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The Daily News Aug 28, 1911

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IN B. C.
Anxious to   Discuss Salmon   Industry
with Aspirants for Federal Honors
���Meeting Called Next Month.
"Joe Lally leaves Monday morning
The fishermen on the Fraser river
are determined to have the case set
i,,efore ,hem from the standpoint   of ... WM(���|r.,���   ���r       .:     .
The enthusiasm which marked the I each political party before the polling 1��. T�� vT-r       .k      i   .     \ 1 . !
opening of the Liberal campaign   at <��������� on September 21, and with tttof55^intffwJKe ul.h.i��l
the Ch.ll.wack opera house last Wed-  <**���� '�� ��" "��* ^^S^M^^^^^^* *SZ
nesday night has been tne feature oi; ta*"f1 V6  Ubfral  and  Conservative  ver�� r mna  v,ncou
all the subsequent meetings held in Ja"d'da1t��8- ��nd(1f representative   of      Wlth ^        . .
ReeveJohn   Oliver,   the   rveclproclty * ^ "face to be l*��led ikter          I above tel��B��-a��n from Lally ��� home ��t ������������>     School boards   and    teachers
candidate,   discuss   the   political    is-i 1V..!i,a?5J?.be^Vled.lB.ter:     .   ' Cornwall. Ont. sli doubt.a* t���    th.'��...,. k... ���- m    .........;"
The scholars will resume their
places at the school uesks throughout
British1 Columbia today, and evsry-
where caretakers and Janitors    have
sue. with the electorate.   Everywhere'     ����*���"* the fishing Induet'ry to gg���S J^SS!" holder   ft *" ***" *""***    endeavolln��
the farmers have turned out in full  bfe "J of *��� three ���'���ft Industries  ��     blg   ^^  on 'llbor    Lay a'
ss "i^rt 11 skshi ���&���� &��*���� Ksra ���
Japanese Residents of   Lower   Mainland Greet Nelson of Japan at
Vancouver on Late Train.
The members of the Japanese
colony traveled over on Saturday
night from the Royal City to Vancouver, and with their Nipponese brethren waited at tbe railway depot for
many hours to catch a glimpse of
their famout countryman, Admiral
Togo. Unfoi tunately the belated arrival had not been sufficiently well
advertised and the wait at the C. P. R.
The sale of tickets for the gigantic
amateur boxing and wrestling program to be submitted by tlie Westminster Senior Amateur Lacroaae
club on Friday, and which went on
sale on Saturday morning, has resulted ln early application for the
pasteboards,  thus proving that    the
as io be mado
5S5 M^ilveron hls tour of ttl '*��&���� ���^tSJSQf'S! STrffftt'^^^W,* tenU and ��talla' ���*** ��
case before tbe members. I '"" " camp by the new" Published in
**%*t*a*%     l.iifni'fv    4 Wi n     tnnmkni's I    **��*'��*
ed at different meetings Reeve J. W.
Weart, Charles Munro, ex-M.P.P. for
Chilliwack, and the campaign manager, A. Cruickshank, of Matsqui.
Mt. Lehman and Aldergrove were
visited on Thursday afternoon and
evening, very representative gatherings being held   at both   places.     A
Recognizing the Importance of tWfft-*K5flK?ft2 "or"'ng   thM
Industry, and  that  the  legal  tangle ��P?,"*��** "f*"6 ,0r th\Bi"��'
between 'the"^Tnlo^ ��d provtadS iS^jPSStS^ ry*JS^A
authorities has been a serious one in  ����22 Jfi" **����� th! eaf,t had *���*
*"da> Mr Oliver speaking for an . legislation This vear narticular L A'' on Saturday and with him pro-
hour at Clayburn, followed by Mr. ���r�� e��'Bl a"��n' *��,'V^i! 7i .. ceeded to the telegraph office where
Munro, while Mr Weart addressed SuSt In A^rlcS ^r. whllJlnS an urgent messa*e w" *��P��tcbed to
tho  gathering  at Matsqui  untll  U�� JHHL* flHHfflLTr!!!?J2P S!fCornwall,    and   the response   given
arrival of the candidate.
The electorate of Upper Sumas
heard tbe speakers on Saturday afternoon, and the week was completed
with a monster meeting ln Abbotsford on Saturday night. Everywhere
the meetings were a pronounced] lug.
Tbe meetings have been largely of
an educational nature, and men of all
political color have agreed that tho
speakers everywhere handled the ruling question fearlessly, with a firm
grasp of the subject
The programs were similar at all
the meetings, Mr. Oliver taking the
issue of vital concern, reciprocity, and
dealing with It both historically and
from Its application to the nations involved, thc farmers and the consuming dosses.
Plea for Lower Duties.
The Conservative convention, tbis
yeur in Nelson, and the Conservative
newspapers all over the province had
clamored  for a lower cost of  living.
Canadian authorities have done
hatching and protective'work.
above was received In this city yes>
President Nelson naturally express-
wm a long and tedious one for   tho  _   3    w
meet the demand- wi.i.-i. n.. ..,-,���,. 0rl��nt��,��. but the little brown fellows sport loving citizens~are�� evei" ready
meet the demands which the growing ,pent the time laughing and chatting to "dig deep" for any deserving
needs of the province have placed on ] until after five o'clock In the morning  cause.
the     accommodation     of     existing ' whwi the second section with the spe-1    The meeting, which takes place la
cla| car attached pulled in. | St.    Patrick's    hall,    Agnes    street.
After being received    In   a   more  promises to be the best which haa
official manner than was the case at  ever been submitted to a local spec-
Westminster   Junction,    the admiral,  tatorate.      Physical    Director    Che*.
who looked tired from his fatiguing  Mclntyre, of the Vancouver Athletic
Journey across the country, with mem- club,   who   has   from   its inception
bers of bis suite, entered waiting au- taken the keenest Interest    in    the
tomoblles. and hastened to the Van- tournament, is putting his ciikr *w��x-
couver hotel, where roosjs had been lng and wrestling lads through their
engaged.   The   world   famed   sailor  faclnga, and as he has organized   a
was dressed In typical eastern style, huge program for his own meeting la
and but for hla stature woul.1 attract the Terminal City for the following;
but little attention.    He walks with  Monday the winged V athletea give
short snappy steps, and his keen little every assurance of being ln the beat
eyee seem to Uke In everything with-  condition tor the sporting night    of
In distance. i nights here on Friday.   Chester hlm-
After a rest at the hotel, the   ad- self will ahow what physical training
It may be that an abundance of
children speaks well for the future
, prosperity of the community, but th?
problem Is certainly a serious one fo
the authorities. Westminster Is no
exception to the rule. The now school
at Sapperton wfll be built at once,
tenders bavlng been accepted fir the
work at tbe last meeting of the board
but the school cannct be ready until
the spring.
A similar school will be built    at
Sixth avenue, where the site la being
There was a large catch by the
".raps on Saturday morning and th'e
previous day. Bellingham got 120,000
and these numbered a few cohoes, tbe
bulk being humpbacks
look 45.000    flsh    tn all.
matches of sockeyes  and  hu| pbacks i b0,��� cIubg( p|ayers and public alike
were:    St. Mungo 300 and 50n reaper-1    "Those    who    know    this   eastern
cleared. The High schooKconttnue* miral held an unofficial'reception, anl can do for the building up of the
to be the main factor of difficulty,1 later ln the day received Acting varioua parts of the body, and as
tbe boys sand girls coming up from | Mayor Ramsey, who with members of  further  proof  of  his  versatility   he
ed dellghi that Lally had seen that   ���, h      L   ,,����}*  f"ter   than  th* the Vancouver city councll presented  wlll put on   the   gloves   ln a   three
his presence in  this city on Labor'
Day    was    absolutely    necessary    ini
order that there might be no more
Anacoites  bad freaks which in the   past   have
The   local   g!ven dissatisfaction to officials-  of
High   school   students  leave  lt,  and an addreaa. this taKSig the place of  round   boxing   bout   with    hla beat
thc ratepayers still seem unwilling to the banquet which had been intended heavyweight, and later wrestle ln the
w.ncton Jh�� f.XIf"dUure on' *  new for the'evening;, but which had to be catch-as-catch-can style with one   of
school   E. R. McMillan, the prlacltal, called off oaring to the narrow minded  the many experts from the Vancou-
win   have  an   energetic enthusiastic atttude taken hy some of th�� citizens,  ver home of amateur athletics
ataff with him this term. |    IB the evening the Japanese resi- j A Deciding Bout.
...���..,     ���.,���    ���..��� .,   ���_*������,���      Th*   Queensborough   two   roomed dents or Vancouver and Westminster.     Fire Chief J   H   Wataon   who haa
tlvely, Imperial 800 and 1900,    Scot-I referee., gald Mr  Nelgoni -appreciate  scbool1,,18 *�� be occupied right away, gathered at a reception which    was been selected to referee the wrestltae
tish Canadian  140 and 370.  Phoenix   the fact that he  w���, not gtand for and will be an improvement on   tho held In the Dominion hall, where the bout, will require to   have   all    hi*
100 and 900. Ewen I 2000 humpbacks, i nny  plavg  but  th0Be  whlch  are  fal    existing temporary arrangements. i large   company   spent   some   happy  wrestling knowledge on tapis on Frl-
Gulf of Georgia 040 and 1352, Hruns-   and above boald   He lg a fearless bur J     The principal  staff change is    the hours withUheir guest of honor. UsU day when be will be called upon to
wick 120 and GOO, Terra Nova 635 and   Jllgt ofrlc|al and Jn 8eiecting him, for  appointment of Miss M. K. Strong as night   the   admiral   left   for   Seattle,  adjudicate when Fred Smith and Alex
1   " ��� i the perhaps    thankless    duties    next ��� "ef,a, or "le ,Gl1 ls  yentral school. The where he will spend a busy day with   Hatch get on the mat for their clash
usual gatherings of trustees will take receptions    and    a luncheon
be silenced for this Bea,pi^ce today  ,n  each  of ,he  schools. | guest of tba city.
--    ~V<B| ,at _wn��n  the prizes and certificates won |
Ver and VTCtorl
Suction of the ��>st of ��oM��fti��' ��*-
Oliver asked how ln the face of eucM
general demands on the fedora' government for definite action to be
taken could the federal authorities
Ignore the wishes of the people. Roth
political parties had all along been
anxious   for   reduced  cost
The Western Canada Rower company has written the municipal council for a map of the Delta showing
the principal roads ln the municipality, the population of Ladner and district, the connection of the roads
with other municipalities, ani  other
furmtehtDK Uke power wanted.
Monday,  the  voice  of the  "knocker"
will I hope
last term will be distributed.
President Nelson    Is    to    be    con- _
gratulated   by  all   lovers  of  the  sum-j' 	
mer  sport  for the  untiring efforts lie   FURTHER   PROGRESS   IN
has made,  and with such signal  sue! BOWLING TOURNAMENT
cess, to secure an Impartial referee, I
ind one wl
Saturday, Auguet 26.
At    Montreal���Nationals    g,
walls 0.
as the Both lads are holders of the highest
! honors in the twirling snort, and the
i meeting between tbem promises to bo*
' the event ot the night. Ther hava
,' met four times, and each has won
/ twice. The rubber wlll therefore bt*
worth   watching.     They   will
Maple Leafs Win and Lose,
On Saturday    the   leade/s in    the  will contribute towards this outlay.
local    basebail    championship,      the I ��� ���
Maple Leafs, administered defeat    toi C. N. R. Royal Line,
the Alerts, but yesterday went down!    Toronto, Aug. 27.���A cable has Just
of   living   t0 maine and met defeat at the hands   been receh'eJ  from  Bristol  by  A. H
��� ���       ���.   __.  -   by , competition.      s$S     aftatast     Dalley
the somewhat costly trip undertaken emerged successful by thirty-four
by Lally. There Is no truth ln the, points. In the second round Wilson
statement   that    the Vancouver club   had  a  battle  royal  to  beat  Latham
and only mnnaged to be on the credit
side at the close by three points.
Constable Burrows, who was   picked .
by the Daily News as the dark horse  ���?r^an,8
of the tournament,    is    now    ln the
Tecumsehs   9
Nationals 1
Montreals 6
Torontos    .. 8
Shamrocks 3
Goals  upon to furnish
* depended
a bout such as   ls
outside   a championship
C. R. A. Meeting.
After   the    weekly   shoot   of   the
Civilian  Rifle association at Browns-
| ville on Saturday an    informal    discussion ttwk  plsce on the proposed
meeting under the   auspices    of tho
association, and September 9 was sug
gested ns the date. The arrangements
I however have not yet been completed.
trouble, tbe Royal Edward did not
sail until Saturday last. This will
not, however, prevent her from getting away from Montreal on her regular schedule sailing date, September 6.
Pekin.  Aug.  27.���The   transfer   ofj
Prince Su. chief of the naval depart-1
ment to the board of dependencies, ls
taken that China is attempting to de-,
velop Mongolia and Tibet as well as
Manchuria,   and   convert   them
tion through his defeat of McGill,
fancied In some quarters as the
eventual winner.    The scores:
Wilson   63 54 79 77 65���328
Dailey 64 57 53 62 58���291
Wilson   67 61 69 64 54���315
Latham    63 63 54 65 67���312
Semi-finals: I
Burrows    70 75 62 77 59���343 I
McGill 71 66 53 70 73���333 ,
and   for   better    trade    arrangement  0f the White Sox.    The Maple I^eafs   Davis stating that owing to the labor  flnal, he getting to that enviable posi-
with   the  republic to the  south.    So   had much the better of t5e game with
recent as this very year the leader of  the Alerts, circling the diamond nine
the   Conservative  forces    at   Ottawa  times.
wbb non-committal on the reciprocity ���	
proposition, and in his first two
speeches after its introduction to the
House it was impossible to state whether he Intended supporting It as a
national measure or not.
All  Canada  Wants Agreement.
Mr.   Borden  knew  that    not    only
British Columbia and thc prairie provinces    wanted    reciprocity,    but also
Eastern Canada clamored for it. |
Reciprocal trade was    always   advantageous to this country. I'nler tho |
old reciprocity treaty of 1854-1:6. Canada was immensely prosperous during
that period.    Sir John A.  Macdonald,
had appreciated inp fact and his Con-1
servative go\ernment had an order ln
council massed giving a standing offer |
of similar terms to tho Cnlted States
at'V"-    Tbis stood from  1R70-91 with-,
out anv Canadian politician objecting
to the Wisdom or thc offer, and    the
Liberal party made It a plank in their
p'.atforli in 1 Klirt.    Not, however, until
now had  the United    States    ofTered
wliwt Canada hud so long waited for, I
the tree exchange of natural products.]
Industries of B. C.
The speaker explained clearly how
the pact would help the flshefmen ol'
this  province,    A  market  would    be
found  in  the l'nited States for their
rarely" seen
Jack Lee, ex-holder of the army and
navy championship at the featherweight limit, will in all likelihood be
called upon to "argue" over three
rounds with "Iron Jawed" Lushington.
Capitals  0 11   48 130  of the V. A. C.   The latter, \|lio   has
������������  \ gained fame and medals in H** ahna-
V. A. C. Are Champions. teur boxing world, possesses wonder-
The V. A. C��� by beating Victoria on  fui stamina and can be depended up-
Saturday in the senior amateur leagu ���  on to make Lee travel.    Lee, who la
by five goals to two, won the   cham-  now resident in  this city, is putting
pionship again this season.   Only one in his spare time preparing for a six
Fifteen Lives Lost.
Port   Lennon, Costa Rica, Aug.  27. |
���Fifteen  lives  were  lost  In  the  ex-
Into  plosion of a powder magazine at San
provinces  with the object   of saving  Jose   yesterday.      The   dead   include
them  from   ultimate  foreign  domina-  two army officers, three soldiers and
tion , ten  civilians.    The explosion is said
Chtaa is planning to allow the of-  to have been caused by the careless-!
flee of Dalai Llama of Thibet to lapse  ness of a soldier, who lighted a flre |
bv not authorizing  the reincarnation  with  which to melt lead for casting
of  a   successor,   and   so   to   con trot images of saints which he sold,
religious   interme-'
game remains to be played. Westminster vs. Victoria, at Queens park on
Saturday. Accompanying is the table:
W. L. D. Gls. A. Pts
V. A. C 6    1    1    6 >
Victoria 3    4    1    30
Westminster   .   . 2   5   0   22
Thibet   without   a
diary.    Reports  predict   an   outbreak
! at Canton,  which  will  be th? beginning of extensive  revolutionary  incidents in the south.
Yesterday afternoon the body of
Herbert Johnstone, aged 27, a member of the crew of tlie Paystreak, who
Wholesale   Murder.
Frankfort-on-the-Main,    Ger.,     Aug.
7.���a  series of sensational  murders
round match with Ernie Barrieau" in
four weeks time, and those who take
an interest in matters fistic will see
Lee in action here for the flrst time.
Against the Vancouver lad, Lee will
be conceding height and reach, but
on tbe otber hand a better knowledge
| of the art should tend to even up
Under Patronage.
Mayor Lee will be in the chair, and
those who are assisting the amateur
lacrosse club  in  its endeavor  to get
out of a financial hole are Aldermen
Johnston and Wells   Gray,    Thomas
Gifford, M. P. P., C. A. Welsh, Peter
Peebles, J. W. Mahoney, R. H. Cheyne
and    every    member    of the world's
championship lacrosse team, who will
make their    flrst.   appearance    since
I their  sensational   victory    over    the-
PROVINCIAL    CHARTED ��� PRO-, Vancouver twelve and their last    ap-
driven buck off the Canadian fishing
waters.    (Applause,)
The rough lumber and shingle makers would again be able to sell their
product In the United States. There
had 4)een  a good  business done    lu
his father-in-law ln Rendol, where his, an(0
wife was living.    Early this morning
catch, and    the   American    poachers  fell    overboard    at    the    creameries
wharf on August 19, was   found    by
Martin Monk floating In the Fraser at	
the C. P. N. wharf about one hundred Qunderloch shot his wife, her parents
yards  from where    tlie    unfortunate and hel. brother and sister and then
man was drowned.    Information was egcaped.   Gun lerloch's body later wa3
sent  to  the   local  police,  and  Chief found in a potato field where he had
selling B. C. 'shingles tn  Washington  Bradshaw  with  Sergeant Stanton re- committed suicide by  firing a  bullet
state   before    the    prohibitive    duty  paired to the wharf and took charg^ lnt0 hlg m0uth.
caine Into effect.   This bisiness w.mld of the remains, which were later con- _���_	
be revived if the pact was endorsed  veyed  to the  undertaking parlors of, ������,.,>���ti��� nf tho Hrit-
bv the reonlp                                            D   Murchie & Son on   Sixth    street. |     The annual convention of the Br
Reciprocity and the Farmers.         NVhen taken from the water, it was ish Columbia Medical association wdll
Coming  to  the important question  fo���nd that the unfortunate man was open ln Vancouver Thursday ana con-
of the application of the pact to the  garbed lightly In a pair of trousers, tinue for two days,    ine opening; ses-
farmers of this province, the speaker   with a shlrt and a pair of tan shoes, sion  will  take place in tne  v^i0"*
proved his assertions by actual mar- The shirt wa9 very much torn which ver Board of Trade rooms on  l nurs-
i\et   reports   from   the   Dally   British   went to sh���, thnt h�� h��rt  ���tramled dav morning.    Three sessions will tn
Columbian of New Westminster, and
the   Seattle   Times,  oi   .*,, ,*i
Esperanto Congress.
