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The Daily News Mar 4, 1911

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 Port Mann
Standard   Make $5  Per  Month.
f-.'ioting Is Over.
Sprin. hill. N. S.. .'.larch '.',.���
Following the riois of yesterdaj comparative rjulet prevailed at the mines today. .Manager
Sharpe has been arrested for
im iiing to riot. The strike of
the miners is now eighteen
months old.
\[I(T b]   -.'ling seven years laboring
���ji-'u nn       ary In Asia Minor, Rev. H.
l\l   [rwin,  a   former  pastor   of   Knov
biuret), Sapperton, is   back    in   this
on   ,    hurt  visit, the guest of Mr.
���.,,1 \|: B   Kennedy, of Sapperton.
On Sunda) evening Mr. Irwin win oc-
II  pulpit  and  will  preach
,.', agaln to his old congregation.
��� ��� irnlng to Winnipeg, where
a  , pend must of his furlough,
fcir. Irwin will visit Vancouver, Vic-
|ion:i. Nai '; o :i,1(1 Prince Rupert, the
last named a city wbicb lias sprung
Icio existence and grown to good sized
iportions during  liis absence from
Left Here in 1903.
gee. by a News representative at
Mr Kennedy's home yesterday even-
lng, Mr Irwin discussed Interestingly
>he questions of paramount Import-
Lice in Turkey at the present time.
leaving here In 1908 after a year's
Worate al Knox church, he made
belong journey to Cesarea, the centre of Asia Minor, two hundred miles
(ortbeast ol Konl ithe city of Iconinm
3 the days of the Apostle Paul), mak-
ne his headquarters there with the
iii.er Prsabyterian missionaries.
Development  of Turkey.
For the first Bve years of Mr. Irwin's
(lay in the Ottomad empire, the pro-
all  branches of public life
���.. owing to the Sultan's policy
: suppression and inactivity, but with
Former Liberal   M.  P.  Plans to  Ma^e
Westminster   His   Home.
John   Crawford,    a  former    Liberal:
member in  the  Manitoba  legislature,
was a   visitor  in  tbe city  yesterday
and  whilst bere was the guest of ES. i
J,    Bougben    and    K.  B,  hnnis,    who'
escorted him   round.   The   Easterner
was surprised at  the size ol  this city
and expressed himself in terms) of the
highest   praise  for all    he  had    seen.
Before departing for Vancouver, which
he  will   visit   prior  to  the  lust   stage
of liis journey to tlie east, Mr. Craw-
lord   gave  It   out   that   when  he    had
seiiled up all his business in liis home!
town, he would make U'esiminste
headquarters  in  the
lt is
Notorious Train Robber Given Swift Justice  in Georgia
Associates ih Holdup Get Fifteen Year Terms ���Old
Desparado Will Probably Die a Convict.
_  ���
��� ��� ��� ��� ���
Chclera  in  Honolulu. ��
Honolulu.     Marcli     4.���Two ���
more    deaths    have    occurred ���
from cholera, bringing the total ���
since the epidemic  started  up ���
to   thirteen.      Fifteen    victims ���
were reported   to the   authori- ���
ties.   It is believe 1 tlie worst is ���
BOW over. ���
. W
ly prove
at large.
^^_er hU
far   distant
his intention to Invest in real
estate in this region as, being a farmer
of more than local standing in his part
of the Dominion, he feels that this
province is just the thing for him.
Mr. Crawford was an interested visitor at the city markets in the early
morning and interviewed many of the
farmers from the outlying district,
gathering facts and figures wliich may
come in bandy for future references.
Galnsvllle, Ga., March 4.���Qeorge
Anderson, alias Bill Miner, who was
arrested a few days ago in connection
with tlie holding up of an express car
on a Southern train at While Sulphur,
was yesterday given a prison sentence of twenty years.
Miner's two companions were given
sentences of lifteen vears for complicity in the robbery.
The sentencing of Miner means that
the notorious bandit will not be extradited to Canada, as would probably
have been the case had the Georgia
authorities been unable to secure a
Twenty years imprisonment is a
long sentence to any man, but in tho
case of Miner it  is equivalent    to    a	
life sentence, as the train robber is i If Miner cared to tell the true storv
now about sixty-five years of ago. I of his life, it would make mighty in-
With the record of crime that he has teresting reading.
behind him, it is Improbable that thei
convict   will   ever   be   granted   liberty |
either on parole or ticket of leave, as |
liis exploits of the past clear!
thai the man is unsafe to be
If he lives long enough, and the
Georgia penitentiary holds him until
that time .Miner will be free in 1931.
He will then be liable to extradition
for breaking away from the
tiary  in this city  in  1907.
Miner i.s apparently a man fond of
aliases. He was convicted here under
the name of George Edwards, now ne
is sentenced as George Anderson. He
has been known under many other
names in this province and in the
states. The name under which lie lias
aihieved world-wide notoriety. Mill
Miner, is as false as the others he the
has used.
T.   Ramsay,   of   St.  John,   N.   B.,
Comes to Make His Home Here.
William T. Ramsay, who arrived in
the city yesterday morning from St.
John, N. B., speaks in glowing terms
of Westminster as he lias found ii
from a first impression. Mr. Ramsay
comes to join the firm of Keid & Co.,
but yesterday put in his time assisting
in the completing of A. 8. Mill's new
premises on Columbia street, which
open tonight. As a window dresser
Mr. Ramsay has gained name and I
fame in the east and it is in that j
branch of the dry goods business that
he has come to this tart, and in Westminster he intends to make liis home, i
In  the  course  of  a  short  conversation with the Daily News. Mr. Ramsay I
said lie had often heard of
Victoria, March 4.���Ninety-six Indian chiefs and delegates from all
parts of the province assembled in the
capital yesterday and presented .i
memorial to the executive of the provincial government asking for the
proprietary rights of all unsurrendered lands.
The spokesman of the party said:
"We wish to hear whether you
claim this country of Hritish Columbia belongs to you, or whether you are
of opinion that it belongs to the Indians. If you, representing the white
people of this province, lay claim tet
it, we wish to inform you we hold contrary opinions, and we desire to go to
big court house in order to get
Work of Pioneers to Be Shown at the
National   Exhibition  at  Glasgow.
London.   .March   3.���How   intimately
pression anu inactivity, nm wnn   ��*e Scottish race has heen associated
the accessing to power of tbe Voung   ^ti\,!'lldle,ye,1���^f.ni^..Cana(.1,a Wl"
iirkB two years ago a great change    " "       	
as come over the country, and lm-
lence stride* are now being made to-
ition that will compai'11
favorably with that of the more ad-
lanced nations of Euro] e.
Five Great Things
^^^^^^^        ... _ .. this city, j some     _	
lacrosse team having been the the matter settled,
means whereby this place had become! Premier McBride, in his reply, in-
known in ihe far eastern point. i formed the Indians that he did uot be-
"I am surprised to see the facilities lieve they had any claim on tlie un-
you already have and also the wonder-1 surrendered lands of the province
fill city this is. 1 ~ *
the people in mv
am confident that if,
part cf the country I
American   Senate   Unlikely    to     Pass
Reciprocity Agreement Without
Being "Kept  In."
In answer to a question Mr. Irwin
summarized thi   progressive policy of
|lie Young T n ks as follows :
Constitutional government.
��� ���'*    ������ of I   ���   press.
freedom of I] eecb.
Security of life and pro; erty,
Fwlnm of tra vai,
A betti tional    system    was
Isa noted, h I ''is was really an lm-
I    ���   ��� - condltl ms, and not
Itrirtiy an Inno1 ation.
Praises the Missionaries.
"Much of the i redil for the reforms
low being worked out in Turkey must
ie given to the missionaries," remark-
rathe returned worker. "This is wen
��� ��� ed In the words of Tahlr Hey.
>ne of the leadei - of Uie Young Turk
who, when culled upon to speak
ii a public nice in.: over which one
I our missionaries presided Inst year.
I��ld bia hand on   the   white   man's
boulder as he remarl ed:
"Friends, II Is to these men thai we
|wethesucci  s which   has   attended
effor- ire a constitutional
fcrm of government,    They  brought
fbools to this  country;   in   self  do-'
.   I thi .  iuns and sects had
oMiott. ui ��� . ���,. Armenian, then the
���reek, then away behind, but forced to
' '���>'' last, the T'n!<.   And once we se-
.red educatit n we nn lerstood what
i" had been pining for. for centuries.
i'l we understo >d how to go about In
irder to Becure It, and we did it."
What "Freedom of Travel" Is.
DeBnlng   freedom   of   travel.   Mr.
Unexplained that under <llp 0,<1 re"
pe it was necessary  for travellers
�� procure pa iporta in order to be
*1�� to nunc  from  one  part   of  the
0!in'f>' to another, these being only
I'OCUrable al     considerable    expense
N with the ail   of corruption   and(
lril"'iy. long delays heing usually tho|
he i scessary permit was
('""    Now an application for!
' and the payment of a small
"������sail thai is necessary.   No class
Mtmction i   drawn and  the  utmost.
reedom prevails
be shown by the Canadian section of
the Scottish exhibition which opens at   	
Glasgow  in   May.      Speaking  to  your j 	
correspondent, the secretary of the ex-,
bibition said that nearlv everv phase Washington, March 4.���Prom the
of Scotch-Canadian history would be Wlll,e House yesterday afternoon���al-
represented m0B'  from the lips of the president
"The landing in Nova Scotia of the himself���came the announcement that
earliest Scotch emigrants from the Taft had abandoned all hope ot the
brig Hector, wiU recall the early strug- Benate Passing the Canadian reciprc-
.les Of the virile men who people tl.e ('><>' agreement at this session. The
new Scotland and whose energy has president is greatly disappointed at
been so much responsible for the pros-, the f:lil'"e- ���d is determined '"/all
perity  of .he province,"  be said. j ��� ���*�� session to provide time for a
"A life-size figure of William David-1 tail   discussion  ot   tlie  measure,
son, the first  lumberman in Canada,:
cutting   masts   for   the   British    navy,';     Ottawa.  March  4.���Interest   in
will  bring  to n ind the   days���now.   [I
hope,    to    be     repeated���when     New
Brunswick built some of the   wooden
walls' of old England.
"Their   military   prowess   will   bej
brought  home  by a representation   of j
in   Who   Drove   Drink   from   Border
Town Anxious to See Westminster  Banish  the  Bar.
knew that Westminster was such a go-
ahea 1 city and so near to Vancouver
many would <|iiiokly make this the'.r
home. 1 think I am safe in predicting
for Westminster a glorious future."
Tiie    Rev.    Clarence    B. Seeley
Blaine, delivered an address yesterday
Wing  Hong. Charged with  Perjury
Given His Liberty.
The Chinese quarter    was    largely
| represented  yesterday    afternoon    at
Magistrate    Pittendrigh's   court when
.'Wing   Hong,   who   was  charged    last
.lune with perjury, was, after a lengthy
Blaine, delivered an address yesterday ! "wait" tor the *pr08ecuUon7"ordered "re-
evening in the Olivet Baptist church leased frnn, c.ustodv. Judge W. Noon "Local Ootion and How lt Affected   ���,.,���  n���iD   u* n     . v,��� ,������M���,i r~r .w���
the storming of tlie Heights of Quebec
by the Praser Highlanders and tbe
great part these hardy pioneers played in developing the west will be portrayed in replica's of some of the actual scenes of the days of Lord Selkirk's colonists.
"The discovery of the Kraser river
by Simon Fraser will represent part of
Scotsmen's work in British Columbia,
and a collection of Scotch relics and
documents which is being gathered for
this exhibition will prove the outstanding part of the- Scotch have taken in
the making of Canada."
reciprocity agreement overshadowed
every thin:: else at the capital yesterday. The Conservative members
openly express the hope that tbe
American senate will shelve the measure, while the Liberals are disappointed at the almost certain prospect of
the measure not going through without  the neces. ity of an extra session.
on I'Local Option and How lt Affected
Blaine." The audience, although
meagre numerically, followed the remarks of the American, with the
closest attention. Mr. Seeley at
the beginning of his discourse asked
tl'e people to keep right on the tracit
of the authorities and demand legislation on the much vexed question of
the control of drink. Men might work
Bingle handed, but there would never
be anything stirring until the municipalities took up the matter and as a
community thrashed it out.
The speaker maintained that half u
dozen men, backed by a saloon, could
run any town and lie asked that the
Wis:minster   residents   become alive
man Bole. K.C, who appeared for the
Celestial, made out a strong case and
tbe court, after a careful und judicial
interval, signed the papers necessary
for the freedom of the queue wearer
Stxtv   seconds  after  an  officer  had
been   despatched   with   the  papers   to
the  pen.  counsel  for  the  prosecution I
arrived    breathless    from    Vancouver!
and  apologised   to  the court   for thel
delay.     Ways  and  means  whereby     a i
case could be brought against  the by
this  time  freed   man   were  argued  at
length, bul    nothing   of .a    definite
nat me was arrived at.
Baltimore, Md., March ".���The
diphtheria epidemic at Johns Hopkins
hospital is spreading rapidly. Today-
there weresixty-eight cases in the institution, consisting mostly o f doctors, nurses and students.
There are a number of patients also
suffering from the disease. The hospital is under quarantine, all the public wards being closed. The students who have contracted the disease have been ordered frcm their
boarding houses to the hospital.
There is now a general outbreak of
diphtheria in the north section of the
city   according  to  Dr.  Norton,   acting
superintendent of Johns Hopkins. The
north section is the most densely populated In Baltimore.    The general outbreak of diphtheria at  Johns Hopkins
has practically closed the Institution
both  to  parents and  visitors.
Redskin     Whose     Exploits     Alarmed
Duck Lake District, Died in Cells.
.Prince Albert. Sask. March '.*..���
Blackband, a notorious Indian, who
caused excitement in the Dud: Lake
district, some months ago, by breaking Jail, and was later captured after
being shot in the arm by Constable?
I iii ion, of the Mounted Police, is dead
at the Prince Albert Jail.
After  being  shot  by  the  policeman
Suffragettes Active.
Chicago, Marcil I',.���Ninety Chicago
women, prominent in cluh and social
life, announced their intention yestf*1'.
day of going to Spriiigli*1' next Tues
day to work for the equal suffragi
bill,.whicli will be introduced In both
houses of the legislature on that day.
They will travel on a special train.
Business    Men    Coming    to    Montreal
from  Islands to Induce C. P. R.
to Better Steamer Service.
I     Montreal. March I.���A party of rep
I to the facts   as    presented    to them
1 everv dav and endeavor to stamp tliis^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lawful  curse from the temptations    of)     New Vork,  March ,1.���This was tl
those who fall easily. '      j letter left by David Nichols, who cliedi	
The remarkable thing ahout the dry, at his home. No. 141 Wilson street.' nr"~Duc,{ "Lake, Blackhand was
state of liis city (Blaine) and for Williamsburg: brought to the Victoria hospital here
which be was given the credit, was I I want no flowers at my funeral. 1 wbeve ��� fook Mm weeks to recover
that drunkards and tipplers signed the want no obituary notice In the news- from hJs illitjry flaring which time ho
petition for the temperance patty. . lv- papers, nor do I want any OMOUtMOS wag p|mrijed nlglll and ,,av by police,
ins aa their version for the action that of my Immediate family and the raw I j ( ]w gh()Ilt(, m:lke 8noHier eflfort to
if drink was removed from their range,   i  have named here to know anything -	
i   he        ,.      be QUlte content to go with-1 of my death.    1 have   ived simply and
out it   and    Oil  had  proved.    In  fur-  apart   from   the   world,  never  seeking
1    1  nr    r    hat  dry  towns make for  publicity or notority   and it is my de-
1 ii   If lieOf a town he quoted    In-  sire that my death should pass in the
l.mces of a number, where since they   same  manner,   unnoticed,  as    I   have
i.a'.i hoeome dl v "sidewalks hud been  been."
