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The Daily News Nov 17, 1911

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Improved property on River road
and new cut-off line. House and
chicken houses; grand view of
Gulf, etc.    $10,000,    on easy terms.
VOLUME 6, NUMBER 215.       60S
Xj��jqn ���Ajii:|si3.i'i
msAon    new cutoff Hm
*d)2j*^0   and    up.    Very
Native Sons Are Genial Hosts
of Lacrosse Teams*
Praiseworthy    Movement    to    Retain
Famous Suspension Bridge at
The practical spirit which unites
with the sentiment on which thc
young and flourishing organization
known aa the Native Sona rests was
demonstrated last night, when the lacrosse teams of the city were the
guests of tbe New Westminster Post.
No. 4. At the meeting of the post, it
was decided to memorialize the provincial government in favor of repairing and maintaining the suspension
bridge at Spuzzum.
His Honor, Judge Howay, was introduced by Alderman J. J. Johnston and
Mr. J. S. Clute, and was cordially received as first honorary member of
the post. His honor, ln course of a
characteristically able and interesting
speech, pleaded the cause of the old
suspension bridge. He pointed out
that the bridge was almost the only
landmark remaining of old days, lt
was built by the flrat lieutenant governor (at that time Mr. J. W. Trutch)
in 1863, and It was examined and
passed by Lieutenant Palmer, ortbe
Royal Engineers. From that time
down to the time of the C. P. R. it
was the only means of communication
with the Cariboo country, and all the
treasure mined ln the Cariboo passed
ovtr it. The speaker suggested the
picture of men going over the bridge
on their way Into the Cariboo country, with all sorts of hopes and
aspirations, some of which were realized and others which were not. He
refened to the fact that Cariboo
Cameron came over the bridge with
$100,000 on mules. He commended
the effort to have the bridge kept,
not only as an object of interest to
tourists, but as a memento of the
work of the pipneers.
A pleasant hour or two was passed
at the card tables, after which the
company adjourned to the bamiuetting
room where Mr. A. 11. Johnston,
chief factor, presided over a happy
lathering. He welcomed the lacrosse
P>oys with a few hearty and felicitous
'remarks, and then opened th��   toast
Mr. J. 1. Johnston, past chief faetor
"The OuMte." He aald there
��� few cuttwa ��� ot New Weatmlnster who had taken keen Interest
and high pride ln the doings of the
lacrosse tram. Until this year the
team had been made up of men who
were sons of the city. They wero
such a band of healthy, clean living
boys ae were a credit to the city. The
record of the lacrosse team was
known all over the Dominion. There
never was an undertaking more
wholehearted than the sending of the
lacrosse boys east, to ��� 'ay exhibition
games and to win the .'o cup, and
tbe loy and pride with which the citizens learned of their success were
unmeasured. With a humorous reference to short panta and complimentary mention of Tommy Gifford, the
speaker coupled the toast with the
name of Mr. Herb Ryall.
Mr. Ryall in the course of a genial
speech, referred to Mr. Johnston as
the coming mayor cf New Westminster. He spoke of the necessity of
having lacrosse grounds, an.i said that
��u winter the founds COtfW be used
for "bther gum��s. "l .'offered to contribute ?500 to tbis cei lf ijrce
ethers could be fov.nd .vi,o v,ould at,
the same. Mr. Ryali Bpoke confidently of the future of lacror.se, s.:.l did
not encourage the bringing m of outside player3. In lenuniscent vein he
recalled "the great elide act," in
which Mr. John J. tV.nbridge figured
more creditably.
Bill Turnbull proposed "The
Comers," the Westminster amateur
team, which was replied toby Mr. J.
B. Mahoney In a most Interesting
Among other contributors to the
toast list were Mr. George Kennedy,
His Honor Judge Howay, Messrs. W.
P. Edmonds, J. P. Hampton Baft,
Edgar Baker and Dr. Wilson.
A letter apologizing for absence
waa read from Mr. Welsh, well known
as tbe manager of the team in past
Former  Secretary  of   Stewart  Wade
Puts Bullet Through Her Head
���Killed Instantly.
Tragic In its suddeness, absolutely
unexpected In the absence of her employer, was the suicide ot Mrs. Garra
way, a lady of prepossessing appearance wbo has been living at the home
of Mr. C. H. S. Wade for the past
four years and who has been assisting
that gentleman ln connection with the
publicity office which he runs on be
half of New Westminster.
Yesterday soon after twelve o'clock
Mrs. Wade, the crippled wife of C. H
Stewart Wade, heard a thud on the
floor from the upper storey. She sent
up the four-year-son of the dead we
man to investigate. Tbe baby came
down with a story to the effect that
his mother was lying on the floor.
Then the aged grandmother went upstairs only to find her daughter in a
pool of blood on a mat beside the bed
with a bullet hole through ber fore-
There is very little more to relate
about the matter.
It appears that Mrs. Garraway possessed herself of a pistol which was
of an antiquated make and which wad
supposed to be of no use. Where she
obtained tbe cartridges with which to
load tbe weapon is a mystery up to
now. Tbe deceased lady seems, according to reports, to have been suffering from acute melancholia for som
time and ber trouble came to a ell
max yesterday afternoon.
Mr. C. H. Stewart Wade has been
cabled an account of tbe sad occur
ance. He la supposed to be on bis
way from Niagara Falls to Chicago,
where he ls once more to exhibit tho
collection of potatoes which won the
Stlllwell trophy.
Mrs. Garraway leaves four sons and
one daughter, the youngest of whom
is the little four-year-old tot who found
Its mother dead on the floor.
As soon as Mr. Wade junior heard
of the fatal result of the shooting he
informed tbe police. The latter then
took charge of the u-oceedings and
body was sent to Messrs. Murchie &
Sons parlors.
Mrs. flarraway was a woman of i~,
years of age. She was a native of
England, but since separating frcm
her husband she has lived with the
family of Mr. C. H, Stewart Wade
at Sapperton and has been of consider.
able aaaUtanm to tale, to Me ���Bleta)
��iittea a* publicity went.
One of her eone, B. Oaranrajr, ta a
fireman on the C. P. R. Another cne.
L. Garraway. is a collector. A third
son, D. Garraway, is employed in the
case room of the Vancouver Daily
The daughter ie living at the home
of her brother ln Vancouver.
According to Mr. Wade, junior,
there will be no Inquest, hut the
coroner has not been heard from and
he may decide that some enquiry is
necessary into this sudden death of a
comparatively young woman.
L. Suzor Who Went to Rescue Missionaries Relates a Tale
Which Would Appal All Humanity. Heads of Men Were
Thrown at His Feet
Washington, Nov. 16.���The state de ene the missionaries and other   for-
partment is awaiting developmenti
before beginning the executlSn of Its
plans for the participation by the
United States army In tbe international patrol of tbe railway between Pe
king and the sea. Officials to tay re
garded tbe accession to tbe premier-
��hip of Yuan Shi Kai and the initiation by him of a program of conciliation as Indicating the restoration
of better conditions. The war department, however, is prepared for any
action required of It.
Some reassuring advices received
by the state department came through
the Chinese legation here. Eor Instance lt was stated that Incidental to
the assumption of the premiership by
Yuan Shi Kai, an edict had been issued inviting the various provinces to
select representatives to confer ln
Peking at an early date, with a view
to coming to an understanding as to
the form of government to be adopted.
An edict was issued naming three
Imperial commissioners, among them
Chang Chien. a noted Chinese scholar,
to visit the provinces to urge concerted action and the acceptance of
'.he concessions adopted by tho
throne from among the 19 articles
providing for a constitutional    mon
archy, which will be drafted by
northern army and adopted by
Some slight hope Is entertained of
maintaining the allegiance to the Imperial government of Kwang Tung
province through the despatch of a
'elegram to the provisional authorities at Canton by three officials of
that province residing at Peking,
jrging the maintenance of peace an.l
the acceptance of concessions offered
by the throng.
elgneis. The city gates were closed
and when the foreigners clamored
ror admittance the gates were suddenly opened and a large number ot
captured Manchus were dragged out
bf the hair, beheaded and tbeir heads
hsrled at the teet of the delegation.
The gates were tben closed and the
foreigners went back to Hankow to
tell what they had aeen. On the city
wall a number of rebel soldiers stood
to watch for Manchus escaping with
ropes and the escapees were riddled
with bullets as they lowered themselves.
He saw a rich Manchu official who
had paid a coolie $18,000 for a sam
pan, dragged ashore and beheaded.
At a place near Hankow where sev
eral foreigners left their premises the
rebels caught si- gang of looters, be
headed them and nailed the heads to
the doors of stores and dwellings with
signs telling of the fate other robbers
would meet. A Manchu who escaped
to a Japanese river boat was making
his way to a cabin when rebels boarded, seized him, and led him back to
the city gate where he was made to
Kneel and hls head swept off with a
sabre.   It was stuck on a pole.
Recruiting is compulsory by the
rebels.    A  recruiting officer Bits    at
the {Chinese city gates and wayfarers are
the ! pressed, giving a uniform of black cot-
(ton and a white band is fastened   to
their arm, a   rifle   passed    to them.
They are paid nine dollars a month.
The rebels do their utmost to stop,
looting, according to the China Post
of Hankow. A policeman who failed
to stop looting was decapitated and
his head hung in a basket under
which was nailed bis uniform, and a
placard saying the head was that of
a policeman.
The Hankow magistrate was caught
while piling his belongings on a
boat to which his family had been
carried and a rlfla was levelled at his
head, and he was asked if he would
Join the rebels. He answered:
"I'm a'Chinese," and he was rein
Another official,
Chief Juatice Hunter Insists Upon Unearned Increment Going to Rightful Owner.
Chief Justice Hunter has given
judgment in a case Involving Coquitlam real estate. It appears that Mrs.
Mary A. Horton listed with W. J. Kerr
& Co., a property she owned In Coquitlam. She did so exclusively, merei>
reserving the right to dispose of the
property herself. Previous to this
the property had been listed with
Messrs. J. N. Irwin and W. J. Reid.
After the exclusive listing of tn%
property with W. J. Kerr 6. Co., Mr,
Irwin Informed Mrs. Horton that he
had a purchaser tor the property at
$876, the purchaser being Mr. Reid.
Mrs. Horton notified bim that W. J
Kerr & Co. were the exclusive agents
and he, lt was contended yesterday,
accepted this notification as terminating his tenure of the agency. Mr.
Reid bought the property and immediately thereafter publication was
given to the rumor that the C. P. R.
company projectei developments at
Coquitlam. In consequence, prices of
property rose. Within thirty days Mr.
Reid turned over tbe property again,
this time for $3750. Mra. Horton took
action to cancel the sale to Mr. Reid
Chief Justice Hunter found for the
plaintiff in the action.
"This agent must disgorge," remarked his lordship. He held that
the defendant had sustained a
fiduciary relationship to the plaintiff,
which he hai abused.
Mr. Hansford, wbo acted for the
defendant ln the action, has Intimated
an appeal.
Mrs. Horton, it may be remarked, is
a sister of the Hon. Dr. Sproule, the
newly elected Speaker of the Domln
ion House of Commons.
Victoria. Nov. 18. ��� The steamer
Canada Maru which arrived tonight
rrom the Orient, was at Shanghai on
Voctober 21 and 22 when thousands
of refugees were fleeing to that port
from Hankow.    The steamer brought
the stories of many eye-witnesses who  stated as magistrate
told of bloody incidents.   L. Suzor, of a Manchu. was shot down nearby.
Vokohama,  who  went  from  'lankow      Tbe Hau Yang   arsenal   was   cap
with a deputation to Wu Chang to res-  lured by trickery.
ji hi i, i ii in ii.imi f y irql grsjjgt
B.C. Produces Metal of Untold Value.
Discovered by branch a Year Past-
Excels Silver In All Its
Young Idea Blossoms    in Breast   of
Child Girl Graduate-Imperialist
That the board of school trustees is
probably the hardest worked public,
beard in the city was demonstrated
last night when an adjourned meeting
was held. Business of an important
but unplcturesque character occupiel
the attention of the board for several
The fact that the youth of New
Westminster Is ripening richly and
fast, under the administration of the
board and the tuition of the teachers
in the various schools, was demonstrated u��oHiclally and informally last
Mr. McMillan, principal of the
High school, talking affably and un
officially ln the "lobby"���to use a par
liamentary tem tf strong sisnift?*ucc
���while the" board was ln seMiOh,
startled the Daily News man by re*d
Ing excerpts from a paper produced by
16-year-old school girl.   Tho theme
Honors Fall Thick and Fast
On Dominion.
*tHtm ef Brrttah Kit* AJWreSaSa
Gladstone-Leeal of the United Mine
Workers of America Petition for
Victoria, Nov. 16.���An estraordlnary
request addressed to the attorney general of British Columbia ts contained
in a resolution adopted at Pernio, by
a meeting of the members of Gladstone local of the United Mine Workers of America. A copy of this resolution, signed by Secretary T. Uphill,
of the local ln question, has Just
reached Victoria, bearing the date of
November 2 and reading as follows:
"Resolved that in view of existlns
conditions we, the members of Gladstone Local No. 3814 U. M. W. of A.
and citizens ofTFernIe, do hereby petition the attorney general of the
province of British Columbia that
trials by jury be discontinued In
~Zae suggestion that trial by Jury,
an essential*, feature ot Brltllh law,
guaranteeing the liberty of the subject and assured by   Magna Charta
Pari lament.
Kamloops   Is the   Scene   of   Tragic
Death of Two Men and Two
Little Children.
Victoria, Nov. 16. ��� A terrible
tragedy ls reported from Kamloops
by the provincial police. The victims
were four: John Hfeefer, a rancher
living 15 miles from Kamloops; his
two nieces aged respectively W and
11 years, and James A. Tronson.
��� KeeferV brother In-law, who were
frcv,i to death while returning home
from Kamloops.   They apparently lost
Nelson, Nov. 16.���The most im
portant announcement made ln B. C.
for years is the discovery by Andrew
French, the famous English chemist,
early In the year, of the presence in
large quantities of a metal ot the
platinum group ln many mines. Probably one of the most Important developments ln the realrti of science Is
that an entirely new and most valuable metal hitherto unknown to
science has been discovered in large
quantities by Mr. French.
The new metal has been named
Canadlum In honor ot tbe Dominion,
and was first found during experiments, at the Granite and Poorman
The occurrence of fhe ore In the
platinum group was first noticed by
French last May, but he wafted some
time to ascertain fully the properties
of the metal before announcing its
discovery to the Royal SocTety of
Great Britain. Since then he has had
requests for samples, and now announces his discovery. v
It is admitted by chemists that
there ls at least one vacant place in
the platinum group, and lt ls expected
that the new metal will fill it.
The new metal is a beautiful white
color, ol brilliant and remanent
lustre, and will flnd extensive use ln
jewelry and gem setting. It will also
he used for reflecting purposes, and
may take the place of glass ln telescopes.   When burnished it is more
a 16-year-oia scnooi gin.    mo m�����  ---.. ^h_���M    h��    uhroeeted   udder
have been real In theImperial House j aav-  ��-�� ������� ^ ^-gj
of Commons.   If It had been,   every , "^ to  ortglMte wlth  gtfjtaltBttt!
labor-unionists.   It is one,   moreover.
their way during   the    storm.    Tho _...���,������ ���   .-	
bodies have all been recovered with j lustrous than sliver or any other white |
the exception of one.   . metal.
little Bnglander," lf, Indeed, there
are any antl-Imperlallsts left on either
side of the House in the hlstorln
shades of St. Stephen's, would have
Hid their very much diminished heads
In confusion.
