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The Daily News Aug 20, 1910

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 White Rock
NUM HUH 172.
W'-llTE, SHILES   | CO.
PRICE    ���: 'E CENTS.
to Premier Will
be Non-Political in Char-
acter- Committees Named
meeting of the Liberate was held
'    | iberal dub rooina last night to
nat�� members to act on tbe r��-
decoration and program coui-
,���     welcome     Sir     Wlltrid
Sev,- Westminster.
lit tbe
j join
'ljl"ir      i,,.���, with Alderman Bryson,
,,,V the committee appointed
l*l"1^'','l!, council to act In co-opera-
the action
went to
Wilfrid to visit
will   be  held  In
iBked that   the
��Bir Wilfrid Laurier will bo met at
I Vancouver by a  party of promlnenl
IIhmm  .^ ��'  ll,e ,,or(lerH t,f Now
:���������������.,. he will be officially wei-
lamed b) the mayor and council   and
(��corted to Queens park
II ,;,;,.,, Jardine outlin
|(,l the Liberal committee tbat
IVancouver to ask Sir
Westminster, and the success of their
mission. He said that in all probabl1
Hy the meeting
afternoon, and i
eouncll and hoard of trade act in con-
finnction with a Liberal committee to
irrange all details.
g Goulei said that be and George
jenned) bad met tbe city council aBk-
ling their co-operation,   pointing   out
that the reception should he In no way
political, and that everyone should be
[asked to be present.
Mr. Kennedy  following  Mr, Goulet
aid tbat   already   placards   and   bll'.B
I had been sent out to the different associations throughout the district and
(also tbat the co-operation of the post-
1 masters had been asked so as to post
,(ll8 |D conspicuous places.
\V. T  Cooksley  moved that the licit, n ��[ Mr. Goulet and Mr. Kennedy
[be endorsed.
T'i mayoi Bald that be was glad to
Volunteers Guard Homes Against Flying Sparks for Hours���Water
, Service   Useful.
For several hours yesterday after-
noon u bush Are at Edmonds gave the
rosldeuts of that district cause for
gruvo anxiety, as a number of houses
wain within a short distance or the
flames. Burning brands and flying
sparks wore constantly endangering
thu houses, but by diut of careful
watching anJ a liberal use of water
tin- lire was prevented from gaining a
hold on any residence.
'l'he water ^ysiem recently Installed
came in fur commendation by the
users as a safegua d against the danger of lite, the hose being admittedly
a better iind swifter conductor than
the old style bucket so long in use
In  similar emergencies at  Edmonds.
The bush the I.ad die I down considerably towards evening, hut volunteers remained on watch all night.
ready for any emergency.
Meeting of City Directors
Shows That the Provincial
Fair Will be Good.
J. Fader Leaves Today for England
���Capitalists Will Purchase Pitt
Lake  Brick  Works.
"If nothing unforseen occurs we
will havu the largest and best exhibition thai lias ever been held hero."
These aro the words of Manager \V.
ll. Keary, of the provincial exhibition,
ut a meeting of the city directors held
in  tho secretary's office last evening.
The discussion at the meeting ranged pretty well over all the features of
the exhibition; games, art exhibit,
horse and cattle prizes, new buildings,
fruit exhibits and the entire list of
everything that makes au exhibition
all the world over.
Reads Daily News Editorial.
One of the Important features discussed at the meeting was the resolve
to Induce the merchants and manufacturers of the city to make displays at
tbe fair. In this connection Slietltf
T. J. Armstrong read an editorial
printed in the Daily News on October
18 of last year, In which lt was pointed out that the exhibition gave the
local merchants and manufacturers an
unequalled opportunity for advertisement and publicity, which was not
taken advantage of to the extent it
should he. The editorial was written
shortly after the exhibition last year
U. S. Troops Called Upon
For Service in Fighting
Washington Forest Fires
Portland. Ore., Aug. 19.���Five hundred moi e troops have been called
for by the forestry service to fight the
forest fires now uploading In Southern
Oregon. Two hunt red and fifty men
will leave the Ame an lake encampment, Washington, tomorrow, Including two companies of mounted infant ry.
Horses which have been hauling artillery will be used as puck animals.
The soldiers will be divided between the (lie now ravaging Crater
lake, National forest, where tlie line
of file extends for eighteen miles, and
another tire at Huek lake, thirty-five
miles east of Ashland, where, fanned
by a fierce wind, the flames have endangered the lives and propery of a
number of settlers. Theie the roar
of flames may be heard for miles and
embers carried by the gale set fires a
mile in advance of parent flames.
and  were  in  negotiation    with  Wagner's band of Seattle,    wbicli    would
probably be present lor a few days at
the fair.
On   the   Scottish   sports  day  there
i t,i i rest nl   and  would do all In    his
[powei to   Ive Sir Wilfrid a right royal I mining claims in that  vlclni
|..;   mi       behalf of   the   city   and|understood the   price   paid
E. .1. Kader leaves this morning for
England, where he will complete certain negotiations which may mean
much to the future of tlie development
of the natural resources of tlie coun-
'ry near New Westminster, lie Will
complete a deal whereby a company
of English capitalists will take over
tlie  I'itt  Lake  brick  works and so.ne
lt   is
would be no brass bands In evidence
when  the  features  of  the  exhibition the musical part of the entertainment
were still fresh in the minds of the
public. Sheriff Armstrong remarked
that he thought the article was opportune and contained suggestions
tbat might be used to advantage this
His remarks were well received, all
the others piesent at the meeting expressing their approval of the sentiments expressed.    It  was resolved to
appoint a committee to interview the I ot t; , ,.,,.,. ... .,, ,;��� ��.xl,ihi;,M;i
merchants and heads of industries in
Bob  Patten  Is Principal in Attempted
Murder and Deliberate Suicide
at Quelchena.
Auditor Replies to F. R.
Glover���Official Describes
Property That He Owns.
Merrltt,  R C, Aug.    Iii.���Bob Patten, one of tbe best known cowboys
ln   the  district,  butchered  an   Indian      ...       ,
...        ,   ,, .  .,        , in   ,  i i    ��� i��      The    fol owing    letter    written    bV"
with a knife and then killed himself  r,,,..     .���..,      .,  ���      .,   ���    '      ..    "'
,., , ���i     . i Civic Auditor Moses B. Cotsworth    ti��
with a revolver.    The tragedy occur-   v,������,���,.  ,-,,,.  n,n ,,  ���   .,   ... _
. ,, . ~    i i      former  Cltv  (jerk.  r.   11.  Cover  hats
red near the reservation at Quelchena ! - for publlca-
and  the police are now Investigating. : ,
Bhappion, the Indian, will likely cllo '
as he Is terribly lacerated about the
abdomen.    A  drunken brawl  was the
cause of the trouble that resulted so
fatally. Patten pulled a knife iind after committing the crime did away
with himself, apparently under the
Impression that his quarry was dead.
Official" notice of the resignation of
John S. Clute from his position as
chief clerk in the registry office here
appears in the current issue of tbe
British Columbia Gazette.
|C;I  ,]    inted  "ti   the   committee,    in
150! it tlon with the Liberal commit-
tl,. committee of the board of
j;. r, .owing committees were then
;  with the   city    council.
ind the   Trades   and
to    Mr.
[that lu  would only be too glad to actlpader for these Is in the neighborhood
[wll    the other  members of the coun- of $600,000 and the capital of tne acquiring company (1,500,000.
it is expected that as soon as the
new company assumes control it
will install a plant at the lake which
will have few, it any. equals on the
ciiast. Mr. Fader vviil be away lor
two or  thiee  months.
board ol ti ade
Labor 11 incll,
Ri eption committee���R. Jardine,
Ge rgi Kennedy. M. J, Phillips, L.
G    i    and \V. T.  Held.
Address committee���W. T, Cooks-
le) eorgs Kennedy and II. A. Kast-
mati. ��� ���
Decoration committee���A. Hardman,
A. Buckland and W. McAdam.
Finance committee���M, J, Phillips
&nd George Kennedy,
All further arrangements were left
In the hands of the committees to
announce later.
In the absence of the president, A.
E. Kellington. A. Hardman. vlco-presl-
dent, presided, while K. Goulet acted
aa lecretary,
McAllister,   a   Toronto   Man     with
Reputation,  Is Signed on.
The Rovers had a line practice   la
night, about thirteen men turning 0
in  uniform.    A  new  man,  McAl i
the city and make a strenuous effort
, to induce tbem to exhibit In a man-
I ner which woul.l show to the best ad-
i vantage the extent and  character of
their own  business  and  at the same
! time reflect credit on tbe Royal City.
The secretary reported that Pre.nier
Richard   McBride   had   consented     to
open   the  exhibition.    The  announce-
��� ment was  received with satisfaction.
Chairmen   Named.
The following gentlemen were    appointed   as   chairmen  of  the   several
committees: Lacrosse committee, Kev,
J. S. Henderson; special features committee. Sheriff T. J. Armstrong;  Scottish    sports    committee,    Kev.  A.   &
Bt   Vert; grounds committee. J. G. Brym-
...   ner; music committee, W. H. Keary.
.i     Mr.  Keary  reported  that the board
from T i. onto, has been signed o
has the reputation of being one . . -ne
best pli>ers that ever came ovei from
the old country and for the past
couple of years he has been the star
man on the champion Toronto Thistle
Owing to the fact that many of the
players have found the piesent evenings for practice Inconvenient,' the
days have been chansed from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to
Wrecked Tuesdays and Thursdays. Until further notice practice will start at six
o'clock at Moody square.
i.e of control bad already done something
ln the musical one. 'they had engaged
the SjummerlanJ band of twenty-fire
pieces  to  be  piesent  for  three  days
being provided bolely by Uie pipers.
Cars to Chilliwack in October.
A report which caused great satisfaction to tlie meeting was made by
Manager Keary to the effect that the
first through cars on the B. C. E. K.
line to Chilliwack would probably be
in operation by tbe flrst of October,!
Just in time to bring the residents of
the  Fraser valley on tlie south  side
Keary also reported that he had been
assured that the exhibition would be
allowed to tap tho Chilliwack power
line for power for use at the exliibl
tlon and that the same would be supplied by the B. C, E, R. free of cost.
Manager Keary reported that ha
bad been in communication with several aeropl .nlsts who were willing to
fly for a consideration.
I There will be no football or baseball at the exhibition, ihe directors
i.anking tnat mere was not sufficient
interest taken in those games to warrant them offering any prizes.
One of the Important matters
brought up at the meeting was
question of establishing an informa
tion bureau in a prominent place on
the grounds. From this publicity
literature wlll be distributed and ail
suaugeis provided with all the infor-
F. K. Glover, Esq.,
Vancouver, B, C.
Dear Sir,���Your solictors' fMessrs.
Martin, Craig, Bourne & llay) letter
August 13, to bis worship Mayor
Lee, re paragraphs 213, 214 and 215
of my report Is, I notice, dictated by
J. M. and iis It Indicates that you have
been misled, my sympathies are with
you; therefore as the real Issue is between you und me, 1 decline to wist��
any money on solicitors, and submit
that you will be wiser to save youn.
', ln the same way.
2.    The most  Instructive cartoon I
lever saw appeared In that    per    of
cffmlc journals,    Punch,   representing
|two farmers equally determined to secure  the ownership of a cow  which
' each believed was his, so one tugged
I his  utmost at  the  head of tlie    cow
i whilst tlie other pulled his hardes' at
the tail.
ii.    Both foolishly had engaged lawyers who urged    them   on to a legal
struggle, each telling his client to pull
I harder and he would help him.     The
j nature of that help wns shown by the
��� ��� j cartoon where each lawyer by facial
expression  was   urging  his  client on
Owing to the absence of Aldermen  likp t)le car,,aln of a tug of war team>
Carter Smith, Welsh, Gilley and Jar- but meantime one lawyer sat down oa
dine, the council meeting convened a mllklng stool on ���"le ]eft an,:1 the
for 1:30 P. m. yesterday, was unable oth(,r on a like gtool on the right gide
to transact any business, there being of the cow Then both proceeiled to
no quorum present. tullk i,er drv wll,ist    the    contesting
Moyor Lee, after waiting for half farmers kept her imm0vable to the
an hour, stated his regrets that all the iov of the lawvers. who each winked
aldermen could not be present, as this jlis off.Blde eve wlth a merry twinkle
was a special meeting called to deal 1o llis le���aj coueagUe
with further reports fiom Auditor, 4. Eventually the cow broke down
Cotsworth, and in view of tins latter when u eould not b(1,u. the s{[.n[n uny
gentleman having devoted so much lont,er, whereupon the farmers were
time to the city, und liis anxiety to astonisliea to find that the lawyers to-
leave after such a prolonged absence getlier t.laimerl til0 carcasa and were
for the old country, he   une  mayor)   evidetUiv preparing to divide lt    be-
Another     Delay     Before    Voluminous
Document    Can   Be    Dealt    With.
Royal   Welcome   for   Laurier.
he   1 tlie
iu    least
Favor    Building
Walks Out of General Revenue.
Captain   Mikklessen'f     Ship
Off Coast of East Greenland.
Copenhagen,   Aug.   W.���Captain Elmer Mlkklessen'B   expedition,    which
Mlleil .lune 20,  1909, on  the  D��nish
Arctic ihlp Alabama in search for tbe
bodies ol the Erickson Greenland ex-1 Burnaby Ratepayers
(���edition, waa wrecked during the winter on the coast or East Greenland, according to advices receive J boie   to-
uptaln Mlkklessen and the   entire
Party were saved and succeeded    In,
Meeting :i landing on Shannon island ; tlon was moved by K
of the coast of King William Land.
J1(|ni this poinl they were rescued
��)' another ship. The news was
lir<����ldit rrom Tromsoe bv a steamer
cruising In the  Polar sea.
iCoutlnued oa Page Five.
Former Officials Arrested for
Swindling Road Out of $1,500,000
felt tnat a quorum
have attended.
Messrs. George Kennedy and E. Goulet attended on behalf of tue reception committee, to dcul with the coming visit of Premier Laurier; the
mayor poimed out tnat owing to ine
absence of a quorum tne council cou.d
. not act at that time, still he felt tbat
the I tne views ot those wno were present
would be endorsed by the full council.
