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The Daily News Jul 29, 1911

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Undlsputably    the    Finest    and
Saftst   Bathing   Beach   In   B.   C.
��!)c IBatlg
08-8 AiBJcin ��A|iniH|3.)'i |
Our   Ten  Days  Special:    One  Hundred
Six     Engagements     Arranged���First
Concert on Thursday Evening
at Qussns Park.
EIGHT KILLED IN        ����� �����*�� *m
London, July 29.���Several cabinet
changes are anticipated as soon as
tbe veto bill ls passed. Lords Morley
and Crewe will retire and Viscount
Haldane, war secretary, and Mr. Blr-
Now that the city has arranged for
the usual grunt on behalf of the city
-��. i. -m*   .   ..   ' band, ln order that there may again
The first official dally report of the be open ttlr concerts ln the parks, the
salmon run on the Fraser river ls to conductor, J. W. Rushton, has been
hand and shows ln detail that the engaged on completing his arrange-
coming of the sc^eye    ha.    ���**-<�� BStfTfti*. a beg.,  -
a?   h��Ksi��v����!on   canneries  which  nln* *��� soon as Possible and concerts  'ell,   'r'��h   secretary,   are    also    ex-
.- ��������,��S ?iS wWch have made  ����"  * 8lve����   ����    Columbia   street,  Pectefl to relinquish their offices,
are operating, and which have made Sapperton     and I    The attorney general,    Sir    Rufus
urCJan/ofsoflshoVanave Moody    Square.     The   situation    at   I-aacs, may go to the  Upper House
.��   whiu  ih��   imwrill   boats toll- Albert  Crescent, where the concert,  as a law lord, and Right Hon. Wlns-
Wtlit M   wih a Xl of  1500   Tie "8ed t0 be held- '��� not ��f the beet,, ton S. Churchill, home secretary,    I.
Ph?wnfv'h��Ms    ave aLed    less   thu and ��wln8 to the t,e,t^ mating ao I "ated for the Irish secretaryship.
fh����� nr   ?he   Imwrhl    Across   thl commodatlon at Queens park the per       Lleut.-Colonel  Seely,  under    secre-
S?S* it CanoePass   the Brunsw ck finances for the centre of the Sty   tary for war, will receive that port-
se!-.sr.jysi, 'w.tBhr tss SFHthere ,nd,onMctmb!a ssurthe cab,net Tjaa
���,..,,.������., ���.,r i���.ni .street,  al  the corner of MacKenzie, anangea. _   ���^IJ.LB
average  pir  u<mi. k.i-pp. ____^
island    can-  street,
and    the    Terra      ,l will be necessary to get In two
Local Firm's Large Importation���Substantial Structures Increase Call
for Material.
Bangor, Maine, July 29.���Eight passengers were Instantly killed, and
fourteen reported seriously injured
by a head-on*- collision between an
excursion train and the midnight
train from Vanvuren to this city last
The engineers of eacb    train    are
Tbe Trader came ln from Victoria
yesterday with 1200 barrel, of cement for Gilley Brothers, shipped
direct from the old country. This
cement Is of the celebfa'el "K. B.
and S." brand, and was transferred
from the vessel which brought it out
to Victoria, to    this freight steamer.
The demand for cement shows the
wonderful growth of building opera-
All roads lead to Recreation park.
Vancouver, this afternoon, when til*
world's champions are duo to stack
up ngalnst the Vancouver all-star
twelve In the seventh match of tte
B. C. L. A. series.
A novel feature of the engagement
2T���blre'!.*ith *���������. ��?._-�� th-.SS.ta: trn^'clnleVS: ���>�� *��� "at a new centre player will
fireman of the excursion train.
Wreckage was piled high on the
track and all other trains are held
up at a distance.
Representative    Lulu
neries like  Ewen's  ,  , . .  -
Nova had low results, Ewen's getting  concerts a week If the number of en
gagements promised ls to
There wlll be twenty Instruments
In the band, and popular music will
be selected' A vocalist ls to be engaged to assist the bandsmen.
only 220 sockeyes on Thursday,
The Gulf of Georgia and St. Mungo
canneries have so far been without
the desired sockeyes, depending on
the springs.. Tbe Vancouver cannery
boats obtained 1600 on Thursday, the
largest of any cannery north ot the
boundary line. The boat average
was only 17, however,
On the American side the
obtained 5000 from six trans,	
purse   seiners  are  doing   very   little.  Thursdays
The surae applies to the Bellingham hoPea  Utffr other performances  may i
Certificate Examinatlone.
The results of the midsummer   examinations   for   teachers'   certificates
1200 barrels within a couple of days, ���^���1111111________________________________________________|
and still found the contractors asking be  Introduced  by  both   teams.    Pat
for more only this present week. The Feeney, who was shifted to this poet-
advent of a cement company at Sap- tlon  for  the  last- match  at  Queena
perton,  owing to  the  Fraser  Valley park, Is under the weather, and BUI
Tile and Cement company having al- Turnbull has been alloted to All tte
most   completed   their  building,   will breach.    In the opposing aggregation,
help the local supply. Billy WeBt, who   has   been   holding
As the tariff   ranges from   8c   to down'this same position on his team.
���H     On Eve of Dissolution.
Ottawa, July  29.���Conservative obstructions  to the  government's reel-  	
procity   resolutions   were   continued   LZ1, "m", "1 m^'"ZLL.^Vu*J!Z!? cement In British Columbia, particu-  Matheson taking up    the   duties
yesterday, but by a greatly reduced  l^ZfJ^J^^JZI&L  larly since the character of the bulll-  number seven.
throughout    British    Columbia    are  u%c        hundred ���<,���,_..���, there la a has wrenched his ankle, and will te
made  publlc,   the  arduous  duties  of fl w  f h    preparation    of out pf action this afternoon, Georga
the staff of examiner, having been JJ.__.___,-   .-...-���-��� --   -
The annual examination of candidates
remSiPr.��Viv����.��r^  ^f?yfnr for    certificate,    of qualification    to
the member,   have already   left   for ,___,���_,  ������  ��_,__   _,,.kii��� l��knni.    _�� *u_
their    reaoectlve     constituencies    to teach  ln the  pubUc  8choo,B    ot the
���,,  _               tnelr    respective     constituencies   to nrovlnce begftn on Juiy 3   ml   an4
The Columbia street concerts have' f^pare for the elec Ions.   All   indlca- "wag  he,d  Blmu,taneou8ly  ln  a num.
been fixed for August 5 and 19, and "ons point to the middle of next week ber of centreg throughout the prov.
and the four other concerts are two  *w'** l8B.u��n^��?   ?/J2r Si ��"^ ��'ce-   The success of Mis. Margaret
�� Anacorte. at Queens park, Sapperton and Moody  felons, ^lle tMp end ^of September gt          B A    UnlverBlt    0,  Toronto,
"ns  but the  B'"��a>e.    These wlll be on successive  ����� mentioned as the time of the actual prlnclpai oI the    Glr,B.  central
*"*���������*-���    If the weather holds lt is  elections.
seiners, however, tbey have got 900
from the salmon bank., 21 from l.um-
mi, and 46 from the gulf. Better returns are expected today and next
be arangred later.
Owing to the short light evening*,
lt would be well If the local baseball
magnates started tbe remaining scheduled league matches at six o'clock".
Tlie match of yesterday evening bad
��e *t% called off after the first of tho
fifth innings, as the light was not
sufficiently strong lo permit of the
fielders following the course of the
The Balmorals In the first innings
quickly jumped to the front, and sent
up three runs. Corbet who was pitch,
lng for the Alerts, could not find bis
true arm. and he was deposed In the
second. Despite the change the Bals
continued to make a great series of
plays, and although tbey did not score
again until the fourth, when they
added a couple, tbey experiences hard
lines when they bad the bags occupied, but could not manage to brln^
off that hit, which would have only
been right, nnd in keeping with their
gcnejfll good play.
The A'.ferts, who showed that even
In the bour of defeat, tbey were good
sportsmen, were only successful ln
scoring two singles, and thus lost out
by  three  runs.
The score by innings was:
Balmorals���3    0    0    2 ��� 5.
Alerts���0    0    1    1    0 ��� 2.
Balmorals���E. Sinclair, Stein, Morgan, Price, J. Smith. II. Ryall, Munn,
R. Smith, and Lewis.
Alerts���Robinson, Brown, Ball, Gay,
Welsh, Home, A. Sinclair, Selery,
und Corbet.
Preparing for Duke.
Quebec, July 27.���The government
is redecorating and recarpptlng tlie
. Legislative council chaml>er for the
first official reception ln Canada to
the Duke of Connaught. The last
time  lt  was  specially  decorated   was
for the official reception of the pres- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ent king and queen, when tbey land-  names are already  mentioned as
ed here to commence their tour of the
Dominion,   and   were   welcomed    by
Mayor  Parent.
Police Superintendent's Position.
Victoria, July 28.���It is announced
at the attorney general's office that
no appointment will be made to the
vacant office of superintendent of
provincial police, In succession to the
late F. S. Hussey. until Mr. Bowser
returns to the capital, the work at
headquarters being temporarily carried on now by Inspector Colin S.
Campbell and Constable Cox. Several
those from whom a selection will
later be made, anion-; them being Inspector Campbell, John Klrktip, of
Rossi and���and   Depiiln   Chtaf T JH
lng ls becoming permanent, with Tbe complete teams and tha
brick and cement in all business players' positions��� wlll be as follows:
blocks and publlc buildings In place Westminster. Vancouver,
of frame structures. | Goal.
___ _j Sandy Gray    Bun Clarke
The success of Mis. Margaret ALL  STAR BOY8 FOR I Tnmm_ num.* P��lnt' h.���, nri��;��i,-
THE BLAINE TRIP TOMORROW |Tommy QW��^ver point        0rWltte
i    _ ,.~ _.      .      ...  Jimmy Gifford  Toots Clarkson
!    Tomorrow afternoon   tbe   baseball First Defence
 ;  : match between the B.C. All-Star. and Joh        Howard   ... .Harry Pickerlnjs
King George May Come. j Blaine   Wh te     Sox     club   for   the, Second Defence.
,     .       , ���    ���o    J!.   \a,     .    a.       championship of  the  northwest  will  n,���.��� RAnniB v,ui.ou i-���
London, July 28.���The Birmingham  ho ������,���,_,,.,_..,(��� ���_,__ *���,���,��_.��__ ���itv ���* George Kennle .......... Mickey ion
���school, Is announced.
Dally    Post    today    announces  that
be contested in the American city at
Third Defence.
"-" . iu"    "EST.    ���"'""uul:c"  ����" Lincoln park, and as reduced fares of Tom Rpnnl ' "WHlVrv Cmitr***
there is a possibility of King George $1 06 wi��� be ln there ��� cer. Tom Rennie ...Harry G9dfrer
visiting Canada during the regime of ,Q,n ._ h. ., ,,.���, ..���_j._-_ ._ .__,. centre.
tho      U7,l,r.     rat     n ran .a * ��� ml, I      mm     ..7.  tain     '��     "*    S    la��*3    ��"��"<��'���'��    tO    TOOt WM|    Tlirtlhllll P^n^O    U��'h����.
the Duke of  Connaught as governor
general.    It will be remembered thnt
the Canadian Associated    Press    was
authorized to deny rumors or a visit
of the King fo Canada, after the Dur
bar  ceremonies   In   India.     It  ls  cer-,
tain, however,    that    the    Prince    of jfor__,,ii
for the Canadians.
Laurier Asked to Speak.
Montreal, July 28.���A deputation
from the Canadian Society of New
York en route for Ottawa to present
to Sir Wilfrid Laurier an invitation
to lie present at the annual dinner of
that institution on December 8, passed through this city today.    It Is ex-      _________________________________________________________________
pected  that  Piesident Taft and  Am-1 ,
bawsador   Bryce   will   be  present   on I '
that occasion.    The Canadian Society  Insurgent Movement Losing Ground���
tills spring had the honor to entertain
the  president   at  one  of  their   ban-
Palmer, of the Victoria city force.
Wale, and Prince^AIbert, second son, Map}b ^^ <3M b). chockley,
will come to Canada and will probably Mw>h> Lea(8< (lBt. b.); Trapmaln.
nrnltt It tht Sm* **������ ia* tour ot the Mainlands,' (s.s'.l: Goddard, Mainland,
Will Turnbull   George Ma'.heeoa
a-   .   j i .1       . Third Home.
Yesterday evening the executive of Punk Wlntemute ....Bill,  Fitzgerald
the  B.  C.  teams selected  the follow- Second Home
ing to carry the  Maple  Leaf ln  the  ErnJe jfurrar   [Dot Phelan
engagement. , First Home.
J.    Smith,     Balmorals     (catcher);   cng 8prlog   Bone* Allan
fla*ch,. Outside Homo.    ' >    '
Balmorals,     (r.r.).
12nd. b.l; Hurley, Cloverdale,(p.);
Dlgnan, Maple Leafs, (cf.); Glass,
Maple Leafs, (l.f.).
Len  TurnbuH  .    IVlck Carttn-
Inside  Home.
Gordon Spring    Hnrsr.I slsnilii
As a curtain raiser to the bi.g match
Westminster senior amateurs and the
V. A. C. wlll engage In their lmport-
^^^^^H^^^^^^^HH^^^^^H *���      ...       SJ.       .....      v..l_,u_,..       ...       v.. a.. I
Sayce.^ Maple Leafs, and    Earlwln,  ant flxture for the K1imarT,cck tro,,hy.
Mainlands, are the spares.
Both teams will be at .uli strength,
and a close and exciting game is anticipated.
Mayor Fines  Hlmsslf.
Revelstoke, July 27���Twenty prom
Inent citizens appeared last night 10
Official  Unionists  May  Help
Government  Whips,
Lumber Tramp 8inks Without Warn
ing���Passing  Vessel   Picks
Up Crew.
London, July 29.���Mr. Asquith had [    Hoqulam,    Wash.,   July
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     29.-
t he police court    at    Revelstoke    to a final interview with the King before' Bteame"r  San   Jacinto  out   from
answer a charge of riding bicycles on his departure from town   or the week   port   t0  San   Francisco  with  lumber
the sidewalk.   Among them were the end In connection with tlie Veto bill.   waa  8unk  yesterday  afternoon     and
mavor    and    three    aldermen     The The policy of "No surrender" is stead-   filled B0 quickly that the captain was
mavor  who acted as magistrate, fined Hy losing ground.   The insurgents re-   onl>- enabled  to  signal one blast be
himself flve dollars and costs.    Each fuse  to  Publish the  names o     their
of  the  aldermen  paid  two  fifty  and adherents,  wh le a list of  300 peers
costs,  while  private  citizens  got off who have pledged themselves to fol
at one dollar and costs
The Westminster boys go over -by j
, the 11:30 cai- thla morning, and will
I make their headquarters at the Irv-
| lng hotel, for the game this afternoon
j with the V. A. C. at Recreation park.
| The game Is called for 1:15, and
j George Tuck will referee. There will
The he no change In the line-up as an-
thls  nounced in the Daily News yesterday.;
Northwestern League.
Friday. July 28.
At Portland���Portland 8, Vancouver
7.    (U Innings.)
At Tacoma���Tacoma 6, Spokane 5.
(16 innings.)
At Victoria���Victoria 8,  St:ttle 4.
The  halibut  boat,  the  Roman,    returned  from  her ten  days'  trip yesterday morning, with a catch of 170,* |
OOli pounds.
Montreal's Rat Plague.
Montreal, July 28.���This city Is,
suffering from a plague of rats and
the trouble bas become so serious
that the municipal authorities have
been asked to TSi**y it in hani. The
trouble is felt especially by the
owners of warehouses along the harbor front, who claim that a constant
stream of rodents ls coming from
sewers and from vessels In
causing them heavy loss.
A Dread Alternative.
