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The Daily News Oct 11, 1910

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 S'".- .'
Port Mann
Standard   Make  $5   Per   Month.
VOLUME 5, MJIIlKlt 21 ii.
Mayor Lee Declines to Sign Deposed King of Portugal
Cheque for $2,000, City's
Contribution to Fair.
A mild sensation was caused at the
council meeting last night when
Mayor Lee announced that ho would
not sign the cheque for the grunt to
Will Take Refuge in England ���Gives Interview.
Gibraltar, Oct. 10.���Dom Manuel
and Queen Mother Ainelle, of Portugal, have been offered an asylum in
England, and will depart Immediately.
ll  is  reported that  Manuel Is  verging
on  physical  breakdown, and  is  being i
treated by specialists wdio boarded the
yacht Ainelie.
the R. A. & I. society until the manager of the society had apologized for
certain remarks made at tbe annual
meeting of the society held last Friday night.
A request from the It. A. A; 1.
society for the payment of the usual
grant of $2000 from the city was tlie
cause of the announcement.
The letter was read and referred to
the finance committee when Mayor
Lee remarked that he had a word to
say. He then made the following
statement, which lie requested the
clerk to spread on tlie minutes.
"I very much regret that I cannot
concur In the passing of this grant
until the manager withdraws statements reflecting on the city of New
Westminster made at the annual
meeting of the R. A. & I. society on
Friday night, the 7th Inst. ,
"1 have nothing but words of com- Gibraltar, Oct. 10.���"I shaft- stay
mendatlon and congratulation for thei here for tlie present, awaiting develop-
management of the recent exhibition. I ments in Portugal."
Thirty-Two Applicants for Night Blaze Does $8,400
Inspector's Job ��� Sewer j Damage���Cause of Out-
Contract is Let for $65,995!    break is Unknown.
j Lisbon, Oct. 10.���The arrest of
; monks and nuns throughout Portugal
continued today, accompanied by looting and sacrlllge on the part of the
uncontrolled mobs. The government
, is at a loss for a place to send the
priests condemned to exile. Tlie republican agents have confiscated
church property, but are unable to
prevent looting. Priests and nuns, It
is leported, liave been subjected to
Indignities, and many are said to have
been slain.
Cardinal Netio, former patriarch of
j Lisbon, and Bishop de Vasconcellos, of
I Beja,  were escorted  across the  frontier Into Spain.   The Marquis de Ohm-
bei, head of the Jesuits in  Portugal,
i.s under arrest.
_t,'hildren in parochial, monastery
and convent schools have been returned to their homes.
The contract for lhe construction of
the Fighth stieet sewer was let last
nlghl lo F. T. Sinclair, of itevelstoke,
for $65,995, The engineer had estimated thai the work could lie done by
practically   the
day   labor   for
sum and some of tbe al tarmen were
in favor of doing tlie work in that
way, but on a vote ol the council it
went to tlie contractor, provided, how-
A lire which started aboul eleven
o'clock last night in the Cloverdale
hotel, Cloverdale, destroyed lliat hostelry and a livery barn alongside, belonging to Bernard a Mclllroy. The
damage is roughly estimated at $8400,
Bame (the hotel being valued at $7000.
The Presbyterian church and ll. C,
Powe's' store, both of which are close
to   llie   hotel,  eseai ed   destruction.
A number of guests and boarders ut
Hope Practically Abandoned
of Rescuing Imprisoned
Men in Starkville, Colo.
ever, that he consent to certain
restrictions, such as buying his supplies bere anl employing white labor
at fail' wages.
Mayor Lee Votes.
Another tender question forced tlie
mayor to exercise his vote for the
first time tills year. There were tenders for manhole covers received both
from the Vancouver Engineering
Works and the Schaake Machine
Works, The Vancouver tender was
slightly lower, but the Schaake J Sailer stieets;
Machine    Works   offered    to   deliver' be opened    up
the hotel were in bed when the alarm
of file was given, but all escaped
without difficulty.
The building, which was erected
about fifteen ;ears ago by Mrs. Starr,
was owned by I'lckard Brothers. The
amount of Insurance carried could not
be ascertained last night.
west ride of Mowat street: that
ridewalks be built on Wood and
that Sixteenth street
between Sixth and
them to the city when required and to Seventh avenues; that Nanaimo
collect payment when used. street   be opened  up ten chains west
Alderman Gray moved that the con-'of Sixteenth street; that the culverts
tract be given to the Schaake Machine | at llie corner of Sixth avenue and
Works and Alderman Welsh secon led | Tenth street and on the corner of
the motion. Alderman Jardine climb- j Fourth avenue and Thirteenth street
ed over the rail and retired from the  be renewed, and that the Ill-Inch vitri-
lt was a credit to the society and the
city. The city council, citizens generally and press all contributed their
quota to make It a success and I can-
This statement made by King
Manuel to the l'nited Press correspondent Saturday, Is generally considered by Hritish officials In Gibral-
not Imagine how any man would soi tar to Indicate that the deposed king
far forget himself as to allow his per-j has not given up the idea of being
sonal animosity to lead him Into mak-lable to return to Lisbon and bead a
ing statements of a personal nature successful movement for the regaining
reflecting on the city or any of Its of his throne.
"We were all working to one end,
namely, a successful exhibition, an I ii
shows an entire lack of dignity for
any person ln authority to belittle the
efforts of any individual, company, or
section of the  community.    Tlie  per-
|    Asked point blank whether this was
| his   plan.   Manuel     evaded     an   issue
; with   the   statement   that,   the   future
j alone could determine his movements.
As   Manuel   has  as  yel   made  no  preparations to go either to England or
France,  In   one of  which  countries  It
council,   as   he Js  interested  in     the
Schaake Machine Works.
Alderman Johnston moved an
amendment that the matter be referred to the finance committee for
report. Mayor Lee put the amendment first and Aldermen Johnston,
Smith and Bryson voted for it. Aldermen Gray, Gilley and Welsh against.
"It's the first time we liave had you
cornered," laughingly remarked Alderman Johnston. Mayor Lee voted In
favor of the amendment. The Vancouver Engineering Works figure was
.19.30 and the Schaake Machine
Works $21.80.
Many Want This Job.
There   were   thirty-two   applications
for tlie position of building Inspector,
ne so contemptible|is believed  be will  make his future!but the council thought thai that was
home, should the new  Portuguese re-J'"" heavy a  proposition to handle all i month while lie was
public   prove   stable,   it   is   assumed|lu  one  nlghl   and  go the  lucky  mail]thai a six Inch pipe
sonal referemt
'that I am loath to mention them, but
until R public apology is made I refuse
to concur In the passing ot  tbis grant
and will not sign the cheque."
After    the    meet ing    his    worship
stated In the presence of representa-
that  he still hopes to be restored to|will be appointed at a special meeting
The king lias opened up a ere lit ae
count   with   the  Coutts   Hank   In   Lon
tlie a I ler-
quallfh a-
tlves of the press that tlie cheque I don. He bas ample means for (Inane-
could not be cashed unless it was'ing a .ght tor Ills lost crown. It Is
signed by the mayor or the acting I unofficially stated thai the royal
mayor. The mayor would not sign It
and there would not be any acting
mayor for a while as he had no Intentions of going away.
If the council decides to    make    a
grant, what developments  will  follow
it is Impossible to forecast.
Golfers Are Busy.
Chicago, Oct. iu���Forty-seven golfers entered In the women's national
golf championship, wliich startel at
the Wood links here today. Twelve
of the entrants are eastern women.
family lias at least |3,000,000 Invest
in British and French securities.
Though it is less than a week ��� 1 >���
the liist shot was fired in the revolution thai swept a king from bis
throne. Portugal is today rapidly approaching normal conditions. No
serious obstacle In the way of the new
government is expected In the immediate future.
The suddenness of   the   sweeping
Change and the ease with wliich the
people ad��pte:l themselves to the new-
regime have had few parallels.
From a state of gross misrule hy a
boyish king whose excesses shocked
the decent people of ills realm, and
from absolutism that seemed never to
on Wednesday night, after
men lune looked cner the
ii was decided to sail a plebiscite
on the hospital site question; Whether
the city should ask the governmenl
to grant pari if Queens park to tbe
hospital for the new building. Mayor
l.ee reported t;,,it the city could not
grant the land i > the hosplfll, but II
coul.I ask the ; ovornmont to do it.
even withoul submitting It to the people But it was the opinion of the
aldermen that ll was loo Important a
question    and    directly    affected    too
fled sewer pipe between Royal avenue
and Cunningham street, running
through the Y. M. C. A. lot, be re-
On the recommendation of the tire
committee it was decided to call for
tenders for the erection of the new
flre ball in tlie west end.
On the recommendation of Alderman Bryson certificates in favor of
McDonald Brothers for $16,626.15, and
the Municipal Construction company
for $6286.32, were passed for payment.
Alderman   Bryson,  chairman   of   the
water    committee,    reported    recom-
I mending that the 13-lnch pipe leading
j to Lulu island be connected at Queens
park;  that  Resident   Knglneer Lewis,
in charge of the ( oquitlnnj pipe line,
receive an Increase In salary ,*ii $10 a
on the Work, a.id
!����� laid' n the P.
Burns abattoir in Bapperton.
Permission wns granted to l>. :'..
'Wallace to place a crossing on Nanni-
! mo street. A request lrom J. K. Simpson and George Maxwell for a slde-
] walk on Tenth avenue; a petition for
the opening ol Garfield utiebl, from
Wlntbrop to Fourth street; a requesl
from J. ii. Wilson that Nanaimo Btreel
be Opened   Up   between  Sixteenth   and
Eighteenth stieet.. and a requesl
from Small & Bucklin for a sidewalk
from Columbia street lo the Lulu Island bridge were all referred to the
board of works for report,
G.  B, Cross wiote suggesting thai
Trinidad. Colo.. Oct. lib- Fifty-one
miners are In a living tomb today al
Starkville, with absolutely no hope
for their rescue alive save through a
miracle. All night long the workers
tolled   in   the   glare  of   acetylene   gas
torches and.electric lights, to aid the
Imprisoned men, but. the rescuers, Imperiled by after-damp, were compelled to abandon their places at daybreak to stive tlieir own lives.
While the men worked in the glaro
of the nickeling lights a temporary
morgue was being prepare 1 for the
bodies of men yet alive. Under the
direction of tbe coroner of Las Antilles county, deputies transformed a
ine shop of the Colorado Fuel &
company, owners of the mine,
a charnel bouse, while women
ves of the entombed men dully
watched the ghastly preparations apparently unable to comprehend their
The men In the "old stope" or eastern wing of tlie mine, wbicli was destroyed by an explosion, presumably
of lire-damp Saturday evening, are In
two blockaded chambers. One hand
has been located about two and a half
Latter Read t< gity Councii
Explains N; J re of Work
Done by Of.   'al.
many  people  to  be  decided   by  the Becond stieet be macadamized Instead
c'ouncil  and  so a  plebiscite  will   beiof paved, as there seemed to be ob-
oulled  as  soon as  legally  possible. jectlontt  to  the   paving  of  the  street.
Board of Works Report. i Mayor  l.ee stated  tbal  one of tlie Ob-
The board of works reported recom-1 JeCtions lie bad heard was thai there
mending that Kelvin street be opened was a $10,000 take off on il for Some
qp between Thirteenth and Fourteenth one In the city ball. He said that
streets; that a sidewalk be built on j there was little difference between the
the west side of Fifth street;  that  no ' cost 0 f macadamizing and paving and
Cit/ Fathers  Dc:ide  to   Proceed  with
Discussion  of Cotsworth's Report,
Though Exhibits Are Locked Up.
In spite of tbe fait thai a'.i the
documents Incidental to Moses B
Cotsworth's lamous leport cannot be
found, theie will be a ilscusslon ol
tbe report on We ine-da> night Borne
of the exhibits which the aide: men
wanted to have pilnted before tbey
could discuss the report are missing
and aie supposed to be In thc strong
box in the citv vault, where only Mr.
Cotsworth can get them.
Mayor Lee announced this (act. last
night, but the aldermen seemed to be
more Incline I to take tbe thing up
than they were before Mayor Lee
himself was in favor of leaving lt to
a commission or a committee of properly Qualified men to search the details ot the leport and repoit back to
the council, an.l Aide, Mian Brys ��
���eetr.ed to favoi waiting until the second coming of Moses.
Mayor l.ee said there would be
something dniiu: when the repoit was
discussed. Le thought it was up to
the auditor to prove his statement , or
Withdraw them anl be could not very
well have the council examine all tne
original proofs an.l s> he suggested
a commission.
Alderman   WelHli   suggested  that  It.
be referrel to   a   committee   of tbe
council.    He said  theie    were    some
clauses ln It wbicli would nut net tbe
city a dollar   but   wliich  might    give
���ome people   -ome  satisfaction  along
,th�� lines of getting back at somebody.
' He did not  want to get back at anyone,  bnt   he   thought   that,   there   was
both good and  ba I   In  the repoit. and
tbat the council might gain something
.;:bf a proper discussion of It..
Alderman Gilley suggested that the
*it_   eollcltor be present, at the meet- j
lng.  ;
have a thought for the the and a half jflldewalk be built on Richmond street I the city engineer was Instructed to
million people of tbe country. Porta- at present, as the traffic did not war-' con, ey exact information on Ibis point
gal lias emerged s republic,   she has rant it;  that a sidewalk be bulb on to Mr. Cross.
exiled the toyal family and adopted  	
program  tint   ranks  with  any  of the
governmental  documents of  the  most
enlightened republics.
The   ievolution   had   been   carefully
planned, but the coup was not to have
been sprung until tlie date of King
Manuel's proposed visit to the provinces A bs les of unlocked for events,
however, caused s premature launching Of the fight for liberty and Ihe
II i i   | of the venture DTOVed that the
li b lei    of the ret oil were indeed led
by a happy divinity.
Superintendent of Fish Culture
Talks on Piscatorial Propagation
Sum of $6500 Will  Be Spent on Macadamizing of Highway Now in a
Deplorable Condition.
The Lulu Island road which lias pro-
videl food for complaint to tlie residents of the island for many years
will at last be substantially improved
Tbe Citj
$6600 on
jardine. chairman ot
"If it were nol foi tbe hatcheries in
British   Columbia   the   people   would
ion begin to wonder why there werejth*
no  lish."    said    K     11     Cunningham. ,
superintendent of Dsh culture for tbe
i  m inioti oi Canada, when ��esv. last
night  at   the  Russell  hold  by a  News
rei ','',;
"V.'e   are told sometlmeiit thai it Is
from the spawning grounds that    the
Ash come and that the hatcheries dol
no good, bul  that  is not    the    case. |
When left to their natural means
propagation the fish are the prey
many accidents,   'l'he worst of tnese
are  freshets,    A   heavy   rain     and    a
t msequently swollen stream and millions of eggs aie washed away and destroyed, Tne hatcheries prevent that."
Mr.  Cunningham   leaves this  morning for a visit of inspection to three
ncv hatcheries which have Just been
completed   on   the   coast.     One   Is   at.
Cowlchan  lake.    This one Is ror    the
purpose of restocking ( owlchan lake
ouncll has decided to spend I with all varieties of sporting flsh In-
the    road    and    Alderman  dl tenons to Its waters,    It Is also the
the    boar I    of  intention   to  introduce  eastern   brook
; the opinion that that will  trout and Atlantic salmon.   The other
make's fait road two hatcheries, which are located at
It Is tbe Intention to macadamize Anderson lake, near Barclay, and at.
the road and keip It. In . *od re..air. Kennedy lake, will be used for hatcb-
ThlS highway, over wbicli goes all the Ing SOCkeyfl salmon. Tlie eggs of tlie
traffic between the Island and the cohoe and spring salmon will also be
city Is In I bai state of repair at the Incubated at these two stations.
present time owing to the fact that Eacli of these hatcheries has a
the heavy wagons which have heen capacity of ahout f>,000,000 eggs and
drawing the water pipe there have as they are. smaller than the others In
ploughed np tbe road so that it Is tbe province lt may be seen how great,
dangerous. If mt almost impassible.      a number of flsh are turned out at the
Uderman Jar'Ine brought, the mat- hatcheries every year.
ter np at tbe council last night and as Mr. Cunningham stated that the
the aldermen all seemed to think that, great difficulty In building the hatch-
something should be done he move I erles was not generally understood.
that lt he improved at a cost of $t>-j Many of the places most suitable were
r.no and the motion carried without a almost Inaccessible. For Instance, to
dissentient.yojee^.,.. ^ , ���/-.., |get to.*** Ken,?��d.    .and, f*.?*���"
travel about
Up  this  all
be haul
Then U
raateri ii
I.,     r
station    Is
iI   ed    in
miles from the mouth of the mine and
the other a mile further on. There
are i ix Americans and one negro
among the doomed .""n.">. The remainder are Italians, Mexicans and
The main tunnel fills repeatedly
with the deadly damp, even though a
large  fan  on   a   motor  car  frequently
is sent  in lo clear out the gases.    The
explosion is believed to liave occurred
live miles from the mouth of the mine.
but the shock dislodged great masses I
pf earth  which sj lintc: ed the stoi e
and shut off the escape "f the men.