Mr. Kennedy then asked that the
mayor and council extend a hearty
civic welcome to Sir Wilfrid Laurier
on bis arrival, and tbai the piemler
be given as address of welcome to tlie
Royal City. Mr. Kennedy outlined the
steps tnat vein belag taken to iuvlte
representatives of the district, and
tui ther suggested that Mayor Lee de-
preparing to divide it. t
tween themselves. Then the farmers
realized how foolish they had been to
be misled by such lawyers,
i lt is because I wish to safeguard
you against such waste of your money
and resources that this letter is written.
5, Your lawyers in their paragraph
three gave you wrong advice by saying that I am "not ln a position to
pay any judgment that might be recovered against him," because 1 tell
you frankly that in this city 1 own
house 231 on Seventh street with full
sized lot, as lots 26, 27, 28, 29 and oO
with house on suburban block 14, on
First street, all of which are in my
own name, and 1 also own both the
northwest quarter of section 23, township 7, Langley, and the southeast
quarter of section 30, of township 10.
Chicago,    Aug.    19.���Three   former  dence by reporters, but declined    to
officials of the Illinois Central    Rail- discuss the charges against him. Har-
way company were arrested today in
eounection with he alleged huge
fraud, by means of .vhicli tbe railroad
association rfas swindled out of $1,-
Then men arreste.1 were Frank  B.
rah*a embraced tbe    opportunity    to
declare his innocence.
"1 have never beea approached by
an attorney or detective engaged
this capacity," said Mr. Harrahan
am perfectly innocent of any and   all   for next Wednesday-
clave a hair holiday for next Wettnee- j l<ty wIth both houge8> stoc_, im-
(day. Mr. Goulet followed in the same ij^SS etc., thereon. On these I
; strata,
Mayor Lee said that as far as he
was conceraed, he would be only too
glad to extend to Sir Wilfrid ou behalf of the citizens, a right royal and
loyal reception, such as only the Royal
City could do, and furthermore that
triu council would do ali in its power
in j to make his visit oae of note; he
"I ��� would gladly proclaim a hair i.o.iday
i payet s
A  crowded meeting    of    the    rate-J Harrahan, former general manager of  charges made against me.    1 will ad-1    Mr. Kennedy suggesting that a com-
of Bumubv was held in    the. the  road;   v_narles  L.  Kwlng, tormei ' mit tnat I have been awaiting some I mittee of the council meet with the
.innlclpal hall at Edmonds last night,   manager of Hues north or tne Onlo;   such action as this ln order to refute  committee of the Liberals, the mayor
with  Reeve Byrne In the chair, C. F.  and John K. 'laylor, formerly geueiul  tiie charge.    1 am glad of the oppor-  named  Alderman  Bryfbn  and-  Alder
storekeeper of the road. I tunity to clear my name.    I have i'.- j man Gra.   to act  on
The warrants were sworn to by tho
Uniform Like British Sailors.
London, Aug. 19.���The uniforms of
of the cruiser Rainbow,
Jnivh Balled trom Portsmouth yester-
"J ar�� identical with those In the
pntlsh navj it |8 expected that the
,"!s H. M. C. S. will replace the
*1J 'amlliai  ll. M. s. on the cups.
Sprott acting as secretary.    A resold
'"   B. Cale that a
by-law    be   passed   empowering    tbe I president of tlie    railroad   concerned,
council to borrow sufficient mouuy to  They charge the three men witu con-
build    sidewalks   wherever   tbey are splracy to cheat and defraud the rail-
considered necessary, the whole coBtJ.oad   bj  false   pretences   and   with
to be borne bv the municipality. The operating a confidence game,
resolution   was  seconded    by    E.   A.       narnuian aud Ewlng were taken to
who  in  a  few  remarks  pointed ! the  Harrison    street    police    Btatlon
the  sidewalks  were just  ns   Tlieir bond of  .10 O00 each weie si; a
nehalf   of
out   that	
is the toads and should be't.,i by professional bondsmen,
built and maintained under the same     The allegations    In    the    so-calle.l
jygtem graft are among the most  sensations
ways been true to my friends and I j council. On the withdrawal of tlie
want them to know, as will be shown I deputation, Mr. Cotsworth, while rein court, that I always was true to the ' gretting that a quorum was noi pres-
lllinois Central." . I ent, as lie  very  much  wished  to get
Hai raaau s connection with the I'll- through, made some t. enchant re-
nols Central covers a period of thirty-1 ma''1 s for the future guidance of the
one years.   He began as a civil engi- eou.icll.
neer's apprentice, served three years i    Mr. Cotsworth spoke strongly on the
as an assistant  roa.'.master and pass-1 inadequate taxation of several of the
Front Btreet lots, and urged the council to reconsider this ut the   earlies*
Cardinal  Sails on August 26.
'"Won,   Aug.    19.���Cardinul    Van-
who Is to preside at the com-
ucharistlc congress in Montreal,
s'''i from Liverpool on the  Em-
h      ��f  Ireland  on  August  26.    He
ra He accompanied by  a  suite  of
'ng Buc
���ill s,
U t,
An amendment was moved by B. G.
Walker, Who st.oiigly opposed the
building of &li|ow.!ks out of tbe general reve nn or tie municipality and
proposed tint i'.n 1* cent, of tbe cost
be paid bv the pu'-tleB directly bene
fited and >���> |6' tent, paid by the
municipality. J. '"* Weart spoke at
some lengtu on.'oislng the resolution
The rcso'.u >.i -��a-( carried by an overwhelming ir.  orlty
in which high officials or a gie.u cor-
poration ever have been named. The
investigation  began  over a  year
possible moment. As regards ibe tax
sales, the auditor state.i that tne system hitherto adhered to was most Unas   in   many   instances,
Jury Clears Woman.
TinS. .' A"B' 19-���A special to
verdiM *mi Llbby- Mont- "a?8
Pros. l jl"'y in the eaBe of Vera
hen,,,.! ''hai"Eed with the murder of
"���r husband, R.t. Prosier, on a Great
Sl7n ,rM��' �� ^t
2 E,:;;,solf-,,(>fen-
guilty ' on
The Jury was
1 ************
Howard Is Free.
G. T. R.' Strike Appeal.
London. Ont.. Aug. 19���Far
being satisfied with the
they have received, Grand Trunk ra 1
wav trainmen here have appealed to
the International executive and tbe
opinion Is freely expressed that there
wilt bo more trouble.
HoiTrrt m l,r��"Kht ngainBt
ero��.,i, the Vancouver la-
Gr,mCr^yer' for assaulting
g����Py Spring,
I . M"!>tstrate
was dismissed
Bull   yesterday
The magistrate con-
*he evidence insufflcl-
Quirantire of Brantford Imminent.
Brentford, Ont.. Aug. 19.-Mayor
Wood today received official notice
from the provincial board of beain
tha* imleRB mm- energetic measures
were taken to stamp out smallpox lb
tbis fltv tbo provincial authorities
would consider the advisability
placing Brantford under quarantine
The fall assl7.es of the supreme
court at New Westminster wl 1 com-
mence on October 26. A ��� JP '������
are no serious cases awaiting trial at
this sitting of the court. .   ,. ,
ed through the grades of construction
engineer, trainmaster and division
superintendent io the general managership.
An Official of tlie    road    intimated
ago. that   other   warrants   would   follow j satisfactory
li   leactied  a crisis last spring when  thoso Issued today.    lie declared that  though lots bad been sold, there was
President Harrahan began actions   to  the system of graft unearthed by the  no traces of dee.'s   having   been   ls-
recover sums said to aggregate more railroad makes    political    graft   look  sued, he therefore suggested the ln-
in.ii  ItnoOOOO alleged  to have been  trivial. I troduetion  of  a card   s.vsteni,   where
Sred by  car repairing  companies!    "We will got the last man in this'each lot would be entered, and every  solicitors' letter is equally mlslea.ing.
conniving  with  high officials of    the conspiracy if it takes us down lo the  transaction connected with it recorded
road    Harrahan, Kwlng, Taylor and a  lowliest section    haul,"  he declared,  on tho card, ln this manner, no   lots
larxe number of others resigned their , "The mass of evidence we have sec.ur- could be lost sight of.
Dositions ed ,3 so B''eat ,,ult   ll   demonstrates |    On the inability of the   council    to
���li of the money is said to have that tlie political graft in Its palmiest ^transact    business   al   thla    meeting
"  conditions   pules    into   Insignificance'Alderman Johnston expressed regret
t plements. etc.,
bave bad and am paying gangs oC
men to clear with the stumping machine and other equipment tbe-.e effecting permanent improvements and
development. ��
i 6. Further, all these have been so-
far purchased by fees derived from,
my professional work ln British Columbia, all of which I decided to expend in the province. Those far exceed in value the double of your
salary, for the year ending May Sl,
1910, since when 1 have been working.
for this city without either receiving.
fees or expenses.
I That disposes of your lawyers' libelous advice. Now lei us consider youir
| 7. Tbe statement as made In my
report is quite correct as 1 wl.l b-J
pleased to prove to you if you call
here at uny time up to midnight tomorrow. The faot that the city mi
on the 1904 roll actually lose that
$2tiii.32 wlilch you were legally bound
by section 14 of this city's Incorporar
tion amendment act to pay as Quoted
in paragraph 214 has been verified by
tlie mavor und aldermen present at a
special meeting of the city council
this afternoon, also by the city una*-
urer and others who caunot possibly
mistake that tact.
The second paragraph la
as you will tind by reference to the.
first line of paragraph 215, tbat 1 did.
not record you as then city clerk, but.
as the ex-clty clerk, because though
lt was necessary in tbe public interest.
that I should name yon as having tbat
inset done after the knowledge you bad ac-
been  repaid privately.    The name ot conditions   pules
i,u  n   Hnwn   vice-nresldent    of    the beside the    hoodwinking    of railroad tlle said that several eminent coim_..
ntrfwho resigned  to beoome presi executives by designing underlings. I  were  watching  with  interes, the  ac-  'l^red as city clerk proved (as your
ieit  of the Motion,    and    wlio    was predict that other roads wlll wako up tlons of the council  ia dealing with  s^ltors^ admlt^ In  their    paiugrapl*.
r,',nrt",,i��n'<,rrecently at his home with and and that   their   awakening   will the report, and lie for one was going  one) that you could not legally i>.- io-
a bullet wound    In bis   breast,    was produce more than one sensation."    |to be very careful as to what he said  Jtoved of that liability^so wrongly re-
brought  into    the
Nelson,  Jr..  attorney
scandal.    Murray i     President    Harrahan
for  tho  Illinois minute  ','etalls of    the
awat-el    the and did.   He also asked Auditor Cois-  oat.ed on '��--�� 65 of Ule 1904 ..ui.ee-
investigatlon  worth if be would substantiate all bis
C -ntr-il    stated   today    that    Rawn's   before striking.    Then when ho con-' statements.    The auditor said    these
leath    headed    off    warrants    which  sldeted tlie time ripe, as he did    last  would be perfectly    satisfactory.    Al-
ill have been Issued for him, , night, he took the field himself.    He  derman Johnston asked more rarticu-
W Private detectives wbo nre working  culled on Juustlcn Olson, of the muni-'larly as to the legality    of    the    tax
nder the directions of President Har-1 clpal court, and with the assistance of  sales      inasmuch    as    the    bu.lng-ln
" bin arc   sail    tu have   unearthed j the documents and  photographs laid j went, but  the  auditor  was  prepared
frauds other' than    those   connected j t):e case before him.   Judge OUon re-  to stand by his report.
���ith padded car repair bills.    Theso \ ferred him to Judge Bruggemeyer ln |    Mayor Lee stated emphatically that
T��� Bnid to Involve the diverting   of  tbe Jurisdiction of whose   court   the  he was not golug to have
(Continued on Page Five.)
��� ������
Guarding Against Cholera.       ��>���
construction  Illinois Central    offices
$1000 000 or more on comuuvuud jiunois I'enirai onices are
work ' The Investigators' declare tbey I Judge Bruggemeyer Issued the war-
have secured several confessions I rant, but made an effort to keep the
which will be used In tlieir attempt to fact a secret. The arrests were made
fasten the guilt on culpable persoas. this afternoon and it stirred a sens*-
Today's developments brlag the j tlon In railroad aad ' social clrctea
name of Bwlng Into the case for the where the defendants ara well known
first time.   Ue was eeen at his real* j Hearing was set tor next Friday.
the report
shelved or filed as far us he was concerned, but wanted the fullest Investigation. All the facts must be put
before tbe council, and thc present
meeting was not fair to Auditor Cots
worth.  Inasmuch as he had    lost so
much time through the ahsenoe of tha ���
Berlin, Aug. 19.���An order
was issued today calling far
the most stringent inspection
at German porta of all veaeeln
from Odessa, Russia, owing to
the outbreak of cholera In
Southern Russia.
-*, 1
������������������������������������������������ JilH.1,
Classified Advertisements iREAL   ESTATE
rooms for four; no children; in city j
or in j r vicinity; or small furnished
bouse     Address Box A., Daily News.
eotta.e. unfurnished; close to car
line.    Apply   E.   K.,  .News  office.
foi tli class engineering papers re-
(iirited. Apply the Westminster Mill
Co , Lulu Island.
nan. Apply Royal City Dye Works,
3?1S Columbia street.
WANTED���Room and board for young
lady, with private family, required
by Sept. 1. Reply to 19 Dully Xews
Over  Merchants  Bank, Cor. Columbia
and Begbie Sts.
New Westminster, B. C.        Phone 335
WE Have the following choice properties, mostly on or near B. C, Electric Railway, and all but last two in
list within comparatively short distance of Canadian Northern terminus, opposite Xew Westminster
TWO and a half acres on B. C. Electric cur line, near Scott road. South
Westminster. Price. $..(i00; JSlin
cash; fi, 12, and 18 months, at 7
per cent.
Dr.  R.  Eden  Walker returned today |
I from ti  trip to Kamloops.
a    *    a
Mrs. J, E, Lord is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Klrkpatrick, at  Vancouver.
a    *    a
.Miss  Pyne is  visiting  Mrs.   E,   E.
Langford at Grandview, Vancouver.
a    s    a
Mr. and Mrs. E. X. Sutherland have
moved Into their new home on Agnes
If You Want to be Sure of Quality
Mrs'. G. Bruce
Misses Corbould
Corbould   and    the
are ln Seattle for a
��� rooms for married couple. Apply
'   Box A.A., this ollice.
room, walking distance, with phone
in house, wanted by gentleman.
price !    P. O. Box 862.