S "own   electric    cars    had    b��i>!     Mr.   Nichols   was  eighty-one.years|
lest he should make another eflfort to
escape. He was regarded as one of
the most dangerous Indians of Ihe
Duck Lake district.
resentatlve  business men    from
the  organized" and a number of other iin- old.
While   he   lived   at   the    Wilson
o Dyiiugu��:u  uu,   ,,,v.      ., 	
for tlie equal suffrage, West Indies will soon reach liere to
consult with the government and the
C. P. H. authorities regarding the
scheme which has boon suggested that
the C. P. R, place tiie Pacific Empresses on the Atlantic In the new service between Canada, Boston and the
West Indies.
The railway corporation is believe I
to look favorably on the proposition.
-������ i" ��� > .I ii. .
Successful  Church  Work.
_       ���''���      '"!iui    church    has   at
|,,-sem    52.000    adherents    in     Asia
ii,i io of these being members
Relations Between Germany, Italy and
Austria Are Strained Almost to
the Breaking Point.
���    liiirch^	
J lr|e schools and colleges under the
W of the missionaries. The church
las,,e<'ii working in tlie Ottoman em-
"r(' 'or about ninety years now, but It
JWly during ihe past sixty years
l:J D(>tlceable progress has heen
' MP- The biggest strides, of course,
""��� been during the past decade.
Industrial Development.
As showing the industrial develop-
London, March 3.���The agitation   li
d" ami a nuuiuoi ui >.,..*     ,.,,,
provements made wliich had hitherto  street address"for manv years he scar
been neglected     A clean municipality   CPiv ventured far from home after le-
! wns the finest advertisement any city,   til|Ilt,  fmm (lle wotnl enslaving, busi-
froni the Atlantic to tlie Pacific, could i ness.
, have, nnd it  had    been a source    of, _    	
satisfaction    to   him and those    who
' studied  the liquor question that   from   tlRIVK^  Tfl   ffl^T   WflHF
I that   standpoint   alone   tlie   argument. UlllllQO   IU  till! I   ITI U11L.
| was the    strongest.    In a    city    like
Westminster,  where  land  was    being
I sold every  day of the week, temper
BOY   SEEKS   PROTECTION i nlUT  would  tulng  more buyers,  who
OF    HISTORICAL   MONUMENT   k,1(,wi"��  ,llftt  ,1k'>   wprc OOming to a
dry place, would the more rcadllv iu-
vest their money ^^^^^^^^^^_|
Denver, March ',i.���George Allen, a
nine year-old boy of Sclprisi. Polo.,
made two speeches before the joint
session of the Colorado legislature recently, llis flrst address on tlie
was an appeal from
nl Moor of the senate.  	
"""��   "'���  I.OIHlOIl,   Milieu o.��� ��� ne ��. ���...������"���.     ���",   '       , _���x_ ����� rnlrirndii lll'UV tig "Of
T 'm-^.^z'^'^i*'^r^^vz^a'��S^��	
between   Ai.s.rla. Cermany  and  Italy   tenets. .   .       ...   whi(hison>
'SI    lllvn    **,*..,. j .
"We on the American side of thf
line," said tlie speaker, "liave every
confidence in the people of British
Columbia nnd we feel that they will,
through their officials, carry out the
promise made to us some time ago, to
remove the place where drinks are
sold, so very near Blaine. Immediately
before the election wliich made Blaine
dry. dry for ever. I hope, we were informed In the event of us carrying thc
day,   that   your ^^^   '*���'"
London, March 3.���Colonel Hutchf-
Bon, the Dominion exhibition commissioner and the representative of the
C. P. H. and G. T. P.���the latter Mr.
Cummings who was at Buffalo, Ht.
Louis and Brussels, are kept busy pre>-
pai'ing for tlieir respective exhibits at
the Crystal Palace.
So far ns Canada is concerned the
extent  and attractiveness of tiie dis-
plny which Is to he made undoubtedly
will excel anything In the same   linn
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ever attempted on this side of tlie At-
^^B     I *'     b /-,        Inntic, though the extent to wliich the-
Proposed  Tax  on  Bar  Earnings  Ovef  Domlnl<JB  ���.npfltp���  b, lts  unll|w  ���_
' hiblt  at  the Franco-British exhibition
$40 a Day Furnishes Excuse for
Increase In Price of Liquids.
is now generally admitted, and COploUa
signs of its results are being received
by government offices In London.
The Crystal Palace affair Is bfing:
more systematically advertised than i<?
generally the case with English managements of such exhibitions. Ffclni;
the Strand near the law courts a largo
building has heen erected in which arr
Toronto, March 1.���Legislation Introduced in the provincial house today to tax hotel liar earnings, over $40
a day, means that the price of drinks
in  this cltv  and  other parts of    the    **	
carrying tu��   province will be Increased.   Instead of  elaborate model of the lay out of tho
officials   would   take  the rule being two drinks for twenty-1 grounds nnd buildings Is shown, it l��
rom   that   house   five cents, the tariff will in future be   ��lwl��s  crowded  with  visitor"
Up to now that   fifteen cents straight.
.,      nf Hie country
Mr.    Irwin    in-
the    lluilding    of    railways,
t['���"".'"-ids. and the planning of large
' Um" "orks In  Mesopotamia, the
J'jV'Klcr the supervision of Wilcox.
UMclish engineer who supervised
������ building    -   -
���     ��� wmen ��vu !���*-" ���--���     .-.   ....   wei     The temperance people,    who
ScAUWHot^lS    fVl^S&ntSS  bY�� of <������ were asked'i^ bringing tbe measure   before    the
Emmanuel  during  the celebration rf.^Vg^iSSE il ^^'"   the iS *  the ^iT^ ^^
LS the horSpeaker!   "George simp- lnt(���.(,BtlnKi  talk   and    he   iimwjhI
Hon  S a companion  of  Kit  Carson e(1 that the tempernn e C8UM. had
ami   while  travelling   along  the   old   a stro,lg supporter In  Mr. Seeley.
The Crystal Palace promises to revive some of its nnclent glories In this*
year of coronation.
the jubilee of Italy's unification.
rvv�� Hours
y afternoon
German Capitalists Plan Monopoly
Berlin,   March   II.���German   Capitalists are about  to enter the Brazilian
state of Sao I'aulo in competition with
British     and    American    enterprises,
'vi ocicm. .*.  ���������'th the design of ultimately ousting
���ire Is approximately   the latter nnd gaining a complete monopoly.
It was announced today thnt the:
"International Mining nnd Industria.
company, of Krkelenz," which Is a creation of the Deutsche hank and ft'" i tourists
lied Institutions, hns obtained a concession for a line of railway, which
"on siuiisiiKu . cbici- would be the first of a net of railways
nt p���   i Kl��   Paas'  where   ���ith wllich it Is planned to cover the
��wler. of the I!. S. army
of  the    world    famous
im.   The irrigation scheme
an expenditure of 39,000.
lre. and win oecupv several years
| complete,   ,\ ""
-"'�� Canadian money.
VTw,.!n Texas Travel 106 Miles in
Engineers Protest
Kl Paso. Texas. March 3.���American
Santa Ke trail one day, he was attacked by forty Indians. He fled to
the top of a high mountain near where
Trinidad now stands, and hid In a
cave,   When he died he nsked that he
be buried at the top of that mountain   m^^ TaTpma'rrailwnvs.    against
Years later a monument was erected  ��� , ^ *
to his memory   and the place Is now; f,on81llar A      t c   v   Cl,ro ���e,B,    o
called  Simpsons  Rest.     That   mono-   n h*    j ,    d ���
ment has heen destroyed by boys and  ,. ,     .   ' ' ��� B l"u
Ir  ought to he protected." ^^^^^^^^^^^**********
$25,000 FIRE.
McLaughlin' Carriage   Co.'s   Premises
In Winnipeg Suffer Badly.
.,     ,,     Am.rirnnl    Winnipeg, March 4.���Kite yesterday  uwn.    ������.���,������,���__-����� 	
Texas. March ��^ntwtcan| ' damage nmolll),iug from  ran awav from home and was mourn
engineers In Mexico have.prot e����<l ">  ww, ^ McLaughlin  p(, na dead.   Meantime every menibw
C   II   Hudson, vice-president    of the
.lackson.   O.,   March   8.���Returning
home after an absence of thirty-one?
years Cllston Miller, a former Jackson
boy, was turned from the parental
door.   Miller, when a boy of thirteen.
afternoon old uamago iuuuium....   . --���  ran awB>  n,,,,. ..u.��c ��..- *****	
$"0 000 to $25,000 In the McLaughlin p(1 as dend. Meantime every member
Carriage company's premises nt the. of the fnmiiy except the mother. Mrs.
corner of Hoss and Pi incess streets.   Ellza  UI\\W, has died, and she   ha*
The flre started    in   the   elevator   ueen living here,
shaft and shot up three stories.   The      A   few  nights ago a  stranger   ap
and Seven  Minutes,
fexas, March 4.���A world's
'cord was  smashed  yestei-
,':,', ;VI;" '''  I'aimalee travelled    lOfl
itlr     IW�� hn,irs and seven minutes
""iichlne waa under perfect con
Relief for Chinese.
Seattle. March 3.���The army trans-
ort B"ford wlll sail on Sunday morn-
Rebuild Capitol
.lefferson City. Mo, March 3.���The
building was not badly damaged.   In
suruuee Is ample.
peared at her door and said In* was
her long missing son. The aged woman failed to recognize the man and,
being suspicious of strangers, nlted!
hlm to go away.
The next day she became convinced"
'he time.
Receiver Appointed. |
Jefferson uny. ��."���. �����>-�� �����      Santa Ke. N.  M.. March H.-Judg-
DintP senate vesterdav passed  a bill   .rihn R. McKle   yesterday   appointed ,���e ,.**, ����.  ��.�� u.v.��.�� ......
�� hmltHnK to the people at a special   Charles Fastley receiver for the New he was her son and sought him
stare                                                        I r��rl "'"olu .".V "";��� ""t��� thp" famine' *,  Tu���    in,  hs.railed   by   Governor  Mexico Fuel  &  Iron  company,  upon Miller disappeared as mysteriously
StT,.e concession carries the right to  ing with a fnlI cargo^for the famine  , e��� ,on,   t    b^.   cajed,\>    Go e         Mex co        ^   ^   ^^ ag he               Re,atlves have learn^l
collect   royalty  on  the  lands  border-  sufferers In  North China.    TUejoo    ,I(l(���ey   a ] ^  ^        ^    *urned  H      weU.    The  liabilities  are   $295,- tbat he Is a prosperous busing nun
ESidTS. SS'sldV*"              SidS �� Seattle"       "                      Sitol ifeve                                            OOo' and no schedule assets is filed. in a southern city.
���n tl
(A) TEN roomed house with two lots,
close to Sixtli street, below Fifth
avenue.   Only $4200.
with housework and care for children. One who can sleep at boma
preferred. Apply 512 Seventh street,
��r telephone ;:7ii.
(B) TWELVE LOTS in west end.
$500 each. One-third cash, balance
six and twelve months.
ply at the Ladies' Uairdressing pallors.
(C) GOOD modern six roomed house,
large lo^. on Fourth avenue, near
Sixth street. $3500. $600 cash,
balance over two years.
Koo.l education, to work in real
estate office. One who is willing
to work. Apply W, J. Kerr, New
Westminster, B.C.
girl to care for children or house-
Box T, Daily News office.
to   the
ents who wish to purchase five
six room modern cottages
value of $3500, $500 cash, balance on
easy terms.    Kellington  Bros., Northern    Crown    Bank    block.    Telephone 680.
5^oUN^efflrencea'|REID' CURTIS & DORGAN
(D) ON FIFTH STREET just above
Fourth avenue, iwo houses on lot
having   l;uu  feet  frohtage on  Fifth
street and H'.'i feet deep, all in
lawn. Only $10,500. $'2000 cash,
balance over live years at 7 per
(E) FIFTEEN acres at city limits,
l.ulu Island: all cleared and cultivated.    At $8.0 per acre.
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.
Northern  Crown   Bank  Block.
Columbia Street Entrance.
Phone  680. New  Westminster
WANTKD ���SMALL      RANCH,      IM-
proved,  with  buildings, in  the  vie
inity  of  New   Westminster,
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land, 62 Hastings street east.
706  Columbia Street.
Full | HALF ACRE plot on the city side of
Tenth avenue, $900; $250 cash, balance ii, 12 and 18 months.
/our years old. Price $55. Appiy
VV. Hatt-Cook, I
Front street.
road,  $400;     $50 cash,  balance $15
mon thl v.    Box  922, City.
������������ i
TWO 50x100
close to Ric
third cash,
foot   lots,   with
'hmond street;  .
balance    ti,    12
rou; one-
and    IS
teenth s
U reet,
on  Nanaimo
large, $1100.
Kggs fell heavily yesterday
city market, bul  were    not
What   was   broken   was   the
the dealer who fancied h
much higher price for his goods, but
as hens are laying much more regular
now  that  the  weather has turned  for
the  better,  the   season   for  big  prices
looks like being over lor many mont lis
al least.
From an early houi- the attendance
was a record breaker in many ways,
the sunny and warm weather being
responsible for the influx.
A feature of the morning's work
was the unloading of the heavy consignment from Huntingdon, two new
trucks being brought specially into use
for the job. Those responsible for
these, the latest purchases of the city,
are to be congratulated as the manner
of unloading and tlie swiftness with
which it was carried out is worthy of
the highest praise to all concerned
with the innovation.
The poultry section which has been
the feature of the market for the past:
few weeks was rather slack yesterday.
Dealers were asking rather high prices
1 for the quality of birds offered and
fewer sales were made.
Buying in  tlie  meat    section    was
! brisk and almost all offered changed
! hands.   The supply was fairly good except in mutton and lamb.    Prices ad-
, vanced as the supply diminished.
Beyond a small supply of potatoes
I the vegetables    were    rather    short.
Sptlds  went  at   $110  and  $32  per  ton
$1.75 the sack.    The demand for
Razors,  Strops, Barber
Supplies,   Etc.
\ Ryall's Drug Store \
��� PHUNt  ni. "��   itsitu BY CRADUATE  il
Transfer Co.
Office 'Phone lift.     Barn 'Phone 11
Columbia Street.
Baggage   delivered   promptly    ;��
any part of tha city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
a a* *****,
If you want something choice for Today's Din-
ner, ring up Phone 101 and order a ni< e roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get itat
Columbia Street
New Westminster
house on lot 00x120, in fruit trees.
Tenth street, near Seventh avenue.
Easy terms.   Apply P. O. Box 313.
LOT on Fourth street, below Seventh
avenue.   .SiiO:   one-third  cash,    balance ti and 12 months.
706  Columbia  Street.
house, in good condition, on Nanal-I
mo  street,  near  Fourteenth  street. I
Kasy terms.   Apply P. O. Box 313.
FOB SALK���LARGE LOT, fifixl32,
situate on Eleventh street, between
Fourtli and Fifth avenues; all cleared; price $1500; terms $000 down,
balance 0, 12 and 18 months at T
per cent, interest. Apply 705 Sixth
horsepower engine; length of boat
-40 feet; width of beam 9 feet 10
inches; good house. Boat thoroughly]
equipped with life belts; license for
26 passengers; $10on. Apply W. J.
Kerr, New Westminster, B. C.
fage on cleared lot, 41x100, off Columbia St., one minute from car;
aide walk up to house, water. Price
$HF.t). Terms, $200 cash, balance 3,
��i, 12, IS, 24 months at *i p.c.    Bona!
fide buyers need only apply.    Own-1.
*?.r W. Hatt-Cook. 527  Front st. V
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
523  Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cess
pools,  Septic Tanks,  Etc.,  Etc.
and v-i..-^!^^^���
apples was stronger and a small sin
ply had a tendency to increase ""
quotations. The auction sales on the
market square were well patronized
and a number of fine animals were
put under the hammer.