Santa   Barbara,    Cal.,    July
The" fish"were of prime quality, but'Caught on the long Southern  Pacific
as usual at this time of year, were
not so larue as In the winter. The
Roman put ln to China Hat for bait,
and bad to lay over for a night to
secure lt. With the exception of the
capture of a ten foot man eating
shark, a rarity ln these cold waters,
nothing of special  Incident occurred.
She  leaves  tomorrow morning  for  seriously injured.
Ladysmith to coal
bridge, near Gaviota. Mlss Irma
Frazee, of Gaviota, and Mlss Esther
Smith, of this city, Jumped eighty
feet to the bottom of an arroyo today, to avoid being crushed by a
train. Mlss Frazee's skull was crushed and she died at a hospital here
shortly after noon.    Mlss Smith was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Steeplejacks  Fight.
Pigeons on Long Trip. '    Lawrence,   Mass.,    July  28.���Worn-
Antonio, July  28.���What   wlll  en wept and men shouted ln excite-
low Lord Lansdowne is announced.
The procedure in dealing with the
bill next week is expected to be as
follows: The Lords will receive the
bill after tlieir amendments have
been rejected by the Commons on
Wednesday, and Lord St. Aldwyn will
lead the official 1'nlonisls into the
lobby for the government if the passage of the measure is jeopardized .
by the insurgents, which, however, is j
uncertain! owing to the falling off in
thair number.
B. C. Men in Finals. ���
Ottawa, July 2!).���Schwengers and
Macrae, tennis players of Victoria,
B. Ci yesterday went into the finals
of the doubles championship of the
Canadian National tennis tournament.
Tomorrow they will meet the present
holders of the title In the final.
Schwengers also plays In the singles
of the championship tomorrow. |
Successful Oarsmen.
Saratoga, N.Y., July 29.���Canadians
carried off the honors ln three of the (
six events at yesterday's regatta, un
fore the catastrophe was enacted lowing to a dense fog which completely
hid from view the nearest objects,
those in charge failed to notice the
close proximity of the south jetty
when passing over Grays harbor bar.
. Fortunately a passing steamer, St.
Amonica, heard the blast of despair
and after a brief manoeuvre located
tlie spot where the San Jacinto had
sunk, and was thus enabled to pick
up the crew of the Ill-fated ship.
Montreal's New City Hall.
Montreal,   July   29.���Arrangement*
were  completed   yesterday   for    the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ erection  by  the    corporation    of    a
  massive city hall in this city, whicli
Victoria, July 27.���H. M. S. Alger- is   Intended    to   be   the    finest   to
Ine, Commander Jones, left Esquimalt America.   The building will it Is esti-
, ,...,��� mated,  cost  in  the  neighborhood   of
yesterday morning for Bering Sea on ten m���Uon do]lars and wi��� take {TOm
her annual sealing patrol cruise. The ten to twenty vears to finish.
Algerine will coal at Comox and will ���	
proceed to Dutch harbor, and thence Only One Survivor,
into Bering sea. Whether the four Halifax, July 29.���William McLeod,
Canadian schooners, which are now an able seaman, floated ashoro on tbe
In northern waters, the Jessie, Thorn- hatch of the    steamer    John    Irwin,
which was sunk off Guysboro. McLeod
was the only survivor of the wreck,
and told an awful story of his sufferings ere  reaching  terra  (irma.
as  F.   Bayard,  Lady   Mine  and    Pes-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      cawha will be ordered home, or will
| be   permitted   to   complete   this   sea-
Harvesters Wanted. son's cruise Is not known.    The seal-
Winnipeg, Julqy 28.���An   army   of lng treaty recently arranged between
75,000 men will be required to harvest   Britain,   the   United    States,    Russia
the wheat  crop  of  Western Canada, and Japan, is now law. providing for
according  to  conservative  estimates, a closed season for fifteen yeart^anJ1 	
and the farmers today are wondering  the  four  schooners  may  be  ordered' There Is joy ln the
where tliey can be obtained.   In Sas-  home.   The Bering Bea sealing season  bowling    fraternity.
heart    of    the
Yesterday    tho
katchewan alone about 35,000 harvest  begins a week from today, and the lo- glorious sound of the bowls was again
hands will be necessary. Manitoba cal fleet, which has been engaged tn
will need almost aB many and Alberta hunting sea otter since the close of
nt least 3000 or 4000. Last year's har- the coast season Is expected to enter
vest, which was a small one compared  Bering sea then.
with that of this year, waB handled  '
with about 25,000 men. I The Sacramento Murder.
heard In the alleys, and the only
rendezvous in the city, the Front
street alleys, was the scene of great
play when the first round of the-
Twentleth Century knock-out tournament was commenced.
Some close    ties    were    witnessed-'
Sacramento, Cal.,  July  27.���BelleV
Ing that Dr. Wong Him, the Chinese last night by a large gathering of 6e--
Th      ��Yt M* Physician with  whom Mlss Anna M. votees of the    exhilarating    pastime;.
*.i_    v    ?y.Za Dudley treated In San Francisco, anl and as the leading exponents in the
Bankers  Under Probe.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Washington, July 28.      __________���
der the auspices of the National As-  Investigation to be undertaken by thev w""'^DVr��"��rc,toti"o"nnro��."omninvoit  ��i��T, r.���""m^ZmTtm"" ZC      !v~ T-i-HZ
San  Antonio, July  28.-What   wll.  en wept and men shouted in excite- ^^5^^  ^SS t^�� ^S*^ -"St^ fi ^TSiSrJSs *S6
yesterday when eighteen birds of the  crazed by the heat, battle for life on  jj�� also won tl ��*������'*lon singe  control ��^^jgjW^W name appears to    be    Sydney    Cole. Saunderson
Essex dlBtrict of the National Federa-  top of a 150-foot stack at Kunkardt's  ��cu" ����ev T?5j���*f���J*��� S!??L''80 ELK? ��    Be bU8lne8s depress on wid  CotoiAt Oom.ey today asked District H. Wilson   .
tlo��   of    American    Homing   Pigeon  mill     ��"�������� �� ******** nf fifteen mln- went to the Argonauts of Toronto.      panics. '   ^H*i I i Attorney Wachhorst to secure    their c. Wlnquest
 After a struggle of fifteen mln-     ^_______.	
Fanciers of Newark, N. J., were lib-   utes on the top of a fragile scaffold Inl
erated by E. S. Peterson.    The pige-  mld-a!r,  Patrick  Jennings,  35   years j France Unites Colonies,
ons are expected to fly back to old, succeeded in subduing John Cav- parls, July 28.���The French govern.
Newark. This flight will be 500 miles anagh, flve years his senior, who had meht has decided to unite the colo-
longer than the recent flight from suffered sunstroke. Then, without n|e8 0{ Guadalupe and Martinique
Denver to Pittsburg, which took more losing his nerve, Jennings lowered wit|, one head, and has created a gov-
than eight days. , himself and Cavanagh to the ground, ernor generalship of the Antilles. Pas-
> | where he fainted, Cavanagh was re- chal    Ceclldl. the   Radical   Socialist,
attendance at the inquest tomorrow
Prefers British Citizenship. night.    Investigation today failed   to
New York, July 28.���Stuart Hamll- develop any reasonable motive for the
ton, the millionaire vachtsman of murder. Friends of the dead woman.
Bermuda and New York, has re- who was employed in the office of
nounced his American citizenship state Engineer Ellery, declare they
and become a British subject, accord-  n��vnr ""w rn'', before.
H. Watson.
never saw Co!e before.
a ���
Winnipeg, July 29.���The coal
situation Is so serious throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan
thnt even If all (he mines
which have been closed, were
opened today there would be a
fuel shortage next winter on
the prairies.
moved to a hosyltal, where he is dying from sunstroke.
will be appointed temporarily.
| Money for  Hospital.
Ottawa, July 28.���Mayor Hopewell
sprang another mystical assertion on
the board of control yesterday when
he Informed that body, concealing
everything but the bare facts, that he
lng to advices from Hamilton, Bermuda. Hamilton's father, who ls
dead, was an enthusiastic Yankee,
and prided himself upon owning and
flying tlie largest American flag on
the island.
To Run Against F. D. Monk.
Montreal, July 28.���In all probabil-fa
..49 61 58 75 63���311
..56 64 50 56 5&���28*
..61 59 63 53 9�����:��2
..55 54 61 58 Cl���287
T.  Lyne 69 65 67 61 54���316
J. Guthro 55 57 69 56 60���297.
S. Douglas 58 64 '63 65 50���39S"
J. C.  Chamberlin.54 56 51 65 59���28S-
-^���^^^^��� ****** 1MB   I I    ������    ������.I    | ������!)������
��� ���������������������������������������   ��������<���
��� �����
Ity the Liberal candidate to contest
the seat In Jacques Cartler division
aealnst F. D. Monk will be Joseph
McLaughlin, superintendent of construction in the Dominion Bridge
company.    Mr. McLaughlin has been
U.   8.   Foreign   Trade.
Washington, D. C, July 28.���A review of the foreign trade of the United   States  during   the   last   twelve  ���  ��� . .    ,
months  shows  a steadv  increase in  he   informed   that   body,  concealing I Mikado to visit China.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
commerce with Canada and the everything but the bare facts, that he Vienna. July 28.���A Vienna paper approached hy several members
Orient. Exports from the United had found $2500<wlth which to make says that the Emperor of Japan will the party and has been offered the
States to Canada jumped from $216,- up the balance to buy the land adioin- pay an official visit to the Chinese nomination. Althoueli he bas not as
000.000 to $270,000,000 and the lm- lng the present Lady Grey hospital, court this year, or early in 1912. with yet taken any definite decision in the
ports form Canada Increased from on which it is proposed to erect an- a view to inducing China to acceler- matter he will in all probability ae-
?95,000,000 to $101,000,000. > other hosrdtal. '       ate the reformation of the country.      cept.
Quebec, July 29.���PTemter
McBride, of British Columbia.
who arrived here yesterday
from England on board the
Virginian, said that the keenest Interest was being evincd
in the motherland on tlle coming elections. In his opinion,
this city would be the storm
centre In the election.
��� ������������������������������ **���*> *>���-*> ��� ��t
SATURDAY, JULY 29,  1911.
Corporation Of Burnaby
WANTED���BUSINESS MAN WITH Tende[Bu, B,e lPvlte(1 for clearing
besl references wants to rent mod- in_<L*r.ubbil>K onl>r- of the following
ern   live  or  six   roomed   house  for
Power Company Limited has applied'the  Municipality  for the   acquisition of such  Installation  from  the   Corn-
one year or more, between Eighth
atreet and Queen's park. Write
"Tenant," care of Reid, Curtis &.
building,    sidewalks,    and
contracting. Apply Gust Melin, 101'
Third a venue.    Phone L613.
streets: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Royal Oak Road, River Road to B.
C. E. R. (except where no right-of-
way), 73 chains.
Royal Oak Road. Centre D. L. 80 to
Centre D. L. 74, 48 chains.
Pole   Line   Road,   Baruet   Road   to
general   liuirard Inlet, 40 chains
Cariboo    Road,   Tenth    Avenue   to
Armstrong Btreet, 17 chains.
Cariboo Road, Gunn Road to John-1 school;
ston Road, 60 cliains
to the Municipality of Burnaby for
permission to construct certain works
and operate Its undertaking in the
said Municipality.
AND WHEREAS lt is desirable
thut such permission be granted on
tbe terms und conditions hereinafter
mentioned, the Municipal Councll of
the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. Tbe Council shall with all reasonable dispatch take the necessary
proceedings to expropriate a strip of
land 33 feet ln width on the North
side of tbe Johnston Road for its en-
niunion; 11 a.m., matins, choral! tire length for the purpose of wlden-
litany   and    sermon;    2:30,   Sunday | ing the said road to a width of   93
Sunday, July 30.
TRINITY���Kev. Canon G. C. d'Easum,
M. A., rector; Rev. Ueorge A. Ruy, M.
A., assistant curate. 8 a. in., holy com
p.m., evensong and sermon.
Cumberland    Road,    Diversion    to '���.9,HUitCH ?F_ST,' ,?'A,l^THP Y}R' \ "u^li variations as may Lie found nee
GIN,   Sapperton���2:30   p.m.,   Sunday
30 p.m., evensong and ser-
flee work;   *4.ou per  week.    Apply |Burnaby Lake, lo'chalns. I
room 20 Dominion Trust block.        ,     Hoad  belween  D   u  H2 and 543'school
��� ���������. j0hngton  Roud  to Centre  D.  L. 209, mon- __^_|
WANTED   KNOWN���MILLER'S   EM-j 100 chains. ,
ployment    office,    No.     8     Begbie |     Delta avenue, Douglas Road to Yale     OLIVET BAPTIST���Rev. A. F. Bak
���treat, supplies men  for all largo street, 136 chains. er. pastor.    Services   11 a.m.   and 7
Phone 624.      |     Phillips   Road,   Burnaby    Lake    to pm'     Sunf,ay    school   at     2:30 p.m.
feet in accordance with the blue print
deposited at the Municipal Hall  with
Jobs in this vicinity.
ossary, and uIbo to expropriate a
strip of land 99 feet wide as a continuation of said Johnston Road from
a point where lt turns uoiith to join
the Hustings Road ln District Lot
125    ln   u    straight    Westerly    line
of such additional strip In like man- pany a lines ls not greater than 660
ner and to tbe same extent as provld- feet Provided that when twelve or
ed ln paragraph 1 hereof for tbe wld- more resident consumers petition for
enlng of the Johnston Road. j light ln portions of the Municipality,
10. The Company may also con, not served by tbe Company's distrib-
struct, erect and maintain, und there ution lines, the Company shall sup-
is hereby granted to the Compuny, P<>' such lighting service upon the
under and subject to the terms and consumer entering into a contract
conditions hereinafter set forth, per- wltb the Company to pay tlie cost of
mission to construct, erect and main- supplying standard poles and erect-
tain Its steel towers, poles and trans- ing the same within a radius of two
mission lines on the Hastings Road miles from Lhe Company's transmls-
aa a continuation of the Johnston a'on lines, but only on condition that
Road to tbe Junction of Fifth Ave- public roads or lanes are available
nue with Hastings Road in the Sub- for such transmission lines. This
division of District Lot 124, thence provision shull not preclude the Corn-
along Fifth Avenue Westerly to Beta I'any from making any agreement
/Avenue In the said Subdivision, with any customer for the supply of
thence South to the receiving station >>Kht to such customer where the in-
of tho Company. Provided that the stallallon may be located more than
location, design and height of the two miles from any main dlstrlbut-
sal.1 towers, poles and transmission (Ing llnt'a W the Company,
lines shall be first approved by the' 19. The Municipality may upon
Council, and that before any such giving not lesB than one month's no-
work is undertaken the Company will tlte of Its desire to do so have the
submit plans and specifications of the right without payment to use any
location, design and height of tho said wooden  poles,  standards, croBs-arniB,
Johnston Road, 90 chains.                    | Midweek prayer meeting on Wednes-1 j,inctlon with said Hastings Road at1 Poles,   wires  and   transmisBlon   linos brackets and attachments erected on
j    Rumble Rond, Nelson Road to Park  <lay �� e|Kw "clock.    The pastor wlllior   neur   the   ...aBterly    boundary    of,for "ie approval of the Council.    Pro- the  roads  and   highways  of  the  Mu-
JFORJBALE^^^^^^^ I street   (Boundary   Road),  113 chains.   Preach  both  morning    and    evening. 1 Baid District Lot 124, and also to ex-  vlded   notwithstanding  anything  con- nicipality   for    the    support   of   any
Seventh   avonue,   River    Road    to  Morning    subject,      "Progress,      the| proprltte a strip of land 33 feet wide' talned In Section nine of tbis by-law electric wires or lamps belonging to
FOR   SALE���600    CHOICE    BUILD-  Block "D" D. L. 29. 94 cbalns.             I Watch     Word    of    the    Christian"; , nlong suci, portion of the said Hast-! that It shall not be necessary at the the   Municipality   or   to  give   peimls-
ing  lots ln  New Westminster and 1    Specifications  and  General   Condi- evening subject, "Love and Life."      I inK8 noad a8 wm be required for use 'present time to widen tbe roads men- sion to uny contractor with the Mu
Uurnaby.    We will    make    special, lions ol contract may be procured at     RIYTH    AVK,MIIE,    ^v������,**.    \ of  the towers of  the said   Western' tloned  In this paragraph to a width nicipality   to   use  the same  for   tbe
terms and  conditions    to    anyone  the Engineer's office,  Edmonds, B.C.   B     ,'" ,    ,    VT,,    MbTHODIST��� I Canada Power Compaiy Limited  tb�� of ������ fast   Provided that when In the lighting of  street lurapB  within   the
I uu-   hei vices to be held in old hall udja-1 ga|(1 Western Canada Power Company j opinion  of the  Council  lt   shall   be limits of the Municipality,    provided
''''" '                        ^^^^^M    ,       Limited   to  reimburse  the   Municipal-  found   that   any   (lunger   exlsi��   from tbat  the  said  notice shall  be accom-
or.    Ser-[|ty f0|. the purct_ase of the said strip' wires on these roads the said wires puled   by   plans   to  tho   reasonable
*'_. c|aS8|of land 33 feet wide along the   said 8,|all bo cradled by the Company at satisfaction of the Company showing
supported and that In
or altering such
wishing to select lots  for building,     Tenders will not be considered t
purposes, and arrange for grading   less submitted on official  forms'and
See   our Westminster .accompanied by a marked cheque for' rtev-  F- s- Okell, B.A
���enue and Cumberland, with open.    Sealed tenders addressed to tlie un- "?.���    g at ?,�� am' Su��iday school at \ Johnston" Road* Inducling; TheTcost"of "s  own  expense  and  provided   also the position ln which
reets, water, electric light service, I derslgned  will  be received not later. "tJ" '*��� '"��� Hpwortn league, Monday, I any neceBgary by-law or by-laws   the ,bat when the Councll shall desire to lumps are to lie Biippo
c.    As soon as construction    on j than  12 noon, August 5th,  1911.       |at ** P-m.    Prayer meeting, Wednes-1 amount of compensation to be paid to widen tlie said roads to 99 feet the placing, maintaining <
'              ' mm.,    ...     II    .,  ...           SI..�����..(.,..     ....,.,.....       ��� ��� ,.11.  _   I                                                            I                                                            I ra                             a. _ .1                                         a_ ���.             ... a                              .