BLOCK of 17 lots, 132x66, half mile
from tram line, South Westminster.
A bargain at only $1,500; $500 cash,
tl and i'2 months, nt 7 per cent.
TWO five acre lots across road from
Kennedy Station, B. C. Klectric Ry.
Scott Road. Price $300 per acre, _
cash, fi and 1- months, at 7 per rent.
Sash & Door factory.
desire house to rent; fi or 7 rooms,
unfurnished; West End preferred.
Entry  hy  September  1.    Reply  to
BOX   B,  News  ollice.
Best wages paid to righl party. Apply  201   Columbia  street.
housework   and   plain   cooking.   Apply  Lii  Third  avenue.
on    Westminster   road;   aboul   180
feet to another road; for $700; quar-
ter   cash.     Herbert   Gay,   Windsor!
hotel,   alter   ii   o'clock.
ACRE and one-tenth in Burnaby, on
North Arm Road, near Geo. Mead's
new residence, just outside city limits. Coiners on tramway cut off under    construction.      Price    $3,000;
$1,1  cash, ft. 12 and 18 months, at
7 per cent.
NEW Modern residence, beautifully
situated, embowered In shade and
fruit trees, near Port Hammond,
C. P. It. station. Price $5500;
$2,500 cash, balance to arrange at 7
I er cent.
New  Westminster.  B. C.      Phone 335
Head  Office        -        451   Columbia  St.
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
Branch Office      -     -      Kamloops, B.C.
Mr.    and    Mrs.   E.   B.   Stinchcombe'
spent Monday with Mrs. Eastman   ut
White Rock,
* *    *
Miss Rowan is spending the week1
end  with  Mrs.  Herbsvt Goodland at I
���    ��    ���
Miss Lisa Burnett is spending a
week with Mrs. .1. tl. Davidson ai Cosy
Cove, North Arm.
* *    *
The Misses Campbell, of Vancouver,
are the guests of tlie  Misses  McGllli-
; vray, Third avenue.
* ��   ��
Mr. and Mrs. L. A, Lewis returned
early in the week from a trip to Banff
Hot Springs, Alberta.
* ���      a*
Mr. and Mrs. R. ,1. Rlckman and
| family are moving Into their new
I home on Second street.
Mr. and Mrs.
Ashby leave toda
visit to England
. .1. Fader and Miss
for a three months'
Mrs. Sidney Fletcher and family and
Mrs. II. P. Latham are home from
their summer camp at White Rock.
Mr. and Mrs.
were week-end
McBain's mother.
Hubert    B. McBaln
guests     of     Mrs.
Mrs. J.  S. Clute.
���,,__._.,   -��� ,,     .. . ,   i    -Miss  Scouler, of  Winnipeg,  late of j
SURREY-80 acres on Hjorth road in \fa___i, ls spendlng a fortnight  with
section 28, block 6 north, range 1 Ler aunt, Mrs. Thomas Scouler, Fourth
west.   Price ,3fi0 per acre; terms.    Istreet
ply   upstairs Trapp   block,   corner j
Columbia street  and Clarkson.
KOOM TO RENT���A comfortable fur-'
nished bedroom suitable for two!
gentlemen.    Apply tit 2:]?, 8th St.
rooms. 708 Third avenue. Apply'
after 6 p. in. or between 9 a. m. and |
5 p. ni. at Room 11. 623 Columbia j
First class board. Newly furnished
rooms. All home cooking. Terms
very reasonable, at 5111 Agnes street.
Mrs. C,
B aimer
McAllister lias sent
out invitations for an afternoon tea on
Tuesday,   August
seven o'clock.
from   live   to
SURREY���30 acres in section 36,
block 5 north, range 1 west; 110
acres cleared, new house and barn,
good water. Pi ice $8000; terms oier
eighteen months.
SURREY���20 acres adjoining Port
Mann Townsite in b��rtion 25, block
5 north, range 2 west. Price $400
per acre; good terms.
CITY���Double corner on Fifth street,
all cleared. Price $lfi00; one-quarter
casli. balance over ei. hteen months.
CITY���Four    lots on  Eighth    avenue, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
two corners    Price $1600; one-quar-l    Mrs, WUllain Wood and Mr. Frede
ter  cash,  balance  sti;, twelve    and
eighteen months.
Mrs. C, X. Marpole and Mrs. D. P.
Marpole, of Vancouver, spent Tuesday
In town, the guests of Mrs. ,1. .1. Jones,
Royal avenue.
*    *    *
Mrs. C. P. Moss and children, who
have been visiting Mrs. C. E. Lewis,
left (luring the week for their home
in Vancouver.
Medicinal and Toilet Preparations
You can't judge the quality cf complexion cream, of talcum
powder, of headache wafers, of indigestion tablets, or cf laxatives,
in the drug store. You must either take chances on their quality
���or buy by the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.
You   certainly   take  no chances n a
when you buy any toilet article or medicinal preparation which bears the name
NA-DRU-CO and this trade mark.
As soon as you see "NA-DRU-
CO" you can be absolutely certain
that the article is the very best.
The National Drug and Chemical Company cf Canada,
Limited, has spent thousands of dollars in perfecting this line of
over 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations.
The formula; are the best known to medical science.
The purity and strength of the ingredients are assured by
rigid tests.
The compounding is done by expert chemists, who are
thoroughly qualified for a work so vital to your health.
Knowing that everything has been done to make them right,
we guarantee, positively and unreservedly, each and every
NA-DRU-CO preparation. If you find anyone unsatisfactory we
want you to return it to the druggist from whom you bought it
and he will refund your money.
Ask your physician or druggist all about the NA-DRU-CO
line. They are men of standing in your community, worthy of
your confidence, and in position to tell you, for we will furnish to
any member of either profession, on request, a full list of the
ingredients in any NA-DRU-CO preparation.
You'"   wan,   Wooden   pu,
PnPer_ N,lpkins,   c      "   J * .
lp   Knives
zlne, etc., etc.        __f '**���*���
and   Forks,   Baskets, A
ck|e. a M
Cups,   Fishing  Tack
You   can   get  the
���t.  all
665���Columbia Street���665
New Westminster, B.C
rick  Wood,    of    Victoria,    were    the
j guests of Mr. and Mrs. John  McKen-
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 1-9 Tenth
FOU RENT���A live-room house with
out buildings; double lot; good location; near Vancouver train in
West End. Possession Sept. 1. Apply to Home, Daily Xews office.
Phone .1.'15, or at. boat, Eighth street
SURREY���100 acres of good land with lzie on Tuesday.^    |
2600 feet of water frontage, close to      ,,.      ���        ,  ,.
Port   Mann Townsite.    This is    an'    Miss Gwendoline
excellent subdivision property. Price
$L'(i0  per acre;   $4500
over three years.
cash, balance
visiting   relatives
weeks, on Saturday.
Harvey   returned
she   hi
for   the   past    six!
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Cure sour stomach -heartburn-flatulence
���indigestion���chronic dyspepsia.
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
Stop a headache in 30 minutes.
Contain no harmful drug.
Na-Dru-Co Talcum Powder
3 kinds���Violet���Rose ��� Flesh Color.
Gems of refreshment and refinement.
Na-Dru-Co Complexion Cream
Prevents tan and sunburn���
removes wrinkles.
Na-Dru-Co   Laxatives
Act without any discomfort.
Increased deses not needed.
Na-Dru-Co Baby Tablets
Relieve Baby's ills.    Especially
valuable during teething.
Na-Dru-Co Tooth  Paste
Cleanses throughout���prevents decay
���makes the teeth beautifully white.
Na-Dru-Co Shaving Stick
The Stick in the Glass Case.
Na-Dru-Co Sugar of Milk
Pure and absolutely reliable.
National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada, Limited
Wholesale Brancheo at:
Halifax���St. John���Montreal -Ottawa���Kingston���Toronto���Hamilton���
London���Winnipeg���Regina --Calf ary ��� Noljon -Vancouver    Victoria.
DELTA���Twenty acres on Scott road,;    Mr. A. E. Rand, accompanied by his
close In, at  .110 per acre. daughter,  Miss  Helen   Kami,  left  for
 [California on Saturday,    where   Miss
FRUIT  FARM���In   Delta,  10 acres  of i Rand   will  remain  at  college,
good   land,   all   cleared,   with   good \ a    a    a
house and barns, 260 bearing fruit i Miss Daisy Linn, of Kdinburg. Scot-
trees, on good road. Price $3,600. land, and Miss Glen, of Didsbury,
Good   terms. (172A) | Alta., are visiting for a few days    at
Ithe  home of Mrs.  J.  Henley,  Eighth
room; furnished. 609 Victoria St.,
near Daily Xews office.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for  Btoi-e   rooms,   skating   rink,   or
I   moving pictures, etc., etc.   For par-
i   ticulars  apply   to    John  Forrester.
' Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
etreet, City.
lish terrier pup. Answers to the
name of Punkie. Is about four
months old. Finder please return
to 313 Queens avenue.
with gold chain, between tram office and Third street. Suitable reward for returning same to Daily
News office.
boro canoe and an old scow. Owner
can have same by paying for advertisement tit Daily Xews office.
Do you want to increase your
business ?   Then see
SA UN D E R ry
FOR ^^
Signs of every description.
Glass signs a specially.
324 Columbia Street. Phone 766.
COQUITLAM���25     acres    of     choice
land.    Water  pipe  running on  onej
side   of   property.     Price   .2">0   per
acre;   $2,250 cash.    Balance 1, 2. 3
and 4 years at fi per cent.       (191-A) |
Mr. F. W. Huntting, Mr. C. V.
ritt.   Mr.   F.   Ii.   Springer.   Mr.
Marpole and Captain    Garland
.  Mer-
C.   X.
 ^^^^^^ were
TWO   LARGE   LOTS���Close  to  store | among the Vancouver visitors in town
ami   train.     One-fourth
anee $10 per month.
cash;   bal-!l,ul'Ing tlie week.
��� Mrs.  Hugh Sweeney, of Vancouver,
Through our branch office at Kam-1 was __ gueiBt bf M4ss Beryl Briggs at
loops we have received some of the IHollymount on Thursday. Miss Manu-
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call  el|a Briggs    returned    to    Vancouver
anH   nma*   -**.s*.****\s**\~\���*.**.*-*
and get particulars
Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager.
Head  Office 451  Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
Branch Office -      Kamloops, B.C.
Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655.
FIFTY-SEVEN acres on the Yale road
in section 26; price $125 per acre;
one-third cash, balance one and two
FORTY acres on the S. W. ' . section
36 on the Johnson road; price $100
per acre.
THIRTY acres on the Coast Meridian
road; price $150 per acre; one-quarter cash, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months.
FIVE acres in section 25, block 5, R. 2
W.; price $600 per acre; one-third
cash, balance six and twelve
Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655.
All rubbish and garbage must be
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where It will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or .on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
will be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Bylaw.
By Order, S. J. PEARCE,
���   Sanitary Inspector
City Hall, June 13. 1910.
All persons using Columbia street
for vehicle traffic, of any kind are requested to keep to the left hand side
of the car track while proceeding in
cither direction.
By order,
Acting City Clerk.
City Hall, August 12, 1010.
Cedar lumber for sale cheap. We
have on hand a small quantity of
rough cedar, one Inch, one and a half
inch, and two Inches thick. Just, right
for drainage work. We will give a
great bargain on this lumber. Walsh
Sash and Door factory. Phone 113. **
with Mrs. Sweeney for the week end.
��� ���    ���
Mr. S. C. Burton, who ha's been
spending a vacation In Victoria, left
on Sunday for Kamloops with little
Miss Beechy Edmonds, who has been
visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J. J.
* ���    ���
A wedding of Interest to many    in
N'ew Westminster was that of    Miss
Marion Hastings and Lieutenant A. J.
I Halley, R. N'. It., which took place in
, St. James church, Vancouver, on Tuesday, August 16,
J   ���    ���
Mr. T. J. Armstrong has returned
from a trip to Dawson. During Mr.
Armstrong's absence Mrs. Armstrong
and Miss Nora Armstrong were the
guests of the Hon. T. W. Paterson and
Mrs. Paterson at government house,
i      ���    *    ��
Miss .Mowbray, who has boen visiting relatives at Chilliwack, was on
Saturday last the guest, of Miss
Briggs. while on her way to Victoria,
where she will be the guest of her
uncle the lion. Richard McBride and
Mrs. McBride.
��   ��   ��
Mr. \V. Norman Bole and Mrs. Bole,
who have been touring on the continent, left Ireland on Saturday on their
return trip. Mr. and Mrs. Bole will
spend a few days in the eastern cities
tind expect to arrive in New Westminster on September 15.
���   ���    ���
The Misses Frances and Helen
McGIIIivray entertained at an Informal supper and bridge party on
Wednesday evening of this week in
honor of their guests. Miss Campbell
and Miss Eleanor Campbell, of Vancouver. The guests Included Miss
Campbell. Miss Eleanor Campbell, Mr.
Randall and Mr. Dick Marpole, of
Vancouver, nnd Miss Briggs, Miss
Manuella Briggs, Miss Bessie Cassady,
Mr. Stanley Briggs and Mr. George
a    a    a
On Tuesday Mrs. T. II. Smith was
hostess at a very delightful luncheon
at her summer home at Ocean Park In
Rolled Oats
are grown in the finest Oats district
n Canada.   They're not fibrous or
toSffiwrT"""  0,��k ~lw "*
Big 35c. Sack
���iL15e. ,nltlals B&K are not
printed in red on the sack, refuse
tnom. Buy to-day from your Grocer.
Most Economical.   ,_,    No Hulls.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
214  Sixth   Avenue
B. C.
honor of Lieutenant-General Sir
Robert Baden-Powell. The table decorations were beautifully carried out
with sweet peas find moss. The
guests included Mr. tind Mrs. .1. Alex.
Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McQuarrie, Mr. tind Mrs. L. B. Lusby,
Mrs. T. S. Annandale, Mis. ,1. R,
Grant, Major and Mrs. Hynes, Mr. and
Mrs. Hinksinan, of Vancouver, Miss
Annandale, Miss Bessie Laidlaw. Mr.
W. II. Ranson, Mr. F. J. Gardiner and
Mr. E. R. McMillan.
