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The Daily News Aug 29, 1911

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Aiuqfl ���SWP***1
Will Enable Check   on    Progress   of
Scholars���Employers May Know
Record of Students Now.
Chief   Inspector   Cunningham   bas
The first shipment of Fraaer river
salmon arrived by the Westham yea-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     terday ln Vancouver for transport t>
Nelson, Aug. 29.���A case which has   United Kingdom by the Harrison liner
A somewhat novel and useful fea
       ture has been added to the manage-
; ment of the Royal City High school
Yesterday evening's weekly    meet- in the form of   a   fyling   cabinet ln
lng of the city council was a short  which  wlll  be kept for  present and  been notified by Captain    Newcomb.
one, the session extending over but  fut"re reference the record   of   the 0f tbe William Jollffe, of the seizure! **_.**,���.  ,h��� Hi��nn��.r=��^"", 7   ".7" I being mXr 2000 cases 'rom the    8t
elghty'-flve minutes I various students regis ered in the In-  0f  the  Seattle gasoline  sloop  Sarah, ftotr,Ct' the dl����PPeara����ce of a youn* I MlmK0   an���   ScotUah   Canadlan   can
VL V . .   ,    ,a    8tttution.    The monthly    reports    of for Illegal  salmon fishing within the ���**>'""��� H- A- Stewart, who has been' nerlea.   The quality 1b flne sockeye.
There were two empty Beats inside  the students will be    preserved,    to-' territorial   limits   near   Cloose    west '        "    ^^^^^^^^
the railings,    Aldermen    Lynch    and  gether with the marks taken ln each' coast of Vancouver island   on' Satur-
���      .1 A     l-_  .*.-  a A  ����.-     . lhe
Westham Takes Two Thousand Cases
for United Kingdom���Humpbacks
Are Now Running Freely.
Campbell being tbe absent members.; examination during the term, and thei day, and that          ������    ���  ���,.-,,���_ ���,��.;��u*...��� ��, .uf* mounm.n ..n��
The agenda was a brief and n**'*T?��MrTl^n!L^t  ^^ t0 ���� SaW*rt0n "��� S*' Ii?������?_Z th'e Ty dl co've,-
resting one. tbe greater number rf'ff'SE J^hTSSJ___? & ��* ff_t__^JLAW J5BS*lf! the  ��'�����"��� ***  -     "he    un.o,
aroused  widespread interest in   this  ^wtor-   Thej,uantlty *M n0? la,��e
missing since August 10, was solved'
oa Sunday when some chil Iren pick-
With the usual mixed feelings   of
pleasure and sorrow, the young idea
of Westminster again assembled yesterday for the opening of the fall term
The catches  from  the local    can-: in the city schools.    While many of
nerlea  on  Saturday  were:    Phoenix ! the scholars are Btlll away holidaying.
^^^^^^^^^^ 'mmmAl,, m    '
teresting one, tne greater number ot  the pupils  will  be    periodically    re
the epistles being with, reference to corded by all the teachers,   and    a
the opening of streets, and sewerago compilation wlll be fyled
President T. J. Trapp, of the R. A.
sloop    is bein? lng blackberries on the mountain aide  1������. few sockeyes. Scottish Canadian  at tne pieaBure resorts, and in   the
ton whnrf n*nrt.' .����.�� At.*.���. #  .w. ..... ...     326   sockeyes   and   1200   humpbacks, I . - .���,��,*.������.
  Imperial g26 sockeyes and 2000 hump , country, there   was   an    attendance
ments, before confiscation Is poeilblc! tunate man!��� W7 ' " (backs on Saturday, and 1800 aockeyes  yesterday sufficient to give the trus-
Captain Newcomb    waa on    board |    A bullet had pierced his heart, and f?* 8^_hu^pba?k?���?.n Monday morn-  teea and teachers some idea of the
& I. society, asked on behalf of that
organization for the presence of the
mayor and aldermanic board to join
... . . . ... the    tug    William    Joliffe,    Captain  there   was   a
While this system has been used to | ��� '    v'*l'u",,  "tele  wa8  a
some extent  by many of the metro- 	
polltan      college8     Its    Introduction' fishing about two'aidT half" miles"! hlT wife"  ud %w��� cblldrra" ~"ll7  "ockeyea and    1000    humpbacks   on that every available seat"lnThe local
revolver lying" beside Xng- Ewen's got 5000 humpbacks on Increase in the number of pupils to
Thompson, when the seizure 'was him,"and "all" evidence pointed to sui- Saturday and^boat avtrages of 150 be put on the roll for the coming
made.    When trapped, the Sarah was|clde.    He left a note of farewell to  y��"terday.    The  Brunswick  toon  200  year.    It Is almost a certainty  now
here Is  an  innovat on     The iystem  from  shore.    Her crew failed to ob-  Stewart was an    Eton    and    Oxford   Saturday.   Small catches of aockeyea,  schools   will   have   an   occupant,   de
ls devised to meet tbe needs Qf   the
humpbacks  and cohoes  are  reported  spite the fact that two overflow tent
from the few boats In for this can-, class rooms bave been erected, a new
The Bt.  school built in Queensborough and an
serve  the  William Jolliffe  approach-1 graduate. ,
imrtteaocie'ty in welcoming J?��nler local business and professional men  Jng, a bank of   log   obscuring    thei   'Seldom has a search ever been car- _^
McBride at the opening of the fair.  w.h��are4 a?]tl��U8 to secure services  fisheries protection craft as she slid rted out    so   thoroughly.    He   lived ^ry    yesterday   morning.
The Invitation was accepted Iof the 8tudents on  their completing  down on the sloop.   According to re- across the lake, and dragging opera.. Mungo took 200 sockeyes   and   7300  attic   room   reopened   In   the     third
The Art Stone and Marble' Builders  tne calendar of the school. Employers  port, made to tha fisheries protection  tions  were  made  for  dayB.    Parties"  humpbacks on Saturday,    wblle    the floor of the High school building,
company   of this city, asked If there  can ,at any time consult    the   fyling  servlce aozens of American gasoline | went out ln search of him, but never  0uJf �����'  <J.eOT��*�� *����k  1(??0  !ock*J*s|    _ New Teachers.
was any waterfrontage the property cabinet and review the entire school 8ioopg have for weeks been preying a trace save a note to say he should and 200�� bnmpbacks on Monday. Thei The new teachers who were added
of the city which could be leased for career of the applicant for a position, on the Inwardbound salmon off the net come back, Initialled "H. A. 8." Terra Nova Obtained 2790 humpbacks to the teaching staff during the sum-
the purpose of enlarging   the   com- and can tbus form a fairly comprehen- f weBt    coast    of    Vancouver    Island, till the children made the aoove dl* and 255 aockeyes on Saturday, with  mer vacation were on hand, and re-
^yVVowIecTlonrhere"" ThTmattei-  ***}��* of the possibilities of    the' Numerous "attempts ha've'been made
waa referred to the finance commit- candidate.   Anothy heed wUl be mot to catch these boats within the three
tee, which will  repor���at~the'"next  by the 8ystem, that of giving standing mii^ iimit, but their crew's have been
meeting                                                  I,rom the local 8ch001 to other Institu- wary> an^ the Sarah la the first craft
Pound Law.                      I tions, in the event of students pur- captured.
A petition,   signed   by   the   stock  8"lnS |.he,r 8tud,es elsewhere.    Con- The sloops operate day and night,
owners of Lulu Island, asked that the   ?tant  demands  are  coming  in  from and to    receive    their    catchea   the
council  lift the enforcement of    the  former /tudents  asking  for a atate- AmerlcanB maintain an old brigantlne
1000 flsh yesterday morning.
ceived the assignment of their vari-
At tbe traps Belllngham took 100,- ous rooms and pupils. Brief com-
000, all humpbacks. Anacortes also mencement exercises were engaged
took 45,000 flsh of a similar variety.      "
pound law from September fto Marc a
15, as there was no crop on tbe Island.    After lt had been decided    to .,^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_
leave  the question   in  the  bands  of  suppHed as no records were preserved
W. C. T. U. Think Children 8hould Be  EARL QREY'S VALEDICTORY
Off Streets Earlier.
 ^^       The W. C. T. U. wish to see a cur
ment of the standing taken by them  at anchor on Swift sure "bank, at" The 'ftw law ln operation in Westminster
ln, and the  classes were  dismissed
early in the day to return for regular
work thla    morning.   In    the    Olrl's
AT CANADIAN EXHIBITION   school a pleasant feature ol the   por-
gram waa the presentation, by Trus-
Toronto, Aug. 29.���At the opening tee Mrs. Cross, of the prizes and di-
while In attendance here a few years  entrance to   the   Strait   of Juan de aa in other cities in the province, and  of  the  Canadian  National exhibition plomas to the outgoing entrance clasa,
ago.   This could not in the past   be  jruca.    when her hold is well filled a discussion on    this    matter   took here yesterday the retiring governor taught   by Miss   Clark.   The   prizes
with   flsh   the   brigantlne   runs  into Place yesterday at   the   meeting   ln general, Earl Grey, bade farewell to winners were as follows:   Arithmetic,
Port Angeles or Neah bay, and turns' Queens  avenue church.    They  think  Canaia   In bis remarks he observed: Annie McAllister; dictation and i ell
th* police department,  a  deputation  b>'th�� school.  _ ^  _     	
from Queensborough was heard   and      In connection with the new fyling  her catch over to scows which carry  the children should  quit  the  streets      "I have heard, but hope lt ls not tag, Ruth Agai    drawing.   May
the general purport of their mission  rablnet Introduced this term by   the  the salmon to cannerlea    on    t��uget  at nine o'clock in the interests both  true, that Ontario loses many teach-  clay;   reading,    Janet    Gilley
was to ask that the petition be dls
regarded.     Mr.   Mercer,  one  of     tho
school board and Principal E. R. Mc-  Sound.
Millan. a system of school certificates
one of the slgnators  to the petition ..                                .    .., .     ���,     .     ,
was unable to read or write ln    tho 'hn:e year course ln the local school
English  language,  and  had  attached d"rl"K  "nlformy  good conduct    and
his name under the belief that    the scholarship, will be presented with -
'��*n, sfiHiSST'lSr �� lea* J�� ^has^S  SMSj �� WHIiam's Successor.
Winnipeg.    Aug.    29.���It   was    un	
officially announced  here  last night' shows allowed this year,
that  Sir  William  Whyte's  successor i    The closing of   stores
nroiect was   tor    n   rtirert    nnnn��it��  certificate  stating the fact.    This ls   in charge of the Western system of formed another subject of discussion
projeti  was    ior    a    aireci    opposite ���_��._���i.,    ��� .m    .     ��w.��   thn Cann-linn   Pn^m^  ,-��iiu,o���  ��� in  x���   ._.��� .. j..u^ . i.ii.. ���>..
to that made.
He  Bpoke    strongly
to be entirely    separate    from    that  the Canalian Pacific railway will be  and lt was decided to memorialize the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���,                         geo-
of themselves and tft adults. ers to the prairie provinces because  graphy, Lois  Macdonald;     literature,
Objectional shows at ths nrovlnclal of better salaries." In conclusion he Kraeline Wilson; nature and hygiene!
exhibition, as at all large fairs, came said: "I beseech you to educate and Annie Gunn; British history, Ellen'
under review, and the directors will bring up your children ta the faith Johnson; Canadian history. Nellie
be asked to keep a firm hand on tbe that Canada   is destined   to fulfil   a Ayling;    grammar   and   composition,.
I proud and splendid    mission to   the  Margaret Mack,
on Sunday  world." j    Rolls of   honor���Proficiency,   Ruth
~~ ~ ' Agar;   deportment,  Lois   Macdonald;
Steamers Are Idle. regularity    and    punctuality,    Edith
Montreal. Aug. 29���On  account of cook.    High school entrance   medal.
thp  given by the department of education  G- J- Bury,   who  has  ranked next  to attorney general to have the law en-
���    ��� Dl" ""'"��� *" "��� ' "* " ��� ^--     The  ,ad|cg  ,���hor difficulties In England 600 long- Huth Agar'
i,*eund by-law beingVilscd and stated   "f ,he  Province.    It is believed that  Sir William In the management of C.   forced   in   the  province.     The
<   5h��t  ���*  thia  ti���,Q  ml.t���-a  ��,��r���  ~rr*   l*-** new svstem will tend to act as an   p-  H   western  business for tbe past  greatly deplored the support given to  shoremen havo been thrown out    ot      Queenaborough school will be onew
Br*"��l  ai  'uiH   nine   mailers   were   pro-    .    ._    .._    _.. . ._    ..   t������m v�����,,a     Mr   n���n i,*m .t,m ,m,...,.,.  T* <->-���__��.!    -,���,���i,.������,��.���    ��,���     -- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ..-.*.- * <��'��^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
encouragement    to    the    students
conduct themselves In such
gresslng on the island, and that lf tho        .    . .. ,       ,      , .    ������ ������
prayer of the petition was listened to,  fffiSL^SSU?   f !�� ta.m    ���
all  the  good  which the city  council   ,0 merit the favor of the Institution.
done for that portion of the city
be ta* and   new   work   ham   p^gl^ f^ft
Mayor  Lo*  stated   tbat  while    he
was against anything being done by \
the police committee, the matter was i
one   which  should  come  before  that
body so that they  might find out if|
tbere was any cause which would Incline  the  councll  to  change the  by
to   'our years.     Air. Bury bae tbe reputa-   tbe Oriental    storekeepers     by  white   work bere,  tollowlng the cancellation   ed   today.     Between   forty  and     Mty-
tion of a man of exceptional ability people  ln  purchasing  articles
and Initiative. ' lioers or on Sunday.
law regarding the pound question.
Aldermen Johnston and HenW
spoke strongly against the Westminster Cns eomrany when a letter was
read from that corporation stating
that they Intended opening up cer-
tain streets of the city In order to
lay gas connections.
Tearing Up Streets.
Meeting of Prominent Citizens Called   Por Second T!me Will  Enter Ameri-
for Thla Evening to Form Local
can Field for Distribution of
Electric Fluid.
Under the auspices of the Canadian1 The excursion promoted by the
Peace association a meeting will be Blaine business men on Monday last
held this evening In St. Georges hall,' to Interview  the directors of the B
after  **t*n r.on.-.rrfvni of many large steam-  gcholars'are expected to be In^attentf-
era in this port. .    .     ance, and for the present wlll'occupy
one graded room.    As occasion' demands later on the   class    will   be
divided and both rooms ot the fin*
new school put into commission.
High School.
An    encouraging    increase   in   attendance is anticipated at the   High
school.    Principal  McMillan  believes
. .   _        ,      _        ..... -^ ,    _,-.,    ...      __ that when the term ls properly begun
Well Known Canner Expressea Favor-  Unknown  Steamer In Difficulties Off  the numbers will  have  risen  to tho
able Opinion of Agreement from
-;uiodpuei8 l*ao-|
Mouth of Columbia River���Tug
Goes Out to Help Her.
In a casual conversation with James
200 mark, an excess of about thirty
over last year. The preliminary grade
will probably be represented by eighty
or ninety rtudents, the junior grade
will have hetween fifty and sixty, and
the matriculation class will possess
nearly flfty    stuients   enrolled.    All
Astoria,    Ore.,    Aug.    29.���As   the
Anderson, of the St. Mungo cannery, tank steamer W. F. Herron was pass- tiie "new High school teachers report
. , _r  ��� D  _     ._ .      __     jn  which  that gentleman  was asked  ing out of the mouth of the Columbia  ed for duty yesterday, and the yarl-
Alderman Johnston  deprecated the   Mayor Lee in the chair, for the pur-'C. E. R. in Vancouver has soon borne   to  express   his  opinion  of  the   reel- river at ten o'clock last evening, the   ous   classes  and   subjects   were    ar-
^^" -���-- ..---. vessel  ranscd. Principal McMillan wil.l as In
the  past,  conduct  the  science  work
action of that company which always {)0Be ot co-operating ln  a  movement  fruit,  as  the assistant  general  man-  procity agreement from the fishing In- captain   noticed   an   unknown
seemed  to desire  to get  ahout    thia ....... ..... .. ...���  .... ���<,.!���..   .. .        ...  ��� .. . a^^
work   just   in   those   locales   which
the city officials had  taken steps to
towards   industrial
peace   ln
British  ager. F. R. Glover, has notifiedGeor'ge  dustrys point of view, the euggestion fly(ng slgnalg of dl8tress and send, tue  p*��, g��  �����   matrtaula^Ton
i i\-..a,,���..   mt .um     y.     *          .            ' was conveyed that there is little room             ,   . ana nave cnarge or ine raairicuiaiion
A  number of citizens  have signed   We8tc0,t' of,the    fhamber    of   com-  for any question on the subject when UP r��ckets- class.    Miss  Graham,  the  new mod-
ru.nn���r,    ���iP/.���i���(^    ,.���i��,iov   ��.! merce committee, Blaine, that an ap- examined in a practical business way.      He at once sent a wireless message ern   language   specialist,   takes   over
Mr. Anderson stated that he heartily to the fort, and asked that a tug be ^e teaching of Jr^c^ fhroughout^all
put in good order  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The mayor remarked that the    gas
company seemed to think that no per-
mission  from  the council  was neces- , d'Easum, Hev. Father  boundary town,
tary;  it looked like io him that those   nmm_   r>..i������i������i Qi������,Qn   t   n.tttr,rri i     _.       .
a   petition    circulated   yesterday   as
directors of the  local  branch.    Tbey
���ciors oi   me  iocbi  orancn      iney   Prof"'latlon   has   been   made,   and    a	
include    the    following:     BTshop    da  power line will be constructed to thc  approved of the agreement   and   that  gent to the aid of the apparently help-
It  would  operate  beneficially  on  the ,esg stcame,   the name of which   he
who ran the company fancied they
could go around and do as they liked
with the streets o.f the city. This
was a mistaken id*u��� and the council
would have   to   he approached   each
O'Boyle, Principal Sipprell, T. Gifford,
M.P.P.,  Mayor  Lee,  Alderman    John-'
the rooms. G. S. Pettapie>e another
addition to the teaching start since
last year, and a drawing specialist,
will, with Mr. Spurr, take charge of
the preliminarv srade.    G. K. Haver-
m,      ^      a-^^^^M i fishing industry. I could  nut  discern
The  deputation  also  sought a  car;    At the present time he pointed out      T|)e WaUuk' has been dlspatch
ston, A.  E. White, president, and C.lllne  from  the nearest ex,8tin6 track  \{ the canners wanted to get fish in  ^ tQ ^ CoInmbla river j���tty where  8tock and>. R. Anderson will devote
H. S. Wade, secretary of the hoard of,at Cloverdale, but so far the company  from  the other side of the    line    it 	
trade,  H.   P.   Vidal,  Angus   Munn,  J.   is   not   in   a  position   to   make    any
meant that they had to pay one cent.
time .hey desired to la,  any piping,   g- J^'JT,}"?Tr ^ "' ESP* i prQm'8?S * U"S d'reCtl��n    The *' ��'' "ry^and  if wai toltaX^rSS* eneu,f h!I
            '   St'GeoSLVa
' 'can  Held  in  tlieir  recent  agreement' would help the flshlns; industi}  trom
the vessel is ploughing through huge  their attentions largely to the  wort:
waves, which at this time threaten to of the junior grade.   All the members
The permission io proceed with
work was granttd. ���       d Q   D   Bl.vmner
The city au litor  (Sid  Malcolmson) > us ana l'' u' W>m���r<
wns Instructed to audit  the city
Charleston Threatened.
