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The Daily News Oct 15, 1910

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V ^    _   _ 'Lr       V
port Mann
Standard   Make  $5   Per   Month.
| a McRae and Col. David-
I son Purchase Big Fishing
Concern for Million Dollars
-The purcha ���   ol
of   the    Pacific
��� a. D. McRae and
representing    the
.dlan Northern railway, is  under-
��� an authoritative Bource to
tii ally   completed
Victoria. Oc
(pany bj
IodcI  Davidson.
FREEMAN        j
Mayer and Alderrren  P?y Visit to Co-
quit'am   Lake  with   Dcn-inion
Technical  Expert.
Maj  ���   Lee    il 1< t men Bryson    and
Graj  and Citj   Engineer .1. \Y. Black-
man   paid   a   visit   tn   Coquitlam   lake
��� jterday,  wheie  thej   Inspected  tin-
One Hundred and Fifty
Lives Reported Lost in
North and Irish Seas.
London, Oct   ; ���     n e greatest but-
[:, ������ ������'������������ "������������'���������i"*- '������
������������ imenced Bonn
. , ha ' been some de
_ ��� the absence of one ol
I ,                " ""-' <���ytion
��� .   :   payment   Oi   Hie  nuiclia.se
i be made by December l ol
��� . ..j.,.,, tion for the transfer
*������ igbborhood of one million
Cincinnati,   Oct U.���Action   taken
..,    |.,. i8e     of     deputies   (if     the
(testanl Episcopal convention may
talt in the calling of a great world's
. .... ,. of all churches of the
��� ���; faith at some time in the
Lr future The convention now
Jralts the report of those to whom
. m ol the project has heen enlisted, and if ihe various committees
[port favorably it is likely that the
itire ccjimlttee  will  take steps    to
... ,  u.ierenee.
The matter hai been placed in   the
Lds ol a committee of seven clergy-
fen and seven laymen, who will meet
,, ,,,.:; ltt( e  Of seven  bishops.
.     inspected   ine        -------.       .-��� ���
site of the proposed  li   C   E. ft. dam ricane " " ��   ad(   u : "1:'>  sweeping
.;, company with J. R. Freeman,   the al0Q8 the    En    ! '    ����d Mah '  ���'--
n   i    ernment   engineer   who brewing th,   i -.       .. ,   kage and the
���       ..   trom the east to mak, '    '!'      :   ' '-    _ewa     l!,,|",,s    al
.     Investigation al the lake '"'���''���     '  "     '  ;'"""''' "'���'" ,' v\
The InvesUgaUons ol the partj yes Bons hav�� !'   :    ' ;   '" ;  '  "';'"' w!'"'-;
terdaj  ��ere somewhat spoiled bv the raged through* tt the nl| it and gained
continuous downpour of rain, bul they '" vlolence ,oda>-
managed to gel an hl>-a of the work
done    Engineer Freeman did no) complete his Investigations yesterday and!
line I   at   the   lake,   but   the  city
pai tj rei ui ned to town
Mr.  Freeman,  when    he    has    com- j
pleted his Inquiries at  the lake, will;
Sixteen passengere and six members of the crew ol the steamer l mt -
: t Id losl their lives when the vet 111
foundered In  the N irth sea.
The steamer Crawford is mlislng.
She was last sighted In the vicinity
of Hartlepool.   It is believed she went
Wat ng ���.. Oct. 14 ���Telegrams
i i.i; laj ai the general land
ffice announce the    Indictments   at
Rese_vists cf French Army Called Out
to Replace Striking Trainmen���
Malcontents  Are  Wavering.
Prominent Men Arrested for
Defrauding Gov't, of Land
Worth $200,000,000. ,    ^^^^^^^^^���
i    r;>iis.    Oct. U.���Appalled    by    the
riots 11   > i gtei daj   and   i ��� ei awed  by
i   di tei mined stand and t adical ot ���
dera ol Premier Briand, tlie rank and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^file  of  the   strikets     wavered     t<>.t;i> .
.acoma, Wash, ol seven men on the  and. dessertlng the  "syndicate,"    recharge of attempting  to defraud  t!o   turned to work on the trains In eon-
governmenl out ol    25,000   acres   of'stderable numbers.    A  fiftri    -*   ���'"*
J. B. Kennedy Talks Interestingly of Sights and
Scenes in Old Lands.
confer with Mr. Schuvler. of the B. do^n' ��nryln_ ��'"> her twenty men.
C. E. R., with a view to submitting 'M,",�� thi"' \**Ue ,oss,'ls are re*
another  report  to the  government.       , I����,teel stranded on the eastern coast.
Asked las.  nlghl if he hai seen any ' wl,h. dfka awaah aml crewa ��^^**
blue clav.  Mavor  Lee  replied that hefo  riggings.
had seen Iota of it; had slipped on a L Grcat, ��aves are sweeping inshore
lot of it. in tact He had seen lots\_��� Moray Firth. Scotland, to the
Of gravel too. ;Hull    and   life-savers  are  unable    to
There are now two test  pits heing   launch their boats.   .
sunk at the dam.    One has reached a<     Slmllar  �����dllK,ns  PrevaU    ln
reet Car  Collides  with   Auto,   Hurling Machine  Fifty  Feet.
I     ��� ind,   Oot. 11.���Dr.    Edna    D,
\        ;.  v i ���;   known   physician  of
I ��,,< almost  instantly killed
, a collision here tonight  hetween a
ireet <      ind her automobile.
Dr. Tlmnifi   chauffeur  was  slightly
��� ��� ��� i car struck the rear
!'..        ���      ito an;.ile as the machine
I Nineteenth Btreet, at the
i ��� Flanders.
he forci    ol   I be   impact w is bo
lhe  tuton oblle was knock-
feel     Di   Timms' body
I p a feel feel beyond the
depth of eighty-three feet and the
other a depth of fifty feet. The
nature of the report submitted by Rn-
gineer Freeman will depen 1 a gieat
deal on what kind of substratum is
revealed  by  these test  pits.
Dining the trip yesterday Mr. Freeman did not commit himself to any
statement as to the nature of his report and the result of his Investigations vvill not he known for some
time. He will also give his opinion as
to the effect the erection of the dam
vvill have on the purity of the city's
water supply.
Costa  Is Freed.
Vancouver, Oct. 14.���Bernard Costa
charged witli murder for killing a fel- \*************************g*.......l^_^_^_^_^_^_,
low countryman las, Mav. while In the t0 Piecea ,,y "'���" bl6 <'""<h��"*
I 11.. I.   .M���o    ���,���   ���,���i|.|m|    1���
^^^^__^^^^________^^.^     the
Irish sea and the Atlantic coast off
the north coast of Ireland. Many large
vessels are piled hard on the rocks
of the precipitous coast'and scores of
fishing smacks are missing. Bodies
are reported to have washed ashore '
at  Malin  Head and Qarron Point.
That the loss of life and shipping
was reduced to a minimum is due to
the fact that weather forecasts were
sent oul predicting the storm. Many
vessels remained in English harbors.
but some put out in spite of the
The admiralty today considered the
advisablllt; ol sending warships to
the scenes of reported wrecks in the
hope that aid might he given before
the stranded  vessels were hammered I
valuable coal lands near the funning
ham  tii I Is In  Alaska
The charges involve 154 entries in
the Bngllsh and Chrtstorhei gro.is
Seattle. Oct. 14 Charles F Monday, George Simmon's and Cornelius
Christopher, all prominent Seattle
men. were arrested lure Idle today on
indictments returned bj the Tacoma
gtand jury charging consplracj to de-
fraud the government on the Alaska
coal cases
They weie taken befoie Unltod
States Commissioner W. D. Toten and
were released under bonds of $2500
Warrants have also been issued for
the arrest of Algernon 11 Btracey, an
Englishman   whose   whereabouts    are
I ;; nada s< ems to he the fashion
, ei I I ei e,' i emarke i .1. B Kenne lv.
.i Sapterl n, who has Just returned
from a six months' tour of Kngland,
Scotland and Western Burope. Everywhere  he  wenl   tha people were all
icgulai on   the   W'estc^	
road and a fourth ol those on the Nor- talking aboul Canada   and   the   pos-
'      1V'" operated and dlsordet waa  Blbllltlea there     ,,��� tt!18 ���,,,, b, th���
trivial     rhe backbone of what prom-, nmen) ,  at   Vork  Mm( ,|1B
ised to be tne graves, industrial clash ��������� ���, QlaBg0W tha1 tlu>ir offlf.<m were
believed  (,n w,],lli  |lnll)  morn[ng  ���_-  niglii. by
ati'">S   "'      !".��     ..!...,      i���f.��� ,���.,(!������    ^.���,.���,-nino
In i e history of France is
to be Broken, wearing the sa
the reservists, the men who yesterday
fought In the Btreets against, soldiers
and police, to lay manned Hie trains.
The most loyai of the Btrlkesa gathered along the Western lines, ln the
southern pari Of the city shortly after
dawn, when the first trains Were started. Spasmodic attempts at violence
were made. Gradually the crowda diminished, and before noon ttains weie
running  practically  unmolested.
Hundreds of strikers who have heen
thrown  into jail  probably  will  be re
unknown   but who is believed to be in   leased, but their leadet s  will  he  pun
Alaska.   Archie   W'.   Shields  and   F-irl   ished.
All   dav   soldiers   and
S. Sigley. Pigley was private secre
lary to M. .1. Henry, the contractor
who   was   building   Hie   Copper   River
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ police have
been taking in the more prominent of
the  strike   agitators.     They   will     be
and   Northwestern   railway   in   Alaska'tried   on   charges  of  Inciting   soldiers
for the Guggenheim company. to persuade the reservists not to obey I
The accused men aie charge 1  with   the orders to assemble, and  with    In-
having conspired to defraud the gov- terferlng with the employees of   thel
ernment by fictitious entries In whal  state railroads,   ln eacli case the pre-
are known as the Christopher  group scribed punishment Is severe.
of seventy-four claims, and the Eng-j    According to repoit'.. traffic on all
lish group of eighty-two claims. roads except the Northern and West-
Both groups are situated in the ern is normal. Premier Briand is en-
Bering tlver district, near the famous deavortng to bring about a peaceable
Cunningham (hums. settlement  of the difficulties, and    it
lt is charged that the conspirators 1 Is expected the remainder or tbe
contrived to defraud the governmenl   strikes will return to work within
seekers ai,e,   Information ooncernfng
These men not only seek for Information,  but   they  make  use of it  and
thousands are coining to Canada. Mr.
iand    Mis    Kenne ly   intended   to   sail
from Glasgow  a month    earlier    than
jthey did. but  they could  not get accommodation  of any  kind on any of
tbe transatlantic boats.    They bad to
wait a month for their boat.
Fine Exhibit at Bruise'*.
At the Brussels exhibition one of
the greatest attractions, and undoubtedly the best exhibit, was that in the
Canadian building. Mr. Kennedy stated that be was ptoul to be a Canadian
when he saw the great display of Canada's natural resources there. The
building was thronged with eager
sightseers during the progress of ihe
Mr. and Mrs Kennedy left here in
April, but tbey did not go direct to
the old country, first visiting Mr Ken-
jnedys brother in Minneapolis and
1 then spending some lime tn Ottawa.
They left Mnnn eai on the steamer
Laurentic and had *\ good passage to
I Liverpool,   where  tbey   only   slaved     a
day before proceeding to London.
Both  Mr     and    Mrs. Kennedy    bad
out of coal lands
employ of the city in digging drains,
was found not guilty tbis afternoon.
A plea of self-defence was made
Costa was liberated.
Tramp Steamers Searched by Customs
Officers���No   Dutiable   Goods
' Btean ers
.lxty. Greal  Lakes
j -��� . ���.   Del    11.���Because   he   re-
i over    his    money    and
ailed upon to do so by
> i  i Ighwaymen  on  a  rail
f He neai   ibis eiiy this morn
Jos';     Morin, of O'Briens, sixty , -
I ige, was thrown to thelj 'a !,;,s ',"'''"
I ��� ��� t   thugs,    lie fell a dis-'davs. according
.nee   ���      entj   reet.    When  picked jleake^outjou.<
he v ii onscloua aud has re-
pained In thai condition since. The
|lghwaj:: en ea taped
High tides are reported in llie tilths
of Scotland and the bays ot Kngland
and Ireland. Coast stations of the
Royal Life Saving service reporl thai
M,o waves are driving inland past all
pt c  ious marks for high  tides.
Amsterdam, Oct. 14.-  \ greal  itorm
reported to be sweeping die   North
sea in the direction of the Danish and
Norwegian coasts. Storm signals have
been Bet, bul shipping mas,ers heie
expreBB   great    lea,    fol    the   safety   of
\ esseli
\>, unconfirmed reporl from Blast
Pi iesiaii tslandi is to the effect that
n  idg German  tramp Bteamei    went
asliote near Ho laud,, and that the
tier,nan garrison on the Islands is en-
deavorlng to re cue the crew.
valued at *200,000. 1 shorl time. The strike leaden havelbeen in ( .������,������ be, ,������ ilU U)R
been unsuccessful In their attempts to Llght8 there were worth seeing again
brine, about a general Btrike   <u    alii__j Wm   H
i unions of railroad employees, ami
I theli rallut e is the cause of mm b di -
Ipresslon among the strikers.
Chicago,  Oct,   11   -Search   nf  tramp;
nd sailing vessels of   tne|
for     alleged     smuggle I
in vogue for Beveral
tn Information pvhlcti
Three vessels have
Domestic Trouble, Murder.
Evereti    i let. 11,���Ernest  Wlseley,
prty-ab    ��� irs ol age, shot and killed
White, aged    twenty-three,    and
been stopped and searched by revenue j
CUtterS,   and,   although   no   incriuiinat   i 	
ing  evidence   was  obtained   in    these   Labop Men Hope tQ M;(ke p,.oies. Na.
specific  Instances,    customs    officials]
declare tbey are ahout  lo  put  an end
to what they say  has grown to be a
IVverly. Mass . Oct, it With tho
final rpproval of President Talt [01
plans for raising the battleship Maine,
it Is expected work on the sunken
warship will soon be completed and
llie memorable hulk will be taken out
to sen and given a deep water bitihil
forever,    It is not believed that    the
Wreck Wlll be placed on exhlbltl"!, as
one of the great national memorials.
The plans provide that thc Maine
shall be miseii before February 15
next, the thirteenth anniversary
the destruction of the battleship
Havana harbor,
considerable illegitimate trade.
K    steamer     from     Canada
fir.  vvnue, aged    iwenty-ttnee.    ana,    "     -���-- ..     rcVenue cutter
(���tally wounded  Mrs.  Pearl  Layfleld,  smpiod   <��ay by ine Re)nberg
1     ���        e,   late this evening, after-patrol,    -eut.n.   ��     ;    ;,   wlthoul
making an abortive attempt to [commanding,   and   warcni
'onm.lt s���|, ide.    Domestic  trouble Is , BU^r,,lnK  ,���  the  Chicago  -ustoms
,ional_Success ot  Scheme Is
Gravely   Doubted.
ttom ot the tragedy.    Mrs.
isl ind lives in  Kallspell,
'   :
Require   His
Paris, Oct. 11
erntion,   which   Is
unionist   body   In
ing an
Tbe   Labor  Confed-
the supreme   tra le
France,   is  continn-
Movement  lil   English   Politics   Is  Now
Towards  Devolution  at  Home���
Now   Practical   Question.
Curtain  Rung Uo Five Times at Close
of   Passionate  Scene   in   Second
Act of Clyde Fitch's Play.
'W'e certainly get all Hie hell that's
cm,ling  to us in this  life
This is one of the last sentences
spoken by Norman Hackett in his portrayal of the character of George
Rand, Jr., In "The Clly," Clyde Fitch's
strong play which was produced at
the opera bouse yesterday evenim:
"The City" is not a pleasant play.
It is a (Iran,a of Intense realism. It
rings out in bold ,ellef tbe bail tha*
and   BO    tbey     stavel  for  some time.
During  pan   of  their  stay  there they
toured   the     city     in   company     with
Gi "it- Cunningham, who was also on
B tour to tbe old country.
Having been appointed by the hoard
of trade as a delegate to   the    Infer-
I national   cohgress of  the boards    of
trade    and    chambers    of    commerce
which met in London at the time   of
llis visit. Mr. Kennedy attended one of
I the meetings there.    The reason that
[he did  not   attenl  more  was that, all
the proceedings, nil the speeches and
papers,  were in  tbe  French  language
and   be   was  rather  af   sen.    He  left.
I.on.len   before   W,   Norman   Rnle  arrived on the scene to take part in the
Visited Famous Cathedral.
From Lon in Ml and Mrs. Kennedy went to Sails! trv. wheie they
visited the smoua entbedral tind then
they went to Bournemouth, the great
winter Watering ()l:ice of Southern
England 'i I ey stayed there three
weeks, taking side trips around the
Isle of Wight and Portsmouth.
From there tbey went to the continent, taking In the Itrursels exhibition and visiting tbe field* of Waterloo. Cologne, In Germany, was the
next place visited and there they took
a river steamer to Maypnce on tho
Rhine     After a  few days they  went.
���E=  e.r3 Canal   Problems
I., ���   14.- President
���  i    the    Ifthmui   of I
1 Noven   ���������     10    fro
m s c, on tha cruiser North
: inle i  b)   be    lister
i nt     . Ill   be   g.me    about
The     North     Carolina
ai   make  the Journey
lon In four days.
 ���     ,     nit   of the img an active agitation   against the
officials, certain    tJ-J^J       ��*��   ���,.������, (,f ���ear food  ���,,dcr which  the
SKomt,meaCan^ U Would |maMe8 of -he people are suffering so
H    [L_____m_B.     ���nv
,   , ,.   discharging  It  at an>
wliich It had been consigned
is In a good man and thfl worst that,
is In  a  bad  man  and  makes hideous  to Switzerland, staying; for a week nt
truth stand out In her nakedness,    it ��� Lucerne
is a portrayal of life as it ought not
to be. but Is.
