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The Daily News Feb 17, 1911

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 Port Mann
Nl'MBER  218.
Standard   Make $5 Per  Month.
Election of Officers Is Fol-
lowed by Banquet, Retiring Head Being Host.
The following are the officers
v- ��� were elected at last nights annual meeting of the board of trade,
all the  offices   being     filled    unani-
ent���A. E. White.
Yx-*-,. esident���E. Goulet.
���reastirer���C. H. S, Wade.
time these    officers
, .   .     ��� was so late in the eveniu_
-  wai    decided    to    appoint    a
j    committee,    which    will
driagbt the committed and report at
die aext ineeting of the board.
.imiuee    consist*    of  A.   E
B   Lusby. D. S. funis and
K. Go   ���'
::������  lhe meeting the members of
ard and the  press    were
_.,-���- Kx-i'resident   Lusby
t_uu   ��� ��� In the Royal cafe.
Celestials Forward $1500 to
Governor Chong for Relief
of Starving.
In response to an appeal set out by
the Chinese ambassador at Washington the local Chinamen have subscribed $1500, and this amount was
yesterday cabled to Governor Chonu.
of Nanking, the capital ef
 Crew of Mount Park Find
Annual Meeting of Business Men's Association is  Marked      WatelT Grave After Collis-
by Optimism -Committee Reports Deal Fully With
Matters Inquired Into Duiing 1910.
ion Off Essex Coast.
of   tl
and back to
back   to   the
most optimistic  annual  meeting-down to Seventh avenue
ic board  of  traie convened  last   Tenth   street   and   ihen
| eight  and  went   over thc year's pro-! Place of startinc     A  half hour's ser-
_  tbe province, gress.    Olffeers were elected and the   vice could be run on this, -which would
of Ki Ang Sue. where it  is reported' chairman of tbe different  committees  be the moans ot quadrupling the popu-
werethat millions are dying of starvation
The cable was    sent    through
local  branch  of the  Bank    of    Commerce.   It was sent in the name of the
Chinese Benevolent society, of wliich
a  large number of Chinamen  in  the
citv  of Westminster are members. Although there are practically no Chln.i
men here who come from the afflicted
province, and consequently who have
the: direct    interest    in    what    transpires
a,  a   there, the gift of fir''",1 was subscribed
single   day.     Subscriptions   are
presented reports of the work acomp-
the j lished.
Most of the reports showed an extremely satisfactory state of business,
and it was regretted bj some oi lhe
members that the chairman of the
agriculture committee, the lisheries
committee, and the lumper committee.
three of the most important commit*
toes of the board, had not seen tit to
piesent retorts.
Membership Increased.
Before   the   loading  of  the   loports
 |E    H    Sands,   Dr.   D.   I   McQueen.  I
It Is a fact of great credit to the A Hose, -lames Brook and Joseph
local natives of the Celestial Empire Tra\ers wore elected members of the
that they have made Westminster the hoard an.l the resignations ol AshtOO
first city in Canada to contribute Smith and W.J McLoud were re
directly for the relief of the Chinese  '(ived and accepted.
A striking feature of the mooting
wns  the admission  by   Marshall    Sin-
in   a
lution of this section in a very slvoi I
time. This with I cut-off line from
lhe upper end of Eighth a\onue, to
the proposed oui-off in the west enl
would give the city a good service.
The new Burnaby line which entois
the city at tho upper end of Eighth
avenue, and its extensions to Millside
should be completed at once si thai
trade will not be diverted to Vancou
ver by the hew route to the detriment
of our city.
1/Ondon, Kcb. 1?.-���A collision attended b> the loss oi manj lives took
piace yesterdaj afternoon off the coast
* ; .:ssex. the steamer Mount Bark,
bound from Cadi? to Yarmouth, being
Thirteen members of the crew are
reported  to have boon  drowned
Active Alderman Plans f to
Improve Lungs of City���
Bylaw to be Submitted.
Alderman Ered .1. Lynch, chairman
of the parks committee, is in a merry
f'tame of mind these days and he ha��
good cause to be lf even onlv a portion of his day dreams of the petit*
beautiful materialize. Westminster
i will be ahle to point with a degree of
The coast is being patrolled in thn pride .tti the open spaces within hec
hopo that some survivors may yet be confines The alderman has been
picked up. ! working on the scheme ever since tu��
The name ol the second steamei in  took office and he confidently expocte
the collision has nol  been learned.       , to be  enabled  to place liis  estimate*
���____________________________   within   a   month      When   these   aro
i drawn np they will go before the rate-
business  failuios have  noon  reported   payers in the form of a by-law.
and  our losses from  liios have been
ai the banquet short speeches were]'till being collected, and a larger sum,
Ml   Lusby and Mr. While and   will be forwarded in a few days.
the evening ended with the singing of      It  is a fact of great credit  to    the
Auld Lang Syne" and "God Save the
Kennedy   and   11.   Ryall
[he i hoir.
President  White  did  not  announce
his]    ry foi    >oar either at    the i famine.    Meetings are being held    in
banquet or at the meeting of the ; Vancouver and Victoria and there is
board, bul be stated that he might' no doubt that large amounts will be
have something   to  say   at   the  next' raised  in  both  those cities,  but    the
meeting ol the board.
Death of Walter B. Blakeley.
Af-. inder treatment in   the
Royal in hospital for the pas;
threi     ��� ��� scarlet    fever    and
following   an   accident   at
the B C. distillery, where he was em-
h he lost four lingers,
Walter Ballej   Blakeley, only  son of
Georgi S Blakeley, of Eleventh street, I
���  early yesterday morning
iras lhiriv  years of age.
��-as born in    Dewsbury,     Yorkshire,
Knplaii"!. :md   came   to   this   country I
when onlj  eight   years  old   with   Ins
father and Mrs   Blakeley.
Flv< yi        -o the late Mr. Blake-
ley ��..    ���: .    ��� d   to   Miss   Mai y   (.ninii :���   There I     o issue of the union.
funeral -.wll toko place al half
., tomorrow afternoon,
Interment   being  in   the    Church    of
ry.    W. I-:   Pales is in i
Westminster men were the lir. t to act
The Chinamen have contributed this
amount although they know no more
about the actual condition of affairs in
their country than they have read in
the papers published in the English
Governor Chong cabled to the
American ambassador for aid and the
American ambassador telegraphed to
all the towns and cities in America
where there are any number of Chinamen.
Typhoid Still Raging.
1 ittawa   Pel    1*   -There are    n����
I i.oid   fever   in     this
Death claimed the twenty-second
vi'-im yaeterday. The fever continues
in develop al   an  alarming rale    and
'    ���     hospital     ii>,un     i.s     urgently
Di ��� di d
A. Eastman's New Residence Takes
Place of Old Pelham Gardens.
The commencement of tbe election
of a fine new- bouse tor ll. A. Bastma i
on Thin! avenue, between Fourth ami
Fifth  streets, marks another Btep In
the Bwift demolition of an Interesting
landmark in the north end of the City.
The    house  is  being  built   on   what
used to be Known as Pelham Gardens,
a tract of land twenty acres in extent
dair, chairman of the committee on
agriculture, that he was unable to
make a report as the farm land was
all in the bands of speculators and
there was bin little farming going on.
The meeting was loath to accept
this view of things and after Bome
warm discussion the matter was referred back to the agriculture committee. The new committee will take it
up as soon as the members are ap-
I ointed.
Height  of  Wire  Towers.
Another matter of considerable In-
I terest was the report bj w. Qlllej
thai the plans of the Western Canada
Power company for the towers which
will curry their blub power linos over
the Bill  river showed  them t<> be ono
hundred feel high. Mr, Gllley's announcement that he thought that was
high enough tor the present did not
mpft wiili approval, W .1 Kerr stating
thai he know ol a large Industrj
whi. b Intended establishing Its plant
on the PHI and which would require
sailing v easels up there,
A    K   While thought   thai   no burin
! would be done by  making a protesl
between   First   and   Fifth  streets.
Third and Fifth avenues
There used to be a large orchar l
i here operated by one nf the pioneers
of the city. Mr. Clarkson, father of
Mrs. .1. C. Brown and Mrs. .1. Stilwell
Until Mr. Eastman started to build
his house, the old clarkson residence,
a cosy cottage on Third avenue, was
sllll slanding, bul now thai has been
toi n down, and there Is Inn Utile irac,
The previous member belonged  left of the handsome    garden    which
twenty   or   thirty   years   ago   had     no
ambition   to  encroach   upon   the   resi
dential district of the city, but which
is now  divided  by streets and  dotted
by residences.
Unionist Elected.
London, Feb. it.���in a by-election
yesterdaj     Larmer,    Unionist,    was
' ":"i  i"  lii!  the   vacant   Cambridge
to the Unionist party
Negro Accused of Stabbing White Man
Is Discharged.
The case agalnsl   Henry    Johnson,
Hie negi,, charged with wounding with
Intent, was dismissed by Judge Howay i
Geologists Coming.
Ottawa. Feb. 17.���One thousand of
the   world ' vtMl1'  "u'  board   had   borne  lhe enth
to give them time to think ii over and
the question was lefl in the hands of
Mr    While  and   Mr    Lusby.   who   will
appoint a committee to deal with u,
Financial Conditions.
The    fliimi' t��    committee    made    a
favorable    io  nit    showing    that     It
had  cost   tui 'hoard  a   tittle  over    one
thousand   dollars     to   carry     on     Ihe
business during the year Jusi closed.
The sum of $io;i7 had boon received
as dues limn members and the run-
nine,   expenses     uinoiinlod     In     |1047j
There was cash to the extent of $u
on hand and amoiiuls duo lrom mom
bors. milking a surplus of about |160,
A startling Hem iu tha expense was
over  forty  dollais   for   postage,     This
-vas explained by Mr. Goulet, chairman ol  the finance committee, who
statoii thnt  for three mon Cil a in lhe
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the   leading   geologlsls   of ^^^^^^
esterday. The evidence in"the case' will make a coast to coast tour of Can-
waa vm conflicting and so little did ada in 1913, after the International
the testlmi dj ol three of the witnesses geological congress In Toronto Is over,
impress tbe judge as the truth that ho The mining resources of the Dominion
refused to granl  them their fees,    an-, will be closely examined.
Bouncing thai some of them at leaBt1  "    ~
'""���' have committed perjury. Because They Loved Edward.
Johnson is ihe man who got Into ft] Montreal. Feh. 17.���The Zionists of
Quarrel with William Harrison, a white'Canada, In order to show their dec;.
��an, over a game of pool, the stabbing| appreciation of the friendly  attitude
of the late King  Kdwnnl, have    purchased a tract    of land    in   Bah'stlne,
which  will be named    for    the    late
the result of the argument over
M="-e    Than    Eight    Million    "Paper
Made Last Year.
ew   York,   Feb.   n;.���The   United
.   '    '" ��cco Journal publishes  In
ie .. compilation of the
,        :l  cigarette   output    in   the
for  the year   1910, and
mti'li greater  percentage   of In-
of    cigarettes     over     cigars
'   periodical to ask, "Are we
m>n_ a cigarette smoking nation?''
Biitish monarch.
Only   One-third   of   Enrolled   Students
Showed Up at Last Sessions���Outside Attractions Too Strong.
records show  an output   of 8,-!
���'-������ Cigars, an increase of lit*,* '���
"   1909.    The cigarette out-1
.'   *M  " 144,637,090,    This exceeded!
output by about  half   a hll-j     ^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^_
"��n. and represented the gigantic in-; of school trustees was held last eyen-
������������-��� ng, all the members    being    present
vvlih the excei.tinn of Trustee Beck.
Acting     Principal     McMillan     and
The adjourned meeting of the board
''���''' ': '��� 856,000,000.
expense of publicity work, but this
was now being paid for by the clly
i>r. a. .i. liolmcH made a few remarks  before tlle  lepnit  of the illlllll-'
clpal committee was real    lie said!
that be had overlooked lu the report
the  crying  need  for  more  and  better!
residences In  the city,    He thought
thai the city could stand the erection
of several hundred dwellings to   ao-l
commodate the growing population,
Municipal  Report.
Centicincn, Ynur municipal committee, while not able to report main
new industries or enterprises for the
city for the past year, yet the outlook
Ik very hopeful. Two now banks have
opened   In   the   city   during   the   yen.-,
bringing ihe number up to six.
A  new  loan anil  I rust   company  has
been launched ami three monetary
Institutions of Vancouver have opened
branches here and we bear another
bank has loused premises with a view
of opening n  branch  here nt  once
The city assessment hns Increased
from |4,669,400 ten years ago to $1".
800,056 at present,   with   a probable
larger Increase HiIh year.    This Rho. .
that the value of pioperty is increasing.
Willi all this. N'ew Westminster has
been asleep for twenty years and Is
still snoring Vancouver's assessment
h;i_ increased In ten years from $20,-
((00,(10(1 to 1137,000,000 In  round  num
A cheaper fare is required between
here and Vancouver lf that weie obtained manj persons engage 1 there
would make their homes here.
It is to be regretted that some provision has not been made for other
lines of railway to gain entrance to
this city by the way of Front sti oo;
While the citizens were given to understand that at least one track on
that street would be available for all
lines wishing access through that
stieet to the lower part of the ctty,
we are now told that no such a
privilege ovists and it is said that the
C. N. U. has made arrangements with
the V W .v.- Y. io use their tracks to
run into Vancouver, thus practically
Ignoring   this  city.
Your committee are of the opinion
that a system of taxation should be
adopted wherebj Improvements should
not be taxed, but only the land   and
whore   the   City   owns   land   thai   they
lease such lan!, when leased should
be subject to taxation by tenants In
exactlv the same manner as if thev
were owners
We musl congratulate the citj on
the completion ot the Columbia streel
Improvements and  the cltitens    can
feel jiisilv pioud ih.n the] have the
Hno8i streel In British Columbia, We
would suggest thai the improvements
be extendi d to the bi Idge and that the
clt) council have the engineer prepare
plana and ascertain the probable cosi
ot  same.     Thai   a  Jolfll   conimilieo   be
appointed to wall on the government,
asking   their   cooperation   and   assist
.nice In the undei taking,
W'e also  think  the sanitary  bv laws
. should he amended to enable the ��ani
Iarj   Inspector to safeguard (he public
in the transportation of fresh meats
which we Often see carried In open
Vehicles uncovered and unprotected
from dust. ole. Also that more tip-to-
date and  more sanitary  arrnn. einoiit.
oo employed in the delivery of milk to
prevent contamination,   The condition
of hack streets and lots with broken
fellies does not show the thrift and
care that should prevail In an np-to-
date 'Ky uud Is B great eyesore to
those wiio lake u  pride In  having  the
ciiy beautiful. The franchises controlled by the clly, wo think. rei|illre
looking Into ns water nnd electric light
are both much higher in this city than
In   Others   where   like   privileges   pie
AM of which Is duly submitted.
Yours truly,
A. .1   HOI.MKS.
. eereturv,
very small.
