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The Daily News Nov 28, 1911

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���"��� VEST END.
^.s^llded on Seventh
iaaJtlllVJ^per aide), H000; one-
third cach, balance 6,   12   and   18
Datti) INt-wi
NOV 30 19il   ~,i
"-iCTofelA, e.^*NAP-
~^~"~ Maw WSS Tffnman Bungalow; owner
muet sell; will take $600 caah, and
thc balance over l:ng term. Sec ua
at once.
Imperialists in Possession of
Han Yan.
Affairs In China  Seem to Be Going
the  Way  of thc Government.
Harsh Measures Enforced.
Shanghai, Nov. 27.���A Wireless dispatch from Hankow saya that Han
Gang ls completely In the hands of
the Imperialists. There waa a frightful slaughter during tbe fight. The
revolutionists have fled in all directions. It is conservatively estimated
that the casualties on both sides
amounted  to 2,000 killed.
nggg���g.J.m, in 'I     i ��� ' ilTii:
Goes to Vancouver to  Spend   Money
and Is Robbed on His Own
Door Stoop.
Nanking, Nov. 27.���The hills overlooking tha walled eity of Nanking,
the ancient capital of China, swarm
today with rebellious forces eager for
Its occupation and determined to ov-,
ertbrow the last sthronghold of the I Mm,   threw
The list of reported holdups waa
increased yesterday when N. Naka
mura, a Japanese resident of Sapperton, announced to the pollce that
he had been attacked, knocked down
and robbed the previous night, losing $47.
Nakamura, who Ic an employee of
the Brunette sawmills, has been resident in Sapperton for the peat four
or five years, but lias not yet acquired poflclency In the mother
tongue. Through an Interpreter he
explained to Chief of Police Bradshaw
that he went to Vancouver on Saturday forenoon to cash a cheque for a
fellow countryman named Chasht. The
cheque was for $106.E0, but It was all
spent In Vancouver except $20, which
Nakamura carried on his person, with
enough money of bis own to bring up
the total sum to $47.
Opposite the Brunette mills office,
abdftt- 11 o'clock  last night,  a man
lumped out of the shadow and seized
him    violently   to  tbe
Manchue couth of the Yangtse.   The j ground and went through his pork-.ts.
Tiger Hill forts, for Beveial hours
Sunday morning, spoke repeatedly
while up along the northeastern range
from the top of Purple mountain overlooking the Ming tombs for a fifteen-mile semi circle tbey scattered
shells Into ever)' direction of tbe city.
So far as known the loss of life is
not large. General Wong, second tn
command of the defenders, is among
tnose killed.
During tbe ear I lor part of the day
the Imperialists attempted a sortie
agaicst the attacking forces, with a
view of tecapturing their position
mound the guns, but were driven
back inside the walls with considerable loss. The Tiger Hill batteries
succeeded ln silencing tbe Manchu
butteries on Lion Hill.
In the evening a dozen torpedo boat
destroyers und cruisers were lying
near the city. Doubtless they wlll
drive tbe defenders to the south. The
viceroy of Nanking and the Tartar
general have taken refuge In the Japanese consulate in which only tbe
consul remains. He is the sole official representative ot foreigners in
iOSt^iaS**9*��9_tt*:__.MB* 7***l
Nakamura obected to this proceeding
and tbe holdup man struck him on
the forehead. Having gotten the
money the man did not trouble about
the parcels Nakamura had been carrying, but stood not upon the order ot
hls going.
Nakamura says his assailant was a
white man about 30 yeara of age, not
very tall, and of slight build. Such
ls Nakamura's story.
. _. ty at O** r**a-H*tUj**l*t*
Hr   bringing   the   big   guns
Into position.      Thf Insurgents may {
Italy Successful  AU Through Said to
Have   Been   Active   in   Aegean
Heavy   Firing.
President's Address a Pertinent Exegesis of the Party's Position-Telegram of Congratulation Dispatched to Sir
Wilfrid-Officers Re-Elected.
The annual meeting of the New rescntati.vnlv speaking, to its present
Westminster Liberal association held low ebb In this province, from a po-
last night tn Eagle's hall demonstrat sitlon of predominance, federally and
ed that Liberalism in the Royal City, provlnclally, not ao many years ago,
notwithstanding tha late reactionary and It will be our own fault aa Lib-
debacle, Ic not dead, nor even sleep- erals it ve do net rebuild surely
lng, but a very much alive, vigorous and soundly upon tbe indubitable
and aggressive political factor, de- foundation afforded us. Tbere is room
termlned to make Its influence felt in ���and need! heaven knows!���when
this constituency and tbe province we consider tbe country practically
generally, aa aa Integral part of tha at the mercy of one political party,
great fighting force ot Liberalism and that, to put it mildly, none too
throughout the Dominion, under tbat scrupulous or principled, as ln Brit-
grand and undaunted old Liberal' ish Columbia���for a reconstructed,
chieftain, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. i vigorous and principled    Reform    or
The meeting was called to order at Liberal party In thla province, which
8:30 by George Kennedy, who, aftei the people will not be Blow t entrust
the reading of the minutes of the last with their iinertoio, wuen that party
annual meeting, proceeded, with a few has demonstrated its readiness for the
preliminary  remarks,  to  deliver  tho trust.
following *    Aa  to  our  rart,  locally  speaxing,
Annual  Addrcca of  Precldcnt.        ln the ,ate Dominion general election
It i. just a year past since the New ****** **Mto theworkol the
u^^^^-*TSS1ls^ 5KV��rS need'lo rep'ro^ch
   .. . iin'ii..   _,��.!.  ��w_ ������   handed   manner,   partly   defeated   by
eventful one politically, with the ac- cirPuniRtanrpB wl[h rieard to the
cent on the one outstanding event ot circumstances,   wro   regard    to  tne
the Dominion general election on Sep* S?;/!',,^ f^'th^LVnf
tember 21st last, which resulted in rf ?. *i,E�� iML'JB^STSSSS
complete and unexpected reverse for ?' ^i,1*n*S B��tw.?h.t���X? ��?��?
the Liberal party throughout Canada, |L^e��r ���' nS h^�� ���gf ISiE.'
on the question of reciprocity with $S �����fH.��P,P��Th^.S ^L^i���
the United States ln natural products ����"�� ��*" " * .^^liSj, T?,
the one Issue on which the appeal to ffif" was a p,act *aI <f����nii��Bloa tha��
Teachers Are Appointed to Different
Classes���Second Payment on
Lot Voted.
At a meeting of the board of school
trustees held last night and which
lasted into the small hours of this
morning the following appointments
were made:    .
Mlss Anderson of the Eighth divi
sion of the Central boys' school to
the Sixth division in place of Miss
Hanna, resigned. Mice Margaret Wat-
con to Mlsc Anderson's room. Miss
\nnle Hall was appointed to Mlss
Marshall's room at the Lord Kelvin
school and Mr. A. H. Greenfield was
appointed to the position of assistant manual training Inspector.
Tbe resignation of Mlss Bowell of
the Lulu Island school has been ac-
Oae account was passed and tbat
waa for the second payment on the
lot at Sixth avenue which has been
c&sen as the site of the new school.
the people was made anl tbe election
wlllu  Jyu ar    ^^^^^^
the arguments were on our side and
V?T���* *.*.<**.i~ *~ th- .,��,m ���� ��hi the evasion and misrepresentation ou
consitencf courage  anrhone. v  of thtlr8' and- thou*h the ��lectorate for
consistency,   courage   anu   uonesiy   ui   ,ho  tfm- ���nmul  it*oit tn h. ....��.i
purpose of the Liberal party and of
the time allowed itself to be swayed
or-*^rr."l���^^**V"o'�� wnf-M b>' appeals to prejudice and false Is-
the  late   government   cf   Sir  Wilfrid .,,������   ,v���  .,���......   Ia stZZ    .���~*t~-
i ���..���i��_  .i.-��    ...��.���_   .i.���  ���.,������.....-it- sues,  the sound  educative campaign
Laurier   that,   when   the   opportunity ,���  t'ha H,0,^���t  ���,���,,��� rfi,  ���,1Jmi; ,Z.
tx.      .,1,1   ���7  Zmr^   ��n  the district made ah evident Im.
came  they  did  not  seek  to  weakly  pl.C8slou  wnlch wil, bear frult in m,
future���If not in furtherance
of the particular issue whicb
was      settled      for      a      time      by
evade , but boldly challenged tbis la
sue and sought to give to the people
of Canada the mutually beneficial
freer trade relations with the great re
public to the south, tbe achievement
of which had been earnestly striven
Exciting Chase    Recults    In Alleged
Burglar  Getting  Bullet  in   Hip,
and Hie Capture.
Vancouver, Nov. 27.���With a bullet
from a policeman's revolver in his
hip, a man, supposed to be George
Brown. ll���� irwiav in St. Paul's hospital with the prospect of facing a
charge of theft when he comes out
Brown's wounding marked the finish of a sensational chase alone C an-
vllle, Nelson, Seymour and Smitne
t*. I:.'bt   iins
the election  ln  furtherance     at  any
rate of sound economic doctrine and
for by the leading public men of Can- li^*lJ.ta��f}^s������l}*\w^ 72
ada. Liberals and8 Conservatives alike gg**^n^SSTsJd^JSX?tte
lor over half a century.    Hungering  S'I^ISm   wa    wi  ,
       for   ofllc*.   ..ru*   atltjun   ��-ta��   iu w   VLffSjlSj,'"L- t^l^'-.V0^Ur��tW-��*�����-����* IS* �����,_**�����** *���� W-
Rome.  Nov. St.**Jn^*:*al\M*a-m--**^\"ei^^ 53^5tSSw^^^u w\*0*mU-*msta t*^s^^h*^t**
���n.   inetMtna   several 'Turk
(DM*8> *"'fnr  - .'-~iwaee'    *#���*        ����*������       ^mwmvsi       nu**        wuwb        uu Will 1 __* # Aft. *- -      ,
__^__                The batUe  waa very  severe, eape-   yantage  of the occasion  to  make a ! B��a11, x understand, from the report
���ot    rush    the    city    but" bombard UlaBy hi the vicinity of Henni, where'characteristically   frantic   flag-waving |ot  our  secretary-treasurer,  that   "wo
steadily and await surrender. a  cartes  of  bayonet  encounters   oc-'appeal ln opposition    to   reciprocity, I owe no man anything,    and have a
The Imperialists fired upon a Red enrred.    The Italian Iocs was "tela- ;whlcu temporarily blinded tho people 8man balance; lo begin the year with,
Further   Analysis    Ensures
That Fact.
Sixth   Street  Cornea  Up  Again an*
Coct of Rcpalrc���Lights Wanted
on Front ,;���..���  ���
Perhaps the most reassuring contribution to the debates at the meeting ot the city council laat evehlns
waa made by Aid. Uryaon when ha
read the letter accompanying an analysis of the city water made by John
F. C. B. Vance, of the city analyst*
office, Vancouver. In thla letter Mr.
Vance declared his opinion that thn
water Is well adapted tor all domestic purposea. The letter proceeded:
"Tbe yellow tint is due to the action
of water upon the soluble coloring
pigments of dried vegetable matter.
It ls not unusual for water In thla locality to assume a yellow tint In tho
fall months, due to the agitation of
water upon the soluble coloring matter of dry leaves."
Sixth Street Problem.
The question ot putting Sixth
atreet in order was again discussed at
considerable length. It came up ta
the weekly report of tha board of
works, where mention was made of
necessary lmprovementa on the street.
It was also remarked tn the report
that a few trees were out ot line.
Aid. Gray, who submitted the report,
pointed out that It waa not intended
the trees should be out down till tbe
council visited the ground and gave
their sanction.
Aid. Dodd seconded the adoption or
the report. Aid. Johnston said this
seemed to him very much like the
same report put in another way. Two-
weeks ago the suggestion had come-
from the city engineer that this street,
be repaired at a cost of $9,000, and
that the repairs involved the removal'
cf some trees.   He was glad to notice'
gttc��>tg   Just     btL'ore
mcrwng.    The  bullet  that    brought f that"llT the^shskc^ in"whie* tht"*��at-
?Hr^ r? t���he��r��ond wVhVn,!TBE '����� had been brougflt op^th";tS;
that left P. C. ^>i>>***^* "were to atand Ull they were vl&M by
he *wsed the fl3,.!- man around lH��the counciJ ,nd tbell remoV4I ap-
ompfr streets. proved of.    He waa prepared to tak*.
.e policeman at once stanefl a��-|hjg g])are of the responsibility whicn
acn-1 >mH���(tXInaty   nsesaott   ul ���*������*'l*^ ta*��nt*^ .tSTSLiw^M- >. ���. W Wm to halt!    As he did not com-1 .....ji-j.
omTn���ttihroS^ rrk ^~*���%*^ ,_ tta .ame as _* re.
Uu  r��B0��*l.e��s!4 to
However, the report submit-
Cross train coming la on the railroad,
Aoout 4,000 of General Chang's raw
recruits are now outside the city wltn
much ammunition and p.uns.
Murder of Foreigners.
Shanghai, Nov. 27.���Report* of the
murder of forelgnes in the provinces
of Sl-.en Sl and Shan Sl have been
received with the greatest apprehension. It is quite evident that a strong
element of Boxerlsm remains within
the sphere mentioned, where the impel iai government Is supposed to be
In control.
Trade haa been prostrated, nad
there ls a growing feeling among the
merchants that some definite action
should be taken to prevent further
outragec. The Throne seems helpless
to prevent murders by those who are
in no way connected with the rebels.
'I he commercial houses of all nationalities are losing heavily. In 190��,
owing to piratical outrages, guards
were placed on all the steamers and ���
other precautions were taken, but later, because of the overconfidence that'
the   British   flag   was   Immune   (rom
tlvelv light." Ito their true interests and led to a   n addition to a modest  amount in
General Canevas plan of battle was  rejection of tbe very benefits they had tlu8t J"? the realization of some for
carried   out   to   tht   letter   and   the  so long and icrslstently sought to ob-  m<*, club aM��t8-    Your Present ,��*
Italian troops are now in possession .tain. !ecutiv���' aa you may member, start-
of Hennl and Fort Moori.
Tripoli, Nov. ��7.���An Italian recon
government  or  party   eA  ��>?  >ear *y  ��W��* out  wlth   ���
' debts,  charges  and  claims  standing
^o     Ipiiflp r
could  ask  for a""b^"^"cause,  for"i ! ���PectaI    determined    e'f����t    accrued
nalssince on the plateau beside Der-1 nobler flght. win or lose, than that in | "D*  XTsocdon'atThe"cTSHf
na yesterday, resulted in an encount-i which   the  Laurier  government and IHS^^jJSSSi'ihnn? ?Se��
'the Liberal party of Canada went to I �����" 3ear, aggregating about a thou-
defeat on the 21st of September last   ���"��*  doJ ar8;uand  tb*y  arue  abIf  *��
a defeat more creditable and glor- j ��how better than a clean sheet at the
na ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
er with the Turkish forces. The
flighting lasted all day, both sides retiring on their positions. The Italian
casualty Ust has twelve killed and
thirty-eight wounded.
An important movement waa begun yesterday with the object of driving the Arabs out of the oasis and ot
extending tbe Italian front. The action, which was begun at daybreak,
was opened with an attack on Port
Mesrl by the Sixth brigade, from Bou-
meliana on tbe weet front.
After several hours fighting thc
Italians succeeded in dislodging the
Arabs, and General Frugones. commander of the Italian forces, ordered
the third division on the east front,
to advance toward Honnl. Part of the
Sixth brigade Joined  the Third,  tak-
ious than was the victory of their opponents, ln the circumstances. He-
cause of thia fact and because of the
close of another year, which is remarkable enough in tha annals of this
and   similar  associations  to  warrant
attack   these    precautions    were  re- !ln* * position eo as to protect the dl
vision, from attack In the direction of
Ainzara and to prevent a Junction of
the Arabs nnd Turks.
            "he Ita- n advance, it ls announ ���
i\~rin the hands of the brigands. Grave \ ?*.._ yas a  complete  success.      The
lwed. The rifles have become rusty
nipl there ts no ammunition. One
Fiiiimer carries a cannon, but no
plft'ls.   Canton is said to be rractlcal
troubles are feared. General Lung
is almost powerless to maintain op
der. ni-d contemplates flight.
fog of misrepresented and false Issues ***-?iai nwntlon. An chairman, acting
under cover of which the Conserva- ?nd associate campaign manager and
lives won-because, also, of the host-1Jreasuer for the name, I am glad to
ages which the Conservative party !^e able to Inform you that there wll
has given as the price of success to J�� no afterm^h of unliquidated llapll-
the organized high protectionists and Itlea. like a Banquos ghost, growing
to the extreme anti-Imperialists of,ou* ��}, thn late campaign, to confront
Canada���hostages which they have , and discredit us
been compelled to begin to redeem 0n<> tWnS wh!ch tte late elections
even In the constitution of the cab- i brought forcibly home to us aa a par-
Inet���the future of that parlv in pow-1 *>'��� locally speaking, ls the urgent
er rests upon an obviously transitory, j necessity for systematic and untiring
^^^^ work during the ensuing year, large
ly neglected in the past, In tbe reg-
nisecure and treacherous basis, which
the alert,  well   seasoned  and  unusu- , d . _
ally well equipped Liberal opposition i JatrauTO of duly qualified electors on
at Ottawa will not be slow  to take  * "       "        ~*       * ^"
advantage of.
