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The Daily News Oct 11, 1911

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for Improved farm lands
Valley,    Coquitlam    and
628  and  746  Columbia
New Westminster
In Fraser
i2 jtHi
lota In the west end of the
New    B. C.    Electric   cut-off
through this property: streets
ned up.    Prices from 8480 up;
very aasy payments.
All Except Burrell Attended
at Rideau Hall.
Something of the Personalities of the
New Holders of Portfolios Who
Will Rule at Ottawa.
Ottawa, Oct. 10.���At noon today
Premier Borden and his cabinet drove
down to Rideau Hall, and in the
presence of his excellency, Earl Orey
were sworn ln by Mr. Rodolphe
Boudreaux, clerk of the privy councll. The first cabinet council was
held this afternoon. On Thursday
the ministers will go down to Quebec to extend a formal welcome to
His Royal Highness the Duke of
Considerable Interest ls being mani.
feated throughout the country In the
personnel of the new cabinet, several
ot the members being men new to
official political life. Perhaps most
interest ls felt in the appointment of
Mr. T. W. Wrhlte to the post of minister of finance. Mr. White is well
known ln financial circles in Toronto,
being vice-president and general
manager of the National Trust com
pany, one of the big financial concerns ln the East. Mr. White is about
45 years of age. He beean life as a
newspaperman, tben studied law, and
Anally helped to organize the company of which he is now the active
Dr. J. D. Reid, minister of customs,
was born at Prescott, of Irish parentage, in 1850. He was educated at
Queens and Toronto. Ho was elected
to the House of Commons for Oren-
ville in 1891, and has sat for that
constituency  ever since.
Mr. Louis P. Pelletler was born at.
Trols Pistoles, Quebec, in 1857. lie ls
a member of the bar and has served
ln the legislative council. He was
provincial secretary and attorney
general. He represents Quebec
county In the Dominion House.
Mr.  W.  R.   Nantel,  the  Nationalist
(ember of the government, was born
[St. Jerome In 1857.    He wns for six
mayor of hla native town.    In
House he represents Terrebone.
)r. W. J. Roche, secretary of state,
��as born    at  Claudevoye.    Ont.,    ln
r18r>!>.  and educated  at Toronto    and
London.    He    became    Conservative
whip for the west in 1901.    He rep-
*eaents Marquette,
Mr. C. J. Doberls/. minister of Jus
Wee, was born at Montreal in 1865,
and educated at McGBl university. Ho
Will Carry King and Queen to Indian
Durbar���Escorted by
Portsmouth, Oct. 10.���The steamer
Medina, which haa been chartered to
transport tha King and Queen and
royal party to India for tha great
coronation durbar at Delhi, was nut
Into commission here today as a navy
vessel pro tem. Rear-Admiral Sir
Colin Keppel took command and will
also be executive officer of the escort, which Is to consist of the first
class cruisers Cochrane, Argyll, Defense and Natal.
The royal fleet will sail out of
Portsmouth on November !). The
state entrance of the King and Queen
Into Delhi has been set for December
7. The durbar or coronation of
King George as Emperor of In lia
will take place on December 12, and
will be the most lavish and expensive
ceremony of Its kind ln the world's
Swearing  in Jury  Occupies
Charges Grand    Jury���Keenan,    Pan.
Guard, Elects for Speedy Trial���
Alvarez Case.
Australia    la    Scene    of    Lucrative
Finds���Other Antipodean
Melbourne, Australia, Oct. 9. ���
Pearlers have dropped on a rich patch
of "broom" according to recent reports. Over four hundred luggers
are now at work and during the past
week they have found magnificent
pearls valued at fhe thousand, three
thousand, fifteen hundred and e'.even
hundred and fifty poun-.la.
The great crater of the volcano
Tanna has fallen in, choking the outlet and rendering the moi l.er quies-
| cent for the first time in tbe memory
of man. Simultaneously, as if to pro
vide neceesary outlet for the passes
which formerly poured from Tanna'a |
mouth, the peaceful volcano Ambrlm,
several hundred miles north, buret tn
to Intense eruption. The three giant
craters streamed lava and tbe lurid
fires tbat ahot heavenward made the
night on the island as '.right as the
As tha result of a small boy's spirit of play there has been a great gold
rush at Painbula recently. The lad
took up the profession of law after I pretending that he was a projector
his graduation and was aonointel chipped off pieces of quartz in an
Judge of the superior court of Quelle" abandoned mine situated ln that dis-
ln 1S91 He is professor of civil law trlct In N'ew South Wales. Some ol
at McGill and has renreaented St. hla elders happened to see the quartz
Anns division of Montreal since 1908.   and  found   it  heavily   studded    n>!th
Huge Flotilla of Transports
Leaves Italy
Three Thousand  Turka  Are   Met
Force of Italians���Turka Want
Christian Foreign Minister.
Senator J. A. Lougheed, who enters
the cabinet without portfolio, his
been Conservative leader In the senate since the retirement of Sir Mackenzie Bowell in 1907. He was born
ln Brampton. Ont., in 1854. and practiced law ln Toronto and Calgarv. He
has been ln the senate since 1889.
gold.    They went to work    at    once
and opened up a lode averaging two
to four ounces to the ton..    The entire   vicinity   was    soon    out-pegged.
Conservative   prospectors   doubt   th'>
permanency of the camp but the dis
eovery has caused Intense excitement.
!    The death recently of  Major Gen-
I eral J.  C.  Hoad    was very    and ten
Major  Hoad,   who  was  chief  of  the
| general  staff In the government    of
| the commonwealth was sitting in the
drawing  room at Toorak    when    he
suddenly pitched forward dead. Heart
trouble was the cause.
The same disease causer! the death
Of Hon.  E. J.  Bachelor, Minister    ol
State for External Affairs.    He  was
^���u      m   i   I walking on the mountain at Warbur-
Two Hundred Laid Down Their Tools | ton today when ne gtumbl,d aml teii
Without  Demonstration at
Transcona Shops.
Winnipeg, Oct. 10.���With entire
lack of demonstration, the Grand
Trunk Pacific machinists and bollermakers, to the number of a couple of
hundred, laid down their tools at 10
o'clock this morning, and walked out
from the Transcona sboi s. Their demand Is for a nine hour day at 45V^
cents an hour. Tbe Issue is confused
by the failure of the conciliation
board appointed by the labor department two months ago to accomplish
anything. This failure was due to
the non-appearance of Mr. Wallace
Nesbitt, representative of the company on the board.
Rev, Dr. Sparling, chatrmnn of the
board of conciliation, said last night
that he had heard nothing from Ottawa ln reply to his request for the
appointment of a man to succeed
Mr. Nesbitt and be knew nothing
more of the situation that he had
aeen in the press.
Toronto, Oct. 10.���The plans of the
townsite of Port Mann on the Praser
River opposite New Westminster
were forwarded last night from Toronto to Davidson & McRae, land
commissioners of* the Canadian
Northern railway.
Mr. Fred Todd, who designed the
'government buildings of British Columbia, has had charge of the laying
out. of tho townsite, which has an
area of some 4000 acres and a water-
Coal Mlnera at Fernie to Follow the
Recommendations of Gordon���
Return to Work Soon.
Fernie, Oct. 10.���A mass meeting
of the Gladstone union ia now in progress here and well defined statements are being made in the street
tbat a baeia of settlement had been
reached by the mine operators, and
President White, of the Miners' union.
Thla proposition runs along the Une
of the Gordon recommendations with
some slight variations. It may be
taken aa positive that some proposl
tion is now under consideration and
that International President White
favors its acceptance. Such being
tha case, a settlement la now in sight
and as soon as details are arranged
work will be resumed.
Los   Angelea,   Oct.    10.���Southern
Paciflc  trains both in and outbound
were delayed for two hours today by
a  flre   which   partially   destroyed  a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ warehouse   of   a   furniture   storage
front of two and a half miles with | company.   The warehouse was situat-
an average depth of thirty-five feet
at the shore.
This land will be on the market
ln sixty daya and already about a
million dollars' worth has been applied for.
ed near the Southern Paciflc arcade
station and firemen had to stretch
lines of hose across the track. The
flames also swept the railroad right-
of-way. The loaa was- estimated at [
nearly $65,000.        LsHssssssssfl
The court of criminal assize opened
yesterday with his lordship, Chief
Justice Hunter presiding. The grand
Jury was sworn ln at the forenoon
sitting of the court. His lordship
charged the Jury with the Importance
of that part of Its duties which relates to the visiting and Inspecting
of nubile Institutions.
Keenan. one of the guards of the
penitentiary who ls charged with unlawfully wounding Charles Legge, a
gardener, elected at the last moment
for speedy trial. Today the Mack case
in which Eneas Mack Is charged with
the murder of Peter Singh, wlll flrat
be heard. Mr. W. F. Hansford will
conduct the defence.
The following Is a list of the
Jurors subpoenaed:
Petit Jurors���William T. Campbell,
clerk; Rudolph Corbln, New Westminster, lumberman; Thomas W.
Boyd, New Westminster, laborer;
Andrew Brown, New Westminster,
laborer; Thonjas Crispin. New Westminster, printer; William Coleman,
New Westminster, factory hand;
Arthur James Bond, New Westminster, engineer; Alexander R. Christie,
New Westminster, carpenter; George
E. Cade, Mission, farmer; David Clifton, Mission, farmer; Charles W
Buckle. Mission, farmer; Gordon
Cummings, Mission, logger; Lawrence
J. Carleton. Chilliwack, clerk; William A. Chambers, Sardis, butcher;
Frank Brltton, Edmonds, broker:
William Cristraan, Nicomen, farmer;
J. R. Bryden, Langley. farmer;
George Beatty, East Burnaby, plasterer; T. E. Cutler. Hatzic, farmer;
Enoch Burgess, Langley Prairie,
farmer; Edward Burchill. Ladner,
laborer; Charles Cowley, Port Kells;
farmer; W. J. Connack, Glen Valley,
laborer; George Browse, Langley.
farmer; Earl M. Bule, Langley
Prairie, farmer; George. H. Charltton,
Chilliwack, farmer; Richard 8. Cast
volth, Chilliwack, farmer; John F.
Carlson, Matsqui, farmer; Peter
Close, Rosedale, farmer; Secord S.
Carleton, Chilliwack, tailor; Leonard
E. Bartlett, Whonnock, farmer;
George Copeland, Chilliwack, farmer;
Daniel Cummings. Langley Prairie,
farmer; Alfred Bailey, East Burnaby,
Grand jurors���L. H. Dickenson.
Port Hammond, farmer; E. R. Chld-
dell, Ladner, farmer; Alexander Dow,
Central Park, broker; F. Cullis, Ladner, farmer; G. B. Cross, New Westminster, bookkeeper; James Crowl,
New Westminster, mariner; B. F.
Casseiman, New Westminster, Insurance agent; A. R. Dickson, Cloverdale, bank clerk; R. B. Brown, New
Westminster, clerk: C. A. Carncross,
Kensington, farmer: G. K. Devltt,
Ladner, farmer; C. C. Cameron. Sapperton, gentleman; J. W. Carmlchael.
Chilliwack, farmer.
The only case proceeded with yesterday afternoon was that of Rex vs. I
Thomas Alvarez.   An account of   the
hearing appears in this issue.
At the beginning of th? proceedings
Mr. W. Norman Bole, K.C, crown
counsel, called attention to tbe fact
that ln tbe case ot Rex. va. Jobes,
the prisoner was unrepresented by
counsel. It was customary In such
circumstances, he said, for the court
to appoint counsel. He suggested
that counsel should be appointed Just
then. In order that the appointee
might have an opportunity to acquaint
himself with the evidence and so
avoid being taken by surprise at any
point In the subsequent hearing.
His lordship suggested that someone volunteer to act as counsel.
In the end, J. P. Hampton Bole
elected to act for the prisoner, Jobes.
The members of the petty Jury who
sat on the Alvarez case are as follows: George M. Charleton. Thomas
E. Cutler, Lawrence J. Carlton,
Frank Brltton, Charles W. Buchan,
Richard S. Carbolth, William Coleman, Earl M. Bule. William A. Cham
bers, Charles Cowley, Daniel Cummings, William Crisoman.
"I don't want the man punished
any more." A woman lays a charge
against a man, and then, when the
law comes to ber aid and seeka to
vindicate the rights of the community and the rights ot the woman as a
member of the community, tbe woman declines the vindication. It is a
common enough Incident in police
court experience, familiar in Old
Westminster aa ln New Westmlnater.
Let policemen grin and bear it, psychologists puzzle over lt, and news.
pfepers record it.
Thomas Alvarez and Mrs. McKay
live together as man and wife at
Hope. According to the evidence
given at the court of criminal assizes yesterday, they have so lived
for four years, and they have two
On Sept. 9, Tom la said to have
gone home drunk, quarreled with his
helpmeet, knocked her down and
kicked her on the head and side. A
constable entered, beard the woman's
story and arrested Tom. In the lower
court the latter waa committed for
trial at the court of criminal assizes,
London, Oct. 10.���\ despatch to a
London agency frem Terah says that
flve Turkish torpedo boats while returning from the Ionian sea were
surprised by the Italian fleet nea-
Mytilene on October 9. A sharp engagement followed and three of the
torpedo boats were damaged and one
aunk. A fourth managed to escapo
by hoisting a foreign flag.
Rome, Oct. 10.���The Italian expeditionary forces have been embarking all day for Tripoli. The vessels with all lights out departed ln
two lines and were convoyed by
battleships and cruisers, which were
In turn protected by smaller craft.
According to advices from Con
stantlnople Turkey la desirous of
having a Christian In the post of foreign minister, and has urged several
Armenians to accept the position.
Great Britain has made a formal
declaration of neutrality ln the mat
ter of the Italo-Turklsh war.
London, Oct. 10.���An unconfirmed
report ls current here that two
Italian cruisers were sunk by mines
off Benghasl. and that two Italian destroyers were similarly sunk near
Final Signing   to Be    Deferred    Till
All Arrangements in Congo
Berlin. Oct. 10.���It was officially
stated that the first part of the
Franco-German negotiations concerning the statue of Morocco had been
finished and the agreement was ready
to be "Initials!" by both parties as a
sign of acceptance. The formal signing will be deferred untll the second
part of the arrangement, regarding
the compensation to Germany In thc
French Congo', has been completed.
8. Baxter Appeals Against Decision
of Burnaby Justices���Speedometer ve. Stop Watches.
Tripoli, Oct. 10.���The Turks do not
Intend to abandon Tripoli without
making further resistance. Today
three thousand Turkish troops with
fleld guns were discovered advancing
in two columns, evidently with the
intention of recapturing tbe town.
They were accompanied by a large
body of natives and looked a formidable array.
The Italians were prepare:! and
met the Turks with a heavy flre
which was replied to with energy.
