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The Daily News Aug 18, 1910

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 White Rock
T. Saunders and Mrs.
Wolfe Are Hurled to Bottom of Ravine.
remarkable accident which may
result   In the    death    of    C. T.
, ,mderl clerk of the municipality ot
Trnaby, and which is the cause of
Board of Trade    Discusses    Schemi
Lower Freight Rates from Vancouver   Wanted.
��rs. J��l'n Wolfe, of tho Hjorth road
being in tlje k0-Tal Columbian hospital
,ith   one    leu    fractured,    happened
bout ti or " O'clock on Tuesday night.
C x. Saunders, who has been visit-
at the residence of John Wolfo,
Mrs. Wolfe, wero returning from
j;eff Westminster. Tliey were drlv-
jng cn iht? new Vale road and when
[hey had reached the Yorke    bridge,
bich spans a small ravine about a
Lie from ihe end of the Westminster
toridge, the cayuse they were driving
became frightened and backed up, tlie
Carriage, occupants and horse plunging about eighteen feet to the bottom
of the gal'y-
The horse fell on the rough bank
tithe ravine and was Instantly killed.
|Both Mr. Saunders and Mrs. Wolfe
fare rendered unconscious, but after
ball an hour or two they partially reive! By falling partly under the
ibugsy they were saved from being
pushed tn death by the horse.
Mrs. Wolfe had one of her legs
koken and Saunders was suffering
(rom internal injuries, but they inan-
Iged to crawl up tho steep bunk of
the ravine and then struggle along
Mie road for about half a mile before
iu-;. were discovered.
To tbe unfortunate victims of the
... li ������ ��� seemed that no one would
lever come, but after almost three
mendurable agony a couple
{rigs came unexpectedly to the
jescue. Saunders, who was the most
jerlouBlj hurt, was taken at once to
R. Mary's hospital and Mrs. Wolfe
��:-'     .  "i I er home.
Vesterd \ 11 was found advisable to
take Mis Wolfe to the Royal Colum-
Mil where    she    Is   resting
C, T. Saunders Is ln St. Mary's hos-
pltal. conscious but very weak, lt is
��'���;; that    he has    some    ribs
broken, but the shock to his nervous
BTBtem | ... ' en so great that the doctors bave nol yet made a thorough
^lamination and are allowing him to
test lb is In a very serious condition, bui there is no immediate danger.
A scheme Is at present under consideration by the residents of Burnaby for the laying of several miles of
sidewalks on the most travelled roads
of that municipality, and although the
proposition ls as yet lu a tenative
stage, there ls every prospect that it
will become a realization before long.
At the regular mooting of thu Burnaby  board  of  trade  yesterday  evening
the question    was    discussed at    con-I .    , .    ,     . ...    .       , ��� .��� ������,..
,.    '    ,     ,  ���  ,,      ,,        ,���,,,.         .|inen:  As 1 look at tins immense galli-
siderable lengih,   the    difference    oil
opinion being mainly on the providing ering before me���this immense as-
of the funds for the enterprise, it : sembly���one of the finest and vastest
.was finally agreed that the most satis ! which In the course of my long career
Sir Wilfrid Delivers Lengthy Speech In Which The Whole
Question of Oriental Immigration Is Treated In
Masterly  Style���Proves Liberal   Policy
To Have Been The Best.
Vancouver Capitalists Reported to Be
Purchasing Heavily Near Town-
site Across the River.
discussed ;vkniN6
factory way would be to ask the persons more particularly benefited to
contribute 00 per cent., the municipality to provide the remaining 40
per cent, out of tlie general revenue.
The council passed a resolution to the
same effect some time ago.
A deputation,    consisting    of C.  It.
Gordon and T. Morrison was instruct-
Following is the text of Sir Wilfrid   therefore, 1 think, not asking you too
Lauder's speech,    delivered    in    tlie   much, as I know my name especially
Horse Show building, Vancouver,   on  has been branded as a chief sinner ln
Tuesday evening: J that respect, when It was said I was
"Mr. Chairman, ladies and    gentle- jthe  enemy  of   British   Columbia.     1
know you will give me tlie privilege
to discuss the policy of my government and the views I have upon this
question.     (Loud   cheers.)
Sir    Wilfrid    Explains.
"I claim the privilege of presenting
it  lias been  my privilege ever to witness, my first impulse is to convey to! niy views and what 1 have done, and
once more, on behalf of  myself'
and those who accompany me tlie
most heartfelt expression of gratitude
for tho more than royal welcome
which you have extended to us this
day. 1 thank my political friends for
tlieir  attendance,  and  may  I   be  per-
ed to wait upon the officials of the B, ! mttted to say also how much 1 thank
tliose   who   are   of  different   political
C. E. R. with a request that transfers
be given from tlie Interurban line to
tlie city lines, as the present system
worked a hardship on residents along
the Edmonds line.
The question  of freight rates over
the    G.   X.   lt.    from    Vancouver    to
Uurnaby  was  brought  up  for discussion by W. S. Hose, who pointed out | their  party
that while it onlr cost three cents to I honor to one of their fellow citizens,
bring a  hundred pounds of freight to I     "It  Is  our  great   privilege   that  we
the   railway   comnanv I have been born, most of us
when 1 have done tbat lt will be my
duty to place myself in Judgment of
the people of British Columbia and especially of tlie city of Vancouver, and
see whether or not I am a true Canadian.
"It has  been  said that we   in  the
east do not appreciate this question as
^^^     lt should be, but if so I am not one
principles  from  me  for  coming  here 10, them   for thls ls a que8ti0n which
ln such numbers and for giving such
a reception to these different gentle-
I men  who have addressed  them;    for
'offering tiiis  magnificent    demonstra-
I tlon to tliose from whom they differ
affects not only British Columbia but
the whoie of Canada; nay, tt affects
England, it affects the whole of tlie
British Empire. (Hear, hear.) It
haB always been  my purpose to dis-
generally,     and   without     forgetting | CUBa lt  ^ from the polnt of vlew of
ties   uniting   here   to do
charged six cents ror the same
amount consigned to Burnaby. although the distance was considerably
less. A deputation consisting of W.
M Wilshlre and B. G. Walker will lay
I this grievance before the railway commissioners in Vancouver on September 15.
Deals totalling thousands of dollars
are being negotiated at Port Mann,
across the river from this city, two of
considerable importance being closed
up yesterduy, while the tlnal papers ln
several others are to be signed before
the end of this week.
The price of property at Port Mann
has now passed the stage where the
smaller Investor can afford to purchase a couple of hundred acres, although this would have been an easy
matter for anyone with a few hundred
dollars twelve months ago. At the
present time most ol the property ls
being purchased either by Vancouver
capitalists or by local syndicates.
There ls not now the feverish speculation in options that was the case a
few months ago, substantial payments
being made to bind the bargains ln
the first Instance.
Several real estate firms have opened offices on the ground, these Including the Home Investment company, Marriott &. Fellows and Merritt
&. Worsnop.
Funeral  of Violet Tait.
The  funeral of  Violet Elaine Talt
the  eight  year  old   daughter  of   Mr
Second Street Ratepayers
Hear Advantages of Different Pavements.
British Columbia, only, but from the
point of view of British Columbia, of
Canada, of England, and of the whole I "*j ��.'t>'"',V'u"'*i"   "\T- ~n~~i1     ui��vT *����"i,
.   ���.._. ....... ^ land Mrs. Charles W. Talt, which took
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     in this
country, and  that others of  us have
chosen to reach this country as   the
land    of    their    adoption���it    is  our
privilege, all of us���that we have   to
live under British Institutions���wliich
I have said, more than once, are cer-j nrst   an(j   fo!elnost,   looking   to   the
tainly the wisest of    all    institutions | f;ict   that   Ule   luterest  of   England-
British Empire.   (Applause.)
"My policy has been built all the
ttme upon two IdeaB, upon two different conceptions. The first proposition that I have to lay before you in
my conception of this question is that
piace on Tuesday fi om the family
residence to tiie I. O. O. F. cemetery,
was largely attended by playmates of
the little girl and by friends of the
bereaved parents. The pall bearers j
were George Rennle, Leland Aria-i
strong, Ton Rennie and Frank Major,
while  the following  playmates of the
A    resolution    of    sympathy    with j for the government of men
that have ever been devised by men j ,.:n land  is  interested  in  the  Pacific i 7 u"c "tv '","",    '
    ������'  ���  ,. ,.. ._ .,.��� u������. i���,���..r,���, ���f ,,���  deceased, all dressed  ln    white    and
Munldpal Clerk C. T. Saunders, who i    "And the very basis of these instl-|Canadians, of us British subjects, that
it is to the best Interest of us
cts, that
carrying   spra>s,    were     present   as
honorary pall bearers:  Jane McPhail,
evening, was ^^^^^^^^^
passed and ordered transmitted to Mr.
The meeting of ratepayers called
by the city council Tuesday night to
discuss the proposed improvements
on Second street and on Columbia,
street east, was marked by many
attendants and all kinds of discussion. The meeting ended with the
matters under discussion little further advanced than when the meeting began, but the ratepayers had
their chance to make some re,narks,,
and they took advantage of it.
The fust part of the meeting was
devoted to hearing representatives of
tlie different paving companies who
explained the merits of their wares to
the satisfaction of themselves and
some of the audience.
S. A. MacMahon spoke for tlie Granitoid Paving company; J. W. Henning
for the Bitliulitic company, and J.
S. Lowery for the Hassam Paving
company. All sorts of questions were
fired at all the speakers and they
were able to answer satisfactory. The
Granitoid man and the Bithulitic representative showed signs of getting
into an argument, but Mayor Lee cut
them short. After samples of the different kinds of road had been left
with the meeting, the paving men
withdrew and then the ratepayers
embarked on a paving-high tax-hard-
Umes-boostlng discussion that lasted
for about two hours.
The Columbia street question did
not come in for much attention. Mr-
Diamond, who spoke for the ratepayers  there,    thanked    the  council  for
was the victim of a bad accident    on j tutions is an acknowledgment of party |if    possible    the    relations    Deiween
Tuesday evening,    was    unanimously j differences; an acknowledgement that j.QreatBritain and the governments ot Margaret    McAskell,    Edna    Ne.son,
government must be carried on by par- Uslatl(. n-u'ons should be of a friend- Violct    NelB0D>   Ulc-V     Relchenbach, I permitting  an  expression   of  opinion
ties.   Bir, we are divided in this cotm*hy character. M,ubel Armstrong, Velva   Huff,    Eva  on  thc  matt      bu1  ITminding them
try,   as   in   all   Biitish   countries,    by    ��� .-M ,  proposition, that  if we  Kil,k and May Monteith
party lines and party organizations. I' do  n;it  a lnjt  tniI11junrion   from  fie      A weal,h of lk,rul tributes of sym-   UMl "le leauon lne> ���������**��� sent in had
am  a  man   of  party   myself;   and  as orient   from China   Japan and India   pathy were heaped on the little coffin,  asked for Hassam pavement, and he
jhas been said by my friend. Mr. Par-',ll;e goocl relations which ought to ex- ~*  remembrances  including  the  fol-  supposed that was what they wanted,
dee-an.l 1 endorse everything he has.lp. b(?t_vet.n Qreat Britain and Asiatic  lowing: It was when Second Street came la-
Bald on this occasion-I believe the, :;Uil1(ons wuM  ,U)t be ,,.,^^1,^. amlbpru>s-Donald 1-.  Mckenzie. Joyce .      ���     , opinions  began
is  one  party  certainly  that  is  better I tlierefore the Immigration  from those' Poingdestre,      Eva      Mik.    Kath.ee l 6 ' 8du
than the other. Ot course, when I say koUntries has to be controlled and Mathers; 'Mary Dynetf; Ficu Wuswii.
that there is one party better than | t,|,e. kp(i' and" kept w.;t|,fn reasonable >Alex' McDonald, Jean MoPhail, Flo.-
the other, I don't want to impugn In bounds    This is tlie policy I have en-'<-,|u'e and    Mary Walmsley,   Clarence
- ���       iPressy, Rowland  McDonald, James K.
Armstrong,  Evelyn   Poiugdestie,  Gar-
Arrangement Made by Superintendent
and Aldermanic Board Does Not
Reflect on Mr. Furness.
fer from me. I think that their motives are good: and that their inten
tions are excellent; but they are
wrong, tlieir only excuse is that they
 don't know it; and may the Lord for
The following Is the letter given by  give them.
City  Auditor    Cotsworth    to Suporio- Tour Is Non-Political.
tendent of Works Thomas Furness "Indies and gentlemen, as you have
entirely freeing Mr. Furness from any! been told already, we have been on
blame In connection with an arrange- this tour for some four or flve weeks
ment referred to by the auditor ln his'now; and as has been said, the ob-
report, and which was handed by Mr. j ject of their tour was not so much to
Cotsworth to the News yesterday J   - -*-*~>- i���
any way the motives of thosei-who^dlt|a��.or!id to maifttain;   (Applause.)
| dlscUBB party politics as to obtain in-
"Aslatlc  Immigration  could   not   be"*1"''"'"      "���.���.���	
allowed to take place In this country I vl" Rae- s-vlvia Dt&by, clala anJ To;"
as immigration from tlie British Isles, Cunningham, Mr. and Mis. II. McDon-
or France or Germany, or anv otheriald- Mr- ;md Mrs- H' Wel8h and
white countrv. The reason is this.!Kathleen, Margaret and Helen Doug-
Ths nations of Asia for countless gen-.las' Mrs- Georee DeHeck (great grand-
,    ������m*   ������Hor  n   mother). May, Jean and Anna    Mon-
Thls Is to certify that mj
ending paragraph KI
y remarks j formation  as  to  what_ were  the    r���h|iower  wage   than   Ul9  CUIrent   wae,
'  " .....��� ��.        1��� ��� !,,>>, ,111,,,.
orations   have   been  ground   under  a  ������
despotism, and the result has been to teltl1' Gartl�� Sinclair, Air. and Mrs. J
keep the tolling masses in a conditioa;W' Corder, William Turnbull, Minnie
of   penury   and   degradation.       They Thornton.   Ross   Jamieson,   Glcu   and
might have frugality, but to tbe Euro- Gordoa   Lewis,   Alma   McKay,   Lilly
paan mind it Is sordldness. and when D16by, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cameron, Mr.
they  come   here   they   can   accept   a and    Mr��- J-  B-  McDonald,    Mr. and
��� i���   .1..  ������,.,.��.���,   _�������� Mrs. McPhail, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jack
ISI   Illy   iruj.    AS|>v,mH,..	
of the auditor's j qui: omenta  of  the different  parts otj^-jj th;y  they caln, 1q gllch Qum.