The prisoners have two chances In
a million to e��e;:pc. Their only hope
is to force their way through the clogged antl gas filled main tunnel or
make their way to an old tunnel leading to the Englevllle mine, which adjoins the Starkville workings, Several
years ago during a lire in the EBngle j
vllle mine this tunnel  was walled  up
Scores of vvorkmen are now frantically tearin | Into the masonr.v wilh
picks and small Charges of powder In
the hope of aiding the men to rain
their freedom.
Throughout the night the hear-
crazy, helpless women wandered from
group to group ir exhausted and rest
Ing workers reiterating hopelessly,
"an.,  news ?"
Always the answer was that rescue
was Improbable, Human life cannot
exist in Ibe giisfllled tunnels, the only
hope being that tbe men found refuge
In abandoned Workings fice from the
ime Italian mother, crazed by   tv
Strain of watching and waiting, bade
ber eight   children    kneel    In   prive,
She was seized .hist as she prepared
I l plunge a knife into the beat I of
the Child  kneeling  nearest  her.
Similar barrovvlir; scenes occurred
In oilier parts Of the properly, as most
of the entomb) d  men are man le I,
One theory of the explosion Is thai
a miner opened bis lamp lu an old
tunnel and thai collected dust explod-
s i The mine was considered s ife
"Blazing" had been foi hidden and the
use tit pOWder was not neecssiiv ns
the COSI COUld be dislodged wIMi the
In answer to a request made in
council some weeks ago for a statement of the worl; lie had done as publicity commissioner, C, ll. s. Wade
yesterday evening submitted the following document to the city fathers:
To the Mayor and Aldermen, City cf
New  Wesl minster.
Vour Wm ship ami   Gentlemen,��� in
compliance with your request i beg b>
report: 'l'he work of your publicity
commissioner, li is needless to point
out, Is totally distinct rrom that of
any other labor, Inasmuch as II In
largely of an educational an I constructive character, primarily; to bo
effective this requires a persistent
study of the varying conditions of
public life and thought, also tho
necessities of both the district, and the.
people whom it Is sought to Influence.
It Is necessary that the dally press
of the entire valley, continent, and
especially that of Great Britain, ite
carefully watched for opportunities of
advocating the advantages of this
locality wherever possible. We must
look for a fleld of exploitation, and
try to get into communication with
every class of settler, In order to be
In a position to set forth and satisfactorily advocate the city for whose advancement I am working; to do this,
It Is necessary to be in touch, as far
as possible, with every class of worker
resident In the entire district, for 1
presume It will be admitted by every
one that the great strength of N'ew
Westminster city Ilea In the vast area
of agricultural land by wliich she is
surrounded; In the fisheries, and the
magnificent river wliich places her In
the front rank of ocean ports, without    the   disadvatilar.es   of   in is'    salt.
water harbors. Then, the forests
which provide material for so many of
our  Industries  Is  in  Itself  no  mean
study, and /et there is nothing visible
to the casual observer.
It Is essential to do tbis. in order
to be In a position to conscientiously
advise enquirers, mil It Is b work of
considerable magnitude; for eveil one
man   misled   would   naturally   spread
information detrimental to the city far
and   wide.     It   Is   ibe   neWCOmer,   and
(lie   would-be   settler   alone,   who   can
teii you whether your representative
has ruiiiiied his duties satisfactorily.
The preparation of literary matter,
and statistical Investigation, is generally a lengthy but very Important feature oT publicity work; all I Whetl il Is
considered thai every corporation, ami
most  huge private firms employ men.
at handsome salaries, for ihe work or
advertising ibjectq of only limited
range.  II   l    mid  In   i "meiuhorcd  that
ty comn Issloner is com-
BStigate P er a ver.   large
t mere',  one I rude or one
bul  every  branch
and    fiei|uently
your   pul"
polled to i
area, nnd n
feature of IndtlStl'
of commercial     life,
delve Into details of an expert character In order to be prepared to answer personal or written enquiries,
Publicity   worl;  Is  a  speidal  depurt-
(Contlnued  Ob  Page  Five.)
Small Eggs, Big Eggs. Good Eggs and
Bad Eggs Unappreciated Reward
for Vulgar Barnstormers.
Lloydminster, Bask.,   Oct.
1 main   s'reel   of   I.loydiultister
e i. on Saturday night, the ai
of a produce markel after a
team had pSSSed through,
i I    The
p i    nt
peari nee
runa   i
(en fi 'di
akes It   Is  necessary to
a mile up s swift rapid
1 -   building   matej lai   has   to
ed and it is an arduoui Job
Is necessar) to have all the
iowe|  about   twelve  tides
jlne   launch     When   the  station    Is iilumiiu iu m.r*v*   iu             [sprinkled the sidewalks, though thai
bulll and the   men   are   placed    In n.nnipr  nritni UTtnionTn was not Iti original destination,
charge   tbey   are   right   In   the   wildc (HM \\\[     { ' V J   U     lll\ tl I iV     "  !'l'l"i:l*  ���**'   '     minstrel     *''   >P��
ness.     Asked   whv    the   net,    Md      001 H1.IUI.JI.   H��. I UI.U I IUI1. U I U   |||);|  , _ wtenglvely advertised tb op-
build the hatcheries from logs to sate   pear in the "Opery House" on Bator-
tbe trouble of transporting the lumber day, and ibe citizens turned out im
Oflup the rapids. Mr. Cunningham stated Arrs Arc Being Smuggled Into Spain goodly numbers, Tbe theatrical man-
to ' that it waa really more expensive to ...          *    k        .agement stpme.l reluctant to raise tho
build   Of  logs,   for  the  logs could   not In Readiness for Coming Troub e        curtains so the    audience    grew    ini-
be  handled  by  thfl  force of  men  tliey _Armv Lovaltv Doubted              | patient.    Nine  o'clock    was    only   ~*t
'could take up. '            memory when the performance finally
According  to  Mr.  Cunningham,  nnd   ! started and was so vulgar that every-
Mr.    Halkett,    tbe    plcatorlal    expert body left the hall.
who  had  charge of  the  hr.minion  ex- Madrid, via Hendayc, Oct. 10.���With       Bnt tliey did  not go home.  A  hisfy
blblt   at   thfl   fair,  and   who  was   with j the  Increasing  turbulence  throughout   search  of Hie nearby  provision shops
l,im  ;,t   thfl  hotel  lasl  night, tbe east-|8paln and the greater activity of out-   was made, and    armed    to  tbe teeth
ern  brook  trout thrive well  here    Mr, *We agents ol the revolutionists,  who   with the product ot 8 thousand  hens,
Halkett  stated  that  he had  had sped- are  successfully  s:inv_llng arms  into   the home guard  lined  up outside the
mens of the  trout theie for two    Or Barcelona   and   the   town.-   along   the   theatre.    Tbey  did  not  have to  wait.
three years and tbey bad done Splefl- {French  border, the    Spanish    govern-   long.    When tlie talented  performers
dldly.    Large numbers had been turn- ment   is  becoming   more  represeasive  left   tbe   safe   precincts   or   the   play
ed loose in the smaller streams of t'.ie'ln Its eeasuies and all leaders admit j house a  mixed  farming welcome was-
province. today that an uprising Is Imminent,     [tendered.     Little  eggs, big eggs,  bad
In 1898 there was only one hatchery Tllp government called tbe flrst re- eggs and good eggs, all make splendid
In the province of Hiitlsh Columbia Mrvea to the colors today. It Is be- missiles and leave a trade mark beam! now there are eleven. The re- lleved this was done to te:;t the lo> alty hind. Hy the time the minstrels
suits or the flsh breeding operations of the troops. Many of the govern-1 reached the hotel they were plenti-
COndUCted by the Dominion govern- ment leaders are doubtful of the fully bespattered, as was a mounted:
ade plain to tbe people I loyalty of the urmy to King Alfonso ' policeman who gallantly escorted tha
ment  were mti   .   . .
of  New  Westminster  by the display land the Republicans openly claim thnt  females of the troupe to safety,
of live    specimens   of    the  .liferent j the army  will desert the king when |    The closing scene of the drama wa��
varieties at the exhibition.   The faclll-.the revolution hegihs. i rather ludicrous.    Upon the arrival ot
ties at tbe exhibition were limited for |    The republicans are fostering an lm-  the C. N. It. from Edmonton, the strol-
proper display, but   In the    building mediate uprising.   Arsenals liave been ] ling players made a frantic rush for
there were the eggs and the mature ,
salmon from the hatchery at Hon
Accord. Mr. Cunningham ls confident
that these public exhibitions have n
good effect ln educating the general
public to the great work being done
by the fisheries department.
established   ln   secret   places   where the cars, nnd the conductor pranced
arms and ammunition have been col- onto tlie platform to see what the ex-
lected.   Circulars   are   found   every- cltement  was.    A  large  egg,  hurled
; where appealing to the Spaniards to with deadly accuracy, hit him square
attack the government and citing the on the nose, and If a strong man was
success of tin.) Portuguese revolution- ever tn agony, lt wns this man In tha
lsts. blue suit and brass buttow*. ui i
:!i;:,t i
' ft
Classified Advertisements 'REAL  ESTATE UST OF PRIZE WINNERS     vigorous HeaMh
WAKTED ��� FURNISHED     HOUSE-! Head 0ffice       .       451 Columbia St
beeping rooms,  two  bedrooms and ^ New Westminster, B. C.
kitchen tor four adults,    close    i:i-1 Branch Office     ��� Kamloops, B.C
State price.   Address Box 60, DailyL^^_^>/>^^/v-rf>^^^v^vvvs^^N/>rfVV><N
ROWS office.  MODERN   houses   in   Edinburgh,   Hen-
district to know that the McBride
government has been returned to
power three times, whilst, every j
rater In Vancouver has live votes
*ad every voter In Vale distiict has
only one vote. Une man one vote ! j
I. i-i. Muir.
ley an.l Dublin streets, from $2450
ami up. This is in the modernized
part of the city. Cement sidewalks
and a  block    lrom    the    care    line.
lessor of mandolin and piano, hi
vacancies for a few pupils, D06
Andrew's street.
a*iou as clerb In stoie. Addi ess L.
I-i.. Daiiy News.
ence; good wages to I lie right person.    Apply  Royal  City dye works.
LOTS cn Edinburgh, Henley, Dublin
and London street; same of the
choicest. (261-0.)
SEVENTH   avenue  lot,  clcse    to    car
line; price ?800; one-third cash, bal-
I    anee six and twelve months. (266-C.)
NANAIMO street, cleared new lot;
$950; one-third cash, balance six
and twelve months. (251-C.)
THIRD avenue, Burnaby, new house
and two lots, only $1400; $lott cash,
balance to arrange. i_^.",-c.)
��� the power to enjoy to the full life's
work and pleasure���comes only with a
good digestion.
girl for general
wages to the right girl
,xrrp   HAMILTON   street   lot  between   Sixth
Apply *i2D
WANTED���A STRONG COMPEI  ,,���������,
housework.    Good     ���,lul  Eighth Meets,   cleared,    only
$,.)();  $300 cash, balance six. twelve
and eighteen months.
Second street.    i	
FIVE ACRES in the Kennedy subdivision, close to car line. Price
$-10 per acre. One-third cash, balance six and twelve months.
proved, with buildings, ln the vie-
iaity of New Wesl minster. Fuil
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land, I>- Hastings -street east.
seeks   work    by    day.
Cornwall street.
Apply 102S
proved city property before October
3.   Write Hox O. K., News office.
_ few hours daily, hy English lady.
Apply Mrs. Wixey, 220 Columbia
rooms for married couple. Apply
Box A.A., this office.
liousework and plain cooking. Apply  126 Third  avenue.
H. P. Vidal & Co.'s warehouse. Sla-
thine Is in good condition and will
tell for $20.
modern four or flve roomed cottage,
close to car line, 50x100 foot lots.
Enquire British Canadian Securities,
Columbia street, T. R. Pearson,
manager.   Phone 768.
SIXTY ACRES in section 30, township
8, prairie land. Price $125 per acie;
one-third cash, balance tine and
two years. (204-A.)
THIRTY ACRES in section 36, block
5 north, range 1 west, twenty acres
cleared, with new house and barn;
good water. Price ?270 per acre.
Terms      over      eighteen      months.
Division   A���Cattle.
Special   prize,  presented   by  C.  A.
Welsh, Esq., New Westminster ,B. ('.:
i Prize to become tl"' property of thel
exhibitor upon winning it two years):
For the best  exhibit  of cattle  (own-1'
ed   in   Hritish   Columbia���Silver  cup:
value $25, A. C, Wells, Chilliwack.
Special   prizes,   presented    by    the
Holstein-Friesian association   of   fan-1
ada.    (G.  VV.  Clemmons,  Esq.,  secre-j
'tary, St. George, Ont.):
For the best Holstein-Friesian
under 2 years���$25, Logan Bros,
heist. N. S.
For the best Holstein-Friesian cow.
under 2 years���$25, Logan Bros.
Host   Holstein-Friesian herd,  l  bull
jand   I  heifers, under on.' year  I owned
by exhibitor)���$15, Logan Bros.
Special prize, presented by the Holstein-Friesian association of Canada.
(G, W. Clemmons. Esq., secretary, St.
George, Ont.):
For the best grade dairy cow (Holstein), silver cup���$25, .lames .McCullocli,   Steveston.
Special prize, presented by the
.lames Smart Manufacturing Co., of
Brockville. Ont. (through their agents.
Messrs. T. .1. Trapp & Co., New Westminster, B. C.):
For the best exhibit of dairy cattle, one farmer's feed boiler, capacity
30 gallons���A. C. Wells & Son, Chilliwack.
Special prize, presented by the Holstein-Friesian association of America.
(F. L. Houghton, Esq., secretary, Brat-
tleboro, Vt.):
For the best display of Holstein-
Friesian cattle, silver cup, value $25
���Logan Bros.
FIFTY acres in section 32, block 5
north, range 2 west, N. W. D.; absolutely the best subdividing proposition in Port Mann dlsti let today. Why ? The terms are one-
fifth cash, and the balance over
TEN YEARS, with Interest at 6 per
cent. (221-A.)
TEN acres, being lot 6, section 27,
block 5 north, range 2 west, N.W.D.,
on new Yale road. $1100 per acre;
$3000 cash, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months at 7 per cent, in-1 Hale
terest. (222-A.)
Special prize, presented hy His
Honor Lieutenant-Governor  Paterson:
For the best 3-year-old grade Clydesdale mare or gelding I bred in B. C),
cash $15���Pemberton Stock Farm,
Port Guichon.
Special prize, presented by H. Dallas Helmcken, Esq., Victoria, B. C:
For the hest draft horse on exhibition, any breed, age or sex. bred,
raised and owned In the province;
silver    cup���Shannon    Bros.,    Clover-
tasc, modern, paneled dining room,
lull plumbing. Apply at 1104
Eighth avenue.
comprising six or seven acres right
cn the Interurban car line between
Central Park and Westminster.
Good nine roomed bungalow, excellent water and windmill, large
*iieds. The land is all cleared and
there are a quantity of fruits of
liearing age. This ls one of the
most convenient along the line and
*e can recommend it. Price $13,500;
ft500 cash, balance on terms. E. N.
Sutherland, Merchants bank building. New Westminster.
10 ACRES in northwest quarter of
section 19, township 2. $200 per
acre: one-third cash, balance six and
twelve months at 7 per cent. Interest. (201-A.)
Special prize, presented by Chief J.
H. Watson, of the tire department,
New Westminster. B. C:
For the best light single delivery
horse, shown hitched to delivery wagon or cart. (Open only to horses
used as such in any town or city).
Cash $10���C. E. Catcny, Burquitlam,
r-.,,r-   .��~���r-^  . ..      .m . ���        Special   prizes,   presented   for   the
FIVE ACRES In secti.n 18, township best team of agrlculturai h0rses, anv
S    nn   \pwtnn   marl       11 T.ft   r,j��r   ..ir*rta
8, on Newton road.   $150 per acre.
Terms over two years. (91-A.)
FIVE acre tracts, consisting of the
most fertile soil In Langley districts, cleared and in a high state
of cultivation; tram line running
through the property;    good    roads
on   all  sides.    Price  $175  per  acre shown  to appropriate vehicle, and
and up.    Terms, one-fifth cash, bai-1 be  driven  by  boy or  girl   under
anee over three years.
breed ,age or sex. ln harness to wagon, owned by the exhibitor; horses.