Tne ftrlna continued tor over an hour
In Um bright moonllsht. aa* ttt*
| Turka    eventually    retire*    tn  good
The Italians' loss was slight and
they pursued the Turks for over four
To automobilists and to the    non-
autolng publlc few subjects are more
Interesting than the speed at which
automobiles are driven, and tbe manv
disputes which arise out of this subject.    In the county court yesterday
hls   honor.   Judge  Howay,   heard   an
appeal made by Mr. T. S. Baxter,   of
Vancouver, against a conviction and
flne of $5 and costs for exceeding tbe
speed limit in Burnaby.    In this case
It seems to be largely a question of
accuracy  betjveen   two  stop  watches
and a speedometer.   One flne day the
Burnaby  police  measured   off  a  certain distance on the River road, and
two officers took their places one at
each end of the measured strip. Then,
stop  watch   ln   hand,  each   took   th"
time of every automobile as it passed, and the two compared notes. According to  the police,  their observations    and    reckonings,  Mr.    Baxter
passed them traveling at the rate of
27 miles an bour.    According to  Mr.
Baxter  his  speedometer at  no time
Rebel Chinese Have Captured
Maintain Good Order and Guard   all
Foreigner*���Battle Hard Fought
���Many Leeaaa.
Tokyo, Oct. 10.���Peking official advices received today report that the
Sze Cnuen rebels have captured tha
town of Yachau, near Chung Tu, repulsing the government forces after
a hard flght.
The rebels, it is said, are maintaining good order and the town's inhabitants, both natives and foreigners, are unmolested. The gravity of
the Sze Chuen rebellion continue*.
In the severe flghting which haa been
In progress the rebels have lost mora
than 8000 and the government forces
more than 2000 men.
Wu Chang Disturbed.
Hankow, China, Oct. 10.���Much firing can be heard this afternoon ln
the direction of Wu Chang. Communication with that city has been
cut off. Several large fires are seen
It is evident that the soldiers havo
gone over to the revolutionaries, following the execution of four conspirators at Wu Chang today.
Twenty-eight Chinese revolutionaries have been arrested in Wu Chang,
capital of the province of Hupeh.
Four of them were beheaded ln front
of the viceroy's yamen today. Tho
arrests and executions followed tho
discovery of a revolutionary plot ln
the Russian concession here. A bomb
was exploded whereupon a search ro
vealed a factory for tbe manufacture
jof explosives and a plan for an attack on Wu Chang.
Chinese gunboats are patrolling the
harbor. A message from Chung Kins
says that the leaders of the movement, in protest against the government's plan of building railways with
foreign capital, are protecting th<?
missions in the districts where the
rebels are operating.
Rome, Oct. 10.���The main part of
the Italian army expedition Is now on
the way to Tripoli. This was learned
from the messages in conventional
language that escaped the censor. A
big contingent comprising the largest
part of the total force, sailed from
Naples last night, and another fleet
of transports left Taranto at sunrise
today. More troops will depart from
Aposta tonight. Theee thrr|- groups
wlll assemble as one east of Malta.
The landing of a whole army corps
on the Trlpolltan coast Is looked on
as one of the most difficult operations
of the war, despite the fact that little
fear of an attack by the enemy ls
entertained. Accordingly every precaution looking to the safety of the
troops ha* been taken. The battleship convoy covers a moving area
one mile wide and five miles long.
Within this square the transports appear secure from any danger except
the ever-present one of the elements.
Once safely arrived oft th Trlpolltan
coast, lt is expected that with a favorable sea tbe troops can be landed ln
two days.
The first Italian expeditionary
force which left Naples on October
5. was landed at Tobruk. Tripoli, today. It consisted of Infantry, artillery and a company of engineers.
Athens, Oct. 10.���The newsnaner
Ikiam asserts that the powers, headed by Germany, have promised Turkey a solution of the Cretan question
agreeable to her interests tf she concludes peace with Italy.
Trying to Localize  Hostilities.
Berlin, Oct. 10.���Although Germany finds that the time ls not rlne
for an offer ot mediation to end the
war between Italy and Turkey, pending the completion of the Italian occupation of Triooll. the government
ls endeavoring further to localise the
hostilities and prevent fighting In
tbe Red and Aegan Sees. If Turkey
will give assurances that she will not
Interfere in the transport of the expedition to Tripoli, there is hone that
all other hostilities may be suspended. The landing ,of the Italian expedition is said to present difficulties
not anticipated.
The weather on the Trlpolltan
coast has Interfered and It will he at
least a week probably, before Italy is
ready to treat with Turkey. It la
learned, in diplomatic circles, that
Italy probably is willing to indemnify Turkey to the extent of ahout
$12 000,000 but tt is a question
whether she is still willing to recognize Turkish suzerainty over Tripoli
in any form.
udge "TOo"We.y,  i^..i>��
Mtf^fc^cW^timell    and
Mellish, both of Vancouver, appeared
for the plaintiff appellant, and Mr.
W. G. McQuarrie tor the municipality
of Burnaby.
(Continued on Pace Five.)
Women's Suffraoe Defeat"!.
San Francisco, Oct. 10.���Returns
trom today's constitutional amendment election received to 11:30 indicate that women's suffrage haa been
defeated, and that the initiative and
referendum and the recall which Includes the Judiciary    have
Will Close Some Mills for Over Two
Years and Meet All Cuts Made
in States.
Calgary, Oct. 10.���Far reaching
changes for both the States and
Canada were decided on today by
members of the Coast Mountain Lumbermen's association.
It is aald that the members agreed
to close many of the mills on both
sides of the line, some of them to remain closed till 1913.
The Canadian trade, it was Said,
during the past year had been annoyed by the encroachments of tlie
American lumbermen and it was decided to meet all cuts made by the
An effort wlll be made to have thc
government give protection to the
rough lines.
McNamara Trial.
Los Angeles, Oct. 10.���District At-
torney General John D. Fredericks,
who has undertaken the conduct of
the McNamara case for the state
without assistance .from outside his
own office, asked today when he
would determine which of the McNamara brothers wlll stand trial first,
said he would decide tomorrow at 10
a.m. The prosecution is designed to
show whether either John J. McNamara, the international secretary
of the Bridge and Structural Iron
workers' union, or his brother, James
B. McNamara, ls guilty of murder in
connection with the explosion and
fire which, a Utile over a year ago,
wrecked the Los Angeles Times plant,
and cost 21 lives. For the deaths of
19 of these the McNamaras are held
on indictments.
Have Been Driven to Frontier by the
Government Forces,  Leaving
Prisoners Behind. ij
Lisbon, Oct. 10.���The Purtuguese
Royalist revolution designed to put
King Manuel back upon the throne,
has failed. The Monarchists were today driven to the frontier, leaving,
several hundred prisoners behind
Captain Conceiro, the rebel leader,
is entrenched with his force at North
Vinhaes, near the frontier. The government has sent two regiments of
infantry, a squadron of cavalry and a.
battery of artillery to attack him.
Managed to Drive Federal Troops
Lisbon,- Oct. 10.���The Royalists entrenched 'near tbe Galician frontier -
were attacked by the Republicans on
Monday. They responded with a hot
flre from behind rocks and wooded
heights, compelling the government
troops to retire. The Republican artillery was useless. Tbe Royalists
had a great advantage ln their positions In natural and artificial caves.,
which protected them from sheila..
. Building Collapses.
Boston. Oct. 10.���A eIx storey building in Hanover street collapsed at
noon today. At least nine persons
are thought to have been killed or injured. It WaB later ascertained that
three persona are killed anil that six
are believed io have been crushed to
death by tke falling building.
Says Ninety Years Will Be Middle
London, Oct 10.���Tonight's paper*
make much of Lord Strathcona'a ten
thousand mile Journey to Ottawa and
���I ihe | back in seventeen days. His lordship
other hand received the endorsement told the admiring pressmen who sur-
of the electorate. In the early part .rounded him on his arrival at Euston
of the day the returns indicated that \ station today that some day ninety
women's suffrage was going to be en- will be hear the middle age ln men's
doreed.      HHUH Bs^LHL^HL UVMa
May Have Been Bear. 1
Nicola, Oct. 10.���Bob Whaltshoair,
a negro prospector, who has made
his headquarters for some yeirs at
the Potatoe Illahle on the Lower
Nicola, is reported to have met a
tragic fate on the Hote Summit near
the head of the Coldwater river
Whaltshoair, who waB about 50 years
of age, was out on a prospecting tri,
and'had become separated from hi*
companion; who engaged the services
of the Coldwater Indians to search-
for Mm; -These report that ther
found an arm and some clothing, and
tbe supposition Is that the unfortunate man bad either been killed by
dynamite or that he had been killed
by a wounded grizzly, a theory that
is not altogether improbable.
British Will Invest
Prince Rupert, Oct. 10.���J. R. Cogger, editor of tke Canada magazine,
of London, England, who arrived
here yesterday, says that a very large
amount of British capital will shortly
come into Prince Rupert Arrangements are under way now with a
view, to Investment here on behalf of
British investors.
Mr. Cogger is one of the most Interesting of the many interesting;
visitors to Prince Rupert. He is tour*
Ing all Canada, and of all that he tm*
aeen he says that there Ib no point
In Canada, possibly on the American
continent, to which so much attention
will be directed as to Prince Rupert
within the next flve years. Tke
itself, he says, is bolind t^aHfi'm'
the most beautiful on
coast, and from Its seograp
tion has undoubtedly a vet?
commercial future,    ssi^^^^
P" ���
boulders. Apply rear Morey s book
City Cigar Factory, 730 Agnes St.
slres any kind of work; passed into
High school. Address E. L. A.,
Daily News.
with private family by young
couple; must be reasonable. Answer In full before October 14. Box
10 this office.
commission���for local representatives; Immediately; permanent
position; experience unnecessary,
rapid advancement; spare time accepted. Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
roomed house on large lot (66x132),
downtown and on carline; bath,
furnace, stationary wash tub, etc.,
flne rooming-house site. Price
14500. terms.
FOR       SALE���HOUSE       OF       SIX
rooms;     cement    foundation    and
basement,  hath, etc.;   close In and
Just off car line.    Price $3000, cash
$400,  balance easy.       London, Oct. 10.���An expedition has
SEVENTH   AVENUE���FINE   HOMEJBet out from Oxford University with
on two lots, each 59x124, six rooms, i its  objective a cannibal   Isle  in   the
newly   built,   basement,  bath,  fur-! south Seas, where it expects to spend
nace and all modern improvements.^ ,    8tulying the hablts of tne
$4000, one-quarter cash. !
Oxford   Men  to  Go to  South   Seas-
American     Limpet    Starves
help with books and do steno
graphy. Must be good writer. Apply Box A. Dally News.
housework. Apply 217 Royal avenue
to clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley, Edmonds.
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
house work; family of flve; no children.    Apply 1112 Fifth avenue.
Morey's book store.
price, easy terms, flve and ten acre
lots, Langley. A. E. Thomas,
Sapperton P. O.
team, weighs 3200 pounds, well
matched, five and six years old;
guaranteed ln every way. Wlll sell
at a great bargain. Walsh Sash &
Door Cp., Phone 413.
seven years old, weighing about
1600 pounds, also Ally frem above
rising two years. Apply Mrs. Dair,
The party of scientists is headed by
David Jenness, the anthropoligical expert of Balllol College. The explorers
wlll locate on Goodenough Island,
which Is situated in the extreme
southeasterly corner of British New
Guinea. Little Is known of th? Interior of this Island, but lt has been
asserted that cannibalism is practiced there on an extenslv? scale.
Occasionally a government official
pays a visit to tbe Isle, but, being un-
wlillng to provide the natives with b
banquet, wisely confines his investigations to the coast line. For this
reason the Interior remains unexplored. One or two attempts have
been made to map the inland, but
the explorers have never returned.
Y. ., ,    ., .    .      Goodenough Island, which ls of vol-
.1.If.ihe.,l0Tun?,WJ? ^e Pound at; (maie formation, Is believed to be tlle
the Municipal Hall Edmonds B.C. IB , hjhegt ,gland of ,u 8lze ln tho
not claimed within ten days from the   worl(1     u ,g  forty  mlIeB  lon(?   and
thirty  miles  across,  and  its   highest
cleared, well situated, commanding
view.    $6000, cash $125.
lot, ,66x158, cleared and cultivated
as garden. Price $1100, one-third
Conveyancing and Notary Public
646 Columbia Street, Phone 832.
date hereof, It will be sold to defray
Description���Dark bay mare, weight
about 1200 lbs., long mane and tall.
Edmonds. B.C.. October 9th. 1911.
Tenders required for alterations
and additions to Johnston's Big Shoe
House, Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C.
Plans and specifications can be had
on application to the undersigned
and tenders received up to 5 p. m. of
Friday, Oct. 13, 1911.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
New Westminster, B. C.
Tenders wlll be received by the
undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon.
Wednesday,   October   18th,   1911,   for
FOR   SALE}���600    CHOICE    BUILD 	
lng lots  ln  New  Westminster and I the supply of milk to the Royai  Co-J oysters from the invasion of the lim
mountain extends 8000 feet above sea
Another American Invasion ls now
stirring England. The Kent and Essex Sea Fisheries Commission r-ports
that the American limpet ls threatening the oyster industry.
An expert of the Board of Agriculture states that on the southeast
coast a limpet of a species hitherto
unknown to British waters has appeared, and he declares that the invader must have been Imported from
America, where lt flourishes ln and
near the oyster beds.
As American oyster growers have
no dread of the limpet, the expert
was asked why It was feared here.
He explained that for the short time
lt has been here the limpet has
spread with extraordinary rapidity,
and there has been a slight decrease
In oysters. It has, therefore, been
suggested that In Its new environment the limpet uses the same food
as the oyster and so starves that bivalve. The possibility of the limpet
smothering young oysters by Hs
clinging habits is also suggested.
But aside  from  the danger to the
Burnaby. We will make special
terms and conditions te anyone
wishing te select lc��s fer bulldlag
purposes, and arrange fer grading
etreets, etc. See our Westminster
Height*   addition,     earner     ISaMfe
lumbian Hospital from 31st October,
1911. to 31st March, 1912, to be delivered daily in sealed bottles in
quantities as required. Samples to
be delivered at Hospital on morning
ot October 18th.   The lowest or   any
avenue and Cumberland, with evenHender not neeeeaaTlly  accepted.
streets, water, electric Usttt service,
eto. Aa soon as construction on
���the new car line begins this property will double In value immediately. The Wright Investment Co.,
Ltd.. 1110 Dominion Trust building,
Vancouver, 613 Columbia street,
New Westminster.
pet. scientists are Interested In the
phenomena, because shell flsh as a
rule are not at all migratory. Natural
causes have fixed the habitat of
each. It la believed that the limpet
.was brought here by the oyster proprietors, who imported new  varieties
E. 8. WITHERS, Secretary. ! ot   American  oyster*,  and  concern  Is
Royal    Columbian
Weatmlnster, B. C
Hospital.    New
cottage, furnished or unfurnished.