* -SSmmS     ���),���     loKnr     maillAl
[wtitmlniter Intends to Win, and Vancouver Does Not Figure on Losing, so C'acsy Play Is Assured.
bars  as  to  affect  the  labor   market, wUU*m Johnston,  WllHam Johnston,
jr., Mr. and Mrs. G. Corder, Wlnnifred
, George Corder, May and Col-
thesoa, Winnie   Philpot,    Miss
UUI re,  Dr.  and  Mrs.  T.  B. Green,
 _     . _ draw  Lily and Margaret    Dynes
a paragraph that particularly'fr"om thjs.'     "   *'-,���-,  ������*  ">������<��
Ala In       _   ' . , *
��� On tho contrary.   It Is   the   alder- there
The chances are that the same old
l*el>e lacrosse players will line up
jWdnsl Vancouver here on Saturday.
Tom Rem ie s Bhoulder is still sore
~<i ii is doubtful if lie will be able to
W again this year. Longfellow i-.t
!' '  n   Ol  the  game  as   far  as
1910 Is c mcerned, He broke his arm
*lul waa i badly shaken up that he
"'' ''' lui kj il he will be able to
"'"' nothing aboul  playing.
���B ' the I isl game the uncertainty
PUcli troubled the fans In New West-
[?J,n8lei  -'   the beginning of the sea-
11��" '��� :     In  felt   and  no one knows
'  '   match   will  end.    The  game
o��er here   next  Saturday   should  bo
'"' "!  "���-���   fastest   of  the  season  as
'*-' Westminster team cannot afford
,'',"1" "<������'i'i and the Vancouver men
��� confident, after their victory last
''��� l|i-i* thej can once more dispose
he champion Salmon Bellies.
'"" Terminal City attendance will
'   ":il'ly be affected somewhat by the
wcouver   exhibition,   but   a   good
-__    ^^^^^^^^^^^   Emellue
'.'.    i. "���    *������*-       , ��� -          ^^^^^ Wilson,  Mabel  and  Winnie Cameron,
manic system which led to that Illegal  caught my attention;  lt    was    tins���      i<lt jg that wll���e  , agree _,Rh       , Mr. and Mrs. Santa Hrown, Birdie and
arrangement which ls blamed.               | that here in Vancouver you are just at  jn the aim to be attained I differ from N'c'd DeBeck   (Vancouver),    Mr.    and
1   have  always  had  hearty  respect j the  meeting  point  between  the  East   you  in  Uie  n-ean8  of obtaining that Mrs. O. W. DeCeck (Vancouver), Vera
for Mr. Furness' thorough services to j aud the West, and that  you are fao   "PI1 j     You  haV9  looked at  the ques- Matheson, Brother    Clarence,   G and-
lnp t,,e Qrient,                                          Uon glmi)lv from U.G p()lnt of vlew of mother Talt    (Vancouver),    Mr.   and
I  tell  you  my  object   ln   coming  (lie la))0,, mun     , )mve looked at lt Mrs. William Munn  (Vancouver), Mr.
m.m   _. Informed as to what  from t,,e polnl ()f vlpw ()f tlle w)lole and Mrs. U.J. McDonald (Vancouver),
would be the needs and requirements  British   empire   (cheers)    and   while Mrs. George McKay. Mr. and Mrs. P.
of the  western  population.    1 know you have B0UgBt to obtain the restrio- ^^^^ ^^
that of all the questions which have tlon ()f Asl.ulcs by hostile legislation,
been agitating the public m.p In Brit-  ,)V   ftot of  parliament,  the  policy  by
for  the  last  fifteen  or | W|llc,|,  (   mvse|f and  the government
the sime result
omacy.   Tiie
had  hearty  respect
       thorough services tc
the city, which this Investigation convinces me have been of groat value. I
consider that above all others of the J here was to be
city's employees,  Mr.  Furness has by    "' l~ '
long, earnest and zealous services, deservedly won the respect of all persons connected with the civic management of the  Royal City.
This is given to him. not al his re
quist, but to prevent any misinterpretation of my meaning, also to as-
e him and his family that there !
be city  with whom I can | of Oriental  labot
to be c>pressed. There vr.s strong
opposition to payment of auy kirul
an.l objections of every conceivable
kind were raised by tlie first five or
sii speakers till the meeting began to
sound like a session of the knockers*
In the main the objections simmered down to one thing and that was
that the proposed improvements cost
too much and it would do no harm to
wait a year or two. Oue man even
declared that If the proposed Improvements which would cost about $31' per
year for every slity-slx-foot lot, wero
Mrs. I carried out he could not stand the
burden and would have to leave the
stfeet, auid 'another ratepayer reiterated the remark. It afterwards developed that one of the men With the
hard time story to tell had two or
three houses to rent.
When matters reached that s'.age.
Mayor Lee thought his pet schema
was doomed to defeat and he launched
forth a burst of oratory on the prosperity and progress that should boost
  the price of real estate at least   9(4
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Cameron, 'per cent.
His  Worship  stated  that they  haif
Velra    and    Dewey  Huff,
ih;i   Columbia    	
twenty years, the one question which',)avp tried  to reach
has  more  than engrossed  attention. hag been .b��. frUnaiy diplomacy.   T
1 ,:"'"'t!end Is the same  but the methods dlf
no  one
In   ll
more  cordially  shake  hands  as  a  coworker  for his city's  welfare. ^	
(Sgd.) M08ES B. COT8WORTH,    [as to "the policy of the govs
City Auditor, i has heen entertained in this province
  jl know ln 1896 it  was the good fortune of the Liberal party, of which I
happen to be the head, to carry the
and  the  City   of   Vancouver.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ friendly <
;;:;;,���. has ^*^e^fqBneBtlon ��-- iiI1(l, ask ,011, fellow country
(Hear,  hear, and l���,������ or ,. |���e, who have differed from
me   In   this    matter,   who    have
f  misapprehension  nounced  me  many  times,  I  ask  you
is j of  discussion.
"A  great
o tho
of til
which  is  tlie  most  conducive
I eace  and   to  the  dignity  of  the em-
plie?"     (Cheers.)
Reviews  Government  Action,
"This  Is  the   first  principle  that  1
lay down.    Now, In view of that prln-
"  me  to  leview
Maliel and Ethel Teskey, Margaret
and Sissy Nelson, Mr. and Mis. H.
Ruslitoil, Mr. and Mrs. D, A. Shiles,
Myrtle T. Wiles, Mr. and Mrs. R, S.
Ramsay, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Relchenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Douse, Mrs.
Altcheson, Mrs. George Kennle, Mrs.
James Monday, Mis. George Munday,
Mrs. Thomas Monday, Mr. and Mis.
W. J. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Haivey
Day. Mr. Geoiye llenule, Mr. and Mrs.
William Qlfford and children, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Eagles, Mr. and Mis '
A. Cunningham, Mr, and Mrs. John
Kennle, Mr. an.l Mrs. liisiey, Lizzie
Peters, Nettle Garrett, Mr. ar.d Mrs.
C. N. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Brown, Hilda Turnbu'.l.
Pillow���Mother  an.l  Daddy.
Harp���Qrandma und   Grandpa   De-
Heart���Mabel    and    Leland      Arm-
...ready waited a year or Uvo an.l
they would keep on waiting Indefinitely unless something were done now.
He asked the ratepayers what they
could expect the government tu do to
the harbor if they did nothing to tha
city. When the government was approached on matters of this kind the
answer was received that New Westminster was tiie sane today as It was
fifty yea: s ago and the Improvements
would come when they were needed.
It was up to the city to show out-
sldeers that theie was a city here
and not for the outsiders to find out
that there was a city.
"1 venture to state,'1 said the mayor,
"that as soon as Second stieet ls
paved, the council will not be able to
keep up with the applications that
wlll come In  from the   residents   of
Edna,  Violet  and  Freda  Nel-   0(her    Btreet8    to    have    the    same
ls expected  nevertheless.
W McBride    Eulogized    Former
yor in Recent Address.
Mom    ""'   '"   lho  ��l)(>ra    l��o"ae    on
to tho   evenln8 at the concert given
tiitli���i|,'""il,"1,'il ('holrs of t,le RomBD
of the
Vancn'ii',.'..   ,'.'!','os "r    Ul'8    clty    und
Richard McBride, premier
"��� "poke In  highly flat-
II. Keary. former
ci,|pfI '''"iis | va	
After r_fBl,tirate "f New Westminster.
'"'pi's affli '" a numl)er of former
aftop v! ''""'* college who had ln
*orld m. ..made lholr mark in the
"And M(,|illl|e said:
Hon W| ;',M '"" n"1 least I must men-
tnoBt ,.. "��� Keary, the best and
H��u VYo��tmi va "eet'ttve officer
*hoje .i���, ?ler eT��r had, and under
���"We'surh        trftUon   thls clty    ha"
6'eat progress."     f
is scarcely enough to supply the local   can W*_���ffi���� pllde  that  the  "c"h'ina-Canada had at that time-no
^^^^^ le" '" ��� ullt last summer, and |,relations diplomatic, consular or po-
demand tor tresh fish
����� ,.ocnu now the I slimoii  	
n some cases now w . aamiuu �����"��
: ^LMi:ini. BfM'X!:��ror��. wnJj
gers.G. T. P. R-     Agla,,c laborer has been  lltlcal whatever.   There was no com
merclal   or   diplomatic  agent   at  Ottawa  from   that   government.     And.
In s
Z SSrth%-pHceVwll. probabl^o uppmpor^ - -^on the j^sent
Crosses���Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. NelB Nelson, Mr.
and Mrs. George Turner, Miss McColl,
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hart, Mr. and Mrs.
W. IT. Keary.
Crescents���Dr.    and    Mrs.    A.    J.
if th*��� Is not some development In j    "It is  no   ^���   , llttle time to I therefore! as there was no protest at
he nn in a few days.    The canners occasion to J��>ote question   alI   comlnB   from   the  government  of
a e Mill hoping that the close "MM t>e.ds ^Uc" ^Dllgratlon.    1 know that   chlna. , 9aw M rea80n at all why the.    y^Mr  _������ Mrg. A. w. McLeal
\_*_&\fi2&& ';:" M Mrk ��-u'B;I"
UTres ��re not so sanguine. pro* ���
(C��mtUae4 on Pace Fear.)
  meeting began to be a little mo.e optimistic. Silas Fader started the half
rolling in the right direction by stating that he was willing to assume his
share of the expense and was glad to
do lt, for It was time something was
done with the streets. He was- followed by H. L. Edmonds, Nelg NM-
son, R. J. Rlckman   Alderman A. W.
(Continued on Page PTveji *
a   _**
t r!
i [
Tr ".
i *
���i ���:
. ..
Classified Advertisements REAL   ESTATE BUGS MAKE LOVE;
IVANTED���Room and board for young
lady, with private family, required
bj Sept, l. Reply to 19 Dally News
WANTED���A night watchman. Apply the Westminster Mill Co., Lulu
Isii nd,
for illustrated  songs  in the    opera
bouse.   Apply Larry Tidy, manager.
ton school; monthly salary $25. Applications received till noon of tlie
17th inst.   Robert Lennle, secretary.
Over  Merchants  Eank, Cor. Columbia
and Begbie Sts.
New Westminster, B. C.        Phone 335
WE Have the following choice properties, mostly on or near B. C. Electric Railway, and all but last two in
list within comparatively short dis-
tance of Canadian Northern terminus, opposite New Westminster
TWO and a half acres on E. C. Electric car line, near Scott road, South
Westminster. Price. $2,000; $800
cash: i!. 12, and 18 months, at 7
per cent.
Pop Question With Many A
Flirt of Body, Showing Off
Their Attractions.
WANTED���HOUSEKEEPING   BL0CK  of  17  lots,  132x6G.  half mile
rooms tor married    couple.    Apply      fnim ,,.,,���, llne< South Westminster:
Box A.A., this office. _|    A bargain at only $i,:.nn; $500 cash,
and 12 months
per tent.
room, walking distance, with phone  TW0 fivracre  |0ts across  road from
Kennedy Station, it. C. Electric Ry.
Scott Road. Price $300 per acre, '..
cash. 6 and 12 months, at 7 per cent.
ACRE and one-tenth in Burnaby, on
North Arm Road, near Geo. Mead's
new resilience, just outside city limits. Corners on tramway cut off under construction. Price $3,000;
..i.n. 0 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months, at
7 p< r ce:i(.
in  house,    wanted    by    gentleman,
pi ice :    P. O. Box So2.
Sash & Door factory,
WANTED���A  driver at  once for    delivery rig.   Ideal Bakery, Sapperton.
who is  experienced   for cooking or
; o ter.    Q.   Yamashita,   P.   O.
Box  497, City
,'    ire ho ise to rent; 6 or
 .   NEW    Modern    residence,   beautifully
NfO    FAMILY       situated,  embowered   In   shade and
Entry   by   Si pt, n ber   1.    R< ply   to
Bos  li. Ni '���' s offlce.
W:..:;���[ ED - - IMMEDIATELY, GEN-
eral servant. A] ply evenings. Mis.
Cambie,   731   Sixl h   street.
fruil ti. es, ni tr Port li..'. ond
c. P. U. station, Price $5,000,
$2,500 cash, balance to arrange al 7
1 er i   ��� :
New Westminster.  B. C.      Phone 335
B< - wagi s i ai l to righl party. Apply  201   Columbia street.
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125  Third  avenue.
can Telegraphone. $12.50 per share.
p, o. Box 1048, Victoria, B. C.
cheap. Apply "Dairy," care Daily
Head Office       -       451  Columbia St.
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
Branch Office     -     -     Kamloops, B.C.
SURFJEY���SO acres on  Hjorth road in
I    section  28,   block  5 north,  range 1
\vt st.   Pi ice $360 per aoi'e; terms.
SURREY���30 acres In section 35,
block 5 north, range 1 west; 20
acres cleared, new house and barn,
good water. Price $8000;/ ti rn s over
eighteen months.
on   Westminster   road;   about   ISO
feet to another road; for $700; quarter   cash.    Herbert   Gay,   Windsor
hotel,  after  i>   o'clock.
    SURREY���20    acres    adjoining    Fort
TWO  LOTS      Mann  Townsite in section 25, block
5 north,  range 2 west.    Price $400
per acre; good terms.
CITY���Double corner on  Fifth  street,
all cleared. Price $1600; one-quarter
cash, balance over eighteen months.
CITY���Four    lots on  Eighth    avenue,
ROOM TO RENT���A comfortable fur-      two corners.   Price $1600; one-quar-
nlshed   bedroom   suitable   for   two      ter cash,  balance  six, twelve    and
gentlemen.    Apply at  233 8th St. eighteen months.
TO RENT ��� FURNISHED BED-, SURREY���100 acres of good land with
rooms. 703 Third avenue. Apply! 2600 fret of water frontage, close to
after 6 p. in. or hei ween 9 a. in. and Port Mann Townsite. This is an
5 p. m. at Room 11. 623 Columbia i excellent subdivision property. Price
stieet, $260  per acre;   $4500 cash, balance
��� over three years.
Flrsl class board.    Newly furnished  FOR  SALE���20 acres on  Scott road,
p.. ms.    All home cooking.    Terms     close in, at $110 per acre.
very reasonable, at 513 Agnes street.  ���	
 -   FRUIT  FARM���In   Delta,  10 acres  of
i'URNISHED      good   land,   all   cleared,   with   good.
