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The Daily News Sep 21, 1911

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 ^    --��� *- , , NEW WESTMINSTEH,^T^URSDAY MORWINO, SEPTEMBEH 21   jg !	
C9LLAL' JHE^muRiEsjrgDA r, aU
7^TnnJTJf^r^       w  M%jMjair yaam.ll
TAXNgT^THEFogp of thTpeople
TO 5
P atria
H.M.S. Hawke Collides With
Big Liner.
������ ,To?ay re��,8t*��� the fate or future
M..h.p Occur, in th. 8o,e���t ,���d the Se^aWWpS!^0^���
waged In the Dominion o" Canada has
Arrangements Are in All, Ways Com-
plete���Oliver'. Whirlwind
Great Ship |s Beached���Later
In Drydock.
been   in   progress   during   the past
few weeks.
After  the  monster meeting Leld
t v.the ��Per* house last night when
* m ma. a. ^ a.*. ^ k       a.0ttJ*er'   th*  LlberaI   candidate,
���������������������������������������^# brought W* cft��Pafini to a whirlwind
nnlsh,  the ��� reciprocity leaders
Reciprocity i. the IMue and Honert John Proved it Would
Mean a Rich Harvest for Canada-Taylor's
Meeting Snowed Under.
Orotic Messure. T.ken to Put Down   ^^^^ * ?*** fr��m B��*t to
Continued   Rioting���Whole  Situa- Scow Falls.
Among the   passengers   on
board the   Olympic,    on their
homeward voyage, when   that
great ship was rammed by H
M.    Cruiser   Hawke   in    the
Solent yesterday, were the following   from    New    Westminster:    Mr.    and    Mrs.   C.   G
Mnjor,   Mr. and   Mrs.    T   R
Pearson,  Dr.  and   Mrs.   Drew
Mrs. C. Watson and Miss Watson,   Miss   Drew,   Miss   Dati*
phlnee and   Mrs.    Gordon,   of
Burnaby.      The    whole    local
party, including a    large   contingent from  Vancouver, numbered about thlrtv all told
# ...,.Bi.,   me  reciprocity  leaders     here
��� a1e J" a   m0Bt   confl<ient    frame of
��� ,* M to the result In Westminster
* riding. They predict a sweeping majority both for their candidate and
ej for reciprocity throughout the Do-
4,  minion.
+      Organization for getting   the   elec-
* tors to the  polls  is  very    complete
****  and it is hope! to have every    man
��� i!WJ,!,h- '" on th�� llBt cast Ms
ballot before the closing of the polls
at five o'clock. Predictions are that
a very heavy vote will be cast
tlon Alarming.
Madi id. Sept. 20.���A strong force of
cavalry is being held    in    readiness
here to sweep the streets clean    of'
rioter, at tbe first sign of an   anti-
house last night was a triumph. This ��T finuwnfft vmv^ h,mBelf t0 sovernnl��nt demonstration. The pave
was true in much more than what' ter of ?h�� �� .ta'?er,and a Pa8t mM" ?enta are ke��" 8anded to r re ventthe
might be ordinarily understood by tl?e 'outset he said        elofu,lon     A< "'��  horee8 fr,,m *"""w
Portsmouth, Sept. 20.���Because of
the distressful plight of the passengers, and the consequent necessity of
towing slowly, tugs from the fleet are
being sent out tonight to take th-
passengers off the Olympic. Quarters
have been secured for tliem In hotels
here and they are being hurried
ashore with hand baggage
London. Sept. JO.���Upon leaving
Southampton today for New Yor't
with every berth fillej, the White
Star    liner    Olympic,     the      largest
TOULON, France, Sept. 20.���A gun
on the French armored cruiser Glolre
I burst today and   13  members of  the
crew  were injured. .
Remember the Hospital Ball
. V^paratlon. are rapidly being' conceded to make the Charity Ba'l to be
given in aid of the Royal Columbian
hospital  one  of  the  most
social   affairs   that   have
attempted  iu    the    citv
which  will   be  held   In
ball on the evening   of
elocution. At the
term. There wai' iTrtreMih In T ".'iif6.1 Be "ald in a vo,c�� *hich ckr
acquired by fo?" Sf numbers AM rim. ^hTT ',8tfner' that *����� *���
there was a deeper and more sl^Hi   IS-* wbwl.lle arrlved ln ��aM*ni Can-
^SLUS^SfaJS' * '"* ""frr* m bil sw5Jff(J��i"
arsr ssuirta tuts: 'sxsx ssn* �� 5--
ever   beeu
The    ball.
St.   Pat ick's
Is given un'er the auspices
or the women's auxiliary, and it is
very much hoied that, alf who ro siblv
witnessed in New Westminster for
SP? >ears- The 'nimense crowd
filled every space an 1 many, unable
to obtain even standing room inside
surrounded the front of the hall outside. In the presentation of his argu-
ment Mr. Oliver was at his best, his
address being remarkable for its
simplicity, its candor and its Irrefut
able truth. There was that
which appealed to the reason
the heart.    Without    prejudice
In it
i    ���-,, i       ";.",_, a  P'tched  battle
,h .      **.   oujjyun  Is not improbable.
h,.�� Lc0" e,Dt.lons had thwarted    the      Wires were cut by the rebels     so
business of the house    by    methods  that   no   details   from    the   terror
^vJr���� ,he 'fa8t of U' were fir 8trlcken di8t,tct are obtainable hi���
removed  from  parliamentary.    There I Latest   reports,   however^   state   that
apparently    a    great    mlsunder-  the cavalry and police  in
horse, from .Tipping'" """���-"���� th*
More than 300 prominent radicals
were arrested today, among them being Vice-President Cabellere, of the
general labor union.
Madrid Sept. 20.-The centre of toda) s uprising In the revolution that
hreatens the Spanish throne is at
Valencia Premier Canalejas was advised today that 2600 revolutionists
with a former army officer leading
them are marching there. The revolutionists hope to conti ol Valencia
andI direct their campaign from tbere.
Additional troops were rushed to   the
MnL**, ?��n a" the dePartment was
informed  here, and
Every Effort Made to Save Him, But
Body Only Floats a Moment-
Thought Head 8truck.
standing as to who was the respon
s ble parties, in Canadian political
circles, who engineered tlie suggested
reciprocity pact. He wanted to tell
them that the channel through which
all   the   introductory   matte.s   flowed
fffefl WS* he^amincTrhe cS (Xe'S,. tojSg JS&\JS^n
on  which the opposition    asked    ths Ithe business of the
not    in
support of the people, and exposed j Ottawa or Washington In London
tsemp iness, its hypocricy and its the matter was noroughb threshed
SSL^JSg   ��L���1 �������  ��l:l   com-   out by some of the mostS lie   ta^
desperate "charges,""dispersed86rioters'
who controlled the Plaza Del Mer-
cados at Valencia.
Troops hold the approaches to the
Alameda and Botanical Gardens at
the University of Valencia, which is
being heavily guarded.
Two torpedo boats
Villa Neuva Del Grao
seaport of Valencia.
were    sent  to I
Thomas Fenton, the only son ot
Captain Fenton and Mrs. Fenton, of
New Westminster, was accidentally
drowned in the North Arm of the
Fraser river last night when he was
attempting to Jump from the steamer
uive to a scow alongside the
steamer. The fatality occurred Just
below Eburne at about seven o'clock,
and up to a late hour the body had
not been recovered.
Those who were with Fenton at the
time of the accident are the authorities for the statement that he was attempting to jump from the steamer
to the scow an 1 that he fell short.   It
s also presumed that he struck   a
log or a pile in his fall and that ho
was thus rendered unconscious    Tbe
body was seen to   float   for   a short
time and ropes were  thrown out in
an attempt to save the man, but he
failed  to  respond  to  the  efforts of
those on the steamer.   After the bodr
had  disappeared  some dragging was
done    with    hooks,    but ail
proved fruitless.
appeal  of  the  op-  men the world  had
steamer afloat, was rammed bv the ' can wl" atfend, so thut a substantial
big Hritish cruiser Hawke. and onlv I 8llm ma-v ** realized for the hospital
the quick beaching of the liner pre- !the greatest of all charities, which la
vented what might have been one of ' ff<Hjr"la need of funds and gifts of all
a drydock    at
the worst marine disasters In history
The Olympic was later removed to
drydock at Southampton, and the
Hawke, which was also badlv
aged, was placed in
Among the passengers on the
Olympic were many prominent persons, including William Waldorf
Astor, George F. Baker, President W.
C. Brown, of the New York Central
railroad; Charles P. Bryan, of Chicago, who Is transferring as Vnlted
States minister to Belgium to be ambassador to Japan; Richard Croker,
Jr., Frederick P. Duryea, George P.
Ide, Clarence II. Mackay, Felix Warburg, Harry Payne Whitney, Harry
Widener and Frank  Munsey.
The Olympic had Just left Southampton with its load of returning
American tourists and entered the
Solent, which swarms with shipping,
rt was in the Solent that the American liner St. Paul was rammed bv a
British cruiser a few years ago, during a blizzard, and many persons
were drowned.
Tbe steel prow of the warship
struck lhe Olympic squarely cn the
starboard quarter. Collision signals
were given, but men and officers in
all parts of tho shin felt the jar so
distinctly that they immediate')- mad'
ready for the emergencies. The bulkheads of the liner automatically
closed wilh the heavy jolt of the collision, yet water rushed In like a roar-
in.'; freshet.
Women Panle-Stricken.
Lifeboats an 1 rafts were manned
and Stewards went about among the
frightened passengers assuring them
that (here was no danger. While
many women were nearly panic-
stricken, most of the cabin passengers
showed r?emarkable calmness.
Commission     on     Returned
Loot is Ten Per Cent.
astute states
i-������,, ,, *i                '   ',,       .,     ,7. ever kn��wn and   rioters      during the     nitht       Th��
founded   on     any | then the British ambassador at Wash- I thoroughfares on the outskirts 'of tha?
,   -      -                                    city are hell  bv angry stiikers
Oliver.   Doing so they would be bene
firing  the  party  and
mon   sense.    The
position - was   not
c^d^S'Vw^un^ iiP"r,::��"! "f ,h" '*'""���""����<
which yawned over an
which is    the I    A.lu last accounts it was  said that
another  attempt   would   be   made  to
Saragossa    is also    tha    scene   of   .r,e,cover the body at the slack of the
grave  disorders.    Cavalry    dispersed   tiJ6-
in London.
Voung Fenton was but eighteen
years of age. a-native son of Westminster, and he was the only son cf
(���aptain  Fenton,  which  adds  to    the
Normal at Bilbao. ,     ,  ��    .,..-
Bilbao. Spain. Sept. it).���The situa-  fe8S of hls drowning. He was well
t on here appears normal todav   The   't.1!own ,n  the- city and popular with
themselves,  far
Still No Clue, But Sufficient Incentive
Is Offered to  Bring Something
Material to Light.     ifci
���      i~   ^r
It  is announced  by the author!'ies
! of   the   Bank   of   Montreal   that     tho
reward now offered for tlie apprehension and the conviction of the pe'pe-
trators of the bank robbery together
j with the return of the stolen Idol has
I been   Increased   to  the  princei>    ?um
-of  thirty  thousand .dollars   ($:d.000i.
The reward for the return   >f    the
' stolen money has beon doubled, Formerly the bank offered five red cent.
I on all the money    returned   of    tl at
I stolen.    Now  Uiat commissi in  Is  increased  to  ten per cent,   which   will
amount to the  sum  of    VS.li u  if all
that  is carried off is l       ned     The
total  of $110,000 is made  up  b.     the
sum of $C),000 offered by tha P ova.
cial government.
This magnificent reward is almost
unprecedented and will urge all tbose
now working on the case to ren ewe 1
efforts to locate the criminals. Ss
far It Is reported from the bank that
not the smallest piece of information
of an encouraging nature has be<m received and  that  It
���er  In   ��n    Miter-IsKatM  of   gSSKJZ': igg�� -gg��iJT*^f.V *-���"'"" Ts--- .-        ***>
t*. a  bartering    otl thla *\*\m o�� th��. Il*�� -*w*J*a^i~^'*u>xaSm \ *_1k~***X-      ___^-a,    k*_ J_ *���
cementing bond of a rational understanding and a reasonable commerce
but something which
with foeilah and evil
PotntM to ���  i oat tlon. ._
rlKhteouan��M on. nwtantilt
parlance,  an aaaumpMon
was  a   national  dtmaer   In   aa    UUr-|sutM at   /lini��
change of commerce, a bartering    ot) thla slA�� ot the llMVMMb*
patriotism  for dollars and cents. jto reject the reciprocity    agreement.
Mr. Oliver touched briefly on some But they were at this time not going
of the statements made by opposit on to be foolish or anything like that;
speakers on Tuesday night and al- they, the electors, were, by their
luded, with a confession of shame decision at the polls on the morrow,
that such an argument should havo to say in no uncertain voice that thc
entered political discussion, to the time had arrive! when the farmers
suggestion that the opinions of some and ln fact all those wbo had goods
lumbermen favoring    tariff    changes, jto sell,  would take advantage of the
opening offered for a better interchange of commerce without building
up a high wall and as some narrow
minded politicians would have it,
spoiling for all time the opportunities
which would be gi.en to them.
The speaker sal.l he was an espan,-
rioting has ceased anl the restaur
ants have re-opened. Seventy-five ar
rests have been made.
all his friends. As an athlete lie was
'fine prominent, having plaved lacrosse for the West End intermediate and being known to all that,
fraternity. His suddan &*&
����  probability   oavtaa a. ynrtarMTa
Monthly    itef>ort   tfede/fey
from a business Fo'nt of view, should
be confounded with a question as to
their nationality. At the same tinn
be exposed tbe humbug pf such an
argument In contrasting It with the
position proully and properly taken
by provincial statesmen, that British
Columbia  had  something  to offer to Isionist; "he was out all fhe time for
ithe outside investors who were will-  the    enlarging    of    the    possibilities
ing to come in and do business in ou ���   which were within our compass.    In
Snidst. | a serious  vein  he criticized  Premier
body was lost trom view and waa
unfound. Grappling Irons have been
sent to the scene and will be used
this morning In hopes of recovering
tbe body at low tide.
Fenton had been    engaged   In the
steamboat'   business    tor    the    past
[couple of years, for a time.with ble
j father on  the Stranger,  later on the-
Accommodation at  Hospital  Is  ln.de- ,' fearless   and   mow*   recently     with'
'Gilley Bros, on the steamer Clive. His
host of-warm friends in the city wiH
be stricken with grief at hearing or
his untimely death.
cfMfitMM is- mum
quate and Patients Have to Be
Turned Away.
With no less than seventy-flvo
patients within its walls at pres^n'.
the Royal Columbian hospital is again
'BOILED  ANO   EATEN.        t-\
Richard Riley Said to Have Absconded with $900 Found Dead by
Kootenay Lake. * <
Mr. Oliver ably and
viewed his argument
presented from time to time, showing in effect that the great agric;:l
tural industry would not be adversely affected by the tariff revision, and
that the benefits which would accrue
to other great Industries of the province would be affected to the advantage of the farmer in common with
all  the  people.
In summing up the government
candidate reminded the electors of
the obligations which were imposed
upon them as citizens of Canada, in
tlie exercise of their franchise rights.
He reminded them that true patriotism, of which so much has been
trumpeted from the opposition Etage, |sldy,
consisted, not in vain professions of
but In liv-
uegently    re- ! McBride  anl  Attorney  General  Bow-(facing the difficult problem of accom
uifct-ui.i-'      "T . ._        .__     ....   i_     .v-i.   mn, at n��   nil   the   rases   which    'esirf
who by coming out in their
official capacities and speaking at
meetings of tho opposition party, had
adopted a dangerous attitude for ministers of the proilnce. By indulging
in the piesent struggle, these men
had not acted as shrewd politicians.
There was a proper time for ministers
to come in the open and voice their
opinions, but that time was not now.
The Duke of Argyle, who was related
to the British royal family by marriage with the daughter of the late
good Queen Victoria, had written a
long article In which he appreciated
the coming of reciprocity.
"On tills occasion," said Mr. Cas
if you have never done so be
early hour this morning Superintendent Detective P. K. Aheri), of the
Plnkerton agency, would not divulge
anything of importance as to what
might be the next turn in affairs. He
admitted having spent a goo.l deal
of time In Vancouver last night, but
contended that it was purely a per-
,.  .   sonal1 visit he was making with some
cashier of the locai  branch  of    the I friends there, and his visit had noth-
Nelson, B.C., Sept. 20��� While strolling along the shoros of Kootenay
lake last night W. C. Morgan, a
tourist, stumbled upon the body of a
dead man which was later identified
as  that of  the  supposed  absconding
Dominion Kynress company. Richard
Riley, who disappeared' at the beglb-
ning of the pi esent month. Owing to
bis having t'.ie combination of the
safe, It was some days before tho
structure was broken open. Then lt
was founl that there was a shortage
of $!W0. A reward of |10i) wai offered
by the police for Riley's arrest. When
the body was searchel $60 and a
silver watch was found upon his person.