Atlanta,    Ga.,    Aug.
counts for June and July,
Barton, the traveling photo^'aphic       t
artist,    was    refused    ] ernilssion    to  reacliing here this moi nlng
erect  his tent ln  any  portion  of the  coaBt  Indicate that Charleston
city and will he  required to  vacate  lg nienaced
hie MUpOr&ry stand at the corner of
Cattl&rVoii  and  Sixth street,  by    the
end of the month.
with  the Sumas city  council for   a,*v����.'!
Notes from  Political  Field.
St. Johns,  N.B., Aug. 29���Sir Wil-
f;id Laurier oyened M* campaign in
of the teaching staff of the High
school for this year are universltv
graduates of distinction, anl the otTT-
look for a successful term's work Is
very bright.
S. C,   der cities of Washington
by a flood.    People   are
preparing to leave the city.    Suddenly appearing  off  the coast of South
Carolina  and  Georgia    yesterday,    a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ storm reaching  a velocity of a  mll^
Only one tender was received for  ft mini,te passed over Savann^ last' dale, whence It, will probably be re
the building of the driveway and thq, n|Rhti  Bpendlng  its    force    on  plate   distributed.
erection ofthe    hopper    which   the  g]ai| windows, street lamps and trees, ���	
health  department  ordered, for    the  putting all wires between Savannah
disposal ol garbage    7n1a was from  and Charleston but   of   commission,
W. A. Gilley, and in's figures quotel.  and at aa early hour isolated that city
$3362.47, w<i,e referred to the health   aud Beaufort, S. C.
depart iieht committee  to  report
franchise,   and  tbe  new   corporation,!, ���fi ^���"SS* ��' ^.^'u   SS-i    -   -r ���
M.aaa,.,*.. .        We��ftrn Cana in Pnu,or Lm, onv ] Andei'80n showed  ��,as hot appll<5��Dle  tile  maritime provinces with a mon-
.    28.-Report8,  h�� ^ ��������"> ^a"a>'�� Power compan>,t0 tne salm0B nshing mdusiry alone   ster   gathering    here    last    evening ' VANCOUVER MAN CHAR6E0
inlng from the   Is also after the business of the bor-  At the present time the N��w England  gaven thousand crowded into the hall WITH MURDER IN DAKOTA
| Flsh company has A Inbnopoly of the a���,i R thousand  had perforce to re
Thc Improved communication offer,'American market in the halibut trade.  ma|n  outside.    The premier    bad
ed  by  the early completion    of    the  Reciprocity, he said, would give every,  magnificent reception.    There waa   .
Pacific    highway    will    affor'1    easv  body engaged in the fishing industry  torchlight procession, with flve bands,  couver, was charged  here  with
methods   of  chimin*  ��v.e  lulce    to   h��re an eclual chance.   The New Eng-   to escort him to the hs!!.     M^
a      Dickenson,  N.  D.,    Aug.    29.���Roy
a  Bancroft,  a  former  real lent  of Van-
tUm from fflSStS aJt"aover��.  land company.^expla.ned, had_o���e
j murder of an  unidentified  man  who
was found dead on the railroad track
1 he following tenders were opened
for an Isolation hospital to take the
place of thc one demolished by flre
four months ago: .,..,.
Hvslop & Llghtbottom, J41&0-,
Turnbull.    $4200;    Burt    &
Parliament Buildings.
Wilson, of  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the contract  for the erection of the  on tlie roof.
Flre at Eburne.
Fhurne, Aug. 28.���Flre this morning
destroyed a two story building occupied by Bayliss & Lawrence and the
Eburne restaurant, opposite the
Eburne mill. The flre, which was first
cent a pound the better of the rest of,    Brockville. Aug. 29���R. L. Borden,  with   letters   for   Bancroft   upon   hU
them now and one cent a pound on a  leader  of  the  opposition,  closed  hls  person.
carload of Ush signified very considerable profit.
Ontario campaign at this city last
evening. He addressed a large audience In the skating rink. He leaves
at  once  for  Quebec, and  from    the
SJS ISLAND BRIDGE  cruesta.0ng ^fJ-wjr^wUI
  '     Vancouver   Aue   ,,9 ���Alderman  H ,and on a business trip,  R.  H. Best
  ���,������,.������ ���,.���. 1UB U1��� _ ���BD ���.���.     M the meeting of the city counci,     - comragenced hls campaign ^^^Vri/of ^ttJol
, Aug. W.-McDonaid   and noticed by some people waiting for held   a��t dventag the board1 of works ,n ^ Con8ervatlve lntereBt here last *"**"*** ^uU rf mS   of
f Vancouver, were awarded  the flrst car to Vancouver, broke out  reported tha   they had been given to even,      w|th a meet,     ,��� the Domin., the Rose City and*^��JgSSL **
The mill ha^ds turned  understand   that  the   provincial   gov-  ,      ha���
* ��������,����*-     .*��� no     U'HHnCr     t r.    Till 11     nnii'Tl     thf*
nic    uuiii i uti     iui     i iiv    civniwii    *j*.    kuo     un    uitj    i UUI.        X HV    llllll    uni^uu    tui u^ia .... ..     1 thn
Thomas   Turnbull.    ��42uu;    burt   * new building which will be part of the out with their fire flghting equlpnent e!'"n?e"t,'vaf ^ThLIV^ nfTharife
SmRh   $4R76���B:  Smith & WWltaker, scheme for the extension   ot the par* and the flre   was    confined    to the old Lulu ��aj��l^ridge f��eot O^arga
Km- Chapman & Halloran. $7081. llament buildings   here.   The   exact building In which It originated.   The providing they were, given Uli the:en 1
"with  a    aZ  of  concreteflocks figures of the accepted tender were  loss,    which    Is   estimated at about  of the yea   to complete Uie work^
two of the firms tendered at an extra not made publlc. but lt is estimated  $2000, ls partly covered by Insurance. I    w- A- GiUe> had sent In an amena
cost   and the engineer was Instructed that they will be between $200,000 and
to ask  the  two  lowest tenderers to $250,000.    The successful flrm erected
nend In a price which would Include the  court  house  in   Vancouver,  and
that facing, and to report at length the Ottawa bank    buildings    of that
on the next meeting night. city-
the manner jn which the residents of
the capital of the state of Oregon do
things.   Speaking to a News represen-
taU'-e Mr. Best said:
"The progressive activity of Port-
1 con-
Next Jav��nes�� P-emlec
Tokyo, Aug. 28.���It ls expected that   	
... ... ,   the emperor    will    entrust    Marquis  land struck  me particularly.
ed estimate, to pull out all piles In   Sanconjl with the formation of    the  aider that city  far ahead  of Seattle
the water, from the north side to one  new cabinet, the personnel of which  in so far as commercialism is concern.
Asylum Patient Drowns. j p|er near the dyke on the south side,   wm be announced early In September,  ed. although the latter city is also ex;
While    en    route on the  Princess  for the sum of $750, the last pier be-   On    tendering    his    resignation    as  perlencing a favorable industrial er*
Adelaide to the local asylum, whither  ing cut   lown to the mud level. I premier. Count Katsura recommended  at   the   present   time.   Portland   is
he was being sent by the provincial,    The council decided to allow    the  the appointment of Marquis Sanconjl,  essentially a "solid" town. If you will
police authorities, hnving    been    ad-  superstructure to be removed, but ob   who is considered best fitted to carry  permit me to use a colloquialism   ln
.... a on    oi i Judged  insane  following  his attempt  jected  to  the  provincial  government   out  the  policies  Inaugurated  by  the  treating of a serious subject.   T&e-dfe-
.    ,      . -  , .   . st.    J,��g0  nn. i    Peg'   a,' ia     Wllllam  last Thursday to drown himself    in. doing the work, as they preferred the   former    premier.    It    is    understood   velopment of that city Is along busl-
was tendered a hannuet at the Com- \\hyte second vice-president o the Esquimalt harbor, George Morton, matter to be dealt with through a that Lleutenant-General Terauchl will ness lines only. Real estate" play��
mercial club last night, and this morn- C. P. R., announced yesterday his ex- aged 28'years, eluded hls guard on private contractor. Mr. Gllley's ten- not retain the portfolio of war, but but a little nart In the financiil trancing leaves for home accompanied by pected retirement from the service of Saturday morning as the boat was der was laid over, the board of works will continue as resident general of actions; thU is also true c" Seattle at
two American warships as far as Uio the Canadian Pacific railway, with about two hours' run from Vancouver being authorised to act regarding the Korea. Baron Uchida. ambassador to the present time.
Internationa boundary line. He sails which he has been associated for and springing overboard was drown- demolishing of the old bridge. When the United States, is rega-ded as the "In my travels, north and south o"
from Victoria in the Tamba Maru many years. He receives a pension-. ed. The body sunk lmmedlat T* and the '.ridge is removed the tender for most probable candidate for the for- the boundarv line. I have never seen
Last night there was a water pageant of $12,000 a year, and will join the there was absolutely no hope of re- clearing away the idles will be re- eign ministry, but Count Komura may a place which pleased me so wej] on
in his honor. board of directors. covering lt at the time. considered. T,,  .  continue ln that office. ahort acquaintance as Portland."
Admiral Togo Feted.
Seattle,    Aug.    29.���Admiral
Sir William Whyte.
��� :��� ���: ��� .*������!. ���.������*.-������ *
sist   with   house  work.    Apply   506
Royal avenue.
family, central locality, by laly
school teacher. Box E., Daily News
driving a delivery rig. Apply Ayl.ng
& Swain, 447 Columbia street.
with knowledge of typewriting preferred. Apply by letter to A. W.
McLeod, 657 Columbia street.
quires position as housekeeper to
bachelor or widower.   Box 24 Daily
ese woman, washing and house-j
cleaning by the day. P. O. Box 414,'
spiritualism meeting will be held at
the residence of Mrs. Clark, Inman;
avenue. Central Park, near station,!
���every Thursday evening, at eight
O'clock,    Investigation  Invited.
er or mother's help wanted; good
aalary. Apply by letter, E. H. S.,
Box 594, city.
dation for boarders in private house,
310 Sixth avenue, city.
onial Hotel.
After �� thorough Investigation of
Tarlom brands of paints Martin.
K<-nour prured to t>e tbe paint
we could risk our reputation on.
100K, Pure Paint
which we frnnrintfe to be Part
White Lead, Pure Oxide of Zinc, and
Pure Linseed Oil, with of course tb*
necessary coloring ingredients and
dryers. Now to be entirely truthful,
they do make a few dark shades
that cannot be produced from lead
and tlno. Come la the store and wa
wlll show them to you-but every
other color ls positively and nbao*
Intf ly 100 per cent Pore Paint*
and not it drop of adulteration or
substitution Is mixed In.
We recommend this excellent
brand to all our friends and customers. Another ft*ood point Is that two
gallons of this paint covers as much
space as tbree gallons of the filled
Seattle, Aug. 28.���Starting out today a Flanders 20-car will endeavor
to map 700 miles of Pacific highway
through British Columbia to the
north. under the direction of Manager P. E. Sands, of the E. M. F. Northwest company. This car wlll compete
for the "First to Hazelton" trophy, a
handsome medal offered by the Pacific Highway Association. B^^^
It Is practically jdoneer work thai tlon
that is being shown in varloua parts 8KIPPER'S  MATE   IS
iof the  country and   later on'trans-! HIS    DAUGHTER
| ferred to lantern slides for illusti at-1 	
lng good roads lectures which will be Baltimore, Md., Aug. 28.���A tramp
delivered by representatives of the schooner would not seem a flt homo
Pacific Highway association at vari- for a young girl Just out ��f school,
ous points on the Paciflc coast. but It has been the residence ot Miss
Convention sites for the next tour  Hazel  Phipps,  daughter  of  Capt.  J.
years   have   been   definitely   decided W.   Phipps,   since   last     December,
upon  by the officials of the  Paciflc when she completed her studies at St.
FIRST Hi8hway association.   The announce- John, New Brunswick.
ment of these sites is made at the For most of the time the schooner
present time, so that persons intend- Rothesay has been cruising in the
ing to make the convention tours can West Indies, She arrived ln Baltl-
lay their plans in ample time. more  yesterday  from  Antigua.    The
Next year's convention wlll he held experiences of Mlss Phipps traveling
at Shasta Springs;  tn 1913 at some  around  the  world  without the  com-
city of Southern California;   in 1914
at  Hazelton or  Fort George,  Northern British Columbia, and in 1915 at
San    Francisco.      With    these    rendezvous, which allow the tourist to
successive  meetings   to   cover   practically   all  the   territory  along   the
route   from   Mexico   to   the   distant
north,   one may
, acquainted  with
panionshlp of other women have been
un"8111111 ,   . . *,*11
Capt.  Phipps  himself  selected  the
timbers from which the Rothesay was
built ln Nova Scotia, and then build
her at Belliscan's Cove, in that province. .��� .
,e   ��..!����      "The Rothesay," he said "Is named
become   thoroughly after a Scotch castle, and I. an IMah-
the   highway   Itself  man.  command her.      Site flies tne
by a Dutch
IS     NO     OTHER     WAY.
We hare oolor earda showing all
the colors and ahadea made. FIM
for tbe asking-.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
acquainted   wnn   me   uieuna,    ...oc..    ,
from  actual experience and observa-  British flag, Is manned
l crew,   and   halls   from
1    The    schooner    brought    sixty-six
puncheons of molasses.   One day on
    the trip north she logged 200 mllee
bile.   Premier McBride, of British Co-1    President   ian  nas vcweu *.u*a ***,- in twenty-four hours, and after that
lumbia,  recently  volunteered the In- mer8' free "st bill sent up to him by  she dropped to as low as ten mllea a
formation that It wou.d be Impossible KVJ-JJ JSTtnS-u'S **	
at this time to get as far us Hazel-  the  bin over hl9  vet0.    The8e   two ���.,���_ _._ __���
ton. I moves on the chess board of United CURE FOR ,;���TunilTU mar are
The car to be tiBed Is a standard  States politics end all possibility of amp  wuu in  uiocwot
touring car and three people will oc- radical tariff reform for two yeara at
will   be   accomplished   by   the  Flan-;
ders, for very little of the road has THERE
been previously travelled by automo- ������       ^b^b^b^bh
bile.   Premier McBride, of British Co-1    President Taft has vetoed the far
Paris, Saturday, Aug. 28.���The mln
cupy it on the trip.   It is probably the least.   They utterly destroy the Con-     va"*a- ���-"*""���*"-���. ���*������**  -
most  difficulty  undertaking ever at- servative argument that had Canada ,Bter ��f agriculture has been officially
tempted by an automobile and when  "sat    tight"    the    Democrats    would Informed that Dr. Doyen has success
fully completed his experiments,
made during the last flve years, for
the cure and prevention of aphthous
fever, or foot and mouth disease,
among cattle, which Is now prevalent ln all the grazing regions of
France, especially Normandy and the
Dr. Doyen's method, which ts ap-
house work; family of flve; no children.    Apply 1112 Fifth avenue.
housework. Apply 432 Fourteenth
ployment office. No. g Begbie
Btreet, supplies men for all large
Jobs ln this vicinity.   Phone $24.
business; a going concern with flve
teams. Will sacrifice at net cost
of teams and wagons. Walsh Sash
& Door Co.   Phone 413.
1911, for the erection and' completion
of a Three Story School to be erectei
on Sixth avenue, New Westminster.
Plsns and specifications can be obtained on application to the undersigned on receipt of a deposit ot $10,
which  will  be  refunded  on  the   re
it is considered that it is only a 20- have  been able to force a measure
horsepower   machine   the   magnitude  through   congress   that   would    have
of the task looms   up   Impressively, materially  reduced   the  almost  pro-
Hazelton   ls a new town   on. the hlbltive duties en Canadian farm pro-
Grand Trunk railroad and is within  ducts   euteriag   the  United   States,
eighty miles of the Alaska boundary, saya the Toronto Globe.
The   British    Columbia    government      The  Democrats and  Insurgent  Re-
has pledged Itself to build the Paciflc  publicans combined to pass the far-
highway to Hazelton within the next emrs' free list bill,   it was argued by        "*��� ���""���"" ���.���"���    r     , ,    -,
four years.   There ls.no question but the insurgent Republicans that if the proved by the Agricultural society of
AVENUE  that the Path finding work that ls to   farmer was to be subjected   to the  Kouen,   consists   in   inoculat ng   am-
1 be done by the Flanders car will put free competition of Canadian natural  mala wlth hu Phagogene solution in
the program of the Canadian road of- products he should have' the right to *0Be* carving according to the weight
flcials ahead just one year and will buy, duty free, the things used largely ��� ani  aS�� 0l each.    The  Inoculations
         "--'  - on the farm.    The bill nroposed the  d,lrlnB  th<j period  of incubation ar-
removal of all  duties on  flour   and test the disease     They also prevent
fresh  and prepared  meats;   on agri- "a development If made within three
cultural   Implements,   lumber,    laths <**?* af,er the flret appearance of ul-
and   other  forest    products;   leather  ceT<i on the mouth or feet,
and leather goods; wire fencing; cot
ton ties, required largely In the cot
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ten-'hurry up the heavy travel that is
ders for Sixth Avenue Sc*ooI" and j bound to go over this route within
addressed to C. E. Davey, Esq., Sec- the next few years,
retary New Westminster School | The route of the pathflnding car
trustees, will be received up to 61 will be by way of Snoqualmie pass,
5  p.  m. of Thursday,  September   7,  EllenBburg, Wenatchee, north to the
roomed bouse within 600 feet of city
car line, on nice lot 50x120, planted
with fruit trees.    Price $1650;  one-
third caah. Adjoining Iof same size ,    -   	
cleared and fn fruit, also tor sale It I log ot the Contract.