Handy  to \    house and barns, 250 bearing fruit
trees, on  good road.    Price $3 500.
Good   terms. i I7^'A) '
room  suitable   for  two
business section.    Apply 129 Tenth
���'COQUITLAM���25     acres     of     choice
TO  RENT. land.     Water   |ilpe  running  on   one
side   of   property.     Price   $250   per
FOR RENT���A  live-room house with I    a(,,c:   *2,250 cash.    Balance 1,  2, 3
out'buildings;  double lot; good lo-!    and 4 years at 6 per cent.       (191-A)
ballon;   near   Vancouver   tram   In  _,,,_   , . ���__   , ._������"	
West  End.    Possession  Sept.  1. Ap-   TW0   LARGE   LOTS-Close   to   store
ply to Home, Daily News ofiice. an(1   tPun'     One-fourth   casli;   bai-
-  1    anee $10  per month.
MOTOR     LAUNCH     FOR     MIRE.  ~ : -��� ���	
Phone 335, or at boat, Eighth street Throu9h our branch   office   at   Kam
ply upstairs Trapp block, corner Co
lumbia and Clarkson.
loops we have received some of the
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
and get particulars.
Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 16.���When
a  man  is bead  over  beels   in   love;
when lie is torn by jealousy; when hatred of a rival possesses him, he often
becomes a "hug." to use an expn s-
sion rather slangy. Sllll, is it surprising that when aa insect is tilled with
love, jealousy or hate, it becomes
more of a bug than ever.
Prof. William M. Wheeler, of the
Bussey Institute, Harvard University,
has been deeply interested In the
question. "Have insects an emotional
life?" Prof. Wheeler has been carefully studying grasshoppers, crickets.
scorpions, butterflies and many other
insects. i\e declares there are strong
indications that all of them feel jeal.
lousy, bate and love, and that they display physical courage al exactlj the
proper moment Resides, some of
these small creatures are love-makers
as expert as a nol,leman with aa old
,;i;<' and without a pinny, who v. ios
a millionaire's daughter.
"li is a mistake to think thai only
the higher animals have definite
ids of love making," said Prof.
Wheeler today. The facl Is that
scores of Insects have really compli-
i ated methods of attracting mates.
Some of these me hods are the i m-
ventiohalities and traditions of insect
Females   Are   Coy.
"Jusi as among human beings, nearly all Ins, i ts si ek lo attract mates
, Ither by t! eir brillianl colors and
good looks or by some weird accomplishment, tin the other hand, the
female in every species of Insecl life
affects a manner of great  coyness."
Prof.   Wheeler   then   described   the
method of tbe scorpion beau to Intro- i
anee himself to a lady scorpion.
"The male scorpion, having gained
the attention of the female, advances
toward her with a sort, of sidewise,
hestitating walk. As they approach
the walk slows to a very deliberate '
advance. At a little distance they
halt anl gaze Intensely Into each oili-:
er's eyes." ���
"What   beautiful   eyes   you   have.",
says the human to the object of his
affection.    To return to the scorpion.
Then, still seeming to gaze intently
at eacli oilier,  they raise themselves I
vertically   and   hold   this   position   for
several minutes.    After this Introduction the scorpions take a sort of pro-'
menade, one of the most serious features of tlie love-making program."
Spider   Dances   for    His   Love.
Prof.   Wheeler   described   the   woo- j
ing of some species of spiders:
"The male, having selcted his bride,'
advances to her. gazes at her for a
moment and then begins a weird
dance. He leaps into the air. balances
himself first on liis fore and then on!
his rear legs, and goes through a series of antics, all of which tlie female
regards with great complacency. At
tlie end of tlie dance the spider approaches the female and claims her as
liis bride."
Like a lovesick swain who twangs
his guitar beneath the gallery, a cricket or a grasshopper serenades his
lady love. And a cricket lights for
her, duels with his rival before her
eyes.    Said tlie professor;
"Nearly always these duels are'
fought in the presence of the desired j
one, and in true medieval fashion. ;
Tlie maiden, concealed near by,
watches the conflict with great inter-)
est until the victor conquers his rival I
and carriesMier off as liis mate."
Eighth  Street  Sewer.
The Municipal Council of the Corporation Of the City i New West-
minster having by l 'solution determined and specified that it Is desirable to carry out the following works;
that Is to say;
To construct sewers on the following  streets;   namely:
Hamilton street, between Eighth
and Sixth streets; Seventh avenue,
between Eighth and Fourth streets;
Princess street, between Eighth and
Sixth streets; Princess street from
Fourth street eastwards; sixtli avenue, from Tenth to Sixth stn ets.
Fifth avenue, from Tenth to Six b
streets; Belmont stieet; St. Andrews
str, et, from Tenth to Eighth streets;
Fourth avenue, from Tenth to Sixth
streets; Kennedy street; Blackford
stieet; Third avenue, lrom Tenth to
Sixth streets; street between Ash and
Seventh streets; Welsh street; Milton street; Robson avenue; Queens
avenue from Tenth to Sixtli streets;
Gloucester street; Royal avenue from
Mclnnes to Seventh streets; Agnes
stieet Horn Mclnnes to Sixth streets;
Moody street; Ilolbrook street, Cunningham street from Eighth to Sixth
streets; Victoria street from Elgthth
[O I.nine streets; Victoria stieet from
McKenzie to sixth streets; Carnarvon
streel from Tenth to Sixth street;
Ramage street; Clarkson Street, from
McKenzie to Sixth streets; Columbia
stn t, from Tenth to Mclnnes Btreets;
r, nt.: si reel from Columbia street to
Seventh avenue; Mclnnes street, from
,- ..   street    to   Royal   avenue;
Gillej  .- reel; Ninth street;  McNi eley
strei ���:  Blackie sl reet, from Columbia
to Ct rnarvon bI i ��� :   ; S ummer sti eel;
Bui i street, from Milton stre< I noi th-
wards;   Simcoe sti ei t;   Elghl ta  st reet
Columbia to  Hamilton  Btree
��� ;. ,-    str, el;     Begbie    sit eel;
��� , . ���.   McKi nzle  str, el;   Fife
Ire,       '��� ���:;   Bti eel;   Seventh   Btrei
Fifth  street,  from  Sixth  to  Seventh
i Fourth streel  fi im Sixth to
Si '��� I tt' ll   i      '   ��� Bl: ntford    street.
���        Sixth to Se\ i nth streets, to be
known as the Eighth str, el sewei .
And that the said works shall he
carried oul in accordance with the
provisions of the Local Improvement
Genera]   Bylaw,  1909.
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
In accordance with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon the said works,
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to he benefitted by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the snld City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the council.
Notice is hereby given that tlie said
reports are open for inspect ion at
tlie Office of tlie City Assessor, City
Hall, Columbia Btreet, New Westminster. B. ('.. and that unless a petition
against tlie proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or ���""il property to be assessed or chargOd in re
spect of such works representing at
least one-half in value thereof is presented to the Council within fifteen
davs from the date of the lirst publication of this notice the Council will
proceed witli tlie proposed Improve-
ments tinder such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may by bylaw in that behalf regulate
and determine and also to make the
said  assessment.
Dated this 2nd day of August, A. D���
.1.  A. RENNIE,
Acting City Clerk.
Date of first  publication, August 3.
THU..0AYi AU_U8T18
want    ..
Paper   Napkins    rl    "  ^
and   Forks,
Cups,   Fish
and   Forks,   Bask.t.
els' Alum
3    7*""  r,smil3  Tackle
'   zine, etc., etc.
[J��t  them
All rubbish and garbage must bi
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where it will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage of rubbish of tiny kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public propertj ���
will he prosecuted under the provisions of tlie Sanitary Bylaw.
By Order, S. J.  PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector j
City Hall, dune 13. 1910.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I. Qeorge Beckett,
(,f  Abbotsford,  B.C., teamster, intend
to apply  to  the Chief Commissi, ���<
of Lands al   Victoria, B. C, tor a license to pros] eel foi coal and p< trol
eum on and In the following descrl
ed lands:
Commencing at a post marked G. B.,
X, W. coiner, planted at the N. VV.
corner of Section 28, In Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New '��������� I
si r Dis't let; thi nee easl 80 chains;
thence south so chains; thence wei I
\b*\ chains; thence north -'< chains to
pohU of commencement and containing 640 ar.n i.
Dated at   Abbotsford,  B.C., tiiis 9th
. day ot June, A.D.,  1910
66S���Columbia Street���.��65|
���      New Westminster, B.C
Mineral Waters
Aerated Water]
M  ' it    lured by
S.   V      -;?Y
Telephone  R 113. ^jL
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, Norman Caswell.
Of Abbotsford, B.C., miner, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria. B.C., tor a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on and in tlie following described
Commencing at a post marked N. C.
N*. L. corner, planted at the X. E
corner of Section 19, In Township 19,
Municipality Of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north SO cliains; thence east Su chains
to point of commencement aud containing  640  acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C.. this 9th
day of June,  A.D., 1910.
: -
If you depose  your money for
safety in Tin   Bank ot I    nl
lt whi be     ti
it, and ready when you nei J it,
and it will be
earning for you three percent
Intei-est. Small or large sums
may be depi site d at any time.
TO    RENTS-FURNISHED    ROOMS. |        Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager.
���.    Bogie   street,   opposite   Russell | Head 0ff|oe        .       451  Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
room; furnished. 609 Victoria St.,
near  Daily  News office.
Branch Office
Kamloops, B.C.
store  In  the   K.   P.   hlock;   suitahle I Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655.
for   stoie   rooms,   skating   rink,   ov'-^^- ~-~^^~^~n^-^n~n
moving pictures, etc., etc.    For par- ��� FIFTY-SEVEN acres on the Yale road
tlculars apply to John Forrester
Sec, K. P, Trustees, 517 St. George
street,  City,
in Bectlon 26; price $125 per acre; j
one-third cash, balance one and twol
FORTY acres on the S. W. t.'4 section
36 on the Johnson road; price $100
LOST���HROWN   AND   BLACK   '���,v- I,   ''" '"'��' j
lish   terrier   pup.     Answers   to   the   THIRTY acres on the Coast Meridian
name  of   1'unkie.     is  about   four     road; price $160 per acre; one
months old.    Finder  please  return
to :;.1H Queens avenue.
ter cash,   balance   six, twelve   and
eighteen months.
LOST���CHILD'S     SILK     COAT     BE��� FIVE acres in section 25, block 6, R. 2
tween K   of P. Hall and Third av- W.;  price  .��;<m per acre;  one-third!
��� nine    and    fflnth    street.      Finder cash,     balance   six     and     twelve'
please return to 235 Ninth street. mont lis.
with gold chain, hetween tram ofllce alid Third Streel. Suitable reward for returning same to Daily
News ollice.
boro canoe and an old scow. Owner
can have same by paying for advertisement at  Daily  News office.
to Pat Feeney.
Royal City mills.    Owner may have
��� eanie by calling af Royal City mills
nnd  proving property.
THE        OAILV        NEWS
Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655.
60   YEAR3*
At the annual meeting of the agricultural societies of British Columbia,
held in Victoria in January last, dates
for the fairs throughout the Province
were arranged as follows;
First   Circuit.
Alberni       Sept. 14 and 15
Nanaimo      Sept. If and 17
Comox      Sept   21! and 23
Cowlehan       Sept. 2;: and 24
The Islands   Sept. 21
Victoria       Sept   27 to Oct. 1
N.  and  S.  Saanlch n '   7 and P
Second   Circuit.
Coquitlam      Sept. . 0
Maple   Ridge Sept. 21 and 22
Mission       Sept. 23
Agassi/        Sept. 27 and 28
Chilliwack     Sept. 20, 21 and 22
Third    Circuit.
Nicola       Sept. 13 and 14
Armstrong      Sept. 22 and 211
Vernon        Kept.  16 to 17
Kamloops        Sept. 28 to 30
Kelowna      Sept.. 20 tind 21
Salmon   Arm    Sept. 23 and 24
Summerland      Oct. 17 and 18
Fourth Circuit.
Surrey       Sept. 27
Langley       Sept. 28
Eburne    Sept. 2!) and 3o
Ladner     Sept. 23 and 24
The man who wears a Stetson Hat may rest
assured that no man is better hatted than
he. Stetson Hats set the pace in style and
quality, and remember they are the Hats
That Are Guaranteed.
I U. S. A. Quality, Black and Col- |
ored, $4.00 the hat.
No. 1 Quality, $6.00 the hat.
Stiff Conforming Quality,   $5.00
the hat.
ln   Ontarli
��� ���   and the
J. Oracey, Mgr,
White Star--DomiDioi|
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
8.8. LAURE*-"!^���
Triple  screw,  14,9*"- ton..
S.S. MEGAN nw.
Twin    screw,    H.WO  tons.
largest   and   most   modern.   ��l
commodation equal to any ero
Ing the  Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply"
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anvono s����<1h(|r A * ItMcb a.<1 flcincrlriUnn ma?
inlclMy lUcortam ail. opintOTi ffte ��h<)t.hor an
InvmiUnn ft firr���--'��� ��� ��� -- '"
sunt froo. ol .ra\ atfi&ST ti
Pot on W fjiL'<fn,-*lflAnMi
special notta, JI*_Wfll chi
A hanilwiraulr Illustrated weekly. Liirgont circulation of any ncioruKio Journal. Tormn for
Canada, . l.7T> a yoar, postal;c preiiald. Hold bl
all Dowwoalem.
UruuchOflica, bb V BU WttlWngRn.iJ,c.
Do you   want  to  increase  your
huslneHS ?   Then see
I G N  O
Signs of every description.
class si_ns a specialty.
324 Columbia Street. Phone 766.
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agents for 20th Century Clothing and Christie
and Stetson Hats
Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
Furniture Made to Any Design.
Furniture Repaired.
Woodwork of Ail Kind*
39 Alexander St.
Green Cut Bone to
Your  Chickens LW
Central Meat
Corner Ilghth tt .-{W |
For all l<'"(l9 "f ri
Phone 695
or leave o''''cr3 at
The  ArrowPf
near The Dally News Co.,
Try a "WANT" ad I"
It will bring results. ���sa^e���wm
AUGUST 18, 1910.
Q��of Montreal
)dUI*  riaHTT.n  1817.
j ,���= ihroughout Canada and
_B'"ni'" '! aim in London, Eng-
I*'oUD vnrk Chicago and Spokane,
t*rn}0M��lco City. A general
P'A- husiness transacted. Let-
PWn.Br.��iit Issued, available with
jiStsln    al.    parts of    the
frld'   . Kink Department���Deposits
ia,v'nf in sums ^ $l ������� "Pward,
If "teres" allowel at 3 per cent, per
ld      inresent rate).
Inm", Assets over  $180,000,000.00
���Total e^'la	
G D. BRYMNER, Manager.
ransfer Co.
m 'Phone 119-     Bam 'Pione 1W
Columbia 8treet.