Ing to do with following a clue as
to the Identity of the bank robbers.
It seemed that a conference with a
man on the "inside" of matters was
ln progress In Mr. Ahern's toom early
this morning, but absolutely no inkling of what It was about was given
to thf. press. It. is pcssible that.
something has  at  last been  secured
love for flag and country
,,-,��.. u..u  ......   *a seems as though lng loyally to that inner sense, where-
the searchers were up against a blank in is found the rule of conduct    to-
all Wllrd our country and our fellOwmen.
According to latest Information on This was not an issue   which belong-
th* hank rohherv case   the yeegmen ed to New  Westminster alone,    and
��r��   srin   eludtaa   Justice    and   no while they might find ln it much of
When, seen labia ����, at. �� tag fM^ggS
Throughout the broad rea'ms of Canada'there'was no division of interest
or of kin. And if they saw in this
great reform an advantage to. those
who lived with us. in this wide Dominion extending from sea to sea,
their Judgements were Impelled to regard It from this common and Canadian roint of view. i
During the delivery of his address
Mr. Olive* was frequently Interrupted
by apTilause, the audience breaking
into cheer upon cheer as he resumed
his seat.
Robert Cassisv. K. C, of Vancouver, who followed the principal speaker introduced by the chairman  as a
which may eventually lead to the de- i life-long Conservative who had seen!
sired result of landing thc robbeiojthe error Into which the people of'
and the bulk of their loot. this country might fall if they did not
this  fight,  who    in    the    leadership |
sense Is   unacceptable.    I   urge any j
Conservatives who are in this hall tonight to come out and vote for reciprocity.    The  Liberals are  going  in
An interrupter in the balcony
sought to throw discredit upon the
speaker, and heckled him in an endeavor to show that by his having a
ranch in California he, as a Conservative, was hunting with the hounds
and running with the hare.
"If there is anything I do like lt Is
a heckler," said Mr. Cassidy. "The
more I am heckled by an intelligent
politician the greater is the truth
which comes up and out. That gentle
man up there (pointing to the balcony) cannot hope to heckle me with
success." In a few sentences the
speaker told of a small ranch of
twenty-three acres which he held in
the southern state for pleasure, and
so exploded what was a mare's nest.
Reeve J. W. Weart, of Burnaby,
who arrived late, spoke briefly and ..
an optimistic manner of the election
result on  Thursday.    Within twenty-
(Contlnued on Page Eight.)
moilating all the cases which -'esire
treatment at the institution. The
general and private wards are taxed
to their limit and it lias been found
necessary this week to tuen away
surgical patients desiring admittance.
This condition of affaies was
brought ta light yesterday afternoon
when the superintendent's repot was
presented to the hospital board. All
available space in the main building
has been turned to use^ and there remains scarcely a corner In which to
find room for another patient. At the
maternity cottage the conditions are
more favorable and accommo laticn ls
not taxed to capacity.
The superintendent's report covering the month of August shows that
at the beginning of the month there
were seventy patients and at the end
of the month fifty-seven.' The number has been Increased ln the past
three weeks to seventy-five. The
number of male patients admitted in
August was forty-five, while during
that time sixty were discharged.
Female patients numbering nineteen
were admitted and eleven discharged.
Seven children were admitted an.l
four discharged. The total number of
patients admit'ed was ninety-one and
the total number discharged seventy-
Yesterday's meeting was attended
by the chairman, Alderman J. J.
Johnston, together with Mrs. A. J.
Hill. Mrs. S. J. Pearce; Mrs. W. T.
Reid. Peter Peebles, J. A. Montgomery and George Small, all members of the hospital board, with
Superintendent Miss Scott and Secretary E. S. Withers.
No business of public moment was
transacted beyond the chcos'n? of a
chairman and vice-chairman for the
coming year. Tbe ballot taken, by
the members present resulted In the
re-election of Actin? Mayor Johnston
to be chairman and Peter Peebles to
be vice-chairman.
BOMA, Congo, Sept. 20.���Two posters attached to British Consul H. G.
Mackle's caravan, were cut off from
the rest of the party by cannibals,
boiled and eaten. Two expeditions
have left here to arrest the culprits.
TORONTO. Out.. Sept. 20.���One
hundred delegates, including fifty
from Toronto and fifty from the Huron and Niagara dioceses to the triennial convention of the general
board of the Woman's Auxiliary of
the Anglican Church of Canada to
missions, left the I'nion station last
night In three special cars attached
to the regular C. P. R. Vancouver
express on their way to Winnipeg ta-
attend  the convention.
Duke  of Sutherland Says $50,000,000
British Money for Investment
In Canada.
Vancouver, Sept. 20.���Advices fron*
Ashcroft at a late hour this evening
tell of the departure for this city of
the Duke of Sutherland. Lord Charles
Beresford and Lord Desborough. The-
Englishmen are due In this city on
Thursday morning, and will later In
the day leave for the provincial capital, returning here on-Tuesday for a
stay of a week.
The Duke of Sutherland told a
newspaper reporter that there were
fifty millions of English money for Investment in this Dominion. His
lor.lship has purchased a lktf-c traoe-
of land near Fort George:
��� p."
���j,*.:*. THE DA/ILY NEW*
I Wants
Agnes Street
terms with the "partridges that they
okla tn harness tbem l
llvetl   at   flrst,   ac-
| crones, but lived on such
|l��,r. .W. to tenea Item �������""*
not to be governed.  Mr.    Redmond
P���We desire merely to bring Eng-
lish opinion face io face with the
facts England's record ',of honor,
her record of service to freedom, ls
rich and ample; but tt lies elsewhere.
We ask her to bring her policy ln
~~~  m ,ROOM8 UeWLY   FURNISHED,   BY  8ald That French Government Look,  g pygmies   w��e   no= _.
WANTED-A GENERAL SERVANT. ^OOMS^NEW *X^ g^ rea-j ^ ^ ^ |��-J��-.
fionable.    543 Front Btreet.
Work  on  C.  P.   R. | ,and-8 requirements:
ask  for  redress,    says    Mr.
It Is
:^ED - 5��^mahV^   TO     RENT-FISHED
Cri McClugC: noltstreet.1    to
j^'ri Regina street. $22 al
The stories of the nrgogM 8��
The men of
Paris, Sept.
the substitution, at the
?n* J^and w��U^e pleased to
ithet,a���btIettmesthwerrof8the  same, or
ior, tb
as the bones
Nelson. B. C. Sept. 20.-The storm
which   was   aroused
of   Indignation
a���e��� M r^SMS. 7? HWaSSUSKara liSTR-GsT- BrtU"
disclosure   at   Vic-
redress  we ask
ln the clty, and win ue ,,..���	
deliver to any part of the city and
Sapperton,   nine   quarts   tor $1.00.
Phone your order to R87S, or write
the Glen Tana Dairy,    Queensborough, Lulu Island.
to help with housework and care
ot infant.   Mrs. Phipps.   Telephone
R 285.
light housework     Aimly   222  Fifth
avenue. ^^^*
the  partial
ern railway, ��� 	
the sea, being now planned.
fi,a.,.a....r,     __
the  state-owned  line  to
s&H ���ara ***^re^sssrsr rt
��� Am��     Jmneror     Maximin,    whose  c���l80n   the Spokane contactor who
Roman    emperw   and thre_���uarter.  <**��$& the   new   C.   P-.^J^
��xt^!*Tt,-5S, tte Misses Chap-'BNeW York  would e����d to *��� ��M|S^.Sr^ovsrcmln* tUteen o'J^ltowBa railroad  laborers    from    tte
"We  ���
KT5& 3fi��* ^tempt by our
own  resources to cure our own dls-
pLes   to cope  with  our own  prob-
i �����     This  imperial  Government is
^fitted   or tte   task.   Lord Merely
sa d Eythe other day that Ireland
said nneiy { abgen.
?~ 8parfament as from absentee
fidloffi! The complain,;_to_�� new
The  Earl  of
���  KUdare wrote to
Cardinal' Wofs'ey: 'You tear of a case
S'S.Tw^r,1' andl^^e^^Tnriftrr-anotber   tal���^  SSSST^SS" to   the  pio-I^Ear! of W^"^touVwTth,
rPate    and    England, _��*   ^ !��2fflL"2JE and. having been, ����� �� ��    Allen ^b r Act  but. ���nment more dejgyJ ^        need9
_ -..j . _ _��� - New  yorK  wuuiu v.......  ..
?  third noor. - -���- ���  -. ��������� 1lnn now ln the
trade,   auu    ��^..D ,
above  all,  Germany,  would  have  to j a
���  zw>a~^ look out.   It is expected that the gov-
LOST���SMALL BRUwn SPANIEL ernment will take action in the mat-
dog, eight years old, teeth well ter, so great ls the public demand
worn down;  no collar on;   coughs  for lt.
frequently;    stub   tail.   Lost   from      M.   Claude   Casimir-Perler,   son   of
Chilliwack tram, nine o'clock train,  the late president of the French re-
.. It were a dream, and feel not the
8 JU  that   vexeth  us.'    We  ask  as
8maFarl of W dare asked, for a gov-
ban ui *-*���   , ,_ ,_  .nllPh with.
SrSpUSBf*!T��ugM andH^i  wUh"he"lco"nnl^c"e of tbe   Depart
Till, A  his   X   to    the   imperial  ���"        immigration at Ottawa who
of   men  and  through W, \%  Scott. Commissioner
The   normal   stature
normal    =...���
women ranges between flve feet
six feet four inches.
"J of Immlgratlon\ has issued\ a
and  which removed until Oct. \
next the
enced office man, married, now
resident of city. Reply Box 51 Dally '
News office.
v - .    -sSSSb^l?: I pibUcris'p-reparlng the way for the , -��^1*.
H. J. Murphy. Balmoral roo    ^oui many  miles nearer   r. ;
Granvtlle_ street. Phone    ��*uver I  nd the dangers of the Engnsn ^^
more quickly responsive
0f"wia?dwe mean by Home Rule ls
W     ii r,?m.��    government  of  Ire-
the   continuous    fow j-j-*^ ^^
I which removet^ until uci. ��� n���� ^"-iiand accorams i responBible to
festrictlons      regarding     Continuous  0ut by Irish miners r��p��
journey and mopey quallflcatlons lhe Irish t^��PVdlng office at ths
n.~-.i��� ,^c .which have hitherto served ae a pro- Qrown, but "^ *�����"?��� Westminster.
WPRES8 SERVICE ^ for ^ ^f^uaiw ��*���� Lffljrf ��|J����^A3S%*.
              -     .- I against cheaper foreign labor "W*"*,lto",, I feeling in the 'pre-
reporter while on a visit  to  ��S*gW^Jrtner'thaf to . concede
boarders in private house. Apply
310 Sixth avenue, city.
hotel,   Vancouver
York,   Sept.
for  the    first
��� ^ffi?^^^_M^^��fr^��S^"^l��^ iS5E"��S�� Jetting
iDg PaC? time Avtator Earle L. Ov- Uwk   �� Q^^Hnlted   StateJ now   without   admitting^^^^
I^ton  and Stnteer  Pickens    were | brought to  rrom^  relaxatlon of the ^ pa8t, andtbat l^latlon
ocean-to-ce^      To a g-gy^-gy tfj the  dominant  partner   ��-*  ��    ���^
.I?,0   ;   maior" v of men he had at present at  Ireland's demand ^ou^ done
"'" :l,nia1orl^ ��\ne   conUieq   h\d ^^J^^i.^'^mttUM   injustice   in
ments     "��r   v""    T"��V��ji in the mon
aerial express,appeared to*.�����
Manager   P'^Vh. hfrt-1 undeV thto  Illegal Mto^Oli Ot 0�� I thJ.P����. *>��^��; i���mntotijm.
^ ���he.��^d  Tmmlgratlon  laws, and  that_he  hjd  mustJ>e ftf aCude of mind Is natur-
near car
Ig    Lilt?    D(*>uv     *   ���        , j
French   marine  has  fallen  to  unbe-1 ters.    _A^iattmaA 8aid: ..J^i^SSS of tbe laws for (hand to U^.^LSSd remains to
house on or
be reasonable ... r .
payment balance to be 1 n monthly
payments. Owner only. Apply
giving particulars to Box 24, Dally
housework. Apply 217 Royal avenue.
nine years old; mother will furnish
clothing and   pay   some   for keep.
"   L. B., Dally News.
News office,
can have
and   paying
MRS. S.  ~* - ���--���.  harmony.  Uiasa
piano, singing and harmony
reopens September 21.    bua
date when mey one	
he finds them smaller than the ships  tember 23.   Total i;���� i ��.....,.���
of competing lines.   All of this is 'he  8mau articles and packages, will be
fault of the government in not im-  carried by Queen monoplane, delivery
"���"""   service   from  KUaranteed in Los Angeles and   San
���     ���.!���,_. Mi��t��nce  wlll
proving   the   railway   service   irom  guarantecu ... .���..
Brest to Paris and not having a flrst- Francisco.    Tte entire distance w\u
���    v._    w   Bhl08    flylng   the  be  traveled  through  the  air.  Rates
- ��v.^ flrRt  transcon-
Night school *���� ��'����* %t!S;
A"   r.   ..-a ih��ir  names  at
class  harbor
French flags
for   ships
He says:
Ontario    WH-
^"Jpjrsr-^v^ \ ��� ���"".
Apply 712 Twelfth street.
ff.ClTe fl. McKinley, E4mendr_^^
i:T^^dS^Bthe New
WW Aster  School  Board
which  enior   *.**���**   ������     -,     8a
once | $rf   year,  bad  &'"***��
French.   The.English ow. 3O0.
228;   Dutch,   7*>. eic.
are |
Out   of |
as reasonable as the first tramscuu-
?er)   tlnental railway express. Written mes-
Sept.  20-
ers.   Apply Si"h avenue,
WANTED���A^sy^   housekeeper  to
quires   position   as
bachelor or widower.
Box 24 Dally
house work; family of five; no children.   Apply 1112 Fifth avenue.
ployment office, No. t Begbie
street, supplies men for all large
lobs ln this vicinity.   Phone 624.
les.    Applications should be sent
at once to E. C. Davey, Secretary to
���    .._.-...���, school  Board.
tte New Westminster School Board.
Second Street Improvements.
The ratepayers interested in proposed improvements to Second street
are Invited to attend a meeting of
the Council on Friday, the 22nd inst.,
at 8:30 p.m., when this matter will
be considered.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Meet every Monday ln Labor hall,
business   azent ot
France can  cimui   ,..*. .....
ships with 65,000 tons, as against 51 | ,hI_   Pl������
English ships with 695,000 tons, and  !5LPnrf. ������ ^'  *���� ^��Viio.,i.riv t��� a
ci  r>-.n.n  ���Un. x, cn-i nnn .���_J friends on the boal, particularly to a
51 German ships Of 627,000 tons. ���v.--~i-��� ........  i���^���  #,���^  D 'v.,.u
..-. ...iiL-"     ioirin^-1 charming young lady  from Berkeley,
taKin, ...,.   ������  nnarter8   in   the
Herr ��.      h
riled  the  French
the   report    that
In the "conversations"
place in Berlin between the French
ambassador, Jules Cambon anl the
German minister of foreign affairs,
Kiderlen-Waechter, nothing
quite  so  much as
     Germany    wanted
Brest as a port of call for the German transatlantics bound to am^from
New York. The howl of indignation
that went up probably did* more for
the Casimir-Perler project than years
ot ordinary campaigning, for the
flrst time it was shown "
not a safe harbor but
and  then  took  up
Palace Hotel.
September 2���Moved out of the Palace to 1323 Stockton street and began to look for a Job. Pretty nearly
down to last cent.