    '      Tho trnvjiot or anv
International    boundary    line,    . .  ..... ���, ....  ._      .
north to Ashcroft, north to Fort ton-growing regions of the south, and
George, on into the Buckley valley other articles used largely by farmers
country and through to Hazelton. all over the Union. The phrase "agri-
A professional photographer will cultural Implements" was criticized
go along and it ls expected that views rs so vague that under lt every tool
which will be refunded on the re-' of highway conditions will be repro- or machine used on the farm, from a
turn of the plans. Each tender must duced that probably will be unique in hoe to a thrashing machine, might
be accompanied by an accepted bank' automobile travel. The photographs enter duty free from every country in
cheque or certificate of deposit on a! secured on this trip will go into the  the   world.    The   protectionists   took
chartered bank in Canada, made pay-' *    b����i����   tiioiminv   pvhlhit  alarm at t
able to the Secretary of the New
Westminster School Board, for a sum
equal to flve (5) per cent of his tender, which shall be forfeited if the
party tendering decline to enter Into
contract when called upon to do so
The cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
Se returned  to  them   upon  tbe  sign
I 1    aria    .....     ...........    ���.
Experiments indicate that by timely
inoculation cattle, pigs and sheep are
rendered Immune from foot and mouth
disease, which this summer haa
caused enormous loss to French
Berlin,  Aug.   28���Russia,  the  connecting  link  between  tbe east   and
securea on uns mp wm 6i> ,uW ....v,   ......   .._,..,     ..
permanent   Paciflc   highway   exhibit alarm at the possibilities of competi-  necung  iinK   nemwn   iuV <-,.n,    ��.������
_________^_____��__��___  tion from abroad thus disclosed, and  west' haii naturally assimilated some
         ��� ' of the characteristics  of both.    She
required. Price $550; same terms.
Sherriff, Rose & Co., 648 Columbia
R     *r.      ��.��-*>     ~,ar~ a. ���	
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Architects  to   the    School   Trustees,
New Westminster, B. C.
President Taft, who is still a pro
tectionlst, by his veto stands in the
way of the adoption of the bill. He
cannot be set aside till March, 1913,
,,��� ���.   at the earliest, perhaps not then.
age or who will attain to this      The electors of Canada who want   ----��� . ..  .   ���
age  by the end of the present term   the  duties on  their natural  products  JEESLJSS^VSSEiuuui    .-   ***
are requeeted to enter them aa pupil*  entering the  United  Slates  removed. characteristic   is   exemplified    in   the
In the Kindergarten Central school by ���������� ����cure free entry at once by voting fnr th�� candidates of the  Lil
Parents of children who are six
years of age or who will attain to this
age *
of the characteristics of both. She
has fallen into the political sloth that
has marred the eastern empires with
corruption, Intrigue and Internal class
dissension, and has offset these drawbacks   with   emulated   principles    of
The  latter
the first of September
Secretary to the School Board
lshed; by day, week or month. Apply 5411 Front street.
Phone 699.
P. O. Box 501.
room,  suitable    for
gentlemen.    Opposite
Agnes street.
one    or    I wo
library,    703
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Westmlnater  T'ust  Bulldlnq.
ing for the candidates of the Liberal
party. They can secure it In no
other way. The hope that the Democrats would be able to pass a bill
opening the United States' markets
for natural products to all the world
has proved vain. Under the reciprocity agreement the United States markets are opened for Canadian natural
products only.   Why wait till 1913 for
^^^^^| ,i    possible   Democratic   tariff   reduc-
F. H. Johnson,   business   asent of- tlon measure when relief can be had
flee. Blair's Ulnar store. Office phone at once ?    Vote for Laurier and    an
L 508, Residence nhone 501. Immediate market.
Meet every Monday in Labor hall,
8, p.m.
house   one  block   from    car    Une,
ready for occupation; large lot; $2,",;
rer month.    Sherriff, Rose k Co..1
t!4S Columbia Etreet.
rooms.    Apply 'itl A.nes street.
stairs, Speck block, Columbia st:eu
Apply to Alex. Speck, 743 Front
looms, centrally located.    Apply 3
Agnes street.    Phono  L038.
to  rent,  319   Regina  street,  $22  a I
cm ..
tied rooms  In Cliff block, on
, street, one block from Colum
reet. Apply the Misses Chap
room 2, third floor.
watch, between Sixtli and Seventl
avenues on Eleventh street.
hrooeli, on Saturday af1 'moon, al
the tennis courts. Royal avenue, ot
between then; and the SOS House
Kinder will receive suitable reward
tin returning Bame to this office
containing $:u; in hills, one button
hook and one Invitation card, also
.gome car tickets, Friday morning
between Brown's clothing store anl
Bismarck cafe. Finder will be
suitably rewarded on re: inning
name to this office.
Tailor Suits, Evening Dresses, all
%eaiitiful patterns, just received from
Perfect  fit,  guaranteed.    See
Mrs. Gaulteer
Lavery Block.
events of the past week.
For years the spirit of militarism
has been combated by the mas * *,
and for years Russia has depended
upon her country-bred half-savage citizens for the best army material.
This was all very well while the antl
militarists were In the minority, but
with the advance of time socialism
has spread Its creed of passive resistance to such an extent that the
szar has felt the need of a reinstatement of military favor to strengthen
his forces.
To set about engendering this spirit
the government officials conceived
the plan of emulating England and
her boy scout movements. The campaign was quietly set afoot. Circulars
' were printed and distributed broadcast. Memories of jast military glory
were invoked and every known chord
of popular appeal struck by those in
charge of the venture.
The result has been far from satisfactory, and, though the movement
has been in vogue for some time, lt
was not until this week that Nicholas
felt himself sufficiently strong to
risk an asstmblage of a national char-
acter. It was decided, however, to
risk the derision of the populace in
an effort to stir a spirit of emulation
among the children, and today troops
and battalions of boys ure forming in
St. Petersburg.
It seems, however, that the marshaling of these children was Ill-advised, for scarcely more than 0000
have answered the call���many of
these from those half-savage parts of
the great empire where fighting is
the only occupation'.
The socialist press Is Jubilant, and
even the government publications
maintain  an  ominous  silence.
Famous   Luck-Bringers   Beloved    fcyt
Britain's Soldiers. ,
As   a   result  of   his  escapes  from;
; Shorncliffe Camp, and of the tact that'
; he badly bit his   keeper. Teddy,  the!
Himalayan bear, which had been thel
! pet of the King's Royal Rifles for overi
I two years, was recently banished Iromj
j bis regiment. He has descended to a'
; menagerie, and, though the men regret;
] Teddy's loss, he had become too much'
J af a responsibility to keep.
B'llie, the brindled bulldog ol thej
1 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, was banished!
In a similar way about a year ago. He
lasted a butcher's boy. A civilian dog;
may be allowed one bite, but Billie isi
in army mascot, and it was considered!
that he ought to be above the common,
variety of canine. His one bite cost;
him temporary retirement to a Kentish health resort. The solitary life.
far from the sound of bugles, preyed!
upon his mind and health so much
that it was decided to reinstate him,,
and he was brought back shortly]
afterwards, with all his war medals,'
to the barracks nt Dover. War!
medals? Yes. Billie it a veteranj
and went through the South African1
ww with credit.
B'Hi* is not   the   only dog   which;
hmt s*rv��d    with  the   colors   in  wari
tiaie.   The most noted of all dogs���
alas! now only a memory���was Bob,
of    the    Royal   Berkshire    Regiment.,
He  wus  Ht  Maiwand  when  the 66thi
made  their   gallant   stand   to  cover
tho guns.   He   t was who stayed with',
the  little group ol    heroe9   who  will:
ever b.' remembered l>y 'he picture,:
"The Laat Eleven  at Maiwand."   All;
the   time    his    soldier    fr'ends    were!
fulling round  bim,  Bob was dancing;
Hbotit and answering the bullets with,
sharp  barks.      He  didn't   come   out!
scathless,   cither,   for   n   bullet   strip-
' ped the skin ofl his back.    When he.
came to England he was honored by
' being   decorated   by  Queen  Victoria'
Another fnmmis Bob wns that one
cf the South Wales Borderers, He;
attached hnn?elf particularly to the
band, and the bandmaster used to,
declare that Bob knew every bugle-
call tliere was.
Many people will remember two
monkey mascots wliich created some
excitement during the Boer wnr.
j They both belonged to volunteer
reg ments. The first was a monkey,
which Strathcona's Horse picked up
on the march. He wus n miserable
little object when they found him,
but he soon thrived under the care
of hia army friends. He went through
the war. and when the Canadians
returned to I/mdon they presented
him to the Zoo. But evidently his
heart was with the regiment, for he
pined, und died soon after.
The other monkey belonged to the
C.l.V.'s. and had the honor of riding through London on a gun-carriage. It whs given to the regiment
by the Oxford Light Infantry, nnd
saw Paardeburtr. Diamond Hill, and
many other stirring lights, through
all of which it enme ntiwounded.
Of all army  peta, the most famous
is the Koyal  Welsh  Fusiliers' magnificent gont.    Sine they were formed
Iin   1688. the  Fusiliers "have constantly been accompanied by a gnat    The
records of the regiment say, "On St.
David's  Day  the officers b'vc an entertainment to their Welsh brethren,
] snd.  after  tbe cloth  has  been  removal,  a  bumper  is filled to the  Prince
'of Wales,   and    a drummer-boy,   ele-
| gantly  dressed,  ond  mounted  on   the
I gout,   caparisoned    for    the  occasion,
is  led  three  times    round   the   table
j by the drum-major.
Queen   Mary's   Pantry.
Queen Mary's pant-ry at Windsor is
sa;d to conta.n the must valuable collection  of    tablewiiTe    ill    tiie   world.
Every design since Queen Elizabeth's
: day has contributed to tho collection,
which is stored in two rooms.    The
walls  are   lined   with  cases  made  of
plat*' glass and mahogany, with simi-
: lar cases occupying the centre-of each'
I room.    The  most Imposing thing  in,
theso two rooms is the dinner service,
of solid gold, used only for dinners ol
the highest state.    There is a table of
solid  silver   three  feet in   length.    A
rosewater   fountain   of   silver   has   a
dome  supported  on   columns   around
which nre grouped horses and bounds,
A   silver  gilt   flagon,   almost   a   van!
higl>, is said to have been saved froni
the Armada. A pair of bellows, mount,
ed in silver  and  gold,  wus  once th>i
property  ol   Nell   (iwyn.    There  is  a
massive pair oj flredogl in solid (liveI
made for Charles II. and a huge punch
bowl was contributed by George IV.
Ottawa. Aug. 28.���Is tobacco a
food? And if not, ls It a necessity,
and if it how much should a man be
allowed a day? These questions are
ones not met with in everyduy life,
but they confronted the officials of
the department, of the Interior the
other clay and were much to the chagrin of some of tho parties interested, decided In the negative, regarding the first two questions, thus not
making it necessary to answer the
third and last one, t
A t>arty of six men were employed |
by the department to do exploration
work In the northern part of Alberta.
The contracts of theS% parties employed call for "expenses paid" and
expenses are usually regarded as necessities while travelling. The chief of
this party in sending ln the expense
account of his party had marked
down "tobacco, $12." He waa written to by the government regarding
the matter but replied, protesting that
in his case tobacco was a food and a
necessity, and that without tobacco
his men would not accomplish as
much as they would lf they had tobacco. Although the officials of tho
department readily realized this fact
they found it necessary to consider
"the weed" a luxury and, did not allow it as an expense. , t,
Belgian Police Dogs.
Captain Clark, superintendent of the
Natal police force, has just arrived in
Brussels to study the Belgian detective organization, especially as regards
the training of bloodhounds, Belgium1
potiesiei a special race ol these dogs,
and has such ii special way oi training
them that tiiey have- become a feature
of criminal investigation not only in
their own land, but also in France,
Germany and several other continm-
lal countries. Their renown has rescued South Africa and has attracted the
chief of the Natal police, who will
see whether they can be employed in
tracking criminals in a part of the
world where as yet they are known
only by repute. As they Hre strong
dogs, it is believed they will stand
the South African climate.���London
Browning's Maid.
Browning had a maid in his service
who had a gift for saying quaint
things. When the poet wfts going to
pay the last mark of respect to
Geerg�� Henry Lewes she said she
"didn't see thc good of catching cold
at other people's funerals." And once,
when he was away on a holiday and a
journalist came to the door to inquire
if it was true that the poet was dead,
she indignantly answered, "I have not
heard so, and I am sure my master is
not the kind of a man to do such a
thing without letting us know."
The Modern Warrior.
"There goes a chap who has taken
part in fifty battles.'
"Plainsman?" ,y
"No, Almsman." - j
rf p*
TUE8DAY, AUGU8T 29, 1811.
minster Board of Trade meets in tne
board room. City Hall, aa follows:
Third Thursday ot eacn mown;
quarterly meeting on the tnira
Tburaday ot February, May, August
and November, at n pn. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February. New member* may he
proposed and elected at any month
ly or quarterly meetta*. C. M.
Btuart-Wade. secretary.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE, NO. 27���
The regular meetings of thla lodge
are held ln Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth Btreets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend. George Adams, N.G.; W.
C. Coatham, P.G., recording secretary; J. W. MacDonald, financial
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, barrleter-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, 6. C. P. 0. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westmtnater offlces, Rooma 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets. Vancouver Ol
Bees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle Btreet. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
Btreet.   Over C. P. R- Telegraph.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of MontreaL
AceoentanL Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken,
Pbone 415. Roar of Major and
Savage's offlce, Columbia St.
mm* Tinjs
ot ot
Arrival; Closing
M:0t��� United States vlu C. P. R-
(dally except Sunday) .23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daHy except Sunday) ��� ���  8:00
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily   except   Sunday). .11:15
IS'.OO��� Vaee���ver via B. C. K. R-
(Mto eiecept Sunday)..16:0tj
fcOO���VieMwta via B. C.  E. R.
t*WSr encept Sunday) ��� ��� 8:0c
tt:D0���VMterta  via  B.  C.   E.   H.
NNfty eacept Sunday) .11:15
7:30���Ualte* States via G. N. H.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
16:15���United States via G. N. It.
idaily except Sunday)..16:00
10:18���All peints east and Europe   (daily)  8:30
22:30���All peints east and Europe   (dally)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
8unday)        8:30
10:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills (dally except
Sunday)       **���<*-*-
10:48���Coquitlam    (dally   except
Sunday)        8:30
18:00���Central Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       H.16
1400��� East Uurnaby (daily ex-
Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:80
10:30��� Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14**0
10:00���Launer. Horl Guichon,
Westham Island, Burr
Villa       H'30
|0:00���Antnevllle.   Sunbury (dally
except Sunday)    14:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:80
Down    Kiver    Mall    on    Saturday
Closes at 13:30.
10:5u���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dully except Sunday)..14:21'
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   R.   (dally  ex-
(d.illy except Sunday) .14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:06
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
|:30��� Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday   16:04'
10:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (daily except  Sunday)    23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Bunday)   9:45
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   9:45
11:30���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Uuper
Sumas, Surrey Centre,
Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via ti. 0. E. R. (dally
except  Sunday)     8:30
16:50���Chilli waclc, Cloverdale
and Abbotsford via B.
C.  E. R.  (daily except
,_     "t      Bunday)  17:30
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
Shortest Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next   Sailings  from   Montreal:
Ratea of Passage:
1st Class, $92.50, and upwards.
2nd Class, $53.75, and upwards.
3rd Class, Bristol  or London, $31.25
Further Information from Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
For Up-to-date
Jackson Printing Co'y
Estimates given on any kind of job
Vhomoson Block. Phone 388.
3H to 26 H. P.
t and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  63.
Tenth  St.,  New Weatminater.
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 28.���The
loud alarm that the United States
plans the political obliteration of
Canada and its annexation has been
raised in the western provinces in
the last few days. It is spreading
like wildfire, nnd John Barrett, director general of the Pan-American
union, who Ib in Minneapolis, after
his recent visit to the Paciflc coast,
sees in it the gravest danger to the
reciprocity treaty that has yet developed.
"I was amazed to find the extent to
which the patriotism of Western Canadian people is being appealed to
on false grounds," said Mr. Barrett,
who came in from the Pacific coast
to speak to the Commercial club on
the Panama canal. "R. L. Borden.
Conservative leader and head of the
opposition to the treaty, Is said to
have planned the campaign by which
in the Conservative strongholds of
British Columbia and among the Conservatives of Alberta, Saskatchewan
and Manitoba, the word has been
given to scare the Canadians, and it
looks as if a great scare wlll sweep
that country before the vote ls taken
Sept. 21. That such a campaign will
engender much bitterness is more
than probable. I don't believe that lt
wlll defeat reciprocity, but lt is a
darkening, growing cloud.
"Formed as lt ls of false statements of Implied purpose that is absolutely non-existent, lt misrepresent*
the attitude of the United States officially, misrepresents the temper of
the people of the United States, Is
foolish to the beat Informed men of
Western Canada, who see the purpose that gave lt birth, but lt Ib appealing to some who are proud of
their Canadian patriotism and who
give it attention because of the high
source form which it is said to emanate.
"My own judgment Is that it is unfortunate in every way, and this I
say without desire to speak for on;
side or the other of the controversy.
Whether one believes ln reciprocity
or ls agalnat it, is his own affair, but
that an effort should be made to defeat the treaty on a basis of falsehood Is deplorable." -
The latest scheme ls tbe construe- HOW CHINE8E EMPEROR                 |
tlon of a torpedo boat with wlngs-or, j ISJTOJJE EDUCATED , 	
not to  confuse the reader, an aero- Pekln(   Aug.   28.���Very   interesting Lor,nl0 MacFarlans's Generosity Tee>
plane capable of carrying a torpedo, are the details of the scheme   to be               Much For the Lodge.