\m%n*   deliver**   promptly   to
any part of the city.
Ut and Heavy Hauling
fcardiner & Gardiner
(F, (',. Gardiner)
f. Westminster Trust Bnlldlnj
New Westminster, B. C.
661 Residence  Phone 133
Phone 730
rphy & Craig
Fruhling Aiding the Ajax In
Clearing, Preparatory to
Arrival of Rock Crusher.
You insure your life, house,
business holdings, etc., etc. Why
not your face.
The policy of the "Gillette"
is to insure you against further
ihaving troubles, dull unhoned
razors, cut5, time lost, moaey spent.
A Gillette Safely Razor
establishes a long term insurance
policy for your face.
Jttk or write for our free booklet
explaining a hundred and one
things you ought to know about
shaving and the care of your face.
C.illrltr Bafety Razor Set con-ism
of Iripk- silver plated holder thai will
jut a lifetime, with ia doable edged
blades (24 keen edges) iu vrlvct liutd
leather case.   Price Js.kj.
Combination bets���Brush, Soap, etc.
JS-y to (50.uo
Sold By
Heating and  Plumbing
\\ Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial   Block
Coach and Automobile  Painter.
Lettering and   Top   Repairing,
1011 Sixth  ATenuo.
���Gold Watcies tor LadivB from |12./e
���Silver Watcbea,   gents'    open tare
I?:, - Watches,  gents'  open    case
1.50 up.
hyi   for   Waltham   nnd     Elgin
IW'atch repairing a specialty.
wo Dcors from Goo. Adams' Grocery
W, !���:. Walsh      W. B. Walsh, Jr.
Factory, 226 Hth St,
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Phone 413.
We   niuke   ;i   specialty   of   fir
doors, steamed and  kiln  dried.
:;'���, to H5 II. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Locnl  Agents
feioiinster iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
And Upriver  Landings
The New Sternwhee'er
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Townsend St. Maternity
und non-contagious medical
cases accepted, Terms from
$16 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Tele-
I hone  ~iiij.
Room  6,  Guichon Building.
Phone  681
aves Brackman-Ker Milling Com-
f* wharf, New Westminster, with
"wn.dg in4 freight as fellews:
I Leaves Xu Wcr.i minster Tuesday
flursday and Saturday at 8 a. ra.
[Leaves Chilliwack   Wednesday,  Fri
��j ai;|i Sunday at 7 n. m.
Ilrst Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
Estimates   Given   on   Any   Kind
of   Job   Printing
Thomson  Blk.
Prions  388
Vi toria, Auk. 17.���By November
next n is expected that the two Lob-
nltz di edges which have been ordeied
by the dominion government, wlll he
in operation In the Victoria harbor,
and that the r.ocka which are a menace to navigation, or which make it
more difficult for vessels to operate
there, will very soon be taken out.
'tlie big dredge Fruhling is at present working lu the entrance to tbo
harbor, removing some rather fine
Bandy material which the other
di edges found It dillicut to handle.
Thirty-tin ee per cent of it was lost
in the hoppers of the scows when the
Ajax was use.l, but practically all of
it is saved and taken lo sea by the
Fruhling. The big dredge will probably remain here until such time as
fishing is closed on the Fraser river,
and tuis will hasten a good deal the
deepening of the channel.
'I he Fruhling was sent to Alberni to
do some work, but it was found thai,
the material was t6o hard for her to
iian Ile. Even here she is unable to
do anything like as much as in the
Fraser river. She moves the dirt
about as fast as the Ajax, which is
now working in gravel and shells,
and taking out lifteen or sixteen hundred yards a day.
Speaking of tlie new dredges which
are coming here, G. A.  Keefer, resident   engineer,   stated   this   morning
I that contracts for these weie let last
i February to tlie only tirni that manufactures  them  at   Renfrew,   Scotland.
j They are to cost $35,000 each, will ba
j put   together   there   and   then   taken
I apart and sent out in sections on the
| Blue Funnel liners.    The Hulls are of
j steel,  and   the  reassembling  of  these
: parts will not take long once they arrive.    It was confidently expected that
they will arrive in time for the work
to commence by November 1.
With tlie Lobnltz dredges no pow-
' der is  used.    A  large steel  Bhaft pul-
I verlzes the rock, and then it is taken
up by the dredge.    Specimens of tlie
! rock from  Victoria harbor were sent
' to  tlie manufacturers of the dredges
| before   the   orders   were    placed,  and
Hey  aie  satisfied   that  they   will  do
good work in it.   The rock is hard to
drill, but easy to pulverize.
Men will be sent with the dre-.lges
to i ut them together here and then
put tbem to work, and they will not be
taken over until satisfactory.
Dredger Rock, on which the drill
has been working for some. time, at
the entrance to the harbor near Sehl's
Point, Is now nearly removed, another
two months only being required to
com] lete the work. As the work of
dredging proceeds, however, new
points are discovered, and these all
bave to be removed.
The Mudlark ls still at work clear-
..^ out the up] er harbor. When this
is completed she will be removed to
the .hoal oppos.to the Hudson's Bay
wharf, a part of which must be re-
moved before t. e new dredges will
i be aide to operaio on the rock.
"Very soon," said Mr. Keefer, "the
shallowest part of the.harbor will be
twenty feet deep at low water, which
will allow any of the coasting steam-
ei'B to manipulate without the slightest danger, Tlie building of tho now
docks has not had any of the ill-effects It was said lt would have, for
the stean-ers get In aud out quite
easily. People sometimes become u
llit:�� impatient, but big dredges cannot be manufactured ln a day, and
liHibois are not Improved in a minute."
Whippany, N\ J., Aug. 17.���Wages
are not unusually high at the Caledonian paper mill here, but Harvey
St ruble, one of the hands, says lie
would not give up his Job. The other
day he found the third diamond within the last six months. It is not as
valuable as either of tlie others, but
it will do, he says. A local jeweler
has put a value of $80 on it.
Struble handles the scrap that
comes into the plant to be made Into
paper. One of tlie diamonds he found
was worth more  than  $200, and  the
other $160. A laborer got ahead of
Struble a few days ago and picked a
$75 diamond out of tlie rubbish. Coins
are frequently found in the scrap, and
pennies come to light with sufficient
regularity to keep tlie men in tobacco.
Some time ago the Salvation army
sent in a lot of paper and later word
was sent to tlie mill that a package
of uncut diamonds was thought to be
In the lot, but the diamonds never
came to light.
Three hundred and fifty dollars will
buy a lot and build a cottage at White
Rock. White, Shiles &. Co. v. ill tell
you how. **
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   Paid  Up    $5,000,000
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New Westminster Branch.
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15, for tlie erection of Tramway Station and Ofllce Building at New Westminster.
Specifications can be secured at
offices of Maclure & Fox, Architects,
Winch  building, Vancouver.
Tlie lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
W. H. Hazlltt.
New Westminster, August 3. 1910.
! All pe:sons using Columbia street
, for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested to keep to the left hand side
I of the car track while proceeding iu
I either direction.
Bv order,
Acting City Clerk.
City Hall, August 12, 1910.
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Repairs Promtply Executed.
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Calgary, Aug. 17.���One hundred and
forty horses are alleged to have heeii
stolen ofT the ranch of James E.
Trumble, of Fox Coulee, Alheita. The
theft must have occurre 1 some time
ln June, but Truhle did not discover
liis loss until a week ago.
Trumhle.  who owns a  large ranch,
ni   one  time  had  over   six   hundred
horses on  grass.    He  bad  a  contract
to deliver live hundred  horses to Mr.
Grosse, of Wetasklwin, and Mr. Cummin, s, of Vermillion, this spring, and
on   May   12  lie  set  out   with   his  first
drove,   containing   obout   three    hundred   and   twenty-flve   head.    The  remainder of the drove were lefl inUict
on   the   ranch   until   lately,   when   a
1 round-up was made,    it was then ills-
'covered that about one  hundred and
' forty head were missing.
I    Tlie surrounding district was scour-
' ed but no trace of the missing horses
j was found.
1 Trumble has since ascertained that
I a number of horse hearing his brand
! were sold hy auction at Saskatoon,
and as lie himself bus sold none to
par'.ies living tn or around Saskatoon
be la practically certain that the thld
has disposed of his booty there.
Early this summer a hand of Indians went south through the Fox
Coulee district, but whether they are
the guilty parties or not Is a matter
of surmise only.
'The mounted police have been notified Of the theft and several officers
are now working on the case.
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i- %
The Daily News
Published by Tne Dally .News Publishing Company, Limited, at tlieir offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
C. A.  Paige Managing  Director
���'HURSDAY. AUGUST 18, 1910.
Throughout his tour, which lias now-
extended over four weeks. Sir Wilfrid '
Laurier has probably not experienced!
so busy a day as that which engag?d
.liim   upon   liis  arrival   on   tbe   Pacific
coast  on Tuesday.    Yet, happily, be.
-was well able to sustain the somewhat
severe strain    wliich    was put    upon
him, and to discharge, in that pleasing and gracious manner which is   so
characteristic of him, tiie multiplicity j
of engagements which claimed his attention.
The citizens Of Vancouver and Xew I
Westminster, forming a groat throng,
gave to the Prime Minister a thoroughly 1.<arty welcome upon his ar-|
rival. The Indians, noi to be oatd me
in hoj ring the great chief, turned
out t-i greet him in strength and in all
the glorious panoply of martial sig-
nlfican e. The addresses presented by
the mayor and corporation and by the
board of trade of Vancouver were
pleasing as expressions of loyalty and
admiration for the distinguished visitor. Otber addresses of welcome
were presented later in the day.
B] - e bes of kindly greeting were delivered at the luncheon, and at the exhibition grounds. All of these Sir Wilfrid acknowledged heartily, cheerily
and gracefully, some of tbem at
length, and at night be delivered a
splendid speech at tlie
building to a crowd of
thousand persons.
Recognizing with that keeness of!
understanding which Is his acknowl-l
edged possession tlie importance to
this part of the Dominion of the Asiatic Immigration question, Sir Wilfrid
devoted bis evening speech to an
elucidation of tiie policy wliich lie and
his ministers bave pursued in regard
to this. Tlieir policy has been, not of
a narrow, sectional, or selfish character, but one erected ou broad, imperial lines. This question of oriental
immlgfetlon is one, said tbe Premier,
--.of all-
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Premier Laurier Defends
Government's Asiatic Policy
(Continued From Page Onej
British Columbia should not be granted.
"But as to Japan���it was different.
And 1 said to my friends on that subject at that time, in the house of com-
j nions"���to my friends from British Columbia���I have no objection at all to
giving  you  what  you ask  in  regard
��� to immigration from China.   I see no
reason at all why this capitation tax
'should  not  be increased, on  Chinese.
, from $100 to $600;   but  I have some
| objection���I  have considerable objection that capitation tax Bhould be impose.1 on subjects of His .Majesty the
Emperor Japan,    My reason is that,
"whicblaffects not only Hritish Colum- here in tlie city of Ottawa, there is a
consula.r agent from the Emperor of
Jia, but the whole of Canada: nay, It Japan, and be represents a friendly
affects  Kngland, it  affects Uie  whole'nation with whom our government is
.of the .British Empire.   It lias always i
been my purpose to
from the point of
lumbia  only,  but  from
Ion  terms of friendly  relations.
discuss    i;, not
view of British Co-
tbe  point  of
view of British Columbia, of Canada,
of England, and of the whole British
This plain, statesmanlike view of
.he whole position should prove to the
people of British Columbia that the interests not alone of tills province, but
of the Dominion and of the Empire
have been well served and faithfully
.guarded by the policy of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier.   In the course of his dignified
lave compunction  in  putting what
would lie considered an indignity upon the citizens of a friendly power.
"Well,   I   said   this   to   my   friends
from British Columbia at that time. 1'
had conferences with the representa-'
lives of Japan, at Ottawa. I represent-' forced
ed to the consul of Japan this: 'Youi
nation is a friendly power. Its relations with tlie government of Great
Britain are of a friendly character. At
the same time, you know, that the civ-
ilizatlon that prevails in your country
is not the same as tbat which prevails
in our country. When your people
come to work in my country they
bring with them a different standard
of living from what we are accustomed to here. They degrade, they lower, tbey displace the market. Tbey
can   take  lower   wages,  and  live  on
j was invited.    We in Canada were invited:   and  we took our part  in that
j exposition;   and   it   was   a   creditable
part.   And the success of that exposition was such that immediately after-
I ward there was a strong expiession of
i public opinion    to the   effect that we
| should  have  a  treaty   of   commerce
with Japan.   Great Britain had one, to
wliich we were not a party.   Germany
had one.   Tlie l'nited States had one;
land we realized that unless we had a
treaty of commerce with  them���wltb
tiiat young nation, new in its civilization, but old in history, that we would
lie at a disadvantage.    Therefore we
determined that we would be a party
to the treaty of trade negotiated witli
Great Britain in 1905. This was adopt-1 j
ed, and   when  it   was  brought  up  in | i
parliament it was adopted  without a
word  of  contradiction  raised  against
it. and it was balled and adopted by
the  whole people as a good  measure
and one of commercial Importance.
"But, sir, all of a sudden, in tbo
summer of 1!H>7, there was a sudden
influx of Japanese subjects into British Columbia, and into Vancouver as
if she had overridden tlie treaty by
wliich she had bound herself. I did
not charge thn Japanese government
that they were guilty of bad faith. I
didn't charge anything of that kind
against them. But whatever the reason of it was, it was a question that
itself  upon our attention, and
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Don't Wait for   Window Display,   Come in Now
them,   which   my   fellow   countrymen
and carefully expounded presentment can not live upon; and therefore I ask
of this great policy tlie Premier point- >"" not to force us t0 rePel "iern wlth
cl out how light it has proved, how
advantageous it lias been to the Dominion and to the Empire, The whole
principle of tbe government lias been
based upon the desire to present an
influx of Asiatics, not by high handed
methods or statutory force, but by the
diplomatic means of persuasion and
.mutual agreement,
'That tills policy lias succeeded in
staying the evil no fair minded person can for one moment doubt. The
Chinese immigration lias been limited
to small numbers by increasing the
head tax, tlie incoming of Japanese
lias been reduced to a merely nominal
quantity by the arrangements entered
Into with the government of Japan,
and tlie influx of Hindus has been
Practically stopped   by   arrangements
with tlie Indian government.
dlan rights have been safeguarded by
keeping the immigration from the far
oast within entirely reasonable limits,
���whilst tlie duty of this country, as a
part of the British empire, has been
���well and faithfully discharged by
avoiding in the assertion of our rights
any friction or unpleasantness which
might militate agalnsl Urn good rela-
a high hand, but rather that you
should prevail on your government,
and that they themselves should make
tlie restriction, and present tlieir subjects from coming to this country. I
ask you that they should do It of
their own motion; and that you
should make this plain to your government and your people, touching the
differences that prevail between conditions in Canada and in Japan. Tell
tbem that if they come they will bring
discord amongst, us; and we don't
want discord at all.'
