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The Daily News Jan 7, 1911

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 Port Mann
Standard  Make $5  Per  Month.
,ol,l'MK 5,  NUMBER  28-1
price five CE^rra
Deputy Postmaster General
is Informed of Need of
More Accommodation.
| Steamer  Roman   Made   Long   Journey
Round Cape  Horn Without Accident.
Engineer's   Remincscenses.
II  was Just on.
the   Roman,  the
' year ago today thai
halibut boat of the
The possibility ot Increasing the Columbia <(,ll) Btorage company, left
I, tti! bidding, which Is the home of""11  lnl'  her   Voyage  half  way  round
condesci nde l    to
treating details of the
occasions excepted,  the
line  a one  as  could    be
trouble occurred Just after the Roman left 81 Vincent In the
Cape Vi.yiii. Islands. She was loaded
with almost three hundred tons of
: coal, and when a hurricane blew up
nol   far off  the Islands some of the
COB!  shifted  when  the  vessel   rolled.
The captain decided to return to
port. He regarded the situation so
'seriously tbat he Instructed Mr. Kelly
to be prepared to make a rush for the
engine room door in ease anv thing
poi I  otlice, i he  Dominion  Lands
Timber office and the Customs,
v,a    discussed  yesterday iil'lernoon, on
ta, ocoaslon ol the official visit here
,- Deputy Postmaster Qeneral Dr. H.
_ Coulter, who listened to a suggestion to that effect Willi favor The
proposition Is to build two additions
nt,. at the easl end. on the vacant
nl   ground   between   the   posi   of-
t. ���  and the citj  hub. and the other
, i   Sixth street,  filling In  the gap be
., h ihe main  building, and the cus-
The necessity for a bigger ollice has
...   ten seriously or late, owing to
the  Increased  demands   fo:   aCCOUlt&O-
datlon consequent on the rapid growth
���   (ilv.     Nol   only   has  the   work
.   poSI ofllce staff been hampered,
but   the   public   works   department,
occupied  some of  the  upstairs
i    also cramped for room, and
idOUE   remedy   seems  to  be  to
eulargi  the building  Nothing definite
i onnectlon Will he known until
Df   I 'oniter's  return  to Ottawa.
Western Trip Curtailed.
Dl    Coulter  had   intended   spending
lays Investigating tbe postal
of Vancouver and  Wesl minster
am   lie-tiirt, but   he received  word on
: i     thai     urgent   business     demand,    id- quick  return to Ottawa
ntly     lie   was     compelled   to
.ugh   his  business,  and  ti     ii"
.!-!! Victoria ami Nanaimo be
lesday, when he staits back tor
i -   he decided t" inspei I  t lie
���-ter  ofllce     yesterday     after-
He arrived bete aboul 6 o'clock,
il inled bj   Inspectoi  &i eenfield,
ol V'anci , er, Reei e Bryne and Councillor Rumble, ot Burnaby, and Thos
��� ��� ��� i resident    of   the Central
Liberal association, having met
���   men during the afternoon while
li|   ting    conditions    in    Centra'
and   Uurnaby.    On   hli   aniv.ii
Iii  na- met bj Qeorge Kenuedj
Johnston and  E   Qoulet, pres ���
vice-president    and    secretary
ttv.iv      of      the      Westmln
Liberal association, and accom
1   by   them   to   the   local   ollice.
.   .i  rapid  but  careful Investigate  conditions and  requirements
Service   to   Chilliwack.
addition to delving into a lot  of
Work,   111'.    Coulter   listened    to
intents   111   favor   of   a   bettei   mail
Ice io Chilliwack, a need which
I ���  i|uiekiv    recognised, although,   of
se. be made no definite announce
tit. this having to come through th"
ular channels.
:n discussing postal conditions with
Kennedy, Dr.  Coulter stated thai
In   could nol  have properly  uppreclnt- '
the true condition of affairs  with    n (Jil    lllfl  fUli 1 V
Qoming  West,  more especially  as   L O  I/IL   /IllU   UlllLLI
ihe world to Westminster.
in speaking to a .epresentatlv
lhe   Xews   yesterday,  Chief   Engineer I t'l"1"' I'.vv
Kelly,  who    has  been  through    the
| strait--   ol  Magellan twice on    boati
purchased In England and brought
British    Columbia
ilv.- ii few iin
Wilh   two
trip wai   to.
The  first
Mayoralty Candidate Makes Strong Impression on Electors
by Clear And Concise Exposition of His  Platform
And Principles--Favors Union Labor.
Strike two' was called lasl night who never had a pass from C e B, C.
by the umpire in the i real civic bs I E, R. But the B. C. E. It. has .one
game now In pro n    ,  and the fan.,  much rood to the city, and they oug.d
Jabez   Bent,   Once   Held   Prisoner
Mutioous   Breeds   for   Six
Months, Passes Away.
By the death yeslerday of Jabez
George Bent, of ?08 Third avenue, at
the age of Ca, one of the links joining
the present era of j eace. with the
troublous times of ibe Northwest rebellion, has been broken. Mr. Bent
wa   one of the pioneers of Manitoba,
coming to that province from O&Urlo,
where he was born, about -IT years
ago.    While be  was engaged  in  latin
lng ln Manitoba, the Bret  rebellion,
pro n  . , ami the fans much good to the city, and thej 6ug
greeted  the  decision  with  g eat   en   to he treated fairly.   Tiny contribute
thuslasm.    Sapperton vvas the home-j heavily to the annual exhlbl i n, and
plate, and T J, Trapp was in the box. they contributed ti the building if ai*~��  ��������������#���, m�� .no., .cuouiuu,
To abandon the figure   of   speecn  Y.  M. c. a. 12600.    These are only  fostered and organized by Louis Rlel,
which becomes cumbrous at this point, BOme of the little ways in which they ^hroke oul   in the    winter    of    I860-
Mr. Trapp held the second of his cam-1return lo the public a pari of their'1 	
earnings. I believe in giving the
devil his due, and while many pe pie
are down on the B. C. K. 1: . I consider  that they have done mucli  for
Municipalities May Elect
Reeves by Acclamation ���
Excitement in Burnaby.
palgn meetings ln Johnston hall las
evening, when a large and enthusiastic gathering listened to his iem rl; *
and those of the other spoikei who
were  requested  to lend  their assist-
I ber
Inspection  of  Foodstuffs.
Q. McOIll tidv
this citv
asked   tin
for    anything    ihcy
vocated o strict ByBtem[shbilld  not.  get,  and   I   say   nu st  em-
of Inspection of meat, milk and bread phatiottlly that they should be etieour
In the matter of weight and condition,  aKe(1
He expressed his adherence   to   the, The School Problem,
single  tax  system,  advocated  a n.w|    Speaking   of   the    segregation    of
white children In schools, Mayor Lee
said  be  did not  Fee  why  this should
school in Sapperton    and   otherwise
presented his policy much as bas already been reported in these columns.
Advice to the Prer.s.
J.   B.   Kennedy,   win.   m c tpled   tbo
chair, advised the representatives of
press  present tbat  while  he was
be put on a mayoralty platform
gentlemen,  these  people    musl
them   educated,   but    I   wanl   lo   - ee
them  separated,    Those of you  who
are parents will understand this." (Ap-
Although the civic elections will be
held on Thut sday .those In the country districts Will not he held tinti*
Baturday.   All the Dominations ai�� m>
The dales nre set  hy  the Kloctimi-
Aci, and are nol subject to t-Iianee ly
| the   municipalities.      It   is  pres;m*sii
thai the reason that the elections ia
the country are not  held on the HUMS
day  as  those  in  Ihe  city,  is  tbat list?
lime   between   nominations   and   elas-
; tions in the country should be loafer
s j than  in  the   city,  as  tbe   tdtrltorj  i-
. | more   extensive  and   the   rural  eke
He was   tors would not have a chance to ieuo
given bis release shot tly before peace . wh  owere   running  before  they  were.
was established between tbo warring  called upon to vote.
From  the   present     indications,    i;
would   seem   tbat   Burnaby   would   be-
the only municipality  in  tbla vicinity
which   will   lie  blessed   with   a  warm
There, J.  W.  Weart lias a&iuouncec,
intention   of   running   for   reev.-.
n    company     with    a    num
of neighbors; .ur. i. mt Joined the
coloi s and shouldered arms against
the hair-breeds. a detachment of
which be binned a part, fell foul of n
They are giving u    a  gooi  lar8S party of breeds, and with othe	
l believe  they   have  n ver  ,ie waa niade a prisoner, being kept; ��nf>re extensive
under guard for si\ months '
representatives of the two races
When the second and last Kiel rebellion broke out in 188'., Mr. [lent
once more foresook the f)low for the
sword, remaining under military or-
Weill ^era '",,il tlie laBt attempt of the red
have meu t0 renaln tbeir old time lower
in   the   Northwest,   bud   ended   disas-
"During  the next  few  minutes the     ">""-'  *>***���**>***���  �����-������  """' ��    "��   .      ���       ....     "       ~ -,..   " t, I ���
cni.filn   and   the   enelnec   shI.I their   ln    favor     ol      absolute      publcity,   it   blUBe.l        .NOW    I   consldei    tills   in   the
captain   and   the  eflglneei   said their        .        be truthful DUbllcltv   and com-1 province  of  tbe  school   board,  and   L
onlv   prayers during Ihe voyage, con-; s ' """,   '  ''   "",'    puom ,i>, ami < om ���                 ...   ,,.,...���.  ,      ._  .. ,    -.,*,��--/
line...I   Mr    Lacllv plained  thtit   he had  been  seandiiOuslvi a"Iee   wlln  -M'l>f)l    '"    <n   tms  SUDjeCt,
Th.   .-turn   to tiort  was made   In misrepresented In a local newspaper bu<i money will be requi ed for the
i in   mi urn    to   port   was   mane   in ., ! execution of these Dronosals.
safetv and then the voyage across the1 2��  ���'.    m. r,     ,    .,
Atlantic   was   uneventful      Ofl   Argon-       _   ��*"����������**<  Ba = k  NfUmber'      ,
tine another storm arose, hut  the ve..       Kobe,! Watson made a few remarks
sel was considerably  lighter a.  thatJn the course of which he condemned
time   and   she   weathered    the    blow   *��'"  P��>P����    to adopl   the  Single tax
withoul ditiicultv. [^ti-tiL. calling Henry George a back
Mr.   Kelly   gave  a  vivid  description   "",mW','1 :!"'1   ;',   '""J"0     'U""''-     ��*4
of the Straitt of Magellan    Cold, des- �������������� ':,u> ��� whfn ;'','"''.'"'''��� ! f, ,,,e
olate and abandoned, the bleak black   """' a"e8s.ra^' ,      u       ',1 r'Z
rock   rising she., rfrom   an ley sea. exe���,pt5?   fvo,m   a%:   ' "'   le  '       '
combined    with   the   chilling   gO��t8   Of   WOuW   >"   ^  \\ra00
ghastly  fog  and  the sinister  reputa-      ,    . .  ' V    ���     , i  ,
An invitation having been ext  ml il
to  Mayor  Lee, if  present, to speak,
and  there  being   no   lesponse,  T.   i.
Trapp ascended the platform, be'ng
greeted with entliusiastic spplause.
Beginning with  an   explanation  of
in    i.iie    ->vji liivv est.,    iiuu   eiiuit'i    tnsas- i ">n    iu.usui.iuu    o.    ciiiiuilk    it
troiisly for them, their leader being ' and already has held several mccti��g,--.
executed at Hegina after a historic fin which the main business was -u.
trial. .harsh  indictment of the  present ad
The late Mr. Bent came to Westminster 22 years agp. For many years
he followed the trade of a carpenter.
Two   daughters,   Mrs.   T.   I_   Hughe:
Reeve Bryne, wbo has occupied hit-
present position for six years, his w*
yet made any definite announcement,
but il \r* understood by those in louc-ii
with   Uurnaby  politics  that    he    will
execution of these proposals, rnd tha- i
is  where tbe council comes in.    If I o!   ^ ancouver, and Miss  Ma.ud Bent,
remember aright  last year tbe mayor ��} Vll�� c ty 4fre ^ }�� mnu��� '). loss- i         --.   --r.      -    ,"'
suggested that  the schools should be A  half bro%r/>  Matthew  Murphy, of  again offer himself as a candidate.  11
under   control   of   the    council,    and Cliilliwack, also survives, as well as, he does n, the elect,,,,,  will  I* ne
there was a little clash, in which we two  ��r   Ulree   brothers     residing    In , of the hottest ever fought in Burnaby.
gave   blm   to     understand    that     the Eastern Canada -        | Tbe  Weart   faction   accuses  tbe  pre
school   board   is a      publicly   elect d      T,ie funeral V,U1 uk,e Place Uus "f-; sen
ternoon, interment  being In the I. O
I O. F. cemetery.
tion of the  cannibalistic Inhabitants
of the coast, stamp the memory of a
single trip through the place on a
man's mind until his dying da>
On    the   wav   through   the    straits,
which   bave   the   reputation   of   being
nn      ��������>- -   ��� i ��� --     -
the    most   wreck-etrewn   stretch    ol M   <"" ''^ '" ""' < ;"!'i^u .ami bis
waters  fot   their extent   ill  the  world, reason    ot   takng part  In il. Mr    U'iii.i,
the    Roman   passd    ,w, 1. e   wrecks f ��te '   h''\,l   "?.:   . ' '' r   ��f, "!.  ",m
Pil.,1 ,���, the shore. �����"'�� ��" f. " tb�� m.Y"\ \ cfr' h"
From    conmei.   Chili, to    William __ hadfeHhto be h*��dutyt| e=$n
Head a, Victoria, the liomai, steamed  torward oh a. unt of the urgent r.-
withoul n stop  consuming twenty-six I presentations made to blm.  1 wo hm
body,  tbe  same  as  the  council,  and
vvv:.-   not   to  le  run  by  H.e  council.
This  was my  belief, aud still Is.
Mr   Trapp then branch A off 03 a -
other appeal to the people to support ��� ���.        ..   . ..,,,, -���
tbe schobl bylaws.   On the deepening I����helt Stearnsh,p Company WHI G,ve
, .,     ,, , ..     -r ���      I Up   Operations.
of tbe Fraser river, Mr.   I rapp simply, .     7H   Tf
said: "i believe the futu.e of New! Victoria, Jan.-*.~Tbe business w-
Westminster dept nds on it. Now,������ ,eer of the Seche.t Steamship Co. Ltd.,
Mr. Trtup continued, "I lmve in my organized for the purpose of main
notes the name of VV. Ei. Keary. My ^���������*-'^ "team communication bet we, tn
agents tell me people saj 11 you elect Ithe clty of L��dy?mith and the por
accuses the
administration  of  extra ntgjmee
in the carrying out of  public  wt��rk.s,
I but  Mr.   Bryne has  a  large  foUowtaB*
i and  the   result    of  the    elections  is
i doubtful, with tbe odds slightly in 5a.-
i vor of the present reeve.
In Surrey It would seem that Etccssj
T.  J.  Sullivan would  bave no oppaeC-
tion to bis re-election.    Of course  .
candidate  may   crop   up  at   the  tttvi
moment, but it is improbable.      Tt >
general Impression among tl.e Sirr?
days on the trip. During the most of
that time the crew lived high on ���fly-
Ing lish which were CRllght Withoul
diflilllcultv until tbe boat began to enter the North Pacific.
The Woman came into Westminster
and a few days biter left on ber first
halibut hunting expedition in the
north. During last season Bhe caught
more hulihiil than any other steamer
In the trade on the coast
now aboul  seven years since bis
visit.     So   impressed   is  be  with
nved of    granting    Improvements
he has det'l-'pd lo eome lo ome
..gain in the Rummer.
lei Superintendent of Posi Office.
will be cut here In twe &��� three
months, when  tbo h^eds  of the  dis-
'���   ���    will be further investigated.
Nothing   Ooing"   i'rt   Joh_    A.
Committee Rooms for Daily
News   Man.
dred   names   had   been   sfgned   to  the
various requisitions ci eutnt d In t'ie
cltv, and they we e the names of ge'.
tlomon   of  all   shades   of  polices  anl
every grade of soe'ety   He had fought
against acceec'lng to these requests on
many   bases,  and  particularly  on  the
grounds  tbat  .-,  better man  cotil 1  ba
found, and  also that  he was a  fairly
old sahn.    "But  I am n t  yet  beyond
work, and  I  would  rather die In h r
np'-R than rust on tl.e junk heap." h"<5'
Hard Work Ahead.
He understood that   he was Unde"-,
taking tin arduous task, but  believed'
be  wns  qualified  for  it,   for although |
be   bad   never  served   cn   tbe  alder-
jmanjc liQaid, lie Ipul been connected i
'with almost every other form of pub-
.lof Vancouver, appears to have been fanners seems to be that Mr. SuU*
v!_i m, ds lc?S2 P-'u. GtaXS ft. according to a notice appearing has done wen. He has an auto.,,.,-,
Mr    Kea v   and   1   a.e    no    Siames"   in tlie current issue of the    Gazette,   and devotes nearly all bis time pa:
wbicb notes the determination reach-' personal  and Immediate attention
ed at a. meeting of the company on  anything that requires remedy ir.