Among the manj
maj mention the ^^^^^^^^^
Rupert Meat company works now in
operation, the Western Canada Papei
,x Box Works companj buildings now
coin],leted. the purchase of a site for
a nail and wire works and also tbe
acquiring ol a location adjacent to the
the j ear our established mailing -
Hirers near 1] all added to their plants
and largely increased the output, and
at the present the prospects for a
bilSJ se.ison wltn ali our mercantile
and Industrial establishments aie verv
The joar 1910 has added two banks
"Simplj  because the people did no*
I know   the subject    sufficiently    well."
new  industries   ''   said  the  chairman ol  the parks com
Vancouver-Prince   mittee.   they turned down the s, homo
when  it   went   before tbem las:   vear.
but  now   everj thing  is changed  and  I
will, m m>  report, show in a deal an.l
concise way just   what  my committee
intends to do.    This is    a    sub.ivt to
which 1 have given a deal of time and
for a  large  steel  plant.    During   thought and I feel that tbe sooner tho
people of this beautiful city oi ours
awaken to the fact thai open and
heftlthy spaces are a necessity tho
sooner will we be enabled to ai-��tifv
that. wish. We will show the citizens
exactly what wo intend to do with
the money. Las: \eav. at tho polls,
tho  voters  bad  no  information  given
doing  business In this city, making  a   to them as  to  whore the coin
total of sbd
nue ,ai,no: estimate the value to]
this citj. Hie locating of the terminus
of tho Canadian Noithern Pacific iail-
waj at Port Mann, already this town
site has Peon cleared and manj miles
of railway grading completed, in con-
sc |i.,i,< e  o,   w no u  business  li.c-  .'cat
iv bene .ted and Increased,
ou October :', the Praser Vnllej
branch of the B C Klectric railway
was opened for traffic tin ough to
Chilliwack i cannol ��-o in a tew,
wbrds uui Vt,* time ai mv diBp sal
'I" - at no cf tins ral'way to New West
min -ior lime Is a railway fu Ij e n��in-
oil  for  pasSCttgCT  and  freight   SOTvtCO,
with lis management and   operating
Offl   i   ���   h" atod   in   mil   Itlid-d,  and   wilh
iin , i ai. w in I tinning tin ougn a aisl i n
th it   i>!  unsurpassed  In  tho  -v oi hi   i
��� an s,c  greal  possibilities    for    out
in, i, ant i!e  , uiei pi isne.
During the yeai we have had 'tie
commission > n technical education and
the universltj commission, also a vish
from the Right Honorable Sir   Wilfrid
was t'��
la    not
be    spent, and Westminster
going to vote in the dark."
Sapperton park. Mbert Crescent
and Moody square win each receive
theit share <>t the money stipulated
in the by-law, bm before this \. done
a  blue pi int   drawn  from  plant bv     n
qualified landscape gardener win i��<��
Issue l showing just what W who
Clear Queens ParU Underbrush,
it is suggested to the parks com*
mittee to clear tbo underbrush from
ihe upper pari ol Queens park and to
make the place more ornamental bv.
at stipulated points, leaving a spec!
man or specimens of genuine BrltlBh
I'l.lmnhi-i   liooc.  tlir.c.    to  bo gllffOll ���''
ci bj cosy seats    On the lowei pari
it    is   Intended   to utilize thp   ovei
I flow  i oni  tn,, resertvoir mid  in  this
I way construct ;i bike on which swatta
vviii disport  themselves ami eh" t,.
ithp park thai  finishing touch which
this . ppoip of bird Usually de- -
AI berl Crescent has long '-p .1 m��
6ye-Sore to all  citizens and  the inten
in n nf those In charge of things Is to
Laurier, preimer of Canada, acooffl-' run paths up the centre and diverging
panied by the Hon Qeorge b. Orattnm, rn nt Lhe Blmoh Pfnser monument.
minister of railways, Wp bIpo enter- 1 ,, many years the grass has stead
tained the members of the Canadian|fastly refused to grow, imt a way has
Manufacturers' association for a pm-t al last been found out of Hip difn-
oi a day during the session of   their
annual meeting held tn Vancouver,
New Westminster Is now assured of
11 well equipped Y.  Af. C   A., a inoileni
building to cost aboul  |40,000 now uu
del   construction.
I  regrel   to  Say  that  lhe Canadian
Mexican Pacific steamship   line   has
been very disappointing, havlne fulled
to give us the service promised and
what we wore entitled to.
ihiring thp year the Canadian Pacific
railway ims added largely to its yard
trackage and Is now calling for ten
dors to Increase their .tnlinn nocoin-
moihilloii     I sllll have hope Hint    the
Qreal Northern railway win build ai
station in New Westminster.
in municipal wofki the completion
of pavlflg the IiiipIiipss end of Colum
Ida    sheet     has    been  received   wilh
much satisfaction and e-��J>ecl thai soou
Hip new wnler intiln will bp In use At
Various   times   dtirlhg   Hip   year    Ibis
(Continued on Bhcp five.)
Post No. 4 Gives $100 Towards Clear
ing  Off   Debt   on   Monument to
Great   Navigator.
am, Feb. 18..
-A resident of
^^^^^^^t letter from
r, of Spokane, thanking the I
Fr,,, ,"y^____*ceived
'��"irigliam man for a beautiful wreath
"i lilies
the  valley,  purchased   to
LILIES  ON   HIS  GRAVE j readier  Anderson  had  their salaries    	
"  ' increased to |136 and $120 respectively; hers, while Qrandview, Hastings Town-
having regard to the extra  time and  wile and Hoiith  Vancouver, which did
work these two masters put. In. I not  e\lst  ten  years    nito,    each    now
Principal   W. C. Coatham,    on    tho'claim    larger    population    than    \>w
matter of the night schools, reported   Westminster. This Is due to the street
UDOn I .  "  "-*-    ���    1S f��"0W8:    The    latest    Information   car  service  these  places have,    Wltn
* Wan ������     * caaltit.  The body of! concerning the schools since the last, the exception 'if the extension of the
��� ' ' on the beach here ai -itatement. shows    that    three    pupils  car service to Hnpperton, Westminster
'��� Incorrectly Identified by    iave enrolled.    The attendance, how-   has  practically   the  same  service she
denr of ,'i'',    '?' '�����/-i��r, a former resi-   ever, has not. been satisfactory. Whilst  had twenty years ago.    We think the
s cfty. I we nave ninety names on the roll, on
"-.a   . 'ngham friend, believing that   ly thirty attende I in each    class    on
kane   Vfonday  and  Wednesday evenings.  It,
rega in .h      ~  ���*���**���** ��# ^.....ler'd   leems that  these students    yield    to
that city.   Lozier's mother   every attraction that comes along and
,!)n- ami
Columbia   Street  Paving,
The paving of Columbia Street 08016
In for some discussion.    .1   II   Diiucnii
wanted i>r. Holmes to suggest some
remedy  for the somnolency  which  ho
mentioned In the   municipal   report)
whereupon  the doctor entered  Into tin
elucidation In extenso of the Columbia StreOI paving scheme 11c stated
that It wns not the intetiti rn of the
City to pnvc tho whole stieet, hut
merely to pave the entire width of tli->
street ns far ns Merrhnle sheet, and
then   pave  half  the  street  from  tbpre
tn Leopold place,
lie thought ll wns a shame, and
thought thnt If tbe provincial government weie approached In lbs proper
manner they would contribute handsomely nnd permit the street to be
(lived  full  width all  fhe way.
W. It. Qilley went onp better and
suggested that the provincial government lie asked to pave the road In
front of the asylum and that the
Dominion government be asked to
pave the street in front of the penitentiary.
Ths following are Rome of the re-
1 orts read W the meeting:
Tbe President's Report.        H	
fientlemen,��� In presenting you wlthlAlf II. Johnston, chief factor:
my annual report this evening, I wilt   " ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k*****
deal   (.nly   with   a  general   review   ol
the   work   accomplished   dining     tho
lenity and with thp Introduction of soft
maolps ii is assuied the ratepayers
that that riuiosuip will he dip prpttlpr
of   Hip   Copp   parks   If  thp  committee
is permitted to tarry out its urograthi
Moody Square for Athletics.
Mhody si|iiaip. beihg more of au-
athletic arena than Hie others, will
receive different treatment. Tbe Intention Is to Uhderdraib and In some
places fill In When thp I'Mghtli strpet
spwpv Is gottpii Into full oppintlon the
oommlttpp avers thnt tbe water from
tbat source can he used and thus
money bp savpd
The strip at Leopold Place the pro
vliiclal ion pi nmpnt bus decided to
make Into a coinfoitaldp ipsllin; place,
nnd Alderman Lymii has been given
nn   nssniBiicp   froth   thtJfie   that    rule
things at Victoria thai un up-to-date
bowling green will bp Inid down and
Hip expenses will bp met by the government. The Leopold proposition,
whilst   coming   under   the   general
Bl hemp, will not he luoiight Into tlie-
Will Need $35,000.
The sum of $36,000 vvill he raised
by loan In Hip event of the bv-law
pnssltm Hip people. For the purpose
of payment Of interest on the debentures oti registere I stock certificates
proposed tO be issued under the bylaw, and for creating a sinking fund
for tbeir payment, It will be necessary to raise, hy special rnte, In addition tO all other rates each year
during the currency of the debentures
Hie sum of  .1771.07.
At the last assessment the whole
rateable   property   of   the city   was.
At   the  regular  monthly  meeting of $7,249,(11(1.
Post   No.   I  of  Ibe   Native    Sons    of
B.   C .  yesterday   evening,   It   was  decide I   to  contribute  the  sum  or  $100 	
towards  liquidating  Hip  debt  on    the 	
Simon    Fruspr    memorial    on Albert. Watrous. Sask., Feb. lfi.���As   a re-
Crescpnt.    A  ohpf|tip for this amount suit   of escaping  gas   from   an open
w��s made out as soon as thp decision stove   nfter    tho   damper   ha.l    been
had been arrived at. closed off, Mrs.  Lltster, aged   eighty-
The  installation  of  officers,   which four, was found dead on Saturday and
was conducted  by  Bast  Chief  Factor her two sons  Roger, aged sixty, ami
A. W. Gray,    honored the following: Thomas, aged fifty, were rendered un-
J. P. conscious. Thomas ls supposed to
Hampton Bole, llrst vice-factor: J. I. have attended the stove as usual on
Keary, second vice-factor; L. G. Saturday night and left the door open,
Sharpe, secretary; A. L. .lohnson, re- forgetting to close the damper. Tbe
cording secretary; J. J. Johnston, Lltster farm is sixteen miles south-
When assuming office I made a num- honorary treasurer; A. F. Cotton, jr., east of this point and the condition
of    which   inside guard; T. Kelly, outside guard; of the occupants of the house was as-
���ft  hiyrlv ,   ,             '    ""i.e. ins    ,.
') nad been shipped to Spok
��ent a  wreath to Lozl
^^^^^^^^^_��� -    every ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
'dvised of the death of her   are at  times finite    Irregular
aa 'ie had been absent from   tew Joined the classes for one subject
citizens    remiss    In    their duty    that,
more effort  la not made to get more I her of suggestions, some    _ _   	
and better street car service. We have been carried out, one, the separn- W. J. Warwick, guide; Frank Major, certalned when a neighbor George
think that a line should bn built up tlon of publicity work from the regti- pianist. The finance committee this Pringle, of Venn, went to call on the
Klghth street, to Itoyai avenue, cross-  Inr  work of the  board, has directed   year ls composed of A AV. Gray, Irving family.
there and running    up | Oar. energies to the commercial   Indus-  Wintemute und James Feeney. |    Getting no reply to raps on the door
Some   ing the angle
"'"-    lime,    accepted    the
���WW asaj __
repe on the door
dispelled the
*nd ij,,. "ue' P""ed down the curtains
1>ikk|y"'V"n.',-t''lre f-osler arrive! and
only and have no desire for the ot.hera
Some of those have dropped out tm*U*
Ninth street, which Is midway between'tries Of our city. |    Dining the evening four candidates   he looked through    the window, but
Sixth and Twelfth   streets    (both   of      It Is with pleasure that 1 am able  were initiated Into the mysteries   of  saw no sign of life.   He then burst lit
which have car   service)    to   Moody  to say the past year has been one ot   the order, a new ceremony, under the the door and found Mrs. Litser dead.
.ether.    A. third teacher ta
���inloss the attendance becomes
a nor needed  square, running along Sixth avenue to continual advancement and prosperity,  direction of H
^_  ���,...���.,....���������..���_ ���_  fc Keary, beijg tried   lying near the door   while   her   two
more  Tenth street, up this street to Tenth  and of marvelous growth, both in the  out on tbe novices. sons were in bed unconscious.     The
.avenue, up this to   Sixteenth   street, city and the distiict;   practical!y  no1    The evening closed with a banquet,  men are on a fair way to  recovery. PAGE TWCL **]
CLEARED LOT, 66x132, on Hamilton
street, with street in rear. A snap
at $1050; one-third six and twelve
prettiest cottage in New Westminster city. Double corner, close to
Columbia street. Price $5200, one-
quarter cash, balance one, two and
three years. Apply P. Peebles, 620
Columbia street.
lots, cleared. Price J03O, terms $230
cash, balance on time. Also cleared
lot for $i'.uo. terms $126 cash, balance
io suit purchaser. Apply I'. Peebles,
620 Columbia street.
TWO LARGE LOTS to lane in west
end, on opened stieet. at $4(iu each:
one-third six and twelve months.
feet square, facing Queens park, for
$3000; one-third six, twelve and
eighteen months.
CLEARED LOT, 66x132 to lane, on
Fifth avenue and First street, for
$1000; one-third six, twelve and
eighteen months.
Whole   Carload of Whisky   and   Beer   Young Woman Threatens Life   of To-
Confiscated���Police Hid in the ronto Barrister and Alderman���To
Woods  Ten   Nights. Answer   Vagrancy   Charge.
dian man, sleady work by day or
week; good teamster. Address T.
G. Dobson, Burquitlam, P. O.
sj ectable woman, any kind of work,
by day or week; good plain sewer.
Address Mrs. T. G. Dobson, Burquitlam P. O.	
business section, or part of store j
with window space. Write Box P. i
A.. Daily News.
modem conveniences, reasonable j
rent; three minutes from car line, j
Enquire 813 14th st., above Sth ave.,
TWO LOTS on Fifth street, between
Fourth and Fifth avenues, all cleared and in fruit; $1425 each.	
I SEVEN ROOMED    HOUSE    on    good
;    corner lot on Sixth    avenue,   near
I     Moody square.   Concrete foundation,
large basement, and all thoroughly j
modern;  $l!S00;  one-third cash, balance easy.
706 Columbia Street.
City   Property.
NEW 8-room  modern  house on Third
avenue near Ninth street, on lot tilx
IL'5.   Price $3800, on easy terms.
Apply Mrs. P. Peebles, 410 Third
street, in the mornings
al purpose buggy horse. Write with
full particulars to Clerk, Municipal
hall, Kdmonds.