- -      -             ~                  - l.mnammm..      ..,,,. II        ......       ���.,..   I,.,I.          mt       . I... u,l..i.     ra*      lan...a      mm      .1.
street b, etc,
Heights  addition
��tc. ^^^^^^^
the new car line begins this property will double ln value Immediately. The Wright Investment Co.,
Ltd., 1110 Dominion Trust building,
Vancouver, 613 Columbia street,
New Westminster.
Bighttin^sSrttf tte'aSSuSToruSdOTr \*��j* n a.m_and._i pm
oil. Ten second relief liniment.
India Medicine Company, room 19,
Dominion Trust block.
have several cleared lots, ln choice
locations, ln New Westminster,
-which we can deliver at snap
prices. Cluff & Morrison, 618 Rob-
aon street, Vancouver.
for general store, druggist or hardware business. AppTftiiifSfis will be
received up till August 8 by tho
Kdmonds Development Co., Ltd.,
Edmonds, B.C. Prices will be given
on application to the secretary of
the company.
CJemen, $1.60 per week each. Apply
224 Seventh street.
Ague* street
WM. GRIFFITHS,    | ?ay at \ p,?'���_ Morning subject, "The
Clerk   I{ePr��ach of Christ."
Municipal Hall, Edmonds,, B. C.
Corporation Of Burnaby
Rev. C. W. Brown, B.D., pastor Service at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor.   Ser-
the owners of the said land und all, Company  shall   pay  one-half   of  the wires or lamps no damage shall   be
costs  and  other  expenses,  Including  cost of Ihe acquisition and clearing caused   to    such    poles,    standards
the charges of the Municipality's so- and grading of such additional road- cross-arms,  brackets or attachments
llcltors, and also such costs, charges,' way.    The  Company  shall  upon   re- and no obstruction shull be caused to
and expenses as may be incurred in celling six mouths notice in writing the working by the Company of its
straightening   said   Johnston    Road,  ,rom the Council  remove its towers undertaking,  und  also  provided  thut
and one-third of the entire cost of the on {o such additional strip to be ac- the   Company    notwithstanding   any
said 99-foot extension.                          I quired as aforesaid. provision  herein contained  shull not
TO roNTRArrops               1-n.Y, j. d. rienuerBon   pastor    ser-'    �����   The said Western Canada Pow-1., "' ,Th.e Provision ns to the crad- be liable for any damage which the
TO CONTRACTORS.                                  ��     and 7 3?'nm   Sabbath' er   Company   Limited    shall *   and  ��ng o   wires as mentioned  n the last Municipality  or its servants or con-
Tender, are invited for gradlnc of school and Bblclassat   8'80dml when this by-law Is passed  lmmedl- E"*��f i"T25 ^^ ^   "'" traC,0r8  ��r  any  other  Com"any   ��
invited for grading of                        Macconell     of   Vlctorii"  ��tely proceed to clear and grade the!?" ��W*J to a"  *"'er8 now or   "ere" p<.','80"  a,ay   B,,8taln   "��   connection
will nreacl   mornln.n'nrt LZ ��.       ! *M  33-foot  strip mentioned   ln  the afte,r 8tr���B by the Company on any with the use by the Municipality  of
will preach morning and evening.                ���,       ,)aragrPaph   hereof   at   ,tB,'oad or highway in the Mnnlcipallty. wooden  poles  lines or  supports" be
ST.    AIDAN'S      PRESBYTERIAN ! own expense in accordance with spe-'    ^ Al   high Potential w res carry- longing; to the Company,
corner Fourteenth stree   and Seventh clftcutlons to be prepared by the Mu-  'ng a ���,tage��f \0000 volU or over 20    The Company shall upon being
avenue-RevTwIi["e Collin.  ���A  i ^ipal Engineer and to the complete ^* ��.' ^'S"," "*?,? by,*?,��� Co?" 'T^  t0 d��   80   by  the   Counc��
pastor.   Service at   11 am  and 7'30  satisfaction of the Council.                 I fanny'n the Mun cipality of Burnaby wherever practicable transfer its dis-
at 2:80 p.m.   The pastor will preach! er Company Limited shall pay to the  feet  abov    th              d      d     t     ��� ���t    upon receiving twelve months
r;n"l���anr eVenlnf.   M0!Rlng a""-  Municipality the /um of twelve hun-  road  ln,er8ecUon8g 8hall  n^.���*1 ]eaJ ^ ^"writing to toW elfecT from
Ject,    The Cure of Worry";  evening I dred dollars ($1200) annually for the j than  45 feet above the ground_ An(1 the Counc���.       s vt w *
the following streets:
Patterson Road, Vancouver Road to
Moscrop Road.
Twentieth street, Tenth avenue
(city), to Mara Road.
Cambridge street, Ingleton avenue
to Queen's avenue.
Seventh avenue, Sixth street to
Coldicutt Road.
Plans and profiles may be seen at
the Engineer's office, Edmonds, B.C.,
on and after Friday 28th July, and
the specifications and general conditions of contract may be procured
there on depositing $5.00 for each
contract which wlll be returned to
all  bonailde tenderers.
The Council does not bind itself to
accept the Wwest or any tender.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received not later
than 12 noon, August 6th, 1911.
subject,  "Love's  Wlstfulness.'
Eighth street, between Third and
Fourth avenues.   Rev. C. S. McKinley,
term of five years commencing in the
year 1911 for the up-keep and repair
furnished for two gentlemen, bath
room and modern conveniences,
Copeland. 511% Eighth street.
furnished rooms ln Cliff block, on
Sixth street, one block from Columbia street. Apply the Misses Chapman, room 2, third floor.
rooms, with board. Apply 55 Royal
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C.
all such wires carrying a voltage of 21.   The Company  shall  upon  the
,  ..         ..    . ._ .        ...              . 12,000 volts or more shall he at the request of the Councll enter Into" a
of the  said   Johnston   Road   as   so Iowest ,)0int be not less than 30 feet contract to light the streets of Burn-
widened   such  payment  to  be made;above ,he ground and at B��� road , aby  un(ler  termg  and  condit,on8  to
nastor    ******   ��,hn���i     - ,n            , on the 31st day of July in each of   he. tergePtlon8 8ha��� be not .es8 thaa 33 b, ^TeeA   upon  hereafter.   provided
LerWce   fI a���   lfi,, 2"��   Pum:' ^.Hi ?"* ! *" *ls0 ��**J�� the , feet above the ground.                          | that the price to be charged for said
T   H   mIL   wZ   7 3��, Pm\,Rri^l(;'hPa"ty TJT^iS thS yna,r      13'   ,f "^  8teel   towers  or  poles light shall  be  no  higher  than   that
LA^ P*   *��r and dlB! ,   15,���>m ��f One Thousand Dol-  be foun_,  0wing to  the construction now charged by tbe British Columbia
trlct elder, will conduct the services,   ars ($1000   annually during the life-,1 ��rf any new road t0 be an obBtrU(.��� ��; Electric Railway Company to the Mu-
BA8T     BURNABY     METHODIST  , ���C ,��i iT* nrU^f^fonl^,,^^' the Corapany shall alter the posIUou nicipality   of   South   Vancouver    and
CHURCH-Corner  Eighth  street  ani  H$ by-law  sS^oalmen   to^e madi  therMf'  ,n  BUch   manner *�� within proiided  that  if  the  Municipality  of
Third avenue, Burnaby.    Rev. W. C. 'StftKiES dlw 2?jSl?ta ��h**l""?? "iS? H the Counc" may dl,ect- Soulh    Vancouver     shall     at     any
Clerk.  Frank, pastor. Public worship, 11 a m (flrv  v����r                      X                              14--The   Company   shall   take  due time  within   the   period   of   this   By
���      snd 7:30 p.m.   Suaday   school,   2301        y> ^^'    "
Meet every Monday ln Labor ball,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 508, Residence phone 501.
Cor light housekeeping. Apply to A.
H. Ferguson, Pythian Hall Building.
room: convenient location. 47 Columbia  street.
Apply Cl Princess street.
New Westminster District.
Ite Section 31, Block 6 north, Range
I east, except part conveyed  for
A certificate of Indefeasible Title
���to the above property will be issued
to Thomas R. Pearson on the 21st day
of August, 1911, unless in the meantime a valid objection thereto be
made to me in writing by a person or
persons claiming an estate or interest
therein, or any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
I-mi   Registry  Office, New  Westminster, B. ft, July 17, 1911.
The person or persons having in
their custoly or possession the following Title Deeds relating lo the
said property are requested to delive:
the same to the undersigned.
A mortgage dated October 11, 1892,
made by James Rousseau in favor of
the United Trust Limited.
It. W. Johnston,  Applicant or Agent.
New Westminster, B. C.
TRIST���District  of New  Westminster,  B.C.���Take  notice that.  Charles
Kvelyn Talkner, of Vancouver, B. C,
occupation clerk, intends to apply for
I��rmission to purchase the following
described  lands:    Commencing at    a
f,��hi  -planted  at  northeast   point    of
unchartered  island,   tlience  following
the shore to point of commencement,
containing three acres more or  less,
about   two   miles   south   of   Pender
Harbor  at  Point  Francis,  and  about
'150 feet southwest from  lot  997. and
.200  feet  southeast  from  lot   2792.
May 29th, 1911.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital pair", Up  $6,200,000
Reserve       6.900,000
The Bank has 175 branches,
extendlnr In 'Jauaia from the
Atlantic to tbe Pacific; in Cuba,
throughout ihe Inland, also in
Porto 'i!lco, Trinidad, Bahamas,'
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal Towns and
Cities In t'ie World.
Theso   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New  Westminster Branch,
, care and  proper precaution   for the law  enter  Into  a  contract   for   the
p.m.   The pastor will preach ��t   eachl    2      ,      MunlcIP8,,ty   Bha��   retain  safety of foot and other passengers, lighting of the streets of South Vau-
servlce.                                                      possession   and control   of the   said' fend   of   horses,   carriages   and    ve- couver   with   the   British   Columbia
tf                j Johnston  Road subject to  the  rights   hlcleB,   lawfully   passing   along    the Electric Railway Company at a lower
====���&========  here natter  conferred   upon  the  said   highways   of    the    Municipality    oc- price than the/are now paving   tZ
NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS.           WOTte?    Canada    Power    Company  cupied by the Company, and shall not Western    Canada    Power    Company
                             Limited.                                                   ; unnecessarily   Interfere   with   or   lm- shall   thereupon    reduce    the    prlca
tor the convenience of those who1 5. The said Western Canada Pow- Pede the public use of the said high- charged to the Municipality of Bur-
are unable to come during the day, er Company Limited may construct, ways, and the Company shall leave naby to accord thereto
the Collector's Office at the City Hall t,rect and maintain, and there ls here- the roads and highways of the Mu- 22. The Company shall l-nmedl
will be kept open untll 9 o'clock, on ��y granted t�� the said Company un- nicipality upon which any work ls ately after the final passage of this
the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, der and subject to the terms and con- done by the Company, after such By-law enter Into an agreement with
July 31st and August lst, to enable diUons hereinafter set forth permls- work is completed, ln aB good repair the Municipality to abide bv and
all to take advantage of the rebate slon to construct, erect and maintain as they were before said work was carry out the terms conditions nro
ot one-sixth, the time for which ex- Its steel towers and operate Its trans- begun, to the satisfaction of the Coun- vlsos and restrictions contained in
pires on the last day named. .mission wires upon the said 33-foot cil. tlll8 m-law otherwise thin iu'��� uZ
J. J. MACKAY, strip to be acquired by the Munici-1 15- The Company shali at Its own shall be null and void ��>-iuw
Collector. P*Uty ��� aforesaid, the said towers expense construct the said 99-foot ex- 23. Nothing in this Rv law mn
to be so placed that the centre of the tension of the Johnston Road and a talned shall ha .ic^L^ . J
NOTICE  TO   WATER  CONSUMERS,  towers shall be the centre of the said  WdM feet wide known as fieta Ave to confer upon the CoraDa���v��ani- ��
��� IN ���
Bank of foron to
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
Business Accounts opened
on favorable terms.   ::   ::
ASSETS   $48,000,000
JMERS.  towers shall be the centre of the said  road 66 feet wide known as Beta Ave-   to confer upon the" Comnanv"��Tv
p-f����t Btrlp. .nue  from  the  Hastinss  Road   to  the  elusive right or pdWlege
meters!    6.   In the event of the Municipality  ," ,i!.   ��"...0vf���l,,!8t'L1('t_L,ot 1-4 South      24.   If  the  said   Western   Can
Water consumers
arc reminded that
August and  September quarter must  the said 33-foot strip before the Com-   ��-"u��""����   "poumnster  ana   Yukon  gamate or enter into n mmi,i���.,i������
be paid befoie the end of this month \ pany  shall  require to  use  the   same   '^'.'way, and the company shall also   with or become tomDinauon
in order to save the rebate.
the rates for July,   not being able to obtain^possessi'on'ot  [?   the   N'o>therly   boundary    of    the  Power Company   Limited  ah.li  ���moi
mber quarter must  the said 33-foot strip before the Com-  ;,t"'i0,.u,ve!'.,���.1W,euH,minBler  and   Y,lkon  samate or entei
under the control of
Garbage Scow.