December   22   io  wind  up   the  com-  municipality.
pany In consequence of its mounting | Trustees Haddon and Atchison, ui
liabilities preventing further contin-, the scliool board, drop out this yea.
uance of operations.     At   the   same  and   the  names  of  Dr.   Howard   Mi-
twins. Xo two men in Westminster
bold more radically divergent views
on many subjects than he and 1, but
it bas always been my belief that n.-
tbing ls to be gained by numbers cf
an   organization   pulling   in   differ, nt
tecKIZS\b^teethefareaKeof S&W G' ��'- & was appointedjEwen, of Cloverdale, and Henry B��
llliecuons,   ana   uns   lb   lilt   itason   oi   ,.,,,.,���,,���       .  _   fIl���   ,,���r,���,a���   nf   u-lnH.   of Sinrev   Cenfre    hsvn   heen   m��nti��
the apparent smoothness with which liquidator . for the purpose of wind
mattes have been carried on In tl.e '"8 u^ the company s affaiis A
w \ al- i Boefetv I resnect Mr 1 meeting of the company's creditors is
Kotow tt a man! and I helve thft \�� *�� "e"1 at J**"*** on Tuesday
New Westminster never had a better I ne;-C'	
mayor, bul   1  wish  it  to be distinctly
understood that in here and now of-1 1POIIITII   UIIIICTPV
fering   my   services   to   the   electors, j ftuOlil III  InlillolllI
Lee-S'lic activity, and lf elected, would be
Funeral of Mrs.  Mackenzie,
be funeral of the late Mrs Isabella
kencie yesterday, was one of the
est that bus bt ci held In the city
���    distrlcl  for a long  time    In addl-
io the many Westminster people
showed  their regard tor the d -,
������ ised, and tbe surviving sons, among
'    om arc some of the most prominent
men of the city, a groal many peipla
i   ut  the  country  dlstrtoti attended
tl e funeral.
Old acquaintances of Mrs Macken-j
front   Langley,     Aldergrove     and
in other points In the most distant j
I'd is of the Delta, came In to pay ni
lasl tribute tn ono e( the best known
'i I   hist   liked   women   In   lhe   lower
i i asm- valley.
All the surviving chi'dren of the deceased attended the funeral nnd the
six sons, A. A. Mackenzie. II. H. Mackenzie, J. C. S. Mackenzie, D. K. Mackenzie, R D. Mackenzie and F. J. Mackenzie were the pallbearers.
The funeral services were held at
the bouse and at the Anglican cemetery bv Rev. A. imn'op, of Burnaby,
assisted by Rev. William Bell, of Central Park.
The coffin was heaped with (lowers,
the |.st cifts of the t-und'-eds of
fr ends of Mrs. Mackenzie tb one
whom they all honored.
able to handle the business pf th ��� pub
lie in addition Ut tbe other duties
which lie had already on bis ; boulders. "1 say if elected," but Judging
frofn the enihusiastlc Winner in whhh
1 bave been received wherever 1 have
"T    i   Trapp is a one " his wlth'n j gone, it looks as if tbe result was a
the test few days assumed something foregone   conclusion."       iLoud   ap
of the nature  of a  slogan. | plause.l
theie is but one thought, tue good of
the city, first, last, and all tbe time.''
The Usual Red Herrng.
He added "Gentlemen, this Is only
a red herring drawn across the trail
by tbe facfl ms to which I am In opposition, and so is that ether matter
of Hie supposed Trapp ticket which
was published in one of the local
newspapers, but which was piomplly
put out of court by the denials of s v-
i eral of tin; gentlemen whose nanr. s
weie mentioned as aldermen, and by
my own protest, which the newspaper
in questicn was kind enough to print."
ln the same connection, Mr. Trapp
dealt with (be facet! us remark from
the    same    source    that    "Trapp    is
of Surrey Centre, have been mention
I ed as their successors.
i Langley.
In Langley there seems Ui i*r^
scarcely arv excitement. Reeve POPHT
does not seem to have any intentieo
of runnin. again, clthougii lie ltan
been repeatedly asked to do so. .^>
other candidate    has    come forw-;.nd���
A ���nrt/,niM land   unless  something  transpires od
RAID  PHfllllMM   nomination day. ii  would appear tiiai
UULI/ I liuuiimn  ,invone whb wantB the job can haveU
_ j Delta.
In   Delta  conditions   are  much  tis*B-
Liberals Will  Introduce Bills to Abol-, same as they are in Langley, but it
i is  thought everywhere    that    Keeve
John Oliver will run  again, and  nil?
ish Veto and Plural Voting
 Irish   Home  Rule.
London. Jan.  (..���Instructions    jus.
given to the leading departmental officials indicate tbe bold and almost sensational program upon  which  the As-
iquitb   ministry   bad  decided.     Real-
be elected. He has not delinlteij- _
nounced his intentions, but it is understood that if he cares to ac-.tepi
'.he offlce again, there will be no opposition.
In the municipality fo the east oi
���he city. Reeve Welcher ha.^ deflaltrt.'
announced that be    will    not   agafn
ture of news    But there was nothing! land," said  he.      it   would  work no,
doing.    In this simple, perhaps crudt,, | hardship tn any one. and help to ellm-
ter and applause.
The meeting throughou! was an cn
thusiaslic ohe, and it was evi lent.
that the candidature of Mr Trapp met
with very great favor in the Sapperton district.
Favors Union  Labor.
tu,     .....    ,,,   ,.    ..- ��� ��� At tbe close of his speech, a mem-
To be exact, he was  tlment was greeted with considerable  1)er 0f the audience asked Mr. Trapp
.    _..., fc.ni, .i.^t..... if he wmli(i be in favor of awarding.
Inate absentee landlordism, which has
been the curse of this country, and
this city in particular, lt is imperative that these wi d lands that aie
King idle should be taxed."  Tbis sen-
are  a  number  of railways  cl(v contracts preferably to shops and
sentence, might be expressed tbe gist
of the mayor's communicativeness.
It  has been said be was not alone;
neither was he ln the mld?t of an enihusiastlc company,    as    might  have
i been expected     To -
Ranked by a single gentleman with a applause
Sflmewhat    careworn    expression    ot      "There
i countenance   who regarded  a  voters' I looking ln our direction, and tbe more   concer. s which had adopted the trade
i list  with a melancholy eye. railways we have the more prosperous   m)lon  uibcl.     Tbe  quest! n  was  nc t
I     Hls worship appeared somewhat (lis-, will the city be.    Tbe same thing ap-1 properly understood    by    Mr. Trapp,
i Tiintled   judging bv the fact that he  plies to tramways.    Nothing opens up bu(  on heing approached    after    th
I did   not' greet   the   scribe   with   that  a country as rapidly as a car service,! mno.in
genlalitv  wliich  one  would  naturally , and therefore nothing so advantageous
expect  from  him. I to New Westminster could be done as
This    is the conversation that took encouraging these railways nnd givin ���
place  in all its naked simplicity. | them fair treatment In the mater ot
D   N   R ���   (With  an inclination of  facilities."
the head):"'-     Lee." I w*ite Labor-
H   W    (with  an  inclintiticn of thei    Mr. Trapp again emphasized tbe necessity of employing white labor on
contracts, but at ihe same tinr
Portugal Will Allow Him Revenue
from Braganza Estate.
Lisbon. Portugal, Jan. ('.���The Brit
is'i government has Intervened successfully with Portugal on behalf of
the deposed King Manuel. Representatives from the foreign office at London sot forth that the exiled monarch was possesed of means InBUffloi-
ent for his personal needs. Accordingly, the Portuguese government.
htiR decided to allow blm to receive
the revenue derived from the proper
ties of the bouse of Braganza pending
a tlnal settlement between tho state
and the royal family.
head):   " " ' ,   ,    ...
D N R. (with supreme calm): t
am'on the staff of the Daily News,
and havo come in to ask you a few
H. \v. iwith a cold ferocity): I
will not answer any questions for the
Dally News"
D. N. R. (with polite bow): 'Thank
Exit reporter by door, right. Slow
music and curtain.
meeting on this point, be informed
the News representative that be was
emphatically in favor of tbi. course
The meeting    was    unloubtedly
very successful one and aug
for the final results on polling day.
linnly  knit    the    coalition togcthd
These four bills will be pi esented 11
the Commons at  the earliest possible
I moment In the following order.   Removal of the Lords' veto, Irish Home
I Rule,  abolition   of   plural   voting  aud
I   i Establishment     Of     the    WeUj
church.   They look like a clever com-
biMrU>Btilfour and Lord Lansdowne
will it is confidently believed, induce
the House of Lords to accept the
abolition of the veto substantially as
the government propose.
The  Nonconformist  and othei   Lib-
Mr. Justice Metcalf Nearly Overcome-
by Coal Gas in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, Jan. fl���Mr. Justice M*T-
calf and other occupants c t 'Ail tg^'"
avenue had a narrow escape yerter
dav morning from death by asphysfc
tion from coal gas escaping from ��*���������
furnace   while   tho   occupant*    w��*
asleep.    Judge Metcalf was awaken*"'
by    the    choking    atmosphere    m��i
Tbe   NonconioruiiBi   a.****  v~-~-   ---     uy     ms     ��������������      ��� .  .    :i
eral opposition to Home Rule, doiuiii-, touml  tlie   housekeeper   imcoHec*.>��*
alion over the Irish Protestants, will  am, Georpo Powers and Rev Mns in
Ibe  assuage^  by  Welsh dissestablish-1., ���recurious condition.   He siicceeoV-s
Fewer  Strapholders.
Tacoma, Jan. (!.���The clly commission  today  passed an  ordinance prohibiting  the  sireet   railway  company
from allowing over 110 per c-nt. more
persons aboard a cur than the seating lo uuucimtiuu mav n.o u. v. ���*.. **. ���>��������
capacitv and requiring a ten-mlmlte I no strings on T, J. Trap,.;. I ftm one
and better service on all lines. ��� ���** "����� f>��   i�����i..��<,��� m^�� in *,,* ,-itv
city contracts, but at the sanu
ho would Insist on a fab' day's work
for'n day's pay. Extension and improvement of the car serv'ce was another important matter that was required, and new car lines In ihe city
were urgently required. "Mr, Glover
stated that last year the city car lines
had had a deficit of .7000, hut that
was no reason why we should not
have other lines, when that alone
wOuld reverse the result." Mr. Trapp
believed that this could be recured
from the B. C. R. R. If they were approached nropcrly.
"No Strings on Me."
"Mind you," he said, "I want you
to understand that tbe B. C. E. R. has
Pleased With His Visit.
London,    Jan.    fl���Hon.     ^tudolnh
1 co"lst'lhe assuaged by Welsh dissesiaouau-, ,v precarious condition, tie ��.,(.iTOu���
b,edly a ment which English Free churchmen j ,n eaUinR hel,o but will be'laid i_i Mm
urs well   re    'j a!, ft necessary stepping Btonej geVeral days himself.
to the disestablishment of the Church j ___
of Scotland and England.    Moreover'
the abolition of pluralism    and    the
adoption of the principle of one man
* * -...        .*.        ,.,.��mil      nn t l_��|.
 ���            ,     ,        ,     .,,���=  'tone'vote will, the government antlcl-
Lemieux was greatly pleased with hls'""
visit to South Africa. Every one was
attentive and considerate en route and
on the coast. He had a royal welcome, all English houses being thrown
open to him, and he was a pubic
guest everywhere the steamer cal.-
Aviation in Australia.
Melbourne, Jan. fi.���Aviation ls
making rapid progress In Australia.
Joseph Hammond, a New Zealander,
flew to the height of 1400 feet In a
Bristol biplane at Perth, Western
Australia. There was a slight, breeze,
made   good   speed |
��� no airings ou  i, *>, iiit|i|i.. s om vuc I but the aviator    ���'--���"    ��� -        .
Iof the few business men in th3 city! throughout the trial. ���
pate  band over to the coalition thirty
or forty Unionist seats In England.
Hot   Floht   Promised,
.'nder the veto resolutions, these j
bills  will  become law   If   presented
thrice to the "Lords and are thrice rejected. Thus, the government regard" |
their adoption as certain by 19U U
i not before.   How hot a flght this program will provoke may be judged by
recalling Mr. Balfour's declaration of
December 3, that the Veto BUI is a
mere  dodge    to     smuggle    through ���>
Home Rule in a form which would de-.+
stroy  for  a  generation  at least the +
ancient   fabric   of  the   United   King- ��
For   Mayor���John  A.  Lee,
J. Trapp.
(Continued on Page Five.)
For Aldermen���Alderman-.
W. Gray, Alderman- Ji.
Bryson, Aldeman J, J. Jofin-
son, Silas Faderr J.. C: ha*
ree, Q. McGill, A. Hardtnair.
George Adams, W. Dodd, S.
Jackman,   John   CampbeiJ-
For School Trusses���Sfrs;
G. B. Cross, Mis: HugH l��f-
Bon, L. Thornbur, E. W. Coete,
R. A. Stoney, JosepB Hvtmr
Real   Estate   Agents.
628 and 746 Columbia St.
New   Westminster.
LIVERY ri. . Apply Koyal City
Works, Columbia street.
also candy clerk. AddresB 10 Begbie atreet,	
once.   Apply C. B. Deans.	
li. C. Coast Service
FORTY ACRES good land near the
site of the big elevators soon to be
established on the Kraser river, we
can deliver this for a few days at.
$L'00 per acre on easy terms. Invest i_ate this as it is a moneymaker.
10:0(1 a. m Daily except Tuesday
1:00 p. in.
nights    and
eral housework. Apply box 4, Daily
News otlice.	
of sale; also property close In; only
owners need communicate with
p. O.  Box 6, this ofllce;  all   cash
TWELVE   and   two-thirds     acres     In
Coquitlam near the growing town of
Port  Moody, this will  lie  .ood subdivision property very soon, as il is
the highest land in the district.
We have some good acreage in Burn.i
by adjoining the city limits at very
reasonable prices.
with Hox 6, tiiis otllci
keeping rooms; good references,
Apply  box S,  News office.	
vate boarding bouse: llrst class
board: all home cooking. Terms
very reasonable. Apply 513 Agnes
street, city.	
WANTED ���SMALL RANCH, Improved, with buildings, in tbe vicinity of New West minster. Full
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land. 62 Hastings street east.
one dining table ancl chairs; in use
two months.    Apply 410 Ash St.	
vacant  property, a new six roomed
Apply at 1104 Eighth ave.
10:00 a
11:30 p
SS.    Iroquois    Sunday
Tuesday mornings.
2:00 p. ni Daily except Sunda
5:00 p. m Kvery  Monday
11:00 p. m Jan. T, 2\��� Feb. IS
11:00   p.   m	
Jan. 10, 24; Feb. 7, 21.
8:30 a. m Every Thursday
SEVEN  roomed house and two sixty-
six foot    lots,    on Fourth    avenue,
near    Queens    park;     .4600;    easy i WESTMINSTER  AND CHILLIWACK
terms.  : Leave  Westminster  8:00  a.  in.   Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday.
Mrs. A. F. Cotton and Miss Cotton
I left on Wednesday for a short visit to
I Seattle.
* ��    ��
Mrs. Brydges bas been the guest of
I her sister, Mrs. Woods, of Vancou-
I ver, for a few days.
��� ���
Mr. and  Mrs. Taylor, of Klmonton,
'who  have  been   visiting   Mrs.   Qeorge
lieatty,   havo  gone   to   Victoria   for   a
short stay  before returning home.
��    ���    ��
I Mr. and Mrs. J, S. Clute spent New
Year's Day in Vancouver, the guests
Iof .Mrs. s. .1. Thompson, ��h<> entertained   at   a   large   dinner   party   on
��� Monday.
a    a     a
A Dumber of small work teas havo
been enjoyed during the past week,
innong the hostesses being.Mrs O. K.
Corbould ou Friday, an.l Mrs. Arthur
Malins on Tuesday.
���    ��    ���
Mis. M. M. Knglisb, or Oakland,
Cal., who has been tlie guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Arthur Malins, leaves
today for home.
uled   for  next   week   Is   the
ball on Thursday, January 1
hospital   her friends very pleasantly
| bour   on Thursday for m,        i   "'
English.    Among  those enjoying i'"
Mr,  and   Mrs.   li.   II.   Davidson     on  Hospitality   were   Mrs.  Cornwall   M
New Year's Day gave a charming din- Charleson, Mrs. m. m. Bn ll
ner to    a  number of their    friends.|Doyle,  Mrs.   Yuengling,  m
Among the guests were
Johnston,   Mrs.   Tuthll'
Mr. and Mrs.
,   Vancouver;
MIhs    Davidson,
Mrs. Gaynor and
Mr. Kydd.
��� *    ���
Mrs. llaunington, who has been
staying With ber daughter, Mr. . Law-
ford Richardson, leaves on Sunday
for  Ottawa,   where   she   will   visit   tor
some time.
��� ���    ���
The Right Itev. Bishop and Mrs. Do
Pender entertained tlie choir and a
large number of their friends on Monday evening. Dancing and cards were
enjoyed, Among these presenl were
Canon and Mrs. d'Easum, Dr. and
Mrs, it. Eden Walker, Mr, and Mis.
John Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Broad, Mr,
and Mrs. J. J. Jones, Mrs. C. E.
Woods. Mr and Mrs. Gillespie. Miss
MacGowan, Miss Wright, Miss Corbould, Miss Shildrick, Miss Jones,
Miss Broa I, Miss Eastman, Mr
11 and
Malins, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs,
Corbould, Mrs. Qaynor, Mrs
Doyle, Mrs.  Doherty,  Mrs.   \i |
Miss Davidson.
*   ���   ���
Mrs. \v. Lawrence Johnson
celve on  Friday,    L3th,    ii
Thursday, next week.
