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The Daily News Oct 4, 1910

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 OCT 5
Port Mann
'^Qria  e.
Standard   Make  $5   Per   Month.
Prominent Men, Guests of  Railway Company,  Sse  Last
Spike Driven in by Premier McBride��� Ceremony
Followed  by  Banquet and   Speeches ���
Era of  Prosperity   Ushered  in.
Members   of   Crew   of   United   States
Warship New Hampshire Perish
in Hudson River.
N'ew York, Ort. 3.���There was given
put  from  the battleship  N'ew   Hampshire last night a list of twenty-nine
I wen who were suppose:! to have per-
| ished  by the swamping of    a    b irge
I which was being towed to the vessel
The longest branch of any electric . throughout the fertile district of the!at anchor in the Hudson river on Sat-
railway companv in Uie Dominion   of Fraser valley.    He then called  upon  ur<*ay night.   Appended to this list are
Canada was formally opened to traffic   the assembly to honor the lieutenant- "" nf;f\of feven men who are Stil|
absent, but who were not recognized
is having been In the swamped boat.
Various  versions of how  the accl-
branch  of the  II.  C.  E.  R.  had been Lieut-Governor Paterson | dent occurred are in  circulation    to-
���well and  truly    driven    by    Premier       In  1Ph���n"in<,  ���,-,���_.   ,,,.   ,,,���.���,.,,,,. 'day'    The    generally    accepted    one
_.., .     .  ,.  .���.,.      ... .    ...     , , ln ,etlllnlnK thanks, the Honorable however, is that the barge which was
���tlchard Men.ide. This line Is sixty, gentleman said that functions of this heavily laden with the sailors and
���three miles in length, and connects''kind were one of the pleasures of the I marines returning from shore leave
Aere with the interurban line to \ln-   ,lffi,.p _,���,������ ������ ho,H     ,.   ,.������,������ ���������|was towed into the heavy swells of a
'David  Harum" Presented in Interesting   Manner Yesterday   Evening���
Leading Lady Fits Parts Well.
yesterday, after the last spike In the
construction    of    the    Fraser    valley
1.ranch  of  the   II.  C.  E.  R.  had  been
ell and truly    driven    by    Premier
tlchard McBride.    This line is sixty-
ere with the interurban line to vln
:ouver,  this adding    another    twelve
miles to the stretch of road.
Red  Letter Day.
The completion of the line linking
Chilliwack and the fertile country between that city and Westminster was
welt celebrated yesterday by about
one hundred and fifty guests of the B.
C. E. H., who went out from this city
tU a Bpeclal train, the first to make
the complete journey. All along the
line the residents of the districts turned out to welcome the train, realizing
well that it meant a great deal more
to them in a material way than anything else that has happened In the
Fraser valley since tbe day when the
first white man squatted on a homestead In the heart of the virgin forest
and etarted to hew out a home in the
An Auspicious Start.
The train left this city at ten
o'clock, a large number of citizens being at the depot to watch It speed on
ita way to Chilliwack. As the train
started the crowd raised a hearty
cheer. The two passenger cars and
the commissariat coach were gay with
fgfeen and white bunting and flags.
Good time was made between this
city and Cloverdale, where the tirs-
atop was made, five minutes being al-
lowedyfor an Inspection of the sub-
���tatlon there, a massive structure just
complete 1 hy the 11. C K. H.
Easy Travelling.
Bi the roadbed Is in first class
n was evidenced by the
smooth  running of the train.    Several
governor, a duty which was considered a pleasure by all.
Lieut.-Governor Paterson.
In  returning  thanks, the honorable
office which he held.   In looking over ,
,, ,       ,        .,     ,,       . .., passing steamer. Rising for a moment
the country along the line of this new  ,11;c a cork   U)e barg* U)en  plunged
railway, he bad come to the conelu-. into the trough between two waves,
sion that the B. C. B. It. had made no'one of which broke over the si'e and
mistake when it had decided to build, i swamped it.   All day yesterday police
boats  dotted  the  river  above    West
The people along the line had every
reason to be satisfied with tlie character of the road. Transportation, declared the speaker, was the greatest
need of this province today, and' the
solving of a portion ot this problem
by the opening of this line to Chilliwack was a great step towards the
knitting closer together of the province of British Columbia.
F. II. Clover propose I the toast to
tbe province of British Columbia,
coupling with this the name of Premier  Richard  McBride.
The Premier's Speech.
In his opening remarks Mr. McBride
117th street, their crews grappling for
bodies. Their efforts were in vain for
not one body was recovered Old
river men say they were not surprised(
for when the accident occurred, they
declare, the tide was running out like
a mlllrace. It probably means several
days before any bodies are found.
would accrue to Chilliwack as a result
of the operation of tbe electric line.
The Fraser Valley.
Thomas Qlfford) M. L. A., proposed
the toast to the Fraser valley.    This
was   responded   to   in   short  and  ap-
Only a fair audience witnessed the
initial performance of the Margaret
Oswald Stock company in "David
Harum" at the opera house lust night.
but the number present went away
loud In their praise of Miss Oswald
aud the members of her company.
"David Hdrum" is a comedy from
start 'o finish with just .enough pathos
tn make It interesting and to help
along the plot to a happy ending.
Henry McRae, well known in stock
from coast to coai;t, takes the title
role and-fits the part perfectly. As
Mary Blake, the headstrong young
womuu who hasn't seen much of the
world, who starts out thinking David
IC1! I
Prospects Bright for Best Fair Held on G   j?t for Many
Years���National-Vancouver Lacrosse Match  Part
of  Day's Program���Electrical   Display
in Evening���Big Crowd Expected
This afternoon at two o'clock the
gates of Queen's park wilf be officially
opened to tbe public for what promises to be the most successful of the
many annual fall fairs held under the
management of the Royal Agricultural
and Industrial society, and probably
one of the greatest fairs held in Western Canada. Tlie buildings and
grounds have been put in  fine shape
filled to
Of  hard-
turers building, as usual. Is
overflowing with every kind
ware and agricultural implement for
the needs of a farming community.
Many Industries Represented.
The ground floor of the industrial
building is filled almost to overcrowding with the many tine displays of
local and provincial firms. The upper
floor Is devoted to the fine arts and
the    meanest      old      fellow      living,
and  winds up bv  admitting her mls-,to be done rl&ht UP   t0   the   opening
take, Miss Oswald Is at her best. Den- lhour' when the many exhibits aie   in-
ton Vane    as diet    Tinson,    David's speeted by the visitors there will    be
clerk, has a part which is well sua*, nothing left unfinished
talned.     Miss   Ktta   Delmas   as   Aunt
Polly  Bixbee. sister to David Harum,
and although much work still remains  ladies' work.   Tlie line arts exhibit of
the B. C. Society is also shown on this
floor. The north end of the upper
floor of this building as well as the
women's bail ling, will be used by the
Loc^il  Council of  Women for provid-
and Miss Jane Wi'son as Widow Cul-
lom, also have parts that are well
For tonight the company will present the dramatization of that entrancing novel "The House of a
Thousand Candles." Mr. Charles Yule
will take the leading part of Bates,
the servant
acknowledged the   great   compliment.proprlate speeches by Mr. Cawlev, of
paid him by the B. G. L .R. in asking chilliwack; F. .1. MacKenzie, M. L. A.
lo drive  the  last  spike  ln    the | for Delta. Reeve nutcheson, of Delta;
Iteeve  Sullivan,    of    Surrey;     Reeve
Poppy, of Langley;   Reeve Merryfield,
stop* weie made to pick up the reeves j
Tbuncillors  of the municipalities  cea* of tli0 ���'���"'���s*-v valley
him  to drive the  last  spike  In    the
Fraser  valley  branch  of the  system
ile had been trying to find out why'
he had been selected and had reached '
the conclusion that lt was not because I
of special ability  in wielding a ham-1
iner, for he had been told by a rail-
way  man  Immediately after  he  had i
exerted himself that he might possibly j
Ibe worth his board in a railway camp.
| but that was about all.    However, continued the speaker, alter the laughter
had subsided, tlie last spike had been
' driven, the  first train  had  run  over
ithe  line,  and   a  good  crowd   ha.l  assembled   to   celebrate   the    occasion.
Everything augured well for the suc-
ne and for
Ugh which the railway passes, the
the B. C. B. R.    In touching lightly on,
n.ets I ring quickly made to feet , transportation  problems, Mr.  McBride
at hOR'.e with the free and easv crowd 'outlined what  had  heen done without1
on boaid.    Throughout  the trip both   the aid of electricity    in    developing
going and returning, the spirit of the : the fertile_ ChiUiw-ack^ valley, and  ���
west was   In  evidence,  everyone  fra
clared  that   a   great deal   more  < i
now be expected,  as uot only  t .-
portatlon,   but   light  and   powe ,   was
assured with the coming of tliis service.    In  returning  thanks    for    the
honor heaped upon hlm Mr. McBride
i n.s.u;;   n,.f.y.   while   repeated': declared he    hoped    the B. C.  B. R.
rs were given the arrival of   the I would meet with the very best of suc-
traln into the Garden Citv of the  cess and prosperity in the future
ger |    T. .1.  Trapp  propose"
ternizing   Iti   fellowship   like   lifelong
Reception at Chilliwack.
the train pulled into Chilliwack,
Chilliwack city band welcomed  it
of Matsqui; Reeve Campbell, of Su-
mas, and Reeve Vincent, of the muni-
evety one of these claimed for his
cipality of Chilliwack. Each and
particular district the best land in the
lower mainland, art assertion wbioh
was not contradicted until the next
speaker would rise and luing forward
a like claim.
"Transportation" was proposed    by
Premier   McBride  and   replied   to  by
All'n Pirvls and P. It. Olover.
F. R. Glover's Able Address.
Mr. Glover, who was greeted with
cheers, spoke as follows:
It gives me the very greatest i leas-
' ure to have my name associated with
this toast, and my hearty thanks are
due to the proposer for the very kind
i eferences lie lia,s made to our company in connection with It.
I will not et'empt to deal with the
broad question of transportation, as
thai has already been most ably dealt
1 will, therefore, confine my remarks to a short sketch of the undertaking which we have witnessed the
'completion of today. In June, 1906,
Mr. .1. Buntzen, then and now a dlrec-
Association   Has   Shown    Remarkable
Expansion in America in Every
Tlie annual year book of the North
American Young" Men's Christian Association has just been issued anl
contains interesting data regarding
the progress of the work in North
America durlflNhsthe past year. The
following table ;ives the comparative
figures for thai two years:
1909���-Number   of   associations,   1,-
914; 11)10. 2.017.   Number of rre<nbers,
190!!, 450,0. 7; 1910, 490,591.   Value   of
buildings   and   equipment
872.000;   1S1U,   $50,919,000.
Fine Stock.
Being more of an agi icultural than  ing 'refreshments.
an   industrial   fair,   the   main  feature I Sideshows Galore,
will be the produce, fruit and cattle I On the grounds there are all the
exhioit. aud dozens of entries have old familiar sideshows and games
been received for the many we.l which will appeal to the younger visi-
known breeds of animals raised in tors to the big fair. This year the
the Fraser valley. All tbe well knowu management have secured the Al. G.
stock raisers in the province have Barnes wild animal circus wliich will
entries and two carloads of prize win-  show all week.
ning stock from Eastern Canada will I After the official opening by
be shown. The famous herd of puie Premier McBride the visitors will
bred milch cows from the provincial have a short time to look through the
as;, lum farm at Coquitlam will also buildings before the commencement of
be on exhibition. the main feature of the day, the big
Exhibits from Many Flaces. lacrosse match between tbe Nationals
In the agricultural building the and the Vancouver lacrosse team,
many district displays will open the which starts at three o'clock. The only
eyes of tliose who visit the fair this requisite today is fine weather, and
year, for besides the local displays with it a bumper attendance is as-
from the districts surrounding West-  sured.
minster,    Edmonton-Strathcona,    Fort i Men Work Late.
George, Salmon Ann, Relowna and I East night workmen labored till
Armstrong have large showings that late to get the various exhibits into
will attract much attention. The up- shape. Tlie hammering and sawing did
per floor of this building is devoted to not cease till long after midnight. On
the small fruits and most of th.se ex- the grounds where the circus is going
hiblts are single entries from pio- to be shown men worked by lantern
vinclal farmers.   The tables are cover-  light so that all will be in readiness
eii with exhibits and the judges will  for this afternoon.    In the manager's
have their work cut    out    for    them .office the staff of clerks burned many
when they got busy for all the entries | kilowatts
look  as  if  they
of     midnight     electricity,
are  capable  of win-: while they brought order out of    the
ning prizes anywhere.   The display of  chaos  of  hundreds  of  indiscriminate
flowers this year will be larger than  entries.
ever.    The    competition  for    districi I Electric Display Tonight.
honors   will   be  keen,  to  judge  from |    City Electrician Bowler   spent    the
the material already in place, especial- day yesterday superintending the fix-
1909,   *4t>,-lly between the* Prater valley exhibits   ing up of old lights and the installa-
Employed I and those from the interior districi s.   tion of new ones.    By the time dark-
officers, 1909, 2.927:  1910, 2,687.    Stu-1    The dairy building will b" well fill-  ness  has  Eet  in  tonight the  grounds
dents in educational classes, 1909, 40,-  ed.    Although  this is an  off time of  will  be flooded  with light and  there
945: 1910. 52.277. Students in Bib'e
classes, 1909. 92,586; 1910, 52,277.
Men in physical departments, 1909.
216,000; 1910, 271.000. Meetings held
for men. and boys, 1909,67,187; 1910,
Twenty-six new bull lings have been
opened especially for the me of Industrial workers employed In mines,
cotton mills and manufacturing communities. A decided advance has been
the toast of
s    m,.��� as the train    stopped    the' the Dominion   'of    Canada,    coupling tor" of the company, met a deputation I made in teaching English to foreign-
���engers   descended   and   within   a | _������_. tiiis the names of_ Ralph jSmith, flom the various municipalities of the ��rs,  especially   to  the  eastern  manu
the year for poultry, the fanciers will  will be us much or more going on than
Have a line showing.    The    manufac- if it were broad daylight.
J. C. Mars Ascends at Helena, But the   Margaret    Oswald     Stock    Company
minutes Premier McBride stood,' JI
headed and with set features, gaz- M
at  the  last  spike,  which  he  had
for Nanaimo, and J. D. Taylor,
P. for Wesiminster.
Ralph Smith Delighted.
Fraser   valley,  at  the   mayor's  office
in   the  city  hall,   New   Westminster,
and   there  and  then   announced  that
n commissioned to drive home.
a few words General Manager R.
Sperling requested Mr. McBride to
complete the work begun three years
Seizing the heavy hammer as a
navvy would not, the premier swung
and brought It down on the spike, repeating  the
of the big nail was flush with the
rail, Then, in a characteristic manlier,' !.����� dcclaied the spike well and
trttfy  driven.
The Banquet.
0ter   this    ceremony    the    Invited
���ts  repaired  to  the  banquet  hall,
re a dainty luncheon was served.
I. Sperling    occupied    the    chair.
It.-Oovemor Paterson beln.-: seated
his right and Premier McBride on
left,   The members of parliament
members  of  the legislature also
ipied seats at this table.
The Speeches.
Iter   doing   Justice   to   the   viands
facturlng and mining centers.
The educational work has taken a-
trend towards Industrial and agricul-
In response Mr. Smith expressed his our company would build a line of tural pursuits. Many boys have been
delight, as one of the representatives e<ectric railway from New Westmln-.taught gardening, poultry raising and
of B. C. in the Dominion  House.    ut'8ter t0 chilliwack, to open this great | fruit growing.    Young men have been
Machine Is Smashed on Mountain  Side.
Helena. Mont., Oct. 3���After ascend-
Play "The House of a Thousand   Candles."
Margaret Oswald takes pleasure in
the new era  which the ( B.^C.^E.  R.jand  fertile  valley  and give the    in- located on farms, rather than remain- ing 7000 feet in his aeroplane in   an announcing what she considers to be
'attempt to fly across the Rocky moun- one of the best plays she will present
company was hastening in Chilliwack  habitants   the   means   of   coinmunica
and  the  Fraser  valley  district.    Thejtion with tlle coast cit|es which were
ing in the over crowded cities. Many
a   voca-
assoclations   are   conducting   ..   .���..., ,             _.   ,
progress of any port'm of British Co-' tllen Bo sadly lacking.   It is proper to tional bureau in connection with their tains, and at the same time to cstab- during her engagement here.      That
lumbia   could   justly   be   regarded  as  d,..iw  attention  to the  fact  that  Mr. employment    department,    ln    which'lish a new altitude record, J. C. Mars, "The House of a Thousand Candles"
operation  until  tiie lieadithe progress or Canada, for prosperity I Buntzen did not lav down as a condi- (men are not only advised in secui ing ' ti,e weu known aviator, was compelled is a play   of absorbing   interest   has
was    naturally    reflective.    He    was \tim that we should  have free right-1 work,  but  helped  in  taking   up   life'      desceild in the fastnesses of    the been  nroven  bv  its nhenomenal  suc-
proud to think that, by the enterprise 0f.way 0r that municipal    or govern-  work for which they are best adapted.!
of  ,���������,'Mil, un���iH ho necessarv to    the  The physical department has made a;Rock>' mountains, after
two years there has been no dlmlnu-
ost, and tion in the drawing power of this vital
missionary   movement,I   h     he (1isap1)eaIe:i over the highest piece of realism.   In its present form
which     was    handled    very     largely'
of the tramway company, the city
; ment aid would be necessary to
Chilliwack    had    been    brought    into ; c.|r,vlng out of the project, and as a ! great contribution to the country by I less than an hour.
closer touch with the markets of the matter Of fact, the railway has been  teaching thousands of boys to swim.      por hours the aviator was
aioft cess ln book and dramatic form.   For
coast.     Mr.   Smith   closed   by   declar-j luiilt  without   either  government    or
lng that he  would be always ready,|municipal assistance and    practically
without aid of any kind from outside i
as a member of the Dominion parliament, to do all he could to help   the]
The   laymen's
progress  and  development   of  the  B.
C.  Klectric  Railway company.
.1.  1). Taylor made a short address
eulogistic  of the company.
The Three Cities.
L. B. Lusby proposed the toast   of
Chilliwack,  Westminster und  Vancou-
There  has  been  some  free tlon
right-of-way   grunted   by   enterprising great
farmers  and   land  owners   along   the |    K<
line, and some few und ��� small    land fort
bonuses given,  but the  aggregate  of lngs  have  been  provided  for  In   for-
this  assistance,   much   as   we   appie- eign  flelds  largely  through  the inilu-      Searching parties    were   sent    out.
elate it, did not materially reduce the ence of American leaders.   Among the'and Saturday afternoon located  Mais
cost of construction to the company.    1 more Important places in  this group and his machine   in   the   mountains.
I pronouncing Mumm's beverage of  ver. Late    in    1907,   three   engineering are Kyoto. Kobe, Dalny, Porto   Rico, unhurt  but his machine was  verv first and the one wonnn   whose
ill.,,  the guests, ahout a hundred     John A. Lee, mayor of Westminster, ,)al,les we,e organized and took   the Mexico City, Colombo, and Bangalore. ��ars ^W^J sDlendhi rectitu e %nSS' it all
fifty in number   settled down to In response gave an assurance of the fleHi    The eugineer-ln-charge of each More marked even than this has been found to be damaged^ opiuimu  lutit.n.i   illuminates   1    an,
ast of oratory. pleasure It had given him to partici- was    g|ven    a general    direction    ln the campaign  for the   promotion   of |    Mars   declared   that   while   at   a
called   for   a pate  in  the  official  opening of    the  W|,|ch to run his line, but irrespective Bible  study  among  the  college   stu- height of 7500 feet above sea level his
sion, there is no waste of material, no
attempt to moralize, nobieak in the
continuity. The four men who aie the
central figures in the play stand out
in   admlruble   distinctness   from   tho
fhe chairman    first
lives from the moment of her first appearance. ��   s
Although  it  is  certain to   r/rcduce
^irW^d K^cAW&SSSS Jesnr^ ,i>^,^tOW5,*S4St?fr fluent thrills  the story is ^either
',e,1xtaoT'proposed   by    Mr. K the imt.l.ty of the so...   The B. S, heaHng In m.nValso ?he busi-jand Chinese hav, been enlisted in the ed glide to the ground    The machine melodrumaUc jr^Jgg*      ��
ullng  was that of  the  lieutenant- C D. R. deserved congratulations on  nes8 leiatlons of a railway    to    the movement.   The religious work of the struck   the mountainside   with   such "^'g^SriHnKrwt    Its
crnor    In   Introducing   this,    Mr. its enterprise on entering on such an count,y It runs through.   As we must .association has kept pace with all oth- force aB t0 break the running wheels, ^chmcal   construction   is  wonderful
ng expressed    his    regret   that undertaking   as   l����d  |!iat._ day been de, end entirely upon _ local^  business er features of its growth. ^ p,une and U)e propeller> but Mars Md ,t g,ve_ an exce���ent opportunlty
escaped without a scratch. for the members of the Margaret 6s-
A\/lATION MEETS ARE I    He left later for Spokane, where he wald Stock  company   to  show   their
ector  Buntzen  was  unable,  owing complete.!,     an   undertaking     which  fol". 0,���. revenues, we desired as far as
Illness, to be present   on   that oc- meant much now   and   would   mean  might  be    possible    that    the    line
ion.   It was due in a large measure still more ln the future to the district. Khould pass through the heart of the
Mr. Buntzen and Mr. Ilorne-Payne All Interested in the enterprise had a  8ettled  and  most  fertile   portions  of
I   the  Chilliwack  line    had    been duty ty perform, the company to the tlie district.    Three preliminary lines
lit.   The directors of the 11. C. E. It. people.' the people to the district and  were located, and after a careful ex-      ������--------��� ������-   ���        ��� -~  ..    ln.(,1.n.ltinn.,i racp in a few weeks   hood   Wis  in  Flower"
.puny  have  implicit  confidence  in the district to the province. lamination of each,  we adopted    the British and continental aviation meet- the inte.nationa   .ace ln a few wee 1��   hood  Was  In  Flower
future   elso thev would not have     Alderman Ramsay, acting mayor of 1|ne looated bv Ml, P, N. Sinclair, and lngs  tl.is  year  resulted  in    financial  Mars  says  he  lost  complete  control
nt the immense sum or twenty mil- Vancouver, followed  Mayor Lee,    de- lt   was   Mr.   Sinclair's   line   that   we ��<*�� to their promoters    aggregating and only the small trees saved him.
�� dollars already In this province, ihe,ing a short address tn   the course Pa!Iie  ove.   today.    Mr.   Sinclair  has $33,,000, according to a report to this
lllng for of., which he complimented   the   com- been englneer-ln-charge since the be- government  by Consul
NOT FINANCIAL SUCCESS1,.-. ,, w.ek'a enEaeement  after which  ability'    *'The  HoU8e  of a  T110118""11
has a weeks engagement, aitei which Candleg.. 8h0Uld, an.l no doubt will, do
he wlll return to New York to enter a better bU8ine8s than "When Knlght-
for  in   many
ways the play is stronger.
Washington, Oct. 3.���The principal
.  have now a  program calling for on wmen ne compumeu 1.��u   the   com- been englneer-ln-charge since the be- government by Consul   General    Mc-
expendlture or another six million  pany on the completion of, the splen- K(nnlng of construction, and I know Cune,   of   Glasgow,   Scotland.     The
lars    le again thanked the prem- dil roud over which he had had   the you  wlI,  Rl,  agree  with  me that he lowes were   distributed   among   the
for officiating at the opening of pleasure and privilege of travelling. ha8 glven U8 a flr8t class railway and aviation meetings as follows: Lanark.
ie line, am! explained that while the     C. W. Munro. mayor of Chilliwack, that his work will establish for him a W 000   Bournemouth, $50 000;  Black-
I. vice  WOUid  necessarily he limited thanked the irnmway company on be- blgh reputation as a railway engineer. Pool, $75,000,  Rhelms, flOO.000,  Nice,
the start   he hoped to see It grow  half cf his city  for having linked it You have observed on our trip   to *uu;������-
ns to warrant an Increase ln    the with the coast    cities.    For    twenty chilliwack that we encountered    the I    Atthe Lanark   meet   upwards   of
Imber of trains evorv dav.   ln addi- .Mr. Chilliwack had been waiting for UEUa, obstacles ln railway    construe-,200000 persons paid admission   Most
51. to the   regular   papsenger   cars, ndeiuate  transportation  facilities.    It tIon ln thlB ,)ttrfof the world, trestles, of the airmen lost money at the big
lir cars would be put on the line In had often been disappointed, but    at mUi cuts, bridges and high embank- meetings and the only result of value
.0 W  fttt re.    Mr.   Sperling  con- iMt  the  hopes  of the residents had me^t8 maklng the whole work as ex- which the recent flights produced   in
luledTie remarks by intimating thkt heen realized nnd a tfaln had reached penslve aB the highest class of steam ���turn for the great expenditures was ���   perlence in New York
Ills line to Chilliwack would be but U.Mr   city.    Mr. Munro   touched   at
^rrunneVoraTet^Tor..^ ��mne length on   the   btaeta   which*   ..    (Continued on Page Five.)
. ,the popular interest aroused ln
i science. , ,        ..
Bad Fire In New Work.
New.York, Oct. 3.���Flre In
the vicinity of Twenty-fourth
St. and Eleventh Ave. early to-4
night Bwept an area 500 by 300
feet, causing damage estimated
at $1,500,000. Chief Kroker announced that It was the greatest burned area during his ex-
In "The House of a Thousand Candles" a great deal of human interest
and sympathy as well as a delightful
spirit of Intensity which the characters Inspire In every witness of their
trials and tribulations, is said to be
manifest throughout the play. As a
production this pluy will excel anything ever attempted by the excellent
Margaret Oswald company. The second and third acts, depicting the
house lighted by a thousand candles is
a most sensational scene, as there an.
no electric lights used at all on the
stage and the flickering of the thou-
*_ sand candles make tbe scene awe-Inspiring. .     ;
Classified Advertisements REAL   ESTATE GREAT FORTUNES
accident Insurance solicitors. Good
one;' to m< a wno can t how r<.- .its,
Appiy Manager Life insurance Deli;, j : meat K. i. fiart .���; Co., Ltd.
Head  Office        -        451   Columbia St
New Westminster, E. c.
atlon as clerk in stoie. .'.ddlcaj 1..
S., Daily News.
1 Off
, 3.C
ACRES   in
(.i . il
( |0! l-
i -. >    c
ar    I
l er
...  e.
-thir i
.  ha.-
am e
a ii u t *
. eh e
! 1..' I., i
New Westminster Opera House
Hector McCaig, Manager
m���EMEMisTaEawnS'yamL***** .wnMawuermiTw.'i-va���jz-mi.mmi.v*,.i
Exaggeration and Cost of
High Living Aro Blamed
For Poor Showings.
Two Nights, Commencing Thursday, October 6th
Matinees Daily.    The Original
take i of .iiculal an.�� Applj in
own hand writ Ing to Manage)   Dai j
News, P. O. lio.i ~'.t.
wan I ;.,:   'I :.i::-.i-:    WAITERS    OR
waitress! s.   Ap] i..  itoj al Oak roi
iiiM house, iuA loluiiiiHa stieet.
once; good wages to the right jei-
suu.   Apply K:...nl City dye works.
} oung man In off-i e or sto.e. Repl;
to ii. P., News ofiice.
SIXTY ACRES in section 30, township
8, prairie land. Price $125 per acre;
one-third cash, balance one and
two years. (204-A.)
THIRTY ACKt-S i.i section 35, block
5 north, range l west, twenty ac <.;
cleared, \.i:a new house and barn;
good water. Price $270 per acre.
Terms     over     eighteen     months.
tl 7.-.-A. I
tri for  general  hpusowoik.    Good
wages to i ie right girl.   Appiy a.u
Second  street.
proved, with buildings, In tae vicinity of New Westminster. Fu.l
particulars tb Vancouver Brokerage
Land, 62 Hastings Btreel cast.
Apply 1026
seeks    work    by    day,
I   i; nwall street.
WANTED���LOAN OK $2500 ON Improved city property before October
1.    Write Dux O. K., Xews off!
flrst class lady clothes ironers and
two shirt polishers; two dollars per
day and fare. Electric Lace it Silk
laundry, Vancouver.
apply Royal City steam laundry.
; FIFTY acres in section 32, b'ock 5
north range 2 vest. X. W. I).; ali
solutely the I ���; sub liridlng pro-
i osltion ia Port Mann (list; icl today. iVhy ? The tern s are one
fifi h cast* and t lie balance over
TEN YEARS, with Interest at f, ,.-,
cont. C'L'l-A.)
TEM acres, being lot 6, section 27,
block ." nor h, ran ;e 2 w< st. N.W.D.,
on a '\\ "i a!e ; 0 id. $11 an ner act e;
$21)00 cash, balance .six. twelve aad
c':: hteen months a: 7 per cent. ;n
te.est. (222-A.)
10 ACRES tr, northwest quarter of
section If), township 2. $200 per
acre; one third cash, balance six ami
twelve months at 7 per cent, in
terest. (201-A.)
a few hours daily, by English lady.
Apply Mrs. Wixey, 320 Columbia
\V A X T B D ��� 11 O 0 S IC K B E PING
rooms for married couple. Apply
Bo$ A.A., this office.
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125  Third  avenue.
comprising six ..r seven acres right
on the interurban car line between
Central Park and Westminster.
-Goo.l nine roomed bungalow, excel
lent water and windmill, large
.sheds. The land is all cleared ami
there are a quantity of fruits oi
tearing age. This is one or the
most convenient along the line and
we can recommend it. Price $13,500;
$4500 cash, balance on terms. E. X.
Sutherland, Merchants bank building, Xew Westmins er.
feet, IS h.p. Fairbanks Morse galo-
line engine. Will sell or trade for
shingle bolts or cedar logs. Apply
The People's Trust Co., Ltd., 451
Columbia street, Xew Westminster,
B. C.
FIVE ACRES in section 18. township
s. on Newton road. $150 i er acre
Terms over two years. (91-A.) I
FIVE acre tracts, consisting of the
most feitile sail in Langley dis
tricts. cleared and iu a high stite
of cultivation; tram line running
through the property: good roads
on all sides. Pi ice $175 per acre
and up. Terms, one-fifth cash, balance over three years.
New Vor';. on. 3.���Almosl daily
the ��� di mm.-: enl ie. made thai the
i states ol tias an I ti.e next re; uted
multi-millionaire are turning out to
have decreased inordinatelf during
. . - nl  years.    Mi a suppo ;ed to have
been   woi th   $50,01 a.    tarn   oa!      i
��������� e bei a woith at their death ne u er
110 Ol O.OOOj  vt bill   th< se i aj 15 Ing  the
e utation of i os i sslng $10,000,000 tio '
well if they actually leave a couple of
:   :; i   ! .'.
While this phenomenon is explai te I
In part by the tend, ncj of thc man in
11 ������ sl '- el : i multiply t:-o reputed pos-
jions oj i he \ ery t ich, it is not lm-1
probable thai  the high cost or living
and prodigal extravagance of the men.
of minions may be to blame for i.
deflated fortunes,
one who is somewhat Intimately acquainted with the habits of millionaires remarked the other day: "Even
the very rich can find the cost of
iiigh living enormous; Ten years ago
extravagance had nol become the flne
ait it is today. Autonicbi'es were
then scarcely used at all, whereas today the average millionaire supports
a dazzling string of them, Xo longer
is a country house costing $100,000
counted worthy of the ultra fashionable; there must be not one, but half
a dczen huge 'places.' scattered overj
fa\oiite resorts in this country, ant
al least one mansion In England an^j
���another on the continent. And think
of how our hotels have risen from establishments of only ordinary expen-
'siveness to veritable palaces, with
costs on a royal scale. A few of our
wealthy citizens are already showing
an interest in airships. Otto Kahn
remarked that it would not be long
befoie airships would become pari of
the appanage of the ordinary millionaire."
Pictures of Fight taken at Reno, Nev., July 4, 1910
ES: $1.00, 75c and50c. .
Seats on Sale at McKenzie's Pharmacy, Wednesday
at 10 o'clock.
frwHftaiPraimfinr'iTir -""n���ftiV tttj,. _ err _j_r rzzs r.
'* Branchei
3  n   i d    *-��� Jewfound!
IScholS.- '^
^ i  j "L^ers of Cn
AND ;EVERY ynv^ings
eceived i
VTITT   vri ud inter.
Tntnl   A
G65���Co!uc:Lia Sired-,
Through our branch office at Kamloops we have received some of the
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
ancl get particulars.
Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager.
Head  Office        -        451  Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
Kamloops, B.C.
Branch Office
********t>**0Ci��*****m**O***********< >***������) ****<> ���>***>*****<>**
Having a tender foi' the moving of the    resilience    of  21    rooms,
* modern, we are prepared to sell two lojs with the house placed up a
��    them for $3425.    Terms, $725 cash, balance over two years. This D   l
��� be sold at once, as we are going to open up streets,
t    Phone  307.
620 Co'umbia Street.
v       ���, ���'***���**���* 'W
Lftew Westminstei   B.C
Wa**a*___mmmmr_v*_, E����gagl
��� i    -��� ���������-**.        a
ineral Wat^^S!
Aerated Watei
Manufactu ed by     B
NEW WESTMir. -���;���.:���  v.  r  ��hone 66
I Telephone R  113. Office: Prince.
$1400. Terms to arrange. Thirty-
five feet over all, nine foot
iieain, 3d inches drought, with cabin,
easy to carry six tons freight; seafaring, strong, tvell built boat;
just one jear old. Fifteen bdrse
jiower Ferro double cylinder engine
with extta attachment of storage
battery, dynamo, electric light, etc.
All complete and in good condition.
Apply to C, Shinobu.
limit, all cleared, $700 per acre for
this month $1500 cash. Murakami,
P. O. Box 2110, Vancouver.
inches wide, double key board, first
class condition. Cheap. Apply Ira
A. Reid, Columbia street, next to
tram office.
(Successors to Hale Bros. &. Kennedy.
Over   Merchants  Bank, Cor. Columbia
and Begbie Sts.
New Westminster, B. C.       Phone 335
FOR city, residential and business
property, farm and fruit lands,
water frontaae, and B. C. Electric
and Cana.iian Northern railway terminal acreage, apply to
Over  Merchants Bank, Cor. Columbia
and   Begbie  Sts.
New Westminster. B. C.      Phone 335
LARGE LOTS (66x132) on Johnson
road; $200 each; $10.80 cash, $10.00
per month.
Merchants Bank Building.
nearly new, electric light, half minute to car. Price $1500, cash $300.
halance $20 per month. Box \V. S.,
Daily News.
seven room modern house on Fourth
street. Apply on premises for particulars, or 51:: Fourth street, New
Westminster, B, C.
ly Furnished, centrally situated. Ad-
dress Ladies' Hairdressing Parlors,
Applications to be placed on the
supplementary voters' list for the City
of New Westminster will be received
by the undersigned up to November
1st, 1910.
Applicants must be British subjects
of the full age of twenty-one years,
and have heen residents of the city six
months immediately precedinfi the
date of application, and have during
that time paid as a householder a
rental of not less than one hundred
dollars a vear.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Sept. 30, 1010.
Hymnal  Commission  Wants  Excluded
"From Greenland's Icy Mountains"
���Storm of Protest.
Cincinnati, Oct. ?,.���Protests from
every section of the country against
the recent action of the Mission Hymnal Commission of the Protestant Episcopal church, wbicli ordered that
the famous missionary hymn. "From
Greenland's Icy Mountains," he eliminated from the revised hymnal, will
be presented before the Episcopal
General convention which convenes at
Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 5 next.
The fight to save the hymn, which has
been sung for ninety-one yeass by missionaries in all parts of the world,
promises to be a stubborn and bitter
It is on the ground that the hymn
tends to inspire the Christian students with the beauties of nature rather than the allness of God that the
hymnal commission recommends that
it be removed from the revised song
book. Other well known hymns also
fell un ler the ban of the commission
for tbe same reason, and in the fight
that will be made to have "From
Greenland's Icy Mountains" returned
to its old place the cause of several
other hymns also will be pleaded.
I ^ I
| Chinese Fancy Goods      -^^w ���
* Importers of Chinese and
! ��� Japanese fancy goods, chairs and
I * curios.
X        Makers of   h dies'   dresses,
* shirt waists and children's gar-
* ments.
��� 859 COLUMBIA ST.
******************+*******>*******: ***************** fi
Many People who havjp.
never before been in
position to do so, n
now be ready to open
bank account.
Gold tfi
Fishermen Have H. ra Fight Landing Him from Net*.
Long Branch, N. J., Oct. 3.���Taka-
nassee lake fishermen had the fight of
their life in landing a thousand-
pound i.hark from the nets of the
Ocean  fishery. ,
..The huge fish measured twelve feet
In length, and there was a tsruggle
lasting nearly an hour before the flsh-
I ermen finally pulled the shark Into the
j boat.
I The shark put up B big fight, and
the swishing of its tail played havoc
the nets. A hlock and falls was necessary to land the monster.
Commencing September 16, the SS. Transfer will leave Brackman-
Ker  wharf every afternoon, except Sunday, at 2 p.m., for
Ladner, Westham Island and Way Ports
f;J~JT*R9Returning to New Westminster Saturday evening.
Returning will leave every week-day morning at 7 a.m. and Ladner
7:30 a.m. Additional trip Monday morning, leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
loom, furnished. Apply Arrow Press,
600 Victoria street, near Daily
Is. ed front bedroom, suitable for
two gentlemen. Apply Box J. S.,
Daily News.
ner Agnes and Seventh streets.
apply 713 Trew street.
BOOM TO RENT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
irentlemen.    Apply at 233 8th St.
All persons using Columbia street
for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested to keep to the left hand side
of the cor track while proceeding in
either direction.
By order,
Acting City Clerk.
City  Hall,  August  12.  1910,
ply upstairs Trapp block, corner
Columbia street and Clarkson.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 129 Tenth
New Westminster Land  District.    District  of   New  Westminster.
Take notice    that John    Ferdinand
Baggs, of Nelson   Island,   occupation
farmer, intends  to apply  for  periris-
Ision  to purchase the    following    da-
iscribed  lands:
' Commencing at a post planted
about one mile northeast from. th.
head of Hillings hay, and abort 40
chain-: easterly from the Southeast
come" of timber lot number 37)141.
thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Dated August 29, 1910.
This schedule subject to change without notice.   For freight and
passenger rates apply to
rooms. 703 Thtrd avenue. Apply
after ti p. m. or between 9 a. m. and
5 p. tn. at Room 14. (!23 Columbia
Try a "WANT" ad la The News.
It wiU brla�� results.
ably taken by mistake from Pythian
roller link on Saturday evening. If
returned to roller rink further trouble wil] be avoided. ^^Hl
From 326 Hospital street, Sapperton, black cocker spaniel bitch. Any
person detaining after this notice
wlll be prosecuted.
Mi r_
Tel. 573. 13 Blackie St.
******************* ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Weekday Schedule
���" Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 6:50, ���6:20,  6:50,  7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m. 2
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster  at  5:50,  6:50,   7:20,  8:00 ���
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m. )
Return  Fare:   Adults,  G0c;  children  under 12, "35c. ���
Sunday Schedule���Cars lea e   Westminster   for  Vancouver   at   8 x
a. m. and every half hour th> reafter until  11 p. m. *
Cars leave Vancouver for V estminster at 8 a.  m., 9 a.  m. and ���
every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m. J
Sunday  Excursion   Rates:   I eturn fare. 50c;   children, 260, 4
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei J
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. in. and 3:20  p.  m.    Freight cars  leave  Van- *
couver for  Westminster at 9:10, 1:20 and 5:20. ^
City  Limits  Line���20-mlnute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m. *
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m. 4
Sapperton   Line���20-minute  service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. J
Sunday   Service���20-minute service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. *
i+t***************** ************>***>**************%****.
a,-*********************���*** *************************'
The Bank of Tora
offers to all such pe
the facilities of tl
laage and strong bi
ing organization.
Interest is paid on  Sa
Balances naif-yearly,
^'tsiness   Accounts   opeot
o^ favorable  terms.
^ASSETS! $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
|7.S0 up.
White Star-Domini
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpoo\
8.8. LAURB"*"*���
Triple screw,  14JJ^5 ton..
8.8. MEGArt..-^
Twin   screw,    i*,*n~   torn.
largest   and   mott   modern,   ���
commodatlon equal to any c
irtg the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply tc
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Lea vi
. Lea v.
'' Lcav
d*y an
first C
XHE       O A . L Y       NEW*
1 Ryall's Drug Store
��� w***xJM*a*k.   vrfiTen    DV    ^TDTI^I A KI Ck
a. gunn;
Furniture Made to Any Design.]
Furniture Repaired.
Woodwork of All Kinds.
39 Alexander St.
.������������������������tt MIMMiMMIMI H
Green Cut Bone to Make|
Your  Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat Mar.
Corner  Eighth 8t. and  Fifth Avetirt
PHONE  370.
For all kinds ot
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow   Pres
Mn. E. M. Domlny, Pro.
near The Dally News Co., 609 Vict^
Try a "WANT" ad ln The Ne"
It Will bring results.
,  ������   ;>: TUESDAY,  OCTOBER   4,   1910.
-Bank of Montreal
**          established 1817. i
Capital   $14,400,000.00
' iesERVE         11,000,000.00
���Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, ami in London, Kng-,
ind, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
J.S.A., and . lox'co City. A general
lanklng business transacted. Let-j
ers of Credit issue, i. available with
orrespondents in all parts of the
rorld. '
Savings Bank Department���Deposits]
eceived In sums of $1 and upward,
nd Interest 'allowel at 3 per cent, per
nnum  (present  rate).
Total iA*sets   over    . 18C,000,000.00
Dublin,   Oct.   3.���The   temperance V
movement ^started in this city by the ;
Jesuit Fathers is growing. Right thou- '
sand i ergons attended one of the tem-]
perance  ralli's.    Father  ftttrell,  lo- j 	
cal head of the order, said the hope of
any nation in respect to the liquor evil  Harry V.   Radford,   OI  New
wai. to bring up the children on tem-.
perance lines. York, to Spend Four Years
He Ccunldn't Tell   His Name, but the
Poodle's  License Tag  Gave
the   Clew.
i      G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
V        Westminster
^Transfer Co.
v-fflce 'Phone lis.     Barn "Phone 137
r Columbia Street-
Baggage   delivered   promptly     a
-*>;; any part ot the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
"To The
General Public"
in Wilderness.
I   have  the  best  potatoes  grown  in
IB. C, at cheaper rates ier sack, or by
Ithe ton, delivered anywhere    in    the
city limits of New Westminster free
of charge.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Give your
order now and get delivery same day.
j    Don'l forge); the actress.
The  Potato Merchant and Auctioneer.
527  Front  St.,  New  Westminster.
Phone 550.
Paterson, N. J.. Oct. '���).���A poodle is
  responsible  for  three-year-old  George
Edmonton, Oct. 3���Starting oa a Whitman heing returned to his home.
four year's journey into the north, The liu,e fellow wandered away
durinf which time he will travel ioJ sllortl-v after ei-ht :,'c,ck in the morn-
Great Slave lake, east across the liar-in��' and about nv3 houra afterward a
;  ns to the shoves of the Hudson Bay,jcltlzen picked him "" ? halt mlle from
nnd north to the Arctic ocean, where his home.   The dog was with th ��� child!
he will spend two years in the study :and followed  on  to police   heaiquar-
George could  not teil  his name or
addi ess,  but it  was noticed that the
of the Eskimo race an.l their customs,
Hary V. Radford, tlie New York scientist and explorer, will leave Edmonton
tomorrow or Saturday.
Mr. Radford reached Edmonton this  dog had  a license tag on its   collar.
tc Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
:l  loom 6. Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
,   ��hone 661 Residence  Phone  133
Westminster P.'vate Hospital.
223 Townsend tt. Maternity
and non-contagious %, medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. Forjurther particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone "55.
Gold Watches for Ladles from 11275
Silver WatcheB,   gents'   open face
Sliver Watches, gents' open   case,
for    Waltham   and     Klg'n
6   ���
17.50 up.
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
For Sale
Six roomed house, all modern,
n  Sixth  avenue.    Price  $2625.
Nice eight roomed cottage on
Nanaimo street.    Price $1680.
Two storey seven roomed
house on Mowat street, on full
sized lot. Lovely view of river.
Price $-700 for quick sale.
Eight roomed house on Allan
street, Sapperton, on full sized
lot.    Price  .lf>50.
Beautiful five roomed bungalow, modern and well finished,
on    Sherbrooke   street.     Price
The Corporation of th? City of New
Westminster has deposite 1 with the
Minister of Public Wofks at Ottawa
and ln the office of the Registrar of
Deeds for the District of N'ew Westminster, British Columbia, at New
Westminster plan and description of
the proposed site for laying steel
pipe line or water main under the
Brunette river in tlie Province of
British Columbia, and after one
month from the first publication hare-
, of will apply to the Governor in
him, to be tak-, Council   for  approval  thereof.
this  Third day   of   October,
Clerk of the Municipal Council of The
Corporation   of  the. City   of   New
The foregoing are but a few
of the many snap values we
hav. for sale. Act quickly. Call
and .^ee us.
National finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New   Westminster,   B.  C.
a vie
to 2
H.  P.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
St.,   New
The    Pacific    Coast
surance Co.
Fire    In-
The     Prudential     Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Co.
And   Upriver   Landings
The   New  Sternwhee'er
Room  6,  Guichon Building.
Phone  681
Leaves  Brackman-Ker  Milling Com-
���   ��� |W'h wharf. New Westminster, with
IHKliSsf'ngerB and freight as follows:
i  Leaves New  Westminster Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. in.
aves Chilliwack Wednesday, Fri-
and Sunday at t a. m.
rst Class Passenger Accommodation
New   Westminster.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Street. Phone 567.
morning after a trip east to Ottawa,
where he interviewed the Dominion
government regarding tlie exploration
trip he complete;! this summer, and
regarding tlie trip he is about to start
Maps Approved.
The maps and sketches of the great
unexplore 1 region east of Great Slave
lake, which Mr. Radford explored last
year, were approved and accepted by
the Dominion geographer, and surveyor general, to whom Mr. Radford
turned over the maps ancl sketches.
'i lie surveyor general will have the
maps published, as they are the first
on that section of the north which
have ever been ma le.
Asks Relief Expedition.
Radford has appllel to the government of Canada for a relief expedition
to be sent to Baker lake, at the head
of Chesterfield inlet, for the purpose
of landing supplies for
en up by him when he reaches there |    Dated
on his overland trip, a year from now. ] 1910,
The   Canadian   government   have   re-1
ceived the proposal favorably1! Radford
having agreed to bear the entire expense of the expedition himself.
Should the  expedition  be made,  it
[ will be the first time a steamer has
ever  made the  trip into  Chesterfield
inlet, the most northern inlet  in  the
; Hudson Bay.   The government send a
I supply    steamer    into    Hudson     Bay
every   year   with    supplies    for   the
mounted i.olicc, and Mr. Radford has
! asked   that   they   extend   the   trip   of
! the steamer to take in Chesterfield Inlet.
"It    is    absolutely    necessary    that
.those   supplies   be   landed   there   for
me. otherwise I should have to abandon the trip." said Mr. Radford today.
; "It is of gieat advantage to the
ernment, as they  will receive all my
I maps and sketches of my explorations, I
I f 1 ee of charge.   Were the government1
ito undertake the exploration trip thatt
I am undertaking it would be a large
e:q ense.    1 liave great hopes that the |
government  will  send the expedition.
The  supplies   will   be  landed  on   tlie
shores  of  Baker  lake,  which  point,  1
will reach next September.
"I will travel north to Great Slave
lake by way of the Peace river. I expect to winter this year at Fort S��fith.
on the Slave river. From there I wiil
go on across country to the shores of
the Hudson Pay, and will spend another winter a: Baker lake. From
there 1 will go into Arctic regions, I
and will spend two years among the!
"lf the government do not send the
'relief expedition it simply means that I
1 my expedition would have to leave Ba-
ker lake for the two vear trip Into the j
north without a crumb of food.   Tha, 1
would   be   an   impossibility,   so   we
would have to abandon the trip."
Mr. Radford has with hlm two white I
men  who  have  signed  a contract to
stay with him for four years, travel-'
ing  with  him  wherever he wants to I
go on the continent.    This Is rather
a large orde>, but the men are m?n
who have been  used to life   in   the!
wilds and have no fears.
The license bcoks showed the license
to have been issued 10 Mrs, Mary
Whitman, and a policeman was sent
to the house where the chi! l's mother was found almost frantic with grief
over the disappearance of George.
'HE Fit-Reform Creed is������
pay less and dress better.
For years, Fit-Reform has preached the
doctrine of better style, better fabric, better
tailoring, better value.
And Fit-Reform has lived up to its
reputation by giving honest value for the
All you need to know about
it is a Fit-Reform Suit.
The name Fit-Reform tells
the whole story of better
value for the money.
a Suit is, that
Sole   Agent   in   New   Westminster
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster has deposited with the
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa
and in the office of the Registrar of
de-.'ds for the Distiict of New Westminster, British Columbia, at A'ew
Westminster plan and description of
the proposed site for laying steel
pipe line or water main under the
north arm of the Fraser River in the
gov-j province of British Columbia, and after one month from the first publication hereof will apply to the Governor
In Council for approval there of.
DATED this Third dav of October,
Clerk of tlie Municipal Council of The
Corporation  of  tlie   City   of   New
Smoke   and Gas Tight
Made out of Steel
-r,-: *   *...    .
James I McClughan
Dominion Trust Block
Phone 302
Front and Sixth Sts.
P. 0. Box 248
rn.   '
ty ers
)ly to
ss!. n.j
Kinds   of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply Executed.
I(';:inarvon   and   Sixth   St.   New
Westminster B, C, Phone 354.
JOHN  DOBSON,  Manager.
Given  on  Any
Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone  388
Queens   Park,    New  Westminster,  B. C.
Under the Auspices of the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society
of British Columbia.
Sets Example at Maneuvers   by
self   Insisting   on   Soft
OCT. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8,1910.
Try  a  "WANT"  ad
It  will  hrlnu results.
ln  The  News
"Prince Rupert" and "Prince George
3,500   Tons���320   Feet   Long���18/j   Knots
6eave Vancouver (Johnson's wharf) Mondays and Fridays at 11:30
p.m. for Prince Rupert. ���
Leave Vancouver (Johnson's wharf) Wednesday and Saturdays at
2:00 p.m. for Victoria and Seattle.