In that paper there was. of course,
something ot the lordly tolerance ot
youth. In places lt was like an echo
from the distant days when the man
trom the backwooda, strong and self-
reliant and strong ln his self-rtffiance,
discussing Imperial relations, talked
with remote condescension of holding
out a helping hand to "the OW Lady"
���much ln the same tone and manner
as a young man, not quite confluent
that other people recognise he's .no
longer In leading strlnas, and striving
to satisfy himself, against a purging
tide of mother love, that he's so mint-
sop, manifests his love for Ws mother
He's the centre oh the solar system, all
right, there is nothing great on earth
but man. And he's the man. Canada s
the country. The write* ot #e paeet
exhibited by Mr. McMillan talks uii
snobbishly of Canada "lending .her
fleet to Great Britain.    .      ���>������
She reviews world politics ���wearing-
ly and cleverly. Youth is th* golden
age, and the writer of the naper Is
swest sixteen. For her the finest
thing ln botany U tne olive brsnch of
Peace, sweat peaoe; Is the R��" <"
tinman endeavor. England Is mistress
of the seas, says the writer   of   the
which no attorney general or provincial government has power to grant
Violin Recital.
On Monday evening Mr. Holroyd
Paull wlll glv* a violin recital In St.
Patrick's hall. The distinguished
violinist wlll be assisted by Miss
Hettle Franklin, a vocallft whorfe
voice Is of wonderful range and tone.
Mr. Vault was for a time principal
violin professor at Glasgow Technical
college. Ths program to bis Submitted
on Tueeday night te of great arttotlc
excellence. ���
There are many other words which
could be added to this notlofc of Mr.
Paull's abilities, but space forbids. It
Is enough to say that he ls probably
tbe greatest violinist that Bcotland
has produced.
,i     '���'   ti'��ii'iiu*t\**p*mm**imtmSm*
Firs Gongs In Hotels.
Tacoma, Noy. l��.���Violation of th*
hotel law requiring flre gongs In ball
ways, ls alleged against Mrs. Mary A<
Klntse. keeper of the Modern hotel
on South D street, and Mr* Grace
Getting. In the same neighborhood,
who were arrested on warrants sworn
(Continued on Page firs.)
Ottawa, Nov. 16.���in the Dominion,
capital at 3 o'clock   this   afternoon,
the boom of a big gun in tho crisp
winter air proclaimed that a British
prince  had  come  to  open a  British
parliament in Canada.   At the sound
tKe great crowd whicti had assembled
about the parliament buildings broke
Into' a cheer.    Before the aecdhd gun
of the   salute   had   boomed   out   a
cavalry escort clattered through,  the
east gate.   Close after the troop, came
the royal coach drawn by four blood
ed   bays   with   postillions   on   their
backa.     Within    were    seated    their
Royal     Highnesses .the   Duke    and
Duchess of Connadght and' the duke's
military   secretary,    Colonel   II.    C.
Lowther. imr**
The equipage swept.up to the Sen
ate entrance, where tbe busbied guard
from the Governor General's Foot
Guards was drawn tip with tho regimental band. The guard presented
arms and broke into the National
Anthem as the party left the coach
and entered the building.
B.ri Cant Scene.
Inside, the scene was no less brilliant. The duke and duchess found
the Senate chamber packed with
senators and officials and their wives
and daughters cn the floor, while the
galleries were Jammed with the privileged public wbo had succeeded In
obtaining tickets . for the occasion.
The military wer* there In brilliant
uniforms. The Judges of the supreme
court In scarlet and ermine were
seated upon the benches before the
throne. Representatives of foreign
countries and of the churches were
present In ceremonial garb.
At the command of Speaker Landry. Major St. Dents Lemolns. tke
acting Black Rod, waajent to summon the members ot tn? House of
Commons. He delivered hls message
In two languages to ,.the we^ng
members In the lower chamber, wltk"
three knocks and ets bows, and the
Speaker ot the Commons, following
tbe sergeant at arms and the mace,
lead the Commoner* to the Senate
Chamber, where Hla Royal Highness,
having been officially Informed that
the Common* bad selected their
Speaker, read the speech from ��� the
throne, first,In EngMsh and then.' Jn
French.     ���� '��������.'.
After the areeeh had been res .1 the
royal party at one* retired and' the
members- of the Commons returnee
to their ehamber, where Premier Rpf-
den Introduced tbe formal Mil respect
lng oaths of office, which preserves
the traditional tight of- parliament to
Royal   Governor - GeneraTs
First Utterance.
Forecasts Improved   Trade   Arrangements with the Wast Indies-
Tariff Commission.
Ottawa. Nov. 16.���The following le
the speech from the throne as read
by His Royal Highness the Duko ot
Connaught In the Senate chamber thin
"Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate,
Gentlemen of   the   House of Commons:
"It ls with much satisfaction that 1
meet, for the first time, the parlla
ment of Canada and avail myself of
your advice and assistance in the fulfillment of the Important charge.
which has been entrusted to me by
His Majesty the King.
"I can assure you that I esteem It -t
privilege to be called upon to admin- .
ister the affairs of this prosperous
and growing Dominion and to associate myseir with you In the Important
duties which you are about to approach. It!, affords me great pleasure to congratulate you upon the continued and increasing prosperity ot
the country. Our trade, both with
British and with foreign countries in
rapidly expanding and there Is every
prospect that, ln volume, tbe trade of
the present year wlll be largely In ex
cess of tbat attained at any time in
tbe past.
"Alt'hough there has been some
damage to the crops in certain districts, tbe harvest has on the whole
been abundant and lt ls believed that
the returns to the husbandman will
exceed those secured in any previous
Results  of  Census.
'The results of the census taken
during the present year will be laid
before you, so far as J,hey have been
tabulated. While the increase In
population has not fulfilled all the
sanguine expectations that had been
formed, yet It has been substantial
and encouraging. You will be pleased
to know that the revenues for the
current fiscal year have, up to the
present, larpeiy exceeded those at any
similar period in the past with every
prospect that the increase will be
wonderful variety and extent <
productions, and negotlatione hav*
been opened for improve! trade arrangements with the British West Indies and British Guiana which should
prove advantageous to those colonies
as well ns to this Tiominlon.
Highway* and Agriculture.
"The importance of providing our
country with better highways 1st
manifest. A bill will be introduced
for the purpose of enabling the Dominion to co-orerate with the prov-
incea in the accomplishment of thla
desirable object.
It is essential to recognize that In
a country possessing ao great an are*
of fertile land    as that  with which
thia Dominion    is   happily, endowed,
the great basic   Industry   Is agriculture.    My    advisers   are   convinced
that the time haa come when greater
aid and    encouragement   -should    be
given to those who are    engaged   In
the cultivation of the land.    To thie
end a measure will be introduced under which it Is hoped that there may
be co-operntlon between the Dominion
and   the various provinces   for   the
(Continued from Page Five.)
Passenger, Train   Collides   with
Freighter, Kllltbg Railway
>e:  it us
nr s mte-
court commented on tbe law as a protection for, the Uvea of the tnests
and released the women on bonds lor
out by Hdtel inspector Snydar.   The Ideal with fcs teiiWne** before that of
tbe &rown,
In the dentte a formal bill which,
relates.t*' railway* yrsn   Introduced
a later hearing.   The women pleaded by Seiitor Lougheed, the government!bnttat of a
ignorance of the l��w. leader. enemy, wW
Butta, Mont.. Noy. i��.-~A colWott
between tiro Northern Pacific train*
near Homegtak* tonight, killed fear
railroad men.   The dead am:      ._
Lewie Gear*, roadmaater, Csndn*.
tor Rudlger, of ��rfnga*��: *���*}�����
Olsen. section foreman, of m**i
Chris Markesa, foreman of extra gans
at HemeaUk*.    . ;.. .       ���
The wreck occurred M**ep pe*
���enter train No ITHgf ��.*** *?*
three mllea ****.<**���#
believed to hav* r
understanding of
The. WMM:.<***.
bodies *ere badly !.   _
, ;   ,     gsarchli* l*M**ofer.
��a��Setaa. Nov. l��.*-Sberlff Longmtrv
and Cdfofcer Shaver left today for
Batnnvflto. 30 miles sooth of Tacoma.
to IrQiilre into the mysterious kinins
nt^J^"*ifc*l*wk^;^w��|W||MJ^tor ��
lumber mill, l��ba waa f**��* wtth ��
bi**4n Md sheet Attfctagh he Hv**
for tt^l*i������i..'�����i^<i^>^*c^9w|i' Imt;
waa unable to tell anything about It.
afternoon. Whether .'���.�����%��* . idrnr
|t��r, or the OMT qf a��
gf r-P���
farm; can milk cow.   No. 13 Blackie
street. New Westminster.
housekeeping rooms,
Box H, News
year,    modern    unfurnished    four-
roomed cottage,    close   in.    References give. Box 123, News,Office.
joining Port Mann; would take improved farm of 40 acres up in Fraser Valley. State what you have.
Box C40. Daily News office.
housework. Apply In the mornings
at 115 Royal avenue.
Hastings Townsite for lumber of
any kind. Box C. 50, Dally News
ble corner in Hastings Townsite
for a lot or house in New Westminster.    Box  C50  News.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
Used to gardening nnd horses. Apply  Box  S, Dally  News.
money, will sell five acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre.   Easy
Gossip   About   King   George,   Queen
Mary and Their Family.
There is nothing that people really
relish more than    gossip,   especially
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia   ~ "concerns those high in rank.
street, Sapperton.  l Take u    altogethcr    England's    new
! King has not been written   up   very
! largely.   Still, various small but,   on
.:,!,,,.    jn  the whole, interesting Items havo appeared In various papers.   The Lady's
Jolning   Westminster    city    limlt3. j largely.    Sill
$225 each, $100 below value, ln
blocks of ten; $5 down, $5 every
two months: plan registered. Owner, Box J. H. W., Daily News office.
Pictorial says:
"King Edward, with bis toleration
and cosmopolitanism, and Queen Alexandra, with her detachments from
all Intimacies with ber subjects, made
between them a court and society
which embraced a number of hetro-
, genrouB elements which were dilficult
ito blend tocether into one dazzling
and imposing whole. From various
causes not necessarily connected iu
any degree with the King's personal
influence, wealth during the last dozen years or so was considered by Its
possessors to be a key which opened
minutes walk from Edmonds sta
ticn; fine view. $400 cash. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
ture, Including cook stove, heater,
American organ, cheffonier, piano
stool,    Treadle    sewing    machine,
, ,  .��    .        . ,iajr.a\7aaaj, **    t.w    ,*a     *a    ......      ������ .......    a.r~.	
crockery,    etc.;     also    carpenter s | (ne door ,nto the most exa)te(, circles
,     ,       *.,��� *   (1"anUt>' ��r I that money, to put it bluntly, could
lumber. 812 Royal avenue. | hm, an>.thlngi from a tltie to social
I recognition.   The result of this belief
! was  that  extravagance  and  ostenta-
bench with screw
blocks from Edmonds station. Good
view. Two wide streets. $325. One-
third cash, balance arranged. Na
tional Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
$1 down and 51 a week; no interest; four styles; old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 99H, Market Square.
est lots In the west end. on Eighth
avenue, having a southwest view
facing the iver and gulf. Lot-*
55x110 and 118. Very liberal ternn. I
Phone L179, or call    1303    Eighth
tlon became predominating not��s:
that a sumptuous standard of living
was set, and that the real gentlefolk
of these Islands remained tn their
country seats and did not try to compete with millionaires ani fortunate
"There is said to be much wailing
and knashlng of teeth among some
brilliant dwellers in London who feel
that they have been somewhat passed
over during this dazzling and memorable season, while persons they
would describe as fogies have been
treated with conspicuous courtesy snd
favor. Yet after all it is almost time
that London should be regar led as a
centre in which the best type of Kn;
matlon on divorce laws of Nevada
and other states sent on receipt
of 25c each. Western Information
Bureau Goldfleld, Nev.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled mill: plant
in the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
lots: very light clearing: -two and
a balf blocks from Twelfth street
tram. Fine view. $!I25 each; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and IS
nionlhs. National Finance Co., Ltd.,
521" Columbia street.
706   Columbia   Street.
was carried ln pails to the form or
hoop, where it was packed with heavy
ircn tampers, which were wrapped
with cheese cloth.
It took five hours to manufacture
the cheese after the curd was delivered, and so solidly had it been packed
that It pressed down but a few Inches
under tbe enormous pressure. Two
days later the cheese was trimmed,
the bandage of heavy cotton cheese
cloth which fitted the form like a
glove was carried over the top and
the gigantic cheese was moved into
a warehouse by a house mover.
The form Is of such enormous size
that it was Impossible to find a cold
storage plant In the middle west in
which it could be Btored to "cure",
and It was necessary to build a special refrigerator, 12 by 15 feet, about
It, A specially equipped flat car was
provided to ship It to Chicago. It wns
expected the cheese would score about
9(i i er cent, ln the test at the show.���
Popular Mechanics.
Your druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind,   Bleeding   or
Protruding Piles ln 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Notice   is   hereby   given   that   all
persons having any claim against the
estate of the late Alexander "Stewart
McLean  of   the   Municipality  of  Co-1
qultlam,  who   died on or about the |
31st  day  of   August,   1911,  at   New I
Westminster,  B. C, are required on I
or  before the lst day   of December !
litll, to send by post prepaid to the, TlTTftT Twine
undersigned solicitor for Joseph j *���* u �� i * W1UO
Travers, Esquire, the Executor of the i VOUf WOrk.
cn IH     AatntA       thoir     nimns       anrl       nH **
sterilize  your*kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary-
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep aftergerms
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ 1 A
portions to cleanse ^��$mI(A
easily, vigorously, ^ ** /j
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
uLet the GOLD
to clear, landscape gardening. Ap
ply J. S. McKinley. Edmonds.
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
at Edmonds. Renff22 per month
Apply to Wm. McAdam, Room lfi
Westminster Trust block.
room for one or two gentlemen. Apply 703 Agnes street.
three tootob with bathroom;   everything modern; nice verandahs   and
basement; one block from car; suitable for two.    Phone L179, or call
1303 Eighth avenue.
hot and cold wnwr.   422 Agnes St.
Columbia street car line, modern
with large lot. well developed; also
some outbuildings. $2750. $500
cash;   balance  as  rent.
between   the  Brunette  and  Columbia  car lines,    $1000;     one-quarter
-cash; balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
An exceptional  buy.
lane, between the main line and
cut-off; $500. '$50 cash, balance $10
double corner; offers ample ground
for six modern homes, $4500. $1500
BEAUTIFUL  LOT,    50x1.12.
to Orphanage on the East.
lish people should be recognized and
! welcomed. e\en if the smnrt set may
i deem them old-fashioned, and thsre Is
jno doubt that this is tha laudable in
tention of the far-sighted  sovereigns
who have now assumed the crown anl
scepter as well as the social leader-1 ers
ship of ihe empire."
The World Magazine furnishes Information as to King George's -linnet's; how either at Windspr or
Buckingham Palace dinner is now as
it always has been a stately affair,
with guests or without. When guesu
are present they, together with mem
bers of the household, assemble In
tho grand reception room a few minutes before the appointed hour. They
fo^m an avenue, women on one side
and men on the other, and the king
and queen pass through, returning
Ithe greetinps of their guests.
McCall's  Magazine  furnishes  seme
Items concerning the Royal children,
las to their bringing up, which lt declares to be of the simplest.   Queen
Mary  wishes them to have   nothing
costiy in the way of toys, and Insists
so much  upon it that when a Miss
Grisby, of New York, who ts said to
be a favorite of   the royal children,
with  whom  she  has  struck   up   acquaintance    through    her    friendship
j with their French govereess, wished
| to   give  little  Prince  John  a  Ted ly
j bear some time ago, to comfort the
I child on the occasion of an Illness she
bought the largest, fattest, most elab-
SpeclallBts in acreage and small im-
��� proved ranches.    Farm land to trade
for  city  property.
706 Columbia Street.
seven rooms on Fifth street. Electric light fittings, blinds and linoleum left in house. Furnace, bath
and modern plumbing. Large lot.
Rent $40 per month. Sherriff. Rose
& Co., 648 Columbia street. Phone
rooms, one double and one single.