Mrs.   A.   McSwain   was   a   vl Itoi   In
town this week, the guest ut  Mn   \v
Lawrence Johnson.      Mrs   M,
j left on Sat unlay for Seattle ��� i
j to  California,  where she expi  i, ,
, remain  for a couple of months,
ty, Mr. Ballack, Mr.
non, Mr. Lander an
A  very  pretty  wedding tool   place
j on   We Inesiny,   January   I,   , i   tlia
home of  Mr,  and  Mrs.   Daniel   lo n,
son, Forest  Hill, Elgin, Burrej   when
| their    ynly   daughter    Jennie,   u ,g
Beat-1united In wedlock with Mr, Prs     n
DOUBLE corner on Princess street,!
two bouses bringing in good rfev-
enue; $1800 for the. property,, will
accept small cash payment and the
balance can he arranged as rent.
FOR SALE���General store and building on acre lot; house over store,
consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, parlor, stable, woodshed and
-storeroom, including stock, postofflce, telephone, agency C. P. R., and
Dominion Express agencies; near
New Westminster. Full particulars, appy to A. C. D., P. O
WE have some excellent building lots
in the west end of the city on easy
terms;   get  bold  of some  property |
before the big advance which is sure
to come.
Real   Estate  Agents.
628  and  746  Columbia  st.
New  Westminster.
Real   Estate.
Columbia Street.      New Westminster.
66-FOOT lots in choice sub-division at
Port  Mann;   $450, easy terms.
Leave Chilliwack 7:00 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday,
Agent, Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
ii   Jones  is expected
cast on Sunday,
Hox 20
Mann workmen; comfortable, neat
scow bouse, in very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 20S Front
street, City. 	
roomed house and two lots- close
to tram. Immediate possession. Ap-
Vly Owner, Hox 270. City.
TEN   ACRES   in   southwest,
ter. section 36, Township
2, Surrey;
$20(1 i er acre;  terms.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Armstrong entertained twelve guests at a delightful dinner  on   Monday  evening.
���    ���    ���
Mrs. J. J. Jones will receive on
the Becond and third Tuesdays in January and on tlie lirst anl third the
rest   of  the  season.
were tin
Webster, [
Mr. D. English, of Pullman, who
lias been the guest of I,is sister, Mrs.
Arthur Malins. returned to liis home
on Saturday last.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.
Alb n
i week-end    guests
��� Vancouver.
OWNERS, we can sell or rent your
properties if right. Send partial
lars;  satisfaction to all guaranteed.
Real   Estate.
Columbia Street.      New Westminster.
eeven room modern house on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for particulars, or 612 Fourth street, New
,   West minster, H. C.
11. Nelson, 917 Fifth avenue.
xrer Agnes and Seventh streets.
Gardiner & Ga-diner
(F. G. Gardiner)
3oom 6, Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 661 Resilience Phone  133
Given  on  Any
Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone  388
A very Jolly surpilse party was arranged by Mrs. .I. II. Diamond and
E, N. Sutherland for Miss Helen Hand
on Tuesday evening      The
rooms   were   thrown   open
ed an excellent ll ��� fo
music being supplied by Mr. Kaber> I
Wolfenden. 'l'he guests Included Mr '
and Mrs. Sutherland, Mr. anl Mr.
Diamond, Miss Peele, Miss Corbould,!
Miss Wright, Miss MacGowan, Mlssl
Almi Leamy, Miss Lewis, Miss Keary,
the Misses Brown, Miss Jos phlne
Martin, Miss Nora Armstrong, Mi-s
Marian Martin, Miss Cotton. Miss
Muriel Cotton, Miss Alma Lewis. Miss
De Wilt' Smith, Mr. Kydd. Mr. Shannon, Mr Ballack, Mr. Sperry, Mr,
Howe .Mr. Brown Mr, O'Brien, Mr.
Cornwall. Mr Beatty, Mr. English,
Mr. Russell, Mr. Sellery, Mr. Charle*
Leamy, Mr. Wright and Mr. Keary,
.    .    .
One  of   the   most   enjoyable    functions of the week was the progressive
euchre given  by  Mrs.  F.  w.  Howay
on  Tuesday   afternoon   for  her  sister,
Mrs.   Watson,   of     Ladysmith.       Ten
tables we,e arranged and the decorations   throughout   the  rooms   were  in
'the Christmas colors.     Mrs.   Qrac y
was the winner of the first prize, Mrs
T   J.   Armstrong  the  second,  and   the
low   hand   by   Mrs.   .lame-;    Brymner.
j Among   tbe   guests   were   Mrs.    Han-
Inln.ton, Mrs.  Richardson   Mrs   J. J.
Kydd, Mr.  Bha.U-j Trapp of New Westminster   Tin    i
i Mr. Johnton,       mony was    performed  by the   i;,v
��� | Alex    Dunn,   the   pioneer   mi    lon in
assisted by the Rev. J. s. Hend,
the iii ide and groom standing Ul ll   ;i
very prettj and artistic arch and ������..<���
ie   B       'ious I ding   bell.      'Ibe   bride   was   la
and afford   dressed in cream Duchesse   tn,
dancing, thei1'1"'- trimmed with hue and pearl em,
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Corbould entertained at a most delightful dinner on
Monday evening, covers being laid for
sixteen, Among the guests weie Mr.
and  Mrs.  Swinford,  Vancouver;    Mr.
'and Mrs. O. II. Corbould, Mr. and Mrs.
I Ardaugh.  Mr.  Wright.  Winnipeg;   Mr.
I Hrown, Mr. Shannon and Mr.  Kydd.
��� ���    ���
, Mrs. R. Kden Walker gave a very
! enjoyable party on Saturday lasl for
j the  young  friends  of  ber  daughter,
1 Miss  Minna.
* ���    *
Mrs.   Cornwall,   of   Albert    Cresent,\ Jones,   Mrs.     Phillips.    Mrs.    ('hike.-'
vvas   the   hostess   at   a  charming   din-   Mrs. Allen. Mrs. Alex Lamb, Mrs   Ma-
Covers   titers, Mrs. J.  R. Cant, Mrs.  Bridgi -
broidery, and looked very swi 11
charming.      After the ceremon
happy couple and their    Lie id       ;[
down to luncheon, toas s to the t,ri<i)
and   groom,    the  host     and    lioi
and  the  bachelors and  maul, i.
proposed and  responded to in
an'1 i.ten\ speeches. Aftei wai d ,,
bride ami gtoom left for California
for their honeymoon.
The   bride's  going  away   gi
navy   blue   serge,   with   velvel
match.    They   will  be  ab: < lit    	
and    on   their   return   will   rt
Westminster,   The bride was thi   ���
ipient of many pre.ents, ran
the    useful  to the    ornamei |
be ml ifui    The wedding wa
one. only  ielatlves "f the bridi    ��� |
groom and a few old   friend
ner   on    Monday  evening
were laid for eiuht.
��� ���    ���
The Misses Fraser, of Vancouver,
who have been tbe guests of Miss
Helen Rand, returned to their home
on Wednesday. Miss Rand returning
with  them for a  short   visit.
* *    *
An   event  of  great   interest   sched-
Mrs. Collister. Mrs. Leamy, Mrs C.
E. Lewi::, Miss Phillips. Miss Jones,
Miss Armstrong. Miss nain. Vancouver, and the Misses Ladner.
ver; Miss DeWolf Smith and Miss
Nora Armstrong assisted the hostess
In looking after the guests.
���    ���    ���
Mrs.    Barclay    Martin   entertained
Licences for  L.inds West of Cascidej
Swell   Total  for  Month.
Victoria. Jan. 6.��� Returns    ol   tbe
proi Inclal I Imber departmenl i r the
final   month   ol    1910   she.'.
revenues   of   J189.044.20,   lo    ������
usual   receipts  from   timber  i
for   lands   west    of   the   Cas- .i ll
chiefly contributary.
of these licenses 7b; were
producing    a    revenue    of    $104 -
east of the Cascades i^i ine-    - wee
Vancou-1 Issued  during    December,    prod    D(
$56,048.20;    timber   license
fees   amounted, to   (1000;   i ��� i iltl ;.
$1675;   255   co ,1   pros pei ting
transfers, $320, and miscellane   ���
cell ts. $i.
itOOM TO RKNT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
gentlemen.   Apply at 2.13 8th St.
ply upstairs Trapp block, coiner
Columbia street and Clarkson
ring, nea
r;'nch of   kkys   on
Pine street. Finder cm
havr same by proving property and
paying for advertisement. Daily-
News office.
business and central residential
property. The People's Trust Co.,
Ltd., Loan Department.
3%  to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
minster Board of Trade meets in tUe
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each montb;
quarterly meeting oa the tnira
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at ���e p.m. Annual
meetings on tlie third Thursday of
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any monthly or quarterly meeting. C. H
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
I Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
1 Phone   53.
I     Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
^  i  maam momma- ******
Your Opportunity!
ston, barristers and solicitors,
Westminster Trust Hlock, Columbia
street, New Westminster. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds, Adam S
Bank of Montreal
���CAPITAL        $14,400,000.00
t��E8ERVE         11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
"Newfoundland, anu in London, Eng
toad, New York: Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking buslneas transacted. Letters of Credit issued, available with
correspondents in all parts ot the
Savings Bank Dapartment���Deposits
teceived In sums of $1 and upward,
aud interest allowei at 3 per cent, per
jannum  (present rate).
Total  Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
TThe Potato Merchant and Auctioneer.
"527 Front St., New Westminster.
Phone 550.
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Towusend t't. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. F'or further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 755.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia aid
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offlces, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters,    etc.;    circular    work    taken.
Train Service New
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
10:30���From Vancouver and Agassiz.
12:10���From Montreal, Kootenay
and Okanagan
22:50���From Winnipeg and
IN'o. 1).
(No. 97).
From  Vancouver.    (No. 96).
From Vancouver, Seattle and
8:30���To Vancouver, Seattle, Nicola and Winnipeg.
11:00���To Vancouver.    (No. 97).
15:55���To Okanagan, Kootenay and
Montreal  (No   96).
17:50���To Agassiz and Vancouver.
21:40���To Vancouver.    (No. 1).
Gen. I .iss. Agent,       Local Agent,
Vancouver.      New Westminster.
Phone   415.     Rear   of   Major
Savage's offlce, Columbia St.
Curtis Block.   P. O. Box 694.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of Montreal.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. W. H. West, N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.C, recording secretary;
J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary
���I   RING UP 56  ������
Westminster Coal Co'y
W. N. CLARKE, Mgr.
Office, Corner Columbia and Sixth Sts.
1-4 Off
house or
You Know
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.. Etc.
You know that when January  conies we always let so.
We are now cutting prices on all our lines of clothing.    Men's, boys and children' suits, overcoats
and  trousers  must go.
The best clothes we  have    will go  right   into this  sale���nothing  will be  reserved.
A fine way for you to lose the benefit of our offerings will be for you to delay your coming.
Our Bargain Festival is on right now.
Secure at once everything in our line that you can use.
Reid ��y C ompany
The Store of Satisfaction   - 601 Columhia St. SATURDAY, JANUARY  7,  1911.
Cataract City Ministers Annoyed at Stories of Commercialism of Weddings.
Niagara,    Falls,    Ont.,    Jan.    G
men of i his clt; are up In arm
t lie  statemeni   which   la   bi In
circulated thai  they are In an agree
men1   with the local  hack driven   to
i  [ng marriage couples to i hen, foi a
portion ol
| ii ���I":'.-
the  fee.    Of the  ten  city
two admit feeling the Jehu i.
The oilier elghl Btoutlj denj  the |,ia -
The rumors recently circulated have
I,  i  in ti  general  expose i f  the  manv
which  exist   in  ii,e  system  of
, tge here.    Of the fifty cerem
which are performed In tbe ag
ate every  month,  which  is aboul
average, less than half come from
��� I   ��� Ide of I he t h ." . where 0 dl -
everal days Is required from
time the license is issued  until
wedding can i"1 solemnized
Hei   Matthew Quinn, pastor of the
tin btreel Baptisi church, stated to
thai he gave hack drivers pari ol
wedding   fee.      "I    have    had    live
. eddlnga the last mi nth, three loc tl
lings,  lhe  last   month, three  local
and two hack as we Call then," he stud
���I gave the drivers a doll ir or two,
igh   the  fees  are   small,  oftenest
only a dollar or two, I will not tie
nd to do t,s others do, though I did
t. ,i  pledge QOI  tO laBl   August.  How-
i heard thai the others weie giv-
thi haekmen money, so I Bald I
would do so. I am chaplain of the
Orange lodge here, and as many of
the haekmen are Orangemen, I like to
l   e tl em a little something."
Rei    Mr   Plaice, ol the church or
thi   Latter Day  Saints, also Bald  that
��� the drivers money,   "I Blgned
reemenl  Of the Ministerial as-
'i    hut   they  told  me  lt   was il-
to tip the drivers,    I wrote to
Mr  llaniii, ami consulted mv
They   both   sail   it   was   all
right, so I do it. I married one cou
pie last? month."
Oppose Giving TipB.
Rev, Dr. Wallis, of the Drummond
mi. . losbyterlan church, has a littlo
scrap of paper handed him by a cabby t, week ago, as he us!,ere I a prospective bride and bridegroom Into
the manse, it contained this brief or-
der: "Charge him $6- give the driver
half." lie di I nol do bo, opposln5
the practice. He bad four weddings
last month.
Uev. Duvid A. Moir. president of the
Ministerial association, and the man
who fathered the agreement, later
signed by all the local pastors, nol
to fee the drivers, Is the pastor of the
Morrison Streel Methodist church,
lie has been asked to iip 11 e diiver
frequently, bul has always refused, as
also have Rey. .lames Barl er, of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian church, ami
1;.".. A, P, Kennedy, of the Mori I ion
Btreel Baptisi church, who Btopped
the practice after signing the agreement oi Augusl I. These pastors
have   wedded   seven,   < ihi    and   lour
couple:, respectively during the last
Rural Dean William Bevan, of All
Saint:;' Episcopal church; Uev. 0. B.
Gordon, ol Chris! church; Uev. J. S.
Williamson, of Lundy's Lane Meth-
oJlsl ' 1,ur. ii. with lour, six and one
weddings this lasl month, have nol
heen approached by the drivers.
Neither has Kev Father Fink, the lo
cal priest, who has nol wedded a cou.
pie foi more than u month. These
gentlemen are all opposed to the tipping practice
Niagara Falls, long a Mecca for
hone) moon couple:-, is not notable 1 ir
lis weddings, though s few couples
come    here from other towns to   be
"spliced,"        When    they   do,   tiny   at
once become the victims ol the haekmen, who, wiih rare Intuition, discover them afar oil     An effort i   made
to take them to the parson who pays
the biggest fee, as a matter of course
Bight of the clerg) regard this as the
commercialization of a sacred function. The other two regard it as a
legitimate business venture.
A Rival Practioioner.
Tbe cabby does not have it all bis
own way. A rival practice hn< sprung
up. At the upper steel arch bridge,
one mun, Mimon Abohbot, is known
by the appellation, "Cupid." He greets
new arrivals with a hearty welcome
to Canada and assures them thai this
is just the place to gel married.   He
offers bis services with the information that he is a government agent to
look after such things.    He takes the
bashful pair 10 a license commissioner, gel the necessary document,
! and escorts them to a pastor, where
he will give away the blushing bride,
guide the groom's trembling Wind, or
render any oilier assistance. For this
he is paid by the happy husband (5.
Ile also receives $1 from the license
commissioner, and frequently $1 from
the minister.
The general Bentlmenl is that some
city official shoul 1 alone be empowered to Issue the licenses. "Whv not
let the Cab drivers'do It?" asked one
minister today. "It's only pari of the
; You Should Start Monday Night
(Changes for this column must be
left at. or telephoned to, this office by
���j p.m. on Fridays. The omission of
any church notice from this column
Indicates that no copy has been turned
iu by the pastor or other responsible
Reduction of From 10 to  15 Per Cent
in   Lighting   Rates.
Ottawa, Jan. 6. The oj eratlon of
the municipal electric light and power  planl   (lining   the  pasl    year   has
', heen bo successful from ihe financial
standpoint   thai   the commission  will
'probably   recommend   to   the  council,
next   February  a  reduction  of  from
ten to fifteen per cent  in the prices
now charged consumers for light, The
annual statemeni will noi be present-
] .��� 1   for ii month or so yet, hut    it Is
known  thai   there  will  be a substantia] surplus on the year's operations..
This   surplus,  after   providing   for  renewal  fund, etc.,  vvill  alow   :,  furtherS
reduction   nexl   year  from  the  pres }
enl  low  rate- for lighting.
If the municipal plant reduces rates
there Is, of course, every reason to believe th;,!  the Ottawa   Electric   company  vvill make similar reductions, BO
that   there  will   be  a   lowering of the
charges all round,   The Ottawa Electric company has had a good year, as,
has   been   shown   by   the   distribution I
among shareholders of a two per cent j
bonus above the regular dividend.
Condemn Law of Contempt.
Seattle, Jan, 5,���The Labor Council
of Seattle, the largesi body of organl-
' zed   labor  in  the  Btate,    after    two
weeks' consideration in committee, Is
nn   record  today  condemning the  law
of contempt  under which two editors
of the Seattle Star were sentenced to
jail for  contempt.
While we have had the largest Fall and
Winter business in the history ft* n*��
of our store, we have some J1 / J
broken sizes in Hats at     t
Just think v.hat this means -Regular price $3.00 to $4.00 ���
Clothiers and Haberdashers
618 Columbia St. New Westminster
Bv selling at small profits and quick returns enable
us to do an enormous business at such low prices.
Reliable House Furnishers
43, 45, 47 SIXTH STREET
Sunday, January 8.
(Annual  Exchange of Pulpits.)
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C   d'Knstlni.
M. A., rector; Rev. George A. Hay, M.
A., assistant curate. 8 a. m, holy communion; ll a, m.. matins, litany and
sermon; 2:80 p. m., Sunday Bchool; 7
p. m., evensong and set mon.