SS. "Prince Albert" 'eaves Prince Uupert 5:00 p.m. Sundays and
Wednesdays for Stewart; 10:00p.m. Mondays for Masset, and 10:00
p.m. Thursdays for Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City^Lockport, Jedway
and Ikeda.
Solid wide vestibule trains of coaches and sleeping cars between
Chicago. Detroit, London, Hamilton. Niagara Falls, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Portland, Boston, etc. Longest douoie track railway
under  one  management  on  the American continent.
For rates time tables, booklets and full information, passenger or
freight, apply to
H.G.SMITH. LV-DRU<T.,A       ,
Citv Passenger nnd Ticket Agent. Commercial Agent.
Telephone 7100.     527 Granville Steer, Vancouver.       Telephone 3060.
Berlin.    Oct.    3.���The    temperance
folk and strict church  members here
are  hi. lily  gratified  at  tlie emperor's
stan I  against  tippling  in  tlie  army
during  the   manoeuvre?    in �� Eastern
Prussia.    One of his reasons for this
Strange  attitude  on   his  part   Is  that
hundreds of soldiers nave been dropped from the army  necanseof heart
trouble,  superinduce;!   by   the   us -  of
liquor.    The   emperor   ordered    that ji
only non-alcoholic beverages be sen-  '!
ed to him. as he lias found from excellence that they enable him better
to withstand the strain In the saddle,
lie also callel upon tho tropps to cut I
down their indulgence In liquor to the |
least possible point.
Statistics show that, in consequence |
of the lislng consumption of alcohol I
In the army, the number of soi.lers j
Whom It has been necessary to dis- ,
charge for heart affections has in-
creased tenfold.
For the foreign officers who were i
his guests, the emperor ordered a I
supply of wines. These were trans- I
ported in the kitchen motor train,
Which this year Is used for the llis; j
time, it carried a marqueer with a
collapsible table, chairs, crockery and |
glass for twelve persons.
To Restrict Revolver Sale In Paris.
Pails. Oct. 3��� The minister of Justice will prcpaie a bill intended to put
an end to the unrestricted sale of revolvers to irresponsible persons, Tho
growth in the number of crimes
among, local criminals who use revolvers without any provocation is causing much worry.	
Official Opening, by  Hon. Richard McBride,  Premier
of the Province, Tuesdiay, Oct. 4, at 2. p. m.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday���Lacrosse Matches.
Wednesday���Scottish Sports and Scottish Concert.
Thursday���Vancouver Day-American Day.
Friday���Children's Day.
Saturday-;-Exhibition will continue until 10:30 p. m.
Wagner's Band, of Seattle, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This was the
official band at the Alaska-Yukon Exposition in 1909, and has a world-wide reputation.
Summerland Band. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Vancouver Musicians' Band, Tuesday afternoon and evening and Wednesday
Vancouver Pipers' Band, Wednesday.
Al. G. Barnes' Big Three Ring Wild Animal Circus on the Grounds during,
the whole Period of the Exhibition.
W. H. Keary,
Manager and Secretary.
T. J. Trapp,
,.       ,'y PAGE FOUR.
tl' fir
The Daily Hews
Published by Tne Dally .News Publish
lu.  Company, Limited, at their offices
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victor!;
We Furnish Your
Home   Complete
Fire  Insurance.
Yesterday was a red letter day   in
the history of Xew Westminster, for
it aaw the actual physical completion
of construction work on the new line
of the Ii. C. Klectric railway between
this city an.l Chilliwack, and tlie running of the flrsl train over the entire
length of the track.    The  final    mechanical stroke    which    marked    the
completion  of this ^reat and  import-
am  undertaking was   performed    by
the Hen. Richard .McBride, who, upon i
the completion of a speedy and com-1
fortable trip from this city, skilfully i
drove home the last spike in the sixty-1
tinee miles of steel rail. j
The event was a momentous one for I
the whole of this part of the province i
of  British  Columbia,   for  from  today
onward this splendid stretch  of steel!
lined road will open up a cheap ai^d
rapi:l means   of   communication   between Xew Westminster and the num
erous towns and settlements between
here and tl%progressive little city at
the eastern end of the Fraser valley.
This  new  line  will  confer  an  immense boon upon the settlers located
along the fertile slopes of the southern valley of the great river. Hitherto
these people have been compelled to |
rely almost entirely upon the river as
a means of transit and travel to   the ]
populous cities lying in and abouts its I
estuary, and whilst this has been use-1
ful   and   helpful   to  them,   it   has  al-
ways   possessed   certain   drawbacks,'
for it is impossible for boats to pro-
vide  a  speedy,  frequent,  or   reliable;
service throughout the year.    But the I
new  line of the  B. C.   Electric  Railway company will do this, and the two
or three trains per diem that will run
each   way  will  furnish  the    farmers,
fruit growers and poultry raisers, and
the people  generally  with a certain,
quick and cheap means of travel and
dispatch. j
But beyond this the new line will
have a strong influence towards the
development of the fertile areas of
the Fraser valley. These districts,
now being placed as It were at the
door of a great market which is constantly demanding Increased supplies
of farm produce, will find increasing
favor among agriculturists and in a
very few years hence we may expect
to see this great agricultural area
thickly dotted with the homes of
thriving, happy ranchers.
The opening of the Chilliwack line'is to be congratulated upon the com-
wlli also be of the greatest advantage pletlon of this important, expensive
to tlie cities of Xew Westminster andjand costly undertaking,    and   is   de-
Dairy and Poultry Farm
Nearly 15 acres are in cultivation, good house
and necessary buildings and stock, well fenced and
cleared.   $10,000, easy terms.
Apply S. S.      P. O. Box 29
Life Insurance.
Corner lot, 132 feet on Second.   We
��. offer for sale for a few days a cosy
cottage situated on corner lot, having
132 feet frontage on Second street.
The most magnificent vieV in the
east end.    Price  .4000.
Kellington Bros
Northern Crown Bank Building
Phone 680 Columbia St.
| Accident Insurance.
Automobiiel   Insurance.
All styles of gloves for this season. The.
Soft Suede in pearl and grey that give a
perfect fit. Fownes', Perrins' and Dents'
$1.50 to $2.25 per pair.
We have lined gloves, silk or wool, all sizes
���   $1.25 to 3.50 per pair.
| J. Eugene Brown & Co.)
Home of Quality
618 Columbia St.
We have great pleasure in announcing that the
McCall Patterns havejarrived. Numerous enquiries
have been made since we advertised we were installing this well known pattern, now we are able to
supply every number shown in the books or on the
sheets, as the stock is complete in every respect. <��:
prices 10c and 15c. none higher.
McCalls Magazine
Subscriptions taken for the McCall Magazine
75c a year.
We invite every visitor to the City, to call and <S
inspect our :new fall stock, and greatly^improved VANr!
?up i
he G
.ed c
A Trip
To Europe ?
If so, you will want the very best
that can he offered for your money,
and it does not matter what class of
cabin is desired.
will fill your wants. First, Second and
Third Cabin accommodation is unexcelled whilst the Dining Service leaves
nothing to he desired.
The Next Sailings are
Royal George Sept. 29
Royal Edward   Oct. 13
Royal George    Oct. 27
Royal  Edward    Nov.  10
E .Goulet, agent C. P. R., will book
your passage via these steamers, or
write Win. Stapleton, general agent.
Scott block, Winnipeg, .Man.
Those having furnished   rooms   to
let during the progress of the provln-
Vancouver, for it will be the means of j serving of commendation for   having cI_,   exhlbltlon_   are   askod   t()   k)nd|y
keeping them regularly supplied with | carried it through to completion in so  [eave   their   names    and    addresses,
the produce of the farms and gardens brief a space of time, in the face of  wittl th<- number of rooms they have
,, to let, at the secretary's office, Thom-
m all weathers and at all times.    To- so many unexpected difficulties. That son  t,|0ck,  where there will  be some
wards the future development of   this their public spirited efforts will meet' person in attendance, up to the date
.,,   ,.,      .        �� , of the  exhibition,  to receive  this  in-
City  n   will  likewise  play  an  import- with  public appreciation  we have no formation.    .Numerous   inquiries have
am part, seeing thai here will be the doubt.    The people will  he delighted already  been  received  as  to  the  ac-
, . , ,, commodatlon at the disposal    of   the
central  poinl  al  which the dispatch, to patronize this very excellent means hotels, and private residences.
and reception, and .lstributlon of the of communication to the full and thus1 W. II. KEARY,
, ,.   . , ,  ,    ,,,     i ,    ,  , I Manager and Secretary,
passengers and freight carried will be enable the company to regard   their j, n   a     .,   v      iyfl��tmin,tflP   ac l8t''ecl :i
,i. u. box ,..i, Aew  Westminster. B.L, , |je l)Urned ,)V Uie c.on.,ration
conducted,    nils   means   the   endow- undertaking as a pa>in.   and profitable  _ .  .      Any person or  persons  who  dump
ni in of ilie Royal City will a consider
All   rahblsh   and   garbage must   bt-
renioveil   to   the   foot   of   Sixteenth
nd Fifth avenue, where It will
*************************************+++***���+������** yand
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J. BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner Eleventh and Cerllne. PHONE 473
**************************** *********************
4 ,
abh  i ommercial Importance, how con-
si li rable this  may he it. is perhaps
5*e1  a little early to attempt to   es;!-
For all  electrical    work    and <��� m- j
racts phone T. Roberts. Till.
Hear Miss Munn ard  Mr. Morrison
.n "The Token," opera house,   6cto-
The B. ('. Electric Railway eompanylber 6,
Rob   llolib.  the   great  comedian    i
the Scottish conceit. Enjoy a laugh.
Any person or persons
gai hare or rubbish of any kind on
any other sireet or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
will be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Hylaw.
Hy Order, 8. .1. PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector
'  City Hall. June 13. 1910.
* '���**��� '���
Probabl.   that watch of you s is not giving you proper satisfacti in   9
You have had It ln the rcpali shop, but, while it Is running, will nol I
run accurately.    The reason for dissatisfaction  Is that   the  man  who 1
dil tlie repairs Is either Incapable or doing good work or ls not con- fl
B.lentlOUS In his work, or, in all probability, he Is gifted with both <f
the faults mentioned.
W'e have been fortunate In seeming  the  services  of  a   first  c'-is"'
watch nan who has taken charge of our  watch  repair work.    A  man
who will tell you the truth In regard  to the condition of your watcll
and will repair ii properly, and, as a consequence, it will   not   on
run, but keep accurate time.
Agents for Howard. Ball  and  Longine Watches.
*,**************************a*. + ********4**+mf *+*****
TWELFTH STREET, new residence,
seven rooms, and large concrete
basement, bath, etc.; lot 41x140;
lane in rear; good position on car
line and commanding fine view.
Price |3600, easy terms."*
No. 137.���New six-room house on
Tenth street, close to the business
district; full lot with lane in rear.
$850 cash will handle tills snap and
the balance can be arranged to suit
ROYAL AVENUE, near Seventh
street, large modern house, recent'y
renovated throughout. Price $1000;
$1500 cash.
LONDON STREET, close to Twelfth
street, large lot, cement sidewalks.
Price $860; $210 cash.
White, Shiles & Co.
Fire Insurance Specialists
Mo. 133.���Xow seven robm house on
Henley street, near Orphanage,
(soon to be paved). $2750; one-
third cash, balance to arrange.
No. 132.���Pine residential lot, With
small house, close in, on future
business street; the best speculative buy in the city. $2ti00; one-
third cash, balance easy payments.
No. 111.���A full sized lot cleared and
ln fruit on Regina street, with comfortable house; sewer on this
street; for $1800. Small cash payment will handle thsl.
���.,.-.-**������/������_-���.���*-*��� _.! f--**��r ���
_fFX !*��!*.>< �����>
,J,t.,^mmm--M'- TUESDAY.  OCTOBER   4,   1910.
B.C. El Runs First Train
To Chilliwack City
(Continued From Page One)
. ireat Prizes Offered for Chicago-New York Flight ���
Many Entries.
West Enders    and  Reginas Will    Try
Conclusions Before Big Match at
Queen; Park Today.
.Meago, <vt. :;.���From Chicago to
��w York l.y aeroplane will b" at-
��mpted on S;:t.irday ter a grair.l
at.l of $"n,' i-i ;u pi ice.-. X i i i c avia-
9TB have e:in :od.
Tl.is race will be the greatest en-
urauce tes! id which, tlie air marines have yel been put. The 1000-
iile course must he covered in 18(>
ouis of elapsed time, slops unlimit-
d. The race is under the direction of
he Chicago Evening Post and the
lew York Times and all this week
'lil.be devoted to practice by the en-
rjta addition to the endurance fea-
ire of this race will be the crossing
f the Appalachian mountains. What
jutes the different aviators will take
ave not been announced and proba-
ly will not be as the contestants conifer this a vital consideration in the
nlng of tlie race.
{le entrants, with the make and
tyepower of their machines, are:
lugene Fly���Curtiss biplane, 'ii>-
hiarles     Willard���Curtiss    biplane,
A.  I).  McCurdy���Curtiss biplane,
ugust    Post���Curtiss   biplane,   .'15
ames   Hadley���Bleriot   monoplane,
horsepower. I
Charles     K.     Hamilton���l)ietz
ae, US-horsepower.
Thomas    S.    Baldwin���Curtiss
>lane, 35-horsepower.
Todd  Schrlever���Dietz  biplane
J.   C.    Mars���Curtiss    biplane,
jThere is a possibility of the entry
a Wright biplane to be guided by
'alter  Brooklns,  who  won  the  Chi- Clarke,
;o Record-Herald   prize  of  $10,000
a continuous flight to Springfield,
from Chicago on Thursday, a dis-
.ftnee Of 1X7 miles.
L James Hadley, the English air pilot?
pects to use a Bleriot monoplane
Ith a flfty-horsepower engine if it
tan reach here in time. Otherwise
he will use a Curtiss biplane with a
heavier engine.
��� Charles K. Hamilton
Tlie Reginas and West Enders wlll
iday a game in tlie intermeJiate city
league at Queens park this afternoon
before Uie big game between Vancouver and the Nationals is called. The
Iteginas are at present one game
ahead, but If they get beaten today
they will be out of the running. The
West Enders have little to
taking the game as they are out of
the league anyway. In case the Reginas win, they will play with Sapperton on Thursday afternoon for the
championship of the city.
Tlie game will be called sharpe at
1;30 p.m. and will finish in time to allow the National-Vancouver game to
be commenced about three o'clock.
The following are the probable lineups
railway construction generally is. As
a matter of fact, the cost, of the line,
wliich ii was lirst Intended should not
exceed $1,500,000, has been gradually
iaise.1 until ihe completed road represents an expenditure of over $3,000,-
000, or roughly $50,000 per mile. Our
trestles and bridges are all of the bes:
workmanship; we have used seventy
pound sicel throughout, and in every
other feature the highest standards of
construction have been adopted. Our
buildings, you will liave also noticed,
are of a most substantial type, anil In
no item of tho work has an attempt
heen made to save money by the
lowering of standards.
We claim for our railway that it
will better serve the needs of this
district than auy steam railway, as it
will always be our aim to keep in
win by | close touch with the people, and in
addition we otter mills and other industrial institutions the Bame facilities for receiving raw material and
exporting their manufactures as can
be obtained on the line of any steam
railway. We lia\e connections with
the C. P. lt. at New Westminster,
Clayburn and Huntingdon, and consequently will be able to spot C. P. R.
cars anywhere on our line to be loaded and shipped to any point ln Canada or the L'nite.l States. We have
also connection with the Great Northern railway, and cars destined for any
part of the United States can be as
easily handled from our line as from
the line of the Great Northern railway itself. In the matter of passenger service, we are going to begin
with two trains each way daily; later,
as the business develops, we will increase the number of trains, and in
this way endeavor to keep fully up to
the requirements of the district, in
addition, we will run freight trains
Manager Querrie Does Not Think Roy- carrying your milk, fruit, grain, live
als   Invincible. stock and other produce of the farm
Somehow when talking about the and orchard, and we hope that the
history of the Minto Cup the Tecum-' easier and cheaper means of com-
sehs have been overlooked in the munlcatlon which we are furnishing
shuffle, says the Toronto News. Why)you will speedily be the means of
this Is so is a mystery, when it is trebling the population and produc-
considered that the Indians came clos-jtlon of the Fraser valley. The present
35- er to wresting the silverware from the (consumption of agricultural products
champions than any team making the in British Columbia is about $12,000,;
trip before or since. The Tecumsehs 1000 per annum. Of this we produce
went after the mug in June, minus!only $6,000,000, necessitating the im-
Davidson, Stewart and M*r-1 portatlon of an equal amount per an-
ton, of their championship lineup, andj num. The opportunity, therefore, for
held the Westminsters to a fi to 4 j development: of the land is still ex-
score in the first game and fi to 5 in J ceedingly large, and it is our hope
the second. At half-time In the last: that this valley, from the Gulf or
match thev led 4 to 3, but a weakness , Georgia to the easterly boundary of
in center field, owing to the illness of Chilliwack, will shortly become one
Felker    und    Querrie,    spoiled   their i vast garden, populated by  a progres-
Reginas ��� Goal, Keary, Pearson
Robertson. Turnbull, Swenceski, Fletcher, Fitzgerald, Eastman, Kenny
Gilford, Smith and Johns.
West Fnd���Goal. Munn or Mortison;
Dlgby, Cooper, Galbraith, Gregory
Sangster, Battson, Bartlett, Sangster
McFadden,  Mills and Swanson.
CAN    BE    BEAT.
trooklns (light on Thursday was
older of the American continuous
flight record, is in the care of a physician, but on his way here from
Sacramento he telegraphed that he
Would "fly If alive.
chances.    Manager  Querrie does not >ive, prosperous anl happy people.
agree   with   the   statement   made    in j    You have now the prospect of two
, these columns that the coast cracks | moi e  railways througn  tne    district,
who until the are unbeatable.    He is of' the opinion | but we want you to remember that al
that a team with a strong husky de- though other companies obtained
fence and a fast field can take the charters and promised to build, they
measure of the Westerners. He points'did not build, and that we were the
out that New Westminster captured ' flrst to come to your relief in the mat-
the cup originally on a fluke. They,ter of transportation. When we con-
beat the Shamrocks when they were , sldered the time ripe we made a prom-
totally unprepared for a hard struggle.    If it had been two weeks later
B.C. Mills
and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Royal CityJPlaning Mills" Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster
Box  13'
Honolulu Pine
Yakima Peaches
Blue Plums
Also try our SWEET PO-
TATOES and nice ripe
un i ui i jmw mmrmmmmmmmmm
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones ;193 and^443
Sapperton      Phone 373
Mlneola, I.. I . Oct. ."!.���Owing to the
'atalltles    attending    the    Vanderbile
.up race Saturday it is believed here
oday that  the Nassau county super-
_<'lsors will not permit the running of
he Grand Prix race, which was plan-
^jed on an even greater scale than the
������������^Mderbilt race. The supervisors will
Mlbly withdraw the permit recently
|d. allowing the automobile racers
k   tj| Use the county roads on October 1 f��
J iSg meeting here today.
"he condition of Harold Stone,    of
Angeles, driver of the Columbia.
precarious  today.    Mrs. Ferdinand
���ueva, who was injured when a car
I'en by her husband  was wrecked,
Theodore Gramutti,  a  spectator,
ured  when one of the flying car.s
the track, are dying.
they  would
the trick.
never have accomplished
George of England Shows Interest
Kicking Game.
London, Oct. 3.���King George has
now become patron both of the amateur and professional football association, and there can be no doubt
that the national game will benefit
largely ln the future from his majesty's supiiort and personal attendance.
Last season King George suddenly
evinced an interest In association football, and nowadays his majesty never
misses an important service football
match, whether army or navy.
Whenever  possible,   he   takes   the
young princes, who are all most   enthusiastic  footballers. '
that the opening of this line so hap
ise, and we have kept it. ! pily performed today by our honored
Our   franchises   with   the   various guest,  the  prime  minister of  British
municipalities   gave   us   the   privilege Columbia, will have the effect of   in
of running o\er tlie public roads. To
have done this would undoubtedly
have saved us a great deal in the matter of cost, but after studying the
situation, we decided that to give a
service ^adequate to your needs, we
should operate over our own right-of-
augurating a new era of prosperity
which will extend from the shores of
the Gulf of Georgia to the foothills of
The toast of the press ended the
banquet, this being replied to by W.
Harris, of the Province;   S .D. Scott,
way.   This we have done, and we are 0f the News-Advertiser;  E. A. Paige,
satisfied   that   in   tire   faster   service 0f the Daily News, and Capt. Thomas,
we will be able to give, tlie people of 0f the Yancouver Matt,
this  district  will  reap  a  very  great,  ��� H��m.w��i.H p���,mrf
additional advantage by the departure Homeward Bound.
from our original intention. Chilliwack was left on the   return
lt is worthy of note that the railway journey shortly after five o'clock, the
which we have opened today is    the
���   ^f- S-r   -���*
'-...{ *
mt f
���tm        *Wi u��i, '-''
___���__.      **
Vp. earing Tonight as Marion Devereaux  ln
"The    House    of a Thousand
longest and most costly electric road
in the Dominion, and it also ranka
among the most important on the continent. We do not expect that this
enterprise will be profitable to the
company for a number of years to
come, but we believe it will be
brought to a paying basis sooner than
we flrst anticipated. We were prepared to allow flve years for the profit-paying period to arrive, but since
the work of building the railway was
commenced, developments have been
such that we now look forward to
finding the road at least self-supporting within three years from this date.
U this hope is realized, we will be
more than pleased, and convinced that
our venture was not so hazardous as
some people were inclined to predict.
We have placed in charge of this railway as manager, Mr. Allan Purvis, a
gentleman who, though young in
yearB, has had a splendid training under our esteemed guest. Mr. Marpole,
and who has held some very important positions in the operating department Of the C. 1'. 11. You will tad Mr.
Purvis fully alive to the requirements
Of the district, and In close sympathy
and touch with every step you may
take towards Its development
Willi Mr. Sperling, our general
manager, I sincerely regret the absence of Mr. Buntzen today, but I am
sine he is with US in .plrlt^ftnd when
he comes over the line quietly (as his
health necessitates) a few days
hence. I liave no doubt he will lie
much gratified to find Hint the work
wliich he was largely responsible for
In the first place has been carried
through to so successful a completion.
Gent'emen, I again thank you for
associating my name with this toast,
and again wish to express the hope
Contractors and
House Builders
vve nave a full   line   of
Builders  Hardware in tkis
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can
money.     Also Complete   Stock   ot   PAINTS   an
save   you
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
A Beautiful Assortment of Rings
on view at Gray's
Diamond Rings from $15.00 to $200.00
Pearl Rings from  $2.50 to $15.00
Rings with assorted stones as pearl and diamond,  pearl  and  ruby,
suitable ,Wr engagement rings, from $5.00 to $50.00
''-���'��������� __^__________
John B. Gray
Dominion   Trust  Block.
Columbia   St.
visitors being escorted to the train
by a large number of citizens and
ciil/.enesses. The homeward trip was,
if possible, even more pleasant than
the outgoing journey, mainly because
tbe darkness precluded any possibility
of admiring the scenery, and consequently all surplus energy was devoted to amusement of a healthy kind.
Westminster was reached about
nine o'clock, the completion of the
first round trip on the Praser valley
line being signalized by repeated
cheers. Three hearty hurrahs were
'given   for the B. C. E. R. when   the
When purchasing anything the question most people ask is, Who
can sell me'the best goods at the lowest price ? It is the same with
insurance. Consult me and I will show you that I can save you
money on your next policy.   There's a reason.
I represent only strong, reliable companies that are widely known
for their low rates and fair dealing.
657 Columbia Street
Phone 62
minster board of trade, C. H. S. Wade,
'crowd  stepped  oft  the  train,  Mayor iL,  B.  Lusby, president of the West-
'Lee being the ringleader. |A   A   cruickshank, Chilliwack;  F. C.
nfC.K-T m ?ACIarkAW?." tnR,arfM<ickbush. Chilliwack;  Dr. Rowe, sec-
of the train, Motorman Arthur Brooks I
was at  the controller and  Brakeman i retar-v of the Vancouver Tourist asso-
Bruce Walker attended to the signals'elation;  P. Duffy,    Langley    Prairie;
and couplings. J Aldermen Hepburn,   Ramsay,   Crowe,
Thank, to Company. Robertson. Knrisht, McTaggart,   Mac-
Everyone  who  made  the  trip  was!
the hosts, the officials of the B. C. E.
R. company, chief among whom must
'he mentioned Mr. Sperling and    Mr.
Glover?    Nothing that  could forward
the creature comforts of the travellers |vanqouv$i
was overlooked on the Journey out orIAldermen
in,  even   White  Rock   heing  Included  H. Gilley,
In the llsl  of bottled joys.
The First Travellers.
Those present on the trip Included
I Lieut-Governor T. Ft, Paterson, Premier Richard McBride, Ralph Smith, M.
P. for Nanaimo; J. D. Taylor. M. P.
for Westminster;  Price Ellison, chief
I commissioner of lands; F. J. MacKenzie, M. L. A. for Delta; S. A. Caw-
I ley, M. L. A. ior Chilliwack; L. Mae-
' rae. R. Marpole, of the C. P. R.l W. D.
Ilurdis, Victoria; W. Skene, secretary
of the Vancouver board of trade; E.
W. MoCandless, vice-president of the
Vancouver hoard of trade; T. .1. Trapp,
No   Hope   For   the   East.
(Edmonton Bulletin.)
The overwhelming defeat of the Nationals at the hands of the New West-
.minster twelve on Saturday came as a
great surprise to Edmonton   lacrosse
enthusiasts.   Hardly anyone conceded
i the  challengeners a chance   to   win,
Pherson,      McBride,    Whiteside    and but judging from the reports from the
White, City Solicitor Hay, City Co:np-'     st it was thought that the French-
troller Baldwin, City    Knglneer    Cle- IMen woula ,,ut up a better argument
McCrossen,   of than ln the BrBt gan:e
;   Mayor .lohn  A.  Lee and
I. il Jardine. J. J. Johnstcn,
ment,  City  Solicitor
Pays for accidental death and Indemnity  while  Insured  is  totally    or
partially disabled.
It ls the duty of every man to protect himself.
For full particulars apply
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Columbia  Street.
New Westminster.
A. W. Gray. .1. Carter Smith
and .1. S. Bryson, City Engineer J. W.
B. Blackman and Jaaics Cunningham-,
of West minster; the reeves and delegated councillors of Burnaby, Delta,
South Vancouver, Point Grey, Sumas,
Langley, Matsqui and Chilliwack; tlie
mayor and council of Chilliwack; R.
11. Sperling, general man:'., er; F. R.
Glover, assistant general manager; C.
B. Voice, chief engineer; Allan Purvis,
manager of the Fraser valley line; W.
T. Woodroofe, superintendent of mainland branches; William Ogilvie, superintendent of track and overhead woik;
R. E. Hawes, superintendent of electrical construction on the Fraser valley branch; F. N. Sinclair, engineer in
charge; R. McDuff, resident engineer;
S. L. Prenter, assistant to F. R. Glover; 11. N. Dyson, assistant to F. 11.
Glover; A. T. Coward, local manager,
Victoria; D, J. Stewart, local manager
Westminster branch; G. 11. Franklin,
local manager Lulu Island branch; A.
,1. Perry, local manager North Vancouver branch,; C. Rummel, manager light
and power department; L. G. McPhil-
lips, K.C, legal department; V. Laur-
sen, legal department; A. E. Beck,
claims department;   E.
, ers wei.e no doubt
absence of Lalonde.
ers also we: e at a
The eastern-
weakened by the
but the cup-hold-
handlcap without
Galbraith, tlieir star defence player.
It looks very much as if the Salmon
Bellies were staging in the first
match and plaj ing for the sake of the
gate receipts in the second contest.
The cup has a safe resting place in
Xew Westminster for many years to
came. The Nationals Will have another chance to s.';iowvwhat they can
do against the champions when they
meet in an exhibition match at the
fair. An endeavor will be made to
beat the Minto Cup-holders by combining the Vancouver and National
teams, the best players from both
being selected into.cne grand combination to be put up against New Westminster in an exhibition encounter.
despatches J. V. Armstrong, secretary, of the B. C. E. R. company; S.
I). Scott and B. Williams (News-Advertiser), W. E. Ford (Saturday Sunset), W. Harris (Province), R. H.
Hill (World), E. A. Paige and P. VV.
Luce (Daily News), and Captain T*
Stirling, chief Bervllle Thomas (Sporting Mall). PAGE SIX.
].! Ik.
I .
By-law  No.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Examining Warehouse, Vancouver. B.
('.." will be received at this office until 1 p.m., on Wednesday, October 2f>.
1910, for the construction of an
Examining    Warehouse,      Vancouver,
R C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of Mr. Joseph
Greenfield, resident architect, Winnipeg, Man.. Mr. Win. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B. C, at the
Post Office. Vancouver, and at this
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, suiting their occupations and
places of residence. In tlie case of
lirms. the actual signature, tlie nature
of the occupation and place of residence of each member of tbe firm must
be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted chei|iie on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable tlie Minister of Public
Works, eflual to ten per cent. (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter Into a contract
when called upon to do so. or fall to
complete tlie work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will he returned.
The department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, September 21, H'10.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without authority from the department.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it
is desirable to carry out the following
works, tbat is to say:
To construct cement concrete sidewalks, retaining walls, boulevards,
storm sewers, paved roadway and
street lights on Columbia street, from
the east line of Fourth street to the
west line of Leopold place, and that
said works Bhall he carried out. in accordance with the provisions of the
"Local Improvement General Hylaw
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon tlie s.iid works,
giving statements, showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefitted by the sai.!
works and other particulars and  the
said reports of tlie said City Engin	
and City Assessor having been adapted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the
said reports are open for inspection al
the ollice of the City Assessor. City
Hall, Columbia street, New Westminster. B. C. and that unless a petition against the proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged in respect of such works representi.ig al
least one-half in value thereof is presented to t'lo Council wthin fifteen
days from the date of the lirst publication of this notice, the Council will
proceed with the proposed Improvements under such term's and conditions as to t'.;e payment of t'.'e cost of
such improvements as tlie Co'mri'
may hy bv!;.-* In /.... :.;��� :. lV*pagt*t
and determine iTnJ ���1 so to rake the
Said assessi! ent.
Dated this -7th day of September,
A, D., 1910.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication, September
29, 1910.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on envelope "Tender for construction ol
Nelson, I), c. Rifle Range," and addi essed to the Secretary of the Mil-
Itia Council, Headquarters, Ottawa,
will he received until noon, the 15th
October, for the construction of a rifle
Range at Nelson, K. C.
Plans and specifications may Pe
seen, and full Information obtained at
the offices of the District Officer Commanding Military District Xo. ll. Victoria, H. C, the Director of Engineer
Services, Headquarters, Ottawa, and
the Officer Commanding 102nd Regt.,
Nelson, B. C.
'lenders must he made on tlie form
supplied by the Department, and accompanied by an accepted cheque, on
ii Canadian chartered bank, for 10 per
cent of the amount of the tender,
payable to tlie order of the Honourable the Minister of Militia and Defence, which amount will be forfeited
if the party tendering decline to
enter Into a contract, in accordance
With the tender.
Tke Department does not bind it-
ae'f to accept the lowest or any tender.
Dep'y. Minister of Militia and Defence. H. Q. IS���115���2.
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa. l'Jth September. 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement lr they insert it
wi hout authority from the Depart-
A By-law to enable the Corporation cf
the District of Burnaby to raise by
way of loan the sum of seventy
thousand dollars for the purpose of
providing and building sidewalks
within the limits of the municipality.
Whereas, it is necessary and expedienl that the council of the said
corporation be authorized to borrow
tho sum of se\e'it/ thousand dollars
($70,000) to provide for tha construction of sidewalks within the limits of
tlie said municipality.
And wbfeteas, an approximate estimate of the amounl required for the
various sidewalks has been made by
the council ns follows, viz.:
Ward l���Nine thousmd Bi. hundred
and eighty-nine dollars .($9,089.00).
Ward 2���Ten thousand eight hundred and seventeen dollars and flfty
cents ($10,817.60).
. Ward .".���Pom teen thousand sever;
hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($14,-
Ward -I���Seven thousand and live
dollars ($7,006.00).
Ward 5���Five thousand two hundred
and eighty dollars ($6,280.00).
Ward i!���Thirteen thousand and
eighty-eight dollars ($13,088.00).
Additional sidewalks and contingencies, nine thousand three hundred
and twenty-one dollars and fifty cents
($9,321.50). Costs incidental to this
by-law and raising tlie loan.
And whereas, it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the municipality.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
raise annually by Bpeclal rate the sum
of four thousand six hundred and fifty-
eight dollars ($4,ti58) principal, and
the sum of three thousand five hundred dollars ($3500) interest, making
a total amount annually of eight
thousand one hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and fifty cents ($8,158.50) for
the term of twelve years for the repayment of the sail loan and Interest
thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas, the net value of the
whole .rateable land in the said municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to ten million three hundred and twenty-three
thousand six hundred and ten dollars
And whereas, to provide' for tlie
payment of the interest and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of seventy
thousand dollars "($76,000) it. will he
necessary to levy a special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum of eight
thousand one hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and fifty cents ($8,168.50), the
amount to be calculated annually on
the whole of the rateable land within
the municipality.
He it therefore enacted by the reeve
and council of the said corporation of
the district of Burnaby in council assembled as follows, viz.:
1. li shall he lawful for the reeve
and clerk of the council for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or persons or corporation or corporations
who may be willing to advance the
.- i . e upon the credit of tlie deben-
tuies, hereinafter mentioned, a sum
hot exceeding seventy tl. msand dollars ($70,000) and cause the same to
be placed in the Royal Hank of Canada in the City of New Westminster,
tn the credit of tlie said corporation
for the purpose above recited and debentures of tiie ssiJ corporation to
the amount of seventy thousand dollars ($70,000) in the whole may be
issued by the sai 1 reeve and clerk in
accordance with the Municipal Clauses
Act in sums as may he required, but
not Jess than one thousand dollars
I$1,000) each, the said debentures to
be sealed with the corporate seal and
to be signed by tbe reeve and clerk.
- S debentures shall bear . Interest at the rnfp of five (8) per cent,
per annum puyttbli. httlf yeai ly on the
1st day of Mfiy and the 1st day of
November In each and every year during the currency of the said debentures or any of them. There shall be
attached to each of the debentures
coupons signed by the Reeve for each
and every payment of interest that
may become due and such signature
may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
.'!. The said debentures as to principal and interest sliall be payable at
the Royal Hank of Canada in the city
of N'ew Westminster, or at such other
place or places as the council shall
from time to time appoint, with the
approval of the holders thereof,
as to principal tbe debentures sha
made payable on the 1st day of
vember, 1! 12 L'.
4. There shall he raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all the rateable land or
Improvements or real property in the
municipality the sum of four thousand
six hundred and fifty-eight dollars an.l
flfty cent ($4,668.60) for the purpose
of forming a sinking fund for the payment of the said debentures and the
sum of three thousand live hundred
dollars ($3,600) for the payment of interest at the rate aforesaid to become
due on such debentures duiing the
currency thereof the said special rate
to be in addition to all other rates
to be levied and collected in the
municipality duiing the currency of
the sail debentures or any of them.
5. This by-law shall take effect on
and after the 1st, day of November.
6. This by-law may be cited for all
purj oses as the "Hnrnaby Sidewalks
Loan By-law, 1910."
Done and passed In open council
the 20th day of September.
Receive 1 the assent of the elector;;
at an election for Lie purpose on tbe
day of 1910
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the council, signed by the reeve and
clerk and sealed with the corporate
sel on tbo day of ,
Reduction of Sentence Best
Convicted Banker Can Ever
Hope To Get.
Washington, Oct. 3.���No pardon
will be granted to .lohn ii. Walsh, former Chicago banker and capitalist,
who is serving a five-year sentence in
the Leavenworth (Kan.) penitentiary
for violation of the hanking laws.
The best hc will receive, if tlie president grants him any clemency, is the
commuting of bis sentence to a period
that will permit bis liberation within a few months.
This status of the case became
known following the reference of the
Walsh pardon' petition to Disttrict Attorney Sims at Chicago.
The bulk petition Itself, signed by
thousands of names, the briefs and
bundre is of letters urging and protesting against Walsh's discharge
were shipped by the department of
justice to Chicago, where they will
arrive tomorrow.
A report i.s expected from Chicago
within a fortnight. This report wiil
contain Ihe views of the district attorney. Special Prosecutor Doh.ps.
and Judge Anderson, who tried the
Walsh case. Then the plea will be
passed on by Attorney General WIckersham.
It was jointed out by administration
officials today that a pardon could
not be granted to Walsh unless a miscarriage of justice is established in
his case however both the appellate
and superiopo'eourts held that Walsh
had a fair trial and was convicted in
accordance with law. The president
will not 'take action discrediting the
verdict of the courts on the guilt of
the convicted man.
If, however, it is found that the condition of Walsh in confinement warrants the exercise of clemency, the
president will shorten the sentence so
as to give the prisoner his liberty
without abrogating a.y of the other
penalties of his crime
The  Reccrds Shew That  Married Life
Be'jins  Early  in  the  Land  Across
the   Sea.
London, Oct. 3.���Ai a time when the
divorce question is engaging a good
deal of attention some figures respect-
lng��early marriage ln Scotland are not
without   their interest.
The report of the registrar general
for 1908 shows that in that year 704
youths and 1442 girls were marrie.l.
No fewer than seven girls of fifteen
years of age entered the married state
while,one hoy became a husband at
16          1
IT         2i 353
IS          156       l��fS3
Army Officer's Daughter Fills Many
Jobs in Year.
Sydney, Oct. '���',.���The mysterious
disappearance a year ago of Miss Margaret Hale, daughter of a retired army
office!', has been solve:! by the discovery of the young woman working
at Fremonth as a man. She came
from Oakland to Australia several
years ago as a teacher, Lasl December she Btarted for home, and it was
several months before it was discovered she had disappeared. She has
been a club Stewart, a bartender, a
light porter, and a bookkeeper. She
refuses to make nny explanation.
Police   Stop   Fool,
Niagara   Falls,   On:..
Williams,  a   Toronto  gfl
attempted  to slide   aci
gorge   on   a   wire   Suspi
teeth at the Niagara F
June  14  last, e .' <���
rescue,  ha lng     ���
comer of the   wire,  y<
noon announced a new
ed in pink tights, he c!l
the girders of the ste<
and pr< pared to dive i
lb' was arrested by the
lice for attempting sulc
was fined $5, and told
er to gel hack to Toron
i he sent to the penitent!
;n  h*.
ii i
tided  . *-
Re lo
and 18,
orth r
ew W
:���'.., WHE
n in the i
filed in
The   detail   figures   are
Male.   Fen
"Let good digestion wait on appetite, and health on be
They will if you take
tion Le
yst r, B
They correct  stomach  disorders, assist digestion, and make
living again for the victim of dyspepsia.    50c. a box.    If youi Arch't
not stocked them yet, send us 50c. and we will mai! them.
National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada. Limited
One girl aged seventeen, eleven
aged eighteen, and twenty-nine agetil
nineteen marled widowers while four]
youths of nineteen married widows.
The youth who marriod at sixteen
as his wife a girl of the same
Of the other sixteen-year-old
one married a lad aged seven-
ami four took husbands aget
eighteen; while of the seven girls
who married at fifteen, two got husbands aged nineteen, and two were
wedded to youths who had not. reach;
ed their majority.
| But notwithstanding these early
marriage the average age of all persons married in Scotland in l!UiS was
27.8 years, that of all males being I'll.1
and of all females 26.4. In the previous year tlie average age was 27.7,
the males being twenty-nine and females 26.3. The total number of marriages registered was 31,606, being a
decrease of 1692 compared with liHiT.
The marriage rate, the lowest since
1SS8, was t;.55 per 1000 of population.
In 1907 it was 6.97.
Like the marriage rate, the bin1
rate also showed a decrease. It wa;
slightly above that of 1907, but wai
lower than t*tose of all previous years
| since the institution of national registration in 1855. The number of births
registered was 131,362.
oi    Sred
Montreal. (    '    "    ;
Fort William, Ont.. Oct. ,1.���The
popularity of bagging moose out of
season is on the wane, at least in certain quarters. Recently a Port Arthur resident had to pay dearly for an
attack of buck fever that caused him
to press the trigger when a moose
wns at the receiving end of tlie firing
line, and to-lay Magistrate O'Brien
and Constable Stringer toofc the train
to the thirty-six mi'e post west on
the C. P. It. and there in a cut in the
rocks dispensed justice.
The court room  was all out  doors,
[but the majesty of tlie law was main-
I taj ned   and   Section    Foreman    Mas-
turnce   was  lined   $20  and  costs 'for
having in his possession several juicy
steaks of moose, and for killing same.
A few minutes after the fine was
Imposed a west-hound train slacked
speed sufficiently to allow the magistrate and constable to ef>f their evening meal at their own hearth s'les.
Bishops War on   Hobble  Skirt.
Rome, Oct. 3.���The ItaMan  bishops
continue to make war in the churches
lagalnst the fettered skirt. This comes.
;it  is   claimed   in    the   dressmaking
j houses, of the* queen and queen dowager   having* tet   their   faces    against
j modes imported from Paris.
Hector McCaig, Manager
nnpunwrnswiwii��� ww��i��.i ��n* ,. ��� i���
The Absorbing Play of Mystery
The House of a
Thousand Candles
11 "������ i
- Prices:    75c, 50c and 25c
Seats on Sale at McKenzie's
|wii; be taken on Saturday, the 15th
| day of October. 1910, between 0
I o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock p.m., at the
[following polling places:
The Municipal Hall.
West Burnaby School.
Duthie School,
Mrs. Cobban's house, Gunn road.
P. 0. Box 55
I be
Public notice is hereby given that
the vote of the electors of the district
of Burnaby will be taken on the above
mentioned by-law at the time an:l
place above mentioned, and that 0, T.
Saunders has been appointed returning officer to take the vote of such
electors, with the usual powers in that
By order of the council.
Phone 547
Made up in Peter Thompson Dresses, Sailor Dresses, Princess Effect-.
Military Effects, etc., etc. Also natty little dresses for the smaller
girls, in sizes from one to nine years. The prices ranging up to $8.50.
The White House
617 Columbia Street
i t*\W**tt
+    t
Tube notice that the above Is a trti?
corv of the proposed by-law upon
wLlch the vote of   the   municipality
"La Belle Leana" wit hHer Wild Pets in  the Al. G.  Barnes B:3 Circus at the Provincial  Exhibition All This Week.
,v-^yr^ -y^.---*-' W ��*��*!.
���*S*- m^:A   *���   '��� ���" TUESDAY, OCTOEER 4, 1910.
%      PAGE  SEVEN.
CARNEGIE   GIVES ORGAN from ���,,,  (.hv.
Pe lots 10   iiTi"   N   r   K   i- T��   CATh��UC   CHURCH|    "W   waS announced at  the  van
and 18, bio,,;  ..������r-.o;;.,n-:!.Wic3.|    Dublin, Oct.  3.-The   Catholics   oflZZ* ""S?"iSSf 25
North range  ,. u,.t in the district of  Limerick 'ray give Andrew Carnegie.Ipromised to n"���   cfie-half v the cos
New Westinins,,.,-. the American philanthropist, the ..,,-' of :, new or��n to? tha   church
WHEREAS proof of the loss of cer- "om of tbe city    The reason   is ex-!Carnegie - '.
Ur   cJUT;l\ABr. 	
Taxes, 1g ;0.
tiflcate of title number :::!���; :iF, issuedIplained in the to!       ���    di patch sent  free libri
In the nan''- of Sarah Mi 'hie lias been
filed in thi.; o'iice.
NOTICK   I.'-   HK.;K,".Y   GIVKN that
shall, at I   <   i ::| iraiion ol one month
::i the ''������'���'��� ���>'' the iii..; pubii" ition
i.e:eof, in  ;���  >'  ii;.   m-w.oiaper published in ithe '���;(>��� ���..'/ \o-.v \v< -   ��� ;     .t. i;
"^si:e a dui I  ���������'"    ���: i!.<��� . ,i j ������> ni:i.������.���..,
, unless in     ':.���   i.." '.' i i <���   : nlld  objection Le 11 '   i" :o  :; ,. in  wi in:;.
C. .'. KEITH.
i.i.-f.i ! :;���   iM-1,  ���.;��� ti.:,.-.
t,    Land I ���   is.        ������. .t .   '(��� . w.stmln-
\St   r,   B.   ('..   *i ��� ...   .',���;���   --,.   lil'JI.
iOOO for a new
ir Limerick."
How Pest, of Cereal Fame,
Merchants and those in tlie express
, business,   who   expect   to   deliver    ar-
l:,!-" ,:";"" thai  the time for the,tides at the grounds, during the nroK-
payment ol  Bar, t*xes, In the above "resi of the exhibition,   are   respect
" '   '���     :���  In ordei   I       btaln   the  fully requested to apply at the man-
,'   '   ;��� ���'"    on the 15th day of Oc- ager's   office,   on   or  before   Monday
[October :;. next, when they can   pur-
hi     Architect r\r.i  Cuilding Constructor.
*:-    SreclaLsi  in Steel. Rei ifo ���    I Con
cio'e ami   . lo '.ern   Uitlldl      Coi
arc new and entirely different from ordinary preparation-,. They accomolish
heir purpose without disturbing the rest of the system, and are thwefoTJThe
ideal laxative for the nursing mother, as they do not affect the child
Compounded, like all NA-DRU-CO preparations, by exoert chemist-     If
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money. '      cnemists.    li
��� Ml 2Su S b��X*    " y��'jr druSSist has not >'et stocked them, send 25c. and we
"111    . . i cl 1 i    la if. I il ,
N.-'mnal Drug and Chemical Company of Canada, Limited,
All  parties who have nol   received  chase a Bpeclal delivery wagon ticket
m a   tt t     r- tax demands can obtain   same bj  ap-,for $1, provided, the merchant or own-
Took   A Hand  In  FamOUS Pll'lng al Municipal    Hall,    Edmonds, er of the express business, has a mem-
r   l       cu l "        ��   n  ���*,������.���.���--* r* ,,   < bership ticket of the   R. A. &  I. so-
Labor Struggle. , "��� "���('""- \ "���������������' ��������    ciety.   .
NEW    WE8TMIN8TER     LAND    DIS By ori!l':'-
TRICT. i .,        VV'   "���   KEARY,
Only ���  few weeks ago ii  was   an-   Exhibitloi
four years' war I -        District   of   New   Westminster.
en I       ���   ���   lean Ft deration of L i-
TAKE notice that, I.
Wi'ilhrs,   R ib-
ert Lick, of Vancouver, B. ('.;  occu-
:: '���'"'' pation  real estate dealer,  intends
gro ti
September 29, 1910.
Queen's   park,
"tn n.
"ocm 3 Dominion Trust Building.
*\ 7 " t "3 ���*. "*��� t ,r>. <r-
W  'am.:
MdliiniT \-\\
company, i    St. Louis   was over, and apply tor permission to purchase the
thai the   inions I id won.   The strike following described lands:
was, in  ns    ���     espects, one of   the v"'-^'^'-    at    d    i    I    planted
about twenty chains north lrom the
s.i,.      nl ni the industrial his- southwest  corner  of   Timber   Lea
tary cf the United States,    it involv- 38769,   Texada    Island,   i     ���,    v.,-,,
i'"l   dllec  ���   and I    : "  'y. '���������'��� '   '"��������� eighty   chains,   thonce   south    etghtj
diture of  hundreds  ol  thousands   ol chains,   thence   east    eightv   chains
'  laPB, an I I ro ighl thi  e ol the i Mel thence north eighty chains to poi I ol
ibor mei            intry to the very commencement, containing 640   acres
[threshold   ol   the   prison   doors,      n m,,M, ,,,- |ess
,1*  P. M.
���     \
Bias c   G24.
.1. il. Taylor
:     tch a:
'i'. e ���: an I S<
\V '  Led
Suitin ���; for g
raised and settled new poinds of law,
'" ;  ���'    '      "! ;" nocratsai cost,[in  ,:���  ,      ,   ,    legree   lmp0rtanl
men. i ia4e    to o
and fli e larantefe
\. oi kmanship
1   "   by Baym     Come a   I see before
s;-iu i ise
yj^QJALEX   SPECK::',;
741 Front Sfeet.
"Man on V/heel."
Scene from "The House of a Thousand Candles," to Be  Produced at the Opera House Tonight.
By The Mason & Risch Piano Co.
In Their Regular Show Room
First Floor, Trapp Block
Columbia  Street
*        New Westminster
BEING unable to secure suitable space in the exhibition hall, for displaying the car of pianos specially
selected for the provincial exhibition, we have arranged them fer inspection In our regular show
~0~ room located on the first floor of the Trapp block, Columbia street, where you can enjoy the
pleasure of quietly and carefully inspecting all the newest designs and latest improvements embodied
in our celebrated makes. Tl.ese fine Instruments will easily convince you that the Mason & Risch Piano
stands for all that is good in piano construction. For your particular convenience our show room will
be open durln. th'e day and open evenings. Have our representatives show you the marvelous Player
Pianos', anyone can play tl em. It is not necessary to be a student of music to get perfect rendition.
Sit down and play one you; self���it will open a new and fascinating pleasure for you.
And remember a purohi se made at any of our stores is a purchase made direct from the manufacturer with all the advantages that come from direct dealing with the manufacturer who knows his productions thoroughly, and wl ose guarantee is more than a matter of form, S
Visit this special exhibi ���see this extraordinary display of piaios. You'll be. more than welcome
whether or not lt ls your de ire to buy. ,....'
Let us make you a spec al saving on the purchase price.   Buy direct from the manufacturer.
Mason & Risch Piano Co.
Trapp Block, New Westminster.
655 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
and   union  men,    and
be    ....   tical i.-su ��� of n agnitude.
wei     the    nai 1 reaty of   pe iei
; el tveen tin   fedi   ition and the Buclt
s  to   have  I eeu   signed,
i :  moment a formidable
jstacle was raised, and whal the re-
. ill   v. Ul be M  is difficult to say.
An    Irrecon.ciliablc   Stockholder.
Vancouver,   H.
C,   September    6,!