The Corporation invites tenders for
the    Municipality   shall    permit    tbe  a' "" ���*��� ��*J*nee construct a road  the   British   Columbia   Electric   Rail-
Company   to   use  the  Nortfcerty  por-  "*��*  ",lde "equiied  for Ite tawere.  way Company Limited or The Vanco
tion of the said Johnston Road as at  ����_*  f?i.*���,8'K ""^   along   i'er Power  Comp���7uLltSd �� W
ssor  of  such   Com-
of them  the   prlvl-
tion of the said Johnston Road as at  ^/nT 1���   """"""0""""   ���������   Moug  ver rower compai
present located for the erection of Its  ,,;    .,    ,fnue ,, "8 Ju��('tlon with  assignee or succea
steel towers and for the maintenance   A.f���.���tlngB Hoad  westerly  to Beta   panles or  either  o
of   Its   transmission   lines   provided
l���!.1���^'!"(ed l9. tl?ls PoinpanTV'thl's
that location of the said towers and  ,J*   The  Company  shall  and   will  agreement shall thereuiZTso'faeto
from time to, time, and at all  time,,   absolutely   (.ease   EHS^.1***!
transmission   lines  shall   be   flrst  ap-
***v.    vu.^muwii     .in....-,    LCIIUVIB    HJI   j   uaiio.iiiDDiuiJ      niiv.-,     Dlinil      Uf     mai     ay-     .      , ., , ,       _^_M^_^_BH _^_^_M        ���-         ������,,      uciri-iiiiiii
the  construction  of a garbage scowl proved  by the Council and provided lnd?mn|ry and save harmless the Mu-  nothing  herein   contained   ��h .ii
615 Columbia Street.
for the health department, flans, I also that the Company shall at any
specifications and conditions of con-! time upon receiving twelve months
tract can be obtained from the office notice in writing from the Council roof the engineer. I move its said towers and transmls-
Tenders to be delivered to the un-j sion lines on to the said .'J.'1-foot strip
derslgned, accompanied by a certified after the same has been acquired by
check,    five  per  cent.     (6)    of    tlie'the Municipality
amount  of contract, by  G o'clock on
the 14th day of August, 1911.
City Clerk.
Dated this 11th dav of July. 1911.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aeiated Waters;
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Princess St,
nicipality from all damages, loss, vent The'TomVinTTZ """", V
costs   and   expenses   caused    by    the   power to the s BritM.   HfflflS
said towers, poles or wires being on Electric UaiIway Coi Zml i Pm Sf"'*
the Bald roads or highways, or by the said Vam'o iver Pow��r 'r ��* ��f
any work, alteration, repairs or im- Limited. VanC0Uver ' ower Company
provements  in  connection   with   the      26.   This  By-law  shall   f,nf������   .>.
!:0rk.h7Jcin.C.ontem.Plated:?r ,n.aF   S?ttl P-."W UtSoI be sStted to
dertaklngs. assent of not learthanThr4rflfVh'��t^n
The Company shall lf required  number  of   the  electors  who   shall
���   nnnntiunt ��� *** lncldent"l to the carrying of Its  the electors"of"'tha'VmilH^o*H^''li
ereT,ft w"'e8 a,0"g the 8ald roads or "��*��� a,p entl"ed to vote Kt*tfaw
Model Bakery
H. C. Mark & Sons
fui attention.
Phone 435.
7.    The   Company    may
erect and maintain, and the
by  granted   to  the  Company
and subject to the terms and condi-,    ��
n^man v  i*. I      T    \     e     a.' ,,ce ln wr,t,ns fro��� the Municipality  1911. ,d>  ��' June' A- l>-
to  the  Inhabitants  and  industries  of  roa[i_, anr_ hivhwava I ' V,   .; lnu-
the .Municipality   of   iiurnaby      Pro- "Jj" ft ^Jg} shaI1 not make| *' * Mttt
bit! ,n?.,eVeHn ^toejtnlgt-, any greater charge for the supply of  '   Hee'e-
i^��tt��'he 8aid Ph��T  e,ect,Ic  ��*M' heat or Power  to the1     Take notice   that  the  above   is  a
?h��   mrn It l,   , ne V��P���ved by  Municipality or the inhabitants there-  true  copy   of   the   proposed    Bv-law
Muni, Ina il ^-��� fTr "^  ��f  than  the  ,owe8t  char��e Pa,d    for   uP��n whi^ the vote of the MunlclnaT
nnZ nl   I? , bet��re    ^"y  ,8.Ut;h  the same ^ any Municipality, other  Ry  will  be  taken  on  Saturday   the
wa   c mnie.p ^ ��" ���Z ,'0ad,fl0,' ?(lgh" ,han a clty. to the said Company for  12th  day ;of  August.  1911,  betVeen
���   ltta! and specifications B,m,lar se,.vIce and 8ha��� not g any  9 o'clock �� m., until 7 o'clock pm
w J! ��h      h      ��,   Z * *V0]*.l   and  way discriminate against the Munici- at the polling places: Pm"
���f.!, ah. Lb.e ���sll,)mittedforthe ap- paIitv or any of the ,ni_abitant8 there-,    The Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,   Central   Park.
Lake View School, Burnaby  Lake.
Mre.  Cobban's   House,   Burquitlam.
Qundonald School, Pole Line Road.
O. H. Leaf's Store, East Burnaby
Mr.   Jas.   Herd's    Office,   Hastings
Corner Fourth Ave. and Second St. [ proval of the Council. In all cases 0f"V__ the" carrying on"of'Its "under-
Wholesale and Retail Bread Mer Whe" lanes I)ara,llel loada or h^h' takings. Provided that the maxi-
wiioiesaie  ana   Retail   Bread  Mer- wavs ,he sald wireg whe      pracUca. " .    .     .fc        dd1_ ,f  eiectrlc
chants.   Shipping orders receive oare-| 1)le 8hllll be placed in the 9ala lanes. Jg ��*, for th6fsupply T^'ectrlc
8.   The Municipality will forthwith kilowatt   hours   12   cents   per   klle-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ln pursuance of the Roads By-law be- watt  hour;   over  50   kilowatt" hours
i gin  the  construction and  repair,  ln- one dollar per connected kilowatt per Street East.
eluding    the    construction    of    the month   plus   an   energy   charge   of      Pebllc notice is hereby given that
CORPORATION OF THE  DISTRICT  bridges, of the Johnston  Road  from eight cents per kilowatt hour subject the vote of the Electors of the DIs-
OF   BURNABY. j the North Road Westerly to where It to a  discount of ten  per centum  or  trlct of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
  ; turns  South   to Join   the   Hastings such  greater discount as may be ln *&ove mentioned By-law at the time
By   Law  No.���                     Hoad in District Lot. 125. force,  and   with   such  reductions  of ��nd place above mentioned, and tbat
A  By-law  to enable   the   Western      !).   In all cases where the Company rates as may be In force to residents  A. G. Moore has been appointed   re-
Canada  Power  Company  Limited  to  shall   be   permitted   to   erect   steel of   any   Municipality   other   than   a  turning officer  to  take the vote   of
place towers and poles on roads and towers on any road or highway in the City;  and the Company will, free  of 8uch electors, with the usual powers
highways  and  supply  and  distribute' Municipality a strip of land shall he charge,   to  the  customer,  make  the In that behalf,
electric light and  power In  the Mu-. expropriated  sufficient to give   such necessary   connections   between   the      By order of the Council.
nicipality of Burnaby.                             I road or highway a width  of 99 feet installation of such customer and the J-   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
WHEREAS    the   Western   Canada  /and   the   Company   shall   reimburse Company's lines where the distance         c..      W.   GRIFFITHS,   Clerk. SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1911.
__ ^w. ���""- *T      ^3**W L*tQ*W 4 ���*������   JK I _ 1*1 ������ ma B^
^ Large,  light, deliciously  flavored
^   loaves-more loaves and more quality
to the sack than from any other Flour.
The housewife who uses
knows this, and will use
no other.
A money-back  guarantee
in everv sack.
Pjilti HOOD
g^'iimta-*: 2
MOOtt J��*. SAI��
| Saturday Snap
For  Keen Buyers
or one aay only
we will sell our
$20 Suits, includ~
ing Worsteds,
Sergfes and Cheviots
at   tne   minimum
price or  	
and a Jolly musical evening was en-
Mr,and Mrs. Phlpps. of Nelson. are
expected here on Monday, Mr. Phipps
ha vln-' been made accountant in tne
Bank of Montreal.
Mrs. Cornwall, who Is leaving for
Victoria on Monday, will be the guest
of Mrs. Charleeon untll her departure.
Mrs. I hi nn I nni on has been the
guest of her son Mr. Frank Hannlng-
lon  at  the Vancouver  hotel   for  tho
past week.
���   e   ���
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McAllister. Mlss
Barnet and Mr. Barnet, of Renfrew,
are en loving a motor trip ln Vancouver Island. , J\
a    a    **
Mrs. Gauvreau was a hostess at thej
tea hour last Saturday, entertaining
for her bonne guest Mlss Brustermen,
of Winnipeg.
... |
Mrs. H. R. Davidson was a hostess
at the tea hour on Thursday afternoon, complimentary to Mrs. Low, of
Winnipeg. i
.   ���   ��� i I
Miss Wheeler, who has been visiting  her  sister,  Mrs.   W.  J.  Mathers,;
for the past week, left on Wednesday
to Join the Alpine club in camp near'
... ;
Mr. Humphreys Edmunds, of Kamloops, arrived on Wednesday to spend '
a  short   time  with   his   family,   who.1
are the guests of Mrs. J. J. Jones.
.   .   .
Mr. G. K. Martin and daughter Mlss
Marian, returned from their eastern
trip  last  Saturday.
Mrs. McGuire. who has been the
guest of ber sister, MrB. J. W. Crelghton, returned to her bome in California on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Turner, of Vancouver, and Mr. H. R. Townsend, of Ross-i
land, were visitors in the city oven
Sunday. Mr. Townsend was a former
' resident here, being the son of the
late Mr. W. B. Townsend, who wap,
mayor of the city nineteen years ago.|
... |
1 The accessibility of Blackie Spit
makes lt a favorite spot for many
who wish to enjoy the cool sea
breezes on a warm Sunday. An unusually large number were present
last week-end, and amon'; those motoring from here were Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Diamond, Mr. and Mrs. A. C
Eddy, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. and
Mrs. E. N. Sutherland. Mrs. Sutherland (Ottawa), Mr. Rand. Miss Corbould, Mlss Freese. Miss Neeve and
Mr.  Bernard Corbould.
j     A very pleasing ending to an unusually gay summer week was the tennis tea given by Mrs. L. A. Lewis in
her   beautiful   garden    last    Saturday j
afternoon.     A   few  of  the   Vancouver
players   were  present   and   enjoyed  a
good practice with the members who
played ln  the Vancouver tournament
from here.    The guests included Mr.
and Mrs. Charleson. Mr. and Mrs. C.
B.    McAllister,    Mlss    Barnet,    Mrs.
Yuengling,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   J.   Allen,
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Corbould, Mr. and
Mr.    and Mrs.    Gordon    Briice   Corbould,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   A.   C.   E !dy.
'Mr.    and    Mrs.    W.  G.    McQuarrie,
'Mr.  and  Mrs.    R.    V. Ardagh,    Mlssv
MacGowan,   Miss  Peele.  Mr.   Mother-
601 Columbia Street.
Mrs. W. Monroe, of Magee,    spent
Wednesday with Mrs. J. J. Jones.        ,
... |
Mr.   Alexander   Charleson   left   on
Monday for a business   trip up   the
coast. !
... |
Mr. Frank Hannington, of Prince
Rupert, spent the week-end with his
sister Mrs.  Lawfor.1  Richardson.
... |
Mlss  Fraser  and   Mlss  Jessie  Allen are the house guests of Mrs. T.
Briggs at Boundary Bay.
Mrs.  Leamy,  who  Is  spending the
summer at Blackie Spit, spent a few
days In town during the week.
Mrs. J. H. Jones and family return-!
ed early ln the week from a trip to
Summerland. ��
| well.   Mr.   Sterns    (Vancouver),    Mr.
Gray   and   Mr.   Rhodes   (Vancouver).
... |
Mrs. J. T. Jones gave a most delightful croquet party on Wednesday
afternoon, a number also coming into tea ant to watch the Interesting
games.    The  guests  were  Mrs.  Eng-
; lish,   Mrs.   Dickinson.   Mrs.   Cornwall,
j Mrs. Walker and Mlss Walker (Toronto),   Mrs.   R.   Eden   Walker,   Mrs.
, G. E. Corbould, Mrs. Charleson, Mrs.
George Beatty, Mrs. J. Gracey, Mrs.
Low (Winnipeg), Mrs. YuenglinK,
Mrs. .Tames Brymner, Mrs. Greame,
Mrs. G. B. Corbould, Mrs. R. H. Gordon, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. H. R. Davidson, Mrs. Lawford Richardson, Mrs.
hannington, Mrs. Fj^Mn, Miss McColl. Miss Armstrong, Miss Vida Corbould (Winnipeg), Mlss Horner aud
Miss Ethel Horner.
The tennis tournament on the Den-
man   street   club   courts,   Vancouver,
i which commenced on Monday, has
proved one of the most successful In
the history of the club. It was unfortunate that the two ladles entering from the Westminster club should
draw the two best Vancouver entries.
Miss Rlmlngton, who was Mlss Cor-
bould's opponent, was formally the
champion of the North of England,;
and   Miss  Peele had  her  llrst  match
I with Miss Becket, who won the
(championship at Vancouver laat i
summer. In the ladles' doubles Miss
Corbould and Mlss Peele were also
drawn to play their flrst match with:
these two expert players. A number
attended everv day from here and It
ls expected all lovers of   the   game
^^^=^^^^^^= ~  "~ will be present today when the finals
Mrs.  M.  N.  H. Woods, of Vancou- tlons on the birth of a little daughter  are  to  be played.    Among the num-
ver Bpent Wednesday with friends in  last Saturday. | ber going over during the week we��
,0WI1 ... Mr.  and  Mrs. L.  A.  Lewis, Mr.  and
*   *������ Mrs' Howay and dau6hter turned   ^^J/^Wm^M
Dr.    and    Mrs. Walker   and   Mlss  early   ln   the   week  from   a   three   "rl a"d MMr,8anCri  Mr��   t   ln/n    m.
Walker left on Friday for a short Stay monthf, trip ,��� the old country. I ^   M��. HdJ, Rand' Mr and Mrs
in Victoria.      ^   ^ * *   *   * IA   c   Eddy   M,M   Mart]n   m    mi
, ��� Canon and Mrs. d'Easum are spend-) Mrs.  Sutherland,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rus-
Mrs. J. Allen gave a very jolly sup- lng a  few dayg   wUh   Mrs   w_lllam   Bell>  Mr   Wurdi Mr   Motherwell  and
per Saturday evening for a number Jonnston  at  her  summer  home on  ���	
of tennis players.
Fancy Lisle Hose, regular 50c. values,
for 35c, 3 pairs for $1.00
Negligee Shirts, worth up to $2.00, 95c.
The Store of Satisfaction
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Charles   Ric'^-dr""
jsterday for thi
be away two months.
the north arm of the Inlet.