Official   Figures.
Prices recorded were as under:
Beef, hindquarters, per lb. . ,10c to 12c
Beef, forequarters, per lb. ...8c to 9c
Mutton, per lb	
Lamb, per lb	
Pork, per lb	
Veal, per lh	
Broilers, per doz.
Chickens, per do7.	
Eggs, per doz., wholesale
Eggs, per doz., retail ...
Butter, wholesale, per lh
Butter, retail, per li
I *Jm_tS~_������_*_���%_���F,
13c to 14c
14c to 15d
IS.- to 20c
17c to 20c
.0 to $5.50
. .'���>; to $7
25c to ?.5c
35c to 40c
The House of Quality and Low Prices
Golden  and  Mahogany Finish
3% to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Potatoes, per ton  $"�� W *g
Onions, per sack   *\-'   !
Carrots, per sack ,
Turnips, per sack 	
Parsnips, per sack  	
B<   ts, per sack    ���
Apples, per box .1.00 to f Ma
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
St.,   New
horsepower, 4-cylinder Cowie engine, make and break. This is a
first-class engine and has only been
sised two weeks. Must be sold at
once. Price $600. Apply W. J.
Kerr, New Westminster B. C.
British   Referendum. '
London, Marcli 3.���Lord Balfour, of
Burleigh, introduced in the House of
Lords yesterday his hill for the employment of the referendum on occa- j
sions of great national importance.
The measure passed its flrst reading
without division.
on Eighth street, between Third and
Fourth avenues. Price $1000, furni-l
ture included. One-quarter cash,
balance on easy terms. House now |
sbrin/ing in $20 monthly rent. Appi.'
311 Knox street, Sapperton. i
and other ornamental trees anl shrubs. Choice imported Dutch Stock
at the Nursery, South Westminster,   or   on   the    Market,    FRIDAY.
Now is the time to beautify your g:oinds.
each to
Saturday  Only
No Tables sold ak this price after Saturday
NOTE-Don't fail to get your tickets for the $25 OO worth of furniitre.
and harr.e.:s, c:.n be   seen   at   Bell-
Ingles Btable;  lc;r quick sale, $120. j
Edmonds water system���streets being opened. Each lot 60 by 242 or
over, with frontage on two streets.
Al soil. $450 and $4(12.50; one-quat-
ter cash, balance six, twelve and
���eighteen months. If you want one
come today. D. C. Patterson, Edmonds.
fully located and entirely cleared
large lots, between Vancouver and
New Westminster, at half real
value; on electric tram, small payment down, small monthly payments. Xo interest. Call quickly.
3H>8 Dominion Trust building, Vancouver, Telephone K36r>. or fil3 Columbia street, New Westminster.
Telephone 0S7.
Mann workmen; comfortable, neat
scow house, In very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 208 Front
Btreet, City.
. ed rooms. Apply 224 Seventh atreet.
Up-to-date line of Solid
Gold Jewelry at ... .
Official C. P. R'y Time Inspector
Phone 829.
We Furnish Your Home for Less ���
401-403 Columbia street, New Westminster.
KCTKT3MSWWWW rutffi ���'���8W--
between Lavery block and 232
Eleventh Btreet. Finder please return to above address.
We Have lt! '
The famous Wellington
������   RING UP 56  HI
Before your bin is Empty, j
Westminster Coal Co'y
W. N. CLARKE, Mgr.
(Office, Corner Columbia and Sixth Sts.
Cream of Acreage!
Five-Acre Blocks
On B. C. Electric Railway at Junction of N. W.-Chilliwack line, Scott
road, with prospected line to     Li.'iiifcjj.-' i  ��� i
Steel City and Ladner
Also flve acre blocks on this projected   line   adjoining    Steel    Oity
These two Choice sub-divisions have just been surveyed and are now
on  the market.
For particulars apply to
Over Merchants Bank Building corner Columbia  and  Hegble  streets,
New Westminster, B. C.   Phone 335.
ia* 'P'w
Spring Clothing
We have put the first consignment
of spring suits into stock. They
are swell���the most perfect creations yet produced by master workmen. Tweeds, Worsteds, Serges.
This is going to be a tweeel season,
and we have for your selection a
very large and varied range oi
Choice Scotch Tweeds-all 20tn
Century make���which requires no
explanation. It is the best make
by the best workmen.
$18 to $35
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier c
671  Columbia St. New Westminster, *>* SATURDAY,  MARCH A, 1911.
Vancouver's Industries Become Visible
ndustrial Supremacy of City Assured by Promotion of Great Manufacturing Centre at
Roche Point���Vancouver Vim Obtains Benefit Accruing From
Vancouver's Natural Advantages
Prince   Rupert,   St.  John.   Victoria,   Montreal   and
Quebec Still Asking for What Vancouver
Has   Secured
���  spinal column is ihe mainspring of the human body, so is
.-ing Industry ihe mainspring of Municipal existence    Dress
a mar. in ihe finest clothes, put money into his pocket., give hlm th.<
that will open the doors into the most select circles���it 1*
tselesi     t! out that mainspring  He is a case without works; a bauble
���   .,Mde��and eventually  to  fink  into  oblivion.      The    same
I .ies even in a greater degree to municipal life.   Certain
- of circumstances result in a number of people eongre-
 -cn point;  they build  their  homes  and   placet   of  husi-
:���-- ' 'How   their   usual     avoationa.     The    natural    conw
thai    a   village   springs Into   existence,   it   the   pt  ���
endowed    with    suTlcleni   "backbone"   the   village
.. ��� to    B    town,    and    in the    process    of    time the town
becomes a   ity.   Should the nai iral advantage,   be greal (aa thev arc
. the ci'y will continue io grow for a time tn spite ol a
-> and push on the pan of Its citizens; bul .1 time always
tbe natural advantages !���������   me exhausted and, In conse
It.   stands still fo.' .1  While, and  then Blowlj   but   Burely
et thi other way.   All thr "igh the l'nited States   and   Canada
get and cities are on  this retrograde movement, and In
cases   out   of   every  hundred. Instead of tho excuse   of
.   it is the simple tut  that tiie citizens lack the   back-
-,iiy to improve on and   assist   the natural  advantages  of
Sometimes  a  foolish father ghes his son so much money
ij grows Into manho >d without the slightest knowledge of
how to      ll  his way in the WO Id.    Without a moment's warning tbo
the natural advantiges) falls, the so:, is thrown on  his
es twhich are nil),and in consequence begins to revolve
���ty,  and  often  drop; out  of sight.    Some  cities  have  so
1 advantages that the citizens goi to feel thai  all thej
have ���   do In life Is to enjoy them.   After a while tbe "old man" falls
tbem and they, like the "son,  soon  got   the   backward   gait,   while
ther I        who ha\e no "old man''  to  assist, relj   on   their   own
1 and backbone, ea h citizen  putting his shoulder to the
wheel, gu past the more favored but "supine" cities and beal them tO 1
frazzle.   ("Frazzle" is a good word.)
��� ��� i- a time when Vancouver was In great danger of being
like the son with the "old mah behind;" but thai time has. 1 trust,
ed awaj forever, nnd from this time forward she Intends to make
'he beat ol everything that Nature has blessed her with, and Is the
future Bbe will be known not only as a greal seaport, but ns one of the
��� ���     industrial centers ot North America.
The imperial Car Company requires assistance to carry oul a
great work tor tills city, a worn thai will not only stamp Vancouver
*** a .���>���;,��� industrial center, bul al the same time wlll enrich everv
man or woman who will put goo I money Into II.    Already the company
hai si ���,;, itself capable of greal things.   Commencing with nothing,
hi and more than half  paid   lor one  Of  the  most   beautiful
takes in the world today, a townsite with ns many natural advan
��� as can be found anywhere in Nortli America
This company last year wenl  to the Dominion Governmenl  and
ts claims to such an extent  thai  It  was given nearly 11,100,
si it in its work, whll ���  Prince  Rupert, Victoria, BL John,
and Quebec, who asked al the same time, "are asking yet,
>f them will ask forever.    Why was Vancouver more   rir
Liberal Government while  still  represented   b>   one out  Of
1  Conservative)?
Blmply and purelv that our companv went after thai subsidy
H goes after everything else It requires, namely, went after
leterminatlon to "get it" and stay with it until it does    is
e sort of company to tie up to0
ire other things the company wants that are just ns goo I
- lv Will vou come Ul help, and receive your share of the
Dont put this paper lown till you have rend nil this page.
��� ome in and see us. We are going to win, anywav Kverv
' ��� : yon that now. but we need you to help us. and I. doing
0 irselvea and families.
raaconrefS  BbSb   IS another city's los��     Less than   li*
one of the largest Cities In the Western States held a ser.
lngs of irs chamber o' commerce, and after going fully into
a     ,t our proposition. Including our sleeping car patents and
1 as   uliries, made a representative of our company fhe offer of
'es of land as a site for our  car  works  and  the city   to
"   ifour~stn.k.on condition the Imperial    Car    Company locat.
>rks in their city.    The truth of this statement we can prove, he-
���:   ���  douW  to any  interested   party.     We   simply    withhold   the
of the city from a feeling'of courtesy, while, on fhe. other hand,
'    '  >nly justice to our companv that the people of Vancouver should
1  and ro a certain extent, give our company the appreciation
'     ���   a irs due. % "fc "-% .*��� ��� ���'
Shares  Will   Shortly   Be   Marked Up to  Par���Important   Negotiation   on   Eve   of
Successful Conclusion
A short time ago the Imperial Car Company Informed lhe readers
of the daily papers that the purchase price ol its shares would be
raised from $.0 to Jluii. which ia the par value of its slock, lt was also stated al thai time that the reason for this Important step would
:���< i-iNon shortly, Young companies, like young cities, 01 young I isl
ness men, encounter many hard problems in the earlier stages of
their existence, and the Imperial Car Con-,].any has been no exception
to the rule; but by constantly keeping a sharp lookout ahead, we
have avoided e\er> rock, and a.-c now comparatively in smooth w:,.< 1
We can prove beyond a doubt that we have made a profit during
the past year of $2,000,000, and we do not (believe that am Other
companv in Canada, outside of the c. r Ft. or the C N. K . can truthfully say as much. We have just boon reading the twenty-first an
nual report ol ono ot Canada's best tire insurance companies, In widen
the president congratulates the shareholders lor being worth *���'���"
Think of it���after twenty-one years of hard work. The Imperlal Cai
companj has enriched its shareholders in ow. YEAR to the extent
ol nearl) $2,000,000, is that no a sufficient reason to raise the price
of its shares" Wo think it is. aid at the same- time something to be
proud of. This is one of the reasons, howevei The companj has
succeeded In financing all   Its capital foi  the building  of the   DR"V
I mew Tiiis has caused the company a great deal of hard-headed
thinking in the past few month 1, and Is certatnlj a great burden lifted from its shoulders. These aid n number of ether things have
been ihe cause of the companj a determination  for the   change   lo
price.    Therefore,  nfiei   the  20th  dav   ol   March,  1811, no one will  be
able to buy one share ol the tfeesurj mo. K ot this companj for less
than $100, being the par value ot the shares
.ome  people  would   ratherbuj  Into a speculation thah   a   """������
tl lng     Thli sound.; funnv. but  H  Is Hue :i�� It  |.   funny     l'..i   InStani
we   Iind   people   who   would   iai 'u '   bu)   Oil  Shares on  the  ""   ehance
oi after boring several thousani feel Into 'he earth thev MAY
BTRIKE oil., al the same time thej know ii ia . piim chabce, and
thai nol more thnn one OUI ol every . nn ever really do strike oil. Tlie
same thing applies lo mines, There Seems to be a eeitain spirit of
speculation dormant or otherwise in all natures, i confess to have it
myself largely developed, andhave to eonstabtly keep a cheek upon
mv nat ni e In this reaped, so I lo not for n moment condemn anyone
given to this Sort of thine;  ratlm- I Sympathize with (hem.
llv this explanation the render   will   understand   how  Intensely  In-
terested i nm lfi "Imperial Minis."  The company ims a pang of men
constantly   at   work   drifting   d tunnel   Ifitfi  the  mountain,  and  every
lime one  of  tbe  men  ennie Into town  I  p. nmlned  the snmples ns If
they were nuggets of pure gold. Wp  nre  now some  TH  or  PU  feet   In.
and there is absolutely fid rock, just a  pure body of Iron ore in  hieh
ginde. full or streaks nf yellow copper,  anil  every  day  (narks  an  Improvement.    One thing is prowti beyond doubt:    The Imperial Mines
are one  vast   body  of  Iron  and copper  ore.   millions  and   millions    "I
tons  In  extent      Manv   of   our shareholders   who   profess   to    11 tide r-
stiind these things claim thnt our  mines   will   be  the  most    ptntlt. !���''���
part of out business     ��ltuntpi1 only  eight   miles  from  the center  of
llie idly  of   Vancouver,  the imi'iel of the mine Is literally nt our very
door     HOWever  rich lhe mine may be. the fact remains that shares
In   the   Imperial   Cm   Company will reap a dividend from every asset
owned by the company.
"When are vou goine lo begin   work''"   Is   nsked   me    every    day
VVe ate nenrlv bflif done now.'   we answer.    We are    well    into   the
II mi nt'la! part of tbe work, snd when this Is completed we corisld -r
the whole thing half and more than half accomplished. There are .
number of methods of raising rrrmey with which to finance an under-
tnkine, namely, selling shares In the pro position fo the public, selling
guaranteed bonds fo investors, and borrowing money by mortgage on
the property at certain rates of interest
For Instance, every time w��sell a Share we are taking in a pawner in the profits. He may hea cantankerous person who will mak-
trouble in the company, snd in addition the compnny must pay 4
large   commission   to   the   agerr who sells fhe shares
The snle of bonds is much better from a company's standpoint, as
the bondholder has nothing fo say In rhe business, and receives no
profit except the interest on .!���< bonds. Borrowing by mortgage is rhe
best plan of all. but in order to be in a position ro do this the companv must have assets at least three times the value of Ira loan. One
of the strongest loan companies in Canada has heen looking into our
proposition. Thev have sent sent their representatives here, who
stayed a week looking over everything, and the report is so favora
ble that the company have practically promised to advance ns all the
money we require to carrv ont o ir extensive plans, .bould we be successful in closing this dea>. th? company will immediately raise rhe
price of the stock to #80 per s'lare and take the Treasury Stock entirely off the market.
Ordinary    Real   Estate   Selling   Methods  Reversed
by Corporation Which Ig Erecting Manufacturing Centre Across Inlet
The Impel iai Car Company claims to be in a position to make
more money from a real estate standpoint for its shareholdertha.t
any other real estate concern in Hritish Columbia.    Listen:    The a .Vi
narj 1-0.1 estate office generally  does buetness   as   follows   they
first look Ottl for a subdivision, aUd then form a syndicate to p ...
chase it. This done, it i. then r. sub livid, d into lots and sold to you
and me for certain advanced prices, we holding onr lots until the ,-.t>
now., out to them or a railway goes through the place, ov something
else haptens to lm eae< the values, in which caee We unload an.l
ti> it again,
Now, notice the difference rhe imperial car company buy up t
whole townsite In a localltj commanding nearly two miles o! deep
sea waterfrontage it buye this at a time when no "ne te{\ u was ot
much \ainc . - ���.. , ntiv the price waspracUcally nothing compare.
to Its presi md future value.lb place of WMttag until the citj W
something ei^e builds oni to it,the company commences to build a
real industrial town iteell First, the companv eet. u_. ne,\ \*-\i dumber companv to undertake to build the most modem sawmill on "���������
1 a Ifii   Coast  "ii the propert;   Neit, ll  secures from the   Dotalhiofi
Government a Subsidy to bUlld tli��  lars:e=t   Drv    p...i     1,..    \*,.;���;���
Coasl   "'I   lhe  pmpeviv, (|!0n  It ��� bmmenceS to Iniild n steel par works
on thi  propeftj thai vviu effiptby te begin #ith 280 ahd in khe I ������������
-if men These nnd a numb dI kindred Industries ill sooh line
the Bhores pi the tOWttslte, anl naturally have raised lhe i'""- ":
the company's tdWhslte to a remarkable degree.   The eoinpady will
have, befire it  stops buyine. abOtil 10.180 lots, arid will not offer any
f"i  sale uuiii a value has been retched  'hat  amply  repays  IhS corn
pany  for lis  farsightedness. Th - beauty of all this Is that every shareholder will receive  the full benefit of every dollar of Increase.