WANTKD A    TRUSTWORTHY   SURREY���80  acres  on   Quible   Road,
young   girl   to   assist   with    hous;-!     adjoining   Port   Mann.     Price   $400
HOUSE   and   hut   on   Dublin   street.
Price $960; easy terms.
LOT 55x160 feet on Mowat street; all
cleared.   Price $1060, on terms.
work and care of two small children. Apply box M. Daily News offlce.	
house, preferably below or on Royal
avenue.   Apply Box Q., Daily News.
and Door factory, shingle sawyers.
Apply at once.
ents who wish to purchase five or
six room modern cottages to tho
value of $3500, $500 cash, balance on
easy terms. Kellington Bros,, Northern Crown Hank block. Telephone 680.
chanics, homeseekers to help settle
and build up a newly cleared centrally located subdivision on street
car line. Wc furnish cleared lot,
lumber and material on the ground
at cost. You build your own home
for residence, rent or sale, or wo
will build you a home to sut on
small monthly payments. Call
Leibly & Blumer Realty Co., 1108
Dominion Trust building, Vancouver, (Tel. 8365), or <U3 Columhla
stieet New Westminster. Tel
687,   Open evenings till 0 p.m.
per acre, on easy terms.
BURNABY���Lot close to Sixth street
car line.    Price $275; good terms.
Phones 703.    Residence L611.
Real  Estate   and   Insurance Agencies.
Auctioneers, etc.    Money to Loan.
Walker   Block,  Columbia   Street,  New
keeping rooms; good references.
Apply box 8, News office.
proved. with buildings, ln the vicinity of New Westminster. Full
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land. (52 Hastings street east.
room   for  one  or  two  gentlemen:
hall  black  from city car line.    417
Fourth stieet.
Train Service New
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
10: SO���From   Vancouver  and  Agassiz.
12:18���From     Montreal,    Kootenay
and Okanagan.    iNo. 07).
17:o"i���From Vancouver.    (No.  96).
19:20���From Vancouver, Seattle and
JL':.ri(i���From Winnipeg and   Nicola.
I No. 1).
8: SO���To   Vancouver,   Seattle,   Nicola and Winnipeg.
ll:ou���To Vancouver.    (N'o. 97).
15:55���To Okanagan, Kootenay and
Montreal  (No   'ji',).
17:50���To Agassiz and Vancouver.
21:40���To Vancouver.    (No. 1).
fully located and entirely cleared
large lots, between Vancouver and
New Westminster, at half real
value; on electric tram, small payment down, small monthly payments. No interest. Call quickly,
1108 Dominion Trust building, Vancouver, Telephone 8365. or 613 Columbia street, New Westminster.
Telephone tiS7.
Mann workmen; comfortable, neat
scow house, in very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 208 Front,
street, City.
Gen. Pass. Agent,       Local Agent,
Vancouver,      New Westminster.
envelope. Somewhere between Royal
avenue and Second avenue. Finder
please return to Daily News office
and obtain reward.
gin make, between Third and Fourth
avenues and Fifth and Seventh
streets. Return to 28K Sixtli street
and receive reward.
B. C. Coast Service
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL       $14,400,000.00
RESERVE         11.000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, nnu In London, Eng-1
lend, Hew York, ChUagoand Spokane, j
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let-'
ters of Credit issued, available with |
correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Djpartmont���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
and interest allowel at 3 per cent, per
am. nn  (present rate).
Total   AssetB  over  $18(1,000,000.00
10:00 a. m Daily except Tuesday
1:00 p. m  Daily
10:00 a. m  Dally
11:30 p. m  Dally
SS.   Iroquois   Sunday   nights   and
Tuesday mornings.
2:00 p. m Dally except Sunday
5:00 p. m Every Monday
11:00 p. m Feb. 4, IK.
li:00 p. m	
Jan. 31, Feb. 14, 28.
8:30 a. m Every Thursday
SS. Beaver.
8 a.m Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7 a.in���Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Agent, Westminster.
G. P. A., Vancouver
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Gold Watchea for Ladt-s from |12./5
Silver Watches, gents- open face
.5 oo.
Silver Watches, gents' open case,
17.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and Kigin
Watch repairing a specialty.
' Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Toronto, Feb. 16.���After remaining
in hiding in the woods for ten nights
witii the temperature ranging between 30 and 10 below zero, provincial
constables in Northern Ontario made
tiie Diggest seizure of liquor yet reported to the headquarters of the department. A whole carload of whisky
and beer was seized in transit on its
way to Cochrane, where it was to be
distributed to blind pi,., ers and others
in the unlicensed districts there. The
liquor was shipped In the regular way
in a sealed car, but the constables suspected a large shipment of liquor, and
so seized the entire car.
Full particulars of the seizure have
not been received. Hon. Mr. Hanna
Was notified of the seizure, and at once
had a conference with Kudo Saunders,
chief officer of the license branch, J,
E. Rogers, superintendent of the provincial police, and S. A. Armstrong,
deputy provincial secretary.
For weeks past the provincial police
have heen waging an energetic campaign against the sale of liquor in the
north, and some of the reports sent
in by the constables read like an order on a wholesale liquor house. One
constable alone in a month seized
more than 200 bottles of beer and
high wines, where only a few days
ago a shipment of three- cases of
whisky was confiscated, lt had been
shipped In three oil barrels, and tho
man, who shipped it, packed the bottles in the barrels in straw and filled
them up with water. He then labelled
the barrels gasoline, and if it had not
heen for the severe cold they probably would have leached their destination. The water in the barrels was
frozen, and the ice freezing out the
hung, the constable noticed the straw
In ice and wondered why it should be
in a gasoline barrel. He opened the
barrels and found three dozen bottles
of flne whisky. Several trunks which
had been checked were found filled
with whisky.
Every possible method of. getting
the liquor Into the north is heing
tried, but that of sending the stuff in
hy the carloads is a new one. Members of the opposition have criticized
the government because some of the
whisky sent into the north is shippe I
over the Temiskaming & Northern
Ontario railway, but the railway officials have no more idea of what is inside the packages and cars than anyone who looks at the outside of the
car. If a ear is secured and shippe I,
it is sealed at the point of shipment,
and the seal is not broken until it
loaches its destination, and if the shipping bills state that the car is loaded
with   furniture   the   railway    officials
TELFOHD LIBEL SUIT .?**********-��***>*a.^,
Mr.    Justice    Harvey    Remarks   That
Men Who Enter Public Life Must
Expect   Criticism.
(The Daily News is , ,��� ,, ��,
for the opinions expressed T""6
respondents.) - 'u <**
THE    BUDGET    AND    t_p
Toronto, Feh. HI.���In the police
court today, Miss Appeline Holland, a
good looking, expensively dressed
woman of about twenty-seven years of
age, employed at a department store,
was charged with vagrancy aud remanded for a week for examination as
to her sanity. It is alleged that she
has been sending letters threatening
the life of Norman Cl. lleyd, a young
barrister, wbo is alderman for Ward
three. In one letter she declared that
she would shoot him. The last letter
was received February 1-, aud reads
as follows:
"Turn you blood sucker; you have
murdered all my flesh und blood. Remember, brute, you shall uot get out
of my hands. You cannot do nn jibing
for me after your cutting the llesh off
my hones, you have no heart, anyhow.
So come to a point of business with
me Hut I shall do my duty, and get
a brute like you out of sight. Any
: time Will suit me. 1 remain your
j 'murderer.1
"(Signed I  Miss Appeline Holland."
The   writing   was    legible    but    the
| characters   were   ill   formed   and    the
spelling  poor.     Mr.   lleyd  turned    the
letters over to the police and a warrant   was  issued.    On   Saturday    Mr.
lleyd's father saw the woman on the
street and pointed her ul to Detective
| Taylor,   who  arrested   her.     She  took
'her arrest quietly and refused lo talk
ibout the case.
Department of Agriculture Agent Seeks
Bloom   in   Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Feh. 10.���Here on a
hunt for a hlack rose, which, according to an anonymous letter senl to the
agricultural department at Washing
ton, had been successfully cultivated
ai West Grove, a suburb, Harry W.
Coleman, a botanist of the national
bureau of botany, searched in vain for
the raven-hued blossom, bu. In- did
find a perfect blue rose.
Coleman   will   repoit   lhe  discovery
to his department.
have no power to doubt the word of
the shipper or lo break lhe seal of the
The fad that so many attempts am
made to get liquor into the north, in
spite of the thousands of bottles which
are seized monthly, proves that there
is groat profit in the illicit trade. A
bottle of whisky can be purchased in
Toronto or Montreal at wholesale
prices for about 76 cents. In the north
it is easy to obtain anywhere from $",
a bottle.
Calgary, Feb. 10.��� In dismissing the
$10,(100 libel suit brought by R. T. Telford, M. L. A., of Leduc, against the
Calgary Herald, Mr. Justice Harvey
laid particular stress on tbe old truth
thut men who enter public life must
cultivate an external membranous Integument of elephantine non-sensitiveness.
A. L. Marks, Strathcona lawyer, held
Mr. Telford's brief. Mr. Walsh, K. C,
acted for the defendants.
"Pay the Piper," was the caption of
an editorial appearing in the Herald
issue of June 2. 1910, In the course
of the article reference was male to a
bet offered by Mr. Telford on the floor
jof the house in March of $500. And
the portion of the matter alleged to be
libelous was the sentence:
The   Words   Complained   of.
"The unbiased convictions of Lhe
honorable member for Leduc, not be
reinforced to the extent of another
Mr. Telford alleged that the position of lhe editorial quoted Inferred
thai he was being Influenced by money
in llie discharge of his duties as a
public man.
Defendants' counsel did not pul in
any evidence. Mr. Telford stand In
bis deposition thai the editorial references to him wliich followed a certain sensational hot ihat was offered
by him on the floor of the legislature
at Edmonton lasi March, had held him
iqi to ridicule, had injured his stiiuliiig
as a public man and had placed hlm in
a compromising position with his
A   Warning   to   Public   Men.
Justice Harvey's summing up bore
a warning to all men who go Into politics.    He said in part:
"When people go into public life,
they must expoci that newspapers will
say things about them which will not
bo pleasant, and If they do acts which
Bubjecl them to ridicule thev cannol
complain if tliey are hold up tn rldl
eule to that extent. This does nm re
for, to my mind, to the plaintiff's private character, bul simply to a public
man in i mailer of public Interest. The
action will bo dismissed with costs."
Costs in the case amount lo over
$T,nn, to be borne, of course, by Mr.
Mr. Conmee Has   typhoid.
Ottawa. Feb. 18.���James Conmee, M
P.. has fallen a Victim to Ottawa's epidemic.   His illness was yesterdaj >li;iu
nosed as typhoid.    Ile Is now  pro. res
sing favorably.
The House of Quality and Low Prices
House Furnishin g
Bargains for Week-End Shoppers
Floor Oilcloth, the square yard,    .      25c.
Brass Extension Rods, .      3 for 10c.
Brass Extension Rods, extend to 54 inches,
large, silvered ends,      . 3 for 25c.
Green or cream Window Shades, mounted
on Hartshorn Rollers, complete J: with
brackets, nails and pull,   .     3 for $1.00
Bedroom Tables, mahogany finish, good size
and strongly constructed, each,      $1.75
Same style table, but larger top, each  2.00
Bedroom Table, gol icn finish, 18 x 18 inch
top, for $1.50
Tapestry Squares, good quality,|9Jx 9 feet,
each . ...      .      $6.40
Tapestry Arch Curt iin?, the pair,   .   $2.10
Beds, Springs and Mittresses, the lowest prices in the city.
These prices are good until the end of the present month.
Don't wait, come today and get a good selection.
Galloway & Lewis
Editor, Daily Xews:
Sir���A    cursory     read ���
budget   speech  gives  tl
not only that all is well,, '    ��
so.   A careful examination of th    V
however begins to breed doul
portion dealing wltb land  ,   ,
Under this head, there are n���
items which show this matter haa!
er been considered other than fr���,
point of view, which mav have urn.J
acceptable under wldelj different";
ditions.    The Items referred  to ��?'
MOO, i for surveys, >i j��afr,;
est protection, ami the qi tlon tl.-,, !'
wild land tax cm, compel cultivate
In this province no malic whether?,
land he surveyed or nol h tf ,,.,, ,
tie Importance to the ordlnarj , .,���'
grant.    He can in  haul!,  an) casein
anything with it in it. :
As to forest  protection   from ��.,
there seems to In- a pei .liar kink hi
the method of reason,,,.        \ .     ���
buys and clears his lan,I, p ,���,   ,
crops aud  pays taxei   on the whole
The timber lessee pa,       ,-,.���.
than one-tenth of the Inti  ���   I on Z
cost of the farmers lan,I .,!������._<jM
not  produce his crop, bul ha   ll   .  ������
for him���yet the kink In tin
Ing produces the conclusion that therefore  the farmer Bhould not only pav
his own lire Insurance bul also thatol
tho  lumber man.    Timber leases are
perpetual, and  the crop as ll standi
and all future crops are tin   ;   . ^.
property of the lessee. S. clause
he provided to the satisfaction of ttgl
state  or  tbe  lease   be   forfelti
glimmer of the truth of thl eemsi
havo entered tbe offl. lal mind The
press  should pry ii   upen   to tulfe
The minister of .nam e
owner of wild land will make a
ation of whal   ho will  havi  to paj 1:
ion vears by compoundli ���    .- |
ui   I iter com. he will .1      ���
esBary it is to have land ; . j
soon as possible."   Wi ito.
Take  the  cost   of the lan I ii
survey and Incidental expi n   -   ��� ||
per acre.    Wild  land  tax  I pi
and interest on (he o itlaj   ,t I pet
cent, or a total Inti rest I
per  cent.      This  compi   ad  foi  ������:. |
years  amounts  to  $9.45 an B
told,   to be exact  $9,453,791 ,"fil
The   present   advet Used  prices
these lands v a, ics from (10 to
ac,e and as  the   avera |
hopes t'i unload In less than ten yeard
the tax amounts to this, the immimttl
who   purchases   to  cultivate, will bei
lined the whole Increase for which he |
will get not bin.   In return.   II   :-.:���
tied the result must >,. -,* <,.\ back I!
the speculator cannol   en he �����-.: 4��
cry  the  province and everv
senior will retire In
On the other hand, il tho pi poseij
outlay of 1550,000 be spent ;'.
in. the land for cultivation, homes toll
660 bona Dde settlers, with from four J
to five acres cleared, could He placed 1
on the timbered land in Kichmond|
riding alone. Hut why this small
The estimted expenditure for l'.'llis
eleven millions and receipts eightm^
lions with seven and a half millions in
the hank, leaving still unapproprtra
the sum of aljofitTour and a half millions.
lf two millions of this were Invests
in the same way in the Interior M
to the present centers ol settlement,
not 660 hut ten times that number
could be placed annually on the tali
everv one of whom would become ��n
advertisement in favor of the pro���*
and everyone also a revenue Pro*��J*
i Again 'the finance minister ttism
there should be h reduction l�� <��*
Hon..   The country Is prosperous MM
can well afford the presenl ta����J
and more. A bold statesman *'��J��
seize the opportunity, gel all be c��i
and Instead of locking up hli enerw
in the bank would use them to *
: velope the land to the utmost, so"��
when hard limes came, it might w
a position to endure them.