MISS Vlda Corbould who has been TRICT.-DIstrlct of New Westmin-
left vesterdav for the east and wlll .Jr \ * ��, I. ��j, �� n n ster.-Take notice that I, James
LlfU.!���e.���yJ��Lihe eaBt'    M W1U the guest of Mr  and Mrs. G   E. Cor-4 char,���B WOod     f   N     h Vancouver
bould     returned    to    Winnipeg    onVoccupatIon merchant> intend t0 atU)Iy
* *    * Thursday. __      . .^ il . J for permission to purchase the follow-
Mrs. Arthur  Malins came up from                          ... ,ng de8crlbed Iandg.    Comme__cing at
Boundary Bay on Thursday for a few      Mr anfl MrB Procteri of Armstrong,, a post planted    about    three    miles
days, who have been the guests of Mrs. G/ north of T. L. 916 on the west shore
* * D.   Brymner,  left   Tuesday   for  Vic- of Haslam    lake,    thence    west    80
Mr. Robert Beatty. of Vernon. ��<?*J toria. (chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
returned to his home after spending ... east g0 c_,ains, thence nortb 80 chains
his   holidays   with   his  mother   Mrs.      Mr. Frank Major gave a stag din- to point of commencement, and oon-
George Beatty, Seventh Btreet. n��r cn I'hi'fsdav evening in honor o . taining 640 acres more or less.
* ���   ��� Mr.  Jack  Cornwall,  who   is leaving JAMES CHARLES WOOD,
Mr.  and  Mrs. J.  S.  C.  Fraser,  of next week for the upper country. A O'Gerle, Agent.
Rossland,   are   receiving congratula- few other invited guests came in later     Dated June 6th, 1911,
Good for Face Value In the
DAILY NEWS $3,000.00 Fh�� coupon g>u��u
Good until Aug. 5, 1911
Address  ........
Coupons must be In ballot box before  expiration  date  and  trimmed
or they will not be counted.
That beautiful property, 132x132,
on Blackwood, Armstrong and Carnarvon streets with well laid out residence, for $17,000. One-quarter cash,
balance one, two and three years at
seven per cent. Note terms and compare Columbia street of today with
Columbia street of three years ago.
Before last payment falls due, three
years hence, this property will have
become a valuable business site and
with a frontage on three streets,
must command a high figure per
front foot. "The woods are full" of
men who have become wealthy during the last few years, not so much
because they bad a little money as
because they had the foresight and
courage to Invest at the right time
and in the right place. Here Is another opportunity���nothing better on
the market.    For further  partlculara
'Phone 919 1316 Cariboo Street
See'7 Our Stratford Step Ladders
The only Perfect Ladder made. We have the Fruit
Picking, Extension and the Faultless Step Ladders,
perfect in strength and price.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.
To ensure delivery in time for your
crops Order   Your   Fruit  Boxes
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
Sapperton, British Columbia
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 16.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.     Vice-President.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
Fresh Sanitary Milk
Delivered to any part of the city.   Bottled on the Mountain Meatfews
Sanitary  Farm, Huntingdon, B.C.
Phone 490. 628 Clarkson Street.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It is the stuff that the foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   le
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot be invested until lt Is first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager..
, ���   ���
.   ..������<--.
.,*,:. ���MMNM
-... ;>-.- -.
��� -��������� PAGE TOUR
SATURDAY, JULY ��, 1911.
The Daily News
Published by The Dally News Publish-
fo ? Company, Limited, at their offices,
��r ot McKenzie and Victoria
C A. Paige Managing Director
SATURDAY,  JULY  29,  1911.
It is unfortunate that when a matter which concerns the community in
this city is fixed for discussion only
a limited number of those members
of the public who are concerned are
generally present to take part ln the
proceedings. Not only once nor twice
has this hind of thing happened, but
many times. On Thursday evening a
matter which very closely concerns
every trade and commercial man ln
New Westminster formed the object
or a meeting summoned at the city
hall, yet many ot those whom one
-would expect to see at such a gathering were noticeable absentees. The
fact that this happens to be holiday
Ume may perhaps account in some
way for the apparent lack of Interest
taken in the Peace river project; but
even allowing for this the commercial
Interests of this city might surely
have been better represented.
There can be very little doubt that
the proposed construction of a rail-
-way linking up this coast with Fort
George and the Peace river country
would be as great an advantage to
New Westminster as to any other city.
The desire and hope of those who I
have the best Interests of *Ke Royal
City at heart is to see this rapidly
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
%&��&&       flavor and food value.
The New Mill* at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade'we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
When you want to dear your house of
flies, see that you get    ��
Fly Pads
Imitations are always unsatisfactory.
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
Shortest Route to London on 12,006
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next   Sailings from  Mentreal:
transformed  into a busy  manufactu^ ROYAL EDWARD ....,'. ^PT. 6
Rates of Passage:
lng centre, a depot of commercial ex
change, and a large thriving port. All
the circumstances are favorable to
the accomplishment of this great purpose, and lf the people of New Westminster will only direct tlieir best
energies thereto, it will come about
In the very near future.
Within view of the city, a�� Coquit-
lam and  Port Mann, two great railway yards and shipping depots    are
about to be created, the one1 by the
Canadian    Paciflc   railway   and . the I
other by the Canadian Northern rail-1
���away, ft is exceedingly llkeJy also that/
tbe Great Northern railway wlll considerably extend Its operations  here
in the not very distant future,   ' hile
tlie Grand Trunk Pacific line may be
obliged to locate an important shipping terminal on the Fraser river. On
the bankB of the same noble stream j
many large grain elevators are likely
to arise.
What, too, is   certain    to have    a
potent effect upon the commercial development of New Westminster is the
opening  of  the  Panama canal.    The
Fraser   river   furnishes   ideal   accommodation    for    shipping,    and    here
steamships  in  number nre likely    to
load anl discharge cargoes from and
to all larts of tbe world.    Tlie open
ing of tiie canal will mean tbe shortening   of   tbe   ee.i   journey   between
Kngland iind  British Columbia by    at
least  half   tli'  time,  and   which  will
mean    a    considerable    reduction    in
freight  rates.
If New Westminster is to become a
busy port and thrive as a shipping
<*ntre  then   she  must    have    ample
1st Class, $90.00 and upwards
2nd Class, $51.25 and upwards
Srd Class, Bristol or London, $31.25
Further information from Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
Looldng for
Phone 106.     P. O. Box 345.
Offlee, Front St., Foot of 8lxth.
If your eyes are troubling you, call
d liave tliem examined by a Graduate Optician.   All work guaranteed.
Optical Parlors in T. Gifford's Jewelry Store.
W. GIFFORD, Graduate Optician
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
���  ���
%-*��� ..   .
OPEN TILL 9  P.M.���ForUhe benefit
��� ;
of working men ahd others who
cannot spare tbe time to talk wltn
us in the daytime, the People's
Trust Company's office will be open
every evening from 7  to 9 o'clock.
Alice street, near Crescent; live
roomed modern house. Price only
$2900;  one-third cash, balance very
easy. ,
ON NANAIMO STREET���Near Thirteenth street, lot ('>(>.\128. Price
$1200;- one-third cash, balance ti, 12
and IS months.
Gold Rings
While we carry a complete stock of everything in the watch and
jewelry line, our specialty ls
Solid gold, stone set  finger rings
Prices of rings ranging 75c and up to $400.00.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R*y
means of communication with the sur- j NEAR     CORNER     OTTAWA     AND
rounding    country;    possess    feeders      Eighteenth  streets���Lot  50xl.'i2,  to
lane;   very cheap.    One-third  cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
which will bring the minerals and
timber and produce of the province
and beyond to our docks, and return
tbe imported goods and manufactures ' NEAR EDMONDS���Just a few lots
thereto, in these circumstances a
Una running through over five    hun
dred miles of fertile lands, rich min
efal tracts and great forests of tim-
bvr. and communication with a vast
area of northern country would be
most valuable. For this reason every
man who depends lor bis livelihood
upon the commercial prosperity of
New Westminster should come forward and work actively to get the
iRance river railway project carried
into (Bffct
left and selling rapidly. Price $5(10
to $;ion: one-quarter casli, balance
over 18 months.
FOR SALE, 7-Roomed House on Fifth St.
Near 3rd Ave; 2 large bedrooms upstairs, 5 rooms
downstairs, good bath, pantry, clothes closets; size
of lot 60 x 140; $5000; $2000 cash, balance arranged.
Phone  929. Room 16, Collister Block.
Realty is Good
See Us For Snaps
Royal Avenue, near Leopold Place,
modern cottage, five rooms. Price
$2900.00.. Terms, one-third cash, bai
ance $25 per month.
Oak Street, near Fourth Avenue
car line, new thoroughly modern, five
room cottage. Full sized cement basement with furnace.   See us at once.
The Black Rust.
Regina, July 27.���A. P. Mantle,
deputy minister of agriculture, is ot
the opinion that dreaded black rust
is not yet a feature ol tlie crop situation. There are indications of It in
many parts of the province, but a few
days warm weather will avert damage. The past three days have been
warm all over Saskatchewan.
Loses in Sedro-Woolley Fire.
Seattle, July 2?.���That the Sedro-
"Woolley losses occasioned by the disastrous flre of Monday will amount to
$->&0,000, or $5<1,000 more thn first estimated, was the assertion of DeWitt
���C. Owen, proprietor of The Skagit
County Courier, who was in the city
yesterday. Insurance approximated
���at $128,000 will cover about half of
this amount, leaving a net loss running close to $122,000.
The lack of sufficient water pressure at a critical time was, he said,
the causa of such a large part of the
4��n5incss district being destroyed.       *
$250 GETS    A  HOUSE���Let us show
you these pretty new cottages;   all
conveniences.    $2!)(l   cash   and   bal-j
ance monthly as rent. Tlie cheapest!
buys in the city.
Corner lot on Douglas road; size!
50x220. $500 cash or submit terms. I
This is on sale for a few days only ]
For Business or Pleasure Runs
To any point on the Fraser River It ls a cheap, quick, comfortable
and pleasant ride on the
Fast Speed  Launch "Vite"
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C. Phones  L117,   R117.
Fourth Street, between Third and
Fourth Avenues, fine building site.
Only $1600. One-half cash, balance to
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone  696.
622 Columbia  street.
and looks like a snap.
U to you.
Let us show
in D. L. Ofi; size 50x120; streets are
being opened up and several homes
are already started. Price only
$475; good terms over two years.
TheBe are in growing section and
are a good investment.
The People's Trust Co. ,"<������
'431  Columbia Street.    Telephone 669.
��� IN ���
B.C. Mills
limber  and  Trading   Co.
!   Manufacturers and Dealers In All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster Box  13'
To Business or Picnic Parties:
Patronize the "Tlono"
Large and commodious, carrying one to twenty
with comfort.   Apply to Alex Speck, on boat at
Begbie street slip, or 'phone L. 558.
IN THE MATTER of the estate of
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up 'o one o'clock in
tho afternoon on the lst day of
August, 1011, for the purchase of tlie
somh half of tlie southeast quarter or
section live 15), township eight (8),
in tlie district of New Westminster
and province of Hritish Columbia,
containing eighty (80) acres more ->r
This land is well situated near
Cloverdale. in the Municipality of
Surrey. About tea (10) acres are
cleared and stumped and about ten
(10) acres more partly cleared. There
is a small bouse on the property.
Ail tenders must be accompanied
by a marked cheque for five (5) per
centum of the purchase price. If
tender ls not accepted cheque wlll be
Tenderers will name the amount of
cash which they are prepared to pay
and also the terms which they will
expect for payment of the balance.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted and all tenders shall be subject to the approval
of the .tudge.
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Wade, Whealler, McQuarrie
& Martin, rooms 7 and 8 Gulchon
block, New Westminster, B. C. or
rooms 20 and 21 Williams building,
Vancouver, B. C.
Dated this fifteenth day of July
District Registrar.
Supreme Court.
Court House, New Westminster, B.C.
4* TEr-R CEfiT. IffTEH-
317-321 Gamble St.
Vancouver, B.C,
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
Transfer Co.
Doe   POons IIS.      Barn  'Fiona ISA
Begbie Street.
~~**gg-*t*   delivered    promptly    ;���
any part of tke city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
3tf  to 26 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  S3.
Tenth   St.,  New  Westminster.
Mosquitos as big as
bumble bees don't
frighten me
For I am Using
and lt certainly keeps them off.
He also puts    up    an    application
which kills the sting of insect bites.
He niso has a full stock of fly poisons
and sticky fly-catchers.
When you wish to buy a film or
plate camera or any of the accessories, or want any advice regarding
photographic work go to
The Red Cross Pharmacy
C. S. Davies, Prop.
Phone 40. 32 Sixth Street.
New Westminster,  B.C. -4
r    SATURDAY, JULY &, 1911,
Both Teams Rearrange Line-Up for Seventh Struggle���
Pat Feeney Indisposed-Westminster Athlete Still
Waiting   for  His   Trophies ��� Nolan   Shows
Novice   Form   Against Muldoon.
WHAT gives promise of being
one of the hardest games ol'
the league championship this
.season eo far is due for decision this
ufternoon when the champions and
neur-charaplons meet at Recreation
park to liattle for supremacy ln the
seventh of the ten scheduled gam***;
aud. naturally the question arises.
"Who will win?" Unfortunately
Manuger C. A. Welsh bas been forced
to shilt his team around owing to the
Illness of Pat Feeney. Personally I
hate chopping and changing and contend thut lt is not for the betterment
of any aggregation, but when sickness falls into the camp, such steps
have to he taken and from the personnel of the reconstructed twelve
lt looks that Mr. Welsh has acted
wisely and well with the material at
hand. Will Turnbull wlll take Patrick's place at numher seven, thus
letting ln Punk Wintemute. At tho
last moment Welsh may change
Johnny Howard front four to two
Howard would thus check Newsy Lalonde. and the arrangement would I
am Inclined to think work out better
than that formation which the management of the champions had at
llrst decided upon. ,
THE B. C. E, R. will run special
curs this afternoon between I
and 1:30 o'clock to cope with
the crowds from here, and I would advise fans to be on time. Every play
ln the match Is going to be one full
of Interest, and, again I would say
place the silverware on the Royals.
IT Is an open secret that Vancouver look upon the tussle of this
afternoon In a bright light and
the delegates who were over here on
Thursday night did not hide their
views on how the game would finish
up, in fact went so far as to Btate
that the Minto cup measurements
were being taken so that accommodation would be made for lt In the Terminal City. It is for the good of the
game that views such as these prevail. If the players may lack the finish and combination of the champions
lt has to be acknowledged that those
behind the fortune of the Terminal
City aggregation are far from being
down-hearted. We ln Westminster
fully appreciate that the battle Is not
yet over and that there are a few
steep hills still to climb, but after tho
wonderful performance and the return to their winning stride, I can see
nothing but the Dominion championship remaining right here ln the city
on the Fraser river.
BICKERING and hard talk have
been sent to the backwoods by
the olTlclals of the B. C. L. A.
and It did one good to be at tbe meeting of Thursday evening. Harmony '
held the long suit and chuckles were
audible when Fred Lynch and Cou
Jones agreed to forget their little differences and travel over to the capital
yesterday In the quest for u second
referee for today's match. When the
next annual meeting falls due, there
will be a thorough cleansing of the
constitution which as one of the delegates put lt Thursday, ls not worth
the paper It Is printed on. The
strongest precldent could not hope to
rule a meeting with a constitption
such as the B. C. L. A, has ln vogue
at this time and the magnates would
be well advised to get together and
draft one worthy of the ruling body
of tbe national game in this province.'
In a court of law did occasion arise to
submit the rules and laws (?) to a
judge, I fancy I can see tears of
merriment trickling down the furrowed cheeks of the dispenser of justice
when he attempted to wade through
that awful constitution. But leaving
this especial subject for a moment,
didn't Referee Cusack get his? It is
a safe bet that this Victoria man will
never be seen in bis white sweater
again, acting as (apparently) goal
Judge and getting fifty per tor holding down the job.