60 per cent appointments, 40 per cent:
1, Inverholm Stock Farm, Ladner;
2, Pemberton Stock Farm, Port
Guichon; 3, Savage Bros., Westham
Special prizes, presented for the
best  pair of Shetland   ponies,  to   be
Through our branch office at Kamloops we have received some of the
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
and get particulars.
limit, all cleared. $700 per acre for
this montli $1500 cash.     Murakami, [ Head Office
Frank C. Ceok, Gen. Manager.
451 Columbia St.
P. O. Box 2110, Vancouver.
inches wide, double key board, llrst
class condition. Cheap. Apply Ira
.V. Reid, Columbia street, next to
tram office.
aearly new, electric light, half minute to car. Price $1500, cash $300,
balance $20 per month. Box W. S���
Vaily News.
**ven room modern house on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for particulars, or 512 Fourth street, New
Westminster, B. C.
New Westminster, B. C.
Branch Office Kamloops, B.C.
LARGE LOTS (66x132) on Johnson
road; $206 each; $19.00 cash, $10.66
per month.
Merchants Bank Building.
Real Estate, Auctioneer, Valuator,
Loans and Insurance.
Walker Block, Columbia St.
Phones:   Office  703,   Residence   L 611
|years"of age;  ponies, HO per cent; appointments,  40  per cent���I, $15, Con
! Jones, Vancouver; 2, $10, Elmer Cameron. Sapperton.
Special prizes, presented for the
hest Shetland pony; to tie ridden hy
boy or girl under 15 years of age;
pony. 75 per cent; riding, 25 per cent
���I, $10, Elmer Cameron, Sapperton;
2, $5, Con Jones.
Special prizes, presented by the
Clydesdale Horse association of Canada. (J. W. Sangster, Esq., secretary,
Toronto, Ont.):
For the best Clydesdale stallion, any
age���S ,R. O'Neal, Vancouver.
For the best Clydesdale female, any
age���Inverholm Stock Farm.
For the hest Canadian-bred Clydesdale stallion, any age���Guichon estate.
For the best Canadian-bred Clydesdale female, any age���Shannon Bros.,
Special prize, presented hy Henry
Hlrks & Sons. (George E. Trorey,
Esq., managing director, Vancouver,
B. C.i:
For the hest lady rider, silver cup���
Miss Cowdry.
ly furnished, (list class board, all
l\rm:e cooking. Terms very reason-
I Me, at 513 Amies street.
loom, furnished. Apply Arrow Press,
(09 Victoria street, near Daily
isbod front bedroom, suitable for
two gent len.en. Apply Hox J. S.,
Daily Xevvs.
ner Agnes and Seventh streets.
���v. olv 71? Trew*��tr����*
ROOM TO RENT���A comfortable fur-
Blshod bedroom suitable for two
gentlemen,   Apply at '2?,n Sth St.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section.    Apply 129 Tenth
1>'.T upstairs Trapp hlock, corner
e\tttf***r\h'ta- ��*��-ppt   -jnri piqrkson
rooms. 703 Third avenue. Apply
after I! p. m. or between 9 a. m. and
l p.  in. at  Room  14. (123 Columbia
��fffeator head on   outside.    Finder
iii***m return tu   George   Adama,
roomed    bungalow,    new;
SIX    roomed   bungalow,   new;    price
$2800; $400 cash, balance $100 every ! elation i W. A. Sbafor, Esq
three months. |Hamilton, Ohio):
For  the  best   yearling  rani���1.  Mc
SIX roomed cottage and good lot;
$2300;   $1100 cash, balance arranged.
NEW seven roomed bungalow, furnished, cement basement: price
$2800; $4110 cash, balance $20 per
NEW eight roomed modern house;
pilce $3600; very easy terms,
tone up weak stomachs-supply the digestive juices which are lacking���ensure
your food being properly converted into brawn and sinew, red blcod and active
brain.    50c. a box at ycur druggist's or from
National Drug ond Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited, Montreal.
School Supplies
rOU don't have
to own an automobile to appre-
ciate   this   superb
It's one of Fit-Reform's
latest creations ��� the
"AUTO" - and its
military air has quickly
caught the taicy of
the younger set.
Made of elegant
Scotch and Irish
Tweeds $20, up.  136
665���Columbia  Street���86a
New Westminster, D. C.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Wateril
Manufactured  by
Telephone  R  113. Office:   Prlnceii Sti
Sole   Agent   in   New   Westminster
Ryall's Drug Store \
>>a t m.^f.~m.mm. ************** **************************
��� t
* The beautiful home ln the choicest   part of   the   city   on   three   I
!    streets,  Blackwood, Armstrong and Carnarvon, and on- two large lots;    J
$16,000, cash S&oon, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Two hundred acres adjoining the proposed   extended   townsite   of
*     Abbotsford on the southwest.   This   Is  an  excellent  proposition   for
* subdivisions Into five acre bloiks.   Price and terms on inquiry.
��� len acres near Port Mann, j t the southwest corner of section 35,
block 5 north, range 1! west, on Quible and Townline roads, having
21! chains of road frontage andean be nicely divided Into acre blocks.
|525 an acre; $2000 cash, balarce 6, 12 and 18 months. 1 have a large
list of choice homes at reasonable prices.
Cor. Fifth Ave. and Twelfth St.
Phone 719, or R 482 Eveningt.
Special    prizes,   presented    by   tho
American Oxford Down  Record a.so-
goo 1 terms
seven roorred  house and    four
on   two  streets;   price   $3500;
Real  Estate, Auctioneer, Valuator,
Loans and  Insurance.
Walker Block, Columbia St.
Phones:   Office  703,   Residence   L611.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given.
Clugbam   Bros.,  Port  Kells;   2, Alex
i    For the best, yearling ewe���i, Mc-
Clllghaai  Bros.;   2, Alex  Davie.
For the best  pen of  I  lambs, either j
sex���l,   McClugham   Bros.;   2,   Alexl
1 Davie.
;    Special prize, presented by the Canadian   Hunk of Commerce.    (II.   it.
j Davidson, Esq., manager, .New Westminster, ll. ('.): i
For the best fat wether lamb on ex-1
hlbitIon���Silver Modal, ('. T. ill. gin-,
sun Ai Son.
Special    prize,   presented    by   the!
Giant Powder company,  consolidated,
Vancouver,    B.    C.    (through    their
agents, T. J. Trapp <t Co., New Westminster, B. C):
For the best rani lamb on exhibition, two cases of stumping powder���
Alex Davie. |
Special prize, presented by the Ideal
Fence company, Winnipeg, Man.:
For the best, pen of sheep on exhlbl-
tino, breed;  one roll   wire   fencing���j
Alex Davie.
80 Acres Water Front Property, two and one half  I
miles east from PORT MANN.   2620 feet fronting
on Fraser River.   A very choice tract at a genuine
snap    Price and terms given on application to the
Movius Land and Loan Co.
Lidgerwood, North Dakota, U. S. A.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the  facilities   of  their
laage and strong bank-:
ing organization.
Interest is paid on  Savings
Balances half-yearly,
^���'siness   Accounts   opened
oa favorable terms.
615 Columbia Street.
White Star-Dominic
Canadian Service
214 Sixth Street.
Phone 567.
B. C
Architect and  Building Constructor.
Speelallst In Steel, Reinforced Concrete and  Modern  lliillding Construc-
lon.    Telephone 80G.
Reorr  13  Dominion Trust Building.
i-***���-'jn. _������*��� ���*>rm*v "mr**
Special prize, presented by J, VV.
Bland, V. 8., Vancouver, B. C. For
the best crock of dairy butler, distinct from other entries, not loss tha*
120 lbs.; winning butter to become the
j property of the donor of this prlza���
Mrs.  Robert. Wilson. Lan .lev Pfalrle,
*      .iCouUbuwI M Fa���� I\u*t*4.
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5:.r>(), 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at C:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return  Fare:   Adults, 60c;  children  under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every  half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.  m.
Sunday Excursion Hates:  lleturn fare. 50c; children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City  Limits  Line���20-mlnute sorvice from 5:40 a.m. lo 11:20 p.m
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Line���20-mlnute  service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:80 p m
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p in
Z***********>******** *********** **4j******************\
Megantic  Oct. 1
(New, twin screw, 14.STS tons.)
Demlnlon   Oct.
Laurentic      Oct.
(New, triple screw, 14,892 tons!
Canada         No* |
Megantic   Nov
Dominion   Nov.1
The Laurentic and Megantic '*\
new White Star steamers���th BlaiWj
and most modern from Can��dW|
For rates, berth reservall ";. ''"I
apply  to
ED. GOULET, Agent C. P. R
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent 0. N. ��|
T. H. LARKE, N. P. C. P. A.,
619  Second  Avenue,  Scan!"   Wall
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens   Lay.
Central Meat MarWl
Corner  Eighth  St. and  Fifth Ave""''
PHONE 370.
For all   .inds ol
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The    Arrow   Pr��*|
Mrs. E. M. Domlny, P*��-
near The Dally News Co., 809 Vlc,��
Try  a "WANT" ad  In T"e
It wlll bring rrsults.
Ne** tuesd
AY, OCTOBER  11, 1910.
nk of Montreal       "To The
**********  ,,.���    ,c."
M $14,400,000.00
VPITAL      11,000,000.00
heB throughout Canada    and
I ,   adia.ui, anu  in
nd   New Void
BA    and  Mexico  Citj
Bl    . c edil issue
[���'\      BanU Department-Deposits
1:,   Bum9  of   .1   and  upwind,
,lU       i allowei at 3 percent, per
rale I-
London,   Eng-
Chicago and Spokane,
A   general
transacted.    Let-
available   with
ll    parts of    the
terest a
Inum  IP"  enl
���    A^<tS _ ���__________���
BRYMNER, .Manager.
G. D.
General PuMic"
I have the bt I poi iio. i gi ic. a in
B. C. al cheaper rales | er sack, or by
the ton, delivered anywhere In the
city Un Its of N'ew West minster free
of charge.
Satlsfacllon guarantei d. Give your
ordei  now and gt i delivery satae day.
Don't forget I he address.
The  Potato  Merchant and Auctioneer.
527   Front  St.,   New   Westminster.
Phone 550.
List oi Prize Winners
At llie Exhibition
IContlnued From Page Two.)
ransfer Co.|
Inc. Thon. i��.     Barn 'Mono 18?
Columbia Street.
E.ggnge   delivered   promptly    n
tny part of the city.
jght and Heavy Hauling
6   ppriCE-TPAM  DEPOT. |
Gardiner & Gardiner j
iF. O. Gardiner)
|nnm I-,   Westminster  Trust Building;
00     New Westminster, B. C.
hone 661 Residence  Phone   133
fM'MM-U^    60   YEARS"
$��b_m*i-*3&? EXi- ER1ENCE
Trade Marks
^^^^^^^^       CopvrtiGHTS Ac.
An7onni."n(",lii(f n *kptrh and description mr.-?
���iitiyty aioertalQ *";r opinion free win-ti.cr an
invention Is probsblrv atqntahl& Comrounlea*
UoniMrlotjreonBdoiitlu. HANUBOOK on I'a'.nn
lent tree, Ol-lest at/cnr- fur securing patents.
l'litunti'takcn-tlir.iiuih Jluiai * Co. rca;l7e
Ipirwlnotlr-, wlthoubclinr. a, tn tha
Scientific flnterica&
A hnndw^moly Uluntratc xl ireekly, Ijitkus', cir-
culail(.i) at any tetentlSo Journal. Terms tin
Caniuta, *.t-*'j a yoar, postatc- .repaid, bold bj
all nuVKdealer*.
MUNN & Co.a61E-ad"a' Hew York
Branch Offlco, 62S> V Bt_ Wa��b. -..-tuii. L>. C
S] e lai prizes, presented by Uie
11 il !o Milling company (througli
tlieii agent, I). P. Dickson, Esq., Vau-
er, B. i'.i :
For tin Iji st lo if of home-made
bi ��� id i di bj any lady non-proft -
slonal in tlie i rov Ince, from tbelr
"Ri vai Household" Flour."���1, .$15,
Mrs A. \V. Gray, City; 2, $1". Mar-
i'.o ���     11 i'. i  . i ity.
Spe lai   pi Izes,   presente 1    by    the
Vancouver Milling & Grain Company
; i.l.   E,   Hall,   Es;..  manager,  Vancouver, B. Ci:
For the besl loaf of home-made
bread made by nny lady, non-professional, from their "Royal Standard"
Flour���1, $10, Mis. .1. Imlah, city; 2,
$5, Mis  a. VV. Gray, city.
Special   prizes,   presentee
I Luke  of  l i e   Woods  Millin_
I (through their coast agent,
iii   Esq . Vancouver, I!. C.):
For the beBt loaf of
bread, made by any lady non-profes-
slonu! In the province, lrom their
"Five Roses" Flour���Cash, $25, Mrs,
John  Robinson, South Vancouver.
Special prizes, presented by the
Easterbrooke Milling Co., Eburne, B.
C. (through L. McQuarrie ^ Co.,
agents,  New  Westminster,  B.  C.i:
For   the   best   loaf    of    home-made
bread  made  by any  lady   non-professional   from   their   "Imperlal"Flour���
jl. $15, Mrs.  Norman  McCallan,   Ladner; 2, $lu, J. Imlah, city.
Coatham; 2, VV. Knight, Chilliwack.
Apples Wolf River, 5���1, VV.
Knight; 2, J. Fox; 3, J. II. Coatham.
Apples Blenheim Orange, 5���1, Har-
old Turner, city; 2. .1. II. Coatham; '���'
('.  F,  Higginson,
Apples, winter Bgnana, 5���1. W.
Knight; li, J. ll Coatham; 3, Francis Mercer, city.
Apple;. itlhsti n PIpj In ,5 I, J.
Fo> :  :.'. .lohn  [tumble, Central  Pari;.
Apples, any other variety, Bummer
��� fall 1 !���'. .1. Wilght; 2, VV. 1.. Fitzpatrick, city.
Api les   Baldwin, 5���1, Han 1 I Turn-
by    t lie
J. I. Lou-
er; 2, C. T   Higginson
Ben   Davis,   ri���l.
T    ner;   2,   VV.  Knrrman,  i:   il
aby; 3, VV. I.. Fltzpai i i -;;.
A| pies, i o . i (range Pippin, 5
Coal ham.
Ap] les. Canada Red 5���1,
Turner; .. J. II. Coatham;
Apples   Fameuse, 5���1, J.  I!
ham; 2. VV   Knlghl; ::. .1. Fox.
Apples,  Ontario,  5���1,  \V.  F
son. city;  2, Sproutt i*.-  Scbou.
Ap] les,   Pewauki e,  5���J.   ll,
bam. Sardis.
Apples,   Roxbury   Russet.   5-
Coatham;  '-', C. T.
:;. VV, Knight. M
Cr ib Ap] let. 1 [j slop, 12���1, M. Harris, Kelowna; 2, A, Stewart, Summer-
land; 3, II. I. Keary.
Crab Apples, Siberian, 12���Stride
& Sons, i Ity.
Crab  Apples, any other variety,  12
���1, Mrs. John  McNab;  2,   I. 1!. Co
ham;  3, J. T. Beaibj
I'.lu- .   enli   , Ev '���: ���... eon, one | late���
I. T. J.  Wright, Central   Park
A. Ste rat,  Easl   Burnaby;  3,
Ferndale. H	
Besl packed apples In box for ship
VV. Knight, iplng, -l bo::es���Errington fi Cantwell,
n I
Harold   ��� - Ine;
Burn-      Walnuts,   plate   English,
ithan 12- B. Wi ie, city,
���j. ii.      Belle de  Boslcoop,  5  boxes���1,  Errington fi  Canl well,.  Ladner;:   2,   M.
Harold   Harris,   Kelowna;    3,    Salmon    Arm
3     w.   Hoar! of Trad,'.
Iiigj;ln.5on <& Son; I your skin by the use of greasy salve*,
and thus encourage them to multtpty.
A true cure of all eczematous diseasM
can  be  brought  aboul  oni;   by osioi
the i i iling ngents In the form of   a.
A simple w ash: A compound ol M
of Wlnl    grei a,   Thym il,   an.i   otter
Ingredients as combined In the D. 1>.
I). Prescription.   Tin's   penetrates   to
, A. the disease germs and destroys them.
Fox,  then  soothes Und  heal-'  i  e slria as
nothing else has ever done.
A trial bottle will starl (he cure,
and :A\e yo i Instant relit f. v i ���
for II today to the D. D. D. Pn si <;<-
tlon Laboratories, Depart. N. M., Mt
Colborne St., Toronto.