The  Municipal  Council of the Cor
i oration of the City of N'ew Westminster having by resolution determined
and specified that  ll  Is desirable    to
The Obstacle was in the form of an   carry on  the  following  works, that  Is
injunction   secured   at   tlie   eleventh to say:
hour by Charles Wilson Post, of Bat-     To construct cement  concrete side-
tie Creek,  .Mich., to restrain the of- walks,     Boulevards.,   curbs,     storm
fleers of the company from signing an sewers,   retaining   walls   and   paved
agreement with the unions.   Mr, Posi roadways    <;n    Second    sireet    from
is more or lessfamous as a manufac-  Loyal avenue to Sixth avenue.
turer of cereals.    He is also a stout      To construct cement concrete   side-
enemy   of    unionism,   and    has    had   walks  on   Alexander    stieet.     Begbie
many a lively battle wiih labor men street, Lorne street, McKenzie street,
in the past fifteen years.   Mr. Post is Sixth street and Clarkson street.
a stockholder In  the  Buck company, j    To construct cement concrete side-1
owning $110,000 of the .1,500,000 capi-j walks .on  Henley  street from Eighth
tal of the concern,    lt Is In this   ca- .avenui to London street,
pacity   that,   he   has   appealed  to   the:     And   that  the  said   works  sliall  be j
courts for protection.    He claims that  carried out in accordance    with    the:
the agreement  with  the  union  which  provisions of the "Local Improvement j
officers of the company were about to General By-law, 1909."
sign is in the highest degree Injurious!    And the city engineer and city asJi
to the interests of the company.    Hejsessor having reported to the council,
also tiles a suit as a Buck stockholder,  in  accordance with the provisions of i
againsi   the   American   Federation  of  the said by-law upon  the said  works
Labor   for~*$760,000   as   damage   done  giving   estimates    t-'.kiu..
the Buck company by the boycott in- giving      statements      showing      the ;
jstituted by the unions. 'amounts  estimated   to  be  chargeable
The Strike at Buck's. I against   the   various   portions  of   real'
The trouble between the stove con- property to be benefitted by the said
cem   and   tho   labor   union   began   In  works and other particulars, anl the'
11906, when the men struck for a nine- said reports of the said city engineer !
lour day instead of the ten hours the  and city assessor having been adopt-j
company  insisted  upon its employees  ed hy the council.
working,    ln  June,  1907, the  Federa-:     Notice^ hereby given that tVe said I
tion of Labor ratified the action of the reports 4P open for inspection at the i
local union and put the Buck company  office of the city assessor, city  hall,
in its "unfair" list.   This list is a fea- Columbia street. New Westminster, B.
jture of the official organ of the t'eder-  C, and'that unless a petition against
ation, and is compose! of tbe names the proposed works above mentioned
of   lirr.s   with   which   unionism  is  at signed by a majority of the owners of
war     All  good  union  men  therefore,' the land or real property to be assess-
are given the information so that they  ed  or  charged  in    respect    of    such
can   boycott   their   enemies.     In   the  works, representing  at  least  one-half
case of the Buck Stove company they  in  value thereof  is presented  to the
refrained     from    patronizing    stoves  council  within  fifteen  days  from  the
and ranges to such an extent that bus-1 date of the first    publication   of   this
! iness fell off in an alarming manner,  notice  the  council   will  proceed  with
il'he Buck people did uot take the kick  the    proposed    improvements    under
(lying down, but fought back vigorous-  such terms and conditions as  to the
ly.    They filled their shops with non- payment of the cost of such Improve-
tinion workmen, loaded their lawyers  ments as the council  may by  by-law
Phone 105.      P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
���ii i -r ���t-'>m;.'��3AK_iu__-_i_&;i!2__tmajii*ti
Royal Bank cf Canada
Capital   Paid   Up    $5,000,000
Reserves     $5,900,000
Tlie Bank lias Branches in
Canada extending from the Atlantic to tlie Pacific; in Cuba
throughout the island; also in
Porto Itico, Bahamas. Xew York
and   London.   England.
Correspondents in all parts
of the Glohe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
New Westminster Branch.
L. M. RICHAHDSON, Manager.
Uo  you  want  to  increase  your
business ?   Then see
Signs  of every  description.
Glass signs h specialty.
708 Columbia Street. Phone 766.
With non-union arguments, and rushed in that behalf regulate and determine Anr~_ Kv n<! crivAc   tha   nf
Into court asking that the federation and also to make the said assessment.   ft0 uuxic uy uo givea   Hie   Ul-.
:   ua.ed this -.ui, day of September, mostsatisfaction. Ourequip-
ment is modern. The Latest
Invention in a collar and cuff
machine has been installed.
Clean, Economic, Prompt.
White labor only employed
i be restrained from boycotting them.
The   Company   Wins   Out. ! A.D. 1910.
An   injunction   was   issued   in   19081 W. A. DUNCAN.
I forbidding the federation to continue City Clerk.
������ | the   boycott.      in    defiance    of    the I    Date of  flrst  publication  the  30th
court's order,  Messrs. Gompers, Mit-iday of September, 1910.
chell and Morrison kept on publishing 1 ���
tSL^JSt 5?WSWS I- O. O. F. AMITY  LODGE  NO.  27-
ito serve twelve, nine and six months,
! respectively, Iin    jai.'.       An    appeal j
against   these   sentences   was   taken
and the matter is still pending.   The
Buck Company appeared to have won,
its fight, but the victory was a costly j
one. and no doubt the Buck   people
wished the trouble had never begun.)
The man who had led the   company1,
from   one   victory   to   another   and .
whose whole-hearted hatred of union-
Ism had much to do with the war was
James   W.   Van   Cleave,   president  of
the Buck Stove and Range company,
and  president  also  of  the   National
; Council  of  Industrial  Defence.      Not
very ions ag��. Mr Van Cleave died,
and  the  new  officers  concluded  that
they would bury the hatchet witli the
A Victory by Treaty.
In June a conference was hell between representatives cf the company
and the federation, and a tentative
settlement arrived at. The company
agieed to employ only union men in
its shops, in teturn for wliich il was
to have the good will of the unions.
It is supposed, too, that the cotnp. ny
agieed tu relinquish, In who.e or in
part, its claim for damages against
the federation. The formal agiee-
inent embodying these points was to
ha\e been signed at a meeting in St.
.Louis last Tuesday, but tbe su.it of
Mr. Post prevented tlie carrying out
of the project.
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. W. H. West, N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
J. W. MacDonald, financial secre-
Royal City Laundry
Phone 183
EasterDrook Milling Company,*
Eburne,  B. C. .,
HUNGARIAN JEWEL ..$6.75 per bbl.'
I. IMPERIAL   $7.00 per bbl.
TERMINAL |5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bb>-
Sentiment  for  Government  Operation
Grows In Emerald Isle.
Dublin, Oct. 3.���The agitation in favor cf government ownership and control of the steam railroads Is spreading.   .At a meeting held at Omagh re-
1 cently the chairman said that if the
recommen latlon  were  carried out  it
would be at the public expense, which
the public might, for a time, grumble
against, but if carried out they would
I'i have lower railway rates and Irish m-
[dust.'y would be encouraged.    It has
I been proved before tho commissioners that the present railway charges
were excessive and that preferential
1 rates  were given to other countries.
II It was as cheap to send goods from
England or America to Ireland as it
���, was to send them from Kerry to Cork.
| f In Belgium the people were able to
travel at half what the Irish people
had to pay.
McQuarrie & Co.
A nice modern 6 roomed house
corner 2nd St. and 5th Ave. ������ Full
sized lot bearing orchard and good
out building, price $3,350 easy terms.
McQuarrie Bros*
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
v    \
We carry a complete line
at the right orices. Have
it put up and ready for f
the cold nights.
Miss Crcsscup, of
bi ending a few days
guesl ol Miss Jennie
in'the city
Mrs. V. :i. C, Abbot! "will not receive On  Tues,I,i.v.
I  .
During exhibition wetl ..the last cars
on the city lines of the B. C. E. K..
both Sapperton and city, will leave the
depot here at  11:15 p.m!
See Kales' furniture stock before
purchasing elsewhere. Agnes stieet. *
Tbe management   of the   Scottish
concert desire it to he known that all
seats reserved at Ryall's and not paid
I for  before  seven  o'clock on   Wednesday night will be resold. **
!.���Two little boys
while playing on
For all electrical    work   and
tracts phone T. Roberts, 761.
Anderson & Lusby
The Westminster Modern
Business School
has great demand for thoroughly competent stenographers. You had better go to the Modern as you are certain of thorough training and a good
position when competent. Day and
evening session.
���10 Columbia St. Principal.
Hand Bags
New Stock        Good Values
Latest Styles
The first instalment of the
biggest and best variety of
Hand Bags ever shown in
this city.   From $1.00 up.
Curtis Drug Store
C. E. Sands, business manager of
the Westminster Courier, has severed
his connection with that paper, and
will probably devote his attention to
real estate business In Xew Westminster.
Popular prices to the Scottish concert, 75c. 50c and -ac. Book seats at
Ryall's. *'
In the city police court yesterday
morning, two drunks forfeite':! bail of
$5 each and two others were fined
$1'.50 each. Jack Johnson, not the
pugilist, was fined $10 and costs for
Davies greenhouse is  the place to
get   bouquets,   floral   designs  and   ail ]
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 208. ** '
Ellsworth Munn returned to.the city
yesterday after a two weeks'!, ollday,
K. O. Stevenson, representing the
International Correspondence Schools
of Scranton, Pa., was in the city yesterday on business.
Iron beds and bedding, the largest
range of designs and prices. W. E.
Fales. **
While one of the wagons of the Al.
G. Barnes circus was being hauled to
the fair grounds yesterday afternoon
the tongue struck ode of the past iron
posts used in the new street lighting
system. The force of the collision
snappe.1 the pole off clean.
Scottish concert, October 5. Seats
on sale at Ryall's on FriJ|y, September 30. tl **
H. C Cruickshank, of Summerland
B.C., was a visitor in tlie city yesterday. Mr. Cruickshank states that the
fruit crop in the Okanagan this year
was the hest seen for many years. The j
une.st specimens are being brought
here for the provincial exhibition.
Into tin
banks of the Suze at Bienne, Switzerland. A chimney sweep, named Hoi-
/.er plunged into the water, and succeeded in saving one of the children.
He dived again for the other child,
| but could Iind no trace of it, and after waiting some time returned home,
and went to his work. When Holzer
arrived at the house at night ho learned that he had risked his life to save
a stranger's hoy while the second boy,
his only son, was drowned before his
eyes, though In the water he did not
recognize him.
Leviathan 108 Feet Long Picked Up
on Irish Coast.
Dublin, Oct. lb���Here is a real i
whale story which conies from Cork:
,The inhabitants of Lickbarrahan, a
village on the coast, experienced surprise on the discovery, a few mornings ago. of a whale lying dead, wedged between rocks. The monster, 108
feet long, evidently had been dead
some days. In nooks along the coast
monster fish from time to time have
been driven ashore, hut tin inhabitants declaie that nothing such as this
big whale has ever come undei their
notice. Its backbone, right at the center of the body, was broken and dented in some feet. The belief prevails
that the fish was struck by an Atlantic liner.
The Public
Supply Stores
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:    43;     Long    Distance,
Residence, 7��.
New    Westminster,    B    C.
Pot plants
Tidy s stoie.
and fresh cut flowers at
Phone 184. **
New and Second Hand Store
(Late Alex Speck)
In the district police court yester
.ia.i i.tnry Hatt-Coo.c w ,.s lined $50
and costs for allowing a fi: e to spread
from his farm in Suriey. .VV. F. Hans-
lo. (1 appeale;l for tne prosecution
which was instituted by lire Ranger
Ptiipis, and Adam S. Johnston for the
For    (
It 208.
arnatlons.   sweet   peas   and
puoiie    Davies    greenhouse,
All kinds of furniture bought
and sold, Have you Furniture to sell? See me or
ring up No. 275.
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot.
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE   US     A     TRIAL
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.,  Etc.
, in the
Deane Block
Four doors east of the Bank of
Montreal, under the
Westminster Club
and opposite the
City Market
Columbia St.. No. 441.
N... ���-r.i'itter. B. C.
B. R. Rieketts, manager of the Van-
coin er opera  house,  was iu  the city
last hlghr, accompanied by D. Thomas
'Ices,   uiaKing  arrangements  for    the
s'lowine of several of their horses at!
tlie horse show to be held at the fair :
...   u ednesday.    Mr.  Rieketts stated
that in all probability a large numberI
of Vancouver horsemen would exhibit I
their animals.
W, E. Fales carries the fcest selected stock of household furniture in the
city and prices defy competition. *"
A rjuiet wedding took place at St.
Andrew's manse yesterday afternoon
when .lames Hrown, of Bellinghani,
and .Miss Myra Eleanor Fisher, also
of Bellingham, weie made man and
wile by Rev. J. B. Ilendersofl. The
groom was supported by his brother,
II. S. Brown, of the city hall staff,
this city, while Mrs. Blown acted as
bridesmaid. Mr. and Mrs. Brown
will it-side in Bellingham.
miss the only lady pipers
Scottish conceit. October 5
There was no meeting of the city
council last night as Mayor Lee and
the aldermen who went on the excursion to Chilliwack did not return In
time. City Clerk Duncan waited until half past eight for the wandering
legislators to make an appearance,
and then he repaired to the council
chamber und declared the ineeting adjourned for one week. Edward Houli,
the only j erson in the city hall at the
time, assisted at the ce; emony.
Take the round trip on ihe Fraser
river on Saturday. Steamer Transfer
leaves Bracknian-Ker's wharf at 2
p.m.   Return fare 50 cents. **
Look Over
our groceries and then judge
whether they and their prices
are not astonishing. Don't hesitate to examine as closely as
you wish. If you are a particularly good judge of a certain
article call for it and give us
your opinion. It Is sure to be
more than favorable.   For
Our Groceries
are selected by experts. They
have been chosen because they
have stood the most rigid tests.
So we ask you to look them
over with i erfect confidence
that you will get your supplies
here heieafter.
Phone 92
Some Special Snaps
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this property.    $350 each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from Fltst to Second street. This property
Ih especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.   Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Misses Coats
$9.50 to $12.50 Each.
Some of the most sightly
coats that have found their way
io the ready-to-wear Bectlon,
Our coats for children, misses
and women are all fashioned in
attractive manner. The misses'
coats about which wc now write
are seven-eighths and lull
length styles with smart Hcmi-
fitting lines. Materials aie
diagonals, cheviots, serges and
plain cloths. A noticeable style
is that featuring patent leather
belts und group of pleats at the
hack. Large fancy but tons add
the required touch of trimming.
All sizes.   Eacli  .$9.50 to $12.50
The New
Red Coats
$7.50 and  Upwards.
Bright and dark red coats of
broadcloth and cheviot In sizes
suitable for children. Coats are
trimmed with velvet collars
and made wirli belted back.
Shown in a nice range of tailored styles.
Childrens and
Misses Rainproof     Capes
$ ..00 to $8.50.
Rubberized   rainproof    capea
wilh hoods; in sizes for gil Is s
to is years of age; colors are
grey, fawn and navy, Attractively designed and finished. Each,
according to size $4.00 to $8.50
Silk   Raincoats
Splendid Values     '
At $25.75.
The newest designs are here
in these attractive rain coats.
Heavy silks in the new diagonal
weave, In shades of champagne
and grey, and black: semi-fitting
backs , highturn over collar,
double breasted front. Each
Rubber is d
Rain Coats
Each $15.75.
In  novelty Btrlpi .. -
semi-fitting style, to I
to the neck, lined
shoulder.    Bach   ...
Womens and
in "Roseberry Cloth"
$17.50 to $22.50.
Made  witli   tin in. ;;s an(j
groups of pleats, wt.: tailored
and nicely fitting Bl ��� . button
in groups of three. Eacli $17.50
and        ... $22.50
Have You
Needs ?
Dees the expected coming of visitors during fair week find you
short of housefurnishings of any description ? W'e have made special
preparations for supplying anything necessary for hotels, boarding
houses, clubs or private homes. We can give you closer prices than
ever before. Consult with us regarding your house furnishings before
giving any order.
Splendid  values  in  unbleached and bleached table Damasks.
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Table Napkins to match our bleached   Damasks,   pei'   dozen   $2.50
to t- $7.50
Linen Towels, all shapes and sizes, per dozen   $1.50 to $4.00
A splendid stock of bleached and unbleached sheetings in the most
reliable Canadian and English weaves. W'e carry the best grades
8-4 width in white twill or plain, per yard  35c to 50c
fi-4 width In White plain, per yard   35c to 50c
0-4 width in white twill, per yard   40c to 50c
in-4 width in white plain or twill, per yard    50c  to  60c
the C
id 8
est ii
lit a
$1.50   Per  Yard.
All wool homespun and
serge twill coatings suitable
for children's, misses' nnd
women's coats; clothi are in
dark and light cardinal, nary,
brown, myrtle and ::��� ::
inches wide.    Per yard $'.50
Moire   I
Silks j
$1.00 to $2.50 Per Yard.
.fust  now there    is    gi<
demand  for   moire  silks  l
waists   and    trimming   pi:
poses.    Our  best   grades ;i ���
exceptionally  heavy  and an
the proper weight for collar*
etc. Patterns stand out prominently.     Prices,   per   yard
$1.00 to  $2.50
Market Square
PHONE 475.
Applications will be received by the:
undersigned up to 5 p.m. of Monday,
October  '.',.   1910,  for  the  position   Of j
Building Inspector.   Salary   to   common e at $1LT).(i() per month.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Citj  Hall, Sept. 2:i, 1810.
On and after October 1, DUO, we,
the undersigned, will sell coal for
cash only, either with the order or on
Gilley bros.. ltd.
joseph mayers,
belyea & co.
New Westminster, Sept. 24,
Six roomed house with stable in rear on two
lots, on corner of lane and 100 foot frontage, on
main street and half a block from car.
$3,000.00, easy teiins.
Apply S. S.       P. O. Box 29
House wiring a specialty. All orders
given prompt attention, and night
calls answered.
Phones 761  and 581.
Office:    -   -   -     435 Columbia Street.
Dr. Hatherly
Eye Sight Specialist
Cures headaches and nervousness
by special ground glasses. During
the eight years established in New
Westminster he has received hundreds of testimonials from satisfied
patients. Optical parlors, Hamley
block, 624 Columbia street.
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
��.i.flW��-*ffilP Exhibition
New  Westminster, The  City   Of Destiny
The  Natural  Manufacturing  Centre   of British Columbia, and the Liverpool of the      i
Pacific Coast���The Centre of a Network of Railways and the Hub of
the Fraser Valley���Rapid Progress of the Past Few Years
000 a year during a period of extra-
TH1S beautiful city has mahy titles'""" tt JDa'  Ul"""s " TT y.' ��~ZZi
_     ,__   '     ; ' I ordinary   progress   and   development
or names, for she has many attributes. She ls variously called the
City of Homes, the Evergreen City,
the City of Manufacture, the City of
Opportunity. But we should like to
,dd another to the list: The City of
stiny; for assuredly It covers them
This being a review of past, pres-
t and future from a mercantile as-
ct, we shall not, except In a casual
,y as we proceed with the narrative
cribe the picturesque charms that
But every dark cloud has its lining.
The darkest hour Is before the dawn;
and  this  year appears  to  have  been
\ the dawn of the Royal City's new and j
| continuous march to greatness.
City real estate which in 1907 was |
assessed at the figure quoted, was assessed in 1909 at $7,696,636, and in the j
. present year at $10,892 955.
i    This ls pi ogress.    The figures need)
! no   elaboration   since   they   show   on i
| their face a doubling in value of property  since 1907;   and  that by a city |
round her both hy land and water, j vvnlch   lia j   practically   remained  dor-
the superb  panoramic  scenes of i mand for fourteen or fifteen years,
untain     and    forest,    island-dotted;     T1]e causes of this remarkable   ad-
and  delta,  which  are  attractive HS? 1" ^i??^;     i      i.r��   .�����
^Jf The Royal City today is alert and
���yond^description as well as sugges- active.    The zeal of a new ambition
ve of tlie mystic and majestic past, animates her; and she is imbued with
out of wliich thev have emerged.   On  a sanguine  hope, and certain  of the
the present occasion we must be con- ***}**? U,"t. be<*ons hfr on' .,
* If New Westminster Is not the cap-
tent to reverence the inscrutable past Ual of thp provlncei sUe is the undis-
and to i ay our medo of honor to the puted metropolis of the richest argil
anent of the mighty river which cultural dlBtrict In tne Dominion; and
I h-i "ne centuries swept along at a **- ��' the ��')eni"S up of the Fraser Vai-
__/ , , , ,, : lev between this city and Chidiwack
high   elevation,   and   as   it   gradually by   the   R   c   Blectric   Railway,  and
subeidt-.i left behind it. tlie delta, the   [ater   on   by   the   Canadian   Northern!
lslan\.    of   the  gulf   and   other  evid-  Railway that in part account for thel
ences  of  its  glorv,  magnificence and city-a awakening.
It is liar 1 to conceive why the Roy-
tpower' al Citv did not advance with greater
But we are concerned on the pres-' rapidity; for the new vista which cir-
ent occasion in describing the growth   cumstances  piesent  to  every  one in-;
of a new  and modern  power no less  terested in her future, clearly reveals I
grand and  magnificent���the pbwer of; phenomenal potentials.
man  to  convert   to   his   use   the   ro-      But   we  shall  speak  at  present
sources of nature; aud to erect on the ' the city itself.
��cene of other grandeur and out of The foreshore of the harbor owing
the \erv material supplied bv them to tho foresight of Ex-Mayor Keary
fabric-   of   tra.e   and   commerce  and  is owned by tlie city tor a considera-
The city  has had  a  chequered history since the time when ln 1S59 Fort
,  "Langley ceased to he the capital, and
to that of any other city of a corres-1 Westminster bridge which spans
ponding size on the continent; but as'the Fraser, beginning at a point on
this subject has been dealt with In a the north side just outside the pres-
separte article we refrain from discus-.ent area of acute activity, ls one of
sing It further. Ithe finest structures of tbe kind in the
As education is generally speaking country. It was built in 1902 by the
the test of a man, so an educational Provincial government at a cost of
system is most emphatically the test over a million dollars, and was deslgn-
of a city. New Westminster Is well ed to carry steam, electric, and ve-
endowed with educational Institutions, hicular traffic. It is practically two
There is Columbian College, which bridges superimpose.!, the one above
Is the official educational Institution the other. The upper tier being for
of the Methodist church; but it is foot and vehicular traffic, and the low-
open to all; and affords a splendid op- er one is for the use of the railways,
portunity to a'l to acquire a first-class In consequence of the strong current
training and educati >n, from the prim- of the river it was found very dlffl-
ary course to a college degree.    For  cut to place the principal pillars on '
tlon. At present there is accommodation for 200 horses. The stables were
Increased about a year and a half ago
by double their former capacity and
now they are not more than half
equal to the requirements. To the
produce building 150 feet were added
a year or so ago; but it is still insufficient; and as the south section of
the river becomes developed by the
operations of tbe B. C. Electric Railway and others, the demand for accomodation will force itself upon the
city so peremptorily that probably the
council wdll be forced to find another
We have devoted a special article to
ble distance; and the water and elec
trie light systems are among the
city's   most    valuable    assets.       The
  water  is  brought  from   a   mountain
the Dime of New Westminster having lake some sixteen miles distant; and
been chosen for the then hamlet the electric light system has a his-
whi ���'.. stood upon the site of the pres- tory dating back to 1S90 when an
���ent city, certain Royal proclamations act was passed empowering the city
were made and the destiny of New to establish such a system. This was
Westminster seemed irrevocably fixed done, and carried out by the city till
aa the capital of British Columbia. But 19p6 when a contract was made with
the fates ruled otherwise, and after the present B.- C Electric and Power
many controversies the wished for Company for the supply through
honor was declared to belong to an- them. The electric light in this way
|<��ther sphere. I costs the citizens from 9 to 11 cents
Ne  cede  malls sei  contra���do not  per  K. W., whilst for industrial pur-
Sield to misfortune, but the contrary  poses the charge  varies from 2 to 7
-was the maxim adopted bv the men cents per K. W.
>I the time;  and so undaunted   they ,    Columbia street the main business
(pursued their way and New Westmln- thoroughfare is one of the best lighted
(ster as a consequence is what she is streets in the Dominion, being illum-
Itoday, and entering upon a carreer of inated with  flve  cluster  lamp stand-
splendour  which the  convergence  of  ards,   each   sixty-five   feet   apart    to-
many circumstances ls almost forcing! getner with a number of central arc
upon her. I lamps.    The   illumination   ls   superb.
There are many events that we But it is no more than worthy of the
aho"'��i like to record, but we are splendid thoroughfare itself, which is
torccu to the present day as rapidly lined with business stores, offices
as possible. We note, however, that buildings, banks, hotels, etc. Here alio 1865 the flrst bank was established j so is located the Dominion building
kere; and that in 1872, the old con-j where the business of several govern-
titution being effete ln consequence \ ment departments is conducted���pub-
[W the advance which the city had "c works, land, timber, fisheries, etc.
made, a new one was procured in The city hall and the principal flre
which a mayor was first designated as station are also to be seen on Colum-
the head of the municipal council.
The population  which  in  1878 was,    --^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^__
fEOOO, had increased in 1901 to t',000, principal retail business is conducted;
and in 1907 to 944U. Today It ls fully and the wholesale business finds its
35,000.    A  wonderful   Increase surely proper location along the water front
ger the Imagination did one not know
the fertility of other lands of "His
Majesty the Fraser" ln even closer
proximity to the city. But the land we
refer to will yield in this profusion
the most diverse productions in agriculture���grain, fruit and vegetables
and even hops. Of all this glorious
territory so long withheld from us for
want of transport facilities, Westminster ls the metropolis, and all this territory will come to her with their
products and with their trade. It will
All up rapidly, for not only will there
be an hourly service by car, but the
farmers along the route will have
cheap light, heat and power, with all
the conveniences of life as fully and
effectually as if they resided in the
Daily the farmer can bring his products to market, and return again in a
few  hours.    What  an  ideal  farming
As we say, all these rich territory,
tributary to the Royal City being now
opened up will make not only wealth
for its people, but wealth for this city
in augmenting volume year by year.
The next revivifying cause for the
Royal  City  lay in the announcement
of  the   new   transcontinental   line  of
the Canadian Northern.    Last year it
matured    into  a  compact  with    the
government sanctioned by the vote of
the people. It is now in course of construction.    It will  not only open  up
another section of the territory lying
south of the Fraser, and closer to the
water bed than that traversed by the
B. C. Electric; but it is now definitely
decided that its terminus is to be on
the other side of the river contiguous
to the city's property there.
The  proprietors of this new transcontinental railway design to convey
vast  quantities  of  the  prairie   grain,
and to ship it from their own wharves
into their own ocean steamers, just at
our very door.
This  announcement,  with   the  policy contained in  it,  means  that the
Fraser is to become the   great   and
only  fresh-water  port  of  the  Pacific
along this coast.
The fresh water port is at all times
'preferable to the salt water one for
[ocean-going vessels, all other things
But every circumstance that   could
_^^_^^______________________________________________________       [enhance the preferability of the Fra-
the Columbian Co'dege has a degree the bed rock, a precaution which was ithe Annual Provincial Exhibition; and ser as far up as New Westminster fs^
conferring power derived from Toron- absolutely necessary to safety.    Thej no supplementary remarks are need- more than i_'iti-\ '
to University.   Tiii3 power extends to deepest pier is laid 141   feet   below
degrees in arts and ln divinity and it high water mark, and sixty-nine feet
is very largely availed of by the stu- bebw the  river bed.    The  principal
I dents of the West.    There is also a draw span pier is actually ninety feet
high school, Lord Kelvin school, and below the river bed.   In all there are
several public schools; and it is a re- seventeen piers, eleven pedastals, and
1 markabe circumstance that as the an- three abutments.    The main span ia
I nual examinations come round the per
centage of results in  New Westmin-
|ster  from  Columbian  College to the
[ public  school  is  remarkably  high,  a
circumstance which is to some extent
perhaps  attributable to   the   healthy
380 feet; and the structure itself,
which inclu ling approaches measures
11,985 feet, containing over 4000 tons
ot steel.
In the article on manufactures and
industries an idea ia given of the view
bia stieet.
na i    It  is  along  this   thoroughfare  the
and invigorating environments. But of presented by the manufacturing Bee-
course it ls primarily due to the high tions of the city. The market and
standard of education itself and the market buildings are worthy of some
efficiency of the teachers and men mention. The market ia held every
who control It. Friday: and it has been the meana of
Besides the schools named there advancing the claim of the city to be
are  the  St.   Louis  Col'ege  for  boys, the market place of the Fraser Vai-
in three years for a city whose movements for years previous to 1907 had
heen now slow, then dormant, and
even at periods retrogressive.
The great concern and consolation
for us Is that she can retrogress no
more; for the forces ot , trade and
manufacture, and the exigencies of a
luwly revealed destiny are behind
propelling and compelling her forward
advance, and till these subside the'
Royal City must proceed with ttnabat-
Ing alacrity an.l vigor to the vanguard of western cities. v
We deal with present day conditions of real estate in another article; but still we think tlie follow-
Ing taota and figures will be interesting:
li was in 1859 that the flrst sale of
real estate occurred. 318 lots being
offefed, and 310 sold; the total bring'
ing $89,000, and the largest single lot
$1926, In 1890 the gross value of
real estate was $4,095,8(15 and the taxable value $3,577,815. in 1898 a fire
occurred which practically swept the
city from end to end, and as many had
departed to spheres of greater activity
never to return, the value of property decreased. But in 1901 it had risen
to $4,668.5.5. This must be deemed
the assessable value; and the assessable value, as explained in another article can not at most exceed 60, per
cent of the real value. It does not,
however, in connection with this aspect of the city's growth make a material difference.
We are concerned to show that between 1901 and 1907 the progress had
been alow. In the latter year the assessable valuation was $5,146,750. This
shows an Increase of less than $70,-
The  hotel  accommodation  is  equal
the girls convent school, and the
seminary for divinity students all under the control of the Catholic
church. ,
The accommodation provides for
farm produce as well as for horses,
cattle, poultry, etc. of every descrip-
ed here. 11   This city is only some twelve mllfta
Throughout the residential section' or bo from the 8ea. Even at the sand
one observes nothing but the evid- bar at the mouth of the river there is
ences of comfort. There are many ex- now, owing to the advantageous use of
quisite residential buildings with am-. Fruhling dredge sent here by the Do*
pie grounds laid out with a taste mlnlOB Government some months ago.
which reflects the culture and refine-'a uniform depth of twenty-seven feet
ment of the people. And many splen- j of water. Thi8 compares favorably
did homes have been and are being; with some of the greatest fresh water
built. It is manifest from the vast lm- ports of the old country, where a
provements in the dwellings of the much greater depth of water needed
citizens that not only have they am- to crosa the bar that Invariably col-
ple capital, but that they are building lecta at the mouth of all tidal rivers,
for permanency as well aa comfort. Because the tidal rivers in the old
Everything gives out the note: "We country empty atraight into the open
are in Westminster to stay." I sea or ocean, where the storms are*
Now we may consider for a brief!often so fierce, and the swelling bll-
space the cause of the reanimation of lows rise and fall to such a height
New Westminster, after so many and depth that a vortex between ls
years of quiteude. |made to the depth of many feet; and
By many people the change has into this vortex the ship's prow might
been attributed to the Increasing num- any moment plunge or her stern and
ber of manufacturers seeking loca- propeller sink, ic attempting to cross,
tlons here. But we submit that this Consequently the mouths ct these
is to substitute the effect for the rivers require a greater uniform depth
cause. The original and primary than would the Fraser emptying into
cause both of the influx of manufac- the Gulf of Georgia, where no auch
turers and the acceleration of the bu8- tempestuous storms are ever seen or
j known as those, for instance, at the
mouth of the Mersey where it enters
|the Irish Sea. Yet the mouth of the
Mersey, after flfty years of dredging
is  only  a  few  feet  deeper  than  the
| mouth  of the Fraser at the  present
,time. And the Fraser is to be deepen-
five or six   feet
iness movements has been the developing policy of tho railway companies.
The manufacturer must have not
only facilities fer manufacture but facilities of shipping both by land and I
water: for he does not. generally,
speaking , manufacture solely for lo-jed at least another
nl consumption. He manufactures .without delay,
for markets that must be reached by | if a Liverpool then was constructed
iand or water or both. A convenient on the Mersey, why not another Llv-
point of shipment and a water front erpool on the Fraser���why should not
location for his works if possible, are! New Westminster be another Liver-
detenr.inlng factors In his choice, pool?
N'ew Westminster has both. j    She  will be.    It Is absolutely cer-
Waterfront lecations on both banks tain.    Western Canada is only in em-
of the liver and along other places ad-,bryo, so to speak.      The   advent   of
Phots by W. Cookeiey.
icent where the new movement will
soon compel wharves to be built are
available for the purpose of manufacture at reasonable, or rather at low,
rates. But these waterfrontages have
still been there. What is it now Imparts to them their peculiar value?
The B. C. Electric Company by the
construction of tLe Fraser Valley
branch railway from thla city to Chilliwack have opened up for the waiting colinlst sixty-two miles pf the
most fertile prairie, farm and fruit
land in the world. The route passes
through Surrey, Langley, Matsqui and
Chilliwack municipalities. The prices
aie cheap; the opportunities have
never been surpassed; the climate ts
mild and equable, the scenery superb
���mountain, forest, and stream in rich
and varied contrast; and the land will
yield in a profusion that would stag-
Mackenzie  & Mann is the  token  of
her evolution.    The  first ocean ship
that they load in the Fraser with the
grain of the prairies lor transport to
Great   Britain   means   the   complete
emergence of Ndw Westminster Into
a  port  and harbor   similar   in   the
course of. time to that of Liverpool,
where probably the cargo will land;
bnt with natural advantages greater
than  ever  Liverpool  possessed,  and
with an -ultimate destiny more magnificent and more supreme than that.
to which Liverpool has ever attained.
This Is why at the outset we claim- ,
ed to bestow upon New Westminster
besides the other titles   that adorn
her and portray,her diverse characteristics, the new title "The City ot
Destiny" for surely destiny hae marked her ont to be the "Liverpool of tha
Paetae." ' _,~   . I
* ���*
TUESDAY,   OCTOBER   4,   1910.
New    Westminster's   Banking   Institutions   Show   Prosperity (
THE financial situation in the Royal City Is one of great prosperity
iind one which warrants greatest sat-
Isfaction on the part of the financial
institutions themselves, and the ex-
tremest optimism ou the part of the
people. It is a situation of which all
of their, have a right to be proud, lor
it evinces not only enterprise among
the citizens, but prudence and wisdom as well as courage, especially
among the banks of the city.
The hank clearing's month by month
are in the majority of cities, Uie din
that. Indicates the rise or fall of the
sun of success in the commercial
world. Hut New Westminster is deprived of the advantages of this valuable Indicative Instrument hy reason
of the fact ihai she has not yet equip-
ped herself with It, but has been content in utilize that, of her friend y
neighbor, Vancouver, who in her returns so persistently and boaatfullj
placed before the unsuspecting public has added to her own, which no
doubt aie enormous, those of the
Royal (ity which certfi'ihly during the
past lev yeara have been growing
greater month hy month, and are today larger than those of any other
city of its size on tlie continent: that
is the/ would represent a larger figure than those of any other equally
sized city it' they were segregated and
separately presented. But we must
not repine. We can only repent and
amend; for the fault has been our
own. and the hanks in the adjoining
city have aete.l entirely in accordance
wiih bank usage, and the people of
Vancouver who were anxious to boost
their marvellous growth and expansion, entirely in good faith. We acquit them both. Even many of the people who read and rejoiced at these returns were unaware of the fact. But
the fact remains. We hope it will
cease to remain, not through any
amending act in Vancouver, but
tbrough a reform effected in New
Westminster. Tlie value of these returns tn every growing and prospering city is enormous. They are pithy;
they aie unerring: and people read
them. Vancouver knows tlie effect of
thei.' publication; and with that remark wc leave the rest to New Westminster,
Where then shah we go for th?:
evidences of the prosperity and growing greatness of the Royal City?
Through the business centres, tlie
wholesale nnd manufacturing arc s,
along the multiplying streets of the
presidential districts. We there see
the evidences of wealth in the form of
capital sunk in new enterprises, in
extenting old ones, an.l in dwellings
from those of the most sumptuous to
those cf the middle-class merchant
businessman and artisan, and whatever they are. great or small, they
bear the Indubitable marks and tokens of prosperity. There is nothing
derelict; nothing waste; a:id esieciai-
ly in  tlie residential district there is
enterprises. The M^rcahnts' Bank of
Canada is one of the oldest, largest,
best known, and most highly esteemed  banks in  the Dominion.      It
part  in tin- development of the  D i-
I minion,   and   none  of   them   has    per-
Banklformed better work for the cause
Canada's   greatness   than   the
Cam -
While   the
must he classed among i.ie younger.-- I!ank (;l> ro,nir)erce and its prasi
was established in 180-1, and 'today j banking Institutions of Canada, it ha*.. L^ Sil. Kdmmi\ walker. It Ins
has a network of 159 branches extend- ;to quote the president's words at the been the aider of enterprise, the pro-
innual meeting of shareholders, pass- hunter of industry, an.l the firm friend
Colui ia.
of every legitimate enterprise that required   its  support.      The   forty third
city���the Westminster Trust Company & the Dominion Trust Company and The People's Trust Company���are also in their own growing
prosperity symptomatic of the prog-
less that is carrying the city along
Trust Companies are of the greatest
importance to young end growing cities like New Westminster. Indeed
they are the moat beneficial ef institutions in their many an.l diversified operations to any city or community
where they establish themselves. Net
only do they act as trustees in the
strict sense of the term with Integrity
and ability, hut as Investment companies they encourag ��� thrift among
the people by their splendidly organl-
���"��� ' '.     .' '(November 30, 1901), to be  $66,800,161. the hank's affairs have great faith ia [cent per annum, with a recommend i
smallest deposits are received at call *'1_ese flgures are not only   potential the potentialities of this province gen-'.ton   in   the  diretfto'r's   repo I    to   In
and accorded the highest  rate of In- facts,  hut   they  are the hest   of   all orally and the  Royal City in partlcu-]crease this to nine i < r cent  tor   the
terest. They arc. moreover, tlie means'commentaries  cn  the  status   of   the lar.     Their  half   ..early   report,  dated current year of 1310, which has since
of attracting to the city many invest
ing from   Quebec  to   British    , ^   from  ^  jn|,intile  stag<5)  an!l   ,_
In this province alone n has five now attaining to the fullness of
branches, including the one in New,strength and vigor which entiles it
Westminster. The bunk has had a'to take its place among the leading
continuous progress as a few figures'banks of the Dominion. It is first of
from the statement made up to No-; all a western hank, with head ollice
vember   .'10,   1909,   fully    prove.       Its  in   Winnipeg,  und  has over one hun-
Northern   Crown
This   corporation   lias   proved
to be one of the moat progresi
the  concerns   which   the  trou.,
activity of the  past  couple ���
has brought into existence
ofiice is in Vancouver, but ll ;
drawn  with   magnetic forci
annual report, lead at  Its meeting of I\yestminster, where it has est
shareholders    on    Januarg    11    last, [a branch, the operations of ��
showed, notwithstanding that in some growing   in    volume   and
respects unsatisfactory monetary con- month  by  month.     The
ditions   wliich   prevailed   during   the  bandies all kinds of city ri
capital is $6,000,300.   The rserve fund dred branches established in the Do-[preceding financial year, figures of re- manufacturing,   business,   n
on May 31, 1898, was $2,600,000, nni  minion, being represented in most of markable and  noteworthy   value and also suburban  lot.   and acrea
on November ?,0 last, $4,602,157.    The; the principal cities lrom the Atlantic moment.    Tlie assets of the hank, for
total deposils in May, 1898, were $13, [to  the  Pacific  coast,  nine   of   which lpatahfce.  have attained  the  large  fig-
609.931,  and  In  November last   were branches are in British Columbia, in- ures of $148,998,482; the paid-up capl-1 corporation ls also deeply i
$49,471,594:    nnd    the    total    assets eluding the New Westminster branch, tal is $10,000,000; the rest nr reserve and some of the  mos;  attrai
which  in   1898   wen..   $26,425,413,   in  which   was opene.   three years   ago.iig  $fj,( ,0Q0,  and   the  dividends  de-ithe lands opening up by thc t
1905, $41,477,589. were ascertained on This fact shows that the directors of|clared were at the t-.ttv of   eight perjof the B. C. Electric railwa\
of  the Cana
pai tidi lai ly ar
the   magnificent,   fertile,
farm lands of the I-', ���<. i
ments which without them might find
their destination in another sphere.
The Trust Company is quite as symptomatic an institution as the bank,
and the three companies in this city
are managed by men whose hearts are
in (he city and whose Integrity is undoubted. All of I hem lune contributed largely to the general prosperity, and have never swerved from
their allegiance to New Westminster
or retracted their oft-expresse.l faith
that the city was not asleep as many
asserted, but reposing it might be.
though assuredly wilh at least one
eye open, for the opportune moment
when she should renew her march to
As new enterprises are being projected, capitalists aie responding to
the call with alacrity and spirit, thus
testifying in the most practical of all
ways their faith in the future of the
city, and in the potentials of her position as a manufacturing centre. .Men,
too, who formerly turned their eyes to
other spheres for the investment of
their capital are seizing upon every
opportunity for investing it here in
real estate. This they would not hafe
done a few years ago, not because
they thought the investment absolutely bad, but because they were convinced that they could secure a better return in a shorter time by investing elsewhere. Their renewed faith
in the city which at first moved slowly has now progressed to a fervent
zeah So that altogether the financial
position of Xew Westminster may be
act ey ted as strong and durable. The
acce'eration of progress is too great,
end t.':e forces of trade, commerce,
shipping industry and the new developments inei lent I. railway expansion are too strong to ad.i i: of any re-
bank, its progress, and the manner In June   30,   1910,   shows  the   following been   done.    Large  expenditures  are
which its affairs have been conducted. Important  figures.    That the paid uplnaturallj   being made on bank build-
The brunch in New Westminster wus capital  is $2,202,000.00;   the deposits, [ngs, but  they are on   a sound   and
greatly needed when It was establish- $11000,000.00:    the   rest.   $320,821.00, economic  basis, and   thi   erection  of
ed   here   in    1909.     The    Mercahnts, und   the   total   asset8   over   $15,000,- a  new  bank   building   in   Ne*   Wes'
ern  railway
Munn.   .ire    iu    the   hand
corporation.   The corporation
[que  facilities   for   n got! ith
upon the mosi e lultable ti
table i i the requi'ements
dividual  case,  and  it   i
cialty   of   purchasing   agn ���
manufacturers,   business  anl   profes- 000.00.   The bank is under careful and j minster will bo commenced b< orethe sales al  the high  I  pri
sionai   men   as   well   as  private   citi- capable directorship and  iis board Is end of the presenl  year.      The  Xew
zen quickly responded to the Bank', composed of men prominent, and we  Westminster branch of The Canadian
action   in   opening   the   branch,   by,might   say   pre-eminenl   as   financiers Bank  of Commerce  has  been   estab-
showlng  through  their accounts  that in   Western   Ca  "da,   who   thoroughly  lishe.l   for  a   period   of  thirty   years,
tlie Merchants'  Bank of Canada  had understand  Western conditions;   men I and  it   has  been  without   a  doubt  a
stiM their confidence and support. This who have had their share In the open-jmost Important factor in the upbuild-
Inistitution is to be congratulated on ins and establishing of t
manages  estates,  and  collei
The corporation  lias also ,
she    nnd    well    organize I
b . Iness in life, fire and aci
res< nting some of the  leai
panics in the old country, i
is to be congratulated on Ing and establishing of the West. an.1|ing of the Royal City.   The managers States, and  in  the Dominion
the businesslike way they opened up|who  have  the   true  Western   spirit, from time to time, and especially the ada.    The general
in this city.    They purchased  one of namely   "Progressiveness   along   the present manager. II. It. Davidson, who; couver, is
the finest corners in the city at a cost
of $30,000 an !  bave since spent $15,-
000 in rea o'e fng their building and
in a most nr-to-date equipment for
their banking, chamber. The local
manager  i'.   C. Adams,   has   proved
1 i'"sel;' an able exponent, of the high
piinciples that have ever governed
the bank, and worthy in every way of
its best traditions.
manai i r
Draj ton, i .
lines of sound business e< aoiuies. ' i lias been in charge for the past nine I manager here
Sir Daniel li. McMillan. K. C. M. G��� years, have been Impregnated with both of whom an
lieutenant-governor of the province ofjthe belief in the future greatness of
Manitoba, is the president of the: Xew Westminster, and now thai thai
hank: Captain William Robinson, vice|greatness is passing from the intangibilities of hop,' and belief into the
realities of achievement, this bank,
and Mr. Davidson, its manager, share
in the progress which they have done
so much to promote.
president and the directors are
Messrs. James H. Ashdown, Winnipeg; D. C. Cameron, II. T. Champion,
W. C. I.eistikow. F. Nation, Hon. R
, P.  Roblin,  Edward  Gurney,  Toronto;
able and i
��� rta in the entire busine
on by the Vanco iver   I ;-   - Cor-
i oration Limited
tm&H'j.i    '������' -    . '
The Bank of Mantieal may well be
described as one of the pioneer banks
of Canada, for its last meeting of
shareholders held on December 6,
1909, was tlie ninety-seconded annual gr-neral meeting. It has had a
fine career, but not more wonderful
than has been the marvellous expan-
that  unening indicator of prosperous .-ton of the country from the Pacifl;
conditions���comfortable   homes   with to the  Atlantic.     The   banks   them-
taateful surroundings selves, it must be admitted, have been
The banks themselves   know   the large contributors to the progress and
��� prosperity  of  the   Dominion,  and   no
fact: and the public might guess it by jbank  has  been   a  larger  contributor
he   accession   to    the   city   of   new j than  the  Bank  of  Montreal.    There-
banks.    Tlie presence of so many of | fore it is. that in this trade review of
.    -���..ittv
Photo by W. Cooksley.
the leading banks is not only creditable to their own spirit of enterprise.
the Royal City, we wish to ghe prominence to the Bank of Montreal, for it
has had  a  branch  in   Xew  Westmin-
but a testimony to tlie commercial Im-, ster for the   long   period   of   twenty
portance  of  the  Royal  Ci
banker's   standpoint;   and   th
portance  of tlie Royal City   from   a'three    years.       Of    course    the    Hd
es[ab_'adage Is very applicable to the '" uk:
,; ,      ���..-,, i     ���     tt \"A.s ye sow, ye reap."   The banks of
lishment   simultaneously   in   Vancou- .,���.  j   , .        , *. ,    ,       ,
: Canada have sown in a rich land, and
ver and Xew Westminster of a branch they are reaping a bountiful ba vest
of the Hank of Toronto is a fact most
The bank  while it derives Its own'
even now. What will it be in the
years to come? The Bank of Montreal when it established Its branch
dn Xew Westminster did not contem-
advania.es from the prosperity of a plate the greatness to which the city
place, is Itself a considerable, nay land surrounding district are now ris-
powerful  contributor to the   prosper-''"r-   But it Is entilled all the more to
ity, and In the Roval City the spirit of t,,c 1:"'ee l'allwll>��'' which it now en-
... .    , . , i.foys   hero.     Besides   tlie   local    bank,
reciprocity and mutual trust between��� tbere are ni���eteen other branches of
the banks an.l their customers has the Bank of Montreal in B. C. A few
been  one of extraordinary cordiality, j figures  given  in  the  last  annua]   re-
The banks, one anl all. testify to the 'ort of ,he bank are W01'"1  noticing.
%,-mi.   ���..,.,     -  .i ii i.n.        r 'r''c assets now amount,  to $220,582,-
bigh  Btandard  oi  the   reliability   of -,,.  ,,,��� ���   ��� ,      ,, _     .    .
J | iA<t, the capital,  paid  up, amounts to
those whom they have facilitated, and $14,400,000, the rest or reserve
the uniform opinion of the commercial amounts to $12,000,000. and last year
classes of the city i.s that the banks fo1"' quarterly dividends of "i*_ pet-
have shown themselves able and will- ��"' ea_h   !!_WJ!M,8_1ed'   f��"m,n,,lnK
THE   ROYAL   BANK   OF   CANADA. R.   Y.   Kills,  C, Adams,  J.   L.  Co.Tee,'
  J.   A.    McDougall,   Edmonton;    John'
The  Royal   Bank  of Canada  which White, Woodstock, Ontario, and A. S.
has had a branch in New Westminster White,   Chicago,    all   of    whom    aie
for the past ten years, is an institu- large  shareholders  and   have the  in- stens and tokens of the large," space
tion of which the people of the   D.��- terests  of the  bank  as  well  as   the she is Occupying in the financial   mer-
minion have a right to be proud.    It needs of a greater Canada, at  heart. cantile and manufacturing world   and
has   contributed   largely   and   gener- The   executive   officers    are    Messrs       f  ,,     ,      .     ,   ,
ously  to the  great  evolution  of  this Robert  Campbell,  Winnipeg;   General' e ls the attrU("
country's destiny, since its Incorpora- Manager,  L.   M.  McCarthy;   chief su- t'on  t0 'ler of 8IK'''  '���
tion in 1809.   In that year the outlook perintendent of branches, G. W. Bux- the  Bank of Toronto,
of Western Canada in particular was ton,  T.  Kirkwood, G.  Yule and J. A.  well known to work
not such as to arouse the enthusiasm .McCallum;   Inspectors,  V.  P.  Cronyn
Xew Westminster is evincing many
at all events of those who were located and prospering in the more settled and better known provinces of
the'east. Confederation had then only
been two years accomplished; tind
Biitish Colt mbia did  not enter it at
superintendent of Ontario
branches, and J. P. Roberts, Yancouver, superintendent of Hritish Columbia branches. Throughout the
bank's service The staff is made to a
urge extent participators in its pios-
all for two yeais more.   But. from the perlty, and the effect of this progi^s
beginning of its operations the Royal sive   policy   lias  already   made   Itself
Bank seemed to be endowed  with a manliest in the Corps d'Eaprlt of its
prescient conviction of the potentials officers.    This bank being of Western
of tlie west, and as opportunity   pre- conception   has  all   the  enterprise  of
sented,    came    further    and    further the  West,  and   nowhere  in   this  fact
westward.    Today it has no less than more clear than in Its branch in thi-i
thirty-one branches in the Province of city, of which J. E. Hawkshaw is the
British Columbia alone.    These banks manager.     He  has  by   his   excellent,
aie. to put it mildly, a distinct power spirit and  masterly methods of busl-
in the land.   It is well to give heie a ness commended both himself and the
few figures taken from the statement bank to the people of the Royal City,
furnished   to   the    Dominion    govern- He has an ardent faith in her future
ment,   showing  the  condition   of  the and  even ln the short  term  he   has
bank  on June 30.  1910.      The assets been a citizen of the Liverpool of the
Institution as
This bank ls
cn the most con-
servathe principles, It was incorporated in 1855, and has had a continuous course of progress ever since.