Mrs. Arthur Malins was a charming
hostess at the tea hour on Thursday
afternoon. Mrs. Mallns was assisted
In looking after her guests by Mrs.
C. E. Doherty. In the dining room
the tea table, which was artistically
decorated with rose colored sweet
peas, was looked after hy Mrs. J. Still-
well Clute, Mrs. J. K. Gaynor, Mrs. J.
R. Brydges and Mrs. R. H. Gordon.
Coulthard and Mrs. E. N. Sutherland
tit a table dainty with mauve and
At a table dainty with mauve and
while sweet peas which was placed
on the lawn. The girls assisting were
Miss Marion Martin, Miss Bryant
(Vancouver), Miss Lewis, Miss Alma
Leamy, Miss Freeze, Miss Nora Armstrong, Miss Macgowan, Miss Brown
and Miss Gertrude Brown.
Port Mann
and Surrey
is again in the Limelight. Call and inspect our listing. We
have some exceptionally good buys in this
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
The    Pacific    Coast    Fire    Insurance Co.
The     Prudential     Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Co.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone   R   113. Office:   p
n|icess St,
If you deposit your money for
safety In The Bank of Toronto
lt will  he safe R bill       U '��� ..
lt, and ready when you ui ed It,
and It will be
earning for you three ppr cent.
Interest. Small or large sum!
may be deposited at any time.
In   Ontario,   Quebec   and  tbe
REST   ...
..   ..$4,000,000
Bank of Toronto
J. Oracey, Mgr.
White Star-Dominion
Caiadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
8.8. LAURENT���
Triple screw,  H.JK? tor*..
Twin screw, * 1,900 tons. ThJ
largest and most modern. Accommodation equal to any crou-
lng tho Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply to
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Furniture Made to Any Design.
Furniture Repaired,
Woodwork of All Klruls.
39 Alexander St.
When you want to cleat your house of
(lies, see that you get
FSy Pads
Imitations are always unsatisfactory.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth  St. and  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow Pre*
Mrs. E. M. Dominy. Pro-
near The Daily News Co., (109 VloO "
Try a "WANT" ad In Tlie Ne
It will bring results.
VN Ot, DAY, AUGUST 20, 1910.
tank of Montreal
"*     ..-.-.ul ISHED 1817.
I h., .-���roughout    Canada    and
I Btso���" . ��� in London, Eng-
_h*f0���0r* York Chicago and Spokanr-.
|UD'iNe' i Mexico City. A general
|l'---\ " Blness transacted. Let-
|l��Dkl/,-.p';i issus.l. available wilh
P,.;-   mtsln    all    parts of    the
|*1rldin��e Bank Department���Deposits
I Banw�� s |m8 a- j! and upward,
���receive    ��� , ��� 3 per cent, per
|��nd".u       ". .   rdte),
���^Toud Assets over  $186,000.000-00
n   D. BHYMNEH, Manager.
[transfer Co.
i -fl- .pbon* ****     ����" 'p*0,1��� 1W
Columbia Street.
p.l&��?��   delivered   promptly   te
any part of tfce city.
I Light and Heavy Ha����ng
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F, G. Gardiner)
,    ra f,   Westminster Trust  Bulldisg
New Westminster, B. C.
phone 661 Residence  Phone 133
p. 0. Box 395
Phone 730
McMurphy & Craig
Heating and Plumbing
ill Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial  Block
Coach and  Automobile   Painter.
Lettering  and  Top   Repairing.
1014  Sixth  Atenue.
Gold Walc'-aes tor Ladl.-B from .12V5
Silver Watches, gents open face
Sl'.vi-r Watches, gents' open case,
|7.50 up.
Aeent for Waltham and Elgin
Vi'atch rc7>alrlng a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
*   ���Benjarn'n Sand, pastor.    Service at
11 a. ni. it  the old I. O. O. F.
You insure your life, house,
business holding*, etc., etc. Why
not your face.
The policy of the "Gillette"
is to insure you agamst further
lhaving troubles, dull unhoned
razors, cuts, time lost, npoaey spent.
A Gillette Safety Razor
establishes a long tern uiiuidBte
policy for your face.
Jltk or writ* for our free bookie*
explaining a hundred and on*
things you ought to know about
shaving and the care of your face.
Gillette **atr~y Razor Srt co3-.i-.ts
of triple lllTer plated hoMt-r thnt will
last   ���  lifetime, wltt   u  doable-edged
blailf..  ' u   kern   <��� Ijft*) in   relTrt  lined
leatl-.rr ,,-a-.-     J-::. r [.   ^
Combination Bet*���Broth, r-vap, etc.
$6.50 to $.o.oo
Sold By
crops are good
I averaging over
\ the oats about
They Are All Getting On
Their Feet Afer A Few-
Years' Struggle.
Lloydmlnister, Sask . Aug. 19.���The
Harr   colonists   ��������� .::.������    .-. .-    <..e-.e
from England and took up land ic
1903, have made good���..- It ast -. considerable number o: tbem have. It
vas a hard struggling experience tor
the first few years, but they are no~-
_��� '.ng on their feet One can get no
idea of their farms trom the rail: oad.
ti r  they  are  farther back,   but   the
t-aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa*********a
(Changes for this column must   be
"     ��� '.-..-phoned to. this office by
S   :  ::.   on  Fri-:��>s.    The  omission  of
1 any  church notice  from  this column
:lc. _���.;.- that no copy has been turned
in by the pastor or other responsible
Sunday,  August 21.
HOLT     TRINITY  ���  Rev.     G.     C.
A   ���.- ;ci. rector.   Celebration of Holy
Communion    at    8    a.    m.;     Matins.
sermon and   choral    celebration at 11
Sunday school    at    2:30    p.m.;
esssens and sermon at 7 p. m.
CHl'RCH���Ctrntt Eight:, stteet and
Third avenue. Lurnaby. Rev. Frederick L. Carpenter, pastor. Public e -
ship, 11 a. m. and 7:30 ; m S ind ty
school. 8:30 p. m. Prayer meet og
Tuesday. 7:30 p. m.: choir practl (
rhurs lay, 1       \   m.
pastor. Sunday school a: :<. u.t^.
Church serrice at 11 a.m.
ST.    MARY'S,    SAPPERTON���Holy :
communion, %:'i\> am.:  evensong and
sermon,   7   p.m.    Preacher,    Kev. C.
, Leonard.
Eighth  street,    between    Third    and
Fourth avenues.   Rev. C. S. McKinley,
i pastor.    Sunday school. 10 a.m.;   ser-
Twelfth street. Rev. James Keid.
B.A.. pastor. Public worship at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school
at S. 30 p. m.
ST. PAUL'S  REFORMED  EPliCO-  mon   11 a.m.: class meeting. 12 a.m.:
PAL���Rev. A. deB. Owen, rector. Ser-  sermon.    7:30    p.m.    Cottage    prayer
crops  are  good   this  year,  the  wheat   ******  at  11  a.m.  and  7:."0  p.m.     Holy   meeting, Tuesday    evening.    Midweek
er   twenty-five   bushels, 1 Communion Brst Sunday ia tbs moats prayer meeting. Thursday S p. m.
kf>r morning serrice.    Prayer meet-.  ^^^^
lng on Thursday at 7:30 p. m.   ���       - 	
QUEEN'S AYENUE METHODIST��� ���������������������������
Rev. C. \V. Brown. B.D., pastor Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.: Sunday
school at 2 30 p.m. Rev. F. S. O'Kell
will preach in the morning and in the
evening Rev. \V. H. Emsley. a delegate * the Methodist general conference now in session at Yictoria. will
Royal Bank of Canada
Cao tal   Pa d
The Bank has Branches in
Cai ada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific: in Cuba
:':.���-. ... .: ::������ is'-ind; also in
Porto Ri, mes, New York
and  London.  England.
Correspondents in all parts
of the Globe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
New Westminster Branch.
fifty-five or sixty, and
barley thirty-eight to forty bnshe.s.
Last year they had a bumper ciop,,
an.l. indeed, there has not I een a failure from drought Bin e tl -.-.- Bettled
:.��� re
There are at least fifteen steam or'
gas .ine   plows   within   a   racijs   of
up new land, so that next year the
acreage under crop wlll be largely
I inei eased.
Of last year's crop there has boen
���Iter.  J.
S. Henderson, paster. Ser-
and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
Bible     class   2:30   p.m.
W. EL Walsh      W. E. Walsh. Jr,
Factory, 226 14tb 31.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Phone 413.
We   make   a   s;e<ialty   of   fir
doors,  steamed  and  kiln dried.
marketed   251,000   bushes   of   wheat,
 0 bushels of oats. 10,000 bushels   ���'**���*-* ���'- *��� ***
of  barley and   4 000  bushels  of   ilax.  school   and
The wheat yield last year, which waa
particularly good, vatied from twenty-  q    Thompson.  M.A.
four to  forty-five  busnels   per   acre
oats   forty   bushels   and    up.    bar:ey
twenty-eight bushels and up.
There  was   3170,000  worth  of  farm
implements   sold  here  last  year  and
during   the   first   six   months  of  this "The Master's    Invitation'
year  over  I worth   has   been."Work in the Vineyard."
so! 1.
Won   Many   Prizes,
Many   prizes   for   grain   have   been
won  by  the   Barr  colonists.    At  the
Provincial Seed Fair at Regina, 1910,
Lloydminster     took   first   and    third
prizes  for wheat,  first and  third  for
barley, second for oats and second for
rye grass,    Ai the   Edmonton   Prov-
���,p..  pastpr.    Services at  11 a.m.  .au
) p. m.
pastor. Public
worship: Morning. Holy Communion,
11 a.m.: eveniig. 7:30 p.m. B.ble
class had Sabbath schocl -:30 _._.���
Y. P. S. C. B. Tuesday g p.m.; prayer
meeting, Wednesday. S p.m.   Morning.
er. pastor. Sen ices 11 a.m. and 7
p.m. Sunday school at -:30 p.m.
Midweek prayer meeting on Wednesday at S o'clock. Rev. Mr. licEwen
will preach at both services.
���Rev.  T.  Wardlaw  Taylor. M.A..  Ph.
Inclal  Fr.'.r,  1910,  Lloydmlimw- too:
the first. s?cond anl third prizes for
wheat, first for oats, second for flax,
third for barley and a silver cup for
the test exhibit of milling oats. Other
I prizes were won at the Calgary Fair
j in July last.
Lloydminster  stood  second   in   the
competition    for    standing    fields    of
grain in Alberta province in 1906.
This  is  also  a  good    cou.itry   for
E. D. Braden. pastor. Services at
11 a.m. and 7:3u p.m. Sunday school at
2:30 p.m. Epworth League cn Monday
at S p.m. The pastor will preach at
both services.
Rev. F. S. Okell. B. A., pastor. Services
at   11  a.  m.  and  7:30 p.  m.      Love
3.4 to 25 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iran Works
Phone   53.
Tenth  St.,  New  Westminster.
And Upriver Landings
The New Sternwheeler
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Townsend St. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$lli weekly. For further particular apply to Hospital. Telephone  755.
| mixed  farming  and  (20,000  worth of feast at lu a.  m.    Sunday  school at
cattle   were   shipped   last    year   and 2:30 p.  m.  Epworth league.  Monday,
some twenty catloads of hogs.     Tne at S p. m.    Prayer meeting. Wednes-
i huge packing plant at Edmonton pro- day at  S p.m.    Rev. Dr. Crofts, dele
vi es  an  easily  acessible   tnaik-t   lor gate from Nova Scotia to the general
��� ������Wi
43-45 Sixth Street   ::   New Westminster, B.C.
Room  6, Guichon Building.
Phone 681
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf. New Weatmleeter. witfc
Passengers aid frelt>t as fellews:
Leave? New Westminster Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday nt 8 a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Fri-
iaj and Sunday at 7 a. m.
first Cass Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
Estimates  Given  on  Any  Kind
of  Job   Printing
Thomson  Blk.
Phone  38S
All   Kinds  of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply Executed.
Carnarvon  and   Sixth   St  New
Westminster B. C, Phono 354.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Try  a "WANT" ad ln  The  News.
It will bring results.
*********************************** ****************
the hogs.
Raising   of   Poultry.
Poultry raising is found to be very
profitable, and in ten weeks last yW
the government creamery turned out
13 000 vounds of butter.
The reason that Harr colonists were
abl�� to exhihit grain in both Alberta
,^nd Saskatchewan competitions is
TTOat the town was located o.i tlie
fourth meridian and when the iro.-
mces were re-arranged in lib'fi this
was made the boundary line between
the two prowu.'es. The town was
partly in ono and partly .In the other.
This was overt o��e by organizing the
western section as an Alb��rtan village and tbe eastern section as a Saskatchewan town. Tbe two together
have now a population of 1,500. More
colonists are coming out from the Old
Country and theie are practically no
foreigners in tbis district.
Veterans   Do   Well.
There were a large number of army
reterans among the Harr colonists,
and ttey have done well on the land
Their patriotic spirit has also led
tlieui to help in forming a local detachment of the -2nd Saskatchewan
Light Horse with their headquarters
at a large, well-equipped tit 111 had. At
the military camp held recently at Sewell. B s.piadron of this regiment,
composed entirely of Lloydminster
men, distinguished themselves by winning the silver challenge cup presented by Piernier Roblln, of Manitoba, in
the competition  tor  "attack  and d.-
The Lloydminster Uitle association
was also organized aud has both an
opeu air nnd miniature rifle range
.vith about 500 members.
The dramatic, musical and debating societies, are very active organizations bere. and the St. John's Choral society last spring won a silver
shield at tbe Saskatoon Musical festival competition,
An  Athletic  Society.
The Lloydminsior Athletic associa*
tlon includes football, baseball, c. Ic-
feet, hockey and tenuis clubs. There
are several Old Country international
players in the football team, which
recently tied with the Edmonton
Caledonians, but were beaten in the
(inal with the Northe.n Alberta league
last j ear.
Ust July 12 the Orangemen held
their sports at tho large well-laid
race track, and some 2.500 spectators
were in attendance.
The farmers round about are well
organized also. They have an agrl-
cultural society and no less 'ban
eleven branches of the Grain Grow-
era' association of Saskatchewan and
the Cnitod Farmers of Alberta.
conference at Victoria, will preach at
both  services.
;-,,- ^tz**:*********** ****'** **
Westminster Woodworking Co.