Vancouver, H. C, February 15. WJ
New Vork   revolutionary
here  to  take  steps  to ma
Although 107 Years Old, He WouH|
Start Life Anew.
Kansas City, Feb. 16-Wlt* WlJ2
tune .one. but with hi- ,"'al"' ,jt
nnd hls courage undaunted, Histe ������
Poster, iu? years old, will begin���
Foster, the grandson ��i
Chief Of the Seneca li��'������l
periods, "I
ie his H*!
Unlit  for a mining claim, li;''"''1'J,
Montana.    Ile asserts he ����' ��"
business and siurt all over again. ^
Foster says he was horn In ������'.,,
what is now Seneca street, in W��S
which at that time, wns an um"��.
lane.   For years Foster ��'������"
ment scout and secret service ����
~ ���     ni/��n  M!
Husband  Uses  Woman's   own
wear to Administer Punish*e
Atlantic City, N. J- Fe.b' lZ~     l
Wilson, a young mBrrIed-h.'��lWl
new style when he took "It' ��
slipper wilh which to *li;l,lK     ��� i. |
Tho two started a H����"".��� B"e,r*l
street, und Wilson, ��l'u''' J;,1," (n|,lt H'l
which to
ins for something with w"'l","off .'I
wife, grabbed  her, ��������������* w I
slipper, and wus beating ***���
screams attracted help.
citizens   I"1'
| w|,('ll '
Police    and
i !�����
tdi 4
uple. The wife ptotestea "',,,.��I
Phone 829.
Wc Furnish Your Home.
401-403 Columbia street, New Westminster."
of The rescuers Btarted to 5����
husband,   ile was locked uy^
Arrested In Los AngJ jj i
Los Angeles, Feb. ih.-~K   ,,, tiu|
. I
1 Cabler,   formerly   foremi      arl.f.-.
Seattle   post   office,  Is  m    tf,n
here for embezzlement    " " g0���n H
taken back to WAshington "    $
nn officer with tho necessu
arrives. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1911.
If youjwant something choice for Today's Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
New Westminster
Reunion of Smile Creators of Interesting Sketch of History
. America Last Summer Was'    of Reciprocity is Given by
One Immense Laugh.
Boston Transcript.
HECTOR   McCAIG, Manager.
Friday, February 1 7
The Man of the Hour
The play that has made all America talk.
Presented Here Exactly as Seen for Two Years at the Savoy Theatre,
New York,
Five Months at the Illinois Theatre, Chicago.
Six Months at the Tremont Theatre, Boston,
And Four Months at the Garrick Theatre, Philadelphia.
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T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
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Supplies,  Etc.
For whole hearted humor the American newspapei' man ia mighty hard to
beat, and the Daily News has just received a hook which proves the truth !
of that assertion. Last summer the
American Press Humorists' association members held their eighth annual convention in Montreal as practically the guests of the Grand Trunk
Railway Bystem, and the results of
their labors (?) are set forth in the
unbuyable hook now under review, and
published for private circulation by
the Grand Trunk Railway system. In
the matter of letter-press, wonderful
photographs and binding, the book has
no peers and those responsible for the
publication are heartily congratulated.!
: The .real pan of the work deals with
the speeches delivered and the stories
I told by the members at the lunch
given by W, E. Davis at the Isleway
: club, Lake St. Louis, .Montreal; and
fifty pages are lilled with unadulter
1 ated wit and humor.
Laughter,  according  to  a   leading
1 medical   journal,   "throws    the  diaph-
; ra.Lin     into     healthful     contractions,
shaking tlie liver and spleen on either
j side,   massaging    the    stomach    and
j bowels, titillating the lungs and heart,
clarifying the brain and sending fresh
I currents of blood tin ough the cerebral
I mass���that is a laugh that Is more po-'
; tent  than  nerviness, and has greater
! medicinal value than all the tonics in
j the world."   If this be true, and there
I is no reason to doubt the statement,
then the compilers of the hook under
��� review are to be heartily thanked for'
' sup] lying that sound medicine, laugh-
, ter, because those who have been priv- ���
ileged  to  read   the   book   have   been
laughing ever since.
Edmund   Vance  Cooks,  rightly  call-
! ed  one of the greatest  humorists   on
this continent, is telling tlie story:
The scene was an old country   village.    There  was  an old  lawyer who
seldom got a case, and he was in con-
versation with a farmer.    The farmer
had  an  old   spavinel  mule  which    lie
wanted to sell, but which lie pretended
he did not want to sell.   The lawyer
wanted   to  buy   the mule,  and   said,
"Jed, I would like to buy that mule of
yours."'   The   farmer   said,   "Well.    I
don't believe I want to sell that mule.
I I  have had ii  for a long time, and  I
: don't   want   to sell   it."    "Well,  would
you sell if you go' the price'.'"   To this
the farmer replied "Yes, If 1 got my
price."   "Mow  much  do you  want  for
the  mule'.'" asked the lawyer.    "Well,
1  don't  know;   how  much  would   you
give?"   "Oh, about fifty dollars." Fifty  dollars was agreed  upon   as   the
. price for the mule.    The farmer say-
| ing "Alright;   l  will take   that;   the
mule Is yours.    Where is the money'.'"
"Well, I will tell you what it is," said
tho  lawyer,  "business litis been a  little bad of kite, but  I am g��ing to get
some prett)  ��� on.    I will give you my
note of hand ; t three months." "Oh,
no you don't." i iid the farmer, "I have
enough of read ng matter now "
One of the hest thing in the book Is
the story told hy E. Warner, of Haiti-
more :
This is a story of two Xew York
newsboys, one of whom went by the
name of Cimmy. Cimmy was telling
the story, and said:
Mickey an' me was standin' at   tie
corner and  de  engines   was   coming
along an' de bells was ringin' like blue
I biazes an' de horses was comin' down
de Btruit.    Mickey says to me. "Let's
! go and see de lire." and I says   "Al-1
| right"  So we stoited on up de street
I an' we follled the flre engine, an' after I
I we had  gone about eight blocks   we |
j went round de corner where the fire i
was an' de people  was   bellerin' an' |
j rushin' and it was awful.   We Eept on
'after the engine and purty soon    we
1 came to the place where the fire was.
' De engine men jump down an' put de
I hose on de plug.   De ladder men pull-
I ed out de ladders an' started   to put
them up to de house.   We stood arotin'
���m' de smoke was rushin1 out   of de
building.   Gee, it was high'    I guess It
was  seven  or eight  stories.    De  lire
was comin' out, an' everyone was yelling an' howlin' an' de hells was ringin1
an' de engines was smokin' an' dere
was  firemen in  front,  an' dere   was
firemen at do si.le, but dere was   no
firemen in de alley.    1 says to Mickey,
"Let's go roun' into de alley an' see
There is a great contrast between
lhe manner in which the present reciprocity agreement wiih Canada has
been produced and the previous one,
the only other reciprocity that has
ever been negotiated between the two
countries, says the Hoston Transcript. It was on June 5, 1854, that
Lord Elgin, at that time governor general of Canada, and probably the most
eminent of all the governor generals
that Canada has ever ha.l, with the exception of Lord Durham, negotiated a
treat; in Washington with the aid of
Francis Hincks, who was head of tlie
council. At that time it. was called
the province cf Canada, including Ontario and Quebec, or Lower and Upper Canada. Then the maritime prov-
inces were not apart of Canada, but
each was in the sanie position in which
Newfoundland is today. This is the
famous treaty which we have heard
"Lord Elgin floated through on champagne." One need not deny that Lord
Elgin entertained lavishly, and the
well known picture of the night when
some of the senators, accompanied by
the noble earl, went to another senator's house and insisted on that senator getting out of bed and producing
some potations for their benefit is an
amusing one. A great many stories
that are told of those days were undoubtedly the results of the too gieat
reading and believing of Laurence
Oliphant's letters. That gifted young
mun was then, and afterward In Canada an 1 China, Lord Elgin's private
secretary, and he showed great fecundity of resource in producing material
f���- m��� i���..��.      r*.        r .. , ..        maritime provinces
for his letters.    One of these letters \
desribing tte signing of the reciprocity treaty in the office of Secretary of
State  March  in   Washington   is  chai-'
"Lord Elgin reads the treaty aloud. |
It  is cheeked  by the secretaries, and j
the  aged  man,   Mr.   Marcy   (secretary,
of state)   listens,  while  he  picks   his'
teeth with a pair of scissors, or cleans '
out   the  wick  of a  candle  with   their
points, which  he afterwards wipes on
his grey hair."    The signatures were
attached just after midnight   and   to
quote Oliphant:    "There is something
mysterious    and    suggestive    in    the
scratching  of  a  midnight pen, for it
may be scratcVng fortunes or ruin to
toling  millions     1  retire to dream of
its  ithe treaty's)  contents and to listen in my troubled sleep to the perpetually recurring refrain of the three impressive words with  which  the pregnant document concludes, 'unmanufactured tobacco, rags. "
i    Tlie success of the treaty surprised
not only the Americans but the Canadians as well.      The treaty provided
that  both countries should  have   the
same right  in coast  fisheries.    It  was
agreed   that   Canada   should    levy   no
taxes on Maine lumber passing down
| the St. John  river.    Absolutely   free
trade  was  granted  hetween   the  two
.countries   in   grain,   flour,   livestock.
] meats,   lumber,   poultry,   eggs,   hides
ores, hemp and tobacco.    The   treaty
I was to remain in force for ten years, at
the expiration of which it  might   be
terminated by either party on twelve
months' notice     This convention was
undoubtedly   the   best   act    of    intercourse  with   the  United   States   that
Canada had ever secured. It was a
striking change from the old days of
bitter enmity, and as long as it remained in operation It was a source of great
profit to Canada, and really in those
ten years laid the foundation for the
prosperity which that country has
never ceased to enjoy. Its advantages to the people of the l'nited
States were not so generally admitted,
and this fact and other causes due to
Civil war entanglements led to its
prompt abrogation at the first opportunity.
There   was,    however.    In    1S71,   a
treaty negotiated In Washington by a
joint  high  commission   whose  Hritish
members were the present Marquis of
Ripon, then Lord de Grey, who was
chairman;  Sir Stafford Northcote, Sir
E.  Thornton, the  Hritish  minister to
the l'nited States: Montague Bernard, |
and Sir John A. Macdonald,.   The American commissioners    were Hamilton I
Fish,    secretary    of    state:    General
Schenck, Judge Nelson, Judge Hoar, of i
Massachusetts, and Senator Williams.
This  commission  was  called   to  con- j
sider the ownership of tlie isiand of.
i San Juan, off the coast of British Co-!
i lumbia, the boundaries between Can-:
, iida and Alaska; the admission of America   tO  Canada's   fisheries;   the  Alabama  claims;  and the   counter-claims
of Canada on account  of the   Fenian [
��� raids,   'l'he Alabama claims were sub- j
I mitted to arbitration; the claim to the
island of San Juan was referred to the i
German emperor, who awarded it  to
the l'nited States; the boundaries between Canada and Alaska were to be i
fixed   by engineers.   This left only the \
question of fisheries, and it was on this ]
question   that  the  court    argued   for.
I weeks.    An agreement  for a  term of j
twelve years was made by which lisli
and fish oil of one country should be ]
admitted duty free to the markets of j
I the other, and Americans were allow-j
ed the rignts of Canadian fisheries on !
| the payment of a lump sum.
it was at this joint high commission
that  the rights of navigation   on the!
j Great  Lakes  and  the   St.   Lawrence :
J were opened free to both cations.    It
j was   rather   an   ironical   part   of    the '���
| whole  incident   that   in   Canada   their
commissioners  were accused  of hav- j
ing bartered away the ri.hts of Can-1
ada. because of the fisheries provision, I
"AT IT HERE SillCE 1900!'
wlu'e in  Nova  Scotia and   the   other |
which were really j
affected by the settlement, the award;
was accented with complacency.
Tlie political effect of this award in j
the l'nited States was inconsiderable. >
but in Canada it was large.    Macdon-
aid was accused of giving way to the
United States;   the man in charge of
his affairs in Ottawa, during his ab-1
sence.  bungled  sadly,  and   Macdonald j
lost prestige heavily, thus leading to ,
his ''ownfall  two years la*er.
THE    MAN    OF    THE    HOUR."
"The Man of the Hour." by Georgo
Broadhurst, will be seen at the Westminster Opera house on Friday evening, which so much has been read
ab ;t. where it has been playing in,
New York and Chicago.. The story of
"The Man of tlie Hour" is saiil to Involve the fortunes of both the heroine
and her brother, and the fact is held
over the head of the mayor by way of
fort ing him to the will of his party'
not usually classed among the editorial writers, but many a clever epigram has driven home a truth with
greater force than a corresponding
able but heavy editorial leader. The
philosophy of the press humorist is
usually pretty sound.
boss.   Many other powerful Influences
are brought to bear, but tlie mayor re- j
sists  them all.     The fact  of his  re- |
sistence is then used to show the   lu-
roine that he is opposing the   railway ,
franchise for the purpose of personal
gain, even at the cost of the fortune of i
herself and all her friends. j
This has the effect of breaking the
engagement  between  the mayor and
the   heroine,   Dallas   Wainwright, and |
influencing her to accept the advances ,
of Mr. Gibbs, one of the promotors of j
the franchise graft.    The company includes  Harry  English, as the mayor:
| Warren Conlan, as the financier; John!t
Moore, as  Horrlgan, the boss:   John
Morris,    as    the    alderman;    Edward
Keano, as Gibbs. the broker;  Eleanor
Haber, as Dallas, the financier's daughter, and Florence Mack as the mother.
The play is in four acts, and will be
(presented with elaborate settings.
*(5.T72metice Mow!
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fyat we are paying -
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on time deposits of*
Sjunonftts & over. -
We invest money forctients
in first morses & do a
^enetat [fnanciat business.
We want Your saving accnt
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Post Office ���*��� depress
Order or Re&isterecT^
Letter & withdrawals
can be ma^T*"*"*"^ ��
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Ware Responsible
Refertif^** ���*��� --
Dims, Brads.reels,
or To anyone ta *
Write us about iUo-Jay
Do it now!!! I!
1321 Cambie Stmt. \
>Vancouver B.C.<
IN ���
I Ryall's Drug Store
it   PH0NE  57.
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.  BROOKES, Proprietor
mer Eleventh  and Cerllne.
i what's dere.    We went roun' an' gee!
��� ! Ue lire was Just as bad as It was on de
I front   Dere was a guy lookln' out of a
' window on de seventh story.   Gee ! he
j was high up, an' dere was no firemen
| or  ladders  there.    Ile was   shoutm,'
"Help, help; police'!" Mickey   says to
me, "Holy  gee !  look at dis an' then
, we shouted to the guy. "Jump; we will
j catch vou In (lis blanket." an de guy
'Jumped, an' gee. I thought 1 should
| died    laughln'���we    didn't    have
, blanket.