With such a splendid record of reform) progress and achievement for
fifteen   years   of   power   behind   It���
the voters' lists not only of this city.
but of the four district ridings aa
well embraced within the present federal electoral district of New Westminster.   We did a little of this work
Lar.d  Reglctry Office Completely Destroyed and Valuable Documents
Loot���Cause  Unknown.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 27.���A wire
from the registrar's at Prince Rupert
to Attorney General Bowser tonight
stated that the registry office waa
completely destroyed but that practically all the important papers were
in the vault. John B. McKllllgan,
provincial surveyor of taxes, was
heard from the assessor, Arthur Cuthbert that many of the old assessment
records were destroyed.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 27.���The following ia all that has been received tn
Victoria: Flre boke out in the government building at 2:30 thla afternoon at Pi ince Runert, 8. C, The
land registry offlce la now ablaze and
la certainly doomed. Alt the, papers
have been destroyed; Tne cause, ia
Later fer Wireless: The land registry office waa completely destrored
and with it fC.000 In bank notes. Tha
government btrtWlng wan envet.
fighting' which "hl'stod a"irday"was "for1, with tbat grand oldman, consummate j|���/*enta"/  *ur,��W   *���"*���"! ,cam"
! tactician, statesman und orator. Sir I �����**����� and at the ��>nrt of revision
Wilfrid Laurier, still at its head keen leany this month I checked all the an-
and virile aa ever for the fray, having I Plications we had put In and found
thrown lightly from his shoulders for 1they were duly entered on the reg-
.�� ..-��� �� -,-- a 'ime the long borne cares and In- "J*��� of tho��e entitled to vote. There
patch has erne through from'the Se- stable noenttng incumbrances of of.jJS^J^.^" $L?>����S. f��r
colo of Milan statin* that rawta iw Hoe-the Liberal party of Canada can the wW^al voter* llali (which are
current ln Rome that an action haa certainly face the future buoyantly *��tak�� fcr pinion electlona)
commenced In  tte Aegean sea and,and hopefully, confident that It NiWW ��\,M,^����L/eVk   T?
work to do, aad the ability to do it. !^hk* *��� are entering���on the first
In opposition for a few years, only ��� Monday of May and the flrat Monday
less Imrortant than that which it has ��r,��� November, renpectlvely. There
accomplished far Canada during a *���" also not Improbably be a nrovln-
long and epoch making term in pow- ����' S��ne*�� etoetlon sometime
er; and that the country, wltt the within the twelvemonth, and aa
temporary astigmatism of the election there lc a large numher of otherwlce
campaign corrected by the adjust- Qualified voters, why are not on tte
ment of the lenses of sober second votera' lists, ft will devolve upon your
thought and experience, will ere long executive for the eaahlng year to
again have need of the counaela and fake steps. If possible, to have thla
guiding hand ln the place of power v'tal matter of reglctratlon attended
and Initiative of the statesmen and !��. ���� that all available votera shall
the party that found Canada what it n��v�� their names placed on tte Hit
waa, after eighteen years of unbrok- on each succeed ve Court of Revision
en Conservative rule, in 1896, and and he in a position to exerclce tte
brought it to wfiat it la. through flf- franchise whenever an election shall
teen unparalleled yeara of full round- (come on.
ed national progreaa and development, I In connection wltt the probability
In 1911 already referred to, of   a   provincial
Narrowing tbe retrospect to our general election within tte nert tw��l-
own province and district, we did not, ive months, it is liiphrtant to note
it must be admitted, having regard to that, fo Uowing tte eeneua of thla
the pact and aome few previouc *w. we ahall nave-must have, I
years, have mrfch to lose in a party might aay���a provincial redictrlbutlon
sense, taking Britten Colnmbia aa a before the election, which should, In-
whole, and ttgt little w��'f��t'ln the ��^��ce the rapraaentation of thia city
lowed at nightfall by the retirement
of the Turks.
Bombardment In Aegean.
Paris.    Nov.    27.���Notwithstanding
the strict censorship in Italy, a des-
that a bombardment Is actually in
progress. Officials maintain silence
but the fact that the communication
waa received and that telegrams are
subject to long de'av ��#em ����� *pti-
firm the statement that the action haa
It is unnecessary for The Dally
News to give a detailed report of
the last day of tte Conservative convention when the evening contemporary io succinctly sums it up aa
Trip to Provincial Mental Hoa-
pltal Farm Wound Up Two
*. Days' Conservative Convention.
into the ground. This not being effective he came to the conclusion that
he would have to disable his man if
he wanted to get him. and he fired
the next shot at his legs. The man
came down with a bullet In his hip.
Dr. Gourlay -was summoned at once
and after examining the wounded
man he ordered his removal to St.
Paul's hospital. The doctor stated
that the wound was not serious, and
there was no doubt that Brown, as
he gave his name, would recover.
Later in the morning P. C. Olm-
stead, in company with P. C. Kiiox,
searched the streets along which the
chase had taken place. They found
nine briar pipes, two cigarette holders and a package of cigarettes, all of
which were identified by Mr. John
Matthews, proprietor of a cigar store
at 954 Granville street, as being hla
"These people will coon begin to
believe tbat the police are in earnest," was the comment made by
Chief Chamberlin In reference to the
occurrence this morning.
Body Brought Back.
The body of John Moore, the lost
conductor of the B. C. E. R. company,
waa brought down last night from
Chilliwack after the Inquest. It Is
now in charge of Murchie & Son, who
will look after the funeral arrangements.
Japan Sending Troops.
Tokyo, Nov. 27.���A statement Issued by tbe forelan office say the
Japanese troops> at Peking and Tientsin will be reinforced immediately.
Such reinforcements are limited to
one battalion of infantry and machine gun.
��� ���
��� Early this morning a report *
��� waa neat ln to police head- ���
��� quarter* that a disastrous flre ���
1-e had taken pfkee at the houce ���
��� of aome people of the name ot ���
��� Moore who lived on the Pat- ���
��� tenon ranch on the Delta, in ���
��� which eeveral people loct their ���
��� their llvec.   Chief Wllkie, who ���
��� waa Immediately notified, cald ���
��� before he went across the riv- ���
��� er that he understood that two ���
��� children had   been   burnt to ���
��� death. ���
Aa a reault of tte flie Mr. Tom
Moore, the tetter, hla daughter Eileen
and n baby about oae year old were
burned to death. Four other children
were aaved, one ot whom waa io badly burned that it had to be taken to
tte hoapltal.
The home Ida knap of aahae.
Thia newa aaaa ln at l:M am
 Br*. Moore and her eldest daughter
racent rtaefSm. "an* ate "now"doira end dlatrict In the local ierfiiituw.|M* awar hi Seattle.
to the aolld  bed-rock ot tte "lite- ����� there hae been a large increase ef
duclble minimum" both Ih federal aad POpu"*tIon since thejast raadjuatm��nt
provincial affairi.   We ate not *Ito�� of the Provincial TWpeecnattor'   V,'- , .���
gether ignorant, fortunately, of aome sbsU aleo have a Dominion    -��*Mb��.,   S:*Ht a.m���H tt ���**�� be'i*���* that'? Oont knew.    I thing the matter
avoidable cauiec,   both   within and "on. that muet likewise gftect   New moth* aad ��aaghter auppoccd to ba<ahotfd be roterrcd to the board at
without the garty. tttt have oontrib-   r ���'���'." ���  '"m        . *.    .,-^awar wereaicobornad.  Seven hodtoaj*
port of two weeks ago on the same-
subject, except that the amount of
money Involved waa left out. "I
would like to ask," said the alderman, "if it will take $9,000 to repair
this street. I want to see this street
repaired and put in the very best
condition. It is about the only street.
we have left for vehicular traffic anoT
we must ha\e it put ln good shape.
I may sav that I. am advised it will
not take $9,000 to do the work.'-'
Mayor Lee:��" $9,000 was only thfc
estimated expenditure ln any case."
Aid. Johnston: ' I would Uke to askr
if the committee has met and discussed this matter, and If the report
which is submitted tonight is the result of such a meeting. Aid. dray
brought in a resolution in opposition)
to this report on the former occasion:.
He ls a member of the board ot
Aid. Gray: "I was not at a meeting'.
ot the board of works. Aid. Campbell,'
chairman of the board, is not present tonight, and that is why I have'
charge ot the report. I was told he
had a meeting with the engineer this
Mayor Lee: "The board of works
has not met. owing to tbe Illness of
Aid. Campbell. The engineer has the-
chairman of the board of works in
his office almost every afternoon. Thia
street simply Is to be fixed up: that
la all. I wish not onfy that street
but all city streets were fixed up.
Some of them are disgraceful. Although we have done more work on
the atreeta this year tban ever waa
done before, the streets are ctill a
long way from being what they ought.
to be."
Aid.   Bryson  said  he  thought the-
expending of    $9,000    on temporary
work was a mistake.   It wooid be Better to spend a few more thousands
and make a permanent job of ft   Nine *
thousand   dollars  waa   expend ve  repairing.
Mayor Lee: "Ton cant put eamentf
town there; tbe grade ic too steep..
Macadam is not a permanent atreet.
Take Eighth atreet. Engineers agree'
that tt Is the beet macadam they hav*
seen, but it ii not permanent"
Aid. Bryson:   "Supposing the cara
don't run Uli tte spring?   I think if*
tte itreet were made passable Mt the*
winter and the whole matter taken
up In tte spring tt wonld meet; the-
need! of the situation."
Mayor Lee:  "You do not _
leaving It aa it Is at preaent?"
Aid. Henley said tliey had waited'
a long Ume for thla atreet to be flzetfi
np. and It wai only about anothcr-
montt before tte time of the eounell
would be up.   He did not believe in
a retiring council going in tor an **���
pendlture of $9,000 on a thing of thl��;
kind.   It waa like spending oa tha'
repair of n wagon aa much atone* a*
woald buy a new one.
Aid. Johnaton: "I have hoard that*
la a movement on loot to hare tWa
jphv -<ent It ic aropoaed to nat
ated to reduce the Liberal partr. rag-
i       -i.i
��a tt*�� ctvej
���-?:** <���"���": -��\-., PAGE TWO
vant.    Apply 71:2 Twelfth street.
position ln butcher shop. Has had
some experience. Strong and willing.    Box 14. Daily News.
would like to make his home Wltt
a private family. Can Rive any
references to character that m;iy be
required. Apply Box 12, Daily News
i ��� ���
aged woman, desires maternity
case, care of child and light house
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Smyth wish
to take this opportunity of thanking
their friends for their kind words of
sympathy and the numerous floral
The Satutory Meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners will be held
at the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.
C, on Wednesday tiie i..th day of December at 10 o'clock in the I'ore-
i noon.
That would indeed, be the apotheosis
of fultility!    It would be a shameful
u nn iitfcc Tn mici*aste of tlme- ! 1Jok for the lrrcdu'
WHU  LllltO   IU  LUAlUible   minimum   of   artificial   Cesire,
j and am willing to work to satisfy that
 j minimum.    If other people are foolish
'enough tq work themselves to death
���In order to live, I raise no objection,
j though I rescve the right to sueor. If,
! however, such peculiar creatures looked  to the  matter sanely  and closely
they would find, as 1 have found, that
they only  really  live  v.-hen  they are
not working.   Does It not fellow then
orked lesa they would
Knight of the Road Who Says He
Well   Enough   Satisfied���Loves
the   Sunlight.
The following letter from a tramp
embodying his philosophy of life on  ����� ""'Jjjy ����
the road appears in T. P.'l Weekly:       .     m0,.r,,
1 read Holbrook Jack en's article on . Diogenes and  Budda.
������The Right to Loaf" in the sunlight, j Bpecies has historical  warrant.
I love the sunlight, and therefore, hate  Take  Dlogenes  and  the   Buddah,  to
everything that  hides  it, except th?  name      r, two among m.inv    These
fleeting cloud.     Perhaps the "tmllght  m���n    wele    philosophers,    Hite    all
A Spiritual meeting will be held at - helped me to dissect his article. Mr. jfp,^,,    unlike  tho  philosophers  of
,���������,.., . ,  Buddha
���pedes wrota nothing nnd said  a lot.    Dlo-
Mr, J. Clark's residence, Inman ave-; Jackson does not understand the loaf- i j. *    Tvho   wl!;e   lnlK-ii    and;
nue,   Central    Park,    near    station, \n.   one is not surprised.   Contempt notijlng.    Diogenes  ard   the  Bi
Charges    moderate.    Phone j Thursday evening nt 8  p.m.  All are , is  ,|,e  latter's  portion.    My
: welcome.    Literature   for   sale.
and town properties for B. C. coast
city properties or acreage. Apply
J. H. Rusk, 722 Fifth stieet, New
Hastings Townsite for lumber of
any kind. Box C. 50, Dally News
ble corner in Hastings Townsite
tor a lot or house In New Westminster.    Box  C50  News.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
know that I am now operating the
onlv pasteurized bottled milk plant
In "the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
fl quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
to clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley, Edmonds.
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
house. For particulars address T.
J. Neilly, City.
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
meet in Eagles hall the flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
IN THE  MATTER of the  "Winding
up Act," and
IN THE MATTER of Pitt Lake Brick
& Cement Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby   given    that   the
Honorable  Mr. Justice    Murphy    has
iixed Saturday, the Bth day of December, 1911, at   10:30   o'clock   in   the
forenoon, at his    Chambers    in    tho
Court House, New Westminster, B.C.. j
as the time and place for the appoint- |
ment of an official liquidator of   tho |
above named company.
Dated this 25th day of  November
District Registrar.
Sealed tenders will be received by
has puzzled society for ages. Ih this geneg 11Ved in a tub at tbe top of a
world of work the man who will not hjU Nothin,, c01lld uisturh his phllo-
work is regarded as a pariah, a sponf,-!,ophl(, serenitv; not even the unto-
er, a hanger-on. To "respectable | w;m, tg of jhe mul..hty little boys
people and the unltitiated all tramps |Qf Ulc leriod who llgr(l t0 scl h|8 bar-
are alike; and this mental attitude,, |0, a.roll!nK flown ti,e hin. T1,nt lg
absurdly wrong though it maybe, W the way to go through life���finely
reflected in the manner in which 10- oontemptuoni of the habits of the
ciety attempts to grapple with the' . The habits of today are laughed
tramp problem. at tomorrow.    We tramps take time
Dirty   Rascals. | bv the forelock by laughing nt it to-
But there are variations to every , f]ay Th(J n,ldllha> 80n of a chief, left
theme; and so there are tramps JBU kj, houEO t0 live in tbe forest. How
tramps. The tramp is often, too often j mll(,,) more contemptuoim would he
a dirty rascal (so are some aristo-, have ,|(.pn of civilization's eomplexi-
erats). But society is to blame for (ieK, ���H)a lo(i���ing," iike mln()| ..waa
hl3 dirtiness. It the tramp wers hlpon ,he co](1 gro,!mv with tha tiee-
eaught performing his ablutions in tha , b0������hs gPnt!v waving over his head,
murmuiing ri\er he would probably | and tho paie. cold stql.B decorating
bo conducted to the lockup and ; w,th mvstlc.ai grandeur the black can-
charged with indecency. Besides, lt|opy of heaven, which, an arched
is questionable if the modern river, i peace formp(1 the most piimilive of
which so often receives the waste, roofg_ He had ��� heaIthy contempt
matter of civilization, is clean enough fm. f;n<=.rv. Gcod thoughts require no
to bathe in. One cannot keep olaan,decoration. A simple thought is in-
wlthout the means of cleanliness and- hci.entIv beautiful. A simple life U
society, up to the present, has refused ; )ux,���.|o;is to its possersor oa is a lux-
to supply the tramp with those means j .)riol,s ���fe (0 he who w;lllov,.a in it>
True, he can get a bath in the casual , H],t the one ,a fil,e and ,he oth<?r ,s
ward���to the accomiianiment to a lot; ,.T0SS ButIda searched for "knr.wl-
c:f humbug. But the tramp is a tramp. cdge of tbe way... and in m0(]���ln llfej
very often, because he does not like who -,inoWB ",he way>. if not the
humbug;   therefore  he   does   without   knis,ht of the road?
the bath.   There are tramps who are j	
living contradictions of the easy apho- j PACIFIC HIGHWAY
I rism that a man's virtues are In direct |        ASSOCIATION  OFFERS  MEDAL
ratio to his inclination for work. The | 	
I man who hates work is not necessar-,    Complete     rules     governing     th.
the  undersigned  up  to noon of Fri-' ��>   vicious.    If he were, tliere| would  awardlng  of a
day, the 1st day of December, 1911.   le some Justification for the old (and  flrst automobile
Terms  cash.    The  highest  of any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated  this  Sth  day  of  November.
to city,  with  good    prospects    for      W. F. Hansford. P. O. Box 285, New
work  In vicinity,  $15    per    month. I Westmi.
gold   trophy   for   the
,...,, .,���..e  touring   continuously
for the purchase of the following de ;nowadays almost discarded) doctrine between Vancouver B. C. and Daw-
scribed property, viz.: Part (5 i that we are all charged with a dose of son (or any other settlement, in the
acres) of the East half of the Weat original sin; for, after all, very few Canadian Yukon or Alaska an equal
half of the Southerly portion of D.L. ��f us like work, or, to put it moro or greater distance north than Daw-
380, Group 1, New Westminster Dls- truthfully, very few of us'care :or son) via a continuation of the Patriot of the Prov ice of British C<��- the particular varieties of work that clnc Highway route, have been issued
lumbia (close to 1 P. R. Station pt our position in society imposes upon by the pacinc Highway Association.