Westminster  audiences   m  a   rule
u ,. on dutiable   cargo   en  M.w,lH>
porl  to
Worth  Millions of Dollars   snd   Was
*******        Lost for Ymr^
Blsbee, Ariz., Oct   li     Mexican official i ii ilan nio i anno .a, ed the redia
^^^^^^fcnnta Ke-Ter^^^^
mine, one of the   .ou   really
mines of the  Southwest,  which  was
kr.o'.vn ' i ui'.,' been worth million
The latest  plan  by  which tliey hope
to   fight   down   the   high   prices   is   to
anlze    a    boycott,       Manifestations
are to i e issued at once, urging the
; e iple to abstain from the use of cer
tain commodities ths pi l< ea of which,
es    .,i\.   have    11sen
through   i he   manl] illations   of
was trusts.    Tables   wlll   also   bs
of   ,!io�� ing ��� be extent of tha extra bur-
London; Oct. 14.���The   new   movement In home politics towards a fed-
erated empire    is    attracting    widespread attention in tbe press    today.
Llewellyn   William.   M    P.,   Who    next
week   accompanies  Chancellor     Lloyd
QeorgS to ihe Welsh  National  Liberal
council,  wherp  the  chancellor  is    ex- .
pected to make   an   Important    pro- therefore a tribute
nouncement, saya   "Imperial unity in Norman    Haek#t    and   (leoffrev   C.
gniflcent  feleration of the most  st ,   that th   (.;i;tain        r��� ;y)
rre,   and  most  progressive commune
ties in the world is no longer a vague   le8a   than   ,iv"   l!m*8   '"   '"'   c1 f
the   seen.I   act,   in   which   acting
On visiting Paris, Mr. and Mrs.
Kennedy were rather unfortunate in
striking a time when the King of
Belgium  was  a  guest  of the French
Westminster   nuu��uv<v   ..-   ..
are cold  at,1,  unresponsive, particular-   nation.    On account, of his visit many
with dramatic productions,    I!    i.   of tbe places of great public   interest
, ,��� .were closed.     They did  not  see    the
the  acting  or   Louvre nor some of the other famous
(Ity, but is fael be  imlng a prac-
it is recognized, of course, the first
step onwards mus, be devolution   al
wl It h vviii bulk largely it, the,
[ Liberal program In the future, and the   no
POad   towards   the     greater     ideal     is   <*<*"t
rough   and   difficult,  bur.  as   Williams
IB   I        "lm, erial     federation    is    no
longer in the positi ui it occupied in
tlie eighties,"
Paris   Is  Bad   Place.
"I   was   gla I     ro   pet     away    from
Paris." said Mr. Kennedy, "life is too
^^^^^^^^****************a^*a^am**a^*a^*^ free ,, e there.    Morals arc at
bunally realistic Btartled the audience  |,uv r,,,b."
b.  i .. intensity Cbtnlng back   to London   via   Bou-
i for , ,.      ( 0f   Qeorge   nan- logne and Folkestone, the tourists ��d
"Tay Pay" Is Coming.
 a vi itlni of the morphine habit,
i i rey stein has one or the n i
dii'i "tit parts Imaginable to Inrer-
prel AlthOUfh he It nol featured o i
the paper, he is in icality tlie big
ma,, in the company, The role which
he has to sustain is passionate, hys-
To  watch  him
not stay long in London, hut. Ciok a
trip up the eis, coast of Fngland.
They vi; ited York, where they did
not meet Moses H. Cotsworth. At.
York they attended a concert given by
B musical organization which has been
in existence for generations. It was
one of Ihe most pleasant of their ex-
S i
^^^^^ -Accordln^^^^^
��� i' opagatlon of the Gospel,
11 eon re, ei ed in response
��� on behalf of church
tern Canada
Executioner Idle.
Ocl      I I.���The
i ���   here 	
wmphlntng that he has not enough
l!l> has  im .  addressed a letter
H'otrs,   to
pul I
London,   Oct.   1 I. Charles   A.   I lon-
glas, of Washington, is In Edinburgh
making arrangements for a tour of
representative Scotsmen, In the l'nited states and Canada, through Sco,
'abarka   or   tne   i_nn,u.u*>.    ���������    - ��� - t
,,���..,.      people  are   urged lo  abstain
,,'��� ���',��� use of sugar until the price
e again normal They are also to be
M,.,,,i to become vegetarians and  tee-
of, s for the time being, in order to
,',,,,, butchers and wine sellers.
Nobody, however, lakes this part Ol
ubor pavty'a scheme  very seriously.
",, ontotued on   Pago Kour.)
"*'   to   the   Hung'.'irhin   piiflhv
'���' the exaggerated humane
*M*�� of the day.    These result,
'ho "teat,,,. ,,,,,,������ th
hy     ^^^^^
8��vs, in his being tinempldyed foi
.., ,    '"' thai   then
"i- le ,
/Gar.   He 0011"
all ber a  i egular
shall   be   fewer
letter of welcome WjJJ-��  ^^ZVZtl however.   ,ba.
US   �����   lord r      nit /..r   the   ���,e high  prttiM ""ve deal, a lerlou.
nation    oommittet ���,,,,,> working classes, who are
scots  of  America- ,vvbo  -'e nuk. u     0    to   h *��� ^
l'u "      i..i   .���, ,u   mont      To   ask
      I : terlcal  and  frenzied.
Regina, Oct. 14.���"Tay Pay" 0*Con pleading with his half-brother for tne
nor addressed n big gathering here to-   lethal  weapon With  which  lie lias just
night, Premier   Beott   presiding.   He killed his half-sister and wife "so tha'.
goes  from   here  ,o  Calgary,  then   fid-   he  may  put   himself  to  sleep"    is    lol ����_ PiMM>ni ������ VmIm
monton.    He  wlll    reach ' Vancouver  shudder. The climax when he rolls on      ,,���������  n,t T,       ,    ����L rw������n��
about   the   nth   inst.     At   Victoria   he   the floor  in a  paroxysm of despair i-.''"'      ,��   '��� 'f 7,  ^?
will be tbe guest of Premier McBride.   tho most  intense piece Of acting seen   ' w,,'^, '^'i, ",'.,' f ,'"'=���       ��,���
���. ,    ,   ,   -,    . ,     ,, i���  n,���  ���.,,..,   f ,.  ,��������,���  ���  Ar,*, one destroved   n litlli is near ng corn-
alter which he will visit Seattle, Port-, in  the  west   for  many   a  day. I���i..i������    .,, ,i     it    tu   i,.������>,i    u,,,t     r,.^
i ,      .,. ,    .-, , ,,��� .��� Tl    ^     ,l,r.,.,m    ^C    H.r.     ,.,..,���     I.,     ll,,.>     ll.n      P��6tlOB|     1111(1 It iS     0000(1 til  it IOr
land. Tacoma and Spokane, sailing tori     lhe  tlieme of the  plaj   is  that   the   JL   . . ' ' ,
home on  .November   I  from  RlmOUSki,   city  will  bring on,  the inherent  quail-   l      *"�����      ^, >   ��  '^^^ "f.^,
 -                    Mies of men and  women, good or bad.   J*arh ��S   p8aJ a?��ln f",m i,S   ?P    ?
Clyde Pitch evidently   believed   that1,,,0,r 0('hnt,s W1" sm,n(, ovcr the   ,a
tha party
two thousand persons
ed   Mates  and   one
More Cholera Victims. w- ,,t, in , ,lc
Home.  Oct.   l-l.-Twenty-fotir   cases ��ere ��    ..
of cholera and e'even deaths    during   naveup Of th.  .>;   '	
tbe last  tweiity-four hours have been ! the evil in IU.. cnaruc
Officially  reported.    In  Naples during
Russians  Deported,
sp.rnln, Ocl
14.���The  twenty     Ifus-
Ported  to do longshore work
"Int,     ^^^
of   America
the arrangements,
verness also  will  be  visited
will   be  made
St  il   count rlei
're on steami
WPfo    -
Ertlnburgh and in- ���t no time a���
md trips i make   I niuiclal   en Is   mem
(����, ..�������� S'lg'-pssRSpsrjs
viiiv feasible.
Moreover, before the boycott can be
,������ ,���W full operation It Is quite prob
K��< the cost of the article, con
the last twenty-four hours there have
heen eleven new cases and eight
Farmers Hold Crops.
Portland, Oct. 11,-Tbat there   has
been no large demand as yet for curs
11^^^^^^^^^^^^^ prcdon.ln
ate One 19 a shrewd and scheming
business mun. another a dope llend
and another    n drunkard.    And    the
goons. So far the new tower bas
reached B height or 1!ir> feet and the
building of the hell turret which from
the bate to the cusp is Beventy-two
, feet high, has just been started. The
|rebuilding of the Campanile began in
HUM, since when a hundred iren havo
Inquest  on  Thursday.
...        mmm    ......   ., ���-    | \,,���_|_H      OCt.     H- It WaS       'i,V   I " . .       ,,,,,.    .,���.   COSl   OI   II1B   llI'IineB   l!UH- I
to do longshore work      Los  ^nge'M- , ie8t  lnt0  able ' ul' '   ,.a^ dr0pped to the nor-
-srs t.t    Point    Bdwnr.1   riounced  todiv   m 1 nence 0n,ccrned will ba\e arup. *
, d��ported under the supervision  Btte Times dlsnete. will i    ,, .^
,ni,lU^tlon officers loday Thursday. --    ���������������-    " -      ���'���t'*
nun     .,..uv.. w.
women are had as women sonietliues
vvill be���In big cities.
There are four women In the cast,
but they have merely secondary parts.
  iaiB 1 It Is a man's play from start to end,
to move the 1910 wheal crop ln   tho 1 Gordon Van Vranken  (M, Marjarlno), ^    ���,,���,���_,  _.���v, ...   	
Northwest Is attributed to tbe fact'the hopeless, helpless, drunken bus- vey. Judge of the supreme court of
that farmers have not begun to dis* *"* " -"�����''������ilv nrovldes an ex-1 Alberta, has been appointed chle' Jus-
pose of their crops, except In Isolated
,..,...^-W>    '  ���'    -."'
ensee, according to V. W. Hohlnson,
general freight agent of the Southern
Pacific nnd O. R. & N. lines today.
1 worked for 1B00 days and used 1,500,-
000 bricks.
Alberta Chief Justcie.
Ottawa, Oct. 14.���Hon. Horace Har-
... ���x, , _--_ 'a***   >ey, Judge of the supreme court   of
bund, o ccn8lonally provides ��n ex-1 Alberta, has been appointed chle' Jus-
cuse for a smile during the play. For ttce of the province la succession to
this he ls deserving of thanks, for a j Premier Bifton. W. Simmons, of
laugh ls u great teller during the pro- Lethbrldge, will succeed Harvey as
gress of a play like "The City." puisne Judge. M
i   ill
i, ,!.,'������
acreage In vicinity of Westminster,
also real estate or farm bind. Owner
must nike high class industrial
rtoch in deal. Address P. 0. Bos
U6, Settle,  Wash.
youth as pupil in architect's offlce.
Apply  Gardiner   &
.acts, Westminster
Gardiner,  archi-
Trust   Block.
Head  Office        -        451   Columbia  St
New   Westminster,  B.  C.
Branch Office      -      ���      Kamloops, B.C
MODERN houses in Edinburgh, Henley an. Dublin streets, from $2450
ani up, This is in tho modernized
part of the city.    Cement sidewalks
i    and a biock   from   the   care   line.
nessed the assault oi two men on
the night of the tilth Inst., on leav-
iav the Scotch concert, at
10:30 o'clock, on Agnes ani
itrects, communicate
Kox 514 and greatly
LOTS   on   Edinburgh,   Henley
and London slice;:    some
of the
with    P.  0.
oblige   the
SEVENTH avenue lot, close to car
line; price $800; one-third cash, balance six ani twelve months. (266-C.)
NANAIMO street, cleared new lot;
$960; one-third cash, balance six
and twelve months. (251-C.)
"The Truth as Expressed by
Nature" Theme of Wil-
helm's Exhortation.
London, Oct. 14.���The Berlin correspondent has forwarded to the London Daily Mail the following authorize:! ISnglish translation of a*hitherto
unpublished sermon by the Kaiser,
delivered on btwfrd the Imperial yacht
O  tr.y soul.    t).   Lord  my  God, Thou
art   very  very  ..real
,1ns,  as this  psalm  has  been  caller
an echo of the lirst creative work ot'
Hoi, so also wo arc made to feel thill
in this land of wonders God's creattve
; power comes before us in its primeval
glory   with   the   beauty  and   dew   of
youth.    Unconsciously   we   fold   our
hands again and again, saying, O Lord
my Coi. Thou are very great.    When
we. look at  the midni. lit  sun we have
a  faint   idea  of  the  dawn  of  the  llrst
May   of  ereatiiui   ami   tho   lirst    creative word of the  Lord, "Let   there bo
I light."      Hence    we    understand    tho
word of the   psalm ia   a   peculiarly
vivid  manner:     "Thou  clotliefeT Thyself with light   ;is with a   garment."
Then  there rises  in  our  hearts   ;h'
song, lirst softly and low. then rising any Ic.
higher and  higher, "Hless the Lord, |nature to put the
1 Montreal's Mayor Is Sued
Montreal, Oct. l .-An Interesting
developmenl has arisen out of the
recent civic Investigation into the
connection of civic officials with the
French Emancipation .Masonic lodge. |
A claim of $500 against Mayor Guerln
has been entered i.n the superior]
court by Germain Beaulleu, Claimant
states that on July 20 the mayor was
authorized by the city council of
Montreal to hold an Investigation Into
the accusation of C. II. Mllette against
the    Emancipation    lodge,    so-called,
and that, the Investigation being held
publicly,  the  defendanl   asked  claim-!
an,, without  Justification, necessity  or
tin,ate excuses, questions of a j
under tbe Im-
Address L,:���;KU
ation as clerk in store.
S.. Daily News.
once;  good wages to the right per-j
son.   Apply Royal City dye works.
avenue, Burnaby, new house
and two lots, only $1400; $400 cash,
balance  to arrange. (223-C.)
jirl   for   general   housework.     Good
wages to the right gir
S<-eond  street.
HAMILTON street lot between Sixth
and Eighth stieets, ciearei, only
$750; $300 cash, balance six, twelve
and eighteen  months.
3| FIVE ACRES  in  the    Kennedy    subdivision, close to    car    line.    Price
��� I    $J10 per acre.    One-third cash, bal-
IM-      anee six and twelve months.
pioved.  with  buildings,  in  the  vie
bitty  of   New    Westminster.       - >. . . w..��   ..a...,.*   .,.u..*....
particulars to Yancouver Brokerage | SIXTY ACRES in section 30, township
Land, 62 Hastings street east.
TV A N T E D ��� Ii O U S E K E E PING
rooms for married couple. Apply
Box A.A., this office.
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125  Third  avenue.
von sale���on easy tjskms, six
roomed house and two lots' close
to tram. Immediate possession. Apply Owner, Box 27!', City.
H. P. Vidal ic Co.'s warehouse. Machine is in good condition and will
sell for $20.
modern four or five roomed cottage,
dose to car line, 50x100 foot lots.
Enquire British Canadian Securities,
Columbia stieet, T. R. Pearson,
manager.   Plione 7*18.
S, prairie land.
one-third    cash,
two years.
Price $125
per acre;
one    and
THIRTY ACRES in section 36, block
5 north, range 1 west, twenty acres
cleared, with new house and barn;
good water. Price $270 per acre.
Terms      over      eighteen      months.
FIFTY acres in section 32, block 5
north, range 2 west, N. W. D.; absolutely the best subdividing proposition in Port Mann distiict today. Why ? The terms are one-
fifth cash, and the balance ever
TEN YEARS, with interest at 6 per
cent. (221-A.)
TEN acres, being lot 6, section 27,
block 5 north, range 2 west, N.W.D.,
on new Yale road. $1100 per acre;
$.1000 cash, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months at 7 per cent, interest. (222-A.)
10 ACRES in nerthwest quarter of
section 19. township 2. $2��0 per
acre: one-third cash, balance six and
twelve moatbs at 7 per cent, interest. (291-A.)
comprising six v/r seven acres right
on the interurban car line between
Central     Park     and   Westminster.	
Good nine roomed bungalow, excel- FIVE ACRES in section 18, township
lent water and windmill, large g, 0n Newton road. .lot per acre,
sheds.   The land Is all cleared and,    Terms over two years. (91-A.)
there are a quantity of fruits of
bearing age. This is one of the
-nost convenient along the line and
we can recommend it. Price $13,500;
J4500 cash, balance on terms. E. N.
Sutherland. Merchants bank building, New Westminster.
limit, all cleared, $700 per acre for
'his month $1500 cash. Murakami,
?. O. Box 2110, Vancouver.
inches wide, double key board, first
class condition. Cheap. Apply Ira
A. Reid. Columbia street, next to
tram office.
nearly new, electric light, half min-
ate to car. Price $1500, cash $.'100.
balance $20 per month. Box W. S.,
Waily News.
seven roam modern hous�� on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for particulars, or 512 Fourth street, New
Westminster, B. C.
FIVE acre tracts, consisting of the
most fertile soil in Langley districts, cleared and in a high state
of cultivation; tram line running
through the property; good roads
on all sides. Price $175 per acre
and up. Terms, one-fifth cash, balance over three years.
Through our branch office at Kamloops we have received some of the
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
and get particulars.
Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager,
Head Office 451  Colombia 3t.
New Westminster, B. C.
Branch Office ���     Kamloops, B.C.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given.
front    bedroom,   modern     conveniences; no children: suitable for one
cr two gentlemen. 124 Third avenue.
ly furnished, flrst class board, all ;
liome cooking. Terms very reason-1
able, at G13 Agnes street.
room, furnished. Apply Arrow Press.
W9 Victoria street, near Daily
214 Sixth Street.
Phone 567.
B. C.
Architect and Building Constructor.
Specialist in Steel, Reinforced Concrete and  Modern  Building Construction.    Telephone 860.
Room   13  Dominion  Trust  Building.
ished front bedroom, suitable for
two gentlemen. Apply Box ,1. S.,
!>aily News.
DOT A. I)'
and Seventh snoots.
���jpolr 7|'' Tvp'v street
nished   bedroom
pent lemon.    Appi
A comfortable fur-
suitable   for   two
; at 233 Rth St.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 129 Tenth
ply    upstairs Trapp    block,    corner
(V>1ii l.htp  Kt'-oet  mir)  Clarkson
rooms. TO?. Third avenue. Apply
after 6 p. m. or between 0 a. m. and
5' p. m. at Room 14. 623 Columbia
The Guichon rooms, corner Columbia and Fourth streets, has been reno-
rata-A and newly furnished. Steam
i:��ai-tat Transients accommodated.
off Fourth street.