Now. my friend, when yon take a notion you won!;! rather bur
tea! estate Ihnrt "shares." remember, the berf real estate you ever
hou. lit Is shares In the Imperial Car Company.
In two year, time the whole of this townsite wlll be cleared and
Its streets graded, and the hum of busy factories will he heard art
alone Its shores, while ships from a!! over the world will he waiting
tlieir turn to enter the vast dry docks and shipyards.
Incidentally wc might say that one of the largest companies tit
F.'n. land have taken an option on 'too feet of our waterfront, and are
hound in five years' time to have shipyards costing a million dollars,
employing fvosslbly itdUtl men. and capable of bulling cither Dreadnoughts, or what  Is still hotter, the largest merchant vessels a'loaf.
Ho you desire a portion of this great profit for yourself? We
think you do. and thc only way Is to come In and secure your share
before it Is too late.
Investor or .peculator, whatever you mny be. are you not convinced, after reading this page, how worthy Is the project we place
before you?
You can purchase until March L'Oth shares In this, the best and
safest companv In British Columbia, n company that is richer by
$2.doit.ooo than it was a year ago, a company that cannot help by the
natural trend of events but make nn equal amount next year, a com
pany thnt has boen endorsed hy the Dominion Government tfl the extent of |l,06'.',000. and a company that is located on the borders of
Vancouver, a city with a greater future than any city in the Dominion of Canada. It will only he a month till the shares will rise 10ft
per cent, and if land it seem.- very likely) our loan is completed, the
stock vvill go at once to $'-'f>0. N'o sane man now doubts the future o."
rhe imperial Car Company. Its success is as snre as the success of
thp city itself. If you do not know enough about it, come to see us_
We shall be glad to show you every detail.
PHONES 485 AND 1259
Application Form
Please allot me  shares of the IMPERIAL CAR,
price of 5tf6 per share, for which I enclose 33% per cent, of the full
amount of shares asked for, and agree to pay balance In two equal
quarter-yearly  payments,  with interest at 6 per eent. per annum.
Make all cheques payable to Imperial Car, Shipbuilding and Dry-
dock Corporation, Limited.
,   i
The Daily News
Published by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
corner   of   McKenzie   and   Victoria
E. A. Paige. ..
Managing Director
^_^m^___    .
UNioNlft'"!lA:;''    ���'
Young Men Who Want
In Toronto, but  *\\
,  put   Meadows|   \!
There is but little doubt thai the experiment about to be made   in    tbe
establishment of a garden city at Pitt
Meadows will be watched wiih considerable Interest, not only by people
in this province, but by those in other
parts of ihe Dominion as well.    Wo
believe a similar movement has been|
or is about to bo made i
villi this exception tho
set I lenient  vvill he the only one of its
kind   in  Canada.    The  experiment   is
ihe  outcome  of  an  address  delivered
in Vancouver last  fall by Mr. Henry
Vivian, a well known Englishman, am
member of parliament for Birkenhead,
who has been closely Identified  with
the garden city movement which bus
proved   so  successful   in   tlie  mother
country.    To name the proposed new
settlement  after  Mr. Vivian was certainly a happy idea.
Social conditions and lhe character
of lan I tenure in this country differ
a good deal from those which prevail
on the other side of the Atlantic, and
it has been questioned by some
whether the garden city idea will meet
wilh the same measure of acceptance
and success in British Columbia as it
lias done in Ihe old country. Granting,
however, that these premises are correct, that our social conditions and
land tenure do differ, we do not se.i
why the experiment at Vivian should
not succeed. In fact we regard the
popular interest in real estute, whicn
prevails here, as likely to ��� facilitate
rather than hinder the success of the
new settlement.
The basis of the garden city idea is
co-operative ownership, and this principle has been developed alon.   such
well designed lines that some of the
more recently established settlements
around the British metropolis, like tho
Ealing    Tenants    Limited,    and    the
Hampstead Garden   Suburb   Limited,
have   proved   even   more   successful
than some of the earlier   movements
like that of Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
Another very important feature is that
the scheme of planning these    settlements is such as to ensure at once
the greatest comfort and convenience
of the resi lents, and the provision cf
all necessary circumstances to secure
an amplitude of fresli air, space    for
recreation  and  all  the  requisites    to
ensure the prevalence   of   the    best
hygienic conditions.   Mankind is dominated by the gregarious instinct and
it. is because these settlements facilitate the congregation of residents under the most pleasing conditions and
provide for a communal interest that
they aie so ! o;,u'.ar.
We look torward to the Vivian set-'
tlement pro.ing not only a success as;
an individual experiment, but as the
forerunner of many other settlements
of a like kind. The position selected
at Pitt Meadows, though at present
lacking the means of direct communication with surrounding points, will,
we believe, from information which
has reached us, soon be directly connected with the cities of New Westminster and Vancouver by an electric
car line. Pitt Meadows Is a fertile
and healthy district, with the advantage of lying adjacent to the river
KVaser, and having the most beautiful
Bcenic surroundings in British Columbia.
We are Sole Agents for
601 Columbia Street
Something Especially
good /for the money,
should see the   range   or
we are selling to the
careful dresser. In Hotr
herlin clothes to order
you get the very hest
tailoring, style, quality
and nt, Electric shades,
olives, greens, tints, gray
hlue, mixtures. In Cheviots and Worsteds.
Prices   $15   to   $35.
the House of Hobberlin Limited.
New Westminster, B. C.
We Have Moved to
47 Sixth street
Where we wish to
meet all ��� our old
customers and also t
announce that we I
do electrical work f
of all descriptions I
47 Sixth St.        'Phones 761, 588
Telephone 497
Trading Co.
J. P. Bowell,   Manager
805   Columbia   St.,   west;   oppo
silo i nun and government
Best Quality goods at lowest
prices. Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded, floods delivered to any part of the citv.
WEST END���(Eighth avenuel. corner block consisting of one acre,
$3U75; easy terms.
WEST  END���i Eighth avenue), one and one-half fl1--.) acre block.
$5000; terms to arrange.
WEST END���(Between Eighth and Tenth avenuesi, lots from $500
WEST END���(Seventh avenue), two lots at $750 each; good terms.
TENTH   AVENUE���i Between McBride boulevard and First street),
lots from $.175 upwards.
SAPPERTON _ Eight   lots at $325 each.
FOURTH   STREET���Thirteen roomed modern house, lots 132 feet
by 182 feet; $10,060; terms to arrange with owner.
COLUMBIA AND FRONT STREETS���We have exclusive sales of
some of these lots,on exceptionally easy terms.
Green Cut Bone to Make   t|
Your Chickens Lay.        1
Central Meat Markel
Corner  Eighth  St. and  Fifth  Avenue.
PHONE  370.
Woman   Finds    Bracelet    in   August,
Advertises to  Ease Conscience.
Aniherst, Ohio, March 1.���"I want
\o be square with the world and God,''
wrote an Amherst woman to a Defiance, Ohio, paper, when she enclosed money to pay for an advertisement
tardily detailing the finding by her of
��� a gold bracelet at the quarrymen's
picnic at Cedar Point, last August.
The loser of the bracelet wrote to
an Amherst newspaper that she ia
willing to give a reward and would be
.glad to relieve a troubled conscience.
Her letter says:
"The woman who found a bracelet
at Cedar Point last August can find
owner by writing to Lillian DeVaux,
Defiance, Ohio. A reward will be
Kiven to the finder. I heard that a
-woman living near Amherst found my
"bracelet, but as I do not know her
name, I ain hoping that I can reach
her by this means."
Sherriff, Rose & Co.
650 Columbia Street
Phone 832 New Westminster
'The funeral of the late Mrs. Eli/.a-
tieth Ann Scott, widow of Colonel .1. T.
Scott, Port Moody, will take place
from the residence of her daughter,
Mrs. U. B. Kelly, 815 Kennedy street,
sit 2 p.m. today to Holy Trinity cathedral.
'���mmi^i^*-'* %
��� ��� Trrz;  *~^^'+k...1
���vc.. o.
We carry a full line of Ruberoid Roofing in 1-2,
* ��� 1, 2 and 3 ply.
il jO  . i ���
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
������.    in. i gSjpmBB���BB.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
Business Accounts opened
on favorable  terms. ::
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front 8t., Foot of 8lxth.
8 Roomed Modern House on Second street bei
Fourth avenue.   Trice $3,000, easy terms
Westminster Realty Co.
Room 2, Trapp Block New Westminster
SST^S fittings
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and Cs'llne. PHONE 473
Pres. and Geni. .Mgr.      Vice-President.
VV, K. I:   m CKL1N,
Sei   -   l freaa,
          LUMBER   CO., LTD.   -
Manufacturers   ard   Wholesale  Dealers in
Fir, Cedar   and   Spruce Lumber
Shingles,   Sash,   Doors,   Mouldincjs, Etc.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291
Phones, Office 15 and 16.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal
B.C. Mills
limber  and  Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and  Dealers In  All  Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster Bo* '3'
Twin Screw Steamship
"Prince George
3,500 Tone,   7,000   Horsepower,
 ��� 320 Feet Long ,18'/;, Knots.
FOR PRINCE RUPERT      -     11.30 p.m. Mondays
3500 tons, 70(10 horsepower, 320 feet  long,  18ft   knots;  Balling from
Johnson's Wharf.
Close connection  at  Prince Rupert for Stewart.
SS.  "Prince Albert"  leaves Prlnro Rupert for Port Simpson,
     Kincolith,   Massett, Skldegate, Jedway, etc.,  at  noon,  Marcli  Srd, I
and  31 Rt.                                                                                              ,    .    . im
Be sure your tickets read via the Grand Trunk Railway B)��   ��
Detroit,    London,    Hamilton,    Toronto, Montreal, Portland,     ''���    ���
Niagara Kails, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and WasMngvo .
For rates, tickets, time tables,  Illustrated literature and an
mat ion apply lo M
HARRY G. SMITH, City Pass, and Ticket Agent phone
Phone 30DU
L. V. DRUCE. Commercial Agent  (Freight)    rnu
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
General Agency Transatlantic ftemship Lines.
Fruit Boxes
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
Sapperton, British Columbia
132 feet on
Columbia Rt.. New Westminster
Price   $30,000,   $8000cash; balance to ��'
The Westminster Realty Co'y
P. O. Box 153.   Phone ��6.
ill SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1911.
Sports Past and Present Reviewed, H
Commended and Condemned
Wilson's Weekly Comments on Current Sporting Events
Include Boxing, -Swimming, Lactcsie, Bcwling and the
Latest "White Hope"���Discovers Old Friend Who
Calls Him "Little Bobbie", Much to His Annoyance-
Boosting For Worth While Club for Sportsmen.
IV / HEN  will sportsmen   of West-
\\/ minster become members of the
v*     Worth   While  club?"    I   have
lered repeatedly since coming to
i Ity   why   il   is  that   there  Is  no
amateur cluh where those who follow
,       riiiild gathered either from time
i  or for thai matter all the time,
gur(     ii musl strike anyone who noes
I,      :.. subject thai a city like West-
,,     ���.;  wIth   a population   of   some-
,i ,     like  16,000,  must   have   been
.,   i:   for many years when there is
D0     , organization where games of
ds cap be practised,     Do  nol
I ,,iii a knocker; a thing of thai
i - furthest from my thoughts
and :   m Borry thai no one has arisen
oi only asked for such an Instil it-
.' demanded It    in   countless
ties  1   have  heen  in. over  the
i .1 if the leading buildings!
I ,n one dedicated to sport, and1
have I seen  finch   an   edifice
baa not been self-supporting. If
��� ask you will never get, and'
If you dn not  hustle you will   never
.,   eed.    Get lively,  Westminster!
speaking, Cleanliness In mind and
body goes next to godliness, every-
*> Columbian College Wins.
��� Victoria,   .March  "..��� i Special
��� to the  iKiily  News.I���The  Co-
��� lumblan     college     basketball
��� team this   afternoon   defeated
��� ihe Victoria v. M. ('. A.   (|uln-
��� teite by   in points to 29.    The
��� Victoria High scliool team will
��� be mi i tomorrow afternoon.
e Wins. *
��� j
HWINCi started on this subjecl I,
ilthougfa a new-comer in   your
midst, am going right   through
le  matter, and  I  will  nut    resi
nt until there is in this wonder-
: real  city of tbe future, an
athletli club where the young men
i nights and there indulge In
bit Ite i ast ime or sport.    Show
me ti D-sporting town or clty, and I
will in "nn show you a town or citj
th a comatose condition,   Any-
writer can do to tun her the
i ts nl spoil hen-, will he done
ii heart, and ere the week Is
out there will be something doing, believe mi This city is bangful of live
spori men and such belng4he ease il
i- : ��� only not right, but a cruel
it  something on  the   lines
i ti ! has not been started years
ago Gel next to yourselves; ta8e a
greal joy In Hying, because when the
time does come when vou pass in your
Chl il and procure a sin.le. you will
be an awful long time away. An ath-
li . club makes for a clean life and
in   hand   in   the manner
AT  last  one of my dreams   haH
come true and I want to tell my
readers    something   about    the
history of England's new llghtwelghl
champion hover, Man Wells, tbe man
who this week  heal   Freddie Welsh for
the title and the Lonsdale belt.   After
Wells, whom I have known tor many
yeais, won the amateur lightweight
championship Tor the fourth year, I
suggested to him to enter the professional ranks, as I, with my knowledge
ol tbe mill .ame, saw a big future for
hlm In the money ranks. Being in B
good position���lie is an engineer by
profession ���Matt could not see the
force of my argument for a while,1
hut when his master one day hinted to
him ihat tilings were not financially!
Strong, Wells came lo me anl we'
talked o\er Ihe subject matter of my
first sim. est ion. To make a long Btory
short, Wells made ihe plunge into'
tliose ranks where the hair is trimmed!
Short, and what has been Ihe resull?)
Victory after victory right alon. the
line, ami now the culminating one, and
lie Mauds today at the head and on
the top rung of the ladder in the old
country. An Irresponsible writer in a
Vancouver paper, writing on the
Welsh-Wells bout, spoke of the winner
as being an unknown man. and aR one
who had just sprung up from nowhere. Lei me inform this critic
Osave the mark) that I invited Wells
io come to the United States witli me,1
but he not make tlie journey until I
ha I been in the west for some months.
Chai lie Harvey, Owen Moran's manager, to whom I spoke in New York on
the subject of handling Wells, was responsible for all his engagements this
side of the streak, and out of twelve
contests Wells won ten and drew two,
and jet we read of this same Wells
b.lng unknown! A funny incident In
connection with Well's debut in the
states was the fact that when lie won
three bonis in New York. Harvey was
not pleased with his display, and 1 remember when in San Francisco, l
butted into the irrepressible t'barli".
he asked with a tone akin lo pain lu
his  voice  where  1   bad   dug   up   this
IZ���llllll ' M   'aHl   Ad��1Ph   W",SaSt'     0eman
" .. American boxer, wno up until twelve
piece of pie from.   "He'll never make months ago was known to boxing fans
good, wils, old num, and I think I'll as Kid Wolgast, has gol bis, and there
send him bac1:.'' were Harvey's words are few  lovers of Ihe game who will
to me.    Bul   Matt slaved long enough regret   ihe  defeat   which   he suffered
to make good und ibis surely must be lasl  night at  the hands of Knockout
one of the rare instances in the career Brown,   of    New    York.     Valentine
of Harvey, who has been following
Bport for more years than I care to
recall Ihat he went off tlie course.