THIS    column    would   not   seem
complete  without a knock   at
< someone  and  this   week,  the
knock Is directed to those mutts who
are hovering around and throwing In
the Insinuations that tbe league
matches are all cut and dry affairs
and that Welsh and Jones are the
bold bad men of the play wbo are out
for the pelf and snatching at the
money of the public wherewith to en-
rlcIiThemselves.    Had some of those
kill-sports been present at tbe meetings of the association this year it
would have been very clear that there
is no love lost between tbe two clubs
and that frame-up matches have
never entered the minds of those responsible to their respective clubs
for tbe welfare of the teams which
they manage. Men who frame-up,
and cook games do not act as the
delegates of the Westminster and
Vancouver clubs bave this season,
and It ls very clear that both clubs
are out to win by the straight route
or not at all. This season has been
tbe crucial one in the history of the
game, and although at one time It was
thought there would be a deadlock
and a split ln the camp, better sense
has returned to those In charge of
affairs and the difficulty ls passed,
for. I hope, all time. With a two-
league association there is certain to
be a presence of friction at times
and those who have the best Interests of the great sport at heart do
hope with me that hy the time the
season of 1912 comes around tbat a
third club will have heen admitted.
As for the frame-up matches, please
forget It, and lf anyone should broach
tbe subject, make him prove his
to have amateur lacrosse in this hotbed of the game l��t us give our patronage and show the players that
tbeir efforts are being appreciated and
volley of lefts to the stomach had
'Nolan"''ta-'Q-ttm street, and It was
not long ere one foresaw the finish to
hostilities. | Muldoon who is a splen-
ITH Percy Cove I bad seen a
Tommy Nolan of Chicago ln
action in the States, but tbe
man who assumed tbat name on Toes-
day was not the same, and this leads
one to again wish [or the materialising of an association which would
not only protect tbe boxers themselves, but also the public. The advance dope on Tuesdays affairs informed us that Nolan had met the
best In the boxing game, but I am Inclined to think that the meeeting
must have taken place either on the
sidewalk or ln the dressing vjooms of
this bunch.
There's some class   to
then we will have contentment. There | did fighter, and a pretty boxer, took
bave been mutterings this week about j the measure  of  the  opposing  glove
the  attitude  adopted   by  those   who '. merchant, and a slashing hook to the
are shouting all the while about the' P��int ��ent th��r middle west MM to a
wonderful asset the game ls to this I count.   At elgjjt the gong saved him
city, and those very people are con-\{r����� tbe  knockout and after a rest
splclous by their absence at a game'which did him a world of good, the
which was splendid    and  which was I third round was under way with Mul-
the first one this season in tbe city to I ��oo" going further to the lead.   Peter
necessitate extra time being   played  showed that when he met Jack Lee-
em the winners could be unearthed. | ter at Tacoma he was up against a
Get  together   citizens,  and   root   all   b'K handicap, both by reason of sick-  some of the  best, and  where Nolan
the ttme and every time for the ln- neB8 and weight. He bad Nolan think-! had  special  permission  to convey  a
termedlutes, senior'amateurs and the  g>�� ��>'. ttJ��,o"eh   the  round,  and   al-  message.
^^^^^���^ though lt looked to me that he should . -���	
bave sent in the winning punch In'^-a-mE English correspondents of
this round he held lt back until thel 1 some of the American news-
opening minute of tbe following ses- [ �� papers must be stepping off
sion when he made no mistake about the wrong foot these days, and the
his intentions. At close quarters he latest sporting piffle from London
ripped a left to the point, a followjpg through the agencies makes one real-
right to tbe mark and after a feint ly wonder lf there is no press censor
went In with a smash to the head and, to stop the rambllngs of the Yankee
tbe culminating message under tbe J scribes, who are responsible to their
heart. Nolan' sank to the floor, and j respective Yankee journals, for the
Percy Cove, who had been asked to truth, the whole truth and nothing
assist the ChJcagodn, was perfectlyj but the truth. We are told that a
Justified In throwing In the towel In fool Is born every minute, and that
token of defeat. It was quite ten! the public can always be gulled, but
minutes before Nolan recovered suffi-j the stuff switched over the wire*
ciently to be taken to his dressing about the match between Jack John-
OFFICIALS   of  tbe   Westminster
senior   amateurs  wish   to return  thanks  to the thousands
wbo attended   at  the  match   versus
Victoria    last    Suturday   at    Queens
park and desire me to state that the
receipts having heen checked are deposited ln the bank.    No special  police were necessary to act as a cordon
round the officials who had the greenbacks,  and   unfortunately  the  counting process was all too easy.    Whatever has gone wrong with the enthu-'
elastic Westminster fan of late, any-
now ?    Victoria made their   first appearance here for tbe season and tho
match meant much    to the    resting
place of the championship, yet it Is
found that the total receipts amounted to something under eighty dollars.
This is not playing the game by those
wbo  wlll   be called   upon   in  a  few
years to take the places of the professional team.   It Is not for the betterment of the play itself when the
stlckhandlers  find  that  their   efforts
are not being appreciated.    It is not
to the liking of the hard-working of-
, fleers of  the  Westmlnater club  who
cannot be expected to dive down In
'��� their   jeans   for   working   expenses.
j While I know that there Is not a man
on the club executive who would not
gladly fork out, and has done so, the
money  necessary  to   carry  financial
matters  along,  lt  ls   not   the   right
thing to always expect it.    It is the
I truest spirit of amateurism to stump
up for alt these matters, at least that
was the ruling when I was ln the unpaid   ranks  over   the   herring   pond,
but in Canada, tbe rules are more lax
and   permit  of  certain   grants   being
made  and  travelling expenses allowed.    This  being  so,  ls is  up to   the
people   to   give   that   suppprt    which
last Saturday was lacking.    If we are
THOSE responsible for the
Made-in-Canada sports meeting which was held in Vancouver some weeks ago, should get a
hustle on In tbe Immediate future,
otherwise there may be trouble in
the atmosphere, it will be recalled
tbat a Westminster athlete, Jack
Hoult, of Columbian college, won two
races at the meeting which was held
under the auspices of the amateur
ruling body of athletics ln the Dominion. I am Informed from an official
source that up to date Hoult has not
received any memento of hls victories on tbat occasion. Surely this
1b not as It should be and the sooner
some one In authority looks Into the
matter the better It will be for future
sports gatherings. Hoult is a Simon
pure amateur and would I am certain
take part in foot races for the absolute enjoyment of It, but it is hardly
fair to announce th*t prizes would
he awarded and hold them back after
this lengthy period. Hoult would be
well advised to place the matter ln
the bands of tbe association officials.
That should bring the promoters to
son and Bombadler Billy Wells could
not be gulped down even by a fool.
We are Informed in tbe American
sporting sheets that the contest be-
of himself, and it was plain tween the English and world's chain-
that he fs one of the best st p|on _B an ready tied up ln a small
Int.*     mm     tC     D.��U.     .!__. ... I m
IIE winner gave a good account
S you can   never tell   a girl's
riches by the purse   of   her
lips, so it ls with the appearance of an athlete in boxing attire.
At   Chilliwack    on    Tuesday    night,
when Peter Muldoon met and defeated  "Tommy  Nolan  of  Chicago,"  we
were presented to a couple of splendidly built athletes, who at the middle-weight limit gave evidence of being in tbe pink of condition, and who
looked  that tbey  could  mix It with
the best.   But, ob, what a difference
when'the Chicago (?) lad put np his
guard.   Then it was plain to the veriest tyro that he had not begun   to
know the flrst thing about the fistic
art.    He floundered around, and poked at Muldoon who carried out hls
pre-arranged program, whicb was to
size up bis antagonist for a bit and
then weave in.   The Initial round was
fairly satisfactory as far as It went,
the end  of the round   coming with
honors   fairly  even.    In  tbe   second
clash, Muldoon set about bis man In
workman-like shape and soon had thu
other backing to the rones.    A series
of right-hand books to the jaw, and a i
his weight on. this Paciflc slope. He
was altogether a different man to the
one whom I' saw face that white
joke Jack Lester some seven months
ago, and by his performance on Tuesday lt was made plainer that Lester
as a future aspirant for Jack Johnson's crown Is a.huge scream. If a
middle-weight, like Muldoon can when
suffering from illness put up a rattling good bout against heavyweight
\Lester, what' chance has the last
named to duck nnder the hemp wltb
world-beaters? Answers are superfluous.
parcel and labelled "frame-up," and
tbat Johnson ls willing to lie down
to the Britisher because he (J. J.) la
sore at the manner ln which he haa
been treated by his fellow countrymen; that Johnson gets ALL the
purse, while those behind the scheme
are James White, of Manchester, a
well-known promoter, and the backers of the frame-up are Ernest Terah
Hooley and Horatio Bottomley. Zowie!
Did one ever hear the like of tt? In
the flrst place and ln order to show
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Sale of Real Estate
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
J. j. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lfflkl Sireet New Westminster
I f$\
There's a tide in every man's affairs
that, when taken at the flood, gives him
his opportunity; lucky is the man who
sees and grasps it. We give you an
opportunity to secure a
$22.00 Suit for $15.00;" $18.00 Suit for $13.00
_^^ FOR TODAY  ONLY ======^^
We have been in business only a few months, so that our stock is all
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buy at' least one or more of these suits.
See Our Windows
A. S. Mills
House of "Fashion-Craft*' '
f .  PAGE SIX    |f
SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1911.
Mum Is the Word   -*.
With Candidates
All Are Wondering How Strong Their Opponents Are-
But It Is Only a Matter of Guessing-In the Meantime
There Is a Merry Scramble for Votes.
The $1750 Auto is on Display at T. A. Muir & Co's. Drug Store.   The $500 Piano Can be Seen at   the
Columbia Piano House.   The Furniture Sets Can be Seen at Galloway &.Le*i��.   fhe Watches
Can Be   Seen At T. Gifford's Jewelry Store.   The Scholarships Were Purchased
From The Westminster Modern BusinessjjSchooI.
The numher of votes held In reserve Is getting to he very mystifying.
Who knows whether thc immense
gains being made are from new business���new subscription reports���or
from drafts upon the candidate's reserve ? The contest editor might
know If it wasn't for his very poor
memory. He Is the "densest" man in
town when it comes to giving out information other than that contained
in the contest stories. If you don't believe it, Just try to Iind out the progress being made by one of your competitors.
However, candidates should not
draw heavily on their reserves, but
keep their scores on the mote with
subscriptions gathered from day to
day. I
Keep your reserve intact; keep the
extent of your "sleeve vote" to yourself; keep adding to It. Here's three
"keeps" to keep ln mind. .
Seven More Days. ���
That is the time alloted to you in
which to help your favorite win    a
prize in the Dally News' $3000 contest.   The one sure way to aid that
favorite, beyond any question of your
forgetting, Is to hand her your subscription   at  once.     The   candidates
are  working hard,  and every name
that they get checked off allows them
more time to work   In   new territory
and thus swell their vote.
Little Difference.
The contestants are   beginning   to
realize that the difference of a few
thousand  votes is not a  very    large
nufrgiiW/niid are not losing heart by
any means.    A  race is never ended
*triftTPt'lW'goal is reached, and there
-is always  time-for the last competi-1
��� ,tor to win out,    ... /
'       ' Make Another Trip.
If you have exhausted your territory, go over it again and   sign   re-1
newals and extensions now.
The people who have promised ex-j
tensions ought to be  willing to help
you now that the contest is on the
home stretch.
..Uninterested Judges. i
That     each     candidate     in     the i
contest may feel assured of a square
deal, a committee of well-known busi-;
ness men will be selected to act   as I
Judges to count the votes and award
the  prizes  at  the  close  of  the con-
Securing Subscriptions.
Candidates in any certain district
are In no way restricted from sccur-1
lng subscribers in any locality that
they may wish. For instance, a can-1
didate in Distiict 1 may secure subscriptions in District No. 1 and District No. 2 may secure subscriptions
in Distiict No. 1; in fact, candidates
may secure subscribers wherever
they can Ret them.
Don't Hold Back Subscriptions.
There is a tendency noticed by the
manager of the contest   for contestants to hold back subsc:iptions after
receiving   them   from    their   friends, j
These friends want their paper after
they subscribe for two reason;  One,
they wlshto clip tlie coupon fo" their
favorite, and the other that they wish
to read (he news contained in the columns of the  Daily  News.    The man-
ager of the contest suggests that th> |
contestants   turn    in   their   subscription-; each day  and  receive a ballot I
for Hu-lun.   If they wish to hold back'
this ballol it is possible to do so. j
This   iroisters  the  name   of   your
friend   on   the   Daly   News   subscription  lis'  and they get their paper at j
each Issue.
Subscriptions  Easily  Obtained.       !
The Dally News is  so well  Imewn
and Is so far ahead of any other newspaper  in  its  Held that  It i.s an easy
matter to induce your friends and ac-|
qualntances to become  regular   subscribers.     The  votes obtained on a I
two dollar subscription will ftlaco yon |
in a Btrong position, and with a little1
extra effort you can reach l��e top.
It  is  a  pleasure   to   suggest   to   a!
friend the advisability of subscribing
to the Daily News
Don't Stop at One Subscription.
As soon  as you  have  secured  one
subscription go after another In your
spare   time.     This  contest   business
need not  interfere with your regular
,  work.    However, if you were to spend
your time for tlie ne\t few weeks do-
ln^  nothing   but    securing   subscriptions  to  the  Daily  News the reward
for your efforts would quite suffice to
pay  you  many  times   over.      Think
what, a wonderful profit will he yours
should you win the $1,760  McLaughlin car; it would be equivalent  to a
salary of $500 per week for the next
few weeks.
Unpaid   Subscription: Count.
All subscribers to the Dally News
���who are in arrears on their subscription account, and who settle same,
are entitled to votes according to the
schedule. When you pay your subscription be sure you receive the
votes to which you are entitled.
��� ��������������������������������������������   Standing of Candidates.
Reinstatement of Candidates.
Candidates whose standing Is
under 6000 have been dropped
from the list, but will be reinstated as soon as they send ln
enough votes to make the required B0OU.
���*.* ___
*>'    Nominations for the big automobile
��� contest   are   published   below,   and
��� show  the growing    Interest    In  the
��� competition.   Look them through, and
��  see lf you cannot   add   that   of   a
Rules of the Contest.
In addition to the nomination rules
published below, the following regulations will govern the conduct of the
Westminster News three thousand
dollar voting contest:
1. The contest closes at 9 p.m. Saturday, August 5. There wlll positively
be no extension of the time. |
2. Votes may not be secured ex-
oept on subscriptions to the Daily or
Weekly News or by clipping the ballots dally during the life of the contest. I
3. No voles may be transferred
from one candidate to another.
4. Candidates must enter from
the district in which they live. If a
candidate removes from one district
to another during the life of the contest she wlll be a contestant from
the district she first entered.
5. If a candidate withdraws from
the contest her votes are lost.
6. Votes will be Issued on all sub-
| Bcriptions, old and new, according to
I schedule.
7. A subscriber who pays up his
i arrears to the News will he allowed
I votes according to the schedule.
8. No statement' made by any
' solicitor, canvasser or agent varying
I from the rules set forth will be
I recognized by the News.
9. Candidates by accepting their
nomination and Ailing votes certify
their agreement and these and any
other published conditions of the
10. The contest management of the
News reserves the right to settle any
controversies which arise during the
District No- 1���All territory west of
east side of Sixth street, within New
Westminster city limits.
Mlss  Laura  Lavery       176,840
Mlss Mary Eastman     348,890
Mrs. W. E. Fales  1,327,660
Mlss Ethel Ennie        12.H00
Miss Helen Shaw     101,620
Mrs. E. Sterling        9,950
Mlss Violet McGuffen     887,950
Mrs. J. E. Insley 1,717,500
Mlss Olive Archibald        14,710
Mrs.  Walter Thompson         56,000
Mlss Mabel Purvis        6,890
District No. 2���All territory east of
west side of Sixth street, including
Miss Florence McLeod       23,600
Mlss Helen C. Day   1,170,920
Mrs. Poingdestre        13,590
Miss Genevieve Drlscoll          8,750
Mlss Katie Muir         7,420
Miss Vera Gilley           7,060
Miss Lillian Jenkins      939,990
.Miss  Ruby Fletcher      27,990
Miss Ruth Robinson        13,800
Miss Naomi Kolph        18,060
Miss Clarice Osborne        14,270
Mlss Adele Bllodeau      254,070
Mrs. Winnie Tait   1,668,110
Miss Evelyn Cunningham ...     36,420
Mrs. B. Thompson         5,220
Mrs. C. S. Davies      13,490
Open Every  Evening.