CHURCH OP ST. M.MtV THK VIRGIN,   Sapperton���2:30   p.m.,   Sunday
school;   7  p.m., evensong and sermon,
ST. PAUL'S REFORMED EPISCOPAL Rei. A, DeB-. Owi n rector. Service tit l l a. m. and 7 p. m.: Sun la)
school ;n 2:30 p. iu.; prayer meeting
on Wednesday at 8 p. in., al Mr. Wll-
a m's tcsi lence, Queen's avenue and
Tenth street. Rev. F. S. Okell will
preach in the morning. Pastor's evening subject, "Relative values of bodily
sickness and soul sickness."
ST. BARNABAS���Holy communion,,
morning    prayer    and sermon    at  111
a.m.:   Sunday  school  at    2:30    p.m.;
evening prayer and sermon at 7 p.m., I
Kev. ('.  C.   Hoyle,  M.A., will  preach.
er,  pastor.    Services    11  a.m.    und  7
p.m.     Sunday     school   at     2:30  p.m.'
Midweek prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Rev. F. S. Okell, B.A., pastor. Services at 11 a.m, and 7 p.m. Class
meeting al 10 a.m. Sunday school at
2:30 p. m. Epworth league, Monday,
at S p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p m. Kev. A. de B. Owen
will preach tn the morning. Rev. G.
F, Carpenter, of East Biynaby, will
preach   In  the  evening.
G.   Thompson.  M.A.,     pastor.     Public I
worship:     Morning  service,  11   a.m.;!
[evening,  7  p.  m.;   Bible    class    and
ath school. 2:30 p.m.: Y. P. S. C.i
il-;.. Monday at 8 p.m.; prayer meeting.1
.Wednesday. 8  p. m.    The  pastor will]
pn   cl   in the morning. Rev. E. D. Bra-,
den vvill take tbe evening service.
1E. D. Braden, pastor. Services at
; ll a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sundaj school at
12:30 p.m. Epworth League on Monday
I at R p.m.
'���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a. m. and 7 p. in. Sabbath
!school and Hible class at 2:30 p.m.
I Rev. C. W. Brown will preach in the
I morning. PasUir's evening subject:
| "Be Sincere."
Services  at   11   a.   in.  and   7   p,   in.
j Sunday school at :i:30 p.m.
[CHURCH���Corner Eighth street and
Third avenue, riurnaby. Rev. Frederick L. Carpenter, pastor. Public wor-,
ship. 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday-
school, 2:30 p. m. Prayer meeting.
Tuesday. 7:SO p. in.; choir practice,
Thursday, 7:30 p. m.
Eighth street, between Third and
Fourth avenues. Rev. C. S. McKinley,
pastor. Sunday school. 10 a.m.: service 11 am.: class meeting. 12 a:m.;
prayer service. 7 p.m.: sermon. 7:30
p.m.: mid-week prayer meeting,
Thursday 8 p.m.
Services al 11 a. in. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Epworth League
Tuesday at 8 p.m. Dundonal.l school
house: 'Service at 2 p.m. and Sunday
��Ch00l at 3 p.m. Rev. \Y. Ewart Jones,
ham Madison Wtight, preacher, Sunday services, 11 a.m. and * p.m.
Week day service, every day at 8 p.m.
'dIST MISSION���Rev. Henry Wilson,
| pastor. Sunday school at 10 a.m.
'church service at 11 a.m.
Twelfth   stieet.     Rev.   James   Reid,
IB A.,   pastor.    Public   worship   at   11
la.   m.   and   7   p.   m.     Sunday   school
| at 2:30 p. m.
Hospital street���Andrew Grieve, pastor. Morning service 11 a.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class 12 to 1 p.m.;
evening service 7 p.m.; people's meet-1
lug Thursday 8 p. ni. Postor's morning subject: "Big Profits." In the
evening Rev. B. H. West, of Jackson
avenue church, Vancouver, will
GOSPEL HALlr-Corner of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street. Evangelist
'J. J. Rouse will preach at 1 p.m.
l''everv Sunday, 630 Fourth street, cor-
llner Fourth street and Seventh avenue
iat 3 p. m.   Also on Thursdays at 8
| p. m.
iRev   C   W. Brown, B.D., pastor   Sei-
lVlce'  at   11 a.m. and   7 p.m.; Sunday
,  school at 2:30 p.m.   Rev. J. S. Henderson    will   preach in the morning.
'Pastor's evening subjtct: "In the Beginning, Gol."
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������*
Wishing Our Patrons
the Compliments
of the Season
If you want something choice for Today's Din
ner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Who Said New Year's ?
It is time to start on your New Year's work. We
have just received a Splendid Assortment of Novelties for  making up.    All ir*  the  Newest   Designs.
The W hite House 617 Columbia Street
Fancy Wool Vests
and Coat Sweaters
The sale this year of knitted goods has been very
great, because they fit nice and snug ; are
warm, are sightly and are made in
good combination of colors
Fancy Wool Vests, $3.50to$6.(W
Fancy Coat Sweater, 1.75 to 4.00
Fancy Coat Sweater,
with collar   -   - 3.00 and 5.00
Jhc Wardrobe Clothier
671  Columbia St. New We��tmin��te*. RC PAGE FOUR.  IU
The Daily News
MMfebed by The Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offlces,
corner    of    McKenzie    and    Victoria
C A. Paige Managing Director I
A year ago Mayor Lee vvas engaged.
cn inviting the citizens of New West
minster to place the management of
municipal affairs iu his hands, lie
charged the late administration, and
jxurficiilarly its head, wth all kinds of
shortcomings and mismanagement,
.and pledged himself, If the ratepayer* would elect him, to give them a
:���_*���&, honest, efficient and economic
government, it was as the result of
jfx^se promises, to do far better than
his predecessors, that lie was elected.
llis worship condemned the financial arrangements then existing, and
���tierlared that lie would place tlie lln-
��mi*8 of tlie city upon a good, sound
basis: that he would have pro. less
and improvement all along the line.
Ue pledged himself to provide "clean
Streets, lanes and alleyways; permanent sidewalks; a fair and equitable
ji��.sessment; cle:ui and efficient administration of civic at'l'airs,; improvement of public parks', a public oiscrs
BtB of all matters of civic policy";
ns> "one man government," and no
"star chamber" methods.
What has Mayor l-.ee done to give
a any of these things? Are the city
finances in a good, sound condition,
.and does tlie balance sheet for the
year show a sum on the credit side?
lias nny policy heen initiated Which
has provided tlie city with clean
���streets, lanes and alleyways? lt is
not necessary to go out to the outlying parts to see how little has heen
��iwie in this respect. Tlie coniii ioa
of busy thoroughfares, such lor instance, tis Lorne, Clarkson, McKenzie
and half a dozen other st ects in the
i.��ry heart of tlie city Is shameful.
Una any improved metho.l of assessment, been formulated which gives
loetter or more equitable rights to the
ratepayer? The method of assess-
today is precisely the same as it was
a year ago. All the eld evils and
abuses still exist and Mayor Lee has
not moved a linger to remove them.
What    Improvements    have    h en
nvatle   in  connection  with  our  public
narks?    Absolutely no.hing lias been
���tone in  this resi eet.    Have matters
Ot importance to the city been freely
nnd   openly   discussed?     Hava   there
(been  no star chamber metheds aid
no autocratic  action  on  the  part   of
t.rte chief magistrate?    It is too well
texiDwn  that many  matters (f import
ao  the  citizens   liave  been   smuggle.!
Kbrougb in a quiet way.    Does Mayor
Ijl-c consider that his action"in regard
to  the   correspondence   between   1 im-
.��lf   and   the   officials   cf   tie,!!.   C.
Electric' Railway    company,    and his
conduct  in  regard to the  signin;  of
the che iue for the Ii. A. &. I, Society
���to name only two Instances���were
.surli as to show that he has not t.iken
advantage  of  tlie  position  c nferred
.upon him by tlie citizens, to play th.-
rait of a dictator and an autocrat?
Where,   oh   where,  can   we   see  ! n
���evidence of a clean aud efflcint administration?
.Mayor Lee will find it difficult to
convince the electors that he has carried out the i U.lges, tr in f;:ct my
part ul t) e.n, lie so solemnly made
twel e months age, . r tl at le las
���done anyt. lng t i Improve the position
���imti pros eefs cf the Koyal C ty. Ex-
���uept for the progress she has naturally m;uic, v. 1 i.'.i his worship could not
swjll jirevcnt, but which he might
hrivf* considerably enhanced, New
Westminster has benefited In no way
'/rom the Lee regime.
Inasmuch as h:; has shown himself
unable to improve the administration
or our city, Mayor Lee must be stood
Aside and a better man put in his
place. That man is tefo e the elec
tors in the person of Mr. T. J. T.app.
The address of this candidate, delivered to the crowded meeting at St.
llama has hall on Thursday evening,
revealed an experienced and capable
administrator. Mr. Trapp has won
the liorrorable position which he now
'���"nolds by solid husiness ability, and
S* wiU apply the sane and practical
methods of business to tiie administration of New Westminster's affa rs
In this way the hest possible re ulti
will be gained at a minimum cf cost.
In respect to the impoitant question of assessment, iustead of the Inactive policy of Mayor Le?, the progressive candidate proposes the adoption of the single tax system, wliich
has. worked so advantageously in
Vancouver and other cities, and wou d
te of immense assistance to the le-
velopment of New Wcstm nster.
Then, too, Mr. Trapp avows his belief in the encouragement of all railroad undertakings and his intention
of introducing a policy to this end.
The future progress and greatness of
tbis city depends very largely Indeed
upon an intelligent appreciation of thfl
advantages conferred by the entry of
railways and the establishment of t.ei-
mfnals on the Fraser river. But whilst
Mr. Trapp shows that, he possesses
this sense of appreciation, Mayor Lee
lias Bpent bis year of ofllce in oppos-
an* railway enterptlse and ln setting
the city at loggerheads with a nro-
_.rnssive rallvyay undertaking which
���desires to make New Westminster the
.'headquarters of Its great syftem.
Finally,   instead   of   treating   the
members of tlie council in a way that
���diat^esta that they are not worthy of
'4��nslderation, as his worship has done
in sundry instances by taking import
���ant steps wthout consulting them, Mr.
"Trapp declares his intention of work
lng harmoniously in association with
those who are elected rs alJe men by'
i*be: ratepayers.
City of New Westminster
Municipal Election, 1911
I B I! . ���
Who, if elected will giv^you a clean handed,  honest
administration, with eSfeftomy in all departments.    He
X*: ftUmWmmWS
does not hold a brief for any corporation, but promises
to give every assistance to encourage new industries.
J?"k V'.'.tMw��-
We are reducing our stock of
Heating Stoves
See our line and get prices before
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Call in and have them tested. The latest
in Spectacles and Eye Glasses. Optical
work a  specialty.   All   work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store \
No   underhanded   methods.    Everything straight
and abbvfe board.
No secrets from the public.
at 8 p.m.
Rally at the Opera House
Committee   meeting   every  evening at 8
f\    I v.
o'clock, Blackie  Block, over
jigjjj      Bank of Toronto.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver:   5, 5:50, 6:20, ���',:,r>o, 7:20 s
anil every half hour thereafter until ll p. ni..
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver  at   6,  7,  S  and  every   half
hour until 11 p. in.
Express cars leave New Westminster for Vancouuver at 7:20 a. m, 11:20
a. m., and 3:20 p. m.
20-mlnute service from 5:40 a. m. until   11:20   p.   m.     Sunday��� 20-minutes
service  fioin  8  a   m.   until  11:20  p.m.
20-minute service from 0:10 a. m. until  11:3]  p.  m      3mday-I) mlc res
service fiom  8:10 a. in.  nr,( 11   11:30p. m.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 7K and every hour there
jfter up to 11 p. m., connecting at Eburne Junctlbn for Steveston.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 8 a. m. and   every   half
hour thereafter up to 11  p. m.
To Abbotsford only���Leave New Westminster l: in p. m.
To Chilliwack���leave New  Westminster 9 a, m. and 6 p. m.
For  Acreage,   Large and
Small, Priced Right
706 Columbia St.
'Phone 122
'Phone 291
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Office and Bunkers, 902 Columbia St.
We take this opportunity of thanking all our
customers for their patronage during the last year,
and trust they will favor us with a continuance of
We are still handling the amous Wellington and Comox, house
and steam coal, and Cumberland Forge coal, and the celebrated
Portland cement, Vancouver brand, Kosebank lime, Tacoma plaster,
also an Improved plaster already mixed with sand, ready for use.
We have a good supply of Vitrified pipe, crushed rock, gravel,
sand, etc.
We have Increased and Improved our plant during the past year,
and expect to be in a posltloh this year to supply everyone at rock-
bottom prices. .
Aston Villa Meets Sapperton and High
School   Clashes  With   Rangers���Game at 2 p. m.
Two football games are scheduled
for the city league today; Aston Villa'
plays Sapperton on the Sapperton
grounds al 2:30 o'clock, and the Rangers meet, the High School at Moody
Equate ut the same hour. Tim M,a-
honey tfill referee the Moody Squire
game, and Alberts the other.
The Rangers team will be picked
from the following players: Marshall,'
Douglas, Woods, Curse, Currie, Borland, Ferguson, Kvans, Kenny, C.
Smith, R. Smith and Wllkie. Tho
players are requested to be on the
grounds at 2 o'clock.
The Aston Villa team will be picked
fiom the following players: Pratt.,
Lyon, Ewlng, peele, Douglas, Hunter,
ll'. Qlfford, J. Qlfford, c. Coldicutt, ll
Turnbull, Sharpe, Brisbane, Fitzgerald, Davidson and Kennle.
Five Players Left.
In tlie Roval Billiard tournament
yesterday, Coldicutt won from
Wright; Brisbane won fiom McCor-
mack, and Marshall won trom McAllister, The contest lias now narrowed
down to the players: Coldicutt, Marshall, Grant, Turnbull and Brisbane.
Marshall and (Irani play a game on
Monday and the tournament will probably be finished on Tues lay or Wed'
nesday. ������
Record of European Fliers Up
September 10 of This Year.
Paris, Jan. 5.���In thirteen months
from the first aviation meeting at
Reims, In August, 1909, aviators havo
won In prizes f712.84Ti.68, and in about
the same space of time twenty-four
aviators have paid the toll or their
lives to the new form of locomotion.
The winners of tills sum have numbered 1117, fifi being Ereneh, and 41 belonging to other nations.
The heaviest winner lias been
Louis Paulhan, with $s^,u,ri2, and thei
smallest is Louis Breguet, tlie inventor, builder and pilot, witli $-X.(>0.
Among the*women fliers Mesdames
de l.aroelie, Frank, Niel, Misses Du-
trleu iind Marvinge, the first named
won %:\'.',Mi el Rouen and got tlie
110(10 ,'ladles' prize at Iteiims, although, alu; had not fulfilled the conditions of the race, her III|i.it being
stopped hy her terrible fall>
The prizes officially between August, 1909, und the end of {September,
1911, are as follows:
Paulham      $82,062.40
Leon   Morane      62,979.80
Latham       52,481.98
Rougier       62,300.00
Chavez         49,278,88
Qrahame-White       36,100.00
Le   Blanc     32,800.00
Farman, Henry    23,390.00
Legagneux        17,898.80
Van   den   Born   17,739.46
Dlcluoti        17,229.20
Bfflmofl      16,711.58
Glenn Curtiss    16,600.00
Cattaneo        16,092.80
Count   de   Lambert       12,480.00
Auburn           12,260.00
Brookins        11,400.00
Mesrol      11,200.00
Wagner   11,054.00"
Oileslaegers       10,200.00
Hamilton      10,000.00
Johnstone       9,500.00
Simon             9,330.00
Bleriot.          8,400.00
Drexel         8,400.00
Twenty-nine more names follow
before the winnings are less than
I $2000, among them Weymann at $3,-
I 260 and Count Jacques de Lesseps at
i $'.'700. Eleven more have won up-
. ward of $1000, among tliem Rolls
with $1,708.18.
These figures deal with tbe money
awarded in prizes only, many of the
aviators of course, receiving in addition large sums for attending tly-'
1 ing meetings. Thus Paulhan had a
contract in America and received sub
i iinitial sums for Douai, Tournai and
Latham   has  been   paid   for attend
ine     meetings    at   Blackpool, Berlin
Rouen,   etc.,   and Blerio*
a decent crowd, and Hie games were
hard fought, and to the credit of the
league officials let It be said they
were started fairly on time. Then
tlie taint of professionalism crept in
and the public became tired of the
crookedness which professionalism^
unless strongly handled, always en i
"The game went from bad to worse
till this spring a number of men who
had turned professionals without due
thought of the consequences, were reinstated, and a series was formed between the Shamrocks and the C. N i
R., to play for the city supremacy.
The old fault of starting a game an
hour late alienated a great many supporters who were there with an open
mind to Iind what tlie game whs, but
refused to stand around all afternoon
to await, the players' convenience. It
Is Inconceivable that out of the thirty
or forty men connected with the two
clubs no man was found who was
strong enough and sane enough to Insist on the sport being conducted
The Final Blow.
