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The Daily News Jan 11, 1911

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 Port Mann
Standard   Make  $5   Per   Montn
'���' ���!'!  B.\-)Y.\
Chief Magistrate Delivers Long Speech at  Opera  House,
But Throws no Light on Financial Situation��� Five
Questions Which Must be Answered ���
Trapp's Speech Well Received.
Mayor Leo hud an opportunity yes- Lee, ami asked his worship If he? were
terday evening, al his meeting in the responsible for the publication, After
opera house, of shedding a liuio more a visible hesitation, Mr. Lee replied:
ii.:iit on the financial condition, past "1 am quite responsible tor tbe paper,
und present, of the city. and will stand hack of it.'
i in this question liis worship did not I "Thc reason I asked that question.1
gay one word. said Mr. Trapp, "is that Last nlghl bis
lie talked on thin, s absolutely for- worship was .ood enough to say thai
elgn to the civic administration, be-the would throw open the columns of
rated tlie management of the R. A. �� the citizen to aldermanic candidates,
I, society for so-culled sins of omis- The chairman spoke of the cost of the
sion ancl commission, dragged in tho campaign. I expect, gentlemen, it
name of the Koyal Coluinhjan hospital costs quite a little money to publish
and Indulged in heroics to his heart's this ran. 1 understand that a gentle-
coutent. i man   was   brought  specially  from  Se-
1 int on the financial embroglio lie utile to fix me up In proper shape.
maintained what he would probably j (Laughter.) And I want to thank his
style a "dignitied silence." But the worship for,that, lt is not often a
issue will not down, and once again  man  gets  so  much  good  advertising
the Daily Xews uskes Mayor l.ee
these questions:
1���What is the present hank overdraft of the city?
2���What was the overdraft of the
city on December IH, 1909, when the
council of that year went out of office'.'
:i���Was any part of the moneys ruis-
���d  by  dehenture issue for a  specific:
free. That is what makes rich men.
"This sort of thing would hurt some
people, but It only makes me smile,
anil 1 reflect that I am in a very en-
viable position. I am offering the
electorate my services, as 1 have clone
for the last thirty-two years, absolutely without question of repayment. If
1 am  not  elected,  I  shall have no re-
��� ������'��������������������������������������� It ������������������������������������������������
A meeting of the lady voters
of Westminster will l>e held ln
the Knights of Pythias h��Ul, at
'���', o'clock this afternoon. T. J.
Trapp   will   be   the   principal
Ai T. .1. Trapp's meeting in
the oi era house tonight, the
chair will be taken hy 11. Hoy.
George Kennedy, Mayer l.ee
and ethers wjll-"&peak, aril the
meeting will open at 8 o'clock.
Board of Works Superintendent   Details Work   Done
During 1910.
pm pose diverted to other uses, and if ���grets.    1   will  simply    be    time    and
made   of
io, tor what purpose?
I���Has   Illegal   use   been
tl ese dehenture moneys?
~i���Why Is It that with all the regular machinery of tlie city Jiall, ancl u
special auditor to boot, the ratepayers are  kept  in  such  utter darkness
money in pocket
"Bnt I want to say this: lf I could
only Becure my election to the office
of mayor by publishing such trash as
this���I   do   not   want   to  he   elected.'
(Loud applause.)
p Mr.  Trapp then  proceeded  to touch
ardlng tie city's financial position"  lightly  upon the main planks in his 	
platform,   much   as   has  already   been!
recorded  in these columns, promising j 	
to devote more time to them at  bis   -	
own meeting, which takes place in tlie   form
opera house tonight. ^	
Importance   of   Economy. I clean-handed
He emphasized Uie Importance of I Economy   In
and  had  rendered  tlie  public  economy   heing  observed  in  the  pro-   8lat
The following is the annual report
of the board of works. It gives in detail the amount of work accomplished during the year just closed:
1 herewith beg leave to submit this
my eleventh annual repoit of the
works carried on under my supervision during the year ending December
81, 1910.
Tlie average number of men employed monthly by the department
was 118, the rate of wages varying
from $13.50 to $21 per week, of 5U
hours. Even with this advanced rata
of wages suitable labor was hard to
secure, particularly during tlie summer
months, which accounts t;> some extent ' the inability to accomplish as
much as was intended at the beginning of the year.
Two hundred and forty-six pieces of
work have been undertaken ancl completed  In addition to the repairs and
Directors at Annual Meeting
Will be Called Upon to Decide Important Question.
W.   H.   Keary    returned    yesterday
from Victoria, where on behalf of the
R.   A.   &   1.   society,   he  attended   the!
second annual convention of the B. C. ]
Agricultural  Fairs association,  which !
was held on Monday in tlie Botanical j
chambers of the parliament buildings, i
About  7r,   members   were  present,  in- j
eluding   representatives   from   as   lar
east as Cranbrook, and as far west as i
Addresses were given by Premier
McBride, and Hen. Price Ellison, Deputy Minister Scott acting as chairman, with Mr. Craddock officiating as
It was decided to hold the Vancouver fair between the end of August
and the ninth of September, while the
Victoria exhibition will take place
from  September 1 to September It!.
The   Westminster    Provincial     fair
maintenance of streets, sidewalks and i wiH l,e held flom October 3 to Octobe'
tl rn in b '< unless the directors, at the annual!
Three  hundred   and   forty-seven   re-   meeting   to  be  held  on   February   10,
 _  decide to hold the fair on October 24, |
Curtis Is Satisfied
11. S. Curl is occupied the chair, and
came out Bat-footed With u. declaration
that he was supporting Mayor l.ee,
whom he considered to liave made a
good mayor during the past year. M,\
Trapp, he said, was a very good friend
Iof his
(Continued on Pa*;e Seven.)
1 in  which  case  tlie agricultural  socie-1
j ties  of  the    interior,    the    Kootenay,
== I country,  Salmon   Arm  and   Kamloops, l
will   Join   in  an:l  make  the  Westminster fair a national apple show.    The i
s his own, he started out on a
glowing   and   patiiotic   discourse    ca.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
administration, j 'ast   f;lil"  dates   in  the  Okanagon  are
J ""   when Summerland
ci vig
civic   expenditures . he
1, as a threadbare subject of all
much valuable service in bis capacity  gress of improvement  work    In    tho   politicians,    "lie cannot come on the
of .resident of tlie R. A. ti. I. society   city,  much  of  which  has to be done   platform and say this bas not been an
and chairman of the scliool board. The   with   but   little  money,  at   the  same  econontfc government," said the may-
'���itlzens were not willing to lose Mr.  time making it clear that he did not   0r.    "It  has heen an economical gov-
frapp'    services  cm  these   lines,   be- approve    of    cheeseparing    methods. ��� ernment and every cent that could be |j      '
,   had fulfilled bis duties In a   Again  he called  the Btteritiofi of the   .aved to Hie people has been saved
anil    he   public to the bad condition Of streets. Tribute  to  Aid.   Jardine.
ciiy. which|     The road improvement i
hi ..md     leproacli  	
IJliougln il  would be ill the best inter- and   roads  leading  lo  tht
ests ol the city thai Mr, Trapp should lie considered was one of the first mat-! Trapp's platform
continue In these offices, and that Mr. ters that the new council will require| tunlty for paving
Lei      .'Mild also continue in the may- to  take  up.
jralty.    (Laughter.)                                  ! The Single Tax Policy
Mr.  Cmiis  added  that   there  were      On  the question  of single  lax, hoi
dank in Mr.
he made an opppr-
^^^^^^^^^^^^j glowing tribute to
Alderman Jardine, who, he said, was
the best chairman of the board of
works the city ever had.   He claimed
nine   regrettable   features   to   oe   ob-   said  he had been accused of stealing   that the Lulu island road would have
,i.,l   in   connection   with   lhe   cam-   this   policy   from   some  one.  but  that! been improved but material could not
could be said of anything. These! he secured. Another of his claims
things were brought out by discus- was that the residents of Uurnaby
sion, and ii was nol the man who were ln favor >f his policy in relation
thought of them, but the man who put  to  Uurnaby  roads.    He did  not  know
atgn, instancing ihe large expenses
ielng incurred by both candidates in
ewspaper advertising, etc.
Quentin   McGill.
October ��� and . u ^^^^^^^^^^
holds its exhibition. All other fairs
are on dales previous to the Westminster exhibition. .
Throughout the meeting, which w >s
*ery satisfactory, the best of feeling
iled among the delegates. At the
tjose. votes of thanks were passed to
cabinet ministers who had assisted
and attended the session, and to the
chairman and secretary. In replying
to tlie votes, the premier anc' the minister of agriculture promised to render
all the assistance in tlieir power in
connection with the various exhibitions.
Mr. Keary was very much pleased
with the manner in which the deputation was received by Premier McBride and Hon. Price Ellison, minister of mines.
aldermanic   them into execution that was deserv- ��� i,ow Mr. Trapp expected him to do in
address   ing   of  the   public   thanks.       lie   was   ode  year,   more  than   Mr.   Keary  had
In   the   order   In   which   proceeding fo outline the advantages ' done In all his years ofoffice.     ���
be  seated   on   the   which  would accrue to the city from | 'Ware  Single Tax   System.
McGill   was   the  its adoption, when he was Interrupted ,     lie claimed thai there was too much
by  a   member  of  the  audience,  who   rashness   in   adopting  the  single  tax
sjness blocks?"   system.    There was more In the sin-
tbe  ale tax than met the eye, and it was
As| iring  candidates  for
honors were then invited to
the   meeting,
they   happened   to
���tage,   ancl   Quentin
lirst to respond
B_l              ���  urai  in i *toy*rtt**.
W      ^H     jie stated tliat although nominated  asked: "What about business bio
H             I  in Sapperton, and to a certain extent a1     Mr.    Trapp���Business    blocks
0           I representative of that distiict, he did  same. n^
I nol Intend to neglect h's duties *Q _���*     Tlie Voice���That won't work.
I other parts of the city.   He then enti;'   -Anotner     Voice ��� Oh,     shut
i        ��� c _.���       , r   ���,...l.,������   \
.ther parts of the city,   Tie tlien enu-'  -Anotne
merated a number of minor reforms   (Laughter.)
, not for anyone to get up ancl say that
I single tax was the only system in the
city without offering any explanation.
I He nromlsed that, if elected, he would j ^'ith ut
be elected. Allow me to return the
compliment." Tlie last words of a
criticism of the B. C. E, R. service In
the city were lost in an uproar, which
started at tbe back of tlie hall.
"Go After It."
He stated that the B. C. E. R. line
to Fra.er mills had been mooted lon*;
ago, and had not yet been obtained,
lifted list and fli'Sh.!pg eye,.he
A circumstance which reflects most seriously upon the civic adminiSn
tratlon during ihe past twelve months is revealed in the letter written by-
Auditor Cotsworth to the mayor and council, and handed by him to
Alderman Welsh, who was acting as chairman of the finance committee during the absence of the mayor and Alderman Johnston in the east in December.
This communication, dated December 19 last, which was printed ia
full in yesterday's News, (though strangely it did not appear in the report of Monday night's meeting in the Columbian), contains the following,
very  significant remarks by the ami.tor: _
"The financial  warnings given in my   report   dated   July   30   last,   have-.   ���
been so far Ignored by the council, thai no provision appears to have been
made to meet the debenture pay mei. ts due for sinking fund.
Towards this current expenditure you have practically no funds available in the bank.    Vou cannot be allowed   to   draw   upon   the   debenture".   ���
money, as I much regret to find that you   have   been   doing, not withstand;
Ing  the explicit  and ample warning it was   my   duly   to   convey   to   you   in
council per paragraph 148, etc., of mv report, dated July 30.
That disregard places a far more serious responsibility upon you personally, as well as collectively, in v ew of the fact that you have exceede-.l
your estimates, and that the payment of former interest charges have been
delayed more than once, and that a! this year's end the city had most
faithfully undertaken to resume its payments to the debenture holders"
sinking fund, which have been suspended during the last 12 years, whilst
tbe city was recovering from tlie disastrous fire of 18i)8."
And this is the kind of able and economical financial management,
which Mayor Lee assured the citizens a little more than a year ago they
should have, if he were elected their chief magistrate. This ls the wonderful improvement in the city's finances about which his worship is;
boasting so loudly as having accomplished!
Here was New Westminster unable to pay its December accounts until
several days after the usual date, and only saved from financial disaster by
borrowlng $1<)0,OUO from the bank, for which loan, it was decided to hypothecate $50,000 of the Eighth street sewer debentures, and $50,000 of the
street  improvement  debentures.
There  has  been  a  strong suspicion among the citizens that there was
something radically wrong in the treasury  department.    Ominous   whispers
were heard abroad and the uneasiness which prevailed gave rise to tlie letters of enquiry by "Ratepayer" and others,  which  have    appeared   in   the
News.    A more serious indictment against the administration of Mayor Lee
li    would   not   be   easy   to   establish.    This makes it clear that instead oi
i reforming and improving the finances of the city, liis worship has been ab-
I solutely  neglectful of his civic duties in this respect, and tbat he has heen
: a party to the wrongful diversion of certain funds.    Is one who has proved
himself so unworthy, who has abused the  solemn trust  reposed in  bim hy
the ratepayers a year ago, worthy  of a renewal of that trust?
Again. Alderman Welsh stated at Monday night's meeting, tbat though
he wus a member of the finance committee, be was not made aware of these] ious condition of the city's financial affairs, and it was not until he t.en*-
porarily assumed the duties of chairman of the committee that be discovered how things were. Here then is yet one more proof that Mayor Lee
has been carrying on a form of one man government and ignoring the
council, a system wliich he so roundly condemned   when   electioneering    in
It will he well for ratepayers to ponder over the auditor's report anew,,
j a copy of which has. we understand, b��en mailed to every one.
My  the  way,  this  primed report is evidently sent out from the mayor's
; committee room as a request is enclosed for "your vote anil personal int��r-
; est."   We should like to know who is bearing   the  expense cf  the  printin.
i and mailing of this document?   Is the city to be charged therewith, or is i��
I being done by the mayor as part of his election expenses?
Whilst the report  of the auditor, which has just been published, is in-
I '.cresting, the character of the statements and  allegations   it   contains   is
I often  very irritating.    But its index, -i   truly  wonderful  index,  provides a.
fund of humor.    Skimmnig over this ar random, we find many comical en-
M-ies as:  "Assault by Aid. Gilley," "A alitor Assaulted," "Herb. Gilley (Aid.]
Assault By," "Dramatically Leaves Seit.  Aug.  12th,   1910,    After    Auditor
Coatsworth Asks, 'Does Alderman Gilley Really Expect Anyone to Believe'
All  That That Implies." "Attacks by the  Daily   News   Whilst   in   England
anl Since," and so on. But we do not see any icference in this remarkable
index to the string of apologies which were wrung from Auditor Cotsworth
by indignant ratepayers, officials and others   who  had  been  charged with
vhicli  he deems  urgently  n9W9��M7il N��ed of Dipljmacy.
as  the  inspection  of fobflStuns      Tlie   .pcaker  then  timc^ed
in   the  city,  as, tb  cmality  and  subject of railroads and electric sys
.tc. 1U1 i"'��C ., th�� necessity of a new  terns, which he thought should he eu
hool In Sapperton, antl recorded his  ��niii>Q��ad  to  a  certain  extent,  as on
{]iC' cer;
approval   of   the
adoption of the single tax system.
city   audit   and  the
Silas Fader.