Antwerp, Aug. 27.���Th- reven'h
International Esperanto 'under th.?
patronage of King Albert, thirteEn
hundred delegates. representing
thirty-five nations, were welcomed by
M. bavlgnon. minster of foreign affairs.    The Spanish consul presented
,,     . ,    Dr. Zamenhof, the inventor of Esper-  io,���   wi  ,.,     .... ...._   .
was reported yesterday from Kenitoi.  an(0  wl(h the crogg order of Isabella.  corporatlng the Westminster thorough etreet
Hesse-Nassau.    A   man  named   Gun- on ,,ehalf ot King Alfonso.   The dele-1 bred   association,    which    has    been
derloch,  a  fugitive  from  Justice,  re-  gatpg  were  infoimed  that   fifty  Ant-1 gianted a charter,
turned from London to the house of   w<jrp   poilcemen  converse  in   Esper-1    Tbe directors. Ne's Nelson, H. Ry-
Among the notices   in the current
issue of the B. C. Gazette is that in-
The figures almost invariably Showed
that market prices were higher in
Seattle than in iditlsh Lolonto.a. Mr,
Oliver could tee no real cause for
alarm from competition between the
Washington. In pait he stated: "Wo
farmers in BrltiBh Columbia have
competition not only from Puget
Sound, but also from our own prairie
provinces. The prairies even today
actually cove'n our markets in thH
province in everything but wheat,
vegetables and hay.   lt is the prairie
went to show that he had struggled day morning.
vainly  to  regain  possession  ot    the held  on  the  opening   day.  morning,
',oat. i afternoon  and  evening.    In  addition
The remains are decomposed,  and to addresses by many prominent loca
but for the tattoo marks on the dead medical   men,   several    lectures   will
man's arm, it would have been hard also   be   delivered   by   many   wei.-
to identify Johnstone. Captain Pitten- known medical from all parts of tha
drigh, who was informed of the find, continent,   among    them    being    Dr.
_,. . ���   , _..,     (jj iiiv.  <iiiiii   .,    ... them    being
here    and    ln  the    state of  lias" calied the inquest for^thllTni'o'rn- W. W. Chlpman. gynaecologist, at the
ing at the undertaking parlors Roval   Victoria   Hospital,   Montreal;
Dr. G. S. Peterkin, Seattle; Dr. A. E
Fighting   In   West   Africa. Burns, Seattle;   Dr. II. A. McCallum,
ParlB, Aug. 27.���Advices received professor of medicine. Western Uni-
from Oudju. French West Africa, say vrsity, Ixmdon, Ontario; Dr. C. H.
that the French forces enrlv in July Vrooman, meuical superintendent of
attacked aw} routed the tribe of tha Tranquille Sanatorium; Dr. A. Chan-
hostile Sultan Doudmoursh. The Sui- ning pearce, Penticton: Dr. O. M.
tan's loss was 280 men killed. Two Jones, Victoria, and Dr. R. Eden
of the French soldiers weie wounaei.    Walker, of this city.
all, J. Reid, W. Curtis and J. Dorgan,
of this city, has purchased sixty
acres across the river for a racetrack and athletic ground.    Most   of
pearance before the Labor Day game.
Tickets which are priced at one.
dollar (cheap at that) are on sale at
Herb Ryall's, F. J. MacKenzie's,
Gamon's cigar stoie. Begbie street.
and Duncan's cigar store, Columbia
 ^_^   . iilJl
This afternoon will see the beginning of the last week's daily train-ae
of the Salmon Bellies nreparatory to
the npcessary land has now been ac-  the fsnth and last game on the B. C.
quired. > L. A. schedule of 1911.
Mr. Nelson ls president of the La- It is practically certain that the
crosse club and the B. C. Thorough- game will result ln the victory of the
bred association. The proposal is to present champions. In which happen-
accommodate the lacrosse club and Ing two post season matches will be
havo a mile track with a circular turf engaged in, the winners to be deter-
course for steeplechases. Work on mined on the goal average, according
grading is to commence right away, to usual Minto cup rules.
It is stated that the bulk of the stock Westminster intends to put her
has been subscribed In this city and   best foot forward for the Labor Day-
game, and every player has received
orders to present himself at Queens
park every afternoon this week, when
hard try-outs will be held un'er the
critical eye of Manager C. A. VYelstk
and members of the executive.
The majority of the players WHO
sojourn at White Rock and B!aekl;��
Spit over the week end are due to
return to the City this morning. All
are optimistic enough to believe that
they  stand  the  best  chance of win-
Veteran of Grand Army Dies at Son's
Residence. i
At the residence of his son. J. R.
Agar, on Royal avenue. Wilson Agar
passed peacefully away last evening
at the age of 73 years. He was a
native of Yorkshire, England, and
came  to the  United  States  In  early
��� youth.   He went tb/ough the civil war   ning the long end of lhe string next
in the ranks of the North, and was   Monday nnd with the reinsurance o"
present     at   several     engagements.
Minister of militia, who has again  Death was due to heart failure.   The
(Continued on Page Five.)
"been nominated ln King's county.
Nova Scotia. It is expected he will
be named high commissioner shortly.
funeral arrangements are in charge
of W. E. Fales, but time anl place
of interment are not yet fixed.
the Minto cup confronting them, is
is up to the "resent holders to assure
hy their playing prowess that tint
trophy will remain in tho '.loyal Ciljr
for yet another year.
MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.   '-��
driving a delivery rig. Apply Ayl.ng
& Swain, 447 Columbia street.
with knowledge of typewriting preferred. Apply by letter to A. W.
McLeod,  <I57  Columbia stieet.
quires position as housekeeper to
bachelor or widower. Box 24 Daily
ese woman, washing and hoiiBe-
cleaning by the day. P. O. Box 414,
Bplrltuallsm meeting wlll be held at
the residence of Mrs. Clark, Inman
���venue, Central Park, near station,
���very Thursday evening, at eight
o'clock.    Investigation   Invited. |
er or mother's help wanted; good
salary. Apply by letter, E. H. S.,|
Box 594, city.
datlon for boarders ln prlvato house,
310 Sixth avenue, city.
onlal Hotel.
house work; family of flve; no children.    Apply 1112 Fifth avenue.
housework.    Apply  432
After a thorough UiTe��tl����tlon of
various brand! of i>��uit�� Martin-
Senour proved 10 bs thn paint
we could rink our n-putatlon on.
1004 Pure Paint
whloh we Runmntee to he Put*
Wlitui Irtui, Pure Oilili' of Zlni', and
Pure I.lnaeed oil, with of oour��ethe
DHUUIT OOlortlf inirri'illenta and
dryera. Now to liu entirely truthful,
thi-y do make a few ilark (hailne
that cannot t��e produced from lead
ami alnc. Come tn the ��� torn and wa
wlll ��how them I" you-but everr
other oolor la imalllvely ami nhao.
lutely 100 per cent I'nre 1'iilnt,
and not n drop of ailulterallon or
auliatitutlon la iniii-d In.
Wn reoommend thli eicellanl
brand to all our fronds and cuatom-
era. Another good point i�� that two
���rallona of thla palm oovera aa much
apace aa three gallona of tbe Sued
We hare color rarda ahowlng alt
the colon and abadea made.  W,
tot tbe aaklur.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
building, sidewalks, and general
contracting. Apply Gust Melln, 1016
Third a venue.   Phone L613.
ployment office, No. i Begbie
atreet, supplies men for all large
Jobs in this vicinity.   Phone 624.
roomed house within 500 feet of city
car line, on nice lot 50x120, planted
with fruit trees.    Price $1(150;  one-
third cash. Adjoining lot same size
cleared and in fruit, also for sale If
required.    Price $550;   same terms
Sherriff, Rose & Co., ti48 Columbia
for sewer connectio. s
���Phone R672
Phone 699.
P. 0. Box 501.
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Westminster Trust Building.
Meet every Monday In Labor hall,
F. H. Johnson,
business   agent of-
STOB     BAL.B���VICTOR     VICTROLA  tice. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
gramophone (cost $240) and $60
worth of records; $175 takes the
tot.    P. O. Box 351, New Westmta-
L 608, Residence phone 601.
house, one block from car line,
ready for occupation; large lot; $25
per month. Sherriff, Robc & Co.,
648 Columbia street.
��� ���*****
rooms.    Apply 701 Agnes street.
Today; ths  finest shipment
of Woolens, direct from
Peebles, Scotland.
Your Inspection Invited.
J. N. Atchison, Tailor
stairs, Speck block, Columbia street.
Apply to Alex. Speck, 743 Front
street. !
rooms, centrally located. Apply 37 j
Agnes street.    Phone  LG38.
to rent, 319 Regina street, $22 a!
Tailor Suits, Evening Dresses, all
beautiful patterns, just received from
Perfect  fit  guaranteed.    See
Mrs. Gaultier
Lavery Block.
furnished rooms in Cliff block, on NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DIS-
Slxth street, one block from Colum- TRICT.���District of New Westmin-
bia street. Apply tho Misses Chap- ster���Take notice that I, James
man, room 2, third floor. 1 Charles Wood, of    North Vancouver,
___^_^,^_���^ ' occupation merchant, intend to apply
jor permjgg[on t0 purchase the follow-
���containing $3ti in bills, one button
hook and one Invitation card, also
sou.5 car tickets, Friday morning,
between Brown's clothing store anl
Bismarck cafe. Finder will be
niMbly rewarded on returning
.siu.ie to tiiis office.
lng described lands: Commencing at
a post planted ahout three miles
north of T. L. 9Hi on the west shore
of Haslam lake, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
east 8u chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing i!40 acres more or less.
O'Gerle,  Agent.
Dated June fith, 1911.
Calcutta, Aug. 27.���In India a census has recently hem taken, in which
800,000,000 people were counted In
live houi'B, und (be following article
in the National Geographic Magaz.ne,
by J..J. Hannlga snows how lt was
To count SOO million people In five
hours is a task worthy of any government; yel it wus done, and done well,
by the government of India, Maicb
lu, 1911. Prom Cape Ccmo In on the
Houih to the rugged li lis and valleys
of the Himalayas on tbe north, and
from lhe mountains and deltas of Bur-
iiiu to the slopes of the western
ghats, every man, woman and child
wiih carefully counted and tabulated
by an army of more than two m.l-
lion enumerators.
Divided Into Blooks.
The country was divided lr.to more
Hum two million "blocks" and an
enumerator was appointed for every
block, Groups of blocks were called
circles, and several circles made a
'charge." A block contained not less
than twenty-five houses nor more
than flfty. Some weeks before the
actual date of the census every house
was numbered, and then the enumerator went around and made the preliminary census by making out a list
of the names of the pe sons ordinarily
residing in the houses of his block.
This list was carefully revised by the
supervisor of the circle, and hls lists
were all checked by the charge superintendent, so as to secure the greatest possible accuracy.
Elaborate provision was made for
all who might be travelog by train,
boat or cart on the night of the census. . Station masters, train guards
and others were enlisted so that no
one might escape. Thousands of Indians travel every night in the bul
'ock carta of the country, the common
mode of travel between the thousand;
of villages that have no railway service. The. heat of the day makes tbe
night the pleasantest time for traveling, so provision had to be made fo
those also; and toll gate keepers as
well as the keepers of caravansaries,
were appointed as enumerators to
count the noses of all passing thi ough
their gates or stopping at ther "pe'-
tabs," or inns.
All Start at Once.
At 7 o'clock the night of Match 10,
every enumerator started out to maks
the real count of the people in his
block. Going from house to house he
corrected the preliminary record, add-
and   strlklntt
ttn.-��    *.*,m    nrat.
i details aa CT>
���ex, marriage, profession, age, religion, language and other essentials
were recorded. In all, sixteen columns had to be filled in regarding
every individual. Some of the people
seemed to think it a jo:;e if they could
manage to have some of their house
escape the eye of the enumerate:.
Children had to be dragged frcm dark
corners and older persons from the
cattle sheds in order that the list
might be mad) complete. If anyone
escaped entiie'y he was the heio of
the day in his village in the next
Only preliminary results are in as
yet. But theie is enough to indicate
tlie growth that has taken place in t'ie
cities and in the country at largt:.
Most of thc cities show decide 1 gains,
some as high as 20 per cent; but, on
the other hand, a few show losses.
Bombay reports a loss of IM30 from
the number reported in the municipal
census of 1908, This is accounted for
by the removal of several.cotton mills
from tlte city. Calcutta reiorts again
of 109,000; Madras now has 517,335
inhabitants. Plague and fam'ne are
two of the factors that enter into thj
explanations for the losses in several
cities. As was to be expected fertile
districts have made larger gains than
others. Irrigation lias helped ,ev"r 1
districts to increase their population,
Madras presidency reports a total
gain of 8,1! per cent, as against 7.:i
per cent for the previous decade. As
in other countries, cities have gaini
far more than  rural, communities.
Sidney, Australia, Aug. 27.���Of tbe
total area of the Commonwealth of
Australia���namely, 1,903,731,840 acrea
���only about 93,567,000 acres, or
about one-twentieth of the whole
area, have been alienated absolutely,
thut Is to say, the freehold has heen
sold or granted by the crown outright, according to a recent government report. About 41 029,900 acres,
or one-fiftieth of the whole area, are
In process of alienation, or, ln oth t
words, are held by settlers wbo are
purchasing the freehold or the land
on easy terms by the payment of a
small sum annually for a period o.
About 795,867,000 acrea. cr ahout
two-fifths of the whole area, are let
by the crown under leases er licenses
to occupy for various periods, whits
the remaining 973,269,(00 acres, or
over one-half of the whole area, are
Of the unoccupied lands, large
areas are already available for settle,
ment, while other areas are constantly being opened up by the stale
governments. In all the states also
what are called Closer Settlement
Acts have been passed, lt has been
found that the value of the produce or
a large estate, originally considered
as being at Hs full capacity, oempares
unfavorably with the returns which
may be obtained from the same area
when sub-divided and cultivated by
Under the acts }ust mentioned, the
state governments therefore repurchase large estates which have In
past yeara been alienated by the
crown, and, after cutting them up into
areas of suitable else, throw them
apen to settlement on easy terms and
The snb-divtston and sale of lands
by private owners Is also going on all
over the country, but the terms offered by such owners are not, as a rule,
nearly so eaBy as those offered by
the governments, which do not desire
to make a profit, and which can Insist on the permanent occupation of
the land, by carefully-chosen tenants.
Some Very Peculiar Strikes��� Demands
For Less  Pay Not Unknown.
Among the multitudinous strikes at
present in the uir, une looks in vuin
for anything so UUbertian us demands
for lower wages. Indeed, there is
something so "strikingly" novel about
the    suvcestion    that    its    puianatuju ��� , ,    ,
from C'olney  Hatch does  not appear !   ^��nor would lu all probablllty be for
i tbem tbe moment of death.   Tbey are
Spectacular Fests of the Daring Ring*
ers ef Seville,
l'he ringing of a bell ls not, as a
rule, a performance particularly hying
to tbe nerves, but tbere Is one set of
bell ringers tbo members of which
must know no fear, for a moment of
Sealed   lenders,  superscribed  "Tenders   for   Sixth  Avenue   School"  andj
addressed to C. E.  Davey, Esq., Sec-'
rotary     New     Westminster     School
trustees,   will   he   received   up    to   5
:6 p.  m. of Thursday, September   7,;
1911, for (he erection and completion
of a Three Story School to b<> erected!
on   Sixth  avenue.   New   Westminster.
Plans and siiecifications can be ob-!
tained   on   application   to  the    under-
signed on receipt of a deposit of $10, |
which   will   he  refunded   on   the    return of the plans.    Each tender must
bl accompanied by an accepted hank1
'^hetrue or certificate of deposit  on ai
���-chartered bank in Canada, made pay-|
able   to   the   Secretary   of   the    New
Westminster School Board, for a sum
���equal to five (.".)  per cent of liis ten-!
i tier,   which   sliall   he  fot felted   if  the
party tendering decline to enter into;
contract  when  called   upon  to  do  so
'The   cheques   or   certlflcates   of   deposit   of   unsuccessful   tenderers   will
���^>e  returned  to  them  upon the  sign-!
ing of the Contract.
The lowest or any tendei not neces-'
aaiily nccepted.
Architects   to   the    School   Trusteas,
.Now Westminster, B. C.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that I, Mabel Lucy
I'aige, of New Westminster, occupation, married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about two miles north of T. L, 916 on
the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence west 80 chains, thencesouth
SO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Date June 6, 1911.
Bays   The   Auckland,  N.  2.  Star:
' Untl. rcc.:-.ly oar Facile m.lls weo
carried to San Francisco, but on th ���.
Vancouver service being arranged the
Frisco connection was given to Wellington.   It ls interesting at this Juncture to recall some of the "old-timers"
which carried our malls.   Away back
ln "the sixties," by the old   Panama'
service, we recognized the 'short cut'1
home, via America.   Then came tho
Australasian   Steam  Navigation  company's boats, the City of  Melbourne,
Wonga Wonga, and City of Adelai le.
These  were  superseded  by the big
'side-wheelers,'  belonging  to  an  American    company���the    Nevada,    Da-1
kota and  Nebraska, which Invariably I
entered the Waltmata a week or more)
behind   schedule   time,   and   afforded
our   enslneore   employment   day   ana
nlsht to "* them up for the run back
to *-**. OOlden u>u. N��t uim thV
v.nalatKlla. ami Auatralla. owned con-'
Jolntil   by  the Sprecklen  Une  and  tbe |
, Union  company.    The  Maraposa  anl
Alameda   then   made    their   appearance, and the Union company's hoats
Monowal and Moana also engaged In
the  servce.      When  the  Union  company  was  forced  to retire owing to
the application of the AmerVan shipping laws to Honolulu, the Spreckels
line was left to carry on the service,
which from a monthly became a three
weekly service, with the advent of tha
Sierra, Sonoma and Ventura.    A few,
years  back  Spreckels abandoned  the
service  owing  to  the  small    subsidy,
granted by New Zealand, and the re*'
fusal of the United States to grant, a'
subsidy.    Last Saturday saw the last/
so far as tiiis port is concerned, of th?;
Frisco-Island  service,   which   was   arranged after the Spreckels hoats ceased  to  run,  and  which  for  mall  pur-j
poses  could  not  he'considered  satis-j
factory.    The new and important service about to be Inaugurated wi I link!
up not only  the mother country, but
also the two  Dominions  which  form
integral parts of our vast empire."      I
tbe bell ringers of the Ulralda. ln Seville.
When the city la to make merry on
feast days the ringers climb to the
belfry, nnd then by the aid of a rope
and steps cut In the wall of the tower
eucb mounts to tbe bell he is to ring
and stands astride tbe shoulder of the
brazen monster. Tbeu be presses the
bell wltb bis feet, holding on tbe cross-
piece on which the mass of metal ls
Gradually the great bell sways to
tbe muscular movement of tbe man
BNtrlde It until It acquires s momentum that swings tbe hummer, tint
gently nnd tbeu wltb Increasing force
ns tbe sweep of tbe bell widens until
tbe nlr ls trembling from the giant
blows ibat strike the massive aides of
the monster.
rho mere vibration et the atmosphere as tbe huge bells rfcag out would
be enough to make an enpractlced
ringer turn dizzy and fall from hls
But this ls not all, for many
bells are ringing ln tbe belfry at tbe
some time In obedience to tbe movements of tbeir riders, and the din ls
Notwithstanding all this, tbe riders
bend and rise and fall with tbe action
of the bells, now appearing to the observer from below to be In a horizon-
tlie  date   uf  the  historic   .-triko | tal   position  as  tbe  bell   reaches  tbe
limit of Its swing and again riding
gracefully to on upright position as
the monster sways backward with another thundering note.
Tbe most extraordinary part of the
daring performance Is tbe sight of a
bell ringer calmly swaying the bell
while It bangs far out of tbe belfry
over tbe city, for tbe outward swing
sends tbe counterpoise wltb tbe ringer
Into spsce beyond the arch.���Success
Yet the thing is an actual industrial j
iuct. Strikes for less pay, though {
very, very rare, ure not unknown.
One occurred in Leicester no longer j
a?o than 1SS4.   Iu that year the hand-
frame loekmakeri at Oadby, u village ,
near Leicester,  in order  to  get  work
whloh otherwise would lmve gone to i
the bigg t centre, petitioned to be ul- (
lowed to work for 7 1-2 per cent,  less
WBfSS tlinn were current in Leicester.
Upon   hearing  ol  this,  the  Leicester,
men promptly Informed tieir employ*'
ers t li ut ii tliey would not semi orders
to Oadby tliey  would do the work ut
a t> per cent, reduction in puy.
Which seemingly advantageous offer I
the masters declined.  Whereupon no-
tloei were handed in, and, determined,
to liavp lower wages, the hapless hos- j
iery men struck for them ! ��� |
But  this  is  mild���almost  modest��� i
compared  to an   outrageous   demand I
once  made  by  the  miners of  North-1
umberland and Durham.  These toilers I
���80.000 of them ��� begged that they j
should not be compelled to earn more '
than three shillings a day!   To which ] pcr,.n
prayer  their  employers  wouldn't  listen.   So the men came out on strike,
stayed out for twenty weeks, endured
hardships of the most terrible description, and then went back hopelessly
To-day another strike is threatening
this same district; but there is a very
great contrast in the causes of dispute.
above-mentioned ��� 1844 ��� the fathers
and grandfathers of these men to,led
t^n un<l eleven hours daily, and earned
on an average twelve shillings per
week. To-day there are hundreds of
hewers in both counties who make us
much in six or eight hours.