September 5���Down to my last
'-*- washing windows ln
Mr. John  Redmond, the leader of players.    Prime   nuu����   ���
the Irish party, ln a striking preface the   Commonwealth, has    instructed
to a book by Mr. Stephen Gwynn. set- the College of Arms, that Bprays of
ling out "The Case for Home Rule," wattle  leaves   should   be   substltued
points out that this book  has been for the grass that Is at present rep-
complled at his  request,  '" *   ���   ""���   ���                    "*   **
- '-���        .. -.rim..
ttng out "The case lu.  .	
points  out  that  this  hook   has been for the grass mm id ., ,
compiled at his request, "to put to- resented   on   the   country's  coat  of
gether   tte   main   arguments  against arms.   The late Cardinal Moran's will
continuance   of  the   present    system shows  that  tte  dead  prelate left  a
under which Ireland ls governed, and legacy of debts. Including two tho"u-
In support of the demand for   Home sand pounds owing to the propaganda
Rule." society at Rome.   There is at present
We ask," says Mr. Redmond, "that an epidemic of suicides by lysol pois-
- --������ ���- ,n  ��h�� states of the Com-
Wlndows  pretty
ClrcomstaiYces  make
���acx\ftce part of my Imperial
Car and Shipbuilding Btock.
���Chance  of  a lifetime  fot
parties with cash.
8, p.m
F. H. Johnson.
\t\oe. Blalr'a Ctsi__  _
me \ U 608. R��std��nee ptoon* 601
|an article in Le Figaro.
cent    Got a job
a   milllnary   store. .^-^-^-^-^-^
*%*****. '-r.iS,;1iS.*
shown That Havre is  hospital. synopsis of
to   the   con-      That at any rate is ��j
precisely ^at happened to ffl. 7
says   after be came to this cn> ��� .      ���     u-
that nautl-' however
Ireland  alone
'ft. barbelsJL5fl��"JS.lS��i"SBSfi5i ��*.��.������
will   receive
blocks from car. $1^5(1. $250 cash.
Mr. Simpson, 1404 Tenth avenue.
modern bungalow, with fire place,
cement foundation and floor, laundry trays, jiiped for furnace. 105
Durham street. $2ri(i0, easy terms.
See owner, 216 Sixth struct, or
phone 4116.
B.C. Coast Service
Btalr> Ct��.r .tor.. Ottlc. ��hoM\�� ��&&&�� p'^crtbe  tSJTt Thlpn lii^tt   that   he
at anchor tbere .hall hoist anchor at \ trom his father  in  St.
the   flr��t   Indication   of   bad   weather i noon as he can convey  word tojil*
and  take the ottlng  unless  lt Ib pos ~    ' " "
Bible to get into the inner port."
The canal or entry is so Shallow
that ships drawing more than 32 feep
are unable to navigate it save at high
tide. The docks are so close together
that a ship of more than 525 feet cannot turn safely, and the more recent
French boats cannot even enter, save
In good weather, 'oecause at the entry only 10 feet of space lies between
the ships' sides and   the walls, etc "
10:00 a.m Dally, except Tuesday
1:00  p.m
10:00 a
11:00 p
seven vears old, weighing about
1600 pounds, also filly from above
rising two years, Apply Mrs. Dair.
 ^^^^^ Daily
For Seattle.
^^^^^^ For Nanaimo,
2:00 p.m	
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m   Tuesdays
9:00 a.m.  ..Thursdays and Saturdays
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 p.m Sept. 9, 12, 19, 23, 30
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
, ,���v    ._ Petersburg as
soon as " ~ ������""
DombrovsKi is >uu<...,.., .
slight attack cf appendicitis. As soon
as he recovers he expects to work until he has earned enough to take him
to Washington, where he hopes to get
a place with the Russian embassy. He
speaks five languages fluently.
The young Russian left his home
last February to see the world. He
has seen some cf it here.
thi�� case and    possessing    flrst-nano
knowledge of them,  and that respon-
3?xr?a tart*2
demands . change." .
Surely this, declares Mr. Redmond,
I, a cOBUnon-sense  proposal.
What   Present  8ystem   Means.
"What maintenance of the present
svstt.m   means,"   he   continues,
onlng ln all the states oi m�� w���
monwealth, for which no reason can
be attached by doctor..
low close to car; four large rooms
bath, toilet; large pantry; full basement'    well   stocked   kitchen;   gar-
��� den. ' Price    *2750;     easy    terms.
���   .Owner, 718 Seventh   avenue,   New
���   Westminster.
^^^^^^   Gulf Islands.
Leave Vancouver ft a.m. Fridays.
Upper Fraser River Route.
Leave Westminster 8:00 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
Leave   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tues.
day,   Thursday,   Saturday.
For other sailings and  rates apply
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
e snips   muea auu   i..^  ..��...., ���v~.   .    a national question now:    What is
M.Casimer-Perier   continues   saying itne xorv party going to do with ail
that Brest would, when finished, be $ lthe flags ?
port of all time, and would, by short-1 	
ening   the   distance  between   Europe j    pon't forget  that  Britain  and  Am-
and the United States, be a big fac- j hassador   Bryce   helped   us  to   make
tor in helping France get her share of !(hig reciprocity agreement.
transatlantic travel.    At present, over!     Don't  forKe{   that   we   get  the
the State railway, Brest is ten hours'en(j 0f ^
from  Paris,  but by  cutting  across  a!     t;ncie  Sam  owed    it    to  us,
long loop to the south which the rail-  Fielding made him pay It.
way now  makes, 63 miles of the dis-j    Fielding  got  two for one for  Can-
tance  could  be done away  with  and,a,]a jn this deal.
and track materials,!    'raft had to take off two duties for
he    "come-down"    was    on
Washington side, not on our side
That laws relating to Ireland shall
made by a Parliament, flve-slxths
"      i no knowledge
of whose members have no knowledge
of Ireland's special
and which, even If Irish affairs were
removed from it. control, would still
be    hopelessly     overburdened     with
"That  Ireland shall  be admlnlster-
all   Its   departments   by   one
of    an    English    Ministry,
b^,^^^    WALES
Sydney, Australia, Sept. 20.���After
an hour's battle during the session
laat night, when four members made
a fistic onslaught on tbe speaker ot
the house and a general riot followed,
reserves of police being required to
extricate the struggling mass of members on the floor of the house a
truce has been declared today. The
speaker was badly cut with a heavy
book and a score of members suffered
bad scalp wounds.
The sergeant-at-arms.wbose duty lt
is to arrest whoever makes a disturbance, started ln early to quell
��� overwhelmed when
irate legi9la-
ed   in
which may be broueht Mrtom
out against  the  wishes of four-flftns
the   same
of Irishmen.
��� That   the   same   laws,
I nai   me .   of  taxaUon   Bhall
and   method
,���,H.,   to Great    Britain,  a
and I enormously wealthy, crowded  with a
four-fifths   of   Its     urban
and  to Ireland,  poor,
almost   entirely   agrl-
SS. Princess Beatrice   Sept.
For Hardy Bay and Rivers Inlet.      by proper trains
8:30 a.m   Wednesdays the new port could be brought  up toj0ur
r*..t. i.i..rf. seven and a half hours from  Paris. T
With new ships, such as arc proposed, to make the port at Brest,
Paris and New Yoik will be very little, if anything, ov<r five days apart.
They are now only six days apart hy I
the fastest possible route. And, of
course, not only would Paris thus be
hrought nearly a day closer to tne
l'nited States, but the entire continent as well.
and  Industrial,
���Surely this,
the riot, but was
the opposing forces or
tors met in the centre of the house,
The disturbance came as a climax
to several days of obstruction by the
opposition and Labor party.
Fighting In Mexico.
Roma, Tex., Sept. 20.���A desperate
battle,   In   which   " ^^���
u~   *-***~st-l-
.___    Camargo,
Mex.,  last  night,
istas encountered
The Magonlstas
he  adds, "is contra-
; ry to common-sense.'
Having  shown  how  Ireland  ought
!,   in   a*,..^..   fifteen    were  dead
upon the battlefield and a score were
wounded,   occurred     near   Camargo,
*~ *~'    when   the   Magon-
the     Maderistas.
captured    Camargo.
but were driven out by the opportune
arrival of Maderlsta reinforcements.
Great excitement prevails along the
border as . result ot the encounter.
furnished housekeeping rooms. Apply 412 Ash street.
-  !-_�����,���   (f.c; per montli.  Ap-
modern  house. ?-j
ply 424 Third avenue.
rooms on same fiat, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for light housekeeping or gentlemen batching
Central location, near car line. Apply Box 50, Daily Nfews office.
suitable for one or two gentlemen.
Apply  701  Agnes street.
"-v*   housekeeping.
743    Front
suitable     for     light
Apply to Alex-  Speck'
���   TWO
let to gentle-
.wlth s.tt.nS room ^    ^    ^
and      modern      con-
Five minutes from the
Terms moderate.    En-
-men only.
What's the
Matter With
Father ?
He is provoked because his prescription was not filled by us.
He knows we use only the best
chemicals and just what the doctor
He knows our prices are fair and
right and If he had thought to ask
the doctor to leave the prescription
here his wish would have been gladly
complied with.
The Red Cross Pharmacy
C. S. Davies, Prop.
-post office.
<iulre Phone
R 414.
Phone 40.
32 Sixth Street.
Westminster,  B.C.
Men of the present day have no
reason to feel humiliated because
they are not taller and larger than
they are. There is no reason to be
deduced from science for the supposition that men have ever lia'l a greater
average height  than  they  have now.
For  a long time  there  existed   in
Isere and Rhone rivers, a deposit, of
gigantic bones known as the "Giant's
Fleld."    ln  recent times  bones  have
been exhumed there which  were believed   to  be  human,  and   w?re  said
to   be   those   ct   Teutobus,   the   kins
of  the   Teutons,   who   was   overcome
near the spot by Marius, the Koman
general.    The   researches  of  Cuvter,
however, proved that these bones, together  with  all  the othi��s  exhumed
ln the same place, were those of the
Dlnotherlum    glganteum,   an    extinct
animal   of   the   tapir   species,   which
measured about twenty feet in lennth.
The myth of a race of  giants has
i its  counterpart,  ln  those  other  creatures of the imagination, the pvumtes
I These   fabled    people,   who   are    so
| small   that  a  stalk   of   grain   was    a
to   them,   which    they   chopped
with  tiny  hatchets  and  brush-
were said to Inhabit'Ethiopia
Are you fitting up a bedroom for your visitors to the
fair ?   If so, rent it afterwards in this manner:
Complete  Bedroom Outfit for $28.75
$10 Down, Balance $10a month.
for your furniture in three months, then all the rest ls
- -  ���1_���   mattress, curtains, floor rug. blanket.
Rent your spare room. Your roomej fljllg^, jprlll* ��<����*��
The outfit comprises everything^for^a Mwo ���� ^ we can neip y
All   we ask is
Bheets, pillows, dresser and stand, etc
down and balance as the rent ot
We have
IU,   *>w.        * ��_
your room comes ra.
Denny &
"We Treat You Rl*ht
43, 45, 47;Sixth St., New Weitmin.ter.
Phone 588
iiuuadi    "v*v   "��������� ,.1       .�� ���
They  were always at war with   the ���I '��-
THUR8DAY,  SEPTEMBER  21,  1911.
Happy Is the man who has a barn
full of barley, even though he be a
No doubt it is reasonable that the
(Fielding reciprocity) proposition is
iu the main a desirable one for this
country. The big end of the agreement is free food. That is mutual
common sense. So here's hoping that
congress will not be swayed into effective opposition to the United
States executive's agreement by tho
operation of local considerations.���
Ottawa, Journal, January 27, 1911.
The Irish World, a United States
weekly, In an article opposing reciprocity with Canada, says: "One
might say that any Canadian wbo
voted against the reciprocity plan
would be as great a fool as any
American who voted for It. The giving and granting in the bargain .is
almost all on our side; and Canada ta
offered access to our markets on
terras which any European country
would accept with delight."
If the Canadian gets his free entry
into the United Slates market, and
gets his United States goods also free,
all incentive for political change, all
desire for annexation, would at once
cease to exist. The Cana Han, who
is naturally loyal, and values his own
Independence, would reasonably argue
he had nothing then to gain by political union. Any one who knows Canada knows the Canadians would not
vote for annexation, simply for the
beaux yeu;. of the Ame; lean republic, i
It Is evident, therefore, that the ardent sympathies of real Imperialists
should go to Laurier.���London, Eng.,
Truth. ,
The subjoiped remarks denunciatory of the Canadian navy, of the
Hritish Armlralty, and of the British
Empire were published last week ln
Le Travaileur of Chlcoutlml. The disgracefully truculent language tn
which the denunciation are couched
is a fair specimen of the atrabilious
outpourings of the Nationalist newspapers all over Quebec. These disreputable utterances are absolutely
unprecdented and unparalleled In the
whole course of Canadian Journalism:���
"It is a fine thine to shed one's
blood   for   one's   country,   but   It   is
unbecoming to enlist as the hireling
of an  Empire."
"Under the Laurier law our soldiers
will be only hirelings of the English
Admiralty, which will send them to
wage war on the shores ot Africa and
Asia, according to its own humor, at
fifty cents a day."
"War is declare!: by that verv
fact England becomes mistress of
our vessels and our men."
"What are those Canadians going
to do, sailing on the high sea and re
sorting  to  foreign   shores?"
"Ah! they are hire! by England at
flfty cents a day, like coarse sailors
raked together in the worst slums of
"They are going to make war on
poor, peaceable people whose natural wealth has become the envy of
some  great  Jewish   financiers."
"They are fcyced to give their
blood for those financiers at flfty
cents a day."
"They are the sons of good Canadian families, and it is Laurier and
his valets who by law force them into this procedure."
"They are poof hirelings of the
English army; flfty cents for their
"Ah, yes. you were right, Mr. Girard: accursed navy, away with you!"
"This law cries out vengeance
against you!"
Vile as these copious streams of
hysterical abuse are, they have been
left so far entirely unrebuked by Conservative politicians anl Conservative publicists. Not a single Opposition Journal In any part of the Dominion has called attention to them
for any purpose or In any connection. Conservative journalists cannot plead ignorance, for translated
excerpts have been republished in
great numbers. Not a single Conservative politician from Mr. Borden
down has spoken a single word of
condemnation of these slanders on
tbe Admiralty and the Empire. Not a
single Opposition politician or Journal will utter a word of censure du"-
liig tli�� present campalgil.
The reason Is transparently Obvious. Mr. Borden, with the Explicit
concurrence and the unreserved approbation of his supporters, has entered Into an alliance with Mr. Bourassa. Mr. Borden has absolutely
refused to disclaim such an alliance,
but Mr. Bourassa flaunts it. For every word of the above citation Mr.
Borden Is as absolutely responsible
as is Mr. Bourassa, and so are Mr.
Osier. Mr. Foster, Mr. Kemp. Mr.
Bristol and Mr. Macdonnell, with all
the other antl-reclproclty candidates
all over the Dominion. It will be interesting to see what the respectable
non-professional Conservatives, who
are the bulk and strength of the
party, will do about it.���From the
Globe of Toronto.
Cabwasher Clamors   for   Companions
Cacophony���Curious Case Called
A London cab-washer, lately charg- ���
ed with attempted suicide, has
shown real wit and originality. His
plea of defence was that he was
"only pretending to do it," in order
to frighten his wife Into speaking to
him, which she had not done for
seven days.    He was discharged.
The peculiar Ingenuity of the defence was that it was such a pathetic
one that na magistrate possessing
I even the smallest semblance of a
heart coull possibly convict on tne
face of it. Even tf false, it was cunningly conceived, for no better excuse was ever heard since Portia pro
pounded ber famous plea to save the
merchant's pound of flesh, and made
lt quite clear that it was not always
necessary to pay one's debts.
" Picture " It���seven days silence,
Seven days of stodgy, sullen, stultifying silence. Why do women always
go to extremes? They either talk too
I much or not at all���generally,'It must
be confessed, the former. But bere
was a wife who sternly put a padlock
on her own lips like Papageno's ln
"The Magic Flute," and despite all
temptation to "hold forth" kept her
husband uncheered by the music of
her dulcet tones for seven long days.
It was, of course, silent heroism, of
a kind; but, on the other hand, it ts j
reminiscent of the cruellest tortures !
, <*t  the   Inquisition���of   the   s'ow-fall-
lng drop of water on the forehead of
the   victim,   or   the   brala d?Etr:ying |
solitary   confinement   in   pilch" dark-1
ness.    It must have inflicied   nerve-
torture of a peculiarly devilish   kind
(and    a    cab-washer    may    possess
^��rves), worse than the vituperation
of the veriest virago.
During h's seven days' punishment
the unhappy man, whatever his faults
must have suffered the tortures of
Hades. Breakfast, dinner, tea and
supper���all eaten in dumb, dreary silence; the house a silent tomb; his
reasonable demands for an explanation unanswered���a wife in the sulks.
What would many husbanis have
done? Bashed her head tn. I think I
hear you say. Yes, or in another
sphere of life, have gone to their
clubs or taken to evil courses.
This particular husband hit upon
the ingenious plan of pretending to
hang himself, for. said he, "1 thought
It would make her speak." And surely, Benedick knew his Beatrice's tempers m^nt to a nicetv. for It had the
desired effect immediately.