Apply 239 Sixth avenue.
rooms; modern, heated. 37 Agnes
street.    Plione L 38.
room for young gentleman ln refined home; rent $10. Write Box
11  News  oTice.
now felt  that the leapt valuable will
survive the struggle for existence.   It
Is   believed   that   the   limpets   came
,. over in the form of spawn, as no one
Varden No. IS,    Sons   of   Norway,   would   deliberately   plant   them   with
���?*i '"��� ^*8'��� ha", the^ first    aad j oysters.     The   agitation   against   the
-j      j        ...  .-..*.      . .,     .   limpet  may  result In  restrictions on
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 a.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
housekeei ing rooms. Apply 620
Fourth street.
room house, bath, toilet, etc. Apply
1412 Fifth avenue.
very quiet, clean rooms, with bath,
by day, week or month; rates very
reasonable. 47 Begbie street.
Phone 868. Just opposite side of
Russell hotel.
706   Columbia   Street.
house; furnace, full basement, two
fireplaces; between Third and
Fourth avenues, very central.
Terms $750; caah, $30 a month.
street, large lot. $750, $100 cash,
balances monthly.
lots, $1400, easy terms.
Eighth and Tenth streets, high
side,  $800, $250 cash.
to rent, 319 Regina Btreet, $22 a
-with sitting room to let to gentlemen only. Breakfast If desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from thc
fioat office. Terms moderate. Enquire  Phone R 414.
case taken from inward C. P. R.
train Saturday morning at Westminster Junction. Will finder return to C. P. It. agent at Westminister.
A Boarding and Day School for Young
The curriculum    includes   preparatory,   intermediate,     grammar     and
academic,    or    high    school    grades.
Pupils  prepared   for  high  school  entrance and provincial teachers exam
lnations.    The    Commercial    Depart-
'ment  embraces    bookkeeping,    short-
���hanrf    (Isaac   Pitman    system)    and
touch typewriting.   Music a specialty.
For rrosnecfng and tprms address to
lots, $1250, $500 cash.
avenue, 132x132, on three streets,
STREET���LOT   66X132
$4000,   $1500   cash.
Twelfth, large lot upper side, $1101),
one-third   cash.
avenue, large lot, $1000, terms arranged.
pood terms ln all parts of the
the most extensive listing in the
708   Columbia   Street.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Sciuare, New Westminster,  i
the Importation of American oysters
for planting.
Among the exhibits for the new
London Museum classified last month
were the historical coBtume collection which almost fell Into thehanda
of the Metropolitan Musetfffi of New
York. Thli maenlflcent exhibit haa
for its nucleus the splendid Seymour
Lucas collection for which the authorities of the American Institution
hud been negotiating. The series
comprises three or four hundred costumes dating from the fourteenth
century to the present day.
Among the costnmes are the corn-
nation robes of five sovereigns:
Queen Victoria, Queen Alevandra,
Queen Mary. King Edward VII. and
George V. The Elizabethlan and Jacobean perioda are marked by some
exquialte costumes, and the Common
wealth ls recalled by a number of
beautiful silver-embroidered leather
The classifying is being done by
Guy Laking, the King's Armorer at
Kensington Palace, in the room in
which Queen Anne died. It Is said
that the Queen died of smallpox, and
the classifiers are hoping that all the
germs have died of old age. The
centre piece of the new mus"mn,
which was the Idea of Kins GeDr.;e
and for which he has granted the use
of Kensington Palace. Is part of a
Roman galley, the only remains of
these ancient ships known to exist.
The remains were found under several feet of Thames mud, when excav.
at.lona were made for the n"W county
council hall. The timbers are of oak.
which had swollen Immensely from
centuries' immersion in the mud, but
which shrunk when exposed to tho
air. It is expected that the King will
open the museum in October.
The Nationalist press ln Cairo Is
again raising a cry against the American Mission In Egypt, and is calling
upon the government to repress by
force the Christianizing of Moslem
lads on the ground that Egypt is a
Mohammedan country.
"El Alam," the official organ of the
Nationalist party, accuses the missionaries of Christianizing Moslem
lads and then concealing them from
their parents. The journal describes
the American Mission as "ejecting
venom wherever it goes and committing horrible crimes, separating son
from father, brother from brother,
and kidnapping little children."
The "Egyptian Gazette" points out
that If the missionaries had really
been guilty of kidnapping children,
they could be brought to book very
easily through the courts but no serious attempt has b'-en made to prove
the charge.
It will be recollected that last year
the mission surpressel Its review,
"El Murshld," on account of the feeling that had unwittingly been provoked among Moslem circles by the
publication of certain articles on
Islam culled from the book called
"Cross and Crescent."
A Little Sage and Sulphur
Makes Gray Hair Vanish���A
Remedyfor All HairTroubles
Titles    Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block Clty Box 482
Who does not know the value of angc
and sulphur for keeping the hnir dark,
soft, n'oHsy nnd in good condition? As n
mntter of fnct, sulphur In a natural element of hair, and a deficiency of It in
tbe hair Is held by many sculp specialists
to be connected with loss of color nml
vitality of the hnir. Unquestionably,
there Is no better remedy for hnir nml
senlp troubles, especially promnture grny
nes*. than Rnge and sulphur. If pronerl;
prepared. The Wyeth Chornienl Com
pnny of New York put np nn Ideal rem
edy of this kind, rnlled Wyeth's Sne-
and Rulphur Hnir Remedy, nnd nutb'ni
Ise druggists to sell It under gunrnntr
that the money wlll he refunded if ll
falls to do exactly ns represented.
This preparation Is offered to t!>"
public at fifty cents fl bottle, nnd li
recommended and sold by all druggists,
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estlmatss Qlvsn.
214 8lxth  Avenue. Phone 567
Meet every Monday In Labor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 508. Residence phone 601.
Gardiner & Mercer
Phons  661. Box 772
Phons 699. P. O. Box 501.
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Weetmlneter Trust Building.
Classes every Monday
and Wednesday night,
8 o'clock, 318 Royal
avenue. Advanced
class and Invitation
dance in St. Patrick's Hall. Friday, Oct 27, continuing every Fri
day. Class at 7:30. Dancing 9
to 2, C. W. Openshaw's orchestra.
Private lessons by appointment.
J. B. BARNETT, 318 Royal Avenue
Phone L575. -
Auction Sale
I Of Household Furniture and  Effects.
j I am Instructed to sell by publlc
auction on the premises,   243    Rich-
Imond Btreet. corner of Keary street,
Sapperton, on Friday, October 13,
1911, at two o'clock p.m., the following household furniture and effects:
One No. 9 McClary range, good as
new; kitchen chairs and table; bed
springs and mattresses; bureau and
stand; lounge; two rockers; one sideboard; six dining room chairs; ono
arm chair; two centre tables; elx
pictures; 50 yards of linoleum, just
down about three weeks, and a lot of
miscellaneous articles too numerous
to mention.
October 9, 1911.
Luxurious T*In
And Tripls Screw
"Laurentic" SS^. ^ 'Megantic"
�����  OCT. 21.
NOV. 18.
OCT. 14.
NOV. 11.
OCT. 7.
NOV. 4.
From  Portland,  Me.,  and  Halifax te Liverpool.
The LAURENTIC and MEGANTIC are the largest, finest and moat
modern steamera from Canada. Elevators, lounges, ladles' and smoking-
room suites with bath. String orchestra. First, second and third class
passengers carried,	
The TEUTONIC aad CANADA carry cabin passengers In one class only
(II) affording maximum facilities at minimum east. Fine third class
Apply locsl railway agents or company's office, 619 Second Ave., Seattle
; t
i For Choice Beef, Mutton!
Pork or Veal
'Phone 101.
645 Columbia St.
Kill the Dandruff Gorms���Stop Hair Falling
Thousands ol mothers are looking younger.���Their gray hairs are gone. The natural
color has come back, and with It a new growth ol ���oft. glossy, luxuriant hair. Why should
yoa look old before your time, when waa can look years younger by using
Dandvuf I Cared
Three applications removed
���11 the dandruff and left my
scalp clean, white and smooth.
Was. Croak, Rochester V. T.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
It other "so-called" Restorers have tailed, dont give up hope, but give WYETH'S
SAGE and SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a trial. Yoa ma ao dak.. U li la.not exactly
es represented, your money win be refunded.
Gray Hair Restored
My halt was getting quite gray and falling Oflt rapidly
and I waa troubled with a terrible itching of the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, which fell upon my clothes
and kept me continually brushing it off. While on a
visit to Rochester I heard of your Sage and Sulphur
for the hair. I got a bottle and used it. A few applications relieved the itching, my hair stopped falling out and gradually came back te its natural eolor. It
is now a nice dark brown color, soft, glossy and pliable.
Several of my friends want to use It, and I want ta
kBQK whst yoa Fill chain sis for six bottles of it
MISS E. A. E0S8.
Sharon, Mercer Co, Pa.
Grew Hair on a Bald'Head
For two or three years my hair had bees
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my head was entirely bald. About four
months ago I commenced using Sage and Sulphur. The flrst bottle seemed to do some good
nnd I kept using it regularly until now I have
ased four bottles. The whole top of my head
Is fairly covered aad keeps coming in thicker.
I shall keep on using it a while longer, ss I
notice s constant Improvement
Bflfihaatsr, X. T.
SOc. and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Druggists
11 Tour Drvaafct Does Not Keep It, Send Vs the Price in Stamps, and We Wfll
Send Yov a Large Bottle, Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company74 ����"���������� *���*���
New York City. N.Y.
rnrr   A 2Sc Cake ol Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Toilet Soap Free to anyone who will send
rilLL   us this advertisement with 10c in stamps to cover cost ol wrapping and mailing tho soap.
-ilLA J*
.im WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1911.
^gpr B.C. Coast Service
10:00 a.m Daily, except Tuesday
1:00 p.m   Dally
For Seattle.
10:00 a.m  Dally
11:00 p.m  Dally
For Nanaimo.
2:00 p.m Dally
For Nanaimo, Union, Comox.
2:00 p.m  Tuesdays
9:00 a.m. ..Thursdays and Saturdays
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Oct. 14, 21, 24 ani 31
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
SS. Princess Beatrice.
11:00 p.m Oct. 5, 13
For Hardy Bay and Rivers Inlet.
8; 30 a.m  Wednesdays
Qulf Islands.
Lv. Vancouver 7:00 a.m. Fridays
Upper Fraeer River Route.
Leave Westminster 8:00 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday.
Leave   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.   Tuesday,  Thursday,  Saturday.
For otber sailings and rates applv
Agent, New Westminster.
H. W. BltOOIE,
O. P. A.. Vancouver
84 to it H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone SS.
Tenth  St,   New  Weetmlneter.
s 9
Leave    Vancouver   at    12    midnight
every    Monday    and    Thursday    for
Prince Rupert.
Leave    Vancouver   at    12    midnleht
every Tuesday and Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
Leaves Prince Rupert Wednesdays
for Port Simpson, Port Nelson and
Stewart. Thursdays for Masset and
r?aden Harbor. Saturdays for Queen
Charlotte City, Skidegate, Pacofl,
���ockport, Jedway, Ikeda and Hose
Tailor Suits, Evening Dresses, all
beautiful patterns, Just received from
Perfect fit guaranteed.    See
Mrs. Gaultier
Lavery Block.
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
Shortest Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next  Salllngi from   Montroal:
Xmas Sailing from Halifax.
Ratss of Passage:
1st Class, $92.10, and upwards.
2nd Clsss, $53.75, and upwards.
3rd Claas, Bristol or London, $32.50.
Further information from Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $��,200,000
Reserve       6,900,000
The Bank has 176 branches,
extending ln Canada from tho
Atlantic to the Paciflc; ln Cuba,
throughout the Island, also in
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal Towns and
Cities ln the World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Will leave Vancouver Saturday, Oct.
21. for Powell River, Campbell River,
Alert Hay, Hardy Bay. Rivers Inlet,
Namu, Ocean Falls. Bella Bella, Swan
son's Bay, Lowe Inlet, Claxton and
Pert Esslngton.
for points between Prince Rupert and
Vanarsdel, connects with SS. "Prince
Rupert" and   "Prince George,"    both
north and southbound.	
(The Double Track Route.)
Through tickets from Vancouver to
all points east of Chicago in Canada
and the United States.
Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
Meals a-la-carte.
H. G. 8MITH, C. P."& T. A.
Phone Seymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phone Seymour 3060.
527  Granville- Street,  Vancouver.
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that John Gould, of
Vancouver, B.C., occupation broker,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted at a point on tbe westerly shore of
Green lake, which point ls situate
about 60 cbalns southwesterly from
the northerly end of the said Green
lake; thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains more or less, to the shore of
Green lake, thence northerly following the shore of Green lake to the
point ef commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Agent for John Gould.
Dated August 28. 1911.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; sped float! ons, business letters, etc.; circular work taken
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held In Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.G.;  W.
C, Coatham, P. G. recording secre
tary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, banrlster-st-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl.
and McKenzie streets, New Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Guichon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
flees, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade. K. C:
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets in tf��t
board room, City Hall, ae follows.
Third Thursday of each montn;
quarterly meeting on tlie tniro
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at v p.m. annual
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any month
ly or quarterly meetidc. C. **
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
Re the fractional northwest quarter
ot section    7, township    11    (121
acres), Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New Westminster district.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number 7721F, lsBuel
In the name of Colon    McLeod,   has
been flled ln this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I ahall,
at the expiration of one month from
tbe date of the first publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
the city of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
I District Registrar ot Titles.
*   Land   Registry   Office.   New   West-
f minster, B:C, July 11. 1911.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong bank-
ing organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances,half-yearly.   ::
Business [Accounts   opened
on favorable terms.
ASSETS  $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
Re lots 2, 3, 4 and 9, block 2, lots 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 12, block 3, lota
Is 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10, block 4, of
section  30, block 5 north, range 2
west, ln the District of New Westminster, Map 454.
Whereas proof of the Iosb of certificate  of  title  number  1725 F.,  Issued
ln the name of Aulay Morrison, has
been filed In this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,-
at the explrntlon of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, ln a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the, said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me tn writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C.. October 7, 1911.
60   YEABT
Tlupc Mark*
' r v v ��'       CoprmpHTti Aa
Anyone imdtnf ��� ���keteh anddewrlntkm nsy
inlotlf nsoerulff our opinion (teejrhetbir an
K *iirtrl*l��!��aB.lr.,lh.i.IWOPDOK on C����n
Fatail ��� taken through fouiiir* Co. rooetro
tpitial twites, without ttbatfee, lnt.iu
Scientific JMtrKM.
A bandwmelr Ulmtmted troekly. Igtgoit qi*
Silntioo **t any aoienilBo Jbn'oal. Tarmt foi
Gauiulo, +J.75 a year, pottaso piepatd. Bold bl
all nensitcnler*. ...