Theie are a few figures and facts
that appear in the report and statement submitted to the general meeting in January last that aie worthy of
quotation. In 1868 the bank assets
were $8,492 460, and the capital and
reserve were $1,025,000. In 1888 the
assets were $10,146,715, and the capital and reserve $3,360,000. In 1908
the assets weie $39,756,004, and the
capital and reserve $8,500,000, and for
1909 tho deposits showed $34,573,897;
the' assets, $47,989,093, and the capital and reserve amounted to $8,750,-
000. The dividend paid for the current year amounting to 10 per cent
in four quarterly payments of 2% per
cent  each.    The  deposits  for  the   fl-
������ 1
to 10 per cent. These figures need no amount to $76,214,691; the paid-up West, has seen many potentialities nanc'��' .v''ar ending Xovember, 1909,
lng to did and promote, to faclntnte comment to the business and commer- capital is $5,000,000; the reserved becoming possibilities and believes Increased by $7,604,092, and the rest
.and carry through every legitimate rial men for whom this note is In- fund amounts to $59,000,000; the bank the day to be not far distant when the or 'eserve fund was augmented to
project in which their co-operation! 'ended. The local branch In Xew deposits amount to $59,170 148, and railways which are converging around *4.750,000 by transferring to it $250,-
has been reiuestcd I Westminster   is   relatively   speaking, the  half yearly  dividend  payable on  us will open up new territory of sur- 00�� froin Pro*-* ��nd loss.    This-bank,
' |ln,'i flourishing' condition.    The man- July 2, 1910, amounted to $137,500, be- passing richness and when the aplen-' which  shows   progress  and   develop-
nie tiani-.s today are more confident, aeer ^ G D Brymner whose ability lng equivalent to 11 per cent per an- dour of our situation, and shipping fa- nlent on thesc llnes- l,as recently
and Optimistic than ever before as to and courtesy are everywhere recog- num. The people of New Westmln-[cilities will draw with magnetic force opened a branch in this city of New
the future, a future ..that is the inevit-1 nized and appreciated, and whose in-'ster have long realized the value and |manuafactuiers and merchants from. Westminster, under the able mana-
able result of the awakening of the"6"631 in the prosperity of the Royal iImportant* of the branch of the Royal other centers to the Golden Gate of sershlp of J. Oracey. The Royal City
nitv nn,i rhfl . _ntfni,-,nci�� ,.��� rh- natiJ^"'' ,,a8 res<hlte(i ln a reciprocity ofiBank In their city, and the beneficial the North. Haste the good day when may congratulate herself that in this
cu. , anu uie coiiimu.ince on uie pain i rfie(Ing   and   scntiment   towards    the effect it hns had upon their trade and  New Westminster will come into her movement she  hns secured a friend.
The New  Westminster   bi
the Dominion TrtiPt Companj  1.
was established some four ye i
when that  great  and progre
poratlon acquired the business
for twenty  vents  had  been
with success and   Irreproach
tegrity  by T.  R.  Pearson, wl
the arrangement, became, and  -
the  manager  here.    The  magn
structure recently erected by the
pany in Vancouver, is a testlmoi
tbe  spirit   of  enterprise  wbicb   e
where  pervades   the  concern.    I
nancial status la unsurpassed bj
otber  trust   corporation   in   Wesl
Canada,  and  as  Ioiil'  as   it   con:::;
Its operations under the guidai
the present  directorate, it   is certa
to remain In the vanguard.   T e D
minion   Trust   Company    Limited
essentially and entirely what  it   pur
porta to he���a company invest, o. with
' e authorltj    to  unde take   all   the
duties ot trusted i in tl - �� Ide. I
and   brokers   w!. ,  are  not   bi ne
cv. ners of, or apt culal jrs In tbe pro
erty   which   they   handle   for
clients.   They act as executors
wills, as administrators of Intei     ���
estates, as trustees  under wills
under all forms of trust deeds an '. li
Struments for safeguarding il	
of third parties, and in fact thej
aume all  fiduciary relationships
ally  '������ posed   on,  or   undertaken
trust* Both  under the courl        I
by the  voluntary appointmenl o   i ������
beneficially   interested    parties.       \ I
these   positions   have   with   great
ceptance and ability been unde rl    ���
by   the  company.      They  also   |    ie
guarantee    bonds.      They    bave    unrivaled facilities for negotiating 1 ians
on terms, not only equitable, but adjustable to the  requirements of the
borrower;   and  they  manage estates
and collect rents, etc.    Thc company
is one of the largest brokers handling
only for their clients,  real estate lo
New Westminster, and It Is In this department that the experience, abilit;
and  Integrity   of  T.   H.  Pearson   are
most   conspicuous.     As   brokers   they
handle   water   frontage,   manufacturing   and    business    sites,   residential
lots,   suburban   acreage,  'ind   the   fertile farm lands of the unrivalled Fraser Val'ey.   Some of the hesi property
along the route of the new B. C. Klectric  railway  Is  In   their  hands.     Any
one desiring an Investment can do no
better  than   consul!   these   unrivalled
idvisors and exports both as to p'es
ent   intrinsic   values   and   future    potentials.     The   trust   and   broker ge
business of the company is so vol :���:-
Inous anl continuous that it yields an
enormous revenue.    There i.s. we believe, no company of the present time
that  offers to small depositors better
advantages   and    finer    Inducements,
and the system on which they operate
Is  not  only  unique  but sound  and  a
self-guarding guarantee.   T.   R.   Pearson, the manager here, Is not only a
man  of great ability and experience,
but he is always accessible to clients
and investors, and ready by his advice
and guidance to promote their   Interests.
BANK       OF
commerce, and they trust it may long i own
continue to enjoy the. .confidence and |
I For though  the  Bnnk of Toronto   is
conservative  in  Its  methods,  i. is  a
of progi ess which she entered afresh Rank 0f Montreal.
8oir.e three years ago. j
The   banks   saw   and   felt���because XHE      MERCHANTS
they were in the best position;'to see
and ft el���the symptoms o^the  new
life  and   extraordinary   strength  and
��nerg_' of tie re-animated city.  They  	
Tiave  lefiected  their   appreciation   or' Constructed on  generous   lines, they conducted, by. C. A.   Crosbie. of   Van- other parts of.Canada, In the United Bank of Toronto under the advice'Of
���ne  worked   out in   tbe   most   com- couver.   The president of the hank is States and In London, England, is en- Mr. Gracey will he equal to her hls-
Tlie banks of Canada stand first In
f'-e   ranks   of   financial   institutions.
THE   CANADIAN BANK    OF   COM- staunch friend and supporter of every
MERCE. legitimate  enterprise,  and  especially
��� |"f every  productive enterprise.    En-
The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Iterprises of all kinds are locating
Dominion.' fhe supervision of all the with Its twenty-four branches In Brit- themselves here, and extending their
British   Columbian   branches   Is   ably ish Columbia, lri addition to those in operations, and we are sure t.atythe
trust of every citizen, and ���simultah
eously to promote Its own welfare, the
Interests of the Royal City and the
strengthening and   upbuilding of  the
conditions   by    mttOf
men.'ah'e  spirit,   and   have  been   all  H.  S.  Holt:   the   vice   president nnd title! to a premier place in this re- tory and the best of her traditions in
tbe    chan;
tokeis. ;f-i!nnc'.ti*e, rears"-Of Canadian develop- general manuger Is E. L. Pease, and view of the trade and business of the yielding her support and   encourage-
The Trust and  Investment Com pa- rrent, tprtlfying factors in the growth the manager of the local bank is L. city of New Westminster.   The banks ment to the Industrial development of
jiles of which t!.e:e are Vx.ee in the a.nd sttogther.l.ng of her  mercantile M. Ricllardson. of Canada have played an Important thc Royal City.
Oh, why doesn't the pitcher pitch the
And why are tllfe baseman base?
Because they let the runner steal?
Why does he slide ofl his face?
How does a flleder muff a fly?
Is shortstop ever tall?
Would the umpire call   the   catcher
If he didn't catch the ball?
Do they ever let th'e1 batter pitch?
Is It fair to knock a foul? '"    '
Does a home run count for more than
a bunt?
Whaj, makes the people howl?
Oh, Isn't a pop-up simply grand���
And a squeeze-pipy just divine!
But   why  do  men   have   mitten   on.
In the hot old summer time?
/���W. B. Kerr, in Smart Set. PAGi: ELEVEN.
City's Financial and Professional Interests Do Large Business
The Itcyal City is drawing with
magneti- force many business and
financial institutions to establish
branches here, and among others it
has succeeded in attracting the National Finance Company Limited.
The company which was incorporated in 1907. is one of tlie
most progressive of the present
day, as might readily be infened from
the fact that Thomas T. Langlois is
the piisident and managing director
of it. Through his individual energy
and enterprise, and the personal
power that he exerted in a business
visit made to Great Britain, Mr. Lang-
loig has succeeded in inducing British
capitalists to seek investments in this
country. And, as it is capital that
both the cities of Vancouver and New
Westminster and the adjacent districts need most of all, his visit must
have, and Is having, highly beneficial
effects upon both. The subscribed
capital of the company Is $1,000,000;
the assets are over $1,000,000; the
paid-up capital Is $400,000 and the
rest or reserve is $100,000.    The year
been looked for to eventuate for another quarter of a century at least.
With this at first, gradual, and then
general, attraction of new investors
and new settlers to the Far West
came New Westminster's opportunity,
too. Railway expansion, harbor improvement, the establishment of new
manufacturing and industrial enterprises, the opening up of the superbly
fertile valley of the Fraser. and a
multitude of other coi elated and convergent circumstances, started an apparently defunct, but still latently important center once more upon its
new career in an advance which has
been abundantly justified and which
nothing can now stay. To the Royal
City, then, from his railway enterprises in the neighborhood, with
youth, untiring energy, a strong and
attractive personality, a knowledge
of banking and of practical finance,
gained in the homeland, and rare in
one of his age, and what is still more
important, with an unrivalled knowledge of local conditions and topographical acquaintance with tli^ country second to none, came Walter S.
Rfise. Yet has Mr. Rose never remained  satisfied   with  being a   mere
large bull lings, including Kelly Don- feel it incumbent on us to record the
glas & Co.'s warehouse. We trust to fact, for it indicates that Mr. Hill is
see many more specimens of their not to be classified with the mere
talent and abilh y in New Westmln- empiric who picks up his scraps of
ster. Their offices are room ti, West-."how to do things" by seeing them
minster Trust building. .done before, but that he has studied
 ' the theories and principles of his pro-
C. H. CLOW, F. B. A. I. C. |fession    before   undertaking   to   prac-
  ' tice them.
The architect is not merely a theo-j Mr. Hill has done some important
retic exponent of the craft of con-'and extensive work in the west. He
struction.    He is the reflector of the  located     the   Westminster    Southern
1 COL    ui      itnci  it    ��o    y - ""���"""��� - -"- ��� ���
1909 produced a profit of 10 per cent spectator of, or participator In tire
besides a bonus of $47,014 which was general prosperity. He has, in encour-
allotted and paid rateably to the.'tiglnr; the investment of capital, both
Shareholders. Branches of the com- from local sources and from th'e home-
pan/ have been established in Cal-1 land, been a very solid contributor to-
gary, Regina, Winnipeg. Toronto, St. Wards that same prosperity, guiding,
John, N. B., and Halifax. N. S. Be-1 at the same time, his own invest-
lides the'one bere in New Westmln-1 ments and those of his clients, in
ster. established In 1909. Through real estate, in stocks and bonds and
Lthis branch all kinds of city real es-jin kindred directions, with unerring
fate are handled, including water- sagacity, and consequently with un-
frei.' ���-. manufacturing and business failing success. Whilst he has. in
'sites 'evidential lots, suburban lots common wiih others, profited con-
and ., reage; and also farm and fruit sfderably in real estate. Mr. Rose
lands. The company make a specialty 1 daily, in his beliefs and in his ac-
of aU Surrey and Buinahy property, tions, preaches the doctiine of indus-
It 1 11 !m> safely s;.i.l that in respect' trialism. wliich he declares to be the
Of a::; of these various classes of greatest asset which the future holds
pro], ty no more reliable, and no! for the littoral cities of British Co-
mere skilful company or firm can be lumbia. Among other companies con-
cons-.he! either with regard to a pur- ceived and established by Mr. Rose
cha.-i or a sale of an Investment. II.'are the Kdmonds Development Co.
P. Latham, the manager in New- West- Ltd., which gives special attention to
min-'- . is thoroughly versed in both buildifig ana Improvement enterprise
pre ��� ��� intilnsic values and in the 1 in New Westminster's favorit ��� sub-
fut    ^^^^^^^^^
h.11 .ney and Burnaby, ,,.���,       ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
as of the rich and fertile farm conception, shown its shareholders ai
ant!  '   .,'   lands of the Fraser Valley. | profit  of something like 25 per cent; 1
This i-i  ..pan..' are the representatives and the tSandard Trading Co. Ltd., a ''
a   B.  C.   Permanent   Loan   Co.,  --till     more    ambitious    undertaking,
;h   whom   tbey   negotiate   l.ian.-y. with a greater capitalization, of which
table terms; they are also the;much more will, doubtless, be heard.
optatives   of   tlie   Pacific   Coast later.      Mr,  Rose is also   closely   in
Ins nance    Co..    through    whom  touch with the wood-pulp paper indus-
i!o an  extensive insurance busi- tries of the province, having been in-
ue��s. an 1 besid -s these they represent strum ental in bringing in from home
the  Prudential   Investment   Company, for one local industry of this nature
who do ti very large business in build- capital   to  the  extent  of  upwards  of
ing   homes   for   clients,   making   the', on-, hundred thousand dollars, and, in
v.~v.. mmm...     [U1��M jj^C VJ IVtl 11X1 a/*J^ja, a ' 1 J ''
  ely impressed |the construction of the C. P. Railway
itself upon an age that it has made an from Port Moody to Kanaka creek,
epoch in history. But we cannot pur-land located the main line from Hani-
sue this interesting theme 4n this son river to Sea Bird Bluff. Mr. Hill
business review of New Westminster. is one of the oldest engineers and
It is sufficient to say here that C. H.' surveyors located In the west, having
Clow Is a worthy exponent of the been in constant practice in the sev-
noble art of architecture, and that he'eral branches of his profession for the
practices his profession in the Royal!past flfty years. Mr. Hill's offices are
City. He has practiced that profes- j at Nos. 2-?, Guichon ' block, corner
sion for the long period of twenty | Mackenzie and Columbia
years, and has prepared the plans of
many chaste and beautiful residential structures, as well as the plans of
many buildings which this age of
commercialism has called Into existence;    factories,    warehouses,    office
W.   N.   DRAPER.
The  Provincial  Land   Survey  is   a
sine  quo  now  to  the  expansion  and
ICU..C, laeiunes, waienouses, unue sjne ((U0 now to the expansion anu
buildings, ad infinitum. We cannot 'development of the country, and in
pause to particularize all the superbtBritish Columbia he is not only In-
residences in and around the city and dispensable but he must be endowe1
through the country which have been v/iti, faculties and equipped with
built to the designs of Mr. Clow. But knowledege and resources superior to
..nowledege and resources superior to
they are very numerous, and they all those ^^^     ^^^
..r,.,r,^l *Um~r. t r. ., ��� ~ \.1r.~Ar.A
present those features of blended
beauty and utility which, if anything.
are prelominant in modern structure.
It is few inded, who can fuse the two
i.leas so effectually as Mr, Clow-. We
   required  in  any  other  part of
the country. W. N. Draper has practiced this profession for many years,
and his office is at 1 Thompson block.
He is pre-eminently fitted for his
chosen  profession, and  has every at-
ay mention, however, that Mr. Clow tribute which is specially requisite in
prepared the   plans of the I. O. O. F. this i ^^^
building, tbe Reformed Episcopal (mineral and "mountain,"timber and tor-
church, also of other churches, and of
several schools and hotels which
clearly display his versatile talent
and architectual power. Mr. Clow has
just completed the plans for the new
this province of variety and marvel���
mineral and mountain, timber and torrent,  river  and   ravine,  fertile   farm
I      lllliliniv      VCUUGO     anu      ill      u;t i iii      ..^..
potentials of city and   subur- urb  upon the  Burnaby  Heights, and
ney and Burnaby, property.! which  has,  within  six  months of  its
Y. M. C. A. building, the foundations
of which are already under construction. His office is in the Murchie
block, 38 Sixth stieet.
in quick succession and in close proximity. Mr. Draper has accomplished
much government and general woik
in land surveying, and it has always
been done in a manner which yielded
F.  J.   HART   &   CO.   LIMITED.
This  company  was incorporated   i:i
________________________,  1005, but the business carried on bv it
The     phenomenal     progress     and  _as establlshed so long ag0 as 1891.
prosperity   of  this   splendid    corpora-  it may be a compliment, but it is the
tion  are  at  ence a testimony  to the truth,  to say  that the   business   has
marvellous   development   and   expan->mwn  wiUl t,,e S''owth of tlie th!ee
,  .,      ,,      ,   _,, , ., ,    cities where its principal   offices   are
sion  of  the  RoyalUty, a tribute to llocated_New    Westminster,    Vancou-
"' *    fcV*��    "ffinnvn    n"H    At-ean-] _i    ni.mi.1.,.���i,      _,,, a    **rK*\*X*.    **.-.__     lfl
Of   i
on i
repi ���
^^^    ^~   ....    clients,   making   the Ion ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
payments on such easy terms that it | addition   to  other  interests, he  Is  at
^^^^ liOULQ    om    anvn    cagj     bciug    ,.m,    n  ilium      v..     w	
will le to the advantage of any one'the back of several flourishing con-
deaiiiag this class of business to con- j trading concerns, now engaged in
suit them. With Thomas T. Langlois opening up permanent ways in varl-
as the  managing director, anl  H.   P.  ous parts of the neighborhood.
Latham   as   the   local   manager   here, I ��� ���
the 11 ople of New Westminster and
disttit may rest assured of the safeguarding of all that pertains to tlieir
wei tare and progress. The local office is at I'.r.T Columbia street.
been done in a manner wmen yiewea i wuu .��   uie  rw.a,  ^..,,  .    *. ... locatea_New    Uestn.:   ���.-.
satisfaction to those who entrusted it I the  ability  of  the officers and  direc- ver and Chilllawck���and with the de-
to him, anl brought credit   with   in-1tors,  and  a  vindication  of  the  sane- velopment  of   the  magnificlent  areas
creasing reputation to himself.   Thus, tion   lent  to  its   opera,ions   by   the that lie between them and link them
and thus only, has be built   up   the names of its distinguished   trustees, together    It is few firms or compa-
large  business  which  he  carries  on.  The   company   w-s   Incorporated    in nles   indeed   that can  place  such   a
H.   Nevlle-Smlth   has   practiced   in With the opening up and development 1904, and its operations cover every-'recrod to their credit    F  J   Hart &
this city as a civil engineer and-B.C. of the  magnificent   an.l   unsurpassed  thing   usually    undertaken    by   trustlrjo   Limited   are  one  of  the  largest
land surveyor since 1905, and he has Fraser   Valley,   with   railway   expan-1[corporations, acting  as  executor and|real e3tate brokers In the province as
carried through  much  important and sions, , new    settlements,    and    new administrator of deceased's esates; al- the records of tlieir registers in this
extensive  work  in   both  departments cities, the business of land surveying so  as  trustee  and  assignee  in  num-!cjtv as well as in Vancouver and Chil-
cf   his   professional   operations.     But must become more and  more active. Urous   fiduciary    relationships.      The uwack  fully  establish,    in this  -citv,
any one can see that the resurgency And we can safely affirm that in the , ia-t  annual  report  brought down   to their operations are wide and exten-
of the city, the development   of the execution cr carrying out of any part  April  30,  1910,  is  not  only  pleasant, a-i:e  Co\e'iing waterfrontage  business
suburban areas, and   the  exploitation, of it there is no more competent and j but    most   Instructive   reading,   espe- ami' manufacturing   sites    residential
preparatory to settlement, of the Kra-1 reliable provincial land surveyor than  cja]iv t0 people who are believers in  lots   suburban acreage   etc     \nd the
ser Valley have but begun, ani that IW. N. Draper, of 1 Thompson block,  xew   Westminster's   resurgent,   move- register   cf  no  brokerage   concern   is
the work of  the  civil   engineer   and. New Westminster. 'ment!   During the past year the au- more  replete   with  admirable   invest-
land surveyor is. ao to speak, cut out thorized capital of the company was ments in anv or all of these classes
five y^rs    ComSeSfand^teBcai'sUNSET   BLUE   PRINT   COMPANY greased from J250,000_to $1,000,000; j0f property.  We believe, too; that the
Architecture is not likely to fall into  desuetude  in  the  west of Canada
for some few generations, if one is to
guage  tlie  problematics of the future I
_^^^^__^^__ [by the building activity in New West-j
'Walter  S.   Hose,  who  had   alreadyIminster and the suburbs and adjacent
had  pievious experience of this part'districts.     Among  the   leading   archl-|
of the province as a contractor uponjtects practising in  N'ew  Westminster
a ���-....  Ii_   -,.���   ��,.,���   _f   rinrriinpr   &  Gardiner.
ability, combined with a practical en- LIMITED.
ergy  in executing contracts,  are the 	
absolute indispensable^ ot the first- Tbe tremend0UB activity now being
class civil engineer and land surveyor. di UiVed in lhe citv Q, New Westmln.
And that   H   Nevile-.mith   possesses >ster anJ the distI.ict ot which it is the
the assets rose from .177,000 to $328
000 and the reserve fund increased
from $20,000 to $50,000. The deposits
at the same time increased from $8,-
592 to ��58,691. There is nothing more
expressive  of the confidence  reposed
tie  province as  a contractor  upon   �������  ��� ��*���*-***������** ."   - ���   n.-jj-Ar
,   n.ewbat   Important    scale,   estab- is  the  firm  of  Gardiner  & Qardtaer,
lished himself finally at New West
minster about eighteen months ago,
and up to tbe present time has every
reason   to  be  satisfied   with   the   suc-
whit-h consists of Frank G. Garlinei
resident, and William F. Gardiner, of
Vancouver.    Both gentlemen are well
and favorably known among the pro-
eason   to   ne  satisneu   wilh   uie   Dui-iu>y  	
cess which he has attained as a com-1 fession. their experience and training
mission agent, stock and boni brok-!have been of the best to reveal their
er and  operator in real estate. I professional   aptitude,  and  then  they I
British    Columbia.      Mr.    Nevile-
those   requiring   first-class   civil   en-
and  operator in retu esuue. ,v.-��ra_.    -,- . .gineering  and   B.   C.  land   surveving
He has never had reason to regret  are  endowed  with   high   artistic   tal- done  promptlv     His  offlces   are   4.6
having made the Royal City his home, ients.    The fusion and co-operation of Dupont block. Columbia street.
o." Brltisli c:oiumma. mt. nevue- general drafting and blue printing. | bringing in a nanasome prom on iue
Smi'h has been extensively employed, T[)e iatter is done with the Everett investment. The company at its an-
and he has not only carried out his McAdam continuous machine which'nual meeting was content to declare
work promptly, but he has done it in jg " repUted to be the best and a dividend of 10 per cent on the paid-
a manner that approved it at once as mogt efflcjent 0n the market. The up capital, though the average profiis
the work of a master hand. His pres- operations 0f the general drafting de-! approximated nearer to three times
ence in the city is an acquisition to nartmpnt  include  mans  of  all  kinds,  that  amount.    But the company pre-
navmg mane uie kowh wii m�� ���vm<. *-������* - �����=!_,,   atruo
and the scene of his many and varied  these,  enable  them to design   struo
undertakings. Hl3 pre-sclence told
him that New Westminster was bound
to go ahead, pari passu, with her
greater neighbor, Vancouver, and,
he. with others, has floated upon the
marvellous tide of success, which has
tures which exactly coincide with the
spirit that pervades all twentieth century structures. Messrs. Gardiner &
Gardiner have designel many such
buildings In the Royal City and suburbs,  and  since   they   began   opera
partment include maps of all  kinds, that amount.    But the company pre-
englneerlng   and    machine    drafting, fers  to  strengthen  and  fortify  itself
provincial   land   surveyors'   drafting, for the future, as its statement and
architectual and house plans, vicinity balr.nce sheet show, rather than take
maps, birdeye views, sale plans, show now  the surplus  profit over  10   per
cards  and   general   advertising,  etc. cent.   Much of the success of the com-
The work already done by the com-,pany is, of course, admittedly attrib-
marveiious tiae or success, wnn-n imntu,Uo,  ���...��  ...���- .        -      ������..���.
now   reached   the   fortune-mark, and tions th��re ln 1909 they have acqulr-
i      i L-i l.   ..n.M.tntion     r��r\t   nniv   in   rtiai-
^has brought to this city and her environs a new era of life and pros
Iperlty, Developments are daily tak'j
i lng place, and schemes being project-
ed which only a few short months
ago, would have seemed impossible of
achievement, developments which, to
ed a high reputation, not only in residential, but ln commercial architecture. They have Just now finished
the work connected with the Land
Registry building, and have competed plans for alterations and additions to the Courthouse.   They are al
Mr. Hill  is a consulting   and   contracting civil and mining engineer and
British Columbia land surveyor.    Heivurau/ wu i���.���^, ���^v ���,  	
has  been  established  in  New  Weat- an   artistic   but   from   a   utilitarian
minster since 188fi. and is oifc of the! standpoint.      Real    estate    brokers.
pany is extensive In amount and very
varied In character, but it has evoked
the highest commendation for its accuracy and perfection, not only from
best equipped men both by study of
the principles and by practice of hla
property    owners,    contractors    and
architects  have  eulogised   both   tbe
acnievemeni,  developments  wmen,  iu   ���.����"<��� ���  ���,���������   _,.    aavarnl
the    short-sighted,   might    not    have so busy preparing plans  for   several
me principles au-.i  u_    inwiUKs u,  uw,������  -
profession that it bus been our for-1darfting and the blue printing of this
tune to meet. Mr. Hill is an M. A. of company and declared It to be unsur-
one of the leading eaatern univer- passed. The manager ia W. M. Kerr,
slties, and lt ls so seldom that one i who has already obtained the coafl-
encounters this   distinction, that   we' dence of the public.
utable to F. J. Hart, the managing director, who has taken the deepest
personal   interest   in   promoting   the
concern is entitled to the designation
of "The Pioneer Farm Land Ofllce."
We might even supplement this, and
call them "The Premier Farm Land
Office," for right through the Fraser
valley from this city to Chilliwack,
and in the superb area within which
nificent district of the Fraser, which
now the concentration of causes and
the combination of many events, are
causing rapidly to be opened up and
populated. To this company and its
founder, F. J. Hart, much of the credit
is due for the beneflclent development
movement that is now taking place in
this city, in Chilliwack, and in the fertile farming district between them.
The company are extensive Insurance
brokers, representing the best companies, and they have incomparable facilities for negotiating loans on the
most equitable terms, adjusted to the
requirements of each borrower; they
have over one and a half million of
dollars on mortgages for their clients,
many of whom are eastern capitalists.
ireiauuai      luicrai     ��"      K. UUiv.w..B      ...���    ,ua���-.    ut    ,,,,������,   ���,���   _������,.^,, ..   ���,���,	
progress and expansion of the com- besides a very large cllentelle of Eu
pany. and who at the annual meeting lropean capitalists also. The company
was heartily re-elected to the post- 'manage esates. and collect rents;
tion with T. J. Trapp as president; T. there is also the registered offlce of
~ - ......      .......     ..... ,j ..      T        _. ���.__. _,     Tm.mmmmmnm.nt
S. Annandale first vice president; J
J. Jones, second vice president; M. H
Nelems, assistant manager, and Hj. L.
Webber as secretary treasurer. Tbe
offlces of the company are 28 Lorne
the Western Home and Improvement
company," the Elk Creek Waterworks
Company, of Chilliwack; the Praser
Valley Nurseries .Limited, and tbe
Okanagan 'Telephone Company. F. J.
Hart is still the president and managing director of the company, and
continues to aid and support every
movement for the advancement ot ths
Royal City.
(The  Insurance   Man.)
For a number of years Alfrel W.
McLeod has carried   on  one   of   the
'argest,  most  varied, and most  reliable insurance business ln the city of
New Westminster.    Eecause his business   extended   to   and    covered    all
c'.asses of insurance he has come to
be  known  as  "The  Insurance   Man."
Mr.   McL��od   is  the  direct   representative cf some of the b?st insurance
companies of the world, and   indeed
they must be tie test and bear the
highest   reputation   before   Mr.    Mc-
i Leod will consent to act as their rep-
I reEentative.   The prnclnle upon which
i he  has  for  years carried on his es-
' "tensive business  is to  renresent the
"l most  reputable   and   reliab'e    lontpa-
nnles whether they be Canadian, British or American, so that he can ef-
. feet insurances  with  absolute  safety
' to the Insurer, and be able to give to
ii hlm   the   best   possible   terms   and
' rates.   This jiflnclple ts systematically carried out whether the Insurance
be fire or life, or live stock, against
accident,  tor employers'  liability, or
on motor car, plate glass or   otherwise.    Mr. McLeod has been a   resident of the Royal City   for   twenty-
eight years, and everybody knows the
promptitude     and    efficiency     with
which  every  transaction  ls  handled
and every contract and obligation carried out by httn. and he will not un-
Idertake  an  insurance  for  any  company that will not act In a   corresponding nenner.   His offices are at
��&? Columbia street.
P   ���
<4, &$?���'' p
New Westminster's Industrial Development Increasing R
of   the same scale of importance and future  company   bave  a  splendid   and   eapa-
I illars   In   New   Westminster's |
j potentials to the city.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Besides the lumber, shingle mills,
growing greatness. It may not be theletc, which we will mention aepar-
most potent, but without a doubt it lately. the:c aie alread. in operation
most   enduring.;1111 i,n;l  Pipe factory, four Iron   foun-
will be one of thc
By this we have no intention qf
saying thai the magnitude of ber
manufacture wiil not Justfy the
appellation which is already often
bestowed upon her: "The City
cf Manufacture." We believe rather
that in future years, in contrasting
her with other cities of the west she
will more and more deserve this distinguishing name not only on account
of the preponderance of her manufactures, but on account, also, cf their
variety and magnitude. What we do
mean is that the Royal City has so
many other pillars, any one of which
would be sufficient to support her
greatness, that it may be a question,
inter se. which of them has contributed most to her splendid rise and supremacy among the constellation of
magnificent cities which have within
the past few years appeared upon the
horizon of the western world.
Manufacture Is not indispensable to
the geratness of any city. Several
have attained that distinction by other means���Liverpool, for example,
and the greatest city of the world���
London. Shipping has made some cities, while the primary cause of the
greatness of others has been their irresistible situation as commercial
centre of mercantile distribution. No
dries, two mac! i^e works, a brewery,
a distillery, (he cigar factories, condensed  i: ilk  factory   a  tanner:,",  bc-il-
cious  factory, most  conveniently   io-i
cated,   with   a   private   railway   siding'
running  right into lt.    The company
manuafacture all hinds of round and i
s.juare cans for the lacking of coffee, I
tea, clams, candy,  biscuit, spice, but-j
ter, powder, coaloll, salmon, fruit; also for Iiiuids such as   syrup,   milk,
cream, etc.   The tins and cans made
in the factory are of the beat Quality, I
er works, two carriage works, a flour and are designed and specially adapt-1
mill, four iron works, two mineral ed for the various businesses In which '
water works, a ii.'e mill, cheese
' they are used.
.     ,���.���   rn...,  ..~~u.    The output   capacity
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ' I H factory is liHi,(!(Ki can per ua-.
tory. gasoline engine  works, oatmeal; and the products, which are
mill, railway car shops, can factories,
creamery,   marble   wo: Its.   wool   pipe
factory,   wire  factory,
ing  yard.     There  are
and   s'.'; build-
many   others.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    rowing ;
constantly in popularity and demand,
are shipped all over the province of,
British Columbia.    Besides cans   thej
manufacture    I lip    shingles    shingie!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    bands  and    metal   specialties.      Tin.-
besides   numerous   industries   which company employ a start o.f about fifty]
can  hardly,  in  the   strict   sense,   be hands  regularly. Including   men   and!
reckoned as manuaftcories.    Bat   we' hoys,    and    their    monthly    payroll
,   ., ...    amounts to $2600.   The proprietois of
abstain  from  further  enumeration  in th,_ B.llen;11(, enterprise which Is cer-
order to mention the tremendous po-|tain   to  grow  and   expand   with    thei
tentials possessed by  New   Westmln-, province and the west, ane Messrs. C.
ster for shipbuilding. Iaiff-  senior-  ���_   Temple  Cliff and  R.,
L. Cliff.   The firm was established in !
It is an indubitable fact that within         ,.,.,... ,
11901, and has ne\er halte I in its prog-
years the commerce of |ress and development.   We wish them |
the next few
Canada  passing  through  the   Pacific,' continued success.
will be gigantic.    Ships must carry it. j	
Where and bv whom will the vessels! D-  v-  LEWTHWAITE
be constructed?    Why not by men in
New Westminster? ,
There are no finer facilities for constructing ships cf the largest size
than exist on the Fraser river. The
Inducements are great; the time is opportune. Why should not this city
anticipate any other place by starting
the enterprise? When Harland &.
Wolff commenced operations in Belfast a few years ago, t' ey did so upon
a site which to the city fathers look-
Established   in    19(18    the   cabinet-
1 making and woodworking business oi
D.  V.  Lewthwaite  carried  on at the
j workshop,   425   Clarkson   6treet,   has
had a splendid success.    Mr. Lewthwaite who is himself an expert in the
i business an.1  employs  two   or   three
! hands,    gua:antees    first-class    work-
S manship in  the carrying -out   of   all
jorueis entrusted  to  him.    He  makes
furniture   to   any   design;   makes   of-
city of the west has all these factors! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
in so pre-eminent a degree as New,ed 80 worthless that they gave it to
Westminster;   and   perhaps   what   is
, I these  men  of enterprise  for  nothing
I���only   on   the   condition    that    they
best and most significant of all is the
fact that she is proceeding   to   avail ,should  commence  shipbuilding.  They
did so;  and for many years past not
ish Columbia for these purposes, and I fact   that   nil   material   e
for all classes of foundry and general|either manufactu
**********s*m   I machine   work.    The   company   being
enginceis founders, machinists and
This is one of the enterprises which iblacksmiths, are experts and spe-
lave marked out New Westminster as cialista in shingle and saw mill ma-
flee and store fixtures, and he repairs,l'le Premier manufacturing and Indus-lohinery and gasoline engines. They
all kinds of furniture. Tliese nre a j trial center of British Colubia. The'execute besides all kinds of marine
brief resume of the operations of Mr. business carried on by this company and repair work. The success of the
Lewthwaite,  but there  is  no  kind of, Wits   established   in    1809,   and    ever, business  is   reflected   in   the  Increase
woodowrk  which  is  beyond  the skin  since  it  has gone on expanding and of the employes who at the beginning ^^^^
and ability of him and his staff.   Ever developing.   The company aie   manu- of the enterprise numbered about six j president, Henry Schaake
since commencing business the   pro-! fact ui ers of mai ine  gasoline engines and are now on an average over 130
prietor  has carried  out  the  principle ��'   modern   saw   mill   machinery,   the The  class,  training,  skill  and   equip
of  using the  best   material, and   of famous Johnson shingle machines, the Iment of the employes have also   en
bringing  to  bear  upon   every   opera-! Peterman lath mill machinery, of can- ortnously   changed,   for   the   best
tion, whether it is construction or re-j ning   and    canmaking    machinery,  of  most  efficient  experts  now
paiiing. the best scientific and expert Isheetmetal  stamping dies, etc.    They , the   operations    of   the
herself of them.
Her manufactures, with which this|less than 20f,0�� men have heen daily
article is specially cowerned, are al- ] employed in the famous yards. Bel-
ready growing numerous,- while their ,fa8t ln consequence became renowned, skill. Perfection ond a tisfaction have I have the best equipped plant In Brit- every  department.
the and a great commercial   city.      Xewfbeen  the result, an.i the public have
^^^   and
carry  out
company    in
wide diversity, especially   among
new   projected   arrivals,   shows   that
the captains and controllers of every
class    of    enterprise    recognize    her
matchless position on the Pacific seaboard for effectually carrying tlieir operations     to     the     highest     success.
Whether  the  manufacture  be  intend- on tb- p���cj��,,
ed for export or heme consumption, or      rpjle    r>oyai
for both, as is most generally the case e[j     natural
Westminster has some shipbuilding:
but it is not extensive. Several cities on the Pacific have been discussing the feasibility of requesting some
large concerns of the old world to examine their advantages and consider
the question cf starting branch yards
here   undoubtedly   is   the   city   which1
above all others has export and transportation facilities. ,
We liave a fresh water harbor within twelve miles of the open sea, from
and to which the geratest merchant
vessels can navigate their course not
only with ease but absolute safety.
Not only Is that the condition of affairs at the present moment, hut it is
being made still more absolute by the
rapid operations of the Fruhling
dredge which even at tlie erstwhile
shallowest part of the river has produced a uniform depth of twenty-
seven feet. Five feet more are
to be reached before the work is complete; but the operation is easy, because  the  deposit   ls   nothing   more
City    has    unsurpass-
advantages,     and     If
ships built here once begun to
plough the seas carrying that huge international traffic which has already
begun to flow from and to Western
Canada, the Royal City would have
entered upon that pre-eminence and
power and commercial prestige which
her natural resources have Indicated,
and of which she 'can not be bereft,
except by apthy and laissez-baire.
responded to tbe high principles and
splendid workmanship of Mr. Lewthwaite by a large and generous patronage. The business is certain to progress with the tremendous advance
now taking place in the Royal City.
ring, constructing
repairing, Is cf the highest q    ��� |
excellence:   and   the   other   facl
the methods of business on will
concern is conducted are the result!
years of experience and busi:.   .  |
men, and in these three with thej
sources  and   prosperity  of  the ��|
pany there Is the secrei  ol  the
pany'a  success.    John  B. Jardli
and    Percy   II.   Smith    is    se
treasurer  of  the  compan.    ,,:.
this   trade  review,   we  omll   ;
reference   to   these   gen! ��� 1
because   the   business   itself  :,.
success  it  lias  achieved a
Add to this the j possible testimony to their al
These well-known works owne 1 and
operated for many years by John
Reid, the present proprietor, are a
powerful confirmation of the claim
that the Royal City of New Westmln-
  I ster is destined to be one of the great-
A firm that has felt the throb of est manufacturing cities of the Do-
the growing greatness of the Royal j minion. The works a: e a good ex-
City of New Westminster for the past ample of the vast opportunities pres-
twenty years is that of Galbraith .& ented by the Clt;
manufacturers of sash, doors,
casings, etc.
mouldings, frames
About two years ago these works
were established, and they have proved to be one of the enterprises which
a:e destined to remain and to participate in the greatness and prosperity
they    are    shipped    in
irge quantities till over the province.
high quality and varied   charac-
Tliere are very few cities In
Dominion more animated with
spirit of progress and enterprise than
the city of New Westminster which
is steadily asserting itself as one of
the great commercial and manufacturing centers of the wes:. The Fiaser River Machine and Motor Works
for Instance, which have only been
established wltbii the past three
years, have aire? ly acquired an extensive business and a very high reput 1-
than silt and sand.
The   advantages   ani
cf      this      hai bar      are
elsewhere     ln     this     edition,     for
they concern the navigator and shipowner rather than the manufacturer,
whose chief interest in locating here i engine  boilers
y in various fields ef
enterprise,  for the  products  of  these
^^^^^^^^^^^^^      __ This'works are not only extensively  used
firm wliich consists of Hugh Galbraith In  Vancouver,  New  Westminster and
and his sons James I... John H.. and | Victoria,   but
D. S. Galbraith. have now one of the la
finest factories in the west.   In it they  The     	
employ thirty hands, and they make.ter of the manufactures tell an lrrefu- tion as machinists and manufacturers
a specialty of ali kinds of extra-finish  table tale as to type of men who are and repairers of all  kinds of gasoline
doors, windows, etc.    Their output is    at the head and the front of the en- engines.    The proprietor,  II-  Kushton.
large,   and   constantly    increasing    in  terprises anl industries of New West- formerly  of  the   Vulcan   Iron   Works,
volume, and the members of the firm  minster.   The   manufactures   embrace  has brought to the building up of this
are among tlie firmest believers   that  bridge,    structural    and    ornamental  new concern a rare scientific   ability,
N'ew Westminster is entering upon a  ironwork;    wrought   iron   gates   and experience and business caput ity, and
period   of   growth   and   development fencing;     stairs    and    stair-railings;   these   have   combined   to  secure  hlm
which   will   be   astounding    to    some Newel      posts;       balcony      railings;   the splendid  success that he has   al-
people   who   have   affirme 1   that   the  fire     escapes     and     ladders;     hotel  ready   achieved.    Tlie   work  done  by
Royal  City is destined  to play a su- porches;      folding     gates;      elevator  Mr. Rushton In all departments is of
bordinate  part   in   British    Columbia,  enclosures;    bank   and   office   grills;   the  highest  excellence.    He executes
The work turned out by Galbraith &  flat  and  round  wire  work;    park   or marine work, and all kinds of repairs
Sons   presents   the    best    specimens garden settees and many others,   The promptly,  and   he  Is  agent   for   the
j both with regard to quality, finish and j works, are besides   general   machine, celebrated    "Ferro"   marine   gasoline
which are crowding tiulcklv upon theldeslgn tllat il bas been our lot t0 see'  works,   engineering   and    blacksmith- engine.    Installed   in   thc   shop   is   a
I Royal Citv of New Westminster   The 1 and we are not astonlslied to find that jling,  and  in  them  fully  forty   skilled  Bowser gasoline storage system which
it     ,. ���    enmn-mv "-,re   hoilermak-ers  and   gen-'Pe0P,e who have once dpalt with them  mechanics    are    regularly    employed,  is   used   for   measuring   gasoline   for
attractions company �����  J��Jf    They aJ��) mXe contlnues thelr CU8tom   th,,����Sh   th<- The splendid quality of the manufac boat and auto use; this system is rec-
dlscussed.       .*; '    .      HVetted  hvdraullc pip" 'yea,s that fol,ow-    Vast quantities of tures,  the  unifrom excellence of  the ognized by all as the best on the mar-
chutes, conveyors,  air  receivers  and the  manufacture of the  firm,  are of  work    the   reliable   character   of   the ket; there Is also kept In stock at all
sheet iron works    Thev make a spe-'course> ,,sed ,n the cif-v and suburbs proprietor coupled with the most com- times all  kinds of motorboat  fittings
to the premier place in the
an I   New    Westmlnstei'   inter of her industries. The Fi
Machine and Motor Works a
at i:i Front street.
******s.    , Lt   l  c     ^���. * ���   m..mmmr,mm iWorks on the water front, is unexcel-
1s to know that for export purposes j|ed f_r mamifactu,.lng_ ���' well as for
we have the best fresli water harbor- j shipping. The products of these
on the Pacific, Into which a hundred j works have acquired a very high
of   the    largest    vessels   could   sail standard of excellence, and the work-
, j -      i ���,. ������rr. ���,-.,,���_ e,-Ho   i manship is all that can be secured by
abreast, and anchor upon either side.     ., K. .*    . ,
.[the employment  of  men  whose  skill
As for  the  land   transportation   of ��� and expert knowiedge can not be sur,
manufactures.  New   Westminster   en- passed.    This high standard of excel-]
joys tlie advantages of these railway j lence is especially applicable to   the
systems.   The Canadian   Pacific,  the L������lns engine  boilfr,s' the companyI
,.   ,.   ���    .,     ..    i having made a specialty of tins class
great northern, the  V. V. &   B., the of bo���er) and hftve a working arrange.
Northern Pacific, and the B. C. Klec- ment whereby they make the boilers I
trie,    not    only    to    Vancouver    and for the  famous  "Willamette" and al-'
Eburne, but the branch which is now S()   tlle   "Empire"    logging    engines. I
, , ���, .,,,      , ,,    .. Their complete compressed  air plant
complete     to     Chilliwack.       lles.des enab,e���   ^   fo  ^^   wf)rk ^
the new extension of tha Canadian promptitude, and their methods of
Northern will lune its terminus business are of the highest order, as
on the south side of the Praser con- m��V  be  inferred   from  the  fact that!
..      ., ., ���,���,,., ,,,���,.���     Ithe  president  of  the  company  is  J.I
tiguous to the city s property there.      .    _ _ .    . ..       , ..
& '     *   *     ��� 'A.  Cunningham;   the  vice   president,
On both sides of thc river the manu-  w   L   Johnsoni   and   the   manager,
tacturer can have, and is rapidly ac- John  R.  Duncan.     All  of   them   are
quiring,   industrial   sites   upon   terms thoroughly upeo-date and progressive
which instead of being prohibitive are men of husiness. well known through-:
.  ,   , .""."r,*!"   and district of New Westminster, but
cialty of return tubular sM   loggingj^
The location of the province The me���ber8 of t��e flrm
are all practical men, and they see to
it by the selection of material and by
the employment of skilled and expert
workmen that uniformity of high
quality and excellence is preserved In
all their products. The offices and
mill aie at 70 Tenth street.
mendable business methods, are the and supplies. There is no doubt that
factors which have so largely contrib- the works now so solidly established
utetf to the success of the Westmln- by Mr. Rushton will continue to grow
ster Iron Works. The city has long and prosper with the marvellous de-
had ln these works and In their In- velopment of the city Itself���a devel-
domitable proprietor, powerful eon-opment which Is now fully Inaugu-
tributors to her manufacturing status rated, and which owes Its Inception
and progress. The works are located to no temporary or transient causes
on Tenth street next to th" 1). C. Elecor events but to the resources which
trie railway power house. are i io; ellln
J. C.  Dlgby, the proprietor
works, i.s a well-known expert
trie   science,   and   his   skill   ba
perfected by a  wide   and   dlv<
practical application of his prli
In other wonis  Mr,  Dlgby  la
eialist  in the work which  he
takes.      The   Dlgby   Electric
have been established for four   ���-
and they make contracts for In sti
tions,   fittings   and   fixtures
manner of electrical  work.    Thej
nish  estimates  for   wiring, ai
keep   an   excellent   stock   of        -
engines and BUpplles, The Dlgbj Eli
trie    Works   have   carried
many   electric   contracts   wltl In
past four years in the Royal City, Ul
they have done so with ab8<
isfaction.      They   completed, : ���:' fl
ample, the asylum  work and ti.e
barn just finished  for the B. C. El��
trie railway. In this barn, It la wortti
of note, Mr, Dlgby Installed a sevef
and  orie-half  horsepower,  three phaw-
of the Fairbanks Morse type, which I
the first of Its kind Installed In Ken
Westminster.    All  the numerous per-,
sons  and   firms  for  whom  Mr.  Dlgby 1
has done  electric  work  ot a��V kind.]
testify In the strongest manner to lilf
matchless  skill,  ability  and  ; "
tude.    The   office  and   works   u
Sixth street.
the entire province
most attractive both as to price and
At least six recent purchases were
made for new industries. One was
of five acres with a large waterfrontage, for paper bag, building paper, box
hoard, dea 'ening felt, sheathing, etc.
This enterprise expects to be in operation by the beginning of the year,
out the commercial
ing circles.
and manufactur-
New Westminster is the home of
many industries whose contributions
to her growth and development, while
they have been undoubtedly great In
 the past, are destined   to   be   much
hi) skilled hands with  no more momentous in the years   which
'���'-_*. "'*>^r"
\e_t_s_r. -���..:        '   " ?��, ���***?>-.-.":
.m:M~y~L ���<��.���*>!%-. -y-i^yy
���   mm ***% *
~*~* "***a^^-^*r   "'��� ' '*'������ '
" '.i-fk -     .    ,tt -tarL '
-H*%*t*t*-     ���-
- ���r**.jr*:y'-������.������   -'-
"!     ��nb*t   'sifew*     -****       j.
Orientals, vellow or brown,   its plant lie ahe:l(1-    The centralizing of these
,������.��������     .,,  ,���,,.   .,���,.��� ��� enterprises, and the concentration of
is  costing  J200.000, and  will   have a^^   tof;ether  w,(h   th_    BUp._b
productive capacity of sixty tons per shipping facilities for the largest mer-
week, This pioneer enterprise of its cantile ships, direct from her wharfs
kind on the western mainland will un-1to the ocean  mark  her   out   as   the
doubted ly  rapidly   rise to a  magnifl- j Bre.at   "J.*"���   ci,-v   of   manufacture,
J      v and  world-wide   commerce.      Among
cent success, an! the peo.lc of the her great productive Industries we
Fo;al Cfty heartily accord it a royal prominently place, ln this trade re-
recptlon I view, that of the  Western  Canadian
Another   purchase *as   of'  twenty ?an Company     Th.y.uire   manufac-
1 '  turere of tin .cans for Bfte.era' use.by
Kites for a wholesale fa.er factory, aut0matlc machinery. The tin plate is
tnd tie 6t!.era are *Xfi-.*3 or lest On the impelled Cliect from Wales   tad the
J*! ,       '' '.-.'��� '������ *
.,!���  ��- />:���������  ?';- ���: i tv* ���,. '-��� *���<���    ��   . ���        ������"*������
���".. (
New  Westminster has  many  Bpw
did   Inustries  carried    on   with   CM
mendable ability and vigor, and 11 '.
simply   stating    an   Indisputable   f��
to say that  in the B, C. Monument!
Works the Royal City has the leadin
marble   and   granite    works    in   u.
province.     These   works   were   estab
llshed so,long ago ag 1886, and thou.
they have constantly gone on advancing,  they  have  no  doubt  male thai
greatest   progress   since   the   preiet!
proprietor.      James      McKay.      t^'"'
eleven years ago, acquired the  .vork;
and became the successor of Alexa
der   Hamilton,   by   whom   they   wefl
originated.    Not only Is the mai'Tls'1
employed  In  the   works of   the   l'e!l
procurable    quality    and    excellent!)
adapted to the purposes for which I'
is designed,  but the  work  of   sci#
Hiring, carving, cutting nnd embellit*
Ing ls the best  that scientific  knowledge and artistic taste of the higM
quality   can   produce.       About   t\vclv��
months  ago   Mr.   McKay  Installed
new  an I   up-to-date   and   comr"  ���'
,air polishing and   cutting   machine*
making   his  plant   one   or   the   i����st
modern  on   the  Pacific  coast.    MM)
of the designs are marvels of clftSBi'
taste   and   elegance,   while   the   bW'
| pier devices appeal to one with the'r
infinite   charm   of  beauty  and   gra^
', fulness.    We have seen many   BpMj'
| mens  of  such   work   as   the   B.   (
i Monumental  Works  produce, and ve
! have seen them ln different part8 o'
the  world,  but  we  have  never fee��.