Borden Has No Chance.
London, Sept. 19.���J. A. Stevensen.
of Winnipeg, writing in today's Issue of the Nation, reviews the Canadian election situation and says that
It ls to be hoped that tariff reformers will not beguile themselves tnto
the belief that a victory for Borden
will  help their cause.
"It is, however, quite unlikely that
Borden will win. lt is probable that
Laurier will receive the same
strength by reciprocity as the Asquith
government did by the budget of
Stevenson concludes by saying: "If
the destines of the empire are to be
guided by the type of men who organized the Canadian National League,
it had better go forthwith Into liquidation."
The following Is a complete list of
the polling stations as announced by
the returning officer, David Douglas.
As stated ln this paper yesterday the
ed at a point on the westerly shore of
electors of Westminster will all poll
ln the one place, namely the Armory
building. There will be twelve booths
which will afford ample accommodation for nearly three thousand voters:
No. 1���Sydney Miller's house, Adela
post office, Westminster road.
No. 2���148 Clinton street, Hastings
No. 3���Britcola post office, Hastings townstte. south.
No. 4���Barnet hall, Barnet.
No. 5���F. J. Peer's bouse, Burnaby
No. 6���Agricultural hall, Central
No. 7���Municipal hall, Edmonds.
No. 8���Ewen Martin's house, Bur-1
qultlam. .   |
No. 9���Munclpal hall, Richmond.    I
No. 10���Court house, Steveston.
No. 11���W. M. McKenzle's house,
Woodward's Landing.
Polling Division No. 2���Delta, Surrey and Langley. including Barnston
and McMillan islands, having 1828
voters on the lists:
No. 12���School home, Westham Island.
No. 13���School house. Ladner.
No.  14���School house,' Sunbury.
No. 15���Post office, Annie vllle.
No. 16���School house, Annacis Island.
No. 17���School house. East Delta.
No. 18���School house, Mud Bay.
No. 19. ��� Immigration building,
White Rock.
Sometimes peepls
because the stomacK h
Ate Unwisely ?
relieve the discomfort at once, snd help digest the overload.   The lover of coed
^*yi.     qul,e sa,e wlth *���box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at find.
���, SOc; * bo*-   " your druggist has not stocked them yet send 50c. and we
will mall them. m*
NiHi.il Png amt Hi mid Ca. *g Camada. lS_*aS.
No. 20���School house, Kensington I
No. 21���Thrift's hall, Hall's Prairie I
No. 22���Public hall. Cloverdale.
No. 23���School house. Johnston
No. 24���Bennett's house, Strawberry Hill.
No. 25���Vacant house opposite Mr.
Quible's, South Westminster.
No. 26���Publlc hall, Tynehead.
No. 27���Public hall, Port Kells.
No, 28���Post office, Clayton.
No. 29���Public hall, Langiey.
No. 30���Progressive hall, Murray's
No. 31���Public hall, Otter.
No.   32���School  house,   Aldergrove.
No. 33���School house, Glen Valley.
Polling Division No. 3 of Chilliwack,
having a voting list of 1606, consisting of all the land within Westminster electoral district which lies to i
the south of the Fraser river, and to
the east of the western boundary of
Matsqui municipality:
No. 34���Municipal ball, Mt. Lehman.
No. 35���School house, Lehman's
No. 36���School house, Aberdeen.
No. 37���Town hall, Peardonville.
No.  38���Public hall,  Matsqui.
No. 39���School house, C'ayburn.
No. 40���Maple Leaf hall, Abbotsford.
No. 41���Immlgratisn office, Hunt
No. 43���Post office, Sumas Mountain.
No.   42���Town  hall,  Upper  Sumas.
No. 44���J. A. McLeod's house,
No.  45���Old  reading room,  Sardis.
No. 46���Store building, Wade's
No. 47    and 48 Foresters'   hall,
No. 49���George Copeland's house,
East Chilliwack.
No. 50���Good Templars' hall,
No. 51���Braithwaite's hall, Rose-
Polling division No. 4, generally
known as the electoral district of
Dewdney having a voting list of 1433:
No. 52���Lobby room, Millside ho-
tei, Millside.
No. 53���Walmsley's house, Burquitlam.
No. 54���Municipal hall, Coquitlam.
No. 55���Town hall, Port Moody.
No. 56���Vancouver Power Co/s
building, Coquitlam lake, club
No. 57���Vancouver Power Co.'s
building. Lake Buntzen school
No. 58���Gilley'a building, at Stone
quarry, Pitt lake.
No. 59���School house, Pitt Meadows.
No. 60���Dale hall, Hammond.
No. 61���Municipal hall, Haney.
No. 62���J. Ritchie's store. Albion.
No. 63���J. A. Maddaugh's house.
Webster's Corner.
No. 64���Whiting's store, Whonnock.
No. 65���Heap's mill office, Ruskin.
No. 66���Western Canada Power
Co.'s building. Stave River falls.
No.  ��7���Post office,  Sllverdale.
No. 68���Bell's store, Mission City.
No. 69���Sharpe's house, Hatztc
No. 70���8chool house, Hatzic.
No. 71���Mclntyre Bros.' store,
No. 72���Liberty ball, Nicomen leland.
No. 73���Hall. North Nicomen.
No. 74���Cuthbert's hall, Harrison
No. 75���Inkman's store,   Agassiz.
No. 76���Inkman's  storb,    Harrison
Hot Springs.
No. 77���Purcell's store, Port Douglas.
No. 78���Conley's Camp, 25-Mile
Polling Division No. 5, Including
portion of the provincial electoral
district of Yale in this riding. 135
voters in all:
No. 79���Odd Fellow's hall, Agassiz.
No. 80���Inkman's store Ruhr
No.    81���Peter    Johnston's   house.
Hope station.
,   No. 82���Wm. Teague's office, Yale.
Illustrations of the so-called patriotism of the
Conservative government of British Columbia:
m_, bWfe buTlt b, the B. C. government   of    American     lumber.
'   nw Aldergrove, New    Westminster district;  ^ feet len,
,,*, roller cf Canalian manufacture.   In continuous use for t.vel.e
'   yei,rs in New Westminster and good for many more.
,3',-A brilge bui'.t by the Antl-Reciprocity  government  of  B.  C.    of
American lumber, near Aldergrove. B. C.  ���
(4)-Is a closer view of n-.mbar two showing the name plate of the
Waterous Company cn the New Westminster engine which
has done such yeoman service for the city-end Is still good.
(5)-American dump wa.ons purchased by the Conservative government for u;e in building Pacific  highway in Burn*, B. C.
/^-American  read  roller  purchased   by   the  Ant.-Reciproci.y   gov-
' "rnment of B. C. for use In  building the Pacific     ighway    to
Lm   municipa.ity.-Notlce the Eagle on the    front    plate.
' Tfte large Eagle original*  roosted on  the  socket above    IU
piesent location.
ffHai Is another view of number six and It ��*��-.�� further
The Dally News!
*mbltsh��d by Ths Dally News Publish-'
4as Company. Limited, at their offlcee.t
ot McKenzie and Victoria \
C. A. Paige Managlna Director
The electors ot the city and district wlll be oalled upon today to exercise their frunchlBe. and vote for a
candidate Us represent this federal
riding at Ottawa.
Every argument has now been put
forward ln favour of reciprocity;
there have been no arguments against
It How could there be when the
greatest of all leaders of the Conservative party was always in favor
of it, and almost without exception
every Premier that held offlce under
tbe Conservative regime?
The only cry gotten up has been
an hysterical one of annexation���annexation, forsooth, because we wish
to enter into a better trade agreement
���whereby our food will cost us less.
When Great Britain and the United
States signed the arbitration treaty,
It's a wonder that these annexation
calamity howlers did not smell a rat
and shout that Great Britain had sold
herself to the United States because
she had entered in a peace compact
with her.
At J. D. Taylor's meeting at the
Opera House generalities were all
that were Indulged in; there was not
one single argument brought out
against reciprocity. Contrast this
with the meeting held last night under the auspices of the Liberals
with the reasons so brilliantly expounded by John Oliver as to the
benefits reciprocity will confer upon
the whole country.
The electors of New Westminster
should remember the failure of the
late member to accomplish anything
during the past few years at Ottawa.
They should remember that it is conceded  by all  Conservatives that the
Tlie Cook
always feels
confident of	
pure andwliolesome
food when using
Baking Powder
A Pure,Grape Cream^ Tartar
ilJJJL Baking Powder
Made from Grapes
No Alum
Lime Phosphate
think without exception, on the- Bide
of the agreement, as they understand
that its ratification will mean everything to the class they represent and
How conscientiously the labor leaders ln England engaged in the recent flght ia manifest in their utterances in the House of Commons. Mr.
George Barnes, a Labor Party leader,
"My  belief  is  that  Tariff   Reform
(protection)   will  simply   get  unem- (
ployed   men   out  of   the   frying  pan
into  the tire,  and  we     npon  these
Entries  Coming in Fast Indicate Interest.
No Children's  Day This Year���Many
Novel  Attractions���New Features
to be Announced.
lidate, and be to the fore ln all necessities that the district needs.
In many, respects the campaign
now being waged against the rati fixation of the reciprocity trade agreement In Canada Is similar to that
waged  by   the  Tarttt   Reformers     in
benches    will    continue���irrespective
Liberals will be returned by an over- Lf votM or anythlng of that sort, but      with   the   provinriai   ,,;:   , ..,',*     a
Whelming   majority   throughout    the  , ^      our own con8clence8,' trifle under a fortnlRht away. things
country,  and   should  cast  their vote I . ,_������,.,!   ,u��
or Joh^ Oliver, the Government can-  and as we believe to be In the best   are   beginning   to   hum   around     he
interests  of  our  constituents-to  of-  manager's office.    The entries, wnlch
,    ., have been coming in steadily for the
fer this reform (tax on food) our op-1
On the following day Mr. Ramsay
Macdonald said:
"It ls a very curious thing that, although so much ls said by Tariff Reformers as regards the beneficial ln-
���������   ..,,                   ��� ifiuence   ot   Tarltt   Reform   on   unem- Ibe transacted from that point by Sat-
Ureat Brlt&ln during a period tasUng \pt0ym��nt, tYver* ta not a mingle l^afcor \ urda*   ���*  ttM> !��*�����������
*A%\s\.   years.     Tb^us*   Great   Britain \ Party  Vn ttae  wtao,e  VOT\A tbat takep \
���Was  never   so -prosperous  Vn herr   en-1 up tHat attitude." '
Ure   Mmtory   **   unler     the   presen,t\     0n tbo noxt day  Mv.  Brace  said:
Mserat rule the Tory Tarttt  Reform- \     ..We oppOBe Tariff  Reform, not behave  endeavored   to  Induce  the   caUBe we  are pald B0 to do   but bc.
ople to declare for a return to the   cauge   we  are  perauaQed  that,   inas-
|gh  tariff  conditions  which  existed   much  a8  Tarlfr   Rpform  starved  our
der their    former   regime.    Their fatllerg m& mothers', it will starve us
ethods    of    campaign  have    been |and our fellow-workmen if it is tiled
past month, are still cominp, and
from these indications there will be
a first-class showing of exhibits this
Arrangements are t>eing made for
the opening of the m anager's office
at the fair b ulldlngs this week, and
it is expected  that all business wlll
For $2,750
On Oak street, near Fifth
avenue, a beautiful six
roomed modern house; lot
is thoroughly cleared; has
several fine fruit trees
bearing; chichen house and
run; only a few minutes
to city car; $500 cash, balance to arrange. No. 6.
For $3,500
Two acres, partially cleared,
near corner North Arm
road and Trapp road. One
quarter cash, balance in
three years.
Peoples Trust Co.
431 Columbia
Telephone 660.
Real Estate
.fopied by their offspring, the Tories now.'
in Canada, and the Times believes
ihat the people of Canada will manifest the tame degree of hard com-
non sense antagonizing these that
has delivered the Mother Country
lrom the control of the privileged
Perhaps  no   modern   British   econ-
imist   hears  a   more  honored   nam?
han T. .1. Macnamara, who declares
hat the campaign for higher tariffs
In   England   failed   for  two  reasons
Firstly.      "because     the     workmen
placed no reliance on the people whs
promised them  that they  would  set
"���> a new heaven and a new earili by
acinj:   a   tariff     tax   on   foodstuffs.
icir thoughts in reflecting on these
h promises went back to the past
d they failed to find in that record
)*-  evidence  that  these    new    and
Ier Gcod   Samaritans  came    with
dentials   upon   which   they   coul.1
y.    Bul   the second, and the real,
se of the  failure  of  those    who
ght to inflict high  tariffs on the
f of  life  was  that the  workmen
Knew that their own leaders, the men
who had sprung from their own class
and  had   been  elevated   to  have    a
voice in  the councils of  the  nation,
'the men who knew their hopes, their
fears and their anxieties were, to a
man,   dead   against  taxing   the   food
of  the  people."
Here in Canada the fight of the
'.Liberals is to take the tax off agricultural products and foodstuffs as,
Kince 1879, the nation has heen witnessing and experiencing a gradual
increase ln the cost of living under
the tariff system imposed by the
Conservatives, who are the legitimate
and boastful brothers of the Tariff
Reformers of the Mother Land. In
Canada, as In England, the labor
unions and tlie councils of the various prvinces liave almost all passed
strong resolutions tndorsing reciprocity. The labor leader., in the
older   provinces    are    arrayed,    we
The political party striving for the
imposition of higher taxes on food-
sniffs is the same in Britain as in
Canada, and though the methods of
campaign arc different, the princlpl?
involved is identical. Here in Canada
it is the boast of the opponents of a
reduced cost of living that wages will
be reduced. The British workmen
believed their leaders, refused to be
bribed by the luring promises of those
who sought to tax their food and
kept the government and the tariff
out of the hands and control of the
privileged class whose only desire is
to ru'.e the people for their own enrichment. In Canada tV.e method is
intimidation and threat���an exhibition of tlie real character of those
who seek the suffrages of laboring
It needs but a superficial glance at
the history of the two parties in Canada to designate the one which has
made the sincerest efforts to meet
the strenuous condition under which
tlie toiling masses live. The most effective measure ever submitted to tbe
electors for the relief of tho exacting conditions under which the wage-
earners subsist is the measure of reciprocity now before the people of
Canada. The declaration of the Conservative party���as voiced In the Victoria party organ���is that wage-earners should be paid only as much as is
necessary for them in order to live.
It hold's out no other hope than this.
It even lends its columns to the
threat that should the Tory party ob-
tald the reins of power no laborer
need expect ever to rise above the
condition of abject slavery which it
vaunts as its economic creed. Indeed,
some of the candidates of the Conservative party, because white people want to live decently, prefer to
employ Chinese hecause they are so
cheaper and it does not cost so much
to keep them alive.���From Victoria
Daily Times.
Mr    Keary      returned   from  tbe   1st   .
and. ot the Qutf ot QeorBla and Van- \��WBO-On   Fifth   .treat,  n.ar   S.v.nth
couver Island on Tuesday and reports
that a first-class line of exhibits 1
would be sent in from those points. ,
A positive assurance has been received over the the C. P. R. that cither
the steamer Joan or Charmer would
make a special trip from Victoria to
this city on  Monday, October t, car-
avenue, 50 foot lot, partly cleared.
One-third cash, balance 6 and 12
rying exhibits and passengers. The
steamer will call at Salt Spring,
Mayne, Pender, Gabriola Islands and
A communication was received
yesterday from Bellingham residents
regarding the running of an excursion from that city on a day during
the fair week. It is not known what
will be done In matter, which will
be taken up at the meeting of the
directors  on   Friday  evening.
The city school hoard has also
communicated through the secretary,
C. W. Murray, stating that they would
not grant the usual holiday on Children's Day, Friday, October 61 No
reason is given for the change from
a rule which has been general for
years. The children always liave had
the   full day off.
It is expected that on Friday evening the committees will liave the
full list of attractions and events to
be held during the week and these
will be drafted out and the program
arranged. The meeting Is to be held
in the board of trade room at eight
$850���On Durham street, a fine lot
cleared, next Fourth street. One-
third cash, balance ti and 1-' months
$1350���Fifth avenue, near First street,
a good building street, near new
school. One-third cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
$2800���Near Fourth, a fine cottage,
cement basement, furnace, new.
This is a cheap home. $300 cash,
balance $.'!0 per montli.