��� IN ���
rime Tlm* I
of ��
Arrival: Closing:
JO:00��� United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday) .23:Oo
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday)4 . 8:00 1
12:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. B. A. \
I dally   excent   Sunday)   . 11:15!
7! 40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R. |
(dally except Sunday)..16:00
8:00��� Victoria via B. C. E. R. 1
(daily except Sunday).. 8:00
13:00���Victoria  via B. C.  E.   R. ,
(dally except Sunday). 11:15,
7:30���Unlte<t States via G. N. R. |
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
16:16���United States via G. N. R.
idaily except Sunday).. 16:00 J
10:18���All points east and  Eu- i
rope   (dally)  8:30'
22:30���All points east and Europe   (dally)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)      8:30
JO: 00���Sapperton and Fraaer
mills (daily except
Sunday)      14:00
10:48���Coquitlam    (daily except
Sunday)         8:30
13:00���Central Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       Xl.ll
1400���East Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)  13:50
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston  Islands  arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and i
Saturday,   and    leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and  Friday    14:30
I0:00r-Ladner. Porl Oulchon,
Westham Island, Burt
Villa 13:30
10:00���Annieville   Sunbury (dally
except  Sunday)    13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday)..14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.   N.  R.   (dally  ex-
(dally except Sunday).14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday. Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday   16:00
0:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui. Huntington, etc. (dally except Sunday)    23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (daily except
Sunday) 9:46
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tues*
day, Thursday and Saturday 9:46
11:30���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Uoper
Sumas, Surrey Centre,
Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill,-South
Westminster, Clover,,
Valley, Coghlan, Sari
dls, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   , 8:10
16:60���Chilli waok, Cloverdale
and Ahbotsford via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
Bunday) .17:10
it* ��� *'i     >
Makes lighter,
better flavored and
a more nutritious bread,
and more loavoa to the sacll
than any other flour. ROBIN KOOD
FLOUR is made from the choicest wheat
from the most select farms in Saskatchewan.
A money-bach guarantee in every sack.
Robin Hood Flour���made in moose jaw
HM�� varus]
ttl iU
The Dessert That
Is Always
It is no longer necessary to spend much money and hours of
time making desserts that "might be good," when you can buy this
delicious confection���Mooney's Sugar Wafers. It costs but little
money, requires no time and is always good*
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Ihe Painty   Dessert   in   the  Dainty  Package
There is nothing like these spicy sweetmeat sandwiches in all
Canada���nothing half so tasty. Years of experiment, experience and
excellence are back of Mooney's Sugar Wafers. You know our record
as Canada's premier biscuit makers���you've eaten our Perfection.
Cream Sodas and our Chocolate Chips���now try our Sugar Wafers.
In 10 and 25 cent dust and damp-proof tins.
Ask your grocer.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd. . ��� ��� Stratford, Canada
������������������������- ��
That GIN PILLS Positively Cure Rheumatism
Rheumatism is a dreadful disease. Only those, who have had it, can appreciate
the agonizing pain ��� the excruciating torture ��� that racks the body when
Rheumatism sets in. No wonder those, who have been cured of Rheumatism by
GIN PILLS, are so grateful and so enthusiastic.
They gladly testify that GIN PILLS cured them and want all the world to
Alex.  Moore Esq.,  is one of many
hundreds who know that GIN   PILLS
will cure Rheumatism.   He writes from
Newburgh, Ont.
"My father had been troubled with
Rheumatism for a number of years.   He
tried two doctors but got no relief, when
tnv uncle insisted on him trying GIN
PILLS.   He purchased a box and after
taking GIN PILLS for a week, found
that tliey were giving him much relief.
He then bought three more boxes, which
were the means of curing him.   He it
now a strong man���in good health���and
ahle to atteud to his daily work���and all
the credit is due to GIN PILLS."
They know about GIN PILLS down in .Nova Scotia too.   In fact, GIN PILLS
are the old standby all over the Maritime Provinces because GIN PILLS really
cure Rheumatism.   An old gentleman in Yarmouth, N.S. says:
"I have beeu bothered with Rheumatism for the past year and have takes
a good many kinds of medicine, but found no relief.   One day, a friend advised
me to try GIN PILLS and after taking a few boxes, I felt like a new man.   I want
yon to know how thankful I am for the relief they gave me and would advise all sufferers to take GIN PILLS".
In New Brunswick, GIN PILLS have cured hundreds of men and women of
Rheumatism. Mr. Wilson of Hartfield, N.B., is one of the many wbo owes hia
good health and strength to GIN PILLS, He writes: "It affords me great
pleasure to convey not only to you, but. to all sufferers from Back Ache and
Rheumatism the great  relief I have obtained from the use of GIN PILLS.
I am sounding the praises of GIN PILLS
to everyone suffering as I did".   Robert
M. Wilson.
Back to Nova Scotia for the fourth
letter from D. J. Lawler of Ogden.
"I have been troubled with Rheumatism so bad that I could not work.   A
doctor tended me and told me to go to
the hospital but all to no good until a
cousin told me to try-GIN PILLS.   I did
so, and after taking a few boxes, I am
perfectly well".
These written words and signed state-
ments from well-known people are the
best possible guarantee of the value of
GIN PILLS.     They prove that GIN ���ouMwna tmi Mam*
PILLS will give prompt relief���and will completely cute���every trace of Shm.
matism, Sciatka, lumbago, Pain In The Back, Kidney Trouble oraw weakne��
of the kidneys or blsdder.   You may try GIN PILLS before you buy them   Writ!
us for free sample box.   Tf you can't get the regular size boxes la your nelchbo*?
hood, send to us enclosing the regular retail price of 50c a bos or 6 for*\*aZ*
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada Limited, Dept.       . . .   Totwrto? ^
Hia fathcr waa trouslcb
iii""���! 1T Tn ��� t���
wmwuann! t*i}+ *AOE FOUR
PK ft
The Daily News
Published by Tho Dally News Publish-
���mc Company. Limited, at their offlces,
of McKenzie and Victoria
E. A. Paige Manama Dhpotorj
���**.- -jsint. ���
we   In
In view of the fact that
British Columbia have recently had a j
^tatt from Hla Grace tba Duke of |
Sutherland and . have heard some j
���whmpers of his scheme to colonize tt
large tract of. land in Alberta on thf
tenant fanner plan, H is nol am**
to read the comments of-thetfofttrealj
Herald on the general outlook fori
the proposed Innovation.
The Herald says: j
-His Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
our newest Canadian Immigrant, is
,5oing to have a very Interesting time
If the reports current concerning his
Intentions for his vast estates in tho
Weat of Canada are anywhere near
the Intention of establishing the ten-
Absolutely Pure
Economizes Batter, Floor,
Eggs; makes the food more
apMftelng and wholesome
.,y 7
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
_    r.t *ha  of other diseases,
been alleged as one of the  �� Th)s they do
"pinkeye" and under. ,$e#ain conditions leprosy, eryelpfllwi.if smallpox,
plague, trachoma, septicemia, Asiatic
cholera, sleeping sickness and plenty
Berkelev,  Cal.,  Oct.   10.���Ordinary
, .house  Hies  cost  fiOOO lives and   an
His Grace is credited with | economlc lo88 of $18,000,000 annually
th,. intention of establishing the ten-1 m  California,  according  to a report
the mtenuuii o Kn-land up0.i  on them Issued today by the TJnlvei-
Mt-farming system of hngiand upon m ^ Califonila. William B. llerm.
a large scale in the virgin soil or A1" |a8glBtant professor ofrntomology,
berta where he hopes to be free from-u^ pI.epared the liitflWmHIt against
"mob-'rule" as exemplified ln the last, me flies, spent flve ^��� *7"tI*��t;
moD-ruic   ��. v  ********  lnc them.    F ies, he fouad, transmit
budget of   the   Asquith   govermw**"4ng uera.    rje . tllberCuiosiS,
and from Socialism In the BhaMjPl   l>'n
the  shocking  desire  frLFgHflF
farmers of England to own their own
"It has
moat serious charges against
landlords of England as a class that
they show a certain inability to read
the signs of the times, to perceive
changed conditions and to adapt
themselves thereto. If the Duke of
Sutherland is really under the impression that the tenant farmer system of England can be duplicated in
the West of Canada, h*___w_UKif,
be a singularly bad observer of conditions. In a country where lend Is
still   practically  to  be  bM  tor ' (tic
This they do mostly *}y planting a
healthy colony of. gasnis .whenever
they put their feet dcWnl-Thousands
of deaths among infants, Mr. JJerm
holds, will be averted'when mothers
and nurses learn to keep (Ilea- from
crawling on babies' faces and
 '!��� wi -V'
Dannemora, N. Y.,'0ofe'W.-*The officials of the state p/lson here have
I just  discovered   a   tunnel  excavated
| hv  convicts  under  thc  prison  yards
,   , land reaching half way to a big sewer
asking, or upon such terma tnat any wh)ch W0lli(j have afforded a conven-
reaponslble man who ls known to be ient exjt for a wholesale'Jail delivery,
willing to work can get it and pay The tunnel has been three years un-
first few cronS 'der construction a��d was still not
first t.w <,,,|,3'imo,.e than hftlf done. It was started
bv two life-termers.    They could not
Prince Rupert, Oct. 10.���Mr. William Henderson, architect, ot Victoria, who arrived yesterday, aud
under whose supervision the quarantine station on Digby island ls being
built, is a native of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Mr. Henderson came to Canada 54
years ago, and haa many Interesting
reminiscences of events and progress
in Canada during that period.
This is his first visit to Prince
llupert. From an architectural' point
of view be is greatly Impressed, as
also with what has been accomplished in city building.
The sea trip from Vancouver, JJf.
Henderson thinks very flne, the scenery being much more impressive and
beautiful than anything he had et-
Work on the quarantine station on
Digby Island is making good progress,
and will probably be completed in
one month.
In  Case  of
on    Arctic
for it out of his
ownership is at the  very foundation
of self-respect.   The Westerner would |raa|<e rapid progrega because of the jaunted police, who
as soon ttatnNt ot paying tithe* to the i difficulty   of   dlapoatnr   of   the    dirt, I stationed  in    Dawson
local   MiRUcau   rector,   or   rendering \whlch they bad to mix In small quan-
~~   �������*�����-' > 0.\titlea.  wltii  turnaco   a��l\*%  trom  the
military aervlce to a feudal iiaron, aa \,       ..
��t paying a part ot tbe product ot ^TCfot the two J& ag'Sfrfeer ^^^^Yj^J^A^
crop to another man for the privilege anff he had worked ouTTjnntricafo Ug*�� K^X^no dSer"f prJ*
of raising it on a particular piece of I calculations, the exact angle at which | vlgions  riinnlllg  gho!t  w|,h  tbeae  in
' Trail.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 10.���That the
terrible tragedy which took place
last winter, when Inspector FItzger
aid and three of the Northwest
mounted police were frozen to death
while transporting malls between
Dawson and McPherson. will not be
repeated. Is the news brought by
Major Howard, of the Northwest
was formerly
and himself
.made the Bame trip several times.
\    "All along the   route   there   have
Here is a buy that will appeal to
those looking for a nice building spec,
A house and lot on St. Andrews
street, near 11th street and one block
from the car line; size of lot 132 x
132; good presentable house; splendid view of river to south, property .
being on the north side of the street; I
Cash and
Price $4,200
One Third Cash
and the balance is
over three years.
Do you know of a nicer buy ln the
city and easier terms than this?
A Month
New  Westminster  City  Specialist.
McQuarrie Bros.
Phone 698. 622 Columbia street.
monkey   wrenches,   sandbags,   blackjacks, lish poles and .'.ufi knives.
"It may certainly be possible to
bring tenants out from England, for
emigration under such circumstances
calls for less initiative and less accumulated savings and involves less
risk and hardship to the emigrant
than an adventurous faring forth to
seek free land on one's own account.
In the same way the domestic service
guilds  ;:re  n'llo  to  bring out a. large |
number   of   girls   vearly   who "would!    Victoria,  Oct.  10��� L tt-rtj  just  re
,     ,.      ',        ...     .   ., ceived   from   Mr.  ('.  Hoard,  CE.     ot
not come to Canada without the as-j���lig (ity   stafe t],at U)()il .;..ou|.,^ ��
sm-ince  of a  dependent   position    to hieing made by his party nf explorers
guarantee them   a   living.   But   the retained by Sir Donald ftlagj aad as'
domestics, aa manv  Canadians know 80C,late?  to  mn]<*  an  exhaustive  ex-
.... , . simulation  of  the   country    and    re-
to their cost, do not  remain domes- , ,0UrCQS baUvfien  th(;  bJL&�� val.
tics; they marry, to the extent of [ ley. above Stewart, anl'the Peace
about 80 per cent., and the rest go I river, in connection with tlie pos-
into factories and eventually perhaps marry likewise. Tliey seek those
forms of independence which are
most fashionable among their class
in Canada. And so it will he, with
the tenant farmers. As soon as they
set the lay of the land, so to speak
ihey will do as they see everybody
else doing, and take up land of their
own.    And llis Grace will be looking
the tunnel had to be dropped to reach
the sewer.
After   the    tunnel    was    found,    a '
search was made of every convict in
the prison.    Prom the cells were tak- I
Btuir,   including   stilletfcjf).   hammers.
Major Howard clalmpd that the
tragedy was caused by the unnecessary risk which Inspector Fitzgerald
took when he made the trip.    He had
could do it, on his bead; but, really,
every time a man makes llie trip he
takes hia life in liis hands, he de
One mistake t'ie Inspector mad'1
was in taking no shotgun silong with
him. If he had ha I b shotgun be
could have got ptarmigan, which ;ir
always in plenty, and perhans the
party would have been enabled to
reach tliere safely.
Watch Our Windows
This Week
Reduced Prices. On All
Goods Displayed
Drugs-Photo Goods-Chocolates
���. S. Davies
Cliff  Block Phone 40
New  Westminster,  B.C.
around  for new tenants.
".Now the deviation of an imported
domestic from tie path of domestic
service is one thing, and not a very
serious thing, Involving nothing worse
than one moie visit to tlle employment office of her late mistress; but
the deviation of a tenant farmer
from the path of tenancy means that
the farm lies idle until another Ion-
ant farmer takes his place. Besides
which, a constant change of tenantry
will be very bad for that relation of
dignified paternalism towards., his
flock at wliich His Grace seems to
aim, and whicb Is so almira'oly adapted to keep their votes on the right
side of politics and thus obviate th'j
dangers of 'mob-rule.' Even the
practice of touching the cap will be
Imperilled, and we doubt lf the
curtsey can ever be properly ac-1 expectations
t-Iimatized in Canada, In a word
His Grace is up against a very
puzzling proposition."
aible extension of the Canadian
Northeastern railway, formerly Rnown
as the Portland Canal Short Line.