But if their earnings were so small,
why should the miners of 1844 have
dmr.nded a maximum���not minimum
���w-ige of three shillings a day? Well,
thon, as now, the work was done "on
pieoe," and the idea was, wota a
can haa w-:..i^ *S��ti�� sliil'i^s, ir.
no matter how short a time���that mjyi
was to be free t<5 cease work for that
day if he chose.    By this_ means tha I '
men calculated that the output ��otiq-i Their Relation to a Man's Chances Fer
be restricted, and the work and wages
made to "go round." Whether or not
the argument was sound, or the request reasonable, is imnjateriil. The
masters said "No," and stuck to it
through a twenty weeks' strike
Long Life: "I
The Ideal Insurance risk, from the
point of view of height, ls said to be
from flre feet seven Inches to flre feet
nine Inches talL  According to the N��P
Not   all   employers,   however,   are' Uopal   Fraternal   congress,   longevity
adamant on offers   of "deductions.". end build have a close relation; tbe
f?vr yearj >��<>. the pikers hi a m;:t. greater the variation In height from
factory  ut Glemsford,  in Suffolk,  all. the above Umi* the neater the riek.
raceived threo months' notice, where-       Breckbsfck .ZJi?\Kr;?..  ___
upon, in order to keep the place going. I -~��   **.  ina.    ���--*   ?~ .X2. *"������...��������
the hands voluntarily offered to work
for an all-round 10 per een*. reduction
wsges.   To decide the matter the
wboee bead* are i
Men wbo are both tall and stoat are
not us good risks as stout men of me-
l,.n..-r   to  rv.prf.af.nt a "*.,,*,*���"   tor  r,-<luo-
��� ���'1   |"��y,   in,'l   *.U<*  f.(,-m<>r  agairiftt.
Bttvciity-ftve beans and nineteen
peas were put into the '"bnllot-box"���
a. jam-pot, by the way���so by a handsome majority the successful party
made sure of the desired deduction.���
London Answers.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster.���Take notice that I. James
Fergus O'Connor Wood, of North Vancouver, occupation merchant, intend
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles north of T. L. 916
on the west shore of Haslam Lake,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement and containing G40
acres more or less.
O'Gerle, Agent.
Date June 6, 1911.
How Mills Were Saved.
St. John's Newfoundland. Aug. 27.
���Forest fires late yesterday n\,-
proached to within a half mile of the
Albert. E, Reed company's pulp and
paper mills at Bishops Falls, whicli
were saved from being wiped out. by
the win.l moderating after sunset an I
veering to the west.. Tlie flre was
carried by the change of wind to tli 3
south bank of the Exploits rive, pa s-
ing within a few bundled yards of the
mills. It i.s still burning furiously
along the south hank of the liver opposite the plant from whicli it is separated by only a ciuarter of a mile of
water, and a change of wind to ,1
south or south easterly point will
again place the plant in the file zone
and  imperil  its safety.
Convicts Break Away.
Edmonton, Aug. 27.���Resulting
from an unsuccessful attempt to
break jail yesterday morning when
they were shot by the guards, John
Bradley lies in the piisr.n hospital a
the point of death, and his pal, Harry
Francis, is less seriously wounded.
Both were concerned in the recent
burglary of the John?tone Walker
stores. They were working with tin-
mason gang on the new cell block
under construction when they broke
away. A guard fired a shotgun into
the grass, thinking to frighten the
youths into surrender, but that failing, another guard shot Bradley as
he was scaling the fence. Fran.ii
vvas also shot in tho hand.
Paris.     Aug.     27.���Andre     .laegei-
schmidt.   a   Parisian   jouralist,   drove
up  in  an  automobile In  ft ont of the
office  of  the   Dally   Excelsior  in  the!
Avenue  Champs  Elysee  at   2  minutes j
19 1-6 seconds past nine this morning
officially completing h!.. clicuit of the
ivorld  in  SO  days.  19  hours,  43  mln-1
Ute ! and 37 4-5 seconds.
Joegerschmldt   started   from   I'aris;
at   1:46  p.   tn.  on  July  16   in  an   attempt to heat the record of M, St dg |
ler, of the Paris Matin, who made the
journey around the world   in 63 days.]
The route followed by Jaeger-
schmidt took him to Vladivostok by
way of Moscow. At Vladivostok the;
Frenchman hoarde 1 a steamer bound
for Yokohama whence he sailed for
Britisli Columbia, arriving at Vancouver ahead of his schedule. Taking a train at Vancouver the t���aveller
passed through Montreal on Aug. 17,
hound for New York, reaching that
city he left New York, sailng on the
steamer Olympic on the last leg of
his journey.
The traveller could have arrived at
his goal two hours eat lie:- if he had
hot stayed at Cherbourg after midnight for a supper given in his honor
by journalists there.
"Determination" For Dinnsr.
In her book, "The Suffragette,"
Miss E. Sylvia Pankhurst tells th:�� in*
cideni of a "hunger strike" by onei
of tile 'militants": "On being denied
treatment as a political offender Miss
Dunlop warned the governor of the
prison that she should refuse to eat
anything until sne had gained hei;
point. Though not possessed of tha
vigor ana reserve tore tnat belong to
youth and of a fragile constitul.oii.
Miss Dunlop went cheeriiflly ut her
"When she refused the ordinary
prison fare, dainty food wus placed in
her cell and left there duy and n.glit.
But if the temptation to toueli it existed she was delivered therefrom.
'Wnat are you going to liave for dinner to-day?' tiie doctor would ask. 'Aly
determination,' she would reply. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
"By Friday it was evident she would
carry the hunger strike even to the
gates of death. So on Friday evening
sue was set free. The fourteen women who had been sentenced tlie day
of her release decided to follow her
Canadian Senator Dies.
Halifax. Aug. 27.���A despatch from
Eel Creek, Yarmouth County, states
thnt Hon. Ambrose H. Comeau died
tliere Friday evening. He had heen
ill for some time and was recently
told by his physician to take an extended rest. He left his home a:
Meteghan to spend three months with
his brother at Eel Ilrook and appeared to be making progress towards regaining his health, but yesterday took
a sudden change for (he worse. He
was horn at Me1e','han River, N S.,
In 1860 and was senior member 1 f fe
firm of H. H. Comeau & Co. Mo w
appointed to the Senate in 1907.
Dummy Royal Address.
A curious slip in the arrangements
for the King's visit to Wales has just
cone   to  light.
The address which was presented to
11.^ Majesty on behalf of Montgomeryshire County Council was a dummy,
consisting of some parchment tied up
with ribbon.
The County Council had had prepared an ornate illuminated expression of welcome and of pleasure at
tiie objects of Their Majesties' visits
to Wales.
The clerk had charge of the address,
but his luggage miscarried on the journey from Carnarvon to  Machynlleth.
His Majesty was promptly notified
of the incident, and some parchment
WOS secured, enclosed In the most ap-
propriate case that could be founo,
and, tied around with ribbon, was presented as the real address.
writer ln American Medicine. They do
Dot bear acute lllnnea ao well, and accidents to tbem are likely to be more
Risks over the allotted limit of
weight are especially liable to diabetes, heart afTectlons, apoplexy, gout,
diseases of tbe kidneys snd arteriosclerosis; excessive eating and abuse of
alcobol are common among this class.
It Is stated that stout men under forty
are worse risks than those over forty
and under sixty, nnd that men wbo
were unduly fat while they were boys
are considered poor risks, especially lf
tbe tendency ls hereditary.
Stout men are better average risks
thriti tbeir very thin brothers wbo are
liable to tuberculosis and disorders of
the nervous system. But for even the
featherweight there Is much consolation, lie hears acute Illness better
than the heavyweight, nnd most of
tbe people living beyond the allotted
threescore years nnd ten are of light
build. A slim, wiry, small framed man
ls said to be a better risk that a tbin
but big boned one.
Ore Deposits.
Men sometimes dream of enormous
wealth stored deep In the earth, below
tbe reach of miners, but experts aver
tbat there ls little or no ground to
believe thnt valuable metallic deposits
Ile very deep in (be earth's cni��t. Such
deposits. It Is said, are made by underground waters, uud owing to tbe pressure on tbe rocks at great depths tlie
waters are confined to a shell near tbe
surface. With few exceptions, ore deposits become too lenu to repay working below 3,000 feet. Nine mines ln
ten. taking the world ns n whole, oro
poorer In tbe second thousand feet
than In the first, and poorer yet in tbe
third thousand.
Queer Looking Worms.
Now Zealand and Australia nre the
homes of various species of worms
witn thick, heavy bo.ies and with a
well defined neck connecting the body
with a head tha! is a startling reminder of that of the monkey. In
the Sandwich islands they are called
me-ta-lu-ki, which means "creeper
with a child's head." An old New
Zealand iegufld says that at one time
they wer,- -ft immense proportions and
threat, ned' tlie extinction of all human  li{* on  the  islands.
Went to Coronation.
arriving nt Bristol from Canada
(cently, the liner Royul George haci
n  bourd  no fewer than   twenty-flv��
A Stationary Growler.
"Well, how are yon making It now?"
"Still In tbe low grounds."
"Why don't you climb higher?"
"High   cllmbin'    makes    my   bead
"Well. then, get n move on you."
"Oh. no! I never move until the rent
ls duel"���Atlanta Constitution.
"Was the play exciting?"
"Oh. veryl Tbe management had
engaged two leading ladles, and there
was a constant struggle fer the center
of tbe stage."���Louisville Courier-Jour-
Waiting For the Chance.
Marks���My old aunt bad not been
dead twenty-four hours when ber parrot died too. Parks���The poor bird
died of grief, I suppose. Marks���Mo;
poison.���Boston Transcript
An Explanation.
"So yon have been married!
your husband die, or what7"
"The Utter.'*���Chicago JJecord-Herw
���W��    .        -itfklttat.
i��l MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.
mlnater Board ot Trade meets to Us
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of eacn month;
quarterly meeting ou tbe tnira
Tnursday ot February, May, August
and November, at s p.m. annual
meetings on tb�� third Thursday of
February. New members may ba
proposed and elected at any montn
ly or quarterly meeti.ic. C. ti
Stuart-Wade, 'secretary.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY  | (Radian Northern Steamship., Ltd.
Shortest Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next   Sailings  from   Montreal:
Rates of Passage:
1st Claaa, $92.60, and upwards.
2nd Class, $53.75, and upwards.
Ird Class,  Bristol or London. $31.25
Further Information trom Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE, NO. 27���
The regular meetings ot this lodge
are held In Odd Fellows' Hall, eor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend. George Adams, N.O.; W.
C. Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary; J. W. MacDonald, financial
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlsterat-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Hootns 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columhla and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver Of
flees, Williams building, 41 Gran
���rllle street. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, Q. E
solicitor and notary, ��10 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bask of MontreaL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenogra
pher; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
(Time Tln}��
Arrival; Closing:
20 0�����United States via C. P. K.
(dally except Sunday) .23:00
<j4(j���Vaneouver via B. C. E. R.
(daMy except Sunday).. 8:00
12:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally   except   Sunday). .11:16
as-.oe���vumw -%�� ��. c. ��. *%.
<��������    ICMt   ���������������..!���-.oo
tt����-TWSa  vt�� B. C.  ��.   It-
{*WStt mee-H Bandar).. 8:00
13:00���Yteserta  via  B. C.  B.  K.
(dsSly ewcept Sunday). 11:15
7:30��� United Suites tfla O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
16:16���United Statea via G. N. R.
(dally  except Sunday)..16:00
10:18���All polnta east and Europe    (dally)   8:30
22 30���All pelnta east and Europe   (daily)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton and Frasor
Mills (dally except
Sunday)        8:30
10:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills (daily except
Sunday)       14:00
10:48���CoquitInm    (daily   except
Sunday)         8:30
13:00���Centred Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)        11.15
1400���East Uurnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)    13:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday. Wednesday
and   Friday    14:30
10:00���Latiner, corl Guirhnn.
Westham Island. Burr
Villa        1*30
10:no���Annie*llie.   Sunhury (dully
except Sunday)    14:!t0
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:30
Down    River    Mail   on    Saturday
closes at 13:.10.
10:50���Vaneouver. piper's Siding vlu g. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and port Kells
via  G.   N.   R.   (dally  ex-
(dally except Sunday) .14:00
11:80���Clayton (Tuesday. Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day       H:00
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake idaily except Sunday   16:00
10:00���Abbotsford. Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (dally except  Sunday)    23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Sunday)  9:46
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   9:46
11:80���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt
Lehmaa, Aldergrore, OS*
ter, Shortreed, Upper
Sumas, Surrey Centre,
Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
e-cept  Sunday)     8:30
15:50���Chilliwack, Cloverdale
and Abbotsford via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Bunday)   17:30
For Up-to-date
Jackson Printing Co'y
Estimates given on any kind of Jou
Thompson Block. Phone 388.
IH to 25 H. P.
t and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phono  88.
Tenth  St,  New  Weetmlneter.
Berlin, Aug 27.���Edwin T. Meade,
of Hoston, secretary of the world's
peace foun Iation, ln an In'eivitw today declared that Germany waa mik
Ing atrldea forwurd in favor of international peace. He eat I also tbat
the people of Europe had heen watch-
PALITIES    WILL    GATHER    IN   lng with expectancy the negotiations
Quebec,  Aug.   ^c.���All   the  munlcl-
surroundlng the arbitration treati-a
between the l'nited fcfates and Grtat
Britain and France, and that If they i
failed of ratification, "We shall al-
meat be tegarded as having broken
faith with civilization."
Mr. Meade la spending a month in
Estate of Lite James Coaman Valued
at 8600,000���Many Annuities Provided and Truateea Appointed.
Snake That Bit a Cow Wat Outline*
In Cream.
There ia said to exist in Devonshire
a tradition to tht effect that il a cow
hm been bitten by a Miulte, her milk
be allowed to stand, tlie form ol thet
make will be .seen in ths milk.   Five*
persons who  live ut Gold burn, ness
bkehampton,   and   a  veterinary   sur-!
|eon in the district affirm  that theyf
have seen such ti. strange sight.   Thet
Halifax,  N.  S., Aug.  27.���The   late L.(JW jn this ca������ belongs to Mrs. Heale.'
Jamea  Cosman.  of  Meteghan,  leaves ' of Goldburn.    It was found on even-i
an estate valued at $000,000 to accu-jing to be suffering from an enormous
initiate for 100 years for  the   neeJy  swelling of the udder, and the coiiclu-t
pcor   ln   No\a   Sco.la   and    Ir.la id.! sion was at once drawn thut it hadi
After leaving $1000 to ��t. Mary's eol-jbeen bitten  probably by  a viper.   Af
lege, Halifax, and a number of family! Correspondent of The Western Daily.
bequests, he leaves the following an! Mercury adds that the cow was milk-,
nultles:    $200 per year for education'ed and the milk wus about to bu flung!
of  students  for  priesthood   ln   Nova1 away when the servant girl interpos-,'
Scotia;   Home   of   Guardian    Ange.,ied, and, sneaking from previous ex-
here, on Aug. 29. 30 and 31.  ThiB will; and   resources, nevertheless  he   haa  Hallfax     $L,00.    Monastery   of   Cood I perience. said, "Let it stand, because}
palltles of Canada are being cordially' Germany making addressee a' various
Invited   to   send   delegates   to   the! Places on  the  leaee movement.    Ho
eleventh   annual   convention   of   the   B!,ys ,hat wl1"" ho, fl"d" th(J organized
��� . .    Z .......       Peace movement ln Germany far he
Lnlon    of    Canadian    Municipalities;   ���,���,  tnat  of  ,he  United   States and
which  will  be held at the City Hall   Great  Britain ln regard  to Influence
$200;    Monastery   of   Cood I penence
Shepherd,   Halifax,   $200;   Scaool   for  ii the cow has been b:tten by a Bnakf<
' Blind. Halifax, $100.
���    When these annunitles shall cease
through  death  or otherwise,  the ac-
it will show up in Uie uulk."
"The    milk    was   accordingly   sell
aside," the correspondent statea, "and
be the llrst time thut the union has! ***"   Impressed   by   Its   marked   ad-
__, _, ...    . . ,    .      .. j vance ln educational circles.
met In this blstoilc city. He attenaed tne rec nt   meellng of
A cordial civic welc:.m3 wlll bo ex   the rn-nell of Inte-national Teacbe-s'
tended    to   the   visitors    by   Mayor j associations at Berlin, arid says that
Drouln, and the city council of Qua-ithe   German   delegates,   representing   _���   ,���.,,, ,,   ,,,     ,���. ,., .    ,.
bee.      The   Chateau   F.ontenuc   has | 120.000 teachers were not behind the  be   dtvlded   lnto   two  parts,   one   ot
been assigned aa the headquarters of   American   and
the union.
P ���' I   *a    aaaa   mnu     iinui.tlllh,   HV   MUUOU,    mill    *      i , Tl,. ,���.ilttW,        I      If   uVwill    S
The prog, am for the fist day com-, the   propaganda   ls   gaining    at   the !*���?"��������� J��� ,rJSS!��� ��.���,,���  !���*'������!  the ,r)"8ue projecting from the moutt*
cumulated  funds of the  estate shall' "n lo��$?f, ttt, lt 8,l""! """J hour�� ���'"
be  divided   Into  two parts,  one   of Jf_*?rd! the i,0*S ��f * ,nakei "V t,1"^
���   I    iiV.UVV      I'-ntllClB      ��rit     UOI      lll-lllllll      l|l��       ���,.I���K       mm**       uVw.ll      K���      t,o.,.l..l       m.,mm      �� ���       UUCtly     Well      In      tllB     0(8801      W||lCh      ll8<t
t American and Kngiish delegates ln S^^J^ifJSSSSL^^ collected on Uis surface. There w.al
| enthusiasm for the cause of peace. *Tor^f?*^' ffifJ nnnJ.i I a" ����* ��<*���' 0< the rer>tile: th3
! It wa. also .ratifying, he added" that f��Z ^JMJLM.M&' *sd. with the V mark, the eyes, and!
Germany universities.
kept Invested ln Nova Scotia, and one ,ecet    t'hr()'ughout    to    the    taiU
Within the year International peace !*_, ^^"T!. Q^ro^���!SllJ .^Moreover, by the aid ol a magnilyin*
clubs   with   large  memberships  have Sfif^'Sj ^,h!^����r    ^m����.   ��,a" ,he scalp8 ot th? &kin C0U'd ^
the   benefit   of   the   poor    of    Nova  distinctly seen.   AU this was seen byt
prises the formal opening of the convention by Sir Francia Langelier, tho
lieutenant governor,   an   official   welcome by  Mayor  Droy n, the address I been organized in Betlln and Lelpsic  oU*.,D      ....        ,        ,    .   ,., -i
ofthe   president,   Mayor   Chlsholm,1 universities.                                           ��  Scotia as the trustees deem best  Th3 ] Mrs. Heale, her two grown-up daughJ
Halifax, aud reports from the various      The  Impulse toward the fot matl n ^L ?'   ,��r,A J^hh!. "^L 5��JS' Iters>  th��  servant P$'  ?n<1  the  ^
officers of the union. I of these clubs was given by an Amer- ^Btf���d '" Sg .��ec"'J*�� a��d ra'lo*;I P��>0?-    O"   thF   lo lowing   morrun,
Profitable   papers  on  "Town   Plan-  lean stu lent ln Berlin, who was active *  *?p *fU""l?*! ��'   10"*S?   ���'I Jhe ��gure was less distinct.   A nol
nlng,"  the   "Special   Functions   of  am   promoting  the  cosmopolitan  club >onB��r   ��f   necessary   to   provide   an   bad got into the cream and destroys
Provincial Capital." and the "Proflta- j movement In the universities In   tha fm��Unt. ��>'   e��t^I1^.ed, hospitals   or  thfl continuity of the tail    Still tb,
ble Destruction of Ga-bage," wl 1 bo! United States.    Prof  Karl Lamprecht b<?me8 \l N��VB 9cM? ��'^,th�� needj'���   fl��u'e was traceable, and the attentio,
��eatt0cnery8ea?y"dw>ii, Z^TZ *T Wl* 55* STS -^ ���?   8* &&&&&��$
tleth Century City    wlll be the sub-  ous as a historian, took an active part
Ject of a paper by the Hon. H. B. F.' in  organizing  the club  ln his noted
Macfarland, former president   of the > seat of learning.
commission  for  the   District  of  Col-1     Mr. Meade predicts that the unlver-
umbla, and Alderman J. H. Sherrard,' allies of Gottlngen, Munich and other  ""'"'" ^TtSTfclLSSta^r*!!!