The  naval  advisory  committee on followed with regard to the education     The  town of  Midland  had hardly
aeronautics has the matter   ln hand of Emperor Hsuan-Tpng. now in his been incorporated as a village wiwa
���                                     " 8ixth vear, who lives  secluded from the     number    ol     French-ttnadiao.
has  set about the construction of a the v^m  ev<m hlg mother not being Catholics therein made the good RCMttk
model.    The machine will be driven, allowed   to   pay   occasional   private at Penetanguishene anxious that mass
ln the flrst instance, by the propelle.- visits.                 "                                      i should be said on Sundays,  'ih- chief
of the torpedo   thus effecting a great The imperial edict of education or- difficulty lay in th- {net that aui.mgst
economy in weght ders the bureau of astronomy to se- the shacks that went to make up ue
When" the  torpedo is  released the enth   moon  when   the  emperor  may ^jWj����� M��tapM#
aeroplane will, it is believed, re- sMt a favorable day during the sev-
quire only a low velocity to keep it
up, and this will be supplied by
switching a supplementary engine,
possibly of the compressed air turbine type
point of view  by
reau arid tlie different members ol the
congregation, with the result that they
regrettully concluded that there cuuli
to accommodate one-tenth ot the eun-
enth moon when the emperor may en- gregation that was sure to attend. The
"We furthermore order," the edict
states, "that Lou Zong-Chiang, minis-
It is'expected that the first machine ter of the empire   and Tcheng- Pao- ������� no  magg  in   Midland  nnvl  llley
will be ready for trial within a year. Sen, governor of Chansl   bearing the  w(,re      ^j   enough   off   to   build   a
 ,  honorable title of vice minister, sha.l  cnurch   which would not ue {ur Hnu
both  become tutors to the  emperor I ti       ,
PARTITION OF FINLAND STARTS. They   shall   instruct   him   night  and  ���� *��83 community, such as the-
  day with the greatest care, anl Shall  vinage of  Midland  then  was. every-
St.  Petersburg,  Aug.  28.���The em- teach  him   all   science    becoming   a i xii:ug affecting your neighbor is of in-
porer has approved for submission to royal personage, and also the history ; terest, and the good fatner's quandary
the Duma, a bill cutting off Klvenebe 0f the different countries of the world,I WBg  discussed  oy  many others than
and  Nyklrko  parishes   from   Vlborg jn order that our emperor may grow  those who were members of his flock,
province and adding them to the pro- strong in knowledge. At the time of  which I  write the
vlnce of St. Petersburg.    This meas-      "They   shall   also   explain   to  him chief magistrate or reeve of the village
ure is regarded as the flrst step in tue from time to time the new admlnis-1 was one Lorenzo MacFarlane.   He wh*
partition���' Finland.    These two par- tratlons  and  constitutional   laws,  as! a man ot many amiable and admir-
ishes  cover an area   of nearly  1000 well  as all  modern  sciences   but at' able qualities.    If  he  had  a iault���
square miles and containing a popula- the tame time they shall not forget' and wno is without them ��� it arose
ticn of 30,000.   The area is important to instruct him ln  the doctrines   of  lrom his  very complaisance  and dc-
stragetlcally   as   lt   skirts   the   coast Confucius  concerning  the  means  to j sire to be everyone s friend,    lt wa*.
line for a distance of about twenty- practice the virtues and to govern the positively painful to him to think that
* . ��� .   a . a m       A *   -.___!* ..   **..,..-...        aa ��� ta   ..        ..*,..,   t.i at.. 11-ltU *\ * ..a 1_A IV
six miles to the north of the present empire."
boundary of St. Petersburg province.
Many   years  ago   the  question   of
cutting off these parishes was raised  PLOTTING REV��LUTION
In Russia.   The Finnish senate aereed ,N HONDURAS REPUBLIC
so far as Klvenebe was concerned but ���������
the present attitude of Finland is one      Puerto Cortez, Honduras,  Aug.  28.
of   uncompromising  opposition.    Thc  ���A   revolutionary   plot    against  the
bill  originates  with the  minister  of administration of  Honduras was un-
interlor, and was male possible under earthed Aug. 19. when Theodore Her-
the law of June 30,  1910, extending  man^ez    and   M.   Urgota   were   ar-
the Duma's power of legislation over  rested.
Finland Hernandez     was    balled   at   San
' Pedro, where excitement ls at fever |"f.^
heat.    Urgota was  escorted   to   the
SWITZERLAND   KEEPS  THEM.      capital.   Tegigalpa.   under   an   armed
guard     and    Incarcerated.      Former
anyone was at enmity with him. He
adored the Almighty and admired hla
wondrous works, but he gave cordial
support to the theory that even the.
DjmI was not so black as he waa
painted. Father Laboreau's ditiiculty
readied the ears of Lorenzo MacFarlane, and wham a uay or two afterwards ne encountered the good priest
on the street in Midland. He stopped,
his reverence and said:
"I  hear   that   you  are   anxious   to
have mass in Midland, Father Labo-
why yes, Mr. MacFarlane, but unfortunately there is no dwelling houses
in tn-:. town large enough to contain
one-tenth cf tue congregation that
would be sure to attend. 1 hope that,
we  snail be  able  to  BUild  a church
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 346.
Office, Front 8L, Foot of Sixth.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Teleohone R  113. Offlce:  Princess 8t
Transfer Co.
Bee. Pnone He.     Barn   Pfeone IS?
Begbie Street.
ftaggige   aeiiverea   promptly   Da
any part ot tke city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Between all Local Points.
One Way Fare
and One-Third
for the round trip. Tickets on sale
1, 2, :i and 4. Good to return up to
and Including September 6.   Apply
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE 370.
Rome, Aug. 28.���Tbe pope is out
of danger and convalescent, but will
he ever be really well again? Will
he ever become as strong again as he
was before he shut himself up in the
That is the question   of absorbing
interest here.    Prof.  Machlafava and
Dr. Petacci, the two celebrated physicians,  who  for   months  have   unceasingly   and   assiduously   attended   the
pontiff    and   studied   profoundly   his
condition,   answer   that,  notwithstanding   his   77  years,   his   run-down   stafo
and hfs overworked, strenuous life, he
could  recover entirely on certain essential conditions, chief among which
would be a change of jjir.   This would
mean living out of the Vatican, thus
renouncing one of those forms of protest which the Holy See adopted at
the  fall   of  the  temporal   power,  in
order to maintain Its claims for the
civil possession of Rome.
There is a strong party which declares that so precious a life hs that
of Piux X must not be risked as a
a sacrifice to what is really a simple
form, as the essence of the protest
is not represented by voluntary ani
to a certain extent, un'ess imprisonment in the Vatican, but has bee.i
solemnly contained in every word, in
every document, all officii! documents, which for the last 41 years
have emanated from the three men
who have sat In the chair of St. Peter
since  September,   1870.
Government to  Loan   Money  to  Buy president Davila. denosed by the re-
Famous   Pictures. cent successful  revolution headed by I
5e1.T\.A"B;u28'.7"Bl,th'"   "Ufe" Gen' Manuel Bonina- ,B Buppoaed tolt"h*at~w,ii wcommodite'oui congrega-
and     Death,    the   three   companion  De interested in the plot. L       bttt   unlortunately, that must be
painting  by   the  famous  Italian  art-      letters onHhe prisoners ment oned I some time other lhan thi    as.tftu
1st, Segantinl, which are hung in the  that  munitions  of  war  were hidden | nle  are  very  poor  and oti\y  abltf ^
museum at St. Morltz, are to remain   near   piroienta    and   that   the    first  beCure the very necessaries of life,  lv
in   Switzerland,   although    until   re- move apain8t the administration was  l6 unfor.unate. but we must have p��t-
cently it was feared that they would  to  he  gtarted  at  the election   next j Umce." .   *
find  a  new  home  across the  Atlan- October   of Gen.  Bonilla, the   unop-     "why   r.ot   use   the   Orange   mil,
tic. posed candidate   for the   presidency, j Father Laojreau?" suggested .dacrur-
lane,  smiling.
They have been for sale for some
time, their proprietor, a Milan banner having given the Swiss the option
at the  price of $95,000, although he
Visit of American Ships.
St. Petersburg, Aug. US.���Coming
had had* larger offers, the highest be- at an interval of forty-five years
ing  from  America.    This  sum.  how- after the redoubtable trip of the m m
The go^d rather opened his eyes.
"You are fond oi pleasantries, Mr-
"1 am not joking. Father Laboreau;.
I am quite serious.   I am local mas-
ever. large for Switzerland, could not tor Miantonomoh to Cronstadt, to M- ter, ana 1 know the brotners would,
be found In this country, and the turn the friendly caii of the Rus-! be pleas >d ii ym would use it. lf you.
other purchases became "pressing." slan warships in New Vork in thel CoUie t0 nlJ. hvuse now 1 will get yua.
Now, however, the Swiss government  critical times of 1S6S.    Admiral  Bad-)tne key."
has stepped in and is advancing the  ger's squadron aroused old memories,    "Ar^ you serious. Mr. MacFarlane?"
total  amount  at  a  minimum  Interest  of  nearly a  century  or  Russo-Amen-      "Quite serious. Father."
to   private   Swiss   societies   and   por-  can history, which haa become a tra-l     "Well,     Mr.     MacFarlane.     it    the-
sons until the debt Is paid off. dftton   tn   Russia,   rudel>- shaken    by f Ora.igemen uo nut oBject and you will
 .                ! events since   1003.    Admiral Badger's,, mow me the inside of the hall, pro-
reference  tendered  to  the  Miantono- - vid.ng it is at all suitable, 1 certainly
PLUMBERS  FOUND  WILL                    mab  at a bant,iet tendered  by    thcv- *iiall use it and be very much obliged.
SECRETED IN PIPE  imperiai River Yacht club    was    the I into  the  bargain.    We ought to  pay
  kevnote of the evening, and it   flattere.i  something for it. I think.  Perhaps yet*
Kingston, Aug. 28.���Secreted in one  tne pride RussianB take in having fur-  wouid lei me know what you think i*
of the pipes, plumbers found ths will  thered  the  fortune  of  the  American 1 iair "
of the late Joseph George, which had republic, to which they formerly habl
been missing, anl for which diligent   tually  referred  as  "our  transatlantic
search has been  made by Interested  (,ien'(is.
rarties.    The will was that made bv
the deceased for legacies which they
Identified  by  the  witnesses   thereto.
Deceased passed away about a year
Not at all. Father. Neither the;
brothers nor myself would hear of any
payment being made. If you will just
wait a moment 1 sooll step across and.
L'et you tlie key."
The next Sunday after as elaborate-
a preparation as their limited mean*
would admit the Cntholics of Midland
had mass i.i the Orange Hall.
On the :. llowing Monday there was
a special meeting at the Grand Blacla
Chapter at which Lorenzo MacFarlane was r^ad out of the order.���William Steers In Canadian Century.
London. Aug. 28.���The widespread
public criticism of the British war department's lack of propresstveness In
the matter of aeronautics has had the
result of quickening that body Into a
fit of energy that bids fair to add several innovations to tlie familiar
modes of attack  nnd defense hv air.
Warships  Unwelcome.
Christiana,   Aug.   28���The   Norwe-
ago,~ and~at 'that "time the will could gian  press is  protesting against for-
not be found.   Search was made, and eign. specially German, warships vls-
his grave was opened  to see  if the Hing places which are of strategic in-
much-wanted    document    had    been terest to Norway.    The papers state
placed   into  the  casket.      Now   the that the various warships in question
mvsterv has been cleared up. | have now  such a  knowledge  of tho
The document  is in  the hands of Norwegian seas that they no longer
Macdonnell   &   Farrell,  solicitors  for need pilots, and the demand is made ,,.,-..
parties who are suing the widow of that  at  all  events  foreign warships        Back  From the  United States,
the  decased  for  legacies which they should be prohibited from touch'ng at      "This is my Own, my Native Land,
allege   were  promised* to   them,   and Moss,   Drammen    or   Horten,   all   of  quoth  Jean  Lavigne,   as  he  tal  hi*
made.    When the case comes up for them  Important places in  connection j family   from  the   train    that  carried
trial, In the fall, there promises to be with the defense of Chrlstianla.   The ' them back after ten years in L'Etats
a   very  Interesting  time.    All  along, government   is   taking  notice  of the   Vn-S'it said   The   Vancouver   World;
the claimants upon the estate declared protest,  and   will  in  future  be  very
that  the  will  was  in   existence, and careful in permitting foreign warships
that   it   would   some   day  be   found, to   visit  Norwegian   waters.      It  has
Search    for   It   never    ceased.      Th" been  decided   that   the  admiralty  to-
amount left to the widow Is  not  nearlv gether with the minister for the navy,
as much as she would have received sliall  hereafter settle the ouestion as
had no will been made.
to the visit of such warships.
Ten Dollars down will furnish your spare bedroom. Rent it for $10 a month; ln three months the
furniture will be paid for, you then have an extra furnished room that your roomer has paid for and an
extra $10 a aonth coming in as long as you wish.
That's the way to get a start; no need to scrape along while Denny & Ross are here���we can help
you.   Just think how the extra $10 a month coming in will reduce your rent.
We Furnish a Bedroom Complete for $28.75
$10 down; balance as the rent of your room comes in
Furniture consists of bed. spring, mattress, reversible floor rug, dresser and wash stand, pair of pillows, pair of white sheets, pair of blankets, one comforter, one white spread, two pillow slips, curtain pole,
window shade, pair lace curtains.
Outfit Complete for $28.75
Denny & Ross
'We Treat You Right'*
43, 45, 47 Sixth  St., New Westminster.
Phone 588
Jean's stout French-Canadian heart
burned within him as he turned hi*
footsteps from wandering on tha-
foreign strand south of forty-nine.
Beyond acquiring several grandsons, who may qualify for the Presidency of the United States, und a
well developed Yankee nasal drawl
in place of his native Habitant, Mr.
Lavigne has little to thank the
American Republic fur . !
The Lavigne family is the advancer
ruard of fifty French-Canadian families from near Kork Yakima, Wash.,
who will return to Canada to rtJek.
tlvir fortunes in th�� Skeena Valley.- .
On board the Prince Rupert tho
Lavhmei left for th.e north laat night.
The had of the honss explained that
the high co-t of living had driven
him out i f the United States, anil ho.
would naver return. He had lived,
he said, in the Province of Quebec���
had been born tliere. He was induced
to emigrate to the Western States tan
years ago.
Fortune did net favor him with ��
very lavish hand. So the Lavigne
homestead in Northern Washington,
has been disposed of, and with the-
cash receipts the family starts afret1*
in the Bulkley Valley,
"Seven hundred people wil! come
into Canada from our neighborhood
during this ysar," said Mr. Lavigne.
"We French-Canadians love our Canada, and we cannot stay away."
Fine   Good-bye  Advice.
"Well, be good" is an oft-heard
form of farewell between nen, but
a commercial traveler, who covers-
quit_> a number of places in tlio-
northern section of older Ontario,,
used one the other day that seem*
to be a considerable improvement on>
the  other.
This drummer and another mini-
of Miat calling happened to hi* pas-
serigers on the same train, and they
talked for quite a time on the bos*
methods of salesmanship. Whet*
they were parti'ng, the first mun said
to the other, "Good-bye, Bill. Don't
do anything I wouldn't do."���Courier.
Canada's Fishermen-.
Over  60,000- Canadians   make thaic
living fishing from boats. PAGE FOUR
Tlie Daily News
TUESDAY, AUGU8T 29, 1911.
Published by The Dally News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
oorner   of    McKenzie   and   Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
TUESDAY,  AUGUST 29,  1911.
should on tbis occas1bfi;li>e the means
of contravening that commendable
spirit ln a most emphatic way. If
there ls now any special call upon
that sense ot decency which reposes
ln every human breast, even in matters where the politics of the country
are In question, that "call is directed
to the Hon. Richard McBride. Surely
he  would  not  assume  that
No doubt It will serve to soothe the
personal disappointment of J. D. Taylor for him to belittle tie success and
importance of the recent Liberal meet,
lng at Chilliwack, ln the columns of
the British Columbian. But we may regard this as a case of Bour grapes.
The simple fact that the speech of
the late member for this constituency
at that meeting did not evoke anything that could be construed as a
hearty reception by the large gathering assembled was no doubt galling
and annoying. This circumstance wlll
London,  Aug.  28.���The    announce-'
ment tbat the King and the Prince of
Wales,   when  at   Cowes,  enjoyed    a I
dip ln the sea every morning recalls! |
the fact that the King la an enthus- i
lastic  swimmer and    that    all    the'
royal   children   were  taught  this  art
as soon as they    were"  old   enough. '���
because j They learned the rudiments of swim
manv   citizens  have  sacrificed   their ming at tho Hath club, but they gain-
_,,, ,.        ,      ,_ . ul���  ,��� ,*,.' ed' the larger part cf their experience
party affiliations to elect him to the - 6nem^m%mr Sandringham, on
provincial premiership that he Is Jus-  (ne shore8 of tne Wash, where their'\
tinted   in   asking    that   they   should grandfather,    King   Edward,   had   aJ
vleld every vestige of their political | bathing   pavilion   specially   built   for
their use.    The Prince of Wales and
Prince  Albert  are  expert  swimmers
��� II
ys* School Clothing
liberty into his hands. If any sacrifice Is to be made now lt ls Mr. McBride and his Conservative triends
who should yield it in supporting Mr
I Oliver, who represents, in this In-
i stance, the party that stants for tho
best interests of' British Columbia
and o' Canada as a whole.
and have competed upon several occasions against their felow cadets at
Osborne and Dartmouth. Little Princess Mary is a fine swimmer also. A
short time ano the King had under
consideration the building ot a large
Indoor swimming tank at Windsor
castle for the use of his children, and
it is thought probable that this will |
be completed very shortly.
We have everything the
boys need for school wear
that will make them look
and feel smart and neat.
Driven to admit that both partiei
in Canada were formerly agreed upon
the desirability of reciprocity  ln .na
Death of Dr. A. D. Rainy, M.P.
London,  Aug.  28���The    death    Is'
announced    of    Dr.    Adam    ROland
Rainy, Liberal M. P. for Kilmarnock
Burghs since 190fi.    He was the son
tural products with the United States,  "��� a.uce �������.    n�� ���� *.***, ����..
Mr   Borden declares that the neces- ��' the fam��"8 Scotch divine, the late
sity for reciprocity hae7 now passed.
If the present dispute between the
Liberals and Conservatives were on
probably account for the meagre and the pure|y economic phases of reel-
distorted account of the occasion procity Mr. Bordon might be able to ea ���
which was printed in our contempor- advance some arguments in support
wnicn wu�� pri u v n \a_M-tmn of his theory. He copldjiolnt to such
ary. v     things as the larger home consump-
The fact, nevertheless, remains that tlon due t0 tne growth   of Canadian
the Chilliwack people turned"out   in  cities;   to the  improvement in  shlp-
splendld force and   displayed   great ping and cold storage facilities enabl-
.        ... i -m.**.    ���_���   ing us to sell a large .proportion   of
enthusiasm for the   reciprocity   P���" ougr produce over88B8B 4,V8o forth,
posal at this meeting.    Such a mean      But   unf0rtunately for Mr.  Borden,
attempt to misrepresent   a   clrcum- his argument  agalaati .reciprocity  is
stance of this kind will not deceive not nearly so much economic as "pa-
i   i ,��� mt thr. v.ite. ritv  even  triotic."    He says we must not trade
the electors of the Valtey City, even ^ ^ ^^ gM^ ljecauBe if wc
lf lt does not meet with acceptance do u wl��� pull Canada to piece3.
in other parts of the division. |    if  there  is  anything   in  his argu-
The sense of the cold, almost   un-  ment there never Was a time when
friendly  reception    which    was    ac- Canada could have safely had reclpro.