Humorist Eddie Guest, of Detroit
j told Of two men who were talking
heatedly at a corner one day. and on
i seeking to utielch the other, said: "Do
vou expect to go to Heaven when you
die?" The other fellow said: "1 dont
know. 1 never thought of it, and don't
oare much about it anyway, because 1
own the other place."
A Davles story: Once there was a
man whose wife's mother lay very'
sick of Illness. The doctor came In,
and having diagnosed her case, said,
"My dear sir, your wife's mother will
never be right again until she goes to
a warmer place." The man went out
to the woodshed and came hack with
an axe, and said, "Here doctor, you
do it l 1 haven't the nerve."
Exaggeration ls not the only distinguishing characteristics of American
humor. Another is what is known as
"hoss Eense."   The press humorist ia
* *
This Range Will Burn All the Gas and Smoke
by having the AIR blast thrown on top of fire.
A Great Saver of Fuel.
James & McClughan
Corner Sixth and Front streets, New Westminster
n- i
17,  1911.
The Daily News
Published by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
corner    of    McKenzie    and    Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
are made to proselytise them, said:
"We fast and pray that we may bo
ahle to live lives and to act more
kindly towards each other. If they
deprive us of our religion we have
nothing left. We do not understand
the while man's religion,'" Such a
pathetic appeal should not go unanswered.
FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY  17,  1911.
The letter of Mr. T. B. Julian in
yesterday's News brings again to tlie
front the old question of what Is to
be done for the Indians, that they
may   prosper   and   remain
We are a God fearing people���we,
the people of New Westminster���If
we were not there would be no B. C.
Telephone Co., Ltd. lf ever there was
a service that oftener Invited to-break
all the commandments handed down
to us by Moses, we want it named.
Just for instance: Ring up a number, having spoken, ring off, and then
ring Central.    If you succeed in
you go. With the skis one can go over
hard snow at a very rapid rate, but
when he strikes a patch of the newly-
fallen snow it is a case of slow to be
sure, for any minute tlie bottom may-
sink away with him.
Hut it is healthful as well as invigorating, and the women have found
that they need not look awkward even
In this form of outdoor dress, with a
| ribbon here and a tassel there, and
some even adorning their skis.
Minneapolis, Feb. 16,���Mrs. Albert
Dundee, formerly Elizabeth Cochrane
Seaman, a bride of three weeks, who
sixteen years ago became world
mous as globe-trotting Nellie Bly
day vowed vengeance when informed
K^t-  mat her husband was already the hus-
transhipinentti. which have Increased
by two million pounds more Indian tea
being accounted for hy li dil n transhipments.
Stocks held in bond throughout the
United Kingdom at the end of December amounted to 126,687,000 pounds���
six million pounds less than at the
same date last year. The price of
common whole leaf on the same date
was T'.jd a pound, against 6%d in December, 1909.
ting au answer you are indeed fortun- band of another.
ate, as usually it is neccessary for you Dundee, who is a sign painter, for-
to hang up vour telephone receiver; tv-eight years of age, got into corn-
walk to the office aad politely request mnnication with the former Nellie Bly
Hie staff to wake up to the fact that through tho agency of a matrimonial
you have rung off    several    minutes bureau.
earlier���We have done It, so we know.
on their
native soil ? Our correspondent's remarks apply primarily lo the method
of dealing with the Indian reservations, prompted by the purchase of
the Songhee reserve at Victoria by the
government for seven hundred and
fifty thousand dollars. He points out
Ihat there are number of Indian reserves the acquisition of which is no
less important than that of the Song-'said he.
iiee. and remarks that the expenditure know it
for purchase of these may be represented by seven million rather than
seven hundred thousand dollars.
This by the way, however. There
is a much larger and more important
question involved In this matter,
namely the whole subject of the treatment of the Indian population of this
country generally. Mr. Julian comments upon the futility of the methods
now being adopted by the government,
and pleads for the institution of a
policy of enfranchisement for thesj
loyal and iudustrious people. He supports this plea by the expressed opinion of such men as the Dominion inspector of schools in regard to the
Metlakatla and Fort Tsimpsian tribes,
of Father Cocola in respect of the
Babine Indians, and of Archbishop
Dontenwell as to the Catholic Indians
generally. All of these authorities
agree that a portion at least of the
redskin people of this country read
and write English, have proved themselves capable of managing tlieir own
affairs, and express a desire to be
treated as citizens of the Empire by
being endowed with the privilege of
the franchise, and of holding land individually rather than in common.
The proposal may in some quarters
Vve regarded as a bold one, but we do
net think any one who    possesses    a
knowledge of the Indians, either from
history  or from  personal  association,
or both, will venture to question    Its
justice  or  the  moral   right  of  these
people to such an absorption into the
state.   This privilege would, of course,
be    granted,    as    our    correspondent
points out, only  to those who prove
themselves  fit to receive it.    But in
time,  by the education of the rising
generation, the greater portion of the
Indian community would become citizens in this way.   As a whole the Indians are a law abiding an.l    industrious i eo;i!e, i orsessing a knowledge
of certain  aus  peculiarly  their own,
and there i:; every reason to believe
that  they   would   become  a  strength
;ind a credit to this country.
Apropos of this question of the Indian policy, reference may be made
to a clever work hy Mr. Walter
McClintock, just published, under the
title of "The Great North Trail." In
this the nobility and strength of character of the Blackfeet tribe is cleverly set forth. It is a sad circumstance
that this race of great warriors and
noble spirits is departing to the setting sun of lost hopes. The author,
���who lived for years among that part
of the tribe which is located south of
the boundary line, and was a.lopted by
the old chief, Mad Wolf, as a son,
gives many interesting and touching
illustrations of the real beauty of the
simple religion of these people, a religion in which there is nothing that
is evil or cruel. "Before they became
contaminated by civilization, with
cheap alcohol, and the vices from
which as savages they were free, no
nobler people ever lived. Their fault
was that they never built. . . .Though
���the Hed Indian probably lived under
-similar conditions from the Stone age
till the middle of the last century,
gunpowder and cheap whisky have
well nigh unmade him."
Here is a beautiful prayer chant
which Mr. McCIintock gives in illustration of the simple nobility and faith
of the Blackfeet: "Great Sun-God!
Continue to give us Your light that
the leaves and grass may grow so that
our cattle will increase and our children may live to he old." And this
"Our Jlother (the moon) give us sleep
that' we may rise again like our father
(the sun). May our lives be strong
Slid may our hearts feel good towards
our white brothers, as we all are
your children." A great man of tho
tribe, speaking to the author anent
their religion, and the attempts that
Baltimore, Md., Feb. 11.���That pie
is more efficacious than piety In developing the American hoy is the declaration by Dr. Woods Hutchinson,
writer on medical topics, before the
Health conference, in session at Osier
hall here.
Give the hoy all the pie he wants,"
"When he gets enough he'll
His system craves it, or he
wouldn't ask for it.
"Let the hoy eat all the pie he wants
even to gorging himself. Once he lias
eaten more than his body needs, he'll
quit crying for it and stealing to the
pantry when mother or the cook isn't
looking to steal the forbidden sweets."
After a few days Dundee began to
pack up. Clandestinely he packed up
hor goods as well as his. Moving day
was Saturday, an:l It came without
Dundee saying good-hye.
"1 was lonesome and am coming to
the tlmo in my life when 1 feel the
need of companionship," said Mrs.
Dundee, in attempting to explain why
she rushed headlong Into the alliance.
"He is even illiterate, short of stature and not prepossessing in appearance In any way. l'g even talks ungrammatically. 1 have had experience
with men and I am shocked at myself
that I could be cheated in this way."
A B. C, E. R. freight car and a caboose left the tracks at the corner of
Mclnnes and Clarkson streets yesterday afternoon about half past three.
The cars were switched from one
track to another al the time and when
they went off both tracks to Vancouver were blocked. The passenger
traffic was deranged for a couple of
hours, until the cars were pulled on
The Pastime Is   an   Exhilarating   and
Picturesque   One.
The ski-ing clubs form one of the
most picturesque sights to lie seen in j of the year
the Alps in winter. With their bright
colored blanket suits, tasseled caps or
tam-o'-shanters and huge white mitts.
they go through the snow-covered
woodlands across the white mountain
slopes usually in single file, perhaps
titty sliding along after the leader in
true Norwegian fashion. Indeed, it ts
a variety of the old game of "follow
your leader," for what he does the
others are expected to do. So if he
comes to a ledge and jumps off all are
supposed to leap.
But jumping with the skis is not so
easy as it looks, and the end is often
burial in the snow banks, for unless
one is very sure of his footing the
long, narrow wooden slats will twist
or   turn   without   warning,   and   over
Three  and  One   Half  Million   Pounds
More Used Than in 1909.
London, Feb. Hi.���Another interesting fact gathered from the board of
trade is that last year's home consumption of all descriptions of tea constituted a record, lt was three and a
half million pounds in excess of the
previous twelve months, and twenty-
two million pounds over the average
1901 to 1909. Of this increase. British-grown tea���Indian and
Ceylon���accounted for about till per
In the summary prepared by Messrs
Lloyd, Matheson and Carritt, we learn
that our total imports were less than
those of 1909 by nine and a quarter
million pounds, Indian and Ceylon being ahout 12V4 million pounds short,
whilst China, Java and other countries increased by over three million
Total exports from the l'nited Kingdom decreased hy two and three-quarter million pounds I mostly China) i:i
cojnparislon   with  the  previous  year
Tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received up to Monday, February 20, 1911, at f> p. m., for the supply of printing and stationery and engineer's supplies itools, stumping powder, nails, etc.), also for hay and oats.
Specifications and further particulars to he obtained at Municipal hall.
The Municipality reserves the right
to accept any portion of any tender
and refuse the balance.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Municipal hall. Kdmonds, II. C, February 14, 1911.
Knights of Pythias
All members of Koyal Lodge No. >',
and visiting brethren are requested to
meet in the K. of P, hall, Saturday,
February is, at ',', p.m.. to attend the
funeral of our late brother, Walter
L. WITT, C. C.
Prof. Alexander
Liberals of New
A Discussion On
Will Be Held on
Friday, Feb. 17
At The Liberal Club Rooms
Eagles Hall
Twin Screw Steamship
"Prince George
3,500   Tons,   7,000   Horsepower,
320 Feet Long ,18"? Knots.
wliich showed an increase of 10V4 mil'
SATURDAY���How to read character
by handshake, walk, eyes, nose,
mouth and chin.    Admission 25c.
Private Consultations daily from   10
a.m. at Room 56 Russell House.
lion pounds over 1906.   This reduction,
however, has been nearly equalize.! by
B.C. Mills
1 imber   and  7 rading
7l.~\* ~|""Manufacturers and  Dealers in  All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster
Wanted to Purchase !
Water frontage with about
five acres of land on Fraser
River. State particulars of
descrption, etc.
Box S, care Daily News
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
Business Accounts opened
on favorable terms.   ::    ::
ASSETS :$48,000.000
FOR PRINCE RUPERT       -       11.30 p.m. Mondays
Hirect connection at I'i Ince Rupert   for  Stewart.    S.  S.  "Prince   U-
bert'! will leave Prince Rupert March 3, IT and 31 foi  Poi
Kincolith, MaBsett, Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City, Jedw
I>ou!>le track and modern luxurious trains hetween Chicago   and
Detroit, London, Hamilton, Toronto,    Montreal,    Portland,    Bi
Niagara Falls, New York, Philadelphia, Hallimore and Washington.
For tickets, time tables, il ustrated literature, and ali Infon
apply to
City I'ass. and Ticket A. net. Commercial Agent
ti2i Granville Bt, Vancouver, i.e.   Phone 7100. Phcne
615 Columbia Street.
Fruit Boxes
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
Sapperton,  British Columbia
B. C. E. Railway
Lulu Island road (or Ewen avenue)
10-acre ranch within city limits,
330 feet facing on new city car line;
all cleared, drained and cultivated.
Sidewalk to property. For one
week only at $1,300 per acre.
TERMS, 1-3 cash; bai. 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 p.c.
Phone, 832.      C43 ColumUa St., New Westminster
Clearance Sale
Ladies' and Children's
The W hite House
617 Columbia Street
3%  to 25 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
43, 43, 47 Sixth  St., New Westminster.   Phone 588
i FRIDAY, FEBRUARY  17, 1911.
Board of Trade Business
In Satisfactory Condition
(Continued from page one)
!ja.  pressed the city council to
"..' BOme definite plan covering our
and  railway  frontage, and am
, ased to note they are cousider-
,':.,.ral harbor plan,
n   [ng the year we have been given
'���.,.   mail delivery in the city and
tit.  complete postal connection to all
D tne district, our facilities for
. .ness have been largely improved.
.   .ubject of deepening and    lm-
,/   ...  the Kraser river channel   has
',',,,    ,;i to the front and in Decern.
J.."     .-   Imaid   united   with   a  joint.
delegation to Ottawa, receiving prac-j
'l,'.    assurance    of    the    immediate'
dredging of the North Arm and    the
ar]\  undertaking of permanent work
0��� tbe Bouth Arm.
To show that New Westminster has
Bade substantial    growth in 1910, I
'.. umipiled the following figures:
Provincial  Land   Registry  Receipts.
1910     Increase.     Pet.
Oi 10     $58,128.79     $20,422.69    51
Dominion Customs Receipts.
v   $290,063.74   $90,613.66    45
Local  Post Office Receipts.
Money Orders.
1910     Increase.
I   "������ I
$2,21 I I
17,697 4,136
Stump Sale.
$.'7,5(10.1111       $5,000.00
Hox Rents.
to remedy this in choosing this committee next year. i
The service on the Great Northern
railway on the south side of the river
has been frequently under discussion,
and your committee has endeavored,
so far as possible, to procure tbe bast
results for this city and at the same
time satisfy the shippers in the other
municipalities. To this end we met
Mr. Burns, of the G. N. U., Reeve
Oliver and other representatives from
the south side and a service was in
augurated suitable to the conditions.
At the request of the board 1 was in'
attendance when the railway commis-'
sion sat in Vancouver, and, with Sec- j
retary Wade, brought the North road
crossing  before their notice,    urging
that some means be initiated to prevent accidents, as, at that time, it was
a menace to public safety.    The com-'
mission  decided  that  a   watchman  be!
j placed at the crossing, and this official,
is now on duty.