The National Drug feChemlcal Co.
of Canada Limited, havo Just received
a letter from tlie west, coast of Africa
which reached Its proper destination,
although addressed In an extremely
vague manner, The writer wns evident:.- a native With ;in imperfect
knowledge of English, The letter was
wrltten\>y a member of Second West
: ���; i Rei Iraent, and is as follows:
Sleira Leone, Wesl Africa,
August s. 1910.
Dear Sir���With congratulations, I
address you these few lines. May It
find you enjoying good time and
health al present. Sir, I lmve received
iyour letter. I notice tlie contents.
Please send me one box of your <iin
Pills. 2s-1 I, I want try it iind if do me
[good, I will send back very early,
While  I am your truly same.
B Company, 2  W.  I.  R.
The envelope tears orHy the following
Inscription:    National   Drug  A,  Co. of
ICanada   Ltd,   27-2!t    Wellington   St.
I There Is no town, city or country
mentioned; yet this letter was sent
from the postofflce in Sierra Leone to
England, as shown by the London
postmark, iind forwarded to Plymouth,
, thence to Montreal, reaching this city
on August 31, only twenty-one days
after being written In  West Africa.
This is an excellent, example of the
widespread reputation of the National
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada Llm-
i'ed, and of their excellent preparations which. It may be. safely stated,
are known ia all parte ol tb* world.
Hohenzollern "during one of llis Majesty's recent annual cruises to tlie
North Cape.
His Text.
Text���Psalm 104, vv. 1 and 2.
Bless the Lord, O my soul. O,
Lord, my God, Tho'u art very
great; who converest Thyself
with light iis wiili a garment:
who stretches out the heavens
like a curtain.
Now we are once more upon our
northern sea voyage���Sunday on the
high seas, and does not our Lord
speak plainly to us here? He has
taken us apart from the people, far
from our own, from our home, far
from the multitude of those who go up
to the house of the Lord. Still His
hand is over all. "If I take the wings
of the morning an.i Ilee to the uttermost parts of the sea. even there
shall Thy hand lead me, and Thy
right hand shall hold me." Thus is
He in the midst of us, especially on
this His holy day, in tills sacred
hour, at our good ship's service.
At home the church bells are ringing now and the organ is pealing.
Here there is another ringing and
another sound round about us. Yet it
is only a ground tone that runs
through tlie melody there as here, and
says: "Come and let us worship and
bow down, and let us fall upon our
knees before the Lord our Maker."
On the high seas we learn this more
emphatically, and lie who does not
learn it here will never learn It at
The Silence of the Night
This Sunday and this ship's service
bring familiar truths to our remembrance with increased force and power. Here nature itself Impresses this
truth upon us:
The sun that shines upon me
Is my Lord Jesus Christ.
That sun  never goes down.    lie*, is
not  only  the  midnight  sun,  but    He
shines brightly over us all, iind In our
hearts,  even  when  it  is  cloudy   and
dark about us.   Light is Ills garment,
and we dare    only,    like    Moses,    to
look upon His hack parts, when in all
His glory He passes by, but He draws
us   onward   and   upward   to   Himself.
Thus   we   become   partakers    of   His I
Glory.    In the cool of the day, when I
the  wind  has  gone  down,  ln  the silence of tlie night, when He spreads !
out the heaven ns a curtain over us,
studded with countless stars, then do j
our thou, its go out to our own home
and   reach   upward   to   our   eternal
dwelling   place;   for   the   soul    is   naturally Christian.    Then the passions
are  silent,  and  the  troubles   of   the
heart are allaye I, and all is calm and
still   within   us.    Then   there   pulses
through the soul a thrill of eternity���
a presentiment:
How   glorious    that    new    world
above, '
Prepared of God and His great
Then do our souls reach out after
that glorious liberty of the children
of God which the Lord hath prepared
even here on earth for all who believe in His name. When we permit
ourselves to look back in spirit upon
all the way by which the Lord our
God hath led us, then even unconsciously we fold our hands again and
again, and deeper and deeper do we
enter Into the blessed experience that
can only express itself thus: "O,
Lord my God, Thou art all glorious.
Thou clothest Thyself with light as
with a garment. Light is Thy way
with us and with our people. Thy
ways lead, even if some times tbrough
much darkness in our earthly pilgrimage, to eternal joy and blessed never-
ending light. Therefore, bless the
Lord. O rny soul! Amen."
j Let us, then, open our hearts and
give good heed to this Book of Nature, which God hath set before us.
Truly, they do not understand the
mind of the Lord who would sever
j this Book of Nature fiom the Book
of Books, the precious word of God.
Nay, this book rather leads us thither.
This is only the outer court thai leads
us into the holy place; only the hem
of llis garment, Who libs the whole
temple. The same God, Who in our
redemption haa reve:,led ills heart.
to us. has in  liis outward   creation
thrown   llis   house   wide   open   lo   US,
llis  children;   not   thnt    we   should
merely  Btand  nt   tlie  threshold,   bul
that with joy we should draw near t >
the  footstool  of  His  throne  of  grace |
The same Jesus, Who has proclaimed i
and   brought   the   blessedness   of   tne1
Kingdom   of   Heaven    near    us,   bus!
preached lo ns by tiie Towls of the alt'
and  by  the  lilies of the  field.      The
Bame Paul Gerhardt, who sin.s to our!
inmost  soiiIh an none other has done;
"O, Sacred Head, now wounded," and
"Commit thou  all  thy  ways,"  has   enriched   the   word   all   that    inimitable
song   of   summer,   found   In    nil    our
hymn books, and which thus begins:
Go forth, my heart, and seek delight. ;
In all thn gifts of God's greal  might
These pleasant Hummer hours;
Look!  how the plains for thee and me
Have decked themselves most fair to
All blight and sweet with flowers.
In this spirit will we also look
abroad. Far from the noise and bustle of the great city, here In the stillness near to the great, heart of God
Ood and Nature, we will draw a deep
breath that, we may at. the same time '
feel the mighty beating of his Father |
heart. Then only one note will resound in our aoula:   Praia* tbe Lord,
O my soul." |
Nature reveals God, but it conceals |
Him also. Nature is Go l's boo
oni, hc can read aright therein whose
eyes have been anointed by the Holy
Spirit with power from on high: by
that Spirit Who is tlie light beneath
IGod's garment. Only he who hears
!,bid's heart beat, who beholds Ood
with the eye of faith, sees that Son
of Cod, Who hath said of Himself: "I
am Ihe light of the world. Ile that
followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of  life."
thai   he   Was   n   Free   Mason. I
contends  that   many  people     were1
but j iei to believe he was a Free Mason,
notwithstanding thai  he    never    had
any direct or Indirect connection with
Claimant further contends that thej
commission of Investigation  bad    no
light tO inipilre into the business of
people, not employed by the city, that
defendant was aware of thV. and
thai bis questions were of such a nature :.s In hurt plaintiff in his honor
and re, .nation.
1-665���Columbia  Strce!-.6{j
New Westminster, I.. C,
Who Said Xmas?
It is time to start on your Xmas  work.     We  have
-^ ��� ~
just received a Splendid Assortment of Novelties for
making up.    All in the Newest Designs.
The White House 617 Columbia Street
Mineral Waters
Aerated WaterJ
Manufactured  by
Telephone R  113. Office:  Princess
PRICE $1.50
\ Ry all's Drug Store j
i ***** *****/:
Men's Strong Tweed Suit, good weight, well lined
throughout with a good quality satin cloth,
sizes 36-44.   Saturday $8.50
Men's Oil Skin Suit, coat and pants. A real wet
excluder, wind break front, overshoe catch
fastener.   Saturday $2.75.
Men's Wool Sox, grey with white heal and toes,
fairly heavy.   Saturday 5 Pair for $1.00
Men's Underwear. Heavy ribbed shirts and
drawers. This lot is several odd lines which
were $1.00, $1.25, and $150. We have all
sizes, 36-44.   Saturday 75c Each.
20th. Century Clothes
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong banking organization.
Interest is  paid  on   Savings j
Balances half-yearly,
^'uiness   Accounts    opened |
on favorable   terms.
Z ASSETSi:$48,OOO.000
615 Columbia Street
B. C.
White Star-Dominioil
Canadian Service
Dominion   Oct
Laurentic    Oct. 21
(New, triple acrew, 14,8!'J tons.)
Canada  Nov.il
Mefantle Nov. "I
Dominion Nov. H|
I Christ mas Satlin. s,)
Laurentic   Dec-
Canada    Dec. II
The Laurentic and Megantic "n\
uew White star Bteomers���th elarflSl
and most modern from Canadlll
For rates, berth  reservations, f;
apply to
ED. GOULET, Agent C. P. R-
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. ����� I
T. H. LARKE, N. P. C. P. A..
���Uli Second Avenue, Seattle, \<*-
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens  Lay.
ItmJt* HI **************
L   .��t _.  I. '    ������   -Vl
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agents for 20th Century Clothing and Christie
and Stetson Hats
Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C
Central Meat Markcl|
Corner  Eighth  St. and  Fifth Ave"*'
PHONE 370.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow   Pres*
Mrs. E. M. Domlny, Pro.
near The Dally News Co., 609 Vic'0
Try a "WANT,, ad
It jrliJ krisc renults.
."t SAT 11
flDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1910.
pack THnfr
U of Montreal
throughout    Canada    and
H rym'k. Chicago and Spokane,
'" [Mexico City.    A  general
anbuBlneBi transacted. Let-
In i ... |8BUBrt, available with
I        .   J ,   ���,    all    parts of    tbe
I ,��� ���u Dapartment���Deposits
I of *1   "��fl i,"warc1'
| v :       I 8 Per cn... pei
,-   n   BRYMNEE, Manage:.
ransfer Co.
������������ lots  10, 11,  12,  13, 14, 15, IG,  17
ant!  Lf   blocl   ��� :  n| sect lon 3,      . i   :
North range '.   wesl  In     ��� |C1 ol
New Westmlnstei
WHEREAS proof ol the loss
tiflcate of title Dumfcmi   33T9F   Isi tie,
ir, the name ol Si 'i I   \ r bit   . .    beet
filed In thli  office,
NOTIC1      -   I I i.'b.irv   OlVKN thai
i. all, at the expiration of one month
���   ol the firs; publlcatloi
hereof, In a. daily newspaper pub
a thi      y ol Xc�� Westmlnst,
sue a dup    i  ���    - the bi ... certiflci  ���
unlei i   In th,   i eantime  valid  ol ie
tlon be mi ne In v. rlting.
c   S   KEITH.
Dlsti ���     Regit trai  ol '' Itles,
Lan iffiei   New Wei I
ster. 1 September 27. lfllO.
lore   P**mt
1S6.     Barn Tfeona 18"
Cotumbls  Street
|plgrr,rp   delivered   promptly   ;��
,, |   pari of *���**>* a********
ight and Heavy Hauling
[Gardiner & Gardiner
(F, G. Gardiner)
!   -   (   Westminster Trust Building
' New Westminster, B. C.
"To The
General Public'9
1  !     -   '  ���   best  potal h ������' n In
B. C. al     ���   . ���     ates per sacl
He* I anywhere    In    the
city  lit    -    :   ��� ��� ������    kYesli   i ster free
��� lon buaranteed,    Glie ji tu
��� ���        I g,    deliv ei!  ���.      i    ...
Don'l forget the address
The  Potato  Merchant and  Auctioneer.
527   Front  St..  New  Westminster.
Phone 550.
' lhanges for this column musl    be
lefl i'i   ot telephoned to, this office by
Fridays.    The omission ol
r itice  frott  this column
thai no copy has be, I
In by the pi bet  n i ponsible
Sunday. October 16.
���      ' ITY Rev,     i",.     C
: b ation ol  Ho s
1           Matins,
1 '' lelebri tion at    ll
E      ' ,-.:      '   *.i'      ;��� ..
on at 7  p.m.
Sl    PAI L'S . .ii.,.   EPISCO
PAL    ��� ow, a, re, t,   . Sei
7;     p.m.;    Sun-
o p.m.; pre , ���  n eel
. ti al the 1
If You Want to be Sure of Quality
A Former Montreakr De-
cribes Destruction \Miich
is Wrought in South.
I": "f
Residence  Phone   133
���_��� HOSPITAL
. er   P.Wate   Hospital.
Townsend   tTt     Maternity
r. or.-conta.ious      medical
.   eepted.      Terms   from
$������. weeklj    Pot further particulars   apply   to   Hospital.   Tele-
;.   DC   755.
No coarsest in WINDSOR
TABLE SALT.    Fine and pure
as ao��4y-fallen now���so  ndi  in
dekaoui uvout. ooce uted. always
ateret des,
,hu  ie n plague ol lo ���
���  co,i in a lett,    ������     tt    by w. <". i
lonl ea e   a, w re :
'. i ��� Ico,   tn  :i lendi    In   th,
"Let I   " i ek   I   vi nl   through ;i  new
e> 11    e,   a    l had often read ah, ri e
ph     i   nt locnsl    In the Bible,    I can
nov  : ; eak ni ,!.,  dlsl ress and damage
ii   .   isi   | :,' i   caused   < ��� en  In   ���
early days.
"There- ha I  been  i union  foi   s,
enue   and'time that locusts hud appeared about
: ������ Thanksgiving  ftftj  miles rrom here, but we paid no
���   :   ��� ic, anthem     W<   attention   to   It.     But   oi e  day   v\ hlle
e Fi, Scattei "   Miss  riding on my way to Tumbala I
���-        ���' Sei nons  ap   through a small cloud ol  them, onlj
Th,  cl irch  tw, nt;   n lies from fl j place,   Sl
will b,   decorat, th, ughl   thej    would    nol    con <���   ai
QUEEN'S A VENUE METHODIST���   leasl   "���'   hoped  ' '"'   when    vv''
Brown ; ,  -   "': :"'    expected    them,   withoul    any
������"    at    11 ;. :..  and   i i ..     Sunday v'a ' "���'���   ;:""   came  l;   clouds      T,'��
at 1 ���'     .,     ��� ,: eet   :'"   was ''"" of them a'"1 "  : :'
���i,.,. One-Talei l Mai      t ienlng ' " \ becatl '    'i:""'   ,lilik   tor   '���":,''    ,j
!:.. mted Heart." There was gr,                            among
the  Indians  nnd   Mexicans,   as  wher
ST.   ANDREWS   PRESBYTERIAN evei the locust alighted they jus, ate
���Rev. J, s. Henderson   pastor.   Ser- ,   ,        [ng green thej  touched
vic*�� '������  *'���������   ; ���������     30 p.m.   Sabbath ������] gent about twenty-flve of my men
school ,,nd Bible class   al    ;: 30 p.m. who are neartj   all Indians, with tin
Morning subject,    The strongest  Mo. pans, sti.i.:s an<j slonr.s t0 ,���n aroun(j
tive and the Highest Standard"; even. and make all the nolte they could to
in. .   "The Man and the Work.'' Special keep tlie locusts flying so as to save
sermons  to men. the  corn  in  the  fields,  and.  1   assure
KNOX    PRESBYTERIAN���Rev.  E >'on- ������ keP* ,liem b,1*> for eight to ten
O.   Thompson.  MA.,    pastor.     Public hours.    Some of the branches of the
I worship:      Mot nine   service.   11   a.m.; irpos    Whefe    they    alighted    simply
evening,   7:30  p.m.;   Hible  class  and bro'^ ��ff ��l��Ort from sheer weight So
Sabbath school. 2:30 p.m , Y. P. S. C. >"ou can form some lde�� of t,le n,lni-
K. Monday at S p.m.; prayer meeting. ber tll<?,'e was
Gold Waters tor Dadk-s from I127.
[Silver Watches,    gents'    open  face
[Silver WatcHes,  gents'  open    esse.
r.so up.
Agent    tor    Waltham   snd     Kigtn
j v il h repairing a specialty.
kwo Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
..'���,  to 26  H. P.
2 and  4  Cycle.
Local  Agenta
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Ter.th   St.,   New   Westminster
And   Upriver   Landingi
The  New  Sternwhee'er
Leases Brnckman-Ker Milling Company's wharf. N'ew West Minster, with
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves  N'ew  Westminster  Tuesday
[Thursday and Saturday nt 8 n. ni.
Leavea ,'biliiwack Wednrsdiiy. Fil
Ha; ami Sunday at 7 a. m.
���First Class Passenger Accommod
New   Westminster.
Port Mann
Ten acres in section 21, range
2, at $1000: one-quarter cash
Twenty acres in secion 20,
ranjze 2, at $1000; one-quarter
For subdivision, these are
City Property
Kits:   class     lots     on   Seventh
avenue, single or double,   well
situated, 66x132.    Tin.- is a good
Good building lots on Eighth
avenue, neai Second sine. Enquire abo it this; there la mon,)
to lie made.
We l.ave a numbei  of choice
houses  for sale  freni  |1600,  for
|25o cash, balance easj. to $i.
National finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
ation  li
I  ��H      ***���
The    Pacific    Coast    Eire    In
su ranee Co.
The     Prudential     Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Co.
All   Kinds  of   Automobile
rs Promtpty Executed.
I    Sixth  Bt   Mew
iter B C, Phone -"'i-
JOHN  DOBSON,  Manager.
Estimates   Given   in   Any   Kind
of  Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone   388
"Prince Rupert"  an4  "Prince George"
���ires:-swiftest.     3600'tons.    320 Get longv lfHi knots.
Vancouver   (Johnston.Wharf 1 for prince rupert lls30 p.
;:'   Vfonday  and   Friday,    dose connections ai Prlnoa Ruperl b) ��.
"pFllNCE   ALBERT"   to   S:ew:,rt    on   arrival   of   S.   S.   "PRINCE
"PRINCE   ALBEffT" also   leaves   Prince   Rupert   ror   MTsBMl  :10:00 p.
m-Monday an* for Queen Charlotte,   Clt.   and   lelWd   Ports   10.1
"  ��i Thursdey,
VICTORIA and SEATTLE 2:00 D.  m. Wednesday and Saturday.