/i i �� iuu      * nu���,���,������u ���.-  cal  trade relations, with, the  United
corded J. D. Taylor at Chilliwack was  gtates    R R wou,,, ^.^ to our na.
perhaps accentuated by the fact that tionai existence today, when we havj(
the Conservative candidate had made the advantages offaJfcrnatlve mar-,
a bold effort to display some readl-' kets, lt would have been a case   of,
. u.    . immAy., i���..H����inn   sure   and   sudden   death    twenty   or
ness to accept the friendly Invitation  mny yw> ago wnen Canada wag a
of his opponent to share the platform.  poor>   di8couraged   community,    Just
This is, however, the only occasion beginning to finds It feet.
on which he has ventured or wlll ven-1     Yet,  is  a  fact- that>i9eclpraMty  In
ture to come forward ln this way, tor, .natural products was desired twenty
years ago by every public man in
all offers of similar facilities at the Canada_by sir ,i0hn A. Macdonald,
other meetings of John ��liver havo Dy sir Charles Tupper, by Sir John
been peremptorily declined. It ls Thompson, by Edward Blake, by Oil
Just, as well that this should be gen
erally known, for there are some   of
Principal Rainy.   He entered political I
life in 1900, and contested Kilmarnock
Burghs In the same year. Hemorrhage '
of the   brain was the   cause of his ;
Good Buys in
100 Boys' Two and Three-Piece Suits;
regular $5.00 to $7.50 values to
clear at .     $3.90
a very large assortment of the
best Canadian Tweeds, all sizes
50c. to $1.75
"The ColleO**
1 ver Mowat, by Wilfrid Laurier.
' Didn't they know, when they advo-
. called reciprocity witA-.'jith? United
the Conservative busybodies who aro states, that Its eOlfcfe Would be to
trying to create the impression that break up confederation,. suck the dis-
Mr. Taylor'* presence'' on a    Liberal] Jointed fragments of tte Dominion in-
nl��tfnrm   would   nnt   he  welcompd  bv' to  tbe  -American   nnlom ******  ban!   a
platrorm  would not be welcomed  dj   Htag,gering JoIt t0 ���,e e,mpjre?   Or as
the convenors of the meeting. The(U posslbie that.yi��lr^��qn}blned wis
opposite is, however, realfrtlife ca^e. dom was less tftsnf ���*irat''of~*ff. Bor-
The  advocates  of  reciprocity  have'den In 1911.���Manitoba   Free   Press..
nothing to tear and have no desire to   j
shirk a free and open discussion on
reciprocity.   Their faith is that if the1
FOURTH AVENUE ��� Cleared lot;
house 10x16; good well of water.
Price $900; one-third cash, balance
���; and 12 months.
NEAR CITY���Just eutside c'ty limits
from Twentieth street; five fine
lots, from $350 each; cne-:|uarter
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Boys' All Wool English made Jerseys, in
navy, blue, cardinal and white $1.00
to 1.75
Boys'Negligee Shirt* with collar attached and detached in several tasty
patterns *.       50c. to $1.25
25 Dozen, Boys' Stockings, regular
50c. and 60c. values, sizes 71-2 to
9 1-2, to clear    .    3 pairs for $1.00
avenue.���Open streets; |f25 each;
one-quarter cash,  balance 6,  12 anil
18 months.
671   Columbia St.     The Wardrobe Clothier     New Wettmintter, B. C
agreement is approved by the electorate of Canada and goes into force It
will be one of the best uikiab that has
ever been done for the Commercial
and general good of the Dominion.
The belief is not in any way a new
one. It is well nigh fifty years old
Sir Charles Tupper and Sir John A.
Macdonald were both strong believers
in the value of reciprocity with the
United States. From 1879 until 189*1
there was ;in order in council standing on thp utatute books of Canada
for the granting of reciprocity in
natural products with our southern
neighbors. In 18:i3 reciprocity wa3 a
plank in the Liberal platform. But,
as must now be pretty well known,
lhe readiness of the Canadian government came forward and the terms
this matter had always been rejected
until a year ago, when the latter government came forward and the ttrms
o'. the agreement now under discus
Bion were formulated. i
Tho suggestion now frequently
made by the Conservatives that the
idea is uew is therefore as absurd em
la i;ntrue. Forgetfulness is often a
convenient device and in this particu-
Iur case it ls undoubtedly convenient
ifor t e opposition to forget that reci-!
procity was the policy of that party,
in fact of both i arties, for a number
of years, and right up to a few
months ago, when Mr. Borden suddenly made the government aware that
he ancl his party intended to oppose
the ratification of the agreement.
Woman Breaks ��� Rock.
Spartanburg. S. O., AjJ 28.���Bessie
Smith. 20 years oM, was today clad
in stripes and Bent with other convicts to the rock pile. ��he is the flrst
white woman ever thus treated In
this city. She ls taking her punishment stoctally and tonight, after a
hard day's work at the quarry, smilingly remarked that she was slightly
tired, but would feel better after a
bath. The woman was convicted of
keeping a disreputable house.
NEAR EDMONDS���One lot 66x1*0,
for only $500; one-quarter cash
balance fi, 12 and 18 months.
FOURTH AVENUE���Five roomed
modern bungalow; bath, toilet, electric lisht; lot all cleared and
fenced. Price $2fi25; small cash
payment, balance as rent.
Bank of Montreal
Cross Channel Meeting.
Dieppe, Franc", Aug. 28.���This city
has  arranged    in    conjunction    with'
Brighton,  Kngland, for a cross chan!
nel   aviation  meet  to  take  place    in
Se] tember.   The prize's \v;Jl be amounl
the largest ever offered in Europe.
avenue; $575 each; $250 cash, balance ft, 12 and IS months.
FIFTH AVENUE���Two lots; $56C
each; one-thirl cash, balance fi, 12
and IS months.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
feet. Price only $1600; one-thii\l -
cash, balance i\, 12 and 18 months i
This lot will rapidly increase in |
value with the improvements goin ; I
on in this particular locality,
Peoples Trust Co.
CAPITAL       ��14,400,000.00
RESERVE       .12,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada rod
Newfoundland, anu In London. Eng-
'end, New York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
balking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents ln all parts ol the
Savings Bank Dspe-traent���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward,
aud Interest allowed it 3 per cent, per
annum  (present rate).
Total   Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for lt la the atuff that the foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two waya; to spend for what la
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot be Invested until lt le flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
"As in the case of Mr. McConnell,
Mr. Oliver failed to keep to the question  allowing liis ancient and  strong
opposition  to  the  provincial  government to claim a large share   of his
time and  attention."���Opposition   report of Chilliwack meeting. j
lt certainly would not be strange if
.'Jr. Oliver should be impelled to give
some share of his time and attention
to  the  provincial   government.    It   is
not a fact that the whole force of the
provincial  organization  is  being  employed  against  him ?    Indeed    i;   is
perhaps   an   unfortunate   feature    of
the   present  campaign  that   Mr.   McBride,   who   owes    his   election,   as
leader of the provincial government,
to the fact that large numbers of tho
people were willing to sink partisanship  in  order to   give  him   a  vote,
Campaign Headquarters
Hardman Hall, McKenzie street, over "News" office
Tues. Evening, Aug. 29
Meeting will open at 8 o'clock.
Short addresses by local and
outside speakers.
Organization work after meeting. \
Hall open every night except Sunday, for
committee work and discussion.
Have you ever longed for a
home ? A real home ? A home
that one is not ashamed to take
one's friend to ? A thing of beauty ? A Joy for
ever ? FlowerB and shrubs and trees, a lawn,
a pretty bungalow nestling on a sun-kissed terrace-side overlooking a large beautiful shimmering expense of fresh water? Sounds inviting, eh?
Well, we have it in our "Lakeside Terrace," on
the shores of beautiful Burnaby Lake. Fifteen
minutes ride from New Westminster ! Five-cent
car fare ! Half and quarter acre tracts for a
sons; ! Three $2000.00 bungalows for nothing !
Ask for our booklet, "Lakeside Terrace ln
Beautiful Burnaby." It tells the story. Investigation wlll pay.
ss >���
Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver, B. C. TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1911.
Champions at Practice.
With the single exception of Jimmy
Gifford all tbe Salmon Bellies were
out at Queens park yesterday afternoon und put in ninety minutes hard
steady grind under a hot sun. Manager C. A. Welsh, who was present,
expressed himself as perfectly satis-
Hed with the showing made by the
champions, and maintained that it
the form is kept up untll the afternoon of Labor Day there will be no
cause for alarm on the part of the
local fans. Sandy Gray, who made a
welcome reappearance yesterday, was
certain between the irons. i
The names of boxers and wrestlers
who will in the near future ma'<e their
mark in the ring and on the mat are
being added to the list which has
been prepared for the delectation of
Westminster lovers of amateur sport
by Physical Director Chester Mclntyre. of the V. A. C. They will be on
view In this city at St. Patrick's hall.
Agnes street, on Friday evening of
this week, when the Senior Amateur
Lacrosse club stage one of the biggest cards for a meeting which ls for
tbe purpose of relieving the club of
debt Incurred this summer.
The program, which ls ?.ll but com-
plcted, will be published In these
columns on Wednesday or Thursday
and wlll be a surprise to those who
are eagerly looking forward to Friday j
evening. |
A. S. Mills    &   Co.,   of   Columbia
street, have offered a costly prize for
the special wrestling   bout    between
Fred Smith and Al. Hatch. The match
which  wlll  be  under strict catch-as-
catch-can  rules  will  be  the  best of
three  falls  and  will be  refereed  by
Flre  Chief  J.   H.   Watson,   who  has
had    a lengthy    experience    in    the
wrestling game.    BBth lads    are    In
splendid fettle for the bout, and each
Is  confident  of  victory.    A    novelty
bout  has been secured, but this will |
remain a secret until the contestant;)
get on the stage.    Tickets which are|
marked at one dollar are on sale at:
Herb   Ryall's   and  F.  J.   MacKenzie's j
drug stores, and also at Duncan's and
Oamon's cigar stores.
When Complaint Was Made That "the
World Runs en Wheels."
John Taylor, an English poet, known
aa tbe "water poet." wbo died In Hobi,
bad thia to say about the use of
The superfluous use of coaciiea
hatbtt been tbe occasion of many vile
and odious crimes, as murder, theft,
cheating, hangings, whippings, pillories, stocks and cagea, for housekeeping never decayed till coacbea
came Into England, till wbicb time
those were accounted tbe best men
wbo bad tbe most followers aud retainers. Then land about or near
London was thought dear enough at a j
noble tbe sere yearly, and a ten pound
bouse rent now was scarce 20 shillings I hen. But *.*.** witchcraft of tbe
coacb quickly mounted tbe price of
all things except poor men's labor and
wltbal transformed In some places 10,
20. SO. 40. SO. 00 or 100 proper serving
men into two or three animals��� videlicet, a butterfly page, a trotting footman, a stiff drinking coachman, a
Cook, a Clark, a Steward and a Butler, which hatha enforced many a die-
carded tall fellow (tbrough want ot
means te live and gTace to guide blm
ln bis poverty) to fall into aucb mischievous action* before named, for
wbicb 1 think the gallowses ln England bave devoured aa many lusty
valiant men within these thirty or
forty years aa would bave been a suf-
ttcleut army to beat tbe foea ot Christ
out of Chrlstendome and, marching to
Constantinople, bave plucked the great
Turk by tbe beard; but, a* la afore-
aald. this is tbe age wben wherein th*
"world runs ou wheels."
"Let good digestion wait on appetite, and health on both/"
They will tf you take Smxtsntj*
They correct stomach disorders, assist digestion, and make life worth
living again for the victim of dyspepsia. 50c. a box. If your druggist has
not stocked them yet, send us 50c. and we will mail them. 35
NsrisBsl Draa u4 Cfc���hal Ceassssmr at Cauda. LuaiUd.
Monday, August 28.
At Spokane���Spokane 5, Victoria 4.
At Seattle���Seattle 7, Vancouver 6.
At  PortlandJPortland 4, Tacoma 3.
The result of the defeat of the All
Stars by the Blaine White Sox by 15
to ii on Sunday has convinced the
managers of the local boys that the
next time they have to play a star
team they will use Westminster boys
and not seek paid men from Vancou-
,��\8&~a0i JfiWiyjIiam. JUjeru will be
an endeavor made through lhe city
directors of thc R. A. and I. society
to ask the Blaine stars bere for a return game during exhibition week.
The following were the results of
the lirst day's play for the challenge
-cups in the local tennis tournament;
LadieB' singles���
Mlss Peele defeated Miss Corbould,
4-G, 6-1, 6-3.
.Miss Rickman defeated Miss De-
Wolf Smith, ��-0, 6-2.
Men's singles���
II. V. Ardagh defeated D. ShilJrick,
8-6, 6-1.
A. R. Sellery defeated A. B. F.
Lloyd,  C-4.  6-1.
J. W. Langford defeated J. E. Allen,
���6-1, 6-1.
A. 0. Eddy defeated R. S. Hutcheon,
6-1, 6-0.
A. H. Marcon defeated G. T. Wilson. 6-3, 6-2.
.1. A. Motherwell defeated A. L.
Clark, 6-2, 6-0.
I). 0. 'I uck defeated E. N. Sutherland. C-2, 6-3.
T!��%**.->H'Jwing is the draw for tomorrow: 1
4:00 p.m.���Mrs. Elson vs. Miss Wilson
r.:00 p.m.���W. II. G. Phipps vs. Dr.
McEwen, court 1: L. A. Lewis vs. A.
C. Eddy, court 2; F. G. Gardiner vs.
.J. \V. Langford, court 3.
Professional Football.
At the meeting of the Vancouver
and District Football, first division,
yesterday evening ln the National
Sports club, Vancouver,- the following
schedule was drawn out for the season:
Sept.  0���Shamrock  vs.  Thistles.
Sept. lfi���Dibs vs. Celtic.
Sept. 23���Thistle vs. Hlhs.
Sept. 30���Celtic vs.  Westminster.
Oct. 7���Celtic vs.  Shamrock.
Oct. 14���Hibs vs. Shamrock.
Octo.  21��� Thistle  vs.   Westminster.
Thanksgiving Day���Westminster vs.
Oct. 2S���Westminster vs. Thistle.
Nov. 4���Celtic vs. Hibs.
Nov. 4���Hibs vs. Westminster.
Nov. IS���Thistle vs. Shamro k.
Nov.  18���Westminster vs.  Celtic.
Nov. 25���Shamrock v. Westminster.
Dec. 9���Thistle vs. Celtic
Dec. 9���Westminster vs. Hibs.
Christmas    Day���Westminster    vs.
New    Years Day���Westminster  vs.
The Lady Guaranteed Silence, and 8he
Made Good	
Unexpectedly un uptown pastor who
encouraged congregational singing
gained a new parishioner. Keen
though bis delight in bearing bia people sing, tbere wus one member ot bin
flock wboae endeavors be never encouraged. But tbe man sang wltbont
encouragement, much to tbe discomfiture of pew boidera anywhere near
him, wbo claimed tbat bia loud, unmusical voice threw them out ot time and
Repeated complaints convinced the
minister tbat somebody would bave to
assume tbe responsibility of silencing
the ambitious singer. He decided tbat
the man's wife was best fitted for the
Job. Owing to a difference ln religious views husband and wife attended different churches, but the minister
knew ber, so be called and explained
his predicament Sbe waa genuinely
"Do you mean to say be sings?" she
"Tries to." amended tbe pastor.
She tbougbt a minute. "1 shall have
to come tbefe to church," she said.
"1 shall be glad ro see you." aaid tbe
minister. "But what effect will that
have on your husband's singing'/"
The look she gave blm was more
significant than words, and they
meant a good deal.
"John will never open hla mouth
wben 1 am around." sbe said.
And John never baa. ��� New York
Easy to Identify.
A Chinese prince In Ibis country visited police headquarters In New York
and was much interested In the thumb
mark records preserved there as a
method of Identification for criminals.
"We bave used thumb marks for
several thousand years as seals on
mercantile aud other papers," the Chinaman told tbe man ln charge of the
thumb mark bureau, "but we do not
use I hem lu uny other way."
"How do you Identify your criminals?" asked the thumb mark man.
"Oh. we have o very simple method
of Identification���we cut off their
heads."���Saturday Evening Post.
If your property is for sale and the price and terms are right, we
want It, as we have clients who are deslsous of making Investments in this city ln the shape of vacant lots, houses or revenue
producing property. What have you ? $500 to $5000 cash as first
Phone 929. Room 16, Collister Btock.
GvadtsaU Optician
With T. Clifford, Jeweler
New Westminster, B.C
Sale of Real Estate
Ihe Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-DIr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Burnaby--6th Avenue
Five roomed dwelling house on double lot, all cleared and planted
with forty fruit trees.
House and One Lot, price $1650
Extra Lot, $550.   Cash, 1-3; balance easy.
Sherriff, Rose & Co.
SSS Columbia Street, New Weatminater. .
Telephone" 832.
Hogan Takes Back Seat.
Philadelphia, Aug. 20.���One Round
Hogan, who came out with the terrible tear-compclling story that ho
would crawl into his hole if he did
not chew up Wolgnst���and who did
neither���sot hla last night when
Grover Hayes thumped the alleged
one-rounder to a fare-ye-well at tho
club here before a big crowd. Hogan,
who hails from the fair city of San
Francisco, didn't make the southern
city bulge big in the eyes of the fans
who witness the set-to-. He looks to
be down and out.
Iu spite of ease and swiftness of
communication we break down over
the pronunciation of uames that lie
outside our front door. Tbere is Newfoundland. Our earliest speculation In
American settlers. But you ciin't pronounce It so as to satisfy everybody.
A vtMlor has protested. The nniue
has three solid syllables. One must
win. In English mouths the accent Is
generally put on ihe second syllable,
for the dogs found their dny. Thut
is wrong, quite wrong. But do you
know whether you should say "New-
fnln" or ������Nfnliuul?"���Loudon Chronicle.