Mr. Hoard's party will'he in the field
as long as the weather permits and
will intercept another party working
west from the Rocky mountains
The latter party has made its base
recently at Fort Connoly, approxl
mately 160 miles inland from Stewart
The data secured wlll be use I as thfl
basis of a report to be presented to
Premier McBride and bis colleagues
In advance of the next session of the
legislature in connection with an application by Sir Donald Mann and
his collesigues for provincial assist
ance for the extended roa I as a
colonization factor. Th aid sought
from the provincial (.'overnment will
he in the nature of si bono guarantee.
Portland, Ore.. Oct. 10.���A letter I
from the Oakland headquarters of the'
shopmen's federation was received
here today asking striking shopmen
to sound all employees of the Harriman lines in the northwest, excepl
engineers and conductors, on a proposition of a genera] strike. The letter was signed by Dave Kelly, as
secretary. It is said that a movement
for a genera] strike had been launched in Oakland and that, a majority ol
Southern Pacific employees ibex-
were ln favor of a general walkout.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676,
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Here Is the biggest snap In lots
we have seen for a long time. The
lots are situated just outside the city
limits near the city car line and are
66 x 132 feet. The prices range from
$475 to $650 and the terms are $25
cash and $15 a month.
Roads are being opened ln front of
the lots and the owner bas agreed to
clear and grade any lot purchased and
add the cost to the price of tha lot.
You will never have a chance to
buy a lot on easier terms.
We anticipate selling these 14 lots
within two weeks so lf you are interested you had better see us without
delay. We would like to take you
out to see the lots in our automobile
Peoples Trust Co
431 Columbia
Telephone 669,
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
nuE i/fsunA/rcE
4* TE'R CE/ttT. IJVTE'R-
317-321 Gamble St.
Vancouver, B.C
Homes for Sale-Easy Terms
Seven roomed house, modern: full sized lot, cleared and tn
lawn; on Fifth avenue. Price $4100; terms one-quarter cash, balance one, two and three years.
New house on Buchanan avenue, five rooms, modern. Price only
$2000; terms $260 cash, balance $30 per month.
Chance for Homebuilders
Five lots on London street. 250 feet frontage. Price $4000; terms
one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
Large lot on Sixth street car line. Price $1400; terms, one-
quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. .
For further Information apply to
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Will    Fall
Rodgers Making Progress.
'Sj.Tingfield. 111.. Oct. 10.���At eight
o'clock this morning, in weather
which promised a high mllea.ee record
for the day, Aviator C. P. Rodgers
resumed his coast to coast flight. Ho
Mtxpected to reach the Missouri river
by nightfall, and planned to make hii
Isi first ston at Ixiuisiana, Mo. From
liere he intended to fly to Independ-
see. Mo., and theuce to Kansas City.
Exp;nsive    Census
Ottawa, Oct. 0.���Information is ac
cumulating to the effect that the ern
sus is about to prove a great disappointment. The population has been
placed at eight millions in the estimates given out by the Laurier Government. It is certain that it will fall
materially short of that! -/figure and
it may fall short of seven and a half
millions. ,y.
In addition it Is beginning to be
known that the cost will putnui all
Mr. FishefVidii bis department on the severest principles
of patronage and the reJftlt of committing the nomination of enumerators and higher officials t'o��the Liberal members and defeated candidates
has been to provide a straff at once
numerous, expensive as well as dis
appointing, ,,.
The formal announcement is held
up by the delinquency of a very few
localities to send in their returns.
These are Cumberland, N. S.; Battleford, Sask.: nart of Regina. Sask.:
and.part of Yale, B, C. The census
commissioner haB reported the officials concerned to the department of
Justice to take at tion.
Blown Through Window,
Mansfield, Ohio, Oct. 10.���Nine
women wen- injure 1. one probablj
fatally, yesterday in the destruction
of tbe millinery ston- of Risch ,v
McCoy by an explosion of natural g\t
In the basement, Pire, which follow
^d tbe explosion, trapped a soora oi
I more of women in tlie wrecked build
ing, but all were rescued, On.
woman was blown through a plat,
glass window, landing on the street
on her feet unhurt.
"The Mouse of Quality and Low Prices"
Constantinople. Oct. 10,���At. a cabinet, council today it was decided to
close all Italian industrial, financial
and scholastic eatablisments in the
capital and to seize Ituliun steamers,
Chiasso, Switzerland, Oct. 10.���The
HrBt decisive repulse to the Italian
forces in the present Turko-Itallan
conflict in Tripoli occurred today.
according to despatches received
here, and resulted in materially
checking their occupation of Tripoli,
when they were put to flight and >|
forced within the protecting zone of
the guns of their fleet.
The advices, coming from the frontier, state that a force of Italians
started inland from Tripoli and at
some distance from the town an overwhelming force of Turks and Arabs'
appeared suddenly in the foothills,
forcing the invaders to retreat
The Turkish army pursued the
Italians almost to the gate of Tripoli, where they were repulse! by
broadsides from the Italian battle-
ships which engaged in the recent
bombardment of the town,
Galloway & Lewis
The Store With All New Goods
Phone 829 401-403 Columbia Street . SJBJBJBJSJ
If strong and repeated assertion ls
any indication of sincerity of purpose,
Jack Johnson, the heavyweight champion, will quit the prize ring. Failure to secure permission from the
British authorities to engage ln anything more serious, Johnson has arranged to appear ln sparring exhibitions with Bombardier Wells at a
West End music hall ln London.
Johnson and his friends claim that
lie is the victim of color prejudice.
He says he will retire and wait for
a year, watching five or six of the
best men fight the championship out
between them. He says he would liko
to referee the tights, and when a
winner was found be would pass the
title on to him to defend.
��� ���
*>                     BOWLING. *
��� ���
In the bowling tournament yet In
progress at the Front atreet alleys
the score made on Monday still
stands as the high figure. But there
is lots of time ln which to beat lt
and as the prize ls waxing bigger
every day there Is no doubt that
there will be many more teams to
��ntcr before the closing night, Saturday. The following are yesterday's
scores: .
Bert Pike  145   187   144���476 1
W ���   Sloan   167   163   164���484 '
Willette   ....
J. Chamberlin
J. Chamberlin
R. Wilson
Corbett   ..
.209 165 189���563
.126   163   213���502
.164 199 207���560
.167    211    181���669
.167 212 170-*49
.182    145   186���512
Well  Attended  Meeting  of  Weatminater  Soccer Club  Held  Last
Night���Team Picked.
A general meeting of the New
Westminster Amateur Soccer Foot
ball club was beld last night ln Mr.
Ryall's store. The large attendance
of players was a striking proof of
the fine spirit which reigns ln the
club. Under the presidency of Mr.
Hyall and the efficient hand of Secretary-Treasurer Beaton, a large
amount of useful business was transacted.
The following team was selected to
play the league game agalnat Coquitlam, on the grounds of the latter
team, on Saturday.
Goal, Sampher; right back, McAllister; left back, Lyons; half backs,
Craig, Ferguson and Paterson; outside right, Petrle; inside right,
Speedie; centre forward, Cheil; la-
side left, Forrester; outside, King.
Reserves, McLaren, Alsbury, Robert
son and Evans.
Strong expression was given by the
players to their recognition of the
need of the grass on the parks at
Moody Spuare and Sapperton being
cut, lf the game ls to be followed
with any degree of satisfaction and
success by the players. Now that the
football season ls on, two games will
be played on city parks on Saturday,
one a city league game and one by
the High School club. It was urged
that some attempt should be made
to arouse the city authorities to the
need of mowing the area on which
the teams played.
Membership cards can be had for
the nominal price of one dollar and
tbey should find a ready sale among
citizens deslrlous of encouraging
amateur sport.
Tonight Uncle Joe Morris, of   the
Pender street alleys, Vancouver, wlll
send over a team for the regular. Inter-city match.
Criminal Assize
(Continued from page one)
which began Its sittings here yesterday.
"If you were let out would you go
back and live with the woman and
take care of her?" asked Mr. W. Norman Bole, J. P., counsel for thc
crown, after holding a brief consultation with the court.
"Yes," answered the prisoner,
"������"��.TlwcuuU: "Telt-hlm that if He
persists In denying that he beat, her,
the sentence will be much heavfer it
a conviction ls recorded against him."
This the crown prosecutor did. reminding the prisoner that he hai
pleaded not guilty, and that he had
committed a very serious offence, for
which he was liable to Imprisonment
in the penitentiary for three years;
also that if he did not treat the woman well in future, it would go hard
with him.
Tom, quick to appreciate the situation, promptly withdrew his plea of
not guilty. Ile was let out on suspended sentence, and the pair, peace
and harmony restored between them,
might have gone off in hope to Hope
together if it were not that he is
serving a term for selling liquor to
What is to be done with regard to
the baseball final ? Or is nothing te
be done ? These are questions which
are agitating the minds of local fans,
and there is a strong feeling that the
president of the association should
give some deliverance on tbe question. At present, with the wet season within measurable distance, the
Balmorals and the Maples have tied
for first place, and nothing is - aald
about playing oft the tie. Cannot
some deliverance be given, either that
the tie ls not to be played off at all,
or that it Is to be played and that
the date of the game has been fixed.
The Balmorals say they are ready
and willing to play at any time that
may be decided upon.
San Francisco. Oct. 10.���Equal political rights for the two sexes is an
Issue ln the election proceeding ln
this state today, and as the result of
expert organization and hard work by
the women of the state, woman suffrage may be the principal reault of
the el��ctlom -CaMfornla 4a the moat
important state In the union in which
suffrage bas been brought to an issue, and if victory is won here lt cannot but have an effect ln other states.
President David Starr Jordan, of
Stanford University, announced himself during the campaign, as in favor
j of woman suffrage, while President
I Benjamin Ide Wheeler, of the Unlver-
' sity of California, went on record as j
opposing thc measure.
New Brand.
New York, Oct. 10.���A despatch
from Paris announces that two
Frenchmen have succeeded ln making pure whisky from bananas. For
the new process they claim two qual-
ties which will appeal to all whisky
drinkers���cheapness anl a delicious
are new aad entirely different from ordinary preparations. They *a*om__t
their purpase without disturbing the rest of the system, and are theroterathe
ideal laxative for the nursing mother, as they do nol affect Ihe child.
Compounded, like all NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert MMtirtits    lf
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money.   ^^ ��"�����������.   n
-���2S^Zhcm'   "your druKtothM ^ y�� ������������������ them, seod 25c aad we
win mall them. 24
U*siaaml Dm, assi Oiilril
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It la Um stuff that tb* foundations of wealth and happiness ara built of.
Money may be uaed ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now and to Invest for what ahall ba needed In tho future.  Money cannot bo invested until lt la flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
To Business or Picnic Parties:
Patronize the "Tlono"
Large and commodious, carrying one to twenty
with comfort   Apply to Alex Speck, on boat at
Begbie street slip, or 'phone L. 558.
Water frontage and Trackage
Manufacturing Site, close tb city, 190 x 500 feet
%      PRICE $19,000
Terms:   Quarter Cash, balance in 1, 2, and 3 years
le Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
,���.'���''��� J.J.JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
���Tt   YJJ<"
'       |   "   '
���"' (d .
��� -t,-._ '������
���������-,    't.
'   "    '
George Adams, late proprietor of
the Public Supply Stores, Columbia street, New Westmlnater, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
him be paid as early aa possible, at
hla new offices in tbe Odd Fellows'
block. 716 Carnarvon atreet. New
Westmlnater. ������
B*Q*% Mills
limber  and Trading  Co*
Ifanafaetarera aad Dealera la All Hade *t
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone It New Weatminater Bon  13/
Brunette Saw Mills Company. Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
.   IB
- ��� _'.   . -. ���   /���
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
��� A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
^ % No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
���I ��� '       ���   ������   ������      ���' '������  ~ "     ��� IIMISI    ����� I    ��� ���  IH   ���!.��������������� ������ ������i.l���l ���
Now -is the Vine to build for sale or rent while prices are low
* n   < *J v aa*
4 ���, vt ���
Manufacturing Site
feet waterfrontage in the city with    railroad    trackage
Price, $55,000.   Cash, $15,000
,Wi#*o  Uft��
nmmm *���, C��*tt��tftr felaafc.
Are open for business in
their new building, 544
II STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
| GERMAN Silver, $5.00 to $15.00 each
Child's Purses, $ 1.75 and $2,00 each.
|| Chamberlin     ��^��^
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R��y
toe ***********���������������������������������������
B.C.LR. New Cut-Off line
It is stated In the Dally Province of October 3rd
that the new cut-off line will be double tracked and
operated by the end of the year. All main line cars
will  be routed over this line.
We have 80 lots in D. L. 172, on and close to this
new line. The government have built streets
through this   subdivision.
Lots $400 and Upwards, %
Cash, balance 6,12,18, 24 Mths.
Fire, Life, Accident and Marine Insurance
746 and 628 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C
PORT  MANN  ACREAGE  In and   Adjoln-
ing the Townsite.   See Us for Particulars
t ���,-1, >���
690 Fine Lot on Ottawa street $550
691 Cleared Lot on River Drive.... $1150
689 Lot 50x132 on Hendry street.... $750
685 Building Lot on Toronto street.. $600
683 2 Lots on Hamilton street (ea.). $1000
679 Fine Lot on Nanaimo street���$1000
676 Large Double Corner, Sixth Ave $3000
649 2 Lots on Dublin street (ea.)... .$750
695 Cleared Lot on Eighth Ave $1100
700 Lot on London street ,. $750
703 Lot on Tenth Ave    $525
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349 6 Room House on Eleventh street, lot in fruit $2650
369 5 Room House, basement, Buchanan avenue ...:;....... $2300
358 8 Room House, furnace, basement, etc. Blair avenue $3000
353 7 Room House, piped for furnace, cement foundation... .$4200 ,
342 7 Room House, lot in fruit trees, good location. $3600
335 7 Room House on Hamilton street, cement basement..., .$3600
327 7 Room House on Seventh avenue, cement foundation .. .$305$
325 7 Room House on Fifth street, grounds in lawn and shrubs $5<$p
309 8 Rooms, grounds in lawn, situated on Third avenue ... .$7pp.O
299 6 Rooms, all modern, well situated on Agnes street $4200
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682 Full sized Lot on DeVoy street. .$350
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Park         $500
657 Double Corner on Fourth street $3250
643 Cleared Lot on Durham street... $900
640   Fine Lot on London street $750
636 Cleared Lot on Fifth St. 60x150 $2250
636 Cleared Lot on Sixth St. 59x150 $2250
633 Fine Lot on Eleventh St. 50x149 $1200
630   Lot on London St. 50x132 .$650
619   Cleared Lot in fruit trees $1500
615   Fine Lot on Hamilton St $1000
610  Corner Lot on Second St $1500
Lulu Island Acreage and Lots PAGE SIX
A By-law to Authorize the Execution of an Agreement with the British Columbia Electric Railway Company,
Limited, for an Electric Railway System in the District of Burnaby.