H J. BROOKES, Pre. rletor T
WORKS-Corn* E,.v,nth en- Carline. "M0NE "'    t
M��************************ a*************"***���"
j   Peck McSwain on Deck.
}   Peck  McSwain.    poet,    lecturer,
and philanthropist is In   the   Nicola
valley campaigning    in  favor of the
. ott' act Professor McSwain Will
fectie a   interior points dm ing the
al and winter. He is expected in the
Slocan early In September. Mr. Mc-
Swain has devottvl much time aud
monev to tho study of the liquor pro-
Mem U clever and a forceful speaker.
He is not associated with Dr. Spencer,
but is independently devoting bis time
and bia means to the temperance
esus* He will receive a warm welcome'from all bis newspaiei- ea*
other frlewls.���Slocaa Record.
Do you want a lot in the centre
of the city. The old Clute Home,
corner of Third Ave., and Seventh
Street, is now on the market; the
price is $1000 per lot and upwards
and will be sold on good terms.
As the beautiful house is^ now
on our new street, we will give it
to the purchaser of any two lots
for the small sum of $1000. It
now rents for $35 a month.
Don't forget, we will give you
good terms.
620 Columbia St.
Phone 307 PAGE FOUR.
ti) i
The Daily News
Pabllahed by The Dully News Publish-   ���>
ing Company, Limited, at their offices.
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
Seventeen Wash Stands
Surplus from furnishing a forty roomed hotel.    Values from O  QC
$4.50 to .5.00.   To close quickly.   At the one price, each  ... "*���
\^     I   / . y /vr #
Ail Linen Turkish Towels
REMEMBER,   WE   CLOSE   AT  5   P.   M.    SATURDAYS, 10 P.  M.
Fifty-sis inches long by twenty-seven inches wide, values iip.7Cj��
to $1.50.    Take whal you want at, each  	
A  feature of the striking proceedings  which  took place in   the Horse
Show     building    at    Vancouver    on
Thursday    night,   was   the   practical
eyeecb of Hon. G. P, Graham, minister of railways, upon the transportation  question.    A  good  deal  of criti- j
Ciiim, some of it quite bitter, lias been I
Jei elled ut  the policy pursued by Sir i
Wilfrid  and  his  government   in   re-1
#ai d    to    transportation,     A    large I
amount of .money has heen spenl   in
thlli direction, it   is  true,  bul   every I
business man knows thai money well j
and   wisely spent is always a good in-!
vestngent.    No one can honestly say
that, expenditures upon railways and l
water communication  by  the presenl
governmenl will nol be a profitable in-
weBtmeut to the citizens of the dominion.
The amounl invested In railways in
Canada amounts to one billion and a
ball dollars, whilst the state has furnished something over four hundred
million dollars to the enterprise. As
jMr. Graham tersely put it, "the value
find purpose of all this expenditure is
to enable the labor of tiiis country to
carry its wares into the markets of
the world." Beyond this, however, te-
maitis the fact that "every cent saved
jn freight charges is something added
to lhe workers' wage," These two important points, which li" in juxtaposition to each other, are worthy the
consideration of every thoughtful Canadian.
But    new    railways also mean    of
course the development of new country and the Increase of the wealth and
power of the state.    The railway pol- j
icy of the Laurier   government   has
been of the greatest advantage to the j
country,  for it   has been  responsible j
ior quite a large measure of the   in-j
creasing prosperity which has attended us during tlie last few years.
lf you have a little ready cash you can pick up some extremely good
Get Our Prices for Electrical Wiring.   We Handle Everything in Electrical Fixtures.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete"
A Few Specials For
Saturday Night Shoppers
Fabric Gloves for 25c per pair
A special cl.an up in fabric gloves, including black, fawn and grey gloves, and black, fawn,   Paris
and grey lisle and mercerised gloves.    Ladies' sizes only in this offer.    Regular values to ���,',��� ,.
i'"1 pair,
Going at
PHONE   73.       716-718  COLUMBIA  ST.,   NEW  WESTMINSTER.
___.-,*, ��� 1,'m ,'l ., ... .. tAll LUgM
A Big Waist Snap at $1.50
Saturday shoppers will be In for a treat this week-end���don't tail to pay our ready-to-wear section
visit���white laufldred waists, embroidered fronts, tucked and pleated effects, severe tallc
linen, muslin and lawn.   Regular values to $3.00.   Saturday's price       ��1 .���
~~- ~rr������ ,.l!ii������:tii j-u^j
You Want To Go To
in a Hurry, ring up Phone No. 117, and ask  for  the
Speed Launch "VITE".   It  will  take  you there  in
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
��� ���
Tiie announcement  that a  wire nail
und   fence  factory  is about  to be  established  on  Lulu  Island,  is  perhaps
a small matter In Itself.    Hut it Is of
importance as showing the direction
jn which the Industrial ami commercial inteiests of New West minster are I
moiing.    This industry will be an en-!
tifely new one in the district, but  ive
think  it   is .pretty  evident   thai   there:
is ti good opening for such a business.
The possibilities of New Westmln-1
ster and itsJinniediate vicinity, a com-1
mercial and industrial center, are now j
being more generally recognized. The ]
city is attracting quite a large measure of attention from manufacturers I
and others just now, and many capitalists  are  looking   into  the  situation
with a \iew to locating other factories
liere.   A year or so hence we may expect to see a goodly number of industrial  establishments  added   to  those
already in operation.
"Prince Rupert" and "Prince George"
3,500  Tons���320   Feet   Long���18'. 2   Knots
Leaves Vancouver (Johnston's Wharf) MONDAYS and FRIDAYS
at  11:30  P.M. for PRINCE   RUPERT   and   STEWART.
Monday steamer conaects at Prince Rupert with S.S. "PRINCE
ALBERT"  for  Skidegate,  Jedway, Collinson Bay, etc.
Friday steamer conaects at Prince Rupert with S. S. "PRINCE
ALBERT" for Kincolith. Naas Bay, Masset, etc.
S.S. PRINCE GEORGE wi'l leave VICTORIA 11 P.M. THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, and run to Prince Rupert direct, not calling at
Vancouver. Passengers will be furnished transportation Vancouver
to Victoria without extra charge. .Make reservations early. Accommodation limited.
Leaves Vancouver (Johnston's Wharf) WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS   at   2   P.M.   for   VICTORIA  and   SEATTLE.
Solid wide vestibule trains of coaches and sleeping cars hetween
Chicago, Detroit, London, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Xew York Toronto, Montreal, Portland.  Boston, etc.
Longest double track route under one management on the American Continent. ���
For rates, time tables, booklets, and full information, passenger
or freight, apply to
L. V.  DRUCE, Commercial Agent.    H.  G.  SMITH, City  Pass.  Agent.
533 Granville Street, Vancouver.    Phone 7100.
Save 25 to 50 per cent
on these Towels
Vou are always nn the right
side when you buy towels tit cut
juices. Heie is a splendid opportunity. About 100 pairs left
of our special purchase of samples. Don't miss this. Vou can
save from 25c to 50c on the dollar.
Moirette Underskirts,
in black, green, hrown and navy,
and also a sprinkling of light
colored washing skirts. All to
go at one price Saturday.
Come and see them. Extra
special   $1.25
Ladies' Belts
The prettiest    range   of    fancy
belts in the city.   Come in and
see something    that    is    really
new.    Moderately priced, From
85c  to    $1.25
Tapestry Table Covers
at Sample Prices
About 25 covers In all various
qualities in tapestry and in a
good range of sizes, ah colors
arc represented here ti o
the table of these goods, Everj
cover carries a 25 per oent, discount  until Saturday night
Childrens Dresses $1.25
A further reduction on the balance of our stock of children's
wash dresses, We intend to
clear this lot before the warm
weather is over. All colors and
si .es in this collection. Regular
prices range as high as $3.00,
Clearing at  $1.25
Ladies' Neckwear, 25c
A table of exclusive novelties In
collars and Jabots, Astonishing
\alues displayed hero  25c
Swiss Underwear at Half Price
Combinations, corset covers and vests, only a limited quantity of these goods left, but out  they go   to
make room for our new stock.    Values up to . I.(id for   HALF PRICE
buyers refused to accept some tipples
unless they were accompanied by an
inspection certificate and consequently the demand was weak.
There was a good auction sale    of
farm stock and vehicles.
' Official  Quotations.
L^ef, hindquarters, per lb. ��� .fl_z to 10c
Beef, forequarters, per lb. ..7% to 8c
Lamb, per lb 15c
Mutton, per Ib 12 to 13c
Veal, large, per lb II to 10c
Veal, medium  12 to 12^0
Pork,   prime,   per  lb lac
Eggs, wholesale, per doz ���''".. c
Eggs, retail, per doz 45c
b 25c
The way In whi iyen are treating fresh frail - ��� ���. e ol a 2u^er- wholesale, per
good market. y�� Ri, ������ have
come In to tbe e tbe fi lit
crop in ti.e t: ... will
he phenomenal ai i em
Jo be holdiDg ofl from ;/ a.::n^ any extensive purchase pation that
the influx ol the fruit win soon de
luge tne market and reduce the*
There were many plums and apples
offered for sale yesterdaj and the
best ot tbem sold laiily well, but
tbere was a marked lack ol  any con
sistent demand for It. Apples al about
#1 a box and plums al between 50 and
<i0 cents are remarkably cheap for this
time of the year.
The market on the whole was good,
the attendance Ol both buyers and
sellers being considerably above the
average. The supply of all lines was
fairly full and scarcely tiny of the
produce brought in had to be taken
liack  home.
There was ;i greal  deal of fltictua-
Butter, retail, pRt'
Fowl, per doz., live
Chickens, per doz., live
Lucks, pet dOZ	
Geese, each 	
Potatoes, new, per ton
Onions,  per  sack   	
Turnips, iter sack   ....
Carrots, per sack 	
Beets, por sack 	
Parsnips, per sack 	
Red Currants, ner lb,
Black Currants, per lb.
I Apples, per box   	
Plums, per crate	
Cucumbers, per doz.  ..
.....7 to $H
.$5 to $U.50
.'..*,%   to   5
. .$10 to $12
. .$20 to |22
...70c to $1
.. .50 to (10c
Arrivals from  East Afford  Plenty
Help on  Prairies.
Winnipeg, Aug. 111.���From yesterday
*Jon in the prices of all kinds of poul-|"oon un,il early this morning no less
try, tlie quotations changing accord-! than 3600 harvesters arrived in the
Jng to the size and quality of the | (.lty, the majority of them immediate-
Beef was  not so plentiful, but  the
ily starting westward.    The danger of
(demand was good. There was a good a labor *l*m*nt' Is now over and there
supply of lamb and mutton which was : will be no difficulty In securing suffi-
jiot more than sufficient to meet the  dent hell).
demand.     Pork   was  not  so  plentiful |     There aro still  a  large number of
as It bus been at the last two or three   laborers coming from the South.   Yes-
markets   and   In   spite   or   the   warm i terday no less I ban forty negroes from
weather, wbicli usually causes a drop  Chicago landed In  Winnipeg.
In quotations, the price remained linn, i    There    bare    been    slight    frosts
There wus u good supply of potatoes through the West, but the only dam-
���xipd the ddmand was fair. [age, if any, will be to lower Ibe grade.
A   peculiar   feature  of   the   market  The crop Is turning out much better
was the fapt that some of tbe fruit /than was expected.
Local   Improvement   Notice.  .
Pursuant to section  20 of the "Local     Improvement     General     Bylaw,
1909," notice Is hereby given that the
assessment   roll   for   local    improvements  on  the  following  streets,  viz.
Hamilton street, between  Eighth and
Sixth    streets,   Seventh   avenue,   between    Eighth    and    Fourth    streets,
Princess  street,  between  Eighth  and
Sixth   street,    Princess    street    from
Fourth street eastwards; Sixth avenue
from Tenth    to Sixth streets;    Fifth
avenue" from  Tenth   to  Sixth  street;
Belmont   street,   St.    Andrews    sireet
from Tenth to Eighth street;  Fourth
avenue  from   Tenth   to  Sixth  sireet;
Kennedy    street,    Blackford     stieet,
Third   avenue  from   Tenth   to   Sixth
streets;  street hetween Ash und Seventh    streets;    Welsh    Street,    Milton
streel,   Robson  avenue,  Queen's  avenue   from   Tenth    to    Sixth    streets;
Gloucester street. Royal avenue from
Mclnnes   to   Seventh   street;    Agnes
street  from Mclnnes to Sixth streets;
Moody  street,  Holhrook  street;   Cunningham street from  Eighth to Sixth
streets; Victoria street, from Eighth to
Lorne   streets;    Victoria   street   from
McKenzie to Sixtli streets; Carnarvon
street   from   Tenth   to   Sixth   street;
Ramage street.;  Clarkson street from
McKenzie to Sixth streets;   Columbia
street from Tenth to Mclnnes streets;
Tenth street  from Columbia street, to
Sixth   Avenue;   Mclnnes   street   from
Columbia street to Royal avenue; Gilley  street;   Ninth   street;     McNeeley
street;   Blackie street, from Columbia
to Carnavon streets;  Summer street;
Burr street from Milton street northwards:   Simeoe  street;   Eighth  street
from  Columbia  to   Hamilton   street;
Alexander street;  Begbie street;  Lorne street, McKenzie street, Fife street,
Ash    sireet,    Seventh    at reet,    Fifth
street from Sixth to Seventh avenues;
Fourth street    from Sixth    streel    to
Seventh    avenues;     Brantford    sireet
from Sixth to Seventh streets;  to be
known as the Eighth street sewer system, Is open for Inspection a I. the office  of  the  assessment   commissioner
in   the  City  hall,  New  Westminster,
British   Columbia,   and   in    case   the
owner   or   any   person   Interested   In
any of the properties Included there-
St. Lawrence-Bristol
Magnificently   Appointed ��� Fast   Turbine Steamers.
Full information on application to
E. GOULET, Agent C. P. R., or from
WM. BTAPLETON, General Agent.
Room t!4 Scott Block, Winnipeg, Man,
Phone, Main 8660
Salmon Report
August   19,   1910.
Bellingham���Did nol nit traps yesterday.
Anacortes���Gol   no   lish   yesterday.
Thc run Is over.
Vancouver  Cannerj���Got  800   lish
Brunswick���Got  200 flsh yesterday,
Sl.  Mungo���Got very few lish   yes
British   Columbia���No   (lsh
Ewens���N'o flsh yesterday.