Wasted  Effort.
"Sorry. Bill, I cunt wine to the the-
eter wltl) you tonight Now, don't look
so cross. ^ tral am t cross, really, are
yer. Bill?"
"No, I nln't Miictly cross, Ll7., but
still It Is u bit apgniVHting for n chap
to Iind lie's washed his face ami bands
for nothing, nln t it V"���London Telegraph.
Witness-He's a dirthy, mane little
wretch, yer honor: a low���
Maglstrnte���Silence, witness!
"Well, yer honor. It's tbe truth."
"Doesn't mutter. We want none ot
It here."���Loudon TelegrupU.
Today's List:
PRINCESS STREET���Full aized lot,
cleared, facing south. Price $860;
one-third cash, balance 6 and , 12
FOURTH AVENUE���Double corner
on Fourth avenue and First street;
a fine building proposition. Price
$3000; one-third cash, balance 6 and
12 months.
WEST END���Three fine lots near
Eighteenth street. Price $2500.
one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Strictly modern
Five rooms
Beautiful Location
in West End near
Twelfth street.
If you act quickly
Price Only $2900
Corner Columbia and Eighth Streets.
Bank  of  Vancouver   Block.
B.C. Mills
limber and Trading  Co.
^mifillliteMtMtarera and Dealera ln All Kinds ol
UlklLL.fc.Ui FANCY GLASS. /.
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 12 New Weatminater Boa 137
See Our Window Display of Pearl Handle Goods
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. SVy
TENTH AVENUE���Between Sixth
and Eighth streets, building lots,
all cleared. These are money
makers. Price $450 to $800; one-1
quarter cash, balance 0, 12, 18 and
24 months.
EDMONDS STATION���Lots in block,
$450 to $475 each. These are In
the locality that Is moving. See
us at once.
EAST END���Full sized lots at $375
each.   These will not lust long.
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone 696.
622 Columbia street.
Purposely Wrecked.
Midclletown,    Conn.,   Aug.
8ounded Ominous.
"Pad. can I lake a post graduate
course In biology'.'"
"Thnt depend*, diiughter." replied
the old mun cautiously. "What do
you want to buy flrst ?"���Pittsburg
the  sixty   or  more    passengers  who
were hurt in the wreck of the evening train over the Valley line of the
New York, New Haven and Hartford
railroad last night. Abram R. Brown,
of Hartford, Conn., who    suffered an
j injury to his spine, is in a critical
condition.     The   other   patients   are
I doing   well.     Superintendent   Wood-
j ward, of the Shore Line division, who
went to the scene of the disaster   at
Maormaa, notified the police here to-
I day that he found on close inspection
: that the train had    been    purposely
; wrecked.
We have
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Dow, Eraser &Co., Ltd.
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29,  1911.
Bishop  O'Connor   of    Peterboro Wai
Given Great Ovation.
Wednesday,   August   2, was   i   wl
letter dav in the anna's of Peterbor
or on that dat, the Catholic peopl
and citizens generally celebrated th
eolden  jubilee  to   the  ��*��$**��*
Right  Reverend    Richard    Alphonsi.
O'Connor, D.D., the spiritual head..��
the   diocese.    On   August 2nd.   1881
Bishop  O'Connor    was    ordained    M
A chldshop Lynch, and the long nn,
unremitti.lp  period  of  service  wh ch
has  been  given  was  marked h>   It*
tivitics and felicitations of which th.
everywhere-esteemed      and     popula.
 ' >ient.
A Widen jubilee "is a rare event
In a career which gives an WW
of about sixteen fUM*. Ow* whe
reach the half-century mark in har
ness and still ready to answer the
call of duty with as much eel ritj
and ability as men many JTMJ* theU
junior, are worthy of iPfclal W��
nition! His lordship of Pefcrbott
fills these conditions to a remarlvublt
decree The single fact of an extensive   and   arduous   confirmation   tout
London, Aug. 28.���Preparations aro, Bvc��j.,.w..^.	
going rapidly forward for another of prelate was the recipient.
those little wars that have done so A "olden jubilee is a
much to extend the territory in which j
the Hritish flag is respected and the
laws of the British government obeyed. This time, as in many times past,
the trouble ls on the Indian frontier
where the AborB have become so defiant of British Influence that the time
for their quelling Is at band.   It will
.    I sive   anu   aruuuuo   ...,. 	
be recalled that lt was the Abors who made ln the heat of our eliriy jujs
murdered Noel Williamson, the Brit-' days  shows   jn   itse]f  tjle  meUle  ol
ish   political   officer  of   the  district,1 which he is made.   The tour took in
Dr.   Gregorson,  and   a  party   of   30 Alliston.  North   Adjala.   Schomberg
coolies last April.    The approach of Tottenham, Acton, and South Adjalu
the rainy season made it impractlca- These ara all outside the diocese ol
ble to despatch an expedition at that Peterboro, his lordship coming to thf
time, and it will  be October before help of the Toronto diocese, whicb al
the soldiers reach the district to be present has no one to officiate at con-
pacified.     The   expedition   will   con- Urination.    At South  Adjala a greal
sist of 2000 men, and promises to be welcome  awaited  the  bishop  lor  h��
one of tliose ugly  little affairs that had ministered there forty years be-
yield more death than glory to white lore, and the present incumbent, Rev
I Father Jeffcott, and tlie people, som*
I of  whom  still  remember   the  Fathei
troops. ,
Turbulent   Hillsmen. I
The Abors are a tribe of Tlbeto-
Burman origin, bavlng little race affinity with the people of India. They
Inhabit tbe hills along the Assam border, and have been wont at Intervals
to descend on the peace-loving plains
people and destroy their villages. So
great ls the terror they have inspired
that considerable tracts of very fertile land have had to be abandoned
because they were too near the fastnesses of. the Ahors. The latter
would not cultivate lt, and so it lies
fallow, Its only sign of a former civilization being the remains of many
villages once populated by Miris and
Assamese, who are now British subjects. It has long been a cause of
complaint with these people that the
British government did not sufficiently protect them from the Abors,
and there is reason  to believe that
ot  wnom sun  raunuvv.
O'Connor of other days, gave cordial
greeting to the old-time pastor. I
Though  born   in   Ireland,   Bishof
O'Connor has been nearly all his life
in Canada, and  may be said to be>
long to Toronto, as it was here fhal
most oi his life, until his ordination,
was  passed, and   in   the   diocese   oi
Toronto he spent   the   years   of   hi!
ministry  from   1861   until   May,  1889.
when  he was   consscrated   in  Peterboro Cathedral by  Archbishop Clearj
of   Kingston.    Archbishops   Fabre o!
Montreal,   and  Duhamel   oi Ottawa
being  assistant   bishops.    As one ol
the first pupils of St. Michael's College, and later a student at the Grand
Seminary,  Montreal, both   of   which
have a clientele which stretches oul
io all parts ot the continent, liiahoj
O'Connor ,is  extensively  known,  and
his   golden   jubilee   is   of   widespread
interest,    tn 'Barrie, Ont., where, ut
pastor   and   dean,  he   resded   for  s
because  It  would   cost   considerable   pasvoi   auu   u��    - ���
money to properly police the district number of years, he is especially re
the British government was too much membered.     When    Dean  O'Connoi
Inclined to overlook the turbulence of left the pretty northern town to tak��
the  Abors.    In   five   years,  however, upon  himself  the  burdens of episco-
Mr. Williamson, who is described as
a man of great ability and intrepid
courage, did much to bring order out
of chaos. His murder was a challenge tbat the government could not
The Frontier Treet.
The territory that is the seat of the
trouble  is   known  as   the   "Frontier
Tract," and consists of a trip of land
from 15  to 30  miles across and 100
miles* long, lying  between the  Brah-
maptura   river   and   the   Abor    hills.
The British have for some time claimed   that   this   land   was    under   tlieir
jurisdiction,  hut  the  Abors  have  denied the claim, and until the appearance   on  the   sc��ne   of   Mr.  Williamson claimed  ownership of the  whole
tract,    lf doinn something useful with
the land constitutes a claim to Its possession, the pretensions of the Ahors
must   be  disalowed.      It  has  always
been Inhabited by the Mills and the
Assamese,   who   tilled   the   soil   until
pal  office,  a  fine church  nnd churcl.
property,   free  of  debt,   and  efficient
schools amongst the best in the pro- j
vince, testified  to  his  werk.    He was
also  a  member of  the  High  School:
Board,   and    as   presiding    examiner, ;
wus very popular with the candidate* I
of all creeds who wrote at the exam-
inations ol those days.
A   portion  of   the    life   of    Bishop!
O'Connor  which  '.duces  him  in  the.
category ol those who have done good]
pioneer work ior Canada is the time'
spent   among    the   Indians,  many  ol |
whom  were   found    in   the   northern
part   ol    hi*   diocese   before   it   was
broken  on.  with  Bault Ste. Marie as
the    now    jurisdiction,    and    Bishop
Scollard  as   its   ecclesiastical   h^ad.
Summer trios to the far wilds lasting
weeks  and  gom times  months, were
for ii long time part of the Journeying*  of   Bishop   O'Connor.    Remote
from the hoise and hustle of city life
and   civilization,  he   made   many' a j
voyage    by   canoe   and    purine?,  the!
Assamese,   who   uneu   uie   ami   uu...    voyu8c    ....    v       ",  ���    j"      :,i���.i  i���
forced to abandon that part of it. near-   Indians who paddled and |idMU
. ...     ,    ..   .i.r.   ������.    :.,,.   I^lc   r**il\i   eoionnnions.      A   wail
est  to  the  hills  because  of  the marauders.    The rest of it they still occupy,   although   the  Abors   have   frequently  obliged  them  to pay tribute.
They  have  even  attempted  to  make
some of the English people in the district recognize their claims to the extent of paying taxes, and thereby purchasing Immunity from attack,
Blackmai'ed for Years.
A. J. Harrison, who lives in the district, and represents a company carrying on lumbering operations there,
says that on more than one occasion
he has heen visited by the Abor chiefs
who have demanded money from him,
and  though  he  refused, he writes to
the London  Times saying that other
business men in the district have not
got off so easily.    A hand   of Ahors
descends   and   demands  tribute,   and.
having  secured  it, makes off.    In  a
few weeks another hand will turn up,
and,   denouncing   the   claims    of   the
first comets, will demand taxes.   Ono
flrm had to submit to three of these
extortions   in   one   season.       Refusal
would  have  meant  attack,  and   business men llie world over would rather
yield   to   an   unjust  claim   that   does
not   involve   too   considerable  a   sum
than stand on rights which would be
moro  costly   to  assert.    So  this  aspect of blackmail has been going on
for years because the British government has felt that it. did not wish to
go to the expense of keeping a sufficient force in the district to control
the Abors.
Its complicity went even further,
for Mr. Harrison says that it has even
assisted the Abors to recover slaves
that escaped from them and sought
refuge with the Miris and Assamese.
The British people have such a hatred of slavery that we may be sura
the facts Mr. Harrison lays before
the readers of the London Times
have not heen known generally, otherwise we should have heard of mass
meetings calling for a quick inarch on
the Abors. Now that the expedlUon
is about to be undertaken, we can
only hope thut the work will he no
thoroughly done that it will not have.
to ge gone over again in the future.
ing   his  only   companions.    A   warm \
welcome always waited Ior the bishop
al   the  end   of  his  journey,  for  with I
his red children  he  whs as popular >
as was the "black robe" amongst tlie
Hurons ol Old, and  it was sometimes
with  regret  that  tho  return journey
was accomplished.
Looked  Like  Kubicle.
Boris Hambourg, the 'cello master
of the new Hambourg Conservatory,
bears a striking resemblance to Kube-
lik,   the   violinist,  who   toured   thi*
country some yeara ago, and in this
connection, he   tells ol   a lady   who
was introduced to him on the Bteara-]
cr going to Australia, where ha was i
to mak'' a tour.   Thia lady wns thei
wile   of    an    Austral an    m rehant
prince, very wealthy, and (she prided
herself on  the  facl I   v iry  musical.
"I'm .-') V dighl   I to u 1 you, dear
Mr. HamjSourg," she Bai I. "i n't t
extraordinary how much you resemble my friend, Mr   Kubicle!"
On   anoth -r   i asion,   Bor ;   was
taking a cab to play at a concert in
Queen's Hall, London, Ha; in ��� only
the exact f;ire a shill ni in h\-
pocket, li" han led it to tii" cabby
without remark, The lath i n ard
ed th ��� removal of the big 'ci llo ���;������ .<-.
llis Vehicle  witli   IODIC doubt,     1!"  if'
that   thro   ought   to   be   an   <xu..
charge,   for   li"   asked   sotto
"Nothin1     extra     f-,r     that
guv'norV"���Toronto Star.
Hon  James Young Started the Official
Record In the Commons.
Hon. James Young, of Ualt, is just;
completing a secoud and revised edi-|
tion oi his notable book, "Public Men
and Public Life in Canada."   The tir.-tj
edition ol  tiie work is considered by,
students oi our political mstory u> be
oi   unique  auu   exutioru.iiuiy  vaiue,I
and toe revised volume *U1 oring tut j
history up to l��'j(i, MUten s>.r v.i.ind,
Lauricr's urs; tiovernmtnt was loiin-1
ed. . j
.Mr. Young is one of the lew survi-'
vors ui tne uiu guard ot lUiorru far-
lianit'iitanans.   ne was  borti m bait
in i��35, uud his wife :s an cider listel
oi Air. Vv. K. Mc A aught oi iorpuio.j
He started to learu tne printing business   when  ne   was  sixteen,  und   at
eighteen was editor and publisher ol
iue  uait ueioiliicr.    tte  was elected
a member oi tne first Parliament ol
Canadu in Uie year of Coined .ration,
1867,   and   had    a   Parliamentary   cu-
retr oi   twenty   years���utteeu  ui   Uie
House of  Commons and live in tne
Ontario Legislature, representing botu
Soutn  Waterloo and  lire  aeigboortng
constituency of North Brant. In 188j
he became a member ol Oliver Mow-1
at's Cabinet,  auu served uicrein  lot |
several years.
Mr. Young, though few people know
it, was the or.giuatjr of hansard, tlie
official record of every word uttered
in the House oi Commons. For some
time alter Confederation no record
was kept of the proceedings. They
were reported in the newspapers,
twisted and colored greatly in tuose
days by party bias. Cases arose where
mucn contusion resulted from members being misquoted. The House was
in tne same position as the Provincial
Legislature ie now, and we know how
a hansard is occas.onally missed tliere
���in such cases, ior example, as the
Gamey incident, when newspaper reports were the records to go before
tne commission of inquiry. Mr. Young
sugg.-sted Hansard, a committee wu;
formed and otlicial records were
tnereby established.
Mr. Voung was a room-mate of the
Hon. Edward Blake and the late
David Mills at Ottawa during the sessions of the first Dominion house. He
was also a great friend of George
Brown, and oiten toured the province
with him, for he was one of the strong-1
est stump speakers of those flays. J
t     ifr. Young lias special qualifications
as a political historian, as he always
kept a diary o' Parliamentary events
&ndj&&3 familiar with all the leudinu
'politicians oi his time.   Even now h*.
��� oftm   writes   letters   to   the   Toronto
1 newspapers  commenting    on  current
polit.cal questions, with all which he
��� is closely  familiar.    And  when theM
\ letters appear he is deluged with correspondence    from    old-time   Liberals
who   remember  and   honor  his  Iona
service to party iuid country.
At the age of 70, Mr.  Voung is still
active in^msiness.   He is president al
the Gore Mutual Fire Insurance Co.,
cf Gait, and is regularly at Irs deal:
he is also a director ol the Confederation Life, and alniosi every Wednesday he goes to Toronto to attend the
weekly board meeting.    A man full ol
honors in his own town, where he was.
born and where he has always lived,
he  ha.s taken the deepest interest in
local,   as   well   as   national,   history.
His book, "Reminiscences of the Settlement of Gait and the Township of
j Dumfries," is one ol the too few valu-
1 able  records  we  have   of  early j.cal
history oi Ontario's most Interesting
Mr. Young's residence, Thornhill. nt
Gait, is a beautiful old home, sur-!
rounded by spacious lawns and gar-;
dens���a suitably comfortable and dig-
nifi id abode for one of our most honorable and earnest-minded pioneer nation-builders. Mr. Young has never
been an urgent office-seeker, but a
goixl many of his friends think he
should ere now have been honored by
the gift of a Senatorship���Star Weeljly
Edson's  Birthday.
Seven  months   ago   a  dozen   people
cleared   away   a   few   bushes  on   tbi
prairie and founded  the town of Edson.    Recently Edson,   which   squats
down in  the   coal    area   of  Alberta.
celebrated   that  event.    The  exuberant,   chubby   municipality    positively
could   not  wait  until  it   was  a   yeui
old  before   it let   loose   and   held  a
birthday   party.    The   shine   was    ol
big success, too,    Smith's band camo
down    from    Edmonton    and    made
things lively.    There   was   oratory-
Rev. George  Kenney,   the   only parson���and the first living man for that
matter���who ever footed it up Mount
Robson,  delivered   an  address.   Postmaster  Griggs  rivalled  him dn  chin
wind.    Broncho busting was .another
tip-too    incident    on    the    pr gram,
Football���yes,    there    was    football;
and  the  home  team  scored  a   whitewash.    By the   way,   they   seem   to
think highly of the gridiron gam' in
Edson.    The president  of the  Board
of Trade, who appi ara to be a hustler,
i bus   put  up  a  $100  cup  for  football
| competition.
The d-struction ol the howe By u ��� ptAAx
H,lty. Aim* e����y America Sute Bond oJ
Hcilt'n is carrying oo �� cnn.de igunrt bun.
Hi filthy origm and habiu and the l��ct thai
tii body i. generally l��l�� w*h d��e��"-P'����y"n��
����%�� him one ol the g���*e�� enece, ol
itw human lace.
II ihe housekeepers of dud. will uie
Fly Pads
patently, ihi. penl   �����*>  *���  ����������douJy
Newsboys    Riot.
Dublin,  Aug.   28.���The   worst  riot
since the Queen Victoria Juhilee die-1
turbances    occurred    here    Saturday
night.   It had no relation to the strike
but arose when newsboys attempted |
to prevent the distribution'of one of!
tbe evening papers and tried to hold j
up the delivery vans.   .A tremendous
crowd gathered, and when the pollce!
found that they were unable to get j
the men to move on they used their i
clubs.   The police were attacked, and
when quiet was resorted it was found |
that  about  thirty   police   and   more
than a hundred citizens  were badly
used  up.    The  hospitals ambulances
were kept busy.    Considerable damage to property was done.