"Well, these views prevailed, and
we obtained an engagement that no
more than 40(1 of llis Majesty's subjects per year were to come to Canada. This was maintained in 1000,
1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1906 and 100".
In the meantime everything went on
Treaty   With   Japan.
"And In lhe meantime the government of Japan Bad turned over a new
leaf ln the book of their history, and
they have ceased to be a nation of
Asiatic institutions. They had adopt-
Cana- ei* il constitution and political institutions resembling those of Great Britain, and in turning over that leaf and
in adopting tliose Institutions, they
have done what we suppose the. must
have looked upon as the last and best
expression of the civilization of the
Western world.
"They had what you have In your
city of Vancouver���they had then an
exposition. It was tlieir first exposition, as the on" you have opened to-
| day is your first exposition. This was
tions of the British government with in 1005. There was ln Tokyo then an
thane of the oriental nations. exposition to which the whole world
when it. came before me I sent, one of
j my colleagues, Mr. Lemieux, the
I postmaster general, to make representations and to treat the matter in the
name of the people of Canada, and to
protest against this breach of the understanding that we had made.
"I am bound to say that upon the
representations which were made, and
which we were bound to make to the
government of Japan���and in that rep-
resentation my friend Mr. Lemieux
Bad the assistance of Sir Claude Macdonald, the Biitish Ambassador to
Japan���we were able to secure from
the government of Japan, the renewal
of the understanding whereby tbey
bound themselves that no Japanese
would come from Japan to Canada
more than stipulated���that no greater number than 400 per year of Japanese would come to Canada.
Treaty Observed to Date.
"And I am bound to say that tbla
understanding was scrupulously adhered to, and up to tlie present, time,
I have beard some rumors to the contrary. I bave heard in some quarters
that the government of Japan has not
lived up to their understanding In this
matter, but I say that I have watched
the course of affairs and that tills
understanding from month to montli
has been observed; and I say that on
my reputation as a public man; this
understanding has been observed and
maintained by the government of Japan.
"Now, sir, here again I ask whether
any under these circumstances would
say, that, this was not infinitely better���as I will show you In the course
of my remarks���was lt not Infinitely
better and preferable, that we have
this restriction of Japanese immigration to Canada���done by Canada and
done by the government of Japan-
rather than done by an act of the legislature of British Columhla, or by an
act of the parliament of Canada.
"But, sir, that was not all. in some
months, or In tho same year or thereabouts, there came another influx of
Asiatic immigration to British Columbia, Tiiis time it was not Chinese,
nor Japanese; but this time it was an
Influx from a British country, from
India. There was a new problem. The
men who came here then were of the
Hindu race; they were subjects of 'lis
St. Lawrence-Bristol
Magnificently   Appointed ��� Fast   Turbine Steamers.
Full Information on application to
R. GOl'LKT, Agent C. P. It., or from
WM. STAPLETON, General Agent,
Room t!4 Scott Block, Winnipeg, Man,
Phone. Main 9660
Majesty the King. The same economic reasons wbicli militated against
the Asiatls labor coming Into this
country in the first place, applied to
them as well. How were they to lie
treated? Were tbey to be driven back
Ignoininotisly and told that they had
no right to land In this country���a
part of the same empire?
"Sir, I did not conceive, for my
part, that that was the position to bo
taken towards men who are members
of the same empire and who are entitled to be treated as British subjects, as well as we are. Could it be
said that these men were to be turned hack and to be treated with contumely, or with contempt���these men
who, though they have not the same
color of skin as wre have, tiro British
subjects, the same as we are, and
some of them having had the honor of
wearing the British uniform and of
lighting In tlie British army. But,
sir, though that was the case���the
economic principle was tlie same. And
wo had to deal with the case, as wo
dealt with the others."
"And how did we deal with it? Not
harshly, as we were told we should
have done by some people In this city
of Vancouver. We did not try to
treat these men with contumely, or
Willi contempt, No: I sent one of my
colleagues, the Hon. William Lyon
Mackenzie King���lhe true offspring of
| an honorable line and family���I sent
that colleague on a mission, and he
has succeeded, but his mission was
confidential; but sufficient to say that
(.Continued on Page Six.)
At last a Positive Cure has been found for
injhe Now Famous INDIAN HERB CURE
Manufactured and put up in Victoria, B. C, by J. F. Fitzpatrick,
Address:     628 Hornby, Vancouver.    Phone  R 4845.
Coming to  New Westminster Shortly���address  biter.
Tills Is ono more proof of the eftllcacy of the Asthma (me.   Hear
what thc Victoria man has to say about the Asthma Cure.
���   t:*.\ 621 Simcoe St., Victoria, B. C, Feb. i-
Mr. Fitzpatrlck.
Dear Sir,���Just a few lines to let you know how much good your Indian Herb Cure has done me. I have suffered from asthma lor over
six years and at times il affected my breathing so thai I could ni
sleep at nights, but I might say that I felt relief after taking
doses of your wonderful cure, uud two bottles cured me entli
will gladly recommend it to any suffering from asthma.
Yours truly.
> *************************************************  *
Our slock of jewelry In Gold, Silver
complete ever shown in Westminster.
and   Gold   Plated  i
Call and be convinced
the  ll)"st   *
t Chamberlin's
Agents for thc Howard, Ball, Longines and  Hamilton Watches.
Official time inspector for C. I'- lfy.
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Latest Varieties At All Prices.     Let Us $**>���*>
To You At
Ryall's Drug Store
************************** *******
****** ���m***���^aam*
AUGUST 18, 191Q
the Daily news.
JiTilAST    piifi girl returns
I   nS* TA,Iann' SuiTGy.  Coquitlam, Burnaby, Lar^lev,  ���
%   uty l roperty and Houses and Lots.   When we say ���
FROM WILDS OF NORTH1! ���-        Snaps we Mean iL	
$150,000   TO   LOAN
ingestion Made That Eastern All-Star Team try Conclusions With Champions
Miss  Minnie  Scott  Describes Visit to
Hudson's   Bay   Fort���Romantic
Life Spent in Solitudes.
tawa, A
Eoi i u
L. westmlnstei
-It is likely tbat a
all    stiirs    of the
union    will go   to
next   year   for     a j
[     of exliil iltion games during the
l     Columbia fair.   George Bryson,,
,   a    dose    friend  of  C.  A.
h of tbe West minster club, has
.asked to take a team out.   It is
thai the champions will go
and  local   magnates  intend ]
,,' : ������ a very   strong   twelve,   tn-
I       everalol the Capitals, Tecum-
at,   and Shamrock players.
Bal j Qraj lon and .Murton, of the I
t 111   be  asked  to  take  in
i    as Powers) Fitzgerald
ol   Torontos;    Dillon
Shamrocks, and Don
of Cornwall.
Fire Insurance, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance,
Motor Boat Insurance,  Automobile Insurance and
Employers' Liability.
!UI    '
I trip.
-  e to tiiis dispatch
an Welsh,   manager
ter    lacrosse    team,
��� id received a letter
a   of Ottawa, in  ref-
to tin   li dter.    The letter sta,'-
be  a   good   idea  if
.  I be arranged, as the
were all anxious
Salmon Bellies were
. :.  imine grounds.
li also thought thai it
II lea If ii could pos-
!     The only tiling in
the  winners of the
I. r  will undoubtedly challenge
Cup and iheir challenge
bave  flrst  considers
were heing arranged.
into C ii)     imes are  played   here
will come just about
i  and thai  will kill tlie
aeiiu     In the event of any-
Ing that  would  make it
[bli   to  play  the  proposed
es with the comblnaUon team, tlie
I  be glad  to accom-1
Crime    Practically    Non-Existent    Under Autocratic   Rule  of George
Clunies    Ross.
jtrrinster    Meets     Vancouver
Quten's Park This Evening.
���L ,    ill  ol   the   Vancouver-WVst-
l0|  amateur lacrosse game
..,>.   evening will de-
,., .   .. [j,|s clty xcmains in the
\ e provlncldi pbanl*"
Hi , defeat   will  place  .''- coffl-
1 the    running.    three
)���'        s    already  been  lost and
only  four  more    to
I inlght's.    Vancouver
e al present.
'' Btarts at 6: IB sharp.
being   necessary    to
i larters to be played
too dark.    C.  D.  Peele
n ���    ���
I   - Id be strenuous from
"" Bnls the local team is the
V      '  ��������� c in l>e picked, and the
on the    field    deter-
���ed i  win,
football Practice.
wl nine footballers turned out to
'���'������*' m Mi ody Bquare last   night.
p,lvi" I'   a  full practice on  Fri-
���   o'clock at   the   same
|e anJ "ll Hie players are requcst-
I1 '" present,   Several of the new
1 *ho have come to the city dur-
Itlie Bummer have signified their
liuon of coming to this practice
line Rovers team ror mill and 1011
Flo be un the field.
Winnipeg, Aug. 17.���Miss Minnie
Scott, of 563 Beverley street, returned last Saturday from an .���Mended
trip quite out of the line of ordinary
tourist traffic, and one which might
add a spice of romance to lhe lives of
some of those fashionable ones who
find nearly all their amusements stale
and commonplace. Miss Scott went
out last fall with her uncle .1. ll.
Reid, manager for tlie Hudson's Bay
company of a large trading district,
including eight forts stretched out in
various directions over a large territory, and situated many miles apart.
Month    Spent   in   Journey.
The central point where she had
her home with her uncle was lie a La
Crosse, in Saskatchewan. The journey out took exactly a month, trom
September L3 to October 13, and Borne
of the principal places touched at on
the ro ite were Montrea] lake, Lac la
Louange and Churchill river. I
Prince Albert a drive of 100 miles
overland to Montreal lake occupied
three days und a half; and then a
good fortnight's canoeing followed, alternated with uncounted walks at
portages of various length up to three
miles. First, Montreal lake, which is
quite a large lake, had to be crossed;
then many rapids had to be run and
the canoes and their contents to be
carried over the numerous portages.
In one stretch of the river no less
than seventeen portages were counted, and nobody attempted to count tiie
whole number, there being so many.
One day there would be, perhaps,
only a single portage, on another a
coujile. and on other days larger numbers to be crossed.
The return trip was by way of the
south end of Green lake whence a
four days' drive in a lumber wagon
brought the excursionists to Prince
Questioned about life in the far-off
wilds,   Miss   Scott   showed    a    F. ee
Press representative a large collection jf0rmed~that'tbere were rabbits on the
of very  good photographs, and drew , isiand, but saw none myself, and even |
interesting word pictures of the con-jthe  small  tern  wlllch  inhabited  this!
dition  of  things  exciting  ou ;\ large ^land,  in  large  numbers previous to!
Hudson's  Hay  company  trading post. | t]ie   cvdono   was   non-existent.    The
Fur   trading   and   riding   in   carioles j onlv bird life j gllW al jiorsburg was
dncvu  by  dogs are features of the | a sman flock 0f eigbt wldjeon.
life.   Tlie 6bly white people aro those1    t waa always met by smiling faces,
A visit was recently made
Cocos Island bj Sir Arthur Young on
the cable ship Recorder, and his ae-
' ounl of the life of the people there is
very Interesting.    He says:
My visit to these islands was made
al the beginning of the year, some
I ��� ���: months after the severe cyclone
of November, 1909, and 1 was struck
by the Indomitable energy and perseverance ol George Clunies Ross, a
man seventy years of age next .lune,
who. notwithstanding his age and
the greal losses he lias suffered by
various storms and cyclones, at once
began to rebuild liis houses and to fill;
up the gaps made In liis trees.
In 1863 Mr. Ross obtained from Su-]
niatra a few specimens of the Sambur
deer which he placed on Horsburg
Island. These increased until in 1884
he had a herd of about 300. Leave
that year was granted to some visitors to shoot a couple, but unfortunately they were not aware of the peculiarity of tliis species of deer which
takes to water when alarmed. Dogs
were brought to chase a wounded
deer, with the result that the whole
herd took to the sea and were drowned.
Mr. Ross then placed some goats
on the island, but soon learnt that
goats will turn an island of trees and
vegetation into a barren rock, and
the gouts were killed off.    I was in-
(Old Country)
Excursion Fares
-TO   THE-
August 1 5 to 20.
Tickets on Sale August 15 to 20.
August 24.
Final Return Limit
Fare $1.05
For the Round Trip From WESTMINSTER.
Apply : Or Write To :
ED. GOULET, Agent,    C. B. FOSTER, A.G.P.A.
New Westminster Vancouver, B. C.
Currant Puffs
Butter Puffs
Delicious and Wholesome
B.C. Mills
Timber and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster
Both Dissatisfied,
dent Findlay, of the Montreals,
has had enough of western
No more for him.���Fre-
'ti eastern exchanges,
wesl has had enough of
���Indlay   and   hla   cry-baby
ie only white people are thOM I
(fl  the  fort,   the  company's  officers';
these- Dumber  ton  when  they are all
together   in   tho   busy   trading  season
in  iho summer:   but h  large  pnrt of
them are away during a  lengthy part
'of the year, that  is in  winter, when
.the Indians are scattered.
Indian   Village.
There   is   a   little   Indian   village
about a quarter of a mile from thel
fort;   in  it   the  Indians congregate  inl
summer, when they have tlie ministrations of a  Roman  Catholic  priest,
| and  are  provided  with  a  large  mission   church   In   which    to   worship.
Further   up  the   Heaver   river,  about
sixty  miles, there is a large convent
'where six  nuns give  tlieir   ministrations.    Tlie  Indians  are  of  the  free
'and Cliippewyan  tribes.
The climate Miss Scott did not find
at all severe; last winter, she says,
was very mild, and tlie ice went out
about May 6, this being the earliest
break-up ever known.
Communications    Improve.
Admitting the loneliness of the life
OUt there the young lady showed how
| communication with the outside world
lhad been improving, so that now the
I mail   comes  regularly  once  a  month
Green   Lake,   which   is  only   four
pi item
I*i no
��� Made for Third  Round
���<���- Pin Tournament.
* final
i" tlie second round
'   "* pin tournament now being
' Front   street   bowling
1  i yesterday evening,
aa follows
|lj��t V'ntemute, 37
***, Currle '
��� 63    43    30���12(1
} ���������  53    36    3D���112
>       'I:;   '  Chappell.
,.,,. Ban<lerson.
e<] 'i'"Vi'"" '.'" ,hp *���������'���.* round re-
I'.", following being   paired:
Wintemute vs. Chap-
����� Murchie;  l'lke vs.
I" vs. Ctll
""'"'western Le
and Hi
II. E3,
::   ���!   l
to   _
davs trip from lie a la Crosse. Previously the people had Irregular mails
on chance occasions, perhaps once In
two or three months.
The facilities for amusement were
thus summed up; "There is a nice
tennis court for playing in summer;
diversion is obtained In winter by
snow-shoeing, and shooting prairie
chickens, etc. Ice, of course, is
obtained  for skating.
Sunday    Honored.