London. Sept. 20.���The King George
V, which will be launched at Portsmouth on Octebor 9, will be the most
powerful battleship afloat at the time
of her completion. The King himself will christen her. The Kin-
George is 750 feet long, 89 feet in the
beam, lyis a displacement of 25,000
tons. 27,000 horsepower, and a speed
of 21 knots. The utmost secrecy his
been kept as to the vessel's armament. A sister ship, the Centurion,
is building at Devenport.
A Boarding and Day School for Young
The curriculum    includes   preparatory,   intermediate,     grammar     and
academic,    or    high    school    grades.
Pupils  prepared  for high   school  entrance and provincial teachers examinations.    The    Commercial    Department embraces    bookkeeping,    shorthand    (Isaac    Pitman    system)    and'
touch typewriting.   Music a specialty.1
For prospectus and terms address to
Phone 696.
622 Columbia street.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Forty-Fifth Annual Agricultural
Show to be held at
Queen's Park,
New Westminster
"��� * **     ' '      i 	
Oct. 3,4,5.6.7.
Under the auspices of the Royal
Agricultural and Industrial Society.
Offered in
Prizes and
The Premier Stock Exhibits oi Western Canada'
Special rates on all railways and steamships.
Entries of Exhibitors are closed after September 23rd.
Secure all information from
T. J. TRAPP, Pres.     D. E. MACKENZIE, Manager
SNAP--Cheapest lot in the business section of the city, 66 x 132,
$15,000; 1-3 cash; balance 1 and 2
years.   This is worth looking into.
Phone 929. Room 16, Collister Block.
See Our Window Display of Pearl Handle Goods
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.	
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ******
$3650���A nix roomed modern cottage,
new,  -near    Lord    KelvIiT    school.1
Panelled dining room anl oak stain
throughout,   One of the best homes
in Xew Westminster.    Terms very
New   Westminster   City   Specialist.
McQuarrie Bros.
For Choice Beef, Mutton
Pork or Veal
'Phone 101.
645 Columbia St.
B.C. Mills
limber and Trading  Co.
'   Manufacturers snd Dealers In All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephon. 1�� New Westminster Bo, W
\WBtF-t 'a*..j:. -
���   .��,
The   104th  regiment  Is  busily  pre-1 quarters   for,  say   six   months,    and
paring   for  the   coming   season,   and   could then go, not Into camp, but into
rumors are afloat that an effort Is to [*��� fle,d for combined training with
"   ,     , " other arms of the service under con-
be made to obtain leave to change ditlons of actual warfare, the result
the unit from rural to city militia. would ^ bound t0 be good Tnere
This will undoubtedly have a far- |are many pumors current to the e(fcct
reaching effect on the well-being of|tnat something after this stylo Is to
the corps and will clear up many of I be attempted ln the near future, and
the difficulties which now exist |nence tbe rocent engagement ,: a
Everybody must realize the folly of ;number of flr8t riaiM Btaff or,rers
treating New Westminster, a growing ,rom the imperial service. A W.M
city, as an agricultural district, the move certainly and one likely to brinj
number cf farm laborers ln the ranks | good reBUHB. There ls no douh* thHt
of the 104th
|Bv��. ........   There ls no donh�� thHt
���.  .������ ..,���. must be very small In-   tne powers that be arc hei>innix4 to
deed and it Is Imposing a hardship on   take our flrst    "        "    ��� * ������
the men to force them to train under
,- - ._.... ...       line of    defence    far
the men to force them to train under more seriously of late than has been
conditions only adaptable to a differ tj,e case heretofore, and the lm-
ent claas of the community. A city provement ls beginning to become ap-
regiment with fogr companies at parent. The work ls only begun, how-
headquarters    in     New   Westminster, ���vor   nn.i  tho n����t  few  vears  should
two on detachment at Chilliwack, one
ever, and the next tew years should
two on detachment at Chilliwack, one  gee great changes
at Cloverdale and one at Central Park I  \
would be the best arrangement that
could be arrived at and would be ��� Quarter-Master Sergeant Instructor
easily reuruited. The system of train- Patterson, of the gymnastic staff, ls
ing for the city corps, nsmely at ln Vancouver commencing a course
headquarters In the evenings, is cer- ot physlcsl drill at the Norma
tainly far more attractive to the rank schools. He expects to be several
*nd file than is the rural training months on the mainland before re-
where a unit goes to camp and   then  turning to Pork Point.
practically  disbands  for a year.    A I 	
Judicious blending of the two systems I haven't seen much doing with
Is undoubtedly the Ideal however. It regard to the boys' brigade yet. It's
the various units could train at heal-  up to the clergy, however.
ts Not to Be Freaks���Matter Dis
cussed at Length in English
Outclasses Abe Attell at All Points of
the Game���W{ns Popular
More rumors of the impending de
parture of some of the Salmon Bellies
for the far east for next season were
current ln the Royal City yesterday,
and although many of the tall yarns
may be taken cum grano sails, there
must be much Importance attached
to the story that at least one of the
Spring boys will be an absentee from
the team for which he played so long
and so conspicuously. Johnny Howard's name is freely circulated as another who next season will know this
city no more, leastways as a Fraser
valley stlckhandler. Statements coming from a good source are to the
effect that Johnny wlll return to the
east and play for the Toronto twelve,
but from an otherwise equally gw>d
news gatherer, It is whispered ihat
the defence player will figure on Con
Jones' line-up ln 1911.
The air will be as at this time last
season, full of rumors and coun' v
rumors and until either of the managers comes out with the authentic
dope, it would be a fallacy to make
too sure of anything.
while and will reside among y.iu.
British Columbia ls first, last and ell
the time for me now. For the tine
being, good bye, and good luck to
. This parting message was glvjn to
'a Dally News representative who was
' present at the railway depot yesterday evening immediately before Joe
Lally, tbe king of referees, pulled ��.ut
for hls far distant home In Cornwall,
Lally had a great send off, not only
from lacrosse fans, but all classes of
sportsmen who were present In a
large number to bid bon voyage to
the peer of whistle holders.
The executive of the Vancouver
club as well as many of the players
of the new championship team were
present, while well to the fore were
seen prominent members of the
Fraser river valley club.
London, Sept. 20.���The recent Interview with Sir Thomas Llpton has
aroused much great interest ln Great
Britain. The Evening Standard pilnts
a further Interview with Llpton, in
which he repeats bis statements and
adds: 'Why should the New Tors
Yacht Club thus refuse to accept my
challenge under their own rules?
The freak type of boat which they
wish me to sail against was built in
Long Island Sound, and, Of course,
sails in smooth water, and until the
rbce Is finished has sailed within
sight of land. The late great designer, George Watson, and William Fife
both refused to build boats of that
type, as they aald the danger to the
lives of the men who sailed them
across the ocean was too great. The
cup, owing to what It represents, ls
worth flghting for,' but under present
conditions It's perfectly safe with its
present custodians."
The Standard, commenting on the
Interview, says: "The opinion In English yachting circles ls that tbe New
York Yacht Club, as a sportsmanlike
body, can no longer refuse to accept
the challenge under the rules which
prevail at all their regattas. It Is believed that they will be compelled to
so alter the conditions which have
governed former races as to make a
new challenge possible."
The Standard also says It understands that the majority of yacht
clubs ln America, with tbe exception
of the New York Yacht Club, have
expressed a wish that in the next
contest for the historic cup the universal rule already adopted should
be allowed to govern the conditions
of the race.
The Dally Mirror publishes a telegram from Llpton tn which he says:
"The America Cup, under present conditions, does not represent sport."
���#���'���-,, +
+ BOWLING. ���
��� ���
Fowler Off Again.
Colfax, Cal., Sspt. 20��� Aviator R.
G. Fowler announced tonight that,
barring some untoward accident, he
would resume his ocean-to-ocean
flight Thursday morning. Fowler expects to start at 8 o'clock Thursday
morning and to fly to Wlnnemucca,
a distance of 274 miles, by nightfall.
I^jntlon. Sept. 20.���The Archbishop
of Canterbury has Interested himself
In the campaign to prevent the scheduled Johnson-Wells flght, and has
written to the home office urging
them to action to suppress the con-
"Convey to the sportsmen of New
Westminster my heart felt thanki tor
the many kindnesses which have been
extended to me since coming to la's
glorious province. I carry to my
home in the east, pleasant memor.es
of pleasant times and only regret t1 at   te8t . _
business compels me to leave be'or*
the Mtnto   cup    games    are decide!. Robberies on Makura. t ��....��...   .._��� ���	
You have in this province two of lie      Victoria, Sept. 20.���A series of rot*. I regretting  the  suggestion
test  lacrosse    teams    in the    whole   beries were committed on the ss. Ma-1    The full scores are an follows:
world, and with that feeling ot Bond   kura  during her  voyage    out    from I WestmlnsUr.
fellowship   continuing   to ����Ut   wWk \ Australia.     T%��   v��MMt   ��"**?i.2l-^\?wS!S-_^t- *V��   Wi   \m~\m.
1  wttnonMd when I  vu In Wwimlnliotor  nn* ����t*cttv��a w��nt nbawrtl tm \3. CWMnjrui*. vrt    \4X    X*%~*m\
��� *�������-�����.-ii .182    UN
In the Front street alleys yesterday evening the home brews dealt
somewhat severely with a quintette
of ball tossers from the Terminal
City who traveled over here from tue
Pender street rendezvous.
The visitors most certainly bit off
more than they could chew when
tbey clashed with tbe pin spiRers of
Westminster and went down to defeat by eighty-two points. Courtney,
of Vancouver, finished as highest Individual scorer, his total of 203 being
but a single point higher than Billy
Sloan, of the local team. The latter
with an average of 171 gave evidence
that he will be among the top
notchers this year, and those who
have been under the Impression that
William was an easy mark are now
New York, Sept. 20.���In the famous
Madison Square Gardens this evening
Matt Wells, English lightweight
champion, defeated the world renowned featherweight champion of the
world, Abe Attell, of San Francisco,
after a battle which was witnessed
by a huge gathering of sports from
all over the States.
Although the Englishman waa the
heavier by thirteen pounds���135
against 12 ���lt was plain from the
flrst that had the pair scaled equal
the American would never have been
In the hunt. Attell has so often defeated bigger and heavier opponents
that his defeat tonight does not bring
him any sympathizers. Wells' stock
haa gone up with a tremendous Jump
and although he was a few months
ago' termed a meal ticket fighter,
those who were formerly his detractors come out with the glad hand and
welcomed in the plucky Englishman
a future guardian of tbe lightweight
crown new worn by Ad. Wolgast.
Considering what was at stake, the
contest was   a   clean   one.   Charlie
White, of this city, who has refereed
more international and championship
bouts than any other third man in the
ring,  was the presiding officer, but
at no time was his task a hard one.
Five times ln the third round. Wells
sent hls opponent to the ropes   and
hailed vicious blows from both hands
with   terrible  effect  on   the   lighter
opponent.    The fourth rounl was   a
hard one, and was thought hy rlng-
siders the toughtest of the contest.
The referee had occasion to caution
the pair for holding.    White,    after
two breaks, again cautioned the lads, i
who after   this   conducted    matters
along fairer lines.
In the fifth round Wells with well
directed blows scored first blood.
The sixth was an even round, with
the lads boxing at close range all
In tbe first minute of the seventh
Attell obtained a lead so far as that
round    was   concerned,   but    Wells
fought back bravely and more   than
evened up before the gong sounded.
The     eighth     saw   Wells-   going
full steam   ahead.   He   carried   the
fight te the otber at every stage of
tbe game and had Attell in difficulties.    Four rapid left hooks to    the
Jaw   without  reply   increased   Wells'
chances and   the   battle   was   now
practically    over.     AtteH    was    not
strong enough to win by the knockout
route,  this  being  the  only  way    in
which be could ever hope to gain the
Ia the ninth and tenth meetings
Wells scored all the points, and although be had many opportunities   to
We will lend your money for you oa Approved First
Mortgages on Real Estate, aad will guarantee you
against loss.
We also guarantee that the interest will be paid you
promptly on the due date, and principal on maturity.
Ihe Westminster Trust and Site Deposit Co.,ltd.
> J.J.JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lome Street
New Westminster
Do Not Waste Money
m,y,, .    ' ,     I '��'    -'
ter* * Httta systematically, for R la tbo stuff that tho foun-
dat&A of wealth and happiness aro built ot
MSBoy may be used In two ways; to  spend   for   what  to
needed now and to invest for what ahall bo noodod ta the future. v Money cannot bo lnveotod until It to lint saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, $2,000,000.-  Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L, QEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
To Business or Picnic Parties:
Patronize the "Tlono"
Large and commodious, carrying one to twenty
with comfort   Apply to Alex Speck, on boat at
Begbie street slip, or 'phone L. 558.
send iu -tfre sleep punch, did not avail
himself of -*���.
  .   the offerings, being content
to win by the fairei means. The victory of the Britisher was a popular
\um   i��a   sos���ev*
i  wltn-.e* when I  wa. In W��.��* n-1���w  ����^""��. ,oc��t��  tto.    io��*wi. W. bm��  ..   ��� ��-    ���    w_tts
 ia*. ..hnmnions    at    our    national   musical  nwnn *.    t
"Laurentic"  'Megantic
,{�����   OCT. 21.
NOV. 18.
OCT. 14-28.
NOV. 11.
M  OCT. 7.
NOV. 4.
wrcuniixt ��&n
From  Portland,  Me., and   Halifax to Liverpool.
The LAURENTIC and MEGANTIC are the largest, finest and most
modern steamers trom Canada. ��evators, lounges, ladies' and smoking-
�� suites with hath.   String orcbe.**.  VU*X. soo.** ��*��M��m.
BMBWWtttSftHa. , ^^ ��� - ���*
rtmm TWtftaWC ��-* CMS
KV&9 *ie��i *eftwn�� namta
���world's champions    at    our   national i musical  Instruments.    .. ._.
game wlll remain ln British Colum Ma. 'made and some of the loot was dis-
l  will  return to this coast In a brief i covered.   No arrests were made.
Courtney   .
Davis   . ��� ���
Grant   ..
Lockhart  .
.139    167    123���429
New York, Sept. 20.���C. P. Rogers
and J. J. Ward, the aviators who are
living to the Paciflc Ccast from New
"���'��� ��������� thp Hearst prize ot $50,000,
ortune to-
wreck  at
"hynot select your Fall Underwear now. We have ���derwear
from the best makers tn the business such as Dr. Jaegers, Stan-
SC Penman's,   Watson's and
PrSe's $2.00 up to $10.00 the suit
Combinations in *g^'5^%
the new patent  ^"fB'
Prices $2.25 to $4.50.
~ .     u-   Q^rf New Westminster.
517 Columbia Street
Now  It
nying io u�� .	
York for the Hearst prize of $
are companions in misfortune to
night. Rogers' flier is a wreck at
Mlddletown, where he landed yesterday after an initial flight of about
eight miles from the Sheepsheail
race track, and Ward is at Corning,
about 220 miles from New York, with
the engine of his machine so badly
burned that it is useless. Rogers
smashed his machine by striking a
tree while trying to make an early
morning start from Mlddletown. He
said he might be rea.ly for a further
trial Wednesday. Ward, ufter flying
fifty-six miles in foity-three minutes
from Oswego to Corning, was forced
to alight because of the breaking out
of his engines. Mechanics from
Hiimmondsport began Installing a
new engine, with which Ward hopes
to fly shortly.
At Colfax. Cal., Aviator Robert G.
Fowler, marooned there awaiting repairs for the rear rudder o'f his biplane, which was broken six days
ago, said today he expected to leave
Thursday morning to continue his
transcontinental flight for the Hearst
| prize. Hope that he might leave yesterday went glimmering when lt was
learned that the spare parts were not
shipped from Dayton, Ohio, until Saturday. "Once over the' mountains
I'll show some speed," be said today.
Troops control Seville, Leon    and
King Alfonso Is personally supervising the situation. He ls convinced
at last that bis throne is ln danger.
He is seriously handicapped ln his
efforts to suppress the domestic disorders by the absence of many troops
in Morocco. Only 70,000 men of
Spain's standing army represent the
fighting force avail ible at home.
The king telegraphed the governor
; general at Valencia that disorders at
Alclra and Carcargente, where communes were proclaimed, must be
crushed nt once, lf It Is necessary to
destroy the to.vns.
is ths   Gentle   Shepherd   ot
Dartmoor Who Causes the
London, Sept. 20.���Winston Churchill, home secretary, is the government goat. Every time the king's
ministers make a mistake, Churchill
gets the blame. Every time the op-
osition wants to take a fall out of the
party in otfice, they jump on Winston. To pursue the figure, the home
secretary is not a meek goat. He
Churchill Is a reformer. He believes the submerged are more sinned against than sinning. So, when
he discovered, some months ago, that
"the gentle shepherd of Dartmoor"
had been sentenced to that prison
for thirteen years for stealing four
cents, he ordered him released on
parqle. "The gentle shepher.l," the
bome secretary explained, was a
harmless half-wit. not a dangerous
criminal���a poetically-minded lunatic, whom creatures ot the wild instinctively loved, and not a menace
to society, and it was an outrage to
jail him.