Scottish Canadian���Very few flsh.
Imperial���Got ninety-seven (lsh yesterday.
Terra Nova���Got 500 flsh yesterday.
High boat twenty-nine Ibis morning.
Sir Walter Harris Coming.
London, Aug. 11).���Sir Walter    Harris, master of the King's music, sailed
for Canada yesterday.
ln desires fo appeal from such assessment., he should within the period of
(11) eleven days from the first publication of this notice, give notice to
the undersigned in writing of his Intention to appeal.
Dated the 10th (lay or Augusl A. 1).,
W.  A.   DUNCAN,
Clly Clerk.
Date  of   flrst   publication   tho  20th
day of August, 11)11).
At last a Positive Cure has been found for
in the Now Famous INDIAN HERB CURE
Manufactured and put up in Victoria, B. C, by J. F. Fitzpatrlck,
Address:    628 Hornby, Vancouver.   Phone R 1845.
Coming to New Westminster Shortly���address later.
This Is one more proof of the effllcacy of tho Asthma Cure.   rletJ
what the Victoria man has to say about the Asthma Cure,
'   >���... A 521 Slmcoe St., Victoria, B, C��� Feb, 12
Mr. Fitzpatrlck.
Dear Sir.���Just a few lines to let you know how much pood your Indian Herb Cure has done me. I have suffered from asthma for over
six years and at times it affected my breathing so thai I could not
sleep at nights, but I might say that I felt relief alter taking two
doses of your wonderful cure, and two bottles cured me entirely,
will gladly recommend It to any suffering from asthma.
Yours truly.
Our slock of Jewelry In Gold, Silver and  Gold  Plated is the mosl
Complete ever shown in Westminster.    Call  and  bo convinced.
: Chamberlin's
Agents for the Howard, Ball, Longines and  Hamilton Watches.
Official time Inspector for C. P. Ry.
Lowney s Chocolates
Latest Varieties At All Prices.     Let Us Sliow Tliem
To You At
I Ryall's Drug Store
f W t v
X.if '������������. ������-..*. ������RniiP
..OHDAV, AUGUST 20, 1910
Irosse Rivals Clash Today
L Both Teams Are Con-
ident of Victory.
Isolated     Examples     of     Infractions.
Sergeant Murray May be Chief License   Inspector,
linish of
. rlte0f H>" fact   that
IS announced tit the
Tg��w al which he had
s      dictate that he
2!iin unless there were a judge
he Is expected
old  whue  hat  and  a  good
Victoria, Aug, 19.���Reports of general compliance throughout the province with the stringent provisions of
the new liquor act are already beginning to Teach the attorney general's
department together with isolated examples of the enforcement of penalties as prescribed against tliose who
have been rash enough to contravene
the regulations becoming operative on
tlie  first of the month.
Tbe lirst case of this kind was that
Of the blind pig proprietor at Sheep
would not' V'ee-* wll() "I""1 being convicted be-
; fore Magistrate Bullock-Webster, at
I Nelson, paid liis fine or $.'100 without
I protest. In this case the liquor had
| been served out of a "pop" bottle and
Mi Btart at three o'clock  thetiet"uP ���efence w"s "'.' the.J��vlf
win st'Hl _ -'orating  beverage  was  not an  intoxi
cant as understood by the law, but
merely aerated water capable of producing no stimulation even If Imbibed by the most orthodox member of
any W. ('. T. I'. As tlie burden of
proof as the exact character of liquor
supplied under the new legislation
rests upon the purveyor, the defendant wus unable to substantiate his
plea  with  necessary  evidence.
Another case is reported from Kamloops, where a Qne of $100 was imposed   upon   a  licensed   hotel   proprietor
upon   his  conviction   for  having  sold
decidedly   li;i"("' '" ;m Intoxicated person.   This
lit is believed  is the first conviction
announced  .Manager
��� ,i:Ht .   .
Le of the  opinion
feure to
miess   aicic   ��.v.,~   .*
here   today
lay-  " ""
tly of gum
e game
���    wj|l   Will. mm^^^^^^^
!-\ think," he added as an af
His   opinion   is   a   fair
of   most  of
Edentata these parts. The New
nster team is sized up to win
', e las   name in  Vancouver
1 thal  will make the Van-
I        play and win if the.  pos-
��� the   knowledge   that    if
��� : qoI see the Minto
,-eai   and  they    will    also
. . .   |ia.e nol as good   a
- j last year when they
the Sail   'ii   Bellies
that  has been secured in Hritish Columbia under t hat pai ticular chai ge at
leasi outside of the two principal cit-
! ies of the province.
In the Sheep Creek case, the often- ber from England.   One of these pres
������< ;,i one time.
todaj  is doped out to be
. .       test ol  the season. The
I   ,             will   be   practically
|             ��� Saturday; and exact-
as was defeated last j ^^^^^	
esent   N'ew   Westmln-1der waa an hotel  proprietor   witu a
pending application for license before
ime   slatting at   1:30 ""' provincial authorities.     Needless
Joiors will play against It0 s:,>' ,llis application will proceed no
a i   Knd juniors for  further,
npionship of the main-      A  P��tnf  lias arisen with regard to
i the   strict   enforcement   of   the   law
 I against Sunday sales in cities, which
of  course  administer  with  their  local
GAME machinery tbe general  law.    Several
cases of  violation of the Sunday sell-
���After  tag  regulation  are Stated  to  have oc-
pl,)sl.   cuned in Victoria on tlie 7th Inst., no-
Orillia-Brace- tably in an establishment on Johnson
street.    The  provincial  authority  will
not of course be exercised in the cities  unless  laxity  in  enforcement  be-
160 Acres on Scott Road, close in,
Price $140.00 per acre. Adjoining
property is selling at $300 to $500
per acre.    This is a real money maker
xcursion Fares
Rugged    Peak  in    Rockies   Conquered
By  Party Attending Annual   Meeting   at   Consolation   Valley.
Edmonton, Aug. 19.���The camp of
the Canadian Alpine club in the glacier-hung Consolation Valley, at the
edge of the timber line, north of Lag-
. an. broke up a few days ago, and one
of the members of the club, who took
part in the mountain climbing, 11. VV.
Allan, of Montreal, was in Edmonton
"Tlie camp was eminently successful." said Mr. Allan on Saturday, in
the course of an interview. "It was
attended by aboul 150 mountaineers
from all parts of Canada and a num-
(Old Country)
-TO   THE-
August 15 to 20.
Tickets on Sale August 15 to 20.
August 24.
Final Return Limit
Fare $1.05
For the Round Trip From WESTMINSTER.
sver,  Tlie referee put Pat Quinn
���   thinking he had wielded
_   '.    Somebody told the chief
i> v resl  that man."    The
did mi, and  started  to  parade
| the   Beld,     The
]   i    Into    line and    in a short
���   held was populated
\H ft "in the stands.   The
flayers   also   went   off   lo   see
���> - to happen,    The  prisoner
: al  the gate.      Tommy
whistle   to   clear   the
Orillia  hack,    liis ef-
I not ( Heel cither result, and
finisl ed with fifteen minutes
i he  former contest   here
}��� teams was called  be-
time was up, ami that was what
Mltated    the    playing    of    thla
Itorney general's department may be
counted upon to intervene for the prevention of any Inadequate enforcement of the law of the hind.
It   is   understood   that   tlie   appoint-
chief  license  inspector for
>e made within the
The   appointment,
Iicebrldge,   Ont.,   Aug.
:. threes larters of  fust,
'I-':;.- 11 H   'lie_________________
i game here j esterday ended in ;
up, in which the chief of police1
Iti ;, lea Iin.    part. I        i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
��� the time was six goalslcome8 Patent, in which event the at
.foe   In    Bracebridge's    favor.
" |gi    weie    pressing    Btrong,
pked to have the game ta cold
..�� One of the home men dodged
���'    Orillia  defence, and as  he 1
(on the head from a mon' "' a        ���^^^^^^^^^^_.
��� stick    He went down for the province will be made within the
He was not  badly  hurt, ensuing fortnight   ^^^^^^^^
Pat  Quinn  report has it. was offered to Sergeant
Murray  of  the  provincial   police,  as
senior In the service, but has been declined by him for private or personal
i reasons.
Apply :
ED. GOULET, Agent,
New Westminster
Or Write To :
Vancouver, B. C.
��� t
Exhibition To Be
Finest Ever Held
Northwestern League.
I Vancouvei H. n. ES.
touver  210   2
  1    6   1
,lwi,,s: Engle and Lewis; Hlnkle'government for
i Spokane
feme ..
It. II.
(Continued From Page One)
mation they require. Tlie suggestion
was made by Sheriff Armstrong.
Decorate the City.
An endeavor will be made this year
to lmve the citizens decorate their
business places and residences in
honor of the exhibition. An endeavor
will be made to make the city as attractive as possible so that when visitors see all that is to he seen at the
grounds they will uot be ln any mad
laste to leave the city.
Manager Keary reported that $1000
would be spent in Hxing up the cattle
and horse stalls so that valuable stock
| could be properly taken care of. llo
I also reported that the $5000 which
: had beeu granted by the provincial
i horse show building
would be spent this year, but the
building would not he finished. . lt
will be ln a condition to use for stock
inything    of    the kind in
   2    7    1    ^_^_
  3    g    o  judging or I
McCamment and Plank-; case of rain.
KlUllaj  and Shea. Clean   Vaudeville   Wanted.
  Tlie   platform   attractions   will re-
Dogyerel Truth. loeive special attention tills year. Rev.
port,  clean   sport   the   people1,1. S. Henderson made a plea for good
| clean vaudeville in front of the grand
island all tho time, so that the crowd
'would   have  something    to    entertain
them.   Manager Keary slated that the
contract with the Barnes circus called
for several free acts every day.
It was also reported that the   exhibit In the lisheries building tills year
would be belter I ban il  had ever been
before.    Mr.   Heathcote. from Ottawa,
will have charge of the exhibit.
A   committee   was   appointed   to   ill-
tincil   wilh  a   view    of
nd stand built in
f' ''({,l! clean sport, thev sav.
tae other fellow's eve���
11 thei    houi  "Hip Hooray!"
���Toronto  News.
Ible D '
Jane  Expects to  Live to
���; Battling Nelson:
,'"'"' '���" anj   fo,-,,,
,. "for smoked
tt<f, m any form, and even
Mac   tol)acco smoke Is blown in
Is    bad.
or ���
mid be a
an the
! with authority
terview   the  co
having a proper gra
the park.
I     It  was  decided  that   il   wo
outsideIgood idea to have a man in charge ol
stock on  the grounds, a man
who would be utile to
 and control the stock
���      -  with
festive organs.
<S '""''   day'
.j,   8 theresult?   For fourteen I other stock,
have fl?   """ ln u,e Prize ring I    Those present at  the meeting were
II, In,., 'I*'"  more than 250 men   Alderman C, A. Welsh, ini the; cliai.���;
is s ' "��''K exhibitions. My stain-  Rev. A. BJ. Vert, Fire Chief .1. H. W a
lhM���    ""'"'I'iiirod.  and   1   mwn^,,    p    Howler.   Or.   Watson,   W.   R
Polw"evei' "so,! ("'"��a
I        Prescriptions for a slight
let U8'".' '""""' form of illness. I
Btom..h    ,'   pa8try or overload I settle disputes ___ ....
" WM|'  foods  which  only i owners.    Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Wat
of  the  horses
ent was tlie celebrated *Dr. Langstaffe,
of London. England, renowned for
having achieved the highest individual ascent on tlie face of the globe by
Climbing one of the giants peaks of
the Himalayas. Rev. G. E. Kinney,
the conqueror of Mount Robson, the
highest known peak in tlte Canadian
Rockies, was another member of the
First    Ascent    of    Mount    Babel.
"The camp had a full complement
of guides, including [Conrad King, the
celebrated Austrian guide.   The C. P.
R. loaned all their guides to the party,
BO thai  members bad every facility of
making   a   safe   climb.     Consolation
Valley is famed for its beauty of scenery.    It is glacier-hung and lies about
thirteen   miles   north   of   Laggan   station, close to the world-famed valley
of the Ten Peaks.   From many of tlie
summits reached  by members of the
.party most magnificent views were to
I be bad."
"The Chief climbs made during the
camp were Mount Bident, 10,500 feet;
Mount Quatra, 10,400 feet; Mount
Temple, 11,626; Mount Fay. 10,200;
Mount Babel, 10,500, and Mount Eiffel, 10,000 feet. The ascent of Mount
Label was the first ever made, no one
having reached the summit before.
This mountain was scaled during the
early stages of the camp."
"A rope of four started to make the!
ascent   of   the   second   of   the   Ten
Peaks, one of the most difficult climbs
of the region, but owing to a blinding
snowstorm, which came on when thei
party had been out about half a day, j
were prevented from making the summit, although getting within two hundred feet from the peak."
"One of tlie most notworthy as-
I cents of the season was that of Mount
Assiniboine by Dr. Langstaffe. The
celebrated mountaineer made tlie summit of this giant before coming to
tlie Alpine camp."
An Advancing Glacier.
"It was generally conceded by members of the club who have climbed In
the Alps, the Tyrols and the Himalayas that for variety of scenery the
Canadian Rockies cannot be surpassed. The bare rock, snow, timber,
water and glaciers all combine to
make scenes of wonderful grandeur.
One of the glaciers of Consolation
Valley Is the Wenkchemna, said to be
the only advancing glacier In the region. All others are said, from observation, to be receding."
Wheeler Appointed Director.
"The camp lasted nearly two weeks,
and at the close the annual elections
were beld. Professor Coleman, of Toronto university, was elected president and A. O. Wheeler, the former
president, who gave up llis position as
head of the topographical surveys
branch of the department of the Interior rather than relinquish his position with tlie Alpine Club, was appointed the first director of the dun.
After the camp wns finished a number
of the members went into a sub camp
ln the Yoho Valley, while a number
Of others went to the Alpine club
House at Banff. The camp will probably be held in the Selklrks next
year, and when the railway accommodation lias been provided il will probably go to Jasper Hark, at the
trance to the Yellow Head Pass.'