Sunday   is   always   honored
running up of the flag In the fort
the morning.    Those
Catholics have their
in   the  church.
times,  Christmas
crowd the edifice
, premises,  coming
! tlon. ...
I    This Is all tlie life that is seen With
i the exception    of visits    ol exploring
parties.    A little steamer mimed    the
I Churchill runs on the hike.
The food of tlie fort people when
! travelling includes what, they taKe
with them in starting, and when that
fails thev purchase from thc tepees
ducks, flsh, dried meat, venison
moose meat. Clean side bacon
bannocks can be had at the posts, also
nned fruits, but fresh meat
mutton or pork; and fresh fr n':
not to be had.    White 11
leading article of diet.
Born at St. Providence.
Miss  Scott's  recent  experience
called the days of her childhood
father, Samuel  Scott, went  out  to the
Mackenzie   river   in   > ���'���"
children   were   born
bv  tlie
who are Roman
Sunday services
At    treaty   payment
and  Easter, Indians
. and  the    adjoining
from   every    direc-
forms   a
and    his
U   Fort    Provl-
i   deuce, a  thousand  miles north of TO-
Their homo was also at von
Mr. Scott re-
:""1 She
l   and
R. H. E,
. 1 8 2
. 6 11    4
Simpson for two years
tired  from  the   companys   services
with a pension some three years a. o
but  his family preceded  him by several years in coming to Winnipeg, his
children  thereby  securing  the oppoi-
tunlty of being educated here.
and certainly the conditions of life
and the contentment of the inhabitants show that the rule of an autocrat
in such a community cannot be improved upon when the autocrat himself has as thoroughly the interests
and welfare of his people at heart as
Mr. Hoss has.
Copra making is the great industry
of tlie dwellers on Home Island, but
j t li is lias been greatly affected by tlie
late cyclone Mr. Ross, however,
witli his aide lieutenant and brother,
A. Ross, meets the ravages made by-
cyclones with determination and perseverance.
For the ten years ending 1902 the
export of copra was fi.tiOO tons, tin average of tiOO tons a year, whilst for
the past seven years tlie average exported fell to 438 tons. Mr. Ross has
some 350 tons of copra in store, and
he expeetB to export this with some
further fifty tons by his barque the
Canna, now at anchor in the lagoon.
The copra exported is sold, A. Ross
informed me, in Kngland, where it is
used for soap-making; at Nantes for
oil for preserving sardines; in Denmark where it is converted into Fal-
matine butter, and in Russia and
Hamburg where it ls used for the
manufacture of biscuits for the army.
The administration of George Ross
has no doubt been a great success,
and it is a matter for deep regret that
sickness enforces his having to leave
the island for a time. He has, however, BO able co-operator In liis brother, Andrew Ferguson Clunies Ross,
to whom the proprietor will entrust
the administration during his absence.
The Cocos-born islander receives a
rupee for every BOO coconuts brought
to the store, and a laborer can at
times make us much as seven rupees
in one day. All the COCOS islanders
learn some trade, apprentices receive
one rupee a week during the four
years they are learning their trade.
After that period, and when not engaged In nutting, they receive shore
wages as blacksmiths, carpenters,
boat builders, masons, etc. Boys lie-
come apprentices when they are fourteen years of age. The rate of shore
wages ranges from three rupees a
week for a charcoal burner to seven
rupees tor a blacksmith���the average
is four and one-half rupees a week.
Since tlie outbreak or beriberi on
Direction Island, In the early part of
the year 1908, wbon tlie whole of that
batch of coolies was returned to Singapore, tlie health of the island has
been exceptional, and there has not
been a single death among the staff or
the Eastern Extension Telegraph com-
pany or their employees.
Crime   is   practically   non-existent.
The main form of punishment is lining  the maximum fine being placed at
twenty-flve  rupees.    During  the  past
vear onlr three men were fined to the
of one rupee each.   It was fear-
the  station  at  Direction   Island might lead to cases of petty lar-
,,.,nv   t,ut  a rule has been laid down
.uard againsf tJils." at��d no person
allowed   to  visit  Direction  Island
without a permit.    In the. same way
- of the employees of the Euro-
staff   of   Direction   Island   	
You will Enjoy Your Afternoon Cup With Some of
These.   Try Them
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
I Sapperton  Phone 373
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a full   line   of  the   Best
Builders Hardware in tkis City.
Before Building See Us, as we
Also Complete
believe   we   can   save
of   PAINTS   an
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Improvements Are
Discussed At Meeting
(Continued from Page One.)
ed  that
| I'll!
Gray, and others, who all favored the
proposition, although there were details in the plan submitted which did
not meet with the approval of some
of them.
A Mr. Welsh, who stated that he
practically a stranger in the city, said
that he had bought some property on
Second street under the Impression
that it was going to be Improved, and
he wanted to see the scheme go
ahead. He said that ln cities where
lie had lived If he wanted to find a
Dago lie would look up a street ln
tlie condition that Second street now
was and he would be sure to find
Tlie great objection to tlie plan
submitted even by those who favored
a pavement, was that there was no
provision made to get Into the lots
that had no rear enrance. However,
it was thought that the engineer could
find some means to overcome that difficulty.
The meeting broke up without any
decision being reached. The city engineer and assessor will figure out
how much per year each ratepayer
wlll have to pay and then the list will
be posted in the city assessor's office
so that all interested will have an opportunity to object to or approve of
tho scheme. If a sufficiently signed
petition against the improvement ls
received the council, of course, will
not go on with the work.
Selected  at Gray's please the recipient.
They have distinction, are appropriate and exhibit refined caste.
CUT GLASS In Celery Dishes, Spoon Trays, Hon Bona, Pern and
Flower Pots, Vases and Fruit Bowls at prices from $2.50 to $25.00. .
SILVERWARE  ln  great  variety   from   Pickle   Jars  at  $3.00   to
Tea Sets at $25.00.
John B. Gray
* Dominion   Trust  Block. Columbia   St.
visit   Home   Island   without   permission.
There is the greatest good feeling
between the telegraph staff on Direction Island and the Ross family. Any
members of the staff visiting Home
Island are welcomed and entertained
%y Mr. und Mrs. Hoss, whose hospitality is proverbial.
Fire Insurance
Was your property fully covered by Insurance ?
That is the question that is asked after a fire.
Many a man is left in very hard circumstances by
not having his property insured.
For a very small cost you can take out a policy in
one of the companies I represent and be relieved of
all worry and trouble in case anything should
I represent Canadian and British non-trust companies which are noted for their low rates and the
prompt manner which they pay their losses.
"The Insurance Man"
651 Columbia Street Phone 62 PAGE  SIX.
AUGUST 18, ���.,
Premier Laurier Defends
Government Asiatic Policy
(Continued from Page Four.)
at the present time, not one man has
come here from India since that time.
"And so. asain, I repeat, and ask���
which is the better method���the
method which would treat these men
with contempt and contumely, telling
them that they are inferior races and
that we can have nothing to do with
them; but that if they come here we
shall make them feel that they are inferior���a policy which would he unfriendly to them or to their government���as if we were saying to their
government to keep them at home���
or a policy of negotiation with their
povernment which would not subject
them or tlieir government ta such annoyance ?
"Sir. this Is the policy which we
have followed, and I will leave it to
you, my fellow countrymen, and 1 ask
you. who have observed the operation
of the policy before you���is not the
policy  wc  have  adopted  as   good  as
ithe views of any of those who have
' criticized ?
"But, sir, there is something more.
ll have told you that lt is the policy
which I have maintained and that we
should maintain, in view of the fact
that Kngland is our mother country
and thai she has interests beyond one
or other of these questions���interests
all over tbe world, and especially in
tiie Pacific ocean.
Loyalty of Vancouver.
"Sir, if there is one tiling wliich I
have   noticed   with   greater   pleasure
than anything else,    since    I    landed
here���with greater pleasure even than
the marvellous growth of Vancouver���
it is that 1 "have found in this city an
intense  feeling  in    favor  of    British
citizenship    tail     Hritish   connection.
"Yon know  sir,  wo  are all  British
, subjects, and w*  want  all  to remain
British  subjects-   and   for   my    part.
j though yon know I am    not    of the
'same blood as your, elves, it has been
my good fortune to be born and
brought up under British institutions;
and there is no man with English
blood in his veins that has more devotion than 1 have to British institutions. You want, and 1 want, the
glory���the continuous .lory���of the
British crown and empire. Well then,
if those be your views, permit me to
call a few tilings to your attention.
"Asia has been the cradle of    the
i human race.   There was a high condi-
! tlon of civilization in that continent
when Europe was a mere geographical
expression. There were nations there
enjoying a high and advanced civilization, when our ancestors In Britain,
ln Gaul, and in Germany were still
naked savages roaming in the woods.
Thousands of years ago there were
great cities and powerful governments in China, in Japan, in India, on
the Tigris and Euphrates.
"But those peoples and their   institutions  have  remained  without  mak-
i ing progress. They are virtually tho
same today as they were two thousand years ago.    At. least  until within
! fifty years.    But fifty years ago some
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come with the crowds during the remaining
days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We
will see you are not disappointed in your
The Shoe Man
629 Columbia St. New Westminster
i %*
'of these nations took tlie first step
forward in the march in our footsteps.
They have made some progress in tlie
iarts of peace in that direction; and
certainly in the arts of war, they have
placed themselves on a level with the
most   civilized  of  the  nations  of  tlie
"So there  was a new page turned
���over then in the history of the world,
a page which was fraught  witli great
consequences to tho rest of us; and it
lis to the credit of  Kngland���of    old
Mother England���that    she    was the
fust   to   realize     the     new   condition
j which has just  arisen.    And it  is    to j
' the  glory   of   Lord   Lansdowne,   when,
'he was  secretary of state for foreign1
affairs, tbat he foresaw what might be
! the consequences and  did  What     was
| necessary for the safety and security
jof tlie British Crown; and realized the
! new condition of tilings that had arisen in Japan.
Stays Russian Aggression.
"In   1902,  Lord  Lansdowne,  you  re- '
i member  made  a treaty   with    Japan
! offensive and defensive.   In 1906   this
j treaty was extended still more, and It
is binding on those two countries at
the present time; und nil the facts of
jthis alliance between    Great    Britain
and this civilized Japan have been so
striking and so well known as to call
and hold the attention of the world.
For already  tlie effect of this  treaty
has been to secure the frontier of Iv
dia against Russian aggression.
"Sir, those of us who have followed
closely the history of tlie reign of Her
late Majesty know that whether it
was under Palmerston, or under Gladstone or Disraeli���that Russia on tho
frontier of India waB the terror and
tlie nightmare of British statesmen.
There was not at that time a foreign
(secretary or a British statesman who
lf he had anything to do with foreign
affairs for wliich he was responsible,
who could have gone peacefully to
bed at any time tn those years without thinking that tomorrow when lie
|should wake, tlie Russian army might
I he mobilized somewhere upon tlie
front iei s of India.
!    "But,   sir.   from   the  day   that   this
! treaty  of offensive and  defensive al-
| liance was signed between Lord Lansdowne tmd  tlie Japanese government
i���especially  from the day    that    the
| Japanese army    chased  the    Russian
i army    from    Korea���and    especially
from the day that Admiral Togo met,
and  faced and  vanquished  tlie    Rus.
sians on the Sea of Japan���from that
day  the  frontier of  Bengal  has  been
safe fronl Russian aggression.
"Sir, here are facts to take notice
of, and this is one of tlie reasons
wliich impelled the government of1
which 1 am the head to take the position that we have taken. But that is
not  all.
"Free from War ? No."
"There is tlie knowledge now that
the Empire is free from aggression,
but does it follow that she is free
fiom war ? N'o. In India as well as
in Japan and ln China, and everywhere else another spectre has
arisen. These millions of people
ground under despotism for generations are becoming awake to tlies
sense of their power and coming to
understand the dignity of man, as we
understand It in this western world.
But bere comes the wisdom of tlie
system and policy or Great Britain,
which has made her what she ls.
"You remember a few years ago
when ln California, there was an attempt made to humiliate tlie Japanese
und Chinese residents; and tlie Presi-
dent of tlie United States had to piac-
tlcally go down on bis knoes and heg
of the state authoilties there not to
be rash with them, for national reasons. But sir, that Is not the policy
or tlie method of tlie British government or of British peoples. Their
policy has been, for a thousand years,
the old policy of Rome ln her splendor, lt was the policy, ir I may translate It for you of being sa.ere with
I tlie arrogant and the haughty, but always gentle wltb tli* lowly! This
tra*- U'�� policy ot Home in the aucieat
Iwoild; and It Is the policy of England in this modern world.
"There is a gteat scholar    who    is
now secretary of state for India, and
there Is a great goy��rnor thete,   Lord
Minto, and they have problems upon
I their      bauds    sufficient    with      conspiracies and demagogues   trying   to
liaise the people of India In rebellion;
jand   others   endeavoring   to   persuade
.them to respond with arbitrary measures.   But at the same time they have
recognized that there is a new spirit
in India; and they have admitted that
'spirit  by calling    a portion    of    the
| population  to take a part and  exeit
some influence in tlie governni 'lit  of
India, and so to be to a certain extent
themselves   responsible   for   the   government  of their country,    These are
Instances of  what  I  call  tlie    British
policy.    And that is the glory of Kngland that she can be, and always Is,
'severe  with  the    arrogant    and    tho
haughty    and    always    gentle    with
those who are lowly.'
"We must, therefore, recognize that
the world Is moving. And wo must
tiike account of theso conditions.
These old conditions we Iind will not
remain and there ls a new spirit of
reason in the world to be counted
"May 1 give you another Illustration.    Many    years    ago���now    some
forty odd years ago���when 1 was a
law student in Montreal 1 read a
speech delivered by Mr. Rouard, the
French minister in the Corps Legislate, which impressed me with this
modern view of tlie change that was
coming on. Looking over the history
of these three centuries he said he
realized that the old nations had laid
down their power, or that civilization had changed its base; and he
went on to say that these new facts!
had taken place ln the world by the
discovery of America. In the bringing
into existence of tlie new nations of
this new world; and he concluded by
way of enforcing the argument:
'L'Kquilibre du inonde ne repose plus
sur les Alps nl sur les Pyrenes,
mais il repose sur deux hemispheres.'
The equillbrum of the world no
longer rests on the Alps and the
Pyrenees; it rests on two hemispheres.
"Sir, the basis is enlarged. These
two hemispheres form the best equilibrium and the world may rest on
three continents; Europe, America
and Asia, as well. Sir, 1 say this simply to tell you that the days are past
when It Is safe to treat man with disrespect, whatever his color may be.
It ls not well to treat him with harsh
ness and more especially lf he be a
J British subject. For I repeat again,
lit is true British policy to be severe
with tlie haughty but gentle to the
lowly. Treat all men with justice
and equity, and as 1 said a moment
i'4to In the opening of these remarks:
that for economic reasons we have restricted immigration from Asia, and
so prevented our country from being
flooded with that race. But that has
not been done by harsh methods as
some would have lt, but by conciliation and by agreements and by negotiations nnd policy. This Is the policy
that 1 have followed.