'anything to  surpass  the  products "'I
this concern for grace and beauty ���***. \
ideal effect.      The B. C. Monument1
Works   ship   all   over    the    province-
Their  business ls  constantly increasing; they employ a stafT of six ban'18'
and the works which are at 839 C��-
lunfbla street give every Indication <"
continuing tO'keep pace ln the corning years with the city'a great gto*"1
and destiny.
it *
any Large Factories Are Locating Around the Royal City
I were turned out last   year, and   the
output   grows  greater  year   by   year.
The    leading     brands    are:     B.    C.
'Anu,,'. Old Sport and Brilliante.   Now
'tlie reader knows what we mean by
the "favorable Impression" mentioned
iove, for th    moment a man smokes
one  of those  brands   of   cigars,  anl
asks   v.-;.( n :e   ii   c ime,  ! e   becomes
simultaneously     imbued     with     two
ideas.     One  idea   is   that    he    would
Modem Business School.    Kis capacity has already been proved   by   ih-:
first   year  of   this  school   which   en- j
rolli l   ill   students   in   that    period.
The   school   lias Three   departments,
commercial, shorthand   and   typewriting.    In regard to the latter we   de-
eI e especially to say that theie are
eight of th ! standard iy. ewriti rs with I
blank keyboards, s, that touch   typi   |
v.iiting, now required by all business-
ike to Btnoke another cigar, and the men, is taught of necessity and in the
second idea is that he would like to
visit, or perhaps live in the city that
Iproduce! such excellent smoking material.    These cigars are   procurable
i in almost every hotel, for that is a
speciality of the trade.    They are all (self.
! union made;  and the factory employs ster
most effectual way. This school is al
great advantage t-j the young men J
and won en of the Ro/a-1 City, who!
contemplate a business career, und iti
is a decided acquisition to the city I -
'lhe president of fie Westmln-]
iuslness    School,    whose    head
One  of  the  most  notable  and   ini-
jjportant of the   manufacturing   enterprises of New Westminster is that of
tbe   Dominion   Wood   Pipe   Company
Limited.    It is besides one of the en-
end are all located on the Pacific
coast in Biitish Columbia. The Dominion Wood Pipe Company Limited
are manufacturers of double wire-
wound and continuous stave wood
pipe, also of castiron specials, valves, i
hydrants anj water works supplies. |
These various manufactures are grow
I a   total    staff   of   about   twenty-five quarters are at (UO Columbia street,!
j hands and  one traveler.    They  have is R. J. Sproutt, IS. A., tiie vice presi-1
|just completed a fine new three-story dent Is J. It. Cunningham, and as we
I concrete and  frame factory, the best, have   said   the  general   manager   andj
equipped and most sanitary cigar fac- principal  is  A.  L.  Buck.    This tii'.de'
I tory on the Pacific coast.   Their bond- alliance   should   silence    all    hostl.ity
led  warehouse   is  worthy   of   special  and carry the day.
[note.is   being  built  entirely   of   con-
: crete, which helps to keep the tobac-l
, co perfectly dry, and In the best con- j
idition, no matter how long it may be'
stoie.l  there.    Tins  splendid   factory
is    on    Seventh    street    just    above
Agnes street.
Columbian college which was incorporated by an act of the Biitish   Ci '
lumbian    legislature    in    1893,    was.
Photo by W. Cooksley.
their    uniform    hieh I J*ear8 a?��   whose regular   output   13 corporation the Methodist church ac-; color, and the odour is so sweet and  Ity  that  are  constantly   required   tu
vrying  reliability  areif'lftJ' Jarre's ror day, but whose equip-  eepted the college as one of the con-'exquisite, that one who has been de- ( bring to such perfection the flowers,
'       '      " '   '-ed of (lowers for a ti r.e. or has,: plants and shrubs wbicli you can for
lng more thoroughly recognized i ":ent is caPahle, in anticipation of the ventional institutions of le irning. The prlved o
5 public and the users of them :,lltu,e- of turning out a much  larger college is in full affiliation in arts with perhaps,
terprises which will continue to grow ' ing in favor and the demand for them!
expand  with the development of increasing    as
city and the province for many a quality  and  un
to come. The superiority of wood becoml
for the transmission of water is  by the
universally    achnow edged,   and i Every care is taken  in the   materia!
company    have    supplied    their'used and in the workmanship to en-
infacture all over the Dominion for ; sure this high standard of excellence,
tion works and  for power, min- [ and  in this way  the   company   bave
:fcnd municipal water systems. The succeeded   In   placing   themselves   in
pany   themselves   undertake,   un- the front rank of inair. factuiing and
contract, both the making of the j commercial   enterprises.     The   pre?!-
md   the   installation    of   such dent is John Schmehl. the vice presi-'
orks and  systems as we have enu-'dent. D.  McKenzie. the managing dl-' "se-   Tllis is known as "Premier Non-
erated.    Only  four companies simi-''rector, F. A. Shand anl the Becretar-'Tox'" and  in the sll0rt tlxe !'   lm
founded in the year 1S!'2 by the Brit-]Tl'ey are steam-heated and are filleJ sons and out in the nurseries in the
ish Columbia conference of theMcth>|with a very large and varied   col'.e.-- summer.     When   next   you   v;s:t   the
dlst church for the purpose of furnish-!tion of plants  both for cut-flower and City Market don't fail to see the stall
  lng a liberal education to students of I potted work.   They have succeeded in of Stride & Sons and think of the ex-
In  this  brewery   established    some  both sc>:es.    In the year after its in- | producing    marvels    of    growth    and haustless care and rare skill tind abil-
never  had  the  b'esslngs  of
supply,  Is  manufactured   the   famous
Gold  Medal  Premier   Ueer, which   it
known, appreciated and sought for in
'every quarter of the   province.     The
I brewery has lately added another ar-
| tide to its output, which consists of
ia non-alcoholic beverage for localities
"here alcoholic beverages are not in
a  small  expenditure  possess and en-
Toronto university.    The structure is, them,   wonders  when !>e  inhales  the
admirably designed, is capacious, well- air of  Tidy's  gieenhouses, how  man
located,   and   thoroughly   adapted   for! could   ever   have   subsisted   without'obtained  from  these  gieenhouses  by
its noble purpose.   The ladles college| them.   Mr. Tidy, senior  has charge of j telephoning 555 or by  addressing alt
joy.    The  very finest of funeral  emblems and boquets in the city can be
is really picturesque, with its spacious Lthe greenhouses, or growing end of
halls, reception room, e'.egantly fur-1 tie firm. He has from three to six
nished, assembly hall, library, dining men working all the time. Harry
room: besides parlor, music rooms,. Tily looks after the letail end, and
study hall and residential quarters, any person who happens to drcp into
Then there is the men's residence and the store at 737 Columbia Street, will
lir tp this cne exist In the Pq minion, treasurer W. !I. Wilson.
been on the market, it has   found
R.  J.   McNEIL.
a'science  hall, erected  in  1(104, with a
ready sale, and Is pronounced by a'l  large  science hall,  commercial   room
.'"     "*"������ tSSS | who have tried It, to be an absolutely-anti lesidences.    The gymnasium and
BRITISH   COLUMBIA   DISTIL- temperance  drink  ln  every   sense  of the boys' residenre are   in   harmony
LERY CO   LIMITED jthe worcl-    N-  Nelson is the proprie- with  the  grounds  which  are   in   the
generally find bis smiling countenance
there, ever ready with the glad hand
and to do you a favor. In this trade
review we heart!' y wish these nurseries a long and continued success.
communications to postofflce box 534.
New Westminster. The members of
the firm are E. Stride, C. E. Stride
and E. H. Stride, and they are all
practical and scientific horticulturists.
New Westminster is rapidly lesam-j 	
tag; her march to the inevitable goal | xew Westminster has we believe,
Which she is certain to reach as one ni0re Industries of a productive char-
Of   the   greatest    manufacturing   and  Ucter than  any  other city   of corres-
 commercial   cities  and  shipping  ports  ponding size in  Western Canada, and
" of the  Dominion.    And  it  is well  for  possibly on the continent.    Every phe-
those,   who   like  K.  J.   McNeil,   liave nomenon���the resources of the prov-
"' foreseen tlie new movement, and have  jnee, its constantly  unfolding wealth.
���   commenced businesses to march along jts quick settlement, and  Its railway
'with lt to a great success.    R. J. Mc- development���indicates     that     these
Neil  some   eighteen   months  ago   es- productive industries  must grow  and
tablished  the  business of a   carriage expand    commensurately    with     the
builder, icpalrer and painter, etc, and
it  has  progiessed  ever  since       It   is
not being carried along solely  by the
general prosperity, for Mr.  McNeil  is
an exjttt  and  a  proficient  of   exceptional ubil
ness be has undertaken. He em-
i' ploys nothing but the best of material in all his work, and this combined w it'n the highest grade of thorough workmanship, produces everything to the entire satisfaction of
his pan 'iis who grow in number day
by day and week by week.    The man
whose superior workmanship does his penetrated    every    civilized    < /
advertising is the man who Is certain  where the beneficial effects c*   y.i.o.
thoroughly   matured   rye  wais y   are
recognized and appreciated.    All   the
.   -
'������:��� E
tin t
II .
the ci
' El
wort t;
! phRM
filch i
i Set*.
s per
���-. bis
01 pt
tie '
d i'
e   'n
��� tlielfl
ir< sen]
I lies!
deli il
ed all
their I
graff I
li. <*���
ul *��|
���is o'l
y anil
Hinds, f
ti Ol
on o'l
country. That they will remain in
the Royal City is assuied by the augmenting transportation and shipping
facilities. One of the most conspicuous of these productive enterprises is
ity and resource In the busi- the Hritish Columbia Distillary Company Limited. The products of this
company have attained a large d -
mand, and a very wide celebrity, not
only In British Columbia and the Yukon, but throughout the State.;, and
entire Canadian west. Tlieir brand
known as B. C. Rye Whisky is practically   without   a   rival,   and    il    ' as
of success.   That man is R. J. McNeil,
7 Eight li street.
1 products of the distillery���malt, as
I well   as   rye���come  from  the   purest
and lest material, and the process of
'manufacture is carried out in every
0f detail With the most  scrupulous care
and  attention  by  men of tbe highest
The  new   activity   and   progress
Royal City are exemplified in no , ,
ronger way "than by the addition to ��?��* , knowledge    and    experience,
industries of every kind which is Then the maturing;U.most rigorously
instantly   taking   place.      It  is   not ^lovmoA and check ed; so t hat by no
ly   helpful   to    the    city's    llWrd # ��, ^ W�� *
lovement, but it is fortunate for the
This business which for a period of
three years  had  been  carried  on by
Jackson & Morrison, and for the past
.twelve   months,   since  it   was   taken
(over  by   Mr.  Fredeiick  Jackson,  haa
'been known as Jackson Printing Company, is one which reflects the highest credit upon its proprietor. Besides
it is a decided acquisition to the city
of New West minster.    Superior printing v    all  kinds is  done  by  Jackson
| Printing Company, who have modern
and fast presses and new type of the
best quality and greatest diversity in
the city.   The company undertakes all
'classes of printing work, and are prepared to submit estimates and make
.contracts.      They guarantee in every
'case not only the prompt execution of
'orders, but the punctual fulfillment of
'.every contract.    And as they take a
ifersonal pride in the beauty und  art-
��� istic effect of their work, in  its   accuracy  and thoroughness, it Is often
[found that the result of their   operations  far  transcends  even   what   the
[most  exacting and  scrupulous  custo-
irrer has expected.   This indeed is the
aim of Mr. Jackson:   To built up the
I business  upon  extra   superior   work,
the  super excellence   of   which   has
jbeen testified to, not by himself, but
i by those for whom it has been done-
JAnd he is sure to succeed in a cories-
! ponding way���that is, higher and bet-
! ter than his own expectations.    The
works are at Thomson block, Market
| Square,   where    Mr.   Jackson    started
j his first  business on the   same   site
��� nineteen   years   ago,  and   which   ha
continued till the great fire of 1898.
rejectors   of   these   new   enterprises
pat they are establishing themselves
[t this juncture. The Royal City Cigar
ctory has just started to manufac-
te cigars of a quality which will in
Very short time captivate the pub-
Tbese  cigars   are  made  of  the
.st   tobacco  procurable;   the  mate-
is subject to the most special and
Ifentiflc   treatment;   the   process   of
ments be found in the distillery's productions. William Braid is the president of the company; Robert Kelly,
the vice president; the manager is A.
T. Morrow, and the secretary treasurer is H. Logan. Long may this industry flourish in the Royal City.
New Westminster has many manu-
king and rolling is carried through  fac.tures and productive Industries, of
th expert hands and with the most which she may well be proud.   But ir-
fcupuloiis  attention  to  every  detail, respective of their Intrinsic  value to to quality, flavor, strength
tor, and to him, and the principles in- most beautiful part of the city in view
augurated by him, is directly attribu- of  the  Fraser, and  the  commanding
table  the  success  of tbe   enterprise, peaks  of  the  Olympic   range.      The
The material in the first place   used courses of study cover the following:
in the manufacture is of tbe   highest Preparatory  course,  collegiate  com Be
purity   and   excellence,   and   besides of three years,   a university   course,
every  part  of the process  is canted college of music course; also fine ats,
out  with the most scrupulous precis- business college, teachers'   certificate
ion and regard to the requisites wliich household   science,   physical   training,
experience has proved to be essential conference probationers   and thealogi-
One of the oldest printing shops" ia
the city is the Arrow Press, now located at GOO Victoria street near the-
Dally News offlce. The Arrow Press-
bis for vp-rs been celebrated for Its"
excellent job and commercial punting
pe result  ls that the "Solo Special" the  city  in  the way   of   employment
id the "Royal City" have been pio- and as distributors of wealth, some of
.red,  and   that   they   are   without   a them  hy  reason of the  popularity  of
lubt two of the finest, most mellow, their products create a  most  favora-
>->l.  and   well-flavored  cigais  procur- hie  Impression  of  the   Rival   City,  in
>le,  or   manufactured   in  the   west, very distended areas and among peo-
fbe quality will always be kept up to pie who have never seen the mistress
Is  present standard, and  the effort city of tbe Fraser Valley. Among these
rill  be to surpass It, if that  is   pos- unconscious   elevators   of New  West-
Ible.     Dan   Schnoter,  the  proprietor, minster in public esteem is the B. C.
las at  present his factory and offlce Cigar Factory, owned bv  Messrs.  W.
|t Clarkson stieet, but is shortly mov- Wilberg  and   William    Wolz.      They
to far larger and more convenient are  manufacturers of high-grade  Ha-
jemlses in the K. P. building, corner vana cigars,  which  are sold  all  over
fi. hth and Agnes streets. the province.      Fully 750,000 of the. e
Photo by W. Cooksley.
zing purity and perfection,
testimony comes regularly tj the
brewery from those who ha\e on Die
recommendation of others, tested and
tried the Gold Medal Premier Heer
for the Hist time, that it is not only
Invigorating,   but   free   from   every
uui vitall-'cal comses leading to the. degree of B.
Constant j D.. The detail of the university
course Is procurable fro n the calendar of Toronto university with which
the college is In affiliation. The success of the college in all Its departments lias heen emphatically de non-
strated in the lives of those who have
taint that impairs the product of oth- gone forth to the battle of life equip-
er breweries. Hence the fame *at the ped by its training and teaching. The
Premier Beer; the larger and wider faculty of the college consists of W.
it grows, imparts corresponding ce- J. Sipprell. B. A., D. D., principal, phll-
lebritv to the Royal City, wheie it is osophy and theology; W. A. Gifford.
produced. The thanks of the city and B. A., B. D., vice principal classics,
of the community are due to N. Nel-1 Orientals, history: O. V. Jewltt, B. A..
son  the proprietor.      The offlce and j mathematics, science;  W. A. Sipprell
works are at 214 Brunette street.
This is the name by which the
business institute established in New
Westminster a year ago. ls designated
and known.- lt is an affiliation of the
Vancouver Business Institute, formerly known as the Sprott-Shaw college, whose fame and success as a
school for the training and equipment
of those deslrious of entering business
life have eclipsed all other establishments of the same kind in the west.
Transfused into the Westminster
Modern Business Scliool are all the
talents, faculties and methods that
have made the parent institution, we
have named, famed throughout British
Columbia and the west, but with this
B. A., English, commercial branches;
Miss O. Evans, B. A.. English, French
German; Miss V. Hitcham, B. A., English, Fiench; A. E. Etherington. commercial blanches, etc. Miss C. M.
Smith, piano and voice culture; Miss
J. Watson, household science, and
Miss L. Burns, elocution.
The  Royal  City  has   many   attractions, but it is doubtful whether any
thing can surpass her horticultural at- and the volume of it has steadily in-
tractlpns. To every one the flower in creased. Its present commodious
one or other of its multiform manifes-| premises will it is hope l. be suffl-
tations comes as a symbol of pure de-jcient for its expansion for some time-
lignt and -blissful co.n,osuie. But j to come, und the work that it is now
what musf Le the tranquillizing effect in a position to turn out will fully aus;
of a visit to the grecnuouses and nur- tain the reputation of the Arrow
series of Sti i'e.&'Sons. These green-1 Press. All kinds and styles of bills
houses ate very extensive and excel- of fare menus, rceipt books, promis-
Iently located on the Vancouver road.|sory notes, handbil s, letterheads, bill-
and visttots who are always welcome ( heads, statements. Invitation and wed-
may tot to the sane by taking the,ding stationery programes, business
Twelfth st: eet car to Stride's Sta-j cards, shipping tags, etc.. uie piinted
tion. The gieenhouses alone have a at the Arrow Press. All orders are
srace of fully 10,000 feet under glass, promptly attended to; the prices are
i:eie the most exquisite of (lowers, absolutely right, and no effort is replants and shrubs are grown at all laxed in the carrying out of the pro-
seasons of the year. The culture of "Helm's ,'esl'e to give complete sat-
tl.e marvellous displays, which are isfaction to every customer. The pro-
seen at the stall of Stride & Sons at prietress is Mrs. E. Doming, who con-
the city market, proceeds throughout diets the bitsiiess, wltn i, e am. of aa
the ; ear, in tlte greenhouses at all sea- efficient manage''.    The phone is 695.
The well- known and extensive
florist's business can led on under this
title, has us its proprietor S. G. Tidy
and Ids son Harry. The former a resident of this elty for twenty-five year?,
and the latter a native son. Both of
them are devoted to the lloiist business, not only because It is u highly
successful enterprise, but because of
the  exquisite pleasure   It  brings   to
themselves. Of all the pursuits
ail "important addition, the Modern men, surely hortlcultuie, to those who
Business School here has for its prln- really appreciate it, must be the most
clpal and manager A. L. Bouck, whose delightful. But It requires this appre
successes as a teacher in similar elation to produce this delight, as well
schools ln Ontario and the east, and as the exquisite flowers, plants, etc.
ln the commercial department of the as come constantly to the people from
Columbian college, ot which he was the Tidy nurseries. The greenhouses
the chief support, render him pecu-, which are situated on the corner of
llarly fitted for the'high and onerous <th avenue and 19th b.\, are eight in
duties now devolved upon him ln thf number and ,<^er about half an acre.
, Photo by W. CoeksleK-.
% I-,'*!':*:
nt.**  v
,V^l*-'��-.'Jt.-.r-r\-..-''��*��- ******
i *
t Sawmills Are Located at New Westerns
LUMBER  is one of the staple industries   of   New    Westminster.
The       country       which       surrounds
the   site   on    which    it    stands    was
formerly    for    hundreds    of    miles
nn    immense    primeval    forest    con-
the Kraser are tiie greatest lumber
I mills in the world. The output of
j these   mills   runs   anywhere   lrom   10,-
Ono to 250,000 feet per day, and the
[capacity of the plant Is not limited by
this enormous figure. The mills run
Iday  and   night;   and  the  last  named
s'.stir.g of all the timber
digenous to tlie province. -Vast areas
of this have been cleared, and wh. re
the g'gantic lir and cedar grew the
croi s of the husbandman luxuriate in
equal profusion. The process of demolition goes on with never relaxing ardour: for modern man is determined
lo   clear  the    plantations   of   nature
will increase their capacity to 150,000
per day of ten hours; this is necessary to cope witli tlie increased business. The greatest care and expert
knowledge are emqjoyed in the selection 01 Hie limt.er-nnd in the process
of manufacture, so that the company
can guarantee, without fear, the very
quality for which they ar? now so
celebrated���standard and uniform
grades. They ship in ever-increasing
quantities to all points in the l'nited
States and the Dominion of Canada.
The president of the company is B.
ueklin: the vice president, X. S.
supplied by a colony of  French-Cana-1Beardslee   and   the
in-.figure i.s not an abnormal turnout.
There is something unique in connection with the Fraser river mills. The
proprietors have dispensed with Japanese labor, anl replaced it with that  jj"r
dlan workmen, who live in a separate
section apart from the other workmen. This is a real colony where
eacli man and family can procure the
from all parts of the earth, and par- daily requirements of food and oth-
tlcularfy from the bountiful soil of er necessaries of life without ever re-
the Province of Hritish Columbia, ex- pairing to the city.
-cept only tliose which are too lofty or The Fraser river mills which until
rugged for his own use and occupa- recently confined themselves to ordi-
ticn. But the lumber Industry is re-' nary lumber work, have now tlieir
sponsible for much of the denudation ' planing mill, shingle and lath mills,
simply because the lumber was requir- and sash and door factories. Ocean
ed  for the purpose of raw   material,   vessels  load  at    their   wharves   with
secretarv    treasurer, W. F. H. Bucklin���men who are
���ighly esteemed, not only in the city,
wherever they are known.
Still Hritish Columbia in spite of tlie
lumberman, and the equally Inveterate ruthlessness of the forest fire, possesses the  greatest  compact area of
timber in
about l!8u
man and
torn Ii and
probably tlie. largest travelling crane
in the world, eighty feet long, forty
f"et wide, and the arms 101". feet in
length, It is ojeratel by electricity.
The shingle industry is perhaps the
All that most Important branch of the lumber
flre have achieved is to trade, and cedar-wood shingles have
single the fringes of these made    British   Columbia   famous   In
tlie world today,
500 square miles
an area of J
Won-lerful indeed are the timber
resources of British Columbia, and
'equally wonderful are the enterprises
that have sprung from them. Among
thesp is the Brunette Saw Mill Company which was established upwards
'of thirty years ago. Its headquarters
are at Sapperton, where there are a
saw mill, a planing mill, shingle mill
and a box factory which conjointly
employ a regular staff of 250 hands
throughout the year. The plant, m;
chlnery and equipment of the mil
and factory are of the best and most
modern description. The output capacity of the mill is 100,000 feet per
of ten hours, and of the box fac-
There are very few of the absolutely necessary and yet apparently simple problems, puzzle people more
than the laundry. There are so many
causes of dissatisfaction that one constantly hears. But the patrons of the
Royal City Laundry Company bave no
disturbance in their mind, ner any
need to settle the problem mentioned
above, for the simple reason that they
never have any cause of complaint or
of dissatisfaction. Tlie Royal City
Laundry Company has been established for six years anri it st-n-tnH 1 a . .- -
with the determination of giving sat Advert,8,n* a b"slnes�� ��' ������'">
isfaction. It has succeeded in this determination, and the business has also
succeeded.    The  last  was  the conse-1 other method of publicity
qtience of the first.   They now employ
a staff of forty hands  with  four  wagons for collecting and delivery.   The
equipment In the city. Their Bystem
is absolutely perfect for collecting,
checking and returning, so that the
loss of an article is almost an impossibility. The work ls thoroughly supervised, and the most scrupulous
care is taken in tlie handling of the
articles. There Is no doubt that the
citizens who patronize the Royal City
Laundry experiences full satisfaction.
Its proprietor is Beyard Abrams. who
i.s also the manager. It is
814 Royal avenue.
ocated at
best conception of a sign  1
artistically represented la ,.
oi-jnay   be even   worse;   [|
duce an effect conti
Saunders is the great signmaker of
the  Royal  City of New  Westminster.
ind by-
means of signs has come to be recognized as effectual almost beyond any
But here,
as in everything else, the effect   produced  is dependent  upon the manner
in which the idea is worked out.   Thej
rary to thai |a
ed.     Saunders  not   only   b.,    ,,""
ception and idea, but he ha
perfect faculty of reprodiai-
flecting them In  his sign..    ,,,.'
adept  in  all   kinds of sign,
signs, real estate signs, bui
of every description, and , ;
Rigs and buggies are also painted
lettered  by  blm,  for  this  is rea||j
part   of   advertising   a    bu     -
signs.     Mr.   Saunders   makes
Cialty of glass signs, and ,',, ,,���.,,
has  made some  of his
cesses. We can only sav thai li
seen many specimens of Mr s
ders' work, It Is wonderful',, it
traetiveuess and marvellous ,. j.
feet. If you want a sign for aiivtii
go to Saunders whose pia.
olumbia street.
enormous  evidences  of  nature's  prls- 0veyy part of the world were shingles
tine manufacture covering  182,750,000 are  used      There  are  many   shing'e j !ory   :���.���������  boxeS)   wh]-,      ...    ,.    .   _
acres.    Inscrutable  greatness    i.s   on  ��� jos in _\e'.v Westminster, and there shingle mill is 1*75,000 ier day of the
e  also several  door and  sash   fac- satne duration.   The products of these
one hand; puny destructiveness on
the other. This is the thought which
ihe contemplation of the fact suggests. Yet we do not condemn, bul
applaud the lumberman's.vork, We
only deplore the ne'irious ravages of
1 he fire:.
Li st      year      theie      wc-ic     o\ 1 r
207   -:...'  mills  In full operation, with
tories and box factories
are branches of the lumber trade.
The products of these mills and fac-
tories are shipped all over tiie worl l
���to China. Japan, Peiu, Fiji, Chile,
Australia, New Zealand, various parts
1 1  Europe and to the United Kingdom.
both of which J?"18 "I"1 fi'f��/>' are sniPPed
domestic and  foreign points
both to
n points, and the
demand for them is constantly increasing. This Is largely accounted
for by tlie fact that net only are the
products of a high standard of excellence, but that standard is uniform,
and preserved with ihe greatest and
mc  t scrupulous care in the selection
jvtlaily   output   capacity  of
feet.    There were also forty
mills  with tm aggregate daily capacity  of :: 395,000 shingles.   And in 1900
there weie no  I ss   than   750,000,	
feet of timber cut. What the fierce
and extensive fit ts accomplished we
<'.o not know, but theie is no doubt
tbat as usual for every one of the last
ten years the ravages were wide and
the loss to the province enormous.
The chief timber aieas on the mainland are In southeast Kootenay, and
in paits of west Kootenay, that is.
those area which are most readily accessible by rail or water. The growths
of timber on Vancouver island have
long  been   the  wonder  of  the  world.
There is no Indication of this world-, of the material and in every part  of
wide trade being curtailed by the re-ltlle Process of make and manufacture.
ward; for within easy reacli of the
Royal City there is abundance of tim-
of every description for the most
ve operations nat only of the exls-
ui    1 .-        ,-   , -,.*-i      1 , 1- ' i lle ^'ade is certainly enormous, and
ible tinjber hack- brfngs -in a huge r/venue   yea>   .��
year.    Besides the magnitude of t! e
trade, it is a splendid advertisement
of the unrivalled timber resources of
I British Columbia.    L, A, Lewis is th >
j president and general manager, G, B.
mills, but of as many   more  as^ross, tlie secretary, and T. J. Lewis
is   the   treasurer,   concerning   whose
standing and capacity as business and
1 commercial man nothing higher need
be said than that they represent the
in the country for shipment. Brunette Saw Mill
At least one new mill is quickly get-	
ting into order with the latest machin- j^,
ery, and best 1 lant
!. .
choose to come and locate themselves
in  the  finest  place  in  the  world for
manufacture, anl  at  the  finest  port
. onipany.
Pulp-wood requires a word
we close. The supply in the
States and other countries is
ing exhausted,  while that of
Brltlsh Icommenced shipping in May,
The principle indigenous growths are j Columbia lias scarcely been touched. I Jhey are manufacturers of fir,
while  pine,  larch,  Douglas  fir.  cedar  .Much   material   has  been   shipped  in
This  company   which    was   formed
last   year,   completed   their   mill   and 1 *-q______-
,,    , . ,   ,       , ,.       ,   .   ,-ind dimension  timber.    Thev have a
cedar. Much material has been shipped in saw mill and a planing mill, the planl
and hemlock. The cedar is pic-1 past years to feed the paper manufac- and machinery of which is the new-
tiiresiue; the Douglas fir is magestic.|tories of other   countries.      But   theiest  and most nfodern description:   It
was bought in the east from the most
The reining of the cedar is very beautiful, and it is used for fine dressed
lumber���doors, frames, sashes and
Of the 1909 production, 450,-
O00 000 came from the coast, and
:!25,O00,(ii:.i   from   the   interior    mills,
strong tendency at present is to preserve tiiis great source of wealth, and
to establish factories at home, where
it could be converted into the full finished article and then shipped in that
condition abroad.
The establishment, of such factories
would  not  only  enhance  our   timber
showing that the mills follow the timber as tlie cast is gradually cleared, I resources, but add enormously to our
for it is uot long since there was not 'prestige and power as a manufactur-
what is called an interior mill in ex->S ��lty; would employ an enormous
istence. | number of people;
New   Westminster  has    four   larg:
and     numerous     small     saw     mills
Among them are the Royal City mills
^with their extensive water front,
pt.ningle and lath mills. Attached to
them is a factory where doors and
window sashs of every size, shape
and variety are made, and all the delicacies of artistic, carving are performed by machines specially desi:;n-
���ed and adjusted for eacli part of the
operation. The output of this factory-
is enormous, and has been increasing
for years.
The Brunette mill is also a vast and1
iin eternally active concern, as the de-|
mand for iis products often   nee -ssit-
atis  its  running  day  and   night   with
relays of men.    Il is nol only thus ac-|
tive,  ina   cmi..;..:..   attractive.    Here
can be seen by any one privileged to
witness the operation, the entire lumbering   process,   from   the   lifting   of
the log from the Fraser till its emergence as a beam, board or box.      ll
rises from wafer mechanically or rather apparently of its own accord,  ascends the moving carriage, where the
[skilful eye of the sawyer, who   controls the movement, guages its capacity,  and  Utility.    Then  Its  destiny  is
'fixed,   As each cut of the saw is made
.the tfbard travels forward to be ineas-
.tired    to   the    desired   lengths    and ment
would add tremen-
I dously to our shipping, and would dis-
1 tribute the natural wealth of the province into hundreds of channels where
it could be utilized In the great de-
I velopment process upon which we
! have entered.
I The resources are here; the markets are gaping for what we could
; Sulphite-pulp manufacture presents
one of the most necessary, productive
and enduring of industries to our
view, and it Is to be hoped that the
lumber trades of this city will soon
liave added lt to the list of ou,r
wealth-creating   enterprises.
reliable makers and installed in the
mills wliich are situated In the Surrey district near Strawberry postofflce. The capacity of the lumber mill
is 30,000 feet ier day of ten hours,
and altogether a permanent staff of
some thirty men is employed] The
products of the mills are of the highest quality, for nn material is allowed to be used in their manufacture
but what is of tlie best description.
The acquisition of the business by the
Timberland Lumber Company Limited
whose head offices are here, will be
of great advantage to the development and expansion of the locality as
well as to the Royal City itself. The
products of the mills are already going in large quantities, not only into
the city an l local centers, but
throughout the province, beyond
whose limits no doubt they will soon
be despatched farther and farther
eastward. The managing director is A.
J. Craig, who ls an experienced
husiness and commercial man. We
trust results may 'show a great success for the Timberland Lumber Company Limited.
Thus shall lumbering ln another
form aid the Royal City along her destined path of greatness.
The lumber
earliest as it :
est  connected
Westminster,   and   among   the
Important companies engaged In
I ml ust ry   is one  of the
1 still one of the great-
with   the city  of  New-
it    Is
Thc Small & Bucklin
pany Limited. They
turers  and   wholesale
are    manufa--
dealers in  fir,
and  bave
This Is one of the enterprises which
we aie pleased to include in this business review of the Royal City.    The
company are manufacturers of bank,
office and stoie fittings, and their op-
orations Include all cabinet, stair ;tml f
detail work, showcases, mantels, sash ,
doors, turning and all  kinds of hard-!
wood finishings.   Though the business;
was only established in May, 1908, Its
enormous augmentation  has rendered
necessary    the   enlargement   of   the
building three times, BO that it Is nowj
four   limes   larger   than    its   original I
dimensions.   A dry kilfl Is now being j
Com-1erected  in connection with the prem-
! ises.    The success of the company is
wholly  attributable  to the excellence
of their products and to the perfection
of their work.   They make a specialty
Long Fir Timbei
Bridge Lumber
Railway Lumber
Car Lumber
Shingles and Lath
widths;   thence   it  is  passed   to   the
planer,  and   finally   if it is  designed
,  ,.     1        , ,, "ie output  is  large  and   continuous,
for a box, it passes to the box factory jThe company have six extensive log-
whence  it  emerges  perfect  In   form ging camps on the coast at different
I points, from which the enormous sup-
I piles required for the ever-increasing
have   de- trade of the company Is drawn.   The
cedar  and   spruce  lumber,
two mills���a raw mill and a planlngjof ofllce fittings and cabinets, and the
mill The plant, machinery and equip- extreme taste displayed by them In
of these mills nre of the most these departments Is only equalled by
modern, up-to-date description and]the serviceable utility of all they de-
with a regular staff of some 200 men, vise and execute.    The company have
ant} absolutely complete.
Our    forefathers    would
Bounced this as a diabolic encroach-
done work for the People's Trust
Company, the Acme Clothing Company and many other commercial
concerns, Including the Bank of Toronto, which they fitted up. They
prepare designs, and furnish estimates
company have attained a unique posi- on application, and all their contracts
.ment of the machine upon the domain tlon among the lumber manufacturers are carried out with punctuality and
<of man.
of     British     Columbia,
But  we of today  recognize '"     D"M,n     voinmow,      principally despatch,   and   they   take   as   much
it as hieh scientific mpci,���!,.. ���,,,���_. thr9uKh <-he high and uniform quality pride ln the perfection of their work
It as high scientific mechanics which,of thelr output.    Tlie 0Utp(Jt of   the ��g th<j conceryn��� for whom they Me.
if ll curtails the work of man in one company at the present time is 100,-,cute it.   Their great success, and con-
direction,  provi les  ln  return  a  hundred more alluring fields for the utilization of his skill and ability.
Jl .-short distance from the city along
000 per day of ten hours;   It is. how-|tinual  development,   are  their  great-
ever, their intention to lnstal ln the ��at testimony of worth and ability.  J.
Brookes Is the proprietor, and the
works are at 86 Eleventh street, corner car Una.
near future further new and most up-
to-date machinery, including an Allls-
Chalmers eight-foot band mill, which
Large Up-To-Date Box factory
Proper Quality and Correct
British Columbia.
**����<___��. ���"��*;'��'.,rt����.
wa-* m mym ** ��5^Tr"12/��^S^ii?S^^S
T.,Mp .'fl
iT^^jL-^v; ������*��
TUESDAY,   OCTOBER   ',   1910
E. H. BUCKLIN, President and Cenl Mgr.
N. S. BEARDSLEE, Vice-President.
W. F. H. BUCKLIN, Sec. & Treasurer.
1 iti
'I    I!.
Country Trade
Prompt Shipment
via Great Northern,
Canadian Pacific,
-JL B. C. Electric and
Large Stock of
Cedar Drainage
Lumber on Hand
at Low Prices
Shipment to All
Points    in   Canada
and  United States
Cedar Bevelled
Siding is Our Specialty.   High Grade
Stock. Manufactur
Manufacturers of and Wholesale Dealers   in
Cedar and Spruce  Lumber, Sash,
Doors, Shingles, Mouldings, Turnings, Etc.
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Interior
Finish, Turned Work, Fish Boxes
Royal City Planing Mills Branch, New Westminster
-!''' '
Building   Activities   Show   Wonderful   Record    of    Gro
are   anions
and assessment   figures cannot exceed  50
the ! I er cent of the actual value.   But ir is
undoubted evidences of a city's growth   !l
, have never
and progress, and tlie last is perhaps
notoiious fact in the city that they
ipproxinated even to 40
per cent, nor perhaps even to ."0 oil's per cent.
even more significant than the first.
Tor the man or firm that begins to :e-
rnodel and extend proves to the world
���that the premises wllich
were ample for. and commensurate
with the business have ceased to be
gets such  a  period of  prosperity   as lvalue    from    $1,656,230
Justifies in a short time either a com-  $2,402,106 in  l'<' ���<���
jplete  rebuilding  or  the  complete   removal to another location.
New   Westminster   has   within   the
Tlie city of N'ew Westminster is attracting tho attention of the investor,
the capitalist, the manufacturer and
the business man as she never attracted it before in her history.   It is
it while they do not show the absolute value, they prove that be-! strange, but it is true, that one has
formerly j (ween 1903 and 1010 the va'ue of prop-1 only to breathe the air of the place
erty, both lan.I and improvements has for a few hours, to pass along her
more than doubled, and that the build- wharves and along the streets where
ings alone, irrespective of the real es- j business and manufacture are being
Generally   the   improvement   he-j,ltate   have   increased   in   assessable I conducted to feel a thrill of optimism
in    1908    to a^ conviction that the city is already-
entered  upon a period  of marvellous
Those  figures  give  a  tolerable ap-!growth  and  huge expansion.
th and  huge expansion.     Every-
,.     ,,.,,,,     ,  ,,,���   ,,...._ thing seems to centralize around the
nroximat on to the truth of the cuysi , K     _ .
i>!u.\unai.iuii iu u�� development of New Westminster in
activity   when   it   is   further   reniem-^,, a grMt hu8|nes8 aBl) msnufacturlng
bered that the increase must be whol-'city an.l  shipping   port.      Concentric
The business with which the firm
Of Merritbew & Ramsay have been
connected in the Royal City for the
past year, is one of growing importance and difficulty, involving as it
does not only the highest of mechanical skill, but an acquaintance with a
multitude of devices, inventions and
patents which are constantly Increasing in complexity. But Merritbew &
Ramsay are masters of their craft,
and they quickly acquired a prominence and an extensive business as one
of the leading firms of plumbers in
the city. The work that they have
done has been extensive anl very diversified, but it has always yielded
the highest satisfaction. They have
done plumbing for some of the best
concerns in the city. Contractors
and builders have again and again tea-
past three  years  been  both  building \y new structures. The Increase could causes,   and   co-operative   movements; titled  to their skill and  ability.    Be-
in'are all converging towards her.    The ; sides being experts ia the trade, they
business carried on  by W.  A. Gilley,' are  excellent   men  of   business   and
and rebuilding as well  as Improving.' not   represent   any   augmentation
This has been going on in the busi-l"" value of   old   buildings,   because
.    ., ,   these decline in value year by year,
ness sections as well as in the   resi-1 ,���������.,. u��� n,�� no-
Tlie happy lesson taught by the ng-
dential districts, an.l at a rate that!ures lg U)at U)e Roya, city has been
many of them never expected to see. building, and they are the solid con-
Tbe rate has been so fast that at last crete representation of a marvellous,
the city council have been forced to
renounce their old policy of letting
thing drift, letting every man do what
was right in his own eyes so long, of
course, as he did not build on the centre of
but none the less a natural and steady
advance on her part to the goal of her
inevitable destiny.
In   recent  years   New
which has been established for thirty ; give prompt attention to all work en-
years will he, like others, participants'trusted to them. They submit spec-
in the great evolution. Mr. Gilley de-1 ideations and make contracts for ail
serves it, for he has never surrender- classes of plumbing. The firm coined his devotion to the city. His busi-I prises R. A. Merritbew and S. R. Ram-
ness is that of pile driver, wharf i^ay, both of whom are experts. They
builder and general contractor. Being j are locate! in the I. Oi O. F. block, at
also owner of the tug "Charlie Gil- corner of Eighth street and Carnarvon street.
ley."    He  does  a  large   towing   and
lightering business.    He keeps a regular staff of twenty-five men, and in
Westminster all   work   undertaken  by  him  he  has
has  begun  to  move and  already she earned the reputation of having done      In   the    city   of   N'ew   Westminster
u        ttm-mmr-   o   ,���������,������t���ni   nf   ��ropd  il  wl,!l  quickness  and  despatch,  and  where building operations of all kinds
has  attained  a  momentum of   speed ^  ^  ^   ^.^   ^ proceeding apace, and  where for
the thoroughfare, and has ob- that will urge her forward. For as the trugt  goon   to  Sfe   mm   engaged   in'several years to come construction of
liged them to recognize the absolute' forces from which that momentum are gome large operations connected with | the most  diverse classes of   building
derived aie themselves the result of; the building of new wharves and the'will  be going on, it is all  important
ev   must   continue 'general   Improvement    of   the    water, that that  vital  part of it  which  con-
Photo by W.Cooks'ejgl
necessity and  expediency of appoint-
' inevitable   laws,   they
ing an  official  in  whom  will  be   re
jposed  the duty of issuing the   city's
permit to carry out any form of structural worl; and also the duty of seeing it is carried out in a proper manner,  in  conformity  with   tlie   permit  sion  of  New
and with every regard to the convent-j mer is the result of   some
ence and rights of others.   This is one ' circumstance   or
_j|f  tlie  most,  rational  nets   that   the!which   people  mistake
to augment and as they do so Impart.^ ,n ^ Roya] ^ and h<j
a continuous propelling power to the.: won ],js suecess |,y his ability
city's progress. j thoroughness.    His offices are 920 Co
That ls the exact difference betwen
a "Boom" and the marvellous expan
front. No more reliable contractor ex-  cerns   heating  and   sanitation  should
[ lubia street.
council have done for some time.
One of its advantages will be that
reople who are interested will see at
j ness of painting, wall papering, glazing, sign writing and interior decorating.    They   have  certainly  succeed-
i ed in filling a want which at the time
Westminster.    The for
transitory   condition}    New   Westminster  Is  building   and
for   a    perma--     proving  and  devel��I)ing  herself  so
.     .rapidly that there is ample scope for
nent cause, while tlie latter���genuine such a flrm as Doane & McKay.   Es.
expans'on���is   produced   by   the   con- tablishing themselves three years ago
centration to, or convergence around!'hey have carried on since, the busi-
what rate the city is progressing, and tiie city of numerous forces which so
in the course of time comparisons can  to speak have recreated her.
be made of one year's operations with      What   are   these   forces?     Railway
those of another.    And  thus an   un- expansion;  the recognition of the su-
doubted   test   will    be    supplied    of porlority   of   New   Westminster   over
whether the city  is  really advancing all other locations having direct water
or stagnating or retrogressing. Iconnection with the ocean, for manu-
Every city of ambition does this, facturlng purposes, and the further
not only for its own protection, but as recognition of the fact that the fresh
:a proof to him who wishes t~> know, j water port, of New Westminster hav-
or to make an Investment, that prog- ing no equal on this continent, the
ress is the keynote cf the city from day Is not far distant, when ships of
month to month and year ti year. It the largest, draught and tonnage will
is an assurance also that the city wl 1 utilize that port in preference to
-be built on symmetrical lines. 'every other to carry to and from tlie
In the absence of permits or official (nation of Canada, her international
books containing the records of the commercial exchanges over the seas
building operations within the city we and oceans of the world,
can only adduce the next and nearest: As the world is advancing, and Can-
available figures that in some meas-|ada more rapidly than any other part
ure prove the advance of the city cf it. As her resources are only be-
within tlie past three years. These ginning to be appreciated, and as the
are the valuations for assessment pur- demand for her products is bound to
poses. I increase  with  the years not only in
For convenience  we tabulate them ether parts of the empire but in the
IUp all  the cloth  which   al   pri
laid out on both banks of the
Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier la rei
have   asked   why   New   Wesl
laid  such  stress  on  Its  fresl
harbor, and is salj to have
a fresh water harbor was bei
a salt  water one.    We think
been called  on  to answer 1!
tion we should have replied
Murphy & Craig are heating and sani-|(alnlv ,0 0���r ,nlnd be un in favor ofjbor because, a eea harbor to
tary engineers, that is to tay they are Westminster. ^safe anchorage must be mos.
experts in plumbing, heating and sani-:->tw   """" , . _  ���.,..   land-locked and this frannnntl
tattoo.   Though they have only been |    The spirit, of the western Canadian.��"**?pawageway or the,
established   in   business   here   in   the  is.  if it is one  thing  more  t -  U) tho  ,1;tI.,(UI. m0io "ciitncntt.
As  a   casual   visitor   to   the    Royal
City the scribe may be considered to
I be a man unbiased at least on his arrival  here.    That   any  previously   un-
cave your
has  be entrusted  to men capable of deal-
and|ing with  It  scientifically, and according to the best known modern methods.    In   the   firm  of   McMurphy    & , ,
Craig the city has the advantages of prejudiced sojourner could
a firm second to no other either here; city in the same condition of mini U.     ^^   ^ ^   ^  ^^
or  anywhere  else  in   the   west.     Mc-  not believable, but.the bias would cer-1 flnite|y  n:ore  aMta*  th
& Craig are heating and sani-1
other, a supreme belief in tlie present  en n]0].0 dangerous i,v means
future   of   the    Canadian    Wes'.  rents and sandbars.    In the ca
like older indiv
In   theii
course of  the  present year, yet they
have carried out some large contracts 1
in these lines.   They executed, for in-.,a
stance,  tlie  plumbing  and  heating of |While older nations,
the Windsor hotel, the heating of the  iduals, incline to a gloryln
Columbia  college,  and   the   plumbing !     sts   aiui |ay great store by history.
of the B. C. Cigar Factory, and other i '   Canftda  is  rejoicing   In a  [er
places of note.    Wherever thev have 6 ,.   ,...i,\,    ,,-rt   uo'-d
done work in any of the branches in-  fed  exuberance   of  teaitn   an
dicated, they have received the high-' spirits in the potentialities 01 us
est approbation from the contractors,' lur(?i and the possibilities of Its pie.-.-
builders    and     architects    connected!     , '     .1 wvy nof>
therewith.       McMurphy   &   Craig   are | '        .    '     .,.,,���.���,
1     It  has  been   clain.e.
tion of
tion of
$2 402,105
Now befori
3   we   look
[Orient,  It  is  plain  that   the   causes
Total, which   have  originated   the
jean not abate but must augment, and
that  while  time  endures
they felt existe. for their work. Both
members of the firm, F. J. Doane and
W. J. McKay, are practical men, and
advance 'experts in the business which they
follow. Nothing can excel the beauty
and artistic effect of their painting,
the   Royal j 8ign  wrjting and interior decorating.
thoroughly up-to-date, and they give
estimates for ail classes of work falling within the category named. In
every case their contracts are carried
out punctually, and in such a manner
that  they   can   refer  subsequent   par-
1 by
liver like the Fraser ships 11 ��� i .j -
up to dock  almost  anytime ut
waiting for daylight or I  lei   -
pro; erly dredged and buoyed, S(
a   river   harbor    always   pre-supn,
eisy  methods of Import a
the waters  that   wlll  bear   I
.hints to New Westminster will!
down from the farming districts
tary to that river all along
some that  smaller vessels bearing the pr ul:
New Westminster for years Ins
low."   lf this be true, it  reminds
of a tale told me of a ycung
j who  was  attache!  to
ties back to thos? for whom earlier in   bassy lu Berlin sometime in the We.
their operations they had carried out  n was shortly after that unhappy l-
it  Majuba Hill   (th
o'llc -1
British em-
works of different  descriptions. They
are located at the Colonial block.
tory of which has fortunately
wiped out 1, a German officer remarked to the Englishman that the British
lion appeared to be laying low;
"Crouching, sir, possibly." replied the
Briton; "the British Hon, may be. but
This is one of the companies whose
operations tell the now indubitable
fact that New Westminster is destined to play a great part as a ship-!always for a spring."
ping port and commercial center in
direct communication with the Pacific. It seems to be the most natural
thing ln the world, too, that along tho
Fraser river should be the scene of
mighty shipbuilding yards in the near
future, constructing vessels to carry
enormous merchandise from   and   to
City must continue to wend her way To produce this effect, one must be' the people of west. The Westminster
Marine Railway Company are already
there, and have many natural advantages which were denied to those who
conceived and constructed some of
the great shipbuilding Industries of
the old world. The Westminster Marine Railway Company Is already extensive boat builders, and they have
Just fln|shed the construction of the
Columbia, which ls the new coast mls-
ures critically  we repeat the remark  build  well, for she ls bui'ding for a business men. make and furnish esti-Mon boat.    They have also built the
$5,146,750 onward as a great shipping and man-
I ufacturing centre.
$5,284,950      In a word she has not commenced
j to  build  from  any   spurious   causes,
$7,697,635 through any boom, or from any fan-
jtastlc  conceit  of  herself.     The   pro-
$10,892,953 pelling forces of manufacture and in-
something more than a mechanic, doing work according to order. To produce this effect one must have the
artist's eye, the eye which discerns
propriety as well as beauty and assimilation. He must also possess the
consummate skill. All these Doane &
McKay have ln perfection, and therefore their work alwa. a ranks in   the
at  these   fig- dustry have urged her;  and let   her(higheat   class.     .They   are   excellent
that they are valuations made for the more glorious evolution and attain-
purpose of taxation, and do not In any ment than any other city on the west-
way indicate the absolute value. These ern seaboard.
mates  for all  classes   of   work,  and
carry  out  all   contracts   and   orders
j punctually   and   promptly.    Their  office is at Burr block, Columbia street.
Rhot by W. CeeksUy.
*���.���>-�����>���..���'-- -'- - - -'  ������ --:-vSt-ii--c---^ -c ��� '-���   - ��?��ckH��555<-SSS^StS1 ����-"C*C?��a**<M - m. -���
Paystreak,  the   Wireless,   the   Canadian,  Imp, the   Alberta,  and   several
other well known ln the waters of the
Fraser, though  they have only   been
established   for   the   period   of   two
years.    But  shipbuilding  like   everything else must have a beginning. All
the  construction  work  done   by   the
company has received the highest approbation, not only for Its quality, but
for  the  promptitude  with    which   it
I was performed'.      The company have
���the most excellent  ways  for hauling
out  boats  or scows of any size, and
I they   can   alwtiys   be   relied   upon   in
Ithis branch of their operations. They
I also make a specialty of boat, repair;
|ing.     They   have   excellent   facilities'
'and   first-class,   expert   workmen   for
i this,   as   they    have    for   all   other
branches   of   their   operations.      And
they can always  be relied  upon   for
1 accuracy and   punctuality.     The  pro
; prietor is S. Dawe, who is well known
iand   highly   esteemed   in    the    Royal
1 City.    Mr. Dawe has now a contract
on hand for a large dyking and dred-
igiug machine.    The company's works
employ from fifteen  to twenty  hands
Appendicitis    ana    Wheat.