Wells is a clean-living fellow; a
non-drinker and non-smoker, ami is a
pride io ihe (lstic .ame. He is built
on whal might be called bulky lines.
He has not the symmetrical build of
Nelson, WolgaSi or Moran. bin rest miles in boxing attire a heavy-light, that lia
like  One-Round   Hogan    and    Cyclone
Brownselme, to call the New Yorker
by his birth name, will, of course,
never cut much ice in thc boxing
game, which only goes to show what
a lemon Mister Adolph must he.
The result of last night's bout, whicli
was over the  ten  round journey,    is
further proof,  If  any   were  required,
tiling Nelson had liis day out
Edinburgh Street
Two fine lots between Henley and
Tenth streets; cement sidewalks;
high and dry.
$950.00 each;  1-3 cash
balance 6 and 12 months
The People's Trust Company, Ltd.
T.   H.   McCORMICK.
Manager Real Estate Department.
451 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
Phones 646, 661.
Thompson, ;iiinus,
___^_^^_        always  minus, the   the <. aclillao youth in California.    It is
features of thai  pair.     Here's   your a algii of the times, and a healthy one
health, Matt:       | t00j tj,at urown won on points, and lt
I further shows  that  Wolgast has  not
1MB flies in this dear old world  'he powerful punch with cither
as some would have us believe.
Last night's battle being over Hie
short distance docs not take from
Wolgast the world's title which be
holds, as it is accepted that a contest
for the premier honors must be
scheduled over twenty or more rounds.
If Wolgast intends to retain bis
championship he had better hustle or
tlie Rood-bye sign will soon be flying
around liis camp.
J^ ol ours, but the truth has rarely
bei n broughl home to me with
such force as it was during the week,
when the lacrosse conference called
me t-i Vancouver. Owing to tlie postponement of the meeting I had some
few m in utes on my hands and I strolled into the Orpheum lo renew acquaintance with the peer of tlie swimming world, Jimmy Finney. Vaudeville snows have no longer any attrac-  	
tion for me, as I've seen enough   to ���
satisfy  me   for  life, so   I   meandered
round to the stage door and asked for  men tell you that too much swimming
tlie "merman."   The information  was  is injurious to the health, brings   on
taken   to   his   room    and    the    words  consumption   and   of,   ever   so    many
which .lim  said  in  reply  to the stage   otl|er diseases.    Dees it?   Look at Fin-
han I  when he was told that a paper  ne>' and then go and tell these medl-
man   wanted   to   see   him   would   not ccs to think again.    When I first saw
make  good   reading.     He   complained  J��m he was slender and a demon for
of being wet and tired and  something  the water; now he's fat. awful fat. and
about    seeing    him    when    he    was   more  of  a demon than  ever for   lhe
through with his show.    1   got   to his wet elements.   We talked of the long-
heart   through   the  thin   partition    hv  ago;   of the days of  our youth, as  it
enquiring after members of his family  were, and of the swimmers who had
ami then tlie door opened and in walk-  jumped  into the   spot   light,   with   a
ed    the    tormentor.      Fifteen    yeare  blare of trumpets, made a short stay-
makes  a big  change ln  the  majority   and   then   jumped  out    again, leaving
of folks, hut   sizing me  up  for a  bit,  behind them a few records which are
Finney sl ood hack and then exclaimed   now  all  to the had  and  forgotten by
"why "it's   little  Bobby  Wilson."    Lit-  the present generation of aquatic    faille   foresooth!    Whv   I'm   bigger than  lowers.    Dear  old  Finney.    When  he
for Sale,imm jg
Close to Twelfth street; fireplace,
basement,   and  stationery taps;
$3,150, easy terms.
McQuarrie Bros.
Note new address,   622  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
galas  organized  for  a leader   in  the  but there are few in these parts who
sport he called up in my mind happy I would  appreciate it,  besides  space is
times   whicli   will    never,  alas,    come   precious.    He spoke in terms of high-
again. He was. t tninK I am safe   in', est praise of the man who   Invented
saying, the'first English swimmer   to' water polo and wbo was also respon-
travel   to   Auld   Scotia   to   show    thn': sible  for  the formation of  tbe  Koyal
Northerners   what   real  classv    swim-'-.Llfe Saving  society  and  of tbe  work
mfng was in those davs bevond recall, i tbat man has done for swimming tbe
I and  it   was  through  coming  to  these | world over, and whilst 1 did not show
  iffairs that he won the Scottish cham-  it.
Jim, hut he for thc moment forgot the   si okc of going to Scotland away hack,   pionships   over   1000   yards    and    220 ,���
speed of time, and so did I.    Medical  to  take   part    in    the    complimentary    yards.    I would like to tell the story, i
1 felt none the less that he was pay-
(Continued  on Page Six.)
o You Know That Buena Vista is Only
Where You Work
Think what this means to You ����*.,*an and Mr Work��� "an    _%��&. *__M %
SmlnTte 's main ^ SuWrtftSfti. SteSt of H&A VISl�� whieh is right at the city limit,
**% SS&&S SS5S ��"�� SSSttSSi _&*******,**
. ^  _ . a* 1 O I      ^^^ 1
Here is an opportunity to secure one
or more lots right on the   new   tram     I
line on terms of $25 cash and |
No Interest
Why is Buena Vista the best place for your home ?      O
.    B.CAU8. ...-, i.i win b. �������� *-��.*"�� ;       I   UUWllCA
BECAUSE it has a 5 cent fare.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
BECAUSE  it is right ON the new line of the B. C. Elect
ric Railway.
BECAUSE all cars stop at Buena Vltta.
BECAUSE the new palace tram  cars are  A  revelation of
beauty and comfort.
BECAUSE the business man or working man can reach
his home in the least time.
BECAUSE Buena Vista  is within a few minutes walk of
Westminster's main business street.
BECAUSE Buena Vista commands a superb view of Burnaby  Lake, tne Fraser river and    the    mountains
towering in the distance.
BECAUSE there  is no fog at Buena Vista.
BECAUSE there is plenty of pure, fresh air.
BECAUSE Buena Vista has a northeasterly exposure, with
plenty of sunshine.
BECAUSE a fine school, with all grades, will be built at
Buena  Vista. We have cleared two acres for schools.
BECAUSE Buena Vista   is   close    to   extensive    railway
j________________________________JN I     __n
BECAUSE every lot will be cleared ready for building.
BECAUSE all lots have a frontage of 45 feet and are a
depth of 100 feet.
BECAUSE Buena Vista will be enhanced In value by the
development of transportation systems in the
vicinity. i
BECAUSE Buena Vista has beautiful Burnaby Lake, with
its boating and bathing facilities right at its door.
BECAUSE Buena Vista is right in the pathway of New
Westminster's development.
BECAUSE Buena Vista will be covered with houses of individual owners and property will be worth ten
times what it is today in a comparatively short time.
BECAUSE the scarcity of homes in Westminster make it
imperative for every man who rents to build for
BECAUSE   desirable residential    property    is - becoming
scarcer every day.
BECAUSE lots can be secured on terms of only $25 cash,
and $10 a month without interest.
Cleared Lots,45x 100 ft.
TERMS: $25 cash, $10 a month. No Interest
Right in the pathway of Westminster's greatest growth and development.. You can secure a lot now on
terms of $25 cash and
No Interest
 WMt^mm_r    ���     . . ,������ ,���fQ ha�� .-needed out utmqst expectations, and if you would get in on the ground
���_��__..,-- rr~ rrr:s^��-<M^^ f* ���-- -w" ���"��"'9 T* "
door we advise you to act promptly.   Don t wait for   he ceuam sgg
won't annoy you about buying, but leave the decision to you. ,,    .
ict prompuj.   "����"��� "���*"'--���_~.      n)1 ��� UUifi   ���
buying, but leave the decision to you. ^^ ^^ .   -^
���-L-1 ���-*��-  ���      *-~ __ Naw Westmin��tfr Office-613 Columbia St., (ot
Vai couver Office ��� 1108
and   1109 Dominion Trust Building.
Phone 8365
New Westminstfr Office-613 Columbia St., (over Bank of
Phone 687.
Toronto).   H PAGE BIX.
Sports Past and Present
Reviewed, Commended
and Condemned
(Continued trom Pago Five.)
Ing a complimenl to me tn a way, The
in.iu he spoke of was my tut her.
ent, too valuable to allow of my silK'.i.
down and writing stories such as has
been suggested, lu the off-season I
will he pleased lo oblige, and doubtless the Btorlea jusi told as I have
seen them might prove of interest. As
regards the query as to whether I am
the same Wilsmi that refereetl the Coffee Cooler's contest ill was a light all
right), 1 must plead guilty to the
charge. At this writing I cannot give
dale. Imt il  was well, a few years ago.
ANOTHER    "white    hope"    hai
heen iineai'lhetl, I liis time by lhe
Vinci Iran   newspuper    men    in
Lon Ion      Kill  ('base  is  his name, anl
according to the cabled messages he
win iii a w'i'y shell period he ready t.i
meel .lack Johnson and the other
claimants for the crown of the heavy
brigade Help' help! Bill Chase, the
aforesaid, W, n has taken part In so
manv novices' sotnpetitituis in London
during my connection with the spurt
thai in lhe Columns 0( one of the
Journals to which  1  had  the honor t.i
lie attached i was forced to propound
(iu- question: "Whal la an novice?"
and i answered the query myself In
these  words      "An  nn* ice is one who
has taken pari in numberless competitions in tin- National sporting club
and other places, bul who has nol won
an English Championship." Hill Chase
has   heen.   is.   anl   always   will   he    .
good third-rater, in proof of these
statements i mei an old country sport
follower in this citj during the week
nuii told him of the wonderful Hud
over In the Hi. Smoke. "What!" he
fairly screached, "Bill Chase, the
butcher? Why. man. he's heen boxing
for years!" And this is the man who
is going to do things to Johnson, Oh.
for a newspaper censor!
RARELY do I reply to sport correspondence   through   the  mail.
One   correspondent   in  particular, during tlie week has asked that  1
tell  him  on  the quiet  the names of
the world's champions for the past lifteen years for (he purpose of clinching
an argument.   To do this would hardly I
he fair to (he man who has been arguing tlie point with you, A. B., would it?
1 am willing at all times to he of assistance to the readers of (his "dope,"
but must ask (hat on matters of (his
kind all publicity he given to the correspondence. For a number of reasons!
1 print in full a letter which came to
hand  Thursday:     "Hear   Sir���lf   you
are the same It. A. Wilson who   ref-
ereed  the  flglit   hetween   the   Coffee
Cooler and  Fred  Drummond  in  London some years ago, I think you might
write some articles on lights you have
refereed and  witnessed as things of
(his kind would liven up (he pages of
lhe paper and  he a  novelty   in   this
province."  This is truly :i big contract
to ask of me Imt a consultation   with-
my  chief, lhe man who foots the bill.'
was also to his way of thinking, an^l
whilst   1  would like to oblige my cor-1
respondent, time is. at least at  pres-
ERE I leave this subject, I may
be permitted to say something
on thai contest, as ii brings up
the Bubjecl of the life led by the average professional boxer and gives tho
lie direct to those who would have it
Hun n pugilist is a no good member
of society. Frank Craig, better known
to lame as lhe "Coffee Cooler." has
been for many years one of. the best
boxers in the world, and when 1 use
thai word l appreciate the term is a
far-reaching one Year in and year
mil Craig has shown thai he could he
a professional boxer and at lhe same
time conduct himself as a gentleman
antl 1 defy anyone to poinl a linger at
Craig ami class him with being a non-
tryer or a coward. Craig is a colored
man. luu he is one of the whitest black
men 1 have ever Been. This may seem
paradoxical but analyze it and you win
gel at my meaning, Drummond al the
time lie met Craig was a youngster at
the game, bul his backers saw a big
future lor him and matched bim over
(he long route with tlle coon. Although
l dislike the term tight, it has unfortunately to he used on this occasion,
as although 1 hint' been the third man
in the ring many scores of times this
was one of. if not the hardest battles 1
lune ever figured in. What was not
going to he done with me by the respective partisans of tlie principals in
the event of the bout going to a decision was a shame. When the bout,
tight, call it what you will, did conclude with Drumm'ond winning, I bore
more resemblance to a stuck pig
which liad escaped from (he slaughter
house than a human being. Although
that contest took place many years
ago Craig is still (he we'1-dressed,
well-behaved, quiet man he was when
he flrsl went to London and met
Frank Slavin.
can see in my mind's eye, tliose who
whilst posing as amateurs, are making
not only a good living hut a fat and
lucrative tine travelling from place to
place throughout (he season and competing against bona tide amateurs
those who go in for the branch of
sport for tlle sake of their love for
Ihai sport. W'e thought the day nl
shady amateurism was past when the
A. A. A. suspended Shrubb, Bradley,
ami that contemporaneous school, but
there slill are in England a hunch of
s- called    amateurs    who   should,    be
forced into retirement. And on the
question of lacrosse amateurs! What
is aii amateur?
YESTERDAY 1 had some interesting chats with lea Iers in the
lacrosse world of Westminster,
on the question of amateur standing
of the players antl to use an Irishism,
tlie more I thought of (lie matter, the
less I thought of it. I want to say
righl here that I how to no man in
my appreciation of an amateur, and
having for a long period had much to
do with amateurs ANI) amateurs, I
know- just something of tlie workings
behind the scenes. In the old cou.i-
ttry, there is a class of athlete who, if
his records were enquired into, in the
manner they should be, would he looking for some kind of job where he
could hide his head and hi I himself
good-bye for the rest  of his life.     I
ONE is an amateur who has
never, etc.. etc. You all know
ibe remainder of (hat time worn
rule laitl down by the governing
boilies of sporl the world over, and 1
will   mil   take  up  lhe  time  In  give  lu
detail the wording, but what i do
want, ami that badly, is in quote the
proviso in the rules of ihe B, C, A. L,
0.:       "Article      VI.     ...     it    sliall,
however be lawful for an amateur to
compete with or against a professional
without   detriment   to   his   amateur
standing." Who was responsible for
ihat proviso being Introduced into the
rule book? The whole thing is so
ridiculous as to he stupid, if an amateur lacrosse player takes part in a
game or games wilh one who Is paid
for playing thai game or these games
lie, the amateur, must Ipso facto he-
cuiiie likewise a professional. This
must surely appeal to the sober-
minded rentier as a logical conclusion. I am told that formerly the B.
C. A. L. A, was strictly an amateur
one. In tlie fall of 11>0S they applied to
tlie A, A. F. O. C. for membership ami
were admitted, hut previous (o that
time tliey were not allowed to play
witli or against professionals without
endangering their amateur stadis, hut
the A. A. F. O. C. on consideration of
all the points gave a ruling that by
playing witli or against professionals
did not warrant these amateurs being
disqualified. Fred Lynch tells me that
the reason for this move was that
the clubs in the east who had held the
Minto cup were all permitted to play
in the series, against professionals
and the law must hold here. When
tlie Westminster team did lilt the
Minto cup the B. C. A. A. 1'. stipulated
that tlie clubs affiliated tti that organization must abide hy the strict letter
of the amateur reading, hut this the
Salmon Bellies and tit her western
clubs aver they could not do as if,
and watch the argument adduce', with
an amateur cluh and with absolutely
local men, it would he impossible to
face on the field the strum; professional players who would be brought
from the east to endeavor to take the
trophy back in that direction again.