The contest department will
be open every evening until 8
o'clock from now on for the
benefit of those who cannot
call during the day. Also all
day Saturdays.
District No. 3���All territory covered
by the Daily and Weekly News outside the city limits of New Westmin
Miss Rosy Phllcox, Mission.,
Miss Ruby Kirkland, Ladner
Miss Martha Pybus, Ladner .
Miss G. Dove, N. Vancouver.
Miss Grace Morrison, Edmonds       634,400
Mrs. W. T. McGilvray, Chilliwack          9,450
Miss  Huff,  Chilliwack           7,720
Miss  Mary  Peterman, Fraser
Mills        15,640
Miss Hutchinson, Milner    205,240
Mlss Vera Coulter, Langley..   466,610
Daily News Schedule of Votes
Dally News by Carrier���
Three months, $1.00 500
Six months. $2.00   1,500
Twelve months, $4.00 4,000
Two years, $8.00   10,000
Three  years,  $12.00    20,000
Four years, $16.00   40,000
Five  years, $20.00    80,000
For ten years subscription
will allow 250,000 votes.
For ten years subscription
will allow 200,000 votes.
to tlie
Dally News by mall���
Six months, $1.50  1,500 votes
Twelve months, $3.00 4,000 votes
Two years, $6.00  10,000 votes
Three years, $9.00   20,000 votes
Four years, $12,00   40,000 votes
Five years, $15.00    80,000  votes
Dally News by carrier at $40.00, we
to the  Daily  News by mall, at $30.00,  we
One years, $1.00    500 votea
Two years, $2.00 i,r>oo votes
Three years, $3.00   3,000 votea
Four   years,  $4.00    4,000 votes
Five years, $5.00    5,000  votea
For ten years subscriptions to the Weekly News at $10.00 we will give
15,000 votes.
The Prizes. ;*������
Eleven ln all. Two grand prizes and nine district prizes will be
divided  into  the  three  districts as follows:
The Candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in the
three districts combined will be awarded the $1750 McLaughlin
liuick touring car, to be seen at T. A. Muir's drug store, Columbia St.
The candidate receiving the most votes in the remaining th;ee
districts wlll be awarded the $500 piano. This piano was purchased
from the Columbia piano house and is on display at their store, tho
Walker block, 425 Columbia street.
The candidates getting the greatest number of votes after the
winners of the grand prizes will be given their choice of tlie district prizes.
The   Nine   District   Prizes.
Three scholarships purchased from the Westminster Modern
Business college. They are good for eight months tuition and worth
$96 each.
Three handsome furniture sets worth $75 each purchased from
Galloway & Lewis and can De seen at their store, corner Fourth
and  Columbia streets.
Three beautiful solid 14k. gold watches worth $40 each, purchased from and on display at T. Giffordl Jewelry store on Columbia Btreet.
The District. {0FJ
In order to give every candidate an equal chance to become
the possessor of one of these valuable prizes the territory has heen
divided  into three districts as follows:
District No. 1���All territory west of east side of Sixth street,
within New Westminster city limits. �����
District No. 2���All territo-y east of west side of Sixth street,
Including Sapperton.
District No 3���All territory covered by the Dally and Weekly
News outside the city limits of New Westminster.
One Hundred Dollars in Gold
To Candidates In Daily
News'   Auto   Contest
One Candidate in Each District WiU Share in the $100
in Gold to Be Awarded
Don't Overlook This Exceptionally
Generous Offer.
The Daily News Will "Give
Away $ 100 In Gold, to be
Divided Among the Three
Districts as Follows :
The Candidate in the three districts combined turning in the
greatest amount on subscriptions up till 9 p.m., August 2nd,
will receive $50.00 in gold.
The Candidates in the remaining two districts turning in the
greatest amounts on subscriptions during this period will
each receive $25.00 in gold.
Previous Subscriptions Do Not Count.
Every candidate has an equal
chance regardless of amount in
This offer positively ends
Wednesday, August 2
at 9 p.m, and will be the last
special offer during the contest
urs:*m n..**. i���u    :_...,* SATURDAY, JULY it,  1J11.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, H. M.
Dwar, of Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a pest planted about
one mile east of T. L. 32454, and two
miles from Haslam Lake, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
cbalns, thence north 80 chains, thence
east SO chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 2, 1911.
Re  the  fractional  northwest quarter
of  section    7,  township    ll    (121
aires), Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7721F, Issued
In the name of Colon    McLeod,   has
been filed ln this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published ln
the city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the snld certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.   New   Westminster, B.C., July 11, 1911.
July 4, 6, 6, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28.
August ,'f, 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23,
28, 29, 30.
September 1. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Going Limit, Fifteen Days.
Final Return Limit, October 31, 1911,
For rates and full Information apply to
much below the usual grade, the de- Steelbead, per lb 10c
mand na ���* ******** i....       ���
In all  sections of the market yesterday at the weekly sales, offerings
mand aa a result being weaker.
Vegetables;  Wholesale.
Potatoes, new, per sack $2 to $2.25
Vegetables, Retail-
Onions 5 lbs. 25c
Cabbage,  per  lb 5c
Rhubarb, per lb 5c
Parsley,  bunch    Sat
New Potatoes, Californlan
Per lb 15C
Retail Meats.
A. G. P. A.
Local Agent.
TRICT���District of New Weetata-
ster.-Take notice that I, J. I. Dwa',
of Vancouver, occupation merchant,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about one mlle east of T. L. 324S4,
and two miles from Haslam Lake,
tbence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chalnB, thence west 80 cbalns,
tlience south 80 chains to the point ot
commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent
May 2, 1911.
ster.-Take notice that I, Dorothy
Fry, of Seattle, Wash., occupation
married woman, Intend to apply to'
permission to purchase tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted abodt
one mlle east of Theodosia lake, at
T. L. 31562, thence east 80 chains,
tbence north 80 cbalns, tbence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains (
��.-rc much below the mark, and the Cucumbers, each  10c to 15c
result was that would be buvers had  Radishes, per bunch    Be
to leave without connecting with the  Spring onions, per bunch    6c
small  shipments  which sold lmmedi- Lettuce 3 heads 5c
ately bidding started. Cauliflowers, each  10c
New   potatoes  experienced   a  drop Tomatoes, per lb. 20c
in the majority of instances, as much Fruit.
as  50  cents  less   belug accepted lor  Gooseberries, per lb 8c to 10e
the  tubers  wbicli  were    not of    the  Cherries, per lb 10e
same even <iua!lty as last week. Red Currants, per box     8c
Fruit, with the exception    of rasp- Eggs and Butter.
berries, was conspicuous by Its absence. The berries sold at $2.75 and
were rapidly bought up at Ihat high
figure. Flowers of all varieties added
a brilliant touch of color to the other- Cod,
wise sombre building, and good average prices were received. In
poultry section,  the    offerings
City of Vancouver and ln use by lt aa
a reservoir site the said by-law belies
^^^^^_   nv.au meai*. known as (lie "Burnaby Water Works
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 18c  Construction By-law No. 2, 1910" aud
Beef, lion    22c   being numbered 90.
Beef, round steak  16c      AND WHEREAS under the said By-
Boiltng beef    10c to 14c   law lt was enacted tbat during   the
Veal 17c to 20c   term of forty years the currency  of
~ 18c to 20c  the debentures to be issued under the
term of forty years the currency of
______________________________��� ~ ���  tbe deben* "^^^^
4 lbs   25c   SuBar cured bacon   15c to 20c  authority   of   the
.    said   By-law   there
to 20c  shall be assessed, levied and collected annually ln  tlie same manner as
municipal   taxes  are  assessed   levied
________________________________________________________,*.-^  and collected from and upon the real
Beef,  forequarters    9c to  lie  property and from and upon flfty per
Veal, small  ll'/jc to 12',4c  centum of the assessed  value of the
Veal,  large    10c  to  lie  improvements within the said descrlb-
Pork   10'/4c to lH4c  ed   area   the   sum   of   Twenty-three
Mutton     12'/4c to 13c   Hundred   Dollars   t $2300 00)   for   the
eacb   $6 to $7   payment of interest on the said  de-
Poultry. *���	
Mutton   18c
Wholesale Meats.    ^^^^
Beef, carcass lie
Beef, hindquarters   12c tol4c
Spring lamb,
Eggs   wholesale                      la* .��� ��    Hens, small                 ' t�� ,��� *-,   ft!?2___! a,ld the further 8U"> of Four
..ggs, wnoleBaie  33c to 35c  ���.__' T...      ��6 to $7   Hundred     and     Eighty-five     Dollars
Eggs, retail  40c
Broilers    ...     ��Ji   �� 1* !*""��'  ** j��f P"'Pose of forming
T-      pish' Chickens      M �� li f���8,nk n�� fu,nd 'or the re-payment of
Lr]b '    ' ,n    Ducks    *mZ*\0 ll " * Principal of the said debentures
Ha,,but^ .b::::::::::::::::^
the  Salmon, red, per lb 15c
were Salmon, white, each   50c
Geese, each
.90c  Hundred
j ($2785.00)
I aforesald.^^^^^_
sum of Twenty-seven
and     Eighty-five     Dollars
to   be  raised  annually  as
point of commence,   and
640 acres more or less,
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 19, 1911.
ster.��� Take notice thkt I. Ft. B. Francis, of Vancouver, occupation merchant, Intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a poat planted
about one mile east of T. L. 32454,
and two miles from Haslam Lake,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
8* chains, tbence west 8 ��� chalas,
thence north 80 chains te point of|
commencement and containing
acres more or less.
Duncan  O'Hara,  Agent
May 2, 1911.
Re Lots 7 and 8, Block 11, Steveston.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7105A, Issued ln
tbe name of John Herbert Turner has
been flled ln this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
tbe date of the flrst publication hereof, la a dally newspaper published in
tke City ef New Westminster, issue
a duplicate ot the said certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
: C. S. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Weatmlnster, B.C., June 19th, 1911.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I. Mabel Lucy
Paige, of New Westminster, occupation, married woman. Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about two miles north of T. L. 916 on
the west shore of Hasiam Lake,
thence west 80 chains, th.encesouth
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Date June 6, 1911.
Re the northwest quarter of section
29, township 12, New Westminster
Whereas proof of the Ions of    certificate of title number 12190A, issued
6401 la   the   name   of   Robert   MacClure
Blake, bas been flled in this office.
Notice Is hereby given tbat I shall,,
at the expiration of ene month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newsvaper published tn
the City of New  Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said certlflcate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,   New   Westminster, B. 0., July 10, 1911.
For  Delicious
Cooked   Ham
��� GO TO
\ P. BURNS & CO.
'Phone 101.
645 Columbia St.
The Finest Woolens (
TRICT���District of  New  Weetmia-
ster.-Take notice that I. A. L. Dwar, I
of Vancouver,   occupation banker, intend to apply for permission to pur-
case the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one mlle east of T. L. 32454,
and tjvo miles from Haslam Lake,
tbence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tbence east 80 chains to the point ot
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Duncan O'Hara, Agent.
May 2, 1911.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I. James
Fergus O'Connor Wood, of North Vancouver, occupation merchant, Intend
to apply for permission to purchase
the  following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles north of T. L. 916
on the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
sn chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of
���commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
O'Gerle,   Agent.
D;ite June 6, 1911.
ster.-Take notice that I, W. E. Fry,
of Seattle, Wash., occupation broker,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following described
lands: .   .
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile east of Theodosia lake at T.
L. 31562, thence 80 chains west, thence
SO chains north, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains south to point of
commencement, and    containing   640
acres more or less.
W. E. FRY.
Duncan O'Hara. Agent.
May 19. 1911.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for construction of Hudson Bay Railway," will be received at this office,
until 16 o'clock on Tuesday, the lst
of August, for a section of about 185
miles from Pas Mission to Thicket
Plans, specifications and form of
contract to be entered into can bo
seen on und after Wednesday, May
31, at the office of the Chief Engineer
of the Department of Railways
and Canals, Ottawa, and at the office
of the Chief Engineer of the Hudson
Bay Railway, Winnipeg, at which
places forms of tender may be ob-
Parties tendering will  be required I
to accept the fair wages schedule pre-
pared  or to be prepared by the De-!
partment of  Labor,  which    schedule
will form part of the contract.
Contractors are requested to bear
In mind, that tenders will not be con-!
sidered unless made strictly ln ac-i
cordance with the printed forms, and
In the case of Arms, unless there are
attached the actual signature, the
nature of the occupation, and plsce
of residence of each member of the
firm. |
An accepted bank cheque for tho
sum of $200,000.00 made payable to'
the order of the Minister of Railway*]
and Canals must accompany each ten- j
der, which sum will be forfeited Ifj
the party tendering declines entering'
into contract for the work, at the j
rates stated In the offer submitted.
The cheques  thus sent In  will  be!
returned to the respective contractors,
I whose tenders are not nccepted.
The cheque of the successful tenderer will be held as security, or part
security, for the due fulfilment of tbe
contract to be entered Into.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
By order,
Department of Railways and Canals
Ottawa, May 26, 1911.
(Newspapers Inserting this adver
tisement without authority from the
Department will not be paid for it.)
20th Century Brand
Bench Tailored Clothes
$20.00 to $35,001
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
671  Columbia St. New Westminster, B. C
Ooium Seized on  Steamship.