The  Canadian-Mexican and several',
of the   Weir  liners  have  visited  the'
port  during the year.    Captain  Wor I
snop, of the Canadian-Mexican line, is
firm in his stand that he must have I
150 tons cargo  before  he  will  make
New  Westminster a regular point  of
call.    At the present time the boats
of this company���should    they    have
leBB than  150 tons billed to Westmln j
ster���only call when they are taking
lumber to the south.   With B minimum
of 150 tons assured, I have every reason   to   believe  that   reduced   freight
rates would follow.    Speaking of the
visits of ocean liners generally,    this
| committee hopes that a broadminded,
22 J encouraging policy will be pursued by
all  officials  who  have intimate deal
lngs with the officers and managers ol
intermediate points, whilst the Chilliwack. or Fraser valley branch has
opened up, and shown great possibilities, to the merchants of the city. The
service on the Vancouver, via Central
Park, run has been improved by the
running of double headers. When tbe
new Burnaby route is opened, and cars
start on the quarter hour, the public
will have the choice of three routes
and the benefit of a lifteen minute service. With Columbia street double
tracked to Leopold Place, and the ad-,
dition of several loops, the city and
Sapperton services should be con-,
siderably improved. Work on the
l.ulu island line is reported to have
started. |
As  everything  relative,  directly   or
indirectly,    to    trf nsportation    corass
wil bin tbe province of this committee,
and with a keen sense nf the bearing
It has on our commercial future, we
would  like to state that  whilst it is'
particularly  desirable  that  the city's
interests  be  protected  to    the    very,
limit, we beg to express an earnest de j
sire that an adequate appreciation of,
the infliiennee and importance of the
U. C. Klectric company on the future
destiny of our city be fully grasped by-
all  wbo. at any time, negotiate with
them on our behalf.   It will only bo a
short   time   when   tbis   company   will
have to adopt" a system of centralization, and, according to our geographical position, on their system. Westminster Is the natural hub of tbeir operations; so, Mr. President and gentlemen, let us encourage them, let us by
our reports in the press and on the
street let them know thai wo want
them here, that we need them here,
that they need us and our good report,
and gradually develop a mutual spirit
of good will, enterprise and progress
that will truly bespeak the "live wire,"
go-ahead city we want Westminster
to be.
And, in the futute, when anyone
calls for the general manager at the
company's office in Vancouver, they
wlll be told that he, the manager, can
be found at the head office in New
All of which is sincerely and respect
fully  submitted  by
Yours truly,
Chairman   Transportation   Committee
Dynamite Explosion.
Cobalt, Feb. 17���Three hundred
pounds of dynamite exploded at the1
Beaver mine yesterday. George Raanik
being instantly killed. The thawing'
out house, where the explosion occurred, was entirely demolished.
luantity  of  mail   inward  and   the shipping companies.
... ; increase of 50 per cent. |
Ntw Westminster Public  Schools.
;.  Average Attendance.
1910 Increase
17.17 118
January Enrollment.
.--- 2138 361
Births,  Deaths  and   Marriages.
1909       1910   Increase
 lm' 606 103
...867 316
ages     . - .223 233 10
] wlsh  lo  thank  the  members  and
(fen nl committees for the sup-
lance  rendered  during
��� ,   eai and to the press for the fair
reports tbey have given   Trader  trying  this'route in  the
i dings of the board
. Incerely,
L. B. LU
I am
Trs-rportation  Committee's   Report.
In submitting   my    re-
irnpi esalons on matters thai
lei  the notice ol    ibis
ttei   d ii Ing thy past  year, ben
��� state thai owing I i the committee
e i entirely of manufac
difficult to arrange    a
tin ���  and place suitable to all of us.
tl   -a efforl  will be made
Every factor counts In tbe upbuilding of a city's trade and commerce.
The number of export cars leaving
the city with goods "Made in New
Westminster" is markedly Increasing,
and we have pleasure In reporting
that, as near as can be estimated,
there is an average of lifteen cars per
The service both up and down the
river has been satisfactory, but the
Victoria-Westminster freight service
leaves much to be desired.
In ibis regard. I have reason to believe thai there is a possibility of another  boal.  slightly   larger  than    the
Ing summer. In talking with the owners, I urged upon them the advisability
of having a resident agent here, preferably a member of our boar-,, and
il is nol unlikely, should the project
mature, thai this will be done.
As electric transportation is an Important element in our city, and the B.
C. Electric Railway companj has opened several branches during the past
year, we take pleasure in staling that
one of these���the Eburne line���has
been the means of giving us improved
freighl   facilities  With   Vancouver  and
Tilbury Island
2500 feet of deep water frontage
on main channel of Fraser river
Price, $35 per front foot
Terms to arrange
Phone, 832.      646 Columbia St., New Westminster
Several fine lots on Eighth avenue, on upper side, near carline.
Price $650.00 and up for inside lots;
$750.00 for corners.
These are fine view lots.
The People's Trust Company, Ltd,
���      Manager Real Estate Department.
451 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C. Phones 646, 661.
New 7-Roomed House
Twelfth street, between 6th and 7th avenues.
Beautiful view of lower river and Gulf of Georgia.
72 feet frontage on Twelfth street.
$3500, on terms
McQuarrie Bros.
Note new address,   622  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
Everything in Groceries at the
West End Grocery Store
Before Tuesday
50 cents on thc
��� [���
1 ne
of   Vancouv
Who Will Occupy the Premises at Once
tock, Fixtures, Cash   Registers,   Horses,  Wagons
On behalf cf the Bank of Vancouver, Abraham Goldberg
has purchased the whole stock tl
17, 1911
Only 12 days more and Richmond's
store will be a thing of the past
Your Last Chance to Buy This  High  Grade   Merchandise
at Less Than Cost of Raw Material
Goods will be scattered all over the bargain counters; red tickets will show
the prices that will make them move
Mere are a few of our many items which will give you
Gent's Clothing
Campbell's Suits
Canada's   finest   make.   Newest
styles    in    Serges,    Worsteds    and C1 A   QC
Tweeds; regular $25; going at .... *r ���*���  *���*'��-'
Stilenfit Clothing
Fifty-five Suits, in the latest
styles, fabrics and patterns. Serges,
Irish Tweeds. Scotch Wools; regular $22.50 and (25.   Going at 	
Men's Suits
One lot Men's Wool, Worsted and
Tweed Suits, all new goods; regular $18;  going at  	
Campbell Made Pants
One lot of Men's Campbell Tailor-
made Pants, in Serges, Wools,
Tweeds, Cheviots, etc., ranging
from $4.25; going at 	
Hats ! Hats!! Hats!!!
Fourteen dozen of the very best
English and Canadian make-,
Fedora, Telescope, all styles. Christie hlack and brown, the newest
thing. Ranging from $X and $t:
going at	
Silk Ties in assorted colors made
up in Poplins, Cords and Berathea
Silks;   regular 50c and 05c    tiuali-    1 C   f**V_
ties;  going at       *��� *^  ****&���
Wool Underwear
Men's Wool    guaranteed    winter
weight Underwear in the   leading
makes,    St.   George,    Tiger,    Penman's.    Stanfield;     regular    $1.25,   QC   ���!,
$1.50 and $2.00 quality, going at, a   *J*J   CIS.
Regular .'!5c values  '
15 cts.
All Wool Sox
Heavy    till Wool Working    Sox,
regular o5c; going at	
20 cts.
The Celebrated Carhartt    i'nion
Made Overalls;   regular $1.50;   go-
lngat ;;; ;- 95 cts.
Strong  Union Overalls,    regular
$1; going at  	
,   45 cts.
Men's Working Shirts
One lot at regular 75c values, go-    A{_   <��#�����
ing at        *��   CIS.
One   hundred   dozen   Men's   Collars; all styles;  15c and 20c collar, C   i**\**\
Ladies Handkerchiefs
One line of La.lies' Embroidered
Handkerchiefs; regular 25c; going at	
The newest spring 1911 styles in
all colors, ranging from $36 to $lo.  Cl Q CH
going at     *plZ7.*J*J
Ladies' Skirts
One hundred and twenty-flve of
the very hest Panama ladles' cloth,
Regular $7.50;  going at   	
One line of Venetian, Panama
Uadies' Cloth Voile Skirts in assumed colors, ranging from $4.60 to
$7;  going at  	
Black Silk Waists
One hundred and twenty-flve of
the newest spring styles made up
of the very best of Rogers and
Taffeta silks; ranging from $5 to
$11.50; going at 	
Ladies' Waists
One hundred dozen Ladies'
Waists, Nets. Silks, Paisley and all
other latest styles; regular price
$7, $S and $9, for  	
Made up in Panama. I.ust re,
Cashmeres and Silkolincs, ranging
from $1.75 to $3; going at   	
Ladies' Wrappers
One hundred dozen only, regular
$1.75 and $2. in assorted colors and
textures,  all  sizes   	
One piece Peasant Sleeves; regular $i>; now 	
10 cts.
Ladies' House Dresses
Ladies' 2-piece Wash Suits
one hundred   Ladies'   two-piece
Wash Suits, in all the latest styles,
at   lower juices    than    have;    ever        _,_\  Til
been  heard of,  from,  up           ***y*\******0\J
Boots and Shoes
Men's Hox Calf Shoes, 40 pairs
only of fine high Men's Blucher
Cut; regular $:'��� to $4.50 values; going at   	
Men's Slippers
One hundred nnd seventy-, v
piiirs Men's Pullman Elastic Side
Slippers, hand turned soles, made
In French kid, selling all over al
$3.50;   going  at   	
Ladies' Shoes
American Oxfords, in spring,
Cuban and military style heels.
Made up ln patent leather, French
ki I and Suede leathers. The very
latest new work styles. Selling
everywhere for $1 and $5; going al
One hundred and forty pairs of
Ladles' Up-tO-Date Shoes, made Up
in the finest quality box calf and
vici kid Blucher Cut; regular $4.60
to $5; going at  	
Men's Shoes
Two hundred and fifty Men's
American patent and velour makes,
regular $6; going at  	
Fifty dozen Men's Gaiters; regular  25c;   now   	
10 cts.
Sewing Cotton
Twenty-, ve gross Coates'Thread,   *l (\ /��fc
three spools for       AV/
Back and Side Combs
A  lot of Ladies'  Hack and Side
Combs; regular 25c; going at,   per    1 Q q[��,
mond's Store
675 Columbia street, New Westminster
Watch our
Windows for
Remember only a short time for bargaining of this
monster stock-Must vacate the premises
Watch our
Windows for
6 *Z��T X'WatVm^^*0*1'���^*'^'1^^^
iii FR,DAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1911.
Westminster  Land   District.  Dis
notice   that    an   application
has been made to register Kmma Mc
fi notice that Kdwatd Hawkins, 1-:"ien-   William   Chalmers
and  .lohn   Edward
trist of New Westminster.
Transfer Co.
ncouver   occupation bookkeeper,  ami   ''ohn   I'-dward     Valillee,    aa   tl.e
ol ���      ,,, .pply   for   permission   to ^ws in fee simple, under a tax sale
LJm    tl.e "following    described �����* fn"n    C.    C.Fisher   to   John      ,
MacLaren, hearing date the 1st dav of     J
���        - ePcing al  a post  planted on  ***** A   "��� 1902, of all and singular
-   on the east   side   of   the  llla'   certain  panel  or trad   of land  ��� .
, ���, channel and joining T. L. M " "-
,    on the noith side and mark-
���'   ,  lward   Hawkins;   S.  W.  corner.    "
60 chains to line ,*t limit   ; ".
. I>ing and being
he District ot New Westminster,
be Province of Hritish Columbia,
...      ,  '��� Particularly  known and descrlb-
,-r;  thence N. HO chains a'.oti^  "'' :is N'uthwest quarter of SecUon 11,
e'ach, thence south and west   rownsbip 7.
,, beach to place   of   commence-      '(ni ail(J ,hose claiming through or
,nd containing 80 acrea more or "nder >��" a,1,i  ;i'l persons claiming
any interest in the said land by  virtue of any   unregistered   Instrument,
iand all  persons claiming any interest
in  the said land  by   descent,  whose
! title is not registered  under the pro-
, visions of the  "Land  Registry  Act,"
; are required to contest the claim   >i
the   tax    purchaser   within   forty-five
days from tlie date of the first publication of this notice upon you, and in
default of a caveat or certificate of lis
pendens being filed within such period, or in default of redemption before
Could Not Bunco mmls wo��
This Man    AB0UT A[IEN PR0BlfM
.���,���.��� ���_.��,      Has No Use For Peddlers Selling Somell���K wai Have to be
Light and Heavy Hauling      Worthless Medicines Done to Control the For-
Ltfflce 'Phone H5.      Barn  'Pion
Columbia Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly
any part of Om city.
,1AM ES A LEWIS, Agent.
:-,   28.  1910.
Westminster Land District
trist of New Westminster.
.   notice  that  Cecil   Klllani,
,. "       ,.,-   h   C. occupation barristei ,  >	
:        intends to apply  for permis-i ^gistratlon, you and each of you will
*toVpurchase  the   following   de-!'e   tor<"fr   estopped   and   debarred
'   ,  . ���from setting up any claim to or in re-
f     ' ' :;!'ing  at  a  post  planted  on 8pe,Ct  "f  "ie  S;,ki   land' and   '  Bha��
-lout ll miles northeast i^'fer   =�������    McLaren,   William
\0TPoint. Jervia Inlet, and ��^m��rf<���MacLaren *"*   ',ohn   Bd-
....... .   ,-..���   ward \alilleo as owner thereof In fee.
order  that   publication
vs   In   a
"C.   Killam's  Northwest  Corner" thence  east   20  chains,  thence
"(h   20   chains,    thence    west    *
-   more or less, to beach, thence
'        lDg  beach to place of com-
,;,.  , menl   and   containing  40  acres
.,   , or less.
J. A. LEWIS, Agent.
. v-i November 2iL, l'.'lO.
And   I   hereby    ,    ,  ..
of  this  notice  for  thirty  days
,  . , , ..   daily   newspai er   published    in    New
place of com-  Westminster, will he good and sufficient service thereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
N'ew Westminster, Province of Britisli
Columhla,. this Oth dav of .lanuarv
A. D, 1911.
District  Registrar.
To Albert  It. Walworth.
Westminster Land  District
trist of New Westminster.
.   notice  that  Clint  E.  Dicker-
r .    : Vancouver. B. C, occupation
: m, Intends to apply for per-
, ���-, purchase the following de
BCi   ed lands;
,,���ic - ���   lng   at   a  post   planted  on
" ?^iInpg8nBaNnNieG?raIdldor8,8ned. "* t'"'l0!se(l "Tiider" tor
'"',   ^, i . ��-     v ',        ironwork   for   thiee   260   yard   dump
ma   ���       i      '������   Dickcrm.ns    North-   _cowa f     Vancouver. B. C.." will be
, thence south 60 chain-,
I',    ,     est 80  chains, thence north
more  or  h ss  to    I each.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the un-
received al this office until I p. m.. on
Wednesday, February 22, 1911, for the
supply of ironwork for three 'Jiill cubic
I      .  .    terly along beach to place .a.��� (lm     scmvs f,���. Vancouver B. C.
, . . ement, and c ntalning 320
acres l    ��� or less
J. A. LEWIS. Ai;en'.
-. November 28, 1910.
tit/, Westminster  Land  District.  Dis-
trlst of New Westminster.