I    Gi imes  Goldt n
c    ;.  Boyer, Kelowna;
Spences Bridge,
lohn-      King, 5 boxes���1, F
jowna; 2, B. B, Glass; I
Mrs. .1.
A.   E.
Coat-'    Jonathan,
Kelowna;   2   R,
The  Municipal  Council or th.   Car-
iporatlon of the City of New Westnfo-
S,  S] ��� er, Ke!- K!e1' bavin., by resolution determined
\l   Harris,       .and specified that it Is desirable   to
boxes���1.    VV,    Green, carry on the following works, that is
Mansfield; 3, .1. Stow-.t" say
Westminster Pi Ivate Hospital.
223 Townsend i.'t. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$16 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Tele-
I bi i.t 765.
Try  a   "WANT"  ad   ln   The  News.
\*  fril'   *"\j]f "V*V"JJ.
FRUIT       EX-
Bellrose,   Chilliwack;    2,   W.   Knight;
::. .1. II. Cq'atbam, Sardis.
An].les, Rhode island Greening, 5���
i. s. (i. Tidy, city; 2, J, ll. Coatham;
:'., C. G. Robson, city.
Apples, Salome, r>���], George Bell-
rose; 2, .1. H. Coatham
Apples, Sutton Beauty, 5���1. I. Fox; :
2, VV. Knlpht; 3, .1. ll. Coatham. 1^^^^^^^
Apples. Winesap, .'.���A. ll. Menzies, Spences Bridge
Fender  Island. [of Trade,
Apples, any other variety. 5���J.  II.      Wealthy
Coathanr   2,  C.  T.  ulgglnBon;   3, j. Kelowna;
Fox. Trade; 3,
Apples,  Lest  collection  fall  apples.     Wagner,
5  varieties.  5 of each���I. C.  T.  Hlg- Kelowna:
glnson; 2, W. Knight;  3, T. A. Flen- 3, Salmon
nel. Yp|low
boxes���l.    F.
ling, Kelowna;
art, Summerland.
Northern Spy,
Ginss;  2, T. VV. E
Ontario, 5 boxes���1, T. s. Speer, Kelowna;  2. A.  1-1.  Rover.
Red Cheek Pippin, 5 boxes���Mrs. .1.
Smith, spences Bridge.
Spitzenberg, 5 boxes���l, .1. i.. Prldham,    Kelowna;    2.    Mrs.    .1    .Smith.
To construct cement concrete sidewalks, Boulevards, curbs, storm
sewers, retaining walls and pavei
roadways on Second street from
Royal avenue to Sixth avenue.
To construct cement concrete sidewalks on Alexander sireet. BegUe
street. Lorne street, McKenzie strett,
Sixtli stieet and Clarkson street.
To construct cement concrete side-
Salmon Arm Board
Gold Watc'jea for LadUs from i'Ztb
Silver Watches,   gents'    open face
.00. __ _ I
Silver Watches,   gents'  open    case,
.50 up.
A. ent    for    Waltham   and      Klgin
Watch re.alrln.   a specialty.
.o Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
:-.,  to 25  H.  P.
2 and  4  Cycle.
Loc.il   Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
And   Upriver   Landings
The  New  Sternwheeler
Port Mann
Ten acres In section 21, range
2, at |1000; one-quarter ca6h.
Twenty acres in seeion 110.
range 2, at $1000; one-<iuarter
Tor subdivision, these are
City Property
First class lots on Seventh
avenue, sin. le or double, well
situated, 66x132. This is a good
Good building lots on Eighth
avenue, near Second street. Kn-
qulre about this; there is money
to be made.
We bave a number of choice
bouses for sale from $1500, for
$i;r.u casli. balance easy, to J12,-
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
The Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co.
The Prudential Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Co.
Special prize, presented by the Hudson's Hay company ill. T. Lockyer,
Esq., manager, Vancouver, B, C).
Open to competition among the amateur gardeners iu Vancouver, New
Westminster and the surrounding districts:
For the best cottagers' exhibit of
fruits and vegetables itliat ls. an e\-
liibit made and arranged by an individual, of vegetables and fruit grown
in  bis own garden, and  eared  for in
his spare time.    A person making his   nel;
Apples,   best  collection   wintei
pies,  5  varieties,  a  of eacli
Coatham;   2,  W.   Knight;    :
Bell rose. ^^^^^
Special   List of Apples for  Home
and Commercial  Planting.
Apples. Stark, 5���1, J. Wright
Errington A: Cantwell, Sidney; ;
H. Coatham.
Apples, Relle de Boskoop, 5-
rington Ai Cantwell.
Apples. Rome Beauty, 5���F. G. Earl,
Apples,   Wealthy,  5���1, T.  A.  Flen-
walks on Henley street from Eiuluh
avenue to London street.
And that the saitl works shall be
carried out in accordance with the
provisions of the "Local Improvement
General  By-law, 1909."
And the city engineer and city assessor having reported to the council
K   in  accordance  with  the provisions of
11. Turner;
J. Fox.
living out of growing fruit and vegetables is not entitled to participate):
Dining room suite, value $100���A. G.
Marshall, Vale road. A second prize
is added to this, of a dinner set,
valued at $30���Mrs. S. Walker, M-
Apples, Mcintosh, 5���1, Harold Turner;  2, T. A. Flennel.
Apples, king, 5���1, C. T. Higginson;
2, J. 11. Coatham; 3, W. Knight.
Apples, Wagner, a���J. Fox, Ferndale.
6 boxes���], li. Mansfield.I
2, Salmon Arm Board of,
W. Glean,  Kelowna,
,". boxes���i, a. B. Boyer,]
.'. G. Graham, Summerland; I
Arm Board or Trade.
 Newton, boxes���1   __���_____mm__m ____���__________���___���
Mansfield; 2. A. E. Boyer. \f^e su'd  by-law upon the said works
1   j   H I    Gravens'teln, ' 5    boxes���1,    T.    S. S'vins   estimates   t-!kiu..
George  Spear, Kelowna;   .. A. Stewart. Sum- ��ivinS      statements      showing     the
'     merland;  3, J. H. Coatham, Sardis.       amounts   estimated   to  be  chargeable
I Pears. against   the   various  portions of  real
Bartlett,   2   boxes���1,   Errington   & 'property to be benefitted by the said
o I Cantwell   Sidney | works and  other particulars, and the
"      Bose, 2 boxes���1, Errington & Cant- sald reP��rt9 of the sald city engineer
well;   2. A.  E.  Bovle   Kelowna iind cil>" assessor having been adopt-
Clairgeau.  2  boxes���1, Errington  &  ed by the council-
I.Cantwell  ;2, VV. Knight, Chilliwack Xotice is lieretiy ��lven that the said
Howell,   2   boxes���IJ    L.   Prldham, 'reports are open for inspection at the
I Kelowna;  2   T   W   Sterling , office  of the city  assessor, city hall.
Doyenne. 2 boxes���1, J. L. Prldham;   Columbia street, New Westminster, B.
2, A. lv Boyer.
Louise  Bonne de Jersey, 2 boxes���
T. W. Sterling, Kelowna.
B. Hardy, 2 boxes���S. G. Tidy. city.
B. BouBsock, 2 boxes���l, j, L. Prldham, city; 2. Errington & Cantwell.
Pears, Vicar of Wakefield, 5���T. VV,
S; ecial   prizes,  presented   by    the
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., Vaucouver, victoria and New Westminster;
For tlie best 100 lbs   White Milling
oats, cast: $5���S. Morley, Ladner.
Apples, Jonathan,
nel;    2,   3.    Fox;
Cantwell. Sidney.
Apples.  Northern  Sp>
1, T. A. Flen-1 Sterling. Kelowna.
Errington    & i     Pears, any other variety
(Wm. Middleton. Vernon.
���    5���j    ,]    ii I     Pears,   any   other  variety
T, A. Flennell;
Gritr.es   Golden.a���1, George
2, J. H. Coatham; 3, H. Tur-
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Com-
any'a wharf, New Westminster, with
^ssengers and fi eight ns follows:
Leaves Nt w  Westminster Tuesday.
Ibursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
[Leaves Chilliwack  Wednesday, Fri-
ay ami Sunday at 7 a. m.
jirst Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
Special prize, presented hy George
Thompson,   Esq.,  Vancouver,    B.    L'.:
For the best exhibit of Winter ap-
pies, not less than 5 varieties, distinct
from other entries (the fruit taking
:liis prize to become the property of
the donor), cash fu���J. H. Coatham,
Special prizes, presented by George
Thompson,   I.s ...   Vancouver,   B.   C.I
For the  best   packed  box of  apples  d;1'e
for   market,   d'.sunct   from   other    en '     "'     .	
tries ithe fruit taking these prizes to son & Son; :' J. H. Coatham.
become the property of the donor)���      Pears,   Sheldon,  5���1,   Mrs.
1. $', Mrs. J. Smett, Spences Bridge;
2, Jn, J. Glbb, Kelowna.
Apples, Spitzenberg. 5���1, S. G.
Tidy; 2, J Fox; 3, C. T. Higginson ii
! Son.
Pears, best collection by individual
growers. 6 varieties. 5 of each tfa.ll>���
1, C. T. Higginson & Son; 2, Jacob
Pears, best collection by individual
growers. ;". varieties, 5 of each (winter)���J. H. Coatham. Sardis.
Pears. Louise, Bonne de Jersey. ">���
J. Fox, Ferndale.
Pears.   Bartlett.   f. .   Fox,    Fern-
Geor"e ';"'���'���   '���   Dunlap,   Lillooet
" j Sterling, Kelowna;  3, E.
i winter l,
2. T. VV.
In regard to skin diseases, medical
authorities are now agreed on this:
Don't imprison the disease germs in
C, and that unless a petition against
the proposed works above mentioned
signed by a majority of the owners of
the land or real property to be assessed  or  charged  in    respect    of    such
works,  representing at  least one-half
in  value  thereof  is presented to the
; council   within  fifteen  days  from  the
'date of the first   publication   of   this
I notice  the  council  will proceed witii
the    proposed    Improvements    under
such  terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such improvements  as  the  council  may  by by-law
' in that behalf regulate and determine
I and also to make the said assessment.
'     Hated  this 29th day  of  September,
A.D. 1'tlO. W. A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
Date   of   first   publication  the  30tl��
day of September, 1!U0.
Pears.   Howell,  5���1.   C.   T.   Higgin-
       Lockie |
Brown;  -. J. Fox.
Pears.   Duchesse   d'Angouleme,   5��� j
VV. McDermott.
Pears,   Beurre   Boussock,  5���1,   Errington & Cantwell;  :', VV. Knight;  3, j
J. H. Coatham.
Pears.   Bose,  5���Errington  &   Cant-1
Room  6, Guichon Building.
Phone  681
Special   prize,   presented   by    D
Curtis H  Co.. Westminster, B.C.:
For  the  best collection of amateur   well,
photographs, taken  with  an  Eastman Open  to  the  World,
kodak,   and   finished   with   Eastman's      Plums,  best collection,  5   varieties,
goods;   $5���A. Wedge, city. individual growers. 12 of each���1, Er-
Special  prize,  presented   by   D.   S. rington  &   Cantwell;        ~   "    ~"
""���'--��� 3,   M.   T.
Ail   Kinds  of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply Executed.
Curtis & Co., New Westminster. B.C.:   Kelowna
For the best collection of amateur strong.
photographs (for chltUren only), tak-     plums
en  by  child  under 15 years of   age,
with an  Eastman kodak, and finished
with     Eastman's     goods;     $11.50	
11 Phyllis  Gray.  city.
L,   E.   B.   Glass,
Hayhurst,   Arm-
m    and    . Kill   Pt.    New
Inster B, t'��� Phone 361.
JOHN  DOBSON, Manager.
Estimates  Given  on   Any   Kind
of  Job   Printing
Phone  388
Lombard.  12���1,  Mrs. J.  M.
Bull, Kelowna:   2. Stride & Sons.
Plums, Coe's Golden Drop. 12���1.
Errington Ai Cantwell' 2, J. Fox; 3,
E.  B. Glass.
Plums,   Yellow   Egg,   IJ���Mrs.   Loc-
' kie Brown, city
Special piizes presented to the giil
| winning the largest number of prizes
I under Division P:
1. $6, Vera Kenny, city
j Alexander, Sunbury; 3, $
I kev, city.
. M. Olive
lelen Wal-
Special prizes presented to the child
"Prince Rupert" and "Prince George"
Urgest-Surest-Swlfteet.      8600  tons,    320 feet '^L^VPJf*
L^ve  Vancouver   (Johnston Wharf) for PRINCE RUPERT l.. u -
"'���  Monday  and   Friday.    Close connections at Prince Rupert o.
s-  "PRINCE   ALBERT"   to   Stewart   on   arrival   of   S.   S.   "PRINC
"PRINCE  ALBERT" also  leaves   Prince   Rupert   for   f^.^Zt^
m' Monday and for Queen Charlotte,  City   and   Island   ��� ��"���
''��� "' Thursday. ,       ....
F'"' VICTORIA and SEATTLE 2:00 p.  ni.  Wednesday  anl  Baturaay.
Solid wide vestlbvtle trains of coaches and  s'��P,n3 "vork^Tor.
Ull"So.  Detroit,   London,   Hamilton,  Niagara   Falls,  ^e railway
��"to. Montreal,  Portland, Boston, etc.    Longest dOUDle track y
"nder one  management  on  the American continent.
.   '���'"'  rates   time tables, booklets and full Information, passenger or
rreiBh.t, apply to
, .   ,    H' commercial Are"'.
! Ity Passenger nnd Ticket Agent. Telephone 3060.
Te'ephone 710C.     527 Granville Steer, Vancouver.       'eie.
largest number of prizes
wider Division H:
l,  $6,    Mary   Kenny.
Brownie Peebles;  3, $2
winning tne
city;   -
May  L.
l' special prizes ottered by B. C. Dairymen's and Stockbreeders' association:
Senior herd: -l cows, 2 years and
over, bred'ta B. C.-l, a. 0. Wells.
Chilliwack; 2, A. H, Mehzies ^ Son,
Pender Island.
Junior herd: 3 heifers, unde. 2
years; one bull any age���1, A. v.
Wells & Bon; 2, A, ll. Menzies, Pen-
Jei' Island.
Heavy   draft   mares   or   gelttings
Shannon   BrOB., Cloverdale.
Rum lamb and 2 ewe lainbs; short-
wool breed-1, Alex Davie, Ladner; 2,
P ii. Wilson, Sardis,
'Ram lamb and 2 ewe lambs long-
wool breed-1  and 2, A. C. Wells &
Sons. ,        ,
pen  of  bacon   hogs;   any   breed  Ol
oroaB���1,    Joseph    Thompson,    Chilli-
k-  2   H. Webb, Sardis.
Plums, Pond's Seedling. 12���F. J. j
Wright: 2, VV. T. Hayhurst: 3, A. E.I
Bayer, Kelowna.
Plums,  Damson,  l"���1, D. Dawey;
J.  I   L. Prldham;  3, T. W. Sterling.
Plums  Rivers' Black Diamond, i-���
1,   A.   K.'   Hover,   Kelowna;   2.  T,    VV.
Sterling. Kelowna.
Plums, Fallenherg or Italian Prune, ,
12���1,   11   Hy;.U   .city;     . ,   st.l.le    &
Bradshaw, 12���1, II, Ryall, city; 2 ,
1\ VV, Sterling.
Plums,  Grand   Duke.   12���1,   A.   K.
Boyer,   Kelowna;2,  VV.  T.   Hayhurst,!
Armstrong;  ",  Fred  VVoblrldge,  Kel-i
Plums. Columbia, l"���Errington & j
Cantwell .Sidney.
Plums, Sugar Prune. 12���P. VV. Star- '
ling, Kelowna; 2. J. i.. Prldham.
Plums, German Prune, 12���l, T. A.
Fennell, Fast Burnaby; 2, ll. Davey.
Plums, any other variety, 12���1, VV.
T.   Ilayliurst,   Armstrong;   2.    A.     E. I
Boyer;":;, J. I.. Prldham.
Peaches. Elberta, 6���A, 10. Boyer.
Peaches, any other variety, ('.��� 1. A. I
E. Boyer;  2, F. J. Wright;  3, George
Grapes, Concord. 4 bunches���1, Miss'
L, Brown, city; 2, 11. I. Keary.
Grapes, Delaware, 4 bunches���|
Stride &  Sons, city.
Grapes, Niagara, I bunches���VV. D.
Jones, City.
Grapes, Moore's Diamond, 4 bunches i
���Mrs. G.  Mathewson, city.
I Westminster Opera House
Hector MeCaig, Manager.