Trading with the Orient.
"But, as they all know, there Is another side to it also. We are here ln
the city of Vancouver, on the brink of
the Pacific ocean; here face to face
with the Asiatic races, we have a
right to treat with them and to trade
with them, at least, I siipiKise that
Vancouver Is ready to trade with all
peoples, whether of one or the other
color. I suppose that Is the policy and
the Interest of the city of Vancouver,
and a characteristic of yours.
"Well, sir, we have done something
already, ln that respect. We have not
been remiss In our duty in that respect. When the government of Sir
John Macdonald built the C. P. lithe llrst tiling lt did on that completion was to extend this railway virtually across tlie ocean, and to subsidize a line of steamships to Hong
j Kong and Yokohama, and to Induce
these nations to trade with us, and to
create trade with China and Japan.
"Sir, I was not altogether a follower
of Sir John Macdonald, as you know
(laughter), but. sir, as everybody
knows, 1 had, and have always, recognized liis great character us a statesman (applause), and when I took office, we adopted that policy without
variation, an.l it is our policy of extending the trade of Canada peace
fully, and of carrying the Pacific rail-
way, as it were, across the ocean. An.i
so tlie government lias subsidized
these lines and that subsidy was
.voted unanimously in the House,
when it came up. In my capacity as
successor to sir John Macdonald, this
government was only too happy to
.continue his policy and renew that
subsidy for another period of ten
I    "If we subsidize a  line of steamers
to Yokohama and to Hong Kong It is
to trade with China and Japan.    And
let me say tiiat  we are not the only
] ones that want this trade with these
nations.    These  nations  are  awaken
ing;   they  are    Important,    and    thc
future years of the century wlll show
their Importance    to    the awakenin.
| trade of this western world.   There is
a population of four hundred millions
j in  China,  sod  of  forty    mlllkms    In
Japai, forming an    Immense    market
for all  that  w�� bave to sell    iu this
!    "At  this    moment,    Germany,    thc
, l'nited Ststes asd Kngland are Tleln��
i with each other for the trade of these
Icountries.    And if   they   are   vielng
j with each other to capture the trade
of those Oriental nations, you can no*
' afford to be behind them in that re
I spec.t.    No;  we are to have our share
of that trade.   And we aie   fully alive
to the Importance of It.   And in ordei
that wc may have the favor of theli
trade on  equal  terms  we  must   treat
these men with some deference;    be
cause men are men;  and all men are
the most disposed to trade with tiiost
who treat them  with respect    ratliei
than with  tliose  who treat  them will:
"May I give yen another considers
lion.    There  Is  in  every  Anglo-Saxor
country,   in   every    Engllsh-speaklni
family  In  the world today, an art Irk
, which   lias   become  of  primary   ncci s
slty;  and that article ls tea.    it  Is to
| bo found    In  every family;    on    tbe
I breakfast   table,   In   country   and     In
I town.r,   lu  the  United  Wales;   in  the
East and West;  wherever the English
j language In spoken���there, I am sure
that tea Is consumed.    It Is the cup
Which cheers but does not  Inebriate
It cheers the lumborman In his lonely
|camp.    It cheers the lonely family ln
tbo country neighborhoods.    It ls tho
a lonely farm. and "S. cn n%.
another set, thes,,,: , '" ' I
o'clock m the *&��***      J
know, a is';;:^��.i[
And, as you all
these  countries  that  it"t'C '" ��neotl
^ou have not known i���,v   t":"""l
grown   in   Canada, ,������ [Jjf !"! ������ to I
'"IV   (if ll ,   "���
' hi . ���   . "
ritain V.��*
States or in Great I .���.���,. , -.
exclusive prod,,, of the m'3^
Japan or of China and uT+
English merchants who hav :s ��*
known to the real ,,, tha I8?*I
Vancouver.. Trade ^flo,
"Now win, theKe
Chinese we can only t
"lf"""'e'    "" can do ttae'^M
(Continue,1  on   P
He Lots 6, 6, 7 and 8, Block t ���,
of the south-east quarter rfqlX1
I Township 8, Map 628 In th   n0",
of New WeitmCenclUa^
1 Whereai proof of m. i0R3 nf ,..,.,���
cate of Title Number 1-45. F '1
in the name of it. T, Wilson'ffif
lias been  filed In this offlr, '
Notice Is hereby given that 18M
at the expiration of on, mon, ��J
toe date of the flrst Publication '5
of, in a dally newspaper published!
the City of New Westminster | If
duplicate of the said Certlflc��te __.
in the meantime valid objections!
made to me in wilting.
c'- ��. KEITH    .
District Registrar of TluJ
hand   Registry  Ofllce,
New Westminster, B. C, July  .i}[l
Re the North East quarter ol Set
tion 6, Township 19, in the District!
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss 0! Cei
tlflcae of Title Number 6059F, issue)
in the name of Allan A. Curtis, lid
been  filed   in  this ollice.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at tlie expiration of ono month iroj
the date of the first publication here*.
in a daily newspaper published in ffl
City of New Westminster, issue
duplicate of the said Certificate, n|
less ln the meantime valid objectl.
be made to me In writing.
C   S. KEITH.)
District  Registrar cf Titled
hand Registry Ofiice, N'ew W.jsiJ
ster,  It. C, July 8, 1910,
Man of the 111
Bpeclal  work In the   t
Calgary,     Pri fen ���
y\\en to one who has male a|
study of health from Its nai
methods, and who
sense     princi] li tive   to
hygiene.    Write P. 0   Bi s H 6,
Winnipeg, Man,
Port Mann
and Surrey
is agarn in the Limelight. Call and inspect our listing. ^e
have some exceptionally good buys in this
National finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manage'-
New   Westminster,  B. C.
The    Pacific   Coast   fire
suranct Co.
The    Prudential    Investment
The B.C. Permanent i-��dl
il 1
We Have Acreage
At Rock Bottom
The  Canadian Northern
Have Put Their Terminus On The Map
To Stay
WHITE, SHILES & CO., New Westminster Agents
fax      ������ *���      *\*?s__ ' ''������?���    ' V;
-.-���'*    ' *' -: V '**.***** Jm. >**&. *v. ***������ *******-%
1UBSDAY. AUGUST  18, 1910.
yer Laurier Defends
Governnienrs Asiatic Policy
tlnu, i from Page Six..
... in  oui
r own  country.    We
i. ���,,��� flour for their tea,
I .,.,.   mj   fellow citizens oi
[    -;,,,,,,,'is a future in    this
,.    This city must trade
pri :l as well as with the
ij   I   have   the   happl
I know l have the cer-
purpose���when  T  come
Vancouver���as   1 hope   to
because ir I don't
I .   |   ���_  qoi   come a1   all���
I ,,,.���   |   come   noon,   1
V ,,.!   feel   sure  that   I     will
l��� harbor, second to none
full of steamers plying
i idna,   Japan,    India    and
I       '' Thls ,, the hope that I have
I ,  ,,���i i believe it is a hope
}       l! be realized.
I ,,,.   chairman,    I Have    ex*
I i what  Is <mr policy    In
Kction with this question of Asia-
\ ���r wi,;,t is my conception of
1 \ tie's our rights, and our re-
o :r rights we must
,,,, responsibilities we musl
Ul,i our rights are thai  we
��� : ii   economic  reasons
from    those      counti i m
t, !.    Our duly is thai   in
tin  .��� rights we shall
'. : [ch shall Impair the re
! ., i old  Mother  England
l ���    . uts of those coun
other hand,   thai    w
. possible by equitj
.   i ... quei Ions be
. I    these    n itions
t are her allies,    and
I .... ill become a i lat< r
ird :��� ore:    ll    Is   the
.  e qui stions all
���   animate 1  by    the
[       , of good Canadi ins and
\!<.|  now, we
;    ��� the old I'i clin-    (
.   sin iuld  pre rail, and
fei i thai  we have In
��� : . '.. the bi sl lni tru
[ . cer been known in
I atlon;  and that    In
we all  should  share
in  it  should mean
freedom, justice
Canada's Wealth    to    Be Ascertained  Points Out Way to
Next Year by a Comprehenoi jz
Count of Farm Stock.
'i he farm and urban valui
' us of 1911, will be ei u aerated
under the date oi rune 1. Thi y will
Include the ri ii < tati and live . I
values of i ach enumeration districi at
that dale, ol the live i tock and nursery Btock sold In 1910, of the dairy
products consumed at home, sent to
factoi.es or sold, and of the animals
slaughtered on the farm In the . i e
year, together with values ol other
products of the farm.
Land and buildings and farm Implements and machinery owned by every
person in the enumeration district will
be recorded Bepartely for values In
1911, and the rent of land ami buildings will also be recorded if leased
In that year. Values will he taken
for orchard fruits, small fruits and
vegetables separately for 1910; but
values of Imises. milch cows, other
homed or n eai cattle, sheep swine,
poultry and hives of bees will be
taken separately for L911, al th ��� date
of I 1 e  ci n
The values oi live i tock and nur-
ei :��� stock Bold In 1910 will lm ��� ������
horses, i . cows, ol her hoi ned oi
n eii catl le, sheep, ' ine, poultry and
hi'.es of bi es, and ol nurserj
.-. lilcl ..��� truit and ornamental
trees grown for transplanting Into
orchards, i   rdi    i and i   i ks.
1 ii Iry   p imed   or   the
;       . and bi nl to factoi les or i ���
fer    .i in. ... ���   i    ��� ,;   ... ar 1910, They
Include  i be   valui     ol    mill .  cream,
liome-i     I      butter    an l   bome-made
,   , i
' ���   inal      laug  tered   on   the  farm
In 1910 will be recorded i a the t   : tea
of !'.; ned or me i   cattle, Bheep, swine
and  poultry.    Horses are not  included In these valui s, as In tl      coui
try tj elr meats are qoi used for food.
The \ alues of ni her proilucis of the
1 farm   include   those   of   eggs,   I     ���
1 and   wax  for   1910,  and   wool,  maple
.    and maple Byrup tor 1911.
ay to  Evolutionize  Race
of   Ideal   Men���Physical   Examination    Before   Wedding.
Manchester, Aug. IC���Lady Dock-
"��� -,! a dress before the Royal
"������'��� of Public Health at Its an-
nual congress al Birkenhead, pointed
the way in the evolution of a race of
i,['-'1 men, and Btated thai women
must realize that upon her depended
the ascent or descent���nay, the very
existence���of the race.
"There I8 a popular idea." said Lady
Dockrell, 'that every women has about
live men around her from whom she
can make her choice. Only in rare
and isolated cases is that so. Usually
a woman is ready to accept the man
she is thrown against, and Invariably
she in her own mind knows be does
nol approach her Ideal.
"Bul the time will come when women will refuse to accpel the drunkard,
the degenerate, or any one who is not
n ally lit to be the parent of children.
II Is necessary nowadays thai some
form of certificate of menial and
fitness should be given before a arriage is sanctioned."
The i numeration of hire.! labor on
���   ' n 'ii  refers to the year 1910.    Ii
will  give the total number of  weeks
of  labor employed,  which  means the
riber   for   all   men   who   work   for
I Ire .hi the farm, and the total amount
;   ' I i"!' hire, inclu.Una allowance for
'd,    The pa;   ..���: i  should 1 e reck-
the full time or sen Ice, and
should   include  the   value   of   board.
The Inquiry  relating  to earnings for
dom- Btlc service li a ke 1 for In schedule No. 1.
In addition to the foregoing Inquir-
of values, a question is asked for
the  value of all  lands and  buildings
not   manufacturing   establishments  or
minis owned in Canada ln 1911, wliich
are  outside  of  tiie  enumerator's  district.
..'��� -ir*-���?-ia**--**-^**^^ -**}_\tt����SBm
ortant  To
After Monday, the 22nd inst.. the price of
stock in the
Amalgamated Development Co.
will be raised  to the following figures:
General Investors, $2.00 Per Share.
Investors holding International or Northern Oil
Certificates of Exchange can purchase up to HALF
the number of shares they hold in those companies
for $1.00 Per Share.
As the stock of the Amalgamated Development
Company will shortly be withdrawn from the market, we give the present stock holders this opportunity of increasing their holdings at Bed Rock
Apply to:
Auld, Gwin & McClarty
518 Hastings Street, West Telephone 4327
New York Times Calls For
Immediate Action by U.S.
Government To Stay Peril.
New York, Aug. 17.���The Times
calls on the American government to
do something to stop tlie trek of American   farmers  to   Canada.
"To   begin,"   says   tlie   article,   "the
statistics   now   being   arranged    and
classified  by  the  Bureau of  immigrate and Naturalization prove that Canada has much the better of us in t lie
matter of import and export of popu-'l
lai ion, so far as the results of move-!
ment in both directions last year are!
"Whether this is proof of a larger
flow northward for succeeding years
is problematical. The experts will not
"The experts will not say; probably
they do not know."
Opinions,  pro  and   con,  by   various I
experts are then given, Commissioner
Chirk i .,.;i .<������ _ tin. opinion that dur-;
lng L909 not fewer than 15,000 American citizens ret,mu d from Canada to
the States.
The Times, however, says thai during the last, three years Ihe United
States has given to Canada eight farmers���either owners or laborers���for
each one she has sent, the Sti
On the other hand Canada had lo I
a ��� reater proportion of skilled laborers to tiie United States than she has
!. Thi States had received three
tor every one that had gone northward across the frontier.
A    Few   Questions.^
The Times concludes as follows:
"A resume of the comparison of the
northward and southward movements
of population on this continent will, It
is fair to presume, lend the follow lng '
answers to the following questions:   |
"Is there a Canadian peril?
"T.ere is.
"Is   there   a   safeguard   against   thej
depiction   of  our   farming   population
by Canada?
"What is it?
"Advertising, advertising, and then
more advertising. Carry war across
the frontier. Do what Canada is doing. Spend some of the government's
money in setting forth' to tlie farmer
and business man of Canada the superior advantages of life in th��
United Stat is,
"Then keep on advertising."
Railway Time Tables
B- C. E. R. Westminster Branch.
Week Day Scneaule.
Tenders   for    Royal   Columbian    Hos
pital,  New Westminster,  B. C.
Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and marked on the envelope "Tenders for Royal Columbian
Hospital," will bo received at tlie
office oi the ! ecn tary, Thomson block,
Xew Westminster, B. C, until 12
o'clock noon, of Monday, the fifteenth
day of August, 1910.
Plans and specifications may be
seen at tlie otlice of the architects.
Messrs. Birds & Blackmore, 306 Loo
block. Vaneouver, B. C, or at the
Secretary's office, Thomson block,
N'ew Westminster, R. C.
Eacli tender must, be signed and
sealed by till the parties to the tender, and witnessed, and be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a
chartered bank, payable to the order
of the Hoard of Managers of the Royal
Columbian Hospital, equal to five per
cent of the amount of the tender.