Take n tl :e that Leslie L. Dicker-
man, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation
lumberman, intends to apply for per-
:        :. to purchase the following de-
Notice is herein given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1909," lo obtain a license in the Westminster Division of
New Westminster District:
ia I The name of I ompany in full ���
The Glen Rose Canning Company Limited.
The head office-New Westminster,
It. C.
The capital, how divided, showing
amount paid up���$26,000 divided Into
(2500 of $10 each, of which 147,0 shares
are issued and paid Up.
ihi The name of the lake, stream
or Bource iif unnamed, the description
Isi��� Unnamed stn am on Lot 17,
Group 2, New Westminster district,
(lowing into Eraser river.
(c) The point of diversion���I* aboul
200 feel trom its mouth at the Eraser river on said Lol 17.
id i Th.e quantity of water applied
for iin cubic feet per second) ���One-
tenth of one cubic foot.
(e) The character of the proposed
works���Dam. pipe or flume and pump,
if I The premises on which tip-
water is to he used (describe same)- -
Cannery and buildings ou Lot 17.
Croup 2. known as the Industrial Can
igi The purposes for which the
wat�� r is to be used- Industrial and dames'ic plll'l OSOS.
ij) Area of Crown land intended to
he occupied by the proposed works���
��� ki This notice w-as posted on the
lath day of February, 1911, and application will be made to the Commissi.:.or on the 20th day of March, lfllli
��� li Give the names and addi es-, a
of anv lipaiim proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are H ely to be a -
tei'ei by the proposed works, either
aho.e or below the outlet���None
Attach copy of such parts of th?
Company's memorandum of asso ' ,
��� ion as authorize the proposed application and works.
Done to Control the Foreign Criminal.
JO AUD    OF    TRADE���NEW  \\ KS T-
minater Hoard of Trade meetB in tne
board   room,  City   Hall,  as  follows:
Third Thursday   of   each    month;
quarterly     meeting     on   the     intra
Thursday of February, May, August
and  Novoi .Tier, at ** p.m.      Annual
meetings on the third Thursday of
February.     \>w   members   may   be
propos( .1 _nd elected at any month
ly or    quarterly    matting.      C. M.
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
.1.   M.
Mew Westminster
.   Ibed 1 inds;
Ing at  a post  planted  on
n west side of Sechelt Inlet, ;unl at   the  northeast    corner  of
i  :7:7 and marked "L
erman,'   Northwest    Corner,
ins, thence east .0 chains,
thence iuth 50 chains, thence east
00 chains more or less to the beach,
thei ��� : th and west along beach to
commencement and containing :i-0
acres more or less.
J.  A.  LEWIS, Agent.
fiate November 29, 1910,
I'lans and form of contract can be
seen and tonus of tender otbained at
the offices of ll. a. Bayfield, Esq., Superintendent of  Dredges,  New  West
' minster,   lt.   ('.;   William    Henderson.
| Es'i..   Resident    Architect,    Victoria.
' li. (.'., and on application to the Post-
j master at Vancouver, ll. C.
Persons tendering  are  notified  that
.lenders will not  be considered unless
��� made on the forms supplied, and signed with actual signatures, slating thilr j river and lake in the Province of Hrit-
OCCUpationS and places of residence. In ish Columbia, for the use of their bu-1
the ease of tirms, the actual signature,   ne8B,  and   for  thai   purpose   to   erect,
I the nature ot the occupation and place   build, lay and maintain   dam
Crookstaiks, Ont.
National Dntp Co. of Canada,
Please read the following carefully,
"I was pestered last week with a travelling agent who said he had heard
that 1 was troubled with Rheumatism.
I told bim I had been and he wanted to
sell me some other medicine. 1 answered
that I vas taking GIN TILLS, the
only medicine that did me anv  good.
I told him that I had tried various
other medicines but none had done me
any good but GIN Pll.f.S and that I
always kept a box in the house. GIN
PILLS have done me more good than
any other medicine I have ever taken.
Vou are at full hltertv to use this letter
for the benefit of all concerned."
Joseph Stkvp.n-son.
Don't lie imposed upon. Don't accept
substitutes, lf vour dealer won't supply
you with GIN TILLS, at the regular
retail price of 50c. a box, 6 for ��2.50,
send direct to us. Sample box free if vou
mention this paper, and money promptly
refunded if GIN TILLS do not give
relief. National Drug and Chemical
Co.    Dept.  B. C.    Toronto. 68
Manga-Tone Blood and Nerve Tablets
are the tn-st all round tonic for pale, thin
bloodless i-cople, especially valuable for
correcting female troubles.   Thev purify
and enrich the blood, and help to build
up the whole- system, 5.K. a Lux at all
London, Feb.  16.���Very soon parliament will discuss the alien   problem,
I which, though not so pressing in England as ii is in America, is sufficients
grave to arouse misgivings among pub-
��� lie men.
The proportion of criminals to peaceable citizens among the alien population  is hard  to ascertain.      "All indi-'
geni   aliens  aro criminals"  might   be'
said to put  the viewpoint  of the man
Iln   the  cars   when   the   country    was
j thrilling with indignation ai the alien
shooting outrages in Houndsditch and
1 Stepney. Wiser counsels now prevail,
a more sober state of mind due lo
some extent to the protests of leading
; foreign .lews in London's east end, who
gave, and rightly, excellent testimonials to the main body of their poor co
London's foreign population has
grown from 41,000 in 1904 to an estimated total of 160,000 at the present
day. in 1908 the proportionate number of foreigners was: Russians. 88,-
117; Germans, -T.-tu?; Poles, 15,420;
French. 11,264; Italians, Ions''. Austrians, y.'.i2tt; Americans, 5661; Swiss.
4419; Dutch. 412'.'. Swedes and Norwegians, 27-LI; otber nationalities,
Britain Their Retreat.
The facl thai Britain from time Immemorial has been tbe retreat of all!
sorts and conditions Of refugees, especially Russians, necessarily means
thai tho country has harbored a considerable number of undesirable peo
I pie, for the immigration laws on this
side arc mosl mild in comparison With
the laws that obtain In American pons.
Practically any foreign criminal, oven
when he has heen deported, can obtain
readmission Into England, for the sim
pie reason that all her ports are not
watched by immigration officers.
Latest statistics to hand for the metropolis show a preponderance ol Ger-
I. 0. 0. F. AMITY LODGE, NO. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth Streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend George Adams. N.G.; w.
C. Coatham. P.O., recording secretary: .1. \V. MacDonald, financial
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barristerat-
law. solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. T. O. Hox 112. Tele-
phono 710.
ston. barristers and solicitors,
Westminster Trust Block, Columbia
street, New Westminster. W. .1
Whiteside, II. L Edmonds. Adam S
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors,
Westminster ofllces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building. 41 Granville street. .. r. Wade. K. C;
A. Whealler, W. Q, McQuarrie. Q. E.
Accountant.      Tel.    U 128.    Room,
Trapp block.
Miss M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone I17>. Rear ot Major and
Savage's ollice. Columbia St.
The   Glen
1 Signature)
(P. O. Address)
Copy of part of Company's meraoran
dum of association:
ig)    To   record,   divert,   take   and
away,  water  from  any    stream.
LAW, 1911.
' ��� ' 466, group 1, in tho District
ol New Westminster;
Whereas proof of the loss of certlfl-
ite title No. 6870P, issued in the
name ol Lee Soon, Lee Yick Quon,
haa been tiled in this office.
Notice is hereby given tbat I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
thi date of the first publication here-
'' In a daily newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certltlcate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Title3.
Land Registry Office, New Westmln-
*-'���'��� -'������ C��� .lanuarv 17, 1911.
I of   residence  of   each  member  of   the
tirm must be given.
Each  tender  must   be   accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
L. Dlck-jjjanfe, payable to the order of the Hon-
''" " '" orahle Minister of Public Works, equal
to ten per cent of the amount of the
tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into
a contract when called upon to do so,
or fall to complete the work contracted for. lf the tender he not accepted
the cheque will be returned.
The Department does nol bind Itself
accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order.
Department   of Public   Works,   Ot-
itawa, February 8, 1911.
Newspapers will not bo paid for this
advertisement ir they insert tt without
authority from the Department.
. aqllo-
dueis. Hume., or other conduit pipes
and to sell or otherwise dispose of
the ��� ame
Road    Superintendent.
Applications addressed to the undersigned will ho received up to 5 p- m.
on Monday, February lib, 1911. for the
position of Road Superintendent, at a
salary of $150 per month. Applicant
to provide a suitable horse and rig.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C, February 9,1911,	
1 '        k 8, subdivision   of   northwest
Quarter of Section It!, Townahlp 1-.
��� 13, in    the    District    of New
eas proof of the   loss   of cer-:"' I'-"' P�� ��<>����
���  of title number 12264F, Issued'
Applications addressed to the under
signed will be received up to 5 p. m.
on Monday, February 20. 1911, tor the
position of  Draughtsman, at a salary
ll   ���
;"    ' led in this office.
Is hereby given that I shall,
'   'ihation of one month from
���    ' the first publication hereof,
newspaper published In the
New Westminster,   issue    a
of ihe said certificate, unless
���   meantime  valid objection    be
���:|!e to me in writing.
name of Hector Ferguson, has
Municipal Hall, Edmonds. B. C, February D, 1911.
Board of Works Clerk.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned np to 6 p. m. on Monday,
February 20, 1911, ior lhe position of
Hoard of Works clerk? at a salary of
$011 per month. Applicant must be a
competent   typist   ami   stenographer,
Tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received up to Monday, February 20. 1911, at 6 p. 111.. for the sup
ply of printing and stationery and engineer's supplies itools, stumping powder, nails, etc.), also for hay and oats
Specifications   and further   particulars to be obtained at Municipal hall.
The Municipality reserves the right
to  accept  any  | oition  of any   tender j
and refuse the balance.
The lowest or any tender not neces- ,
sarilv accepted.
Municipal hall, Edmonds, H. C. Feb-
ruary 14, mil.
A bylaw for the regulation of pool-
rooms and bowling alleys In the city
of New Westminster.
The municipal council ol the corporation of the City of New Westminster
enacts as follows:
1. All bowling alleys and all poolrooms   wherein   aie   billiard    or    pool
; tallies for hire or profit   in  the City of
New Westminster, shall be closed ou
! Sundays and on other da\s from mid-
! nlghl until eight is 1 o'clock in the
! morning.
2, Howling alleys and poolrooms
shall be subject to the supervision of
the chief of police tor the City of New
Westminster: and the chief of police
and constables of the city  shall  have
��� access to Hie same al  all times.
.'i.    No gambling or betting shall be
permitted In any bowling alley or pool-
I room,  and  printed  notices  to this ef-
I feet shall be displayed on the walls In
bowling alleys or poolrooms.
I. Youths under tho age of eighteen
years shall not be allowed Into any
bowling alley or poolroom In the City
of New Westiniiister.
E. Any violation or breach of nny
of the provisions of this bylaw shall
subject the licensee of such bowling
alley or poolroom upon conviction to
Game. Vegetables, etc, Dean Hlock,
nest to Hank ot Montreal.
Re lot 111, block 16, Murray's Addition, town of Tort Moody:
Whereas proof of the loss of certltlcate of title No. 5620A, issued in the
name of Sara Anne Maclure, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given thai I shall,
at tl.e expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster. Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
C.  S.  Keith
District   Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Office, New Westminster. B, ('.. February  13, 1911.
man criminal aliens, there having been
271 convictions of people who have es-1 FREEMAN     BUNTING,     ROOM
caped   from   the   kaiser's    rule,   forty  ;     Curtis Hlock.   P. O. BOX 684.
four    more    convictions    than    among   , <���
Russians and Poles, and llTi more than
the floating population ol   Americans
in   London.    Out   of  a   population   ofl
160,000 aliens, only SI7s of them were
recommended for deportation during
the last period for which figures are
Home  Secretary   Winston  Churchill
will be al the head of the parliamen
tary  debate  ranging aiound the  piesent  Aliens act, recognize I on all sides
as a detective  Instrument   for the object  it  has in view.    Tbe government,
however, desires to do nothing to hinder  Hi itain  from  remaining  the   asylum of refugees who have fled from
political   Iryratiny,   but   only   lo    safeguard  the nation  from desperate foreign criminals who would plunder her
people,  or  from   diseased    inefficients
who threaten alike the health of Eim
lish citizens and their pockets.
Races   Congress   in   July.
Calming effect upon racial animosities  may   be expected   from   the    universal Races congress, which meets in
July nt the University of London, with
Lord Weardale in tbe chair.   Tbe Jews
at 1.   Inking a  special   interest   in   this
cou. 1 "88.    Israel  Zangwlll  will speak
on Jews among; the nations, and Dr.
L. L. Zainonhof, the author of Esperanto, wlll   discourse   on   International
language;   while  Edwin D.   Meade, of
Hoston, director   of the   International
School of Peace, will pay vocal atten-
Gardiner & Gardiner
IF. Q, Gardiner)
Uoom fi.  Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone  661 Residence   Phone   133
Jackson Printing  Co'y
a  fine not exceeding the sum of $100
together with costs and In default of  tlon to the organization of a world as
payment to Imprisonment not exceed- sociation for encouraging
lng three months.
fi. This bylaw may be cited as
"Howling allays and Toolroom Regulation Hylaw, 1911." presidents of parliaments, most of the
Done and passed In open council the members of the present court of arid
fith day of February, A. D., 1911. tratlon. twelve Hritish colonial bishops
Reconsidered and finally passed the and eight British premiers
13th day of February, A. I)., 1911
good will. The supporters of the Universal Teace Congress will represent
fifty countries, and will include twenty
JOHN   A.   LEE,
W. A
District Registrar of Titles, i vvlth' knowledge of figures
Registry Office,
C. T. SAUNDER8, C. M. C.
���   Westminster,  B.  C, January j    Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C, Feb-
i911- J ruary !��, 19U. ,.
!ot�� 14, IB, lfi and 17 of lota 7, 30
���ind 40. suburban hlock fi, map filO,
In the City of New Westminster.
l'"reas proof of the loss of certlfi-
Wiring    Inspector.
Applications  addressed   to  the   undersigned will I e received up to r, p.m.
on Monday. February 20, 1911, for  the
The re-
lereas proof of the loss of certlfl- poa|ti0n of Wiring Inspector.
7 r,f title number 10611F, issued in  ra,ineratlon to be the charges for In-
I   '       -r,..  ,.?   r�� ,, , 1.   1 ���...mm . ..   -...   i_   i,..i.w
       ...,.,.,,^,        1V.HU,      ��0O,*C��      -
n;ime of James Rosebrough LaWT
nas been tiled In this office.
"���'������ is hereby given that l shall.
expiration of one month from
' f the first publication hereof,
laily newspaper puhlished In tho
I    Ww  Westminster,    Issue     1
of the said certificate, nnlees
" the meantime valid    objection    be
- .o me in writing.
spection as set out in bylaw.
Municipal Hall. Edmonds. B. C, February 9, 1911. __^_______���  .