TUESDAY,   OCT.   18th
Mort H. Singer
Presents For The First Tims in New  Westminster
Jos. E. Howard
Famous Author, Composer and Singer
In America's Greatest Musical   Comedy
With a Record Run of Over One
Year at the Princess Theatre,
As Presented at the Moore
Theatre, Seattle; Vancouver
Opera House, Vancouver. Sane
,     Grapes,      White       Sweetwater,      -I
Duchess, 5���1; P. J. Wright, bunches���H. I. Keary.
Jacob Pox, Ferndale; | Grapes, any other variety, | bunches
���1. Win. Draper, city; -, Mary Keary
3, W. D. Jones.
Quinces, Orange.  6���1  and  2. C. J.
Robson, city; ;:, Qeorge Bellrose,
Crab  Apples, Transcendent,  X2���W.
Middleton. Vernon.
A. |     ("rub   Apples,   Martha,   111���1.   Win.
Nichol, Vancouver:  ., .1. T. Beatty.
H. |    Ciab   Apples,    Florence���1,   J.   H.
Central Park
;t VV. C. Couthani, city
' Apples, Gravensteln, r>-
8 in son;   Z, J.  Fox, Ferndt:
Coal ham.
Apples,  Maiden s  lllush
Weight;  2. Jacob Fox.
Apples.   A4*xander,   B-    ^^^
Fennell, Fast Burnaby.
Apples, Thlstleweiglit, 5���1,   J.
1, C. T. ll^-
ile;  3, J. 11.
5���1, T.
Supported by an All-Star Cast and the original Prm-
cess Theatre Dancers and Show Girls.
50 Of the Most Beautiful Chorus Girls On tlie Road-511
PRICES :    Orchestra, $1.50; balance lower floor,
$1.00; balcony. $1.00 .and 75c; gallery, 50c.
Seats on Sale at McKenzie's Pharmacy, Sat, Oct 15 mm
il!, :.'i<
The DalSy News
Published by The Dally Mews Publisn.
ro. Company, Limited, at their offlc b
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
t.  A.  Paige Managing  Director
We Furnish Your
Home   Com p Ite
mrTT~ i hi  iiiiiiw  inmiiWTTinrfiirT~TT��*'
^^   1 z^ //vf / nr
nrjEjjcp 1
During  Exhibition Week Thi   Store Will Be Open Every Day from 3 a.m. tto 6 p.m.    Saturday, 8 a.m. to
10  p. n.
Every new and again there erc-vs 1111 j
anew, sometimes in   the form   of   a
hope expressed. 6ccaslonally as a note
of exrectancv, and again    as a   bold]
statement of certainty, a reference to
the assumption of ihe  leadership of 1
the  Conservative party  by  the  lien.;
Richard McBride.    li Is a case of he- j
ing ofl with the old hue before being
off with the new.    Om- Conservative
friends have no! even the decency toi
await   i'nc resignation of the present
leader of tlieir party before displaying
<in active advocacy for a suceessor.
This action may however be taken
as an Indication of the condition of unrest and disunion which now prevails
in the Conservative camp. That there
is a strong feeling or disatlsfaction
with tlie moderate policy of Mr. Borden among tbe more aggressive section of tlie party there can be no
doubt. It is this wing wbicb is trying to oust their piesent leader and
place Mr. McBride in his stead. Meanwhile the general strategy of the
paity has been entirely changed. The
Winnipeg Free Press prints the following view of tbe situation:
"Xo more has been heard of the
plan of holding a national convention
of the Conservative party. The plan
has been abandoned. There will be
no Dominion Conservative convention, i
Such a convention would be fatal to
the strategy of the Conservative plan I
��f campaign which has been decided I
upon for the next Dominion general
Sections, and which is already beiiss
put into operation. The party strategy
in the next Dominion campaign is to
be the strategy of apparent disunion.
The Conservative forces in Quebe;:
will campaign, as they are already
campaigning, under the Nationalist
colors, denouncing the naval policy of
the government and, assailing Sir Wilfrid Laurier as 'a traitor to Canada,
tinctured with a dangerous Imperialism'; while in other portions of the
Dominion the Conservative war will
be waged against the Laurier government's naval policy as a policy designed to bring about separation from
the Empire.
"In regard to the rariff policy, there
is a similarly strategic diversity. In
protectionist constituencies, 'adequate protection' are the slogans, and
the grand old party's historic record
of devotion to tlie high tariff cause is
pointed to witli pride; while in the
constituencies where the opposite
views prevail, tariff reduction and
���even free trade aie the only Conservative wear, in localities where there
is a strong sentiment in favor of the
Tariff Reform campaign of Great Bii-
tain, the Conservative candidates will
talk vehemently in support of Tariff
Reform, and sa on throughout tlie
Dominion, :'.c 1 rovalling local senti-
ment being proclaimed in each locality
as the one true Conservative doctrine. The party plan of campaign
bein. thus a plan of fighting in groups,
a Dominion convention of ihe party is
manifestly out of ihe question.
"S ich a thing is   in,;,   dreamed   <'f
Tiow.   There   is never   the   slightest
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
-j-.**. au.-arvTHui.f
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
��� Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ \ r
portions to cleanse \v\\I\//t/.
easily, vigorously,
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
4 Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
mention of it  in    any
Conservative  the preparation of wliich  much care
, , ..     and industry was evidently employed,
journal, although only a year ago the  R Jg gtm on sa,e and ,g wonh buying
Conservative journals from end to end  as it contains a large amount of valua-
..,.*.������ , ,   ,        ,.,   ble information about the Queen City
of the Dominion were acclaiming with  on ^ b_nk8 Qf ^ Fraae*_VBIICOll.
enthusiasm  the  wisdom  of  the  plan', ver World.
which had been decided upon of hold-1 "
ing a Dominion convention, and were HAS   MUCH   MERIT.
predicting   confidently   the   great   re-,    The Daily New8 of New Westmln-
salts   which  would  follow  upon  such  ster  celebrated  the  50th  anniversary
of the Royal City's annual fair by pro-
a   representative   gathering   of   the ducing an exhibition number of much
whole of the Conservative party    as-  merit.    The  issue  depicts  in   attrac-
, ,   ,  .       ..       . .".. ,       :tive style the rapid growth and devel-
sembled for   the   formulation    of   a,opment  of  the  Frase|.  Kive|. p01.t  ,n
policy for the whole party.   A Domin- industrial,     educational     and     other
, .. __   ,      ..       I branches, and is an  appropriate  sou-
ion  convention now  would  be disas-  venjr   _{   the  eM.~M,m   ann,versai.y.
trous to the party's policy,'which    is  The  eighteen  extra   pages  exploiting
simply a policy of fighting in groups,
the idea being that, in the event of
the  ouicome  proving the election of I w.hloh *�� t0 show the remarkable era
I of progiess now being enjoyed by the
sufficient   Conservative   members   to Royal City.���Saturday  Sunset.
outnumber the government supporters
in tlie House, a basis of union between
the groups would, of course, be framed
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ot Curtain Ends
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interesting features of "The City of
Destiny" bave been lightened by a
judicious   use  of  engarvings,   all    of
The New Westminster News issued
a  special   edition   to   celebrate   the
���Meanwhile the plan-of/campaign ls| opening  of  the  Provincial  exhibition
being put into active operation. A
policy of free agricultural implements
Is being announced in the West as
the Conservative policy, wiille in the
protectionist East
tisn' is the cry."
The   Xew  Westminster  Daily  News
and tlie Chilliwack railway. It. is a
well-illustrated number and Indicates
that the News is able to do excellent
typographical and literary work, and
also that New Westminster is growing fast.    The city on the Fraser has
'adequate   protec-1 certainly a great future before it. The
| time   will   come  when   It.   wlll   touch
Vancouver on the northwest side and
���rrT=rrrrz there Is already talk of the two join
ing to make one big city. If this
ever happens the city will be a second New York, but In the meantime
All rubbish and garbage must be
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where It will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
wlll be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Bylaw.
By Order, S. J. PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector
City Hall. June 13. 1910,
A Trip
To Europe ?
If ��o, vou will want the very hcrvt
that can be offered for your money,
and tt does not matter what class of
cabin is desired.
******************* **************
Iand officer*l ll!Nvij
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.  BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and Ce-llne.
**************************** ************************* I
New Westminster resents anv sug.es-
Is to be congratulated on its special tlon of sinking her Individuality and wU, ������ v,������. -ant8, Flr8tl Second and
edition. Much information Is given will look alter her own business and Thlrd Cabln a0COmmodatlon Is unex-
about the Royal City and the Kraser pr��sr;er' ,She lms aH lhe advantaBes'celled whllBl the Dining Service leaves
Valley, nnd the publicity department wl,lcl1 llla,;e tor the building ol a big nothing to bo desired.
of the Board of Trade should make it city. -vs :l center ol the lumber and The Xpxt sailings ar
worth iis while to circulate such a ,lsl;i"- industries, nnd as the greal
splendid number broadcast.���Vancou- distributing poinl for the agricultural
ver Man population of the lower Fraser she
                   Ihas  great   possibilities.      Within  ihe
last  year or two she bus pul  on   a
DID   GOOD   SERVICE. more city-like appearance. With other
cities of the coast   this is her grow
Probably that watch of you s is not giving you proper satisfaction
Royal George ...
Royal Edward . ,
Royal George . . .
Royal Edward . .
.Goulet, agent ('. P, II., Will bonk
your passage  via  these steamers, or
.Sept. 29
..Oct. 13
Oct. 27
.Nov.  10
The   New  Westminster  Daily  News   ing time.    None will  be more pleased   wrlte  Wm'  Stapleton, general
did good service for the  Royal City to see her prosperity than the people Scott block, Winnipeg, Man.
with a special exhibition number on  of Victoria.���Times. Victoria.
You liave had it iu the repair shop, but, while it is running, will ������������������
run accurately. The reason for dissatisfaction is thai the man wlw
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the lauits mentioned,
We have heen fortunate in securing the services of a first cl.M
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^^*��^;>^*^w^^i<-<*��^-'<*��<��**.fc- ��
.'I   ��V
���  **-****l
l^sm+i-i      *.. TUESDAY, OCTOBER  11, 1910.
jijt UlFiitTSi FAK AWAY
<aaMBMB��K3affiEEK2agBB5BaKi1MMaSBM ��������������������
0f Lacrosse Dares Suggest That
.,   Jones   Will    Eventually    Hug
Minto   Cup   to   His   Bosom.
.,.;., ,ed   fiom tbe wrath  of
���   ,'   ,v. Welsh, and the oppro-j
.   ,;   Rvall  by  ihe barrier ol
;orl y ",',) .iiiiuiins,^"'! ii  distance
'    .  ,, thousand fnilefe, Joe Lally
, , for publicatlan i!l Calgary,
I.,. , 11 tea l this aloud:
,. Mi) ;up will remain in the
t least live vims longer, un-
, . ,���.. ,..,.,, via Vancouver," said
,,; ( omwall, the ramous la-
i eree and player, who reach-
s ;,,., week with the Idea of
preliminary arrangements to-
;;",!���, formation of local school la-
',, b, "By this statement   I
continued    Mr.   Lally    "that
I   , nly   team   that   may   heal
Salmon   Bellies  within  the  next
Meeting to Be Held in Lon
don to Discuss Immense
All-British Undertaking.
Hector McCaig, Manager
Friday Evening, Oct.   14
tue years Is the Vancouver aggrega-
Mill 1 think that It is within the
ds  of  possibility���ihai   the  Ter
City  team   may   wrest  llie  mug
;,,,,  present   holders  within   .1
si,ori    time.      If   this   occurs   it
.   |,;,|,| en   thai   Vancouver   would ,
,.    ,;,,.,| i,\  an eastern team and the,
silverware thus take a trip in
I posite direction to the   setting
- ���
reason   for   thinking  that  the'
mver  lacrosse  team   will   strong-
...    up tremendously during the next
ears Is that then' is a fierce rlv-
existing between the two cities,!
iver  and   New   Westminster.
Vancouver wants those big Minto
rowds;   they  want the honor of
;     esslng a team thai can walkaway
the eastern   doyens of  lacrosse
, Westminsters in the two games'
, il  recently;   they   hate  to see aj
ratively small city In such close
Itv   to  them   possess   a   better,
they  do  themselves   and t
,.'���' ������ all, is the natural rivalry]
... .n  sporting towns.
I nder these conditions .and already,
;      .     .,.'    lacrosse    material    of    no'
order,  the  obvious  and  almost
'.';.   course for  Vancouver to fol-
is to beg, borrow or steal a team
can do the  work.    That's  why  I
that the Salmon Bellies may have
a  : ard tussle  to  retain   the   mug  for.
. years longer.
But it is a cinch that as far as any I
.  stern team is concerned New West-'
mmster  will  keep  tlieir  mlts  on  tho1
Cup for at least flve years. We
���    not hing   that   can   touch   them.
west is certainly on top as far as
rosse is concerned.
: don't think  that  the lacrosse ln
��� east  Is as good as It used to be,
if in savin, this I do not mean to
ate that  the  New   Westminsters
nol   one  of  the   most   remarkable
egatlons   that   have  ever   played
��� National game of Canada.    They
a ���    wonderful.     Tlieir   combination,
hi��� utwork    . tlieir     wonderful
���', e  ami   knowledge  of  the  game
��� them on the very highest plane
the   lacrosse   world.     There   is   no
��� Hon whatever about their merits.
���'���   aie   tiie   hest   lacrosse   team   in
tl ��� worl I.
Right  here 1 want  to pay a tribute
:   Con Jones, of Vancouver.   He has
��� more for lacrosse than any man
in the west
From the Imperial standpoint there
is probably no projecl liable to aro-, ,-
more enthusiasm than the All-British
exhibition which it is proposed to hold
in London in 1915 and al which only
products of the Empire will be on
view. Viscount Hill who has recently
be,���!, touring throtegh Canada and who
was in Montreal last week, indicated
the present plans, and the arrangements which are to be made to make
the exhibition one of Imperial magui-
t nre and success.
Canadian  exhibits would  naturally j
be the largest  feature of the exhibition  apart from  those of  the mother,
country, and the benefit to this Domin-!
ion woul I naturally be that of a much |
wider   and   more   accurate   knowledge j
of her enormous resources would be I
obtained,   Such an entirely British exhibition would not  only Interest patriotic citizens   of   the    Empire,   bul
would  also  attract   the  attention   of
foreign capitalists who would see for
the first time evidences   of   the    resources  and   possibilities  of   lhe   Empire  gathered   at   one  place,  and  thus
everything points to the fact that the
exhibition would probably be of greater importance to Canada than to any
other portion of the British dominions.
Viscount   Hill   and   Sir   Peter   Bam
were among those who initiated    tlie
scheme.   The former has been visiting
Canada recently and the latter South
Africa,  both   having  meanwhile  been
enthusiastic  in  their support  of    the I
proposal.   Viscount Hill   hopes   that j
the king will accept the presidency of i
the council for    tlie   exhibition,    and
there Is every reason to believe that
bis majesty will.
The exhibition will not only be of!
importance to trade, but will also be
of artistic merit and the fact that it
Is to be held in tlie metropolis of the
world, will be a great aid to this aim
to make tlie appeal of tlie exhibition
a truly cosmopolitan one, such ns a
great Imperial exhibition should.
It is intended that 8 meeting of distinguished people desiring to be connected witli the project will take place
in London next October and that afterwards commissioners will be sent to
Canada to place the plans full before
B.C. Mills
limber  and  Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and  Dealers ln  All Kinds of
Royal City'Planing Mills*', Branch
Telephone   12
New Westminster
Box  13/
The sensation of the New York season.   Direct from one year's run
at the Lyric Theatre, New York���An exceptional fine cast of players.
PRICES, $1.50, $1  AND 75c AND  50c.
Seat  Sale at  McKenzles'  Pharmacy, Oct. 11.
Ottawa, Oct. lu���In reference to
the reported statement of the Hon.
Rodolphe Lemieux, postmaster-general,
jtn London that  Canada's surplus this
I year would reach $30,000,000, it maybe pointed out that the figures of the
revenue and expenditures for the first
I half  of  the   present   fiscal   year  bear
I out the prophesy.
Tbe surplus this year, though It may
not reach the total of thirty millions,
will he at least several millions over
last year's record surplus of $22,000,-
000. The revenue has been Increasing
at the rate of nearly one and a quarter millions per month, while tlie
total  expenditure  tor  the  year  will
��� probably show less than half that in-
|crease over last year's total.
i Winnipeg Free Press.)
Shiner" White, the renowned
coach of the National Lacrosse team,
wl li h Is at present at the coast til-
ing exhibition games that have been
arranged there. Is in tbe city visiting
trlendB  on   liis   way   home  after  the
Minto Cup games. He says that the
cup holders are wonders on their own
ground and that their system of attack cannot be beaten in the present
age of lacrosse. He gives no excuses
for the decisive defeai of his team,
though he says that the play was
much closer than the scores would
indicate. He was well pleased with
the treatment received at the coast,
and will take back east with blm the
story of bow the Nationals went up
against a remarkable aggregation of
lacrosse players.