Sir Brunton,, one of Kngland's most
eminent physicians, told the Public
Health Congress that met at Birkenhead that he believed the- large ln
crease of appendicitis during the last
twenty years was due to modern
methods of grinding wheat, into flour.
Explaining his hypothesis, Sir Lauder stild that years ago wheat was
always ground between two millstones, but today it was ground between steel rollers, which really acted like scissors, the wheat being cut
up. Wheat ground In the new way
would be different udcr the microscope from that gronnd under old-
fashioned conditions, and there might'
be a different tendency attributable;
to this. 1
Now, do you not agree with me that
the anecdote is applicable right here
on the banks of the Fraser. and that
we may all see the Royal City spring?
Why Not?
That is the question we have asked
of a few bf her citizens and theie has
been no good or sufficient cause of
impediment advanced so far.
For one thing you have to our mind
the makings of a fine city, not only in
the magnificent location affording
splendid natural drainage, but in the
lay out of the streets which have been
made large enough for the expansion
of a city. "Room for him to grow."
as mother use to say. We think the
makers of this city had a large pattern before them and we think before long New Westminster will not
only be  filling  Its clothes, but using
of the agriculturalists,  the '���;��� '
also tap other industrial cei tra
cany  their quota  down  for ���
the  seagoing  craft  at   New
ster receiving  the  products ol
countries In return.   Thus win
tabllshed in  British Columbia if
way of trade, and  that  highwn
be none other than the mighty Ft
and the centre of things so fai
can   see   cannot   fall   to   be   '
nnd charming city.
One other feature we should lit
compliment you upon, and tint ll
preservation of the shade trees ol
identlal lots In this city. The rati
cutting and hacking down of the b
tiful natural timber to giv- placf)
bleached lawns, with newly plai
and generally dying tlorits special
in (Umunttlves, of the cedar or
carefull.- guarded by hoops of r
wire as if their owners were
these uncouth tree!et�� would slink
In*the night for very shame of tl
supplanting, cannot be too mui-li
plored. "Oh, real estate man,
tho tree!"
In conclusion, we might say
to our mind there Is a bright fut
before New Westminster not as
elongated suburb of Vancouver, ball
an Independent and flourishing
ropolis with a sturdy vertebra! 1
umn of railway lines whose trIMj
ner?es will reach out through ul
a lumbering, mining and agrirulW
country as Is to be found ln the ������*]
and also as an essentially mand
turlng centre, and as residential
tlon second to none.   Why not'   ..
New Westminster, B. C, Bepti*
30th, 1910. P I
Walsh Sash
&: Door Co.
We make a Specialty oil
Fir Doors, Steamed andf
Kiln Dried.
Factory:   226 14th Street,
New Westminster, B. C
asa*��p$i��4Bk9*MNs i.-i.-.< ����
iS-��^��C_<��..��.-^.- ><_vU.-��-..-.-.-f 1"
New Westminster's Great Annual Exhibition
What the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society Has  Accomplished for the   City
of   Destiny���The   Most   Wonderful Collection of Fruits, Cereals and Live
Stock From the Provinces of Alberta and Biitish Columbia
UNDER the auspices of the Royal !    Exhibits are sent from all parts of
Agricultural   and   Industrial   So- lthe country:   and the   most   healthy
ciety   is  held  annually  tho   Provincial
Exhibition. Tlie flrst exhibition or fair,
rivalry has been fostered among tlie
exhibitors not for the prizes themselves but for what the acquisition of
as it was then less pretensiously des- the prizes indicates���superiority in the
i. nated. was promoted by, and held particular Exhibit.
under the auspices of- tiie same so-' Whatever the promoters of the orl-
ciety in 1869. ginal  annual  Fair  may have thought,
In Its earlier days of forty years or whatever they may liave forseen as
ago it is easy to conjecture the dif- It were by a vision, it Is now certain
Acuities that confronted It. But the that New Westminster is in the centre
men of that time, though they have of, or perhaps more precisely she is
had comparatively short purses and the central pivot of the largest and
short attendance, had long heads, and richest agricultural district In the
saw with the anticipatory and semi- province. The Kraser River Valley
prophetic eye of statesmen the bene- has certainly no equal in this coun-
flcial effects that musi Indubitably re- try for the productivity of its boII;
suit to the province Itself and to the and while grain, fruit, vegetables and
agricultural and Industrial interests even hops can be raised on it, iTyields
in general, if by grit and persever- everything in equal luxuriance and
anee they could bring tlie conception   profusion.
through its embryo stapes to the full j
maturity and vigor of life.
Being   men   imbued   with   that    re-
doubtable   western   spirit   which    has
elevated British Columbia Itself to the j
front rank among the provinces of the i
Dominion, they adhered to the cause i
of the annual Fair through every opposition and under every disadvantage,
and  by the year  1889  it   had  attained
to such a high position of influence; t
become so much of a provincial in sti- I
���ution,  that  the  magnificent   Queen's
���Park,   containing   some  ninety   acres.
���was acquired by the city. There it has
mheeii held ever since, and there it will
continue to  be  held  as long   as   the
splendid work to which it is devoted
continues to be carried on.    Tlie mag-,
nificent   buildings  in   the   park   have |
been,   from   time   to    time,   extended
with the object of ineeting the growing  size  and   importance  of   the   annual   Exhibition;   and  today  they are
admirably adapted  for their  purpose.
Tlie grounds are exquisitely laid out;
and many a one who visits the exhibition tiiis year for the first time will
await  the  return of the  period   next
year when 'the fairy scene can be re-
The Exhibition is what the name of
the Society indicates���agricultural and
industrial. Under the first department are exhibited all kinds of cattle,
horses, sheep, swine, poultry, dairy
produce, honey, vegetables, feed produce, and fruit. In the Manufacturers
and Industrial department besides
agricultural machinery. Implements
and utenslle, etc., there ls always an
excellent exhibit of tine art works,
pictures and flowers: and there is a
Ladles' and Children's department
where knitting, sewing, etc., are exhibited;   $50,000  in   prizes  are   annually
The umbrageous climate is a pow-
erful abettor of the ric; alluvial soil
in making this land the pride of tlie
province, the envy of the world,
The operations of the railways especially ��f the B. C. Electric Railway,
whose extension to Chilliwack will
open up for settlement and quick cultivation a vast tract of this fertile
land, and the new Canadian Northern
which within a short time will traverse another track, will add considerably to the agricultural area tributary to New Westminster: and with
tlie Increase and widening out of the
lands under actual cultivation the
necessity for, and the power and influence of, tlie annual Exhibition and
of the Royal Agricultural and Injus-
Itrial Society will become more and
more manifest, and tlie wisdom of
tlie original promoters more and tr.' -
The aims of the society are to encourage and promote in all possible
and legitimate ways the highest perfection in all products that can be
raised in the Province ot British Columbia. This perfection can best be
attained by a healthy rivalry by men
engaged In all branches of agriculture,
etc., from all parts of the province,
all parts of the world for that matter.
The best way to generate this rivalry
is to bring the results of the operations of one man ln competition with
those of another; and to refer the determination of the superiority to an
impartial Judge. The successful competitor returns home exulting, resolved to maintain his position, and if possible to improve the excellence of the
product or whatever else It may have
been, while the unsuccessful competitor returns to liis farm neither   des-
and directed for the purpose of
achieving its aim. The president is
T. .1. Trap]', New Westminster; the
vice presidents are: Messrs. D. R.
Ker. Victoria: A. C. Wells, Chilliwack; B. McDonald, Kelowna; M. S.
Wade. M. D.. Kamloops; William
Duncan, Comox;   A.  11.   B.  Macgowan.
of L'14 days of sunshine and of ir.1 as
cloudy and wet for the past six or
seven years. Wind storms aie very
seldom experienced in the district.
M. P. P., Vancouver, and S.
1 non, Cloverdale    The honorable treas-
! urer is C. IJ. Brymner, New Westminster;   the manager and secretary.  W.
'll.   Keary,    New    Westminster,   and
there is a board of control consisting
'of the president,   treasurer,   manager
; and secretary, with Messrs. L. A. Lew-
Is,  W.   R.  Gilley.  C.  A.   Welsh.  J.   B.
��� Kennedy   and    Nels    Nelson.      Then
] there are a large number of directors
] from all paits of the province.
It is sincerely to be hoped that the
I success of the past, great t.s it has
, been, may be only an augury of the
Ifutuie greatness of the society's
achievements; that year by year the
! influence of tlie exhibition will be
-more and more felt, and that by the
I combined efforts of the  farmers and
.the public the Royal Agricultural and
Industrial Society may be enabled to
achieve tlieir highest  aim an.l ambi-
i tion on behalf of the agricultural and
industrial resources of the Province
of British Columbia.
MAYOR  OF  NEW WESTMINSTER  IN   1902,   1903,   1904,   1905,   1905,   1907,
1908,   1909;   AND  MANAGER   OF  THE   PROVINCIAL   EXHIBITION,   R.  A.
pondent nor disappointed, but with a
sting to his ambition, and a sound and
healthy resolve begotten of It that he
will apply himself with every assiduity to surpass his successful rival, to
re-enter the next exhibition and to
emerge from it triumphant, and with
the prize in his pocket.
Thus and thus only can the highest perfection be attained.
The advantages to the province itself of the annual exhibition are vast
and numerous. In bringing men from
distant parts, they see what the Province of British Columbia can yield;
they get enamoured of the country
and they either come here themselves   or   if   their   position   prevents
their doing so, they may advise others seeking a location to come to this
province and Eettle. At all events
100.00 visitors coming to an exhibit
of the best and richest of British Columbia agricultural produce constitute
a splendid array of advertisers when
they return to their several spheres
and tell the perfections of what they
have seen. And advertising is an undeniable factor in the greatest business successes of the present day;
and why should the rule that prevails
in tlie mercantile world not hold good
in the successful settling of provincial lands?
The  Royal  Agricultural and   Industrial  society   is   splendidly   managed
Climate  is an  important   factor in
' considering     the   agricultural    conditions of any country.    In this district,
. owing to the prevailing breezes from
j the Pacific ocean, it is much milder
than the normal for the latitude. Extremes of temperature and thunder
storms are of very rare occurrence;
in summer the temperature rarely exceeds 80 degrees in the shade and the
'nights are invariably cool and pleasant. In winter the thermometer has
only been down to zero once within
the last eight or ten years, there is, \
i however, a good deal of rain.    While :
; vegetation  does not  grow as in  the
I summer months, the grasses remain
green all the year round and cattle
1 are run out the greater part of the
time.    The summer  provides  a  long!
j growing season, cool nights and profuse vegetation, trees, roots and vegetables, grasses and the softer grains,
such as oats and barley, yield largely
and grow to great perfection and nearly all fruits produce enormous crops.
The Aggissiz Experimental Farm
which Is looked to for official agricultural statistics for the Fraser Valley
fanning  district,   records  an  average
After Inspecting tie canneries the
visitor may vary the trip by
taking a run in an electric
car. across the lovely Delta agiicul-
tural lands to the Terminal City and
back to New Westminster via the inter-urban route.
Thi; is a triangular trip that affords
great variety of scene, is full of entertainment, is inexpensive and le-
quires but a portion of a day to undertake. The river with its million-
dollar bridge, its fishing, canneries
and other industries is traversed for
sixteen or eighteen miles. An idea of
the fertility of the Delta lands is gained as the swift electric car sweeps
through the newly mown hay or waving corn fields with dairy farms and
other pastoral scenes beyond. A majestic panorama is also visible, and
causes exclamations of delight to all
admirers of nature's grandeur and
majesty as the innumerable rugged
peaks of the Coast Range rise in view.
Seen from this low lying and level
stretch of country they stand forth in
imposing  height   and   impressiveness,
ithe black rugged sentinels of the Pacific gateway of the Dominion.   These
lie to the northwest, but in the   opposite   direction,   in   almost    isolated
majesty,   stands    .Mount    Baker,    its
snow clad crown and slopes gleaming
dn the sunlight.    Westward in the distance  also,  is  seen  the  purple   hazy
outlines  of Vancouver,  and  intervening islands,   that    rise   mysteriously
from out of the grassy, sun-reflecting
waters of the Gulf of Georgia.
Passing all this you run into forest
and wood lands which continue tiir
the waters of English Bay are sighted and a few moments later you commence traveling past the ship yards;
mills, etc., that fringe the shores of
False Creek. In Vancouver the bathing beaches, Stanley Park, the beau*-
tlful land-locked harbor and other-
sights may be visited and you again
board the car for New Westminster.
This time you travel through heavily timbered high land broken up by
scores of agricultural clearings and'
dotted with Innumerable cosy suburban homes. Approaching New Westminster a magnificent view of the Delta and gulfs Is again afforded, the-
rich green of its forests and flelds being broken only by silver streaks that
indicate reaches of the north and
south arms of the Fraser River.
i* i.
-     -%*���'-* v.**,"**''        ���"���-    ,/.     i       ��� *   .   "��� * ���'.   ������*._�����_.       W,;'       >\"~ --.  ; ��-^7-'      ��� "     '   .,- .   .-.*   +��*�� .-������3ffS--Vr*",�� .-���.- .-J*:-      '������-���������    �����--**.       .-������**���-*.-"   -���*:���<..:*���   ���.>������.:���   ���>'-yt'W.
.���#�� .
THE   HOME    OF    THE    QAILY     NEWS.
Photo by W. Cooksley.
 ���   ��� Phpto by W. Cooksley... viz* V
1   r
i    -
I,     '
New   Westminster's   Real   Estate   Values   Increasing   Rapi
EAL   estate   in   the   Royal   City,  international   commerce,  a  great   dis-
though it is vaulting upward with  tributlng centre.
. I
But this is not all.
Manufacturers  whether they  began
transforming into a-vast manufactur-/0 apprehend the new movements, or
s;iant  strides is not  doing so at  any j
greater pace  that the   city  itself   is'
ing arena, and becoming a great commercial distributing center; nor at a
more rapid rate than the port is asserting if not its absolute superiority,
��� at all events its quality, among the
great harbors of the Pacific along tlie
American coast.
Real estate brokers in New Westminster as well as the owners of property here, have long preserved this
equilibrium between real estate values
and manufacturing, industrial and
commercial progress; and consequently there has never been a "boom."
As long as the prices of property
bear a just ratio to the present or
immediately prospective demands of
trade and manufacture carried on upon that property or in the environments of it, tlie prices are not exor-j
bitant and there is no boom, no matter what those prices may actually be. |
In  New  Westminster  the  prices of 1
re.il  estate have never gone   beyond!
that   ratio.      The  prices    here   have
never been anything else than values; !
and   real  estate  has  been  strictly  an
investment and not a speculation.    It
is  an  investment,  too,  whose  values
have been fixed not by any spuriously '
created demand, nor by any arbitrary,
conditions,   but   by   the    co-operative
prosperity of  the elements  of industry    and    enterprise   and    expansion,
which are making the city itself. I
For several years the industrial condition of New Westminster pracvically
remi.ined the same; it neither rose
nor fell; neither advanced nor retro-;
gressed, Real estate followed the
same course. It was practically quiescent. There were, no doubt, many investments In it. But there was no attempt to boom it. Those who had
faith in the future of the Royal City
stuck to whatever they had in spite
of the quite times, and they acquired
at current prices whatever they could
secure. Their faith has justified itself; and today they have their reward. New Westminster has entered
upon a path of progress from which
there is no retrogression.
It was about the beginning of 1908,
or perhaps a few months earlier in
1007, that tokens began to appear that
the Royal City had a destiny to which
certain forces were propelling her.
Soon these forces became manifest,
and soon the forward movement of
the city could not be mistaken. There
was nothing sporadic or unreal about
the new movement.
Railway expansion and development that had long been contemplated j
began to resolve themselves into actualities, an I to leave no mistake
that while they would traverse many
routes, they would ultimately converge to the city making a network
through the rich and umbrageous
Fraser Valley, of which for many
a day the Royal City has been looked
upon as the metropolis.
The B. C. Electric Railway extension from this city to Chilliwack was
.the most easily apprehended of the
many forces which began to move the
city forward. Here was a land prolific and propitious which had either
been left without transportation fa-
1 cilities or the facilities, whatever they
(were, were utterly inadequate.
Through its opening up in some degree by the new electric railway, an
impetus would be given to agricultural development; new settlers would
be attracted: and old settlers would
be encouraged to cultivate. The traffic would How to Xew Westminster
Which would eventually become the
great shipping port, and central distributing point for the entire territory
south of the Fraser.
'thus    thought    the    observer    of'
Next the policy of extending the Canadian Northern Railway began to
.crystallize, Corresponding results
would be produce.! by its new operations. But the full force and effect of
their policy was not forseen until
they announced a few months ago
that their terminus would be on the
.south side of the river contiguous to
the city's property theie. The extension from that point to Vancouver
will no doubt pass through the city on
this'side. But the greatest constraining fact remains to be told.
By the policy of the Canadian
Northern Railway the Fraser enters
upon its great career and destiny as
a fresh water port for the shipment
of transcontinental merchandise
across the oceans, and for receiving
from all parts of the world, their returning merchandise for transmission
through'this Dominion and'especially
the western and north western parts
Of it. In other words New Westminster becomes a fresh water port for
J whether they were attracted by the
unquestionable economic basis on
wliich the Royal City had insisted on
keeping her real estate, or whether it
was the fact that waterfrontage had
not passed Into the hands of monopolists, or whatever was the cause, the
fact remains indisputable that they
have been acquiring property here in
large and numerous lots for the purpose of erecting new industries. Some
of them are already In course of erection.
This significant trend of events has
been strengthene.l and intensified
since it ls now no longer doubtful
that New Westminster ls to be ln the
immediate future an ocean port.
wake but not ahead of the augmenting commerce, manufacture and Industry of the city.
This is the true eccnomic- plan:
this is the way to attract capital, to
promote the city in her development
and expansion.
This is the way, it must in justice
be said in conclusion, that teal es-'
tate 11 en have striven in the past to
avoi 1 a boom, and to preserve th3 just
equilibrium between Industrial prosperity and real estate. And in reliance on their continuing thus to act
ln the future, we shall know that the
increasing values of real estate are
not spurious but the natural effect of
ever augmenting causes; anl that
they are the dial which unerringly indicate^ the rise of the Royal City to
the zenith of her manufacturing power and commercial splendour.
W.    H.    KEARY.
W. If. Keary is one of the best
known figures in the life of the Royal
City of New Westminster, whose
mayor lie had the honor of being for
the phenominal period of eight consecutive years. Not only then, but
for many before and since lie has devoted his time, ability, zeal and energy to everything calculated to elevate the city, promote its development, or to make more widely known
her potentials and resources. Civic
reforms,   many   and   beneficent, were
Under this title D. C. Patterson carrier on at tJT>7 Columbia street, one of
the most extensive comprehensive
and reliable real estate and brokerage business of New Westminster.
Mr. Patterson is deeply imbued with
the greatness which the Royal City
is destined very rapidly to attain:
and he has exerted himself, with a
large measure of gratifying success
already, to induce capital from source
in the old country, whose owners he
knows  are  not   realizing  half  of  the
carried out during his regime, and in-. advantages which even second-class
dustrial enterprises in the city have investments in New Westminster and
always had his co-operation and sup- the district of which It ls the center
port. He has been for many years' would promptly afford. In helping
the secretary of the Royal Agricul- others, we help ourselves even more,
titral and Industrial society, as well as Is a doctrine in no way derogatory to
of the Royal Columbian hospital. He a young country or a young city Strug-
is still an extensive operator in the gling to develop Its resources; and to
real estate of the clty and of the dis- say that Mr. Patterson has under-
trict of wliich it is the center. No taken the work on behalf of New-
more reliable broker is ln the real Westminster, is to yield him the high-
estate  business   today,  as  every   one est   praise  that   it
We have stated these events at
some length to show that the marvellous developments in real estate values are attributable to natural and
not to sporadic or ephemeral causes.
Here are a few notable figures
Real estate lias doubled in amount
within the past two years. In 1908 it
was $5,284,950; in 1909 $7,696,635, an.l
in 1910, $10,892,955.
Is it any wonder then that we can j
present tbe following authentic cases
of augmented value?
(1)    Two lots  on   Columbia   street
wliich  four  years  ago  were  acquired
for  $3000,  afterwards  changed  hands
at $7000.    One was subsequently soldi
for  $11,000;   and   recently  the  owner
refused to part with it at $50,000.
,12)    A   few   residential   lots   in    the
vicinity of the Orphanage which were,
sold some four years ago at $50 each,
today  are  conservatively   valued   at 1
$700 and are readily saleable at that, \
but the owner who is also a conser-
vative  man  upon  real  estate  values,'
deems   them   worth   $1000   or    $1100
each. j
(3) The general run of acreage
along the route of the new electric
car dine to Chilliwack has gone up
from $25 to $300, and that along the
Vancauver route to $1500 per acre.
Mere are a few more specific cases:
(4) Seven lots near Fourteenth
jand Dublin streets bought three years
ago at $20 a lot, were recently sold at
$650 a lot.
(5) In the best residential section
a lot wliich three years ago was
bought at $100 could readily have received a willing buyer at $1000 or
$12000, recently had the owner been
willing to part with it.
16) A business block which three
years ago was bought at $25,000 recently sold at $70,000.
(7) A piece of waterfront bought
between one and two years ago at
$23,000, was recently retained by the
owner in face of an offer of $100,000
for it.
It will be noticed that these remarkable increases in value have   all   oc-
New   Westminster   has   many   .i,,,
firms engaged in the real estate In. j'
ness,   but   certainly   none   more  ay.
efficient and progressive than that oi
Kellington   Brothers,   whose   members
are A.  E.   Kellington  and   |j.  Kellin.
ton.    Their  business has already, |n
the few months that they have been
In operation on their own account  ;r.
sinned   proportions   which   clearly  in.
dieate that   the  partners  had  Becured
the confidence of the public, and wer.
fully familiar with  the conditions if
the city and the surrounding districts
before   the   partnership   was   entei id
upon.    The  firm  ln  fact, are experts
upon  the  Intrinsic   value of property
and the potentials of it in view of the
city's     certain    development.      ,\   \*
Kellington   Is   acknowledged   to  hav.
few equals on this subject of present
and   prospective    values.      The   flrm
handle extensively city property of all
kinds���manufacturing    and     business
s  possible to   be- sites,    residential    lots,    and    watei
1 frontage.     They   have   also  extensive
j interests   In   the    prolific    fruit   and
I farm   lands    throughout    the   Praser
Valley, and along the new extensions
I of  the  B.  C.  Electric  railwaj   as  fai
jas  Chilliwack.      Large quantities   ol
I all  these classes of Investment pass
��� through the hands of the firm month
; by month;  and no more able an I reliable flrm can  be consult.,: 01  trusted   in   regard   to    such    lnvi
I The firm  negotiate loans, man
Mates and collect  rents, and the
j already a well oragni/ed and it
\ ing   insurance   business.     The
jof   the
1 Crown
flrm   are   in   the
Hank      Building,
N   '  ��� rn
E.   A.   GREAME.
and that ls the brokers through whom
they are prepared to act. The city ls,
so to speak, aglow with the new vigor
and vim which the concentric causes
of New Westminster's revived prosperity have called Into existence. Investments  in  real  estate in
Thc  real   estate   business   of   E.   \
Greame    on    Columbia    street.   New
Westminster, is one of the best, mosi
1 reliable   and   extensive   in   the    city,
'There Is no class of investment  wil
; in  the city, and  within a  wide  radl lfi
beyond it  with which  Mr, Greame Is
not  familiar,  nol  only  as  regards Its
present   Intrincis  worth,  but   also ae
'regards   its   future   potentials   in   tl
wonderful   development   which   Irr
ready  commenced  In  the  Royal Clly
as a manufacturing, commercial
ter, and direct  shipping port wltb the
Pacific    Railway extensions, 1.
j vestments,  new enterprises,  s| , - ,
,ly financed, and th<> deepening nf the
: water front to make lt avallab -
|th  largest  mercantile  vessels, all Indicate  the  Irresistible  forces  at   wort
In the Royal City.    Mr, Oreame's operations   in   real   estate   embrace   ali
classes of property  within the city-
water  front,  manufacturing and  business sites and residential lots, as *������
tis  acreage of all   kinds:   and  In  thf
���^���M magnificent   area  of  fertile,  fruit ami
Mr. Pattersons real estate op-|farni   |and   whlcll   Ule   ���.   <-.   ,,;,,
and other railway expansions are rap
Idly opening up, Mr. Greame has a
wide connection and an intimac] ol
knowledge which are of the great.-:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ , value to the investor or   the settler
make  some  of  'ts^ quickest and j Mr   Gro.inie ,,.1S  ,,ni(|ue facilities for
the negotiation  of  loans, and  he ha?
one of the best Insurance business In
  _ ithe city,  being resident agent of the
Valley, and  he has brought his influ-1 opinion,   based   upon   thorough   lnves-|8un
ence and support to the policy which jtlgatlon and experience Is of lncalcu'
Photo by W.  Cooksley.
McLEOD,  MARK  & COMPANY.       who has transacted business through
  him   knows   and   testifies.     He  is   an
m     n    1      . .    1     .������ ���f   \-   .. expert authoritv on the present value
The  Real  estate  business   of   l\ew      K  . ,, ,���     .  ,        '       ,
and future potentials ot real estate,
Westminster had never a better or a whether it be water frontage, manu
more substantial outlook than that facturing or business sites, reslden-
which   is   piesented    at   the   present tial lots or acreage.   In all these he is
<���..���f,,..���     ����� 1 ;���..,���*...   1  ������i,. *��� still extensviely concerned.    lie oper
juncture.    An 1 investors have only tn * *���
erations cover all classes of city property,   but  his  company   have  made  a
'-���  -    '    '>������     of      ,,,r.,..|M.-(n.r     vjtf.^      |,p.
Ilevlng that It Is In the direction of pro-
.. .  ..   j  ...uiisii ies  mat   tne  Ko.vali.ity
greatest  extensions.      The    Patterson
ates also largely in the rich farm and |company have fully forecasted the de-
jxercise one   cardinal   discrimination, fruit  |andg  cf  the  renowned   Fraser j velopments   of   the  city,    and   their
is now guiding the B. C. Electric rail-'able worth to any one Investing ln
way in extending its system from the]any kind of real estate In the city or
Royal City to Chilliwack. Mr. Keary,the suburbs, or the wide and wealthy
is the direct agent of the Northern [district of which the city ls the cen-
and Royal Fire Insurance companies, j ter. The company have a branch of-
the citv as we" as ��' *'le k��n(lon an(l Lanca-iflce in Burnaby, and are specialists ln
shire   Accident   company.      His   busi- property between that point and New
Westminster,   as   they   also   are  Con
or the surrounding district can not be ne88 ln this direction ls, like all oth
misplaced if such a firm a3 McLeod, er departments of his enterprise. con-
Mark  &. Co.  make them.    This   flrm   'ucted with characteristic system and
curred  within   the  period  which    we consisting   of  W.  E.   McLeod,  S.   F. husiness ability.
have  designated,  the  "period  of  the Mark and E. W. Bacchus, are exten-j "    ~ ~
new   movement"   in  the  advance   of Bive operators of real estate.    In the | W. J.  KERR,   LIMITED.
the Royal City to the position of an f^^^lJ^^__^ r. sf"
dentlal properties are a specialty with
ocean  port, a shipping and  manufac- them.     They   a
turing centre.
Insurance Company of. London
England, and the Alliance insurance
Company, of Philadelphia. He is also
customs broker for the B, C. Electric railway, and is a man not only
of superior business ability and capacity, but of high personal obaractoi
and reputation.
Visitor I consolingly to Tommy, who
has upset a bottle of Ink on the new
Is   no
cernlng the fertile lands  lying along
and contiguous to the new extensions _r,
of the B. C. Electric railway between \ carpet)��� "Tut,   my   boy, there
the  Royal City  and  Chilliwack.    The [use crying over split milk
ability and Integrity of Mr. Patterson      ~
are as well known as his zeal and enthusiasm for the Royal City.
The city of New Westminster is the |
      so   handle   suburban' parent of some splendid business  en-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
llots and acreage, and farm and fruit terprises,   for  the  spirit   of  progress ITHE   SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION OF
The  causes  which  have  originated lands throughout the newly opened up and the consclouness of future great-1 0F   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
I this new movement are not only per-1 district  of  the   Fraser  Valley.   They ness   among   the   manufacturing   and, 	
1 have  made special study of the   dis-1 commercial cities of the west are at
manent but accumulative and   repro- tr)ct through  whIch the new railway J all  times  predominant.    No one   can |    This  association   under   the   mana-
ductive; and their effects are not only extensions will  run, and there  is n
enduring but  will  rise in   magnitude better or more reliable firm.   They a
proportionately    with    maturing   and s0 conduct a general Insurance busi-
1 . j.. ,, , ness,  and  have  facilities for   making
developing of the causes themselves. _   . ' _,,���.,������ , ,�� ,, '.
1 and  negotiating loans upon  the most
In  other  words,   increasing   value   of favorable  conditions.    Tlieir  ollice  Is
property will follow, pari passu, ln the 740 Columbia street.
"Na, na, I'll hae nae malr Irishmen," said a Scotch farmer to a Hibernian applicant for work; "the last
twa that I had dee't on my ban', and
I had to bury them at my ain expense." "Och, sure, there's no fear
water which are her!���     """     �����������     ����     ubmcuui*. Shure I csm ��t a sartlfflkl
eternal   assets.    Among  the    leading agencies  of  the  city  of   New   West-  from the hon|o of Se maste?s that I
concerns  of  the   city,   this  trade    re- minster.    Besides the business named [never died wltl none o'
view must place that of W. J,  Kerr,, the association carries on In ��� j  ,
the Royal City, views her unique post-1 moat   prominent
tlon   and  the   tremendous   potentials'.... , .  ,
.,,.,.       ,       , , , v. 1       liable     rea      estate
both bv   and and vatar u-hinh *.-���� l*^ 1
own,  is  one of the
influential,  and   round     financial I
Tommy���"Course not. Any duffer
knows that. All you've got to do is
call in the cat, and she'll lick It up
But this don't happen to be milk, and
mamma will do the licking."
'Limited.    The   business  of  this  company, established some six years ago,
lis  concerned   with  real  estate,  mort-
I gages,  slocks,   bonds and   Insurance;
tion with It, the business of auctioneers. In this branch they are practically  without a rival.    Their knowl-
Photo by W. Cooksley.
'and without a doubt. It ls the largest'edge of values In all classes of prop-
I business of  this  kind  in  the city' of jei.(y   la    unaurpassed,   and    gives   to
iNew    Westminster.      More   property, ;m   ,������.���.���,_,   w]]l,.h    ,nen    |e8fl
passes  through   the  hands   of  \\.  J.|
Kerr Limited, than through any other I quipped could never posses. More
brokerage. Whether an investment and more their services are con,ing
be sought in waterfrontage, or in busi- ']nt0 demand tis auctioneers and ex-
ness or manufacturing sites, or in I t valmTB. Thelr real 08tate bu.d-
residentlal lots or 111 acreage or su-
burban property, or in the magnificent ness embraces all classes oi property
;farm and fruit lands of the Eraser in the city���-manufacturing and busi-
valley, no more reliable and certainly ness sites, residential lots, acreage,
no more capable concern can be con- and water frontage. It includes also
suited than W. J. Kerr Limited. They all suburban property and farm an:l
have all kinds and classes of property fruit, lands of every description.  Their
j on their register; and the huge sue- operations have been growing in
corn wliich has been achieved by W. volume and Increasing In value ever
J.  Kerr, who is the president of the,since the commencement some three
I company, is the highest possible tes- 'years ago; and the rapid development
timony to his ability, worth and in-,and settlement of the Eraser Vallay
tegrity. The company of which he and pf the lands lying along the route
remains still the head is permeated of the new extensions of the 11. C.
with the same principles as animated Electric railway have augmented
him in all his dealings in F��w West- their activity in a remarkable man-
mlnster. These remarks are equally ner, for they are largely Interested in
applicable to the other departments of this species of Investment. They have
the business���the making of loans, the best facilities for making and ne-
the handling of stocks and bonds, gotlatlng loans upon terms which
and the effecting of insurances.    The they   adjust  to   the   requirements   of
j finances of the company are In a each transaction. P. B. Brown, who
strong and healthy position: and manages the affairs of the association,
those who entrust their sales or pur- is tt usted and esteemed by all who
chases or other business to the com- have had business or professional
pany will find them carrlel into ef- dealings with him, and the association
feet with the same ability, vigilance is animated by the same principles
nnd precision as ln the days before and marked by the same ability as
the company's Incorporation. W. J. those which characterize the mana-
Kerr ls president, and W. J. Goodwin ger himself. The offlces of the corn-
secretary treasurer of the company, pany are the Merchants Bank Bulld-
whose offlces are 614 Columbia street, lng, opposite Windsor hotel.
Port Mann
who    are
We have
Talk with the n-en
close to the situation
virtually camped on the ground
since the resi movement at Port
Mann took form and have control of stuff that could not be
secured now for twice the figures.
One-fifth  acre  blocks cheaper
than   adjoining   land   was   sold
year ago; idcjlly situated
���$200 ,-ind  $225,   cisy terms.
Six-tenth, of an acre in a location which wlll double In the
next six months, at $450; blocks
running slightly over an acre
in the sane district, $500 to
$600; easy terms In both cases.
'/4-acre tracts fronting on
the B C Electric and overlooking the Townsite and New West
minster: Port Mann has not yet
caused us to run the prices of
these blocks up; they are still
$300 a block, but this price will
not be for long.
706   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster, B. C.    Phone 466.
r^^immapt--������Wth-q^:,^^��>"^C,A'"l<g '��- ���Pi-'.-'W- '���*���**A
Royal City Realty Situation Shows  Strong  Upward Tendency
This   firm   who   have
j rapidly rising in what were once residential  districts, but the homes are
y   re-1 only receding to more enjoyable iind
offices ! pictures,me  surroundings.      The con-
moved  into  tlieir  commodious  offl
at 550 Columbia stieet, have  rapidly Istruction,  0] eratlon   and   convergence
attained  a  high  celebrity  as   one   of jof railways, the deepening of the har-
the mosl able and reliable of the
Royal City's real estate brokerage
concerns. Though the firm was started in the course of the current year
both the partners are experts tind
highly experienced businessmen. Mr.
Major having been engaged In the
real estate business for several years,
and having been born in N'ew Westminster. There is nothing hidden
from him in regard to the potentials
of her future greatness. Major it
Savage aie extensive operators in all
classes of City porperty, and they
may be said to be experts In regard to
the water frontage, business or manufacturing sites. Suburban property,
and residential lots are largely
handled by them; while the fertile
farm and fruit lands of the celebrated
Eraser Valley, which numerous developments and expansions have recently broughl more conspicuously before the public, are receiving a large
share of the linn's attention. The
firm have very ample facilities for
making and negotiating loans on mosl
equitable tonus adjustable to Hk- bor
rower's requirements, and they conduct an exl nsi\ i- insula!]''.- business.
The members of the firm are II. c. ���
Major and   E.  II. Savage, whose com-
bor, the development of old and the
creation of new manufacturing enterprises, the centralizing of the western fisheries, salmon cannery business
and the augmented shipping are
quickly evolving New Westminster's
great destiny. The offices of the
Royal City Realty Company are located In the Speck block. 750 Columbia street, and both of the propreitors
are men of ability, experience an 1 integrity.
P.   R.   BURR.
P.  It.  Burr is a real estate broker
whose business in New Westminster
was established three years ago.   Bu!
he has been a large participant in th ���
prosperity   and   progress   which    has  <
been   going  on   through   the  city
the magnificent district of which
the   center.     His   business   now
There are many tokens in tlie -e
days of Xew Westminster's growing
prosperity and of Hie fact that she is
accoutreing herself for the quicker
race of the twentieth century in
which she must participate. Among
these tokens may be placed the garage which must continue to be the
home, or the resting place, of the automobile until such time as it may be,
later on, displaced by the flying machine, much in the same way as the
auto has supplanted the horse. But
until that period arrives Hie garage
must flourish. Tho Westminster Ga
rare Is one that has come into existence dining the course of tlie car
rem year. It is a branch establish
ment cf the Central Auto Company "l
Vancouver. It is an ample and capa
ih-- benefits and ad-
;m(l i vantages   of   which   will   be   many   ti
��� jg   Hie people of ihe Royal City, especial
This is the name and  style of the
company which now owns and carries
Iy to those who have auto ears and te-
quire them to be stored or repai e 1
tends In all directions and his opera-  The    Westminster    Garage   keeps   d
Hon.  embrace both city and suburban   number of  first-class,  up-to-date cars
property.    Mr.   Burr   who  specializes of different makes for hire, and thes.
, "   ,        ,   can be procured on the must reason-
,'"   water  frontage,   has  put   through al ,,.  termg  t,.,li(..   wWj   Q_   wltho_
some very large deals and has dis- drivers. While cars are stor d thi
blned business ability Is unsurpassed losed of over seven miles of property j Westminster Garage also undertakes
and whose reputation for probity and|alons the liver tront' ho al8�� deals ��el-':ii's which aie carried on by first-
integihv is of ihe highest order. '" close-in property, which is a splen- class,   skilled   and   expeit    workmen
did     revenue-producing    proposition, and  every  repaired  machine is sent
besl.'.es manufacturing sins and track-|0ut from the garage as good as it was-
age property, as well as large tracts  befoie   repairing   became   necessary
of acreage and farm and fruit lands.  The charges of the Westminster Ga
Mr. Burr has put through some of the rage   are  very   reasonable,   and   thc
largest deals in the city In manufac- strictest attention is given to every
on the business formerly, known as]tul'lne sites, including trackage and order by the estimable manager. J,
Hale Brothers & Kennedy'Limited, it I waterfrontage. In fact, he is an ex- Dobson. The garage Is at Sixth and
ls one of tlie most extensive concerns'Pert with special  knowledge and   fa-,Carnarvon streets.
handling   real   estate   in   New   West-��� cilities for handling these classes of |  -
minster.    The operations of the com- j property,   m   the   nearby   city-to-be of
pany embrace all classes of property , Port Mann. Mr. Burr Is handling a big
in the city and In the wonderful dls-|amount   of  water  frontage and  acre-, , ;������,-,   ,
trict of which i. is the center.   Waterjage  and  being  himself a  very  large     The  automoblle garage  an.;  repair   mo,.e  effectu"ll    1. U   s\___f work
frontatte and manufacturing and busi-  bolder  of  pro; erty   there,  shows   his'       ,       , ���   D    .. _, 'V,       e����cuiauy  ins   supenoi    work.
ness sues   as   weU  as^acreage   anl  faith in the advice he gives to pros-,works of E' Rlls!lton on Front street, i The  painting  of  carriages  and  auto-
?esiden.iaV lots pass rapidly   through pecUve purchasers in the future tern,   have been established for a period of''"��-Ues is an art that requires knowl-
their bands, and it is certain there is  inal of the & N. It.   At this point Mr.  five  years,  and  they  hav.  proved of    , e* f�� **"'" BJk"��� aadt ^'en these
no better authority on   the   Intrinsic, Burr has several miles of water front- enormous value and convenience   to I 7��."%'r^tJ t�� m^lwTlh rt" I
value and potentials of ali inside prop- age to show his clients.   Investments the people of the Royal   City.     Mr.' artlatlc f^ul'tv    Mr  Dodman has ^n
erty than Kennedy  Brothers Limited. | now made in either New Westminster Ruehton's garage is the home of many   thleei anc] the;.ef01.e his work is iwt'
The  automobile  garage  an.;  repair
works of E. Rushton on Front street,
The ampler premises will afford him
Improved   farm   lands,  and   the   rich  or Port Mann or the territories trlbu- automobiles,  and  a  large  number  of
farm and fruit lands in the fertile valley of the Fraser. which are now being rapidly opened up, also form an
important factor in the extensive operations of Kennedy Brothers Limited. The vast and profitable timber
resources of the country likewise
claim the attention of this company,
and their negotiations tn regard to
properties of tins class cover not only-
local but the Fastcrn and British markets, Kennedy Brothers Limited, also handle loan and insurance business.   Their long local experience and i
tary to these points are bound to real- various makes and styles are at ali
ize handsomely for tb" purchaser. Mr. times here procurable for hire. They
Burr, whose offlce is at 624 Columbia are always in excellent order and
avenue, is recognized as an authority\condition, and as comfortable as the
in his line and his reputation for in- best private car in the city. Mr. Rush-
tegrity and ability is unsurpassed. ton makes a specialty of   automobile
fittings of all kinds, and carries on an   worki but  nlso bv se       ,  lmportan't
BROTHERS. extensive  business  in  repaiiing  both   liveries,   etc.    For  the' effective   and
only excellent painting but it is done
with exquisite taste and ait which 1 n-
part to it a charm and effect that
cannot be equalled. This has been
fully recognized and acknowledged
not only by the private peorle for
whom Mr. Dodman has done painting
  autos and bicycles.    He also handles
I marine   engines   and   fittings,   repres-
Though    the    firm    or    McQuarrie enting the Kelvin marine motor gaso-
Brothers  only  commenced  operations Une engine.    His repairing operations
as real estate brokers and  Insurance extend into this field also, as well as
agents  in   the  course of the  present t0 tlle repairing of motor boats.   Mr
Intimate personal acquaintance with ?ear- tliey llave alle!i(1>' attained an Kushton is not only a specialist in
the historv, development and ro. I eminence in their profession which this department himself but he has
sources of'the country peculiarly fit'Proves how quickly the people appro- constantly on hand three expert, prac-
them to serve the interests of their Iciated the high qualities and ability tieal lren who are the moEt highly
clients, whether buyers or sellers |tllat tlle new -*vm brought to their equipped mechanics for carrying oui
The offices of the company are over new enterprise. The firm consists of r!.is i;jnd of work A11 tl)e work
the  Merchants'   Bank,  corner  Colum- N- H- McQuarrie and D. J. McQuai-i     t ���.ned  out   at  the   repair   shops   is
and both of them are conversant wi   i  strictly   supervised   and   scrupulously
the business on which they have  en-, examined,   so   that  there    is    neither
bia and Begbie streets. New Westminster, B. C, and their telephone
number is 335.
tered, in every particular. They handle all kinds of city property���water
frontage, business and manufacturing,
as well as residential lots ln the city
fault nor flaw when it emerges from
Mr. Rushton's hands. All orders are
quickly received and promtly exe
cute:!, for Mr. Rushton has made it a
 ��� ..   [and the suburbs.   Tliey have splendid j cardinal  point of his business policy
The real estate and instirnnco bust- Investments In ty"."1'. of these classes |t0 tai]5 t0 ^e pUbiic thrcugh the per-
ness carried on by W. H. Madlll and of   property   constantly    passing   to fection cf his work.
J. H. Dowd, is one of the most exten- their register, but the activity is such,
sive in the city,   The flrm have been  and they  have   so  many   purchasing
In-operation since 1907, and there is clients, that these Investments do not
no better or more reliable authority
or broker concerning Investments In
manufacturing and business sites, as
well as city nnd suburban property.
The firm make a specialty of these
classes of property, besides acreage
farm lands and chicken ranches along
and through that most fruitful territory known as the Fraser Valley,
which is being settled and developed
in a manner unprecedented, for the
advantage of the province and the facility of these who ate qui-kly occupying it. The "City of Homes," as the
Royal City was once called, is rapidly
becoming the "City of Commerce'
Without In any way impairing Hs right
to the first appellation. Business
and    manufacturing    structures     are
long lie on their hands. They have
also extensive interests In the splendid farm lands of the Fraser Valley,
and especially along the route of the
extension of the B. C. Electric railway and through the magnificent fertile area that lt will speedily see populated with the most prosperous farm
Net only is the city of New Westminster moving rapidly forward herself, but many businesses, some of
which were established quite recently,  are  keeping  pace   with   the   for-
���,  ,....,.. ward   movement.      Among  the   new
ers of the Dominion. "For" investment'.businesses tli us moving along rapidly
In  any  of  these  properties  no  more
is that of Frank H. Dodman. Mr
Dodman is a carriage and automobile
painter, and he also does a limited
amount  of  repairing.      Mr.   Dodman
able or reliable firm can be consulted
than McQuarrie Brothers. Their Insurance   business   is   also   large,   and.
they are agents for the Nova Scotia I only commenced operations in the
Fire, the Agricultural Insurance Com- present year, and yet his success has
pany of Waterson, N. Y��� and the Can-1 been so great that he recently re-
ada'Accident. The offlces of McQuar-1 moved from Sixth street, where he
lie Brothers nre Blackie block, 009 commenced, to his present new and
Columbia street. j commodious  shop  on  Victoria  street.
V. H. C. Abbott, Notary  Public.      Phone 321.
64S Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
artistic painting of carriages an 1 automobiles. Frank II. Dodaian has no
comi eer.
You Cannot Buy Property In
.   Therefore you must do the next best thing
and purchase
In   The   Immediate  Neighborhood
Two Vacant Lots
In the Business Section of Columbia
Street, New Westminster
Size 66x132
Price $45,000
Good Terms Can Be Arranged
Columbia Street New Westminster
Splendidly situated upon high ground, on the Johnson Road, District of Surrey.
Read what the Canadian Northern Directors have
to say, elsewhere in this paper, of their New City,
and do not hesitate to BUY IN SURREY NOW
upon the marvellously easy terms of
Walter S. Rose
Merchants Bank Chambers,
New Westminster PA<
TUESDAY,  OCTOBER  4,   19^0.
New    Westminsters   Wholesale
Retail    Trade    H
���"��"';;: wholesale and retail interests
* have a very close relationship
with, and Interdependence on. each
other, though, of course, those of the
Corn-.er are wider and vas.er. But the
position of both of them la any city is
very Indicative of the commercial condition of that city.
Wholesale businesses are not established for catering to merely loeai
trade, but for supplying the wants of
widely scattered communities, and
consequently from their presence ia
any place it may and must be Inferred that that place is a desirable distributing centre. That, perhaps, is
thp   most   satisfactory   deduction   we
The fart that the great wholesale
grocers nf Vancouver, Kelly Dough;?
��: Co. Limited, have con:e to New
Westminster with a large branch establishment is at once a testimony to
the enormous importance which the
Royal City is assuming in the eyes of
the commercial world of the w^st,
and a further demonstration of that
enterprising spirit anl zeal which has
been a notable feature of the huge
success that ha.s heen achieved by
the parent house. As usual. Kelly
Douglas ^ Co. Limited, when they decided on 1 lie Westminster branch,
proceeded with no parsimonious hand.
They forthwith acquired for the erection of a warehouse, a site which cost
them $20,600. This sum. be it noted,
represents   a   price   within    $30   per
can  make  from  the ^^^^^^^^
ty of branches of some house  stands,  c
front   foot   of  what  the   property   on
recent establish-1which   their   huge   Vancouver   ware-
st  them   when   they
j .    . i-������..n hnnsea acquired   it.    The   New  Westminster
argest and best known houses wareh��)USe ^.^ they m erec,ting is
The recognition 01 tQ he . thre3.s,orj. brl(.k Kmictul.e
"y a tin- wjji, a (.nncle(e basement. It Is specially designed for the business, and
when completed it will far surpass
any other house in the Royal City as
regards its facilities for supplying the
g the cen-
the course
ment in this c
of the
��f   Vancouve
that deduction, which is rea
ism, carries with it the recognition
the  fact  that   New   Westminster
more,   lay by day, becomi
tre of a vast aiea whic
-of a very few years
by  tlie wholesale  merchant
faltering assiduity,    lt   is
1   the  richest   torrito:
and as rich.es draw
lation will  n >:  be a
ict  one. from the
octside limits
The  t ailwa; 3
__   to this  city   as  they
<>; 11  ��� uev. ^^^^
and the Canadian Northern
lishing   Li!
south side cf
Sharpies' tui ular cream separators,
together with everything a ia 1;
wanis in the hardwaie line. Including
the hest of saddle.y and harness,
windmills, bin.ier twins, loggers outfits, paints, oil, etc. ri he vai ious lines
of Implements, machinery, etc.. aie
hy the best makers, ami aie such as
Trapp ci Co. can themselves recon-
i-cend. Their long exierience, and
constant touch with makeis and use s
01 Impleaents enable then t> form
the best opinion of the utility of any
article, and the purcnaser has tie
benefit of this oiinion in evry case.
Ti.e company enrry on the auctioneering business in conjunction, and have
a sale of lire stock at the maiket
every Friday. T. J. Trapp, the president and manager of the company, is
a highly esteemed citizen ef New
Westminster. Ke is a notary public:,
and'has taken part in many move-.-^nd
ments to promote the expansion -md
development of the Royal City, The
store is on the north side cf Columbia
street,   and   tie   warehouse   on   tiie
mendation that its meat is of the
highest quality and standard, absolutely clean and cleanly handled, and
that prices keep pace only with quality. The manager of the local market is Thomas H. Sales, whose courtesy to the customers has received
the reciprocation of their respect and
GILLEY    BROTHERS    LIMITED,     'magnitude   of   the   company's
*          jtions ami their varied charactei   V
Tiie business ot  this company  vas along the years  the  business 0     h
J.   P.   GALVIN.
south    side    cf   Columbia    air
through to Fiont
59, and warehouse
��� 691.
Phone sto.e
grocery   trade   of   the   city    and
whole of Canada,
people, the popul
sparse, hut a compa
���tloois of this city to ti.e
of  the  Similkamten.
me  c-onverging
territory year by year,
Ie  estab-
Pacific  terminus   on   the
tke river, on the flings
will he cultivated wide fertile district of which
with un-
without   a
p    in   the
of this city's southern boundary.