Tho next  Speaker was Silas Fader
couraged to a certain
them tbe prosperity of the city largely
depended, but at  the same time he
Absolutely opposed    to    granting
undue advantage,    it  was
dealing with the
^  basis,  and   he
city, particularly on the now idle'believed thai  the necessary Improve-i,
terfront, and said that il  was use-'ments and extensions in the car ser-,^on oTorlental school children in the
\\Tot  for  these,' vice could be secured without ii. any i sc'hools.     The   question   ought  to   be
...i, . iverosts If | considered seriously and he might ex-
was ^^^
them any
simply a question o:
bo emphasized the necessity.of en ^^
mraglng the growth of   Pastries in maw necessary
He promised that, if elected, he WOUiQ| ������������ *** ��� 	
e a discussion in the council oon-  exclaimed that his policy was to find
mlng llie single tax, and if it was'ollt   what  was   wunted,  and  then  go
thought  tit   by  tiie "Olincll.  hd  would latter it. ......       ,,,���.,
have it submitted to the people. |      1 SJv�� the devil his due, but dont
An Airy Nothing. let h.r.v get too tanilllar or hell burii
 -'���--- ���      -! you  sure,"  said  lie,  speaking  of  tbe
B. C. E. R.   Referring tg a statement,
that he said Mf. Trapp had made tbat
The railway plank he desmissed |
with the remark tba't there was noth-|
ing iii it. i
"A ha" j nut to crack," was the term
he at rtilod to Mr. Trapp's plank re-
gar fen. the B. C. B. R. He was not
sjr0 he was in favor of the segiega-
i lu
less  sitting  down  to
prises to locate
I i  done  in   Vancouver,
���his it was necessary that the council
the city  way endangering the city a
here, ���,e same as ..ad  proa,*ed in^a*
���liiidren  In   the  schools,
should be possessed of push and w
\ ery
of  Oriental
Mr. Trapp advanced tbe opinion that
  the time had come when this must bo
In the matter of prnbilses, Mr. Fa-  taken  up, although  he was not  prc-
was chary, remarking that lt was  pared to say in wliat manner It could
i_      most effectively be dealt with.
More Details Tonight.
in conclusion, Mr. Trapp announced
plain his attitude on another occasion.!
The eight-hour day plank he approved of, but claimed that these things
could not be done at once.
Found Hard Work.
lie related some of Ills experiences
when he entered the city hall last year
and claimed it was hard to pick up,
in a short time, all the reins of government,   und   guide   all   the   depart- j bag.'
the B. C. E. U. has not asked for anything they had not got, ho pave a history of the B. C. E. R.'s request for
. double track to Lult; Island. He
read some minutes of the council in
this connect
for a double  ^^^^
been  approved   by   the   1909   council,
ancl  he did  not  think  that  was  fair
���Everybody Works" Is Slogan Adopted
by Men Who Are Boosting for
Popular Candidate.
Postal   Service  via Tramway to
den City Commences Today
���Other Improvements.
Not the least noticeable feature of
minutes oi  me wuw_ ...���e present election excitement is the
lion.   The company's plans! vigor of the campaign carried ou by! wack mail will ne torwan
' ";,,k '" !"!<> island had'T   y ^..^ |H   Q   ,,,   R   lQ ^ .^
J.   A.     McDonald     an-
��� the present election excitement is the  nounces that beginning today,
"       1.  maj| will be forwarded by the
instead ol
a : the former roundabout route via the
lie has surrounded  himself with
work  and  do not  C. P. R. and Harrison
There wlll be
Water  Lot  Question.
He claimed he could not ace
staff  cf  men   who
spend their time
U"���r��,����r.;>. -��- *-. :<�����*���*����� .--���
"��� ��� spenu men   uus ��.-......   ...
omp ;8n|jrj8j1 wi( antl pU(ting the'ancient and  up and despatched cn the 0
ments in the way they should go.   He
' '  '**** ���tnon.nine of the Eraser
,,   for  one  alderman   to   say
what ho would do, but when he found
himself in the council, he discovered ton,_ht.- ..._....��� .._        	
that what be Pevsona.|y^u.d^was ^'gfjj^ in ^platform In] rlver.   He  did  not  know
sav  was  that bo
b 'meeting be will deal spoke of the deepening of Uie
what   Mr.
much in connection with the water lot!
leases, as there were conditions In respected.raven to ignoble uses.        I car.
them which were hard to overcome.    |    When a Daily News reporter called j    Later on, arrangements will proba-
(Volce from rear)���"You're a wind ' at the committee rooms over the Bank  bly be made to include the way point*
,       _���       ,,   , ..     .  .      of Toronto yesterday, he found every- in this arrangement, which at present
"Its a crying shame that the inter-, ' , I �� ' ,    , __,
- .���i��Sn,i  body busy.    A ���a,nfl' ��* men was ener-j covers only mall for the terminal clty_
ests of the city have not been looked I U0ll-V l,u��j-   " ��  ��� 	
after in a more business-like manner, getically employed In sending out eir- This is the flrst result of the visit
Men traffic in these lots and 1 haveiculars to all the electors of the citv, of Deputy Postmaster General Dr. tt.
been told that one man sold his lease jand   Bround   U)e   8ecretary's  table   a | M. Coulter, wbo has been on the coast.
very limited.   Therefore, all he would  with all the IW��� Jj' "*������__*"any I Trap,  was going to do unless he P��H:        t w Umt one man sola ms ie������jand   around   the   secreta,, .   ��-���-  -| ; recently vfcft-
would  do the  very  extenso. and that may  ' "     ,      f      m boots and got out  Men wiu "��   ' nroun of men discussed ideas and tac- for 80me days, and who fetenlly *"'_
best possible for the city's interest        of the *�������� jj^^ Jlff    'It" does  not  matter  who  to tt;e loh for $��J00.       .^  ^ g ou, ��f jen^ ^ ^ campal        lt ^ ��� made mves feat^
.1. C. Loree asked for election to the  desired, weld be gUen       opp a a ^ ^ w,n proba.        The  peo   e Jn u ^ none       th ^ ^ y      of cerUIn Impwv^
council mainly on the strength of his Ity to speak. Trapn.lv go on just the same. hlJ��S2d the citv solicitor, and I hope. ^Jsted   adopting   the   tactics   of ments to the servi e    "Uggeatedl   *F
school trustee.      All through his speecn.J   ^   ��v|       ^ welWm0Wn history of the wsM ���(,.��Vt0 deilver the people from ^*or  Lee  and  publishing an  irres-1 George Kennedy when ln Ottawa re
.   ���    ._    ���     ,..,.,,.     nVAr     once   U   iiecit-.i.  m
record of service as a
attentively, and  his
the cfflMt,an��l
t session;
resolution that.
lopment cora-
the N��rtti,
greeted   showed   that   that
candidate  or gentleman, as T. J, Trapp
he claimed the right to criticize.
has a big hold on the popular appro- ever. ^^'Xn Mr Trapp saw him-
section a copy of the Citizen   w.dch |  oons   ���,^<; C.tUeml. was ^t  ^
was greeted"wlth'much" laughter and . Trapp, the gentle
T.:-rs.���^"S���.���'HS,',. s sn*'i*:.&�� ����� ��
.,,,,,, i mavor out of a joo.
the hall." maj        C|alm, the Platform.
Lee Fathers the Citizen. | ,_,.������   m.    Tmnn'a   nlat-
Mr. Trapp then turned   to   Mayor     Again   claiming   Mr.  Tiapps   plat
that will be a credit toKs'ew Westmln-1 had
ster, I suggested by him, but
Referring once more
he said that he had remarked
had been forced to stand.   " '
thought anything was
out.    .._    ^^^^
told me last year that I had no aldermanic experience, and so should not
*    m*   Tr��nn I thing had been done<last year. er the pro'
marked thaX      At tbe request, as he said  of AJ�� ^^grg
Id    If be (Lee)   man Gray,  he announced  that every , Alan   it.
Uong with the  house in the city using **��*W %***&
along tue uu�� i Aeronauu ibuoia**  .. ...
along which no-decided jt had no authority to consid
r the protest against the award of
national    balloon   trophy to
awley and Augustus Post,
Forty Killed by Landslide.
Castro,  Urdlales, Spain, Jan .MC���
ground   that   the"   protest as  Forty'persons.were   killed, and
hought anything was wrong wuu mv;  UUUn ,u ^..^ ^._���   _. ma   tnai   mo   vivw�� ��.�� -
ity  none  would  have  to  force him | was now supplied  with a meter, al- made, was Irregular.   The federation hundred injured here today, when i*
mt.   He would be there.   "Mr. Trapp  though at the beginning of the year, declared the protest should have been landslide overwhelmed a gang of la-
''��� '  lodged flrst with the sportiug commis- borers,  burying all beneatlf a mans
(Continued on Page Four.) ,sion of the American Aero club.
of earth and rocks. PAGE TWO
.MAN,  work  by   the  day  or  week.
Apply   BOX   E.,  SS.,  Dally   News
Real   Estate    Agents.
628 and 746 Columbia St.
New   Westminster.
II. C. Coast Service
10th of February, 5 or 7-roome I
modern house. Careful tenants, no
children.   Apply Box 9, Daily News
ol'ti  o.
coat and dressmaker, work by the
day. Apply Miss McLean, 411
Tenth Btreet, 	
10:00 a. m Daily excepl Tuesday
S  i :00 p. in  1,ail-v
FORTY   ACRES   good   land   near thej
sile of the big elevators soon lo be T0  SEATTLE-
established on the Fraser river, we 10;00 a, m	
can deliver this for a few days   at 11:30 p. m	
$200 per acre on   easy   terms.   In-     gg^   [roquols   Sunday    nights   and
a money- Tuesday mornings.
TWELVE   nnd   two-thirds     acres     In    2:00 p. m Daily except   Sunday
Coquitlam   near  the  growing  town  of JO   UNION   AND   COMOX.
Porl   Moody,  this  wlll   be  good  SUb-|   ..,���, ���   ���,  Bvery  Monday
Experiments in Laboratories of Noted
Physician   Indicate   New   Era   In
Abdominal   Treatment.
ilS    it is
5:00 p. m.. ��� ���
I ll :00 p. m....
London, Jan. 10. A Beries of Inocu
Iation experiments which may mark
an epoch iu the history of abdominal
surgery soon wlll be made the basis
of a new preventive treatmenl for
peritonitis al one of the great London
Original   experiments  which   have
have  been  carried  oui   al   the labora-
Question of Hnving One in Paris, 1920
to Be  Referred to the People���
This    Solves    Problem.
electrical business. Apply a! once
io Wei er & Day, electricians, 708
Columbia street,
eral housework. Apply box I, Daily
News ollice. 	
of sale;  ai--') property  dose in; (
owners    need     communicate
I��.   ().   Box   5,   tbis
i as'i
keeping   rooms:   good   references,
Apply  box
S.  News office.
division property very soon, as ii Is
the highest land in tlie district.
 ri- I 11:00 p. in lull. ", 21��� Feb,  IS have  been  carried  oul   at   tb
We have some good acreage in Burna-   TO  QUEEN  CHARLOTTE   ISLANDS. . lories of  the   Royal  Colic, e  of  I'bysi-
by adjoining the city limits al \ci.. ' t,.(MI  .,   m  clans al  Edinburgh by Dr. D. Wllkfe
reasonable prices. ,     jan,  [0| 24;   Feb. 7, i'l. under grain   from  tbe Carnegie  trust,
'                      "     ~                                                                    CAMP consisted of Inoculating rabbits with
SEVEN roomed house and two sixty-
six foot lots, on Fourth avenue,
near Queens park; $4500; easy
DOUBLE corner on Princess street,!
two houses bringing in good rev-l
enue; $1800 for the. property,, will
accept small cash payment and the
balance can be arranged ;:s rent.
7, 21,
8:30 a. m Every Thursday
Leave  Westminster 8:00  a.  tn.   Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack 7:00 a. in. Tuesday,]
Thursday and Saturday.
vaccines und other substahces as pre-
; iimlnary  to abdominal  operations  to
lessen or remove the danger of perl i
One Case Out of Five Fatal.
I'aris, Jan, 10.���The French governmenl lia - decided to have recourse to
h referendum to settle a matter of
no less Importance than the advisability of having an International exhibition in Paris in the year 1920.
Although the proposal in favor of
the exhibition has received the full
support of an Important Bectlon of the
chamber of depul ies, it has i een
strongly opposed OP many different
grounds, and every day the dispute
has   become   more  acute.
To dispose of any allegation of prej
udlce or ol hasty nnd unsupported ac-
lioii,  M. .lean  Dupy, the min  iei
public works, has decided I
the opinion of those who are
rectly   Interested    in   the
( lrculars are to i ml  to
municipal  councils  and  the
of commerce ol all tow ns
illation  of  upward  of  30,000
I to the principal industrial, comini
I and agricultural  unions and
| tions.
I    These are requested to an   ,-r ti.
I quest ion    whei her   thej    ai e   i v     a
���. to the idea of an exposition or not '
On all  hands Ibis la con
most   satisfactory
. II
1   BOClg,
Bolutlon i '   | ,j|[j.
culty which threatened to bi      .
terminable,  and   which   wa
likely   to   cause   much   ill   ;.
well  tt*. encouraging   n i
trigue If it  continued.
vale boarding house; lirst diss
board; all home cooking. Terms
very reasonable. Apply 513 Agnes
street, city.  .
proved. with buildings, in the vicinity of New Westminster. Full
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land, 62  Hastings street oust.
WANTED ��� IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED room, close to business
district. State price and particulars.    Box E. O. K., 1 ally News.
cno dining table and chairs; iu use
two mont lis.    Apply   110 Ash St.
WE have some excellent building lots
In the west end of the city on easy
terms;  gel   hold  of some property
befoie the big advance which is sure1
to come.
Reil   Estate   Agents.
623  and   746   Columbia   st.
New   Westminster.
Agent. Westminster.
11. w. BRODIE,
G, P. A.. Vancouver
un  pi
, a
new six roomed
1104 Elghtl
i ave.
roomed   1
car  line.
FOR SALE���General store and building on acre lot; house over store.
consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, parlor, stable, woodshed and
storeroom, including stock, postofflce, telephone, agency C. P. IL, and
Dominion Express agencies; near
New Westminster. Full particulars, appy to A. C. D., P. 0. B
Real   Estate.
Columbia Street.      New Westminster.
66-FOOT lots in choice sub-division at
Port   Mann;   $450,  easy  terms.
TEN ACRES in southwest, one-quarter, section 36, Township 2, Surrey;
$200 per acre;  terms.
���__���-������m*mm.���^���mmemmmm���������  '
OWNERS, we can sell or rent your
properties if right. Send partial
lars:  satisfaction to all guaranteed.
Real   Estate.
Columbia  Street.      New Westminster.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Mann workmen;    comfortable, neal
���scow house, ill very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 208 Front
street, City.
roomed house and two lots' close
io tram. Immediate possession. Apply Owner, Box 279. City.
Gardiner & Ga'diner
Estimates   Given   on   Any   Kind
of   Job    Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone   388
Dr. Wilkie ] nints oul in the recor
oi  his experiments  published in  tho
Medical c lironlcle that In spite of the
i meat advances.Jn recent years i'i In
testlnal   surgery   one   of   every    five
i cases in which an Intestine bas to be
cut and joined together again termln-
! utes fatally. Acute Inflammation resulting from the action of germs attacking the lining of the membranes
of abdomen either during or afti r any
operation on an Intestine is the i p-
erating Burgeon's chief dread.
The original experiments were curried out to discover if possible some
I means of preparing the patient befoie the abdominal operation so a?, to
make him belter able to Withfitani
peritonitis should it result. Rabbits,
, pre\ lously Inoculated with small
doses of vaccines made from bacteria
combined   w ii h   small   ib ses   of   niuco-
leln, were subjected ta the same abdominal   operation    iis    unlnoculate
���rabbits, the appendix being remove
in eacli case under ether anesthsla,
Prepared   Animals    Lived,
immediately after the operation, 30,
000,000 live and violent bacteria, such
as ordinarily are found  in  fatal cases
were     Injected     by     the    Burgeons
in   the   i erltoneal   cavities   of    both
sets   of     animals,   resulting   in     the
deaths of the unprepared animals in a
few hours from acute peritonitis, The
absence of ill effects  iii  the  prepared
animals   have   lent   great    encourage
men!  to hones thai  similar preparatory injections in human  beings  will
be of good effect.   Already apparently
'successful results are beins obtained
in  a  few cases  in  man.    It  is  hoped
that on these or similar lines the key
!io ihe successful  treatment  if what
at   present   is   the   most   fatal   of    all
irglcal complications will be found.
Thursday Jan. 12
The   Plague   In   Manchuria.
Peking,  Jan,   10,    Furthi r       ,
of  the  plague  ai   Mukden,   Kim,   m.
