ���
Member pf tbe Incorporated Society
of Musicians (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)   j
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint ��� and Musical
Prepares candidates    for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local exam- j
lnations of tne Associated Board of the i
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music.   Has had numerous
successes in past years.
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone L638.
Christmas G
��� If I f
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
We put on sale at exactly half price? the balance of fancy goods, al work baskets, knitting cases, hatpin
holders, calendars, pin cushions, collar boxes, etc., etc. Those who are considering New Year's Gifts
will find this a great chance to save much. .. ^
Call and See These Wonderful Bargains
Have First Choice Today
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
Don a
New Suit
Witli tke
N^w Year
80    VERY,
MAIN- o��' mi(
FOR  1912. .   ���   '
a 'i
Ladies Suits from $35 up
Men's Suits from $25 up
46 Lorne 8treet, New Westminster.
CADBURYS  (English)
ROWNTWeeS' (English)
WEBB'S (Canaan)
POPHAM'8   (British Columbia)
Desoe Hlock   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster. B.C.
i       i i-i.m.iu-.;~i..iJi''-.'"! .'"
Issue, owing to a typographical error.
- Lot 6fixl48, on Eleventh street running through to anothe- full-sized
street practicallv cleared. Price $1600.
Sherriff, Rose & Co., 648 Columbia
street. **
The Australian boys nre due to
Tive I" the cltv aft��r !>���?.() thi? moving. Everyone will devote hlmselt
nnd herself to making these visitors
from the sister dominion welcome,
and a successful day should be ensured.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peebles will
y,ralil i *-*-*<*prttrn Pt V-e'** re"lttcttn"
410 Third street, tomorrow, the 27th
inst., In honor of thp 25th annKer
pary of thpl>- wedding, from three
to sir o'cloc't. when they will be
pleased   to   receive  their   friends.
Mr. W. H. Madi!i. of the local r^al
estate firm known as the Ro'-il Cltv
Rpilty Co.. has announced hts can-
''Mit'"** for "Otmrlll'*" for Ward 3.
Burnaby. Mr. MadlH lives on the
IVuisrliiBs T?oad. His plptform 1s���
"Floual rights to all and special priv
lieges  to  none."
Heidaclio<5 caured from defective
pveslpht. Get vour eves tested hv
a erarluatp optician, rnd htt*-e yniv
ciapcp�� made to suit, satisfaction
ftnrpntppd. W, Oifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's jewelry store.   **
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Hlackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. **
���All tli�� scaffolding in the interior
of the Orera House has been taken
down and it is possible now to appreciate the transformation which
has been made. /The decorators,
however, are still hard at work, but
no doubts are entertained as to the
theatre being ready for the opening
on Thursday.
Sons of Norway, Lo.lge Varden
will hold a social and grand concert
and ball in St. Patrick's Hall. Thurs
day evening. Dec. 28th, at eight p.m
sharp. First-class refreshments will
be served. Good music will be a flne
part of the programme. Everybody
ls welcome. ��� ,
Alderman Brysod's supporters held
a meeting last night, and progress
was made in drawing up a platform
for the mayoralty campaign, whlc'i
is opening. There was a good attendance to discuss the various questions, but the final adoption of tho
different planks will not be made
till  today.
Mlss Jean Connoe, of 008 St. Andrew's street, was the winner of the
$25 prize offered by the People's
Trust Company for the best essay
on "Why a Child Should Have One
of the Firm's Savings Banks." There
were over 200 competitors. The
company announce that they intend
to remember at the New Year every
one of the two hundred.
Mr. Stanley Soanes, of Olds, Alberta, spent Christmas Day with his
, friend,  Mr.  Sutherland,  of this city.
I Mr. Soanes has been travelling
around for the last six months, and
he has learned to appreciate British
Columbia to such an extent, that he
has made up his mind to come and
settle here. He left yesterday for
Alberta, to sell out his interests
there, and to return with his family
to live in Penticton.