WHEREAS on or about the thirteenth dav of October. ItW. the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby finally passed
a certain bv-law numbered 37, and
known as"the Burnaby Electric Tram'
way Bv-law. 1909, the said by-law be-
ins a 'bv-law authorizing the Reeve
and Clerk of the said Corporation on
behalf of the said Corporation to
sign, execute and affix the corporate
seal to and give delivery to the British Columbia Electric Railway Companv, Umlted, of an Agreement between the Corporation of the District
of Burnabv and the said Company for
the construction of an electric tramway system in the District of Burnaby: ,
AND WHEREAS ln pursuance of
the authority conferred by the said
bv-law the said Agreement was executed on behalf of the said Corporation and delivered to the said Company on or about the Hth day of October. 1909:
*ND WHEREAS the said Comrany
In pi-rsuanre of the terms of the laid
Agreement cause 1 some seven anl
one-half miles of electric tramway to
be constructed through the Distrlt
of Burnaby. which tramway has beon
in oeratfon for some time past;
��� AND WHEREAS in the onlnion of
fe present municipal council of the
said Corporation the said Agreement
and Bv-law authorizing the execution
of same are invalid by reason of
same not having been submitted for
approval to the electors of the District of Burnaby prior to the final
passage of said by-law and the execution of the said Agreement;
AND WHEREAS the said Company
is of the opinion that it was unnecessary to submit the said By-law and
Agreement for the approval of tho
electors of the District of Burnabv
prior to the final passage of said bylaw and execution of said Agreement,
and that the said by-law and Agreement are valid;
AND WHEREAS the said Corporation has commenced litlpation against
the said Company to test the validity
of the said bv-law and Agreement;
AND WHEREAS the said Corporation has requested the said Companv to construct further railway
lines in the District of Burnaby under the terms of the said Agreement
which the said Company has declined
to do owing to the contention of tho
Council of the said Corporation that
the said By-law and Agreement are
AND WHEREAS with a view to
avoiding litigation and unfriendly
feeling between the said Corporation
and the said Company and ensuring
the construction of further railway-
lines in the District of Burnaby the
present Municipal Council of the said
Corporation   has   suggested     to    the
with its successors anl assigns is of a permanent character (the ques-
herelnafter called "the company" tlon of what is replacing a street by
OF THE SECOND PART,   one of a permanent character to be
left to the decision of the Council
which shall be final) be constructed
in such temporary manner as may
be approved by the Council or some
person appointed by the Council,
provided no  unnecessary  obstacle  is
WHEREAS the Council of the Corporation has requested the Company
to coni/Hrim:. iand operate certain
electric street railways within the
District of Buinaby, and the Company
*a**tmam****rm    ��� -     - *   jiu/uuvu       UU       UUllvvvouit.j        uvw ���.��*����� *>       - ���
has expressed its willingness to do offered to ordinary traffic during or
so on the terms and conditions here- after con8truction. When, however,
inafter stated; the roadbed on such streets ls con-
AND WHEREAS the electors of gtructed by the Corporation on a solid
the District of Burnaby have assent- anu permanent basis, then the Corned  to the execution of this   Agree- pany shall at the same time construct
1. The Corporation In consideration of the premises and of the Company agreeing to perform and observe the covenants hereinafter contained hereby grants unto the Companv its successors and assigns the
right, full permission and authority
to construct, complete, equip, main-
taln\and operate from the date of the
execution and delivery hereof for the
period of thirty-eight years and for
any   renewal   thereof   that    may   be
a thoroughly good and substantial
Street Railway to the satisfaction of
the Council of the Corporation or any
person appointed by the Council, both
as to grades, location, width and
depth of rail and mode of construction. But when the Council shall so
decide to change the roadbed from a
temporary to a permanent one of any
street on wliich the Company's track
ls laid, it shall give to the Company
at least nine months, prior notice in
writing of its Intention to do so, provided that In all macadamized or
gravelled streets a track constructed
with  "tee"  rails  weighing   not   less
laid on any streets or road where a ' stopped to allow the passage of all
single track is first laid, plans shall fire engines, flre brigades and appll-
be  submitted  to  the  Council  for  its  ances.
approval before the work is com- 25. The said street cars shall stop
menced. but such approval shall not!at crossings when leaving or recelv-
be unreasonably withheld.
14. The Company shall have the
right to make and enforce regulations
and rules for the proper collection of
fares and for the conduct of passengers on Its cars.
15. The Company shall have t'/i
right to charge and collect from
every person on or after entering
any of its cars for the purpose of riding any distance within the District
of Burnaby a sum not to exceed five
cents for any distance within three
miles from the western boundary of
the Corporation, and for each two
miles or part thereof ridden beyond
the sail three miles the Company
shall heve the right to collect an additional five cents. Provided that
residents of or settlers in the Baid
District of Burnaby shall be given
special rates which shall not exceed
the rates charged to settlers on the
Westminster-Vancouver Interurban
line for  proportionate distances, and
in-anted hereafter a single or double   than   fifty-six  pounds  per yard  shall
I* ..       .  1  ..-.��nUAn��^ ..nmao.ar.nl nrtnctriln.
���aid Company that Vt should agree to W ance ol Ato mllei
track electric street railway or tramway, with all necessary switches,
turn-outs and spur tracks and other
requisite appliances in connection
therewith, upon and over all or any
of the streets within the District of
Burnaby Insofar as the Council of the
said Corporation can legally grant
the same, but neither this clause nor
arjvthing in this Agreement shall
give or be construed as giving to the
Company the power of engaging In
any other business than that of constructing and operating electric railways within the said District, the intention being that this Agreement
shall confer on the Company the
right to use the said streets and no
dthw interest therein in manner
aforesaid, so long as and provided
the Company observes the covenants
and conditions  herein contained.
2. The Company In consideration
of the premises and the grant of t'ie
right to use the streets as afore
said herebv covenants, promises and
agrees with the Corporation that It
will fulfil all the conditions, regulations and undei takings hereinafter
contained by the Company to be observed antl performed.
3. The Company covenants and
agrees subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth to construct or cause to be constructed the
following lines of electirc railway,
LINE "A."   From  the easterly terminus of the Company's railway   on
Hastings  Street in  the City  of Vancouver, easterly  along said  Hastings 1 '"L
Street   and   Barnet   Road    tor   a   dia- l8*^  ���i"y*.
construe^ such turWaer railway Ume
conditional upon a new Agreement
between the > said Corporation
and the said Company regar'in;
electric railway construction in the
District of Burnaby, together with a
by-law authorizing the execution
thereof, being submitted for approval
to the eleteors of the District of Burnaby. and if approved being finally
passed and executed on behalf of the
Corporation, which suggestion has
been accepted by the said Comnany:
AND WHEREAS in accordance
with the said suggestion of the Corporation a new Agreement has been
prepared between the sail Corporation and the said Company for the
construction of electrle railways In
the District of Burnaby, which new
Agreement is hereto annexed;
HE IT ENACTED by the Reeve and
Council of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby in council assembled
as follows:
1. Authority is given hereby to
the Reeve and Clerk of the said Corporation to sign and execute and affix the corporate seal to and give delivery to the British Columbia Elec
trie Railway Company, Limited,
therein named of an Indenture of
Agreement between the Corporation
and the British Columbia Electric
Railway Company, Limited, to construct and operate an electric railway
system within the District of Burnaby, all to tho extent, on the terms
anil in the manner set forth In Uie
said Agreement which ls hereto annexed and forms part of this By-law
as if embodied therein, and that all
as the act and deed of the said Cor-
1 oration.
J. This By-law shall not go Into
effect until it has been submitted for
approval to the electors of the District of Burnaby, who are entitled to
vote upon a by-law to contract a
i debt.and has received the asBent of
not less than three-fifths ln number
of the electors who shall vote upon
this  by-law.
". This by-law may be cited as
the "Burnaby Electric Railway Bylaw, 1911."
Done ' and passed in open council
this day  of r,1911.
Received the assent of the electors of the District of Burnaby on
the   day of  , 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed the
 dav of  , 1911.
In duplicate this   day of  tn
, the year of our  Lord, one thousand
nine hundred and eleven,
Province of British Columbia, hereinafter   called   "the   Corporation,"
'ITED.   (FOREIGN),   being   a   com-
Ijwnv   Incorporated   under the  Com-
jnanks'   Act   18fi2   and   1893,  having
Bits  offices  situate    in   34    Nicholas
��ne.  Iximbard Street   in  the Citv
London.  England,  being duly 11-
ansed to carrv on business ln the
l couv
* \tanc
be considered permanent construe
tion until the streets are paved as
hereinafter provided, but if any such
streets is to be block-paved, asphalted
or fald down with a pavement of a
similar character, then the Company
may be required to remove the track
first laid down and replace it with u
track suitable to the new pavement
to the satisfaction of the Council of
said Corporation or to some person
appointed by tbe Council for this purpose, and ln that case the track first
laid down shall be considered a temporary one only, but the Company
shall only once be called upon to remove a temporary track and replace
it with a permanent one.
8. The Company shall maintain
Its ties, stringers and rails In a state
of thorough repair and shall for that
purpose remove, renew and replace
the same as circumstances may require, and as the Council of the Corporation shall direct, and shall maintain and keep the roadbed in the case
of permanent track under the rails
and eight inches on either side of
each rail, and in the easeof a temporary track between the rails and
to a width of eight inches on the outside of each rail in as good a state
of repair as the remainder of the
street may be. And in the event of
the Company making any repairs or
alteration to the tracks, ties, stringers or rails, lt shall replace the portion of the street disturbed for the
purpose of such repairs or alterations
in as good order and condition as the
rest of the  street without unnecces-
ing passengers In such position as
may be mutually agreed upon between the Council of the Corporation
and the Company, and no cars shall
be left standing on the street at anytime unless receiving or leaving passengers or waiting at a terminus provided the location of such terminus
shall be first assented to by tbe Councll.
26. The cars after dark on the
said streets shall be provided with
lights both front and rear; and such
other signal shall be attached to the
cars as safety In operation may from
time to time require.
27. The Company shall employ
careful, sober, well-behaved and prudent conductors and drivers on their
cars, ani it shall be the duty of such
conductors and drivers as far as practicable to keep vigilant watch for all
teams, carriages or persons on foot,
bicycles or horseback, either on the
track or moving towards lt. and on
with  such similar transfer prhdjeges   the first appearance of danger the car
as  settlers on the  Westminster-Van-1 Bhall be stopped ln the shortest possible space of time.
LINK "B."���Prom fhe northeasterl
The Corporation shall have the
\ right   to   take   np   and    replace    the
" I streets   traversed   by   the   sa'd   Rall-
termlnus of the Company's railway on u..,v  ,jneg  Qr auy  of  thom eUher  for
purpose  of  altering   the   grades
Columbia Street in the City of
Westminster, northeasterly alon..
said Columbia Street and ths North
Road for a distance of one mile, and
to continue the same to the Junction
of the Clark Road so soon as settlement warrants.
And the Company will commAnce
the construction of said Line A"
within one month from the date of
this agreement, and will fully com
plete, equip and operate the same
within eleven months from the date
of this Agreement; and will commence construction of the said Line
"B" within one month after the completion of construction of a high level
"ory.lco suitable to street railway
traffis, over the Brunette River and
the granting of any necessary permls
sion from the City of New Westmin
���',on   way
^w!the  ]
thereof, constructing," Improving or
replacing or repairing the streets,
sewers, drains, conduits or water
pipes or of laying down or repairing
water or gas pipes or sewers and for
all other pyrposes within the power,
province or privileges of the Corporation or the Council thereof, without
being liable to the Company for any
compensation or damage that may
be occasioned to the working of the
Railway or the works connected
therewith, but In such event no unnecessary or undue delay or hind
ranee shall be caused to the operation of the track and in the event,
of the Corporation exerc'sing such
right, lt shall without unnecessary
! delay replace the track at its own
proper costs  and  expenses,  provided
couver Interurban line may have
from time to time, provided, however,
that ln the event of the City of Vancouver purchasing the Company's
railway system within the present
limits of the City of Vancouver the
Company will exchange transfers
with 'the City upon such equitable
basis as may be mutually agreed upon
between the City and the Company.
16. The Company shall carry Infants in arms free and shall carry
children under the age of twelve
years at the rate of two children for
one regular fare and shall Issue to
sphool children attending the public
schools in the said District tickets at
the rate not to exceed 25 cents for
ten fares within the District of Burnaby, but such tickets shall only be
used and entitle such school children
to travel on the railway between.the
hours of 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. and shall
not be available on Saturdays and
Sundays, and other school holidays.
17. The Company shall grant free
transportation over its system within
the District of Burnaby to the Reeve
and Councillors of the District and to
the Clerk of the Council, Engineer,
Medical Health Officer and Constables of the District and Province.
18. The Company shall he liable
for and shall at all times indemnify
and save harmless the Corporation
from and against all damages arising out of the construction of operat
lng of its Railways within the Municipality.
19. The Company shall not by
any of its works. Interfere with the
public rlsht of travelling on or using
highways, streeta, bridges, watercourses or navigable waters, and the
Company shall not erect any pole
higher than one hundred and fifty
feet above the surface of the street
nor fix any wires less than eighteen
feet above the surface of the street,
and the poles shall be as nearly as
possible straight and perpendicular,
and the Company shall not place or
permit any advertising signs to be
placed thereon, and provide! that
after Jhe opening up of the street for
28. The conductors on said cars
shall announce to the passengers the
names of the streets and public
squares as tbe cars reach them.
29. In the event of the Corporation or any person or persons or body
or bodies corporate proposing or being desirous of constructing a st-eet
railway or street railways on any of
the streets or roads within the District of Burnaby other tharj those
upon which the Company shall have
constructed a street railway or have
a street railway in course of construction in accordance with the provisions herein contained, the Companv
shall he requested In writing to build
such desired or proposed railway and
operate the same upon the terms and
conditions in this Agreement contained, and the Company shall, within sixty (60) days thereafter notify
the Corporation whether lt ls willing
to build and onerate such street railway and ln the event of the Company refusing or neglecting within
sixty (60) days from such request to
signify its willingness to build and
operate such railway, or In the event
of the Company neglecting or refusing to commence the building of such
railway within six months after expiration of the said sixty (CO) ('ays
or to complete same within twelve
(12) months from the date'when it
signified its willingness to build and
operate such railway, the Corporation shall then have the right to construct and operate so much of the
desired line or lines as shall not
have been constructed by the Company, or grant to any person or persons or body corporate the right to
build and operate Bame or otherwise
as the Corporation may deem advisable, provided that the Company shall
have a further and other option or
options to construct and operate sail
desired line or lines unless the construction of same has been commenced within a period of six months
after the Company's refusal or neglect to construct, and thereafter continuously   prosecuted   in  a  bona   fide
the construction of any of the works   manner,   and   in   such   case   all   the
ster to construct the said Line "8" always that the rights hereby grant-
along Columbia Street,' and will fully |ed shall be subject to any exis'ing
complete, equip and operate same : rights, statutory or otherwise, or that
within   six  months   from    the   com-J may here after be granted to any per
mencement of construction of the
said Line "B," but in care the said
work of construction shall be prevented or delayed by reason of rebellion, epidemic, fire, storm or tempest. Btrike or other cause of a Hk��
nature   beyond   the   control    of   tbe
son or persons or body corporate to
open or take up said streets of said
Corporation or any of them, but in
the event of the Corporation granting
such right to any person or persons
or hody corporate It shall make It a
condition   of   such    grant   that    the
Company,   the   time   for    completion | prantee  shall   without   delay   replace
shall be extended for eo long as the
work shall have been so delayed or
prevented, the length of such extension to be mutually agreed unon between the Company anl the Corporation.