Other railways are likely enough to
follow,   because   railway   construction
Columbia  has  really  only
i.   and   waterfronta,'
ie   can
he sect
bank of the
seeing the Fraser
(lie  sea  which   ls
ful'y dem-
in   British
<o:i.      ___| 	
.���ured in no other place so con-
ami cheaj ly as along either
Fraser river. An.l then
is a watercourse to
only some twelve!
miles distant .there is not the
est doubt that once the ample iur,
bility of the river has ncen
oust rated for the largest,
ships of the ocean; that they can
chor here at all times in perfect safety; that the wharfage is ample and
easily accessible; that they can discharge and ship cargoes here into
and from the railway cars as well as
into sheds ancl warehouses; and that
there will never be
for the purpose of keel-c'.eanln
Cue .onerous Fraser will sweep
barnacle and devastating teredos 0
the ���,essel while sha is running up the
fresh mountain water anl discharging
ber cargo, theie can he no doubt that
the port of .New Westminster will he
the choice port of the merchant vessel from all parts of the world.
th -
it is t he
center. In this warehouse all the
celebrated brands of goods that hive
marie the name of Kelly Douglas &
Co. Limited famous, will be kept. The
".Nabob" brand especially, and most
emphatically the "Nabob" brand 1 f
teas and coffees, and the spices and
essences which ar? manufactured and
packed by the company on their our
premises in Vancouver. The "Nabob" hi and of tea which Is now so
largely used all o\er the province, can
hardly acid much to its reputation and
popularity by the new waiehouse, hut
it wiil he more readily accessible to
tlie ieopie of the Royal City, and the
Fraser Valley, as likewise will all the
"Nabob" brands of ^oods. Tiie company, it may he said, are diiect shippers of tecs from China, Japan, India
and Ceylon, and the "Nabob" brand
is the result of a scientific blend of
the purest and richest products cf
tlie Oriental world. Since February
hist the New Westminster trade has
trebled in volume under the able
management of W. J. N. Sandeis.
New Westminster is a city
industries anl enterprises
which in this trade levlew 0
gress of the past few years
pleasing duty to ie-ord tie '
of many
the pro-
It ii ou.*
sheet an 1 heavy hardware business of
Anderson & Lusby. This business,
wliich is the oldest in i;s lire in New
Westminster, was for a number of
yens carried on in tie nnme of IL F.
Anderson & Co., hut for tl e pi s!
seven years it has Veen ccoducl i under the present title. t%r pro.riet irs
being R. F. Anderson : n 1 L. ii. Lusby, with Mr. Lusby as manager. It
is one of the most extensive concerns
of its kind in the province. Their
stock inclu. es among numerous othe"
Ladies' and men's tailoring in ail
its branches is ti.e name under which
J. P. Galvln conducts tbe large, high-
class business can led on by him at 46
Lorne street. .Mr. Calvin is an expert tailor cf rare s.ull and ability,
and he seems to lune chosen his
Sphevfet of activity with a rare appropriateness when he decided to promote the duplex business of ladies'
men's tailor. Whatever ther?
may he"in common between the two
departments, there are many elements
so dissimilar that it requires the
unique combination of faculties pos-
essed by Mr. Galvln to make a complete success of the enterprise. That
he has done so, is evidenced by tin-
fact thai during the past two years,
since he began the presenl business,
tiie volume of it and the number of
his customers have steadily increased.
The customers themselves are making new customers, for n >1 only do
they adhere to Mr. Galvln themselves,
but they bring their friends to participate with them in the feists of fashion which they enjoy at the hands of
Mr. Galvln. Mr. Galvln -cai ties a full
and exquisite ass irtmenl of the
cloths and fabrics from which ladl s
and gentlemen nicy make the'selec-
tlon for their suits. The selection being made. Mr. Galvln with his assistants, pi oceeds to 1. ould the 1 latei id
into that artistic form that rives sec:
grace ancl beauty to the figure and
form. It is in this way only th it
ladies and men can he what is called
"really well-dressed."
The progress and development of
the City of New Westminster are constantly heing impressed on the citizen as well as the casual visitor by
accession of new businesses and enterprises, and by the rapid extensions of those which have for some
time heen established. Among both
categories might be placed the business now- carried on by Joseph Mayers, lt was established in 11)07 by
Mayers & Preston as a firm, but in
1909 the entire concern was acquired
any dry-docking by M,. Mayers who has devoted him-
>I ior self to its development and consolida-
eve:y tion. Tbe business is principally con-
�� cerned with New Wellington coal and
Anthracite coal, and it is conducted
both as a wholesale and a retail establishment. Mr. Mayers handles the
rocl in lai'ge quantities hy his own
tugs and barges and this enables him
to pi/ocure it on the most advantageous  terms,  the  benefit   of  wllich   he
 basses  on   to   liis  customers    in   the
This then is pie eminently the home form of the most equitable prices and
���terms.     Th"   wholesale   trade,    is   cf
I course, the largest end of the   business,   but   the   retail   has   under   Mr.
Mayer's   control   risen    to   considerable proportions.     The coal in   every
case  is  sifted   and   selected,  and   is
fully equal to the high standard which
Mr.  Mayer has established as a crit-
state; and we are sure mo:e and moie erlon for every transaction, large   or
of the wholesale merchant
wishes to trade not only with I
Columbia but with the western
inces and the rest of Canada.
The wholesale houses of New Westminster  are   in    a   most    flourishing
���of them will find this port and city
.their natural home.
The retail business indicates the
condition of the city and the surrounding districts, whoso denizens
come here for their wants. The retail busin?s3 men are themselves
most prosperous in every department,
from the grocer to the furniture dealer and clothier. Their prosperity reflects the prosperity of their customers; and tbat is the best tribute we
can pay to the retailers. They are
not fharks or extortionate in prices,
as the retailers of many cities are, but
In every case that we have observed
they are a fine body of upright business nen, ef excellent capacity, cf extreme but sinceie urbanity, with the
instincts of, and in every phase of
their life resolved to be gentlemen.
Tiiis is a truth of the Royal City's
Retailers thai we have in this husi-
ness review the utmost pleasure in
small, and either retail or wholesale.
Mr. Mayers is also agent for the Western Fuel Company, and the business
is conducted on Front street, at the
corner of Sixth street.
lines, blacksmiths', lumbermens', contractors', cannery and mill supplies;
also explosives, steel ranges, granite-
ware, tinware, paints and oils, ammu-
_^^^^^^^__^^^^^_ nition,   guns.etc.    This   firm   does   a
The business carried on by this'large jobbing busiess with the hard-
I company has been esta lished for a ware and general stores of the dis-
number of years. It is both- wholes 'trict and territory adjoining. All the
sale and retail, and covirs general stock kept by the firm of Anderson &
and shelf hardware, agric lltural im- Lusby is celebrated for its high and
plements and machinery. L nder these uniform quality. It is always corn-
general terms Is comprised one of the j plete. and up-t->da,te in every par-
finest, most complete and comprehen-' ticular so that customers and retailers
sive stocks wbicli the city can produce, or which it has been our fortune to have anywhere seen. It is
quite Impossible to particularize the
Btock in detail or the scope of the bus-
iiu-s . but a few Items may be given.
The company sell for example, McLaughlin's    buggies,    democrats    and
J.  H. TODD.
The superb show rooms of J. H.
Todd, the proprietor of the oldest
sewing machine nnd music house in
New Westminster, are well known to
every citizen. The business of J. II.
Todd has been established for seventeen years, and In bis store and show
rooms can be procured the best of
musical instruments, and tbe best of
machines. We must make
ocific statements to prove this
assertion.    He has   in   stock:
I lg] t vehicles, Adams Hamilton steel
skein waj ons, farm ami lumber wagons, Case's steam threshing outfits,
and Bteam roller, Frost and Wood and
Deering binders, mowers and rakes,
plows,   harrows,   cutting   boxes,   etc.;
trading with them can promptly bave
their or'ers executed.   We doubt if ln|89ffln*
any other line has the city been kept some s
more to the front among tbe commer- general	
cial  houses   in   the   province,  as   ln tor instance  the Nordheimer, the new
hardware.      These   commendable ^ele- Scale     Williams    and    tbe    Doherty
ment with a thorough business system pianos;  the Dominion and Doherty organs;   the   Edison,    Victor   and    Her-
nave been tlie primary elements in
the success of tlie firm of Anderson
a;- Lusby, whose partners occcupy a
high place in the commercial circles
of  the   Royal   City.      Their   place   of
business is at 634 Columbia st:ee
The Fraser Val'ey Meat Va-kct h-s
been established for a perio 1 of six
! years, and is a branch of the Vancouver, Prince Rupert Meat Company,
whose headquarters are tit Vancouver,
This market supplies to the Royal
City, beef, pork, mutton, bird and
cured meats, wholesale and retail.
From Hip city, the suburbs an
surrounding   districts   also   get
liner Talking machines and records;
guitars, banjos, mandolins, zithers.
etc. b) makers whose reputation has
bee 1 hy the perfection of their instr
ments; also tlie Singer and Wheeler
it Wilson sewing machines, A stock
is also kepi e; needles, oil and parts
for any make ui machine. Sheet
music of infinite variety and thoroughly up-to-date is also kept in stock
for tlie convenience or' fhe patrons of
the store. Tiie stock of musical instruments and sewing machines is
large an I com) lete and every opportunity is afforded for lest iind trial befoie making a final selection. The
the principles on which .1. II. Todd litis
their conducted tlie business for seventeen
supplies.    All   the  meat sold   ln   the  years are  such  as   have   commended
market     is    Inspected;    tested     tind themselves to the ptib'ic.   No effort is
tried in every conceivable tind known
manner so as to ensure its absolute
soundness and freedom from taint of
any description. Those wbo have
tried it, bave proved it absolutely
pure and perfect, and have become
permanent patrons of th" Fraser Valley Meat Market in preference to
other places where meat Is sold under conditions far from being so perfect  and  scrupulously   exact.   Fraser
made to rush any imj ending transaction to a conclusion, because above
everything else Mr. Todd has always
desired that tbe purchaser should
make a fr-e-will choice, the vendor
himself being assured that instrument or machine wns perfect in
every particular, and that entire satisfaction woul 1 result. Then the
terms of payment are made absolutely easy to the purchaser.    Mutual
Valley Meat Market has constantly ln- confidence Is begotten of this system
creased its output and the number of of business. The show rooms of J.
Its customers month by month since H. Todd are at Burr block, 419 Co-
its  Inauguration on  the  sole   reeom- lumbia street.
established in issr and the company company  has  gone  on  Increasin
itself was Incorporated  In  1907, and volume, and today there is nothin
today   it   is   one   of   the   largest    and excel   or  rival   if   in   the   province
most   extensive  wholesale  and   r tei! British Columbia or probably In \v  .
concerns   in   Western   Canada.      Tiie ern Canada.    It musl Inevitably
operations  of   the   company   Include increasing  in   volume  and parti     '
the   following:     Wellington   and   Co- are at 902 Columbia street
mux coal. Forge coal. Vancouver Port- ing in the progress ami prosperit;   of
lend cement,  Rosebank  lim.-,  British the  Dominion  until  she  mis and   ������
Columbia  pottery,  vitrified  pipe   Ta- tains her great destiny as one ol
coma   ami   New   Brunswick   plaster, greatest nations of the world    W
crushed rock, gravel, sand, brick, et". Gilley    is    the    managing    din
The quarries  from   which   the   con- while G.  E, Gilley is assistant  11
pany draw their supplies are at  Pitt cer of the company, and  tnana ���
fiver, and the huge contractors' hunk- their steamers Flyer and c.i, ,
wharves testify to the offlces  and   bunkers fi the co
ers, yards
<ine of the mosl  p itenl  Indl : 'i   is
of New Westminster's progress i- the
prospi rous appi ecu e ot 1 li  ; .< - -
houses. Everywhere one goes th se
indications manifest themselves, ;.; I
leave the clear Impression even ,.-i
tlie mind of ihe casual visiter t..
complete transformation has taken
I lace, iind that do ibtful ho] e has
been replaced hy ardenl conviction
thai the Royal City's day of ��������� ,��� ��� 1. -
has begun. The Btore of *���'. J. Mackenzie, prescription druggist, In the
Dominion Trusl block, is a concrete
example of the life and activity oi I
city. Mr. MacKenzie has been in
business us a chemist and druggist
for the past ten years, and his store Is
replete with a stock of the Iii.is:
dings, medical appliances, patent devices, instruments and all other articles and accessori.es that are usually to he found ,n tne well-kept drug
store. Mr. MacKenzie has just inaugurated a system hy which 11 is Impossible for anyone leaving' a prescription to he filled and calling for
it later, to have the wrong medicine
handed them hy mistake as has often
happened in drug stores; tin- customer on handing in a prescription is
given ii numbered tag and the corresponding number is placed upon do
bottle, so that, all the customer his 10
clo on returning is to hand in the tag
and no matter who is behind the
counter it is an easy matter to iin 1
tiie bottle with the corresponding
number; .'ind it is a system tint cannot fail. There is also a soda fountain
and excellent cigars provided in Mr.
Mack'enzie's store. The purest of
drugs, tind of every Ingredient used i:i
blending or compounding is employed
in this store. And when we mention
compounding we must say that Mr.
MacKenz.le's skill ancl ability In this
respect is of the highest order and is
recognized alike by the people and
the medical profession. We desire in
this business review to congratu ate
Mr. Mackenzie on his past BUCC68S,
and to wish for him a long continuance of it in the Royal City.
H.   MOREY   �����,   CO.
This ->���,-( Df [\e and well-know n
pany  of statlom fs,  I he  0 les
line  in   New ��� Westminster,   ha
pac    u i;h the growth ol the citj
I is  u Ithoul  doubl   I   laj   1  e mi
to-date In the Royal City     Tl -
ness   which   was  1 sl ab Ished   by   li.
Morey it  Co. when t he requirei
j In   their  line   we e    , er)    model
stands today as a monument I
fa th in the won ���  ful growth ol
'city.    The ��� ock  ol   thl    c in pi dj   I
mosl     i-: 1:1 plete     1 nd     co\ era
b an d es ol  the 1 tatlonery  buslne
du- \,ants 1 : a.il ages a:e In   a
here are to be found the requirement:
of  the  school  child,  the  parent
business   an l   1 rofesi i inal   man
s; udent or tbe   Ih Ine,     The   newest
l ubllc ition:, se sular and rellgou
always   procurable,   as   well   listen lard   hooks   lliat   come   up
market,   the   educational   side   ol
husiness ins Bpeclal attention, for
hrm of Mercy �� Co. aie firm believe.
In the old adage of the "child bein-
father to the man" and the education
of   tlie  child,   i.s   therefore,   carefully
looked after in their stock of   literature, etc.    Hut the flrm of Morey ..
Co. do not only look after the Berlo
side of life for their large ell tntel
pleasure  also, enters  Into  their  sto
as is shown bj  the large stock of to  -
and Bportlng goods they handle, tin e
are of the very besl  makes   and   al
: eas oable pi li es;  they also can j
large an 1  vai led  si ick   of   crocke: ���
and   glassware.     11.   Morey   &
. hose 1 lace of busln* ss is al 665 1'
lumbia Btreet, lmve during tiiir 1 ns
and honorable career in the city,
ways  taken   an   active   purl   In   ail
movements   for   the  advance  of   X- ���
Newely-arrivpd  American   (to news-
boy)���"How marvellously cheap n a
papers are In Scotland.'  We have to
pay   more   than   double   the   price   In
New  York."
Newsboy (extending his baud)���
"You can pay double the price now.
sir. if it will make you feel any more
at home!" He got it.
R. HARRIS   &   CO.
The accession to New Westminster
almost continuously during tbe past
year of new enterprises and business
of various descriptions are one of the
unerring indications of the resurgency
which has taken place in every department of city life. The firm of ft,
Harris & Co., whose place of business
has recently been moved to 70S Columbia street, commenced business
some twelve months ago as general
comnilssioh agents in  Hall  &  Lavery
private families where no sewerage
system exists have proved to be marvellous triumphs of chemical science,
and as their absolute and unique
achievements have been demonstrated, the demand for them increases in every rural and suburban
district. The flrm are also agents for
the celebrated Ajax chemical engine
and firo fighting apparatus, which haa
been tested and has received the unqualified endorsatlon of a number nf
tbo chiefs of tbe flre brigades of different cities on tbe continent.   R. Hat-
block, Columbia street, and thee conforming to the evolving spirit of
everything around them, they bave
themselves developed Into 11 large and
extensive business both In tlie city,
the suburbs and in a Inr,re district
around. Among other things It. Harris & Co. are the sole agents for the
Red Cross Sanitary Appliance Company. The Red Cross closets of this
company and other Inventions connected with it for schools, hotels and
ids ��- Co. are always pleased to show
these goods as they are convinced
that, they have a flre fighting apparatus which should occasion for Its
use be found will always do the work,
.ami more claimed for it. We recom-
I mend every reader of these notes to
procure the explanatory booklets on
these subjects from Harris & Co., who
are also representatives of advertising
signs, window letters, etc., and for the
Reliable Gasoline lighting systems.
HI V^maa-a******
Increased     Enormously    During     the     Past     Few     Years
._ ���      ���**-��������� rl	
li '' i   'Va **.v*Kf���*�� .i*1-. W
:,��..  it   v < r, -is-' ���
4 tfjjj j9j?
The (Queen's Market is one of the
familiar places of New Westminster.
It has heen established for a period
of fifteen years, and un ler this name
the wholesale and retail butcher business of l-\ Ayerst, the proprietor, is
carried on at 714 Columbia street.
The Queen's Market is an entirely independent one. tind all the meat sold
in ii is slaughtered at the slaughterhouse of the proprietor on Sixtli avenue. This to a large extent accounts
for the fact that there Is nothing sold
j In the Queen's Market, either wholesale or retail, that is not of the highest quality. The most rigorous supervision is enforced so that nothing
is bought and nothing killed that i.s
not  absolutely   (lawless   and   In    ths
taste   ;it   a   very   moderate  cost,   and I
procure for either personal use or for [
household   adornment   (lowers   of  thel
finest growth and perfection that thej
art   and  ingenuity   of  the  horticultur- j
1st can produce. The never-failing sup- j
ply at the City Market of Davies' Nurseries, as they are briefly termed, is
a boon which the people of all classes 1
appreciate, and which they in turn reciprocate by a large and generous pat-
ronage.    The proprietors are   T.  Da-1
vies and  F.  Davies,  who realize   the*
charm of their profession as much as I
the people realize the charm of their!
Charles     Richmond    is
well I
The jewellery store of W. C. Chamberlin is described in popular parlance to b<j the best in town, bul to
us for the purpose of the review of
New Westminster's trade and progress, it is a great deal more, for it
shows better | erhaps than any other
store in the city the advance in every
direction ��� material wealth, social conditions, higher ideals, etc., which the
Royal City has heen making during
the pasl fourteen or fifteen years. The
jewellery store of Mr. Chamberlin is
vasth different from what it was a
few years ago. Then it was a small
store, in the nucleus of what might he
a city, now ii is a jewellery, diamond
and precious stone emporium in a
city and in what may be, and is likely to he. tlie greatest manuafacturing
and commercial city in the west, with
direc deep-water connections from its
water iron; io tlie Pacific. The stock
���of Mr. Chamberlin is beyond our
-.score i | over to describe, lt is one
of the most diversified and complete
that we have seen, and is unquestion-
ally superior to anything in New
Westminster. It embraces in marvellous and pleasing variety, engagement and wedding rings, birthday and
friendship rings: also watches, clocks,
Jewellery. silverware, cut glass,
ebony goods and all the diversities of
artistic articles wliich are usually to
be procured in the really up-to-date
jewellery stores of the Dominion. Mr.
Chamberlin carries a full line of spectacles, eyeglasses, opera and field
glasses. The store which is one of
the great factors of the Royal City's
progress, is at Brone block; and it
Should he visile I hy every citizen and
patronized by all who want any kind
of useful, or ornamental jewellery.
It has always been the aim of Mr.
Chamberlin to obtain the very best
watch repairer, hut although offering
the highest wages, he unfortunately
has nol always been successful. Ile
has, however, recently secured the
.-services of a first-class watchmaker,
whose superior cannot be found anywhere on the Pacific coast, and wbo
has for years looked after the time
inspection for the C. P. R.: this in itself Is a guarantee of his skill and
J.  G.  GAMON.
Among the citizens of New Westminster, none are more delighted than
the "oil timers," and those who have
lived amid varying movements, at tbe
all pervading zeal and enthusiasm
and sanguine expectation that the day
of the city's greatness is already upon us. ��It seems a well-founded faith.
Among the fervent believers in it we
must reckon J. G. Gamon. whose store
of tobaccos, cigars, pipes, etc.. is at
719 Columbia street. In this store one
can procure the most delightful
chars, and the finest of pipes. Cigars
of the best standard makes ancl
brands, cool, fragrant and either mid
or pungent aie here instantly placed
befoie the purchaser for selection;
while the array of pipes of all makes.
classes and sizes as well as prices
so attractive that one is tempted to
buy two instead of one. All other accessories of the Smoker's Elysium are
also here at the most moderate prices.
.1. G. Gamon is a great favoUte with
his numerous customers, and he is
held in high esteem throughout the
pink of coditlon.    Everything   needed j known in the Royal City as the
lor hotel, cafe, restaurant or home is  _���,���,���,. r, ,.,,���  __.��.�����   D(.���   ., .
,, ��� It a ���-,,.. prietor ot the Cash Store, the ce e-
proeuruble in the Queens Market upon the best terms. All orders are brated men'3 furnisher, hatter and
promptly attended to. The Queen's! clothier. For the long period of
Market does much catering for hotels, j twelve years Mr. Richmond has been
cafes and restaurants. The constant, carrying on this business, and every
Increase of the customers is as em-'year has been adding to his roll of
phatlc a tribute to the high quality of | customers in every department. The
the meat sold In the Queen's Market] stock kept by Mr. Richmond in the
as is tbe reputation about it, current j Cash Store Is not surpassed by any
through tbe city.    We wish It contin-, other house.    It is large and diversi-
ued success.
The grocery carried on in this name
has been established for about three
fled, so that it is certain every cus- i
tomer can make a selection with re-!
gard to quality, cut and style that ex-;
actly satisfies bis taste an 1 requirements, no matter what the season I
may   be.    Among   other   things,   Mr. |
years, and it is one of the largest Richmond is sole agent for the cele-
purveyors of groceries and provisions brated Campbell clothing. E.ich year
and dealers in foreign and domestic brings more into prominence the high
fruits in llie city of New Westmiu-j quality, style and durability of this
ster. Very recently the store and busi-j clotting, ancl increases the demand
ness were acquired by J. Aston, the for it. Each department is replenish-
present   proprietor,  who  will  continue jed    with    equipment    of   stock    with
Photo   by   W.   Cooksley.
to conduct it  in a  manner   that   will'each  recurrent season, so that,   it   is
still further elevate it in the   estima-]quite impossible for tiny customer to
tion of the public.    Mr   Aston has re-1 procure a garment of any kind at the,
newed and fully replenished the stock Cash Store that is out of style or fash-1 corporation in February last, the suc-
of groceries and provisions so that the  ion
The business carried on under the
above title at 716-718 Columbia street
was established  in  !S!i4  by  John
The   businesses    which
'established  for  some  years   in
is! commodities in these branches are icourtesy, and being a man of excel
|not surpassable in the city.   The teas lent taste his customers at all times
and coffees have had Mr. Aston's spe- are sure of his matchless judgment
| cial  attention, and  the customers de- every time they purchase at his store.
clare that never since they com- The store is at (175 Columbia street.
I menced   dealing  with  the  Ideal   Gro- and  we trust the  prosperity   of   the
eery have they had such delicious and past is only a prelude of the   greater
fragrant  tea as at the present   time,  prosperity   ahead   of    Charles    Rich-
The same remark has been made con- mond.
^^^^^^^^^^^ New
I ,< cmuiuiDici  are those which have in
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  A. the mest needed period of her growth
Lee.  which  company is, since  Its ia- strengthened  and   sustained  her. and
it  is  they   which   are   entitled   to   a
    i premier place in this trade review of
The proprietor  is the  soul   ofjcessors to Lees Furniture Emporium. the  Roya,  c,ty     An,onj.,  these
The business from the beginning has nesses is that of VV, B. Sinclair, deal-
had a continued success as may bs|er In boots, shoes and rubber goods.
seen  by  contrasting  the  sire  of  the';Tll's business  was   established   some
stock in 1904 and in 1909.   In the for-|
twenty years ago, ancl today its
W.   E.   FALES.
The oldest and yet most modern
and up-to-date business carried on ln
the city of New Westminster, is tbe
business of W. E. Fales, 612 to 618
Agnes street. It Is an extensive business in each of its departments. In
the conventional term the business is
that of a furniture dealer, upholster-
���er, etc. Mr. Fales keeps a very large
stock of furniture and house futnish-
lngi for complete house furnishing
purposes. The stock which is varied
and extensive, includes furniture and
..furnishings ranging in prices from the
moat expensive class of goods to
prices suitable to the most moderate
purse, the goods are all of the high-
���est quality foinniensurate to the price
charged, and all goods are the most
up-to-date in their special line. Mr.
Fales is agent for the Coburn Bed
Company, who are celebrated makers
-mm kjCARPETS.0IIO.0THS. imhume
i ..cpuiiuioic], civeij ciass ui lean
lain thought in standard make is supplied by him i
tl   requirements'the most  n,0(ierate price.    He make
*��� Elevation to Tenth 3t ���
Oofdincr . OortSnar
rm *\k*i*mi-r,T���r bl
prietor rejeices in the fact that the
Royal City i.s heading with strong and
vigorous march towards her goal of
greatness. Mr. Sinclair has one of
the largest, most varied, and most
comprehensive stocks of men's, woni-
s a 4d per cent gain|en'8 ami children's boots and shoes
and of accessory commodities in New
Westminster.     Every  class  of   really
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  kes
i specialty of J. & T. Bells goods, and
he is sole agent for Dr.  Reid's cushion  sole shoe  for   men,  and   of   the
"Gibson" shoe for women.   Every customer receives prompt and polite at-
add new departments.    One of these tentlon in  W.  E.  Sinclair's fine boot
I will-be electric  fittings and  fixtures. and ghoe store at fi2J) Columbia street.
! On July 1 they acquired the electric 	
business  of F.  Pearson  and  have ai- T. A. MUIR & CO, ;
ready added it to their enterprise with j - .,
Mr. Pearson at its head as manager! _ yo., want pure drugg g0 to t&\j,{ts.
with five assistants. Lees Limited j This has often been said during the
"""   ",J for  the   Globe-Wer- twenty-three years that  the business
the Ostermoor mat-; of T. A, MllIr & Co��� of 441 Columbia,
tresses and ten different makes of;streeti four doors east of the Bank bf
high grade furniture, as well as oth- Montreal, has been in existence. The
er specialities in connection with business is carried on by this flrm up-
house  and   offlce   furnishings.      The!on the   most   modern   principles, and
mer year it was $8000: in the latter
$08,000 or an increase of something
like $20,000 per annum, iind the business increase for tbe first six months i
of this year show    	
over 1909. The stock Is of the best
and of the most modern description,
"quality" being the main thought
buying. All taste an
are catered to by Lees Limited, who
at the same time do a large business
in upholstering, cabinet and picture
framing. The company are enlarging the scope of their charter so as to
re   sold   agents
nicke Bookcases.
Of line steel-lined, wood-venccred bed-
;"8tc'ds, and Ih" quality of these cannot le eoial'ed on the market today.
;M; hales keeps a splendid stock cf
mu ipnper, mntllag, lino'cums, ol!-
HBo:I:s. carpets, peramulators, etc.
Btfuong other places in tbe clty he fur-
Bshcd the Merchants' Bank, the B. C.
*j$ Ic-tric Kail way ofiifes. the Odd Fel-
''Jows and K. ef P. blocks, etc., and tbe
���ttrost satisfaction was expressed by
'the various parties concerned at the
Bbnuner In which tbe work was car-
Bed out. There Is, In fact, no more
BVpable and reliable house furnishing
Boncern in R. C. Besides this busi-
Bess, Mr. Fales carries on an exten-
B|ve undertaking business. He has
Recently completed a chapel morgue
Bf 1 show rooms, one of the finest in
Bhe province, and his appointments
Bre all up-to-date. We question if
���here ls a better or more complete
Btock In the city than that of W. E.
Wales, who Is ardently attached to the
iwloyal City, and a fervent believer In
Ber future.
The Fair, at 646 Columbia street, is
one of those fascinating stores where
one has not to cultivate the habit of
j going, but where the habit is engendered, Instantaneously, the moment
the first visit has been made there,
iThis marvellous emporium of what
one may call the every-day wants and
; necessities of life, has been established for two years, and it has
proved net only a boon to the citizens, but a decided acquisition to the
city Itself. Infinite is the array of articles; exhaustless the stock to the
bewildered eve, until passing within
and through the ample store one observes so many things that one decidedly needs, and at pi ices that are astounding for their moderation. The
Fair is fair in more senses than one.
Here are a few of the items of stock:
Stationery, typewriters, offlce supplies, toys and dolls, fancy goods,
toilet artie'es, gramaphones, records,
china, crockery, glassware, lamps,
granlteware, tinware, light hardware,
cutlery, etc. The wide diversity of
quality and style in each of these categories of commodities and articles it
is quite Impossible to delineate here.
The proprietors of The Fair are
Messrs. A. R. Daniels and C. J. Loat,
and they are sole agents- for the Fox
Typewriters and supplies; also for Columbia gramophone and records. They
give personal attention to the business and see that all orders are punctually carried out. To see The Fair
once Is to "Get the Habit."
cernlng the coffee, and the other gro- GORDONS    DRY     GOODS    HOUSE.
eery goods and provisions.   Mr. Aston 	
is  living up to   the   high   name   by The general progressive activity of
which the store has been called, the'New Westminster in the way of devel-
Ideal   grocery.    He  is  doing  this  by oping her shipping facilities, manufac-
keeping    only    the    best   quality    of turing   advantages,   is   in    attracting
goods, retailing them at the most rea- new  residents  and   causing   a  wider
sonable    price    by    attending    punc- clrculatlon of capltal  a!so actlng with
tmillv to all orders, by making prompt ., ,
deliveries and  by making every   cus- corresponding beneficial eftect on the
tomer,  under the   new   regime   spon- stores, warehouses,  etc.    Though the
taneously    exclaim,    "We 1.    this    is firm known as tbe Gordons Dry Goods
Ideal!"      Having   accomplished   this House has been established fc
offlce furnishings. The
company occupy a floor space of 24,-
400 square feet, four big floors extending from street to street, completely
filled and employ over twenty people. The business owes its success to
the   sterling  methods  of  honest   and
honorable dealings, characteristic in .repute among the medical fraternity
every way of John A. Lee. the presi-, and the expert druggjst8 of the conti_
dent and present   mayor of the olty.im.nt     The flrm make a speclaitv of
everything usually procurable in the
most up-to-date drug store is to be
had from T. A. Muir & Co. The stock
embraces all sorts of medical appliances, and scientific devices as well
as patent medicines of standard and
J. W. Conner, formerly of Seattle, ls
the active manager of this big emporium on Columbia street. Mr. Rugg
Graham has charge of the bouse furnishings and has shown his hustling
ability by landing several big orders,
notably the new forty-room Guichon
hotel. Mills hotel, at Mission, and two
big rooming houses at Westminster
Junction. John Alsbury has charge
of the receiving and shipping department, and with his long experience
manages to keep a constant stream
of merchandise moving in and out.
Lees Limited are preparing for a big
business this fall and with their plans
of easy payments, new comers will
find it easy to establish themselves in
this the most progressive city In B. C.
and the expert druggists of the continent. ^	
medical prescriptions In the filling
and compounding of which they are
thoroughly reliable experts. The medical profession recognize this fact
themselves, and are assured that not
only are their prescriptions made up*
with scrupulous care, but that every
ingredient is of the purest and most
perfect description. All orders, city
or mall, are promptly executed, and
every customer ls assured of polite attention In the store of T. A.
Muir & Co.
_^_       ^__ ���_.    ,   ���     for a pe-
Mr.   Aston   knows    the    name     Ideal    .   .    , . ,
Grocery" is a reality in the heart and riod of ten to twelve >"ears- never has
mind of bis customers. The stoie is It experienced so large a demand for
302 Columbia stieet. its wares, or so ample a power in the
purses of customers to   procure   the
highest   grades.     Tbe   stock   of   this
the front rank of dry goods and ladies'
ready-to-wear merchants, and their
business has assumed such a volume
that more space is required for carrying it on. This is being provided by
the company acquiring the adjoining
store. When this has been incorporated with the present store, the floor
space will he about double what lt is
The nurseries of Davles & Son have s,0,e is of the widest and most diver-noWi and the company will bave the
been a feature of the Royal City for a sified description, ancl it covers every
To every one ln the Royal City of
New Westminster ftje name and the
business of A. L. Lavery are familiar
as a baker and confectioner of unriv-
COMPANY|a,led resource and ability. The products of the City Bakery, as his business has been properly called, have
This company was Incorporated in I found their way into every home in
the course of the present year, but |New, Westminster, and the universal
the business carried on by them has.00"1'011 amo"e hls wide ran&e of cus-
been established for a period of nine tomer8 ls that his b,ead and cake*
years. It is one of those ooncerns and confectionery have no equal. Puri-
whose foundations were laid broad (>' an:1 sweetness and flavor are pres-
and deep, so that the superstructure ent In everything be makes. It coul.1
wllich has already risen, and is con- not t)e otherwise, because no Ingredi-
tinuing to rise, upon tbem is sure to.ent ls used that is not absolutely
stand.    Already  the  company  are  in
DAVIES   &    SON.
period of eleven years.    They are sit- thing in the way of dry goods, inillin-
uated  on   Twelfth   street  near  Tenth  ery   and   mantles.       Years   ago    the
best equipped and most thoroughly
up-to-date house in the city. The
stock kept by the company will in fu-
! avenue light on the inter-urban  line, house made a standard which they de-'ture be, as it has been in the past, of
.Their proximity and convenience can cided should be maintained, and they | the best and most diversified  descrip-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^- - pure, because every part of the pro-
therefore he appreciated. These nur- have maintained it; All goods suita-jtlon, always seasonable and thorough- cess 0f making and baking is carried
series wbicb bave an extensive array ble to the season are kept in stock, ly en mode. The prmciples on which ] through with scrupulous care and by
of greenhouses over one-half an acre thoroughly in keeping with the style Ithe business has been conducted for expert skill, and because absolute
being under glass, have proved of en- and fashions of the prevailing modes, I years are well known ^o the public,'cleanliness is the rigorous rule of Mr.
ormous   success   to  the   proprietors, and the quality being that of their old j who have ever found tlie amplest va-iLaverv.    Thn at-..-  N.k-nr-v  makes   ��
and of great benefit to the citizens. To standard can always be depended up-
walk through these nurseries and the on.    The order of every customer   Is
rlety of make, size and style in every
department from which to make their
amplest va- j Lavery.    The City "Bakery  makes
greenhouses ls to enjoy a treat which punctually   and    promptly   executed, selections.   Moreover the prices have
cannot often be repeated in any other The standard and status of the Gor-
place. The most exquisite flowers, dons Dry Goods House are an incen-
trees, shrubs, plants, etc. here meet ' ip to others, nnd they appeal strong-
the eye in the most extraordinary va- ly to new settlers in the district and
riety and profusion, and accompanied to new residents in the city. H. Gor-
wlth this is the delightful odour which don Is the manager, whose ability and
only the floral region can Impart. The organizing power have so enormously
products of these nurseries are regu- contributed to workout the company's
larly brought to the city market, success. The Gordons Dry Goods
where the people can gratify   their House is at 521 Columbia street.
been kept as near the margin of profit
as it has been possible to do. Nothing that has characterized the house
in the past will be wanting to its future success, even that prompt and
polite attention to orders which customers so much appreciate. The
president Is T. H. Smith; W. Wright
is a director, and R. W. Smith is the
secretary treasurer.
specialty of wedd'ng cakes, and to attempt to descrita these would be as
futile as to attempt to describe the
beauty or the joy of those in whose
honor they are made. The address of
the City Bakery is Hall & Lavery
block, 515 Columbia street. This la
the twentieth anniversary of the establishing of the business by Mr.
Lavery, and we congratulate him upon the splendid success which he has
attained and wish him many more
years of continued prosperity. I PAGE   TWENTY-TWO
Varied   Interests   Flourishing���All Lines   of   Business   Are   Kept   Busy
'������ ' ���
i ���
The store in Trapp block In which
Gee-ge   R.   Speck   has   for   the   past
four years carried on a large and very
diversified business, Is a veritable emporium for all classes of sporting articles  and  supplies.    Technically and
according to   custom,  no   doubt.  Mr.
Speck describes himself as a gun and
locksmith.    No doubt   he is. but   his
store indicates that he is much more
than that.    He keeps   guns, and   the
best   of  guns,    of   all    the   standard
makes and sizes, and be also keeps a
splendid stock of all kinds of fishing
tackle, sporting goods of every kind,
and bicycles of tbe best and most popular     standard      makes:      electrical
supplies for gasoline engines are also
kept in stock.   In fact this is a sportsman's  store  where   he  may   procure 1
anything he may require for the pursuit of any kind of sport, with the peculiar  appliances   or  gear   wliich    hei
may  fancy or  most approve for   thej
purpose,   This is the only way to describes  Mr. Speck's store, for to   de-;
scribe it in detail is an impossibility���
the range of the stock is so wide and
New Westmlnstei' is making stiides
forward in  many directions, and one
of the best tokens of the permanency
of the      rvemeat is the enlarged view
of their oppoitunities taken   by   merchants and businessmen in the Royal
City,     .'he>e is no letter example   of
this than  Fred  Davis, thc proprietor
of the Luge furnltuie and house furnishing establishment on Front stieet.
Mr. Davis has a stock oi furniture and
housefurnlshlngs   whicn   i;   not   only
adequate   for   all   the   needs    and    requirements of New  Westminster, but
in   extent   and   completeness,   it   su:-
passes  many  of  the   large   establisb-
t ments in   Vancouver.    Mi-.  Da.i3  has
I said in one of his notifications to thej
public:    "You don't   ba\e   to   go   to I
Vancouver for your goods while Fred
i Davis is here���the   man   who   saves
I you money."     This is absolutely true.
No  Vancouver store can  surpass the
I fullness    and    completeness    of    his
Istock.    All styles and grades nf   fur-j
nil ure are to be seen in Davis's .store.
of tbis work, both in order and under lished in 1909 Is that of Chamberlin
contract, and be is prepared to fur- & Co. They handle fine footwear in
nisli estimates for the dcing of it at I great variety and style, and they are
any tine. The success of Mr. Klik accredited with having the most nim-
in tlie Royal City Is a testimony to prehensive stock in the city. There
the high quality of the commodities is no class, or standard make of boot
kept by him. the excellence of lis'or shoe, for men. women or children
work,  and  the  superior   methods   of | which   cannot   he   supplied    by    this
promptitude    and    punctuality    with
which all his affairs are transacted.
Mrs. N. Rainey. the
head-dresser, etc., has been for some
time the proprietor of the well known
Ladies' Hairdressing Parlors in E -
[lard block, corner of Columbii and
Sixth streets. These parlors had been
established for about three years before Mrs. Rainey acquired them about
store, ;ind supplied punctually. In the
name of cheapness they do not pass
i "f shoddy goods, for tbo.se of high-
class make end mate: hth It is line
footwear that one purchases at all
celebrated times in Chamberlin and Company's
store. .1. C. Chamberlin is the proprietor, iind ti.e 6tor3 is at Hall and
Lavery block. Columbia street.
fuses to keep in stock anything else.'
There is a soda fountain in connection wliich is worthy of special men-;
tion. it being one of the finest and'
most up-to-date on the Pacific coast.;
This was installed by Mr. Reid about;
twelve months ago at a cost of some- i
thing over $1500, and lives him by far
the  best   soda fountain  equipment   in | been tested and who have tesl
the  city.     The   large  and   constantly   tried  liis glasses for all  kinds
plaint  can   ne\er  hold   goo 1   p.   .
Royal  City as long as John  !;. i;.
remains   in    business    there.      Eve
kind  of  w,-itch  is  perfectly known
him in all  its parts .and be   n i
them so tbat tbey are as good as ne
There is no more competent o] I
in the city, as those whose Bight I
ol i
Tiiis well known   firm of boot
Increasing patronage of the store
proves that the people recognize tbe
superlorltj of Mr. Reid's goods, in
the store are also procurable the hest
brands of all the leading cigars, and
tobaccos. The two branches of business or departments work in perfect
harmony, for
fective vision are fully awa e,
REID   &   COM
The clothing and tailoring buslni
which has been established situ,. |
nt iiul  Columbia street  as the ������
while two persons   may I "where it pays to deal," has cei
Mav 1, and their celebrity has been shoemakers and boot and shoe mei-
enormously enhanced  since   then   by;chants  has  heen  established   for  the
Th��y are to enjoy tbemselves.    We wish Ira A. [tern   of  cloth.     Hut   it    meets
enter the store, iis often happens, one one of the finest stocks of clothli
has a fancy for some tine fruit or ex-' high-grade for men ancl boys thai
cellent   candy,   and   the   other   for   a   city   can   present     The   slock
end  and  aromatic  cigar.    Roth  can.  varied as the tastes of the custo
cud  aie. quite satisfied and  proceed both in regard to style of cut and
their present proprietor.    Ladies hair-' period of fourteen years.
dressing is the specialty, and this op-  one  of  the   largest  dealers   in   hoots j Reid a
eratlon    which    requires    not    only and shoes, leather and findings, In the cess.
long continuance  of his   sue-
vast. Mr. Speck carries out repairing work by skilled labor, with
promptitude and despatch.
Twenty Years is a considerable period in the life of a business, and it
may generally be assumed that a business that has passed through the first
twenty years of its existence ls one of
vigor and vitality. This is particularly true of the husiness of Tbe William Hunter Company Limited. They
aie dry goods berchants, gents' furnishers, and clothiers, and their business is of a very high-class character. Their stock in each of the departments named is fill I and amide
and complete.   It is not only that, but i
IDining room, sitting room, bedroom,
|and library suites; all kinds oi miscellaneous furniture and separate articles, and furnishing of all styles,
grades and patterns in endless array. Fied Davis has everything that
either the millionaire or the mechanic
requires or might perchance fancy for
his home. And ihe pi ices are more
moderate Hum those in Vancouver or
elsewhere. Besides the goods are procurable at home, in your own <-ity.
Why go further to fare worse? Fled
Davis's store is 655 Front stieet.
The business of I. Hudson at -11
Sixth street, is one of the eldest, as
it is one of the largest in the cl'jf.
Besides dealing largely in wall paper,
room mouldings, and burlap, Mr, Hudson carries on the business of paper-
| hanging,    decorating,     housepainting.
kalsomining, etc.    Ancl tlie magnitude
,i   .    .hnn.ic.hty seasom.b.e|!and;Up.to- of Ms w[)rk ,md busiaess m,y |>e ^
mated from  the fact  that   be   has   a
date. The quality and reliability of
their goods have drawn around the
business not only the largest patronage in the city, but from the surrounding suburbs and districts, and
every montli shows an augmentation
of tlie volume of their turn-over.
While the quality is of tlie most re
liable character, the prices are adjusted so as to make them as reasonable
as possible, and the people by comparing these prices with those prevailing eslewhere form irresistible conclusions which produce irresistible
impluses to patronize The William
Hunter Company's store. The president is William Hunter and the secretary and manager is C. H. Reeves,
both well known and highly esteemed
tastes   so   effectually   thai   no    :.
emergi s from the sion- n itho u
j lng procured  pi eclsely   whal   i ���
: quired.   The mosl polite and pui
! attention is giv< n to every cui
s i t hai   by  do possibility ran  ���
dissatisfied with his \ Islt to the
of  Reid  &   Company,  who   are
agent.-   and   reprei entatlvi i ��� .
readj   clothes in this city.   Tin
also agents for   Hobberlln   i
measure clothing company, who
at  the head of the pi ofe-sieii I
ing out suits of perfect cut, flni
style, from cloth which the cu
can  sch-'t  to his entire sal
Hats.   caps,   shirts.   uinirrv,   a
ware,   etc.,   are   also   kept   iu   Bti
end ess variety and stj le, alu ,
Bonable,  and   always   reasonabli
ithe other branches of the buslni       ;
!\V. 'i
k Comj any, whose proprh
. Reid.
In a review of the business of th-e
city of Xew- Westminster, the retail
jewellery business carried on by T.
Gifford for the past twenty-two years
deserves a special and a prominent
notice both on account of the business itself and on account of the
prominent part which Its proprietor
has played in the life of tbe city; in
its growth and expansion, and in representing the views and ambitions of
its people in the provincial legislature. Tbe business itself is well-
known to every citizen. Every one
requiring jewellery of any kind, from ing to
engagement  rings to keepsake   me.-n-! wards
staff of 14 painters, five paperbangiers,
a driver and a clerk regularly employed. The quality and variety of
the wallpaper, moulding, etc. in wliich
Mr. Hudson deals needs no comment
to any one who has visited the homes
of the Royal City and the surrounding
districts. The beauty of these things
is only rivalled by the splendid workmanship manifested on every hand in
the decorating, house painting, etc..'
which have been done by Mr. Hudson I
or his highly-skilled and efficient staff.
Mr. Hudson has done about two-thirds |
[at the interior ckeecnttiwn wort cof the
I city for years jiast, and as the homes !	
' have increased in .Dumber, laiiper .and  ���
���larger demands have heen made upon j know ledge, but sKill, and a real artis-
him.    Mr.  Hudson  has   str-Usm,  and tic conception of the appropriate style
with  splendid  success,  to  keep  pace | to give proper effect to the facial ex-
with these demand*, by increasing bis j pression,   is   conducte 1   by    Mrs.    X.
stock in  both   quality   and   Quantity, j Rainey  in   ali   its   perfection.      Mrs.
and  in  always  having arotimfl  him a
staff  of thoroughly   up-to-date    meeh-
It is more than a duty, it is a pleas
by I.
anics. When necessary he makes estimates, but whether work is done
under contract mr not. it it- .always
done perfectly and punctually
The spirit of  vigor and vam
is    dominating    everything   .in
city.   They carry a Block which can- A.  MATHESON.
not be surpassed of all lines of union | 	
made shoes, and the assortments of
their comprehensive stock afford not
only an unlimited se.ection but the "re. in this trade review of Xew West-
fullest variety for the indulgence ol minster to give distinctive proml-
every taste. The fashions of the day nonce to the business of A. Matheson
whatever tliey may be. and tbe most carried on at the Trapp hlock. Colum-
adaptable goods for particular sea- bia street. Tlie business has been
sons  or  callings, or  purposes are all established   for   tbe    long    period    of
carefully   looked   after,   so    that    the
most    particular   customer   can    find
whatever may be requiied in this thor-
Pollte ougbly   up-to-date   store.      The    flrm ciples  with   which   the   business
orders, have a department  which merits spe- been  conducted.      Tbe store   of
Rainey also makes  up hair goods cf
all   kinds,   besides   giving   treatments
for the   scalp and   massaging,      Tlie
manicuring department is in charge of
.Miss  Butterfield   date of   San   Francisco),    who    is   an    expert   in    tbis
branch of the business. In this branch
Miss  Butterfield  eaters    to  not   only
ladies  but to gentlemen also,
and  prompt execution  of all
wliich I with the highest ideal  of perfect and'cial mention.   Tbey make all kinds of Mat
Xew ;artistic:  work,  are  the  oiov   advertis-
Westminster in these days, when Uiejjng agencies of Mrs. X.  Rainey;   and
resu ts prove tbey are sufficient Mrs.
Rainey  also  does  an  extensive   mail
order business in all kinds of hair tliose who have this desire can have
goods, etc., and gives the same per- it fully gratified by Barclay &. Adams,
sonal attention to this as to her city whose workmanship Is absolutely un-
trade. The phone is L4C0. ' rivalled in the Royal City. They al-
  s0 d0 repairing in a thorough manner.
CHA.VTBERLIN   &   CO. The  K1���!,t   fi:lc"��'Bd   of   tfle    fln"    an:1
                                  their    widely   extended    custom    are
' their best  commendation.     The   pro-
The acoewtion of new businesses fo prietois aie L). Barclay and A. Adams,
devote to it. But it embraces hard- Xew Westminster is one of the many and the store ie at 743 Columbia
ware of   all kinds,   Sherwln-Willianis' healthy a��fl  unfailing   indications   of street
paints, oils, varnishes and dry colors, the city's gjwwth and prosperity.   The ������	
Thf supplies of each of these are ln- locators of these businesses do not
finite-in variety and inexhaustible in commence on an unsubstantial guess
quantity. Mr. Kirk is also agent of work foundation. Tbe Royal City has
McClary's "Famous" steel ranges, in. truth, as the most keen observers
Westminster constituency in the prov-| which includes the famous "Kootenay are convinced,  entered   upon
Range." also for" McClary's "Sun- career. Her shipping facilities, her Xew Westminster, ancl since then
shine" furnaces, and be makes a spe- transportation advantages, and the both be and tbe city have been march-
cialty of stoves, tinware and granite- concentration of various developing ing forward with increasing vigor and
ware and black and galvanized sheet- movements clearly mark out the fu- alacrity. Whether the quick and
iron  work.    Ile does large quantities ture.     Among  the   businesses   estab-
thirty years in the coming month of
January. That fact alone is equal to
volumes as to the manner iind   priu-
H.   Robertson   of  Dominion    .
��� building, although only a resident
|the Royal City for a period of  e
j teen months, has built  up a buslnesa
las a tailor second to none in the
Mr.   Robertson   is   tli*-   Westmlnstei
j representative of the celebrated 8
Aheii  Company,   of Toronto.     Tl ���
1 method of business is one that   a
mends  itself.    Immense   varieties
'patterns for all kinds of clothing are
���kept   by   the   representative   whi
quote the price, A choice having    ���
made by the customer of the ;
ithe representative takes the mei
sends   them   with   the   panic
item   to  Toronto,  where  the   h
cither  garment  Ir  made  up, alu,
i perfect  cut, stylo and finish, and
I price  far   below  tbe   cost   of   th -
called   "made  to   measure."    This  if
plies not only to suits and overcoat
bul   also to shins,   ties,   underwi
and almost all articles of gentlem n'j
wearing   apparel.     This   is   tlie
satisfactory way in which to procure
really   first-class, perfectly-fitting
ments.     When  next   you  want  to   r��
pleiiish your wardrobe see Mr. Ro ���
son. wbo also In connection wit!   ���'-
tailoring   business   does    splendid   re
pairing, pressing, etc., promptly, carefully an.l reasonably.