Mr. 1.Mich's own words are: "After
winning tlie cup we would have to tle-
fen.l it wiili professionals." .lust how
this comes to pass I cannot figure out.
1 contend that striking an average
the amateur In any branch of Bport is
as    cod  and  very often  in manv   in
stances a belter exponent (ban the
mun who gains openly a paymenl lor
services   rendered.     In   proof  of   this
hold statement l would ask he who
reads these lines lo spend half an
hour in going through the record
YEARS, mid there will be found figures and facts to uphold my points.
Il   has heen Btated ihut  the Salmon
Hellies wish  lo be amateurs, bill  they
say that undei' existing circumstances
tliey cannot afford lo be. Did any sane
man ever hear such a lame excuse,   n
has been riimtu oil Ihat al the lasl general meeting of the B, C. a. l. a. a
motion io delete the word "amateur"
from the association's publications und
laws was carried, bul on Investigation
1  find tbat  Ibis was not  Ihe case.    Al
tiie meeting to be held in Vancouver
this month a motion to that effect will,
I liave every reason to believe, be put,
to the delegates for their consideration antl ihose who love sport whether
II be amateur or professional will hope
that the different representatives then
gathered will pass without any undue
deliberations tbe motion when It crops
up. Let us have one of two things, lull
do not pretend to be what you are not.
Mr. Lynch in many points is with mo
anil he made a confession when he
stated that if lhe lacrosse players of
this  association    went   to    any  other
part of the world and endeavored to
take pari in an amateur sport Ihai
they would by virture of having played
witli or against a professional, be
classed ns one.
This surely makes lhe ease as clear,
if not clearer, than 1 have done.
i Nobody dislikes a professional when
he comes out urn) says he is such, but
it is a travesty on tlie word "amateur"
When that amateur gets paid for his
services, lt does not matter a brass
button that the members of this team
do not get a tlxed salary, but receive
something which takes a monetary
format tlie end of thc season. The very
fact of getting tbat something When
the season closes is my point and
without a shadow of a doubt (hey are
professionals out and out. I am imt
kicking at any men being professionals, 1 include many friends in the paid
ranks. 1 was one myself once, but 1
was always man enough to acknowledge it.
UNLESS   something   unforeseen
happens between tin1 publicatl in
of these notes    and    night  fad
there will  be something    slin ing    In
j howling annals this afternoon, as with
a view to make (lie game of bowling
��� more popular in this city my chief bin
��� organized a team to meet a quintette
'. trom the Beaver cigar factory, lt lias
j been arranged that every member of
' the teams shall never have handled a
howl before. From the games which
j l have witnessed it has been brought
j home to me (hat this is a game which
calls for strength, agility anil a degree of skill. Tlie proprietors of the
Front stree( alleys have been warned
and"'tlierefore li'wouldbe  well  that   ���    S F D V I f P C ���
something ln that direction be done as.f   M �� i\ T  1 Vj ��, JJ i
the damage is certain to be heavy.     |;A&A___���__  I
that the game is scheduled, as
those responsible for the llxture fee!
(hut the men who own the place
Bhould be protected in some way. Insurance ls not very high In (his city
������������������������������������������������*������� ���
(Changes for this
^^^^^^     copy has be,,, tu,-,.,
iii by the pastor oi other
Sunday, March
M. A.
A., as
lniiiiion;   11
SWIMMING  will  with the   com ,.,.���,..��� ,,,,. ,,,i      i
ing of that lank ln the V. M. C ' J^"8" [0r*      ('ohl"��' must   ,���.
A.  building take a  new   lease of   "'" W- or telephoned lo. thla ,
life in Westminster, and I for one,-will ,J l'-111- on Fridays.   The ���
follow tbe watery sport with the keen- any church notice trom tl
est Interest, a* I take Becond place to indicates that m
nn man  tn my appreciation of   the
benefits to bq derived from the   participation in the damp element. Years
ago���mote years than I care to con-1
fe ib   i  represented my native   Boot-
land against the swimming demons of
England, and hail the honor to be tho
onlv  braw   wee Scot  to swim wilh anil
against fourteen nations In the Seine
in Paris, fourteen years ago, this being my last time in (lie iliild for competitive purposes, all hough 1 even
after   my   suspension    by   llie    ruling
amateur hotly wus actively engaged endeavoring to Impart to others some ot
that knowledge whicli I gained In early
boyhood, Miss Grace Goddard, who 's
in ihe city during the season Instructing In physical culture, is a water
nymph of no mean standing, and in her
native Birmingham, was a few years
ago a match lor many of the sterner
sex when ii came to arguments in tho
tank, li is the Intention of Miss Goddard to organize classes for learnecs
in the natatorial art, and arrangements are under way witli Ihat end In
view, either at the Y. M. C. A. or the
Columbian college. '
OF     Tiik     [I0, .
TRINITY-Rev. Canon G. C ���i ,.,
rector;  iter. George  \   \\
���\��� assistant curate  S a. m
^^^^^^fc.m.,  malins,   holy
miinltin and    sermon;    : 30
school; 7 p.in., evensong and sermon
GIN,   Sapperton- 2:30   p m,   Sundaj
school;  7 p.m.. evensong ami sermon
Ven.     Archdeacon     Pentreath
PAL���Rev, A   Deli. Owen rectoi   Sei
vice at   11   a. in   and  7  ],   m
school ui 2:30 p m.; divine   ���
Wednesday at   11  a in .    Mo
ject, "Elijah's Translation
"Come Ye Apart and Resi   \ ���
ficv. A. V. li,k.
er, pastor. Services 11 a.m nnd :
p.m. Sunday school at :. n p.m,
Midweek prayer meeting ���,:. v., .-.
day at eight o'clock. Mornlni ibjecl
"How to Get Strong." Kvani ��� , ���
Willie, of Vancouver, will preach in
boy  was pulled off last ��� the evening.
The  closest   bowling  match   played
on   the  local alleys since the oldest
timer  was a    	
night, when the Hank of Montreal
nosed oul a victory from the Peoples'
Trust team, winning out by the
featherweight majority of five pins,
'llie balance of power shifted from
tint1 team to tlie other from beginning
to end of (he mlxup, the issue being at 8 p
in doubt at the stall ami half a minute before the linish, and all the lime
in between,
'1 hfse   were   the   heroes,   nnd   these
(lie things tliey did:
Peoples' Trust.
Rev. K. S.
vices at 1 I
meeting at
2:30 p. in
Okell, H.a., !��� isti Ser^
a iii. antl 7 p.m. Cl iss
lo a.m. Sundav Bcho il
Epworth league, Monday,
Prayer meeting, V ���
day at s pin. Morning Bubject, "The
Message of Obadlah"; evening, "Hut.'
McLeod   -���
Burden     .
. .143
. ,126
. .166
Services   at   11   a.   m.   ami  7  p. m,
Sunday  school    at    2:30    pin.   Bei
:'.    Til    Ave.   .lames (!.  Keid,  III,    actin      past   .
ill ��� ::.";   119  Morning subject, "Joseph  thi  Dn
91���316���106 er":   evening.   "Faith   Fund
166���466   166 j Bible class Bubject, "The Pa
I.i   lie   . .
Bank   of
ITS ���177
2 :������ TH
i.i��� :'.:is
1 lo
1 r'�� 1
ST. BARNABAS���Holy communion.
I at s a.in'; morning prayi
! sermon at  11 a.m.; Sunda
A\ !��� ' 2 .'.a pm . e\ enlng ; I
135 : al   7   p.m      Uev.   K.   R    Bartl tt, .V \.
132 will preach.
132 ���Rev. .1. s. Henderson   pa        Sen
2010 school antl  Hible class   al    -
. ACT -ffKlfga
Today, Saturday, March 4, of A, S- Mills
& Go's new clothing store, exclusively
for Men at 517 Columbia Street.
IN announcing this memorable day for our House of "Fashion-Craft" we
wish to state, it will be our aim to show the finest, exclusive stock of
Clothing and Men's Wear on the coast; embracing the latest patterns and
models that art and the past-masters of "Fashion-Craft" can suggest.
We cordially invite you to call on us this evening, and await your
criticism.   Orchestra in attendaiice.H________HIHH^IIll^^H^IHH
A. S
ills, Manager
(Late of Reid & Co.)
. e*
Westminster Land  District.  Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Edward Hawkins,
. Vancouver, occupation bookkeeper,
���Huso   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
imercing at a post planted on
, boach 0n the east side of lhe
\ ' memnon channel and joining T. L.
'. [i9fl6 mi the noi Hi wide and mark-
i award Hawkins; S. W. corner,
*"' ",. !������ 60 cliains to lino of limit
''���'! ,, L3| thenco N. 60 chains along
��� '    ,   beach, thence south und wesl
1 ''     beach to place   of   com nee
ai    :    ��� | containing 80 acres more in
to apply   for   permission   to
the    following    described
mission to purchase the tollowlng described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Pemberton Trail in.
miles north Of Qreen Lake, Ihence
wesl 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 cliains, thence north
80 chains to poinl of commencement,
being northeasi comer POb| 0f lot applied tor, containing 640 acres more or
\; cut tor Mary Augusta Bridge.
February 20, mil.
member 28, 1910.
ihat Cecil Klllam, of
li. t'., occupation barrister
intends to apply for perinis
purchase the following de-
ng  at  a  post   planted on
Westminster  Land  District
trist of New Westminster
Take notice
at law,
lii nil    1"
I'uiuliiellC ^^^^^^^^
,,      each about  IU  miles
'    'l '������mon t. Jervis  Inlet, and
t10   ,,,   ������('.   Killam's   Northwest   Coi-
east   20   chains,   tlience
chains,    tlience    west    20
Der    thence
JjjJ   more or less, to head,, thence
, alon.
Ol '   ' ,,!l'"1
i,   ��� or less.
beach to place
and containing
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE that Anna -Maud
Duggan, of Vancouver, occupation
widow, intends to apply for peiniis
sion to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Pemberton  Trail  1%
miles in a northerly direction from
Qreen Lake, thence north 80 chains,
tlience easl. 40 cliains, thence south 80
chains,   Ihence   west   40   chains   to    a
poinl of commencement, being south
west corner post of lot applied for,
containing 320 acies mure ori'ess.
Agenl   for  Anna  Maud  Dun. an.
February 20, 1811.
.1. a. lkwis, Agent,
November lii). 11)10.
we.   Westminster Land  District.  Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice  that Clint   E.  Dicker-
.       : Vancouver, B. <".. occupation
. ,���, intends to apply tor per-
,.      |  to purchase the following de
��� :.'������! lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
h in Billings Bay, Nelson Is-
nd joining P. R. No, hits and
"C.  E.  Dlckerman's   North-
thence south CO chains,
I ..  ,    ...,   ,   80  cliains,  thence  nortli
i      more or less to   beach,
, ,   .     , terly along beach to place
i:. ement, and oi ntalnlng 320
i   ,. more or less.
.1. A. LEWIS, Agent.
��� ,. November "8, 19) o.
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE thai .Mamie A.
kins, of Vancouver, occupation
lied woman, intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following
lands: Commencing at a post plant
ed on the west, side of Green River
and four cliains nortli of Green Lake,
thence wesl su chains, thence nortli
Mi chains, tlience east SO cliains,
thence south 80 chains to point of
commencement, being southwest cor
ner post of lot applied for, containing
640 acres more or less.
Agent for Maud A. Hopkins.
February 20, 1911.
tlience east. 80 chains, tlience north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south SO chains to the point of commencement, and containing 040 acres
more or less.
By I). O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February   IT,  1911.
New Westminster Lund District
trict of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, C. A. c.ry.i-
daie, of Vancouver, occupation insurance manager, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
desci ibed lands: Commencing at a
post planted about half mile nortli of
T. L. lot L976 and two miles west of
Haslam lake, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, ihence north so chains to the
point of commencement, and containing 6 10 acres  more or less.
By D, O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February  IT, 1911.
TRICT���District   of   New Westmin-! 	
ster, B. C���Take notice that I, C. 0,1     [!e lot "'��� block 16, Murray's Addi-
Svedmark, of   Tulameen,   occupation ''"����� *��wn of Port Moody:
mill owner, intends lo apj.lv for per-      Whereas proof of the loss of certni-
mlsslon to purchase the following do-;1""" "' "tle No  6620A, issued in tho
Bcribed  lands' name oi Sara Anne Maclure, has been
Commencing at a post planted about fllecl '" lllis ollice.
three miles distant, and in a north- Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
westerlv direction from Haslam Lake, al llie expiration of one month from
thence east so chains, thence south the ,lale of the f'"'st publication here-
so chains, thence west so chains, of> ,n a dft.ny newspaper published ln
thence north so chains to the point of Kbe l'"y oI New Westminster, issue a
commencement,   and   containing   640 duplicate-of the said certificate, unless
Mr. and Mrs. II. R, Davidson leave
today  for  Honolulu, where they  will
spend a mont
acres more or less.
D. O'HARA, Agent.
February 17th, 1911.
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
takk NOTICE that I, Charles A.
Bodie, of Vancouver, occupation
broker, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following <le-
Bcribed lands: Commencing at a post,
planted about IU miles north of T. L.
lot 1976 and two miles west of Haslam lake, thence west SO chains,
tlience north SO chains, thence east 80
chains, tlience soutli 80 chains, to tlie
poini of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or less.
By D. O'Hara, Agent.
Dated  February  IT.  1911.
NKW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster, li.C.���Take notice that I, Herman
Thorsen, of Vancouver, occupation
marine engineer, Intends to apply tor
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing al
in   the  meantime  valid  objection
made to me in writing.
('.  S.  Keith
District Registrar of Tii les
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. O, February 13, Hill.
Re lots 14, IB, HI and IT of lots T, 39
and 40, suburban block ii. map 610,
in the City of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certl(1-
a post planted about cate of title number 10511F, issued in
Mr. Walter Cotton is in Victoria for
a short time.
*   a   a
The young ladies of the Gymnasium
club ga\e another of their jolly little
dances in St. George's ball on Monday evening.
*        ��       a-
The many friends of Mr. Harry Mc-
.M ;i rt in. who underwent a very serious operation in Victoria last week,
will be pleased to hear he Is mak
very favorable progress towards
two and one-half miles south of T. L.Ithe name of .lames Kosebrough Lawr.v
lot  1368, and one mile east of Haslam | has heen filet
Lake,  thence  east  SO chains,  tlience
^^ in tills office. ^^^^^
 . Js hereby given that I shall,
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, at tlie expiration of one month from
mins, to the point of | the date of the first publication hereof,
tlience north 80 c      _^^^^_^^___^_^_^^^^___________^_^^^^^^^^_
commencement,   and   containing   640 Iln a daily newspaper published in tlie
acres more or less. City of    New  Westminster,    issue    i
HERMAN  THORSEN.      duplicate of tlie said certificate, unless
D. O'HARA, Agent. I In the meantime valid   objection   be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., February 3.
February 17th, 1911.
NKW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster, II. ('.���Take notice that I, A. L.
Belyea, of Vancouver, occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted abotie
1% miles nortli of T. L. lot
1.76 and two miles west of Haslam
Lake,  thence  east SO
Invitations are out for the marriage
of Miss Ella Cotton to Mr. William
Russell, at Holy Trinity on Thursday,
March IT. A reception will be held
alter the service at the residence of
the bride's parents on First street.
���    *    ���
Mrs. Gaiivreau was the hostess at a
very smart luncheon on Tuesday, complimentary to Miss Cotton. Covers
were laid for eight, the center piece
being a profusion of daffodils. The
guests were Miss Cotton, Miss Muriel
Cotton. Miss Corbould, Miss Freese,
Miss Homer, Mrs. Ardagh and Mrs.