Fire irtace-trt-each. 205 Carnarvon
street. .
rooms, hot and cold water night
and day.   543 Front street.
with sitting room to let to gentle
men only, Breakfast if desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from the
post office. Terms moderate. Enquire Phone R 414.
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
meet in Eagles hall the first and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
. and Cut Glass
Expert Repairing of English,
American and Swiss Watches
Some Good Buys
A snap.   Two-roomed house on 66
foot lot, $760.  Close to car line.
House on large lot cleared and
fenced on Edmonds road, close to
station, $3150.
Two 50-foot lots, near Pole Line
road.   $375 each.
Double corner on Sixth street car
line, $1,500.
Opposite   Edmonds     Station.      Open
Evenings.. Phone 1038.
sni&o' " I orate Teddy bear that was procurable,
Wind nent It to tts* paiaee. But tery
'soon tt was returned to her wttn a
note from the queen. Saying that ��he
did not like to have the children have
pretentious toys, and as Prince John'F
last Teddy bear waa only a quarter
the size of the one Mlss Grigsby sent
it would be better tbat he gave a small
one, like hls former toy. So Mlss
Grigsby was obliged to receive back
her expensive bear ajid send a small
one Instead. The same Spartan simplicity Is required of Princess Mary,
whose dolls have always been common, and whose clothes have Been
simple. McCall 3 also Imparts ltenfs
concerning the suites of rooms in
Windsor Catsle, fitted up for the nursery. They ara said to be those formerly used by Victoria's children, and
consist of a schoolroom, dining-room
day and night nurseries, bathrooms,
and kitchen.
said   estate,   their   names    and    addresses and  full particulars of their I
claims  ln   writing  and   a statement
of their accounts and the nature uf '
the securities, if any, held by them |
and such statement shall be verilled
by statutory declaration.
And take notice that after the lst
day of December, 1911, Joseph Trav- ]
Esquire, will proceed to distrlb-
bute the assets of the said deceased,
having  regard  only  to  the class  of I
which he sTiall then have had notice, j
and will not be liable to any person
of  whose  claim  he  shall  not   then
have had notice. i
Dated  thla   lst  day  of  November,
1011. I
W. F. Hansford, New Westminster,
B. C, Solicitor for said Executor.       ,
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, tbe oval cake.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
A Spiritual meeting wlll be held at
Mr. J. Clark's residence, Inman avenue, Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature  for  sale.       **
Learn   Cl*88*8 every Monday   and i
Thursday night,    8   o'clock,
To     St 318 Royal avenue.   Those
_ receiving    Invitation    cards
Dance for the Friff&y evening
dances In St. Patrick's hall will please
notice that Invitations are good for
the season. Dancing 9 to 2. C. W.
Openshaw's four-piece ��� orchestra.
Phone L5V5, J. R. Barnett, Manager.
Scientific selection is the principle on whicli SL Charles Evaporated
Cream is prepared.
The best milk Cows fed scientifically
Selected dairies        All sanitary safeguards applied
You take no chance* when you use St. Charles Cream. It is as good
for any puipose as the best milk or cream produced by the best
dairy anywhere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never
curdles. It agrees with the most delicate stomach. All it needs
is the addition of pure water to make it thc best food on earth
���best for the nursery���best for the kitchen.
Sold by 'Bott Grocer* ExJerytohtrr*
| Raadioine booklet of valuable information to motherland nor
free upon application
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision on the Householders'
Voters' List will be held on Wednes
day the 15th day of November, 1911,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at tha
Council Chamber, City Hall. New
Westminster, B. C.
Dated this Sth day of November,
City Clerk.
The above mentioned Court of Revision Is adjourned until Wednesday, the
22nd day of November, 1911, at the
same time and place.
City Hall, November 15, 1911.
City Clerk.
841 Front SL
#Noar the Market ceased.
Sealed tenders wlll be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Friday, the lst day of December, 1911,
for the purchase of the following described property, viz,: Part (5
acres) of the East half of the West
half 'of the Southerly portion of D.L.
380, Group 1, New Westminster District of the Province of British Columbia .(close to C. P. R. Station at
New Westminster Junction).
Terms cash. The highest of any
tender not necessarily  accepted.
Dated this 9th day of November,
W. F. Hansford, P. O. Box 285, New
Westminster, B. C.
Solicitor for Executor Estate of
late Alexander  Stewart  McLean, do-
It Is Eight Feet Ih Diameter  and
Welgha Over Six Tons.
The world's largest cheese, eight
feet in dalmeter and five feet high,
weighing slightly over 12,000 pounds,
was recently manufactured at Apple-
ton, Wis., the services of more than
40 expert cheesemakers and their experienced helpers being required for
the job.
The cheese, which was made for exhibition at the National Dairy Show at
Chicago, contained exactly 12,000
pounds of curd, 330 pounds of salt and
31 pounds of rennet, making the finished i roduct weigh 12,3(11 polices,
three times larger than the biggest
chees-> ever hefore manufactured. The
curd came from 32 different cheese
factories, and the milk. T.js.��-*>���� aliens in quantity, from over 1200 farmers, and was produced by 8000 purebred Holstein and Guernsey cows, valued at 11,500,000. Tbe greatest :are
had to be taken to ensure the curd
being uniform.
The siant hoop or form, of galvanized iron, was especially designed. It
was eight feet in diameter and live
feet high. Twelve heavy steel bands.
24 feet long, were placed around the
hoop to make lt withstand the .mor-
mous pressure obtained by the immense Jack-screws placed on the ends,
or "followers," and pressing against
the frame.
Four heavy oak timbers below the
hoop and as many above bound together with 20 heavy steel bolts, nve
feet long, formed the frame that was
built on the lines of the old style upright screw press. The followers or
ends were thickness or twolnch oak
planks. The hoop, alone weighed
nearly 3000 pounds.
No building ln Appleton was large
enough for the manufacture and caro
of the cheese and it was made In the
open air. The hoop was placed on a
platform In front of the rIx big vats,
16 feet long. 4% feet wide and 2'^
feet dfep, In which the curd was wash
ed and mixed.
Under the supervision of the State
Dairy and Food Commissioner, 2%
pounds of salt were used to each 100
pounds of curd, rnd when tho salt was
thoroughly m!:;ed with the    cjrJ    it
\ *
a   a   cat
 1   ,
a  a
i FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1911.
Many  of  the   Women   of   European
Reigning  Families Command   Regiments���Queen   Mary   Is  One.
In this day and age of the world,
when the one really permanent topic
of conversation ls the feminist movement, when the question of wman'.i
usurpation of man's place in the
world's activities Is continually before
our notice, lt is interesting to see
tbat some of the best organized bands
of fighting men are commanded by
More than fifty of the most prominent women of Europe today are colonels In famous regiments. Tommy
Atkins' sister has taken command of
Tommy himself. He fought hard and
covered himself with glory when he
was commanded by a man, but he
fights infinitely harder when his officer Is a woman. Tommy wsb brave
before, but now that he Is under tbe
special patronage of some pretty princess his courage has become the wonder of his less fortunate comrades In
arms, who are still following the leadership of some gruff old duke.
It was King Frederick William IV.
of Prussia who btarted the movement
And this was quite early 1 nthe nineteenth century. It was a startling innovation at that time and caused a
great deal of comment. But Frederick William was the kind of a man
who cared nothing for what people
might say. He did what he liked.
His sister Charlotte was a pretty,
vivacious young girl���a great -deal too
much so for her time. This was long
before woman had begun to realize
that she was anything more than a
creature for men to marry. In those
days she was eeentially feminine, and
a woman who was anything more was
considered a tomboy and consequently
But Princess Charlotte of Prussia
cared nothing for public opinion, and
even took pleasure In shocking people. So she rode astride and hunted
alone In her father's preserve. She
attended all the military reviews on
horseback and cheered lustily when a
crack regiment went by. She liked
the army and was proud of the Prussian soldiers. The general public was
horribly shocked by her actions, but
ih? soldiers were delighted with the
interest which she took In them and
Idolized her. Old Frederick William
was essentially a warrior himself, and
Charlotte was his favorite sister, so
he abetted her in her "vulgarity."
She was one of the few ropal women of that time to he happy In her
marriage. Her brother let her choose
her husband for herself, and she picked o:it one of the best soldiers amon-:
the European kings. She married
Tsur Nicholas I. of Russia. The two
were thoroughly congenial. As a mark
of his esteem for his sitter's husband
Frederick William gave Nicholas a
commission as colonel In tbe famous
Sixth Regiment of Cuirassiers, and
when the Tsar died he caused a st as -
tlon throughout Eurape by passing the
eemmtssion over to his sinter, tha
Tsu's widow
She holds the rank of colonel In five
regiments���the Twenty-first Regiment
of Eastern Siberian Sharpshooters,
wLL-i made Itself famous at tbe battle of Mukden; the Regiment of Lancers of the Guaid, which Is named for
her; the Fifth Regiment of Hussars,
tbe Regiment of Ciinean Cavalry, and
the Second Regiment of Prussian Dragoons of the Guard, which is a German regiment called after her the
"Tsarina Alexanara of Russia." Whenever she visits Germany It is always
this regiment which acts ub her escort.
Only a very few of the many queens
of Europe have received colonelcies
Queen Alexandra never received one
nor did Queen Helen of Italy, although
Queen Victoria was thus honored, and
Dowager Queen Margaret of Italy la
colonel of the Eleventh Battalion ol
Prussian Light Infantry. There is a
touch of humor In this last commis
sion, as the Dowager is anything but
light. Queen Charlotte of Wurtem-
burg is in command of tbe Second
Wurtenjburg Regiment of Lancers,
which was the favorite of thc Kaiser's
father. Wilhelmlna of Holland commands the Fifteenth Prussian Hussars
and her mother, the Dowager Queeo
Emma, the Second Westphallan In
Queen Mary fared better than ber
mother-in-law, for she is the colonel of
the Fifth Prussian Hussars, the regi
ment which guards her carriage.
Queen Olga of Greece holds a unique
place among her sisters-inarms. She
Is the only she-admiral in existence
In fact no other woman holds any
command in a European navy. She is
the cousin of the late Tsar Alexander
III. and devotes much of her time to
helping Russian sailors who are
stranded in Athens. Her father, tho
late Grand Duke Constantine Nichol
alevitch. was an admiral ln the Rus
sian navy. It was In recognition of
these two things that her cousin gave
her a commission as admiral ln the
Muscovite navy and special command
of the armored cruiser Admiral Maka
rov, which is her flagship. There are
many more royal women who have
army commands, but Queen Olga Is
the only one thus far to enter the
navy. The idea of giving women
colonelcies has in recent years become extremely popular in Europe
and it is to be expected that the num
tier will increase.
Could Make No Mistake.
Among the passengers booked for a
recent coastwise trip of a steamer running from New York to a Southern |
port were a timid-looking little man
and his eeiually timid-loklng little wife,
rays Llpplncott's. One of the first of
the many questions put to the captain
of the vessel by the little woman was
this: "Could you, sir, tell my huBband
what to do in case of an attack cf seasickness? He is particularly liable to
such attacks. What must he do?" "It
Isn't necessary to tell blm what to do,
ma'am," said the old captain, grimly.
"He'll do It."
The Department of Agiicultnre. in
!accordance  with  its  policy of education, will continue the fruit packing
: schools as Inaugurated two years and
!extended last winter.   The five
ThU appoint ment created great [log schools, with a total attendance ot
commend In <be Kuropean courts. It'120 pupils ln tbe spring of 1910, grew
was an Innovation which few could un-[to a total ot thirty packing schools
derstand. Much fun was pokei at 1 ""h a total attendance ot M5 pupils
the female colonel, nnd tho soldiers ,In the spring of 1911. These schools
who allowed themselves to bo led by hi proved very popular, and have un-
woman. Hut Charlotte was so DOpifc j doubtcdly filled a great need in the
lar with everybody, In spite of her districts in which they were placed,
startling tomboy tendencies, as they j The decision of the Department to eon-
���alletl her vivacity ln tliose days, and Itinue its previous pollcy and to ex-
-. - ���������. _ki : tend the series of packing schools to
cover every district, will, lt ls expected, meet with the approval of frult-
giowers. It Is hoped that this year
schools will be placed in every fruit
district of the province where a sufficient numher of pupils can be secured.
The expert instructors who were
secured for the previous years, will
be In charge this year. A comparison
of the class of instruction furnishei
here with that of Oregon and Washington, has demonstrated its efficiency for tbe purposes of meeting all modern competition in fruit packing. The
standing and experience of the the instructors secured, and the confidence
reposed In them by the Department of
Agriculture, guarantees to the fruit
growers the highest possible class of
The policy of placing the local administration of the packing schools In
the hands of a responsible local body,
such as the Farmers' Institute, the
Fruit Growers' Association, or the
Board of Trade, has proved entirely
sntlsfactory. snd the same plan will
be continued this year.
The Department of Agriculture provides the instructor, and pays his expenses. The Department will also
bear the cost of the packing papej\
the fruit and all other legitimate expenses, except that of the Secretarial
work and ot hall rent, which it has
been found most satisfactory to leave
to local arrangement.
The responsible organization In each
case will be required to guarantee
a minimum of twelve pupils, but not
her regiment was Biich a perfect mi'.i
tary machine that Europe was obliged
to take her quite seriously. And in
the long run Charlotte won. Other
mon-.irchs began appointing women to
colonelcies In their armies, until today there are more than half a hundred regiments, commanded by princesses antl duchesses.
The most of these women officers
sre in the German and Russian armies
bnt there are a few ln some of the
others and the number Is rapidly increasing. In somecases the appointments are not so happily conceived as
was that of tlie Empress Charlotte.
The custom has sometimes degenerated to a more means of conferring an
honor upen eotr:* princess whose ccu^?
try the monarch Wishes to provitlite,
nnd who Is not In the least In sympathy with the regiment she I- sm-
posed to commun I nor Wo'ltfed bv her
soldiers for her personality ns Charlotte waa.
Quten Victoria os a colonel of the
First  Regiment of Prussian Dragoons
of the Guard la  a striking  example.
She  w.is  undoubtedly  a good queen. I
and was certainly popular among the
English  soldiers  as  the  "Widow  of
The prasent Crown Princess 8ofla Of
Greece and the Princess Margaret of
Hesse, who are the Kaiser's youngest
sisters, have both been popular with
their regiments. They are chips of the
old block and take the same Interest
in things military that their father
did. .^They are true sisters  of  their
militant brother.   The Crown Princess
Sofia ts colonel of the Third   Regl-ia mmuuuu. ���.  ,_
ment of Prussian Grenadiers of the hnore than fifteen,   with   the   proper
ftiinrd. and her sister is colonel of the qualifications, at a fee of three   dol-
Guard, and her sister .- ~_ ..
Eightieth Regiment of Hessian Fusiliers. Both these regiments are famous. They have received numerous
decorations tor valor on the fleld of
battle. The Third Grenadiers covered
themselves with glory in the afrlcan
campaigns, and theshootlng of the
Eightieth Hessian Fusiliers Is famous
the world over.
The .Kaiser's daughter, Princess
Victoria Louise, ia a still more striking figure among the "colonettes" ot
Europe. She ls the second head ot
the Life Guard, which her brother
Frederick commands. She ts her
father's only daughter and youngest
child. She has reached the ripe age
of nineteen years, and ls en excellent
officer. No military review takes
place without the Second Regiment of
Hussars. They became known as the
best body of soldiers lh the Prussian
army Immediately after their exploits
during the Franco-German war.