Commissioner Tells
Ot Publicity Work
(Continued From Page One)
ment, apart from expert advertising-
it is absolutely unsensatlonal���it may I
produce immediate    results,    or tbey
may only mature in the near or distant  future;     it  is    rarely    possible,!
truthfully,  to  claim   results  in  a  definite shape in the majority of cases;
even though the    correspondence   or
work done may have been the principal factor, or first cause, in influencing a person  to investigate  our particular  district.    The  best    publicity
work  is that which  is not  apparent,
but   is   quietly   effective,   and   brings ]
enquiries from afar.
The amount of success already attained can best be judged by the   Increasing   prosperity;     the    numerous!
enquiries   made  at   your   real   estate I
offices,   #ii t   the   patronage   accorded
to your  hotels by  an ever enlarging
number of strangers from far distant
points.    This is indisputable, and af- j
ter  such  a  short  period  of  publicity
work it is only logical to believe that'
the civic advertising is the influence
responsible for the enlarged attention
Bhown to this city and district.
lf so, as is generally admitted. New
| Westminster  is  more  widely   l&own,
' and  better    appreciated    recency,    I
submit   tbat   this   is   ample   evidence
that your publicity commissioner has
not been idle, or failed in his duty.
The Work  Done.
A system has been organized since
j my appointment which I have reason
[.to know is producing gocd results, for
1  have  now  correspondents  in  many-
cities of the l'nited States and Gieat
Britain; where 1 act as special eorres-
1 pondent of the colonial otlice fof this
district;   as well as for various emi-,
I gration associations. j
Some two   thousand    letters   have
i been written, and    several    hundred '
personal enquirers have   visited    the
' office,  many  of whom  I  bave shown
j over the city, and    where   necessary
outside its limits.    These visits have
! recently    considerably    increased    in
i number, and 1 have intimation of    a
(number of people who will call upon
me  with  a  view  to settlement    tbis
The preliminary arrangements   for
'receiving distinguished strangers, and
supplying    them with information ls
lan important work.
I Collecting and tabulating data for
present and future use Is a daily task,
both lengthy and imperative.
Kvery letter has been handwritten,
and frequently occupies several
sheets, many involving considerable
research; especially In the cases of
industries with whom 1 have established correspondence; several ol
wliich liave already visited tbis city,
and satisfied themselves of its future
expansion as a port and centre of industry.
Organization work, and collecting
exhibits in the valley lias occupied
much time; whilst the attending meetings which have for their object the
obtaining of better facilities, or an
enlarged held of co-operation in ex-
tendlng knowledge of our possibilities,
Is a fe.ii ure that 1 believe has produced goo I results from a publicity
point  of  view.
Many articles have been wiitten, or
Inspired by your commissioner, In
newspapers and magazines; amongst
them Peine, the Daily Mall, v ana la.
Financial News. Canadian Mall, Westward  Ho, ami  numerous others;   all
I of which cost the city nothing,���
though as advertising matter It would
have involved an expenditure bf several hundred dollars.
Several Ihoiisan 1 pamphlets, ten
thousand envelope folders, with a revised map of the district and city,
have Just been printed; two thousand
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a lull   line   or   the   Best
Builders  Hardware in this City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.     Also Complete   Stock   ot   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Honolulu Pine
Yakima Peaches
Blue Plums
Also trv ourSWEETPO-
TATOES and nice ripe
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and,443
Sapperton      Phone 373
of which    were    distributed    at    tlie
Toronto and Vancouver exhibitions.
Tlie work done lias not been circumscribed within the usual office hours.
or not one half of it could have been
carried through; nor has it been done
single-hail led, for it bas been frequently necessary to obtain assistance
tor which no claim has been made.
Personally, 1 know of some forty
new settlers in the city, and have seen
many oilier of my visitors on tlie
street who have not notified me of
tlieir place of residence. Maple Ridge,
however, has seventy-three new families on the municipal register probably
as a result of our civic advertising;
statistics are not to hand from other
districts where I have reason to believe even greater results will be
shown. Settlers everywhere are sending for their friends, and I have been
Afc l'��.vllls Crane In "The Goddess of   Liberty," at the Opera House on Tuesday Evening, October 18.
Can be Insured against claims for damages brought against them for
aciddents caused directly or indirectly by their machines.   Rates are
Inw and all owners should carry this class of insurance.
Apply for particulars to
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Columbia   Street.
New Westminster.
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced with
Cowan's      Sl
Calie Icing
Chocolate, Pinh. White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple  and  Coconut  Cream.      fl
Drop In Pianos
T17E have received word that our car of Pianos is
v.   on the way and will be too late for Exhibition.
We are now crowded for room.   We have decided to
sacrifice our entire stock of high grade Canadian
Pianos at prices never heard of before, for the rest
of this week only.
We have three beautiful Mahogany Pianos, all new;
regular $350.00 styles.   This week for $225.00 ��
Two new Styles, regular $875.00 for $250.00 |
One only, Walnut, regular $400.00 for $290.00 |
One regular $450,00 for $325.00 "
We will also give 30 per cent, discount on all
Violins, Mandolins, Guitars and Banjos. Sewing
Machines, 25 per cent, discount for cash. All these
prices are for cash only ; if time is wanted regular
prices will prevail.
J.   H.   Todd's   Music   House
419 Columbia St. New Westminster
Have You Any Worries?
If so, can I relieve you of seme of them by taking the risk of possible losses.   I can insure
Your mill, store or home a. ainst flre.
Your business  against  liabl ity to employees.
Your horses against death   rom any cause.
Your automobile or boat ag inst loss of any kind.
Your valuable papers and   ewels against theft.
Your family against financial loss if you die.
Yourself against any  illness or accident.
Ia fact I can give you any 1, nd of insurance protection written.
657 Columbia Street
Phone 62
Informed this week, that four English
families are about to start with whom
I have been In correspondence.
The district   schools   give   a   fair
criterion of new settlement, and every-
( where I find a very large Increase of
' new arrivals.
\    In conclusion, permit me to express
.l?*4j**>tt*****i**r*~e "   "���
my full appreciation of the kindness
of the alderman who has afforded me
the opportunity of presenting thla
necessarily brief report, and have the
honor to sign myself
Yours faithfully,
, Publicity Commissioner, mm
���?' .'li1
" !! ���
By-law  No.
By-law to enable the Corporation of
tbe District of Burnaby to raise by
way of loan the sum of seventy
thousand dollars for the purpose of
providing and building sidewalks
within the limits of the municipality.
Whereas,  it   is  necessary  and
Re lot 16, block 2, of lot 201. group 1.
iown of Port  Moody. Murray's Addition, In the distrlcl of New Westminster.
Whereas  proof of the  loss of certilicale of title number 4700A, issued in
the name of .lohn Stewart and James
Cash, has heen filed In this office.
Notice is hereby .hen thai I shall.
al the expiration of one month from
the date cf the flrst publication hereof,
Columbia   University   Professor Prophesies   Grey   Existence   for   Fully
Sane    Race.
nedient the council of the said in a daily newspaper published m the
corporation  be  authorized  to  borrow city   of   New   Westminster,  issue    a
thc =:im of seventy thousand dollars duplicate of the said certificate, unless
,<;,.. i  to provide for the construe-'in the meantime valid    objection
tion of sidewalks within the limits of (made to ire In
the said municipality.
And whereas, an approximate   est
t\ S. KEITH,
District Rej Istrar of
mate of the amount required for the
various sidewalks lias been made by
the council as follows, viz.:
Ward 1���Nine thousand six hundred
and eighty-nine dollars .($9,689.00).
Ward J���Ten thousand eight hundred and seventeen dollars and flfty
cents ($10,817.50).
Ward 3���Fourteen thousand    seven
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C
Oct. in.���That the man
will be a sane, disease-
stupl i creature���when
have robbed the world
n l genius, was the
Dr. William ('.. Mac-
Callum, professor of pathology in the
Columbia university college of Physicians and surgeons, speaking at the
opening of the school year of the Institution to three hundred students,
llis subject was "The Future of Medl-
.\ev. Voile,
of the future
less, sturdy,
science shall
of both disease
picture drawn by
Applications to    be place 1    on    the
supplementary voters' list for the City cine."
of New Westminster will be received      All diseases, except those due to achy   the   undersigned   up   to   November  cldental   causes,   such   as   burns,   pois-
liundred and ninety-nine dollars ($14,- j^t   \\fitt. lonings,  cuts,  etc.,   would  be entirely
Applicants must he British subjects eliminated, he asserted,
of the full age of twenty-one yti.le, ; "In the study of diseases." said Pro-
and have been residents ot it.< city six lessor MacCalluni, "we have made
months immediately preceding the the most progress up to date, but in
date of application, and have during tlie cure of disease we liave made lit-
tliat time paid as a householder a tie, with a few brilliant exceptions,
rental  of not less  than  one  hundred j including yellow fever
Ward  4���Seven  thousand  and
dollars ($7,005.00).
Ward a���Five thousand two bundled
and eighty dollars ($5,280.00),
Ward tl���Thirteen thousand and
eighty-eight dollars ($13,088.00).
Additional sidewalks and contingencies and costs Incidental to this bylaw
and raising the loan nine thousand
three hundred and twenty-one dollars
and fifty cents  ($9,321.50).
And whereas, it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the municipality.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum
of four thousand six hundred and fifty-
eight dollars and fifty cents $4,658.50)
principal, and the sum of three thousand five hundred dollars $13,500) interest, making a total amount annually of eight thousand one hundred
and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents
($8,158.50) for the term of twelve
years for the repayment of the said
ioan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas, the net value of the
whole rateable land in the said muni-
dollars a year. "All insanity in time will be stamp-
W. A. DUNCAN, led out   with the exception of that re-
City Clerk,    j suiting  from  imprudence   and  intern-
___________^______  perance,  wliich always  will exist, as
they ure the price of a man's personal
"it is a cilme that any hereditarily
burdened  individual, such as an epileptic, a deaf mute or a  weak-minded
should   be   permitted   to    marry    and
Sealed Tenders addressed to the un-: liave  children.    I  read  foolish  senti-
dersigned. and endorsed "Tender for mental reports of the wonderful work
Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, B. done for such persons in schools pro-
C," will be received at this office un- vlded for them.   They marry and have
til 4 p.m., on Wednesday, October 26, |children, and they often marry other
1910,  for    the    construction    of    an weak-minded persons, and this is the
Examining    Warehouse,      Vancouver, flagrant   crime,   for  the  offspring  al-
g  (* I most surely will be only a burden to
Plans, specification and form of con-j the state and to themselves,
tract can be seen and forms of tender |    "These vessels, spoiled in the mak-
obtained at the office of Mr. Joseph .ing, should  never have  been let out
Greenfield, resident architect, Wlnnl- of the Institution where they are so
peg, Man., Mr. Wm. Henderson, resi-1 successfully   taught,   or,   if  they   are,
,  dent architect, Victoria, B. C. at   the precautions  should   be  taken  by  law
clpality according to the last revised ipogt   oak^<  Vancouver,  and  at  this
assessment   roll  amounts  to ten  mil- (jer)artmenti
lOARD    OF    TRADE���NEW  w
minster Board of Trade meets ���
board   room.  City   Hall,  as fol
Third Thur dfiy    ol    each    mi tu ,'���
quarterly    meeting    on   the ,;
Thursday of February, May, s t
and November, at u p.m .*��� ,n
meetings on the third Thurs ,.
February. New members m ,,
proposed and elected at any m ��� r^
lv or quarterly meeting. c h,
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
kind of job' printing      Mid
leaf ledgers;  Cowie      i   in P
Phone    55,    P.  O.     !!"���:   1 12 |
Dally   News  Block.  Sixth '���- ri
repaired by your local tuner,
Martin, Mus'. Bac, 811 Dubl
Phone L615.
per G. J. Sykes), 62 Powell -
Vancouver.     Phone   8575.     I
attention  given   to   all   ordei
male   help.    King   us   up,   wl e  or
write If unable to visit us.
lion three hundred and twenty-three
thousand six hundred and ten dollars
And whereas, to provide for the
payment of the Interest and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of seventy-
thousand dollars ($70,000) It will be
necessarfr to levy a special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum of eight
thousand one hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and fifty cents ($8,158.50), the
amount to be calculated annually on
the whole of the rateable land within
the municipality.
Be it therefore enacted hy the reeve
and council of the said corporation of
the district of1 Burnaby in council assembled as follows, viz.:
1. It shall be lawful for tbe reeve
and clerk of the council for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise byway of loan from any person or pe.-
sons or corporation or corporations
who may be willing to advance ti.e
same upon the credit of the debentures, hereinafter mentioned, a sum
not exceeding seventy thousand dollars I $70,000) and cause the same to
he placed in the Royal Bank of Canada in the City of Xew Westminster.
to the credit of the said corporation
for the purpose above recited and debentures of the said cot poi ation to
the amount of seventy thousand dol- j
lars ($70,000) in the whole may bei
issued by the said reeve and clerk in
accordance with the Municipal Clauses j
Act in sums as may be required, but j
not less than one thousand dollais
($1,000) each, the said debentuies io
be sealed with the corporate seal and
to be signed by the leove and clerk.
2. The debentuies shall bear in-
teiest at the rate of live (6) per cent.
per annum payahle half yearly on the
1st day of May and the 1st day of
November iu each and every year during the currency of the said debentures or any of them. There shall be
attached to each of the debentures
coupons signed by the Reeve for each
and every payment of interest that
may become due and such signature
may be either written, stamped, print-
PerSons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature
of the occupation and place of resid-1
ence of each member of the firm must ;
be given.
Each tender must be    accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered I
.bank,  payable  to  the  order    of    the
Honorable   the    Minister   of    Public I
j Works, equal to ten per cent. tlO p.c) i
of the  amount of  the  tender,  which
will be forfeited if the person tender-:
ing decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for.    lfi
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
Tie department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any
Bv order.
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, September 21, 1910.
against tlieir marrying."
Of   the    diseaseless,   insanity-proof
ige, Professor McCallum said:
"Since  development  of  geniufc  and
t*rs and solicitors. Westminster
Trust Block. Columbia street, New
Westminster. W. J. Whltesld e, H.
L. Edmonds.
In a Scene from "The Goddess of Elbe rty" at Opera House, Tuesday, Oct. 18.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors,
Westminster offices, Rooiiib 7
Gulchon block, corner Columbi;
McKenzie streets; Vancouve
flees, Williams building, 41
vllle street. F. C. Wade, K
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie. 0 E
.1 H
of   special   individuality   and   charm  St Simon of Himouski, and were inti
inican Nuns of Fall river, where she      ������       Admiral Inspects Niobe.
had made all the vows. |    Devenport, Eng., Oct    10.���Admiral
Mr.   Theberge   and    Miss    Gagnon   gir   \\-.   Fawkes   today   inspected  the,
were both born  In the same  village,  cruiser Niobe, which will leave today
seldom seem allied with perfect mental symmetry and ualance, but rather
with some defect wliich permits concentration in one direction, 1 am not
sure but that it might be very dull to
live among people of invariable, unblemished sanity."
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without authority from the department.
George Rani dr., in Act III: "N'o;
you're all wrong. Do not blaipe the
city. It's not her fault; it's your
own! What the city does Is to bring
out what's strongest in us. If at
heart we are good, tlie good in us will
win: if bad���God help us! Do not
blame the city. She gives man his
opportunity; it is up to him what ho
makes of it! A man may live in a
small place all his life���deceive the
whole [dace and himself Into thinking he has all the virtues, when at
heart he's a hypocrite; but the village gives him no chance to find out
���to prove it to his fellows���the small
town is too easy! But the city! A
man comes to the gate of it and
knocks. New York or Chicago, Boston or San Francisco���no matter what
city, so long as it's big and busy and
selfish and self-centered; and she
opens her gates and takes hlm In, and
she stands him in tbe middle of ber
market place���where Wall street and
Herald Square and Fifth avenue and
the Bowery and Harlem and Forty-
second street all meet: and there she
mate friends from childhood
When Mr. Theberge had to leave
his native village to look for a future,
he never forgot tlie maiden whose
looks had been the sunshine of his
yourjger days, and fi eminently he
wiote her that he was ready to start
a home provided she would be willing
to occupy it. It was in Montreal that
Theberge was fightim; for a place in
the world ,and the young girl was
afraid of the turmoil of the great city;
during one spell of hesitation, she
chose the monastic life. Theberge
never considered himself as beaten,
and lately he received tlie reward of
bis consistence When the court of
Rome granted to Sister St. Vincent a
dispensation of her vows, allowing
her to marry   Emile Theberge.