But "the gentle shepherd" promptly
broke his parole, committed burglary,
larceny, arson a few other things, and
went back to Dartmoor. The Toi ies
howled, but Winston smiled.
They Jumped on him when he called
out 18.000 police to kl* scared Anarchists in Sydney street. They Jump
ed on him when he called out the
troops to quell the strikers' riots in
Liverpool and elsewhere.
And they finally Jumped on him for
releasing a lunatic whose mania was
kissing a certain married woman.
The minute he got out he kissed her
again. The Tory newspapers got hold
of an erroneous report that the release had been ordered against the
protest of the superintendent of the
asylum, and everybody said the home
secretary had gone and done it again.
Then   Winston   butted.
That is, he sent all the Liberal
newspapers a fac-slmlle of a letter
which the superintendent bad written him, strongly urging the release
of the lunatic, whose conduct had
been "exemplary."
Surrey Agricultural Association
Will Be Held at the Town Hall, SURREY CENTRE
Show Grounds One-Half Mile from Either  McLennan or Meridian Station (B.C.E.R.)
A Bpeclal car will leave McLennan station ut 5 p.m. for New Westminster.
President Secretary.
School Teacher' Married.
Winnipeg,     Sept.     20. ��� Eleanor
Gladys Price, whose abduction   and
thirty hours of captivity in the^woods
last week resulted in a man-hunt last'
lng several' days and the subsequent
arrest ot Ed Davis, alleged to be an
escaped California convict, was mar- |
ried yesterday to Frank Patterson at i
the   latter's   home   near   Snowflake.
Davis i3 held in Jail at Morden.
Will be open for business in their
new building, 544 Columbia St.
Monday, the 25th of
September. THE DAlLY NEWS.
MK (Mill IA
A \ falling rock. So I lust slid down
^^^^^^^ I cycle and all, Into the Fraser river.
--���       \ fifty leet below, and signalled to an
IifH\l\ flCIl   tl\QTHCQ\It><ltan t0 come an<1 lake me across.
UUVIU ULaL lunlULn      "I started out  without a penny���
I that was a condition ot the Journey���
land   paid   my   way  by   selling  post-
I cards.    1 soon shall have some ex-
r.\BBfflT�� HNkNCES
Will PREtlllBE 1U',
  ca^ds     1 s^nTall have some ��;  Hug. Loan. Placed In Fr.nce
Thompson CU* ot Vancouver. BIK.s �� **��%��ft^�� sell N.xt Monday, so Latter Hc
to En9land ,and His Btory Comes
Back By Mall
Icellent cards irom iiuvnu^..,���
Ion my Journey. These 1 hope to sell
(here at a penny apiece.
I "I was once three days without
food, and 1 wore out flve pairs of
boots and three suits of clothing���
there  was  so  much  rough cllmblnc
vm   lair,*******   n.t.   nre   uuic.    v��,   ��� i to   d��� * w
young than on a bicycle aBked some I
tellow  cyclists  the   way   to  Cannon 1 ,���,..,,.   ,,,��~e
street station.    They told him.   and1 *N   ENGLISH   JUDGE
then, noticing hlB road-stained aspect
asked  him,   with   the   ready   treema
I Paris, Sept. 20.���Unless Germany
(settles her French differences before
[ti o'clock next Tuesday she will be
|forced  Into   virtual  bankruptcy.
This decision was reached after an
 ���������    rat     I,',..,,,,'},
Vie have
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean BlocE.
next to Bank oTMontre^l,
"������      This decision wan i��i���� ��������-���  -~
���   du8tv    wheelman    was    Mr. JJ%,       ^Tal.o^  l��tn��|lni tl��. 0����� n^cU�� lO^c. tlU|
Thompson  Clarke,  and   yesterday   at  gf \���J Urf newspapermen  In     hls
^lirnnrTroad   Lewlsham. where he Is poorer by his death. When
��.?��7 ^ amfe  an   KxP^ess  "P^ new"  o��� the ,1|rtlter and more amus-
SSSSf*  a  stirring  account  of  Us "gftgj    ranB short  editors  always
S"���lv and Its purpose. _ I"-* to the reports from Judge W H-
man and never ui��u ����� �����,,..���
the  litigants  who  came  before  him
and of pointing a mora] from his own
He began life as a clerk ln a wholesale dry goods house, and as he often
told his court audience He/saved money from the flrst. When he earned
$500 a year he lived on $200 and
saved the other $300, and he had no
patience with the young men who
were sued before him for tailors' bills
and other petty debts. "I never owed
..... ittr. ������ ha often
TCiiiimve  a  stirring  iu-< uu...   ...   ....
. ��� ..........     ����.!     l.a     a.���a.,.ra*r. Mg      Kind THII       SIIUI l       .=��..	
l0MreynanrdkeU9lsP7 well-knit young turned to the reports from Judge WU-
English athlete, who went to Canala u"J""1* .t0 flU the gap-. . , ��� . ,
two vears ago to make a place for The Judge was a genial humorist,
himself ln that spacious corner of the �� ��ortd deal ��f a philosopher, and by
empire, and the flre of patriotism no means a mountebank. He couldn t
burns strongly within Mm. But the re8lst the temptation to crack a Joke
dearest desiretot his heart is to make ��r w��rk. ��ff an aP^rUl"^b" hl'J?*!!
football a national game tn Canada, were always kindly and his sayings
*    ,, ���_ here generally   had   a  good  deal   of  hard
"First, as to my purpose" he said, common sense.    He was a self-made
"It Is all to do with football.     When  ���an a,"11 nfver ,tlre(l of "ft"* B�� .*���
1   flrst   found   myself   at   Vancouver  th��  Mlgants  who  came  before  him
football   was  nothing  and    baseball
ever> thing.   Mr. Con Jones, the president of the Hritish Columbia association   Football   League,  had  built the
boys a flno club ball at his own expense, and done all he knew ln every
way, but still the enthusiasm did not
"We   then   arranged   to   have  the
football   result   telegraphed   out   tba
same day from Montreal, a few thousand  miles away, and  posted ln tbe
cliibroom.    That helped.
"The next thing to do was to make
the people come to see the matches.
and when 1 tell you that at flrst the
��ntlre gate money for one afternoon
was flve dollars���that is, a sovereign
���vou will see that we have not done
so badly ln raising lt to $300  (��40)
a game in two years.
Working a  Boom.
"This was how we managed it. The
Saturday   match   was   played   on   the
mainland  and a match  on  Sunday���
the only day which the miners have
to  themselves���on  the  island    opposite.
"We,  therefore,  hired    a    steamer
and announced that people would be
taken over free of charge. That was
quite enough; they flocked down in a
body.   Of course, when they got over
they had to pay to go in.
"That was a good beginning. The
next thing to do was to make them
pay to go over.
"Well, by a little Judicious management we got the municipality to pro-1       vvueu   .   ....��,  ..     _
hlhit the Sunday sailings: dis roused '. Partiton between what I was :\oing
the people's blood to boiling point. ancl every other thought so that I
You simply could not keep them away might concentrate my attention on
from the boat���and from ' that day l what I wns doing, tty that means I
tho game was well established. succeeded."
"Still there was something lacking. j "Don't say dad, say father. It i.s
The Americans from over the border ione of the most beautiful words in
gibed at us. They pointed out that ,the Kngiish language,
baseball clubs were everywhera,: "" was not Intended thnt there
largely because the central baseball should be any worry in this world,
MioctaUon ot the \inlted atatea a.inu-,und tbere would not be lf people
��.Usd   tti��m  to  Vt��eU  AVrectVy. I obeyed   a few   rules
** "YoW ' foottuiM,    why.   \f��    only     u. \      "On   '*--   �����������-    ���
l��mW�� V��xmA_  \��,   ��it\ul\.   XMsar)  ,  they \ ���� ��� tV
^J*#:v."'���rt&at   do ttaa  {movie vtv  th�� o\<l\t��*����.
government to  settle  the    Moroccan
troubles, thus reassuring the business
German four per cent, government
notes to the extent of 300,000,000
marks aro due next 'Monday and aro
mostly held ln France, where the
German banks liave placed them'.
The banks must make good or admit that they cannot, which would
he forced bankruptcy, involving Germany in financial chaos. Owing to
this, it is believed that Germany will
be willing to compromise.
The lateBt German note, which arrived today, ls said to be conciliatory
It ls rumored here that J. Pierpont
Morgan has agreed to furnish the
necessary money to avert the possible panic ln German financial circles
provided the government accepts the I
ultimatum given by Baron Rothchlld |
ln regard to Germany's acceptance
of the French note.
Cabinet Is Silent.
Paris.   Sept.   19.���The  members  of
the French cabinet do not find them-
were bucu uv.v.i. ......	
and other petty debts. "I never owed the French cabinet oo uoi ..�����	
any one a penny In my life," he often Belves ln a position to issue any as- ******
said.    He wasn't ashamed to tell how Burances to the public concerning the        IIAUI  FrQCAr ifft    I I'll
"l      u�� w��'ked to and negotiations with Germany.    The for-        UU TT.I IQjLI UVUt.LlU.
he did it. either. He walked to and
from his work, six miles, every day,
and he never went to at theater or
any  other place of amusement.
Wliile he worked ln the dry goods
store by day he read law at night
and when he abandoned the yardstick for the courts he soon was recognized as an uncommonly sound
lawyer. He became a Judge ln 1880,
his court being one In which minor
civil actions were tried.
Quaint Sayings.
Here are some of his quaint sayings:
"No house is furnished unless It
has children and a mail cart in It."
"A good overcoat, if property
brushed and taken care of, ought to
last  seven years,"
"I never met a policeman yet who
saw an  accident."
"If you err on the side of benevolence It does not follow that you
are a fool."
'When   I   was  a  student  I  kept  a
To Purchase
of Sale
o/f rTtorm-RTiEs
After k thorough lnrmtlirmtlon ot
Tartou* brand* ot pklou Martla*
Sonour proTed to b* tha palnl
����� could rlak our reputation oa.
MXK Pure Paint
which w�� faaraata* te ba Pars
Wlilto Lead, Pare Oilde ot Siao, aad
Para Uoaaad Oil, with of oimru tha
aeceaaary coloring- losredlaau aad
drjera. How to ba entirely truthful,
they do make a tew dark ahadea
U��t cannot Ua produced from lead
and lino. Oome la the store and wa
Will ahow then to jou-bul eyery
other oolor la poaltlrely and abao.
lately 100 per aent I'ure Faint.
and not a drop ot adulteration at
aabatltullon la nlied la.
We recommend thli excellent
brand to all our Monde and customers. Another good point la that two
���allona of this paint covers aa tnnoh
apaoe *a three sallona ol tbo SUad
Wa hare oolor earda ahowlns all I
the color* and ahadea made.  Fras
for tbo Baking.
p T. I. Trapp & Co.
I    Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN,   public   stenographer;   specifications,    business    let.
ters,   etc.;    circular    work   takeni
Phone   415.    Rear   of   Major    and
Savage's offlc*  Columbia St.
WARD    OF   TRAD�����NEW WE8'H-
mlnster Board of Trade meet* in tn��
board room. City Hall, as follows:.
Third Thursday   ot   each   month;,
quarterly    meeting    on  the    tmr��
Thursday ot February, May, August
and November, at �� p.m.     Annual
meetings on the third Thursday of
February.    New  members  may  b��
proposed and elected at any month
ly or   quarterly   meeting,     c. H.
Btuart-Wade. secretary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodgo
are held ln Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially InvlteA
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.G.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G.   recording   secretary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary.
Hill HIM  i-r,    fcv    .M%,    r _  ,.
negotiations with Germany. The foreign office has received by telegraph
a precise reply on some points of the
exchanges. The text of the latest
German answer is due to arrive here
by courier late this afternoon. There
ls no expectation that the reply can i
be accepted entirely.
With  Dear   Food   Responsible���Many
Vienna, Sept. 19.���Troops are patrolling the city today and the government is preparing to place Vienna under martial law in order to prevent the recurrence of yesterday's
rioting in which six persons were killed and 200 injured, resulting from a
protest  on  the  high  coBt   of  living.
The police have forbidden socialist meetings, as they consider yesterday's gathering outside the city to be
responsible for the rioting. Fifty
thousand people marched to the par-]
llament buildings, where the troops J
opened   fire.
Unless parliament enactse-laws Immediately regarding the demands of
the people, more serious riots ara
4- TE"K CEJtiT. I/tTETl-
Phons 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
317-32I Cambie St.
Vancouver, B.C.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlsterat-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, h. c. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710. *��* imam !
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia mu*
McKenzie streets; Vancouver Offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie, G. E-.
i    Martin.
solicitor and notary, 610 C< 'umhia.
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
>b2ye*uavtew" ruies""" "    '     I   Chicago. Sept. 10.���Several persons
���On the *mo\e, tho poor arc happl-\were   Injured    by   tiOltnn     uliins    an.l
��   tinn   Ove   rlel,   vVaht   throunu   tn�� \ roof a.  electric  wires  ana   trees In   al!
-^^.   ��o .n��,  llaanJU" I parts   ot    the   city    -wero   Tolown   oown,
CMfoiv    c��r��    about    ySu    an*      your!      JuAtta    Willis.    -.lAlho.licit     a    LAlieral \ and  many   titilWllUKs   -were   damaged   In
lootbaYlT \Vt�� politics -v.- as nothing lf not conserv-1"  ���"""������������� ��lnd storm, accompanied hy
"Tbat gave ub the cue, and I come\artv�� The R��ort ��ld da>B of hla hoy-
now to my point. 1 have undertaken hood were pood enonph for him and
this journey to get a cup for our'h<? had no patience with modern in-
league in Canada, and we want it to vent.ions���h<> v.onl.i have protested
be  iiresented  to us  by somebody  0i!aSainst   railing   them   Improvements.
and many niiiiainBs ����� *���*-���* *"-*-*;~\ i" I
u severe wind storm, accompa��������>* *>y I
a tieavy downpour ot rain that strucK
... .       _       ...     .���j���..        Basements'
Op : ttjiaiiiM     uarnu.     ���****-*,***     ....,.-��	
we [ For  instance,   he  never   used  a  tele
Bome   institution   here   .oJhBt   we , ^i t   , (n
may   always   feel   Ujat fb*ebO^   m ��,   ,in(leiRround   railway  or an  auto-
the Old Country is watching our game  �� ^   ^^   gamblod      never
U\J    IlUt     llliniang     u*Vi     ���**-      -
value of tlie cup we are thinking of-
.     1.1a*. i       *\l'��    .Inn 'f     (inr
we do not need that. 'We don't care ! Pef. never looked at a stock ex-
if it is only worth one cent' the boys I change ticker tape, and he declared
said to me before I 1. ft, 'but we want 'recently that he was probably the
it to come from somebody at home, ����'.v m!��" '�� En-land who never read
where football is a national game.'      �� word about   tlie Crippen trial.
"We are determined to keep foot- In spite of this apparently sour and
ball   on   top,"   Mr.   Clarke  continue I Intern outlook on life, Willis was one
"With so manv Englishmen and of "'e kindliest of men. He spent
Scotsmen, Including several old inter- i a 'f)t of money helping poor persons
nationals, coining out to Canada now, : who were sued before him for rent
it is most Important to make football ;l'"l similar debts, and a homily from
our national game���or we shall not , <he bench on tiie foliy of getting into
keen the voung fellows tliere at all!" i del)t of,('n wollld '"' followed by a
.... ������      , Millet    visit    from   the   indue   and     a
3600-M.le  Journey ..K):m���     ,       o ���
With some reluctance Mr. Tnomp- - �� .   '
Cbicapo early today
downtown were Hooded and several
plate glass windows wore blown in.
The wind struck with such sud.len-
ness and force that ships in the harbor dragged anchors, but none was
wrecked. A bridge tender's house
was blown into the river, but the
tender   swam   safely   To    land.      A
"Small      nOIIBe     111      HIV     aJUann., a.,     v.      v��~
city was moved several feet from its
The Illinois naval reserve gunboat
Dubuque dragged its anchor and was
dashed against tlie government pie'-
by the wind. Three large passenger
Eteamers were buffeted about for five
hours before reaching Chi'-ai;o. Many
yachts and launches were torn from
their moorings and suffered damage.
Twenty-five fires were caused by
liuhtuing. and many families were
driven from their homes? Several
houses were unroofed.