Sutherland. A very enjoyable afternoon was spent in fortune telling.
a    a   a
After the laying of tlie cornerstone
at the Mental hospital at Coquitlam
on Saturday, Hon. Dr. H. E. Young
entertained the lieutenant-governor
and party at a box party at tlie Vancouver Opera  house.      Dr.   Doherty,
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE thai Lionel K. Haw-
eis, of Vancouver, occupation photographer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west   side   of   Pemberton   Trail,
New Westminster Land District,
trict cf New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE tbat 1, Mabel
Paige,   of   New   Westminster,  occupation married  woman, intend to apply
tor i emission to purchase the following described lands
a i osl planted about two miles nortli
of T. L. lot 916 on the west shore of
Haslam lake, ihence west 80 chains,
tlience south so chains, thence east
80 chains, tlience north SO chains to
the point of commencement, and con-
Under Instructions from the owners: was also of the party,
chains,  tlience1 there will be offered for sale by public; ���    ���   *
north    SO    chains,    thence    west   80   auction on Saturday, tlie 25th day ofj     Mrs.   Ramsay,   of   Chilliwack
March,  11)11, at  the  houi-    of    three { the week-end  guest   of  Mrs.
o'clock in the afternoon at the office j Hrvmner.
of   S.  A.  Cawley,  Chilliwack,  British! *    *    *
Columbia, by S. A. Cawley, auctioneer,.     Mrs.  Marshall   Kngiish   is
the following property, namely. her parents in Victoria.
All and singular that certain parcel! fe  spending a few days
or tract of land and premises situate  Hot Springs.
| lying and being in the county of West-| *    *    ��
minster,   in   the   province   of   Britisli
ehains, ihence south SO chains, to tho
point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
February 17th, 1911.
TRICT���District   of   New  Westmin
Commencing at  gter, B. C.���Take notice th
it I, Charles
miles  north  of  Green  Lake,   thence taining 640 acres more or less
Ntf, Westminster Land District. Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take m tli e that Leslie L. Dicker-
man, ol Vancouver, B. c, occupation
lumberman, intends to apply for peril .���-Ion tc purchase the following de-
b  Ibed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the beach on west side of Sechelt In-
:id at the northeast corner of
i ��� No 2721 nl marked "L. l. Dick-
erman Northwest Corner," tin nee
E   th j ns, thence east 20 chains,
thence south  BO  chains,  tlience  east
��� ��� or less to the beach,
thence ninth and west alon
commencement   and
ai rea more or less.
l.KSLIK I     	
.1. A. LKWIS, Agent
Pate November 29. 1910.
north B0 cliains, thence east SO chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to ihe point of commencement, being the southwest corner post
���if lot applied for, containing 040
acres more or less.
i Signed i WILLIAM   LKWIS,
A cent  for Lionel  K. Haw eis
February 20, 1911.
New Westminster Land District
trict of New Westminster.
TAKK    NOTICE    thai    Gerald    E.
Biidge, of Vancouver, occupation master mariner, intends to apply for permission io purchase the following de-
Bcrlbed lands:    Commencing at a post
planted  on  Green    River,    Pemberton
Trail, four miles north of Green Lake,
thence north Su cliains. thence east 80
beach to| chains, thence south SO chains, thence
Soiey, of Vancouver, occupation hrok-| Columbia, and being the westerly fifty- Miss Marion Martin was the hostess
er. intends to apply tor permission to eight 158) acres of lot three hundred at a most, enjoyable matinee bridge on
purchase tlie following described und eighty-three (383), group two (2), Thursday, in honor of Miss Cotton.
lands: j more particularly    described    as   foi-  Five tables were arranged, the highest.
Commencing at a post planted about' lows: score at each receiving a most dainty
two miles south of T. L. 1031, and on| Commencing at the northwest cor- prize. The fortunate winners were
the east shore of Haslam Lake, thence' ner of said lot on the soutli bank of Mrs. Ardagh, Mrs. Gauvreau, Miss
east SO chains, thence north SO Hope slough, thence soutli following Briggs, Miss MacGowan and Miss
chains, thence west SO cliains, thence' the west boundary of said lot IHofi Nora Armstrong. Mrs. A. Malins pre-
souih 80 chains, to tlie point of com-1 links to the southwest corner of said Bided at a very charming tea tahle
mencement, aud containing 040 acres,'lot,  thence  east  following  the south   which was a mass of daffodils.   Others
,  I more or less. [boundary  of  the  said  lot  1700  links,   present   were   Mrs.    Yuengling,    Mrs.
New Westminster Land District.   Dis- CHARLES  SOLKY.       thence north  :U18 links to the soutn   Richardson.    Mrs.    George    Brymner,
trict of New Westminster. February lTth, 1911. j bank of Hope slough, thence westerly , Mrs.   Diamond,   Mrs.  Cotton.   Mrs.    T.
T\rr  NOTICE thu   I   Isabella Mc- ��� '  I following the  south    hank    of    Hope   Stillwell Clute, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs.
,���    i      i     f  v���r,i",  Van,���,',,,ver   ncrana.   \F\V   WESTMINSTER    I  Wll    ms ' slough to the point of commencement., Cambie. Mrs. Coulthard, Mrs. Greame,
Farland' "7��� ^l     nit 'CS Er       TilCT-Sicf^'V-ew^stmlt!     TERMS     OF     SALE.-Twenty.flve. Mn,   Gracey    Miss  Ladner   (Vancou-
u *.   (������Take notice that 1   Peter   (25>  Per cent- of the Purchase money ��� ver).   Miss    Corbould,    Miss    Perdue
C.  .lensen. of  Seattle. Wash., occupa-   l�� be P;lid in, ����b at the time of the , (Winnipeg)     Miss    De    Wolf    Smith,
tion  broker, intends to appiv for per-, s*le and the balance within thirty (30) 5 M1bb   Muriel   Cotton,   Miss   Leighton
' days   thereafter   without   interest,
Dated February IT, 1911.
tion married  woman       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
for permission to purchase tiie follow-  ster
lng described lands:    Commencing at
a post  1 lanted ahout half mile south
of  T.  L.  lot  Kills  and one mile east
of Haslam lake, thence east 80 chains,
thencp south so chains, thence west So
chains, thence north SO chains to the
poinl  of  commencement, and containing 640 acres more or less. j north SO cliains, tlience east Su chains
ISABELLA MCFARLAND, | thence   south   So  chains,  to point  ot
By D. O'Hara, Agent. 1 commencement,   and   containing   040
mission to purchase the following de-
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
three miles northwest of Haslam
Lake, thence  west SO chains, thence
or,, (Vancouver) and Miss Peele.
Dated February 17, 1911.
containing   3
New Westminster Land District.
trict of New Westminster.
TAKK NOTICK that Margaret
Ethel Matthews, of San Jose, occupation wiiluw, intends to apply fo1' I101'"
mission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
i nted on the west side of the Cheak-
amtis river and one mile north of
Daisy Lake, ihence west   40 chains
west So chains to point of commence-!
ment, heing southwest corner post ot j
lot applied for, containing 040 acres
more or less.
Agent for Gerald E. Bridge
February 20, 1911.
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster,
TAKK  NOTICE that  Molly  McCla
rey, of Vancouver, occupation milliner, intends to apply for permission to
purchase     the     following
lands:    Commencing at a post planted
Pemberton   Trail,  2U,   miles
en Lake, thence north 80
011   the
thenco north 160 chains, thenc^eastj nort^o ^Jj-^ g0 chains, thence
chains, thence west 80 chains
40 chains, ihence soui.��   ���     ..  xo
alonn the Cheakamus river to point of, souin s    7     -^encement, belng the
commencement, being southwest cor-,, ��u^st corner post, containing-640
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Clinton P.
McCormick, of Vancouver, occupation
broker, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a poet planted
about two miles south of T. L. lot 1031,
on the east shore of Haslam lake,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains, thence
       .north 80 chains to the point of com-'
described i mencement. and containing 640 acres
more or less.
By D. O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February 17, 1911.
acres, more or less.
D.  O'HARA, Agent
February 17th, 1911.
Miss Cotton was also the honored
guest at a smart function given by
Mrs. T. J. Armstrong on Friday afternoon. The drawing rooms were
brightly decorated with spring blossoms.     Progressive   hearts   was    en-
ner post of lot applied for, containing 1BO       ^^ ^ ^
320 acres more or less. |C,'   .^
(Signed* wm.T.TAM T.T8WIS.   I    (Signed)
Agent for Margaret Ethel Matthews.
February '^o, 1911,
Agent for Molly McClarey.
February 20, 1911. ,
���plicati      ^^^^^
the "Water Act, itiuy," to oDtaia a
cense in the Westminster Division ot
New Westminster Distiict:
(a) The name of Company in full���
1 The Glen Rose Canning Company Lini-
' ited.
1    The head office���New Westminster,
B. C.
The capital, how divided, showing
amount paid up���$25,000 divided into
$2500 of $10 each, of which 1450 shares
are issued and paid up.
  (b)    The name of the lake, stream
New Westminster Land District.   Dis- or source (if unnamed, tbe description
trict of New Westminster. Is)���Unnamed    stream    on    Lot    17,
TAKE   NOTICE   that   I,   John   E.  Group   2, New   Westminster  district,
Crawford, of   Vancouver,    occupation  flowing into Fraser river.
at the option of the purchaser, the
balance may he paid in three (8) equal
instalments at the end of one (1). two
(2) and three ['���',) years respectively
from the date of the sale with interest
on the deferred payments at the rate
of seven iT) per cent, per annum.
For  further  particulars  and  condi- _
tions of sale apply to the auctioneer joyed for a couple of hours after which
or to the solicitors and agents for the dainty refreshments were served. The
vendors. hostess was assisted in looking after
J. H. Bowes, solicitor, Royal  Bame: her  guests   by   her   daughter.    Miss
building,    Chilliwack,    B.C.,   or   hie  Nora, Mfss De Wolf Smith, Miss Mu-
agents, riel   Cotton,   Miss    Martin    and    the
Wade, Whealler, McQuarrie & Mar-' Misses Brown.    The guests Included
tin,   room   20   Williams   building,  413  Mrs. G.  E. Corbould, Mrs. Charleson,
Notice Is hereby given that an ap-f Granville street, Vancouver, B. C, or (Mrs.   George   Brymner,   Mrs.   James
ication will be made under Part V. of I to Taylor, Harvey & Baird, solicitors,.! Brymner, Mrs. Beatfy, Mrs. Yuengling,
1009," to obtain a li-) room 37 Williams building. 413 Oram-j Mrs.    Gauvreau      "
viile street, Vancouver, B.C. |
Dated the lst day of March, 1911.
Taylor,   Harvey,    Baird    &   Grant,
Solicitors for the Vendors.
���      E.
^   occupation
station agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted ahout 2% miles south of T. L
___________________________________ _.,     New Westminster Land District. ^^^
New Westminster Land District.    Dis- trjct of New Westminster.
tnct of New Westminster. TAKE   NOTICK   that   Georgina   A
TAKK NOTICE that Kate Corey, of,       'klns'   'of    Vancouver,   occupation! Jj^ go chains, thence west 80 chains
Vancouver,   occupation    saleswoman,| atano-yapher, intends to apply forJ>er-1 yjenoe south 80 chains to the point
(c) The point of diversion���U about
200 feet from its mouth at the Fraser river on said Lot 17.
(d) Tlie quantity of water  applied
iot I0O8 nnd one mile east of Haslam  for (in cubic feet ]ier   secon(i)
lake,  thence east  80  chains^ thence  tenth of one cubk. foot
(e)    The character of the  proposed
:,i'' ni b 'o apply for permission to pur-
'   tho following described   lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho
line of lot 107 on Summit, Lake,
thence west  ���to chains, thence south
M chains, thence east  40   chains   to
Bummli Lake, (hence north along the
llk' '"��� point of commencement, being
tbe northeasi corner post of lot   ap-
Piled : 1   containing 320 acres more or
Agent for Kate Corey.
Pel ruary 20, 1911.
' stenogr. ,.,.v ��� ���****^__mmm ^^^_
I mission to purchase the following do- j ~~~ "-"-  - containing 640
,b...l l.nds:    t ommenclng at a post! &(Xm mmjm legg
planted   at   thc   southwest
lot  2105 and thence north
thence west  10 chains
40  chains,  thence
j point of co mm
I west  corner  post
New Westminster Land District.
trict of New Westminster.
TAKK NOTICE that Reginald  Fitzgerald Sargent,  of   Vancouver, occu-
broker, Intends to apply for per-. j.imi8-.
corner   of
40 chains
thence   south
  east  40 chains   to
eneement, heing south-
^^^^^^    of lot applied   to,',
containing 160 acres, more or less.
Agent  for Georgina A. Hopkins.
February 80, I I'll
New Westminster Land District.   District of New Westminster.
I     TAKK NOTICK that I, Samuel    S.
I Auss, of Vancou.er, occupation broker
Intends  to  apply  for  permission    '
i purchase     the
By D. O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February 17, 1911.
works���Dam, pipe or flume and pump
(f) The premises on which the;
water is to he used (describe samel-
Cannery and buildings on Lot 17
Group 2, known as tlie Industrial Can
(g) The purposes for which the
water is to he used���Industrial and domestic purposes.
tj) Area of Crown land Intended to
be occupied by the proposed works���
1     tk)    This notice was posted on the
! 15th day of February, 1911, and appli-
Gold Watcles for L*dl*s from |1fc75
Silver Watches,   genu*   open t������
Silver Watches, gents' open   case,
17.50 up. _     _���_���,
Agent   tor   Waltham   and     *****
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
_    t0
following    described
       Commencing at a post planted
mission to purchase the fbilowlng de | ubout  1%   miles  north  of  T. L,, lot
���cribed lands:   Commencing at a post   1978| und two miles west of l��m
Panted  at   tlie  southwest  corner   of   lakc,  thence  east  80   chains   ine me
lr" 2106, thence east 20 chains, thence  B0,lth 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
"���"th   50   ehains,   thence   west   60  Uience north 80 chains to the Foint^oi
chains, thence north 10 chains, thence commencement,   and   containing
'"'st 411 chains, thence nortli 40 chains  acres more or less
Int of commencement, being the
New Westminster Land District. District of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Vernon V.
Rood of Vancouver, occupation miner,
intend to apply for permission to pur
chase the following described lands-
Commencing at a post planted about cation will be made to the Commis-,
three miles north of T. L. lot 916 onjblotter on the 20th day of March, 1911.
the west shore of Haslam lake, thenco- (i) Give the names and addresses
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains. 0f any riparian proprietors or licensees
thence south 80 chains, thence    ea3t  wi,0 or whose lands are likely to be a
to p<	
northwest corner post of lot applied I
'Wi containing 140 acres more or less.]
Agent  for   Reginald   Fitzgerald   Sar-
February 20, 1911. ^^^^^
By D. O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February 17, 1911.
80 chains to the point of commence
ment. and containing 640 acres, more
By D. O'Hara, Agent.
Dated February 17, 1911.
fected by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet���None.
Attach copy of such rarts   of the
Company's   memorandum  of associa-
New Westminster Land District
trlct of New Westminster,
New Westminster Land District,
trict of New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE that I.   William   ,T.
Dick, of North Vancouver, occupation
broker, Intend to apply for permission
to purchase  the  following described
tion as authorize the proposed application and works.
The   Qlen   Rose   Canning   Company
(Signature)   J. M. McDonald,
(P. O. Address)   New Westminster
Copy of part of Company's memorandum of association:
(g)   To   record,   divert,   take   and
, TAKE NOTICE that Mary Augusta  lands:   Commencing at a post planted
Bridge, of Vancouver, occupation mar   about one mile' "M^ ��J3' Jg,}^
"'I woman, Intends to apply for per- on the east shore of Lane
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���District of New Westminster, B. C��� Take notice that I Carl
Wolf, of Vancouver, occupation broker
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poBt planted about
three miles distant and In a northwesterly direction from Haslam Lake,| 	
thence west 80 chains, thence south, carry away, water from any   steam,
80  chains,   thence   east   80   chains,'river and lake ln the Province of Brit
thence north 80 chains to the point of ish Columbia, for the use of their bu-i
commencement   and   containing   640 ness, and for that purpose  to  erect,
acres more or less. build, lay and maintain   dams, aque-
CARL WOLF.      ducts, flumes, or other conduit pipes
D. O'HARA, Agent, and   to seU   or otherwise dispose of
February 17th, 1911. the same.