"The final knockout blow was ad
ministered when tlie Shamrocks turn
ed professional to meet the Montreal
cup challengers on their way to tho
coast. Why they did it, and what
they hoped to gain by this step, will
probably be revealed In the hereafter.
for no mortal man would offer a satisfactory answer. Cei tain it is that all
tliose involved will liave great diffl
cully in returning to the amateui
"With no opposition al home, and
with no chance of bringing in an out
side learn and breaking even on tho
guarantee, the C. N. It. quietly dis
"Perhaps some day a man will riso
In the west big enough and strong
enough and enthusiastic enough to
bully the players Into doing right
thing, and who will be able to put la
crosse back in tlie position wllich i
its just due." '
Barney Bchrelber, who breeds and
races many horses, Including Jack At
kin, is also a bookmaker. But lie is
still able to see that in the public
.mind his first-named activities have
better prospects if speculation is
ci nducted through other cbannels
than that of the Individual layer of
odds. In the state in which lie lives
and maintains probably the largest |
breeding establishment in America,
betting on races was abolished a few
years ago in the advancement of the
political fortunes of a Missouri political   leader.     Tin-re  is  now   a    strong
probability  that  it  may  be  restored, i Heii0poll8.  Rouen,   etc..
but It is significant that the proposed for   vjenna,   Bucharest,   ConBtantln
revival is nol to be accompanied by
n���.,��� ,_  ...i...,   \(,-   siclire  I '
Adam   S.
bookmaklng.    This is what  Mr. Schre
Iber tells The St. Louis Times:
"My ilea is to have a bill introduced in tbe next legislature that wiil
legalize racing in tlie state. 1 would
like to see a bill that would put rae
ing Here on the same footing il is on
in Kentucky. There they have a com-
mission appointed by the governor
which oversees everything that goes
ou the- race tracks. Racing is undei
ihe direct control of tiiis body, and
never since It look charge has there
ople and Cologne.
Leon Delagrange, who won only
.llo in priies befoie lie was killed
on January \, received $3000 for appearing at Spa and $lS,l)uo for Doncaster.
Mme. Frank had two contracts for
England at (2500 each and Miss Du-
trit*ii one for $10,000 for Russia, as
had also Mine, de Laroche.
If tlie guarantees paid to aviators,
are estimated at from $200,000 to
$100,000  and are added to the   prize
, '"ll; "    _? ""."V. i .,    i monev  the totals  would  lie from  $1.-
been a blot on the escutcheon of the, ���   $
sport of tlie Blue Grass state. I       .-. ,...!_
The pitri-mutuel system Is In use
there exclusively. No bookmakers
aie permitted on the track.-. This, I
think, removes the greatest objection
$10,000 an aviator,
For   many   filers  these  sums
; had   to  cover  expenses,  and   if  then-
career  is  glorious and  ut  times  prof-
Johnston Joins Whiteside
and Edmonds.
The name of the legal firm of
Whiteside and Kdmonds has no.vl
been changed to Whiteside, Kdmonds
and Johnston, Adam S. Johnston, of
this city, being the new member
Adam  S. Johnston has just recently   completed   his   legal    course    and
was called to the bar about a month
ago.    During most of the time he was
here he was in the office of W. Nor
man Bole.  K. C, although lie has a!
so  had  experience  in  the   offlces   of
lloway,   Ueid     and   Bowes,   and     McBride and Kennedy, ^^^^~
Mr.   Johnston     has   been   in     New
Westminster   about  eight  years,  and
during   that   time   has   paid   close   at
tentlon to his legal studies.    The re
suit of his endeavors along this line
were shown at the recent final examination, when, out of a class of twenty-four, he came first on the list.
Duiing the last few months Mr.
Johnston has had considerable experience In the county comt and in
the different police courts and has
| also appeared many times in chambers.
'l'he entry of Mr. Johnston into
ranks  of   practicing  lawyers  in  New
iave  Westminster brings the number up to
a  shipment  of
the famous
Jacob & Co.
The Finest that
can be made.
B.C. Mills
limber  and Trading Co.
Manufacture, i and Dealers ln All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone  12 New Westminster
Box 13/
We Furnish Your
Home  Complete
C. k Mh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
Your vote and support
are requested for
Silas Fader
For  a  Progressive  City.
Clean City Government.
Square deal for tlie city with all corporations.
most persons hold against racing. 'Do
away with the bookmakers.' they say,
'and you will obliterate the greatest
evil of the race track.' While I could
hardly concur In that opinion, I am
willing to bow to the inevitable and
accept whatever may he acceptable to
the public. i _.
"The matter of reviving racing haa '
been talked over informally in other
parts of the state, and a bill would he
generally  supported if It were intro- i
duced.    Kansas City, St. Joseph. Jop-   <>entlemen:
Iin  and other cities have become in- ' ew
terested, legislators have been approached and sounded on thc subject
and many have expressed a willingness to support such a bill.
"If some one can be found to father
it a measure will almost certainly bo
placed before the assembly. 1 have,
the moral support of a number of in
tluential St. LoiUjans, and have heen
promised aid when the time comes foi
action. There will be no rush about
the affair, it being necessary to go
slow to avoid killing^ the movement
in its infancy." '
The Times endorses Mr. Schrelber's
Idea In the following brief but emphatic declaration: "Mr. Schrelber's
plan sounds good, lt Is at least worth
a trial. Let's have legalized racing
liable it Is always cosily. The purchase of a machine, lessons, the hiring of a shed, wages of at least two
mechanics, pieces for repairs, linen
and wood, which In aviation are ex
tremely dear, and repairs run away
with large returns.
" Asquith Ministry
Has A Bold Program 11
(Continued from Page One.)
! dom.   This, added Mr. Balfour, would
People's Trust Co.,  Ltd.
Westminster, B. C.
January 4 h. 1911.
lie New York Underwriters policy
77,11^0, we beg to acknowledge receipt
for the sum of $19.26 in payment of
loss under tlie above policy, and to
thank you for your promptness in nvt-
king the settlement We only notlfl.
ed you this morning of th - fire and
congratulate you on'the uuick set.le
ment you have made.
Yours truly,
Thank You!
To AU My Clients:- \
I wish to heartily thank you for tho
liberal patronage accorded me during
the past year.      ,
The large Increase of my business
shows that you appreciate my efforts
to give you the best Insurance at the
lowest rate as well as the prompt settlements of the companies 1 represent.
I devote my time exclusively to tho
Insurance business and as - have recently greatly increased my facilities for handling large lines I will be
in an even better position to serve
7ou and the Insuring public generally
during 1911.
Again thanking you and wishing all
n bright and prosperous New Year, I
Yours for business,
Alfred W. McLeod.
New Westminster, D.
C,  January,
National  Sport Is Dead, Buried   and
Forgotten in  Manitoba Capital.      I
The New Year's number of the Win-1
nlpeg Free  Press gave a resume of
sport In that town of troubles for the
past year, each branch of athletics being  deaA  with  by  an  acknowledged
expert.   Concerning lacrosse, D, W. F.
Nichols, who followed  (note the past
tense)   the  game   for  >ea:s   in   the
'Peg,    draws  the  following    gloomy I
picture: I
"Perhaps In this western country
ln our young days we have been
brought up to other things, and pos
sibly some of us don't really appreciate a good thing when we see it, for
lacrosse, the good old national game,
has been allowed to sink almost Into
oblivion, and were it not for the
splendid missionary work done by
the Public School league, the citizens
of Winnipeg would hardly know what
the game looks like.
"If some active steps are not taken
soon, lacrosse In the west will be unknown and a relic of the Indian ago.
The clubs themselves must-shoulder a
fair measure of blame for this Btate
of affairs, because the last th'ng tliey,
have done has been to consider the |
public.   Games starting an hour past
tho scheduled time, and when finally
under way held up by foolish bickering and unnecessary delays that disgust any audience who have a spans
of Intelligence.    And more than once
the language has been such that the
man who left his lndy friend at home
was the fortunate Individual.
Had Reason to Compliln.
"These are all things that don't require anything but ordinary Intelligence to see, and the various clubs
which have been In the different
leagues cannot blame the public for
criticizing their handling of such aim
., *l.,m    mm    ulv     VflirH
dom.    i ins, .luucu ..... ~~ ��        .
  ! be one of the greatest crimes in his
Babies Are  Now  in  Danger  tory.
of Starvation. I     Attempt to Reassure Protestant..
Chicaeo Jan. 6.���Five thousand j John E. Redmond, chairman or tne
"sSie bahies" are in danger of sta* Irish Nationalist party, devotes a long
v��tlon The milk fund supplying article In a London paper to an en-
vatlon       ���e   mu* > remove the Unionist objec-
MriETwHl be exhausted  tomorrow, | ttn to Home Rule based on the fea,
anTthe commuteeof which Mrs. Jos-: that  the   Ulster  Protestants   will   be
h   <r   Hn.pn  is  chairman, is  at  a   unfairly treated. i
7\ L ���vt and means of continu!     He assembles a great array of sta-1
\*\\V*\*Z rupplv   which  has saved the  tlstics and figures of the recent elec-1
WS.S& of infants during the  ��  showing that ����_�����Z|
libor stnlBSle- ,���elved   . foil  ���an Caihollc. wblto eseludlns B.lt����t.
,�����V�� pi fo *0?��?k��l>��-!U,e ��W or IMS' ��'""' "S" ***.
f^LrfhSton of milk    It costs $150 I ulster can not be claimed as a Pro-
babies weakened by lack of sufficient   -how onfW!^ ���y Irl8h Roma,
 ..Inkmant ���nitja    *f      *!.__*    Ifolonn'i
' ��ta��S FITTINGS!
Westminster Woodworking Co.
���    nonAKF8    Proorletor
The People's Trust Co.,.   Ltd.,  .New
Westminster, B. C. ,
January 4th, 1911.
Re North Emrlre Incurance pol'cy
1 No. 59511, we heg to acknowledge receipt of your cheque for $13'25 in pay-
' ment of the loss under < b-ive po icy.
We heg to tender our tha-ks fir tbe
promptness in which you hive mids
this settlement.   Yours truly,
.       *. J. BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner Eleventh and Cerllne.
Russia   and
SUUV,     Ul. M   my....    ,_    ,               .,.
ways been exercised by Irish Roman
Catholics, and to prove that Ireland's
national movements for generations
have been conducted by Protestants.
He declares that Ulster has nothing
to fear, and that if Home Rule is
granted, the present    minority    will
' have equal rights and liberties with
: the Roman Catholics.
! Toronto, Jan. 6.���Rev. Dr. Shearer,
1 secretary of the reform board of the
I Presbyterian church In Canada, and
j known to the west and In Winnipeg
��� particularly, Is again on the warpath.
..    ! This time he ls taking steps regard-
un- -_. ku������
Commencing September 15, the SS. Transfer will leave Brackman-
[tJker fcrtrarf every afternoon, except Sunday, at 2 p.m., for
l^ujner, Westham Island and Way Ports
- Returning to New Westminster Saturday evening.
| Returning wlll leave every week-day morning at 7 a.m. and Ladner
1^)^30 *i%*iix  Additional trip Monday morning, leaving   New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subject to change without notice.   For freight and
passenger rates apply to
ii'  V
Germany   Reach an   UiV. ��g\-a*��in*- gambling
,      .       , aer��tanf ln9- One resolution he ls having support,
London, Jan. (..-An evening paper j ed ,-��� that ���the actlon of the parliu.
publishes what purports to he the 1 ment of last 8e8slon is greatly regrett-
text of an agreement between Russia | ed ln ieglsiation ot professional garab
and Germany ln Persian affairs and j Ung on the race cour8e8 of Canada;
supposed to be a result of the meet-1 repudiates the contention that this ls
lng of Emperor William and Emperor j nece89ary jn the interests cf horse-
Nicholas at Potsdam last November. !bree^ing, and earnestly hopes that, in
According to the text printed, Ger- the not dl8tant f���turei the business of
many disclaims any political interest gamb,lng and befang on the race
in Persia and recognizes Russia s ln-|tracks wm be made crlminal a8 it l8
tereats  in  Northern  Persia.    Russia, I everywhere else."
modern 5-room Cottage., one block from
Street (car line), cement foundation, furnace,
Price*, $2500 and $2600.   Eaty terms.
terests   in   nuo��i>��   ��� -         ,-   . ���
on her part, agrees to ��HJ?��g��
building the long proposed Bagdad
railway mi Its branches and to Rive
German commerce in Persia equalit>
of treatment. ,    ...
This important pact quite Ukely will
be resented bV France and Great Britain, as dlsloyaltv on BM>j��i PMt <fl
their entente. The seouel of the Uslt
of the Russian monarch to 0��rman
was anticipated lealoimy in Kngland,
where Is was believed the not too cor-
.    .. . ..     Anprnnnv    nni
To Suppress Smuggling
j    San Dlego, Cal., Jan. 6 ���A vigorous
' effort ts to be made to break up the
\ gang that haa been smiigg'tne Chln��S||
and  opium  into this port for years,1
It   was   learned   yesterdav,  that  the|
swift  power schooner  Orient,  whlcty
arrived  here  Wednesday  from    Safil.
Pedro, has been chartered by the raU.
migration authorities for a year nnd
that she wlll he used to run down the
less fleet craft that bave been bring-
wmmsfsissp _^___\
McQuarrie Bros.
Note new address,  622 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists PAGE SIX.
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong bank-
ing organization.
Interests paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
n,��siness j [Accounts opened
on favorable  terms.    :: 't '**
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
New York, Jan. 6.���If the firemen
of Jamaica Hay had heen called on to
extinguish    a    blaze  yesterday   they
would not have had much success, hut I
there would have heen enough roifkteilj
eels to feed a goodly part of the town |
for ti day or two.   According to a man j
who   doesn't   drink,   about   sixty-two,
thousand linear feet of eel came out
of  the  fire   plugs   yesterday   when!
Frank Bachman, foreman of stable 1-.
of th.e    stieot  Cleaning   department,
couldn't     get     enough   water   for   his
hoi ses, and tinned en a tii e plug io
see  if that   would  solve tlie mystery
as  to  why   the  faucets  in  thc   stable
would only trickle.
Willi lhe first bucket of water that
escaped from the hydrant theie also
escaped six eels, wliich, with a little
j hand-painted effect, would liave passed tor snakes. After these came
twelve eels, and then came twenty-
four that were the largest ever. Small
boys saw tlie hydrant issuing eels at
a terrific pace, so tliey went to an-
' other hydrant  and turn id it on.
The eel population of the big water
main seemed endless. Other hydrants
; were turned on. and still  there  were
eels   until   they   were  past   measuring
or  counting,     Men  and   women  came
and gathered them up in baskets and
' took them home.
Tlie feature of the regular weekly
market yesterday was the scarcity of
almost all lines of produce.
Partly owing to the tact of last
week having been a holiday market,
and consequently upsetting the trade
to some extent, and mostly owing to
the tact that the Beaver, which is
generally relied on lo bring most ut
the up-rlver produce to tlie market,
was   out   of   commission   owing   to   a
breakdown in her machinery early in ! t
Bill Smuggins Drops in to
Roost, Starts Riot and
Things Become Sad.
Rill  Snuggins'   countenance,  which   says the rest.    Ile was eating to I	
had    all the soft  holiday look    of a 11*}6 band *11 the time turkey, potatoe
chunk  of  armor   plate,   had   not  em-
Seven Chinese Killed.
New York. Jan. 6.���Two Pell Btreel
tenement bouses occupied by many
Orientals are afire. According to a
Chinaman who escaped there were
120 men and women In the buildings
and seven of these perished,
the week, tlie supply of tlmost all
lines was considerably shorter than it
was last weeli, and indeed lor many
weeks previous,
Tlie supply of poultry showed the
most marked falling off, and not at
any market last year were there
fewer birds offered'for sale than there
was at yesterday's market, the first
in tlie new year.
Meats were also scarce, but vegela-
blts, oomlng from points down the
river! were brought in large quantities
and  found)  ready  sale.
Eggs, thi' coinmodl tj in wliich
everyone seems to he most interested
lit tlie present time, show signs of a
recovery in price after the recent
slump. Most of those brought in sold
at 50 (cuts per do/ell retail, but some
of the farmers succeeded in getting a
' few   cents   more.
The market next Friday Is also ex-
: pected to be a slim one. as many of
Ithe farmers will be busy electioneer-
1 ing in  the municipal districts, but  af-
a  Christmas
sweetly,  pretty
knows   that   an   infallible   recipi
the production of the smile
the tear is to lmve a long 1
New  York, Jan.
las     ever   read   ;
rough   to   th
I uy
-t mem-
All  Soda Water
Tastes Alike,
You Say
Beg pardon: I take it for granted I
that you have never tried tlie
or you would change your mind. Acme I
is in & class by itself. Once tried���I
always used.
Our special champagne is a winner.;
You on. hit it) try a case for Christ-,
mas 1 Price *il:2. case and bottles to!
be returned.
Factory:   Simpson Street.
Office:   30'4 Columbia  Street.
Tel. 68%. Wew Westminster, B. C.
ber of tlie family come back in time
to declare himself in in the (. hr.st-
mas table d'hote, Christmas Beems
to he llie one lest day of the year for
the prodigal to ring the front door
bell and remark that notwithstanding   tlie   Whiskers   he   lias    grOAii    iii
Alaska or wherever lie has been
spending his vacation from home litis still the pathetic home-coming kid.
Maybe  it   is the reduced  rates  on  the
railroads effective for the holidays
that btings them all back, but back
they all come and find somebodj re-,
members how main' sugars tliey take
in their coffee, that the 1 tt e g rl
down the street is still unmarried and;
so on and so forth. Sometimes they
do.    Sometimes  tliey  don't.
Hill  Snuggins  didn't.
He and his relatives and tlie policeman on the beat told about liis
homecoming in the West Side court
yesterday.    Although nobody wnats to
'   ter that the markets are expected to:
j pick up and there is no doubt that the  ,io  Hill  Snuggins  an   injustice,  it    is
j record set   last year as far as trans-; lnlt tnltu ,0 say Jlmt he (1(ies ,)0( ,0()k
acting   business   was   concerned,  will   like ��� nl.m wh��� woul(1 c,.y because h<
be eclipsed this year.