New Westminster Junction). us. I |   'This makes the third trophy to be
at Cooks
Fhe Dinner
is tht hand that rules the world,
I;i r.ito cf what they say r.beut
''cradle:.", Ihs sIovj U the ali-iu.poit-
aut factor in "home-rule."   A
er, B. C.
Is   Laziness  a   virtue?
Laziness,   then,   is   net,  per   se,
1 put up by the association for pioneer
ing   runs   along   projected    continuu-
vice.   But. as I said before, this i3 a  tions of its route    The nrst, for the
world of work . It is full of work, un-  seattle-Hazelton  trip,  was latelv  won
fortu���, I mean generally speaking. To  by P  K Sand8: the second, for a tour
work is one. of the penalties of living.  from San Djego to the City of Mexico,
Keid, Curtis & Dorgan. 70fi Colum-1,   Solicitor   for   Executor   Estate  of (Therefore, argues society, those   who, win pr0bably be contested   for   next
bia street, New Westminster, B.C.      late Alexander Stewart  McLean, do- shirk that penalty are neglecting their spring   0r   summer.     All    these   tro-
""""" fduty-   This sounds logical; but all the phie8  are  Blmllar in  app���a,anee. be-
TO    RENT���COMFORTABLE    BED-1"���~ =" ~^~ -*~  ,acto,'? ���� ">e case are not there.    I ing reproductions in gold of an auto-
itWB,- Ml(le' 6t to��W��'; Hio roomi^ NOTICE. \c^-���.   J     .^^-^.Jl.0^  ���.JSy5E   .   mobile   remr   wheel   engrave!   around
tor   llgbt   Housekeeping.     Moderate \   1 object  to  the  varieties  ot  work   tbat   tho Blde of tho tlro ana wUh Bp��ce on
terms.    127 Twelfth street. \     Notice   Ib   hereby   given   that    ali' a'e  presented  to them   (generally  In   the    brake-drum     for     the     winner'*
persons having an/elllm against the i^��/**#���W **����!* .name
elx rooms, one
Kent $20 per montt
& Co., 648 Columbl
is the best guarantee that the "hand" will Letp your home moving in the
right direction cf economy and health.
Please call and see our line of GURNtY-OXFORD STOVES ard
RANGES that are built and sold cn honbr. The Chant tiler and Impciial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Come and let us
show you how this marvellous device saves time and fuel by a single touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and directs odors up tl.-��� Chimney.
The Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally ail over thc oven���a
fine baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves time and fuel-waste.
These, with other star features make us proud to show thcGurney-Oxloid
line. Design���finish���workmanship���all these details
we want to demonurate to your entire satisfaction.
housekeeping rooms, bath and
toilet.   Apply 1108 Eighth avenue.
rooms, one double and one single.
Fire place in each. 205 Carnarvon
rooms, hot and cold water night
and day.    543 Front street.
#K)R    RENT
with  sitting
men  oni.'.
-post office.
room to let to gentle
r.re.ikfast If desired,
and      modern      con-
l'ive minutes from the
Terms moderate.    En
quire Phone R 414.
offering for quick sale a lot 66xio2
for $300, $50 cash, balance $10 per
month. This is a bargain. Applv
���Owner, P. O. Box 1597. Vancouver.
ber for sale, cheap. Owner leaving
city.    Wixey, 812  Royal avenue.
ed house with all modern convent
ences.   Apply 214 Elxth avenue.
piano for $300, ot Vldal's Warehouses.
money, will sell five acri s near Por!
Mann for only SIS.") an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
street,  fapperton.
$1 down and ?i a week; no intc-
��� pst: four styles: old stoves tal'en In
���exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone  DUO, Market  Square.
���est lots in the west end. on Eighth
:avenue, having a southwest view
���facing the river and gulf. Lots
^5x110 and 118. Verv liberal terim.
Thone L179, or call 1303 Eighth
months old. last Tuesday or
W��dnesday night; owner's name
���scratched on collar; anyone found
"harlioring doir after this notice will
'foe prosecuted. Return to Bank of
Montral, City.    Reward.
Westminster, B. C, are required on
or before the lst day of December
1911, to send by post prepaid to the
clauses are of especial Interest.   They
jection to work; but in so doing so- provide that the route from Vancou-
ciety creates for itself a bigger prob- ver t0 Lytton must be nowhere more
undersigned solicitor for JoseDh 1]em still. I remember the case of an than ten miles distant from the Fra-
Travers. Esquire, the Executor of the j acquaintance, who had been brought ser rlveri and that from the start ths
said estate, their names and ad-1 "."> to a trade in the orthodox fashion. I ,.un must f0now wholly within the
dresses and full particulars of their ! He did not like it. What he did desire ' confines of British Columbia, Alaska
claims ln writing and a statement was a small piece of land on which ho nnd the Yukon. Paciflc Highway pen-
of their accounts and the nature of could grow sufficient to supply hl3 nants must be carried and a complete
���he securities, if any, held by them small, very small, wants. He did not Pet 0f photos taken en route. A log
nd such statement shall be veriiled like bis work, and society would not'muBt aiso be kept
.,/ statutory declaration. 1 pro. ile him with land; so he fell be-1    immense difficulty would attend an
And take notice that after the lst  tween two stools  and���went   on Hie  attempt  for this more than 1400-milo
day of December, 1911.  Joseph Trav-  road.    The last I  heard of him was  run at present, but with the   recent
ers, Esquire, will  proceed to distrlb-  ��'������������   -    '������������'    ��� ���   ��� = -   ���---
bute the assets ot the said deceased,
having regard only to the class of
which he shall then have had notice,
and will not be liable to any person
of whose claim he shall not then
have had notice.
Dated  this  lst  day  of   November,
W. F. Hansford. New Westminster,
B. C.i Solicitor for said Executor.
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November 5, 1911
Trains Will Leave as Follows:
that someone had cheered him into
the belief that his millennium was appreciably  nearer   by   presenting   him
discovery of enormous coalfields in
the Groundhog district, 140 miles
north of Hazelton. it seems probable
with a pair of breeches that had pre- that the B. C. government will begin
yiously decorated the legs of a farm ; a wagon road into that country, along
laborer He kept straight In the | the projected Paciflc Highway route,
main���tbat is. if it. be possible to beg  Thls together with the provincial gov-
straight. His philosophy kept his head
up; but the fact remains that this po
tentially useful social asset became a
drag on society.
Work's Insufficient Reward.
Now, this type of humanity merits
ernment's activity in behalf of high
ways and the recently avowed federal intention of helping roads In the
provinces, encourages the promoters
of the Dawson run to believe that it
can  be  undertaken   with  a consider-
I different treatment  from  that   which  able chance for success within one or
ia usually meted out to him.   Society  one and a half vears
does not  understand  him;   and,   like
Frankenstein,    however   sociable   he
may  be at the commencement, how-
Flowers From the Sky,
Vedrines  set out  from  '1 onion   re-
ever much he may yearn for human cently to do something for which he
society and human sympathy, he be- has been waiting a week to accom-
comes in the end embittered with hls plish. He wished to drop a wreath
lot. and too often dangerous to the from the skv above the distorted hulk
rest Of the community. He Is truly of the Liberie outside Toulon har-
the -.Teat and awful iinti-elimax of our bor. For four days the wind was blow-
social activities. Were the moral of lng half a gale, hut next day it Slack-
Mrs, Shelley's great story taken to ened. At half past 0, Vedrines shot
heart  by  society,  our  social   system   op   above   the   harbor   and   dropped
I would be adjusted to meet such a gradually in a spiral until only fifty-
Toronto  Express at    8:65 P"1?   mo"'  ,llan   half-way.    Before   I  feet above the wreck, when he let the
j took the road���Whilst 1 was still "re-.wioath fall. Unfortunately the wind
...13-50 1 spectable"���I   contributed   to   a   fund   blew it wide.    A const, guard boat lm-
Ithal was being raised for the ben-lit mediately put out and tho wreath wus
Imperial Limited at   1��T40 pI a-conaumptlve friend who had been  hung to one of the 12-inch runs. Ved-
I ordered fresh air. Think of It! lines, who hud circled over the harbor
Though he had worked for years he waiting to see this done, then flew of
could not afford fresh air. This is to Marseilles���From tho Lonlon
typical of many today; and so long us   Evening Standard.
there tenialn such cases the occupa-1 ��� ,	
tion of the cynic will never be gone.
According to One's Need.
Why do people work?    To provide
themselves   with   furniture,   pictures,
j houses,   theatres,   bicycles, expensive
.clothes, wives and children, otc.   Now
II do not object to other people desir- T, ... ,
ing these things, and 1 do not object' Every��� uP-^ate woman 8hou,d
if they work to obtain them; hut I clo ha2.? rad!antMh'llr- - , ..
maintain that the work a man dooi I ^ There are thousands of women wi'.h
should bear some relation to hU harsh- faded' characterless hair, who
wants. Those who want the most Ido not try t0 lmP���ve It-
work should work the most whilst1 In EnBlan;' an(1 Fa,ls women take
those who want the least work should prlde In havlnK beautiful ha'r. Every
work the least. My own wants are Canadian woman can have lustroui
very few; consequent.lv, and liplcally and luxuriant hair by usirg SALVIA,
1 object to society rushing me into th�� the Great American Sage Hair Tonic,
whirligig of work, even if the rush en-' Kvery reader of 1 he News can havo
hhles me to increase my wants. I an attractive head of hair in a few
"Great men never hurry." and the weeks by using SALVIA,
greater a man becomes the less work 1 Ryall sells a larae bottle for 50
h<* ric?s. I do not desire to increase ' cents, and guarantees it to banish
my wants. Why, then, should I bo Dandruff, stop falling hiir rnd ich-
compelled to work at a job I do not   ing scalp in ten days, or nr.ncy bac
' ii'-o for the purpose of providing my. SALVIA is a heairlful, pleasant,
&e"if with BOmethiOS I  Co not  want?  non-sticky Har Tone.
Soo Express at'
For   tickets  and   other   particulars
apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
Titles    Examined,    Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
A Simple Treatment That
will Make Hslr Grow
Now Sold In Canada
WINDSOR SALT���ought to
cost more ��� so pure, fine, well-
savoured. Goes further, too. But
not a cent dearer.
theirwprks shall ye
^know them*,
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of I
construction, combined with a skill in manu*
facture. which is the inheritance of genera*
lions, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free ol
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world. They
are not made* in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
Who Said
���^w.,,....    ...
Gave Instructions to Gsmeke.per end j Q'je8n   **�����>'��   *"'�����   Which   Society
Ran  Into Danger.
Suicides often adopt ingenious methods, but the art ol the felo de se seems j
not to have advanced materially dur-
ing the centurie.".    The modern case |
of a heavily insured broker who on a
feigned hunting trip stood bare-legged
in a quagmire for hours and so wilfully contracted a fatal pneumonia, is
matched in cleverness by one five huri- j
dred years old.    The  following facts |
are well vouched for, and, indeed, were ;
never questioned
Ladies Must Obey.
There has bean no little wailing
among the smart set oi Maylair since
King George and Queen Mary cani'i
to tfte throue. The unaffected, homely
character of the Quc^u U well known.
She represents tne bost typs oi British mctnerhood, and has no sympatny
with that class of women who live
solely for dress and p'.easur.'. Th.-
whirl of fashionable lii; has uo attractions for Her Majesty, and eccentricities in dress she ubhors.
such a fashion. Among the smart set
the decree regarding hobble-skirts
caused considerable heartburning, as
Sir William Hankford, a judge of; An illustration of tue manner in
the King's Bench in the reign of Ed-.: which she bas determined to set her
ward III.. Henry IV., Henry V. and'; face against the latter is provided by
Henry VI., and at the time of his;! the order which she issued thut ni
death Chief Justice of England. wa.< j ladies wearing hobble-skirts would be
a man of melancholy temperament..' [ allowed at Court; and thero is littL-
He seems to have contemplated sui- doubt that the sudden death of th..-
���cide the greater part of his long life, harem-skirt was due to the fact that
and during his later years the idea | Her Majesty would not countenance
'became a fixed purpose. The act was
oi peculiarly serious consequence iti
those days, for the reason the law
treated it as a capital crime. The offender was buried at the cross road*,'
with a stake driven through his body,'
stud all his goods and property were
forfeited to the Crown, to the utter
r. uiu ol bis family.
i Hankford made good use of his wits
b:id succeeded in accomplishing hi*
purpose without incurring either unpleasant penalty. He gave open and
poturioui instructions to his game.
Ik epcr. who had been trouble with.
poacher! in the deer preserve, to challenge all trespassers in the future, and
to shoot to kill if they wouid not stand
and give an account. One dark nighi
he purposely crossed the keeper's
path, and upon challenge made motions of resistance and escape. The
faithful servant, failing to recognii-
1'is master, followed instructions t'>
the letter as n as expected of him
and Sir William fell dead in his
The  whole  truth of  the affair  was
co.imion knowledge, but it was impo.-
Celebrities on  Linen  H?ve a Chance
Now to Keep to Themselves.
��� "I suppose that celebrities crossing
���the Atlantic are subjected to a good
d"al of impertinent scrutiny and lionizing," said a reported to the captain
oi au ocean liner recently during the
Course oi a conversation concerning
jiifc aboard the huge greyhounds which
carry thousands of passengers to and
(from America every year.
"Not neces.irily, ' was the reuly.
;"As a matter of fact, the tirst-claas
passenger may be as exclusive in regard to other folk aa if he or she were
;nt home. In the old days, of course,
ihe cabins and saloons on liners were
so small aud stuffy that passengers
[spent a lot of their time on deck,
'with the result that most of them became acquainted with each other on
Uie voyage. Nowadays, however, deck
suites ol rooms, which include a parlor and a bathroom, are so airy that
'one can get along very comfortabl)
without going on deck at all."
"But isn't it usual for passengers to
, , .Ij' Ul . *r*a.  A**,  a   I*   M.l.^i   'ar,   ya.~~a..0~.~   - ���
quite a number of ladies had spen.   git about in decic.<:hairs to enjoy the
large   sums  on  dresses  more  daring   ileih ut?"
than beautiful.
And  where  as Queen Victoria pre
ferred that ladies attending at Court
should wear low-cut dresses. Queen
Mary looks with disfavor on that
extreme display of arms and shoulders
which was characteristic of bygone
There is another decree which Queen
"Well, the habit is not quite so
popular as many people imagine.
There Is plenty of oione in any ot thu
deck cabins, and, as I heard a passenger say on one occasion, the spectacle
of men snd women spread out asleep
with their mouths open is not exactly picturesue. ,
"After dinner  ni  the  evening paa-
to establish a case of suicide by
legal proof. The servant was protect
tii by his instructions. Hankford liu.I
honorable burial and his estate pas--
<d to those whose interests as heir<
he had so wisely considered.
The Eye of the Soul,
very   striking  address  on
of   sou!   in  man.   delivers!
Mary has issued in regard to dresses gengers will promenade the deck ior *
worn by members o' society. She has while, but lashionable folk seldom
always favored British-made garments, i&how themselve son deck except for
All her robes for thc coronation festi- this walk. They amuse themselves in
vities were made in the old country, their own cabins ,or play bridge iu
and as far as possible Queen Mary the private rooms. 1 am referring more
always patronizes British firms for particularly to the ladies. Few men,'
her ordinary dresses. The members unless they are disabled, are willing
���' her household were given to under- to dine in the state-room. Men will
stand that they should not go to heb-nob democratically in the card-
France ior gowns or millinery, and a room, smoking-room, or elsewhere, but
'broad hint was sent out that all who women will not hob-nob at all.
attended Court functions would find | "As a matter of fact, perhaps the
royal favor by following the same rule most popular feature of present-day
of'patriotic devotion to British fash- ocean voyages is that, unless on*
ions and fabrics. I scans the passenger list  beforehand,
Neither has Queen Mary much sym- ! it is possible to cross on the same boat
pathy with ladies who resort to artifi- j with one's dearest Joe or friend with-
cial means for heightening the effects out noticing it. And ii is this fact
of Nature.   Her dislike of ladies ap- i which does most to kee;i money in tin
by Pn-f Macdonald nt Portsmouth
England, has greatly interested men
of science, and as Prof. Stirling said,
it was seldom that an address "so full
of lUggtftion for further valuable tu-
s ; rsh    had been delivered.