Westmount.  wlll   read  an  article  on   places soon will follow th^ lead. Ger- ^ ��n ^.M... '   ^!
"Civic  Loyalty."  "Child  Welfare and  man thought, according to Mr. Meade ��J^* ^H^A^tSSL^
the City" is Bet down for treatment   lB now swinging towatd a new ideal
by Dr. W. H. Atherton. secretary of  lem of the Kant type
Rssldsnts   First. I a snake was undoubtedly there.   His(
The county of Dlgby shall first be   treatment ol the animal from the ftrs^
provided  for,  but  the  archbishop  of   was for snake bite."
Halifax shall decide the number and
erect  and  manage  such  Institutions,
two of whom shall be English-speak-
the City  improvement  League,  Mon-j     Mr.   Meade   expressed   regret   that #"!*����*'UffSSfiW:
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
Phone 108.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
treal. Mayor Rutherford, Westmount, the United States senate had not yet
will deal with the garbage problem, ratified the arbitration treaties b<v
These papers wlll comprise such ex- tween the United States, Great Brit-
tensive mafters as congestion In Ain and France. He said few Ameri-
clties, transportation problems, busi- cans realized the profound feeling
ness facilities, and the beau'.lflcatlon these treaties have awakened in Eu-
of towns. . | rope  and   lf  they  fall  of  ratification
Vancouver Man's Paper, , after tne high hoprg that have been
Some Interesting and Instructive raised for their passage. "Wt* shill
papers will be read on the final day. almost be regarded as having broken
These   wl.'l   com^rh'  jj,e   'general   faith with civilization.'
topic of the conservation of wat��r and  ��� ���
water power under vailous heads, in-' ...nMiTmu
cludng  papers on  "Water Conditions   BR,TISM   *��*��C'AJ �����_,-..��,._,_ ,       .   , ,     ,
of   Hritish   Columbia,"   by    Reeve   J. MEETS   AT   PORTSMOUTH   was donated by James Cosman, Wey-
McNaught,   North   Vancouver.   B.   C.i   mouth, V. S.
tand   "Reinforced   Concrete   Pipes   as      London.   Aug.   27.���In    accordance Appo nt   Trustees.
I Applied to Water Mains and Sew- wlth a decision arrived at two yea's! The Nova Scotia trustees, at the
ers" by Alex Currle City Engineer ago the British association for the end of every five years shall publish
Westmount. If. J. Ross, Montreal. Advancement of Science will hold it* In a Halifax newspaper an account of
wlll present the report of the special annual meeting this year at Ports- all transactions, and the same shall
committee on mirorm Municipal Ac- mouy,. The Inaugural gathering- will be <jone In Londonderry, Ireland, by
counting and Statistics. TIHb report ***��� P^e In the town hall on VVed- ���������!���& *'"������������� The archblabop of
and   discussion   are  introduced    wltn  gfe^^���^��^ gt;��&.fe^
man   W    O    Doujttae   WinnloeaT and   �� exists���nanlely, to ��lv�� a etronger  and needy shouMi beneftt to ttae great
��� l.nu       ...      **.      mr*a*.^.nm.       ......a   _�����,      wuu        ._*__���,*..        _,��        A.,      nnB.IM.     matlmma      .mmmm     hia      mm.ata
In no case shall airy trustee be a
member of an oath-bound society
The half of the Income left to tho
bishop of Rapahoe, Donegal, are for
the erection of hospitals for the needy
ln the same manner as those In Nova
Scotia, with the provision that the
first be erected at Greencastle, the
birthplace of hls mother, Mary Collins, and the second at Carandonah,
the home of his wife's parents, John
Cnrlan and Ellen Callaghan. In
every Institution under the will there
shall be an Inscription stating that lt
Peer's Quaint Outlook.
Lord Crewe, who has recently b^
come a marquis, was voted the hand-,
somest man at the coronation. Once,;
on being asked oi what he was proud-'
est. his reply was, "Ol heing Lord:
Houghton's son." I
Hu never tires ol repeating his late;
father's witticisms, or of telling ol hiaj
quaint outlook on lite. Lord Houghton'
loved to introduce the most notorious'
people to society, and on one occasion^
when somebody asked il a certain mvr-
derer had o.;en executed, Lady
Houghton, who was present, replied.'
"I sincerely hope ��o, or Richard' (Lord.
i Hougnton) wiil be; asking him to a
breakfast party."
Lord Crewe is an ardent lover ol
books, and has inherited much of his
father's grace of style in writing. He
is a keen sportsman, and when in the
country is a well-known figure in the
hunting field. It was her smart tongue
and ready wit which caused Lord.
Crewe in the first instance tn li��w��t-
captivated by his pretty second wile.
who  was  Lady Peggy Primrose.
There is u ccnsiaerabla dittoressom is*.
tli., Hi/.** ut l.ur.,1 nasi rm*f ptaama*. mffa**-
lien r-ders to tlie fact Wat ma mllttut
?hP oh,^Dof,,.^rlnc"nniformltrin  meeting will be Held on the following  at   any   time
the object of  sot mini,  uniformity in   v,,^_Q,,li���     DuHng that period  the  cause they think sufficient .and shall | gjri ,,f i>mr years she used to sit oa
| "i'ure Food In Cities
Helpful   conferences
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113. Office:  Princess St.
Transfer Co.
<nc��   ruon*  ISS.      Barn  'Peons 1S7
Begbie Street.
Ssijage    delivered    promptly    ?���
any part of tbo city.
Light an J Heavy Hauling
D~C.'a. H'odieUsrmed'lc'a"rad"\dierto impure  and   a  more  systematic   dl-  est  possible extent from hi. estate.
the   committee   of   Conservation    of rectlon  to  scientific  lnculry;   to pro- he asks that the trustees shail act ln
rannrtn will deal with the DChem of mote  the  Intercourse   of   those  who  the most economical manner.
anuda w.ll d< ..1 with the p cb.em or ^^^ gcience ,n dl-erent part9 0,      The will ls dated November 7. 1910,
will   be   hei-) th�� British empire with one another and in a council of June 29, 1911, he
���>���,_,  ih,. f���i' rvii..   subleets-    "Coun- nnd with foreign philosophers, and to appoints   Charles  Journeay,  Jr.,   and
S�� Roads toi\mebwffi''W.���y obtain more general attention for the Emile  Stehelin.  in  his employ,  with
Terminals         1     Ss''    ' S reet objects of science and the removal of Laurie   McBride,   executors,   each  to
S  wai-Pre    J Ca Hers'  "The Need any  disadvantages   of a public   kind receive   $300 in  lieu  of  all   commis.
of^  "perl^ Experience in Cltv Sovern- which impede its progress.                   | sions to which they might be entitled
menr  and  "Fire  Protection " �� **��� rather remarkable that Ports- by law.    In case any of them refuses
On   the   evenlnir   of   Auk "  30    the mouth, the first naval port of the Brit- or cannot act. the Archbishop of Kali-
delegates  wlH  io  for  a sail  around lsh  empire,  and  with a  situation  in fax only shall have the right  to ap-
the  harbor     ���dVba���,u      wdll�� be r'ose proximity to the Isle of Wight point another executor.    He also fur-
held at the' Kent House and  the  New  Forest,  which  are  not ther directs that no stocks or bonds
The nrirnnb-itlnn committee for the without  scientific  Interest,  shoul.1  be shall   be disposed  of upon  an unfav-
convenUor is   compose���    ot   Major extending  its  flrst  welcome   to   the orahle market, but the same shall b,
Drouln.   AWerman ���   A   Cannon   ani   British association, though that body  held   until  an   opportunity  occurs  of
I>,omn.   Aid.,man   I.   A.  t atiiun. ^  ^.^    ^   ^^   s-^       ^   dtapoglng  of  them   _t   .  g0Q,    price
flrst flve annual meetings of the asso-
nlatlon were held at York. Oxford.
Cambridge, Edinburgh Dublin, and
since then most of the great cities
and towns of the United Kingdom
have been visited. Moreover, meetings have been held In such far-away
Mul h��r JttVSer. LoHTfSSKSjeTy. ta\k��*V
polUlcs.    in  the  immediate  past the-
Marchioness oi Ctewe has entertained.
handsomely lor the Liberal party, and
wlll no doubt do so again.
Between all Local Points.
One Way Fare
and One-Third
for the round trip. Tickets on sale
1, 2, 3 and 4. Q00d to return up to
and Including September fi.   Apply
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Alderman T. Verret.
Ten Years Old.
The Union of Canadian Municipalities was formed at a meeting in Toronto in 1901, when the late Mayor
O. A. Howland was electei the first
president. Its objects are V.he general improvement and the facilitation
of every branch of municipal administration.
A particular aim Is to guide and Improve Dominion and Provincial legislation upon municipal Questions, and
to promote the betterment of municipal government and municipal interests in general. This orpanlzation
also endeavors to secure united action for the protection of individual
municipalities und municipal interests as a whole against legislation or
ether encroachments of corporations.
Berlin. Aug. 27.���Lieutenant Graetz.,
the German officer who has undertaken a motor boat trip of six thou-
places as Toronto. South Africa, and sand miles across tbe Af, lean conti.
Winnipeg. Australia has been men- nent from the Indian to th? Atlantic
tioned as a possible meeting pl~.ee, Oceans, by way of the Zambesi liver,
but owing to its treat distance from Bangweolo Lake, and the Congo, is [
this countrv nothing practical has yet now on his way into the interio.' or
come of the proposal. { the Dark continent. I
At   the   Inaugural    meeting   of  the      His  **^ 1st er home, wil ten from
coming assembly Sir William Ham-
say will assume the presidency in succession to the Rev. Professor T. G.
Honney. It ls understood that after
discussing the nature and constitution of radium and various other elements he will bring the subject within the domain of practicability by considering whether the best use Is being made of the sources of    energy
Chinde, in Portuguese Eist Africa, is'
dated   there,   his   reception    by    the'
Portuguese authorities, and tha prep-l
arations   for  the  start   up  the  river. I
The party will include a F,ench cin-l
ematograph   operator,  and   a   native
cook.    Their boat is plentifully stocked with provisions and diugs, and at
certain places on the route foal depots  have  been  provided from which
they  will  be able to  replenish their'
Churchill Hissed and Cheered.
When  their  Majesties, on the day
tollowing their coronation, made their
progress through London, it was noted
that Mr.  Winston Churchill who, a*
Home Secretary, with his young and
I charming    ife, drove behind them in
tiie   procession,   was   received   with
I cheers oi unmistakable heartiness by
I the dwellers In the poorer quarters of
. the vast city.   But not less significant
I was   the  demonstration  of   which   he
was made the object in the West End,
where  wealth  and  rank  ami   fashion,
abide.    For when he drove to Trafalgar  Square,   to  await  the   King  ancf
Queen, along Pall Mall���which is of-r
ten sriok.?ii of as "Clubiand"���he van-
vigorously   hissed   from   the   varioo-
clubs.   So hearty, and  apparently sot
spontaneous,  was the hostile demon-
station that both Mr. and Mrs. Churchill   were   quite   taken   aback   when;
their carriage turned into  Pall Mall.
And   it   may   he   mentioned   that   the
ladies at tlie windows joined tbeir husbands  and  fathers  and  brothers and
sons in the hooting ami hissing.   That
one of the idols of the populace should
be an object of detestation to the aristocracy,   though  not  perhaps  an  un-
aocountable,   is   nevertheless   a   dis--
quieting, und even a dangerous, symp--
toui of English social lilt.'.
                                  During   the   week  opportunity  wlll stores.
Paris,  Aug.   27.���A   grim   story  of  be given to the members to visit tho The Awemba tr.be of natives told
the discovery of the head of Mldhat   Royal dockyard, the gunnery and tor- Lieut.   Graetz   marvellous   stories   of
Pasha In a box at the British post of-   pedo  schools,  the  submarine   depot, Hae   mysterious .lnlaird   sea \ known
lice at Constantinople comes from the   st. Thomas' church, where the regis- as the Bangweolo Lake,
correspondent of the "Excelsior"    at ter of the marriage of Charles II. to This sheet of water, except at Ih9
that city.                                                    the Infanta of Portugal  is  still  pre- point where the Zambesi river leaves,
An    official     recently    discovered  served;    Nelson's victory,   the Royal is surrounded    with miles of    reeds,
Gay Birds of the Olden Time.
Estravaganoe in dress prevailed ia
the reign (.( IfSdward III., who ascended the English throne early in tho
year 1S27.
Men then wore silk hoods, particolored coats with deep sleeve* auiclf
narrow waists, short hose, long point-,
ed shoes, bushy beards and tails ol
hair at the back of their heads.
"The ladies," says a poet ol thafc.
period, "are like peacocks and magpies." They were attired in turbamf.
miters, with ribbons floating
among some unclaimed parcels a box   Naval Hospital and Museum at Has- und  no  white  man  has ever   sailed: jrom tnem iike streamers"Tun^s"hail
addressed  to  the   Sultan  Abdul  Ha- lar, Netley Hospital, and other places its surface.   The natives tell curious | 0f one ^^j an(j na!{ o{ anotner  an<t
 IJ mi.   _ mrn^.mmm.ma'i ...*.*. ,!.-��*-,+ ffnill l^l'l. _  M Ib4>��>��I I      4(1 1 AH f\*f 11'  It II   I t�� I  I\ \ \ .-. fmllt/1 ll-lftlt*! I I 1        I _ I I 1, ���
deeply emblazoned zones or belts from.
I tales of what ls to be found within
its swampy enclosures.      On  thi is-1
lands which, they aver,' stud the lake, I
A. Gilder are to be found colossal elephants and
the Iront of which daggers were suspended.
Choice Beef, Hutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Mark!
.".orner   Eighth St. and Fifth Avsnue
PHONE 370.
mid.    The parcel was sent from Tri-  0f  Interest
poll early in 1909.   Owing to the out-	
break of the Young Turk revolution lt! Gave   Himself   Up.
never  came  to  the  hands  ot Abdul |    Enid, Okla.. Aug. 27.���J.
Hamid.   In the presence of represen-  of this city walked Into the office of tall giraffes, while In the waters sea
tatlves   of   the Turkish   government  County Attorney Harmon Friday and  serpents and other strange and  ter-
and British postoffice officials yeBtar-  demanded a warrant for his own ar- rible creatures are concea.ed.
day the box was opened, and inside, rest.   He told the county attorney he      From the surface of the lake itself,
wrapped   In  clothing,   was   found    a  had been guilty of selling liquor and declare the natives, hot springs spout
human head. would sign an information.    The In- Into  the  air, and  pestilential   winds
Fastened to it was a letter to the formation was drawn, and promptly sweeping across the marches carry
ex-Sultan from one Mnhlm Ago, an signed by Gilder. When taken be- death and destruction to all living
artillery   officer,   declaring   that   the fore County Prosecutor ijcott   Gilder  things.
latter had carried out the Sultan's pleaded guilty and received a flne of Of the few natives who have ever
commands and executed Mldhat. Full |50 or thirty days' imprisonment. He ventured out upon the Bangweolo
details were given of the unfortunate  ... sc. .liio ne sentence. i lake in their small frail canoes, nons
man's assassination. j - | have ever returned to tell the tale of
Mldhat    Pasha   was   the   Turkish, Collapse of Grandstand. their adventures.    Lieutenant Graetz
statesman who drafted the first Turk- Elgin, 111., Aug. 27.���Sections 88 to thinks that unknown species of anl-1 Witl sixty-seven dui'v iioers thtr
ish eonstitutlon of 1877 and was chief 100 of the grandstand at the automo- mal and marine life may possibly ex-j ty-two triweekly tw-nty-six -vmiweek-
of the reform party. He deposed the bile race course collapsed yesterday, 1st In this hitherto unexplored region,' A sixty-eight weekly four fortnightly
Sultan Abdul Ariz, and was the earli- carrying 1000 to 1500 spectators down, and It Is to test this sf-ppositicn that; one* three weekly, one four weekly atva
est of Abdul Hanild's Grand Viziers, The only serious Injuries were to two he has started out in a thirty-foot thirty-four monthly publications to a
though he afterwards won the ex- women and one man, fM of whom sus- boat fitted with a five-horsepower pe-
Sultan's bitter enmity .on account of tained broken legs. Many were trol motor to cross the African conti-
his reformist sympathies. , suguu/ uuured. nent.
Cricketer for Nearly Sixty Years.
Dr. Edward Grace, sai 1 to be the
greatest cricketer the world lias ever
seen, who died recently at his home-
in Gloucestershire, England, had beeu.
actively engaged in the English national game for nearly sixty years-
Ke was the oldest oi the Grace brothers, all noted cricketers. So popular'
was he when he retired that his countrymen gave him a benefit which netr
ted about $30,000.
Papers In New Zealand.
population of 552,1163 males and ��JfJu
829 females, New Zealand may justlj,
claim to be anything but illiterate.. PAGB FOUR
MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.
���        I
with a pollcy which we believe wlll be
ir   ot
and   Victoria
The Daily News,C^^ ��.
*f nearuiy endorsed by a great majority! pected to draw cash for their winter's
         i       I *,*. i Stolon.   We have Wde to theT"1"111-   Now, no regiment of militia ln
_ . ��� .   . -    _;    _  ' I       t f* ' government   of   the   United    States ' Canada ever took their full strength
El S�����Tv Tnm?tedy ^.riH*  throuSh   the   government%f   Grea^ \T CamP> 8S men ar* 8�� P^ed thL"
to>, Company. Limited, at their offlces, ���..    *   JJ-     6,   ",umeni   ��   urettt i they cannot get away to camp    This
-    ���    ��. ,.  Britain, proposal, for   reciprocity   in  occurred in the 104th and most    of
trade, wliich we have good reason to  these men had    put    in over   thirty
���__���  , | believe will result In an arrangement d,lllB ,0 qualify for pay.   These men
C. A. Paige Managing Director by which the markets of the Unit?d  f^J^'"?,*1 ailtol theIr work ftnci
States win i,0 \Za\*ZIaJi .      .-J I*0 make thlnBa  harder are  returned
  , fate8 wlU be "woi*** to    the pro- as   Inefficient   soldiers   because   they
>ctgHgg^^ I ductB which our people desire most to could not go to camp.    What would
'iS4nSttE>4 j send there. j Caret h aay to the case of a man who
"A  fair  measure  of  reciprocity4s  ,ms  nearly seventeen  years  contlnu-
-ia'what   as* h���=i���   ���   i      ��� \,1 OU8 B��ld'erlng to his credit and Is ln
=g. what  we desire, and    yte" liave    no  possession of four war medals, being.
MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.        ,doubt that that can be obtained with- returned  as  Inefficient  although    he.
^_.^^____^________���_____ out undue sacrifices. j had a written exemption from camp
��� "'    ���  T=SS I     "I  respectfully  ask    vour    sunnort  8,Knod    h* the commanding    officer.
A POWER FOR GOOD. "   ni, J.i   " ' ,      is &u*l  T       After reading these facts does Gareth
and votes, and I    pledgfc^feyself   to  8t||i  think that the 104th    have    no
Though lt Is pretty well known that serve the best Interest* ofc^he coun- cause for complaint?
Great   Britain   has   supplied   and    Is try, if I should be honored by a re- ONH OF THE RUBES,
���upplylng a very large proportion of newal  of  the  confidencewhich  was'    ""^ w��sln-'nster. August 26,
the capital required for the dey$4o|t( reposed In me at the last, elections,
ment of her overseas domlnlo*!',I��* *nd for wlllch 1 8hft�� ^N���*1' grate-
well as other parts of the     '""   " ful-     l   remain,     genlWmetf,"    your
world, it
New Westn.lnster, August 20, 1911.