The   Empress   Alexandra  has  the
honor of commanding more regiments
" ������*'    '**    **"*   ninrM
Rough weather makes little difference to us. People flock where they can
get best value. Being just off Columbia street makes all the difference to
our prices.   Come with the crowd and find out for yourselves
A Carload of Extension Tables to Sell at Unusually
Low Prices
From the factory direct ts you. The way we buy these tables keeps the cost of handling down to a
minimum. We can not imagine any mcthail of handling that would keep expenses down and land these
tables into your homes at as low price as we are doing. If you bave an Eastern catalogue by you, it will
be interesting to compare our prices with it.   We have examined many and know that the   coparison   re-
$15.75���Buys a good pedestal early English or golden
finished table; 40-inch round to;i; with leaves to
extend to six feet.   Week-end price $15.75'
$18.75���Mission pedestal table in, solid quarter-cut
oak; 42-inch round top; extension to six feet. This
Is the lowest price we ever quoted for a solid cak
pedestal  table in this vicinity.
$8.90���Good surfaced oak table In golden finish;
square top; extension to six feet; square shaped
legs.   A bargain.
$12.75���Solid   oak table; 44-in. square t
to six feet; square shaped legs:  also
$14.75.    These are the   best    values -In
tables ever offered in New Westminster.
to/; ext
sound t
;op for
long ...
Ends; 1% yards
Lace Curtain; 2% yards long.   Per
pair 45c
Cork Linoleum; number of lengths
to clear; bring your measure. Pei'
square yard  35c
Nothing Uke this value can be found in this neighborhood. The buffets are built ot solia quixrter-cut
oak' goldi n finished. The case contains two drawers and large cupboard with carved panels at eacb
side and leaded glass door ln centre.   The beveled mirror at the back measures 14x13 Inches.
None of our competitors'have ever equalled this offer, which tells Its own story of this store's supremacy in values. We advise every prospective homemaker to take adv antage of this offer. It means a sav-
ing to you of from $5.00 to $10.00, and in addition you buy chairs that will give you satisfaction. Built of
solid quarter-cut oak; paneled back; seat upholstered in real leather. Set consists df five side and one arm.
We recommend this investment to all who want good solid furniture at a low price.
Tapestry Table Cover; two square
yarta  fl.93
llA yards square .11.25
Flannelette Blanket; pink or blue
bor lets.   Per pair  $1.25
Furniture Polish; 25c bottle for 15c
. .$6.75
. .$9.00
\%\ 2.00
As you read this you
2hi yards; sale price	
3x3 yards; sale price	
3x3% yards; sale price   	
3x4 yards; sale price	
3V4x4 yards; sale price	
These prices tell a mighty convincing story.
These prices ten a migut; tuu,,^,.,, ���.���....   ...
are half persuaded that' the rugs represent Just about as good value
as it is possible to obtain. You wonder if the quality is good. Yes. decidedly good. These rugs come from one of the leading carpet houses
In England���a "house that Can not afford to risk its reputation by putting out a poor article. And the patterns are pleasing and right up to
date���florals in combinations of red, gieen and gold. Make an early
visit and see these rugs while the assortment ls broadest and best.
$2.75 and $4.75 Pair.
These portieres represent easily
best values we have ever offered;
heavy quality tapestry in Oriental
stripe, red, red and green, brown,
etc.; finished with heavy fringe:
just the thing for arch or stairway.
Price, per pair $2.75 to $4.75
Most useful article just now:
strongly made; good springs; good
Cushion Forms 35c
Child's Rocker  .$1.10
Babies' High Chairs $1.40
Comfortable Lounge   $5.35
Outside Door Mats   25c
Chair Seats;
complete with brass
���i. 15c
Genuine Eiderdown Comforter for.
each :.. $5.23
Good Warm .Comforter ..' $1.83
Moriis Chairs; genuine oak fran-.e.
at $5.50
WHAT $10.00 WILL
lars each, to take the twelve lessons
of two and a half hours a lesson, the
school extending over one ^eek. In
a limited number of districts, a double packing school can txrarranged tor
and ln which the minimum guarantee
wlll be twenty-four pupils, but not
more than thirty, for the same number of lessons. Tlte guaranteeing organization will also arrange for and
bear the expense ot the hall, Its heating and lighting.
The hall for fifteen pupils must be
at least 30ft. by 15ft., and well lighted
It must be heated sufficiently to prevent chilling ot the fingers of the
packers, and to prevent freezing of
the fruit at night.'
The Department will, at tar as possible, use Iocs) fruit, paying for.the
same the legitimate market. price.
About three boxes per pupil Is necessary. The hardier varieties, such as
Ben Davis and Gano, are
*****M *.     a.^, nmniPti.  comnrising Bed   Spi IHg, MattreBS. Pillow, Blanket, Comforter. Bed Spread Floor Oil Cloth 9x9 feet, pair
,t will furnish a bedroom^^J*,^ f^J Pay %l0M aep08lt, the balance as the rent of your room comes in. This Is the
TSS��*C��T To^ZTj^t EHLKi ,n thrJ months, then all the rest Is gain. It wil. help you out on your rent. AU
you need is $10.00.   Don't forget the store, 43-4W7 Sixth street.,/
43-45-47 Sixth St.
Honest Price** Cash or Credit
New Westminster
In dlamater. Organizations should at
once secure the necessary fruit, or 11
none ls now available, Um Department
should be expressly notified, and will
then procure same.
fhe instructor will bring with him
the necessary packing tables and trait
paper. On his arrival he ahould be
met by some responsible person, ��ho
should provide him with all necessary
i, tst.ia.-u bd j information, ab as to get the sohool
preferred, under,way without loss of time.
 .  Ino, are   preierreu. ipnae   way *nww .��,��- w.	
Fruit must be ln good conditio*!, but Tha Advantages' of Packing Schools,
need not be graded,.and none should!   1,   Principally, practical and thor-
sriSsss.-rass srawra-.-ws 8BJ*iia=����5=������
���packing.   Bach pupil la engaged  in
itual packing, under the personal su-
��. jrvision of an Instructor, who knows
and can teach commercial ipacMngi  ���"
2.   PUplla wlll>arn Uie mettqJs $
equlpwiht   uae<   bft ^to-d&tV and
progressive associations   th picking,
Biding, wrapping, pacglng and handling of flat   ;v-.v>    ^Um&-
8.  Inatractioni wilt T>e given ItTtW
proper marking ot different sizes and
rades *t fruit, and  the Interpreta-
ton of th* ***utt Marks Act"
���   4.   Packers whom tbe instructors
[give a icon of \6 per sent efficiency
ln the packing school, and who pat up
a creditable pack tin following- year,
will be entitled to a diploma certlty-
ing tlte' sap*,\trom the DepaHrotat.of
3/ f*m wo*wj,n��t attend* Me
"school wgtttarly. may visit thtftfa<#:
lng school to secure Information, at
this discretion ot the Instructor^
i ��. Atf evening meeting can -ie arranged, at whloh th�� principal features
WUI be tM Wtajln*:  7}
(a)   Pacing 4s*o*4tratlon fcy the
Instructor. ��
.  (b)   Packing contest^by the .'pupils.
I" fc)   frlilt'jwrtaM*. both > plate*
land*bo*ea.*f fruit, by, all ptose^t.
infra!   dUcusslbn on  tbe
rfegulftfpna, tfie marking:
���^wBESfo tlte or-
-* paekhyg-hoi|s��.equij>-
..r packing schools Is
anl, as It may be neo-
_ wliWo��Jw avafl^ieiiK
���ffittiaOBIg oww��*u��H*> **>nH ��eo��
application, as soon a- possible, to R.
' id)..'*
fft hti*
at Victoria
mi**-* N
Tlie Daily News
Pabk&t* ii T%s Dally Newa Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
���In JiaKwslo
and   Victoria
Pelge Managing Director
FRIDAY, NqVEMBER 17, 1911.
The fact that the new governor
general Is of royal blood has caused
quite S'disturbance in ofTicial and
social circles throughout the Domin
Ion. We are familiar with the treatment that should be accorded an
ordinary-governor general, but tho
kinship ��R$ng between the King and
the present incumbent of the office
has complicated matters.
It seems'that all sorts of rules and
regulations, to which we are unaccustomed must be observed and that to
a certain extent the cumbersome and
archaic maoliinery of a European
court must be transported to Canada
We may, wbp, sure that it is not the
Duke iy\ Cflfhtiwiight himself wlio is responsible Jar this. Me is much too
broad-aUuded and democratic. The
blame probably rests with certain departments of the Imperial government
and Wltii Some Of the newly arrived
officials' tot - the viceregal household
who do not understand Canadian
people or Canadian conditions. Some
of these gentlemen in the past have
proved themselves anything but tactful, fl,      ,
Ttoert' is aff easy solution of thia
difficulty. I^f the rank of governor
general once and for all take precedence over that cf a prince of the
royal house,. There is no question as
to whlcl^ titje is the more honorable
one. Many m^n are horn royal, but
.tew have shown the ability to he at
the head' of a great self-governing
nation. |
Let the ��� governor general he the
governor 'general. Let us leave the
customs,of royalty to the countries ot
which they ive*' an undoubted and
necessary part.
'   ! "' !'' '
King Ceorge, Queen Mary and the
court have left for India to  be  the
central figures in the most gorgeous
pageant   In   the   world's   history,  the
. Delhi Durbar.   The word itself means
the  "reception, of native   .rulers   by
their overlord," but on this occasion
It Includes an actual  coronation,    in
the presence of representatives ot hie
mtUiona-of Hindu .and  Mohammedan
*ubJectsJKinji..G��orBe will be crowned
��s Emperor" of India, and Queen Mary
as Empress. ' This supvQme act will
occur on- Dec' 12 at Delhi, the ancient
���capital  of the Mobul rulers of India,
and although Queen Victoria and Kin,;
Edwafi were proclaimed rulers of India on iijf ocdsHion Of their accession
to the tisltitih-' throne, the ceremonies
���were not to l>e compared for impres
slveneea. with those that Delhi will see
next month.   Never brfore did a British   monarch   visit, hia   Indian   Em
pire; not sin-e thc days of the Mogul
dynasty.haft there been a coronation
there. , The BKft&t is one that can con
lidently  be"��xi eclet to mak?   a tremendous-  InrreMioii    in   a   country
^vhere- maEnUir.er.t-aad^gflrgeoua cere-
carry on a dairy, a market, and other
necessary conveniences, for tt Is ttfpe
borne in mtmi that only grekt modern
cities like London or New Tork or
Paris would be equal to the strain that
the Durbar would place upon them.
A   Mighty   Host.
The troops alone will number nearly, lf not quite. 90,000. and the native
princes will have some 40 000 followers. The royal party and those specially invited will not exceed 400, but
there will be in addition some 12,000
European and American visitors. As
to tho multitudes of natives who will
flock to Delhi no estimate can be
made, but they will be great enough
to make the utmost demands on the
government that has been for months
making preparations for their accommodation. Handling the traffic
for the coronation in London was a
trifle compared with making the arrangements for the Eurbar. and it is
even more important In India than in
England that there should be nothing
to mar The success of the ceremonies
for tho superstitious East would be
keen to read Ill-omen for the British
raja into any untoward circumstance.
To One Durbar, $5,000,000.
It has been estimated that th.'
Durbar ceremonies wlll cost fhe Im
perlal government some 4,700,000
and thc provinces of India another
million; and the splendor of the ceremonies can be surmised from the fact
that the brilliant Durbar in honor of
King Edward's coronation, gorgeous
as lt was di 1 not cost more than ii
million dollars. There will be a considerable drain too on King George's
private purse, for he took with him
hundreds of gifts for distribution
among the princes, and all those who
have done anything or will do anything to make the great event a success; but there is no doubt in the
mind of any Imperialist that the effect of the coronation on India will
be worth ten times what it is expected to cost.���Mill and Empire.
until he new seal  Th�� VanCOUVT llftttute of
used  by  William
In 1874 thieves broke Into the house
ot Lord Chancellor Thurlow and stole
the great seal.    It was never recov-    *- . . .
ered. |
The country seat of Lord Chancel-  who are EYE SPECIALISTS
lor Eldon took flre at night.    At the I
flrst  alarm   the   chancellor   hurried   EXCLUSIVELY have Opened
from hiB sleeping chamber with the j - '      "   ���
great seal and burled it in his gar-'
den. In the morning he tried in vain
to locate the place where he had buried the seal. By the advice of Lady
Eldon every servant ln the houselio|.l
was provided either with a spade a
trowel or a poker, and ordered to
"probe the garden. At last the chancellor was relieved by the cry of
Emblem Once Thrown Into Thames
Was   Recovered  by   Fisherman.
N'o other emblem cf governmental
authority perhaps ever had such a
series of queer adventures as those
pertaining to the great seal of England.
In the first place, says Harpers
Weekly, when Richard I. set out for
tbe Holy Land he took the seal with
him. His vice Chancellor, Malchlen,
Is said to have worn lt suspendel by
a chain around his neck. Off Cypress
the vice chancellor fell overboard and
was drowned and the great seal was
The first seal of Charles I. was
thrown into the River Severn In, order that it might not fall Into the
hands of t'romwells soldiers. When
James II. fled from England he carried the great seal with him. He
threw it into the Thames evidently
thinking that without it William III.
could not carry on the government. A
fisherman's net caught it and it was
restored to the authorities and was
New York, Nov. lfi.���Announcement
was made here today that "Bob" Burman, holder of several world's records
in automobile racing, had withdrawn
from the Grand Prix and Vandervilt
cup races at Savannah. Burman says
he withdrew at the request of the flrm
manufacturing the car be would haVe
used, the firm heing desirous of obtaining his release from its contract.
He was then granted a release by the
owner of the car he was to have
driven ln the Vanderbilt race.
a branch office at 657 Columbia street, upstairs over
Curtis' Drug Store.
A qualiflel and experienced doctor
of optometry ls ln charge.
We give the public fair and square
treatment at moderate charges.
For appointments Phone 295.
We do all optical repair work,   so
bring your broken lenses to us.
Almost countless are the
number of appropriate gift
things shown in our new
catalogue���ranging in price
from 15c up.
There sre 124 paj'es cf
Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, China. Cut (il.-ss,
Leather Goods und Novelties���write for it, it is Ires
fur the csking.
We prepay all delivery
chariies on every article
purchased from us, guarantee
tale delivery end immediately refund the full purchase
price if the goods are not
entirely satisfactory.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
C*u<U'�� Largest Jewelry House
Jas. Hurl**, Ptes.
Harry Hyrie, 8*c.-Treas.
134-136-138 Yonge St.
Monday, Nov. 20
AT 8:30 P. M.
HAND BAGS and all holiday goods
are arriving dally, and "believe me"
there is "class" to them and honesty
in the prices.
Please call and satisfy yourselves
as to these remarks.
C. Se Davies
Cliff  Block    . Phone 40
New  Westminster.   B.C.
Violin Recital by
Mr. Holroyd Paul
The Eminent Vlrtuoeo (Pupil of.Sevolk, Prague), Assisted by
Prima Oonna from the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden, London,
At the Piano   MR. C. W. OPENSHAW
TICKET8    $1.00 and 50c
On Sale at Frank Major's Music House.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
TWO LOTS ON ELEVENTH STREET, between Queen's and Third
avenue, 100x180, with lane at back, good house. Price $3200, $1200
cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 21 months.
all cleared;  $2200, one-third cash, balance G, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004.
Room S, Bank of Commerce Building.
"The House of Quality and Low Prices"
George Adams, late proprietor    of
the Publlc Supply Stores, Columbia street, N'ew Westminster, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
him be paid as earlv u*> possible, at
his new offices in the Odd Keilows'
block, 716 Carnarvon street. New
Weetmlneter. ������
monies ar.e Js.alu.ed more highly than
anywhero else on earth, and where
the Idea of poij^r, apart from overwhelming disomy, can hardly be
"The, fyfte.of the Kings."
The fiiallWlvJy sailed in the Medina, a P. & O. liner that has been
specially-,.prep^r^d ,for the occasion.
She wiH" ne attended by ' four first-
class cfrtlsers of thfe royal navy. Only-
two stops (WlU'bB'made on the way tc
Calcutta, ono ,at Malta, and the, other
at Aden, where Abbas, the Khedive of
Egypt, will be present to greet his actual, though not-his official, sovereign.