Prof,  Macdonald  began  by  develop
ii.g a ir..:st ingenious view of the mak- I
i .g vt thf eye iu mail "as perfect an j
optical inttrumtnt as could *>������ mads
as to a full knowledge of tiie part piny-,
��    by matter an-1 special arrangt ments i
<    matter in reflecting refractory and i
absorbing   light."   and   this   eye   wa.-
i- -:11_��� ii   in   Ine   embryo   before  direct
i:'."!: could reach it.
T.i.'s analogy  he used to help the
belief that man had u s.>ul.  His brain. |
I;li,��� his eye,  was (iffecjed  by  mysteri- i
11>  causes.    If-   argued   that   "sui-h j
phenomena as sleep and deep anoes- |
th. i-i i familiarise ��� u* with tiie (net ihai.
lix*  mind  ��w  not  m>cu����arily   nl����>'<
K.ie'��i��il   wilh   th��   brain,   b<kt   oni;.-.
��\it.i tnl* wIkmi in a certain condition.
.    .    .     It   wn.   .tilt   ponaibla   tliat  the
t'-ain   *****    tn    instrument  traversed
**-i*i*ly a�� the ear by sound, by  an ��n-
L .own  influence  which  lound  reson-
;.  ee within  it."
1 : tii;.-. connection he cou'd not, he
fc.'iil. avoid the world "soul." As in
*..,- cas? of tiie eye. jt  was natural to
>cppbsj the existence of "some ex.,
- .u'.i! aggnt" over and above natural
s-1, ction ��fbich "would have done no
in re than nssist in the process." In
;. passage of great imaginative power
he compared the brain or s;>ul with .a'
harp, acted upon hy what they ha*d
'������j cul! "ihe music of the spheres."   '
Some  Human  Beats.
Wh��n -you Ihrow a pice of wood
into the wstcr and watch how nicely,
flouts, has it err occurred to vou'
make yourself into a boat, and to
ro floutinp about n�� easily ..id coolly
as a  real boat d<vs��
This rnny sound very cuoer, brt to
ri ��� who luys ronf'dence in himself i?
is i^;i te practicable, cs wes proved
Many years n-o hr Dr. R-f>dfl!<>, of
��'vch<\��W. This trentbmun. a
fi lonp-distince swimmer. v-����
1n h s"��n floatin? ul">v��
M"r*��.v lr*r ho��i-s nt <i *:ii*
T> fa'ten a strong h-'t ,*r*,*-,l h.
'va'-t. P"d attrif', ;n it p t*frhit titfi
r.-ll Sflll, Whl>h he *r;*,i.t f,..| ������
unfurl as h�� ]ry <>omforti>li.v n-* h;.
1'ick.  und  no doubt  it  wns  v.rv  en-
j l.K
T'r's was carripd a s!"p fui+heT by
ino'her noted swim"i*'. Car.tiin
r.iyton. who u.����d to th'nk notMhii
<' -ailing tin and down the English
C'-'inn I, clad in n t^s�� inflated
with air. and with a sal I1x<"l to hi*
f*('f Once. ind""d, he nrtuslly cro>s-
rd th" Channel from Dover to Calais,
bt'l on this occasion he used a paddle
with which lo steer himself.
pearing in her presence who have
treated their complexions with paint,
powder, or enamel is well known,
while, although the toilettes at Ascot
Races this year were some of the most
beautiful on record, there was a not
able absenca of "Merry Widow" hats
in the royal enclosure, ewlng to Her
I Majesty's disproval oi such s'.rikiug
I creations.
I    Then, again, with regard to the recreations  of    society,    the    Queen   is
I rapidly    bringing    about    a    change.
I Card-playing   is   a  diversion   no;  re-
j garded   witn   favor   at   Court.    As   a
I writer in the "*Gentlewoihan" boints
I out, the King enjoys a game of bridge
j now and then, and stiil trom time to
I time patronizes  the  race course;  hut
he makes neither a hobby, and is perfectly  content  to divide bia  time  between the cares of state and the society  of  his  family  with  Gibing and
shooting by way oi recreation.
The Qu- n tares very Hale for rae-
I ing   and   stiil   less   (or   card playiny.
Tnertiore,   thla  diversion   will   not  be
the fashion tor ladies during tbe pres-
ent reign, exoept among a curtain aet,
which   i*.   aft'sr   all,   comparative!
.all aection ef ���ocleiy.r ���*      ���
coffers of the steamship companies.
Furthermore, it is the effort to preserve to passengers able to pay well
for it as mucii privacy as they demand
which inci.es the companies to keep
on building b!gg?r ond better boats
witli indibidual accommodations equal
to any of your west-end hotels."
Tha Kln;'�� Weight  In Gold.
tl the  King  raises ni objection.
The Pageant Master.
This isn't such a matter-of-fact ape
after all when the British Empire
gives almost constant employment to
an organizer of elaborate biatorio^
pageants. This gnt'.enian, Mr. Frank
Luscelh-.-. who managed 'he Tercentenary Pageants at Quebec in loo*.
and has been busy looking uft-r
similar festiv'ties of less importance
almost ever since, has now got another big undertaking on bit hands.
This is the gr-'at pageant which is
to form part of the Durbar celebrations on the occasion of th? visit of !
the Kins and Queen to India at the '
end ot  December.
Tha period covered by the pageant
wll extend trom the seventeenth'I
century back to the tint' betore dtite��' I
��, j were, known. Both Hindoo %nd Most
\ hamm -dun history will be represent-"'
i <d, but European influences will not
be dealt with.   It is to he essentially.
The procession of the pageant. I
und.rstand. will be four miles long 5
It will include two hundred ele-'
phants,    to    make    no    mention    of
it | an expression of India's national his,
is proposed by the Indian community '��� tory.     SperU:ng   about   the   pageant;
in Ca,ouita tnat no snail sit iu a ..-cai ��� j the other d,iv. Mr.  Lascelle.s'said:
w.-ignted by <;o'.d coins when he visits I    "All the re5suing princes ar.> lend-
that city after the Durbar, his exacti   ing   servants,   animals,  or  costumes
weight in geld  a.terwards to  be distributed amongst the poor.   This is a
very   ancient   Hindu  custom,   and   is
still kept up at Travaueore, where it is
called "fafabarain." The gold is heap- j camels and dromedaries! Thi
ed up till the newly-crowued Maha-' | scenes will be jwrformed on
rajah rises well in the air. Meanwhile j Maidan, where a largo grand stanl
the priests chant hymns, trumpets are j has been built. There will hi seven or
sounded, and the assembled populace eight of thes^ seen.*, and from six to
falls prostrate before the man m the   aeven thousand performers."
scale, who then, and not until then, 	
become*   their   lawful   ruler.    After- A Qu���r Story>
wards   there   used   to   be   a   general       -,. ',*-*.*.���     .    i
scramble amongst ,11 those preset for ,='1,!B,f,u "i1 ���� W&Sl&Sfy
the gold; but *o many accidents oc- J*on JiftjI &����?ltll tbl.BU,fc "K*
curred-eleven people were crushed to I ??wj��Lc% h�� SSf'^Sf? fe * "5*5
,i^*iv,   -.^   ������   ���������.!���-,   ,i,.��   ��m��;  i i :K   allowfa   to  stand,   the   form  of  a
who live at Goldburn, near Okehampi
it  was  to distribute  it amongst  th
most necessitous.    The custom is not
���   .    to expensive as it sounds.   It is esti
i     riv"., mated, for instance, that the cost of
Rs u*��r\ ( the ceremony in King George's case.
including the weight of gold" and the
ton,  England,  affirm  that they. hav.
seen this strange sight.   The cow in
this  case  belongs  to  Mrs.  Henle.  ot
Goldburn, and it was bitten by a viper a few days ago.   The cow was milk-
On ths Des.
Ths Kin* was in t:me thi�� year to
have a little salmon-fishing, which
in Scotland end* on September 11th.
John Brown, the famous attendant
of Que.n Victoria, waa a keen angler.
One day, when he was running a fine
fish, he received an imperative order
from the Queen to wait upon her.
"Tell Her Majesty." aaid John to the
messenger, "that I'm rinnine a sau-
mon and I canna come." The man'
returned with a message from the
Queen that she must tee Brown a��
once. "Tell Her Majesty this time;":
replied John, determinedly, "that
I'm rinning a saumon and I wlnna
come!" And he didn't, either.
An   Interesting Peer.
Lon! Fairfax, a new Fellow of the
Zoological Society of London, makes
an interesting personality in the
British peerage. The second baron
wag the Parliamentary General of th*
Northern force* and also M.P. for
Yorkahina. He held chief command
at Marston Moor, *het* hia eon.
afterwards third baron, commanded
one wing of the army.
The third baron waa later general,
in-chief of tbo Parliamentary foroea,
*nd gain��d tb* rfctoqr cl W**ebf.
^^���ilS/S??^^ WiH ^ be   2*' on<!  the milk ��� ��bout to b,
more than ��100,OCO. flung 8way when the servant girl in-
Captured "Long Tom."
General A. J. Murray, who commanded tho 18,000 cadets of the Of,
ficers' Training Corps, whom the
King reviewed in Windsor Gr.'at
Park recently, is one of the most distinguished officers on t>s War Office
general staff.
General  Murray,  who   ig  a ' Roval
terposed. and, speaking from previous
experience, said, "Let it stand, because if tbe cow has been bitten by
a snake it will show up in tlje milk."
The milk was accordingly set aside,
and on looking at it some three hours
afterwards the form of a snake wai
distinctly seen in the or.'am. There
was an exact model of the reptile,
the  head  .the  eyes,  and  the  tongue.
Inniskilling Fusilier,  flrst came into , projecting from  the mouth ��� perfect
prominence  as  a  staff officer during   throughout to the tail
the s'ege of Ladysmith. Owing to the
casualties in hig regiment he then
received the command nf a battalion,
and was gravely wound* d at Pieters-
burg while his men were gallantly
capturing a "Long Tom" from the
Boers. After the war he received n
staff anpo'ntment at Aldershot, and
very shortly became Sir John French'^
chief of the  staff  while that officer
Britain's Ancient Dew Ponds.
Among lhe archaeological remain*
found in Great Britain ars the ancient
dew ponds, thn construction of which
is ascribed lo the n?oIithic age. These
pondg were made to furnish drink
ing water for cattle. An exposed
pos tion where springs were absent
was selected  and a  broad,  hollowed
w�� reorganising the training system ',VTh(i, w,s (ormed andcoVered'ov^
of the British army.
with straw
From chief of the staff to General !riuctinff,rmW��t<.rf��i',0rn��eh^ther non-eonl
French. .General  Murray, became dl-jf ft l^, e^it^'^
rector of   military  training
army headquarters
at   the !
stone*.    During the   night   the   cold
y headquarters.   In this capacity   ""V":, n77n"%, 'e   ���gRJ, lne .����Ja
spirit in the youth of the oountry at, ���      '        	
an early age.
are   stilt
No Doubt Now.
Her Father���Yesterday I   won   the
The other day a bill was introduced   P"M in 'he *<Xtery. and to-day you
in the House,of Lords   "to remote   J50"9*   and   �����"   tot   m7   daughter's
doubts aa to the nationality of Richard
Maximilian. Baton 4$��M and hi*
issue." .       "
Lord Acton, who is a Lord-in-
Waiting, was born in 1810 and sue-
ceeded  hi* father, the distinguished
, Suitor���Yes; you   know  one bit of
good luck always brings another.
Can't, Enforce It.
~.���.-  ..,. ... ,  ..... , ,���������.���,.���.      I��4��ndon Uie council passed an or.
scholar and Regius Professor ol His- dinane*  recently  forbidding  pigeoua
tory   at   Cambridge   Uni^etaity,   In   *,"7 ��* '���������� ����d the marshal is at
1001   In religion h*. Uk* hla Mbw,  * loM to knoW h<"�� ���� enforce it.
ia a Roman Oathotk.
who advertise their goods in The
Daily News need not Worry about
the possibility of having OVERSTOCKED any line of goods.
who intend to make gifts to their
friends or themselves should select
immediately, while displays are so
complete, and by reading what
various merchants have to say in
The Daily News they will find
many suggestions that will save
them needless worry in selecting.
Anything from a Greeting Card
to a Parcel of Real  Estate.    .    .
Important to Grocers and Consumers?
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Milk at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the.
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
��*< ���>..,������ *.  ��� ������ f ApE FOUR
The Daily News
rmblishSdV The Dally News Publlsh-
Irg Company. Limited, at their offlces.
ir ot McKenzie and Victoria
Liberal Association's Annual I
Meeting a Great Soccess
(Continued from page one)
Westminster District, before another I
Federal general election;  so that the
maintenance of Liberal    organization |
E. A
Palfl* Managing Directory an effective footing will easily be
seen  to  be  import aut  in   tho  publlc
Interests, without saying anything at |
nil of lhe great work which lies immediately befqrc the Liberals of Brit-1
iish Columbia and of the Dominion as |
a  whole���that of revising,    formulating   and   enunciating,   in   Provincial
Recent developments in Persia ard
of interest for several reasons but,
notably, perhaps, as indicating tbat
Russia is'passlng from tho state of
comparative Inactivity which has
marked the course of that nation In
regard to rfrorld affairs since Its dls-
asticua waf. with the Japanese. Tho
unexpected set-back given the huge
empire by tbe little men of the east
resulted in evident recession from the
aggressive position formerly taken by
Russia, bnt the time of a renewal of
action has apparently now been
Britain and Russia have had definite spheres of influence in Persia
for several years and the empire of
the Shah bas as a matter of fact enjoyed little more than nominal independence. Heretofore both the British and Russian governments have
been content with maintaining their
Influence In understood districts, the
former along the Persian Quit and St. those officials^
Petersburg operating in northern ter- ��� Election  of Officers,
rltory.    Now has come  Russia's evi-1    The election of officers for the en
dent   intention   of  extending   its
ind Dominion convctios, the policies on all the leading public Issues
which the progressive and ropular
party of the country, temporalily eclipsed by the forces of reaction, is
to pursue in the future. The best energies of the Liberals In this district and throughout the country will
therefore be fully enlisted.
Report of Secretary-Treasurer.
After a round of applause, the president called upon the secretary-treasurer, Ed Goulet, for his anual report,
which showod receipts by the local
association for the year proper to be
$323. and expenditures, fully detailed
ln the report, of $257.06, leaving a balance on hand of $H5.95, against which
tbere were unpaid accounts aggregating about $15. Besides tbe association had to its credit ln trust account of $60, from the sale of former
club assets, with $50 s*11ectible to the
credit of the same account, constituting a special fund to be disposed of
as the association might ln future
The secretary-treasurer supplemented his formal statement with a
few remarks explaining and amplifying the report, and the meeting unanimously adopted a resolution receiving the president's address and
the report of the secretary-treasurer
and   conveving  a   vote  of  thanks  to
Is  reported  to  have  died  of  plague
though, in some cases, guinea pigs introduced into the same go-down, after
in. .suing year was then  proceeded  with  the ducks had been removed, prompt-
'     '   resulted   as   follows:   "Honorary
7   MMV.    Vk
Cream       ���
BaRii|g m
Made from grape Cream of Tartar �� absolutely froo from alum*
For   sixty years   American   house*
wives have found Dr. Price's Cream
" iking Powder a guarantee of light,
pure and wholesome food.
fluence Into a larger area and Britain LreBlaenti Rt  Hon. Blr wllfrld Laur-|Iy succumbed to the disease,
is understood to be throwing out new | ler  oe-elerted  by  a  standing vote);
lines of virtual control in the south,  president,  Geo.   Kennedy;   first  vice
Happily, this activity Ib not likely
to give rise to any complications
among the groat powers. Russia and
lMtain arts supposed to liave some
understanding on the subject and tho
arrangements of European diplomacy
are such as to render unlikely any
difficulties with olher powers. In
Persia, of course, tliere may be mur-
murings against what  Is   virtually a
president, Aid. J. .1. Johnston; second vice-president, C. B. Deans; third
vice-president, A. Hardman; secretary-treasurer. Ed Goulet; executive
board, .Tno. Reid W. L. Johnson, A. E.
Kellington, M. Phillips, Aid. J. S Bryson, R Buckland and D Douglas (all
Brief responses  were made by the
Obviously, then, the rat flea doe3
not take to the ducks, and "if tho
originator of the theory still wishes to
maintain his thesis, he must," says
Colonel Buchanan, "prove that plague
in Seistan is conveyed from one being
to another by some other agent than
che rat flea, and that this new transmitter lives on the migrating ducks.'
Colonel Buchanan himself evldentlv
inclines to the view that the second-
president and secretarv-treasurer andn,,nd clothes kafila was the cause of
Aid. Johnston and Brvson. coming inl a" the trouble. Even if the clothes
at this juncture from a council meet-!nad   been   imported    from    England,
This is the way to
tell a really good Suit
or Overcoat.