Currant Puffs
Butter Puffs
Timber and
'   Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone  12 New Westminster Box  137
Delicious and Wholesome
You will Enjoy Your Afternoon Cup With Some of
These.   Try Them
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
Contractors and
House Builders
oi   the   Best
ardware in this City.
vv e have a Kill   line
Builders  Harcti
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.    Also Complete   Stock   of   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
^^^   only
1 gel eight
son   will
have  char, e
and  live  a! and Manager Keary guaranteed to find
a   man   to
look  al'tei   the  C
ittle  and
years old.
and  1 expect
',''i,s"lr Ib the greatest ex
Invented   n   muaole ���*������*' brain I Uev.
^'mi,,,;,,    " ' ilm not holding
fiiiK.        Vl"^ simply because it is
loh .nfjtoj! for the clean living
>" ''�� wisi,.' '\ ,'url of every man's
1 ����an athiete��''eVen PftrUftlly BU��-
5>8!la?mr ^ople attended
lenast , Tnm ""urslon ">
" '""Hensaiy,      nml WW**   *-*
Gilley, T. J. Armstrong,
j\V. Gray, .1. G. Brymner,
Alderman A.
Nels Nelson,
l   s   Henderson,  S.  Tidy. Dr.
Buchanan and Secretary W  11. Keary.
T. .1. Trapp came In as the meeting
was almost ready to adjourn.
Cotsworth's Advice
Is "Avoid Lawyers'
New Westminster was honored for
a tew minutes early this morning hy a
visit from Barnum and Halley s Circus.
The trains shifted    from   the   Great
C   V   It. Hacks heie
or two all the high
     shunted around
the "Westminster freight yards.
Northern to the
and for an hour
class attractions were
(Continued from Page One.)
tor's roll. I wished to save you by refraining from reference to what you
actually did whilst city clerk, to
wlilch your solicitors' letter now coni-
pells me ln self-defence to refer.
I). For Instance, per tax sale folio
24, at the 1.898 tax sale on June 21,
1SIIS (months before the great fire supplied any excuse for not being ahle to
whilst the city had regularl-
^^^^^^^^^^ nionlhs),    you
bought In your own, S. 7, lots 1 and
Z2, subdivisions 6, 7 and 8 'for $15,
though $lfil.;i<i was then required to
redeem it, though I am pleased to find
pav, and whilst the city had regularly
pai,i your salary as city clerk during
preceding  fifteen
that the arrears were not rebated. Are
you not confusing that with the
$2&>.32 rebated case ?
10. That was not right for you to
do particularly when you were city
clerk, yet 1 advise the city council not
to make uny charge against you, because my desire was truly expressed
in paragraph ^4S to prevent prosecutions "wliich by publicity tbrough the
courtaswould tend to injure the city almost more than the persons concei lied." The end of paragraph 241 proves
my sincere desire to regard cases like
yours as irregularities committed
whilst some of the parties "were unconscious of and never intended to
participate in the losses accruing to
the city more through the system than
their personal dealing," though it Is
almost impossible to believe that in
some Instances.
11. Therefore l hope that you will
realize that there was never any intention nor did I ever make a "gross
attack upon your Integrity" as your
solicitors wrongly a,dvlse in their
paragraph three.
12. The council of this city has a
truer regard for the interests of your
family that to follow your solicitors'
advice. It is not good advice for anybody but the said J. M. (the dictator
of that letter) who seems to be spoiling for a chance to raise a legal tight
at our expense.
13. If It is within your knowledge
thnt J. M. now happens to belong to
London, Kngland, will you kindly tell
him that 1 am going there (by the
next transatlantic liner) where 1 have
many friends in St. Pancras.
14. As your solicitors' letter was
published in the press lt ls necessary
in the public Interest that 1 should
Issue a copy of this letter to the
newspapers in reply.
Your would-be friend,
New Westminster, August 19, 1910.
* *
���       A Beautiful Assortment of Rings
t on view at Gray's
$     Diamond Rings from $15.00 to $200.00
Pearl Rings from    $2.50 to $15.00
Rings with assorted stones as pearl  and  diamond,  pearl  and  ruby,
suitable for engagement rings, from $5.00 to $50.00
John B. Gray
Dominion   Trust  Block.
Columbia   St.
A coat containing some papers and
a pocket book with some money In It
was picked up on Front street about
one o'clock this morning. It was taken
to the police station.
Fire Insurance
Was your property fully covered by Insurance ?
That is the question that is asked after a fire.
Many a man is left in very hard circumstances by
not having his property insured.
For a very small cost you can take out a policy in
one of the companies I represent and be relieved of
all worry and trouble in case anything should
I represent Canadian and British non-trust companies which are noted for their low rates and the
prompt manner which they pay their losses.
"The Insurance Man"     '
651 Columbia Street Phone 62
' ��� I
f*    *>AGE SIX-
���~" ���   ������. -amddmmia
20- %
WHEN Fred Davis, the Furniture Man at 655 Front Street, took you into his confidence four short months
ago and gave you genuine straight prices on Furniture (40 per cent, less than the other houses) he prophesied
and said: " Now watch the other furniture people and see them cut their prices. " The prophecy has been
fulfilled and they have come down with their little "Clean Sweep' sales.
Mattresses usually sold for $3.50 they are now selling for $2.50. If they can do it now, why didn't they
always do it ? Fred Davis, "The Man Who Saves You Money," has shown them the way, but they will have to
come again and reduce some more to meet his prices on the 10 per cent, basis that he has always sold on.       j
" First Come, First Served ", and while the goods last they will absolutely be cleared
out at these Extraordinary Low Prices
There are only two Mattress and Spring'
factories in Vancouver that supply this district. We handle both their lines. Now
their Bedsprings always sold in the other
furniture houses at $3.50. Fred Davis'
reduced price is $1.95
If the other houses sell at this price
they will make a hole in their 60 per cent.
Sanitary cotton top felt Mattresses,
any size, always sold at the other furniture
houses at $3.50. Fred Davis' reduced price
is $2.20
The famous "Restmore" Mattress, the
maker's label on every one, always sold at
$12.00,   Fred Davis' reduced price.. .$7.50
Iron Beds, any size, with brass knobs
and trimmings $2.80
We have cheaper lines than this, but
this is a handsome bed.
Japanese Mats 6x3 and always sold at
the other stores for 75c. Fred Davis' reduced price for Saturnay is 25c
These are in all colors and very handsome designs.
Royal quartered oak Dresser and Stand
beautifully finished, fitted with a 14x22 in.
British bevel plate mirror, heavy brass
handles, the two pieces complete for $10.75
Now go and see the same goods at the
other places, get their prices, then come and
see Fred Davis.
Kitchen Comforts, fitted with two large
bins, two drawers, chopping board and
paste board, with stained and polished base
and always sold at $5.75. Fred Davis' reduced price $4.25
How about Shades ? We give you free
estimates. If the other man can beat our
estimate, quality for quality, we will give
$500 to the Columbian Hospital.
We have a handsome oil shade, full
size for 49c
We have others a lot cheaper.
All printed Linoleums, in best qualities
for, per yard 38c
Now, as to our Dininjr Room Furniture,
we have swell dining room Chairs at.. .95c
You want to see these, as words cannot
describe their merits.
Extension Tables and Buffets at equally
low prices.
Pearl Grey Blankets, full size at. .$1.95
I am ashamed to say what the othei s
will sell them for.
Have you seen our Rattan and Sea
Grass Chairs ? We sold 99 in one day this
week, but we have still a few left, price for
these is $3.40
Swell double-runged heavy Kitchen
Chairs 45c
Always sold at the other places for 75c
A special line of Cocoa Mats 18x30, the
very best quality, only 85c
These are all dishonest goods at dishonest prices, or else we couldn't sell them
so cheap.
Solid Brass Bed, full size, for Saturday
only $17.50
This has always been sold at the other
stores for $35.00. "Seeing is believing,"
come and have a look.
Child's Crib, with patent drop sides,
heavy brass trimmings, if or $675
This is an imported article and usually
sold at $12.00.
Some good lines in Secretaries, Office
Chairs, Couches, Davenports that we are
determined to sell at our own prices, and
defy our competitors to come within 40 per
cent, of them.
A special line for Saturday only. A
National Carpet Sweeper, handsome nickel
trimmings, best bristle brushes, adjustable
automatic machinery, and always sold at
the other stores for $4.50, Fred Davis'
reduced price $1-95
" The Man Who Saves You Money "
655 FRONT STREET, Just a few steps from the high rental district.   Who would't walk
a few steps and save Dollars ? WfUB
DAV, AUGUST 20, 1910.
P 25,000,000 BUSHELS
Estimate  Made   of  Crop
-   by   Hor
I��ert,berU.'by   Hon.   Duncan
.   ,     i9.���Hon.    Duncan
I ,i,i,-hl minister of agri-
finty expects tha, Al-
I."- ' " ii vield 25.000,000 bush-
.. : * as agalnsl 32.000,000
I The minister, who
I .,,.:i,| and exhaustive In-
erv pari of the province
I produced, in giving
. ;��� re9terday said the es.
J ��� ;   .  ervative one.
I , ��� said, therefore, that the
If rop Hns year is by any
IfafXre," he observed
I rfrvness BO much complained
fewno means general. Even in
t ��� h Dart of the province where
Ceil'' there had heen a lack of
Tip hail seen some fair crops.
J, ..few davs ago ho himself saw
1 nples  of   winter  wheat
.    ,.,, ;���   Pincher  Creek      It
;, [nister's opinion  that there
*' .     wlnter wheal lost by frosl
I    , ...,, i��� previous years be-
��� ,   ,- tred  much earlier.
j  ..,,,(   of  winter   wheat   has
been cut. while the remainder- i�� be
lng cut. very rapidly, so that danger
from tresis will be avoided." be said.
The railroads too woi,. doing their
best to help tho ranchers, in districts
where the grass had been burnt up
pointed out My. Marshall. They were
offering ranchers special rates on sites
so that they could lake their call I,.
from th.. afffected districts ami put
them In districts where the pasture
was .ood. In some districts, too
stock was being driven some thirty to
forty miles from the ranch to well
pastured parts, so thai they would not
suffer for lack of reed during the win-
Cutting   Weeds   in   Calgary.
Calgary,  Aug.   19.���The eradication
of all the weeds thai disfigure the city
streets and many of th,. citizens' lots,
is Ihe purpose of a crusade about to
be started by the parks board. For
some past men have heen cutting
weeds on the streets and now a weed
inspector has been appointed to oversee the work and to warn citizens
when growths of weeds are growing
in their property. Just at present all
the weeds on the city property and
streets will bo cut bul as soon as tbat
is completed attention will lie turned
io the private grounds, if the weeds
are not cm after a warning, a line will
be Imposed and if tb" person is away
from home the weeds will be cut by
the city tind ibe cosi charged tu tin:
Edmonton, Aug. hi.���in order tbat
they may he first in line to tile on two
'"'"celled homesteads, one mile from
the main lino of (lie Grand Trunk Pacific, near Wainwright, that will be
worth $3,000 each t,, them, when they
bave completed their three years' residence on tlie land, two young homesteaders from th,. Walnwrighl district
commenced on Saturday night a vigil
on the land office steps in Edmonton
'hat   will  last nine days and nights.
Witli the hard stone steps for a bed,
and their grips for pillows, these two
ambitious young homesteaders have
already put in two nights and one day
at. the land office door on Jasper avenue, and expect to continue their vigil
till nine o'clock Tuesday morning next
when tlie cancelled homesteads tbey
covet wil] be thrown open for re-entry.
The men reached the city on Saturday night and immediately took up
their residence on the "land office
steps. They were none too soon, for
several others from tlie same section,
who had heard or the desirable land
that was to be re-opened, had come to
the city on Ihe same quest. They had.
however, made the mistake of staying downtown too ping on Saturday
night, for when tbey reached the land
ollice their neighbors were ahead of
Two Girl School Teachers
Lose Nerve When Reptile
Procession Passes.
Omaha, Aug. Hi.���Miss Mary Houghton and Miss Lenora Mitchell, young
school teachers of this city, have returned from Oelrich, S. D., on tiie
southern slope of the black Hills,
where, since scliool closed last June,
they have been holding down 160-
acre homesteads. The young women
jhave not perfected title to tlieir lands,
mportant  To  Investors
[After Monday, the 22nd inst.. the price of
stock in the
Amalgamated Development Co.
ill be raised  to  the  following  figures:
General Investors, $2.00 Per Share.
Investors holding International or Northern Oil
Certificates of Exchange can purchase up to HALF
the number of shares they hold in those companies
for $1.00 Per Share.
As the stock of the Amalgamated Development
Company will shortly be withdrawn from the market, we give the present stock holders this opportunity of increasing their holdings at Bed Rock
I Figures.
Apply to:
I Auld, Gwin & McClarty
5l& Hastings Street, West
Telephone 4327
but have been driven out by   rattlesnakes.
The Houghten-Mitchell residence
was erected by the two young women
without the aid of any men. In addition, they dug two wells, hired a team
and ploughed and planted ten acres.
They would have remainded on I heir
lands until the opening of the school
year had not tlie rattlesnakes become
such a pest.
The country is always infested with
rattlesnakes to some extent, but this
year, owing to the hot and dry weather, they came out of the mountains
and crawled over the plains. Telling
of a snake excursion, .Miss Mitchell
"All  went well  until about July  10.
Prior  to  that time  we  hud  seen  and
killed a good many small rattlesnakes,
but there were not enough of them to
annoy us.    I think it was in the morning of July   10,   when,  arising  to  our
regular   daily   work.    Miss    Houghton
went out to the well to draw a pail of
water.     She   had   nol   gone    ten    feet
from the house  when   I   heard   her
scream.     Running   to  the   uoor   and
looking out,  I  saw  that   tlie  ground
was covered with a squirming mass of
i snakes.    Grabbing a club that we al-
; ways kept behind the door. 1 went out
i and commenced  killing snakes. Striking right and left 1 soon had a patch
I cleared   to   my  chum,  and   then    we
came back  to  the  house and closed
the door.
"All day long and next day there
was a procession of snakes. They
seemed to moving south, and while
I did not count them, there were thou-1
sands. Some were little fellows,
while others were tive and six feet
long. Tiie odor from them was so
sickening that we nearly fainted at
times. For three days this processiou
kept up, and all tlie time we were
prisoners in our house, not daring to
go out. The fourth day they disappeared, going over into the sandhills
to the south, and we packed up and
came home."