The landing at Calcutta will take place
on Dec. 2, when all the great princes
of India wiU'RiVe their welcome to
���iheir .emteron The Calcutta pro-
frame Includes a pageant that ought
to be Ohe of He most remarkable
Bights of the whole visit, and a parade
Of 20,001) schopl children. On the
7th the royil party will proceed to
Delhi, and the.entry to this city wlll
fee most significant. In the wall thare
Js a gate called "The Gate of the
Kings," thfwigh which the ancient
Tuleis used to enter, lt was last used
1n 1857 by the iei.el leader who set
himself ujT"aa "King of Delhi." It Is a
traditiofr'that tie one but a king must
I>ass ui$der iftrts afchway, even royai
ffkrimces''-heing-��� excluded, and It la
through^TheGjite of the Kings" that
George V. wrj(ffis9.
On the Historic "Ridge."
For twerfty^kys the king will  remain in,Delhi, receiving the foreign
princes snd'Other notables, and holding levees at which humbler subjects
from among the 230,000,000 people in
India will be permitted to approach.
���There   will  be. notable   program   of
sports,   especially   horse   racing   ancl
T��lo,  of *>Mek jrjHs  Indians   are   inordinate^? fm and a grand review
��vt some 90|00o troops.    The Durbar
���proper, or-coronation, will be held on
"December 12 in h huge amphlth"atre
���erected on t4e J^lstoric "Ridge," where
a 'handful  of Englishmen  won  undying glory In thtf days of the Mutiny.
The ampfcltheaWp le outside the city
and a special jllfe of railway has been
built to connect the   royal   quarters
with th�� great temporary  camp that
���will house Ufe^sttprs. and with the
SBlty Itself.   nertfthe government will
Floor Oilcloth
Two yards wide: In a large variety of patterns; a
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Sanitary Couch
AU steel construction; with green denim covered felt
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$20,00 value for  $11.90
Japanese Screens
Four-fold screens; only a few left; regular price to
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Matting Squares
Are very suitable for bedroom floors or when put
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6 feet by fl feet, for  $1.15
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For your hall; golden, early English and fumed oak
finish.    Prices from  $2.70
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your own.    Pi Ice, per set, only $1.50
Galloway & Lewis
The Store With All New Goods
Phone 829
401-403 Columbia Street
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially terg^s&ek <?f I^athg, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
��� iin ���-. -I������ ,,,���     I, \,*******m********m iiasnaiii ���
Now ia the time to build for tale or rent while price* are low
B.C. Mills
limber  and 1 rading  Co.
Manufacturers nnd Dealers in All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 12 New Westmlnstsr
Box   Vs
W. R. GILLEY, Phona 122.
G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 16 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE ��04. (Old Glass Works Factory. SAPPERTON. FRIDAY, NO/EMBER 17, 1611,
Literature and commerce met ln
the persons of the Vancouver Prov-
Inse and the People's Trust bowling
teams on the Front Btreet alleys last
night. The visitors went down to
People's Trust.
12       3   Ttl.
Bolton    129    104    161���384
Young    146   111   113���370
Sutherland lfiO   116   108���383
Burden 134   128   156���398
���Corbett 209   158   176���637
778    610 684 2072
12 3   Ttl.
Turner 151   171 131���453
,Hewitt   116   132 98���34(1
Kervyn    101   102 131���334
Murray 133   142 176���460
Park 126   170 123(5���418
626    717    668 2001
Inaugural Speech
(Continued from page one)
purpose of assisting and encouraging
���our farmers to secure tbe best results
In production and at the same time
preserve the fertility of the soil.
"A measure will be Introduced revising and consolidating the acts relating to the Inspection of grain, and
providing the means by which the
government can secure, through a
commission, the control and operation of the terminal elevators upon
the Great Lakes.
Permanent Tariff Commission.
"A bill will be introduced to estab
lish a permanent tariff commission,
whose duty lt shall be to ascertain, hy
Investigation and enquiry, such in
formation as will furnish a more
stable and satisfactory basis for tariff
legislation than has heretofore been
"Bills wlll also ",e laid before you
with respect lo the department of external affairs, the archives and other
"The selection of the best route for
the Hudson Hay railway Is engaging the attention of my advisers
and an announcement will be made to
you of the result of their enquiry.
"Gentlemen of the House of Commons: The accounts of the last year
will be laid before you; the balance
���of tbe estimates for the coming year |
will be submitted for your approval
at an early date.
"Honorable gentlemen of the Scn-
���ate; gentlemen of the House of Commons: I commend the subjects which
I have mentioned to your best consideration. 1 trust that your deliberations under the blessing of Divine
Providence may tend to the welfare
and good government of this Dominion."
The Glider Embodies   New   Principle
of Aviation.
From   meant   experiment*   at   tha
Wrlr-ht brother* It would appear that
'the aeroplane doea not embody   tbe
true secret ot human flight.   The glider  does.    Orville  Wright  haa   been
spending several months in a lonely
spot in North Carolina making expert
tabllsh flying schools ln many cities,
using the gilders exclusively, for they
Insist that the flying Instinct ls dormant ln every person, and that lt can
be developed by tbe glider. "Tben,"
prophesies Orville Wright, "everyone
csn fly. It will be like walking or
How Birds Soar.
It Ib Interesting to note that ln recent years observations of birds' flight
have tended to upset some previously
held notions, and have given great encouragement to such experimenters aa
the Wrights. Looking at the duck
cutting through the air at tbe speed of
a racing automobile one gets one Idea
of flght. Looking at the gulls or tbe
storks one gets another Idea altogether. It seems to have been pretty
thoroughly established that some of
these birds 'fly for hours without flapping a wing. They soar up or down,
to right or left, without the movement of a muscle. According to Li-
lienthal, a noted authority, storks do
not flap their wings at all unless they
are ln a dead calm. If there is any
wind moving they glide. Some of
them he observed remained absolutely
motionless ln one spot for several
minutes. He noted tbat it was only
a few old storks that had thus mastered the p_rt, and that the youngsters made no attempt to perform this
The Secret of Soaring.
The swallow, albatross and the
hawk all have this secret of soaring,
which shorter-winged and heavier-
bodied birds do not possess, and even
among birds of the same species there
are good flyers and bad flyers. Ll-
lienthal thinks that once we understand the tight shape of wing and Us
proper position we can manufacture
something that will serve the human
being as well as the wing serves the
stork. Wind, too, is necessary, but
there is always wind, Just as there is
always air. If not ln one stratum It
can be found higher up or lower down.
The secret ls one that Orville Wright
claims to have found.
Sometimes people de, and
because the stomach'  ~~
Ate Unwisely ?	
relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.   The lover of good
lhlngi may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablet* at hand.
50c. a box.   If your druggist has not stocked them yet send 90c and we
will mall them. 34
Nlli.il Pi��� ���d ClwliJ C*. ef C���de. I tmtfi.
290 acres in one of the most favored sections of the valley. Lands
level and unexcelled for ^rulf growing, one-half mlle frontage on
navigable river, close to Kootenay Lake. C. P. R. runs through the
property. Excellent subdivision propsitlon which ought to bring
$100 per acre.    Price $10,000, on easy terms.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,Ud.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
ments that It was supposed he and
hls brother had long ago discarded as
���elementary, and briefly announced the
other day that he had found the seem
he had been searching for. The
Wright brothers began with planes
that merely soared against the wind;
*nd it was only after months of ex*
perlroenting that they added the-motor and gave birth to the aeroplane of
*he twentieth century. Now they wish
to discard the aeroplane again, and
fly like the birds. Apparently they
have made some headway, for last
���week Orville Wright soared In the
air for ten minutes In a gliding ma-
���chlne that had no motive power aave
that supplied by his own muscles.
���On alighting he remarked: "I could
liave aat up there ten hours Just as
easily as ten minutes. I have found
what I wanted to flnd."
The Naw Glider.
The new Wright glider is the same
as the usual Wright aeroplane, as far
as the frame Is concerned.   The wings
and the rudder are the new features,
and  naturally  some details of their
construction   are   a   secret  Jealously
guarded by the Inventors.   The wings
���differ chiefly from the ordinary planes
of aeroplanes ln that they are movable, and are operated up or down at
the aeronaut's pleasure by wires. One
rudder ls used to tilt the glWer up or I
-down, the other turns it to right or]
left.    Jutting from the front of thc*
machine Is a long pole, and on lhe end
or It Is a bag of sand weighing about
eighty pounds.   This Is to correspond
to the neck and head of the bird that
the  glider Is  Intended   to   emulate.
There Is the usual seat, and Instead ot
wheels there' are skids on which the
machine rests.   The flight, ln the glider iIb begun as were the first flights
���of the inventors at Dayton. Ohio. Orville Wright seats himself ln the machine at the top ot a steep hill, and a
.couple of assistants rush   down hill,
drawing the glider' after them.    Before they have gone a dosen teet the
'wind has caught the sails, and the machine soars out like a kite.
Flying Like a Bird.
A correspondent of the Philadelphia
TPfissa who saw the ten-minute flight
-writes:   "Suddenly Orville flipped the
right wing ot the glider upward and
the glider soared to a higher level,
Loss of Life on Newfoundland Banks
Was Very Heavy.
The French fishermen on the banks
and at St. Pierre et Mlquelon have
been very unfortunate this season.
Out of their small fleet of "bankers"
no fewer than fifteen have been lost,
and fifty-eight men were drowned.
Four of the schooners were run down
by transatlantic liners, while at anchor on the banks, during dense fog
The Grand Bank fishery Ib a terribly
I dangerous occupation. Among the
hCnited States fleet the death roll has
some seasons run up to eighty souls
drowned. Last year it was the smallest on record, only thirty-four deaths.
The foundering of ships and the loss
of life amongst the French fishermen
this season is the heaviest for many
St. Pierre ls gradually being abandoned. Every season there is an exodus from these barren Islets' to the
more fertile regions of Cape Breton
nnd Quebec, where the immigrants
are cordially welcomed by their own
people. These disasters wlll send
more away.
Jury Box Filled for Second Time.
LM Angeles. Cal., Nov. 16���The jury
box   In  the   McNamara  murder  trial
was filled with Jurors   and   accepted
talesmen for the second time late to-1
day.    Peremptory challenge* by    the1
���tate and defence will be exercised at
the opening of court tomorrow.
Jacob Lansing, an orchardlst. was
the twelfth man accepted. His fellows
In the box were: Robert Bain. Byron
Ltsk, F. D. Green, all sworn Jurors;
Brewster C. Kenyon, Clark McLain, J.
B, Sexton, A. Gribllng, Wtllett Brun-
ner. C. A. Hath, William J. Andre, T.
J. Elliott.
All bave been accepted as to cause
by both sides, but are subject to per
emptory challenge.
. To meet any man's requirements; to fit
any figure, we handle every well-known
brand of Underwear made. If you are particular about your Underwear, you're the
man we are looking for.
Jaeger, Woolsey, Watson's, Stanfield's,
in a variety of weights and prices.
From $2 to $10 the Suit
Combinations $2,25 to $5.50 Ea*
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, tor It la tho stuS that tho foun-
datlons of wealth and happiness aro built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now and to Invest for what ahall be needed In the future.   Money cannot bo Invested until tt Is flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized-Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
517 Columbia St New Westminster
School Trustees
And Their Work
(Continued from paae on��>
Los Angeles, Cai., Nov. 16.���When
a newly enfranchised woman threatened today to leave this city unless
��� her morning aleep waa nd longer dls-
Lowyer Su'eMe*.
Portland. Ore., Nov. 16.���Eugene
Markley, a lawyer of this cfty, was
found dead In bed here today, an
empty bottle which had contained
carbolic acid indicating the cause ol
death. Markley had been divorced
recently and his friends state that he
had been brooding over bia troubles.
On a table beside the bed was a letter to his parents in Los Angeles bidding them farewell. Markley was 46
years of age.
News from Alaska.
Nome. Alaska. Nov. 16.���A good
gold strike has been made on Oregon
creek. Ten outfits are at work and
producing good pay. The season continues backward. There fs no ice ln
the roadstead and the ground is free
of snow. A report received from
Otter creek today says that T. Dingwall, a well known mining man, dropped dead of heart failure.
Lady Doctor 8uffocated.
Pittsburg. Nov. 16.���Mlss Ethel
Kirk, a physician, was found dead in
her room with her mouth and nostrils
stuffed with'cotton, which had been
saturated with chloroform. An In
vestlgation Is being made.
Admiral Suicides.
Washington, Nov. 16.���Rear Admiral John Yeatman Taylor, U. 8. N���
(retired) shot himself In his residence here today,- dying within half
an hour.   He was 82 years old.   De-
paper.   Let the British fleet fade, and *--
lesser armaments wlll slink Into ob-1 turned by the. crowing ot her nelgh-
Hvlon. hor's roosters, the legislative commit
lt ls good to be young; to  be young fjlf ��' the cit? cJftttncil ln"*uci!? }he
and be, at the same time, a woman us f V"0���4* l�� draw up ah ordtaapce
to be nearly divine.    Britain as   the  banishing all barnyard buglers.   In a
Daniel in the den ot international lions* '�������"��ie-tJSn.
ts a picture which could take shape  ^n*���*��� mil
on a virgin canvas alone���in the mind
of a maiden.   And, after all. the  mind
of a maiden is a holy of holies sacred
even   to   the   most   blase and   experienced modern Journalist. ,
But that paper proves that the
school board, in spite of its embarrassing condition of chronic impecuniosity'
haa flrst class material to work- on. is
tbe Royal City.
^^^^^^^^_ In a
,.    to the   council, Mrs.
Genevieve Dillings complained    ths*
she was awakened at dawn by a choir
of chanticleers.
A Snap
Burnaby Board of Trade,
The B. C. E. R. franchise was   the |
most important matter discussed*,  at
the regular monthly meeting   of   the
Burnaby board of trade on Wednesday evening.
President Walker advocated Due laying down of atreet car tracks wben
streets were graded, and the teasing'
of running rights thereafter bs any
transportation companies who might
apply for them. He advanced tikis suggestion as a means of relieving the.
municipality ot the responsibility of
operating its own street cat system.
A resolution favoring the proposal
was passed.
In the' same connection the board
resolved that the municipal council
should be asked officially what steps
are being taken to contest the validity
of the franchise granted to the Ii. C.
E. R. in 1909.
It was agreed to write to the B. C.
Telephone company, complaining of
the service In the municipality.
Ryall Has a Preparation That
WU1 Grow Hair
an nour.. i�� ***.- ... ,���,. ,       wi
ap(��ndencyKOver filing health Is   be- RYALL HAS A ^REPARATION
HOved to have prompted the sulci*. J    Thu ti ^ age ot neW discoveries.
4-Roomed House
at corner of Cumberland Road and
Seventh Avenue in
Burnaby. Lot 54x
169, all cleared and
fenced and in garden.
Price {1,300
$350 Cash, balance
same as rent
nettling again to an emu keel In
obedience to a thrust ot the horizontal
tall. The vertical plane beside the
���viator awung a trifle to tbe left and
the glider tacked Immediately Into the
gale at a sharp angle," A gale, apparently, ls necessary to the success
of the experiments, and also a steep
hill, from which the aviator gets a
1 start. Motor-driven aeroplanes, of
course, are Independent of: these accessories, and the Wrights hope to In-
Hair Grafting.
It la by no means an uncommon
thing for a workman to ret part ot
hls hair and soalp removed by an accident, and hitherto it has been Impossible to make hair grow again on
such a place after the   roots have
once been destroyed.   A welt-known
doctor has made the assertion tbat
hair growth can be Induced by apr
plying finely chopped hair to the spot
where nature's natural covering has
been removed by such an accident.
The fine pieces of hair are kept tn
place by a suitable bandage over the
injured spot.   The doctor claims that
the pieces of hair soon take root, and
the white spots Indicating the location of the   hair cells are    readily
transformed to skin cells and ao tha
man's original covering of hair and
SJ^KSW-^^'K iTSaW r.rTac.d.-T. P.*
rSJi-ff   TbSF intention la. to **��� Weekly.
inia is bu f��B�� *.* ******  ���
To grow hair after It haa fallen out
today la a reality.