You get a receipt in every Fit-Reform
Suit and Overcoat, as well as -with everv
Look in the inner pocket.
You'll see the Fit-Reform Wreath.
This is the trademark of Canada's greatest
high grade tailoring organization.
It's your receipt���your guarantee of value
and satisfaction.
C M. GREEN. Mauser.
Court Adjourns Today on Account of
of the  Death  of a  Juror's
Ing. were called upon for speeches, to
Iiolicy of open aggression. Indeed, the  wnIcn  tnev   responf]ed  in  fine  form,
American    treasurer-general    of   the | adding not a little to the enthusiasm
luckless   country   has   made   protest; of tbe_ meeting
against the action of Russia at least,
Sir Wilfrid  Congratulated.
.   .  ., ,    ...    vn   i.. ,  i     After the discussion of various de-
but Persian protests are likely to ear-   faI]s   rf   orgaIlizMon   am]   p|aBB   of
ry   little   weight   when    two   of   the  work for (Jle vear the meeting by un
world's gr&test nations make wbat Is  anlraous    resolution    authorized    the
practically   common  cause.      So  the I presidentand secretary to draft a tel-
laaeaeure  of   foreign  control   of   wha'.
epram  of congratulation  to  Sir  Wll-
Los  Angeles.   Cal.,   Nov.     27.���The
McNamara   murder    trial     began   its
eighth  week  today  with eight sworn
jurors and one talesman accepted as .
to   cause.     Tonight   it   stood   In   OX-
actly   the   same   position.     The   day I
was taken no with the examination of
nine talesmen  who  were excused  for I
I one  cause  or  another,  and   a  tenth. I
I who  was    under    examination  when !
 court adnurned,  but probably  will  be
plague  demonstration  at   Hyderabad,   excused  tomorrow. ��
There  wlll   be  no court   tomorrow
morning   because   of   the   funeral   of
other things, he points out. may havo
been brought Into Seistan by the caravan, and the bales of clothes were
covered with gunny cloth, which is a
very favorite haunt of rats.
In  Segregation Camos.
At the outcome of the recent anti-
Let Us Sell to You
Lot on Ninth Street, between  Third  and Fourth af��nues.    Price
$1550.    One-third cash, balance 0, V> and 18 months.
Seven Lots in Block, four of which are on Columbia street.   Prlco
$3150.   $1100 cash, balance to arrange.
Lot on Dublin Street, close to    Twelfth    street.    looking    south.
Price $1200.    $100 cash handles this, balance to arrange.
Phone 1004. Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
his hi'-*��ess the Nizam's government
lia' *__ttli\etl that no coercive mea-
saj      *44ll be used compelling Infect
orl^wu^t^U^e^tU^i:  �����!   -ttM J8 *0 **> the **-**%&*
-  **,**/.��� ,**. ���        .... _,,. l"id Laurier ov* the aUaii
���tTOmger. \ver*&ry   ot  M�� birthday   on  the  24n�� \S ^LTXtftl
What |l\����t&'�� return return to thoUn��t.. coupled jvttfc assurance* of ts.wa.r- ,w"
Sex- I
Charles Sexton, a brother of J. B
.   ,, ,       ,,        .ton; one ot  the  sworn  Jurors. I
e shaU be allow-1     tsa\&*  from   momentary   ���xoHement
wh.ii aHBurancpB oi raemr- 1   *      .... ^ ...     I'. ���     �� c?n>pi5 (today  wben a burnlnn fence near the
���mean^s. ot course, simply ht matter | party  or Canada by this association. ( " _adini����_ion    loi   tr-nt- . th<, verv  winiloWB ���, ,,���, ,.OIlrt   room
for conjecture. The adverse result of j
the war with Japan has now lost
something of its bitterness for the |
Slav, no doubt, but the leBeons ot
that struggle have been learned and
should conflict come Russia would
doubtless be found much better prepared today than she was ten years
��jr so ago, Moreover, the national unrest-of the paat few years in the czar's
lands cannot have been without its
lessons for those in authority and out
ot that turmoil there Is probably
coming additional strength for the
empire, ..thtyH'lf iioteworthy results
may not yei be; apparent. The march
of constitutionalism, slow though it
may be, must have Its effect and the
re-awakening Russia may prove a far
more formidable force ln International
affairs than the fallen opponent of
Japan might he expected to prove.
Persia 'Is the first field of activity.
The next movement directed from St.
Petersburg may be mere far-reaching
and of greater importance to the
powers. Thb recent action furnishes
the basis for interesting conjecture.
The  meeting   tben  adjourned.
.    rn*    .      ,.    . .u.       .��     .... Ith* vefy windows of the court room
ment    The result of this order is that   aiut<?cared gome of the gpectfttor8 In
It is too bad that our afternoon contemporary sliould take the very words
out of our months, so to sieak. Wa
were just about to Wrlto that "Fitting Climax" head ourselves and we
take It rather hard that we sliou'd
have been anticipated. But the truth
will out and even the Conservative
organ cannot conceal it at all times
Wireless  Waves.
Pails. Nov. 27.���Two Ita'ian electrical engineers living in France, Signers Bellini aftd Tosi\ have devised
an apparatus for fixing the direction
of wireless sounds so that vessels approaching a coatet at night or ln a
fog, especially so that they are not
able to make bearings by lighthouses
and configurations of the land, may
calculate where they are from musical
notes sounded from two shore stations.
The receiving Instrument can be
manipulated so that the direction of
���the maximum sound defines within a
quarter of a compass point the location of the sounder. The French government ������wfll set up three stations for
experiment and the steamships Provence and K^pagne are to be equipped
���with receivers.
Supposed to  Have  Been   Carried   <
Backs of Ducks Migrating Southward.
Plague is forever presenting some
new mystery to science to solve. One
of the latest conundrums submitted
to the Bacteriological laboratory at
Bombay was how to discover tho irue
cause of an outbreak of plague that
had occurred In Seistan among the
Sayyads, a nomadic race of flshermea
and wild-fowlers, who inhabit the Na-
zir, bordering the Humun of the Hei-
mund. Seistan is practically an oasis
surrounded by deserts.
Tho medical officer who reported
the cause to the laboratory discussed
in some detail all the possible causes
of this Isolated outbreak. Some of
the theories he rejected were that thc
disease had spread to man from infected cattle; that it was due to an in-
all the camps bave been evacuated.
Like ourselves, India ls projecting
legislation with regard to life assurance and friendly societies, though it
goes without saying that there is no
comparison between lt and our own
comprehensive measure. The bill
touching life assurance is for tbe better regulation and the proper control
of the business of the companies.
Hitherto these companies have been
under the ordinary law of commercial
companies, which has not proved
Likewise the bill is not a general
bill for the control of friendly socle-
ties In the sense in which It is understood in England. Large friendly societies on the lines of those which
have been so successful In this country do not erlst in India, though many
h*% *.at with the growing movement
to* 3* national thrift they may soon
ott * into being. The chief societies
la ;ndia are what are known as "dl-
tt mg societies." They are actually
OtJound as a rule, and sometimes are
run not only on unsound but on dishonest lines. The expenses of management are much too high, and it Is
not an uncommon thing that when a
society goes on and the revenue begins to get smaller than the outgoings
the promoters of the society vanish
and all the assets aro lost to the subscribers.    That Is the type of societies
the fireproof structure, tbe  day  was |
marked mainly by the rapid disposi
tlon of unqualified talesmen.
Qigenous    and    unknown    variety    of   ��� , .  .   ,,
plague in Persia, and that it had been *�����* ,the bln Proposes to deal with.
Introduced into SeUtan frcm the near- ")*' '", .he ��"��� *< the' liff, Insurance
est plague area (Karachi 600 miles I ;�����panlfs bill, the main object: is pub-
away) by the agency of a Kafila, ear-! '">'��� I!,lt; afa "��� ll ��;ls ''��'�� toimti
lying second-hand clothes. None of j "^���y '<>. take rather fuller ,,0w
these and other theories appealing to '
him to be tenable, lie fell back, says
the Pioneer, cn tho Ingenious suggestion that numbers of Infected pulex
ehtopis. or other species of fiea, were
imported on the ducks that were at
Ihat season migrating southward from
the direction of Astrachan.
Ducks   Eat  Dead   Rats.
He po'ijed out that ducks readily
eat. dead, rata, and that while thus *****
gaged they become infested by plagoa-
stricken fleas, and so become passive
carriers of the disease. The fleas
could in this way be carried ln a
few hours over long distances of
practically desert country, and so be
able to set up a focus of Infection in
such an isolated spot as Seistan.
Plague was known to be prevalent in
the valley of the Volga at the time,
and as the ducks were migrating
southward, might they not, he asked,
have carried the infection?
The theory opens up dreadful possibilities, and the sportsman, among
others, Will be relieved to hear that
sei; nee, in the person of Colonel Bu-
chanan, the director of the Bombay
laboratory, refuses to accept it. Elaborate experiments were carried out
at the laboratory both with ordinary
domesticated ducks and with wild
ones in small "flea-proof ro-downs."
and not a sinsle duck of either kind
rs than are taken in England.���Westminster Qazettei
Take   LAXATIVE   BROMO     Quinine
Tablets.     Druggists  refund  money   if
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��� IN ���
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C. S. DAVIES, Prop.
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Scientific selection is the principle on wbicli St. Charles Evaporated
Cream is prepared.
The best milk Cows fed scientifically
Selected dairies        All sanitary safeguards applied
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GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- v j /
portions to cleanse ^^%um/,
easily, vigorously, --^k r> "
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work-i.^i'
. Mal^of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
.r m
��� *****     ii m*
TUE8DAY,  NOVEMBER 28, 1*11.
~i  tifaftm.-
blocka. For this lf for no other rea-1 City of New Westminster case, atat-
aon we foel Justified in petitioning i ing that tbe plaintiff's costs in thla
your honorable body that we be given I action had been taxed and allowed
an improved lighting service similar ' at the aum of (650.84, and asking for
to that on Columbia street.' |a cheque    for    $760.84 to cover this
The  pet li loners  asked for  lmmedl- amount and tbe verdict of $200.
ate4MCU,��Lln. th' **&L . .*., I    The  �����  ���>��  *"���*��>  "r* convey-
^&2*J232**��1&. S5' "���=��� J"��� B. Wllaon to the City of
Lack of Fair Play Made English Aviator Refuse to Fly In U. 8.���Gets
Prize After All.
New York, Nov. 27.���The Aero club
uf America has received unofficial
despatches from Kome advising lt
that the International Aeronautic
Federation bas awarded the disputed
910,000 statue of liberty prize to
Claude Grahum-White, there being
doubt thut his machine fouled a pylon during the flight.
The prize waa flrat awarded to J.
B. Molsant, but the award was protested by Grabam-White and the international federation was asked to
-decide the matter. Graham-White ls
now declared the winner by the
highest authority in aviation.
Finely Fought Game Reaulta In Win
for Locals.
One of the closest fought games
of hockey seen on the Moody Square
grounds for a long time was that between the ladies' teams of the Westminster high school and the Normal
school of Vancouver, the game, after
a hard fought battle, finally resulting In a tie of one goal each.
Although the Normal school bad the
bigger and heavier team the local
hlfch school ladies held their own
throughout the first half and as a matter of fact pressed, scoring their first
and only goal early In the game, Mlss
Kcichenbach being the player to
pierce the Normal's net. The latter
team were then kept on the defensive
up to the whistle.
After the Interval the Normal girls
played up well but lt was only Just
at the end that, through their superior strength and stamina against
the lighter team, they were able to
equalize' matters. Mlsa Cockln
notched the goal. '
The lineup for the local aggregation was as follows: Goal, Miss T.
Dockrill; full backs. Misses Wilson
and Kitson; halves. Misses Huggard
Davis and M. Wilson; forwards,
Misses B. Joy, F. Gilley. M. Wilson,
F. Loree and Relchenbach.
Water Really Good
i Continued irom page one)
works  to  put  the  street  In  a condi
-tlon  beyond  all  possible danger."
Mayor Lee:   "That is all the board
5 -     ot worka desire  to be authorized  to
"'*���    5SlJ Tho "rB��  resolution o�� this atttr
���7k ���*�����*,'���*** Us have a Kbod tnadadamtx.d
*****!5iV. T*"* resolution wu pesaed."
���*W****sm*-*- no** ^m th.  <ii*Mtta0 .now4
neiore the,oo����cU w��b not the span*
lng cf S��*oo:  it wn. .imply the repairing  of  the atreet.    He  was not
Jn favor of $9000 being spent.
Aid. Henley: 'If you have a street
there raved with stone setts. I don't
����e bow the horses are going to get
up. The Kighth street grade ie much
���ax any horse can pull. Coming into
the city at night time with a horse
vou don't know what street to take.
The  way  things are at  present   you
��� can't tell how far along the atreet you
will te able to proceed."
_ The   report  on    the    matter  waa
Wben the flrat of those two communications came up Mayor Lee Said
the sum was moat ridiculous, to hie
mind. He could not for the life of
him understand why the costs Bhould
be so heavy. The council had agreed
to the verdict of $200 and $220 of
costs. He suggested that the
finance committee go into the question with the city solicitor, asking
whether or not he would adviae an appeal on account of the costs. It did
not seem reasonable to him tbat the
city   ahould   dig  down   and  pay   In
��� ovary case, even when the evidence
was strong In their favor, as In thla
Aid. Johnston thought the matter
ahould be remitted to the finance
���committee, and that the finance committee ahould endeavor to find out
how the $560 was made up.
City Clerk Duncan observed that
the account had been taxed and very
much reduced in the process.
Aid.   Dodd   said   he  supposed   that
If the ftnance committee ahould find
lt would be advisable to appeal they
vould refer the matter back to the
���city council.
Mayor Lee said the committee
would report to the council.
The communication with regard to
the Wilson conveyancing waa referred to the finance committee with
power to act.
Light on  Front Street.
A petition Blgned by Front Street
merchants to the number of nearly
two score, acknowledged the Improvement brought on the street by "the
beautiful cement sidewalk," Which has
now been laid down, and expressing
the obligation which tney rest under
to the mayor and councll for this
convenience. The petitlonera went
��ori to atate that they would Uke very
. much to have lights placed at suitable points along the atreet aa on
Columbia street.
The petitioners In their petition
pointed out that the augmented train
and car service oh the etreet, "alao
the numerous holdups and burglaries
that have occurred In various business concerns situated on this street"
demonstrated  the    need    for  better
munication be received and the petl
tlonera advised by the city engineer
of the procedure to be taken in order
to have the lighting of Front street
done under the local Improvement
Aid. Dodd: "Can this work be done
under the local Improvement plan,
your worship?"
Mayor Lee: "I think so."
Aid. Henley: "There ure lots of
places on the hill that need cne light,
let alone lights like Columhla street."
Mayor Lee: "Jf the work is done
under the local improvement plan, the
petitioners  pay  for lt."
The matter was referred to the city
engineer, in teims of Aid. Johnston's
More Floods.
Mr. T. H. Barbaree wrote acknowledging receipt of announcement that
hla complaint of tbe 18th Inst, was
"referred to the board of worka committee to act," but complaining that
no action bad yet been taken. The
letter was dated Saturday last.
Mr. Barbaree pointed out ln his
letter tbat this was a case "where
your official has blocked up the outlet," and he had suffered loss and Inconvenience. He commente.l on the
"neglect to provide drainage from
cellars," and concluded, "I must ask
you to give this your immediate attention, and thua avoid further cost
and trouble."
Messrs. McBride & Kennedy wrote
under date of Saturday, 25th. regarding the flooding of Galbraith & Son's
factory, concerning which they wrote
last week. The letter poceeded: "We
are notified again thla morning that
they have been flooded out by last
night's rain and the premises ae now
In as bad a condition as they were last
time," and lt concluded: "Unless some
action is taken by the council at
once to make an outlet for this water
we will take action against the city
for damages."
Claim for Compensation,
Messrs. Whiteside. Edmonds &
lohnston wrote as follows: "We have
been Instructed by Mrs. W. C. Coatham to claim compensation from the
city ln respect of damage to her property, corner of Ninth and St. Andrews
streets by reason of raising the level
of the sidewalk above the level of
her property, and also by cutting off
her drainage."
An Open Ditch.
Mr. John Fulton wrote calling attention to the condition of an open
ditch on Seventh avenue, between
Fourteenth and Sixteenth streets. The
ditch, he said, had been pai tly filled
up and the water bad been flowing
icross the street for a week, flooding
the basement of h lsuohsena ataoi
the basement of his house and doing
damage to the foundations.
This  question  of   preventing  flood
Ing was discussed at length.
Mayor   Lee   took     the    view   tha
storm sewers were: th. only .jremedj
and bo doubt the tlme.w.. .aproack
Ina   whan   rtorh  mw��m  w
to be Installed. ���,  ,   ;
*. fcleanMm* Mr. etow.rUajB^elty *_*-
alnear. report** that- the SWoilcttor
aald the eodwll *tf.nhot liable ter
the flooding of cellars from lota. With
street water It may be different.