Seattle,  July   27-Word   has  been I    *?H   WHEREAS   the   debentures
,     . .        ... , . authorized by said by-laws numbered
received here that a seizure of opium 85 and ,J0 have been |ggued and du.
was made on the liner Kumeric at posed of and after payment of the
Portland. The customs men found works constructed under said by-laws
six cans of opium, worth $300, se- there remains a certain unexpended
creted In the forecastle of the steam- j^*1*1"11118 ,0 the Cred,t of the "ald
sblp. A few nights ago customs of-, ANDWHErEAS on tbe 15th day
fleers arrested a Chinaman leaving I of Aprll ml ufter hav)ne received
the Kumeric and took from hinj eight the assent of the electors of the Mu-
canB of the drug, while three other! nicipality a by-law was duly passed
Celestials managed to return to the to enable the said Municipality to
ship. It it believed that they also ra|se under the provisions of the "Mu-
carried canB of opium. j n|c_pal   clauses    Act"   the    sum   of
��� ' I Three Hundred  and  Fifty  Thousand
CORPORATION  OF THE  DISTRICT j D��Uar8. ��3^00000>  for ,th�� Purpose
OF  BURNABY ��� ��   con��tructlng a general system of
        " waterworks   throughout   the   Munlcl-
By law   No ��� pallty which by-law is known as the
A By-law to alter the mode  of as- Bv^M^^^nSS^S?*
sessment under By-laws   number   85Bjr;1*" ""    ���d4 to numbered, 10��-
and so. AND WHEREAS the special   rate
WHEREAS the Municipal Councll' Provlded ,or b^ the 8aJd last men-
of the Corporation of the District of tloned bylaw ,s t0 be lev,ed on al1
Burnaby did on the Third day of Sep-: rateable land in the Municipality in-
tember 1910 pass a certain by-law to clul,ng the land ��ltuate In the areas
enable the Municipality to raise un-, ��e��cribed in the said by-laws 85
der the provisions of Section 259 of i .���*!!' ,.���.���������..,
the "Municipal Clauses Act" the sum AND WHEREAS it ls expedient to
of Twenty-two Thousand Six Hun-1utuiz* the water wor''�� constructed
dred and Fifty Dollars (122.650.00) iln Pi^uance to the said by-laws num-
for the purpose of constructing water- bered 85 and 90 a�� P*��t of the general
worka within a prescribed area in the **_*���"*.rt *ater wort? to *��� con*
Municipality ot Burnaby being more ��trueted under the authority of said
particularly described as that Part of by"i^Ln,u���b_|l!dA1_?0; ���   ._     .
tbe Municipality ot Burnaby situate AND WHEREAS it would be inlying and being ln Group One (1) ln eatable to ���� the amounts re-
the District of New Westminster and Quired under ^d by-laws 85 and 90
Province of British Columbia de-, u��on the landi ln the described areas
scribed a.j .(���lows: District Lot ,n ��ld bylaw�� numbered 85 and 90
Thirty (30) Blocks Eight (8) to Thlr- and at,_flf 8aatte ilm* t0 kvjr upon
ty-eight (38) both Inclusive of Dis- "?e "j" Iands under j����Lpro.vl',��n,8
trlct Lot Ninety-five (95) and Block ��f ������" bflaw numbered 100 AND it
"G" ot District Lot Ninety-six (96), J8 therefore deemed advisable to
the said By-law being known as the nereby proWde that the said moneys
"Burnaby Waterworks Construction �����"'red �����*���" ng.W��W."��>f
Bv-law 1910" and bein* numbered ��d w- *nd *�� ���*���" *��� '���vied Oil all
By-law  1910    and   being   numbered.    ^^ J-jJtf ft ^# Mtmlolpailty ot
,atNn i2?2��%LA%& d��rC 52 iS��� ' THEREFORE the Munici-
law  It   was  enacted  tnat  during  tne,     ,  _*      .. .     _^_,_���_,_���,,������  ���. ,*,.
term of twenty-flve years the cur- Pa.1Q,S��"nC���1.1 l^hv ��E . ����� m
rency of the debentures to be issued pi8trtct of Burnaby enacts as fo1"
under the authority of the said  By-/0*8, om������_���_ ���_��_*__.___. ht. __.��_���
law there shall be assessed, ^Jj.^.'S K^^hS!
and collected annually ln the same' ����l��W�� JJ���^*ga.Mw"* ?L����5
manner as Municipal taxes are assess- ����   Buraaby Water Works Construe-
.   ,    ... . _,,ii__.,___. ._���_ mmA .... ' tlon  By-law 1910    and   the   Burnaby
ed, lev led and collectedJrom and up-j ' construction    By-law
on the real property and from andi.. ��� ... -e-neptiveiv to k-
upon flfty per centum of the assessed | ���J *' ���?]y ff for the oaV-
value of the improvement^, within����� JJ? ^LeTon the 'deo^-
said described area the sum of Eleven  . i_i_,_____   ���_,��,_,_. ,_.,_.    ���ft,nri,.- ���/
���    .    .  ���_.  n,��,i_.��� ._,���  Knmn tv��i   tures issued  under the   -utnority ot
Twenty-one  JW0MW.JJ   the be HMeweA ^^ J-
purpose  of  forming  a   i.inking  fund cur_
for the;e-pa>n,ent of the princlpa  of debentures by spe-
the uld ^jWf'.ft���^?, cial We sufficient therefore on all
specified  therein   making  in  all  thet^^ ]and �� ^ Munlcli)jl,ity  the
said special rate to be ln addition to
all other rates to be assessed levied
and collected in the said Municijiaiity
during the currency of the safU debentures or any of thefa,
sum of Seventeen Hundred and Fifty-
three and 72-100 Dollars ($1753.72)
to be raised annually as aforesaid.
AND    WHEREAS    the    Municipal
Council aforesaid did on the 24th day i
of November 1910 pass a certain by
law to enable the Municipality to! *��� The 8aid amounts to be assess-
ralse under the provisions of said | ?d>, levied and collected under Section
Section 259 of the "Municipal Clauses |
Act" the sum of Forty-six Thousand
Dollars ($46,000.00) for the purpose
of constructing a waterworks within
the prescribed area in the Municipality being more particularly described
1 hereof shall be applied to the interest and sinking fund provided for
in said by-laws numbered 85 and 90.
3. Any and all moneys standfng""to
tbe credit of the said by-laws numbered  85  and  90  or either of them
as  that  part of the  Municipality   ofi���^  be used by  the Municipality in
Burnaby situate lying and being ln i
Group One (1) ln the District of New
Westminster and Province of British
Columbia described as follows: District Lot One Hundred and Eighty-
six (186) excepting ten (10) acre portion  more  or  less  belonging  to  the
HWHi vii
Phone 699.
P. O. Box 501.
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
'       Westminster Trust Building.
Gardiner, Mercer & Gardiner,
M. S. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
in our Store excepting John B. Stetson
$2.00 Each
The Cash Store
Columbia Street
connection with the said general
water works system hereinbefore referred to.
4. This by-law shall before the
final passing thereof receive the assent of the electtys entitled to vote
on money by-laws.
5. This by-law shall take effect on
and after the 22nd day of August,
A. D. 1911.
6. This by-law may be cited as the
"Burnaby Water Works Assessment
Merger By-law 1911."
DONE AND PASSED ln open council the S8th day of June, A. D. 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors at an election for the purpose on
the ��� day of , 19lf.
RECONSIDERED and finally phased the ��� day of  , A. D. 1!U1.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon,
which the vote of the' Municipality
will be taken on Saturday, the 12th
day of August, 1911, between-9 o'clock
a. m., until 7 o'clock p. m., at the polling places: <
The Municipal Hall. Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Parkv
Lake  View  School,  Burnaby Lake.
Mrs.  Cobban's   House,  Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Pole Line Road.
G. H. Leafs Store. East   Burnaby.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, Hastings
Street East.
Public notice is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned By-Law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed returning officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
ln that behalf.
By order of the Councll.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS,  Clerk.
wtmili     ii am**    - >AGE EIGHT
SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1911.
We sell
Hand Saws
Once used
Always used
They hang better, wear
better, run easier and
give better satisfaction
than any other hand saw
At a meeting of the executive of
the New Westminster Liberal association last evening lt has been arranged
to hold a meeting on Friday week to
elect ten debates to the provincial
convention at Vancouver at the end
of next month.
The steamer Transfer wlll make the
trip to Steveston and return on Sunday afternooiiB during the fishing
season, leaving the B. C. Electric
wharf at 3 o'clock. Round trip every
Saturday, leaving B.-K- wharf at 2
o'clock. **
Attention is drawn, to a notice of
opening tlie office of the city collector, which  will  he kept open till
nine o'clock on Monday and Tuesday
��� ��
When the
Fire Bell Rings
Your first thought "Is that my tiome
en flre." Why worry; take ent �� policy In one of the quick settlement
companies which I  represent.
A. W. McLeod
Doirt Swear
But use onr Mosquito Oil to prevent
bites. Burn our Mosquito Powder to
drive the pests away.
Humors of which definite confirmation  could not  be obtailie.1  were current In the city  last evening that
wealtbv  citizen  has offered n   lot
E&S^����SM tot* evening. This w... enable ratepayers
the plaoe of the present structures iii to Take advantage of the one-sixth
this city- I rebate. i
Recent      purchasers     and      other  ^^=^=
owners of  property  In  the city  Who ,
have  not  received   their  tax   notices'
should apply at once to thc tax collector, the city  hall, for a memo Of]
taxes on same, as the time for secur
Ing the full  rebate of one-sixth
jjires on the flrst day of August
Mrs. G. II. Hall, and Mlss Lucile
Hall, of Victoria, are guests of Mrs.
C. 8.  Keith, at 711  Royal avenue.
After conducting, tomorrow's    services Uev. A. F. Baker, pastor of Olivet Baptist church, will take a month I
rest.    He will  visit  Mr. David  Stew- ���
art. at his ranch ln tbe Lillooet. Mr.
Stewart   Is  well  known  here  as  for-|
merly an official of the B. C. E. K.
Halrdresslng parlor, etc.    Room 5,j
Market  Block, over Hunter's.      **    j
The magnificent McLaughlln-Bulek I
automobile, to be given away by tho
Dally News, ls to be seen ln the win
dow at T. A. Mulr's drug sto:e, Columbia street. Full particulars on
page six. , **
Miss Mayo Martin is spending the
week end with Mrs. A. J. Hill, Fourth
Good progress is being made with
the new Sixth avenue church, although delay has been caused in certain respects owing to failure to deliver material on time. No date can
yet be set when the congregation wlli
enter Into occupation.
Thomas E. Hall, who was charged
before his honor Judge Howay at the
county court yesterday with the misappropriation of moneys belonging to
the Chilliwack Steam Laundry company, with who he was lately employed ag manager, was found not
guilty and discharged from custody.
The Fawkner Case.
Victoria,    July    27.���Golden    Lloyd
/ Fawkner, convicted at the   spring assizes of a statutory offence nnd sentenced by Mr. Justice Murphy to seven
years   penal  servitude,  has  been   refused   a  new  trial  by  tlie   provincial
court of appeal, but owing to the dissenting Judgment of Mr. Justice Galli-
her on  grounds other than technical
Fawkner has the opportunity of carrying his appeal to the court at Ottaw:i
and  it is prohable that his attorney,
A.   II.   McLean, K-C,  will  take    tills
The Public
Supply Stores
Another Help Tor
The Housewife
From time to time
we have introduced
new helps for cleaning in the house and
laundry, which have
proved great suc-
cesses. We now
wish to introduce to
to the public
lighthouse Cleaner
a splendid article
which beats all on
the market at present.
It is sold at the bargain price of 3 for
Big Midsummer Sale
Saturday night brings to a close this greatest of
sales. There is still this one day more in which
to benefit by the bargains this sale offers. Today
we offer some startling bargains as a final to this big sale.
. A Clearing of Corsets Saturday; Values $2.25, Today $1.25
Here's your opportunity to secure Corsets at a big saving.   These are   made  of  French   Coutille,   extra'
strong   caped   steels   with   four strong elastic  supporters,  high  and   medium  bust  styles.    Exceptional
Values, per pair $1.25
by using our Cattle
Wash. Cows give more milk if they
don't have to fight (lies. Besides its
We have all kinds    of    Fly Paper,
Poison Sticky, Coils, eitc.
Curtis Drug Store
Try us for Spectacles
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New    Westminster.    B    C.
E. J. Boughen
Architect and Builder
See me about your new house.
Room 5 Trapp Block.
Phones 715 and 537.
Water  Wings
Bathing Caps
is complete.    We also
carry a large stock cf
Camping Necessities
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C. |
Crucial Test Tbis Afternoon
In League Championship
(Continued from Page Five.)
that Britisher* are on the level in all
mailers pertaining to sport, the public would not stand for anyone but
Eugene Corrl refereeing the bout and
anyone who knows this prince of
sportsmen also knows that if the pop
ular Gene ever takes a hand In any
matter, it has to lie on tlie square
and above board. Long years of in-
ftlmrjte workings with Corri have
proved to me that there is no whiter
man on the face of the earth and
that he wo ild ' rather undergo any
trial than 1 e a party to a crooked
transaction. Corri heing o.ie of the
leading members of the stock ex-
chang of London, would not lend
himself to shady transaction, and a
stronger 1 oini. is that he acts the
third man In the ring without fee of
any kind. Wilh reference to someone
callel liimes Wbite, of Manchester. I
am li the Jark It ir, possible that
this <"ii If he does exist���I have
my doubts- : ray have come to the
front since I left lie motherland, but
presuming he had, Manchester has
never been not< ���'. for the production
of boxing promoters, and besides a
bout of the Importance would only
be deci led in tlie metropolis of thei
world, and under the mimagement of)
those whom the public knew were
capable of conducting such a meeting. Ernest Terah Hooley, 1 know
only from his connection with certain!
questionable financial schemes. Bo'-
toniley is a man different in everyway from Ernest, and although it has
to be confessed that lie has been
mixed up in almost countless lawsuits affecting different biases of life,
be has managed to come through tho
majority of these with flying colors!
and has even heen complimented by I
the counsel for the prosecution, while]
judges who rarely condescend toi
throw boquets, have praised the as-;
tute Horatio. I have worked as a'
member of his election campaign���|
he is a grit of the glitters���and li
know something of the man. but atI
this I do not think he i.s such a manj
as would be connected with the pro-|
motion of a boxing contest. No, no,!
Mister American .correspondent, tit ir- -
isbers are not all suckers who talll
for this class of due. I would ho surprised if Johnson and Wells ever met. I
The last named man has very much
to learn ere he can hope to face Lil'j
Arthur in the roped square, and a
contest at this. . time .against the
world's champion would put We'.la
out of the business for all time.
Phone 92
Interesting Item in
Whitewear, Gowns
Values to $4,00;  Price Saturday, $1.95 per pair.
Women's Fine Grade Cambric and Long Cloth
Gowns, with fine lace trimming, short and three-
quarter sleeves', styles square or round neck, slipover and side fastening. SEE THESE SPECIAL
Black Grain Leather and Seal Purses fitted with
change purse, card case, etc., leather lined; values
$8.00 to $10.00.    Sale  Saturday, each   *5.50
Fancy  Lace Stock* and Embroidered Jabots; prices
Exquisite Dresses
Priced to Half
Regular  $15.00; Saturday, $7.50 each.
One-piece Dresses ln Mulls, Lawn, Batistes and
Linen; In shades of hello, sky, tan and white, beautifully trimmed with lace and embroidery. DON'T
Children's Tan Ribbed Hose; seamless feet, extra
strong and good summer weight, regular ^nc values.
Sale   Saturday, 2 pairs for  \ 25c
Children's Socks; cotton and cashmere, plain anl
lace  ankles;   in   shades  ot  tan,   white  and    black;
Tegular   25c. Sale Saturday, each     15c j regular 25c.   Sale Saturday, 2 pairs for  25c
Some Extraordinary Offerings in Wash Goods Today
Goods Priced to Half Cost
Visit the Remnant Tables for Big Snaps
Is mow under new management 'Meals
.mt all hours, night, and day.
.Merchanf.fi Dinner from 1L30
up te 8 o'clock; 25c.
The cafe is oentrally located, being
opiposlte tlie C. P. R. station; also B.
C. E. R. station. Electric cars running
to Vancouver, Chilliwack and Steveston leaving opposite the cafe.
Corner of Columbia and Eighth ets.
We have juet placed ��n the market a few choice blocka of partly
improved and  fully  Improved land.
I Very  Suitable for  Market
Gardening and Fruit
The land has been well farmed for
years and is in first class shape for
producing profitable crops. Some
blocks have buildings and bearing
orchards, also small fruits.
Special Terms���One quarter cash
balance"spread over two and a half
New Westminster
��������� **+*>**������**-*.*���*���+������** ���������������������������������������<
Lime Juice,
25c. a bottle
35c. a can
Mosquito Oil
25c. a bottle
Ryali s Drug Store |[
Particular Attention
Sailing from Johnson's Wharf at        12    MIDNIGHT
FOR   PRINCE   RUPERT   AND STEWART  Mondays and Thursdays
FOR VICTORIA AND SEATTLE    Tuesdays and Saturdays
Connecting at Prince Rupert with steamer for Port Simpson, Kincolith and the Queen Charlotte Islands; also with the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains east 100 miles.
One Way and Round-Trip Excursion Tickets to All  Points  East Via
the Grand Trunk System  Double Track Route.
\f f ft
Information cheerfully given.    No trouble to answer questions.
Harry C. Smith, G. P. & T. A Phone Seymour 7100
L. V. Dr��ce, Commercial Agent (Freight)   Phone Seymour 3060
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver ut 6, 5; 45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Sunday leaves at 6, 7, 8 a.m. and
every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby,line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
leave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9 a.m., 1:05, 4:05 and
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on its Fraser Valley
line. . i
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
6:10 p.m.


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