SALVIA, tb* Great Hair Tonic and
Dressing, will positively create a new
growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, tree from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA ls guaranteed to atop falling hair and restore the hair to   Its f
fstural color.    Tha    greatest   Hal��
Igor known.
SALVIA ta compounded by , expert
Watch your hair If lt (a falling out.
If you don't, you wlll sooner or Mer
be bald. >
SALVIA prevents baldness by
fastening tho hair to the roots.
Ladles wltl And SALVIA just the
hair dressing they are looking for. * It
makes tha hair soft and fluffy and la
not sticky.   A large bottle, Mo.      .
Water and light
services under construction.
STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each :
GERMAN Silver, $5.00 to $15.00 each
' Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   BX.t. R'y   X
Orchid Talcum, Orchid Cold Cream, Orchid Perfume
Orchid Almond Cream.
WiMssium m^u TE8TE0 BY OPT,C|AN.  ...,,   ,,���
n-l'H Vi   -i
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.    Vlce-Preatdont.
Sec and Treaa.
=====   LUMBER CO* LTD.        \ , a ���
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and Spruce Lumber
Phonea No. 7 and 877.  Shlngloe, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Weatminater branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 5:46
a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Laat
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 16 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Mand branch. ��� Cara
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connect
Ing at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cara leave tor
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
eave for Chilliwack and wny
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
0.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way points,
leaves at 4.06 p.m.
Tho B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third tor week end trips to all
polnta on   lta' Fraaer   Valley
Tickets will be on sale   on
Saturday and Sunday, gtfod for
return until Monday.
again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited Try
a quart and be assured they are the best^you have
eterhad. ^^T^^^^
" (*rll   .:
..-.-.il. wi
I \ PAGE sac
The "Stone Forest" Ono ef California's
Natural Wonder*.
California, among many other natural
wonders, contains a "stone forest"
Tbis Is located io Sonoma county, only
a few miles from the little resort of
CslistORS Springs. This "forest" consists of a great many petrified trees.
all of wliich are prostrate.
t In respect to tbe great number of
petrified trees and tbeir Immense size,
tbe California "stone forest" surpasses
that of Arizona. Strange to say. very
little ls known stout these wonderful Sonoma county petrifactions���so
far as tbe general publlc Is concerned.
Many of these trees are of enormous
size. Tbe famous "Queen of tbe Forest" tr a prehistoric redwood nbout
eighty feet long and nearly twelve feet
ln diameter. It tins been broken In
several places, nnd these breaks are as
clean ss If cut off with a saw. A tree
bas grown np through one of tbe breaks
and bas sttnlned quite s large size.
Another giant tree known as the "Monarch" lies near by. which ls almost
ninety ft** long and ts without a
break. This tree Is a Br. and averages
ten feet ln diameter. Not far nwsy Is
another glsnt son of tbe forest���n redwood tbut Is about sixty feet long and
nlm> feet ln diameter. This tree Is
broken Into many hundreds of pieces.
yet it retains Its shape almost perfectly. Scatten-d about for lite sfpn of
several acrea are ninny other pieces of
petrifaction. Ho perfect has IiWii the
trunsmutntlon Into stone thst ttie grain
of ibe wood still remains very clear,
and tbe rnrlrry of the tree may he easily determined��� SclentItlc American.
History of Thi* Relic of the Revolutionary Patriots. , .
Overvigoroos ringing of the old Liberty bell many years ago on tbe occasion of tbe celebration of the Declaration of Independence was what put
tbe crack lu It aud forever destroyed
Its resonant tone, it was cast by i'ass
& Stow iu Philadelphia and bung In
tbe belfry of tbe uow historic state-
bouse In lower Chestnut street early In
June. 1753. It contains 2.080 pounds
of metal.
Near tbe top of tbe bell were cast
the words "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land i.uto All tbe inhabitants Thereof." Prophetic of its destiny, tbis gave it the name Liberty
Wben tbe British army marched on
Philadelphia lo 1777 (be bell was taken down by patriots und carried off in
tbe night to Allentown ln order that
It might not fall Into tbe bonds of tbe
enemy. In 1781 it was returned to the
tower of tbe stntebouse.
For more than bnlf a hundred years
'thereafter the bell was rung and honored on Independence day every year
before the crack appeared in It.    An
effort was made to restore Its rone by
���swing tbe crack wider, but this prov.
ed of��� no avail.    Tbe bell was finally
removed trom tbe tower to a  lower
���lory of tbe etatehoose and used only
on   extraordinary   occasions,     uabae-
qmntty U wa* rigged np on Its original Umber* In tbe vestibule,    tn 18W*
It was exhibited at the Columbian ex
position In Chicago.
German Soprano Gives   Arias Which
Made Her Famous.
For lovers of Wagner lh? concert
Is It a Fact That Men Don't Expscl
Women to Be Strictly Square?
It cannot be denied, cravely asserts given by the Toronto Symphony Or
a well-known writer, th��t the stand-1 cliesti^a, Toronto, at Massey Hall, was
ards of honor maintained by *"��"���� |an occasion that will linger long as a
are just a trifle less keen than three > _.__�� _,������,���,��  ,.,.,.1,^
of   men.    Insulting   though    it  may Particularly pleasant memory, says the
appear tn them, we do not expect or j Mail and Empire. Not only did the
exact from women the same degree; orchestra confine Itself to selections
of *trietn>'=s :n ninttcr= even nf com-1 from "Der Fliegende Hollander. ' Loh-
mon honesty, as from our fellow men. Icngrln," "Tannhauser," and "Ole Got-
Take. for Instance, card*. Any mun I terdammerung," but the EOloiRt for
who is cRunht playing unfairly, or is'.the night was Madame Johanna GaC-
even suspected ol so doing, is in* Md. whose position as the greatest of
mediablv" doomed to social perd'tion i Wagnerian sopranos has been unJU-
and subjected to the most frightful iputed since Nordlca passed her prime,
kind of o��trac'��m I Madame Gadski was in splendid voice,
Yet dishonest? of this character on land lt would be safe to say that she
tho part of n p'rettv woman, nr even ; surpassed the expectations of even
when the offender is an unattractive jher most ardent admirers, of whom
old dowucer eip'.tes onlv mr milde.=t: there are many in Toronto. The rich-
aMonishnient nr nur pood-humored ! ness and warmth of her upper regis-
amusement. The onlv one who shows ter, combined with its wonderful now-
resentment is the other woman at the er, makes her climaxes thrilling and
table, whose anger and scathing con-1 superb. Elizabeths aria, Dich,
tempt are undisguised and who mayitheure ^Halle, _from
be trusted to make the most of tho
It would be eong a great deal   too
was a fine example of pure song, in
which Madam* Gadski showed the
lyrical beauty of her voice in the few
far to allege that we expect unfair Iregretful bars that tell of her lonell-
play when we have a woman as part- 'ness. The audience was so insistent
tier or as onponent. Still, if we do | that the gracious singer repeated this
detect her in any sharp practice, we ; number. Madame Gadski also gave
are not precisely surprised, and 'f Elsa's dream from "Lohengrin, but
the truth were told, do not think the Interest culminated In nrunn-
much the worse nf her fnr it. No ihllde's self-immolation rom Die Got-
man would ever show himself so la- terdammerung. in which the singer
mentnhly deficient in gallantry a* to Ishowe^ the wealth of_yocal coloring
loqk for the payment of any bet tint
a (ady bad   done hm  'he   honor to
lose to him, and it would he equally
and wide range of emotions that are
at her command. In the dramatic
opening   Madame  Gadski   moved   her
had form for him tn suppest the re-j hearers with the rinsing exultation of
turn of ca*h advances that she had ! her rendering, which melted into the
condescended to accept at his hands.
wild lament as the exalted admira
tlon of Brunnhilde gazing on the face
of the dead Siegfried gave way before
her grief. In the passionate climax
the soprano rose to the height of her
powers, and as the accompaniment
slowly died away, after the final
sweep of emotion, the audience seem-
to the effect that ��he is|ed almost to pause for a moment be-
artistic   and  d.dt   in   the; fore applauding, so completely   were
Woman's stories end her stat
ments are usually considered by tho
sterner sex as infinitely more creditable to her power of picturesque
Imagination thnn to her notions of
exactitude���the latter not heing re-
carded as her forte���and an impression preva:
even   more
emhrniderv oi  facts than  !n  her em-j they  under  the  spell of the   singer
broidery of textile  f��liric��
Indeed, the nrily time when we are
re;.dy to accord lo her nnrestr'cted
ennfidence and belief is when either
for the purpose of making us lnok
fnolish cr w:th some more serious
object of her own in view. ��he toll*
lis pretty and pleasant things about
The    wom��n    themselves
tly'r   shortcomings    in   thi
The beauty of Madame Gadski's volet
| is such that it shows to the mos!
I striking advantage when the most ex-
I acting demands are made upon lt
I The soloist showed hrr well-known
' Tererosltv by responding to tfie plau
j tits with Brunnhilde's Call from "Dk
! Walkure." She stands alone in hei
I rendering of this thrilling selection
recognize I 1n<i Torontonians are beginning tc
respect 11ool{  for il whenever she visits   tht
orchestra   had   selected   fou;
T* not one of th��ir favorite and stock i 3'ty-
nhrase= when thev wi*h to inspir-1 | ���"e
ms w'th confidence. "You know, in I veil-contrasted Wagnerian numbers
nnestions of hon��r. 1 have the strnis I The first was the overture to Th.
Mess as a man"; enro. "I am ex* j Wag Dutchman, with its graphic
-nipt from the shortcomings of mv I dctorial treatment of the story of the
sr-x in the matter." And du not they | >pera Mr. Welsman had evidentl;
the    convict:nn i devoted great care  to the   dramatic
repeatedly    ox.nre=s
that   thi-  or  (hat   piece  nf  nieanne-s
"can  only  have  been  perpetrated  by
a woman!-"
SbaUe��pe��re at an Actor.
FhnUespeare once played tUe ghost
In nt�� own ".Hamlet." A younger
brother of the dramatist In describing
tbe event said that be wore "u long
beard and appeared so weak uud
drooping nnd unable to walk that be
was forced to be supported and carried by another person to a table, ut
wbloh he wus seated among some
' In "As You Like It" Avon'n bard
assumed tbe role of Adam, tbe old
servant. In whom was represented
"the constant service of the antique
world" und wbo was "not tor the
lusbions of these times."
fhe Got the Soul.
Ther* was a bashful young man who I
was invited to a dinner party ard was
paired with the prettiest Woman in tlie !
room.    His seat  at  the  table  was  in
front of the roast fowl, whicli he wai |
to carve.    AnJ there was also a fried
sole in front of him.   And he had nev-
er done a licit of carvinr; in his life, [
f��_r he was a bachelor.
Rut he made- the twit ot the ��itua- 1
t\on by asking the lady at hi�� aide \
what she wouid have.
"A little ol the sole." she replied.
He  b"gan  to  cut ofl  a slice  ol  the
chicken's  breast.
"No,  no���the  sole,"  she  whispered.
Now. where was the soul ol a hen?
Hl-  thought  lor  a minute,  and  then
attneked the wing.
"Tlie sole, the sole!" cried the lady.
He looked for the feet, but no sole*
were   left,   so   he   tried   a  drumstick.
But she sVtl shook her head and said,
"No,   I   only   want   a   piece   of   the
Then did this young man rise in his
wrath, stick a fork through thn fowl
and put it all on the woman's plate.
"Take  it."  he  shouted ��� "take   it,
body, soul and all!"
Then ho helped himself to the fish.
Famous Gretna Grsen.
, Gretna Oreen, Scotland, became fn
mous for Its celebration of Irregular
marriages. Por many years the aver
flge number was ROO. The ceremony
consisted only of an admission, before
Witness, by tlie couple that tliey were
husband and wife, this bein-: sufficient
to constitute a valid tuarriaire. Alter
this the officiating functionary (for
many years a blncksmlthi, together
with two witnesses, signed the mar
riage certlflcate.
What He Wanted.
The doctor stone) at thu bedsido and
touted gravely down nt the Invalid
*"1 cannot hide from you the fact tbat
you are very 111." he said. "Is there
any one you would like to see?'
"Yes," said (he fruiterer faintly.
"Who is it?" yf
"Another doctor." *tyW
No Obstruction.
In the course ot a (rial at Water-
bury, Conn., tbe examiner was trying
to get tbe to|iograpliy ot tlie country
and (be relative situation of objects.
The witness was asked. "Which way
does the rond run past your house'/"
The reply was, "Both ways, your
jouor, up and down."���Case and Comment.
Touching Him.
Visitor���I saw your husband ln the
m>wd Id town today. In fact, be was
so elora that 1 could lmve touched
uiin. Hostess���That's strange. At
bome be Is ao close tbat nobody can
touch blm!
Acts sf Kiftdfisss.
If every one did an act of dolly
kindness tn his DiifiuG? ftod refused
to do any ankfednsca half t5o sorrow
*,t tht* world would bt lifted and disappear.-Un Maclaren.
Get Married.
Dr. Jacques Bertillion. the eminent
French physician, has reached th-
conclusion that matrimony is the
greatest aid to longevity. This, he
says, is established by stati-'ics g'ean-
ed Iroui all over the world. A married
man or woman has thrice the chance
of a good long life as a bachelor or ��
spinster. In further illustration cil
thi3 contention the doctor shows that
the mortality among widowers is greater than lhe average among married
men. So he recommends them to look
out for a new partner���that is, if they,
are under GO. This i.s his advice to
young men: "Marry; you will do well.
even from a selfish standpoint. But
watch carefully over your wife'*
health, as even lrom this egotistical
point of view her loss will be u terrible
misfortune, lor your life depends in
a great measure on hers."
Telephoning ffi China.
In China when the subscriber rings
up exchange the operator may be expected to ask:
"What number does the honorable
son of the moon and stars desire?"
"Hohi,  two-three."
Silence. Then the exchange resumes:
"Will the honorable person graciously forgive the inadequancy of the insignificant service and permit this
humble slave of the wire to inform
him that the never-to-be-sufllciently-
censured   line  is   busy?"
Didn't  Have to A��k.
Brown was in a terrible hurry to
be at his club. He had been patiently sitting ior a considerable time,
and then, getting exasperated, he:
poked the conductor in ibe ribs with
bis umbrella, saying, "Hi. conductor, :s this  bus going on?"
"No,  sir!"  replied   the   conductor.'
"It is standing  perfectly  still." i
i  - ��� - i
Ostrich Dogs.
Collie     dogs    are    used    to    herd!
ostriches in South Africa and perform'
the   work   with  great  sagacity.    The'
birds  are savuge  when  breeding auu'
will attack any man or animal that interferes with them, but are strangely
cowed in the presence of the dogs.       |
SS** '****. %!****    **   a- wr���r-.wm- *���*. m^, , ������
alue of this overture, and the treat
nent given by the orchestra wa.
highly appropriate throughout. Ther
followed the aesthetic overture tc
'Lohengrin." The mystical quality o
'he music was well preserved, th
ong pianisslmos swelling, developin.
nd dying, but always preserving ;
ocd tonal coloring, so necessary t:
he perfection of the melody. Th-
hicf flaw was a slight abruptness if
he brass ln the short passage whic'
ulminates the development of the
heme, before it recedes to die awa
tiain iu a soft echo.   The overture ti
"rannhaueev"   has   been   given   man
imea by the orchestra, but laat ntgtv
he organization gave lt with great��
���uthorlty than ever before.    This wa
specially noticeable In tho final wll.
j  truggle ofthe higher and lower lovof
I "hroughout this passage  the brasse
I   roduced   a   sonority' and   purity    c
i  one that, was a distinct improvemen
j ��n  anything  they  have  done in  tu
! ast when rendering The overture ar?
j he result was that tha majestic hai
tonics of the conclusion were proyor
!  ionately    improved.       The    Kunev;
March from "Die Gotterdammerung
id not appear to arouse a great de;:
f interest, doubtless because the m:
ority of the people present were nr
^miliar with it.   The true significant
���f the march can hardly be- caught b
ne who does not know the opera, an
���ven the solemn beauty cf the fin.
assage is lost in the amount of r<
"ostiection which it contains.   The li
erprctation   given   by  the   orchestr
as hardly distinguished by the neco
���try clarity to catch the lmaginatloi
t might be added that the   orchesti
s improving in  Its accompaniment
nd  even the heavy  scoring   of  t!