The council will meet the school
hoard on Thursday afternoon at 4
Tbe fact that the submerged pontoon at the foot of Fourteenth street
la potent In local affairs was reflected
in a letter from W. A. Gilley, contractor. Mr. Gilley wrote that on account of the aim ken pontoon he had
been compelled to suspend work on
his contract with the city for the construction of a garbage hopper and
driveway. The suspension had lasted
for over a month, and Mr. Gilley
claims that he haa thua been pat to
considerable inconvenience and expense.
"I have for over three weeks kept
my men and outfit here," aald Mr. Gilley ln hia letter, "In the hope tbat the
obstruction would be removed, and I
could get to work again, and I have
been obliged to take pile driver and
drew out of town thiB week to work
on another contract, thua entailing
mnch unnecessary expense.
"I have a scow of lumber at the
garbage wharf," continued the letter, "but I am obliged to unload, thus
making It necessary to handle this
lumber twice, or rsy $2.60 ?�����" day
scow hire to the mill."
"Idon't wish to be unreasonable in
my demands, but in face of tbe fact
that I have done all ln my power,
both by effdeavorlng repeatedly to get
the Weetmlneter Marine railway-
owners of the pontoon���to have it removed, and by keeping Inconstant
communication with the city engineering department. I trust you will sc
your way clear to at least cover my
expenses in the unnecessary scow
hire and removal of plant."
Other Communications.
The Sunset Blue Print Co. wrote
thaf lt had come to their notice that
the map of the new city survey is
complete, "or about so," and asking
that the firm be allowed to do the
work in connection with the production of the map.
Lulu Island Bridge.
Mr. Georgei Rennle, operator at the
bridge, reported that the tug Magen
ran Into the draw protection of the
bridle at 6:30 a. m. on the morning of
24th November and damaged it to the
extent of $25, aa far aa Mr. Rennie
could Judge. >
Whiteside, Edmonds and Johnston
wrote stating they were Instructed hy
Ylng Tal ft Co., owners of lot 3,
block 10, City of New Westminster,
to write and request that steps be Immediately taken to remove the aide-
walk "from oft these premises, as the
same' encroaches on our clients' prop.
New Westminster," that they had received conveyance duly executed by
Mr. Wilson, and they asked that a
cheque for $600 be sent them, being
tbe  consideration  for conveyance.
���For the purpose of manufacturing
the four hundred and seventy-flvo
thousand tons of wood pulp produced
ln Canada ln 1910, nothing was used
except logs of various Bpecies, which
as our timher supply decreases are
becoming valuable for lumber an.l
other uses. No slabs or other sawmill waste waa reported as Doing converted into wood pulp by neglecting
which practice, Canada la . losing
greatly. During 1909 in the United
States six per cent of the total pulpwood consumption waa from slabs and
mill trimmings. If economy had been
practised to the same extent In Canada during the year 1910, as much
pulp might have been produced ss
from thirty-six thousand cords of wood
and riot one pulp log need have been
cut. This would have made twenty
per cent more pulp than Nova Scotia
produced in 1910.
Looking at the subject form another
viewpoint the gain might have been
much greater. Over one-half of the
flve billion feet of lumber cut In 1910
passed through mills at centres of
large population Wbere the slab waste
of one-half cord to every thousand
feet of lumber might have been saved
from the Incinerators. One cord of
pulpwood will produce at least one-
half ton of pulp so that one and a
quarter million cords of slabs obtained would bave produced nt the lowest
estimate six hundred and twenty-flve
thousand tons of pulp. This amount
Is thirty per cent more than the total
of four hundred ancl seventy-five thousand tons of pulp produce.! in Canada
in 1910. The Booner such practical
economy and utilization of wood
waste commences the longer will Can-
nde have an adequate supply of pulpwood. ,    i j)   11; ���
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om*   hav. I KheutnaiiiKn for * nvutibcr of y#��r��. He'
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Pill*.   He trarcliascd . box **t\ -��? er'
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bUUlB    CUUU1KUO.     ****     *****      VWWM,-0       V**-W     1 X, a
erty for a distance of one foot six I All kinds of Watchea Repaired. Worn
light,  and  the  petition  further  pro- inches."    Otherwise   the   legal   firm
'   ceeded:    "We also draw attention to would "Issue a writ against yciurcor-
the fact that the blocka en this lm- poratlon suing for the relief asked
portant business thoroughfare are no for."
hetter lighted than an ordinary sub- Paying the Piper,
urban block, ahd yet the revenue from .    Mesers. .Wade,  Whealler,   McQuar,
'   tares  and   licences  ls   probably   60 rle & Martin, the firm of the city so-
"^'times that derived from the former licitor, -wrote regarding Olesohen va. 641 Fron* Bt
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Holtdaya. ���      \V;\.   ���*������.' "t"      ���.
Standard     and' i*otBrlst   Sleepers.
Meala a la   carte.   Through   Tourist
Sleepera from Vancouver to Atlantic
Seaboard November 23 arid   Decern-
'ber 3.
8ava a little ayatemaUcaUy, for ft Is the etnff that tb* foot-
detioas of wealth and happlnssa are built of. ''tr-'
Money may be used la two ways; to  spout   for what  lo
needed now and to Invest for what shall bo needed to tbo f��
ture.  Money cannot bo Inveetod oatU It Is flrst saved.  ,,
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth atreet
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY. Local Maneger.
B.C. Mills
limber and 1rading Co.
Manufacturers ant Dealera It All Kinds ol
���*     FANCY GLABB.
Telephone 12
Royal City Planing Milb Branch
New Westminster
Box   13'
H. G. SMITH, C.P.4T.A. Tel. 8ey. 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A.        Tfl.'Bey. ��Sft
Near the Market     52? Grandvllla Street Vaneouver.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Bums & Co., Linked.   Try
a quart and be assured they aire the beat you have
ever had. s��* �����
for decor
his    record
The Irishman Who Keeps an Eys on
the Big Liners Is the First Detective of His Nationality to Reeelva
Honors From the King���He Is a
Man of Exceptional Strength and
Daring���Never Carries a  Revolver.
Detective-Sergeant Byrne is the first
man of the Irish police force to b
singled out by King Qeorg
ation.     No   Conan Doyl<"
figure,    hut     a     most
brawny,  human   reality,
r.ads like a romance.
To trans-Atlnntic travelers he is
especially familiar. U he has run his
eye over thousands of passenger Jis.s
in search of suspects. And every
man or woman he has taken into
custody has Ik��ii found to be actually wanted by the headquarters police
t'houizh often hs had to "chance Ins
arm" and arrr-st mirely on suspicion
-V native of Ko^-comnion, he joined
th�� police alKWt thirty y"urs apo,
and af'er a short country apprentice
.hip w��s drafted to Cork, whwe ''
served far thirteen years. Then,
n detective, he look Queenstown
'hil h adquarters ���<
'and during the lot
as chief offlcer of
raptured w,t three
fr->'ii ju-t'ee. ,
One cf hi* bijj rrre��t�� was u Frencn
man charged with two mur',��s ant
"three caB.a ot houaebreaWnsj in
France. Arriving In Queenstown. li
donned the di*7nise ol a mere..an-,
sailor and was about to sign <H3 3*
hand on b sailing vessel just leaving
I*-r a l.ms trin, wh.n he fell ncros
iiyrne, wlia saw flirough hi- disguise,
and shipped him h.ick
wh=-re he was convicted.
Fresh from WalJ street, on another
occasion, on  board   a liner carrying
twelve hundred   passengers,   cam<'
confidential clerk named Amdon who
venteen years ago
t twelve of them
tl,. nort he has
hundred fugitive
J. M. Barria Gives Lie to Scoft Repu
tation   For   Solemnity
Mr.  J.   M.   P>arrie,   who
r.���.��rct h-rthdav receuu
who has
hiriiltv-HrsV birthday reeentlj. !�����*���
of the many Scotsmen
quer.,1 not only h:s own country, nu
5E America.    He  was horn
.- i.  ��� ,a\*,<*,. whicn he has irnmor
e  was
ricmuir, a place which u
talized as  Thrums.    When
about sixteen years of sge ne
a newspaper office, wn. re among tne
odtifSow duties he had to per.o��n-
hc naively remarks thu
portant of them eonsi
ud of r
;i = t im
profound  books.    Tu-Jay  he  is su^ly
' -A��t successful oinramaiw
also the most
one of the m;
celebrities; and
retiring. , ,.    . .
Probably   the  public I'lea
kind   and   lovable,   witb
is occur-
ii man,
heart, that will never grow np.     .
Mr Uurrie is a direct contradiction
to    he  alTurd   theory   that  *����������
.,. humorless.   Once the  leading ac-
to  the  ai
are humorless.   Once the
was   playing  In  one   of  hn
occurrence meant a
understudy, who, not
ploys fell ill.   The
ihatice for his "���
b"g particularly gifu-d witli a sens*
oi modJaty, sent a few dozen k'le-
?rami to dwrnslic critics and others
woM be taking the "star part that
eveuing. One telegram went U, Mr.
In the course of the day he
n who had received
s mlar Ineisages. They bad all taken
,o Lliceof it. But Mr. Ilarne did
He sent- this answer^ "Thanks for
your   warning."    H Mr.  Harne   has
met   several
one passion more than another it W
for liftooo.   "" 1 had to ohooM h*
tween   being   a   smoker   and   a   playwright," he once remarked,    I would
dro?. playwritbig without a murmur
When Mr.   Harrie decided to be an
author he confided that, Information
to a pair of maidan aunts. Kach flung
up her hands and exclaimed, reproachfully "And you un M.A.!" In con-
nection with the Scotsman I proverbial love of argument, he tells a delicious storv. An old fellow lay very
near to death, and his friends SU*
sested sending for the minister. Hut
the old chap did not want a spiritual
corafortGr. The friends said they
would sing a hymn. The dying man
did not want hymns. "A m wanting
nether hvmns nor minister, quoth
he; "I want to argy." Another yarn
Mr Barrie tells is about a friend
of his who once had the misfortune
to sit at a performance of "The Little
Minister" behind a lady with a large
hat. Requested politely to remove
:t, the lady stubbornly refused. But
the man wns anxious to see the play.
Presently he baned forwurd again.
���Madam." he said, gravely, "if you
won't remove your nat, would you
mind folding u;> your cars?"
What a Boy Thinks of Pigs.
Teachers in Bury have recently been
asking their scholars to write essays
on animals, in view of the ]!��� yal Lancashire Agricultural Show which has
been held, und the courty i- chuckling over the following description of
the pig, wiiich emanates from u secondary school:���
A dirty.   aiovi-.iUnu  ni8����   ol  flet\>
BTVimiin*   *nS   ����l\...��im   '-��   ttve   ********
wVtti  w����l��*i   It.   *tjr   1��  oopio����\y   ��up-'
pll.i.     tnat- i��  Vo*   *ub:��ut ^>l   n>y   tt*:
had made off with $110,000.    He met
eye of  Byrne,  who  promptly  in-
vited him to a private conversation,
resulting in his extradition by the
next boat.
One day a young Englishman was
walking down Queenstown while
Byrne watched him for a few minutes,
then crossed the road and arrested
him on suspicion. He turned out bo
be a bank manager who had enibcz-
ilod a huge sum.
While wandering along tlv? saloon
decks of liners, studying physiog-
namy, at various times he similarly
detected tive guilty secrets of a Berlin detective, a London stat'onmaater,
a Glasgow insurance man. three Government officials and a host of smaller
'fry, who had to adnrt traveling under
assumed names, and had no satisfactory explanation handy for it.
After an unusually rapid series of
arrests calling for his attendance at
four different assize courts in as
many days, Scotland Yard declared
they must have this sleuth. But he
prefers to reman os the guardian of
Cork harbor. His chief boast is that
not even the culprits he has brought
to book hove been ahle to complain
of his methods. Many a time they
hnye heen armed, but Byrne never
carries a revolver. He trusts entirely
to his activity and the iron grip of
his hands and arms.
skill, and Uvat the flesh beneath i��
could yield the most delicious flavors?
In life the pig is of very little use
and is oft'.-n the ci.use of a great deal
of mischief. But for the pig to die is
to be bom again Into a sphere of
much greater utility. In life he is of
ten an object, of contempt; in doath
he gains greatly in importance.
"iu a few words I will endeavor to
show how the dead animal can enter
into one day of our-hfe. \V,e risr; in
the morning and utilize his bristle's to
orusn our nuir and our clothes. For
breakfast we have a crisp, savory
piece of bacon. We take out our wallet at school and find that it is made
of pigskin. Then the tender pork
chops for dinner send us back to our
work with an increased capacity for
study. When We return home, t-j find
beautifully-done pork sausages fria-
zling in the pan, we fcfe in the sev-"
enth heaven of delight But our sleep
is disturbed by a last meal of cold
pork sausages for supper, and as wo
li" comfortably in our beds we drows
���lly murmur, 'Bacon, sausages, and
pork chops'. And the cause oi all this
is the pig."
"Swat That Fly!"
��� The present crusade against the
house-fly and tho admonition to "kill
thut fly" recalls the old-time expression "swattin' the fly." Sixty year*
,ago flies were "swatted" in Derbyshy-e
.���to "swat," of oourse, meaning to hit.
An unruly child got "a ��wat" from ita
uiotlitr, "and my schoolmaster," say*
a writer ia Country Life, "supplied
the. needful correction when he gave
,a faulty lad 'a good swattin'.' " One
oi the dutiea of the butcher's lad in
jsummer time was to "swat" "bluebottles" with a leather "swatter" affixed to a handle. It was the "blowfly" which the lad was expected to
"swat"j tha other kind, the "housefly" from the "muck-middin," was ol
no account to him. His particular
business was to "fetch" the bluebottle
"a swat."
An Old Custom.
In conformity with a custom of great
antiquity, the Lord Mayor of London
has received lrom the First Commissioner ot Works warrants for four fat
bucks from the royal park at Richmond. Tbe sheriffs have received warrants for three bucks, and tiie recording chamberlain, town clerk, common
'.Serjeant, and remembrancer for one
leach. The aseooiation of the citisetja
(of London with the royrf hunts and
-chases dates away back to 1101, and
Jtiiere is a charter extant oi tbat year
nfarrlug to tho JMbfact. .   j
His   Majesty  Always   Enjoys   Hirmell
at His Highland Home.
Shooting, either w.th gun or riile
is H:a Majesty's favorite pastime, aud
ne is never so thoroughly happy a-
ahen tramping througn tue preserves
oi vvinusor, iiainiorul, or banoringnuiu
with liis gun under hia arm und nu
lavorita dug by his side. Ivor are therj
many meu iu Lurope wno cun up
;,i. uch n.ni in accuracy oi aim.
'ine wild moors uud rougu upland;
uiound Unluiorul have always appealed to tne King with BansiUefaote
force, aud all turougu the .-trei.uou--
t:iues ba haa enuur��ii in connection
witn hits coronation ne looked lorwurj
to tne time wueu, ior a brief spell,
ne might put tne pomp and circuui-
: lauct. ul Uie Court us.de and spend
u.i uuya ill tue oiucing a.r oi the
nighiands. snooting ana iishing. I'm*
nine nus now armed.
Doaoly Honored are those whom His
Majaaty invite am join tua house parties lor the shooting. Not only are
may tne guests of tneir bowreigu, but
tiny - are in the company ol oue of
uie best all-round sportsmen ot the
aay. Ine Kmg is tuny astir, au<J
louse who are tu accompany mm ���
tile ili'ia have likewise to be ah-��� ..,
a.i hour I.mt must (eel very strung*
to some of them. It is at tiaiuioral
mat ii.s Majesty entertains his largest siiootiiig-oariics, so tnat what happens nere may be taken a sa typical
ot what gcK-s torward whenever mere
is a shoot at any ol tue royal residences.
Grouse are, as a rule, very plentiful
upon the lialiiioiul preserves. But
tney want finding. To tjuote His Majesty's words when Prince of Wale*.
"Vou have to go alter the in; Lhe birds
will not come and feed on the lawns
just to oblige you." Therefore thos*
who are to shoot with the King are
Often culled at 5 a.m., when the dawi.
is just breaking. When they leav;
their rooms they find an ample repast
awaiting tbem even at this early hour.
There is a laige choice of hot and cold
dishes, though His Majesty is himself
a believer in a very light diet, a cup
oi coffee and a roll or two sutticiug
him for breakfast.
Sudwieh boxes and flasks are then
filled, guns examined, pockets loaded
with cartridges, and off the party sallies, lf one of the outlying beats ari
to be tried first stout Highland ponit-4
or motor cars are awaiting the gun*
to transport them to where their sport
is waiting. The roads about Balmoral
are, in the majority of cases, none to.
good, so that, whenever it is at all
possible. His Majesty rides in preference to motoring.
Most sportsruer are agreed that, to
shoct grouse to perection, they should
be attacked early in the morning, before the sun has reached its full
height. When the chosen beat is up-
proached the King rapidly maps out
nis plan of campaign. His knowledge
of woodcraft is little short of wonderful, and he seems to realize instinctively what the birds are likely to do.