Kwang Chengtse are ropoi tc:
Japanese   authorities   have
thorough measui es  tor   li
WSJ.,     .-*-_��
HECTOR   McCAIG,   Manager.
The greatest of
commediennes and
prima donnas
In C. II. Kerr's great masterpiece
"HkKCY "
A soul stirring play.   A beautiful story of home life.
Full of pathos and comedy, with special
musical numbers.
You will laugh, you will scream, you will roar
and then si me.
Some of the attractions she has starred In:   Henry    W,    :: i
"Grand Opera," Whitney's "Plfl Pall  Pouff," The Bostonians ii
bin Hood, tie Tenderfoot," "Johnny    Comes    Marching    H
"Foxy Quiller," "Sousa's Famous Band,"   "Dolly Dimples," and
Entire  Production Carried by Company.
Secure your scats  early
Sale opens Monday, January 9. Prices, $1.00, 75c. 50c.
IF. G. Gardiner)
iloom 6,  Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
��hone 661 Residence  Phone   133
von sack ou rent ry owner
seven room modern house on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for par
tlculars, or 512 Fourth street, New
Westminster, B. C.
il. Nelson, 9L7 Fifth avenue.
3__   to  25  H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
���ner Agnes
and Seventh strerts.
KOOM TO RKNT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
gentlemen.   Apply at 233 8th St.
ply    upstairs Trapp   block,   corner
Oolumhla street and Clarkson
minster Board of Trade meets in tne
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each montn;
quarterly meeting on the tnira
Thursday of February, May, Augusl
and November, at s p.m. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any monthly or quarterly meeting. C. H.
Stuart-Wade, secretary,
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
house. Apply corner Seventh avenue
and Fourteenth street.
business and central residential
property. The People's Trust. Co..
Ltd.,  Loan  Department.
ston, barristers and solicitors,
Westminster Trust Block, Columbia
street, New Westminster. W. .1
Whiteside, II. L. Edmonds, Adam S
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Guichon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp hlock.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL        $14,400,000.00
.RESERVE         11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, anu in London, Eng j
liPd, New York, Cii'cago aud (Spokane,
"U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit issued, available with
���correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Djpartment���Deposits
received ln sums of $1 and upward,
��jd Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum   (present rate).
Total   Assets  over   $180,000,000.00
MISS M, BROTEN, pubHc stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's ofllce. Columbia St.
Train Service New
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
10:30���From Vancouver and Agassiz.
12:10���From Montreal, Kootenay
and Okanagan.    (No. 97).
17:05���From  Vancouver.    (No. 9fi).
19:20���From Vancouver, Seattle ancl
22: SO���From Winnipeg and Nicola.
(No. 1).
8:?,0���To   Vancouver,   Seattle,   Nicola and Winnipeg.
11:00���To Vancouver.    (No. 97).
15:55���To Okanagan, Kootenay and
Montreal   (No.  9fi).
17:50���To Agassiz and Vancouver.
21:40���To Vancouver.    (No.  1).
Gen. Pass. Agent,       Local Agent,
Vancouver.      New  Westminster.
Curtis Block.   P. O. Box 694.
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
��� IN ���
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank ot Montreal
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27���
The regular meetings of tl is lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Kighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. W. IL West, N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
J. W. MacDonald, financial secretin
We Have It!
The famous Wellington
���I   RING UP 56
Before your bin is Empty.
Burnaby Municipal
Elections,   1911
Mr. J. W. Weart
was tendered and accepted the nomination for
Reave by a properly constituted convention of
Burnaby electors.
MR. WEART is pledged to work for
Progressive  Development
of the Municipality
and his platform includes :
having regard  to size, location ancl proximity of public facilltl
1. Abolition of the ward system.
2. Better adjustment of assessment,
of each property.
Ii.    Alteration of assessment period.
4.    Extension of the franchise to all parties paying taxes.
6,    Formation  of a county council  to  take over all  intermunlcip; 1 roads.
6. Better   police  protection "and the appointment of a stipendiary, or pollce magistrate.
7. Adequate  water supply.
8. Reorganization of the Municipal  hall, holding departmental heads strictly responsible for efficiency.
no meddling hy Individual councilors with the civil service.
it.    Acquiring plots of land In various parts of the muled pal ity for park   purposes   with   a   general   sytl
stem of development.
10. Encourage the School 1 oard  to purchase
11. Generally to develop the municipality on
i  number of school sites before land values increase.
husiness lines;  encouragement  of settlers, and to protect the public interest "in granting priviledges to corporations.   ,J ;��. %   j^,j_,._���,.,... ...  _i    ��    *  I
Mr. Weart will address public meetings
at eight p.m. as follows :
Westminster Coal Co'y
W. N. CLARKE, Mgr.
Office, Corner Columbia nnd Sixth Sis.
Municipa   IHall,   Edmonds,  Jan. 5th, 1911.
Burnaby Lake, Lake View school, Jan. 6th, 1911. ,
Vancouver,  Pender  Hall,  Jan.  10th,  1911.
Central Park, Agricultural Hall, Jan.  12th,  1911. i
New Westminster, Cunningham Hall, Sixth street, Jan. 13th, 1911.
Invitations arc extended toother candidates for Reeve ancl Councillors.
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc., Etc.
Efficient Development ���WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    11,    1911
> in presentation of facts.   It must
a   healing   in   Ihe   din   caused   hy
It Will Fill Emnty Churches,
So Says a New York
h is ii linn conviction of Rev, Dr,
Christian !���'. Iteisner, pastor of Grace
MethodlBl Episcopal church in New
york, that churches nowadays should
a.vertlse. Commenting on iliis subject lhe other day, h��' said:
"Advertising is ihe mosl vital assistant in the business world, Of course,
there must be something hack of it,
A prominent orthodox doctor declared
Hie oilier day thai all advertising doctoi a i" came bankrupt unless they had
real ability, Truth, musl he told
What Institution has more certain,
fitting and needed truth to tell than
llie church? Rush rules Hie hour.
Materialism threatens to deaden heart
life, as frosl soldlfles water. Atiun-
ti .n must be attracted to the facl and
ii e i of s| ii ii uai grow Hi. if ihe aesthetic and affectlonal natures are to remain.
Have Lost Church Habit.
"Men are not satisfied without Cod
worship. Wealth and position leave
them restless. Lack of enthusiasm
landed former church leaders in ruts
and  formalism, and I hey failed to stir
man's deeper nature. Some turned to
new 'Isms,' such as Christian Science,
backed hy the enthusiasm of novelty,
fur splrll satisfaction. Recent changes
in  theology and  itihie Interpretation
have laid the basis for a new enthusiasm, wliich tits and Interprets religion to hearers, until l hey are stirred
and developed, Bul people have fallen out of the babll of church attendance. They ur'1 busy and unacquainted with the force of this new
life. They must then, now nr never,
he turned toward the church, and
aroused to the fmporfance, b81nful-
ness an deasy possibility of religious
Bible   Gives   Authority.
"The word 'advertise' occurs twice
in  Hie  Bible,  and  'publish' one hundred times.   Preach the Gospel means
publish   the   good   tidings.   There  wei"
���     presses, and so Paul wrote letters
e erywhere, to he read and passed mi.
."���:i""  ihe hlonsinzs of his religion. Wesley compiled dozens <>f hooks
, ' ii ���  ,.' er\   subiecl   printed them
,. iv and paddled them nersl ten-
K      Mis   successors,   the   Methodists,
[he   lar. ������ .1   nubll ?hlni    house  ill
il i' world, and tlieir napers furnish n i
mean medium for advertisers.
��� d , rtlslng  is callin.   attentl i   I i
Truth  is hack of it all.    Tl -
i an no longer e* 1st   '''���   i    i
tlioritj   or  gel  a  hearing  by nntl
nuateci      i     ods.     I'   '" ;- '   I 6   up-to-
get    ..       ^^^^
the rush of Hie material world.
Why   Object to  Such  An  Aid?
"Why object to church advertising?
Look af a few criticisms:
" 'A sacred subject is made common.' We have passed the day when
a man has a dl.ferenl code; for the
church and business house. There
caii he no divorce iietween religion
aud husiness. The latter is, after all.
only pure morals. No building is 'sacred' unless ii is made so hy the Individual, When religion becomes more
'common' among nun the world will
he better.
" 'It lessens : i llglous appi iti by
i':i a] enlng It.' Tlie fact remains that
most business men are su rushed that
they sol dom gh'e personal religion
any notice, lf broughl within their
attention, old memories Btirred win
lead to action, 'l'he word 'churcn'
facing th<-tii in prominent places constantly will arouse old home an I hoy-
hood scenes, and youth's customs anu
Not   Spoil    Pastor's    Dignity.
" 'If spoils i he preacher's dlgnitj,'
say some. Ministerial dignity osslflei
some as do ihe- bandages of tin mummy. Tliey never bend, they ne -
touch present day life, they deal in
dead tlfeolOglC platitudes, a.- powerless in ui'. nu' torch leading light as
a tallow cia is, compared ��ii li an arc
light, Better he a man wll ii nn external prerogatives. Character is ihe
best badge to wear. God will honor
good seed if sown withoul artificial
" 'It lends to materialize the spiritual.'     All   Internal   Imprei sions   are
is   emphasized,   spirituality   will   be
more general.
Backed by Truth Cannot Fail.
"Bui why advertise? First, it
shows life anl enthusiasm horn of a
confident belief, Methodism won its
way because its zeal knew no doubt.
Tlie revolution broughl liberty because confident fervency was noi
chilled by nakedness and Ice, Political parties nominate only those whose
character ami spirit will command
lively support. Tin- successful salesman believes iii his roods, and then
is all alive to push them. Consistent
advertising may show backing which
\. ill   run, ince   I lie   sleepy   nl'   doubt Ing.
Ability alone produces advertising
ihat tells, and this by means of arousing thought, If backed hy truth, the
advertiser ami tl e ai i tele gain Influence, lesieii and  reputation."
Correspondent Discusses Position in Britain of Martin,
Greenwood and Aitken.
either caused by the external things
or express themselves in a material
way. The most sacred religion
known, that of husband and wife,
comes from love aroused hy sight of
fare or picture. That Is poor religi
ous feeling that does not lead to honest dealing, and visits to the poor
and sick. When mysticism of religion
Government Asked to Hei,-) Stamp
Out Plague in Groves.
HermoBlllo, Mex., .lan. 10.���Tl <��� exportation of oranges from i lie st tte
< i Sonoia in c nada ha:; ie :ei\ ed a
��� si lou - ei back by I he i efusal of buyers io accepl shipments, on ihe
ground that i be fruit is Infected. (in ���
grower here was recent ly notified that
twenty cars of oranges that lie had
shipped lo a eomml sli n house in
Canada were rejected because of the
ilee    \\ ii n     w ,,i   h    they      \- el c:      ili-
f acted.
Tlie Mexican government lias been
ap| ealed to to ghe its aid in stam' -
ing out the disease, which is now alleged to he prevalent in many of the
groves of this Bectlon. I'p to the reel III 1 efusal of the fl nil on He' pari Of
Canadian dealers the Sonora orange
growers hud strenuously denied thai
ttelr oranges were Infected, claiming
that Hie charge was made hy California growers to shut out competition  from this country.
.Inhii  it.  iv lie mi  ieiurning to Toronto,  iii icusses  some  Canadians   in
British  public life in a very  Inten
ing  way.    In  pan   he says;
Joe    Martin's    Future.
The writer is not sure it Canadians
appi ei late t la- place t hat losi ph Martin is making lor himself in I he 1 o-
litical situation in England. In contrast v, .tli snme others, whft'ever
position he occupies he has secured
hy his own Individual efforts, nimbi-
ed hy parte machinery or influence,i
and whatever reputation lie is making
is on sheer personal ability, When,
tlie writer went to England, He Impression he had aboul .Martin was
that he was a man who went ahout
with his elbows slicking oul lo jab
into the ribs cf anyone who came
near Lim, that his political career In
Canada had ended doubtfully, and that,
his ran er in England was precarious
and exceedingly unpromising, in London, one has no difficulty in finding
many feople who will as evt that
nothing could be farther from ihe
truth than the latter statement. Indeed, there are those who say that
Marl in will go a great deal further
in English politics than any Canadian who ever crossed the ocean, and
that, granted health and fifteen years
of life, it is not difficult to imagine
I Circumstances   in   wliich   Martin   mav
cut  a figure of tlie  very  highest Importance.
Martin is not a docile follower of
the government, lie is apt to rip a
spoke oul of the wheel of state at any
moment, He owes nothing to the
parly machine. They tell an interesting story of how he flrst seemed
the constituency in SI. Pancras, and
what is general knowledge is that bis
election agent is the former member
of tiie constituency, and lliat judging
by the last two contests, he has a secure grip on Hie seat for an Indefinite
period. Although his career in parliament has been but brief, and although he is a "kicker," Martin is
said to have secured the ear of the
house in a way Hun few members
Bucceed in doing. The prttlsb house
of commons is said to he the most difficult audience in the world. It takes
personality and grey matter to make
any impression, and withoul this, the
seats empty as if by mimic. But Martin has courage and personality, and,
those who kno'w him say, an abundance of grey mailer.
Sympathy With  Democracy.
Those who see Ihe possibilities of a
brilliant future for Marl in say l ha'
M;n tin's radicalism is the brand Ihat
suits the occasion, that although a
newcomer, he understands British
democracy, its temper, its hopes, and
aspirations, and that an absolutely
fearlessness, occupied with ability
and stamina may carry him along
It is a'milted that personally Martin is "difficult," that lie has not the
.��� hall-fellow- well-met geniality which
we associate with the successful politicians in Canada, but it is pointed
out that this is often an absent quality in successful public men in Britain. Witness Churchill, a supercilious
aristocrat, yet a daring of democracy.
The fact is that the electorate is so
great that it is an absolute Impossibility for a public man to come in
contact with the masses as he is expected  to do in  Canada, even  if  he
P 0 Box 394
Alfred W. MS Leod
Phones Office 62
Res   25?
wanted to. And besides the Britisher
seems to prefer in his public men, recognized ability rather than expert-
ness in jollying.
Greenwood     Doing    Well.
In contrast to Mr. Marl ill's independent course Mr. H'amar Greenwood is building a career iis an administration liheral . one easih se.-s
that he is highly regarded by the Liberal organization, and liis victory m
Sunderland came at a most timely
moment in the fortunes of the party.
There is interest for Canadians in the
fuel that no two victories in the:
whole campaign had a more electrical
effect cm the respective parties than
Aitken's and Greenwood's. The lat-
ter's particularly marked a psychological point, as up to that moment the
polls seemed to indicate that the Liberal majority would be substantially
In view of Greenwood's valuable
services as a campaign speaker, tbe
post ne has .just, iceeived is cone too
good a reward. It is gratifying to>
learn, too, that liis law practice is exceedingly satisfactory and ' that socially he is very popular. If to his
other successes he can add u conquest of tlie house of commons, a brilliant career seems assured. So far he
has spoken but once in the commons.
Greenwood.  Martin  and  Aitken  are
three   simon-pure  Canadians  in   Eng-
llsh public life. Mr. Bonar Law, for example, is said to have almost forgotten that be ever saw Canada, at least
so some Canadians allege. This is unfortunate, for he has climbed high iu
the counsels of one of the great parties; indeed, liis name is discussed as
a possible leader.    Sir Gilbert Parker
is known as an English novelist, and
1 hough  be spent many  years in Canada is typically English.   The same is
true to a degree of a later arrival on
the scene,  Mr. Donald  McMaster, the
eminent barrister.    Both of these gentlemen have safe seats and are highly regarded in the Unionist party. Of
tlie   other   jso-called   Canadians,   little
| more  can  he  said   in  most  instances
I than that they were born in Canada,
| ancl that they keep up a more or less
j intimate connection with the land ot
1 tlieir birth���cbietly less.
Agencies at Vancouver, Vict:ri.i
Prince  Rupert  Nelson  and
.&_ ,	
Tint, Liauihtv. Live. Stock.
Lirt.AcciDtiNT. Motor Boat.