Ottawa, Aug. in.���Coincident with
the settlement of the strike of conductors and brakemen on the Grand
Trunk and the increase in wages to
the men as a result, comes the news
that the road will require the men
in the passenger branch of the service
to pay more attention to tlieir personal appearance aud dress. "Now that
conductors are getting pay equal to
many professional men," said Superintendent Donaldson this morning,
they will he expected to live up to
the position they occupy as to tlieir
conduct, manner of living and personal appearance.
"In the past the company has been
lenient to men with large families,
but now that tlie Increased scale is in
force we will expect an improvement
in conditions. Our men will have to
dress up to their position, present a
natty appearance iind be clean shaven
when they report for duty.
"One of the horrors of the railroad
is the celluloid collar," commented
Mr. Donaldson, "and it will have to
Re Lots 5, 6, 7 and S, Block 3 of part
of tlie south-east quarter of Section 7,
Township 8, Map fi2$, in the District
of N'ew Westminster, Cloverdale.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 12454 F, issued
in the name of R. T. Wilson Herald
has been  filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published ia
tlie City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office,
New Westminster, B. C, July fi, 1910.
Six-room Modern House, on car line, Columbia Street. Has Cement Foundation.
Price, $2,500, $1,200 Cash, bai. to arrange.
McQuarrie  Bros.
609  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
I       i
Easterbrook Milling  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
HUNGARIAN JEWEI $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per  bbl.
TERMINAL .5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR .4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co.
New Westminster.
Telephone S33.
Lumbermen Believe Rains Will Start
Timber Down Saskatchewan.
Edmonton, Aug. IU.���That the rains
of the past few days will start the logs
which lie stranded in the creek bottoms up tlie Saskatchewan river en
their long trip down to the local mills
and that tlie shortage of logs which
was feared by the local lumber manufacturers will thus be obviated Is
tho general opinion of the river men.
They believe that the rain has been
general and will affect the stage of
water in the Sasktchewan and the
streams tributary to It in such a manner as to make the movement of the
remainder of this season's cut of logs
A little over a week ago a drive containing approximately GO.000 logs
reached the booms in the river here
and the mills which had been closed
down for a short time owing to the
shortage of logs were opened up again
at full blast. Between three and four
million feet of logs lay stranded in
the shallows at the mouth of Duck
creek, which it was thought wquld not
be available this season. The prospects at that time, however, were that
the mills would he forced to close
down unusually early in the fall us It
appeared likely that material would
not be available until the early
floods of next summer.
A number of river men are at present some distance up stream attempting to secure some of the stranded
logs and It is thought that the rains
will assit them greatly in their work
and that the three and a half million
feet of logs which have been locked
up In Buck Creek will float out into
the Saskatchewan with little difficulty.
The fact that, due to the low stage
of water prevailing during the early
part of the summer, the logs have
been rather slow in arriving at Ihe
I mills has made It impossible for the
lumberman to supply all tbe orders
I for building material which they have
i received and which they hoped to be
able to All when operations commenced this year. As a consequence
several huge orders have been forced
to wait and will not now be attended
to until later on in the season.
New Westminster to New Westminster
Steveston and Vancouver
Leaves Brackman-Ker wharf at 3  P.  M. daily except Saturday, and
on Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Tickets at B. C. E. R. ticket offlce and 011 board steamer. Electric cars leave Steveston every hour (on the half-hour) for Vancouver.
See the Famous  Fraser  River Canneries, Vancouver, Etc	
Round trip tickets to Steveston, Saturday afternoons, fl.
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 6:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return  Fare:   Adults, 60c;  children  under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. tn. and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.  m.
Sunday Excursion  Rates:   Return fare, 50c;  children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei
at 7:20 a. m.. 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at D:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City Limits  Line���20-minute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Line���20-minute  service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
��������������������������������������������������������� ��� **************>*******************
We Have Acreage
At Rock Bottom
The Canadian Northern
Have Put Their Terminus On The Map
To Stay
WHITE  SHILES & CO., New Westminster Agents *.a ******** - ���'
1JM    i
Our stock of Carpenters' Tools
is complete, and prices are the
lowest. Come in and let us
���how you.
Anderson & Lusby
OH on a wintry day
That to tlie house confines me,
My  SNAP-SHOTS cast the glow
Of my holidays around me.
Take a KODAK and a few spools of
CURLING FILMS with you and you
can enjoy every moment of this year's
vacation all over again at any time.
KODAKS from $10 up.
BROWNIES from $1 to $12.
See our special prizes for the Provincial  Exhibition this fall.
Wo can explain your errors and will
be pleased to do so.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long    Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New   Westminster,    B.   C.
For a Good
Come Here
We serve a meal that
is better than the best,
a meal that is good
enough for the table of
the fastidious epicure.
We give you all the season's latest delicacies
deliciously cooked.
Our dining room is
cool and airy; the tables
are brilliant with spotless linen, fine china and
fresh flowers.
Give us a trial.
The Royal Cafe
6M Columbia St, Phone 375
Try a "Want" ad in .Ths News it
will bring results. **
H. T. Kirk, T. Mowbray and George
Mannering are spending a few days
camping and fishing at Pitt lake.
White Rock for cool sea. breezes. ���*
W. H. Keary, manager of the provincial exhibition, will leave today for
interior points in tlie Interests of tne
exhibition. -' ���
Daries greenhouse is ttas place to
get bouquets, floral design, and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 2#8, **
John Kane, nccused of stealing several articles from tlie C. P, Ft. station
at Abbotsford, will come up for trial
at 11 o'clock on Wednesday morning.
If you are selling your household
furniture by auction call up Hatt-
Cook, the auctioneer. - Phone 650; who
will get .you A-l results and settle
"up within twenty-four hours." Established over two years. '
The Fruhling has broker one of her
dredge pumps and w.ll not be able
to work again for a few days, until
the broken machinery lias been replaced.
Pot plants and fresh cut flowers
at Tidy's store.    Phoae 1S4. **
Starting Monday evening moving
pictures will be shown in the opera
house. Rushton's orchestra will be in
attendance and also a fir^.t class soloist.   Admittance 10c, children 5c.    **
Quick delivery of all house furnishings bought at Fales'. Our stock Is
complete, the prices the lowest.    **
The members of the city council
and the mayor will leave on Monday
for a visit to tlie plant of the Western
Canada Power company at Stave lake.
The Vancouver council will ulso be
present on the trip.
Three hundred and fifty dollars will
buy a lot and build a cottage tit White
Hock. White, Shiles tc Co. will tell
you how. *���
Because of the absence from the
city of Lorne Sharpe, secretary of the
Westminster Hasel.all association, the
meeting called ior yesterday evening
to discuss the protests lodged against
tlie Maple Leafs was adjourned.
Tlte train service to White Rock is
most convenient for campers; tlie business man can be in town by breakfast time. Three trains have there
for New Westminster in the afternoon
and evening, aniving tit 2:50, 6:25
and 8:27 p.m. Trains for White Rock
leave New Westminster at 8:15 and
10:30 a. m.;  4:30 p.m. and midnight.*
| Robert McKenzie, a young man
from Chilliwack, is at present in the
Royal Columbian hospital, recovering
from an operation for appendicitis
i which was performed on Thursday j
j morning. Kg Is progressing satisfactorily,
For a pleasast oosl i. Ink, try tke'
Ice Cream Sodas st The Royal Cafe. ������
Fears are entertained that Miss
Ester Johnson, a young girl who camj|
to Annacis island recently from
Sweden, has committed suicide while
brooding orer her unhappy lore
affairs. Tho river is being dragged
for her body.
Motor hunch for hlrs by hour or
day. Apply Hale Bros, fc Kennedy,
Ltd., phone 335, or at boat, Eighth
street slip. *
The plans for the Eighth street
sewerage system have been posted on
the wall In tho city engineer's office
where they may be seen by any of the
citizens Interested. Work has commenced on the construction of the
sewer on Begbie, Clarkson and Lome
Market Square
PHONE 475.
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias, phone Davies greenhouse,
R 208.
The first Conservative government
of British Columbia lias an education
department that lied to school boards,
and that gave false Information to
the legislature. Read the circulars,
"A Shocking Example" and "Educational Exposures." Then ask Hon.
Premier McBride to make atonement
for that disgrace to British Columbia,
so that It may not be constantly east
into the faces of good Conservaives. |
J. N. Muir. *'
Fales' furniture figures are fair. **
The death of Miss Catherine Baker,
a young lady well known ln this city,
where she was born twenty-three
years ago, took place In Vancouver on '
Thursday evening, following an operation at the general hospital. Miss
Baker was the daughter of tho late
Captain "Dick" Baker, formerly a
well known river captain. Besides ber
mother, she leaves to mourn her loss
two brothers, Frank and Dick, both
of whom live ln Vancouver. The
funeral will take place on Sunday
afternoon to the I. O. O. F. cemetery.
['.earner  Transfer  will   make   Sun- j
day    afternoon    trips    to    Steveston '
during   the   fishing   season,   fare   JL
Boat  leaves  Westminster at  3   p. m.,
returning   leaves   Steveston   at   ��>:30
9   m. ������
The funeral of Daniel Sullivan, of
512 Royal avenue, took place yesterday morning to the Roman Catholic
cemetery. Rev. Father O'Boyle I
solemnizing requlm mass at St. |
Peter's cathedral and Rev. Father
Wagner officiating at the gravesidr
The pallbearers were W. H. ''
(Vancouver), A. J.    Milton
On Saturday night we close our summer clearance sale. A further reduction in prices on all ���������
lots throughout the store will make speedy clearance of every article of which we desir.- to _
Customers will do well to look around Friday and Saturday and investigate every offering,
The Public
Supply Stores
Have you tried
it ? If not, you
have missed a
If served with
meat or fish, it
makes it more
appetizing o n
account of its
pequant and
pleasant flavor.
Try a bottle.
Women's Cotton
Undervests, 10c Each
Odd lines up to 25c. One big
lot of Watson's tine cotton
undervests���lines that we
have on display and others
with but 1 or 2 of a size.
Long sleeves, short sleeves
and no sleeves; all sizes. To
lear Friday and Saturday,
each 10c
Odd Lines of Ctiildrens
Undervests and
Drawers tOc Each
Only a few sizes left, so they
will be cleared out Friday
and Saturday without reserving any of the lino. Long
and short sleeve vcst.s and
the drawers to match. All on
sale, each   10c
A Dozen Lines of
Odd Blouses
95c Each
***** Regular Values $1.35 to $2.25. R����9��9T>%
Some of the lines nre here lu but one or two sizes, others contain -
fair assortment We bave gathered Into one big lol every odd blouse
up to the highest price mentioned, and we now place them on sale
for Friday and Saturday with the expectation that nut onp will b��
left by Saturday night. There are black and cream lustre waists
tailored linen waists, embroidered waists, striped colored cliambrav
waists, tailored waists of vesting, a few waists with Peter Pan collars; sizes 32 to 40.    Your choice Friday and Saturday, each  95c
Hundreds of Pieces j
of Neckwear 25c Each
Regular Values 35c to 75c.
Here again the week end clearance stile affords a splendid opportunity to secure a bargain, This special lot contains dozens of the
newest styles in neckwear. They are old lines which must lie cleared
out before the arrival of fall showing. Jabots, Dutch collars, ...l-
dren's collars, linen collars, Chanticler pleated collars, etc, All a
sale at one price Friday and Sal urday, each   25c
Children's Nightdresses
and Underskirts 50c Each
Regular Values 75c and $1.00.
Another odd lot or fine Cambric night dresses and undershirts B'jfc-
able for girls four to sixteen years of age. Garments arc well made
and nice!/ trimmed with self frills and tucks. Tne odJ lol I
Friday and Saturday, each 	
A Fresh Supply
of Webb's Just
T. A. MOIR & CO.
Dearie Block���Four Doers East
of Bank of Montreal.
Tlie Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. FT. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
Phone 92
Some Special Snaps
6 Iota on Second atreet. Excellent view. Streets on three aides
of thla property.    $3.0, each.   Terma.
10 Io(b extending from First to Second street. This property
Is especially well situated. Streets on three sidca, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.   Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO, Ltd.
ror), Charles McKenzie (Cloverdale),
A. L. Lavery, Thomas Furness and L
Reid, Of this city. A large nunther of
floral tokens of sympathy Wttre placed
oil the coffin.
A hi. crowd turned out to enjoy
the Westminster hand concert at
Queens park last evening, the selections rendered heing well Up to the
high standard provided at tne earlier
iiiuslcaies by Bandmaster J. \V, Rush-
ton and his talented bandsmen
The program given yesterday evening
was as follows: March, "Western
(Jlil"; Intermezzo, "Soko"; overture,
"l.lght Cavalry"; baritone solo. "Good.
H>e, Sweetheart, Qood-Bye"; grand
march, "Tanhauser"; selection, "ling-
lish Songs'; popular songs, "1 Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now", Mexican dance, "La Paloma"; march,
Another man is expected to appear In Uie provincial pollco court
next week to answer a charge of setting a lire in Surrey without tt permit.
The department, ls very anxious to
iind out. who Is responsible tor the
many Ures and It ls thought, that the
man who set the Ore ut Klgln which
broke away und caused considerable
damage bus been located. Whenever
any evidence ls piocurablo at all tbo
department will make vigorous prosecutions, No new f'nes have been reported, but the old ones aie still
smoldering. The heavy dew these
nights Is responsible for the control
under which the Urea are being kept.
Dominion Government Engineer
Keefer Is at bis home In Victoria suf-
t'eiing from an attack of lumbago.
The men from the Sapperton lire
hall were given a run yesterday when
a small bush lire got beyond control
on Cedar street. The firemen bad no
difficulty ln subduing the blaze.
y  M> 6       DAILY        NEWS  �� *************************t **************************
Heavy Fire Loss ��n Boston.
Boston, Aug. it).���Fire yesterday In
the flve story warehouse ot . Crimmlns t Pierce, wool merchants. o��
Congress street, caused a losa o�� more
thaa   .4(Ki,eOO.
It's record of successful operation in the city,
though not of long years, is well known, and it is
now better than ever before.
New students are enrolling each day.   K w
pay you to attend.   Call at the school or apply
A.  L.  BOUCK,  Principal
610  Columbia Street, New  Westminster. B.
If you want "somethings ChoiceOfor Sundar
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice ro��* J
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything^
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure ge l


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