,., Solid wide vestibule trains of  coaches  and   sleeping  oars ^w��?"
'Bo.   Detroit,   London,   Hamilton,   Nlafj��M   Falls,   New   ^orK, W
����o,  Montreal.  Portland.   Boston, etc.    Longest   doonle track  laiiway
"��dw one  management  on   the American  continent.
,    p��r rates   time tali'ea. bookletn and full HtformaUoHi paBBeflget or
,:   i:   apply to
H- G. SMITH *���*. v- DRUCE,
CommerolBl Apent
T     hy PaBBSltew and Ticked Apent. v ""T��i-Bhnne 3060.
T��'enbone 710C      527 Granville Steer, Vancouver.       Telephene JW��.
Wednesday, 8 p.tn Morning subject,
"Tie Light of the World"; evening.
"A Call for Tatlence.''
"The plapue had now covered ten
sq,iare miles or more, and everywhere
it has- done a great deal of damage.
"Some   of   tbe   Indians    who    were
away   from   home   have   lost   ail   the
er, pastor.  Services 11  a in   and  7:30  corn which, to them, is the staff    of
p in.    Sunday    school   at    2:30 p.m,  life
Midweek prayer meeting on Welnes-     "The day before yesterday, 1   rode
da., at elghl o'clock.    Morning subject,   through a place called Punctlon  aboul I
"Pra>or": evening,   "God's    Warning twenty-two   miles  from   here,   where]
the locusts bad laid their eggs, and
already the grass was alhc with the
'alatton' or young locusts, too small
to fly, but not by any means too
young to eat and do damage
"The authorities bave called on,he
people In some districts to turn oul
and fight the plague. 1 sincerely hope
we have seen the 'ast of them on this
Medicinal and Toilet Preparation
O R U - CO.
Ycu can't judge the quality cf complexion cream, of talcum
powder, of headache wafers, of indigestion tablt' laxatives,
in the drug .store.    You must either take chances on their quality
���or buy by the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.
You certainly take no chances
when you buy any toilet arlic'e or medicinal preparation which bears the name
NA-DRU-CO and this trade mark.
As soon as you see "NA-BRU-
CO" you can be absolutely certain
that the article is the very best.
The National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada,
Limited, has spent thousands of dollars in perfecting this line of
over 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations.
The formula; are the best known to medical science.
The purity and strength of the ingredients are assured by
rigid tests.
The compounding is done by expert chemists, who are
thoroughly qualified for a work sc vital to your health.
Knowing that everything has been done to make them right,
we guarantee, positively and unreservedly, each and every
NA-DRU-CO preparation, lf you find anyone unsatisfactory we
want you to return it to the druggist from whom you bought it
s��nd he will refund your money.
Ask your physician or druggist all about the NA-DRU-CO
line. They are men of standing in your community, worthy of
your confidence, and in position to tell you, for we will furnish to
any member of either profession, on request, a full list of the
ingredients in any NA-DRU-CO preparation.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tableta    Na-Dru-Co   Laxatives
Curesourstomach -heartbv.rn   flatulence Act without any discomfort,
���indigestion���chronic dyspepsia. Increased doses not needed.
Vm, e to li'u enltent Sinnei s."
���Kev. T. Wardlaw Taylor, M A.. Ph.
D., pastor. Services at It a.m. aiul
p.m. Morning subject. "A Christian's IJuty"; evening, "Tbo Two
Ways "
U.  D,   Braden,  paste,.    Services    at
;U a.m. and ." 30 p.tn. Sunday Bchool al
JO p.m. EpWOtth League on Monday
;i,  8 p in.
iie\   V. 8 Okt II. B. A., pastoi   Bei \i< es
al  11  b n,     and    7    p tn     Class ineet-
Bl    Hi   a ,n.     Sunday     School     at
.��� so b   m.  Bpworth league,  Monday,
,, B p n, Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p.m. Mornins subject. Mow
to Qrow"; evening, Tbe Message of
Vmos."    Special   children's    services
nd  Sunday s thoOl  rail)
mis noiiw KtiiA.v l.rrnKHAN
���Benjamin Band, pastor. Service at
Trinity church at  ll tutu.
CHURCH���Corner Ml.lttl, street and
Third avenue, ;t,itnaby. Kev. Frederick I. Carpenter, pastor. Public Worship, 11 a. tn. and T::l��� p
school, 2:80 p. th. Prayer meeting,
Tuesday. 7:80 p. ta.; ebolr practice.
Thursday, 7 30 p. m.
Twelftb street. Kev. .lames Held,
It. A .   pastor
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
Stop a headache In 30 minutes.
Contain no harmful drup.
Na-Dru-Co Talcum Powder
3 kinds���Violet--Rose    Flesh Color.
Gems of refreshment and refinement.
Na-Dru-Co Complexion Cream
Prevents tan and sunburn���
removes wrinkles.
Na-Dru-Co Baby Tablets
Relieve Baby's Ills.    Especially
valuable during teething.
Na-Dru-Co Tooth Paste
CWr.ses throughout���prevents decay
���makes the teeth beautifully white.
Na-Dru-Co Shaving Stick
The Stick In the Glass Case.
Na-Dru-Co Sugar of Milk
Pure and absolutely reliable.
National Drug ��nd Chemical Company of Canada, Limited
Wholetale Brmihes at:
HidifaT���St.Jobn ��� Montr, st    Ottawa���Kinitton��� Toronto��� Hamilton���
Loodon-Winnipeg���Reeina -Calg-arr��� Nelson -Vancouver    Victoria.
Burden    Continues    Steadily    to    Advance   Despite  Official   Cries  of
Tokio. Oct. It.���Hy the contemptuous term "official frogs" the Nippon,
one "I die stron.et t of independent
newspapers, does .not scruple to con-
mite those bankers and other public
. ��� , men who. in mellifluous tones, are
never tired of Insisting upon the gratifying condition of Japan.
It will he remember that toward
the en! of Inst year the fiitaticl.'tl depression it,ceased to such an extent
and reached so serious a point that
Public   worship   af   11   M.r_Ul$ Katsura had to seek the ad-
l, and l:n0 p. m.    Sunday school   vi(.e   0(   the   socalle.l    "Rei   society,"
at 2:30 p. rn. au association of the leadinp bankers
FREE METHODIST OHAPBU- and business men In Tokio. in regard
Kiel,,!, street, between Third and to the measures to be taken to effect
Fourth avenues. Rev. ('. P. McKinley. Improvement.
p��s!or.    Sunday  school.  Id a.m.;  ser
vke 11 a.m.:  (lass meeting,  12 a.m..
prayer  service.   7   p.m.;   sermon
p.m.;      mid-week      prayer
Thursday 8 p.m.
This   coterie   of   genteel    business
men,   bcwevfcr,  declared   that    there
was nothing in the financial situation
whieh   warranted   its   being    regarded
with  pessimistic eyes,  and  they  sang
a   paean  in  praise of  the  policy    pur-
WfcSTSlDE PRRSnYTKFtlAN���Rev.  gne(J by rhe    Rfttsura    cabinet.      Rut
11    ceor. e   C,  fid. eon.   of Westmln-  tl|(,,r  n.onr|,..  pays  the  above  organ.
.ier   Hall,   will   preach   morning   and   wpi.p   oa-0fully   closed   regarding   the
lng. radieal increase in the burden of tax-
i-(ii I fvrWOOO       MK.TIiOniST���   a,ion. which lies at the bottom o' the
Services at H M.m. and 7::<0 p.m. S*n;  misfortunes of Japan since the Russo-
Westminster Opera House
Hector McCaig-, Manager.
TUESDAY,   OCT.   !8th
CHURCH OF CHRIST 305 Durban Madison Wright, preacher, Sunday   Bervlces,   n   a.m.   and     ,   p.m.
Week day service, every day at 8 p.m.
;  ill ,1 street-   Andrew dries e,    pas
tor ' Morning service n a.m..-Sunday
school   and   Bible  class  12  to  1   \t.m.:
people's meet-
to gratify the ministers
In tbe face of this Battering Insistence the facl remains, the Nippon de
dares, that  the government  Isdue of
I per cent conversion bonds was virtually a failure. The conditions of the
issue aro so disadvantageous that it
is impossible for the government to
make them known without strong popular disapproval. Yet the government
professes to he proud Of the success
of this undertaking, and publicists
sing in chorus the marked financial
success of the cabinet.
Mort H. Singer
Presents For The First Time in  New   Westminster
Jos. E. Howard
Ftmous Author. C< m oser and Singer
In America's Crsatest Musical   Comedy
evening service , p.m
lng Thursday 8 p.m.
flOSPEL IIAU,~-Corner of Sixth
BVaaue and N'int'u street. Kv.ngelist
j   J. House will preach at 7  p.m.
D1ST   MISSION-  Kev.  Henry   Wilson, |S   tC��PT
poster.    Sunday  school  at     to  a.m.!
Church set vice at  11  a.m.
1   1
Montre-,1   Boird   of  Control    Has    Decided on Their Removal
Tokio.Oct. 14.���It is detrimental to
the ptihlit: interest to permit tlte Japanese* people to understand the eost
of wav.
This at least. Is the opinion of Japanese officialdom, as voiced in the explanation .iven as the icason for BUS-
���,,,.,!    Oct    14���The   hoard   of j pending a recent Issue of one of Ja-
.,',' ���   hns   decided   that   the   huge i pan's foremost economic magazines,
i   trie signs   which surmount  mnny |    A well known writer upon economic
nf  the  large' buildings   must   he   re-! subjects hadthe temerity to publish
".ovei   and  at  a  meeting this after- statistics    demonstrating    the   heavy
With a Record Run of Over One
Yesr Rt the Princess Theatre,
As Presented at the Moore
Theatre, Seattle; Vancouver
Opera House, Vancouver. Sane
.���,������ the hoard passed a resolution
instructing the legislation committee
to draft a hylaw making such signs
Illegal This action was dei'lded upon In view of a number of tbe signs
having heen blown down during the
recent big storms and their removal
has boon ordered because they are regarded as a menance to public safety.
burden placed upon the Japanese people by the Chlno- Japanese and Itusso-
Japanese contllcts. This, In the eyes
of Japan's domlnunt military party,
was heresy���If not traitorous. Exercising its practically unlimited power
of censorship, the Buieau of Police
promptly confiscated and destroyed
all copies of the magazine.
Supported by an All-Star Cast and the original Princess Theatre Dancers and Show Girls.
50-Of the Most Beautiful Chorus Girls On the Road-50
PRICES :    Orchestra, $1.50; balance lower floor,
$1.00; balcony. $1.00 and 75c; gallery, 90c.
Seats on Sale at McKenzie's Pharmacy, 8at, Oct. 15 m
,     ���
��� ���
��� t
The Daily Newsf
* i ^aansBScsEsaisautESBia
Published by The Dally News Publish-
Ing Company, Limited, at iheir offices,
Corner  of   McKenzie   and    Victoria
t. A. Paige Managing  Director
We Furnish Your
Home   Complete
/yyy/ rred I
STORE  HOURS:   8 A.M. to 6 P.M.; SATURDAY 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Few arc likely to object to the derision of the license commissioners
that the hotels of this city musl be
cleansed and Improved in Buch a way
as to bring thctiv up to flrst class character. The reputation of a city is likely to be seriously prejudiced If its
hotel accommodation Is not upon a
scale to accommodate the probable
number of visitors and not of a character to afford comfort to patrons, It
is therefore of prime necessity that
the hotels o. this city should be cleanly and well ordered. If some of the
allegations made at Thursday night's
meeting of the commissioners are accurate, then there is evidently very
serious need for reform.
But we consider it is due to the
citizens to have more and better particulars of the places that are alleged
to be not lit for use by visitors, or
that are being run as "rooming houses
with saloons attached." It is up to the
commissioners to give substance to
these allegations by informing the
public which are the licensed houses
in the city that are thus being carried
on contrary to the spirit and wording
of the statutes.
Hector McCaig, Manager
One Big Laughing Hit
Another  Big   Schubert   Attraction
5&ft.5.&iid U*l ShubcA Inc.
Present* ,tKe
Sensation of the Season
L?cal Mao Enjoyed
Fine Trip Abroad
(Continued from Page One.)
periences while abroad and both Mr.
and Mrs. Kennedy spoke in the highest terms of the wonderful music. Including the orchestra and all the
singers, over 450 performers took part
in the concert.
Fish Everywhere.
From York Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy
went to Scotland, visiting Edinburgh,
Perth and other cities. At Aberdeen
Mr. Kennedy said that he saw more
fish than he ever did in his life before.
He thought befoie lie came there that
there could be seen more flsh In Xew
Westminster than in any other place,
but there the flocks were covered with
all kinds of deep sea flsh, the catch
of two or three hundred steam trawlers. Kvery morning these flsh are
auctioned off to the dealers and the
businesslike way in which this was
done was one of the most Interesting
things that the tourists witnessed.
Saw Ancestral Home.
From Glasgow Mr. Kennedy drove
out into the country to see his father's
birthplace. There he saw his great
grandfather's grave, the headstone
still bearing a plain inscription telling
the name and aie of the sleeper beneath.
In Ayr Mr. Kennedy heard many
stories and saw many relics of the
old Kennedy clan. "Some of the things
I heard did not make me particularly
proud of my ancestry," remarked Mr.
Kennedy. At Cassillis castle, the old
stronghold of the clan, they saw a
tree which tradition said to be six
centuries old. It waa called the Dule
tree anl on it evil doers of old used
to be hanged in plain sight from the
castle  windows.
Through that section of the country, which was tlie home of Robert
Burns, they saw many places of historic interest to admirers of tlie great
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy left Glasgow
aboul two weeks ago and had a pleasant trip home.
The Billiken Play of the Year.
A Notable Cast of 30, including
Grace Merritt
Prices, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Seat Sale at McKenzie Pharmacy
NOTE.���There is nothing wrong with "The Blue Mouse."
| REPORT     j
No Record in Chicaqo.
Chicago, Oct. 1 I.���The Chicago
police today declared that they have
not been advised by the San Francisco
nr Los Angeles authoiities that "J. li.
Bryce" and "F. A. Berry" are want, d
in connection with the Tiroes lyna-
mitlng outrage. Tlie names tire not
included in the local recor.ls ancl
Chief of Detectives O'Brien asserted
that no descriptions of suspects had
been received here
In spite of tlie wet weather yesterday tlie weekly market was fairly well
attended and there was some good
business done. The supplies in most
lines were short and nearly all varieties of pro luce were sold out early
in the day.
A feature of the market was the
auction sale of cattle which was held
in tlie morning. There were many
flne cattle; some of them brought
here from the east for exhibition purposes, sold to farmers in the district
and they all brought good'prices. It
was not generally known that the sale
was to be held or there would prob'
ably have been a better attendance,
for the cattle disposed of were really
first class stock.
The fluctuations in the price of eggs
was another noteworthy feature of
the market. Tliey opened at two cents
above the quotations for last week,
but the demand even at that seemed
to be greater than the supply and at
the close they soli wholesale at 50
cents a dozen, an advance of five
cents over the prices lart week. The
retail price went up in proportion to
the other.
Of beef there was the poorest supply that has been seen In the market
for some time and it did not last long
in spite of the wet morning. Lamb
and mutton were there In fair quantities and there was a good demand for
them. Veal and pork were well represented, but it all sold out during the
course of the day.
There was a good demand for till
classes of poultry and the supply was
almost equal.
There was a large supply of apples. The demand for apples seems
to lie Improving as the season advances and better apples are being
broughl in. and yesterday it was difficult to tind a good box on account of
the keen competition which began almost  as     ion as the market opened.
Theie     was     a     line     display     of
v,   i',ib!es and cut  flowers.
Official Quotations.
Beef, i IndquarterB, per Ib, sy2 to 9_Jc
Beet, forequarters, per lb 7 to 8c
London. Oct. 14.���In a book just
published in Dublin, tlie story is told
of a Fenian plot to abduct. King Kd-
ward  when he was Prince of Wales.
The author is .John Denvir. who
was one of the leading members of
the Fenian brotherhood in England.
Among Denvir's associates was Capt.
John McCafferty, one of the Irish-
American officers w. o had crossed
the Atlantic to take part in a projected rebellion. To Denvir he outlined
his amazing scheme.
It was no less, the author writes,
than the abduction of the then Prince
of Wales, afterward King Kdward
VII., and holding him as a hostage for
the purpose of the Fenian organization. Tlie plan was to take him to
sea in a sailing vessel and keep hlm
there until the Fenian prisoners, still
at that time unreleased, were set at
The prince was to he treated with
the utmost consideration. The affair was not without Its humorous
side. McCafferty had a-memorandum
to spare no pains to find what were
the favorite amusements of the prince,
so that he might have a thoroughly
good time on board.
The project never got further than
the idea. Mc Cafferty soon afterward
returned to America, where he die 1.
Corduroy Velvets
Are Popular
Practically the one fabric considered in Paris this season Is velvet,
Which means velveteen, corduroy and
lone silk velvet. We have prepared
for this prevailing fashion by securing a wide and varied collection ol
stylish colorings for piesent wear,
suitable for dresses, coats and suits
in corduroy, plain velveteen and self-
striped velveteen. Exceptional quail-
tles   tit   60c,   65c,   75c    and    $1    yard.
Knitted Golf
The garment that has become almost a necessity to the woman about
town���so comfortable, so neat, and
so attractive; these goods always
meet with ready sale. A splendid
range of colors now in stock. Choose
before the selection is depleted. Various   lengths,    from    $2.50    to    $12.50.
Imported Broadcloths
In delicate shades for Opera Coats,
Tea Gowns, and Evening Wear, also
in the darker staple shades. Broadcloth has a charm for the well-dressed
that is scarcely ever found with other
materials. We are showing a wider
range in this cloth than the store has
ever handled in the past. Dainty
shades in Blue. Rose, Grey and Wisteria.    Etra value at $1.75 a yeard.
Our Tailored Suits
and Coats
W'e ate greatly encouraged by the
extensive business, and favorable comments that have been passed on our
Ready-to-Wear Suits. This confirms
the   belief we already held, thai we had
this year surpassed our best previous
efforts in this direction. The cut. exquisite workmanship, new and distinctive wea'. es and colorings, and
above al! tl.e creative ideas here produced mark our showing as one of
Hie most up-to-date '>n the coast. Call
and look ihem mer.