Ai iiimoiiiii ,   Plate. Glass,
/vi/lrine ani) all other kinds
or Insurance placed at better
Ch'i'liwack, Mission,
Langley,  and
Abbotsfcrd, etc.
i     Kdmonton, dan. 10.���A  half  million
I dollar   sky-scraper,   which   will   poss��-
i bly  accommodate  a  huge department
i store   business,  is  being  planned   for
the  corner  of  First  and  .lasper  avenue,  a   vi;e   which   was   in   the   early
days  occupied  by   tbe  first  merchau-
' disc   business  in   Edmonton,   by   the
owners,  McDougall  and  Secord.
The  firm  have been contemplating
. the  erection  of  such  a  building  for
! some  time,  and   are   reserving   their
corner   at   First  and  Jasper   ior   that
While the firm are saying notion..
I at piesent regarding their plans, it is
understood thai plans will provide tor
the erection of a ten or twelve-story
building covering the entire corner
proj erty of the linn.
We are delighted to be able to announce that Mr. Andrew McDonald has associated himself with the firm of Reid & Company. The style of the firm name under
which we will operate will be REID & McDONALD.
For the balance of January we are offering our entire stock of High Class Menfs
Wear at wonderfully low prices.   ALL LINES REDUCED.
Most Lines Reduced 1-4.   Some Lines Reduced 1-3
Note These Price Quotations:
Men's Suits
$35 00 fine worsteds at ....
30 00 fine worsteds at ....
25 00 fine worsteds at ....
20 00 fine worsteds at ....
15 00 tweeds and worsteds,
$26 00
22 50
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15 00
11 25
$25 00 convertable  collars,   $18 75
20 00 heavy Chesterfield ..    15 00
15 00 raincoats       " *
12 00 raincoats         �� ""
10 00 overcoats   *      *^-*^
$6 00 fine ribbed for  $4 50
5 00 fine ribbed for     3 75
4 00 heavy ribbed for     3 00
3 00 heavy ribbed f or ...,. ���   2 25
2 00 heavy ribbed for     15��
$5 00   Stetsons  $3 75
4 00   Stetsons    3 00
3 00   Kings' Hats       2 25
2 50 Kings'Hats   ........    1 90 PAGE POUR.
The Daily News
Published by Tie Daily News Publish-
big Company, Limited, at their offices,
corner    of    McKenzie    and    Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
after next Thursday, when T. J. Trapp
assumes tbe reins of office.
Wait until you bear Mayor Lee
speak in flowing terms of the city's
well paved and lighted business
street, and note how be forgets to
give the credit to tlie mayor and council of l !h>i��, who formulated the
scheme, made all plans and arrangements, and commenced the work.
New   Westminster, Jan.   10,  1911.
WEDNESDAY.    JANUARY    11,    1911
lt is characteristic of Mayor Lee's;
Inordinate self-esteem that he should |
sffect generally, as per    an    obscure
Vancouver organ, quoted    briefly    In
these columns on  Monday, to regard
Mr. Trapp's candidacy for the mayoralty  of  New   West minster city  as  an
attack    upon    liis     (Mr,    Lee)��� upon
some imagined divine right that    the
sreat  Mr. Lee has become possessed,
of in some way to occupy the chair of
lhe chief magistrate at liis own pleasure or profit.
No greater delusion was ever entertained by an inflated egotism. Such
ivn assumption is tantamount, to asserting that the city, and all its interests are, and of right ought to be,
subordinate and subservient to tlie
mayor ancl aldermen (particularly the
mayor! for the time heing, and it is
not. much short of lese majeste for
siny temerarious individual, no matter what eminent quallScations lie
may possess, to allow himself to be
put in nomination for the highest
place in the gift of tlie city���the
place rightly looked at. where the
right man, with the mandate of the
ratepayers behind him, can give
twelve months of most valuable service to tbe city.
As against the ridiculous assumption of Mayor Lee that because, by a
small majority, he got a twelve
months' mandate a year ago to serve
the city as mayor, therefore the
mayoralty is his preserve, it may be
laid down as a general indisputable
proposition that the habit of allowing
important antiual elections to go by
acclamation���by default, so to
���is a sure indication of apathy and
indifference on the body politic, of
the Sleepy Hollow, village stage of a
community addicted to such a practice. Conversely, the coming into
the field of energetic, experienced,
able, ami competent men, to contest
I hose important positions is a sure
evidence that tbe city is alive, progressive and determined to progress.
Th.e candidacy of such a man as Mr.
1. .1. Trapp for the mayoralty of New
There is one phase of Canadian development which the story of a decade brings out very prominently. On
January 1, 1901, there were half a
dozen cities worth talking about���
as centers of development. Today
there are a score. Ten years ago
Winnipeg was just emerging from tho
fur post era With a forty thousand
population, plank sidewalks, and for
the most part, wooden buildings, Vancouver was an isolated seaport town
���a city only by statute and the promise of things to come. Victoria was
mainly a big residential town. Edmonton had a 2000 population and no
railroad.   Calgary was still a lug cow ! thirty-five people bad been getting the
town   with   a  few  sandstone   blocks, j Ite" ^LckJVffV I, Society.
Regina   was    a   huddle    of   wooden j    The s,)e;liier then sprung the sensa-
bouses in a sea of treeless land. Sas-   tion  of  the  evening,   when    be    an-
katoon was a temperance village with  nounced that he had to speak of some
a train three times  a  week.     Medi-  things  distasteful   to   him      lie   then
. .. embarked upon a violent attack ot the
cine Hat knew nothing of the gas in R A & } societv :md everyone con-
its basement. Fort William and Port j nected with it. In spite of the fact
Arthur were A pair of stopping places | that the accounts of the society are
audited by E, L. Webber, and handed
to the members of the directors every
year, Mayor Lee insinuated that there
Mayor John A. Lee Avoids
Reference to Civic Finances
(Continued from  Page One.)
half asleep on the edge of Lake Su
perlor. Brantford was a small mar
ket city, and Ottawa had not yet tlia
covered Chaudiere horsepower.���Canadian Courier.
��� Correspondence I
(The Daily News is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by its correspondents.)
Editor Daily News:
Sir���The citizens of New Westminster are to be congratulated on T. J.
Trapp's decision to allow himself to
be nominated as a candidate for tlie
mayoralty at the coming election.' His '
presence at the bead of affairs in tlie
city council will go far to make up for
tlie set back which the city lias suffered during the present mayor's term
of office.
On all sides we hear of the prosperity which is attending tlie cities
and districts of the province, ancl that
New Westminster is not reaping ihe
share which is its due can be easily
accounted for when an unprejudiced
review of tlie past year's work is
taken. It cannot be denied that this
city lias not gone forward with the
speak  strides  with  which   good progressive
civic government should have impelled it.
In spite of tlie mayor's optimistic
statements, as printed in the local
press, I contend that we are standing
still as a city, in comparison with the
advances made by other cities and
districts of the province, more especially when the exceptionally prosperous limes, and tbe hundreds of
thousands of dollars we are spending
on civic works are taken into con- explosion in a
sideration,    That  several new homes  San      Martin
was something peculiar about the
management of tlie society. He did
not stop tbere, but casually remarked
that the searchlight of inquiry should
he turned on the Royal Columbian
"According to tlie const it ul ion of
tlie It. A. & I. society, the hoard of
control should be composed of directors of tlie society, and that is not the
"I think I can fairly claim the right
to criticize, as the exhibition last year
was $5000 in the hole, and this year I
have heard, although l have no means
of verifying, that they were $6000 behind." Forgetting the inclement
weather which fell to the lot of the
last exhibition; lie 6xclaimed that he
did" not see why the exhibition should
not occupy the premier position that
it did several years ago.
Coquitlam Dam Matter,
lie again went over the history of
the Coquitlam dam question, and read
an agreement which he had drawn up
to settle the differences Itt-tween tlie
city and the company. Tbe agreement
is lengthy and complicated, and Mayor
Lee stated that it had already been
submitted to the B. C. E. 1?. He announced that before anything was
dene with h. it wtmld be discussed
In open council.
Mayor Lee spoke for two hours, less
live minutes, ancl although there were
several other aspiring aldermen who
wished to speak, tlie crowd begun to
leave the ball right after be finished
speaking, and Chairman Curtis asked
the crowd to sing the National Anthem.
Thus Mayor Lee's meeting closed
with possibly no change in tiie sentiment of any of those who attended
the meeting.
Powder Plant Blown Up.
Buenos  Ayres,  Argentina. Jan.lt)���
Many   fatalities   were   caused   by   an
gunpowder factory al
today.    Twelve bodies
Westminster citv, at this time, is an ate the new  Industries and  business
illustration par excellence of tho truth M��cks to support them, when the tide
., turns and   New  Westminster  is  iook-
of the postulates  we have just laid ,ng f()1. suhBtantIal business   to   help
down in opposition to the ridiculous, pay the enormous expenditure laid out
���swelled bead,  backwoods assumption during the past year.
underlying  Mavor  Lee's    amateurish The P��llc>' of the Present mayor has
been somewhat   on    a   par with   the
have been built (chiefly as a result of  have   been  extracted   from   the   ruins
real estate profits)  is true, yel where 0f the plant. The search for the dead
���resentment of Mr.  Trapp's  supposed
policy of the publicity commissioner���
attack upon his (Mr. Lee's) imagined  that is, to keep the names of John A.
5 erogative.
Mr. Trapp's candidature, together
with his progressive and vigorously
*nounc(-.l platform, is a clear and refreshing challenge, which the ratepayers are not slow to appreciate,
that what was good enough for New
Westminster    twelve    months    ago���
l.ee and Charles H. Stuart Wade writ
large and often in the local press, and
allow    New    Westminster citizens to
pay  the  piper, whilst, the real  work
for which tliey are paid is waiting the
touch of capable    men.    Both    these
gentlemen  bave  been   very  energetic' dent""of"Chicago's   West
in keeping themselves in    the    lime-
Chicago, Jan. 10,���In a silent line of
shivering, hungry men which stretched for a block along the curb of a
dark and desolate West Side street,
moving slowly t > the goal ahead,
marked by a solitary lantern, where
hot coffee and tolls were being dispensed to famishing and unfortunate
men, two brothers, separated for a
year and a half, met the other night
The meeting was a dramatic inci-
Side bread
light, but when it comes down to real |     A man turned the corner and step-
husiness, one is as flat a failure as  ped into Hne a few feet north of Mad-
especially   when  IT  has  degenerated  tbe other in their respective positions.  |son street    Suddenlv be grasped the
pretty much into an exposed fuse���is | .   Charles  Stuart's  weakness  is  writ-  man ahead ))y tj,e shoulders and turn
ing his own name and sending it
titled gentlemen in    an  .attempt
not good enough  for  New  Westminster today, and  for the next twelve  boost ;llms. ,f, and John A.'s forte is
months of assured epoch-making, civic' playing to the gallery,
history. ,      T. J. Trapp is well    known    as   a
That, in a
ed him about.
"Jim!" be shouted.
"Tom!" the other answered, almost
There  was  an  embrace  and there
word���and    that    word   man wh,�� does th,ings {.   a *l",let' un": were tears.   Then there was a hand.
what Mr.  T. J.
. (Ostentatious, gentlemanly and busi-
Trapp s j negs-n^e manner, and his untiring
candidacy for the mayoralty of New energies in the past, as president of
Westminster city means���not an at-'the R. A. &��� I. society, chairman of
tack upon a ridiculous figment of the . the board of scllno1 trustees, and    in
imagination conceived of an inordinate self-esteem.
every otber effort tending to forward
New Westminster's interests, cannot
be overlooked, or his honesty of pur-
clasp which last until the two reached the wagon together.
Then, with tlieir coffee nnd rolls,
they stood apart from the others and
ate and drank In silence. The silence
meant more than words. As if fearing to awaken and find it only a
dream,   they   remained    silent    until
"The Dally News late last night received a letter from Auditor Cotsworth explaining that on his return
from Langley on Tuesday, he found
that about eighty copies of his report
liad been sent out by an "over-zealous
supporter" of  the  mayor,  containing  neither
jgreen cards, inviting votes for Mayor i Pfi'lcstal of pompouiwUgnity, but onejy
Lee.   We would like to know why, at
pose questioned. Moreover he will be I they wpre joined ,,y Malcolm McDo-
ablo to meet and discuss- matters of welli w||0 for Uiree weeks h&(* hPen
vital or trivial importance to the cjty the ..good anRei" of tlief:e West Side
with an unbiassed mind ancl bis re- homeieB8 and moneyless men.
cord proves he is not the man to- al- To hitn they toId thc Htoiy of t,iielr
low New Westminster to suffer in any i K,-oat New year's joy.
way, in any negotiations with the The brothers are James and Thorn-
companies or corporations with whom as Halrd Two vearH at,0 they left
we are liable to do business. He Is their home ln i;eeds, Kngland, and
' "ia"    '"   :;"   "��"   !��    Wgh |found employment in Schenectady, N.
Six months later tbey lost their
who is able and willing to greet   all   poRjtjons and became separated. Both
,.���;,. ,.,. . ,,���.,_   ,,,.  p���,, ,     ,.   . | comers  with a  square deal, ancl  will  met misfortune and the winter's cold
this late hour, Mi. Cotsworth Informs! see to it that those w.ho <:a? do the ��� c1rovo them to Chicago. Hunger
the ratepayers as to this, instead of ��� city the most good will he met with drnve them to Mr. McDowell's bread
being frank and letting the audience < as  straight-forward   business'acumen   linP
at the opera bouse on Tuesday even-! "ot ��h�����, byfc*b.? Present ^occupant of,
j ecu , t|)e may0r'R phair i - ===
ing, or writing to the press earlier? |     what  the   city   requires  above  all
What the ratepayers want to know I things, at the present juncture of its
is, who authorized the publication of! history, is a mayor with the ability to j New Westminster Land  District. Dis-
the  booklet.     Was  it   private   enterprise, or was it ordered by Mayor Lee.
If the latter, are the ratepayers ex-
r��cte��. to pay for it?
Mr.*" Cotsworth's    statement    that
'about eighty copies" in his absence
go after the  big  things '���'������ atfd    b.rlnj. | trist of New Westminster,
them to New Westminster', "for the | Take notice that Leslie L. Dicker-
benefit of tho present generation, and man, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation
not one who fritters away (time in j lumberman, Intends to apply for portending himself to the skies and tell-1 mission to purchase the following de-
Ing us of all the good things that are  scribed lands:
going to happen after we are all dead. |    Commencing at a post planted on
-���-���* -o-'-v  mm***,.    .** mi, .���.i���  Bven the strongest supporters of the the beach on west side of Sechelt In-
t bad been sent out, wo cheerfully ac-' mayor admit    he    has   accompli, lied j ]et,  and  at the  northeast   corner  of
-cept, as no doubt this was the num-1 nothing  during  the  year,  hut expCct  lot No. 2727 nnd marked "L. L. Dick-
tier told  him,  but judging from the  lf he were Eiven anotlier term, spme-, erman,"   Northwest    Corner,"   thence
number of indignant ratenavpro th-,t  tl,inB mlght turn Up t0 n!>ake hi* ap'  "OUth 80 cliains, thence east. 20 chains,
K^^SJffiViSKyi. hat. rr wowy fof ihie ��rr ?hrl Tthen���aouth 5o c,,ains' t"ence pw
ing  received   the  card,    we    should  bcen a lot ��f n��-B? ?18d-e d"ring the fift chains more or ,es8 to the beaoh
.think   that   it   greatly   exceeded   that   Pi',.t ye.ar' EIS*. ��f " ��f ���? -bSt.ftPt  thence north and west alon��? beach ta
number. - sf'"
We would also like to know if any  tl)at
containing    1120
-praise  variety.     A, careful   retro-  commencement   and
spection, however, will reveal the fact acres more or less
-over zealous supporter" placed cards 1^1 '\���W?,.��� ��J_l  .&.&!* It*? LBSLIB L' ^HERMAN,
���oliatlna votes for Mavor 1 eTin thl enemy   t0  the  c,,y    ma,king   tjme." j. A. LEWIS, Agent
soliciting ymwror Mayor L,ee in the The word "advance" will   be   given Date November 29  1910
. yipies.sent to Vancouver, f' uace iiuvemiier lj, uui,
The word "advance" will    be    given
City of New Westminster
Municipal Election, 1911
JL    ���       ft|(
Grand  Rally
���������������������������������������������������������������������������     jn THE     �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
Opera House
Wednesday, January 11
  at 8 p.m. ��� ~
Everybody come and hear the last word.