Editor Dally News.
Sir,���In your report of the Chilliwack meeting you quote me as saying
that "Hay and oats sold at from $3 Bt)
"Antlgonish, Feb. St, 1891.- |�� *6 I?')0" "��*���' '"�� Seattle than
..... ,        ,   .     ,* .,      In the Delta.     While that is true In
Will  some ingenious    Conservative regapfl. t0 oat.   ,  ���plalned  ,0    the
parts ot iue  wo. ,        obedlen( Bervant ( ,     ,.
will probably surprise many to learn "JOHN D- THOMPSON."
that the money thus furnished
amounts to the stupendous figure 4f
three   billion  flve
pounds. This, Mr. u��orBc ~��- -- of reclpnK.lty," ���nu|w�� ���" ^"S^mHi not a fair comparl
marks, ln a paper recently read b abJe ,n lgM ,. now becM a national ��>n y,^ ^^ ^ correction,
rore the Royal Statistical lodJPSV ^enace> and a glnlste'r attempt to de-  J~j| ob���ge
"capital to develop   tbe good   things              confederation T   OP"*a��'���'���Sir, JOHN OLIVER
which Nature has stored up (or the ^h. Thompl)on a tralWtfwlWW^eg New Westminster, August 26, 1911.
use and benefit of mankind !    In the  ~M ppegg _.___.    .        |.
stupendous hbui�� �����      wnl gomo lngenioils    Conservauve reKar(jB to oats.  I  explained  to    tne!
e    hundred    million    . ��n|am why tfca?x3r measure  audience that  the quotation  for hay;
I oeorge Palsh 9^^,  wh,h  was  sondes,, "^ "^EATSS1
The Management of the New Westminster Lacrosse
Club Insures the Minto Cup for Another Year.
The Mercantile Fire Insurance Co'y
*��� tt      *���**.** ma Ml ** ._.
No. 402782
Head Office, Waterloo, Ont.
year 1911 Great Britain wlll receivo
about nine hundred million dollars
for Interest upon the greaj.^$ity$
ahe has placed In other land
Free Press	
" .,,.,,      iVlftSmtr   ���*     .
The farmers along the   border
Ontario and Quebec have had a prac-
niacea in o...m .-��� J *** Ileal demonstration of the value of
vears This income will come to her tne Unlted States wafcrtW rtoect
Ifmost entirely In foodstuffs^ raw t0 one of the product* liM *rm>.
trials for It comes mainly from when the United States duty on
���L agricultural and mlnMl "coun- cre��m was flve cents i^u*d, no
2L of he world." (,""{"        ! Canadian  cream  entered^* United
Rather more than half 'this three states, but when, by a mHtake In the
Wlllon five hundred million pounds drafting of the schedule, IV was in
has been devoted to the.WWsh 1909 reduced to five c^pts a gallon, ia
dominions across the seas, 4fre,. re- the eleven months epdlWeffiU*- May
mainder being invested ln develop- last $1.69:1,000 wnrt|fr J , Ca^adton
ment works In foreign countries. Sir cream was sold there.,...Ufirg.is a fact
Edgar Speyer, the famous financier, which outweighs muc^t^gr^ ,
answering some of the   critics   who.' -
li��ve complained of the contlnued^out  >����MM������������eee����������*��W
How of capital   from   Engl��ir"��n'i f ���/ . _ *
maintain that this should he retain*
ftor the development of home Indus
tries, urges that the Investment of
Great Britain's annual savljfts in the
Dominions, in India and {�� Crown
Colonies and elsewhere Is one of the j respondents.)
chief causes of the growing >To��perlty
of the Empire and a valuable source
of the strength. "A moment* reflection," says Sir Edgar, "would make
It clear that the Industries of this
country could not expand It the peo
Good Buys in
*r  :
;] it Correspondence \
r %�������������������������������������� �������� ���������������������ts
I    (The Dally News is nptnrpsponsible
for the opinions express** -hy Its cor-
FOURTH AVENUE ��� Cleared lot;
house 10x16; good well of water.
Price $9(50; one-third cash, balance
6 and 12 months.
Editor Daily New^
NEAR CITY���Just outside e ty limits
from Twentieth street; flve flne
lots, from $350 each; cne-quarter
caah, balance 6, 12 and is months,
Ur,���Your contributor "Gareth" in       ________________________
his article of ThurtcM^WM*   'fur--THREE   FINE    LOTS   ON   STRIDE
_, ,   ,______________i    criticism   in  regard   to.up^tlois   con-j    avenue.���QP��n   streets:   $P25  esch;
****** mtspiatr ot.ioo* auil ram material ceralng the l(Hth regiment,                   |    one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and
did not grow with increasing require-'    Gareth seems to    think    that    the,     18 months. .j,. .  r;    .
^entm.   Tkv�� iwo Uduts are mterde-  104th are mB8BtlBfled'   *****   th��y         ��� \
imTidfitit ** v ���*��*�����  forced lo  ��o  ii\io   ctt.mv   u.t VCam��  ��� ' ���������l" " '
^The ll^ people    have    In tacte" wSTiS &X?*Si 3R��3 )������*����  ����t^��'    ��*    "*���'
recognized  that  tWr   exist**    de- plain;    th. real    wis��ffflMr*om'.      l��a\an��"lyfi ^?��ftnd��"f^X"
pc���ds  upon suppiementln^ ttie small ^^^'^X��f^Sl   ���'g^^^S;   f
quantity of wheat which ean advant-   prlBe    The men who Bervea \n A and1
ageously grow    ln    the British    isles(u companies, Sixth D. C. O. B., were   FOURTH       AVENUE���Five    roomed
from  the  wheat  lands  whtflf extend  in a city    regiment, and  when  they
...       , .       , ���,,,���. ��'    ,i ���,ii.    were tranBferre I  into the 104th they
around the globe, and other food "��H were not toM  that tlielr 8tatug  wa'3
piles  from  lands  which  can   turnlBli  altered neither were any of the men
them  with the means of sustenance, j who  subsequently  enlisted jn'o    thei j        ..... ^ - K
They realize, says Sir Edgar Speyer, 104th. The commandlng"oTTfeer, when, 	
...v,���,   ,v,���  ������imoi   trara.i   o,ov   rBfiiiira  asked about this said that he did not!
-that   the   animal   food   they   re   tlte  ^^ w        have ,        ^   F|yE  H|QH  DRy    L0TS_0n    8ixth
��an   be  obtained   from  the   limitless   ..imp for tW).,ve da^r    , ghg�� ���ke.     avenlle;  $r,7i
This Policy Is guaranteed by the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company
Capital and Assets, $22,600,000
By This Policy of Insurance
DO INSURE :-P. D. Ross, Sir E. Clouston and Hon. R. McBride (Trustees
of the Minto Cup), against loss or damage, to the amount of TWO HUNDRED
AND FIFTY DOLLARS.   The property hereinafter described :
The said property being more fully described in the application of the assured,
which forms part and parcel of this policy.
AND THE SAID COMPANY do hereby promise and agree to make good
unto the said assures, all such immediate loss or damage by fire, not exceeding
the amount insured on the property hereinafter described, as may occur
from the 25th day of August, 1911, 12 o'clock noon, until the 25th day of
August, 1912,12 o'clock noon.
$250.00 on the Minto Cup
ONLY WHILE CONTAINED in the Carnegie Library, or any other
building or location in the City of New Westminster, B.C.
Goads Map, Sheet 22, Block 140, Risk No. 45.
Attached to and forming part of Policy No. 402782, issued on the
MINTO CUP, by the Mercantile Fire Insurance Company.
New Westminster, B. C.
August 25. 1911.
Insurance Agent, Reel Eatatw,
620 Columbia St.,  New Weetmlneter.
modern bungalow; hath, toilet, elec
tric llajht: lot all cleared
fenced. Price $2(125; small
payment, balance as r-nt.
plains of the American and Australia.!
���continents, that tlir> wool they need
<;aa he ^ro.vn in Australasia, Soutli
Africa and Ar^cnt'inn; that the cottoi
needed for the manufacture of their
world famous cotton cloth' must he
obtained from countries practically
immune from treat*and drought; thut
sold, silver, copper, tin and other
minerals needed for their industries
must he secured from ���couiitries
where nature has deposited them; anl
that the tea, coffee und Cocoa, which
they drink cannot he produced, in
their own country."
lt is in the development of the
resources of the lands which can supply her needs that Great Britain has
expended so vast an amount of capi-
tal, This development hns bom. too,
foi I c : dvantage of the whole world
Sir   ''<!' ir remarks that   Hritish capi-
to know what Gardth thinks about,
this ? If Gareth knows aay thing at
all he would know that the men of
the Sixth D. C. O. R. neviepdrew any
drill pay, it was always signed over
to the companies' association, and the
same thing was done on-tlie forma
tion  of the  101th  headquarters asso-
eafh:   S""0  cash,
and 18 months.
FIFTH AVENUE���Two lots; $550
each; one-thirl cash, balance fi. 12
and 18 months.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       ��14,400.000.00
RESERVE    12,000,000.00
Brancbee throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, ana ln London. England, New York, Ch<<ago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let
tera of Credit laaued. available wltb
correspondents In all parts of tlte
Savings Bank Dspartment���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
aud Interest a llo we' at 3 per cent, per
annum   (present rate).
Total  Aa^ete  over  $186,000,000.00
effectively helped to promot
"Great Britain, by her pluck an.l
enterprise all over tbe wot hi, and by
what amounts to almost an unfailing
Instilict, has placed her money Whero
tt has done most good. She has never
placed it where it fiiii'ln have hurt
her country's interests. In fa t trad
generally precedes, and in a lavgo
measure affects, the world's policy to
day. Jlodein diplomacy takes its in
spiration from trade and i*. ecutea tht
economic will. That is. I venture to
think, one of the characteristic f u
lures of our time."
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
EDMONDS     STATION���Lots     66x1981
feet.   Price only    $1600;    one-third
cash, balance fi, 12 and  18 months. |
This lot  will    rapidly    Increase    111;
value with tlie improvements goin;;
on in this particular locality.
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It ls the atuS that the foundations ot wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used in two ways; to spend for what la
needed now and to invest for what shall be needed ln the future.   Money cannot be Invested until lt la flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager,
Peoples Trust Co
431  Columbia
Telephone 669.1
When parliament was dissolved in
1891, Sii lohn Thompson, minister of
Justice in Sir John Macdonald's gov-
-ernment, issued this address to the
electors of Antigonish:
"At the election which' "will Wk"
place on the 5th day of March, I will
be a candidate for re-elecU-n as a
member of the Mouse of Commons for
the County of Antigonish.
"The government, of which I am a|
member, is appealing to the country
Liberal Rally!
Campaign Headquarters
Hardman Hall, McKenzie street, over "News" office
Tues. Evening, Aug. 29
***    I !.��..,.  -    ���   ���    I,     j !��� >. ��� ���   - .il ���    ...
Meetipg will open at 8 o'clock.
Short addresses by local and
outside speakers.
Organization work after meeting.
Hall open every night except Sunday, for
committee work and discussion.
President. ���
Have you ever longed for a
home ? A real home ? A home
that one is not ashamed to tuke
one's filend to ? A thing of beauty ? A joy for
ever? Floweis and shrubs and trees, a lawn,
a pretty bunealow nestling on a sun-kissed ter
race-side overlooking n large beautiful shimmering expense of fresh water? Sounds inviting eh?
Well, we hive it in our "Lakeside Terrace," on
the shores of beautiful Burnaby Lake Fifteen
minutes rMe from N'ew Westminster ! Five-cent
car fare ! Half nnd quarter acre tracts for a
sons; ! Three $2000.00 bungalows for nothing !
Ask for our booklet, "Lakeside Terrace in
Beautiful Burnaby." It tells the story. Investigation will pay.
''-.* 'x,;-*.JarrT-^lr.*m ^-,---. *-*.*i
Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver, B. C.      ��� T      MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.
back for the renowned eleven of that
1 city 'tla plain that he will make good
ln tbe team for which he has just
signed. j
' One of the tallest members of the
Borers team wlll be J. O. Maley. of
Sunderland, a hotbed of soccer. In
the Juniors of the Tyneslde club he
made hit mark���literally and tlgura-
lively���and at out��ld> or Inside he
showed tbat he had the makings ot
a    brilliant   player.      Although    but
j eighteen years of age be is built on
massive lines and will prove a tower |
of strength to the club here.
i Harry Collier comes from another i
English foot ball centre, Preston, j
where In the past players have been.
said to fall off the hushes, so prolific
has been the crop of notables in tbe!
football world from tbat Lanca8hne|
city, associated for years with the j
celebrated    North    End    champions. |
Unfortunately the amateur vs. pro- Collier can  play either at goal, half
fesslonal  football    question    ln    this  back or full back and Is a utility man
cltv Is taking a turn    which    lf persisted ln will hurt   the winter   sport
which had promised to boom ln West
minster this year.
In the opinion of tbe writer, there
ls room ln this city for both an
amateur und a professional football
organization, and the fact that both
have been admitted to the full membership of their respective parent
liodles of Vancouver, 1b surely proof
that the standing of each hi of    the
who would be a find by any club
i Although not yet signed up, Billy
Campbell, of the Toronto Thistles,
j has signified his intention of donlng
the red and blue of the Rovers lm
mediately he hits tbis coast which
will be tn the course of three weeks.
1 Intending members of the Rovers
are asked to meet at the conference
room of the Fletcher pool parlors on
Sixth atreet on Thursday evening.
Next Monday practice games    will
Play Begins Today In   Open   Scratch
Events for Challenge Cups���
Trophies for Each Sex.
The finals in  the handicap tennis
day afternoon and some excellent
matches took place, keen interest being shown ln all events. The following were the result.
Finals men's singles���D. Shildrick
defeated J. A. Motherwell, 8-6, 6-1. 9-7.
Finals ladles' singles���Mlss Rickman defeated Mlas Shildrick, 5-7, 8-3,
Finals men's doubles���Gardiner and
Shildrick defeated Motherwell and
Eddy, 6-2, 9-7.
Finals ladles' doubles���Mlss Shildrick and Mlss Rickman defeated
Mrs. Sutherland and Mrs. Elson, 6-2,
Finals mixed doubles���Miss Peele
and Motherwell defeated < Mlss Kick-
man and Pratt, 6-1, 6-2.
Finals men's consolation���L. A.
Lewis defeated J. E. Allen, 7-5, 6-2,
Flay wlll commence this afternoon
ahd continue all weelftft'the #^n
tournament for   the   chalVng >   cups
in ladlM' and men's *tn.lM pro-
������ntaa by Mr. Rana uT Mr. Diamond
, The Anal* tn both events will be played on Saturday afternoon, Septem
���� SureVyThen8 Ss^ta. W  �� iM �� ^ody ^re  an^con-
admits a club either of the standing tlnued  each   W^��-�� -��*  Fridav
of the Westminster City Football club until the season
In the amateur circles, or the Hovers
club  on  the  professional   side,  lt  ls
clear   tbat   things  must   be   satisfactory.
Bickering, back-blttlng and such
troubles have proven to be the death-
dealing blow which haa wracked so
many organizations ou the past that
It is to be hoped for sport's sake that
this will not materialize ln Westminster.
Tbe rumor that the Rovers club will
not complete the schedule season has
sprung much too early to carry any
weight. The columns of the Dally
News have been, and always wlll be
open for the recital of fair and unbiased comment, and also for the reports of athletic events, no matter
under what banner they may be held,
but will not be the vent hole for
partial bickerings.
' The Westminster City club haa
signed up some of the best amateurs
ln the district and promise to put an
eleven worthy of the best traditions
of the club on the fleld when the season opens, while the Rovers by thslr
hustling methods have proved -that
they mean to make a name for themselves ln the season 1911-12. At the
ineeting of the Vancouver and District league, first division, which will
be held in the National Sports club,
"Vancouver, tbis evening, Manager
Grant and Charlie Coldicott wlll be
Present as the delegates from the
Rovers, and will watch the Interests
of the club when the draw Is made.
Grant h��s a list of signe 1-up players
jvho have carved their names in asso-
latlon football' ln   the   motherland,
a-nT'^-i?*. "��/*|,����--to,ife��i.,eiiy iMs
tne Immediate future of other noted
players,   Westminster  lovers  of   .the
Strand old sport may rast aasurad that
the menu to ba served up wlll be ol
the beat.
Jack Lyons.
Jack Lyons, wbo has for three seasons played at    left    back    for    the
Hovers, has again attached his signature to  thut  club's form, and should
make things hum when the season la
in full blast.    Originally playing with
the   Irvine   Meadows,  and   Clydebank
Junlons in hls native Scotland, he attracted  the attention    of    the  "fitba"
magnates In that northern clime, nnd
before he ticked to    this    coast    he
shone ns a first league player In the
famous Partlck Thistle eleven, a combination wbicli has given to the foo'-
ball  world    many    Internationals    of
Another    Scot,   Jock    Bruce,    will
wear the  Hovers colors at  the right
half  position,  and  those  who follow
the panic know the qualifications    ot
this player, who last week wan selected   to   represent   the   stars   of   B.   C
agalnsl   the   famous   Corinthians     In
Vnncouver this week, surely a signal
honor.      Itenton,   where    Bruce    first
saw the light of day, was many years
nj.o  the   home  of  the  world's  cham-
Vion  team, and  was  In  the Scottish
football  world  what this city at this
time  is  to    lacrosse.    It    is    almost
natural that with a youth spent in an
atmosphere  which  was  full of  foot-
hall, Bruce played the soccer game
*18 since coming to Westminster, he
*"as >-hown that the proud name of
Ronton will live for all time when
football ig mentioned.
r>io raosi recent, celebrity to arrive m Westmlnater, J. Donald, bails
from far-off K,,,,,, wher��� ,)c |miyc(]
for on,, season with the cltv team cf
^,a "!���; ,nn,d ""'"" seasons with tho
Elgin Thistles. At outside right he
is a speed merchant ,vho win mak(,
his opponents travel whlle llis ar.
tacks at goal rarely fail to materialize.
Jimmy Carsc, a native of Campbell-
town, Arpleshiie, played three sen.
sons for his home    town    eleven   b>
..centre, and In the British army team
assisted to mow down those who
faced the music on the fleld. His
tackling is what is known in Scotland as "dour" and that lets him oit,
Leslie Hunter, the Derbyshire Ash-
burne and Trent Roveis, ls bellced
by those qualified to judge to be the
fastest member on the local field, and
although built on slender lines goes
into the fray with a big heart and
any amount of confidence.
A 8allor Footballer.
D. J. Lewis was a member of the
English navy team which won the
championship, and when one remembers that the selectors have hundreds
of players to chose from It Is clear
thnt Lewis must he some kicker. As
one of the Wlnnlp-v; ��� United team
which won the championship of Manitoba, Lewis added to his refutation
in this Dominion, anl In local circles
tie may be depended upon to shine
still brighter.
From Robert Burns' home town, of
Graduate Optician
With T. OlHerd, Jcwcltr
New Westminster, B.C
Today's list:
PRINCE8S STREET���Full * zed lot,
cleared, facing south. Price $850;
one-third cash, balance 6 and 12
FOURTH AVENUE���Doubts corner
on Fourth avenue and First atreet;
a flne building proposition. Price
$3000; one-third cash, balance 6 and
VI months.
Liberals Hold
Splendid Meetings
(Continued from Page One.)
WEST END���Three tine lots near
Eighteenth street. Price $2500.
one-third cash, balance 6,12 and 18
TENTH AVENUE���Between Sixth
snd Eighth streets, building lots,
all cleared. These are money
mskers. Price $450 to $800; one-
quarter cash, balance 6, 12, lt and
24 months.
Sale of Real Estate
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
j. 1. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lome Street New Westminster
Burnaby--6th Avenue
Five roomed dwelling house on double lot, all cleared snd planted
with forty fruit trees.
, House and One Lot, price .$1650
Extra Lot, $550.   Casli, 1-3; balance easy.
& Co.
648 Colombia Street, New Westminster:
Telephone 832.
provinces with which we have to con
tend, and no tariff wall can be raised.
against a sister province of tbe Hit-*}
minion.   Alberta butter and eggs can
be laid down bere at several cents
less money than they can be bought
for in Seattle.   In some cases the Inducement to buy Alberta butter will
be ae much as 12 cents per"   pound.