Evening Dress"
Voiles In stiiped effects are highly
favored for evening and afternoon
wear. Sill; Foulards are also in demand in the softer, undecided tones,
with small contrasting nr white figure,
Pink, Champagne, Grey, Rose, Pale
Hlue. Qreen, Lavender, Cream and
Bhades of Tan, make a very desirable
showing in this section.. From 90c to
$1.75 a yard.
The New Silks
This season finds Messaline and
soft finished silks greatly to the fore,
taking tbe position that Taffetta has
held so bum. Plain shades in exceedingly rich tones, and a charming selection of two-tone stripes and checks
await the Inspection of all who arc Interested. Priced reasonably, ton, Mes-
salines from $1 a yard; Pailette and
Merve from 75c a yard.
If you need an Evening Gown,  Suit or  Dress, get an  estimate from our Dressmaker.
All rubbish and garbage must be
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where it wlll
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
wlll be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Bylaw.
By Order, S. J. PEARCE.
Sanitary Inspector
City Hall, Jnne 13. 1910,
Lamb, per lb Hc
Mutton, per Ib 13c
Veal, large, per Ib 8 to S'/^c
Veal, medium, per lb 12c
Pork, prime, per Ib 13c
Kggs, wholesale, per doz 47 to 60c
lOggs, retail, per doz B5c
Hatter, wholesale, per 11, 36c I
Mutter, retail, | er II, 40c I
Fowl,  per doz.,  live    $'.,  to $11 j
Chickens, per do/... live .....,; to $x.r>u
Broilers, per doz $6 to $6
Ducks.   | er  doz  1LI
Potatoes, new. per tun    $20
Cabbage, i er sack   $1
Onions,  per sack    $1.50
Turnips,  per  sack    75c
Carrots, per sack Vac
Heels, per sack    Sl
Pears, wholesale, per box   $1.00
Pears, wholesale, per box Toe to $1.26
A Trip
To Europe ?
If so, you will want, the very hest
that can be offered for your money,
and It does not matter what class of
cabin is desired.
will fill your wants. First, Second and
Third Cabin accommodation Is unexcelled whilst the Dining Service leaves
nothing lo be desired.
The Next Sailings are
Royal George  Sept. 29
Royal Edward  Oct. 13
Royal  George    Oct. 27
Royal   Edward    Nov.  10
B .Goulet, agent C. P. It., will book
your passage via these steamers, or
write Win. Stapleton, general agent.
Scott block, Winnipeg, Man.
********************** **************** I
Westminster Woodworking Co.
^^^^^^^^^       J. BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner Eleventh and Carline. I
**************************** ************************** \
* Probably that watch of yours Is not giving vou proper satisfaction  .
��� You have had It In the repaii shop. but. while it is running will not
X     run accurately.    The reason for dissatisfaction   is  thai   the  nam  �����'���'
* did the repairs Is either incapable or doing good work or is nol > "'
Bclentloua In bis work, or, in all probability, he is gifted with both ol
the faults mentioned.
We have bees fortunate in securing   the   services   of  a   first  d*M
watch nan wh,. has taken charge ol  our  watch   repair  work.    A man
��� who will tell you the truth  in regard  to the condition of vour watcll,
J    and will repair it properly, and, as a consequence, it will'  nol   only
run, but keep accurate time.
Agents for  Howard,  Bill  nnd  Longine Watches.
Good lot, 13th street on the hill, all
cleared and in fruit, trees, ready to
build��� 1600.00; One-third cash and
the balance to arrange.
House and Lot on 13th street in rear
of Orphanage, high and dry, a bargain only $1400���$700 cash and balance on easy terms.
New 5 room house with all nodern
conveniences on Princess street,
near Queen's Park���$2550���one-
third caBh, balance can be arranged. 1153)
Larqe lot cleared and in fruit on 13th
street, with a comfortable new
house of 4 rooms, for $1(>00; only
$t)00 cash will give you posession
and the balance arranged to suit
you. (143)
Two first-class building lots, all cleared, one block from ear-line on
highest ground in the city, will sell
separately or together at $500 each,
easy payments. You will bave to
hurry (290)
White, Shiles & Co.
Fire Insurance Specialists
Choice   lot   with   new   cottage   partly
finished, on  the  best, street  In  the
West   Knd���$1500.     Terms   can   be
s   arranged.
Look up this snap In Sapperton���132
feet square all cleared and In fruit
trees; 2 dwelling houses rented at.
present. Price for this fine property only $3000���$1000 will secure
lt and the balance in easy pay-
mentB. (156)
We have some splendid building lots
in the West lOnd at $500 on very
f'asy terms. Watch the West End
for surprises.
Choice Residential Site Eighth street,
facing Moody Square, all cleared
and graded, ready to build on. a"
finer view point In the city. See ���*
for special price on this        (103)
The choicest residential corner in the
City, all ready to build on, In best
locality���$16G0���terms can be ****'
ranged. (*������
, with Start of 150 Pins Send Old
���vers to the Cleaners In  Proper
L the From Btreet  bowling
night  the Colts,   a    Unfit
I ,,��� wiiiihi'ul pin smaBhers, made
uial bowling team look like   a
[- 0| hoar frost at 12 o'clock
...    Sahara  desert.    The Old-
ers gave the Colts 150    pins    to
but   56  would   have    been
f0i   that   \��as  all  that   the
i ,,,:i(i gain "ii their handicap,
disjointed any    records.    176
,,. t>j i I'Connor, captain ol the
. mg the highest score ol the
,. lollowln.   are tin
1        2
1 10
3 Ttl.
newspaper men of the ell
a means ol getting a little practice
before thej tackle the bankeuj, have
arrani ��� i foi an indi\ Idual tournament, the garnets to be pulled ofl nol
lati ; than Thursday of nexl week. As
soon as can be arranged the game
Vi Ith the bankers will be played. The
following is the resull ol the draw
for tlie first round of the Individual
coin- j tournament
McKay vs. Best; Wade vb. Levy;
Sutherland v., Turner; Fiaser vs.
li i.-, expected thai some sudden
things will happen when the news
men   get   going  In   light   shape.     Some
ol them have never bowled before,
bul that is a secret. They all can
bOWl and some of I hem can swear.
There will be a meeting of the
Westminster Bowling club tonlghl al
the close of the bowling for the purpose ni  electing  officers and    other
Boston Promoters Have Vivid Dream of $100,000,000,-
000 Corporation.
Handicap   150
Stei le
.     ette
1   --....11
Old Timers.
1 2
. .136
.. 168
. .143
:; Ttl.
156 -466
Rugby Game This Afternoon.
The flrsl rugby game of the season
will be played ai Queens park this
afternoon, when tbe Columbian college team will play the Vancouver
high Bchool an exhibition match. The
collegians have a number of new players on the line up for this year and
ex] I to show splendid form throughout the season, The players for today's game will be: W. Myers (captain i. Draney, Priest, McArthur, Ferguson, .Jewell, Stuart, Holmes. Hrown.
Whittaker, Armstrong, Morrison.
Fakeley, Hoult and Mowat. The . ame
is called  for 2:30 sharp.
The  Solimin   Lacrosse    trophy,   the
IN    HEIGHT   Was   It   Due   to   Luck   or    Some    Unknown Art?
these   days   of   record-breaking
new National   Lacrosse  Union   chain-  one realizes more and more the great-
[p  cup.   is   the   latest   Incentive   ness  of the late Captain   Webb's feat
��� isse   supremacy   and   destined   in swimming the channel.
l-ecome  as famous as  the   Minto I    Swimmer   after   swimmer,   In   at-
, |i  I- the gift "f Presldenl  Lol. tempting to break Webb's record, has
il    the    National     Lacrosse j failed   to  discover   Webb's  secret,    lt
:. and becomes a part of the col- cannol  have been purely a matter of
.   ion ol  the National  Lacrosse club|physique;   there   are   men   who    are
in Montreal until next year.
B ail   It stands six feet  high,    a
��� . art     It  stands six feet high, a
eful   howl   mounted   upon   a   trl-
��� column and the whole surmount-
.:.. a mahonany pedestal of decidedly
.   eptlonal design.   The cup is a Ca-
i . ;.in    product    throughout     The
a ;s made af an exquisite block
ol   myx beautifully mottled and dell-
i ��� veined. The corners are mounted with silver In conventions which
.  tllze   entirely    wilh    Ihe     Cana-
aspect  followed out  by the three
:    :. <���   Aborigines   mounted    on    the
:  -���   ledge   with   the    heavers,   maple
��� tth  ami   Dominion   coat   of   artns
a\ them.
The name of the cup.  "Solman  La-
e   Trophy,"   in    blue   enamel,   to-
er with the bronzes of ihe Indian
es, Flour de Lis and portrait of
thi donor against the varied coloring
the marble and the mahogany of
more   powerful    swimmers    than    he
was.    His success lay In the fact that
he was well served hy the tides. What
we do not know is whether this was
tbe result   . f peculiar  knowledge and
calculated deduction, or the result of
a stroke of wonderful  good  luck. The
circumstances. loo. of the swim give
one   to   think    Webb's   preparations
were  of   the  simplest  sort   compared
with   the  elaborate  and  almost  luxti-1
rious   conditions   in   which   the   Channel SWlm Of today  is approached. What
it   come>   to   is   that    ('apt.   Matthew
; Webb    has   established    not     only    a
unique record, but one that is "sport-
' In. " in the very hest sense, and it was
fitting   that   the   memorial   bust   erect-
led   at   Dover   to   his   memory   should
| have  been  unveiled  at  a  recent  cere-
i mony  hy   Lord  Desborough,  himself a
daring swimmer,  who ls of the  Webb
i traditions.     The   memorial   has   been
I received into the keeping of Dover by
Such puny organizations as the
L'nited States Steel Corporation) with
'i - capitalization nt $1,000,000,000,; the
Pennsylvania railroad, the largest
transportation company in ihe wdrld,
and Hie ubiquitous Standard Oil trust
will he completely snuffed out by the
World corporation, provided tlie objects of ihe modest promoters be carried out.
This new corporation, which is still
very much in embryo, means lo take
Over, as the name suggests, the business nl  ih,   entire world.
It  is already talking of    absorbing
"upwards   nf   $100,000,000,000'   of   "ap-
Iproved listed dividend paying securities in  all civilized countryies."
In such an organization .1. P. Mor-
jgan would probably count himself fortunate if lie could attain the rank of
senior office boy, while others of our
known financiers would probably
prove ion small in gain access to tbe
| payroll.
li is eminently fining that tbe
home of the new enterprise is Tbe
Hull nf the Universe, Boston, ()i>
vlously, Uie very centre of the globe
j is the logical spot from which to control the affairs of mankind.
Where Do Kings Come In ?
Nothing mean wil] taint tbe management of ihe World corporation���it
will have a soul above that.
Everybody is to be presented with
shares, apparently free of charge, an
arrangement worthy of the millennium tlie advent of such a corporation
would herald. What wlll be done with
kings, emperors and otber rulers has
not yet been learned, tint obviously it
will be���would be, rather���within the
power of this corporation to make and
unmake sovereigns, to break up or
build up nations, to elect legislatures
and perform other duties now indifferently attended to by peoples not enjoying tbe advantages of centralization. The scheme is Hooseveltian in
its aims and ambitions.
A Few Objects.
Hut let the promoters speak for
" ,  a  Hoston    millionaire,  bas
incorporated and is president of a remarkable company, called the World
corporation, the object of which is to
I absorb and control all of the dividend-
paying securities of the entire world.
Including practically all water and
land  transportation  systems  and    the
Honolulu Pine
Yakima Peaches
Blue Plums
Also try our SWEET POTATOES and nice ripe
B.C. Mills
limber  and  Trading
Manufacturers and  Dealers ln  All  Kinds of
Royal City*Planing Mills] Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster
Box   137
Contractors and
House Builders
We nave a full   line   of   the
Builders  Hardware in this City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we Lcan   save   you
Also Complete   Stock   oi   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
the pedestal, gives the trophy a most ithe  Mayor of the  town,  which  is ac-
tlful and  vet  soft  and   dignified customed to the landing   af aviators
earance        " from Calais, but which has never seen
pon tbe base are mounted two la-a   successful   Channel   swimmer  other
.   figures, every  muscle true to than the late Captain Webb.���London
���nl upon tbe front of the columnJGlobe.
���    ���  the  lacrosse Insignia a. ain ap-
pears. The pedestal will .any the
es of the future winners on small
ei   shields.
��� lis trophy Is undoubtedly tbe fin-
'   t evei  presented in Canada for com-
;���   tlon and is to be awarded annual-1trangement  between
ihe winning team and Is not to Igre. atlon  has  come
me   the   premanent    property   of
II !   'Hie  elllh.
A guarantee bond of $2000 will be
required from tbe winning club.
The trustees of tbe cup are:   Will-
i' ran. Ottawa:   Alderman Tboin-
McConnell,     Montreal.     P.     W.
Tl orapson, Toronto.
Because  Congregation   Criticizes
Presence   at   Fighft.
Pittsburg,    Pa.,    Oct.    14.���An    es-
paator and con-
 ^^^^^     is tbe result  of
tbe Kev. I). A. Greene, of the Manchester Presbyterian church attending a prize boxing bout as the guest
of A. C. Oumbert, former sheriff.
The preacher was recognized as be
entered the hall, and took a seat within a few feet of the prize ring. On all
sides were gamblers, pugilists and
sports, yelling and creating an uproar.
Dr. Greene left the hall as quietly as
leading manufacturing industries.
"Probably the most remarkable
feature of tbe World corporation is
that as soon as practicable after the
company has gained possession of all
the world's industrial machinery, it is
the intention to redeem all of the company's stock at par and turn tbe assets of the company over to the peoples of the world as actual owners in
equal shares. The main eastern offices
of tbe company  are  at    street,
Tbe charter of tbe World corporation, filel in the office of 	
ritory of Arizona, Is
most remarkable ever
l'nited  States
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and .443
Sapperton  Phone 373
Weekday Schedule f
Care leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5:60, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return  Fare.   Adults.  60c;   children  under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every half bour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p.  m.
Sunday  Excursion  Hates:   Return fare, 50c;  children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvet
at 7:20 a. in.', 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 6:20.
City  Limits  Line���20-mlnute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sunday   Service���-20-1111111116  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Line���20-mlnute   service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute  service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
London,   Oct.   14.----"Old  Subscriber'
has plenty  to think over these days.
There is to be a jolt in the career of
the Loudon Gazette. England's oldest
newspaper,    which,    established    243
years ago. now is Hearing its   thirty
thousandth   number.    For  more  man
Tei- 130 years the Gazette has been print-
probably    tbe  ed   anl   published   n..    .tiessis.   liaiii-
granted In thejaon   ol   St.   Martin's    Lane,   but    the
granting  even greater government  recently put up the con
scope and powers than the famous
Thomas Lawson Hay State Gas company charter. It authorizes a company with capital stork limited only
by the number of dollars actually paid
Into its treasury for shares at $1
each i>ar value in (|iiautities from one
to one million shares; permits the
company to engage in  any    and    all
tract for public bids and tbe prize has
been taken by the firm of Wymau &
The papefr was sjtarted by tlie
court when it fled to Oxfoid to escape
tbe great plague in tbe reign of
Charles II. It then was called the
Oxfoid Gazette. On the return of the
court to London the name was chang
80 Acres Water Front Property, two and one half
miles east from PORT MANN. 2620 feet fronting
on Fraser River. A very choice tract at a genuine
snap.    Price and terms given on application to the
Movius Land and Loan Co.
Lidgerwood, North Dakota, U. S. A.
kinds of industrial enterprises In any e(i to that which the paper has borne
and all parts of tbe world: to own and ever since.
vote shares of other corporations or to | Copies of tbe paper are in posses-
purchase its own stock; to keep its s|0n of the Harrison family bearing
books and account secret  If desired; j Uie  name  of  the  great  great grand-
  | he  entered,   after    seeing    four    six-
Rovers Going to Westham Island This  round bouts.
Afternoon. |    A  few  .lays  later tl.e  story of  his
The  Hovers go to  Westham  Island i vis^t to the prizefight became known.
afternoon  to  play  their  second His congregaUon was astounded. Talk
���   match of the season. The play-  led to ...ore talk and   as a matt,the
ire requested to be at the Eighth pastor    presented    his    resignation.
il wharf at one o'clock sharp.   Spl which was accepted. 	
��� season the lloveis have won | "
U  e and lost one.    Tl.e one win Americans WW.
Ike. from Westham    Island    by       New  York.  Oct.   H-\lrtor>   perch-
lll  while the loss was suffered at   e 1   on   the  banners  ot  tne
tnds   of   the  Celtics   when   the I Americans
��� '    did  mu   have a  full team.
yet to he seen this season how
to incur an Indebtedness equal to two-
thirds of Its capital stock, and exempts its stockholders from responsibility for corporate debts."
���   Hovers are going to shape up in
e and today's game ought to
me good data to go o n
'ave Lelth will referee the game to-
^^^^^^^^^^ New  York
today   when   they    passed
the Nationals In the last two Innings
of a   well  played  contest  and  won  tho
second game of the post-season base
ball series, 5 to I.
Victoria Won-..in Wins.
Tacoma, Oct. 14.-Mlss Combe
Ho following team  will  represent I Victoria, today won the?$����
' Westminster:     Goal.   Sampher;   wesl  women a gol   ^mpionsnip
Lyons    and    Kirby:     halves. | defeating^ Eve, ett^ ��l�� .^
)mbe played  much  the better goll
won without trouble.
a'S,     Bruce,    Holland;      forwards
Taj lor, McAllister, Shawcross
reserve, Ferguson.
U.  S. TO
Authorities Charge Use of United
States   Mails to   Defraud.
Hoston, Oct. 14.���Federal authorities \isited the office of the Redeemable Investment company, at 86
Devonshire street, late yesterday, and
came away with Manager C, II.
Brooks, the books of the company and
sei eral i lousand dollais In cash,
taken under a wurranl char, ina the
company with the use of the mails In
a si heme to defraud.
Mr. Brooks, according to the federal officials, was arrested In Si.