4. The Tracks of the said street
railway shall be of a gaug^ of four
feet eight and a half inches, the rails
and conduction to be to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council of the
Corporation. The tracks shall conform to the grades of the streets as
defined by the Council and the whole
tracks shall be constructed to reasonable satisfaction of thn Council but
the Council's approval shall not be
unreasonably withheld.
5. The location of the line nf rail
the track and make good to the Company any damage thereto at such
grantee's own costs.
10. The sneed of the cars shall no*;
exceed twenty-five miles an hour, pro-
vided thnt the said spend shall, if required by resolution of the Council
of said Corporation be reduced to a
rate of speed not exceeding ten miles
per hour on business streets and fifteen miles an hour on residential
11. The Company will cause cars
to be run at Intervals of not more
than an hour between seven a. m
.and eleven p. m. each ''ay excepting
Sunday on which day the Company
shall not be obliged to run the car.-,
earlier   than   eight   a.   m.   provided
way on any of the streets shall not however, that the Company shall, If
be made by the Company until the required to do so hy resolution of
plans thereof showing the proposed the Council of the Corporation, hav-
posltlon of the rails, the style of the , ing regard to what the demand for
rail to be used and the other works traffic accommodation Justifies, couse
on such streets have heen submitted | cars to be run on each of said lines
to and approved of by resolution of
the Council of the Corporation, whl'-h
annroval shall not be unreasonably
fi. Before breaking up. openin? or
interfering with any part of said
streets for the purpose of constructing said works the Company shall
give to the Clerk of the Councll for
the time being ten days' nctke in
writing of its Intention to do so. and
no more than fifteen hundred lineal
feet on any one street shall be broken
up or onened at any one time unles3
permission so to do shall have been
given by the Council. And when the
work   thereon   shall   have  been   com-
at such more frequent intervals than
In this clause provided and between
of the Company and the erection of
poles or for carrying the wires underground, the surface of the street shall
in all cases be restored to the satisfaction of the Councll by and at the
expense of the Company, and provided further that whenever In case
of fire it becomes necessary for Its
extinction or the preservation of propeity that the wires shall he cut, the
cutting under such circumstances of
any of the wires of the Company under the direction of the Chief Engineer or other officer in charge of the
Fire Brigade shall not entitle the
Company to demand or claim compensation for any unavoidable damage that might be so incurred, and all
property so injured shall be restored
to its former condltien so soon thereafter as reasonably can be done at tho
expense of the Corporation.
20. The Company shall place and
continue on said Railway tracks good
and sufficient passenger cars for the
convenience and comfort of passengers. Each car shall be numbere.l on
the outside and inside and passenger:;
only shall be carried in such cars.
21. The Company may also operate freight cars for the transportation of express and freight in the
said  District of Burnaby.
22. The Company shall not bs obliged to carry In passenger cars any
packages or baggage exceellng In
weltht 25 lbs. for any one passengT,
and It may refuse to allow passengers
to bring with them on board Its passenger cars any package of whatsoever nature that would cause Inconvenience to other passengers or occupy space destined for the accommodation of passengers. ,or soil or damage the clothing of passengers or the
Companys' property and It may make
and enforce such regulations as to
packages and baggage as lt may
deem necessary.
23. The Corporation and the Com-
fhe hours of 6:30 a. m.. and midnight | pany shall make By-laws and rngula-
of each day excepting Sunday, pro tlons prohibiting spitting on the Com-
vided, however, that in no case shall pany's Cars under proper penalties,
cars be required to run between mid- 24. The cars of the Company shall
nleht and 6:30 a. m. But nothing in be entitled to the uninterrupted rlsht
this clause is Intended to prevent thn . of way on the tracks of the said rail-
Company from running its mrs at any | ways. All vehicles, however, may
other time or as often ns it may see , travel on, along or across tho said
fit. | tracks,   but  any   vehicles,  horses,  bi-
12. In the event of any other linns cycles, man or foot passengers upon
being built, bv the Company during j the track shall turn out at. the an-
the term of this Agreement, the fre-1 proach of any car, so as to leave the
ouency of service over such lines | track clear for the passing of the
shall from tim-^ to time be deter- car, provided this shall not be taken
| mined by an Agreement between tho  to affect or restrict any legal rights
menced   it   shall   be   proceeded   with ] Corporation   and   the   Company,   and   the  Company may  have against any
without   intermission   and   as  rapidly   In case the Corporation and the Com-  persons so travelling along or across
as the same can be carried on with! pany shall be unable to agree upon
due regard to the proper and efficient (he same the question shall be refer
construction of the same. red to arbitration as hereinafter pro-
7.   The   tracks   of   the   Fail   Rail-1 vided.
way  shall  until  the  temporary road-      13.   In thn event of a second track
nee   of   British   Columbia,   who bed of the streets is replaced by one   being required by the Company to be  pany   on   the
the said tracks. But In case of fire,
the hoBe of the Flre Brigade, if laid
across the tracks on the said streets,
sliall not be Interfered with by tho
Company and the cars of the Corn-
said   streets  shall   be
Company's powers over such streets
shall be ln force os if there had
been no such refusal or neglect.
30. During the time of the construction of a railway nnd laying the
rails or thereafter during the repairing of same, a free passage for vehicles over a sufficient portion of the
streets and crossings shall be maintained; and Immediately after the
said rails have been laid or repairs
done the surface of the streets shall
be placed in a condition as nearly as
possible similar to that In which they
were before the commencement of
the  work of construction  or repairs.
31.���In case the Company shall fail
to operate any portion or the whole
of Its line for the period of six (6)
months or shall do or omit to do anything, the doing or omission of which
under the provisions of this Agreement causes the forfeiture of the
rights heitby conferred upon the
Company, tho Company shall forfeit
all prlvellges. franchises and rights
which lt shall acquire or which are
conferred upon lt under the provisions of this Agreement over such portion of Its railways on which default
has been made, and the same shall
thereupon become and be vested ln
the Corporation at a valuation to be
determined upon by arbitration; or
at the option of tho Council of said
Corporation the Company shall remove Its rails from said track or portion of said track, and place the paving of such street in a condition similar to that in which the remainder of
such street may then be, provided
this clause shall only apply to wilful
default of the Company.
32. At the expiration of the term
of thirty-eight years granted by this
Agreement the Corporation may, upon giving at least twelve (12) months
written notice prior to the expiration
of said terms of Its Intention to do so,
assume the ownership of all the railway lines belonging to the Company
within the present limits of the Corporation, together with all the real
and personal property of the Compnny actually used, in use or to be
used exclusively ln the operation of
the railway lines and plant within
the limit nforseeald, upon payment
heing made to the Company by tho
Corporation of the value there of,
such value to be mutally agreed upon between the Corporation and the
Company, or ln case of a failure to
agree, then such value shall be determined by arbitration in the following manner:
The arbitrators shall fix the then
market value of all the lands so to be
taken over exclusive of any Improvements, machinery and buildings
thereon, and to the sum so found
shall be added the value of tbe Improvement, machinery, buildings and
personal property including the
costs of construction of the said railway lines and of Installing all the
plant and machinery and deducting
therefrom a reasonable sum to be d3-
termlned by the arbitrators for depreciation thereof; but such price or
value shall not include any payment
for any franchise, for the right or
running or goodwill. The Corporation shall have eight months after
the value Is finally determined on to
complete the purchase; provided,
however, that untll the purchase Ib
complete the Company shall be entitled to retain possession of the said
railway lines and property and to
operate same and to retain all the
profits derived therefrom.
33. Tbe covenants, conditions, regulations and undertakings to be observed and performed by the Company and the privileges given to the
Corporation in this Agreement shall
be deemed to refer to and be applicable only to electric street railways
or tramways Iffereln constructed by
the Company upon streets within the
District of Burnaby under the terms
of this Agreement, and shall in no
wise be deemed to refer to or be applicable to auy part of the Company's
Westminster-Vancouver Interurban
tramway or any electric street railway or tramway which the Company
may construct on lands acquired by
the Company In the District of Burnaby or to any of the property of the
Company used or to be used in connection therewith.
34. In the event of the Corporation falling to exercise the right to
assume the ownership of said railway and plant, as provided in paragraph 32 hereof, then this Agreement
shall continue for further periods of
ten (10) years each on the terms
and conditions herein contained, and
the Corporation shall have a similar
right to purchase at the end of each
period of ten (10) years and to operate the railway or cause It to be
operated, and the said purchase to be
In the manner and on the terms set
out ln Section 32.
35. If at any time hereafter any
disputes, difference or question shall
arise between the said parties hereto, their respective successors or assigns or any of them, touching the
construction, meaning or effect of
these presents, or any clause or thing
herein contained, or the rights and
liabilities of the said parties respectively or their successors and assigns,
then every such dispute, differenc,
decision or question shall be referred
to arbitration.
36. Whenever under the terms of
this Agreement any matter, dispute,,
difference or question is to be referred to arbitration or whenever under
the terms of agreement any matters
or things are to be mutually agreed
upon between the Company and the
Corporatlon and they are unable to
agree, the same shall be referred to
the decision of two arbitrators���ono
to be selected by each of the parties
and to an umpire who shall be selected by the arbitrators before entering upon their duties, the award of
the majority of whom shall be binding on all parties and shall be arbitrate! under and according to the
provisions of the "Arbitration Act"
being Chapter nine of the Revised
Statutes   of   British   Columbia,   any
i amendment thereof or any act of the
Legislature of the Province of Brlt-
| Ish Columbia for the time being In
| force in British Columbia relating to
, arbitration  and the conduct   thereof.
37. Any notice to be given under
I this Agreement by the Company shall
; be deemed sufficiently given and
| served lf delivered at the office of
1 the Corporation and any notice to be
given by the Corporation to the Company shall be deemed sufficiently
given and served lf addressed to the
General Manager of the Company,
Vancouver, B. C, and forwarded by
registered letter.
38. Whenever under this Agreement the word "street or "streets"
occurs the same shall be taken to include road or highway, or roads or
39. Nothing In this Agreement
contained shall be deemed to confer
or be construed as conferring any exclusive rights or powers on or to the
said Company.
It ls agreed by and between thf?
parties hereto that the Agreement
between the Corporation and the
Company dated the 141 h day of October, 1909. regarding tramway construction in the District of Burnaby
shall be null and void as from tho
date of the execution of this Agreement,
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties   hereto   have   hereunto   causel
these presents to be executed.
The Common  Seal  of the
Corporation   of   the   District    of    Burnaby    was
hereunto   affixed   in  the
���presence   of	
Take notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed by-lay upon which the vote of the Municipality
will be taken on Saturday, the 21st.
day of October, 1911, betwen 9
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p.m. at
the polling places:
The Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Lake View School, Burnaby Lake.
MrB.   Cobban's   house, Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Duthie School, Duthie.
G. H.  Leafs store, East Burnaby.
Mr. Jas. Herd's office, Hastings
Street East.
Publlc notice ls hereby given that
the vote of the electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed returning officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct. 10, 1911.
1 WEDNE8DAY, OCTOBER  11, 1911.
nam bevbw.
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
Transfer Co,
vtn-cs 't'&ona in.     Barn 'Phone 11/
Begbie Street.
Baggage   aeiivereo   promptly   3*
any part of tka alty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 111 Office:  Princess St
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Additional Excursions
to Eastern Points
Tickets on sale September 25th,
October 2nd, 6th. Return limit 29
days from date of sale. October 17th,
18th, l!>th. Return limit November
Winnipeg, Man ' I 60.00
Minneapolis. Mln     60.00
St. Paul,  Minn     60.00
Chicago.  Ill     72.60
Milwaukee,  Wis     72.50
Toronto, Ont     91.50
Montreal,   Que 105.00
New York, N.Y 108.50
Boston, Mass 110.00
Washington, D.C 107.50
and all other eastern cities. Standard
and tourist cars on all trains. For
further information apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Phon* 106.     P. O. Box 345.
Offlce, Front St, Foot of Sixth.
1004 Pure Paint
which we guarantee Mb*Pare
White li***. Pore OlMe ot Une, and
Pare Unseed Oil. with of ooerae tke
���eceenary coloring inirredleMi sad
dryer*. Mow to be entirely truthful,
they do make a few dark ahadea
that eaanot be prodooed from lead
and ilno. Come tn tke etore aad we
will mow tkea tn yoe-bot eretr
otber oolor ta poetttwelp "d ��be����
lately ICO per eent Pare Pal**.
end sot a drop of adsltenMoa et
eubitltatlon la vised hi.
We reeommead tkla ezoelleee
brand to all oor frlenda and outtoov
era. Another good point la that two
eillona ot thla palat eorera aa ainak
apaoe aa three aaUona ef tke ailed
We hare oolor eerde ehowtaa ell
tbe colon and ahadea Bade, flea
for tbe aaktnc.
"The first serious a*' -~x)t to bring
forth a self-propelled t. u. was made
In 1885 in England," says Charles H.
Martin. "A traffic association," so-
called, was formed ameng the Liverpool merchants to seek means of Improving trafTlc conditions ln the city
streets. Aided by this association,
designers began to bring out crude
steam-driven vans about 1890. They
were funny affairs, viewed in the
light of today's commercial car, but
all things have to have a beginning.
"Two years later, in 1898. there was
held a contest ln Liverpool, In which
six concerns competed. American
engineers did little but watch with in-
tere6t what their English cousins
were doing, as the pleasure car at
that time was the all-absorbing topic.
One or two feeble efforts were made
build commercial vehicles, but these
were soon abandoned.
"To Ralph Morgan, a young engineer, belongs the credit of building
the flrst successful truck in America.
Unlike most Inventors. Mr. Morgan
was not hampered by lack of funds,
but had ample means to deevlop his
ideas. He spent a year in Europe
studying every phase of the truck
situation, and, returning to Worcester
brought out his flrat truck, a steam
driven affair, in 1901. This truck had
a capacity of ten tona, and was the
largest ever constructed. While it
worked successfully, lt was found to
be too heavy for the roads.
"Mr. Morgan continued his experimenting by building trucks and giving them to his friends to try out until he settled on the five-ton capacity
as the largest car possible to operate
economically and successfully until
such time that the roada and streeta
are built to stand up under the heavier weights.