When Alberta and Saskatchewan can
do this tor our markets, when tilling
less than flve per cent, of their total
area, much more will they enter into
$450 to $475 each. Thesb nre ta
the locality that ls moving.    See
us at once.
tournament were played off on Satur-! the competition when   they   become
1 settled, and are growing twenty times
EA8T  END���Full  sized tots nt $37S
. each.   These will not last 'frfe-v    \
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone 8SS.
622 ColumMs street.
tbe present amount.   They will   be
compelled to get a.broader market.
The reciprocity pact affords them this
opportunity in advance, and may tend1!
to ease local competition. (Applause.)
Hundreds of tons of Alberta oats will
bs sold ln Seattle within six months'
time to All the Seattle order for-<iip-
ment to the Philippines.   Seattle buyers are offering $27 per ton for oats,'1
when Alberta oats can be laid down4
in Vancouver at $22.   Reciprocity wlll
tend to steady our markets.   The reason why the hay market was tempor-j
arily   governed  by Washington  state]
last    winter    was   because   of   thn]
drought In  Alberta and  tbe farmers i
had no surplus to ship westward   to
British Columbia."
To the Consumer. i       .      popcrr      iwetr r      a o
Going on to reciprocity  to be con-        A    t HtiHH,     WELL    AS-
^A&'TKrUfU SORTED stock of all articles
cult the worklasroeu lu   tfce-   coaat^USUallv found  in   an   UO-tO-
cltles found It to live decently and lay I ,   .     jf _ r
by a dollar for the future, so ions as.,CUtt6 CPUg Store J
Um prvaani MS* coat ot living U    In \        a
vogue.     With  beet  at from  20  to  15'       A
B.C. Milk
limber and Trading  Co.
RBiBBinMsnsfactursrs sad Dealer, in All KtaSa nl
\tifJsi* ��&��� h. FANCY GLASS. .'
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
TeleDftotta It New Westminster Bo* 137
.(. I.HM9VV"
What Appeals to Tou
See Our Window Display of Peart Handle Good*
fish sets
prwit sets
Chamberlin      ��X".:~,
Of filial Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. tVy
I cents i ��.\ pound and potatoes as high
as $5 per sack, and wages averaging
This Is the first year In the history only $75 per month, the consuming
of tennis here challenge cups have I cla8S ,8 m08t in need of legislation,
been   presented   and   lt   ia   therefore  The reciprocity pact ls meant to give
I *%_��_    i 1..    ���     ********* am    r*.f    rolinf       Pvpn
dispenser vrtto^ Is the'
very essence of exactness?
A line of the best photo-
���   , ��� ,   ��� graphic   materials^in   the
presented   and   It   is   therefore, lne reciuiocuy p��ui .�� **,*?��*.*. ���, _..���  o     r *���������   ,      ,   .
expected that a great deal more   In-  *hl�� hod>' a measure of relief   even  WOrld, With practical advice
terest than formerly wlll be shown ln  thougn      slight.      <Applause.)      The |    . frp-lv fftr fh(x aaL;no. f
the annual  tournaments. ] speaker as a farmer did not see any   given lreeiy iur ine dSKUlg '.
Refreshments wlll be served every | natural   Justice   in   the     government
day throughout the week.   The public' continuing  the process of legislating THFN   DFAI    AT
are cordiallv invited to attend, <nlv a! a transfer of money from the pockets ,,,wl  *yssn^a *f%.*
^^     cf any one class into the pockets of       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H
any other class,    lt was contrary to!
the principle of Canadian uemocracy
to withhold the right of the working-
man to spend his money to his best
advantage, and get as much produce
li Fot Choice Beef, Mutton
IX ���*fn    ��� . *
small charge being made towards defraying the expenses.
The  following  is  the draw  for to
day in the open tournament:
3:00 p.m.���J.  A.  Motherwell  vs.  A.
L. Clark, court 1:   Miss Corboull vs.
Mlss   Peele,  court   t:   Miss   Rickman |M he could get for it
vs. Miss DeWolf Smith, court 3.
4:00 p.m.���A. B. F. Lloyd vs
Sellery, court 1:  D. C. Tuck vs. E. NT. j
SiVhcrland  court 2; A. C. Eddy vs. R. j
S. Hutcheon, court 3.
5:00 p.m.���A.  H. Marccn  vs.
Wilson, court 1:   I. B. Allen vs
The Red Cross Pharmacy
C. S. Davies, Prop.
Phone 40. 32 Sixth Street.
New Weatmlnster, B.C.
The   Railway Situation.
A, r. |    In turning to the empty cry o' the
Conservatives that Canada's    railway
traffic    would    be diverted   to U. S.
roads by the adoption of reciprocity,
From Maker To Wearer
q   T. I the sjeaker referred the audience
j ' \\*\ I the opinion of the railroad financiers
Langford, court  2:   H
D. Shildrick. court 3.
V.  Ardagh  vs. i
who are now buying C. P. R. stock at
Pork or Veal
'Phone 101.
645 Columbia St
the  high   water  mark  of  its  history.
Taylor Refuses.
Tonight  meetings wlll  be held    in
, Otter hall and Murrayvillc, tomorrow
AFTER THE MANN CUP  nlght at Langley town hall, and    th'j
  ' following  evening    at    Thrift's  hall,
By defeating the Victoria twelve at Hazelmere, ani also at the town hall,
Recreation park on Saturday, the V. j cloverdale. Further meetings have
A. C. have made secure the Kllmar-"heen arranged for every night until
nock  cup,  emblematic  of  the  chain-' election day.
pionship of the province, and after' j. d. Taylor, the Conservative can-
the performance put up this year by didate, has been extended an invlta
the members of the winged V team, It tlon to attend all these meetings, and
looks that the trip in the attempt to
secure the Mann trophy which 's held
hy the winners of the Dominion title,
will be a successful one.
That there mny be a deal of trouble
between the ruling body In the easr
ani the  clubs affiliated    thereto,    is
quite likely In which case    the battle j
for the cup wlll be delayed probably
until well into October.   The V. A. C. i
have   all    season   shown   consistent
form, and  although    local    followo.s
would  naturally  have  liked  to  havo
seen   the Westminster   cluh   in   the
Position  of champions the  fans  here
n|e sportsmen enough to confess that
on tho form shown, tho Terminal City i
cluh tuny deserved   the   high    tltla
whloh tliey now hold, and Westminster will follow with iute-st   the do-!
lngs of the representatives of the larger city when uie trip east is under-1
taken.     Westminster   feel   that   they
cannot be  on top a\\ the while and'
with the honors goins the round*, it
Is  all   for  th0  good  of  the  national
should he deem It advisable again tt
face his opponent on a common platform after his encounter ~at Chilliwack, a series of interesting meeting!
Is certain to ba the result
A full line    of first    class,   latest
styles, newest    lasts,    solid    leather
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BOOTS AND    SHOES,   also    a full
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At a Saving of from 30 to 40 Centa inl
the Dollar,
all goods shipped by express or mail
prepaid to destination to any part of
the Dominion.
Write  for    free    illustrated    cala
logue and be convinced.
333 Portage Ave-. Winnipeg, Man.
snd Oenl. Mgr.
Sec. and Tress.
are new snd entirely different from ordinary preparations. They accomplish
their purpese without disturbing the rest of the system, and are therefore the
Ideal laxative for the nursing mother, as they do not affect the child.
Compounded, like all NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists.   If
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money.
25c ��� box.   tf your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25c. and we
will mail them. 24
N.tiooal Dnif aad Chralcal Company at Canada, limited,     ...
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ua. 7 snd 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
W. R. GILLEY, Phons 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 snd 16.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
One   Way   of  Controlling   Flre.
Dayton, Aug. 27.���Dragging tho live
to   water   wis   the    i-r-cml     >-  ���>
used on Eckler mountain yesterday
afternoon, when Lam ie t rv
ry's threshing machine vs envelo""'
in flames by a smut e-vplislon in th<i
se"ar:itor. The crew attached the engine to the machine and  limited  th?
  blazing   burden   to   the   water   tank
Ayr. comes .Tack Hyslop, and when It  some little distance.   In half an hou;
Is mentioned- that he played at half the crew were back to work.
If your property 13 for sale and the price and terms are right, we
want It, as we have clients who are desirous of making Investments in this city in the shape of vacant lots, houses or revenue
producing property. What have you ? $500 to $5000 cash as tint
Phone  929. Room 16, Collister Block.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Ar6 Well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
( No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
.t*>f:.~atsrr*i*j.. f,    PAOB BIX
MOHOAY, AUGUST 28, 1911.
Brussels, Aug. 27.���Strong pressure
la being exercised, wdth great probabilities of success, on M. Carton de
Wiart, Minister of Justice, to obtain
the pardon and liberation of the con-
What to De Whan Your Ha. Is Tipped
Over Your Eyaa In a Crowd.
For a man mere Is only cue really
eafe pocket, und thut ia a pocket
which few men except experienced
race goers bnve their suite supplied
with. It la a breast pocket Inside ihe
WttlStceat, nnd ll should bnve a but
toned Hup. for witboui tbe bultou even
tbis biding place Is uusufe.
Tho auroud best place for currying
money ls itie trousers pork**, especially
lf the owner is rather stout. And Uiu
left hand pocket la better tbuu the
right. A skillful thief standing l>e-
blud you uuiy Insinuate his right bund
into your right hand pocket easily, hut
tbe left comes awkwardly to blm.
For safety's sake the pickpocket seldom works Single Handed.   lie usually
vict Leon Peltzer, the one survivor of, ^ u ^^ of ..gerecus,
the two brothers sentenced in 1HK-
for the murders of the Antwerp barrister Guillaume Bernays.
The Story.
The present generation could obtain some rough Idea of that extraordinary drama by perusal of the   re
paint themselves In front of the Intended victim. If the "Job" Is n dllll-
cult one they cnrefully Jostle blm at
the critical moment In order to distract bis attention. Tbis Jostling la
usually cnlled "working the ramp."
I A fnvorlte trick In a dense crowd Is
I to tip a muu's but over, aa though ac-
markable "Andre Cornells," which the j c|<jentnlly. His hands naturally fly up
great French author, Paul Bourget, ,o act It right. Instead tbey should go
drew from lt twenty-flve years ago.' straight to tbe watch and tbo money
The case would have attracted unl-! pocket If your hat is taOCked off to
. .,       ,. ���.,���,   a crowd make sure your money pocket
versa!  attention,  If  only  on  account   �� cro._ beforo troul)���n(f about tbe hat.
of the high social position of nearly �� ^^  ��n��* �����  mav
all the parties concerned. The Peltzer   ��  you   are  quick   enough you  may
brothers   were   of   a    Belgo-German   cotcb a hand there,
stock,   closely   connected    by   family]    Tbe trained pickpockets flngers are
tie*  with   members   of the  Prussian   almost   as  dellcnte   and  sensitive  as
houseof'torts.ndI ����th fo:mer mln-  those of a skilled pianist   To become I those of adult  life,   both   because  It
Isters of the King of Hanover.    Ar-' an expert demands long practice.   But j takes less to Impress a child and "-
mand, the elder of the two brothers,' the expert could wltb or witbout the) cause there ts not the complexity
was  himself  an   engineer   anl   lee-1 shelter of a newspaper go tbrough. one j ideas crowding Into the brain, nor the
turer  of  splendid   capacities   and  a   by onei eTery one of a man'a twelve | complexity of association of ideas
much-courted    society    man.      Gull-  or s|Xteen pockets except that one ln-
laume  Bernays,  a  banister   of high   R,de the waiBtCoat lf he knew lt to be
standing who was regarded as an au-   wortn D|8 wll||e.    Three years ago a
thority on maritime, law, and also an   maD waa gentenced toT training young
pickpockets. He used clothes dummies wltb bells so arranged that tbey
rang when the picking was clumsily
donc-Excbanse. ,^
Influence ct  intoxicating  Liquor Upon
One's  Mentality.
Every person  who drinks alcohol to,
excess,  suys  I��r   Alexander   Lambert!
In Success Magazine, will not show ev-l
ery form of menial deterioration thut |
may be produced  by  excessive Indul-1
pence, nnd llie decree of deterioration
In Intelligence which goes to make up
Ibe   sum   total   uf   mentality   varies.
meetly In different Individuals,
All   wiiu  drink   alcohol   to  excess.:
bowever,   show   some   diminution   In
their Judgment.   Judgment means the,
power of  recalling   various  memories:
of   perceptions    through    tbe   senses,!
which have come In from tbe outside
world, memories of Ideus. memories of
emotions nnd all the complicated asso-'
ciutloii of Ideas that  these bring up. j
und In the reculllng of tbem weigh eacb j
one with the other and Judge or tbe
value betwecD tbem.   This also means
reasoning nnd decision for action.   Tbla
power  of  reasoning   nnd   Judging   Is
weakened ln the alcoholic, and ln any
brnln long poisoned by alcohol it la an
Impossibility to exercise It.  Memory It
self ls also weakened. There la excessive forgetfulness of tbe recent past,
nnd In some cases of advanced alcoholism there Is nbsolute forgetfulness of
wide gaps of years; a man  may be
unnble to remember anything from tbe
last Ove minutes back for twenty years
and then remember back to childhood.
Tbe memories of childhood are more
easily stamped on ibe brnln thuu are
����� *�� ram
Large, light, deliriously flavored
loaves-more loaves and more quality
to the sack than from any other flour.
The housewife who uses
knows this, and will use
no other.
A money-back  guarantee
in every.sack.
historian, was the son-in-law of M
Arthur Pecker, one of the merchant
princes of Antwerp, enjoying, furthermore, great Apolitical power as leader
pf tbe Antwerp Liberal party.
The motive of the crime was not a
sordid lust for gold, but, according to
the version accepted by th? Jury, it
was the infatuation of Armand Peltzer for the fascinating wife of Bernays. The latter had given grave offence to his wife, who lived practically apart from him under the same
roof, but who, notwithstanding her
deep sympathy for Arnxan.l Peltzer,
was too pure a woman to~fe;|Ulre an
be recorded. Therefore memories
childhood make a deeper Impress and
last lunger, and so the complex memories of the adult are the flrst to be for-
gotten ln tbe alcoholic, and those of
childhood remain.
Merchants, Real Estate Brokers;
^'jThere are only alewTiomesin New Westminster that do
���^n >t receive The Daily News every morning, and ttoough-
rf out the district our mailing list is in the thousands.
Their Inquests Covered a Wide Variety
of Subjects.
It bas beea supposed and legal historians have told oe that the office of
Va. was to be married one of our good
duchesses bad to make her a present.
Just a little present Tbe duchess
thought it would he useless to expend
other man's love as long as she had a much money for n person so rich. She
lawful husband. Hence Armand's thought lf she would look through her
idea of doing away with Guillaume vast mansion she would be able to find
Hernays. The trial also revealed | 8ometiiing, some trinket, to which
brotherly affection and gratitude car- tU(? ���^ilion 0f uer card would give
rjed to the lengths of crime. Leon 8uHiejent g|0n-. She finally found In
Bltzer having come all the way from h wrlUn��� desU BU insignificant
nerica to commit the murder, out ot, .,   '   . ' ...   __. ���.���������
leer although misguided devotion to   "J*?*1"1 R,be b"d ��"ce *��rn-  , , ���
Is eider brother, who had. years be-'    ���e following day she received from
ire.  sacrificed   hia   fortune   to   save   bet ?<""�����' f,leud "  letter ot *utl,l,sl
h,im trom bankruptcy. I astlc thanks: "Oh. you bave beeu very
., Great Genius Shewn. / foolish!     This  is  too,   too  beautiful."
-. Bttf  the  most  wonderful   thing   of   etc.
all   was  the  genius  and  fore-thought      "She  Is   making  sport  of  my   little
displayed   In   the   preparation   ot   tne   present."   tuonsbt  ibe  good 4octu����.
terrible    deed,   full;)    reaV'Ang    IDe \     Tlien enme n wcond letter, tbla time
Qulncey.'a notion ot "Murder consider-   from   the   husbnnd   wbo   wa��   to   be:
ed aa one ot the tine arte."    Tlie two   "How can w'e thank youi   We are de
brothers  had,  beforehand,   given  tan-   Hinted'    This will spoil us."
glble   existence   and   wide   notoriety      ..The tmpertluent  fellow'."  snld  tbe
to "nothingness" by creating a being   d���ohess.   ..ne wunts me to understand
who, under the name of Henry Vaughan,  and  in  the  guise  of  a  wealthy
Anglo-American   steamship    company
promoter,    was    to    shoot    Bernays
dead, during a consult at ion  on  marl-
time law, and afterwards deliberately
to attract all suspicion_on himself he-
fore vanishing into space.
The so-called Henry Vaughan was
none other than Leon Pelt/.sr under
a wig and an    inscrutable    disguise,
The  Preaent sn  Economical  Duchess
Made ta Her Rich Friand.
Recently when the wealthy Mile, de j COTOner was  originally  instituted  by
King Alfred with that of tbe sheriff,
both being designed to old ln keeping
the pence when the earls gave up tbe
wardships of the county.    The legal
A smart, well written advertisement in
The Daily News
displaying your goods to the best advantage, will bring
you results a hundredfold.
Unit 1  have been niggardly."
Nevertheless she went to pay a visit
to the U.'s before the marriage. There,
In the midst of her presents, exposed
lu a most prominent place, she saw the
little cameo placed upon her card. An
old gentleman approached her.    He is
historians are wrong, according to Dr.
P. J. Waldo of the British Medico-
Legal society, who has traced tbe history of tbe coroner nnd bis ancient
ofllce us far back aa tbe year 1194.
In early days tbe coroner bud a
wider and more general Jurisdiction
than be now eujoys. Coroners were
wont to "hold their views" not only
upon deaths where nn Investigation
wus considered necessary, but also
upon various serlon* crimes which
were treated as ocraslons for the ruls-
lng  of   revenue  for  tbe  crown.     The
inl.Mlon of ��������� corolwtt to t-liw rtul.
wns not alone to lnvtfetlgute crimes
and bring felons to Justice. Ue superintended the forfeiture of money and
personal property by crlmlnuls to the
crown, for tbe recording ot which he
was responsible. These forfeitures
were not confined ln cases of violence
and death to the property of the person who could he held directly responsible, but Included animals nnd Instruments to whicb loss of human life under any circumstances might be traceable.���New Vork World.
The Persistent Advertiser Gets
the BEST Results.
thanks to which he ostensibly visited
unrecognized Paris. London, Manchester, Brussels, and many German
towns, on the apparent business of
company promoting, and managed to
entrap Kerna>s, and to shoot him in
a lonely house in Brussels, wher? the
corpse remained undiscovered for
days, until a letter addressed from
Gei many "to the coroner" by the alleged Henry Vaughan, "accidental
murderer of Bernays," disclose I its
Whereabouts, and sent the whole police of Europe on the Hack of the alleged Anglo-American financier, Leon
Peltzer having, in the Clean time,
thrown off his disguise, and calmly
began preparations for returning safely to America.
Would   Puzzle  Holmes.
Such an astonishing plot, whicn
would havo baffled Sherlock Holmes,
was only miraculously, as it weie,
laid hare by pure accident through
the misleading of a ciphered telegram
from Leon to Arman. and the sudden clew it afforded to a bosom friend
Of the latter, Dr. Lavise, who Indeed,
struggled hard against himself and
his wife before coiis"iiting to t';e dire-;
fui duty of acquainting the police
wilh his startling discovery.
Before the court Leon took upon
himself the whole responsibility for
the crime, which, he maintained, had
heen unpremeditated, but the jury
found that Armand had b.'en "the-
brains" and Leon the arm in the awful business, and both were sentenced
to   death,   a    jenalty   afterwards   rc-
n member of the Academy of Inscrlp
tlons and Belles Lettres.
"What a wouderful present you
bnve given these children, Mme. ln
Duchess," he said. "Tor forty years
we bave been seeking for this very
Jackal Broth.
There nre parts of Morocco, we nre
told by n Trench visitor, where jackal
broth  Is highly  esteeeme.d  na a  tahle
dellcncy.     A   friendly   sheik   dissented
It Is of the era of Trajan, and I vehemently    when   it   was   Intimated
this    trinket    Is    valued    ut    iiOO.OOO
Ah, the poor duchessl���Col de Paris.
A Novel Fine.