Official   Quotations:
Reef, hindquarters, per lb...10 to 12c
Ueef, forequarters, per lh. ...S to 10c
Pork per Ib 12^ to 13c
Kggs, retail, per doz 50c
ycur Druqgist for a Free Peruna
Almanac for 1911.
Gold Watc'aes for Ladies from |12./5
Silver Waiclves, gents' open face
Silver Watchec, gents' open case.
97.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and Klgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
P.cc-n   14,   Westminster
Pnone 711.
Trust   Block.
Box   160.
Architect and   Building Constructor.
Specialist in Steel. Reinforced Concrete and Modern lluilding Construction.    Telephone SOO.
Room   13   Dominion  Trust   Building.
Transfer Co. Mme. GAULTIER
Evening   Dress  Suits,  Blouses, etc,
all   new fashions  from   Paris.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner   Eighth   St. and   Fifth  Avenue
PHONE  370.
(���fllce 'Phone  11b.      Barn  'Phone IS?
Columbia   Street.
Baggage   delivered   promptly   '.*t
any part of the city.
ajght and Heavy Hauling
For all kinds or
Phone 695 *
or leave orders at
The    Arrow   Press
Mrs. F, M. Dominy, Pro.
near The-Dally News Co., 609 Victoria
- _, Street.
Friendly   Relations  of  Statesmen
casion   Surprise.
Washington, Jan. 6.���The facts that
President Taft and ex-President Koo-
sevelt are carrying on an active correspondence,  that  the   president   has
solicited and received the advice and
'assistance of liis predecessor on  im-:
portant international affairs, and that
iney    exchanged   Christmas    felicita-1
tions of a cordial nature were learned with considerable surprise by poli-1
ticians in Washington to lay, although
these facts had been known to those
in  the confidence of the two statesmen for some time.    To a few insurgents who have hoped to profit from
I a  break  between  President  Taft and
I ex-President Roosevelt the news came
i as a disappointment, but by most of
! the  progressive,  as  well  as  by  many
! of tlie regulars, it  was  welcomed as
an augury of success in 1912,
Although tliose close to these two
I statesmen  have been  aware of  what
I was going on for several  weeks, they ;
had been informed under a pledge of
confidence, and  it  is  doubtful  if the ���
facts would have become public now j
had   it  not  been  for  a   story  printed1
here unler a N'ew York date line this
morning, which asserted that William
Loeb.   jun.,   was   in   a   decidedly   em- ;
barrassing  position   because   he   had j
been requested to take charge of tlie j
interests   of   the   president    in   Xew |
York,    and,   having    consented,   had j
been obliged  to  bteak  with   Colonel
Roosevelt.    It was asserte I that both j
| President Taft and Colonel  Roosevelt
were seeking to control the New York |
delegation   and   that   Mr.   Loeb    had
i been   obliged   to   take   ri les   agalnsl
'��� his  life-long  friend  and  former chief.
| The publication of this report led to a
j denial of the story, coupled with  an
j explanation of the pleasant relations
which   exist   between   the   president
and liis predecessor.
Carrying out his program if fn<
formal conferences with the Republican leaders in congress, President
Tait has a long talk today with Representative Payne, of New York, the
floor leader of the house. The president discussed with him various features of the legislative program for
tlie current session. following liis
interview with Mr. Taft, Mr. Payne
made the Important announcement
that he was quite sure a bill for a
permanent tariff commission acceptable to congress an i to the president
would be put through tbe sanate and
house before March  . next.
heard sentimental music, lie might
up and try to lick the orchestra, but
an onion is about the only thing in
the world that could move him to
tears.. Some of his relatives kept up
the crying average of tlie family.
In tlie marshalling the persons in
the case before Magistrate Appleton,
Policeman E. Aloysius Kennedy, relying on his ample experience in matters of this kind, took one look at
Bill Snuggins and, turning to the
magistrate said:
���   "Prisoner is a professional burglar."
"You're a  liar,"  said  Mr.  Snuggins.
without emotion.
Mr.  Snuggins'  father  spoke  up,
"lie's    too   lazy   to   be   a     burglar,
judge,"   said   tlm    parent,    "he's    a
An uncle, whose visage was a
standing refutation of the theory that
beefsteak will always cure a blackened eye, grunted acquiescence In
this view. Big Snugglnses and little
Snugginses grouped in a family semicircle back of tlie defendant, shock
tlieir heads and blinked tlieir eyes in
token of the fact that, although present and not voting their sympathies
were not with Bill Snuggins.
eigod from the homecoming festivities unimpaired, and although hi*
spirit was not broken, the same could
not be said of his nose.
Policeman Kennedy was no more
moved by Snuggins' impeachment of
his veracity than he would have been
had Snuggins merely remarked that
there was a loose thread on Kennedy's coal, lie looked a: Snuggins
dispassionately and, tinning again to
the magistrate said:
"Gentleman says he isn't a burglar."
'Tm a cab driver," said Snuggins
bitterly, "and next Christmas I'll stay
on my cab. 1 may sen 1 my family a
Christmas card, bin I won't bother
to  go  around  and  see  them."
"Vou called today?" Inquired the
magistrate politely.
"I called today," said Snuggins,
"and a beautiful  welcome I got."
"There was nothing tlie mallei'witli
tlie welcome till you kicked over the
Christmas tree and almost set lire to
the house, with tlie insurance lapsed
since September l," said his parent.
"Let's have the details of this lam
ily reunion chronologically,' suggested
the magistrate,
Policeman  Kennedy Interpreted
"That means." said be, "beg u at
the beginning and call no names. Tell
what happened."
"It's hard to talk about thin bum
without calling him names," said the
uncle, "hut I'll do the best. I can. To
begin with, today is the first time he's
been home since tlie chauffeurs were
on strike, and then he came in only
long enough to borrow a revolver. We
had no place at the table for him today. We didn't know where he was."
"We thought he was in jail," said a
! cousin.
"W'e knew  he ought  to be in jail,"
continued the uncle, "and we thought
he was there,    .lust  as we were sitting  down   to  tlie  table  there  was  a
j knock on the door."
i     "Regular    landlord's    knock,"    said
the cousin, "almost  broke the panel."
1     "And this came in," said the uncle,
pointing   with   his   left   elbow   ai   Bill
Snuggins, "this came in  with  a package."
"What  kind?' asked Policeman Kennedy.
v "Little package wrapped in PT '
and tied with a red ribbon." said the
uncle, "'Merry Christmas, everybody,'
he said. 'Here's a bo. of cigars I've
brought you for Christmas. I found
it in my cab,' And he pulled a chair
up to tlie table and sat down.
"So far so good," said the magistrate, "re-union of long-parte I relatives and all that sort of thing."
Tlie uncle looked dis justed.
"It lasted about a minute," he said.
then the fellow says' 'Well, I'm glad
you're all getting along so well I'm
glad to see you're so prosperous.
Which one of you is going to lend me
a coui le of dollars?' 'I'm not; says 1
'.Nor   me,'   says   liis   father,   'Nor   us,'
tomatoes and two vases of celery \
had  on  the table for crnamoat.      ii
ate them all.   And drink!    Judge, th
fellow   coul I   di Ink  a   distiller  out
house   nnd   home.     Ile   drank    even
tiling In sight and kept  asking us be
tween      drinks   to   lend    liiui     BOtn ���
money,     lie   said   he   want id   lo    l
some new liarness."
"1 gol  tired at  last," said the father,
"and   let   my   tstttj er  .el   the   bei I
me.    'If you'll go and  hang joais.
witli   part    of   llie    liarness.'   |
'111   buy   you   lhe  BtrongeSl   ham.-
Ninth   avenue,    You're   as   wei
here  as   seal let   le .er   in   an    or; I
as] Inm.'"
"I said lo hlm," said tlie un
"Isn't it about tune you opened |
box  of cigars'.'"
" 'I    wouldnt    waste   rood   t( n   , ,.,,.
cigars  on  you,'  lie  -ail   to  me    !:
you   broke your clay  pipe?' "
One  of the  cousins  spoke.
"Then he begun to criticize the pn
sents on  the  lice,     lie  hadn't   I".
any  of them, and  none of them   v.     ���
lm    him,   but   he   kimcke1   i hem
Then     after   he's   eaten   and     ih   :
everything bandy he leaned bad, and
said lie was sorry he'd come and
he  Wished  he'd gone to a lunch wa.  in
for   his  Christmas  dinner,    Tlie < i
pany    would    be   nun e   ci Dg( D a',.
said.     An 1   he   sl I   up   and   ki    .  |
over   the   ('ill isttn.is   Hee "
"Then   the   trouble   began?"   aski i
ihe magistrate,
���"lhe trouble began as soon as he
came   In,"   said   the   uncle.       "It   .,,
worse, when the Christmas tne weal
"It   was a  riot   when   I  got   the e,
said the policeman on the beal
"The Christmas guest is lined HO,"
said   the   magistrate.       "All   prodigal
i sons can't have good luck."
|     "Prodigal     sons,"   said     Policeman
j Kennedy, "make a mistake when thej
come   back   when   everybody   11 .
having a good time.    People thai  are
| having a good time don't like to have
hard      luck    stories    walking   in     i n
1 them      They've  got   enough   of theli
own  that   they're  trying  to  forget
New York, .lan. 6,���Mayor Oaynor
has discovered that the New York police fotVo has a literary "cop" who
lias been acting as a censor of plays
of which complain) has be >u made
A  report  from   Sen I   Quackenl
who    is a    linguist    and    a    Fren   i
Bcholar, made to Police .'< mm
Cropsey, finds nothing offensive in   i
certain play but say.-:
"As to the.relative merits of tho
play, personally, 1 cons;.ler it weak
and Insipid, devoid of force, and tin-
plot much injured by the apparent ef.
fen to eliminate from it everything
forceful nnd decided, with the evident
Intention of placing upon ii a on
sum tion so loose and open
even the mosl biased opinion Bl
find no cause for re| r<>a h."
Burnaby Municipal
Elections,   1911
Mr. J. W. Weart |
was tendered and accepted the nomination for
Reeve by a properly constituted convention of
Burnaby electors.
MR. WEART is pledged to work for
Progressive   Development
of the Municipality
and his platform includes :
TO  $23,000
Twin Screw Steamship
"Prince George"
3,500 Tons,  7,000   Horsepower,    j ������;
320 Feet Long ,18'/2 Knots.
FOR PRINCE RUPERT      -     11.30 p.m. Mondays
Direct connection at Prince Rupert for  Stewart.    S.  S.  "Prince  Albert"   will  leave  Prince  Rupert  January    20th  for    Poit    blmpson,
Kincolith, Massett, Skide_ute, Queen Charlotte City, Jedway, etc.
way, etc.
Double track ancl modern luxurious trains between Chicago and
Detroit, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Portland, Hoston,
Niagara Kalis, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore nnd Washington.
Kor tickets^ time tables, il ustrated literature, and all information
apply to
City Pass, and Ticket Agnet. Commercial Agent.
62? Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.   Phone 7100. Phone 3000.
Hamilton, Ohio, Jan. C, ��� Mis. Jen
nie Smith son Hooven yesterday tiled
in the Butler County Louit a suit for
$2t>tt,imt) against II. L. Kraitli, ;s ad-
miolstratbr of the estate of the lact
Colonel Alexander Cordon.
Mrs. Hooven alleges tual Colonel
Gordon always regarded her as his
daughter and promised to see that
she was properly provided for in his
will. She Obtains only $25,000 under his will and says that it requires
JlujioO a year for l.er lo lLe.
She declares that whenever Colonel
Cordon visited Hamilton the took
good care of him.
Colonel Gordon died In Kngland a
few months ago and left nn estate-
worth several mi lions. He owned
stock in various Ohio enterprises that
yielded large returns, but le sper.t
much of his time in New Y:rk or
To Suppress Smuggling.
San Diego, Cal., Jan. fi���A vigorous
effort Is to be made to break up the
gang that has been smtigg Ing Chinese
and opium into this port for yearn,
It was le une 1 yesterday, that the
swift power schooner Oiient, wbicli
arrived here We inesday from S:n
Pedro, has been chartered by the Immigration authorities for a >iar and
that she will he used to run down the
less (leet craft that have been bilng
ing opium and th'nese to th!s port
from  Ensenada.
1. Abolition of tlie ward system. *.
2. Better adjustment of assessment,  having regard  to size,  location and proximity of public facilities
of each property.
3. Alteration  of assessment period.
4. Extension of the franchise to all parties paying taves.
5. Formation Of a county council  to take over all  intermunicipal roads.
fi.   ljetter police protection -'and the appointment of a stipendiary, or police magistrate.
7.    Adequate  water  supply.
X.    Reorganization  of  tlie  Municipal  hall,  holding departmental  heads strictly responsible for efficiency,
no meddling by Individual councilors with the civil service.
ih    Acquiring plots of land In various parts of the muidpallty for park   purposes   with   a   general    sys-
stem of development.
10. Encourage the School board  to purchase a number of schorl sites before land values Increase.
11. Generally to develop the municipality on business lines;  encouragement of  settlers, and  to  protect the public interest in granting priviledges to corporations.
Mr. Weart will address public meetings
at eight p.m. as follows:   '
Municipa   IHall,   Edmonds,  Jan. 5th, 1911'.
Burnaby Lake, Lake View school, Jan. 6th, 1911.
Vancouver,   Pender   Hall,  Jan.  10th,  1911.
Central Park, Agricultural Hall, Jan. 12th,  1911.
New Westminster, Cunningham Hall, Sixth atreet, Jan. 13th, 1911.
Invitations  are extended  toother candidates for Reeve and Councillors.
Efficient Development SATURDAY,  JANUARY  7,  1911.
at  this
the   construe-
motor tug boal for
Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender tor
Gasoline Motor 'I ug Boat for
Columhla,"   will   be   received
ollice until 4:00 p. m., on Wednesday
January   11,   1911, for
lion of a gasoline
use in Hiiiisli Columbia.
Plans, Specification and form of tender may be procured at the otlice of
Mr. li. A, Bayfield, Superintendent oi
Dredges, New Westminster, B. c,
where form oi contract may also be
Plans, specification nnd form of con-
may also be seen and form of
sbtained al the offlce of Mr,
Wm, Henderson, Resident Architect,
Victoria, it. i'.. al the Post Offlce, Vancouver, B, ('.. und nt. the Departmenl
of Public Works, Ottawa,
Persons tendering nre notified thai
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and Blgned with their actual signs
tures, stating their occupations and
of residence    in the case
the nut ure
described street; from 9:00 o'clock a. m. to 7:00 001711   (Hll UflUK fiNOU/
o'clock p. in., of which every person Dil/fLlL RAILIlUAliO linUVf
;i   posi   i lamed  on[is hereby required to lake notice and
east   Bide   of   thelgovern himself accordingly.
"The  persons  qualified  to  be elec
ted   .Mayor of the City  of  New  West
minster are such persons as are natural  horn or naturalized subjects ol
iu   Majesty, males of the full age ol
twenty-one   years,   and   who  are   not
disqualified    under    the    "Municipal
Clauses Act," and who liave been for
the six nionihs next preceding the day
of nomination the registered owners
in the Land  Registry Offlce   of real
property of the assessed  value of at
least one thousand dollars as rated on i,_^^^^^^^~_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the last revised Municipal Assessment;"1' forests by Brazilian railway eompa
purchase    tho    following
Commencing al
Ihe beach on tlie ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Agamemnon channel and joining T. L.
No. 41966 on the noith side ami marked Edward Hawkins; S. W. corner,
l hence E. <!<> chains to line of limit
No. 39713, thence N. 60 chains along
line to beach, tlience soutli and west
along bench to place of commencement and containing 80 acres moro or
November 28, 1910.
Country Has Less Forest Than Is Supposed,  Much of  Its Timber Being
Too   Heavy to  Float.
Consul-Oeneral George E. Anderson,
of Rio de Janeiro, tells of tho planting
Railway Time Tables
B- C.
��� ' I _^_^^^^^_
iirms. the actual signature
0I  the occupation, and place ol reel-
(|(.n���.   0|    each    member   ot    the    flrm:
mu8|  be . lven.
Bach tender musl  be accompanied
,,.  ar accepted cheque on a chartered
,,,���,.  payable to the order ol the Hon
,,.,,!, the Mlnistei of Public Works.
o.'e   thousand   dollars   ($1, .00),
Which will be forfeited if the I"', son
tendering decline to enter into a cor.-
trac| when called upon to do so. or
Jail to complete the work contracted
,,���. || the tender be not. accepted the
cheque will be returned.
Denartmeni   does   not   bind   It-
*************   len.
New Westminster Land District. Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice thai Cecil Klllam, of
Vancouver, 11. ('., occupation barrister
Ut law, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at  a posi  planted on
the beach aboul 1% miles northeast
from Egmonl Point, Jervis inlet, and
'marked "C, Killain's Northwest Cor-
| ner," tlience east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 20
chains, more or less, to.bench, thence
of north along beach  to place of com-
' mencemsnl   and  containing  40  acres
more or less,
.1. A. l.KWis, Agent,
Dated   November  29,  1910,
Roll, over and above the amount of all
encumbrances thereon."
"And the persons qualified io be!
elected Aldermen of the City of New
Westminster are such persons as are ���
natural born or naturalized subjects]
of His Majesty, males of the
full ase of twenty-one years
and who arc not disqualified under
the "Municipal Clauses Act" and who
have been for six months next preceding the day of nomination the regis-
tred owners In the Land Registry office of real property of the assessed
value of nl least five hundred dollars
as rated on the last revised Municipal
Assessmenl Roll, over and above the
amounl  of all encumbrances thereon.'
Given under my hand al the City
of New Westminster, the 31st day of
December, 1910.
Returning Offlcer.