Mayor Lee is invited to be present
and to speak.
"God Save the King!"
Committee   meeting   every  evening at 8
o'clock, Blackie Block, over
Bank of Toronto. WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    11,    1911
Committees to Suit Himself���It
Hurt the  Last Time.
Wizard    Is   Perfecting    Talking    Pictures and Color Photography,
i From The Xew York American.)
  Thomas A. Edison has many inter-
.esiing predictions lor the future, but
Ne^er Again Will  He Try to Appoint   even K'"''1 a great wizard as Mr. Lcli-
son finds it hard, alter the wonderful progress of the last decade, to discover even a new field for speculation.
The air has boen conquered, making
man master of all elements, and ii is
in ihe development ol' aerial transportation that Mr. Edison sees the
greatest work ot the near future.
"1 believe aerial navigation will he-
come practical," said Mr. Edison,
"uoi as a means ol' personal transportation alone, bul fur the transportation of the mails and small an ides intended tor quick delivery. By aerial
transportation remote sections 111 ihe
was far and distant parts of the globe may
the 'Je reached.
"1 do not believe that the government, will lake u)i the problem of the
development of aerial navigation, l
think it will be done by private companies.      These   companies   will   use
The man
saw    knew
"Once bitten, t wico shy
who   wrote   the   ancient.
whereof   lie   spoke,  as  a   Daily   News
reporter  who interviewed Mayor Lee
yi aterday can certify.
Tlie reporter walked Into the lion's
den, or ihe mayor'B committee rooms,
Wlltcb   are   one   ami   Ihe   same   thing,
aud he saw Alderman Johnston'tinkering at lhe Stove, for lhe air
chilly and he saw live men In
dim light nt a cloudy room reading
copies or ihe Citizen. The explanation of thai remarkable fuel is too
abstruse for the Dally News reporter
to fathom, so he doesn't,
"If  you   are  elected,"   said  the  re-! the aeroplane to reach  points in Al-
porter to John A., wiih a distinct em-  aska and other places that would be
almost      inaccessible'
pbasls   on   (lie   If,   which   it   is   lo   he
Imped  was  not   losl  cm  his  worship--   means of  transportation
for it   was what  the reporter went   in       "Many   great   problems
by     ordinary
have   heen
for���"If you are elected, will you at-
tempt to appoint your own commit-
tei - us you did at. ihe beginning of
last year ?"
llis woi ship male reply.    "That is
solved during the past few years,
principally by the application of electricity, hut even a more notable
achievement is the advancement of
BUrgery   to   the   stage   in   which   it   i
provided for in ihe municipal claus,,, now practiced in the Rockefeller In-
acl and the council appoints its own stltute,
committees." "The  vacuum  house   cleaner is   a
The reporter conjured un visions of 8���' Bifl to the home and a boon tc
the rust. ii,. had recollections of a
certain report ot' the city solicitor
wi ereln it was Intimated ihat Mayor
I.. e bad overstepped his authority.
i North Vancouver, i
Reeve���J. V. McNaught.
Ward [.���w. A. Thompson.
Ward   IL���John  I.awson.
Ward  III.���T. s.  Nye and G,
Ward IV,���T. A. Allan.
Ward   V.- Harry  Brldgeman.
Ward   VI.���Ward.
9   i ioI  Trustees ���T.  s.  Nye,
!i Naught and Q. Sugden,
Lingley    Prairie.
-   e -li. Poppy.
alth. There have been many new
electrical cooking vessels perfected.
The propelling of street cars hy Stor-
age batteries is a distinct step for
ward iu this field. The progress that
has been made in llie building I fades
by the use of cemenl has been ef
ureal benefit, and gives promise of
better, safer and cheaper buildings in
the near future.
"The use of cement for huil ling
concrete bridges, B6W< rs, and subway
walls has Increased wonderfully, and
will go forward more rapidly hy the
use of steel models for this work.
They are my own Invention, and by
their use, bridges, houses und other
structures can he built at a saving of
ahout T.'i ] er ci nl anil the mmlcls can
he used over and over again
I am  perfecting ihe speaking ph
Ward  I.���J, Smith and  Frank  Mat-1 tures," continued Mr. Edison.   "Thesi
Ward II.���W.Maxwell.
Ward III. -W. F. Bodary, R, A,
. ���   'ii and .1. Sherlock.
.ud iv. - VV. Lawrence.
' anl   V.���11.   Powell.
W ird VI.���A, Zannetta.
pictures reenact perfectly any event
I caught by the camera. For instance,
Em- Col. Roosevelt will he shown life size,
i on the screen delivering a speech, his
[ words being reproduced clear an i dis-
1 tinet. I hope io ha>e a dem mstra
'lion of tic Bpeaking pictures in New
ol Trustees- W. Rawilnson and York during the coming Bummer,
(:. Anoci.en.
Point    Grey.
��� ���      Fi auk   I'.ow ; er,
'' od l   -Joseph li. Locklin.
'.. ird II.-- A. W. Cruise.
ard ill -C. E. Richardson.
-1  IV.���S. E. Churchill.
rd   V     A.  \\ Adams.
ol Trustees���W. K. Stewart and
City   of   North   Vancouver.
r    A.   E,   Kealv   and   William
��� ish.
.  rmen- R.  C,   BIbs,  W. .1.  Dick.
Fowler.  \. .i, Henderson, c. M.
n.  a  w.   McRae,  Alex.   Phil-
,   Willi un   Knowles,  A.  Smith.  A.
Sai: fi'.<. ll. C. Wright, Q. J. Phil-
-   and   '1 .   W.   Young,
���| am also working on color phot >���
graphj.   This Is a 1 ng, bard pull, but
I  am   | "iao   lo  j erl   Ct   i'-     I  do  "-'���'   ' '-
pect io accomplish anything definite
iu color phi to a a] hy for a >ear at
',    ���. as l can devote only a i art  . I
mj   lillie  lo tiie  subject   a'   present."
Increase in the German Imperial Impost.
Berlin, .lan. lo.���The unearned increment tax in Gi rmany for Impel ia)
purj oses, provided ior by the financial reform of 1909, has Issued from
ihe Reichstag commission in final
shape, it is very sc .ere in its condi-
tions. Older certain condltlone el
hool Trustees���J. D, Fraser. .1. time and profit the tax lises lo ;: I
W. Hay, George II. Morden. A. C,. per cenl. lt is thus, much higher thun
Perry, Ered Tarn and ll. I'.. Watson, the existing municipal Increment
Ferry Directors���C. F. Foreman. C.i taxes, which are usually at oust 2D
V. Jackson. T. .1. Kickham. I'. Lar- per cent
son,   Ronald   McMillan,  .1.   B.   Paine,       All  vendors of land  which  realize*
Reeve and .lessee Williams.
South    Vancouver.
-W.   A.
E250 or more must  pay tlie tax.    In
the case of bullt-over land the exemp-
l'ouiid   ancl   Thomas   tion is   E1000.    The percentage of tbe
tax  rises  with  the  percentage of tlm
vendor's profit, but  declines inversely
with the term during which the land
ind ' has been held.    The lowest rate is 10
per cent of the profit, which is taken
B.   McDonald,  A.  II., where   the   vendor's   profit   is   10   per
Sevmotir and .1. H. Lyttleton. cent on   Ills  capital.      This  rises  in
Ward IV.���.1. Third ami II. W. Wai-  gradations   until  tbe   tax   reaches   80
Ward I.���J,  Ii
Ri nder.
Wanl    II.���W.
Abe.   WenkPn.
Ward  111.���J.
Todrlck ancl J.   M.
J.    Dickinson
den. i
Ward V.���Donald Burgess and J.1
ll   Balrd.
School Trustees���.1. Al. Chappell,
W. Kleming, S. Robertson, A. Gothard
and C. M. Wheloton.
Sumas.  ��
Reeve���Mr. Campbell.
Councillors���All elected by acclamation with the exception of Ward III..
In which Messrs. Straton and Marcy
are running.
Reeve���W.   Bridge.
Ward I.���Josenh  Miller.
Ward II.���J. McCallan.
Ward  III.���Mr.   Kentlmman.
Ward IV.���W, Gay.
Ward V.���F. X. Trltes.
School    Trustees���W.   Buckingham
and E. Brook.
per cent, where the profit realized is
290 per cent ou the invested capital
or more.
For every year up to tbe thirtieth
year during which the land has been
hei 1 the tax decreases by 1 per cent.
Municipalities and communes are allowed to impose a supplementary tax
on all land sales, which must r.ot,
however, bring the total assessment
to more than 30 per cent cf the increment .
The tax is to be collected by tbe
separate States. The state treasuries
take 10 per cent of the yield, the
communes or municipalities 40 per
cent, the remaining 50 per cent going
to the empire.
London, Jan. Uk���A bronze statu-
jette, much corroded, has been found
in Egypt, and appears to be tlie first
j discovered specimen iof a Hit. to
Vancouver, Wash., Jan. 10.���Rev.'deity.,
Angus McKenzie, seventy-one years | it represents a goddess standing up-
old, and a native of Scotland, died i on tbe back of a Hon, whose tongue
this morning at his home. Eleventh Is protruding and the tail turned up.
and Grant streets, after several j The godless wears the Cappadoclan
weeks'  illness. ! or llittite style of tiara and carries
Mr. McKenzie was ono of the old
school ministers, and for years he
spent bis time selling Bibles, later being ordained In tbe ministry of the
Presbyterian   church.   He   has   filled
ln ber arms an Infant  held   to   the
No feature of tho work denote an
Egyptian artist, but all point to Syria,
and it is almost a precise copy of the
pulpits ln many places in the north-j Hlttite reliefs upon their ruined pal-
���west, Camas, Ellsworth and Fishers I nee at Bogbnz Kenol and elsewhere,
being among the last places he served in which the gods stand upon tho
in. | backs of animals.
He was a rather picturesque char-1 The proportions given to the body
actor, walking from town to town, and the arrangement of the hair are
rather than having any one go to the also Syrian, hut the shoes have not
trouble of hitching a horse for him. | the upturned toes as usual with lilt-
He  absolutely  refused to  ride on   a i tlte figures.
train on Sunday. He was well known i Should this statuette be accepted
to scores of couples from Portland as of llittite workmanship, it will give
and  other  cities,  who came  to Van-  give  support  to  the  Old   Testament
couver to be married.
Soccer League Standing.
VV,      D.      L.
High School    ii
Sapperton  2
Itan. era    1
Car Shons     0
Aston Villa 0
Westminster City .. 0
' statements as to the existence of Hit
itltes ln southern Palestine, and will
tend to show that tbe celebrated Hy -
Pt. ksos, or Shepherd Kings, wbo reigned
7 for some centuries in ncrth Kgvpt,
4 were lllttltes, or of an allte-.l race.
3 If the statuette wns brought to Egypt
0 during the early llyksos period lt
0 would be practically contemporary
0  with the Vizlarate of Joseph.
*****}    paoe nm
rSave^oar Money;
���*(&mmtxi*zt Mow!
^/e want evoyoneto kiow
%t we are paying -
c~~4% Interest^
perarmuTO credited iti'%
on savings deposits v1��-��
& upward) subject toWitti-
drawaUr cheque _ +
on time deposits of*
SfTinonttis k over. -
We invest monef for clients
in first morses & do a
^enerat financial business.
We want Your saving accnl
& if you are not saving -
systematic ally, * - -*��� *
Commence NOW With US.
Deposits "by mail ^TTT>
-*-*^ casityhandled ���
"Youcan send ly Draff,
Post Office ���*��� 6>-press
Order or Re&isterecT^
tetter & withdrawals
can, be made * ��� ���*��� * -
- * any way you wish.
Ware Responsible
M ' ^
or To anyone ta *
;U5 about it Way
for breakfast
Olympic self-
rising pancake
flour, with the
genuine, eastern
maple syrup is
just what you
Pancake Flour
25c. per pkg.
Maple Syrup
tins from 25c. to
B.C. Mills
limber  and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers In All Klnda of
tuRNED  woIE" t?cuGLES'  SASH'   D00RS'   'NTERIOR   FINISH.
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Tele, hone   12 New Westminster Box 137
We Furnish Your
Home  Complete
We are reducing our stock of
Heating Stoves
See our line and get prices before
321 Cambie Street,
Vancouver B.C 0
C. A. Welsh
The Peopled Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd,
INew Westminster, B. C.
for Reeve
Burnaby Municipal Elections, 1911
Peter Byrne whose large experience in
Burnaby municipal affiairs has won him the
confidence of the ratepayers, has consented
to accept again nomination for the reeveship.
He stands on his record for far-seeing
and progressive administration, together
with recognized efficiency and honesty, and
a practical knowledge of detail in every
His policy is a continuation of that already adopted by him for the further development of transportation facilities, roads,
water supply, and all things necessary to
induce rapid settlement of the district,
including the improvement by the government of the Fraser river for shipping.
In order to manage in a satisfactory
way questions of expenditure and control,
he is in favor of a two-year term for councillors, one half to seek re-election each year
on lines similar to the school board method.
His motto is ' 'Efficiency
with Economy "
Vote for Byrne and continued prosperity.
I want to see New
Westminster advance. If elected,
I shall do my utmost for the city's
interest. Your
vote and influence
Fred J. Lynch
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J. BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner Eleventh and Cerllne.
�����������������������������������������������*���������������*������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������
in good condition; on Edmonds street and tram
line. Side-walks, electric light and water. Opposite school.
Terms $900 cash; balance, $20 a month
without Interest.
McQuarrie Bros.
Note new address, 622 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists PAGE SIX.
WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    11,    ,
Call in and have them tested. The latest
in Spectacles and Eye Glasses. Optical
work a  specialty.   All  work guaranteed.
s Drug Store
MINTO much woi
Great Change in the Celebrated Public
Man Since the Days of a Short
Time   Ago.
PHONE  57.
(Washington Post.)
.nrd Minto has been more fortun
��� |ate than lis celebrated great-grand-
J father, the lirst carl who preceded
'���jliim in tin.' governor-generalship of
ndla, just LOO years ago.   For where
'Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest! is paid on" Savings
Balances,half-yearly. :: ::
"Nsiuess]it!Accounts opened
bo favorable  terms.    ::    ::
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
The  Potato   Merchant and Auctioneer.
527   Front   St.,   New   Westminster.
Phone 550.
Westminster P. Ivate Hospital.
223 Townsend Ct. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$16 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 755.
Ali   Soda Water
Tastes Alike,
You Say
Beg pardon: I take it for granted
that you have never tried the
or you would change your mind. Acme
is in a class by itself. Once tried���
always used.
Our special champagne is a winner.
You ought to try a case for Christmas ! Price $1.25, case and bottles to
be returned.
Factory.   Simpson  Street.
Office:   304 Columbia Street.
Tel. 689. New Westminster, B. C.
Room   14,   Westminster   Trust   Block.
Phone 711. Box  160.
Transfer Co.
���mce 'Pbone  1SU.      Barn  'Pbone 13'
Columella   atrset
Baggage   delivered   promptly    .��
av.v   i.n*���>  of rhe  oHt
[ ight and Heavy Hauling
Gold Wateaes ror Ladies from |1275
Silver Watches, gents' open 'ace
Silver Watchea, gents' op��n case.
17.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and lilgtn
|tch repairing a specialty.
(Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
Architect and  Building Constructor.
Specialist in Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Modern Building Construction.    Telephone 806.
Room   13   Dominion   Trust   Building.
Evening   Dress  Suits,   Blouses,  etc,
all   new fashions from   Paris.
The    Arrow   Press
Mrs. P. M. Dominy, Pro.
near The Daily News Co., 609 Victoria
��� IN ���
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Markel
Corner   Eighth  St. and  Fifth  Avenue
PHONE  370.