���Any person whose tender is accepted, shall, within one week after the
acceptance thereof, sign the contract,
specifications and other documents required to be signed, and in any case
of refusal or failure on the part of
the party whose tender is accepted, to
complete and execute tlie contract
with the Hoard of Managers, tlie said
cheque shall be forfeited to tlie Board
of Managers as liquidated damages for
such refusal or failure.
The person whose tender is nccepted. will be required to provide
a bond satisfactory to the Board of
Managers, equal to ten per cent of
the amount of the contract.
The cheque deposited by parties
whose tenders are rejected will be
returned within ten days after tlie
signing of  the contract.
The lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted.
Secretary   Royal  Columbian  Hospital.
P. O. Box 59.
New Westminster, B. C. July 14,
Take notice that an application has
boen made to register Duncan Bell
Hall as the owner in fee simple, under
a Tax Sale Deed from E. A. Wilmot,
Inspector of dykes, to Duncan Bell
Hall, bearing date the 13th day of
June, A.D., 1907, of all and singular
that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being
in tlie District of New Westminster,
ln the Prj/.i.e ci British Columbia,
more particul trly known and described as part 3.00 a<;es of the southeast
quarter of Section IS, Township 3,
Range 29, west of 6th  Meridian.
You and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any interest in thi said land by virtue
of any tinre '?teied instrument, and
all persons cl i.T.ing any interest in
the said 'ind by der ent, whose title
ls not rejist'jred *u<>or the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act," are required to contest lie ���::.':n 0f the tax purchaser within forty In .-* days from the
date of the flr>it publication of this
notice upon y >u and in default of a
caveat or CPrtlfi.'a'h of i1s pendens
being filed VfHn sue l icrlod, or In
default of red jmption fiffora registration, you aij ca:di of you w'll he forever estopped and debarred from setting up any t Kim to o in rfspect of
the said land, and I shad register
Duncan Bell Hall as owner thereof
In fee. And 1 beret. O'-i.v that publication of this r.oti?o for thirty days
In a daily newsp iper pi bllshed in Xew
Westminster w ll te t-ood and sufficient service tMrc-A
Dated at tho i ,~)t\ Registry Ollice,
New Westminster, Pre ''nee of British
Columbia, this ;.0th aay of April, A.
D., 1910.
1 fftrict Registrar.
To Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.; Oppenheimer Bros., Ltd.,
Liability; G. W. Leishman; J. W. Hew-
Easterorook Milling  Company,
Elurr.e,   B. C.
HUNGARIAN JEWE1 $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per   bbl.
TERMINAL ��5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co.
New Weitmlnster,
Telephone 333.
Cars leave Vancouver for New Westminster at a:CO, 6:50, 7:20 and 8:00
a.m., aud every half hour thereafter
until  lt:3u  p.m.
Cars leave N'ew Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20 and
S:00 a.m., and every half hour thereafter until 11: CO p.m.
New Westminster to New Westminster
Sjnday Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver for N'ew Westminster at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., and
every half hour thereafter until
11:30 p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at ":00 a.m., and every hall
hour thereafter until  11 p.m.
Eburne  Line.      \
Cars   leave   New   Westminster   at   7
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m. and
every hour until 10 p.m.
On  Sundays cars leave  Westminster
at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
D.  J.   Stewart,  Local   Manager,   New
Great Northern  Railway.
Leaves     N'ew     Westminster     8:17
a.m. arrives Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Leaves    New    Westminster    10:30
a.m.:   arrives  Seattle  3:15  p.m.
Leaves     New     Westminster     4:30
p.m.;   arrives Seattle 9:40 p.m.
Leaves    New    Westminster    12:27
a.m.; arrives Seattle 7:35 a.m.
Leaves   Seattle   8:05   a.m.;   arrives
New Westminster 2:50 p.m.
Leaves  Seattle   12:25  p.m
New Westminster 0:25 p.m.
Leaves   Seattle   4:35   p.m.
New Westminster 9:27 p.m.
Leaves  Seal lie  11:45  p. m
New "West minster 0:30 a.m.
Steveston and Vancouver
Leaves Brackman-Ker wharf at 3  P.  M.  daily  except Saturday, and
on  Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Tickets at B. C. E. R. ticket offlce and oh board steamer. Electric cars leave Steveston every hour (on the half-hour) for Vancouver.
See the  Famous  Fraser  River Canneries, Vancouver, Etc	
Round trip tickets to Steveston, Saturday afternoons, fl.
G. N. R.���Port Gulchon.
Leaves New Westminster dally, except Sunday from bridge passenger
station 3:50 p.m.; arrives at Port
Guichon 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Port Gulchon 8:00 a.m.
dally, except Sunday; arrives at New
Westminster bridge passenger station
10:20 a.m.
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return Fare:  Adults. 60c;  children under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half heur thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Sunday Excursion Rates:  Return fare. 50c; children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City  Limits  Line���20-minute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Line���20-minute   service from 6:10 a.m. tovll:30 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.       ���
G.   N.   R.���Sumas   Branch.
Leaves Sumas 6:00 a.m; arrives
bridge passenger station, New Westminster, 10:20 a.m. dally execept
Leaves New Westminster bridge
passenger station 3:50 p.m.; arrives
Sumas 8:00 p.m. dally except Sunday.
I. O. O. P.* AMITY LODGE NO. 27���
Tho regular meetings of tills lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend. W. H. West.N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G.. recording secretary;
J. W. MacDonald, financial secre-
tar. .
ia Street Snap
Six-room Modern House, on car line, Columbia Street. Has Cement Foundation.
Price, $2,500, $1,200 Cash, bai. to arrange.
McQuarrie Bros.
609  Columbia Street
| The New Westminster City Specialists
Our stock of Carpenters' Tools
is complete, and prices are the
lowest. Come in and let us
show you.
Anderson & Lusby
Oft on a wintry day
That to the house confines me,
My SNAP-SHOTS cast the glow
Of my holidays around me.
Take a KODAK and a few spools of
CURLING FILMS with you and you
can enjoy every moment of this year's
vacation all over again at any time.
KODAKS from $10 up.
BROWNIES from $1 to $12.
See our special prizes for the Provincial Exhibition this fall.
We can explain your errors and will
be please! to do so.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:    43;     Long    Distance,
Residence, 72.
New    Westminster,    B.   C.
I City News I
��� *
*m**r**#**^*-**��#**#^#**ii< **#**&**#**#**#*****#*
For a Good
Come Here
We serve a meal that
is better than the best,
a meal that is good
enough for the table of
the fastidious epicure.
We give you all the sea-'
son's latest delicacies
deliciously cooked.
Our dining room is
cool and airy; the tables
are brilliant with spotless linen, fine china and
fresh flowers.
Give iis a trial.
The Royal Cafe
604 Columbia St., Phone 375
A Fresh Supply
of Webb's Just
T. A. MUIR & CO.
Deane  Block���Four Door* East
of Bank of Montreal.
Thomas A. Sharpe, of tlie governmental (arm at Agassiz, was in tlie
city yesterday.
White Rock for cool sea breezes. **
John Jardine. member of the provincial house for Esquimau, was registered at the Hotel Russell here yesterday.
If you aro selling your household
furniture by auction call up Hatt-
Cook, the auctioneer. Phone 550; who
will get you A-l results and settle
"up within twenty-four hours." Established over two years. **
The regular monthly meeting of the
Benevolent society will be held at
2:30 o'clock this afternoon ln the
board of trade room at the city hall.
Pot plants and fresh cut flowers
at Tidy's store.    Phoie 184. ���*
Two or three hundred excursionists
patronized a trip to Ladner last night
on the steamer Paystreak. The excursion was given by the Odd Fellows.
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias, phone DaTies greenhouse.
R 208. ��*
Hon. F. W. Aylmer, Dominion government engineer, stationed at Kamloops, is in the city on business connected with the department of public
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. ������
A meeting of the Westminster Baseball association will be held on Friday evening to give a ruling on the
protests lodged against the Maple
Leafs for playing improperly registered men. The Leafs deny that they
are guilty of the offence charged.
Steamer Transfer will make Sunday afternoon trips to Steveston
during the fishing season, fare $1.
Boat leaves Westminster at 3 p.m.,
returning leaves Steveston at 6:30
p. m. �����
A practice of the Maple Leafs baseball team will be held at Moody
square this evening, after which a
meeting will be held to discuss the
protests wliich have been lodged
against that club for playing members
who are alleged to have been registered less than the number of days required by tlte by-laws of the baseball
Fales' furniture figures are fair. **
It is expected that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier wlll give a reply today to the
request of New Westminster citizens
who have been impressing upon him
the advisability of giving an address
in this city on "liis return from Prince
Rupert. Should the Premier accede to
the wishes of the deputation wliich
has waited upon him, the meeting will
be held in the agricultural hall at the
exhibition grounds.
Cedar lumber for sale cheap. We
have on hand a small quantity of
rough cedar, oue inch, one and a half
inch, and two inches thick. Just right
for drainage work. We will jItb a
great bargaia on this lumber. Walsh
Sash and Door factory. Phone 413. ������
See Fales for Camp Furniture, cb*an
and reliable. ��� ���
Auditor Cotsworth has delayed his
departure for Kngland on account of
the letters read at the council meeting on Wednesday night. There will
probably be a meeting of the city
council and the auditor on Fiiday afternoon when Mr. Cotsworth will endeavor to point out the Justification
for certain statements he has made
and which have been questioned by
tho parties involved. J
Davies greenhouse is the place to!
get bouquets, floral designs and all |
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 208. *��� I
The tenders for the Royal Columbian hospital were opened at a meet
lng of the hospital board yesterday,
but as they were all somewhat in excess of what the members of the
board of expected, they were left over
to be considered at another meeting
to be called soon.
Quick dellfery of all house furnishings bought at Fales'. Our stock Is
complete, the prices the lowest.    **
The remains of the late Patrick
John McCann, the young lad who was
killed at Barnet a few days ago by
touching a high power electric light
wire, were Interred in the Roman
Catholic cemetery yesterday. Six of
the youngest employees of the mill at
Barnet. where the father of the boy
worked, acted as pall bearers. The
death of young Mr. McCann aroused
widespread sympathy and among
tliose at the funeral were many of the
residents of Barnet. The floral tributes were very beautiful and were
heaped In profusion on the coffin.
Try a "Want" ad In The News It
will bring results. **
fourth class engineering papers re
quired. Apply the Westminster Mill
Co., Lulu Island.
man. Apply Royal City Dye Works.
315 Columbia street.
ply upstairs Trapp block, corner
Columbia street and Clarkson.
Market Square
PHONE 475.
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R, Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
The Public
Supply Stores
We want you to
place your order
NOW for
We are carrying
the best that can
be got.
Phone 92
THE        DAILY        NEWS  **********************************
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Wefgive here a list descriptive of a few of our new costumes. There is
just one suit of a style-suits that are not old styles but this season's latest
models. Note the low sale price placed upon each suit. We are desirous of
clearing out every costume this week. Women will do well.to. visitthe ready.
to-wear section and try on one of these suits.
One Striped Suit
In two-tone grey stripe; coat Is lined with silk and trimmed with black piping.    Size 36;   regular price
$25.76.     Sale   price,   $19.50. \ V/.1, A \ ������ '" ' * < rJ. .   >, ��� *.    Htl* t *. t    J   i
*    *     ���    I
Three Only Misses' Lustre Sailor Suits
One each white, navy and brown  for  14.  15 and  16-year respectively.     Full   pleated   skirts.    Regular
price  each  $5.50.    Sale  price, each $2.95. ) _    ,jl._i. i
One Wh iteand Black Serge Suit
Lined with silk, trimmed with black buttons;  size 3t'>.    Regular ralue  $35.    Sale  price, $22.50.
One Fawn Striped Chevron Suit
With  pleated  skirt,  coat lined with silk, slightly soiled.    Size 3d. Regular price $27.60.   Sale price $15.
One Black Serge Russian Suit
Handsomely   braided  and  piped  with  black  and  white check,  silk   lining;    size   40.     Regular   value
.37,60.     Sale   price,   $29.50. \J\Z\___\ W*_* __ KStt.ll I IP- MU & * W  l MtftLlft   &  '������  ... IN
Ask to see the other Suits on sale
One Black Panama Jumper Dress
Trimmed with soutache braid; size 34.    Regular price $15    Sa'e price $11.50.
One Navy Shadow Striped Venetian Dress
One piece style with net yoke, pleated skirt; size 38.    Regular value $26.    Sale price $13.50.
One Black Panama
One   piece  dress  with  panel front, nicely  braided, pleated skirt Regular value $25,   Sale price $13.50
SenHIn Approval A
To Responsible Peopi.8   * ff__J
and f.     '
\3ha InK Pencil W&t
Your Choice of        BSJl'. *
' (or I.N
In any
| Some Special Snaps
* 5 lota on Second street.   Excellent view.   Streets on throe Bides
��� of this property.    $350 each.  Terns. v
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
Is especially well sftuated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
Bi Ixstkiu It A Ifc >*: Lira*
Kvery pen guaranteed
full 14 K.t. hUiii (io ll���cut
���u right hand may be had
ia   either   our   standard
black optiqitc pattern, or
Nan I ji r &a,��Me   Itanspnt-J
em, nn deftired, either in]
fluie or engraved fiuiah.l
an preferred.
Tan nay trr OiIb|.imi a ttaafc, I
If T��'ifUl>��lb��U It II��� r*(.ie-wtilr.l, I
I   a MHVI   kittila than  yi>n can to-I
I    Sure    (of   1NSKI   Tit.M   lllift   ftr|i|.t_  I
[   rsn-a   In    aay oilier nmLn, kf r . t|
���atireW latttfurtar*1 In tvary t*-|
1   ���fit  Mum  tt ai.l nn Wilt  Mint F
)������� f :.U for U. I
Oct oa tBrrtiMrfaincrti ami J
r.,.:.r Rio u*t* >,._ rand I (   . I
con r let n l.a Ic tiroof t.iun<|>h, Ui. v
I* aarrlad   ib   aay  povllloa   in
pM)kl I f��l . tt��jir>ini; t.at,*, *rl|r* �����
any ���i..,e at tHbttnnch. I Ut I
boni l��rrl��R) _�����., Iridium
. r*i'i*, polished villi ar.i/r.l fnlitfr
rata, toira mtu finish. RafaU I
���*n*rr*mhf,n*   tar   |.'.V).       AftrvU 1
waatH   Writ* t<*r term*   Writ*
new   " last vi.u  farral "     A til rear  '
" le. I you  farpat. "
''Laughlin Mfg. Co.*j
Mijtttlo Bldg ,
Detroit Minb
It's record of successful operation in the city.
though not of long years, is well known, and it is
now better than ever before.
New students are enrolling each day.   It Wi
pay you to attend.   Call at the school or apply l0
A.  L. BOUCK, Principal
610 Columbia Str��t, New  Westminster. B. U
If you want "something; Choicegfor Sunday ^
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast ^
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything ��B
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get 1 <


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