An Englishwoman ln the Rivera
stepped on tbe foot hoard of a train.
Intending to enter ti.e carriage, but
found the door locked. The truln
started suddenly and she recognized
that she would have to travel on the
footboard uutll the next station was
reached. A man who saw her plight
crept backward or. the footboards.
Stepping from carriage to carriage
with some peril and supported her
with his arm until the next station
wns reached, half nn hour later. The
woman was fined several francs for
"Illegally traveling outside the train."
The rescuer disappeared without leaving uame or address.
that ns jackals fed on carrion the
broth must have a horrible Mavor.
"It Is only n question of knowing how-
to prepare It." he said. "Von put the
Jackal, skin nnd all, for two hours Into
n vessel of boiling water, then transfer
It to another vessel. This process Is
repeated three times. After ten hours'
boiling In live different waters, the
carrion flavor disappears and the broth
Is delicious."���Loudon Chronicle.
Earning a Spanking.
Mrs. Brown-1 wus downtown yesterday. I didn't know but I might
meet you. Mrs. Greeue���I was downtown, too. and I'm awfully sorry 1
didn't see you. Little Johnny Greene-
Ma. don't you remember we saw Mrs.
Brown's dog mid you said: "Come,
let's hurry away from here.   That old
Burglarious   Crabs.
Sand crabs In the West  Indies dnr-
I lng  the summer live in  holes on the
i Ileasbore just above high tide mark, re
' tiring Into Ihem during  the day  nnd
coming out at night.   They linve n sin
rnilnr hnblt  In their nocturnal exenr
I iitons of entering houses, the doors of
which   In   warm   weather  nre  usually
left   open,   nnd   taking   possession   of
small articles of cloibing. such ns collars,   neckties   nnd   stockings,   which
they effectually conceal In their holes
on tbe beach.
'it i
cat must be somewhere near."    What
duced to perpetual confinement in the   old cat did you mean, ma?
prison    of    Louvain,    where    Arman ____________
died less than three years after, from
remorse according to some, from tht;
grief of tortured innocence, according to others.
Leon, who has now been in prison
twenty-nine years is said to hare
read and pondered immensely in his
cell and to have jecome a great philosophical mind, capanle of adding to
the intellectual wealth of the world.
Kins Leopold II. to his death sternly
refused to listen to any re'iuest in
favor of his release, "the greatness of
stich a crime entailing the enforcement of the sentence to the bitter
enl," bul the present minister of justice has be��n won to the cause o*
pit", and King Albert is also credited
with a strong Inclination to clemency,
so that the return lo the world of the
once famous and bogus "Harry
Vatiahan" Is considered as a mere
matter of days or weeks.
"I do not understand It." said tbe
"What Is bothering you now?" Inquired the other.
"If a man ls two hours late nrrivlng
bome his wife raises a row, while If
be Is gone two yenrs she will give hlm
a royal welcome. Women are peculiar."��� Pearson 'a Weekly.
Very Particular.
"Mnyme ls a crank on buvlng things
harmonize, Isn't she?"
"Vos. to such an extent that she
won't use rats because she has mouse
colored   hnir."���Baltimore  American.
Clory. ambition, armies, fleets,
thrones, crowns���pieythlngs of grown
children��� Victor Hugo.
Why She Couldn't.
The elder Booth, the tragedian, hnd
a broken nose A woman friend once
remarked to him, "I like your acting
very much. Mr. Booth, but to be perfectly frank with you I cuu't get over
your nose!"
"No wonder, mndnm," replied Booth:
"the bridge ls gone."
A Comparison.
"A horse Is man's truest friend,"
I said tbe lover of animals.
"He's more like a relation than a
! friend." replied Parmer Corniossel.
I "He makes me think of my boy Josh;
I nllns ready to eat nn' liable to kick if
ijou put him to work."���Washington
��� Star.
Kill the Dandruff Germs���Stop Hair Falling
Thousands of mothers aro looking youngor.���Their grey hairs are gone. The natural
color has come back, and with it a new growth ol soft, glossy, luxuriant hair. Why should
you look old before your time, when you can look years younger by using
Dandruff Cured
Three * applications removed
all the dandruff and left my
scalp clean, white and smooth.
Wm. Croak, Rochester, Ii. Y.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
If other "so-called" Restorers have failed, don't give up hope, but give WYETH'S
SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a trial. You run no risk.. H lt ts.not exactly
as represented, your money will be refunded.
Gray Hair Restored
My lisir was getting quite gray and falling Wt rapidly
and I was troubled with a terrible itching of the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, which fell upon my clothes
and kept me continually brushing it off. While on a
visit to Rochester I heard of your Sage and Sulphur
for the hair. I got a bottle and used it. A few applications relieved the itching, my hair stopped falling out and gradually came back to its natural color. It
is now a nice dark brown color, soft, glossy and pliable.
Several of my friends want to use it, and I want tn
know what you will choree jae for six bottles of ft.
Sharon, Mercer Co., Pa.
Grew Hair on a Bald Head
For two or three years my hair had been
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my bead was entirely bald. About four
months ago I commenced using Sage and Sulphur. The first bottle seemed to do some good
and I kept using it regularly until now I have
used four bottles. The whole top of my head
is fairly covered and keeps coming in thicker.
I shall keep on using it a while longer, as I
notice s constant improvement.
Rochester, N. Y.
True Love.
"She says she would let her husband
po hungry before she would cook a
menl for hlm "
"Thnt Is what I call true love."���
Houston Post.
Km mine what ls snld. not him who
Sfceaks.-Arablau Troverb.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Druggists
n Your Dniflflist Docs Hot Keep It, Send Us the Price fn Stamps, and We Will
Send Yov a Large Bottle, Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company
Mew York City. N.Y.
A 25c Cake cf Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Toilet Soap Free to anyone who will send
us this advertisement with 10c in stamps to cover cost of wrapping and mailing the soap.
��� ��� v ll ha    .   -
i _..
f MONDAY, AUGUST 2��, 1*11.
page rartflt   1
A competitive examination will ve
lield in November next at the examination centres of the Civil Service
Commission for tbe entry ot Naval
Cadets for the Naval Service of Canada; JJiere wlll be 26 vacancies.
Candidates must be between the
ages of 14 and IC years on tbe 1st of
January next; must be British sub
jects and must have resided, or their
parents must have resided ln Canada
for two years Immediately preceding
the examination; short periods of
Absence abroad for purpose of education to be considered as residence.
Successful candidates will join the
Royal Naval College at Halifax ln
January next; the course at the College Is two years and the cost to
parents, Including board, lodging, uniform and all expenses, ls approximately $400 for tbe first year and 1250
for tbe second year.
On passing out of College Cadets
will be rated Midshipmen, and will
receive pay at the rate of $2 per diem.
Parents of Intending candidates
should make application to the Secretary Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, before 15th October next.
Further information can be obtained
on application to the Secretary, Department of Naval Service, Ottawa.
Unauthorized publication of this
notice wUl not be paid for.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service.
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, August lst, 1911.
Tenders for Isolation Hospital.
The corporation Is desirous of receiving tenders for the construction
and erection of an Isolation Hospital,
on the reserve between Eighth and
Tenth streets, above Eighth avenue.
Plans, specifications and any further Information can be obtained
from the office of the City Eugineer.
Tenders to be addressed to ths un
derslgned and accompanied by a
check for flve (5) per crnt. of the
amount of tender, must be delivered
not later than 5 o'clock, August 28,
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Dated thla 18th day of August, 1911.
Tax demands for 1911 taxes have
been Issued.   Any person who has not'
received the tax demand should apply
to thn assessor at once, as the retyite
period expires on August 31st Inst.
H. D. CURTIS, Assessor.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C,
August 3rd, 1911.
to meet tbem waa the studio of the
Italian   artist,   Bacclarelll,  where   a I
court beauty, Mme. Malczewskl, used1 	
to go through mythological poses, au King and Queen Want  Prince Con-
naturel. sort's Rsre Book.
His librarian and reader, a Swias, Does any public library or prvate
named Renerdll, was expected, ex- collection of books in Canada eon-
offlclo, to marry the kings cast-off tajn a book written by Queen Vic
favorites whenever called upon to do toria's husband, the Prnce Consort,
so. 1 he tale of this man's woes reads on the subject of Balmoral���a work
humorously. He married twice to dealing with the topography, the
please the king and with the hope of botany, the geology, the history, and
getting more candles for the royal the romance of the country? It was
library and a carriage for himself, beautifully printed by one of the
and finally quitting his services for: principal Engl'sh firms, in a manner
that of a rich American's. regardless of cdst. But by the prince's
One Who Really Loved Him. strict  orders, .only   six  conies   were
Warsaw,     Russian     Poiand,    Aug.J     Nearly  all  of  the  king's   beauties'struck    off.     Curiously   enough,    no
27.-We all know kings who have lost *xp!ol|f,d h'm  w'thout m.ercy-    Mme. trace   cf   this   book   ��**��>*.    The
de Lull!, pFrench marquise, gent ml -, libraries  of  Windsor  Castle,  of  Bal-
thelr crowns for a woman's eyes, for j Hone  backuTT
nee, all of whlchlmora'. of Buckingham Palace, and of
the changes of the green table of ths came from the king's pockets. Mme. j Sandringham, have been searched in
drowning'of cares in goblet of wine. Grabowska, a Pole and a beautiful I va'n- So. too, has the natonal lib-
And yet who has heard of a king who blonde, was tbe only one who was'rMry nt the British museum; while
bartered his country and his honor sincerely found of him, nor asked foritlu' various libraries at Cobourg and;
for a tiny palace in a aettlng of glim-   money.    The  king  settled  her in  aiBt  Go,,ia>  at  Potsdam,   Berlin,   and
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up
... 6.900.000
The Bank haa 175 branches,
extending In Canada from tbe
Atlantic to the Paciflc; ln Cuba,
throughout the Island, also ln
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities ln tbe World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Tenders for Terminal Ststlon Quebec
Sealed tenders, addressed to
undersigned, and marked on the en
velope "Tender for Terminal Station
Quebec" will be received at the offlc
of the Commissioners of the Trans
-continental Railway at Ottawa, Ont.
until 12 o'clock . noon, of the 31st
August proximo, for the construction
and erection complete, ln accordance
with tbe plans and specifications ot
the Commissioners, of tern aal sta
tlon tn tbe City of Quebec.
Plans and specifications may be
seen, and full information obtained,
at tbe office of Mr. Gordon Grant,
Chief Engineer, Ottawa, Ont, and of
Mr. A. E. Doucet, District Engineer,
���Quebec, P. Q.
Persons tendering are notified tbat
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied
*>y the commissioners.
Eacb tender  must be signed    and
���salad by all  the parties te the ten.
iSL'.JM   ����*��a��ee��.     and   be   accompanied  by  an  accepted eneque on a
chartered Bank of the Dominion   of io-.oo a.m.
Canada, payable to the order of the n'.oo p.m
Commissioners of the Transcontlnen- j
tal Railway, for tbe sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).
The cheque deposited by (he party
whose tender ts accepted will be deposited to the credit of the Receiver
General of Canada as security for the
due and faithful performance of tha
contract    according    to    Us    terms.
Notice Of Removal
I have moved my real estate and
Insurance ofiice from 744 Columbia
street to rooms 16 and 17 Westminster Trust block, entrance on Lorne
street at the rear of Ryall's drug
store, and will be pleased to meet mr
friends and patrons there.
merlng water   and   beautiful   trees? little white villa near bis own palace
But sucb a man there was. j In the Lazlenkl, with which It was
Stanislaus Augustus, Poland's last connected by an underground pas-
king, betrayed hla country to tbe wily sage. Thevllla now stands among
Catherine of Russia, and the land- the trees almost as tbe lady left it to
hungry Frederick rather than risk the join her royal lover in exile, with its
loss of a little palace just outside exquisite and furlture knick-knacks,
Warsaw. | and the little room where Napoleon
A   Wonderful   Palace. | the Great slept,  when,  some   years
The Lazlenwl, as the place is call- later, he waa making violent Je>ve to
ed, touched his heart as none of the Countess Walewska.
women he bad loved touched It. With'" The king was for marrying Mme.
Its architectural wonders and Its Grabowska out of hand, but a priest
works of which the most jaded globe refused to tie the knot, while her bus-
trotter Is impressed. Its beauty band, a Polish noble, lived. When
is classic, without coldness. And yet bad times came and Catherine the
lt ls difficult to understand why its Great caught Stanislaus In her polltl-
owner gave away all in the hopes of cal meshes, Mme. Grabowska stuck
being allowed to pass the rest of his to the unfortunate king through thick
days there. Catherine the Great, and thin. They were secretly mar-
knew, though, and turned the knowl- ried when ber husband died. The
edge to ber own account. She and king's life had been far more regular
Stanislaus had met when they were ever since his   intimacy with Mme.
Grabowska. but his own and his many
sweets' extravagance had already
ruined him.
bouth young���and loved.
Stanislaus was the greatest exquisite of hls exquisite age. 'When he
visited Paris his handsome face, his
wit and elegance vK>n the hearts ot
all the beauties at the court of Versailles, where women like the Duch-
esse de Bourcas said he was far more
refined and cultured than any Frenchman they had met.
At the St. Petersburg court, which
he also visited, he, of course, made a
still more favorable Impression.
Catherine, afterward "the Great," was
i It will not do for Mr. Borden and
his newspaper allies to try to evade
| responsibility tor Mr. Bourassa   aad
1 his campaign ln Quebec. Calling
Bourassa a Liberal does not Justify
the   Bourassa-Borden  alliance.      Mr.
i Borden cannot afford to talk  loftily
then only a grand duchess, married  ab0"1 ������'��1��r J* Br'Vlln1?la P^orais
ln  Ontario while hla allies ln Que-
B.C.Coast Service
to the unhappy man, whom, as Peter
III:, she kept nameless in a dungeon
for thirty-nine years while she remained supreme. Though only 25 her
amours had already exceeded the
vicious traditions   of her   husband's
bee, with hia knowledge and consent,
are doing their treaaonaWe utmost to
Inflame the minds of the French-Canadians against that very Imperlal
ideal which Mr. Borden extols.   It ls
���he relgZ   Empress XSZ.  ����� hr^u����&' IBS
V>ih��i.. in Lav. With Him. n��vy     ��     English-speaking     cemsti
tuencies, and at the same time among
10:00 a.m.
1:00   p.m.
.. .Dally, except Tuesday
Fer Seattla.
Catherine in Love With Him
Catherine fell violently ln love with
the Pole, and made advances to him
through her flrst lover, a young Russian officer. At flrst Stanislaus was
afraid of her, as well as shy, bavlng
heard   terrible  stories  of  the   satur-1
French-Canadians to denounce all
naval defence. Does Mr. Borden
thnk he will make real political progress by running with The Toronto
News  and   the  Tory  Orangemen   in
nine  ftussian  court, and  he had  the I Ontario and  hunting with the  Ultra-
-    > montanes
fear of Siberia before his eyes; so he
only dared send his admirer a flrst
love note after several mouths of anxious hestttatton.     Stanislaus himself
Vienna, have been ransacked for the
book, with no success whatsoever.
It is assumed that even if four of the
copies had .been destroyed, two, or
even one, must have survived, and
since it cannot bs found in Europe,
:t is hoped that some trace thereof
may be found in Canada or the Unit?
ed States. Any bibliophile who can
discover a clue to the whereabouts'*
of a copy of this book will place the
rn'gning house of England underi
obligation, as both King George and!
Queen Mary, like King Edward and
Queen Victoria before them, havij
set their hearts on getting a copy oC
this book, or. if they cannot get a
ropy, at least secure permission from
the present own:r to have it reprinted.
The number of books written by.
royal and imperial personages, some,
times by full-fledged sovereigns, and
printed for private circulation, is
very much larger than is generally
believed. Princess Henry of Batten-,
berg, for instance, the mother of tha
Queen of 8pain, has quite a number,
of such volumes to her credit. They
seldom reach public 1 braries, or get
into the hands of strangers, their distribution being usually restricted to
near relatives, or to intimate non-
royal friends, upon whose discretion and devotion dependence can be
Dodging Sunstroke.
If you want to avoid sunstroke you
���houid have a red lining in your hat.
This is the conclusion reached by The
Lancet in a seasonable leader on tha
subject of .that terrible disease. The
theory that, in The Lancet's opinion,
best accounts lor heat-stroke is the
actinic theory of Col. F. Mend?, R.E.
He had suffered from several attacks
of sunstroke when he conceived the
idea that the rays of the sun which
caused the trouble were not the beat
rays, but the actinic or ultra-violet
rays, which are photographically and
chemically the most active. It occurred to him that if he lined his helmet
with red to cut off these rays, just 89
red light while
he   might   prevent.
For Nanaimo.
2:00 p.m Dally
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m  Tuesdays
9:00 a.m.  .. Thursdays and Saturdays
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11 p.m Aug. 12, 19, 22, 29
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
Cheques deposited  by  parties  whose  ss   p   Beatrire ..Aug. 17, Sept. 5, 20
tenders are rejected will be returned
within ten days after the signing of
the contract.
The right Is reserved to object to
any or all tenders.
By order,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental   Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, 29th July, 1911.
(Newspapers inserting this adver
tisement without authority from the
Commissioners will not be paid for
He  the  fractional   northwest  quarter
of  seel ion     7,   township    11     1121
acres), Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New  Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of tho  loss of certificate of title number 7721F, Issue!
In the name of Colon    McLeod,   has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the cxpiriftlon uf one month from
���the date nf the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published ln
tho city ^,f New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of tli. said certificate, unless In thp meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
District. Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,   New   Westminster, B:C, July 11, 1911.
For Har, / Bay and Rivers Inlet.
8:30 a.m Wednesdays
Gulf Islands.
Leave Vancouver 8 a.m. Fridays.
Upper Fraser River Route.
Leave Westminster 8:00 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
Leave   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tuesdav,   Thursday,   Saturday.
For other sailings and rates apply
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
and   the  French   National-,       ,   , .   . ...,
lets  in Quebec.    He may do one.   He   "'jV^E^Sn2   J
cannot do both   which will be ebooaeT gJZ��2Ftt*Ud it. and for many
He cannot maintain what Mr. Camp- he nev��� had another attack.  An
has  left  his  impressions  of  this re-  bf" of *orth Bruce cM��   �� <*"*��*)y  officer   who  did   not   believe   in  the
xllng complexion, a Greek noae, ���.ven\ BervatlveB to |acei ,��.���   the Toronto
tW��y. frjwiOTy.. ope J^^.
C��*. fla��&��'e tea*, aa Vm waa
Tenders for Driveway and Garbage
The corporation ls deslroiiB of re
celvlng tenders for driveway nnd garbage hoppers, to be constructed within the City of New Westminster.
Plans, specifications and any further
information to be obtained from the
office of the City Engineer.
Tenders to be addressed to the
undersigned and accompanied by a
check for flve (5) per cent, of the
nmount of tender, must be delivered
not later than 5 o'clock, August 28,
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Dated this 18th day of August. 1911.
��� IN
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest it piJfl on  Saving $
Balance! I aU-yearly.   ::
Business   Accounts   opened
on favorable terms. ::
ASSETS   $4P,O00.000
615 Columbia Street.
B. C
hair, blue eyes and a mercurial vivacity which was not the least ot her
charms. She could at n moment's
notice change her mood from that of
the most Ught-heiirted gayety to one
flt to cope with tbe gravest affairs of
state. Though her manner was always caressing, the weak points of
everybody she talked to were as clear
to her as noonday.
For over a year Stanislaus was
deeply In love with this witch. They
met generally at Oranlenbaum, near
the capital, where she lived with her
husband. Sometimes at a given signal, generally the mewing of a cat.
Catherine would come out dressed as
a man and join Stanislaus, who had
apartments in the neighborhood. They
invented an ingenliis code of signals I
for secret communication at the opera
or any other social function. Even
Catherine was amid of the empress, I
her aunt-in-law. Their secret was
well kept for a time, and the merest
accident revealed it. !