The happy couple left yesterday for
their honeymoon trip. Tlieir first
stop will be a visit to St. Simon, their
native vilalge, the scene of their first
for Halifax. Tlie Niobe is expected
!to arrive at its destination on October 21, Trafalgar Day. The vessel is
| like the Rainbow. No intoxicants are
Isold in the canteen and instead of II.
M. S. on the sailor's cap ribbons they
iha\e II. M. (.'. S.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Koom,
Trapp block.
1 r~t"��Trince, EXPERT ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR���Agent for the
Hall Safe Co. Office, Room 9, Westminster Trust block, city.
FREEMAN     BUNTING.     KOOM     22
Curtis Block.   P. O. Box 694.
ed or lithographed. I Clerk of the Municipal Council of The
3.    The said debentures as to prin-|    Corporation   of   the   City    of    New
clpal and interest shall be payable at i    Westminster
the Royal Bank of Canada in the city
of New Westminster, or at such other
place  or  places  as  the  council  shall
from time  to time appoint,  with  the
approval of the holders thereof, and
as to principal the debentures shall be
made payable on the 1st day of November, 1922.
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster has deposited with the
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa
and iu tlie office of the Registrar of
deeds for the District of New  West-1
minster,   British   Columbia,   at   New|R,nI1s hlni  ni,ke(1 <>'' *���* llis disguises
Westminster plan and description of Ianfl  ��"   of  hla  hypocrisies, and   she
the   proposed   site    for    laying    steel   [)iidini,R 1,ls i1,n.1.,'iUf,n_on ,,er fen^s ���;tnd
pipe   line  or   water   main   under   the
north .arm of the Fraser River in the
Province of British Columbia, and after one month from the first   publication hereof will apply to the Governor
in Council for approval there of.
DATED this Third dav of October,
Typewriting;   copy     work,   bUSlni  -t
letters, etc.    Coumbla street,
phone 62.
Real   Estate  and  Insurance  Ar"
City,   farm   and   suunrban   pro
628 and 740 Columbia St.
Calgary, Oct. 10.���Calgary has a
Chinese problem. This morning the
city council was confronted with a
deputation t>i citizens who own property  in  the  vicinity of Centre  street
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it
Is desirable to carry out the following
works, that i.s to say:
To construct cement concrete sidewalks, retaining walls, boulevards.
Storm sewers, paved roadway arid
street liuhts on Columbia stieet. from
the east line of Fourth stieet to the
west line of Leopold place, and that
said works shall lie carried out in accordance with the provisions of the
"Local Improvement General Bylaw-
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon the said works,
giving statements. showing the
amounts estimated to be   chargeable  GALVIN, LADIES' AND MEN'S TAI-
OD first mortgage at s per cent;
security must be gilt-edged. Ma Ins,
Coulthard  &  Co.,  Ltd.
lorlng. A new line of Spring suiting just ln. Button making, pressing and repairing. 40 Lorne street.
Plione R508.
lights up her skyscrapers with it
what he wants to do and what be
thinks he is! And then she says to
him: .'Make good if you can. or to hell
with you!' And what is in him comes
jout to clothe his nakedness, and to
'the city he can't lie!   1 know
W. A. DUNCAN.     '' tlic''-
The Corporation of the City of   New
Westminster  has  deposited   with  the!
Minister of Public  Works at   Ottawa!
and in the office of the  Registrar of j
Deeds for the District of New  West-
Theie sliall he raised and levied  minster.    British    Columbia,   at    New
annually   by  a  special  rate  sufficient  Westminster  plan  and  description  of j
therefor on  all  the  rateable  land  or the   proposed   site   for   laying    steel i
Improvements or real property in   the  pipe   line  or   water   main   under  thei
municipality the sum of four thousand   Brunette   river   in   the   Province    of i
six hundred and fifty-eight dollars and  British     Columbia,    and     after    one
fifty cents ($4,658.50)  for the purpose month from the first publication here-j
of forming a sinking fund for the pay- of   will   apply   to   the   Governor   in
ment of tlie said debentuies and   the Council  for approval   thereof,
sum of three thousand  five    hundred:     Dated  this  Third  day   of   October, I
dollars ($3,500) for the payment of In-  1910.
terest at the rate aforesaid to become j W. A.  DUNCAN,
due on such debenture:-:    duiing   the Clerk of the Municipal Council of The
currency thereof the said special rate]    Corporation   of  tlie   City   of   New
to be in  addition  to all  other  rates I    Westminster.
to be levied    and    collected    In    the I
municipality duiing the   currency   of _
the said debentures or any of then, twill  be taken on  Saturday, the t5t.li
5.    This by-law shall take effect on]day    of    October,    1910,    between    9
and after the 1st day   of   November,' o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock p.m., at the
1910. |following polling places:
(!. This by-law may be cited for all
purposes as tiie "Burnaby Sidewalks
Loan By-law, 1910."       \
Done and passed In o^n council
the 20th day of September.
Received the assent of the .electors
at an election for t
day of
Montreal. Oct. 10."-An unusual mar-
I'lage took place yesterday at Notre
Dame chinch. It was lliat of Emilo
Theberge, a restaurant proprietor, of
tin's city, to Miss Genevieve Gagnon,
late sister St. Vincent, who spent ten
years  In   the monastery  of the  Dom-
agalnst  the   various  portions  of   real
property to be benefitted by the said
works and  other  particulars and  the
and  Second  aveuue, where  it   is pro- j Baid reports of the said City Engineer
posed  to locate a permanent  Chinese  and City Assessor having been adopt-
headquarters,  with a protest   against! ed by tbe Council.
this.     They   asked   for   tbe    segrega- j     No'tice   is   hereby   given   that    the
tiou of the Chinese.    "Chinese  when   said reports are open for inspection at  BENSON  &' AYLING.  FISH. FRUl
they come to leside in a place ought   the offloe of the City Assessor, City,    Game, Vegetables, etc.   Dean Block,
to  be treated  much  the same as an   Hall, Columbia stieet, New Westmln-1    next to Bank ot Montreal.
infectious disease or an isolation hos-   ster,  B. C,  and  that   unless   a  petl-' -
pital," James Short,  K.  C.  who was tion against the proposed woi ks abovr^
spokesman for the deputation stated,   mentioned,  signed  by  a  majority  of
"They  ihe  like rabbits  in  a  warren,   the the owners of the land or real pro-1 Vv.    &���   FALES,   THE   FUHNl'l ���������'���'���
Thirty ot  them crowde in where five  perty to be assessed or charged in re-
v.hite people would ordinarily reside."  spect of such   works representing at.
Tho commissioners are puzzled as to least one-half in value thereof ls pre-
what steps can  be taken  to  pi event   6ented  to  the  Council   wthin    fifteen
liiMinne "lle   Celt,;,,ials   f,'om   moving   to  their  days from the date of the first public-
new quarters where they have bought   ation of this notice, the Council  will
property and propose to erect a twen-   proceed   with   the   proposed   improve-
ty-thousand-dollar      building.        They   ments  under  such  terms  and   conditions as to the payment of the cost of
such   improvements   as   the    Council
may by bylaw in that behalf regulate
and determine and also   to make the
said  assessment.
Dated  this 27th dav of September
A. D., 19111. W. A. DUNCAN',
City  Clerk.
Date of first publication, September
29, 1910.
have secured a permit  for the building and the erection of it  is about to:
be started.    The Chinese were forced
to move out of their present quarters
in tbe vicinity of First street west, because of tlie coming In  of the Cana-:
dian   Northern   railway  and   they  got
their heads  together and  selected the
new   rite  on   Centre  street   and   Sec-'
ond avenue.
Dealer, Upholsterer and UndenaKir,
corner Agnes and McKenzie streets.
Pbone 176, night call 81.
Co., bank, olttce and store fittings;
cabinet, stair, showcases, manteis
and detail work. Designs and estimates furnished. J. Brookes, proprietor, Works: <Corner Eleventh
and car line. P. O. box 251, PUoiie
The Municipal Hall.
West Burnaby School.
Dtithie School.
Mrs, Cobban's  house. Gunn road.
Public notice is hereby given that
e purpose on Hjelt'e vote of the electors of the district
19lA.-j.of Burnaby will be taken on the above
Reccnsidered and finally adopted by ' mentioned by-law at the time and I
the council, signed by the reeve and place above mentioned, and that C. T.
clerk  and   sealed   with   the  corporate Saunders  has  been  appointed  return
ee 1 on the
day of
Tale notice that the above Is a truj
cony of tbe proposed by-law uj:ofl
w'.iih the vc'.e of   the   municipality
ing officer to take the vote of such
e'ei;tors, with the usyal T)o\��ers in that
j behalf.
Ey order of the council. ,;V
est ��� in fire lighting apparatus,
R. Harris & Co., Lavery block,
Columbia street.    Phone 666.
j    McKay, manufacturer and Importer
of monumental tombstones, bu'lniii.
I    stone, etc.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
Columbia street. N'ew Westmln^?*
Phone IS. .Newest and most u|>t��-
date in the city. Terms moderate.
First class cuisine.  .1. Tradi. . Prop,
Phone 103. Comfortable accomodation. Terms moderate. McLeod &
Watkins, proprietors.
One of the Pretty EUravaganzns la "The Go.irieH.  of I.i' c. ty" id thc Opera  House Tuesday Evening, October IK
l. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. il***
Tbe regular meetings of this I'x'P0
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. W. II. West, NG.; *"��� l;
Coatham, P.O.. recording ieoretarj.
J. W. MacDonald, financial score.
Ll .v.
���in, r-"*^W*f>*,J
'&*.!  > Ca>J,
^%*r TUESDAY. OCTOBER  11, 1910.
** *****< -������������< ********************* i-*******************
Having ;; Lender for the moving of the   residence   of 24    rooms.
(       ���,,. are prepared to Bell two lots with the house placed upon
$3425.   Terms, JT^r. casli, balance ovei- two years. This musl
���   pi e, us we ai e going to oj en up Bti sets.
New Westminster
Mail Service
Andrew Carnegie Has Given
a Million and a Half Dollars Towards It.
20:00���United States via C,
'. R.
In ii..
tie pal
rounds of the beautiful lit-
in e midway bi I w< en The
and Schevenlngen, w-bere-lived
t*o*> ****
and died Princess Anna Paulowna,
I e grandmother of the Queen of Holland, 200 men aro al work bulldln
the Palace of Peace, which cn Its
completion In 1913, will become the
headquarters    of    the    International
('oun of Arbitration.
Scarlet, Navy and Tweed effects
M. J. Phillips
The .Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agents for 20th Century Clothing and Christie
and Stetson Hats
Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
Towards this happy end llie American steel king lias contributed $1,500.-
000 to asBlsl in the erection and maintenance of the building, "believing,"
as the deed of trust of October 7.
L903, puts it. "that the establishment
of a permanent court of arbitration
by the treaty of .Inly 29, 1899, is the
most important step forward of a
world-wide humanitarian character
which has ever been taken up liy the
joint powers, as it must ultimately
banish war. and further, being of
Oj inion that the cause of the Peace
Conference will greatly benefit by the
erection of a courthouse and library
for the permanent Court of Arbitration.
Tlie  site  on   which   the   Palace  of
Peace   is   being   built   covers   sixteen
icros, and wps acquired by the Dutch
] government at a cost of $290,000.
The   Architect.
The architect, whose design was selected by the international jury from
216 others submitted, ts M. L. M. Cor-
' donnier, of Lille, and with him is associated  J.   A.  G.   van  der  Steur,  of
Harlem, as resident architect.
The plans provide for a building of
biick and stone, with roof of blue
Welsh slates, in character partly
Felmish and Dutch, of a type reminiscent of some of the old Belgian
town halls.
The main part of the palace Is the
ground floor. The entrance is ;i\r
proached by curving slopes, flanked
by a magnificent terrace, extending
on either side.
On the left a tower rises to a
height of 260 feet. Tlie court or
council chamber is a ball seventy-
feet long, forty feet wide, and thirty-three feet high. Three windows
Ion each side fare three Imposing galleries on the other.
A dais for the tribunal rlsps at
: one end fronting a great window.
This chamber Is connecte 1 by a cor-
, i Idor, lined with Greek and Italian
i marble, with the smaller court situated at the  base of the tower.    The
1 remainder   of   the   floor   is   taken   up
by reading rooms, consultation rooms
. and a vast  map library.
The upper floor is set apart for
the rooms of the Administrative
Council and permanent officials, and
for the library of 200,000 volumes.
In the center of the building is a
court yard 144 feet long by 111 feet
wide, with fountain fn the center,
through which all the air used ln
the building will he pumped. The
whole palace Is L'i>0 feet square.
All   Countries   Contribute.
At the suggestion of Baron d'Ea-
tournelles de Constant all countries
are contributing towards the internal
Britain gives the four stained-class
windows of the great court.
France, a picture by Besnard for
this court and Gobelin tapestries .designed by Luc O. Mercon, for the
Holland, a collection of paintings by
Far' iuand Bol for a room over the
stiidi' court and seven stained-glass
windows for tlie staircase.
Germany, the monumental entrance
gates to the grounds.
Italy, part of the marble for the
Austria, the bronze and crystal candelabra.
Norway, the granite for the entrance slopes.
Sweden, granite for tlie basement
and  certain  columns.
Denmark, the porcelain for the fountain in tbe courtyard.
Switzerland, tlie works of the
Uussia. a jasper vase over eleven
teet  high lor the central  hall.
The United States, a large marble
group representing the purpose of
the building, "Peace through Justice,"
for tlie first landing of the staircase.
Mexico,  onyx   for  tlie  staircase.
Belgium, probably the bronze doors
of the building.
Japan some gol 1 embroidered tap
eslries for tlie room of the Admin
istrati,e Council, wbicli is panelled in
wood from Brazil.
ind Eu-
(daily excepl Sunday)
8:30���Vancouver via It. C. E. R.
idaily except Sundaj i . 8:00
13:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. It.
(daily excepi  Sunday i..ll :00
18:00���Vancouver via B, ('. E. R.
ul; lly except  Sunday |..1G:00
8:00���Victoria  via  B.  C.   E.   R.
(daily excepl  Sunday)..23:00
11 j 0���Victoria  via   B.  C.   E.   It. .
(daily except Sunday)., 8:30
���Victoria via  B. C.  E.  ll.
(daily except  Sunday)..13:00
7:30���United States via G. X. R.
(daily excepl   Sunday I.. 8:30
15:00���United States via G. N. It.
(daily except  Sunday)..11
9:25���All  points east   and   Europe   I daily I       c
22:30���All   points  east   i
rope  ia,lily i   ..
9:25���Sapperton    and
Mills       t daily
Sundayi      ....
20:00���Sapperton    and
mills       t daily
Sunday)      ....
9:25���Coquitlam   (dally
13:00���Central Park and Edmonds     i daily     except
Sunday)        11:00
14:00���East Burnaiiy and Burquitlam   idailye   except
Sunday]    14:00
10:00���Timberland. Strawberry
Hill and South Westminster   (Tuesday   and
Friday i        14:00
Ki: 00���Ladner.     Port     Guichon.
Westham Island    13:30  	
10:00���Annieville,  Sunbury (daily |
except  Sunday    13:30 NEW
10:00���Annaiis Island Monday
Wednesday and Friday      13:301      District
10:00���Woodwards        (Tuesday,
Thursday     and     Satur- , .  ,
day      13:30 __*_?"__ cl
9:00���Vancouver,    Piper's    Sid-   '
ing     via     G.     N.     R.
(daily except Sunday) ..14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
(daily except  Sundav)..l5:00
11:110���Clayton  (Tuesday. Thursday,   Friday    and   Sat-
day        15:00 j
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        15:00
I  S:30���Burnaby  Lake   (daily  except Sunday   16:00
20:00���Abbotsford. Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (daily except Sunday!    23:00
I .5:45���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine     (daily     except
Sunday)        8:00
! 15:45���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemen (Tuesday. Thuriway and Sa\-
as*t*aff      * ****** ssaiir a a****** St
SEALED TENDERS, marked on envelope "Tender for construction of
Nelson.   1!.  C.  Rifle  Range,"  and  ad-
dressed to the Secretary of tlie   Mil
itia   Council,   Headquarters,   Ottawa.'
will be received until noon, the 15th
October, for. the construction of a rifle.
Range at  .Nelson, is. c.
Plans and specifications may be
seen, and full information obtained af !
tbe offlces of the Districi Officer Commanding Military District No. 11, Victoria, B. (.'., the Director of Engineer
Services,   Headquarters,   Ottawa,   and 1
tlie Officer  Co landing 102nd  Regt.J
Nelson, li. C.