Louis six years ago and ti led and
convicted In connection with the land
frauds of the Rlalto, and sentenced to
eighteen months in jail, but was pardoned by Presldenl Rooseveli on the
ground thai he had furnished Valuable
evidence for tlie govern mont in the
trial of Senator Bui ton,
Officers are today hum ing for Rev.
father of tl.e present manager. Thomas Harrison, the issues being dated as
far back as 1780. 'lhe paper prints
all the official announcements and advertisements under acts of parliament. It also especially announces
all state events.
^ears ago. before tbe war office anl
admiralty and other government bureaus gave out news direct to newspapers ab is done today, it held all
other news publications at its mercy,
for it printed exclusively all such reports. In these days It was the first
to publish war news and to obtain in
formation on such events. It has
yielded an amide profit annually to
the governmental treasury.
The beautiful home In the choicest part of the city on three
street*, Blackwood, Armstrong and Carnarvon, and on two large lots;
$l��.O00, cash $5000, balance H, 12 and 18 months.
Two hundred acrea adjoining the proposed extended townsite of
Abbotsford on the southwest. This is an excellent proposition for
subdivisions into five acre blocks.   Price and terms on inquiry,   .
Ten acres near Port Mann, at the southwest corner of section 35,
block 5 north, range 2 west, on Quible and Townline roads, having
23 chains of road frontage and can be nicely divided Into acre blocks.
$525 an acre; $2000 cash, balarce G, 12 and 18 months. I hare a large
list of choice homes at reasonable prices. �����
f     Phone 719, or R 482 Evenings. Cor. Fifth Avei and Twelfth St.
************************** ************************** X
Wife's Merry Retort Nearly Causes a
Man   to   Lose   His   Life.
Logansport, Ind., Oct, 14.���Mrs.
Charles Miller, of 1800 Broadway,
never had a reputation as a joker, but
at dinner she made a clever retort
Which caused her husband to laugh
and nearly choke to death.
He was eai Ing a peach and In laugh-
Portland,   Oct. 13.���Tommy   Burns,]    Christiana    _
���    champion heavyweight, yester- lan American Steanssi i ^ oapita)
received a cablegram  from Pro- tabllshed here T*���,LMc.om    The
ter Hugh Mcintosh In  London, to of 10.000,   ^"i line ware
Prepare to light Sam Langford within directors ol  tne new
ave months,    tt is to be   a   twenty thorized   to   pure nasi
11 ���' go     Hums said that  he will be   kroner     (.1.330.UUU)
"'"lv to lake on the Kthlopian in that ! Kaiser  Frledrlcn
"    He said that Mcintosh holds will be rename
1    htB contract and that   of Lang-     Engebreth H
1  also.    He declined  to-state the, consul at St. Pau
���n* which  he will  receive for   tbe one of the directors and six ��      v
"���"Uni with Langford. 'sons from America aie on
"HI be ready alright by  March or j of advisors. steamship
"    said Hums, who is bere play-      The scheme U t  ���   �� UnMed
theatrical    engagement.    "My   line between Norway " t for
Which was hurt while playing la-  States has hew   imaer a
��8se in Hritish Columbia recently, is | a long time.   The cteatlon     /n      _
rapidly mending.    Otherwise  I am In
Pretty   ftt
Norman  Plass, president of the com- ing he opened his mouth bo wile thai
     m,      v��Pt   ..anv   who is said to he on Vancouver the   peach   stone   slipped   down   his
Oct. 14.-THB   Norweg-piiny, wno.i The stone lodged at the open-
*��� was es-1 Mand. B.(., looMjw     Qf  ^Bhbu. _ ,ng of the w|ndplpe aIld Mnier choked.
eolleite of Topeka, Kansas, for several The prompt arrival of a physician is
velll.�� ' all that saved bis life.
ing a
I'or 4,760.000
the steamship
of Hamburg, which
the Lelf Hrlkson.
llohe. the Norwegian
Minn., was elected
condition   today,  and   with
of exercise will be ready when
'lne goug sounds.
'���* bit
combination may be taken as an indication  of   an   unusual   Increase   of
emigration   from  Scandinavia  to  the
] United States.
Can be Insured against claims for damages brought against them for
accidents caused directly or lr directly by their machines.   Rates are
low and all owners should carry this class of Insurance.
Apply for particulars to
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Columbia Street.
New Westminster.
Have You Any Worries ?
If so, can I relieve you of some of them by taking th.e lisk of possible losses.
I can insure
Your mill, store or home a. r.inst fire.
Your business against  liability to employees.
Your horses against death from any cause.
Your automobile or boat ag: inst loss of any kind.
Your  valuable  papers and jewels against theft.
Your family against financial loss if you die.
Yourself against any illness or accident.
In fact I can give you any knd of insurance protection written.
6S7 Columbia Street
Phone 62
i)W<~  ts'- _r.
15, 1910
By-law No.
A By-law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to r.nss by
way of loan the sum of seventy
thousand dollars for the purpose of
providing and building lldeVKl ^s
within the limits of the municipality,
Whereas, i, is necessary and expedient that the council of the said
corporation be authorised to borrow
the sum of seventy thousand dollars
($7���,i)iioi to provide (or the construction of sidewalks within the limits of
the said municipality.
And whereas, an approximate estimate of the amount
Re lot 16, block 2, of lot 201. group 1,
town of Port Moody. Murray's Addition, in the district Of .New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number -I700A, issued in
the name of John Stewart and .lames
Cash, has been tiled in this o:Tice.
Notice is hereby given thai 1 shall,
at the expiration of one montli from
the dale of the first publication hereof.
In a daily newspaper published in the
city of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objection be
made to n e In wi Itlng.
District Rej Istrar of Titles.
and   Mrs.   O.
to Kamloops
Norris   have    re-
1 louse.
Ilutchins,    of   Vancouver,    is
Mrs.   De  Pencier at   tho   See
Mrs.  Ewen
of  Vancouver,
li. Jardine.
ind   Miss
are   gue
Mis. ii. C. Goodland,
was In town during t
Ing friends.
Alexia Ewen,
its of  Mrs. .1.
of Chilliwack.
ie week  visit'
Western Tracts Are Being
Acquired by Titled Men,
Says Lord Harrowby.
required for   the|Land Registry Offi
and    live
various sidewalks  has been  made  by
the council as follows, vl/..:
Ward l���Nine thousand six hundred
and eighty-nine dollars .($9,689.00).
Ward 2���Ten thousand   eight    lain-!
dred and seventeen dollars and    fifty
cents ($10,817.50). jot
Ward 3���Fourteen thousand    seven
hundred and ninety-nine dollars
Ward  1���Seven  thousand
dollars ($7,006.00).
Ward 5���Fhe thousand two hundred
and eighty dollars ($5,280.00). ��
Ward 6���Thirteen thousand and
eighty-eight dollars ($13,0.8.00).
Additional Bidewalks and contingencies and costs Incidental to this bylaw
and raising tlie loan nine thousand
three hundred and twenty-one dollars
nnd fifty cents  ($9,321.50).
And whereas, it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the Credit
of the municipality.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum
of four thousand six hundred and fifty-
eight dollars and fifty cents $-t,t>f>S.50)
principal, and the sum of three thousand five hundred dollars $(3,500) interest, making a total amount annually of eight thousand one hundred
and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents
($8,158.60) for the term of "twelve
years for the repayment of the said
loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas, the net value of the
whole rateable land in the said municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to ten million three hundred and twenty-three
thousand six hundred and ten dollars
And whereas, to provide for the
payment of the interest and tlie creation of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of seventy
thousand dollars ($70,000) it will be
necessary to levy a special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum of eight
thousand one hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and fifty cents ($8,158.50), the
amount to be calculated annually on
the whole of the rateable land within
the municipality,
Pe it therefore enacted by tlie reeve
and council of the said corporation of
the distiict of Burnaby in council assembled as follows, viz.:
1.    It shall be lawful for the reeve
New Westminster, B.C . Oct.
Mrs. Whiteside,
the guest of Mrt
last week-end.
of  Vancouver,  was
.   W.  .1.    Whiteside
Applications to    be pia,
upplementary voters' list
New Westminster
by  the  undersigned
(*u'"  1st. 1910.
cl    on   the
for the City
will be received
up to November
Mr.   and    Mrs.   W.
being  congratulated
them of a son.
Mathers   are
the   birth   to
Applicants must bo British subjects
of the full ag? of twenty-one yci/s
and have been residents ot u.< city six
months Immediately preceding t lie
date of application, and have during
that time paid as a householder al
than  one  hundred I
Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Whiteside moved  recently  into their new  home on
St. George street.
���   ���   ��
Mis. McBaln and Mrs. Hubert B,
McBaln, of Vancouver, spent Tuesday  with Mrs. C.  E, Seymour,
Mrs. (.'. E. Seymour was the guest
of ber sister, Mrs. Frederick Cunningham, at Vancouver on Thursday.
*      ��      a
Mrs. Beauchamp Tye, of Victoria,
who bus been visiting ber mother,
Mrs .1. s. Clute, returned home early
in the week.
���      a      a
The marriage of Miss Pyne and Mr.
Langford, will take place In St. Albans' church, Burnaby, at ten-thirty
this morning.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned,  and endorsed  "Tender for
Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, B. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
C," will be received at this office un-j Miss ,j���sephine Bourne and Miss
til 4 p.m., on Wednesday, October 26, Kathleen lH,ckrill have returned from
1010, for the construction of an|a sll01l vlslt with Mrs WalteT Dock.
Examining Warehouse, Vancouver. | rjji aj Chemainus
B. C. ' .    .
Plans, speciflcatioa and form of con-j Tlle engagement has been made
tract can be seen anu forms of tender |publk. of Mis8 Const;ince Maclean
obtained at the office of Mr. Joseph daughter of Mrs. M. A. Maclean to
Greenfield, resident architect, Winni-|Mr Grant c E of Flince I{ ' ,.t
peg, Man., Mr. Wm. Henderson, resi- formerly of Toronto,
dent architect, Victoria, B. C, at   the j ��� ' *   *
Post  Office,   Vancouver,  and   at  this j     Mr   und  Mrs   IrvJog nain   of
department. I couver,  Mr. and  Mrs.  Barnes   of  Ed-
Persons tendering are notified that | monton. and Mr. and Mrs Summers
tenders will not be considered unless |of Chicago, were guests of Mrs. C. B,
made on the printed forms supplied,|urew during the week.
Toronto.  Oct,   11.���Quite a  number j
of British peers are purchasing tracts
of land in Canada, and others are con-,
siderlng the advisability of following I
their  example.    Such   wa.   (he  StatQ*!
mont made by tho Karl of Harrowby,
who,  with   Lady   Harrowby   and   bis
daughter,   Lady   Frances   Ryd%.,   ar-j
rived In Toronto yesterday, and reg
istered al the Queen's hotel.   "Whether they are buying for residential purposes 01' ndl  1 don't know," said Lord
Harrowby.     Lord   Hhnowhy   said    lie
himself   was  contemplating   the   purchase of land iii Western Canada.
'Ibis movement on the part of members of the house of lords is a result
of the new land taxation system established In Britain by the present
Liberal government, Main Ihrge
landed proprietors. Lord Harrowby
said, were cutting up their bigger
farms, and many, like the Duke of
Bedford, were selling large portions
of their estates. In many cases where '
such sales had been made the new
proprietors of the land had immediately increased the rents to be paid
by  the tenants.
German     Scare     Justified.
Lord  Harrowby was convinced that
the  so-called  German  scare  was   not
without  justification,  in   view   of   the
type  of   battleships    which   Germany
Wisconsin    Woman    Declines
After  .   Trial  of it.
Madison,   Wis..   Oct    U.  -Bidding
good-bye   to   freedom   forever   Mrs.
Theresa Steinhausor has. of her own
volition, returned lo tbe Wisconsin
penitentiary. On January -i last, Mrs.
Steinhausor, who had served twenty
years of a life term In the penitentiary for the murder of her husband
iu Jefferson county, was paroled a
few weeks ago,    She petitioned to the
board of control  that  the parole be
revoked. So insistent was her appeal that, though the choice of the
woman  is the cause of great  grief to
her relatives the board finally reluctantly granted her request.
Take notice thai l,
Dick, of  Vancouver,
Milium Roher|
�����(   ���*   llt'i'ij,,.,.
real estate dealer, Intend to   ��� .,'���    '
permission  to le :���<��� 200 acre
bounded i a follows:    Coi n.
a post planted al the easl
.extreme hea I of the nortli
jDrainey's inlet, thence easl   Iii . |. ;,
I thence  south   50  chains,  theric,
40  chains,   thence  north   50
post   of commencement,   p:
which it  is required   quai i
Dated September 27th, l.io
"If I had only known how quickly
Eczema can be cured, what long
years of awful suffering it would have
saved me," writes F. A, Will, of 2606
Washington sireet, San Francisco,
This, alter iort>' years of Buffering
and alter using less than one bottle
of the Oil of Winlergreen-Tliymol D.
i). D. Prescription.
Tl'J   at   least   a   trial   bottle.     Write
for it today to the D. D. D, Laboratories, Dept. N. M , io Colborne street,
Toronto, To our certain knowledge,
1). 11. D. Prescription always gives in
slant relief���absolute relief inside of
ten seconds 1
F. .1. MACKENZIE, Druggist.
Take  Notice thai   I.
Dick, of Vancouver, li. c, occupattoj
real  estate dealer, in,end  to app .
permission to leas,' 500 a, re
bounded  as   follows:     Comm, -
a  post   planted  200 yards abovi
water on the river entering
of Dralney's Inlet,   thence non
south   100  chains,    tlience    ,
cliains to post of commencem, i
pose for which it is required, i       .
Dated September 26th, 1910
The Municipal Council of the City of
N'ew   Westminster   having   by   resolution determined and specified that it
; is desirable to carry out the following
' works, that is to say:
,    ., ,, ..,��  .,   .     ... ���   .,   r<���.. J.   To construct  cement   concrete  side-
was   building.       If  there   was  a   t.er-f* , ,
n  i,,1 walks,    retaining    walls,    boulevards,
storm   sewers,    paved    roadway    and
and signed with    their   actual   slgna-1
tures, stating their occupations    and
places of residence.   In the case   of
firms, the actual signature, the nature;
of the occupation and place of resid- j
Mr.   and   Mrs.  Junes   Wilton    Harvey  announce the  marriage of tlieir
daughter Gwendoline and  Mr.  Walter
Scott  Brown   to  take  place  at   eight
ence of each member of the firm must j0-clock,  Wednesday  evening.  October
be given. ill,, i<no, at Holv Trinity Cuthedral.
Each tender must be   accompanied j ���   ��    .
by an accepted cheque on a chartered j     ,\   wedding of  interest  to  manv  in
bank,  payable to the order    of    the New Westminster took place on Mon-
Honorable    the    Minister    of    Public; day ln Christ church, when Miss Ed-
Works, equal to ten per cent. (10 p.;.)   mi
of  the  amount of the  tender,  which j u
will be forfeited if the person tender- Kenelm Carnaban. of the Molsons
ing decline to enter into a contract! bank staff ,,v Ule Kev c c 0wen
when called upon to do so, or fail to hector of Christ church.
,,,..,, ., ,.      ,. i complete the work contracted for.    If ���
and clerk of the council tor the pur-i,,,^ ;������,,���.  __. ������f ���������������f���_ ,i,��� ,.i,���,������i
pose aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or persons or corporation or   corporations
who may be willing to advance the
same upon tlie credit of the debentures, hereinafter mentioned, a sum
not exceeding seventy thousand dollars ($70,01,0) and cause the same to
be placed in the Royal Bank of Canada in the City of New Westminster, i
to the credit of tlie said corporation
for the purpose above recited and de-1
bentures of the said corporation to!
the amount of seventy thousand dollars ,$70,000) in the whole may be
issued by the said reeve and clerk in
accordance with the Municipal Clauses
Act in sums as may be required, bat
not less than one thousand dollais
($1.0001 each, the said debentuies to
be sealed with tlie corporate seal and
to be signe 1 by the reeve and clerk.
2. The debentures shall bear interest at the rate of five (5) per cent.
yer annum payable half yearly on the
1st day cf May and the 1st day of
November in each and every year during the cunency of the said debentures or any of them. There shall be
attached to each of the debentures
coupons signed by the Reeve for each
and every payment of interest that
may become due and such signature
may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
3. Tiie said dehentures as to principal and interest shall be payable at
the Ko>al Bank of Canada in tlie city
of Xew Westminster, or :it such other
I late or places-as the council shall
from time to time appoint, with tiie
approval of the holders thereof, nnd
as to principal the debentuies Bhall be
made payable on the Isl day of November, 1922.
4. Theie shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate suiicient
therefor on all the rateable land of
improvements or real property in the
municipality the sum of four thousand
six bundled and fifty-eight doiiats and
fifty cents ($4,658.50)  for the
the tender be not accepted the cliopie
will be returned.
The department does not bind itself to aocept the lowest or any
By order.
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, September 21, 1010..
.Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without authority from the department.
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster has deposited with the
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa
and in the office of the Registrar of
deeds for the Distiict of New Westminster. British Columbia, at New
Westminster plan and description of
the proposed site for laying steel
pipe line or water main under the
north arm of the Fraser River ln the
Province of British Columbia, and after one month from the first publication hereof will apply to the Governor
in Council for approval theie of.
DATED this Third dav of October,
1910. W. A. DUNCAN,
Clerk of the Municipal Council of The
Corporation of the City of New-
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster has deposited with the
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa
and in the office of the Registrar of
Deeds for the Distiict of New Westminster. British Columbia, at New
Westminster plan and description of
the proposed site for laying steel
pipe line or water main under the
Brunette   river   in   the   Province    of
man Invasion, what  would happen to
us?" he asked.    "Our hind  might  be I
taken from us or taxed heavily to pay
a   war  indemnity."    ln  the   struggle
over   the    Lloyd-George   budget,   tlie i
lords had simply delayed hasty logis-
[ation.    Lord Harrowby said that the !
peers, many of whom slaved for their !
country   without  advantage  to   them-
selves, really desired to improve tlie j
Van-1 tipper Chamber.    He did nol   think,
however, that any agreement  on  the
subject  would come from the conference of leaders, wliich will soon   be
resumed.    "Eliminate   tlie  hereditary
principle, if you like," said l��rd Harrowby,   "although  1 do not  think this
would  be a wise course."