He disposes his field with rare skiii
and discrimination.
By the time that lunch is due His
Majesty and his guests are quite pre-
uared to do full justice to it.    A PsekH
ol   Baiul-wiche*   U   a   very   u��elul   addition,   to   b    ��tioolln��    iHi.fll    upon    Ui-
moors    ol.   T>��e��Ule.   but   one    Uw    not
been tTunpIns tor ro��ny  Hours  before
tbe nece-Bsity  for  Bometutiifg more tub-
etantial   \*  impresned   upon  the   uiind
in   no  uncertain   manner.    The   royal
lunches  are very  plain  in character,
though ample in cnoice and quantity.
The King lias something approaching
contempt   for   the   sumptuous   meaN
that many "sportsmen" of to-day appear to consider a  necessary portion
of a day's shooting, and his injunction
is  oflen   to   he  heard���"Eat  quickly;
we are losing the best of the fun."
As a rule Queen Mary ami the ladies
of the house party join the guns for
lunch, but it sometimes falls out thai
Historic Pens.
p?n witli which the
The p?n witli which the Treaty ot
Vienna was signed is preserved In the
family of Viscount Bangor, and is always used in signing the register
when marriages of members of tlwit
family take place. Mr. Ward, who
afterwords succeeded to thc title, was
private secretary to Lord Castlcreosrh
at the time of the signing of the
treaty, and picked up as a treasure
the pen with whicli it had been signed. The pen used by Charles Dickens
just before his death was sold in an
auction-room for ��19 10s.. although
��40 was paid for the well-worn gold
pen used by "Bor." for many years.
At the sale c*f the Dalhousie collection the quill-pen used by Wellington
when writing to Queen Victoria in
1844 brought only five and a half
guineas, while one of Sir Walter
Scott's pens, selected by Lord Dal-
linusie in 1820 from Scott's writing-
table at Abbotsford, only realized
three euineas more.
the game takes tne party far.her afield
than was anticipated, and lunch consequently fails them. Upon these occasions the King has been known to
sit down under the lee of a haystack
and enjoy a crust of bread aud cheese,
washed down with a bottle of beer,
with a sigh of complete contentment.
AjMUple of pipes or a cigarette or two
follow, and His Majesty is as eager
as any schoolboy to be after the birds
Memorial  to Gen.  Gordon.
Khartoum Catlmlral is well on the
way towards completion, a#id it is
hoped to finish it before next winter.
One of the most interesting spots in
the edifice is the small chapel in the-
north  transept���to  be known as the
That Wicked Waste.
A famous English mustard merchant
has declared tnat the profits accruing
to his firm came not from mustard actually eaten, but from that left upon
patrons' plates. In other words, mustard consumed was quite a small proportion of mustard used.
Take cigarettes as another trample.
The average cigarette is three incne-
in length, und tne discarded fag-eud
three-quarters of an inch In every
four cigarettes smoked, therefore, one
is wasted, or 115 per cent. Obviously,
Cigars are not ��0 wasteful, ou account
ot tlieir greater length and the tint
that holders are frequently um.\1 ; bul
the waste of tobacco by pip-rinoiicr�� is
no small matter, u wad being knocked
out after eaea smoke.
The "heel-taps" of drinks represent
a high toli on the drinker; atul as for
liotepaper, why, almost as much ii
���wasted as is used.
Then there are garden seed*. The
amuteur buys ap aefcet, sows a lialf. or
perhaps a little more, and the resi
ure ��-.-. aside and forgotten.
Where Ht Worktd.
Mr. Keir Hardie is noted for tlie
carelessness of his attire. Not long
ago, when some repairs were beir^j
done to tlie House of Commons, Mr.
Hardie was lounging in the library,
when he was accosted by a friendly
policeman, who quite failed to recognize him in his somewhat shabby
clothes. "'Uilo, matey!" exclaimed
the man in blue.   "Are you working
Gordon  Chapel.    This   memorial   to j here?" "Yes," replied Mr. Hardie, la-
'' '    ' ''""        ''""       "   '"*   conical!)'.    "On tne  roof?" asked the
champion of law  and order.    "No,"
said the Labor leader,  with a quiet
smile; "not on the roof.    I work on
the  floor of   this  House."   Nor  waa
this the only time that Mr. Hardie'*
unassuming attire has led to a misconception ot hiB identity.   When he
was in Belgium a few years ago he
elected in memory of the late Major   wag arrested and detained aome time
'.ulnois by his relatives and friends.   on  guspicion  of  being in sympathy
iM will *erve to separate Uie ehan-   w;th a notorious Anarchist who wm
**] from the main body of the cathe-   then in tha hands of th* police.
the great Christian soldier will be
ushI for conducting services when
there are but few worshippers.
Masons are busy in various parts of
the cathedral, and the most minute
���ore is being taken over all the
���laborate work which enters into the'
composition of the cathedral. A
.eautiful   wooden   6creen    ia   to   be
Kill the Dandruff Germs���Stop Hair Falling
Thousands ot mothers ate looking younoer.-Thelr grny hair, nro gone. ��*��g"��fj
eolor hweomo back, and with it a n.w growth of .oft. gloasy, luxuriant hair. Why should
jS,S ohl before your time, when yen ean look yean yooogw by using
Dandruff Cored
Three application, removed
all tha dandruff and left my
acalp clean, white and smooth.
Wm. Creak, Boeheatei. H. Y.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
-II other -called" Restorer, here failed, dont' *��<������ Wff JTE2
SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a^ trial. Ton ran no dak.. U Ik l��,not exactly
ee represented, jronr money will be refunded.
Gray Hair Restored
Mr fair waa tetting qnita gray and fallinf mt ttpidly
an" wll troubled with a terrible itching of the acalp.
My head Vaa full of dandruff, which fell nponmy clothes
'_ ~~~_4.?_���_l *~*.      L_4at.l *****      It     Aft Uf nil Sa     Afl     ^L
ano Kepi mo n#nnuu������jr v.u>���..�� -- -��� -- ���-- -���
riait to Rochester I heart of your Sage and Sulphur
lor tba hair. I got * bottle and used it. A ftw ������-
cationa relierad the itching, my hair atoppedI falling ont and gradually came hack to its natural color It
ia now a nice dark brown color, aoft, gloaay and plUblfc
Several of my Wenda want to use it, and I want ta
knov wist yoa jrill charge ne toala J* J8^
Charon, Mercer Ca, At.
Grew Hair on a Bald Head
For two or three yeara my hair had beea
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my head wae entirely bald. About tour
months ago I commenced uiing Sage and Sulphur. The first bottle seemed to da seme good
and I kept using it regularly until now I have
used four bottles. The whole top of my head
ia fairly covered and keeps coming in thicker.
I shall keep on using it a while longer, aa I
notice a constant improvement
Rochester, li. T.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Druggists
n Vour DrvMlst Does Hot Keep It, Send Us the Price tn Stamps, and We Wfll
IX *OW vrvgn-     ^ ^- j L^c Bo|U^ *EJ9KSS prcpaW
Wyeth Chemical Company
New York City. N.Y.
_     *. -_�� f^k- *** -mivasw Saa* ������* ����lpn���� Toilet Soap Vrtt-a to anyone who will send
f R����    ^.TTl. VaV-rtl-.tr'.m with  toe in Mmpt to cover co.t ot wr.ppina and mailing th. aoep.
A $20,000 Dessert
It cost us over $20,000 to build the single special equipment for
making Mooney's Sugar Wafers. When you taste them you will
agree with us that the money was well spent
For years we have made the finest biscuits and candies in all
Canada���our Perfection Cream Sodas, and Chocolate Chips alone
prove this. Now we offer you what we believe Is our greatest
creation���Mooney's Sugar Wafers.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
The Dessert Your Gti��-s& Will Like
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are made with double layers of crisp,
spicy biscuit crusts. Each layer is a delight���between is a rich
delicious cream, a combination cf sweets that can't be duplicated.
This luscious cream is made in many flavors���from real fruits.
At luncheon or dinner today instead of serving the usual
dessert try Mooney's Sugar Wafers. Let their delicious
taste today decide your desserts of the future.
You can get this dainty dessert in
dust and damp proof wax-
paper-lined tins at your
grocer's.   10 and 25
cent tins.
Your Advertisement in the
News is a Salesman���
Reliable, Indispensible, Effective TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1911.
paof nvvwrm
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of thla lodge
are held In Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.O.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;  II. Purdy, financial secretary
MISS II, BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
R/ivuce'H office. Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc.  Dean Block
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
j. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and .M<-!<en/.ie street!, New Weet
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooma 7 and 8
Guichon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of-
Bees, Williams building, 41 Granville street. V, C. Wade, K. C.i
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. ft. Telegraph.
njAttU of TRADE}���NBW WbttT-
minster Board of Trade meet* tn tne
board room, City Hall, aa follows:
Third Thursday of eacb month;
quarterly meeting on the intra
Tb'tirsaay of February, May, August
and November, at s p.m. Annual
meetings ou the third Thursday ot
February. New member* may be
proposed oad elected at any month
ly or quarterly meeting. C. H.
�����tuart-Wade. secretary.
[(Time Time
of of
Arrival: Closing:
10.00��� United States via C. P. R.
(daily except Sunday) .23:00
jp40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
-Vancouver via. B. C. E. R
The silo has** won the rightful esteem of breeders of beef cattle. It furnishes exactly what Is required to
maintain the bovine system in perfect
normal health in whiter, writer a correspondent of the Breeder's Gazette.
Soft, succulent feed ls craved by every
member of the herd at all seasons of
tbe year. The fresh green grass gathered ut pasture in summer makes a
ration perfectly suited to cattle and
hard to imitate. Cuttle thrive ou
grass. Their coats, health, vigor and
breeding powers nil reveal Its inni;ic
touch. It is nature's feed, nnd the natural selection of centuries In wlid freedom and In farmers' pastures hn* |>er-
fectly adapted cuttle to moke good use
of grass. The longer tbe grazing Benson the better tbe cattle thrive. Now
tbe dreaded gup between fall and
spring pasturing bas been successfully
spnnned In this country by the silo.
Silage is more valuable for tbe breed-
ins herd th.-in for fattening steers, as
cattle on a heavy feed of gralu havo
less need of the laxative effect and tbe
bulk Bupplled by sllngc. For cows,
bulls nnd young growing cattle tho
soothing tonic effects of tbe sllnge
counteract the tendency of continuous
dry feeding to depress tbe body's activities. The silage "cools tbe system,"
j>     Brood  sows  require a  mixed
% diet und one contaiulug plenty of
j?  protein und uot too much fatten- *
�� ing quality. z
jP      After the pigs have bpen put ���
|  into  the  fattening  pen   ln   tbe %
|   full they should be fed nil tbat *
-*>   Ihey will eat with a relish, for 4>
g  ns n rule the shorter the fatten- g
f>  lug period the In rger lhe profits. 2,
k      A   hog  cannot  sleep  comfort- ?
��  nlily In u draft of wlud.    It will Z
4.   iiiteh cold very easily.   �� 9
g      As si rule, lt will not pay to <*>
|>   bold the  pig crop  for prices  to 8
\   rise unless they are making good '*>
%   gains all 1 ho time they are being %
held.   While n few feeders win <?
out in playing the market game, 2
lanily more I se. ���'
L* a In;: misses a feed watch ,{,
lt; If !t  Wisxea tbe second feed J
remove   It   from   tbe   herd   nnd <;'
thoroughly disinfect where It has J
been. <*>
New Westminster Land District, Dis
trlct of New Weatmlnster.
Take notice that I Walter S. Rose
of New Westminster, B. C, occup;:
tion broker, Intend to apply for per
raiesion to lease tbe following described land.
Commencing at a
and a half miles from
ion the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
[creek, running Sit chains north, ther.ce
I JO  chains    east,    tlience    8u chalnB
.south, then"e fiO chains weBt to point
of commencement and containing 010
acres more or less.
Date, September isth. mn.
Name cf Applicant  (in full).
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL        ���14,400,000.00
RESERVE    12,000,000.00
Brandies througnout Canada rnd
post planted one I Newfoundland, anu ln London. Engim Lillooet river i *"*��� New York' Ch<tego and Spokane,
Re Lots ?,, 4, 5, 8, P, 11. B'ock 2:
1, 2, 3, 4. 5, C. 7, 8. 9, Bock 3;
1, IA, IB, 4, 5, 6, 7, Bleck 4:
1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, Block 5; Lots 1,
C.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
baaktng business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued., available with
correspondents ln all parts of thc
Savings Bank Djinrtment��� Depoalts
-ecelved in sums of $1 and upward,
aud Interest allowol ot 3 per cent, pei
tanum   (present  tatS).
Total   Assets over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
L'jis I
Lots I
2, 3.
Wherever Hereford! are known
they dre conceded to be the peer of
all breeds as grBzers, but Inm convinced by experience that they are
equally profitable as feed lot cattle
ln tbo corn belt, says an Illinois
Hereford raiser. As the area of
(Trass Is sure to bo Increased as
agriculture develops and as we
must Improve tha carrying capacity
of our pastures, there wlll always
be plenty of room for Hereford* as
the most efficient machines with
which to convert Brass Into beef.
They will" also continue in popular
favor with corn belt feeders who
seek early maturing, easy fattening, high quality cuttle. The pure
bred Hereford cow herewith Illustrated was champion at a recent
English show.
ns herdsmen say.  The Bteer on a full
feed of corn does nat live long enough
to suffer from tbe bad effects of hls
tdally' Mcept"Sunday)*. 16:00   unnatural diet.
Vancouver via B. C. E. R. I     While tbo annual period of summer
tdally except Sunday).20:30   grazing returns the breeding herd to
10���Victoria via B. C. E.  R. I normal   vigor  and  fuuetiona  after  a
(daily except Sunday). 11:45   ^inter on dry roughage, it ts far bet-
A:00���Victoria  via  B. C. E.  R. I |er to maintain this desired condition
tdally except Sunday). 11:15' uninterruptedly  throughout the  year.
7:30��� Untied Statea via 8. N. R. | Tuen tU(J he,.d goes witilout shock or
��� (.d^lycl!Xf���pt ?Uod��^ i setback ln the fall from tbe pasture to
Wall Fleshed Animals Take th* Top ef
tha Market
The first few weeks In fattening
bones we allow them to run ln tbe
cornfield. At tht> snrac time they
nave all the good clover hay that they
:an eat. a strnw pile and n well bedded
���bed to run under, writes 11. A. Bit-
tenbender of Iowa In tbe American
jAgricultnrlst Generally they can run
jut In the stalks until about Jan. 1,
when we take them up and place
tbem ln a small yard. In tbe yard
they receive a ration of alfalfa and
:orn. with pood clover hay.
They nre left on full feed in tbc yard
until March 1, when we take twelve
ot them Into the barn. Here we teet\
a ration mixed as follows: One sack ofi
chopped clover hay, one-half sack of
alfalfa, one-half sack of bran, one and
oue-balf sacks of crushed oats, one-
half suck of crushed corn. These are
thoroughly mixed and before feeding
are wet with u solution of molnsses nnd
water. This molasses ls mixed.one
purt to flve parts water. The reifeoa
for crushing the oats aud corn Is that
tbey are digested better and do not
pass tbrough the animal as freely:
The horses are brought Into the barn
that they may be groomed and exercised regularly. The change lu the
ration gives them more vim u::d spirit.
4. 5, G, Hloi'k ti: Lets 1, 2, 3. 4, 6,
H, Block 7; Lot? 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, B.7,
8. 9. 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Bipck
8; Lots 1, '>, 3. 1, 6, IR, 17, 18k ^6,
27, 28, 29 and 30, Block. 9; Lots 14.
15, 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, Block
10 of part of Lot 229, Group 1. Mop
1095, In the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 19478F. 1 sir.d I
In the name of The Bldw^V B?y ^nd
Belcarra Company, Limited, hr.s - been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given Ihat I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in
jthe City cf New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writlne.
Distiict Registrar of Tit'es.
Land  Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., November 20, 1011.
Re a part (10 acres) of a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2. New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 1199F, issued
in the name of Georg�� Ggjter, has
been filed in this office. <SK
Notice is hereby glfen tKtl sha!'.
nt the expiration of 6he month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate,
unless in the meantime valid objec
tion be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Ofllce, Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
>Bce 'Phone in.      Bm-ii 'Vtum* IX
Begbie Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly     *
any part of tke city
Light and Heavy Hauling
Learn   Classes every Monday    and
���       thuraday night,   8   o'clock,
To      at 318 Royal avenue.   Those
_. receiving    invitation    cards
Dance for the Frlffay evening
dances In St. Patrick's hall will please
notice that Invitations are good for
the season. Dancing; 9 to 2. C. W.
Openahaw's tour-ptec* erebMtra.
Phone L575, 3. R. Barnett, Manager.