/agnerlah solos did not tempt the:
i greatly over-emphasize the lmpoi
ice of tbe instrumental comments'
Christmas Sailings
Portland, Me., Halifax, Liverpocl
"Canada" Saturday, Dec. 2
"Megantic" Saturday, Dec. 9
"Teutonic" Thursday, Dec. 14
Steamers sail from Halifax earh
ne>.t day, Connecting with trains from
thc West.
White Star S.S. "Laurentic" and
"Megantic" are the largest, flinest
and most modern from Canada
Klevntors, lounges, string orchestra
etc. First, second and third clast
passengers carried.
White Star S.S. "Teutonic" and
Dominion Line S.S. "Canada" carry
one class cabin (II) and third class
passengers   only.
Por   reservations  and   tickets  apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
"""pany's   office,   619   -nd   Ave.,
Seattle.   ,.._.,_.   ,: ^.lJuuLi .jj .;;.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
���fito v
Kill the Dandrutf Germs���Step Hair Falling
Thousands ot mothers aro looking youn^or.���Their grey hairs are gone. The natural
color has come back, and with it a new growth of soft, glosny. luxuriant hair. Why should
yoa look old before your time, when you can looSt years younger by usinj
Dandruff Cured
Thres applications removed
all tbe dandraQ aol left my
scalp clean, white and smooth.
Wm. Croak, Rochester, K. Y.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
It other "so-called" Restorers hava failed, (font give up hope, but (Ive WYETH'S
SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a trial. You rua ao risk.. U. li la not exactly
as represented, your money will be refunded.
Gray Hair Restored
Hy kair xraa getting quite gray and falling Mt rapidly
fend I was troubled with s terrible itching of the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, which fell upon my clothes
and kept me continually brushing it ofl. Wliile oa e
���iait to Rochester I heard of your Sage and Sulphur
for the hair. I got a bottle and used it A few applications relieved the itching, my hair stopped falling out and gradually came hack to its natural color. It
ia now a nice dark brown color, soft, glossy and pliable.
Several of my friends want to use it, and I want t��
know what yoa will cherge sue for six bottles of it.
Bharon, Mercer Co., Pa.
Grew Hair on a Bald Head
For two or three years my hair had beea
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
of my heed was entirely bald. About four
months ago I commenced using Sage and Sulphur. The first bottle seemed to do some good
snd I kept using it regularly until now I have
used four bottles. The whole top of my head
is fairly covered and keeps coming in thicker.
I shall keep on using it a while longer, as I
aotlco s constant improvement.
Rochester, tt. Y.
BOc. and $1.00 a Bottle���At aU Druggists
a Votf Drvgjist Does Hot Keep It, Send Vs the Price in Stamps, mi We Will
Send Yov a Large Bottle, Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company '* ^V;^Y."S^n*
A 25c Cake of IVyeth's Sage and Sulphur Toilet Soap Free to anyone who will send
U3 Chi3 advertisement with 10c in stamps to cover cost of wrapping and mailing the soap.
ft J_
mammt FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1911.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held ln Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.G.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary
) MISS M. BROTEN, publlc stenogra-1
pher; specifications, business let-j
ters, etc.; circular work taken, i
Pbone 415. Rear ot Major an* I
Bavaee's oiyce. Columbia Bt.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McXenzle streets. New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offlces, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. Q. McQuarrie. G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
minster Board of Trade meets in tne
board room, City Hall, a* fotlowa:
Third Thursday of eacb montn;
quarterly meeting ou the tnira
Tl/ureday ot February, May, August
and November, at a p.m. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday of
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any montn
ly ot quarterly meeting. C. U.
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
{Time Time
of of
Arrival: Closing:
SO:00��� United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).18:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) . 20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:45
12:00���Victoria vi* B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
l-.to���UnltettBtatas via G. N. R.
COally except SundayU . 9.45
18X16���United States via Q. N. R.
Idaily except Sunday)..16:00
10:18���All points east and Eu-
--*__ rope   (dally)  8:30
13:30���All points east and Europe  (daily)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton and Fraser
MUls     (dally     except
SSaday)       8:30
SO: 00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills     (dally     except
Sunday)      14:00
10:18���Coquitlam   (dally  exoept
Bunday)      ��� 8:30
*��: 00���Central Park amd Edmonds    (dally    except
Bunday)       1116
1400���East Barnaby   (dally   ex-
Suaday) 18:30
10:0O���Tlmberland (Tueslay and
Friday)   1*30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday aad
Saturday, aid leaves
Monday.      Wednesday
and  Friday    14:����
10:00���Ladner, Port Gulohon,
Westham   Island, Bun
ViUa  13:30
tO: 00���Annieville.  Bunbnry (dally
except Sunday)    13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver,   Piper's   Siding    via    O.    N.    It.
(dnlly except Sunday)..14:30
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O.  N.  R.  (dally ex-
(dally except Sunday).14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday.   Friday   and   Sat-
day       ��1��:00
11:30���Tynehond   (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
���:80���Burnaby Lake tdatly ��x-
cept Sunday .,,......48:00
40:00���AbbotB*ord. Matsajil, Hun-
tlngton, etc. (Sally except Sunday)    ��3:00
16:15���Crescent, WMte Rock aad
Blaine    (dally    except
Suaday) ������ ���:**
li: 16���Hall's Psalrie, Ftrn Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tueeday, Thursday aad Saturday  6:46
11:20���Chill! wack, Milner. Mt.
Lehmaa, Aldergrova, Otter, Shortreed, Uppar
Somas, Surrey Centre.
Cloverdale. Langley
Prairie, MnrrerMe.
' Strawberry Hill, Sonth
1 ' Westminster,      Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Bar-
i ��la, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. r  E. R. (dally , ^
except Sunday) 8:00
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B.  C.  E.  R.   (Monday
i          Wednesday    and    Friday     ,. v 6:00
���20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. B. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:30
(dally except Sunday).20:30
11:20���Abbotsford   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:80
IS:50���ClovrHale   via   B.C.B.R.
mL |      Xdaily eicept Sunday) .17:10
Buttermilk Beauties.
In warm weather, wben cooling
foods tbat are nutritive and refreshing
drinks tbat are cooling are the order
of tbe day, buttermilk Is absolutely indispensable once its true merit ls discovered.
A taste for buttermilk, like olives,
may be cultivated. Care should be
taken to procure fresh buttermilk, as
tbe otber kind ls far from healthful.
It may be detected by a biting aeld
taste, while the fresh milk ls merely
agreeably tart
As a cosmetic buttermilk ls most
effective as a substitute for water, ln
this case it is' applied freely with a
soft cloth and rubbed well Into tbe
face, neck and cbestr Soap should
not be used, and tbe parta covered
should be thoroughly saturated wltb
tbe milk. After being allowed to dry
slightly tbe application Is washed off
gently with warm water in which a
teaspoonful of borax has been dissolved. Fresh buttermilk ts tben applied gently wltb tbe fingers and allowed to dry. After being sunburned
or freckled buttermilk should be applied as soon ns possible and allowed
to remain on the skin. Water should
not be applied while tbe skin stings or
A disagreeable feature of tbe milk
as a cosmetic Is Its odor. For this reason lt is sometimes best to upply it at
night nnd to use reliable skin food or
powder during tbe day. Because of Its
efficiency as a bleocb and as a food
both for the body and the skin and because of Its commendable cheapness,
which ls a point worth considering, it
occupies an important position ln the
search for health and beauty. ,
If Yeu Crochet Why Not Make TMa
For   working   tbla  charming   nttle
apron for a small gin cow-bet cotton,
I Na 36. should be used, aua tbe mode
j of proceOure is as follow*:
j   Mske a chain of 187 stiu-hei*.    First
\ row:     1   treble   In   tttb   chain   trom
needle. 2 cbaiu. 1 treble in unit chain.
* 6 chain, mla* 0 chain. 1 treble In nest
chain. 2 chain. 1 treble lu next chain,
repeat from * 23 times. 0 chain, turn.
Scvoud row: * 1 treble tu loop ot 7
cbain. 2 chain. 1 treble In same place,
H treble under 6 chain, repent from ��� 23
times. 1 treble tn loop of 2 chain. 2
chain, 1 treble In same place, b chain
Third row: ��� 1 treble ln 2 chain. 2
chain. 1 treble In aanie place, tt chain,
1 repeat from ��� to end ot row.
Ue|*m aecond aud third row* nine
times or until there ar* 10 rows ot
21 hi row: * 1 treble Into 2 chain. 3
chuln. 1 treble into mime place, tt
chain, repeat from * seven times, &
chain, turn.
2'Jtl row: 1 treble into 2 chain. 9
;hain. 1 treble Into tame place. O treble
New Westminster Land District, District of New Westminster.
Take notice that I. Walter S. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to lease the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted one
and a half miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains nortb, thence
80 chalnB east, ihence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west to point
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Date, September 18th, 1911.
Name of Applicant tin full).
Oily Skint.
A person wltb nn oily skin should be
careful of ber diet. Sbe ahould avoid
all rich and greasy foods. Unless this
is done outward treatment will be of
little use. Wipe tbe face occasionally
with diluted alcohol (25 per cent
strength). A few drops of ammonia
or a piucb of borax ln the witter ln
which the face Is washed Is also help
ful. This treatment will bave an effect on the pores. It Is quite Important that the skin be rinsed ln cold
water after hot water baa beeu used.
There Is nothing better than soap
and water for cleansing the skin. Every night before retiring apply towels
wrung from hot water and then use a
good flesh brush und pure Bonp. Do
not forget to rinse tbe skin thoroughly.
Ut* of Powder.
Tt Is sometime* neceasary to powder
the face, but powder ahould be applied
lightly and artistically tn order to Impart to tbe akin the velvety softness ot
the peach.
A face powdered like a clowns Is
ridiculous snd aa unbecoming as vulgar. Powder on tbe face should be
imperceptible and lf used with discretion Is not to be condemned.
Tske up but a small quantity ot
powder on tbe puff and pass lightly
over the face. Care should be taken
not to powder tbe eyebrows, snd ths
lips must be carefully wiped to removs
any powder which may have fallen,
The whole face except the eyes, ths
eyebrows and Up* should receive a
touch of the powder.
Care ef th* Feet.
To mske the feet less sensitive waah
tbem every night In warm water In
which a piece of common washing sodn
haa been dissolved, and before putting
on your boota In the morning duft tbe
feet with the following po***. wWch
Is healing: Twenty grams talcum pow-.
der, twenty grams lycopodlum powder,
flre grams powdered tsnnln. flve grams
boric acid and ten drops essence at
patchoulL lf you bave a bunion the
Joint must be relieved from all pressure. If poeslhle wear a loose slipper
untll Inflnmmstlon bss subsided. Paint
the bunion every day with the following lotion: Two drams Iodine, two.
drams glycerin and two drams carbolic
acid. Apply with, a camel's hair pencil. :. _
Complexion Tenia.
Sulphur and molasses form an old
fashioned tonic which ha* a most ben-
eflclsl effect qpon the complexion. To
make It put two tablespoonfuls of the
powdered sulphur In s saucer and six
teaspoonfuta of raolrtsf*s. Blend thoroughly and take a balf hour-before
breakfast and on retiring. A teaspoon-
ful Is tbe usual amount for a dose.
Take this dose for three daya and then
after a corresponding interval resume.
under 6 chain,  repeat from * seven
times. 5 chains, turn.
Repest these two rows 10 times,
break off cotton. This forms left
shoulder snd half of front
Leave elgbt patterns for Inner edge
of shoulder, make a slip stitch Into
next treble. 5 chain * 1 treble into 2
chain, 2 chain, 1 treble Jnto aame
place, 6 chain, repeat from * to end ot
row (there should be eight patterns),
6 cbnln. turn.
Next row:   Same as 22d row.
Next row:   Same a* '��10 row.
Repeat theee two row* untll you
have 20 *hort row*.
3Mb row: * 1 treble Into 2 chain. 2
chain. 1 treble Into same place, 6 treble
under 0 chain, repeat from * seven
time*. 13S chain, turn.
SIM row:   8am* a* l*t row.
82d row:   Bame a* 2d row.
33d row:   Bame a* 3d row.
Repeat tbe 32d and 33d rows nine
times, break off cotton.
For tne right balf of front begin In
tbe corner between tbe back and
shoulder piece. Mak* 1 slip stitch Into
2 chain of last snort row. 1 treble Into
lst stitch of fl chain. 8 treble under 8
chain. * 1 treble. 2 chain, 1 trebl* between 2 treble of last row. 8 treble under fl chain, repeat from * tq end of
raw. turn and work 22 short rows of
���ight patterns, sam* as left aide.
To flntah off. work oo* row of patterns along foundation chain on left
ahould aad thread ribbon through.
Re a part (10 acres) df a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2, New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 1199F. Issued
in the name of George' Carter, has
been filed ln this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shal'.
at the expiration of one month from
the date ot the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of tbe said Certlflcate,
unless ln the meantime valid objec
tlon be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       ai4.400.000.00
RESERVE    12,000,000.00
Branches througnout Canada and
Newfoundland, ana In London. Eng
Mud, New York, ChUago and Spokane.
O.8.A.. and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let
ters ot Credit issusd, available wltb
correspondents In all parts of tke
Savings Bank Dspsrtment���Deposits
received In sums ot fl and upward,
and Interest allows 1 at 8 per cent, per
annum  (present rat*).
Total  Asnets over 3186.000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.  M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Daily
11:00  P.  M Daily
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M...Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M...Oct. 31, Nov. Hth, 25th
For  Hardy Bay.
8:30  A.  M Wednesdays
For  Upper  Fraser  River  Points.
Leave New  Westminster,  8:00  A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack.  7:00 A.  M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
Phone 108.    P. O. Box 845.
Office, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
iflloe   Phone IBS.     Barn   Phone IS
Begbie Street.
Baggage   deliversa    promptly      ���
any part ot t%* city
light and Heavy Hauling
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Vancouver at 12 midnight every Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Vancouver at 12 midnight every Monday for Prince Rupert.
S. "PRINCE JOHN" leaves Princ*
Rupert at 1 p.m. every Wednesday
for Stewart; at 10 p.m. Thursday.
November 2, 16. 30, December 14.
28, for Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, Lockport, Rose Harbor, etc..
and at 10:00 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 23, December 7. 21, for Mas-
sett and Naden Harbor.
runs traina twice a week from
Prince Rupert to end of track (100
(The Double Track Route)
Through tickets from Vancouver to
all points east of Chicago in Canada
and the United States, also to Europe.
Make your reservations now for the
holidays. Standard and tourist sleepers���meals "Pay as you order." /
mm co.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid  up $6,200,000
Res*rve  7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Paciac,
in Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
citlea ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Weatminater Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Cleansing th* Hale.
Nevef retire without brushing your
hair.  Th* hair is a dust trap. anfl.ne  M ^n Mn>
dainty woman would ���reUi^wHtiu* *������ j a^m. Ut*. b. ���., ������,��� . ,	
moving lb* day's accumulation otdart. \ Mw> ^ Tertlyins the Invitation sent
The brush telle $* own atory of the ���, ^ MWt wkfrW0B Mra. a akoald
Points ef Etiquette.