Lord   Harrowby  is  making   n  tour
around the world by tlie British pos-
essions-and  will travel westward. On
I his journey  he is interesting  himself
in the possibilities   of co-operaton   In
agriculture for the benefit of several
English   societies.     lie   will   visit   the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     j Ontario      Agricultural      college       at
Lucile Johnston, daughter of Mrs..]Guelph   today,   while   ids   wife    and
B. .lohnston. was married    to Mr. j daughter go to Niagara Falls.   I ie was
much pleased with Toronto, which,
he said, was a garden city such as
many people In Kngland were endeavoring to found. This movement
in England was, however, tor the
!>ene!it of artisans who lived in congested sections of great cities, which
was supplemented by lhe government,
and invested in building a mode
town, with parks, recreation b
schools. Small homes were then rented at from six to eight shillings a
Lord Harrowby is a member of the
Stafford County Council, and a silent
in the Coutts and company's
le formerly held a commission in the Staffordshire Yeomanry,
and before succeeding to tbe earldom
of Harrowby represented Gravesend
in  the imperial  house of commons.
Mrs.   Hubert   B.   Mcllain
for the first time since her
on  Thursday  afternoon  of
at  her home at   KItsilano.
hist   week.
Mrs.   Mc
Baln wore a handsome gown of mauve
eoline. and she had assisting her ber
sisters. Mi-s. S. J. Thompson. Mrs.
Mainvvaring-Jolinstun and Mrs. Heuti-
champ Tye.
Among the  New  Westminster peo-
! pie who went over to Vancouver on j partner
Monday    night    for    tine    Sootti-Pas- [bank,
j quali  concert  were Mr. and   Mrs.  A.
|E.  White.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.  H.   Diamond,   Mrs.   G.   _   Drew    and    Miss
Drew,   Mrs.   T.   .1.   Trapp,   Miss   Kennedy, Miss  Rowan. Miss Munn, Miss
Villa  Hall,  Mr. and  Mrs. Arthur  Malins,   Miss   Leamy,    Mrs.    Cloverdale
Watson,    Miss Watson,    Miss    Laura |
Watson, Mr. T. R. Pearson. Mr. Prank
Major, Mr. W. P. Hansford. Mr. Nigel
O'Brian  and  Mr.  Alfred Johnston.
���    .    .
Mrs.   Allan   Grant   entertained   de- i
lightfully at the tea hour on Thursday
afternoon of this week in compliment
to her sister Miss Kingsley. who has :
been her house guest f^r the summer. ;
During   the   afternoon   two    contests
were enjoyed by the guests, the prize]
winners at wliich   .vere Mrs. J,  Alex
Cunningham     and     Miss     Scharleyj
Wright.   The living room was brightened   with   vases  of  pink   and   white
sweet peas, while in the dining room
the decorations  were effectively  carried   out,     yellow   chrysanthemums
being thc flowers used. Assisting Mrs. !
Grant  \ve:e  Mrs, Gordon  E. Corbould,
who  poured  tea.    Mrs.  Harry   Major
land   .Miss  Wright.    Among others the
guests  were  Mrs.  D,  S. Curtis.   Mrs.
: Albert   Hill,   Mrs.   G.   A.   Allen.    Mis,,
'Fraser,   Mrs.   David   Cambie,   Mrs    G.
Bruce   Corbould,   Mis.    .1.    K.    Hawk-
Ishaw, Mrs. G. E. Drew, Mrs. Alexander Charleson,  Mrs.   Yuengling.    .Mrs.'
-W. O. McQuarrie and .Alts.  II. L.  Edmonds.
street lights on Columbia street, from
the east line of Fourth street to the
west line tit Leopold place, tind that
said works shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the
"Local Improvement General Bylaw
And tlte City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
In accordance  with  the provisions of
the said  bylaw  upon the said  works,
giving      statements,      showing      the
amounts estimated  to be   chargeable
against  the  various  portions  of   real
{properly to be benefitted by the said
! works and  othei   particulars  and   the
I said reports of the said City Engineer
iind City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
i Notice is hereby given that the
1 sidd reports are open for inspection at
the ollice of the City Assessor. City
Hall, Columbia street, New Westminster, lt. C., ;ind thnt unless a petition against the proposed woiks above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the the owners of tbe land or leal property lo be assessed or charged in respect of stud, works Representing at
least one-half in value thereof is [fi o.
sented to the Council wthin fifteen
days from the date of the lirst publication of this notice, the Council will
proceed with the ptopose.l improve.
ments under such terms and condi-
,,,,,���v, t ,jons as (0 tjie pavmen( of the cost of
,l    iU"   such   Improvements   ns  the   Council
'may by bylaw In  that  behalf regulate
and determine and also   to make the
said  assessment.
Dated this 27th day of September.
A. I).. 1910. W. A. DTNCAN,
Clly  Clerk.
Date of first publication, September
29, 1910.
The Municipal Council of thi Corporation of the City of Xew We
Bter having by resolution de ���
and   specified   tbat   it   i-   desirable    t0
carry on tlie following workt
to say:
To construct  cement  comic,      ;..
walks,      Boulevards.      curbs.
sewers,    retaining    walls   and   peel
roadways    on    Second    Btreel
Royal avenue to Sixth avenue
To construct cement concrete    ide-
walks   on   Alexander    street,    B,
street, l.,rne street, McKenzie
Sixth street and Clarkson street
To construct cement concrete -;le-
walks on Henley street fiom Elghtll
avenue to London street.
And   that   the  said   works  shall be   '
carried  out  in  accordance    with
provisions of tlie "Local Improv,   ��� :,���
General  By-law, 1909."
And the city  engineer and city assessor having rc|>orted to the cu:ncil
In accordance  with  the provisions ol
tbe said  by-law upon the said w :ks
giving   estimates   t-!klu..
giving       statements       showing      the
amounts  estimated   to  be  charge
agiiinst   the   various   portions of real
property to be benefitted by the -aid
works and other particulars, and tlie
said reports of tbe said city en
and city assessor having  been
ed by the council.
Notice Is hereby given that t;
reports are open for inspection
office  of   the  city   assessor,  cill
Columbia street, New Westminster, B.
(V. iind Umi   unless a petition against
the  proposed   works  above   tne:.     ������!
I.signed by a majority of the own,
the land or real property to be
ed or charged in    respect    of
works,  representing  at   least   oi
in   value   thereof   is   presented   I
council  within  fifteen days frot
date of the first    publication   ol
notice the council  will  proceed with
the     proposed     improvements
such  terms and  conditions as I    the
payment of the cost of such In;:
ments  as   tho  council   may  by  I       ��
In thai  behalf regulate and dete
and also to make the said asses    ���
Dated   this  L'Kth  day  of  Septem
A.I). 1010. W. A. DUNCAN,
City C
Date   of   first   publication   the
day of September, 19lo.
British     Columbia,    and     alter    one
purpose I month from the first publication hereof forming a sinking fund for the pay- of   will   apply   to   the   Governor   iu
ment cf the said debentures and    tlie
sum of three thousand live    hundred
dollais ($3,500) ior the payment of interest at the rate aforesaid to become
due on such debentures    during    the! Clerk of the Municipal Council of The | petition to tlie Hon. Sydney
of   will   apply   to   the   Governor
Council   for  approval   thereof.     ���
Dated  this  Third  day   of   October, j 	
lyiO. Toronto, Oct. 1.,.���The produce sec-
W. A. DUNCAN,    | Hon of the board of trade has sent a
currency thereof the said special rate
to be in addition to ai other rates
to be leviel and collected in the
municipality duiing the ' currency of
the said debentuies or any of them.
fi. This by-law shall take effect on
the 1st day   of
Corporation   of
the   City    of    New
may be cited for all
"Burnaby Sidewalks
and after
6.   This by-law
pun oses as  the
Lotn By-law, 1910.'!^^^^^^^^^
Done and passed in open council
the 119th day of September, 1010.
Received the assent of tlie electors
at an election for the purpose on the
day of 1910.
Reconsidered iind finally adopted by
the council, signed hy the reeve and
clerk and sealed with the corporate
*e i on the day of ,
Take notice that the above 16 a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
wliich the vote of   the    municipality
will be taken on Saturday, the 15th
day of October, 1910, between 9
November, o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock p.m., at the
following polling places:
The Municipal Hall.
West Burnaby School.
Duthle School.
Mrs. Cobban's house, Gunn road.
Public notice Is hereby given that
the vote of the electors of the district
of Burnaby will be taken on the above
mentioned by-law at the time and
place above mentioned, and that C. T.
Saunders has been appointed returning officer to take the vote of such
electors, with the usual powers in that
By order of the council.
PETER BYRNE, Reeve.    v
,    C T. SAUNDERS, C. M. C.
minister of agriculture, asking his assistance in procuring the necessary
legislation to have the sale of rotten
or decayed eggs prohibited.
"We would lie pleased to have an
opportunity to meet you in conjunction with the members of the Mont-
teal board of trade, an.l explain our
views on this question," says the petition.
Tlie secretary, Mr. Madden, has obtained information from various parts
of the province In support of the
She Teis of the Joy They Found  in
Each Other's Society.
Vienna, Oct. 15.���Portugal's "uncrowned queen," Mile. Gaby Deslys,
Whose twinkling toes brought Manuel
to his knees, aud is said ?,y some to
have cost tlie boy ruler his fortune
and his throne, today gloried in her I
friendship lor the youthful ex-monarch. '
.Mile. Deslys, who set Paris by the!
ears, and created a furore in London. I
is appearing at the Apollo Theatre I
here. I
"Recently,  in    Paris,  the    Variete
theatre  offered   me  a   high  salary   to
appear,  hilled  as  Manuel's  mistress."
she declared.    "I refused indignantly.!
i     "I first met the king fifteen months
ago  ln   Paris,  where   1   was -dancing. :
He   wns   brought   behind   Ihe    Hfi".ti'*t'.
and   introduced   to   me  after  tlie   performance.    It  was love at  flrsl  sight.   '
"After   that   first   meeting,   we   met
frequently.     He   came   repeatedly   to
Paris  to  visit   me.     We   were  always
happy together in tliose clays.
1     "In February of this year, his high-1
ness summoned me to Lisbon, and at i
I his request I danced at the great charity fair of the king organized for the
I relief  of  the  victims  of  the   Oporto
I     "I   di I   not   live  in   a   suite   in   the
royal palce.    i stayed ln a suite in a
hotel   near  the  palace,  but   the   king
paid me marked attentions and was in
my  company  during  nearly  all   the
.time  I  was in  his capital.    Ile even
1 presented me to his royal mother.
,     "I  lust saw  the  king  In  August   in
Paris.    I had a long letter from him,
but a few days ago, wherein he wrote
of his great joy over the prospect, of
seeing me again in Paris at the end
of  October.     The  king   was   a    nice
young  man,  proud  as  the   proudest,
and with a kind heart.
I    "When   it   was    reported    that    he
meant to marry me one Pails paper
rightly  said:     'Deslys   will  not   abandon   the  great  kingdom  of the  stage
j We Are Here To Stay
J. H. TodcTs Music House
is holding a Montrous
Victor Victorola
Concert Tonight
at 8 p. m.
In the presentation of their case to      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Fisher the Toronto wholesale men  for the small kingdom of Portugal
will  also  be supported  by  the  Mont-  '���	
real  board  of  trade,  with  which  Mr. ! Died   in   Doctor's   Office.
Madden lias been co-operating and by I Tliamesville. Ont., Oct. M.���Edward
Professor Elford, of MacDonald col- Moody, a well-known farmer of How-
lege, Montreal, and by Professor Gru- ard township, fell dead this afternoon
bam, of Guelph, both of whom have In the office of Dr. Stewart while wait-
been active in promoting the cause of ing to be exarplned by-the doctor. He
purer food production on the farms of was fifty-sly years of age, and leaves
this province. , a familyi/
You are invited to hear this marvelous machine, the wonder of this
A great collection of Gramophones, Victor Records, Pianos, Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins and Sheet
Mush to choosB from.
| J. H. Todd's Big Music House
:^v     -.
" T��'sufWr **r**1 *i
il&BA .TURDAY, OCTOBER  15, 1910.
PAGE   S10\ KM-
Otl   14.-Tbe "D
,   s interesting to note bow rapid
,  ,    is  tin-   assimilatl
,     ,:,   jewa.     There  |
ir   these   da>s   to   distinguish
theli   fi llow-citizens,    in
;   tlons,   ni    theli    ai
,.,   i: ,..;���  alms,  an I   in   theii
. ,   have  i ample 'dy   Iden-
.     ,  ,,,   with   the   lan i   ��.i
o     Public   Bchools   and
rglty life hTas done much;  civil
,, rrei dom b  - done more
, ms i' b ration has done
, . ���  ...  s, ;all1 les, iliiise where
.. ,:..   fn ai persecution con-
ere are still the old world
an  11: ii ..'ai   people, but,
S] ,��� .king, thi re  Is  little in
;       '.    ,f the  English  Jew  to dis-
.   irom lis fellow nf oth-
Pei hai.-   this   Is  never
irenl   than  al   thi'   holiday
ol  ihe year.    Many  sllll adopt
Idly pai .   ,| ,
":      '    '        ��� e   re-l
t there ai    .
������ ho Ul e thel
��� a ..I  goll    :
i    Bhoottni
down the t ountry, estates are r<
��� .    .   mtl s,   when
the pli       i    ol  counti      Ife are I
dulged  in.  where  large  pa    ���
gregati   to partii Ipate In th
"'   amusement   known   ail  over   the
Nv,'i Id ..-        ai tei lstlcall>   English '
���    'i'i.  11 -Tho Pai i lon  Play
at Oberammergau, which has finished
the gn   test season in its history, lias
d . ed    roundly   $437,500   revenue
from thr s.ile ol   seats alolic
i   ri   e   ts represi nt about 160,-
I'11"   \isilois,   by   far   lhe   iar.est    pei
��� Ql ige of whom were from the Cnit-
e l stales.    The  English and   Prem h
came next.    Hermans were consplcu-
::.  the mlnorlt;     Thej   do  not
Lhe < iberammergaui      11    ouslj,
-ml sa.   thai thai the Passion Play is
��� '  mom j -making entei pi ise prim I, a
. pi : ic.i   by  transat I antic   globe-
: | t   latter portion ol  their
..  is  i:refutablj   irue.    With-
���  li:\.n  pal ronage t ins   ��� i
li ;.   would   ha\e   been   a   fail-
fits   lrom   tlie   sale   ol   Beats
In (iberammergau or thi
ite \i.init>.    Only a pittance is
led    among   the   players   them-
selvi _ni  \.  i,.-,ng, for Instance, re
ceived   80 llethlng   like   $l'.Mhi   lor   si\
work      i'i.i   iesi   is  devoted
nmunal purposes of   an   educa-
.. throplc   and    rellgloue
ti        The    management     an
nounces that the play will positively
be repn duc< I In 1920.
n ' thi ightfl of Heir Lang and his
~t ���'��� ������ ��� ��� \* concentrated on their
trip to the Holj Land next spring.
Their chief concern is the fear thai
thej will be Indecorously lionised,
They wish to make their pilgrimage
as unobstruslvelj   as  possible.
Burgomaster of a German
Town   to   Put Chock on
Fred Davis
" The Man Who Saves You Money "
Berlin, Oct. 11, The thriving town
of Hattershelm, In Hesse, has de
clared war on women gossips Sean
dal-mongering women have played
such havoc win. the connubial bliss
of the community that the burgomaster has resorted to the drastic e\
Heme of issuing a municipal proclamation designed to check ihe .arm
lousness of the feminine population
The following is the text of his homily  to the evils ol  gOBBlp:
"Prosecutions for libel and slander
have recentlj attained widespread dimensions in a c.i lain section of our
community. The consequences are
blttei enmities and hoavv financial]
sacrifices in the shape of litigation
cosi ���    The cause Is usuall; the same
While the ...en folk a.e hard al woik
llie   women   fritter   away   thei.   time  in
gOBslplng and quarrelling, The training of the children Is neglected ami
the household Buffers from theli lack
of care.
'When the bread-winner comes
home at nlghl the day's events are untruthfully related to hlm Then he
musl betake himself as the protei toi
ef his angry wife to the police, to ;.
solicitor or to an arbitration court.
Such  is  the  family   life  of  pinny   who
seek vainly for true domestic happiness All teachings that woman Bhould
busy herself al lie.- own fireside, drive
scandal-mongerB oul of her house,
and provide a comfortable homo for
her husband and children are lost on
such  persons.
"This is to make known thai poor
relief will henceforth be .hen only
In exceptional cases to people who Involve themselves in Bcandal prosecutions. The police have also been instructed to compile a
persons and warn
ants against tbem
In This Week.    Enough Said !
The Smart Styles for Fall Wear
both in Soft and Stiff Hats are
to be found in our
John B. Stetson
A. E. Mallory
If it is a question of quality, of value for tho money, then one of these
Mats is the logical purchase. If style, (it, appearance, workmanship and finish
count with you, then your new Hat will surely be a Stetson or Mallory s
Waterproof Hat, and Remember every hat is fully guaranteed.
Prices $4.00,  $4.50 and  $5.00
We are agents for the Kenmore Celebrated English Hat.    $3, $3.50 and $4
REID   &
601 Columbia St.
Store of Satisfaction
'     '     S'DERS, marked on en-
\eir>] i- p< ndi fi consl i uction ol
N- on, B. (".. Hide Range, and ad
���ires-I'd to the 8ecretarj of the Militia Council, Headquarters, Ottawa,
Will be received mull noon, the 16th
October, tor the construction of a rifle
Range al Nelson, B. C
Plans and specifications may lie
seen, and full Information obtained at
ii:<> offices of the Distrlcl Officer Commanding Military Distrlcl Xo. 11, Victoria, B. o . tiie Director of Engineer
Services, Headquarters Ottawa, and
the oflicer Commanding 102nd Ken..
Nelson,  B, C.
Tenders musl he made on the form
supplied hy tho Department, and accompanied hy an accepted cheque, on
a Canadian chartered hank, for 10 per
cenl of the amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Honourable thn Minister of MlllUa and Defence,  which amounl   will  he forfeited
if   the   party   tendering   decline   to
entei  into a contract, in   accordance
with  the  tender.