E. R. Westminster Branch.
  Week Day Schedule.
__  . . Cars leave Vancouver for New West-
DlCk Arnst   IS   Evidently   in      minster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20 and 8:00
a.m., and every half hour thereafter
until li:30 p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20 and
8:00 a.m., and every half hour thereafter until 11:00  ..ra.
Hands of Very Bad Advisers.
Richard Arnst, champion sculler of
the world, is in bad odor in England
siwe the return from Soutli Africa of
Guy Nii-kalls, the noted amateur oarsman, who has charge of the arrangements for the Arnst-Barry race on the
The   funds  for   the  race   weie  fur-
The      . .       ^^^^^^^^
.' i: to accept  t he lowest or any
By  order,
L.   ('.   DESROCHERS,
Department   of Public   Works.   Ottawa, December 20, 1910.
Newspapers  will  nol   be paid   for
this  advertisement   if   they   Insert   It
without   authority   irom   the   Depart
New  Westminster  Land   District,
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Clint E. Dicker-
man, of Vancouver, B. ('.. occupation
lumberman, intends to apply for per.
mission to purchase the followlni de
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the beach in Billings Hay, Nelson Island, and joining P. R. No 1678 an I
marked "C. I:. Dickerman's Northeast  Corner." thence south  co chain-;,    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thence west 80 chains, thence north j didate for the Reeveship, I beg to of
in chains more or less to beach, if ei my services to, end seek the suf'
thence easterly along beach to place j fraee of the electors
nies to meet their firewood and tie re-
quirements, says The Baltimore American.
Iirax.il is far from having tlie
amount of forest with Which it is generally credited In the l'nited States
and Europe, though it has enough to
supply all needs under normal conditions. The fact that the trees of
value are so greatly scattered in the
forests, that so many of them are
heavier than water and cannot he
floated, and that the cost of transportation is very high, combine to make it
impossible to supply most portions of
the country with lumber and logs for
industrial and railway purposes. The
result is that, not only Is a large portion of the building lumber imported,
but there are imported many timbers
for   bridge     and     other   construction
work which In the ordinary course of I he said, "Unless 1 have the monev
affairs should be Brazilian. One or \ Bhal1 pack up and leave Saturday."
the most striking proofs ot this state Mr. Nickalls said, "We call thai black
of things appears in the Immense mall In England," but Arnst did not
sums of money expended by Brazilian care what Englishmen call it.
railways for ties, and tlie great trou-1     Special trains had been ordered for
Sunday Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver for New Westminster at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., and
every    half    hour    thereafter    until
11:30 p.m.
nished by the Chartered company, the I _ _,   .    , ,     ,,���.
purpose   being   the  advertisement   ol   Cars leave New Westminster for Van-
the attractions and resources of that      couver at 2:00 a.m., and every
part  of South Africa. hour thereafter  until  11  p.m.
Mr.    Nickalls    made    an    extended' _. , ,_
��� ,      ,, .!., Eburne   Line,
statement verifying the report that ho
had been held up by Arnst for an ad-. Cars   leave
ditional $500 for expenses, though already  allowed   |1500.    The  New  Zea j
New   Westminster   at   7
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m. and
every hour until 10 p.m.
with   the  race  without  the  extra in-10Q  Sundays cars leave  Westminster
ducement, though  admitting   that  he      at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
had originally agreed to accept$1250  On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
hinder  refused   point  blank  to  go  on j
whicn   the   company    voluntarily   in
creased by $250.
It   was then Thursday morning, and
D.   J.
Stewart,  Local   Manager,   New
Great  Northern  Railway.
ble had by such companies in secur-
To the Ratepayers ol Ward II:
The      Katepavers      As-i.iciation     c^ \__m___________________m
Ward II. having selected me as a can-  lug proper supplies of such timher ttt
didate to contest  that division In theUny price.
coming election for councillors for th<
municipality   of   Uurnaby,  and   having
myself subscribed to the platform ac-1principal
the race, a launch had been specially
built and tiken out from England,and
many white men were to attend the
race. The race had to take place,
I There was no way out, Mr. Nickalls
In  order to reduce the  cost Of the
ties and ensure a proper supply, the
_ railways of Hie country are I in   the  sa   had   glven
accepted by Mr. J, W. Weart, the can-i being compelled  to give  their atten- 80nal  cheque  for  $500
'    - 'tion to the planting of forests for sup- da)   0f tlie race.    "Had he not start-',
^  Plying   ties,  in   a   manner   even   more ei*. s.lili  M).   Nlckan8) -j  would li;i,,,
ilong beach to placet frage of the electors. advanced thai that followed by a num- stopped it."
the platform upon  ber of  great   railways  oi   the  United       _a to the incident of the man Suth-
States, which are nearly face to face erland who wrote to Mr. Spencer Gol-
outline \nn ^tb the object of Inducing him to
ol commencement, and c ntainlng
acre.- more ot   leS8
J, A. LKWIS.   \y ut
Dale November 28, 1910.
,���..   i,,;.,   3  and
ol  a  portion
4,  Hlock   i   being
|"A" I   Si'cti.in 'J".
Hlock 5, North Range 2 West Spring-
hill, in tlie District ol New Westmln-
Title number 15108A, issued In the
ol Cat hei ine B Brown, has been
liled in this otlice.
Notice is berebj  given thai l Bhall,
e expiration  of one
dale of tlie first publication bcre-
The following i
which  I  seek  ele tion: i
The abolition ol  the ward system.   '
The extension of the franchise, to
enable  registered  agreement   holders
.to exercise their right to vote.
The favorable consideration ol the
���������. I formation  of  county   councils   to  con-
New  Westminster  Land   District.  Dis-   struct   and   maintain   all   intermunici-
trist of New Westminster. pallty main road
Take notice  that   Leslie  L,  Dicker-      Better police protection,
of Vancouver, li. C, occupation!     Adequate water
Leaves     New     Westminster
a.m. arrives Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Leaves    New    Westminster    10:30
a.m.;   arrives  Seattle 3:15  p.m.
Leaves     New     Westminster     4:30
p.m.:  arrives Seattle Vl:40 p.m.
Leaves    New    Westminster    12:27
a.m.; arrives Seattle 7:35 a.m
,i.,i,,i   ,\ Hal      Leaves   Seattle   8:05  a.m.;
dated  on  the   ...       ... , ,, ,���
'New Westminster 2:50 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 12:25 p.m.;
New Westminster 6:25 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 4:35 p.m.;
New Westminster 9.27 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 11:45 p.m.
New Westminster 6:30 a.m.
month from
llcatlon here
published in
if, in a daily  newspaper
���  Citj ol New Westminster, issue
duplicate of the said Certl fli tti
i nthe meant ime valid objection
" made to me lu writing
man, o    vancouvei, u. v... mi-uranuu        �����--- ,  .���,,_     ,,,,.     ....i.i ,.
. I    .    ���l       ���.     cnnlv    (nr    n��r- Inm fPlllOIl       ol     LllldS       1 OT       puno
lumberman, Intends to apply ioi psi
mission to purchase the following de
scribed lands ^^^^
Commencing at  a  post   planted on   your
on west side of Seclie't In-   and   growing
corner of  governed by progressive men
',",',;,,     ,,,,   ���,,.   ge,   the advantages our geo
' graphical position entitles us to, 1 am
with   similar  conditions.    An
of the situation and of the means to 1 get Barry and Arnfit t0 low .,��� ar
avoid further trouble, and to reduce ranged race, Mr. Nickalls tells a curt-
expenses on this score, appears in an I 0UB Btory
annual report to the Paulist Railway! "When the letter from Sutherland
company, wbicli operates the large,, waa Rhmvn t(l Arl)st ,,e wag turj0U8,
railway system In Southern Brazil, of | and having taken a copy i :  the li tti
which the following i�� a synopsis:        I���the original  is  still   in  the possi
"The cost of wood fuel and sleepers   sion   0f   Spencer   Gollan���announced .    	
on    the Paulista  line,  with  a    track   hla  jn,,,n,'nn  ,������  pitching    Sutherland  dally, except Sunday; arrives at New
mileage ol   691  milts, is about J390.-I oul of uis caml,. ArnBt is .aut to have
G. N.  R.���Port Guicbon.
Leaves New Westminster dally
cept   Sunday   from
station   3:50   p.m.
Guichon 6:30 p-m.
Leaves    Port
bridge   passenger
it   Port
Guichon ' 8:00    a.m.
 Westminster bridge passenger station
000 per annum, the "fuel" being used on : done"*so, and  as Sutherland was not   10:20 a.m.
of  the  race, it   was
.     Acquirement   of  lands
Trusing  vou    will  favor    me  with  the short branch lines.   As this is one | 8een on lhe ,jay
vote and Interest, that this large I of the largest items of expense, it was   assumed   that   Uie  threat   had been
municipality    may    be   determined   to   experiment   with   af-   carried out.
bo that j torestation.    A  nursery  of 250  acre?
was established at Jundlahy in 1904,
thence; graphical posuum Kn..*.*-0 mm .���, and    planted   with    10,000    trees,   oi
'. which 30,000 eucalyptus and the rest
R,���Surras   Branch.
ihe  beach
let. and  at   tbe n irtheaBt
lot   No   2727  Mil marked   "I.
erman,'   NorthweBl    Conn r,'
soutli sa chains, i hence eas: Jo ennuis, -, j���*  "pfRCY   B    BROWN
thence Bouth B0 chains,  thence ens-   ^^^^^______________!!=���������
60 chains more-or less to the hencli. i��� ���_ ��� ��� ~
bene north nnd west along beach tr'iTHE CANADIAN   NORTHERN  PACI
is: : a chain-,   yours  faithfully,
���l^m^m^m^J.   S.   KEITH.
Distiict  Registrar ol Titles.
Registry  Office, "~
B, C, Decerobe
New    West
commencement   and    containing   3201
more or leap.
J. a. LEWIS, Agent
Date Novembei 29, 1910.
various other  kinds,  both  indigenous
and   imported.    Two  other  tracts   of
1 sixty-five  acres  cacti  were also planted with eucalyptus, the total number
being  20, I.    Tbe company now  ha3
60.000 trees \if various kinds, and the
in   tive   years,  including
the    ground.
^  G.   N. 	
The sequel," said Mr. Nickalls, "is Leaves Sumas 6:10 a.m; arrives
shown by this photograph of Arnst bridge passenger station, New West-
Floyd and Sutherland, taken in com- minster, 10:20 a.m. daily execept
pany on a shooting expedition about a   Sunday.
week  after  the  race.      1   have    two      Leaves    New    Westminster    biidge
copies."                                                          passenger  station 3:50  p.m.;   arrives
Perhaps   Arnst  may   be  invited  to  sumas g:oo p.m. daily except Sunday,
������ow in Kngland, but it is doubted. He _^____^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^
is evidently in the hands of very
adv isers.
Pursuant to Bectlon '. of the navlgfc-  eXpeni
ble waters protection ad   IR. B. Can,   the    purchase  price  of
hereby given that   navp been   $45,095.     The   eucalyptus
"ie best adapted for
Re tbe  Northwest   quarter of Sec-
���   iii' 1. in tbe Districi ol
New Westminster,
Title number 13999A, issued in tlie
name of Pe'er Henderson, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given thnt 1 shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of tlie first publication hereof, ln a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of tlie said Certificate, unless i nthe meantime valld objection
be made to me In writing
Election for School
^^^^^m C. S. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry
minster, B
Office,   New   West-
November 30, 1910.
T,t.-e notice that an appli
Take notice "��__ ,   p   ������������ ,ton
.,       ,vl,,���. in Ken Simple, un ; and the
Bole as thes0wnerjn W   ^ P   Flpt. j n(imlimUon
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors ot the City of New Westminster that 1 require the presence of the
said electors at tlie Council Chamber.
City Hall, Columbta Street, on the
9th day of .January, 1911, at 12 o'clock
noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent them as School
The mode of nomination of candidates shall  he as  follows:     The candidates   shall   be  nominated  in   writing;   ihe   writing  shall   be  subscribed]
by two voters of the municipality as
proposer and  seconder, and shall  be
ition has  delivered  to tlie returning officer nt
iny time between the date of notice
hour of 2 p.m. of the day of
and   In   the  event   of  a
such  poll  will
cap. 115), notice is... 	
there has been deposited in the office j waa foumi j0 he th
minister of public works at Ot-' ,lle' material. not only because of its
1 duplicate in the offlce10* weight, compactness and holding pow-
��� "ew   >> est- j er> t)Ut ajso hy reason of its extraordi-
Hritish  Columbia, plans and   nnry  vil,or  and  rapk]  ,,lwvth     Some
 ��� nd sirtc ele"  trees   in   tho   nursery,   planted
1 proposed railway wharf to   vears ag0 in roor S(V;i, ard now
be constructed at   Port   Mann, British'       -     -    .  -.-���   _.t*i
ind that  one  month  after
New  Westminster
Mail Service
of It
tawa. and 	
the registrar of deedB at
min sti
descriptions of the Site
iation of
ment   from
the flrst insertion of this notice
company will apply to the Governor
In-Council for the approval thereof
Dated    at    Toronto,    Ontario
twentv-efghth dav of December
Assistant Solicitor.
We nre moving from our present
office on Columbia street to 827 Carnarvon street, where we will still continue in the same business of teaming, draylng, wood aud coal.
We desire to thank our friends for
the liberal patronage, accorded us ,n
. fifty-
eight  feet tall, with diameters of fifteen and one-h'.u Lic'ies at the base. I mountains
"The   company   bai    determined   to   to  quote   the   language   of  the   secre
a large scale, | tary himself, he slept in
Washington,    T).    C.    Jan.   6.���Mr. ���
Mover   secretary of the navy, has rea-  Time
son to believe in the "cold air cure  .    of
1 remedy for all evils.   He has just  Arrival: ^^
""        ' '  0:00���United States via C. P. �����
[daily except Sunday)..  7.JU
carry out its scheme 111
and has ac   ilrod  3T5 I more acres of
fine lan 1 near the City of Rio Claro.
On this and other available lards it Ls
planned to pia .1 1 000.000 eucalyptus j
trees.    As  presei I.  improvements   on
the land last purchased will produce
sufficient   revenue   to   pay   hack    the I
capita) expended in buying it, it is es
timated that the total cost of his ex-1
1 erimont   in   forestry,   which   will   be j
completed    i.i  fifteen years, will    he
1160,000, 01  1!"    .nts a tree, while thej
returns 01 eacli tree when cut up will
be twenty  times  Hs original cost,  lt
Is  also  estimated  that  the   1,000,000
trees  v ill  prove  an  amrle  and  continuous  resource  for  fuel  and  sleepers for all the company's lines, thereby saving the company approximately
returned  to  his  desk  at  the  depart-
a   week's   sojourn   in   the _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
8:30���Vancouver via B  G. E. R*
 ��� (daily except Sunday)..   1
drinking water with barnacles of Ice.   18:0o
of  North   Carolina,  where,!
l.-ineuaee   o     ^^^^^^^
a room cold
at   thei
habit  to
$1100.000 a year.
"The growing of trcs
lying   and   being
New Westmlnst
British   Columbia
more  particularly
L kl�� Vtfl and 4. block l,��*
division  of  lot   202,   group   1.   Port
���   In   the   District
er, In tbe Province of j to 7 o'clock p.m., ..
" ���'--'" ' son Is hereby required to tnke notice
govern himself accordingly.
municipal school district
any person heing a householder ln
the school district, and being a Britisli subject ol the full ago of twenty-
You and those claiminc 11 m    "tie years nnd otherwise qualified by
..    ������   Calming   the   Public   Schools    Act,     1906,     and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ for railroad
work tn Brazil is to bt Ptken up generally   by   railways   serving   tlle    dry
in the
Vancouver via B. C. E. R. .
(daily except Sunday)..16.00 �����--��_
8:30���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday)..  7:30
13:00���Victoria   via  B.   C.  E.   K.
(daily  except  Sunday).. <:30
7:30���United States via O. N. R-
(daily except Sunday)..  7:30
���15:00���United States viaiG. N. R-
 ��� (daily except Sunday)..16.00
,,���_. ���_ '19-10 All   nolnts  east  and  Eu-
SAYS   ANOL.CAJ;,   K^h^ch;1-'10-^   tda.1,   -.and-E^:-
23:00���All  points east   and   Eu-
rope  (daily)    15-15
  jand     Fraser
association, gathered Mills      (dally      except
"Everyone   thought   I   was
Mr.  Meyer   said,  explaining
same  time  that   it   was   his
keep the windows wide open.
Mr. Meyer was ordered south by liis
physician about a week ago, following
an attack of ptomaine poisoning,
has fully  recuperated.    The co d
and the frozen ink bottle did it.
air :
Montreal   Jan. fi-���One hundred and ; rope
ten membe'ra and friends of theJTrin- io:ia_Sapperton
ity Young Men's
 ******* l*****o .*- a r,. n/a
at the" flTst'annuaT dinner at the Place ] Sunday)       7���3*
.   ._, ,..���. ���,0nine-    The Sues'ron 00���Sapperton    and
Bishop ot,"-vv^   2m,      ,
Viger hotel last evening
of honor was the Anglican
the  diocese,  who  responded   to
Purser Wanted
erallv   -^,^^^^^_
zones and those portions of the coun-1 *���*"���   ---���
i try where the cost of getting out na-'toast of the   9?.ur<r'���
1 tive forest.trees ls excessive."
claiming through or
j   ,,11   r,or��ons  claiming
under   you  and  all   jeMOM'
any interest ln the said land by
tue   of   any   unregiste
and all persons
in   the  said  land  by  descent
rod Instrument,
claiming any Interest
Applications for the position of Purser on the S.S. Paystreak will be re-
amending acts to  vote at  an  election i"[vcdvb>' ."'f. Se"etary ��f ��J*1R��3ffi
of school trustees in tho said Bchool ?**(, S.v,g?*10" ,(?mi,an>--   1-ti-   W
shall  bo  olli:ible to bo elect-i,n Montitl>' "10 '���'*������ lnst- - P- m-
snail   no  Olivine to  no oioct  | R0YAL C,TY NAV|GATION CO.. Ltd.
school   trustee   in; _   X  b      ->,,  m��     >��/    ��_i    ��.