Johnson's Wharf, foot Columbia Ave.
Leave Vancouver 12 Midnfgfit
for   Prince    Rupert,    Port    Simpson,
Port Nelson, Stewart, Massett, Naden
Leave Vancouver 12 Midnight
for Prince Rupert, Refuge Bay, Queen
Charlotte Island Ports.
Leave Vancouver 12 Midnight
for Victoria and Seattle.
Additional Excursions
to Eastern Points
Tickets on sale September 25tfi,
October 2nd, 6th. Return limit 29
davs from date of sale. October ITIii,
1Mb, l'uh. Return limit November
i WinnlpoK.   Man	
Minneapolis.   Mln	
St.   Paul.   Minn	
Chicago,   ill	
Milwaukee,  Wis	
Toronto, Ont	
Montreal.   Qne	
N'ew  York, N.Y	
Boston, Mass	
Washington, D.C   lU'f.ou
and all other eastern cities. Standard
and tourist cars on all trains. For
further information apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
f 60.00
.     72.50
,     ill. 5(1 !
. 106.00
.   108.50
.   110.00
son Clarke then consented to men
lion a tew of Ills adventures by tho
"I started on April 5," lie said,
"and traveled, awheel anl afoot, 3600
miles, of which 1200 miles was over
railwav ties, or sleepers fourteen or
fifteen inches apart, and nobody who ."101ls "" '
has over done it has any idea how lov\eu to_t
terribly trying it  is
necessities, lt was one of his rules
that if these "loans" wero repaid, as
they sometimes were, to put tho
money out a>.ain at once in a similar
in   "Who's   Who,"    that     English
work   of   reference  in   wliich   the   fa-
... .    would-be   famous   are   allowed to write their own biographies.
Judge   Wills  gave  his  recreations  as
! follows:
rnoiy  ujins  ���>   **>��� .    iiouows,
"At   Clanwilliam   1   was   caught   in j    ..rj0uectlng   books,   both    old
the middle of a bridge three-quarters ^^^^^���
..       ,          n,i._     :...i,l.,,.o     Ihj.rt.
of a mile long. The bridges there
have no parapets, and the ties only
extend a foot or two beyond the rails
If you were to stand up when a train
went by you would be blown over
Into the chasm; therefore, barrels fui!
of water are placed on the bridge,
nnd Into these you are supposed to
get, the weight of yourself and the
water   together   keeping    the   barrel
"But I had to save my cycle, so 1
threw myself fiat, nnd, grasping a
deeper  with   one   arm,   held   my   bi-
- ** a
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     and
i new, walking by the side of brook
and river, speaking to everybody he
meets, and seeing how much there
is in others to be admired and loved."
Bill   in   Eng-
Member  Drafts
London,    Sept.    20.���Will    Crooks.
| Labor   member   of    parliament,   lias
| drafted  a  bill   which   is  designel  to
prevent   strikes  and   lockouts,
sleeper  wltn   one   arm,   uciu   ....,   ���. |    The measure provides that any em-
cycle   dangling  down  over  the  river i plover declaring a lockout or any em-
wlth the other. (ployees poing on strike in violation of
"I was riding through a wooden |the act sliall lie punished by fine. The
Ice-shed tunnel at? Glacier, over 3000 employer, if the bill becomes law, is
feet above tlie sea, when I saw the i to be fined from $100 to $1000 for
great headlights of a train Hash 'f*\ery day that such lockout continues.
round the curve of the tuiimd ahead |The penalty for striking contrary *-
"Now the walls of tlie tunnel were
bilked up with ice���water which bad
percolated through by .'day and fro-
-/en at night-and had I stayed there
n,v bicycle would certainly have been
"pnshel  and  rerhaps   myself,  too.
j   1  HC      j:,-........       .���.       _	
j the act ranges from $10 to $50 ii day
and   persons   inciting   employees   to | small
strike are liable    to a    fine    varying
from |60 to $100.
The  measure  f
wherever  n   dispute
Iiublin, Sept. 19.���There was no
Improvement today in the situation
resulting from the strike declared originally on the Great Southern and
Western railway and which Is extending over the Great Northern and
Midlsad Great Western thus affecting three principal lines of railroad
communication in Ireland. Traffic
generally was disarranged, the service
rendered being very poor. The executives of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants were In session today considering the whole situation. Forty Scottish strike-breakers arrived this morning and met a
hostile reception from the strikers,
who attempted to stampede them.
Police routed the attacking party.
Leave Vancouver 9:00 p.m.
for Powell iliver. Campbell River,
Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet,
Naniu, Ocean Kails, Bella Bella, Swanson Bay, Lowe Inlet, Claxton, Port
for points hetween Prince Rupert and
. Vanarsdol. connects with SS. "Prince
|Rupert"  and   "Prince  George,"     both
north  and southbound.	
iThe Double Track  Route)
for  all    points  east  of    Chicago  ;n
I Michigan, Ontario.   Quebec,   Maritime
Provinces, New  York and New    Kng-
I land States.    Through    tickets    from
Lost for Three   Days.
Prince Rupert, Sept. 10.���To be
lost in the woods of Graham Island
without food or shelter for th'ee davs
and two nichts was tlie terrifying experience of Mr. White, a seventy-year-
old retired carriage maker from Vancouver. Mr. White, who has had a
longing to spend liis declining davs
by the seaside, came to Graham Island   a  few weeks ago  to  look  for B
H.C SMITH, C. P. & A.
Phone Seymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phone Seymour 3060.
527 Granville Street.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box  772
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner  Eighth St. and  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE  370.
  arises       ^^^
^^^^^^^^     an   employer    and   any   of   his    em
"i'trirf"to dismount, but  my clops   ployees, and  thev  are  unable to set-
'>,. lvanTover I fe"-  ' P��<*ed  tie It, either party may apply to the
caught me, ano w maci,i,.,. and   Board of Trade for the appointment
myself up. Krabiea ^ ���u^ (f ,.,.���,.;���..��������� and ,n,
bolted back to the mouw u ligation"  )0  which  the  dispttl
M'rfli aML?8K��J  ^^S   to   strike   or   lock   out
ffsSjbLl"bccn'LSu^'^ay'by.must come  from the board of  trade.
of  the   breakers  on   the   shore,  but
could not find anv  path out.
At last, on tho third day, he found
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the the trail lo Cape Fife, where H
pre-emption   for   himself    and   was picked  Up  by  a senior.    During
wife. the Whole  time  Wr.  White  subsisted
  (    He started out for a little walk in    on wild berries, and is little the worse
further   proposes that   land,   following   a   survey   line.      He   for his adventure.    He i.s still   firmly
-    bet ween   lost the line and could not pick it up   decided   to   spend   tlie  remainder   of
again.     At  night   lie  built  a flre and   his   days   with   his   wife  on    Graham
slept.     Next  day   he   set   out   again.   Island.
but  only  succeeded;   alter   a   day's)	
march, in getting back to the remains ������     London,  Sept.   10.���His    patriotism
of his last night's flre.      Again next   aroused   by  the   war  scare,  an   "tin-
day    and    the   succeeding   night   lip   known   Englishman  from  beyond   the
vainly   trying    to   find   seas" has donated  $50,000 to thi
Transfer Co.
MBce 'Pbone IM.     Barn 'Plione ISI
Begbie Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly   *��
any part of tke etty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Prlnceis St
he na-
walked   about   ***ni**   ,,.-,..r-     ���         T-,,--
tlie way out.   He could hear shols and   tion for the purchase of a rifle range,
shouts of the searchers and   he sound   The gift has been accepted.
Phone 699. P. O. Box 501.
Snider & Bretheur
General Contractors
Weatmlnster Trust  Building.
Time T1^
Arrival: c'08,ng:
80:00���United States via C. P. R.
(daily except Sunday) .23:0*
I 7:40���Vancouver via B. C   B. R.
(dally exeept Sunday)   ��� 8:00
' 12:00��� Vancouver vln. B. C. B. H-
(dally   except   Sunday)   .11:15
!   7;40���Vancouver via Ii. C. E, K-
(daily except  Sunday).. 16:0O
8:00���Victoria  via U.  C.  E   It.
(dally except Sunday).. 8:0O
13:00���Victoria  vlu   li.   C.  B.   R.
(dally except  Sunduy). 11:15
7:80���United States via O. N.  H
(daily except Sunday). .   9.45
16:16���United Statea via Q. N. ll.
idnlly except  Sunday)..16:00
10:18���All points east and Europe   (daily)  8:30
22:30���All peints east and Europe   (daily)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton und Praser
Mills (daily except
Sunday)        8:30
(20:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills (dally except
Sunday)      14:00
10:48���Coquitlam    (daily  except
Sunday)        8:30-
13:00���Central Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
L400���East Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday ami
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:30
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island. Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville.   Sunbury (daily
except  Sunday)    13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding ria G. N. It.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R.   (daily  ex-
(dally except Sunday) .14:00 '
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs- i
day,   Friday   and   Sat-       ''
day       �� .14: (�����;
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday  tu��d
Friday)       ...., 14:0<j
8:80���Burnaby  Lake tdajly except Sunday  .. Ti 16:0ft
10:09���AbbotBford, Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (daily except  Sunday)    23-00.
15:16���Crescent, White Ftock and
Blaine (daily except
8unday)   9-4B
16:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Illdfie
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
nrday  9:4{j
11:30���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lelimu, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Upper
Sumas, Surrey Centre.
��� "1 Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayville,
" Strawberry Hill, Sou"i
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sar-
dis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via R. C. B, H. (dally
except   Sunday)        8-3(i,
16:50���Chilliwack, Cloverdale
and Abbotsford via 11
C. E. R. (dailv exce|.t
Bunday)   17.30
' "> THURSDAY,   8EPTEMBER   21,   1911.
Tailor Suits, Evening Dresses, all
beautiful patterns, Just received from
Perfect fit guaranteed.    See
Mrs. Gaultler
Lavery Block.
lhe undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Wharf and two Approaches
at Prince Rupert, B. C." wlll be received at this office until 4.00 P. M ,
on Monday, September 25, 1911. to*-
the construction of a Wbarf and two
Approaches at Prince Rupeit, Quarantine Station, Dlgby Island, B. C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the offices of O. A. Keefer,
Ks(|, District Engineer, New Westminster, B. On ��nd ��n application tjo
the Postmasters at Prince Rupert and
Victoria, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence, in the case of
firms, tbe actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the flrm
must  be given.
Kach tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
tiank pavable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Work.i,
etjuul to ten per cent (10 p. c.) of
the amount of tender, which wlll be
forfeited if the person tendering de
dine to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fall to complete the contract. If the tender be
not accepted Ihe cheque wlll be re
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any ten
By Order,
Iiepartment of Publis Works, Ottawa,  August  26,   1911.
i Newspapers will not bo paid for
this advertisement if they Insert It
without authority from tha Depart
ment I.
Phons 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $6,200,000
Reserve      6,909,000
Tbe Bank has 176 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Paciflc; ln Cuba,
throughout tbe Island, also in
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities tn the World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Weatmlnster Branch,
A Spiritualist Service wilt be held
at Mrs. J. Clarke's residence, Inman
avenue. Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock. AU
are welcome.
ster ���Take notice tbat John Gould, ef
Vancouver, B.C., occupation broker,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands Commencing at a post planted at a point on tbe westerly shore ef
Green lake, which point is situate
about ru chains southwesterly from
the northerly end of the aaid Greea
lake; tbence ��fst 40 chains, theace
south -lu chains, tbence east 49
chaini more or less, te the shore ef
Green lake, tlience northerly following the chore of Green lake te the
point nf commencement, containing
Jfio acres more or less.
Agent for John Gould.
listed August 28, 1911.
ite  the fractional northwest quarter
of   section    7.  township    11     (121
acres), l^angley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2. New Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of the  loss of certificate of title number 7721F, lssael
1n the name of Colon    McLeod,   has
t>een tiled in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
*t the expiration of one month from
���the date of the first publication here
���of, in a daily newspaper published In
-the city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certlflcate, unless In the meantime valld dbjectlon
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New   Westminster, B:C, July 11. 1911.
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
���hertest Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palace*.
Next Sailings from  Montreal:
Xmas Sailing from Halifax.
Rates of Passage:
1st Class, 192.50, and upwards.
2nd Class, 853.75, and upwards.
3rd Class. Bristol or London, $32.50.
Further Information from Ed Goulet. C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavstrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
IH to 85 H. P.
t and 4 Cycle.
Local Agsnts
Westminster Iron Works
Phons  58.
Tenth  St.,   New  Westminster.
Ite Lots 1, 2 and 3, in Block 6, Lot
in. In Hlock B0, and Lots 7 and 8, in j
Hlock 51. all ln the subdivision or DU-'
trict Lot five hundred and forty (540),
in the City of Vancouver.
Whereas proof of loss of certificate
���of title No. SI278A. to the above named
property issued in the name of
Thomas William Kingsmlll has been
filed In this ofiice. Notice is hereby
Riven that I shall at the expiration of
one month from date of first publication hereof issue a duplicate of said
certificate of title, unless in the meantime valid objection be made to me in
Dated at the Land Registry Office
this Sth day of September, 1911.
District Registrar.
Tram Marks
......        Cow��ioht�� Ac.
Stkntif ic JMtrp*
* lindioiniiiy mounted *w***lf. **��*���� <2��
���SaiiaVi\-t ar*t ��rt��nuno I"��,'��'-1 ''""i-'S
^^"ahbai**s.VO*t***-*r*V**i. SoU W
aU newMealv*. ..        u     ,
��� tCo^^NewM
*A OfflcoT& r BU Wa^X&atou. Ml
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never oefore been in a
position to do ss, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly.   ::
Business   Accounts   opened
on favorable terms.
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
The Free List
Below j& given in tabulated form ".he lis* of articles which are now dutiable between Cir.^ua
and" the United States, and which will go on the free list provided the  Re itv  Bill  beromea
effective. The first column indicates .he Canadian general tariff, followed bv the United States
tariff as applied to Canada. Then follow the reciprocity rate and the reduction tlm cniaita ty
Canada an J the United States:
. Article  . General U. S.        Rociproc-     Reduction   Reduction
^TO��fc JUP^       Tariff Tariff ity Rate   by Canada    by U. S.
Cattle  25 p.c.           none free 25 p.c.             non?
Cattle, less than 1 year old  none        $2.00 head free none'        52.00 head
Cattle valued at not more than $14 hd none        $3.7r. head free none         $3.75 head
Cattle valued at more than $14 head none          27'/2 p.c. free none           27/2 p.c
Hordes and   pies  noipe            none free none              none
Old, \. lued at?    ' *.r less  none             none free none              none      I
Horses, N. O. P  25 p.c           none free 25 p.c.             non?
Horses valued at ,150 or '.   i per hd none          $30 head free none           S30 head
Hztzz3 value! ... over $150 per l.rad none            25 p.c free none             25 p.c.
Swine, W. C, per lb  l��/2 p.c.       $1.50 eaoh free l��/2c lb.       $1.50 each
Sheep and lambs  25 p.c           none free 25 p.c            none
Sheep and lambs, less than 1 yr. old none         25c head free none          25c each
Sheep and lambs 1 year old and over none        $1.50 each free none         $1.50 each
Poultry, alive  25 p.c.           3c lb. free 25 p.c            3c lb.      i
Poultry, dead  20 p.c   j;      5c lb. free 20 p.c.    ;-      5c lb.
Wheat, per bushel  12c      J j-      25c free 12c      ^;       25c        |
Rye, per bushel  10c    MI     10c free 10c       ?!        10c       !
Oats, per bushel  10c    *} M    15c free 10c      W['"'������     15c
Barley, per bushel  15c      '���jf    30c free 15c     7)       30c     t\
Buckwheat, per bushel  15c      *. ��   15c     '.\ free 15c    '^fl-l     15:       ]
Beans, edible, dried, per bushel .... 25c    '','/.��    45c    m' free 25c    rT'     ��5c     fi
Peas, dried, per bushel   15c   :'JtW   25c   ��au. free ^   15=   JfHi    25c     ""
Peas, seed     " * & 40c ... ...    "~" ,���.    Wz    ji
Potatoes, per bushel _^  20c   jfgF   25c    >f free .��     20c   s0&    25;    %
Corn, except into Canada for distil, fre*i 7jS  15c   ^^ free nine  ^"vi    15c     M
Sweet potatoes, per bushel  10c     ^a��    25c "     * free "      10c    ���.+&     25c      *
Yam3  .22P-��:-       25 pCi ..-*. free -9P"'   -    25p.t    J
Turnips ,. 30 p.c "^t  25 p.c. "*" free '   30 p.c "������* -25 p.c. ^
Onions  ,  30 p.c.            40c free 30 p.c.    *'*      40:
All other vegetables in natural state 30 p.c.          25 p.c ���"*�����, free 20 p.c   *Jt   2' T "���   Z
Cabbage  30 p.c.         2c each 'free 30 p.c          2c each"^
Fresh Fruits���Apples, per bbl  40c         25c bushel free 40c bbl.       25c bushel
Pears..  25 p. c      25c bushel free 25 p.c.        25c bu:h?l
Peaches, per 100 lbs  $1.00       25c bushel free $1 per lOOlbs 25c bushel
Grapes, per lb  2c            25c c.f.t. free 2c lb.          25c c.f.t.