Application addressed to the undersigned wlll be received up to 5 p. m. on
Mondav.  February  20,   1911.  for   the
Tbe right to cut timher under
license on . erth No. 681, comprising
the following lands in the Province of
British Columbia, will, he offered at
���oihll"   Miction   at   ibe   ui set   erlcf.  nf
$100.00, at 2 o'clock p.m., on Wednesday, the 29th day of Marcli next, at
the office of the Dominion Timber
Agent, at   New  Westminster:
Timber Iterth N'o. 581, s:tua*e In
the Province of Hritish Columbia, in
Township 5, Range 27, west of the
Sixth Meridian, and comprising that
portion of the northeast quarter of
Section 14, not covered by Herths 423
and 471, and containing an area of 80
acres, more or less.
A license will not be Issued untll
the full amount of tbe purchase price,
and the ground rental for the first
year, have been paid.
The conditions of payment, rate of
rental, etc.. are contained In the
Timber Begulatlons, a copy of which
mav be secured on application to the
undersigned, or to the Crown Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, December a.3rd. 1910.
Notice   re Bylaw.
Notice is hereby given Ihat the
"Building Hylaw 1910," and tbe.
"Streets and Sidewalks Hylaw 1910,"
are now In force, and copies of same
may be obtained by parties requiring
thera at the City Clerk's office.
In Future any I erson Intending to
erect a building or to make alterations in buildings must first make application for 0 permit at the office of
the  Hiiildlng Inspector, City Hall.
City  Clerk.
City Hall, February lfi, 1911.
Notice re Sidewalks.
In all cases where new streets are
being opened or where wooden   sidewalks are being laid, property owners  ,,n to grapple with the problem of for
nre notified that, these Improvements elgners In relation to the nation,
are only a temporary nature, and tho | ��� ��� ���	
Another effort bearing on the alien j
question wlll characterize the proceedings of tbe imperial conference in London next summer, when It is said Sir
WIRrid Laurier Intends to reopen the
problem offered by a Hritish Imperial
naturalization law. Its object Is to
grant foreigners who may emigrate to
some parts of the Hritish empire the
right to become British citizens there,
and then enjoy the right of citizenship
in whatever part of King George's dominions to wliich thpy may migrate.
Canada already possesses an aliens'
naturalization law. which requires
three years' residence from foreigners
though the application for papers of
naturalization may be refuse 1. On this
side, five years' residence in the country, and testimony as to good character Is required before a foreigner car.
become a citizen.
Even though nothing comes of the
effort to co-ordinate the regulations as
to naturalization in the Hritish empire, the fact that the subject Is to be
debated by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, combined with the an.xiety In the house of
commons over the whole question of
alien residence, shows that King
(Jeorge's subjects intend once and for
We Have It I
The famous Wellington
���I   RING UP 56  ���
Before your bin is Empty.
Westminster Coal Co'y
W. N. CLARKE, Mgr.
Office. Corner Columbia and Sixth Sts.
Green Cut Rone to Make
Ytfur Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth St. and  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE  370.
t     S    Kr ITH www/,    - *-*-- r        *      .     -     . ,
.    , District Registrar of Titles. **>**����� o( Accountant, at a salary of
Land Res. strv Offlcp J150 Per month.
Municlnal Hall, Edmonds, B. C, Feb-
gradel of such streets nnd sidewalks
may be altered at a later date when
permanent work Is done.
C'ty Clerk.
City Hall, February 8, 1911.
Keep Their Vigil.
Long Beach, Cal.. Feb. 16.���Ou tho
London. Ont., Feb. HL���Rev. W. T.
Hill, rector of the church of St. John
the Evangelist, for over twenty years,
has declined to resign at the request
of the members of the congregation.
A year ago Rev. C. E. Jenkins,   a
Westminster P.'vato Hospital.
223 Townsend Ct. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone "55.
-~r>.'.... j     UIU(X,
'" Westminster, B.C., February 3
*���*' Ll.
ruary 9, 1911.
��� IN ���
rock at Point Firman, from which two professor at Huron college, was ap-
of their school mates were washed by pointed to take charge of a newly es-
a huge wave Monday, a detail of bovs tablished mission in connection with ���
from the Long Beach High school will the church, growing popularity is'
keep watch until the body of Robert said to have displeased the rector, who
Long, one of the victims, is found, dismissed him, and the congregation Is
Permission to maintain the watcti was displeased as a consequence. The
granted bv the faculty today. Bishop of Huron declines to interfere.
d. Mcelroy
Phone R672.
623 Hamilton St., er
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney 8we��ptnq, Eavetrough
Cleanlnq, Sev*#r r.nnecting. Cess
pools, Septic Tank* Etc. Etc    .
��� t      PAGE EIGHT.
When contractors"
consider   quality,
service and price,
they   place   their
orders with
City News
Take out an accident policy
in the Railway Passengers
Assurance Co., Ltd., before
the accident.
Think this over now.
Don't delay !
A. W. McLeod
Mrs. William Allison will not receive  today.
Shingles, shingles, shingles, any
kind you want at the Walsh Sash and
Door Factory. **
The old B, C. E. Ft, tram station at
Kdmonds is being torn down and the
company has started using the new
one on the north side of the track.
Six chairs in operation at the Hub
shaving parlors.   No waiting. **���
The co-eds will be the guests of the
Columbian college male students at
the annual reception in the Science
hall this evening.
Did you see our three-horse load of
wood for $8.00.   Phone 41 :t. ���*
A sale like this at Richmonds' store j
very seldom occurs.   Uon't fail to see
some of the bargains. **
"The Jinn of the Hour" Is the attraction at the opera house tonight.
It is a strong play and comes here
with an enviable reputation.
Great bargains at Gifford's auction
sale. **
Wood! wood! wood! Wood to burn
at tbe Walsh Sash & Door Factory.
Phone   413. **
The Ladies' Aid of St. Mary's hospital is responsible for a concert to be
given in St. Patrick's hall this evening.
The Benevolent society held its
regular meeting yesterday. There
were no new cases brought to the attention of the meeting.
A woman was brought up from Lad- j
ner yesterday  and committed  to tb'3
provincial hospital for the insane. j
Tlie regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital will be held in the
board of trade room on Monday aftei-
noon at three o'clock.
Don't forget to attend the auction
sale at T. Gifford's jewelry store, dally
at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. **
The special meeting of tlie city
council to consider Auditor Cotsworth's long delayed report has been
postponed from this evening until
Tuesday of next week.
It will pay you to visit the big sale
at Richmonds; they must vacate in a
few days. **
A meel ing of the B. C. Golf club
will be held in lhe board of trade
room at eight o'clock this evening.
Ice cream on hand. Ira A. Reid, next j
tram office.   Phone 310. **
The case of William Gracey, charged
with robbery at Mission, will be heard
before Judge Howay on March 21.
No reserve
on    Gifford's
Construction work on two buildings
to be used as stores by a North Yancouver man was commenced at Kdmonds yesterday.
Davies Green Houses is the place to
I get bouquets, floral designs, and all
I kinds of cut flowers.    Phone R 208 ������
The amateur presentation of "Rip
Van Winkle" which was scheduled for
Wednesday at the opera house, has
been postponed until Monday and
Tuesday of the following week. The
change was rendered necessary because some of the principals in the
cast have important engagements on
the date originally fixed.
We are in the market for logs for
making shingles. Walsh Sash and
Door factory.   Phone 413. **
The Public
Supply Stores
For Hot Water
Electropodis for
Cold Feet
Curtis' Drug Store
New    Westminster,    B    C.
Phone 43;  L. D. 71:  Res. 72.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:   Princess St.
Fresh Arrivals
Salome Chocolates
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
Mrs.     ]'.    Feeney    returned    from1
Seattle  on  Wednesday,    accompanied j
by  her  sister,  Mrs.  llarrigan. of  Los
Angeles.    The sisters  weie called  to
Seattle owing to the fatal illness of
their father.
Shingles,    shingles,    shingles,    any j
kind you want at the Walsh Sash and
Door Factory. **
Harry Robinson, the most recent ad
dition 10 the city police force, developed muscles qualifying him for the job
years ago by playing on the home division of the Shamrocks lacrosse team
of  Montreal.
Diamonds and high grade watches
al your own price at Gifford's auction. **
In the immediate future many important alterations are to lie made in
the public library. The office, which
Is wrong in design, it is proposed to
alter so as to bring it more up to
date, whilst the books will be thoroughly overhauled tind many additions
made to the catalogue.
The best kiln-dried wood, a three-
horse load delivered at your shed one
hour after you order it. A three-horse
load for only $3.00.   Phone 413.    ������
The funeral of Harold Mavlus, who
died suddenly on Tuesday morning,
tcok place yesterday afternoon, interment being iu the Church of Kngland
cemetery. Rev. Canon d'Easum officiated. Many friends of the deceased
sent floral tokens of sympathy to be
placed on the casket.
Gifford's auction in full swing.    **
There was a rumor circulated in the
city yesterday to the effect that a
Chinaman had been found frozen to
death near Katz Landing, not far from
Mission, on the Kraser river, lt is
understood that Constable Gammon,
of  Mission, has the case in hand.
Why burn up money by burning
ccal, when you can get a big three
horse load of dry wood delivered at
your hoiiBe one hour after you order It,
for $3.00. Walsh Sash & Door company. **     I
Mrs. Kate    Thompson, a widow   of;
01    years    of age. died yesterday    at I
the residence of ber son, K. .1. O'Dono-1
on. 5S Cobourg street, heart failure
���leing the immediate cause of her de
���nise.    The funeral will take place at
half past one o'clock tomorrow   afternoon from W. B, Kales' mortuary chapel to the Church of England cemetery.
Don't forget that the big sale at
Richmonds Is now in full swing.   **
According to the officials    at    the1
Carnegie Library, the demand for me-
���lumbal works easily  leads the Other
classes   of   publications.     Alderman]
Lynch, chairman of the library   com
mittee, Is responsible for   the   state
menl thai  with regard to fiction, the'
library is two years behin 1 the lime_
and  the sooner a change  takes place
the better it will be for everyone concerned.   A large parcel of books from
a private collection is now on Its wav
from  the east, and after    these    havo
been overhauled tbe committee    will
get down to work and thoroughly re-j
plenish the stock. '
Lake of the
Royal Household
Royal Standard
Phone 92
Whitewear Sale
Handicapped through lack of counter space and window displays, we have been unable to give rmici
prominence to the new showing of Whitewear.    Today we announce sale price,   attractively  low,    y,
will find the various lines opened out in the Ready-to-Wear Section.
White Cambric Nightgowns
$1*25 and $1.75
Women's Night Gowns, Blip over style with band of embroidery and
wash ribbon run through beading, short sleeves with embroidery edging, all sizes.   Two special lines.    Kach  $1-25 and $1.75
White Cambric Underskirts
$1.25 and $1,75 each
Again we group various lines making two extraordinary offerings fo:
Friday and Saturday selling. Skirts are full with deep flounces of embroidery and tucking, also dust ruffle underneath. Specially priced
Friday and Saturday.    Kach $1-25 and $1.75
Attractive values in corset covers
Fine Cambric Corset Covers, SOc. each
Fine soft Cambric, nicely trimmed with embroidery and matched Insertion in wbicli is set ribbon drawstring. All sizes. Several nice styles
grouped into one special lot.    Friday and Saturday, each    $0z
Allover embroidery corset covers
75c. and 95c. each
At these prices are some of the most attractive corset covers shown
this spring. The illustration Indicates the style, made of allover embroidery, fastening under arm, suitable for wearing under tine muslin
waists.   Two special values for Friday and Saturday. Eaon 75c and 95c
"Shirr Ruffle
Corset Covers
each, $1.50
A   corset    cover   made   i,,   jj,
the figure, with Inside frills
into which Is run a draw.
string to be removed when
cover is laundered, perman-
ently retains its shape; can
be worn Instead of ordinan
corset cover. Suitable for
slight    figures.     Sizes   :;i   M
36, Special price, each $1.50
White Cambric
Drawers, 35c.
per pair
Open (ir closed drawen  wi\
tucked edging, pel  | air     35c
Embroidery Remnants
Hundreds of ends of Swiss, Cambric. Nainsook, and Muslin embroider
ies and insertions in lengths, ranging from one to six yards. See thi
showing Friday and Saturday.
Fine Cambric
Drawers, two special
lines,   75c.   and 95c.
per pair
Fine cambric drawers, with
tine Swiss and  Nam- 11 k cm
broidery     trimmings,     pi
I air 75c and 95c
Wide, Umbrella
Shaped Drawers,
$1.25 and $2.25
per pair
Made   with   flounce  Of    call'.
brie, edge with embroider
No fullness round bips,   Tw -
lines,  pair  $1.25  and $2.2'.
The Store for Women's Wear
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  f6,200,000
Reserve          0.900,000
The Lank has 175 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific; in Cuba,
throughout the Island, also in
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Cities in the World.
These   excellent    connections
afford  every  banking  facility.
New  Westminster  Branch,
' ~~~r~" .     NEW  WESTMINSTER  BRANCH.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver:    5, 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, T:20,8
and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver  at  6,  7,  S  and every   WI
hour until 11 p. m.
Express cars  leave  New  Westminster for Vancouuver at 7:20 a  ra., U -
a. m , and 3:2 0 p. m.
20-mlnute service from 5:40 a. m. until   11:20   p.   m.
service  from  8  a.  m.   until   11:20  p.m.
20-mlnt:te sendee from 6:10 a. m. untll  11:33  p. m.
service fiom  8:10 a. m. tin ttl   11:30 p. m.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 7K and every hour tn ���
4fter up to 11 p. m., connecting at Eburne .Tnnctlon for Steveston.
Unusual circumstances enable us to offer five five acre I locks at a
price below the market value. These blocks are located in the most
fertile belt of bench land in Surrey. They arc close to the Chilliwack tramline, and will make first-class fruit and poultry ranches.
Clearing light, soil rich and de-p.
Price, $125.00 per acre
Adjoining blocks $150 per acre. Terms,  one-quarter cash;   balance   in
three payments.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 8 a. m. and   every
hour thereafter up to 11  p. m.
To Abbotsford only���Leave New Westminster 4: 15 p. m.
To Chilliwack���leave New Westminster 9 a.m. and 0:05 p.m.
f.J.Hart & Co. Ltd.
Vancouver     -     Victoria     -    Chilliwack   -    Aldergrove *
Are You Aware
that electric power is available from our mains, which now ext^oM
in addition lo branch mains���fiom the west end   of the   city       w
Fronl Btroet, thence along part of Columbia street, then via H"1
Btrett to the Hrtinettc river '!
Our power rates are low, and make possible    the adopt hm   ��
safe, convenient, advantageous, and economical electric drive.
,     ttho ctt'tt-
Appllcatlons   for  electric   power service may be niaiie ain        ^
pany's local office, or a postal mailed to the head office, \ am
will also receive prompt attention.
B. C, Electric Railway Co'y, Ltd-


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