Bad   Motor   Smash.
! Newcastle, Eng., Aug. 27.���Ten persons were killed and several otheis
Injured yesterday through the overturning of a motor car near Consett.
The car was In collision with a carriage.
/He Envy
W ofher
is the woman whose kitchen shines with a handsome, roomy range���whote
faee beams with the satisfaction afiorded by a perfect cooking equipment.
For every woman wants e good stove.   Whether she docs her own
cooking or not, she '   *'" "
are prepared on it,
having the best,
satisfies that pride;
bor's envy. Gurney-
ranges carry every
convenience, econ
eats the meals tbat
and feels a pride in
justifies tbe neigh-
Oxford stoves and
known feature of
Omv  end   control
���. ,  ������ *** j   ���
with some new points ol excellence that are exclusive.
First oi all is tha lever that holds. No danger of the fire going out
between meals. The Oxford Economizer will hold the heat at a low ebb
till you want it [ then turn the handle, and your Move is hot in a jiffy.
Besides this saving ol time and worry it saves ia fuel to tbe actual extent
oi one ton in six.
THE DIVIDED FLUB STRIP is the envy ol all women who bake.
It guides the heat equally along sides, back and front of the oven.
Let us demonstrate these and other strong advantagei of the Gurney-
Oxford line. Wa have stoves for every purpose, every fuel, and a variety
of prieei.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.
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not receive The Daily News every morning, and throughout the district our mailing list is in the thousands.
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Restored to Natural Color
My hair was as white as snow when I commenced using
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy. One ^ ���
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70 years old, I consider the result most remarkable. It.is on
agreeable and refreshing hair dressing, keeping the W��r son
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iKair Tonic and Oressingl
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S at*** *r*"*tP "*
Second Shortest Parlinment.
Th" I>iirliniii"iit dliaolved recently
was the nth in the history <if the
Dominion, and wai elected on Oct.
2Gtli, mos. lt hat, therefore, been
less than three yean In bession, the
shortest or. record ' xcvot tho fecond,
which opened an March 5, \��":i, and
was dissolved on Jan. '2. 1^74. Th>'
lal ��� Parliament opened on Jan. 2fl,
looo, the position of parttes being K!7
India Suffers From Drouciht.
Calfutta, Aug. 28.���Practically hrlf
of India i.s suffering from drought.
r��j!iR are witherine in the r'nitPd
Provinces, Central Provinces and the
Punjab, while rain is uigeutl wanted ln Rajputana, Kathlawar. Gujerat
and Sin'. The monsoin conl innes
to be fitful, and the pn*omw>'nf o'
India will take the ordinary famine iati-r
measures if the situation   continues.
Kl Conservatives, 2 Independents and i Labor, Three constituencies were vacant and Sir Wilfrid Lmrit-r represented two constituencies. At its dissolution the position wns: Government, 133; Opposition H3
The Oldest Masun.
Mr S. ii. Dolson, St. Catharines,
Ont., is probably the oldest Mason Ln
i intario. He join I St. t li org ���'���- lo Ige,
St. Catharines, in i~.v^. Also Union
Lodge, I.O.O.F., in the same year He
is probably the oldest Oddfellow also.
He ��H.s born In Lewiston, New York,
83 yurs ago, but came in St. Catharines with hi* parents h year '>r two
and lias Uved there ever since.
Deceptive Appearances,
Wherever he has gone, the private
secretary  to  Hon.   Geo.   P.   Graham,
Canada's   Minister   of   Railways   and
Canals,  has   always  appeared   iu  im-
maculate dress.
When Mr. Graham and his secre-
tary were in London, England, some
time ago the secretary wore the conventional dress of London���frock c^at
and silk hat. Mr. Graham worn, a
toft grey hat and tweed suit.
In the corridor of Die Cecil Hote�� .
couple of men at a distance noticed
the Minister and bis secretary.
"Who is that man over there/' asked one of the other men.
"That's Hon. George P. Graham,
Minister of Railways in Canada," was
the  answer.
"Oh,  I know him," said tri" que>
1 tioner, "but who is that man with the
slouch hat who is talking to him?"
Canadian  Canal  Traffic.
Traffic returns of Canadian canals
up to .lune .'tilth, this year, totalled
14,019.286, which is an increase Ol
3/337,347 tons over the same jn-riod
last year. The figures show that the
Soo Canal provided 3,508,109 tons ol
the increase.
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A XTjfaM
-.. lMi***B*U!r -fXiA.-l- r   TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1*11.
A competitive examination wlll *>e
lie Id in November next at the examination centres of the Civil Service
Commission for the entry of Naval
Cadets for the Naval Service of Canada: tliere will be 25 vacancies.
Candidates must be between the
.ages of 14 and Ki yeara on the 1st of
January next; must be British sub
jects and must liave resided, or their
parents must have resided in Canada
for two years Immediately preceding
the examination; short periods of
absence abroad for purpose of education to be considered as residence.
Successful candidates will Join the
Jloyal Naval College at Halifax ln
January next; the course at the Col
lege is two years and the cost to
parents, including board, lodging, uniform and all expenses, is approximately $400 for the first year and $250
lor the second year.
On passing out of College Cadets
will be rated Midshipmen, and wlll
receive pay at the rate of $2 per diem.
Parents of Intending candidates
should make application to the Secretary Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, before 15th October next.
Further information can be obtained
on application to the Secretary, De-
pari ment of Naval Service, Ottawa.
Unauthorized publication of thla
notice will not be paid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service.
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, August lst, 1911.
Tax demands for 1911 taxes have
been Issued. Any person who has not
received the tax demand should apply
to the assessor at once, as the reljate
period expires on August 31st inst.
H. D. CURTIS, Assessor.
Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B. C,
August 3rd, 1911.
Today; the finest shipment
of Woolens, direct from
Peebles, Scotland.
Your Inspection Invited.
J. N. Alchlson, Tailor
for sewer connections
'Phone R672
Tenders for Terminal Station Quebec
Sealed tenders, addressed to
undersigned, and marked on the en
velope "Tender for Terminal Station
Quebec" will be received at the offic
of the Commissioners of tbe Trans
continental Kailway at Ottawa, Ont.
until 12 o'clock noon of the 31st
August proximo, for the construction
and erection complete, ln accordance
with the plans and specifications ot
the Commissioners, of terminal station in the City of Quebec.
Plans and specifications may be
seen, and full Information obtained,
at tbe office of Mr. Gordon Grant,
Chief Engineer, Ottawa, Ont., and of
Mr. A. E. Doucet, District Engineer,
Quebec, P. Q.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on tbe printed forms supplied
by the commissioners.
Each tender must be signed and
sealed by all the parties to the tender, and witnessed, and be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a
.-bartered Bank of the Dominion of
Canada, payable to the order of the
Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway, for the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).
The cheque deposited by the party
whose tender is accepted will be deposited to the credit of the Receiver
General of Canada as security for the
due and faithful performance of thi
contract according to its terms.
Cheques deposited by parties whese
tenders are rejected wlll be returned
within ten days after the signing of
the contract.
The right is reserved to object to
any or all tenders.
By order,
"The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental  Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, 29th July, 1911.
(Newspapers inserting this adver
tisement without authority from the
Commissioners  wlll  not be  paid for
fte  the  fractional   northwest quarter
of  section    T,  township    11     (121
acres), Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 antl 22, group
2, New Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7721F, issue!
-In the name of Colon    McLeod,    has
been filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expirtftlon of one month from
���the date of the first publication hereof, ln a dally newspaper published ln
the city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, un-
lesB in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New   Westminster, BiC, July 11, 1911.
Tenders for Driveway and Garbage
The corporation ls desirous of receiving tenders for driveway and garbage hoppers, to be constructed within the City of New Westminster.
Plans, specifications and any further
information to he obtained from the
office of the City Engineer.
Tenders to be addressed to the
undersigned and accompanied by a
check for five (5) per cent, of the
amount of tender, must be delivered
not later than 5 o'clock, August 28,
W. A. DUNCAN, City C'erk.
Dated this 18th day of August. 1911.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  $6,200,000
Reserve      6,900,000
The Bank haa 175 branches,
extending ln Canada from tbe
Atlantic to tbe Paciflc; ln Cuba,
throughout tbe Island, also ln
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities ln tbe World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Weetmlneter Branch,
New York, Aug. 28.���Come with
me for a walk through the remains of
of the famed city of the Ephesians,
says Frank G. Carpenter, the noted
writer  on  travel.    We  shall  wander
wind our way ln and out tbrough the
hills, and Anally come to a little sta
tion where we get horsea which carry
us over the valley to Epheaua.
The site of the temple is surrounded by hills. It is ln the valley not far
above the level of the Medltei ranean,
which we can see shining ln the sun
not more than flve miles away. History says lt was swampy and that the
great structure was erected upon columns. This statement la borne out
by the present.
The excavation made In removing
the ruins is now filled with water.
It is a mud puddle or mlnature lake
filled with broken pillars and capitals
lying half in and half out of the
water. W stand on the banks beBide
fluted columns of snow-white marble;
and see broken marble everywhere,
Remarkable   Theatre.
Now let us take horses and ride on
Rare HUium
and Cttar"
By Hgnce 6. Brogan
Copyright by American Presi Association, 1SLL
over the site of the awtat temple of  ,,, ��� ���,.��� ..������ ,,���
Diana, tramp the ground where St. - down the valley""^" visit the" theatre.
John was living when he wrote his This has been so uncovered by the
gospel and stand in the marble mar-: Austrians that we can sit on the market where St. Paul preached. There ble benches and look at the stage
la also a tradition that the mother of which once held the actors of the
our Lord was burled here, and that chief playhouse of Asia,
here lies the dust of St. Timothy.      I    Thlnk of a theatre which would seat{
The Ephesus of the past has been  30,000! We have nothing like that in
recently brought to the light of the the United States, and there la none;
present   by  the excavations   of  the that I know of in any part of the
Austrians.   They are among the great world.   The wigwams or our national I
historical  explorers  of  the  day.    I conventions, thrown up for the time,'
have told you what they are doing ln  have accommodated that  many, but i
the Holy Land, and especially on the this   great   open-air   structure   was
site of old Jericho.   They .are also en- built largely of marble and altogether
gaged in  digging  up  the   ruins   of 0f stone.
other cities in Asia, and bere at Eph- i measured the outline of the stage.
esus they have recently uncovered ft was about eighteen feet wide and
the site of the temple of Diana and B|x or seven feet high. There are long
have opened up a theatre which had underground passages leading to it,
seats for 30,000 persons. | and it had  eight two-storied rooms
Chief Roman City of Aala. which were probably used aa dressing
They have been excavating the rooms by the actore. I walked through
great marble docks which led Into the pit, which now ia filled with mar-
the city, and have done much to show ble columns and blocks of marble
us what this great commercial center beautifully carved, and then climbed
of 2000 years ago must have been in up the seats from tier to tier, sitting
the height of its glory. i ��j0wn now  and  then  and  trying  to
But flrst let me tell you something imagine the audience and the acting
of the Ephesus of the days of St. as going on upon the marble atage
Paul.    It lay here on the coast   of  far below.
Asia Minor, just opposite Greece, and Marble  Enough for Capitol.
In what was almost the center of the |    Leaving the theatre, having Ued my
Notice Of Removal
I have moved my real estate and
Insurance office trom 744 Columbia
atreet to rooms 16 and 17 Westminster Trust block, entrance on Lorne
etreet at the rear of Ryall's drug
store, and wlll be pleased to meet my
friends and patrons there.
^pr B.C. Coast Service
10:00 a.m Dally, except Tuesday
1:00 p.m    Dally
For Seattle.
10:08 a.m  Dally
11:00 p.m  Dally
For Nanaimo.
2:00 p.m  D*0X
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m  Tuesdays
9:00 a.m.  ..Thursdays and Saturday*
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 p.m Aug. 12, 19, 22, 29
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
SS. P. Beatrice ..Aug. 17, Sept. 5, 20
For Hardy Bay and Rivers Inlet.
8:30 a.m  Wednesdays
Gulf Islands.
Leave Vancouver 8 a.m. Fridays.
Upper Fraser River Route.
Leave Westminster 8:00 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
Leave   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tuesday,   Thursday,  Saturday.
For other sailings and lates apply
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
��� IN ���
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly.   ::
Business  Accounts   opened
on favorable terms.
ASSETS  $4P,0C0.000
then known world. It wt\g tbe chief
Roman clty of Asia. It Kid a population of a million or more and waa
famous for Its learning, art, and beautiful buildings. lt was far above
Smyrna, which was founded before
it, and ln which lt is aald the poet
Homer waB born.
Ephesus dates back for a thousand
years before Chi 1st. Some say it was
started by the Amazons, but we know
that It waa largely built by the
Greeks, who came from tbe Ionic is
lands over the way. lt waa a great
city ln the days of Croesus, who besieged the town 540 B. C, and later
was so famous that Alexander the
Great wanted to change its name
for his own.
Among the greatest wonders of
Ephesus was its temple to Diana, its
favorite goddess. People from every
where came here to worship her, and
her temple was considered one of the
seven wonders of the world. It covered more than two acres, and Its
mighty.roof was upheld by 127 marble columna, eacb as high aa a six-
story house. The worship of the god-1
dees was so famous that a business
grew up ln making statues of her and great gymnasium
portable shrines which could be carried away by tourieta anl pilgrims.
Athletic games were also connected
with the worship, and the month of
May was sacred to her.
Site of Temple of Diana.
But come, let us have a look at the
site of that temple today. We have
taken a special car at Smyrna and
have been carried by a little French
locomotive over the railroad to the
station of Ayasluk, which is forty-
eight miles across count^-. We have
gone through a land" of vinegards
and olives, where baggy-trousered
peasants are pruning the vines and
working the fields. They dig about
the trees with three-tined hoes, and
till their crops with donkeys and bullocks. The plows are one-handled
and about the same as those used in
ancient days. We go over the plains
which must have fed the Ephesians,
horse to a bush, I strolled about
through the wide streets of marble,
which have been partly uncovered
and made photographs of bits of the
There is enough marble here to
build a structure equal to our national
capitol at Washington, and this Is
mixed with mosaic and the broken
statues ol the palaces of the past
There are pieces of friezes, columns,
and capitals lying our ln the open;
there are torsos of statues, the heads
and feet of which have been broken
off and carried away; and also exquisite ' carvings which would toe
treasures to any museum.
Here lies a piece of marble drapery,
the remains of a goddess; there the
broken-up limb of an athlete, and
farther on an exquisite bit from the
front of the temple.
Among the ruins are the remains of
stores, houses and markets. I climbed over marble blocks along the
street which led to the ship canal,
and stood among shattered columns
ln what was once the stock exchange
and wool market. In one place is an
artificial terrace on which stood the
Bettie came singing down the garden
path. A broad brimmed hat shaded
ber pretty face, and she carried a
small trowel; therefore lt was evident
that thla sunshiny morning waa to be
devoted to tbe cause of gardening.
She choee to begin ber labor ln a plot
of ground close to the hedge and, after digging vigorous for a few moments, paused to contemplate a package of small envelopes whereon gorgeous roses were pictured ln profusion. A frown wrinkled ber forehead
as sbe read tbe puzzling directions,
and sbe decided to seek information on
tbe subject by Inspecting tbe flowers
upon the opposite side of the hedge.
It waa tbis adjoining garden with Its
riot of bloom which bad inspired Bet-
tie with tbe desire to Imitate. Sbe
stood on tiptoe and peered over tbe
hedge, but instead of tbe roses sbe expected to see Bettie found herself looking directly into a pair ot surprised
brown eyes.
"1���1 beg your pardon," abe stammered ln confusion. "1 am going to
plant some roses," sbe explained, "and
1 wanted to know bow far apart to
aet tbem."
"1 could ahow you In a moment" the
young man with tbe brown eyes suggested, but Bettie drew back hurriedly.
"Thank you, I can manage very nicely now," abe replied.
"Thla place bas been neglected so
long." be said presently, "that my
mother is delighted at the prospect of
having new neighbors. If we can be
of any assistance ln any way Just let
and ln another is
a market place 200 feet long, surrounded by a portico, back ot which
were halls ln which the marketmen
stood. In the mosaic floors of these
halls thirteen different kinds of various colors were employed in the structure.
Brownsville.   Tex.,  Aug.   28.���News
has reached here that Juan Morales,
I a Spanish farmer living seven miles
j out of town, with a jackVjnlfe killed a
j mountain  lion which had killed one
! of his children in their home, bound
! up his arm which the lion had laeer-
1 ated and  crushed  in  the  flght, and
' walked into town, where surgeons say
he must sacrifice his arm.
|    Morales'   three-year-old   boy,  thinking the lion was a dog, called It Into
the house and started to pet it, when
the animal attacked the children.
Their screams brought the father
from his flelds, but the babe which
had attempted to pet the beast had
615 Columbia 8treet.
NEW   WESTMINSTER   LAND   DISTRICT.���District of New Westminster.���Take    notice    that   I,    James
Charles Wood, of    North Vancouver, ,.���,,,       ,,      , ,
occupation merchant, intend to apply   been kl led before Morales arrive 1
,      , a. .a.      r    ll~.��.   '        -TY,ra   linn    Inclnnllv    left   Ita    r��r*.v   n
for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at
a post planted about three miles
north of T. L. 916 on the west shore
of  Haslam    lake,    thence    west    80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence  to death after ^desperate battle
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and oon-
talnlng 040 acres more or less.
O'Gerle,  Agent.
Dated June fith. 1911.-
The lion instantly left its prey an 1
in its first leap caught Morales' right
arm In Its jaws and crushed it. He
worked his left arm free, however,
and succeeded In stabbing the beast
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, Mabel Lucy
Paige, of New Westminster, occupation, married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
tollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about two miles north of T. L. 916 ou
the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence west 80 chains, thencesouth
SO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 89 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Date June 6. 1911.
Huge  Ransom   Paid.
Salonika. Turkey, Aug. 28.���Dr. Edmund Rlchter, the noted geographical scientist, held by Greeks for a ransom of $226,000, has heen turned ove-
to a rescue party sent out with ransom money. Dr. Rlchter was captured when mapping Mount Olimpus
on the frontier of Turkey and Greece.
His captors were members of a so-
called Greek National society, and
the money will go into the treasury
of that organization.
Makes Hair Grow.
Ryall has an invigorator that will
grow hair or money back.
The time to take care of your hair
is when you have hair to take care of.