P. O. Box 311  New Westminster.
which had been j
F. C.ault, 1
mills      (dally
2 10���Coquitlam    (dally
and   Ed-
od  or to
n    Ult;    na,���	
itle is not registered under the pro-
isions of the "Land Registry Act,'
are required to contest the claim of
tho tax purchase within forty-five
days from tho date of the first publication of this notice upon you, and in
.-a  v.,  oortiflcat��  of
at the City 1
.1st day Ofl
such municipal district "
Given  under  my  hand
of New Westminster the
December, 1810.
Returning Officer
proposed   by  Lieut.-Col.  A.  *���. v.�����.,
who had eloquently dwelt on the duty 13:00���Central    	
of laymen to support the church in its monds     (dally    except
BOSTON TROT" THE | various   activities.     Bishop   Farthing Sunday)       11:00
LATEST OF   DANCES 1 declared  that  if the  church   was  to 13:30���East   Burnaby   and   Bur-
1 '    ��� I make progress it must be a mission-! quitlam   (daily     except
church.     Emphasizing   the   rals-j Sunday      "  13:30
hnracter of the1
"Boston trot"
Burnaby Municipality
default of a
caveat   ov
IU  pendens  being  fih>d  wll bin
ver   estopped   and   debarred
hereby given to tho
Municipality   of  the!
of   Reeve,   Councillors
School Trustees.
will   fore
from setting up any
claim to or in re-  City of New
snoot of the said tend, and I shall W
Uter        P   Hampton  Bole as   owner
New   Westminster.  Province
ish   Columbia,  this   29th
vember, A. P., 1910.    ^   g   K)31THi
District Rettlatrar.
To James Hbgrath. Robert McBweii.
Walter Lawrence, and Julia caney-
Puhlie notice is
electors   of   the   ��� �����^M���
Westminster, that  1 require the presence of the said  Elec
at   the   Council 	
* New Westmln-
Chamber,  city
tors  at  tne   v oun. ������    l
Hall, Columbia Street
ster  on the 9tb day of January, i��xi.
ft 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of
the  Municipal  Council  as  Mayor  anu
The annual public meeting of rat*
navers will be held at the Municipal
halL Saturday. January 7th, 1911, com-
moncing at 2 p. m ,
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C,
January 3, 1011.
Boston, Jan. C���The
is the name given to the latest dance
the  rapture  of  London  ballrooms
was  introduced  by  Mrs. "Hilly"  Car-
tor, of this city, now known as Lady
Ronalds, social dictator in London.
The "Boston trot" is several dances
together, like a combination -if a two-
.'step and a barn dance, with the suggestion   of  a   Bchottlsche  thrown   in,
and all executed in waltz time.
Society's devotees are practicing
the curious combination of steps
which makes this latest dance tho
st  difficult and  at the same time
Anglican  1
that   today
moM   U114WM..   .	
the most graceful of all the ballroom
j ���   q<0 Ascribe the "Boston trot"
sionary  history and  __
lunch, he reminded tliem
she had the two largest
missionary societies in the world. She
was the missionary church iu Central
Africa, where she had converted
Uganda. Tbey must press on with
their missionary program, and their
watchword must be loyalty to Christ.
Locomotives Start Thirty Per Cent of
Forest   Fires.
Ottawa,  Jan.  6.���The  Conservation
Commission  has  issued  a
in   regard   to  the   starting
and     Fil-
of   forest
day of
of c��^^^
The candi-1
New  Westminster Land  District
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice thai tfdward <��'8'
occti'iatlon bookkeeper,
intends  to
The mode of nomination
dates shall he as follows
dates shall ho nominated in writing;
the  writing shall   be   subscribed   by
two voters of the Municipality ��� s proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any
time between tbe date of thc notice
and 2:00 p.m. of dny of the nomination, and in th.e event of a poll being
! necessary,  such  poll   will  he  opened
I on the 12th day of January, 1911, at
j SL George's Hall, corner Clarksnn and
I Church streets; No. 4 Flre Hal, Keary
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
tlHIUX'a.    1 ar   a,a.~      .
as  the  freakiest  dance  produced   Is  In   regara  10   mc  o.<	
said to be putting it mildly . It is a  fires by locomotives, and the proposed
combination   of  dances,   and    all  of  legislation on the question,
them must go nt top speed. The commission declares that it has
'" ""' ^  had   Investigations   made   by   empe-
tent men and finds that   thirty   per
NOTICE TO BUILDERS. cent    of  all  forest  fires  have    been
started by locomotives, and that they
caused enormous loss    Th_'ies.
Tlmberland, Strawberry
Hill and South Westminster   (Tuesday
10:00���Ladner,     Port     Gulchon,
Westham Island   13:3(
10:00���Annlevllle,  Sunbury (dally
except  Sunday
0:00���Annacis    Island    Monday
10:00���Woodwards        (Tuesday,
9:00���Vancouver,    Piper's    Siding     via    G.     N.     R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
(dally except Sunday)..16.00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
riav    Friday   and   Sat-
and    Satur-
Manufactured by
Tenders will be received by the un- have caused enormuua ****���,. The leg-
derslgned up to noon of Saturday, lslutlon wlll hold railways responsl-
Jantiary 28, for the erection and com- ble for damage caused hy fires started
pletlon of the superstructure ot the by locomotives unless lt can be shown
Y. M. C. A. building, t';e basement that all reasonable precautions havo
walls of which are now built on Royal been taken to prevent
avenue near Sixth street. ^^^^^^^���^
Plans   and   speclficatio
seen at my ofiice, corner Sixth street  �����������,. ,^,.    ���._ ������.,���_���
and  Clarkson  street   New  Westmln-  fires which have been started, and the
ster. -���--...   n,ni
ofVan^uvev^ccu^.^.^^. to,treet.
No    6 Flre   Hall, Thirteenth Telephone
R 113. Office:  Princess St
^^^^^ iuch fires.
street.    , ���     1    The   precautions   wlll   include   tha
locations  .may   he best possible spark-arresting devices,
-"������ner Sixth street' orient   fire-fighting  staffs   to  check
New  Westmln-  fires which have been started, and the
companies   will   havo   tn   show    that sunuoy; ________��� ��� ��� ���
there has been no negligence on the 15:45-r-HaH'e Prairie, Fern Ridge
nvt of their eon loyees   in allowing and   Hailemen    <Tues-
^hay, Thursday and Sat-
n.30���Tvnehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        16:ow
8-30���Burnaby  Lake  (dally ex-
cept Sunday   16:00
j0 ��� 00���Abbotsford, M atsqul, Huntington, etc.  (dally ex-
cept Sunday)   ��'���"
15-45���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (daily except
Sunday)       "'���**
Lowest, or any tender, not necessar
ilv accepted. ,    _,_    .
C. H. CLOW, Architect.
1 fires to start or spread. PAGE RIGHT.
| See our stock of Brass
Goods. We have just
what you are looking
for. You should certainly see our Brass
Kettles and Trays before buying elsewhere.
Anderson & Lusby
. ;')������"���
City News
The Westminster
Modern Business
More than one are investigating the
merits of this school and they find it
truly a Business School. No need to
look further, as we have the best
facilities for giving our students a
thorough business training.
Now is the time to start, at the beginning of the term.
For particulars apply to-
Frank McCormack, of Poi't Hammond, was a visitor iu the city yesterday.
Vote for T. J. Trapp and an eight-
hour working day. ,   .       ,,
The millinery store of. m-fl,, ll. G
Moore will in future be op^f). from !)
a. m. to 5 p. ra. ,',,  ,  ���**
John McMurphy, Immigf'dtjon' inspector tit Huntington, B. C.fis visiting in the city.
Twenty per cent, discount will be
given to all tliose buying foowtear at
Sinclair's shoe store tonight:''   ' **
Grace Cameron in ".\'ant;y" will be!
the attraction at the oi*i'u-house on
The Junior Royal Templars liave
changed their night of meeting from
Monday to Wednesday, in the 1. O. O.
F. hall". The hoys' brigade eii ill will
start on Friday.
Voung men, see the newest in
spring styles in Sinclair's windows
tonight. '   ���   **
What might have been a serious accident occurred on Tuesday evening,
when an automobile driven h)' W. J.
Kerr was run into by a li. ,C. E. IL
car near Edmonds. The car was badly smashed up and Mr. Kerr was
thrown out, but fortunately was not
Davies Green Houses is the place to
get bouquets, floral designs, and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone K 808 **
Among those who came to tlie city
yesterday to attend the obsequies cf
the late Mrs. Isabella Mackenzie
were Sergt. K. H. Walker and wife
from Victoria, and John Oliver snd
wife from the Delta.
D. A. McKee, of Ladner, was in the
city yesterday, a guest at the Hotel
See those button patent chocolate
oxfords  at  Sinclair's  tonight. **
The steamer Trader arrived in port
yesterday with a cargo of general
merchandise from Victoria.
J. L. Mclnnes, of Carnarvon street,
who had been seriously indisposed for
several weeks with sciatica, was able
to be out yesterday.
All the evidence in the arbitration
case between the C. N. P. IL and Alfred Farmer has heen heard by the arbitrators, but the decision reached by
them has not yet been announced.
Repairing neatly and properly done
by A. R, Russell at Sinclair's shoe
store. **
A. B. Clark, of N'ew Westminster,
has been appointed a commissioner
for taking affidavits in the supremi
court for tlie purpose of acting under
tlie "Provincial Elections Act," in the
electoral district of Chilliwack.
Vote for T. J. Trapp for Mayor and
the encouragement of railway undertakings and the establishment of New
The Public
Supply Stores
Wood, wood, wood. Order your
wood at the Walsh Sash and Door
company and you will get it within an
hour from the time your order is received.    Phone 413. **
james & mcclughan
Cor. Sixth and Front Sts.
W. T. L. House, one of the labor
candidates for the board of scliool
trustees, has announced his retirement, lt is improbable tluTt another
labor man will step Into the breach.
It is now definitely announced that
neither Peter Peebles nor J. A. Rennie will be candidates for tlie boaid
of school trustees. There is a possibility that IL P. Vidal may be in the
field. It is doubtful if John Peck,
one of the present trustees, will again
seek the honor.
Found, at the Walsh Sash and Door
company, the Lest kind of wood; delivered to your home one hour after
vou have put in vour order. Phone
413. **
The current issue of the B. C. Ga-
7ette contains a notice of the ineor-
3 j poration of the Delta Telephone company. The company is capitalized at
$20,000, and the ohje:t of the company as contained in the letters of incorporation, is to operate telephone
lnes any place within the province of
Britisli Columbia.
Ice cream on hand. Ira A. Reid, ne.xt
tram office.   Phone 310. **
A meeting of tlie executive of tho
Delta District Liberal association was
held at Cloverdale on Thursday, when
John Oliver was appointed to. repre
sent the district on the executive of
the Dominion Electoral dist
New Westminster. Tlie date
annual meeting, when officers will be
elected, was fixed for the second
Monday in March, at Cloverdale.
How About
That Dress Suit ?
Too   Small   for You   Now?
Yes, I thought so. Well, it
has served its day. Get a new
one. It will be good for another
ten years. Aitchlson has all
the latest Ideas frcm both sides
of the Atlantic. Open evenings
at 711 Columbia street for our
mutual advantage.
We have a Large and
Beautiful Stock of
For the Holiday Trade
All Prices.       All Sizes.
Deane Block.    441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
Try our wood. Walsh Sash and
Door company.    Phone 412. **
Vote for T. J. Trapp for Mayor and
the adoption of the Single. Tax system.
If you want a messenger or a parcel delivered, call the B.' C. Messenger, day or night, any time, and he
will come to your aid.    Phone Till. ���*
The annual meeting of the Local
Council of Women will be field on
Monday afternoon in the K. of .'. hai,
commencing at 1:30 o'clock, when
Mrs. Day will give an address, for
members only. This will be followed
Ly the election of officers and the
transaction of routine business. An
open meeting will he held at 4
o'clock. The evening session starts
at 7:30 o'clock.
For Delta acreage, large and small,
priced right, see Held, Curtis & Dorgan, 700 Columbia street. **
You want a fair adjustment of your
taxes. Vote for T. J. . Trapp for
Mayor and the adoption of the Single
Tax system���which means low rates
to ali   improved properties.
The annual interchange of pulpits
in tlie Nonconformist churches of the
city will take place tomorrow, Rev.
E. I). Braden, of Sapperton Methodist
and Rev. E. (}. Thompson, of- Knox
Presbyterian, exchanging in the evening. In the morning, the churches
will be served as follows: St. Arf-
drew's Piesby teriap, Rev. c. w.
Brown; Queen's Avenue Methodist,
Rev. j. s. Henderson; olivet Baptist,
Rev. C. S. McKinley; St. Pauls Reformed Episcopal, Uev. F. F. Ok 11;
Free Methodist, Uev. A. F. Btikcr;
West Knd Methodist, Rev, A. Le.J,
Now the Xmas
and New Year holidays are over we
have quite a large
stock of Goods
which we are cleaning out cheap.
Quotations will
follow in a few
days. Watch the
However, it would
not be a bad idea
for our customers
of\h��ef[to take advantage
before the rush
Phone 92
Alteration Sale
Is Todays' Big Attraction
for the citizens of New Westminster and vicinity. Every article in our immense stock is oifsale at reduced prices. In ord��r that we may carry on the
extensive alterations planned, we must vacate temporally a large section of
our store. Our over-heavy stock makes it absolutely necessary that we immediately clear out thousands of dollars' worth of winter merchandise. Today
sees our sale on with full force.   Low prices on everything.   No Reserve.
Reliable Kid Gloves
75c. a pair
Italian Kid Gloves, of exceptionally good quality;
fine, soft and pliable; In tan
and grey only; sizes 6% to
7 inches, about HO pairs.
Regular $1.00 glove: sale
price, per pair      75c
Women's Girls' and
Boys' Gloves, 25c. pr.
Regular Values, up to 35c.
Navy,  browil,  grey,  cardinal and  black, in  plain  colors and    fancy    stripes, ail
sh'.es.    Sale price,  per pair,
Unusual Offerings in
Women's Umbrellas,
$1.95 each
Regular Values $2.50 to $3.50
It is seldom we have an
overstock of umbrellas. We
are, however, in that predicament at present. In this
Bpeclal lot are Gloria covered umbrellas, with steel
rods, bull) runners, and all
kinds of gold, silver, rustic,
pearl and horn handles. A
person can always find use
for an umbrella. The piesent is a good opportunity
to secure a new one.
Each    $1.95
See tke special lot of
Laces and Embroideries at
3c. 5c. 8c. 10c.
and lie. per yd.
Special Snaps in the
Staple Department
One lot Fancy Wrapper-
ettes tin 1 Flannels, 8 yards
for ll.Oii. Designs and colors adapted for waist, wrapper or kimona use. All good
colors and patterns. Regular values up to ^f>c. Sale
price, 6 yards for  .... $1.00
Plain striped Flannelette,
lie per yard: 83-inch colored
striped flannelettes in colors
and stripes, suitable for
night drosses and underwear
purposes, lt is seldom ><> x
can obtain such value at this
price, per yard        11c
Dress Goods at ���5c. per yd.
Hundreds of yards of popular dress
fabrics   in   all   the   host  colors;    plain
grounds,   cliei ren    stripes,   worsted.-,
homespuns, tweeds, ranging  in   width
from \2 to 56 Inches.    Regular values,
7T>c to $2.00; sale price, per yard    65c
Watch  for  Circulars
Containing   a   larger list   of offerings.    Paj   particular attention to the
reductions ln  prices of all bouse furnishings   and   women's     and     misses'
ready-to-wear  clothing   and   millinery.
Wateii    Daily    News    advertisement
from  day  to  day.
Carpet Ends, 75c $1.00, $1.50, $1.75.
The Store for Women's Wear
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  $K,200,000
[Reserve        6,900,000
The Hank has 175 branches,
"-extending In Canada from the
Atlantic to tjie Pacific; in Cuba,
throughout the island, also in
Porto Rico. Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal Towns and
Citkis in tlie World.
These   excellent   connections
afford every  hanking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������* |
Saw Wastminstar. B. C
To Our Old and New Clients
| F. J. HART & CO., Ltd. j
HUNT���On Friday, Janunryj*\at ills
residence, SOS Thlr:l,.a��omje,JUabe/.
George Lent, aged 63 years. Tlie
funeral wlll leave the residence at .
o'clock   this  afternoon   to. the--Odd
Fellows' cemetery. .._- -       i
Friends   and   acquaintances please
Xa.ti^i, Uiis imimuUim. *
Wish their numerous clients at home and abroad,
the old but ever green wish
I Van
Vancou\er     -     Victoria     ���    Chilliwack   ���    Aldergrove
$I.I0 Inlaid Linoleum,
65c. Printed Linoleum,
60c. Printed Linoleum,
50c. Printed Linoleum,
Floor Oil Cloths,
sq. yd. 80c
-   sq. yd. 55c
sq. yd. 50C
sq. yd. 371-2 cts.
sq. yd. 24c
Galloway & Lewis
m Corner Columbia and Fourth .Streets    New Westminster.
Phone 829.    f....<.-


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