A Barking Spaniel. I
Once,  when   tho  grand  duke  was
away, Catherine was showing a small
party of friends, including Stanislaus
and  Count   Horn,   a   Swedish   nobleman, over her own and her consort's
'; private  apartments.    They   disturbed
a spaniel  in  Catherne's  private cabinet,   the    dog   barked    furiously   at
j Count   Horn   and   others,   but    went
: mad with Joy at the sight of Stanls-
; laus.    Horn guessed  what   lt  meant,
i and  though   he  promised   discretion,
t the  secret   reached  the ears   of  the
I grand duke.    He had Stanislaus kidnapped one night and frighten"d into
making a full confession.   This done
'��� the  future emperor  said:     "What  a
I fool  you  were not to take me   into
| your  confidence!"   He  then  dragged
his wife out of bed, made her an I a
: court lady to whom she was devoted
'. Join them, and all four played   mad
I pranks  until  4  o'clock in the  morning. I
;     Rut Stanislaus was far from easy.
The story  had  reached the old em-
Globe.    Reciprocity will pass without
his aid and despite    his   opposition,
but  the   uniting   of   the   races   and
creeds of Canada Into harmonious and
organized   nationhood   can   never   be
accomplished   so  long  as   significant
political   encouragement   is   given  to
separatists and schismatics like Bou-
| raBsa, Monk and Lavergne.    Will Mr.
I Borden be obelient to his own better
I intelligence, or will  he surrender to
! the political   exploiters who   already
have betrayed him almost to his own
It is inconsequent and silly to pre-
expose himself to the mn, with the
result that Col. Maude again suflered
lrom sunstroke, and experienced great
chagrin at the supposed failure of his
theory until the repentant officer told
him what he h_d done. Another offi-
:er, who had suffered three times from
junstroke, and been invalided for
nearly five years through it, also lined
his helmet with red, and had no further tr ;uble, not even a headache.   ,���.
A Titled  Woman's Service.
The Marchiohess   of  Dufferin   and
Ava  is    among    the    British    society
women    to   interest   herself   in    th |
tend that Bourassa is a L'beral.   Had ] conditions under which   women  work
he been true to his  Liberal lnherit-
i ance he  would not  have  turned  his
back on Liberal principles or Joined
I forces  with  the hierarchy.    He is in
' no sense a Liberal.    He is in the fullest and deepest sense an Utraemon-
tane.    His   desire   and purpose is to
develop   and   organize    French-Canadian nationalism as a distinct politi
in the linen and embroidery factoriei
of  Belfast.
Her observant eye 'liseovered much
to condemn iu 'hs course of her investigations, recently, into the livel
of the women, young and old, who
produce most of the fine raiment fo��
which Belfast is famous. She found
sweating  in  its   most  inhuman  forn^
cai power holding the balance be-!'" "V""* ketones while the sanitary
tween the two great political parties' conditions and moral tone of many
in Canada and true to the Ultramon- i workshops came to her as a sicken-
tane    dogma    of    ecclesiastical    su-; mg. revelation
She sought out    Joe     Devlin,   the
premac.. ���.,,,���,, M��� ! eloquent     Nationalist     member    for
This is the enterpilse to which Mr.;     , ��� k a3 of Joh|1
Borden s political associates are glv Re<jmoml.s chie{ lieutenants in the
ing encouragement and help. He Brituh House of Commons, pointing
stands by in silence, refusing to re- j out to him -the disgraceful conditions
buke this crime against Canada. It un(J(,r wnich these women worked.
Is mere mockery to send paid agi-1 Tno rpglllt j, thut nie Board of
tat ors about Ontatio upieallng to the. Trade has heen forced to iiytitute
British-born when through Quebec an immediate inquiry which may
the way is made easy by Mr. BodenJhav�� a far-reaching effect upon the
himself for anti-British and anti-Cana- linen industry in the northern capital.
dian     demagogues     whose      success |  	
would mean disunion for Cana Han
nationalism and the disruption of the
empire. All these perorations and
panegyrics about the flag and the empire are but so much round and fury
so long as this guilty alliance Is maintained with disloyalty and reaction.
the   Fun.
-For   the
purpose of getting a view of the na-
been kept
sharp enough to see Catherine's am- the coolies refused to do, so they did
bitlons and she feared them. Eliza- it themselves. In this condition they
heth, therefore, ordered him to quit went through the principal streets of
Itussia. the city, much to the excitement and
When Stanislaus became king all amusement of the crowds which fol-
the resources of his estate were spent lowed; their route lay towards the
upon the summer palace and park of south gate, which only confirmed tho
Lazlenkl.    Artists were brought from rumors  that  the visitors  were espe-
France and Italy. The open air theatre and the opera house were famous
all over Europe for the beauty of
their construction and their performances. The king's little Thursday
dinners saw all that was most famous
in art, science and letters at his table.
As soon as summer came he left hts
magnificent palace in the town- and
flitted  to  the  Lazienki  with a com-  !	
pany of poets and fair ladleB, fo whose to the registrar of registered com-
charms he was exceedingly Busceptl- panles at the capital. The companies
ble. His Inamoratas Included worn- which have failed to come in line
en of every country and court in Eu- include many which are supposed to
rove.   The place where he liked best have heavy financial backing/
Hard   to   Kill.
An alligator's tenacity ol life is remarkable. "I remember one Ume,"
says an Kngiish traveler in India, "1
was with a shooting purty on the
Ganges, wll'ii tue natives brought in
a six foot alligator, They hoped some
one would want to buy it; but no one
did, so ��t was determined to kill the
creature. It was hauled out of the
| tank and tied to a tree. Bullets from
an ordinary twelve
to only irritate the:
i not seem to care
a native thrust a
s^ear down his throat. Finally they
were obliged to get axes aud cnop off
its head. Even men tlie tail thrashed
around, and the body was almost cut
to pieces before all movement ceased."
A Lost Battle For Sure.
A  private  soldier   who  had  fought
bravely during the Boer war had occasion to seek  employment of  a  well-
cially distinguished.   The explanation
of it all was that there was an en-1 J^w^ ����S��ral. 'l&Vprrvate hid'ltad,
tire ignorance of the fact that one|the mislortune to lose his nose while
class alone is given the privilege of, in acti0n. The general was so tickled
riding in a sedan chair minus its roof,  witll the appearance of the man that
he burst into loud laugnter, to the discomfiture of the soldier. When his
laughter had subsided the general
"My good fellow, where did you lose
your nose?"
"I lost my nose, sir," said the nettled private, "in the same battle that
you lost your head."
1 ��� ^ . -h : ��!���>��  .
and that Is to criminals being conveyed to the place of their decapitation. In this city lt happens to be
outside the south gate.
From the Li;ht Erected at Alexandril
Erected by Ptolemy to the Greal
Tower of the Eddyttone Rock Is a
Far Cry and Many Devices Have
Been Added to ths Mechanism-
Time Flashes.
The flrst lighthouse on record is said
to have been erected at Alexandria in
Egypt by Ptolemy I'hiladeiphus nearly
three centuries before the birth o>
Christ. It whs said to have been 5G0
feet high, while me light, consisting
In all probability of a coal or wood flre
in uu open heartti on the summit of
the tower, ia supposed to have been
visible 42 miles out t* sea.
In the United Kingdom, towards the
end of the fourteenth century, the
lighting of the coast was left in the
hands of various religious orders, who
established and kept up lights at their
own expense, and thus did their best
to warn mariners of tne dangers which
lurked cound about their monasteries
or dwelling!. The lights at this time
usually consisted oi a wood or coul
fire burnt in an open brazier situated
on a church tower, although we occasionally read of lights being exhibited in windows to guide, ships in from
seaward. The dissolution of the monasteries in the reign ot Henry VIII.,
doing away as it did with the men
who gratuitously tended, these coast
lights as a sacred duty, abolished the
lights also at one blow,, and it was not
until several years later that the first
of the regular coast lights were instituted.
At this Ume it was customary lor
private people to erect lighthouses at
their own expense, in return for which
they were allowed to levy a toll on all
passing vessels. The license to do this
was  granted   by   the   King,  but  the
Trinity House, a guild or fraternity ol
sailors  who. undertook: to' look  after
the  interests  of   all  those  connected
with shipping, had developed into a
rich snd powerful organisation, holding important charters which regulated the general management ot navigation.   '1 hey  regarded the' eteetieo ol
these private lighthouses aa a usurpation o: their Tights, fbr they were responsible for the buoyWge of the channels,  and alleged that tbey had the
sole right of erecting lighthouses. Trinity    House,    therefore,   opposed    alt
schemes 'for   the   building   of lighthouses* by   private   persons.    But  in
spito of this hostility, lighthouses were
erected at many points on the coast.
The light consisted of an open hearth
at the summit of the tower, while the
curious davit and pulley on the right-
hand  side  were  use  for hoisting  up
the  necssary  fuel.
Trinity House, in spite of the obvious utility of the lights, were bitterly
opposed to th? measure, and characterized the lighthouses as "use/ess."
"dangerous," and'a- "burthen and hit*.
drunce to navigation," and ft was not
until about a century later that the
but. on the other band, helped thei
sailor to demand that ior the dues he
paid the private lighthouse owner
should show a good and steady light.
They also set about improving the
various schemes for illumination, bat
it was not until 1838 that privately-
owned lights -were abolished and the
entire system passed into the hands of
Trinity House.
As I have said above, the principal
illuminants used in ancient lighthouses were coal or wood fires in an
open hearth, but towards the end of
the 17th century it occurred to some
people to enclose the fire in a lantern
with a funnel or chimney at thf top.
This saved the fuel, but the efficfency
of the lights suffered, for it was no
longer fanned by the sea breeses, and
needed the frequent use of tlie bellow..
to keep it alight. There wer? many
complaints about, the poorness of the
lights, and the lanterns were subsequently removed, but coal or wt k!
fires remained  in  use till 1822.
It wns towards the middle of the
eighteenth century that schemes for
distinguishing one light from another
were introduced, and the first device
of this kind was invented, stie.nge as
it may seem, by a barber of Lynn
called Robert Hamblin. The raethed
by which lights are varied nowadays
consists of hiding the light shown for
a certain number of seconds. Thus
one lighthouse may show a single flash
every fifteen seconds, another, three
flash 's in quick succession every thirty seconds, and yet another may show
a light for thirty seconds, and then
be obscured for 10 seconds, and so on.
These methods', combined with the
employment of white, red, and green
lights provided ninny different varie-
ties of lights, and thus form a ready
means of distinguishing one from the
other, as no two lights on the British
ooast are exactly the same.
The present Bell Rock Lighthouse
is situated off Arbroath, nnd this is
the place, it will be remembered, that
has been immortalized in the poem of
"Sir Ralph the Rover," where���
"The good old Abbot of Aberbrothcck
Had placed that bell on the Inchcape
On a buoy, in the storas, it floated and
And over the waves its warning rung."
The first time a lighthouse was erected on an isolated rock was in the case
ol the first Eddystone Lighthouse completed by Winstanley in 1698, where
tallow candles were used as an ilium-
inant. The tower was polygonal in
form, while the useless ornamentation
above offered great resistance to the
wind. This lighthouse, however, atood
till 1703, when it was knocked down by
the sea, and Winstanley himself and
all the occupants perished. The next
Eddystone was completed in 1708 by
Rudyerd, and this was completely destroyed by flre in December. 1755. It
had been constructed of wood, and
the next tow��#, of granite, was erected
by John Smeaton and stood from 1758
to 1831.
The working bee lives six months,
the drone four months and the female
bee (our yeara. ���***��� ��� '-*'
(-     FAOE BWHT   ^IVHill
We sell
Simonds' Cross-cut and
One Man Saws
Peavies, Cant Hooks,
Steel Snatch Blochs
Chain, Wire Rope,
Axes, Wedge*, aiid
aU Logging Supplies
City News
When you are passing and
let us give you our rates for
all kinds of insurance.   If
you are a man of parts, you
must know that it is good
business policy to take out
insurance   to  cover   every
possible risk.   lama specialist in insurance.
A. W. McLeod
'V A. Dashwood-Jones, of this city,
%rnved on Thursday for a visit to
\analrao. .        '   "'���
��� A political gathering, to take the
form of a rally, wlll bv hpM tomorrow evening al the Liber* campaign
headquarters, Hardman hftll.
Dr. J. Armstrong. Mrs. Armstrong,
two children, and Walter Christian.
SoS from Tacoma lasl^-fjg
spent Saturday nlgflt at the Russell
hotel. -  g.
A specla' mee'lng oMWfto"
and lolne-s of this city will be "eld
?onlX; a. the labor b*U> All mom-
ben are .enues.ed to be present.
s; f S Olllum, Hub-nfeent of the
���Mak of Montreal. Nicola, left on
Monday for this clly to, .Mm the Hank
Montreal staff.
Mlss Cecily Colllshew lyrtrlyetl on
Vhuraday from this chy, and Is Wrt*
,ns her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John
Collishaw, Nanaimo.
The Retreat of the 'Otiljte Order
under the oonductorsliip tl Father
Poli, of Ottawa, concluded on Thursday at Mission City.
Rev. J. S. Henderson sails from
England this week for ..Montreal. If
his plans do not fail he .expects to
occupy 'his pnlplt at St. Andrews on
September 10.
A   splendid   harvest    Is    reported
round Matsuul. the fmmar* having al
ready started cutting on the oat crop.
There is excellent weathfer. and th-3
prospects for a bumper tfr&p are flne.
Husiness is looking satisfactory ln
the Mission district. In Mission City
a commodious new drug store is to
be opened directly. Other new buildings are being erected.
King Castle, J. Travers'. fast pacer,
was second for tbe class B pace at
the meeting of the Vancouver Amateur Driving association,. on Saturday. ''���������  ���
A splendid life-like photograph of
Alderman Fred J. Lynch, of this city.
appears in the last issue pf the San
Francisco Chronicle to, hand, and a
detailed account of the services rendered to the F. O. E. oreiiifzatlon by
this Westminster public man are published. The alderman was last week
elected to the high oftlcfe of grand
conductor ol the order. Mr. Lynch
is due back in the Royal City at tbe
end of the present week.
The regular monthly meeting of the
W C. T. V. will be held this afternoon In the parlors of Queen's Ave
nue Methodist church.
The steamer Transfer will make the
trip to Steveston and return on Sunday afternoons during the fishing
season, leaving the B. C. Electric
wharf at 3 o'clock. Round trip every
Saturday, leaving B.-K. wharf at 2
o'clock. **
Beautiful New Scrims
The Public
Supply Stores
We consider this the most fascinating showing of Curtain Scrims ever shown hereabouts. Every piece being worthy of special
mention; such pretty color combinations
and pattern effects. Patterns so distinctive
will add much to the beautifying of a home,
and what housewife does not want something a little different ?
These Scrims are entirely new patterns; latest      '
productions of English and American art.
Liberal committee rooms, 'Phone
64. over Daily New* Office, opposite
Carnegie library, are open each day
and evening. Everybody cordially invited. ���"
.��-    mmm     w. ���      ������� .     ....��., Vt}��       ���***  ' **f
* nlv^K.   ���*�������,   vlllton   to  Mr.   in ft   Mn
R.      Mitchell      at      Penticton.        M
Mitchell's mother and sister. Mrs
atw Misa Samnson, of this city, are
K'aiUng at Penticton.  ,
Laundry and Toilet
A large shipment
of Toilet Soaps just
in. Prices are very
popular and the
soaps are
1_jow��s*��.     Price*.
Prices Marked to Save You Money
Forty inch Scrims, In fancy pattern effects, shades of ecru and cream; neat designs and pretty color
combinations.    Price, per yard 25c
For Inch Scrims, shades of ecr l and white with plain centre and fancy bordered design; excellent showing of new effects.    Price, per yard    , 35c
Pretty new Scrims In shades of blue, green, tan, ecru; all-over pattern effects; 40 Inches wide. Pi Ice, per
yard       45c
Extra fine grade Scrim ln shades of tan and white; plain centre with neat bordered effects; width 40
inches.    Price, per yard   :     65c
New Colonial Draperies
Just openei a shipment of these new draperies. We have shown many pretty patterns ln the past, but
nothing just qul:e so nice as these. If you would like to make the home beautiful wilh new cushions,
curtains, furniture coverings, etc., this showing offers colorings to blend with any room. The prices ate
such that none cannot afford. ' See these new draperies, they are sure to pleaae.    Width 3�� Inches.
Priced From 20c. to 40c. por yard
Buy now and
Put You Butter
for  the winter
while it is cheap.
Selling them off
for a short time
553 Front Street
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
Phone 567
214 Sixth Avenue.
Tan   Removers
Greateless Toilet Cream
and  other    skin    preparations
Deane Block.   441 Colombia St.
New Westminster. B.C.
Through the InHhllity of J. J. Randolph to attend the congress of the
Trades and Labor Council of Canada
to commence o'l September 11 at
Calgary, at tbe meeting of the Typographical union held yesterday the
choice of another representa'Ive came
up, and after t-vo ballots R. A. fdoney,
secretary, wsi elected- lie has attended two tirevions congresses In a
representative capacity from Westminster.
W. D. Fales. of Goodlnsr, Idaho, eldest son of C. ,1. Fales, and brother of
W. K. Fales, 1s visiting here among
his relatives, lie hns never previously stayed on the lower mainland, and
is therefore greatly impressed with
the prospects bere. Mr. W. D. Fales
is connected with a large.meat pack
ing establishment in his home town.
He arrived on Saturday, ami made a
trip of the Delta yesterday.
Cosy Bungalow
Phone 92
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up te noon of September 5. 1911, for the construction
of a car barn in the City of New
Westminster. Alternate bids will t>3
considered on reinforced concrete construction and wood frame with galvanize 1 iron covering.
Plans and specifications may be
procured on application to the >offlce
t_ Mr. W. H. Hazlitt, purchasing
agent.  Holden  Block,  Vancouver.
Lowest   or   any
surlily accepted.
tender   not   neces-
Building Us
Westminster brunch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver ut 5, 5:45
a.m. Aid every 15 minutes
thereafter untll 11 p.m. Sunday leaves at 6, 7, 8 a.m. and
every .15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island brant-h. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecc-
Ing at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Curs
leave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9 a.m., 1:05, 4:05 and
6:10 p.m.
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return untll Monday.
(848)���SIXTH STREET. $900 EACH
���Three line cleared bts in orchard,
laue at rear. Price $000 each.
Terms can be arranged to suit.
Strictly modern
Five rooms
Beautiful Location
in West End near
Twelfth street.
If you act quickly
Price Only $2900
Corner Columbia an I  Eighth Streets.
Hank of Vancouver JBloc.t.
(836���FIFTH STREET, $750 EACH���
Two lots on the widest street in the
city. Fifth street now being graded,
Many improvements under way In
this locality. Price $750 each.
Favorable terms can be arranged.
(824)���NEAR QUEENS PARK, $1250
���Fifty foot lot with lane at rear.
Terms $500 cash, balance to arrange.
EACH���Two lots In new subdivision near site of new school;
this and other projected improvements will rapidly increase values.
Terms $250 cash, balance to arrange.
LOTS���Double corner, fine building
site in a locality when; choice corners are getting scarce. Price for
a short, time $2,500; terms, one-'
third cash.
(754)���TENTH AVENUE, $650 EACH
���Two lots on Tenth avenue, handy
to tramline, many lots in immediate
district held at $800 to $1,000. For
a short time only $fioO each, terms
to arrange.
SIXTH  STREET    $1,000���Full    lot
near car  line.    Terms, one-quarter
cash, balance spread over eighteen
(712)���FOURTH     AVENUE,     NEAR
SIXTH STREET���Fine lot with    50
feet frontage, corner, gicd building
site. Price $1700; te:m3 to arrange.
See our stock of
Sponges and Toilet Soaps
The best yet, both in quality and price.
I Ryall's Drug Store f
New Westminster
HaVe You Seen
"Summer Cruises In Northern Sens"
Sailing from Johnson's Wharf at        12    MIDINIGMT
FOR   PRINCE  RUPERT   AND 8TEWART Mondays and Thursdays
FOR VICTORIA AND SEATTLE    Tuesdays and Saturdaya
Connecting at Prince Rupert with steamer for Port Simpson, Kincolith and the Q"een Charlotte Islands; also with the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains east 100 miles.
One Way and Round-Trip Excursion Tickets to All  Points East Via
the Grand Trunk 8ystem Double Track Route.
In formation cheerfully given.   No trouble to answer Questions.
Harry G. Smith, G. P. & T. A Phone  Seymour  7100
L. V. Druce, Commercial Agent (Freight)   Phone Seymour 30G0
���msmn ni-,"W';|w"��Wf;'>


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