J.   E.   BROWN    &    CO.
splendid vista al Iter futui* is reveal
all her rapid movement to-
ier great destiny, is as mani-
entos of golden jubilees, can find what j fest in the store of Herbert T. Kirk,
is desired in this gieat emporium of !as in any other business of the .city,
art, gems, piecious stones; all that! Mr. Kirk is engaged ln a business
fashion prescribes. aH that adorns, ori which feels first of all the renewed
is adorned by beauty;..al' that Is use- 'acthity���the hardware and builders
ful and all that is ornamental.   There  supply  business.      Tbe ranue ef   his
i. no spurious trade done in the store
of Mr. Gifford for the articles are
sold precisely for what they are, and
customers know that if they ^uy a
ruby or a diamond they get the genuine article. Mr. Gifford was a member of the civil council and a school
trustee for several years, and he represents' for the  third  term  the  Xew
incial legislature. His ability is recognized by every citizen, and his unswerving devotion to the welfare and
interest of the Royal City. Mr. Gilford's store on Columbia street.
business can only be approximated by
the brief review that we ate able to
'ic-on is the principle emporium' .The w��'" known clothiers iind far
boots and shoes to order. Many peo for boots and shoes in the Royal City. M"8her6 .1. K. Brown & Co., whose
pie still prefer, notwithstanding the All grades, sizes and classes are kept, ore 's al 618 Columbia stieet. bave
popularity of the ready-made, to bave in stock in gieat diversity, and they|,)een established in the Royal City for
their footwear made to measure, ancl  are the product of the best  manufac-1a  Pei'od  of  three years, and   during
tures in the world terday.   There is no!thilt lin,e tlie>' have not only bulll   ip
style of boot or shoe that Mr. Mathe-lf large business but have acquired : r
themselves a  unique position.    They
Four year? ago John Stewart com-
a great n.eaced a boot and shoe   business   in
(have  done   this   by  catering   to
i wants and requirements of tlieir customers in the most complete and efficient   manner  with  goods which  hear
the test of trial and weie at all times
Iequal to what they represented tbem
to  be.     The  price,  too,   was   always-
tkept commensurate with the quality.
I The firm have for a long   time   Bpe-
j c-ialize.l    in    supplying    McAlplne    4-
Richardson    brand    of    ready-madi
clothing,  and  those  who  have tested
this brand are aware of Its superiority
not only in style but   in   durability
Messrs.  J.   10.  Brown  &  Co.  have ;y<.<
brought  into tbe transaction of their
bin Iness,      besides       candour     and
son can not  supply, but he makes   a j straightforward    dealing,   that    i iur-
rapid march is attributable tp the per- specialty    of   the   "Walk-over"   shoe, ,rs>' and urbanity which thfl public bo
fectlon of   Stewart's   shoes   we need and In this his trade Is very large In- highly appreciate, and  which Invaria
bly lesults  as it has clone in the
of this firm, in establishing a cor
relationship    Pel ween    merchant   i
is t!
not discuss.    But  without placing all  deed.    It  continues to grow linger as
the credit we are sure Mr. Stewart's  people    become   accustomed    to    this
business   has   been    a   factor   in   the  now   popular  shoe.    Mr,   Matheson  i3
city's new progress.      All   businesses  not  only  celebrated  for tbe   Bplendld Icustomer, iind in ensuring the sa.
are,  and  they should   be   viewed   as assortments kept by him, but also for of the enterprise.    ,1. K. Brown
such.   Mr. Stewart calls his store, the the  moderation   of the   prices.      I lis I Kole proprietor.
principle is minimum profit, ,md mul- ��� ���
tltude's of sides. In this way be works!     MRS
out. the income, and each purchaser isi
a large participant In the profit.   Mr.      There -,,-�� f�����, i   T
Matheson among other good traits o'acttZJn    (!|,M'(fU��
act  so close an attention  from   i
"Old Country Boot Stoie.'   But he has
all makes   and   manufactures   of   tine
really   up-to-date   standard   boot   and
shoe.   These makes and manufactures
too. are Infinite ln their variety, size
and style, so that every man, woman
and  child  in  the  Royal  Cl'y  can  get
i the exact thing required  for comfort
and durability as well as for   beauty
'and attractiveness at the most moder-
late prices.    Mr. Stewart makes a spe-
I cialty of tbe "Dick" damp-proof shoe,
ithe    "Dick"    water-proof    boots,    the
his   character   and    of   his    business' prom-fetors   -,���,i
methods  has  set   himself tbe task  of brln
cutting out the non-union made shoe, esti
The store is at  Trapp   block, Columbia street.
JOHN    B     GRAY.
are so difficult to
g to a primary position In the
mation of the public as tbe business of a first-class milliner. Vet. it
is this arduous rent that Mrs. Harriett G. Moore has accomplished In
the space of three years ln the city
of Xew Westminster. Her millinery
establishment at 648 Columbia Btreet
store,   for  Instance,   of  Ira   A.   Reid, variety   to meet   tbe   tastes   and   rl 2?.     lM! ,U,e    l?dlvldu?   , ���*
which  was established some two and quirements of eve y cutKr-gems" 3__l$m__ "ft,11 m��.   "T"!,"
a half years ago next the Tram offlce. Jewelry,   watches,   clocks,   silverware' uo~ ?   n " ^ Ft*hv
Its location Itself makes it a convent- cut glass, etc    Mr  Gray Is   nni?.' m,     u     .ta��*/e?,ark*Mi dlgWe   '
ience. and  tbe contents of tbe   store watchmaker    jeweller���and   SnMcan Iri   "'^T ��'  *����re'  aS h<T   '
'make It attractive. Here are to be bad and some 0   tfffflrfftaW ZZ a SM��� kn"w to ,h. "..""
'-���"���     candles,    home    and    factory .these department!,|_, done b? faS5*i^^Mf1^ ^�� ^^e BaUafactloD.
i/o-i. *-vf * li r. I.I..I. ....... ��.! .- 1 _ a  i.  s      a '����     ITIBIJ
���������**}*'*��� *n**w
-n/C-X'-v m *s*K-'':,W. ���
.fcCxarfCf*:: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1910.
From  Vancouver  To  Coughlan   Fruit Farms,  On
Saturday, October 8th���Opening Day of
Property���Direct Car Service
On Saturday. October 8th, at 1 p.
m., I will run a free excursion to
situated 20 miles from the City of
Xew Westminster and one-half mile
from the B. C. Klectric, Cliilliwack-
Xew Westminster line.
Tbe' merits of the property have
been so widely discussed that almost
everyone who reids the daily papers
is conversant with the fact tbat the
the richest of soil, being a deep chocolate loam.
In the immediate vicinity of the
property there arc a number of orchards in full bearing; the fruits as
they hang from the branch.es to lay,
are living evidences of the wonderful  fertility of the soil.
My years of experience in selecting
tracts of fruit land in the Fraser Vai-
Country for the purposes of subdivision, teacties me that of all the properties I have handled, COGHLAN
FRUIT FARMS compare most favorably as to richness of soil, proximity
to market and railway transportation
1 am absolutely confident that ths
COGHLAN FRUIT FARMS will advance 50 ) er cent in value inside of
rix months. This advance is fully
warranted hy the fact that the B. C.
Klectric trams have commenced running full services and in consequence
thereof hundreds of home-seekers will
make use of this excellent transportation and go up and down the line in
i���v-':jf-,...-v,**���**,���- >.*.v��*iiMei����j_ ve*-. ..>_-.-
search of well located, rich fruit
It will be one of the first properties
to come in demand and a five or ten
acre farm will ever find a ready market at gradual increasing prices. The
soil will produce bumper crops. Tbe
excellent transportation to the COGH-
LAND FARMS, rermits the most delicate fruits being shipped to Vancouver or New Westminster In the least
possible space of time and without
any danger or loss through delay or
lough treatment in tiv.r.sit.
Your first c:op of vegetables will
pay you more than the whole purchase
price of the property and something
over for savings account. The advance in your property the first year
will be 50 to 75 per cent. This is
profit which you can count on without
any labor, exertion or expenditure.
Saturday, October 8th at 1 p. m. is
the opening day and will be the first
chance to buy a five-acre farm in this
beautiful subdivision. The prices
range from $150 to $L'5n per acre. The
terms are $-00 cash and the balance
in four half-yearly payments, bearing interest at T per cent.
I will not ask you to take my word
for all of the foregoing; come with me
Saturday, October Sth and see for
yourself, The special tram leaves
Vancouver at 1 o'clock and Xew Westmister at 1:45, returning in time for
supper. Secure your tickets at either
ofllce, that accommodation may bfc
arranged for ajl,
Dodson Building, 25 Hastings Street, E., Vancouver,  or  Columbia Street, New Westminster.
British Columbia   Electric   Railway   Company,   Limited.
With Which is Associated
The Vancouver Power Company, Limited.
However distinctly separate these
-two companies may be be technically.
or legally or financially, happily for
the public of the wide and vast area
through which their operations extend they are an indivisible unit and
To slightly vary the old aphorism:
"United they stand; divided we fall."
Their  work  to  the  people  of  British Columbia is one; and what a glorious work lt has been since in   1897
the  B. C.   Klectric  Railway  Company
.'Limited was formed and took over a
rnttmher    of     amalgamated     systems
Which  had previously been  ln operation ln  Victoria and Vancouver upon
,*-small and finite unprogresslve scale;
an.l  since  in the following year 1S9S
; -the Vancouver Power Company Limit-
ed   was   formed   as  a   subsidiary   con-
i  for the  purpose of   generating
er   by   means  of  a    hydio-e'ectrie
; at Lake Buntzen
:e power developed at Lake Bunt-
has been generated and   utilized
ough  all   the   Intervening   years���
d  let  us remember they  have only
an twelve in number���with not only
H  beneficial   and    a    marvellous,    bin.
Kith a transforming effect.
I A volume of normal size could not
Be - unit   the   half   of   their   achieve-
Bents    in    and    around,    Vancouver,
|orth and south Vancouver, the suburban   and   Interurban   districts   be-1
veen   Vancouver   and   this    city,   in j
Jwellings, on thc farms. In industrial
factories,    lumber   mills,   ship    yards,'
Ind an Infinite variety of manufactur-j
lng   and   business   concerns;   but   we.
trust  the  record   of   tliose   achieve-j
Jfcents wlll not be lost; for though we,
Kf this day and generation know   In
���pome degree the history of the   ex-j
Retiditure of $20,000,000 in the period
ftamed, and have observed its   tn>ns-|
Storming effects from year to year, yet
IHt Is certain that the next generation
ftr two will expect to know something
, "���pf the corporation which has done so
much to promote the rapid expansion
of Southern  British Columbia.
But since we cannot recount the
whole cf tbe corporation's gigantic operations from Lake Buntzen downward let us not ignore the part that
concerns ourselves the closest of all
���their work in this city of New West-
minister and its environments; and
what ls in a sense the greatest of all
their achievements���the opening up of
the Fraser Valley between this city
and Chilliwack.
Here through tbe corporation's power plant we have not only electric
light continuous, steady and cheap;
but a splendid electric car service
within tbe city  and suburbs.    Here,
too, throughout the manufacturing bridges, which are operated by the
anl wholesale section the power eir- current from the company's lines, are
cult is the motor force for numerous also an evidence of its extreme util-
manufactories, a large can factory, an ity.
ice and cold storage plant, several ma-]    All  along  our  water   front   power
chine and iron works, Butcher shops, iine3 are now available for any Indus-
cooling plants, bakeries, plumbing and tries intending to locate here,
printing works:  and .a number of dl-1    w'e have seen the beneficial effects
versified     industrial     establishments. 0f the new through car route to Ste-
Perhars no where, locally, can elec-!veston from this city. The town of
trie power be seen more effectually Steveston itself, at the mouth of the
than In the car building shops of the Fraser, tho town of Ladner opposite,
B. C. Electric Railway Company It- the motors In the salmon canneries,
Relf. There the extraordinary flexibll- and the dwelling, stables, barns and
ity and adaptability of electric power dairy houses of the farmers are all In
is seen to perfection in quite a num- the full enjoyment of electric light
bnr of diverse operations. and power.
The swings of the two Fraser river.    Wherever electric light and power
go, there', settlement, progress,   prosperity and development follow.
Eagerly do we look forward to the
realization of this maxim in the last
and greatest work of the B. C. Electric railway In extending Its systems
along and through the half, million
acres of the most prolific soil in the
world from New Westminster to Chilliwack.
This system passes enroute through
Surrey with aboi<t 77,000 acres of
magnificent land suitable for fruit,
roultry, cattle or mixed farming;
Langley with 77,046 acres of rich alluvial soil and sandy loam, suitable
for dairying, chesse-maklng, poultry
and horticulture; -Matsqui and Sumas
containing probably 100,000 acres   of,
superb fruit and general farm land
which, has scarcely been touched,and
merely awaits the settler to reveal
not only its agricultural value but
most probably its mineral treasure;
and lastly Chilliwack itself, around
which lies the unrivalled fruit and
hop-growing districts.
The farmers and settlers throughout the entire sixty-four miles of this
Fraser Valley will have not only
cheap and ready transportation to the
market by means of electric passenger and freight cars; but also electric
light, heat and power.
They will be able to use the power
for an nflnite Variety of operations iu
their dwellings, barns, stables and
farm yards. The light and heat will
be utillzable in the same way; and
any farmer in the region of the whole
territory traversed will be able to
have the comfort and convenience of
electricity as if he resided in the city.
He can bring his produce of any
kind to the market by freight from
any part of the sixty-four miles and
return in the course of a few hours.
The  transportation  of  this  district
| whose  charm  of  climate  and   whose
scenery    of    mountain,    forest    and
[stream unrivalled in tue Dominion in-
' to a closely settled area will not only
bring riches to the city of Xew Westmlster, prosperity to the settlers, monetary   return   to   the    B.  C.   Electric
Company, but pride and glory to the
Province of British Columbia.
If the company's intention to
achieve this result succeeds, as we
believe it will, we shall hardly know
whether to hall them as colonizers,
statesmen, or benefactors. But at all
events the people of tbe province will
accord to tbem the full reward of pure
patriotism���admiration and gratitude.
The operations of the company have
now become so formidable In the various systems coming to and radiating
from New Westminster, particularly
as the Fraser Valley system is now
complete and ready for its great and
momentous career, that the company
have deemed it not only advisable, but
absolutely necessary to create a new
offlce. The holder will have tha absolute control of the entire Inter-urban lines including the new route to
Chilllawck, and of course he will be
located here. The company have appointed to the offlce Allen Purvis and
have designated him, manager, interurban lines, New Westminster. m
��� ���%���:
Fisheries Supply the World���Splendid Transportation Facilities
i -
E have said in another article
that Xew Westminster has several commercial pillars upon which
she is resting the fabric of her mercantile greatness. All of them arise
..out of the unrivaled natural resources
with wliich she is surrounded, so profuse and powerful and prolific, that all
they demand at the hand of man Is to
seize ancl utilize them for bis use and
year, and that it is not likely to decrease witli the increasing years and
the Increasing population, one can
readily perceive tbe value of the hatchery and ti e commendable prudence
which dictated its establishment.
Salmon canning as an Industtry was
established cn the Fraser river in
1878. In that year 9800 cans were
taken. New Westminster is the undoubted centre cf the industry, for
from the mouth of the river fifteen
miles or so to the west of the city to
Among these bountiful endowments | Mission, thrity miles to the east fish-
Of nature are the salmon which
swarm in myriads up tlie Kraser rive:'
during the spawning season. Since
men have begun to appreciate tbem,
they have proved to be an easy prey,
and as a consequence salmon canning
has been established at various points
along the Fraser, east and west of us,
but wiih Xew Westminster the central point and pivot of the whole op-
There are no less than five varieties
of the salmon���sockeye. spring or
tyee. cohoe, humpback and dog. They
are all valuable for food, but neither
the dog salmon, which averages from
ten to twelve pounds, nor th - humpback, is a favorite in British Columbia. It is noi used for home consumption; and it is not canned for the
Ihi:ish market, but the less fastidious
and epicurean taste of tbe Oriental is
delighted with the luxury, as he calls
it. ancl thousands of tons yearly of
both species are salted down and
transported to China and .Japan.
The sockeye  which  is  held in   the
boats abound, tbe total hands employed in the whole operation of fishing, boats iind canneries during an
average 'or ordinary season being
from ten to twelve thousand. In 1D08
the last average year, thqv were 11.-
553 men.
To save the time of the fisherman,
the catch is collected from the fishing
boats daily with swift launches which
convey the lish to the cannery. Here
tiihlished about four years they have
succeeded in building up a large trade
connection from the Pacific coast as
far east as Ontario. In the curing
process, the greatest skill and care
are exercised by expert hands, and in
the packing nothing that experience
can suggest, is left undone, so that
the  fish  may  reach  the most  distant
bands; they have a large number of
rigs; express wagons are always on
hand ready to be supplied on the
shortest notice, and ihe company
make a specialty of anything and
everything in tbe teaming line. The
men they employ are thoroughly   re-
TRANSPORTATION facilities is a '
term generally applied to one of ]
the prime  factors  in  development  of!
liable and skilled so that no aiticle no ______     ________
matter how delicately constructed, as! �����������������- fundamental  Importance
consumer in the most perfect   condi-\pianos tor example, or how heavy and|cfty and citizens of Xew Westminster
tion.     This   firm   luts   certainly   done awkward, as safes for   example,   suf- .	
much towards the policy of central!-! fers the slightest Injury, or   is   sub- and  the  superb   territory    on   every Fof transcontlnenta
zing in Xew Westminster tbe whole-1 jected to rough handling.   Prompt at-
sale lish trade of British Columbia,
and the members of the firm, H. J.
Butterfleld. George .Mackie iind E.
.Mochahe. deserving this public acknowledgement of their efforts in tbis
direction. The head ofiice of Butter-
field .Mackie & Co. is at 212 Fiont
street, Xew Westminster,
branches at Vancouver and
tent ion is given to all orders, th -
charges are era&onable, and care is
guaranteed in every transaction. The
company have just fitted up fine new
offices at 827 Carnarvon street, which
they intend shortly to make their permanent location. Their present office ison Columbia street next to the
tram ollice.
way also traverses the Fi  ser v
along  routes  of  its  own.     i
ers   along   these   routes   will   a|a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      aided   to   send   their   produ-,.   I
either a city or the opening up of a j market  here  where it  can-re
and it is of thej ready sale.    This is merelj   ���
to the! vi,'w o' tbe effects of the i
-Northern  making  Port Mar.n
ly   Xew    Westminster,   Its    te
^ _^|r;e which v,
new tract of county
whose   interests   are    Identical.
arrive here in ever-inc
Nay  the interests of the latter���tbe I especially freight traffic, wlll in ,.
rich region of which the Royal City is !of instances be for Bbipment abro
the centre���are even more vital
urrectlon into life itself for them de-1
; This   brines   us  to  the  next
water transportation.
The transcontinental
i of  the  Canadian   Noi
freight tra
hern    R . ,
tl,e  will not seek shipment beyond it 0n
Tiiis livery,  feed and sale   stables
has come within the   space   of three
years, since its establishment,   to be
one of the most popular of its kind in
ithe city of Xew  Westminster.      The
is either placed in cold storage or |proprietors  Messrs,  Bell, Ingle <��  Co.
shipped by train, alter being packed set out with the idea of supplying
in broken ice, to the east or tbe l'nited States cu- other markets.
There are varieties cf salmon which
are rarely sold in hulk, and these are
canned by millions the moment they
are received.
Salmon packing has become a  fine
wanl which tliey felt existed among
the citizens, and they bave supplied
it. if the satisfaction of the people
and tlieir own success are to be taken as a criterion. The feed and sale
stables are well patronized, iind have
prove 1 ;i decided convenience. But
though eacli part of the business bas
Its own peculiar recommendation, the
pends  upon  the "transportation  facilities;"  while  so  far  iis  concerns
  city it is only ber greatness, her pow-; terminus seeing that the Fraser ri
Xew  Westminster has  many  Indus- er   to    attain    her    splendid    destiny .presents so many advantug*
tries   which   are   destined   to   grow among  the  cities  of  the   wesl    that tractions with all the conveniei
greater  and   greater  as   the   province , .,     ,   , .     ,  , iiin   nupn   cr>n   i,.,,-i���.,. ti      .,
... f ,  ..     J     .  .     i hangs upon the balance, or is depend-1'"'   "inn   sea   n.uiioi. Th.-   fix nt
and the great  west of the Dominion        ���      ' i,.     ,. .,
expand, and display to the world their enl ��i'"" transportation facilities. Yel  the Fraser as the sue of the t<
marvellous     and     inexhaustible     re- it  musl be admitted thai thla is \i;:il
sources.      Among these great   Indus-1enough.    For is nol stagnation death?
Happily both for the t Ity and the
highest esteem, averages up to aboutjnot only makes them flrm aml soimd
fen pounds, begins entering the river for a couple of weeks 01. g., ,,fte]. be.
usually in April, and the run heing at ing t.lken from Ule refrigerator cafB<
its height in the beginning of August.
The spring salmon ranges from eighteen to thirty pounds, but in tbe run
it has frequently heen taken at a
weight as much as sixty and more
rounds. The run continues from early
spring to late in duly. The color of
this fish is rather of a pink than a red,
and as both Canadian and British
tastes are emphatically in favor of a
distinctly red fish, the popularity of
the sockeye over the Quinnat (or
spring) is most pronounced. The cohoe I silver or fall) salmon averages
from three to eight pounds, and trav-
art. The utmost care is used in the I hacks and smart turnouts supplied by
selection of fish, bores and  i.e.   The;1'-"'-  l!|.-'e  &  Co. are deserving of a
.. ��� ,.���j .-.-, ,-. c,,Q .. particular and special mention.   Thev
usual size oi Ice-packed fish is fhe toi     ^ fl s,ecIaItJ of these hacks an;,
fourteen pounds. Is.i ot this size, be-]tm.noutSi ,ind pride themselves on the
fore being cased, are most scrupu- knowledge that nothing in the city
lously Meane.l, was ed an.l generally j can approach or compare with them. 1
The people are the best judges, and
the people confirm the opinion of the
proprietors by patronizing the backs
and smart turnouts of the Fashion livery.    The proprietors are E. Bell and
tries we accord, in this trade review
of the city, a conspicuous place to the ^^^^^^
wholesale lish business, owned and surrounding and contiguous districts
carried on by the flrm of M. Monk & tho construction of transportation fa-
Co. The business of wholesale flsh .nm,.. has well begun, there utility
dealers   was    established    some    ten
years ago. and it has neen carried on ^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
with commendable ability and with a agnized, and everything tends to make
thorough    spirit   of   enterprise   evei- the   Royal  City  the  centripedal   and
since,    The company bave their own centrifugal point for every species of
liiuspoitiition, both  by hind and wa-
wrapped in clean  white paper which1
but  also  maintains  the  flavor of  the C-   W-  ln^,e  whose  personal  supervi-
��� ,   . , .     ���      .a.      *s s:on nnd attention in regard to all or-
fish  in  much  more perfection than it   -���_ ���__  . ..   , - ~"    ,.    '
deis can be relied on.      The Fashion
the  packing   had   been   done   in
alone. H	
The  cases   which   are   prepared   at  's open day and ri : ���:.
the  local  mills  hold thirty fish each.'
and  are  so  deftly  designed as to  be  RC^AL     CITY     TRANSFER
not only practically air-tight, but lm- PANY.
pervious to any contamination
^^^^^^ ctlng
Livery is at 4(1 Eighth street, corner fisl1 direct from the fishermen, and
Eighth  and  Carnarvon  street,  and  it are able t0 sh'l' lllcir customers  flsh
the same clay they are caught, so that
ithe  high   and   uniform   quality   which
I the company has always aimed at pr'e-
COM- serving, is more easily attained.   The
business of the company is not by any
I means local or confined to the city. It
extends throughout  the province, and
as far as Xew York.      M. Monk who
| lias  the  controlling  Interest    in   the
  The   business   of   the   Royal    City
Canned    salmon    has    upon    more j Transfer company was established so
than one  occasion been  held respon-' long ago as 1SIIS, and it is entitled to
sible for serious consequences. But I the llf:e ��f t'le wo''d "Royal" in an- firm, is also a large shareholder in the
.,        ... .- ,.,        ,, _ !  ,,  _   Ither sense, because the transfer busi-Icienrose  Canning Company,   being  a
the calamity certainly could not haveL that jt conductH ls absolutely director and vice president. This com-
arisen from Fraser river canned sai- royal in the superiority, tbe complete-, pany is operating the Industrial Can-
n.on.    The  most  scrupulous   care   is ness, and the absolute perfection withInery opposite tbe city, which is noted
which  it
els  in  compact  shoals,  running from  taken   ;n   every   part  of   the   canning I which  it  transcends all  others.    The  for the excellent  quality  of  its  prod
August  to October, and  tastes about!process   and  in  the  can  itself  whIch  proprietors are Belyea & Co., and the  nets.    The transforming of our great
its   palatable   qualities   are   by   no .fr manufactured here so that neither EX" M-^^l^li?'!^^^^^    resources   into   industrial
i i attends   strictly    to   business   ancl   is  enterprises  is  one of the   main   fac-
means unanimous. | taint nor contamination of tbe slight-lever anxious to please his clients. Thej tors of the  Royal  City's  growth  and
est   description   could   possibly   take  company have the most complete out- 'expansion, and M.  Monk  <��  Co   have
fit  and  equipments  for  the  thorough  our
The favorite sockeye is the greatest
frequenter of the waters of the Fraser, and there is a well authenticated
event  in   fish   life   which    lias   never i
of   the   Canadian   Northern   Rallwi
means, without a doubt, om
this city���the  Initiation
into an  ocean   port,  a   porl   I
shi| s from every land wlll i
from   which   ships   to   - \ cry   !   ���
been rec-lg0,    -N(nv Westminster bai
to struggle wiili ber destiny, i
tend whether she is to be    i
city    with    river   accommodati
whether she Is to be one of the -
est   fresh  water ocean  ports
world.    The advent  oi  the C
Northern   Railway  has   decide.
1 lice.
Ti.e result of this care and caution!
has  so   le.lounded   to   the   benefit   of
been explained. It appears i:v enor-[tle local indU8try that the name of a
mously greater numbers every fourth Fraser rive:- company is a guarantee
year. Whether the fish have a well- all the wo: Id over that the contents
regulated system of inviting one an- of tie can are absolutely pure. As
other to their favorite haunts each [ Xew Wesminster legards the can-
fourth year or not. the curious quad- ning industry iis in many ways tribu-
rennial influx fact remains, and it has tory to her future greatness, we take
never been explained. For example, pleasure in lecording the fact we have
in 1901 a big year, as eacli fourth year mentioned in favor of the Fraser
Is called, 1.247,^12 cases of salmon River Canneries.
were  put   up   in    British    Columbia  ���
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hearty approbation.    Their stores
carrying out of their business.    Tbey are at 531 Front street, and tbe wharf
employ    from   twenty   to   twenty-five and  warehouses.  126  Front street.
worth $5,980,000. These c.ses contained 12.500.000 fish ar.d wei. bed (10,-
000,000 pounds. The next big year
was 1905. The early run disappointed
the hopes of all the canners, but first
This company has been established
for some twelve or fourteen years for
,. .,    . , , the  carrying  on  of  a  wholesale  and
appearances proved unreliab e for suf- ex[J0It  bllsinegs   us  Fish    merchanlg
ficient salmon afterward were taken' and canners. The company has Its
to fill 1,167,822 cases; 1909 us every-!headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland
one remembers was for many assign- and is registered for the purposes of
ed causes very much short of the take-
its business in British Columbia. The
cannery is on the south arm of thc
of 1!>01, and 1905, but still it amount- Fraser river, about four miles below
ed to verv nearly double the take of New Westminster, and the cold stor-
the ordinary or lean year, being 967,- 5. e' ref'^en.tion and ice plant are on
' Front street. The companv do a large
920 cases, of which the r-raser river(busineSs ln Ule sale of lce.    Tho flsh
accounted   for  no   less   than   507 203 and canning businesses are wholesale
cares of a value, at a very moderate and export trades.   The company ban
estimate, of 86,000,000. Id!e va8t (l"anli,1(-,s of all kinds of fish
,",,     ,'.'.,     ,     .  . nnd their trade has been a constantly
The  following  table  Is  Interesting lncreaslng  one  dllling  .,���   the   , ears
as showing the certain recurrence of they have been in operation here
the fat and lean years in flsh Iif-, re- Through the high quality and the
minding us of the fat and   the   lean liU'Pe Quantity of their exports many
,    , , , . , , , ,    men  have been drawn to  British Co
years of which we have amp.e records
The Central Livery with its feed
and sale stable of which S. H. Thompson is the proprietor, is one of the
best known establishments in New
Westminster city. It is located at 3S
Eighth street, and lias been in existence for the past ten years. Not
only is it the largest livery, but  for
when such a thing is necessary. The
city has extended in wealth and importance so much during the past few
years that constant vigilance lias been
necessary to keep the Central Livery
fully up-to-date and commensurate
with the requirements. Tbis vigilance
has never been relaxed by Mr.
Thompson, the present proprietor
who has the satisfaction of knowinj
that his efforts have been recognized
lumbia and especially the Fraser Va!
ley.    The manager of the company is
James Anderson, who is well known
and highly esteemed  in the commercial  circles of the city and of othei
cities  of  British  Columbia.     He is  r
devoted believer in the future of tbe
620,460 Royal City as a great manufacturing.
547,459 shipping and  commercial  center, and
r.., (.|S(,  hopes himself to see the   eonsumma-
i"-\ .>'   t'on ��^ t'ie movement in that direction
  "" "'' which already bas begun.    The offices
The tot:il  value of the British   Co- of the company are at Front street.
lubla fisheries in 1908 was ��6,450,038, |	
ancl in 1909,   .11.010,000.    And as the
in the histories and traditions
own progenitors:
Year��� Numhe
^^ our
of Cases.
. 465,894
.1 107 4 !0
flrst-class   backs   and   carriages   it   is by  tbe  public  in  the  most   effectual
without  a  compeer, and at all  hours way,   by  a  generous  and   constantly
tne requirements of the customer can Increasing patronage.    Mr. Thompson
tie  promptly  and  efficiently  supplied, bears  a   high   reputation    throughout
���Ml\   Ibompson   has  lecently  added  a,the city, for bis business capacity and
��� lrst-chiss forty-one   horsepower   auto-! rectitude,   and   the  Central   Elvery  is
Jioblle to his equipment and expects!certain  to participate   in  the   great B   _.���,���������_,   ���,,������,  tt|,    ,, ^
n   the   near    future   to   ad 1    others,  prosperity  which  the city  is  now en-  short  distance  of  their  homo*   th��lr ,        u     ?Uffera  froaj  rou*h
hereby   enabling   bis   clients   to   oh- joying  and   must   Inevitably   continue   . stance  of  tl.eii   homes,  their i,eB8   handling.    The   proprietor i
tam  the  quickest   means   of   travel to enjoy fo
ter, while within herself lesser, but no
.ess   important   forms   of   transports-
'ion in   exislemo  ai.d   a:e    heing!   .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
further  oragnized  and  developed   for destiny one- and tor ever.
conveying  passengers and  freight  In     These greal   themes and   tin
every  diiection. must  not lead us from a full a-
The Canadian  Pacific  Railway, the lodgement  of the transfer com
Great Northern Railway, the V. V. & and Arms which are as indlspens
E. Railway, in a sense a subsidiary of to the city, our visitors, and   cl
the Great   Xorthe'n,  all  operating  In I as the electric light to which wei
different   directions   are   contributing j become so accustomed that it  la
their  quota  to  the  work  of   develop-  absolutely  Indispensable to   us
ment and expansion. transfer companies, an I  the com
Tbe  li. C.  Electric  Railway   stands j ences and comforts provided for i
upon a plane by itself;  for in a veryjors and citizens in the llverii
real sense, the promulgation of Its pol-1 rages of the  Royal  City ���
ley of extending its system from the'thing to be found elsewhei
Royal  City  to  Chilliwack  meant  tne'those of many  Larger cities
beginning of the- period of our renew-j equal to them. They are conned activity, the assumption once morel men   who  while  Bervlng  themsi
of our contest for place and  position)are intently bent on serving the
among  the  great  cities  of  the   west, rile and that  in the best  and qui
and especially those of ihe Province of and   most  economical   mannei
Biitish Columbia.    Tne li. ('.  Electric 1 zens appreciate them;   and   tr,   -
Railway is in a very real and revivify. ��� and  visitors  never depart  wil
ing sense establishing an electric cur-1 face.
rent between Xew Westminster and. Now all these combinations
tbe city of Chilliwack. ln a very Short and water tralia���the railways
time the activity and volume of traf- J verging round our city; the i ���
fie between these two cities will be as j river lying at our door whal d I
great as that between here and Van- indicate? What do they [nvol
couver. And tbe new traffic will ��� That the Royal City must go on h
mean even more to Xew Westminster|greatness to greatness; am
than tbe old. We say tbis without In
any way disparaging the value of the
B. C. Electric Railway connection between here and Vancouver. But the
new electric railway Involves some-1
thing to the Royal City that the Vancouver line did uot. It involves the
making of the Royal City tbe veritable agricultural capital of the Fraser
Valley us far as the city of Chilliwack.
New Westminster bas long been
called the metropolis of the Fraser
Valley. She enters her inheritance in
full state and power with the opening of the B. C. Electric Railway
through her magnificent, unrivalled
and superb territory.
By means of the new electric railway farmers will bring their produce
for   miles  and   miles   to  the    weekly
market which for years bas been pro-! manner.    The  company  do light
vlded for them;  and which thev have!,ieav-v draylng. transfer business i
utilized   to  such   an   extent  that    not- Ik,nd8.-  "ml   ,,1!,kt'  ft  s>'C(,'al,>
withstanding   many   extensions    lt   ls
still too small.    After having disposed
of their produce they  v, ill  be able to
return,   landing   frequently   wil bin   a
awakening which she has recent!, a
periencel Is the breaking to her oil
glorious day,
With tbe new activity nnd develoi
I ment not only in the city but In '���
districts  of   wliich    It  is  the   cents'
many  businesses are participating il
the general prosperity which seems I
i pervade   everybody   and   everytblB)
|even tbe influx of visitors.   Tbe Wc;
j minster Transfer  Companv   has l-rf
In business for six years, but lt r.c-
bas been more active than now  T:
Is  not  altogether  attributable i�� '
Increasing population, or tbe . ene%
prosperity, but rather to the fact im���������
all  work undertaken by the compj:
ls carried out ln a thoroughly eftlcleJ
merclal  men's  business.      They ke*
constantly   employed    flve    rl|
flve men.    These men are we
en   for  their  carefulneM   an i   reiij
blllty, and  no article ever entruiw
many years.
W.     R.    JAYNES.
The    energetic   enterprise,   growth
and expansion in every part of New
Westminster at the present ti r,e. are
flourishing   concerns:     One    . .   ^^^
new businesses Is tbat of VV, it. Jay
teams   having   either   rested    in    the j E.  Cameron   who  Is  well   known
meantime or having been utilized by esteemed in the city, and to lilni
' I attributable the efficiency ol ':
Westminster Transfer Companj ���'
success of the pasi ls only a prelu*
some one else In their absence.    Tbe'
all   the  fitting equipment  and  repair-.Eburne and Steveston line of the  B.
ing of boats, and his husiness in this1,,    ,.,,,,,,, ,     ,,        ,    ,     ,    ,, ,       ^^���^^���.���.
res, eet  bas  gone on  rapidly  Increas-  C'   hleclrio   Uallwil-V    b!,0,iI(1    n0t   ,l0 ��.""��frfea f success of the future"
lng since be commenced.      All  work  omitted in connection with tbe splen- �����  Westminster    transfer     o.n u J
undertaken by Mr. Jaynes. whether it | did   ultra-urban   system   which   they ?ne. ?fflces "��� In **-*, Tram depot, u|
have organized   with  this city us thel
centre.     To   this   railway   tbe    Royal '
But the debt will be
be new  or only  repairing
  .   _ _,_. _���,  is carried
nto existence new businesses out promptly  and   with   a  skill   that
ue   quickly   developing   Into cannot be surpassed.    .Mr. Jaynes litis
of   these also one of the best equipped motor-] City owes much
.lumbia street.
boats on the Fraser river, fitted with
half generally goes to the Fraser fishing points, of which the Royal City is
tbe centre one can perceive the enormous asset that the unerring salmon
is to tbis place.
The government have taken commendable precautions for keeping up
the supply by establishing hatcheries
{it various points. One of these is at
Bpn Accord a few miles from this
city. This hatchery produced in
Name��� Fry.
Xew Westminster has many splendid Industries which directly owe
their origin to the natural resources
of the province, and among these we
place in this trade review of the Royal
City, the wholesale flsh trade. When
we mention this trade, the flrm of
Butterfleld Mackie & Co., is at once
suggested to our mind as the principal representatives of it. They sire
wholesale merchants and enters, and
as such handle ln large quantities
salmon,  red  and  white,  halibut, cod
crabs, herrings, smelts, kippers, bloat-
rim               e ��� 0.n ,.������ ers- Tl'ey have the most ample means
Co',ce       4,950,000 jof |anding Md treatlng the figh   and
Foci eye       3,680,000 of shipping them to their widely dis-
Spiing      2,095 000 tended     destinations     through     the
Having   regard    to    the   enormous S?"j!S"j ,an��� thVa8,ern Provinces.
* hough this  firm have on v h��w��n ��
drain on these favorite fish, year by m na>e 0Dly Deen eB"
nobly requited by the districts
through which it passes; for their
traffic to and from this city will hi ing
ever Increasing monetary results to
the company, Every new settler
means a new pal ion to the railway;
SO that, the crop Of their sowing will
be as luxuriant and prolific as   every
Xew Westminster Is evoling and it*
veloping with such rapidity as a **.���-
ufacturing, commercial and resld^J
tial center, that new enterprises ��:*l
being constantly added to' the large!
number which are already in full ""'I
n.hnv ,.,.������, i    i   ii   ,,,   .,     .. Prosperous operation.     Among the*
othei  cop planted In this thc richest, in ibis trade review. II is gratifying"
territory ln the Dominion. record Ihe Commercial Transfer *'��*
But  it   is  said   that  wonders  never ',an-v-    Tllf! business i-i intended tc
cease.      They   do  not  apparently
ti  general  one, and  it is certain
railway   construction.
nes, who is a practical man, dealing a four-cycle Buffalo engine. This boat
in gasoline engines, supplies and fit- is splendidly fitted up and be is at all
tings atitt.l Front street, where he times prepared to take out pleasure
carries A most complete stock. His parties at a reasonable charge. This
partcical experience and skill enable boat is also very popular among the
him to c&rry on the work of Install- real estate brokers for showing prosing, fitting up and general repairing, pective clients the various points on
Mr. Jaynes is an expert in regard to the river.
,n      ,,       ,, the  proprietors  will  provide t
���   ��� ,    , "le Cs'"'itlian ne  wlth a complete and  highly ��,
Northern   Railway   which   every   one elent service. Everything will be Wg
thought would make its terminus   in thoroughly modern and up-to-date n"-]
Vancouver   has   definitely   fixed   that PromPt attention will be given to *'
... ������ ' ' orders entrusted  to the firm.    *���*<���'���
e over the   proprietors   will   person
terminus athwart the river at a sit
now called Port Mann contiguous to superintend' all"the' "operations qi
the city's southern boundary.    What | cobcern, and thus secure in the m"8
the results of this new coup may b. .effectual way promptitude. pol'|eneS'
lt must not be forgotten that this rail- bie street, Windsor Hotel block
--������>__w* ���____*** '>>T ��ft��*7Vr 4i** __ ***-.��� ���;_W. C
w9*K**mp**z* *'     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1910.
s New Westminster's Hotels Are Commodious and Comfortable
THE hotels and restaurants and
cafes of the Royal City are superior to thee of any other city of Its
size on the continent. Hotels have a
greater power of retarding or promoting a city than is generally supposed.
Nothing can so thoroughly disappoint
Tbe Windsor Hotel is one Which
has done much for the city. It was
built since the great fire, and tha
present proprietor, P. O. Bilodeau.
has been there since 1906. The hotel
has 100 rooms, beautifully arranged,
well adjusted ancl (comfortably fur
nished.    They  are  well-lighted,  heat
visitors to any place than to find tha. a |^JS*,,^^   Electric light   and
I steam-heat  pervade the entire prein:
deftly-worded advertisement, which
perhaps he bas encountered for the
first time in the train or car as he
came to the city, has lured him to a
There is no class of enterprise that
more quickly  becomes  known to the
people than the first-class cafe.     The
Cafe is an essential everywhere, but
I especially  in new  cities and growing
\ I communities.   For a considerable time
New Westminster suffered not from a
! dearth of cafes--, but from a .'earth of
,   ., ,    ,    .   .. , I good ones.    Since tlie Royal Cafe was
ses   and the amplest   bathroom   and Ltarted  son)p , ,     lnonths
toilet    accommodation    Is    provided. ,    a    Dominion  Trust block by
The guest feels, even in the midst of  ,.-   w    Seabo,d   ...,   B   , New
hotel life, something of the   compo- Westminster can no longer be Bald to
sure of home in the \\ inds'ir.   That is ; _���   ���.;,i,���...   ���     r, .--r.     .._ ._ ,-..
nor any of the amenities of life. On
the other hand when a tourist wakes
ln the morning after a comfortable
night's repute, and is served with a
breakfast with wbicli tbe most, fastidious could  find  no reason to quar-
where the finest of meals are provided at the most moderate rates.   Excel-
  I about,   the   highest   tribute   cou'd    be l^^i'l'^t   a _ first-class,    up ��o-date
place where he found neither comfort j paid to its courteous and urbane pro-l^ ^ g^fflj.ff RS
\P'V,      n ilTZl f- S'     it" , re^U; oelle .tly      furnished:"    its     comfort,
rant run m conjunction w th the bote   ���i,,,.i-���i���    , ,
J c-  cheerfulness    and   general   attractive
ness  are   manifest   at    the   first    en-
,     ,   r     ,      ,    :    i, ,    ,   , , trance.    The feeling Of satisfaction in-
lent,  food, admirably  cooked. In  great !_._���._���   ������   ������     , /  .���     , ���    ...
i       ,  . , ,, ., . ,    eieas-es   as   on--   begins   to    scan    the
variety   and    seasonable,   with   quick menu cr ,,,,     f fflrB      ��� fa  h m    f
and polite attendance.     Then   he bar, v,lH f f    j      d i{h     ^
,^^^ ���   , , ,     "!m''  l; "1^ in connection   bas the Light appeal to the   most   fastidious.
re. he or she is more likely to take; fine* rtock ol first-class wines, splr- ,,���, the feeling of satisfaction becomes
an agreeable and optimistic view   of >'��   "j]1'0'*; f'parf���,.��ic-  ln   V'e       .'>complete   when   promptly   the   order,
���^- -��"��� '"������ -�����- - *���"**& TL tMStrs 1SS SS-5��,;;:;;, ,',:;���.;: *- -�� j
day.    The    best    advertisement,   not fe��      The  hotel   is   run   on   both  the ,     J 'l'""1'   J16'.'       ',
" . .     .,     ,   . , ,   i'        . , '    ���      '     l"~ beaming  countenance, and  when  the
only for the city hut   fer the   hotel it-, American  and   European   plans.   wltb|rellsh  of  ,||(,  well.cooked  food<  fresh
self, is the high quality of the hotel special rates to families and commer- |UD 1 sweet an(, n        lg fuU    a      .
accommodii.ion.    It  is much more ef- J^   ��.r^el"B' ""'', "  l" �����Bt S0���*' elated.    The appetite, at  first sti.nu-
. , i lent lv located next to the B. C. Elec-,, .  H   ��� ,    .-Haflort   wiipn  tho  innt
fectual and  far  more  reaching than tric Tram offlce ""**���   s only satisfied when the last
.     _ 11.mi in.uc. vestige bas disappeared.    Everything
the   ordinary   means   of    advertising. , is in season in the Royal Cafe-fish or
Every   hotel   keeper   daily   advertises PREMIER   HOTEL. game,  fruit   or  vegetable.     The  mer-
his own business by the standard sus-   chants' lunch served at 25 cents, is a
talned'in his own establishment from | New Westminster is rising so rap-j feature of the noon-day meal. This
___.'���,.. , ... m ,,��� ,, _ ,,,������ idlv to Importance and influence that lunch surpasses anything in the city.
the hall to tbe bedroom.   He has thus L^ gubjec't of h���r hme]s and of the Ud  equa]a  anythIng  we   havP   ever
the power in himself of constituting accommodation which they afford is'seen. The Royal Cafe, which caters
his house first or second-class. The one of paramount imoprtance. Amongjto banquets and special parties on
guest  becomes   an    unconscious   and  the Royal City's best hotels must be j short notice, Is certain of a great suc-
, . i      .i .       nlaced  the Premier,  wbicli  was built cess which we heartily wish it in the
perhaps unintentional advertiser when I l"d,eu  mK  ������'-���"���*-������   Wlm''     "*        ' \ ,,���..���, ritv
*r^ I some seven vears ago bv G. A. Peters,  'toy at Lity.
as  he  travels   along,   he   encounters the present proprietor.    It Is one   of:	
one man after another proceeding to those  compact,  clean   and   eomforta-'   _��� RATS   REACHES
some place where he has   previously I ble hotels at which one loves to rest! CAPITAL   OF   MANITOBA
been.   He Immediately advises his ac- !f��'  repose   and  where some   of   the ,	
feelings  aud  sensations  of  home  are |    ....    , _ _   ,    .
quaintance to patronize one place or i enKCnderi|_l.      The  rooms wbicli   are1    winnIPeg. Oct. 3.���It is feared that
to shun another;  and very likely the twentv-niJe In number   are large and!th? long exPecte(l invasion of rats has1
voluntarv  advice  thus  vouchsafed  is commodious,   well   furnished,   lighted j"  laBt,***_*���*_   Wlnn'peg-      Several
and   heated.    Ample   bath   and   toilet !ha;e ,alI",ead-v   been   repoi ted   though
accommodation   ls   provided  throughout the house.   Tbe sitting rooms are
reciprocated by tbe other gentleman.
It, therefore,   behoves  every  hotel-
keeper to see that his guests are well
looked after, and that tbey depart ln ing room Is in-thorough keeping with
good humor. U'le cuisine which  is of the most ex
nor.e in large numbers.
The   rodents   have   been   expected
i        a .   . v.\r.   ������a .i.r, A-*n   here daily for a good   whi e.      They
amp e  and comfortable,  and the din-  . ��� �� '
1 t have been on the march   for months
causing   great   destruction   wherever
they went.
Many of  the  hotels  of   tbe   Royal
[cellent  and  varied   description.    Tbe
cooking  Is  simple    perfect,  and   the
City, ln consequence of tbe Increasing ; food It8elf of tlle boBt duality. The
number of visitors and for otber rea-!hotel is conducted on the American
eons, have seen tit to make consider-1 Plan only and the rates are from
able  additions   to  their   accommodeJ*1-50 per *���*   The hotel has also the
Ottawa, Oct. 3.���On exhibition in A.
P. Johnson's grocery store on Bronson
avenue, is a freak lamb that is attracting considerable attention.
Tbis unique specimen of the animal
world was secured from B. Feeley, of
Finch, and after being born lived ten
days. There are two perfectly formed
bodies with four legs on each one, the
front legs lying over tlie back; but
there is only one head.
The animal has been stuffed and is
rerosing In a glass case.
The fiist-c'.ass hotel  is one of   the
potent elements that contribute large-
tlon.    And  at   tbe present time they|one   of ���,e nnPSt   stocks   of   wines.
advantage^ a commodious har where f development of a new   and
��r. In .   h.,..,1v  ��� ,.��f    ,���,-  .,,,    mTe ^a, stocks   of   wines. essive   cit      and    certalnly    the
are tn a highly   satisfactory and effl-.beers, and diquors. as well as cigars ^ R       n ig ianj< h
dent State.    The   Hotel   Russell,  for jof  the  best   brands  are   kept      The       u     estim.,tion of the      bU   ,ind of
sss*****************************W TI  It ..f .J  t .. A      ,,n      I     ���    I M 11 \ I . 1 ��� r
the  citizens  of   Xew   Westminster  in
instance, wliich was built at a cost of
Premier Hotel is located on Columbia
,,���.���.���  . , , ..    , ; avenue, and visitors to the Roval City |
1125,000 is a  place where ideal com-1 can  make no n,lstakp _.  Peking its |
fort and conditions prevail.    Any city|hospitable accommodation   and  atten-
might b"  proud  of  it.    If  tlie  other tion.
first-class hotels in the city are small- '
er, they are no less anxious to meet HOTEL   FRASER.
their guests'  fullest requirements. In
all  of them excellent  cuisine is pro-      The  Hotel  Fraser  situated   at   the
nnrnor nf Hp��'bie and Front streets, is
vided. and comfo, t and cleanliness a: e ^"V those we. known establish-
to be found everywhere. J ments  which  are  as  familiar as  th'
Throughout     the   city    restaurants I name  of the  Royal  City  ltsel.'.   ������'1
and cafes  abound  where  food of ex-' A. Swanson. the proprietor today,
cellent quality and at moderate rates heen the proprietor for twenty- ei s
It ia no wonder, therefoie, tu.it l eo-
is served. Like hotels tbey are grad- lfl wh0 have once been guests at the
ed more according to the location fraser Hotel, become guests again.
than the qualltv of the cuisine and the'every time they levisit the city o*
variety of the bill of fare. They are New Westminster. JJ.e hote 1 is no
���    , ,   . ., ,       ,, i verv   large,  containing  about  tvv niv
all clean, comfortable and well man- two rooms, but It is extremely, home-
aged. The proprietors of them j llke and comfortable. The heating,
take a pleasure in preserving their and lighting and ventilation are all
good name; and are especially cnur- that could be desired, and amplei lav-
I atnrv -md bathroom accommodation ls
teous to visitors whom they desire to f^ef     Tiie   dining   and   sitting
receive a good impression of tbe city  rnon.s aro eanitallv arranged and fit-      ^^^^^^^^^^^
and to carry it away where lt may belted/and an air of   comfort   radiates en suite   each provided with hot and
commodating ^50 feople is one of the
finest we have seen���splendidly furnished and arranged. But it is only
in keeping with the food supplied in
it. The menu for every meal provides
a gratifying variety so tbat each individual can not fail to be satisfied.
The food which is always fresli and
seasonable.   Is   of   tbe   finest   quality,
The hotel has a very important
function in relation to the city or
place where it is located, as well as
to the people wbo seek its rest and
protection. In new cities especially,
it must in a large measure be a kind
of pioneer, and after the pioneering
stage has passed, and the place which
once only knew a few, has become
one with a large population, it is necessary tbat the hotel should adjust itself to the newer conditions. The Cosmopolitan Hotel Is conveniently situated opposite the Canadian Pacific
Railway station, and though not of
the ponderous size now so prevalent
In the cities of the continent, yet it
contain twenty-eight rooms. These
are all comfortably arranged, adjusted and furnished, and made to afford
as much as possible a home-like feeling to the guests for whatever time
they remain. The hotel is well lighted, heated and ventilated and provided with bathroom and other accommodations. There is also a comfortable dining room where the very best
of meals are served to the guests. The
food is excellent; it is splendidly j
cook, and well-served, and there is a I
charming variety in the menu at all
times to admit