Wild Blueberries  free           lc quart free none          lc per qt.   j
Wild Strawberries  free          lc quart free none          lc per qt
Fresh Milk   17!^ p.c   -    2c gal. free W/% p.c.         2c gaL     I
Fresh Cream   WA p.c        5c gal. free WA p.c         Cc gal.     I
Eggs, per dozen  3c             5c doz. free 3c doz.           5c do^     I
Honey   3c             20c gaL free 3c lb.           20c gz\;   I
Garden, field and other seeds, not JSL ���'% \                     '
herein   otherwise   provided   for, *-*&**��**..*:���.���. '^^t��g^Bg~2SSaB^-'   {    _____& 1
when in pkgs. of over 1 lb. each, '                   ���../��-      i^r*        ="��3Uv .    -V���'--:   * *
not including flower seeds  10 p.c. 15c to 20c lb.    free 10 p.c      15c to 20c lb.
Grass Seeds, including timothy and ,
clover  10 p.c. free            free 10 p.c             none
Flaxseea or linseed, per bushel  10 p.c 25c             free 10 px.              25c     S
Cottonseed and other oil seeds  10 p.c free            free 10 p.c.             none    -,1
Hay, per ton  $2.00 $4.00, 2240 lbs   free   . $2.00               $4.00      X
Straw, per ton  $2.00 $1.50 2240 lb��   tree *2.00               *VTO     \
Extract of hemlock bark   tree Vie each         tree nqnue          Ynt par Ds. \
Glycerine, crude, not  purified  -Wor **>��� �� **....-.            I
manufacturing purposes)    ��� ��� tnm lc Wo.           fTee mme             .I*!?-    \Y '
Fish, mackerel, pickled, salted, lb. .. lc j;*    lc lb.          free l<*h.    ^     le Ito.    \V
Fish herring, fresh, per lb  lc '         lc lb.          free lc lb.   ^-    lc\b.    \
Fish, herring, pickled, salted, 100 lbs.      50c tf��     50c free 50c                 50c     M
Fish, herring, smoked, kippered, lb.        lc ]/2c free ��*g.    lc ^ft.   /*c   sM
Fish,   halibut   and    salmon,    fresh,             4W?Ek W   ,,      ���**��&* ,  "W^***.   i���      ^!
pickled or salted, per lb  lc W    lc              free lc ^fll* Ic ^
Fish,   cod,   haddock,    ling,    pollock, -j^ -��V W    .*    m*.    */^^L
fresh, salted or pickled, per lb... lc V%$     He             free lc    TO*   ,?��
Fish, boneless, per lb ���- }* .._    ^            free lc      M    **4e    ^
Fish. eels, smelts, fresh, frozen, lb. lc ���      Mc            free lc     ^      Ac
All other fish, pickled or salted, lb. lc '.;s;_.   Vac             free lc      -<*    /***      .,
Salmon   and    other   fish,   prepared , ? * W     30         %l
preserves, N. O. P  av p.c. av p.c.          "<=* r*       .
If   in   pkgs. containing   less    than *��� 9$,     ��n
half bbl., U.S. (minimum 30 px.) none 30 p.c.          free .   none             30 p.c
Oysters, shelled, in bulk, per gallon 10c <      free            free 10c     **
Shelled, in cans, not over 1 pint, m- . >| 3 ^      none
eluding duty on cans, per can ... ��Jc -.  ^     iree            iree ^^^
Shelled, in cans, over 1 pint and not ;���.���? ��� , -tjcyzr
over 1 quart, including duty on , ^ ^,h ne
cans, per can ���.��� ��c ���_     Iree             iree _(
Shelled, in cans, exceeding 1 quart in v. , ^.,
capacity, including duty on cans, frpe gc      --:       n(me
t   KPf qUfriv;     2Kwc f^e free 25 p.c.   "'       none
^SStd-::::.:::-::.::::: %��l     **     ^    m~     �����
SSSJ^?1.:::::���::.���.::���:::::  ft   ^Wm.  **    ��   ���������.*
Note; In .-eward ta shingles the United States tariff has beer, reduced from 50c per M. to 30c per
M. to meet the Canadian tariff, thus putting the united States shingles on an equal basu, with the
Canadian shingles.
Amount of Reduction of Duties on Imports of 1910, summarized from Reciprccity$^9B9^3k-
deduction >y United States " $141221900
Reduction by Canada	
Difference :���. favor of Canada $3,4o7,714.00
In proof of the fact that until the last few months the Conservative party of the Dominion of
Canada has, side by side with the Liberals, endeavored to secure to Canada the ^l&R^lt
ity in Natural Products with the United States, it is well to remember that when Sir John A. Macdonald introduced the National Policy of 1878, one of the reasons urged m fayor of its adoption
was that it would tend to reciprocal Free Trade in natural products with the United States.
Under the Tariff Act, 1880, embodying he National Polio a standingM^JJJ ^efrbeJ
Canada that whenever the United States reduced its duty on these products or made tnem iree
of duty, a c;rresponding reduction would be made by Canada.
��� IN ���
K-! HflH ���
^t xw/w mt&es 1
J. W. Smith, of Calgary, was In the
city yesterday visiting friends here.
Liberal committee    rooms,   'Phone      The  regular  monthly    meeting  of
| 64, over Dally New. Office, opposite   the Benevolent Society will be held
| and^evening.   Everybody cordially Jn- 0,dock g Jg CUy Ha���
Take the steamer Transfer for    a
round trip Saturday aftemoon. Leavea i
���B^Ba^Ba^B^BB^Ba^Ba^Ba^aaa^H Blackman -Ker wharf at 2 o clock. *���    '
Scotch men and women in this clty
���and their number Is legion, will S. W. Fisher, B. Phin and T. W.
flock to Merfew hall, Cedar Cottage Foster, of Ladner, came up to the
I next Monday, when a program of ths city last night to take In the big
auld sangs will be submitted. The Liberal meeting held In the opera
favorite Scottish artistes have been ' house.
engaged anl the evening gives piom- ^^^^^^^^^********************\
Ise of being an excellent one. Highland dancing by a tiuarte.te of braw
lassies wlll he a feature.
The marriage was solemnized yes-
terdnv of John George Dlngwell
Coutts and Lilian Gemlo Robertson at
the residence of the bride's parents.
509  Ash  street.    The ceremony   was
taking chances with the
Fates. Your live stock
could be annihilated by a
flash of lightning without
any warning to you. Why
not insure your horses" agai-
st death. Come in and talk
it over with me.
If after working awhile your eyes
sting and burn, immediate relief is
obtained by our percetly adjusted
glasses. W. Gifford, Optician. Parlors ln T. Gifford's Jewelery store. ���*
Arrangements have been made for
the shipment to Winnipeg of the remains of the late Thomas Smith, who
i-..^^^^^���-.,..^^^^^���^��� ���.was accidentally  killel at Couultlam
performed   at   three   o'clock   in     tin* i dam a few days ago.   Deceased's wife
arternoon,  the  Rev.   A.  F.  Baker, of   and other relatives reside ln  Wlnnl-
the Baptist church, officiating.   Later 'peg and interment will be made there
tbe newly  married  couple left, amid
showers of rice, for a honeymoon trip
as far east as Kamloops.. The brl les-
mald   was   Miss   Hannah   Robertson.
sister of  the  bride,  while  Mr.  J.  C.
Adams was the best man.    On    the !
eve of   the    wedding   a few of    the
tlisnds of the newly weds gave them
a kitchen shower.
A very pretty wedding took place
yesterday morning when Mlss Edna j
Gertrude Bilodeau, second daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Bilodeau, ot
this city, became the bride of Mr.
Lawrence P. Gulchon, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Guichon, of Nicola, B.C.
The ceremony was perfotmed by
Father O'Boyle at St. Peter's Roman
Catholic church at nine o'clock. Mr.
Joseph Guichon, bi other of the groom,
acted as best man. anl Miss Sophii
Bilodeau, sister of the bride, was
bridesmaid. The happy couple left
on the 10:28 train yesterday morning
for Los Angeles, where the honeymoon will be spent. On their return
they will make their home at
Quilchena ln the Nicola valley.
Alfred W. McLeod
657! Columbia St.,
New  Westminster.
Wione  62.
Candidate Oliver Convinces
Huge Crowd at Opera House
(Continued from page one)
four hours Canada would know tlie
decision. The Liberal government
would be returned with a greater majority than ever before In the history
of the Dominion. John Oliver had
throughout the campaign and long before It as a matter of fact, been
proved to be the flt and proper- person to represent the riding, and the
great question would be settled by
the electors and the Conservatives
would wonder what had happened.
Ours is the Biggest and Best
in the City.
Our  prices  are  reasonable
and are baaed upon services
-rendered,    ln addition to a
iSkvotes     a.^^W��^a     A.n<\      a l*.*  .ii.iu.ur ,,^,..........   .......   ....... ....= ,,
  '-.�� ,        , \ government   tor   rtntim   this   (radp, but
1CRIFI ION   trade We   Cleat 1 tor the purpose  of Uluat rating the In
I sincerity   anl   folly   of  the  opposition
in SPECTACLES, PHOTO GOODS   argument  that   trading with  the  United States means the dismemberment
of the empire.
In the course of the meeting at the
opera house   last  night a  number of
slides were shown exhibiting the roa.l
making machinery and traffic bridge,
to   which   reference   has   been   made
in  the  campaign.      This    macliinery
was purchased   by  the local    govern-
\ ment   In   the   United   Statea   and   the
tirldge   material    was   also   purchased
��>v   the   local    government   from   mills
on  the  other,  side  of   the line.     These
-were   used,   not   for   the      purpose     of \1
tfnatna   nny   particular   fault   -with   the ll
I have just received a
fine line of Suitings that
will  interest you very
much if you see them.
Not only on' account of
splendid quality, but also because they are of
suitable length to  include an extra pair of
trousers with each suit,
which makes one suit
practically equal to two
in utility.
You will find all desirable attributes in clothing turned out by me.
Workmanship, fit, style
and lasting qualities par
Bis Spec^
to Women's fall Sails, $25.00
For Wednesday and Thursday
This offering is a good demonstration of the remaikable valuo
giving we can accomplish. Every Suit in the collection ls correct in style and splendidly tailored. There is a splendid range
of fabrlca in all the latest weaves. Every garment a special
it $25.00
Si:lt of flne basket cloth with raised nap. Semi-fitting style with
Empire back. Moire silk lined. Collar and revere of black
corded silk. Trimmed with braid. Fastened with two black
braid ornaments. Skirt, plain four gored style, with panel back.
Navy.    A special   $25.00
Suit of broadcloth; green,
shawl collar of silk and black
satin, piped with coral, large
black braid buttons; seml-
.itting back. Silk gored skirt
with panel back and front.
Coat black satin lined. A special    $25.00
Navy and grey Suit of basket
tweed. Deep revere trimmed
with fancy braid, fastened
with two large frogs. Trimmed cuffs. Skirt panel back
and front with pleats on sides
Coat black silk lined. A
special  $25.03
Suit of fine grey tweed.   Strictly tailored style.    Trimmed with
silver  ball   buttons.    Satin lined.    A special   $25.00
Special Sale of Misses' Coats
Many Good Bargains
WANTED���Experienced coat, vest,
pant and skirt makers. Apply
at once.
and seeds. Anything connected with the drug trade
we can supply. WE LIKE
THE COUNTRY which we
execute promptly.   Try us.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:   L. D. 71:
New    Westminster.
Res.  72.
B    C.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 8ixth Avenue. Phone  567
The Dr. Scholl's
Corrects fallen arches, sustains week insteps, relieves
corns, bunions, callouses and
all  foot  afflictions.      Also
A practical invention that instantly and permanently rights
bunion troubles.
Deane Block.    441 Columbia Ht
New Westminster. B.C.
Australia  Favors  Free Treatment to1"
Pajients  in   Public  Hospitals.
Melbourne. Sept. 20.���Replying to
a deputation of trades unionists in
the Trades Hall. Prime Minister Fisher said that the government intende.l
In the future to give the preference!
to contractors tendering for govern- I
ment work who employed union labor
The Victorian government has
made a grant to the explorer, Mr.
Mawgon, of   ��6,000.
At the meeting of thc Australian
Medical Congress, now in progress, I
it was decided to urge upon the au- I
tborlties that no patient able to pay ,
hi. admitted to the public hospitals, '
ami that no patient admitted be
Uproarious scenes took place today
in the New South Wales i'arliaiiK'iii.
Speakei Willis and the Liberals have
been backbiting for som ��� time, and
today Mr. Willis' rulings were ques-
tionc.l, whereupon the speaker summoned the police and had seven mem
bers expelled amidst tremendous con-
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Of light-weight beaver cloth. Navy. Military collar.
Double breasted. Collar of wide black military
braid. Seml-fltting style, with two pockets. Sizes
14  to  20  years.    Price   $15.00
Grey   with green      lt,id    buck.    Seml-fltting    style.
Trim.   ;d  witli metal  buttons.    Revere  collar    and
pockets of plaid.   Price  $16.50
braid    and    slash
Price   $12.00
Military  style.    Trimmed    with
pockets.    Sizes 16 to 18 years.
Grey  an:l navy serge with   large    Inlaid   collar of
scarlet serge.    Fancy cuff. Trimmed with brass buttons.    Lined   hip length.    Sizes 10    to    'JO    years.
Price ., ��18-50
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL        $14,400,000.00
RESERVE' 12,000,000.00
Branches tbrougnout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, anu ln London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
D.8.A..  and  Mexico City.    A  general
I. baaklns     business    transacted.    Latitat* ot Crodlt laau*<1.    available    wltb
I correspondents ta    all     parts of    the
I world.
I    Savins* Bank Dspartment���Deposits
I received  ln  sums of  $1  and upward,
aud interest allowel at 3 per cent, per
annum  (present rate).
Total   Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Troops   vs.   Indians. |
Mexico  City,   Sept.   20.���a   number |
of   persons   were   killed     and   many
wounded-today near Rio de Crijalva,
Chiapas,  in   an     encounter    between
state   troops   and   the   rebellious   Indians  of  Chiapas,  according   to    dls-
I patches received   here.  It   was  stated
I at the president's office that soldiers
' would  be sent  to Chiapas tomorrow.
Body in Box Car.
Revelstoke, Sept. JU.���The body of
a man was found in a C. P, R, box car
which arrived here yesterday evening. The body was badly bruise:! and
all indications point to murder. The
man had a contract from a Winnipeg
firm to work on an extra fang fnr
t!:e C. P. R.   An inquest will be held.
Sulphur Matches Kill.
Montreal, Sept. 20,���This evening
Mrs. Jacobs, a young woman of this
city, died in the local hospital from
the effects cf chewing the sulphur
ends of matches, sic had pet In'o
this Strang habit some time ago and
could not apparently be hro'cen off
until tco 1' ts When tho po'scn too/.
(888)���The owner of one of the prettiest and best built modem
houses in the new up-town district wants to sell out. This five room
cottage was built for a home and has most of the comforts and conveniences that go to make lite a pleasure by your own fireside.
The lot is large, faces south and has a lane at the rear. Th-��
locality is becoming note.l for its many tidy, comfortable houses.
The price Is below the actual cost of construction. This is an opportunity that docs not often come In these times.
Only $1000 cash is required and part of the balance can be paid
paid like rent.
For location, price and full particulars see
A Splendid Program of Sports Has Been Arranged
Consisting of Horse Racing, Lacrosse, Etc.
This morning a special excursion train will leave New Westminster at 11 a.m., returning from Chilliwack at 11 p.m. Excursion
rates will be In effect from Vancouver, New Westminster and all Intermediate points on the Fraser Valley Branch to Chilliwack, good
for return  passage  until  September 'iind.
Safety Razors ��jj* ����&
Also Boker Razors in several styles.
 ���   AT 	
Ryall's Drug Store
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Trees.
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd
New Westminster
==   LUMBER CO., LTD.   =====
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber      i
Phones Na. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.        J
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G- E. GILLEY, Phone aft.
iU Phones, Office 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal


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