If your hair is getting thin, gradually falling out. it cannot be long before the spot appears.
The greatest remedy to stop the
hair from falling is SALVIA, the
Great American Hair    Grower,    first
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, James
Fergus O'Connor Wood,' of North Vancouver, occupation merchant. Intend j discovered in England. SALVIA furn
to apply for permlaslon to purchase ishes nourishment to the hair roots
the following described lands: I an I acts  so quickly that people are
Commencing    at    a   post   planted amazed,
about three miles north of T. L. 916,    And   remember,   it   destroys   the
on the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence north 80 chains, tbence west
oo chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
' Dandruff germ, the little pest that
saps the life that should go to the
hair from the roots.
SALVIA is sold by Ryall under   a
positive  guarantee to cure Dandruff,
I stop Falling Hair and Itching Scalp
JAMES FERGUS O'CONNOR WOOD, In ten days, or money back.   A large
O'Gerle,  Agent, bottle costs 50c. The word "SALVIA"
Date June 6, 1911. (Latin for sage) is on every bottle,
*   ran onotjCHTSo norma ov a nan.
ns know. Botany la a fascinating
Btndy." the young man continued "1
took it up at college."
"How lovely It is to know all about
flowers!" she said. "It IS your knowledge, no doubt, which baa made this
garden such a success."
"Ob, no, no!" her neighbor answered modestly. "Mother has some skill
ln that line. We have a number of
rare plants, however, hard to match
���that shaded lily, for Instance."
"It is beautiful." the girl said softly.
"I should be pleased to have you accept a few very rare seeds," he said.
"We have not many left."
He was gone before Bettie could refuse or accept his offer and, returning, placed a small package in her
"Betsle!" called a voice. "Oh, you
Her young brother stood in the doorway. A stubby pljie hung from the
corner of his good natured mouth.
She nodded a smiling farewell to the
obliging neighMr nnd turned toward
the house. The boy grinned as she approached.
"Who's 'it' this time. Betts?" he
aRked, with brotherly frankness. His
sister ignored the hidden meaning iu
the remark.
"Oh, Tommie." she answered enthusiastically, "that Is Mr. White, our
new neighbor, a botanist, and he Is so
kind! He has gtveu uie these rare
seeds to plant, und we shall have
beautiful flowpra when they grow."
"There's another kind of young man
out in front with nu nuto." Tommie
Interrupted.    "That's why I culled."
It was not until lhe following morning, when Mlss Bettie again tied the
blue ribbons of her hut. that she remembered those precious seeds. Where
had she Wt tbem? That was lhe
question. A thorough search of porch
and cupboards failed to reveal their
hidlug place.
"Mebhe I t'rowed 'em out." the cook
said calmly.   "I don't know."
"They're gone," she wailed to her
brother, "the seeds that Mr. White
prizes so highly, and he Is coming
over this very morning to show me
where lo place them. How can I confess to such carelessness?"
"Don't confess," her brother replied
"But." she began nnd pointed to the
empty flowerpot. In a moment Tom
had seized It and wus rapidly filling
the red receptacle with rich brown
"There," he announced triumphantly,
"we will allow the botanist to believe
his rnre seeds nre at this moment reposing therein, and b��fore the sprout-
I*   - ' *9St'\iii.--...
Ing season arrive* I myself will planl
some oats."
"I am going lo place It ln a sheltered
corner, yet not quite out of reach of
the son."
Sbe hud barely arrived at the designated spot when a cheery voice called:
"Good morning! And bow does your
garden grow?"
"Mostly In my imagination at pre*.
ept," Bettie responded, and ber cheeks
flamed unaccountably.
With a ruunlng leap Mr. White vaulted the dividing hedge. "Used to do
stunts like that at college," he explained with pardonable pride. -Must
came over to superintend tbe phclug
of tbe plant. Yes, that's a good corner. Bnt wait a minute. These delicate things need lhe greatest protection untll tbey are fairly started. After thnt everything goes easy. Now,
we had better put this large Jar over
as a cover for a time, and wueu the
flrst green sproula appear I hope yoa
wlll let me do the transplanting."
"Ob. yes. Indeed: certainly." Bettie
hastily agreed "And bave you left
college recently. Mr. White?"
Gardening was forgotten aa the student leaned back comfortably upon
a rustic bench, while the girl, swinging
to and fro In ber hammock, listened to
many tales of those same college daya.
Settle's eyea met those of her com*
panlon unbelievingly aa the noon whistles blew.	
"Surely It cannot be co later abe exclaimed.
And ibe young man did not "return
bome by Ihe way of the hedge. In-
stead be walked slowly at Bettiea slda
te tbe very door.
"May I come again tomorrow?" he
entreated. "I would like to bave a
look at-the plant"
Tbe botanical student paid regular
visits eacb morning, coming via tba
cedar hedge. The earth In one particular flowerpot whs kept soft and
moist Its cover waa raised to admit
the sunlight or fitted down as occa>
alon demanded. Bettie 'jecaioe a hardened elnner and demurely helped at
these proceedings, while tbe oats flour*
ished under this udwjI care. Aa tbe
student examined toe first green
sprouts Bettie fancied tbat a troubled
expression flitted across his face.
"Do tbey���er���alwaya look like that?"
she asked nervously.
"This may be a different species. No
doubt tbey will come up all right" ba
slowly replied. And aa the days passed something more wonderful than
the rarest plant came to life in tbis
budding garden. The morning hours
slipped by all too quickly for these
two happy young people, so they
would drive together later in the day
or alt long upon tbe southern porch tn
tbe moonlight It waa bere tbat Tommie found bis sister one evening ufter
their faithful neighbor had departed.
"I think." she said dreamily, "(bat
the handsomest eyes in tbe world are
dark and brown aod tender."
"So tbe girls tell me." her brother
answered complacently.   Bettie algbed.
"I waa apamtltrtr ot Robert'* ere*,"
sbe aald.
Tommie eernftnteed his sister's glowing face. "Robert!" be repeated.
"Jove, 1 do believe tbat Betta ia hit at
Bhe turned from him Indignantly
and entered the bouse. From an upper window abe could see the brightly lighted end of a cigar showing like
a firefly ln tbe adjoining garden. Bet-
tie's anxious gaze followed this spark
as it moved about Would be never go
ln? Sbe must do it tonight���must destroy this rapidly sprouting evidence
before ber botapist lover should learn
of her deceit
One by one the lights In neighboring
houses disappeared. Silence and darkness brooded everywhere. At Inst that
tantalizing spark could be seen no
more. As tbe loud closing of a door
vibrated tbrough the stillness Bettie
arose and felt her way stealthily down
tbe stair and out into tbe sleeping garden. She followed the narrow path,
trembling at every sound, then drew
back In sudden horror, for the moon,
bursting from behind n cloud, distinctly revealed the crouching figure of a
man. Even as she watched him, fascinated, he raised Ihe prized flowerpot
high in his hand and cast tt far from
him. At Bettie* startled cry he turned quickly, nnd her frightened eyes
looked straight into those o? her lover.
"You!" he exclaimed, aghast.
"Robert." the girl asked wondering-
ly, "what nre you doing here?"
The man spoke desperately:
"I mny as well confess. 1 iitole Into
your garden tonight wilh the deliberate intention of destroying that rare
plant whicb we hnve both been at lending for weeks, i'ou see, It wns uli up
with me. Bettie, from the moment you
looked into my eyes, nnd in my eagerness to become acquainted with you I
invented the first clumsy excuse which
occurred to rae. Truth Is I uever wn*
strong on botany, so 1 searched the
labeled jars ou my mother's seed shelf
thnt day, choosing for my purpose the
ones thnt looked good to me. Then
when I learned the real name of this
thing we have been lavishing so much,
care upon���well. I simply Iind to get tt
out of the way before you found out"
The girl's lips were twitching.
"Robert." she demanded, "tell me the
name of this plant"
He laughed shortly. "The allium (A.
cepal��� that ts. onion seed." he snld.
Bettie laughed until the tears glistened upon her lashes.
"Robert," she said severely. "It lo
very wrong to deceive even about a��
small a matter as garden seed, but yon
hare my full forgiveness, for 1 love
you and under Uke circumstances���
who can tell?���I might have bee��
tempted to do the same."
And a short time later a muffled vole*
"In our garden. Robert, dear, w*
shall grow nothing bat blooming
planta." / f    l*'*-*** *!*****
TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1��1t.
We sell
Simonds' Cross-cut and
One Man Saws
Peavies, Cant Hooks.
Steel Snatch Blochs
Chain, Wire Rope,
Axes, Wedges, and
all Logging Supplies
City News
Mrs. Robert Pybus, of Ladner, wa3
a visitor in town yesterday.
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you are a man of parts, you
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Carnegie library, are open each day
\V. J. Castleman, of Chilliwack, was  an(j evening.   Everybody cordially in-
a visitor in the city yesterday. vited. **
Councillor II. D. Benson, of Delta. J    The steamer Transfer will make the
was in the city yester lay on business   trlp t0 steVeston and return on Sun-
,    r*      ii    i,-.rjiii    ���f'dav afternoons   during   the   fishing
Wilfrid and    Oswall  -^ardill     of,     ��� B. C. Electric
Nanaimo,  will  visit fiends in    thu, wharf ��t 3 o'clock.   Round trip every
city for a few days. (Saturday,   leaving   B.-K.    wharf at 2
George CaBsady. of lhe B. C. Pack- j o'clock. '*
ers' association, is expected home'
this week. He has been on a business trip to Chicago.
A charge of oslag .threatening
language against his wife wlll be preferred at the city police court this
morning against William Stimson.
The parties reside at a well kuown
hotel in town.
A report will be brought up by the
parks committee on the application
ot J. W. Rushton for a further grunt
in aid of the Westminster city band
for more open air concerts this season.
The city council has decide! to
continue the experiments with
Asphaltlc oil, the result on Eighth
street having been satisfactory. It Is
now proposed to treat Third avenue
in a similar manner.
A Liberal rally will be held tonight
ln the campaign headquarters, Hard-
man hall. McKenzie street, over the
News office. The meeting is called
for eight o'clock. Short addresses
will be made by local men, anil pos
sibly one or two speakers from Vancouver. Some Important organization
work will be done at the close of the
meeting. All are cordially invited to
be present.
On Monday evening the B. Y. P. U.
of    the    Sapperton    Baptist    church1
held  an  instructive  and    interesting,
literary evening.    A fine program, in-j
eluding many selections of prose and
poetry, was rendered, and a crowded
house   rewarded   the   efforts   of   the
committee.    Among  the  numbers of
special interest were a reading by the
pastor,  O.   ti.  Anderson,  and  recitations by Misses Ruby    Sipprell    and
Laura Hodge.
A meeting of a committee   of
Westminster    Automobile    club
held    yesterday    evening
Kerr's office,  when  the con
which will be submitted for adoption
at the next meeting of the club, was
carefully gone over and a numher of i *�����%��-* 1   f>W pis;
alterations made in the wording of Dl ]W\* AnH f I K.AIN
some of the important clauses. The XU***-�� allU V*l-*-r*n
constitutions of the Vanoouver, .Seat- T  �� tt\ttjPV
tie.   Portland   and   other  auto     clubs I LiAUViUtil
have been  taken as a  basis for that s\-ri      ATT       TTTMTl^
of the Westminster association. yjc     AL,iJ     rviixL/o
*^ nznaz
Beautiful New Scrims
Laundry and Toilet
I We consider this the most fascinating showing of Curtain Scrims ever shown hereabouts, every piece being worthy of special
mention; such pretty color combinations
and pattern effects. Patterns so distinctive
will add much to the beautifying of a home,
and what housewife does not want something a little different ?
These Scrims are entirely new patterns; latest
productions of English and American art.
Prices Marked to Save You Money
Forty inch Scrims, in fancy pattern effects, shades of ecru and ereum; neat designs   and    pretty   color
combinations.   Price, per yard 25c
For inch Scrims, shades of eer l and white with plain centre and fancy bordered  design;   excellent showing of new effects.    Price, per yard    35c
Pretty new Scrims ln shades of blue, green, tan, ecru; all-over pattern effects; 40 Inches wide.   Price, per
yard   *^c
Extra fine grade Scrim In shades of tan and white; plain centre with neat    bordered    effects;    width    40
inches.    Price, per yard   *5c
A large shipment
of Toilet Soaps just
in. Prices are very
;lub    was | . 1 xl
JtiiiPopular   and   the
soaps are
New Colonial Draperies
Just opened a shipment of these new draperies. We have shown many pretty patterns In the past, but
nothing lust quite so nice as these. If you would like to make the home beautiful with new cushion*,
curtains, furniture coverings, etc., this showing offers colorings to blend with uny room. The prices are
such that none cannot afford.   See these new draperies, they are sure to please.    Width 3ti inches.
Priced From 20c. to 40c. per yard
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71:   Res. 72..
New    Westminster.    B   C.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214  Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
The formation of a provincial deer
preserve has  been  begun  under    the
supervision    ot    Game    Warden      A.
nryan-Wllllama in the forest one mile
to the north of ttie new aBylum build
insis at Mount Coquitlam.    A force ot
men is now engaged in the erection of
a fence nine feet in height, to encloso
about forty acres.    The only interfer
<*nc*> with  the primeval conditions is
In thp clearance of a pathway through
the sanctuary for tbe deer.    K is here
that tli.': first emigrant Scottish deer
will    tie    installed    on their    arrival
C. B. Deans attended Che fourth annual convention of the Retail ���Merchants' Association of li. C, whicn
commenced at the Orange hall, Vancouver, yesterday. After the morning
session an auto lour of the city and
Stanley park was made "by tis members. At tbe evening session apaper
was read by J. Malkin on "The Relation of the Manufacturer, the Wholesaler and the Retailer," after whic'i
Mr. Deans was called upon to address
the assembly. The session which
closes today was attended by tho leading wholesale nnd retail merchants of
B. ('.. with Important guests from
Lethbridge and Seattle.
George Bishop, of the editorial
staff of the Tacoma Xews, Washington, accompanied by .Mrs. Bishop,
paid a lengthy visit to this city yesterday and met many of the leading
citizens. Mr. Bishop, who is a keen
investor, and otic who knows well
the values and pcssiliiliti.'s of land,
informed a Daily News reiirosentativ.';
that he had been in a dilemma as to
whether he would sink a small parcel
of gold In this part of the continent,
or give it. a run in San Dicp,o. The
visit here determined him and instead of leaving for liis home town
today, he with Mrs. Bishop, Will mak.?
a return this afternoon and meet and
confer with those who yesterday put
up sound arguments for the American's patronage in this city.
at  Lowest   Prices.
Phone 92
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of September 5, 1911, for the construction
of a car barn in the City of New
Westminster. Alternate bids wUl ba
considered on reinforced concrete construction and wood frame with galzan-
Ized iron covering.
Plans and specifications may be
procured on application to the office
of Mr. \V. Bt. Hazlht, purchasing
agent,  Holden Block,  Vancouver.
Lowest  or  any  tender
sarily accepted.
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
���thereafter until 11 p.m. Sunday leaves at 6, 7, 8 a.m. aud
���every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island braneh. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. .connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every Tiour from 7
era. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
leave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9 a.m., 1:05, 4:05 and
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
��:10 p.m.
Tan   Removers
Greaseless Toilet Cream
and  other
Deaue Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster. B.C.
(848)���SIXTH STREET.. 1900 EACH
���Three fine cleared lots in orchard,
lane at rear. Price $'J00 each.
Terms can be arranged to suit.
Paris,    Aug.    28.���Parisians    have
found a new use for the Seine this
summer���they are bathing in It. Here-1
tofore they have only lished in it and
reproached it when it rose too high i
and caused loss and inconvenience.
Swimming baths have been install-
ed along the crowded water front, and :
from  early  in  the  morning  till  late
at night the heat suffering idlers may
be seen fighting for admission.    This'
has had the effect   of changing   the
whole aspect of the   Parisian water j
front.   It has wooed the French Isaac
Waltons from their "sport" and cast
gloom upon thousands, who, too lazy
to  flsh   themselves,  nevertheless  en-1
joyed  their  daily  buery   anent   the
luck of the fisherman.      (
(836���FIFTH STREET, $75B EACH���
Two lots on lhe widest street In the
city, Fifth street now being grided.
Many improvements under way in
Chls locality. Price $750 each.
Favorable terms can bs arranged.
(824)���NEAR QUEENS PARK, $12S8
���Fifty foot lot with lane at rear.
Terms (500 cash, balance to arrange.
(819)���PRINCESS STREET, $550
EACH���Two lots in new subdivision near site of new school;
this and other projected improvements will rapidly increase values.
Terms $250 cash, balance to arrange.
LOTS���Double corner, fins building]
si��e in a locality where choice corners are getting scarce. Pjlce tori
a short time $2,500; terra.-;, one-!
third cash.
(754)���TENTH AVENUE, $650 EACH |
���Two lots on Tenth avenue, handy
to tramline, many lots in immediate
distiict held at $800 to $1,000. For
a short time only $058 each, terms j
to arrange.
'+#�������������� +���#*�� ������������������������*�������� ������������������������������������������������������������*�����������
See our stock of
Sponges and Toilet Soaps
The best yet, both in quality and price.
 AT ��� ���	
Ry all's Drug Store \
SIXTH STREET $1,000���Full |ot
near car line. Terms, one-<iuarter
cash, balance spread over eighteen
SIXTH STREET���Fine lot with BO
feet, frontage, corner, good building
site. Price $1700; terms to arrange.
FJ.Hart&Co., Ltd
New Westminster
will leave Vancouver Sept. 2 for Powell River,
Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Namu, Bella
Bella, Swanson's Bay. Ocean Falls, Lowe Inlet,
Claxton, Port Essington, Prince Rupert and the
Naas.    Passengers and freight.
Sailing fro��n Johnson's Wharf at       1***Z   MIDNIGHT
FOR   PRINCE   RUPERT   AND 8TEWART Mondays and Thursdays
FOR VICTORIA AND 8EATTLE Tuesdays and Saturdays
Connecting at Prince Rupert with steamer for Port Simpson Kin-
eolith and the Queen Charlotte Islands; also with the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains east 100 miles.
One Way and Round-Trlp Excursion Tickets to All Points East Via
the Grand Trunk 8ystem Double Track Route.
Information cheerfully given.   No trouble to answer questions.
Harry G. Smith, G. P. ft T. A Phone Seymour 7100
L. V. Druce, Commercial Agent (Freight)  Phone Seymour 3060
1 "������ - - ���-����� "Alt' - ^Mrfr-^-s.'^ijjV, .a-.-l


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