It la tb* duty of a guest In a some
te be courteous to otber guests and
members of th* family, t* be punctual.
to avoid antagonistic conversation*
and to refrain from seeming familiar
In tb* bom*.
A woman guest keeps ber drseslag
table aad toilet articles In order, sees
tbat ber clothes are properly closeted
and puts away soiled articles of clothing.
After tb* guests bsv* arrived at a
wedding reception usher* may flnd
tbeir own particular friends, tak*
tbem to tb* dining room and escort
tbem about th* bous*.
At a danc* notblng Is mor* discourteous tban for a man to claim tat*
partner several minutes after th*
music bss begun. He should learn
who bis partner la for tue nest -Snare
during tb* preceding Intermission and
excuse himself In tlm* to claim tb*
dance aa soon as the music begins.
When a woman wishes to Mgnlfy
tb* day ab* I* prepared to receive calls,
sh* baa "Tuesday*." "Tburadaya" er
whatever day la ���elected engraved In
the lower left hand corner oi her visiting cards. Tbla conveys tba Intention
without further explanation.
Wben dining alon* In a hotel a woman of refinement doe* not order wine.
Neither ahould ab* cbooa* a cod*b4co-
ena position in tb* room.
In sending eat Invitations for cbS-
Aran's partle*. tf Mrs. B.. mother ef
ttie little beat er host***. Is nnacqnatnr-
O. mother of a d**br*��
B. may write a note te
Meet every Monday in I Abor ball,
8, pm.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office pbone
L 608, Residence phone 601.
day's catch of duet tf you take the
trouble to examine It After brushing
tbe balr loosen the skin trom tbe scalp
by slow, flrm maasaga
aand a courteous response.
Hriafut Hint.
A good plan wben making cbildna'a
frorktf WW mak* th* bodlcea two er
thr** Inches longer tban required ana
sew th*m to tb* bends of tbe Skirt.
If the dram becomea too abort tbe
. The Instep.
Th* height of the instep ts
mined by the* bony structure of th*
toot  Thero la notblng to be done to skirt may be sewed to tbe lower edge
gain a high one.   It yoa think tbat of tbe bodice and thus be made longer,
vour Instep has fallen consult a spa It is a better plan "tban the eon et
delist and haro him gtr* yoa a aaa> turning up tea wide heme ar
���art.   :��� ��
�������� IT)
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November 6, 1911.
Trains Will Leave as follows:
Toronto Express at    8:65
Soo Express at ., 13:50
Imperial Limited at  19:40
For tickets and other particulars
apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
OASOUHC EMfcltttft
ttt to tS H. P.
t and 4 Cycle.
H. Q. SMITH, C. P. Sl T. A.
Phone Seymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phone Seymour 3080.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying is MARVELLOU8.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide, to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Suits Pressed   ���   75c
Gent's Suiti Cleaned $1.50 np
Cleaners & Dyers
345 Columbia Street.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phene 68.
Tenth St, New Westminster.
Gardiner & Mercer
WH*    Vt    A��
Phone 681. Bex 77S
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorator*
Estimate* Given.
814 Sixth Avenue. Phone BSV
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mitail Waters,  Aerated Watert
Manufacture* by
n fit Ofllce; Prince** *
" ������  lJj!f.,'jf'1.. nil
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE 370.
Phone 388.
P. O. Bex 867.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
Phon* 699.
P. O. Bex 801.
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
lattrsst Is pud on
Basnets {Accents
���a fartraUt terns,   v.
e $48,000,000
SIS C^tOla Street.
���������������inn i
ft. C
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
W**tmln*t*r Trust Building.
E have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
���Baaae $l�� Near Wlietialaatef, ft. C
.# r~~
. ���m.     ,,ff* mamma*.
��� fr*******  * ****-
���ta m.
"******   """
Heating Stoves
We have
the most
in the city
call and
see our
stock before you
We beg to announce that we will
' open, starting Monday morning, a
cut flower depot In MacKenzie's drug
store, where we will handle the best
roses, carnations, chrysanthemum's
etc. that the market will produce.
. Tidy, the florist. **
Miss Thornber left on Tuesday!,
evening for Kelowna. having accepted ,'
a position on the staff of that hospital.
Modern   Groom    house,   near   car,  pKARSON���WATSON ��� AT      THE
$2,750;   $500   cash:   balance  as  rent. |    home of the   bride's   parents.   720
Royal avenue, Monday evening, No
vembcr 13, by the Rev. C. W. Brawn
Ethel Isabel, youngest daughter of
W. Watson, to Charles Leslfe Pear
Phone RS7*.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeplno.
Eavetrough "Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspooli, 8eptie Tanks, Etc.
About what you would do suddenly
should you be overtaken with a grave
accident or serious Illness. Make the
financial independence of your family
an assured thing by taking out a life,
accident and health policy. It ls the
best investment any family man can
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
Dress Suits
Reid, Curtis  &  Dorgan.
Do you want any fresh carnations
roses, chrysanthemums? If so, ring
up Phone 1037 and have them deliv-
ered at your home. * *   !
Warehousemen on Front sireet are!
complaining about the shunting opera
tlons on the Great Northern track   od j
the street.
Eyes tested for glasses;    satlstac-1
tlon guaranteed by W. GlfTord, grad-
Uate optician.    Optician    parlors    In
T. Gifford's jewelry Btore. *���    j
The masquerade at the roller skat-1
ing rink last night was one of   the |
most successful functions of the sort I
ever held In the city.   The best dress-
ed lady was a Spanish girl, and the
best dressed gentleman    an    Indian. |
The most original costumes were   a
school girl and an Hfrlcan.   The most
comical was a policeman. (Ha! Ha!)
Fifty foot lot two minutes walk
from Edmonds station. Good view.
Practically cleared. $400 cash.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street. **
Contents and household effects, including dining table and chairs, rockers, rugs, buffett, beds, stove, couch,
etc., of Mrs. J. S. Lawrence, 135 Tenth
street, will be sold on November 2uth
and List, by private sale. **
At a meeting ot the electors at
Burnaby on Tuesday night it was
agreed to renuest Heeve Weart to run
again for office. The feeling of tho
meeting was that lt would be of ad
vantage to have Mr. Weart remain In
office because so many improvements
begun during the current year, are
slin in progress.
Two lots 62x132 feet, two and a
half blocks from TwelftA etreet tram
Seventh avenue. Very light clearing.
$925 each: one-third cash, balance
arranged. National Finance Co., Ltd.,
521 Columbia street. **
The pair of young bald beaded eaglets that form part of the ornithological section of the natural history collection at Queens park, have grown
into fine birds, and their happy and
comfortable appearance testifies to the
eagle is a bird of great adaptability���
lf caught young. As these birds arc
of more than passing interest to the
visitors who frequent Queens park, a
card bearing their generic name (Hal
iaetus leucocephnlus), habits, and
nlace of rapture would render theii
Inclusion less mvsterious than it ap
pears to be. It is presumed that they
are ofBritish Columbian, but who was
the (Rlfer?
Do you want any fr.sh cut carnations, roses or chrysanthemums? If
so, ring up Tidy, the tlorlet. Telephone  No.  L.184. ���*
Tafce the steamer Transfer  for    n
| round trip Saturday afte'hoon. Leave*
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. **
Dublin Street, near    10th    Street
Price $750
One-quarter Cash, balance   6,    12
and 18 months.
Tenth Avenue, near Henley
Price $750
$150 Caah. balance $25 per month.
Corner Dublin and Eighth  street
Price $1000
One-quarter Cash, balance    6,    12
and 18 months.
Major & Savage
B. &M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole), lb. lOo
Fresh Salmon, sliced... .2 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Halibut (half or whole), lb...8_
Halibut, sliced, lb 10c
Fresh Smelts, 2 lbs 25c
Shrimps,   lb -(,e
Kippered Salmon, lb 15c
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, lb.  15c
Bloaters and Kippers, lb 10c
I.aree Rabbits  each 86c
Mallards, per brace  $1.25
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
TT_ j	
The seaston' has arrived when
there will be many occasions to
don correct evening attire, and no
man would think of placing himself out of harmony with his surroundings at a social event by appearing in anything but a DRESS
Suit made expressly for himself.
Some men appear ungainly, out
of place and not a whit attractive
in alDress Suit, but that is because it was Hot made to their
measure by a tailor personally acquainted  with' their  requirements.
Consult me at once about your
Dress Suit. I make them correct
iu every way and BECOMING.
$35.00 Up.
Stiff !f beayttfnl range of faced
cloths, and heatfy tweed effects to
select  from.   \ ���� ������
$28.00 lo $35.00
46 Lorne Sti
Nev�� Westminster.
James A. Wilson.
James Alexander Wilson died at
203 Mowatt Etreet, the home of his
son, on Tuesdav evening, at the age
of S3 years. Mr. Wilson retired to
rest in the best of health and passed
away some time during the night. He
was a native of Londonderry, Ireland.
The Interment will take place Sunday
afternoon. Murchie & Son have charge
of the funeral arrangements.
* ,       * i
Bought and Bold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
(9fi9) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded streel and just oil
Second street, one of the widest streets in this city. These lots are
almost cleared and offer an exceptional opportunity as an Investment or for a contractor in search of cheap   sites   for   inexpensive
I    1 i?<1
Muir's White Pine Cough
Cure, Co!d Cream,
Witch Haze1 and other
lotions, Catarrh Cures,
Deane Block.   441 Columbia Bt.
New Weatminater. B.C.
Price $500 Each
Terms: $100 Cash, balance 5, 12,
18 and 24 months.
Building is active in this district where over forty houses have
been built during the past year and every one has been sold or
rented.   For sale en bloc or in single lots.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
f. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Smith's f rida
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.     branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and Aldergrove, B.C.
Wonderful Bargains from Every Department for
Friday Shoppers. Get here Early and Share in
the Pick. Read This List. There is Something on
Sale Friday You are Sure to Need.
A Great Price Reduced Clearance of High
Grade Suits
Valuet $35.00 to $40.00.   Friday Bargain, $20.00
Not often you are offered such high* class suits at Half Price as thesefor Friday. Hitherto we have held
these better suit, at regular figures, but have dece.ded to make Friday a record daMn L Su^lon.
Women's High Grade Suits; fabric, the latest a. Worsteds. Homespuns, Broadcloths, Venetians, etc.; new
shadings of brown, greys, greens, navy and black; sizes 32 to 42.
A remarkably low price for these new styles.   If you need a suit come early tor one of these.
Special Selling of Women's Suits
Friday Bargain, $11.50 Each
Why worry about what your ault wlll cost when such suits as these can be had Friday for less than the
price of making. About twelve ln this lot; the values run as high as $25; styles are all new and fabrlces
such as you like; sizes 32 to 38; shades of brown, green, grey and navy.
Coats Priced Less Than Half
Foe Friday 7.50
Only rarely we can offer such bargains In coats as these on sale for Friday; come ln full length; cloths
as Tweeds, Beavers and Cravanettes; all good shades; sizes 34 to 40; regular values ranging from fl5 to
$22.   Friday bargain, each $7.50
Big Fur Clearance.   $1.75 Each
You cannot buy Furs cheaper anywhere in the Dominion than right at this store Friday; the lot we put
on sale contains values up lo more than double the price asked, the selection affords a wide choice
'oth for young and cfW; come early and get the pick.
Reg. to $3.50; Friday Bargain $2.00 Each.
Furs tor the little ones   on   sale   Friday   at   worth
whilo   reductions;  sets In white   and   grey;  rab'ilt,
lamb, bear and Imitation ermine.
Friday at $3.50 Each.
Fifteen only stylish  Dress  Hats  of velvet, felt and
fancy covered satin;  neat new styles and good col
ors; values regular to $1&JM.
Regular to $3.00; Friday Bargain $1.25.
There are not a great quantity In this lot of Children's Coats we put on sale Friday at sucb ridiculously low prire, sn it' you would share better come
early; sizes fitting from 1V4 to 3V6 years", fancy
serges, twills and coatings; styles are new and tho
shades you are sure 1c like.
Values to $4.00*. Friday Bargain $2.00.
Children's one piece    dresses;    kilted    and    pleated
skirts;  well made and  neatly trimmed; tn   flannel
serge and panama:   shades as navy, red, black and
black and white riheck;  sizes fitting 4 to 12   years
Don't Mlss This Offer.
Children's Une knitted sweaters; button shoulder and
down side with whfte pearl buttons; self shades ot
grey, red, white and navy; combination shades
navy trimmed with white, red and white wljlte and
cardinal and ��rej< and navy; sizes 22 and 24; regular price $2.26*n<l ?2.T>0 Friday bargain, ea $1.35
Sizes 21", to 32; regular price $2.75 and $350., (Friday  bargain, each   $1.75
Values 75c; Friday Bargain 50c
Women's fine ribbed   vests;  extra   superior   quality
yarn;  open neck and  lace  trimmed;   lone  sUceves
in white or natural;     -drawers     to    match',    ankle
length;   in open or closed styles; all sizes.
Women's   white flannelette liight gowns;  full size:
open neck, values  regular $1.00.      Friday  bargain.
each -  .-7*0
Three only womens long sweater coats; In shades ot
blues;  extra heavy   knit;    values   ��12.50.      Friday
bargain, each ��� .fMO
72x76 inch kimona blanket; shades of blue and pink;
with fancy detigns of white; extra weight; values
regular $2.75.   Friday bargain each  $2.00
32-Inch 8tr|peJFlannelette; In shades of pink, blue
and grey; nice weight; regutar 12'4c. Friday bargain, per yard 10c
30-Inch Colored Striped Flannelette; extra heavy
double warp; big range of colore; all fast; regular
20c.   Friday '"���argaln, yard  15c
27-lnch Natural Wool Flannel; special shirting
weight;   regui-ir 35c.    Friday bargain, yard  25c
In dark shadings; fancy floral and figured patterns:
28 Inches wide; regular 12M,c.   Friday bargain, per
yard 10c
Friday Bargain 20c Yard.
38-lnches fancy curtain   scrim;    in   ecru   shadings;
fancy figured  designs: regular 25c and 30c.
72-inch   Sheeting; full bleached English cotton; good
weight and finish;   regular   35c.     Friday   bargain.
Hemstitched pillow cases of nice grade cotton;   40
and 42 inches. Special Friday, per pair  35c
18-inch Linen Crash Toweling; good weight; regular
12V&C.   Friday bargain, yard  10c
22-inch Checked Tea Toweling; good weight ani
clean finish; regular 15c Friday bargain, yd. 10c
11|4 White Grecian Bedspread; hemmed at ends,
good weight; regular $1.75. Friday bargain, each
at *1'25
36-lnch Colonial Drapery; neat floral and convex
tional effects; regular to .30c. Friday bargain, i-er
yard 20e
60-lnch Full Bleached Daqaak; good finish; regular
60c.   Friday bargain, per yard ��� *$*
36-lnch White Cotton; extra good grade; regular
17Hc    Friday bargain  8 yards for $1.00
Suede and leather; assorted styles and colors; regular to 75c.   Friday bargain each 	
Seal  and alligator; ln brown green and black;
lar $1.25.   Friday  bargain  each   	
Good kitchen size; regular 35c.   Friday bargain, per
pair ** *��� ������ ������ 28��
1014 size; grey and white Flannelette Blanket; soft
finish and good weight;  colored   border.     Friday
bargain, par pair .11.00
Embroidered linen; washable; assorted designs; reg
ular 75c.   Friday  bargain each *'e'
Woman's   flne black  cashmere  hose;   plain;   some
with double sole and heel; values regular 35c. Friday bargain  * P��'�� for 45c
Infant's Black Cashmere Hose; sise 4 to 4ft; beautiful soft quallt}; regular 25c. Friday bargain, per
pair ..  .- ������ ������	
.  ,,    ,        ,        .    t1 ���r     prfj-y    ln navy and black cashmere; plain;   extra quality;
In ecru; cream and black;   values to $1.26.    W      """f F bargain, per pair  25r
bargain per yard      "c I ,c��u***'


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