Train  Service New
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
10:30���From Vancouver and Agassiz.
12:10���From Montreal, Kootenay
and Okanagan.    (No. 97).
17:05���From Vancouver.    (No. 90).
19:20���From Vancouver, Seattle and
22:50���From Winnipeg and   Nicola.
(No. 1).
8:30���To   Vancouver,   Seattle,   Nicola and Winnipeg.
11:00���To Vancouver.    (No. 97).
15:55���To Okanagan, Kootenay and
Montreal (No. 96).
17:50���To Agassiz and Vancouver.
21:40���To Vancouver.    (No. 1).
^^^^^^^^^IMrs.    Cotton.    Mrs.
Sutherland, Mrs. O. B. Corbould, Mrs.
I Artfagh, Mfes Corbould, Miss Perdue,
Miss  Marion   Martin,  Mfss  Leighton,
I Miss Ladner (Vancouver), Miss Armstrong, Mfss Leamy, Miss Lewis, Mrs.
J. H. Jones, Mfss Keary and Miss Annandale.
���   ���   *
The Browning club gave a most delightful entertainment in St. Patrick's
hall on Tuesday evening.   Miss Lillian
. Burns' readings showed she was thor-
J oughly at home ln her work.   The can-
tilations    "The   Happy   Prince"   and
"The Lady of Shalot,"   Mrs.   Pearson
at the piano, were particularly beauti-
. fui,  and  her little Scotch  and   Irish
I recitations were very bright and taking.    In the second part of the   program   "Cranford." by   Mrs.   Gadskill
was given, by members of the Browning club, Miss Burns taking the part
of   Miss  Matilda  Jenkyns.    The  setting of the stage was perfect in carrying out the old styles in   that period,
and made a harmonious background to
the old-fashioned costumes worn   by
those taking part.    Among those enjoying the evening were Dr. and Mrs.
Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Major, Mrs. Harry
Major, Mrs.  Allen Grant,  Mrs.   J. C.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon,
Mrs. and Miss Watson, Mr. and Mrs.
Lee,  Mr. and  Mrs. Cliff,  Mrs. J.   S.
Clute, Mr,  and  Mrs. G.  E. Corbould,
Charles  Seymour,   Mrs.  Briggs,
Mrs.     _���_,
I Mrs. Green, Mrs. McQuarrie,   Mrs.   u.
I A. Lewis. Mrs. Brydges and Mrs. Tot-
���       1       r.
At the production of "Rip Van Winkle" In aid cf St. Mary's hospital on
Monday evening, the largest audience
of the season was assembled.   A number of theater parties were given, followed by gay little shippers.   The performers all took their parts admirably, and especially the acting of little  Miss  Noel  Armstrong and   Miss
Bessie Henderson, was worthy of note.
A very bright feature of the program
was the  song and  dance   given   by
Mrs,   Ed.ly, assisted   by   Miss   Nora
Armstrong, the Misses  Martin, Miss
Cannor, Mr. Shannon, Mr. Smith, Mr.
W. Keary and Mr. Turner.
Gen. Pass. Agent,      Local Agent,
Vancouver.     New Westminster
��� IN ���
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
I Room 6. Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 661 Residence Phone 133 t>AGE EIGHT.
When contractors
consider quality,
service and price,
they place their
orders with
.'���-' * ���A^S:l
Take out an accident policy
in the Railway Passengers
Assurance Co., Ltd., before
the accident.
Think this over now.
Don't delay !
Warm Weather
is Coming!
Now is the time
to   buy   motor
power  washing
machines and
electric  irons
Washing Machines,
$11.00 up
Electric Irons, $5.50
��� AT    -
Corner Sixth and Front St;.
City News
Mrs.   n.   M.   Macduff,   ml   Agnes
street, wlll not receive on Monday.
See Sinclair's show windows tonight
for stylish spring footwear. **
The members of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Bible class will hold a social j
on Friday evening.
A. S. Mills & Co. cordially invite youj
to represent at their opening.   Orche3-|
Mrs. F. Crake and the Misses Crake,' tra ln attendance 7:30 to 10 p.m.
230 Third avenue, will be at home on
Wednesday afternoon and evening.
Davies Green Houses is the place to
get bouquets, floral designs, and all
kinds of cut flowers
Ice cream on hand. Ira A. Keid, next
tram office.   Phone 310.
Women9s Ready-t
Wear Costume
Wood ! wood '. wcod ! Wood to burn
Phone K 208 ** fat   the   Walsh  Sash   &   Door  Factory.
I Phone 413.                                          **
When shopping this evening call and ; .
Inspect the things that are    new    in
men's wear at A. S. Mil's & Co.     ���*
Tlie first annual banquet of the Coil uitlam hoard of trade was held in
the Coquitlam hotel yesterday evening, R, C. Galer, president, occupying;
tlie chair.
Did you see our three horse load of
wood for $3.00.   Phone 413.
Telephone users who liave not re-
celved the official directory just issued
are requested to communicate witli
ihe B. C telephone office, when their
need will be supplied.
Six chairs in operation at the Huh
shaving parlors.   Xo waiting. "*
You will not he satisfied unless you |
buv vour   spring    footwear   at    Sin-.
i 'i ���' **
clair s.
The funeral of J. H. Best, who was]
frozen to death near Tete Jaunej
Cache several weeks ago, will take
place tomorrow afternoon under the.
auspices of L. O. L. 1693, of whicli I
lodge deceased was a member. The |
body was brought to this city yesterday.
The Public
Supply Stores
Skirts,  Blouses,   Whitewear,   Etc.,   the
special features of the week end in
our new, enlarged store
Today we make the llrst worth while display of our spring ready  to  wear    garments
misses ami children. We are yet handicapped owing to lack of space now occupied by the contrai I
sufficient room lias heen secured in whicli to place before our customers the initial showing
for your inspection Friday aid Saturday,
for women,
ll :. here
Young man���Thc new ones are hera.
See them in Sinclair's shoe window
tonight. **
modelling at moderate charges,
class work.   Phone L 881.
High |
Rev. C. S. McKinley will deliver the'
first of a series of sermons on
"Christ's Second Appearance on
Earth" at the Free Methodist church,'
Eighth and Kennedy streets, tomorrow i
evening. The service commences at j
half past seven o'clock.
As we have notified the public here-
Miss Davey, 411 Sixth street, ladies' j rf\-pf\V*P    \A7P   TPP
ind children's practical milliner.    Re-1 LU-LUI Cj    WC   Cli C
Our Crockery
Ladies���Have you seen the new vel-1 Xxli   LlHo   WtJcK.   WC
vet and Yelooze Pumps. Oxfords andj        ,. ,
Hutton   Boots  that   Sinclair  is  show-\^\[[     haVe    OH       Sale
ing. **
The funeral of the late Mrs. J. T]c*_\f\        J l_*J.
Scott  will  take  place this  afternoon,' ��*\j*\)        QOZCIl       WtllXC
the cortege leaving the residence of
Mrs. K. B. Kelly, 815 Kennedy street,-q /ii   ��� Ql     .
at two o'clock,   proceeding   to   Holy  OlOIie    L/lUllcl    I lSLlGS
Trinity      cathedral,      where      Canon j
d'Easum will conduct the service. The   ���1.   CAp     a     J^.-
1 remains will he interred in the Church i <**���   ***a*\J\*.    <X    KAVJaZ.*
of  England  cemetery.    D.  Murchie &
An Immense Range of
White Muslin Waists
This season our customers arc to have before them a wider
range of white muslin waists than any ever shown hereabouts. We
are giving more room to tills section. We now announce the spring
opening display.
Excellent Values in
White Waists, $1.50 each
A dozen styles are show 1 at this popular price. Waists are
made of fine white muslins with various settings of insertions and
laces, embroidered fronts, high collars, low collars, Dutch collar. ,
Peter Pan Collars, three-quarter and full length sleeves; all sizes,
32 to 4L'.   Eacli $1.50
Son have charge of
the   funeral   ar-
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Princess St.
Syrup of LinBeed Licorice and
Chlorodyne; also
to inhale.
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
The best kiln-dried wood, a three
horse load delivered at your shed one
hcur after you order it. A three horse
load for only $3.00.   Phone 413.      **
The funeral of John Norman Ilearl.
who died in this city on March  1 at
: the age of sixty-five, took place yesterday afternoon at Boundary Bay, W. E
Fales haling charge.    The cortege leff
the residence of George Denis,  stepson of the deceased, and proceeded to
the Episcopal church were service was
held.   Interment was in the Boundary
Pay cemetery.   The pall bearers were
W.  II.  Smith,  H. J.  Hutchinson,    E.
Brown, D.  Leary,  Elliott Sencehaugh
and John M. Collineur.
See Fashion's latest creations at A.
S. Mills & Co. new store this evening. **
A number of the officials and members of the Balmoral Baseball club
met In W. E. Sinclair's store yesterday evening and discussed plans for
the coming season. Because of the
absence of the secretary it was impossible to proceed with the election of
officers, as had been intended, but arrangements were made for the holding
of another meeting on Friday evening next, when all members of the
club are requested to attend. From
the interest shown at last night's meeting it is evident the Bals will have to
be reckoned with this year in the light
for baseball supremacy in this city.
A city football    league   game   will
take place at Moody square this afternoon  hetween  the  High school    and
Sapperton  teams,    kickoff    being    at!
three o'clock.    The High school teamj
will be chosen from    the    following:
Huggard,  Gilley,  Whittaker,   Mackay,'
Allison,  Cooper,    Wilson,    Carncross. |
Shawcross, Lougheed, Storme and In-1
nis.    The Sapperton    team    will    be
selected from Thornton, Reid, Collier,
T.   Simington,   il.   Lamdin,   Speedie,
Alesburg,  Rankin,   II.  Cheal,  Hobson1
and Tyler.   Reserves, B. Follis and S. |
Cheal;     linesman,    H.    Turner.    Carj
leaves   Welsh's  store,  Sapperton,    at
two o'clock.
Tailored Madras and
Vesting Waists, $1.15 each
Smart styles are shown in these serviceable    tailored    waists
Materials are those sure of  washing   in   a   satisfactory   manner���
Linen.  Madras, Indian  Head, Vesting, etc.. made with tucked, Gib-
son pleated or plain fronts, laundered    collais    and    cuffs.    long
sleeves;   sizes 33 to 44.    Special   Friday  and   Saturday,  each  $1.78
Colored Mull waists, $2.50 each
Fine Mull, Muslin Waists in shades of sky. mauve and pink.
made with hemstitched tucks and yokes of insertion and embroidery motifs; Bhown with three-quarter or full length sleeves, all
sizes.    Each    $2.50
White Silk Waists,  $1.75 each
White China Silk waists with yoke and trimming of line insertions and neat tucklngs, high collars, three-quarter sleeves. Special
Friday  and Saturday only,    each $1.1)5
Black Moreen
Underskirts, $1.95 each
A new range of black Moreen
underskirts in which ||ke ..,,,,,.
has seldom been Indicated. The
skirts arc made with pretty
flounces wiih tucked points and
tine aceordeon pleated frill un.
derneath.   Special price,    $1.95
White Cambric
Princess Slips,
$2.50 each
Square yoke nc k trimmed
witli Insertion, nm with ribbon,
nice flounce tu skirl with insertion and lace trimmlnf ��� i matrn.
Special   value,  ea $2.50
Reynier Kid Gloves
for Women
Perfection in gloves is nearer
attained in Reynier gloves.
There is satisfaction lor customers and satisfaction in our
vlnve section wltl I ���tv pair
sold. Every pair
The spring showing i> ni
plete earlier than us iai. This
announcement will be balled
with delight bj many who havp
been wailing tor the righl size
or shade.
The Store for Women's Wear
TeaTime Talk��
The Healthf ulness of Tea
Physicians who often forbid the use of Coffee
and Cocoa to the well, prescribe tea for the sick.
Of the three, tea is the only beverage that can
be drunk for a lifetime without injurious effects.
lt is a harmless tonic���a gentle stimulant without
As tea is the most desirable beverage, so
**Salada" is tea in its most desirable form.
"Salada" Ceylon Tea comes from tea plant
to tea pot untouched by human hands, from the
time the leaves fall into the picker's baskets.
Its delicate aroma and delicious flavor are per*
fectly preserved in sealed, air-tight packages.
ihe PeopL
\e r'eopie s
431  ColumDia Street,
Jee me about insuring your
������������������������������������������� ����������������������������� ���������������������������w,,w *
rust Co.. Ltd.
Pnonc 669
Yearly Sale* Over
20.000,000 Package*
Ask your grocer for " Salada" Tf a or tend
for a free trial package which makes 25
cups of delicious tea. We will mail it to
you without charge. Say whether you use
Black, Mixed or Oreeri Tea and the price
you pay per pound.
The "Salada" Tea Co.
32 Yonf e Street
Upper Sumas,  March 3.���(Special.1
Last evening an exciting basketball
match was played in tlie old Municipal
LADY   CORRESPONDENT   IN She  was  cordially  welcomed   hy   her
WASHINGTON  PRESS GALLERY  comrades  when  she made  her debut
The  sacred
Cloverdale Auto Road
Washington,  March   2.���. ne   ;;ir.eu ...      ,,,.,,,,.                ,, .    .
hall here between the Sumas Prairie  precincts ot the Capitol press galleries onlyfou���*&? newsnaDe��rJS-
and the   Sumas   City   .Wash.)    High  have been ���,���������,,.������ by fHmininlty_ ence  7T*ZS;    oltZZi   W     h
dSwinK c^d8"f0P?^teXrr^hera by the admission thereto of Miss Mary Record she established .he flrsl Bun-
&7S5S�� and'4 ' XwSX Kouncelor   HrooUes,   the   Washing,,,, J*-���*   page   in   Texas   Jo,,,,,-
con-  eorrespondent.  of  two   Texas  papers. ���*>������.
the Fort Worth Record and tlie lions- Since she has heen in  Washington
ton Pest
a dance, at which about, twenty
pies participated in the small hours.
Uight at Cloverdale, ten acres of the hest Cloverdale meadow lan
beautifully situated on a prominent corner with long frontage "�� "
new auto road.
Ten acres also fronting on the auto road, equally good lend, P
ed for ban11'
When time was called 18 to 14, in favor pal,ei.8> BentlinK political news, as well  oughly justified
ot tne trairie hoys. a8   the  ci,|t.c|lat   ot   Washington   so-   political   covresr
.... ,.  ,,      ,     ,   ,,   ,, ,        M'ss Brookes is the rcgu- Miss Hrookes has landed several not-
I hi'.score   .,1   the   ln.si.elliall   stood   ,,,. telegraphic correspondent  of these   ahle   heats  for  her  papers,  and   tl,,,.-
the iiHe of women as'
spondents.     She   is   a1
The   lineup:  Sumas   City���I,.   Hob- ciety. native of Texas, and her father   the1
erts, II. Roberts. F. Van-Valcanherg, She is the first woman ^o he admit- late H. H. Brookes, editor and pub-1 _,
Sid Lambert, Leslie Kirkman. Sumas ted to the press gallery, ono of the Usher of the Amarillo Chanipluii. was1 X
Prairie: Charlie Beebe, Claud Beebe, highest honcrs that can come to an a well known newspaper man of the ���
Lester DeLair, Ira Serle, W. Harris.      American newKjaper man or woman, sout:
in meadow and part light alder
ings arjd u large garden.
There is sufficient cleare
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