Tenders must be made on tlie form!
supplied  by  the  Department, and accompanied by an accepted cheque, on
a Canadian chartered bank, for 10 per'
cent   of  the   amount  of   the   tender,
payable to the order of the Honourable  the   Minister  of   Militia  and   De-j
fence, which amount will be forfeited '
if   Hie   party   tendering   decline   to j
enter into a contract, In   accordance
with the tender.
Tlie Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest, or any tender.
Dep'y. Minister of Militia and Defence. II. Q. is;���lifi���'J.
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa, 19th September, 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they Insert it.
without authority from tlie Department.
All persons using Columbia street
for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested to keep to the left band side
of the car track while proceeding in
either direction.
By order,
Acting City  Clerk.
City  Hall, August  12.  1!)10.
Just Arrived
New Scotch and English Worsted,
Tweed and Serge Suiting for gentlemen, made to order. Workmanship
and fit guaranteed.
13 Begbie Street.
T.  P.
Phone 02
J. ll. Taylor
Supply  help of every  kind.  Prompt
| attention    to    all    orders.     Conti aits
'8 Begbie St.       New Westminster. B.C.
of   New   Westminster.
TAKE notice that. I, William Rob-
Vancouver,  B.  C:   occupation  real  estate  dealer,  intends  to |
apply for permission to purchase the I
following described lands:
Commencing    at    a    post    planted j
about twenty chains north  from the i
southwest   corner  of   Timber    Lease
38769,   Texada   Island,   thence   west'
eighty   chains,   thence   south    eighty
chains,   thence   east   eighty    chains,
thence north eighty chains to point of j
commencement, containing 640   acres
more or less.
Vancouver,    B.    C,    September    6,
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Re lots 10. 11, 12, 13. 14, 15, IC, 17
and IS, block 42 of section 3, block 3
North range 7, west In the district of
New Westminster.
WHEREAS proof of the loss of cer
tificate of title number 3379F, Issued
in the name of Sarah Mlchle has been
filed In this office. ���
I shall, at the expiration of one month
from the date of the first publication
hereof, in a dally newspaper published In the city of New Westminster, is
sue a duplicate of the said certificate.
unless ln the meantime valid objec
tlon be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Offlce, New Westminster, B. C, September 27. 1910.
Railway Time Tables
B- C. E. R. Westminster Branch.
Weak Day Scneoul..
Cars leave Vancouver for N'ew West-
minster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20 and 8:00
a.m., and every half hour thereafter
until 11:50 p.m.
Car�� leave New Westminster for Van
couver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50. 7:20 and
8:00 a.m., and every half hour there
after until 11:00 9.m.
Sunday Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver ror New West
minster at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., and
���very half hour thereafter until
11:30 p.m.
Oars leave New Westminster for Van-1
couver at 5:00 a.m., and ev��ry half,
hour thereafter until 11 p.m.
Eburne  Line.
Cars   leave   New   Westminster   at   71
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  Paid  Up    $5,000,000
Reserves    $5,900,000
The Bank has Branches In
Canada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific: in Cuba
throughout the island: also in
Porto Rico, Bahamas, New York
and London, England.
Correspondents in all parts
ot the Globe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
New Westminster Branch.
L. M. RICHARDSON, Manager.
New Westminster Land District,
trict ot New Westminster.
1 Take notice that John Ferdinand
Baggs. of Nelson Island, occupation
| farmer. Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:
i Commencing at a post planted
(about one mile northeast from the
'head  of Billings  bay, and  about    40/
chains easterly from    the    southeast I       ��� , ,
corne- of timber lot    number    37341,   as dOTte by US glVeS   the   UC-
tlience  north   40  chains,  thence  east .       ,.  ��     ;��� ,-.
140 chains,  thence    south    40 chains.  mOSE SatlSiaCUOIl. UUreqUip-
j thence   west   40  chains  to   point    of
I commencement,  containing  160  acres i
I more or less.
i    Dated August 29, 1910.
UIMfflf MM
On and after October 1, 1910. we,
the undersigned. Will sell coal for
cash only, either with the order or on
New Westminster, Sept. 24.
ment is modern. The Latest
Invention in a collar and cuff
machine has been installed.
Clean,   Economic,  Prompt.
White labor only employed
Try a "WANT* ad ln Tbe News
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m. and j it will bring results
every hour until 10 p.m.
On  Sundays cars leave  Westminster!
at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
O.  J.  Stewart, Local   Manager,   New '
Royal City Laundry
Phone 183
THE       DAILY       NEWS
Great Northern  Railway.
Leaves New Westminster 8:17!
a.m. arrives Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster 10:30
a.m.:   arrives  Seattle  3:15  p.m.
Leaves New Westminster 4:30
p.m.;  arrives Seattle 9:40 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster 12:27
a.m.; arrives Seattle 7:25 a.m.
Leaves Seattle 8:05 a.m. arrives
New Westminster 2:50 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 12:25 p.m.; arrives
New Westminster 6:25 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 4::i.r> p.m.: arrives
New Westminster 9:27 p.m.
Leaves Seattle 11:45 p.m.; arrives
New Westminster 6:30 a.m.
G. N. R.���Port Gulchon.
Leaves New Westminster dally, except Sunday from bridge passenger
station 3:50 p.m.; arrives at Port
Gulchon 6:30 p.m.
Leaves Port Guichon 8:00 a.m.
dally, except Sunday; arrives at New
Westminster bridge passenger station
10:20 a.m.
G.   N.   R Sumas   Branch.
Leaves Sumas 6:00 a.m: arrives
bridge passenger station, New West-
minster, 10:20 a.m. daily execept
Leaves New Westminster bridge
passenger station 3:50 p.m.; arrives
Sumas 8:00 p.m. dally except Sunday.
Eastertrook Milling Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
HUNGARIAN JEWEL  ..$6.75 per bbl.
IMPERIAL    $7.00 per bbl.
TERMINAL S5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR M-50 per Bbl-
WK   i\ *     O  r       FLOUR AND FEED MERCHANTS
Mciiuarrie & to. ���
FRONT STREET. New Westminster. Teleohont SS3.
No coarseness in WINDSOR
TABLE SALT. Fine and pure
as newly-fallen snow���so rich in
ddibous savour, once used, always
A nice modern 6 roomed house
corner 2nd St. and 5th Ave. Full
sized lot bearing orchard and good
out building, price $3,350 easy terms.
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists PAGE EIGHT.
I City News!
We carry a complete line
at the right nrices. Have
it put up and ready for
the cold nights.
Anderson & Lusby
The Westminster Modern
Business School
has great demand for thoroughly competent stenographers. You had better go to the Modern as you are certain of thorough training and a good
position when competent. Day and
evening session.
���10 Columbia St. Principal.
Hand Bags
New Stock        Good Values
Latest Styles
The first instalment of the
biggest and best variety of
Hand Bags ever shown in
this city.   From $1.00 up.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long    Distance,
Residence, 72.
New    Westminster,    B   C.
New and Second Hand Store
(Late Alex Speck)
The run of cohoes In the river is
steadily improving.
Sic Fales' furniture stock before
purchasing e!se\vhe:e. A;cues street. *'
Two hundred and forty-eight boats
of all kinds passed throtlgh the draw-
in ihe Lulu Island biidge during the
month of September,
Pot plants and fresh eUt flowers at
Tidy's store.   Phone 184. **
During the month of September
there were seventeen fhe.i in ihe city
of Xew Westminster, but none of
them were of a serious nai ure.
Davies greenhouse ls the place to
get bouquets, floral designs and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 208. ���*
The quarterly tea Of the Women's
.Missionary society of Queens avenue
church will be beld In the lecture
room of the church at two o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon.
For all electrical work and contracts phone T. Roberts, 761.       **
Dr. Arthur L. Kendall, of Vancouver, one of the most distinguished
graduates of the Westminster high
school, died of typhoid fever in the
general hospital in Vancouver on
Saturday  night.
For all electrical work and contracts phone T. Roberts, 761.        ���*
Eleven drunks appeare 1 In the
police court yesterday morning and
were summarily dealt with. rt. H.
Ward, a concessionaire at the exhibition, was fined $G0 for selling
lieiuor to an Indian.
The poundkeeper reports that during the month just ended there were
six cows, one horse end three dogs
impounded. The horse and cows were
redeemed; one of the dogs sold and
the other two killed.
Iron beds and bedding, the largest
range of designs and puces. W. hi.
Fales. ���*
The B. C. E. R. has completed arrangements with the Dominion government whereby it may use the
dredge King Edward in filling in the
property on the waterfront at the
south end of the Westminster bridge.
W. E. Fales carries the best selected stock of household furniture in the
city and prices defy competition. **
In tiie list of prize winners in the
saddle horse class at the exhibition,
the name of Miss Walmsley was omitted. This lady won second iu the
saddle pony event, and third in the
ladies' saddle horse class.
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias,    plione    Davies    greenhouse,
it   -U.S. ������
Mrs-. (Dr.) W. .7. Sipprell and Misses
Clara Smith, Charlotte llitchani and
Gertrude Evans will receive at Columbian college from four to six
o'clock on Thursday afternoon, and
thereafter on the first Thursday of
the month.
Will the party who took lhe Singer
sewing machine    wagon    away    lrom
Cunningham's    blacksmith    shop    on
j Eighth  street  kindly  return    it    and
avoid trouble.   J. H. Todd. **
When  you  want to give  your wife
! or mother a present, buy her a nice
curling iion, or a flat iron, it Is more
; convenient.   Let me tell you about it.
T. Roberts, electrician, corner Fourth
street and Clarkson. Phone 761, day
or night **
For this week we are giving "fl per
cent,    discount    on    violins,    guitars.
! mandolins, banjos, and a special  dis-
; count    on    pianos.    At  J.   II.  Todd's
Music House, Columbia street.       *"
A small fire In tlie rear of the Occidental hotel ahout midnight last night
gave the firemen a run and caused
some excitement, but there was practically no damage done, the firemen
having to use only the hand chemicals
to extinguish the blaze.
Will the two ladies who witnessed
the assault of two men on the night of
the fifth inst., on leaving the Scotch
concert, at about 10:30 o'clock, on
Agnes and Lorne streets, communicate with P. O. Box 514 and greatly
oblige the abused. ���*
Many of the Indians who for the
past month have been engaged in hop-
picking in the Agassiz fields returned
to the city yesterday and are camped
In the market square. They will spend
some of their money here and then
leave for their homes up the coast
and on the island.
The Guichon rooms, corner Columbia and Fourth streets, has been renovated and newly furnished. Steam
heated. Transients accommodated.
Entrance off Fourth street.
The Public
Supply Stores
All kinds of furniture bought
and sold, Have you Furniture to sell? See me or
ring up No. 275.
The Central fotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot.
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
(The Daily News is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by its correspondents.)
GIVE   US     A     TRIAL
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cesspools, Septic  Tanks,  Etc.,  Etc.
in the
Deane Block
Four doors east of the Bank of
Montreal, under the
Westminster Club
and opposite the
City Market
Columbia Sti, No. 441.'
fir*- "r.'ntter. B. C.
Editor Daily Xews.
Sir,���This item under the above
heading is taken from the Vancouver
Daily Province of October li. 1910: "It
is understood that the b>e-olectlon
for Vale to fill the seat rendered vacant by the decision of Hon. Riclihrd
McBride to sit for Victoria will be
held the (list week In December. Mr.
H. Matthews, of Nicola, is mentioned
as likely to receive the Conservative
When it is pointed out to the voters
of Vale that the McBride government
permits each voter in Vapeouver to
have five votes and each voter in Yale
to have only one vote, the candidate
who would support, such a government as that should he snowed under.
It is to lie hoped that the men of
Yale will show In a clear and decided
manner that they  will    not    support,
such unjust treatment of themselves.
Westminster, Oct. 10, 1010.
Look Over
our groceries and then judge
whether they and their prices
are not astonishing. Don't hesitate to examine as closely as
you wish. If you are a particularly good judge of a certain
article call for it and give us
your opinion. It Is sure to be
more than favorable.   For
Our Groceries
are selected by experts. They
have been chosen because they
have stood the most rigid tests.
So we ask you to look them
over with perfect confidence
that you will get your supplies
here hereafter.
Phone 92
Now  That  The Exhibition
is Over, Come and See
These Goods
Sash Curtains-
made up ready
for use
The lengths are suitahle for
sash curtains or for any small
window. They are made of fine-
Madras and Broche muslin In
cream and ecru, with heavy lace
borders and insertion to match.
Vou will find these exceptionally nice novelties, serviceable
to a marked degree.
l->4 yard curtains, per pair 95c
2  yard curtains, per pair $1.25
and   $1.35
2_ yard curtains, per pair $1.50
and  $1.75
Fancy Kimona
Cloths, 20c to
35c Per Yard
In the showing of flannelettes
none are more attractive than
these kimona cloths. We were
careful in choosing the proper
weights, also In selecting the
colors and designs. Patterns are
particularly well adapted for
dressing jackets, kimonas and
robes. Colors are shown ln
shades, sky, fawn, pink, pearl,
grey, cardinal, lavender, purple,
wine, etc., width 28 to .11 inches,
all heavy weights. Per yard
20c to 35c
Heavy 36in.
A heavy navy bine flannelette
with combination grey st ripe.
This is    made    with    a border
making it all the more desirable
for underskirts.    Per yard ��� -45c
A Genuine Snap
in Roller Towelling, 8 yds. for
Thirty pieces of roll, r towelling , pure linen, In plain and
twill weaves, all weights, plain
or bordered 16 to IS inch
widths also 20 to 24 inch. Glass
towelling in blue and red
checks. Special low prices Induced us to buy a great deal
more than usual. In order to
reduce the stock to its usual
proportions we are prepared to
give our customers the advantage of lower prices on this special lot. Regular values 15c to
17.. c. Special this week Eight
yards for    $1-00
Misses' and Chil*
dren's Gaiters
The rainy weather brings a
large demand for gaiters. We
have made special preparation
to meet all calls for gaiters. You
will find here misses' black
cloth gaiters in all sizes, and
children's plain Jersey and felt
cloth gaiters in black, cardinal,
navy, fawn, grey, and white.
with the same range of colors
in line knitted woollen gaiters;
all sues.    Also Infant's Overalls
and Footed Gaiters in all
Popular Every
Day Millinei j
In planning for our tali business we endeavored to provide
hats suitable for every possible
occasion. That our efforts so to
do were warranted is proven bj
the immense business done duiing the past two weeks. Out
millinery Is wearable kind.
stylish, serviceable and price!
so that no one need hesitate to
leave their order with  us.
This week we call your attention to the new range of sol:
felt hats for every day wear, in
all colors, white felt hats, children's felt and cloth tains, wool
tarns .bonnets, waterproof hats
and leather tains.
Ivy Satin Waist-
ing, 25c Per Yd.
Ivy satin waistlngs are flannelettes with a very firm finis!.
which makes them particularly
appropriate for blouses and
house gowns. Tbey are shown
in neat stripes ln all the new
soft shades so popular this fall.
reseda, rose, wisteria, mode.
lavender, sky, cadet and brown
Per yard    25c
30 Pieces of
Suiting Tweeds,
75c Per Yard
Regular   Vslues   90c   to   $1.00.
odd lengths and pieces ol
heather tweed, che\lots, home
spans, plain Venetians, etc., ol
colors on sale this week in the
dress goods Bectlon.
Th re is nothing fio pootl for tlir balijr
ri t. Charle. Ocutn. The rmilt of
analysii by prominent expert cliemisti
lLowsthat ljt.Charles Cream, when properly reduced with |tur�� i>mIU��i watrr,
is all io��t identical in every respect with
hamuli milk. It differs from other
milk products in that it is sterilized by
heat ..'.one.
St. Charles Cream does not curdle when
used on acidulous fruits aud imparts a
rich, delicate fl.-iypr.  It is ��
Immunized mils. It is
not onlv best for mother
and inTant���it is better
than the best ordinary
milk for all purposes.
Sold by bent jrroceri
Intferioll, -     Ont
Commencing September 15, the SS. Transfer will leave Brackman-
Ker  Wharf every  afternoon, except Sunday, at  2 p.m., for
Ladner, Westham Island and Way Ports
Returning  to  New  Westminster Saturday  evening.
Pet lulling will leave every weekday morning at 7 a.m. and Ladner
7:30 a.m. Additional trip .Monday morning, leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subject, to change without  notice.    For freight and
passenger rates apply to
Some Special Snaps
* 5 lots on Second street.   Excellent view.    Streets on three sides
* of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terma.
t        10   lots  extending from  First  to  Second  street.    This  property
* ls especially  well situated.    Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
f Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
I     F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Try a "Want" ad In The News   It
will bring results. **
Market Square
PHONE 475.
House wiring a specialty. All orders
given prompt attention, and night
calls answered.
Phones 761  aid  531.
Office:    -   -   -     435 Colun-.bla Street.1
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
:-m-    r-*  *a}, _-.a\~mm_*"l_


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