The Department does not hind itself to accept the lowest or any tender
Dep'jr.   Minister  of  Militia   and   Defence, il. Q, 18���115���2.
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa, 19th September. 1910.
\nwapapers   will   not    ho   paid    for
this   advertisement   If   they   Insert   it
without  authority   from    the    Department.
All persons usir.ii Columbia c ��������� I
for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested io keep to the left hand Bide
of the car track while proceeding in
either direction.
By order.
Acting Citv   clerk.
City Hall,  August   12.  1910.
Just Arrived
New Scotch and English Worsted.
Tweed and Her.e Suiting for gentlemen, made to order. Workmanship
and fit guaranteed.
13 Begbie Street.
T, p. Morrison
11.  Tin lor
Phone 824.
District   oi   New   Westminster.
Supply  help  of  every   kind.   Prompt
attention   to   all   orders.     Contracts
8 Begbie St.       New Westminster, B.C.
TAKE notice that. I, William Rob
ert Dhk, of Vancouver. B. C.I occupation real estate dealer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing    at     a    post    planted
about   twenty  cliains  north  from  the
1st   of   these j southwest   corner  of    Timber    Lease
tndlords and ten-j_R7.<.,   Texada   Island,   thence   west
iei.lit.    chains,   thence   south    eighty
I chains,   thence    east    eighty    chains,
,thence north eighty chains to point of
commencement, containing 640   ac'reS
more or less.
ncouTer,    H.    C..    Pepteiubei    6.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front 8t., Foot of Sixth.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   Paid  Up    $5,000,000
Reservet    $5,900,000
Old TiTie  Methods to  Be Done Away
With   While   King   Is   Away   on
Hunting   Trip.
New Westminster Land District.    D's-'
trict  of  New  Westminr'er.
Take notice    that John    Ferdinand
Bas??. of Nelson    Island,   occupation j
farmer,  intends  to apply  for  permis- ]
London. Oct. H.-While the king Is ' sion  t0  P"^has��  the    following    de-
away   shooting   grouse    around    Bal-
The Bank has Brandies in
Canada extending from the Atlantic to tlie Pacific; ln Cuba
throughout the Island', also in
Porto Rico, Bahamas, New York
and   London,  England.
Correspondents in all parts
of the Globe, thus affording
every Banking factuty.
New Westminster Branch.
L. M. RICHARDSON. Manager.
moral,   workmen   have   heen   busy  on
I his  London  home  now  that  that  the
queen   mother   has   vacated   Burkfng-
i ham palace, and one of the meanest
looking places in all London just now |
\ undoubtedly  Is the  fore court of the I
palace.    In  the case  of an   ordinary |
house   ft   would   be   called   the    hack
Commencing at a post planted;
���bout one mile northeast from thei
head  of  Billings   bay,  and  about    40
-.': ��� ���:-. ��� :.      s:,..-a. as done by us gives the ut-
laundry work
chains  easterly  from    the    southeast |
come- of timber lot
thence   north   40  chains,  thence  east
40 chains,  thence    sout
thence   west   40  chains   to   point
:������-.���. ���     uiins,imost satisfaction. Our equfp-
.    , ,        , , : commencement,  containing  160  acres
vard. the real front of the palace be- ,
m * iinnrA   Or   Lfifll
ing around  on  the garden   fide, hid- -   J0HN'FERDIN-AxD  BAGGS.
den   from   public   view   by   the    high;    Date(J K        t 2p  mo.
walls that surround it.	
Before taking the rooms In    hand, "*"^
workmen are now busy on the water j NOTICE.
supply   which    has    always    been    a: 	
s.iurce of trouble, and a more untidy,! Qn aD(J after octpber 1, 1P10, we,
dirtier drearier looking place it would the underslgned, wil] sell coal for
be hard to find. The court is filled cash only. ejther with the order or on
with   men   In   clayey  corduroys,   dig- deliver^.
ment is modern. The Latest
Invention in a collar and cuff
machine has been installed.
Clean,   Economic,   Prompt.
White labor only employed
N'ew Westminster, Sept. 24.
ging into the water pipes, piling
Laround them mounds of earth and
������ clay.
Sometimes  you  will  see a  sort  of
housekeeper   in   rusty    black    come   __________m^___m,^m^.^^^m--������m���
down the steps and watch the work-   W*111*^   ' ������   ���    	
men  with  an  expression   of discreet       _ry  a  "WANT"  ad  In  The  News
disapproval.    The policemen joke and  it will bring results,
chatter as they never do when they
know that the next carriage may carry a king.   There is a flne suggestion
of a holiday, too, in the way the sentries  bring their  heels down on the
pavements.     Xo   doubt   they   felt    it
hard that  such  flne  fellows as   they
should he asked to guard a gang   of.
King Qeorge during his stay at Balmoral, is dispensing, so It is reported,
with some of tho old-fashioned methods  which  have outgrown  their   use-j
fulness.    Instead  of  the  old  plan   of
sending frequent messengers over the
long and costly journey between Lon-I
don and Balmoral, his majesty is content tp rely on the postofflce for the;
prompn   and   regular  transmission  of
Uie frequent   communication   between
the metropolis and tlie court in Scotland.   Twice in every day the post-of;
lice   collects   all   letters    and    parcels]
and   forwar.s   them   by   the   ordinary1.
channels, thus saving delay as well as
the cost of constant relays of special
Royal City Laundry
Phone 183
HE        DAILY        NEWS
Eastertrook Milling Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
FLOUR!       FLOUR !
HUNGARIAN JEWEL  .  $6.75 per bbl.
IMPERIAL   $7.00 per bbl.
TERMINAL $5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co.
New Wettmlntter.
Telephone J33.
A Fish Famine Threatens the People   of   Kamchatka.
Complaints have icached St Petersburg from Kamchatka that tho population of that peninsula is threatened
with famine this winter owing to the
scarcity of flsh, which is the staple
diet of soon Kamehatkans and their
14.000 sledge dogs. The report has
caused surprise, because Kamchatka
has always heen considered one of
the richest countries ln the world as
regards flsh.
Since 190(5, however, Japanese fishermen, by blocking the estuaries,
have caught or destroyed millions of
flsh at spawning time, when they
travel In Immense shoals from the
aea up the rivers. The native fishermen soon imitated this procceeding,
with the result that the Kamchatkan
streams are now practically denuded
of flsh and the poor people are facing starvation.
A Good Buy
Two Large Lots, to lane, with nice 7 Room
House, facing River Drive, between 18th and 20th
streets, on Eburne car line. Price only $2,000,
$500 Cash, balance very easy.    Secure this.
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City;S^edaH$U WM
���' !i
We carry a complete line
at the right orices. Have
it put up and ready for
the cold nights.
Anderson & Lusby
The Westminster Modern
Business School
has great demand for thoroughly competent stenographers. You had better go to the Modern as you are certain of thorough training and a good
position when competent. Day and
evening session.
610 Columbia St. Principal.
Hand Bags
New Stock
Good Values
Latest Styles
The first instalment of the
biggest and best variety of
Hand Bags ever shown in
this city.   From $1.00 up.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, front 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long    Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New    Westminster,    B    C.
New and Second Hand Store
(Late Alex Speck)
All kinds of furniture bought
and sold. Have you Furniture to sell? See me or
ring up No. 275.
Ihe Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot.
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE   US     A     TRIAL
d. Mcelroy
Phone   R672.
623  Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Ccnnecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks,  Etc.,  Etc.
Tooth  Paste
Talcum Powder
Hose, Borated, Violet and Flesl
See Our Window.
T. A. MUIR . Ci
"'���'  "���;�� i
Dispensing Chemists.
Oeane R1o<*; >��� Wl- Columbia St.-
Xew Westminster, B.C.
Chief Justice Munphy will hold supreme coun chambers here this morning.
The members of the Xow Westminster Needlework Guild are requested
to hand In their sev. in;; before the end
of this month.
Pot plants and fresh cut flowers at
get bouquets, Moral designs and all
kinds of cut Mowers.   Phone ll 208. **
ll. P. PetUplece, of Vancouver, will
deliver an address on "Impending
Revolution" al the Crystal theatre on
Sunday night al eight o'clock.
M. J. Conlln and Frank t'onyrut, of
Vancouver, are applying for mining
leases of eighty acres of land each.
at the office of the mining recorder.
Davies greenhouse is tlie place to
Tidy's store.   Phone 184. **
Two special B. C E. It. cars carried
an excursion of members of the 1). O.
K. K.. Knights of Pythias, from Vancouver to Chilliwack yesterday afternoon.
The pulpit of Sapperton Methodist
church will he occupied tomorrow by
Kev. R, M. Thompson, a former pastor who is now stationed in Vancouver.
Don't forget the opening day, Saturday afternoon and evening, of Frank
Major's music and piano house. Down
the marble stairs, next Johnston's
big shoe house. **
There will be no meeting of ihe
Burnaby municipal council this afternoon. The municipality is holding a
poll on a plan to spend $70,000 on
In the city police court yesterday a
logger named Charles Morgan was
sentenced to ninety days in jail for being drunk. Morgan appeared in court
a couple of days ago and was allowed
out on suspended sentence.
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias, phone Davies greenhouse,
R 208. **
Harvest Thanksgiving services will
be conducted tomorrow at St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal church, which
will be decorated with grains, fruits
j and flowers. Special music will he
I rendered at the evening service,
Rev. J. S. Henderson, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, will preach
more particularly to the male members of liis congregation on Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Davis returned yesterday
from a holiday trip to England.
For this week we are giving 30 per
cent, discount on violins, guitars,
mandolins, banjos, and a special discount cn pianos. At J. 11. Todd's
.Music House, Columbia street.       **
The infant child of J. VV. Struthers.
who died at the Royal Columbian hospital on Thursday, will he buried in
the Anglican cemetery today at 12
o'clock. The funeral wlll take place
from \Y. E. Fales' mortuary chapel.
Frank   Major is opening Ills  music:
and   piano   house  on   Saturday   afternoon and evening.    Don't forget    the
place.    Down the marble stairs, next
Johnston's big shoe house. **
The city has completed almost half
j the section of tbe Eighth street sew-
[eiage system which will be done by
i ihe  city.     The  work   has  progressed
very rapidly, considering the weather,
land  the    adverse    conditions    under
which some of the trendies were dug.
Gilley Brothers are tearing down
the old shed which at present faces
on Columbia street and are rebuilding and extending it towards the edge
cf their wharf so that they may have
more space to move their teams in
and regulate the traffic on the wharf.
On Thursday next ar 10 a.m. T. J.
Trapp will sell at the residence of the
Rev. Dr. Taylor. 611 Third avenue, his
household effects, including good carpets, pictures, parlor, dining and bedroom furniture, folding organ, kitchen
utensils, ball stove, baby carriage,
high chair, canned fruit, and garden
hose almost new. ' **
A leiltion bas heen received by the
city clerk against the paving of Second Btreet under the local improvement plan. The petition is signed
with twenty-seven names, but this
does not represent B0 per cent, of the
pro] erty owners.
On  Monday the trial    of    Rex    vs.
Scuily will come up    In    the    county
court.    Scully Is a    railroad    laborer
I who assaulted a man    In   a    railroad
camp near Aldergrove.    He elected to
he tried speedily.    Sasaki,    the    Jap.
j accused of wounding a fellow-country-
1 man at Aldergrove   last   June,   anl
j whose trial has been repeatedly postponed, will come up on Tuesday.
The Westminster assizes which [
were to have been held on October!
"fi have been postponed two days and I
will now commence on October 27.
The reason for the change I. not j
known here. The registrar received!
a telegram yesterday that tlie postponement had heen made and no ox-j
planation accompanied   the   message.
John  F. Decks, of 2375 Vork street,
Vancouver, has applied at the government agent's office for a water record
1 of ten cubic feet to be taken from   a
creek emptying Into Howe sound, opposite the lower end of Anvil  island, j
The water is to be used for washing j
gravel and crushed rock and  the application   will   lie   considered   on   No- |
vember 15.
Father J, B, Leiiiieus. an Oblate
nriest of France, and Father 11. 11.
Hermes, an Oblate priest of Germany,
were, in tjie city yesterday, guests at
St. Louis college. Moth gentlemen
were delegates to ibe Eucharistic congress which has just heen concluded
in Montreal and before retaining to
tlieir European homes they are making a tour of the American continent.
They will visit Vancouver and. Victoria and return to the east through
tbe United States.
Try a "Want" ad in The News It
will bring results. *���
The undersigned has moved his
office to 131fi Cariboo street, where
he will conduct the real estate business under his own name. Tbe office
on Twelfth street is for sale.
The Public
Supply Sijres
Look Over
our groceries and . then judge
whether they and their prices
ate not astonishing. Don't hesitate to examine as closely as
you wish. If you are a particularly good judge of a certain
article call for it and give us
your opinion. It is sure to be
more than favorable.   For
Our Groceries
are selected by experts. They
have been chosen because they
liave stood tbe most rigid tests.
So we ask you to look them
over with perfect confidence
that you will get your supplies
here hereafter.
Phone 92
Some Special Snaps I
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides ���
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Termt. ���
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property ���
ls especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear. _
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE. X
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.     !
i^Jr--*^ *\(*'^ ma*tt*��-*.
Hair Dressing
Our  hair goods  section grows  In  popularity  every  day.    We endeavor   lo   secure   all     the     newi
style features and every day needs for any style of hair dressing.     Our   prices   are   lower   than   thosi
asked elsewhere, and our goods are the mosl  sanitary  manufactured.    Ask  to  see   the  new  styles.    No
hair goods exchanged under any consideration.    Vou obtain  new and  fresh  goods In  all  lines.
Curlpuffs In all shades.    Four cur] style, each 75c. Elghl curl style, each $1.00
Queen's Way  Pleats, for use in several  styles, each    75c
New Sanitary Hair  Turbans in  li_ht   weights,  nicely  covered, each 3r,c
Mohair Hair Rolls in full si/.e;  a line wire centre holds same tlrin.L'-l   inch   length,  each    35c
Standard Wool Rolls, sanitary, washable styles, each   , 25c
Non Collapsable Roll, sold any length, per inch    3c
Grecian Hair Rolls, with full centre tapering to ends, each    35c
Real  Hair Switches, in light, medium and dark browns, auburn and  black,  IS  to 20  Inches, each  $3.50.
27 to 28 inches, each    $6.0C
In blonde, light, medium and dark brown, black, auburn and grey. Round back hair nets, fringe
nets and large allover sizes. We bave now a full stock of our well known "Hulrlyke" nets, "Chantecler," and sanitary hair nets, in Individual cases; all qualities.
Black Dress Goods Section
For years we bave given special attention to our stock of black
dress goods. We bave built up our large business !n this section by
being careful in tlie selection of the most reliable materials���goods
we can sell with confidence to our customers. Tbis season our showing is larger than heretofore; all tbe old reliable weaves and many
new fabrics are here.    W'e mention a few lines.
All Wool Satin Cloths, per yard  60c to $1.25
Satin Venetian Suits, heavy and medium  weights.  line    weaves,    per
yard $1.25 to $2.50
Storm Serges, in  heavy cheviot and diagonal  weaves,    rough    finish.
per yard   $1.00 and $1.25
French Serges, in tine even weave:   will  not    shrink    nor    spot;     per
yard       $1.00 to $1.25
English Serges, in hard, even finish;   per yard    75c to $1.25
Black Soliel Cloth, with permanent  bright    finish,    unspottable;    per
yard   $1.00
Poplins and Poplinettes. in fine even    cords,    medium    nnd    heavyweights;   per yard    $1.00 to $1.50
Satin  Striped Suitings, material is a heavy satin Venetian with bright
lustrous satin stripes, especially durable and dressy;  per    yard    $1.50
nnd    '.   ....$1.75
Black  Suiting,  a   beautiful  corded   suiting,   medium   weight,   firm   and
strong:   per  yard    $1.50
Fancy Dress Lengths, in a variety of handsome weaves, featuring nice
satin stripes and fancy designs in voiles, resedas, crepons. etc.;    per
yard   $1.15 to $2.50
Sixty  Inch  Venetian  Suiting, a  very heavy cloth  suitable    for    coals
suits, skirls, etc.;  per yard   $1.75
Butterick Patterns
for Nov. Now Ready
Re-order and New Noverr-
ber Patterns are now on sale
in the pattern section.
Butterick Fashions on sale
26c each, Including patten:
coupon good for any ],V j^t-
tern, leaving actual COSl ol
this big Illustrated catalogue
ut 10c. You should nol bi
without one.
You    can    obtain    at    all
times the newest Dellneatoi
at   15c    each.    Free    fashion
sheets every month.
Special Sale of Women's    Tweed  Coats
$15.00 EACH.
Special this week, a big
range of the very newest
Styles In women's fancy
tweed coats An Introductory offer of great Imporl
anee coming as ll does ai
the very beginning of the
Beason, Regular values up
to $19.00. See our window
display. Your choice, each
Tenders for New Fire Hall.
The    corporation    requires    ten
for the erection  of a  new  Fire
on Thirteenth stieet.
Flans   and   specifications    as
pared   by   J.   W.   B.   Blackman,
Engineer, can be obtained at the
Hall during ofllce hours.
Tenders to be delivered to the
derslgned by 5 o'clock p, m, on
24th, day of October. J 910.
The  lowest  or any  tender  not
essarily accepted.
City ('ler
City Hall, October 11, 1910.
Royal City Chemical
Cleaners and Dyers
Look  Over Your Wardrobe.
We can help you work wonders with clothes you are Inclined to throw away. Take no
chances  with  articles of  value.
G. F. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
Phone R 278.     345 Columbia St.
Wagon will call for and deliver
Commencing September  16, the SS. Transfer will leave Brackman-
Ker   wharl   every  afternoon,  except Sunday, at 2  p.m.,  for
Ladner, Westham Island and Way Ports
-;? SO Returning to  New Westminster Saturday evening.
Returning will leave every week-day morning at 7 a.m. and Ladi	
���  ������'�� .''.in.    Additional  trip  Monday morning, leaving    New  Westmln-
ster at 6 a.m.
This schedule subject  to clnnge without notice.    For freight and
passenger rates apply to
Market Square
PHONE 475.
House wiring a specialty. All orders
plven prompt attention, and night
Phones 761  and 531.
Office:    ���   ���   ���     435 Colurr.bla Street.
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at


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