Twin Screw Steamship
"Prince George"
3,500 Tons, 7,000  Horsepower,
320 Feet Long ,W/2 Knots.
FROM JOHNSON'S WHARF.   ��jy|, | ***��� ���
FOR PRINCE RUPERT      -     11.30 p.m. Mondajs
Direct connection at Prince Rupert  for  Stewart.    S.  S.  "I'rince  Albert"  will  leave  I'rince  Rupert January    20th  for    Port    Simpson,
Kincolith, Massett, Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City, Jedway, etc.
way, etc.
Double track and modern luxurious trains between Chicago and
Detroit, London, Hamilton, Toi onto, Montreal, Portland, Boston,
Niagara Falls, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington.
For tickets, time tables, Illustrated literature, and all information
apply to
City Pass, and Ticket Agnet. Commercial Agent.
527 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.   Phone 7100. Phone 30G0.
as lie lias succeeded, after several attempts ai assassination while In India, in reaching In safety his beloved
Scottish home, Minto Castle, in the
county of Roxburgh, the flrsl carl,
alter arriving in England, caught a
severe chill while attending the funeral of his brother-in-law, Lord Auckland, near London, and died al
Stevenage en route to the north,
where tne entire countryside around
Hawick was in readiness tp welcome
I.i.n with triumphal arches and huge I
bonfires on the bills; while Lady
Minto, who had been unable, on account of her health, to accompany
him to India, and from whom be hud
heen parted for several years, was
awaiting bim ai tlie castle, the earl
and countess, who were a singularly
devoted couple, having agreed that
their re-union, after the long separation, should take place in ihat Scottish  home  which   tbey  both  loved  so
The  present   Lord  and  Lady  Minto
have spent many years abroad.   First
of all In Canada, where the earl was
governor-general,   and   then   in   India,
where  he was  viceroy.  Lady  Minto's
health bas s uttered severely from tlie
Indian climate and from anxiety concerning  his.  danger of  assassination.
and )t is r:o secret that    she    would
have been unable to remain any longer in the. Orient, had her husband's
term of office been prolonged;   while
he comes pack to Scotland with snow.
white   'iair   and   mustache,   his   face
markod with many lines of care, and
his    'eai ures ' characterized    by    a
gravity In which one lias difficulty in
recognizing   the   one-time     daredevil,
harum-scarum "Rolley" who was    in
'.ne  Eton eight, who    at    Cambridge ;
von the Third Trinity mile, and  who
'ook   his  degree  in   the   most   extraordinary   costume   ever   seen   in   the
senate house.    For he entered the latter  with  his  bachelor's  gown  covering a    highly    unacademlc   costume.
which  ended  in  breeches and  boots,
ind  at the conclusion of    the    ceremony   he  mounted  a  horse, feall i] ed
i ten   miles  and  arrived  al   the  track
i ;ust  in  lime  to   win   the   University
| steeplechase.     He   subse,,"Tenth-   rode
j :n the Grand National five times, sustaining  many  a   serious  cropper,  and
if the doctors are to he believed, on
.me occasion biotte bis hock, recovering   in   a   manner   nothing   sh irt     ( :
His Achievements cn the Turf.
He is the only Britisli gentleman
rider, so far as I know, who won the
French Grand Prix at Auteull, being
the single amateur steeplechase rider
Iin a field of eighteen. He-served a-s
'ja volunteer fireman at the close- of
the Commune insurrection in Paris,
taking a leading pau in the extinction of the conflagration started by
the insurgents and the Petroleuses.
Afterward be wenl through the Carlist insurrection, in 1 n71' and 1873, as
a volunteer, and toward the lattei
part of the campaign acted as correspondent for The London Morning
Post. He served the same paper In
a similar capacity throughout the Servian insurrection against the sultan,
and was attached to the Ottoman
army in the war with Russia, wliich
A soldier by profession, he spent a
number of years at Simla and Calcutta, on the staff of Lord Roberts,
when the latter was commander-in-
chief of the forces in India; took part
under him in tbe Kurrum valley and
other frontier campaigns, and bad he
not been prevented by illness from
joining the Afghan mission of Bn
Louis Cavagnarl, would have shared
the fate of that unfortunate envoy,
who, it may be remembered, was mas
sacred at Cabul with his entire retinue.
Intimate With Lord Lansdowne.
Lord Minto was military secretary
of Lord Lansdowne when the latter
was governor-general of Canada, and
the relations between the two men
have since then been sllll further
strengthened by the marriage of Lord
Minto's daughter, Violet, to Lord
Charles Fit/main ice, second son of
Lord Lansdowne, and equerry in waiting to King George. Lord Minto was
wounded in Egypt at the battle of Tel-
el-Keblr, and served throughout the
Riel insurrection in Canada; has seen,
indeed, quite a considerable amounl
of fighting, and wields a clever pen.
being an occasional contributor to
Tbe Edinburgh Review.
Minto Castle is situated in the more
mountainous poi tion of Roxburghshire, about six miles distant from
Hie quaint ol dtown of Hawick, Na-
tuie has endowed the district witli
much beauty, in hill and dale, and
history has invested it with the ro
mantle charm associated with deeds
of arms in horder wars. Sir Walter
Scotl was a frequetti visitor at Minto
I Castle, und in hls "Lay of the Las!
I Minstrel," and other works, refers to
> Minto Castle, and various features of
the estate, notably the well-known
| crags overlooking the Tevlot, capped
by a tower mounted with a gun taken
by "Elllotl tie Brave" from the
French admiral Thurot in tlie action
off Isle of Man in 1760. The castle
is of that dark gray stone of which
so many of these ancestral homes of
the Scottish aristocracy are'constructed, and while the older portion is of
considerable antiquity, the modern
part, including tbe great porch and
the immense circular hall, came Into
existence about 120 years ago.
Civic Flections, 1911
.���������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������<>***>* ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Vote for the Labor
School Trustees
Walter Dodd, John H. Campbell and
Samuel Jackman.
Joseph A. Darke,   E. W. Cook,   R.  A. Stoney,
A. B. Christie and F. B. Ennis.
A Trust Company
Subscribed Capital, $1,000,000
Strikingly does the past, year's business of the National Finance Company, Ltd., of Vancouver, B. C. show
the high earning power of money In
Western Canada. For the year 1910
the directors declared a dividend of
in per cent, cn the paid-up capital
stock of the company, and a further
bonus of 10 per cent. This company,
with its offices reaching from the At
lantic to the Pacific, has a subscribed
capital of $1,000,000, Since iis incorporation in 1907 the Institution has
possessed full trust company powers.
Not, however, until August 26 last did
the compnay decide to exercise these
functions, the first care having been
that the organization and finances
should he an Ideal condition before
assuming these important responsibilities.
In addition to its trust functions, the
business of the company is to invest
the funds of clients in high class
properties in western municipal securities and especially in western mortgages.
As is well known, the company ls
one of the group of strong affiliated
companies which includes the B. C.
Permanent Loan Co., the Pacific Coast
Fire Insurance Co. mow operating
under Dominion charter I, and the Prudential Investment Co., Ltd., all ul'
Vancouver, B. c. The authorized
capital of the company is all subscribed. The branch offices are located at
New Westminster, B. c.; Calgary,
Alta.; Regina, Sask.; Winnipeg, Man ;
Toronto, Out.; Ottawa, Ont; St. John,
N.  B., and Halifax, N. S.
Head Office:   Corner of Pender and Homer Streets
"V '������ WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    11,    1911
Take notice that an application has
been made to register J. P. Hampton
Hide as the owner in Fee Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed from s. A. Fletcher, Assessor of il"- Distrlcl ol Westminster, to J. P. ll. Bole, bearing date
the isi day of December, A.*>., 1902,
of all and singular that certain panel
or tract of land and premises situate,
iving and being in the District of
New Westminster, in the Province of
British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as Lol 24, block
6; lol LG, block 8; lots 28 and 29,
block 6; lota I and 4, hlock s, Bub-
division of lol 202, group 1, Port
You  and  those claiming through or
under  you  and all  persons claiming
any Interesl  in the said land by virtue  of  any   unregistered  Instrument,
and all persons claiming any Interesl
in   the saiil  land  by  descent,  whose
title is nol  registered under the provisions of the "Land  Registry  Act,''
are required to contest  the claim of
the   lax    purchase    within    torty-flve
days from the date of the flrst publication of I his notice upon you. und In
default   of a caveat  or certilicale of
lis   pendens   being   died   within    such
period, or in default or redemption before registration, you and each of you
will   forever  estopped   and   debarred
from setting up any claim lo ur in reaped of the said land, and 1 shall register  .1.   P,   Hampton   Bole  as   owner
thereof In fee.    And  i  hereby order
thai   publication   of   this   notice    for
thirty days In a daily newspaper published  in   New  Westminster  will   be
good and sufficient service thereof.
Hated at ihe Land Registry ollice.
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 29th day of November, A. D., 1910.
District  Registrar.
To .lames Hograth, Robert McEweu,
Walter Laurence, and Julia Carey.
The favorable consideration of the
formation of county councils to construct and maintain all intormunicl-
pallty main roads.
Better police protection.
Adequate water supply.
Acquirement of lands tor public
works and  playgrounds.
Truslng you will favor me with
your vote and Interest, that this large
and growing municipality may be
governed by progressive men, su that
we may nei the advantages our geographical position entitles us to, I am,
yours faithfully,
Years of Rain Still to Come
Say Scientists���No Mystery About it.
Re Lois 3 and ���!, Block 4 being
parts of a portion "A" of Section 20,
Block 5, North Itango 2 West Spring-
London, Jan, LO.���It is a long lime
since a year has closed with so much
of Europe under water,
England ls waterlogged, so much so
that   farmers   think   lliat.   the    soaked
Thomas Furness
Submits Report
i Continued from Page One i
.", ft. sidewalks
ii ft. sidewalks
S ft. sidewalks
300  Iin,  ft.
3,579 iin. ft.
33  Iin. ft.
2H.74II  Iin.  ft.
Members of Once Despised
Race No Longer Rare in
English Parliament.
Louden,   Jan.   10.���A   study    of   Hie
personnel of the new house,of corn-
quests bave been received by the department from ciii/.ens for improvements which have been dealt wiih as
the merits of the case warranted.
The   following   streets    ha\e
cleared and opened to traffic
Street  crossings    3,224  Iin. II.
Surface box drains   ��298 Iin. It.
Culverts   (timber)    3.290 Iin. ft.
Culvert  i vitrified pipe)   ..   315 Iin. ft.
Culvert  (concrete)       <>90 Iin. ft.
inal    larmeih   uiimv   mai.   mc     euanou
hill, in the District "of Xew Westmln- \ condition of the soil will seriously af-
Hler feci  the next  harvest.    France is suf-
Title number 15108A, Issued In the Bering even mere. The Seine, Loire
nam.- of Catherine B, Brown, has been and Dordogne have heen In a chronic
liled in this ofiice I stale   of    Hood    lor    weeks,   and    the
Notice Is hereby given that I shall, I streams that come down from the
at the expiration of one month fromillills have Inundated large strips of
the date of the first publication here-:11"'   narrow   Riviera   plain.     Visitors
- -   'to  the  Azure  Coast
Eighth avenue lo London street, north
____ .side Eighth avenue from Tenth to
inons re\eals a number of eminent Twelfth street, Thirteenth street from
men   of  the   Jewish   race   among    its   Sixth to Tenth avenue, Dublin   sireet.
from Thirteenth to Fourteenth Btreet,
members���men  who are  as  welcome   ,-,.._,            ,���..������,     n���e���u<
as tliey were taboo in the days when
of, in a daily newspaper published in
lhe City of New Wesl minster, issue a
duplicate of lhe said Certilicale, un
less i nt in- meantime valid objection
be made lo me in writing.
District  Registrar of Titles,
Land   Registry   Office,   New    Wesl
minster, li. c., December 2, 1910.
  complain  that it
justice he called the
Re the  Northwest quarter ef Sec-
may wiili iiiur
..rev coasl. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In Spain all Ihe rivers from lhe
Ebro in ilie north to the Guadalquivir in the south have overflowed their
banks, and tlie latter river is threatening Seville In Madrid I bey have
bad abnormal rainfall. Newspaper
cartoons represent the inhabitants
going about in diving dresses. The
Manzanares, an Insignificant stream,
is now a raging torrent
Railroads    Tied
Buchanan    avenue    from    Hospital
  I street  to  Sherbrooke street,  Hospital
Benjamin  Disraeli  was ai   ibe begin-  street from Buchanan avenue to inclining of  his career. inond street, Blair avenue from  Hos-
,    ., , ,. ,  .        ,. , ������     pital    sireet    to   Sherbrooke     streel,
Jewish   candidates  lor   parnamen-    ,.
Richmond Btreet lrom Alherta street
lary   honors   were   not.   at   all   uncom-   to Lighth avenue, Garfield street from
mon even in the early Victorian days; - Richmond   street   to
but they stood a p       ~* -* ���
Storm    Water    Conduits.
An  18-inch  concrete pipe   (encased
ileared and opened to traffic: '��   concrete)   has  been   laid   through
,,  . ,, ,���    .. .  .     the  Wise ravine from   Victoria street.
Dublin  street lrom   I enth  street   to   .     .,      ,_,������,    , ���_������.     ,  ���    ���.   ,,,���
,,.., ,,     , , 4    e��� _   to   the   l.S-meh   vitrified   pipe    at   the
we   th   street,   I on ov   street    trom .,      ,,       ,   ���       , ,, ,
,=..,... l,���;���i���,���i'���ot,.������, ,,,,,-n,  so""1 Kitle of Ro-val   avenue,   wbicb
conveys the water from Tipperary reserve. This should be continued and
connected w-itb the 24-inch pipe at
Columbia street as soon as circumstances will permit.
A large timber culvert has also
been constructed 'on Fourteenth
street from Cariboo street to Fifth
avenue, and on Fifth avenue from
Thirteenth to Fourteenth streets, to
conduct the storm water which previously   Mowed   through   private    prop-
iwiAii*Q.u uaja, ��� iviiiiiiii'iiu    CUV,.-..    ���w    Alness	
loor chance of sue-  Simpson street between Columbia ami  erJj?.
cess,  because  tbey   were  wont   to ap-! Ri<'llmolul  Streets, Kelvin  street from
peal for voles in constituencies where
the Jewish electorate was strong
construction of  a  cobblestone
Twelfth   to   Fourteenth   street,   Fifth '.oncrcte gutter on the  west side of
avenue in.,,, Fourteenth to Sixteenth the boulevard  from Columbia sireet
v.���.,tac-1 street,  Fifth   street   from   sixth   to t0 Royal avenue was also a very ne-
tics  Wllich  did them  more barm than   Tenth   avenues,   Second   street    from '      a<> ciXm* House  Sauare
������Sixth to Tenth avenues, Fourth stieet ,,..           ,   .           ,     ,..,.       .'.,   .
from  Sandringham  avenue to Tenth 'hc reclaiming by filling in of that
Kelly street from Sherbrooke P?rtI��D "   the square, between Colum-
'     -                       . .    - hla  street  and
in equal
l\*S      LI1C       nUlllltlliOL      , | mi I   l."    I        ".        u.^w     j [1.      II UH'I- I   I v�� UP-
tion 24, Township 4, In the District of      [taly  is  no better off.     Washouts
New Westminster. and   landslides  have  tied   up  several
Title number  13999A, issued  in the   railroads, and the swollen  Po threat
good.     How   tbey   have   changed    all
that?   They appeal as "lit am
persons" only, and so stand
chance with the Christian.
Anion', ministerialists the Right
Honorable Samuel is we'd known as
one of the most able postmasters-general that have ever held office. Sir
Kufus  Isaacs  is not only a pictures-
-ii'.'"    *l."   n'ivnmimltv     hut
lim   ill    ill .   nijii,..*:,   iKTinccu   butuui-
street  and  the  Dominion  govern-
,,      ..  I,....I'      ..r.,1     nlar.    Il.n     fr.r.1     ,.f     Vt r..
New  Westminster  Land   District.   Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that   Edward Hawkins,
of Vancouver, occupation bookkeeper,
.��� nds in apply   for   permission   to
ihase    the    following    described
I !i.ds:
Commencing at  a  post   planted on
e  beai li  on the east   side   of   the
memnon chanm l and joining t. l.