The  go-ahe.id  policy  of  thc   management   of   the   Royal   Theatre   la
shown by Its engagement of Graham's
minature circus, to play there for the
last three nights of the week.   Forty
highly-trained   ratst   cats   and   dogs
take part In a wonderful and unique
act.  which   has  aroused   the  a.lmlra-
tion  of  audiences all   over  the  continent.      Two   other   new   arts   are
promised, and all  who kno<>- the r"
cel'enco   of   the   recent   product!��..^ I
f. herck-wlll   not   hesitate   to   pntron|�� I
thl��' ropular   theatre   during   these j
Look !
Hamilton street,   near   Fourteeth
street, good lot on north side.
Blankets, a Great Bargain
Here ls one of tbe greatest blanket bercalns we bave offered this season,  and right now  the  weather
demands warm bed clothing. So  get  here  early  today   and   suppjy your blanket needs.
White Blanket of real Scotch make;  with uncarded surface; extra close finish;   weight about
size ��8x84 Inches;  finished singly; regular $6.50.   Special Sale, perpair      	
Good terms.
Fourteeth street near Tenth iave
nue. Good view lot.
Very good terms.
Major & Savage
After  Christmas  Sale of
Tea Cloths, Tray Cloths and Runners; In drawn
work, embroidered and Battenberg; selection of
sizes; values regular to $2.50. Sale srecial, each
$1.50..    Regular to $1.25.    Sale Special, each, 75c
b. &m,    :
537 Ft ont St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon  I half or whole, lb., lie
Fresh Cod   (half or whole), lb 8c
Fresh Herring, 4 lbs for........ .^5c
Halibut  (half or whole), lb... .Sc
Crabs, two for    25g
Smoked Spring Salmon, lb 20c
Smoked Halibut, lb  15a
B. &  M. Brand Kippers, lb 10c
Bloaters,  lb 10c
Finnan Haddies, two lbs for 25c
Prime  Rabbits, eachr 35c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p.
Women's Fancy and Plain Elastic Belts; good selection of pretty colorings and neat buckles; regular   values   to $1.00.    Special, each    ...50c
Buy Furs at Big Savings
Women's FurB; In marmot, sealette, siulrrell, Slot,
in shades of brown, grey and black; values regular
ta $15.00.    Clearing   Price    $8.50
Big Range of Furs; in assorted skins and shades;
all pretty styles; regular values to $1.00. Clearing
l>rice, each    ���..      *3.50
Extraordinary Low Prices
on Sweaters
Children's Butter and Sweater Coats; with and without belt;' of fine knitted wool; In shades of grey,
cardinal, tan, brown, white; also combination
shades of grey and cardinal, white and cardinal,
and navy and cardinal; sizes fitting ages from 6
to 12 years; values regular $1.75 to $2.50. Special
each     11.25
Women's Sweater Coats; extra heavy knitted; big
range of self shade.?; also combination shades:
with belt; all sizes; regular $4.25 and $4.50. Sale
Special    ��3.25
Women's Underwear
Women's Vests; fine and heavy ribbed; In natural
or white; long sleeves and lace trimmed fronts;
drawers to match; ankle length; open or closed
styles:    values regular 75c.    Special each 45c
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Two Lots
On Eighth
Christmas Perfumes and Chocolates
Comb and Brush Sets, Etc.
(1004) Facing Moody Park. Price
$1000 Each. Terms One-third
Cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ML JEWELER
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Pres. and Oenl. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers and Wholsssls Dsalsrs In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonss Na. 7 and S77. Shlnglss, Sash, Dears, Mouldings, Etc.
New  vv estminster
Head Office, New Westminster.     Rrsnches tt Vancouver
Chilliwack snd A'der prove. B.C.
Westminster branch. ��� Can
leave tor Vancouver at 6, 6:46
a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. ahd every 16 minutes thereafter.
Luln Island branch. ��� Cars
leave tor Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Praser Valley line. ��� Cart
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1-20 and
6.10 p.M; f
Huntingdon and way points,
leaves at 4.06 p.m.
Tbe B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare snd a
third for week end trips to nil
points on Its Fraaer Valley
Tickets will be on aale on
Saturday and Sunday, good tor
return until Monday.
,/{jl��  ;-">>'.:���


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