11:40���All points eaBt   and   Eu
rope    (daily)     8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)    13:15
10:18���Sapperton and Praser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)       8:30
to :00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills (dally except
Sunday)      14:00
10:18���Coquitlam   (daily   exoept
-     ~   Sunday) 8:80
12:00���Central Park snd Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
1400���East Burnaby (dally ox-
Sunday)  11:80
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday. Wednesday
and  Friday    1��:0��
10:00���Ladner,     Port    Gulchon,
Westham   Island, Bun     .-;
Villa  13:80
10.00���Annlevillie (dally   except
Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
Ul: 30���Cloverdale and Port Kelts
via O.  N.  R.  (dally ex-
(dally except Sunday).14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake (dally extent flundnv  16:00
tie:00���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday) -23:00
16:15���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Sunday) ��:4B
16:16���Hall's Prairie. Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ��������� 8:46
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
i-ehmas, Aldergrove, Ot*
, ter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, ^MurnJyviHe.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis. Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. fl. w. R. (dally
except Sunday)    9:00
11:20��� Rand, Mnluba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday    and    Frl-
dnv        9:00
30:30���Chilli wack via B. C. B. R. |
(daily excepl Sunday). 17:30 i
time the cattle have a montb'a start
ahead of the dry fed herd tbnt must
become accustomed to an entire change
of feed.
In order to learn of the advantage
which the succulent cornstalk hns orer
the dry one. tbe Missouri experiment
station conducted a test in which
busked com fodder or stover was fed
in opposition to corn put In tbe silo
after tbe ears had been removed. This
waa fed to yearling steers without
grain, and It was found that those getting the dry fodder required 31.3
pounds of lt dally per bead and left
41 per cent of tt uneaten, consisting of
the coarse stalks. Eacb of tbe otber
steers ste 47.4 pounds dally of the silage without ears and wasted less thsn
I per cent of it The steen getting dry
feed were fed more dry matter per
day tban the others, but tbey lost .IS
of a pound a day. while the others
gained .88 of a pound. The dry fed
steers were scrawny and hidebound In
the spring, but tbe others bad made a
perceptible growth and were ready to
go right on wltb It.
Hag Wallow.
The up to date boa; yard has a feeding floor, the advantages of which are
many. Such bog yard should have a
sanitary wallow. Here are tbe directions for building: Oue of cement mny
be made by digging a bole Cfteen
Inches deep and ten feet square, ln
the bottom pack six Inches of coarse
gravel or cinders and on ��hls lay three
Inches of course concrete. Smooth off
the surface and raise the sides six
Inches higher. This makes n shallow
basin, which will make a Rood sanitary wallow, and a barrel of water a
day will be sufficient to keep It going.
If you have running water which can
he piped Into the basin, so much the
Care of Dry Caws.
It la poor policy to turn cows out to
rough it as soon as they nre turned
dry. for a month or two In winter or
early spring. This ls the time they demand a good and regular ration. A
cow is not going to do ber best at the
pall when calving time tods her run
down in condition.
In the matter of quality ot bona
tbe Clydesdale comes nearer the
thoroughbred than any other of the
heavy boks. His conformation ot
body as a general rule ls thick and
roomy, with abundance of scope for
the free action ot the various organs. Ills frame Is well knit and
grips tbe harness at every necessary point, while ln the majority of
eases he moves upon feet which are
broad, bard and admirably fitted te
Uke * mood trip on tbe roadway.
The Clydesdale Is a game horse,
and It may be that there are
weightier horses In the world, but
none of them can lift a heavier
lead er carry It along In such an
agile fashion. Added to these Important qualities, he has the merit
of wearing well and long. Ths
illustration shews Boquhan Lady
Peggy, champion Clydesdale mar*
at tha recent Highland show, In-
False Farm Eeensmy.
Bare land unstocked and nnworked
(s nnproductlve. Farmers should remember thla fact and they will be less
HUely to destroy their chances of profit
by unwise economy In farm labor.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic.
in Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
bankins facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
L^VIIMi/��Wl  .*+
Christmas Sailings
"Megantic" Saturday, Dec. 9
Due Liverpool   Dec. 10
"Teutonic" Thursday, Dec. 14
Due   Liverpool    Dec.  21
Steamers sail from Halifax earlr
next day, connecting with trains from
the West.
White Star S.S, "Laurentic" and
"Megantic" are the largest, flinest
and most moderp from Canada.
Elevators, lounges, string orchestra,
etc. First, second and third class
passengers carried.
Whtte Star S.S.
Dominion Line S.S.
one class cabin (II)
passengers  only.
For reservations and tlcketa apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
Company's office, 619 2nd Ave.,
"Teutonic" and
"Canada" carry
and third claas
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suits Pressed   -   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
Cleaners & Dyers
345 Columbia Street.
Ths Cow's Udder.
lu....y ��,�����,. o....���,��� ,.,...,*.. A flndy shaped udder Is one of tho
(dally except Sunday).20:30  most attractive points about a good
11:20���Abbotsford   via   B.C.E.R. dairy cow.   It invariably attracts tb*
(dally exeept Sunday).17:30 attention of the prospective purchaser
46:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.* or the admiring dairyman. ���.���..-. J
(dally except Sundiy).17:iO
The long, rough cost Is smoothed down,
and the flesh that has been added
makes them look much better than
they did when tbey went Into the feed
lot a few weeks before.
We hare found tbat to sell a horse
to a horse buyer be must be tn good
Uesh and looking well.
This last jear, on figuring up our
accounts, we found that it cost about
$30 each to fatten the horses. In selling we received an overage Increase of
about *50. This left a proflt of $20
per horse. In the soring there is a
decided demand for horses that nre
good and will show It In their looks.
A horse will sell for more Jipt because he Is In good flcah, but lt Is
esBentlal to make him look ns attractive as possible. A heavy hnrness
wlll make a horse look 100 pounds
heavier nnd will Increase his value
from $5 to $1">- The increased demnnd.
the amount of flesh nud ibe attractive
ness of tbe animal make a large profit
possible. ^^	
The Horse's Repose.
To a hardworking borse repose Is
almost as much n necessity as food
Unless n borse lies,down regularly his
rest ls never complete nnd his joints
and sinews sttfTen. While it is true
tbat some horses sleep in a standing
position and continue work for many
years, it is equally true that they
would wear much longer and perform
their work much better lf they rested
naturally.    ___
Improve tha Stock. ,
Good feeding ia Important, but good
feed gives best results when good
stock receive it. improve tbe stock
and the stock will lmpr>������ the farm
The task ts easy and requires only determination to succeed...
Profit In Sheep.
Keep a few sheep on the farm. Wool
will always bring cash, and IJ coins* |
when there Is little else to sell     ,
,C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Pally
12.00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A.  U Daily
11:00 P. M Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M.-.Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
Fer Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M...Oct. 31, Nov. 11th, 25th
For Hardy Bay.
8:30 A.  M Wednesdays
for Upper Fraser  River  Points.
Leave New  Westminster, 8:00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilllwaek. 7:00 A. M��� Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Polnta
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
8% to 26 H. V.
a sad 4 Cycle.
j.    i Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phono  53.
Tonth  St.,  Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
Meet every Monday ln I Abor hall,
8. p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 608, Residence phone 501.
F. 0. GARDINER.       A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A,
Phone Ml. Box 772
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. snd Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.    ���
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Now Wsstmlnstsr.
��� IN ���
'i      i    =
Sole agent, for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waten,   Amted Wstert
Manufactured hy
Telephone R US  OStes: Princess Si
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to. open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Iiterett is paid oa Sarins, s
Balances^balf-yearir.   ::
Besacss (Accounts   opened
��n favorable terms.
ASSETS  $48,000,000
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue.
Phone M7
ii  '   " .1  i      r ���*-
���IS Columbia
B, C
E have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
Phaao M. Nev�� Wsstmlnstsr, B. C. mmm
..   V>"    .   ,alr_i
and Wringers
SOLD and
City News
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
D. Mc
Chimney Sweeping.
Eavetreugh Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks,
Who know, thf value of expert advice in the matter of
insurance. Thii it the only
office in town which it devoted exclusively to insurance. It it the best place to
come to' if you want insurance that will stand the test
Alfred W. McLeod
t.'.,> '   '.i"��� ���* v'.;-'*���;
MT Columbia St..
0^. g*      *.* Haats , W����tmtn��t��r.
Brushes of All Kinds
Hair, Hat, Clothes, Tooth,
Infant, Hand, \n all these
lines we hav^the very latest, including EBONY and
IV0RY01D. See our Show
Xmas Goods
now in, and a "big and beautiful line tco.   Look us up.
A Sullivan, Provincial School Inspector, Is paying an official visit to
the schools of tbis city.
You will have a good time at thc
Scottish Concert tonight.    Come!   *���
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Plione 310.   I. A. Ueid.   ���
Mrs. J. A. Rennle, 001 Fifth street,
wlll be at home on Wednesday, the
29th Inst., and on the first Friday of
each month thereafter.
Mrs. E. J. C. Shaw, SOI Henley
street, will receive for the first time
on Thursday. November 30, and on
every fourth Thursday throughout the
Mr. David Boyle, late with C. H.
Deamon. is to open a barber shop
soon at the foot pf Eighth street.    ������
Look! Misses, Women's and Children's Shoes at tempting prices. 641
Front street. M
Yeeterday Coroner Pittendrlgh held
an Inquest on tbe body of Joseph
West, which waa found in a room
of the Colonial hotel with the throat
cut. The finding of the Jury was
that tho deceased had come to his
death by his own hand.
Tonight is the Scottish Concert and
Dance, under the auspices of Sons of
Scotland, Oddfellows' Hall **
Money to loan, city property, lowest currant rates. National Finance
Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.     **
Prevent cold nips on yur finger
tips by wearing Jaeger wool gloves.
50c the pair. A. S. Mills & Co., 517
Columbia street. **
The ladles of Six Avenue Methodist
church are holding a social at the
parsonage, corner Twelfth street and
Eighth avenue, on Thursday evening
of thia week. A pood program is being prepared. Refreshments will be
served and a collection taken, proceeds for church purposes. Every
body welcome. **
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaved
Ulackman Ker wharf at 2 o clock. **
Climaxes and anticlimaxes nre
somewhat common in literary life, but
a "fitting climax" gives one political
Stop! Consider! It pays to invest
your money in shoes of quality. Come
In and Invest.   641 Front street. *���
Headaches caueed from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. \V. Gifford Optical Parlors. In, T. Gtttord'a Jewelry store.   **
"Toutsta" pn    ttie    Conservative    convention.     Hard   indeed  tor  the  hosts
ot  the  faithful  to bo so wounded  in
the house of their trlcndB.    The asylum  a   "Fitting  Climax!"   indeed.
Miss Cavc-Browne-Cave|
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated  Society
of Musicians (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of tho
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes ln  past  years.
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone L638.
Irish Lace
Dress   Models
We bave no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Seventh Avenue, Large Lot.
One-third caah, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
Fifth Avenue, near corner of
Twelfth Street. Fine lot on the
north side.
i Oeod Terms.
Two Lots, corner Gray and  First
Very Good Terms.
Major & Savage
Monday and Tuesday we offer a
display of beautiful Evening Gowns
that would lend grace and distinction
to the most exclusive dressers. They
possess all the new style features aria
afford an abundant scope for choice.
Our Prices are the Lowest
Style and Quality the Highest
Evening gown of beautiful quality messaline silk; In shade of sky; low
neck; finished with fold effect over shoulder; front and back of neck finished with white silk insertion; kimona sleeve, finished with white ball
fringe; high waist line, with belt of silk corded:  skirt finished front and
back with ball fringe.    Price
Women's dress of Paillette silk, in shade of sky; round low neck tucked
and twisted with row of insertion and edging; panel effect front and sldo
of skirt of fine tucked silk; kimona sleeve; dress trimmed with lnaertion
lace,    "rice  ������������������� ������������..����. ***** *...*% ********���***.- *.***���*******
Dress of flne Marquisette, ln white square yoke; also in white with
silk band of blue.   Extra special, each  $10.00
Exquisite gown of Dresden silk mull, beaded, close fitting at neck with collar and cuff of plain mull:
trimmed with black velvet buttons, neck and arms; kimona sleeve; underskirt effect of hello Duchesse
satin and belt to match.
Price $35.00
Stylish dress of pink Messaline silk;   sailor   collar   effect;
silk Marquisette; skirt trimmed; loose panel at waist.
finished with   deep  silk   trimming   and   black
Price $32.50
B. & M.
S37 Front St.   -   Phone 301
Freeh Salmon (half or whole)
Have you seen the lovely new Fabric for evening wear ?
Will' count It a pleasure to show you these goods.
Our range is replete with all the new creations.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L.
New    Westr
o. 71:
Res. 72.
B    C.
In honor of Fred Kenyon. who has
been with WeBsrs. Bowie & OJdy, and
Harry Knight, of Charlie Welsh's
staff, who both leave for England on
Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Bellanger
of 10:i!) Leith street, gave a farewell
party last night to which many of
the boys wero invited. Messrs. Kenyon aud Knight' intend to take a
(hree months' vacation in the old
country and are to make their way
bsck there by way of New Yofk.
They will no doubt have a glorious
Christmas time with thc old folks,
and will later on return to the great
western province which has betn
their home for some time.
Mrs. Lester will open an adult beginners' class in St. George's hall.
Thursday, November 30, at 7:30 p.m.:
also an informal bop from 9 to 12 for
last season's pu;:i!s and their friends '���
In the account of tbe accident
which occurred on Saturday night to
I!ob McMurphy, which apj eared iu
The Daily News, it was stated that
the injured man was taken to tlie
hospital in a special car. The Daily-
News is only too glad to rectify this
mistake apcl state Miat he was conveyed to the hospital in the ambulance. Mr. Thompson of the Central
livery stable called up on the phono
and explained the whole affair. Tbe
ambulance was called and went to thij
hotel where the driver was informed
that the injured man was still in the
car. He then drove to the car, only
to leanr that McMurphy had been removed to the hotel, where finally tho
ambulance picked him up. Thla accounts for the alleged delay and for
the mistake which was made in The
Daily News. As a matter of fact tho
ambulance waa down town close to
the scene of the accident within a
very tew minutes of the first call.
.. lb. 10c
Sliced,   per  lb /....JOc
Halibut (half or whole), lb  .8c
Fresh  Herring    4 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Smelts, 3 lbs. for   25c
Smoked Salmon, per lb l5o
Smoked Halibut, per lb 15c
Kippers   and   Bloaters,   per   lb 10c
Finnan   I laddie.   2   lbs.   for 25c
LaTge   Rabbits,   each      3?c
Mallards, per brace   $1.25
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given. !
* ���**���*****������������****���*********
Muir's White Pine Cough
Cure, Cold Cream,
Witch Hazel and other
lotions, Catarrh Cures,
Deane Block.   441 Columbia Bt.
New weatminater, B.C.
m ��� ��� ���������
White   Rock   Items.
Rev. A. Owens is moving tbis week
up near Kamloops, on the North
Thompson river, to take charge of a
store for M. Austin. He will also
conduct, services in tbe church pn
Mr.   W.   T.   Gourd   is   moving   his
fimlly   this   week   to  Vancouver  for
the winter.
Mrs.  Neil, of Vancouver, has  been
I visiting with Mrs. W. T. Gourd during the  past week.
r.-iss Philips has returned home,
after a prolonged visit ���with friends
in Vancouver.
j    Mrs. Kinsman, of Port Hope. Ont.,
J accompanied by her two daughters, is
I the   guest   of    hor    daughter,   Mrs.
Philips,   for   the  winter.
LTtdy Van. of the Saturday Sunset
i staff .was a visitor at her unc'.e'i cot-
jtae-e. "Rest," Inst week.
I Tho school trustors of this r'a"<>
have purchased five acres of land
trom   Mr.   J.   C.   Royer,   tor  a   new
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
GERMAN Silve-, $5.00 to $15.00 each
Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.C. Wy
(969) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded street and just oft
Second etreet, one of the wide-n streets in this city. These lots are
almost cleared and offer an exceptional opportunity as an Investment or for a contractor In search of cheap sites for Inexpensive
Price $500 Each
Orchid Talcum, Orchid Cold Cream, Orchid Perfume
Orchid Almond Cream.
Terms: $100 Cash, balance 5, 12,
18 and 24 months.
Building la active in this district where over forty houses have
been built during the past year and every one haa been sold or
rented.   For aale en bloc or in single lota.
Pres. and Geni.
Sec. and Treaa.
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea No. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Saah, Doors, Mouldlnga, Etc.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
IV����*y Westminster
Hea* Office, New Weatminater.      iranebae at Venceuvar
CWIIIwack and rVSttt-gt**-*, B.C.
Westminster branch. ��� Cart
leave for Vancouver at 5, 6:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leavea at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu    Island    branch. ��� Care
leave for Vancouvor every hoar,
from 7 a.m. to 11 n.tti connec:-
lng at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cara leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraaer Valley line. ��� Cara
eave for Chilliwack and wey
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.29 and
6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way   polnta,
Tbe B. C. E. R. Ca often reduced ratoe of a fare and a
third for week end trlpa to all
polnta on Ita Fraaer Valley
Tickets will ba oil aale on
Saturday snd Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
leavea at 4.05 p.m.


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