'  i, 11066 on the north side and mark-
i I   Edward   Hawkins',   s.  W.  corner,
��� nee  E, GO chains to line of limit
39713, thence  N. 60 chains along
ne to beach, thence south and west
beach  to pia i   commence
ment and containing 80 acres more or
November 28, 1910.
to Braid street, Durham street to Sec-   "   ���
ond   street,  Sixth  avenue from  First  ,,nf'n'  �� 'i,rt' *** als�� the foot of Mc-
street to  Boulevard,  Knox street,   Es-   tones   street,   has   not   only   removed
sex street  (part), Gilley street, Third   a 'mbl c eyesore   but provided storage
to   Fourth   avenue,    Lewellyn    sireet   mom  tor  city  pipes, etc.
ipart),   Summers  street,  Gray  street:     _. ewers.
from   First,   to  Second   sireet.   Regina       'lle department completed the late
..,���������,    . ,  .               ���..���.,     T���,Qi W____ im .iriin. Street  sewerage  system  early   in  the
, .......... .    3999A, issued in the  railroads, and the swollen Po threat- Kuiua Isaacs is mn ou., �� .-���f ��� street,    rota.distance,404 chains. ^ undei.took     se,tion ���r
name oi  Peter  Henderson, has been ens the exposition buildings at Turin, que figure within the community, but streets   traded. , system   ���������>-'-������  <��
filed in Ibis office. The  newa  today  trom  Switzerland  Is   ���*  prominent,   member   of  the   govern-       Buchanan   avenue,   IX...ital   street,   .^     B '-���
Notice Is hereby given that I shall, I that   a  Btrong   fohn   (war   wind)   is ment.   The Hon. E. s. Montagu has   Blair ~     "
���'it t M.iraiion of one month fiom   blowing in the Alps and causing doz- shown much promise in tbe work be. berta   to . Eightn    avenue,  uaruem ��� ^ (.onne(,Uousron the varioua Bewer
the dale of the first publication here-  ens of avaalnches.    It  has been rain- has performed as under secretary
of, in a daily newspaper published in   |ng   practically   withoul   stopping   for   India.     Of   the   othei
issue a the last week In all parts of Sw' ol"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^wliicli   is
avenue,   Richmond   street,   Al-  ,1,,w   just   Rhoui   completed, in addi-
i berta   to    Eighth    avenue,.  Garfieldiufon t0 extending forty-two sewer ser-
.    of! street.   Fifth   street   from   Sixth   ave-  vice connections on the vnrlmia aawet
ministerialists   nue  to   Eighth avenue.  Second  stieet  systems.
Alfred   Monti   from  Sixth  avenue  lo  Tenth  avenue.; street  Meaning.
.and A,  E.  Strauss have not identified   Hamilton  street from Tenth  to  Thir-'     blnc
Lakes and rivers have risen several themselves much in an active - ���>   ���""'���    *iwt.   street   from
feet, and much damage has been done]"" xvhh "���m"";l1 affairs, but
a daily newspaper published in
Hi-- City of Nevv Westminster, h
duplicate of  the said Certilicale,  un-  land
less  i   nthe  meantime  valid  objection
be made to me In writing. __	
C.  S.   KEITH,      in  roadB,  quays  and   railroads.    The
f Titles. | Bernlna   route   is   blocked    by   three
large   avalanches,   and   ii   will   take
i weeks to cut  through them:    ln cer-
.�����-���-������������-�����-���-���--������--���-^^r*.   tain   districts   In   central   Switzerland
REMOVAL NOTICE. ","' T^f iS S" J"1" U,a', P,e��Ple, f��
  about     their    work    m    their    shirt
sleeves iguaraiauo.    n. a. i.^.,,..m^. .�� _  ���
We are moving from    our   present   '    vil central Europe Is suffering from president ot the Education Aid society
ollice on  Columbia street   to 827  Car-   exces8ive moisture   and the latest  ad- and   was   formerly   president   of   the
narvon street, where we will still con-  llitinn  ,,, ,,���. ���,���_, ������.vs  l8 ,hat th0 Jewish Home for incurables
in  tlie  same  business  ol   team- ^^^^^
Districi  Registrar
Rei Istry   Office,   New    West-
li.  ('..  November 30, 1910.
hospital for Jewish incurables at Tot
tenliam, as vice-president  of the Jew
ish   Workmen's   club   and   a   membe.
and   truste   eof   the   Jewish   board   of
guardians.    11.  il.  Raphael  is a  vice-
.lie  jew-    uuo,      ..*,,*,.��    ,
member   Holland   street   (portion).   Fourteenth
street  from  Koyal  avenue to Queen's
avenue, Sixth avenue from Thirteenth
streel  -to   Twentieth    street,    Kelly
'street   ficm   . heibrcoke }��� to   B>.ad
tintu   _______
it. . iiiavlng, wood and coal,
We dedu- tn thanft our friends for
the liberal patronage accorded us In
our old stand, and trust we will still
tu.et them and .i li t of new ones at
our new i l ' e,
Office phones, 160 and 732.
��, -... ���_..    Considerable  dutifully   is   experienced   in   keeping  the
present pavement clean on account of
so much sand, etc., being washed and
carried down by traffic from the side
Bt.ad   stree,s  wliich    cannot  be    prevented
street,  Sandringham "avenue,   Regina  ,!,uil sucb times as these streets are
street from Second to Fourth   streei, al8�� pav.ed: .     , , , . ���  .
Sixth   avenue   from   Third   street    to      Orderly boxes should be ins ailed at
Boulevard.   Simpson   street   from   Co-  convenient points and  suitable street
lumbia to Richmond street.    A total cleaning equipment purchased so that
iin ch  ina tlie work can Ue done more tborougn-
���J J Macadam lv    ���'���lvX    economically.      The    street
Tlie macadamizing of Front street sleeper is working very satisfactorily
- -..-. f-i    .,.���������. conshienng the irregular and difficult
Ci al off) e phone
_  |��.I     ..-.mv     ������'       	
���^������^������^������^������^������^������^���^������M   All   the   Jewish   unionists   arc   well
rlver Dnieper, at   Kieff,   Russia   has      A�� tne j community in
auddenly rise,, twenty feet  and   that  ^��ewr^n8^eres  of    acUvlty.      Sir
many   ,lver   .raf(   faave   ,���.������   wrecked   "5,*�����^"^,    l8    vice-president   of ,u,    	
and  villages have been swep   away.   ^"jkglo.je..ish association and tbe of 349 chains
KJtfSthU eHbeigVycrLaS maTchej   Jew *****dumb l^J^ta*      ^ maradamizi      oi Fnmt ^reet =^"g "tn^egul^ and difficult
ln  Sydney, Australia, where it ought   so  ����������^   synagogue,   which    he from Eighth street to the Cteevecan, ment M ha8 ,    .,VeeP.
to  be   dry   summery   weather.       Ad-   West ^non   . o�� hag ,)een Mmpieted which   was street  sprinkling
ricl    ;,nlll Buenos Ayres say that the   ^Ues    He likewise takes great i-v   commenced in the latter< part^o   1909      _���   ���f_t   a,irillW,insl
��� '���'"?'lB ���,,h" "u,\��.:" i!l ;:;'";::!���. t'^esth
weather is "the same as In London^ ��� ^        he   fonunes  of  Jews'  col-
which is nothing to b'.a-t  ah mt. ( olo- ���                                Q, whlcfa he is au
nis,s in  Wesl   Africa report  that  thev .   ��� oi  i
have had six weeks downpour in the honored member.
j.v  Westminster   Land   District.   Dis-
of New Westminster.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���   notice  thai   Cecil   Klllam, of Dividend Notice.
Iter,  B. ('., occupation barrister       ��������,,, , ...
intends* apply for permls-      V':1 ''   * h^Jl^T ^ "' d'V"
��� i  purchase  the   following   de- ' ' :" ,;i",rM" "   '" P^r cent, per
. .     ... annum  on   the  paid-up  capital  stock
,.:'���"'im.  a.   a   pes'   planted  on   -- ^:e Natinnal Kinnance t',,. 1 ,d    for t _ 	
each about   i\  miles northeast   ""'  J.       I''"11"-   JecemDei   ....   i. lo,   He ,.,,., n,0 ,,lame for the incessant, emers oi w.c ���,,......... ������.. - _
mont Point. Jervis Inlet, and  w��l be paid at the head office ol the  ,,ljm;  upo���  cliam.0i,  that   are  taking congregation.    Captain   Herbert   Jes-
ked  "C   Klllam's Northwest  CJor-  ^mpany at Vancouver  B. C   on and    lace in tho Run    Those c-hange8  he  sel. .he youngest son of the late Sir
.. ".  after December 31,1910.   rhe directors -' " ioOCnt   m
have als.. declared an additional bo-1
mis  of   10   per   cent,   in   shareholders,
payahle at  the  same  time and  place.
i hence   east   L'o   chains,   tlience
th    20    cliains,    thence    west    20
- hains, more or less, to beach, thence
��� th  along beach  to place ot commencement   and   containing   10   acres
��� ��� or less.
J.  A.  LKWIS. Agent.
Dated  November  29. 1910.
,\ew Westminster Land District. Dis-
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Clint ES, Dicker-
man, of Vancouver, 1!. C, occupation
lumberman, inteads to apply for permission to purchase the following de
scribed lands:
, 'in n ' 'iv     ....     .....
The  dividend  and  bonus  can  be  collected through the company's branch
offices  at   Toronto,  Ottawa.  St. John, i
Halifax,  Winnipeg,    Regina,    Calgary'
and   New   Westminster.
By order of the board.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 31, 1910.
- ,   , . ,     Lionel   de   Rothschild   has   already
,  ...ason. an unusual thing. ghown  himself a worthy  follower in
,. St^K of th-  the traditions of toe great hoo*i;  ��... ;"���;��^^"eompany: The
PhS   1���tory.   says   that   J^^^^SSKt o^f the .lews'   inability to obtain %����*%��!��
we  needn't   look  for  much   ^provo- SaMMn U vice-p ,ent   of   the. thp department from fur bet car   mg
ment   until  the year  1913 has  gone      ;   -,;',���% ,,���,,{, and Portuguese  out anthori^ works of Uke nature.
He lays the .dame lor H^lnces^ceRer.^.^    P,^^   He]hert   JeS;. -J^'f/JSty of the
sei, uie  vuuiie".  ����"��� --  ---  ���-     ,
., m^^^^^^^^^^^^smmmmK.j t renr^o Jes=el   master of tbe rolls, is
says,  directly  affect   the   polar   and  George^Jessei^ municipal
eauatorial regions and IndirecUy the Jgri
middle latitudes.    Dr. Lockyer thinks  aiia^-^^  smael   was  formerly a
warden of'the West London Synagogue of the British Jews. ;itntl ra k
Goldsmith is still identified with tbe
Hutchinson House Club for Working
BOYS and with the emigration committee of tbe Jewish board oT guar-
dians      Formerly   he    was    honoraiy
and the remaining portion to its in- The street sprinkling (wbicb pre-
tersection with Columbia street lias viously to 1910 was done by outside
been graded down to the level of the Parties), was this year operated by
C. P. R. tracks and macadamized at a the department, wliich service proved
cost of $7,906.90, of which $3,700.00 of the most satisfactory covering a great-
this amount has been assumed by the er   area,   and   less   complaints   being
tbere vvill be more and more rain
; until 1913, and after tbat less and less
j perhaps.
Camille Flammarion, the Paris astronomer, is of the opinion that the
present had weather is in a measure
due to tlie deforestation of America.
This year tlie pressure of the barometer has been exceptionally low,
and this bas caused continuous west
winds. These winds from the Atlantic follow a course which differs but
slightly from that of the Guf Stream
formed in the Gulf of Mexico. M.
Flammarion continues:
"On reaching Europe the wind cur-
loaded   with   vapor    ���"���"
marked "C. E5. Dlckerman's North- walls of which are now built on Royal
oast Corner," thence south dO chalni, 1 avenue near Sixth street,
thence west 80 chains, tlience north i Plans and specifications may be
-10 chains more or less to beach,; seen at my office, corner Sixth street
thence easterly along beach to place and Clarkson street, New Westmiu-
��.f commencement, and containing 1120  ster.
acres more or less. Lowest, or any tender, not necessar
CLINT E. DICKERMAN.    [lly accepted
sidewalks,   street   crossings,   surface
boxes   and   culverts   laid   during   the
��� year:
3 ft. sidewalks          5,518   Iin.   ft.
4 ft. sidewalks       20,310   iin.   ft
made by merchants and others. The
600-gallon Studebaker sprinkler purchased late in the year, proved its superiority dining tbe short time it was
in commission.
Tlie absence of any material whatever for repairing roadways in tbe
upper part of tbe city is respectfully
brought to your notice. All material
for this purpose bad to be either hauled from the waterfront or from some
point outside the city limits, and is
therefore a very expensive proposition
and prevents these streets from receiving the attention tbey are entitled
to. I would suggest that the matter
be taken  up with the B. C.  Electric
...i*i.  ���  ,.{om, ,*f mak-
^     ^  I    Tenders will be received by the un-l
scribed lands: ; derslgned    up to noon    of Saturday,)     ..un rwMiu
Commencing at   a post planted on January 28, for the erection and com-|rent   1()adelj   with" vapor "encounters
the beach  in  Billings Bay, Nelson Is-   pletlon   of   the   superstructure  of  the | cold land regions saturated with  wa-
land, and joining P. R. No. 1678 and Y.  M.  C.   A.  building, t>  btperoentiter and thUB ,t beoomes condensed tn
-    ���   ~   r.���,���..m.lt.s   North-   walls of which are now-bullion Royal, c()ntlnuous  rain     These ^finds from
the west frequently touch the earth
in America, and It is an admitted fact
that they are sometimes delayed or
even partially obstructed by the land
surface and tbe forests and plantations through which they can only enforce a passage with difficulty."
Tiiis proves, according to M. Flammarion, that the deforestation of America is one of the causes of the increase of tempests brought to Europe
from the United States.
The most melancholy forecast is
that of Prof. Bruckner, president of
tlie Geographical Society of Vienna,
wbo carries his calculations back
some 1000 years. He bas construed a
cycle of some thirty-five years, durin
,��,tLC^ ...   .---  -- honorary I     Pursuant to section 7 of the naviga ^ ^   ^   	
dians.     Formerly   he    was    honorary                       protection act (R. 8. Can "�� "      company with a view of mak-
secretary of this committee andlag  we               ��              herehy given that WJg^ arrangements whereby
of the  Jewish   immigrants   Inform.i , cap^ ^, w^ deposited in the 0tOee i"g J������^ crushed rock could be
tion board.                                       '   f the minister of public works at ui- r       ,_ tracks from bunkers
,                                     ' ! tawa. and a duplicate in the office of a                 cRy ^^ erect &t the foot
,      ���, i��� ,irp��-   the  registrar of deeds at  New   weai ��� innes  street.    This would  save
���gaXS-XS*^^ -      "���
takes place ******* �� -"A ���""** wnari lu ,���**      *- .        __.
<es piace.
According to blm the last dry and
warm half cycle occurred from 188*!
to 1902, and since then tbe weather
has gradually been deteriorating,
though normal periods may occur in
either cycle. We are now In the
thick of the cold and wet half cycle,
and those who put their faith in Prof.
Bruckner do not expect anything
much better till 1920.
descriptions of the site and side ele-  au   wiuiuuw   -���	
vaticn of a proposed railway wharf to  charges, and so  place  the city in a
be constructed at Port Mann, British, position to improve some of Its main
Columbia, and that one month  after avenues,
the first insertion of this notice, the I Your respectfully,
company will apply to the Governor-i THOMAS  FURNESS,
in-Council for the approval thereof. Street Superintendent.
Dated    at    Toronto,   Ontario,    this j 	
twenty-eighth dav of December, 1910.' Sanitary Inspectors Report.
R. H. M. TEMPLE,        j    Following is tbe report of Sanitary-
Assistant Solicitor.    (Inspector S. J. Pearce:
'L-    I���>, mm    tra
  .^^^^ r.    I Inspector o. j. *��...��..