"Mr. Morgan was followed closely
by other designers, and as early as
1903 there were enough to make a
very (Aespectable showing; ao the
Automobile club of America promoted a contest in New York City
from which really dates the beginning of the commercial car's development.
"Tbe complications and dangers of
steam ln the hands of the average
operator caused it to be soon abandoned in favor of gasoline, and the
gasoline engine as a means of developing power has been pretty generally adopted by the truck manufacturers, owing to its simplicity and
flexibility, and because it admits of a
much wider range of action than any
other known means.
"The stimulus given by the test in
1903 caused quite a healthy demand
to spring up, and many thought the
business vehicle would outstrip the
pleasure vehicle in the race for supremacy, and this would probably
have been the case had the engineers
been ready with a properly designed
"The few machines, put out served
their purpose, and told plainly what
must be done to put the business automobile where lt could compete successfully with horse in transporting
merchandise. The development has
gone on steadily, each year showing
Improvements over the last.
"It has been slow reaching commercial perfection. But it is pretty generally admitted by all who are using
the later model trucks that they ara
showing a great saving over horses."
Present Situation.
The automobile industry has passed through one of the most serious
crisis that have ever faced a new enterprise, and it ls now firmly and
safely established, with the confidence behind it of the most conservative business Interests and the public at large. Indications are that the
1912 season will surpass any previous
These are the opinions of Benjamin
Brliscoe, president of the United
States Motor company. Mr. Briscoe,
in his usual spirit as one of the year's
lirst optimists, is on a tour of inspection of the company's factories, and
has gone into the situation more thoroughly, perhar.8, than any of the leading automobile men thus far.
"There is a marked difference between the automobile situation today
and that of a year ago," says Mr.
Briscoe. "At that time bankers wer;
attacking the Industry, and publicity
was spread detrimental to the automobile. In view of that, concerns
with an overstock of cars frantically
put these on the market at cut prices.
"Automobile credit was at a low
ebb and everything looked as if at
last the croaking of the perennial automobile knocker waa to be realized
ln a crumbling of the business.
"Looking over the past year, this
appears to have been a blessing ln
disguise. It has taught conservatism
to men In the automobile Industry. It
has given confidence to the financial
community and the public In general.
They have seen the industry pass
through this serious crisis unscathed.
"It Is a significant fact that no
failure of consequence occurred.
"The public is buying freely, and
shows every evidence that it will continue to hup as freely as in the past���
a fact which indicates that the automobile Is definitely accepted as an
economic factor in modern lire. <
"The strongest, most reputable and
most conservative financial Interests
have accepted and approved of the
industry as being safe and stable.
"Automobile manufacturers who
have the necessary experience and
equipment, who bulll along lines of
utility, and who sell their product at
a reasonable prpllt, are bound to have
all the bualneaa they can attend to
during the coming year.
���The public will buy cars aad
trucka from reputable companies
that can be depended upon to jrlve
the best values possible tor the price,
and to take care of owners.
"To give these values a company
must he well founded financially,
give the service that the owner
right demands, the comrany must
ln the business to remain."
T. J. Trapp & Co.
A Spiritualist Service wlll be held
at Mn. J. Clarke'a residence, Inman
avenue. Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening, at S o'clock. All
are welcome.
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is all-important  in  New. Westminster
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The Daily News
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A more Great Majestic Malleable and Charooal Iroa Ranfee
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market, is proof positive that it ia
the best.
Don't You Want the Best?
Tbe Great Majestic Rang* lasts
three t.moa as long as a cheap
range, bnt it doesn't cost three
times as much.
City News
Mrs. Lester, of Vancouver, will not j
open her dancing classes till November 2, and then for adults only.
bf ���     '
Tomorrow evening in St. Albans
church, the Harvest Festival will bo
celebrated. The preacher will be the
Rev. Rural Dean Bartlett, rector of
St.   Barnabas,   and   the   Rev.' Canon
d'Easum.    rector    of
cathedral, will assist.
Holy    Trinity
A dance will be held In Labor
Hall on Monday. Oct. 16; under the
auspices of the U. B. ol Carpenters
and Joiners. Members and friends
are invited. This dance ��� waa'-to'-be j fn
held on Oct. 9, but had to be postponed till the 16th. �����
Mrs. Joseph Travers will receive
for the flrst time this season on the
second Thursday of November.
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. **
Last night the Rev. W. J. Litch lectured in the hall at Edmonds, on the
subject "Crowded Out." There was
a good attendance.
Eyea    tested for glasses;  satisfaction     guaranteed    by    W.    GlfTord.
graduate   optician.     Optician   parlors
T.  Gifford's Jewelry store.      **
Members of the Federal Labor
union, No. 13197. are reiu*st*d to
meet at the Conservative rooms on
Friday evening, the 13th inst.. at
eight o'clock, as some Important business has to be transacted. By order
of President W. Bailey. ������
The attention of the Ladles of the
Maccabees ls once more called to tho
fact that    the    Supreme    Lieutenant
commander of the order. Mrs. Locke,
will visit No. 3 Hive, New Westminster, this (Wednesday) afternoon, and
It Is hoped that every member of the
Maccabers ln the city wlIM>e present
The meeting will be held in the Odi-
fellows Hall at 2:30 p. m. sharp, and
the  high  tea  to  be  held  afterwards
will continue from 5 to 6.    It Is   desired that all will wait for this func
The remains of Mr. Daniel McQuarrie, whose death at the Royal
Columbian hospital was recorded ln
these columns yesterday morning,
were shipped to Yale yesterday afternoon by D. Murchie & Son. The interment will take place at Yale.
Don't forget t9 pay a visit to Miss
Davey'a private millinery parlors, 201
Agnes atreet (nearly opposite St.
Mary's hospital). Hats renovated and
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weathered   the
without disaster,
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stock   against   loss   through
I write all kinds of Insurance. Come in aftd talk it
over with me.
Alfred W. McLeod
Phone  6.
657 Columbia St.,
New   Westminster.
Exhibition demand for
suits was good, and now
that it has been satisfied I
NESS. %i in
Don't leave your order
till the last moment���Come
The  following is A detailed  statement of the    city   engineer's    report
with regard to a rock crushing plant
r\     >* *  L   iand a"  the necessary  paraphernalia.
Uon t take j The figures show the cost in detail:
I In accordance with instructions
from your honorable body, I have the
honor to submit an estimate of thu
probable cost of lnstallln gand operating a rock crushing plant in the city
of New Westminster. The estimate
includes everything necessary to successfully operate a crushing plant
with a capacity of 200 cubic yards per
day, as shown in detail on the attached sheet, fsr a capital outlay of
The        estimated        maintenance
charges are $2000 per annum.
The  plant  could  only  be  operated
on  an economic  basiB  for  about  six
months during the year, and I would
suggest  that  a small portable crusher be  purchased  to crush  the  small
boulders,  which  are  to  be  found   in
abundance    on    our    streets.       This j
crusher   could   be   operated   In   conjunction with thp Ktenm roller, which !
has   a  tly   wheel  attached - an'I   would j
afford  work for tho roller during th,.]
the    wet     weather    in    the    winter I
months, when road building is not in
Two 200-yard scows at $2000
each        I4.000.QQ
One    tugboat    purchased    in
England,   say     6.500.0Q
Bunkqrs,   200-yard   capacity.  3,000.00
Grab bucket, travelling crane
ani!   engine       5.000.00
Wharf,   say      4,000.00
No.   4   crustier      2,200.00
Foundations            100.00
Screens.    Chain    Bucket    or'
conveyor   trestle   and   platform  and   belting,   sav    2,500.00
40 H. P.  motor  (electric)   ..     500.00
Installing     plant     and     machinery             555.00
Covering  ln   plant     J.OflO.OO
New Westminster and Sapperton to
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
in the city, and will be pleased to
deliver to any part of the city and
Sapperton,' nine quarts for $1.00.
Phone your order to R873, or write
tbe Glen Tana Dairy. Queensborough, Lulu Island.
Girls' and Boys' Coats
Neat and Stylish to Suit Any Age
Now is the time to obtain the greatest choice of these beautiful little coats for th* t*
Our great selection makes this store one to be first thought of when your little J?'!2 5*
warm. We have never shown so great a selection and values never were marked lo low WeT/ ^
after the Juvenile trade and believe that nothing but genuine value giving can gain the des^ r J f"
Come along;  we don't ask you to buy. but let us show you what this sto.* can save you.
Girls' coat of fancy homespun tweed In shades of
grey and fawn; buttoned close to neck with stand
up collar of velvet; fancy horn button to match;
flannel lined throughout; sizes 6 to 12 years.
Prices    $9.00 to $10.50
Stylish little   coat for boys made of flne covered
coating;   double breasted;  red anchor emblem
sleeve;   collar of self;
with wool  mohair.
sizes 4 to  8  years;   lined
Prices   $7.50 to $9.00
Coat for either girl or boy
of flne grade all wool, Shepherd's check. In double
breasted style, trimmed
with six fancy brass buttons, black velvet collar and
black anchor emblem on
sleeve; heavy grade Italian
lined; sizes to flt from   6 to
12  years.    Price $8.50
to $11.00
Boys' coat ln Russian style,
buttoned to neck with stand
up collar of self; heavy
tweed effect; ln shades of
brown; sizes 4 to 8 years.
Prices $5.50 to $6.50
��� i.n
-  'r   I
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
. $30,000.00
Vancouver, Wash., Oct. 9.���Hesitancy on the part of the bride-to-be
and successful perseverance by a
fervent wooer blended in the prelude
of a marriage here Tuesday night,
when Miss Marcel Enda Wilcox, 20
years old, and James B. Rosell, 25.
were married. The couple said they
came to Vancouver from Portland In
order to keep their wed ling a secret
from the bride's mother.
They   were accompanied   by   Mlss
Katherine Sauber and when the trio
reached the front steps of the court-,
house,    Miss    Wilcox    pasued,    then j
turned and fled down the street, pur-
sued by her fiancee, who soon caught'
up with her.   For an hour the ardent j
Rosell pleaded his cause.
"Don't  be  a  quitter  at  this   stage
of the game," he begged.
Moved by the fervor  of  her troubled sweetheart, Miss Wilcox returned to the courthouse, where her courage  again failed  and  she  sank  into
j a seat.   The combined efforts of Miss
Sauber and Rosell did not move her
until   just   as    the    county    auditor,
Charles  Kirch,  was  locking  the door
for the night.    Then, bracing herself
for the ordeal, MIsb Wilcox nervously
walked into the office and the license
was  issued.
Tjie party proceeded to the home
of the Rev. Otis E. Gray, pastor of
St. Luke's church, and were married.
"We fooled the reporters, anyway,"
smiled the newly-made Mrs. Rosell.
"I could not have stood to have it
printed that I eloped."
You will need a raincoat, so the weather man has said. Hare you seen the new ones tills store is
now showing ? These are something in style different from the every day waterproof, and prices a
little lower than the average.
Here Are Two Lines of Special Note
Women's waterproof coat, new manish tweed effect, buttoned to neck with stand up collar; new
sleeve effect; one piece; two pockets; in shades of
grey and   fawn.
Price $18.50 Each
Misses'   waterproof coats ln navy and fawn;  style
buttoned to neck with deep fold collars; all sizes.
Exceptional   values.
Price $7.50 Each
Bank of Montreal
ESTABLISHED 1817.    .
CAPITAL        ��14,400,000.00
RESERVE    12,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada md
Newfoundland, anu In London, England, New York, Chtcago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let
ters of Credit issued, available wltb
correspondents ln all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspsrtment���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward,
atid Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum  (present rate).
Total   Assets  over  1186.000.000.00
G. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
.. L, ��� '
Invisible Cream
White, s tlie Skin
Insures Good Complexion
ine Block.   441 Columbia SL
New Westminster. B.C.
Kamlooos, Oct. 0.���Joseph Biscay,
an official of the Industrial Workers
of the World, was committed for
trial here yesterday on a charge of
carrying concealed weapons.
He was arrested at Savons on the
complaint, of Mr. Woodhury, a C. N.
R. 'boss, who complained that Biscuy
was Inciting the men to strike, nnd
refused to leave the premises when
ordered to do so. Biscay, It fa said,
resisted arrest, and attempted' to
reach an automatic revolver In his
telescope grip. He was overpowered
and arrested, and his grip, on helnc
searched was found to contain a
quantity of literature of the Industrial Workers, and poster* similar to
those posted In all the cahi|is.
Witnesses stated that the prisoner
in Ills' speeches had told of occasion*
on which dynamite had been placed
In steam shovels when workman desired to secure their rights. C.' N. |{.
officials say Biscay has been doing
his best to work up a genei'af strike
In the construction camps.
New York, Oct. 10.���Three Lone
Island deputy sheriffs undertook to
preserve the peace of the Sabbath
yesterday by preventing Earl I. Or-
inpton and Mlss Lathilde Molsant.
aviators, from attempting to mak<>
flights at the Nassau Boulevard. Mlsa
Molsant flew from the Nassau boulevard field to her home at Mfneola.
and Ovington started on his proposed
flipht to the Paciflc coast with a
package of letters, sent by Post mas
ter-General Hitchcock.
(898)��� Thlrty-flve and one half acres ln one of the most fertllo
sections of the Fraser Valley. Twelve acres cleared and the balance
is very easy clearing. Buildings comprise seven roomed house in
good condition, also small barn and a poultry house. Pure spring
water piped to buildings. The soil is a very rich loam and is particularly suited to gardening and fruit growing.
This place has sufficient cleared land to give anyone a good
start and out of the profits of fruit, vegetables and poultry would
pay for Itself ln a few years. I
Public school only half a mile; B. C. Electric line two and a half
$2500 Cash
First payment wlll secure this, balance to arrange.   For full particulars as to price and location see *
S/t/pAv   RnmrQ   GiUette> Autostrap,
sjgrezy i\azors claus>   Ever.Ready
Also Boke   Razors in several styles.
 AT  M
Ryall's Drug Store jj
Pres. and Geni. MgT.
Sac. and Treaa.
"   '    , LUMBER  CO., LTD. i
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7 and 87/.   Shingles, 8ash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phons 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal
Patrick Shalvey, aped lm years. ::.
I. i-.
Funeral leaves the resident! rf Ms
mcle,      Peter     Bryne.     lfffo Vfifth
irence      for     ft.     Peter's"    Catholi'.-1
hnrcli at 8:30 a rn. ca Tlr.irsday.. thui
���ah lntt.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Flirt X Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver    Victoria,
Chilliwack and Aldergrove, BjC.
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at B, 6:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter. \
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser   Valley   line. ��� Cars
lenv��   for   rbfllfwRCk   0M   """*
points at  9::!0 a.m., 1:20, 4:05
and 6,;36 p.m.
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates ot a fare and a
third for week end tripe to all
polnta on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.


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