,���_____.__^______-_____________���_______________^___. __ i    "I have the honor to present here-
~ '" I with   my   annual   report  as   sanitai �����
4a*r*1s*4**>*-**>44*>4**��44**>***>4**>**44*>4 �������������������������������������������������������������������������� j inspector
New Westminster Land District. Dis
trist of New Westminster.
Take notice that Leslie L.  Dicker
man, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation
lumberman, intends to apply for permission to purchase tlie following de
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the beach on west side of Sechelt Inlet, and at the northeast corner of
lol No. 2727 and marked "L. L. Dick
ernian,' Northwest Corner," tlience
BOUib SO chains, thence easl 20 chains,
thdnflf1,south B0 cbalns, thence east;
CO drains more or less to tlie beach
I hence north and west, along beach to
commencement and containing ;i20
acres more or less.
J. A. LEWIS, Agent
Date November 29, 1910.
City of New Westn inster
Wishing Our Patrons
the Compliments
of the Season
"From a health standpoint the ySir
Just closed has been an uneventful
one, no epidemic of any importance?
having visited us, and the health of
the    population    generally
'   -       *** r.       '**��� l,l*,,frr,
The Roberts
Electric Co. j   Chamberlin
i   y���n i m. Cfd ���  mmm.^.^.AA��a*a.a***\>*44*44'44>44444<
Fourth and Clarkson Sts.
I        \^Wn**mMU a mmus*-mm.m   -___
To the Ratepayers of ^ard .  .'. .
Tbe Ratepayers Association of
Ward II having selected me as a can
iU tVtotntc" t thnt dlvljjon ta be
coming election for councillor* for the
municipality of Burnaby, a d.having
myself subscribed to the platform ac
l i \.. vtr l W Wea.it, ino can-
fer my services to, nnd seek the suf
I rage of the electors.
The following is the platform upon
which I seek election:
The abolition of the ward "stem
The extension of the frnnch se   to
enable  registered  agreement holders
to exercise their right to vote.
Municipal Elections, 1911
Your   Vote  and Influence is Respectfully
If elected I will do my
best for the interests of
the city.
J. Henley
If you want something choice for Today's Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.  You can sure get it at
Mr. Contractor: When you are
building a bouse, let us.figure.on th*
wiring and fittings. Our motto is
good work and when you want it
Also let us tell you how to save  .0
do It.   Repair and trouble work given J Jl
prompt attention.
Columbia Street
New Westminster
me    .Ji/mmw.,.._^^^_ re
mained up to the average, a igh
in tlie earlier part of the year uere
were several cases of measles, Tie
disease died out early in July, sine
wbicli time the city has been free ot
it. A few cases of typhoid fever
have occurred during the fall
months. ���        ,
"The summary of contagious and infectious diseases for the year as obtained from the medical practitioners
is as follows:
"Measles, 0.4; typhoid fever, lfi, dlth-
theria, 7; tuberculosis, 5; deaths, 5;
whooping cougirr~l0', erysipelas, 2;
smallpox, 2; varicella, 3; chickenpox,
5; scarlet fever, S); deaths, 1.   Total,
"Weekly inspections have been
made of the meats and other articles
of food offered for sale at the market, as a result 3 calves, one side ot
beef, and one pig, were condemned aa
unfit for human food.
"The work of this department is
growing rapidly, as It must with the
rapidly increasing population.
"Something  will  have  to  be dpne
shortly    as    regards    the    dumping
grounds.   They are becoming a nuisance, and I would advise the committee of an early start being made towards the building of thewinclnerator.
"In  conclusion,  I  desire to tender
tbe chairman, Aid. J. C. Smith, and
board,  my  sincere  thanks  for  their
hearty   assistance   and   co-operation
through the year, and remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant.
City News
Mrs.    F.    Streight  will not receive
gain until further notice.
Mrs.  W. G. McQuarrie
celve today.
not re-
Polish Your Furniture
with Johnson's Prepared Wax It. preserves anil brings oul natural lit tuny of
tlu- wood. It produces a rich, artlsMo
finish, to which dirt anil clusi will not
adhere. Just try It and you will sec how
mucL belter it is than any other polish.
Prepared Wax
tl "A Complete Finish ami Polish for All
Wood." Use it on your floors an.l woodwork, too. Johi.si.u's Powdered Wax is
for all danotng floors.	
You can get Johnson s free boot:, 1 he
Proper Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
and Furniture" and these preparations of
Ice cream on hand. Ira A.
tram office.    Phone 3lff.
Ueid, next j
A Further List of Bargains
li. A. McKee. of Ladner, was in the
city yesterday on business.
Repairing neatly and properly done
hy A. R. Russe\l at Sinclair s shoe
store. **
Vote for Silas Fader and independent and responsible representation. **
The funeral of the late  Wells Murchie will take place from the family
residence,   509     Agnes     street,    at   2
i o'clock on Saturday afternoon.
.1.   I..   Dennett,  of  Mosaomin,  Sask.,
was in  the city yesterday, calling on      The policy of T. J. Trapp is the en-
sonie   of   his   old    friends   from   the ; couragement   of   all   railroad   and   in
prairies. ' dustrial    undertakings   which    means
Every day we add to the list of special lots on sale in the \arious departments, On each and
every article is placed a price, which we believe will speedily effect Ibe clearance desired. All the
over stock and odd lines must be cleared out. Winter stocl<s cannot be carried over. Our alteration
sale means bargains for the next  few weeks.
The Westminster
Modern Business
More than one are investigating the
merits of this school and they find it
truly a Business School. Xo need to
look further, as we have the best
facilities for giving our students a
thorough business training.
Now is the time to start, at the beginning of tlie term.
For particulars apply to���
We thank our many
customers for their patronage during the year,
and extend to all the
Season's Greetings.
We nave been in
business about thirty
years. It might interest you to know
that this has been the
best year in our his-
Davles Green Houses is the place to
get bouquets, floral designs, and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 208 **
The steamer Transfer will he lai 1
up on Monday next, the 16th, for repairs. The steamer Sonoma will take
her place, carrying mails and passengers, while the Transfer if off the run.
Mark your ballot fo.- Silas Fader
and rational encouragement to all industries.    -No favoritism.
The steamer Oceano, of the Weir
line, loading lumber at the Fraser
River mills, will probably sail on Wednesday next for San Francisco, where
she will complete cargo for New Zealand.
For Delta acreage, large and small,
priced right, see Reid, Curtis & Dorgan, TOU Columbia street. **
Whitworth college (Tacomai basketball team, will play a match against
Columbian college here on Friday
evening. A preliminary between the
college intermediates and the Armories team will start at 7:30 o'clock.
What would mean the immediate
advance o' New Westminster? The
Single Tax system. Vote for T. J.
Trapp and its adoption. **
Manager Hector McCaig, of the
opera house, has given his assurance
that the opera house will he warm
and comfortable tonight for T. .1.
Trapp's meeting.
You dont want your children to be
schooled with Orientals. Then vote
for T. J. Trapp and segregation of
Oriental  school children. **
There will he no foofhall games
played in the city on Saturday on account of that being the day of W. S.
Murchie's funeral. E. Murchie, a brother of the deceased, bas always taken
a prominent interest in fool ball matters, and it was decided, out of res-
lect for him, to cancel all uames for
\ young man named W. Oracey. accused of robbery with violence, was
! brought down from Mission yesterday
lie Constable Gammon. He elected to
11 e tried by jury and will be incarcerated in tlie jail until the spring aB-
| sixes. Gracey is accused of assaulting
I a Swe;
' ling a
A dance was held in St. Patrick's
ball last night under ihe auspices of
St. Peter's cluh. and tomorrow nit'ht
the hospital ball takes place in the
same place.
Tbo funeral will take place this afternoon to the I. O. O. F. cemetery of
a Japanese woman who died at Port
Moody on Monday. W. B. Fales has
the  funeral  arrangements  in  hand.
The Single Tax system would mean
the quick development of New Westminster. Vote for T. J. Trapp for
e shall continue
to give the p
best     service    and
solicit a continuance
or your patronage.
In the Royal billiard tournament on
i 11' i Monday night, Coldicutt    won    from
the pUullC OUr! ,''nrn'"1"- 1,ie sc(,re being -HO to 157.
Col llcutl was handicapped 75, and
Turnbull received 35. An interesting
game was played yesterday afternoon
hetween Grant I scratch) and Marshall
(rec. 40.) Marshall ran out when bis
opponent bad 1K-. It was one of tlie
closest games of the tournament, and
aroused a great deal of interest. The
last couple of matches wilf be played
off in a day or two.
The Public
Supply Stores
Now the Xmas
and New Year holidays are over we
have quite a large
stock of Goods
which we are cleaning out cheap.
Quotations will
follow   in   a few
uracev is accio-eu ui ti��na........  |   -. TTT     J      1 i 1
3e named E. Johnson, and get- (Jays. Watch    the
way  with about  (60. **
However, it would
not be a bad idea
for our customers
to take advantage
before the rush'
At a meeting of tbe city football
league beld on Monday night, it was
decided to cancel tlie league games alio ..ly played. The reason for thai is
tbat the Aston Villa team lias amalga-j
mated witli the city team, and as th it
upset the standing, it was thought bet-1
ter to start afresh, especially as some
of the games had been defaulted. The
league will take steps to at once affiliate with the B. ('. A. A. U.
Hundreds are availing themselves
of our low prices on House
You will do well to look ahead a lil tie, si/e up your bouseb Id
wains and make up your mind to secure your house furnishings during our Alteration Sale.
Heavy Bed Sheets, $2.00 per pair
Regular price $2.50 per pair. We aie offering at this price, sheets
of exceptionally good quality���and that Is what counts where you
begin to use tbem. Sheets are - yards wide, 2t., yards long, hemmed and hemstitched ends, plain or twilled English cotton, heavy an.l
free from objectionable dressing. Only 6 do/.en in the lot ,per pair,
Hemstitched Pillow Slips, 35c pr*
Regular 50c per pair. Ten cozen only, hemstitched pillow slips,
���ln. 4., and 44-inch sizes, made of good grade (English cotton; splendid value at 50c per pair.    Sale price, per pair, 35c.
Two Special Snaps in Lace Curtains, 95c. and $1*65 per pair
These two specials are not the only sale lots In Lace Curtains.
Every pair in our largo stock is marked at a price away below
value.   A few soiled pairs are available at half price.
One lot, 95c.  per pair
160 pairs of Nottingham Lace Curtains, white. 17 to 62 inches wide.
3 yards long.    Regular price $1.35 to $1.50.    Sale price, per pair, 95c.
At $1.65 per pair
Ninety pairs of White Nottingham Lace Curtains, 50 to 60 inches
wide. :: yards long; regular values up to $2.25, Sale Price, per pair,
56 and 60 inch   Table Damask,
40c. per yard
Resrular 50 and 60c values. Bloatjhed and unbleached Linen.
Damask. I'nion or all linen, good weight, firm, Beveral pattern . E I
and 60 inches wide: all short ��.��ids;  to dear, per pair, 40c
Unbleachable Table Damask, 30c per yard
Fifty-four inch unbleached Linen, splendid qualities, suitable for
every day upe. Regular 36 and 40c values. All ends to clear.
Sale price, i>er pair, :!0c.
Tweed Coats, a wide
range on sale at
$72.50 each.
der   bas
oul    our
coils   al
up lo $20.    Tin- ,
.ecu given io clear
entire    range   o
greater  reduction
than flrsl offered. Our Dew
price, JlL'.r.n, will appeal io
do/ens who need a new
coal tit ..nee. This Bpeclal
lot is made up of tweed an.i
plain cloth coats, with loose
or Beml-flttlng backs, or filled
styles or belted backs. Ali
sl/.es up to II'. The entire
lot, ii) clear, each, S? 1 U.r.<i.
A few coats left
at 5.75 each
This line has proven one
of the most popular in the
ready-to-wear section. W'e
have but a few left; in size
suitable fur misses or Women.    Bach, $5.75.
Women's   Costumes,
l A   dozen   odd   sizes. I
$15.00 per suit
Regular values up to
$29.50. Probably only one
of a style and size In dlaco-
nal. cheviot, serge, chevron,
plain cloth and striped par.
ama, mostly colored,
si/es in tbe lol .  a i>: t e BU
as   heie   mentioned   canno
fall io Interesl ibe person In
Bearch  <>f a  new  suit.    We
clear these odd cosi imea ..'
$15 each.
Two Suits, $27.50 ea.
Regular    values,   $36   an
$37.60. one suit is in a green
diagonal,   and   the   other   ii.
lan broadcloth.     They   are
faultlessly finished  in evei
way;     newest    Btj les.      Sa' ���
price, $27.60.
One Suit each at
$30.00 and $35.00
Beautiufily finished, tail r
ed suits, the seasi.n's newest Btyles; coats an- Batin
lined; collars and cuffs ������:
\.!��� et, mateilals are in dlag
onals, in nice shades . I
The Store for Women's Wear
Curtis' Drug Store
New    Westminster,    B    C.
Phone 43;  L.  D. 71;   Res. 72.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Princess 8t
Tbe heavy fall of snow yesterday
and this morning caused some inconvenience to the railways. Tbe 11. C,
B. K. Chilliwack trains were delaped
about half an hour, and the Great
Northern train from Seattle was
ahout two hours late. The C. P. R.
train suffered the most, and no pas-
M'liLor trains from west of Agassi/,
came in yesterday. The only report
is that there is a train stalled in the
snow some distance tiiis side of North
Bend, and it is not known when it will
be released.
MURCHIE���In this city, Sunday.
January K, Kill, Wellsford Stanley
Murchie, eldest son of I). Murchie,
aged 38 years.
Funeral will take place from tho
parents' residence. 609 Agnes street,
at 2 o'clock Saturday, January 14.
Friends please accept, tbis intimation.
Phone 92
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up  $6,200,000
Reserve          6,900,000
The Bank has 175 branches,
���extending in Canada trom the
Atlantic to tbe Pacific; in Cuba,
throughout the Island, also in
Porto Rico, Trinidad, Bahamas,
Drafts issued without delay
���in nil tbe principal Towns and
Cities in tive World.
These   excellent    connections
afford every  banking facility.
New  Westminster Branch,
�� ��������44������������������������������������������������������������*
We have a Large and
Beautiful Stock of
for the Holiday Trade
All Prices.       All Siz-s.'
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
Good  Building   Lots j
Small Price and Easy Terms
Unlike     Fallen    "Hope"    Many    Old
Friends   Return���One   Jan.   21.
A whole lot. has been sail about the
people and things that "can't come
hack." It's time that just a little recognition be given to those who do
come back.    For Instance there is;
Fells Domestlca.  Ihe  tax  collector,' o
the campaign cigar, the poor relatives
from the country, tbe lawn mower, Hie
ancient vaudeville joke, your mother*
in-law,   Faster   bonnets,   the   plugged
quarter, Jack Frost, Sarah Bernhardt,
! Santa  Claus;   to  say   nothing  of  "A
I Stubborn   Cinderella,"   which   comes
1 back to the Westminster Opera liouso
on January '.'1, 1911.
EDINBURGH STREET���\|ne fifty-foot lots with fine view, over-
looking river and gulf; handy to car. Price $500 each. Terms, one-
third cash, balance to arrange, on easy payments.
SIXTH STREET���One extra flne lot, all cleared and in orchard,
on car line, lane. For a medium priced porperty Ibis Is one of the
most desirable in the city. Price $750. Terms, one-third casli;
balance to arrange.
X Vancouver     -     Victoria     .     Chilliwack   -    Aldergrove
�����*����������*�������������*��*����������*����������� *>*���*.*.*>** �������������*��>��*�����������*�����>*> J
Bargains all Through the Store
New goods are arriving and will be
included in this sale.
Our prices on rugs and squares will interest yau.
Hearth Rugs 27 x 54 in., regular value $3.50
January sale price, $2.65
Taoestry Squares in new designs and good colorings:
$ 9.50 9x9 Squares for $7.20
10.50 9x10 ft. 6 " " 8.40
12.50 9 x 12        "       "    9.60
Galloway & Lewis
New Westminster.
Corner Columbia and Fourth Streets
Phone 829.


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